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,x 1 Jw M42 , 1, bs W: 2? is f 2, 2 r X 1 Vw F Q . - GX?- 1 f Q Y, ,yu .Q 4 yu 4035 1 ' up nn uf -"-FWF' A l 4 J r , s . I V V w 1 I 1 i 9 1 i . f 1 i i X 1 l I! I ? f I l X l 4 I 1 I + x I I--sig High Pok? Qlved 1 p ex- leme. Four ppted 1 9 3 5 fThe 1 the 7ho's ieiied Over, Qmical me as year- being owls' from GOIdBug Amherst High School Amherst, Massachusetts j One 19 4 ---41... X., Table of Contents Introduction . Dedication . . Student Council and Class Officers . Faculty . . . Classes . Activities . Sports , Staff . . Sponsors , -A--'A' ' 'Y 5 ,-:J-'-1: "9 ol bu " What is a gold bug? How is it connected with Amherst High School? As a title should it suggest the contents of the Yearbook? Once adopted should a name be retained forever? To answer these questions your 1954 Gold Bug editors delved into past editions of the annual and this is what was found: In 1918 the first edition of the Gold Bug appeared with no ex- planation as to the origin of the name, nor use of it as a theme. This has been true of all available copies issued since then. Four times in the ensuing years enterprising yearbook staffs attempted title changes, but deviated only partially from tradition. In 1935 our insect was promoted to a nautical career in a book entitled "The Cruise of the Gold Bug". In 1936 the bug was pushed into the background and used only as a subtitle in the annual, "Who's Who". Twice again, in 1939 and 1942, yearbook staffs defied tradition and used "The Album" and "The Docket" on the cover, but inside appeared the additional title of "Gold B Z". As a gesture of independence or perhaps as a typographical error, the 1946 staff created a precedent by spelling the name as one word, "Goldbug". I For thirty-six years then, this unheralded insect has kept year- book staffs under its thumb. We, the thirty-seventh staff, being powerless to move this thumb, have then tried to use our lowly lord to his best advantage. Here he is dominating these pages from bottom to top in-the progress of the gold bug. l- L - , , -.--1113" E J 5 4 3 Lf I Q .1 Rin g around Perronie. A A Sure Win- Little Moe 85 Big Moe. 'XY- fgoi eoegfgf, Mme to QS! not ge Q00 QS 50 W QYXYYN Eat Your Wheaties. Shooting Star. X065 COXXC ge Y not Spring Fever, S06 K on . 4 V A I r Top Secret. Q Six It's a Man,s World. W w I w Q, an Y mf N' '11 RALPH W. GGODRICH T 0 the Clam of 154 On behalf of the Amherst School Committee and the administration of the Amherst ,Public Schools, I am pleased to extend you greetings and to congratu- late you for the excellent Work which you have per- formed in the preparation of this edition of the GOLD BUG. In June, the members of the class of 1954 will complete a definite achievement through the act of graduation from high school. A number of you will be continuing your education at institutions of higher learning. Others will be seeking jobs, and still others will be entering the service of their country. As you leave us and depart for places far and Wide, may I ask each of you to realize the importance of his Work and the valuable contribution it can make to the welfare of our country. We live in critical times, but the history of our country tells us that We in America have survived a substantial number of critical periods. I have tremendous faith in the youth of today and have complete confidence that they will face the future with determination to make this world a better place in which to live. RALPH W. GOODRICH Superintendent of Schools Eight of l1iS ake t0 if our irvived ny 2l'1Cl Ee the better ools l l l KINGSLEY A. PERRY t To the Senior: Immanuel Kant based his ethical philosophy on the ' precept that no one should do that, which if everyone did, t X Would destroy society. Many of us know this in another MARION LEONARD form as the Golden Rule. At any rate as graduates of Secretary Amherst High School and as future citizens of a disturbed World, these thoughts may serve you as a guide to action as they have many other thinking people before you. KINGSLEY A. PERRY Principal of Amherst High ELEANOR FILLMORE Nine Guidance HARRIET CHAMBERLAIN ROBERT DOMINA BETTY JANE DONLEY Home Economics Industrial Arts Latin ' L. 'QQ 2 8 ' 450 f f 4 4 KZ X 5.4 5,awiN ww was fw' :,q ft 5 Q' fyjf mw..,Ag QL , Q J f QM, f ew -N ,. Q gsefzzwnxi . .3444 F61 7 ff tiff?-ii 5 ,rr-.-V". and ff-: f" f -2 ffff fx ff: 4' i f ' - J, IQ -g,, :w,',z5,:yx-?f,,gf,- i :- e, eil !a7f.yMM,35,.Qg J.. f.,yg:,4 ,. f is 4' fffvf5i,.g :5 A O. , 4 'N 53' , ff j ,- 1,7 1,- f V f W. 4z:-':f,: , X4 Q 4. Q, Nm... , , 4- A, 'V ,Q gag, , 'fag ,3fv'zfi' A r? A . -' ,. .... , ' -L f '1".r':7Lff' , 4 fa ,K f XV, 1 K Q me f Navel ' f 2 .5 ISABEL FIELD Social Studies " ww f- ' ' we ,-V www ncf wff. ff MA A 1 ff f f ' x f f ELIZABETH FQLEY DOROTHY FURGESON Commercial E11gliSb of f 2 X11 4 1 f 1 ,, ..,, ,4 IRENE I-IALE Commercial ' i'f2?i'lfff " ,951 WT' ' f Till fi'f1f'n 2175. . , P G, '.:3' gg, .- 1,-44177, .g:.:f,3' f Wir' '55, f , .L,7 , if ' ,T-my ,f ' f ' W faggg , -a f f? a 1' ,' af' , , 'Za . AA , W" '4vi :f 4 ' 5 ff , ,..e1,g ..1, Q ,e:.: O .... c4,..,1.. V , bizl Q N 4 wg ' U 4 X f Af 17 Znffi Q W, X '51 'N ,X f ,Q 5 1 4 Qffx 'K' f 44 ,ff N X' A C34 tw 4x S ' 4 A 1 wi X wr f W N , X , V we - , W gf ,f "of Y .f Q A S 4 , f 5 Q5 f 'Sz 1 'ef A ,, i any fo , , , 3, J, ax " 'O f, A GY 0 gg, c f H 9 ,N 51" .mmtx , ' , W , N. M 1 , ,- ,fp m0,wv':4 f ., ,:a-:sr V' DONALD LACROIX Biology 'Q A Q- Q? X29 ia ,,, if 1 K , ft lg 43 fy ,J fy ,ag g wie-elm 4. -, ,, MARILYN JOHNSON ALEXANDER JOHNSTON French Social Studies Ten ELIZABETH LAWSON Physical Education 1 1,-f ,,,, ,, v' NLEY ESON lx' 6 , 4-,VA-My , ' , 4 Af ,V ,ff 1 Z2f.gaWff5ff'-:LJ , f f .ffffff 7figf',f',w -':'f11ff:f1'fw'fw- Q V .. ,, .11,, 'L V4 WW" . .. f I fn ifiggllf ' FW ,, ffefpw LY ' 1 , ' liz ' , :, -iw: I - -, 2 ,X .9 , , , . is A , .C U 1,4357 , we 3' 4 4 f , A no '54 - 9533 " Ffa 1 I ,f Awfkff- 4: f 661.523-J . ff- ' Q '- Z. 5 ,f .L.v:: .fw1:. mf' ,wry ,Q-:res fm.-mff'.,4 ,A ALFRED LEVINSON JOH MCDO OUGH HOLLIS MOORE - : ,. -'ff -s1sX'vvff'.'f'K2mr:rf'zrz7 ,QW ' ? 2Zi2fWfzf'Mf?ff?Q'fi-'fm''fz.f'z1'wf' - .4 za- fi: -mfm?f6f:-0-',s-b4M4'mw'-ef ,,,-fri: rf we M f1:,,:m,'4fw,.:,. 2. f 5 11, fur, ,- ,-a.t:6w:i.:pf-,ff,-1. f "" , f -' I' fi Qf,4yf4,- ' f-'ygl zv g X. ,.,. --4,43 fel3.,'f'J 5' ' 'V ' ,N .Z ' V31 ' CLIFFORD OLIVER Physics JAMES PERRO E Speech' WSON tim' seg P , f. ., A .N,, ,. qw ' GJNYMT . V .brig xg. 'K 'f " I ' - is-mg? .4 f - Mffwl- .. ff V. jft'2:723g0k - ' 4 QwiPf:,, k,, .- E it I . R. Ziff' ' "1 '-f A " vf -S4 y .za-,fix w EDITH PINNICK Social Studies Q sf Y 2 O ,fx jo get 4 I 4 2- 4 5 V4 .tg :. fi . W: cf3g::,'w ez im 4 X' N .ff sy 2 'Sf' 215, I LA sw I 'sf 'iw - ...., .. .Aez'2g' - V N Q . NW,-': I 3 ., Q.,-., . '-X ze 1 f' - ' - .J .-f,,-,.,:x2z.. mf:-w-,:. s 'f Q A, . ,.,, . 7, 'I-iif: Q E-12 Qswtf Q, ffm ,A -' .-ts,-,, - f,1':::s, ' ws 5 X: Q Gigs? ,, ,N ,.-. . M.Y5,S?.k?.f-.KI W4 mm- -9.-Q. fr f ff' f1.'4:.-,,b1i14'. :. as Q' ", Q- ' 5 .slgznr Q, 354 fQ'Qibf:.:::c-e:7'sw- we fx, z- ' X ' ' fav Q - -450 gzvzbszgjfgxaafggt 2 ffl-ff as Mxff. ,, - . fc V: , Y:-'1fww'i4s1.f-f X vs - 2. ,ff -'c-E . ESE? if 51113. :'Si'i'S2lE .. wkwgw ,. . ,. . ' 1 gi V. se ' I . ,. mbww, -' Q -wk., Q :X H: Q: if fx f,. f.,-mv . . , x1:..fzf-f.-tivesfa:--,g,.Q,g,ei,f54.qgs-QWW, Q , ' 'N X f N92 E we ww ,Q - M. dz.. v fo.. 5.41 if Q 4' . . A er... . ws 4..w4.,.s .,... , .,, s ' Q W M was-s W at5wsai4-szs'2smw,ff,V..if:fsi'4w,. ss A .. qmws f,,s.mf4sfzmwz-W.: m.',..., wxem.-A-e-wi' Qsvwa2-:wszwwfww M-,ss,.' ws .. ez'meeafrsfwzfrm-if -.-L. ,N gswmfwt, . -M.,f.,,v,,., .JN QQ,,,,,, ,. ,.:,,, ,, - - N P Sv r QSQZ: A I A we 1 A. 3 'Lv 'sw-1 I Q X 4 X I ri.- fr: - -" .,,Q. 1 N55 513 35Q.93X5f15: X -X 4, g g :Q:jx?si:ei?2Q4W4Q - x ' ' gms-Si Q- ,-f.-m:,.1,, . ,-tZ?:51i:::7? :'E5fi:".iV-1Z"' Win ' -. rf. , .- .N . . , Aa f-4-:-:-5-4 yn:- V , N I ,,.NwkQ, ' " .... M .,,,:,,.W.,..s,.k .f-wa ' -:ss w f is MARIE RAFFERTY DOROTHY REDMAN . CLEMENT SCHULER Art Mathematics PACL LTY Music ' - - ax Q . Rs. WQNN 9 A 'm a mx Q4 sv' ew VZ 7 F V 4 k 0 V' , N swf q Y 3 'Q Q is 5' V S. 5 N IN .i 5 4.4 X -ifmi , Q G 3 231213 2' . 11:2 . Q' 5 V M . .4.X. .ss ,. X. 1' ' but 1. ' milf, is X YN Q zu X ig X I x :X 45 X4 QX4 EARN X ' ' A X ,, . e 5 5 S A . Q. xv' Q S? X Q Q 2 N N 'R z X M x 4x ' Y s X X N W X X MX Q w 5 VARY Q Q --A Y, :zfzf 'X' ..,. , --"- i '97-Q5 'ii " ' -. L's Q I ' .tsi. X , wffswm., . .X GEORGE SETHARES ARTHUR L. SWIFT Eleven Music Chemistry ' . " -. :L 4- f 1: .- .,. -:,.':'s1rf.:..-,,.J.,F.:3.14.-g.L.i,::i..:..:,.,4. -1L,2.'-jg?-:14.ILLs...1555-5.4,. 1-.-Q.-,f,L.', .:::.,..g- mg'-igig 4.11.5 ':-g5,:1.--.3-1.51'.,gQ13L.,,1i3gg3:,1:if, M.JkgQE:U,,U,:5,..1j,,P,1f,,,js,.g,,LA-1-3 ,V-.L ,.:,,g441-:.mmz4,.1,.:,r'r,.4. ,,.,,1,,.,, , e 1 ,H , . , - Kitty or Cat? NNN Don t Panic. Sw 6 etbearts 31- 7, Wo Sitting Pretty. 'V 22 ' 5 4 , t, ,t t Q ,, t ,LV 1 'J -1-wg 1 Ad, Please! Hiawatha. Op- Baby Blue Eyes- cheat Y oxigwgg KPQQXQJ Cheese Caike. 'Q Wham UP meshes t Ytei use cog T 1 YG We Ve 5 V Star Dust. Eyes. ,pw v '. IA A 'oi ,- , . f- V12 1 f f Q . vpqxzufv fy Q I, 'f diivifig ,W f ww,-w.-1 mi V Y Q . ? , ,ly f , mfr, 'Y Q A f 3 " f 2 1 4 4 A v 6' 3 1 'Q ,, 'NL M, ,,f, 0 2. .,,' CLASSES ., A- ,H - h.,..,.,, 11 L, T -....L0.J,4 1Z':'v -44-.A :warn .r iv 'n.x.v..a.:1 11..uv.,- ww- :Axfmu ,Q ku. vm- uf 'v. al4s.xnnn..4 ff 'Y iv N ELIZABETH MARY ADAMITIS There's "Liz',! "How about that?', Taking an active part in intra- murals, she also played guard on the girls' basketball team. Sports and music are her favorite hobbies, but her future plans are as yet undecided. JANE.ADAMS A very active member of the class of '54, "Janie,' will always be remembered for her golden voice. Being musically minded she was a member of chorus, orchestra, band, and pep band. For three years she belonged to Pep Club and Tri-S, serving as treasurer of the latter in her senior year. For her last two years "Janie" was a peppy cheerleader and a member of Outing Club, as well as being secretary- treasurer of Pro Merito. She was a member of the girls' basketball team in her first and last years, and of the softball team as a junior. Also as a junior, "Janie" was treasurer of Student Council. In her senior year she was on the Gold Bug and Graphic staff. "Janie" plans MARY ANSALDO Glenn to attend the University of Massachusetts. EMILY ANDERSEN "Emy" is a girl we won't forget for a long time. She is interested in many fields, although she did not have time to join many activities while in high school. She was a member of chorus for three years and of Tri-S in her freshman and junior years. As a junior she played tennis and was in the one act play, and as a senior was a member of the Gold Bug staff and secretary-treasurer of the Rocks and Minerals Club. After graduation "Emy" plans to attend the University of Massachusetts and eventually become a history teacher. cHARLEsJ.BARRY One of the busier spirits in A. H. S., Mary took an active part in sports. Playing guard on the girls' basketball team during her fresh- man and junior years, catching on the softball team for three years, and playing tennis in her last two years, she still found time to belong to Tri-S, French Club, and Pep Club for three years. Besides this, Mary was a member of Pro Merito, secretary of the Student Council, and Co-Business Manager of the Gold Bug during her senior year. In the future she plans to attend the U. of M. and learn about teaching languages. Bear", Ah, yes, the large economy size. Interested in hot rods and sports, Charlie played on the football team and took part in the Sports Club activities for three straight years besides helping the Projectionist Club during his freshman and junior years. In the future he sees military