Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA)

 - Class of 1948

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Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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f , T71 ffl 'T' 1 . 1 2 Ll L1 L1 L1 L1 H I Ill Ill I , I I 1 lwl ll ll I . J. ni I 1 If I I 'A I I Ill I I -MAE i f'i.2f-if 'gif 'A- j, 1 1 E. , 2 '- f, P' 4 . , -' 'f'f9'4'- C1f.iv: ,'-:J ' -Zigi-V? -ffnff , , A" 'Vi fa-.nvwifi-, 2 if A .' ,. .f,,,,-6 ,NJ 14' G u 4 3 i .i L1 Q 2 U I I X Ei 'Il 1 1 1:1 E1 1 t I rl I , in , . GCDLDBUG Amherst High School Class of 1948 GUIDANCE DEPART Amhenit Regional High Bla X Amherst, Ma ' Dedication HIS year's Goldbug is dedicated to a teacher Who, through her patient kindness and real friendship has Won our respect and our esteem. During the three years that we have known her she has continuously gone out of her Way to help us, to advise and guide us, and most important, to teach us. She has taught us something more important than just a class room subject. She has taught us to think and to act independently. For these things we thank her. T "Who is it that says most? Which can say more - Than this rich praise - That you alone are you P" E 5 E v- L C L- L I I I, EI w 1 w L -.. I -J -J L 4... 4 -sl I y If . mmf L 91 I 1' rn- I MISS RUTH L. BROWN ' ng: RZ -in Q.-up qi DRAMATIS PERSONAE Class of 1948, Choice and master spirits of this age Class of 1949, Heirs of all eternity Class of 1950, Baby figure ofthe giant mass of things to come Teachers, Learned and authentic fellows Janitors , Most patient men, well beloved. Teams, clubs, clowns, murderers, attendants Scene: Amherst High School Q l l I I lil lr-1, nj Nl-r 1 li- -'T Prologue It was William Shakespeare who wrote, "All the world's a stage." This quotation is just as true now as it was in Shakespeare's time, and, in the opinion of the editors of the Goldbug, it can be applied directly to present day school life. Are these not actors and actresses, directors and prompters, stage- hands and angels? Is there not a setting and a back- drop for each act? With this in mind, the editors decided to employ Shakespearean quotations and Shakespearean play mechanics as a framework upon which to build the book. - What part did you play? If you are Mr. Perry, you directed the entire production and saw that it kept moving. If you are a teacher, you guided the actors, molded the finished product, determined the result of the play. If you are a student, then you were a starring player and everything you did or said was unrehearsed acting. You made your own script, and decided upon your own stage directions. But since you were an actor you helped determine the success or failure of the play as a whole. .As an actor a responsibility rested on you. You made the play a happy one and a successful one. We, the editors, have attempted to present to you the last act of your play. Here it is. Faculty 'Thefe's a divinity that shapes our endg Rough-hew them how we Will" 1. -"" If Xflilfi 1 ' " 'QTA-3 WW! ' K 711 If S' ,- . v'rbH'ffNx 5:5555 ' 1 if . '+R' . ., f -g . - . - r . ' auf. rg 5 a A A as L - so -. 5 1 I fwfffsszmsf X A X 42 " 6277 eff' :f.2X3fYff.l3 ' , Q ik 2 1 ' 5 'qffxf ' 1 N2 X V' . i i ? 5 I - j gh 1' Q Q " A i ali' r WSE: .fev1sw'fiG MISS BROWN MISS COLSON ENGLISH MUSIC MRS. DAY MR. DOMINA MISS DONLEY HOME ECONOMICS INDUSTRIAL ARTS LATIN "Music of the spheres." "For the lady is well worthy." "Oh, for a muse of fire that "Having so swift and ex- would ascend cellent a wit." The brightest heaven of in- vention." MR. PERRY PRINCIPAL "He reads much He is a great observer, he looks quite through deeds of men." and the fl C 1 H MISS FIELD MISS FILLMORE MISS FOLEY MISS FERGUSON MRS. GILLESPIE SOCIAL STUDIES GUIDANCE COMMERCIAL ENGLISH if , ff f f , ff ff , 'Af-'7' A o-J' We ly! of! 1 I 4 f 1 K X ' Aff Q j MIEI COMI "No, I pr :ber judgr . Z 4 3 1 fi MISS I COM 1A ll the wo it f I 47 .-5. s -3 I 'A- f Z ? 4 v :S Q N5 Mgt f Zvi ' MISS PHYSICAL EDUCATIOISLW "Speak to me as to thy "Thou marshalls't me the "Can the world buy such a "Your fair discourse hath thinkings wa I w ' ." ' I?" o add a. U GS 90mg Jew-9 been a su ar "Th t l t, As thou dost ruminatef' - g mi ar P easan Making the hard way sweet some. and delectable. the r f ,f,: , I ,--. f J - ' i jj. ff , . ,,, ,, Aiif . f stfx , ,any ,, f , X s ,qw I eff, f, .Q f 5 pf, f ,e Ze ,X X. ' X MQ 69, sniff if W x 1 M24 1 f f Q ff W Ns mi ' rw f I NS gi! f " ' 3' ff XY f 57 I ,fn It T ' 'I' fs. G. . . .Q ,F 5, . Us ' . ga fm .fm M 4 ' 5 954 kd M251-Sf, x f f , y B we , f , " , f I Sffpxfif f C 6 Zfxgxff y M f I hx ff ff f k I 266 XY ff it , f f f , fam llc 4' I7 W It ff 7 GQ 4 I f 9 r 6 1 'v yufgw 7 f X 45 .M WW? , 4 M 2 fe X 4. 5214 177 4 if Z . D Q f fl! Q6 C I Ki sv I 2 f f f , f 'I' iw Q N X MISS HALE COMMERCIAL ld ex- "No, I pray thee speak in ber judgment." MRS. HEALEY PHYSICAL EDUCATION "Haloo your name to the reverberate hills, And make the babbling gossip of the air cry out." MR. LACROIX MRS. MASON MR. MOORE BIOLOGY FRENCH INDUSTRIAL ARTS "One touch of nature makes "In mine eye she is sweetest "Sir, he made a chimney in the whole world kin." lady my father's house and That ever I look'd on." The bricks are alive at this day to testify it." l'i' I AX .kx, Q W I MISS MORRISSEY MISS OLDFIELD MR. OLIVER A MRS. PAGE MISS PINNICK COMMERCIAL MATHEMATICS PHYSICS OFFICE SOCIAL STUDIES f'All the world admires her." "There is occasions and "His heart and hand both "I have done the state some "She's an exceedingly szveet causes why and wherefore open and both free, service and they know it." lady- in all things." For what he has he gives, Andshe is exceedingly wise." what he thinks he shows." Jog. zyffv.-. I M: E U MISS RAFFERTY MR. SCHULER MR. SHAW MR. SWIFT MR. WILLIAMS .ION ART MUSIC SOCIAL STUDIES CHEMISTRY PHYSICAL EDUCATION ,amen I , T0 add another hue "Hath he provided this "A .man of sovereign parts, "O Wonderful, wonderful." "I owe you all duty... Jnto the rainbow." music?" he is esteemedg ' . .IQ Well fitted in the arts. IP Class of 1948 I' d hip is co Il things Our officers - - HAS you like it" if ff JAMES TAGUE RICHARD STEDMAN "All, every inch a king" "I am not in Ihe role of common Class President, 33 Student A men" Council, 2. 3: Football, 1 2, 3, Class Vice President, 2, 3, "A", Basketball, 2, Manager, 2g Chorus, lg Cheerleading, lg Foot- Hi-Y, 2, 3. ball, 2, 3, "A", Baseball, 2, 3, NANCY MONTGOMERY "Lady, you are the cruelesl she alive lf you will lead Ihese graces Io lhe grave And leave lhe world no copy" Class Secretary-Treasurer, 33 Tri-S, 1, 2, 3, Student Council, 25 Graphic, 3, Goldbug, 35 Chorus, 1, 2, 39 French Club, 25 Band, 1, 2, 3, Orchestra, 35 Junior Class Play, 25 Girls Sports, 1. Our editors-- - "A Comedy of Errors " DAVID POTTER "It is no act of common passage but a strain of rareness" Pro Merito, 2, 35 Goldbug, 3, Co-editor, 35 French Club, 25 Chorus, 2, 35 Graphic, 2, 35 Social Studies, 2, 35 President 35 Debating, 2,35 Swimming, 3, "A"5 Interclass plays, 2, 35 Jr. Class Play, 25 Transfer Lebanon High School, 2. JOAN COX "More is thy due than more than all can pay" Tri-S, 1, 2, 35 Goldbug, 3, Co- editor, 35 French Club, 1, 2, 35 Pro Merito, 2, 3, Secretary, 35 Jr. Red Cross, 25 Swimming, 35 Girls Sports, 1, 3. DOROTHY GIBSON "If there be, or ever were one such, it's past the size af dreaming" I Tri-S, 2, 35 Graphic 35 Gold- bug, 3, Business Manager, 35 Chorus, 35 French Club, 25 Pro Merito, 2, 35 Band, 2, 35 Orches- tra, 35 Interclass Plays, 25 Junior Class Play, 25 Transfer from Searles High School, Methuen, 2. RALPH WOOD "One man picked out often thous- and" Hi-Y, 2, 35 Student Council, 25 Goldbug, 3, Business Manager. 