Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA)

 - Class of 1949

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Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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3 B 1 GJ - cj c cj ' 0-5 GJ 0-h 1,4 , 4 p 4 4 4 A 4 A 4 Q4- 4 ,- CJ 4 2.5 1 C4 f 0-h C-I J C-I : C-U: c I-li c -1,1 C-U J C-Ml: C-If .J cg' A .uf c JG CK cf cf C12 af 1 rn 3 5 '3 2, l , QD A, 9 ,,.J 4. ' .i A -J Ni Qi Ci W D 3 Q4 Q 3 Cir Q53 cgi? GJ ga cf 3 H1 Q 3 3 3 3 CID G 3 of 9 1' F 4 f 3 3 1 C is if P D fi 3 Q S-1 Q G.: 3 2 Q D Q Q 2 .2 'T Ein ARTDIEB uv AN CE D - ,- Sciwd GU, el-st aaesrifma' HM' P151 emherst, Mass' .,1. .y,. - 1QlQf1QE'!XE1ifiSiihM"N uf! f f 4 4 1 w 9 gal I s 'v '91 I w J., V. fl ,YY 'vu-2' 3 ,,,r,,5vAM:,.:,,.3 NMC-If A ' L,.,A:ii' 'gif' , ' ' f f l"4 f ' I ' H ' fggg,-. , V' ' 19Y'?Z V 51- . ' , 1 , I 'l 4 i ' ' J Q A ,A 'S i N y .M .dl , 9' ' ' if ' ' as 1 h A Q1 2 :Mg , A 4' iw.. h . ' - A- La, Ka,..f,a.' "Y fzf. .' U 1. x L' 4 7 j, 5 54? M ' I 'till V: I 1-rf Mr' ,M - V , K , w.. vw-K -. .Nimr- GOLDBUG Amherst High School Avi" ' "VA, 1' V 1, QG0ld Rush Editionj - 1949 - A WARNING ACK in '49 hundreds of men were pushing westward because the magic words "There's gold in them thar hills" had spread to the farthest corners of the country. Now in '49, one hundred years later, we know there's still gold in thelhills- not the gold that fills coffers and leads men to murder and covet and steal-but the gold that means youth and laughter, the gold that spells happiness in dreams come true, the gold we dig, not out of dirt, but out of inspiration. This is a warning to those to whom gold means only metal. Read no further. What we picture within these pages is one golden thread from out the web of time - a golden memory of 1949. Page four -J ,S 3 ,J 1 23 ? 3 3 13 33 9 3 3 9 9 3 3 3 O 9 9 3 3 3 9 3 Q D 9 Q Q 9 9 9 D ,Q ,Q Dedication 4 .ifIE .xg , Miss Ruth Oldfield Page five In Friendship EW' K- M Cadet, User' R M gs,XN' anlleg 3026 t' A70 PS' 00961-5- STAFF Editors: Walter Cutler Features: Classes: Amanda Rogers Mary Dorsey Helen Ames k Business Managers Anne McKeeman A ' 5 une Wysoc I Robert Mannett Art Staff: Kenneth Moser XWinifredGCornelius C1 b 3 incent iannetti Dwighil Eamon Ad Staff Winthrop Jarvis Janet Roche Barbara Cobbs Robert Joy Roy Johnson Spoffs: Walter Kinder Circulation: Edwin Hot-St Edystard Lyman Ruth Avery Janet Stoughton Philip Mitchell Vera Bacon D Nancy Sears Miss Furgeson, adviser First Row: J. Roche, H. Ames, A. McKeeman, Miss Furgeson, M. Dorsey, N. Sears, V. Bacon. Second Row P. Mitchell, J. Stoughton, A. Wysocki, B. Cobbs, B. Ostrowski, R. Avery, V. Giannetti. Third Row E Ly man, R. Johnson, R. Joy, E. Horst, D. Damon, W. Jarvis. Page six 3 3 -3 1? -3 5 33 '2 D 3 D 3 3 3 3 TJ 3 9 3 9 3 Q 3 Q D 9 D Q Q 2 9 9 9 , Contents Foreword page four Dedication page five Staff page six F aeulty page nine Classes page thirteen Activities page thirty-five Sports page fortyfive Advertisements page fiftyfive OLD TIMERS :A Q? , W 4 A MK Q I 7 W, wk ' A ff' A A .X -?"" if' LV V , , H ' f ' -- f ff' sf 1 Q ...rf K v 43 , , M 3, -v Y: ny s ,gym I, V 1 x , , I. K h X Sl V l' ws , . - :fy . 'P' V-S4i'? fd A 21 ,,..p ' "" -'A- Jai Q ef, . - ,, 1 SN 'M M J . .0 ,, ,,,H5: ' 1, Q1 - 4, J- 'ff W, -fi" m Wt ' 25 -01 V., ,JK if , 1 1 1,1 . - 'fra Q - - 'f V , .C Q., gg -.5 A ps- 1 5' , ' xx .wj1.:ij'if13 an 3 ' ' X 'xg -4 , ' ' y ' XX :X 31 Q ef ff' ' ' a :J X -- -nv H I Q , .xs A L. , , a N , , 1 ff ' " -1 1 8' A '-.4 Elf A 'wf wwikx x " ' , ' Wai?-X 9 -1 'Jig' ' g. Page eight x N. FACULTY A fs eak 70 10,-, 'If + u f '9 .W ,Q.'fq"x'5 ff TZWQ 5 5 C FW 'nf fx L.. P 2 Page nine 'X 6 gf- A 3" QQ? S Q ' 1 Ctbbyu .- X f rv:-if Kingsley A. Perry, Principal PRINCIPAUS MESSAGE TO THE STUDENTS CLASSES and homework - sports and acti- vities - declensions, formulae, equations, historical dates and rules of punctuation - election of officers, and gossip in the corri- dors H all these and much more have been the stuff of your high school education. Your parents and your teachers have worked that you might learn, have striven that you might profit, have sacrificed that you might achieve. Through it all We hope you have glimpsed the promise of American Life, too often dimly seen by young and old alike in the tumult of daily living. To maintain the promises and achievements of free speech and press, of free Worship and belief, of free education and opportunity, pause now and then to consider Whether your acts and decisions are ones of which you can be proud. As an individual and as a citizen you are pledged to strengthen and advance the best that is promised in our way of life. Do your part. Kingsley A. Perry Beverly Reynolds, Secretary Page ten Ruth Brown English John Connolly Social Sludies Robert Domina Induslrial Arts Betty Jane Donley Lalin A ' x fi ii ,Q X'J' A If N iwrwl ' 4 gf' xx' .. , ,ff L - N ,i safe , mel , , f v .Q 'A paw, 4 -f .1 Vp li T, ll... A 'Saw W ' A Q.. 'fgi garlic S f fl .mi ai r lf. x ,ff i , X 1 . Q S w Y if K H I , 45: i A-:se 1 ll. I . :,,, -lily' . i .WJ 4 1,-5-ig . YW- . . o n " jiri 2, . P J "E-1 ' 5, ,- J- , ' .3 Ya ' X , 4 3 , NX if " ,, 5 f, 'fee f gp 'MN is ,, , 7 ,Sift ' -5 X if ii f 7 Q Q ,ips in f-s Y., ., ,Ml 3 : .V Iwi .X ,kg ' '15 V I , if 'PI -X eh if A 513 'li ' 5 . 5' M Q 1 A - . . ze ,. '-' N , - K, Isabel Field Doris Kraus Social Sludies Physical Educalion Page eleven l Eleanore Fillmore Guidance Elizabeth Foley A Commercial Dorothy Furgeson English - Irene Hale Commercial Donald Lacroix Biology IN" Philip Marshall A Marie Rafferty Social Studies l Q Aff lr ,,. K, Q f, he l Q 2 ws If, S ' H ll' M , S ' xg, f S Ruthfgy,g0gC,,,,0m,.Cs ,456 he Self? 1 ff 42: 5 N, if 3, Shirley Moffissey Antonetta Romano Commercial French ",: 1 "'l ""l' I , fm Q I fa-f.4lfflg,gg4r'f'eg,4www , 'f Ruth Oldfield 3 X L . Q J. Clement Schuler Mathematics 5 24X f .V Musrc 7 wc In 5 . H S Y I ., l A lfg W- .W mar 'jf 1.34 Edifh Pim1i?k . Clifford Oliver Arthur Swift George Williams Social .Sludies Physics n Chemislry Physical Education Page Iwelue P' 1 3 I1 If If 2' 52' 21 '1 CT 2? 'fr C-r 'Y Sr Z 'T 'Y '1' 55 3 E24 21 gl el' C . gn? Ci C C-' 3 D 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 Q 3 3 3 3 LD 9 3 2 3 3 Q Q 3 3 3 3 9 9 3 3 mqgw Q X , ll-T P ih'l CLASS OF 1949 FOR the last time in their high school career, the members of the class of 1949 have entered the halls of A. H. S. Yet, they are not to be forgotten with the closing of the last classroom door for the year. For the "49"ers have left an impression, marked and sealed, upon this high school. The active spirit and force of the class of 1949 have become evident during these last three years through its participation in clubs and activities as well as in sports events. The chorus, science club, and Stu- dent Council have taken many of their members from this class. For more than half the year the Pro Merito society was active with a membership of seniors only. The debating group was made up almost entirely of "49"ers. Indeed, the class of 1949 has well earned the privilege of graduating from Amherst High School! Vincent Giannetti, vice-presidenlg Joseph Rogers, presidentg Phillip Mitchell, secretary-treasurer, Miss Oldfield adviser. Page fourleen "-37' fr HARVEY D. ALLEN "Harve" Future Plans: New England Aero Tech. f Activities: Graphic, 1: Air Scouts, 1,2, In-,,,.,,,,,,.,,, .A,.: ,,,,,.,,,,, , ,J ..., , ,F s, Football Manager, 3: Swimming, 1, 2,3. tl A Q4 R HELEN ELIZABETH AMES "Amsie" g Future Plans: College. '-X jf Activities: French Club, 1,2,3g Tri-S, W 1,2,3: Goldbug: Class Play Commit tee, 2: Chorus, 1,2,3: Girls' Sports, 1 Swimming, 1. RUTH ELIZABETH AVERY "Rufus" Future Plans: College. Activities: Graphic, 3, Pro Merito, 2, ' 3, French Club, 1,2,3g Social Studies , Club, 1,23 Tri-S, 1,2,3g Goldbug: Class Play, 2: Interclass, 1,25 Girls' Sports, 1,23 Swimming, 2. 1 7 ,J . 1 'M' I .1 w , .nfs eil I ,9,,f is'e . ' .4 . Ii , . Egfsgzxw. V V ' I ., X ,f '- ' 3 fi 3' ,.,, 4 A 1 g uj - , 4' J g 1 . , I f KM. , in ., , is A I VERA MAE BACON Qgw ffpuvyu ,,,, f Future Plans: Secretary. ' :1A" ,Q f,,, . Activities: Tri-S, I.2,3: Goldbugg Class ' ' ' st sf.. 4.3 V 1 .1 A, ,5 I cw M, 1, ,en . . ' M 444 I X 4, Q 1, fi MARILYN RUTH BAILEY "Marilyn" Future Plans: College. Activities: French Club, 1,2,3g Class Play, 1,33 Chorus, 1,2,3p Swimming, 1. ROBERT BARRETT "Bob" Future Plans: College. Activities: Graphic, 2,3 Ceditorjg French Club, 2,3: Hi-Y, 33 Class Play, 2. Transfer from Deerfield Academy, 2. MARGARET E. BARRY ' 'Margaretn Future Plans: College. Activities: Pro Merito, 2,3: French Club, 2,3, Junior Red Cross, 2. JOHN GORDON BICKFORD 1 1' ':-,. 32,Gfif?5'E!f:-'. "John" Play, 25 Ch0fllS, 1,2.3. r f.5"33:?:ff'fff55:35f:: Future Plans: Undecided. Page ffteen BARBARA ELIZABETH BLAIR "Bobbie" Future Plans: College. Activities: French Club, 2: Tri-S, 1,2 tvice presidentJ 3, tpresidentbg Class Play, 3: Chorus, 1,33 Girls' Sports, 3. DOROTHY ANN BLUNDELL "Dabbie" Future Plans: College. Activities: Graphic, 1,2,3 teditorlg Pro Merito, 2,39 Student Council, 1: Debate, 2,33 Junior Red Cross, 1: Social Studies Club, 2: Tri-S, 1,2,3: Class Vice President, 2: Class Play, 2: Interclass Play, 1,2: Band, 1,2: Girls' Sports, 1,2: Swimming, 2. HENRY EDWARD BOULANGER ll Future Plans: Undecided. Activities: Class Secretary-Treasurer, 1,2: Baseball, 2: Swimming, 1,2,3. JOAN CAROL BRIDGES "Bridge" Future Plans: Nursing. Activities: Student Council 2: French Cliub, 2,35 Tri-S, 1,2,3: Girls' Sports, ,459 43 6 2 Q . 