service and then Stockbridge. Fourteen HDQD Off! ilwu hef I left I uBiH,, ghffie Ye? Merito V raising' l jnt6I'CSty and bw NJ' cla Cf. pa du ye st: S0 presid. senior PCP ll: tra dy Year. inter. Plans GLENN EDWARD BENNETT Q fa. lfts Yet 'WS be Phe was if yeirs e latter PePPY retary. rkerball junior. ln her " plans ed ies urs ed of ' als of part in A fresh- ,3 yeilfss belong eg fills: Vounclli .r year. ab0Ut nd he he IRENE ROSILING BARSCHENSKI "Don't be like that!" identifies "Be Be", who is interested in dancing, sports, and collecting photographs. She took part in intramurals throughout high school. Being a typist for the Gold Bug illustrates her wish to do secretarial work in the future, but the ring on her left hand says she has other plans too. WILLIAM BATES l "Bill" QClarabellej , known by his "What's that Prove?" has been a three year participant in Games Club and was a member of Pro Merito while a senior. He classifies his hobbies as rabbit and pigeon raising, but woodworking and model railroading have also held his interest, and in line with the latter he plans to attend a trade school and become an auto mechanic or an electrician. Jo ANN BELL "Jon rates the special honor of being the only girl in the Math IV class this year-quite a distinction. Tri-S, Pep Club, and French Club helped to keep her occupied throughout her A. H. S. days, particularly the last which benefited by her services as secretary her 'unior and senior ears Partici ating in chorus for two during J y - P years and in Dramatics Club for one, she was also on the Gold Bug staff. Her interests are along the lines of Extension Service and social work, and she plans to further them at the U. of M. Glenn, commonly known to his friends as "Bassettm QFoo!j, was president of Pro Merito and Co-Editor of the Gold Bug during his senior year. Taking an active part in band and pep band all through high school, he was student director of the band and leader of the pep band in his last year. He also participated in chorus and orches- tra during his freshman and junior years and Science Club in his first year. He was a stage and a sound hand for the junior class and inter-class plays. Being interested in electronics Qand musicj Glenn plans to study electrical engineering. DOROTHY JACQUELINE BEVILLE ujackiei' is another future secretary. Although quiet and shy, she has gained recognition for her secretarial ability. Her favorite classes in high school were, wouldnit you know it, shorthand and typing. "Jackie's" favorite hobbies include piano playing and sewing. Fifteen he f , e . X V. JEAN ELIZABETH BIRGE "Jeanne" is often heard repeating her familiar expression, "m-m-m, boy." During her high school days she took part in intramurals and was a member of Games Club. Her favorite hobbies are skating, roller and ice, basketball, and motorcycle riding. "Jeanne's" future work is undecided. EUGENE H. BOULANGER Here's "Bumsey", one of our greatest all-round men. "Bumsey,' has been very active in sports since his freshman year, for during the past three years he has been an important member of the basketball team and a star on the football squad. He has also taken part in school activities including Games, Sports, and the Rod and Gun Club. "Bumsey" carries his enthusiasm for sportsmanship in and out of school, and is popular with everyone. Work sums up his plans DELORES MAY BROWN for the future. WILLIAM BOYNTON Bill, a hunter and fisherman at heart, was a devotee of auto mech- anics and che-mistry in A. H. S. A supporter- of Games and Sports clubs, during his junior year, he is optimistic but undecided about the future. PATRICIA JANE BROWN "Laurie", a sportswoman to the core, considers all sports, music, and dancing her hobbies. She participated in intramurals,'took part in Tri-S for three years, and pep club for two. She played on the girls' softball team during her first two years in A. H. S. and made the girls' varsity basketball squad as a senior. In the future she hopes to attend nursing school and become a registered nurse. Oh, nuts!" says Pat, a singer of high caliber. Here is music, heart and soul, a three time member of chorus and a soloist of no mean repute. She plans to further her interest along this line by studying music at Boston University. Sixteen l", azdlf' clafzcafi ,ook 91,0 and Sem-I the Ona . 1,55 Il if thC 5: as 2 flesh Student l Gold BQ siil' of if his goal' .img glial l auto failing wrist' Al' home econ' anytlllngw 5 "Gln men ' com year juni seni in l fut gar !!Bob,: active Club his flj and f foun. . for i u a m,m . 'TD murals, anti II? e S future s !QBumgeyJJ has for during the f the basketball D takenfPart in RPd add Gun nship in ?nd out HS UP h1S plans ito medh- ,nd Sports Jed about fts, music, Wd ,'took paff 112 .d on the g11'l5 and made the t re she hopes 0 isici heart no 1116211 stlldymg STEVEN ALEXANDER BROWN "Zeek!", "You've had it!',, and "Don't panic!" insists this verbose character. Automobiles are his passion. In his freshman year Steve took part in band, pep band, and Science Club, during his junior and senior years he was vice-president and president respectively of the Outing Club. An active participant in Dramatics Club during his last two years and vice-president while a senior, Steve also worked on the stage for the junior and inter-class plays. He sang in chorus as a freshman and again as a senior. He was a consistent member of Student Council, being vice-president as a senior, and worked on the Gold Bug this year. In the future he plans on attending the Univer- sity of Massachusetts with automotive and aeronautical engineering his goal. EVELYN GLADYS CAPEN "Dig that crazy mixed-up kid!" Remember "Tootsie"? Here is an auto racing fan and a three year supporter of Tri-S, also a Gold Bug typist. Although undecided about the future, she has an interest in home economics, she says, and if the stone on her left hand means anything, she may soon be applying that interest. DOROTHY LOUISE COLBY "Glad to meet youg I,m 'Doby' " is this gal's reply to anyones mentioning that he is cold, ill, or tired. As a matter of fact, that comment is -heard 'quite often from this wellftraveled lass. Three years participation in French Club and Pep Club plus freshman and junior years in Tri-S have not left a mark on her. Her junior and senior years were also devoted to the Outing Club and Graphic, and in her last year she was faculty editor for the Gold Bug. In the future "DobyH sees the University of Colorado and then kinder- garten teaching. ROBERT FREDERICK COMINGS t'Bob,', who very seriously states, "I taught I taw a puddy tatv, took active part in intramurals as a freshman and in the .Projectionist Club all three years, being elected president in his senior year. During his Hrst two years of high school, he participated in Sports Club and Games Club and played on the baseball team. As a senior he found time for the Rod and Gun Club and also served as an ad man for the Gold Bug. JEAN COOKE Known for her quiet efhciency, Jeannie was business manager for the Graphic and a member of chorus for two years. A three year member of Tri-S and Pep Club, she also participated in Dramatics Club as a freshman. Jeannie includes sports, television, and movies among her outside interests, and, although not absolutely certain about the future, she thinks she will be in the secretarial field. Seventeen 'sr ,, M .' ,, ' 5EXfWWWKM53Q?W fswwwwnwawmhae 5. : .m a is as A., . atsf sum, ,, s,6,:,,,:.,:,,,s,,.,-,,g, Y ? wt ff Z , 9 c sg Y i ' a s ' I A M X Q Xp 1 ' 1 Y , 32? Nz .4 x V 1' SY 1 4 J N' 1 ,a 0 if ear X X sm , '21 gvff' YK ,f 3. Q. ff , - rar,-: 'if' " v f-T,.:.:.. -.'-,izifr w sift-:mr-vi-:1t1'.' f-1 .wtf 'rr'-ire' i . i.4-..,. g.-,z,,1..,.5, get , 1 Y, gs? - Q4 Z' f 9 S6 -, 4.49 4 EE? wmg,,, N ,.. QM y , ., CHARLOTTE S. CROSIER "Sandy" and her umoi aussiv, an amateur photographer 'and staunch sports enthusiast, has participated in girls' softball and basketball for two and three years respectively. In addition to sports, "Sandy" has been a member of French Club and Tri-S for three years. She has also made use of her interest in photography by becoming a photographer and reporter for the Graphic. A member of Dramatiieg Club, she also participated in the junior class play in addition to singing in chorus and working on the Gold Bug. In the future, Charlotte plans on a nursing career and eventually the service. LAWRENCE AW. CRUMP l'What a day!" accompanied by an engaging smile is typical of "Larry', regardless of the time or kind of day. In addition to main- taining good scholarship "Larry', has had time to belong to Games Club for three years and Outing Club for two. He engaged in swim- ming for two years and was on the cast of the junior play, "The Late Christopher Bean". This year "Larry" was secretary of Dm- matics Club, a Graphic reporter, and Co-Business Manager of the Gold Bug. He plans to go on to school and eventually do some kind of laboratory work. SYLVIA ANN DEGOWIN One of our blonde beauties, "Syl" can usually be seen at any dance, since one of her hobbies is tripping the light fantastic. She was a member of Tri-S and Pep Club for her three years in high school and in her senior year was a typist for the Graphic. "Syl,' plans to be a secretary in the near future. LLEWELLYN DERBY "Derb', entered Amherst in his senior year, having previously at- tended Williston Academy. At Williston he was a member of the Science Club and Popular Music Club. Music is "Derb's" main hobby and he is going to follow up this interest by going on to the Curtis Institute of Music and eventually becoming a piano teacher- EDWIN H. DICKINSON "Eddie" lists hot rods as top on his list of interests and hobbies. However he has had time during high school to pursue his 0tl1C1' interests, being a member of the baseball and swimming tC2lmS- Another outside activity is hunting. After going on to school, l'Eddie" hopes to work for General Motors. Eighteen lflGal ball was Athl was He 1 SPOF his 4 trooi Cai C0 act ma Ch Un. HENRY GLAZIER 0 future, C. F Wpical of lon t0 main. ag to Games Fed in Swim. Play, "The HY of Dra- lagfff of the 0 S0me kind dance, was a mol and :o be a vio11SlY at' lber of the rbls" mam , on to the no teacher' jbies. other ,ami 11001, LEON L. DICKINSON "Lee" has been active in all the dramatic events put on by his class since ninth grade. As a junior he took part in the class three act play and in the one act play for the inter-class contest. He was a member of Dramatics Club in his senior year. For the last two years of high school "Lee" was a member of the Outing Club and in his senior year he served on the Graphic staff. He was on the swimming team for two years. "Lee" plans to attend the University of Massa- chusetts. RGBERT JOSEPH GARVEY "iGarv", one ofthe outstanding athletes of our class, played basket- ball and baseball for three years and football in his senior year. He was a member of Sports Club for three years, and of the Amherst Athletic Association in his last year. "Garv", a politician at heart, was class president in his junior year and vice-president as a senior. He was also a representative in Student Council in his final year and sports editor of the Gold Bug. Springfield College is the school of his choice, after which he hopes to help uphold the law as a state trooper. RICHARD C. GILGUT "Dick', entered Amherst from Waltham High in his junior year. Immediately getting into the swing of things, he participated in both basketball and baseball as a junior and a senior, and also football while a senior. His interest in sports led him into Sports Club as an activity. "Dick,, lists girls as his favorite interest and anyone can testify to his qualifications. His next conquests will take place at the University of Massachusetts. Cars and