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» V THE SENIOR CLASS of AMHERST REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL presents THE 1961 GOLD BUG LIGHT EDITION AMHERST, MASSACHUSETTS Knowledge is a guiding light, be it even as small as a candle flame. TABLE OF CONTENTS Dedication 3 Informals 49-51 Faculty 4-15 Activities 52-86 Underclassmen 16-23 Picture Essay 87-93 Seniors 24-48 Staff 94-96 2 To Mr. Freisem, who, as teacher, advisor and friend, has done much to help us develop standards, assume responsibility and gain awareness of our Ameri- can heritage, we dedicate this book. 3 “ Knowledge once gained casts a light beyond its own immediate boundaries.” —TYNDALL 5 KINGSLEY A. PERRY Principal Harvard, B.S., Harvard, LL.B., Harvard Graduate School of Education, M.Ed. As members of the graduating class you leave Amherst Regional High School with the best wishes and blessings of the staff who have done their utmost to insure you of a superior high school education, yet you must remember that it is within your power alone to make the most of it. In times as uncertain as ours seem to he at present, it behooves each graduate to exert his rights of citizenship and education to the fullest to obtain for himself, for his country, and for the world, the personal satisfactions, peace, and stability that harmonious endeavor can bring. Then you may say with a clear conscience, “I have done my best — I have done my part.” Mr. Domina ROBERT DOMINA — Guidance Counselor: Keene Teachers’ College, B.Ed.; University of Massachu- setts. Miss Fillmore ELEANOR C. E1ELMORE — Guidance; University of Massachusetts. B.S. and M.S. NAOMI LANGFORD- — Librarian Millersville State Teachers’ College, B.S. ; University of Pennsylvania. ROSE BEAUMONT — Dietitian; University of Okla- homa, B.S. Mrs. Langford Mrs. Beaumont 7 Mr. Drabeck Miss 1 ' urgeson BERNARD DRABECK — English and Speech; Holy Cross College, B.A. ; University of Massachusetts, M.A. ; courses at St. Bernard’s. DOROTHY FURGESON — English and Speech: Spo- kane University. B.A.; Smith College, M.A. LAUREL CROUSE — English and Speech; Boston University, B.A. ; University of Massachusetts, M.S.Ed. Mr. Crouse JOHN COX — English; American Inter- national College. B.A. ; Springfield Col- lege. Mr. Cox 8 Mrs. McHaffey Mrs. Hart MARGARET McHAFFEY— Art; Central College, ANN HART— French; Smith College, A.B. A.B. : Iowa State University, M.S. BETTY JANE DONELY— Latin and Ger- man; Mount Holyoke College, A.B. and M.A. Miss Donley TIMOTHY F. REGAN— French; Tufts’ University, A.B. ; University of Massachu- setts. M.A. Mr. Regan 9 Mr. Caouette PAUL CAOUETTE — English and Modern Problems; University of Massachusetts, B.A. Mr. Freisem WILLIAM FREISEM — History; Hamilton College, A.B.; University of Pennsylvania. M.S. WILLIAM HUTCHINSON — Biology; Clark Univer- sity, A.B. and M.A. Mr. Hutchinson EDMUND TRA VERSO— Social Studies; Brown Uni- versity, B.A. ; Boston University, Ed.M. Mr. Traverso 10 Mr. Swift ARTHUR L. SWIFT— Chemistry; Uni- versity of Massachusetts, B.S.; N.S.F. Institute, advanced graduate work in Chemistry. C. A RTHUR EDDY — Mathematics; Col- by College, A.B. Mr. Eddy Mr. Oliver CLIFFORD OLIVER — Mathematics and Physics; Bates College, A.B.; University of Massachusetts, M.S. ; University of Pennsylvania, M.S. RICHARD JOHNSON — Mathematics; Emory University, A.B.; University of Massachusetts, M.S.; Boston College, C.A.G.S. Mr. Johnson Mr. Abramson Mr. Correale CHARLES ABRAMSON— Physical Edu- cation; Springfield College, B.S. MARJORIE DAY — Home Economics and Physical Education: University of Mass- achusetts. B.S. M. ELIZABETH LAWSON— Physical Education; Sargent College, B.S.; Springfield College. M.Ed. ANGELO CORREALE — Physical Sci- ence. Physical Education, and Drivers Education: Springfield College. B.S. and M.S. Miss Lawson Mrs. Day 12 Mr. K. Caouette KENNETH CAOUETTE — Commercial and Modern Problems: Gonzaga Univer- sity, B.S. and M.A. IRENE E. HALE — Bookkeeping and Typ- ing: Salem State Teachers’ College. B.S. Ed. Miss Foley ELIZABETH FOLEY— Shorthand and Typing: Salem State Teachers’ College, B.S.Ed.: Boston University. M.S.Ed. KAY MARTIN — School Nurse: New England Deaconess. R.N. Mrs. Martin 13 Mr. Oldershaw BRUCE OLDERSHAW— Audio-Visual Aids; West- field State Teachers’ College, B.S. Ed.; Springfield College, M.Ed. Mr. Moore HOLLIS MOORE — Industrial Arts; Fitchburg State Teachers’ College. B.S. Ed. LESTER WARD— Head Custodian. RICHARD ROBINSON— Industrial Arts and Me- chanical Drawing: Keene Teachers’ College, B.Ed. Mr. Ward Mr. Robinson 14 BARBARA ROBINSON — Secre- tary; Northampton Commercial College. MARY HOLMES — Cafeteria Staff. CHARLOTTE JANSE — Cafeteria Staff. ALICE MODRIZAKOWSKI— Sec- retary ; Northampton Commercial College. EUGENE O’NEIL — Custodian CLARA ALDRICH— Matron FREOLA ROBITAILLE — Guid- ance Secretary; Bay Path Secre- tarial School. ISABEL THORNTON— Cafeteria Staff. MABEL ROMANCIER — Cafeteria Staff. 15 N “ I light my candle from their torches —BURTON 17 Left to Right: D. Berglund, E. Perriello, Mr. P. Caouette, G. Jones, C. Marsden. CLASS OF 63 The Freshman year of the class of 1963 was the class’ first opportunity to unite and direct their efforts toward a definite goal. This goal, obtaining money to be used for expenses in the Junior and Senior years, was achieved with great success through various projects which included several dances, a slave day in the fall and spring, a food sale, and a car wash. The success of these projects was due largely to the enthusiasm and hard work of all the class members. 18 Left to Right : Marilyn Aldrich, Mr. Eddy, David Smith, Andrew Horton, Kenneth Brown. CLASS OF ’62 The Junior Class during the year has played an active role in high school activities. Led by its president, Andrew Horton, vice-president, Ken Brown, treasurer, Dave Smith, and secretary, Merrilyn Aldrich, it has successfully carried out many money-making projects. Among these projects were a bean supper, an original idea from the class, the annual cake sale, and the Junior Class Play, which had record sales. The class planned many more projects for the year, including a paper drive during February vacation, a talent show, and a car wash. 19 FRONT ROW: Madeline Corey, Frances Dziuba, Elaine Campbell, Patricia Childs, Susan Barton, Dorothy Crowley, Judith Adair. SECOND ROW: Barbara Crossman, Heather Bastow, Dolce Alviani, Elaine Blasko, Lydia Ball, Betty Bales, Patricia Briggs. THIRD ROW : Margaret Brown, Laurence Bates, Dennis Berglund, Susan Austin, Bruce Colby, Valeriy Bohdonaw, Vanna Cuddeback. FOURTH ROW: James Christian, Victor Basile, Thomas Bas- sett, Thomas Cavanaugh, Anthony Conklin, Philip Beaumont. FRONT ROW ' : Elizabeth Lachman, Betsey Heath, Nancy Guyott, Donna Ernest, Barbara Ennis, Sarah Liver- more, Elizabeth Lewis, Gertrude Jones. SECOND ROW: Connie Kieras, Donna Irwin, Helen Kucinski, Sara La- Claire, Carol Linnell, Margie Gage, Susan Latham, Caroline Floge. THIRD ROW: Robert Knightly, Geoffrey Kenseth, Chris Enery, Paul Joy, Alan Jacque, Robert Goodrich, James Kosakowski. FOURTH ROW: James Har- wick, Paul Hodgkins, Robert Goodhind, Montgomery Holden, Douglas Graves, Frank Kosloski. 20 FRONT ROW: Joanne Matuszko, Celia Atkins, Charnley Marsden, Cheryl Pratt, Susan Markert, Judith Millar, Carol Robinson, Patricia Mitchell. SECOND ROW : Jill Morgan, Susan Niedeck, Elaine Perriello, Janice Richard- son. Joanne Ostrowski, Susan Merzbach, Julie Lovens, Betty Ann Rozwell. THIRD ROW: Sandra Manchester, Susan Nee’t, William Murphy, James Mangels, Stephen Morin, Mary Norton, Barbara Rowell. FOURTH ROW: Robert Musante, Eric Nelson, William Poole, Robert Livingston, Thomas Oliver, Raymond Powers, Michael Masloski. FRONT ROW: Sandra Smith, Erica Savereid, Patricia Shumway, Mischelle Sepanek, Justina Winston, Lucinda Williams, Alicia Weeks, Nancy Wills, Olive Warner, Sandra Woodard. SECOND ROT : Jane Wick. Leslie Thayer, Mary Taylor, Ann Swartz, Beverly Smith, Elizabeth Walker, Patricia Wenn, Charlotte Turgeon, Marilyn Wilson. THIRD ROW: Ralph Timberlake, John Stanley, David Turcotte, James Thomson, Charles Thompson, Martin Wy- gant, Douglas Woodard. FOURTH ROW: Donald South wick, William Thomas, Michael Stone, John Wentworth, Nelson Woodfork, Stephen Snow, Edward Serues, William Zumbruski, Richard Williams. 