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,-2 .ffl uf ,4 i L X ' Nj L, I 1 li , bf? , I, L Vx. GOLDBUG Amherst Regional High School Amherst, Massachusetts J une, 1967 TABLE OF CONTENTS Dedication ......... ......... 3 School Life. . .S ..... ...... . . 4 Faculty ........ ....... 2 O Seniors ......... ...... 3 6 Underclassmen ......... ...... 6 8 Activities ......... ........ 8 8 Sports .......... ........ 1 12 Sponsors ......... ......... 1 28 A... Where is a Latin dictionary? I need a nineteenth century English novel for a book review. Where can Ifind out about fluid dynamics? Will you help me operate the teaching machine? These varied requests and others are met daily by Mrs. Naomi Langford. Mrs. Langford through her unique at- tention to every student concern has created an atmo- sphere in the library both pleasantly relaxed and intellect- ually alive. Her sincere generosity, unfailing cheerfulness and patient guidance have made her a friend to all, and this personal rapport has not been lost in the rising enroll- ment from live hundred to over eight hundred. We, the class of 1967, dedicate our yearbook to Mrs. Naomi Lang- ford, our school librarian, for her contributions not only to our class but to the entire school. QI! 6 , 51 3 5 Amherst reflects a diversity of experience zfifpff, ' L Li? .Ah- the beginnings of pressure . the importance of marks gg? ilwf sunny C131 litix ll! -i A-.....,,., N '- .,,: :v ,. was IP M' or learning? . ,ar Exploration .,,,,...M. ,, aw Awww' , ,ff xr , fx, 6"?'7V7,r1fvLL ' Q , f 56.!fLf,2,:'z.Q1f' K 5210 f- ,I - f ' .4xwQ 7,,f Lf r Af,1,Vw , f , N , C7525 iiU4,QZf,'5, dll C Q,f ,4,QLQJ ff LNQJLLC LLM Q13 LQ U L nip Vg, ? Czfwfg ,.42Qf, f11 ',f1 Q15 Q ,QQ .214 5,42 it zf,fmf' i ,7Ul,bg,g ffxjfz ai' vLi7'sJ !f3C.L2lJx,5! I Self-expression , , N , , . , , X fx PEUYQJ JZ, . Nf 4,1,w Xfz,g,: , X, f N V X J, .-,,, x , - -I V I A7 f f f .X 01 Mfr. , JI L , I3 Reaction 77'-qv W ,..,-nal' Work .. E N, . .111-,ww fx , . . W C., 1 s-fzwMS,,,g,,4wi1fsm :xi "'W'av. my. and concentration lifftiqir I ' vii-Xa ao!-jig XD fwv-QQQ ,MAJ ffww KJAALJ 14, mm VN MM Q Q.-cf wwf AALAMZ-M . Sllmn, Relaxation f-1-...v-Q... Xl! . ! f,w',' Q , L ii-Fe 1 W" 1' 'W L f., fix ZX , VMQQQN f X " 5 , Q 1 ff B V 1,341 1' 'J :,,.,,. . 1+ we -A fz' "V -Z 1 lx 512 . H Wk K Jszxxv' Q , in Q 2 Q af W , 1.1. , :Lyn L .J .W ,.., ,MQ w: ' n vw L I K if vw a..-iff". .f ' Q'-,z,.-, " 3 , -.Yr 'i w , ' . f Q '53 x , f ,iff ' Q . ,'in"'5FfffT'?s ---,M X15 ,RX an Q' 'bff5Jf3f' i"""m1 mf gi. if Sk 1, . " I . ,. Q' ' Q 55 ' '--fre? it -.,,,......4 1 vx il- 7. , -.,....... , R K ' ' ,g.. ,,,. as i. -4'- s and escape 2555 W N 2 I Nur DMINI MR. PAUL LANGLOIS Principal Univ. of Maine, B.A.g Springfield College, M.Ed. U-.. Mrs. Gladys Jenks and Mrs. Alice Modrzakowski smile during a rare free mo- fTlCl'll. MR. FRANCIS GALLISHAW Assistant Principal Boston College, B.S., M.Ed.g Univ. of Mass. C.A.G.S. X1 R ,- na K t ' 'AXX I 113. X . MISS ELEANOR FILLMORE Mr. Craig advises a student o Guidance Univ. ol' Mass.. B.S., M.S. l MR. JOHN CRAIG Guidance American International College. B.S., M.A.g MR. ROBERT DOMINA Guidance Keene Teachers' College, B.Ed.g Univ. of Mass., M.S. n college plans Springfield College, M.Ed. f xi , " V I if-x Z E ' Mrs. Martha Gory, guidance secretary, arranges guidance ap- pointmerits. MR. LAUREL CROUSE English Boston Univ., A.B.g Univ. of Mass., M.Ed. MJSS DOROTHY FURGESON English Spokane Univ., B.A.: Smith College, M.A. L . Miss Marie Sevene gives individual attention to her students. MR. RICHARD GOODIN English Univ. of Maine, B.A. Trinity College, M.A. .. . . .M . Q , , , , u...i'f:r1-f:"'W'fv'1i-gif fi' ii .t , , ,g V' gg, 2 2 Inf? ,Mmi-.M-wvfff-:fi'frwSs'ifj 'AQQW' g -- MISS CHARLOTTE HALPIN English Worcester State College, B.S.g Boston Univ., M.A. .5 nu Mr. Leslie Thomas administers his daily quiz. MRS. NAOMI LANGFORD Librarian Millersville State College, B.S. MR. DAVID HAMMARSTROM English Earlham,College. B.A.g Springfield College, M.Ed. ,, 4, 51 . - Mr. Richard Cvoodin instructs a junior-senior English class. MRS. CAROLYN PALLAZOLA English English. Reading Univ. of Mass., B.A. MISS MARIE SEVENE B.S.: Univ. of Mass., M.Ed H -i ,grid '14 4 4 N25- if' If 1 X I 5,131 " - I .. MRS. KATHRYN STONE English English Adelphi Univ.. A.B. MR. LESLIE THOMAS Bates College, B.A. Framingham State College. NGUAG ,'-V". Wg.. The language faculty is aided by a modern language lab. MRS. STEPHANIE DUBRAVCIC French Univ. of Zagreb, B.A.g Univ. of Melbourne, M.A. MRS. AIDA NAWAR French Lycee Franqaise F' S MR. DAVID HARTWELL German Univ. of Mass., B.A. MR. WALTER OUIMETTE French Worcester State College. B.S.g Univ. of Montreal, M.S. MISS BETTY JANE DONLEY Latin. Greek Mt. Holyoke College, A.B., M.A. MR. JOSEPH JACOBS Latin, English Tufts, B.A. K ,. eg MRS. JOSEPHINE PEPPARD German Mt. Holyoke College. B.A. MR. JOHN ADAMS History Bates College, A.B.g Univ. of Rochester, M.A. MR, KENDALL MCCLURE History Univ. of Texas, B.A., Univ. of Mass, M.Ed. HIT RY MR. WILLIAM AMES MR. PAUL CAOUETTE History Modern Problems Colby College, B.A.: Univ. of Mass.. B.A. Univ. of Mass.. M.S. Vkh. f AQ Al'he faculty took an active interest in the new humanities course. Teachers include, stand- ing: Mr. Packard, Mr. Ames, Mr. Maggs, seated: Miss Furgeson, Prof. Herbie Hind, Mrs. Langford. MR. SPELIOS STAMAS History Springfield College. B.S.g Univ. of Mass., M.Ed. MRS. MARY SLOAN English, Social Studies ' Special Education Univ. of Washington, B.A. MR, FRANKLIN SHERBURN Fitchburg State College, B.S. . ,,,, 1mm MR. PAUL JUDSON Mathematics Cornell Univ.. B.S. Mr. Irwin Cepek instructs his advanced biology class. MR. ARTHUR LELAND MR. KENNETH MORLEY Mathematics Mathematics Univ. of Mass., B.S, Lowell Tech. Inst., B.S. MRS. BILLIE RISACHER Mathematics Univ. of Mass., B.A. MR. CLIFFORD OLIVER Mathematics Bates College, A.B.g Univ. of Mass., M.S.g Univ. of Penn., M.S. MR. JAMES COOPEE Chemistry Univ. of Mass., B.S., M.Ed. MR. CHARLES CAMP MR. IRWIN CEPEK. JR. Chemistry Biology Univ. of Mass., B.S. Springfield Coll.. B.S.: Johns Hopkins, M.A.T, Westfield St. Teachers' College, M.Ed. f MR. THOMAS STYSPEK Unified Science Sl. Anselm's College, B,A. Mr. Arthur Leland takes a pensive pause in a pressured pe- I'lO , ,,,, ,..,, WW ' 1 f- .fL.' .tp if :mimi ua..." J 0 l 4 M"""'., Z .Ly ' R ' iii :"' ' .5, 5 . .W MRS. MARJORIE DAY Home Economics Univ. of Mass., B.S.. M.Ed. Miss Shirley Fortes conducts a class in bookkeeping. f - 'f W L ' ' -' 'LQ iii' g 'J . a t 2. . , S i S z - . ' ' , f . - 72' 5 ii! A M 'V , jr'-. . wi ww Wg-,'1ij 3 fe, ggwfrgltfg. ., 14 '11Q'sil'pEt.g,,.. ., .1 .jf wf?5fPg Pa, :xz::,'ae2::w 5 e MISS IRENE HALE Q Typing A Salem State Teachers' College, . B.S.Ed. MRS. JANE CROSS MISS SHIRLEY FORTES Commercial Subjects Commercial Subjects Plymouth State College. Salem State College. B.Ed. B.S.Ed. ,- MR. ROBERT CONNER Mechanical Drawing The Kings College, B.A. MR. RICHARD DAVIS Industrial Arts Fitchburg State College, B.S. MR. RICHARD ROBINSON Industrial Arts Keene State Teachers' College. B.A. i. Mr. Richard Davis demonstrates a technique in woodworking. MR. KENN ETH CAOUETTE Data Processing Gonzaga Univ.. B.A., M.A. I Ss MR. HOLLIS MOORE Industrial Arts Fitchburg State College. B.Ed. MR. JOHN PACKARD Art, Drama Univ. of Rochester, A.B. Yale Univ. School of Drama F 4 . ' - , X i .f ,,, v , ,. , I-4. , ' Mr. John Packard confers with one of his art students. MRS IRENE MATLON MR. JOHN MAGGS Music Univ. of'Mass.. B.A. Mr. John Maggs conducts the Amherst Chorus 5, MR. JAMES O'DONNELL, JR. Physical Education, Mathematics Univ. of Mass., B.A. MR, CHARLES ABRAMSON MR. RUFUS KNEELAND Physical Education Biology, Driver Education ' C ll B.S Physical Education Springfield 0 ege, .3 ' American International Univ. of Mass., M.Ed. College, B.A. Mr. Rufus Kneela nd explains basketball technique. Ll? MISS ELIZABETH LAWSON Physical Education Boston Univ., B.S.g Springfield College, M.Ed. MRS. OCTAVIA MILLER Physical Education Concord College, A.B. 33 MR. BRUCE OLDERSHAW Audio-Visual Aids Director MRS. SHARON WHEELER, Teachers' Secretary 34 Mr. Bruce Oldershaw Works with students interested in audio visual activities. MISS PIERCE, Audio-Visual Secretary l t l .:. , 'ijt Mi' Ca - I "' " JE!-Y 215332: ,ITS 'F' -5? ' 4 b?55R1?xi'.-:,f:,Qa' 'fy V. S 1 ww?-1 :Ms : -1 1: W ' 'Q P, 1 Q l l I Nl ll 4 7 'EIQLQQQ , ,, ' -hgsffww B l MRS. RUTH CORRELL ' Head Dietician ,. 11 MAINTENANCE ENGINEERS: Wallace Forman, Charles Stuart, head custodian, Donald Ward, Eugene O'Neil. THF Qffffnl I CAFETERIA STAFF: Doris Karsh, Eunice Ball, Albina Newton, Olive Nelson, Dorothy Ewell, Marjorie Glazier. To the talented members of the Class of 1967, may l wish you success in whatever Held of endeavor you choose. And you will succeed if you use your talents wisely and aggressively in the service of others. WJ W ' SENIGRS MR. KENNETH CAOUETTE The Class of 1967 expresses great appreciation to Mr. Arthur Leland and Mr. Kenneth Caouette. Through the guidance of these advisers our class has enjoyed success in many projects, including the junior cake sale, the paper drive, and our many floats and class skits. With their support We were the first class to have a senior dinner dance. In gratitude for the many hours they have spent helping our class, we thank Mr. Leland and Mr. Caouette. 39 FRANK P. CUSHMAN: Class President 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Stu- dent Council 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Gym Show 2, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Student Patrol 3, Math Club 3, Leaders Club 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4: Drama Club l, Pla Cast 1, Mass. Math Associa- tion Award 2, 3, lgartmouth Book Award 3. ROBERT A. FITZPATRICK JR.: Class Vice- President 2, 3, 4, Student Council 2. 3: Football l, 2, 3, Captain 4, Weightlifting 2, 3, 4, Student Gov't Day 3, Student Patrol 3, Captain 4, Gold- bug Editor 4, Leaders Club 3, 4, SSEO 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Boys' State 3, COLLEEN MARIE McGUIRK: Transferred from Athol, Mass. 33 Class Secretarly 4, Basketball Manager 4, Cheerleading l, 2, Vo leyball 4, Stu- dent Patrol 3, 4, Gnldbug 4, AFS 4, Ski Club l, 2, 3, 4, SSEO 4, Tri-S Club 3, Sec. 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Band I, Chorus l, Play Crew 2. PHILIP PARADIS: Transferred from Braintree, Mass. 3, Class Treasurer 4, Student Council 4, Swimming 3, Student Patrol 3, Captain 4, Ski Club 3, 4, Leaders Club 3, 4. ELLEN S. AGARD: National Honor Society 3, V-Pres. 4, Talisman l, Goldbug 4, AFS 4, Art Club l, 2, Drama Club I, Thespians 2, 3, 4, Pla? Cast 2, 4, Play Crew l, 3, Excellence in Latin II , Latin III 3, Creative Writing Award l. MARGARET C. AHEARN: Future Nurses Club 4: Future Homemakers Club 3, V.-Pres. and State Parliamentarian 4, Tri-S Club 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 4, Asst. Librarian 2, 3, Drama Club l. GLORIA A. ALDRICH: Basketball l. JOHN F. ALLEN: Gym Show 2, 3, 4, Goldbug 4, Gymnastics Club 3, 4, Leaders Club 3, 4, March- ing Band 1, 2, Mechanical Drawing Award l, Presidential Physical Fitness Award 3, Northeast- ern Univ. Technical Drawing Award 3. PATRICIA SUE ANDERSON SIMON J. APPELL: Transferred from Framing- ham, Mass. 4, Football 4, Weightlifting 4, Soccer 1, Captain 2, 3, Baseball 3, 4, SSEO 4, All- Eastern Mass. Soccer. KENNETH J. ARONS: National Honor Society 3, 4, Cross Country 4, Weightlifting 4, Track 3, 4, Golding Editor 4, Gymnastics Club 3, Ski Club 3, 4, Lea ers Club 3, 4, A-V Club 2, Pres. 4, Lan- guage Lab Asst. 3, Drama Club lg Thespians 2, 3, V.-Pres. 4, Play Crew l, 2, 3, 4, German Award 3. ARLENE G. ASHBY: Future Nurses Club 2: Future Homemakers Club, Pres. 3, 4, Tri-S Club 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 4, Outstanding Home Econom- ics Student 3. ELIZABETH J. ATKINSQ Student Patrol 3, Gru- phic 3, SSEO 41 Future Nurses Club 2, Future Homemakers Club 3, 4, Tri-S Club 3, 4, Pep Club 3. 