sports his main interests, "Benn can al-ways be counted on to argue about them, or anything else. He has, for threeyears, been active in baseball, intramurals, and he played basketball in his fresh- man year. As a freshman and junior he was a member of both Sports Club and Games Club. After high school "Ben" plans to attend the University of Massachusetts. JACK GOODELL jack has been a staunch supporter of band and chorus for three years and played bass drum for the Pep Band as a senior. While a junior he held the title role in the one act class play. Being Very interested in science, Jack participated in Science Club for a year and a half. The University of Massachusetts will take care of his next four years, but eventually he hopes to become a research worker for Du Pont. Nineteen ALICE MARIE HEIDRICH NANCY JEAN HANKS Where there's Nancy there's usually a minor riot. Full of fun and always ready for an argument, Nancy has been a member of Pep Club and Tri-S for three years, being elected secretary of the latter in her freshman year. In her senior year she was a typist for the Graphic. Roller skating, movies, and television occupy most of her free time. Nancy isn't sure what she will do after high school, HERBERT E. HOLDEN, JR. "AIU is one of the leaders of the school and the idea girl of her class. In her junior year she originated and presided over the very popular Guting Club. As a senior she become the editor of the Graphic of which she was assistant editor the year before. In her freshman year "Al', kept the records of the class of ,54 as its secretary. For three years Alice has been an active member of Tri-S and in her junior year she belonged to the Pep Club. A future of nursing awaits "Al" and after graduation she will begin training at the Cooley Dickinson Hospital School of Nursing. Herb" is best known for his ability on the football field where he played center all three years of high school. Following up his interest in sports "Herb', was a member of Sports Club for three years an-d in his senior year belonged to the Football Club. He was secretary- treasurer of Rod and Gun Club to which he belonged for two years. "Herb', is undecided about his immediate future but eventually plans on millwork. ELEANOR MARJCRIE HUNT X ROBERT HOLT One of our sports fans, "Skeeter" was a member of Sports Club for three years, serving as program chairman, and was a member of Rod and Gu'nQ Club his Hrst two years. He played basketball in his fresh- man and junior years and baseball for his last two years. Hunting and Hshing rank tops as his outside hobbies. "Skeeter', planS 'CO attend Springfield Trade School and then become a draftsman for either General Electric or Springfield Armory. Ellien is envied by all the girls for her beautiful red hair. Pleasant and likeable, "Ellie" was a member of Tri-S and Pep Club for three years. Her other activities included chorus and Dramatics Club in her first two years and tennis in her junior and senior years. As 21 senior "Ellie" was a typist for the Gold Bug. Although she iS1'1,t sure of her future, she would like to enter the field of beauty culture after attending Springfield Trade School. Twenty Whe "Doi for 1 yen 1 "Is I dyna who 3 ITN "Ma stud DONALD J JACQUE MARTIN A OY RICHARD J. KAMENSKY fi? End C a ep 01' 1 0 ercass rl' P0P11lar t e GraPl1ic of ' freshman year my' F0ftl1ree ll 111 her junior ng HWaits"A1" oley Dickinson where he s interest 'ears and zcretary- vo years. 'entually arts Club f0f :mlJ61' of Rod in his fresh' rs. Hunting ern Plans I0 raffSm3n for ljegsinr ,f three In As 2 .e isnit .ulfure MARY RITA JACKSON Mary has been a faithful member of Tri-S for three years.and Pep Club her first two years Mary s favorite class at A H S is typmg and she has made good use of her ability by becoming a typlst fOr the Graphic and the Gold Bug while a senior Northampton Com- mercial School wrll be her destination after high school and then Mary plans to work as a typist Whenever "Don" is around there's sure to be something going on. "Don" has been a member of Rod and Gun Club and Sports Club for two years. His outside interests include flytying, but "Don" is yet uncertain about the future. DOUGLAS JACQUE "Dough is heard coming forth with a noisy "yea" in reply to any statement. He can often be found at his favorite pastimes: fishing, hunting, and trapping, but like his twin brother Donald, "Doug" is undecided about the future. - I "Is that right?" Yes, it is! This is "Bode," one of the human dynamos at Amherst High, a very distinguished three letter man who added a lot to any game. In keeping with such a record he was a member of Sports Club and Football Club all during high school. "Marty" will be remembered for his steady line of chatter and his study halls. His future is yet undecided. "Fiddle Sticks" seems to be an odd expression for "Dick," one of the leaders of the class of '54, "Dick" started his I vlitical career as a junior when he was vice-president of Student Council and treasurer of his class. As a junior "Dick,' was treasurer of the Cuting Club and manager of the baseball team. In his senior year he was circula- tion manager of the Graphic, drum major of the band, a member of Pep Club and Pro Merito, and was on the Gold Bug ad staff. He was secretary to the Western Massachusetts state convention of Pro Merito societies. i'Dick" is interested in dancing and bookkeeping, and plans to be an accountant after attending the University of Massachusetts. Twenty-one ' ' - E- ' 1-' Q-"fs'."'1?-1"51?-i 'T11jf"7"'lefQf5ff'-j V-f-gif,,ra- . ,5a,1ci.3... .15 2.-Ein 'ggi-ag ' .. .a 341:--nr'-11:-..a.nf2n.n1i:-31141:-4-fn-, '-'..Lr.-- .::f,2'.j.1..' 11 7 4g.g,.f:tg-.,5,,-,,,g:gcg , g,:..,,j,,1- BEVERLY RUTH KIDDER "What a riot!" is "Bev," an active member of the class of '54, "Bev" is interested in sports and for three years played varsity girls' basketball and softball. She was on Student Council for her first two years. In her junior year she was elected vice-president of Dramatics Club and was boosted to president as a senior. "Bev', was a member of Pep Club for three years and Outing Club for two. As a junior she was co-program chairman of Tri-S, of which she was a member for three years. In her final year "Bev" took an interest in the Graphic and was Co-editor of the Gold Bug. "Bev,' plans to attend Mount Holvoke College next September. HARRIET R. LASHWAY HOVVARD I... KINDER "I-Iowie's,' interests arc concentrated mostly on sports. He has been a member of the basketball, football, and swimming teams, as well as the Football Club and an active participant in intramurals, "I-Iowien was a member of Games, Crafts, and Rod and Gun clubs. After graduating "Howie" will join the Air Force, and eventually he hopes to become a draftsman. 1 Oh, quiet down!" and pay attention to what we have to say about Harriet. She belonged to Pep Club and was active in intramurals all during high school. After hours she worked in her father's service station down South Amherst way. Her hobbies are cooking, square dancing, and movies. Harriet plans to work after graduation. ' DAVID ROBERT KNIGHTLY MARY JANE LASHWAY One of the South Amherst Lashways, Mary will be remembered as the girl in the office. Also interested in sports, she was active in intramurals for her three high school years. After graduation Mary plans to attend Northampton Commercial College and from there go to work in an office. Dave's,' interest in sports has brought him out for football practice every fall and for two years he has belonged to Sports Club. As a member of chorus in his first year he took part in the production of Pirates of Penzance". For three years he belonged to Rod and Gun Club and for one year, Games. Future plans? The Navy. Twenty-two Heh 1 BARBARA FAY MADDEN KATHRYN LOUISE MIKELIS Sl of x54 ty Slfls' . er Hrgt I e i ans t teams, 35 MH I lnffamuials md Gull clubs -nd eventiially say about murals all r's service ig, square on. 1 membefid ls vas Nile In r luati0I1 Ma Y crice grafts 2 of anion ind Gun GEORGE DOUGLAS LEIGH "G" the class wit, makes even the teachers smile when he comes up with some of his better comments Interested in swimming, he was on the team for two years and served as captain in his junior year Other activities in which G participated were intramurals, Games, Rod and Gun, Sports, Dramatics clubs, and band He also played some football George plans to attend Springfield College and then become a swimming coach Barb, a quiet, sincere, and hard working individual, often sur- prises people when they discover her terrific sense of humor and aptitude for sports During her high school years, Barb was a member of Tri-S Pep Club, and Games Club and was a participant in intramurals At home she likes to read and dream up card tricks In her senior year Barb was a features editor for the Gold Bug Upon graduation she plans to do clerical work PI-IYLLIS EDITH MASON "Don't get flippy or I'l1 floor you!,' is "Lefty's" pet quip, which might lead one to wonder. In truth though, she is a very mild mannered young lady. For three years she was a member of Pep Club and Tri-S. She also belonged to Dramatics Club and was on the Gold Bug Staff. With her favorite hobbies sewing and typing, secretarial work seems right up her alley. JOAN ANN MCCARTHY "Joni" is one of this year's very ambitious seniors. Active in art, she joined Arts and Crafts Club and lists it as one of her favorites. "Joni', is the imaginative type who helped design the section covers for this Gold Bug. Besides her art, she has other interests and has participated in intramurals, Pep Club, Tri-S, Games Club, and was on the Graphic staff. "Joni,' plans to attend Rhode Island School of Design. I-Iere's "Kitti,' who is rumored to "breathe f1re.', "Kitti,', whose favorite expression is "I'm not that tall", is a very enviable person with her advantages of height and beautiful blonde hair. She is interested in sports and in her first two years was a high scorer on the girls' basketball team. She was active in intramurals for two years and was a member of Tri-S and Pep Club. Art took up much of "Kitti's" time, but she tried to devote some of it to chorus and Gold Bug. "Kitti" plans to atrend art school in the future, and improve still further in her ability with the brush and pen. Twenty-three K V., .,,,:. ,.,.,,,1 -af. Q W I if I . . , xi Kwik." 'X , ' Qjf1'2:a'i?' V X . sf- 1 2 fs - A ., .J . . s 1, . as - -,sf A ,si i-v,.,..a:gi.,, .. f . Q' assi .a-14-1 : , .,,:f-fat. .1 f X -L -we -.1 gvgfg 3? ' ,Q if aaa 641 gf' ,, , t- 2 rs ' .1 'sf 1 4 , ta A s 65 02 s N? .A , jaw? 'nge QR? X S sf N" ect j 7 Q 'fs s ,c Q, W s gigg- S ' via? 21 gg .- .