21 FIRST ROW: Beverly Davis, Mildred Daniels, Sharon Carey, Cathy Dunn, Nancy Allen, Marion Arons, Alice Davis, Gail Beturney, Karen Chase. SECOND ROW: Mildred Ballou, Elizabeth Bond, Sandra Bond, Priscilla Cook, Russell Connor, Kenneth Brown, Stephen Burke, Donald Cheney. THIRD ROW: Judith Crooker, Joy Adams, Virginia Brace, Diane Davis, Marilyn Aldrich, Daniel Collins, Ronald Collins, Maurice Garvey. FOURTH ROW: Thomas Atherton, William Boicourt, Joseph Doctor, William Basara, Arthur Dimock, Paul Galligan. FIRST ROW: Karen Guyott, Phylis Hanson, Gail Kauffman, Judy Jeffery, Marjorie Lilly, Lynn Greeley, Linda Gilbert, Virginia Goodhind. SECOND ROW : Richard Hankinson, Lucy Harlow, Elizabeth Hewlett, Margaret Hanks, Susan Harwiek. Muriel King, John Grose, Donald Hunsburger. THIRD ROW: Ray Gozzi, Carl Goodrich, Wayne .Hebert, Robert Guyott, Francis Glaszcz, David Kamenski, Carl Korpita. FOURTH ROW: William Golding, Thomas Houston, Daniel Collins, Andrew Horton, Stephen Gervikas, Leon Grybko, Micheal Grybko. 22 FIRST ROW: Natalie Rhodes, Linda Newport. Jeanne Reynolds, Julie Rowell, Sally Shepard. Beverly Davis. Reginia Rowell. Judith Seymour, Linda Payson. SECOND ROW.- Jacquline Maffia, Ellen March, Marion Lovens, Bonnie Page, Eva Melanson, Reginia Perry, Mary Saver, Beverly Snape, Peter Perhonis. TJIIRD ROW: John O’Neil, Ronald Newport, David Smith, Philip Renaud, Arthur Paradise, Peter Oliver, Jon Merzbach, William Paczkowski. FOLIRTH ROW : David Marden. George Pelis, Roger Slobody, William Moore, George Melon, William Otis, David Peterson. FIRST ROW: Sharon Stowell, Elaine Taylor. Margaret Wyman, Nancy Tolenko, Carole Spear. Mary Stacy. Donna Urgrhart, Peggy Wills, Sandra Tidlund. SECOND ROW 7 : Margaret Winn, Rosemary Tague, Nan Steckel, Margaret Wilson, Carol Stone, Carolyn Vendette, Alice Stosz. Natalie Varley. THIRD ROW: Trenor Tilly, Stanely Tkaczuk, Victor Zumbruski, George Wagner, George Wentworth, Micheal Wagenbach, William Robinson, Frank Thorton. FOURTH ROW: Stephen Teichner, Daniel Collins, Thomas Stolarski, Donald Wright, George Weir, David Wright, Steven Warren. 23 Amherst Reg. H.S. Library, Amherst, MA SENIOR CLASS From Wednesday, September 4, through June 23, the class of ’61 made innumer- able accomplishments as a class and as individual class members. Their years were marked by successes in slave day and sock-hops. Their booster day floats won second, first, and third prizes consecutively, and their fair bocrths brought in record sums. The cake auction and The Loud Red Patrick as well as paper drives and the senior prom. Sayonara, punctuated their junior year. The senior year proved the busiest since they started off with the Booster Week- end sponsorship. From there they sponsored sock-hops and a pre-Christmas bake sale. The basketball season provided after-basketball dances and the refreshment booth for senior work and profit. A novel idea of a dance for parents was put into action in March with ’61’ers as chaperones. June 1961 w r as the busiest month, with preparations for graduation week and for the future. The final week was marked by the senior assembly, finals, class night, picnic, graduation, all-night party, and the senior prom, all which required months of planning. Again a class leaves ARHS with many pleasant memories of studies, athletics and other extracurricular activities, all adding up to a firm foundation for a prosperous future. Left to Ri”Iit: R. Owen, V. Ward, Mr. Freism, C. O ' Rouke, N. Cook. 26 Frank L. Adams FRANK L. ADAMS Frank Undecided Rod and Gun Club 1, 2, 3. Hunting and fishing . . . outdoor man . . . tall one. CHRISTOPHER Z. ANDREWS Chris College Baseball 1; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Drama 1; Thespians 1, 2, 3. Zeus! ... “I don’t like pessimistic people.” . . . basketball. Christopher Z. Andrews Dale K. Ashley DALE K. ASHLEY Dale College Rod and Gun Club 1, 2; Electronics Club 3. Kayaking . . . driving motor scooters . . . “Why not?” . . . North Amherst. MICHAEL L. BASILE Mike College Baseball 3; Gold Bug 3; Pro Merito Treasurer; Science Club 1; Student Council 1, 2; Math Club 2, Vice- President 3; Youth for Kennedy Club, President 3. Mouse . . . never a dull moment . . . stopped for overloading? . . . artist and star gazer. Michael L. Basile RITA M. BACKE Rita Nursing Softball 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Fu- ture Nurses’ Club 3. Asset to the softball and basketball teams . . . sewing . . . “Oh! Beleze- bub!” Rita M. Backe Harriet E. Badger HARRIET E. BADGER Harriet Undecided Basketball 1, 2, 3; French Club 1; Tri-S 2; Softball 1, 2, 3; Future Teachers’ Club 1; Future Nurses’ Club 3. Always sewing, especially shirts . . . sports . . . Italian spaghetti . . . “Oh, Baloney!” 29 Dayna L. Barton DAYNA L. BARTON Dayna Undecided Tri-S 1, 2, .3 Horses . . . letters from the Air Force . . . likes to ski. RUSSEL F. BASARA Russ Undecided Football 1, 2, 3. Shy, but friendly . . . football hero . . . sleepy, Russ? Russell F. Basara Carol Rose Beaumont CAROL ROSE BEAUMONT Carol College Band 1, 2, 3; Softball; Orchestra 3; Tri-S 1, 2, 3. Bo . . . Petunia! . . . Summer Music School . . . flute and piccolo. HELEN BENOIT Redlet Nursing Gold Bug 3; Graphic 1; Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Future Nurses’ Club 2, 3. Little redhead with a big smile . . . “Oh, well, everybody has his own opin- ions! . . . Let’s go for a walk.” Helen Benoit John James Benson, III. JOHN JAMES BENSON, III Jack Undecided Outing Club 1, 2; Track Team 1, 2; Ski Club 1, 2. Crazy jeep . . . always at the flick . . . “Well-a-a” . . . Boston import. DOROTHY ANN BIRGE Dotty Work Tri-S 1, 2, 3. Seamstress . . . hard worker . . . ham- burg and French fries . . . pet peeve: getting up so early for school. Dorothy Ann Birge 28 JOHN MARTIN BLACKMORE Red College Basketball 1, 3; Science Club 1, 2; Football 3; Leaders’ Club 3. “Who, me?” . . . the little black bug . . . “I love you too — now shut up and sit down!” John Martin Blackmore Lawrence F.. Briggs, Jr. LAWRENCE E. BRIGGS, JR. Lar ru College Band 1, 2, 3; Baseball 1. 2, 3; Basket- ball 1, 2, 3; Football 1, 2, 3; Orchestra 1, 2, 3; Pep Band. Drummer boy . . . sports enthusiast . . . Louis’ cheerful (and how!) Steven James Blackmore STEVEN JAMES BLACKMORE Steve College Basketball 1, 2. 3; Thespians 3; Gold Bug 3; Student Council of Overseas’ School of Rome 1, 2. The younger twin . . . “Back in Rome” . . . basketball . . . really knows that Chem. and Math! STEPHEN H. BROWN Steve College Baseball 1. 2, 3; Gold Bug 3; Orchestra 2, 3; Football Trainer 2, 3; Math Club 2, 3; Woodwind Ensemble; Pep Band 3. “Good grief” . . . The Lane ... a roll- ing V.W. . . . always on the go. Lois Ann Black LOIS ANN BLACK Lo Secretarial Work Gold Bug 3. Cute brunette . . . lively . . . “It’s al- right to live it up, if you can live it down!” . . . can ' t wait for the weekend. Stephen H. Brown SHARON BRIDGES Sherry Interior Decoration Future Nurses Club 1, 2; Future Teach- ers’ Club 1, 2; Library Club 1. Those new hair styles . . . " What’s to it, kid?” . . . Springfield. Sharon Bridges 29 LINDA LEE CAMPBELL Lin Commercial College Gold Bug 3; Graphic 2; Majorettes 3; Pep Club 3; Tri-S 1, 2, 3. Short and sweet with long dark hair . . . “What am 1 going to do now?” . . . loves dill pickles. Linda Lee Campbell Sally Ann Bruce SALLY ANN BRUCE Sal Work Tri-S 2, 3. “My nephew Strawberry blond . . . “You potato!” . . . horses, horses, horses, horses. MARION EMILY CASEY Bean College Graphic 1, 2, 3; Future Teacher’s Club 1, 2, President 3. “Mac” . . . parties in the fiat . . . Am- herst College Library . . . volleyball. Marion Emily Casey Wesley J. Cembalisty WESLEY J. CEMBALISTY W es College Graphic 3; Rod and Gun Club 1; Sci- ence Club 1, 2; Football 1, 2, 3; Lead- ers’ Club 2, 3. Red, red hair . . . eat much food? . . . “Hey, toothy!” . . . sports enthusiast. Reginald L. Campbell REGINALD L. CAMPBELL Reg College Baseball. Manager 1. 2; Basketball Man- ager 1. 2; Boyfriend 1; French Club 2; Gold Bug 3; Football Manager 1, 2; Leaders’ Club 3. “C’est la vie!” . . . skiing . . . flying . . . “I’ll leave my card.” DAVID A. CHAFFEE Davy Air Force or Mechanical School Rod and Gun Club 1, 2, Secretary 3. Hot rodder . . . silk shirts, black slacks . . . pet peeve: studies. David A. Chaffee 30 Richard W. Cobbs RICHARD W. COBBS Dick College Shum’s . . . standing on the corner . . . strong man . . . play much poker? ELIZABETH SHERWOOD CRAMER Bunny College American Field Service 2, 3; Basket- ball 1, 2; Drama 2; French Club Secre- tary-Treasurer 1, Vice-President 2; Gold Bug 3; Graphic 3; Pep Club 1, 2; Pro- Merito Secretary; Science Club 1; Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Thespians 2; Secre- tary 3. “That’s sounds wild!” . . . “Mope!” . . . careful with the newts . . . “Now listen, Howland, before you say any- thing, ask me!” Elizabeth Sherwood Cramer C. STEPHEN COE Steve College Baseball 2, 3; Basketball 3. Baseball . . . citizen of South Amherst . . . quiet and bashful, (occasionally). C. Stephen Coc Douglas Critchfield DOUGLAS CRITCHFIELD Doug College Rod and Gun Club 1, 2, 3. Belchertown Pond . . . Easthampton dances . . . Chem lab. today? . . . hot cars. Norman W. Cook NORMAN W. COOK Norm College American Field Service 1; Band 1, 2, 3; Chorus 1. 