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AMHERST HIGH SCHOOL xadaaiion Sx£,xai± ± ( 2 ta±± of 7952 ■ T Wednesday Evening, June Eleventh Nineteen Hundred Fifty-two at Eight O’Clock IN Bowker Auditorium I £P, og xam SENIOR PROCESSION — The War March of the Priests com " Athalia” Mendelssohn INVOCATION Rexekenb; James H. Laird AMHERST JUNIOR and SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA Pilgrims Chorus Wagner THE FAMILY ANb TH STUDENT Cynthia Catherine Soller THE COMMUNITY AND THE STUDENT Helen Elizabeth Cary THE NATION AND THE STUDENT Joan Carol Gibson AMHERST HIGH SCHOOL CHORUS Now Let Every Tongue Adore Thee Bach One World Bratten-O Hara-WHson AWARDING OF PRIZES Principal Kingsley A. Perry PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS Dr. Harold W. Cary, Member of the School Committee NATIONAL ANTHEM C[a6.± of 1g 2 Janet Grace Adams Eleanor Elizabeth Allen Robert Thacher Ames Robert Thompson Ansaldo Patricia Diane Bagley Pauline Anne Barry Wallace Edward Bartos Roger Henry Bilger John Lewis Blaisdell Joanne Elizabeth Bowler Rose Marie Boynton Tessie Marie Bridges Dorothy Jean Britt Donna Leona Brown Samuel Ralph Bruce Michael James Burke Helen Elizabeth Cary Philip Joseph Cavanaugh ♦Barbara Clark Sterling Eveleth Clark Ruth Marie Cleveland Patricia E. Colomb Harriette Jane Darling Martha Lee Dickens William Richard Doherty William Michael Dziuba Lillian Ethel Eddy Douglas C. Elder Mary Florence Field ♦Rebecca French ♦Joan Carol Gibson Roberta M. Goodell Theodore J. Grosberg Richard Lester Hall Edward Joseph Hart Glenn Eldon Hayward Marion Morton Hobart Carl L. Howard Barbara Jean Hunt Barbara Ann Ives Audrey Ann Jacque Gene Kenneth Keegan Joanne Elizabeth Kilikewich Elaine Ruth Knightly Thomas Edward Knightly ♦Barbara Annette Knowlton Lois Anita Lannon William Lashway Donald Nunes Maia Bernice Jean Maiewski Joan Virginia Major Charles Jon Mannheim ♦Doris Elaine Martell Marjorie Ann McKemmie Evelyn Marie Molitores David Canning Montague Marion Carolyn Moore Louis J. Musante Barbara Catherine Nanartonis Allan Nelson Frances Elaine Nichols Lee Hope Noel Helen May O’Brien JoAnne Mary O’Connor Irene Alma Olanyk ♦Jean Luise Oleson Gerald Thomas O’Neil Marilyn Ellen Orrell Fredericka Jean Paddock Benjamin William Page Clara Helene Pearl ♦Virginia May Reed Sally Ann Ring ♦Beatrice Nancy Rogers Pauline J. Royce Robert S lvanus Roys Clarence Mason Rule ♦Cynthia Catherine Seller Sally T aylor ♦Irene Sophie Thompson Lillian Barbara Tidlund Carol Ruth Tiffany Nancy Loyce Truesdell Ronald Tyburski Laurence Clinton Wales ♦John Ralph Westcott ♦Peregrine Barclay White ♦Member of Pro Merito Society FIRST SCHOLASTIC HONOR Helen Elizabeth Cary SECOND SCHOLASTIC HONORS Joan Carol Gibson Cynthia Catherine Soller MARSHAL Arthur Giannetti AMHERST HIG Amherst, Massachusetts I’m no Pollyanna, but I think she had some- thing. Too many people are so down in the mouth that they never see the good things of life. Someone once said, " Laugh and the world laughs with you; cry and you cry alone. ” Since long faces haven’t changed the world so far, Heaven knows it ' s time something was done. So here I am in my old cheer outfit, a grin on my face, just bustin ' to make everyone else open his mouth and laugh and cheer. You ' re going to get used to me because you ' ll see me again on the following pages: Introduction to Administration 5 Introduction to Seniors 9 Introduction to Classes 27 Introduction to Activities 33 Introduction to Sports 49 Introduction to Ads 57 GOLDBUG STAFF ■ Seated: C. Tiffany, B. Kelley, D. Britt, D. Montague, B. Clark, C. Pearl. Standing: C. Howard, C. Seller, J. Bowler, R. Goodell, H. Carey, E. Allen, L. Musante. EDITORS: Rebecca French, Michael Burke. BUSINESS MANAGERS: Joan Gibson, Douglas Elder. FACULTY: Carol Tiffany. SENIORS: Joanne Bowler, Dorothy Britt. CLASSES: Barbara Clark. ACTIVITIES: Clara Pearl, Eleanor Allen. SPORTS: Helen Cary, Benjamin Page, David Mon- tague. FEATURES: Roberta Goodell, Cynthia Soller. ART: Barbara Kelley. PHOTOGRAPHY: Carl Howard, Louis Musante. BUSINESS STAFF: Patricia Bagley, David Montague, Philip Cavanaugh, Glenn Hayward, Sterling Clark, Patricia Colomb, Barbara Ives, Martha Dickens, Bernice Maiewski, Marion Ho- bart, Virginia Reed, Charles Mannheim, Irene Olanyk. ADVISER: Miss Furgeson. [Seated: B. Ives, M. Dickens, B. Maiewski, M. Hobart, V. Reed. Standing: P. Bagley, D. Montague, P. Cavanaugh, G. Hayward, S. Clark, P. Colomb. 3 APMINtSTRATION iXlS ' Ifetw Exams, midnight oil and books, responsibilities of office — but I can still laugh. You need a sense of humor to take it. ' B- WtA-irr KINGSLEY A. PERRY Principal BLANCHE BARACKMAN French BETTY JANE DONLEY Latin ISABEL FIELD Social Studies ELEANOR FILLMORE Guidance RUTH BROWN English ROBERT DOMINA Industrial Arts ELIZABETH FOLEY Commercial DOROTHY FURGESON English IRENE HALE Commercial MARION KOLASINSKI M Secretary I I JOHN McDonough Social Studies EDITH PINNICK Social Studies RUTH RAISON Home Economics MARIE RAFFERTY Art J. CLEMENT SCHULER Music ARTHUR L. SWIFT Chemistry SONIA D. WEXLER English GEORGE WILLIAMS Physical Education DONALD LACROIX Biology MARY ELIZABETH LAWSON Physical Education JANE LYMAN Speech HOLLIS MOORE Industrial Arts RUTH OLDFIELD Mathematics CLIFFORD OLIVER Physics Seated: N. Taylor, J. Purnell, B. Clark, D. Martell, J. Bowler, C. Pearl, K. White, B. Johnson Standing: M. Rehn, V. Wolejko, M. McKeon, M. Burke, J. Westcott, D. Maia, M. Mack, R. Brown S. Brown, B. Kidder. CLASS OFFICERS Seated: A. Heidrich, Secretary; Mr. Oliver, Adviser; M. Rehn, Treasurer. Standing: G. Lake, President. Seated: G. Nelson, Treasurer Miss Donley, Adviser; M. Mar tin. Secretary. Standing: R. Has san. Vice President; A. Giannetti President. Seated: J. Bowler, Secretary; Miss Oldfield, Adviser; C. Pearl, Treas- urer. Standing: J. Westcott, Presi- dent; D. Montague, Vice Presi- dent. STUDENT COUNCIL An all-junior executive council headed the Stu- dent Association for the first time in the history of Amherst. One of the first accomplishments of the organiza- tion was to draw up a cheerleaders’ code with the help of the cheerleaders themselves. This proved to be quite a successful plan. Congratulations were certainly due the seniors when they won the Care Package Contest run by the Student Council. Forty dollars sent four care pack- ages to Korea. The Student Council worked for more efficiency and better sportsmanship in the lunchrooms. Seated: M. Martin, Secretary; Miss Donley, Adviser; H. Fuller, Treasurer. Standing: E. Wheeler, Vice President; A. Giannetti, Presi- dent. smoRS JANET G. ADAMS First of all comes " Gussie”, one of Amherst High’s commercial students. Next year she will complete her training for secretarial work at Northampton Commercial College. She did a wonderful job in both our freshman and junior interclass plays. She joined Pep Club in her junior year and in her senior year was chosen Assistant Manager of the basketball team. ELEANOR ELIZABETH ALLEN Never a game is played at Amherst High that isn’t supported by Eleanor on the side lines. Everyone knows Eleanor for her excel- lent cheerleading of the past three years. She also has been a member of French Club, Graphic, and Pep Club for two years. This year she is using some of her excess energy in planning programs for Tri-S and working on the " Goldbug” as a Club editor. Next year Eleanor will attend the U of M. ROBERT THACHER AMES PATRICIA DIANE BAGLEY You’ll find lively, energetic " Pat” a star in our gym class. She is an outstanding volley ball and basketball player. She is interested in nursing and plans to make it her future ca- reer. Sbe served on the Ad Staff of this year’s Goldbug. PAULINE ANNE BARRY Pauline, a future nurse, is planning to enter Franklin Hospital next year. Pauline’s hobbies are square dancing and thinking of ways to skip school without being caught. Here is one of the " humanfish” of our class. Bob has been the sole diver on our swimming team for three years. He has belonged to French Club, Hi-Y and he was in the inter- class play. Being interested in music, he was a loyal member of Chorus, Band, D. Q., and Pep Band and he belonged to Projection Club of which he was elected president in his senior year. Bob plans to major in chemistry at col- lege. ROBERT T. ANSALDO Interested in all sports. Bob is an avid bas- ketball and baseball player for A. H. S. He .participlated in Sports Club and intramural sports in his senior year. He also did a good job of representing his home room in Student Council when he was a junior. He likes mechanics and hopes it will be his vocation after graduation. WALLACE BARTOS Meet the boy who always has a new joke to tell. Wally is mainly interested in sports. He participated in football and baseball and in his senior year he joined Sports Club. In the fu- ture, Wally intends to show the world how to run the Navy. ROGER BILGER Roger is a boy who likes to hunt. He im- mediately became active in the Rod and Gun Club when it was started. He also likes a good debate and is ready to defend his point of view at all times. Next year he isn’t quite sure what he will do. JOHN LEWIS BLAISDELL A future chemical engineer, John, who is jokingly called " Blimp” by his friends plans to attend the U. of M. next year. His two main interests are science and music. He has been a member of Science Club and Chorus for three years. He was student director of D. Q. in his senior year. He was also a member of Hi-Y for two years and has even done some acting. JOANN ELIZABETH BOWLER " Jo”, who arrived at A. H. S. in the middle of her junior year, pitched right in and im- mediately became active in Pep Club, of which she was Sec.