Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA)

 - Class of 1945

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Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 70 of the 1945 volume:

J 'J 9 J J J J J J J 9 J J :U J :r J 9 3 9 J 9 J J J 3 9 9 J J J J J J J J 3 J 1 -Y.-fi.-SMHfzigiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiH JJJJJJJJJ-? 1945 x,-. , v.b,: A . ' I " 0' 'L ' M1 M53 E. .L ' "5 f4 ' , f , . . M . , , . X w - V: f ' "- x im M' . ,, H b L .. K6 Y if I mf- f .QV .gzjigq 71 f Xf,Wx.,,.,X, - W V ws- , '- ' , M ,tyx I Q 4 4-',f -:3::,, Q- .f ?ZlfHf"4'L15 K f 'f ' ' mm, .f "7-F ' f K "li K' f W vain x , I T ' ' ' ' 'f K 'EQ' l U J ,V uwci ,ghgifif :V 'jmf-vii S, MMK + 2--S21 ' . . f M K X M X ,mf M mf-,JL-fzw, :J ws 1 '- f, fffzffifw. Irfulwum'-'kiss' vw Ni , M ' rs ' ' x unify' Xfgvjyg vhs- ,A pg 11 ,X S. x f PHOTO-LACROIX THE GOLD BUG nmuum, mnssacuusms Y' FUHELUUHD "O Freedom! if to me belong Nor mighty Milton's gift divine, Nor MdTU6ll,S wit and graceful song, Still with a love as deep and strong As theirs, I lay, like them, my best gifts on thy shrine!" From Proem by JOHN GREENLEAF WHITTIER. EDITORS HUTE We have endeavored to have this Gold Bug one which will reflect our awareness of the conflict which surrounds us. We feel that an understanding of the War is necessary as a basis for the promotion of a last- ing peace. Thus the themes of patriotism and school life in wartime are used to accomplish this plan. Z 09" fi" 'Fri' 654 Gif' 64-4 card G+-1 G5-1 as-4 we G+-1 egg-A1 es,-a ua ZR Jr 91 Us W, 3 Q T" IUE DEDICHTE THIS BUUH ,W M HUWHHU CHUM? JUHH MHDDEH X 9 fnmunn nuzmc A A cmnfnr nfconu 4 5 We dedicate our book to the former members of the Class of 1945 who are now serving their country in the armed services. BERNARD ALDRICH fNavYJ, THOMAS MANNETT fNavyJ, EUGENE PELCHAT qNsvyp, GEORGE SELANIS fNavyp, RALPH THORNTON QArmyD, THOMAS URSIA KNQVYJ, CLARENCE WARNER QNavYJf HENRY WZIONTKA gNavyJ, HOWARD CRUMP fNavyJ, JOHN MADDEN qNavy3, CLEMENT RECORD qmarinesp, EDMUND RYZNIC qArmyy. W?f Y I 'J J H Q4 I 3 3 3 'E H 3 3 3 3 3 913 4 3 3 3 3 3 fi .I 3 G-I -3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 9 3 3 3 3 D 'D 3 5 I l '49 D D c'J 9 3 3 9 9 3 -4 C-4 .4 , . gl.: 2 ' ff- w....v!W .Sf VARNUM ABBOTT MARY LOUISE CLARK EDWIN KNIHNIGIQI Q Co-Ediior Co-Edilor Businegs NMamzgefX I 4 -S Xl fy' K, - I' I-, ' ,, XIV I " A, X 5 QJVX ' bm- wwf' , . I f s, Q Q I i-R if Q L? Lf x f I f" I JOHN DE NYSE PATRICIA THOMSON TERESA HAMILTON KAMEL HASSAN Vine-President Secrelary President Treasurer HHIHEHST T83 .5-P RUTH I.. BROWN English MARY A. CHASE Malbcmuticx LAURA COOLEY Household Arts BARBARA BUKER English ALICE W CHURCHILL Freurli ROBERT H. DOMINA Industrial Arls LEONIE Y. DON CARLOS BETTY JANE DONLEY Commerrial Lalin vii Cf' CI' Ci' Cl' Cl' 'c Cl' GI' ZV cu Ci' cl 4 can C 4 C- 4 . G 4. C.. q. Cv C. 41 cl . .jg C+ C . 41 Cul t. C+ C-w ci CWI c-u ta C-u F5 tw -H f-u c-4 C-u CJ, K-u 1-af +-U' ii? 'ur E5 UH. 1 GBA fb M 'Hn FHCULTU MARY E. DONLON Household Aris GENEVIEVE H. DWYER Commercial IRENE E. HALE Com mercial KENNETH MAC KILLOP, JR. Music ALICE D. DUFFY Social Sludivs ISABEL FIELD Social Studies DONALD S. LACROIX Sciences HARRY L MARKS Social Studies, FHCULIU 1 41 '-lf ...,1 , 0' HOLLIS W. MOORE Indusirial Arls CLIFFORD N. OLIVER Malbemuiics and Sfienres EDITH I.. PINNICK Physical Education and Social Studies ARTHUR L. SWIFT Science PRISCILLA NAGLE Pbysifal Educalion DOROTHY ORRELL Secretary MARIE RAFFERTY Art GEORGE E. WILLIAMS Physical Educafian .cp 'af' 'W' 'CI' 9 eq 3 eq-.3 3 eq: :qs qqa eqa gas cj: rqa Q3 Q33 qua iff? cf: cg, QC'-:o cf'-9 C33 gf, Q3 cj: QQ9 Cr? ggi cg: eq: Q 3 'UZ If QA VARNUM ABBOTT "Varn" "A pmny :avril ix a jrrrnzy rarm'i1'." A1'!iz'i!ii's: Gold Bug 13,- Co-Editorjg Graphic 1315 Hi-Y 12,3jg Chemisrrry Club 1313 Social Studies Club 15jg Outing Club 12,3,-President U. CHARLES Eiuc ABRAMSON ..Abe., "Sports above all." Actiuilies: Student Council 11Jg Victory Corps 115. Sporls: Football 1l,2,3- "A"-1,2,3Jg Basketball 11,2,3, - "AH-1,2,sJg Baseball 11,2,3-"A"-1, 2,3J. CLEO ANDERSCN ..Andy,. "Lvl iby wordx be fun." Arliviiies: Student Council 12,5 Pro'Merito 12,3 Tri- S 1l,2,3Jq Country Dance Club 11,213 Victory Corps 1ljg Pro Merito 132. Aflcr xrbool sports: 11,2,3, --"A"-l,2,3J. 