2; Orchestra 3; Student Council 1. 2, 3; Leaders’ Club 3; Pep Band 1, 2, 3; Math Club 2, 3; Class Treasurer 3. Cookie . . . plays a hot sax . . . The Aqua Velva Man . . . “C’mon, kids, please, please bring in those dues.” LINDA M. CROSSMAN Lynn Nurses Training Gold Bug 3; Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Future Nurses’ Club 1, 2, 3. Writing letters and reading . . . “Oh, get out!” Always does her share. Linda M. Crossman 31 Sandra J. Cunningham SANDRA J. CUNNINGHAM Sandy Nursing Graphic 2; Pep Club 1; Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Future Nurses’ Club 1, Secretary 2, President 3. The talk cuz . . . “We thought was rather humorous too!” . . . English sixth period. VALERIE N. DUBOIS Val College Softball 1; Chorus 1; French 1, Pres- ident 2, 3; Pro Merito; Tri-S 1, 2, 3. French . . . bicycling . . . that long lovely hair . . . likes cats, German cooking, rye bread and foreign lan- guages. Valerie N. Dubois George F. Drake GEORGE F. DRAKE George Undecided Chorus 1, 2; Projectionists Club 3; Rocket Club 1, 2; School in Japan 1 , 2 . Our D.J. . . . radios, radios, electronics and photography . . . pet peeve: people who complain about the music at dances. CHRISTINE ANNE DUDLEY Chris College Drama 1, 2; Gold Bug 3; Graphic 1, 3; Pet Club 2, 3; Math Club 2. Library worker . . . always willing to help and so enthusiastic . . . pony tail. Christine Anne Dudley BONITA I. DOHERTY Bonnie Beautician Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Majorettes 2; Library Club 1. Shunt’s . . . “Hey, Kathy!” . . . found in Hamp . . . “Be nice!” Bonita I. Doherty Carol S. Du Bose CAROL S. DU BOSE Bugs Business College Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Tri-S 2, 3. Blonde hair and brown eyes ... “I was so embarrassed, I” . . . Blondie . . . likes to cook. 32 Richard A. Dunn RICHARD A. DUNN 1 1 Dick College Rod and Gun Club 1, 2; Young Re- publicans Club 3. Dickey-do . . . hot Chevy . . . New , York? KATHERINE A. DZUIBA Kathy Secretarial Work Cheerleaders 1, 2; Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Library Club 1. Green hair on St. Patrick’s Day . . . “Dzuiba Kid” . . . trip to Albany . . . “Be serious!” Katherine A. Dzuiba Jo Wingfield Fishel JO WINGFIELD FISHEL Joby Nursing Band 1, 2, 3; Drama 1; Gold Bug 3; Orchestra 3; Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Tri-S 1, 2. 3; Pep Band 1, 3; Math Club 2; Leaders’ Club 2. The red-headed twin . . . that big bass drum . . . lots of fun . . . always smiling. Margaret Mary Etler MARGARET MARY ETLER Peggy Business College Softball 2, 3; Chorus 2, 3. Likes to sing . . . makes her own clothes . . . really goes high on that tramp ... tall one. RODERICK HURD FI FIELD Rod Sendee | Auto mechanic . . . fast cars . . . Yogi I ... “Go ahead and talk. Mr. Traverso!” RITA WINGFIELD FISHEL Rita College Gold Bug 3; Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Science Club 1 ; Student Council 1, 2, Treas- urer 3; Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Class Treasurer 1; Leaders’ Club 2; Future Teachers’ Club 2, Vice-President 3; Library 1, 2. “Oh, you banana!” . . . live wire . . . talk much? . . . “Hey, Goody!” Roderick Hurd Fifield Rita Wingfield Fishel Arva Darleen Foden ARVA DARLEEN FODEN Arva College Cheerleaders 2, 3; Gold Bug 3; Pep Club 2, 3; Tri-S 2, 3. Red hair and freckles . . . clothes, clothes, clothes . . . many, many brace- lets . . . bowling. Christos C. Gianarakos CHRISTOS C. GIANARAKOS Chris College Baseball 3; Chorus 1; Rod and Gun 1 , 2 . Rock . . . “Golden Greek’’ . . . weight lifter . . . “What’s it to ya, anyway?” ANDREW KERR FRENCH Andy Air Force Baseball 2: Rod and Gun Club 3. Huntin’ and fishin’ . . . found at the First National . . . pet peeve: car that won’t run. Andrew Kerr French KATHERINE MARIE GILBERT Kathy Marriage Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Pro Merito; Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Math Club 2, 3. Diamonds for Christmas . . . “Only — more days!” . . . writing letters ... so happy. Katherine Marie Gilbert Robert John Goetzl ROBERT JOHN GOETZL Bob College Gold Bug Co-Editor 3; Graphic 2, 3; Pro Merito; Rod and Gun Club; Math 2, 3; Track Manager 2, 3; Literary Club 1; Foreign Policy Discussion Group 2. One of our hard working editors . . quiet worker . . . Brooklyn accent from the Bronx. ELIZABETH ANN GOODRICH Goody College Drama Club Secretary 2; Gold Bug Business Manager 3; Graphic 2, 3; Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Future Teachers 1. 2, Secretary-Treasurer 3; Thespians 3, Leaders 2; Library Club. Those clothes she makes herself . . . that laugh . . . “Rita.” Elizabeth Ann Goodrich 34 Howard Bruce Goodwin HOWARD BRUCE GOODWIN Bruce Technical School Young Republicans Club President 3. “Skip” . . . reading pocket books . . . Young Republican . . . tube steaks. MARGARET ROBERTA GRAHAME Midgie Undecided Drama 2; Pep Club 2, 3; Pro Merito; Tri-S 2, 3. Perfume . . . always talking . . . loves cookin’ . . . “swinging.” Margaret Roberta Grahame Donna Lynn Grow DONNA LYNN GROW Donna College Chorus 2; Gold Bug 3; Graphic 1; Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Math Club 2; Future Teachers’ Club 1, 2, 3. Cucumbers, Donna? . . . wild driver from Leverett . . . Pet Peeve: closed fire doors. Jane Sherwin Harris JANE SHERWIN HARRIS Jane College Band 1, 2, 3; Chorus 3; Orchestra 3; Pep Club 3; Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Pep Band 3; All-State Chorus 3; French Club 3. Music: cymbals, piano, and singing . . . “Really?” . . . those flirty eyes . . . arguing with Mr. Paul Caouette. SARAH SUE HARVEY Sarah College Band 3; French 3; Gold Bug 3; Or- chestra 3; Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Future Nurses’ Club 1, 2, 3. Those expressive hands . . . James- town, Rhode Island . . . skiing and skating, and playing the piano . . . band. Sarah Sue Harvey DENZEL G. HANKINSON i! Denny College I Band 1, 2, 3; Chorus 1; Graphic 3; I Math Club 2. I| Hastings . . . Laugh and be merry ... skin diving . . . too many news- papers (for the junior class). Denzel G. Hankinson 35 PHILIP ETHAN HOWARD Phil College Baseball 1, 2, 3; Rod and Gun Club 1 , 2 . Clowning all the time . . . North Lev- erett . . . work at Louis. Philip Ethan Howard PETER HENDRICKSON Pete College American Field Service 1. 2, Vice-Pres- ident 3; Thespians 1, Treasurer 2, 3; French Club 3; Pro Merito President; Student Council 1, 2, President 3; For- eign Policy Discussison Group 2; Lead- ers’ Club 2, 3. Summer school courses . . . The Hatch . . . hungry? . . . “Slow r down, Steve!!! . . . tadpole. Peter Hendrickson it Kathleen Hawthorne KATHLEEN HAWTHORNE Kathy Work Basketball 1; Gold Bug 3; Graphic 2; Tri-S 1. 2, 3. 5 foot 2, eyes of blue . . . “That’s life” . . . singing along . . . always going places. Ann Howland ANN HOWLAND Annie College Drama Club 3; Pep Club 2, 3; Tri-S 2, 3; Foreign Policy Discussion Group 2. “You know, Cramer, he really does look like a newt!” . . . “Haalp!” . . . dizzy blonde . . . “Thing is, I like being insecure!” Wilson Owen Hill, Jr. WILSON OWEN HILL. JR. Billy College Horseback riding . . . likes to hunt . . . not always what he seems. JAMES HAROLD HURSTON jimmy College Baseball 1. 2, 3; Basketball 1; Rod and Gun Club 1, 2; Football 1. 2, 3; Leaders’ Club 2, 3. Sharp dresser . . . sports . . . blushes so easily . . . tough. James Harold Hurston 36 Richard T. Ives RICHARD T. IVES Dick College Drama 1; Rod and Gun Club 3; Intra- murals 1. Milk those cows . . . Fast cars . . . Hails from South Amherst. ANITA FRANCES JACQUE Neel College Softball 1, 2, 3; Basketball 3; Graphic 1; Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Future Nurses Club 2, 3; Drama Club 2, 3; Gold Bug 3. “You’re kidding!” . . . those eyes . . . what a clown . . . great softball player. Anita Frances Jacque Jk . Susan Marie Jacque SUSAN MARIE JACQUE Sue College Softball 3; Basketball 3; Drama Club 2, 3; Gold Bug 3; Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Future Teachers Club 1 , 2 . “What a bunch of turkeys” . . . sports fan . . . bombing around. JOHN J. KAMENSKY. JR. Wildcat Work Basketball 2; Rod and Gun 1; Projec- tionists’ Club 1, 2, 3; Corridor Patrol; Auto Mechanics Club 1, 2, 3. Keep on the job, Monitor . . . car enthusiast . . . “Hey, you guys.” John J. Kamensky, Jr. Susan Ellen Joy SUSAN ELLEN JOY Sue College Softball 1, 2, 3; Basketball 3; Drama Club Vice-President 2, Secretary 3; Gold Bug 3; Graphic 1; Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Future Nurses’ Club 2, 3; Future Teachers’ Club. An Irish beauty . . . “What am I going to do?” . . . the kid who drives in neutral . . . cheerful. MARK LEE JOHNSON Mark College Pro Merito; Student Council 1, 2; I Math 2, 3; Literary Club 1, 2. The curly headed kid . . . study much? ... remember the lipstick in ninth