-Treas. this year, and Chorus. In her senior year she joined Science Club, Tri-S, and became secretary of our class. She is liked by everyone for her willingness to help and her cheerful smile. However, she is probably best known for her wonderful performance in the talent show during her junior year. Next year she plans to go to the U. of M. ROSE MARIE BOYNTON " Rosie” joined our Pep Club in her senior year and immediately became an enthusiastic rooter for the home team. Her main interest is reading her idle hours away. " Rosie” in- tends to go into office work in the future. TESSIE MARIE BRIDGES " Terry” can almost always be found at the gym practicing basketball or joking with Miss Lawson. For three years she has been a mem- ber of Chorus and Tri-S. She was our fresh- man class president, giving her the distinction of being our only woman president. She plans to go to Northampton Commercial College and then settle down to becoming a secretary. DOROTHY JOAN BRITT " Dotty” can usually be seen hurrying down the corridor to some activity. She has been active in Debating, Tri-S, and Chorus. She was elected as one of the senior editors of the Goldbug and she has been a loyal member of French Club of which she was elected pro- gram chairman in her senior year. Dotty plans to take up new activities at College next year. DONNA BROWN " Good things come in little packages” is Donna’s motto. She is a sweet, little girl with a talent for being late. Although her future plans are still undecided she has an interest in home economics. S. RALPH BRUCE Being mechanically inclined " Sam” hopes to go to Springfield Trade School after gradua- tion. One of his main interests is sports. He belonged to Chorus during his first two years and in his senior year " Sam” joined the Rod and Gun Club and the Wood Working Club. MICHAEL JAMES BURKE As our class Einstein " Mike” has been both president and vice president of the Science Club. For three years he has brought honors to our swimming team and has sung in chorus and D. Q. Much of his senior year has been spent working on the Goldbug as co-editor. His future plans include the U. of M. and oil prosperting. HELEN ELIZABETH CARY Meet one of our busiest girls. Helen has belonged to Band, Chorus, Orchestra, and Tri-S, the latter of which she was eleaed president. She was a member of French Club, make-up editor on the Graphic and she was elected treasurer of the Science Club. She also showed her skill on the basketball court and softball diamond. Helen plans to further her education at college. PHILIP JOSEPH CAVANAUGH Interested mainly in sports " Phil” has par- ticipated in football for three years and bas- ketball for one year. He has also joined the Football Club and was eleaed secretary. He joined Projection Club his first year and was a member of the Rod and Gun Club and Sports Club in his senior year. " Phil” was also a member of Hi-Y, serving as its secretary in his senior year. BARBARA CLARK Here’s a busy girl! " Barbie” has shown her varying abilities by her wide range of activi- ties. For three years she has been a member of Chorus, Tri-S, and French Club. In her junior and senior years she joined Pep Club and Graphic. She was treasurer of Student Council when she was a junior. Dramatics interested her and she participated in Dra- matic Club and our junior class play. Next year she will attend college. STERLING CLARK Quiet, red-headed " Clarkie” has a variety of hobbies ranging from farming to music. He hopes to make a career of radio and tele- vision. In the spring of his junior and senior year much of his time was spent on the base- ball diamond practicing his favorite sport. RUTH MARIE CLEVELAND " Toots” can be heard saying " I guess so” to one of her friends’ questions. Ruthie’s hob- bies are collecting dolls and knick-knacks. PATRICIA E. COLOMB " Pat” is always ready for a lively debate in Modern Problems class on anything from naval ships to presidential elections. She colleas records and is interested in all sports. She hopes to become a stenographer after attend- ing commercial college. HARRIETTE JANE DARLING Harriette has shown a flair for music and dramatics by being a member of Chorus for three years and acting in both the inter-class plays and the junior class play. She has also participated in Pep Club Tri-S, and French Club. Her future plans include training at Cooley Dickinson Hospital. MARTHA L. DICKENS Meet " Marty” who always has a friendly, cheerful word for everybody. She is interested in sports, dancing, and singing. And, oh how she can sing those Dixieland songs! She was chairman of our junior class play and a mem- ber of French Club and Chorus in her senior year. She has played varsity basketball since she was a freshman. Next year she will be at Westfield Sanatorium. LILLIAN ETHEL EDDY " Lil”, the girl with the wonderful soprano voice, has entertained us all for the last three years both in Gilbert and Sullivan operettas and in our talent shows. She is also a member of Dramatic Club of which she was secretary in her junior year. DOUGLAS C. ELDER " Doug” has shown his business ability by being Treasurer of Hi-Y and co-business man- ager of the " Goldbug”. He also joined the football and swimming teams in his senior year. He is a friendly, helpful person who always has something new to add to any dis- cussion. His future plans include college. WILLIAM DOHERTY " Bill” is the small livewire of our class. During his senior year he was the quarter- back of our football team and did an excel- lent job. He also went out for baseball and basketball for three years. As a senior he joined Sports Club. Next year he may join the service. WILLIAM DZIUBA " Bill” was a star on our basketball team during his senior year. He also played both football and baseball during his career at Amherst High. He joined Hi-Y in his fresh- man year. Everyone knows " Bill” for his bright smile and talkative manner. MARY FLORENCE FIELD Mary, the jolly girl with the flaming red hair, includes work in her ' next year’s plans. She hasn’t decided just what type of work she will do yet. In her senior year she enjoyed Chorus and Pep Club. Outside of school she likes to collect stamps. REBECCA FRENCH " Becky”, who is always bursting with or- iginality, is using her talent this year as co- editor of the " Goldbug”. She has been a conscientious member of French Club, Chorus, and Tri-S. In her junior year she spent a great deal of her time acting in the class play and the inter-class play. Besides all this she man- aged to get good enough marks to become a member of Pro Merito. 14 JOAN CAROL GIBSON Meet " Joanie” another of our " into every- thing " ’ girls. She belonged to French Club and Student Council for two years. She be- longed to Chorus, Band, Tri-S and Pro Merito. In her senior year she joined Pep Club and was co-business manager of the Goldbug. " Joanie” plans to further her education at college. ROBERTA MARY GOODELL Introducing one of the songbirds of our class — " Bobbie” has been a member of Chorus for three years and she took the part of " Edith” in the musical produaion in her senior year. She was in French Club, Tri-S and the Orchestra and she was on the Graphic and Goldbug staffs. " Bobbie” is another fu- ture U. of M. student. THEODORE JACOB GROSBERG This is " Teddy” whose main interest lies in outdoor sports. Right along with his hobby, he has devoted some of his time to the Rod and Gun Club in which he was elected treas- urer in his senior year. " Teddy” hopes to go to an electrical school in the future. RICHARD LESTER HALL One of the " Big Three” Dick has partici- pated in baseball, football, and basketball. He joined Hi-Y, Chorus, and Sports Club. " Squir- rel” is going to take Stockbridge School by storm after graduation. EDWARD JOSEPH HART Meet the " personality boy” of Amherst. " Ed’s” interest lying in sports, he has played football for his last two years. He has be- longed to Chorus, Football Club, and Hi-Y, the latter of which he was Chaplain. " Ed” plans to bring his cheerful disposition to Stockbridge School next year. GLENN ELDON HAYWARD For three years Glenn was one of the stars on our football team. In the winter he can be found skiing, skating or playing basket- ball. He also belonged to Sports Club. Uncle Sam will be taking care of Glenn for the next few years. AUDREY ANN JACQUE Where there’s Lee there’s " Audie”. In fan, she plans to go along with Lee to the House of Providence to study nursing. She has be- longed to Tri-S and Pep Club during her high school years. As you can guess " Yabo’s” interest is the same as Lee’s. That is, going to Holyoke or South Hadley. GENE KENNETH KEEGAN Gene is one of our " three-letter” men. He went out for basketball and baseball two years and football three years. He has been equally successful in all three sports. In his senior year he belonged to Hi-Y, Pep Club, Rod and Gun Club, and Sports Club. Outside of school Gene is most happy hunting. BARBARA JEAN HUNT Another future secretary, " Bobbie’s” main interests are reading and ice-skating. During her senior year " Bobbie” was