Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA)

 - Class of 1958

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Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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f I 3 2 U I , 'L l F f 'M I 4 1 ? s Seachfaefaea Aww zmme my sshd pfzeeeww 'Me 7?55" Zak! gag ?7ewan to F-Deuce Zddtckm 1-fmiewa We, The ediTors and sTaTT, inviTe you righT inTo The home of AmhersT Regional High School. Here on review are The brains, The socially rninded, The aThleTes. Here Too are The Teachers and sTaTT. The doors are open Tor a one hundred and eighTy day revievv. EnTer and "Learn To live, and live To learn." 2 if 5' 'Z 4' 45 1 46.2 Es5ip mW4m3mwm"Hkw?ieA y:mwiwESi'.Z?Y1m. ww iwwvfnwwowwmwww-rar wmmwmmm ww. J bbwiimfilmeffmfweu- I '-15:34 I ' , W. 'W A -M , ' ,gggiff-.,w,,. V. - X, ,,, W, 4, , Q , ,fm vavkiif-x , - -' , yy - H lwwn., ,A . -1 f AW ,W,m ,,,,M,A. To Miss Johnson for Two years of cheerful know-now before her escape To France 4 Q Q - . f- ..,e ,. A-. ..,...-.,..Vo.-1-,,-4-7-3,-Q-,.., ,,..-, ,,, h, Q"-""7" - V U A ,J K P r 1 sfv 4 fm S 1 ' J ax x J J' MH M ,,,,,M,, , L STN., F 1, -:m-1:95 rw, M Q M,,..- lm, ,- .-1 , if f . , . . , . . . Y , . Ji..-,..g.a,. ' 44, , ng .,-M.,-. Q - ,- ,-.Q,-.say 1' 'v':5f1:m0w,:f ,- N-,, , , , , . Y- - I , . -408,4 33, Q, 3, n,g5,,, ,,-, 3:33. ,Q-Jud, '54 9 -.12 szigt-7gLqj.,gQ1"f' F""':E"'2LVZ'Q2,2,' ?T..ilb"f-'ff-"b'fS3'J" fr," '.:3.-'S-'5-5:-xii?1-T?-51.-7-4 -M'5.:i4?"L"I' ,' t:4'Vo'J'.1I"'?'I.:,Qf1'g,,'f,f,, "!f.fQ,'.?Q'f"7ff'J+"":f-"-1:1-5f, 5542 p5K27"?,'.'1'L " XY .2'!7's'f . , M--..,,,-fg..N. vs, -5-.,.-,:,,:5 g,w.1,ue,.f wzwgl- n-4.59-.-4:-S g,..:3w1:13-:::,.,,.,.x...1322-fq,,c2,:'-r,.,g:,,g.1-"2- 1.,1-14,-Qf:1-43711231-.-:-z'5far-r:':.,ww H: ,. -5.a+-:'.-,fv.v-'frm.1-1.-1, .- V-'f -- -. 1-A f'w-aw-A W 1--H-4' ' V M -1- -- f , H l. ..,,,,,,. .-Y. M, ,, - . .f f L, , .-.. ,. . . . and To Miss Lawson, who had no place To escape To, for The las'r year of help and inspiraTion . r ,,,70e ' 6445795.57 2:47, -:f4v:1':::,'f.,.-,-.4 .--rx' 1.0,-A,--V,-,,,,,-.pu-,f - .,.- - 7, ,,..v..,.u, -,., ., ,,,,, ., ., .., . -....,..,.,.-,., .,, ,. , , , ,. ., V ,,.,., . , .. - , .-.. ...,,1,,,., ff A 5, ,- , L, vs.-1. .1 1, N,...,,. ...,4.,.. ,1,...45.3...-, n,., .,...,. .f,.,7. ,.- N W... I., -A., ..,-.,.f..X....,.,s,,...1.c,..,,., .,,Q.,,,,,,,. ,,.,. . i ,, . .,,.. .,, ,., , v ,- ,,,..., lat., W ' ...-5 - 1- iv-.. ,,:n,g.,gM 41' 1,,",,g,- -gf gp-7,n5-3.37 wg, Y: I 4- sy ,f Jia:-1 ,.:L'1:":.-:N g-' ff.--. 9 f1't'.za'.',fA Mr- . ,."::'r1i4.,'::.:a,f,ff:e-.w, ,-,L-335121-, ,Q-. 1 , gt' ,L Je "1'...wx2Z5Z" "' Lfiiybwt-T.' w-:v4fgQn4""'Y21: mxrixi '-4v.4sZ,.-2,wKq,2,13 .n,:7:,1':.f-1:-rv N ,.........-L.,..,1.,..-,A -. ,M . 44-Ax:--'A-1 -- 'P'f4"'-M?---'er-he---sr-f'--if 1--ff---92'-4'5Lfa-armQ'e-9-1-524:1f22Zw-fi+44fe:'f1fmTrff:-:Z1-fa:Lf?2.aE5 ', QV""52-314:45-fat?" raw?" --ff - ,afsfiZaivz,-.gifkizn-A:e:4fZ'5:v,g fn-1333111'aff-.55-wlfmegir-fpgpfqife:gi " Z " . ' , ' , ,, . hr X , W ' ' ' ' -"'K,"""'Z' w"""'-"-f"h'!'1"'1C' f4"ff'4'3'-'f'?2"'Msf'"ge-f1f'1'-ffmevfzeefiff -'wx-mxw-rw 1 ss .. as . Y K fnsbixua X ELEP Guidance Univem E Ar Q iw. ix ME N, ig , i JCallOll1 ELEANOR FILLMORE Guidance- Assistant Princi al ANN BURACK Librar and Modern Problems , P Y University ot Massachusetts Connecticut College tor Women, B.A B.S. and M.S. BETTY FIL Secretary Amherst High School Graduate BARBARA ROBINSON Office Assistant Amherst High School Graduate Northampton Commercial College ' Q5 ' 5'z',."f7"5?FT"'Zf' ',Z"?' ',..-J. m' ' f ., - ' gm vii- BORIS BURACK English ancl Speech University of Connecticut B.A. and M.A. MARGUERITE FOLLETT English and Speech University of Massachusetts, BA. LAUREL CROUSE English Boston University, B.A. l M Comme Ama DOROTHY FURGESON English Spokane University, B.A. Smith College, M.A. BETTY JANE DONLEY Latin German and Greek Mt Holyoke AB and MA JOHN CRAIG Commercial, History, and Mathematics American International College B.S. and M.A. flung, SIMONE LAVABRE French Toulouse anol Paris University Licence es Lettres Diplome d'Etucles Superieures C.A.P.E.S., ancl Agregation WILLIAM F. FREISEM American History Hamilton College, A.B. University of Pennsylvania, M.A. RICHARD JOHNSON Mathematics Emory University, BA. H I DONALD S. LACROIX Biology University of Massachusetts i"i B.S. and M.S. KA. OUII I CLIFFORD N. OLIVER ARTHUR L. SWIFT MaIhemaI'C5 and PIWSICS Chemistry and Mathematics Bates College, A.B. University of Massachusetts, B.S. University of Massachusetts, M.S. 1 w F" J. CLEMENT SCHULER Music KATHARINE R- KORELL Curtis Institute of Music, B.M. AFT University of Michigan, Mus. M. MOUNT I'I0IY0ke College, B-A- University of Montreal, Mus. D. BARBARA JANE HOULE Horne Economics, Biology, General Mathematics University of Massachusetts, B.S. RICHARD W. ROBINSON Automobile Mechanics, Electricity Mechanical Drawing Keene Teachers College, B.E. HOLLIS W. MOORE Industrial Arts Fitchburg State Teachers College, B.S. Ed. ELIZABETH M. FOLEY Shorthand and T ing YP Salem State Teachers College, B.S. Ed. Boston University, M.S. Ed. BETTY LAWSON Physical Education Sargent, B.S. Springfield College, M.Ed. WESLET IRENE HALE Audio' Bookkeeping l, Typing I, nheaslem Business Mathematics NO Salem State Teachers College B.S. Ed. JOHN P. MCDONOUGH Physical Education and Director ot Athletics in Senior High School University ot Massachusetts, B.S. and M.S. WESLEY FURBUSH Audio-Visual Aids Norilfmeaslern University, B.S. elics d M.S, ROSE BEAUMONT Diefiiian University of Ok ahoma, B.S. ALEXANDER JOHNSTON Driver Training EducaTion and Modern Problems Springfield College, B.S. KAY MARTIN Sclioo Nurse New England Deaconess, R.N F' T"a 5'5i" 'if Ameaemwsm EUGENE O NEIL Custodian LESTER WARD Head Custodian Cafeteria Staff: MRS, THORNTON, MRS. ROMANCIER MRS. HOLMES, MRS. SMITH QNEIL llan Staff: R Going, going, gone-THE CLASS of '58, buT The memories will linger on. We, The senior ecliTors, presenT our Tellovv members, The people re- sponsible Tor This book. I7 gem Uffcblvw RICHARD A. BERGLUND Berg College ACTIVITIES: Student Council 3, Graphic 2, Gold Bug, Rod and Gun Club 2, Class President I, 2, 3, Junior Class Play: Variety Show 2, Football 2, 3, Track and Field Events 3. A big man of big deeds. ROSAN N E HOLLOWAY Rosanne College ACTIVITIES: Student Council 2, Vice Presi- dent 3, Pep Club 2, 3, Trl-S I, 2, 3, Graphic 2, 3, Gold Bug, Pro Merito 3, Future Teachers' Club 3, Drama Club I, 2- Double Quartet 2, Class Secretary I, 2 3, Variety Show 2. I I Her record speaks for her. ' ' 7.5. D Three years of toil and fun have slipped quickly by. We remember three years ago when the Class of '58 entered old A.H.S. Green, yet eager, we sponsored a Sadie Hawkins Dance in October and the next month the Harvest Moon. Girls, carrying the boys' books and opening doors for them-what's this? Why, Twerp Day, of course. For the last function of our freshman year we added to our treasury with a booth at the Community Fair-now an annual project of the class. . Then there was our iunior year! What a riot-our first year in the new school. What a lot of fun, with a red teapot and a dance, we celebrated our final football game of the '56 season. In November we stuffed our mouths and our pockets at the junior class cake sale, whi-le Hal Sieling and Tom Patrick auctioned the goods. Remember "Bertha, the Beautiful Typewriter GirI"? With a blizzard, a run on the bank, a love affair, and a heart attack we staged a rip-snorting melodrama in real old-time style. Looking for variety? Boy, we have it-everything from musicians and dancers to firemen and comedians. With the senior and freshman classes we traveled to the South Seas, Africa, and the Plaza of New York in one night. We were adventurous that spring and so found ourselves collecting paper despite its low price. The climactic episode of the year was "Tea for Two " Japanese lanterns, parasols, flowers, balloons, and a dragon backdrop painted an oriental ' t going seniors. pic ure to a memorable evening for the out- Last but not least we look back on our senior year-full of GUQUISII and glee. The Frosh Welcome, a dance, and a float, Winning second place in the Booster Day Parade, started our year off right. Two food sales swelled our pocketbook, as did a Student-- Teachers basketball game-with senior girls as cheerleaders. A minstrel show, similar to the variety show of our iunior year Qave us an outlet for our talent once more. A class icnic claSS . P ' WQIWT, and graduation concluded our three lively years at A.R.H.S. Katherine Doktor, Treasurer, Victor Tid- lund, Vice President. MARGIE VI ACTIVITIES New you hear BET ACTIVITIES: Pf 3: Outing CIUI Bllgl Baht PEP Band 3 Band 1, Q' She strikes go when the Class ol'58 uber and the next month this? Why, Twerp Day, ol i booth at the Community t a lot of fun, with 6 red ber we stuffed our m0UIltS oned the Qoofls- ank, a love affair, anda men and cornediatti t New York In One W9 O I OW pI'ICe. 