35 Chorus, 35 French Club, 25 Pro Merito, 2, 3, President, 35 De- bating, 35 Basketball, 1, 25 Band, 1, 2, 35 Orchestra, 35 Camera Club, 1. And the members of our class. "Allis Well 1 1 PAULINE ADAMS RICHARD ALLEN .-.. CLARA ANDERSON "A merry hear! goes all thc day" "I'!1 warren! him heart-whole" HIIIIIIYC17C'Gl'l1Qf1j0lll' paintings foo Chorus, 13 Aesculapius Club, 1. Projectionist, 15 Jr. Red Cross, 1. well enough" Orchestra. 1, 2, 35 Basketball 1, 2, 3, "A", Tri-S, 1, 2gGo1dbug 35 Girls Sports, 1, 2, 3. 5 NA' 11 ' H 7 Y f 1 f 1 2. 'L'1'ff1un iff ,ly fmfw, iw-we , , , ,. ,Q . -Aw ,V f . wi ,J I ,, , W, fx, , . , i at Y , ,,., , g . 1 . O , A ,, fi ' f Q up Q ,fbi S, lv '. ,f f hge. + by 5. 'fag Q 4 K .q lf, wx V K f " 5 9 7 4' lif- 34 . ws, 1 2 , ' "nh , 5 r if s 'Q WILLIAM ARCHIBALD " Ile was a man, lake him for all in all, I shall no! look upon his like again" Class President, lg Hi-Y, 2, 3, Student Council, lg Goldbug, 33 Chorus, 2, Projectionist, 15 Bas- ketball, 1, 2, 3, "A", ROBERT BALISE ROBERT BARTOS "Though he be but little he is fierce" "The flash and outbreak of a fiery Graphic, 1, 2, 3f Business mind" Manager, 33 'Air Scouts, 2, 3. Scribe, 25 Band, 35 Interclass Plays, 2. BLANCHE BAJ "I never knew so young a body wilh so old a head" Girls Sports, 1, 2, 3, Basketball, 2, 3, "A", Goldbug, 3. DONALD BRADLEY "An earlhly paragonn Hi-Y, 2, 3, Band, 1, 33 Or- chestra, 33 Pro Merito, 2, 33 Swimming, 2, 33 Chorus, 1, 23 French Club, 1, 2, Football, 2, Debating, 3. SHIRLEY BRIDGES "She wears lhe rose of youth upon he1"' Tri-S, 2, 3, Girls Sports, 3, Chorus, 2, 3, Interclass Play, 2. l JANET BRITTIN MONICA BRQWN "Be happy Irulgf' "I'Il charm lhe azr lo give cz sound" Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, Band, 1, 2, 33 ' Chorus, 2, 33 Tri-S, 1, 2, 3., V D V , NANCY BRUCE "'I'here's lilllf' of the lzzvlanvlzoly elemvnl in her" Chorus, 3. l CUYLER CALDWELL "Though lhis be madness, ye! lhere's melhod in il" Graphic, 2, 3, Sports Editor, 3, Hi-Y,2, 33 Goldbug, 33 Swimming, 35 Interclass Plays, 3. l LJ l l 1 A il ll- -sh W 1 h U w 'ff . Q Qi 2. Q if ff? , ,cm X , W ff , , N .- of ,fu nf , fmff -:f'1: 5' If 9,1 'lkigva f 'li Z' 4, we ,-Yjlk f f 1 avg 'ow ,nf 45 fi ,ac f , MM .' f . n 14 " 774 -PV W ' K , A 1 ,ffffffwfiftt ' 1, fi ' ' M in . 1 , , r of ,gg , -4 uv ff' '.-Wwni' 0' f '- f, ' f J A-f , y 73,5 fff ,pf K f4fi'SyWff.f,xs55gfif .,f,, ,f A V ,V iff' L 1 ,, wi sv, A. :,4+ao,4 , 411- f 1 ,,,v4,f,fff,y,, f Q ,fe A 4 f- L, f.,..,e,e . ,l-xareunimr-s,W:f ' arrow H. DAVID CARY RICHARD CAREY "In lhy face I see the map of "Ile hullz dom' good Sl'l'lliClfn honour, lrulh and loyollyn Hi-Y 2 3, Pro Merito, 2 3 French Club, 1, 2, Social studies, 33 Band, 1, 2, 3, Orchestra, 3 Chorus, 1, 2, 33 Junior Class Play: 2, Interclass Plays, 1, 2, Graphic, 3, Projectionist, 1. Football, 2, 3, "A": Swimming, 2, 3, Hi-Y, 2, 33 Chorus, 2, 3. STEWART COFFIN "He was a scholar and a ripe and good one" Hi-Y, 2, 3, Treasurer, 35 Gra- phic, Photographer, 3g Goldbug, Photo-editor, 3g Pro Merito, 2, 39 Air Scouts, 23 Swimming, 3. ISABELLE CASHMAN "To pnrgc' 1'llt'ffIlIlTlIlJIUH EDWARD CONKLIN "An eye like Mars, lo lhrealen and command" Hi-Y, 2, 33 Football, 1, 2, 3, "A"g Chorus, 1, 33 Student Council, 2, 3, President, 35 Basketball, 1, 2, 3, "A", Interclass Plays, 15 Jr. Red Cross, lg Orchestra, 3, Band, g 3. LI U 1 J -wg. , JOHN DAVENPORT SHIRLEY DICKINSON JAMES DOUBLED-AY "His better doth not breathe upon "She that WHS ever fflffn , I aff' GS Constant HS the Norlhem the earth" Glrls Sports, 1, 2, 33 Glrls Sfflf . , , Hi-Y, 2, 3: Graphic, 1, 2, 3, Basketball team, 2, 3, "A", ProJect1on1st,1g Jr. Red Cross, Sports Editor, 2, Co-editor, 3. Baseball, 19 Camera Club, 1- r l l l ' qrnfvr L Jllnl Ll Ill ll na tl JOHN ELLIS JOHN FELLERS M. "If it be a man's work, 1'Il do it" "He shall have a noble memory" 1 Hi-Y, 2, 35 Goldbug, 3g Pro Football, 1, 2, 33 Basketball, 13 " - Merito, 2, 3g Chorus, 1, 2, 33 Hi-Y,2,3gGraphic photographer, Band, 1, 2, 33 Orchestra, 3, Junior 3. ' S Class Play, 3. l .55 43531 , ffffvv' , q,,4,Lf ,s ,, ' JW: eat ' , ' f, ,,g,,5q, ey, V ,H,fv,pw,,' x .k V. ' A? MARY GARVEY "She makes a July day as short as December" Girls Sports, 1, 2, 33 Girls Basketball team, 2, 3, UA". EDITH GURWITZ "That she is worthy I know ELISABETH GODING "Yea, most excellent good" Tri-S, 1, 2, 3, Graphic, 1, 2, 3, Business Manager, 39' Chorus, 1, 2, 33 French Club, 2, 3, President, 3g Band, 1, 29 Orchestra, 3, Gold- bug, 35 Pro Merito, 2, 3. MARILYN HALLADAY JOHN HANIESKI "A good heart's worth gold" "This bold, had man" Junior Red Cross, 33 Transfer Baseball, 1, 2, 3. from Suffield High School, Suf- field, Conn., 1. ff I . gi- 4 X ,W wh f , ., s. M iV,','f5 , f' W4 f 'WW' " ,. 'ix " Wm, f . fl , , . 5 X ? f,,,, , .. I :J fa Q , K '7 f 1 f 4 f,. W f fi ,, f f ,'f'f'ff M ff-'f f f ,',,,?2?. WILBUR HARTMAN "I had rather than forty shillings I Iliad my book of songs and sonnets ere" Hi-Y, 2, 3g Graphic, 3, Chorus, 1, 2, 3g French Club, 1, 2, Vice President, 23 Debating, 1, 2, 3, Social Studies, 2, 3, Basketball, 23 Band, 1, 2, 35 Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, Junior Class Play, 2. MARION HIGGINS '3' malcicslihifs lvalzilt a easilng presence u 0 ig t". Trl-S, 1, 2, 3, Chorus, 1, 2, 3g Interclass Plays, 1, Junior Class Play, 2. CAROLINE HASBROUCK CATHERINE HEPBURN "So sweet was ne'er so fatal" "The observed of all observers" i Tri-S, 1, 2, 3, Chorus, 3, Girls Tri-S, 2, 3, Chorus, 2, 3, Girls Basketball, 1, 2, 3, Graphic, 33 Sports, 1, 2, "A", Swimming, 1, 2. sf , Q M r. ' , V' I 2 A , ' fi . 