-...wg sr... V... AN 133. - fa. as ,, V 1--ss l WILLIAM HENRY QSGOOD Another sports enthusiast, "Bill" has participated in all three of our major sports. Although football, basketball, and baseball take up the principal part of "Bill's" time, he has other interests. He is 3 member of Projectionists Club and was a determined representative of his home room at all student Council meetings. In his senior year "Bi11', was one of the senior class editors for the Gold Bug. In the future he plans to attend che U. of M. and eventually join the Navy. JOYCE PACKARD "Oh, for crying out loud!" exclaims "Joby" who at home enjoys reading, stamp collecting, cooking, and listening to music. Hailing from wa-a-ay out in Leverett, she has managed to participate in Tri-S, Chorus, and Pep Club despite the inconvenience of traveling. In her senior year, "Joby" helped on the staffs of both the Gold Bug and the G-raphic. Planning on office work in the future, she of the blonde hair will undoubtedly succeed. ANNE B. PARSONS "Annabelle" is a girl who succeeds at anything she attempts. Besides being a Pro Merito student, she was a member of Science Club, Tri-S, and Arts and Crafts Club. She was in chorus for three years, serving as secretary while a junior. In her senior year she was a features editor of the Gold Bug. "Annabelle" plans to attend the University of Massachusetts and then enter the popular field of nursing. ,ALBERT D. POTTER "Al", quite a swimming enthusiast, was a member of the team for three years. During his years at A. H. S. he has belonged to Games, I and Arts and Crafts clubs. "Al's" favorite class is chemistry and his hobby is cars, so maybe in the future if he can't fix a car, he'll blow it up! "Al's" future interest is auto mechanics. LESLIE SUE RADCLIFFE "Don't panic!", at least not until you see what "Curly" has to say. She hasn't loafed while attending high school, her three years are cram packed with activities. One year participations include French Club, Graphic, Gold Bug, and interclass plays. For two years she has been active in tennis, the Outing Club, and Pro Merito. The 3.Ctl- vities which she has devoted her time to consistently for three years include Tri-S, softball, basketball, Pep Club, and chorus. This year, incidentally, she accompanied the chorus on the piano. Concerning the future, "Curly" plans to attend college and become a phySiC2l education instructor. Twenty-four f I E if I i . t C s e li Pay 3 in SC' Dram Bug 1 proba L0 Wi rheatf we ho Tran Pea. parti year grapl N of our ike up le is Q Tfative nr Yfar ln the Navy, C: jtlfflpate in 7 traveling 5 Bu She of :hi esides Club, years, was a cl the d of . team for to Games, fy 3nd hgll blow s2Y' s Me enCh , haS r 1 aCf" 1eal'5 V835 ning 5iC2l MARTHA MARIE REHN Known to everyone as "Marty", this lively cheerleader participated in Tri-S and Pep Club for three years. A guard on the girls' basket- ball team, she was also treasurer of the class of '54 during her fresh- man and senior years and a member of Student Council as a freshman. In her junior year, "Marty" acted in the class play and also attended the Massachusetts Girls' State Conference. She was secretary of the Outing Club and co-editor of girls' sports for the Graphic in the same year. As a senior she was a member of Pro Merito and club editor for the Gold Bug. Planning to attend the U. of M. "Marty" hopes eventually to become a kindergarten teacher. DUANE ROBINSON Pay attention to the next few lines of type. "D" has participated in several popular activities in A. H. S. including Games and Dramatics Clubs. He is Business Manager of the Graphic and a Gold Bug advertising solicitor. If you are an ardent movie fan, you probably have seen "D" at the Amherst theater where he finds time to work. Apparently he likes his work, for he plans to become a theater manager in the future. Free movies for all of his classmates, we hope. ROBERT ROWELL "All righty," says "Bob". If you don't see him coming down the corridor, how can you miss hearing that jangling key chain? He was always willing to ride the gang around f"How's the gas tank, 'Bob' "?j. During his years at A. H. S. he participated in the Rod and Gun Club and for two years was active in Projectionist Club, holding down the office of vice-president in the latter during his senior year. "Bob" left in January to become an active Navy man, but he graduates with the class of '54. BARBARA RUTH SANDERS Transferring to Amherst from Hopkins in her freshman year, "Peanuts", flashing personality girl, quickly made many friends. She participated in intramurals all during high school and in her senior year was on the Gold Bug staff. She enjoys typing, collecting photo- graphs, and dancing. "Peanuts" is a future secretary. PAUL SEARLE "Squirrel", one of the class sunshine boys, is always full of fun. He enjoys all sports and belonged to Sports Club for three years. He also participated in intramurals and was a member of Games Club throughout high school. "Squirrel" hopes to eventually become a mechanic. Twenty-five . . 1: 21-' Eizviiliaf' :P:f21l,i'1'fT-3-ifi,iv,Qi.'1 lilfi'-'l i?.F?i-.'f4-5351? Tl .i:'-,fi Q-'-1'.'l1':glF1F1'?7.Z',?'f':':2f Q-1-ff'-Y-Lil .'fv'fj- 7-'3 f-i'?f'-E5 ' f . - "- ' -- 71" 1 :': .'11:. . If-.:-:'t':. T-"T"t-ef-:ff2'S:1-1" 1-f:?'?7f"t'i:"i:. -stfitief " ' Q' -L2fri-f.-2.1:-.:-4-fate,emu, -um---Q els-.- f 137 f f -i 4 Ei ? 4 5 :iff . w-, ima -4 - 4, 4,al,3-f if A W K' .2 f .f ' SONJA SIELING Cf a quiet nature, "Some" nevertheless has undertaken numerous activities during her high school days. Her school spirit showed up in Pep Club and chorus to which she belonged for three years. She was a member of Tri-S, was a Gold Bug class editor, and was prompter in interclass and junior class plays. Showing her versatility further, she took part in Outing Club events and belonged to Arts and Crafts Club for three years. Next year "Some" will attend the University of New Hampshire as a physical therapy major or Colby junior College. IRENE VALERIE SIROSKEY "Oh, come on!" pleads "I" in her most persuasive manner. "I" participated in French Club for three years, being secretary and president in her junior and senior years, respectively. A three year member of Pep Club, holding the ofhce of vice-president while a junior and president as a senior, she also devoted three years to Tri-S and girls' basketball and softball. "I" took part in the junior and interclass plays and, along the same line, participated in Dramatics Club. A Student Council member and vice-president of Pro Merito, Irene also was a class editor for the Gold Bug and secretary of the senior class. The Outing Club was also one of her activities during her last two years, and she served as treasurer while a senior. Also while a senior, she worked on the Graphic staff. "I" hopes to attend University of Massachusetts in the future and eventually become a government worker. RONALD SNOW A rather quiet guy, "Ronnie,' nevertheless was an active member of our class. He is interested in chemistry, and astronomy, and was a member of the Science Club as a junior. His sport was swimming, and he was a member of the team for two years. "Ronnie's,' outside interests include archery and the study of birds. Hoping someday to become a minister, "Ronnie', will attend either Amherst College or the University of Massachusetts. CATHERINE SNYDER "Cathy," one of the outstanding members of our class both in leadership and spirit, is always ready to undertake anything of benefit to our school or class. Besides being vice-president of Tri-S as a junior and president as .1 senior, she showed her spirit as captain of the cheerleaders and as a member of Pep Club. She shared in the programs of the Outing Club and French Club in her senior year. In her last two years "Cathy" was manager of the girls' basketball team and assistant manager of the girls' softball team as a juni0f- She was one of the features editors of the Gold Bug this year. "Cathy" looks to the University of Massachusetts for her future education and then to becoming a nurse or home eCor1OmiSC- BARBARA JEAN THORNTON "Oh, my gosh!" here,s "Babs", a peppy member of our class. As a freshman she was a member of chorus and Dramatics Club. Through- out her stay in high school she belonged to Tri-S and Pep Club. This year she was on the Gold Bug ad staff. One of her outside hobbies is collecting foreign stamps. After graduation "Babs', plans to attend Northampton Commercial College. Twenty-six 6 u S W 0 tts Ute 0 an f NIJ: re al' an MARIE ELENOR JEANNETTE TREMBLAY A soft spoken girl but one with a radiating personality eannette can be found at any dance For all three years in high school Jean- nette shared in the activities of Tri-S and chorus. In her junior and senior years she was a member of Games Club As '1 senior she helped out on the Graphic staff and was the important member on the senior photographs committee. After graduation she hopes to become a yp' t BARBARA MARIE VINCENT .',:Ymy , 5 d P , I , . She . I 8 x d RS iatlity , L . A i , fi h T L , . , . C lbl' t IS . H6 , t Y d Q Ht while 3 I'S to Tri-S IUIIIOI' and Dfamatics 'Pro Merito, tary of the ties during :nior. A150 s to attend J become a iber of was a iming, iutside meday Iollege ss wh in :Of beneft Tri-S 25 A Capfillfl of red in the 'Of eiiiskefball S 11 junior' thiS Year' her fvfufe E. A5 2 JUZII' This mi65 is ftend "Bobbie," always ready with a smile for everyone, was active in the Pep Club and belonged to Tri-S for two years. She was a member of Dramatics Club her freshman year and was on the Graphic staff as a senior. "Bobbie" would like to become a medical secretary after attending Westbrook junior College. EDITH L. VONDELL "Edie" as well as being an active leader, is the personality girl of our class. She was a varsity cheerleader during her first two years of high school and was an enthusiastic Pep Club member for three years. "Edie," a very versatile girl, was Booster Day chairman in her senior year, circulation manager of the Graphic and co-program chairman of Tri-S in her second year, a member of the Gold Bug staff as a senior, and for three years a member of the girls, basketball team. "Edie,', secretary of her class as a junior, in the same year was a member of Student Council. Gther clubs enjoyed by "Edie,' were Arts and Crafts, Outing, French and Dramatics. A lover of fashion designing, she intends to go to Richmond Professional Institute after graduation. HELEN V. WANCZYK I-Ielen is our class poet and short story writer. Taking time out from her literary pursuits, she was for three years, a member of Tri-S, chorus and Pep Club. In her senior year she was a member of the Gold Bug staff and participated in intramurals for three years. Helen plans to attend college after graduation and eventually become a registered nurse. JANET MARIE WASKIEWICZ "jan" has been a loyal supporter of band and chorus during all three of her high school years. She was also a member of Tri-S and Pep Club during this time, as well as a member of Games Club. As a senior she helped make the Gold Bug a successful book. After grad- uation "Jann plans to attend Becker Junior College and eventually become a medical secretary. Twenty-seven A - ' -- A' Q--'f--3-1'1.2.u.f...r5iJL-.1.- - .zgisiac 4.4.-1 i.l2fJz4LLG,L.L1d!e1-. '-.'1-,',a..-gEgEjff. .1.::'1:l' '1"?7.'-'-'lL4I ,.:.z': -fly 1.,-:,Q 1- '. '-'- 'fl I - - ' - - -f .. - - . , f .. . . ' . . , - V ,gi-f-g-,A-'-375 ---u.v'.- -.14-1.--- -ini.--.:.t.E.-,.'.1- .ig ,,::,.,.,,::-,.