4, Asst. Librarian 4. , FRANK P. CUSHMAN ROBERT A. FITZPATRICK JR. COLLEEN MARIE MCGUIRK PHILIP PARADIS VI JAKE? LJ 6014 hw. A4101 KK1 L M fm-Mf , AAWLzrcf6 9:4 C42 XLQ,-if mu! I ELLEN S. AGARD JOHN F. ALLEN , I LMA LJ J M, W, If L if JWWM NWOW 1 Y! I 1' , . I MARGARET C. AH EARN PATRICIA SUE ANDERSON X GLORIA A. ALDRICH SIMON J. APPELL 5? I I KENNETH J. ARONS CT W ARLENE G. ASHBY ELIZABETH J. ATKINS CANDACE ANN BARR ii t1't1K"2l:ff1' ANITA BENNETT A DONALD L. BIAS THOMAS C. BIBEAU CANDACE ANN BARR: Transferred from State College, Pa. 43 National Honor Society 4g Basketball 4g Volleyball 43 Student Patrol 4: Goldbug 43 A.F.S. 43 SSEO 43 Tri-S Club 43 Pep Club 43 Play Crew 4g N.E.D.T. Certificate of Merit 2. ' JOSEPH BASARA: Transferred from West Palm Beach, Fla., 43 Football 43 Track 43 SSEO 4. HOLLY ELLERY BASTOW: Student Council l, 23 Volleyball 3, 43 Gym Show 2, 43 Student Patrol 43 Goldbug 43 A.F.S. 3, 43 Ski Club 3, 43 SSEO 43 Tri-S 2, Sec. 3, 43 Pep Club 2, Exec. Committee 3, 43 Chorus 2, 43 Music Club I3 Drama Club lg Play Cast 23 Play Crew l3 DAR Award 4. ARLYN BAUCOM: Volleyball l3 Goldbug 43 Outing Club 43 Tri-S 2, 3, 4. ANITA BENNETT: Transferred from Yar- mouth, Mass. 23 National Honor Society 3, Sec. 43 Model Congress 33 Debate Club Pres. 43 Goldbug Editor 43 A.F.S. 2, 3, 4g French Club 2, Sec. 33 Language Lab Asst. 33 Chorus I, 2, 43 District Chorus 23 Thespians 2. 3, Sec. 4. SUSAN BETH BERGER: Transferred from.Md. 4g National Honor Society 43 Basketball 4: Vol- leyball 43 Softball 43 Field Hockey 43 Gym Show 43 SSEO 43 Tri-S Club 43 Play Crew 43 Athletic Girl Award 1. JANIS ELAINE BETH GARY F. BETURNEY: Outing Club 2, 3: Ski Club 3, 4. DONALD L. BIAS: Cross Country 2, 3, 43 Bas- ketball l, 2, 3, 43 Track 33 Baseball 2, 43 Student Patrol 33 Leaders Club 3, 43 Presidential Physical Fitness Award. THOMAS C. BIBEAU: Student Council lg Stu- dent Patrol 33 Goldbug 43 Math Club 3g SSEO 43 Pep Club 2, 3, Exec. Committee 43 Drama Club 13 Play Crew l, 4, RUSSELL CARL BILLINGS: SSEO 4. ROBERT BIRGE BETTY LYNN BRADLEY: Future Home- makers Club 3: Asst. Librarian 2, 3, 4. JOSEPH BASARA HOLLY is jggzff , 2 af ' Jr Elm M . ,a.. , ELLERY BASTOW ARLYN BAUCOM SUSAN BETH BERGER GARY F. BETURNEY RUSSELL CARL BILLINGS JANIS ROBERT BIRGE BETTY LYNN BRADLEY 43 BEVERLY ANN BRITT PAUL E- BRUNEI-LE STEPHEN A. BROZO A A . E37 LINWOOD G. BUCZALA STEPHEN M. BURROUGHS FELIPE CAMINO IVANISSEVICH RAYMOND CHAPIN JR. BRENDA LOUISE CHICKERING 44 ERIC LESLIE CLARK BEVERLY ANN BRITT: Future Nurses Club 2: Tri-S 4. STEPHEN A. BROZO PAUL E. BRUNELLE: National Honor Society 3, 43 Football 2, 3: Weightlifting 3. SUSAN FRANCES BUCKHOUT: Basketball 2, Volleyball 2, 3, Tri-S Club 2. 3, 4. LINWOOD G. BUCZALA: Cross Country 2: Basketball 3: Soccer 4, Baseball l, 2, 4, SSEO 4. STEPHEN M. BURROUC-HS: SSEO 4: Lan- guage Lab Asst. 3. FELIPE CAMINO IVANISSEVICH: AFS 4. DIANNA L. CAMPBELL: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Softball 2. 3, 4: Field Hockey4g Gym Show 2, Goldbug4g Outing Club 3, 4, SSEO 4g Future Nurses Club 3g Tri-S Club 2, 3, 4, Presi- dential Physical Fitness Awardg Citizenship Award. PETER S. CARY: Weightlifting 2. 3: Rod 8: Gun Club 3. RAYMOND CHAPIN JR.: Football l, 2, 3, 4: Cross Country 2, 3: Basketball lg Weightlifting 2, 3, 43 Track 2, 3, 4: Baseball lg Student Patrol 3, 4: Rod 8: Gun Club 2, SSEO 4: Pep Club 2, 3. BRENDA LOUISE CHICKERING: Student Patrol 3, 4, Goldbug 43 SSEO 4, Art Club l, 4, Drama Club 1. ERIC LESLIE CLARK: Football 1. 2, 3, 4: Bas- ketball 2g Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Leaders Club 3, 4: Pep Club Executive Committee 4. WILLIAM W. CLARK: Student Council 2, 3g Football 1, 2, 3, Captain 4: Basketball l, 23 Base- ball 1, 2, 3, 4g Leaders Club 3, 4, Football and Baseball Most Valuable Player Awards lg All Western Mass. Baseball Award 3, Booster Club Outstanding Player Award 4: All League Foot- ball Award 4. . SUSAN FRANCES BUCKHOUT DIANNA L. CAMPBELL 59' . PETER S. CARY P' .tif . ' 4.5 gr . V-:Y :ww , -.. -. ' wi '-Q.-, . Pg f '.,.. . - rv -:f'1'l'TTQ .A A,3,e',9,.f . , xl.. L: I EIMS 2 ' e Mer 5212 'fd : , ' WILLIAM W. CLARK DANIEL SIDNEY CODY RUSSELL W. COLVIN DAVID CROSSMAN PAUL DAVIS ERIC H. CUTTING SHARON LEE DAY ROBERT BRUCE COPLIN X l, TUHIN DAS WILLIAM F. DCCOURCEY T , . K PENNY J. DEMAREST Ei 3 DEBORAH M. CRAIG CHARLES R. DAVIS 5' bint. , . ' Teszsgfie . tg.. ...qzy . Y 2 33 1 1 LAURA R. deSHERBININ DANIEL SIDNEY CODY RUSSELL W. COLVIN: Basketball 2: Swim- ming 3, Soccer 4g Tennis 33 Skiing-4g Student Pa- trol 3, 4g Ski Club 2, 3, 4, Play Crew 2. ROBERT BRUCE COPLIN: Cross Country 2, Skiing 4, Student Patrol 3, 4g Ski Club 2, 3, 4. DEBORAH M. CRAIG: National Honor Society 4g Basketball 3, 4g Softball 3, 43 Majorette 3, 4: Student Patrol 4g Tri-S Club 3, 4, Presidential Physical, Fitness Award. DAVID CROSSMAN: Football I, 3,41 Basket- ball l, 2, 3g Outing Club 2, 3, 43 Rod 8c Gun Club 3, 4. ERIC H. CUTTING: Swimming 3g Tennis 2, 3, 45 Skiing Captain 43 Student Patrol 4: Ski Club 2. 3, V.-Pres. 4. TUHIN DAS: Student Council Honorary Mem- ber 4, AFS V.-Pres, 4, Orchestra 4. CHARLES R. DAVIS: Basketball lg Leaders Club 3, 4g SSEO 4. PAUL DAVIS: Football 2g Basketball l, 2, 3, 43 Track 45 Physical Fitness Awards I, 2, 33 Out- standing Basketball Award l. SHARON LEE DAY: Class Secretary 2, 3g Stu- dent Council I, 2. 3, Cheerleading I, 2, 3: Quid- nunc I: Ski Club 2, 33 Tri-S Club 2, 3g Pep Club 2, 3g Play Crew Ig Girls' State. WILLIAM F. DeCOURCEY: Outing Club 43 SSEO 4. PENNY J. DEMAREST: National Honor Socie- ty 3. 41 Goldbug 4, AFS 3, 4: Ski Club 2, 3, 4, Tri-S Club -2, 3, 45 Drama Club I. LAURA R. deSHERBININ: Student Gov't Da 3: Goldbug Editor 4g Graphic 43 AFS 3, 43 Frenc Club 3: Band 1, 3, 4g District Band 4g Orchestra 43 Music Club Ig Art Club lg Drama Club I: Thes- pians 3, 4, Play Cast Ig Play Crew 3, 4g French Award l. I 47 K. LINDA J. DIHLMANN: Student Patrol 3, Gold- bug 4, SSEO 4, Future Teachers Club 4, Tri-S Club 2g Drama Club lg Citizenship Award l. KATHERINE V. DITTFACH: National Honor Society 3. 4, Student Government Day 3, Student Patrol 3, Gofdbug Business Mgr. 4, AFS 3, Math Club 3, Tri-S Club 2, 3, Band l, 2, 3, Marching Bland l, 2, 3, Drama Club l: Thespians 2. 3, Treas. 4, Play Cast lg Play Crew l, 3, 4g National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation 4. JOHN DOLEVA: Gym Show 2, Leaders Club 3. JAMES DOUBLEDAY: Football 3, 4, Track 3, 4. WILLIAM J. DOUBLEDAY: Football l, 2, 3, Captain 4, Weightlifting 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 4, Stu- dent Government Day 3, 4, Goldbug 4, Leaders Club 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4. DAVID B. EIBEN: CrossCountry 2, 3, captain 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Leaders Club 3, 4. MICHAEL EVERSON: Swimming 3, Gym Show 2, 3, 4, Student Patrol 3. LEONARD E. EZBICKI: Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Chess Club 4, Leaders Club 3, 4, Band 2, Pep Band 2, Play Cast 3. L. PETER FELDMAN: National Honor Society 3, 4, Soccer 4, Baseball Manager l, 2, Model Congress 3, Student Patrol 4, Debate Club 4, Quidnunc 1, Goldbug 4, AFS 2, 3, 4: French Club 3, 4, A.S.M.W. Team 3, 4, Ski Club 4, Band 2, Pep Band 2, Marching Band 2, Orchestra 2, Cho- rus 2, Drama Club I, Thespians 2, 3, 4, Play Casts 1, 2, 4, National Merit Letter of Commendation 4, Debate Club 4, Debate Trophies 4. JEFFREY D. FERGUSON: Footballel, Basket- ball l, Weightlifting 3, Track 3, Student Patrol 4, Rod 8a Gun Club Pres. 4. LORALIE H. FERWERDA: French Club 3, SSEO 4, Future Homemakers Club 3, 4, Assistant Librarian 1, Band 1, 2, Chorus l, 2. SAMUEL F LOGE SUSAN C. GERVICKAS: Volleyball4, Goldbug 4, Ski Club 4, Future Homemakers Club 2, 3, 4, Art Club 4. 48 LINDA J. DIHLMANN WILLIAM J. DOUBLEDAY L. PETER FELDMAN JEFFREY D. FERGUSON , -J' Ja 3 Of M' Aw lb' Y' T I JL I ff iv? AZ! pf lv if f 0 fin" V45 PM KATHERINE V. DITTFACH DAVID B. EIBEN JOHN DOLEVA JAMES DOUBLEDAY MICHAEL EVERSON LEONARD E. EZBICKI LORALIE H. FERWERDA SUSAN C. GERVICKAS SAMUEL FLOGE JANET L. GLAZIER ELIZABETH MARIE GUYOTT LORNE F. HATT TIMOTHY D. HAYDEN JANET L. GLAZIER: Presidential Physical Fit- ness Award l, 2, 3. JEFFREY L. GLAZIER: Track 1. JUDITH ANN GLAZIER: Volleyball 3, 4, Stu- dent Patrol 3, 4, Goldbug 4, SSEO 4, Pep Club 2, 3,4, Drama Club I. RONALD P. GLAZIER: National Honor Socie- ty 3, 4, Student Council 2, 3, Football I, Basket- ball 2, 3, Soccer 3, Captain 4, Gym Show 2, 3, 4, Baseball I, Student Patrol 4, Math Club 3, Gym- nastics Club 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Harvard Book Prize 3. ELIZABETH MARIE GUYOTT: Student Council l, 2, 3, Cheerleading l, 2, Captain 3, 4, Student Patrol 4: Tri-S Club 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4. ' JAMES ALAN HANKINSON: Football 1, Out- ing Club 4, SSEO 4, Chorus 3: Play Cast 3, Play Crew 2, 3. DAVID ELLIS HARDAKER: Football I, Cross Country 2, Swimming 3, 4, Soccer 4, Gym Show 3, 4, Track 3, Baseball 4, Leaders Club 3, 4, SSEO 4. WILLIAM A. HARLOW: Outing Club 45 Rod 8: Gun Club 4, LORNE F. HATT: Outing Club 2, 3, 4, Lan- guage Lab Asst. 3. TIMOTHY D. HAYDEN: National Honor Soci- ety 3, 4, Football 4, Swimming 3, Captain 4, Stu- dent Patrol 3, 4, Goldbug 4, Ski Club 3, 4, SSEO 4. GRETCHEN LOUISE HEBERT: Class Treasur- er 2, Student Council Treas. I, Cheerleading l, Student Patrol 3, Quidnunc lg Tri-S Club 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, V.-Pres. 4, French Club 2, Drama Club 1, Citizenship Award I, Student Council Award I. A. JAMES HOBART: Football l, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball I, 3, Baseball l, 3, 4, Leaders Club 4, Drama Club 1. GREGORY E. HOWARD JEFFREY L. GLAZIER JAMES ALAN HANKINSON GRETCHEN LOUISE HEBERT .f-ix: Q fy? L., uw yx If L L . M HW' fm I. 1' ., A 1' V JUDITH ANN GLAZIER RONALD P. GLAZIER WILLIAM A. HARLOW DAVID ELLIS HARDAKER A. JAMES HOBART GREGORY E. HOWARD 51 MARCELLA HOWARD NANCY DARLEEN JENKS X VICTORIA CATHERINE HUFF MARSHA HOWARD JOY A. JOHANNSEN ' JOHN R- JONES 0 A KAREN H. KEEGAN 52 NANCY MARIE KELLEY YW JAMES KING MARCELLA HOWARD: BasketbaIl.l. 2: Vol- leyball I, 2, 3: Softball I, 2: Tri-S Club 2, 3.4: Pep Club 3: Chorus 2. MARSHA HOWARD: Basketball I. 2, 3, 4: Cheerleading I: Volleyball 2, 3. 4: Softball 2, 3.4: Field Hockey Captain I: Gym Show I: Goldlrug 4: Tri-S Club 2. 3, 4. VICTORIA CATHERINE HUFF: National Honor Society 3, 4: Goldbug Editor-in-Chief: AFS Club 3, 4: Tri-S Club 3. 4: Drama Club I: Thespians 3, 4: Play Cast I, 3, 4: Play Crew I, 3,4: Chorus I: Music Club I: Art Club I, 4. JOSEPH R. HUGILL: Football 3: Weightlifting 4: Swimming 3: Soccer 4: Baseball I, 2. NANCY DARLEEN JENKS: Basketball I, 2. 3, 4: Volleyball 3, 4: Softball I, 2, 3, 4: Goldbug 41 SSEO 4: Tri-S Club 2, 3, 4: Chorus I, 2: Drama Club I. JOY A. JOHANNSEN: National Honor Society 3. 4: Student Patrol 4: Goldbug 4: Pep Club 4. JOHN R. JONES: Language Lab Assistant 4. CHARLES N. JULIAN JR.: Football 4: Basket- ball 2: Weightlifting 4: Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: Math Club 3: Leaders Club 3, 4: Band I. EDWARD J. KANIECKI KAREN H. KEEGAN: Basketball I: Cheerlead- ing I, 2, 3, 4: Student Patrol 4: SSEO 4: Tri-S Club 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 2. 3. 4. NANCY MARIE KELLEY: Class Treasurer 3: Basketball 2: Cheerleading 3: Student Patrol 3: Talisman I: Goldbug Editor 4: SSEO Treas. 4: Tri-S Club 2, 3. 4: Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Chorus 4: Music Club l, JAMES KING: Cross Country 4: Track 3.4: Rod 8: Gun Club 4. LESTER EDWARD KOPINTO: Basketball I, 3, 4: Baseball I, 3, 4: Band 2, 3, 4: Marching Band 2. 3, 4, Pep Band 2, 3, 4. JOSEPH R. HUGILL N Hy CHARLES N. JULIAN JR. EDWARD J. KANIECKI LESTER EDWARD KOPINTO 53 ANN ELIZABETH KOSAKOWSKI IRENE KOSINSKI KENNETH FRANCIS KOSAKOWSKI STEPHEN P. KUCINSKI OLIVER E. LACLAIRE JR SUSAN MARIE KZCOWSKI LINDA LASALLE RONALD LASHWAY TERESA ANN LASHWAY PETER G. KOSLOSKI JR. JAMES HESS LANGFORD RHEA LINDSTEDT EL JAMES MAKI ANN ELIZABETH KOSAKOWSKI: Student Council l, 43 Cheerleading lg Field Hockey 4g Student Patrol 4, Talisman lg Goldbug 4, French Club 21 Chorus lg Art Club 2g Drama Club lg Play Cast l, 2, Play Crew l, 2, 3, 4. KENNETH FRANCIS KOSAKOWSKI: Rod 8: Gun Club Sec.