Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA)

 - Class of 1950

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Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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li. IT If t1 IT I 1, IW M ri P lf' I 5 vi I J. 4 JM t I lm IJ rn IJ P5 F IJ i ' QQ.. .L W. .5 ,Sl W J 3 1 J H I l W j J 1 1 J 'j K E N, ,. R: .1 j J V r A r 1 x L l '1 I+ 11, l' I P Ll l l u F. E I I Eg If lf! L I P I, Eu G OLDB U G 1950 A SURVEY OF TWENTIETI-I CENTURY PROGRESS AMHERST HIGH SCHOOL AMHERST, MASS I 95 O TH E Y 5 is to a EAR that Wntes . memo swmgs Open the gatrable past and Fredictable futu eway On an un re F vantage one may look rom the 1950 century of Cha back on 3 hah, Ilge HOW SC6m1ng but and DI'OgI'6SS e eternal road of moment th1s p tlme F os1t1on people will take rom 3 100k St d ng va d toward med ijhgn pmnge b CWM X, an a itch then bra? Work oi mommg c 1 e g 10"-O headmn me Omt O cessiux wt me find D suC Stand at Y panorama e A5 We then behflxd fb us x950 Wt eil pa Oi me C o Yesterday me And S , n H . O , , - - 5 on th a trallsfent . UKY' 51, 7, , Page four U fv trw i' 'Ii'.'I,!fi,?,'!?'Ii ' 1 X fr 3 Z Q, .3 ? Z1 41 OCQQQWQIZUL mwos ' , 7E?LClAJfpv2 :ii ff Page fue v W Dedication 1 Mr. ' 'Larry' ' Swift A flash gf humor and a depth of understa a' ng P Q CQNTENTS Introducuon Ded1cat1on Faculty Semor DIVISION Underelassmen Act1v1t1es Sports AdVCft1S1Hg page four page s1x page mne page th1rteen page th1rty seven page forty three page fifty three page S1Xty three Today The Present rw-" A X AAA ' '54-'an-gs Q X 'ingr- J F"O2'p l of ' 1:9 90 W , 3 Call of the Wild. Kizfff ff W2 Free Paint Job! Guaran- teed to Rub Off. P' fy-M' W i' 5,,,,,,, , f , , 5 gm, 8 2 V YQ 'ooo . oc 40 oo s' 2 Z gc M74 J u.: 5' eeewev , f A y w fl f ff - v ,gm ,gf f , w f 'N' fi . f 2 ..,,L , , 7 See Mr. Lacroix ffgfigzf r i' W for pin-up prints 'fyff P "It's as simple as this." t is "Chansons aujourd'hui M wg? 2 f" '- f ' Crazy about this air and scenery! "Mug5y" In palm Beach. Page eight A I4-3 f m I : IVF if ,,,.- X ff? x T55 E--ff F ,,----?.L.-x ,. k . , -,,5a ,b---- 'Z -.-V -- .f - V ,,2 00 Na" " " fs o ' ,3k , ,I an , .5 2 X eg K Y ' xx -:fi "f A ....5X -4- X--ffz.-'..f,...C.4 31,1 Ka fs-i"' J-"UW 'xCxf,C?.'3i1--Nba b.,4 n H Q .QE-4!32:'V , ,, ' ' ' ' A if N 1000 I Page nine ,Y Z gg ' T--: NN'--.,, -N xx Q N ' QRH nlgbkzlq , N Taq 'tg Y'-+5 , xx X. - ' it , , .117 ' M 2 ,f f, ,Z ' ,St E+ Sv W iw Kingsley A. Perry Principal ' fig we X X X f f , ,, , QU, f' , , fi if wg .40 Eleanore Fillmore Beverly Reynolds Page ten Secretary Guidance Blanche Barrackman F ren ch Ruth Brown English Robert Domina Industrial Arts Betty Jane Donley Latin . e i-if! we Qgfr-fi i if 1 Isabel Field Social Studies Elizabeth Foley Commercial Dorothy Furgeson English Irene Hale Commercial Marilyn English Donald Lacroix Mary Elizabeth Lawson Speech Biology Physical Education Page eleven John McDonough Social Studies Hollis Moore Industrial Arts Shirley Morrissey Commercial Ruth Oldfield Mathematics - Z 723' , ' .wr . X, 4-f 4 'ff-ful -.,, Q 5 r ' Z A ,-"" "1 Q, ,oi,' L. ' ' Q45 i f fy 4 f l t, , tttr. ,r,. S S, A , Zgfiffgv f'f. 1. , 6 Edith Pinnick Social Studies Marie Rafferty Art Ruth Raison. Home Economics J . Clement Schuler Music X i , t t to '-., elli Clifford Oliver Arthur Swift George Williams Physff-9 Chemlsffy PhysicalEducation Page twelve w 11... --- 3.-L YN!!-i ,,g.--1 2-sq,-', ' 'T"""" '-L"-" 'W--.i 1...- i-.-4 o-i... i.. g gi LL!! 5' . An I mir if . Q'X N S 'ir vs hee mg? Q. 1 W 4 .L I -5 J '1 4f 'N-XV X :gxfff-e e --N1 xx X g 4 -f Xxgxx 5 XM, D gqx SSN: QQ XNNL J ' XXX Xwlo Q' X N N5 11311-, e e-le - -f , H .vue 1' "'f. -'1 1, ll M ,E A L 'F I i E 5515-Q 3-. .... i -. E Q5 wb is ' ' Q, "nr 1 NX WO f'f'f-'J , Q e lg Aus NX I 'ff' P U fig . 4 J -' GP , ,f""h N' "'- - -. K X ' eye 1 , 006 33 0 CONTROL - N--wi I TOWER Page thirteen GOLDBUG 47 C0,ED1q-ORS BUSINESS MANAGERS M. Kennedy, R. Carruthers. M. HZISSHII, M- JOYICS- EDITORIAL STAFF Seated: R. Heald, P. Surprenant, N. Bragdon, R. Horst, B. Daykins, R. Nelson, P. Davenport Standing: S. Sullivan, R. Greene, J. Warren, E Avery, D. Bell, S. Mitchell, R. Ald rich, M. Garvey, lV. Follett, E. Ole- son, R. Page. Editors: Margaret Kennedy and Robert Carruthers Classes: Edith Oleson and Roscille Nelson Senior Class: Barbara Daykins and Ruth Greene Clubs: Nancy Bragdon and Peter Surprenant Features: I Phyllis Davenport, Marguerite Follet and Margaret Garvey Snaps: Shirley Mitchell and ,lean Warren BUSINESS STAFF Seated: N. Nash, S. Greene, G. Hart, R. Carey, H. Utley Standing: N. Brown, J. Hartman, P. Pierce, T. Ennis, S. Wales. STAFF Page fourteen Art: Richard Aldrich, Donald Bell, Robert Heald, Robert Page, and Stephen Sullivan 'Business Managers: Margaret Hassan and Miles Jones Advertising: Norman Brown, Raelene Carey, Susan Greene, Geraldine Hart, Norma Nash, Phyllis C. R19fC6, Hazel Utley, and Stephen Wales .zrculati0n: Theresa Ennis and Mary Jane Hartman Adviser: Dorothy Furgeson HIS is the class of 1950. We have the great honor of arriving at this important stage in life, graduation, in the year that marks the half way of a century. If the first fifty years are the hardest, then it should be clear sailing from here on in. The years ahead look bright. Let's hope they're as good as were the years behind. - ... Ojicersz Standing-Advisor Mr. Swift, Pres. Bi11Joy Sealed - Vice-pres. , Ruth Horst, Sec. Treas. Peg Garvey Man of Distinction Dramatic Tension! ,p,"fUei1??. 7. ff, 1,9 it , 5 - ,lg ' f 11 f 9" mlm-z1f5? W' P 'P if W1-LQ d you a or. 1, P . as P si t ,... 4 "f' X " '-f, ' L , A V . K kr f ., , S' V53 54 fr ga 4 fp ry.-. ., N.,'f-Seem, Wyse ' I M i V Q his rf --'v Q -X ' .... . ' ' " ' 'fi' " 'S' -'37 . fi '-X-a TH"x"M 5 i f ff We 5? r sf .y . s . ,,t, Y s N ,:- xy -H-.r2 ,':,, aw , Q V '1 "iv 1,3..'r.-f ,27'2a155?,'0s1 z ' 4 -ff G ' 3 ggr'zfg,s::f -r.:.:13.'1.gfv.-5z,:4e:.s,y, Q J- is ' A Posed or Poised? Deer on the fender . ,, . H .. sf, ,Q ff . A 'X T f 333339 . 5 . . 5? it re? X54 'fbi Page ji f teen X fx r .Q is All American ,.,e, . ,, we Slttin Pretty a re who , .X .,, , ,ww be W Q' f 5 . Oh! These Teen-Age Drivers! Remember Dot? f i 3 r 1 :ef -x..-o- --f y. X- , , "'t-ff.: e ,aw fs wt K 1,1 -1' MQW . 5 ., ., 1' I i ' ' 159 ff li gl ' vi il Q if 7 ' 4 f .. M X K -if ,,,, V ' ' . f Ha-css, 1, f wx f ' -aaywf, ,t ' X 4 4 32:9-7 ' fp fam, , , fe - W, I . 1 l tt f Ms , JZ ' K , 2 A Page s ixteen Y JERROLD LEROY ADAMS "Jerry" ' Future plans: Stockbridge School. Activities: French Club, 15 Hi-Y, 2,3. "Milkman, Keep Those Bottles Quiet!" KENNETH ROBERT ALDRICH ll Ken.l Future Plans: Undecided. Activities: Science Club, 1. You'll find him in "Field and Stream" someday. RICHARD COBURN ALDRICH "Dick" Future Plans: Trade School or Art School. Activities: Goldbug, 3: Air Scouts, 3 CSec.J. Quiet: the deerslayer. DONALD FISK AMES "Amesy" Future Plans: U. of Mass. Activities: Swimming, 3: Chorus, .33 Band, 1,2,3g Hi-Y 2,33 French Club, 1,23 Basketball, 1. A good Scout. EDWARD PARKER AVERY "Groucho" Future Plans: U. of Mass. Activities: Football, 1,2,3: Baseball, 2,3: Basketball, 1,2 Student Council, 2 CTreas.J, 3 tVice-pres.J Hi-Y, 2,3 CTreas.D: Goldbug, 3. Insurance companies feel the lash, For Edward's after ready cash! MARIE LESSIE BAKER "Marie" Future Plans: Undecided. Activities: Basketball, 2,3. Secretary to Mr. Dewey, of Dewey Shorthand, Inc, ELIZABETH JEAN BANDALEVICH "Betty" Future Plans: Fashion School. Activities: Dramatic Club, 3. Seen CD, but not heard. DAVID BRAINERD BARTLETT "Black Bart" Future Plans: Houghton College. Activities: Chorus, 1,33 French Club, 3: Projectionists, 1,2,3g Interclass Play, 1. Just call him "Tex", DONALD MCLEAN BELL "Don" Future Plans: U. of Mass. Activities: Hi-Y, 2,3: Swimming, 1,2,3'g Air Scouts, 2,3 CCrew Leaderjg French Club, 3: Class Play, 2: Goldbug, 3. Active on land and sea. GILBERT RUSSELL BIGELOW "Gibbie" Future Plans: Diving School. Activities: Projectionists, 1,25 Chorus, 1: Swimming, 1,2,3. Mr. Britannica's right hand man. EUGENE HAROLD BOYNTON " Peck" Future Plans: Springfield Trade School. The rough rider from the hills of Pelham! NANCY ANN BRAGDON "Nancy" Future Plans: Keuka College. Activities: French Club, 2,3: Goldbug, 3, Tri-S, 2,3 CTreas.J ,Science Club, 3: Graphic, 3: Drama- tic Club, 3. Entered from Hillhouse High School, New Haven, 2. ,She gets things done. Page seventeen .