'fa 4"""!0 -li EL1Noi1 ANDERSON "Andy" "I was nezffr less alone than when by myself." Activilies: Graphic 12,323 Tri-S 121g Country Dance Club 113. Afier school sporis: 12,3- ..A.. 3, G43 'wk' mil ah ali cl cl ell c c C, ci in J J gl Ca 4 C4 C C4 C1 Ci ci ci Cu C, 'li C C4- -H C cu V 4 Z4 gi Q-H ,4 J ta tu Q-ll Q-Y J -I 'wr , . , C C ' - i . E 'YU .krri .1 Q31 if N1 X KN SEER C fiyllvl 'f ini ll Evil. , Q , QQ 'Q C. ? X X s 3 5 .5 Q 5 -Ke X 5 ax 3 . " . 1 i f stttol 1 N x s XM- C w Nm 3 'pt fm Ss ' 6 RX YN 'f'Q'?f5': ig fs tw-S. i whit, 5, sl , l A A s , K Avi figs Q" M fies ta sf 5 is-S Ji Qs of V ,M 13. 5. 3- -1 - 1 fd Suv H 5-17 '7??c?l"i N Q f , 5, f 'Miss V of E X ERNEST BAcoN "Squeak" "Sinrere and earnest." Activities: Victory Corps Ul- . ei ' U N 'N- gy -EJ li llllll . i 'WATCH DUT- TM TlCKLISH" 'sf 2. X ., 4.. J I X Z OLIVE BIXBY "Bix" "Never give up." Activities: Tri-S 11,2,3Qg Chorus 13Jg Chemistry Club 1355 Social Studies Club 12,3Qg Outing Club 12,3Jg Victory Corps 11J. After school sports: 10. PAMMELA JEAN BLUNDELL upam., Hlnsrrufable, mlossml, and alone." Activities: Graphic 139 g Pro Merito 1213 Tri-S 11,2,3Jg Social Studies Club 1355 Country Dance Club 117. After school sports: 1l,2'j. ISABELLE BOWEN KIBHIYH "Be useful where thou li1lB.l'f.,, Aetivities: Student Council 1315 Gold Bug 1313 Tri- S 1l,2,3Jg Chorus 12,33 Class Play 1213 Country Dance Club 12,5 Pro Merito 13j. After school sports: 11,2,3, -"A"-l,2,3J. n GORDON Biuooss "Brig" "I sau' ami lewd." Artir'iliex:,Srudent Council CD5 Hi-Y UM Victorv Corps flj. Sports: Swimming 12,3- "A"--2,3l. ROSEMARY CLAIRE Bnowu "Mimi" "Do the day? work." Arlivities: Pro Merito QZJQ Tri-S f1,2,3j g.Band U, 2,3 D3 Chorus Ql,2,3Qg Social Studies Club UQ: Outing Club 12,315 Country Dance Club 123. Affer school sporis: fl,2,3J. JULIA Bvsnawsxl uhludyn Ejiriencyf' Ariiviiiex: Chorus ill g Country Dance Club f2Jg Tri-S Ujg Victory Corps QU. ,pl Aa 'Q KATHLEEN MARY CANAVAN "Kasey" "Though xometimes fardy, I usually arriuef' Ariimiiex: Gold Bug CD5 Graphic 1315 Pro Mer- ito QZDQ Tri-S 'C1,2,3Jg Social Studies Club CBJ: Country Dance Club QU. l N N X 49 Fw l GUlP-' GOOD VIORNIN LAURA CANON "Laura" T11 lriumph of bop? aml experience." JEAN CARTER ujellfln "A blue rye is a irue eye." Artizfiiirss Tri-S f1,2,3Jg Class Play 122g Country Dance Club Ql,2Jg Vic- tory Corps CU. Afler school sporls: fl,3J. STANLEY C1sLo "Cis" "I have not yet begun io fish!-" Adiuiiies: Model Airplane Club UM Victory Corps Ul- Sporis: Football fl,3Q. MARY LOUISE CLARK "Clarkie" "Organize lbe 1morganizerl." Arliviiirx: Gold Bug QSM Graphic C323 Pro Merito 1215 Tri-S Cl,2,3jg Chorus U15 Chemistry Club QSM Social Studies Club UD: Outing Club 12,315 Country Dance Club QU. Aftvr xcboal spoils: fl,2,3, ..A,. U 'Y K as li v' -if 1 . M w. 1.13 JOANNA Currono "Irish" "Dez'oul, ye! cbverfillf' Arlirilirs: Tri-S Qljg So- cial Studies Club UIQ Country Dance Club Ull- Donornv ELIZABETH Conns NDN.. "Full of sweet indijerencef' Aclivities: Tri-S Gly So- cial Studies Club OJ. Transfer from E a s c Bridgewater, Mass. NANCY Kumi CORNELIUS "Goat" "Semper Fidelisf' Activities: Gold Bug U15 Graphic 12,104 Tri-S l2,3lg Chorus UM So- cial Studies Club Ol: Vice Presidentg Country Dance Club QZJQ Secre- taryg Pro Merito 131. 5" Q , NANCY E. DEAN "Dean" "I shall laugh myself lo death." Aclirilies: Graphic Ol: Pro Merito l2Dg Tri-S fl,2,3J3 Chemistry Club 131: Social Studies Club C313 Outing Club Q2,3l: Country Dance Club 11,215 Victory Corps m. Affer school sporis: U,2,3J. JOHN 1 L. DENYSE ...Iackv "Appearances are deceptive" Activities: Class Vice Presi- dent 131g Student Coun- cil 12, Vice President1g Gold Bug 1313 Graphic 1315 Hi-Y 12,319 Secre- tary-Treasurer 131g Band 11,2,31g Chorus 131g So- cial Studies Club 131, Presidentg Outing Club 1315 Class Play 121. .1 xlf, A S ' -if w G A A 16 S., CHARLES DeRosa "Charlie" "Although he is silent, be spenksf, Activities: Projectionists Club 13, Secretaryffreas- urerg Victory Corps 111. MARGARET PATRICIA DESMOND upeggy., "He marks-not that you 'won or lost-but how you played the game," Activities: Tri-S 