-Treas. 3, 45' A-V Club 3, 4. IRENE KOSINSKI: Volleyball 25 Tri-S 3, 4, Pep Club 25 Chorus 33 Play Crew 3. PETER G. KOSLOSKI JR.: Cross Country 23 Basketball 2, 3: Weightlifting 43 Track 3, 4g Base- ball lg Student Patrol 33 Rod 8a Gun Club 3. 43 Western Mass. Track Meet 3. STEPHEN P. KUCINSKIZ Student Patrol 2. SUSAN MARIE KZCOWSKIZ Basketball l, 2, Volleyball 4g Graphic 4g Pep Club 43 Pep Band lg Chorus l, 2, 3, 41 District Chorus 4g Drama Club lg Play Crew lg Vocal Music Award l. OLIVER LACLAIRE JR. JAMES HESS LANGFORD: Cross Country 2: Rod 8: Gun Club 2, 39 SSEO 4: Band l, 2, 3, 45 Pep Band I. 2, 33 Marching Band l, 2, 3, 43 Or- chestra 2, 3, 4g Chorus lg Art Club l, 2, 3, 4, Drama Club lg Thespians 4g Play Cast l, 3, 4. LINDA LASALLE: Student ,Patrol 3. 4: SSEO. RONALD LASI-IWAY: Basketball l, 2, 3. 4, Soc- cer 3, 4, Baseball 4: Student Gov't Day 3, 4: Stu- dent Patrol 3, 43 Leaders Club 4. TERESA ANN LASHWAY: Basketball l, 4, Tri-S Club 2, 3, 4. RHEA LINDSTEDT: Chorus lg Drama Club 1. JAMES MAKI: Basketball 43 Baseball 4. 55 STEVEN S. MARCUS: National Honor Society 3. 4: Football lg Golf 3, 4:'Model Congress 2. Pres. 3. 4: Debate Club 4: Talisman I: Goltlbug Editor 4: Grupliit- 2. 3: AFS 3. 4: Math Club. Pres. 31 French Club 2. 3: A.S.M,W. Team 3. 4: Drama Club I: Play Crew I: National Merit Semi-tinalist 4. HEIDI ANN MARKERT: National Honor Soci- ety 3. 4: Basketball l. 2, 3. Captain 4: Volleyball 2. 3.4: Softball 2. 4: Student Gov't, Day Planning Board 3: Quizlnunc' l: Golflhug 4: Future Teachers Club. V.-Pres, 3. Pres. 4: Tri-S Club 2. 3. 41 Cho- rus I, 2: Music Club I1 Art Club l: Drama Club lg Play Crew 2. 3: Danforth Award lz Graduation Marshal 3. LAUREN GAIL McCARTNEY: Volleyball 3.4: Student Patrol 3: Goldhug Editor 4: AFS 4: Play Cast 3. 4: Play Crew 4. DEBORAH DIANE MELNICK: Cheerleading 4: Student Patrol 3, 4: Goldbug 4: Ski Club 3. 4: Tri-S Club 2. 3. 4: Pep Club 3. 4: Drama Club l. BRUCE B. METCALF1 National Honor Society 3. 4: Football Trainer 3. 4: Cross Country 4: Ten- nis 2: Talisman I: Goldbug 2. Editor 3. 4: Graplziz' 2. 3. 4: AFS 3: A.S.M.W. Team 3: Drama Club l: Thespians 2. 3. 4: Play Cast 2, 3. 4: Play Crew l. 2. 3, 4: Honor Thespian 2: Northeastern Technical Drawing Contest Semi-finalist 3: National Merit Letter of Commendation 4. PETER H. MISHKINZ National Honor Society 3, 4: Art Club I: Drama Club I: Latin Prize 1.3. PAMA ANN MITCHELL: National Honor Soci- ety 3. 4: Volleyball 3: Majorcttes 2. 3: French Club 2. 3. 41Tt'i-S Club 2. 3. 4: Art Club 2. 3: Play Crew 4. ANNE MOREAU: Student Council V.-Pres. l. Sec. 3. 4: Basketball Manager4: Cheerleading l: Volleyball 3. 4: Gym Show 2: AFS 3. 4: Ski Club See. 2. 3. 4: Tri-S Club 2. V.-Pres. 3. Pres. 4: Pep Club 2. 3. 4: Chorus l. 2: District Chorus 2. 4: All-State Chorus 4: Drama Club l: Play Cast I. 3. 42 Presidential Physical Fitness Award 3. MARTHA ANNE MORRISSEY: Tri-S Club 4: Pep Club 2: Drama Club l. SUSAN ELIZABETH MORRISSEYZ Volleyball 3: Golfllzug 4: Ski Club 3. 41 Tri-S Club 2. 3.4: Pep Club 3. 4: Drama Club I1 Play Crew l. DALE R. MORROW: Basketball l: Baseball I: Pep Club Exec. Member 31 Chorus 2. DAVlD'E. MOSH ER: Cross Country 2. 3. Cab- tain 41 Track 2. 3. 4: Outing Club 4. SHEILA E. NIMESKERN: Cheerleading 2: Tri-S Club 3. 4: Chorus 4. 56 STEVEN S. MARCUS BRUCE B. METCALF MARTHA ANNE MORRISSEY SUSAN ELIZABETH MORRISSEY - 1 HEIDI ANN MARKERT X Q 'X -ov. Vx I 5' ,f J 5: 1, GY fm llif.-QL .-,4 , J Fifi ' 1 -V121 gi s . , .,, , '.f-',j.- -git'-91,1 'A - 'Q41'l5"-'nxt PETER H. " I I wmv sn-...A .N I F . Ii A' ' K . fl vi , . ,J :JI K 4,.ga44,..5, 133' www' 1 if Q 6,1 M? 'ff ha. MISHKIN DALE R. MORROW ' 4 .i1.x'.. LAUREN GAIL MCCARTNEY DEBORAH DIANE MELNICK PAMA ANN MITCHELL ANNE MOREAU DAVID E. MOSHER SH EILA E. NIMESKERN GEORGE F. OBERLANDER DAVID ORRELL CHRISTINA LANG LOIS PAPPAS 58 .ln CHARLES B. PAU LIN GEORGE F. OBERLANDER: Swimming 3: Tennis 2. 3. 4: Student Patrol 3, 4: Talisman l: Guldhug 4: Gymnastics Club 3. 4: Outing Club 3: Drama Club lg National Merit Letter of Com- mendation 4. ' LINDA M. O'BRIEN: Talismait tt Tn-s Club 2. 3. 4: Junior Business Award. DANIEL OLIM: Transferredfrom Chicago. Ill. 4: Student Council 3: Math Club 3: Chess Club 3. 4: Language Lab Asst. 2. CAROL A, OLIVEIRA: National Honor Society 3. 4: Majorettes 2, 3, 4: Gym Show 2: Graphic' 3: Conscience 3: Future Homemakers Club 3. 4: Tri-S Club 2, 3. 4: Pep Club 2. 3. 4. DAVID ORRELL: Baseball l, 3. 41 Student Pa- trol 4: Outing Club 3. 4: SSEO 4. CARL T. OSTROWSKI: Rod 84 Gun Club Treas. 3. MATTHEW H. PAGE: Weightlifting 2: Baseball 3: Rod 8: Gun Club 2: SSEO 4: Pep Club 2. NORMAN L. PAGE: Cross Country 2, Captain 3. 4: Basketball 2: Swimming 3. 4: Track 2. 3. 4: Outing Club 2. 3: SSEO 4: Pep Club 4. CHRISTINA LANGLOIS PAPPAS: Goldhug 4: Graphic' 4: Outing Club 3: Record Writing Con- test 3. CHARLES B. PAULIN: National Honor Society 4: Soccer 3. Captain 4: Student Patrol 4: French Club 3: Gymnastics Club 3: Leaders Club 3. 4: Rotary Club Award 3. 3 ' KATHLEEN PERVIER: Basketball l: Volley- ball l: Quidmmc I: Pluy Crew I. 2. CLAUDIA ANN PETERS: National Honor So- ciety 3. 4: Basketball 3. 4: Goldbug 4: AFS 4: Tri-S Club 3.4: Orchestra 2.3.41 Chorus. Pres. 3: Thespians 3. 4: Play Cust 3: Play Crew 3. 4, CYNTHIA CARROLL PIERCE: Volleyball l. 2. 3: Softball l. 2. 3: Tri-S Club 2: Pep Club 2: Art Club 3. 4. ' LINDA M. O'BRIEN . .1-n I Marv DANIEL OLIM CAROL A. OLIVEIRA ,4-an CARL T. OSTROWSKI MATTHEW H. PAGE KATHLEEN PERVIER CLAUDIA ANN PETERS FQ' W-ff NORMAN L. PAGE CYNTHIA CARROLL PIERCE , viwgl ., - f.. NORMAN PROCTOR JAMES BENJAMIN RICCI , E ROGER W. RHODES Ruff " I - AMAE I ' F' , 'f . -we x B 2 f :REQ E wif . Ii i S' ' ' L33 1 Q ' -, fig f if ' 3 f. ai' E .mf GENE RICKER HUBERT E. ROBERT JR. MANUEL P. ROBERTS 60 RUDOLPHO SANDOVAL JR. CHRISTOPHER SAVEREID WILLIAM S. SERUES NORMAN PROCTOR: Weightlifting 3, 4, A-V Club 4: SSEO 4, Assistant Librarian 3, Play Cast 2: Play Crew 2. I ROGER W. RHODES: National Honor Society 3, Pres. 4, Student Council 2: Football 3, Soccer 4, Baseball l, 2. 3. 4: Skiing Captain 4: Model Congress 3, 4, Student Patrol 4, Tlilisman l, Quidnunc l, AFS 2. 3, 4, Math Club 3, French Club 2, 3, 4: Gymnastics Club 3, 4, Ski Club 2, V.-Pres. 3, Pres. 4, Leaders Club'3, 4, Play Cast 3, Amherst Academy Prize for Excellence in Latin II 3: National Delegate to Youth Conference on the Atom 4, National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation 4, JAMES BENJAMIN RICCIZ Football 2. 3, Leaders Club 3. 4: SSEO Pres. 4. MARGARET E. RICE: Student Council 1, Gold- bug 4: AFS 3, Pres. 4, French Club 3: Tri-S Club 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, District Orchestra 3, 4, Drama Club Sec. 1, Thespians 2, 3, 4. GENE RICKER: Transferred from Melrose, Mass. 3, Student Patrol 2. HUBERT E. ROBERT JR, Transferred from Springfield, Mass. 3: National Honor Society 3,45 Goldbug 4, Graphic 3, A.S.M.W. Team 4: Nation- al Merit Scholarship Finalist 4. MANUEL P. ROBERTS: Student Patrol 4, Gymnastics Club 3. 4, Leaders Club 3, 4, SSEO 4, Band lg Pep Band l, Marching Band l. SUSAN ROCK: National Honor Society 3, 4, Future Nurses Club 4. MARY ELIZABETH ROLLASON: National Honor Society 3, 4, Student Council l: Goldbug Editor 41 AFS 2, 3. 4, Math Club 3: French Club 2, 3. 4, Ski Club 2, 3, 4, Tri-S Club 2. 3. 4: March- ing Band l, Music Club lg Drama Club l, Play Crew 3. RUDOLPHO SANDOVAL JR.: Football 1, 2, 3. 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4: Student Patrol3,4, Leaders Club 4. CHRISTOPHER SAVEREID: National Honor Society 3. 4: Goldbug 4: Band l, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band l, 2. 3, Marching Band l, 2, 3, 4: Art Club l: Drama Club lg Thespians 2, 3, Pres. 4, Play Cast l. 3: Play Crew 3, 4, Best Thespian 3. WILLIAM S. SERUES: Cross Country 2, 3, 43 Squash Captain 4, Tennis l. Captain 2, 3. 4, Chess Club 4, Leaders Club 3. 4: SSEO 4. SUSAN ANNE SHEA: Volleyball 2, 3. 4: Majo- rctte 2, Captain 3, 4, Gym Show 2. 3. 4: Student Patrol 4, Math Club 3: French Club 3, SSEO 2: Tri-S Club 2, 3, 4, Future Homemakcrs Club 2. 3, 4, All-State Band 2, 3, 4, Music Club l: Great Books Discussion Club 3. ii , . MARGARET E. RICE SUSAN ROCK MARY ELIZABETH ROLLASON SUSAN ANNE SH EA 6l DAVID KARL SHEERMAN ERIC SIGGIA MARGARET SOULE SHELDON SUSAN D. SIMMONS JOHN SNEDECOR SAMUEL C. SKILLINGS MARJORIE VERNA STOCKWELL BRENDA MARY STODDARD EDWARD FORREST STODDARD III SANDRA SIMMONS EDWARD R. STOCKWELL GLADYS AMY STONE GRANT EVANS STRANGE DAVID KARL SHEERMAN: Transferred from Northampton, Mass. l: Ski Club 3, SSEO 4. MARGARET SOULE SHELDON: Student Pa- trol 3, 4, Graphic 2, 3, 4, French Club 2, Ski Club 2, 3, 4, Tri-S Club 2, 3, 4, Drama Club l. ERIC SIGGIA: Transferred from Orange, Conn. 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Science Club l, 2, 3, National Merit Finalist 4, Olin-Mathieson Re- search Grant 3. SANDRA SIMMONS: Student Patrol 3, 4, Gold- hug 4: AFS Club 3, 4,-Ski Club 3, 4, SSEO 4, Tri-S Club 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4. SUSAN D. SIMMONS: Basketball l, 2, Volley- ball 4: Golflbug 4, Ski Club 2, 3, 4, SSEO 4, Tri-S Club 2, 3, 4, Art Club l. SAMUEL C. SKILLINGS: Rod 8: Gun Club 4, A-V Club 3, Sec.-Treas. 4. JOHN SNEDECOR: Band l, 2, Pep Band I, 2, Marching Band l, 2, Orchestra l, 2, Play Crew l. EDWARD R. STOCKWELL: Rod 8: Gun Club 2, 3, 4. , MARJORIE VERNA STOCKWELL: National Honor Society 3, 4, Student Patrol 3, Talisman 1, Galdbug Editor 4, AFS 3, 4, Math Club Secy 3, French Club 3. 4, SSEO Sec. 4, Future Teachers Club 3, 4, Tri-S Club 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 3, 4, Cho- rus l, 2, 3, Drama Club I, Thespians 3, 4, Play Cast I, Play Crew 1, 3, 4, National Merit Letter of Commendation, BRENDA MARY STODDARD: SSEO 4: Fu- ture Homemakers Club Sec. 3, Pres. 4, Tri-S Club 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4. A EDWARD FORREST STODDARD III: Na- tional Honor Society 3, Treas. 4, Student Council I, 2, Pres. 4, Football Manager l, Soccer 4: Base- ball 2, 3, Golf 3, 4, Model Congress 3, Student Patrol 3, Debate Club Sec. 4, Talisman I, Gold- bug 4, Graphic 2, 3, AFS 2, 3, 4, Math Club 3, French Club 2, 3, 4, A.S.M.W. Team 3, 4, Band l, 2, Pep Band 2, 3, Marching Band 2, Drama Club l: Thcspians 4, Play Cast l,2, 3. 4: Play Crew 1,3, 4, National Merit Letter of Commendation. GLADYS AMY STONE: Majorette 2, Gym Show 1, Galdbug 4, Outing Club 4, Future Nurs- es Club 2, Future Homemakers Club 3, Sec. 4, Tri-S Club 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 2, 3, 4. GRANT EVANS STRANGE: Art Club I, 2, 3, 4. 63 LORRAINE A. STRONG: Basketball l, 2: Vol- leyball 1, 2, Future Nurses Club 2, Tri-S Club 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2. 3. JEANETTE M. STUMBO: Outing Club 4, SSEO 45 Future Teachers Club 33 Tri-S Club 2, 3, 4g Drama Club lg Journal Record Creative Writing Contest Poetry Award l. DAVID S. SURREY: Swimming 3, 4, Track 2g Student Patrol 43 Graphic 2, Ski Club 3. WALTER JOHN SWARTZ RONALD A. THERRIEN JANE H. THOMPSON: Student Council lg Bas- ketball Manager 3, 4, Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Student Patrol 3, 43 Talisman lg Qui nunc lg Goldbug 3, 4: Graphic 2, AFS Club 2, 3, 41 Ski Club 2, 3, 4, Fu- ture Teachers Club 2g Tri-S Club 2, 3, 4, Pe Club 2, 3, 43 Chorus 1,43 Music Club lg Drama Club 1. SHIRLEY ANN THOMPSON. Majofene 2, 3, SSEO 4, Future Homemakers Club 43 Tri-S Club 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 4. BARRY R. THORNTON: Rod 8: Gun Club 3, 4: A-V Club 3, 4. GAIL ELIZABETH THORNTON: Student Pa- trol 3, 4g Grafphic 3, 4, Future Teachers Club 3, 4, Asst. Librarian 4g Drama Club l. SHIRLEY ,A. TIDLUND: Volleyball 43 Student Patrol 41 Goldbug 4, SSEO 4, Tri-S Club 2, 3, 4g Pep Club 4. JOHN C. TILLEY: Football lg Soccer 4, Gym Show 2, 3, 4, Track 2, Student Patrol 3, 4, Outrng Club 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 3, 4, A-V Club 2, 3g Chorus l, 2, 43 Art Club l, 2, 4. ROSALIE VASSALLO 64 LORRAINE A. STRONG X it n w' Q, uv l l "T i f lx H l XX' , A ,Z RONALD A. THERRIEN GAIL ELIZABETH THORNTON JEANETTE M. STUMBO DAVID 3, SURREY WALTER JOHN SWARTZ JANE H. THOMPSON SHIRLEY ANN THOMPSON BARRY R. THORNTON SHIRLEY A. TIDLUND JOHN C. TILLEY ROSALIE VASSALLO LINDA LOUISE VENDETTE DONNA CHERYL WOOD 66 OLAF L. WEEKS LINDA LOUISE VENDETTE: SSEO 4. ELLEN RUTH WADE: SSEO 4g Future Home- makers Club 3. Treas. 