Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA)

 - Class of 1956

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Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 80 of the 1956 volume:

my THE GOLDBUG 1956 AMHERST HIGH SCHOOL TABLE OF CONTENTS DEDICATION .......... INTRODUCTION ......... FACULTY ........... SENIORS ............. STAFF ...................... UNDERCLASSMEN ........ ACTIVITIES ............ SPORTS .......... SPONSORS ....... DEDICATICDN The class of '56 dedicotes this book to its class ddviser, Mr. Lo- croix, who hos opened doors oi knowledge to the rnony who hove studied under him. To Pop- 32 nA 9 . 2 5 If 1? f wk? 1 ,K 6 J 4 1 V ,fra ,fn W! 22 fy- M , .,. ef 2 'S vjiw ww , 3 41? 2' V4 X ww. . - .x -53551-,f-3 '-1 -am -za' 1' 1 f at ::: " ' "1 ,gg 4 A A iw wg , 54' fs" 5 " , ., K N - S X s-QQ . Q ,Wg 1 N' 'lr 5, .1 r 1 4.9 fo-ff f f CCA, 5f?Xf!, if I ff f,f H f 5, nf "N"""' f ,,,,, , v 7, A 2 :V 11' .- f J ' ' Q A,.1w,,, f jf X Qf. 'F 5 f 4 Zi, 4f, , , X ff fflfi 1,1 ff! f 1 f V R 4 fff M 4: f 4525 f , Xqfggezf 4 Z X:-il' WS MW X QQ si FV 25 F , if X X5 3? 1 :M X. y X A 4 NV., Af f E fi gf X'S2'fivX ,X .X.x X ,, ,Xxx X,,,..X.,,,WvN 7 ' , .w.WXx,r 6 gyf, M. x Wwy,ffPWAWf W,W, X 1 Xdyf X " " ' ' ' " 1'm.Xvf,' ,pr X My ifqfm ' , , 1 f f Qgiiv Q1 3 N ,X ig? 7, .0y,f.f.A fjjf f, I A Kaye- Q ef' , , X X gs er, Q. ,, -f, ifmfw f-,,,, gf 44,,- 'XX7SSfVXC7f- iwM.44XA.gzios.g2wf,.wM' X rwwwy jpj A af 4,1-1'1'f ,-fi yi? 2 My f- ,f A ' ' , ' ,f Z 5 Z' . V -'A' X, we ' , Q 2 Ni ' ' " A af ww ,.,, K' Jawa ' f l UWM Q! 4 , E X L X 45291 gb vyge wgr te A sg , 1 we W f, ff X X YT' Q,:.."v 5T2if " SW ' V EY X '- X ' :TH , X or X - f X ...., 'A - - " ?QXx We f S V.,. .,.,, 4' X 1, Buddmg Young oe S f ,wx ,fs Viv X9 ff" 0 YM- NK ws :QW L' A-N' X ,FN if SN Q ,wr H Q Xi ww" yy I 5 , the My t fork X f X f 5 f-fs' A f K Q.J,QXW2f-S 4 1 41X X 3. Oh, thot November 4th X a?7iiQ9XXs'7:7fWrYi L ' if F1321 "'A5'k':7""" A " fx' X , 'sr 1, .. r'5?wX, 2 TWO much H20 W2 Y o H f X YCXWWW ,XX,,Qyw9mq,wAmqX,.Q 4 .9 5 Nose io nose-who knows? ff, fm 7 -K Q: -1 f W- ,, XX 2115455 . ' vcwvv, Xe f,.- , PW -Xjvltbg I -f .,-' 1. . New A H X, .wqaggm-Y Q , ff,, Q. if 'fx' ik Q4 4 6634193 M539 4 fx , 6' Q , Y 0 bd? 7. Ace 5. "Move over, boys," from 4 was W i?-f. u wif X QA 1 Q - ' o x Q6 26 Q Wm A3 ?g 0? 2' eq fix 'A Q5 QA G o Q fx N Q as Ali gifs: Mfbdfeqgr CX, M X , X v Q A Q ,QA 4 S 5 X xx Q 2, FM N Q Q 4 Q , X X Q 'G N Q35 W M Q X X X v Q gk, 4 . "Lei me g A S il-rw remixes X XM C ww XRS www X gig X K qvisie o, lover" X xg tx NGN!! N X X ,Xl S 'L X X,.XXg::f-1 X vii: . N Xa Ffsiii:-:.f fs, X I .N A , X X , 1 X T01 fix XXX X Y X N ggi ,ww 1 3 4 E if 1: X 5 X -W .N . , X N ..N, N www xg-sswmx -- N FQXXQX Q53 .x , ' ,V H A QNNXQ- ,pg,..MN,,N,N,f.,N,,V,Q W,,,N,,N,..g1,.,,-WNW...9w:M.,,,N,,V,,e,,1:Vr.4,,, , NX X NN x XiL,wNV,N?2:'f X A ' fvvoa f fg..,1.. .,A. 4, A . . .. , - ...W . X -I: , , J . V -X -' ? 0 if ' X +L , X WV ' 'YSL'-WX ug,-,gy -f V X X -'N:f'f' - 47 .-"' 1-...:s' aw- ,-+ , ,J 4.,,N,.- -pw, -- -- . i ff, N,cN,.,' - .W .. x W,, .-- gf, ,.,,, J 92 3- , . . .V w:zs a .-:W SG X 1r'frf'fW - -V.NN- -iam, ' . '- .5- , ,V N , J 29. N . ,VW ,.V,N.,,-V, N. , ----- N N .VM-' - V--, -W - ,VV A,.. . VN I ME. A 2 I ,N x M 4 I V,. , , , ,. .1 . ,- I V g, ,. ,S .. V, V V- ,...- -1 -NN 21.84, ,gW..,,ghN-V ,.. 5 '-Q-9 qNf .. 'Nw: gg, ,V W, f 'XVN f . 'Z V ' Q' . NV. mf- ,' -. ' ',, Vf Vf.M-Q4f3N.c,.'2s'2.VXQ,X' - - ..... W . Q- .--V .-y. - , -VN 1. ,ff N' , 4 QV ,M 'ZR Va -. ,-- V . ,. . ,.'V 'VQQ J V . ,,--.g42f,y.NV4Wg . -f f Q F V iw, X ' M -V? 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X pt, X' NVV-W ,-fr, 1 -- --,V.,Nk2Ni?gf'V '-:NV Q Ti F XX W rfb A As there "While 1 nodded, nearly napping- Sudde-HIY came cr tapping- I . of someone QTGHUY fCfPP1ng- mppmg G Y chamber door. t m -Edgar Alan Poe '? 8, 2 3 5 5 5 VV! 6- Vi 5 V ri , Q N NOW wif "N " 'j1Vg . N ik ii? AWN? SV , V N , .VNNN f-V5 X X9 X V ' X133 - V?- X i :M V V .N-wNX.V,N?'S ,N A , -ff.,NN. . MS. fVVNNi'wg,.sX-, X ' X X X ' .SVN - N NV . Y' T A . M- . -WX 1 .Vfg VL .- fwxm NX Km "N- " .fy . X m A ' .bil gs'-N LN-N. A 5-5 E . .N MVN. ,NN NN . .N,.f X NE , S ab N X V. -Q 2? - V N., ff Q X: Ni -Fm 3 Q. xv'- M A.. ' vNVVNNV4N,..N.,NN- ,Q N V ...,X . N X ' f 5. S x 4 .VM .S Nh NN,-if . Q -,mx - wma - 5 V ., . 1 N 5 V SVS,-3. - . 1-:X v, 4 ,NNV-:VJ ww X f 6' NfiXVZz.Ni' V2 ,,r.,4NVN' ,- . bgxwwf. . 5Vk'f75'V'f- ,V ,M .T,N.w.g .iw ,N . V ,,.S!ZsA V . V N nz- 'A' .SEN s-fz . X 5 f. 4 . 'NQFZS Vi, 'Z y N , Q, , i . . V Kingsley A. Perry Principal Harvard, BS. Harvard Graduate School of Education, lvl. Ed. 9 Betty Fil Secretary Amherst High School Graduate Eleanor Fillmore if Guidance Extra Curricular: Supervisor of Cheerleaders, Class of '57 Aciivser University of Massachusetts, BS. H Radcliffe, MA. E If L Donald S. Lacroix Biology Extra Curricular: Adviser of Class of '56 University of Massachusetts, BS., MS. 'Springfield College Class Donald Averill History Extra Curricular: High School Li- brarian Keene Teachers College, B. Ed. University ol Connecticut, MA. '56 Mcrriorie Day Home Economics College of St. Rose University ol Massachusetts, BS. Laurel Crouse English 12 Extra Curricular: Graphic Adviser Boston University, BA. Salem State Teachers College University ol Massachusetts Boris Burack English 10 and Speech Extra Curricular: Drama Club University of Connecticut, BA., MA. New Haven State Teachers Col- lege Iohn Craig Commercial and History Extra Curricular: High School Treasurer, Student Associa- tion Bookkeeper, Personal Typing A. I. C., B.S,, MA. fem- Betty lane Donley Latin Mt Holyoke, AB, MA. Stanford University Rutgers American Academy in Rome Dorothy Furgeson English Extra Curricular: Yearbook Spokane University, B.A. Smith College, M.A, University ot Washington Ph1l1p Hugo Automatives, Mechanical Drawing Extra Curricular: Hockey Team Fitchburg State Teachers College Attending University of Massa chusetts Irene Hale Bookkeeping I, II, Senior Arithme- tic, General Math Salem State Teachers College University ot Massachusetts Elizabeth M. Foley Shorthand, Typing Extra Curricular: Personal Typing, Lockers Salem State Teachers College, BS, Ed. Boston University, M.S, Ed, was z A ,xewws E + smfsvpir uaxm.,sy..,..X. EXAM 2, wnwwqsx- sw 3 2 f Qwmwmv S Fren EKU: Rach Miclc Univ Sorb Physi Extra C P v Bosto Sarge Sprin 9 ,ior Arithme. I 3 College iusetts 'oley nal Typing, 's College. 3, Ed John P. McDonough Physical Education, Supervisor of Ir. and Sr. High School Phys- ical Education Extra Curricular: Basketball Coach, Football Coach University ot Massachusetts, BS., MS, Columbia University University ot North Carolina Springfield College x B 5 6 J 52 E S 5 S 5 X A Q X Y x S S X S E 3 S w S 5 E E 3 fi S S 2 1 Z z 2 f 3 5 V 2 2 v E 5 4 3 5 4 3 2 ? 2 v 3 a Z 5 , 2 E 3 5 E 3 s 2 E E 2 5 i s 5 S 1 S 2 S 2 E s S 2 2 S 2 E E 3 ls 2 E -3 3 5 S E X S S 5 R 3 X S Q S S Q N w R S Q Q X s S s Q 5 S S Q 2299 gk. Marguerite Ann Aldrich ' Tri-S l, 2, 3, Gold- Eig 1523135113513 'i, 2, 3, soffimii 1, 2, 3. The one member of our class who doesn't have to diet is Slim, our star basketball play- er, Although Marguerite is ex- tremely good-natured, the one thing that annoys her is the way the college students take over our town when college opens. Some future employer will find Slim Marian Louise Ann Adams Pep Club 2, 3, Goldbug 3, Pro Merito 2, 3, Basketball 2, Manager 3, Softball Manager 2, 3. Tall, attractive Marian could be a model, but she wants to be- come a secretary. An avid sports' fan, Marian -has participated in basketball and softball and has appeared in the cheering section at all games. Marian can discuss any television program as she is an ardent television fan. t f Gt " Erbs., .V 42 . ' 1 ' . iw. ,.. . 1 fi, X x if 53, 51 g fwg' IM' r Ig 4 X ' 2,3 g f U' 4 WX, 3 N 5 f ,X N dx a very efficient secretary. there. Wulf, L l pfoiefflgiiiifiizf 5 1 i , ,n'-'.' Y' Whose Pig lllv WO X l he . mi we - ompm eleClflClU"' lhg Natl- yphl V Thomas B. Aldrich mah ,.,. ,, Sports Club 1- .. . Anyone looking for Tom can find him hunting in the I 3fliQ'2'f..S V.. if daytime and at the bowling alley at night. Witty Tom's horne'::crt'.-f:11:i ' Z favorite expression is l'How's that grab ya?" Not particu- lcseicgzdztg ' lar about his food, he likes everything. Tom plans to help cngrcductpi pl 3 out the Navy when he graduates. T' its Earle C. Allis Projecxtionist Club l,H2, 3, Basketball Manager l, 2, 35 Baseball Manager l, 2, 3, 1 Oh Splugs, Butch comments as he fiddles around with cars at his Leverett home. ln school he distrusts teachers and enthusias- tically served as manager of two athletic teams. His plans are to join the Armed Forces and if possible to make some improvements Elllqbeth Nancy P. Avery frfnrgm , N M93 . A ,mv Pr-ms... W V XX . . .Q W French Club lg Tri-S l, 2, 3, Outing Club l, 2, 35 Goldbug 3, Intramurals lg Badminton Tournament 2. Although traveling is Nancy's llfbbby, her favorite trip is from Llrlcoln Avenue to Woodside Av- enue. She has mastered the art Off. writing letters in study hall without being detected. Next year Iljiancy plans to attend the U. of E lulhchq ug ,V .L -A QQ!-., - frwf i. A T V . y.v,W9.m: :Ei h s I S N. ' ,flm0,.- A J x. M f. A xv- V-M Q. E ',tSyentS , x, N Q' ' " Pe-. ti lffit g,- W' "li- tifill -ft: . ' :N N. ', A w Qqx , 5.5 R 1 Wlillivvl "lil 'X iw. . wr, V vm 'A l -eil ' M125-. ,'MSwe. M., s, l 'ww " 'Q w' " .M ,, N -,. l . 5, , Num, ' 'N N mg.. 1 . , x w, , . s. ,ji 'X " W. rf'- k, N., MAS- . ' ' 'N '. '-. ' tl i Finn Tri-S 1, 2 3. . 2, 3. Softball' IGEM. .ber of our 6113. .CIVQ to . GSS b k diet ls GS efball pl Ufguerite is EY' zttured, the OIT' 's her is the WGS nts take Over Gull ige Opef1S. Some will find Sh Wayne Everett Avery Pfojectionist Club l, 2, 3. "Pretty neat," says Hot Bod, whose pet peeve is losing a race. His favorite pastime is girls, and he is most likely to be found eat- ing ice cream at Mae's in North- gmpton. lf he doesn't become an electrician, Wayne plans to join the Navy. ', 4l4mf UE .---' ' ,f?fFf'f ecretary, In William Banks Operetta 2, Class Play 2, Basketball 3. U "l'll play your crazy game," says Bill, who can often be found with Ed. Bill is one of the actors in our class. He appears to be the quiet, shy type. Bill is undecided about the future. Elizabeth Barschenski ihunting in the Betty yells, 'lOh, my gosh," when she is assigned ,www ht. Witty Tom's homework, which is her pet peeve. She is quite likely 3 I?" Not particu- to be found at home, and her favorite pastime is loe. Up- fn plans to help on graduation, Betty plans to do office work. Ulvery l, 2, 35 Outing 3, Intramurals li 2. tg is NanCY'5 2 trip is lTOm Woodside AV' :tered the arf n study hall ied. NeX'fYeCfr and the U. Of Iames B. Bias Pooibaii 1 2 3, Basketball i, 2. 3. Baseball 1, 2, 3- Corky' a guiet sportsman, enjoys hunting and sweet cider. When hes not participating in sports, he can probably be found at home with the television set. Elizabeth lane Becker French Club lg Pep Club l, 2, 35 Tri-S l, 2, 3: Outing Club l, 2, 3, Goldbug 35 Pro Merito 2, 35 Basketball l, 2, 3. Although Betty says she dis- likes the color of her hair because if prevents her Wearing pink, most Of the girls are envious of her beautiful, red curly hair. Betty is CI good student and a good ath- lete. She is always willing to work for her class. She plans to further her education at either the U. of M. or Syracuse University. i 1 l in-. "?u-.4 , fiv- itif .4 f Raymond P. Blaisdell Phyllis Ann Boynton Pep Club 2, 3g Basketball 1, 2, 3, Soft- ball l, 2, 3. Phil, Whose favorite pastime is sports, dislikes poor sportsman- ship. She is likely to be found at Shums and says, "I guess so," when asked if she'll have some of her favorite food, pizza. Phil plans to attend Northampton Commer- cial College or join the Armed Forces. Student Council lg Projectionist Club lg Drama Club 3. Ray is usually quiet in class, unless he is making a Witty com- ment. l-le is an enthusiastic painter and crazy about ships. l-le also is adept at Woodwork. The University of Massachusetts is his next goal. Nancy Reed Britt Constance E. Britt Pep Club lg Tri-S l, 2. Giving a general 'impression of smallness, and blond- ness, Connie is very quiet when in public but is capable of surprises. l-ler favorite pastime is riding around with Moe. When looking for Connie try Little Italy, her favor- ite hangout. Connie is another one of our future nurses. Pep Club l, 25 Tri-S l, 2, Chorus l, 2. Our petite redhead, Nancy, can often be found in the Town I-louse. She likes to talk but can't stand Gymn Class. Next year she plans to attend a lunior College. ,f f ,f ,v fr, f, wed 54259.