2,1 .,.,... . - f if X I X724 . j ,, fvf, - , ., , 2 ig ' 2 t vm 2 g l Ninas Q W I ' f 1' Xxx ig? ' 4 91 Q W f 1 , N f 'ff f J ssfieffsu f, 1, W Y, fglfs, 9? . X f -Q WNN Y if f fg, Q, l sg , ' 5,5 Ef ggkggfsefx, RX, , . " I A i f? '7 I G I Af ' ' , ' f X. 2 Jsfeff X ' , .gg 5124 5 2 71 :: U . ,, g ,,5 ,g.,13,,1j 3 , r- , .I 1 if :iff 'gf-MZ ' H " . ' H2 1 sh-,Wi ..,,,, 1. ,QW .1 ,gf , 2' sez? 2: FRANKLIN HOLCOMB "There is a soul of goodness" H1-Y, 2, 3g Projectionist, 1, 2, 3. J H., Y. ,- ei ,,.., ra lv, ,H l ii il 'L ua Im ll 5 STEPHEN HOWARD "I am not merry, but I do beguile the thing I am, By seeming otherwise" Baseball, 2, 3, Chorus, 3. KATHRYN HUGHES "For her own person It beggar'd all description" Tri-S, 1, 2, 33 Cheerleading, 2, 35 Girls Basketball, 2, 3, "A", Inter- class Plays, 2, Goldbug, 3, Girls Sports, 2, 3. BEVERLY JACQUE "Smooth runs the water where the brook is deep" Tri-S, 1, 2, 35 Chorus, 2, 35 Gjgrls Sports, 1, 35 Basketball, 3, ANDREW JACQUE " He hath a hear! as sound as a bell' Hi-Y, 2, 33 Graphic, 3, Gold- bug, 3, Chorus, 1, 3, Swimming, 1, 2, 3, "A", French Club, 2, Jr. Red Cross, Air Scouts, 3, Honorary Member of Tri-S, 3. MARY KELLOGG "In faith, lady, you have a merry heart" MICHAEL KENNEDY "What man dare, I dare" Swimming, 1, 3g Projectionists, Repair man, Program Master, 3. E. JANE KLEIN "Age cannot wither her nor custom stale her infinite variety" Tri-S, 1, 2, 33 Basketball Manager, 3, Goldbug, 33 Graphic, 3: French Club, 2, 33 Chorus, 35 Interclass Plays, 23 Band, 1, 2. PATRICK KENNEDY "A dear happiness to women" Football, 1, 2, "A", Swimming 1, 3, "A", Baseball, 1, 3, "A". GLORIA KNIGHTLY "And she a fair divided excellence" Tri-S, 1, 2, 35 Chorus, 35 Girls Sports, 1, 2, 39 Basketball, 3. NORMA KESSLER "As merry as the day is long" Chorus, 3. r- a.f l- ?x:. la! , UU ' fm. n.,,, F I l W 'A WB, - If 1 K .2 ' ":. s ' S ln - 1. . 4 Q ,f21.,,f , i . ya - . 3 . 55.-.-' - . . ' 'SRF ' .551 351' Q- : -3,1 l , t , ,3:.,:g,,' y ,,:,,,,,KL , F,-af-:fx Y .rg 'iilbw ef, 1 , ' .' A C V 'Ef' fr. s ' ' Q-fiismiaf ' 14 ' e ' ', C -,'12l'C' S ' 15- 7f1lZ'Q'77QX?5 . ' ' , .. f -35-F: P , K-iff: Jim-'.'1S1.i . yl., V ,v,, ,, , U,,H,, h,. ,.,, ff Q1 f avi : . 4 -S ss 'azifif .iff ffm 9 l 1 - Afi. N ,,b- .1 . ,. . g ALBIN KOBLINSKI DORIS KOLASINSKI ROBERT KOWALECK "Of whose true-fix'd and resting "Is she not a modest young lady" "This earth bears not alive so stout P quality Chorus, 1. a gentleman" There is no fellow in the firm- Baseball, 1, 2, 3, "A",Football, ament" 3, "A": Basketball, 3, "A". Baseball, 1, 2, 3, "A"g Football, 3, "A", Basketball, 1, 2, 3, "A", Chorus, 3. l H l I FRANK KOZIKOWSKI ALFRED KROL . "A Corinthian, a lad of mettle" "Every man .has his fault, and Jr. Red Cross, 1. honesty is has" Student Council, 33 Goldbug, 3: Sxlal Studies, 3, Baseball, 2, 3, lr V HELEN LASHWAY "Stars, Stars! and all eyes else dead men" - coals" ALFRED KULIKOSKI "Men of few words are the best CAROLYN LINDSEY CELIA MAIEWSKI "Here's metal more attractive" "The force of her own merit makes Tri-S, 1, 2, 3, French Club, 1, her way" 2, 33 Band, 1, 2, Chorus, 25 Gold- Chorus, 2g Pro Merito, 2, 3. bug, 33 Swimming, 1, 3. ROBERT LAUDER "The very life blood of our enter- prise" . Class Presldent, 2, Football, 1 2, "A", Basketball, 2, "A", Hi-Y: 1, 2s Cheerleader, 2 5' Chorus, 1, 2. CLORIA MASON u . NANCY MELLEN STRANGE ROBERT MITCHELL 'I'll talk a word with this same "It adds a precious scene lo the "As upright as a cedar" learned Theban eye" Air Scout, 2, 3, French Club, 2, Pro Merlto, 2, 3, Goldbug, 3. Jr. Red Cross, 1, Chorus, 3. 3, Swimming, 3, Hi-Y, 3. 5 , in ,H ,V LJ 1 I ELEANOR MORAN DAVID MORRILL V 'Bid me discourse, I will enchant - "As proper a man as one shall see thine ear" in a summer's day" Class Secretary-Treasurer, 1, Hi-Y, 2, 3, Projectionists, 2, 3, Tri-S, 1, 2, 3, Student Council, 1, Social Studies, 3, Air Scouts, 2, 3, Cheerleader, 1, 2, 3, Girls Sports, S uadron Pilot, 3, Football, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, Basketball, 2, 3, "A", "A", Basketball, 1, 3, Manager, 3, Interclass Plays, 1, Transfer I Stoneham High School, 1. BRUCE MURDOCK "My heart is true as steel" Goldbug, 3. BEVERLY' PARROTT "Now see that noble and mos sovereign reason" Graphic, 2, 3, Co-editor, 3 Interclass plays, 23 Goldbug, 3 Band, 1, 25 Orchestra, 13 Chorus 1, 3-g Tri-S, 1, 2, 35 Pro Merito, 2 35 Frenoh Club, 23 Basketball, 2 If ., cy affair K f V S 1 5 ,: I 7101 ,QS ,, ",,',Q',o Vg! Q 3 ff ': - ,. is ei 1 W. fss ss, -1,y,,g2,mA,'x. ' ,f .rf - fs: Q 9 , 11 My f V , , ,- in ww' . fy- '-:,f'Y:fnfWf m,4,ivf1s:2,:b,:r,zvMa-yi ff K , v as , CAROL ORRELL "Can one desire too much of a good thing" Class Secretary-Treasurer, 2g Tri-S, 1, 2, 3, Treasurer, 35 Cheerleader, 1, 2, 3, French Club, 1. EDWARD PARSONS I 'fA lord to a lord, a man to a man, stuff'd with all honorable virtues" g Orchestra, 35 Swimming, 3, g Transfer Grafton High School, 3. CLIFFORD PATNAUDE "What you do still betters what is done " .N ,Xl 'Rl' at .V J sw? g , ff, , 3 i , fgli. "f' ' , ,f f. , f .QA 1 , A sa., GEORGE PERRY JOAN PETERSEN LORRAINE PLAZA "A man in all the world's new "There was a star danced and "Sacred and sweet was all I saw fashion planted that under that I was born" in her" Hath a mint of phrases in his Goldbug, 3, Band, 3, French brain" Club, 33 Girls sports, 3, Basket- Goldbug, 3g Football, 2, Bas- ball, 3, Transfer Agawam High ketball, 2, Manager, 2, Interclass School, 2. Plays, 3. LOUISE PUFFER CAROLYN RANDOLPH "Take note, take note, O world" "A peace above all earthly dignities 1 Tri-S, 1, 2, 33 Student Council, A still and quiet conscience" 3, Secretary, 3, Chorus, 1, 2, 3, French Club, 1, 2, 33 Secretary- Jr. Red Cross, lg Aesculapius, 1. Treasurer, 25 Graphlc, 3, Trl-S, 1, 2, 33 Goldbug, 33 Girls Sports, 1, 2, 33 Basketball, 2, 33 Swim- ming, 1. ROBERT REHN "That which ordinary men are fit for I am qualified in and the best of me is diligence" Projectionists, 1, 2, 3, Vice President, 2, President, 3g Air Scouts, 2, 3, Scribe, 3, French Club, 15 Camera Club, 1. ANTHONY ROSSI "I dare do all that may become a man" Projectionists, 1, 2, 35 Air Scouts, 3, Baseball, 3. BEVERLY REYNOLDS "One entire and perfect chrysolite" Class President, 25 T ri-S, 1, 2, 3,' Secretary-Treasurer, 1, Vice President, 2, President, 3g Stu- dent Council, lg Pro Merito, 2, 33 Cheerleader, 1, 2, 35 French Club, 2, Interclass plays, 2. ' MARIE ROULEAU "I am native here and to the man- ner born" Chorus, 1, 3g Band, 2, 3: Girls Sports, 1, 3g Basketball, 3g Tri-S, 1, 2, 35 Swimming, lg Goldbug, 3. JAMES ROBINS "I-lightly lo be great" Football, lg Projectionists, 1 Swimming, 35 Basketball, 1. 1 1 1 EILEEN SALLE JOHN SHERMAN DUANE SMITH "A very riband in the cap of youth" "A good sharp fellow" "A man that fortune's bujfets and Tri-S, 23 Chorus, 33 Basket- Band, 1, 2, Camera Club, lg rewards hast ta'en ball, 3. Air Scouts, 2, 3, Projectionists, With equal thanks" 1, 2, 3, Secretary-Treasurer, 35 Goldbug, 35 Baseball, 1, 2, Hi-Y, 2, 3. Basketball, 2, Interclass Plays, 2. ROBERT STEDMAN RUTH STRATFQRD H "A fellow of irijlnite jest" "Young ln limbs, ln judgment old Chorus, lg Football, 2, 3, "A". Camera Club, 1, Goldbug, 3. DEBORA TAYLOR HOWARD THAYER "Her voice was ever soft "A lion among ladies" Gentle and low, an excellent thing in woman Tri-S, 1, 2, 33 Graphic, 1, 33 Goldbug, 3g Chorus, 1, 2, 33 Swimming, 13 French Club, 2, 33 Social Studies. Club, 23 Girsl Sports, 33 Interclass -Plays, 13 Junior Class Plays, 2. Projectionists Club, 1, 2, 3. RICHARD TRUESDELL "As proper man as ever trod upon neat's leather" Projectionists Club, 1, 2, 33 Camera Club, 13 Air Scouts, 2, 3. ELIZABETH UTLEY "But thy eternal summer shall not fade" Tri-S, 2, 33 Chorus, 2, 33 French Club, 2, 33 Band, 33 Orchestra, 33 