Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA)

 - Class of 1946

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Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 68 of the 1946 volume:

Z 1-9 9 9 ff: 2 2 T5 79 ,rs a 'ia ya Q 9 -9 ,H V7 4 L0 D! 4, 3 if S3 6 ' 9 , 4 19 if .5-Q19 5447 2,4 5,49 vv -19 ch ,Pla 3, I ,fi 9 I Q, fi Q' W -.fri 3 I ,, gg vp, :Til w H i,, 4 lf-1 lvl: Elo ,fa 1 U4 G F G gf' e ff' G V141 G rv G MQ G V34- gg, G g 41- 5' 0 in as GwU1f.DE.L'ff,ff': LJ , A.IH.h81'St Itvggionul idlgr X. Amherst, Mass. 1, +9 9 9 :ga I 3 'W 9 'ia :ga 'UZ 'il 'ui -9 'il -9 'Ua- 'im 1-9 1-9 'TJ W 'TI 1-9 'Hen 'Tlx ,HJ 'TLS 'Ti 3 "Ea 2: f L V 'Him 9 9 'Ui '15 ,? UPEEKH . V -L ' Tl-IE 1946 eowsue AMI-IERST I-IIGI-I SCHOOL AMI-IERST, MASSACHUSETTS FOREWORD "A word is dead when it is said, Some say. I say it just begins to live That day." Emily Dickinson EDITORS' NOTE War has played an important role in our livesg but peace will play the greatest role. In this issue of THE GOLDBUG we have attempted to portray Amherst High School as it is in time of peaceg studious, laughing, pensive, merry, the class of 1946 invites you to 'lpeek" through the keyhole with them and glimpse the daily scenes and activities of school life. THE Commun SMU wishes to thank the following persons for their photographic contribu- tions: Mr. Donald S. Lacroix, Mr. Arthur L. Swift, Mr. Kingsley A. Perry, Charles Connelly. Barbara France, Mary Shurnway, Harry Lauder, Dorothy Heald, Sheliah Moran, Joyce Davenport, Caroline Fisher, Evelyn Tennrfy, Norman Campbell, Irina Arial, Miss Ann Whalen. The aerial photography was done by Mr. Lacroix and jerry Snyder. 'I if 'L I co I .D l I I O .L U C C I C I U C I' I I' C U C U U U L I L La lug g, vm eff e'-9 egg Q , -'ie ci 3 sl 4 Q, +9 nj +9 Q Q4 sid' ei" ei' GP" ei' ef' G94 654 Eze-.a 614 el" ep 664 elm 279 639 64 ei' ef if 67" 6-14' ff' W' of" Y, 01: .1 li. DEDICATION In sincere appreciafion for her Hreless eFfor+s and deep undersfanding we dedica+e 'rhis GOLDBUG fo MISS BARBARA BU KER 1'XA f.eAeeA if' R gf! whose pafience and kind inieresf have endeafecl her io ihe Class of I946. , is NAM J 7 'SQ ...-4! With the two editors, Jerry Snyder and Sheliah Morang and co-business man- agers, Robert Lanphear and Mildred Warnerg the school yearbook has taken as its theme that of informal school life. Miss Buker again devoted her time in helping to prepare it for publication. GOLD BUG STAFF EDITORS: Richard Snyder, Sheliah Moran BUSINESS KIANAGERSZ Robert Lanphear, Mildred XVLITIICI' ADVERTISINGC Ted Boluch, Barbara France LITERARY: james Stoughton, Joyce Davenport , ur ffm alla , ART AND PHOTOGRAPHY: Charles Connelly, Gloria Phelps, Dorothy Heald FEATURES: Arthur Thies, Barbara julian CLUB AND AcTIvITIIas: Harold Hatch, Edna Warner SPORTS: Robert Banks, Phyllis Sanctuary SENIOR WRITIQ-UI-s: Caldwell Toll, Edna Steinbeck TrI'Is'rs: Nancy Towson, Helen Sanders ASSISTANT STAFF WRITERS: Freeman jones, Joyce Dav enport, Nellie Telranll, Toni Martin. David Stedman, Harold Reed, Shirley Thayer ADvIsIcRs: Miss Barbara Buker, Miss Barbara Sayce C C 6.9. C--rl C, cy? C vi 6: Q4 C 6 'fl Cr i e Q G, e ,gi ev cp" f- .if etij 0158: .pix .ly- . rn. C. air 44 Gif .lf .gf Gif' G41 4 . C49 Gif' OI 0,9 Cl, oi' it .WO 9 M J Q 1? 'O cf! Q cf- M' tn! ,pn Q19 ez?" ,fa e G73 G? fl 48 49 I! fi Q Q I I V at 1 l e5 ' .A y Q Q if X W f ff QQ Fd Q11 Vs L . IQ' I ' X K X ' I N ll X , A ,A A -X .I I ax X ' X f: Q .X xx fi A x . l x ff 3' I A . X ' A--v' " nm.-GAY rift' we 0 31:5 YS X U60 'jab-Q 174 KINGSLEY A. PERRY CHESTER BERCUME Industrial Arts Principal The Class of 1946 feels a deep sense of gratitude .iNimT0d the mighty humefn to Mr. Perry, a true gentleman J ilu if Ni 1 ISABEL FIELD MARY DoNi.oN Aucs DUFFY Gnmzvnzvz H. Dwviaix Household Arts Socih Studies Commercial Social Studies "She came, she saw, she con- "A finger in every pie" "Marriages are made in "Sigh'd and look'd unut- quered" heaven" terable things" A 7' 'L' -I .UM RUTH L. BROWN English 'Apt Alliterationis Artful Aid" IREM: E. HALE Commercial Ujot it down" Hou.1s W. Moons PKISCILLA 1. NAGLE RUTH OLDFIELD Curronn N. Ouvut Industrial Arts Physical Education Mathematics Mathematics and Science hen my "Line up! Short to tall" "Wit is the salt of conversa- "Get the pencil Ming" tion" "I'm only happy w hand: an dirty" Dokorm' ORILELL Secretary "Heaven on earth' 'een C I ,t .Eh O 'Fl ,. 'il 'Via emi 'W aria 'J c 1 GJ C 'W '..-J G 'rv 'jd Q12 1 li C '. ch A' "v, u UKTJ ,' ini G 'TJ CW, , .JJ Civ. , ,+A 5775 4 e ,ff C G ,Tn e C A-ff" C mf" . 3. ill- ,nt 'L GV cl- , L Q e., 5,1 'Q U' I' Q, Q, 'F i 4 1? 1? eil ce? cel' y cf! .49 64'-' 1? 14 fe' oe' oe' ,po . 