a loyal member of both Pep Club and Chorus. BARBARA A. IVES Here s " Bobby , another one of Amherst High’s future nurses. Next year she plans to enter Franklin County Hospital for training. She likes music and square dancing and was a member of Band and Chorus in her fresh- man year. MARION MORTON HOBART Introducing the " quiet girl with the quiet smile”. But " Hobie” was by no means in- active. She has belonged to Pep Club, French Club, and Dramatic Club and she was in the junior class play. She was also on the Goldbug staff. " Hobie” plans to attend Becker Junior College. CARL L. HOWARD When you think of photography you think of Carl. For the last three years he has car- ried the burden of being the Graphic’s only photographer. He has also received great ac- claim by winning a prize for one of his picmres. However photography isn’t his only interest. He is a member of Hi-Y an d has been successful on our swimming team. BARBARA JEAN KELLEY " Kelley” is the little rioteer of the class. Never a dull moment can be applied to her with complete conviction. During her career in Amherst High she has worn a path to the Art Building and established quite a reputa- tion through her cartoons. She has also been an outstanding member of the cheerleading squad for three years. This year she joined Chorus and we discovered she has musical talent too. After graduation she plans to go to Northampton Commercial College. JOANNE DORIS KILIKEWICH Meet one of our most talkative girls. " Kel- ley” can be found ice skating, singing or playing the piano. She joined both Chorus and Pep Club in her senior year. " Kelley” hopes to do secretarial work in the fumre. ELAINE RUTH KNIGHTLY " Laine”, a little girl with a lot of pep, is the whiz of our gym classes. She likes sports and has been particularly prominent on the girls’ softball team for the last three years. She also joined Pep Club and Tri-S. Next year she will turn her talents to nursing at the Franklin County Hospital School of Nurs- ing. THOMAS KNIGHTLY " Tom” is a quiet boy with a wonderful sense of humor. He likes sports and has played foot- ball all during his high school days. He has also been a member of Hi-Y, Fcx tball Club, and Rod and Gun Club. Next year we will lose " Tom” to the navy. BARBARA ANNETTE KNOWLTON Barbara, the Margaret Chase of the class, was secretary-treasurer of the class when she was a freshman, and vice president as a junior. She was also our representative to Girls’ State. Besides this she has managed to find time to be editor of the Graphic this year and be a cheerleader for three years. Barbara is noted for her sweet smile and efficiency. Next year she will attend the U. of M. LOIS ANITA LANNON An artist of our class, Lois hopes to find a career in commercial art. For two years she has been admired as a cute, peppy cheer- leader. She was also a member of Tri-S, Chorus, Pep Club, and Dramatic Club. In her junior year she aaed in our interclass play and as a senior she went out for basketball. WILLIAM LASHWAY Here is about the blushingest boy we’ve seen. Bill can usually be seen driving a truck. Bill, who always has a smile on his face, joined the newly formed chair-caning club in his senior year. DONALD MAIA " Don” is a champion athlete. He has played j football for three years and in his senior year he was chosen for the All Western Mass, team. He also has shown his ability as a basketball player. His plans for next year are not definite yet but may include the service. BERNICE JEAN MAIEWSKI " Bernie”, the little girl who likes to polka, can’t be missed because of her lively, viva- cious ways. She is a helpful member of Pro Merito and next year plans to work at the U. of M. as a secretary. JOAN VIRGINIA MAJOR Soft-spoken " Joanie” can be found drib- bling a basketball down the gym floor in the winter and brushing up on her crawl at the first hint of summer. She also has been a member of Band and Chorus for three years. Her future plans include becoming a hair- dresser. CHARLES MANNHEIM Charlie is one of the most outstanding athletes in A. H. S. Eor three years he has played football, basketball, and baseball. He has also been prominent in Student Council for three years. He was vice president and president of Hi-Y in his junior and senior years respeaively. After high school he plans to go to college and then become a teacher- coach. DORIS ELAINE MAR’TELL Here’s " Dee”, another one of our future secretaries. She has belonged to Dramatic Club and was in the Inter-Class Plays and in the Junior Class Play. " Dee” was also a faithful member of Tri-S and Chorus, and was busi- ness manager for the Graphic. 18 MARJORIE ANN McKEMMIE Look in a roller skating rink and you’ll find " Margie " . This hobby takes up most of her time right now. She has belonged to both Tri-S and Pep Club. " Margie” is also going to Northampton Commercial College in hopes of becoming a secretary. EVELYN MAVIE MOLITORIES Evelyn is one of the class’ best commercial students. She has received several prizes in shorthand and bookkeeping. For two years she has lent a willing hand in Pro Merito activi- ties. Next year she will continue her studies at Northampton Commercial College. DAVID CANNING MONTAGUE A future U. of M. smdent, " Monty” plans to major in chemistry. He was in Science Club for three years. He was elected vice president of the senior class and elected secretary of the Science Club. He was a member of Projection Club and of French Club. He participated in Chorus for three years and also belonged to Pep Club for the last two years. " Monty” was a member of the Double Quartet and was on the swimming team for three years. MARION CAROLYN MOORE Marion is another girl A. H. S. will lose to Northampton Commercial College. In her senior year she joined Pep Club and Chorus. She enjoys and is enthusiastic about all her gym classes. She is also a good supporter of our teams and can be seen at almost all games. LOUIS JOHN MUSANTE " The hand is quicker than the eye” makes one think of Louie and his magic. Aside from his magic most of his spare time is spent with his camera. He was vice president and presi- dent of the Projection Club in his junior and senior years respectively. His friends from Modern Problems Class will know his motto, " Anything for an argument”. BARBARA CATHERINE NANARTONIS " Barb ”, whose beautiful blond hair is the envy of all the girls, was another one of our active girls. She was a member of Band, Or- chestra, and Pep Band. To show her athletic ability she has played basketball and softball. She joined Pep Club, was a Graphic typist and a member of the Goldbug Staff. " Barb” is going to Northampton Commercial College along with many of her friends. 19 FRANCES ELAINE NICHOLS " Franny’s” main interest is sports and she can be found skiing, skating or participating in other sports. In addition to sports she has belonged to Chorus and has been a member of Tri-S for three years. She is also a member of Pep Club. LEE HOPE NOEL Dubbed " Bubbles” by Mr. Swift, Lee can usually be found with Audrey. Her main in- terest is going to Holyoke or So. Hadley. She was on Smdent Council in her junior year and in Pep Club for her last two years. In the future " Bubbles” will be seen at the Hou se of Providence doing her nursing duries. HELEN MAY O’BRIEN " Oh, Reallyl” can be heard echoing through the halls as Helen learns an exciting new piece of news. She has been a member of Tri-S for three years and joined Pep Club in her senior year. She is interested in movies and sports, but doesn’t know quite what her fu- ture plans will be. JOANNE MARY O’CONNOR Liked by all is our class clown, " Chips”. Being a very talented actress she has belonged to Dramatic Club, and she was in the inter- class play. She was a member of Tri-S and the girls’ basketball team. Retail selling is " Chips” fumre vocation. IRENE ALMA OLANYK " Rene” plans to attend Franklin County Public Hospital for training as a nurse. Music being one of her main interests, she plays the accordion and has belonged to the Chorus for three years. As well as having belonged to the Dramatic Club her first year, French and Pep Club for two years, she also has been a mem- ber of Tri-S, Graphic, and Goldbug staffs. 