-fzy-wyfri:y1ff.ww- ww.,-1 a f,. ,Q . ,WJ ' , , A , ,W ,W 6?W7N m 'fha' , '- M-0,641 !fyfc4.f4' w f ' ff f ' ff ff.f.wfWfv4fW49'z ff A k 4 ll , ,EFI 5 4 i . F 'V ,I , N, f ,fr 45 Afzffig .i X .... . ,V I ,tj xi C ff f' f '62 .z,1,a .rf,f ,wuz 49.1 , ,f .z fm f' f wfydyg , X ,E , , .3 Mfff, r z, ' , " wif .L iw ' V4 V ' . " Susan M. Bunn Game Club lg Pep Club l, 2, 3, Tri-S l, 2, President 3, Graphic l, 2, Editor 3, Pro Merito 2, 3: Operetta 2, Class Play 2: lntramurals l, 2, 3, Basketball l, 2, 3, Cheerleader l, 2, 3, I Sue, one of our popular sen- 101' girls, has engaged in many school activities. W h e n e v e r YOU re at any of our football or basketball games, you'll be sure 'IO see Sue, a peppy cheerleader, cheering our team on. Her future Plans include attending the U of M- Where she hopes to major in Journalism. Tad 3, Ollllflg rl PreSenll k his favor lo be he C , l discOVef 'S fu ailment' H1 further educ Pep Club ll 2, 3, 'f Although N class, she is ont cotirt. Not one lovely, long, do class who plans bQ111,2 glb 3. 1: Clslugng QTEQ likes IS lnle' Gt ei M1 S- Hi 'T' QT lhe Sli ,Ynlon 11 1. 2, 3: SOH- 3 pQSllI1'1e is Sportsman- be fgund Gt gl-less S0111 GVS Some of I. plans ThgORnm'er- fined 1d blond- Capable ind with er favor- nurses. 35 Tri-S Tditor 3: ss Play l, 2, 3: r sen- many e v e r . all or sure fader, uture U. of or in Tad Burnett Outing Club 3. Presenting Tad! lf not eating steak, his favorite food, he is sure to be beneath his car trying to discover the cause of its latest ailment. His tuture plans include further education. - .-v 3' ,415 Q9 Charles Chase Student Council lg Outing Club 35 Projectionist Club l, 2, Sec.-Treas. 35 Graphic 35 Class President 35 Operetta 25 Class Play 2. "What do you mean?" lt's Chas, class prexy, who can be found at the Town House or the First National Store. Besides girls, his fa- vorite pastime is thinking ot ways to make money for his class. He dislikes kids who are'n't interested in their class and its fate. Chas plans to attend a Business School. Mary Louise Cooke Pep Club ll 2, 35 Tri-S l, 2, 35 Basketball l, 2, 35 Softball l5 Band l. Although May is one of the smallest members bf our class, she is one of our biggest assets on the basketball court. Not one to go in tor lads, she has never cut her lovely, long, dark hair. May is another member ol our class who plans to enter the Armed Forces. Rudolph H. Cooley Projectionist Club l5 Band l, 2, 35 Class Play 25. Football 3.- Budy is known by everyone for his antics in the classroom. He can always be counted on to liven up a boring class. Like most boys he has a place in his heart for his car and a girl.. Budy, who plans to be an auto mechanic, does not take a special liking to peo- ple who have a superiority complex. l l Iames L. Cooley Cuting Club 35 Pro Merito 25 35 Base- ball l, 2, 3. lim is a great baseball enthusi- ast and is interested in Math. He likes lobster rolls and is likely to be found at either the library or Hastings. His future plans are M.l.T. or the U. of M. '5...,A ,,,,N,,-f"'7 AQ? lean Cow1eson Student Council 17 Drama Club l 3 horus l 3 Cay and cheerful at all times leannie is an untiring support- er of Drarnatics and Chorus. leannies favorite pastime is AMCOP, Ask her what it means. She is usually found in the Town House indulging in hotdogs. iitiflrllfll Came ff" 'fi Wi' lliilimfif' ,- if f' ,. fo, SUfelf,iL,f 5" '1.J"v , " iudt?fi,fa ff"'ff laV0l?"'i9g1.l'ff you llnd ,L--531:-' Frffll 9 ' .N v ridlllled' jill .f ,f-"' . i ,f Ianet Frances Couch 2 3 Coldbu Ieannie plans to attend the U. of M. next year. Pei- citrix i 2 'rits i, , , 1 ci 3 lanet is a peppy girl who comes from South Amherst. She has a aood sense of humor, so naturally she dislikes people with no sei-iss of humor. She can often be found in Springfield. lanet's fut- ure plans are undecided right now---but they may include hair- dressing. bug 3. Alec Edward Cybulski Ioseph Randolph Crowley Graphic 3, Football l, 2, 3, Basketball l, 3- Baseball l, 2, 3, Gold- 'lWhat's the scoop?" lt's athletic Randy, Whose favor- ite pastime is sports, and who can always be found in the locker room, Randy likes fried clams, French fries and salad, and dislikes short haircuts on girls and "D.A.'s" on boys, Graduation will see Randy headed for enroll- ment at Springfield College, Basketball 3 Al dislikes to see knee socks on girls, Polish dances are his fav- orite activity. Most pleasing to his stomach are chop suey and grinders. He likes basketball and plans to attend the U. of M, next year. ,ww X 1 was-f seas Y'-.4 Everett Dim-ock An inseparable pair in our class are Ev and Phil flfrench, that iSl. When hunting season opens YOU are sure to find Ev in the Woods somewhere, How would a deer look on the front of your red convertible, Ev? Next year he Plans to attend the U. of M. and then enter the Air Force. ,tailor it - nf: S51r"' iii COUL- A ...MP GmeCl1:. .. iii 2, at ' 1 y- vp- ,..... .. Yost. N. s.-. i-mo parmctgces L as to his ff: "-' - .....L 3 I lf? Cn -Y-lla lm' hill N tle M975 Slifer-- she ' 51:3 Ct, GRM:- .QQQHINQ tl i we "- .Slcieqt 5-: Of Qt " Pi:- , 'vt-.Qi 5 v:"'v.:s' SQ -, i 'x s, '- 5011 C1 1, It all times lg Support- ld ,ChOrus. 3CtSl1I'1'1e is It If means. 1 hOldOg3. end the U. l, 2, 3, Gold- nose favor- e found in h fries and id "D.A.'s" for enroll- ack our C1055 ,nch, that son Opens EV in lille would Cf f YOW fed YQCIT he of M, and '8. lu dith Wealthy Drake Game Club l, Pep Club l, 3, Tri-S 1, 2, 3, Basketball Manager l, 2, 3, Soft- ball Manager l. Surely you must have seen S1 , ludy at Mae's Drive-ln eating her favorite food, French fries. Or did you find her at the Bowling Alley? Frank, enthusiastic, and good- natured, ludy will be a Welcome addition to the next year's Frank- lin County Hospital training class. Chester Dziekanowski Drama Club 3. "That ain't right," energetic Chet exclaims loudly in English class. Other brilliant exclamations flow from his lips. Polish food delights him, and he likes to sing-to himself and everyone. l-le also gkesf Ixlilolish dances. Next year Chet is planning to attend the . o . Iohn Edward Dziuba Game Club l, Sports Club l, Football l, Basketball l, 2, 3, Base- ball l, 2, 3. Yosh can usually be found. riding by Shums. Yosh, who participates in two of our major sports, is undecided as to his future plans. lean Margaret Erit Pep Club 3, Tri-S l, 2, 3, Outing Club l, 2, 3, Goldbug 3, Band l, 2, 3, Orches- tra l, 2, Operetta 2, Basketball 3. 1 a musicall minded member of our class Besides parti- lean 's Y - y E H cipating in many class activities, she can be found driving. 'My Gosh" is her exclamation when a car goes out in front of her little maroon Austin. lean plans to go to college to study nursing. Sylvia Iane Ely Pep Club l, 2, 3, Graphic 3, Goldbug 3, Majorettes l, 2, Captain 3. Petite Syl is best remembered for her clever twirling. Her favor- ite expression is "Cfreat"' which she applies to everything from chocolate pie, her Weakness, to the latest "pop" tune. Office Work or Commercial College are in- cluded in her future plans. Augusta Fishel Student Council 25 Pep Club 35 Tri-S 2, Program Chairman 35 Goldbug 35 Class Vice President 35 Band 35 Pep Band 35 Class Play 25 Basketball 2, 35 Softball 2, 3. GrUSSl'S, a peppy redhead from Leverett, is a girl you won't forget for a long time. Coming to Amherst High in her junior year, she has been a viery enthusiastic participant in all activities of her class. Her witty remarks in class have also provided her class- mates with extra entertainment. Gussie plans to further her edu- cation at the U. of M. Don Farrar ' Game Club lg Graphic l, 35 Pep Band 2: BGSketbCIU 1- l I 'tThg1'5 nice mdk," flips losewhose favorite hangout is the Hatfield Club Rendezvous. His favorite pastime is eating steak, his favorite food. Undecided about his future, lose is definite in his dislike of girls who don't dress right. Robert W. Fishel Outing Club 35 Projectionist Club 2, 35 Basketball Manager 35 Base- ball Manager 2, 3. Bob, Cfussie's twin, also came to Amherst High in his junior year. Known by his favorite expression "What?", Bob claims that he is fond of boiled snails. Like his sister, Bob is quick with witty remarks. He plans to go to the U. of M. and then become a chemical engineer. A. Philip French Basketball 2, Swimming l. ' Phil, who comes from South Amherst, can often be heard say- ing, That's the most to say the least." ln his spare time he likes to putter on cars, to camp, and to fish. He plans to go to Stockbridge if trie girl who sat in front of him in Modern Problems doiesn't drive im crazy. Marion Ianet Gardner Pep Club lg Pro Merito, 2, 35 Basketball l, 2: Softball l. Although Marion is one of our top commercial students, she is not the traditional grind. Sports are her main interest, but what- ever she attempts she does well. Because of her sense of humor and good nature, we predict that Marion will make many friends next year at Northampton Com- mercial College. Pei? C Oilfl Lei QOC olie life ten bef Proje "Wi can en's B4 Frer l, 2, Pro Mari A SOII be SXC4 bus IS Q QI' Q Ney lem for tel lb 32 Tri-S 2 redhead 'YOU WOn'f CQHHHQ to 1f1lOI' yecu-I flfhusiastig ties of her fS in class ner class- ertainment, ' l'1GI' edu- yer 35 Base- figh in his "What?", his sister, go to the rdner Basketball ie of CHU' 5, she 15 11. SpOffS 1L1lf What- oes Well' huI1'1OI' ,dict tl'1C1T If friends an C0m' Connie Mae Glazier Pep Club lg Tri-S l, 2, 35 Goldbug 3, Connie, a petite blonde, is an- other one of our classmates from Leverett. She is the owner of a good sense of humor and can often be heard saying 'lTl'1Qt'S life!" Her favorite pastime is lis- tening to records. Connie plans to become a nurse. Don Goodell Outing Club l5 Band l, 2, 35 Pep Band l, 2, 35 Orchestra l, 2, 35 Chorus l, 2, 35 Operetta 25 Track 2, Don has eagerly participated in most of the musical activities, intruding everywhere with his alto saxophone and disturbing the peace. He likes to go camping and "to get away from it all." When he becomes eighteen, we shall lose him to the Army. Loren C. Graves Projectionist Club 35 Basketball 35 Baseball l, 2, 3. Traveling down from the hills of Leverett muttering, 'lWhere there's a will there's a way," is Loren Graves. I-le can be found at the movies or at Stone's Pool Hall. Lor- en's future plans are indefinite. Marie Frances Hanson French Club lg Student Council 25 Pep Club l, 2, 35 Tri-S l, 2, 3, Outing Club l, 2, Secretary 35 Goldbug 35 Pro Merito 2, 35 Class Play 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3. Marie can usually be found working very hard for her class. She has enthusiastically participated in all school activities. She doesn't like the lack of inter-class cooperation around A.H.S. She likes to ski. l wonder why? Hlsa balous" is her favorite expression, and she plans to attend Bates or the .U. of M. Barbara Phyllis Handrich French Club 15 Pep Club l, 2, 35 Tri-S l, 2, 35 Outing Club l, 2, 35 Goldbug 35 Pro Merito 2, 35 Class Play 25 Basketball Manager l. Ask Barbie if she'd like to go somewhere and her answer will be "S-u-r-e." ln spite of being an excellent student and one of the busiest girls in our class, Barbie is always ready for a good time or a long telephone conversation. Next year Barbie plans to at- tend the U. of M. in preparation for teaching. YK gi W Marjorie Heidrich Pep Club 1, 2, 3: Tri-S l, 2, 3, Graphic l, 2, 3, Goldbug 3, Intramurals l, 2, 3, Margie, an untiring supporter ID-2.1. M uw of our class, is always on the . lookout for news for the Graphic. ln her spare time she can be found at Shumway's. Next year fx X is ,nm ' v she plans to attend the U. of M. Lenny Hebert Sports Club l, 2, 3, Projectionist Club l, Class Play 2, Football l, 2, 3, Base- ball l 2 you hear "Go jump in the lake," Lenny Hebert's sure to be around. Lenny, whose favorite- pastime is sports, can be found either at Shumways or in South Amherst. I-le despises homework on Friday nights. Teachers take notice! Q . .. q 1 X rv' ' 'M Q7 ix? 4 ' xi iii 51,112-: N QQ W 051' r X rx x I ' 7 3 l A , W is ' 2 M 9. X Sie' ,Y1 Q s Y 1 wr gf f 6 A - i vy- gy 3 Q 9 Archie Henry Friendly Arch is very agreeable, "Sure" being his favorite expression. Playing mechanic satisfies his con- structive and destructive impulses, and nothing leaves him more dejected than the sudden discovery of "no money." He has an ambitious future plan-getting mar- ried. Sally E. Holden Pep Club l, 2, 3, Tri-S l, 2, 3, Graphic 3, Basketball l, 2, 3. Sal's reason for doing anything from studying to making dates is "lust for chuckles." l-ler favorite pastime is writing letters to Kansas City. Are they in shorthand, Sal? Next year she plans to enter the Armed Services. 