4: Tri-S Club 2. 3. 41 Math Award l. RICHARD WALLER . MARY ELIZABETH WEBB: SSEO 4: Future Homemakers Club Trcas.. Historian 3. 43 Tri-S Club 3. 4g Pep Club 3, 4: Asst. Librarian 3, OLAF L. WEEKS: Cross Country 3. 43 Swim- ming 3. 41 Track 3. WILLIAM D. WELLS: Rod 8: Gun Club 2. MARTHA WILSON: Basketball l. 2. 3: Cheer- leading 2. 3: Track 31 Student Patrol 3. 4g Talis- man lg Quielnunc lgTri-S Club 2. 3.4: Pep Club 3. 4. MARY ELLEN .l. WOJTOWICZ: National Honor Society 3. 4g Student Patrol 3. 4: Tri-S Club 2. 3. 41 Outstanding Performance in Junior Business Training I. DONNA CHERYL WOOD: Student Patrol 4: Future Nurses Club See.-Treas. 2. 3. Sec. 41 Fu- ture Homemakers Club 43 SSEO 4g Tri-S Club 2. 3. 41 Pep Club 3, 43 Drama Club I. PATRICIA ANN WOODARD: Student Council lg Basketball 2, 3. 4: Cheerleading 41 Field Hock- ey 4: Track 3, 43 Student Patrol 4g SSEO 4g Tri-S Club 2, 3, 4. STEVEN P. WOODARD: National Honor Soci- ety 3. 41 Student Council 43 Gymnastics Club 43 Ski Club 3g SSEO V.-Pres. 4: Drama Club lg Thespians 3. 4: Play Cast I, 3, 4. KATHERINE A. ZUNIC: National Honor Soci- ety 4: Basketball 2. 3g Volleyball 3. 43 Softball 25 Quidnunc' lg Goldbug 4: Ski Club 4g Tri-S Club 2. 3, 4g Pep Club 3. 4. I ELLEN RUTH WADE WILLIAM D. WELLS AE? RICHARD WALLER MARY ELIZABETH WEBB . I I . 1. 1. MARTHA WILSON MARY ELLEN J. WOJTOWICZ PATRICIA ANN WOODARD STEVEN P. WOODARD KATHERINE A. ZUNIC 67 ' N n 68 69 W Y? J , Af Z, Junior class officers and advisers are: Mr. Stamas, Chris Allen, Presidentg Mr. Adams, Kathy Brandfass, Secretaryg Janet Godsell, Treasurerg and Joanne Ezbicki, Vice-President. r .!"s A , Q -x I , " in ,- 5 Ls., 1- - L- t , f lil- 'M Q li' J I t ex t y g W gr- , ' , ii r,,r Mn I w.t.,.m Z .f f. . , it , , A fr' " f 1' " A if 5 ' g ,tiigy -"A at , fT7t +71 -'VZ K' X 5 :ner- , A ,, f , ,4 4 1 W 'A fi a it J A J J at lg, Q'-fi Y ,,,,g -Q 'fi Q f " . 'KW ' ' 5559! f 1 , L . A 1- . 'C X ' "-, ,:.V A , A "2 7 " . -, It , 'Mft ff 1 lfblwtl I ful wh " . ' 1 x "" ' 'J - ..' Q' if " gczgw fix A fr' 4 M fa ' H ' , . . f Q, , I , K H fl A v- 'L' A' , i "ff, .. M, rx 1.54 Q 'Y' i , 5 G5 l X Thomas Aird Michael Aldrich Chris Allen Douglas Anderson James Anderson David Anthony Susan Arnold James Atkins Jeanette Ball Marlin Ball Judith Barton Dana Beth Wendy Black Brian Blinn Frank Boyden Barbara Bragg Katherine Brandfa Dudley Bridges James Britt Linda Bukoski Randall Burns Patrick Callahan Kathy Carey Lorraine Carey Donna Carney Doug Childs Norman Coe Cynthia Conway SS ,gl ff r- ef -' x 4 Q ff- 9' H... - ,X 1 f 1 v - -I HCI Lia 'i ' "J 7 2 of - if i "iii N F ' nl Ep". L A if y T T , f, 3915? , T ...V I ' J, 4: 4 ij -1 1 E , , .1 .1.. , 3- ,, J 1 in ff f i Q W 'L 4 V H 14 Yi ' "ms, I ' 51 1- x . J , 1' -' Eng iz f K -V an '- we A . ., 1 li Q V 3' in Q li Q G is nf ' f,. ' , - J - ' s ' . I in i! fr ,fi ,,, . ' , , - 9,1 A ,QQ , Mr, f 'A ..1L ,fax 4 ,. Q , '55 ' H tif J 'ff y1i?'s J .F-if l r X ' 'K gg, D l W S i ni? Q l Kgs J- J i , Q k4.,' ' H .' lv r - N - . sf- fx fi' James Field Carol Fusia David Gage Jeffrey Gere Donald Gibavic Chet Gladchuck Terry Glazier Steven Gluckstern Janet Godsell Carol Good Lee-Ellen Gould Katherine Grady Tom Gralinski Karen Zwinakis Louise Guyott Laura Collins Margaret Cook Leah Couture Michael Cowles Susan Cuddeback Gary Cunningham Arthur Cutting Brad Dahlquist Maralee Davis Timothy Dempsey Sara Dickinson John Doherty Frank Dorman Don Doubleday William Doubleday Diane Drew Ann Eiben Calvin 'Ewell Joanne Ezbicki Mary Fawkner Don Fennessey -i,, -W5 53, , ff- wi' I v- f ..-E' iv ' .arf-R X .J .sal ,,i. N I t 12' ""f " A ii ' S 4454 -L 'f - i f f, ., We-1 , xi " ." 2 A i W N W , H, Q ,V 1. V r ' if . ii' ' fii'N. 5. f il-gr. -ft gm 5' W ja' 2 V.'1 A .""' tx 15 'iff 1 L L '- ,h it f 1 - , , 1 .l 1, F Y- 'Q' ,lm vff 4 mg' li 5 Hs fig' to A 'K fb- x xi 'J .41-I . ,, I i givin' Q pu J k.-. Q if 3 pi . Q .V -.,. 6 Dale Halsey Greg Hamilton Scott Hammen Nancy Hankinson Susan Hannigan Virginia Harper James Harrington Fred Harris James Harris Peter Harris Harlan Harvey Catherine Hasbrouck Arthur Hatt Ann Hawley Sharon Hawthorne Richard Heath Brian Higgins Dale Homme Susan Horne Dale Houle Ella Howard John Howard Lela Hugill Deborah Hull F 3' John Irwin Sanford Johnson Bonnie Johnston Molly Kaynor Karen Keedy ag, Victor Keedy jf Stephen Kellogg Q J - Evan Kenseth Egg ue"' A ' A ai Karen Kentfield Qffij ' Mark Keyser p,ef'g.T:J 512, , p 1 l iiiii 15 I - 4 if txt A Edwin Knihnicki James Kolakoski John Kolasienski John Krawczyk Shirley Kuzmeski Joseph LaClaire Paula Lamb Thomas Lansner David Lee Jon Lee Ralph Lewis Edgar Lindsey J William MacDonald ' James Marden Lucy Marx 55 David Maslanka Steve Matusko Peter May Tim McCabe Donald Meakim Kenneth Melanson Donna Mellen James Millar Bob Miller Mary Mitchell Karen Morris Margaret Mosher Thomas Mulcahy Jaye Nutting Patricia Olanyk Susan Oliver Daniel Oppenheim Patricia O'Rourke Steve Osborn Judy Paulsen Jeff Payton James Pervier Alan Peterson Sheryl Peterson Mary Pickett The class of 1968 gives the freshmen a pull. sf vi? .5 V, J N A i M W -2' V V X J 'K -5.1 ' is-A if ' xii I 4 . A Q GN ee- R35 fv-4-cf "1 . 1 W fb fern' 'Eh 'nw' .. ,w X '-v f fy A V ' 7 :W-Lg? f fe- "m?'5?5E .,,l.tK ,fi J ,Q ,-4 K X7 A . , Qs if , ," Li, 1 .N . Q 'Q- J, ? ' " S x ,ff If-at - ff I f' V3 gf - for N V i V U 1, V 'V 5 ' 'ii , ii 9 N . , V I Q' f w --,v fu ., , A ' ,. fi, :M if f Z . wi Ji l ,+V -, N 1 M M V? f I A ,, , J. , "f f " 5 , .i ,-'MJ' ' r i Junior class members participated enthusiastically in the Booster Day skits. Janet Potash Richard Powers Barbara Puffer Barbara Renaud Mickey Rice Richard Roberts Philip Robinson Virginia Rogowski Maureen Russell Chris Sacco Priscilla Scott Arthur Seaver Sandra Shea Tom Sheckels Scott Shumway William Sieruta Lynn Slocombe Althea Smith Craig Snoeyenbos Martha Spielman Stephen Stanne Jean Stolarski Barbara Stosz Janice Stowell Bruce Taylor Cynthia Taylor Shirley Thompson Q Doug Timberlake Linda Trachy f Rebecca Truesdell ' ' " ' J, Qi Q H e ff Carol Vassallo Jean Vissering Joseph Walas Charles Walker Karen Wanczyk Philip Watson Linda Wells Steven White James Whitney David Willcox Nicholas Williams Gail Wilson Carol Ann Wisniesld Martha Woodard Bruce Young ,xv . WX I iibwii 431' ig has ,i ii , - Q05 A 4 ' "h'i ff 'K J .N i"'U1vL'ti- ,W if ii ' lf 2, A li ,. g.L 'ia it f 1' ' , g .5 K ..... X ,- . WF-ff, gf 'W ' 'i., W5 I ' 5' ' af, 'Y i 3 ..,. i fl 'R m- 1 4 K fs i I Bruce Taylor auetions off a Thanksgiving Day special at the annual Junior Cake Sale. V V ...,,.,,,..,l -M yixrsm C9 Sophomore class officers and advisers are: Mr. Coopee, Richard LaPrade, Vice-Presidentg Miss Fortes Melissa Ludtke, Secretaryg Tom Thompson, Presidentg and Joan Copling Treasurer. Ff- is Jennette Agardggwvb Vernon Aiken Chris Aldrich Kelley Aldrich Daryl Anderson Elizabeth Andrews George Balsley Kate Bancroft Cynthia Banfield Sarah Barnes Bonita Bathurst Jacqueline Benedict Rene Bernasconi Noli Bias Eric Bleckwehl Lynn Bond Paul Britt Robert Britt Lois Brown Raymond Brunelle Judith Buczala Ronald Bukoski April Bunker Sharon Bunn ..-A 'ft 5 if -54 J I Lui , "" , 4 A ' yy , 5 um e-4 ., 3--' -1 ,4 A ,Q ,L 'f 1' 'w A? . -,p f - - lf, V: v ,Uh Wil? f . f . A ie ,quiiijij ' Ai rf r a ii. , ,T , I ..,, i U A Mva, 1 ii Q fi ' 2- y e7i9ff -4- :vm ni t- .V,, , I W X. X f ' '. T- fl' 'f . , hgh 1 :M fl W ' 5 il fi' ,. y Wi, j r v. ff, 4i ri' A N i fi. 1 , h. -,. S it ' :fir 1' y Nui-f - i A we V2 I -gxwfu 3, 'L V y Us L1 , . s t Q 5' 4 , A A .Na ff - ws? "' fx 3 ' . V A . - y ,Qu ' .,f.: A Q I ft- . L' ..,,55f tfyyp V to t ? . ww f ,aa ,g 1' 10- t 'ii if ' f t if M L if Y f X 2.4 if 'E ' "' i"",ffZ 'W l 6 C w ff' G Q v ya ' ,H -J! Ka, x .K X f, .nn . Q sive 31 ve- ' E 'Q -vi ' as at N2 M . Ms if - 3 is i , f 1, ,. ,. 9 Martha Burroughs Gene Campbell Linda Campbell Daniel Canon Cynthia Carlisle Anne Cary Jane Chisholm Deborah Clark John Clark Kristin Clark John Connelly Joan Coplin Judith Costigan Robert Cowles Nina Cox Christine Cramer Janet Crooker Katherine Cross William Crossman Donald Crutch Michael Curran IV ' , ,Q A ly , ' A l f ' EP ' f 'aw zs ex 'Bw' ?r:.,, F if A 5 13' N B' N tx. 1 '1 if' 7' LA J., f Q' W mf fu: Q, .f t ga :bil ,ii 5 r , , in 'N Q 555 2' K Lf-big' 3 - 'LL -we 1 lu 'E C Q? , ,i - A I eq: ggi stl .1 ,, r r .ez Q ' C -. Y Q 3 --f J fl l ' -if LLM : xv as ' Wir J ,fs 1 ai 4-v I J ay 'QM 'WF' 3 if as QQ? ,gif Jacky Day Peter de Friesse Chris Demarest Tom DeMott Donna DesRosiers James Doleva Robert Doubleday Dennis Duguay Steve Eldridge Joshua Epstein Frank Ernest Karen Foley Terri Foose Susan Freisem Joel Friedman Richard Fuller Nancy Gage Victor Giard Paul Gibavic Ellen Gladchuck Nancy Glazier Peter Glazier Ronald Gnatek David Goodhind Elizabeth Gozzi Jacqueline Grady Raymond Gralensk Stephen Greene Robert Gross Patricia Gwozdz i Z :d ., F1 4 - it W? ii - -- M lunm we 1 - ,- . ki f . v ,-,., ".1 jo 5 .Ta , . 'iv'- I tw ws 2 K in x ,duh-it mlb, ,j.:. . ij' ' f fs ll E 1 Aspiring Thespians - va I' - A Q3 :fix , ll At -i xv aw X 7 H' Q 'PQ' , my if 5 . x ' t O 4 fl X5 Robert Hammel Donald Hardaker David Hastings Wilfrid Havens William Haviland Deborah Hebb Barry Higgins Patricia Hilton Mark Holden Gordon Holzhauer Eric Howard Juanita Howard Gretchen Hunsberger Mary Irwin Victoria Jacob Steven Jacque Andy Jaffe John Johannsen Chapin Kaynor Blake Keedy Linda Kellerman Steven Kenney Lee Keohane Mak Ke es Robert Keyes Fred Kielbasa Lillian Kimball Dennis Klingelhofer Douglas Knapp Judith Knowles Stanley Kopec Charlie Kopinto Jane Kosakowski John Kosloski Patricia Kroner A The Sophomore Class party was ,,,. Q., . F fu wa rg' .-sr 5 , Ei ' -if . . ' Sv I 'Xu 'R i if . ,L ' ig 1 f tW.s A I d 14 f ' r gl f 1 ,U 62 41 -iii' a huge success. Arlene Marcus ' g , Grace Markert gm. Eleanor Kucinski - K Paul Kucinski U A Ronald Kulikoski 'I G it TQ- Paul Kuzmeski ' ' r",M Mary LaClaire 4, 7 . Percy LaClaire ' ' . i ff f L .f f ' k':" f ".' f' P Timothy LaClaire . U Vicki LaClaire i ' Y ,. John LaFlamme - .1 LQ f Richard LaPrade 1 M ' I I -1 Linda Larson ' 1 ,L Simon Lesser , . , '. - ' i if-1l4fei'faf1t: 7'ai,fi.,I 1fi" M - if-2:5 il Truman Likens VIJ' , Ann Lipomi f fly Melissa Ludtke if QQ ., John Madigan "5 'A w-1 . ,A , i ,. Diane Marko Diane Martin 9' Daniel Martin I i 1- Richard Martin - A David Maxon W I W, Cynthia May 'fig i . s r' Patricia McLaughlin Patricia Melanson Chris Mellas W -, Susan Melnick V " ' Michael Miazga ' Jean Miller 1 5 .wa ' 5 f 'U i f u .A x W U , v i 1 'UH And Daddy thought I was in a nunnery! Q :M , , Xb? is f it W , ,Q A5375 V . ,, K5 i .S J 2-W. f. . ' gi 1 i 11 it 5 Q. I X 1 il. V1 f W V V 4 - fi it , ,J 4 ' -.1 Q' HQ itai J Q' Q f E! r ar' ts. I I : X z 1, 313 " X X ,- 9 -.. ., . . uw 3, 5. , Y J! 4 t .. .f mf "" 1 . ,,, Iii'-h a -an L 0+ E fi ,f ., I .A ,,.r,-K.,.g'i . at V . ,A .i b ,. P I -L , ggi f A ll A ,I I N :M '-" :fp Paul Mitchell Suzanne Mitchell Dale Morton Connie Nanartonis Celeste Newport Patricia Newton Gail Nickerson John Noyes Ann Oberlander David O,Brien Tim O'Brien Joseph O'Byrne Bill Olanyk Richard O'Rourke Jim Paige Russell Paulin Goldie Payson Leroy Phelps Kenneth Picha Dianne Pippert Eric Pippert Nancy Pratt Georgianna Rajter Laurel Randall Ruth Reber Anna Regish Mark Richason James Rising Edward Robert Jay Roberts 2 'lvl 1 'EFX il'-H -if if ,, i-fi ,i. l,- ,Aa Stephen Robinson V W. A 'V J Elaine Rocasah ,, V V li' " f - 4' 1, Nicholas Rock ,fi JL P 9 i J 'if ,, ml Lucia Roetter A V i . V , Duncan Rollason if fi. uf Q.: , 'W ' ' ,f , 1 x , ,, 4 M K' 4"'Q,f l ' Robert Rosen Illini . we K Donna Ruder , fi 4. 