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IN WEMORW William E. Geyser 1947-1963 DEDfC mON The class of 1965 dedicates the Goldbug to our class advisor, Mr. Richard Robinson, in gratitude for his constant guidance and cheer- ful co-operation throughout our high school years. We thank him. To the Class of ’65: So we come at last to the end of our stay together at Amherst Regional. As a member of your class (I entered as a freshman with all of you) I am proud to have been a part of an outstanding group of young peo- ple — outstanding as scholars, as athletes, and as good citizens. My best wishes for success in your exciting future. 4 MR. PAUL R. LANGLOIS, Principal University of Maine, B.A.; Springfield College, M.Ed. 5 Teaching is the art of assisting discovery. — Mark Van Doren VACUUY MR. ROBERT CONNER Industrial Arts, Mechanical Drawing The King’s College, B.A.; Univ. Penn., Master’s Equiv. MR. JAMES COOPEE Chemistry Univ. of Mass., B.S. MRS. RUTH CORRELL Dietician Univ. of Mass.; Fitchburg State Teach- ers’ College MR. LAUREL CROUSE English Boston Univ., A.B.; Univ. M.Ed. Robert Frost Chair MRS. MARJORIE DAY Home Economics, General Biology Univ. of Mass., B.S. MR. ROBERT DOMINA Guidance Counselor Keene Teachers’ College, B.Ed.; Univ. of Mass., M.S. i i MISS ELEANOR FILLMORE Guidance Director Univ. of Mass., B.S., M.S. MISS ELIZABETH FOLEY Typing, Shorthand, Transcription Salem State Teachers’ College, B.S.Ed.; Boston Univ., M.S. Ed. MR. IRWIN GOODCHILD Mcithemal ' ics Univ. of Mass., B.B.A.; B.S. MR. RICHARD GOODIN English Univ. of Maine, B.A.; Trinity College, M.A. MISS IRENE HALE Typing, Record Keeping Salem State Teachers’ College, B.S.Ed. MR. DAVID HARTWELL German, French Univ. of Mass., B.A. MR. WILLIAM HUTCHINSON Biology Clark Univ., B.A., M.A.; Fellowship Grant for Ph.D. MRS. GAIL ISSENBERG Wheaton College, A.B. MRS. NAOMI LANGFORD Librarian Millersville State College, B.S. MISS ELIZABETH LAWSON Physical Education Boston Univ., B.S.; Springfield College, MRS. MARY MacDONALD School Nurse Huron Road Hospital, R.N. MR. ARTHUR LELAND Physical Science, Biology, Mathematics Univ. of Mass., B.S. MR. JOHN MAGGS Instrumental Music Univ. of Mass., B.A. MR. KENNETH MARISSEAU English Merrimack College, A.B., Univ. Mass. MR. HOLLIS MOORE Industrial Arts, Mechanical Drawing Fitchburg State College, B.S.Ed. MISS SARAH MORIN French Skidmore College, B.A.; Middlebur College, M.A. MISS PEGGY NEAL Physical Education Mary Hardin-Baylor College, B.S. MR. BRUCE OLDERSHAW Audio-Visual Aids Westfield State College, B.S.Ed. Springfield College, M.Ed. MRS. CAROLYN PALLAZOLA English Univ. of Mass., B.A. MR. RICHARD ROBINSON Electronics, Auto Mechanics Keene State Teachers’ College, B.Ed. MRS. KATHRYN STONE English Aclelphi Univ., A.B. MRS. FREOLA ROBITAILLE Guidance Secretary Bay Path Secretarial School CAFETERIA STAFF Ruth Correll, Helen Karch, Mary Lou Jacque, Dorothy Ewell, Olive Nelson, Albina Newton MRS. ALICE MODRZAKOWSKI Secretary Northampton Commercial College MAINTENANCE STAFF Eugene O’Neil, Wallace Ferman MRS. GLADYS JENKS Secretary Have you heard about the jolly Green Giant? Veni, vidi, vici??? Was that paramecium really wearing a topless bathing suit? SENIOR OASS OFFICERS The Class of 1965 leaves Amherst Regional having become in its three years here a spirited and cohesive group. Officers during its stay here were Presidents Jim Boicourt and Steve Paige; Vice-Presidents Judd Carhart, Tom Mitchell and Jim Smith; Secretaries Linda Johnson and Lorraine DuBois; and Treasurers Steve Paige and Bob Smith. These officers have contributed in a large sense to making the present senior class what it is. The graduating class leaves behind a commendable record of both academic and athletic achievement. As a class, it put on a well-received cake sale and paper drive, and sponsored a fine Senior Prom for the Class of 1964. In- dividuals too have distinguished themselves during their years here. Three-fourths of the winningest " As Schools Match Wits” team ever were seniors. Athletes like Jim Parkinson, Ron Bias, Tim Schmitt and Judd Carhart have contributed outstandingly to Amherst’s basketball and football teams. The varsity cheerleaders, composed mostly of seniors, have consistently been a high-spirited and effective group. Nor does the Class of 1965 lack intellectual ability, as is evident by thar high percentage of students who will be entering college this fall. And so we leave, having spent three exciting years here. Our thanks to the faculty and staff of Amherst Regional and to our principal, Mr. Paul Langlois, for a rewarding high school experience. 20 ELIZABETH JEANNE ADAIR Care packages to college students ... the heck with the homework, let’s get out and have some fun . . . breezy blonde. Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Tri-S 1, 2, 3. ANNE AGARD Oh, that F rench maid . . . Midsummer Night’s Dream ... a charming accent. Chorus 1, 2, 3; Thespians 2, 3. DONNA JEAN ALDRICH Blonde . . . you’re kidding . . . will June come? Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Pep Club 1, 2, 3. GREGORY HARVEY ALDRICH Greg . . . purple parka-ed people eater . . . once caught studying but has managed to live down the disgrace. Track 1, 2, 3; Student Patrol 3. DARCY JEAN ALVIANI Rachel ... a charwoman in Pullman Car . . . eeek! a burglar! Student Council 1; AFS 1, 2; Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Chemistry Club 2, 3; Ski Club 2, 3; Art Club 3; Chorus 3; Graphic 3; ' Thespians 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1; Biology Club 1; Cheer- leader 2; Goldbug 3. CHANDLER W. ATKINS Antler ... the living end, football-wise . Chan the man. Baseball 1, 2, 3; Football 2, 3; Basketball Manager 3; Chemistry Club 3; Student Patrol 3; Leaders Club 3. MARLENE CAROLINE BALL I’ve got to work at 5:00 . . . where’s Janet? . . . Cheryl, hand me that comb. Pep Club 1, 2; Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Future Teachers 1, 2; Goldbug 3. CHERYL BASTOW What was that monstrous thing in your barn? . . . square black glasses. Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Pep Club 2; Future Teachers Club 2; Chemistry Club 3; Chorus 1, 2, 3; Goldbug 3; Volleyball 3. ROBERT E. BERGLUND Big Bad Berg ... the baritone lineman . . . B.M.O.C. Football 1, 2, 3; Chorus 1, 2 ,3; Basketball 3; Track 3; Thespians 2, 3; Leaders Club 2, 3; Pro Merito; Weightlifting 2, 3. RONALD BIAS Ron . . . quarterback for a great team . . . outstanding basketball player. Football 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Leaders Club 3; ’Track 3; Pep Club 2, 3; Cross Country 1. NANCY RUTH BIRGE Sweet girl . . . quiet and petite when she smiles. STEPHEN BLINN Down with the shop boys all around guy. Rod and Gun Club 1, 3. . . . dimples Pam . . . the artiste . . . unique Arabian at heart — nomadic. Barbizons 3- JEFFREY BRUCE BROWN Accident prone ... the bone crusher ... am I really foul? Ski Club 2, 3; Golf 1, 2, 3; AFS 2, 3; Student Patrol 2, 3; Chemistry Club 3; Biol- ogy Club 1; Chorus 2, 3. LAURIE BROWN The original long hair musician ... the violin is better than the French horn any day ... so I’m late every .day, so? Orchestra 1, 2, 3; French Club 1, 2, 3; Chemistry Club 3; Pro Merito. Amherst Reg. H.S. Library, Amherst, MA JAMES BOICOURT Bino and his banjo . . . Hut ! Hut ! . . . ya wanna? ... 32 points against the Tigers. Band 1, 2; Chorus 2, 3; Class President 1, 2; Football 1, 2, 3; Track 1, 2, 3; Basketball 3; Pro Merito; Student Patrol 3; Leaders Club 3; Student Council 3. JANET ELIZABETH BRAY I’ve got to baby sit . . . be serious! . . . when do we graduate? Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Goldbug PAMELA BROGAN EDWARD BROWN Eddie ... the Horn . . . Caesar is dead, Napoleon is dead, and I’m not feeling so well myself. Orchestra 1, 2 ,3. JUDD CARHART The football field isn’t the only place you need a good line . . . worst driver in the Senior Class . . . the linebacker. Football 1, 2, 3; Track 2, 3; Baseball 1; Weightlifting 1, 2, 3; Class Vice-President 1; Graphic 2; Goldbug Editor 3; French Club 1, 2; Biology 1; Chemistry Club 3; Chess Club 1; French Play Cast 2; Student Patrol 3; Leaders Club 3, Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Club Council 1, 2. THOMAS CARNEY Usually found in Room 1 . . . Halloween vagrant . . . tough man, tough beard. Pep Club 3; Basketball 2; Chemistry Club 3; Student Patrol 3. SANDRA JEAN CHASE Sandy . . . expert typist . . . hairspray every- where. Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Volleyball 2, 3; Cheerlea der THOMAS COLBY Corbeair ... in the hall with Kitty . . . that Madras outfit! Football 3; Track 1, 2, 3; Graphic 2, 3; Biology Club 1; AFS 2; Chemistry 2; As Schools Match Wits 2; Weightlifting 2, 3; Pro Merito; Chess Club 1; Play Cast 2, 3. PAMELA MIDDLETON COLVIN All those skiing trips — hmmm . . . wash and wear hair . . . moo ! Graphic 2, 3; AFS 2, 3; French Club 3; Ski Club 2, 3; Tri-S 1, 2; Chorus 3. MARILYN COPLIN Limey ... red Austin-Healy . . . who, me, Mr. Crouse? Goldbug 3; Chemistry Club 3; Graphic 3; Tri-S 1, 2, 3; AFS 1; Ski Club 3. EDWARD CROSSMON Ted . . . far-out sense of humor . . . convert- ible car with Spanish flavor. Basketball 1. BONITA MAY CUNNINGHAM Bonnie . . . blonde and pretty that black sweatshirt ! Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Volleyball 2, 3; Basketball 3. ROBERT B. CRAMER Bob . . . the man in the skin tight jeans . . . takes his time. Cross Country 1; Thespians 1; Weightlifting 1 3. SUSAN ANN COUCH Sue ... I just gotta get out . . . happy . . . enthusiastic. Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Tri S 1, 2, 3. BOB A. DICKINSON Pro on the trampoline . . . gunpowder ex- plosions? . . . locker leaner. Baseball 2. GRETCHEN ANN DITTFACH Ditty ... are mercuric class rings in style this year? . . . contacts on the softball field. Thespians 2, 3; Band 1, 2; Orchestra 2; Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Chemistry Club 3; Pep Band 2; APS 2: Graphic 1, 2. LORRAINE SHAW DUBOIS Dubie . . . Student Patrol in the chem room . . . poetry. Softball 1; Basketball 1, 2; Class Secretary 2, 3; APS 1, 2, 3; Biology Club 1; Chemistry Club 3; Majorette 2, 3; Chorus 2 ; Student Patrol 3; Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Cheerleader l; ' Gym Show 2, 3. WILLIAM A. EZBECKI JR. Bill . . . generally speaking, he’s generally speaking . . . Texas ties, western shirts . . . electric guitar. Track 1. STEPHANIE ANN FAIRBAIRN Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1. LESLIE LAWRENCE DURGIN MARCIA L. ESTABROOK Flower . . . Amherst’s answer to Yul Bryn- ner . . Titania . . . non-conformist, to say the least! Chorus 2, 3; Pro Merito; SSEO 3; Barbizons 3; Thespians, Historian 2, 3; Goldbug Editor 2, 3; Girls’ State 2. Les . . . always something doing . . . call me when you’re eighteen . . . hey, man! Student Council 1, 2, 3, Seer. 2, 3; AES 1, 2, 3; Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Biology Club 1; Chemistry Club 2, 3; Band 2, 3; French Club 2, 3; Audio-Visual Club 3; Ski Club 2, 3; Softball 1; Student Patrol 3; Concert Band MICHAEL P. FOOSE Book review done yet, Mike? Waddaya mean, last summer! . . . seen skiing at " Tom Berg” . . . Well, Herr, the way we said it in Switzerland . . . Entered from Zurich, Switzerland; Debat- ing 2, 3; Track 2, 3; Chemistry Club 3; Pro Merito, Treas.; Ski Club 2; AFS 3. JOHN HERBERT FULLER Co-captain of. a successful cross country team . . . on the way with ice-skates . . . and guitar, yet! Cross Country 2, 3; Track 2, 3; Football 1; Audio-Visual Club 3; Chemistry Club 3; Leaders Club 2, 3. JONATHAN RIPLEY GAGE Ripley — believe it or not! . . . punny boy . . . What bomb, Mr. Crouse? . . . somebody stole my briefcase! Track 2, 3; Cross Country 2, 3; Biology Club Pres. 1; AFS 2, 3; Chemistry Club, V.P.; French Club 1, 2, Treas. 2; Student Patrol 3; Graphic 3; Goldbug 3; Band 2; Model Congress 2, 3. JAMES EUGENE GILLMORE A thousand records — and counting . . . A.V. Club . . . Jim, nobody pitches a no hitter and loses! Baseball 1, 2, 3; Audio-Visual Club 3. DOUGLAS P. GLAZIER Slugger from the boondocks . . . rnan of few words . . . just ’cause I ' m from Leverett . . . Baseball 1, 2, 3. LOREN R. GLAZIER The tall, silent type ... red shirts ' bout the Air Force, Loren? . . a flying WEDGE ? MARY ANN HAWKINS Math V . . . watcha doing in the cafeteria . . . commuting . . . where did you get that privilege pass? French Club 1, 2; Dramatics Club 2; Band 1, 2; Dance Band 2; Basketball 1, 2. BRIAN HAWTHORNE Dish . ... don’t blame it on me, I didn ' t write it . . . brain Brian Baseball Manager 2; Football Manager 3. LESLIE HEATH Les . . . Boy Scout . . . Louis ' . . . maybe girls aren’t everything, but still . . . Rod and Gun Club 1; Leaders Club 2; Football 2; Student Patrol 2, 3. JANICE SALLY HEMENWAY So you think she ' s quiet? . . . watch those petite blondes . . . besides, Ernest spells it differently. Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Basketball 2; Softball 2, 3. ANDREW HERD HENDRICKSON Andy . . . English leather ... is it true blonds have more fun ? Entered from Monson Academy; Basketball 1, 2; Baseball 2, 3. ALAN C. HOLZHAUER Holzy . . . big man in the shop area . future with Uncle Sam. Rod and Gun Club 1. BEVERLY HORNE BRUCE JACQUE The clown . . . motorcycle boots . . . talka- tive! Rod and Gun Club 1, 2. JOYCE ANTOINETTE JACQUE Bouncy cheerleader . . . there’s a reason for a coach (clump, clump, clump!) . . . enthu- siasm plus. Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Softball 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Volleyball 1, 2, 3; Cheerleader 2, 3; Tri-S 1, 2, 3, Treas. 3; KAREN LEA JACQUE The girl with the tease brush . . . office worker . . . future nurse. Graphic 1; Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Tri-S 1, 2, 3. STEPHEN JANSE Steve ... a hard worker . milk bottle! Leaders Club 3; Track 1, 2, 3. watch that RUTH W. JEWETT Saving lunch money . . . senior privilege pass ... if you want to have an interesting conversation. . . Biology Club 1; Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Pro Merito; Graphic 2, 3; Chemistry 3; Conscience 3. PE TER C. JOHANSSON Pete . . quick with a quip . . . clean cut. Leaders Club 3; AFS 2, 3, Treas. 3; Art Club 2; Cross Country 2, 3; Track 2, 3: Biol- ogy Club 1; Chemistry Club 3; Pro Merito. LINDA JOHNSON Johnny . . . Don’t let it throw you . . . gorgeous red hair . . . renowned artist. Student Q uncil 1, Treas, 2; Class Sec. 1; Graphic 2, 3; Goldbug 3; Chemistry Club, Sec. -Treas., 3; Pro Merito, Sec; Ski Club 2, 3; Barbizons 3; Tri-S 1, 2, 3. BARTON JONES Infernal cough drops . . . Mr. Coopee, just one more question . . . that special laugh. Debate Club 1, 2, 3; Marching Band 1, 2, 3; Pep Band 2, 3; Concert Band Orches- tra 1, 2, 3; Cross Country 3; Track 2, 3; Chemistry Club 3; Leaders Club 3; Pro Merito. NANCY ANN KAMINSKI Life of the North Amherst bus . . . Gaslight . . . future hairdresser. Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Pep Club 1, 2, Treas. 3; Gold- bug 3. PATRICIA ANN KARCH Patti Ann . . . Mariner . . . dangling ear- rings . . . opens the office every A.M. Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Volleyball 2; Softball 1; Basketball 2, 3; Goldbug 3; SSEO, Sec. 3. WINTHROP KELLOGG Butch . . . right there! . mechanic. DORRIT C. KINDER Dorry . . . crazy white poodle ... 2 A.M. from the Tower . . . cheers ! Cheerleader 1, 2, 3; Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Thespians 1, 2, 3; Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Goldbug 3; Chorus 3: Ski Club 2, 3. JENNY L. KIRLEY Der, die or das? . . . what’s a good name for a Dachshund? . . . hairstyles. Chorus 2; Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Basketball 2, 3. ELAINE B. KOPEC Laine . . . she’s lovely, she’s engaged . . . pleasant smile. Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Pep Club 1, 2; Future Nurses Club 3, Pres. LINDA MARIE KUZMESKI Fixture in the lobby . . . carrying paintings to art class . . . wait for me, Sally. Volleyball 3; Basketball 2, 3; Pep Club 1; Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Art Club 2. LARRY LaCLAIRE The outdoor type . . . woodsman, spare, that tree . . . sideburns. Rod and Gun Club 2. PAUL LACOPO Half hour detention for dismantling the sink . . . stalking the corridors with a Colt .45. Baseball 1, 2, 3; Football 2, 3. JOSEPH LANGLAND Seattle’s loss . . . headed for U.S. Park Service . . . move over, Smokey the Bear. Football 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2; Track 1, 2, 3; Student Patrol 2. DENNIS LASHWAY Denny . . . easygoing . . . small in stature . . . makes up for it in enthusiasm . Electronics Club 2. KATHRYN LOUISE LASHWAY Enefgy plus . . . beautiful clothes . . . Gas Lite . . . really bums up the typewriter. Cheerleader 1, 2; Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Softball 1, 2, 3; Volleyball 1; Gold- bug 3. FRANCES LEDOYT Frani . . . blonde hair ... the offi Girl Friday all week long. Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Softball 1, 2; Volleyball 3. CHRISTOPHER JERRELL LEININGER Folk singing ... I can ' t go — I ' ve got a lesson . . . Bart, will you shut up! Band 1, 2, 3; Audio-Visual Club 1, 2, 3, Sec.-Treas. 3; Electronics Club 2; Chemistry Club, Pres. 3; SSEO, Pres. 3; Biology Club 1; Chorus 2; ' Tennis 2, 3. JANET M. LEVINE Beatnik party . . . Mouse . . . two proms on the same date? Cheerleader 2; Tri-S 1, 2, 3; AFS 1, 2, 3; Graphic 3: Goldbug 3; Chemistry Club 3; Thespians 2, 3. THOMAS K. LINDSEY Could you please explain this, Mr. Coopee? . . . Um, Well, not today ,Tom. Biology Club 1; AFS 1, 2, 3; Goldbug 3; Pro Merito; Cross Country 3; Chemistry Club 3; Student Patrol 3. RALPH LOOMIS Top brass . . . sometimes I just can ' t control myself . . . how ' s that for getting shot down? Baseball 1; Track 2, 3; Band 1, 2, 3; Or- chestra 1, 2, 3. SALLY R. MASLANKA One of the reasons why gentlemen prefer blondes . . . always something nice to say . . . smile . . . future artist. Art Club 2; Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Volleyball 3. JAMES M. MAXUSKO Latin dictionary . . . overloaded briefcase . . . Tusko Plotting Theorem. Rod and Gun Club 1, 3; Biology Club 1; Chemistry Club 3. KATHLEEN McCANNON Basketball star . . . stick of dynamite . . . small, but so is the H-bomb. Basketball 1, 2, 3; Softball 1, 2, 3; Volley- ball 1, 2. BARRY J. McCARTER 4 a.m. . . . January 1, 1965 . . . ding-a-ling!! . . . throwing water ballons at police cars! . . . cutting tree down on car . . . ho, ho, ho ! Football 2; Leaders Club 3; Chemistry Club 3; Goldbug 3; Track 3; Ski Club 2, 3; Weightlifting 2, 3,; SSEO. CHERYL McCartney Sherry . . . Quiz kid ... a nice girl from down South. Entered from Regina High School, Hyatts- ville, Md.; Goldbug 3; French Debate Club 3; As Schools Match Wits 3; Debate Club 3; Conscience 3; Ski Club 3; Pro Merito. RICHARD J. McConnell Mac . . . Pittsburgh . . . turtlenecks ... the best way to stop a tall basketball player is to bite his ankles. Entered from Fox Chapel High School, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Basketball, 1, 2, 3; Varsity Club 1, 2; Baseball 2; Leaders Club 3; Band 1, 2, 3; Pep Band 2, 3; District Band 3. CATHERINE ANN McGRATH Not too far to the right, Kate . . . hey, there’s a leprechaun ... I got it at Walsh’s. Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Band 2; French Club 3; Chem- istry Club 3; Goldbug 3; Future ' Teachers Club 2; Ski Club 2, 3; AFS 1, 2, 3. HOWARD MICHELSON Howie . . . VW . . . blondes, brunettes, red- heads — what else is there? Football 1; Chorus 2, 3; Barbizons 3; Ski Club 3; Weightlifting 2, 3; Biology Club 1. JANET MILLAR Won’t you please cheer? ... the original Millar Highlife . . . Tri-S Queen. Softball 1; Tri-S 1, 2, 3. V.P. 2, Pres. 3; Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, Captain 3; Student Coun- cil 1, 2, 3; Student Patrol 1, 3. GERALD PAUL MIRLIANI Trumpet and drums . . . Holy Cross jacket . . . orator in modern problems class. Band 2, 3; Orchestra 2, 3; Basketball 2; Baseball 2. THOMAS MOORE MITCHELL Twitch . . . sneakers, hair and a red shirt .... no, Mr. Coopee, the double L on my chemistry book does not stand for " Light Lager. " AFS 2, 3; Pres. 3; Pep Club 2, 3, Pres. 3; Track 1, 2, 3; Goldbug Editor 3; Biology Club 1; Football Trainer 2, 3; Graphic 1, 2; Chemistry Club 3; Student Council 3, V.P. 3; Class V.P. 2; Student Gov’t. Day 2; Thes- pians 3; Teen Club 2, 3. NANCY ELLEN MONTVILLE Tastie Tower . . . hot Pontiac . . . those who wait for the future will never be happy today. Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Ski Club 2, 3; Graphic 2. JOHN PACZKOWSKI If brains were measured in inches, he ' d be a gen ius . . . Cheryl ... Big Bad John. IVONE HOGUEIRA PAES A good neighbor from the south ... so you think you have wild parties up here — well, let me tell you . . . Ole! Exchange student from Brazil; AFS, V.P. 3. STEVEN PAIGE Steve . . . actually, folks. I’m not such a wild guy . . . what’s so good about a Ford? Chorus 2, 3; Madrigal Group 2; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Student Council 2, 3; Class Treas- urer 1; Class President 3; Pro Merito; Leaders Club 2, 3; Chemistry Club 3; Boys’ Play Cast 3. JAMES R. PARKINSON Parky . . . Amherst College . . . football giant . . . but that telephone pole WAS in the middle of the road. Football 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Base- ball 1, 2, 3; Track 2, 3; Student Council 1; Leaders Club 2, 3. ROBERT A. PATTERSON I think I think more than you think . . . . . . guns ... a swingin’ dancer. Rod and Gun Club 3. PATRICIA PETRIZZO Petriz . . . the lifeline from office to class room . . . wild black hair. CHRISTINE PIPPERT DAVID E. PUFFER Dave . . . active outdoors guy ... a leader of men, a follower of women. Rod and Gun Club, Pres. 3. JOSEPH B. PUNSKA Joe ... see you at Romanoff’s . . . hard worker. Football 2, 3: Track 2; Weightlifting 3. ROBYN R. PUNSKA Robbie . . . O.K., I ' ll tell you what happened on Peyton Place last night . . . guiding light of Art Class. Tri-S Dance Committee 3; Softball 3; Pep Club 3. JANET C. QUINT Amherst Regional Quiz Kid ... a true friend . . . beautiful eyes. French Club 2, 3; Chorus 1, 2; Graphic 1, 2, 3; Goldbug 3; Thespians 3; AFS 2, 3; Tri-S 1,2; Pro Merito 3. Complaints in the Girls’ Room . . . what class dues? . . . handstands in the main lobby. Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Voleyball 2, 3; Basketball 2, 3; Softball 2, 3; Chorus 2, 3; Chemistry Club 3; Goldbug 3; Pep Club 2. JOHN PRAY Jack . . . stalking the woods in Leverett . . . mighty hunter ?! Rod and Gun Club 3; Track 3. STEVEN DAVID RICHARDS Tex . . . West Virginia drawl . . until you know him. Entered from West Virginia. CHERYL E. ROBERTS Tally-Ho-er . . . star basketball guard . the same homeroom means sitting together at assemblies. Basketball 1, 2, 3; Volleyball 3; Pep Club 1, 2; Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Future Teachers 1, 2; Goldbug 3. GARY LEE ROBITAILLE Frog . . . well, it’s a small pond! . . . who’s that in the rumble seat? Football 2, 3; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Leaders Club 2, 3; Weightlifting Club 2; Ski Club 2, 3; Pep Club 2, 3; Chemistry Club 3; Student Council 3; Biology 1; Outing Club 1; SSEO PATRICIA ROCASAH Patsy . . . page boy . . . long, long, blond hair. ELIZABETH E. RODGERS Betsy . . . basketball champ ... I traveling. Miss Lawson! Volleyball 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, : minton 2, 3; Pep Club 2; Tri-S 1, Chemistry Club 3; Goldbug 3. PETER WELLS RODGERS Pete . . . skier . . . what! another detention! . . . manager — football, basketball, base- ball. Football 2, 3; Basketball 3; Ski ,Club 3; Chemistry Club 3; Leaders Club 3; Pep Club 3. ROY E. RULE NANCY B. RUSSELL Who says you can’t stall around and still get your license? . . . hark! A Russell in the hall ! Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Basketball Manager 1, 2; Art Club 2; Volleyball 1. CHARLENE RYZNIC Friendly face at the Tower . . . petite . . . mohair sweaters. Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Future Nurses Club 1; Volleyball 2; Basketball 2. TIMOTHY PAUL SCHMITT Eeeek, a spider — kill it before it multiplies . . . another good Rule . . . Roy the boy. Basketball 2. DIANE L. SEAVER Seave ... I was better, but I got over it . . . Rod . . . guards aren’t supposed to score! Basketball 1, 3; Volleyball 2, 3; Badminton 2; Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Goldbug 3; Chorus 1, 2, 3; Chemistry Club 3; Pep Club 2. DAVID SEYMOUR Davy . . . who says I’ve got big eyes? . . . Meysour EUDORA SHAW Dorie . . . don’t call me chicken . . . break a leg! Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Graphic 2, 3; AFS 2; Bas- ketball 1, 2, Manager 3; Volleyball 1, 2, Manager 3; Softball 1, 2, 3: Pep Club 1, 2; Pro Merito; Goldbug 3. MARCIA KAY SLOCUM Regal beauty . . . future nurse . . . lucky for the guys in the ward. Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Future Nur ses Club 1, 2, 3; Chorus 1; Pep Club. JAMES SMITH Jim ... the wee dribbler from the heart of the Pioneer Valley . . . getting Roetter and Roetter. Leaders Club 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Track 1, 3; Pro Merito; Class Vice-President 3; Football 3; Student Patrol 3. PETER SMITH Pete . . . suavest car in school . . . President of Amherst Aquaholics. Student Council 1, 2; Biology Club 1; Foot- ball 2. ROBERT FOSTER SMITH Voted best Indian fighter in the Pelham Territory . . . Foster " where the girls are” Smith ... a sound effect for every occasion. Biology Club 1; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Football Statistician 1, 2, 3: Basketball Manager 2, 3; Student Patrol 3: Leaders Club 2, 3; Class Treasurer 2, 3; Pep Club 2, 3. CHERYL ANN SOBALA The quiet type?? ... Oh boy! . . . no, Cheryl, you’re supposed to STOP the other team from scoring. Softball 1; Volleyball 2, 3; Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Future Nurses Club 3. EUGENE P. SPENCE Hi, Mr. Langlois! . . . you guys heard this one yet? . . . Venus in the boys’ room. Baseball 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2. MICHAEL F. STRONG Mike ... a working man . . . the hefting trays in the cafeteria. AKIYOSHI SUENO Ralph, you dumb, I can beat you down ski slope any day ! . . . Aki . . . could someone kindly tell me some — ah — practical American ? Entered from Konan High School for Boys, Japan; Chorus 3; Ski Club 3; AFS 3. PAULA SURREY Cheer up ... a gi rl who knows everyone’s feelings and keeps them to herself ... the fringe. Graphic 1, 2, 3, Co-editor 3; Goldbug Co- editor 3; French Club 3; AFS 2, 3; Cheer- leader 1; Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Majorette 2. ANGELO VASSALLO Angie . . . active in homeroom affairs . . . things piling up on you, Mr. Langlois? . . . a friend to all. Football 1; Basketball 2. ELAINE GAIL WATSON She’s a son of a Wat?!! . . . Freddie . . . keeper of the Conscience. Conscience 3; Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Art Club 2; Majorette 3; Goldbug 3; Future Teachers Club 2; Pep Club 1. JO ANN WEXLER Jo . . . most outgoing personality, and it’s all her . . . Skipping with Joy . . . Lysander, Lysander. AFS 2, 3; Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Marching Band 2, 3; Concert Band 2; French Club 2, 3, Pres. 3; Audio-Visual Club 3; Chemistry Club 3; Ski Club 2; Graphic 1; Goldbug 3; Thespians 3. EDWIN A. WHIPPLE Eddie . . . quiet and agreeable . . . SSEO member who actually goes to the meetings. SSEO 3. GWEN WILLIAMS Look, it’s a Teawaddle . . . yay. Dirigible! . . . Gwynnie the Pooh. Basketball 1; Biology Club 1; French Club 3; Chemistry Club 3; Chorus 2; Ski Club 3; Thespians 2; Graphic 1; Tri-S 1. LARRY R. WILLIAMS Walking the halls with Pam . . . hails from the hills . . . even disposition. LINCOLN H. WILLIAMS The man (h) on da big red motorcycle . . . more than one way to make a buck . . . Line Weightlifting 2, 3; Gymnastic Club 3. LINDA ANNE WILLSON Lin . . . future hairdresser . . . pleasant dis- position. Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Pep Club 1, 2, 3. RICHARD A. WOJTOWICZ Rick . . . Amherst College . . . Old Spice ... the new car . . . tooth paste smile. Student Council 2, 3. Pres. 3; Chemistry Club 2; APS 2; Student Patrol 3; Goldbug 3; Graphic 3; Play Cast 3- GREGORY WOODARD That smile . . . catch the ball, Greg . . . from the sticks of Leverett. Baseball 2, 3; Basketball 3; Football 3; Track 3; Rod and Gun Club; Chemistry Club 3; Goldbug 3; Leaders Club 3; Student Patrol 3; Ski Club 3. RE UE UBER UyWEN? Remember when Venus spent a day in the courtyard? Remember when Mr. (.rouse was awartled a meilal for bravery above and beyoiul the call of duty? Remember when Mr. Langlois was caught sliding down the corridor in the new wing? Remember when Moss was plastered with a cream pie? Remember when " Boys” and " Girls” was changed to " readies” and " Gentlemen”? Remember when Paul Caouette had to scrub off tbe wall? Remember when we could get by with twenty-four |iennies for lunch? Remember when you were given the choice to have a blue and gold yearbook? Remember when B.L.O.T. struck on Saint Patrick’s Day? Remember when that basketball game with South Hadley developed into a rumble? Remember when " the will to win” won? Remember when Miss Morin censored the French play? Remember when Miss Neal made a basket from Mr. Caouette’s shoulders? Remember when the fairies in pink thermal underwear showed off their dancing(??) prowess ? Remember when all you could hear in gym classes was " Hip, hip, hippopotomi . . .”? Remember when the balloon cage at the fair was a very damp success? Remember the bows on the new trees in the courtyard? Remember when you thought that you could get carbon dioxide by heating (and heating and heating) a piece of marble? Remember when Mr. Langlois made only one announcement at the beginning of assembly? (You don’t? We don’t, either.) Remember when the teachers made a chorus line at the pep rally? REMEMBER JUNE 11, 1965!!! JUNIOR OASS OmCERg SEATED: Deborah Glazier — Vice-President, Mrs. Day, Judith Wagner — Secretary, Linda Sacco — Treasurer. STANDING: Mr. Ames, Michael Hassan — President. The Class of 1966, a high-spirited and friendly group, has shown that it has the potential to become a fine senior class. The class cake sale and sponsorship of the Senior Prom are notable examples of its accomplishments. The Class of 1965 extends best wishes to next year’s seniors and hopes that their final year at Amherst will be a continuation of their record of achievement. 52 FIRST ROW: R. Aldrich, M. Andrews, M. Boyden, R. Brown, S. Bacon, L. Bartus, C. Baldwin, M. Bates, D. Bleckwehl, G. Bentley. SECOND ROW: J. Black, L. Ball, L Bass, T. Britt, R. Buaicky, M. Bruce, C. Bokun, P. Black, R. Clark, W. Cashin. THIRD ROW: B. Campbell, P. Couture, B. Campbell, E. Cuddeback, G. Collins, J. Crossman, A. Colby, M. Chisholm, D. DeLuca, C. Durgin. FOURTH ROW: E. Fairbairn, D. Fleming, J. Durgin, V. Fleming, F. deFriesse, S. Dunn, E. Duncan, C. Eshbach, E. Ely, N. Fabian. FIRST ROW: G. Freeman, D. Glazier, D. Glazier, R. Gwozdz, A. Garvey, J. Good, B. Gnospelius, S. Godsell, G. Gould, R. Greanier. SECOND ROW: J. Grahame, P. Hilton, T. Hanson, D. Harris, J. Hanks, G. Hawthorne, B. Harris, M. Hassan, C. Ives, S. Judge. THIRD ROW: A. Jewett, P. Jacob, M. Kaslauskas, T. Keedy, A. Kelly, B. Kelly, M. Kenny, C. Kosloski, J. Kosuda, B. Koester. FOURTH ROW: K. Mathieson, R. Kolakoski, F. Leigh, G. Meakim, P. Kaiser, P. Kaminski, J. Miazga, S. Likens, E. Langland, C. Livermore. 53 FIRST ROW: S. Mientka, D. Maxson, S. Moreau, A. Marx, C. Lehane, A. McCarter, J. Poole, I. Nelson, T. Osborne, L. Peterson. SECOND ROW: J. Ostrowski, M. Page, C. Potter, R. Pells, J. Pemberton, J. Peppard, J. Powers, R. Randall, S. Kosakowski, C. Robitaille. THIRD ROW: W. Rupinski, A. Ramirez, T. Rice, S. Russell, L. Robinson, C. Roberts, E. Roetter, C. Rice, C. Rogers, S. Rogowski. FOURTH ROW: L. Suprenaut, E. Sikop, M. Schwartz, K. Smyth, C. Stevens, W. Swartzbaugh, S. Simmons, N. Stowell, L. Sacco, C. Sparks. FIRST ROW: J. Shape, J. Suhl, L. Tulenko, J. Tenney, H. Thornton, B. Thomas, P. Torrey, E. Tyler, F. Taylor, K. Vlach. SECOND ROW: H. Vernell, E. van der Stelt, C. Wagner, N. Woodfork, J. Wagner, C. Wilson, R. Woo, G. Whipple, L. Wright, R. Walker. THIRD ROW: S. Williams, R. Whittemore, G. Woodard, J. Wyatt, K. Wisneski, P. Weeks, R. Watson, R. Vallee, J. Zwinakis. 