4 X i, .,,w"' N a Icmet Louise Holt Student Council l, Pep Club l, 2, 3: Tri-S l, Z, 3, lntramurals l. lf you are in Shums and hear someone exclaim, "Such is life," you'll know that lan is present. Riding around in a '55 Chevi is her favorite pastime. Who's at the wheel, Ian? Next year shle plans I' Grdplllcl bull 2' 33. HDOH 1 Gabii 4. wise Qlj an all? -ng gn. lmd SU' plans to Game Cli and Field A cc cnywher who like lo join tl . H615 GQIHS C, Gmac 1 Plfli' 2. Lells ll Qccqj lllld 5 HOUSQV UTOUH is to attend college. . Qi W lt. lendln . N. ch 3: G - als llrggglc Sul3DOrter S OU the Gmphic. can be Iexl Year J. ot M, eing his his con- g leaves ' of "no Qng mar- l 1, Q, 3, nd heal'- 15 11iG,H presenf- hevi 15 'S gt llle 9 planS Morgan W. Horr Graphic 35 Bod and Gun Club 15 Foot- ball 2, 35 Basketball l, 2, 35 Goldbug 3. "Don't push your luck" with Gabis, because he dislikes a wise guy. He can be seen flying an airplane or at Shumway's eat- ing grilled cheese sandwiches and strawberry frappes. Gabis plans to join the Service. Wi .4 --N 5 if V, gri. 5 ' .-, : ."'E . it Eleanor Hubbard Pip gjlub 15 Outing Club 35 Chorus 35 Operetta 25 Majorettes 1, 2, Drum Major- e e . When you hear "Not too fine" you know Ellie is around. She is one of our peppy majorettes. Ellie can often be found en route be- tween Sunderland and Amherst. She likes to listen to records and ski and next year plans to go to a Music School. 9 I -:r 1. ff , n", .L f Sm ffl ff' ,, ,,., ., . ., ., ft William C. Hubbard f 5 Game Club 15 Sports Club 15 Football 2, 35 Basketball 35 Track and Field Events l U A conversation with Bill, who can be found almost anywhere, will bring forth a "You've got it made". Bill, t jfy,Z,,,. ff 1 I who likes tenderloin steak and enjoys all sports, intends to join the Service. 1 W., , 9 lames Ross Iackson Game Club 1, 25 Sports Club 15 Bod and Gun Club l, 25 Basketball 15 Tracl. and Field Events 2, 3. . limmy, the artist of our class, hails from South Amherst. Since he is a sports' enthusiast, limmy spends most of his time hunting and fishing. Cruising around in his car is another hobby ol his. limmy plans to improve his artistic talent by attending an Art School. , ,X li N Helen Theresa Iackson Game Club 15 Pep Club l, 2, 35 Tri-S 15 Graphic 35 Goldbug 35 Operetta 25 Class Play 2. "Let's do somethingn' would be a good motto for Helly. You'll find her at Shum's, the Town House, the movies, or riding around in a blue Ford. Helly has an abundance of energy and wit. Her future plans include at- tending a lunior College. , I Jkyjffi 5 5 5, .,,.,, f .,mW,W, was m .AA 4 M 4-w""' Richard E. Ienks Rod and Gun Club lg Basketball l, 2. layson can be found fooling around in his '49 Ford. Famed for his shrill whistle, Dick likes foods of all kinds and just loves to R go out with girls or go flying. Dick's future plans include the Air Force and then getting a farm of his own. 'giver' aft' ffs..1...jfQ'.,, . William Edward I acque Football 3, Basketball 3, Baseball 3, Track and Field Events -3. "Beans", whoops Bill lacaue, all set to go fishing. l-le can be found most anywhere sneering at girls' slacksbecause he thinks pants should continue to be worn only by the men of the family. Bill's future plans are to attend prep school and then a college. wx f 6 W H . ::::1 s F :.. . . fig Z 'r-' " 4 Denison K. Iones . Projectionist Club lg Bod and Gun Club l. M D. K. can be found in Greenfield or at the University fies .45 W ' 13:9 . K Bod and Gun Club l. of Massachusetts, or enjoying his favorite pastime, the Airlines Drive-ln. When faced with homework or a girl who can't make up her mind, D. K. says "Son of a gun" He plans to take a two-year course in forestry and beef raising. 2? .1 I ohn I. Kershlis Tell lack that black is black and he'll say "Prove it" When he's not devouring steak and French fries he can b fi d I U A . , e oun at Shumways or lust riding around in his little red Nash lack can't t d l sian peop e who think they're it. His future plans are the Univer- sity of Massachusetts or the farm. if-W , I , 15,5-Z.ff4.yww1.w,M-V,--W.,- ,. rf- Robert F. Kessler Class Play 25 Operetta 2. f NO matter what you say to 'mi W 5 112013, the reply is, "You know." is. r u ess can be found in his shop in the family garage re airin V, I 1 p g lf T.V. s, radios, and electrical appli- . f , '.w, , ances. This has been his hobby 4. X . X for the last three years, and he g plans to make it his life work. GGTU 1, 2, Cldsf "l from halls with up' 115110 plan caref Dramct l, 2g Ct Ec few at "l'ley' Shum' Delicr Hqmp SGI Swear PQTCS S ban 1, 2, fooling Imed for tk likes loves tg D ude the J CI farm iiversity me, the lr a girl a gun". ind beef F say TQ know. is STIOP gpairing Il apph' . hobbY and he work. Ioan Marie Knightly Game Club l, Pep Club l, 2, 3, Tri-S l, 2, 3: Graphic l, 2, 3, Golclbug 3, Class Play 2, Basketball l, 2, 3. t'Ya but" can be heard echoing 3 5 from loni's mouth through our i 'W' halls. She doesn't care for kids with no school spirit or who 'tact up" at class meetings. She can usually be found at Shum's. Her plan for the future is a teaching career. 'N lsst i Patricia A. Kuzmeski Sports Club l. U W-hen you see a snappy yellow convertible driven by a pretty girl with a flashing smile, you know it's Kuzzy. A jolly, sincere, friendly girl, she has the personality and ability to succeed in her chosen field-secretarial work. F. lane Lake Dramatics Club 1, 2, 3, Debating Club l, Tri-S l, 2, 3, Outing Club l, 2, Chorus 2, 3, Class Play 2, Basketball 2, 3. Earnest and peppy fane has participated in quite a few activiti-es. She likes to greet people with a friendly "Hey there". Of pastimes, she thinks she has "too many". Shum's is her favorite hangout, and she hopes to go to Defiance College and become a professional Scout. Paul Mannheim Sports Club l, Student Council l, Outing Club l, 2, Treasurer 3, Graphic 3, Goldbug 3, Basketball l, 2, 3, Golf l, 2, 3. Squirt is a very popular boy and has participated in assort- ed activities. When he isn't to be found riding around in his new Volkswagen, he is likely to be making the rounds of the golf course. ln winter it is difficult to take his mind off skiing. He also likes bas- ketball, eagerly gobbles up chicken, and plans to attend college after a year of prep school. ."., f 7555 me it N I 4 .4 ' Neil Francis Major ...,. ...,, 3 H i .,li",' I I ,fa 1 Rod and Gun Club l. Spike's favorite pastimes are gi hunting, fishing, and Hcherchez la femme", and he is most likely to 3 I R be found at Shumway's or in ' fr' 3 Hamp, His likes are steak and L i 'hu- -Q, sausage, his dislikes are girls who swear. Spike plans on the Air Force and barber school. l r eq , Louis I. Miazga Game Club 1, Sports Club lg Projec- tionist Club l, 2, 32 Rod and G1-IH Club l, Basketball l, 2, 3. "Check that" says Lou, whose WX favorite pastime is playing the ac- cordian. His favorite food is pork, and he is most likely to be found at Forest Lake. Lou plans to at- tend Springfield Trade or Stock- bridge. Among his dislikes, the driver training car stands out. Ioseph I. Matysiewicz Game Club lg Projectionist Club l, 2, President 35 Football 3, Baseball 2. loe, a projectionist throughout high school, was president of the Projectionist Club in his senior year. Ioe, whose favorite hang- out is Northampton Road, dislikes women drivers. l-le plans to work in the future. Richard C. Mitchell Rod and Gun Club lg Swimming Team l. Dick can usually be found in South Amherst hunting or fishing. His favorite foods are steaks and French fries. Teachers and girls are his pet peeves. l wonder? Dick W plans a future in the Navy and then on to college. Lucille Helen Nanartonis Pep1Cgub3 l, 2, 3, Tri-S l, 2, 3, Graphic 3, Goldbug 3, Class Play 2, Cheerlead- ers , , . Lucy is one of our cute blonde cheerleaders. She can't stand those who show bad sportsmanship and lack of school spirit. Sh-e is not alone on this subject. Lucy's favorite expression is "no fool- ing". She can be found dancing, cooking for her brother and sis- ters, or at the movies. She plans a nursing career. it Regina Mary O'Brien French Club lg Tri-S 2, 3, Outing Club lg School Operetta 2, Basketball l, 2, 3, Softball l, 2, 3. Gay, p r e t t y , effervescent, ,yew Gina will make you forget your ' Q troubles. Her peppy, witty person- ality is contagious. Whether on TN the basketball court, or on the stage, Gina is always the cen- ter of attraction. She plans to at- tend college next year. wtf' , ,: . ir-7 - ' Clui ' ti? 1,-': Cffffr inf? HSN . -f' hot to it ,. gm H , .... 1 J.-L Eating. wr' iii: lutcyfstem , . fauna rc: basleti tend Lie . . qlnflq Rzqzi .,. AA MN: Pyle I3 i. b., in-IRQ? ,": this Sq. ord 'rf . i -If Org-M ' T ffl. -, . .N ig 51. il ' N- str -Q , 'N I-:Sew v lt ' LS' N. sms: ,VL is x A -. Fist-SX, X . A .3- k QC: I ll Projec- Gnd Gun Du' Wl'1Ose nguthe QC- 'Ci is pork' Ins to qt- Or Sto 1.5- ities, Eye lS out. at hunting inch fries. der? Dick ge. Brien b Duting Glu , ban 1, 21 3' er-Vescentz fgel Your ty Person' fietllef on ar UU the the Cen' IHS l o Ol' Helen Catherine O'Heam Tri-S l, 2, 35 Outing Club lg Drama 3' 'K Club l, 25 Chorus l. N Hop, our jazz enthusiast, also ing. Look for her either at La- - Fleur's or AtWood's Airport. When Hop joins the WAF's she will have to change her favorite ex- W j M pression f'Heaven's sake", to "Yes, sir"! Edward O'Neil Operetta 25 Class Play 2. Ed is another one of our class actors. He is a shy, quiet boy who seems to take life seriously. His favorite pastime is sports and hte is still undecided about the future. Ion Osgood Sports Club l5 Student Council l5 Outing Club 35 Football 15 Basketball l, 2, 35 Baseball ll 2, 3. 'lWhat?" says humorous Pickle as he sits down to a juicy steak. An avid hiking fan, he can almost always be found roaming the hills of Leverett. Pickle has played basketball and baseball for three years. He plans to at- tend the University of Massachusetts, David Arnold Perry Outing Club l, 2, Vice President 35 Pro Merito 2, Vice President 35 Operetta 25 Class Play 25 Track lg Golf l, 2, 35 Swimming l. Dave is enthusiastic about golfing, skiing, and going to the movies. He has participated in dramatics, was quite interested in Math, and was a representative at Boys' State. His future plans are college and U.S.M.C. Patricia A. T. Ostrowski Game Club l5 Basketball l, 2, 3. 'Can you manage that?" asks Pat. She likes to drink coffee while keeping her eye on a red Ford convertible and a certain foreign car. Pat, who intends to join the Armed Forces, is most likely to be found on Russell Street in Hadley. Theres a certain fellow who says "Why not?" Who ...KM peeves her. "'11j'fi:v 1 5. enjoys flying and horseback rid- 2 f' Q? Frank Perry Frank came to Amherst High from Spencer during his junior year. He can often be heard say- ing "What do you mean!" He likes to participate in sports, to hunt, and to drive. He doesn't particu- larly care for women drivers. r l:'rank's future plans include either college or the Service. Deborah Allyn Perry Pep Club l, 2, 35 Tri-S l, 2, 3, Graphic l, 3, Class Play 2: Basketball l, 2, 3. Debbie, Dave's twin, is an active member of our class. She likes sports, especially basketball. She can be found either at Shum's or the Town House in her spare time. Her future plans in- clude Iunior College. Operetta 2. Elizabeth Ann Pratt Pep Club l, 2, 3, Tri-S l, 2, 3, Outing Club lg Graphic 3. ffm Since acquiring her driver's license, Betty's chief oc- cupation has been trying to keep her father from using the family car. As Betty's favorite pastime is attending drive-in movies, does she find other entertainment in the winter? Although Betty's future plans are undecided, we wonder if she might add a three letter word to her- name. Randall W. Prescott "lYou know" is Randy's way of explaining something. His favorite pastime is working on cars-probably either his yellow Oldsmobile or Phil's Model A. He can be found at the gas station. He dislikes people who lean on the horn behind him. Randy plans to further his education at a State Teachers College. Wires -WM.. -W rf Iohn Quinlan Game Club 2, Sports Club 2, Projec- tionist Club l, 3. Quinnie is another member of our class who is interested in Z i cars. He can be seen almost any i time of the day in his maroon Ply- mouth. He also likes to go to stock car races. When he's not riding around, he can be found either at Shum's or at the Bowling Alley. Quinnie plans to enter the Service and then become an auto me- chanic. 