20 JEAN LUISE OLESON " Jeanie” is another one of A. H. S.’s stu- dents who plans to go to the U. of M. next year. Later she hopes for a career in child care. In high school " Jeanie” had a " finger in every pie.” For all three years she was a member of French Club, Tri-S, and Band. In her junior and senior years she attended almost every game with the Pep Club. As a senior she was elected president of Dramatic Club and Pro Merito and manager of the girls’ basketball team. GERALD O’NEIL What could be more natural than for a boy like " Jerry " , who is interest in firming, to go to Stockbridge next year? " Jerry” is also a sports fan. All his spare time which isn’t spent driving his car is taken up by sports. MARILYN ELLEN ORRELL Meet the " Sweet Sue” of our class. Mary believes in the motto, " Variety is the spice of life”, for she has belonged to Chorus, Pep Club, and Tri-S. One of her chief interests is roller skating. Mary plans to go to work after graduation. FREDERICKA JEAN PADDOCK As an avid sports fan, " Freddy” has partici- pated in girls’ basketball and softball for three years in high school. She joined the Pep Club in her senior year. " Freddy” also belonged to Tri-S for three years. BENJAMIN WILLIAM PAGE A quiet but one of the friendliest boys in our class is Ben. He has played basketball and baseball and he belonged to the Sports and Football Clubs. He was a member of Chorus and Pep Clubs and in his junior year he was class president. Ben intends to let Uncle Sam take care of him for the next few years. CLARA HELENE PEARL Here is the girl with a cheery smile and a big " Hello” for everyone. " Claire” came to us as a junior from Swampscott High School. She has done much to help the Pep Club of which she was elected president in her senior year. She has belonged to Chorus, Tri-S, French Club and Science Club. She was a member of Student Council and the Goldbug StaflF. " Claire” is joining many of her classmates at the U. of M. VIRGINIA MAY REED BEATRICE NANCY ROGERS Introducing the square dancer of Amherst High. " Bea” was a member of Chorus, Tri-S and Pep Club. In her senior year she was on the Goldbug staff and a Graphic typist. " Bea” plans to attend Northampton Commercial Col- lege along with some of her classmates. PAULINE JANE ROYCE Meet the " Little One” of our class. Pauline belonged to Chorus, Tri-S and was on Student Council of which she was eleaed secretary in her junior year. A member of the Dramatic Club, she was in the inter-class play and will long be remembered for her performance in the junior class play. Pauline intends to be- come a nurse. Wherever you hear a giggle there’s " Ginny”. She has been a member of French Club and Tri-S all three years of high school. She be- longed to Pep Club and Pro Merito in her junior year and in her senior year was elected treasurer of Pro Merito. Next year she will attend college. SALLY ANN RING Bells! If it isn’t " Sal” wh o came to us at the beginning of her senior year from Ft. Knox, Kentucky. At Amherst, she immediately joined the Pep Club, Chorus, Science Club and Tri-S. She was unanimously elected as secre- tary to the Dramatic Club. " Sal” will be a future student at Simmons College. ROBERT SYLVANUS ROYS Another class rjoteer is " Roysie”. Being in- terested in hunting and fishing, he joined the Rod and Gun Club. He has belonged to Chorus, Science Club and he was manager of the baseball team in his junior year. " Roysie” is planning to attend the U. of M. CLARENCE MASON RULE " Head Chef Rule” will be a famous name in the future. Sports being one of his main interests, " Tuck” went out for basketball in his junior year. " Tuck” was also a loyal mem- ber of the Projection Club for his three years. CYNTHIA CATHERINE SOLLER Never too busy to do something new — that ' s " Cyn”. She is particularly interested in music and has been a member of Chorus, Band, Pep Band, and Orchestra. She has also written several articles for the Graphic, and has been treasurer of our class and Tri-S. Next year she hopes to go to Oberlin College. SALLY TAYLOR Here ' s Sally, the little debater with a sense of humor. For three years Sally has been a member of French Club, Tri-S, and Chorus. In her freshman year her legislative ability was shown on Student Council. This year she has a column in the Graphic entitled " Bone in Your Teeth”. The most important thing in the near future for Sally is college. IRENE SOPHIE THOMPSON Meet Irene, who is another one of your fu- ture secretaries. She joined Pep Club and Chorus in her senior year. Reading and walk- ing in the woods are Irene’s avocations. LILLIAN BARBARA TIDLUND After graduation, " Lily” intends to go to work. She has many interests, among them are playing the accordion, collecting stamps and coins. " Lily” was one of our most active members of the Pep Club. CAROL RUTH TIFFANY One of our peppiest cheerleaders is " Tiff”. She belonged to French Club, Chorus, Tri-S and Pep Club, and was in the inter-class play. The girls’ basketball team took some of her time for two years. " Tiff” plans to attend the U. of M. NANCY TRUESDALE Nancy is a peppy redhead from Leverett. She joined Pep Club in her junior year. Out- side of school she likes to swim and square dance. Next year she hopes to start nurse’s training. RONALD TYBURSKI t JO HN RALPH WESTCOTT " Jack”, our class politician, was senior class president, a member of Student Council for two years, and our representative for Good Government Day. He has patticipated in a great variety of activities and is noted by both teachers and students for his ability to make a success of whatever he undertakes. For three years he has been a member of Science Club, Hi-Y, and Chorus. He has played basketball, baseball, football, and been on the swimming team. In his senior year. Jack joined Sports Club, Football Club, and the Gtaphic Staff. PEREGRINE BARCLAY WHITE One of the senior class’ brain food eaters is " Penguin” who plans to take electrical en- gineering at the U. of M. He was on the Graphic Staff and being a member of the Dramatic Club, he was in the junior class play. Perry also belonged to Chorus. Introducing " Ronnie”, Mr. Swift’s handy- man who can always be found in the projec- tion room. " Ronnie” has shown his aaing , ability in the freshmen inter-class play and I junior class play and his writing ability by | wtiting for the Graphic in his senior year. He also managed the basketball team fot two years. After graduation he will enter the Air Force. LAURENCE CLINTON WALES When you see " Tuck”, you’ll also see " Laurie”. His future is yet to be decided, but he intends to " make money”. " Lautie” can be found fishing or hunting almost anytime he isn’t on the road or at school. 24 Lots of paper work North Amherst fifth grade Our Harts were young and gay Westcott’s moving picture star What was your choice? Departed dreams My, How you’ve changed H.M.S. Pinafore Oddities from Junior High ' Come into my parlor’, said the spider to the fly.” Oh, Do I owe you a nickel? Sslussrp! Rogue’s Gallery Ya, Muggsy, 5 grand on Sea Biscuit So FeS and H2SO4 don ' t react — Ha! Oh, But we haven’t time for that CLASS OF 1953 The juniors have proven they are capable and enthusiastic students of the high school. Not only have they shown scholastic ability but they have continued to support all school activities, especially Orchestra and Pep Club. Their class gave a fine per- formance of " Arsenic and Old Lace” in the fall. With Miss Donley as adviser, the class of 1953 will un- doubtedly enlarge upon its achievements next year. First Row: B. Ansaldo, G. Bagley, V. Britt, M. Clark, D. Dowd, P. Glazier, B. Booth, Y. Basara, H. Fuller. Second Row: D. Fellers, P. Valiquette, B. Bray, L. Hare, G. Hartwell, J. Donoghue, S. Boyden, S. Goralski, E. Beville. Third Row: R. Hassan, H. Aldrich, F. Allen, J. Avery, G. Conklin, L. Dowd, A. Giannetti, B. Drake, R. Fitzgerald. Absent: D. Bazara, R. Hatt. 28 Seated: B. Horr, E. LaValle, M. Knightly, B. Johnson, E. Hoffmann, S. Hayward, M. Kozlosky, E. Kessler, D. Lashway. Standing: H. Lashway, E. Henry, P. Joy, E. Houle, G. Lauder, M. Mack, P. Hosford, D. Hodgkins. Absent: E. Leigh, D. Knightly. Seated: E. Vendette, M. Tidlund, K. White, D. Wedge, M. White, B. Tiffany, K. Whittemore, R. White. Standing: D. Weaver, A. Wardwell, D. Wood, B. Wilhelm, G. Wicksall, G. Wentworth, £. Ward, E. Wheeler. Absent: E. Wysocki. Seated: M. Petroski, M. Martin, D. Matuszko, M. Potter, B. Perry, E. Marco, G. Nelson, E. O ' Neil. Standing: D. Pearson, A. Niedeck, C. Oliver, R. Parks, S. Mogelinski, F. Parlow, W. Markert, M. Mueller. Absent: V. McKemmie, J. Mientka, B. Mikelis, E. Ostrowski. Seated: J. Sanders, R. Rossi, G. Stone, E. Schieding, J. Purnell, M. Rossi, A. Spear. Standing: G. Powers, P. Searle, M. Stosz, R. Thornton, R. Romancier, N. Taylor, F. Reed. Absent: D. Spear, M. Sullivan, H. Thornton. CLASS OF 1954 The class of 1954 has brought to the high school the same enthusiasm and pep that they previously displayed in Junior High. They have participated this year in many school activities, especially Chorus and Dramatic Club. As members of the highly suc- cessful J-V team, they have shown much athletic prowess. With this fine beginning, we seniors feel it’s safe to leave Amherst High’s future in their hands. First Row: P. Brown, D. Beville, E. Adamitis, D. Brown, S. DeGowin, J. Anderson, J. Cooke D. Brotherton, E. Anderson, L. Avery. Second Row: M. Ansaldo, J. Birge, E. Capen, D. Colby J. Brown, W. Boynton, E. Dickinson, J. Adams, I. Barschenski, J. Bell. Third Row: L. Crump R. Comings, D. Canavan, C. Barry, J. Cobbs, G. Bennett, L. Dickinson, E. Boulanger, S. Brown Absent: W. Bates, R. Brown, C. Crosier. First Row: B. Moat, M. Lashway, B. Madden, H. Lashway, J. Packard, E. Hunt, D. Kudrikow, N. Hanks, J. McCarthy, M. Jackson. Second Row: D. Jacque, D. Magoon, K. Mikelis, B. Kidder, P. Mason, A. Heidrich, D. Jacque, R. Holt, G. Leigh. Third Row: W. Osgood, G. Lake, J. Goodell, R. Garvey, H. Holden, M. Joy, R. Kamensky, H. Glazier, H. Kinder. Absent: M. McKeon, A. Kudrikow. First Row: A. Potter, B. Vincent, A. Parsons, B. Thelin, J. Poignand, J. Williams, M. Rehn, E. Weaver. Second Row: J. Tremblay, I. Sirosky, B. Thornton, J. Waskiewicz, S. Sieling, B. Sanders, C. Snyder, S. Radcliffe. Third Row: D. Robinson, V. Wolejko, F. Utley, R. Rowell, J. Zidik, R. Snow. Absent: P. Searle, M. Stone, E. Vondell, H. Wanczyk, E. Wheeler, R. White. Hound iiiS3 0 Three little maids at lunch Jackpot Scaling rough and rugged passes ' ' All that and no smile: Sedate superiors suddenly silly Nutcrackers (Suite?) 