2, 4 Ewan .V fi 3? -15 W jak: if 1 . , ff q 'Q Q I Q ' Q fc fj'45V66,2 415 .fa ffh 5 'Q,r"s MW-w -,4,fi4E5sv 6 Iiiiiwf ", x-54 sf' :gif-73 45 ,.,, , V, k Q -, Ae . 'J' V4 5 "f'f '. . ty s 4 Y U' QW F' Q it G Page sixteen IR rl" L, . '5 CYNTHIA JANE CHILDS ucindyn Future Plans: College. Activities: Tri-S, 1,2,3: Class Play, 3: Chorus, 1,2,3g Girls' Sports, 2. DORIS RILLA CLARK uDotn Future Plans: Waves. BARBARA COBBS "Cobbsy" Future Plans: Nursing. Activities: Graphic, 3: French Club, 1, 2,35 Tri-S, 1,2,3: Galdbugg Chorus, 2, 3: Girls' Sports, 1. WINIFRED LEE CORNELIUS "Fritzi" Future Plans: Colle e. Activities: French Club, 1,2: Tri-S. 1, 2.3: Goldbug: Class Play. l,2,3: Inter- class Plag, 1,2: Chorus, 1: Girls' Sports, 1. . il E' ll- P- ll- 0 9- Nl 1'-tl 0414141 0 ll-ll:-ll-0-4 HHH 2' i' K' D K '.N'A'.f4'4'vN'4'l'-0-L'i'l'll.t' F IU! 3 9 3 9 3 3 9 3 9 3 3 9 D D 3 3 9 IJ 3 O D 9 3 O 9 O 9 9 'D 9 9 9 O 9 'D lo 9 I9 WALTER LEON CUTLER "Walt" Future Plans: College. Activities: Pro Merito, 2,33 Student Council, I Cvice presidentj, Stpresi- dentjg Social Studies Club, 1 tsec- retay-treasurerjg French Club, 2 Csec- retary-treasurerjg Science Club, 3: Hi-Y, 2,3tsecrelc1ryD: Goldbug tco-edi- torjg Class President, 1: Basketball, 1. DWIGHT HILLS DAMON "Dwight" Future Plans: College. Activities: Graphic, 1,2,3 teditorjg Pro Merito, 2,3: Student Council, lg Debate, 1,2,3: Social Studies Club, 25 Air Scouts, 1,23 Hi-Y, 2,3: Goldbugg Science Club, 3 tpresidentjg Class Play, 2: Swimming. NORMA JEAN DAVIS ulspeedn Future Plans: Undecided. Activities: Tri-S, 1 Csecretaryl, 2,3 ttreasurerjg Interclass Play, 1,2: Girls' Sports, 1,2: Cheer Leader,,1,2,3. MARY KATHERINE DORSEY MMG,-y!! Future Plans: College. Activities: French Club, 15 Tri-S, 1, 2,33 Goldbugg Chorus, 1,2.3g Swim- ming, 1. 1 "' , 1 I 125' f g .. rw - ., V xxx .,f. , KE? ggvisgt.-Q fi if ' i. - , S ill ,gy , . i ..,.. f ,Q-:,,gi:,:z 2 - 1 ga S 1 1 . N it , 1 ,sdigbis fi, 'sv 1 gmt? .. . ii Q we We, g ,fwfy 4 'W ,kf 1 sig? ,,,4ifye1 +f 1 s ' i 5,51 f sjiiw jr, 54 4,La?' W. Z! 9 of My ,J , s-94-fu ' 5. sew' efawffl I f kg , ftvsj 5 K ,',' ltwlv ew 1 wifi? 5 ful f 55' gg fr -m 74 1. ,-rspjia .' .3 1' V -: sz 1 fl gf. as fra-..3,r een ,I L ff' -W x' - - , -- .. 1. - Mi... sw :sms af si, " - ,,, , . ,E ,fa . .,,,v,,,wi,-fa at ,, s I f ff! , , lik: V , W lv :X .fflf -as 'Su QW Q22 K? , X 2 ff KM , 0, it 4? 5,1 ' ig fi K ' .tp ., 1 Page seventeen DOROTHY ANN DRAKE uDolIyn Future Plans: Undecided. PAULINE SYLVIA EDDY "Paulic" Future Plans: Northampton Com- mercial College. Activities: French Club, 1: Tri-S, 1,2 3: Chorus, 1,2,3: Girls' Basketball 1,25 Girls' Sports, 1,2. WALTER CARL FELDMAN "Walt" Future Plans: Carpentry. Activities: Football, 2,3. KATHLEEN F. DOUBLEDAY "Kath " Future Plans: Undeciged. Activities: Tri-S, 1,2,3: Chorus, 1,2,3 OLIVER SIMION FLINT, JR. "Ollie" Future Plans: College. Activities: Pro Merito, 2,3 tsecretaryj Science Club, 3: Basketball, 3 tmana- gerl. THOMAS J. GALLAGHER llT0mYl Future Plans: College. Activities: Graphic, 3: Student Coun- cil, 3: Debate, 3: Football, 3. Trans- fer from Lynn English High School Lynn, Mass., 3. HELEN THERESA GARVEY "Helen" Future Plans: Secretary. gctivities: Tri-S, 1,2,3g Girls' Sports, VINCENT J. GIANNETTI "Vinnie" Future Plans: College. Activities: Graphic, 1,2,3 tbusiness managerjg French Club, 2: Projec- tionists, 1,2,3: Social Studies Club, 1, 2: Hi-Y, 2,3: Goldbiigg Class Vice- President, 3: Class lay, 2: Inter- class Play, 1.2. g-IS 1 ,.', .w. 1. -, ,Q W w 1 " A 3 rr ww?-is .f 15 ll ..'L . f X 'V' .-.I-ga Page eighteen AGNES CAROL GOVERS "Carol" Future Plans: College. Activities: French Club, 1,2,3: Junior Red Cross, 23 Social Studies Club, 1: Tri-S, l,2,3g Girls' Sports, 1,25 Swim- ming, 1,2. MARSHALL GUSTIN "Gus" Future Plans: Undecided. Activities: Projectionists, 1,2,3. MARY CUSHING HART LLMary1Y Future Plans: Nursing. Activities: French Club, 2: Social Studies Club, 1: Tri-S, 1,2,3: Girls' Sports, 1. BESSIE LOUISE HAWLEY "Bess" Future Plans: Work. CI C3 'if Cr' ec ef- cis C4- C..- C., C.,- P . 'I zg if gt .Y C 1 Gef- C ,f Ck Cf C ' C, C1 Cn' C-r Q-r C-f Q f-f 5-I C1 f-1 '1 Q1 Q 21 5? -1 ROBERT VEIENON HAWLEY .. ob., Future Plans: Undecided. .J .. ,ov , .. Rf at , 2 , X 5 ag X ff -at .X-kazaa ' ie time Q, seq 11-.:i.:1:'gs Mg , f V-wf .- at 1 , 1:11-:MZ--1112 Inuit-.' igzx 4 aff' 3,f.,2m, 5 5f,.12:qgi:?:5:-l- xi ': :fin .f . . . . . . . 3:ti-,zlgifgfi"'.-'-.-f1?1:i'K-A-:P.Q -FJEQN' Ll c Activities Pro CCtlOI'llStS 1 2 3 sec- ff5i'll'li22' f-iff' 2 J , , , , C retary-treasurerl. CAROL HAWTHORNE a mercial College. Activities: Tri-S, 1,2,3: Chorus, 1,2,3 Swimming, 1. FLORENCEAIQIAJRY HOLDEN 4 a e., Future Plans: Undecided. Activities: Tri-S, 1,2,3. EDWIN ALEJEHRT HORST Future Plans: College. Activities: Gra hic, 1,2,3g Debate, 1, 2,3: French Ciiib, 1,25 Projectionists, 1: Social Studies Club, 1,23 Science Club, 3: Hi-Y, 2,33 Goldbug: Class Play, 2,39 Interclass Play, 1: Chorus, 15 Band, 1,2: Orchestra, 1,25 Swim- ming, 1,2,3. Future Plans: Northampton Com- y 1 vi! , sf-if A 119 '13.5:." fp '11-: 5 ', - tl 5 1 x . I la S , ,R 1 -:href rf? ' as.: J' - 11.12, 4-:fsusgx -fsgsxfevt fa 'llllilf 1' farzfin-is-.kms 1: z vs , 1' . www" . Q' 17 . . Kea? RTW s Y A755 . Q 13 KN it K' K., x , Wy. t, .. M y , : A . rg' fs"??: 1 'it W ,,.' I M,,,,..N , sl , ggi., ,.., lg .I .. 4. 'W Page nineteen PHILIP .IACQUE Ilphilli Future Plans: Undecided. Activities: Projectionists, 2: Football, 3: Baseball, 2.3. SHIRLEY MAE JACQUE l6Jake!! Future Plans: Secretary. Activities: Student Council, 2: Tri-S, 1,2,3g Girls' Basketball, 1,3: Girls' Sports, 1. WINTHROPE W. J. JARVIS usonnyn Future Plans: Massachusetts School of Art. Activities: Graphic, 3: Student Coun- cil, 3: French Club, 23 Social Studies Club, 2: Goldbug: Interclass Play, 1: Chorus, 1. ROY ALFRED JOHNSON ll oy!! Future Plans: College. . Activities: Projectionists, 1,2,3: Air Scouts, 1,2,3 fassistant squadron pi- lotjg Goldbug: Airplane Club, 13 Inter- class Play, 2. ROBERT CgCgLEY JOY .. 0 ., Future Plans: Art School. Activities: Graphic, 1,2,3: Junior Red Cross, 1: Projectionists, 1,2,3: Social Studies Club, 1,23 Air Scouts, 1,2,3g Goldbugg.Airplane Club, 1: Class Play, 3: Interclass Play, 1,21 Chorus, 1: Football, 1,2,3: Baseball, 1,2,3. STANLEY WALTER KIELBASA "Stash" Future Plans: Undecided. Activities: Football, 3. WALTER H. KINDER "Walt" Future Plans: Undecided. Activities: Projectionists, 1,2:Goldbugg Football, 2. BEVERLEY JEAN LASHWAY HBabyll Future Plans: Hairdresser. Activities: Tri-S, 1,Z,3: Chorus, 1,2,3: Girls' Sports, 1,2,3. an A . -..,. ,. 39 3 ' .gf I -me 1 if-ga. 9 4 me . , 'QS 6' l il R' . P 'r A 4 -A-arf '33, is. s L 5 as , Q-A .-.. J .rf + 40" 'H , ,Jn 'A 1 ,J .53 ' K A' 2 rw . .. is W 3 s 2 tl f ft' K 1 xx 7 A Es- .,.. ::s.f. I 5,5f,'fCl Q ' -11,-. ' 1 4 , M461 'L we .40 ,L 1 elk 1 .. . , - , k ka i: rs., -1 'gg 1 . 1' '75, .,-' 5, -fy ': , . i , l i Qf ,Q Wy" S 5 fa R 5' 15' Q 1 iff-in f . Q flfif lb s :E .. r f Q :gs fx! ws 5 Q l if ,gr 'kinks , . ,,:+5,..,., : L I . if-1 f 4 . 1 W l A ff ' Qi' F Us . we L QM -rf ff- ' , UMR. M -W fvf52qr4,AP "'?1'ff'f r 11 'X .x jj.- ffs' .J 'Qtr J.:-3-1-fefgfgieejl A 12. iTAZ.J"CK7se r 1 Ji vgk ' L. 1 Wk,-1 A ,.-,M gi., F 1: vim f 4 Milli, n"wXs'Q v x fs ,- ' , t . , V, ju., all .m m ,V . elm.-2w,Q.Xr .K 'Q ' 'N A . :wif Q .- 1. lea ' . ad? Page twenty az 1 'Q 1- fs, 'Wk MY K xiii, WX. V 1. . 9 , fi-7 JOYCE ANN LASHWAY "Joyce" Future Plans: Undecided. Activities: Graphic, 3. MARION LORRAINE LASHWAY "Marion" Future Plans: Secretarial School. Activities: Graphic, 3: Tri-S, 1,2,3: Chorus, 1. CONSTANCE B. LECLAIR "Connie" Future Plans: Librarian. Activities: Graphic, 3: Tri-S, 1,2,3: Chorus, 1,2,3. MARY AGNES LOVETT "Mary" Future Plans: Undecided. Activities: Tri-S, 1.2.3. .EE C, E1 K1 .1 31 11 C r' , Z'- C. C. , . cv. 'Q cl el c, 'tl ei C C C. C. C. C Ch. C. C. C. C, C. C.. C., C.. C. CM C.. C.. C. C. C.. C.. C.. C... C. 6113 61,3 61.3 Q 1,13 egg ep eg Q ego ep ei, Q ep era eg 9 cj: :QQ cgi: .,l :Jia cp cis cj 9 eg 9 CID cj ep cg Q c, 'Q C' 3 el Q cl 'Q Q el O 39 3: Q 9 , ,Q ,Q fQ f- ps DOROTHY C. LOZOSKI UDOIU Future Plans: College. Activities: Graphic, 33 French Club, 1, 2,31 Social Studies Club, 23 Tri-S, 1, 2,32 Chorus, 2,33 Girls' Basketball, 23 Girls' Sports, 1,2,3. ALBERT FRANK LUCAS HA H Future Plans: Undecided. Activities: Class Play, 23 Baseball, 3. EDWARD HQEVLPARD LYMAN Future Plans: Navy. y v 1 Activities: Graphic, 23 Projectlonlsts, 1,2,3 Cvice presidentjg Goldbugg Class Play, 23 Interclass Play, 1,23 Foot- ball, 1,2,3. NANCY ELEANOR MADDEN "Poopsie" Future Plans: Undecided. Activities: Graphic, 2,31 French Club, 23 Tri-S, 1,2,33 Class Play, 23 Inter- class Play, 23 Chorus, 1,2,33 Girls' Basketba 1, 33 Girls' Sports, 1,2,'3. . sf Ti? -tj 1, Q5 4 ma, ll' 8- .4 . 3 M 9 ,R Y ist .,.X. .2 .fig ,r w N , A. ,ig as if V - firms . 