Goldbug, 33 Transfer Belcher- town High School 2. JOHN THIES "The glass of fashion and the mould of form" Hi-Y, 2, 3, Vice President, 2, President, 3g Air Scouts, 1, 2, 3, Squadron Pilot, 2g Football, 13 Baseball, 23 Swimming, 1, 2, 3, "A"3 Chorus, 1, 2, 33 Goldbug, 3. if , RICHARD VONDELL "To be a well favored man is the gift offortune" Hi-Y, 2, 35 Camera Club, 1, Vice President, lg Basketball, 1, 2g Baseball, 1, 2g Goldbug Photo- grapher, 3. RUTH WALES "As full of spirit as the month of May!! Tri-S, 1, 2, 35 Chorus, 1, 33 French Club, 2, 35 Basketball, 1, 2, 3, "Ang Swimming, 2. JOSEPH WASKIEWICZ "The very age and body of the time" Class Vice President, lg Student Council, 15 Football, 2, 3, "Aug Basketball, 1, 2,' 3, "A", Base- ball, 3. JEAN WANCZYK "'Tis beauty truly bIent" Tri-S, 2, 33 Chorus, 2, 3. CARROLL WHITE "Rest, rest, perturbed spirit" Baseball, 2, 3g Football, 3 Basketball, 1, 2. P, rw: 'NTU Oiszm 5525 rv rfb' S C43-4 0 gm E Si P' :VL-1 rf N5 DDP S 55 Q S Cb 05 2' . S.. 90 E. ogg 3:- ami sim miin' 'Sas 234 EE D , 2. Ir' D-' 'A Q Cb H. 5 CII Inj Q' U3 :USO :FU 535050 - g.P'w 5'-O fb m,,,5EP'1 N Rican N N' 1-sb-4 Q ' wQfE'c: , QQQIQS-W "Swim fF.9.:" F-'1 go' 214 N"U3.r-4 Wir-1 O 'EJ-"8.5'-N PLFQQN 3-'oo':.'.f'g' NQSQ ' LL Jr 1 1g1tl 1-ly GM? 7 . ll vw' -qmwxgrfx ' ef 1 Y , I xl' el 5 5 Q WIIOIS Who Boy who has done the most for A. H. S. .... . Girl who has done th Most respected boy. e most for A. H. S. .... .. . Most respected girl .... Most all-around boy .... Most all-around girl ................. Boy with the most pleasing personality Girl with the most pl easing personality. . . . . . Most promising boy ................. Most promising girl ..... Most popular boy. . . Most popular girl .... Best mixer -- boy .... Best mixer- girl . . . Best looking boy .... Best looking girl .... Cutest boy ....... Cutest girl .... Quietest boy .... Quietest girl ........ Most talkative boy. . Most talkative girl .... Wittiest boy ...... Wittiest girl ..... Cheeriest boy .... Cheeriest girl ...... Most bashful boy. ..... . . Most bashful girl .......... 48's smoothest dancer - boy .... 48's smoothest dancer - girl .... Class writer - boy. . Class writer -- girl . Class athlete - boy .... Class athlete - girl. Class actor - boy .... Class actor - girl .... Class vocalist ..... Class artist .... Class clown ....... Class dude ......... Class King of Corn. . Class Indian ...... . . . . . .David Potter . .Beverly Reynolds ....... RalphWood ............JoanCox . . . .William Archibald . .Beverly Reynolds . .Richard Stedman . Nancy Montgomery .......Ralph Wood . . . .Dorothy Gibson ..... .John Thies . . . .Beverly Parrott .......JohnThies . . . . Beverly Parrott ........John Thies Caroline Hasbrouck . . .John Davenport . . . . . . .Carol Orrell . . .Stephen Howard . . . .Edith Gurwitz . . . . .Robert Balise . . . .Beverly Parrott . . . . .James Robins . . . .Beverly Parrott . . .Robert Stedman . . . . .Louise Puffer . . .Stephen Howard . . . .Edith Gurwitz .John Thies . .Beverly Reynolds . . . .John .Davenport . . . .Beverly Parrott . . . .Albin Koblinski . . . . . .Ruth Wales . . .Wilbur Hartman . . . .Debora Taylor .......John Thies . . .Clara Anderson . . . . . .James Robins . . . .Edward Conklin . . .Robert Balise . . . .Richard Carey The Juniors and Freshmen 'Play out th pl y f .w aw1 Wwam.. :smart First Row--N. Madden, M. Hart, F. Douglass, B. Lashway, D. Blundell, K. Moser, H. Boulanger, A. McKeeman, J. Bridges, P. Eddy, S. Saunders, C. Thacher, G. Evans I Second Row -+ R. Johnson, R. Wentworth, E. Lyman, D. Moat,.P. Sullivan, B. Hawley, M. Lovett, Davis, K. Flebut, C. Hawthorne, J. Roach, B. Whitcomb, V. Wheeler, E. Horst, D. Wheeler, G. Stutzman, Miss Oldfield Third Row- D. Ross, V. Giannetti, M. Lashway, H. Kozikowski, H. Ames, C. Childs, J. Lashwayj D. Clark, B. Wad- dington, M. Olanyk, V. Bacon, H. Wysocki, C. Govers i , Fourth Rowf W. Cutler, J. Bickford, N. Sears, R. Avery, S. Roberts, W. Cornelius, B. Cobbs, A. Wysocki, M. Barry, R. Mannett, S. Kielbasa A Fifth Row- R. Swift, M. Bailey, V. Marcinowski, D. Lozoski, H. Garvey, D. Drake, J. Rogers, R. Watts Sixth Row- B. Ostrowski, B. Blair, F. Holden, B. Rockwell, P. Birge, A. Sabot, W. Paige Seventh Row- J. Tibbetts, P. Petroski, S. Jacque, C. LeC1air, J. Stoughton, B. Rose, A. Whitcomb . I Eighth Row - C. Rozicki, H. Allen, W. Feldman, P. Jacque, F. Rehorka, H. Tillson, D. Damon, J. lMannhe1m, J. Richard- son, A. Lucas, M. Gustin, O. Flint, P. Mitchell, I. Morton, R. Hawley, W. Kinder, R. Joy, W. Jarvis Absent- R. Barrett, P. French, L. Henderson, C. Kolasinski, D. Pettijohn, A. Rogers, D. Snyder President- K. Moser Vice-President - D. Blundell Secretary Treasurer - H. Boulanger The Class of 1949 "Much Ado About Nothing" . First Row- N. Sawin, R. Paiva, D. Ames, S. Mitchell, S. Vest, S. Sullivan, R. Moran, R. Carey, P. Pierce, A. Crossman, R. Heald, D. Bartlett, W. Turner Second Row- D. Thayer, G. Cavanaugh, W. Joy, J. Adams, E. Oleson, M. Hassan, R. Nelson, D. Zucchero. J. Murray, T. Ennis, D. Webb, D. Frost, C. Malinoski, W. Knightly, R. Aldrich, S. Wales, Mr. Swift Third Row- R. Crossman, W. Dion, R. Greanier, W. Bray, R. Hummel, J. Cashman, M. Baker, L. Coyne, J. Hartman, B. Daykins, R. Horst, E. White, F. Knihnicki, R. Williams, K. Aldrich Fourth Row- J. Canavan, N. Nash, M. Kennedy, R. Fitts, B. Jelski, A. Day, J. Warren, M. Follett, B. Lapham Fifth Row- H. Utley, B. Bandalevich, C. Dickinson,tM. Kolasinski, M. Tufts, L. Ames, L. Orrell, B. Smith Sixth Row- A. M. White, E. Kasuda, S. Lehane, E. Fitts, J. Hrynyshyn, R. Greene, F. Kielbasa, B. Orrell Seventh Row-M. Demsey, B. McKemmie, R. Rogers, G. Hart, M. Garvey, D. Bell, E. Feldman Eighth Row- T. Moran, J. Sadowski, J. Zera, N. Brown, G. Bigelow, B. Capen, J. McKemmie, W. Kershlis, M. Jones, B. White. H. Matuszko, J. Sullivan, C. Woodman Ninth Row- R. Pearson, E. Mason, E. Waskiewicz, L. Jacque, T. Eddy, R. Daley, R. Carruthers, E. Avery, J. Szymko- wicz, E. Boynton, R. Page, R. Sullivan Absent- P. Davenport, H. Duress, E. Marsh, M. Simanski, P. Suprenant, J. Wentworth, W. Brown President - R. Moran Vice-President - S. Sullivan Secretary-Treasurer - R. Carey and the Class of 1950. XxLove4s Labours Lost H Activities 3 ,E E J.