1 TRI-S Seated: C. Seller, treasurer; H. Cary, president; M. Martin, vice-president; N. Hanks, secretary. Stand- ing: E. Allen, program chairman; Miss Brown, ad- viser; Miss Oldfield, adviser; D. Matuszko, program chairman. The Tri-S got off to a fine start as most of the fresh- men and a few seniors struggled through initiation. As always, this day was climaxed by the club supper and formal aceptance of members. Several dances were sponsored by the club. The cus- tomary Christmas and spring formals proved to be two exciting and decorative events of the year. A square dance earlier in the fall was another social function of the club. The service project was the sending of clothes to less fortunate people in Kentucky. Tri-S proved their sportsmanship by playing several volley ball games with the Hi-Y this year and losing gracefully. First Row: J. Sanders, P. Brown, J. Bell, D. Britt, J. Poignand, J. Major, G. Stone, V. Britt, R. White, E. O’Neil, J. Tremblay, H. O ' Brien, S. " Taylor, D. Brown, D. Lashway. Second Row: E. Schieding, J. Packard, T. Bridges, J. Purnell, M. J. Knightly, B. Johnson, M. Hobart, J. Oleson, I. Olanyk, J. Adams, G. Nelson, M. Clark, F. Nichols, B. Thornton, B. Tiffany. Third Row: S. Hayward, L. Hare, M. White, F. Parlow, N. Truesdell, A. Heidrich, B. Kidder, K. Mikelis, J. Hartwell, J. Donoghue, P. Searle, E. Hoffmann, L. Eddy, K. White, E. Marco, E. Hunt. First Row: B. Vincent, M. Petroski, M. Ansaldo, M. Rehn, R. White, L. Whittemore, D. Martell, L. Radcliffe, F. Cooke, J. McCarthy, M. Rossi, B. Moat, P. Royce, M. McKemmie, B. Clark, H. Fuller. Second Row: B. Madden, A. Parsons, J. Anderson, E. LaValle, J. Gibson, R. Goodell, E. Capen, E. Beville, S. Ring, C. Pearl, S. DeGowin, C. Snyder, I. Sirosky, E. Anderson, M. Jackson. Third Row: D. Colby, F. Reed, V. Reed, E. Allen, D. Wedge, M. Potter, B. Perry, P. Mason, A. Wardwell, S. Sieling, N. Taylor, B. Knowlton, B. Bray, D. Dowd, J. Waskiewicz. Absent: R. French, J. Bowler. Left to Right: C. Howard, W. Osgood, G. Lake, G. Keegan. Seated: D. Elder, treasurer; C. Mannheim, president; R. Hassan, vice-president; P. Cavanaugh, secretary. Standing: D. Maia, sergeant-at-arms; Mr. Lacroix, adviser; Mr. McDonough, adviser; E. Hart, chaplain. Seated: A. Giannetti, J. Westcott, D. Wood Standing: P. Joy, C. Oliver. 35 HI-Y After several years of almost complete inactivity, the Hi-Y took a new lease on life this fall, elected a full slate of officers, and even conducted an initiation of new mem- bers. The initiation evoked much hilarity when a would-be member held up the lunchroom cash register and walked off with the loot, leaving Miss Pinnick in a state of collapse. Hi-Y boys got sweet revenge when they out-played the Tri-S girls in the annual volleyball contest in January. First Row: W. Dzuiba, K. Utley. Second Row: T. Knightly, R. Hall. te- CoO A Petn A -B. tvft- B- Seated : D. Brotherton, B Tiffany, D, Dowd. Stand ing; B. Thelin, D. Pearson J. Poignand. Seated: B. Bray, J. Birge. Standing: P. Mason, J. I Donoghue, S. Ring, M. Ansaldo, D. Brotherton. | Seated: V. Britt, B. Wilhelm, H. Darling. Standing: I B. Thornton, E. Hunt, J. O’Connor. | Seated: R. Hassan, treasurer; J. Oleson, president; S. Ring, secretary. Standing: P. Royce, vice-president. DRAMATIC CLUB This year the activities of the Dramatic Club took a new slant. Instead of putting on one big pro- duction the members have spent their time learning stage and acting techniques. Correct costumes, positions on stage, and how to walk on the stage are a few of the many dramatic skills the club members mastered this year. Mrs. Lyman’s resignation in February was felt to be a loss by members who had gained much from her work with them as adviser. Dec. 5 1951-1952 SCHEDULE Chicopee won Williamsburg won Dec. 19 Holyoke won Westfield won Jan. 9 Northampton lost South Hadley lost Jan. 30 South Hadley lost Northampton won Feb. 6 Westfield lost Holyoke lost Feb. 13 Williamsburg lost Chicopee won Left to Right: S. Taylor, Miss Brown, advisers; D. Britt. DEBATING CLUB Left to Right: M. Mack, B. Wilhelm, Miss Brown, advisers. Left to Right: B. Perry, M. Potter, A. Wardwell, H. Fuller. The timely subject for debate this year was, " Resolved: That all American citizens should be subject to conscription for essential services in time of war.” Besides regular league debates, the debaters participated in many other activi- ties. In the fall they went to the Practice De- bate Tournament in Northampton and the Na- tional Forensic League Congress in Laconia, N. H. In March and April they attended the Model Congress in Chicopee and the A.I.C. Congress respectively. THE GRAPHIC EDITOR IN CHIEF Barbara Knowiton ASSISTANT EDITOR Merrill Mack CO-BUSINESS MANAGERS Doris Martell Arthur Giannetti CIRCULATION MANAGER Cynthia Soller COLUMNISTS Sally Taylor Brian Wilhelm MAKE-UP EDITOR Helen Cary SPORTS EDITORS Jack Westcort Joanne Bowler EXCHANGE EDITOR Mary Potter FACULTY ADVISER Clifford Oliver REPORTERS: E. Allen, D. Britt, S. Ring, B. Clark, R. French, R. Goodell, I. Olanyk, R. Tyburski, J. OGonnor, M. Martin, L. Hare, B. Johnson, H. Fuller. TYPISTS: B. Nanartonis, B. Kelley, P. Royce, B. Rogers. PHOTOGRAPHER: C. Howard. Seated: M. Mack, assistant editor; B. Knowiton, editor. Standing: Mr. Oliver, adviser. Left to Right: P. Royce, B. Rogers, B. Nanartonis. Seated: J. Oleson, girls’ sports; M. Pot- ter, exchange; H. Cary, makeup; S. Tay- lor, columnist. Standing: J. Westcott, boys’ sports; C. Howard, photography; B. Wilhelm, columnist. i ' .«i Hill Left to Right: D. Martell, business man- ager; A. Giannetti, assistant business manager; C. Soller, circulation. Seated: L. Hare, S. Ring, J. Bowler, R. French, R. Goodell. Stand- ing; H. Fuller, D. Britt, M. Martin, E. Allen, B. Johnson, I. Olanyk, B. Clark. PRO MERITO The Pro Merito society provided excellent bi-monthly meetings to which honor roll mem- bers were invited this year. Dr. Fraker from Amherst gave an interesting lecture on Spain at a fall meeting. This organization, as usual, maintained a very honored membership. In order to become a member, one must have earned during his high school years a total of 20 points. An A counts 5 points, a B counts 0 points, and a C counts -5. Several honors won by our members were : elections of Helen Cary as secretary for the issachusetts Pro Merito society and Barbara ark as regional vice-president. The fall regional meeting was held in Hat- d. The state conference gathered at North- pton. FRENCH CLUB Seated: B. Clark, president; D. Britt, pro- gram chairman. Standing: D. Dowd, treasurer; Miss Barackman, adviser; H. Fuller, secretary. Never a dull moment might well be the motto of the French Club. Their many meetings of the year were always varied and interesting. If the members weren’t learning French songs and games, they were attempting French cookery in the form of chocolate souffles. Several movies were shown and an interesting speaker from the University lectured at one meeting. Recordings of both classical and popular music in- spired the club to plan a trip to the " Ballet Russe” in February. First Row: D. Brotherton, M. Ansaldo, C. Pearl, I. Sirosky, E. Beville, L. Rad- cliflFe, S. Taylor, C. Crosier. Second Row: M. Dickens, H. Cary, L. Hare, M. Potter, A. Wardwell, E. Hoffmann, V. Reed, J. Oleson, D. Colby. 39 Seated: J. Oleson, president; V. Reed, treasurer; Miss Oldfield, ad- viser. Standing: J. Gibson, sec- retary. Seated: E. Molitores, C. Soller, R. French, D. Britt, B. Clark. Standing: D. Martell, H. Cary, P. White, I. Thompson, B. Mai- ewski. SCIENCE CLUB Science Club found many newcomers on its membership list this fall. Reports were made by club members on phases of science of espe- cial interest to themselves and of general in- terest to the group, and science films about gasoline and sulphur products were shown. Interesting displays were placed on the sci- ence news table in the hall. Some of the exhibits included interesting news articles and others were local interest displays. During the year, a field trip was made to the Nickel Cadmium Battery Plant in East- hampton and another to the American Optical Company in Southbridge, Massachusetts. First Row: D. Montague, secretary; M. Burke, president; J. Blaisdell, program chairman. Second Row: H. Cary, treasurer; Mr. Swift, adviser; M. Potter, vice-president. The projectionists, under the supervision of Mr. Swift, take charge of all the audio-visual programs of the Senior High School as well as most of the Junior High School programs. This work includes a number of diversified duties. Over two hundred sound moving picture films for class rooms, activities, and assemblies are used each year. Many slide, filmstrip, and opaque projector programs are presented. The members of the club take regular turns in being responsible for the best presentation of these programs. In addition they set up and supervise the use of microphones, amplifying systems, the tape recorder, and other special apparatus. This is a very active, capable group that takes pride in a superior presentation. 