+x,,..- -- - Page eighteen WALDO CARLTON BRAY gg Walt!! Future Plans: School. . A tall drink of water, but no drip. NORMAN EDWARD BROWN " Norm" Future Plans: U. of Mass. - ' Activities: Science, 1,2,3g Basketball, 1,2,3: Alr SC011tS, 2,3:,Swimming, 3: Class PlaY, 2- ' "Safety First". WALTER F. BROWN "Walt" Future Plans: Undecided. 2 Activities: Air Scouts, 2,3. "Silence is golden." BYRON HOWARD CAPEN "Sonny" Future Plans: Undecided. Activities: Projectionists, l,2,3: Chorus, 3. To find, look in the projection room. RAELENE SYLVIA CAREY lCRaeI7 Future Plans: U. of Mass. Activities: Tri-S, 1,2,3g French' Club, 1,2,3g Dramatic Club, 3: Chorus, 1,2 CSec.-Treas.J, 3 CSec.- , treas.l: Class Sec.-Treas., 1: Student Council, 1,3: Class Play, 2: Field Hockey, 2: Swim- ming, 1,2,3g Basketball, 2g Goldbug, 33 Pro , Merito, 2,3. A finger in every pie. ROBERT HENDERSON CARRUTHERS "Cheeco" Future Plans: Amherst College. Activities:Basketball, 2: Football, 2,35 Baseball, 33 Graphic, 2,3 CMakeup Editorjg Goldbug, 3 lEditorD: Hi-Y, 2,3 CSec.j. 'Send f0f his b0Ok, "How To Have a More Powerful Vocabulary In Forty Years!" GEORGE ALBERT CAVANAUGH "Cavie" Future Plans: Undecided. Activities: Football, 1,2,3' Baseball, l,3:'Hi-Y, 23, "Blessed are the meek." , ANN ELIZABETH CROSSMAN "Annie" ' Future Plans: Merchandising and Retailing. Activities: Tri-S, lg Chorus, 1: Pro Merito, 2,3 There's a brain in that small body! ROGER EDWARD CROSSMAN "Lodger" Future Plans: Undecided. Activities: Projectionists, 1,2,3. THE square dancer. ROBERT JAMES DALEY "Harpoi' Future Plans: Springfield College. Activities: Football, 2,3: Basketball, I,2,3g Baseball, 1, 2,3: Hi-Y, 2,3 fChaplainJ: Student Council, 1,2. Treasurer of "Daley, Avery, and Carruthers, Inc." PHYLLIS DAVENPORT ' 'Fifi" . Future Plans: U. of Mass. Activities: Graphic, l,2,3: Goldbug, 33 Chorus, 1,2,3: Tri-S, 1,2,3: Class Play, 2: Softball, 1: Dramatic Club, 3. Little in size, large in character. ALICE VIRGINIA DAY "Ginger" Future Plans: Merchandising and Retailing. Activities: Chorus, 3: Dramatic Club. 3: Tri-S, 1,2,32 Pro Merito, 2,3. Queen of the refreshment committees. Af Page nineteen BARBARA ANN DAYKINS "Wabbit" Future Plans: U. of Mass. i i Activities: Chorus, 1,2,33 G0ldb11g, 3? Tf1'Sf 12,3- Science Club, 1.3: C1335 PIHY, 23 Pm Mentor 2,35 Graphic, 3. Combined Madame Curie and Jenny Lind. MARJORIE ANNE DEMSEY "Marge" Future Plans: Undecided. "When a girl marries . . ." CONSTANCE DIANA DICKINSON "Dickie" Future Plans: Undecided. Activities: Chorus, 3: Basketball, 1,2. The Acerette. WILLIAM JOHN DION "Bill" Future Plans: Springfield Trade School. Activities: Football, 2: Hi-Y, 2. Good things come in little packages. THOMAS LEWIS EDDY ClT0m!! Future Plans: Stockbridge School. Activities: Football, 2,33 Basketball, 2,35 Baseball, 2. A guy you can't help likin': Amherst's Atlas. THERESA MARY ROSE ENNIS "Terry" Future Plans: U. of Mass. Activities: Inter-Class Play, 1, Class Play, 23 Tri-S 1 2 3: Dramatic Club, 33 Class Vice-president, 2 Ffeflch Club, 1,2,3: Cheerleader, 2,3g Swim , mmge 1,22 Graphic. 1,21 Debating, 3, Gold bug, 3. Always ready to lend a helping hand, EDWIN LEWIS' FELDMAN "Eddie" Future Plans: Undecided. The luncher of Room 6. ELEANOR MAY FITTS "Janie" Future Plans: Otiice work. Activities: After School Sports, l,2,3: Basketball, 3. Tops in typing. ROBERTA E. FITTS "Bert" Future Plans: Undecided. Activities: Basketball, 1,2,3. A sports fan - look for her on the basketball floor. MARGUERITE LOUISE FOLLETT "Liz" Future Plans: U. of Mass. Activities: French Club, 1,2,3g Tri-S, 1,2,3: Interclass Play, 35 Dramatic Club, 3: Graphic, 3: Goldbug, 3. Speech! Speech! - half of Liz and Gerry, "The Gold Dust Twins." MARGARET ANNE GARVEY CC-Peg!! Future Plans: U. of Mass. Activities: Orchestra, lg Student Council, 1,3 CPresi- dentj: Tri-S, 1,2,3: Debating, 1,2,3: Science Club, 2 tSec.J, 3 CVice-pres.J: French Club, 2,33 Graphic, 3: Dramatic Club, 3: Pro Meri- to, 2,33 Goldbug, 3: Class Secretary-Treas- urer, 2,33 Girls' State, 2: Girls' Nation, 2. "When Irish Eyes Are Smilin"g the last meeting of the class of '50 was held -. RUTH LOIS GREENE licarlii , Future Plans: Springfield Trade School. Activities: French Club, 13 Science Club, 2,35 Tri-S, 1,2, 3: Dramatic Club, 3, Pro Merito, 2,3: Gold- bug, 3: Debating, 3. Sugar and spice and all that's nice. if I fu if" 1 fag -- if'-iifis " M 1' ,, 'C 'lf V , K Q x , . xi gm QM, . asf a f dv , , y , A 4, Wet Q A ,x ,avr ,tw A L1 rf Y if Al ,Q . .Q -aw ,J X f ..,,,3 , ,Q If e , nf f ,I eww if 444 4 fwf-'xgma Q, .J ., 428 . fg,,v,,v:,W-3 , ,tw 1..y,,1 -.-if:-:4-nz -1sZw'fw2e 'L f - fm 'fffvgeifif-g.ff, 1 'Qu Qyfalwgf . mifyff 4 ,fix -42224 f .,f' 'f',v9.,g Jr f f ar- V v,-suffer, f- f ev . A ,V ,wiv ,fN'f:i5,Jf5 ?.a'f,,,sx-mfr: 'ill .. '9f,!xf,f,fw.,' 9:3-if-n--' V Q3 PF- WN '..'s,'5Z Kar , . A ' ' - ",:a.:.. M-is ian," f Z? f5!?KlfSi'?f7 H 2.1525 ' f V- Qiiiqgvw vii. kiaxgpfsrrifeff- f affix, . . 4 ,Y ww .mf ,sae g A, 1 ' 4, .. N- swf:-:view ,iwii -' 2,1 Y 1- wr . .ww , ,Q 2 Y .1 X K .K as . f ,141--. gvai ft, uf, rr-My ,J :.gx3,s.g' .M I A af- M, K, :',.'f-mia, - f ,fav-fn 4 ,fr . ,f riQ'Yf,,5' avg f,ss,t u 2-:g?E1j'f,,y,1y-zagr. ,ft ,fig , 1, , Q ,, ,V I flag fgiflgiif iiiiriiit f 3i"i1"f',3iff'L11i V ' 1 f kv't1+fa2fr 33 .wif 'f 1 ff 'wx ff , fffi'9fl-Wav? ' 1213? five? -,"'ff! 2 Q: 'xwwffzvxtp -wt ' Gif 4111. 'eg 4: nf, gr w',,v1,n1l,x'-- ,.wv4',t,f4,-' Y ,ef as fix f if X, ,e,,.ffkry,g ,VM ,474 f ,, 5 , ,,,K . ,fr'1QPf,x 3 , fag" 4 1 ,' r Qrfff , 'K Q, -,ns ,, -fe 11 f if i Q 4. ,ufsidf wtf' 'mf he , fn' 1 '4'PVM'vfE . uf-'Q' ff.-3' V51 if ' -.jfaff .sgxiygfwrl ?..,,,549,V1,Z5zi,41,, F52 lf, if 1 Q5 Page twenty-two SUSAN GREENE lCSue7Y Future Plans: Conn. College for Women. i Activities: Pro Merito, 3: Chorus, 33 Dramat1C Club, 3 CPresidentJ: Goldbug, 3 5 Tri-S, 32 Ffeflflh Club, 3. Entered from Ayer High School, 3. BRILLIANT - Those marks! Our wonderful stage director. GERALDINE ANNE HART "Gerry" Future Plans: Undecided. Activities: Chorus, lg French Club, 1,2,3: Graphic, 33 Goldbug, 3: Interclass Play, 3: Tri-S, 1,2,3: Dramatic Club, 3 CVice-presidentlg After School Sports, 1,2. The other "Gold Dust T win", a joker with Mr. Swift. MARY JANE HARTMAN "Jane" Future Plans: U. of Mass. Activities: Interclass Play, 2,33 Tri-S, 1,2,3: Cheer- leader, 1,2,3g French Club, 1,2, Dramatic Club, 3: Class Play, 2: After School Sports, 1, Basketball, 1,2,3: Debating, 2,3g Goldbug, 3. The oomph gal. MARGARET MARY HASSAN "Margie" Future Plans: College. Activities: Tri-S, 1,2,3: Goldbug, 33 French Club, 1,2 CVice-pres.J, 3 CPresidentJg Basketball, 1,2,3: Cheerleader, 1,2,3. "A Pretty Face -"3 a basketball fan. ROBERT EDWARD HEALD CCB0b!! Future Plans: Springfield Trade School. Activities: Football, 1,2,3: Baseball, 2,33 Projectionists, 1,2,3: CVice-presidentjg Goldbug, 3: Air Scouts, 1,2 CSquadron Pilotl. See here, Private Heald! RUTH ELIZABETH HoRsT "Lulu" Future Plans: Texas State College for Women. Activities: Swimming, 1,2,3: Basketball, 1,2,3: After School Sports, 1,2,3: Graphic, 3: Goldbug, 33 Band, 1,2,3: Orchestra, 13 French Club, 2,3: Tri-5, 1,2,3: Class Vice-president, 3. Our