11,2,31g Chorus 131g Outing Club 1215 Country Dance 1 Club 111. After xcbaol sports: 1l,2,3 -UAH-2,3J. Aucls Louise DicRINsoN UAIII It Matters not how long we live but how Activities Chorus 11 31 Country Dance Club 111 Victory Corps 111 c. NANCY DUDLEY UNM., "Good to be nwrry ami wise." Artizfities: Orchestra 11,2 515 Chorus 12,31. After school sports: 11,2,31 1.oiuvnNE M. FLAVELL "Fluffy" "Life is too short." Activities: Chorus 11,21g Country Dance Club 1l,21g Victory Corps 111. ELLEN GODING HEP, "Do sometbingg if that rloesn't work, try something else." Activities: Graphic 12,313 Pro Merito 121g Tri-S 12,315 Chorus 1lQ2,31g Chemistry Club 1315 So- cial Studies Club 121g Outing Club 12,31g Country Dance Club 111. After school sports: 111. f f I f , f 0 I I. I " 1 l I I u Lb If 0 JAMES GLAZIER 'I' ' l ..-um.. I "Life is just one 'blamed' 7,9 thing after another." Z Aftivities: Victory Corps R cu. - rx xv ff -1- X9 "NO SIR! I PROPOSED TO I'lY GIRL LAST NIGHT P P P P P P P P P 9 P P i fr D ? l b s r P P D 6 P I P u 9 o o 0 b Q 9 9 Q 9 9 Peres GORE "Pete" "The more lhe merrierf' Aciiviiies: Chorus ffllg So- cial Studies' Club Uh Camera Club UQ. Sporls: Football Q2,3- "A"-2,3Jg Swimming 12,3-"A"-2,3,. TERESA ANN HAMILTON "Teres" "The busy bee has no time for sorrow." Activities: Class President fl,2,3Jg Student Council Cl,2,3, Secretary 2, Vice: President 315 Tri-S fl,2,3, Treasurer 1, Vice-Presi- dent 2, President UQ Band fl,2,3Jg Outing Club UD. After school sporis: Ql,2,3 "A" U SHIRLEY MAY HANKS ' "Tede" "Few things are impossible lo diligence and skill." Arlivilies: Country Dance Club QU. After school sporls: fl,2,3 -"A"-l,3Q. SHIRLEY ELIZABETH Goonwm "Shirl" "A progeny of learning." Activities: Pro Merito QZJQ Tri-S Ql,2,3Jg Chorus 11,31 3 Social Studies Club 13, Secretaryjg Out- ing Club fl,2,3j. After school sports: fl,2,3, -..A,,-2,3 , I 'Rv f xxx! fri RICHARD HENRY Hasxms "Putter" "Make hay while lhe sun shines." Arliuitiex: Hi-Y Q2,31g Or- chestra cl,2,Q Chorus 12,315 Victory Corps Q11. KAMEL HASSAN ..Kam,, "I direct." Arfivilies: Class Treasurer C315 Hi-Y f2,3, Vice- President.2, President 315 Chorus f2,31g Chemistry 431g Outing Club f2,3, President 215 Class Play C21- Sporlsz Football fl,2,3- "A"-1,2,s1. Dolus MAE HAYNES "Dottie" "Forward, Upward, and Omuanff' Adivitiex: Chorus Q11 3 Dramatics Club U13 Country Dance Club Ul- ,',,3. '-... 'f . 4, r ELIZABETH HAYS ..Liz,, "One hours sleep befor? midnight is worth three after." Arliviliex: Chemistry Club 1313 Social Studies Club f2,31. 6 9 G 6 6 Gr 6 G G G g I G . Q, . G g . Q, 1 g 3 g 11 g 1 g 1 g 1 C 1 g 1 Q 1 C 1 C 1 C 1 C 1 C 1 5 1 C 1 C 1 Q 1 C 1 C 1 g . Q 2 c ,VI c ,MJ c C.kT,,.: I '-11 4 RHODA 'AKLINE HoLcoMBE .,Rho., "The good and wise lead quiet liver." Aelivities: Social Studies Club C135 Country Dance Club 41,225 Chorus fl,2J. kts 9 if ll WAQ DONE RYA IAQ TATTOOER. SO I SUNK ll EDNA MAE HOLDEN "Never say more ihan is necessary? Aeliuitiex: Country Dance Club Cljg Victory Corps CID- BERNICE HOWARD "Deeds not words." Aeiiuiliex: Country Dance Club 11,215 Victory Corps fl Q . LOUISE MAE HRYNYSHYN "Peanuts" "Quiet persons are welcome everywhere." Aclivitim: Country Dance Club Cl,2jg Victory Corps QU. '44 IU' 419' JOYCE HUBBARD "jerce" "Fx'z'elsi0r " Acll1'I!1t's: Graphic Ql,2,31, Tri-S Ql,Z,31g Orchestra Ql,2,31g Band Ql,2,31g Chorus CF,2,31g Social Studies Club U13 Out- ing Club 1215 Dramatic Club f21g Country Dance Club f1,21. Aflcr school sporls: fl,2, 313 Cheerleading C2,31. MARGARET FRANCES HUNT "Maggie" "While I breaihe, I hope.': Activities: Pro Merito f21g Chorus C313 Country Dance Club fl1g Victory Corps 111. MARILYN J. JANTZ "" "Friendship, Cbarily, and Loyallyf' Aelivities: Class Secretary- Treasurer Ql,21g Student Council 111g Country Dance Club 121g Victory Corps 1113 Pro Merito 121- After school sporls: Ql,2, 11g Cheerleading Q2,31. GENEVA FLORENCE JENKS ..Gee,, "Busy here ami' there." Aelizfififs: Tri-S Ql,2,31g Chorus fl,21g Chemistry Club 1313 Outing Club Q21g Class Play 121g Country Dance Club 11,213 Prize Speaking Ql1g Victory Corps 411. Afler school sports: Q1,2,3, -"A"--l,31. 'o'0'Ni". NVQ. 4.54. 4 ' ? gb efiffzfiliil ll J N s Q X 93' 1 , f 5 ia . 