-,j,, JOYCE IRENE XVILLIAMS Josiaiaii ZIDIK .K as sf ,vw f- R- 'X Y sf , . ,f ff 5 as ff .X sf , 1 is TSW? f 'Ns 1 1 V a 2 ELSIE L. WHEELER An animated, active girl, "Buttons" can be found rollerskating in her spare time, and giving out with her well known expression "I'll clue yaf, She was a member of Tri-S and Pep Club throughout her years at high school and participated in French Club activities for two years. She was on the Gold Bug ad staff in her senior year. Her future plans include college and then instructing in home economics. RUTH ELIZABETH WHITE "Ruthie", a rollerskating enthusiast, is the pal of Elsie. A loyal team supporter, she belonged to Pep Club for two years. She has been active in Tri-S activities since her freshman year, and was a member of the Gold Bug ad staff as a senior. Since she has a liking for ofhce work, "Ruthie,' intends to go to Northampton Commercial College after graduation. "Joycie" is interested in bookkeeping and auto racing, a rather strange combination for a girl. She also likes sports and typing. "Joycie,, was a typist for the Gold Bug in her senior year. She is undecided as to what she wants to do in the future. VICTOR ALBERT WOLEKIKO A prominent athlete, "Vic" was a regular on the baseball and basket- ball teams for three years. He belonged to Sports Club for three years and was a member of Student Council for his Hrst two. "Vic's" future plans are as yet indeHnite. Presenting the boy with the wavy black hair! "joe" is interested in sports and was a member of Sports Club for three years and partici- pated in intramurals for a similar period. For two years "Joe" wz1S a member of Games Club and belonged to Wood Working Club for a year. After graduation "Joe" would like to either drive trucks or work in television. Twenty-eight V in 'll er or CI' fS. 5 105731 fhe has Was 3 hkmg nercial CI' Y 7. s S 1sket- three JiCpSl7 45 Pulchritude Plus! . O Q' , ops! My uppers! . rg '1 Girls Wiulse Girls.. HQMOA V016 the . Noon Rush Fourth Grade Guys 86 Dolls jus t Had My Tom? 96? Boys Wxll Be Boys. Fourth Grade Guys 65 Dolls X UW Twenty-nine Mad Chermsts First Row: M. Hodgkins, R. Goralski, D. Carpenter, J. Bandalevich, B. Allery, H. Bateman. G. Cleveland L. Frost. Second Row: D. Hatt, L. Dickinson, E. Harvey, J. Brown, J. Fitts, J. Fitts, P. A'Hern, G. Clark J. Coyne. Third Row: J. Grandonico, F. Engerman, T. Banks, E. Darling, R. Conklin, H. Hobart, P Barden, B. Doherty, R. Coyne. Absent: M. Doktor. Clan of 55 The juniors have proven enthusiastic members of Amherst High. In September they sponsored the tra- ditional welcome back assembly. A cake auction was held in November with cakes made by faculty mem- bers and bid in by students. Next was the Bermuda Show which the juniors co-sponsored with the seniors. Another traditional event was their class play. This year they produced l'Outward Bound". Cn April 14th a feature length movie was pre- sented under their sponsorship. Among their projects the juniors will conduct the - senior Reception in the spring. This class has participated actively in sports, as well as in most other school affairs. They have been par- ticularly oustanding in music with two of their members chosen for the traveling shows visiting serv- ice organizations in Bermuda and abroad. Thirty First Row: S. Miller, E. Nanartonis, S. Lashway, D. Jones, E. LaValle, P. Holden, C. Matuszko, Gertrude Markert. Second Row: F.. Mason, H. McKee, C. Moody, M. Lovell, E. Madden, Gretchen Markert, B. Mogelinski, J. McKemrnie. Third Row: G. McCullou gh, R. Norell, F. Lanphear, W. Holsman, R. Marston, M. McGuirk, D. Orrell, R. Moran. Absent: J. Jackson, R. Jones, J. Knightly, E. Krol, G. Lake, P. Maynard. Clam of 55 . e dwwmw, .fffiw First Row: D. Rogers, J. Yarrows, A. Pearson, J. Warren, M. Sullivan, C. Skerry, P. Spear, S. Wentworth Second Row: W. Welcome, J. Westcott, H. Vaughan, M. Thompson, K. Woodside D. Siroske , Paulo- vics. Third Row: W. Rice, L. Taylor, C. Richardson, C. Yegian, D. Whitcomh., Absent: RY,PTcotte S tosz Whitcomb Thirty-one S , R. ' , , First Row: N. Britt, S. Bunn, N. Avery, E. Burns, P. Boynton, C. Britt, D. Beaulieu, R. Brown. Second Row: T. Aldrich, R. Brown, W. Avery, J. Bias, E. Becker, M. Adams, M. Aldich, R. Blaisdell, C. Chase, B. Barschenski. Clam of 56 The lower classmen began their high school career by holding the first all-school dance of the year, the Harvest Festival, in October. Their membership and active participation in sports and all school activities give every indication of leadership and a promising future. me I .l. I. L Fl H, fl 'i 1 51 5: 21 lf gl l Thirty-two First Row: N. Major, V. Loven, J. Lake, C. Kamensky, B. Lombard, R. Kessler, L. Nanartonis, P. Mann- heim. . , , , Second Row: J. Kershlis, P. Kuzmeski, J. Knightly, R. O'Br1en, H. O Hearn, B. Karjalainen, P. Ostrow- ski, Kosloski. , l Third Row: J. Matysiewicz, L. Miazga, R. Mitchell, E- O Nell, J- Osgood- A I X 1 l . K l C h J Drake M Cook J Holt First Row M Gardner D DeGow1n H Jackson S Ely C Gazier J ouc S Holden Second Row E Dimock J Cooley W Hubbard R inks E Hubbard J Cowieson D DeHorn M Hanson M Heidrich Erit D Davenport B Handrich L Graves C Hosford D Farrar F h W Kell R Third Row R Cooley C Dziekanowski D Cvoodell W Jacque A Cybulski P renc y Crowley L Hebert J Dziuba W Colby Clem 0 56 K First Row: M. Sullivan, R. Rozicki, D. Roys, Sanc tuary, R. Williams, M. Tessier, S. Smith, E. Welcome, E. Pratt, R. Prescott. Second Row: A. Wysk, D, Shumway, E. Searle, D. Perry, L. Stockwell, J. Thornton, J. Wysocki, S. Strange, J. Steinmetz, D. Waskiewicz, J. Quinlan. Third Row: W. Whitcomb, D. Rozman, B. Roberts, D. Wentworth, Wertz, D. Perry, D. Rowell, D. Zidik, T. Sullivan. Thirty-three , II fx f -EZ? 'Jw - ' f 1' V' :Q 5 , '16 Q1 Z , , 7441527 ,., ' , ff' KW aiu f '14 444, f K . -,Wg :za x, .. , My A 4 .. , I A f f awww 23 ay 7 I ff 7 N! " f ,wr aff LC- f I-wg Oh! You Beautiful Dolg' Ve us Stren 71 7 S 2 J 5455 ,f ,iff Zin W ' , fi, 'fi uf 1 95? I Qfl, :X VX 'lafffaf f ! bf ff f V f X 1, buf g gi? 64" via K' 1 f K 4653 W7 M ,rf , f 7 ' X 6 I a , , ,, 4,3 f X 1 V Q ' f'9?4,,, fy 1 1,4 f f " f 1 , 5 , ,K f ' f 2 . 41 W! , 9' 2,44 f -Q-3, Q ff 2 1 ,' X V 1 , 2 ,2 ' Q f f if N 4 ' Jff My 5 Q f 4,4 af ' 1 '7 4? ' ,gf f f P A, W , 1 IQ, A f I X ff , f , f, f MM-.' A I 4 fri! fr X W 1 Y I . , N r 4, . 1 I fy T 1 N 1 KXNNNW aww? 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Senzgfy Repayiers Heidrich Editor-in-Chief. Standing: ump B Kdd Kamensky, circulation manager, Coo e, B L D k B 1 er S business manager, Mr. Levinson, adviser, Rrcijwn lc mson Vmcem Standmg E Vondell D D R b b ' ss manager O mson J Adams I Slroskey M Rehn 0 inson, usine . CC JJ ff Gmpbzk With Mr. Levinson as its new adviser and Alice Heidrich as editor-in-chief, several new features were added to "Graphic,' this year. Among these were Edie Vondell's Column, "Passing by-" on fashions around schoolg "Originally Yours," which presented student English Themes, "College of the Week", alternat- ing with "Occupation of the Week," providing helpful hints to seniors, and "Boy of the Month" and "Girl of the Month," interesting sketches about out- standing students chosen by popular ballot. "Graphic', came out in a neat, note- book size edition. As well as club news, it published election results Hrsthand. No news was stale news in the school news- paper this year. . ' T3fPiStS Spmsis and Makeup Seated R Kamensky, S. DeGowin. Standing: N. Hanks, Seated T Banks D Colby L Radcliffe Stand Waskiewicz M Jackson, L. Dickinson, L. Crump. Thirty six ing Grandonico E Darling imp' Br Kidder, s. iiilgi E' Vondelli D. ,, . J . i Reporters i rich, D- Perry, D' KMC Members Seated: R. Kamensky, M. Rehn, Adams, A. Par- sons. Standing: I. Siroskey, G. Bennett, Mr. Oliver, W. Bates, L. Radcliffe, M. Ansaldo. Absent: E. Andersen. Pro Merito Pro Merito, national honor group for secondary schools, numbered ten Amherst students this year. The group met and entertained honor roll students on several occasions. Outstanding speakers included Mrs. Willard Thorp, who talked on the Point Four Program, and Mr. Wilbur Thies, who told of his work with the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations in Yugoslavia. On May 6, Amherst Pro Merito played host to Massachusetts Pro Meritos from 4:30 to 8:00 P.M. About one hundred and seventy-five persons attended with Glenn Bennett presiding over the business meet- ing in the afternoon. Dinner was served at 6 o,clock in the cafeteria. Following dinner there was a musical program and speaker. The requirement for membership in Pro Merito is a total of twenty points. An A counts five points, B, nothing, and a C-Q-, minus five points. Pro Merito Members are granted certain privileges, among them a permanent library pass and a duplicate set of t. ,tbooks for home use. lke liffe. Stand' y 7 Thirty-seven Officers Seated: Adams, secretary-treasurer, I. Siroskey vice-president. Standing: G. Bennett, president, Mr Oliver, adviser. Seated: B. Madden, J. Yarrows, E. Harvey, E. Wheeler, E. Capen. First Row: S. Lashway, C. Matuszko, G. Markert, L. Dickinson, J. Lake, D. Jones, D. Brown, D. Hatt, S. Holden, M. Cooke, J. Drake. Second Row: N. Avery, J. Waskiewicz, J. Packard, J. Erit, P. Holden, G. Clark, E. LaValle, B. Kidder, C. Moody, M. Hodgkins, J. Warren, B. Thornton, S. DeGowin, S. Smith, D. Davenport, M. Ansaldo. Third Row: P. A'Hern, E. Hunt, H. O,Hearn, M. Lovell, E. Vondell, E. Becker, P. Mason, K. Mikelis, M. Aldrich, M. Hanson, G. Markert, Westcott, D. Waskiewicz, J. Fitts. S Seated: C. Matuszko, vice-president, Erit, secretary, C. Snyder, president. Standing: Miss Johnson, Miss Rafferty, Miss Lawson, advisers: J. Adams, treasurer. Tm'-.Y Ninety-strong, Tri-S went full steam ahead on its service project, dances, parties, and other entertain- ment this year. At the beginning of the year the incoming fresh- men were duly initiated and then treated to a turkey supper after which they took part in an impressive candle light service. On October 29, the group had a lively Hallowe'en party at the home of Cathy Snyder, president. Cider and doughnuts were served. A The usual winter formal was held in early January with the queen and attendants chosen by ballot. Cathy Snyder was elected queen with. Susan Bunn and Charlotte Matuszko, attendants. ' Tri-S members made maroon and white tissue paper flowers and streamers and sold them to students for use at the tournament. The service project for the year was the making of favors for Easter for local Old Ladies' Homes. The group showed its physical strength in swim- ming and in playing volley ball and badminton. . ,.., ........-...ii Sean presi Q' Law X . First Row: J. Bell, J. Couch, C. Glazier, M. Tessier, S. Bunn, R. Williams, E. Welcome, M. Sullivan, Holt, D. DeGowin, H. Jackson. Second Row: C. Crosier, H. Wanczyk, N. Hanks, C. Skerry, L. Nanar- tonis, S. Strange, E. Pratt, J. McKemmie, T. Stockwell, J. Steinmetz, D. Del-Torn, A. Pearson, D. Roys, Thirty-eight B. Handrich, M. Rehn, N. Britt. Third Row: J. Ban dalevich, J. Coyne, Jan. Pitts, D. Colby, KI1ight1Y, J. Thornton, M. Thompson, S. Sieling, D. Siroskey, L. Radcliie, D. Perry, I. Siroskey. 1 1 1 I l I 4 nfvfiv L45 -,'f'f uting Club Very early in the year the members of the Outing Club drew up a list of field' trips including mountain- eering, skating, skiing, and bike hikes. Early in October they made an expedition to Bash- Bish Falls in the Berkshires, where they found good hiking in the hills and rocks. Typical of excursions of this type, everyone went home completely ex- hausted. Next on the agenda was rollerskating at the Gables, followed by skiing at Brattleboro's Hogback Moun- tain ski area. Swimming in March was followed by a bike hike, and winding up the year was a mountain climb-picnic at Mount Sunapee. The weekend ski trip, though planned, was not taken, due to a change in the weather. , .5 vw'-"MM-Q QW: f WW? First ROWf,J..BroWn. N. Avery, B. Handrich, s. smith, c. Snyder, 1. sifoskey D Colby M Rehn J. Lake, R. O Brien. Second Row: M. Hanson, H. O'l-learn, Adams, Erit, li Mondell,,S Sieling: D Davenport, L. Radcliffe, B. Kidder, E. Becker, W. Colby. Third Row: P. Mannheim, L. Crump L. Dick- inson, D. Goodell, D. Perry, G. Lake, B. Roberts, S. Brown, C. Hosford. 