- e is ' Ee 'gig 'T-bi ,gn -, 1 E17 y To business that We love We rise betime, And go to 't with delight" The Teams Football I ire! Row R. Carey. J. Fellers, R. Stedman, R. Yurkevicz, J. Tague, R. Stedman, J. Waskiewicz, T. Welch R Kowaleck J Mannheim, D. Morrill, C. White Second Row Coach Williams, R. Watts, D. Bradley, E. Lyman, A. Koblinski, G. Stutzman, E. Conklin D Pettijohn H Matuszko, W. Feldman, Assistant Coach Shumway The Hurricanes emerged triumphant in the 1948 football season. At the end of the year, Amherst was tied with Palmer for first place in the Pioneer Valley League. A fighting ,spirit and a well executed passing attack more than offset the fact that Amherst had an extremely light team. Composed of Bob and Dick Stedman, "Nemo" Kinder, Jim Tague and Joe Waskiewicz, Roger Yurkevicz, Bob Kowaleck, and John Fellers, the Amherst line was a match for any team. In the back- field, Ed Conklin, Don Pettijohn, Al Koblinski and Jake Matuszko gave Amherst a fast and potent offense. One of the highlights of the season was the Ware game, in which Amherst came from behind to win. There was also Ludlow, which Am- herst beat in spite of the fact that many players were injured during the game. The big game of the year with Northampton was played at Amherst in a driving rain. Final score-Amherst 7, Hamp O. Baseball With a veteran infield and a power-packed outfield, the Amherst High diamond crew opened its season April 30, hoping to repeat as a pennant winner. The chances for doing this were favorable, and as the season progressed the Hurricanes showed their abilities at bat and in the field to the satisfaction of all onlookers. At this writing the Williamsmen were close to a Hampshire League pennant, thus keeping up a yearly tradition of Amherst High baseball squads. l li First Row- J. Hanieski, W. loy, A. Koblinski, R. Daley, R. Swift, J. Sadowski. Q Second Row- R. Yurkevicz, P. Kennedy, R. Stedman, S. Howard,'R. Kowaleck, E. Conklin Third Row - D. Bradley, manager, Mr. Shumway, coach, Mr. Williams, coach. Basketball . First Row-G. Stutzman, A. Koblinski, J. Waskiewicz, R. Yurkevicz Second Row - Coach, Mr. Williams, H. Tillson, W. Archibald, E. Conklin, H. Matuszko, D. Pettijohn, D. Morrill, Manager Because of a rather slow start at the beginning of the season, Amherst had to be content with capturing third place in the Hampshire League. The Hurricane record for the 1948 season was ten victories and six defeats. It is significant, though, that by the season's end the Amherst quintet was considered one of the most potent in the league. , , The only veteran player on the team was Don Pettijohn, who was the team's high scorer. The team had two fast forwards in Al Koblinski and Harry Tillson, a set-shot artist in Gif Stutzman, and a strong defense in Joe Waskiewicz. Bill Archibald and Jake Matuszko, Roger Yurkevicz, Bob Kowaleck, Ed Conklin and Pete French gave Amherst a well-balanced team. u- ff 9 A e A n X li L fl t n V LW! Ai- 'lf if 'Wa Jn A. T .L V M- ll!""f.' AU ilk' y 5, ll T fill A I if 'U ""' I., nn nn'T'iifff'i S . . - i v ,M w1mm1ng 'X hx . ksx 1 . ' 4 ' . 71 " y -C V In I N'f, V '.l" l. 'pf .,,.,?'.G ., ,. I 1 1 2 gxb m it rj, Q , fg . , . p A .3-I ,U , I A MAJ V .W Y. rf, K ,v R t IV 'US' . -.. 4- - 2 . V f ,Qi ,,., ,p w - ,L , ', 'h 'R If-I GL," ,uw N-: .Q R I .' 1 - ! ' leaf' 'Av V" " 4 X 5Af Fw VV 1 f as r .vw r v .g . H 9619 , wr q w , . ,,... E 3 Q t ' , F zrsl Row - S. Coffin, G. Evans, R. Mitchell G Bigelow ,Nga Aff. A,-i f , G if ,, r M fi I W . , A 5, :MJ D fm' 14 1 i . , , . . ' Ben, R- Cafey fwmw :,:,,,A ' Second Row- J. Rogers, H. Boulanger, J Thies R Williams . ,.... wig. ,.' ff .5 -,-..: . , V. f Th, dR A- Jqgqig t D P P K d M K d ,fi , " .. lr ow- . ors, . otter, . enne y enne y "1 ' "'fif':fAf"'t"tt K 'I 3-ewwfm ' ' i Coach-Joe Rogers The swimming team was very fortunate in having Joe Rogers as coach and the use of the University pool for practice. Largely due to these factors, the team had a remarkably successful year, winning the Western Counties meet, coming in second in the All Massachusetts Championships, fourth in the New England, and third in the Meehan Meet. In the dual meets the team won five and lost two. This record is all the more remarka- ' ' ' f schools ble when one considers that the team competed with teams rom t times the size of Amherst. ' l en ' ' ' ' ll-around skill, and the re ay- Pat Kennedy s diving, Joe Rogers a team's speed were especially noteworthy. -.. -VA .-g-v-Q---r The Publications First Row- C. Hasbrouck, D. Taylor, E. Goding, Mr. Oliver., J. Davenport, B. Parrott, R. Balise, C. Caldwell, E. Horst Second Row - J. Klein, D. Blundell D. G'b ' ' , 1 son, S. Coffin, V. Giannettl, R. Joy, W. Hart- man, N. Montgomery, C. Ran- dolph. H. Car D. P tt ' Graphic y, o er, M. Kennedy, A. Jacque, B. Waddmgton, N. Madden Amherst High's monthly publication "The Graphic" led b 't , , y 1 s capable co-editors, John Davenport and Beverly Parrott had a very suc cessful year, placing high among the school papers of Western Massachusett s. The nine issues which came out had humor columns editorials news stories, literary work, cartoons, pictures, features, and many other columns of interest value. Mr. Oliver was the faculty advisor. Seated- D. Gibson, J. Cox, D. Potter, R. Wood, C. Anderson. First Row - Miss Brown, J. Klein, E. Goding, G. Mason, G. Knightly, M. Rouleau, D. Taylor, C. Lindsay, J. Peterson. Second Row- S. Coffin, N. Montgomery, C. Randolph, A. Jacque, R. Mitchell, J. Ellis, A. Krol, C. Caldwell, D. Smith, G. Perry, B. Murdock. Absent - W. Archibald, Miss Rafferty. Miss Brown Was the advisor for the Goldbug this year and under her direction the work proceeded smoothly. In meetings and out, the work Was accomplished. The business managers and the art editor deserve special notice, the first for their excellent job in obtaining ads, and the second for her cooperation and skill. Golclbug And the Clubs. V i I , A , . . I . , A i ff 31 L , . 5 . ,, ' - if .' . A 3 Q . f, My, . X I 4 .' ... f First Row - B. Smith, P. Pierce, N. Sears, B. Lashway, S. Vest, B. Blair, S. Mitchell, B. Reynolds, C. Orrell, M. Brown, D. Webb, J. Roche, B. Waddington, V. Bacon, M. Olanyk Second Row - L. Puffer, W. Cornelius, J. Warren, H. Ames, N. Davis. M. Lashway, M. Lovett, A. Day, B. Jelski, K. Flebut C. Hawthorne, J. Cox, C. Lindsey, A. Crossman, D. Gibson, P. Petroski, C. Govers Third Row-S. Bridges, J. Bridges, R. Horst, R. Greene, H. Garvey, R. Rogers, B. Whitcomb, C. Childs, E. White, D. Taylor, C. Randolph, J. Stoughton, C. LeClair, M. Rouleau, H. Wysocki, A. Wysocki Fourth Row- K. Hughes, M. Garvey, M. Tufts, N. Nash, M. Higgins, B. Jacque, A. McKeeman, R. Wales, E. Oleson, B. Orrell, P. Eddy Fifth Row - EOMoLan, G. Knightly, B. McKemmie, J. Hartman, B. Ostrowski, J. Murray, B. Cobbs, B. Daykins, R. Nelson, L. rre ' Sixth Row -' E. Goding, H. Utley, M. Kennedy, D. Zucchero, F. Knihnicki, N. Montgomery. E. Salle, J. Tibbetts Seventh Row- E. Utley, R. Carey, M. Hassan, F. Holden, S. Jacque, J. Klein, C. Hasbrouck Eighth Row- N. Madden, M. Hart, C. Hepburn, D. Lozoski, S. Lehane, Andrew Jacque, R. Avery, D. Blundell, Miss Brown, Miss Oldfield, T. Ennis, G. Hart, B. Lapham. M. Follette Absent- D. Lozoski, E. Utley, D. Taylor, B. Waddington, N. Sears, M. Bailey During the past year, the Tri-S Club has been very active, sponsoring a spring formal, working earnestly at Booster Day, and swimming at Amherst College. The girls joined with the boys for several enjoyable Tri-S volleyball games. Thanks are extended to Mrs. Healey, a former advisor, to Miss Brown, Miss Oldfield and Miss Rafferty, the present advisors, and to the otiicers, Beverly Reynolds, Barbara Blair, Shirley Mitchell and Carol Orrell. 