2 O bf . ln ? w"' f' W I? yQ17f J J fm il COT A LIGHT? 59 191919101 91010101n10101010sm0957191 9' 01 9' 01040 lo so 19 lv 10 10 10 19 1919 19 lc 19 nf f f if f LUMUUUUUNUUUUUUUUUU'U'0UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU MXXN CHARLES MCCLURE JOHNSON "Charlie" "To ibe stars lhrough dimC1llliE.Y.n Acliviiies: Class Vice-Presi- dent 1115 Student Coun- cil 11,215 Gold Bug 131 Hi-Y 12,515 Chemistry Club 131g Class Play 121 Victory Corps 111. Sports: Football 1215 Swim ming 121. ROBERT EDWARDS JONES "1onesy" "Rugged inr1i1fidmx1ism." Aciiviiies: Student Council 1313 Gold Bug 1313 Graphic 1l,2,3 Co-editor 315 Hi-Y 12,313 Social Studies Club 1l,31g Class Play 1215 Dramatics Club 131, Victory Corps U1- Sporls: Baseball 11-"A" -Manager1. V1c'roR KEEDY uvici. "To Ike viclors belong lbe spoils." Artivities: Class Vice-Presi- dent 1215 Chorus 1113 Victory Corps 111. Sporis: Football 11,2,3- "A"-2,313 Basketball fl,2,3 - "A" - 1,2313 Baseball 11,2-"A"-1, 21. MIRIAM KENNEDY "Kennedy" "Ami yet slat' seemed busier than she was." Actiuilies: Graphic 1l,2,3, Business Manager, 315 Pro Merito 1215 Tri-S 1l,2, 31g Chemistry Club 1315 Social Studies Club 12,31g Outing Club 12,313 Class Play 121 g Dramatics Club 131, President. ROBERT E. Klzvss unch., "I do no! argueg I tell." Artiviiirs: Victory Corps CU- Prznan KICZA "Pete" "I shall final a way or -make one." Acliuilies: Model Airplane Club U15 Victory Corps fl J. Louise KIELY Q-Lousy "Wil and wisdom." Artivitifx: Pro Meriro 122g Chemistry Club U15 Outing Club OM Dra- matics Club UIQ Trans- fer from Vfatertown, Conn. MURIEL ROSALIND KIMBALL llMur!lH "Disiim:tion without a dif- ference." Aclivilies: Tri-S fl,2,3Jg Chorus 1235 Chemistry Club C325 Social Studies Club f2,3Jg Outing Club Cljg Victory Corps QU. Afler :rhool sporlx: fl,2,3J. 9 O I 9 I O O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 O 0 O O O O o Q Q C9 :Q :Q cb Q :Q 9 C? 9 9 CQ 5,3 S2 ei? 97 97 25 C2 V. EDWIN A. KNIHNICKI "Kinnick" "Play the game." Activities: Gold Bug 13, Business Managerjg Vic- tory Corps QU. Sports: Football Cl,2,3- "A"-1,2,3Jg Basketball q1,2,3-"A"-1,2J. VERONICA KORPITA Ronnie "Stand by for the trash." Activities: Country Dance Club fl,2J. ROSALINE KOZIKOWSKI "Rosie" "Benuty ix a good letter of infrodurtionf' Artivitirs: Country Dance Club f1,2j. 0lD9 324642 -5 Loma CE ASHWAY 'ffl Q5 EQ 2 1 J 7 ""l smu voicef' . W X57 X J AaEll1Ja1ui2,Country. Dante r Qt K . ll Sv 2 5 25 J exft RICHARD A. LELAND Aflirilies: Student Council C273 8 f P, Hi-Y f2,3fg Band fl,2, 313 Social Studies Club U29 Outing Club UM Victory Corps QU. Sports: Basketball Manager qs-"Any: Baseball 41, 2,3-"A"-2,3J. RICHARD EARL MAXSON --Dacia, "We must bang iogeiberf' Activities: Student Council 43, Presidentjg Graphic CD3 Make-Up Editorg Hi-Y C2,3Jg Chorus QZ, 333 Social Studies Club jrsssls MARYMONT UDB C1255 Play C255 uhlessi, Dramatics Club QZQ. "Nimrod, lbe migbly hunlerf' Artivitiex: Social Studies Club Ulg Cbemistrv Club Q3 Q . K3 fax Si- ., 6 ff 'st ,gig " - 94404 Sorumu MAl1tmNlAK I X f 4 Q.Q ,,S. . SOP f 19z.,.'gsN I mferlly rx an oprnnesx X 4 .,'...Ql , of heart." uhgfbd ' Activiaiex: Country Dance A V 1 KA! Cu lgVicor Cora ULU ry p , iyf , I THE HEARD ET GRABLE I5 HER?" f f ..DiCk., , "Times are tough all f arouna'.', ' Gold Bu 3 ' 5 WILLIAM A. MOORE uBil1n "Face the music." Affivities: Band Ql,2,3J. MARILYN Louisa MOSER "Mose" "Nothing is impossible lo the willing lJenrt." Activities: Tri-S -Cl,2,3jg Band Cl,2,3jg Chemistry Club QSM Chorus Q2,3Jg Orchestra Q1,2jg Outing Club fl,2,3J. After school sports: Cl,2,3J. ELEANOR MARGARET KOLASINSKI MOULTON .1-ynnn Better to--wear out than V to rust out." lctivities: Countr Dance Y Club CU. VIOLET SHEPHERD NASH "Vickie" "A smile in ber eyes." Activities: Tri-S Ql,2,3D. BARBARA JANE NODINF Barb Lonely as ilu' dug Arfirilivs: Student Council 1215 Tri-S '1l,2,31g Band 1l,2,31g Orchestra 1l,2, 319 Chorus 1l,2,31g Out- ing Club 12,31g Secretary 33 Country Dance Club CU- Afirr srbool spoils: 12,31. HAROLD WARD PAGE "Punk" "Keri: clean the game" Activities: Victory Corps 111. Sporlsr Football 1l,2,3- "A"-l,2,31g Baseball 1l,2,3-4"A"-l,2,31. LEWIS PAPPAS ..Lew,, "Hold Fad." Arliuilies: Gold Bug 131: Chemistry Club 13, Presi- dent1g Chorus 111g So- cial Studies Club 12,315 Outing Club 1215 Vic- tory Corps 111. Sonmlz Puls 15019113 "Task in dress." Ariifvilies: Chorus 111 3 Country Dance Club 11.21. 