'll J paflese 5 "Tea for TWO bIclrdr0P able evening 0 lull Ol I arf our senior led afloat, I an C91 Gill 9' 6 dan starfellouldlent- Y Paradef Sdida5IU P zketbookg acheerleaflelilea, irls 6 fUni0f QW of our IiCn,c,claSS Sho A dass P1AR.Hf5- ore' sa ' ble Iivell' Year ' MARGIE WEAVER ALDRICH Muffie Work ACTIVITIES: Tri-S I, 2, 3. Now you hear her, now you don't. BETSY L. AMES Bets College ACTIVITIES: Pep Club I, 2, 3, tri-s I, 2, 3, Outing Club I, 2, 3, Graphic I, 2, 3, Gold Bug, Band Associate Librarian I, 2, 3, Pep Band 3, Orchestra I, 2, 3, All-State Band I, 2, 3, Tri-State Band I, 2, 3. She strikes a high note everywhere. WILLIAM A. ALLEN, JR. Bill Service ACTIVITIES: Track and Field Events 2. The golden haired whiz' SANDRA E. ALLEN Sandy College IVITIES. Pep Club I, 2, 3, S 2, 3, Graphic I, Gold Bug, Band I, 2, Orchestra I, 2, Basketball I, 2, 3, Softball 3 Badm on I Look for her on the basketball floor. STEWART ASHLEY Stu College ACTIVITIES: Rod and Gun Club I, Secre- tary 2, Junior Class Play. Look out, Science, here he comes. ELIZABETH JANE ALLIS Betty Work She has a great big smile. wJ5 aff......f:f,e M, ,M ,Qt KAREN E BECK Karen Nursing ACTIVITIES Student Council 3 Pep Club I 2 3 TriSI 3 Vice Presldent2 Graphic I, Associate Editor 2, Gold Bug, Future Nurses Club I, Vice President 2, President 3, Tri-S Conference 2. Always helpful, always there. MERRILEE ATKINS Merrilee College ACTIVITIES: Pro Merito 3, Future Nurses Club I, 2, 3, Tri-S I, 2, 3, Orchestra I, 2, 3, Variety Show 2. A wonderful student with a big helping hand. DOROTHY BLASKO Dotty Service ACTIVITIES: Pep Club If Tri-S I, 2, 3, Tumbling I, 2, 3, Basketball I, 2, 3, Soft- ball I, 2, 3, Cheerleading 2, 3. "Come on, you kids, cheer!" x s 5 9 I 2 2 MICHAEL J. BEGOS Mike Work ACTIVITIES: Rod and Gun Club 2, 3. Hot rodding boy of the month, 20 M W we -fm-H' 'tt' CHARLES AUCLAIR Charlie Work ACTIVITIES: Rod and Gun Club 2, 3, Always busy doing nothing-that's our Charlie. JOH N BOYNTON John Service ACTIVITIES: Rad and Gun Club 2 The quiet man! Cfweifs AUM f,,,,,,e EDWARD A. BRACE Worr Eddie MACTIVITIES: Rod MGH I Indefinite 6"'?' bw doing m,HllIfllfi ACTIVITIES: Hockey 1, 2, 3. 'uk' IW Eddie and his hot rod! ON GEORGE CAPEN JOHN Bollll POP John Undecided Service , ACTIVITIES: Rod and Gun Club 2. 0llandGUHllll He likes the wide open spaces. CnvI1lES:l A quiet lll ' ANNE BRYANT Anne Nursing ACTIVITIES: Transferred from Phillips High School, Phillips, Maine, 3, Basketball 31 Tri-S 3, Future Nurses Club 3. Pleasant, well-liked newcomer. I RADIE GEORGE BUNN Radar Undecided ACTIVITIES: Football I, 2, 3: Baseball 2, Track and Field Events I, 2, Cross Country I, 2. This fellow always drives a "hot one." JOHN BRITT Britty Smith Trade School He's the boy with the engaging smile ROBERT F. CARSON, ll. Kit College ACTIVITIES: Student Council President 3, Gold Bug, Band I, Assistant Manager 2, Pep Band I, 3, Orchestra I, 2, Double Quartet I, Basketball I, Track and Field Events T, 2, 3, Cross Country I, 2, 3, Sportsmanship Award 2, Tumbling I7 Boys' State Lieutenant Governor 2, Tri-State Music Festival I, Western Massachusetts Music Festival I, 2. The boy with his foot in every door. 'QAM-hw.-f 422 nf' 5959? ,Q ,fgQf QQ' ' f ' 7 ""'.iE?2?,?1f55-'ifW'V'5232'Q ..'x:Z.t'5'W'i 1+ wrgvgwwbz waomx -Q.:-.1 ef, N-6-2' whim-4v4 KENNETH E. CLARK Ken College ACTIVITIES: Gold Bug, Outing Club lp Graphic 2, 3, Photography Club 3, FooT- ball I, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Baseball I, 2, 35 Variety Show 2. Mainsfay of the mound staff. PHYLLIS J. CLEVELAND Fee , lndefinife She's the quiet fype, GRANT CRICHFIELD Grant College ACTIVITIES: Student Council 2, 37 Outing Club I, 2j Thespian Club 2, President 37 Graphic 2, Business Manager 3j Pro Merito 2, 3j Drama Club I, 2, 37 Western Massa- chusetts Association of Student Councils 2, President 3. He's an achiever both in and out of class. CYNTHIA GALE CURTIS Cindy College ACTIVITIES: Band 17 Orchestra I7 Chorus 'I7 Tri-S T7 Outing Club 37 Drama Club I. Watch out for the quiet ones. SANDRA MONICA DICKINSON Sandy Nursing ACTIVITIES: Student Council 2, Pep Club I, 2, Secretary-Treasurer 3, Tri-S I, 2, 3, Outing Club 2, 3, Gold Bug, Future Nurses Club I, 2, Secretary-Treasurer 3, Biological Artists Association I, Variety Show Co- Director 2, Basketball 2, 3, Softball I. A good sport in every way. BRUCE ,GALEN FIFIELD Bruce Service ACTIVITIES: Junior Class Play, Baseball I. He's not as serious as he looks. , C X X, EDWIN DZIEKANOVVSKI Ed Smith Trade An outdoor f ff 591 x ,. X V nr 1- X 2. fs ,. 3 QQ Aff-X f if School man! ' , X V ,--as ,ww 0 ,.vgg,w"',gs F7 ,SF CZ 'I 'Z Y IIVZWY WC WW? nfs:-,X 549: Xfiffagpzs sw mf5,,y,s Mfsv,4g,s 5 X f fyssfxwo ,F C X ,fs X KATH ER I N E AN N DOKTOR 4 ' " Yfsar' X s ,K ,Q sf f College 5 sq- A -. fsf f, 2 s wf! ACTIVITIES. Gold Bug, Future Teachers ,lg F31 . X 5. iw, IW Club 3, Pep Club Secretary-Treasurer 2 3 X rj , Class Treasurer I, 3, Biological Ai-1,515 5, t sf Association President I, Junior Class Play QV f if ff I Q I X C, Ta ent Show 2, Basketball I 2 3 Soft S, M - ' ' v' , Wa e I ball I 3 'I I ' I Q ' 'stfs 414 .C X ' ' ' C The artist in everything she does , 6 A ,ff r ,X ,, ,... X X XZ NAC C , my K 'x s ,.: ,,:,:gg X , ,sv - .fi fgyyjs A 9 lf 3 .IA l, 5 yy 'V , , 2 I X fa m ,z: 5:-z:-:-ff-:s,:..,.:-ff'- 4::::s1,.p,.,g f w.f'z:-' V ,C '- 'Z s,A:,s:,r+ .s1 "S f -L : - -C-., , - . " f .gi "K X ,. 4' s It '-4s:':- new wtf? .. it. ,sm as s. 1-' I N ff, 'er-t -s sw- . f 41- -km -M: if rn'-'-L:-S1'E:: iii' I " '2 V f " -'HPV +L- '- ' f-:-.f' """"""x s so .ww ,ws .iiawsw-iii ,-fs' , -X - ' .4 - W "few-1 " :tr .1-,Q ,,. gs- 12 ,Qs---,, , o::2a,',,.:-at-, s:5'1z-'- .fists , f sz' I s Y , ...,... , f, , -4 swift s trees , , , .,,,l,l '1 Kill. 'QT I.-I v . ANNE ELY Anne Work ACTIVITIES: French Club 2, 3, Outing Clubl 2: Thespian Club 2, 3, Library Club 2, 3, Drama Club I, 2, Chorus 'I, 2. Busy always . 4 . with the books. 24 k':.r':.--.4-45..,.,.,1,. --s.- .-.N-V-....s....-,, . ,. ELEANOR HELEN FSH ,, Ellie Nursing ACTIVITIES: Pep Club 2, 3, Tr Future Nurses Club I, 2, 3, French Club 3, Library Club 2, ball I, Softball 3. Such ambition! I , Kathy College OKTGR I: G 'P CIOI? Bug? FUIUTS Teachers LSU u Secretary-Treasurer QIQ. re' If 3: Biological Any' - is President l, Junior Class Playl w 2: Basketball 1, Q, 3, Sohf tist in ev6fY7hln9 she does. ANQR HELEN FISH Ellie Nursing I 2 an 37 Tri-5 1 ' l PePClELUb12'2 3, Gold Blirgr 1 I l ei. LibraVY Club 2' 3' Bas 3: 3. ' Q I Such ambition- LYNNE W. FISHEL Winkie Nursing ACTIVITIES: Pep Club 'I, 2, 3, Tri-S I, 2, President 3, Graphic 3, Gold Bug,Thespian Club 2, 3, Future Nurses Club 3, Drama Club Vice President I, 2, Basketball I, 2, 3, Cheerleader 3, Tumbling I, 2, 3, Tri-S Conference I, 3. A real live wire with a finger in every pie. JUDITH EVELYN GERIVIAIN Judy College ACTIVITIES: Pep Club 3, Chorus 3. Champion prize winner of the Commercial Department. 'FW"G':"slWCeT'fffwi-s'fwf'-"-.zQ,-"g1' aw:-0 , -,. ' f .. I Vie fwf eil mlfiiki - . u . RUTH GAMBLE Ruthie College ACTIVITIES: Pep Club I, 2, 3, Tri-S 'I, 2, 3, Outing Club 1, 2, 3, Thespian Club Clerk 2, 3, Gold Bug, Pro Merito 3, Drama Club I, Secretary 2, Orchestra I, 2, 3, Variety Show 2, Junior Class Play, One-Act Plays 1. Her willingness makes her one of the top. l r i ,W I CYRI LLA SUZANNE GARVEY Cerie College ACTIVITIES: Pep Club Vice President 2, President 3, Tri-S 'l, Secretary 2, 3, Graphic 2, Drama Club 2, 3, Variety Show 2, Maiorettes l, 2, 3, Badminton 1, 2, Bas- ketball I, 2, 3, Softball l, 2, 3, Tumbling I, 2. Watch out tor that Irish temper-ament! HENRY FYDEN Henry Work ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1, 3. Get out of the way-here he comes BARBARA GENE GLASZCZ Barb Secretarial Work ACTIVITIES: Pep Club 2, 3, Tri-S I, 2, 3 Softball 2. Oh-that laugh! - S QNWQN C at rx.. I .Y 5 . 4,369 JOSEPH M GRANDONICO oe Work LESLIE GOLDBERG es College ACTIVITIES Transferred from Classlcal High School Springfield 2 GraphIc 2 The gIrl wITh lofs of ambiflon JUDITH ANN HANKINSON Judy College ACTIVITIES: Pep Club I, 2, 3, Tri-S I, 2, 3, Thespian Club Vice President 3, Graphic 3, Gold Bug, Drama Club I, 2, Phofography 3, Chorus 2, Variety Show 2, Basketball I, 2. A jack of all trades. ACTIVITIES Rod and G n Cl b I 2 3 He has hooked some bIg ones he says JUDITH A. eooDELI Judy College ACTIVITIES ThespIan Club 2, 3, Pro Memo 3 Gold Bug Pep Club 2, Library Club 3- Drama Club I 2 Junior Class Play. I To flnd Judy look for bicycles or plaids. JAMES T. HANNIGAN Jim College ACTIVITIES: Outing Club 2, Graphic 2, 3, Tumbling I, 2, Track and Field EvenTs I, 2, Junior Class Play Producer. "They give us real hor rodders a bad name." . RODNEY W. GRAY Rod Service ACTIVITIES. Prolechonisf Club I, 2, Lover of hor rods. 9, ..-,Sh-G-5? NANCY LEE HEMENWAY Nan Office Work NIA-Goomu Judy College , llespian Club 2 3 f :P - yPeP Club 2, Llbraryroclllllillg I, 2: .lunior Class Play, l look for 5 ffycles or plaids, EST.HANNwAN Jim College H 2 3' . , Gap IC I ' C2UllTSlackllalf1d2lFielll Evenls lf , r ass Play Producer' a ball real hoi foddels us REGINA E. HART Gina College ACTIVITIES: French Club 3, Pep Club I, 2, 3, Tri-S 1, 2, 3, Outing Club 2, 3, Thespian Club 3, Graphic 3, Gold Bug, Future Nurses Club 2, 3, Future Teachers Club 3, Drama Club 2, 3, One Act Plays 2, Basketball I, 2, 3, Softball I, 3, Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, Elks Essay Contest Winner 2. Work agrees with her. BEVERLY ANN JARVIS Bev Northampton Commercial College Talent with a brush. ACTIVITIES: Transferred from Drury High School, North Adams 3. Loves Italian food. BETTE MARIE JANTZ Bette College ACTIVITIES: Pep Club 2, 3, Tri-S T, Graphic 2, 3, Pro Merito 3, Basketball T, 2, 3, Softball I, 2, 3. At every game, home and away. MARY KATHRYN HEATH Mary Kay College ACTIVITIES: Pep Club 2, 3, Tri-S I, 3, Gold Bug, French Club 2, 3, Library Club 2, 3, Chorus 3, Junior Class Play. You can take her at her word. EDMUND KAMANSKY Bummy Service ACTIVITIES: Proiectionist Club 2, 3, Rod and Gun Club 2, 3. Can't you hear him? JOHN G. KIERAS, JR Johnny Work ACTIVITIES: Rod and Gun Club 2 The "strike it rich" boy fqw,-f i f ' fan-': 'W W f , .-,. :,,,:,x.,,.,, 5 ,5::,fg,- as, .-,ff ' 3'5q:,j5'53b225gg'.a?:'E-A15'.-:-:.'fLf:i25faig,,'-iw. M ,...z5,w L 4 .Q wt., --gt ff Q 5, l"'7'31.'.if S ,, Y A - gpg' 1 ' I I 1 X fn! ' X - , - n f' +2 rely 4 AW . I , f we - I '2 "-' I-1232! . 92-6Qf':'QQ'f9ZyW f'fw , '2 2 - X, ' f'ASy'g.'1 f H f I f ail , 4- www' if , f .,,.,,,4 J free X ,rj I ' r ,, I ,f f f I I A 1 it I , Emi , I,pm',,,5. 