7 Tllirtj Illfle French Club French Club met every Friday afternoon with many varied programs. They tried their hand at cooking and baking French dishes, watched films on the country of their interest, recorded their .own renditions of French songs, and enjoyed the talks of such speakers as Professor Atkinson of Amherst Col- le e. gThe French Club provided perhaps the most inter- esting float in the Booster Day rally Parade, showing Jeanne d,Arc killing the Leicester boys. Left to right: M. Ansaldo, vice-president, I. Siroskey, president, Miss Johnson, adviser, J. Bell, secretary-treasurer. ieS ks cisiiese Wea . O Qlu sor Pakmicdnfl Yeoch T. r Psmbetio. , C. .,.. . .wmmmm Left to right: D. Carpenter, C. Snyder, R. O'Brien, D. Colby, S. Smith, E. Becker, M. Hanson, Bell, B. Handrich, M. Ansaldo, E. Wheeler, C. Crosier, N. Avery, D. Davenport, I. Siroskey. Standing: Miss Johnson. Forty Sci V1 Ol Tl from begir prov. the 1 Man' field poin' com- A Club Pete. Mas: gror they fired Seated: Stei-nzmetz, M. Sullivan, E. Welcome, D. Jones Lake S Strange D Del-Iorn Standing E Vondell, L. Crump, J. Thornton, B. Kidder, D. Robinson Mr Perrone adviser S Brown L Dickinson H O'I-learn, I. Siroskey. Dmmmfzlcs Club The Dramatics Club spent the year in learning from Mr. Perrone many of the arts of stage craft, beginning with the manners of the stage through im- provisations and pantomimes and then continuing to the types of stage makeup and how to apply them. Many of the club members Went on the trip to Spring- Held to see "Time out for Ginger". By far the high point in the year's activities was the preparation and competition presentation of the one act play "JinXed". Along with the Eve member cast, about fifteen club members went to Wellesley Where "JinXed" com- peted with eight other one act plays from other Massachusetts high schools. Although the Amherst group took no honors, it was :felt by all present that they did a very fine job and everyone certainly bene- fited by the experience. Forty one Tkiiei 'T ' l 3 "' 1. wb. I 1 . nf x, ' 5 First Row: S. Bunn, H. Jackson, V. Britt, N. Avery, D. DeGowin, C. Glazier, M. Tessier J. Drake, S. Smith, D. Rogers, M. Rehn, B. Vincent, S. Ely, Bell, S. Holden, M. Cook. Second Row: J. Steinmetz, J. McKemmie, R. Goralski, A. Pearson, P. Smith, V. Loven B. Lombard, J. Koslaski, C. Skerry, J. Packard, J. Adams, C. Snyder, B. Thornton, M. Gardner. Third Row: D. Carpenter, M. Ansaldo, E. Pratt, J. Couch, B. Handrich, M. Heidrich, E. Vondell, J. Coyne, D. Roys, E. Hubbard, L. Radcliffe, D. Washiewicz. Fourth Row: D. DeHorne, J. Waskiewicz, N. Hanks, P. Holden, C. Matuszko, D. Perry, E. Becker, M. Hanson, J. Knightly, D. Colby, I. Siroskey, M. Aldrich. Fifth Row: S. DeGowin, H. Wanczyk, C. Britt, K. Mikelis, G. Markert, J. Westcott, S. Sieling, D Siroskey, R. Garvey, M. Thompson B. Kidder, R. Kamensky, P. Mason. P613 Club In its third year, Pep Club again supported every football game, with one or more buses to away games. In the fall, on November 7, the club sponsored the Booster Day Game with Leicester and the dance at night, both of which were successes despite poor weather. During basketball season, its members remained faithful to the team at all games. 3 Pr0jectz'0mkt.f Popular with 'boys is the Projectionists Club which is respon- sible for operating very valuable equipment in the way of slide and opaque' projectors, microphones and amplifiers. This year the boys instructed faculty members in the use of the equipment so they could be responsible for their own class room showing of 61111, thereby freeing club members for work in elementary S. Bunn, secretary-treasurer. Seated: J. McKemmie, vice-president, I. Siros- key, president. Standing: Miss Lawson, adviser, nfl 5 ted! ' Siigclillgl Rc A real l the 30d 2 learned ho' gone 011 ll One of th to a nearb very succe schools. Frequent films were shown by the club during seventh period with an invitation to attend extended to students inter- ested and free that period. , f 5 s i 9 S i 3 , ,M .- , , ,,., 4-4, i le ' fr , 'Z .N 4, 5 -.W 'Ma r 1 ' X ...Nm Seated: R. Doherty, Program Mas- First Row A Wysk M Sullivan Second Row J Matysiewicz ter Mr Swift faculty adviser uinlan L Hebert C Booth C Chase Third Row C Kamensky W Avery Fourth Row D Zidik D Orrell Mr R R ll d d R Swift adviser W Kelley R Blaisdell Owe Vlce presl ent an Forty two Standing R Comings president me Moran secretary treasurer Joh l l I I I . , . - I - 9 , ' ' . - . 9 ' 9 ' J' Q ' ' ' ' ' " . I ' ' : . , S S d. . 3. - . . . - 3 - 3 v . , - I- g . ' 9 5 ' " 7 ' ' -n , - Q . A s -sidenti I- Slfos' Lawson, adviserg Seated: Mr. Moore, adviser, Doug Jacque, president. i 1 1 First Row: N. Major, E. Dimock, R. Prescott, T. Aldrich, R. Jenks, Doug. Jacque, W. Hubbard, Don. Standing: H. Holden, secretary-treasurer. l Jacque, R. Doherty, J. Kershlis. Second Row: J. Jack- son, L. Graves, D. Zidik, B. Roberts, P. French, Jacque, NV. Kelly, T. Grandonico, R. Bilger, Mr. Moore, adviser. Third Row: R. Comings, D. Went- worth, R Norell, R Mitchell, R. Rowell, L. Miazga, od and Gam Club R. Knihgick., M. 2:- , Q W, 12.13251 Ee' i 1 A 1 1 W l A real love for the outdoors attracts members to S . -..- , A.. Z..-0:1 .5 ' .. , ..,. ,W .. , the Rod and Gun Club. Many of the boys have sya., ,j A J Q J -' sts- ' learned how to safely operate fire arms and have then , 80116 OH f 6 C ff1PS an QPP 16 f elf HOW C Se- Q 1 ' ' ' ' T One of the club s most interesting jaunts was a trip , to a nearby pond where they Hshed through the ice, -,MQ if J - 5'- L J VCYY SuCCCSSfUuY, fhCY Sald- 6 e l A f J A 2 5 ' . '-" Q f . - . J f f N ""fs't-f4'.' .'.!5' 125 f,?fT?J,W-:'Lf:"'-5. -s.:4.2v...12 f,.' 5 X V32-'ffif362113:-J?"sVI-Zfiaz'Om? U 11-6- .f V. adVi5ef' f6S1 d K' i Sports Club As the name indicates the Sports Club is devoted to sports, mainly competitive school games. Their irregular meetings, consist usually of films of college games followed by discussi OHS. I . 1 l N I v w X 1 w Q 1 -5 ' - "-aWQr.- . qw 5 - "ff ' :'-1 z "s' : 1f's::b "-'f ' :'P 1fi5::1,. ' ' - 'W - . ' 43 5. 2 . ' ' -t fafgaffjvizag-wI W - . 4544 aw. It I M 'fe w i .. .:, . .Wsffi..-,ca-r.:.:t.:...a, , '. ' W1 . ' - "" ' 'Q 4 -, f4c' W44':':5.?:--"4 ' ' f 15 ' It ' - 'S we 'I is I ' 2lfI5.-?:-'eiffisi-Lib.,-I-i'E-1'I .gf W M W " MQ M '44 , ,3 . 4 I.. I tu' f, ' A' - V M6-av' Q-Aff-.M--V " ""-li... 'W W' ' ' 11 A Z--4, " 5 -I1 iifif..-ni.-'-fn ppp, ' 4. . a, 32 ,N .5 - 'rw-cs..-Q' f I ..v'?f:fW!7 i sf I I f , W' 1 9 fe I I . ' 1 ' r X 5i:az".-.. I . I 2 S . I . 5 1 5 , H if ,I 1 . 114549 f i. t. fc f, .4 f , I " I' 5 ' ' '-0 -I , - . ' 'Q 1 -X , . W fzjftaijfyggssvg " a f t 'ef '3 V- V ff' 1 s I f f 55 , . ' 4 I' - 4 I-3' N 3 52: fifzifezzizze221312.Mfsfsfffffffaffqffsibi . 5, as -3 .4 ,Q ,-za , 2 I. 1 in-a:If.: Y ' - Y , if , - . 5.a1:wg,g,f,.-.aP5gszgf:..--:ggI,-ag-af. , 6 'S 12-1-1 ,' ' f I ' 5-SZ. W ' f 422- I - .- 5. -vfzfEifI2s.f1,z:i1ai,e'iff-sf:f,7feaf- -t' ,X ss Jfzrii I ' -fsf 1 Q f ffsgffgfsts -:Mawr-? oat,-.1--.,. .3-. . ,.-5 -4 . gag- If f. Q92 . f . 93. iff:-1-4.:-:,.. .mf :vs , Ijeg- 5.- 05 A - " . ' I .I - rf. ' - H IPI "1 ,ya . . H449 II :,,-5-Kp f ,. j v- f, x W4 Q, f- W . , , 5-1 f.fq..',,,.:'f1-fi: :gg 1,xIp,I:2'G--' it 'md 5 My .' - X 571, ' H ,I , gizw. I .li ., fx, I as-',.f J I.:,,,,:f5:f,I-,-,:.:aff -M.. x,,, I., :Q li.-I SI , I, ,Y - k, VII' Q11 -fqgrfg..,7,.5X:.g,-'12, I. I . -J, Hjgjw A Q In ,.I fc.-'gg i D6 72' 6 - ' as ag . - f' ' ' fi Y ,K I , 5 , I M ,W 1-'Wi , ' 1 www - aa: - ' , I 7'5" ' jf T 3.2 ' .Mg 2' J", I. .- f ' 1 ' '. W E' 1 ' ' X for ' ' 3 1" ' D' v' 3l5,4i3f': 1 i, XX ' A 1 f f s i fs' wwf' 'fr ' W" f 'I' ' '5 -M 1 rf' . " f - -N . I' ' . I- - AI " - 'V H . I: f 0" 9 - " ' " - ye I - ., , "4 ' , es sMf1af.ga1:,'-f .-H aw. af-. . 1 , vo H. , 4. f 5 , t 4 , , ,, - . qi. ww 0- -K - 5 .. , 2 - , gg -:a.:a..,..ay-.., f 1-gage n....f-3 tl' .WIS ' We-raw. m:w.f-f.- i f , I, f-QI' fi I - I .- - 'X - -' Ie: , .w .sf J .I , E ff fy., , . , f W , fue! . f f ,.g . -' as M .. , fa 5' 'fx' Q . - -It r. I' ,. . , . ,I 2 s . ' ' ' i - 'I :.'... . it ' QP? 1 XV B" -.5151 2' -- . 1 if -5w.-:--'Wa-'-T.-I-'19 +83 C21 V-I4-II"?I7d1 . 5 A f V '9"fi1.4Yc2uI, -si' K2 :- 1 Iowa. .J '41 5. 62. -ff f 4 . ' w I , X,5asI..a,j. A " -Q-:3:1:,'fff2H' y ' 'X " ,, x 'd '- ' 'a n ' . ii f il .. sf. ': .T..:'L?: 52---1. -, N wad- ,. , ,Q - . I' -: , ' '- 'e2.f2i1Q'v-,ffifl :f f W I f s vY'rg...- SNQ - e.e.,..,-: . . - I 'sw f M. I :. . Q. , I f , . ..-f-..-1:11-way Ms4.f,-1.'.---an ' Q rf K 1 -. 4,-, I , , .I , ,V .V . . V., ,.. I ff . - , X.. ..L- 60229 , cwtiin 2. f. ' " s ' , .- , I . X' f -'f1.'-.542-52.-14? :gi-. I-1-'fs v l 1 t ' f' r ' - -, . A f...-f. '- . ' f - -I .ww 1 .. 'z I f - '1 - .. -f -f 9 ff t 7 :.'.::..I-.a.s2I-- f 1 in I A W 4. X "i'a-' ---WW? iff' . :-1' ifiy :MS M l . ' ' - -' w . 4 g f Q... , I. 4, ' IW, , 1.. . Q ff fxfg,.1.,I. Q if. ' f ef 1 - , -I f ,Vg f Q, ,I Q J 4 Nl ., , JK uxyg. , A - ' X .I . fr? .3 A+ esi- Seated: Seated: R. NVhitcomb, president, M. Joy, vice pr dent. Standing: T. Banks, secretary-treasurer, Mr. Johnston, adviser. onico, Forty-three R. Moran, T. Banks, R. Doherty, Grand- E. Darling, W. Osgood. Standing: E. Mac- Donald, D. Vlfhitcomb, NV. McGuirk, R. Garvey, V. Wfolejko, R. Gilgut, Mr. Johnston, Adviser. -X. ...i....1 ug ink 1' Arts and Crafts Mr Domina, faculty adviser R. Kessler R. Prescott Chair y R, Marston, viserg L. Defl r 1,1 Seventh Period Aetimhes l Along with the regular established clubs, there were organized groups known as the Seventh Period Ac- tivities. These popular groups included intramurals for both girls and boys, arts and crafts, chair caning, games, and personal typing. Those in intramural sports could be found Mondays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays in the gym or at the field, weather per- mitting, taking part in those sports which were in season. Arts and crafts for the girls meant meeting in the art building with Miss Rafferty and working mostly in ceramics. For the boys there were meetings in the shop repairing and building things. Those in chair caning met with Mr. Oliver and were taught how to make chair seats and backs out of reed strips. The typists practiced under the direction of Miss Pole in the t in room, erfectin their techni ues. Y YP s P s ' q Probably the most popular of the seventh period ac- tivities was the games club, meeting in the library. Under Miss Hale's direction the group learned and played many varied card games, and some other table games. As you can see, there was some activity to interest just about everyone, and the attendance at these activities showed that almost everyone took an active interest in these clubs. Games Left to Right: L. Hebert, R. Com- ings, L. Crump, Miss Hale, adviser, R. Snow, D. Robinson, L. Dickin- son. Back Right: R. Brown. if 50313, In .1 F Forty- four Qrtyeive : taught d strips. of Miss liniques. triod ac- library. ned and mer table :ivity I0 lance at took 211 's m, Brown- : f bert: R' Cllmn Hale, Hdvlser' LL Dickin- Y four Chair Caning R. Marston, Mr. Oliver, ad- viserg L. Derby, F. Lanphear. Personal Use Typing T. Roberge, A. Cybulski, Miss Foley, instructor, P. Holden, L. Nanartonis, M. Heidrich, S. Bunn, Deb. Perry. Boys' Intramurals R- Brown, W. Hubbard, Q. f Kamensky, C. Barry. Forty-ive Girls, I ntramnrals itis, S. Smith, M. Lashway, P Kuzmeski, M. Aldrich. N. Avery, S. Miller, B. Sand- ers, I. Barschenski, E. Adam- 9' 1 A 1,3 U 5 1 'N Q9 Q1 tgwawmmw M, ...fwws-w,.,N 8 MTE. ,' ' ' 22mHT.Stm ffzlrfflfwf U km Que S1-n3Sh' P QWWMQKW QA C21 P1 Lqtawg A, 4 ! W f ' QF J?7f4A 2541 Xt ZVQQZ 4' 14 1 1 IN Q' 0 1 QM ig ,ew My 1,11 9 1 7 2215 A X 9 1f ff 14 ,1 1 1 1 1 1 05547 fgwfff 1 1 Z1 ,X 4 1 J ig X1 if 6 4 M wo ' Y 4 on 1 1:4 X16 K MDM' L 1 1 9 I fox ' f' f 1 5,56 13? 52 1 if 1 "1f1 1, XM 139 15 Hedging again ? 1 .jllst Lyfe Hom K f Z1 4 of J 1 K , 1 1 pot K ,A 4 1 ,em Q few v 1 fhs yz 1, y x 1 1 z 4 'at K fb 1 , , 411 M 32' Sylwwn tt 1 EHQWW1 ' 611311351 1-,4:+14,'1sZf' X if x A 1- -E 'ff 1? K v Wy, Q 'af X 1 1,1 M61 2 ,X wsu-Ba, fa 1' ' WWQWQQ' , 1 ...y. 1 U ., ,, pw ff 4 11 f 1 I, 6,y1,1y A 1 ' , 11f 1' J 1 2 0 fw 1 W 7,214 ?e 1 41' , 1 MM ,, GUI' Pretty Post 1-f v 1,, 1ip?1yw 1 1. 1 1 1 of Z 1 9 5 49.1 1 M01 WG? 1, v 9 M 31,1 1973- f yt, 1 Qdfe faygw uv ,gm Z! '11, X1 1- 1 1',z 'Q 14' V X4 X21 fy 19 ,Qt 7 , 1 , '1 A1 fffvw 1 wfwagff , .1 7 Wgffgwaffy f f if QWMW N 1 MY111 1 1 M' 1 yi 1 WWQQWV 1 Q5 ,fgkiffw A1 11 1 X 1 ,Z M2355 Aggie! 