40 First Row: L. Musante, W. Osgood, C. Rule, R. Comings, A. Giannetti. Second Row: W, Markert, L, Dowd, C. Barry, E. Wysocki, E. Ostrowski, H. Lashway, R. Thornton, Mr. Swift, B. Mikelis, R. Tyburski. First Row: E. Wysocki, vice-president; L. Musante, president; Mr. Swift, ad- viser. Second Row: C. Rule, secretary; R. Tyburski, program master. PROJECTIONISTS First Row: R. Parks, R. Fitzgerald, E. Wheeler, J. Avery, D. Montague, M. Potter, B. Johnson. Second Row: R. Romancier, D. Pearson, B. Wil- helm, M. Martin, R. Ames, A. Parsons, L. Hare. Third Row: C. Howard, D. Elder, J. Goodell, S. Brown, G. Bennett, C. Pearl, R. Goodell. Fourth Row: C. Mannheim, R. Roys, J. Westcott, P. Hosford, J. Blaisdell, S. Ring, H. Cary. Fifth Row: M. Burke, P. White. Standing: Mr. Swift. PEP CLUB Still propelled by the spirit and enthusiasm it showed when it was organized last year, the Pep Club swung into action in time for the first football game. The much needed interest revival in our foot- ball team can be accredited to the Pep Club. At least one bus load of students went to each game and for the last game there were three buses of students and the band. More spirit and attendance, especially at home games, was displayed during basketball season, and at least one bus of students accompanied the team on every out-of-town trip. The leaders of this long- needed club are largely responsible for its success. They have really worked to keep the members enthusiastic and on the job at all athletic meets. The purchase of beanies not only helped the treasury but brightened the Pep Club section. This year’s cheerleading squad will always be remembered for its neatness, originality, ability to lead the crowd, and its spirit. Besides the traditional cheers, the cheerleaders made new cheers, songs, and a clever novelty act. These cheerleaders did an excellent job of leading the school in its display of good sportsmanship at the Small High School Basketball Tournament held at the University of Massachusetts in March. Left to Right: D. Lash way, M. Knightly, E. Schieding, C. Snyder. First Row: B, Knowlton, E. Allen, L. Lannon. Second Row: B. Kelley, C. Tiffany, E. Von- dell. Third Row: J. Anderson. SEVENTH PERIOD CLUB Several new activities were suggested for the school ' s free seventh period tliis year. Students who did not wish to join other activities joined these new groups which proved profitable and enjoyable to all involved. Mr. Oliver sponsored an organization with a prac- tical use in mind. Members were taught the ways to repair and reseat chairs. An activity known as " games in the library” was provided by Miss Hale who helped to gather students in a fun session. Every Monday and Thursday, many students met in the library to learn Canasta, pitch, and many other enjoyable games. In the arts and crafts department Miss Rafferty met with a small group in the art building. During the year the members completed colorful block print- ings and varied leather products. For all boys who had the urge to indulge in fresh air activities the Rod and Gun Club was their refuge. Here the boys learned about gun safety for hunting. Many films pertaining to hunting and fishing were shown. Several trips to the Norwottuck Fish and Game club in Belchertown and the Sunderland Fish Hatchery kept the club very active. I SPORTS CLUB The intramural sports for boys and girls met in the gym Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Bad- minton, basketball, square dancing, and volleyball were some of the games played. 74 f i k a ( 1 J First Row: B. Drake, E. Weaver, G. Lee, D. Jacquc, R. Roys, E. Hart, T. Knightly, R. Comings, R. Hall, D. Jacque, R. Holt, R. Ansaldo. Second Row: J. Brown, W. Osgood, D. Canavan, H. Aldrich, W. Dzuiba, W. Bartos, P. Cavanaugh, H. Holden, V. Wolejko, M. Joy, J. Zidik, E. Bou- langer. Third Row: D. Elder, J. Westcott, G. Keegan, B. Page, F. Allen, J. Cobbs, C. Mannheim, D. Maia, P. Joy, A. Nelson, H. Thornton, C. Barry. 42 GAMES ROD AND GUN ARTS AND CRAFTS CHAIR CANING First Row: J. Westcott, M. Stosz, M. Mack, C. Mannheim, R. Fitzgerald, C. Oliver, G. Lake, S. Brown. Second Row: E. Flunt, D. Dowd, M. Ansaldo, J. Kilikewich, G. Stone, L. Radcliffe. D. Matuszko, F. Reed, R. Goodell, S. DeGowin, J. Purnell, M. Martin, B. Thornton, D. Britt, E. Anderson, 1. Thompson, H. Cary. Third Row: S. Ring, D. Martell, J. Major, D. Fellers, D. Pearson, J. Waskiewicz, E. Beville, G. Nelson, R. Ames, D. Montague, J. Packard, M. Moore, J. Gibson, C. Pearl. Fourth Row: P. Royce, J. Bell, B. Clark, S. Taylor, V. Britt, T. Bridges, J. Cooke, J. Tremblay, F. Nichols, A. Parsons, B. Kelley, P. Brown, D. Brotherton, H. Fuller. Fifth Row: B. Johnson, J. Adams, E. Hart, P. Hosford, R. Garvey, A. Niedeck, R. Kamensky, R. Hall, J. Blaisdell, E. Schieding, S. Hayward, P. Searle, A. Wardwell. Sixth Row: B. Bray, M. Field, S. Sieling, N. Taylor, E. Hoffmann, C. Soller, J. Donoghue, M. Potter, L. Hare, I.Olanyk, R. French, L. Eddy, M. Dickens. Seventh Row: E. Wheeler, P. White, P. Henry, R. Romancier, G. Wicksall, R. Parks, M. Burke, J. Avery, G. Bennett, J. Goodell. CHORUS With shrieks of " Too Late” from the girls and jovial replies of " Ha-Ha-Ho-Ho- Ho” from the boys, the music department began the hustle and bustle of show busi- ness. This year’s " Pirates of Penzance” by Gilbert and Sullivan became another op- eretta to add to the school’s repertoire and perhaps the last by these celebrated authors. Although the Chorus lacked men, it did not lack spirit. The double quartet consisted of an all new member cast this year, but, at their Christmas concert, they proved to be a strong and talented group. R. Ames, J. Blaisdell, E. Wheeler, J. Avery, M. Burke, R. Fitzgerald, A. Niedeck, D. Montague. First Row: F, Lamphier, P. Barden, T, Elder, J. Goodell, R. Brown, D. Weaver, W. Colby, R. Fitzgerald, P. Conklin, E. Wheeler, S. Brown. Second Row: P. White, J. Brower, R. Parks. Third Row: B. Kidder, E. Harvey, T. Sullivan, J. Adams, M. E. Thomp- son, J. Waskiewicz, D. Perry, R. Oleson, D. Pearson, D. Goodell, T. Markert, G. Bennett. Fourth Row: B. Colt, S. Lashaway, D. Darral, H. Kirley, J. Drake, D. Waskiewicz, L. Cooke, J. Erit, A. Pearson, B. Perry, C. Soller, J. Gibson, J. Oleson, P. Burke, J. Avery. Fifth Row: E. Leigh, R. Romancier. Sixth Row: J. Thacher, E. Madden, C. Pearson, A. Niedeck, J. Madden, R. Ames, R. Garvey, C. Oliver, M. Sullivan, R. Rowell, G. Leigh. BAND The music department lost several vital members last year but, as this year’s production proved, we knew how to fill their places with plenty of hard work and new talent. On the football field the majorettes produced a colorful display of baton twirling. Behind them, marched the band to support all home football games and enliven the atmosphere. At the last game of the season in Dalton, the band appeared on the field to highlight the school’s spirit. When basketball season rolled around the band members devised a new organization to support this team too. Under the direction of Arthur Niedeck, a new Pep Band was formed. In February three of the band members were sent to the All-State festival in Framingham, to participate in the orchestra and band concerts. The music organizations owe a great deal of thanks to " Pop” Schuler who worked hard to make all the musical productions a success. First Row: A. Ward well, B. Colt, L. Hare, E. Harvey, R. Goodell, C. Pearson, J. Hubbard. Second Row: J. Thacher, T. Markert, G. Bennett, D. Weaver, P. Conklin, R. Fitzgerald, J. Avery, A. Pearson, M. E. Thompson, C. Soller, J. Adams, K. Woodside. Third Row: C. Oliver, R. Romancier, R. Parks, H. Cary. Fourth Row: J. Madden, M. Sullivan, R. Ames. Director A. Niedeck. ORCHESTRA Most of the Orchestra productions were scheduled for the spring of the year although some concerts were given for the Women’s Club by the String Quartet and the Woodwind Ensemble early in the fall. After many weekly rehearsals held seventh period on Mondays, part of the Orchestra supported the musical performance of " Creatures of Impulse” pro- duced by the Junior High Chorus on March 14th and the performance of the Senior High production, " Pirates of Penzance,” at Bowker Auditorium in April. A Festival Concert for the public was given on May l6th. In February thirteen members from the Orchestra and Chorus met in Framingham with stu- dents of other schools for the Massachusetts Music Festival. The Orchestra consists of twenty-eight senior high school and twelve junior high school members. Sev- eral elementary students sit in on regular rehearsals for practice. Mr. Schuler plans to have a sixty to eighty piece orchestra eventually but in the meantime he is intro- ducing music to the younger students as well as the older so that music appreciation and education in the Amherst High School will be greatly improved in the years to come. First Row: J. Avery, R. Ames, J. Madden. Standing: A. Niedeck. Second Row: B. Perry, J. Gibson, C. Seller, B. Kidder. Third Row: G. Bennett, D. Pearson, B. Nanartonis, J. Adams. Fourth Row: S. Brown, E. Wheeler, R. Romancier, R. Fitzgerald, R. Parks. PEP BAND The Pep Band was organized this year with Art Niedeck as its director and with Mr. Schuler as faculty adviser. The group made its debut at the first home basketball game and has appeared at most of the home games this year. The band was organized to perform on oc- casions where it was impossible to accommo- date the large all-sch ool band. Its membership is purely voluntary and it operates as an extra curicular activity, practicing usually only before appearances. Except for Tom Sullivan, junior high mem- ber, it is comprised of all senior high people. Sullivan, absent