15 w ill I I' MA Q E ' ' 2- ' WAQFWI X qlyfrfw '. x N , XX fx , 5 524 N945 -s:v?49+'f:::"p .' fw W , W- f,9?,,,Qy Q,we,'.4Y j' xgff., V , 4121? I xnjifg is 37 - N . 'nigga V 5qKgL,,w3'. 65.1 1 .7 Q ,Y , to r Qiffffx '- 0 :SQ-5 1,5 I X , ,Q , gysgvx A fgrLie,fgf2:-X!2"fy,fX?iQ. 5,3 - -I-7 Q S ., 'Z'Q?i'714Q5 1-v. S 1 -42' 3 1 I, I. 4 JUDITH KIRLEY Judy Art School ACTIVITIES: Pep Club I, 2 3 Quiet and reserved, but with a great talent ,fL',.-:A ,fy 1u.v-g.r"'q-,1- 'hw-.x -if M 4 1 J, RICIA ANN Pm, KEEDY ARTHUR MACK I c Il Aff Club 2 3.'.n?' 3f l'I'5I.2, ACTIVITIES: Student Council Alternate 37 Gold B6 it esman CIUIU 3: Thespian Club 37 Graphic 2, 37 Gold Bug7 g' Uurellulsesclulll Drama Club 2, 37 One-Act Plays 27 Foot- achelf Club 3: Drama CIub2,3l Captain 2, Drum Maioreltea, impetmon 2, we'll never run down. Up in the clouds. ANTHONY MIRTI SKI PHYLLIS M. LOZO Tony Phyl h College College onhampton Commerclagg ACTIVITIES: Transferred from Brooklyn VI1lES7Tri-Sl, I ' Academy 3. Qclllcgllllf you don'tlCr10WIIeII Brooklyn's contribution to Amherst. ball 37 Basketball I,'2, 37 Baseball I. J EAN V. MARCO Jeannie Nursing ACTIVITIES: Pep Club 'l, 2, 37 Tri-S I, 2, 37 Outing Club 37 Thespian Club 2, 37 Gold Bug7 Future Nurses Club 37 Drama Club I, 27 Cheerleader 37 French Club 37 Badminton 3. She never runs out of pep. MARGARET JANE MARSTON PGQQY College ACTIVITIES: Thespian Club 2, Secretary 37 Tri-S I7 Gold Bug7 French Club 37 Library Club 2, 37 Drama Club I, 27 Junior Class Play. Usually backstage, except when she's got a role. 29 .vt fa--1 - 577' ' 'T"7f,?6""'-7--fafgznv mzarw 4 f M-v.,,-we gzgea x g li g , fS?"e3a 'f - ,f5 f - . DAVID MALINOSK Mel Stodkbridge School of Agriculture ACTIVITIES: Football 27 Basketball I, 2, 3 Hot shot of our basketball squad. DONALD MORAN Don Undecided ACTIVITIES: Rod and Gun Club I, 2, 37 Basketball I, 2, 37' Baseball I7 Track and Field Events I, 2, 3i Cross Country I, 2. A real card . . . and a good guy to deal with. PETER OSTROWSKI Pete Service ACTIVITIES: Proiectionist Club I, 2, 37 Rod and Gun Club I, 2, Secretary-Treasurer 3. The twinkle in his eye says that he has something up his Sleeve- WAYNE NELSON Chubby Stockbridge School of Agriculture ACTIVITIES: Proiectionist Club I, 3, Rod and Gun Club I, 2, 3. Otherwise occupied. JUDITH ANN PAGE Judy College ACTIVITIES: French Club 2, 3, Pep Club I, 2, 3, Tri-S I, 2, 3, Drama Club I, 3. Always in there trying. DOROTHY MAE OWEN Dotty College ACTIVITIES: Pep Club I, 2, 3, Tri-S I, 2, 3, GVBPIWIC 2, 3: Gold Bug, Pro Merito 2, 3, Basketball I, 2, 3, Softball I, 2, 3, Bad- minton I, 2, 3. Hoop it for A.R.H.S. and the future. PAUL W. NEWTON Newt Professional Music ACTIVITIES: Thespian Club 3, Drama Club 2, Bancl I, 2, Student Director 3, Pep ,Band I, 2, Director 3, Orchestra I, 2, 3, Variety Show 2, Junior Class Play, One-Act Plays 2, 3, All-State Band I, Tri-State Music Festival I, 2, 3, Western Massachusetts Music Festival I, 2, 3. He's got rhythm. SIDNEY B. PARSONS Sid College I ACTIVITIES: Pro Merito 3, Bancl I, 2, 3: Pep Band 3, Orchestra I, 2, 3, Chorus I, 2, 3, Variety Show 2, Hockey I, 2, 37 Tri-State Music-Festival I, 2, 3, Western Massachusetts Music Festival I, 2, 3, All- State Chorus 3. He knows all the answers. 7- 35059 ,Dx 9 ...gps .saw P,o,e5sI1f1'gfM THOMAS KENYON PATRICK nes: Theg - US" T P d ll 2' gfxdgilh -3: Drama Club College , 2, Director 3- ODIMUO' SI II, ACTIVITIES: Gold Bug7 Thespian Club 2, 37 Show 2.JunioICrclIeslral,2,I, French Club 37 Double Quartet I7 Drama I 3: Anim Br lass Playg 0rIe.Ad Club I, 2j Class Treasurer 2j Variety Show' I 2 we andlilfl-Slalellugk 27 Junior Class Play7 One-Act Plays I, 27 kstivalfll il llaliestern Massachusen, Football 1, 2, 3j Baseball I, 2, 3. I He's a solid citizen. Hes got rhythm, SIDNEY B. PARSONS ELIZABETH JEAN PRAY sid B I ' College 3 Nursing , Memo 37IaIndLlf' ACTIVITIES: Thespian Club 2, 37 Tri-S I ITIES. Pro Chews I, ' d 3- Orchestra l, 2, 37 3' 2, 37 Pep Club 2j Graphic 27 Future Nurses as ,JY Show 2, Hockey lwzwg Club 37 Drama Club I, 2, Vice President ar' . 3' 95 3- Junior Cla Pla , v Y I 1, 2, I I , ss y. :,UxfllZIcMIJiicIVEesIIval l,2I3iAll Always there, never around. Tthorulingvfs all The answers e WILLIAM F. PERRY I Undecided ACTIVITIES: ProIeCtIonIs'r Club I. He's the original early bird. H JON W. PERRY Lover Service His car's best friend. MARGUERITE PRESCOTT Mig . Secretarial Work ACTIVITIES: Pep Club I, 27 Tri-S I, 2, 3 Basketball I, 2. Red hair-but a good disposition. ERNEST LOUIS PETERSON, JR. Ernie College ACTIVITIES: Football I, 2, 3j Basketball I, 2- Baseball I A hard working athlete! f. .v w 5 GEORGE A. REED George Trade School Dynamite comes in small packages. STEWART SHAW Flip Stockbridge School of Agriculture ACTIVITIES: Thespian Society 3, Drama Club 2, Track and Field Events I, 2, 3, Cross Country 2, 3. "Let's get the show on the road." LEIGH RUSSELL Leigh Service ACTIVITIES: Baseball I, Cross Country 3. Watch out for that smile! LINDA PEARL SCOTT Lin College ACTIVITIES: Pep Club I, 2, 3, Tri-S I, 2, 37 OUTIUQ CIUID If 2, 3: Gold Bug, Future Teachers Club President 3, Band I, 2, 3, PSP Band 3: Orchestra I, 2, 3, Tri-State Music Festival I, 2, 3, Western Massachu- setts Music Festival I Small in stature but big in efforts for her class. ,2, 3. ,544 X gy 9. 'FTW' HELEN MARIE RULE Helen Work ACTIVITIES: Tri-S I, 2, 3, Gold Bug, Cho,-Us I, Basketball I, 3. She's a hard worker-fun too. I I I I I I I cARoLE ANN SHEA Sheasie I I Nursing I 1 ACTIVITIES: Student Council 2, Secretary fir 3, Pep Club I, 2, 3, Tri-S I, 2, 3, Outing Club I, Thespian Club 2, Secretary fl? I Graphic 2, Co-Editor 3, Gold Bug Co-BusI- , ness Manager, Future Nurses Club I, 2, 3: Drama Club I, 2, Cheerleader I. Her smile is louder than words- i EARLE SHUMWAY Shum Undecided ACTIVITIES: Baseball 'li Cross Country 2. V MARIE RULE DONALD SHEPARD lxlea Shep of Work .S I, 2, 3: Gold Bugighoms ACTIVITIES: Rod and Gun Club 2, 3. ' 3- To find, look under the hood . . . of the hard worker-fun 100, car! QOLE ANN SHEA Sheasie Nursing S HY C uncil 2, ecrea Stucieng' T2-S 1' 2l3i0u1rng l'-' br b'2 Secfelall If 6SPlan U ' Co-Busr Eo-Editor 3: Gold llug I 2, 3: .r. Future NW595 CU l ll, 2: Cheerleader ll ds. Ie is Iovdef 'han War DAVID A. SIKOP, JR. Hop College ACTIVITIES: Basketball I, 2. The Hash from Williamsburg. He's not as shy as he looks. RONALD SHEPARD Shep Work ACTIVITIES: Proiectionist Club 3, Rod and Gun Club I, 2, President 3- Junior Class Play, Football I, 2. Sharp shooter-with a gun? EVELYN MAE STOCKWELL Evle Hairdressing AC VITIES TrrS I Library Club 2 3 e goes quietly about her business HAL DALE SIEL NG a College ACTIVITIES: Outing Club I, 2, 35 Gold Bug Co-Editor, Photography Club 3, Band I, Pep Band I, Orchestra I, Chorus I, Foot- ball 3. Always headed out of town ...V A 4 ,4 ' L""'fE" 'A , 'PY E, rf -1 I . -. .-Qfw, N x C .L. - :-2 :QQ I V1 :- '- . E be I cttt , DANIEL JOSEPH SULLIVAN Dan College ACTIVITIES: Outing Club I, 2, 3, Pro- iectionist Club I, Gold Bug Co-Business Manager, Football 2: Boys' State 2. Another one of "those" Pelhamites! JAMES THORNDI KE Jim Work ACTIVITIES: Rod and Gun Club 2. If you can't find him, look uncler a car. THOMAS B. SYMON DS Tommy Indefinite ACTIVITIES: Variety Show 2: Football 2, Basketball 2. Dennis, the Menace. of 6 we Q9 A K 'f 1 I s: 1 ,I 7 6 0 A Q X ff ki., :.,,, wwe, ,Gage fo, A cg S 0 'V 4 M, 1. 4 ' 4: S f W f 4 -brim ggwfigi,-'QQ.!j f iffy? ? v Q ,J fag 46 iss? ZQWQZQ ,Sp 4 ,W I , f ' I I js, ,Q ' '- V jx, '-5:14321 f N-:Q NK ,-:if sa! MQW, My QQ., .... M, . , I.. -.... - ,.,. ..-.- I ,-ts iw',.::N,: -. . - ' , '-'x:, +A 5.-xy' .K :J- ff f . -- f- ., 49- As :-f sg ,ff-,ipfvw ,mc v: wrgvfgy. W If : W M JOHN svvENsoN Oley Service ACTIVITIES: Proiectionist Club I, 2, 3, He looks innocent, but . , , MARTHA L. THORNTON Marty Secretarial Work ACTIVITIES: Pep Club I, 2, 3: Tri-S' If 21 3, Graphic 3, Gold Bug: Softball Manage' I. She's the easy going fYPe- MAYNO A. TENNY, JR. Sam Indefmite ACTIVITIES: Rod and Gun Club l'le'S 8 busy man, 2. PIII f W., in C. 1 .II " I ' I, mi IME- l' ' H I I I I I I 'v ,- 1 1 1 lllllll VIR .'.':' b , . I,1 I IM fC'eq OL A llillliflubz I .-.'- I',l'lIG'1'r,-' 1 I llhfisltell 5 ' I 'TZ l lm " " . R Iiilllff 1 an-, ll'Ilre'I,,, . . t-wt. ALICE TRIMMER Bu Music ACTIVITIES: Transferred from South High School, Knoxville, Tennessee 3, Tri-S 3, TIN SWENSON Oley PAUL THORPE Sefvice Paul Proiectionist Club I 2 3 College Iks innocent, buI,,',' ' ACTIVITIES: ounng Club 2, 3, Basketball 2, Baseball I, Track and Field Events 2, 3. A fast man in the corridors. IA L THORNTON LINDEN VAN WERT h xmywork Cd-llelge 'we M 2 3, ms I, 2I ACTIVITIES: Pep Club 3, Tri-S T, 2, 3, 9P Clu fsghball MBHBQQI Thespian Club 2, 3, Graphic 3, Pro Merito Gold Bug' A 2, 3, Basketball 2, Softball 3, Badminton 2 3- Gold Bu . . I' Q, I 1 Q he e6SY golng lp "Don't call me Linden!" Orchestra 3. "Fiddling" away the hours. JONATHAN G. TUTTLE .lon College ACTIVITIES: Thespian Club 3, Drama Club 2, Band I, 2, 3, Orchestra I, 2, 3, Western Massachusetts -Music Festival I, 2, 3, Jun- ior Class Play. "The Union Army and the Republican Party be darned." VICTOR L. TIDLUND Vic College ACTIVITIES: Student Council 2, Pep Club 3, ,Graphic 2, Future Teachers Club 3, Class Vice President 3, Basketball I, 2, 3, Foot- ball I, 2, 3, Baseball I, 2, 3, Western Massachusetts Association of Student Coun- cils 2. A headliner in everything he does. CHARLOTTE E. WARD Charl College ACTIVITIES: Tri-S I 2 3- Chorus Basketball I, 3, Softball I, Tumbling I Keep those fingers flying! 