letter gal! JEANETTE RUTH HRYNYSHYN "Jeannie" Future Plans: Drake College. Activities: Dramatic Club, 3. A good citizen of Sunderland. BARBARA JUNE JELSKI "Barb" Future Plans: Commercial College. Activities: Tri-S, l,2,3: Cheerleader, l,2,3. The guiding light of Tri-S. I MILES HALE JONES "Shamlock" Future Plans: U. of Mass. Activities: Goldbug, 3 lBusiness managerj: Interclass Plays, 2: Dramatic Club, 3 CTreasurerJ. Want to hear a funny joke? Ask Jones! WILLIAM JOSEPH JOY "Bill" Future Plans: College. . Activities: Football, l,2,3: Baseball, 1,2,.3g Basketball, 1,2,3Q Student Council, 2,3: Class President, 2,3: Hi-Y, 3 CPresidentJ, 2 Cvice-presidentl. Greatness is indeed humble. ROSEMAIRE ELEANOR KASUDA "Tiny" Future Plans: Fashion School. Activities: Dramatic Club, 3. The gal with the come-hither eye. MARGARET GAIL KENNEDY "Maggie" A Future Plans: Wheelock College. Activities: Graphic, 1,2,3: Goldbug, 3 CEditorDg Class Play, 2: Interclass Play, 1,37-Tri-S, 1,2,3: Basketball, 23 French Club, l,2,3g Debating, 2,3: Dramatic Club, 3: Chorus, 1,33 After School Sports, 1: Pro Merito, 2,3 P twent -three ' u I Small, blond, and on the beam. age if WILLIAM ROBERT KERSHLIS "Bill" Future Plans: Amherst College. Activities: Baseball, l,2,3g Science Club, 2,3. An avid baseball fan - authority on the Red Sox. FRANCES ELIZABETH KIELBASA Cl-Bunny!! Future Plans: Start a business. Activities: Basketball, 1,2,3g Graphic, 3g Dramatic Club, 3. A good sport in every sense of the word! FLORENCE ,IUSTINE KNIHNICKI "Choo-Choo" Future Plans: Springfield Trade School. Activities: Tri-S, 1,2,3. Courteous service over the counter. MARION JUNE KOLASINSKI "Marion" Future Plans: Mount Ida's College. Quiet and efficient. ' BARBARA ELIZABETH LAPHAM "Barb" Future Plans: Undecided. Activities: Tri-S, 1,2,3. A horse lover. VICTORIA JEAN MARCINOWSKI "Vicky" Future Plans: Undecided, Activities: Chorus. 1,23 Dramatic Club 3 Neat as a pin. ' ' ' i EARL NEWELL MASON "Duke" Future Plans: Undecided. Call for transportation to Hatfield on Saturday nights. HENRY STANLEY MATUSZKO C CJake?! Future Plans: Military Service, Activities: Football, l,2,3g Basketball, 1,2,3, "Semper Fidelis" - ha! ha! ha! BARBARA ELIZABETH MCKEMMIE C5'BaI-bf! Future Plans: Nursing. , J Activities: Cheerleading, 1,2,3g Science Club, lg Basket- j f ball, 1,2,3g Tri-s, 1,2,3. A cute, peppy cheerleader. - flffst 'i' 1 P I ' l ' 1', , lsaf1s THOMAS LEONARD MCKEMMIE Future Plans: Work at U. of Mass. A ttsiit Activities: Football, 3g Baseball, 2,3. , f ieii Better late than never! A ffti SHIRLEY ETHEL MICHELSON "M icky" Future Plans: U. of Mass. Activities: Graphic, 33 French Club, 2: Tri-S, 2,3 Entered from Danvers High School, 2. "Be Prepared," that's her motto. SHIRLEY BEATRICE ,MITCHELL ClMuCh7! Future Plans: U. of Mass. Activities: Tri-S, 1 tSec.J, 2 CVice-pres.j, 3 CPres.l Graphic, 3 CEditorJg Chorus, lg French Club, 2 tSec.-Treasurerb, 35 Student Council 2 tSec.Dg Pro Merito, 2,33 Goldbug, 3. Amherst's Brenda Starr - Freedom of the Press. Page twenty-five '.....-- L .., I :,. i If i Page twenty-six RICHARD THOMAS MORAN "Dick" Future Plans: College. ' Activities: Student Council, 1: Class President, 1: Football, 1,21 Basketball, 1,2,3: Baseball, 1, 2,3: Hi-Y, 2,3: Interclass Play, 1. That curly-haired Romeo! I - THOMAS WILLIAM MORAN ' "Tucker" Future Plans: Stockbridge School. Activities: Hi-Y, 2,3: Baseball, 2,3: Basketball, 2,3: Interclass Play, 1,3 French Club, 2. "Don't Fence Me In" CRoom 95. RICHARD PRESSON MUNROE "Red" ' Future Plans: U. of Mass. u Activities: Dramatic Club, 3: French Club, 3: Air Scouts, 2,3. Entered from Malden High School, 2. Going my way? JANICE HARLOW MURRAY "Jan" Future Plans: Secretarial Work. Activities: Tri-S, 1,2,3: Chorus, 1,2,3: Basketball, 1,2,3: French Club. 1. A regular live wire Cbeware of high voltage!! NORMA JEAN NASH "Norma" - Future Plans: College. Activities: Tri-S, 1,2,3: French Club, 1,2,3: Graphic, 3: Pro M61'it0, 2,3 CSec.J: Dramatic Club, 3: Interclass Play, 2: Class Play, 2: Basketball, 1,23 Goldbug, 3. The chemistry roof-raiser. ROSCILLE NELSON "Roxy" Future Plans: Middlebury. ACUUUICS2 Tri-S, 12,31 Chorus, 1,3: French Club, 2,3 'G0ldb11g, 3: Pro Merito, 2.3: Class Play, 2 New MCX1CO'S contribution to New England culture EDITH ANNA oLEsoN "Edie" Future Plans: U. of Mass. ACfi"ifieSiT1'i-S, 12,33 After School Sports, 1,2,3: Basketball 3' French Club 2 3' Goldbu 3. A ' 1 ' ' . ' ' ' g- glgg G and a couple of tickets to Fenway Park. BARBARA ELSIE ORRELL "Bobby" Future Plans: Art School. ACliUifieS3T1'i-5, 12,33 After School Sports, 1: Volley- ball, 13 Swimming, 1. Every inch a lady! LECNA JANICE ORRELL llLe01l Future Plans: Undecided. Activities: Tri-S, 1,2,3: After School Sports, 1: Swim ming. 1. Competition for Ava Gardner. ROBERT ALLEN PAIGE "Bob" Future Plans: Springfield Trade School. Activities: Goldbug, 3: Air Scouts, 2. He's playing THE "Field." ROBERT HARRIS PEARSON , "Buzzbomb" Future Plans: Amherst College. Activities: Interclass Play, 2: Football, 3: Science Club, 2,3: Projectionists, 3: French Club, 2: Chorus, 3. "Atom bombs? That's elementary!" Competition for R. C. A. PHYLLIS ANN PIERCE "Peanut" Future Plans: Nursing. Activities: Tri-S, l,3: Graphic, 3: Pro Merito, 3 lPres.J: Basketball, 3 lManagerJ: Goldbug, 3: Stu- dent Council, 1: Dramatic Club, 3. Attended Belchertown High, 2. A little ray of sunshine. Page twenty-seven M-...Q -M - Page twenty-eight REGINA JOSEPHINE ROGERS "Gina" Future Plans: Nursing. Activities: Cheerleader, 1,2,33 B21SkCtbH11, 2,3- "A farmer takes a wife -" ARTHUR PURRINGTON ROYS "Squirt" Future Plans: Stockbridge School. Entered from Fulton High School, Fulton, New York, 2. The look of youth, the wisdom of age. JOHN RoB1-:RT SADOWSKI' "Jack" Future Plans: Springfield College. Activities: Baseball, 1,2,3g Basketball, 1,2,3: French Club, 2. Never a dull moment. NORMAN OTIS SAWIN "Bucket" Future Plans: Military Service. Activities: Projectionists, l,2,3 CProgram Masterjg Band, 1,2,3: Orchestra, '1. We wonder what the attraction of the projection room 1S -! DAVID GRANT SNYDER "Dave" Future Plans: College. Activities: Swimming, 1. "Come, Josephine, In My Flying Machine -" J AMES RICHARD SULLIVAN lCJim!7 Future Plans: Springfield Trade School. Activities: Air Scouts, 2,3. "Off We Go Into The Wild Blue Yonder -" I I IV' VI ,. RICHARD MICHAEL SULLIVAN "Chic" - Future Plans: Stockbridge School. Activities: Hi-Y, 2,33 Football, 3. r A man of the world. Q STEPHEN JOSEPH SULLIVAN "Steve" Future Plans: U. of Mass. ' Activities: Student Council, 2,33 Pro Merito, 2,3: Science Club, 1,2 CTreas.D, 3 CTreas.Jg Class Vice-pres., lg French Club, 2,33 Goldbug, 3. , He must have kissed the Blarney Stone! g PETER CHARLES SURPRENANT "Pete" Future Plans: U. of Mass. Activities: Student Council, 1,23 Pro Merito, 2,33 French Club, 3, Science Club, 1,2,3 CPresi- dentjg Goldbug, 3. "Country Gentleman" JOSEPH FRANCIS SZYMKOWICZ "Sinkie" Future Plans: Stockbridge School. Activities: Football, 3. U A lady's man. DONALD ELSWORTH THAYER ' "Stud" Future Plans: Stockbridge School. Swing your partner! MARY ELIZABETH TUFTS "Tuttle" Future Plans: Northampton Commercial. Adivjfiesg Graphic, 3, Tri-S, 1,2,3g Basketball, 2,3g After School Sports, 1: French Club, 1. "My heart was young and gay-H f Page twenty-nine 351. , 1-Q ' 40-,. ff f 1 ye e ff f, , f 1- 5. em,,, f ,M 455546 M -. , ., 0, , We 'friw f-af:-f t: 4' f 1 WV "i,it"we-3,3 .4ffZf Qu, lem 1 fs , lfiff fgf . .. 'Q f 'f V ' . yy? i J eo! I f ,j.f. , f f t .'f'sH" fwfwff-ttia. - - , L ' I Mt ' .- H 'f asm: t -ff!