'lf I7 4 if ""'E'P fs' N 1 qfffx fit l acne., .i MJ BAlll5All.'X BURER LAURA Cooulx' Roisi2RT H. DONIINA LEON.-X Y. DON CARLOS BETTY JANE DONLEY English Home Economics Industrial Arts Commercial I Latin "A teacher who can arouse a "A cook is made" "Keep your spark plugs 'fAnything for a quiet life" "Lashed into Latin by the i ' ' l I 00d clean" tingling rod" feeling for om. sing e g poem accomplishes much" "1" 'fowl muff: 3 g " ,"'F" 5 41 BIARJOLAINE Kiaouon BIARGUERITEIKRACKHARDT DONALD S. LAcRoix Knxmrrn NIACKILLOP, JR. HARRY j. lX'lARKS French Household Arts Biology Music Social Studies "Alon, jamais, jamais, "What delight a quiet life "Look it up,you'll remember "There's music in the "Full well they laughed, with jamais."' affords" it longef' making" Coumeffeited glee: at all ' his jokes" ..,-.,f, .A.t.v-f-,...7.-f,.,7---,,u-.:.:x ,, ,, ..f,,w,l,,.,, f A . ' V . ..q A y- i V , A, i . . if A Ti A .A i Enm-1 L. Pmxicic BARBARA SAYCE ARTHUR L. Swim' GEORGE E. XVILLIAMS . RAY XVOODMAN Physical Educhtion and Art Science Physical Education English nwharssziathitl-xijii jargon "I never confine myself to "Oh,' time too swiftln gh, "A day for work, an hour for "We have changed all that" facts .swiftness never ceasing play" of the schools" 1 t I I I I l 1 I 1 i A 4 4 4 4 ws 1 s 4 I .1 .1 .1 4 4 4 4 4 1 4 n I 4 I 0 A 1 I o A 1 I 4 A 4 1 9 1 D 4 I i- 4 TEV iii! l.' 111: F vii: ,, 1 3 -iff: ,-11 29 555' v- 4, Q QL!! Q SALL- flip "n1 ARTHUR Tnirs "Kilse!" "Wit makes its own welcom Clubs: Class P ' St e resident 132' udent Council 11,225 Go bug 132: Hi-Y 12,32 Sports: B b 1 1 b ll 1 lk asker al 1 a 2 2 5 Foot- 4'A "s22 Iusic: Ba Dramatics nd 112: Chorus 132 ' : junior Class Play 122: Interclass Plays 132 ld- NORMAN M "Mac "Gods ' Cl Ootball 13 Music' C . junior S ACLEOD, jk. gift to women" ubs: Student Council 11,2,3 president, 325 Outing Club 11,21 Sports: F -"A" 32 . horus 11,2,32 Musi- cals 11,22 Dramatics' ' Class Play tage Manager 132 -'dw DAVID STEDMAN "Cricket" "I make my presence felt" Clubs: Class vice-pres' Student ident 132 5 Council 132: Hi-Y 12,32 Air Scout S 12 32 BARBARA MAY JULIAN HB. jp, "True to h er word, her work, her friends" Clubs: Cl ass Secret Class Se ary 122, cretary Treasurer 1321 Student Council 122: Goldbu 132: Tri-S 11,2,3-vice-presi dent 2. President 82: F Club 132 D . ramaum: Interclass Pla SENIOR CLASS GFFICERS rench Y IU Ili 'Ill off' . 1 c o ff. e if- IM: ffl eg G Wx 13' cf! GM Gif! Cf? till :jj C Auf? Wig c -rf- E 'V' E 'lk c 1 C3112 -C F3 E ra eff! e" fl! 'JH O ' V' ,an- ff 7 'I if K I4 Ei S' E11 I Q12 Q11 EI!! , gif is E-,rr . E-if , EYE, 3 E-IF 1 9 f Qi I SIU 1. U F51 1- H . , S L9 1, 519. a Q gin Q Q QLUQ 1 2921! GOLDBU ,'i3lT0Rsi Rrcnarw Go U "Hy by mg Ciubs: Student C0uncii QL253 Graphic Qi,25g Goicihug QS- co-editor-35, Hi-Y Q2,35' Modei Airpiane Ciub Q251 Outing Ciub Q,25 'rnniing L?af"A"f35 Sports: Music. tics: junio Drama ' Q25 .457 .. 31,-L-, .V uw SNYDEY. Jerryf ht Swi Band O,2,35 'r Ciass Piay EQ,-. Z Eiil, L, ' " :fe A T , Suernxn Fmucrse Moms ' P "Sheliah" 1.g,2,'f1f 'igH,fg,QarQ5fg5gfg1, g1QrE',2g,:3'22513:-Er ff'i'T'Q Q, ' ' "Abiiity, siaiii, wits" , 1?"19f ' 2jLqfQffs.,' Ciubs: Student Council C653 'fri-S 0,2201 Goidbwr of 's5f'w'f'if M -A co-editor-353 Drarnatics Ciuh ,gr fi g, 5.5353 'K 05, outing curb Q5 1 1 5- , "'ffE,5Q5L', Sports: After Schooi Sports Qi, , ' 2,35 , 2 Tffiiafg -IA' 'J' ' "Qi Music: Chorus 05 -.swift ,. 5 Q 7.1 - 4. . 49,71 , . 'W A Drarnatics: interciass Yiays Qi if M' 5' 2,55 -. -, w W" F , 455475711 V 5 ii Mirrmno Erma Wannra V .. "Let something good he said" Y- A Clubs: Graphic Q2,?a53' Goid- . bug LBusiness Manager51 . ' 'Tri-S 0,2353 Pro-Merito CZ, 353 Outing Ciub Qi,25g - French Ciuh C55 Sports: Aiter Scho0i Sports V Q2, 3f"A"f25 - Music: Band Q35: Chorus C55 ,, , Drarnatics: lnterciass Yiays O5 I Komen M,msr-mu, LANVHEAR "Meri," orator as Brutus is aii, a "1 arn no 1 know nie But as yor piain biunt man." Ciubs: Ciass Treasurer Q253 Goidbug QS, business rnan- : Hi-Y Q2,?:, vice-presi- ' t 35: Pro- ager5 dent 2, presrden Merito Q2,?:5g Yroiectronists 3-president, 353 Air Ciub 42, i 2, 35 Scouts Q , otbaii Q,2,?,J'A"- S orts: 'Fo ' 3 P 2,5 captain 5 ic' Chorus L35 Manager L2, Mus . Drarnaticsz Stage 33 , LAIVR orus 122 -we Www! I ALBERTA FRANcLs ANDREWS "Penny" 'Mirth, admit M me of thy Crew" usic: Chorus f2Q joniv MERRILL ARCHIBALD "Arch" "Time flies" Clubs: Hi-Y f2,3Q: Graphic f3j: Dramatics Club fljg Model Airplane f2,3j: Air Scouts fl,2,3j Sports: Basketball flj ENGL ADAAIS "Dusty" "The thrill of the chase" Clubs: Hi-Y 52 3 ' Clu , Q, Camera , b fl,2,3j Sports' Fo . otball Q32 Music: Ch l A 'VUQ Y ,. ,fqffjk X I w ruling W: , ,V 'iff f.5.if 'if ' N' f L'-"', 9319 ' " 1.15 ' ' . .'