93 QM 5,13 5,1 sf 5. gf Gvf gf gf gf gf C C. ci. cf cf cf Cf Cf C1 Cf Cf cf cf cf cl cvi 5,1 Cif CN. C. cu. ci, cl. c,f Cn c,i tl Ci CV' c. sl SYLVIA PERRY usookyn "I have no superjiuoux leisure." Arlivitirxs Country Dance Club Cljg Red Cross Club 435g Victory Club CU. NAA Mgsxx sv qw 'mt K 5523! I U - , .1 vii? W A fl . Q T -, I 2 J 0 a 0 I 40 ,ce oo we f-R m GLAD THMIOPE P1 Y F? UBBER5 CARL PETERSON "OlIe" "Bf'ware ihe fury of a patient man." Arlivilies: Victory QU. Sporls: Football C3-"A"Jg Basketball Q3-"A"Jg Baseball f1,2--"A"-l,2j. Trassna PLEPPO "Tess" "Leave no xtone unturnedf' Atlivilies: Chorus QU g Country Dance Club Ql,2Jg Victory Club QU. After school sports: QU. Juorrn MABEL POTTER ...Iudyn "Speak Soflly and Carry a Big Stick." Arliuilies: Graphic 12,3- Co-Editor-Jjg Pro Mer- iw 427g Tri-S fl,2,3Jg Band 42,315 Orchestra Ojg Chorus cJ,Q Out- ing Club f2,JJg Country Dance Club fljg Victory Corps flj. EvEi.YN Louisa POWERS "Midge" "C-'ooxl srnsf' ir al lbs' bollom of P1'c'ryllJing." A1'Iiz'iIif'r: Tri-S lljg Coun- try Dance Club Ql,2Jg Victory Corps QU. FRANCES PRANRuNAs "Fran" "Born wilh a gif! of laughin." Atfiuilics: Tri-S Q31 5 Graphic O55 Outing Club QZJQ Dramatics CZJQ Country Dance Club QZQ . jov REYNOLDS Asisn "Little frivml of all lhe world." Arliuilies: Tri-S U,2,3Jg Red Cross Club OJ: President U13 Victory Corps llj. BARBARA Rosie "Barb" "Young in limbs in judg- ment old." Acliviliex: Orchestra 11,2, 325 Chorus l1,2,3Jg Country Dance Club 11,23 g Red Cross Club O13 Victory Corps CU. f'fo'r Nb U ' 'o S 5 ' 'A 59-'sk 1 l fl L.-s ly, ZR Ina ni gj sv DID YOU SEETHE SVIILE SHEGAVE NE? 94 G 6 G, if Q C G C' C Q C C C C C C if ,- if ,- if f if C CZ C C C C C CZ CI C C C C C C C C C CI f P I!!IfPl't'PP '3 'S 9 '3 'D fa 9 :a 1: rs cs Q is 9 :a TJ 9 ra za ca :J :J :J 9 I3 9 ra 3 Z2 9 fa 9 Q Q za Q 3 Q 9 2 2 2 2 .9 2 9 'P PAULINE CATHERINE RULE upouyn "Wairh for your oppor- lunily." Acliuiiies: Chorus 11,215 Class Play 12jg Dramat- ics Club 131g Country Dance Club 11,2Jg Vic- tory Corps 1lJ. Aflrr srbool sporis: 12,3J. JANET OLIVE SANCTUARY .janv "Palicnre is ibn best rem- edy for any troublef' Arlivitirs: Tri-S 1l,2,3J: Band 1l,2,3J: Orchestra 1l,2,3Qg Chorus 1l,2,3Jg Outing Club 11,2,3Jg Victory Corps 111. Afler school sports: 11,2,3j. PAUL SEREX "Junie" "An eusy-minded soul und always wus." Aclivilies: Hi-Y 12,335 Sef- cial Studies Club 131: Victory Corps 111. Sports: Swimming 12,3- "A"-2,3J. JOAN E. SHEA "Tiny" "Rz'st anal bv thankful." Arlivilics: Victory Corps 1ljg Cheerleading 12,3,. Aflvr school sporfs: 1lQ. BARBARA JANE SHUIWWAY "Barb" "Do il now." Arlirifivs: Tri-S Q1,2,3Jg Cheerleading C2,3D. Aflrr school xporls: Ql- UA.,-U' r . Milk 1' in Q C7 1- ' " , s . W 'Y , 35' Vifff ,H ROBERT S1.ocoMB "Sib" "Plow dffp while sluggards sleep." Arlivilies: Victory Corps CU- ,IOHN Tmaononls SMITH ..-redn "Companion to owls." Arlivilies: P r oj e c t ion- isrs Club fllj Victory Corps UQ. 2lv'g:f,f':' 'fflfvff . megAsz.f:.f':2.aif CHARLES E. STRANGE "Chink" "Throw fear io Ike wind." Avliriiies: Gold Bug QD. in gl G, C, C. 6, C, C, C, C, C, Q Q C C, C f' W, f E, C r' U. ,- U- C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C er Cl C. 'Q 3 Q Q a 19 9 Q 113 :J 9 'rs 13 'D IJ Q 'Q I9 3 .3 to 49 Q 9 13 I2 Z3 9 I3 Q 9 'Q I3 13 Q 3 L2 9 9 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 'P P2 Ross MARY SULLIVAN "Rosie" "Never lea-ve that 'til Io- morrow which you can do today." Actiuiliex: Tri-S Cl,2,3Jg Country Dance Club Q1 ,ZJ 5 Victory Corps CU- .if A I 'PQ 1 , x bg Q55 Cb x ' K 1 , 314, . :fam 15 4.24199 C - KX 4iw'.'t9t1 . F' 'KW 'e A 3 ff? 5' '-'11 fx! I ,gr ll' s fy "C0Fl5flil' 005'9?Hl A M2. ,,lfJl-IEEE JEAN ANN Swmmrz "Jeanie" "Who :hall separalc us?" Aclivilies: Country Dance Club Ujg Victory Corps CU. JOHN A. Swmvrz "Swartzie" "Who .tball separate us?" Aciiviliesr Camera Club 11,215 Projectionists Club Q1,2,3Jg Model Air- plane Club C315 Victory Corps CU. STEPHEN THOMPSON "Steve" "Thr willy man laughs leash" Actiuilicw: Student Council fl,2jg Graphic Ql,2,3lg Social Studies Club QU: Victory Corps QU. Sporfx: Football 42,3-"A" -U5 Basketball Q2,3Jg Baseball QLD. IPQ 'CSA ,N I PATRICIA THOMSON ..Pat,, "Na Iilllif, but Ibm' slain." Artirilivs: C lass Secretary C323 Student Council Ql,2,3 -Secretary, 335 Tri-S Q1,2,3Qg Band fl, 2,3 D3 Orchestra 11,21 5 Chorus Ql,2,3Jg Outing Club Q3 jg Pro Merito C25- Afler school sporls: f1,2,3 -"A"-l ,s J. VIRGINIA MAE Srocxwrzu. TIDLUND "Ginny" "To friendxhip every bur- den's Iighl.', Acliuiliex: Country Dance Club fljg Victory Corps CU- Bnnmnn ANN TILLSON "B. Ann" ,"Tbank your Marx." Aclivitiex: T ri- S UDQ Country Dance Club QU. . V .jgqwi C' 4 f C M All 'lfgf 5 qf if' :gig . 1 . L., fr. 7 " of-I I-125:15 l c :'?' ,l1iri,?Q l ,, fx LINWOOD A. Txucl-IY "Lin" "StuJious lo pleaxe, yet noi aslJa1nf'd I0 fail." Arliuilies: Victory Corps KU- Sporis: Football OJ. I5 YOU IS OR IS YOU ' AIN'T NY RIGHT BABY? all 6,11 elf 621 sl? GQ1 GL1 cf, eff G5 C1 g 1 C1 C 1 g 1 c-1 C 1 C 1 C1 C1 C1 C1 C1 C 1 C1 cgf C: cf CL ci c. c.J ci: Ci: ci: :rj crj :II cr' :In Clif eff 'QT' 'N-If - -I l- l l- i 'fl , JA NET ELIZABETH VONDELL AJHII. "Neal, not gaudy." Aclizfities: Tri-S f1,2,315 Chorus fI,2,315 Social Studies Club Q315 Class Play 1215 Dramatics Club 11,215 Victory Corps 111. Afler sfbool sports: fl,2,3 HAI, 2, SHIRLEY IDA WALES "Shir1" "Love conquers all." Adiviiies: Chorus f1,2,31g Dramatics Club 1215 Country Dance Club Ul- PHYLI.Is BERTHA WARD "Phil" "Lire, Lore, Think, Pray, Dare." Ariiuiiies: Tri-S Ql,2,31 5 Victory Corps Q11 5 Cheerleading 12,31 . MARILYN WESTCOTT 1-Leen "Tbe social smile, the sympatloelic tear." Aclivilies: Student Council f115 Graphic f1,2,315 Orchestra Cl,2,315 Cho- rus fl,2,315 Band 1253, 'Publicity Manager C215 Tri-S fl,2,315 Social Studies 1215 Prize Speak- ing fl1g Pro Merito Q21. After school sporis: Q11. LOUISE JANE WILSON ..Lou,. "He profilsgmosi who serves best." Arlivilies: Red Cross Club O15 Victory Corps 111. E WP GP G4 '39 HP ff? 9? sa? Gal! wtf cs-W ca! 24' wt! 249 ef Gu! ia? ef Ga? W ef iv' if if 'Qf 'W 'W qi. Q, fi 519 5 3 is in 5 f. -TZ 1-1, 1,19 I ' 9 -:F 'Q 'Tp 'T Q ji. 14:2 9 .1 Q Q9 ,Q 'R -Q , 'Ji ,Q Q Q , Q A2 Q3 . Q Mx , ,.,, 23 fs 'i 'i 2,23 if ,Q fp 5-3' I, if 55 K +2 5 -Z J J I HISTUHU UF THE CLHSS Ui 1945 On the wings of war the class of 1945 entered Amherst High School in the fall of 1941. On that first day of school, after learning the location of classes in the high school, most students were brought into their first realization of the year of their graduation-1945. There was a feeling of "newness" about the Amherst High School world. Theoretically, we were in Junior High-ninth graders-but were called "Freshmen". We were permitted to attend the evening danc- ing classes. Kathleen Canavan, Joyce Hubbard, and Charles Johnson were on the Graphic staff. The Gilbert and Sullivan operetta "Patience" was given by the Junior High School and created many stars. Cast in prin- cipal roles were Janet Vondell as Patience, Marilyn Westcott as Angela, Patricia Thomson as Saphir, Betty Parkhurst as Ella, and Lewis Pappas as Grosvenor. Marilyn Westcott was the winner of the first Annual Robert E. Quirk Memorial Speaking Contest. Sophomore year was another step nearer the top. The upper classmen took us into their clubs and activ- ities, glad to welcome our promising class into the high school. This year was our first experience with elec- tion of class officers. Teresa Hamilton was elected president, Charles Johnson vice-president, and Marilyn Jantz secretary-treasurer. Miss Duffy was chosen class adviser. Eight members of our class worked for the Graphic. Sophomores included in the cast of the musical "The Nightingalel' were Patricia Thomson, Barbara Nodine, Teresa Hamilton, Joyce Hubbard, Geneva Jenks, Betty Parkhurst, Pauline Rule, Janet Vondell, and Marilyn Westcott. Members of our class starred in football on many occasions. At the Ware game Harold Page intercepted a pass which won the game for Amherst. At the Palmer game Page again starred as did Charles Abramson and George Selanis. Stanley Cislo, Kamel Hassan, Victor Keedy, Edwin Knihnicki, and Frank Shufelt were also members of the football