5 A , I. , an .?" l v' I""'--A4-of JR YES -QS-N V x. V, First Row- J. Davenport, Mr. Shaw, J. Mannheim, J. Thies, W. Archibald, S. Colin, V. Giannetti, W. Hartman Second Row--J. Tague, F. Holcombe, E. Conklin, J. Sherman, P. Mitchell Third Row'- G. Evans, R. Mitchell, D. Morrill, A. Jacque, R. Watts, D. Ross, R. Carey Fourth Row- D. Damon, C. Thacher, K. Moser, W. Cutler, J. Ellis, D. Bradley Fifth Row- D. Cary, E. Horst, R. Wood, R. Swift, J. Fellers, J. Robins, G. Stutzman, R. Vondell Absent - C. Caldwell The Hi-Y Club has again this year attained the high standard of former years. Under the direction of Mr. Shaw, the faculty advisor, and the student officers, the club has endeavored to carry out its platform of clean living, clean sports, and a Christian life. Besides its weekly meetings, programs with other Hi-Y and Tri-S Clubs in the Connecticut Valley have been held. The annual week-end trip will be to New Hampshire- and the White Mountains. Hi-Y Student Council Seated-K. Moser, E. Conklin, J. Mannheim, L. Puffer U First Row- M. Garvey, P. Pierce, R. Carey, D. Gibson, J. Bridges, J. Tague Second Row Pro Merito - Miss Donley, G. Stutzman, R. Daley, R. Moran, A. Krol, S. Jacque Absent- P. Suprenant The Council, starting the year with a new constitution, did their best - to represent the student body. This organization was under the guidance of Miss Donley, advisor, Ed Conklin, presidentg John Mannheim, vice- presidentg Louise Puffer, secretaryg and Ken Moser, treasurer. The Coun- cil with the support of the school adopted a foreign girl under the Foster Parents' Plan. Seated- D. Potter, J. Cox, R. Wood, Miss Oldfield, D. Gibson First Row - P. Mitchell, O. Flint, G. Mason, B. Reynolds, C. Maiewski, A. Rogers, M. Barry, R. Avery, H. Wysocki, D. Blundell Second Row - S. Coffin, D. Damon, E. Parsons, J. Ellis, W. Cutler, W. Archibald, H. Cary, D. Bradley Absent - J. Mannheim The Pro Merito Society had an interesting and profitable year, travel- ing to Easthampton for a zone conference, and presenting an assembly which explained to the students the various prizes awarded at graduation. Miss Oldfield was the faculty advisor and Ralph Wood the president. Gil A Debating - I ul. A 'V - ul '- 'r u ii ' i . J 1 'vll ai. . .1 A. NM., . 1 -YL . f .l - f tug .3 , i First Row- D. Potter, R. Wood, D. Damon, W. Hartman, D. Bradley Second Row- M. Garvey, E. Horst, Miss Brown, D. Blundell Absent -- A. Rogers This year the Debating Club, under the able direction of Miss Brown, fullilled its function of giving those students who Want experience in public speaking an opportunity to get it. An able crew is left for next year's debating team. "l ,gi l J- J- - F, Ab ,1 ,lil Ir. Red Cross Mrs. Day, C. Govers, S. Roberts, M. Barry, E. White Absent-L. Puffer, M. Halladay The Junior Red Cross was organized by Mrs. Day this year. The work was carried on through home room representatives appointed by the home roorn teachers. Many of the rooms had one hundred per cent membership. French Club First Row-J. Bridges, N. Madden, A. McKeeman, E. Goding, W. Cutler, C. Govers, H. Ames, R. Avery n Second Row - M. Hassan, J. Hartman, G. Hart, N. Nash, D. LOZOSKI, J. Petesen, D. Taylor, C. Lindsey, B. Cobbs Third Row- M. Tufts, M. Kennedy, J. Murray, J. Cox, J. Klein, M. Barry, W. Jarvis Fourlh Row- M. Follette, D. Zucherro, W. Cornelius, C. Randolph, G. Evans, K. Moser Fifth Row-Mrs. Mason, B. Blair, T. Ennis, G. Adams, C. Thacher, J. Mannheim, N. Brown, E. Horst Le Cercle Francais, under the direction of Mrs. Ben Mason, had a very successful year. Le Cercle had many interesting speakers, movies, and sings. Two parties were given: one at Christmas and another at the end of the school year. Officers of Le Cercle Francais are: President, Elisabeth Godingg Vice-President, Anne McKeemang Secretary-Treasurer, Walter Cutler. Social Studies Club Ibfirst gow- Mr. Shaw, D. Potter, J. Rogers econ Row- R. Avery, D. Blundell, W. Hartma , D. T l , R, W, ' Third Row- A. Kfoi, D. Cary, E. Horst, D. Mogill, D. algaongon Joy' Jams Under the direction of Mr. Shaw, advisor, David Potter, president, and Joe Rogers, secretary, the aim of the club, to further discussion and knowledge of current world problems has been ably carried out. Movies, talks, and lively discussions were included in the year's program. Girls' Basketball ,,,. First Row - B. Baj, B. Jacque, M. Garvey, G. Knightly, R. Wales, E. Moran, C. Anderson, J. Petersen, B. McKemmie Second Row-J. Klein, Manager, J. Murray, R. Horst, C. Dickinson, A. McKeeman, N. Nash, R. Rogers, B. Waddington, R. Fitts Third Row- E. Salle, J. Hartman, M. Hassan, F. Kielbasa The girls' basketball team started its season early in January and continued it through March. The manager of the team was Jane Klein and the captain was Ruth Wales. Mrs. Healey, and later Mrs. Gillespie ' coached the girls, who, although they had strong and fast competition, showed good sportsmanship in all their games. Girls After School Sports First Row-S. Bridges, D. Taylor, R. Horst, J. Stoughton, M. Hassan, J. Hartman, A. McKeeman, C. Govers, E. Oleson ' Second Row-C. Andersen, J. Petersen, D. Lozoski, R. Wales, C. Childs, R. Avery, B. Waddington After school sports started as a lively event with a large group playing field hockey and soccer. Later many more girls came out for basketball and swimming. With spring, came a large turnout for softball. u 2 E l B Air Scouts i First Row- R. Johnson, R. Rehn, D. Morrill, J. Sherman, R. Balise i Second Row- A. Rossi, R. Joy, J. Thies, Mr. Oliver, R. Mitchell, S. Coffin, S. Sullivan Third Row- F. Rehorka, A. Jacque, R. Truesdell, D. Damon, G. Evans The Air Scouts of Amherst High, formally known as Air Scout Squad- ron 505 B.S. ' , A., got under way early in September, 1947. Shortly there- after the new officers were electedg David Morrill became Squadron Pilot, .l h .Sh ' ' ' o n erman, his assistant, and Robert Rehn was elected as Scribe. l Projectionists s Firsl Row- Mr. Swift., J. Sherman, R. Rehn, A. Wnitc omo, M. Kennedy Second Row- A. Rossi, R. Yurkevicz, F Holcomb R. Truesdell, D. Morrill Third Row- N. Sawin, J. Sullivan, R. Joy, R. Johnson, V. Giannetti, H. Thayer Fourlh Row - R. Cros R. W sman, atts, B. Hawley, G. Bigelow, M. Gustin, B. White, C. Woodman Fiflh Row - R. Heald, E. Lyman, S. Wales, J. Canavan, W. Kinder The Projectionists' club contributed to school life manner that has characterized it in other years. The job has taken upon itself, that of presentin H1 t h in the efficient which the club g ms o t e rest of the school, was done with more than ordinary skill and efficiency. The school owes a debt to these fellows. Mr. Swift was the club's faculty advisor. A Band I d sl .,.......-1 1 i . 