.'sm, .. M4 3f"i'fikk 3 lift! Lt-,.1 "" ff' L , , ,, gn-,ppl 4,1.j:'f,','?Kf'ff'ji,, A, ' , ,. 'V R4 um' gf, ' Sir, H ,q,-If Q 2 W lf, ' -, A -- ,E ' , .ifiif . ' - iJ5:f525' f T iif' ' 'FP L i " If 'feT':z'1lj:lN.,f T f : Q ff1f5"'L1 ' ".Q,..fYE3iT' feng: fl 3 ip' 4 , it ':,g:1,:.- Y , n,,.-fm ' f Nw -"mf -L V K l T nlttrzyljlallp R 'Y 1-N' 4 X ,-'::t,v".,, lwQ'?HQ5'5l'j,.'f'-'QXJ " , ' 'ffY,:lM. 1-fm-J" ' R . . pn-' ' ' fav s -' L - -. A ,.--, ,, , V f' 5-fn, J, ggw , , , 5-gre x',' ,RW , yncyw' 'Nm 1 - fp- ' ,, . W . . , M,-R .wi l.f - 1 R 'rt ,vt , 1' ywvxiv, t 'ef 5'v' -ft. ' V ,ng ' 1 '. M4391 ,- , f , V .f'2'TiG,f7' " ." H' '37 N v V ' lv ,mix fr Y 5, W1 ' ,j . . . x , lu J , rai n y .4 J, ,J Y ,yygn JI 4 ' 'V P 4 , Q i A, r l if , 1- I ls 1 ik :il 'vi X "t-if l' ! t E, , wx Q, 4 x , A , IRMA MAE ARIAL "Moil1e" "Think before thou speakest" Clubs: Country D IU ance Club x A : id ' 1 .if ' ..l 5...,, '-T, ee C C C C G C C C CI C C G G C C G 1 lll Tl. fi.. Ti. Il ill. ll. Ti- "Q, V14 Y As: rg rr ' 4 iff ll'- 1 V1 5 ,N- TI lg J4 .V V-' VZ! G: ,Y Gi, 6-ul x ,. vi" in :R G I I C 4 -A .r tl .x I I I I l 1 4 1 I5 '9 35 L-Q -G ,Q ED Q fi 9 QQ T 0-1.9 sg Q , fl 1. if 19 C G Q, ,ra ,sa gr-9 114 119 .wi Q-dl gr! "wi, 'xi' c-19 .rw-Q AQ Q la Q C, .N 1 .fi ci' 4 F4 is is 1 . 'ALI fi. . 1 ff 'Q D Q 0 Q , Nom-rAN Hermann U so UWA .. "The deersiayer ' Ciub Q , Ciubs: Proj 2, sy ,,v""': CABKPBELL ectionrsts mu CAMPBELL H 'MABLL F,LrzAs "Bet d f'Least said, soonest xnende Music: Chorus 0,25 I .K. Tmzonorua Bowan K1 ed!! d heaven, too" 3 'Ali this an Council jg Ciubs: Student L2 33' H'-Y , Goidbug ito L2, 35 Pro-Mer Basketbaii Q2,?af A f 3 "A"-2, Sports: 2,?pj3 Yootbaii CL, f bah Q?:"'A"-Sy 35 3 Base A35 Rorsrar WrLLr Abi BANKS 1 I B 0 bl! "R0yai sp Hi-Y L353 Dramatic 435 .. ,, on" Ciubs: ' s ljg Goidbug i 3 A Ciub Q Sports: Basketbaii Q, - 35 3 Footbah QL2, 5J'A"f3j 3 Basebaii Q2,3-"A"f?nj CHAR J' I do not ar Club ' ' 12, 31 C315 C ' . junior 521: LEs CONNELLY "Clzar!e " .ws gue, I tell" s. H1-Y : Coldbug amexa Club fl, 2, 3x resident 11: Debating Club C31 . . ' Dramatzcs' Class Play Interclass Play 531 l!.5 .rv- Pm f 415' 5 I ,Q H, V cf , J , iw in 1 mais 1, f , +1 s'::Q-:?Q4.:- iam , v' ,: GW? 1+ 2":1'-.- . 'ifii -Y 1' ww ,wrw 'w'w'wQw:, -' gzzanawz- . .pw A - Juv W' limi ' f 'ww' :EWFQwiwf4-'m2"f'f.2Mf':i.wwfff-1'awEf':iHL 1 : L Mseibw-,ix Tw". 1' IUARIE CHRISTINE COOKE ' 1 , H . f7lfIarzE" I . U '21 She is a Winsome, wee thmg N 1 Clubs: Graphic . . 7 H X Transfer from Bellingham High A 11 ,fs School f 1 ' :E : ' f E w , Mg. ,M , :Z fifvi "HEL R , N . rw w : mga' f 1: ffl' f'.1""": J 'ii , Y . ,rw ' WJ TNQ' Lx LA , 'im ' ,X A-Q1-,11 ,gr 1. ,:.1'a"4',a 5 1 'JL if If -A -iiwivif' fi fn ' ' N M uh, y 'WF ,I 'L H NORMAN LESTER CUNNINGHAM av: lg H '?1am" . dj! .4122 f How dya spell np" :MI Sports: F0otbal1 fl,2,34'A"N 'W ,aryl - 2 3 ..,l',,n 1 ig. 4 I Q N u Nw ,. ' jorcs IJAVENPO "Fair RT and softly 1 Clubs: ' ' 50es far" Graphic f2,21g Gold- bug 431: Tri-S 12. 31: Outing Club 0,21 Music: Chorus 62' 31 1 .1 ., 'ill 0 ll 0 of 0 0 ' ff: f c In G il! c Q C -ll c ,rj Citi '-li C-ll CJ! en ell e-FJ ' +141 C +34 C ., k :! I I I C C I . , O K I ,u 4 'fr 5 4 ffij- C,xnomNCErm I rf., , , if-I Ag, f 4. rf ara U f x- v.',,- "A whisper woke the airf gg: M 'M 'ff Chrbs: Tri-s g1,2,3: Ovlmfg, ' " Chxb Q5 Music: Chorus QQZ5 Alru' ' 1 ' 5 V W he 'Aff .gf 1.- . gp, W ff 'G n Yj, W itll, . ' - pk, -1 .fvgsy .4 f '-if.-A. 24:94 AZ, A v-V-. .X ,-3 dy., . uf-, V I wg ? ' . FSE' lii!EliQ f Vggtr, fi gm 3 212' L' Q ' flil ffjs ' if-ig 'Q X ' i ' ,. -A NA Pxsmav. 1 , L' I 1 , 5 'f -f g, '51 1-Hfwf ' 1 fx gr ' ' s Q ., N' - .sf-,jf ,sl a ffm F ' be ,aj ap. . 2 f ., 1- x -1 , 5" S ra r I "X . ' 3 ' A Q 1 , i t t .J ,A , , ' Lf wi H Y. wr v 4 , v e gm F f 4 1 M 7' ' ,x 51.2 7 M ' Z 4 , ze . 3 ,af 5.7,-'-y, Q - 53.525555 . '5 N 5 pug' ,, 1 ':+6f5?, ' -"' - ,- if -..- , 2-in ef. "'f?4ff 'IQPLZE1' S, ' ANNE MARGARFT Ymnmas A "Anme" 492.1 i' 'ff "she takes the breath ot men I? ' ww" . Chxbs: Tri-S 0,2353 Outmg -?a?ffgfjfpiFfL Chxb Q25 ,R , 'V" f Sports: After SchooX Sports E, A ' . L351 Basketbah C55 1 ' 5 Music: Orchestra 05: Chorus , Q,25g Musioids 0,25 .,..,- '57 Lvom Dream U Er,rzAmm1 " it Be y rmerg and 5 L Rua. ANN Dor-marr 1lR'itaH "SiXence that speaks" Chxhs: Student Courxch C253 Tri-S Q , 2, 35 3 Cheedeading 0,25 SON the The rrxhdest ma erxdest heart" ,253 Tri-S E S Camera Q Chxbs: orts 05 Q,2,35 Sports: Aiter SchooX Sp Music: Chorqs 0,25 BARBARA FRANCE n.Ba5Fbn "Live and think" Clubs: Student Council Coldbug f3j , cu: 5 Tri-S fl,2,3s treasurer lj 5 ' 2, 