1' V in jfe:-yyamrymqvf nf s BARBARA ANN WASKIEWICZ Barb Indefinite ACTIVITIES: Gold Bug, Pep Club I, 2, 3, Tri-S I, 2, 3, Variety Show 2, Maiorettes I, 2, Captain 3, Basketball I, 2, 3, Softball I, 2, 3. She helps to keep those feet prancing high. JOANNE CAROL WOODARD Jo Nursing ACTIVITIES: Tri-s 1, 2, 3, outing Club 2, 3, Thespian Club 3, Drama Club 'l, 2, Future Nurses Club I, 2, 3, Chorus 3, Variety Show 2, Basketball I, 2, 3. "What do I do now?" EDWINA K WENTWORTH Wendy Nursing VITIES Pep Club I 2 3 Tr1S I 3, Outing Club I 2 Secretary Treasurer 3 Gold Bug Co-Editor, Future Nurses Club I, 2, 3, Drama Club I, 2, Co-Chairman 3, Band I, Librarian 2, 3, Pep Band I, 2, 3, Orches- tra I, 2, 3, Chorus I, 2, 3, Basketball I, 2, 3, Softball I, 2, 3, Tri-State Musical Festival l, 2, 3, Western Massachusetts Music Festi- val I, 2, 3, All-State Chorus 3. Tall, blonde, and on the beam. JOAN MARTHA WITH ERELL Joni Northampton Commercial College ACTIVITIES: Pro Merito 3, Gold Bug, Graphic 3, Pep .Club 1, 2, 3, Tri-s 1, 2 5eC"e'fa"Y 3: Cheerleader 1, 2, 3. She's got plenty of speed and spirit. I JEAN MAR E WEAVER Soupie Work ACTIVITIES, Pep Club I, 2, 3, Tri-S I, 2, 3, Graphic 3, Gold Bug, Basketball 2. Softball 2. ' Puts in a longer day than most, LOIS ELLEN WOODARD Loly Nursing ACTIVITIES: Pep Club 2, 3, Tri-S I, 2, 37 Outing Club 3, Gold Bug, Future Nurses Club T, 2, 3, Drama Club 'l, 2, Ch0rUS 2, 3, Variety Show 2, Junior Class Play, Basketball I, Softball 2. Leverett gal with lots to do. AARIE WEAVER Soupie Work .ll 2 3, T- Gold I ' ms! 2 anger dal' than mogf. -EN WOODARD Loly Nursing 37 Tfl-S !1 2' 3! Club 21 Nurses Gold Bug: Future Drama Club lf 27 Chliw! mow 2: Junior Class Pay' :ball 2. Jai with lots f0 do' Bug: Basketball' Q! Saving face. lT's for The birds. Step right up! lT's free. Music! Music! Music! Whai, no picfures? Where's The Toast? 1 V i Wh Ji, i , 1 i f i 5' 4, if , E .f i , Did Mr. Swift say you could? Identify and win a free pass to detention. Goan-4 Oh, oh, a bird in The hand is worth more- A leisure minpte. Su- Nxl 'xl' 38 -fi X detention. l I td 1 Looking for a new angle? l The belles ofthe ball 1 l Go on-take a chance. "AII alone on the tele- phone." X fe' ' is worth U10 Should be an interesting picture. A gmed Speaker! . ,V - -- -fm f ' .Watt ""':'c f i" , ,vim :ah Zfywfgx I can T bear iT. W M x 4 f 14 4 Q, x z gf, SL gf! W 2 1466 Wow mp sfvfv ,V , lf! f if QW, Us xy f W 'A .i i if QF SSW ziqvf' -Af Q-:-6' . ,Af 6 KW 1 M95 4 Wbf .4 , . I i 2 e 5 i N SON f Wff MW' if 1 First row: M. Brown, J. Doherty, B. Thorpe, P. Joy, B. Boicourt, J. Christain, P. Loy, M. Benben, J Smith, G. Goodrich, E. Emery, R. Gilbert, J. Galipeau, D. Hanscom, P. French, M. Whitney, D. Allery M. J. Toy, S. Guyott, M. Simpson, B. lantosca, M. Maffia, N. Gass. Second row: W. Richters, C Garvey, T. Webber, M. Fitts, R. Rhodes, M. Mushenski, E. Mand, S. Holden, J. Fair, E. Hanson, N Miltimore, J. Christenson, D. Southvvick, B. Ferrigno, C. Smith, M. Kaminski, D. Casey, C. Lucas C. Holmes, P. Williams, D. Hosford, E. Field. Third row: P. Stosz, S. Dimock, C. Spindler, C Matuszko, J. Langford, W. Nanartonis, J..Julian, R. Jeffrey, J. Ye-Qian, J. Gabaree, S. Martell, J. Webb J. Morris, P. Beck, J. DuBois, R. French, L. Tidlund, E. Bieniek, K. Benoit, R. Holden, J. Land, B W. O'Brien, President, L. Janse, Vice Presidentp l.. C3VYf Treasurer, J. Christenson, Secretary. CS. Martell filled The vacancy left when J. Christenson moved to PennSYl' vania in Januaryj. 'istain, P. Loy, M. BenlJen,l. rench, M. Whitney, D. Allery, Second row: W. Ricl1ters,l. olden, J. Fair, E. Hanson, N. arninski, D. Casey, C. lucas, S. Dimoclc, C. Spindler,l Gabaree, S. Martell, J. Webb Qnoit, R. Holden, J. lantl, li Y V402 Pre nfilrllll' ,.,.rs50n arte ls' eM to Peflflill' rn0V g l Calyl Sldefllr Mitchell. Fourth row: R. Maia, S. Dunbar, W. O'Brien, L. Paddock, R. McCullough, B. Hemenway, P. Simmons, C. Peterson, N. Cote, P. Blasko,.J. Rocasah, J. Whitcomb, M. Gervickas, S. Wills, R. Lososki, S. McCune, P. Lego, E. Rozwenc, E. Putnam, B. Thornton, E. Bielunis, J. Wilson, W. Shum- way. Fifth row: D. Urquhart, S. LoCoco, P. Jones, S. Nelson, J. Wyman, P. Hannigan, K. Kuzinski S. Mather, M. Holden, B. Moore, J. Varley, M. Rodzwell, D. Welcome, L. Cary, P. Morin, L. Janse, C. Rogers, P. Grybko, K. Watson, J. Farrar. Sixth row: N. Neet, A. Skribiski, E. Ford, M. Kosloski G. Tyler, N. Jacque, K. Warren, L. Mason, D. Fuller, L. Goodale. Absent: J. Jacobs, J. Searle, A. Smith D. Lashvvay, E. Raskevitz. I I r 15ewez! The Class of '59 began as freshmen to plan a happy, busy, and financially successful high school career. ln this, their second year, they headlined the social calendar vvith a dance in early October. They entered a float in November's Booster Day parade and held the traditional pre-Thanksgiving cake auction. In December they sponsored a semi-formal dance and in January and February they gave three financially successful Sock Hops. As further boosts to their bank account they conducted a food concession at the February Play Day and gave a downtown food sale the same month. In April the iuniors celebrated with a Spring Weekend the 25th and 26th. In May they vvere busy vvith a booth at the Com- munity Fair and with the Senior Reception. Along with their social and money raising ability, members of. this class vvere outstanding in sports, music, and activities, and they took their share of top honors on the scholastic level. 45 ffff My ,f First row: E. Allen, B. Richardson, C. Seymour, V. Keedy, K. Bibeau, W. Knightley, M. Weaver, D Waskiewicz, B. Crossman, G. Hillenbrand, N. Waskiewicz, D. Partnaude, M. E. McGrath, E. Trachy S. Grandonico, R. Prucnal, D. Keegan, A. Newton, C. Dihlmann, J. Rodzwell, L. Carey, E. Rogers N. Blasko, P. Levine, S. Burke, W. Lewis, C. Hanks. Second row: L. Musgrave, G. Wilson, J. Wick, S. O'Rourke, A. Brown, S. Davenport, T. Turgeon, F. Schabacker, E. Salisbury, L. Garisp R. Wilson, B. Paradise, S. Wentworth, C. Horton, S. Smith, C. Vaughan, K. Thayer, R. Kelley, M. Holden R. Herman, L. Fitts, R. Otto, D. Sindberg, V. Lyman, D. Atkins, E. Reynolds, D. Mafhieson, A Mathieson. Third row: E. Kucinski, R. Kirley, N. Carpenter, H. Wilkinson, D. Lapinski, B. Dunn N. Houston, P. Russell, C. Snape, W. Cembalisty, M. Loomis, H. Wagner, A. Newton, M. Hatt, M. A. Post, T. Parkinson, J. E. Moore, J. Woodward, B. J. Waskiewicz, P. Beck, S. Smith, N. Newell OFFICERS B. Johnson, President, S. O'Rourke, Vice President: N' Houston, Secretary, D. Lapinski, Treasurer. C. llewport, F. lerse U lacque, C. Fieic. : 1- lfcol, P. Rule. .. ifienlelez. Fifth . laliin, l. Koslosll 5 Gcodlind, F. Cros. Q. lccssal, S. Weiser ,,. .i , Pelrizzo, P. Gi llcerborouglt, B. 1 fl' ,- mlmer, P. Hanson , l 22311 l lm l I ln ' T x l-af 'pl Knightley, M. Weaver, D. M. E. McGrath, E. Tracliy, zwell, L. Carey, E. Rogers, grave, G. Wilson, J. Wick, sbury, L. Garis,' R. Wilson, 'er, R. Kelley, M. Holden. Ieynolds, D. Mathieson, il. D. La inski yon, p I B. Dllllll, iner, A. Newton, M. Hati, Beck, S. Smith, N. Newell, . N. . 'defilf rue. vice PWS' y Tre agufef' C. Newport, F. Janse, M. Weir, C. Pelis. Fourth row: P. Wanczyk, R. Zumbruski E Lachma T M ' G- JGCCIUQ, C- Field, E- Wirth, R. Gray, N. White, J. Ostrowski S. Payson H, Moriart Ll, artlqrl R. Cook, P. Rule, C. Dornina, S. Holt, C. Allen, B. Johnson N Morris D Y, S. BZCOWSL Fydenkevez. Fifth row: J. Doktor, J. Kucinski, B. Mather, J. L.lMobre G lRichasoi:nnD Fe 'erryl li Esggilryinla liOSlglski,IJ. CI-hilds, C. Cogswell, J. Tibbetts, P. Merzbach,l D., Latlammel, Layglrlegf B Rocasah S .Wats?dV eyllll .MAlc?Laml4LLeS' .L Catanese' E' Boom' L' Allen' P' Venclelfe, W- Sfanley, K B. Pemgzo- P GIYLT amos r. Sixth row: M. Cashman, J. Stevens, G. Cramer, J. Thompson J Scarboroljg BrQEU,. . enney, E. Tidlpnd, J. Warner, C. Davis, E. Spence, D. Hunt, J. Hardy ' I 9 r - nnis, R. Andrews, S. Fitts, A. Prucnal, L. Cook, B. Meader, M. Smith. Absent: D Gauthier, P. Hanson, C. Stockwell, E. Weaver, W. Wilson, I WW G! '60 Z' at ,4.2.7f,S. This year's treshman class, the torerunner ot bigger classes to come, with approximately T50 members, was the largest to enter Amherst Regional this tall. Unlike their predecessors they chose class colors, blue and white, and a motto, "The Best Ever." Beginning early they staged a hayride and sock hop in October. ln December they conducted two paper drives, in February, a sock hop and a tood sale, in March, a St. Patrick's dance, in April, a tund-raising Slave Day, and in May, an auction. Foreseeing tuture demands on their treasury, the class otticers promoted tund- raisin ro rams and worked hard on their membership tor TOO percent pay- Q P Q ment ot dues. They reported satisfaction with their ettorts. 47 X , X Xwx .. 4.,.. . . . 4 . QNM f xxx ww Q X aw ww .Qs Msfs Qkwfa. , f . v. ' , ,XA X. , sf X23 ,, siN5gSN3x ,l 12 :N U30 290 QXZJ 4 A f X P f 7 ,Z . x Q fs? iwsf A RSX 5' W 5, -. YM X' -:e,,: ' f Q , 'ff 1 ,-111, ff 463 S 4 Q Q g J, z.. 5 - y Q, :J M 5 I N H -, A Q, V. jxj? Q- .J Y' WS ic is Q 5, . XT .. ' , - Q if X. - f 411-1 'ws ' ,. s - 7 'TQ' s Q Cf hw s sg NJN? fy 7 JY' swi m o Kil n SY sf-'ff' ' K' by ' Q5 4776 X ,.:.,,. S' X' fm NX5XfgKXXJ9 55' V X X x A x 4 fx: X X, ,f p ,fyfs xmf. Q ' ,QR offs , Miss 1960? Whazzaf? Rah! Grave sifuafion Two on Spark-plug in The eighth. Ch-e-e-se. 48 Y'cainT hardly Tell. They've left us now! o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o X f I ffffww , f X f 4 X , X , l , f', , , f'?f'?f!ZWiWff ffff f 1:4 '- fffwwfffwfffffffff ffff ,Til jfyffffcffffff , V f , 51 J z I iff Wfff f f X l W 7 X Aff X 4 QR , , . A 'f fffff f 3 , -ff, lfff X7 fffdf ff 'ffff .X ' 5 lmnfjw f, fffffx K - -'ff 'f!,9f ,X , -1 "lil a7f?f5Z7?ZZff2!fW? X ' , l 1 ffm fwwyjfyff ff Wwflv' I ls- ' ff fi! J,1 ':1?f. fu V, bfv., ff I, MQZZZ G, ' ,g fav A Y if,-" f Mhz: ,Mya , - f ,!fNgZ ifZf l 'ff 'mmf fwf My yf fl .:'fffW7ff fififi f ff f ' ww? W- 3 --fZWf- ' f -ffyyfl, .. , 1 . fzfffm 1' Pink Elephants? Too young. 