54 FR£OWN OASS OFRCERC SEATED: Mr. Leland, Gretchen Hebert — Treasurer, Sharon Day — Secretary, Mrs. Epstein. STANDING: Frank Cushman — President, Robert Fitzpatrick — Vice-President. The Class of 1967 is completing its first year at Amherst Regional. If its Booster Day sketch is any indication, this class may turn out to be one of the liveliest and most original groups in the school’s history. ' The Class of 1965 wishes the freshmen good luck in their high school years. 55 I ' lRST ROW: M. Ahc.irn, P. Anderson, E. Agard, A. Ashby. K. Arons, J. Allen, M. Aldrich, E. Atkins, B. Britt, J. Beth. SECOND ROW: D. Bridges. P. Brunelle. L. Buczala, R. Billing.s, R. Baker, D. Bia.s, E. Battistoni, T. Bibcau, S. Brozo, G. Beturney. THIRD ROW: A. Bennett, A. Bauconi, R. Birge, S. Burroughs, H. Bastow, M. Chance, L. Capen, P. Cary, D. Campbell, S. Cody. EOURTH ROW: I.. Contino, V. Cushtiian, R. Chapin, J. Doubleday, E. Cutting, J. Doleva, J. Dempsey, E. Clark, R. Colvin, W. Clark, K. Ca.le. K. Dittfach, I.. Dihlmann, P. Demarest, S. Day, W. DcCourcey. C. Davis, R. Doubleday, D. Qossman, L. Ezbicki, R. Fitzpatrick. SECOND ROW: S. Fisher, B. Field, J. Ferguson. P. Feldman, S. Foose, S. Floge, E. Guyott, J. Glazier, J. Glazier. THIRD ROW: J. Glazier, H. Garis, J. Hankinson, A. Hobart. G. Howard, M. Howard, M. Howard, V. Huff. G. Hebert, D. Hardaker. FOURTH ROW: L, Hasbrouk, R. King. J. King. L. Hatt, S. Pucinski, P. Lawrence, J. Hugill, W. Harlow, N. Kosukas, J. Horton, N. Jenks. 56 FIRST ROW; E. Kaniecki, K. Keegan, N. Kelley, S. Kzcowski, A. Kosakowski, K. Kasakowski, G. Lovern, P. Lawrence, O. LaClaire, L. LaSalle. SECOND ROW: T. Lashway, K. K. Leigner, P. Linnell, G. Lashway, J. Langford, R. Lashway, R. Lambert, J. Melanson, D. Mosher, B. Metcalf. THIRD ROW: M. Morrissey, D. Melnick, S. Morrissey, P. Mitchell, H. Markert, L. McCartney, S. Marcus, A. Mor eau, G. Oberlander, D. Orell. FOURTH ROW; C. Peters, J. Petrowicz, N. Procter, M. Roberts, C. Paulin, N. Page, J. Ricci, L. O ' Brien, C. Ostrowski, D. Quint, C. Oliveira, C. Pierce. FIRST ROW: R. Rhodes, E. Rollason, M. Rice, S. Rock, B. Ryznic, K. Riel, S. Shea, R. Sandoval, D. Surrey, B. Stoddard, SEC- OND ROW; P. Sheerman, S. Skillings, W. Swartz, B. Shumway, T. Stanley, L. Strong, G. Stone, C. Savereid, E. Stoddard, J. Snede- cor. THIRD ROW: M. Stockwell, J. Stumbo, P. Sheldon, G. Strange, E. Stockwell, S. Simmons, J. Thompson, S. Tidlund, D. Thayer, J. Tilley. FOURTH ROW; M. Webb. D. Wood, R, Vassallo, G. Victor, M. E. Wojtowicz, S. Woodard, L. Weeks, W. Wells, K. Zunic, E. Wade, L. Vendette, P. Woodard. 57 CrUDENrCOUNOL The Student Council, advised by Mr. Paul Caouette, functions to promote good rela- tions between students and faculty. This year the Student Council presented the annual " No Talent Show” and the Faculty-Student basketball game, the proceeds from the latter going into a Senior scholarship fund. Student Council initiated a Student Council Exchange with other schools, and sponsored soft-drink machines in the girls’ and boys’ locker rooms, the profit from which goes to various school clubs. Officers are Richard Wojtowicz — President, Thomas Mitchell — Vice-President, Leslie Durgin — Secretary, and Elizabeth Cuddeback — Treasurer. FIRST ROW: Advisor P. Caouette, S. Paige, L. Cuddeback, T. Mitchell, R. Wojtowicz, L. Durgin, C. Ives, G. Bentley, J. Boi- court. SECOND ROW: G. Robitaille, M. Hassan, H. Bastow, I. Nelson, R. Rhodes, E. Stoddard, S. Day, G. Guyott, T. Schmitt. THIRD ROW: P. Jacobs, J. Millar, R. Glazier, D. Glazier, D. Bleckwehl, W. Clark. 60 PRO UERITO Pro Merito consists of members who have maintained a steady high standard of academic achievement throughout high school. Advised by Miss Donley, this year Pro Merito sponsored special programs for honor-roll students, including a panal headed by Howard Quint of the University of Massachusetts which spoke on " Communism in the United States.” At the traditional Pro Merito banquet in the spring, members are awarded pins. Officers of Pro Merito were James Boicourt — President, Lauri Brown — Vice-President, Linda Johnson-Secretary, and Michael Foose-Treasurer. FIRST ROW: B. Taylor, M. Estabrook, J. Smith, S. Paige, R. Wojtowiczz, C. Roberts, J. Kirley, P. Johansson, J. Boicourt. SECOND ROW: B. Jones, A. Musgrave, R. Berglund, S. Hopkins, E. Hosford, J. Wexler, L. Johnson, L. Brown, M. Foose, T. Lindsey, E. Shaw. 61 SIUDEMTPAIROL FIRST ROW: J. Boicourt, C. Wilson, J. Parkinson, S. Paige, R. Smith, J. Smith, T. Schmitt, J. Carhart, D. Ives. SECOND ROW: G. Aldrich, J. Gage, S. Janse, J. Punska, M. Hassan, R. Wojtowicz, L. Durgin, L. DuBois, J. Millar, Advisor Mr. Crouse. THIRD ROW: S. Foley, L. Heath, T. Lindsey, R. Vallee, D. Lucas, J. Kucinski, G. Woodard, J. Brown, C. Atkins VE ilXR C CLVB FIRST ROW: R. McConnell, R. Berglund, J. Parkinson, S. Paige, R. Smith, J. Smith, T. Schmitt, D. Ives. SECOND ROW: S. Janse, D. Jones, T. Osborne, M. Hassan, R. Buzicky, S. Foley, C. Wilson, J. Crowley, R. Bias, Advisor Mr. Abramson. THIRD ROW: J. Fuller, P. Torrey, P. Gervickas, G. Robitaille, J. Boicourt, D. Lucas, G. Woodard, B. Jones, A. Colby, P. Rodgers. 62 GRAPyiC The Graphic, under the direction of co-editors Allen Torrey and Paula Surrey and faculty advisor Miss Ferguson, has continued its tradition as a lively school newspaper. The Graphic staff published six issues this year, covering school news of all varieties. Besides strict coverage, the Graphic offered special humorous columns such as Big Brother and Uncle Horace, besides presenting excellent editorials. FIRST ROW: P. Surrq , D. Alviani, L. Johnson, P. Colvin, J. Quint, J. Good, C. Eshbach, E. Shaw. SECOND ROW: S. Godsell, E. Cuddeback, S. Neylon, E. Roetter, M. Andrews, D. Quint, advisor Miss Ferguson. THIRD ROW: G. Bentley, R. Wojtowicz, A. Torrey, S. Paige, J. Parkinson, J. Gage, D. Surrey. 63 SENfOR TRi-S FIRST ROW: F. lantosca, P. Karch, L. Kuzmeski, S. Maslanka, M. Ball, C. Roberts, S. King, K. Lashway, C. Ryznic. SECOND ROW: K. Murphy, L. Willson, K. Jacque, N. Russell, E. Rodgers, J. Kirley, K. McGrath, S. Davis, J. Howard. THIRD ROW: F. LeDoyt, K. McCannon, M. Scarle, S. Couch, D. Shaw, N. Kaminski, B. Horne, S. Chase. Tri-S is a girl’s service organization, which begins each year with a colorful initiation for its freshman members. Its purposes are to perform services for others, set standards of good sportsmanship, and encourage education. Tri-S stands for Service, Sportsmanship, and Scholarship. FIRST ROW: E. Adair, B. Cunningham, S. Fairbairn, J. Jacque, D. Kinder, J. Millar, N. Montville, J. Bray, ,D. Aldrich. SEC- OND ROW: E. Kopec, G. Dittfach, L. Durgin, J. Wexler, L. DuBois, M. Mulholland, G. Nutting, J. Hall. THIRD ROW: S. Howard, D. Seaver, L. Johnson, D. Alviani, C. Bastow, M. Slocum. 64 JUNIOR 7Ri-S FIRST ROW: J. Snape, C Robe rts, D. Harris, M. A. Schwartz, S. Mienka, R. Rowley, W. Cashin, M. Andrews. SECOND ROW: S. Godsell, C. Sacco, G. Whipple, B. Fairbairn, J. Gwozdz, B. Kelly, A. Kelly, C. Rogers, I.. Robinson, M. Boyden. " Ebb tide,” with a sea atmosphere, was the theme of the annual Tri-S formal given in November. President Janet Millar was crowned queen. FIRST ROW: C. Kosloski, C, Livermore, M. Pippert, S. Moreau, L. Lamsa, M. Callahan, L. Sacco, D. Bleckwehl, K. Smyth. SECOND ROW: P. Newell, L. Roetter, N. Woodfork, R. Brown, I.. Winship, G. Collins, M. Bates, L. Cuddeback, D. Glazier, R. Rotman. 65 FIRST ROW: N. Kelley, P. Woodard, K. Dittfach, L. Dihlmann, B. Britt, S. Shea, C. Oliviera, P. A’Hern, B. Stoddard. SECOND ROW: L. Utter, E. Wade, D. Campbell, M. Rice, H. Markert, A. Ashby, G. Stone, C. Pierce, S. Tidlund. Every year Tri-S performs a special service project. This year the club collected clothing from the Amherst area to be sent to needy families in Appalachia, under the auspices of the Save A Child Drive. FIRST ROW: S. Day, G. Flebert, D. Wood, D. Anderson, L. Capen, K. McCannon, A. Moreau, S. Gervickas, M. Howard. SECOND ROW: P. Sheldon, M. Morrissey, J. Thompson, S. Morrissey, H. Bastow, L. O’Brian, M. E. Wojtowicz, S. Strong, C. Zunic, P. Lawrence, S. Simmons. 