3X ' Outing Club fl president 32 ' So ' ies Club , cial Stud-J h C21 Music: Chorus fl, 2, 32 Dramatics' . junior Class Play QQ: Interclass Plays flj Esrms ee nymph with R RUTH FLINT has "Haste th , and brin thee jest a 'W it ' 59 Y P Vigi l, gyi ,7,'I,!'1,,Q-Qi 5 lla' S' , s f mf- Q24 fs 1 ' 4 F nd youthful jollity" W,:ff1.,..f ' IJ Clubs: Student Council fljg ,. LLJQ' jf! Vj " Tri-S fl,2,3jg Camera Club 4 A I I A fl,2, 3NSecretary l,2,3j , Sports: After School Sports 121 A, usic: Chorus flj '7"" fm "'C'1a LEE FRANRL IN CLAZIER MLW., "Let th y words be f Clubs: Pro' ' ' ew"' jectionists 31 Club C2 Domto RAL:-it Gooox'zAR "Don" "For courtesy wins ,woman well as valor" Clubs: Class president Student Council flj: Hi- C21-'D is :ir : sg? 9 9 e 9 'ITB ' 'iv c ' 'iii ' :ji ' cf? 9 ami 9 ' eff, 9 9 54 Sym '4f:..L -LE, Elms, gi, Srummr Ric .. Ln w . . and stiii the that on head co carry nii he ku w" Chtbsz Pro-Merito Q2,'5 Sports: Busketbah Q2- , Manager 35: Footbztii C7352 Basebaii 62,55 -2 . nmw Gunn Stl wonder gre e smaii e Mia? :il ' Y: . if lb' fig: . :A ' i if-J Yi M I, . -:',:"" Loimxia Gi1,wr.s "Beanie" "Her air was frank and sirnpid' Ciubs: Graphic. CL,?1fco-editor 353 Student Councii C553 Tri-S Qi,2,?:53 Outing Chtb 0,25 ' bitter Schooi sports Q, Dreitnaticsz interciass p ' r Ciass Yiay Q25 4 S 5 if sirfi 1- "T, ' '-'SWT 'L-'Z' 131: '-..- I-171' X Q3 22 .2 I Guam Mmm: Gro-Nnouico Q "G. G." "Ask and learn" Ciubsz Tri-S Q,2,35g Outing 01 ciub Qi, 25 ho0i sports Sports: After SC 25 l ' Chorus L Music. cais Qi, 25 Q 1.,2, ay Must- O5 3 junio Sports. . 2 ?nf"A"-25 X a y s 4 fn? Si-tirxnrn' Grtoss 'Shirley' "Do it now" Ciuhs: Tri-S Qi,2,'553 Drama- tics Ciub 0,253 Outing Ciub 3 Cheerieading Q2.,?s5 hooi Sports Qi Q25 Sports: After Sc 25 Music: Chorus QL25, '15 Lois 'VILLSON HAIVTHORNE ,Zan "Her mirtl 1 the world She bath required, ed it in s ' Clubs: ' miles of gle Tri-S fl en , , 2, 32: CDU Dance Club S ntry CU ports: After School Sports f3 -'VY'-32 Music: C horus flj , HAROLD PHELPS HATCH ' - ' "H0fC,1l.6" , "The silver, snarling trumpets . gan to chide" Clubs: Hi-Y 12, 3ssecretary- treasurer 3j: Goldbug GD: Air Scouts 12,32 Sports: Baskezball 531: Base- ball gay Music: Chorus fl,2,3j: Or- D chesrra fl,2j: Band 51,21 I Dramatics: junior Class Play . f2j: Interclass Play f3Q DOROTHY A NN HEALD "Do!l1'e" "All th e worlds a stage" Clubs: Graphic 532: Goldbug QQ: Tri-S fI,2,3j: Cheer- leading f2,3j Dram ' fl R, E1 tics C1 u b J Music' D . Chorus l ra: ' 'sf ,C J naticsr junior Class P C2j 5 Inlercl lay ass Play f3j FREEMAN S'1'REi:'u:R JONES . "He1'c11leJ" "My strength is as the strength of tell" Clubs: Hi-' 1 3: 12,31 U Pro-Merito ali' QM, QQ, 0124 CHN- , 1 4' 3,54 lil Q' 4 9 C124 C111 Gfi 3 Cfg 4 a 1 1 avi 1 e-T1 6-In 1 an c-I3 e W' l 1 5:31 4-. 'FLA C QTL 0 Q, ' F1-1 Q, YTD: 0,1 THOMAS O. MARHN 'T 0m'j "Tommy" 'A little sarcasm gOes a long , way" Clubs: Hi-Y f2,3j: Camera ub f2,3j ports: Baseball 42 - "A" x 2, -manager, 21 Music: Chorus f3j gui .. .-nu. A 'T' I" .GT 4 -Q has N: DAVID MAXSON "Dave" The H01 ' a er of court esyu . X, ..v . -4 .fg- -."'-I , RICHARD juuus MCK IQMAIIE HG wa "l make the woods my home" Lokmcr: Llunm X . IELLEN 'uumfy' "Time col lqucrs ull, :mm must time obey" I wc 3' A gf. 'K .CC C O I O O G G C 6 G 6 O C C Q O C C -E 'H J 11 'P 4 4- A if ,1 4- a 1 4 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 I I Q 1 I 1 HAR oLn EUFEN . E REED Targefj "Hal" And hear th y stormy music in the drum" Clubs: Hi-Y C2.3p- c Club C12 3? Emm DELORES Roamzrs "Wee-Dzfs" "Hidden Knowledge" Clubs: French Club C31 dent Counc'l S 5 Stu- 1 C21 ports: Aft er Sch0ol Sports C2, 34'A"-2,325 Basketball C31 Music: Chorus Cl, 2, 3j ICS. . amera , ,3Nprc-sitlent 2, 32: Model Airplane C2 Iusic: O J rchestra Cl Cl 2 3 Sta ,225 Band , , jg Chorus C32 Dramat' ' 1 'ww' ge Manager PH YLL1s A N N112 , SANCTUAR Y nph ,. "An . fl unextin guished laughter shakes the sky" Clubs: Goldbug C325 Tri-S Cl 2,3jg Outing Club French Cl, 21: Club C3j Sports: After School Sports Cl, 2, 3-"A"-l, 2, 31: Basketball 3 Mugii: Chorus Cl,2,3j: Musi- cals Cl,2j Dramatics: Interclass Plays Cl 29 'UN HELEN SARA Sluvnnns "Sandy" "It is easier not to speak a word at all Than to speak more words than we should" Music: Chor us C lj gl W" 011, 'H GF! WZ. I fl' fl s V .Q 0 lf: c C .1 ' .11 Q ji cj 6 fly . , .U e ji 6 C fl is fl G I "1 'Tl 1 1 1 1 1 I I l I cies cies claus C259 Cla? 0249 '?g' '? 'fi' 'TQ 'W ' 3' ' 5' e as ' e jig e :fo e Lao e QQ e Ls e' Lo ' e as . go, cfs e ' ?' e jig eggs '39 eggs ep 5? '34 :gas geo .fm gee Q5 M oi fn Mmw Louxsr: Snunwmz "Giggles" Xady: O . "Here comes a Xighr oi foot -:fir-"Y fa' ,Q 1' nw FN xf --:UV' L'1- 5 133.33 1 , LQ rl , r ' Q. " 5 5 ' ' ' ' 1 'f a i " A .. Y ' . iziif , ' f" ' as E515 4' P Y3gff,:3g:.:13? - -I :Ei I A I ,f- Q QLQ fr.: , mr - g c- .Q Mm, A, Swan - 1 ?g515f,iE1ig,fbd.11' gf5,.:2fjfEZf .