-Jtwf. f Page thirty WALLACE ARTHUR TURNER A "Dutch" Future Plans: Springfield Trade School. Activities: Football, 3 CManagerJ. Steve Kosakowski's right hand man. HAZEL MAE UTLEY " Hazel Baby" Future Plans: College. Activities: Chorus, 1,2,3t Goldbug, 3: Graphic, 3g Science Club, 3: Dramatic Club, 35 French Club, 2,33 Tri-S, l,2,3. Don't call her Hazel Mae! STEPHEN ,HENRY WALES "Steve" Future Plans: Military Service. Activities: Projectionists, 1,2,3: Chorus, lg Goldbug, 3: Interclass Play, 2. The future of our country rests on him: the protection of its shores, and citizens. MADALYN JEAN WARREN "Jean" Future Plans: Nursing. Activities: Tri-S, l,2,3: Basketball, 3: Dramatic Club, 3: Interclass Play, 33 Debating, 33 Goldbug, 3. After School Sports, 3. Use Mr. Swift's special patented cream shampoo: for directions, see Jean. EDMUND PETER WASKIEWICZ "Edek" Future Plans: Undecided. Activities: Football, 1,2,3: Basketball, 1,2,3g Student Council, 2. The teachers hardly know he's in the room. C DOROTHY R. WEBB "Dottie" Future Plans: Nursing. Acfivififsr Tri-5, 1,2,3: Basketball, 3. "There was a little girl, who had a little curl -" - 4 JAMES WELLINGTON WENTWORTH , ilJimfY Fulure Plans: Stockbridge School. 'The Farmer In The Dell. ANNA MAY WHITE "Shorty" Future Plans: Undecided. Activities: Chorus, l,3: After School Sports, 33 Basket- ball, 3g Dramatic Club, 3. A wheel on wheels. BRADFORD HENRY WHITE Cl I7 Brad M , - 21, H+ , 7527! 5 ,k,, Q2 4 F ulure Plans: Undeclded. . , My f Aetwztzes. ProJect1on1sts, l,2,3 CPres.J. I . r 7 lv ,G y ef l' i',yW,J '-694 1'-341' A Cal' S best fflefld. 4 .,,. f ,, 0 . '- Q GQ. . . - W I I A f l , f .'.- 3 ZW , ff o ff? - U ,,', , wi W -G 1 45,53 7 'V 0 V- . .,,, , ,. 1 f ELEANOR ROSE WHITE A f .fx ,'!"'2fif?l?2o:2' . f e f ffl- ' A HEllyH , 4 if 42412 -f -fbfffyzf, .M -fy Af ya' ' :fa 1, 41.5 f 'Tir'-f1f'. . . - A 'A W k' :.+:?s1?V??' zz: y ? - f , ' ,jo 'aw :V-, ' ef f 'L Future Plans: Undecided. .A A i2f:21fi:if2G,.f" 1 'offs 1?'4'v,,+ ,41f f ,Q Actwztzes: Trl-S, 1,2,3: Dramatlc Club, 3 CSec.J , Chorus, . , ,r95gg,5m4.Q,fo-gain'5, it MTW larry :Y6,Q5. d.i, --k,7 1 ?'f'f1"45?a9"f9?'2-J? V ,w 31293491 fdkjfim 4-my . L 3: After School Sports, 12- orsrr A ball of fire. I ' 'J oe' ' F ulure Plans: Undecided. Last, but by no means least. Page ihirly-0116 KN FXOOY S100 a '10 .1 Frustration 7 f QW' NZ., Going My WHY? Three Came Home Harem - Scarem! In a Lather Page thirty-two Beach Comber Pepsodent Smile Oakridge Associates Drain-O Teething Name Song Titles Tell The I Hate People Who Story You'll Find Me I'm Always Trying To Jerry Adams- Ken Aldrich- Richard Aldrich- Don Ames- Ed Avery- Marie Baker- Betty Bandelevich- David Bartlett- Don Bell- Gilbert Bigelow Eugene Boynton- Nancy Bragdon- Waldo Bray- Norman Brown- Walter Brown- Byron Capen- Raelene Carey- Bob Carruthers- George Cavanaugh Ann Crossman Roger Crossman- Bob Daley- Fifi Davenport Alice Day- Barbara Daykins- Marjorie Demsey- Connie Dickinson- Bill Dion- Tom Eddy- Terry Ennis- Ed Feldman- Eleanor Fitts- "My Buddy" "Call of the Wild Goose" "Old Master Painter" KC Music! Music! Music!" "St, Louis Blues" "Pass the Biscuits, Mirandy" "Sweet N' Lovely" Cl Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie" CC The Miracle of the Bells" "Home Sweet Home" "Go in and out the Window" "Lord Jeffery Amherst" "Oh, How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning" "It's Great to Be Alive" "Smoke Gets 'in Your Eyes" "Pennies from Heaven" "Don't Cry, Joe" Cto "Daley"J "You're So Understanding" "Whispering Hope "Some Enchanted Evening" "Come Dance With Me" "That Old Gang of Mine" "Enjoy Yourself" "Night and Day" "Let Me Sing and I'm Happy" "There's Nothing Like a Man Around the House" "Pistol Packin' Mama" "You'll Never Know" "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" "Tell Them That You're Irish" "Yum Yum Yummy" "I Want to Be the Only One" study give long book reports talk too' much call me "Blondie" hate me are gossips are loud mouths are too cocky almost anywhere at basketball games in Rm. 9 at U. of M. pool The Shack in the cafeteria at the piano at 170 Pine St. poke me in the back swimming in Chemistry go out every night at home studying are stuck up at Mike Bazara's garage make noises in studying Math the movies agree to disagree resemble schoolteachers try to be the center of attention blow their horns don't mind their own business are gold diggers are too quiet never smile don't square dance walk in without knocking mind what I say Conceited people think they're the cat's pajamas brag are catty Kid me about "Peachie Pie" are taken with their self-importance don't think I'm Irish always borrow things are in the Navy Page thirly-lhree most anywhere at "Sams" at "Noah Webster's" at home raising riots at the same time I'm located at a garage "Jackson 8z Cutler" any dance hall when you need me at Mount Pleasant Inn with Earl Henry Amherst College Library with someone else playing basketball taking movies any place at home at work at East Pleasant St., Cushman get out of the house find my bike to ride in- to town stay out of double trouble stay out of trouble leave . . . to be happy compose music to be a gentleman break swimming records get the best of Mr. McDonough keep out of auto accidents finish my homework stay in bed late in the morning do something out of the ordinary get ahead help my neighbors get the car be good Cthen I re- consider and think how lonely I'd bel fix my car "Bertha" improve my bowling improve my square dancing get out of A.H.S. give parties avoid getting more than I bargained for perfect people who won't be perfected stay home one night a week make friends find out who "Peachie Pie" is? get out of wearing a tie lose weightg change my hairdo catch up on my home- work do English homework Name Song Titles Tell The I Hate People Who You'll Find Me I'm Always Trying T0 Story Roberta Fitts- 'Keep the Home Fires talk too much playing basketball get UP thecgggfe to Skip Burning" S Marguerite Follett- 'Give My Regards to can't take a joke trying to meet Gerry find time to read Broadway" OU Uma Margaret Garvey- Ruth Greene- Susan Greene- Gerry Hart- Jane Hartman- Margie Hassan- Bob Heald- Ruth Horst- Jeanette Hrynyshyn- ' Barbara Jelski- Miles Jones- Bill Joy- Eleanor Kasuda- Margaret Kennedy- Bill Kershlis- Frannie Kielbasa- Florence Knihnicki- Marion Kolasinski- Barbara Lapham- Victoria Marcinowski Earl Mason- Jake Matuszko- Barbara McKemmie- Tom McKemmie- Shirley Michelson- 'Shirley Mitchel- Dick Moran- 'Tom Moran- Richard Munroe- ll "Peg O' My Heart" "Let's Take An Old Fashioned Walk" Heart" "In My Merry Oldsmobile" Morfej An fdj More" "Smiles" "Nature Boy" "Dear Hearts and Gentle People" 'Diamonds Are a Girl's Best F riend" There's A Song in My think they're cute by wearing orange on St. Patrick's Day brag procrastinate and equi- vocate don't get places on time don't have any school spirit call me Marjorie chase me around put on airs snap their gum rounding up Student collect class dues Council members in the hallways if you look for me find a 30 hour day at the piano or do my P1'1YSiCS refrigerator waiting for Marguerite get my "Graphic" 21S- signment in at home knitting make up a new sweater pattern in my station wagon get places on time at the "Candy Kitchen" get to Leverett hiking to Shutesbury improve my skill in sports in Northampton get the best of people "Oh Me, Oh My" are "stuck" on in Ware get a certain person's themselves attention "How Deep Is look like Steve Sullivan at the morgue be a professional The Ocean?" woman hater "Margie" don't mind their own in the gym squeeze in an extra five business minutes of studying "Someone to Watch think they're really at lll Russ St., be happy Over Me" ' "swell" Hartford, Conn. I've Been Workin' On take things the wrong in Rm. 5 working on the get a good mark in The 'Goldbug"' way "Goldbug" Chemistry "Take Me Out to The ask silly questions at Fenway Park sabotage the Yankees Ball Game" "Pal O' Mine" tease me Copley Square get rich "That Certain Feeling" brag about their dates at "McLellan's" convince Mr. Osmun that "McLellan's" has better jewelry "lX'iIiake Wayyfor ask too many questions in Greenfield do better omorrow A "I Can't Begin to are prejudiced at Gulf Rd., Pelham get the best of my Closest Tell You friends HSCTIOOI DHYSH are always arguing in Room 6 trying to find a new joke for figure out Bookkeeping Jeanie "Till the End of Time" fool around in Hatfield have fun "Wine, WOIBCU don't go to our basket- at church improve myself and Song ball games "I'm Gonna liove That think they're better in a black Plymouth make the bus GUY than others - "It's Too Late Now" get to school on time hunting bag a deer 6iYOu,11f-ilytlgfoffgrgzgffam in are affected at "5h11IT1W21Y'S" find some spare time UAIWHYSH want to get something running after "Graphic" think up good reasons for nothmg 2lSS1gnments for not taking books home "I Must Be Ho e t 't d . . 