1, ' 'ii v Debbie scliiiarr Vy..a Q, Yi 4' e y . Roy Schweiker it R I gs- ,sf Jeanne Shea fa K, , f , 99' ..,," ii 'Q 355 i, f W1 - 1 , ,S g jf-- ., L K A f , Bennett Sheerman ' 'T i V i i Q .5 Johanna Shumway Q V V V - V V , V Q V V Stanley Simmons - QV' V " 'v 'VV ' ' Kimberly Singleton V A VV' Y 3 Y' i ie o i j wiki X ' , ig l, V V ' V V i,11LVL: VV , lil' We K X X ll l 'J X l l i 1 A N wx l 8 I ' f' V" , O i VU -Vx YN i 'il ,, will li' lv 1 KY Vis- ' H ,lm ij, ,, . 'V ' ff: l VVVtV,,VVl V A i 'A , -i A ' .. ' l- Lee Small Bonnie Smith .vi ' Q, if ffafnlsgnithh .gf V V' S - J, if - . JV x V 1C ae myt - i ", 1,5 V i -fi-i .VVV VVV M James Spielman x - 231. 'J i if Mary Stanne . l l - "' 101111 SIOWCH i J S J , J ,Q Ruth Sullivan vb . , .lig, , :f Jeff Summerlin gi X k,. , - 3 V Floyd Thompson 9 'Y . 2 lit, J' P Q ' j ' Ted Tudryn E X N -. Q V ,. Jig - V, X ,QV 'Qi Miner Tuttle VV i VQQQVVV ,V VQEVAV 1, -it VV V John Tyler ' ,,vl. V S QV! I !ViV,1V:- 5 , e L' gy Barbara Wagner 1, . i M, X 1,11 Q 5 Rosalind Waldron 4 4-,KV JV 2 K 4 Christine Warner V' ,- f , Vg W ' if vii? . ,,,l 'Q V P- l Carolyn Waskiewicz - JV - , 15 ' Karen Weneczek " ' Dt .' .., ,gg ' if. ,E , - Janet Wentworth ' -.., 1,1 . , . '. J 'Q Rebecca Whaples l V, 1 y H-. i Tom While V 4VVV V V V , i, i V Marcia Whitney l af . Q i - ' . V g,,,,V V ,V . VV A ,V,V. Lee Wllllams , V V , .5 5 I Q 'f J 'VV ' -EV Belinda Wills Y ' ff' ' it R is L - V V ff Kim wisiieski f ' S , R + Q Jane Woodard A X , ' ,L V , A Sl" Q James Wyman :df , J - AW , i ff J. Q J P 1 W , V A ii ig iffy, V VVVV , ,Z-L. g- VV V A au ySOCkl 53? cg, .7 Ereshman class officers and advisers are: Mr. Styspek, Ray Tudryn, Vice-Presidentg Mrs. Risagier, Karen Freisem, Secretaryg Sandy Darity, Presidentg and Leslie Ludtke, Treasurer. xgl B' 4?--' ia. ,, J, i. 1 3 A ? Cv W. A ,K .2 U0 ,, me .W , W :ma y Q., ,,,, y ew 'lf .7 I 44 t f 4 W Q ww 2- X A mf , . 752 , 1 at S Ax 5 N '. in . QQ out 3' 'A di A 0 so .15 C37 X 13' I Nj? .161 :gtg 9 ,I C M , Y 55, i s V . VP A 'V vis, nv x, 'SZ , R We M V B -W af t ' v Q , a' 7 if it ,, EE ? . 2 I ,i WW H . .1 ' - rx sf , V arf! I is me As? ff' 6' xl F J rr, Va WA W 'X sk ' A I IX ll ' i,. 1 Q .1- lk K4 5 ,lar 6- tl 'frfi ' l J tg L, f J, 1, a- X 5 , 1-.s. E -,l. ', ,L,, 45, , f if -tffffi ,, ,Za Christy Abbott William Aird Jim Aldrich Jeff Aldrich Becky Allen Paul Arons Marilyn Ashley Linda Atkins Charles Ball Jeff Ball Virginia Barr Steve Barrett John Barron Elizabeth Bazara Joyce Bechard Raymond Bennett Meloni Bias Richard Blow Ellen Boucher Carolyn Bragg Charles Bray N .4 a. .5 Debora Bridges James Britt Larry Britt Lynn Budde Joanne Bunn Dawn Burns Jeffery Burns Kevin Carey Margaret Carey Ralph Carey Richard Carey Warren Carey Robert Carr Kevin Chickering Carolyn Chisholm Christine Clark Bryan Clarke 5, Stagg . We , 1 24 , . , 13 "' 1 . I s ,," if f Q if ' I H 5 2 A I., f J ' Ni? at ,L 'J I - , A l . F A my A :,' .. ,xxx gi X r , V km 'ak J ' ff M 3 i Q' 1 Qrx q t!! .Wt, , f 7 C. 5 " ' 51? XF H Y 'ig i W fi' ' f I Ui ,V -f K i f 1 V e,. N 2 SQ fggg A ,AA 4 up 74 J E2 , Christine Cobb Michelle Couture Willow Cramer Kenneth Cuddeback William Darity Frederic Davis Jerome Dempsey McDonald Dennler Dan Dickinson Cynthia Doleva Emily Domina Mary Dorman Tom Doubleday William Dowd Paul Edwards Deborah Ely Charles Eshbach Neil Fennessey Cynthia Ferguson Martin Ferwerda Sharon Field Ellen Fitz atrick Cynthia I-lox Karen Freisem Robert Gage Mary Garber Teddy Garrow Douglas Gray Philip Greenfield Naomi Gunner Cynthia Halsey Ben Harrington Chad Harris Kathy Harvey Nancy Hasbrouck Deborah Havard Robert Havis James Hayes Barbara Hilton Gary Houle It A X it F RE HMEN 1 N ., , '!M V V g fig. .M ' 'f 'T ' z .f -iii' ' tl V f M Al . m f' We 4 V c f - ,. , ,rf , . f-" ,H A t, 9 Lt "'-' 1 Q! . ' ii Ai -aa V V 2 'f ,t . - N , . . it 3 , ' ' A, 4. 'li 'ei-. 3 J " 235 " ', Ka, yi". ,W X . 44-'V 3 Q 5 , . -f "ref f' .' C ttaa ' . - X A? f-4 'N ' 'Z i , , K ' 5 .wif till .Ai N 4 , r' .- fa T 'S s QA 1 Q rt it ,J 'J -Via f at PV 'K ' e,nnn,,,rPfg, h5umhQ::mn,J 1. l .4 i 'J' 'J f if Q if it T it -ff S ,is , i . i . iii kr f' '. . Jig ix ht X T' 4 ,75 R24 K Q 8 at I JI gl ' 25 1 rf' rg, 'f' llg 'K L .t me ' 'I ' .fy E9 Sound off for the freshmen!!! Robert Kieras Channing Kimball Paul Kimball Roy Kimball Thomas Keeley Roxanne Kinder Sandy Kirley Margaret Koehler Donna Kolasienski Jean Kolasinski Mark Kosarick Joseph Kosloski David Kuzmeski Jean Langford Richard Larson James Ledoyt Dorothy Lee Frank Lee Christina Lovett Thomas Lockhart Leslie Ludtke Heather MacConnell Brenda Mahar Kristy Mahoney Jeffrey Main Louis Manfredi Karen Markham Marjory Mathieson Meredith Howard Steven Howards Stanley Hugill Nina Humphrey Raymond Jacque Ronald Jacque Thomas Jacque Kenneth Johnson Martha Joy Larry Kellogg Christopher Kenn Justin Kennick Jan Keohane Holly Keyes ick tw-9V , J K Q 543, K -. ,,. M it 2 K 6 TX k"4'? i 4+ 'H 5:22 nest v '75 I. . in-. -easily 'J ,2h'. t . 'Q if. f ' 1 , .- ,., ' 4 , 5, , ,i 2 W in .53 y x f' 3 N , gif , K Laurie Matusko Jill Maxson Joan McEwen Patricia Mieg Chris Miller Malcolm Modrzakowski Tim Morgan James Mosakewicz Maureen Murphy Laurence Olanyk Peter Olanyk Clair Oppenheim Debbie Orr David Osborn Gail Page Patti Page Nicholas Palmer Rita Paradis A C . 'Q J -4' ' t L ' -1' ai.- P i N-i 'V -1 it T TV, Q 1 Y W. r ' i .xi Q, , ,3 4!..'l,,i? fa? xx ii I Qi' fe if fag in 2 F -ix 'QQ C., , X .WRX n ,I in in any Q! V.- i , ' ik -ff' 'L J was K.. ,. Q ff A M, 'fy K 'AMQQ 3 5 f s J . 1,2 112 , -Q . Y I I t f few 1 ,ir y 5 l. V I I ,, 4. J li ia- 4 A David Parkinson George Peppard Alan Peters Robert Peters Jim Plaza Christopher Pickering Edward Plimpton Ann Powers Barbara Pratt Bonnie Prim Joseph Raskevitz Thomas Ricci This year's Booster Day parade was one of the l-o-n-g-e-s-t in the school's history Norman Rice Jane Richard Philip Ripa Gerald Robinski Stanley Rock Theodore Roco Susan Roetter Peter Rule Jacqueline Russell Jonathan Russell Theresa Sacco Susan Saheed Paul Schwartz Curtis Siddall Lyn Singer James Slocombe Lawrence Smith Ellen Spear fe- . . ,. L is if 1 Q 3 iff? , rru H 'i'r " lf I ,,5 2-:gg nttr 1 '17 rv A as ' mt G P f rg :Q ' A '15, V R 1 . igx ff A61 W K l 1 fi 7 , I 2' yi l il ci,Ai iiil A ii r L 5 1 r V , I I A kl. QQ' Q 'Q 4 f I 1 ff A -l g ,M -," 4' X: fu , 4525- -t ' if 11 at Q. as I Ii 'Q R fu: ,t W ,lgx Fred Spence Jean Spink Marshall Steinbeck Elizabeth Stosz Richard Suprenant Diane Swanhart Jan Swartzbaugh James Thornton Jean Tidlund Karen Tidlund Paul Tittle Jonathan Tucker Raymond Tudryn David Vlach Dianne Walas Margaret Walker David Ward Elizabeth Warriner Freshmen composed a good deal of the backstage crew for the fall plays. Fi f rl 2 .Mb . 555253 151: 2-1'-.f2i 5. PS fifth of I could have danced all night. 'B sa ., 59 " ., A 1 ' , 1 FW' S .X ,A ,M . ff Margaret Warriner Stewart Watson Ronald Weagle Bill Weaver Jim Webb Richard Whitney Lenerd Wiley Mark Willcox Anne Williams Ethan Williams Kathleen Wittmer Christine Wood Brian Woodard Donald Wright Earl Young Bill Zimmer James Mader Janyce Wziontka John Zahradnik Michael Ziomek M s , f-11.2 1 A wma-W i":i?4,, f Q 'W g Q A 'B fl-'rf it g g kt? ..-J stg, , J -P 'F- t V35 , "' .s Q. if if iff i 'it . ft g ...Ji ,ff N iff M3 .1 f Skip Stoddard presides over a Student Council meeting. Front row,from Iej: J. Russell, L. Ludtke, A. Oberlander, J. Grady, S. Mitchell, E. Domina, D. Drew, K. Zwinakis, D. Hull, A Kosakowskig Second row: Mr. Paul Caouette, S. Hugill, R. Laprade, F. Kielbasa, L. Marx, C. Allen, J. Ball, F. Cushman, C Bray: Third row: P. Paradis, S. Woodward, E. Bleckwehl, L. Small, B. Fitzpatrick, M. Modrzakowski, J. Webb, B. Taylor, C Demarest. 90 STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council was led by Ed Stodd- ard, President, Art Seaver, Vice-Presidentg Anne Moreau, Secretaryg and Diane Drew, Treasurer. For the first time Student Council representatives were elected from every home- room. Under the advisership of Mr. Paul Caouette, the Council sponsored many activi- ties including a dance, the hall decoration con- test at Christmas, Field Day, the No-Talent Show and various assemblies. Below the Tiajuana Trash play, while above with whipped cream and other de- lights the seniors enact a brawl at the Dodge City Saloon in the No-Talent Show. In Tennessee Williams' 'SThe Case ofthe Crushed Petu- I'l1dS,,, were Lyn Singer and Kitty Warner. Ellen Agard, Jim Langford, and Nick Williams comprised the cast ofChekov's The Mar riage Proposal." I THESPIANS This year Thespian Troupe 1333 encouraged further in- terest in the dramatic arts at A.R.H.S. In the fall, they broke the tradition of a single production and presented nAn Evening of One-Actsf, including three short one-act plays. Since they were winners in last year,s New England drama competition, they helped to host the Boston play festival in March. The spring production was the highly successful Broadway musical, "How to Succeed in Busi- ness Without Really Tryingf, Mrs. Katy Stone continued as the troupels adviser. Officers were: Chris Savereid, Presidentg Ken Arons, Vice-Presidentg Anita Bennett, Secretaryg and Kathy Dittfach, Treasurer. 92 'f James Barrie,s mystery, "Shall We Join the Ladies rounded out the evening of one-acts. l Front row,from law: A. Eiben, C. Peters, C. Savereid, President, K. Arons, Vice-President, A. Bennett, Secretary, K. Dittfach, Treasurer, J. Paulsen, A. Marcus, M. Stockwell, D. Drewg Second row: Advisers Mr. Packard and Mrs. Stone, S. Woodard, T. McCabe, S. Stoddard, B. Metcalf, P. Feldman, N. Williams, M. Rice, L. deSherbinin, Mr. Packard holds an informal script reading with cast members of 'How to Succeed." X. lt h .,., X fr X t X X X ,'! la. Singers from "How to Succeedu practice with Mr. Maggs, musical director, after school. 93 BAND AND ORCHESTRA Members of the orchestra, directed by Mr. John Maggs, enthusiastically pre- pared for the Christmas concert where they not only performed alone, but also ac- companied the chorus. During the re- maining portion ofthe year, they began re- hearsing for appearances in the spring concert and graduation. Three members were chosen to participate in the Western Mass. District Concert: Sara Dickinson, viola, Margie Rice, cello, and Barbara Wagner, oboe. Sara Dickinson was also chosen to represent Amherst in the All- State Concert. After having shown musical spirit at the first pep assembly and at football games, the band, also directed by Mr. Maggs, began to rehearse for its February concert and later in the year for the spring concert. Three members participated in the West- ern Mass. District Concert, Laura deSher- binin, fluteg Jacky Grady, clarinet, and Kathy Grady, flute. The orchestra practiced evenings in addition to several periods a week 94 CHORUS The Chorus, under the direction of Mr. John Maggs, presented both a school assembly and a public concert during the Christmas season. They then began preparation for a spring concert and graduation exercises. Sev- eral members participated in the Western Mass. District Chorus held at Amherst this year. In February Anne Moreau and Ann Eiben represented Amherst in the All-State Concert in Boston. The band poses just prior to the first annual February concert Goldbug A. Kosakowski, M. Rice. and L. McCartney, members of the layout staff work under the direction of L. de Sherbinin, who was co-editor with A. Bennett fmissingj. Steve Marcus was editor ofthe faculty section. 96 Editor-in-chief Vicki Huff discusses problems with Mr. Goodin, ad- viser. Members ofthe activities staff are,from leji, Front row: J. Thompson, C. McGuirk, S. Kzcow skig Second row: M. Stockwell, editorg T. Bibeau, P. Feldman, and L. McCartney, editor. The business staff included J. Grady, J. Glazier, K. Dittfach, manager, and J. Johannsen. 