3 ' f 52510. 'T-i ::m.g'l X . fm ' .iff es A Y : .:,k. X --f.-cliffs-ff ' .3 s. QQEM 3 3.3.5, . sw nif- l .se s f f 'tif -Ns f f .. N . ,ii is ggi' 'li Q :Gftl:s.QZ.3, ' W f ,xi 3 get we .. e ,fi . fwf- it ' ville ' u se . 3 - ar ff' . is at Z, f t I 4 532 Q ss is 5 f bf 1 5153 3, x .. 5 mi., . , 1 1 A . fy I X x.. . .al V il. 35,-, ,e 5, 3, A 1 vw Z ,Qi M S45 1 53 f 1,4 1 Y XSPQ I? I V ' mg ' V ,lf .. H ,,,, . 'A " ' V' x ' Z 9 M ' I , E' l 'ffl' . 'flfg 'mf b Page twenty-one ROBERT ALLAN MANNETT llB0bl! Future Plans: Navy. Activities: Graphic, 1,2,33 Goldbug I lbusiness managerjg Class Play, 23 Interclass Play, 1. JOHN RICHARD MANNHEIM "Shorty" Future Plans: College. Activities: Pro Merito, 2,33 Student Council, 2 tvice-presidentbg French Club, 2g Social Studies Club, 23 Sci- ence Club, 33 Hi-Y, 2,3 Cpresidentjg Class Play, 23 Basketball, 1,2,33 Football, 2,33 Baseball, 1,2,3. ANNE ELIZABETH MCKEEMAN . "Anne" Future Plans: College. , Activities: Student Council, 3 Cvice- g presiden03 French Club, 2 tvice- E presidentb, 3 CpresidentJ3 Junior Red I Cross, 13 Tri-S, 1,2,33 Goldbug3 Class l Play, 23 Girls' Basketball, 2,33 Girls' 1 Sports, 1,22 Swimming. lg Cheer- I i leader, 1,2,3. E I i PHILIP HERBERT MITCHELL HP i !7 Future Plans: College. Activities: Pro Merito, 2,32 Student Council, 13 Debate, 33 French Club, 33 Science Club, 33 Hi-Y, 23 Class Secretary-Treasurer, 33 Class Play, 2. DAVID JAMES MOAT "Dave" Future Plans' Aviation 1 .uk Activities: A1r Scouts, 1.2. aqmhh A ' . ' iee 'Q 5 ,Q H P 6 1: G-+1 if . 7 J fs-PN 'f'q- ' , fxf 53502: fb Q' .. -.,- 52112911 i 3,: , fJfl' A ' ., 1 IRVING CHARLES MORTON l.,ff.:Qr3Sl , sfffffl' A A 1 S , f . Q di Fufufe P 111118 - Army- ififlr A " will KENNETH AA11I.TQN MOSER Future Plans: College. Activities: Graphic, 33 Student Coun c1l, 1,2 ttreasurerjg French Club, 1,2 Social studies Club, 1, science Club: 3: Hi-Y, 2,35 Goldbug tbusiness mana- . - ' ff, er Class Presldent 2 Class Pla tl li ' , 9 y, 25 Interclass Play, 2. MARION ROSE OLANYK "Marion" Future Plans: Undecided. Activities: Graphic, 3: Chorus, 1,2,3. - f , , , ,,.,f, , AQ, .34 Q 1 x ef 1 1 Q A All K x W Q 5, , sv 'f 5 s 'Ve f ,f cg W J? . ez Z' ' sv , if ,M . 6 X ra., , , my Gs- Q .Y , Q ll A rs ,ez f ,, f f f V T . ' , 2 Qftiw , - 'eff' 'uf .:r" 1, 71 ,1vpx,1ff.i . X, 2 3 W HSS . 4 ' A19 .A Hf-5 1 K5 : Fila All XL.L 1 rif t if N. . . .1 , irlljr V BARBARA MARY OSTROWSKI "Bobbie" Future Plans: College. Activities: Graphic, 3: Tri-S, 1,2,3: Goldbug: Class Play, 3: Interclass Pla?f,22: Chorus, 1,2,3: Girls' Basket- ba , . WAYNE SUMNER PAIGE Ll l1 Future Plans: Telephone Lineman. PHYLLIS SOPHIE PETROSKI "Skinny Bones" Future Plans: Undecided. Activities: Tri-S, 1,2,3g Class Play, 2: Chorus, 1,2,3. FRANK REHORKA "Frank" Future Plans: Undecided. Activities: Projectionists, 1.2: Air Scouts, 1.2.3 tsrribrb. Page twenty-two a 5 cz ,en I l EJ fi 3 c 5 ee' 5 A 54 33 Q SHIRLEY ROBERTS U ,, Future Plans: Nurses Training. Activities: Junior Red Cross, 25 Chorus, 35 Girls' Sports, 1,2. JANET MURLEY ROCHE "Rochie" Future Plans: Secretarial School. Activities: Tri-S, 1,2,35 Goldbug5 Class Play, 25 Girls' Sports, 1,2,35 Swim- ming, 1,25 Cheerleader, 1,2,3. BARBARA MAE ROCKWELL "Bobbie" Future Plans: Junior College. Activities: Tri-S, 1,2,3. AMANDA SOPHRONIA ROGERS llMandyll Future Plans: College, Activities: Graphic, 2,35 Pro Merito, 2,3 fpresidentJ5 Debate, l,2,35 Social Studies Club, 25 Tri-S, l,2,35 Goldbug Ceo-editorD5 Class Play, 25 Interclass Play, 25 Band, 1,2,35 Orchestra, 2. ' 144 I 36 1 an y X -., lt ' , iii? sag gy' 5 Wm.,-" . 56 .A .V N X s, f ,gsm 5- 2-f. x fff. v:,!fy,f"'4 '. a' ' wfffffgiii. 1' X. - nf .X ':,2f,ffs.,:.5. i P A - s z1a,1'f1-egg 5 . - fgfizfxlygg' t 13 A Jr sr if .5 A H , X 2 in gy, :Z 5' ' 1, ,...- will X :' . i' 1 . ., -'ln' 'SQ '- V3 is I, f .-W - it , . K. nl -5 5, V. . ,ss , i iifgg , S' 5 5 X ,5 ' X 1..fyf G3z 5 K t, 1 l 2.1.5 I 5 ug 4, A s A K' r l 9 ,W . . .H - at 35 9, ,Tiff ,- H N. V we f l ' ,fefwi-,,'i' ,M ,V 1:24 ,gy j 'yr n v '- Qy-J V. ii." . ."'u: ': W 12: . -af K gf 5. 5 Mg, ,z63f17.vs,-w- 5 ' ,,, '5 - 1 , . mv 'rf ' 4."f?ffw 11,5 -. fs: 5 ' f i n faeg. if 2 I 'F' 4 51 f N" ' 'V 1 . 1 0 ' . , , . ' 4-':3f!r,ft- , , 31+ .45 if lu , ,-6t??:,".f, 5 few, QQ r -, ,,. ,gm 5' 'l f' e f 't ., Wigs. 5. .,,,i,,, M' , erm, ne: ,, , , ig :'.e3,g ',+'- i-a f 12' V, as -'STM .,..,', ,. ,. Z , , L5 2 5' f f 5 , ,. ,,, , i f S' . ,.g?f,f ' W gif, 1 XJ- .Xt 537335 vs i as .1 ug , ,'-n 1 Q . 'f l "' L . w 522-13' 5 5 5 5s , 5 it' 5 -,,5, fJN " fr. ' ' ' J ' t - L 5 Page twenty-three JOSEPH RICHARD ROGERS, III ILFUZA-ry!! Future Plans: College. Activities: Projectionists, 15 Social Studies Club, 25 Class President, 35 Swimming, 1,2,3. BERNICE ROSE "Bernie" Future'Plans: Undecided. Activities: Chorus, 2,35 Band, 1,2,35 Orchestra, 2. ' DONALD ERNEST ROSS, JR. "Rooster" Future Plans: College. Activities: Science Club. 35 Hi-Y, 2,35 Basketball, 1,2,3. CARL ROZICKI "Carl" Future Plans: Undecided. ANNA MARY SABOT "Annie" Future Plans: Undecided. Activities: Chorus, 33 Girls' Sports, 1. SHIRLEY JEAN SANDERS "Shirt" Future Plans: Undecided. NANCY ELIZABETH SEARS "Searsie" Future Plans: College. Activities: French Club, 3g Tri-S, 1,2, 33 Goldbug: Class Play, 2,33 Interclass Play, 2g horus, 1,2,3g Girls' Sports,1 JANET STOUGHTON "Stoughty" Future Plans: College. Activities: Tri-S, 1,2,3gGoldhugg Class Play, 2: Girls' Basketball, 1.3: G1rlS' Sports, 1,2,3g Swimming, 1. 3 In 1 W l al gf ef f? f w 'gig i '14 ,?jg,g1iw,,rg., .. ,. .,' . X X rx 3 I - ii i. : - gig . s-wif-..'f' I9 Y? it e .. 5 --1 I 9 11 ws.-H -Q X ss .Lili gin. N 5- , saws- vias J ffl 'xl .pg ..f,,sfg. " N irs. , 3. kk 1 G X 1 an A 'rt W ...- . J ', ll X twig ,if . - - . r Page twenty-four JEAN A. STRONG "Jeanie" Future Plans: Nurses Training. Activities: Chorus, 3. Transfer from Northampton High School, 3. GUY GIFFOIEIZF STUTZMAN .. i ,, Future Plans: College. Activities: Student Council, 25 Science Club, 3, Hi-Y, 2,3g Basketball, I,2,3: gcgptainjg Football, I,2,3, Baseball, RICHARD LAWRCENCE SWIFT ..Dic ,, Future Plans: College. Activities: Graphic, 33 Student Coun- cil, lg Science Club, 3 Cvice-presidenljg Hi-Y, 2,3 Ctreasurerjg Basketball, 13 Football, 2 fmanagerjg Baseball. I,2,3 CHRISTOPHER H. THACHER "Thach" Future Plans: College. Activities: Graphic. 3: Student Coun- cil, 33 French Club. 22 Science Club. 3: Hi-Y, 2.3: Interclass Play. 23 Orchestra, 2. IJ fffffffffffffjjffffjfffjffffjj ff .RRRRR JM SI I 3 3 S: JJ ja 212 212 :lb 5: o Ja C19 jo o JD 'J I C9 cj? C79 lo cy? C9 Jo C39 9 Jo -9 so 3 3,9 3 JOAN NITA TIBBETTS "Tibbie" Future Plans: Newspaper work. Activities: Tri-S, 1,2,3: Interclass Play. 2. BARBARA ANN EVADDINGTON llBar I! Future Plans: Nurses Training. Activities: Graphic, 2,33 French Club, 2: Social Studies Club, 25 Tri-S, 2,3 5 Chorus, 2: Girls' Basketball, 3: Girls' Sports, 1,2,3g Swimming, 3. JAMES ROBERT WATTS lKMikel7 Future Plans: College. , Activities: Projectionists, 1,2,3: Science Club, 3: Hi-Y, 2,39 Class Play, 2: Basketball, 1,2,3g Football, 1,2,3: Baseball, 1,2,3. RICHARD AD-WENTWORTH Future Plans: Storilcibridge. Activities: Science Club, 3: Band, 1,2,3. '-x fr . X ' za, E f- fa X -MAA, fs 5 i XXX Xb N n if j:':mHi3:?e wx, L gflsff - q A , ff X , Q A 1, +',, ga: "1-V ' H. :L Af? 5 ,V .5 Z A F3 ,- Q .f . V f 'i??j"f'? - "7 V - A ' , ff' "Sf-A. 4 f fin. fs 'nifw .- 4 ' v, 1 , -- 1- Ea Fi- "VME, 12' f, wg, .k.zt:.,.:is 2 m f , . 2 gk Q 53: i . it fi is-at 1 , ,si . . ., , ,Lg 1 31, 'e s as Q33 , if asf iq if 4. Kr gr 'Q 2 2 A' fx 'L DONALD CHEZTER WHEELER ll onli Future Plans: Air Corps. ARTHUR E. WHITCOMB HAI!!! Future Plans: College. Activities: Projectionists, 1,2 tvice- presidentj, 3 Cpresidentjg Interclass Play, 1,2. sf A5 'f A 437' 3 '-::' ' V 'A - .V , , Q , A, . 'f if BEVERLXBQWITCOMB R 5 x Future Plans: Secretary. i v Activities: Tri-S, 1,2,3: Interclass . Y Play, 13 Chorus, 2,3. ' M83 Page twenty-five ANNE MARION WYSOCKI "Sockie" Future Plans: College. Activities: Graphic, 33 Student Coun- cil, 1: French Club, 2g Tri-S. 1,2,3g Goldbugg Chorus, 1,2. 5. HELEN BLANCHE WYSOCKI FW, ' ggi' - . l , iw! Q.. 