12 Oclocknm a aren own to earth headed for Cosby Ave. gain weight "I'll G t B " " " ' - e y Play pet With Smky make the teachers give I D W me more homework O 't t t S t h ' The svorld agn Igref QVC green hair at the Amherst Theatre breathe deeply Page thirty-four Name I'm Always Trying To Janice Murray- Norma Nash- Roscille Nelson- Edith Oleson- Barbara Orrell- Leona Orrell- Bob Paige- Bob Pearson- Phyllis Pierce- Regina Rogers- Arthur Roys- ,Iackie Sadowski Norman Sawin- Dave Snyder- J im Sullivan- Chic Sullivan- Steve Sullivan- Pete Suprenant- Joe Szymkowicz- Donald Thayer- ' Mary Tufts- Dutch Turner- Hazel Utley- ll KK Song Titles Tell The I Hate People Who You'll Find Me Story "I've Got Rhythm" act half dead at a square dance in Shelburne "I've Told Every gosgipg St St Little Star" on Tong ' "Aloha" Dick on others at the beach at Waikiki "Happy Talk" twist the meaning of at Fenway Park what I say "Baby Face" don't like to have fun in South Amherst 'The Night is Young" smart alecks South Amherst "You're the One" don't keep their promises in Leverett "So Tired" act like me in Chemistry Lab 'You Are My Sunshine" giggle roller skating "Hail to Deal' Old Hag on River Drive, H0Dk1nS" North Hadley "Shortnin' Bread" swear at home "Homework" change other people's in front of the questionaires "Music Shop" "More Than You'll bum rides in the projection room Know" "Song of the break speed laws in my car Open Road" "Passing By" are fresh painting a picture "Give Me the Simple Life" Time on My Hands" "Cow Cow Boogie" "Headin' Home" 'I Ain't Got a Dime to My Name" "Bye Bye Blues" Hurry, Hurry, Hurry" "Look for The Silver Lining" disagree with me don't study their Chemistry ask foolish questions are hoggish are bum square dancers blow their noses loudly are office boys are "always right" W 1 - "A Pretty Girl is Like clap when the movie Stephen a es a Melody" projector breaks down Jean Warren- "Me and My Shadow" are less than six feet tall k W k' ' - "I Won't Go 'Huntihg, slur North Amherst Ede as lewlez Jake, But I'll Go Chasing Women" Dottie Webb- "I've Got a Pocket Full are sly of Dreams" Jim Wentworth- "Down on The Farm" prompt me in class Anna May White- "Skaters' Waltz" don't have a sense of humor Bradford White- "Lady Be Good" can't remember my last name Eleanor White- "Oh, What a Beautiful call me "Red" Morning" Joe Zeta- "Because" don't like Sunderland Page thirty-fue on the carpet under the 3rd manhole cover from the left at "Tee Waddle Hill Farm" with Tucker at any square dance swingin' with my partner at "Sarris"' at the Amherst Theatre in the service at Fifi's doing my homework in Student Council mixed in chemistry solutions on a farm at the "Winter Palace Skating Rink" running the Projection C lub deep in an English book up at "The Stove" make others happy learn to drive George's car tease Edie Oleson stick my foot in my mouth do what I'm not sup- posed to do bowl get a little privacy in the corridors to sleep get the best of a certain party find Ed find someone half my size get a pass from A.L.S. bum a ride stop on a dime go up in an airplane get away with murder escape from "Bars and Stripes Forever" get A's get something the easy way play with something be "all business" geta ride to Fenway Park hit the accelerator in- stead of the brakes find a perfect woman find what I lost get a job in the Cafeteria meet more friends think of 'answers for questlonaires act my age cut classes break my way out of Rm. 5 find another erson D whose name begins with "Z" Masks OH ' In was Q 1 X . 1 A Bellow for a Dion ,- M4 WMA 'W "I lick my own boots!" 52 WX s, f,., ,LX .v .wK6AZ:.5ffI fl Mask-1 , u. . Twelve o'c1ock High Fueling up fsgsf., B x 'K P A if-.2 "I Won't!" 5' QI! JM x 2 was X X 1? kid stuff W f A 4 is skin head Page thirty-six X few 434 f fo x X iksw ,X , .,sY7,p5e,f,w,,X X, XA A cf: fiw ,Ju X we -'-f: sf X we ,M ,X saviwma ' K 4261, Qgisixg Vmrfsl V I ws., 'x , XA, 4' s-2' X Q ' cas, ., , -' use X ws tiff f f a v i l X AX, ,I I N...., 5 X X X4 ,X X, , X X gs Q ,E X X X N K? MA Qi kk s x 1 - X BX X Sons of Africa we X s X QX Round Table Discussion arise! . M-"""' W 1 K 1, NK ?. 'Q 4 F 5000 .5 x K..-qi I3 gf, xx Z 'I ' 'P,,..-f --"""" ' 41. rf-fx 1 f . L1-H" ffgif F , , 'if RMB f J' , fl, 1 f'. f . "U 'Is I W , W' V 'I w-1- 5 N xi' i , x . f 5 K 1 "Q, T,- Al -rr X, Y, , Ak, , ?'-A , -H . +-- .' "' 14, f,------.g .,w-.X J f., 57- V . V -: , - ff f . , . , , f f f Q 1, , f i' gif? , A-.,-, --N ' 5 Af- ff I ff if I f I fi .Q ' ff fn , Q9 N 1, XX X . Ax XX I 5 Xt X x ' D Q, Q I 0 N X 1, If ' . " U '. fm1W 4 j 4 U Page thirty-seven I 4 f -fx . NY-1, " M, f ' A Q Qi Q1 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS T. Cornelius, Vice-President. CL SS Mr. Lacroix, adviser, D. Damon, President: N. Nestle, Secretaryg Sealed - G. Beville, J. Ansaldo, D Cybulski, F. Dowd, E. Britt, L. Cooley 'M' A. Bazara, J. Cadigan, M. Cote. Standing - J. Cahill, M. Duval, L. Baj, W. Cole, L. Cromack, J. Coyne, N. Cole, I. Couch, K. Clifford. Standing - J. Aldrich, G. Bratinau, R. Blackmer, R. Davis, E. Boynton, W. Dow, T. Cornish. Seated - P. Fuller, M. Elder, A. Fitts, K. Garvey, M. Lozoski, M. Kolasin- ski, P. Hodgkins, R. Field. Slanding - T. Everson, P. Fellers, D. Gardner, B. Lovell, W. Kennedy, R. Fessenden, D. Elder, J. Haley. ii ii G X Missing - G. Hummel, E. Lashway. Page thirty-eighl F n c f ...S H . Y.. We .l Seated- I. Penza,.C. Noel, M. Nanartonis, C. Magoon, R. Madden, E. Milesky, A. Peck, S. Nutter, J. Plaza. Standing-C. Morton, R. Markuson, R. Perchak, L. Potter, D. Parsons, C. Ostrowski, S. Montgomery. Q Standing- R. Szala, A. Vickowski, N. Roco, K. White, A. Tuttle, R. Stratford, D. Rossi. Missing M. Siroskey, R. Spillane. Page thirty-nine Sealed - B. Stowell, C. White, L. White, J. Weaver, M. Sanctuary, J. Whittemore, T. Rogers, G. Sullivan. CL SS FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Seated T. Bridges, President, Miss Oldfield, adviser. Standing H. Carey, Vice-President, B. Knowlton, Secre- tary. Standing - R. Cleveland, R. Bruce, R. Ansaldo, R. Bilger, P. Cavanaugh, R. Burt, R. Brow Blaisdell. R. Ames, B. Clark. Missing - M. Burke, S. Clark, A. Cooke. Seated - R. Boynton, P. Barry, M Beaulieu, P. Columb, P. Bagley, M Coyne, D. Britt, E. Allen, J. Adams D. Brown. n, R. Burt, W. Bartos, D. Beebe, J , an . i, A ifim f' 3' f fm " as rf C 9 -'I' 33' V l ,. ,,. V. 5, JK, r it AL Seated-L. Lannon, L. Eddy, R. French, M. Field, A. Jacque, H. Darling, M. Hobart, R. Goodell, M. Dickens. Standing - S. Lombard, W. Lashway, B. Hunt, J. Kilikewich, A. Ewell,.J. Gibson, B. Kelly, E. Knightly, E. Hayward, B. Ives, E. Hart, R. Doherty. Standing - T. Knightly, G. Keegan, D. Elder, R. Drake, G. Hayward, C. Howard, T. G b B. Keyes, D. Gravestock, R. Hall. Missing - W. Dziuba. Page forty ros erg. J. Hogan, AXA J f N x . ,--, ., F I We , V- ,,', s -f 1 si .. - 4 z f 22 '.24.fK?ff4f'25 Seated T I. Marcinowuski, I. Olanyk, L. Noel, M. Orrell, H. O'Brien, J. Major, D. Martell, J. Oleson, E. Molltores. Standing - M. McKemmie, S. Kraus, L. Musante, D. Maia, C. Mannheim, A. Nelson, G. O Nell, D. Montague, B. Malewski. Missing - M. Moore, B. Nanartonis, F. Nichols, J. O'Connor. Sealed - P. Pelletier, N. Truesdell, L. Tidlund, C. Tiffany, C. Soller, B. Rogers, Vi. Reed, F. Paddock, P. Royce. Standing f P. White, C. Rule, S. Taylor, C. Staab, E. Selanis, L. Wales, I. Thompson, J. Stratford, R. Roys. Standing - R. Tyburski, J. Shea, A. Warren, R. Whitney, J. Westcott, B. Page. Missing - M. Sherwin, R. Thorndike. Page forty-one I. ..