66 EBBTfDE’ Queen Janet Millar, President of Tri-S, and Escort Judd Carhart. Queen Janet Millar gets a kiss from Mr. Langlois while her court looks on. Queen Janet Millar and her court. From left to right: Suzanne King, Susan Neylon, Nancy Fabian, Lorna Lamsa, and Sharon Day 67 AVCIVB FIRST ROW: J. Tilley, J. Fuller, J. Wexler, L, Durgin, W. Cush- man, S. Foose. SECOND ROW: C. Leininger, B. Harris, Advisor Mr. Oldershaw, C. Bokun, T. Rice, R. Morrissey, J. Gillmore. The AV Club functions to help faculty members with audio-visual aids, and to acquaint its members with the use and maintenance of the audio-visual ma- chines. The AV Club has sponsored dances and plans a field trip to New York or Boston. Officers are Bill Cushman and Bob Morrissey — Co-President. I i eARBIZOMC The Barbizons are art en- thusiasts, and this club pro- motes interest in all phases of art. FIRST ROW: L. Robinson, L. Johnson, Advisor Miss Fouratt, D. Alviani, L. McKie, P. Zunic. SECOND ROW: E. Agard, M. Estabrook, C. Pierce, P. Linnell, P. Brogan, G. Strange, J. Snape. CWEMfSlRYOUB The Chemistry Club, under the watchful eye of Mr. Coopee, staged experiments performed by its members at its meetings, managing to leave the ceiling of the chemistry room in rather poor shape in the process. A field trip to the Atomic Plant in Rowe is planned for the spring. Chemistry Club Officers were Chris Leininger — President, Jon Gage — Vice-President, and Linda Johnson — Secretary-Treasurer. FIRST ROW: C. Leininger, J. Wexler, L. Durgin, J. Gage, T. Colby, G. Dittfach, L. DuBois. SECOND ROW: M. Cbplin, A. Torrey, P. Rodgers, S. Neylon, L. Lamsa, T. Mitchell, G. Robitaille. THIRD ROW: M. Foose, R. Wojtowicz, T. Lindsey, J. Matusko, advisor Mr. Coopee, P. Johansson, R. Morrissey. 69 7WESFWS Thespian Troupe 1333, under the direction of John Packard, performed Shakespeare’s ' A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ as its major production this year. The Thespians also presented a selection from Dickens’ Pickwick Papers at a Christmas assembly. They are again participating in the Western Massachusetts One Act Play Competition, with ' The Diary of Anne Frank’ as Amherst’s entry. The Thespian officers are George Bentley — President, Anne Agard — Vice-President, Carolyn Ives — Secretary, and Marsha Estabrook — Historian. FIRST ROW; G. Bentley, E. Langland, C. Ives, R. Morrissey, N. Woodfork, C. Rice, S. Moreau, L. Lamsa, T. Mitchell, J. Quint. SECOND ROW; D. Quint, M. Estabrook, W. Swartzbaugh, R. Berglund, D. Alviani, J. Shape, D. Harris, W. Cashin, T. Keedy, G. Dittfach. THIRD ROW: J. Wagner, P. Feldman, B. Metcalf, C. Stevens, T. Rice, advisor Mr. Packard, C. Savereid, S. Judge, E. Agard, M. Rice, J. Wexler. 70 A MfDSUNUER NfGWrS DRj The Lovers??!! 71 wenv CWEERiWERe The Varsity Cheerleaders, with the winning combination of new uniforms, many original new cheers, and constant enthusiasm, have done a great deal to invoke more school spirit and spectator participation at all home and away games. This year, for the first time, the cheerleaders will represent A.R.H.S. in cheering competition. KNEFLING: D. Kinder, E. Giiyotf, D. Maxson. STANDING: E. Hunsberger, J. Jacque, M. Bates, Captain, J. Millar. jUNfOR wenv cweerl erg The Junior Varsity helped the varsity squad to arouse a high degree of enthusiasm in both spectators and teams, using many of its own new routines. KNEELING: S. Mientka, E, Cuddeback, S. Day. STANDING: Captain D. Bleckwehl, P. Newell, K. Keegan. 73 4J0RE ES KNEELING: Captain L. DuBois. STANDING: E. Watson, K. Mathieson, L. Wright, M. Mulholland, C. Oliviera, S. Thompson, K. Riel. Absent: B. Horne, P. Mitchell, S. Scott, S. Shea. The Majorettes are a new addition to the A.R.H.S. scene performing at half-time during the football and basketball seasons. They helped to boost school spirit with their routines. PEPOUB The Pep Club also functions to increase school spirit at games and rallies. It provides bus transporta- tion to away games and this year has sponsored several record hops and dances after games. One of its major projects is Booster Day, whose annual float prize was this year awarded to the Seniors. The Pep Club also provides posters for school functions. Officers were Tom Mitchell — President, Nancy Kamin- ski — Treasurer, Kathy Lashway — Senior Representative, Tom Osborne, Nancy Woodfork — Junior Repre- sentatives, Anne Moreau, Matt Page — Freshman Representatives. FIRST ROW: L. Winship, R. Brown, L. Lamsa, T. Mitchell, A. Moreau, M. Page, S. Neylon, D. Maxson, J. Millar. SECOND ROW: E. Guyott, T. Hanson, S. Russell, J. Gwozdz, C. Rogers, S. Kosakowski, K. Symth, E. Sikop, N. Russell, K. Jacque, J. Hemenway, E. Hunsburger. THIRD ROW: J. Snape, C. Sibala, J. Jacque, P. Rodgers, A. McCarter, F. Taylor, C. Wilson, advisor Mrs. Day, G. Robitaille, G. Crowley, C. Lehane, P. Torrey, M. Bates, I. Nelson, M. Caliban. 74 The Pep Band adds to school spirit at sports events by playing (music?!) both at home and away games. FIRST ROW; C. Leininger, R. McConnell, R. Loomis, E. Stoddard. SECOND ROW: R. Morrissey, D. Jones, D. Ives. Absent— B. Jones, L. Ezbicki. PEP BAND CONCERT BAND FIRST ROW; J. Snedecor, L. Lamsa, J. Langford, G. Dittfach, P. Feldman, S. Moreau, C. Savereid, J. Wagner, E. Hosford, D. Harris. SECOND ROW: C. Leininger, J. Horton, D. Jones, D. Ives, R. McConnell, R. Loomis, E. Stoddard, L. Brown, E. Brown. The Concert Band was organized late in the winter, and this year has presented two concerts, the selections ranging from marches to Tchaikovsky. Amherst was especially honored to have two of the Band’s members, Laurie and Eddie Brown, be selected to play in the All-Eastern Orchestra in Buffalo, which is made up of outstanding musicians from thirteen states. 75 A.F.S, Ivone Paes, Akiyoshi Sueno, Else van der Stelt. The American Field Service, or A.F.S., is part of a world-wide organization dedicated to the ideals of promoting friendship and mutual understanding between countries. This year, Ivone Paes came to A.R.H.S. from Brazil to stay with the Hamilton Newell family. Last summer Tom Mitchell traveled to Austria and during the school year has given several talks -about his experiences abroad, including one entertaining assembly. Following a family tradition, Akiyoshi Sueno from Japan is staying with the Albert Linnell family, attending classes at A.R.H.S., and Else van der Stelt also is here from The Nether- lands. It has not yet been decided whether Liz Cuddeback or Carolyn Ives will be A.R.H.S.’s representa- tive next summer. Mr. Ames was the advisor for A.F.S. and Tom Mitchell was the president. FIRST ROW: S. Williams, J. Wexler, L. Durgin, S. Moreau, I. Paes, T. Mitchell, L. Lamsa, P. Surrey, J. Quint. SECOND ROW: advisor Mr. Ames, S. Godsell, E. Cuddeback, J. Durgin, T. Keedy, E. Stoddard, K. McGrath, P. Feldman, P. Johansson, B. Metcalf. THIRD ROW: P. Newell, L. Sacco, J. Gage, M. Foose, D. Quint, R. Rhodes, D. Taylor, S. Hopkins. 76 CEROE FRAN pAfS The French Club established something new in the lunch room this year — La Table Franjaise, or more simply the French table, where nothing but French was spoken. Members heard several speakers, among them Mr. Jean Pineau from Amherst’s sister city in France, Arcachom, and Jo-Ann Wexler, Leslie Durgin and Beverly Koester, who spoke on their experiences abroad. A play. The Barber of Seville, was presented by the French Club to a closed audience — themselves. Officers of the French Club this year were Jo-Ann Wexler — President, Janet Quint — Vice-President, Debby Taylor — Secretary, and Suzanne Hopkins — Treasurer. FIRST ROW: B. Taylor, P. Surrey, M. Andrews, S. Moreau, L. Lamsa, C. Ives, C. Roberts, J. Wagner, J. Quint. SECOND ROW: G. Bentley, G. Williams, J. Good, C. Eshbach, P. Colvin, C. McGrath, P. Sheldon, G. Nut- ting, J. Gwozdz. THIRD ROW: S. Judge, L. Durgin, J. Wexler, S. Williams, C. Rogers, E. Hosford, D. Taylor, S. Hopkins. FOURTH ROW: D. Quint, J. Gage, J. Parkinson, S. Paige, R. Rhodes, E. Stoddard. 