'LS it Bob Fitzpatrick, editor of the sports section, looks over pic tures with Tim Hayden. Kathy Zunic, also an editor, is miss M. Burroughs, J. Kosakowski, and S. Bunn, who worked on the underclassmen ing. section, review copy with N. Kelley, editor. J , 4f.w,,,, l J ' . l - .1 M E """"i- -"' Members ofthe senior section staff are,from Iej: S. Simmons, editors: K. Arons, and B. Rollasong Second row H. Robert, B. Chickering, G. Oberlander, and R. Rhodes. John Allen, Bruce Metcalf, and Bill Doubleday composed the photography staff. 97 yn... Holly Bastow leads a meeting of'Pep Club, which is composed of representatives from each class. PEP CLUB The Pep Club was successful in promoting much enthusi- asm and good sportsmanship this year through the many ac- tivities it sponsored. These in- cluded pep rallies, dances after the games, chartering pep buses to away football and bas- ketball games, and selling shakers at football games. The club also sponsored the annual Booster Day activities. Mrs. Marjorie Day served as advis- ser, and officers were: Holly Bastow, Presidentg Kathy Brandfass, Vice-presidentg Betsy Dorman, Secretaryg and Janice Stowell, Treasurer. As usual the Senior Class float won the Booster Day float competition. 98 tg., The court at the Tri-S formal included: Holly Bastow, Diane Drew, Noli Bias, Anne Moreau, queen, Ann Eiben, Colleen McGuirk, and Donna Mellen. TRI-s , , .f , ' guggg fi. ,A 1- . . :Stiff t Advised by Miss Betty Lawson and Mrs. P if y ' ii, T - apm -if fi . Marjorie Day, the Tri-S Club again demon- strated its meaning of Service, Sportsmanship and Scholarship. Under the leadership of Anne Moreau, President, Cynthia Conway, Vice-president, Colleen McGuirk, Secretary, and Judy Knowles, Treasurer, Tri-S members sold UNICEF Christmas cards and collected used clothing. The traditional Tri-S formal was held at the Lord Jeffrey Inn on December 17. The girls also sponsored-a float in the Booster Day parade and held a successful bake sale. show mixed reactions to Tri-S initiation. Tri-S Club officers discuss plans for the coming year ij National Honor Society members,j?om lejlfront row: M. Wojtowicz, C. Oliveira, S. Rock, J. Johannsen, C. Peters, M. Stockwell, B. Rollason H. Markert, P. Demarest, A. Bennett, Second row: Adviser Miss Donley, R. Glazier, B. Metcalf, P. Feldman, H. Roberts, C. Savereid, K. Arons S. Woodard, S. Stoddard, R. Rhodes, F. Cushman, S. Marcus. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The Robert Frost Chapter of the National Honor Society honors students who have achieved high- ly in Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character. During the year it sponsored a tutoring service for students requesting help in academic subjects. It also earned money for a scholarship program. In April juniors and seniors who had achieved the high standards set by the society were inducted into the group by its officers: Roger Rhodes, President, Ellen Agard, Vice-President, Anita Bennett, Sec- retary, and Edward Stoddard, Treasurer. Miss Betty Donley served as adviser. ,,,ff ART CLUB The Art Club, under the super- vision of Mr. John Packard, pro- motes interest in all phases of art. In December, club members, led by.Mary Beth Stanne, President, and Cynthia May, Secretary- Treasurerg held a bazaar, the pro- ceeds of which were used to buy materials and finance a trip to New York City. Club members also exhibited many items of their own work throughout the school. C-F23 Members of the art club work on individual projects under the direction of club adviser Mr. Packard. I 00 Tuhin Das shows slides at an AFS Club meeting. 'ez AFS students Felipe Camino and Tuhin Das are introduced to Mrs. Nawar and Mrs. Day by Margie Rice at an AFS Club reception. ' AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE CLUB The AFS club was fortunate to be able to sponsor the exchange of two foreign stu- dents this year, Tuhin Das from Calcutta, India, and Felipe Camino from Lima, Peru. In order to alleviate the expenses of their visits and to acquaint them with the student body, the club held several fund raising and social activities, including a dance, a bake sale, a picnic to Mt. Sugar- loaf, and a fair booth. Assemblies were held at which the students showed slides and talked about life in their home countries. Margie Rice, President, who visited Gaziantep, Turkey last summer also presented an assembly program. Other officers included: Tuhin Das and Filipe Camino, Vice-Presidents, Sue Fre- isem, Secretary, and Chris Allen, Treasur- er.Mr.Ames served as adviser. ,X Front row,fom Iejl: L. Kellerman, N. Rice, S. Stoddard, T. Lindsey, P. Feldman, S. Marcus, C. Allen, F. Camino, J. Stowellg Second row: C, Peters, A. Oberlander, L, Roetter, J. Agard, C. May, L. Randall, S. Freisem, L. deSherbinin, M. Rice, L. McCartney, G. Harper, K. Freisem, C. Barr, D. Homme, E. Gladchuck. I0l GRAPHIC After much debate, the staff of the Gra- phic, headed by editor-in-chief Kathy Grady and advised by Miss Dorothy Furge- son, finally decided to incorporate the Gra- phic into the Amherst Record. This means of production, while cut- ting costs greatly, also enables the staff to publish more fre- quently. The Graphic appeared in the Am- herst Record every sec- ond or third week and was read not only by Stl1dCl'ltS, but b much GRAPHIC STAFF, rom Ie t, zrst r0w,' B. Puffer, B. Wa ner,iM. Fawkner, K. Grad , D. Mellen, J. Grad 3 Second S Y Y of the adult population row: Miss Furgeson, D. LaMontagne, L. deSherbinin, C. Conway, S. Oliver, D. Halsey, F. Boyden, L. Roetter, and in Amherst A. Oberlander FUTURE TEACHERS,from Iejl: Miss Charlotte Halpin, advisor, M. Stockwell, H. Markert, G. Thornton, G. Mellas, C. Waskiewicz, J. Woodard. FUTURE TEACHERS CLUB The Future Teachers Club offers students interested in teaching a chance to find out more about this field and to acquaint themselves with teaching meth- ods and principles. Under the supervision of Miss Charlotte Halpin, club members, led by Heidi Markert, President, Janice Stowell, Vice-president, and Gail Thornton, Secretary - invited many speakers to their meetings and visited neighboring schools, including Markis Meadow Elementary School in -North Amherst. l02 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA The Future Homemakers of America, under the supervision of Mrs. Marion Wilson and Mrs. Marjorie Day, is dedicated to pro- mote student interest in home eco- nomics. Club members - led by Brenda Stoddard, Presidentg Peggy Ahearn, Vice-President, Gladys Stone, Secretaryg and Ellen Wade, Treasurer - served as color guard in the Booster Day pa- rade, conducted a food sale and tea, and went to State meetings in New Salem and Framingham. Peggy Ahearn was chosen this year to be State Parliamentarian, and Arlene Ashby to be the club's dele- gate to the national convention in St. Louis. Club members listen to a guest speaker. ffm -- 1 The Future Homemakers plan activities. FUTURE NURSES CLUB Under the guidance of Mrs. Mary McDonald and Miss Judith Gagne, the Future Nurses Club' planned many activities this year to prepare for a future in nursing. Club members - led by Martha Woodard, President, Martha Bur- roughs, Vice-Presidentg Donna Wood, Secretary, and Patty Gwotz, Treasurer - went to Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, worked in the Well Child Clinic at the town hall, visited the Boston Children's Hospital, and assisted in school clinics. The trips were financed by several food sales thoughout the year. i03 L Eli J' . 1 Front row,from lm: B. Wagner, A. Marcus, J. Skillings, Mrs. Matlon, Second row.' T. Lindsey, S. Osborn, S. Stoddard, S. Gluckstern, C. Snoeyenbos, P. Feldman, S. Marcus. CHESS CLUB The Chess Club, under the leadership of Mr. Paul Judson, promoted much enthusiasm for for chess this year. Players could be seen in rapt concen- tration over chess boards at student patrol desks and in free rooms during school, as well as in Mr. Judsonls room after school. Club members also competed with players from other schools, including Easthampton, Minnechaug, Academy. William A. Doub- leday served as sec retary this year. FORENSICS CLUB One ofthe newest organiza- tions in the high school, the Forensics Club has already es- tablished its reputation as a top team in New England. Tour- naments where Amherst has placed highly include those sponsored by Dartmouth Col- lege, the Universities of Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts, and Melrose, Shrewsbury, and Quincy High Schools, and the preliminaries at Westfield State College, where Amherst entered con- testants to compete in the cate- gories of debate, extempora- neous speaking, news broad- casting, and prose and poetry readings. The officers included Anita Bennett, President, Steve Gluckstern, Vice- President, and Skip Stoddard, Secretary. Mrs. Matlon was the C1ub'5 CO2lCh. A .'t. ra A s A N ' X . Seated, fam Iejl: J. Roberts, S. Dickinson, Second row: J. Wyman, S. Paige, Mr. Judson, J. Noyes, F. Cushman. "AS SCHOOLS MATCH WITS" This year Amherstls "As Schools Match Witsl' team, advised by Mr. Laurel Crouse, consisted of veteran members of last yearls team and one new member, Hubert Robert. The all-boy team had a very successful beginning, qualifying for the semi-finals with four straight wins. However, in the semi-tinals they lost to Tantasqua, this yearls champions, by a heartbreaking fifteen points in the last few seconds of the game. Front row,from IM: E. Stoddard, H. Roberts, S. Marcus, C. Snoeyenbosg Second row: P. Feldman alternate, Mr. Crouse. MODEL CONGRESS Members of the Model Congress - under the leadership of Mr. William Ames, adviser, and Steven Marcus, Presi- dent - study parliamentary procedure and the activities of the United States Con- gress, as well as discussing possible bills to be submitted at the Model Congress Con- vention at American International College in Springfield. This year the four members who were selected to represent Amherst Regional at this convention submitted a bill proposed by William A. Doubleday. ,. . From left' D. Anthony, S. Osborn, S. Marcus, W. Doubleday, D. Lee, Mr Ames ' . .Q The Ski Club enjoyed a weekend at Stowe, Vt. i At Stowe, off-the-slope hours were spent in companionship in the lodge. SKI CLUB Led by Roger Rhodes, Presidentg Eric Cut- ting, Vice-President, Sandy Shea, Secretary, and Phil Paradis, Treasurer, the Ski Club this year sponsored Wednesday night trips to Mt. Tom and a three-day trip to Stowe, Vt., during February vacation. Under the advisership of Mrs. Marjorie Day and Mr. David Hartwell, the club sponsored a dance - Mogul Hop II - on December 28 to raise money for their trip. As a result of their enthusiasm a ski team was formed this year. 106 The Rod and Gun Club prepares for a field trip i .gee-2 w.ge4w:'5Wg11:H K3 .H .pike t .',, A Outing Club members head down Little Haystack on a New Tom Scheckels and Nancy Hankinson rest at the summit of Hampshire hiking trip. Lime Hayslack- OUTING CLUB Many students showed enthusiasm and interest in Amherst Regional's Outing Club this year. Advised by Mr. Camp and Mr, Morley, the club held many caving, back-packing, and hiking trips. These trips included a weekend stay at the White Mountains and day hikes at the Quabbin Reservoir and the Holyoke Range. The club planned more day hikes and moun- tain trips for the remainder of the year. F ROD AND GUN CLUB The Rod and Gun Club, advised by Mr. Moore, served to promote better sportsmanship, gun safe- ty, and conservation. At the weekly meetings under the direction of Jeff Ferguson, Presidentg and Kenneth Kosakowski, Secretary-Treasurerg the club viewed films pertaining to fish and game , and listened to safety and conservation lectures. L, Special field trips included an ice fishing trip and cookout, a spring fishing trip, and a spring ban- quet. -1-H-awe" - ' t".' Q ia' 44 Three Rod and Gun Club members proudly view their catch on an ice fishing trip. Jim Ricci leads a meeting of SSEO memberszfrom Isp, Front row: M. Stockwell, R. Chapin, S. Burroughsg Second row: C. Barr. L. Buczala, S..Berger, Mr. Caouetteg Third row: t. Bibeau, D. Campbell. AUDIO-VISUAL CLUB The Audio-Visual Club, under the directorship of Mr. Bruce Oldershaw, was formed to help faculty members set up and run audio-visual aids, and to familiarize its members with the use and maintenance of the machines. The club sponsored a dance, ran a conces- sion stand during home basketball -games, and made plans for visiting a television station in the area. The offi- cers this year were Ken Arons, Presi- dent, and Sam Skillings, Secretary- Treasurer. 