squad. We remember well tramping through the snow on frosty nights to see basketball games. Charles Abramson, Victor Keedy, Edwin Knihnicki, George Selanis, and Henry Wziontka were members of this almost entirely sophomore team. In the spring Charles Abramson, Victor Keedy, Rich- ard Leland, Harold Page, Carl Peterson, George Selanis, Frank Shufelt, Ralph Thornton, Stephen Thompson, and Henry Wziontka made the baseball team. Contestants in the annual Millett Cup Declamation Contest were Geneva Jenks, Miriam Kennedy, Mar- ilyn Moser, Irene Tufts, and Marilyn Westcott. Cleo Anderson and Paul Serex were prize winners in the essay contest on South America which was sponsored by the Rotary Club. In May our class was host at the Peppermint Prom. Ray Black's Orchestra furnished the music. At graduation exercises in June, Mr. Perry announced that the class of 1945 had won the coveted Stowell Cup. Honors went to Pamela Blundell in Latin. At the first class meeting in our Junior year Teresa Hamilton was elected president, Victor Keedy vice- president, and Marilyn Jantz secretary-treasurer. Literary aspirants on the "Graphic" included Elinor An- derson, Nancy Cornelius, Ellen Goding, Elizabeth Hays, Joyce Hubbard, Robert Jones, Miriam Kennedy, Betty Parkhurst, Judith Potter, Stephen Thompson, and"'M.1rilyn Westcott. Football, basketball, and baseball claimed the attention of the class athletes who played last year as Sophomores with the addition of Peter Gore, who entered this school that year. Swimming was revived as a competitive sportg and Gordon Bridges, Peter Gore, and Paul Serex made the team. For the interclass play competition in March the Juniors presented "Yes Means No" with Miss Duffy as coach. Those taking part were: Nancy Dean, Robert Jones, Richard Maxson, Marilyn Moser, and Lewis Pappas. Those participating in the Junior class play, Goldsmith's "What a Life", were Geneva Jenks, Isabel Bowen, Jean Carter, John DeNyse, Kamel Hassan, Elizabeth Hayes, Louise Hrynyshyn, Charles Johnson, aiiiliiliiiililglii 5'...5Ig5f.U.-U.-1YQSQM-fi-i-I-I-I-Iwi-I-LL s -ee Fi' 5'- .2- ,U Q? ,Lam , J, 3 e3 3 :Q 2 51,3 Q4 3 3 Ii 3 I ,Mg 3 3 Q 2 ' 3 jg s iz' 9 is 3 2 3 iq 2 Q 2 Ei sa :S 2 2,2 :qua af' QQ Qt" Robert Jones, Miriam Kennedy, Thomas Mannett, Richard Maxson, Betty Parkhurst, Pauline Rule, Shirley Wales, Clarence Warner, Marilyn Westcott, and Janet Vondell. In "Blow Your Own Horn", the musical show written and directed by Kenneth MacKillop Jr., Joyce Hubbard had the lead. Other Juniors taking part were' Jean Carter, Nancy Dean, John DeNyse, Nancy Dud- ley, Ellen Goding, Teresa Hamilton, Miriam Kennedy, Rosalind Kozikowski, Sophie Maturniak, Jesse Mary- mont, Richard Maxson, Marilyn Moser, Barbara Nodine, Sophie Pelis, Jeanette Sanctuary, Patricia Thomson, Janet Vondell, and Marilyn Westcott. ' Class members in the orchestra included Nancy Dudley, John DeNyse, Richard Haskins, Joyce Hub- bard, Marilyn Moser, Barbara Nodine, Barbara Rose, Patricia Thomson, Jeanette Sanctuary, and Marilyn West- cott. Members in the band were Nancy Dudley, Teresa Hamilton, Joyce Hubbard, William Moore, Marilyn Moser, Barbara Nodine, John DeNyse, Richard Leland, Jesse Marymont, Rosemary Brown, Jeanette Sanctuary, Patricia Thomson, and Marilyn Westcott. 1 The Juniors gave the Senior Reception, a formal party, with Ray Black's Orchestra in June. Irene Tufts won the essay contest sponsored by the Small High School Basketball Tournament, and Marilyn Westcott and Elinor Anderson won prizes in the "Know Your Money Contest." Ellen Goding won the Physics prize, Shirley Goodwin and Robert Jones won the History prizes, and Teresa Hamilton won the Home Nursing prize. At the June graduation exercises the Class of 1945 was again proclaimed the winner of the Stowell Cup. Early in the Senior year we came into possession of our class rings and pins. Plans were made for photographing class members by the Kinsman Studio. Teresa Hamilton was again chosen class president, John DeN se vice- resident, Patricia Thomson secretar , and Kamel Hassan treasurer. The Student Council elect- Y P Y ed Richard Maxson president, Teresa Hamilton vice-president, and Patricia Thomson secretary. Robert