-H - ,.,f 1,1990 S ll? Knock on any B Door od? R em0VaI Spontaneous Combustion l 'uv ow 1 . No W! oobgeo Us I' 1 Back Stage War-Paint 4 Take It From Me! Page forfy-Iwo What Robert Frost left behind! 45 mf 7-OOO IJ 5 evil STUDENT COUNCIL R. Carey, Treas.g M. Garvey, Pres.g E. Avery, Vice Pres., J. Whittemore, Sec.g Miss Donley, Adviser. .Seated - S. Sullivan, J. Gibson, C. Morton, K. Garvey Standing- D. Beebe, E. Waskiewicz, W. Joy, C. Mannheim, T. Cornelius. STUDENT COUNCHJ THIS year the Student Council, under the capable leadership of President Margaret Garvey, assisted by Vice President Ed Avery, Secretary Joan Whitte- more, and Treasurer Raelene Carey with Miss Donley as Faculty Adviser, spent most of its time working on student suggestions and school problems. For the first time in many years the school, acting through the Student Council, did not support a foster child but they plan to adopt a new foster child next year and raise the money at the home football games to support her. Also for the first time the annual convention of the Western Massachusetts Associ- ation of Student Councils was held in Amherst and was a great success. Another first was the amendment to the new constitution increasing the number of repre- sentatives. Under this amendment home-rooms with fifteen to thirty-three pupils will have two representatives, rooms with thirty-three to forty-live pupils will have three, and rooms with more than forty-five pupils will have four representatives. With such a council as this on the job students of Amherst High need not fear that their rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness will be endangered. New members elected to the Student Council include, 12th grade: M. Follett and R. Morang llth grade: R. Davis, M. Kolasinski, D. Parsons, and B. Stowellg 10th grade: B. Clark, D. Gravestock, D. Martell, and R. Roys. Page forty-four 4 Y GRAPHIC GRAPHIC REPORTERS First row - E. White, J. Weaver, P. Pierce, N. Nash. Second row - P. Daven- port, S. Nutter, M. Kennedy, G. Hart, N. Bragdon, B. Daykins. Standing - M. Tufts, S. Michelson, C. Soller, J. Whittemore, R. Greene, M. Follet, G RAPHIC STAFF Seated-N. Cole, S. Mit- chell, W. Kennedy, D. Parsons. Standing - L. Pot- ter, R. Carruthers, Mr. Oliver. R. Whitney, M. Garvey, H. Utley, R. Horst, P. White, F. Kielbasa. DRAMATIC CLUB DRAMATIC CLUB mer, T. Cornish. F R. Carey, M. Kennedy, S. Greene, J. Hartman, R. Munroe, R. Pearson. H. Utley, B. Bandalevich, R. Black- . f - E. White, D. Britt, D. Martell, I. Olanyk, IFjr0Klli:fgfjJ. Weaver, A. White, H. Utley, B. Clark. Brzck row - P. Royce, P. Pierce, M. Coyne, B. Knowlton, F. Kielbasa, A. Day, L. Eddy, R. French, J. Hrynyshyn. Page forty-hue l Front row - J. Blaisdell, N. Nash, L. Lanon, H. Darling C. Tiffany Bark row - P. White Con ladderb, J. Warren P. Davenport, M. Follett, G. Hart, Cwith hookj, R Greene, T. Ennis. N. Bragdfm- TRI-S TRI-S OFFICERS Seated-J. Gibson, Secretary: B- Jelski, Program Chairman. Standing- S. Montgomery, Vice-Presidentg S. Mitchell, President, N. Bragdon, Treasurer. First row - L. Eddy, M. Olanyk, B. Lapham, M. Tufts, H. Utley, B. Daykins, J. Cahill, M. J. Duval, M. Garve , J. Wh'tt y 1 e- more, C. Tiffany, L. Lannon, H. Darlin P. P ll t' T R ' ' ' g, e e ier, . ogers, P. Davenport. Second row - J. Hartman, F. Knihnicki C. White, K. White, L. Orrell, G. Sullivan, S. Greene, B. McKemrnie, M. Hassan, R. Rogers, G. Hart M Follet E White N. Nash, T. Ennis, R. Carey, L. Cooley. Third row- E. Oleson, R. Nelson, B. Orrell, K. Clifford, ,E. 'll Fld ri , er, J Weaver, J. Major, J. Oleson, D. Brill, B. Kelley. J. Cadigan, S. Nutter, N. Nestle, M. Kennedy, D. Martell E Knightly F. Paddock, D. Webb, P. Pierce. Fourth row -P. Royce, L. White, C. Noel, F. Nichols, T. Bridges, C. Morton., F. Dowd M. Orrell, C. Magoon, B. Goodell, N. Truesdell, A. Peck, J. Ansaldo, J. Haley, M. McKemmie T. E ' ' , verson, I. Marcinowski B. Clark, M. Kolasinski. Fifth row- B. A. Stowell, M. Lozoski, A. Day, M. Hobart, B. Knowlton, A. Jacque E, Allen B. French, C. Sollar, J. Warren, S. Greene, S. Michelson, J. Murray, B.,Rogers, R. Horst, B. Reed, H. Carey Garvey Page forty-six ILX HI-Y W. Joy, Pres.g D. Damon, Vice-Pres.g E. Avery ruthers, Sec. Seated-L. Baj, L. Potter Standing-J. Adams, T. Cornish, W. Cole, D. Elder, W. Kennedy. 2 D. Ames, D. Bell, D. Parsons, R. Fellers, R. Sullivan, G. Cavanaugh Cseatedj, T. Cor- nelius, R. Daley, N. Cole, T. Moran. Page forty-seven Treas.g Mr. Mcdonough, Adviserg R. Car- ' gl? f Z - 7. , 1 Dec Dec Dec Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb DEBATING SCHEDULE Westfield Williamsburg Westfield Williamsburg Hadley Northampton Hadley Northampton Lost Won Lost Lost Lost Lost Won Lost These are the judged debates of .the 24 debates the Varsity and Junior Varsity par- ticipated in this year. M. Kennedy. DEBATING CLUB VARSITY DEBATING L. Potter, M. Garvey, J. Hartman, JUNIOR VARSITY DEBATING R. Brown, S. Nutter, J. Weaver, R. Whitney, D. Britt, K. Garvey, R. Greene, J. Warren, T. Ennis. PRO MERITO l Seated- S. Sullivan, R. Carey, P Pierce, R. Greene, N. Nash Standing M. Kennedy, S. Mitchell, A. Cross man, P. Suprenant, S. Greene, A Day, Miss Oldfield, M. Garvey, R Nelson, W. Kershlis. absent- B Daykins. Page forty-eight Mr. Oliver, Adviser, .N. Nestle, Sec., Mr. Swift, Ad- viser, 'M. Garvey, Vice Pres.g P. Surprenant, Pres., S. Sullivan, Treas.g Mr. Lacroix, Adviser. W. Kershlis, R. Pearson, S. Montgomery, B. Lovell, R. Fessenden, M. Burke, D. Damon, W. Kennedy, L. Potter, J. Weaver. I I 2 , MWWW' Qi SCIENCE CLUB R. Whitney. R. Roys, Brown, T. Everson, L. Cooley C. Mannheim, J. Blaisdell, P. White, D. Montague J. Wescott. R. Greene, H. Utley, N. Bragdon, B. Daykins, N Brown. F RENC H . C LU B Third Year French S. Nutter, M. Kennedy, M. Follet S. Greene, P. Davenport, N. Nash R. Carey, G. Hart, J. Weaver, J Cadigan. French Club Officers J. Rogers, Vice-President, Miss Bar- ackman, adviserg M. Hassan, Presi- dent: J. Whittemore, Secretary- Treasurer. French Club Boys Seated-S. Sullivan, P. Surprenant. Standing- D. Bartlett, D. Bell, R. Munroe, T. Cornelius, R. Markuson, R. Watts. Second Year French Club Girls Seated-E. Oleson, T. Ennis, M. J. Duval, T. Everson, M. Elder. Stand- ing- H. Utley, R. Nelson, M. Garvey, J. Cahill, E. Britt, L. Cooley. First Year French Seated-J. Oleson, M. Olanyk, H. Darling, C. Tiffany, B. Clark,. D. Britt, B. Reed, B. Goodell. Standing- K. Garvey, B. Knowlton, E. Allen, B. French, C. Soller, M. Hobart, . J. Gibson. page forty-nine ! Y AIR SCOUTS R. Aldrich, Scribe, D. Bell, Senior Crew Leader, N. Brown, Deputy SCHIOI' Crew Leader- W. Brown, J. Rogers, A. Warren. Mr. Oliver, Adviser, R. Greanier, S. Sullivan, R. Munroe, P. White, R. Pearson. PROJECTIONIST CLUB R. Crossman, R. Heald, Vice Pres., D. Bart- lett, S. Wales, Sec. and Treas.g B. White, Pres. Page My First row- R. Ames, B. Capen, C. Staab, B Lovell, Mr. Swift, Adviser Back row-L Musante, D. Montague, J. Aldrich, N. Roco N- Sawin, PFOQFHIU M3StCfl R. Pearson. CHORUS Around Drum -J. Oleson, B. Nanartonis, B. Ives Large semi-circle - N. Sawin, Mr. Schuler, J