1 ZXW wee? 30 fam Q W QV' Ml. ff? 4 , tiff' 1 QQ? A w1 5,-W A9 1, 2, , y 115 211 11 wwf ,wg ,1Z1f11,1 W , f M111 V 1+ yu 76.11 'ff 216,11 0 Q90 06 Mc, from on da , rf'-aj I f 1 1 f e 1f 11 6 QM 31' , 116, S M? 6 Forty-six Do you get the point? U P. 13 S, Y Pacl ards Among the Choir Library, , MY just Special Pr CHORUS P. Brown, E. Anderson, V. Lovan, J. Tremblay, M. Lovell, J. Cowieson, P. Ahearn, N. Britt, E. Hunt S. Wentworth, Brown, Mr. Sethares. At piano L. Radcliffe. Absent: D. DeGowen, K. Mikelis, J Packard, H. Wancyck, S. Sieling, D. Jones, J. Waskiewicz, B. Lombard, S. Brown, L. Dickinson, C. Rich- ardson, R. Wang, J. Langford, W. Welcome. Chorus Among their several public appearances this year the choir presented a Christmas program at the Jones Library, which they repeated at a high school assem- bly just before school closed for the holidays, and a special program for the P. T. A. in March. Chorus II At Piano: M. Brown, Mr. Sethares Forty-seven V First Row 41Front to Rearj: E. Hubbard, J. Fitts, W. Colby, J. Howland, G. Bennett, J. Waskiewicz, S. Allen, K. Woodside, J. Madden, N. Christenson. Second Row: L. Dickinson, B. Cole, C. Kasinsk, T. Sullivan, J. Langford, M. Simpson, L. Scott, W. Shaw, E. Madden. Third Row: J. Fitts, J. Goodell, D. Jones, J. Guest, E. Tidlund, M. Holden, C. Pearson, J. Tuttle, P. Barber, R. Picotte. Fourth Row: S. Ely, G. Pearson, R. Gass, S. Wentworth, B. Moore, L. Barber, E. Hanson, N. Newell, B. Richardson. Fifth ' Row: C. Skerry, D. Roys, P. Conklin, B. Ames, E. Harvey, M. Thompson, J. Erit, B. Colburn, R. Wilson, R. Cooley. Front Row QLeft to Rightjz D. Siroskey R. Kamensky, C. Matuszko. Absent: M. Cooke. Bmw' The band is composed of about Hfty members, in- cluding both senior and junior high students. It began the season by appearing at all the home football games and attending one away game to highlight the school,s spirit. During basketball season Amherst was invited to the tournament at which the band played for three nights, receiving a great deal of attention and praise. During the year they played for the Amherst Music League and the Parent-Teachers Association, and took part in the High School Rally. This year four band members, Glenn Bennett, Mary Ellen Thompson, Peter Conklin, and Thomas Sullivan, were fortunate enough to join with the College Vari- ety Show. During their Christmas vacation they went to Bermuda and to the Azores in the spring, playing at air force bases. In the spring they also played for the Community Fair, in a Joint Concert, on the Memorial Day pro- gram, and at the Western Massachusetts Festival. The band has really been active this year and the music organization owes a great deal to "Pop" Schuler, its enthusiastic and hard working mentor. Band and Orchestra Seated: Mary Ellen Thompson, Librarian, , ' Eleanor Harvey, Assistant Librarian. Standing: - Peter Conklin, Manager, Glenn Bennett, Stu- FOFCY-Cighf dent Director, Roger Picotte, Custodian. p Maj Left to Matuszko, Hubbard. Majorettes I askiewicz, asinsk, T. oodell, D. iw: S. Ely, on. Fifth' K. Wilson, Cooke. V... V-49 First Row: E. Hubbard, D. Siroskey, C. Skerry. Second Row: S. Ely, L. Dickinson, Janice Fitts, C. Matuszko, Joyce Fitts, D. Roys. Majbrettef Under the leadership of Charlotte Matuszko, drum majorette, this year's twirlers added color and drama to home games, parades, and rallies. Their appearance at the Western Massachusetts Small Schools Tourna- ment Was one of their outstanding performances of the year. The girls entertained at a Valentine dance at Westover Air Force Base in February. Charlotte was assisted by Daniella Siroskey, cap- ,6-lgesfrll .Sow gianding 3 net in Ben ' n Cugtodla Majorettes II Left to Right: C. Skerry, C. Matuszko, D. Siroskey, E Hubbard. I Forty nine tain, Caroline Skerry, first' lieutenant, and Eleanor Hubbard, second lieutenant. f ' 7 - " ' 'fi'14f-'-11.-f ..!- I-,il-na1:f.L.i L"2l:ci,?i.z1::L1kE:4f:-'" '43Z'f?i'f4'?"",J4T 'ALL7'7152-313-ff'2112:-A-:fxf-fL1ff?Z-13T.Q2'-ZiffIii''-T-iii-'.l':i'7fQ'7'3"'-Y-'-'DTP' f Tr: :.'::151'eT-'-'-l.'T- '-'55':"' 'e' tif if-: ' 1 L f ' " - . - . . . . - Pao Band Front Row Qleft to rightj, B. Madden, J, Goodell, K' Woodside, P. Burke. Second Row: G. Bennett, E. Harvey T. Sullivan, M, Thompson, Third Row: P. Conklin R' Picme, W. Colby. ' ' This year the Pep Band was directed by Glenn Bennett, with Mr. Schuler acting as faculty adviser. The band played at all the home basketball games, as Well as at the away game in Arms. All the members in the Pep Band are volunteers, and the group operates as an extra curricular activity. They did much to encourage cheering and keep up the Hghting spirit of the team. Lef' Eaisgsjlif z5.a.:nfs?e:,i4...1:.: Bmw, - W.gvg b 'The' Brass Ensemble was organized to play at the Easter Service in Pelham as Well as attend the Festi- val in Pittsfield. Its members are outstanding music students in the high school band who play brass ' IZ . - 1I'1SU.'l1IT1CI'1 S l Flfty Qlefr ro ' J . onklin, R: Iolby W o fl ht: . Goodeli Burke. Second nett, E. Harvey, M, Thompson P C lvisff' givitY- SPURTS 1 gf-x A XX fo Q o P53222 , -1"li'1fg.2,:5z.f., , - .- ' ' ' , -V .' .. 'i1.fzgf1v'- f A- ' -- J-. ., . .-'fL.::- , Y 'fr V1 5'-1 - - V, ,54Q:?5i?51EElf-5,7 fiff, '--3,i'-:.gl2,5---jr-7551 I, A f..- , I ...A ., ' ,V 7, if , ,Q ,,4s4'L',-,fa M ik , ,, ,, 39 lv r . ., X avtrwz' , '.-' g.',z.,JzSz:4,-5 g ! N- 6 A 2 . Q ,,L. - . , M .,,k. .QQ ., sua. ,f 'kf. aff , V 4 - fofm ' rf -- 'V , 'ff ,. fp,-A sy.,-,-K My V4 W -::y,.'2" -- g f:'f-f: f f " nQ6"' fjy, 7712.ff'f'jviXZ4fC'C4 ,.. J"af7g.,, f1 ' " dw w H V f 4 if ' e tf a ' f' :-- f - ' Qf.jfi.ffff S" A . ,ww -5 W. ,3:1jI,,:,. '5 1- -,, 54143.-ffakfgznnf ,big gyjw 467 ,g.aZ2f7E':2r!' fe- -j'fg' af5gf 4 if "7 " '+ ' 5 ' mf'Q .gf - .. 'V ' .1 f " H "J ag'-ffjf,:ef,1" I '21 ff7f.'2'.:.gff fwf. f f r - Gafvel '11-iZ5'L1,,'x'L: , gp . , , 3 w ff Y f 7 ' ' Wt? ' , -s .AM , , 3 I X ...,,, ,,,k 4 + X, V , gl gh ,z 'L 2' . L lv i f f -ffff0WfQ'44 fa5 ' Marci' f, f. . ' . 1 -1 af , Z . 1 ww 'ff741a.i,gf4w, Az7W ffwwffzw fol Z -iiy ' ' . . s. 5 I J, f sffi ,ww ':s..i'a4 . H- f ' fm-..f -4,2 f as a wwf af ,,.' , .gs,Qfa, ,. f.4sn I rv. 115 f-A f.-123.53 ff . fl., f ' 1P""'f"5"Y'7W Lew ? ,f f ff , all we-aaa a .yfff ff -- aaa.,-aft , fwffyf ,yi 39" , 1... .7 . .Wy ,. , land"-' ' ,f .' - ffl- ' 'z -9 Af' :ff l 7 L V w a s te: 'L -14 fl -5 "' f' ' iiyfff ffgx if ' 1'-ff2ff',Q1f, ,. Zfi-11, 1 4 f' 4 ' ', -, 2Z4WP'547+'mZa S JW "9" V 45-11 5'-Lf f' fx 4 ft gm ' ' 31 Q , , W . ,f W . P, l f... af ' fwaff' aw:-.aft , 174 .. 12 - J Tfafi - f " ' wffisinfmfff .- iffy f f., 1 , ,.-2 ' - A it w i" i 4 ' " E' Boulanger A V f i w. r 4' ii H. Kinder , -, f-,,.- -0. ,,,,f, , . M aw. W AMHERST HIGH SCHQOL FQGTBALL SCHEDULE -- 1953 Date Team Place Sept. Oct. Nov. Varsity Squad 26 2 9 17 24 30 7 11 Enfield Enfield Palmer Amherst Holyoke Catholic Amherst South Hadley South Hadley Ludlow Ludlow WSIS Amherst Leicester Amherst Williamstown Williamstown Time PM P.M P.M PM PM P.M P.M P.M - ' r . 1 Aff Pfodu than A 5lZ6 at to OV the fl Af COIUP Afflhl Colufl herst of 19 recof batik andl canes M. line l most howf MCL seaso Seated: H. Kinder, R. Gilgut, T. Banks, P. Barden, L. Hebert, R. Moran, Knightly, E. Darling. Second Row: J. Grandonico, R. Whitcomb, D. Canavan, R. Garvey, R. ff? Crowley, D. Rowell, D. Whitcomb. Third Row: R. Wang Qmanagerj , Assistant Coach Levinson, W. Holsman, C. Barry, M. Joy, Assistant Coach R. Norman, Coach MC- Donough. Fifty-two K Z E f f 3 ,,,f6:za4'.if -"" - ' A , I- 1 34.1 ..: e- . f - - I -as -,1-'I Z,-l:.:,'..'..j I U -M.-11-3 31-,,,, ... . ,,,:1:,41:.n-.....1.-m,c...L. Af...-.,,.4,,,........- .--- Y l IQL 'l9S3 J St SI rladley 1 st 'st nstown Time 2 P-M. 3 P-M. 3 P.M. 2 P.M. 2 PM 3 PM 2 P.M. 2 P.M. Faotba ll Amherst High School came through this year to produce a much stronger and more experienced team than that of the preceding year. Although small in size and crippled by injuries this year's team proved to overcome its misfortunes by their high spirits on the Held. After dropping their first three games to the tough competitors Enfield, Palmer, and Holyoke Catholic, Amherst came through to break into the winning column by defeating South Hadley, score 19-6. Am- herst dropped their fourth loss to Ludlow by a score of 19-12. At this point in the season the Hurricanes' record looked bad but the high-spirited boys came back strong to win the next two games over Ware and Leicester. The last game of the season the Hurri- canes dropped to Wfilliamstown. Much credit has to be given to the strong Amherst line led by Captain Boulanger and Charles Barry. The most dangerous weapon Coach McDonough had, however, was the hard running.of Bob Moran. Coach McDonough can look forward to a most successful season next year when twelve lettermen will return. D. Canavan, R. Moran Gag ll L- C. Barry p M. Joy szaggwyg p, EXERCISES BEFORE SCRIMMAGE Fifty-three ' ' ' ff-'f-2--- -1-1-1 as- .asv1'4I-1121:-ta.-Lair:zclvfig--'J':?v2if.,:. 4 51:12,-Q-1 1::.f":,111'.L1: M--as '-1 1 -I"'.1i'.'--'Z5Z'L7,,'- 'f:'1.':': 5-BFI' f.-01: -uf 1-I-5 r':g..4-- 2 f ., J , - -. . ., . , , f V - . . , ,., ., ,- gf- V-fa ...a-,.N..-fi.,-.W-,:-..Lr,.f -wag:g,,.11, ,...,4, ,-W.. M-,V ---,,,.,,. t ,-,- h..,,..,,.r,- .-hy-, . - f '.,-g-- - -. .,. - ' --'- ..-.., ,' q ' a-A -..-. ---v-'-'-.-- - 2 , .. .. - .. , , - , , - .. :: -1- ,f,-.- -. ,sl .V , U V .F ,J -.Q . ......-:+:-A-.:,'2.-.1:1nu..-411:43-qu. -1, -,?.-,-.,:,.,rf-.--- - .,...,3g gh, . , . :-.. .. . :-5,33 - - A.. . .,g T- '--2 -- .' -A - - -. . -1. --V1 - .' , , - .Q 2 - H a .f '- . 1 - 1 ,-J . .5 11 1 ., 1, f ,- -w -A I 1--1,-7 V . , A '-'Y.'.--.V-.-g1xi.'-11.20.-..:,.9,f... I-gs: '4-- .. -tw, - -,--- rf - -- iff . P- 5 - -- V. . -. ' ' '- -- ' ' - ' -. .--::-1' ' .- , -1, , , rf , Y ,A 'Q I, If I ' .3 15" ,, 3 5.,1'ff'f'- rr: Qfef-js-'y..5f,.if5 57.-15-Ifgsm.::s:x.u:nff2nu,.1na1sw.:-1.-air' 3f:ksxSJgg,.:,HEQq:'.Q:, Basketball I Seniors j V Wolejko, E. Boulanger, R. Garvey, M. Joy, R. Gilgut. Garvey Hghts for ball. 1953-1954 Schedule OPPOWM Amherst Ludlow 4 8 5 3 Williamstown 6 0 S9 Belchertown 41 .44 Springfield Comm. S 1 ' 50 Turners Falls 5 1 48 St. Michaels 3 6 48 Hopkins 5 1 47 Smith Academy 58 S4 Smith School 44 70 South Hadley 3 S S8 Deeffleld 3 S 5 3 Arms Academy 45 46 St. Michaels 3 2 52 Hopkins 3 9 5 1 Smith Academy 48 47 Smith School 48 63 South Hadley 2 8 5 2 Deerfield 5 1 S 4 Arms Academy S0 60 Playojf Hopkins 42 40 Tournament Chester 3 1 55 Williamstown 2 6 2 8 Ludlow 46 43 Varsity Basketball R Garvey, C. Yegian, V. Wolejko, M. Joy, D. Wlxitcomb, R. Moran, R. Whitcomb, J. Grandonicos E- Boulanger, R. Gilgut, T. Banks. Fifty-four m erst 59 44' S0 48 48 47 54 70 5 8 Bmleetlaa ll Under new head coach John McDonough Amherst High came through to produce one of its better records in recent years. Although not being cham- pions Amherst High gained the runner-up position in the Hampshire League, winning eleven and losing Bumsy in for enemy's ball b S3 S8 46 S2 51 47 63 52 S4 60 40 S5 28 43 E. three. The Hurricanes had to play its strong rival Hopkins Academy for the league championship, only to lose by one basket in a second period overtime 42-40. Due to the good sportsmanship showed by the players and fans Amherst received an invitation to the Small High Basketball Tournament at the Uni- versity of Massachusetts. In tournament play Am- herst defeated Chester and Williamstown, then met Ludlow in the final round. Ludlow emerged the victor in this Hnal game, but was forced to the limit by a scrappy and determined Hurricane live. Joy takes rebound. i I V Basketball P- Mannheim, C- H0Sf01?d, R. Crowley, M. Horr, L. Miazga, J. Bias, j. Osgood, R. Jenks 0 i Fifty-five Bmelovz ll-1953 The 1953 edition of the baseball team closed a chapter in Amherst High School sports. This season marked the end of the long and successful coaching career of "Coach" Williams. Although this baseball team failed to achieve the greatness that past teams have enjoyed, they did man- age to finish with a winning season of six wins and four losses. Pat Joy was the mainstay on the mound and proved to be a top notch pitcher. Coach Williams found an inheld which was outfitted completely with freshmen. Pat Joy is the only letterman not return- ing to the 1954 squad. New head coach Alex John- ston can look forward to Ending some experienced ball players when choosing his line-up for the 1954 season. Baseball Lettermen Parrlck Joy Charles Yegian Robert Garvey Roger Whitcomb Henfl' Glazier Donald Whitcomb Mafflfl JOY Joseph Paulovics Victor Wolejko Julius Grandonico Wllllam Osgood Richard Cadigan Edward MacDonald K Front Row E MacDonald R. Garvey, P. Joy, D. Whitcomb, R. Whitcomb. Second Row Coach Wil hams J Paulovics J Grandonico, C. Yegian, W. Os good, Assistant Coa-ch McDonough Fifty-six - . v - . .f- an -w,i-- 1 .L- -- .. , , ,. . . ,, .,..,.,,,, , , , . ,...