1i- , ll, D. Gibson, First Row- D. Ames, J. Petersen, M. Brown, B. Rose, R. Horst, N. Sawin Second Roxsvv Balise, E. Goding, N. Montgomery, E. Utley, D. Blunde . oe Third Row- W. Hartman, R. Wentworth, D. Bradley, H. Cary, J. Ellis Fourlh Row-E. Conklin, E. Horst, D. Bartlett, R. Wood Schuler, has as yet The band, under the direction of "Pop" Clement b t h s la ed for many of the game rallies. made no outside appearances, u a p y ' ' ' d h observed Aft the reorganization of the band this year the lea er as H J er much spirit in the members, and band activity has increased to new heights. .. V 4 fyya L J A A 'l l L 1 J- 11--B. Grchestra b M Garvey J Brittin M Brown B. Rose, R. Horst W C le First Row-D. Gi son, . , . , . , 7 E Goding N Montgomery E Utley, C. Anderson, . o " Second Row - Vi . Hartman, . , . I , . Third Row -- R. Wood, D. Bradley, E. Conklin, E. Parsons, H. Cary .. Fourth Row-C. Thacher, E. Horst, J. Ellis L- A if 1 L' 'd d n'o ment for many students The orchestra this year has provi e e J y in the High School. Also, since the music activities have been on a small scale, our new director, Mr. "Pop" Schuler from Greenfield, has started recruiting young members from the Junior High School. With the growing enthusiasm in music and the enlargement of our orchestra, Amherst High ' d for ublic appearances. School will soon have an orchestra rea y p l First Row- D. Potter, W. Hartman, R. Carey, D. Bartlett, B. Capen, J. Ellis Second Row- R. Wood, H. Cary, E. Conklin, G. Bigelow Third Row- A. Jacque, J. Thies, S. Wales, J. Canavan Under the capable direction of Miss Colson, the boys' chorus had a pleasant and successful year. Although only fourteen strong, it made up in spirit what it lacked in numbers. The group made itself heard in the Christmas program and at other occasions during the year, each time providing its listeners with a worth while selection of music. Girl s' Chorus l i Firs1Row- M. Lashway, H. Kozikowski, J. Murray, B. Ostrowski, N. Madden, A. White, S. Vest, B. Jacque, P. Eddy, V. Bacon, S. Bridges, B. Lashway Second Row - E. Salle, C. Childs, H. Ames, C. Hepburn, C. Maiewski, M. Olanyk, C. LeClair A. Wysocki, H. Wysocki, A. Crossman, J. Wanczyk, G. Knightly, M. Rouleau Third Row-N. Kessler, V. Marcinowski, M. Brown, G. Hart, B. Da k' R. Nl y ins, , B. Rose, B. Cobbs, S. Mitchell, H. Utley, P. Petroski, C. Hawthorne, K. Ftleslgjlilt Fourth Row-R. Wales, E. Godi D. G'b ng, 1 son, N. Montgomery, P. Adams, N. Bruce, N. Mellen The girls' chorus this year was under the direction of Miss Colson, who led the group in singing for a Christmas concert, an assembly, and at the Western Massachusetts Music Festival in West Springfield. , l Boys' Chorus Cheerleaders First Row - B. Reynolds, N. Davis, J. Roche Second Row- K. Hughes, A. McKeeman, E. Moran, C. Orrell The cheerleaders with their customary enthusiasm and optimism have greatly contributed to the growth of school spirit at every game this year. By constant practice the group has become one of the smoothest-working to be seen. Biology Club S. Sullivan, B. Daykins, N. Brown, K. Aldrich, D. Zucchero, B. McKemmie. The Biology Club, formed this year, is the latest addition to the activities in Amherst High School. The purpose of the club is to provide an opportunity for those who are especially interested in biology to con- tinue With their studies. Field trips and special studies comprise the activites of the club. Mr. Lacroix serves as faculty advisor. Informal Pictures ...- 1 , . n L L v N V 3 1 I ' 1 1 L17 ,-In is. w 5 H Nm ki ,L L,- A .bm fr' L, ,AL ,FY H' Y 11' QA, 5:- 3' fl- 3 ,Q '?"' NSNHMW NWS 1 .E ci Lf'- ..- :fr ,-. ,f-1 fi 5 2- ? 'T ,.."' I ,.,...---' ,ff- i Z- jf- ,,.- -f,.f-Zi ,,,-':: .M -2. ,,,,,.. .iw ' 'fiP- S1 'WM " ,f,.fy,fzf1 f, W, wr", Nm af' . ,, m mm , : 4635 W I wi , U . , 'ru I, w-- I, wr. i 'Q-i Ili, wg I7 7 .A 7 ilu? --nr- U11 -.fp Hx N 4 ANI l xNl 4 ...J 4.5 ...J 1 ng 5 V Q., V- L J 1 Y ui I vu I d I i -v r H V I T -L 1 'I 1 A T 'I .Q I.- .11 K -Z. P' pf' I- 1 lr, I WI f 5 vii A - gl Y. ,W xw wf 1 3 , :WW 4 3,452-Qvf , ff N- fx Aww? , :vw 'Ni , ' Z '97, f f , ' 'ff-5. f' 135452 iff, Kg. 4 qi 2,312 Egg: 1,1 I ,f wa . 425 ,QM , px '. 7 K' vf ' Mfg' 7' f .v fi 'Aa V f 11 ' g f ,M , V, . X 17? ' ,W Tiff, -ivfffgiggfz V., H y' iz K ggi' ,X yy Sfmt 1 Z' 1' 9 . 5 "fi4i'u, Z I .Vx , ,Hx I 1,5 , N552 , 3 , , f , ,- , , A 4 4 , 1. . -'s,1ffft?f'5 ,, ,- 41 1 s f , .1 f , r4, r ' ,V . J Aly ' 'L f.f:3,f,f1f ,J. Qr1f:u , Q -yn, ,,,f, . - ., ,,. . f ' -W' I :H .W N, H6 1 . Wzwlflfnw ,, QAN , ,4 ,, 14,72 M, H .e , 5 --' .:,:f- , ,. 'S' Q W, 741W ,waz 1 ' " ' I z hw 1 , fx' 7 4295072 f' ,C ,ff j 29 y-I ,W I f 5 an f :ff rim 4 2 ' f' , .gf ' , 1 A N. 4 z v M ,9 4 4 4 Uh f Jw M , Z-. y A My V I .Q , 'K ' 'WI 4 f ' fy dw gicff ,322 Q , fun' H Qu ' ,gi gy Q iw --v1ff2,f.,, , ' W, rw ' f ,QM 7' ' M ' , , , ,, ,. 290 1 w ,K r V f "I - uf.. l I , ' 11 5 , W 1 - . 5 1 - , X -, I -. Q 1 wr A nn. 5-1 rn f.. rr-,lr 4 -rv- Q-. 4 1 3 -1 F 4 1 M ,, V . 'I J ,I 4' Y. . ... ,ng L .11 ,,. 1 W -i I K-, -.... L. " .ir I x Q , vu 'Q ' 1 If 'f 'u avr fn F -L I L 1 'I P' L. .2-' 5 r F' IP 1 1 A 909, ,wif 5-ff all .1 4 sf' f f' L1 1 4 Iva, :X 1 Epilogue As an epilogue for All's Well that Ends Well Shakespeare wrote, "Now the play is done All is well ended if this suit be won, That you express content." The editors of the Goldbug have attempted to set before you pictorially and in writing a summary of the school year, 1948. This book is their effort, yours "blindly to judge". They hope, as did Shakespeare, "that you express content". Before signing off completely, however, there is one observation that the editors would like to make. If school life really is a play, then the class of 1948 has acted in a singularly successful one. We came more or less unwillingly, and strangely enough, we leave the same way, it must be an indication of the fun, the good times, the real accomplishments that We found here. The last three years have been good ones and we are sorry to go. Perhaps there is con- solation in the fact that Amherst High will still be here, the setting for other acts, guiding others as it has guided us. 'vu I I I . 'ali ,I -3, ,, 4, 3 . '1 as "1 ,a IL ., fa .L I 'P ..1 I I 'u .I I I 'r I A I I .. E F a AFL J. ,W ..,,L, ,I .14 a IL, ,L 4, " H I- L 1 -M -L .L ff. .L- 1 I I.. '-4-vaf3"'o Jw.. ,Lib .. M. 111'-I 1- X X The Advertising And these good merchants lack no clients" ,,--.i,.-,. ..-. .- mm. GEORGE H. CROCKWELL Realtor Tel. - Amherst 600 The Fastest Growing Cab Co. in Town TAXI P u '63 1 2 2 0s 'Q' TWELVE TWENTY VETERAN TAXI CO. 24 hours --'fl--1 We Never Sleep TOWER SERVICE STATION Used Cars - Bought, Sold and Traded Tires, Tubes, Batteries and Accessories Gas and Oil Open Daily 8 A. M. to 10 P. M. 292 College St., Amherst 70-R AMHERST RECORD CLIFF WINN Jeweler "Head of the Village Green" The Four-Get-Me-Nots BILL ' DAVE . JACK RALPH BEAUTY BAR 56 Main St. Amherst Tel. 1130 umvfnsnv morons, Tel- 688 Zahn 213 College St. ' AMHERST, MASS. K ....