-quiz ' ' " - fx: Vrz giaiavi .. . Mme , 22 25 Wm' Women, and Wig :rar SPOUSZ YOOMH OM' A 2,35 our SCHAUWECKER Bu ' a danger Annes HAR H dl!! "A Xime learning ms ous ming" Chxbsz Hi-Y Q2, 35 Music: Band 0,25 NE Scfxnsormouc-H Doaoruv AN " rbie" s oi Sca on Xive ah the day' 'ie" "May y your h 3 3 Connrry Tn-s gm, 5 Chxbsz Dance Chxb Q her Sclxool Sports QQ., Sports: A '55 , rus 05 3 Muskcak Music: Cho 05 fx I F EVELYN P mm. SMH H "Spitzer" "Live, love , think, pray, dare" Clubs: Student Council fly: Tri-S fl,2,3jg Cheerleading C3 ptain 31 Sporigca After School Sports C2, 52 Dramatics: Intercl ass Play ffij 'WIN jonrv EVELYN Szvow .Von "The joy late coming late departs" Clubs: Tri-S fl,2,3j: Country Dance Club flj Music: Chorus fl,2j EDNA ELIZAB ,Vg .KL V ETH STEINB ECK 11. E. Becky" - "As merry as the day is long" Clubs: Tri-S f1,2,3j: Goldbu 632: Outing Clu French I D 0,225 Club 031 Sports: After School Sports fl, 34'A"x3j Music: Chorus fl,3j JAMEs Muvwnvc Sruucnmrv "jimmy" "A fello w of infinite jest" Clubs: Graphic fl 2 bug UQ , .3j: Gold- : Dramati' ' Music: ' Ls Llub flj Musical 521: Chorus 121 Drarnntics: lnterclass Plays f2, 31: junior Class Play f2j Q Q U O O Q' G 0 GK, G at C' C' C. C' C C 6. C' Q C' 3 C' a S'-fl 1 '11 0 3 Q'-F! 9 Ch 3 S-lt 1 K .H Q Q--H 8 6-na 'O FED ess G19 ess ees as Q49 we ta Ca!! C259 C149 can use Gao we Gif! 'av 'ef' '59 'ff' '29 'eg ' 49 ' F49 ' 6-59 ' 69 ' H9 0 '69 '29 'F-19 '29 0-V40 'fo 0 fn I fn 0 n 'N Nettie Littiptrfx TETY-'CULT "Nellie" "And statesureu at her couucii met" udeiit Couucii ' Y r c u ch Clubs: St Yro-Mcrito Q?.,'?rH , snr-B Ciub Q20 Q!! 'f s 2 1, Evans Ye-rmciA 'KENNY 'iEuie" '4There's music in the air" . Ciubs: Country Dance Ciub Q53 Tri-S mg Dramatics 1 25 ooi Sports Ciub Q , Sports: After Sch 2' H2553 Basketbah Q35 2,35 w ""e gm A 'B Musica Chorus Q, -QQ bij., Doaorrw Etrzmscru Swrrr as "Betty" V i 3 "Variety is the spice ot Kite" Ciubsz Tri-S Q,2,?:N ' ' Chorus Clj Music. Cowsrmcc Gmcs SUYRENANT "Connie" "Bhrshing is the coiour ot virtue" Music: Chorus 05 IUARCARET IUALLORY IV!-IBSTER .fpeggyu "I am stabbed with laughter" Clubs: Country Dance Club C12 lllusic: C horus 0,225 Musicals CU JUNE EL ns self in Clubs ics. juni X s CAROL Wziorvrxa "Wzunk" "Merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance" Clubs: T ' ri-S 12.59 Sports: A fter School Sports fl, 22 or Class Pl Izfwlsm WARNER "Shorty " " Woma ' miniature" : Tri-S fl,2.3j Sports: After Sch0ol Sports flj Music: Chorus fl,2j ramat " ays EUNICE MARY YARTER "Slubb " "To b LV e strong is to be h Clubs: Tri-S C HPPYV' 11. 2J: lub fl, 2 3, Came 'fl-"' C, 6 'Ll e ,H e ,Il c-,Q 'JFS 1 1 ,I Q4-ill ejfl, c-,B U54 c-jill, 'FA 5 F p v - i i i ,i 1 1 1 1 1 4 4 1 1 I I I I PROP!-IECY "Ladies and gentlemen of the reading public, it is now 1956. After ten years of study and work, the class of '46 has decided that it should get together for a reunion. Invitations have been issued by Barbara Julian, secretary of the Alumni Association to all the members. Fortunately everyone has arrived, and President Bob Lanphear calls the meeting to order, asks the members of the class to arise, and state their names and present occupations. They answer in the following manner: "Larry" Adams-HPresident of Adams and Hood, Inc." Alberta Andrews-"Commercial artist." John Archibald-'4Owner of an airplane corporationf' Irma Arial-'Chairman of the Democratic Party." Robert Banks-"Coach at A. H. Sf, Theodore Boluch-'fEnd for the Green Bay Packers." Betty Campbell-'iAssistant Manager of Bates' Store." Norman Campbell-'lManager of The Campbell Home Bakery, Inc." Charles Connelly-"Head of Connelly, Inc. which has replaced Eastman Kodakf' Marie Cooke-l'Piano accompanist for Ginny Simmsf' Norman Cunningham-UPresident of the Cushman 'Female Seminary with Miles Seaver as adviser? Joyce Davenport-"A scenario writer at M. G. M." Betty Dickinson-"Secretary to the President of the United States." Rita Doherty-"Hairdresser for Antoine of Paris." Anne Fellers-"Vice-President of a certain trucking company." Carolyn Fisher-"English instructor at Mary Burnhamf' Esther Flint-"Winner of the 'Miss America Beauty Contest' of 1956." Barbara France-"Director of Signal Screen Productions? Lee Glazier-"Owner of a hunting lodge in Leverettf' "Don" Goodyear-'4President of Goodyear Express Co., Inc." Gilda Grandonica-'4Director of the 'Little Theatre, off Times Square'." Lorane Graves-"Editor of the New York Times."' Shirley