'la Most popular boy Most popular girl Best looking boy Best looking girl Cutest boy Cutest girl YVhdsYVho Boy who has done most for A. H. S. Girl who has done most for A. H. S. Most respected boy 'Most respected girl Most all-around boy Most all-around girl Best mannered boy Best mannered girl Best dressed boy Best dressed girl Most studious boy Most studious girl Boy most likely to succeed Girl most likely to succeed Best mixer - boy Best mixer - girl Quietest boy Quietest girl Wittiest boy Wittiest girl Smoothest dancer - boy Smoothest dancer - girl Class writer , Class vocalist "Helen" Future Plans: Undecided. Activities: Graphic, 33 Pro Merito, 2, 35 French Club, 23 Tri-S, 1,2,33 Chorus, l,2. Dick Swift Anne McKeeman John Bickford Winifred Cornelius Walt Kinder Norma Davis Walt Cutler Dorothy Ann Blundell Phil Mitchell Anne Wysocki Giff Stutzman Anne McKeeman Phil Mitchell Dorothy Ann Blundell John Bickford Norma Davis Dwight Damon Margaret Barry Dwight Damon Amanda Rogers Dick Swift Janet Stoughton Don Wheeler Marilyn Bailey Bob Mannett Florence Holden Dick Swift Winifred Cornelius Bob Barrett Cynthia Childs Q!.4l...4i.l.. 0 0 VDO! Uv 000001 r 5 W0 f'fF"i '. N-u nnnnnnnn CL Ci ff ff F4 P Class artist Class dude Page Iwenly-six Bob Joy Win Jarvis .fin ta rf 3 Q23 cg a cg J C7 'D cf 3 Ci R , C 3 C33 C33 C13 Gil? C+? C53 4 1 Q49 ci? :je cj? cj? ij? TJ jo :J cj? ci? ci? C'Q cj? 11 Cf? ci? Jo C19 19 C1 c,9 9 in 519 0 so C19 19 C19 :To , Home on the Range fi ff if? .essig 1 Donkey Serenade For Evans' Sake Gruesome Twosome Ware - Amherst , 4 A W, " KK' ' 1' r fy-V Y ' K if . , . L. ,.f, Q 5 fx 3 V,fj -Q A 'M ff A e X Page lwenly-seven CLASS WILL Harvey Allen leaves a wad of gum under his desk in room 6 for Phyllis Davenport. Helen Ames leaves her quiet ways to Pete French. Ruth Avery leaves straightway for Mount Hermon. Vera Bacon leaves her eloquent oratory abilities to Dorothy Webb. Marilyn Bailey leaves her booming voice to Les Cromack. Bob Barrett leaves three unsigned report cards at home and is currently planning to spend the next week in detention. Margaret Barry leaves her love for disecting frogs to Kathleen Clifford. John Bickford leaves for Pennsylvania to meet a certain young lady. Barbara Blair leaves chasing a "reluctant" man. Dorothy Blundell and Amanda Rogers leave the slide rule project to Mr. Oliver - in hopes that it will be finished. Henry Boulanger leaves his flamboyant French manner and mighty biceps to Dick Markuson. Joan Bridges leaves her art of beating the last morning bell to Jack Sadowski. Cynthia Childs leaves her high soprano voice to Bob Daley. Doris Clark leaves Mr. Connolly to find someone else to argue with. Barbara Cobbs leaves her knack for getting a pass from "Pop" to Ralph Hummel. Fritz Cornelius leaves her artistic abilities to Joe Symkowicz. Walt Cutler leaves someone in the Junior class with a broken heart. Dwight Damon leaves his ability to lose a debate to Link Potter. Norma Davis, Carol Hawthorne, and Mary Dorsey leave to organize a new five and ten corporation. "Dolly" Drake leaves her first name to Maribel Jansen. Pauline Eddy leaves to the strains of the Wedding March. Walt Feldman leaves his five o'clock shadow to Frank Hayes. Kathy Flebut leaves only to DUB-ble back to Pelham. Oliver Flint leaves his highly refined vocabulary to Steve Sullivan. Thomas Gallagher leaves his one lock of curley hair to Mr. Swift. Helen Garvey and Florence Holden leave Miss Foley ready for a nervous breakdown. Vinnie Giannetti leaves his new 1949 Ford to Norm Brown. CPlease, Norm - don't paint those pretty green fenders "yellow"!j Carol Govers leaves her giggle to Bill Joy. Marshall Gustin leaves five greasy wrenches to Janet Weaver. Mary Hart leaves to take over her father's position on the Amherst Police Force. Bessie Hawley leaves her conversational qualities to Bill Cole. Bob Hawley leaves his shy smile to Charles Malinoski. Ed Horst leaves his fillibustering in Chem class to Norman Cole. Phil Jacque leaves a clean slate for his twin brothers to take over. Shirley Jacque leaves her extra bobby pins to "Edek" Waskiewicz so he can keep that wave in place. Win Jarvis leaves his over-abundance of F LASHY neckties to F. M. Thompson and Son. Roy Johnson leaves a lot of broken films and cameras for future projectionists to fix. Bob Joy leaves with Ann Crossman not far behind. fYou'll catch up to him yet, Annlj Stan Kielbasa, after fixing Mr. Moore's car, leaves him his "Olds," Walt Kinder leaves Mr. Connolly swamped with newspaper clippings. Page iwenly-eigh! V3 -I 413 cis cg , cj J c 'J cj J cg 3 ce J Cf J cj 3 c J get a cfs g' 9 cf' D 6.1 9 ef, J ct 9 cf 0 ca 9 cg 9 gf' 9 ei D .ge 9 .94 9 l cj 9 ct 9 cj 9 C! Q cj 9 93 9 ei 9 cf' 9 53 9 in 9 9 9 J 9 9 .9 .9 Bev and Marion Lashway leave on a cross country tour in their new Ford. Joyce Lashway leaves for the gayest place in North Amherst, "Lashway's Store"! Connie LeClaire leaves one of her best riding horses to Mr. Perry. I wonder why? Mary Lovett and Shirley Sanders leave for the South Amherst square dance. Dorothy Lozoski leaves her magazine selling abilities to the Freshman Class. Al Lucas leaves his football physique to Donald Ames. Ed Lyman leaves "puff1ng"! Nancy Madden leaves for a cruise around North Amherst with a guy named "Toots." Bob Mannett leaves his corny jokes to Mr. Oliver. John Mannheim leaves his crutches to Richard Stratford. Anne McKeeman leaves her knitting in room 3 for "J. J. C."! Phil Mitchell leaves his quiet, scholarly manner to Jake Matuszko. Dave Moat leaves nice wavy hair to Jane Hartman. Irving Morton leaves his soulful eyes to Walter Brown. Ken Moser leaves all his qualifications as a politician - the hearty handshake and the slap on the back - to Tom Cornelius. Marion Olanyk leaves pell-mell for her "seven acres" in Sunderland. Barbara Ostrowski, alias the "Blonde Bombshell", leaves all of her excess energy to Bobby Pearson. Wayne Paige bequeaths "Paige's Bowling Alley" to Amherst High's Athletic Association. Phyllis Petroski and Joan Tibbetts leave the Amherst Theatre to start up their own pop- corn business. Frand Rehorka leaves Coach Williams a broken set of keys to the boys' locker room. Shirley Roberts leaves to become the tallest girl basketball star. Janet Roche leaves her extra height to Priscilla Ruder. Barbara Rockwell leaves her jewelry to the Junior class treasury. Joe Rogers leaves the University pool to anyone wishing to exercise his pet goldfish. Bernice Rose leaves her virtue of quietness to Tucker Moran. Donald Ross leaves his red hair to "Pop" Lacroix when his is all gone. Anna Sabot leaves an empty desk and a lot of notes up in room 13. Nancy Sears leaves with her Plymouth loaded to capacity. Janet Stoughton leaves to enter into the trucking business. Jean Strong leaves her study periods to Donald Parsons for getting his homework done. Giff Stutzman leaves nothing he can't take with him. Dick Swift leaves his horned rim glasses to any character in the class of 1950. Chris Thacher leaves his curley hair to any girl who is fed up with using curlers. Barbara Waddington leaves her basketball ability to Dave Damon. Bob Watts leaves 37 broken hearts and a round trip ticket to Fall River. Richard Wentworth leaves his dairy farm to the cafeteria. Don Wheeler leaves his 1929 "Chevie" to George Cavanaugh and Norma Nash. Art Whitcomb leaves to become the proprietor of his father's store. Bev Whitcomb leaves her newly written book entitled, "Waitressing Can Be Fun. Anne Wysocki leaves her careful driving habits to Red Williams. Helen Wysocki leaves with a certain someone for their little white house on the hill. Y? V Page twenty-nine Sealed: T. Ennis, vice-president, R. Joy, president, M. Garvey, secretary-Ireasurer. Sianding: Mr. Swift, adviser. Page thirty CLASS OF 1950 THROUGHOUT the year, the members of the class of 1950 have proven themselves to be enthusiastic and industrious students. 50's marvelous co-operative spirit helped greatly to fill out the ranks of clubs and sports teams. Not only did its members turn out with spirit for social functions but also they showed much scholastic prowess. The French club, the cheerleaders, and the projectionists especially felt the dynamic presence of mem- bers of the class of 1950. With Mr. Swift as adviser, the class of 1950 has shown itself worthy to follow the class of 1949 into the position of seniority. Firs! Row: P. Davenport, M. Follett, R. Carey, B. Daykins, R. Fitts, A. Crossman, A. Day, M. Dempsey N. Bragdon, B. Bandalevich, M. Baker. Second Row: W. Dion, G. Cavanaugh, J. Cashman, E. Feldman D. Bell, E. Fitts, J. Adams, G. Bigelow, E. Avery. R, Crossman, D. Ames. Third Row: R. Daley, B. Capen W. Bray, N. Brown, E. Boynton, T. Eddy, D. Bartlett, R. Aldrich, K. Aldrich, W. Brown, R. Carruthers, P. French. fr jf gf 'fl' Zf ,T if if 1 V if - 1 G ,. a," tr Q . C f I I ,I 3' fl Gi' ?r fir Cr I I I I F I I , E I M: VN Y ftp.. 'fvffi is N . W ,gg J Q. 1 sf 'E 'x ii X .4 fx Tia x Q11-3 I 1.3 5 T SYM A - 5,33 w is 'EW Freshman Ofiicers: Seated: T. Cornelius, vice presidenlg D. Damon, presidenlg N. Nestle, secrelary-treasurer. Standing: Mr. Lacroix, adviser. CLASS OF 195 1 ALTHOUGH forewarned by the active spirit of this class in junior high school, A. H. S. was taken by surprise with the vim, vigor, and vitality of its freshman class. Un- der the guidance of Mr. Lacroix, the mem- bers of the class of '51 entered eagerly into the school activities - the chorus, Tri-S club, and science club, in particular. This year the class of 1951 has made a fine beginning on its high school career. First Row: D. Cybulski, J. Ansaldo, J. Allen, K. Clifford, E. Britt, M. Cote, L. Cooley. Second Rom: J. Al- drich, R. Blackmer, J. Cadigan, l. Couch, A. Bazara, J. Cahill, L. Baj, G. Bratinau. Third Row: W. Cole. J. Coyne, E. Boynton, R. Aldrich, L. Cromack, T. Cornish, N. Cole, R. Davis. Page thirty-Iwo 51.34. HMM 4 64 . m , 21 .J . '31 Li Q1 'Z l ,I gi. gi -a'A i I H' , 4 fl jl gl ci ci yi ,i gl gi gi ji ,N in gl 'I Cl Ci Cl Cl ell- Cr Qi' '-if C-r gr Cf '1' C1' Gr "1 '1' '1' C1 'f-I 'I .,i'. ptr I.. fs Q I f 2' if --....