---.-...- ....... ,.....-,V ....-,... First Row: D. Rozman, D. Perry, R. Marston, W. Welcome, L. Taylor. Second Row: Mr. Sethares CCO2ChD, C. Hosford, L. Crump, B. Roberts. Absent: E. Darling, P. Conklin, C. Yegian, H. Hobart, G. Bennett, W. Hubbard, H. Holden. ...r r .... r Track A revival of interest in track brought about the organization of a team this year under the coaching of Mr. Sethares, new this year to Amherst's music department. Coach Sethares, a graduate of Boston University, specialized in the mile run and in the high jump. Prof. Lumley of Amherst College and co-captains, Dick Sturtevant and Dick Poor of the A.C. track team, gave the local boys a good build-up at their Hrst meeting in March. Both the college and the Uni- versity of Massachusetts gave equipment and facilities. Maisto H Purfj ng the Sh Ot' Fifty-seven Wlelffome lav exkn Girffj Sports The girls started their sports year in September with tennis, which they played twice a week on the University of Massachusetts courts. Next came basketball. The Varsity had a record of two losses and eight wins, while the Jayvees went undefeated. A round-robin badminton tournament was held in all Physical Education classes and was won by Irene Siroskey and Barbara Madden. Ten games are Sched- uled for the spring softball season. Returning seniors are: I. Siroskey, C. Crosier, B. Kidder, and L. Rad- cliffe. l w l l l Bev shoots winning point in Faculty-Senior game. Janie aims a sure shot. 5 Varsity Squad Kneeling: M. Rehn, E. Vondell, J. Adams, I. Siroskey, B. Kidder, C. Crosier, L. Radcliffe, D. Brown. Fft . h Standing: C. Skerry, R. Goralski, Gret. Markert, C. Moody, C. Snyder Qmanagerj, Coach Lawson, D. 1 Y elg t Siroskey, C. Matuszko, E. Lavalle. .t ..-1:11...,...3. .. .11 V - aa r-,... --... Hatl NOW Sf' l HOP Smlf Sr. l Nor1 HOP So- l So. l ,Y qw ja ig . ' V 'X W, S if x l Y Q f f f - 1 .4 sf? 'Z 'fi'-.f 1" Pfember on the F Came 0 losses lefeatedu ld 111 all ly Irene e Sched. S se1'1l01's L- Rad. Bmketlm ll . JV Varsity Amherst - Opp. Amherst - Opp. Hatfield 28-12 39-29 Northampton 2 5 -19 23-35 St. Michaels 40- 6 28-22 Hopkins 39- 4 39-11 Smith Academy 41- 4 25-14 St. Michaels 27-13 22-21 Northampton 27-17 16-34 Hopkins 18- 7 36- 9 So. Deerield 21-10 32-29 So. Deerfield 13- 6 29-17 Curly jging M188 Rafferty warm-up line. tosses high one. I V Squad Kneeling: M. Hanson, S. Smith, P. Boynton, D. Perry, M. Aldrich, P. Ostrowski, R. O'Brien, E. Becker. Standing: J. Drake Qmanagerj, B. Handrich Qmanagerj , M. Hobart, S. Holden, S. Bunn, P. Smith Qmana- gerj , M. Cooke, E. Searle, D. XVaskiewicz, J. Knightly Qmanagerj, E. Welcome Qmanagerj. Fiftymine .2 . Y .':.':.ulL5.j f-"513fgq1f:aJ:f--EEE-'riufii-2?5fffzrfi'-?g2gg:i,5,-A232221-'lui-lgiifggjra-1gzfrgfii----51:1-fZ.'iEfffff:i-.'-L-3',-if-131-.,.:ig-'i-1-:41-Lf,-1-,Af-JQ19.-L:-.-iagjiff'fiir-wa: '.,-jf l'-Z.'tiQA"'.f e - - ,L 5 1 , , -, , , I- A . . .,:i.-,....- 1.-na--' .fx :ig -1. :.:f '- -- i.. 41,1 -as-Slziiiazfzg-i., -"-35'J ' " -9-.: egaggggag-11",-1.'. ' " AQ1 'f17:if:j.'J"V-, "-,-gifjliiiigrfr-if.-,-g'JiI.:,'1r - -.'-JS: i., :Af2-'-E-2,,"1',1j3-F,-K - TZ.i'. ji-,.' ,gf -ff -QL . ..'f.:.' 5 - T" 1'- - ' ,Z 1' . - - j , . 1 - . , ' . 1 A , - - 1-gt'-21.T"52l-.LFFF -'fiftirq:.11-fwfr:ze-:-1--f--3.-,,-.-7'f"'?'?75'fi':if-i?Tfi'?'7iftff-Z.ff-"ri--5:5-1i'?-if 355 '-2 .E-F'-f11Ef.,2ff1 if 1 ff--'I-f'f--'P aa-J'A:g:g:::,-i:.::..i:i--1--Lf... ,. . - Varsity Cheerleaders M. Rehn, J. McKemmie, R. Goralski, C. Snyder Qcaptainj, J. Adams, S., Lashway, J. Warren One of the hardest working groups in the high school is the Cheerleaders. Constant practice, on the job at all games and creating new songs, cheers, and acts keep them busy from September to June. Cathy Snyder was chosen in the fall to captain the cheer girls and under her leadership they acquired new uniforms and created several new routines. Cathy's young niece, Gayle, was introduced as the group's mascot at the Small School Tournament, attracting much fa- vorable attention to the Cheer- leaders and the Whole Amherst root- ing section. Gayle Snyder, mascot. Cheerleaders Sixty I V Cheerleaders S. Bunn, L. Nanartonis, A. Pearson J: iiig f 3 4 ' " ':ei:..i3"- -'rlt :are -Y' rf ' X LL.. . - Azz, ,7 ff: W, 3 4 ffl wie '41 w .Z 1 '1 , 3,7 f ,f .uf 7 2254 is :fzz iw if " ,E W, 5 ,W Q :fy f 7327 42 QQ a ,cm , ,fm 22" Qffwj , , ,9 fl Z ,Q Qmyff,-.QQ f x MEZZ ,JUWA , , ,X QXZM wfikfqn' W, , f ,1 4 , 4 1 ug, , , , . ,. J," 1 , 5, Sw v M 2 4 X , ,f if f , ' 2 ' W ., if , .vt 4 Q 5 ,Z , f Q5 V N. stiff x ' . ' sw N? f Z , Vi it' T .,.. .WW f.,,,,. , ,iii-1 -f.: A: , .Qu wg an ra A , gg ., I, ,f.,.JJ 15 5 'mx y F P 5 4 f ' ei K ,ew is 54, 'ff Q L l 4' fi fav QQ! 'F iff' if 1 , . , ,X if w ,K gf 4 4 1 X WW Y 9' Q f Five jokers. .f,,.,,9:5wfz'q14g3 .-Cy. Sv nne, , f f h " 1 e ragga-IM:-A ,,f?2'6s-1ZI"' ' , . .,wl,is yf, Y fffief f' . 5 .,., , -. " A ,K "NL if 1-.rf '- yff, A V.. ,Y .'k' ,K - az ,fsa :ef kVV.xh, I A' , , L ,cp 5, f A' , 1 XQQVEV .ywQ,.,,f-X .Maw sw, . ew: W :ge ff ' - la, Q, 4 3321: M. ,Y j.,., ,, X , , 1 'A' 0 Q , if , Q , :K g WT' ' -4 , M was f X fy 5 2 if 1 y, f ff 52. 1 A X f fi X, , , y 1 4 ff fe, bg ff 4, 5 :Zh In mv, if f f gf? 'AE ., ,..,f..,,f ,ff-N-,f 0 - -'YW ,f'v-'6,1,n-WK? '1-'if M' hlf . , f eww-'Q rv. wf:'fwf-Mgmt-p 'fx fs--f ,, 1, ,wie-K'.-,,,f,L.v ,wwfe ,fim- ,. , ,yi - x ,M -f ,,wfA4,+- Q , ff-,WM . Put your httle foot nght there! 'ms on e went OV . ds. er their hw Friday H h .Rmgside S-eats' Mugsy opens fan mail. S daY! Sixty-one 1 14 wr t'..v.4. 11:-x -nd unfu- Lv u ul. -ab.. nf.-uf vs. u,., 1.4 1.x mn 1 It happened when "Outward Bound" Jw Miss Fu rge . nerr' B- Kisdjdl, adviser- Sta d' er' C0'CClitO1'5.n Ing: Ben- ff GUM 'Bu JJ 3 Lou of "Armands" on the job Editor K- Perry W. 'dder inter - 0 h V1 1118 on. lt Mr. Levingigioigg. Bditorxa Madden, j. BeH. Seeon Wanezyk, McCarthy. Third BOW 1 n L Crump. S Brow 3 Wai, A Parsons, B. H Yffe 5 Waskiewiez,M. d rns D. CoXby, X. Siros y, G rvey,B. Kidder ' X Staff: First Row: C. Crosier, D. Brown, L. Bade 1 , . d Bow: M. Rehn, C. Snyder, E. Vondel A a , W. Osgood, S. Slehng, G. Bennett, K. Mikelis, B. a Anszddo, . ke . , 1 "M A Business Managers: L. Crump M. A ld . Typists: J. Williams, E. Capen, M. ma O Jackson, B. Sanders, I. Barschenski. "Gold Buggy' "' o Lomfs shadovf for tw Editor Bennett is day S- N 8 "--...Mi V YafiZ:1i'r1- 31:05 .6660 f Advert.. W' K1 B- Thoffing Staff: R. . 'J' n. Commgs D , 2 - RObinSQn, J. P I ackard, J. B ffge, R Ka 2 ' Ing i nskY, V, W-olek Surry-three 1 0: P. Mason . ' ' -i' -- 'ff-ffffiieia-:g.'fe'1:.:1,i,:bp:::igiL?:-:Tr1:413135.-'f2f25.Lf,LgSQT 115 1ijri,gg,,g51.,:Q Zi?-fl? 1.1555113:,:1,e-:gg-5-"f-,nLv-iiQ3,f?'-311r.f1fi,11, 'ffg 1- '-jfif.f1'iiif 22-gnu:..:,-ai,-.-:+T-is Tfi'f1"-'. 313' 1 'f X , 2, V , '- - , 1 , . , - , ,, , ' . 2 V 1 'I 3:35-if., - -- ,- 'T-15 S il:--- -V "T 7'T-l-3"3'- 'TI' liIfT"'f"'-""A4'-3"1f'-'llalixi-'-1411 v-ae. 1: lf..t:z-1.2" figs?,,'-,5:.,,:,gf-gf.-. 1' s. 1:,fd5,yyf51'z 'f :,- -'ffl' . :., 3- ' " .I i' . . A . ' Y' .' , '- - ii f . f 112 fig' 'Y 'I if 15 5? ' 3' 1 ' 'g V f"f-A 1 'Fife f " : -5'--g -V , W 'J LA". 'T'17"TiA'iLJ"i1:',"1 'T ,"'ff+"S-Q-'1-TY.: A1.111-'4--ff.-'"4xf.v: . ...,...' .. ,, .- Goin' Bug Sponsors Adams Dairy Henry Adams Co. Druggists A'Hern's Alex's Snack Bar Cliff Allen American International College, Springfield American Legion Post if 148 Amherst Apple Cold Storage, Inc. Amherst Branch Northampton Cooperative Bank Amherst Cleansers and Dyers Amherst Farmers' Supply Amherst Garage Co. Amherst Golf Club Amherst Grain 86 Coal Co. Amherst Laundry Co., Inc. Amherst Oil Company Amherst Roofing Co., Hadley Armand Studio Photographers, Boston William C. Atkins R. L. Bates, No. Amherst The Beauty Bar Hair Stylists Ben's Service Station, Sunderland Bilger's Restaurant 86 Snack Bar Blair 86 Cutting Insurance Agency Dr. William T. Bleckwehl Bolles Shoe Store Dr. Andrew R. Booth Bray Auto Body Burnett 86 Nash Dr. R. Sheldon Clapp Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Northampton College Auto Sales 86 Service College Drug Store College Shoe Repair Co. College Town Service Center Conklin Contractors Cramer's Store T. L. Dorsey Memorials Dr. Stephen J. Duval, Optometrist E 86 J Cigar Co., Northampton C. R. Elder Coal Co., Inc. Frampton Buick Fulton's Ice Cream Co. Ronald Gardella, Contractor Gazette Branch Office fAnne Whalenj Gibson's Chevrolet Co. Gift Nook Grandy's Restaurant Griggs, Inc. Hadley Auto Service Kamel Hassan's Barn Hebert's Dairy Hercules Cleaners Dr. Eugene M. Holden Holden Lumber Co., No. Amherst Jeffery Amherst Bookshop Sixty-four Jeffery Beauty Salon Joe's Barber Shop Joe's Diner Elder Jones Lumber Corp. Josten Rings 86 Pins Kamensky's Store, Leverett Kamin's Paint 86 Wallpaper Store Kentfield's Dairy The Lord Jeffery Inn Louis' Foods Louise's Beauty Shoppe J. F. Mathews Shoe Store Mccallums, Northampton John T. Martula, Insurance, Hadley Millar's Esso Station Dr. Leo. Moreau, M.D. Musante's Flower Shop Mutual Plumbing 86 Heating Co. Hamilton I. Newell, Inc. Northampton Commercial College The Old Deerfield Fertilizer Co. The Old Mill, No. Amherst K. L. Osmun, Jeweler Paige's Bowling Alley Patterson's Service Station Dr. Richard Post The Powers Shop Stephen Puffer, Jr., Contractor The Quality Fruit Store Rackliffe's Store, Cushman Randy's Store Red 86 White Super Market, Sunderland Rowe's Garage, Inc. Russell's Store Shumway's I Skibiski Insurance Service, Farm Machinery 86 Supplies, Sunderland, So. Deerfield The Specialty Shop R. T. Staab, Inc., No. Amherst Stan's Drive-In, Hadley Doc Sullivan Thompson's Men's Shop V. A. Tidlund Tilley's Camera Shop The Town House Wilfred R. Toy University Motors, Inc. House of Walsh Wellworth Pharmacy W H A I, Greenfield Cliff Winn, Jeweler I ECO. bllege Co. ZOI , Sunderland , Farm Machinery Sc So. Deerfleld merst 4' U' 4 Jqiz 'sw rx ,g 'x K' Lm'ifv,',.f Q . , L l L! 5 "fy Xt L , v iifkc 6 ' V Q, X fig? "' My ,sl gf K 1 , . +K11..w ,Q KVA' :N i , - - ff 3 ' A 5i?fg"ii55f Y ' .- F146 554 v EL X . A x z , ST , V 1 .. 'Q ' ' x , k,4..,.,- W. x. -- X xl fu .,a-..'f,,:: 332,-i.-:.,,':f:z.1.pV,.giggq ,:..5.:- - L f, -.,..- .V W ,. .. - f I A ILC' :33?f--"f5"'55'f3i55'ff5"3?f92Q1:f'' , , . . ---W , mn., . - 5- ..-w4.,,f.w1-0--hzfm.,-ff-Q-if-'.rrv-V mf-as-Lxnvrx --ww ff'afivwf-E'-ahvxerrr-.As:qjfffs-As:::::f1f--4-q1,,-Q..,:5:..:...,:f1:-i.'-4-A-1-F'W-QA: R: ' A .ww .T--iff .-7 : ' -L-at v-fff'-?lf,Q"1-4-TAT-22,5131lllifltfziif- I-afrazrg-1-..f.:z:::r':w-,'5A2:4:,eg1.fe1sr--Vg:-::: LJ.:1:2ew'-1213:-17f-HL:511.-f:::.:f'f:+11tf1f.:':f- 1- ffznv- 'ref 4.4,-f f- - - -f--- M'-,-'fv+ --' ' -f-- -- K' ' ' - - 1 f- WP- -'fi-If-'-2-A :ww-sux gmgg..-.vMa.1-:--b.,-f':'1.::4:-'..u..f- .-11?-.2.'n..m" - M'-::L3.,W""j .111-w ' ',..'.''L1n1-s''31-:."'?,,.,"1..'"-gm f'.,q7 igzfa' T . , , Y ,Y-:, ,5 :"i1-1' ' 1 ff -1- . , -- M ,-,f- V, 1,--. :VH -V ,-. V V Y. --.

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