77 CWORUS The Chorus, under the direction of Mr. Jacobs, meets three times a week, twice during school time and once in the evening. During the Christmas season, members of the Chorus sang at a school assembly and gave a concert. Another concert is planned for spring, and members will also sing at Graduation. This year two choms members, Robert Berglund and Akiyoshi Sueno, were selected to be part of the All-State Choms at the University of Massachusetts. FIRST ROW; N. Jenks, S. Kosakowski, M. Stockwell, S. Hopkins, M. Estabrook, D. Alviani, A. Bennett, M. Andrews, A. Moreau, H. Bastow. SECOND ROW: N. Woodfork, R. Brown, L. Lamsa, M. Howard, H. Markert, M. Rice, D. Seaver, C. Pippert, M. Mulholland, G. Nutting. THIRD ROW: D. Harris, J. Wagner, G. Bentley, R. Berglund, J. Boicourt, S. Paige, C. Ives, E. Langland, director Mr. Jacobs. 78 FUTURE NURSES CLUB The Future Nurses club this year joined the National League of Future Nurses, whose members all plan a career in nursing. They assisted the school health staff during immunization for tuberculosis, and they plan trips to the Infirmary at the University of Massachusetts and to a hospital in the Boston area. Officers this year were Elaine Kopec — President, Kristin Tidlund — Vice-President, and Donna Wood — Secretary- Treasurer. FIRST ROW: A. Ashby, G. Stone, S. Shea, D. Ompbell, D. Wood, E. Atkins. SECOND ROW: B. Horne, E. Kopec, C. Livermore, M. Slocum. ABSENT: Kristin Tidlund. 79 SWOUB FIRST ROW: A. Sueno, J. Pemberton, A. Colby. SECOND ROW: A. Moreau, E. Cuddeback, S. Neylon, P. Sheldon, P. Torrey, S. Richards. THIRD ROW: P. Linnell, T. Lindsey, B. McCarter, j. Brown, A. Torrey, W. Swartebaugh, C. Wilson. The Ski Club presented the very success- ful Mogul Hop in order to raise money for their big project, the skiing trip to Killing- ton in March. Sixteen members made the trip, chaperoned by advisors Mrs. Day and Mr. Hartwell. The club spent two days skiing, staying overnight at a lodge in the area. It says there’s buried treasure at the top of Killington ! 80 ROD AND (SUN CUB FIRST ROW: B. Shuniway, advisor Mr. Moore, W. Harlow, E. Stockwcll, G. I-ovcrn, C. Osirowski. SECOND ROW: D. Puffer, R. Patterson, S. Blinn, J. Pray, M. Aldrich, K. Vlach, J. Matusko. The Rod and Gun Club, advised by Mr. Moore, is an outdoor club composed of boys who are interested in furthering their skill and enjoyment in hunting and fishing. Members take an annual ice-fishing trip to Leverett Pond during the winter, and a trout fishing trip in the spring. The spring banquet brings the year’s activities to a close. Officers were David Puffer — President, and Carl Ostrowski — Treasurer. 81 focmu. FIRST ROW: J. Boicourt, G. Robitaille, R. Bias, B. Berglund, J. Punska, D. Ives, D. Lucas, J. Parkinson, T. Schmitt, J. Carhart, P. Lacopo, C. Atkins. SECOND ROW: G. Woodard, J. SmiA, J. Kucinski, D. Jones, C. Potter, C. Lehane, B. Woo, G. Crowley, C. Wilson, K. Hassan, B. Vallee, A. Jewett. THIRD ROW: E. Clark, B. Doubleday, T. Bibeau, R. Sandoval, B. Brunell, G. Battistoni, B. Clark, B. Fitzpatrick, L. Ezbicki, M. Halsted, J. Hobart. FOURTH ROW: Coach Ryder, Coach Kneeland, T. Mitchell, Trainer, F. Smith, Statistician, S. Simmons, Mgr., Coach Abramson. The 1964 Amherst football team completed one of its most successful seasons in several years. The Hurricanes got off to a fast start winning four straight games before dropping a close non-league game to arch-rival South Hadley. The ’Canes bounced back and won their next two games but lost the title game to an undefeated Mahar team. Several players received recognition for their achievements during the season. Jim P kinson was named to the All-Western Massachusetts team and the All-League team. Tim Schmitt, Jim Boicourt, Judd Carhart, and Jerry Crowley were inembers of the All-League team. The squad showed determination throughout the season and fought hard to earn its 6-2 record. FOOTBALL RECORD Amherst... ...40 Mt. Greylock 0 Amherst... ...28 Ware 8 Amherst... . .22 Arms Academy 20 Amherst. - 14 Frontier 0 Amherst . . ...12 South Hadley 26 Amherst.. 8 Lee 0 Amherst 48 Pioneer .... 0 Amherst . . 0 Mahar 22 FIRST ROW; R. McConnell, T. Schmitt, J. Smith, J. Parkinson, R. Bias, S. Foley. SECOND ROW: P. Hilton, T. Osborne, R. Lashway, J. Boicourt, P. Gervickas, K. Hassan, Coach Kneelahd. The basketball team completed an exciting season. Although the record may not appear impressive, the games were close and consistently well-played. Seven of the games were lost by only one or two points. The team worked together throughout the season. It lost a close game to Monson in the Small Schools Tournament. Jim Parkinson was the leading scorer and was named to the All-League Team. 86 BASKETBALL RECORD Amherst .73 Amherst 63 Amherst 52 Amherst 53 Amherst 43 Amherst 39 Amherst 57 Amherst 67 Amherst 59 Amherst . 79 Amherst 65 Amherst 64 Amherst 62 Amherst .55 Amherst 65 Amherst 38 Amherst 62 Amherst 73 Amherst 52 Amherst 47 Easthampton Athol Northampton Springfield Trade Wahconah . South Hadley Smith Frontier Saint Michael’s . . Arms Pioneer Hopkins Saint Michael’s Arms Pioneer Smith Frontier South Hadley Hopkins Monson .75 83 81 56 40 54 52 48 61 80 52 62 69 62 36 85 55 74 37 50 FIRST ROW; R. Glazier, D. Jones, W. Cushman, R. Sandoval Clark, N. Page, C. Julian, D. Buzicky, D. Crossman. The JV basketball team completed a rather successful season this year. The boys worked well together as a team. They posted a respectable record — an indication of things to come in their varsity years. CROSS COUrJTRV FIRST ROW: A. Colby, D. Eibon, T. Britt. D. Griffin, J. Gage, P. Linnell, B. Jones. SECOND ROW: Coach Qowley, J. Hanks, P. Xorrey, N. Page, P. Johansson, D. Hardaker, B. ICosIoski, J. ICing, C. Alosher, T. Lindsey. ABSENT hlEhlBERS: J. Fuller, J. Langford, L. Buczala, B. Coplin, B. Swartzbaugh, B. Syrus, P. Hilton. The cross country team had a very successful season, suffering only one loss in eight meets. Phil Torrey was high man for the team with Jon Gage in second place. The team went to the Western Mass. Meet and participated in the State Meet. CROSS COUNTRY RECORD Amherst 24 Amherst 22 Amherst 16 Amherst 1 6 , Amherst 45 Amherst 18 Amherst 16 Amherst. 17 Arms Holyoke Wahconah Williamsburg Greenfield Northampton Frontier Tu rners Falls . 37 35 45 45 15 . 43 47 46 90 ■n2ACI6 FIRST ROW: Coach Ward, A. Colby, T. Bosworth, M. Bruce, P. Johnson, B. Drake, A. Cashin, G. Rosen, Coach Crutchfield. SECOND ROW: K. Wisneski, A. Musgrave, J. Boicourt, R. Jacque, J. Carhart, T. Schmitt, P. Torrey. THIRD ROW: J. Hanks, D. Ives, C. Wilson, J. Parkinson, R. Jeffrey, E. Russell. FOURTH ROW: P. Pelis, T. Britt, J. Langland, J. Punska, C. Bokun, M. Lawrence, T. Mitchell. FIFTH ROW: T. Drake, P. Johanson, B. Jones, J. Gage, J. Fuller, R. Stevens, J. Zak. The 1964 track team completed its second straight undefeated season. The season was climaxed by a first-place victory in the Western Massachusetts Meet. The team went on to place second in the State Meet. Outstanding performers included Capta in Pete Johnson who was state champ in hurdles and Dick Stevens who was state champ in the two mile. The team was lead by Captains Tim Bosworth and Pete Johnson and ably coached by Doug Grutchfield. TRACK RECORD Amherst 112 Holyoke 21 Amherst 105 E. Longmeadow 28 Amherst 98 Greenfield 35 Amherst 128 Holyoke Catholic 8 Amherst 103 Mahar 30 Amherst- ... 72 Frontier 62 Amherst 112 Northampton . 21 91 BASEBALL FIRST ROW; D. Bouden, J. Parkinson, T. Schmitt, G. Robitaille. SECOND ROW: B. Dickin- son, R. Smith, C. Atkins, P. MacConnell, S. Foley. THIRD ROW: P. Caouette, Coach, B. Whittemore, G. Spence, B. Edwards, J. Mirliani, C. Abramson, Coach. The 1964 baseball team faced a rebuilding year with a team composed entirely of underclassmen. The team showed improvement throughout the season and looks for- ward to a successful 1965 season. BASEBALL RECORD Amherst . 