- ,. -f1- - -Q: . ,. VK --. .' ' in a ,- 5.11 17 K 1: .5 -I Y- L A- 1 .. Q Q -1. ,A jj. 1" 3- in - .rv z 2 N " I, 5 :gf l Q R Y Qi 2 Y ,E ' 'gn g f..,- Q A' af ' J g A in . f 1, , :L 5, 'S 3 Q ,, , ,, ,: v We A v N 3 egg A xy 3 1, fy? f ge ,f 'Q , W X42 gg ' L Q x ' ' .. l ,, ,,1,,. .V MW my 24 41 if 44, A .wg L? gf? 1539! vi L. I fi? - -'Ei 'Q S51 N i N ' c 1? ,Q ah xy ,. :w1f1', Q. " YQ X 5 Q . -P QM' W' A 4 ? I , ' L + 7' , , 7 3 . 1 5, Q! 1 4,- Q x K X Q. sw Q 3 W r Ah , F'Q'Q-.W-4 .,, V- if ga xi' ' I, rim f 5 R N. K XJ H, Junior Misters ,Q --Q , Q Spellbound X . ui St tf d O -A-L 'W-an 4-nv'-' if u 1 Paid ad Open for Business Fresh I Page thlrly-four CTI ITIES Y A Sf, f 3 xxx " 0,6 'lb X GQQX Q- AO . xo xx 11,1 '.J7.Ef.- fr J f-My O N - Vx X155 ! M ,' N x , U izpf' If X Ax X, X W 22 lid X1 XAX fps f 5 :Qgyglfic X ix KX X, ff ' l 4 s.. z 5.3 'N N lm 35: """'T- Q-- 1 N as--qu -.,,......., -... i .Q Q-1........ - -'ii u..-..- --...... i...- -s-..--... ,,,, I A... -.w-v-v.f "'-"""' Q...-Q..- uni... Page Ihirty-five STUDENT COUNCIL Sealed: A. McKeeman, vice-presidcnlg W. Cutler, presidenlg S. Mitchell, secretary. Standing: E. Avery, treasurer. HERES the battling crew for student rights-the future statesmen. With Miss Donely as adviser, Walt Cutler, president 3 Anne McKeeman, vice president, Shirley Mitchell, secretaryg and Ed Avery, treasurerg this group has spearheaded many progressive reforms in A. H. S. The biggest job of the council was heading the drive to support our foster child. Over one hundred dollars was taken in Josette Tag Day and more was raised in other projects. The Council meetings were largely given over to discussion of the many complaints and recommendations dropped into the Council's Suggestion Box. The old question of how much homework should we have was taken up with the teachers. Everyone is hoping that the favorable results will con- tinue. Another committee was set up to investigate the possibility of having soap dispensers put in the showers. Who says the Student Council never does anything? Fzrsl Row: P. Fellers, T. Gallagher, J. Whittemore, Miss Donley, K. Garvey,, W. Joy, S. Sullivan. Second Row: P. Suprenant, A. Vickowski, W. Jarvis, C. Thacher, T. Cornelius, R. Daley. HHHHHHHMH Q v 54 6. ,T " s 'S ! P. I B f 4. D' f 4 nf 3 -4 Q , . f 4 nf Q .f pi f. rr 7' CI C C C I l Y. I I, C C C I. C., '- C r Cf C 'TT H' S1 C1 C1 '1 F1 fl '1 '1 Paga thirty :even GRAPHIC Sealed: D. Damon R Barrett D Blundell editors. Standing Mr Oliver adviser ASSIGNMENTS a week overdue - the editors are tearing their hair - so it's twenty-four hours toget the Graphic in shape for the printer. Despite these difficulties eight fine issues have been published this year under a new editorial system. The new system provides for three editors in- stead of the co-editor system that had been used during the past years. Editor in chief was Bob Barrett and the two News Editors were Dorothy Ann Blundell and Dwight Damon. At the W. M. L. S. P. convention last fall at the University of Massa- chusetts the 47'48 Graphic tied for top honors with Classical High's paper. The Graphic also took the editorial prize and the best make-up prize. This year's Graphic under the guidance of Mr. Oliver set as its goal the improvement of our school. It has conducted a monthly Student Council column and can point with pride at the results obtained by several of its editorials. First Row: T. Ennis, N. Madden, A. Rogers, E. Horst, C. Thacher, V. Giannetti P Davenport M Kennedy Second Row: R. Avery, B. Ostrowski, D. Lozoski, B. Cobbs, S. Jacque, J. Lashway A Wysocki H Wysocki Third Row: D. Parsons, R. Joy, N. Cole, J. Mannheim, W. Jarvis, K. Moser R Swift TRI- S Sealed Miss Rafferty, Miss Brown, Miss Oldfield, ad- visors Standing: A. Wysocki, program chairman: S Montgomery secrelaryg B. Blair, president, N. Davis, treasurer Absent: S. Mitchell, vice-president. PERHAPS no organization in Amherst High is quite so active as the Tri-S. A social and service club, it does much to bring the girls more clbsely together, thereby promoting school spirit and good friendship. fl Weekly meetings included among other activities the traditional initiation banquet in the fall and a Christmas ball. In addition there were swimming parties, roller skating, bowling, volley ball, and movies. Several song fests afforded great entertainment to the numbers. All programs were planned by Anne Wysocki, Program Chairman. A tea was given for the mothers in May and a party was held for the young brothers and sisters of members. The girls knit squares and assembled an afghan as a contribution to the Red Cross. A picnic at Look Park climaxed the year's activities. First Row. E. White, V. Bacon, L. Cooley, J. Roche, J. Ansaldo, J. Allen, P. Davenport, L. White. A. Peck, T. Everson, N. Nestle, R. Carey, H. Ames, S. Nutter, B. Jelski, D. Webb, P. Pierce, N. Sears, J. Haley, M. Hart Second Row: C. Morton, M. Elder, M. Olanyk, B. Lashway, J. Stoughton, B. McKemmie, R. Nelson, K. Flebut T. Ennis, M. Jansen, T. Rogers, M. Follett, M. Dorsey, E. Britt, M. Lashway, R. Rogers, K. Clifford, M Kennedy, C. Magoon, B. Orrell, A. Rogers, C. Hawthorne. Third Row: F. Dowd, M. Garvey. R. Avery J. Cadigan, A. McKeeman, B. Waddington, M. Lovett, M. Duval, P. Eddy, C. Childs, J. Cahill, P. Petroski M. Tufts, N. Madden, M. Hassan, N. Nash, C. Noel, J. Bridges, J. Whittemore, B. Whitcomb, J. Weaver, G Hart. Fourlh Row: L. Orrell, J. Murray, B. Gstrowski, N. Bragdon, M. Kolasinski, A. Day, F. Holden B. Lapham, B. Stowell, E. Oleson, S. Michelson, K. Garvey, M. Lozoski, H. Wysocki, H. Utley, B. Daykins J. Hartman. Fifth Row: R. Greene, B. Cobbs, B. Rockwell, H. Garvey, S. Jacque. PM 3-4'-lil-l'v1Y'0:1l't'iil:ik Q' ,.,, , . or , 'Sh rt p v VA. ,Q p 1 5 P 4.. p 4 ,pe it ill 3 P - r Z fi gr 'r C., C it .4 'L - - - - - - J'J'.f.f.PJ'.L'.f.f.P.1'.f.i 6 Ao 9 .9 2, o '19 'U Q 'QQ .l 3 eip oi D :HD 1 9.2 og: 9,3 of Q. o,' Q is "9 C43 C49 ada :fa cd? 9.9 c'9 c'9 c'9 Q" c'9 'La :HQ 'la C42 5? 2 32 Q Q Pqi thirty-nina Hi-Y 1 -F Sealed: Mr. Perry, adviser J Mannheim pres idenlg W. Joy, vice-president Standing W Cutler, secretaryg R. Swift treasurer 'WHEN president "Shorty" Mannheim presides at Hi-Y meetings it's strictly business - no "horsing" around. Under his capable leader- ship and with the assistance of Bill J oy, vice presidentg Walt Cutler, secretary: and Dick Swift, treasurer, the Hi-Y has had a wonderful year. Six of the members attended the Older Boys' Conference at Fall River and brought back a wealth of information to help build a better Hi-Y, be- sides having at good time. The organization's basketball games, dance, and other social functions have added spice to the school life. One of the most ambitious projects ever undertaken was the support of the March of Dimes campaign. Under the direction of Mr. Gerald Haskins a house to house canvas of the town was organized. The Hi-Y meetings were especially interesting this year. Several speakers some movies, and many lively discussions have provided an attractive agenda. Of course, the annual trip and the more serious business of initi- ating the "Freshies" who will become next year's members finished the year's activities in high spirits. First Row: D. Bell, C. Malinoski, J. Adams, D. Ames, V. Giannetti, G. Cavanaugh, R Sullivan R Greanier T. Moran. Second Row: E. Avery, R. Moran, D. Ross, R. Watts, R. Carruthers, P French R Daley Third Row: G. Stutzman, K. Moser, D. Damon, E. Horst, C. Thacher, D. Bartlett, R Barrett R Hummel i 4 First Row: R. Avery, A. Rogers, Miss Oldfield, O. Flint, H. Wysocki. Second Row: D. Blundell, P. Mitchell, J. Mannheim, D. Damon, W. Cutler, M. Barry. DEBATING IF you looked into room 6 anytime this fall and win- ter you would have prob- ably seen ten very opinion- ated debaters arguing the pros and cons of, Resolved: That the United Nations now be revised into a World Federal Government. Interesting pro- blem, isn't it? Under the coaching of Miss Brown, Am- herst participated in ten var- sity debates. The Varsity found it difficult to win but the future looks bright, for the Junior Varsity enjoyed an ex- cellent season. The Amherst debaters also participated in the Debate Conference held at A. I. C. to finish the year's activities. , Pfnfvffu PRO MERITO THE honor society led by Amanda Rogers, presi- dent, and under the adviser- ship of Miss Oldfield has just completed one of its most ac- tive years. To increase inter- est in scholarship a series of lectures were given to honor- roll students at the completion of each marking period. The society obtained many inter- esting speakers and the lec- tures were Well attended throughout the year. Pro Merito Worked in co- operation with the Guidance Department in introducing Guidance Day to A. H. S. This day proved to be a pop- ular innovation and will prob- ably be a permanent occasion in our school's life. Seated: D. Damon, E. Horst, A. R g , D. Bl dll, St d' 3 P Mitchell, T. Gallagher, L. Potter, Mgsegrown, MLinGSrvey, Mglidnlgedy, J. Hartman. 21 :ff CJ' '1' CT CT CT ET .AT C P' fi ff Q ., P 4- f wo' P' -.1 7 . 