Gross--"I've just Hnished writing 'The Cheerleader's Almanac'." Stuart Gunn-"Chemical engineer." Harold Hatch-"Inventor of a new type of helicopter." Lois Hawthorne-"Member of the East Street Wolverines' Bowling Team." Dorothy Heald-'LI have the lead in the remake of 'The Harvey Girls'." Freeman Jones-"President of Amherst College." George jourdian-"Founder of 'The Mad Scientist's Club' with jones and Gunn as charter members." Barbara julian-"President of the Gabville Women's Club and the Society for the Advancement of Gifted Females." Doris Kulikosky-"Secretary to Charles Connelly." Robert Lanphear-"President of the United States at the age of twenty-seven!" August Lentz-"English teacher." l 5 ! F F A I .I A 1 1 1 I 1 I I I I i 5 1 a 5 1 4 1 4 1 4 4 a I 1 I 4 I . . W 4 4 V QT 'D cf' Y' 1 N QF' fi F' QF" 'aff' egg" vii" 'Q FE" iii" Qi" 'aff' WT' Qi" fiwla QT-4" Q if" QT' " e -Fr' 693' 1, egg, -9 l nl 0 IN A CREATIVE MOOD , 1 1 1 1 I 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 I l 1 I I l 1 WAITING KITTEN POEMS NANCY PAUL HELEN SANDERS As the clock ticked on Soft, fluffy Kitten, with smooth Light fur, plays with a ball Time marched by. She watched and studied it Then gave up with a sigh. then runs. SMOKE HELEN SANDERS The smoke- How lazily And then It drifts about the air As the snow falls, Like low hanging clouds 5 it floats by A little cold kitten Everywhere. Crouches by the doorsill with fear, And cries. MUMPS HELEN SANDERS If having the mumps Is one of the bumps At night One gets when on vacation, When Shad0wS COIIIC, I choose to remain And in the cold stillness, In my own domain A little furry kitten curls up And forfeit the great sensation. To SICCP- SPRING NANCY PAUL As the Warm friendly sun Sends beams of golden light, A new tiny rose bud Will open. And cuffs it towards me with caution, 'I JUNIORS Under the watchful eye of Mr. Swift, the class of 1947, sponsored the Senior Reception, the Junior Prom, and the three-act play, "LITTLE WOMEN". The officers are john Canavan, president 5 Hubert Bell, vice-president, Edith McKemmie, secretary-treasurer. First Row: Coyne, Coyne, Bailey, Cavanaugh, Duffy, Ball. Second Row: Frost, Cutler, Drosdale, Elder, Andrews, France, Green. Third Row: Cummings, Bell, Blair, Davenport, Crump, Donog- hue, Correale, Clark. Fourth Row: Canavan, DeRose, Drake, Bias, Connelly, Ander- nson, Doherty, Cislo. Fifth Row: Garvey, Grayson, Cushman, Ennis, Garrabrants, Aldrich. First Row: Grady, Lashway, Jeweit, jantz, Hawley. Second Row: Gordon, Kokoski, joy, jones, Kellog, Heath. Third Row: Govers, Hummel, Haskins, jennison, Kozlosky, Kolasinski, Hrynyshyn. ' Fourth Row: Mahar, Lauder, Malinoski, Jacque, Luddy, Knightlinger, Larson. Fifth Row: Madden Lyman. Init lim Nluzllu Sauo luxe Nlonugue Nlclxeeman Rus sell Nici uthy Szmnd lmu Nllllflilll Nkhielu Xlikemnue lourala locnd l0lNNlxl 5llNIllll, Fhml Run leuoskn Nlncczkuuslu laxnaude Shummu l none Iwmrth hon Hluuonxlm IIIIIIIONSKI Snmkomcz Nhclxary Xlosxkuuu Osuoisskl Manner fifth Inu xvllllllltb Rue White Nlatuszko Nlodrxakowgh N Smit iw 3, ,a i r. - ni u A I E - L- - , 1 I 5 i L E 4 l Q 4 5 3 F ' V' 7 ki ' '45 A ' gif t , , l . 1 -v J re- ' ' ,J I X ! if .ff . - '1 t.. , . Ji HI-Y This club has had the fortune of having Mr. Wood- man, its former adviser, return from the army. Robert Lanphear is president 3 john Malinoski is vice-presidentg and Harold Hatch is secretary-treasurer. The boys have had many interesting speakers and have been active in various social activities. Left to Right: Hatch, Malinoski, Mr. XVoodman, Lanphear. Thies. TRI-S With Barbara Julian, Edith McKemmie, and Bev- erly Reynolds holding the executive offices, Tri-S held several evening meetings, helped make Booster Day a success, and helped also in the Infantile Paralysis Drive, beside the usual social events. Miss Keough and Miss Nagle acted as advisers. Left to Right: Miss Nagle, McKemmie, Julian, Miss Keough. , - N.- . l I . . - . y t ,,f .12 1 soya: r f- ... ' ' ' rc '- ,..t,5-- 'V ' ' '45 ' gif . :tis "WSH ""' 'If' KV iw, Q 1-,pf 4 it .2 M gn -L fi f ' ",. " ev 3 ' "WT iii' ,- , j Q-1' i' vi ' q,,4., "' 'mf ai, it N-S., OUTING CLUB Once more under the guidance of Miss Nagle, the Outing Club has been on a few trips, including a hike up Bear Mountain and a Sugaring Party on Mount Toby. f Standing: Montague, jennison, Cary, Parrott, Thies, Wales, Moran. Seated: Caldwell, Graves, Bradley, Miss Nagle, Goding, Warner, Hartman. ' fig' 4 . r5l fl? T' 4 Xl 413' sie' oi fi' U3 far' - ia! L Fl tv' eye' fr' FT" :1 'Q' ,Lp ,la ,la FL9 ,Ls el-9 ,Ls ET' ff' be ti., ll' Q p n o A 0 O O 0 O BAND The band appeared at all the home football games and also at the basketball tournament. It is directed by Mr. MacKillop and led by drum-majorette, Barbara McCarthy. First Row: McCarthy. Second Row: Hartman, Brown, Avery, Rose, Rogers, Lindsay, Warner, Anderson, Mr. Mackillop. Third Row: Klein, Sherman, Jennison, Montgomery, Coding, Votova. Rowe, Montague. Fourth Row: Delahunt, Bradley, Snyder, Parrott, Connelly, Ellis, Colt, XVCIILWOITH. ,,,. .I , . . 