1.4 . iff! . -EE52' Ig- . .. K- ce 1. Btu. f Effie , . '.- .1 4 Vg ffjtf -,vjfbfvvf n 4 4' .f' 1 ' 'H' 1 ,ff VQJJ' ni ,W . 9 v, .. . ' JE"J .If or re ,. . ,.'."5.-f ' . .0 V .f- ,1.:-- Na- " nf .v . . . ' fIf,,f A ,. 'v i ' ,eg I' uv - A 4 A .f ,J-'. ,,. 1 I " I 0 .v . , rbfcv' 4, a ,A W . Irv" J n ' u-' ,,. f:', .-,. vw . ' vw .4 . , Am me " I .1 :'Zl7"" ' '3- 9 .. 79...-' .-X: .Q-" 'v J"J, . 1' Dorothv I '--- ... ' .. ,urwtl ' ' -. .., -. -... . --. , ., - NA Big qs '- .- s .Cx N 'Wu t.HiQh Jllflior id Say- le likes 1 hunt, tCIrtlCu- lI'lVe1'S- 2 either ief oc- using ending ent in tcided, to her- Proiec' 1eIr1b?f sted 111 ist GUY on PlY' O stock .ther Gt AlleY- 5erViCe to me' Bruce K. Roberts it f Game Club l, 2, Sports l, 2, Outing QQ Club l, 2, 3, Goldbug 3, Class Play 2, Football 3, Track l, 2, Captain 3, Cross Country Captain 3. Participating in many activities 2 Ace has become a star distance runner. When he isn't hunting, fishing, or taking out girls, he """"t""- may be found in the Town House or somewhere in Pelham. Girls give him a great deal of frustra- tion. Ace plans to be a florist. David Benton Rowell Game Club l, Sports Club l, Student Council l, 2, Outing Club 3, Goldbug 3, Pro Merito 2, 3, Class Play 2, Football l, 2, 3. "You don't know, do you?" can be heard through the halls when Flash is anywhere around. Dave doesnt like it at all when he has an empty wallet and an empty gas tank. His favorite pastime is driving. He can be found at Shum's and plans to attend Am- herst College. Dorothy Elaine Roys Pep Club l, 2, 3, Tri-S l, 2, 3, Operetta 2, Class Play 2, Major- ettes l, Lieutenant 2 and 3. Dotty, one of our peppy majorettes, hails from Lever- ett. A vivacious little blonde, she doesn't let the fact that she lives in Leverett keep her from participating in class and school activities. You can see her driving between Leverett and Amherst most any time, day or evening. When you hear the retort "No Kidding", you can be sure Dotty is around. She plans to go to college next year. David S. Rozman Goldbug 3, Pro Merito 2, 3, Debating l, Track l, 3, Cross Country 3. Roz is a track and field man who, when not out sporting, can be found in jones Library. 'Quiet and efficient, Roz enjoys a good bowl olf Chili Con Carne. He plans to attend college upon gradua- tion from A.H.S. I I I f, V.. y in-lik. H fag L23 Rita Roz1ck1 2 wh, MV" Look for Rita at Devil's Paradise, where she may be found with Don. Her favorite food is Perogi. Homework is her major complaint right now. ln the future she plans to take up office work. Elizabeth Louise Searle Pep Club l, 2, 3, Basketball l, 2, 3. "You dog", is the pass word of Betty, one of our leading sports Args fans. Because she has a happy 2' disposition, she dislikes people who don't have a sense of humor. Betty's future plans include a very noble ambition-"working to help juvenile delinqu'ents". f lane E. Sanctuary lane thinks that 'ilt's better to be early than late . She P3lC1f1S TO attend college, and busies herself babysitting. She enjoys collec- tions, and, although she won't say so, we know that she can play the piano. David King Shumway II Game Club l, Class Play 2, Baseball l. Shum was a stagehand for the class play in his jun- ior year, and he could really toss those sets around. Why? Because, -like Popeye, his favorite food is spinach. He can be found working at Louis Food Store, making money to eliminate his pet peeve, an empty gas tank. The University of Mass. will take care of Shum's next few years. , Paula Paige Smith Pep Club l, :Tri-S l, Basketball Manager l, 2, Softball Manager l, 2. Paula is the girl you see around town in that'yellow Nash Ram- bler. Sh l'k ' e 1 es to drive and loves to go to stock car races. She can't stand people who don't show up for appointments on time. Paul ' a s favorite hangout is her home and her future plans include marriage d an a home of her own. Z S is Wsws-..,-W sskswww. Sibyl Christine Smith French Club l, Student Council l, Pep Club l, 2, President 3, Tri-S l, 2, Co- Program Chairman 3, Outing Club 1, 2 President 3, Graphic 3, Goldbug Co- Editor 3, Pro Merito 2, President 3, Class Play 2, Intramurals l, 2, 3, Bas- ketball l, 2, 3, Softball l, 2, 3, Girls' State 2. Sib is one of our busiest girls. She is an excellent student, a versatile athlete, a clever writer, and a good actress. Her keen en- thusiasm and conscientious abil- ity have made her one of our class leaders. Sib's future plans , include attending the University of Massachusetts. 1 Mm ' lifu. .D 1 X' sins We r' 4 P V A Q5 -5 .-f' f . 1- J ref ,,. R .Avi ,,. v, Sm 1, act c N., tu. r ,... .Mfr ll 'rt w ix N N xys-s. -. '-E s ,. 1 4:3- S 1' l l M, lt . , - HQ. Q rrle . 3. ord of SDOrts CQODY eople Umor. ver helg l jun- nund. iach. xking tank. next Pep Co- ,, 2, Co- 3: las- irls' rls. a ter, en- :oil- :ur Ins :ity Iudith L. Steinmetz Pep Club l, 2, 3, Tri-S l, 2, 3, Drqmg Club l. Writing letters to Seems to be ludie's favorite pastime, ludie, like most teenagers, can 'W' be found anywhere but home. She would be a perfect picnic com- , panion because hot dogs and hamburgers are her favorite foods. 'QW Next year ludie plans to attend Westfield State Sanatorium Nurs- ing School. ' ygiw X' Leona Stockwell Pep Club l, 2, 3, Tri-S l, 2, 3, Basketball l, 2, 3. -lf you hear "How am l supposed to know?", you know that Nonie is around. She likes to go to basketball games and Legion dances. Nonie has worked hard to make our paper drives a suc- cess. Upon graduation she plans to join the Service. 532 "'f 2 Sandra lean Strange Drama Club l, 2, Student Council 2, Tri-S l, 2, 3, Chorus 2, Oper- A etta 2, Class Play 2. ,yf, p yff, i I ' Lf Sandy finds great pleasure in plays. Given a chance il V S to act or write something original, she doesn't miss an 5 iiif opportunity. She also enjoys reading. Her favorite com- ,,,. "" ment is 'lHoly Moly". She likes gardening and playing tennis. She plans to attend Pittsburg State Teachers Col- ' Yfffd lege. f tw . Oy. kfttafbffim .Ak Michael P. Sullivan Sports Club l, Projectionist Club l, Graphic 2, 3, Dramatics l, Class Sec.- Treas. 3, Football Manager 2, 3, Basketball Manager l, 2, 3, Baseball Man- 2 . Gger see it" is Sully's favorite expression. He is very interested in sports as his past three years as manager show. He is also inter- ested in girls and that '53 Ford of his. He dislikes people who dont follow the athletic teams. Sully plans to go to Business School next year. Mary A. Stratford 'Q Basketball 3. :,f,.,, H yt , Mary is a quiet girl who comes "'.- 3 from Leverett. She came back to g Amherst High in her senior year. 'A ,H 1 She likes basketball and is a good . forward. Mary plans to go to Kings College in New York. : 1 ,,. .4 4 x ,I ff if f 4 sv, W3 5' .P ' 'A ttf . vi U Q t Thomas Sullivan Muriel Marie Tenney "That's too bad" is what Muriel can be heard to remark. She is a quiet girl who can usually be found at hom'e reading. Chili Con Carne is her favorite food. Muriel's plans for the future include mar- riage and her own home. Outing Club 2, 35 Graphic 35 Band l, 2, Student Director 35 Pep Band l, 2, Director 35 Orchestra l, 2, 35 Chorus 2, 35 Operetta 2. Tommy has been very active in any and all music events. He has represented the school at the Boston Post Music Festival and All-state Band. l am sure we have all enjoyed the Pep Band which was under his direction this year. He plans to attend Oberlin Col- lege. Play 2. Dorothy Cyril Thomason Chorus 2. Maureen F. Tessier Student Council l, 25 Pep Club l5 Tri-S l, 2, 35 Goldbug 35 Class Little Moe can often be found in a '51 blue Olds- mobile in North Hadley. "Gee Whiz" is her favorite ex- pression, and she can't stand lady wrestlers. Next year she plans to attend Northampton Commercial College or go into training to be a nurse. An important addition to our musical organizations, Cyril joined our class in her junior year. lf she isn't singing for school or outside activities, Cyril can be found ice skating, which is her favorite sport. She plans to attend the University of Massachugettg, 'KI ' f J, iw? 4' visa 11""e9"Sv N V 'W 'Vw fri , 547571, ' V- f . ,- , Mp. f f ,.,,.f fyfwfqwy . A . Q Vi, 5 Q 5 9' ffr om I 0 v 0 Q X? QXXXQM '24- Q 971 ,W f fy ffff 2 WS? Y fry fs 501' 64 4 fe gg 7 f Q' fo f, . Q f,.. . , .7 . 1 'ZZ N ' ' f':,5f'gfg:q,-7,k ',... w,,,,.L A4 K "Qs 0. , M ' t . , , , ff , 4, .5 11- .Q iv 3 ,gy 71,523 4 , 1 6 ,at 2 , f' llitf f 4 44,444 zz? f f army K1 f 'ff ' ' ffy, X . if fly. . 'V' I udith Lee Thornton Sports Club 15 Tri-S l, 2, 35 Drama Club l5 Chorus 25 Operetta 25 Class Play 2. "How about that?", says ludie. when confronted with her favor- ite food, a good, hot Italian grinder. She can usually be found at the Town House. Iudie, who is undecided about her future, definitely dislikes homework. r Qhlf md will joins l flec lormz Gold Oper Bi teref Wit DEQ: to I Off Sent to Q W uriel is Q be Con iel's CII'- ass , ds- ex- ear OI' HCI SS 8, I-- 1'1 d O 2 'I Dorothy M. Waskiewicz pep Club 1, 2, 3, Tri-s 1, 2, 3, cmphic 3, Pro Merito 3, Basketball l, 2, 3, When you see Dotty, we won- der what you notice first-her tantalizing dimples or her unusual olive complexion. Dotty's chief claim to fame is that she is the only member of our class to have had perfect attendance for all twelve years. Does this mean she will never miss roll call when she joins the Armed Services? im- .3 3 Elizabeth L. Welcome QWiI'EGLfe3f1:3?2F35PlPhiC 2: DYGHIGUC Club lp Basketball Manager l, 2, 3, Softball BGUYI WhO6G'1'1lOYS living, likes to sit in Shumway's and eat hot ,ClOQS Cmd Clflflk COllfeS. She hates people "who talk when some- one else has the floor. Betty plans to train at Westfield for nursing. 'si , fe s we A ? 'A a David H. Wentworth Dave is a quiet boy who comes from South Amherst. He can usually be found in Shum's. He is interested in farming and plans to go to Stockbridge School next year, Martha Whitney Student Council 2, Tri-S 2, 3, Outing Club 2, 3, Goldbug 3, Pro Merito 2, Sec.- Treas. 3, Class Play 2. Martha, our trans-continental traveler, has been fortunate enough to attend school in California as well as in Amherst, Ice skating and acting are her favorite hobbies. Since Martha has been the collector of innumerable A's, she should find college very en- joyable. ' A Iohn A. Wertz ., aoidbug co-Editor 3, Pro Memo 2, 3, Operetta 2, Class Play 2, Track 2, 3, Big, forceful lack is greatly in- WL iij? fiit, , terested in books and science. X A ' With the temperament and ap- pearance of a sergeant, he likes to roar out comments. A hard- Working student, he was a repre- sentative at Boys' State. Hle plans to attend college next year. Rita Helen Williams Tri-s 1, 2, 3, sofibgii 2. One of our most enthusiastic Driver-Ed. graduates is Rita, who comes from lJeverett. Working in one of our local stores and baby- sitting occupy much of Bita's spare time. Whether Bita chooses nursing or college, we Wish her luck in her future career. H. F. Williams Chokski. lt's Bill, veteran of both the Army and the Navy, who played three years of football, basketball, and baseball at ' l-lamp High, in addition to playing baseball for House of David. Bill likes pizza and woodworking, dislikes egoism. He.plC1r1S to Work for American Tel. and Tel. Projectionist Club l, 2, 3. Iosephine N. Wysoclci Pro Merito 2, 3. Io can be heard exclaiming "Iingles". She likes to ride horses and she also likes to ride with her brothers in their plane. Io dislikes h k-b ' ' 1 omewor ut youd never know it. She can be found either at home or working in the fields. Her future plans include secretarial Work. Anthony L. Wysk "Wow", Tony exclairns as he digs into some pizza. Hunting and fishing take up much of his time. "Girls" are his pet peeve and he is a habitue of Devils Para- i dise. His future plans are to go into drafting. 