1 7' 4 Cl Ci C C'- C C r C. if .uf CT C1' FRENCH CLUB PARLEZ-vous francais? If you don't you can't very well attend the meetings of this club. This is, of course, the French Club whose mem- bers are extremely interested First Row: M. Follett, M. Kennedy, N. Nash, M. Garvey, H. Ames, M. Jansen, S. Mitchell, A. McKeeman, Miss Romano, M. Hassan, P. Daven- port, S. Nutter, T. Ennis, R. Carey, N. Sears. Second Row: J. Hartman, M. Duval, H. Utley, S. Michelson, J. Cahill, D. Lozoski, M. Bailey, B. Cobbs, M. Barry, R. Greene, E. Oleson, J. Cadigan, J. Bridges, M. Elder, R. Nelson. Third Row: J. Hart, E. Britt, N. Bragdon, J. Weaver, D. Ames, R. Pearson, S. Sullivan, P. Mitchell, T. Moran, R. Aldrich, J. Sadowski, R. Williams, R. Horst, R. Avery, F. Dowd. in steeping themselves with old Gaulic tradition. Under the direction of Mlle. Romano the club was organized about mid-year. Anne McKeeman, president, Margie Hassan, vice-president, and Shirley Mitchell, secretary-treasurer, were elected the officers of the club. Meetings were of two types: general meetings for all members and special meetings for the more advanced students. Speakers, slides, and French music have made up the programs of a great many of these meetings. SCIENCE CLUB' THE newest club in Amherst High School-composed of the future Einsteins, Edisons, and .Burbanks - is the Science Club. These "mad scientistsl' have rallied around Mr. Swift, Mr. Oliver, and Mr. Lacroix to form a club that is dedicated to the advancement of science but not First Row: S. Montgomery, N. Nestle, Mr. Oliver, R. Swift, M. Garvey, Mr. Swift, D. Damon, S. Sullivan, Mr. Lacroix, J. Weaver, R. Greene. Second Row: D. Damon, K. Moser, N. Brown, L. Potter, E. Horst, J Mannheim, G. Stutzman, R. Fessenden, C. Thatcher, W. Kennedy, R Pearson. Third Row: O. Flint, P. Suprenant, W. Cutler, R. Wattsl B. Lovell, J. McKee, R. Wentworth, P. Mitchell, W. Kershlis, D. Ross forgetting to have a little fun while in search of this advance- ment. The club's stupendous Ma- gic Show was the high point of the yearg not many students are going to forget that show for some time. The oiiicers of the club are: presideni, Dwight Damon: vice-president, Dick Swiftg secretary, Margaret Garvey, and treasurer, Steve Sullivan. Puvfldv-lm Sealed: R. Greanier, W. Brown, R. Johnson, F. Rehorka, Mr. Oliver, R. Heald, S. Sullivan, W. Dow. Standing: R. Munroe, R. Page, E. Boyn- ton, R. Hummel, N. Brown, J. McKee, R. JOY, J. Sullivan, D. Bell. PROJ ECTION ISTS THE Projectionists are under the capable supervision of Mentor Swift. With his help the officers, Presideni Arthur Whitcomb, Vice- Presiderzt Edward Lyman, Secretary- lreasurer Robert Hawley, and Pro- gram-master Vincent Giannetti, have handled all difficulties with the effic- iency long associated with this service club. The club's duties consist of all vis- ual aids work carried on in the various classes, with the added responsibility of assemblies in which movies are shown. Members follow a regular duty schedule, working in groups of three ordinarily. Monthly schedules are posted and operators know long in advance when they are on duty. Their service is so smoothly carried on that faculty and students are not aware of the "work behind the scenes." Page forty-two AIR SCOUTS ggINTO the air, Junior Birdmen, in- to the air upside down - V' And so goes the old song. Please don't misinterpret the statement, for there is nothing upside-down about these air scouts, they're strictly straight and level fliers. Under the advisership of Mr. Oliver they have been studying the rudiments of such subjects as navigation, morse code, and airplane structure. Many events have supplemented an active year. Probably by far the most interesting affair was a meeting with the girl air scouts in Granby. For the first time in many years the air scouts sponsored a dance. Num- erous hikes and mountain climbing trips made up outdoor activities of interest. The officers are: Robert Heald, Squadron PiIoi,' Roy Johnson, Assistant 5 and Frank Rehorka, Scribe. Firsi Row: M. Gustin, R. Hawley, A. Whitcomb, Mr. Swift, E. Lyman. V. Giannetti, R. Watts. Second Row: B. Capen, J. Ncliee, C. Wood- man, D. Bartlett, S. Wales, R. Joy, B. Lovell. Third Row: B. White, R. Heald, G. Bigelow, R. Johnson, R. Crossman, N. Sawin. J. Aldrich. N11rf.ri.:i..9.:'r.rr.wrt..v.v::r.s.e'me-2.26.naw.i' um , CHORUS THE Chorus as a whole made its first public ap- pearance this year when it presented a Christmas can- tata at the Jones Library. The soloists and most of the chorus for "Stephen Foster" First Row: M. Jansen, K. Clifford, H. Utley, B. Daykins, C. Magoon, J Strong, A. Sabot, B. Whitcomb, V. Bacon, P. Petroski, N. Sears. Sec- ond Row: L. Cooley, T. Everson, M. Dorsey, M. Olanyk, B. Lashway, P Eddy, M. Duval, J. Cadigan, J. Weaver, C. Hawthorne, K. Flebut, N Nestle, H. Ames, S. Nutter. Third Row: R. Carey, J. Cahill, B. Ostrow- ski, M. Bailey, C. LeClair, D. Lozoski, S. Roberts, B. Cobbs, A. Bazara J. Murray, S. Montgomery, C. Childs, P. Davenport. Fourth Row: P Fellers, T. Cornish, B. Capen, D. Parsons, L. Potter, W. Kennedy, N. Cole D. Elder, W. Cole, R. Greanier. ' were selected from this organization and were trained by Mr. Schuler, Chorus director. A spring program of varied music was presented in the auditorium in May. Mr. Schuler, formerly in charge of the band and orchestra, only added voice instruction to his program this year and has been very successful in enlisting enthusiasm in this department. BAND THIS year's band is made up of both senior and junior high school members with Di- rector Schuler exerting untiring efforts to build up a keener interest in instrumental music. Judging from the enthusiasm of the members the future is bright, and another year or so should find a well prepared and large band and orchestra in the senior high school. "Pop" Schuler is aware that a successful senior high band is possible only if the beginning is made in the lower grades. Among the band members are the following senior high people: W. Cole, T. Cornish, R. Horst, W. Kennedy, S. Montgomery, A. Rogers, B. Rose, N. Sawin, and R. Wentworth. Page forty-three C? . 5 Q-2 ,N N-1 Q W. ie . :gfv'3y4,,, , ,mv 4 V Y MV. . me , J W J 1 L L E -.k 3,' ul A .Alf iwibig' MQ . N, Q5- 2 - -ww X g V g X ,N A ' fn v K -S X J Wi? g A eegwxf. - Nature Boy Weep No More My Ladies MMM V, 'IM O del. ll -PI'Ob1e!hs,' ,-"""-A, M,,,,,..,'f"' ..,1f"""M of ,.. e E M225 1 . e ' ' f 1 Y ,iz ESA W f v?,,r"4 If ,iv I 1 V is i L QE , q. , E A I HR X ,Q .J U . R k .lf 1 N..- x A X .A 5 g W hw f z i, , ,Q - K"1. fx 4 qv - 4 I' I. 4 f' 4 f' f' -1 7. 4 f. -1 , r QM ,,,,, m,,N6 1gM , ff , ' "fffW'feSf4g?'?f'1'i'1i"1x'LX"'32 we -r' .. 5 f wi Wm- ,.. imma., f . -, 4 , 2 ,fy gf.-09933f,5,i-frfiysfvf fb ' - ,xwvi x '- N f' f iivt-N-w'Q9'.s'Nk uf '-53' X ' ' "--,, I ,N We V M' eeee - 4 'Z 1,4 ' L l A ww . n S' ' f Z4'2,,aafif'7'EJ'i"h hw W if -1 f' X. ,. if C C fx X. No But: About It Chem Capers SPORT Y v U I 1 Xxx t X N .Q 07? xx Q , xX Q Mxxxv. XX x' . 1 ,L , 9 f ', Rfk :TA 5 y fC,' 'nj P Cf fi ,Q N W B CJK' .2 f C I -' 'O V j I ' L, jfxrw L- kj.:-J , frm PQ 5' L-3 J S2 X-.AJ C. 4,-Zip CCC DL., Li L5 A5 A KN C' Ls, ,N ,NJ J .K-I' .... ,lf ,f . xx L. bqfg' kuug 9 'of .wi ' A A' 60 3... , V-JJ -an 5 di -1..- .4- Page forly-,Hue FOOTBALL GRID activity was spirited this year as Coach Shumway shaped a well-balanced team from an energetic but slightly inexperienced turn-out of candidates. The early season losses were attributed to this lack of experience, but great improvement in the Amherst grid machine could be noted with every game. After holding Ludlow to a scoreless tie and showing well against a heavier Palmer outfit, the Hurricanes broke into the win column with a decisive 26-O win over Orange. They continued their winning ways by trouncing South Hadley to the tune of 14-0. Stars in the backfield were Co-captains Lou Jacque and Jake Matuszko, who were ably assisted in ground-gaining by Giff Stutzman and George Cavanaugh. One of the standouts in the line was Phil Jacque, Joy's favorite target and high scorer of the team. Others who proved themselves worthy throughout the season were Pete French, Stan Kielbasa, Tom Eddy, and anchor man Walt Feldman. With a goodly number of this year's team due to return to the fold in the fall, prospects for a powerful Amherst eleven next year are extremely bright. SCHEDULE 1948 - 49 Amherst Opponent Sept. 24 Arms 0 14 Oct. 2 Ware O 13 8 Classical 0 19 15 Ludlow O O 23 Palmer 12 27 29 Orange 26 0 Nov. 6 South Hadley 14 0 First Row: G. Cavanaugh, W. Joy, S. Kielbasa, L. Jacque, P. French, R. Daley, E. Waskiewicz, W. Kinder, Second Row: Manager Allen, P. Jacque, J. Mannheim, T. Eddy, J. Matuszko, N. Roco, Coach Shumway. Page forly-six NGNYG wa .- '.lU'A'AXFJXlMlAluM"J' W 'J fl' -.1 .P.PJ'J'.1'JLf'l'A'.lXA SENIOR LETTERMEN Jacque 4? 3 E Ma was in V .xr YQXA nllgi Stutzman Kielbasa '71 Q K. ill. olhl' Q y Lyman Page forty-seven ,K- BASKETBALL THRILLS and spills were the keynote of this year's basketball season as the Am- herst squad fought its way successfully BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 1948-49 Amherst Opponent 46 32 through a heavy schedule of games. As the Dec' Academ 45 19 Amherst hoopsters displayed their wares in Jan 4 Orange y 64 27 the pre-season contests, there was no ques- ' 11 SO Deerfield 26 29 tion that the Hurricanes would again be one 14 Snaith S ch O O1 67 12 of the powerhouses of the Hampshire League. 