3 4 ' va' f i. . x xlbx A , K s G Q , S A 1 'J Q Q 'L - L If 1:95. ' I' 'VE ' A r " 1'1- L -t bib it 5, ,aa -N, - -f , f' ,I -'.. 7, ', ' - an , yy YQ A I . - X , ' . . 1 Q5 I fir 3,54 ' - A gf 1 ,541 Z-gfg ' -A - ? 3--22 ' T ,V ' 5 ,fi T5 JSF K ,. ' WI , If , -ae ,.' V 5495 :luqwi-7 , ..,, ll, us , . ydfillpll .. - ,Q ,--A1425 , , r,,,,,. in .I K, X I I 1 f t CHORUS ' This year the chorus is divided into a Boy's Glee Club, a Girl's Glee Club, and a Mixed Chorus. It is conducted by Mr. MacKillop. First Row: McKeeman, Grandonico, Puffer, Cavanaugh, Daven- port, Phelps, Goding, Pearl, Rossi, Higgins, Taylor, Pease. Second Row: Montague, Roberts, Paul, Galbraith, Howkins, Wales, Mitchell, Gordon, Toczydlowski, Warner, Drosdal. , Third Row: Steinbeck, E. WVarner, Andrews, Blair, Sanctuary, Haskins, Tenney, Parrott, Davenport, McKemmie, Jewett, McCarthy. Fourth Row: Hartman, Martin, Rice, Reed, Cary, Lanphear, Ellis, Stedman, Stedman, Hatch, Mr. MacKillop. Fifth Row: Jacque, Thies, Stoughton, Galbraith, Conklin, Brown, Toll, Thies, Luddy, Bain, Porter, Bradley. JUNIOR RED CROSS The Junior Red Cross was organized by Miss Old- field, this year. The work was carried on through home room representatives. Besides the usual contributions, a recreational chest was presented to headquarters to be sent overseas to boys in the service. Seated: Jantz, Arial, Miss Oldfield, Puffer, Sacco. Standing: Thornton, Duffy, Jones, Cavanaugh, Messier. t AIR SCOUTS This year Fred Guyott is helping Mr. Oliver in leading the Scouts. Robert Lanphear is Squadron Pilot, Larry Adams is Assistant Squadron Pilot, and Frank Whitcomb is Scribe. Standing: Madden, Thies, Whitcomb, Bell, Madden, Rehorka Seated: Stedman, Adams, Hatch, Lanphear, Mr, Oliver, Archi- bald. PROJECTIONISTS CLUB With Robert Lanphear as president, this club has been very active. Many movies and assemblies have been under supervision of the Projectionists. John Con- nelly is secretary, Charles Drake is treasurer, and Mr. Swift is the adviser. First Row: Rice, Lanphear, Mr. Swift. Second Row: Connelly, Yurkevicz, Adams, Pettijohn, Drake, Jacque, Murray, Cushman, Rehn, Cary, Sherman. Third Row: Whitcomb, Rule, Ellis, Thayer, Hayes, Porter, Truesdell, Parsons, Holcombe. Fourth Row: Glazier, Robins, Campbell. CAMERA CLUB The Camera Club has been very active this year, with Harold Reed as president, Richard Vondcll as vice-president, Esther Flint as secretary, and Mr. La- croix as adviser. Child portraits and architectural pic- tures have been the subjects for print contests. Left to right: Truesdell, Rehn, Fellers, Connelly, Cummings, Kulilosky, Reed, Connelly, Gore, Flint, Adams, Mr. Lacroix, I'. Cummings, Martin, Anderson, Murray, Sherman, Wood. iff- 'NV N -sail '39 1 QL. ia' ff' .H-il! LL. 1.....,.Ln INFORMAL SI-ICDTS , I l WI 'ri il 371 j I 7 L 4 K I f, 7 v L.. 4'- 1 ", ro 1 n. ' L. 1 4 L-" ' f r - il, pw, lf F Fd - I ti " L ,, L . Y v K' A 'I ,, ' XM 2,11 D :lf f 5 W-.1 are ff V N' 1:12 nf 4- f , i 5 .WS vi' ,qw rv First Row: Bain, Garvey, MacLeod, Nlodrzakowski, Seaver, Drake, Lanphear, Madden, Banks, Boluch, Matuszko. ! Second Raw: Coach MacLeary, Toll, Clark, Stefan, Mal- inoski, Mosakewicz, Lauder, Humes,- Correale. Bias, Cunningham, Mahar, Coach xYlll1HITlS. G G G Q c c c FOOTBALL 5 c Classical and Orange nosing out the Maroon and White fc in the Hrst two games. Amherst then traveled to Q Palmer to take the First victory of the season. Enfield 6 was second to fall to the Amherst gridmen, while Athol overthrew our eleven, 6-O. The season ended in a blaze G of glory as the Hurricanes topped our arch rivals, Northampton. The Hurricane eleven got off to a slow start with The season was high-lighted by Lou Bias's passing . and kicking' Malinowski's runnin 5 and Ca tain Bob C , S P Lanphear's outstanding line work. Q I O C 8 Q I O O SWIMMING TEAM ' I five meets. Amherst, while winning only one meet, lost three close ones to Mt. Her- . mon, Springfield Tech, and Pittsfleld, and finished a high third in the Annual . O turning in a new one hundred yard backstroke record for YVestern Mass. The team . was hampered all season by lack of a single diver as well as sufficient men for each . event. Caldwell Toll and Hubert Bell also set new Amherst High records in the Breast