9' Donald I. Ziclik Projectionist Club l, 2, Vice President 35 Basketball 3. Don comes to Amherst High every day from Sunderland. He likes to dance and can be found at the Hatfield Barn. Next year Don plans to join the Air Force. Z l unite prise book misii ent s Chee have Tesei the clqsg disti Michael Sullivan secretary-treasurer' Charles Chase ' ' . ' I . . preside t: A t F h l. ' president: Donald S. Lacroix, adviser. n ugus Q is e vice THE Class of '56, consisting of lU5 members, the last class to grad- uate from Amherst l-ligh School, has been outstanding in its business enter- prise and initiative since it was able to raise most of the money for this book by the middle of the year. This was accomplished through such fund raising activities as paper drives' and dances, a class play, foodsale, tal- ent show, and a skating party. The class has been active in many outside activities, including sports, cheerleading, music, and dramatics. The band, cheerleaders, and majorettes have participated in several outside contests, and the class has been rep- resented at Boys' and Girls' State and Student Government Day. With the plans of future activity already formulated by many members of the class, it may be confidently expected that in the years ahead the group will distinguish itself in various Walks of life. GOLDBUG STAFF Co-Editors-in-Chief S. Smith, I. Wertz Faculty Editor S. ElY , ' 1 Edt I, Erit, B. Handrich, Semorc GSS 1 OTS D. Rowell, D. Rozman Classes Editors I. COL1CQ1'1, M- TeSSieT Music Editor M. Wh1tneY . . Clubs Editors M. Hanson, M.He1d.r1ch Sports Editors l- CFOWIGY, M- Horr, I. Knightly, E. Welcome Features and Art N. Avery, C. Britt, A. Fishel, H. Iackson, C. Glazier' Business Managers E. Becker, P. Mannheim Business Staff C. Chase, B. Fishel E. Hubbard, I. Lake, E. Pratt, L. Nanartonis, B. Roberts, I. Stein- metz, I. Thornton Typists M. Adams, M. Aldrich P. Boynton, M. Cooke I I S, Smith, I. Wertz, co-editors: Miss Furgeson, adviser. GCLDBUG STAFF This year's Goldbug was a spring publication. The editorial and business staffs Worked under adverse conditio h ' ' ' ' I ' ' ns, avmg no room in the school in which to lay out their material. However, Working at high speed and carrying their copy and pictures with them, the seniors turned out a fine pub- lication. The staff was faithful in adhering to the deadline schedule. This year was also a red letter year in the history of Goldbug publication. For the first time the printing and picture Work were done by local firms, Hamilton I. Newell, printer, and Mitchell S. Koldy, photographer. B. Becker, P. Mannheim, co-busi. ness managers. drich, . GTI ISI' idri h H051-, Icome ff. A. H. C. eirn ishel, I-Crke, ftonis, Stein- drich, ooke Ired ual. TYPISTS First row: M. Cooke, P. Boynton. Sec- ond row: M. Adams, M. Aldrich. EDITCRIAL STAFF Fifi! row: I. Erit, B. Handrich, I. Couch M. Tessier, S. Ely, C. Glazier, A. Fish el, N. Avery, E. Welcome. Second row I. Knightly, M. Hanson, R. Crowley D. Rowell, D. Rozman, M. Heidrich S. Strange, C. Briit. BUSINESS STAFF First row: I. Thornton, L. Nanartonis, I. Steinmetz, E. Hubbard. Second row: R. Fishel, C. Chase, B. Roberts. E Q , QW-at G . H f Q X 45'im,,x 'f Q Km, 2. X, V05 GMM 4 V144 i: ' I f' A f Anything for cr buck We live to eczt 7' UWM? WWF MM fwf ffffwgnf f f 5 My ,fwgfff fwfg 2.330 7' Q- X- 'f'ff,ffk',-L'f'f3ffiiw' f , X 4 wfggfi K 1, 5 f my , 2-f .f "5'ff'f , 14531 4 3 f 64 f n J Q , 4 Av. Qe".'9jfw16Zi.ff Q V 1 , n , n M , ,iff wif, L f My N- Q, km? f. gf wiv Q , nn' ' I 4:72 C2 'f , 5,32 MW , fy x ' fm X , f w: ,4 M ' .W 4. . 'yy b, f , , 4 A at K ,317 , . . ,, ., . g,,L,,Z.-ffm-Q ,Aw 4 0 Q X ,Q ww A f X Com' - .www w,,.w3z.v ,gn-XQW,Qf, lng up or the thu-db W QWMX A ,aw-WX f I K ' w 4 ,. W X10 if 223921 ,mg Z1 M4 Anjfi' ' f 9 X Q ' , Nm QM M fx W. A-5'-f at X x J " zz fn, nr ffm wwf- f X, ff A ' fX,,, -- f M .t 4- wiv QA w Ook out belowl ,, f A ,. xi f ' Y flfqfv-Q.44?.v A51 9f"?'7?':J, -2, 2 fx If D , g2,ff,.,gu, 4MPe4,Mz.w,f,WS,w , Mmzff , mg? nl f X f ' f W ff f ff X mf , 1-mm?J..-4,-4gw,4feix-'kaeqywwf-wwy. img fu'-t5f,w,MX , ,-mm. X ff? ' V 4 I if f f Q , ,. f Sh . M uf, V , cy J M WMS ww fwy,-0.,Qfw4,-AM 41.-Q.-4444-1 wwf- XM,-yt X fwymw, fw H i X ' wif 1 N f W W, ,V ,- ,gwiwf-fi Q92 ' MMA M 'WV 4 4, 47,51 , f 40,445 0, J ,X fl 9 , UVIUQ from Runway 4 ., Nw 4 ' ' f -QW. f, 9' .f ' Y?'5 4'3 1. I 4Cp.fzs6,4 ,M , 2 ff A- Twczs th ' h 1, - n , G mg f efofe mld-YGCIIS X , , N ff X v 1 ff? L '- S, WJ, WMQ-gy, ff ,A 4 xX6f,,9?Q4f,.0,zfyM,QWfm,:w5X.0wm4 f " n X , 5 .- y 'X , ff 9 ' f M X Z aww wif V I 4 2, Q- A f I M, , ,, W ff Wolf bent - ,, 'lf ffl 'I 'x ', x' 1' Q7 ' 3 X a f 3' 1 X ' f A fs 1 ' Q Q5 1 , pm Q Y DOOper ' S 7 X , V L,!,g,g4Z f' ff-U,.z,7,,,g7 K M-wwggqfi 2-xl, If x f ff,5jX?!4Q7Q f, f ,Q INA. K W s W, 4- , 5555 M, Q, , 1 M. x wif? Lx 2 if f F First row. S. Varley, C. DGBOIS, I. Markert, N. Bell, I. Domina, N. Rodzweil, I. Kentfield, L. Neet, L. Page, P. Lashway. Second row: I. Martin, P. Peterson, L. Gabaree, B. Powers, I. Zidik, M. Warren, S. Hurston, M. Fuller, L. Wilson. Third row: R. Henry, R. Chaffee, E. Field, P. Burke, H. Ingram, F. Iacque, I. P. Madden, R. Waskiewicz. Fourth row: R. Owen, S. Keegan, S, Fellers, I. Webb, R. Bennett, C. LaVa11e, R. Pa- trick, C. Roys. Missing: E. Booth, K. Goodhind, W. Handrich, I. Kosloski, R. Raskevitz. Q -ge ,git Q CLASS of '57 Miss Fillmore, adviser, I. Kentfield, vice pre., B. Holcomb, sec.-treasg R. Waskiewicz, prec. Fin B, Bielu neil, A. Woods: R. Brow E. Whitt V Q make N Spent Hcrd terestf their tics gr '57erE I C Clflllin Cake SWQIII I CSSS 'T i Dfoqj h0H01 WWW First row: V. Loven, L. Greene, M. Rockwell, I. Stockwell, A. White, M. Corey, C. Keegan, B. Birge B. Bielunis, C. Ellis. Second row: B. Iulian, H. Clark, T. Mand, E. Iohnson, M. Wilson, I. Helming, S. McCon: nell, A. McCune, M. Wentworth, I. Thacher, L. Ward. Third row: H. Kirley, W. Shaw, I. Langford, D Woodard, C. Hostord, S. Iohnson, R. Holcomb, I. A. Madden. Fourth row: R. Telega, M. Aldrich, R. Lashway R. Brown, L. Lashway, E. Vendeete, D. Truesdell. Missing: D. Reynolds, R. Sacco, I. Telega, S. Thornton E. White. Quality, not quantity, say the juniors, who number eighty-three and make up the smallest class in AHS. Next year's future depends largely on this small group ot hustlers who spent this year continuing the record begun when they entered as freshmen. Hard working students got their names on the Honor Roll. Boys and girls in- terested in sports turned out taithtully and were rewarded with positions on the tirst strings. A large number ot the class iound their interest in drama- tics spurred on by the junior play. Plenty ot school spirit characterized the '57ers, who led in support ot the cheerleaders and the Pep Club. Curtain Going Up was a striking success both dramatically and tinan- cially, netting the class approximately one hundred dollars. The traditional cake auction added another eighty dollars, and the treasury was further swelled by the proceeds from a spring paper drive. The juniors pioneered in the sponsoring ot a tall street dance, a big suc- cess irom the standpoint ot enthusiastic participation. The Senior Reception proved the high point ot the year. The dance was proot oi the ingenuity and artistry ot the juniors who outdid themselves in honor oi their departing friends. 1 -'sg sg 535 First row: E. Daniels, E. Shumway, W. Allen, E. Peterson, D. Mitchell, I. Grandonico, P. Thorpe, W. Nel- son, R. Berglund, K. Clark, T. Patrick. Second row: D. Sullivan, M. Thornton, B. Waskiewicz, G. Cashdollar, M. Lapham, K. Beck, I. Conklin, S. Dickinson, R. Holloway, R. Gamble, M. Wang, C. Shea, B. Colburn, P. Cleveland. Third row: I. Tuttle, D. Moran, S. Ashley, P. Ruder, D. Schoonrnaker, M. Atkins. Fourth row: L. Woodard, P. Lozoski, I. Hankinson, P. Iohnson, H. Rule. Fifth row: M. Tenney, G. Reed, K, Doktor, B. Glaszcz. Sixth row: G. Barber, R. Gass, M. Prescott, E. Allis. Seventh row: C. Newton, G. Critchfield. Eighth row: S. Parsons, H. Seiling, D. Woodside, M. Weaver, M. Basara, I. Kirley. Ninth row: A. Mack, G. Clark, Ft. Gray, P. Ostrowski, C. Auclair, R. Sheppard, B. Whitcomb. Tenth row: W. Perry, R, Bunn, I. Hannigan, E. Brace, I. Perry, I. Thornton, I. Thorndike. 6 ,ff .. Y A 'L Y f E. . CLASS ol '58 , . .yi ,Q . Ljsgfy ,J ' A r ,mee-. ,Mft .55 f1,-.,4,- yy.. Q., Q 'S ,A ,l ,A . if .. ., is F K' ll I Q, Q. -'Qs. sg 'fill .. . 'A 2 i 5 Mft 2 e ' 2 JL ' F A .+, .. , . ls fe if 75155 If sigh I fi if 5 K. Doktor, treasg Miss Iohnson, adviser, R Berglund, pres., K. Beck, vice pres: B. Holloway, sec ,. 2 .Et llcr, P. OWS B. ghth ark, GD, First row: I. Cooke, D. Malinoski, R. Carson, R. Cheney, B. Cole, M. Begos, L. Russell, I. Kieras. Second row: E. Fish, E. Stockwell, I. Germain, D. Blasko, L. Scott, L. Fishel, E. Ames, I. Witherell, H. Fydenkevez 1 E. Dziekanowski D Sicop Third row' Ci Lalilamrne M Heath A Ely S Allen B Iarvis C Garxe V Tid- 1 . . . , , , I I I I I - I ' ' Y! . lund, B. Fifield, I. Helrning, M. Davis. Fourth row: M. Marston, L. Van Wert, R. l-lart, M. Kapinos, P.. Keedy, C. Ward. Fifth row: B. Pray, I. Paige, I. Marco. Sixth row: I. Suprenant, E. Wentworth. Seventh row: R. He- bert, D. Owen, I. Goodell. Eighth row: I. Swenson, W. Casey, G. Capen, E. Kamensky. Every year finds a new class entering the doors of Amherst High. Every year the members of this class with some fear and trepidation, but with greater hope and anticipation begin this new stage of learning and grow- ing up. The Class of '58, one hundred. and seven strong, made a good start by placing a number of its group on honor roll. Many of the boys turned out for football and made the first string. Basketball, baseball, an.d track found an equally large number participating. The girls too found plac- es on the basketball and softball teams. A keen interest in dramatics was displayed by both sexes, predicting a successful future for Al-l.S. plays. Among the several activities of the class were the l-larvest Festival held on November l8th and the joint sponsoring of the Sadie Hawkins dance on February l8th. The former was the first dance of the year and one of the most successful, netting the class a small profit to be applied to the financing of the yearbook in the senior year. ln. the course of the year the lrosli picked up twelve new members, SWQIIIDQ IIS IQICII IQ QI1.-Cf Iquyidrgd and nineteen and making it the largest Class in A.lil.S. 'Watch the Class of Twill lt is going places. we 5 ,X Well, here we me-now whcd? Bottoms up! ,,,,. WIA., ,M eg W0 f 0 , ,, , sf, 'S fo Q of lj' , x , vw Y , if 1 5 14 .www-fffwwff On the town Two drowned rcxts X K . - y , ' , . f- -K ' f .,.,. . , ' .t f lm 'gl W f hw, f , yr 2 ea , "ll!Qf,z'ff 'A ,, A ,V ,MM , Mivfwwzgyfzf X 'M QQ 1 x X V 'Exif 1 'f , 'Q Kfw 'X fo 2? , xx f , X A X fi' ' 1 f , 1- 0 2, 5 f f ' Q 5' et , 'f A Wg f mt ,A ' Q, , ww fr f f N , if X 1 'gf.f.w.Nt ,fy ' . wh ,,g,.:., . 4 t AX f f X t Wow, those -H-wx t' "'f' A ,i w .,-a w ' f'oP'97 Nzxfsfk ww - ' - N.1Ea E - - kif t iioffv 5 . . gf. 4,40 My yt Q 24, Q, ogg 3, ,- Q 2 6 gf Q 9 2 4, 45 4 ? t ' " - ww ' J -,1 MA AQ. I .aye w iv'-' N' fp , ,, Www? gm. , ,, . , . A ,. , X, ,AW . .IJAX .. V -- ,W MSM WSEOKW 7 -x f AW A A QV J, - 619 1 t , I , M y f ce? ' of Q, t ,f ,,fQ'eg,g , 1 Q . v f 1 ,, ' A ' I Co-editors, 1942 ,:.w,:m . ,Q-4,Q-W X 4 Y ,, NN wg? M .. keg , uw f 0 My, " mint, ' ff Iegsl ' 4 sw ' f I 2, '55 ' 5 3 7 f with X f- ,wx,p4,f,,4wf An: iw 91613 , 5 ' 4 -X ,, X 511: 23 .:: -- ,Z 5 mf, , t ff- Wu? " 65727 I .9 vt, 757- 1 , b " ,KWH 5, X, , , 1 ., 1 ,M st, H N '41 Q3 111' 12 51, tj .4 'ff 151 ,t , 'M 'X tm: V W6 60435313210 5 Wm? AM wg Galw- WM' egg A if H1 I 2 Q , t, 4, .V fc 47 e sf f 4: . I f f, 2 t f -X f- . U ' 4 ' A 9' N -QZKAQEEQ "Q, J ' .