1.x .W-ww First row: L. Cary, J. YSQTHH, E- Em9VY, 5- Marfellf R' Carson' R' HOHOW.?y'PE'kJN!J2' C. Shea, N. HousTon. Second row: D. Laplflskb l-- JBFTSG, T. Turgeon,b . Wag Ifgeckf R. Berglund, G. Crichfield, B. Johnson, C. Domina, C- VaUQlWa"lf M- TOY' A Sen ' ' ' Uadq 704 Seauhfw 73466 pw ' Final election To The honor socieTy Took place This spring aTTer each senior's record from grade nine Through To The spring of grade Twelve was completed. Those seniors wiTh a Total of Twenty points were made permanenT members early This spring. The TenTaTive members, named aT The end of The eleventh year, held Term me'eTings Throughout The year to which They inviTed honor roll sTudenTs. Pro MeriTo members have special privileges including Tree library passes and Two sets of Textbooks, one Tor home use. The STudenT Council puT in one of its most active seasons This year, The second in The new AmhersT Regional High. plus The usual fund-raising activities, The Super- vision oT class elections in September, and The organizaTion of corridor patrols, The , Council promoted a conference generation of closer sTudenT-Teacher r IaTions. for The Q- "Beauty and The BeasT" was The Theme Tor The ValenTine dance. In November The Council was hosT aT The semi-annual Western Massachusetts STudenT Council convention, aT which af- Tair Grant Crichfield, president of W.M.S.C., presided. . i,..:.' l . 1-. l First row: M. ATkins, R. Holloway, E. Daniels, R. Gamble, B. Jantz. Second row: L. Van l 7 Wert, B. Ames, J. Goodell, S. Parsons, C. Oliver, Adviser, G. Crichfield, J. Witherell, T Mm ,, D. Owen. l llleSPldll Tfgum T37 dldllli club' began E+: :N use-imleen members. TT. Elgefs . Khlhelefllefed in sh ,lll West Jaw, h I llllly scene won lim u Plans wirh Ruth Ga J lrfllllelfl taking first R WP Wei 'mmf 'O NW Yof my Player lmum loliplxe EW 'I . Ons ril' put 'n One . Zinn Ffst Regional' Secnn :using activities lQli.Pli ecrions 5 'Them n . l Of cor ' Seplembef, ed 6 CO 1: lolsrlig 'W ference :loser gud for ir, enldeacher I the B el the Colm l Western convention at Whih yi ' C 5, president or easlu was th Mdssachusei. Tichfield, Jed. n .. , V , I I ,. iviserg G, Criclilielfl, IS year Oli. Q. First row: R. Andrews, J. Smith, S. Guyott, L. Cook, L. Garis, B. Thorpe, E. Wentworth, S. McCune, J E, Pray, P. French. Second row: R. Hart, J. Farrar, C. Garvey, M. Ka pinos, E. Lachman, B. Mather, D. Lapinski, P. Keedy, S. O'Rourke, J. L. Moore J. Woodard, D. Patnaude. . Galipeau, M. McGrath, K. Bibeau, F. Janse, L. Musgrave, M. Simpson, A. Brown, F. Schabacker, . Third row: R. Wilson, W. Richters, T. Parkinson, A. Mack, Aawqgwqpwufme 648 The local actors and actresses are divided into two sections with Miss Follett advising one group and Mr. Burack, the other. As in former years both groups entered the intramural one-act play competition with great enthusiasm. They worked very hard along with the Thespians playing host to the Western Massa- chusetts Drama festival in March. They made their traditional tri to New York P in April and saw the Broadway play Look Homeward, Angel. In the Booster Day Parade, the dramatists entered a float featuring an Indian brave whose head was pierced by an arrow. 7 Soccktq 'fzoufee 7353 Thespian Troupe l333, the honor drama club, began its second year with seventeen members. The troupe pro- duced Donald Elser's Balcony Scene, which they entered in the local one-act play contest, January 23 and 25. Balcony Scene won first prize for the Thespians with Ruth Gamble and Grant Crichfield taking first place honors in acting. The group went on an over- nlQht trip to New York in February. In .March they played host to the Western Massachusetts Drama Festival and captured top place honors. First row: C., Shea, A. Ely, J. Woodard, J. Marco, G. Crichfield, J. Hankinson, E. Pray M. Marston, J. Goodell. Second row: L. Fishel, L. Van Wert, T. Patrick, P. Newton J. Tuttle, S. Shaw, E. Daniels, R. Gamble. Wwnmfwmmifffsk ft't'W?afQtf'?fWJ,W"ift adm , . 4 K f X N Y , f Mu Firsf row: P. Keedy. S. MaTher Crossman, D. Sullivan, , S. DavenporT, N. HousTon, M. McGraTh, J. Chrislenson, D. Lapinski, B. The OuTing Club began The a long lisT oT prospecTive expediTions but el'eSl'S mberg Year vviTh became Too involved in oTher inT To carry Through. Some of The me made a Tvvo-day ski Trip To Belknap Sfafe Park in New Hampshire in Febr They vvere accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Robinson. Uafy, The Rod and Gun Club made several Tield Trips This year, Their ice-Tishing expediTion being one oT The mosf noTable. Their longesT Trip was made in M November when They aTTended The SporTsman Shovv in BosTon. The year ended Firsf row' E Rogers, B Dunn, R McCullough, C Domina R Gilb . ' ' ' ' ' f ' efif R- pVUCnf3l, E. TI'aChy, S. VVaTson T. MarTin W, Levvis, C. Auclair, R. Holden, E' xjfgarig' ,iAe!Sj3b'DJ'WiZEi'We.H' EWKzmm:UI', J' falgaree' Knighlly. Second rovv: L. CaTanese, C. Allen, P. Simmons, K. WaTson, C-I Rogexx' - , - , - ievvicz, . em aisy, . sTrovvs i, J. T'bb TT, B, J h ' W, N son, Begos, J. Cooke, Advisers, J. Craig, H. Moore. Absenf: R. Jeffrey. I 6 S O mon' D' Moran' R' Shepard' Pi Osirowskll e 4 c 40 O 'tw 'Pettivo lleal e . lved- Xpeditions 50m 5lfl tr ff of the , na amPShire in ll mP5f'iied b ice-fishing made in ear ended Yllllr row M Cashman E B oth C Dhlmann L C ey S y J P Wancz S ORou G W s J W Inn C ughan D pinski S D enport N Houston J Ch istenson E E ery L i L Scot R Gambe L Woodar J Hankinson R Holloway E Pray S Dickinson Second row P Grybko J Lozoski J Woodard B Colburn L Van Wert C Han s 15 Se mour P ozoski P asko W ams Skri iski C Lucas M Kaminski S LoCoco J Dubois S Martell J Lang or nse P Loy B Moore J Marco E Fish E Allen D Blasko M Simpson P Keedy Third row S Smith L Adamites P Vendete pe K Bibeau J E Moore M Loomis N Carpenter P Grlgut A Newton B J Waskiewicz N Waskiewrcz C Horton B Paradise French C Spindler J Yegian M Brown L Cary J Kzcowski C Garvey M Mushenski R Andrews J Smith S Guyott J Witherell E Wentworth Fourth row J Galipeau E Hanson B lantosca A Trimmer B Waskiewicz M Aldrich M Prescott M Thornton J Weaver M Atkins C Shea B Ames S Allen R Hart J Conklin L Cook N Neet S Dunbar C Peterson A Bryant B Boicourt P Hannigan B Thorpe M Rodzwell S Holden M Frtts J Farrar B Goodhind Fifth row N Gass S Holt H Rule M Kosloski N Jacque K Warren M A Post L Musgrave J Thompson B Crossmon M Weaver M McGrath G Jacque C Newport K Thayer J Wilson B Thornton P S1051 B Ferrigno D Fuller L Goodale L Tidlund M Whitney S Grandonico E Rozwenc Sixth row M Toy N White D Ferrigno E Lachman J L Mogfe F SCI-tabacker L Gans A Brown C Davis D Hunt M Holden J Scarborough D Latlamme D Srndberg V Lyman M Malmosk, M Hoaft-, M Kap.,-los C Ward B Mitchell L Mason C Garvey K Benoit S McCune D Keegan S Burke Absent B Glaszcz J Kirley M Lapham 7 4 f,:'.1t ,.,t r, WO, Hr L f, Oillo ' T 7a 5 74 3 The club ot social and service activi- ties Tri-S the largest and busiest club ot the school began the year with its tamous initiation day. Then came in suc- cession the Crystal Ball a swimming party at the Amherst College Pool and the banquet at the Student Union. Thanksgiving tood baskets and a cloth- ing collection w re the proiects ot the year. PM ew Am aww The Pep Club, A.R.H.S.'s school spirit Drodders, kept enthusiasm high this year by chartering buses and organizing away- Qame cheering sections. At home games they kept energy high by selling retresh- ments. First row- S Burke V. TidlunCl, E- Emeftff T- Pafklnsonf L' Cary' C' Garvey' S' Dickinson L Scott .Rl Gamble L. Woodard, K. Beck. Second row: S. Lococo, E- ROZWGHCI D Lapingki J Christenson L. Janse, E. Fish, M. Heath, S. McCune, K. Doktor, J. Hankinson Third rO,W: M. McGrath, N- Houstgnl J, Julian, C. Spindler, J. Yegian, 'J. Smith, J. Wither ell S Grandonico, J. Farrar, D. Owen, E. Wentworth. Fourth row: J. Weaver, J. Stevens L, C Dihlman B. FerriQnO, N. Neet, P- Hannigan, 5- Malherf Pt Thorpe' M Rlodzwell, J' Galipeaul. Fifth row: M. Thornton, J' E- Moore, J- Marco, P' Keedyf J W d Cl L V Wert B Jantz Sixth row-J Germain B Paradise ' J, oo ar . an , - - ' ' ' ' lit Conklmf K' ll'aYe" . . ' t A s. Air ftuclalfil if C. Horton, N. Waskiewicz, P. GVYl3l40, l-- Fishelf C- Shea' R' Hall' B' mes' en ,yya1jZU,NMii M. Post. fftll' l 53 W .,,,,. ,, .-f. ,. :- "-' :--.f-"-firsfwxa-+f"f Q, , ,l .,,. L - -Y .vw-,,,,,. Y WT- Y-pr ff- 'wwqirf' IW 'Tn . T ' M ' A . ,, 9.1, .i ' "' . .. 'F fa ' x-' - -Y-11: H- -f-ru- --qv,-1. ,,.,,:-,T1f,- , .H+ 5 -my-f-exif fm- 421 a2 ? h ry , af '- 73? , . , 'W ' . . Q ff-, .. gy-, 39-rw ' A ..,A- 1 -K Y ev . . , ., . . . .. f, ,. .. 4-a . en g , -figf:':ef25, wy f? -ggff, ,,,g,.,,,, ,6,. : 6 g o o,?'.::f ...a,igs'f,gff4.'--onniexe , h C' Horfon inson, SecreTary-Treasurer. ' ' L Fishel C. Shea, J. ThornpSON, M- MCGHT f ' Firsf row: M. Toy, B. lanTosca, S. Dickinson, . 