grade, Marcus, -,a-um? . . . ex-worm I farmer. Mark Lee Johnson 37 Janies Lewis Kates JAMES LEWIS KATES Jim College Graphic 1, 2, Business Manager 3; Science Club 1; Projectionists 1, 2; Track Manager 1. Hard worker for the Graphic . . . “It’s a bitter bitter world!” . . . Mr, Crouse’s pal? ... is that the front page of The Times?” SHARON ANN KING Sherry College Basketball 1, 2; Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Drama Club 1, 2, 3. Crutches and casts ... a smile for everyone . . . pretty eyes . . . hard worker. Sharon Ann King NANCY KATHERINE KOWAL Nancy College Tri-S 1, 2, 3. The office worker . . . ‘ ' Where ya going?” . . . walks soo slowly. Nancy Katherine Kowal ELAINE DAGMAR KENSETH Elaine College American Field Service 2, 3, Exchange Student 2; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Gold Bug 3; Graphic 1; Pro Merito; Student Council 1, 2, Secretary 3; Class Secre- tary 1, 2. A.F.S.’er . . . summer in the Nether- lands . . . foreign correspondence . . . friendly to all. Elaine Dagmar Kenseth Rushworth Moulton Kidder RUSHWORTH MOULTON KIDDER Rush College Band 1, Student Director 2, 3; Cho- rus 1; Thespians 2, President 3; Gold Bug 3; Graphic 1; Orchestra 3; Pro Merito; Science Club 1; Pep Band 1, 2, 3; Math Club 2. President 3. Music man . . . host to our A.F.S. student . . . “Fie!” . . . finger in every pie. Lloyd A. Kirley LLOYD A. KIRLEY Leroy College Rod and Gun 1; Projectionists 1; Cor- ridor Patrol; Auto Mechanics Club 1, 2, 3. Red head . . . patrolman for our corri- dors . . . hot sausage grinders. 38 Michael L. Kurrier MICHAEL L. KURRIER Mike College Gold Bug 3; Pro-Merito; Science Club 1 ; Math Club 2, 3. What an artist ... all those experi- ments and the models for math . . . Folk music ... a silent scholar. LORETTA LASHWAY Cheerleaders 1, 2; Drama Club 1, 2; Graphic 2, 3; Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Tri-S 1, 2, 3. “Angel” ... so trim and neat . . . big beautiful eyes . . . letters, letters, let- ters. Loretta Lashway CONRAD LaBONTE Connie Work Rod and Gun Club 2. A new car? . . . likes to sleep in Math . . . in again, out again. Conrad LaBonte Joseph W. Langford JOSEPH W. LANGFORD Joe College Gold Bug 3; Math Club 3. “That’s cool!” . . . smooth dancer . . . Elvis fan. SUZANNE MARIE LILLY Suzie-0 College U.C.Y.M. Secretary. Southern charm and drawl ... so tiny . . . “Oh, my cow.” Suzanne Marie Lilly Dona Gail Lego DONA GAIL LEGO Dona Work Tri-S 1, 2, 3. “Abby” . . . “You had better not say that twice” . . . pet peeve: being told what to do . . . Pizza. 39 MILDRED H. LUMLEY Bonnie Housewife Drama 1 : Tri-S 1. 2, .3 “Mabel” . . . mom . . . Jay and Jimmy . . . “our house.” Mildred H. Lumley Barbara Janet Livingston BARBARA JANET LIVINGSTON Barb College American Field Service 2, 3; French Club 3; Gold Bug 3; Graphic 1, 2, 3; Pep Club 1, 2; Pro Merito; Tri-S 1, 2, 3. Blush, much? . . . hard worker . . . “Oh. bother!” Shirley Ann MacConnell SHIRLEY ANN MacCONNELL Sandy College Drama 1, 2; Gold Bug 3; Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Tri-S 1. 2. 3; Future Nurses’ Club 1 ; Leaders’ Club 2. Petite and peppy . . . coordinates . . . neat and sweet, always. PATRICIA ANN MADDEN Pat Work So very neat . . . quiet too . . . “you know.” Patricia Ann Madden Edward Rupert Markert, Jr. EDWARD RUPERT MARKERT, JR. Ned College Basketball 1, 2, 3; Football 1, 2, 3; Baseball 3; Drama 1; Leaders’ Club 2, 3. “Farmer Ned” . . . hard worker . . . “Hello, dear” . . . shines on the basket- ball court . . . German student. LORRAINE MAE MATUSZKO Lorry College Basketball 3; Chorus 1. 2; Pep Club 3; Tri-S 1, 2, 3. “Does my hair look alright” . . . found in Hadley. Lorraine Mae Matusko 40 Mary Jane Niedeck MARY JANE NIEDECK Froggie College Softball 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Chorus 1; French Club 2; Gold Bug 3; Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Leaders Club 2; Library Club 2. “Froggie” on the trampoline . . . effer- vescent . . . gym and sports . . . water skiing. SALLY ANN MIAZGA Sal College Basketball 1; Cheerleaders 1; Gold Bug 3; Graphic 3; Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Tri-S 1, 2, 3. Quiet — ’til you know her . . . always smiling . . . College Drug soda jerk. Sally Ann Miazga JOHN RICHARD MIKALUNAS Mickie Work Works in the cafeteria . . . always reading Hot Rod . . . pizza — um, m, m. JOHN DOUGLAS NORTON Jody College Band 1, 2; Basketball 1; Drama 3; Orchestra 1, 2; Pro Merito. Pocket books . . . tennis . . . “What page are we supposed to be on?” . . . “No, I ' ' m more depressed than you are.” Charlene Edith Meader CHARLENE EDITH MEADER 1 i Charkie Commercial College Drama 2; Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Future Nurses’ Club 1, 2, 3. Diamonds . . . lots of ambition ... al- ways willing to lend a helping hand . . . Ron. NANCY ANN NEWELL S Nanc College Co-editor Drama 1; Gold Bug 3; Graphic 1, 2, 3; Pep Club 1. 2, 3; Tri-S 1, 2, President 3; Future Teachers’ Club 1. 2. 3; Club Council 2, 3. Noodles . . . delivery girl . . . whistle while you work . . . that laugh . . . hard-working editor of the Gold Bug. Nancy Ann Newell John Douglas Norton SHELIA ELIZABETH PAGE Shelia Hairdresser Cheerleaders 1, 2; Majorettes 2; Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Future Nurses 1. Hey, Pagie! . . . rings on her fingers . . . can really throw a pajama party. Shelia Elizabeth Page Charles C. O’Rourke CHARLES C. O ' ROURKE Chuck College Baseball 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Foot- ball 2. 3; Student Council 1. 2, 3; Class President 1, 3; Leaders’ Club 2, 3; Golf 1. The Big 0 . . . can really play the field ... Oz ... “I just love crew- cuts” . . . B.M.O.C. MARY ANN T. OSTROWSKI Moncha Work Basketball 1; Chorus 1; Tri-S 3. Always singing . . . “Happy-go-lucky me” . . . “Sell the farm, school’s in.” Mary Ann T. Ostrowski Sue Lynne Patrick SUE LYNNE PATRICK Sue College Basketball 1, 2, 3; Drama Club 1; French Club 2; Gold Bug 3; Pep Club 1; Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Thespians Vice-Pres- ident 2, 3; Future Nurses 1. " How many Sues are there in this school?” . . . “Oh, 1 can’t, I’m on a diet” . . . long time thespian . . . beautiful blite eyes. Ruth Susan Owen RUTH SUSAN OWEN Ruthie College Cheerleaders I, 2, 3; Gold Bug 3; Graphic 1, 2, 3; Pep Club 1, Vice-Pres- ident 2, President 3; Student Council 3; Tri-S 1, 2. 3; Softball 1, 3; Future Teachers 1, 2, 3; Class Vice-President 2, 3. “C’mon, kids, where’s your SPIRIT?” . . . fried clams . . . “Guess again, the third time never fails” . . . enthusiastic worker. ALBERT D. POTTER Al Service Quiet and happy . . . “What you say?” . . . delivering the New York Times. Albert D. Potter 42 Susan Irene Rogers SUSAN IRENE ROGERS Susie College Drama 1, 2; Gold Bug 3; Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Future Nurses 1 , 2 . Gidget . . . V.W.’s . . . clothes . . . pecan pie . . . women drivers. DAVID ROCKWELL RUSSELL Woody Service Black slacks . . . motorcycle . . . plays the guitar. David Rockwell Russell Judith Winter Russell JUDITH WINTER RUSSELL Judy College Basketball 1. 3; Drama I; Pep Club 2, 3; Tri-S I, 2, 3; Future Nurses 1, 2, 3. Hard worker, does more than her share . . . “God Bless You” . . . Greenfield. NANCY ANN RULE Nance Work Basketball 1, 2, 3; Tri-S 1, 2. 3; Soft- ball 1, 2, 3. Quiet in all she does . . . basketball . . . square dancing . . . “Did you do your English?” AMELIA RUTH SAPIA Me me College Dr ama 2; Goldbug 3; Tri-S 1, 2, 3. Always so neat and pretty . . . “Cottin- pick” . . . the latest styles . . . Moore’s Corners. Amelia Ruth Sapia ALBIN ROGOWSKI Al Trade school Curly blond hair . . . “Pm late for work . . . Louis’ . . . working on his car. Albin Rogowski Nancy Ann Rule 43 STEPHEN B. SHAW Steve Trade School Rod and Gun Club 1. Cafeteria worker . . . “Clean off your tray, kid” . . . hot cars . . . “that’s right.” Steven B. Shaw KENNETH S. SCARBOROUGH Ken Service Clown . . . modem problems naps . . . Mrs. Langford’s aid . . . busy hands. Kenneth S. Scarborough Stephen Ensign Smith STEPHEN ENSIGN SMITH Smitty College Drama 1, 2; Thespians 2, 3; Gold Bug 3; Graphic 1, 2, Editor 3; Pro Merito; Club Council 2, 3; Leaders Club 3; Young Republicans Club Vice-Presi- dent 3. Big Steve . . . “Where’s your Graphic article?” . . . Walshes’ errand boy . . . neat dresser. Stephen Drake Sayer STEPHEN DRAKE SAYER Steve College Drama 1; Science Club 1; Projection- ists Club 2, 3; Electronics Club 3; Thes- pians 3. Radio, radio, radio . . . always work- ing . . . avid A.V. man. Richard D. Searle RICHARD D. SEARLE Dick Service Intramurals 1. ‘Nightly hot dogs at Mae’s Drive-In . . . cars . . . keeps you in stitches, a joke a minute . . . those definitions! PETER CARL SOUTHWICK Pete Undecided Basketball 2. Likes to hunt and fish . . . knows