'IO8 SSEO The Student Stock Exchange Organiza- tion consists of members of the Modern Problems classes and is advised by Mr. Paul Caouette. The club, which familiari- zes students with the operation ofthe stock market and the nature of investments, held meetings periodically throughout the year, led by officers: James Ricci, Presidentg Steve Woodard, Vice-President, Marjorie Stockwell, Secretary, and Nancy Kelley, Secretary-Treasurer. I . ' TRI Mr. Bruce Oldershaw explains the operation ofa projector to: R. Markert, M. Richa- son, N. Proctor, A. Hart, S. Skillings, D. Anderson, and K. Arons. .,. From Ieji, Front row: R. Glazier, G. Oberlander, B. Coplin, E. Cutting, Second row: B. Guyott, C. McGuirk, J. Thompson, H. Bastow, D. Craig, S. Ti- dlund, B. Chickering, L. Lasalle, J. Johannsen, D. Woodg Thirdrow: W. Wilson, B. Fitzpatrick, D. Surrey, P. Feldman, R. Colvin, G. Ricker, D. Orrell, J. Ferguson, C. Hayden, R. Chapin, R. Sandoval, R. Rhodes, J. Glazier. i., ..-..- S STUDENT PATROL My Under the supervision of Mr. Francis Gall- We ishaw, the Student Patrol, led by co-captains Bob Fitzpatrick and Phil Paradis, continued to keep the school neat and the corridors orderly. This or- J ganization consists of senior volunteers who are assigned to various posts around the school. ........-. v l Gmc' I .V 'ef Members spent their free periods at assigned posts. I09 1. if , in' 51,5 Front row,j?0m Ieji: B. Renauld, B. Guyott, D. Drewg Second r0w.' J. Day, K. Keegan, M Russell, J. Ezbicki. CHEERLEADERS The Cheerleaders, varsity and unior vars- ity, are chosen each year by representatives of the faculty and stu- dent body. They drill regularly, perfecting old cheers and creating new ones. The Cheer- leaders stimulate spirit and enthusiasm at school games and pep rallies. Mrs. Octavia Miller advised both cheering squads this year. IIO From Ieji: D. Mellen, K. Foley, N. Gage, C. Cramer, D. Schnarr, M. Mitchell, S. Smith, S. Shea LEADERS CLUB The Leaders Club, under the direction of Mr. Abramson, consists of a grgup of boys who have group of boys who have shown outstanding leader- ship in some phase of ath- letics. The club members aided the Physical Educa- tion Department in gym classes and served as hosts for visiting athletic teams. The club also sponsored the annual gym show. Majorettes, from left: Carol Oliveira, Sue Shea, and Peggy Mosher MAJ O RETTES The Majorettes this year were advised by Mr. Maggs. Led by captain Susan Shea, they performed at games and pep rallies and marched in the Booster Day parade, adding their spirit to that ofthe cheerleaders and the student body. Firsr row,from Iej?: C. Paulin, P. Paradis, F. Cushman, R. Sandoval, S. Bias, B. Clark, B. Doubleday, Sec- ond row: B. Fitzpatrick, B. Serues, M. Roberts, J. Ricci, J. Hobart, L. Ezbicki, C. Julian, J. Allen, K. Arons. III From Ieji, First row: J. Hobart, T. Ha den, T. Bibeau, J. Ricci, co-ca tains B. Doubleday, B. Fitz atrick, and B. Clark, F. Cushman, R. Sandoval, D. Crossman, E. Clark, L. Ezbicki, Coach, Abramsong Second row: Coacii Kneeland, J. Basara, J. Anderson, R. Miller, F. Dorman, J. Krawezyk, R. Burns, T. Dempsey, F. Harris, C. Gladchuck, A. Seaver, J. Doubleday, R. Chaping Third row: C. Julian, D. Klingelhofer, S. Jacque, J. Tyler, T. O'Brien, C. Nanartonis, T.' Tudryn, V. Giard, R. Bias, F. Kielasa, R. Bukoski, and Coach Hastings. ii 1. .yl vt 6' -x41 ' 23 rfq M Coach Abramson harries hapless heroes during a half-time huddle. II2 VARSITY FOOTBALL The 1966 varsity football team, after a discouraging opening streak of five consecutive losses, regained its poise to decisively win the last three games and finish fifth in the league. The team showed renewed spirit at the end of the season, raising hopes for a much im- proved season next year. Congratulations are due to Bill Clark and Len Ezbicki whose outstanding play throughout the season earned them all-league recog- nition, and to Coaches Abramson, Kneeland, and Hastings, under whose direction the team was able to finish with a respectable record. Frontier Regional Mahar Regional Arms Academy South Hadley Lee Mt. Greylock Pioneer Regional Ware Q96 995 Front row,from left: B. Harrington, B. Peters, K. Carey, J. Plaza, R. Tudryn, J. Ball, J. Main, B. Darity, T. Jacque, L. Smith, Second Row: R. Gage, J. Dempsey, M. Ziomek, L. Kellogg, K. Johnson, G. Peppard, C. Siddall, C, Eshbach, D. Vlach, L. Ol- anyk, D. Parkinson, R. Jacque, R. Jacque, Coach O'Donnell. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL The freshmen football team of 1966, coached by Mr. O'Don- nell, played a four-game season, winning one against Northamp- ton. Individual performances as well as fine team effort were evi- dent throughout the season. Front row,from lep: B. Haviland, T. Plimpton, T. Morgan, D. Timberlake, D. Wardg Second row: S. Osborn, D. Anderson, B. Berus, T. Arons, Coach Judson. II4 Amherst South Hadley 14 0 Mahar 22 12 Northampton 0 28 Mahar 22 0 SQUASH Amherst Williston 6 l Deerfield 5 2 Amherst College 3 4 Lenox 4 2 Amherst College 6 1 Deerfield 6 l Willeston 4 3 Amherst College 2 5 In its first year, the squash team did not join the league, but met informally with other schools, and showed great promise by beating the Amherst College freshman team twice. Cutting, and A. Cutting SKI TEAM Increased interest in skiing among ARHS students led to the formation of a ski team, Q, l. f which met this year in competition with other if area schools. The team finished its season with J a record of nine wins and twelve losses, a cred- itable showing for its first year. In the final meet at Cummington, Arthur Cutting placed third in a group of sixty-tive. Front lef: J. Epstein, Oppenheim, C. Demarest, Coach Herr Hartwell, R. Colvin, R. Coplin, D. Rollason, R. Rhodes If lx I 'I 'I , V ,la 'L-Q. I CROSS-COUNTRY The 1966 cross-country squad exhibited once again the fine team spirit whichhearned them a first place finish in the league. The mo- mentum of an undefeated season and the indi- vidual efforts of Norm Page and Dave Eiben carried the team to a second place in the West- ern Mass. meet. CO-CAPTAINS,j?0m Ieji: Dave Mosher, Dave Eiben, and Norm Page. Frontier Williamsburg Northampton Pioneer Arms Holyoke Turners Falls Greenfield Minnechaug H6 Amherst 15 50 20 38 20 40 20 42 21 37 25 36 18 43 24 35 18 39 Coach Randy Crowley discusses pre-race plans. l 3 Amherst Granby 2 0 St. Michaels 5 2 South Hadley 3 O Easthampton 1 0 Smith Academy 8 3 Greenfield 0 l Holyoke 5 l Hopkins l l St. Michaels l 4 South Hadley 0 1 Easthampton l l Smith Academy 9 9 Greenfield 3 1 Holyoke 2 O Hopkins 4 2 From lef, First row: R. Rhodes, S. Stodard, co-captain C. Paulin, R. Lashway, co-captain R. Glazier, B. Cross- man, G. Balsleyg Second Row: J. Tilley, P. Harris, R. Colvin, E. Kenseth, D. Hardaker, Coach Adamsg Third row: P. Gibivac, T. Aird, J. Marden, D. Anderson, T. Gralinski, J. Hugillg Fourth row: D. Oppenheim, A. Cutting, D. Gibi- vac, L. Buczala, G. Hamilton, P. Feldman, B. Doubleday. SOCCER TEAM In its first year as an official league member, the varsity soccer team demonstrated its ability and enthusiasm by setting a league record for the most wins bya first year team. The games that were lost had close scores, providing an exciting season for spectators and players alike. J Coach John Adams spurred his team to fine individual performances, including that of Ron Lashway, who earned a spot on the all-league team. Tj I V II7 Front row,from Iej?.' R. Sandoval, J. Maki, P. Davis, R. Lashway, L. Kopinto, F. Cushmang Second row: Coach Kneeland, J. Payton, C. Sacco, F. Harris, B. Taylor, and manager S. Johnson. Amherst Athol 53 44 Wahconah 55 58 Easthampton 87 69 St. Michael's 86 57 Frontier 81 57 Mahar 63 60 Smith 73 50 Arms 104 75 yy Hopkins 71 51 ' Pioneer 52 67 -f South Hadley 75 51 St. Michae1's 54 63 twlwwswfy 1:4 y Frontier 73 70 ,, A 4 yiiiii Mahar 59 60 ,Z 'trt 1. t ,,,t L1ew Smith 74 60 .... ....gif"f'W ...y Arms 74 60 it stteet 7 Hopkins 106 95 Pioneer 47 53 South Hadley 84 63 v VARSITY BASKETBALL The 1966-67 varsity basketball team, though they won only five games, provided an exciting season for all Hurricane fans. Under the direction of Coach Kneeland, they performed well, with many of the games lost by only a few points. fy -3 Freshman players listen to Coach Styspeck. South Hadley JFK Mahar Greenfield Hawley Turners Greenfield JFK Hawley Mahar South Hadley Turners Amherst 65 36 40 42 53 46 44 31 60 57 31 51 45 14 87 64 45 38 70 67 24 40 50 55 If Qmwrfflz Hgh. Qvfffa 12 E f Viv' ,av JUNIOR VARSITY PLAYERS, Front row.' J. Connelly, S. Elderidge, R. Bias, P. Gibavic, B. Higgens, J. Stowell, K. Pichag Second row.' Coach Shea, S. Shumway, S. Kellogg, T. DeMott, J. Harris, T. Sheckles, T. White. Athol Wahconah Easthampton St. Michae1's Frontier Mahar Smith Arms Hopkins Pioneer South Hadley St. Michael,s Frontier Mahar Smith Arms Hopkins Pioneer South Hadley FRESHMAN PLAYERS, Front row: B. Dowd, B. Peters, R. Tudryn, J. Ball, B. Darity, K. Cuddeback, L. Kelloggg Second row: Coach Styspeck, D. Ward, R. Bennett, B. Kieras, D. Vlach, C. Siddall, M. Ziomek, K. Johnson. Amherst 63 58 57 46 73 57 52 34 56 55 36 72 56 43 64 44 55 42 .1 25 52 65 43 37 60 31 54 44 57 A m 65 63 qw- 51 52 ii T fi 1 ' 57 54 ii' 73 it 22 52 62,1 67 58 U. K Q 26' Tom Sheckles captures the ball during a tense moment. I2l I First row, fam Ieji: M. Curran, M. O'Byrne, H. Harvey, P. Watson, J. Marden, T. Lewis, Captain T. Hayden, F. Dorman, M. Dimmler, S. Howards, Second row: D. Osborne, J. Dempsey, M. Cowles, O. Weeks, A. Peters, S. Greene, N. Page, D. Surrey, Third row: J. Tyler, B. Dalquist, Coach J. O'Donnell, J. Atkins, Manager D. Hastings, D. Hardaker, Manager J. Gere. Pittsfield East Longmeadow Springfield Trade South Hadley Chicopee Comp. Holyoke Springfield Tech. Cathedral Chicopee Minnechaug Classical VARSITY SWIMMING In its second year, the varsity swimming team compiled a fine four-and-eight record against experienced competition. Coach O'Donnell's hopes are high for next season, because many under- classmen contributed fine efforts to the team. I22 Amherst 59 36 54 41 33 60 53 41 54 40 57 38 32 63 50 45 76 19 57 38 42 53 1966 BASEBALL Led by captain Tom Osborne, the 1966 vars- ity baseball team led the Hampshire League with thirteen wins and one loss. Fine team ef- fort salvaged many games which at first seemed likely to be lost. Pitcher Bill Clark was named to the All-Western Massachusetts squad and prospects are again high for this season. Northampton Commerce St. Michael's Mahar Pioneer Arms Hopkins Smith Frontier St. Michael's Mahar Pioneer Arms Hopkins Smith Frontier Amherst 9 5 6 l 1 2 9 10 l 2 0 1 1 13 l 5 8 7 0 l O 3 0 5 l 5 0 l 0 5 l 2 Front row,y9om Iejl: L. Kopinto, V. Keedy, A. Seaver, J. Kolasienski, G. Balsley, D. Orrell, W. Clark, R. Rhodes, F. Cushman, E. Clark, F Harris Sec ond row: Coach Abramson, J. Hobart, E. Stoddard, R. Roberts, R. Whittemore, B. Campbell, C. Gladchuck, H. Thornton, C. Allen, C. Albro R San doval, Captain T. Osborne, C. Julian. FIELD HOCKEY This year Amherst girls were offered a new sport, field hockey, coached by Miss Ann Mathieson. About twenty girls tried out for the team in the fall. Under the leadership of captain Mar- sha Howard, the team had a fairly re- spectable