from the picture, plays trumpet. MAJORETTES Two years ago next September, a group of fresh- men girls organized and began taking lessons in the active art of baton twirling. Today this small group comprises one of the most colorful organizations in the school. Phil Jensen of Springfield, a one time champion twirler, gives lessons to this group and to several people from the junior high and elementary grades. The cost of lessons is defrayed by each individual member. The Majorettes are worried about the near future of the organization inasmuch as they are all juniors with only two people now in training in the junior high school. One more year may see the end of a very important part of the music department unless interest is aroused in the lower classes and more students begin training at once. The Majorettes entertained in last spring’s music festival, a part of the annual openhouse festivities, and at several of this season’s football and basketball games both here and at other schools. M. Petroski, D. Matuszko, J. Purnell, G. Nelson, N. Taylor, P. Searle, B. Johnson, M. Martin, B. O’Neil. 47 Belchertown beauties That’s a Dickens of a basket Phony photographers phool Maestro Arturo Toscanie- deck (We want our con- duaor) Poetae Amherstiae Freedom train Trackmen lnn||i||n LMPKSMliBBl ■ ' smB " 1 u ■ mm fi ■ imi B ■f .A - ' 3 . If It .31 wm m — ! m HH I SPORTS FOOTBALL First Row: G. Hayward, G. Keegan, Capt. Maia, W. Dzuiba, T. Knightly, P. Cavanaugh, C. Mannheim. Second Row: M. Goroff, assistant coach; W. Doherty, A. Nelson, E. Hart, G. Conklin, D. Knightly, F. Allen, J. McDonough, coach. Third Row: H. Thorn- ton, R. Hatt, P. Joy, M. Joy, E. Boulanger, R. Drake, R. Holt, J. Cobbs. Fourth Row: D. Canavan, H. Holden, R. Hall, C. Barry, R. Hassan, H. Glazier, J. Westcott, manager; K. Perry, principal. Amherst High’s 1951 football record of three wins and five losses was far from being a poor one for the ’51 season. The fight and spirit of the team was the highest in the league and four of the losses were close, low scoring games. Coach John McDonough’s boys opened the season By losing a heartbreaker to Palmer, score 6-2. In this game Conklin intercepted a pass and raced eighty- four yards for a touchdown only to have it called back on a penalty. This proved to be the most severe penalty of the season. From then on Enfield, Holyoke Catholic, and Farmington, Connecticut, nosed the Hurricanes. Led by Captain Maia, Doherty, Dzuiba and Hart in the backfield, Amherst romped to victories over Ware, South Hadley, and Ludlow. Dalton stopped Amherst at an 18-14 score in the maroon and white’s final game. Winning their third football letters were Captain Maia, Mannheim, Knightly, and Dzuiba. Allen, Cavanaugh, Doherty, and Conklin won their second letters. Gaining their first letters were Cobbs, Boulanger, Nelson, Hall, Hayward, Elder, Keegan, Hart, " Butch” Thornton, and Manager Jack Westcott. The only lettermen returning to next year’s squad are Allan, Cobbs, Conklin, Boulanger, and Thornton. SCHEDULE Palmer 6 Amherst 2 Sept. 21 Holyoke Catholic 1 3 Amherst 0 Sept. 28 Farmington 7 Amherst 0 Oct. 6 Enfield 12 Amherst 6 Oct. 13 Ware 0 Amherst 36 Oct. 19 South Hadley 0 Amherst 14 Oct. 26 Ludlow 12 Amherst 27 Nov. 3 Dalton 18 Amherst 14 Nov. 10 CAPT. MAIA fullback NELSON guard DZIUBA DOHERTY left back quarterback Cavanaugh smears Holyoke Catholic runner KEEGAN halfback MANNHEIM CAVANAUGH guard HART right half First Row; G. Conklin, Capt. Mannheim, B. Page, J. Westcott. Second Row: W. Dzuiba, R. Hall, A. Giannetti. Third Row; Coach McDonough, W. Doherty, G. Keegan, Coach Williams. Absent: D. Maia, R. Ansaldo. Competition in the Hampshire League was very tough this season and Amherst finished fifth with an eight-eight record. A poor start and finish were the Hurricanes’ big downfall. Led by Captain Charlie Mannheim, Maia, Page, Keegan and Dziuba, the Amherst squad nearly upset Hop- kins, St. Michaels, Smith Academy, and South Hadley in their final tilts, and the good sportsmanship of the local boys gave them a chance to play in the Western Massa- chusetts Small High School Tournament in March. Coach Williams awarded letters to Capt. Mannheim, Maia, Page, Keegan, Dziuba, Hall, Westcott, and Ansaldo, all seniors. Junior lettermen were Conklin and Gianetti. VARSITY HOOPSTERS VARSITY SCHEDULE Opponents Amherst December 7 Athol 53 37 12 Classical 55 39 ” 14 Athol 50 30 19 Arms 27 69 21 Smith Academy 55 38 January 2 St. Michaels 48 40 ” 4 Orange 49 53 8 Deerfield 39 69 11 Smith School 20 64 15 South Hadley 53 27 18 Hopkins 49 23 25 Arms 43 76 29 Smith Academy 44 50 February 1 St. Michaels 43 37 5 Orange 45 63 8 Deerfield 45 62 12 Smith School 41 63 15 South Hadley 48 36 19 Hopkins 54 44 March 4 Lee ( tournament) Dzuiba scores against Smith School. Page drops one in against South Hadley. Mannheim rebounds against South Hadley. Keegan conneas against Hopkins. J-V J-V SCHEDULE Opponents Amherst 7 Athol 23 36 14 Athol 30 38 19 Arms 26 36 21 Srhith Academy 34 36 2 St. Michaels 33 34 4 Orange 27 34 8 Deerfield 16 45 11 Smith School 27 50 15 South Hadley 43 42 18 Hopkins 30 52 25 Arms 28 51 29 Smith Academy 26 43 1 St. Michaels 26 47 5 Orange 41 53 8 Deerfield 15 66 12 Smith School 26 44 15 South Hadley 22 50 19 Hopkins 20 49 First Row: H. Glazier, R. Garvey, V. Wolejko, M. Joy, E. Houle, W. Osgood. Second Row: Coach McDonough, W. Markert, H. Kinder, D. Wood, R. Holt, Coach Williams. 53 First Row: R. Ames, C. Howard, M. Burke, D. Montague, G. Lake. Second Row: R. Fit2gerald, E. Wheeler, J. Avery, D. Pearson, R. Snow. Third Row: L. Dickinson, B. Wilhelm, P. Hosford, G. Wicksall, E. Dickinson, A. Potter, Coach Rogers. SWIMMING The swimming team, under the experienced coaching of I Toe Roeers from the Univer- ■ Joe Rogers from the Univer sity of Massachusetts, totaled four losses and one win this season. The unsuccessful rec- ord was due largely to the inexperience of most of the fellows. With the exception of five boys, the complete team was composed of new members from the freshman and junior classes. The only win for the Col- legetown mermen came when Holyoke High School went down to defeat in the Univer- sity of Massachusetts pool. In a return meet with Holy- oke, our natatory crew was overcome by a score of 34 to 32. In the Western Counties Championship Swimming Tournament, Amherst had fi- nalists in every event but fail- 1 ed to receive enough points to achieve any more than fourth place in the meet. This year, the CoUegetown- ers swam against Holyoke, Classical, Williston, and Deer- || field Academy. Also the boys I took part in the Massachusetts " Swimming and Diving Cham- J pionship Contest held at II Gardner. SWIMMING SCHEDULE Date Place Am’hsi ; - Opp. Jan. 10 Holyoke at Amherst 35 31 Jan. 17 Classical at Amherst 23 43 Jan. 30 Amherst at Williston 29 37 Feb. 5 Amherst at Holyoke 32 34 Feb. 9 Western Counties Swim- ming Meet at the Univer- sity of Massachusetts. 4th place Feb. 20 Amherst at Deerfield 28 38 Feb. 23 Massachusetts High School Swimming and Diving Championship 5th place Medley Relay: Wheeler, Wicksall, Burke. The Rally before the South Hadley game. Maia stops Palmer ball carrier. Keegan goes int( air to stop Smith. ge corners the ball th South Hadley try- ng- GIRLS’ SPORTS Kneeling: T. Bridges, N. Truesdell, B. Nanartonis, H. Cary, J. O’Connor, C. Tiffany, F. Paddock. Standing: P. Royce, assistant manager; J. Oleson, manager; I. Sirosky, D. Matuszko, Miss Lawson, coach; B. Kidder, M. Dickens, M. Knightly. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Opp. - Amherst - Opp. 1st team 2nd team Jan. 8 Hopkins There 11-24 37-11 Jan. 11 Turners Falls Here 22-28 8-20 Jan. 15 Deerfield There 23-27 30-13 Jan. 18 Northampton Here 25-25 14-30 Jan. 22 Orange There 26-21 8-23 Jan. 25 Hatfield Here 22-45 19-14 Jan. 29 Greenfield There 41-28 17-28 Feb. 1 Hopkins Here 27-61 33- 4 Feb. 8 Deerfield Here 27-37 23-17 Feb. 12 Northampton There 20-22 11-26 Feb. 15 Orange Here 14-19 19-18 Feb. 26 Hatfield There 29-31 19-21 Feb. 29 Greenfield Here 42-30 9-25 Mar. 14 Turners Falls There — — SOFTBALL The girls’ softball team will be out to better last year’s record of seven wins and two losses. Since several of the starting line-up and reserves of last year’s well traveled team will be back on the diamond in April, there are high hopes of an excellent season under the able direc- tion of Coach Lawson. Kneeling: B. Lavalle, M. Rehn, J. Adams, R. White, B. O’Neil. Standing: J. Poignand, assistant manager; B. Moat, Mis Lawson, coach; K. Mikelis, L. Radcliffe, B. Tiffany, assistant manager. Absent: E. Vondell, J. Mientka, C. Crosier. Lannon, P. Sullivan. J.V. BASKETBALL 56 fCc- ley PERSONALIZED PORTRAITS and it’s all done with LIGHTS! There’s magic in lights . . . add a light here, place a spot- light there, and yonr portrait takes on the appearance of real form and individuality. Your Vantine photographer knows how lighting effects can be best used. . . . How easily they can reflect your person- ality. Your Vantine photographer knows best how to secure the sharply etched photograph your engraver desires of the im- portant senior year. . . . The victories of the athletic teams. . . . The brilliance of social occasions. . . . The Prom . . . The plays. . . . The debates. . . . The expression of every- day life on the campus. That personalized portraits by Vantine are