the answers in Chemistry. Peter Carl Soutliwick 4 V 44 NANCY SPELMAN Sonia Ann Spakowski • SONIA ANN SPAKOWSKI Sonia College Graphic 1; Pro Merito; Student Coun- cil 2; Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Literary Club 1, 2, 3; Class Treasurer 2. Those lovely hand-knit sweaters . . . U. of M. ahead . . . Oh, can she blush. Nancy College Cheerleaders 2, 3; Drama 1, 2; Pep Club 2, Secretary-Treasurer 3; Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Future Nurses’ Club 1. Cheering . . . Pep Club . . . food . . . cute and peppy . . . pet peeve: people who cut in on telephone conversations. Nancy Spelman Frances Bernadine Swartz FRANCES BERNADINE SWARTZ Franny College Chorus 2; Pep Club 2, 3; Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Future Nurses’ Club 2. A happy, cheerful smile . . . hard work- er .. . hails from North Amherst. CLAUDE JOSEPH THIRY Claude College American Field Service 3; Drama 3; Student Council 3. A.F.S.’er from Belgium . . . the trip to Ware . . . knows so many languages . . . classical music. Claude Joseph Thiry THOMAS F. TIDLUND T om College Football 2, 3; Leaders’ Club 3; Track Team 1, 2, 3. The quiet one . . . track-man . . . sports of all kinds . . . really “fell” for speech class. Thomas F. Tidlund Peter John Thomson PETER JOHN THOMSON Pete College Rod and Gun 1; Track Team 1. “Watch out, the gun’s loaded!” . . . target shooting . . . “Have you done your chemistry yet, Pete?” 45 Deloris Barksdale Thorndike DELORIS BARKSDALE THORNDIKE Dee Work Tri-S 1, 2, 3. Hails from Louisiana ... so slim . . . fried clams . . . pet peeve: people who take life for granted. PETER S. VAN FLEET Pete Pharmaceutical School Future pharmacist . . . works hard . . . that quick happy laugh. Peter S. Van Fleet Frances E. Todd FRANCES E. TODD Franny College Tri-S 1, 2, 3. Horses, horses . . . French summer school . . . “Flake off” ... “I can’t hear you, I have a carrot in my ear.” LINDA MAE THORNDIKE Lin Work Tri-S 1, 2, 3. Little, bitty, pretty one . . . just riding around . . . “Uh huh.” Linda Mae Thorndike WILLIAM VAN OUDENHOVE Bill Work Rod and Gun Club 1. The Blue Jewel . . . outdoor man . . . “What are you? Some kind of a nut?” William Van Oudenhove Susan J. VanFleet SUSAN J. VAN FLEET Susie College Gold Bug 3; Pep Club 2, 3; Tri-S 2, 3. “Don’t eat all my carrot sticks!” lovely laugh . . . Missouri drawl . . . “Fab- ulous!” 46 Janet M. Vlach JANET M. VLACH Jan College Cheerleaders 1, 2, Captain 3; Drama Club 1, 2; Pep Club 2, 3; Tri-S 1, 2, 3. Artist . . . sparkle in the halls . . . “Come on you kids . . . you can yell louder than that!” ... a cute cheer- leader. ELAINE J. WEAVER Goldie Work Playing the guitar . . . curly blonde hair . . . whiz at sports . . . mechanical drawing. Elaine J. Weaver VIRGINIA BROWNELL WARD i Ginny College | American Field Service 2: French Club 1, 2; Pro Merito Vice-President; Stu- |j dent Council 1, Treasurer 2, Vice-Pres- | ident 3; Tri-S 2, 3, Secretary 1; Vice- President of Class 1, Secretary 3; Club Council Moderator 3. ]| The Latin scholar . . . quiet and stu- || dious? . . . A.C. Library . . . tres chic I . . . jujubees. Virginia B. Ward ROBERT W. VINCENT Bob College Rod and Gun Club 1, 2, 3. Likes hunting, fishing, and photography . . . found at Louis . . . another quiet guy- Robert W. Vincent Anthony J. Waskiewicz ANTHONY J. WASKIEWICZ Tony College Baseball 1, 2, 3; Rod and Gun Club Leaders Club 3. Baseball man . . . fried chicken . . . hunter and farmer. Patricia Ann Vernell PATRICIA ANN VERNELL Pally College American Field Service 3; French Club 2, 3; Gold Bug 3; Majorettes 3; Tri-S 1, 2, 3; Library Club 1. Peppy little blonde . . . “How did that Chemistry experiment come out?” . . . that laugh! 47 James H. Weaver JAMES H. WEAVER Jim Undecided Fast cars and skates ... “I may be little, but look out!” . . . the best things come in small packages. LILLIAN J. WILLIAMS Lil College Chorus 2. Hails from way up North! . . . those rosy red cheeks . . . fried clams . . . always reading. Lillian J. Williams ALEXANDRA L. WEIR Sandy College American Field Service 2; Drama 2; French Club 1, 2; Pro-Merito; Tri-S 1. 2, 3; Leaders Club 2. Those many clothes and shoes . . . Mitch and Mark . . . likes to bowl and eat grinders. Krishna Ricarda Winston KRISHNA RICARDA WINSTON Krish College American Field Service; French Club 3; Pro-Merito; Literary Club. Very European . . . those hair styles . . . frank . . . always in a hurry. DAVID B. WYMAN Dave College Band 1, 2, 3; Science Club 1, 2; Brass Choir 2, 3. Kayaking and canoeing . . . “Hasting, here I come” . . . baritone player . . . “John isn’t my name.” David B. Wyman Alexandra L. Wier Eleanore Elizabeth Wentworth ELEANORE ELIZABETH WENTWORTH Ellie Undecided Tri-S 1. 2, 3. A real good cook . . . “Are you mad”? . . . hamburgers and coke . . . quiet sometimes. 48 Who put the root beer in my valve? Hey, this stuff tastes good Where the girls are Tres chic, n’est-ce pas? That open fire flavor Favorite pastime And then what did she say? Opening night Where the boys are The light of pleasure is the sister of the light of knoivledge. FIRST ROW: E. Markert, L. Briggs, J. Blackmore, C. O ' Rourke, J. Hurston, R. Basara, T. Tidlund, L. Kirley. SECOND ROW: J. Doktor, G. Wier, G. Wagner, R. Dowd, V. Bodhonaw, L. Grybko, F. Glascz, D. Wright, Coach Abramson. THIRD ROW: T. Atherton, W. Basara, S. Gervickas, A. Jacque, V. Zumbruski, G. Wentworth, T. Cavenaugh. FOURTH ROW: Coach Cox, M. Stone, P. Joy, S. Warren, Coach Farrick, Coach Crowley. FOOTBALL Well balanced skill in both offense and defense best describes this year’s football team. A good passing attack plus fast and powerful backs combined in scoring 194 points. A strong line and good pass defense held the opposition to only 78 points. An impressive 4-3-1 record is evidence of the Hurricanes’ strength under their new head coach. Mr. Abramson. THE FOOTBALL RECORD Williamstown Opposition 0 Amherst 24 Frontier 6 6 Arms .. 0 42 Mahar 14 46 South Hadley 20 12 Ware 22 18 Murdock 0 34 Ludlow 16 12 54 Defensive men Hurston, Weir, and Joy stop a Wiliiamstown back. Amherst linemen, Basara, Hurston, Weir, and Wagner clear the way for Val Bohdonaw. In this year’s eight games Amherst backs gained 1363 yards rushing. Charlie O’Rouke, protected by Tom Tidlund, throws one of his long passes. O’Rouke com- pleted 55 of his 107 passes this season, 10 for touchdowns. 55 Coach Correale, C. Andrews, W. Telega, E. Markert, J. Grose, C. O ' Rourke, J. Blackmore, V. Bohdonaw, S. Blackmore, D. South- wick. Coach Regan. VARSITY BASKETBALL The varsity team, after dropping its first two games, went on to win 11 of its 14 games to gain second place in the Hampshire League. They entered the Western Mass. Sportsmanship Tournament as defending champions and lost a thrilling pre- liminary game to Easthampton. Coach Correale and first string players. O ' Rourke, Markert, Andrews, and Grose discuss strategy. 56 VARSITY BASKETBALL RECORD Opponent Amher Athol 55 46 Northampton 63 59 Erontier 33 44 Arms .. 39 54 South Hadley 48 62 St. Michaels 47 55 Hopkins 45 51 Pioneer 26 54 Smith Academy 57 25 Frontier 54 67 Arms 29 50 South Hadley 55 60 St. Michaels 35 67 Smith Academy 58 44 Hopkins 55 47 Pioneer 33 59 Amherst man grabs rebound from three Athol players. O’Rourke scores two more points. 57 FIRST ROW: S. Snow, P. Keegan, A. Jacque, R. Goodrich, C. Lauren. SECOND ROW: T. Cavenaugh, Coach Regan, D. Mardin, D. Nelson, V. Bodhonaw, R. Conklin, W. Russel, D. Russel, V. Basile. J.V. BASKETBALL The J.V.’s broke even in Hampshire League play with 6 wins and 6 losses. Under the coaching of Mr. Regan, they improved steadily showing their great potential. Next season several players will be ready to be valuable assets of the varsity team. THE J.V. BASKETBALL RECORD Opponent Amherst Athol ... 40 39 Northampton . 53 42 Frontier 33 62 Arms 40 35 South Hadlev 44 41 St. Michaels 35 17 Pioneer 28 42 Smith 45 38 Frontier 38 60 Arms 39 55 South Hadley 48 37 St. Michaels 53 52 Hopkins 39 43 Pioneer ... 17 43 58 SITTING: Coach Robinson, G. Richason, T. Martin, J. Hardy, T. Prucnal, E. Traxchy, C. Allen, S. Stone, S. Smith, F. Crowley, W. Ennis, Coach Abramson. STANDING: G. Mellen, S. Coe, R. Gozzi, P. Howard, C. O ' Rourke, V. Zumbruski, L. Briggs, T. Was- kiewicz, W. Telega, W. Vinsky. BASEBALL The highlights of the 1960 baseball season were the many memorable pitching performances. Backed by a strong team, the pitchers in compiling an outstanding 14-3 record copped the Hampshire League crown and went on to the Western Mass. Tourney in Holyoke. The tournament game was a hard fought pitching dual ending in a 1-0 defeat for Amherst. The overall season, however, was marked by brighter days including 5 shutouts pitched by Cliff Allen. OPP. AM. Northampton 3 4 Turners Falls 2 7 Springfield Commerce 3 8 St. Michael’s 4 11 Smith Academy 0 5 Hopkins Academy 4 6 Pioneer Regional 0 14 Arms Academy 6 5 OPP. AM. Frontier Regional 1 9 St. Michael’s 3 6 Brattleboro, Vt. 5 2 Smith Academy 0 6 Hopkins Academy 0 2 Arms Academy 0 6 Frontier Regional 0 1 Pioneer Regional 0 3 59 ma FIRST ROW: R. Goetzl, E. Nelson, W. Moore, D. Drew, D. Cheney, T. Tidlund, A. Dimock, J. Kenseth. SECOND ROW: S. Warren, S. Teichner, T. Atherton, G. Weir, J. Dokter, W. Basara, G. Wagner. THIRD ROW: R. Newport, J. Blackmore, B. Goodwin, D. Wright, Steve Blackmore, S. Tkaczuk. TRACK A great number of individual accomplishments, including a school record, were achieved in the 1960 Hurricane track season. The team record of 3 wins, 3 losses. 