18 South Hadley 55 53 Competition was keen, to say the least, and 21 St Michaels 25 28 Amherst emerged with a healthy 11 and 5 25 Hapkins 27 30 league record. The starting quintet consisted 28 Arms 44 32 of Daley, Joy, Matuszko, Stutzman, and Feb 1 Smith Academy 88 11 Moran, with Eddy, Mannheim, Watts, and ' 4 Orange 45 34 Ross providing indispensable assistance 11 SO De e 1,561 d 39 31 throughout the season. In the Western Mass- 15 Smith School 53 35 achusetts tournament, Amherst lost a heart- 18 South Hadley 33 35 breaker to Williamstown by one point in a 22 St Michaels 53 29 toss-up tilt which could have easily gone 25 Hgpkins 29 40 either way. Nevertheless, this wrote finis to M- T one of the best and certainly most exciting Totals 739 477 seasons in years. Fzrsi Row W. Joy, J. Matusko, Capt. Stutzman, R. Daley, R. Moran. Second Row: Coach Williams, R. Watts T Eddy, J. Mannheim, E. Waskiewicz, D. Ross, Manager Flint. Nkkkh YA l". 15.1" P. AUY4? ll AY fi ll fi R R4 Y 0 UUlJli"jJ'lllrll- ll- ll. il. l". ll. l u J'J'JU'J'JUUlJ'JU ON THE BALL SWIMMING ALTHOUGH handicapped by the illness of some of its members, this year's swimming team made an excellent showing with individual records of fifteen first places, fourteen seconds, six thirds, nine fourths, and one fifth. The boys participated in seven meets. Rogers was top man with five first places to his creditg Bell came next with four firstsg Bige- low third with twog and Boulanger won one. Three firsts were earned by the relay team in- cluding Rogers, Bell, and Bigelow. January 29 - Worcester February 26 - Gardner . New England A. A. U. Championship Massachusetts Interscholastic Swimming Amherst lost to Brown University Championship 5 February 12 - University of Massachusetts Amherst took Second Place Western Counties Swimming Tournament March 8 - University of Massachusetts Amherst placed third Holyoke 34, Amherst 31 February 15 - Gardner March 12 - Boston CM. I. TJ Massachusetts State A. A. U. Championship New England Interscholastic Championship Gardner 42, Amherst 23 Amherst placed sixth February 19 - Pittsfield Amherst lost to Williams varsity if ill W First Row: L. Potter, N. Cole, W. Kennedy, R. Barrett. Second Rowg R, Wil- liams, G. Bigelow. H. Boulanger, J. Rogers, D. Bell. Srunding: Coach Rogers. Page fiffll gf if if If If -0' i CT r 14' 7 4 r 1 '4- I I, an-I 2+ f -I Cl" Car! ,I C-pf 'lu C-QI I r . C-or C4 Cu C... C-Q C- C? c.. C.. C- Ce C. Ci ct C. Ci C? 31 3 5' BASEBALL First row: Gallagher, Joy, Jacque, French, Swift, Daley, McKemmie. Second row: Mannheim, Sadowski Moran Feldman, Lucas, Kershlis, Watts. Third row: Allen, Avery, Heald. Davis, Coyne, Coach Williams WITH an untried turnout composed of but four veterans the Amherst High baseball team took to the field April 25 with dubious thoughts of victory. The prospects fora League Pennant were, however, favorable and as the season progressed the team showed its ability at bat and in the field to the best of its advantage. The battery consisted of Bill Joy land Bob Daleyg the only other returning letter men were Shortstop Dick Swift and Outfielder Phil Jacque. New talent was found among juniors and freshmen. In an effort to keep the tradition of winning the Hampshire League pennant the team functioned in a style that can be found only in a baseball squad from Amherst. The Hampshire League Schedule April 25 South Hadley away April 27 South Hadley home May 2 Arms away May 5 South Deerfield home May 9 St. Michael's home May 12 Smith School away May 16 Hopkins home May 19 Arms 1 home May 23 South Deerfield away May 26 St. Michael's away May 31 Smith School home June 2 Hopkins 1 away Page ffly-one 'W ef ' . sf .2 .. .Q 'f 13'f.1'.s':vY ' fag Jr gsr-mfr Q-f .'Mw.afns..Qa.1 fw..,Lff-Sim ., -.M I GIRUS BASKETBALL Seated: B. McKemmie, R. Rogers, J. Hartman, A. McKeeman, M. Kennedy, R. Carey, R. Fitts. Kneeling: F. Kielbasa, C. Dickinson. Slandingz Miss Kraus, J. Stoughton, M. Tufts, J. Murray, R. Horst, S. Jacque, M. Hassan, N. Nash, N. Madden, B. Waddington, N. Davis. A record turn out in November of about forty girls for basketball made it necessary for Miss Kraus to eliminate approximately half the number. This was done on a competitive basis and the survivors were lucky to hold their places since all who turned out worked hard. Coach Kraus and her girls had a good season in spite of the fact that they had only one night's practice each week. On January 18 they won a double header when they met the Hopkins girls here. On February 11 they played two games at South Deerfield and on February 15 they played a double header with Orange there. They entertained the Orange girls here on the 3rd of March. SCHEDULE Hopkins here 18 January Won two: 30-24 '11-5 South Deerfield there ll February Lost two: 24-44 11-14 Orange there 15 February Lost two: 16-36 19-27 Orange here 3 March Lost two: 23-24 12-48 Page fifly-Iwo .D ge -5 a as -J tio -9 '19 '12 C19 CN: CM C"'o Qqg 0-D 2 9 Q19 C.: 31 G1 Gi 3 3 as c'i9 c'i9 'lo an c'i9 c'i9 C49 c'i9 cJ9 'la C. cj C43 '49 'H Q Q :QQ wg 'J 25 -2 is-., First Row: N. Davis, B. Jelski, J. Roche, B. McKemmie. Back Row: J. Hartman, M. Hassan, A. McKeeman, R. Rogers. CHEERLEADERS EIGHT veterans and their newly elected members led Amherst cheering sections in this year's athletic contests. Pulchritude is not their only claim to fameg the girls have been very successful in organizing cheering sections for more effective support of the teams. They were on the job at all games and even participated in leading cheers at the small Schools Tournament in the University Cage, where they upheld the honor of Amherst High in competition with cheer groups from other schools. Newly elected this past year were Terry Ennis, junior, and Nancy Nestle and Laura White, freshmen. In Action Page fifty-three au1'.195 Breaihxess Be H, X if Y. 5 ust L0 aan, w' To Urn GY Vic tors 5 , ,af M L He's On! He,s OH! "Now is the time Can You Top This? ov' V 'i 5 sf I r I J 3 X :A xii E" 2 NW ix' 3 X4 tm 3"','i"""4""4 P' L ---1 A ,. 'r H jr ,ir jr fr gf 31 "1 HHHHHH' 'J HHH JTJIIIIJ ERTISING lm, .',r,, , 0 1 " x' 1 'ffffZ f,2fA -.. ,iz . SN t f 4 ' :E W7' . EI X v 9' Q - 4: Q , r ig'- , nw- -- J I 4,1 .: ' , NXlX':xgf,- I 1 m 33- 's jA D My EAT A'EMOE'S MYR 3 o - . .::-r' - A ,. V 3,5 4.-.......""..'..'L5 - ' -- - ',:,.M gi! , u Q' . -us--- 1.1. .... .--. ..- ..- -1 " 'g ...-. -... ,,,,, ... 4 ....---- -, ...- ...- ..-'L' ... Page jifly-five .v,.ww.-1-ws-s4uu5sew4nn'y41ra.g.,. ,. , LITHOGRAPHERS YEAR BOOK PRINTERS FINE . COLOR . WORK VALLEY LITHO COMPANY Tel. 2-1839 100 WATER STREET HOLYOKE : : MASS. CONSULTING PRINTING SERVICE YEAR BOOKS . TEXTBOOKS INSTRUCTION MANUALS JOHN E. SNOW Tcl. 2-1341 15 Chapman Avenue HOLYOKE ' MASS. Page JUIU-six 'J 'Q J 9 4 3 S. H U D 3 D D D D .3 gs D 3 fu H 42. Q. 9 H, K1 Q, v 1d" fs 1 H U v Mo 'J 2 D 3 3 3 3 3 D 2 D D S 3 S D Vs - Y V is vi D v 1 s IV W3 .D Ti: n V19 Y ,D ? 'rf A For the Best in School News Amherst High Students read THE AMHERST JOURNAL Published every Friday by HAMILTON I. NEWELL, INC. Tel. 610 534 Main C. F. CLARK SUNDERLAND, MASS. THE POWERS SHOP Women's Apparel AMHERST, MASS. Whitmore 8: Richardson Growers and Planters of Richmore Vegetables Sunderland : : Massachusetts JOHN MCGRATH SUNDERLAND MASS. JACKSON 8g CUTLER Dealers in Dry and Fancy Goods Ready to Wear AMHERST :: MASSACHUSETTS Gifts for all Occasions Come in and look around THE GIFT NOOK WELLWORTH PHARMACY INC. The store with complete line of cameras, films, chemicals, and dark- room equipment, also printing and developing service. Wellworth Pharmacy Inc. "Where Economy Rules" Page fifty-seven For the Best in Clothes SCC THOMPSON Best Wishes To - The Class of '49 - I from The Amherst Post 148 American Legion Basketball Team BEMEN T COAL COMPANY D and H Anthracite - Connecticut Best Grades Bituminous Coke AMHERST LAUNDRY COMPANY Incorporated "The Home of Salisfaclionu 11 East Pleasant St. Amherst, Mass. GRIGGS, INC. HOME FURNISHERS R1 TELEPHONE 16 24 AMITY STREET :: Ammansr RALPH T. STAAB, Inc. IFEHGEEFEEW RANGE OIL FUEL OIL GASOLINE za SUNDERLAND Rn. Tm. 1265 NORTH AMHERST. MASS. Page fifty-eight PM HMMMHHHHHHH + QHXQA r "nr nv' 4 no-1 A. f vu r "' 'vu HHUHHNNHNHQNHNQUHWY INAHA 4 DHDD I O D D D 3 O 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 D 3 3 3 Q 3 3 D 3 3 9 D 3 3 2 3 J D 'Q vi 3 J Q H' 'Q 'Q 'Q rd ra -2 ',J F r' UNDER NEPV MANAGEMENT AMHERST BILLIARD ACADEMY DON'T DELAY Warmer weather is coming. Bring in your spring cleaning now. THE MAJESTIC TAILOR 58 Main St. Next to High School UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT AMHERST TAXI 45 Tel. 46 Safe Drivers - New Cars Courteous quick service E. M. SWITZER, JR. he Clothing - Haberdashery TELEPHONE 477-8-9 76 Noiufx-1 PLEASANT STREET LOUIS' FOODS The Store of Quality MEATS, GRocER1Es, Hzmrs and VEGETABLES Am-nsnsr, MASSACHUSETTS THE. LORD JEFFERY AMHERST, MASSACHUSETTS Facing the beautiful town common and adjoining the Amherst College Campus. The Lord Jeffery is modern throughout, yet has the appearance and charm of a century old Inn. , Page fifty-nine Compliments of . . . BOILER EQUIPMENT TRUST Compliments of . . . STEPHEN J. DUVAL AMHERST, - - MASSACHUSETTS OPTOMETRTST DOUGLASS - MARSH, Inc. Furniture and Rugs CLIFF WINN Jeweler At the head of the Village Green AMHERST :: MASSACHUSETTS "Head of the Village Green" SKIBISKI PRODUCE CO. AND WARNER BROS., INC. Contractors 5K'B'5K' 'NSURANCE For Athletic Fields SERVICE Roads 0 Excavations 0 Grading Sunderland - - Massl SUNDERLAND, MASS. SUNDERLAND MARKET MEATS o GROCERIES For the Best in Soda Fountain Service FRUITS - Visit ,- TEL. 142.2 SUNDERLAND, MASS. THE COLLEGE DRUG STORE arm. Mconxra. Prop. Page' xirly ,QI '1- ,AF '41 ? .H 'Q ,ar ,1 1Q ,L 5 rl' 'ii- , Av ,T is , I --v ' r 'WC , I ? I '45 0 " 4-rv '1 IT IT 'T' P IT 21 rr 9 f 11 11 if I1 3 Z1 3 Z1 2 32 C1 2' I, gg 5 I, is is 1-3 J ... 