important is at- tested to by the fact that over 300 schools and colleges re- peatedly entrust their photographic work to Vantine. Official Photographer WARREN KAY VANTINE STUDIO 132 Boylston Street BOSTON, MASS. 58 WHITCOMB ' S HARDWARE AMHERST THEATRE BUILDING Moore’s Paints — Enamels — Varnishes Wall Papers — Window Glass Hardware — Tools — G.E. Electric Bulbs We Give S H Green Stamps FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES ICE CREAM, SODA CANDY QUALITY FRUIT STORE " Next to Amherst Theatre” THE POWERS SHOP WOMEN’S APPAREL AMHERST, MASS. GlVrS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Come in and look around THE GIFT NOOK CHEVROLET SALES AND SERVICE GIBSON CHEVROLET CO. 40 DICKINSON STREET AMHERST, MASSACHUSETTS 59 § § BEST WISHES TO ’52 NICKEL CADMIUM BATTERY CORPORATION EASTHAMPTON, MASSACHUSETTS C. F. CLARK For good SCHOOL SHOES Buy at SUNDERLAND, MASS. BOLLES SHOE STORE § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § DOUGLASS-MARSH, INC. New England’s oldest jurniture and rug store Established 1835 AMHERST, MASSACHUSETTS THE OLD MILL GIFTS — ORIGINAL CRAFTS S. S. Pierce Table Delicacies Telephone 256 NORTH AMHERST, MASS. Largest Variety of College Ices With Home Made Ice Cream Milk Shakes - Delicious Snacks - Frappes Home Baked Delicacies Always Taste Better COLLEGE CANDY KITCHEN, Inc. MILLAR ' S ESSO STATION COLLEGE STREET AMHERST, MASS. Washing — Lubrication — Gas 60 AMHERST CLEANSERS DYERS " Workmanship of Distinction” ★ AMHERST, MASS. Tel. 828 SKIBISKI INSURANCE SERVICE SUNDERLAND, MASS. " INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS” Tel. 191 THE BEAUTY BAR JOHN E. FISHER HAIR STYLISTS 49 NORTHAMPTON ROAD AMHERST, MASS. Tel. 1130 Genevieve R. Krawczyk ROOFING CONTRACTOR ★ NORTHAMPTON, MASS. Tel. 1358 FOR THE BEST RED AND WHITE in Clothes SUPER MARKET SEE F. M. THOMPSON and SON ★ SUNDERLAND, MASS. G. E. MASTER KRAFT — OIL BURNERS D E LC O Complete Oil Burner Service — Socony Gas and Oil Bottled Gas for Cooking — G. E. and Kelvinator Refrigerators Electric Ranges and Appliances G. E. — R. C A. and Raytheon Television AMHERST OIL CO. TEL. 999 - - - TEL. 945 321 MAIN STREET 61 Compliments of THE ICE CREAM SHOP AMHERST CREAMERY CO. AMHERST ' S NEWEST Toy and Gift Store THE SPECIALTY SHOP ★ 98 NORTH PLEASANT STREET AMHERST, MASS. WESTCOTT and SON PACKERS. MOVERS and STORERS Agent of NORTH AMERICAN VAN LINES, Inc. Serving the Nation NORTH AMHERST, MASS. Tel. Office 793 — Nights 1287 R. L. BATES NORTH AMHERST MASS. § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § I § t AMHERST LAUNDRY COMPANY INCORPORATED " The Home of Satisfaction” 11 EAST PLEASANT STREET AMHERST, MASS. FINE CLASS RINGS ANNOUNCEMENTS YEARBOOKS AWARDS J O S T E N ' S Since 1897 ★ Representative: Carl Risk Box 1468 Springfield, Mass. § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § 62 63 § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § Compliments of A FRIEND KAMEL HASSAN ' S BARN ★ Compliments of .. . WILLIAMS, McCLOUD CO. INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS and Real Estate DURANrS RESTAURANT Roy R. Blair R. Harlow Cutting ★ Frank Durant ’27 Telephone 888 SAVINGS BANK BUILDING, AMHERST Compliments of .. . THE DR. STEPHEN J. DUVAL JEFFERY AMHERST OPTOMETRIST BOOKSHOP RALPH T. STAAB, INC. SUNDERLAND ROAD FORD Sales and Service ★ Telephone 1265 NORTH AMHERST 64 JOHN A. BENJAMIN TRUCKING, LOCAL a id LONG DISTANCE DUMP TRUCK WORK SUNDERLAND, MASS. Tel. 257-11 THE HOUSE OF WALSH GOOD THINGS TO WEAR AMHERST 600 § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § DOUGLASS FUNERAL SERVICE Wilfred R. Toy Director and Proprietor Telephone Amherst 920 87 NO. PLEASANT ST. AMHERST HERCULES CLEANERS THE BEST IN DRY CLEANING Compliments of .. . THE JEFFERY BEAUTY SALON Ruth M. Miller Helen J. Grybko Telephone 1363 GEORGE A. CROCKWELL REALTOR FRANCIS LAPIERRE Professional Teacher of HAWAIIAN and SPANISH GUITAR TENOR BANJO and MANDOLIN GRIBBON’S MUSIG HOUSE Greenfield, Mass. Tel. 4641 RACKLIFFE ' S STORE QUALITY MERCHANDISE ★ CUSHMAN CENTER Tel. 1191-R 65 § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § I § § § § § § § CONGRATULATIONS To The CLASS OF ’52 MR. and MRS. MANUEL MAIA W. R. BROWN CO. INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE AMHERST, MASS. THE MUTUAL PLUMBING AND HEATING CO. HARDWARE AMHERST MASS. FRAMPTON BUICK, Inc. 48 NO. PLEASANT STREET FULTON ' S ICE CREAM CO. ICE CREAM FOR ALL OCCASIONS THE LORD JEFFERY F. S. POWER, JR., Manager Amherst, Massachusetts Facing tlie beautiful town common and adjoining the Amherst College Campus. . . ' The Lord Jeffery is modern throughout, yet has the appearance and cliarm of a century old Inn. COCKTAIL LOUNGE — DINING ROOM — COEEEE SHOP § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § cS 66 NORTHAMPTON COMMERCIAL COLLEGE CAREER TRAINING Our college-grade courses provide yo ung men and women with the necessary back- ground for successful careers in business, educational, governmental, and professional organizations. Following are representative offices where our recent graduates hold Secretarial, Accounting, and Junior Executive positions: Medical Civil Service Hotel Merchandising Legal Insurance Shipping Sales School and College Banking General Manufacturing Foreign Services Aircraft Advertising Accounting Founded 1896 NORTHAMPTON, MASSACHUSETTS ROYAL GROCERY AMHERST SHOE REPAIR CO. Groceries - Gas - Oil Sealtest Ice Cream SHOE SHINING and REPAIRING Roger C. Brown ★ John Mientka, Prop. WEST PELHAM, MASS Tel. 1044-W (Next to the College Drug) WARNER BROS., INC. GAZETTE BRANCH OFFICE CONTRACTORS Anne Whalen, Correspondent For Athletic Fields NEWS — ADVERTISING — COLLECTION Roads — Excavations — Grading 30 MAIN STREET SUNDERLAND, MASS. Tel. 710 AMHERST GRAIN COAL SHOP AT McLELLAN’S FIRST COMPANY McLELLAN STORES CO. ★ ★ 67 : : W H A I 1240 KC W H A I - F M 98.3 Me. GREENFIELD, MASS. AMHERST-VETS TAXI Phone 1220 or 45 24 Hour Service 2-way Radio Dispatch UNIVERSITY MOTORS, Inc. PONTIAC 213 COLLEGE STREET AMHERST, MASS. Tel. 688 MONTGOMERY ' S ROSE ROOM Offers You Gifts of Distinction and Flowers of Quality HADLEY, MASSACHUSETTS GRANDY ' S RESTAURANT Grinders Pizzas our Specialty THE BEST IN AMERICAN AND ITALIAN FOODS Try our Coffee Best Wishes to THE CLASS OF ’52 From THE AMHERST POST 148 AMERICAN LEGION THE COLLEGE SHOE REPAIR CO. John Fotos, Proprietor 41 NO. PLEASANT STREET AMHERST, MASS. SHOES — RUBBER EOOTWEAR JACKSON CUTLER Dealers in DRY and FANCY GOODS Ready to Wear AMHERST, MASSACHUSETTS § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § I § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § 68 Compliments { 1 ELDER JONES LUMBER CORP. 1 of PAIGE S BOWLING ALLEY 1 BUILDING MATERIALS 1 159 NORTH PLEASANT STREET i Tel. 29 i 4 ★ SKIBISKI § FARM MACHINERY SUPPLIES 1 1 Phone 66 § SUNDERLAND and SO. DEERFIELD | Tel. 26 or 210 | 1 ? Compliments of THE BEST IN DRUG STORE SERVICE THE BEST IN MERCHANDISE 1 K. L. OSMUN § JEWELER § For over 85 years HENRY ADAMS § 47 SO. PLEASANT STREET § § AMHERST, MASS. The Rexall Store , SOUTH PLEASANT STREET ( Phone 459 AMHERST, MASS. ! § 1 VAL ' S BARBER SHOP 1 1 THE BEST IN HAIRCUTS § § ★ § f 373 MAIN STREET i SUNDERLAND MARKET i ★ SUNDERLAND, MASS. 1 AMHERST, MASS. X ' - - ' y- ' - ‘ ' - ' - ‘ ' - ' ' -v; ■ ' -0 ‘ ' • Compliments of DOC SULLIVAN Photographic Headquarters — S E E — THE TILLEY CAMERA SHOP 42 MAIN STREET — AMHERST KODAK — ANSCO — DUPONT And other leading lines HAMILTON I. NEWELL INCORPORATED PRINTERS to AMHERST HIGH SCHOOL § § § I ■ § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § STEPHEN PUFFER, JR. GENERAL CONTRACTOR SAND — GRAVEL ★ Tel. 458 COMPLIMENTS of SHUMWAY ' S ASHLEY ' S GARAGE GENERAL REPAIRING BODY AND FENDER PAINTING 24-HOUR WRECKING SERVICE FRONT END ALIGNMENT TEXACO PRODUCTS Telephone: 1207 NO. AMHERST MASS. LOUIS ' FOODS TELEPHONE 477 76 NORTH PLEASANT ST. The Store of Quality MEATS, GROCERIES, FRUITS and VEGETABLES AMHERST, MASSACHUSETTS § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § HOLDEN LUMBER CO. C. CLIFTON WINN ★ JEWELER NORTH AMHERST " Head of the Village Green” BROWNS Tel. So. Deer d 120-2 31 SO. PLEASANT STREET Sales and Service BEN ' S SERVICE STATION AMHERST, MASS. CURTAINS . . . LINENS . . . DOMESTICS GENERAL REPAIRING GASOLINE — TIRES BATTERIES SUNDERLAND, MASS. COMPLIMENTS OF NICHOLS WIRE ALUMINUM CO. SOUTH DEERFIELD, MASS. m I i Incorporated 1 864 It AMHERST SAVINGS BANK AMHERST, MASSACHUSETTS FRED H. HAWLEY, pres. — ROBERT S. MORGAN, treas. HERMAN F. PAGE, asst, treas. Regular Deposits, Christmas Club, Vacation Club, Purpose Club. Life Insurance Surplus $2,501,931.43 Assets $19,529,624.71 FRED H. HAWLEY. p«es. ROBERT S. MORGAN, treas HERMAN F. PAGE, ASST TREA5 71 FOR DEPENDABLE FUEL C. R. ELDER COAL COMPANY Phone 20 When in Need of ROWERS Remember MUSANTE ' S FLORIST SHOP Fountain Pens Notebooks — Zipper and Spiral Stationery Graduation Gifts A. J. HASTINGS NEWSDEALER STATIONER AMHERST, MASS. RANDY ' S STORE Confectioneries Groceries Meats 377 MAIN STREET Tel. 726 Compliments of ADAMS ' DAIRY PIONEER TELEVISION ELECTRONICS 65 NORTH PLEASANT STREET AMHERST, MASSACHUSETTS Congratulations to the Class of ’52 For The Best In SODA FOUNTAIN SERVICE Visit THE COLLEGE DRUG STORE Bill McGrath, Prop. PATTERSON ' S SERVICE STATION SUNOCO GAS and OIL Tel. 1010 363 MAIN STREET 72 f II I

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