2 second places and a third place in triangular meets was especially good considering the loss of several experienced track men of the past season. Bill Basara. who holds the new school half mile record of 2 minutes and 7 seconds, scored consistently. Steve Burke in the quarter mile, Glenn Goodnow in the mile, and Dennis Patnaude, in the dashes and weight events were also consistent scorers. The Western Mass, championships saw Bill Basara place second in the half mile and Glenn Goodnow first in the novice mile. TRACK RECORD Opponent Amherst Cathedral 71 37 Longmeadow 45 1 3 62 2 3 Northampton - ..-41 1 2 66 1 2 South Hadley ... 72 36 Turners Falls 52 1 6 Greenfield .. 46 1 6 33 2 3 Holvoke 51 1 3 Northampton 31 1 3 49 1 3 Frontier 67 1 2 Athol 33 39 1 2 Athol 40 59 60 FIRST ROW: R. Goetzl, W. Basara, S. Warren, T. Atherton, D. Cheney, Coach Caouette. SECOND ROW: E. Nelson, T. Tid- lund, A. Dimock, J. Kenseth, M. Stone. CROSS COUNTRY The season was marked by many hard fought contests. Although our cross country runners competed against more experienced teams they managed to win one meet and lost several close meets including a one point loss to Minnechaug Regional High School. CROSS COUNTRY RECORD Amherst Opponent Williamsburg 23 39 Minnechaug ... 32 24 Minnechaug 29 30 Williamsburg 24 33 61 FRONT ROW, L. to R.: S. Tidlund, S. Stowell, E. Kenseth, R. Backe, N. Rule, M. Ostrowski, H. Badger, M. Niedeck, P. Hanson, S. King. SECOND ROW, L. to R. : N. Tulenko, N. Varley, F. Rocasah, R. Kamensky, E. Mecanson, D. Hebert, M. Lilly, L. New- port, R. Perry, N. Rhodes, J. Crooker, M. Aldrich. BACK: Miss Lawson, E. Taylor, J. Footit. BASKETBALL The 1961 varsity team, short of senior experience, had a disappointing season, winning 4 games out of 11. Rita Kamensky, Elaine Kenseth, and. Margie Lilly led the scorers, while fine junior guards put up a commendable defense against over- whelming odds. The team never seemed to work up to its potential but they managed to score 210 points. SCORES Opponents Amherst Williamsburg 31 15 Arms .. 25 26 Frontier 50 19 Greenfield 47 4 St. Michael’s 18 29 Arms 27 15 Frontier 52 15 Williamsburg 27 24 Greenfield . 28 11 St. Michael’s 16 22 South Hadlev 20 30 62 ! FRONT, L. to R.: J. Matuszko, S. Markert, M. Wilson, G. Jones, B. Crossman, M. Corsy, B. Smith, P. Mitchell. BACK ROW, L. to R. : M. Gage, B. Rodzwell, J. Ostrowski, S. Merzbach, Miss Lawson, P. Shumway, N. Guyott, H. Bastow, M. Brown, S. King. J.V. BASKETBALL Miss Lawson has much to look forward to if members of this year’s J.V. team do as well next year on varsity. Fine shooting by Gert Jones, Bev Smith and Carol Linnell highlighted the season in which 7 games were won and 4 lost. Energetic freshman guards held the opponents to an average of 11.7 points per game while the forwards averaged 19.2 points. SCORES Opponents Amherst Williamsburg 13 3 Arms Academy 9 12 Frontier 19 10 Greenfield 18 12 St. Michael’s 5 42 Arms Academy 14 15 Frontier 15 20 Williamsburg 13 9 Greenfield 12 19 St. Michael ' s 6 47 South Hadley 5 23 63 SOFTBALL The 1960 Softball Team was outstanding in its teamwork. Working together with the accurate pitching of Judy L. Moore, the capable catching of Georgianne Jacque, and the powerful batting of Lora Carey and Rita Kamensky, the team breezed its w r ay to five victories, and lost tw’o hard ones to Frontier Regional. They averaged 12.1 points per game to their opponents’ 6.6. Amherst 9 Northampton 0 Amherst 3 Frontier 4 Amherst 17 Arms Academy 6 Amherst 26 St. Michael’s 10 Amherst 12 Northampton 7 Amherst 13 Arms Academy 8 Amherst 5 Frontier 11 MEMBERS — FIRST ROW, Left to Right: S. Joy, A. Jacque, C. Pelis, S. Barry, L. Carey, G. Jacque, J. L. Moore, M. Tenney, A. Mathieson. MANAGERS: E. Lachman. B. Paradise, C. Horton. SECOND ROW: J. Crooker, N. Allen, E. Melanson, H. Badger, R. Backe, M. J. Niedeck, D. Hebert, N. Rule, J. Fuller, R. Kamensky, G. Goodhind, A. Davis, M. Arons, M. Wilson, P. Winn, K. Guyott. THIRD ROW: N. Varley, A. Stocz, Coach — M. Lawson, E. Taylor, S. Shepard. 64 FIRST ROW: R. Owen, J. Valch, A. Foden. SECOND ROW: K. Guyott, C. Vandette, N. Spelman, P. Cook. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS The Cheerleaders were very active in encouraging school spirit at athletic contests. Besides their regular performances at all football and basketball games, they sponsored a double header basketball event to raise money for cheerleading outfits and other expenses that arose during the cheerleading season. The double header included Varsity Cheerleaders versus the girls’ Varsity Basketball Team and faculty men versus Alumni with the women teachers acting as cheerleaders. In March, the Small Schools Tournament offered the girls a chance to show off the well-rehearsed routines before a large audience 66 STANDING: L. Thayer, E. Blasko, S. Barton, B. Ennis. KNEELING: P. Childs, S. Smith, B. Heath. The Junior Varsity Cheerleaders added much to raising the morale of the players and encouraging enthusiasm from the spectators with their own cheers and their work with the varsity squad. S. Teichner and P. Hendrickson The newly organized boy cheerleaders set a new tradition for the school. They sup- plemented both of the regular cheerleading squads with acrobatic stunts and sideline cheers. The boys even made up some new cheers. It is hoped that this boys’ squad will become a larger organization in future years. 67 FIRST ROW: S. Stowell, G. Jones, R. Snape. SECOND ROW: E. March, M. Periello, J. Matusko, M. Sayer. THIRD Southwick, J. Mangles. Owen, E. Kenseth, R. Fishel, P. Hendrickson, V. Ward, K. Chase, B. Wilson, N. Cook, D. Berglund, V. Bohdonauw, C. Thiry, R. Guyott, E. ROW : A. Dimock, A. Horton, D. Smith, C. O’Rourke, R. Gozzi, D. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council has been very active in furthering the interest of the student body. Their Party-Dance was one of the most popular events of the year. The new idea of having games at a dance was a big attraction. The Council members responded to student suggestions by means of their Thursday morning reports. Clarification of smoking rules and the addition of new mirrors in the locker rooms were two responses to student sugges- tions. The annual Student Council movie, this year “Blackboard Jungle” was shown on April 3rd. 68 FIRST ROW: K. Winston, M. Basile, V. Ward, P. Hendrickson, E. Cramer, S. Spakowski, Miss Donley. SECOND ROW: B. Livingston, V. Dubois, E. Kenseth, M. Kurrier, K. Gilbert, M. Grahme. THIRD ROW: S. Smith, R. Kidder, J. Norton, M. Johnson, R. Goetzl. PRO MERITO The large number of Pro Merito members this year shows the high academic achievement of the class of ’61. Pro Merito supplied ushers for the first P.T.A. meeting and has continually offered its services to school groups. The college assembly in December featured freshmen from all over the country. They described their experiences during the first six months of College life. The annual Pro Merito assembly and honor roll party were also highlights of the honor society’s year. 69 FRONT ROW: E. Lewis, C. Williams, N. Newell, J. Kates, S. Smith, Mr. Cox, B. Livingston, E. Cramer, R. Owen, M. Casey. SECOND ROW : S. Miazga, H. Bastow, B. Hewlett, K. Chase, E. Perriello, L. Lashway, E. Goodrich, M. Norton, S. Stowell, M. Winn, J. Lovins. THIRD ROW: N. Tylenko, C. Dudley, P. Oliver, R. Gozzi, R. Livingston, D. Hunsburger, R. Goetzl, V. Basile, D. Davis, S. Harwick. GRAPHIC With Mr. Cox as advisor, and Steve Smith as editor-in-chief, the staff published eight issues of the Graphic. Each issue contained general news about the school, editorials, pertinent community news, and various other items of interest to the student. In addition to publishing the news, Graphic has sponsored dances and has promoted worthwhile school activities. This year the Graphic received a subsidy from the Town of Amherst for its out- standing contribution to the school. 