--1 AMHERST SHOE REPAIR CO. THE SPECIALTY SHOP Shoe Shining and Repairing fYour Stationery - Toy and Gift Storey John Mientka' Prop' 19 No. Pleasant St. Amherst cNext fo The College Drug, Special Service, Our Specialty BEMENT COAL COMPANY D and H Anthracite - Connecticut Best Grades Bituminous THE NOAH WEBSTER RESTAURANT - and- For the CONF ECTION ER Best Tele 8333 in 57-59 NO PLEASANT ST. 3 Clothes .....l...1i. THE TILLEY CAMERA SHOP SBC Kodak and Ansco Supplies Amherst I HOMPSON '-mv ' """"' ' WELLWORTH PHARMACY INC. The store with complete line of cameras, films, chemicals, and dark- room equipment, also printing and developing service. Wellworth Pharmacy Inc. "Where Economy Rules" CHARLES H. HASKINS CONTRACTOR Gifts for all Occasions Come in and look around THE GIFT -NOOK JACKSON 81 CUTLER Dealers in I .Dry and Fancy Goods Ready to Wear AMHERST : : MASSACHUSETTS HORTON MOTORS Kaiser - Frazer Sales and Service ' Gulf Products Tel. 391 Amherst JOHN MCGRATH SUNDERLAND MASS, AMHERST GRAIN CO. COLLEGE TOWN SERVICE CENTRE Mobilgas Mobiloil Mobilubrication Dick Hami1ton,' Prop. X Tel. 791 161 No. Pleasant St. Whitmore 81 Richardson Growers and Planters of Riehmore Vegetables Sunderland : : Massachusetts E. M. SWITZER, JR. 2-s Clothing - Hoberdoshery SOUTH AMHERST SERVICE CENTER Mobil Gasoline and Oils Groceries - Candy - Tobacco William A. Ezbicki For Dependable Fuel C. R. ELDER COAL COMPANY PHONE20 THE POWERS SHOP Women's Apparel AMHERST, MASS. ,- l- -.- v-..-......---T -- -4' - --- - WARNER BROS., INC. Contractors For Athletic Fields Roads ' Excavations ' Grading SUNDERLAND, MASS. G. E. Mastercraft-Korth Oil Burners Complete Oil Burner Service Bottled Gas for Cooking X O Socony Gas and Oil G. E. and Kelvinator Refrigerators O Oil and Gas Stoves Electric Ranges and Appliances AMHERST OIL CO. Tel. 999 : : 321 Main Street HARDIWEAVE Tailored By STEPHEN PUFFER JR. ADLERI General Contractor s J and Bold bv Sand Gravel THOMAS F. WALSH Tel- 1328-W Amherst - - - Mass. R. L. BATES ROMAN R. SKIBISKI, INC. NO. AMHERST : : MASS. SUNDERLAND MAss. r i 1 G R I G G S , INC. ' 1 HOME FURNISHERSV S Bgwl , to for , S TELEPHONE 16 Flln 24 AMITY STREET :: AMHERST ' Health 1 A 3 1 Recreation S c. F. CLARK ' S PAIGE'S A SUNDERLAND, MASS. S a RALPH T. STAAB, INC. SALES . Senvace Range Oil - Fuel Oil - Gasoline NORTH AM:-IERST, MASS. AMHERST BILLIARD ACADEMY Fox-good . . . SCHOOL SHOES Buy at . . . BOLLES SHOE STORE GAZETTE BRANCH OFFICE Anne Whalen, Correspondent News - Advertising - Collection 30 Main Street Tel. 710 o The Best in Drug Store Service e The Best in Drug Store Merchandise - FOR OVER 85 YEARS - HENRY ADAMS THE REXALL STORE South Pleasant Street 21 Amherst HARVEY'S MARKET Your Friendly Grocer . . Telephone Amherst 270 SUNDERLAND MARKET MEATS o GROCERIES FRUITS TEL. 242-2 SUNDERLAND, MASS .-.. . For the Best in School News Amherst High Students read THE AMHERST JOURNAL Published every Friday by HAMILTON 1. NEWELL, INC. Y Tel. 610 534 Main JACOB GURWITZ 8: SON Dealer in High Grade Cattle Pomeroy Lane South Amherst, Mass. Tel. 1038- AMHERST LAUNDRY COMPANY Incorporated "The Home of Saiisfaciionn 11 East Pleasant St. Amherst, Mass A FRIEND DON'T DELAY Warmer weather is coming. Bring in your spring cleaning now. THE MAJESTIC TAILOR 58 Main St. Next to High School C. R. TILLSON Suits for Graduation b Sport Coats - Gabardine Slacks Reasonably Priced MILLARS ESSO STATION College Street Amherst, Mass. JOE JELSKI 'S Barber Shop Q WHITNEY ST. GARAGE Michael Bazara, Prop. THE GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING Auto Electric Service Body and Fender Work Radiator Repairing Welding Tel. Amherst 651 41 South Whitney St., Amherst For the Best in JEFFERY AMHERST Soda Fountain Service MUSIC SHOP -Visit- THE coLLEGE DRUG STORE BILL Mc GRATH, Prop. "Still Giving the HERCULES . . ,, Best m Service Cleaners and Dyers 183 North Pleasant St. Amherst, Mass. TEL. 46 Phone 746-M Fresh Fruits ond Vegetables THE CCI-l-EGE SHOE REPAIR CO QUALITY FRUIT JOHN FOTOS, Pmpffffof 'S AMITY STREET 21 AMHERST ' 41 No. PLEASANT ST. AMHERST KINSMAN'S STUDIO 46 MAIN STREET - AMI-IERST A -4 Specialists in - SCHOOL AND COLLEGE PHOTOGRAPHY VALLEY LITHO COMPANY Tel. 2-1839 100 WATER STREET HOLYOKE : : MASS. LITHOGRAPHERS YEAR BOOK PRINTERS FINE . COLOR . WORK fn- I ,Qu-IO CONSULTING PRINTING SERVICE YEAR BOOKS . TEXTBOOKS INSTRUCTION MANUALS JOHN E. SNOW Tel. 2-1341 15 Chapman Avenue HOLYOKE - MASS. I 1 li-i-ilu GIBSON CHEVROLET COMPANY -CHEVROLET- . . SALES AND SERVICE . . 159 No. Pleasant St. - Amherst, Mass. MONTGOMERCYS ROSES -FOR- CUT FLOWERS AND CORSAGES Fwy MONTGOMERY Co., mc. HADLEY, MASS. g fefweler ana' Watchmaier JEWELRY, WATCH AND CLOCK REPAIRING 1-in 5 ' ' auze fqwifague Gluck! 47 S. PLEASANT STREET --i-- AMHERST, MASS WILLIAMS, MECLOUD 8: CO. Insurance of all Kinds and Real Estate TELEPHONE 888 SAVINGS BANK BUILDING, AMHERST McClellan Stores Co THE MUTUAL PLUMBING AND HEATING co. HARDWARE Amherst - - - Mass. Typewriters Fountain Pens Pencils Crayons A. J. HASTINGS Newsdealer and Stationer Amherst, Mass. ALBERT H. DOUGLASS FUNERAL SERVICE TELEPHONES: AMHERST 196 and 920 87 No. Pleasant St. : : Amherst 1 . DOUGLASS - MARSH Furniture and Rugs I I I I I I I f I At the head of the Village Green I WHITCOMB'S HARDWARE Amherst Theatre Building Moore's Paints and Enamels " Paqua " Wall Finish IMPERIAL WALL PAPERS FADEPROOF and WASHABLE AMHERSI MASSACHUSETTS sxlslslcl PRODUCE Co. 5 AND I slclsnsxl INSURANCE SERVICE Sunderland - - Mass. le. A I I TELEPHONE 477-8-9 76 NORTH PLEASANT STREET LOUIS' FOODS The Store of Quality MEATS, GROCERIES, FRUITS' and VEGETABLES AMHERST, MASSACHUSETTS IT'S THE NEWEST VOGUE IN ICE CREAM AMHERST CREAMERY COMPANY Corner Fearing Street and Sunset Avenue Tel. 81 KENTFIELD'S DAIRY PRODUCERS and RETAILERS Highest Quality Milk and Cream Jersey Milk Family Milk Homogenized Milk Best Wishes To - The Class of '48- from The Amherst Post 148 American Legion Basketball Team GUMMY GIBBY BETSY KNITTERS, INC. PUFFY BEV DEBBY SACCO BROS. BAKERY 183 No. Pleasant Street Amherst, Mass. COMPLETE LINE OF BAKED GOODS CAKES FOR ALL OCCASIONS Free Delivery at 10 A. M. and 4 P. M. George and Edward Sacco, Prop. LARGEST VARIETY OF COLLEGE ICES WITH HOME MADE ICE CREAM Milk Shakes Delicious Snacks Frappes Home Baked Delicacies always taste best Q COLLEGE CANDY KITCHEN, INC. ..,-- Y I AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE R SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS "Specializing in preparing youth for citizenship Egtabhshed 1885 Enrollment over 1300 Recognized by American Council of Education and American Medical Association AIC IS : Non-sectarian Co-educational AIC HAS : No quota or priority system DIVISION OF LIBERAL ARTS Bachelor of Arts degree DIVISION OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Bachelor of Business Administration degree One of the most progressive institutions of higher learning in this area, American International College meets the requirements that the high school graduate of today desires- a genuine spirit of friendliness, an eye to the future, and a curriculum which places emphasis on preparation for citizenship. For further information write to Miss Esther D. Frary, Registrar 20 Amaron Street, Springfield, Mass. Telephone - 7-5331 A v .,, x. - 3 rl! . K.. il ll .l I J I J I El J J fl I J , 1 I 'L I 1 I

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