Stroke and Free Style events. . O 0 O O C Q I que. Bell. Murray.. Coach Rogers. . Starting with an inexperienced team, Coach Rogers guided Amherst through Western Massachusetts Swimming Tournament. "Mitch" Jacque, Amherst's ace swimmer, was one of the tournament stars in Front row: Snyder, .Iac- Second row: Toll, jaoquq. Bain. Thies. i l I I - QD '19 sig' e 'T I 'T -we --9 -fo f :f , ,Z :-gi n u :THQ r Y I Y Y F. l P-A V- i r v, g, E f ? - nr lr ew! if-9 t ri La T" rf' if E19 -K-19 L9 La L9 tLa S - Le tits, tt, ii. Lo -LL, .. W f, L T f BASKETBALL Led by Captain Lou Bias, Amherst High set out to establish an outstanding basketball record. The Hamp- shire League pennant returned to Amherst high after a fifteen year period of absence as the Hurricanes took eleven Hampshire League games before losing the final game to South Hadley. In the independent games the Hurricanes proved able to take care of themselves, as no team was able to defeat them twice. In the Western Massachusetts Small School Tour- nament, Rosary of Holyoke and Williams High of Stock- bridge fell to the Hurricanes. In the finals Easthampton proved a little too strong for the Amherst live, winning in overtime, 35 to 33. First Row: Petraitis, Matuszko, Garvey, Malinoski, Bias. Second Row: Gunn, Drake, Banks, Correale, Worthley. BASEBALL Amherst again rode to a highly successful baseball season with "lVIike" Garvey and Dick Leland doing the hurling. The Hamp- shire League pennant returned to Amherst after the Hurricanes won nine out of ten league games. Arms Academy was the only league team to set back the Amherst nine. Turners Falls, an inde- pendent team, accounted for the remaining setback. Clark. hams Mr Lacroix Second Row Hanieskx Doherty Banks Kowal eck Koblmskr Luddy Manager Front Row: Mosakewicz, Bias, Worthely, Garvey, Thies, Correale, Drake, Standing: Coach Wil- I n U u N n P 4 s i 74 l.J "fl ff' ll! SQL, JL, ETL, UL, . m Er' gg 119 L4 :lb Eli: .4-. f Eiga :1-EQ 2 fl EL? .. 1 .. 1 ln I, ,Q I ,Q nr' .Q U" 'U For the Best in Clothes .-,.i.. S86 THOMPSON THE LORD .IEFFERY Featuring the Best in Service aml Comfort in a Charming New England Atmosphere. COLONIAL DINING ROOM COFFEE SHOP For the Best IN Soda Fountain Service vlsrr THE COLLEGE DRUG STORE BILL MCGRATH, Prop. WARNER BROS. 6' GOODWIN, INC. 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F. WHITBREAD, Prop. 381-383 MAIN ST. 1-s "IVOoa'y" H ernzan Sounds Even Bet- ter on a New Radio or Player from ELECTRIC APPLIANCE CO. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATINO CLASS PRINTERS OF THE GOLD BUG UNITY PRESS, INC. 232-242 SUFEULH STREET HOLYOKE, MASSACHUSETTS I AND OTHER SCHOOL ANNUALS BEN'S SERVICE STATION Sales - Service MERCURY, FORD, LINCOLN ZEPHYR General Repairing THE MUTUAL PLUMBING AND HEATING CO. HARDWARE Gasoline - Tires - Batteries All Popular Records TEL. So. DEERFIELD 120-2 AMHERST : MASS SUNDERLAND MASS. FOR SERVICE WHlTCOMB'S HARDWARE AMHTIRST THEATRE BUILDING CALL gi Morm"v Painfs and Enamels "Fuqua" W'all Finish AND DYERS T5 lm frvriaf W'u1lf1afn'rs FAIHZPROOI AND NVASIIABLIQ El ........ ...----...-.----....-......--....-...- ....... 5. Eiga fig iii 5, Q 5 4.2 L QLD SLG ' TI 3. JLG 5, LLQ ZS!-as JI ai , fi 5.14 ala gin D , nun unnnuuu- nn uuunu nn nuuuuu :nu uuunnn nr ununuu E Compliments of , For DEPENDABLE FUEL C. R. ELDER SUNDERLAND MARKET COAL COMPANY Meats Groceries PHONE 20 Fruits AMHERST :: MASSACHUSETTS SUNDERLAND TEL. 242-2 JACKSON Cr cumin c0,,,z11f"'f"1fS Of Dealers in DALTON'S STORE DRY AND FANCY GGODS READY TO WEAR A :: M 404 :Ae 364: M nmwfa Q0 la KINSMANS STUDIO 46 MAIN STREET : : : : AMI-IERST SCHGOL AND COLLEGE PHOTCDGRAPHY E1 CI G. E. - Mostercraft - Korth Oil Burners Complete Oil Burner Service Bottled Gas for Cooking P-A SOCONY GAS AND OIL G. E. AND KELVINATOR REFRIGERATORS Q-N Oil and Gas Stoves Electric Ranges E5 Appliances AMHERST OIL CO. TEL. 999 :: 321 MAIN ST. WILLIAMS, McCLOUD 5 co. lnsuranee of All Kinds and Real Estate TELEPHONE 888 SAVINGS BANK BUILDING AMHEIIST BEMENT COAL COMPANY D. 86 H. Anthracite Koppers Coke Best Grades Bituminous 30 MAIN STREET TELEPHONE 232 Co1npli1nents of AMHERST GRAIN CO. W. R. BROWN Cr COMPANY Insuranrr' aml Real Estate TELEPHONE 1 DR. STEPHEN J. DUVAL OIYTOMETRIST Compliments of NORTHEAST LOGGING COMPANY MAHAR AND ZIOMEK, Mgrs. 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Suggestions in the Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA) collection:

Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


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Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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