70 FIRST ROW: N. Rhodes, C. Thiry, P. Hendrickson, E. Kenseth, Mr. Freisem, M. Sayer, A. Dimock, E. Cramer. SECOND ROW: S. Livermore, K. Winston, J. Richardson, E. Savereid, M. Cage, S. Neet, M. Brown, B. Livingston, J. Winston. THIRD ROW: E. Perriello, R. Perry, M. Wilson, R. Cozzi, W. Boicourt, M. King, V. Cuddeluick, C. Linnell. A.F.S. The American Field Service Club has been very active this year. Claude Thery, from Belgium, was at A.R.H.S. under the auspices of A.F.S., and Elaine Kenseth went to the Netherlands last summer under this same pro- gram. The club had several meetings at which they had guest speakers from different parts of the world including: South America, Africa. Europe, and Asia. These speakers led discussions about their countries. 1 hose discussion meetings advanced the purpose of A.F.S. which is to promote world friendship through student exchange. I hey also held a dance, El Toro, with a Spanish theme. 71 FRONT ROW: S. Merzback, M. Gage, E. Lewis, S. Spakowski, N. Allen, K. Winston, E. Savereid, N. Turgion. SECOND ROW: J. Winston, C. Williams, B. Ennis, V. Cuddeback, J. Matusko, H. Kucinski, H. Bastow, M. Norton, J. Miller, J. Lovins. THIRD ROW : E. Perriello, J. Kenseth, E. Nelson, S. Tkaczuk, Mr. Cox, D. Berglund, P. Beaumont, E. Blasko. LITERARY CLUB A poetry contest and the third annual edition of the “Wine Press,” edited by Kreishna Winston and Sonia Spakowski. were among the activities of the Literary Club. Members met every Wednesday to informally read and discuss their creative writings. This club has grown considerably under the guidance of Mr. Cox, a fact which indicates a growing interest in writing for enjoyment. FRENCH CLUB French Club, under the guidance of Mr. Regan, gave its members a closer look at the social and cul- tural aspects of France. The club planned a trip to Boston to see a French play. The club also had the advantage of a native informant — Claude Thiry, our Belgian exchange student. President and Vice-Presi- dent were Valerie DuBois and Eric Nelson. 72 SEATED: B. Livingston, C. Thiry, V. DuBois, S. Spakow- ski. STANDING: Mr. Regan, J. Cox, E. Nelson. MATH CLUB FIRST ROW: J. Crooker, R. Kidder, M. Basile, Mr. Eddy, K. Gilbert, E. Nelson, N. Rhodes. SECOND ROW: S. Brown, P. Hendrickson, N. Cook, M. Kurrier, M. Johnson, J. Langford, R. Goetzl. MATH CLUB The Math Club, which was organized last year for the advanced discussion of topics only briefly considered in the classroom, has continued this practice with discussions led by various members. AUDIO-VISUAL AIDS CLUB A.V. CLUB The Audio-Visual Club provides our school with many valuable services. The club serves the class- room A.V. needs, records and edits tapes, supplies and operates equipment for recreational activities, constructs visual materials and supplements photo- graphic services. The Goldbug thanks Mr. Oldershaw and the A.V. boys for all the photographic work which they did for us. FIRST ROW: Mr. Oldershaw, G. Drake, S. Sayer, T. Tilly. SECOND ROW: V. Basile, D. Wright, R. Musante. Absent: J. Kates, L. Grybko, T. Cavanaugh, B. Otis. 73 FIRST ROW : Markert. R. Owen, R. Fishel, M. Casey, E. Goodrich, D. Grow, N. Newell. SECOND ROW ' : S. Livermore, E. Lewis, S. LaClaire, S. Harwich, N. Tylenko, J. Crooker, C. Seymour, B. Ennis. FUTURE TEACHERS CLUB The Future Teachers Club with Miss Filmore as advisor is designed to give the students interested in teaching a sense of the problems and work of this career. Typical activities of the club are a visit to a nearby teachers’ college and visits to primary schools to observe teaching techniques. inmn M iflil ! Jlf ;»1 f i li • ' Tr " it r FUTURE NURSES CLUB Future Nurses is organized for those who are interested in the fields of nursing, technical jobs in medi- cine, and therapy. Under president, Rita Backe. and secretary, Harriet Badger, this year’s future nurses planned a trip to Worchester County Hospital. These annual trips to nearby hospitals are the highlights of the club’s activities. FIRST ROW: E. Taylor, K. Chase, S. Harvey, N. Guyott, A. Davis. SECOND ROW : J. Russell, S. Bond, S. Joy, II. Benoit. 74 FIRST ROW: P. Childs, S. Barton, E. Blasko, A. Weeks, C. Williams, J. Russell, E. Taylor, N. Guyott, P. Shumway, S. Millar, M. Gage, S. Smith. SECOND ROW : S. MacConnell, L. Matusko, H. Benoit, L. Thayer, P. Mitchell, B. Heath, H. Bastow, B. Ennis, J. Matusko, F. Swartz, C. Dudley, N. Tylenko. THIRD ROW: J. Fishel, J. Vlach, S. Miazga, N. Newell, E. Melan- son, B. Page, M. Winn, P. Hanson, S. Harwick, C. Vandette, C. Stone, N. Spelman. FOURTH ROW: M. Casey, K. Guyott, P. Cook, L. Lashway, S. Joy, S. Carey, B. Hewlett, M. Hanks, A. Howland, E. Cramer, R. Owen, A. Foden. FIFTH ROW : M. Grahme, C. DuBose, S. Patrick, A. Sapia, S. Jacque, S. Rogers, E. Goodrich, R. Fishel, A. Jacque, K. Dzuiba, J. Harris. PEP CLUB The Pep Club is an organization made up of girls from all three classes, who wish to increase enthusiasm at sports functions. The officers are Ruth Owen, President; Carol Vendette, Vice-President; Nancy Spelman, Secretary- Treasurer; and Miss Eli zabeth Foley is the Club’s advisor. During the football and basketball seasons, the Pep Club arranges for bus transportation to all away games, and during the football season sells food at all home games. Their big project of the year is Booster Weekend, which they work on together with the Senior class. This year the program was headed by Chuck O’Rourke, Nancy Spelman, and Ruth Owen, who planned the rally, dances, and big parade through town. It is this project from which the Pep Club raises enough money for the transportation to away games. 75 FIRST ROW: B. Heath, E. Lewis, S. Snow, Mr. Drabeck, B. Ennis, J. Kenseth, S. Niedick. SECOND ROW: S. Market, B. Taylor, S. Latham, P. Shumway, S. Woodard, L. Thayer, P. Briggs. THIRD ROW: E. Saverid, B.. Murphy, T. Cavanaugh, W. Zumbruski, J. Millar. FRESHMAN DRAMA CLUB The Freshman Drama Club was organized for Freshmen interested in dramatics. Under the supervision of Mr. Drabeck the members successfully converted “What Men Live By’ " by Tolstoy into a play. They entered this play in the Spring One-Act Play Competition. 76 FIRST ROW: J. Maffia, S. Joy, G. Weir, Mr. Drabeck, J. Norton, S. Stowell, A. Jacque. SECOND ROW: S. Bond, E. Tayler, S. Blackmore, T. Tilley, P. Reno, S. Jacque, G. Kaufman. SENIOR-JUNIOR DRAMA CLUB The Senior- Junior Drama Club is one of the school’s three drama clubs and is exclusively for Juniors and Seniors interested in dramatics. They presented a play, “My Last Duchess,” in the One-Act Play Competition. George Weir, president of the club, received the best actor award. 77 FIRST ROW: C. Marsden, P. Hendrickson, S. Patrick, R. Kidder, E. Cramer, C. Dudley, E. Goodrich. SECOND ROW: D. Alviani, S. Carey, G. Weir, Mr. Drabeck, S. Blackniore, M. Gage, S. Smith, S. Sayer, S. Tiechner, J. Harwick, C. Andrews, S. Smith. THESPIANS Thespians Troupe 1333, under the direction of Rush Kidder, President, has had an active year. They initiated many new members, some in a fall meeting and some in a meeting this spring. Their entry in the One-Act Play Competition. “Sunday Cost Five Pesos,” won them first prize and a chance to enter their play in the Western Mass. Drama Festival for which they were the host. Plans for spring include the production of a three-act play and a New York trip to see a Broadway play. 78 FIRST ROW: M. Gage, R. Fishel, E. Goodrich, G. Jones, B. Ennis, V. Ward, S. Smith, N. Newell, V. Dubois. SECOND ROW: J. Vlach, S. Markert, N. Cook, M. Basile, D. Berglund, R. Kidder, S. Teichner, E. Kenseth, R. Owen, S. Mac- Connell. THIRD ROW: A. Dimock, A. Horton, G. Weir, J. Norton, C. O ' Rourke, G. Drake, J. Kates, P. Hendrickson, S. Sayer. CLUB COUNCIL Last year the Student Council organized the Club Council for the purpose of providing an equitable method for setting activity dates. The Club Council is composed of the presidents and one representative of each organization. The representative is usually chosen by the club members. Under the direction of Virginia Ward, the Club Council Moderator, each club has been able to set dates for activities. 79 FIRST ROW: R. Knightly, A. French, F. Adams, Mr. Moore, D. Chaffee, R. Ives, G. Wagner. SECOND ROW: G. Wentworth, J. Thompson, F. Thornton, D. Wanczyk, L. Grybko, D. Kaminski. ROD AND GUN CLUB The Rod and Gun Club met every fifth Friday during the school year. They sponsored conservation discussions, films, a gun safety course and an annual ice-fishing trip and cook-out. The club also went on several other field trips including a trout fishing trip. " iMi B fi 1 m m • pT -■ ™ w ,i v i f 1 J 1 j A 1 B ' » ■ FIRST ROW: V. Zumbruski, J. Wagner, T. Atherton, S. Burke, R. Gozzi, E. Markert, P. Hendrikson. SECOND ROW: T. Tidlund, S. Gerivickas, D. Wright, A. Waskiewicz, J. Doktor, J. Hurston. THIRD ROW: S. Warren, C. O ' Rourke, N. Cook. LEADERS’ CLUB The Leaders’ Club, with Mr. Abramson as its advisor, is organized for boys especially in- terested in physical education. The function of the club is to help the gym teachers by leading and demonstrating exercises. This year Edward Markert presided as president with Joseph Doktor as vice-president and Stephen Smith as secretary-treasurer. They planned a gymnastic show which featured gymnastic skills and wrestling, volleyball and badminton. 