-. fl ENV YB' ' 'A t A' 5 4,9 QM ff N - , N, x be 9 . V I . f Q3 41- ' : '01 ti -' sf ff, - ff nt sf L.: eil X 7 0 z f 324 Q 4 , jf . a , , 7, 5 Q ,. 2 1 Q, I 1 z 0 CQ g ff Q 16 V , , offli ,X , f c f 6 in A fa 1 f A z 4 5 , Z Q 2 5 P1 4, Q K ff fgjx, V , .1.,,.g5 N. 1, ,, A efw::eZye:-iff, " ' ff"-. -t 1 . -fy 1' 15, W ,,, .,., Eloping? Pick up? V 0 z-QQ, 4- 2 115:25 EAM e s, 42 ,,..,. 9 , 'Q x -6 1 1 5 gf I 6 5 t W ,cl x J , ew ,QS fi 92 gy 94 Q if 253 N 5 f? g ff we 3 1 on Q95 '24 g 6' A ,, 5, QQ, .A , ' A1 02 f' 'B x Y 2 Foot loose cmd fancy free O Down in the dumps Emi he i1.:2.i:52e:f""2ygjj, 1 ,MZ-Q -,Livio ,ff-',feWM?3Mhf w , V -' - 5 2,1 f,,f, ,f,mft45,f ' ,f 2' wif ws? 'fy W V ,U 5f 52- -if X I 5 A f 5 V 'f f V2 2: , iam Q f f q my m a-61, , ,QVQMN5 Mx., 1 w Q5 6 'NI ite? A Mews' 'f ,N 2925:- 'fzzvf - f x , ' f -0"- N yfhaif X' t m wt 'Qt eq sf? - X X ' ' - t 5 ,, ,A fi, A ,wywf g .Q-may ,.. - .,QN,,,.wyvp yM,y,,t.,w,.., X ,L l V' J 47 I ff " X , ' M ,v N: 4 t, -'fe ft ,, tw .0 J P34 54:-:Y wemsf ., Q t 424191-:,t:x-vx.vt , ' . fm K f, f . of t 3, I v,,N Prompter, help. v 1 W!-qifffvf N? f ifffs Q we 1 f .ftf,' Q fp x ., 2:17 7 Y-gf, "" ll f"'.7'f:,1 X ' ', . 'V fi.. , 44- g',.+'w?. . f My of .-QENGGJ' t ,Q f 3 J- fvsfamz 'f - t, two f,V1.fEL.r,i: ,,7 .pm tn 5 . ev t 7 , . Ak. Q l 15:-ei ffiw 4 'Q Q ' 1 1 W X ms, ,ts er: :W tt f ,M X 21:95, ., , X , Y 'fm ' MFEC -'-1-f""1E1lsL.3' x 555: - ' fs - K - t'L,2.'o X, 3 t-Q i" ' We . X ff , X 1 v i p' tw . 1' , ffm no yo. A ff - Yam -ef, 7 ,r-::,- fu " S nav-V .NW ,f 4 N11 -, w ,.. 9: 1 A xo- C! wx T lt, his ix ' - ' , Ms W- .:::t:::?g' ' X -24 . ' ,N . 1 ' , - at f if 2' Z X - Z 21.352 A Xl: . :E i X 31' M 1 . vgyx I, 'kwa W. ,, . , if t 5 ' I-' i . L-tx e -st u 1 W, I s ' Q -- ,tt - Y get If 1, , gl, Q84 1, 3 ,K Qing, 'Q , ,, X, ,t., :fl fi? Little Boy Blow I , -,'-w,1": ' " '-" 5 3 3 4.1 , 1 . ff 4 Q9 f A , .fx N 514. www V' I MX W s 4 f x if X 4 ,, Q f f N 4. X A ff 70" W' 'ifiliif if ' ffff f f if , , Www ,, , .WWWM ., " f Q 991 ff ff 5 ww. A 1 345 4 X6 GQ X xx X X Q ,X I so X Y . x, o YMQ QWVA5 X vo Av nmxmxx aww Y , as v !W 4? s 44 nf! 1 ,W y if fewer ' Qfxawo -,M -f 4 yf WQVQ 0' f K fn! 2 f bf X X! 3 5 ,f 5 f X N , ww M' . f "I hear, far off, at some forgotten door. A music and an eerie faint cC1r011Sef And stir of echoes down the creaking HOOI- --Archibald MCrCL6'iSh ,. 6 H L ii! 1 e. M., . Q X x R-5 i 5 s 1 a S 5 5 3 5 Q 2 1 I W 5' Wm.. 2 mfg, Ni. al- F or il , 1 'W , has , . i , J, as W vu 41 Y' " mo' 2 . A' ..vw-1,,,, V! 11 'fl 14 'fi 1 f M, . Scott, Gass, le-Y, I. hey tball mas fibly the iield ery yed Mas ree the the 'ial ic- Q WW Misfliyws - dl er as 2 ,ef A ,Q Z tal' 5 . . .J 2 9-. . 5 , E i fiff 5.7, 55, Qgvwtf-m f.. img' , H. , A ,,'.yyg . ,,-' ,S I ff if ww, .t - fb I ' E 5 1 . Lx I PEP BAND The Pep Band has been a strong and valuable organization this year, under the direction of Tom Sullivan. They have iaith- tully attended all our basketball games, adding tremendously to the school spirit. Pictured above on the leit are: First row: P. Burke, E. Wentworth, A. Fishel, I. Madden, I. Thacher, Second row: P. Newton, R. Carson, D. Goodell, R. Woodside, H. Seiling, Third row: G. Richardson, I. Goodell, K. Kucinski, B. Cole, Missing: G. Barber. On the right is T. Sullivan, di- rector. MAIORETTES The majorettes have done some fine twirling and marching this year at the home football and basketball games, as well as leading the band in the Memorial Day Parade. They also represented our school in a tournament at Ware during February. The majorettes from lett to right S. Ely, captain, S. Hurston, second lieutenant, B. Waskiewicz, corps, K. Goodhind, second lieuten- ant, C. Garvey, corps, D. Roys, first lieutenant, E. Hubard, drum majorette. CH "K-, 3 - ,wig LI I ' .., H. E iv I ' I , I 1' "mi: 1 .'-ma 1 . ,-ff" j3g,5','r J -.i1.f.'5',' , - is if .Ah W ff ,, J. ! 1' Z 5 5 -. ,.f N, . 1 . .. -no mera? :A ry, N , DW? rfg A f 0292 nge SKS. 4527 C22 if ez First row: R. Holloway, P. Iohnson, A. Ely, L. Neet, G. Cashdollar, M. Wang, G, LaFlamme, H. Rule, E. Wentworth. Second row: S. Hurston, N. Bell, T. Mand, E. Iohnson, I. Cowieson, H.'Clark, M. Wilson, K. Beck, I. Lake, A. McCune, E. Hubbard. Third row: R. CHCBUS The high school chorus, under the fine direction of Mr. Schuler, really made progress this year. They first showed the rest of the school the re- sult at their work in the Christmas assembly. Something new this year was their appearance in joint con- certs with Orange, Athol, and Turn. ers Falls. Some of the members ot the chorus attended the All-State Chorus Festival, and the whole chorus took part in the annual Am- herst schools' Spring Festival. Their last appearance was at graduation. Enough ot the members were underclassmen so that there should be another fine chorus next year. Woodside, P. Newton, H. Seiling, D. Goodell, I. Langford, P. Burke, T. Sullivan, R. Gass, Mr. Schuler. " f - - f f 7 E W , l 4 ' H C-t .G i l ? 5' - 2 266? 0 M i - f"s'2l'1ff 'SWS AWN A Q - ' s w 9 V - f M'-wwf? 'abofbbezw .wwe -eboe,c,wnN9 - 1 .as -of my - . A .f Q- NVQ ff kv We 'r .W , V- -. M w ,H lr , g ym ' 0 '1' ,- ., 9 1 " 'Q s fi f 7 -J. w f -I? -mn ' " Ve-..-.13-' r2f:"a'fay4l.?-'.' Ni" l I 'AR' I 'E ' I' f .gf ,fr .- - . j Q : ,. Y ., , .0 ,, y . g we x zzz' fl ,, r ' A -K .- I PMA .52 " ""P . - A 'Si-6925 ' - '55 ' 'Q V'-ff N .- 1 " 'l I 'lla "W we 'Jw ,K Q' 45253 " l rugs. 4- 1- vs' ' ' 241 . 'si-+-is-sy'ff,'r 55 'i A 'M"f- f' vfff-' J W, Xi' 4625 " V ' A new Org izqtign this " K T , Q " . f. I vM"2i" 'Q year is the Boys Double f , . Quartet. They were under the ' i . . f 32 direction ot Mr. Sethares, as- ' Y r........ ,, . , X X' Slsle Y anCY Bell accom- - . . 2 f I V - , 2 ,mf ' - 4 .f fbis - fe " ' if ef ' panist. The group made sever- . -s r- Q . -'f yf w '1 ., 2- vi ,I fl, - - 6 A-:Q ,wg if f ey .- .Q q,sy'Szeftos-gee ww.. Xg.rFsas:::w::r .M sf vm .Q X ' a success ul appearances in- . s ll I I - . - f ' V - , f':Q?6? B PM - 4?.5W'fi'?2'5?'i' w . - f emtfifszwoeffffwrvwimsftwS .fw wfw iff:-'Liv-it-'V-ffrtfif W - 1 r w v4 X .. Q - -N K N- xx fr Yf -r vs 'ferrari f- C U. G ' '9c ' - W- ,?CXQw'f-2,ff+fiii20XfAww'Q.c1 qpaw is-v.4,Ns:,4 ' rfifixg-fyw4,,s Z . . . 2 an 1, , if sew e v 4 tw-My oeeywisvvogyvft. 2 : .. i2wfe-1 ' .ev s- ws.-, o wi , w ww- mix f -'? . bf X wer-42 mf 'f QM 465 211, sy? -'VMN . ' , x f 2-elim-Y -iw www Us rv -no-4,g, A42-Sfim rf so I rf, . wav 1, 1,20 is , . .T figokbwfc Mrs -- Q 190 A,-i, . 4-rfxws one ,f .. W A ing, t e out mherst M in- - f X f. Q - . we :. me .7v,mfX2:fs.zfssQ?h1. Q Stfe OW 1 F . ng - Wergggvx ,4 . --v s?5 nee,? f. we Qegweszwvs ex Q isibkzfzsz-1 7f4.45Q?1452ffKfs: ff. 9 I'1 9 I"l,1CiI' an f - w i? fx is e, w -of Qu ay N229 awrs we X atv-,ft si f f- fs . X New f X B ..-w ah Mxfsxfiet . X so M as wi, ., X 44 5 ,smfti - . A f 6 0 f the Se-mor C1 S . f X 1 le Y OW' 41? it T f 5 " rf i' 45 .c f Yi WM 'f ' -9- rf xxsrrffzfi X fs fgwgzgxi S 'fr f 52 gl I H 'KPW' 9-X 'TW 4 5251.73 ' A 1' 5 lewrili v:z"T if ii-Vi r raft? P 1 - K . . 4 l bs , N . ,.s,., i. s? 40'C',Q51f75VEQEZQ,5'?Siivlx-' 1 . . aegis vos, ,i r , - - . ' 7. , f -'k ai QQC J .'N?5iQ5?x5? i7 s f 3, r M- Benben: H. Sie-ling, V. Tidlundg S s lg , s v, f-, -4233? 42 T, 1 ' 4 ?" N' S? j. -94 ' l WX V f ZW ? " vL:rgi'75'f5X? QW 5 1-7, 'Y V -467 '- ' - T- Yefi WWW. '- f- of - V. 'V we'-gcisfs'flviwys-1., L"VffW.- f -M.-,rg rf f ' S+ f. N- Bell, planlstp S. Parsons: T. Pat- . f - " - i . ' ff fs- v - 0' 43 - . of . ' ' O e' ' " fl it S P . 'f ,G f .wetee iw W6-. 302, f Q -fsasffrsfwf - X 4 X f was fi 1 ,- gr-Q-fy , -N! 2 -f g gc 5,5- , X 5. 4325431 ,N54 -fgmgg 54.3-333,-. X ,-,, .jigs . ,Qfs-.rewgafwsx ,,yX,,.g x s 14. w f - -. X f' f- Y ft 5 'S Sf U B N,,3tMt4f' ' Q 4 ' :Y 4 Yfegzl qifwe-feNwezafi'-x - X s X -A r -ff X. We ' GIRLS' DOUBLE QUARTET The Girls' Double Quartet, a new addition to our school's musical program, has provid- ed some real close harmony this year. Their first appear- ances were at high school and junior high assemblies. Th-SY also sang tor the Senior Class Variety Show and the Spring Music Festival. B. Holloway, N. Bell, S. Hurston, T. Mand, L. Neet, K. Beck, I. Thach- er. A. McCune. I A Prc studer end ol werec ing sp interes First S. Bun? Hanson. l- Wertz I16l', ang D. Perry pres. fr " M PBC MEBITO Pro Merito has done much to encourage students to improve on their studies. At the end of each term they held meetings that were open to honor roll students. Outstand- ing speakers lectured on subjects of general interest. Above on the lett are: First row: S. Smith, D. Waskiewicz, I. Wysocki, S. Bunn, B. Becker, M. Whitney, B. Handrich, M Hanson. Second row: I. Cooley, D. Rowell, D. Perry, I. Wertz, M. Adams, D. Bozman. Missing: M. Gard- ner, and on the right are M. Whitney, sec.-treas: A D. Perry, vice pres., Mr. Oliver, adviser, S. Smith, pres. . 1 -fi' ' ,,,-fwwv may iw ?S'?fm:1y4 ,- -5 ww 564 H11 1 .gkfafwrz-1 W ' QT, 5. '- W 6-feasts ,Q wt. fy.. f ,-Q,-.f germ t , :ix ?w.4bsI2.?l5?' . ' f W A A, y, HMV 2 'f,Kf.ft 'NQQ .y film, gspfyyyg . ' 5 Q X B E 1 5 2 5 1 X , A X .V ,Mg ff J-., . 2 3 z 3 tw BICDLOGICAL ARTISTS ASSCDCIATICDN A group ot biology students who like to draw formed the new Biological Artists As- sociation this year. They turned their talents into making charts and drawings which will be used in future biology classes. ln Ianu- ary, March, and May the club exhibited its work on the walls of the first floor corridor. Below on the lett are: K. Beck, co-chairman, Mr. Lacroix, adviser, K. Doktor, chairman. Missing: D. Sullivan, secre- tary and on the right, seated: B. Hart, P. Keedy G. Cashdollar, K. Beck, M. Wang. First row: I. Ely R. Halloway, C. Garvey, E. Fish, L. Fishel, P. Iohn- son, E. Wentworth, K. Doktor. Second row: I. Kirley, I. Boynton, L. Van Wert, M. Davis, M. Atkins D. Moran, G. Barber. 1 1 I W ,. xv . " . . Kg-.gig gy, if ' 5 i.':itiit:Na. f A I First row: P. Ruder, I. Dornina, S. McConnell, L. Pishel, E. Wentworth, P. Iohnson, L. Van Wert, F. I. Lake R. Gamble, I. Marco. Second row: C. Shea, M. Wang, C. DuBois, G. Cashdollar, I. Conklin, I. Hankinson P. Peterson, M. Marston, I. Cowieson, I. Paige, I. Woodard, R. Holloway, L. Scott. Third row: T. Patrick, G Crichlield, S. Iohnson, B. Fitield, R. Gray, G. Barber, R. Gass, R. Woodside. Let DRAMA CLUB t to right: L. Fishel, V. chairman, I. Domina, chairman- E. Wentworth, ass't. to adviser, Mr. Burack, adviser, P. Ruder, treas, S. McConnell, ass't. to adv' ' ' ' - ing: R. Holloway, historian. iser, P. Iohnson, sec,-librarian. Miss- 1 The Drama Club, organized this year under the direction of Mr. Burack, had a very suc- cesstul year. The club was di- vided into tour groups, each group presented a one act play. One ot the highlights of the year was a trip to New York in February to see aplay. Several Drama Club members also participated in the junior class play. X2 ,Xi 5 31 A if 5" ii QX XM E5 Qu A . 69.53 X 4' X Q xx xx, IUNICDR CLASS PLAY Z r M ,XX K 5X s E R 1 'mv X Q X 5 f QNX 'T .AWK xx X X 2 I. 6 X X XX X X X X X X X5NiL X X N X X QRS XXX XXXX - X fx 555+ W X X' ' 4' .. j ,' Q X. .,, 1 3 X , X X A .. X -' S i X -'T X-SS? 1 X X,fwJ M fbgwg ' Q Y X X. X . . N , Q X XX o v: X XX X' y fr s S?XSXHXXiSAxN 9 Q .. XXX A XXX Ss N x X? yx XXXXX K K X , XX X55 fl . x .Q xx. X I . xx XX XX Q? X ' Rx xx NX, NXNXXXX :XX X X 1 NX XXX NX X by X NNNXX4, X XYSSXX Xgx- is ,X ' T SX . , 1 x-X XX. N X X X1 'ix sh xi? XEQXSIXQ QQ S XMAR XSXX X XX QXNXXXX ZX XXQXX X X Xs X:XXX X SKXXXX . ESSSEEQ LA5 X X - . - . L. N er, C. Chase' Seated: S. Hurston, assistant editor, S. Bunn, Gd1lOT- Sidndmg. Mr, Crouse, adviser, 6 L. Page, I. Crowley, L. Wilson, M. Sullivflifl- Jim Bw ' The Graphic, school newspaper, became an entirely new publication this year with a change in size, format, and print. Under the advisership ot Mr. Crouse, a new statt sparked by Sue Bunn, editor, turned out eight issues of the tour page monthly. As a separate sheet, disassociated from the local town paper, the Graphic met with greater success as a school organ ot teen-a e h Q U' mor and opinion. News, sports, humor, and teatures made up every iSSL19- Local advertising helped furnish 'Ihre tunds necessary tor priming Costs- In addy tion the Proceeds from the Alumni Qflmef sponsored by Thi? Gfflphicf added to the treasury. Statt members sold retreshrnems at all home basketball games to 1'-flfiike up the required total. The Graphic reached a circulation Of 200' a record tor AHS. Elf l' .e, he :li- ne, 'he me UP UU, .1 vi All 3 292131527 N I. E, P N R dzwell, P. Loshwcry, H. Icxckson, S. Smmth. Second First row: A. McCur1e, B. Ames, S. Ely, M. Wang, . 