1 H ld E F' h J Woodard Second row- B Colburn F. Janse, A- B"Yanlf l-- WOOClGI'd, 5.1 lVlt:rTell, M. en, - 'S f - ' ' .' ' ' kl' R. H T, . rco, J. Larlggforcl, M. ATkins, M. Tenney, K. DokTor, Third row: E. PraYf P- Keedyf 'J' Con ln' ar a E. WenTworTh. Absenf: K. Beck. WMM- 'ge 76464614 9 o The FuTure Teachers' Club, organized This year, consisTs of a group Whose presenT p l a n s involve Teaching. One of The mosT inTeresTing rneeT- ings of The year was The panel of local Teachers from elemenrary Through high school, all new in The profession. In March The club visiTecl The WesT- field Teachers College. , . I L. CGVY' FirsT row: S. Burke, N. Carpenter, N. WhiTe, R. Holloway, L. ScoTT, E. Kucmslfl, -l-J E'C2Ar?fE: R, HarT, Second row: D. Lapinski, E. Waskiewicz, N. HousTon, J. Kzcowski, B. Paradise, - G Righasonl P. Keedy, J. Farrar, K. DokTor, J. Hankinson, A. Skribiski. Third row: H. Wilkinson, - aww Weed Wamma The Third year gf FuTure Nurses Club was an evenTTuI year ln November They af- Tended Open HOU Burbank HospiTaI, and in December They vig- iTed Cooley Dicken- son. A ioinT rneeTing was held in May wifh EasTharnpTon's FuTure Nurses' Club aT which "The OpporTuniTies in Nursing" was The sub- jecT discussed. SE aT K, Beck, PresidenT, S. Mar- Tell, Vice PresidenTgV S. Dick- .i 1 V. W-E Fish, E' Kms' lirsfw T 'T K. Clark, P. M iowa D- Hun' Sw The Proiectionists' l0'1S,Spent 1 leer learning The inf Hudio-visual lllemselveg llms and in The cai llel' visited The Panmem of The E CllUSEll3 Vislled a TV Two seq Eqr Useful and with rl Siaiion, T . Futulie Third Year e Nljrsesr v In Novemgznflul tended Q er lllel al. PGnH B OU inutank Hogphallleal iled Cooley A ioint held in May Easthampkm Nurses' Club at "The O lxlulslngu was The ISC? discussed, SON, WGS PPOrTuniTieg . Beck, President, S, Mar, fll, Vice Presideni,.S, Dirk. Tson, Secretary-Treasurer. .ty .Ti-Efnli iffifl' ' ifjgii T fill? iff . rsi .hy 4 , lil' E Moorei Hgi icufwll' LJ. lconklilliisln' Pafadngiqsoni G' ' H' wilkl First row: E. Fish, E. Kucinski, J. Hankinson, Adviser, W. Furbush, W. Knighfly. Second row: D. Hunf, K. Clark, P. Merzback, J. Tibbeffs, N. Newell, H. Sieling, E. Daniels. 0 The ProiecTionisTs' Club, organized in Two secTions, spenT The early parT of The year learning The ins and ouTs of all The audio-visual aid equipmenr. They made Themselves useful in The showing Of films and in The care of The equipmeni. They visiTed The audio-visual aids de- parTmenT of The UniversiTy of Massa- ChuseTTs and wiTh The Phorography Club visiTed a TV sTaTion. Would be camera experTs organized Themselves This Tall and vvirh Mr Fur bushs help learned how To Take picTures correcTly They concenTraTed TurTher on The prinhng and enlarging of prcTures WiTh The Prole-cTionisTs Club They vrsiTed one of The nearby TV sTaTions . ' C Auclair. Second . , , M 1 , E, Kamansky, W. Lewis, W- Nelson, - , FH-ST IXWIS 'Tha'-:nDldllTln,DT1nn ab.mBielunis, J. Osfrowski, E. Salisbury, W. Furbush, Adwserf bowllileaderu P Levine J. Cooke, W. CembalisTY, J- Swenson' P' Oslrowskl' R' Shepard' V.. , sf ,-yn-iffy-33-5-qw' 'ye 77W11'7f3L' n - 7 ,YA-Y, , V --- , 'wr-c-, eg Q 1 ,y ' L is . " v' 'T - , . 7 ,aes 'www uv "' J. " . .5 , , ., 1,,. . .5 First row: J. Page, A. Ely, J. Galipeau, M. HeaTh, Pre-Sidenfi J- DUBOiS, J- Marco, R- Hari' L. Fishel, Seqjgnd row: S. MaTher, E. Emery, E. Fish, B. BoicourT, R. Carson, T. PaTrick, M. MarsTon, ' P. Keedy, M. Brown, N. Gass. Absenf: Marcia Adams, Adviser. S . The Science Club, re- cenTly organized, is a newcomer To The club rosTer of A.R.H.S. IT in- cludes a group of sTu- denTs acTively inTeresTed in some phase of science and whose grades meriT membership. Led by Their officers, Sidney Par- sons, Richard Rhodes, and Marian WhiTney and Their adviser, Mr. SvvifT, These energeTic sTudenTs visiTed many places of in- TeresT, one being The Am- hersT College Physics Lab. AT Their meeTings vviThin The pasT year They saw several educafional films, including "The STrange Case of The Cos- mic Rays." They even launched a rockeT! Many members worked on in- dividual proiecTs and in so doing obfained a firmer background in Their parficular field of inTeresT. ,fzeacdgeqg Wanaka? The French Club, meeTing every second vveek This year af The home of Jackie DuBois, had varied programs including 5 number of French speakers from Amhersf College and The U. of M. ln May The club sponsored boTh a dance and a French play, In The absence of Miss John- son, Teaching in France This year, Miss Adams, a French maior ar The Universify of MassachuseTTs, advised The club. ii 1 ,fr 61,4 IWW , f '.-'A U15 ,h.p,T.'lzniZilil:f", ' " ' r ,- wind fill' .. I' W .T II 'ff ..,p,i, iii. T MW lie leaders Club 'S 5 ,Q were chosen ,Jilin gym class. iff- ' .l"i ssialance To The coat? 'ie aclivilies in QW. Firsf row: B. Richardson, M. Whitney, E. WenTworTh, L. Fishel, J. Page, M. Malinoski, D- l-aplnskl' E' Fish, A- ElYf B- Fefflgno, S. Parsons. Second rovv: R. Carson, R. Berglund, G. Hillenbrand, G. Warner, J. TibbeTTs, M. Weir, Adviser, A. SvvifT, R. Rhodes, K. Kucinski, D. ATkins, M. Davis, S. AshleYf W' Casey' Tlllrd row: H- Slellng, E. Mand, T. Pafrick, P. Moran, C. Domina, P. Beck, M. Smith, D. MaThieson, R- French, G. Richason, D. Sullivan. Absenfr J. ChrisTian, E. Daniels, J. Wyman. Fllslfow :LV iilLf1lusca,K?leWefl. R. H0 ' MTBF UO1l,p LC . ll,Qiark'Ai hiradise' J' is . Ye ack, W. Ce: l 7 Cl k. This yeaf at re DuBois, had S ll'lClUdlng 6 h speakers from 5 amd club 5 ll'lB of l30nsor d d a French pljy of Mrs tor.. France this yea, Fr ' nf b. Massachusetts, First row: P. Wanczyk, E. Stockwell, A. Ely, M. Heath, E Fish. Second row: A. Burack, Adviser, M. Tenney, J, Gooolell, M. Marston. 4' WW The Leaders Club is a group of boys who were chosen because of outstanding work in gym class. They are of great assistance to the coach in helping to lead the activities in gym. 71 Pm Zchaaq These girls spend their free periods during the school day assisting Mrs. Burack in the library. Within the past year they visited book stores in order to pick out new books for the library. They participated in the Booster Day parade, entering their float with the theme "arms against a sea of troubles." The girls have been trained to help students find source material for research papers or to help them find magazines and books for leisure time reading. They are in a large way responsible for the quiet efficiency and friendliness found in the libr First row. B. McCullough, T. Patrick, R. Berglund, K. Clark, B. Cole, R. Jeffrey, J. Doherty Second row: R. Bunn, M. Holden, R. Carson, D. Sullivan, E. Peterson, V. Trdlund. Third row: J. Kieras, W. Nelson, J. McDonough, Adviser, . . The Graphic underwent a few changes this year in order to determine the most efficient group of workers. Its eiglll RUP' lished issues were backed by the adver- tising of local businesses and bY the profits of Spring weekend held the latter part of April. gfsll VOW: L. Van Wert, R. Holloway, L. Fishel, R. Hart, J. Conklin, P. Keedy, E- Rozwenc' N. antosca, K. Benoit, P. Loy. Second row: D. Owen, B. Jantz, 5. GUYOTT, l-- Musgfave' kv K. Neef, B. Paradise, J. Yegian, G. Wilson, J. Wick, J. Julian. Third row: J.. Haffmganf k, D' LaP'n5e:' ' Clark' A- Mask, VV- Casey, W. O'Brien, Adviser, L. Crouse. Absent, J. Childs. . , n r Malrfros id Gtllarel. ' 'll HW' WW . l'll E ASllleYf meson, ll, ,psi A D Mal emit' ' , 57 Firms "Z?J'-273923 swswsrwsxw W gsm ' First row: J. Langford, E. Wentworth, R. Wilson, T. Turgeon, B. Crossman, C. Snape, E. Hanson, M. Holden, L. Scott. Second row: J. Hardy, J. Christenson, B. Ames, P. Newton, M. E. McGrath, B. Boicourt, B. J. Waskiewicz, J. E. Moore. Third row: D. Hosford, G. Richarson, H. Wilkinson, B. Moore, J. Wyman, S. Smith, K. Kucinski. Fourth row: S. Parsons, J. Tuttle. Absent: N. Christenson. 4e?mwl 2442 Zen The Band experienced its usual busy year, starting with the football season and ending with the Amherst College commencement program in June. They participated in a Halloween parade in North Amherst and in November led the Booster Day parade for the football game against Arms Academy. In December they conducted a benefit concert in Hardwick to he-lp finance and build up interest in a music program there. They played at the Small Schools Basketball Tournament in March, at the Annual Spring Concert in May, and in the Memorial Day parade. During the absence of Dr. Schuler, the officers of the musical organization very ably helped out with the assistance of Arthur Niedick and George Sethares. Next year's band will miss the '58 graduates: Linda Scott, Edwina Wentworth, Paul Newton, Betsy Ames, Jonathan Tuttle, and Sidney Parsons. The Brass Choir, composed of ten band members, played during the holiday season for the Christmas assembly and on the town common. 58 Frm 2 B. Crt 'wil l0WZ llll Orchestra, liiulei was absei lellaies, exiunk lle list peffom lilpelilion in E leillilaymg llllllllillfllll gn B. Ames' E V en, .J. .S. son ney the ber UP ball nrial JGFY IFES- Dflhl idav First row: M. Atkins, J. Christenson. Second row: R. Gamble, A. Trimmer, C. Spindler, N. Gass, A. Brown, - B' Crossmanf C- Snape' E- Hanson, M. Holden, L. Scott. Third row: P. Beck, B. Ames, -P. Newton, E. Went- worth, R. Wxlson, T. Turgeon. Fourth rovt: G. Richason, B. Moore, J. Wyman, S. Smith, K. Kucinski. Fifth row: S. Parsons, J. Tuttle. Absent: N. Christenson. l Th - . . Schulirovsglgesga, lIl4e'the other musuc groups, was thrown on its own for two months this winter when Dr Sethares Q Sent vvlth prolonged illness and hospitalization. They were fortunate in being able to call on George exlunior hi h music mentor and Ca Niedeck ex Amherst graduate and recent Julliard graduate Th f- ' ' 9 1 PPV , - Coripgiiigerformance of the.Orchestra was at the Christmas Assembly. They attended the Western Massachusetts yearb In ln Ea5ll"aml3TOh In May and participated in the local annual Spring Concert. They rounded off the ,V F' GYWQ at graduatuon. The seniors in the organization who graduated this year have left a big hole in the Orgamzallon, One which may take years to build up again. Hangul B- Ames E f . W entworth, S. PGFSOHS, A. Trimmer, B. -Moore ALL-STATE T958 ATTEN DED There were five high school members that at- tended the All-State Music Festival held in Spring- field on March 27, 28 and 29. All three music organizations were represented. Alice Trimmer played violin in the Orchestra, Barbara Moore playedd trumpet and Betsy Ames, French horn in the Ban , and Edwina