9 5 Q .3 1 .3 1 D is in 3 12 '32 "J W: fi: T! 9 3: , 1 .T F3 'H . Q T13 5 Q - D Ng -9 E Q ,9 ,D -D ,D GEORGE A. CROCKWELL Realtor Tel. - Amherst 600 " If it's Photographic " -SEE- THE TILLEY CAMERA SHOP 60 Main St. - Amherst My business is developing 74a Old 7716466 Gifts G9 Original Crafts S. S. Pierce Table Delicacies Telephone 256 North Amherst, Mass. R. L. BATES NO. AMHERST :: MASS. K. L. OSMUN feweler amz' Wazcimaier ROMAN R. SKIBISKI, INC. JEWELRY, WATCH and CLOCK REPAIRING SUNDERLAND MAss. 47 SO. PLEASANT ST., AMHERST, NIASS. MILLAR'S Esso STATION College Street Amherst, Mass. AMHERST GRAIN COMPANY Page sixty-one Compliments of THE ICE CREAM SHOP We cordially invite you to visit our exclusive shop for your ice cream requirements. We feature the highest quality and the largest variety of flav- ors obtainable in town. Our Motto is "It's Better Because ii' It's The Best" AMHERST CREAMERY CO. Cor. Fearing St. 8z Sunset Ave., Tel. 81 ' PAIGE'S ' BOWLING - ALLEY 159 North Pleasant St. Tel. 29 GOING T0 COLLEGE? The country and the community need college trained men and women to lead the coming generations. at AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL CULLEGE you are offered . . . A well-founded educational institution, established in 1885, with a present en- rollment of more than 1400 full-time students. American International College is co-educational and non-sectarian. It is one of the most rapidly growing institutions of higher learning in New England. A chance to continue your education among former friends and classmates- more graduates of Springfield high schools go to AIC than to all other colleges combined. A college recognized by the American Council on Education and the American Medical Association. The home of the Model Congress -- a popular feature which annually attracts high school students from all over New England. The opportunity to get your degree while living at home. The amount saved can be applied toward graduate work or for starting in a business. A good chance for a scholarship. Some high ranking students will be awarded scholarships if recommended by their principals. No quota system. Page sixty-two MMMHHHHM UUUUUQUMUDUUDUUMMMMMMMM VJDJ D' D D D D P P' I1 9 ,J 5 D D D 3 'D 3 3 3 3 3 D 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 D 2 D 3 D 3 D D 3 Q ,Q ,D .3 Q Q YQ ,N MONTGOMERY'S ROSES FOR- CUT FLOWERS AND CORSAGES FQJLZX ' MONTGOMERY CO., mc. HADLEY, MASS. THE MUTUAL PLUMBING AND HEATING CO. HARDWARE Amherst - - Mass. The Specialty Shop your Stationery-Toy and Gift Store We Carry a complete line of High School Jewelry with the school seal 19 NO. Pleasant Street - Amherst Special Services Our Specialty For Dependable Fuel CHARLES H. HASKIN S ' Contractor 0 C . R . E L D E R C O A L C O M P A N Y PHONE zo TEL- 932 Meadow St. North Amherst LARGEST VARIETY OF COLLEGE ICES WITH HOME MADE ICE CREAM DOUGLASS FUNERAL SERVICE Milk Shakes WILFRED R. TOY Delicious Snacks h Frappes Director Home Baked Delicacies always taste better Telephones: Amherst 196 and 920 Q 8'1 No. Pleasant St. : : Amherst COLLEGE CANDY KITCHEN, INC. 1.1 3,2 'J 1,9 ,Q ,Q I2 -,Q -2 5 I.: Page sixty-lhree Q -, C Qzcor omze 1804 4,..S-f'NGs.,N 93.1 A .. w I0 d AMHERSTSAVINGSBANK .,...,.-,..Y.,.-. K w,,,.,....-any AMHERST' MASSACHUSETTS Regular Deposits, Christmas Club, Vacation Club, Purpose Club. Life Insurance Surplus S2,349,937.07 Assets S18,185,580.15 aThe Gold Diggers" Compliments of . . Searsie "Baby" Rochie" "Mac" Stoughtyn Marion ADAMS' DAIRY Libbie" Phyllis F ritzie" Joyce Best Wishes UNIVERSITY MUTURS, M A Friend Tel- 688 213 College St. AMHERST, MASS. Compliments Bon Voyage to tl'llS YQHIJS ,49ers. A well wisher Seniors ! A Friend Page sixty-four ...A 'D 1: fo Jo 5 D 3 D 3 3 D 3 D 3 3 3 9 3 3 3 3 3 3 D 3 D J 3 3 D 3 3 D 3 3 Q 3 Q 3 D .3 1,2 1,2 1,2 12 YQ ,Q 'Q 5 ...Q AMHERST SHOE REPAIR CO. Shoe Shining and Repairing John Mientka, Prop. fNext to The College Drugj RACKLIFFE STORE Quality Merchandise Cushman Center TEL. 1191 - R WHlTCOMB'S HARDWARE Amherst Theatre Building AMHERST Moore's Paints and Enamels RECORD " Paqua " Wall Finish IMPERIAL WALL PAPERS FADEPROOF and WASHABLE BEAUTY BAR 56 Main St. JOE JELSKI 'S Barber Shop BEST OF HAIR CUTS Amherst Tel. 1130 MAIN ST. BURNETT 5 NASH DEMPSEY'S DINER Telephone 992-W 34 MAIN STREET 5 i AMHERST Open Daily From 6 A.M.-1:30 A.M. On No. Pleasant St., across from Bank Tel. 1172 Amherst For Delivery Page sixly-five STEPHEN PUFFER JR. General Contractor Sand Gravel Tel. 1328-W THE JOHN F. JEWETT CO. RADIO SERVICE PICK UP AND DELIVERY MARKET HILL RD.,CUSHMAN TEL. 948-M2 McClellan Stores Co. For good . . . SCHOOL SHOES Buy at . . . BOLLES SHOE STORE SOUTH AMHERST SERVICE CENTER Mobil Gasoline and Oils Groceries - Candy - Tobacco ALA ROAD SERVICE William A. Ezbicki HARVEY'S MARKET Your Friendly Grocer . . Telephone Amherst 270 GAZETTE BRANCH OFFICE Anne Whalen, Correspondent News - Advertising -- Collection 30 Main Street Tel. 710 THE NOAH WEBSTER RESTAURANT ind- CONFECTIONER Tel. 8333 57-59 NO. PLEASANT ST. Page sixty-six 5 ,, .9 :J to 3 9 yo Q so f :J 5 ,.a y3 wg 1 -,Q 4,3 ,Q y3 .9 E-3 'Ii 213 FQ is N9 fig Tig 'YQ N9 11 if FIS H", gs ,C gi ff 1' 12 25 ra ,- TWO WAY I MacDonald's Dairy RADIO CONTROLLED Milk Cream - TAXI -- Homogenized Skimmed Milk phone 1 2 2 0 Pasteurized Chocolate Milk TWELVE TWENTY VETERAN TAXI CO. 24 Hours -- We never Sleep Butter Milk Heavy Cream Cottage Cheese Light Cream Butter Eggs Tel. 276-R Amherst Prompt, Courteous Service THE COLLEGE SHOE REPAIR CO. JOHN FOTOS, Pmprirfor 41 NO. PLEASANT ST. AMHERST The I-louse of Walsh A College Shop In a College Town Featuring . . . Mt. Rock TOP COATS and OVERCOATS THOMAS F. WALSH HORTON MOTORS Kaiser - Frazer Sales and Service Gulf Products Tel. 391 Amherst a The Best in Drug Store Service o The Best in Drug Store Merchandise - FOR OVER 85 YEARS - HENRY ADAMS THE REXALL STORE South Pleasant Street 52 Amherst WILLIAMS, McCLOUD 81 CO. Insurance of all Kinds and Real Estate TELEPHONE 888 SAVINGS BANK BUILDING, AMHERST SKATE YOUR DATE at CRAMMO'S ROLLER RINK Open Evenings Tuesday thru Sunday Chicago Skates, Sales and Service Shoe Skates for Rent THE CABLES So. Deerfield Phone 258-2 Page sixty-seven PERSONALIZED PORTRAITS and it? all done with LIGHTS! There's magic in lights . . . add a light here, place a spot- light there, and your portrait takes on the appearance of real form and individuality. Your Vantine photographer knows how lighting effects can be best used .... How easily they can reflect your person- ality. Your Vantine photographer knows best how to secure the sharply etched photograph your engraver desires of the im- portant senior year .... The victories of the athletic teams. . . . The brilliance of social occasions .... The Prom . . . The plays .... The debates .... The expression of every- day life on the campus. That personalized portraits by Vantine are important is at- tested to by the fact that over 300 schools and colleges re- peatedly entrust their photographic work to Vantine. Official Photographer WARREN KAY VANTINE STUDIO 132 Boylston Street BOSTON, MASS. Page sixty-eight '-1 'Z V1 -4 fi' yr 4: 54 ,JJ vw r of ,fl E ,f V . ji fi Q1 ji '1 21 ji 11 Q1 ji 21 21 'W 1 V UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUD f W E' 5' 5' 7' I' fi w Ca CJ Su Li Cu Cu Cu 'D 3 A D 9 3 3 3 3 3 3 D 3 D 3 3 3 3 3 3 Q3 ff-3 fa 2:2 Q3 E Z if CH 9 2 3 W3 P, 3 Q W3 pa COLLEGE TOWN SERVICE CENTRE 2115132 iBrnspertnrs Mobilgas Mobiloil Mobilubrication Bun Dick Hamilton, Prop. im D HU Tel. 791 161 No. Pleasant St. P ESTERBROOK'S FOUNTAIN PENS AMHERST 31.75 . Cleansers gl Dyers Twenty Different Pen Points 35,6 each "VVorlcmanship of Distinction" A. J. HASTINGS Amherst, Mass. Telephone 828 Newsdealer Sz Stationer Amherst Mass T H E THE JEFFERY AMHERST JEFFERY AMHERST MUSIC SHOP BQQKSHQP G. E. MASTERKRAFT - KORTH OIL BURNERS Complete Oil Burner Service Socony Gas and Oil Bottled Gas for Cooking G. E. and Kelvinator Refrigerators Electric Ranges and Appliances AMHERST OIL CO. Tel. 999 Tel. 945 321 Main Street Page sixiy-nine it N-f',. 4 WD fx 9 Ag. 5. ,x 5. 5- '.A Ju JA .A .A'.n?.:fJ..L ulA'A JJ.A..LJ HHH -- .0 gf., W' "9 " ' "' QB A-9 k --3 -Q 3 3 9 3 3 jo 59 jr 2 , :- fi 3 jf a E:-Q 4 3 Q. Q 4 9 Cf Q 3 CQ 9 C4 3 C' Q Q- Q Cf Cf ,Q LQ H-3 an ,, A MUUUUM UUUUUUUUUMU 1 5. ,,..- ' -! ... -J .. cl d J ,, 'H'-A'-1'.L'.P.L'.l'.l'J'.F.L'.L'JJ '.V'.P.L'.1,'.i Ll.'.iF.LA 3 fi E13 tg: D 3 V3 5: We f . fi a fl: is We 7 f 'uw 3 'N Qi 9 fa 'i Gig 3 gi? 'Q as Cs 9 9 3 Q 'Wi 7' at 4-Q if C 4 Q ci, Q I2 9 13 3 3 9 gg 9 D ci. in , Q Q

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