0 row: D. Farrar, S. Iohnson, S. Allen, K. Beck, I, Kentlield, M. Heidrich, T. Sullivan, P. Mclrmheim. Knighfly, el. Slonding: S. Holden, D, Wclekiewicz, mu, IJ, Pm'-f, L. llymcriems. First row W lNelson D Moran E Kamensky L Graves W Perry. Second row: D, Sullivan, R. Gray, W Casey W Avery L Miazga F Iacque R Fish l Third row I Swenson, P. Ostrowski, R. Shepard, y C Auclair C Chase A Wysk D Zidik Fourth row H Fydenkevez I. Thorndike, D. Shepard, H. lngram, PRCIECTICNIST CLUB The Projectionist Club, Am- herst's most active service club, consists of a group of hard working boys who take care of the visual aids depart- ment for the entire Amherst- Pelham school system. They are responsible for the operat- ing of all the projectors, micro- phones, and other equipment during classes and assemblies. When not busy showing mov- ies, the boys can be found training thfe newer members ot the club. I. Matysiewicz, pres., C. Chase, sec.-treas., D. Zidik, vice pres., L. Miazga, pro. master, Mr. Swift, ad- viser. First row? B. COW wfIYf lr lf Sl Hurslof Beck, M Q Flcrmllefv 4 Wilhereli, row: R. O M, Whitze I, Steiziif M. Aldrich M, Weave: Trl-S, nual iniiz ly meem ice cclivit the peak giving he Pep C provided : able lee, T beflrdes. Fll'Sl row: Secle, ,Lt : R- lim: P, r Well "iq P- llsj-,V-- MGTCQ S- Eux- : E' Esfkff li M. H4---L Filih I D, QW: , ior R. Gray, Shepard, . Ingram, tb, Am- service roup Of ho take depart- tmherst- 1. Their' operat- :, micro- uipment emblies. ig mov- : found Tibers of , Chase, pres.: L- .wift, Cid' First row: C. Glazier, I. Couch, L. Nanartonis, I. Knightly, M Wentworth M. Heidrich C Ward M Ka in . ' f - , p os, B. Colburn, S. Allen, L. Scott, L. Fishel, M. Wang, G. Cashdollar, E. Fish, B. Bielunis, I. Thacher R- Hallo- way, I. Markert, I. Domina, S. Varley. Second row: E. Stockwell, H. Rule D Perry A White Pit S. Hurston, M. Fuller, I. Kenttield, M. Marston, P. Keedy, B. Iantz, E. Wentworth Bl Ames Al McCe ersolrg Beck, M. Atkins, C. DuBois, H. Clark, L. Neet, T. Mand. Third row: N. Avery, Bi Iulian Wilson ugell, I Flarnme, P. Lozoski, L. Page, N. Roclzwell, I. Paige, I. Woodard, I. Conklin, R. Hart cl Shea P Ruder 2. Witherell, D. Blasko, B. Glaszcz, D. Waskiewicz, L. Stockwell, S. Holden, L. Van Wert' B I ,Pray Foulrtli row: R. O'Brien, M. Corey, B. Powers, I. Martin, P. Cleveland, B. Whitcomb, M. Basaral I. .Erit R Ggmble M. Whitney, E. Becker, E. Welcome, M. Hanson, B. Handrich, D. Roys, I. Drake, C. Britt,'M. Tessier, E. Pratt! I. Steinmetz. Fifth row: I. Lake, E. Iohnson, S. McConnell, C. Ellis, R. Williams S. Strange I Thornton M. Aldrich, R. Hebert, I. Suprenant, M. Prescott, M. Latham, D. Owen, I. Marco, B, Wgskiewicz M- Thornton M. Weaver, L. Woodard, I. Hankinson, P. Iohnson, M. Heath. TRI-S Tri-S, the largest club in school, is famous for its an- nual initiation day. This year was no exception. Month- ly meetings found members engaged in social and serv- ice activities. The Sweetheart's Ball at Christmas marked the peak ot the former and the tood baskets at Thanks- giving headed the service list. PEP CLUB Pep Club is an organization to boost school spirit. It provided a bus to all the away games tor a very reason- able tee. This year the club featured maroon and white beanies. First row: L. Stockwell, S. Holden, D. Waskiewicz, E. Searle, A. Fishel, C. Chase, B. Roberts, D. BOYS, L- Fi,ShGl, R. Hart, P. Keecly. Second row: B. I-landrich, I. Erit, I. Stock- well, A. White, 'M. Wilson, N. Riodzwell, I. Kentfield, L. Page, P. Lashway, M. Fuller, S. Hurston. Third Row: S. Allen, I. Marco, K. Beck, G. Cashdollar, M. Wang, C. Shed, B. AITIGS, S. Bunn, S. Ely, E. Pratt, I. Steinmetz, L. Neet, Fourth :ow B. Becker, M. Hanson, R. Gamble, P. Ruder, R. WilliCrmS M. Aldrich, M. Adams, D. Blasko, M. Thornton, M. Prescott. Fifth row: I. Cowieson, S. Strange, I. Drake, l. Withefeu D. Owen, I. Suprenant, B. Waskiewicz, M. Cooke, P. Boyn ton. Oo First row: P. Lashway, vice pres., S, Bunn, pres., C. Gar- vey, sec., N. Bell, treas., L. Wilson, song leader. Second row: A. Fishel, co-pro. chair- man, Miss Lawson and Miss Iohnson, advisers, S. Smith, co-pro. chairman. Miss Lawson, adviser, A. McCune, vice pres., S. Smith, pres., L. Wilson, sec. 'TI N-fy? . , sy 5 ri 55 E .. it we 1 . -ft . it M- r ff ' 1 3 First row' M Whitney I Erit E Hubbard B Handrich A Fishel E Becker B Ames Seco w .. ,, ,, ,, ,. ,. ,. .I ndro:N Avery, G. Cashdollar, M. Wang, C. Shea, P. Ruder, I. Conklin, R. Gamble, I. Domina, I. Thatcher, S. Var- ley, S. Iohnson, G. Crichfield, G. Barber, R. Gass. Third row: I. Osgood, D. Rowell, R. Fishel, I. P. Madden K. Clark, C. Chase, B. Roberts, -T. Sullivan, I. Cooley, H. Sieling, D. Woodard, E. Field, P. Burke. Miss- ing: A. McCune, T. Burnett. OUTIN G CLUB Ii you don't like to ski, skate, swim, hike, or camp out, you should stay out of the way of the Outing Club. They started the year with a weekend trip to Lake Sunapee. The Winter's activities includ'ed a three day ski trip to Stowe, Vermont, several outings to nearby ski areas, and several skating pair- ties. To close a successful year of outdoor antics the Outing Club went on a camping trip in New York State, which included a visit to Wlest Point Academy. First row: D. Perry, vice pres., P. Mannheim, treas. Second row: S. Smith, pres., M. Hanson, sec., Miss Lawson, adviser. ., PQ, .fig '- M ewxiwerviti fe QW fifffwf' 5 5 Aww? ow534Q?f'i , 54 7 5-Qfzwvkk 2,2253 , X ' v QWQZQQ-Q'-540 'fd 5 ' 4 -MMM! ' 3 1 , ,ek fi , Y Z .2 X A Q E x 5 42 W 2 z 3 ' .1 V5 ag , f S Z5 .W 5 A 7 f 542 X i3V'Xf'?557ZN5 X 5 .. A , A x y I G W Q W2 . ' .- Zx . X I. ...ik W , 2,1 5 f-1, ,, WEQEG 2- , sr 21, Y ff f fe is' N Wil f si A, A 1 , 1 4 'ff Nw ww f-, A X I M A ......,........ ..... , f ., f'-.,wWf ,u M Aff , HM ,MQW , X f. , K f W ,f 'Mn f' .gif f f ' M, W f , cf ' G A CW, , , WW. 0 ,was AMW, f ,W , :ZW H '- Way , 'fe Wxryr , x s 'QV f W. 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I 1 , . 1 M 1, X ., MQ, N -4- 1 - 'X I U Jw ports "It takes the mind out of doors." -Robert Louis Stevenson With only one starter returning, Coach lOl11'l McDonough had a rebuilding problem this year. He was handicapped all year with an undermanned sguad. lnjurifes to key players throughout the season were climaxed in the final game as only fifteen members were on hand. The team started slowly, due largely to in- experience, came along fast, and closed out the season with three Well played games. The bulk of the work fell on the freshmen until the final three games when the addition of three seniors, Morgan Horr, lim Bias, and toe Matysiewicz helped spark the team to fin- ish out strongly, Coaches McDonough and lohnston can look forward to a successful year next fall as ten seasoned veterans are returning. FCCTBALL 0PP0T191'1t Amherst Northampton l2 U Enfield l3 5 Orange 30 U South Hadley 34 0 Ware 20 U Murdock 34 7 Ludlow 2 13 Arms Academy Q U Williamstown l2 12 st row. C. Roys, R. P t k D T, Patrick R CooleY K Cla?kml3lColROgVegi R- Crowley' W' Hubbflfdf W- lCICC1L1e. Second row: V. Tidluncl, E PeterSOnl,R.Bum1, A, Gregor ,Coach lei D. ennett, I. P. Madden. Third row: Coach Iohnston, G. Clark, E. bert- ' C OUOUQl'1- Fourth row: M. Sullivan, R. Holcomb, R. Berglund, L. He- iw V, vi Ti" --,g,.- Bill Hubtd ir' - - 1-eL:::-,gg X . fu Simherst 0 rx 6 U 0 0 7 hm Bxcxs We1gh1 165 Helghi 5 11 Posltlon Back B111 Hubbard Welght 163 Herght 5 8 Dave Rowell Lenny ilund, Weight-2 Ik, E, Height 6 Posltlon Center Y fy,,.!,! ,I f if Vff Q Qfi wx," f .fy , ,, f ff fff ff jj Randy Crowley Capt Welght 165 He1ght 510 Posmon Guard Tac1c1e B111 Iacque Welght 175 Helght 6 1 POS111OI'1 Tackle ZWQ Ref MQW MM M M M 'fy wk, ' ? K VKX 5 5 1 an Nd' Morgan Hon' Werghl 170 Helght 6 1 Pasmon Back Tack1e XX Ioe Matysrewxcz Welght 180 Helghi 5 11 Posrtron Guard 'MP -Q94 NW Hebert Mrke Sulhvcm 45 Asst Manager Head Manager is 13 1 1 ' 2 2 I -f 1 414.5 2, .. ., Q 1: 5 . . I I , - - , . 1 H , -v 1 ll , I H . . 3 " , I . - I 3 1 1 1 2' ' 1 1 1. ' TQ Mgr 6 if V W4 1 ' . . 1 11 - 1 u ' ' " - 1 Q ..,. - , -' , . 1 , f 5 , , .V , K Z V, 2 ' , . -- N g an J fe 4 W : 1 1 me . fi fr, ., ,-,-:.:.5g3?--V sag v I . . '-' -- i.1,f.3ij1 ' ' 1 ' V, 1 1 . 4 , 1' ' ., ,f .R 7.-1 vfffk, ' Q .A . ' 'SX I A 1 :, if-.:'45::Y -f f -' ., , ff , 1 . Q , 1 3. ' :gg " Q , ' ' fr 1 f A fi? , I ,, He- - xhttiffse bftm'l'ER9p i 55553 31321 bassist. H'-P? lbvgrgsf gh HEI? . 464,43 ' X f 1 'visa' Vi 1 'Y?'W"W' 2 A A gg A 25 ,, 4 QRQKN 25 'N 5l.ff I' Q 9 5 UHHFRC 11 ,fir First row: I. Dzuiba, P. Mannheim, R. CrowleY, l. Bias, M- HPFFI I- gSfi13OdiC.B' Banks. Back row: E. Peterson, C. ROYSf B- lclcquef A- Mack' L' Mwzga' ' Us le- Wicz, D. Moran, D. Malinoski, Coach McDonough. VARSITY BASKETBALL C... Col., Bias This season's basketball squad, after starting off and running through their independ- ent contests with five wins and one loss, finished the season on a sour note in the Hamp- shire League, winning only three and losing eleven times. Theuoverall record turned in was eight wins and twelve losses. Seven. of these losses were within seven points and easily Opponents Amherst Belchertown 32 58 Hardwick 49 61 Williamstown 36 45 West Springfield 32 33 Ludlow 31 28 Turners Falls 28 46 St. Michael's 34 33 Smith School 28 46 Hopkins Acad. 60 36 Smith Academy 48 29 Deerfield 44 39 South Hadley 61 46 Arms Academy 70 63 Arms Academy 56 Sl St. Michael's 46 57 Smith School 45 44 Hopkins Acad. 77 28 Smith Academy 63 60 Deerfield 55 59 South Hadley 83 31 could have been games that would have gone one way or the other. With only one regular back, thle squad did no worse than could have been expected with the lack of experience. In the first half of the year the starters consisted of seniors: in fact, the first seven games were started by seniors. Then Dave Malinoski, freshman, broke in- to the starting lineup. For the finals against South Hadley, Coach McDonough started three underclass- men. Seniors on the varsity were Captain Iim Bias, Lou Miazga, Morgan Horr, Randy Crowley, Iohn Dzuiba, Bill Banks, Bill Iacque, Paul Mannheim and Ion Os- good. Managers were Mike Sullivan and Bob Fishel. First row: K. Clark, R: Bunn, V. Tidlund, H. Fydenkevez, D. Sikop, I. P, Madden. Back row: Coach Iohnston, R. Carson, I. Hannigan, I. Helming, I. Kieras, R. Bennett, Mgr. Allis. sem A N y X M Afff2i.' 1d- Bias lp- 'as ily 'TIG no Lck 'ed ed in- 1th ss- ou JCI, Ds- ez, Jn, ,A lv I ,' 1 , ,' 'V ,X NX XX XXX' X XM FF ff X 1 x wr ' 1' 'wi Xw- X 'SM X , f of fa 2 fy N, 0 ff 'V 7.1 i ff .f J xii: 5.4 , X f A ,M sf KM' XM ,K X MX, -' X px , X, , X f, 4 X + yy f X Y X wt.-f M VW- , , , k. .ay ,X ' -,f . J-gf. 1 .X-2, J X, , gf. , ,. f M ., V ff? ,ww V ff, ffm 'X 1 . Xf,X,-,X,X, ,N A V , ,XX I, - f X ,I XQ,lXw..,-A ,X ,p,y:4,A,4 ? X, , 6, ,, -- .... Wjjg,g6q,fgZ,X fS , Z 9, X , 25? i f - A fi 3 I, 32596 951 , fn' 5 M" - f f, QQXAX' 455: ,P M 'wr Vifx I f' ,Xf,ffXj'43 N' VASX 173:14 f U X1 I if, , X ' " TT fx 4551 " f ' - .X-75 0' ' 'f ',5Xf'X47 X f' X P WA" X, mga ?-?Q4ZszXMwN A 45, X, 'Q '7' ,515 bf f ffl, .r ibm .- Safz sz . 'PAQ' """ E ye' 0 2f,1vXf'X , P wk! 1 f' ' f , W! yigw.. Q Xpwzx , 4 ' ff X X , Q .X V, 7 " f fp, 4 qgaav ,iff X, 531:25-f f 'S' X 0 ' 7 ff Uagxg, wg -5 , 412216 f , f S XX , X H Z9 " 5 XZKZ 'J Q, 1 , y ,Xfg,Xf,,sf,Xjff 9 , f X f ZX -sk f' l A I K ,X fj. xx-',Xf4, f X, W n, X, . . . X X '- ' , Q , , A , X fx we Q5 iii 51 6 :QW W V 'f':+9Xv'X' X-I -' X X, 2 'NX' , 'Eg Y-2 j ,, 2 ,X eX 7 1 ' , Vx , , Q f' a fX X ff Y 42 1, fx' X9 ' K' I NYC' X F ff? 'WX' , Q? QW V' k k " f- -ff z Z - f f Xfif' ' f , X ' .sf X ,X , z X X - ' X Q , f X X, ,X X jf ' 1 . 5 9 " 4" "- ' 1 ' 'W3?I?5S'7X-i 4 f' " M6 .X 2 . I , 3 x Mi if ' , ' XY ' , f , X, .X X 1. WM- fe-X , 1 KX v f::'::Xw QQ Mia 6354 v Q56'qfwaXXf,X, QQJMX: 4,19 X19 7 -XM-My X9 X X X X X , GX-W, ig. 1' X- - av, 4f4wX',X,Xx QMWXZX-z1FN2wQXw sgw SA X XX, X J A X X X W 'X win' 4 ,R-X S ff 'gvxgz -L X-d'f?.1'fX-pf, X X , L 4 ,,,,. 