80 FIRST ROW: D. Ashley, E. Nelson, P. Beaumont, D. Berglund, S. Sayer, D. Wright, Mr. Oliver. SECOND ROW: Mr. Robinson, P. Oliver, P. Renaud, W. Boicourt, R. Conklin, R. Dowd. ELECTRONICS CLUB The Electronics Club was organized to give boys an opportunity to under- stand the practical uses of electricity and also its fundamentals. The club is advised by Mr. R obinson and works in conjunction with the Physics Department. Some of the projects the boys have worked on this year are radio-controlled model airplanes and cars. FIRST: T. Oliver, M. Wilson, J. Mangels, N. Cook, R. Perry, C. Beaumont, M. Gage. SECOND: S. Livermore, S. Merz- back, G. Jones, R. Hankinson, D. Alviani, S. Neet, W. Boieourt, R. Livingston, D. Wyman. THIRD: D. Collins, W. Moore, D. Hankinson, W. Poole, G. Mellen. FOURTH: S. Harvey, A. Horton, D. Smith, J. Harris, J. Fishel. BAND AND ORCHESTRA The band had a difficult time this year. After the resignation of Dr. Schuler, the Band experienced a succession of three new leaders, Mr. Young, Rush Kidder and finally Mr. Goss. However, these difficulties did not prevent the hand from having an active year. They played at all the home football games and led the parade on Booster Day. They also played at the Sportsmanship Basketball tourna- ment held at the University of Massachusetts. In May the Band attended the Western Massachusetts Music Festival. They ended the year with the Memorial Day Ceremony and High School Graduation. The Orchestra, getting a good start in March, under the direction of Mr. Goss, played for the High School Graduation along with members of the band. The Orchestra was a combined group of high school students, parents, and University of Massachusetts and Amherst College Students. The Orchestra also presented a Spring Concert for the public. 82 FIRST ROW: C. Marsden, J. Mangles, G. Jones, S. Brown, N. Cook. SECOND ROW: D. Collins, G. Mellen, R. Guyott, R. Kidder. THIRD ROW: J. Harris, J. Fishel. PEP BAND The Pep Band, under the direction of Rushworth Kidder, h as been one of the main attractions at the basketball games, both home and away. The highlight of this year was their presentation on television for the Western Massachusetts Sportsmanship Tournament. 83 TRI-S Tri-S, the school’s largest organization, stands for service, sportsmanship, and scholarship. The program for 60-’61 began with the traditional initiation, and was followed by a banquet for all mem- bers. At Thanksgiving time the club members contributed food for the needy families in Amherst. During the Christmas vacation Tri-S sponsored a formal dance. “Wonderland by Night.” Another activity for Tri-S members was swimming at the University Pool. One of the club’s most successful events was its big pajama party. More than eighty girls brought sleeping bags up to the high school and “slept (?) on the gym floor. The chaperones cooked breakfast the next morn- ing in the cafeteria for all the girls. The major service project of the year was the Good Will Drive in the Spring. The girls distributed Good Will bags to all families in Amherst, Leverett. Shutesberrv and Pelham. The girls later col- lected the hags and sent them to Springfield. As another service project, the girls made Easter favors for the Veteran’s Hospital. the officers of the club included Nancy Newell, president; Gail Beturney, vice-president; Shir- ley MacConnell. secretary; and Sue VanFleet, treasurer. Miss Lawson served as the club’s advisor. SENIOR MEMBERS 84 JUNIOR MEMBERS FRESHMAN MEMBERS 85 ■■ M. Daniels, N. Steckel, J. Fuller, L. Payson, D. Urquhart 86 FIRST ROW: R. Perry, M. Aldrich, N. Steckel, R. Tague, M. Winn, M. Lilly, J. Footit, N. Tylenko. SECOND ROW: M. Lovens, J. Seymore, R. Rowell, A. Weeks, E. Wymann. J. Richardson, K. Chase, E. Ives. THIRD ROW: N. Newell, J. Jeffery, A. Dimock, G. Drake, D. Collins, R. Guyott, 0. Warner. CHORUS The chorus had a new advisor this year, who has proven to he an energetic and welcome addition to the group. L nder his leadership. Chorus attended the Western M ass. Music festival and made plans for a concert. MAJORETTES The Majorettes marched in the Booster Day Parade and provided entertainment during the half-time ceremonies of basketball and football games. THE HIGH SCHOOL EXPERIENCE 87 We delved into the ad- ventures of science and learning, Realizing our own signif- icant insignificance, and Were amazed at what we saw. We experienced the practical And were taught to appreciate the worth of good craftsmanship. We spent many pensive hours Pondering We experienced the joys of creating 90 m GOLD BUG SPONSORS Adams Dairy Henry Adams Rexall Drug Store A Hern ' s Cliff Allen. Clothing Amherst Apple Cold Storage. Inc. Amherst Farmers’ Supply Amherst Journal Amherst Laundromat Amherst Laundry Company, Inc. Amherst Branch of Northampton Co-Operative Bank Amherst Motel Amherst Oil Company Amherst Savings Bank Amherst Taxi, Inc. Amherst Theater Mr. and Mrs. George M. Andrews Ashley’s Garage Bates’ Store Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Basile Baucom’s Textbook Company Dr. Bleckwehl Board of Directors, Third Lunch Dr. Andrew Booth Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Biggs Beauty Bar Mr. and Mrs. John Blackmore Bruce G. Brown Ann August Burnett Nash Insurance Brown’s Curtain Shop Dr. and Mrs. Steven Brown Blair Cutting, Insurance Agency C C Package Store Dr. R. Sheldon Clapp College Drug Store College Shoe Repair College Town Service Center Mr. Norman Cook George F. Cramer Jr.. Attorney at Law- Daily Hampshire Gazette Dan’s Gulf Station T. L. Dorsev’s Memorials GOLD BUG STAFF Co-editors — R. Goetzl, N. Newell, Mr. Traverso, advisor. Faculty Staff — E. Kenseth, R. Kidder — co-chairmen. Senior Staii — S. Harvey, C. Dudley, chairman — B. Livingston, H. Benoit, R. Fishel, A. Howland, M. Basile, D. Wyman, S. Rogers. 94 Dihlmann’s Store Douglass-Marsh, Inc. Dr. Stephen Duval Elder Jones Lumber Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Etler Esquire Cleaners Paul T. Ford Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Goetzl Gibson Chevrolet Company Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Goodrich The Graphic Gribbon’s Music House. Greenfield Griggs, Inc. Mill Valley Grist Mill Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Grow Ed Hart, Buick A. J. Hastings Hebert ' s Dairy Hercules Cleaners Holden Lumber Company Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hurston Albert Jacque Sons Jeffery Amherst Book Music Store Dr. Charles Joy Stephen E. Keedy, Insurance Kentfield Dairy Farm Products S. D. King Prof, and Mrs. George W. Kidder Jr. Mitchell Koldy Studios Lord Jeffery Inn Landry’s Store Lord Jeffery Inn Hair Styling Center Louis’ Foods Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Livingston Mathews Shoe Store Matusko Farms, Inc. McCallum ' s of Northampton A Friend Millar’s Esso Station Montgomery Roses, Inc. Dr. Leo A. Moreau Mraz Ford Club Staff — J. Fishel, M. Kurrier, D. Grow, A. Sapia, S. Rogers. Missing — P. Vernell, chairman. Sports Staff — S. Brown, S. Patrick, E. Markert, E. Cramer. Features Staff — S. Blackmore, A. Foden. 95 Mr. and Mrs. William F. Merrill Mutual Plumbing Heating Mrs. Edith Newell Hamilton I. Newell Newell Funeral Home Gordon F. Neylon, Insurance One-Hour Martinizing Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. O’Rourke K. L. Osuun, Jeweler Owen’s Poultry Farm Mr. and Mrs. R. K. Patrick Dr. Richard Post Pickering Plumbing Supply Stephen Puffer Jr. Quality Fruit Store Rackliffe’s Store Randy’s Store Russell ' s Package Store Ruth’s Beauty Salon Glenn F. Shaw, Turkeys Leon Shumway, Electrician Philip E. Shumway, General Contractor Shumway’s Ice Cream Specialty Card Shop Student Union Barber Shop “Doc” Sullivan Tremblay’s Barber Shop F. A. Thompson Son Ed Twohig, Amherst Golf Pro H. J. Toole, Tree Work Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Tra verso University Motors House of Walsh S. J. Wanczyk, Contractor Vernell’s Turkey Farm Dr. and Mrs. D. S. VanFleet Wellworth Pharmacy Clif Winn, Jeweler Went worth- Aubin Wescott Sons Wirthmore Stores WHMP Business Staff — FIRST ROW: P. Hendrickson, R. Owen, co-chairmen E. Goodrich and N. Cook, S. joy, S. Jacque. SECOND ROW: D. Ashley, J. Kates, J. Vlach, M. Niedick, A. Jacque, S. Smith, J. Langford. Typist — K. Hawthorne. Absent — S. Lilly, S. Miazga. 96 TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY The World BeH Yearbook Are Teylor m«de

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