MaJor, R. Whitney, W. Cole, J. Gibson, C Soller, R. Horst, P. White, D. Ames, W. Kennedy, H. Carey. X W5 First row - A. Ewell, S. Montgomery, C. Magoon, C. Soller, R. French, C. Tiffany, "Pop" Schuler, H Darling R Goodell D Britt P. Royce, M. Kennedy. Second row- H. Utley, P. Davenport, B. Daykins, P. Pelletier, F. Nichols,.T. Bridgjes,.M. Elder, J. Cadi- M D ' gan, . uval, K. White, C. Vlhite, L. Cooley, S. Nutter, E. White, R. Carey, Secretary, A. White, B. Clark. Third row- K Clifford, J. Cahill, R. Nelson, S. Greene, M. Coyne, J. Plaza, A. Fitts, B. Rogers, J. Murray, B. Knowlton, D. Martell, J. Olanyk L. Eddy, A. Day, T. Everson, B. Ives. Fourth row -R. Ames, J. Blaisdell, J. Beebe, L. Baj, D. Elder, P. Surprenant, D. Parsons W. Cole, B. Capen, D. Ames, A. Warren, P. White, R. Roys, D. Montague, B. Whitney. Back row - J. Wescott, J. Shay, R. Brown C. Mannheim, M. Burke, D. Bartlett, N. Cole, L. Potter, W. Kennedy, R. Tyburski, A. Vickowski, T. Cornish, D. Maia. BAND Around Drum S. Montgomery, J. Oleson, B. Nanartonis, B. Ives, A. Ewell Back row- W. Cole, J. Gibson, C. Soller, R. Horst, P. White, D. Ames, W. Kennedy, H. Carey. T. Cornish. Page iffy-one LJ 1 ,J w l Bob so Cavle Edek Ll Eddy Sake Chic froff' wav" B Sinkie 05 Page iffy-two mi Gly! t ,. Q 1 L I FT. F' Q 13 A x 'P' f. Y C 950 A 1 :ill 1 - ' x-,. J ,--' J7 . ' 7 , ,f , 1000 Page fi f ty-three ,v FOOTBALL THE Hurricanes started off their 1950 season with a bang under the direction of a new football coach, Mr. McDonough. In the first two games of the season Amherst trampled both South Hadley and Arms Academy with the scores of 14 to O and 26 to 6 respectively. Then there was the very close and hard fought battle with a much stronger Ware eleven, Amherst coming out on the bottom with a score of 14 to 6. At this point injuries started to cripple the Hurricanes and they bowed to three very strong teams - Classical, Ludlow, and Palmer. In the backfield there were such stars as Jake Matuszko, Bill Joy, George Cavanaugh, and quarterback Dave Beebe. In the line there were Bob Carruthers and Tom Eddy holding down the ends with Jim Coyne and Charles Mannheim next to them. Then there was, of course, "Little Nick" Roco weighing 280 pounds who played a good game at guard, and helping him out on the other side of the line was Ed Waskiewicz. Don Maia also played a hard game at his center position. it SCHEDULE 1949 - 50 . Amherst Opponent South Hadley 14 0 Arms Academy 26 5 Ware 6 14 Classical 0 31 Ludlow 0 32 Palmer 6 27 N Orange 0 0 Deeriield Academy 12 5 3 Wins 4 Defeats 1 Tie F I l i 3 i 1 I 1 l l I First row - R. Carruthers? E. Avery X, R. Daley X, G. Cavanaugh 'Q H. Matuszko t, VV, joy ff, R' Sullivan 4 T Mcliernmie 4 i T. Eddy Waskiewiczt. Second row - Coach McDonough, R. Heald 'Q J. Szymkowicz R D. Beebe, J, Coyne A, Vickowski E Q C. Mannheim, D. Maia, Coach Williams. Third row - R. Drake, G. Keegan, W. Dzuiba, E. Boynton, A. Warren T Knightly P 1 ' ' ' Cavanaugh, R. Pearson t. Fourth row - Manager Turner. l I Q 1 i I l Page Jiffy-f0ur Q S .Q Y X N 4 A 'K X NX Q . RN" 51' vllafxc' P' 9 4 N X X' wx, gf., .Mmm-...,. s,..z.:,w6m . 5 , 1 Amherst vs Classical Page fff!J'!YU6 " ' , f' f . 7 ,Vg .1 . , . V fwfffv .. '. 9 Wy' J . S' N , ' Ai' 4 -.n x f 1,-,im fw ,Aw , ,- Q, ' -. xg' 'z'-fl ' f. gf-,fy-, ii, i 1 af "Q ,. ., x J A -, f' vm 4, 1. -5 -' ' 3:0551 ' VZ..-'g:-I A Zffz ff' ff- 1 ,, ., , - . , ,. 5gf..2.,,,.. ,, 2, k .... A U, V ...g f I X ' I Y ' ff f A fl, ' A , j ' t Wkgbfwf via' ff M" MN' f, - an WWW - ,-f M W . 2 vi. W . M MWMW V, Q ,Q A ffvfwmggfw 'f " 2... ' fwgffi , ,fm ,,,1. ' -' U' . ve -,W 6 , , , f 1 'Ms' wg X, . , 2,1 . - A H : ,f . " ,, 1,-fL?'fi-Mak, , . . Q , , f , 1 133. . ' V, 1 Z. " M 'W J , '4Xmf,fvw,,1Z V ' S . Q ,, X , f , w n,, ,.4!, .ff9v,,0gagf ,,,, Ah. . fx , x 1 f V 6 Qmv v. Wy'2'0W.1 234 ' - V1 'X aT?'?'3 ' 1 Q40 W ' W7 ,'f'v-gm af - '3f?1fz'fYufM J-2' 1 k K- - U Q . . ' f 'g 'W 2 Q gn-J,"f 'f4':,M ,mfwz q QW A 1. , l,w'1Q"f1'QzffLxf, Z' M '1 ' , ' x K-W T, KV 5 f U? Q .Al 'f'fe'KW53f Q44-4:14 W 5244-'ff' ff :.'f ' .,72 : . .f avsmg:-'W , QfM,w1M,4 fy. 2.3 4314,-. 52,11 4 W - - m u5a.7ssi5,..2g,g-.X ix 5 :Q 5 wfggg ,gy .diy Dec. Jan. Feb Feb. 28, Ludlow Mar. 3, South Hadley 36 31 Mar. 4, Athol 48 34 Scores of Western Mass. Tournament Games BASKETBALL MUCH can be said about our basketball team, although the scores of the past season may not readily reflect the team's fine material. The only reason they should have lost any of their games was lack of teamwork, and that is the very thing that plagued the A.H.S. squad all through their up-and-down season. It is unfortunate that they did not have an undefeated season, since the Daley, Joy, Matuszko, Eddy, and Moran combination was superior to any of their opponents. Their potential scoring strength was unquestionably apparent in their games with Arms and Smith Academies, Orange, and their final gamewith St. Michaels. What the squad lacked in teamwork, however, they made up in individual performance, Bill Joy, pacing his teammates as one of the 'high scorers in the Hampshire League. Superior ball-playing, rejuvenated teamwork, and an abundance of spirit led Captain Eddy and his boys to capture the Small High School Tournament held at the University of Mass., riding hard over Ludlow, South Hadley, and Athol. The members of the squad found the meaning of teamwork, realizing that five men was a better winning combination than just one or two. Also it must be remembered that the first five men received much help from such worthy reserves as Jack Sadowski, Tom Moran, and Ed Waskiewicz. If any of the players from this year's club go on to play college ball, I'm sure we can ex- pect great things from them. Our hats off to the boys that made up one of the finest A.H.S. basketball squads in many years. SCHEDULE 1949 - 1950 Amherst Opponent 34 38 17, Hopkins 20, Smith School 36 27 6, South Hadley 38 42 10, Arms Academy 58 34 13, Orange 62 29 17, Smith Academy 70 35 20, St. Michael's 47 48 24, Deerfield 50 43 27, Hopkins 42 46 31, Smith School 57 29 3, Deerfield 37 48 1 10, south Hadley 39 47 1 14, Arms Academy 66 26 17, Orange 55 49 21, Smith Academy 62 25 24, St. Michael's 69 39 Totals 822 605 E Amherst Opponent 55 47 Page fifty-six 1 5 I i , A A 9 B f 33 .lm I1 6 ,W , .. ,, a Y if W ...W ,. gf, '1- , "-.. ' F 'fL- BASKETBALL First row - R. Moran, R. Daley, H. Matuszko, T. Eddy W. Joy Second row- Manager Watts, J. Sadowski, T Moran, N. Brown, A. Vickowski, Coach Williams. Page iffy-seven IGW SWIMMING THE Amherst High School swimming team, ably COHCTICC1 by Joe ROQCYS, had HUOUICF ' f the team. In the excellent year but, as usual, there were very few candidates out Or Western Counties Tournament the Collegetown swimmers finished in second place. They ' ts. Don Bell took nine of the thirteen gold medals awarded and finished first in four even received one first place, in this event, breaking his own breaststroke record of last gear. Ig . . . t the Fourth State Meet, at Gardner, the team came through again, winning one rs an. finishing third in the state. In the New England Meet, held at the University of Connecti- cut, the Collegetowners placed fifth for New England honors. When looking at the swimming team's record it is truly amazing that they have done so well against the much greater competition of the larger schools. Especially noteworthy of this year's team has been the speed of the relay team and the all-around skill of Don Bell. SWIMMING TEAM First row- C. Howard, R. Ames, D. Montague, R. Staab. Second row - L. Potter W. Kennedy G. Bigelow, D. Bell, N. Brown, D. Ames. Third row-Coach Rogers M Burke ,R Fessenden, N. Cole. ' ' ' ' ' SWIMMING RELAY TEAM N. Cole, L. Potter, G. Bigelow, W. Kennedy, D. Bell N, Brown P I Page fifty-eight 1 A 142 "I5'i'3 39 2 rf raw " af? at ,, , k,, I V I A I , I iv .. . .,,f if f ""2 "" Ay X -781-X ' Et, 4' J 2 " ' ' ' , 72. 