Wentworth and Sidney Pprsons sang in the Chorus. These festivals are always goo experience for the participants and give them. a chance to meet others throughout the state with the same musical interests. .4 V: Ll 5 l I P' ev' . if HeY! CheClf 'hal' First row: Coach J. McDonough, E. Peterson, K. Clark, T. Patrick, R. Bunn, D. Berglund, V. TiCllUl'lCl, A. Mack, E. Daniels, Assistant Coach A. Johnston. Second row: Manager A. Newton, D. Hanscom, J. Doherty, R. Maia, C. Matuszko, R. Jeffrey, R. Wilson, C. Domina, Manager S. Dimock. Third row: T. Parkinson, S. Smith, T. Martin, V. Keedy, C. Allen, D. Patnaude, W. Cembaliski, J. Woodard, F. Crowley 71 ' 76Zf0'l With the return of twelve le-ttermen and the aid of several talented freshmen, the Hurricane eleven shared top honors with Murdock High for the Inter-County League Champion- ship this season. The team compiled a seven and one record, losing only to co-champion Murdock. After starting out on the right foot by going unscored upon in the first three contests, Amherst went on to be recognized as one of the top small school elevens in the area. High on the list of the 'Canes achievements was beating arch-rival Ware for the first time since 1950. Equally important as winning the Title was the school spirit displayed this year, a fine example of the fact that support breeds enthusiasm and enthusiasm breeds a winner. Coaches McDonough and Johnston, although losing sev- eral Iettermen, can look forward to an equally successful team next season. 62 Opponents AmherST Lee Uamboreei O 7 Frontier ............. ..... O 7 Orange ........... ..... 0 14 South Hadley ..... ..... 0 26 Ware ............... ..... 7 12 Murdock ......... ....... 2 6 6 Williamstown ........ ..... 0 6 Arms Academy .... ..... l 3 19 Ludlow ............. ....... 2 0 41 ',,.,, Tough guy! l'lelS been to lair? bm G Hey! Cl'leCk Thaf- Go ahead! I dare you! l l Tough guy! ls football worth it? Amherst 0 7 0 l 0 0. 26 7 ll 26 Q 'O il fll ll ,20 K. Clark ..... -.,.. 5'1 O" T.' Patrick ..... ..... 5161! V. Tldlund ,..,. ..,a 5'1O" R. Bunn ...... ...... 51811 E. Peterson .,.,... .,.. 51811 A. Mack ...... .V..... 6'4" D. Berglund 5'1i" E. Daniels - 51611 B. Cole ......, 5'1 O" H. Sieling ...... ..... 61111 Guard .- Back, 192 Guard, 158 -.- End, 145 Center, 235 Guard, 168 - Back, Tackle, Back, 153 End, 166 He couldn't find a Comb Send this boy to camp. H ' b Healthy young American e s een to camp. Preparation fOI' 'flllngs To Come' i, i ,fly :,. 1 Q",h --'h A f f' 1 A ff , fl uffy ' fgff .4 f ,N f f - f, Qff'-fQgQe', 'e f f x f fl X f X few!! j 2 f!f4.!.y ff ., 1 fu ,gy X , , fx .V f. -f vf I off , - f f 6215? fe'i2f',e+' w v v'.AfeL,f7", go wi iw fo xi,-Tv-' if ,L-14LF,.f ..', P 2 - ff eW3"f6? f , Q ' if W X ' A all l ' 1 if f f f r w f nw o X , ' of 4, sim: "'-f '-if".-,-' I" -- ' H3 ' ' 4 i o J f ,f ff 4 fo 5 - ,fi Wm f y ,X A-5' 2,11 y, ,4 f A' www , ,X 1 i ff? 1 'f f ' X 5 f f f K Q ".. I W! xy 'C My 5 f Z 15 f lo ,f y , a 2,415 ' .my ,, ff! , .Xl-.f, I no -fn f 5' , 'K : Q,' ,. ' I' 1 f ff Q f f ff X ' f fy ffff Qlyfffff fffff A X! 7 l x ,' If V' Z if ,W XM f f ff? jf 1 , foggy pw if f f UW, , ,ff ,U f, nf lgf i!QfZWf V, i fl ff 4 f ff ff , Q 4 f f f MMM-ww ll? f 'Q ' 2 f f W if if f , f X WMM Y of ff XA My Z 6 f ,gf Of f! ff ff iv if f , of f f Wwe fe eo 1 X 5, f 5 , " H gig 2 ,gil 40 X ff if f 4 J' Z 42 JW , X ?!f if X 6 Q f I? 6 149, z XXL, Y mf!! 5114 X, W M I Q , I , .iff ff qllv Y fm, I f ff 44,6 iiffi jfi f i f lf 'eff 2 S 7 " X EQ K figf 9 909' 444 X y' f ff if 1 ff f 264 I K 7 ,HV '71 4 3 W Season's work rewarding- A 5 :Wx ,wifi ,Z ffm-Ni, 4, 1 ff - "vit 7 . 0. mg f ,ey ' Qw A4 f 1. we , iv ' ' :W:.igw.-195' If Q K A ' f 1 f fl ' f 1, Z WZ ' w f 7 QW K0 ff' fWWfWffA?f0,.,, I 1 , H Mp, fm 1 1 Afgfzffxo N-fffzla ..... Q, , 0'-'-'wz -'av e 2 W .. .-.f 4 V f x . . ,' ,,,,.j'1 . " , K , I 4 , Q 4 -I I, 4.1 , Q! ,M f X fx wif, -i w ,ff .2 V , fy ' fe 'N i SX f k c f -.ff 'f- + W W: ' ' , f ,eZ7 v,7'i2'-1 22 4 - Meyfeefoo fe? - f ' mf' 2 V '17 'f iw vi" 13fW, J W " - f X' ' Cf f - A f o- A fp we ,, . ' ff'f fm' ,- .- f - ,,,, .MW . . . ' l Cl. K Clark Coach J. McDonoUQl'1, T- P6TVlCkf PV"'1C'Pal Kmgslev A' Perry' V' Tld Un N 64 , ' i l 1 " l 5, l eii ll' 1 FIN: QA: L., 5, DZf::f. HURRICANES WlN TOUFU LEAGL Although having hopes high scoring Art Mack. emerged winners of the S year. lihey upset favored Will l'SlQtmG hy the score of out to he one ot the mo them history, they beat 5 ne ,46-45.T ' .i Sm he final . hafllle loumament victor 9 lOl perme m 'H the rec mmvphv, first in 191 '-Amherst has Nm lhller lost A u TWO gal' Ihmherst quinieo, found eniiirestloi the Hamm idaho in a first ple lllIC6l l0.2 record Ce s. Ployin - the A 9 llS l e to 5 tives' lou? 'tall to-an aQQfessio K 'hey vjirness To The R Ployerism lNllliOU1 th eir last Six Q, pr Firsf row: D. Hanscom, K. Clark, D. Malinoski, A. Mack, M. Davis, D. Moran, R. Wilson. Second' row: S. Dimock, W. O'Brien, T. Parkinson, Coach Robinson, Coach McDonough. HURRICANES WIN TOURNAMENT, EDGED OUT OF LEAGUE WIN .AlThough having hopes darkened wiTh The injury To high scoring ArT Mack, The AmhersT Hurricanes emerged winners of The Small School TournamenT This year. ' They upseT favored Williams from STockbridge in The llfsl Qame by The score of 45-38. Then in vvhaT Turned ouT To be one of The mosT Thrilling games in Tourna- menT hisfory, They beaT a sTrong Dalfon Team in over- 46-45. The final was vvon over Turners Falls hgil-ITS TournamenT vicTory was The second They have ma in The racenfor 'permanenT possession of The Tourna- rinl IV0Dhy, flrsT In l95O. IT Takes Three vicTorles To e ire IT. AmhersT has Two. Aplhlulel IQSIUQ Tyvo games early in The season, The m SVST qulnTeT found Themselves and wenT Through Th . enZiVe5l.Of The Hampshire League season unbeaTen, , nQH'1afirsT I f h ' h ' Identical 10-2 recopdice ie vviT FronTier, boTh aving ThePl2mFgrIT? Eihirdl pressure-packed game in five nighTs To a heart? IVQS fourTeen-game winning sfreak came game To a reaklng 'end when iT dropped a playoff In all fa. 'W aggressive FronTier Team by Three poinT.s. 'm9SS To The AmhersT players iT musT be said The . . playlfervllenl TNIThouT Their highesf scorer and TallesT in Their IasT six games, Opponenfs Palmer .u......u.u ..... -- W. Springfield ..... c...,.. Hopkins ...,........... ...... . SmiTh Academy NorThampTon .,.c. ....... AmhersT .l.V 44 I9 I5 55 I4 36 58 uuu. FronTier ........ .. ...... .--..-- 3 4 31 Arms Academy 58 ---- Hardwick ........c.... ...-... 5 6 55 S, Hadley ........ ------- 5 7 36 Orange .........-....- ------ - 60 45 Smifh Academy 64 58 Hopkins ..............- ------ - 80 30 Classic .............. ------- 5 3 ST. Michaels ..c... 72 35 Fronfier .......-..----- ------ 5 6 35 Arms Academy 62 --TT Ware A-Eg-g H -ga-v--Vg 80 45 VViIIiamsTovvn ..... ------- A' l 30 S. Hadley ...,... 63 50 Williams ....... 43 Demon -V----A-A-Vug- V-d---, 4 5 overflme 46 Turners Falls .------ ----a- - 39 59 5 w Aa! 1? 5 I I V5 Is fn, 'z wi M Fx u 'N I 1 1 1 i 'R in f? xi , i tl 1 in a-5 Qu EU M li! :H fl, QW :il n Hi! Y L I A 3 Q a , f . E , .fi as 5 i 7,2 21406 3644? 5 MAUNOSKI svff ooN MORAN First row: E. Trachy, C. Holmes, M. Benben, C. Matuszko, F. Crowley, D. Waskiewicz. Second row: S. Dimock, T. Martin, R. Otto, Coach Robinson. Shoot it up, Mase! Two for Mack First row: Coach A. Johnston, R. Bennett, C. Roys, R. K. Patrick, D. Truesdell, Assistant Coach R. Johnson. Second row: Manager R. Holcomb, T. Patrick, K. Clark, W. O'Brien, C. Rogers, V. Tidlund. Third row: E. Putnam, E. Peterson, T. Webber, W. Richters, R. Rhodes, R. McCullough, Manager S. Dimock, T. Johnston, mascot. ' 704214 For the first time since l95O, a team went through the Hampshire League schedule undefeated. Although the Hurricane nine of T955 won the last league title, they had one league defeat. Thanks to the fine leadership of Coach Alex Johnston and his assistant, Richard Johnson, the Hurricanes not only won the title, but also were invited to play in the Western Massachusetts Baseball Tournament in Springfield where they lost a hard fought decision to Springfield Tech. The team, which was evenly balanced with hard hitting, good fielding, and strong pitching, finished the season with T4 wins and 2 losses, one in the tourney and the other in an independent game with Easthampton. Pitchers T957 Amherst ll Northampton ...... T4 Turners Falls --- 7 Monson ........ l7 Orange ........ 2 Easthampton ...... 3 Arms Academy .... 9 Hopkins .............. TO Smith Academy .... T7 Smith School ........... l Frontier Regional ..... 2 Arms Academy .... T3 Hopkins ............. 2 Smith Academy .... I3 Smith School ........ 7 Frontier Regional .... T. Patrick, K. Clark, D. Truesdell. 68 il il Springfield Tech. ---- -am mm ww- -fm' Opponents 5 9 3 l 4 2 O 2 O O 0 O O l O 4 d will W, . 'lie Dl5SalIS ame OW' erleadelsi qhis iall the ' skills r and Wllle in The S' . oU 5 orklflggl P U1inC5 6 W , n6W lo Z. crealmg and perlofff -1 every day: ,fr First row: P. Newton, R. ' Hanson, S. Parsons, M. Ho' luflnilli -l. Wyman, S. Smitl FltSl TOWI D, Keegan SI modhind, N, Mcgune y g54aQuzZ4wWew7d94 DissaTisTied wiTh lasT years uniforms The Cheerleaders came ouT wiTh new maroon Tops hiTe skirTs This Tall. One of The hardesT and W working groups in The school, They kepT lousy creafing new rouTines and cheers, pracTicing every day, and performing aT every game. Firsf row: J. WiTherell, L. Fishel, J. Marco, S. Grandonico. Second row: D. Blasko CapTain J. Farrar, M. Simpson. i i l eague T eague . 1 Alex e Title, iamenl g, and rournei' l Opponenls -M15 1 ...- ---- """ H , A9 S """" ffl .