3 Northampton Amherst 1 Commerce Amherst 1 Frontier Amherst 1 Mahar Amherst 0 Hopkins Amherst 0 Smith Amherst 0 Arms Amherst ,2 Pioneer Amherst 5 St. Mike’s Amherst - 2 Frontier Amherst 4 Mahar Amherst 6 Hopkins Amherst 2 Smith Amherst 2 Arms Amherst 4 Pioneer Amherst 4 St. Mike’s VOIXEVBALL FIRST ROW: J. Jacque, M. Searle, E. Rodgers, C. Pippert, B. Cunningham, K. Murphy, D. Seaver, S. Howard. SECOND ROW: E. Shaw, L. Wright, J. Crossman, S. Godsell, B. Kelly, C. Sacco, Manager L. Winship. THIRD ROW: C. Sobala, N. Stowell, Manager E. Sikop, L. Robinson, C. Purgin, H. Markert. FOURTH ROW: J. Tenney, M. Howard, D. Campbell. FIFTH ROW: Miss Lawson, M. Howard, I. Nelson. The four volleyball teams had a successful season again this year, finishing their schedule with a 12-4 . record. Each meet consisted of one fifteen minute game played by each team — four games in all. Under the able coaching of Miss Lawson, novice fresh- men and experienced juniors and seniors developed the skills and teamwork necessary for a successful season. The high point of the competition was the tournament held at Amherst in which a team composed of Mary Searle, Judy Crossman, Nancy Stowell, Ingrid Nelson, Sue Williams, Joyce Crooker, Bonnie Cunningham, Cheryl Roberts, Sandy Chase, Else van der Stelt, and Betsy Rodgers took second place. Judy Crossman, Mary Searle, Nancy Stowell, and Sue Williams were chosen for the All-Star Game at the end of the tournament. 93 VOLLEYBALL RECORD Maroon JV vs. Pioneer Maroon JV vs. Turners Falls White JV vs. Pioneer White JV vs. Turners Falls WON LOST 1 1 2 0 0 2 2 0 WON LOST Maroon Varsity vs. Pioneer Maroon Varsity vs. Turners Falls White Varsity vs. Pioneer White Varsity vs. Turners Falls FIRST ROW; M. Searle, K. Murphy. SECOND ROW: S. Neylon, B. Rodgers, K. McCannon, J. Jacque, C. Roberts. THIRD ROW: J. Kirley, C. Pippert, N. Stowell, J. Crossman, I. Nilson. FOURTH ROW: D. Seaver, C. Sobala, M. Mulholland, B. Kelly. FIFTH ROW: Coach Lawson, Managers: J. Gwozdz, C. Rogers, E. Sikop, D. Shaw. Absent members: S. Williams, J. Crooker. The varsity team enjoyed a successful season again this year, chalking up a 10-2 record (both losses going to Frontier). Combining a strong offense with a skillful defense, the team, composed of six juniors and twelve sen- iors, scored an average of 57.7 points per game and held the opponents’ scoring down to an average of 22.8 points. Star forward Kathy Murphy led the scoring with 397 points — an individual scoring record. Highlight of the season was the second game with Hopkins Academy in which the varsity scored a total of 104 points. This was the first time one of our girls’ teams scored over 100 points. Kathy Murphy set a single game scoring record of 65 points. BASKETBALL RECORD Amherst. .. ... 81 Hopkins Greenfield 12 Amherst 54 . 21 Amherst 52 Pioneer . 22 Amherst 34 Frontier . 35 Amherst 48 Williamsburg . 34 Amherst 54 Pioneer 25 Amherst 61 Northampton 13 Amherst . - 59 Greenfield ... . 22 Amherst 57 Williamsburg 18 Amherst .. .29 Front ier 40 Amherst. ... 104 Hopkins 7 Amherst 48 Northampton 48 95 FIRST ROW: S. Godsell, J. Tenney. SECOND ROW; S. Kzcowski, K. Zunic, M. Wilson. THIRD ROW: N. Woodfork, C. Wagner, M. Howard, C. Sacco. FOURTH ROW: D. Campbell, K. Smith, N. Kelly, K. McCannon. FIFTH ROW: P. Woodward, H. Markert, Managers: B. Gnospelius, G. Whipple, N. Jenks, P. Karch. The JV Team this year was made up of juniors and freshmen. Under the capable leadership of freshman highscorer Kathy Zunic and junior Kathy Smyth, the team finished the season with a 6-6 record. The team scoring average was 14.9 points per game while the opponents averaged 13.8 points. Other high scorers were Cheryl Sacco, Marsha Howard, and Nancy Woodfork. The remainder of the team gained the valuable experience needed to provide the school with a winning varsity in ’66. Amherst Amherst JV B 19 10 Amherst.. .. . . 11 Amherst 9 Amherst 23 Amherst 14 Amherst 17 Amherst 13 Amherst 19 Amherst.. . 20 Amherst.. .. 15 Amherst 14 JV BASKETBALL RECORD Hopkins Greenfield Pioneer Frontier Williamsburg Pioneer Northampton Greenfield Williamsburg Frontier Hopkins Northampton 8 . 13 . 17 .. 21 . 23 . 16 . 10 . 18 . 13 .. 15 ... 6 . 18 CORWL FIRST ROW: L. Frost, K. McCannon, M. Searle, B. Kelly, S. Williams. SECOND ROW: D. Bleckwehl, M. Mulholland, C. Sacco, E. Cuddeback, J. Tenney. THIRD ROW: Manager J. Hemenway, K. Murphy, D. Shaw, B. Fydenkevez, F. Ledoyt, N. Stowell, C. Wentworth. FOURTH ROW: Manager, M. Kolakowski, M. Owen, I. Nelson, C. Pippert, J. Jacque, Manager K. Newton, Manager C. Wentworth. Absent members: S. Neylon. The 1964 softball season was a highly satisfactory one for the Amherst girls, who emerged with a total of 5 wins to 4 losses. The team was led by Dorie Shaw on the pitcher’s mound until a broken ankle resulting from a third base slide put her on the bench. Kathy Murphy tied down first base with Mary Searle as a dependable and hard throwing catcher to support Barbara Kelly, Ingrid Nelson, and Diane Bleckwehl, all of whom worked hard in the outfield. Mary Searle, Kathy Murphy, Dorie Shaw, Barbara Kelly, and Sue Williams led the team in hitting. SOFTBALL RECORD Amherst .18 Greenfield 14 Amherst 26 Saint Michael’s 4 Amherst .4 Frontier 6 Amherst 10 Pioneer 9 Amherst.. 15 Northampton 8 Amherst 12 Frontier 21 Amherst 6 Saint Michael’s 18 Amherst 27 Northampton 12 Amherst. .18 Greenfield 22 1 W .., i vPvl W V ' SjV] Jr ) 3? B 11 1| f® m y » j ' it V.,J ry GO(X)BU(ySW Mr. Goodin, Advisor: Barbara Taylor, Editor-in-Chief; Julie Grow, Co-Editor: Mrs. Pallazola, Advisor. STiWDING: Bob Morrissey, Marcia Estabrook, Tom Mitchell, Editor. SEATED: Diane Seaver, Elaine Watson, Paula Surrey, Co-editor, Sandra Howard. 101 SPORTS STANDING: Barb McGirter, Tim Schmitt. SEATED: Doric Shaw, Co-editor, Diane Seaver, Betsy Rodgers, Kathy Murphy, Co-editor. ABSENT; Judd Carhart, Editor. PAOUUVAND Acnvmes FACULTY: Gretchen Dittfach, Ellen Hosford, Editor, Sandra Howard. ACTIVITIES: Julie Grow, Editor. 102 PWOrCxSRAPMER Jon Gage and Bart Jones BUSINESS SIZVFP STANDING: Marcia Estabrook, Rick Wojtowicz, Business Manager, Tom Lindsey, Barry Mc- Carter, Greg Woodard, Tom Mitchell, Kathy Murphy, Sue Neylon, Debbie Taylor, Miss Hale, Advisor. SEATED: Janet Quint, Kate McGrath, JoAnn Wexler, Elaine Watson, Frances lantosca, Cheryl Bastow, Leslie Durgin, Ellen Hosford. THE GOLD BUG SPONSORS Henry Adams Rexall Drug Store Cliff Allen, Clothing Amherst Apple Cold Storage Inc. Amherst Branch. Northampton Co-Operative Bank Amherst Cleansers and Dyers Amherst Creamery Co. Amherst Farmers Supply Amherst Laundromat Amherst Oil Co. Amherst Savings Bank Amherst Theatre Amherst Record Inc. Amity Beauty Shop Amherst Tower Augie ' s Shop Baucom ' s Textbook Co. Blair and Cutting Ins. Agency Bolles Shoe Store Dr. Andrevy R. Booth Boyden-Perron Garage Brown ' s Curtain Shop Bruce G. Brown, Attorney Robert S. Brown, Real Estate Burnett and Nash Insurance Raymond W. J. Campbell Insurance Dr. R. Sheldon Clapp College Drug Store College Town Service Centre Connors Realty Cunningham ' s Paperbook Shop Daily Hampshire Gazette Doleva Poultry Farm T. L. Dorsey, Memorials Douglass-Marsh, Inc. Funeral Service Douglass-Marsh, Inc. Furniture Dr. Stephen J. Duval First National Bank of Amherst Footit Real Estate Paul T. Ford, Attorney The Gas Lite Giard ' s Barber Shop Gibson Chevrolet Co. Gilbert and Haskell Office Supply Inc. Grandy ' s Restaurant Griggs Inc., Furniture A. J. Hastings, Newsdealer and Stationery Hebert ' s Dairy Dr. C. E. Hynes, Dentist Jeffery Amherst Book and Music Store Jeffery Florist Inc. Elder Jones Lumber Corp. Kamins Paint Store Kentfield ' s Dairy Knowles Flower Shop Mitchell Koldy Studio Landry ' s Market Lincoln Realty Associates, Inc. The Lord Jeffery Inn Mathews Shoe Store McLellan ' s Store Mientka Inc. T. V. Sales and Service Mill Valley Restaurant Millar ' s Esso Station Dr. Leo Moreau Mutual Plumbing and Heating Co. Hamilton I. Newell, Inc. Gordon F. Neylon, Insurance The Old Mill Gift Shop Old Village Gift Shop Dr. W. Richard Post Russell ' s Store Rowe ' s Inc., Chrysler-Plymouth-Valiant Shumway ' s Ice Cream Co. South Amherst Service Center Specialty Gift and Card Shop The Stable Sandwich Shoppe Strong ' s Sunoco Tire Center F. A. Thompson and Son Tripod Camera Shop House of Walsh, Inc. Watroba ' s A. G. Store Watson ' s Auto Body Wellworth Pharmacy, Inc. Westcott Inc. A friend THE STAFF MEMBERS APPRECIATE THE FINANCIAL HELP GIVEN BY THE 1965 SPONSORS DATE DUE

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