record of one win, one tie, and two losses. V VARSITY TEAM,from Icp, First row: N. Jenks, K. Zunic, S. Berger, S. Kzcowski, J. Knowles, H. Markert, L. McCartney, Second row: N. Hankinson, J. Stowell, K. Brandfass, A. Eiben. VOLLEYBALL The volleyball team was once again victorious at the annual Playday Tournament. Coached by Miss Betty Lawson, the varsity team took first place, and the second team took fourth. Three ofAmherst's girls made the all-star team: Sue Berger, Judi Knowles, and Sue Kzcowski. Before the tournament Amherst beat Pioneer and Hopkins in interschool volleyball meets. .L SECOND TEAM,from lep, First row: M. Woodard, C. Wisnieski, A. Moreau, M. Howard, D. Campbell, G. Harper, A. Smithg Second row: B. Smith, L. Campbell, J. Grady, M. Ludtke, V. Jacob, L. Ludtke. Front row,f'om Iej: D. Craig, J. Stowell, M. Howard, H. Markert, N. Jenks, P. Woodard, D. Campbellg Second row: S. Berger, C. Peters, J. Godsell, M. Rice, J. Barton, M. Woodardg Third row: B. Stosz, S. Dickinson, C. Wisnieski, N. Hankinson, J. Stolarski, C. Taylorg Fourth row: Managers J. Thompson, W. Cramer, C. McGuirk, A. Moreau, M. Howard. l26 GIRL'S BASKETBALL The girls, varsity basketball season got off to a poor start, but an improving team won three of their last five games to end with a four-and-eight record. The team had trouble finding the basket, as they averaged only 25.2 points per game. Marcia Howard led the scorers with 87 points, while the other forwards contributed l37 points. The defense held the opponents to an average of 31 points while scoring 67 points. One two-point loss marred the Junior Varsity's record as they compiled an 1 1-1 record. Led by Judith Knowles and Jacky Grady, they outscored their opponents 328 to 168. Pioneer Turners Frontier Greenfield Williamsburg Northampton Greenfield Northampton Turners Frontier Hopkins Williamsburg JUNIOR VARSITY Pioneer Turners Frontier Greenfield Williamsburg Northampton Greenfield Northampton Turners Frontier Hopkins Williamsburg Amherst 15 27 24 36 16 21 6 19 17 15 5 45 16 22 6 21 16 26 19 24 ll 52 17 20 Front row, from lejl: S. Bunn, R. Waldron, L. Campbell, J. Knowles, J. Grady, K. Piccus, J. McEwen, B. Hiltong Second row: J. Shumway, H. Mac Connell, K. Freisem, L. Ludtke, M. Ludtke, N. Bias, M. Stanneg Third row: M. Murphy, B. Stosz, J. Swartzbaugh, J. Bunn, D. Kolasienski. THE CLASS OF 1967 WISHES TO THANK THE FOLLOWING CONTRIBUTORS Henry Adams Rexall Drug Store Adriance Poultry Farm Harry L. Adriance Suffolk Sheep Alpine Builders American Field Service Amherst Apple Cold Storage Inc. Amherst Branch, Northampton C Amherst Cleaners Amherst Creamery Company Amherst Farmers Supply Amherst Laundromat Amherst Martinizing Amherst Oil Company Amherst Publishing Corporation Anderson's Fruit Stand Ann August Art Club Augie and Sylvia The Band and Orchestra Baucom's Textbook Company Bay Colony Pine o-operative Bank Blair and Cutting Insurance Agency Inc. Dr. William Bleckwehl Bobls Auto Body Boiler Equipment Trust Bolles Shoe Store Boyden-Perron Garage Brereton Caterers, Inc. Bruce G. Brown, Attorney Compliments of Brownls Decorating Shop Burnett and Thompson Butler and Ullman Florists Carlsonls Campbell Associates The Cheerleaders Mr. Donald S. Call R. Sheldon Clapp, M.D. Class of 1967 Class of 1968 Class of 1969 Class of 1970 Cohen Brothers - Northampton College Town Service Center Cosmetae George F. Cramer, Jr. Edward J. Cullen A Jostenis Cunningham's Paperbook Store Daily Hampshire Gazette Daniel's Clothing Store Doleva Poultry Farm T. L. Dorsey - Monuments Douglass Funeral Service Elder-Jones Lumber Corporation William A. Ezbicki - Insurance First National Bank of Amherst Paul T. Ford, Attorney Forensic Club A Friend Future Homemakers of America The Gas Lite Giardls Barber Shop Gibson Chevrolet Glenalla Morgan Farm Griggs Furniture Hampshire Business Machines A. J. Hastings Inc. Hebert's Diary Samual J. Hunter, M.D. Compliments of C. Hynes, M.D. Jeffery Amherst Book Store Jeffery Florists Jones-Neylon Insurance Agency Kamel Hassanls Barn Kamins Real Estate Keito's Kellermanls Real Estate Knowles Flower Shop Mitchell Koldy Studio Lakeside Fuel Corporation Landry,s Market LaTresse Hair Stylists Ronald M. Loescher, M.D. The Lord Jeffery Inn Louis' Foods Inc. Mathews Shoe Store Mill Valley Grist Mill Millarls ESSO Station Leo A. Moreau, M.D. The Mutual Plumbing and Heating Company Newman Center - Food Service Nugent's of Hadley The Old Mill Gift Shop The Pep Club Peter Pan Travel Service, Inc. Puffer Construction Corporation Quabbin Sportsman Restaurant Randy's Stores Rappls Delicatessen Regency Stylists Russellls Package Store The Saltbox A Senior Simmons, Real Estate The Ski Club The Specialty Shop The Stable Television Center Thespian Troupe 1333 Thompson's Triangle Service Station Tripod Camera Shop Tri-S University Pharmacy Watroba's A. G. Store Wellworth Pharmacy, Inc. Wentworth Dairy Whittemorels Store Winn Jewelers it , 5: 1 5. 1 V: fl r ,v 52 Q? 75 Y. xr 1 4 ...xi if 'W P it 56, T-2' SPUH81967 a i , ,E V .. 'ff v Q ,Q ' if . I , LA 7 if ' 9713+-fha, F 5 Despite disabilities brought about by old age, the sprite class of '67 fought their way to another vic- tory, winning a total of 200 points at Field Day, June 2, 1967. A sur- prisingly strong sophomore class finished second with 104, followed by the juniors with 57 and the freshmen with 36. An earlier Field Day event was the sports car mara- thon held in New Hampshire for seniors only. GOLDBUG SUPPLEMENT 5. . , it t J W--li! Although it is harder to succeed in show business than in corporate busi- ness, How Z0 Succeed in Business With- out Realbf Trying was a smashing suc- cess at ARHS this spring. The cast, with Mr. John Packard, dramatic di- rector, and Mr. John Maggs, music di- rector, packed the auditorium for a three-day run, April 6-8. g,, XI. f W and law L K VARSITY BASEBALLQ From row: L. Kopinto, R. Rhodes, S. Appell, L. Buczala, R. Sandoval, J. Hobart, C. Julian, F. Harris Second row: Coach Abramson, F. Cushman, E. Clark, B. Clark, A. Seaver, C. Gladchuck, R. Roberts. Third row: D. Gibavic, F. Kielbasa, J. Ko- lasienski, T. Tudryn, S. Kellogg, P. Gibavic, T. White. Back row: Managers C. Eshbach and P. Greenfield. FRESHMAN BASEBALLQ Front row: T. Lockhart, B. Peters. M. Ziomek, R. Tudryn, C. Bray, J. Dempsey. Second row: J. Main, L. Olanyk, S. Howards, J. Ball, L. Kellogg. Third row: Coach O,Donnel1. Manager P. Greenfield, K. Chickering. Although Frontier stole the Hampshire League title from the Amherst boys, they retained a strong second place with ll wins and 14 losses. With seasoned players as well as other talented newcomers the lookout for next sea- son shows a truly fine club. Credit goes to ace hurler Bill Clark for winning his 21st and final game, thus tying the ARHS record. :kia 5 I .rake ry. E'IlP'fQg,1 E? it P-r +'3,:f?v , Q. l, if-be iii fgtavh-TQ" ty .sa-?i"' i -' I ' ""'z.Ti,f Viv -,, . f 1 g:,,.,- Mfr no T " 4-.if Gryf- 6 v,,,M,,, First row: J. Mader, T. Lindsey, B. Rosen, P. Kosloski, C. Nanartonis, L. Small, J. Doubleday, M. Denler. Second row: L. Smith, K. Arons, V. Giard, N. Page, D. Eiben, A. Jaffe, T. Sheckels. Third row: A. Peters, E. Bleckwehl, M. Holden, G. Hamilton, F. Dorman, N. Rice. The boys' track team had their usual successful year with a record of 8-l. First row: M. Howard, N. Hankinson, S. Berger, Coach Miller, M. Woodard, J. Ezbicki, L. Mana. Second row: B. Field, L. Cambell, C. Cramer, N. Bias, B. Wagner, C. Cobb. Third row: E. Stosz, M. Burroughs, V. Jacob, N. Gage, K. Harvey. Fourth row: K. Sullivan, W. Cramer. The fast girls' track team was hard on the heels of the boys' track success with no losses at their own three meets and their first place in the state meet. , ,L I 7 I ' fi x Q4 st "R . ' inf g-- - ,lm 'V 'i'Qf 5y3'x vi' :fb , -P . 5.254 " af?-' fiW l53t'1":ff hw - , . vm-f , 4 MN ,if If '-my QW: A - fl: - W , ,xy U My Q31 - Re 05 V., ,..fs,?E . LA .. J. Ei if QQ? ggi ? 1. A I , .ag L, Q Q A V- L-AA 9,557+ 4 W P Hs- . fn.. W ., , Q . 5 ' I . M riff 'ff--'V -2 , Q I 4 A ,, Li 52' f ,W ,S , f 4 - N w iv L-:ar f ' -'- . AQ, swim 5. A G wyzesz: K. Q4 L ,Q . Vybi A , , Qin .3 2 -f,,,,a!g15x ,.,, raw--b . - J ' f if ' , L . K1 . .. VA hi K1 . , V 4 K Q 4 - , ,NL Ak . Q- - . . N I V J 5 5 ., h W. W , 4 f i- I ' ' hiss - F , ws Q- 1 My K 1 lj ikx' ' 1 X P g 5. X A . - Y k .Lili K A v K A .Guy 1 . K "' - V, mga. " fi w A f - ,, Q' M17 V Q 'ii' " , 'N MF - J -, K ' , Z' YK , - ,- , -A-agiz' 'P' . . .V AW' I , X' ' - -1' ,W " f A .,gAfL,EgESzf4,': id: ffj,.f,.Q4QgS V' - G wwf? -' 0- -- - f, ' z,"'11fi'H1'-Q., A I If -,ky V1 A,,' -1 fl-j.zk4,1:,13 51 gn fr 4 V. 5 -M ruff! J Jfgwjf ig., fl -' , , T k f - 1 gg f-- - A ' Q' ' - V H "3iQSi'ff".Ly,f- Y 4 V + -f f, .. , ' 4 :ff-M'-.L iff Q' 51 A "' ff . '- H , -- Wlvmfx M .. 3, A gi l First row: A. Cutting, T. DeMott, E. Cutting, Capt. B. Scrues Second row: T. Morgan, C. Kopin- to, G. Oberlander Third row: P. Arons, J. Payton Fourzh raw: G. Balsley Ffh row: T. Plimpton, L. Weeks Sixrh row: Coach Judson The gutty girls' tennis team courted a winning season with a 2-O record in its first year. The varsity tennis team had a racket going under the coaching of Mr. Paul Judson. They ended a smashing season with a net total of 11-4. is ' , 'L . - 5'-gi w,.,,f. . ' Ag ' -, 4,3 A . 'L .3 Q jf 'ig . ' ."'2a EQ 'C ' -' ' qi K1 -. , gk I g . M . " tx.. ,.,, .k v I 9.1! Wi. it ' ' e gig may 12,53 1 . ul , .. ,. Q M g t ..x,, 4. Coach Fortes. S. Dickinson, L. Budde, S. Oliver, K, Freisem, J. Day, L. Ludtke, B. Dorman, M. Ludtke, K. Grady, H. MacConnell First row: D. Wood, D. Campbell, S. Berger, N. Jenks. B. Stosz. Second row: M. Stanne. J. Stowell, I.. Campbell. M. Woodard. K. Tidlund. D. Lee, B. Hilton. Third row: E, Spear. D. Clark, S. Bunn, C. Wisni- eski, J. Bunn. R. Waldn. Fourth row: G. Markert. P. McLaughlin. N. Hankinson. B. Stosz. D. Kolasienski, J. Grady. R. Bimey. The girls' softball team came back at the end of a difficult season to defeat arch rival Frontier for the first time in eight years. Nineteen out four girls will return next year to better this yearfs record of 3-9 First row: B. Harrington, J. Tilley. J. Marden. S. Gluckstern, D. Vlach. J. Harrington. Second row: Coach Stamos, J. Maki, P. Knihnicki. S. Barrett, J. Connelly, D. Fennessey. of twenty- The golf team swung its way through its first year at ARHS. Their record of 0-7 leaves them rather teed off, and a first rate effort will be made to bring it up to par next season. ,gygggfr Ja R Penny Demarest, Queen of the Senior Prom, poses with her court as Mr. Langlois crowns her. The court includes Colleen McGuirk, Diane Drew, Ann Eiben, and Kathy Brandfass. QC . ,W 'gSome Enchanted Eveningn offered a South Seas evening to all, thanks to the efforts ofthe Junior Class. Music was provided by Al Acorn and his orchestra, with guest appearances of Steve Gluckstern and Len Ezbicki. f' Y On CLASS NIGHT, June 6, Frank Cushman presented the senior class gift to adviser Mr. Le- land. ff, 4-J The Goldbug was dedicated to Mrs. Langford and copies were then distributed. Other events were the reading ofthe class will and prophecy and the showing of the class movie. The SENIOR CLASS PICNIC was held in Orange. By all appearances, those concerned had a barrel of fun. UWA 1 be S. Friday Evening, Iune Ninth Nineteen Hundred Sixty Seven at Eight O'C1ock in Amherst College Pratt Cage Amherst, Massachusetts , Grahnatrnn iixrrrwra nf the Qllama nf IBB? '-.J Scholastic Qinnurs First Honor Hubert E. Robert Jr Second Honor Ellen S. Agard Third Honor Roger W. Rhodes rs After graduating some of the seniors shed their fancy feathers and migrated to the '4Hatch', for the ALL-NIGHT PARTY. Music was provided by sever- al bands. At 5 A.M. the following morning, early birds breakfasted on ham and eggs at Roger Rhodes' abode. F 'li-XYLOII PUBLISHING CONIPANY Dallas, Texas 1 wma mm Lslow Q1 Hmm sung in f ,i I i 5 I 9 'J ! , x 5 J 1,1 .VU

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