---QM!! . ,T "JT" l Q M'J,'2t! emi' ffq l U lemy Ol 295003 ,ffl lemi' ll ,X 1 jeffii' 'o col A""" Sql nal 3 Tech, First row: P. Newfon, R. Carson, J. E. Moore, B. Ames, E. WenTworTh, L. ScoTT, E. Hanson, S. Parsons, M. Holden. Second row: G. Richason, H. Wilkinson, B. Moore, K. Kucinski, J. Wyman, S. SmiTh, B. BoicourT. Flfsf FOWT D. Keegan, J. SmiTh, S. GuyoTT. Second row: E. Rozwenc, B. Goodhind, N. McCune, CapTain. 69 Stacia: Zend pad The sixTeen-member pep band, a sTu- denT organizaTion under The baTon of senior Paul NewTon, made iTselT heard as an imporTanT adiuncT To The cheering sec- Tion aT all home aThle-Tic conTesTs and aT many visiTing conTesTs. They added color and pep To rallies, The BoosTer Day TalenT show, and The all-school VarieTy Show. J.V. GlRLS CHEER SECOND TEAM The J.V. cheerleaders, selecTed each year bi' The TaculTy and represenTaTives of The sTudGI'1T body goT in plenTy of TooTwork during baskefball h flq ' s arked The J.V. season This winTer w en GY P hoopsTers To a successful Tinish. Firsf row: B. Janfz, S. Dickinson, B. Waskiewicz, D. Blasko, E. Weniworfh, C. Garvey, S. Allen, D. Owen. Second row: J. Yegian, L. Cary, B. Thornion, P. Gryloko, L. Janse, M. Mushenski. Third row: M. Brown, B. Paradise, Coach Lawson, B. Thorpe. Absenf: K. Dokfor, C. Ward, J. L. Moore. Wafwafq The varsiTy Team finished Their TourTeen-game season undeTeaTed for The TirsT Time in The hisTory of AmhersT High School. The excellenT guarding held Their opponenTs To a 25-poinT per game average. New uniforms This year also added The spark To a winning season. Miss Lawson's excellenT coaching and deTermina- Tion To win helped make This undeTeaTed season possible. OpponenTs Hopkins .... L ............ FronTier Regional ..... SainT Michael's .... Pioneer Regional ..... SmiTh Academy ....... NorThampTon ........ Arms Academy ....... Pioneer Regional ..... FronTier Regional ..... Hopkins ............. NorThampTon --- ST. Michael's ........ SmiTh Academy ..... Garden Ciry ........ 70. nmiwom km First row N Blasko S Guyott B Crossmon N Houston L Scott S Davenport D Keegan Second row J L Moore S ORourke G Jacque J Wilson C Ward J Doktor S Berry L Carey B Paradise Third row: Coach Lawson N. Waskiewicz S. Fitts B. Boicourt C. Vaughan. gy llil plf' Wm YG 'ei Titel ' - i i .dH5'l 1 ,Q 544.4 'N Q Q6 ' A . .A F .4 Qt .ac'f'? "C 1' Q .. r ill ll l ,fl Z wa ,456 The Junior Varsity finished their ten-game slate undefeated. While scoring a 35-point per game average, they held their opponents to a lO-point per game average. The team showed good passing and shooting potential and will probably repeat this year's winning stre-ak on the varsity squad. Opponents Hopkins ....... ,, St. Michael's ....,,c,s Pioneer Regional Northampton ..c, no-A Q Y ad", uv" r G ff PM ' ,sw .Z if Smith Academy ..... Arms Academy ....s Hopkins ............. Northampton ..... St. Michael's .... Smith Academy ...., Amherst --- 2 32 5 29 4 36 ------l4 38 5 43 ------26 34 6 36 -----l6 34 -----l6 45 , .c... 13 28 , 'tml 'ffm wma wfawaswxsssaf ma ,...,f,-..A ,.,, . I LINDA SCOTT CYRILLA GARVEY KATHERINE DOKTOR BARBARA COLBURN BETTE JANTZ EDWINA WENTWORTH 72 mv kr aww-www mwah?-:war 11-wav, mer awww. 'fkfs wq' """""' 9' 17' - , . , . , ff-L2-1-1:mng5f-.1-s51w9HjfC543-ffl"?t,2f2.?fC"1tpg?.a55.2Tuf.55-f5g21:i':,zggzgf,-n1::f11"-:,+:"-eicff 43.1-+53g.-:f.1J:.+.j.1,,--a,a1::--:vqf.a-fix.1-pp-L--f --:A -- N ..,,-.. Y ..-.. . , ., . , , A , ' " " ' 4' Zx4eZw5,0afzZ4 DOROTHY BALASKO CHARLOTTE WARD SANDRA ALLEN DOROTHY OWEN . A WASKIEWICZ SANDRA DICKINSON BARBAR First row: R. Hebert, D. Blasko, P. Grybko, T. McCune, L. Neef, M. Wyganf, M. WenTworTh, E. WenTworTh, ' ' J. W'l C h Lawson, B. ThornTon, N. Bell. Second row: D. Owen, L. Cary, E. Emery,vB. Waskiewicz, . ison, oac N. NeeT, S. Allen, C. Garvey, L. Janse. 'sqww vm, 1957 sm 4 OpponenTs Arms ............. NorThampTon Greenfield ..... Arms .......... Greenfield ....... NorThampTon Amhersf 23 T 6 -----l 24 1 4 8 -------------5 4 Qzow 74 644. 744 Zeng em The cross-counTry Team has compleTed iTs Third season. The Team was sTarTed Three years ago by George SeThares and was con- Tinued by Coach McDonough This year. The local school shuT ouT WesT Springfield and Then wenl on To defeaT Greenfield. The looyS also Took parrin The Massachu- seTTs STaTe Cross-CounTry meeT wiTh STeve WenTworTh pl6Clf1Q fourTeenTh. S. WenTworTh, M. SmiTh, R. Carson, P- Morin, Coach McDonough. Missing: P' Beck. whafs T he matter, lf .yb Cheer ,mu WhaT's The matter, Joan? OUF Team us re e e d hot' Wentwgnl-,I 3. Thomion, Zan, Q44 ZW W' team " ,,,554ounTW I 93509 I i ffg tnird S Z r -ed Threew' ,lf .'fA1 n5fD"" F' la. y . n I . and ,msfa ,gfnhares fi-135 -f iv' J :J -' , ff? 'OC ch MCDOHOUQH .. 'u'f' I r al sch00l W d N199 0 2 , 2'-fQr'rQHelda WW 1 .v, yea? , 1 1 fa' V .V GTZYLQ W EQ Uk Pan fguflffh xl. 4' l 0055 ,q 4 . 5 Male pw. , ,re -'gn ' 4 uf' , ,n . I fr' I 4, 'v ,N . ri IV fp, ' 515 r fe Vi' ' Uh-Oh! Get 'em, Mason! Which is which? Mine! Cheer UP, Coach. Low overhead. ef h' h 75 pf! ,. Mu , .W A hw, V ,..f ,-:f,g g- ?,.3h: 'fggg1r1,:nqggge:- V, Proposin', Wendy? Q-'s Nr x 'Me dau of M52 Www to 'Mme :de Q make thu 5406 5 M Henry Adams Rexel' Drug Sfore Robert S. Brown, Insurance and Real Estate L A'Hern's Cliff Allen Clothing Amherst Branch of Northampton Co-Operative Bank Amherst Cleaners and Dyers Amherst Creamery Amherst Farmers Supply Amherst Garage Company lnc. Amherst Journal Record Amherst Laundromat Amherst Laundry Company, lnc. Amherst Motor Sales, Inc. Amherst Oil Company Amherst Savings Bank Amherst Taxi, Inc. Amherst Theater Ann August . Around the World Shopping Center L. G. Balfour Company Bates Store Baucom's Textbook Company Beauty Bar , Roy R. Blair Dr. William Bleckwehl Boiler Equipment Company Bolles Sho-e Store Dr. Andrew Booth Boyden 84 Perron Garage Bruce G. Brown Burnett 54 Nash Insurance if H. L. Childs 84 Sons, Northampton Dr. R. Sheldon Clapp Clark Beauty Studio if L if ' I College Drug Store b College Town Service Center Comp iments of a friend Comp iments of a friend ' f Sl 95 l . Comp iments of a friend, West View Cafe . Comp iments of a friend, Robert Ames Comp iments of A. Conklin, Construction Dorothy Cox Shop George F. Cramer, Jr. Dan'-s Gulf Station James C. Daykins, Accountant Dick's Auto Service Dr. Stephen J. Duval Elder Jones Lumber Corporation Esquire Cleaners Footit Real Estate Paul T. Ford, Attorney Fulton's Ice Cream Company , Dr. Robert Gage Gazette Branch Office Gibson Chevrolet Company Grandy's Restaurant -. A A 1 - - . -- . - . ,. , . . , -.-fr.:-: ':1.f,f...,:.-.',f...wk.E,.,.....-.,,.,......,.,. .. , . 1.1.41 . 'Eff -. 'dsl .11 :f ,,'11.':::-.J 'Q 1.-J.r,:.'.':4z-Sb-.ri-f-. 1+-1 'P+' af:f.ff's'- '-'iff-:Ref-F-f--4-' V' 1' ,,f,,. '.,..v....-.,.-, . .U . . ,, . , , v ? Q T. L. Dorsey's Memorials Douglas Funeral Service Douglas-Marsh, lnc. f lx 6 nd Real Eslale Upton SI lest View Cale lobert Ames I, Construction itant Ofation rally HWY We, the rest of the Gold Bug staff, hope you have liked this personally conducted tour through A.R.H.S. The Class of '58 enjoyed showing you through. I 6444 249 SW! EDITORS: E. Wentworth, H. Sieling. SENIOR EDITORS: R. Hart, L. Fishel, S. Dickinson, A. Mack, R. Carson, R. Gamble. FACULTY EDITORS: J. Marco, L. Scott. CLASS EDITORS: M. Heath, E. Fish. CLUB EDITORS: P. Keedy, J. Hankinson R. Holloway, P. Marston. MUSIC EDITORS: B. Ames, P. Newton. ART AND FEATURES: K. Doktor, K. Beck, J. Goodell, L. Van Wert. SPORTS EDITORS: K. Clark, T. Patrick, V. Tidlund, S. Allen. BUSINESS MANAGERS: C. Shea, D. Sul- livan. BUSINESS STAFF: P. Lozoski, H. Rule, M. Thornton, B. Waskiewicz, J. Weaver, J. Witherell, R. Berglund, E. Daniels. I 79 " I' .ze Grandy's Resfauranf DF- POST Griloloon's Music House, Greenfield Sfephen Puffer, Jr. Griggs Inc. Furniiure Qualify Fruif Sfore Hamilfon I. Newell, Inc. Randy's Sfore The Handsome Four, Class of '56 RoberT's Flowers, Fred Knowles A. J. Hastings Rowe's Garage Heberfg Dairy Russell's Package Sfore Hercules Cleaners Sandy's Aufo Sales, Norfhampfon Highway Grill Glen F. Shaw, Turkeys Dr. Gerald F. Hogan Shumway's Ice Cream Company Dr. Eugene Holden Philip E. Shumway, General Coniracfor Dr. C. E. Hynes Specialfy Shop Jean's Cleaners Spor'rsman's Resfauranf Jeffery Amhersf Book and Music Shop Spruce Hill Resfauranf Jeffery Beaury Salon Student Union Barber Shop JOSTC-INS Rings 31 Pins Suher Slaughfer House Dr. 'Charles Joy "Dog" Sullivan Ken1field's Dairy Television Cenfer Mifchell Koldy Sfudio F, A, Tlqompggn and Sqn Landry'S Marker V. A. Tidlund, Plumber Lord Jeffery lrrn I-I. G. Teele, Tree Work l-OUIS' Feeds Town 84 Counfry Nursing Home Mafhews Shoe Sfore Unlverslly Nlelers McCallum's of Norfhampfon Valley Cinerrla lncl McLellan Sfores Co. ll B. Ven Wert Mienfka-Ripa Radio-TV Sales 84 Service House of Welsh Millar's Esso Sfafion WAMF Amhersl College Monfgomery Roses, Inc. Wellwerlll pharmacy DF' Leo A' Moreau Wesley J. Wenfworfh Mufual Plumloing Sc Heafing Weeleell A Sen Norfhampfon Commercial College Wl.lAl Greenfield Norwood Dairy Producfs WHMP Nerlhamplen K' L' Osmlm' Jeweler S. S. Wanczyk, Confracfor Owenls Poullry Farm Cliff Winn, Jewelers W' S' Pickering Plumbing Supplies Sfanley Wolfoucs General Confracfor Pioneer Valley Ginger Alefand Pepsi Cola Bof- , fling Co. 80 ' Bei! Yearbooks Ar LOR-MADE R B I I . , XA5 Jwles lampton Ompany eral Contractor Shop Son er rk 'sing Home liege dh on nTf8C'fOf .YS Gener N4 Un : ul 'uf WW' al COUTYGC1 ,MAN 1005 O X M mf N' 1 f Q.. ,W H-V fwwmf f A ff X ff 1 7 M,-...QV ff f I?-.s 5 .4 9: X. mf? 1 I 2 ,1'fg'ff' ,Q - ., f jig? I 4 1' ,ff R f 4 , , ,W!r,,V,,f ,L,,!? ,, f y.z'f,f7y7w,f4 4' 1, ' y 4 4' f'f'v7Uf7Mf 'M f f f MW, ,cf mm, ,f , f 1 , ,wy,,,j4,f ,IJ 1, K, f 44 707,45 N NX M, X sw ,Ngg-,K My 0 .Y 0,36 i 42 2 'vs was WW, 5? 1 Z i M? Q 4 E 1 ff V Z IP? , f

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