'A X' X X ' - , . X X ffwff Q X J," E X "i 1 X XJXSZK iv 6 XX , ' XX XX XX, ' , W, 4: " lx , V '11 pp X 57' 5 V fi4,"1wQ"-5 N Xw X5 if X11 Q X X,,Xv aw -, 'X TQ Eff 'FW EQTVSQQ X. XX XPS? NQWXX 3'-5PXf"SA' RYRY 4 1, NX 1 XXX XX 4 v., ' X,,X E XXX XSQSXX 4 N, Rodzwell, S. Bunn, L, Page, L. Nariartonis, L. Neet, A. McCune, P. Lashway, captain Amherst High Hurricanes found support and praise from their seven Varsity and five Iunior Varsity cheerleaders throughout their football and not too successful basketball season. During the basketball season the boys played hard and lost many close and exciting games to some of the better schools in the Hampshire League. Both cheering squads followed the games closely and attended all games in- cluding those away. After the close of the Hampshire League Tournament, the Varsity cheerleaders were honored by being invit- ed again to the Annual Deerfield Cheering Tournament at the Veterans Memorial Gymnasium in South Deerfield. Although our cheerleaders were up against keen competition such as Greenfield, Turners Falls, and Arms Academy, they returned home with a beautiful third prize trophy. The Iunior and Senior Varsity cheerlead- ers both spent a great deal of time and ef- fort to turn out a good, strong cheering sec- tion to support our Amherst High Hurricane team for another year. M. Wang, C. Shea, R. Hart, M. Fuller, I. Witherell l Back spil ami Sl,1Cn eve ver: AVN? ,W sniff ,KA X 'b-ww .-r W, ,,,,.., ., ,, if ff ,f f- w r- we , 1 - -mfwf + ff , ,lf if f , fffvze, -amd? ww 5,! fW I Qxww ,,,, r ,,., , 4 XX X ykf 'V Sf , ' Y gc f 21 " Q '3 X L' X U' 5 'Maxx-w: ,sw 1' x l " 'X filly PM XX an y , N , W . . 7 1 f'f:S'2,fw' , , CWM fW" 'f fm" vw ww f ' 'Y iwmmfsyv' I-Q A ' t , . Q, X i r if if . - - ' ' ' Q' X ,, My X2 Q-f .f fi Mmm, Aww, s Q Q 4, , , - Hz W ff A '- , mf , 'Www f 5 , mmm, .1 ff i X y r 'S , 4 M., G AEWA f it 5. -X -W. - '-'Q Q , , f. f s X ,N 7, ,. : -X ,.,,. 1 3 -1- -,, f X- Q X ' , ., VW , ,f M oz ' ' - V ' is ff .. ,, Qi,-QQ 251 1 .ws 04? .Q . M . ., i 7 ,ggi ,y fx Q, f ,WML f if ff, if swfg ww X P' 5 eg ,,,. . ix, JK? 9 .'y 'm fl! mg! 1 V ,,..,c,J ff .X 4e14f,-afw-wwf' W- , I fi'7"-'VKWA Mas., .jf 'awww Baclgifgfoggkrgeggiggld, CCITSOT1, PCflfiClC, Roberts, Rozman. Second row: Hannigan, Wertz, Bunn, lacque, TRACK new season, and As the javelin, discus, and shotput are taken out for the spiked shoes are readied to grip the cinders firmly, the fleet-footed, strong- armed Setliares Trackmen assemble for action. Prospects look favorable for a successful year, as the team is strong in many areas, especially in the mile event. Helpful to the team will be the continued ' ' ' ' versity of Massachusetts and Amherst College. I. Wertz use of the faciliti es of tlne Uni- B lacque B Roberts D Forman f 2 ,cs is X - , ,-,M - ' X ' , 1 , N.. v mf f m X X , v f N f i ---- . ,ew- ,mX.4sX1 - +1 AX - V, X , if ,-,I+-. M .fo 6, 43,w.v4e+w M ,X vm , 'IX-, . ' BW ' ff - . - +X Y -asf A QNX. i I " i :Q K 2' , ,, y ig a U : i if 'X X X 1 .M ,QXMXXWWW f' .iw 1 s .y,Xg,s,, ,. . ,f . . S-. -,.fs5,X W. X' XY 9 we-4-,f,,,,. w ,f E X f .W , 1- , -V 3 First row: R, Fishel, I. Dziuba, I. Osgood, D. Truesdell, C. Roys, M. Sullivan. Second row: R. Bennett, R. Crowley, R. Patrick, I. Bias. 1956 BASEBALL As defending champions of the Hamp- shire League, Amherst High School's chanc- es of retaining their crown appears to be bright. Losing five regulars is a blow to any small high school basketball team, but it is expected that capable reserves from last year, plus a number of freshman hopefuls will be able to take up the slack. Returning starters are Randy Crowley for his third season and Iim Bias, Iohn Dziuba, and Chuck Roys for their second years. Also returning will be Ion Osgood, Dan Truesdell, Dick Bennett, and R. K. Patrick. A six game independent slate has been scheduled in addition to the ten game Hampshire League 'card. CROSS COUNTRY The cross country team, created this year under the direction of Mr. Sethares, was faced with tough competition in its three meets. Since no public school in this area had a team, the Amherst seven were to con- tend against Deerfield Academy, Mount Hermon, and the Amherst College Fresh- men. Endurance, speed, and enthusiasm led to an outstanding victory at Deerfield, al- though Amherst casualties and strong op- ponents led to defeat on the two successive meets. B. Roberts, S. Iohnson, D. Moran, R. Bunn, D. Rozrnan, R. Carson. ,V .vywgf V Q Q K N . E M. Ak CIW Org M. Cooke, N. Rodzwell, P. Boynton, L. Neet, M. Wentworth, I. Thacher, P. Peterson, I... Wilson, S. Smith. Absent from picture M. Aldrich, R. O'Brien, A. Fishel, B, Welcome, M, Adams. SGFTBALL There is never a large number of girls interested in playing softball, so that all girls Who turn out for the team usually make it. Last year's veter- ans plus the hoped for recruits from the freshman class will proyide Coach Lawson with a Well equipped team. The ten game series, which will be played with South Deerfield, Arms Academy, Greenfield, Northampton, and Orange, will begin May 8. First row. I Knighily D, Perry, P. Ostrowski, D. Waskiewicz. Second row: R. O'Brien, I. Domina, C. Kee- gan K Goodhind. Third row: A. Fishel, N. Rodzwell, M. Hanson, M. Aldrich, E. Becker, S. Holden. FOI-11111 rowi M. Adams, I. Drake, managers, Miss Lawson, coach, E. Welcome, manager, S. Smith. VARSITY BASKETBALL Beginning the season with a loss to Greenfield, the girls went on to finish their year with eight wins out of the ten games played, losing again to the Greenfield sex- tette. With eleven girls leaving in Iune, the '56-'57 Varsity will have a nucleus of five girls on which to build its team lt will also have a choice not the best players from the undefeated lunior Varsity team. Opponents Greenfield Smith Academy South Deerfield Arms Academy Northampton Greenfield Smith Academy South Deerfield Arms Academy Northampton Amherst 23 57 45 29 43 35 48 52 36 36 First row: I. Kentfield, B. Colburn, K. Beck, C. Garvey, D. Owen, P. Peterson, S. Allen, L. Neel. Second row: N. Bell, manager, C. Ward, D. Balasko, B. lantz, M. Wentworth, K. Doktor, B. Waskiewicz, A. Mc- Cune, E. Fish, manager, Miss Lawson. Opponents Greenfield Smith Academy South Deerfield Arms Academy Northampton Greenfield Smith Academy South Deerfield Arms Academy Northampton 26 7 O 9 10 18 8 5 16 15 lUN1GR VARS1TY Amherst 28 23 29 28 35 22 31 25 20 26 The Girl's lunior Varsity basketball team had an undeteated season this year. The treshmen had not only an abundance of spirit, but also an abundance of skill. Led bythe experiencedjuniors, the team played a hard, last game. Prospects for the 55- 57 season are good as the incoming freshman class includes many excellent players. Henry Adams Company, DfUQQiSlS I A'Hern's I Cliff Allen . , American International College, Spflngfleld Amherst Apple Cold Storage, IHC. Amherst Boiler Equipment Trust I Amherst Branch Northampton Co-Operahve Bank Amherst Cleansers and Dyers Amherst Creamery Co. Amherst Farmers Supply Co. Amherst Garage Co., Inc. Amherst Golf Club Amherst Grain and Coal Co. I Amherst Iournal Record , Amherst Laundry I Amherst Oil Co. I Amherst Savings Bank I Amherst Taxi gi Amherst Theater D- Ashley's Garage R. L. Bates, North Amherst if. Baucom's Text Books I I Beauty Bar Hair Stylists M Beck's Barn, Square Dancing Ben's Service Station, Sunderland if Blair and Cutting, Insurance Agency :gl Bolles Shoe 'Store 53 Bruce G. Brown ' .1 MQ G Robert S. Brown, Insurance and Real Estate Ni: Brown's Linen Shop Ola Gerald Bundy, Trucker i '1- x..C Burnett and Nash I K ' Carrol, Verge CS Whipple, Building Contractors, I 'Pittsfield Chapman Beauty Shop , f Dr. R. Sheldon Clapp -- C F Clark Sunderland College Auto Sales ci Service College Drug Store College Shoe Repair College Town Service Center Compliments of a Friend fBlackwelll Compliments of a Friend CDr Ruderl Conklin Contractors George F Cramer Ir Dorsey Memorials Douglass Funeral Service Drake s Hotel Dr Stephenl Duval Elder Iones Lumber Corp Epicure Shop Ernie s Barber Shop Esquire Cleaners Footit Real Estate Frampton Buick Fultons Ice Cream Co Dr Robert W Gage Gazette Branch Office CAnne Whalenl Gibson Chevrolet Co Gift Nook Dr Sandra Goding Grandy s Restaurant Gribbon s Music House Greenfield GUQQS Inc Home Furnishings The Handsome Four Ox K . - Kamel Hassen's Barn A. I. Hastings Hebert's Dairy Hercules Cleaners Highway Grill Dr. Eugene Holden Holden Lumber Co. Horton's Guli Service Station Dr. C. E. Hynes lettery Amherst Book Shop Ioe's C'BarberD Iosten's Rings, Announcements, and Yearbooks Dr. Charles E. Ioy Kenttield's Dairy Lashway's Store, North Amherst Lord lettery lnn Louis' Foods ln'C. Iohn Martula, lnsurance Mathews Shoe Store Bill Mclntosh Dr. Peter Merzback Mientka and Ripa Television Millar's Esso Station Montgomery's Rose Gardens Dr. Leo A. 'Moreau Musante's Mutual Plumbing and Heating Co. Hamilton I. Newell Gordon F. Nleylon, lnsurance Nickle Cadmium Battery Old Deerfield Fertilizer Co., Inc. The Old Mill K. L. Osmun, Ieweler Gwen's Poultry Farm Paige's Bowling Alley Patterson's Service Station Compliments ot Dr. Post Power's Shop Stephen I. Putter Quality Fruit Store Randy's Store Red ci White Super Market, Sunderland Compliments from Rehorka Shoe Repair Roberts Flowers Chas. Robitaille, Master Builder, Leverett Rowe's Garage, Inc. Russell's Senior Class Ctticers St. Regis Diner Shumway's Ice Cream Co. i Skibiski lnsurance Service, Farm Mach1nerY andXSupplies, So. Deerfield The Specialty Toys CS Gift Shop Ralph T. Staab, Inc. Doc Sullivan F. M. Thompson 61 Son V. A4 Tidlund Town House Retaurant University Motors, Inc. Vic's Cate House of Walsh Wellworth Pharmacy Westcott 6: Son 1 WHAI, WHAI-FM, Greenfield WHMP, Northampton Cliit Winn, Iewelers 6W,,fVfj,wC,W'my , ,f 17, f 1 ,W f f wf M 'Cwff'f'z"f f 4 f f , fm Wfwvf W Cm fyfgfzfm vW?,y4if,f , ZW' W., aging pf qw, - QCA! ffm 2 f 1 f rf if Q V74 sf Q! ffihm f - f ffflia- if , 'Q 7 WVVHQ ' ,. 4 f P 4 f 4 4 . -wssms Slurpl The busy executive type 7,,w.X,..,,.W,,,X.,m - 'W as ' ' ,. . ,u , ,V .X X - . ,,., , , t X- ., A mwsiwgty-,' w.:z: Mmm! -sbmwopw fmwsf 24 'Q Vs Msmsmv ' , ,5:.,f:vi,:QX:-gym 5 us K3 ws, 4533925 X t of :P 'Q 1 X' ffffgif 9 y f X Q if fy may ' - t L 4 ,fig f if K X H X f 4, , Aix, J if X4 'W-ii-7 , 1 fv X ' Feeling CIIPPY f ' X Stuck up ' J - . v s ' "S, -'Q g ,'f,.,,:. . x . ,Xp .5 g f' A " 1' , 7 ,Ahoy ,f 04,4 4 y, 74 , tgygyfff - 5, ffftfegl-sf 4 Q! Wt Ks v ff ,Q 295 ' 'X Ms s X, 'WNW 2 X591 E , Q4 fy, Q5 Q- .- , fb. is 'Y ff . " . ,ffsn H . - fr - 'sm ' Qffsf,-w e . g f, -. Q -Ae. X wg' 9 Q 17024 0-Q7 90 ? ZW 5 t 1 Q X ui- w Ask Mr. Hugo! f '-'f f, X X f if ' ,uQ,. ,.. ,,.., ,.M,X,X,,,Mf ,,, I 1 ff J y W:'f:.Q. , ff 'X ,.,'f:-zfwp., - fiff XT'55gf'e:3 , , -if X at is ' ,gg X .1 2 Y , X f .,: 5 713- LQ ,M W is X 52 ' T ff , 4 1 X. X ,, s -Us 55,3 6 " shin, FZ 5"-Q5 -V W K , . NWW ?"y an xg. 7.w,,y,, , -f QX V. f W, 7 ,wvfx .lwss-ffm aww- , ,f W, X fX', ri: V440 snowy. . 529 i f ,, iff ' X, ,:ml.j X X 2 Putting on the dog 1 4 mY Iv iw 5323 X. X, XX clippings 5 X X ' -we u f X. vw, 1-42 .A Y ft V -' Q- f - 4 f Let me show you Aff My we ww N of X Amo We f Q ,. ff , f K f ' X Whose horrem? 'U m t , sVWf1tXy.W 4 ww ' flow -w e e 2.3 s ' Q -14 , Q. ft A -0 at eww, ft, Zw5f,m7'f f'Wffft'- t A mf 1 f 4, f , V4 I if q,f,j.f, ,V iq. 215254 1 'Pe' ' 7' K Q' y 2 Old enough to vote? Two heads ctre better than one 9 vsiszfigr Q Qs l K X Noob S S X XX X my X yi gs X X X N X X Xs , 3, . SX XX X X10 R X XX, , ,, .. t Rest 1n peczcefsl X QWWW' xxvx N xl ' MQ, Q N XBXQWQ S 1' 1 Q FM 5 si P ESS EE' Y f ' i l -we -ve: W1 , N em:-,:x::,1 3 1 , - 3 51 , X 151 EQ 5-vf. sf' 5 5 2 155213 1 1 k L xxgq, 1335-fg.,1:ggj:'N X e 6 1 .efqfrf 1+ f 114, ft, gk , gif SQA Q , X xxx Q 4 Q ? um. ,J f , ,,.4,MW,,,.,Q . ,Q x ,Q Q:- f .x.f 0 :.--wg Am- 1 9X f 4. ., fr- " '- fa QS , ' P A , A V . N , .2 ,Q ,vw , -vm--.-, f Zo' fx, -aw - 4 ' ' " , 1 f x 4 i f, 4,620 4 ' f- +V N. 6 A-., ..+' X 1- A -NSA, faey-V -2,-Qwfgqgwggy , x. x. . ff. - -A-x1g4VQ,, ,fy 5, . - 'QS-Q52 I N..4m.- Ev-ef K .. 4 .S ' - .4 Q 1 . . .S " x Q ' 4 - . - i w X M 2 X , 1 G' -' ff 54 wx, X I

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