2 ,Ig ..,,Xf N., K ' " I K'-f55:,:m.,1 ,,k ' ' lf A A " ' , My A . 1 W4-Pew. .. 1 c . . f W VVI' E' M -hTQ7M"A.,1,7f! , b X I . wi ' .. '- H' E f A i i 3 1 - tl if if , l A Y A X ' ,.,A. " . - ' ,f ' .,1 ' ' 4.2 5.1 ', - 1 .33 1 ' F' .. f P " -1 A f ! .f ,. . 1 " ,fr 5 11? i f T .. . 1 ,, X,. ..t. 1' ',f- A"' A 'V lf , ' if X M .'fA' A ,f af ,,,. ,EV Wk I G . ,S VV . 0 , J. i':1 A .ff is . f i,. A c 1 A ' A 1 if 1 1" . , 1 ., : lql' ..., .. Vlyk L l 4 'A x , A 1 BASEBALL SCHEDULE 1950 1 1 "EEE - . 1 , , EQ l" 'f'- ""1 9 - " .M 1 if, ,y April 24 Deerfield at Amherst ,ee 2 ' 27 Amherst at Smith s School 5 May 4 Amherst at Smith Academy 8 Arms Academy at Amherst 11 Amherst at Hopkins Acad. w A 1 S lg .,.' t,: . Q - 1' 15 Amherst at St. M1chael's . ' 1 rrtt 1' 18 Amherst at Deerfield m i fi V " . - , c,..q9 ., - 1- 5 4 i J une XX 'f , 'fr - , J" f if ... . is ,crlc f 5 5 ' 2 '-.'. 2. . .,.V. . ' C32 , t . A A , 2 A KAV4 ,,.,,. I,.,A- 1 -K 151 : :"7 ffl ' Q s ,f .f 22 29 1 5 8 X Smith School at Amherst Smith Academy at Amherst Amherst at Arms Academy Hopkins Acad. at Amherst St. Michael's at Amherst P 17. V -...Na 4. I 2 x. 4 t it 2.2 Q1 yz' W g 1. 2 , 2 2 ff is gy, 4 1 X K sw f , xx , K., f s is 'Y B. .-.N ,,g,m v 4 r -L in 2 , ix 'W "r. 4 2 .54 " 'V k rfa' . 2 , L !,.. Wim? H3444 First row- A. Vickowski, W. Kershlis, N. Coach Williams, R. Ansaldo, R. Page. S. Brown, R. Daley, J. Sadowski, T. McKemmie, W. Joy, R. Heald, T. Moran. Second row- W. Bartos, W. Cole, R. Davis, J. Coyne, T. Cornelius, D. Beebe,J.Sull1van. Yhzrd row- Wales. Page fifty-rl ine GIRLS BASKETBALL FIRST TEAM Firsl row Cseafedj M. Kolasinski, R. Horst, M. Hassan, T. Kolasinski, B. A. Stowell, B. McKemmie. Second row Cstandingj Miss Lawson, coach. F. Kielbasa, J. Murray, M. Dickens, J. Hartman, R. Rogers, P. Pierce. manager. 1949-1950 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Dec. 13 Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb Feb Feb Feb 1st team 2nd team Orange Away 35 18 Amherst 31 30 Greenfield Here 16 24 Amherst 18 18 Hopkins 14 13 Amherst Away 24 18 S. Deerfield Here 15 9 Amherst 31 16 Hatfield Away 20 Amherst 30 Hatfield Here 19 Amherst 34 Greenfield Away 27 16 Amnerst 14 8 SECOND TEAM 521.3236 Here 22 15 First row-M. Tufts, H. Cary, J. Whittemore, E. Oleson, M. Baker. Miss m erst 24 11 Lawson, coach. Second row-C. Morton, manager, A. White, D. Webb, Hopkins Here 10 14 B. Nanartonis, A. Bazara, E. Fitts, J. Warren, J. Major, F. Paddock. AIT11'16I'St 36 20 Absent - M. Siroskey. Girls Win 7 Out Of 9 FROM December through February found the girl hoop- sters bringing in the wins for Amherst, with seven vic- tories and only two losses, to set the best record ever made by local femmes. Much credit goes to Miss Lawson, an ardent sports fan and an A-1 player in her own right. Coach Law- son sparked the team to win as well as kept them busy on the floor whenever the gym was available. Page sixty nl1..i.1., ,,,, N.. Nestle, B. Jelski, L. White, T. Ennis, J. Hartman, M. Hassan, R. Rogers, B. McKem- mie, Captain. CHEERLEADERS THIS year's cheer team will long be remembered for the many new cheers and songs introduced and for their effective routines in leading rooting sections. They added color to every game. One of their most popular num- bers is printed below: SWISH SWISH I III Swish, swish, There goes our quintet now, Pass, pass! There goes the ball to Jake. Hoy, hoy! Their gonna show 'em how. Catch, catch! Then watch Sadowski's fake Boy, boy! They got their man, man, man. Zig, zig! It goes from Bill to Bob. Hey, hey! They can, they know they can. Zag, zag! And Eddy does his job. II IV When they dribble down the floor, Dick he takes it off the board, We know that they're all right. ' And sends it down the floor. And they'll toss it in for score, Someone hoops it up and in, And they'll beat anybody here tonight. And the crowd starts yelling, MORE!!! MORE!!! CRepeat lst partj Page sixty-one :- X X f Tomorrow - The Future Qi, I I ii f , xx Q MILESTON E IN AVIATION ,M 'S Invention of practical aircraft enables average U.S. n family to make regular trans-continental flights. """ I V V- '- Q - A 55" 2 I 1 D -Q--vi A aa-:ge-.5 QQ Q Q M -.,,...-I--app, Page sixty-tw 9 QQQ ,QP 0 A9 A9 gl " V wi' -l r P Q, 2--'Q WPA Q 9325 Q Ofc Qfo Ono O A T 1 Q :J fQ.4:'nn Qi? C127 4 f O ll 'if 90 f X , ff, G95 L. f A. lf ff f 1 I I 5 . up QMCKRY 5 nf! LNB?-4: + J' TE 'L - O Q 0 , J X X0-5' 5' 'WS ' f f'5UcA1.o , Si my FQ? OO O W Pg GOO ,:. 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A college recognized by the American Council on Education, the American Medical Association, and the Board of Regents of the state of New York. The home of the Model Congress-a popular feature which annually attracts high school students from all over New England. The opportunity to get your degree while living at home. The amount saved can be applied toward graduate work or for starting in a business. A good chance for a scholarship. Some high ranking students will be awarded scholarships if recommended by their principals. No quota system. Page sixty-nine LITHOGRAPHERS YEAR BOOK PRINTERS FINE . COLOR . WORK L VALLEY LITHO COMPANY Tel. 2-1839 100 WATER STREET HOLYOKE 2 : MASS. AILE ,QI-JO CONSULTING PRINTING SERVICE YEAR BOOKS . TEXTBOOKS INSTRUCTION MANUALS JOHN E. SNOW Tel. 2-1341 15 Chapman Avenue HOLYOKE - MASS Page seventy -1 . , .x Q , I 9 Qncorporczfecf 1864 K XL ,L SAWNGS ,x.,A "" X' . f , . as 0 : Bwftv X' A ,H - an snarlzqv me fe-.21 M ,ea N , .. , .k FRED H HAWLEY A ROBERT S MORG N HERM F AGE AM HERST' MASSACHUSETTS Regular Deposits, Christmas Club, Vacation Club, Purpose Club. Life Insurance Surplus S2,423,264.01 Assets S518,508,521.99 Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Ice Cream, Soda 8: Cand QUA Cl Y Compliments of . . LITY FRUIT STORE Next to Amherst Theatre" ADAMS' DAIRY FINE CLASS RINGS ANNOUNCEMENTS AWARDS J OS TE 'S Since 1897 Representative: Chet Thompson 100 Donbray Road Springfield, Massachusetts Page seven ty-one AMHERST SHOE REPAIR CO. Shoe Shining and Repairing John Mientka, Prop. 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AMHERST THEATRE d Tel. 'Z9l 161 No. Pleasant St. TOWN HAZ? THEATRE ESTERBROOK'S FOUNTAIN PENS Compliments of . . . S200 Twenty Different Pen Points 35g each HERCULES CLEANERS A. J. HASTINGS Newsdealer 81 Stationer Amherst Mass THE JEFFERY AMHERST MUSIC SHOP THE JEFFERY AMHERST BOOKSHOP G. E. MASTERKRAF T -- TORRIDHEET OIL BURNERS Complete Oil Burner Service Socony Gas and Oil Bottled Gas for Cooking G. E. and Kelvinator Refrigerators Electric Ranges and Appliances AMHERST Tel. 999 Tel. 945 OIL CO. 321 Main Street Page seven ty-ive' The Finest and Most Modern -f If it,s photographic " Dairy Bar - SEE -- SHUMWAY'S THE TILLEY CAMERA SHOP Ice Cream . . .Sandwiches . . .Soups BREAKFASTS 60 Ma1n St. - Amherst Hot and Cold Drinks Kodak Ansco DUPOU-t - Service to you by our local students - Amherst - Open daily 7 A.M. - 12 P.M. And other leading Lines 'Me 0645 771416 Gifts Q9 Original Crafts S. S. Pierce Table Delicacies Telephone 256 North Amherst, Mass. R. L. BATES NO. AMI-IERST MASS. K. L. 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E L D E R C O A L C O M P A N Y PHONE 20 TEL' 932 Meadow St. North Amherst LARGEST VARIETY OF COLLEGE ICES WITH HOME MADE ICE CREAM ' Milk Shakes WILFRED R. TOY Delicious Snacks Director Frappes 87 No. Pleasant St. : : AIT!-h6l'Bt Q COLLEGE CANDY KITCHEN, INC. Page seventy-seven fs MI all F1 Pl "I fl .I J J J I I J I l A L II Q I 1 I fl J Il J I I 1 l ,Il fl l .Nm 'I 'I .x :pl .,I QI Q1 QI Q1 I fl 1 1 fl I 1 1 Page eighty N ,I il , l 1 1 I ll 1 I I I K - b 1 1 1 1 1 all W I

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