Jones and udith Potter were editors of the Gra hic, and Varnum Abbott and Mar Lou Clark became editors of P Y the Gold Bug. Serving on the gridiron in addition to those mentioned before were Linwood Trachy, Stephen Thomp- son, and Carl Peterson. Amherst High School cheerleaders chosen from our class were Barbara Shumway, cap- tain, Joyce Hubbard, Marilyn Jantz, Joan Shea, and Phyllis Ward. Those taking part in the cast of "Antic Springu, our entry in the interclass play contest, were Louise Kiely, Varnum Abbott, Patricia Thomson, John DeNyse, Robert Jones, and Geneva Jenks. It is evident from the number in our class who were elected to Pro-Merito, our honorary society, that our class could achieve excellence in the intellectual realms as well as in the extra-curricular. As our Senior year draws to a close we pause to reminisce, and what comes to our mind? The events already mentioned to be sure, but also certain persons and events which gave our class its ,particular per- sonality. We shall never forget: Kamel's booming laugh, Thompson's puns, Gore and Maxson's trip through the Hatfield fields, Smith and Kicza swooping low over Amherst in their planes, Joyce's sweet swinging voice, Trachy and his car, Nancy's ability to cower strong men in order to apply make-up for dramatics, and Keyes' ability to imitate any barnyard fowl. The present news of Allied progress in World War II is promising to us as seniors, especially regarding the future of the world and our own lives. It is promising when compared with the dark days after the Pearl Harbor attack which occurred in December of our Freshman year. Many members of the class are serving in the armed forces, they began to enlist in the Sophomore year. Nineteen hundred and forty-five has arrived-our graduation year and, we pray, peace to the world. The time will come When all wars shall cease. There'll be glories for some And for all of us peace. THE LHST llllll HHU TESTHIHEHT UF THE UH-ISS UF 1945 Varnum Abbott leaves with a wad of gum on a long stick to retrieve that two ce manhole. Charlie Abramson bequeaths his basketball ability to Stuart Gunn, the future star o Cleo Anderson cart-wheels from Amherst High. nts he dropped down the f A.H.S. Elinor Anderson bestows her writing technique upon Miss Buker's English class for next year. Ernest Bacon tactfully bequeaths his typewriter to Miss Dwyer. Olive Bixby leaves for better hunting grounds-New York? Pam Blundell gives Sigurd Odegard the privilege of managing the Democratic platform in Amherst High for the next three years. Isabelle Bowen finally leaves the gym. Gordon Bridges bequeaths his wolf call to all the undergraduate wolf pack. Mimi Brown returns the greater portion of books to the stacks of the Jones Library. julia Bysiewski leaves to give Mademoiselle Magazine ideas for clothes and how to wear them. Kathleen Canavan leaves her naturally curly hair to any girl who worries about her hair staying up. Laura Canon leaves with a sparkleferj. jean Carter leaves us wide-eyed. Stan Cislo leaves just one brother in Amherst High School. Mary Lou Clark exits blushing. joan Cliford wanders from Amherst High in a daze. Dorothy Cobbs leaves her job as soda jerker to Iris Bain. "Goat" Cornelius departs for greener pastures. Nancy Dean leaves the cheering section deflated. jack DeNyse leaves to become a future admiral in the United States Navy. Charles DeRose unobtrusively makes his departure. Peggy Desmond leaves Room 6, craning her neck to see whois absent. Alice Dickinson leaves a silence only to be broken by the howls of some jun manj applying for senior membership. ior wolv Nancy Dudley bestows her ability as drum majorette to Eritzy Cornelius. Lorraine Flavell leaves her ability to annoy Miles Seazfer to june Wfarner. Ellen Goding presents an "A" to each member of the Junior class. Shirley Goodwin bequeaths her "A" 's to Miss Chase's struggling mathematicians. james Glazier departs in search of a cigarette. Teresa Hamilton departs to become the first woman President of the United State Shirley Hanks leaves the office to some talented person to carry on her good work. Dick Haskins leaves rural electrification to Dr. Marks. Kamel Hassan donates his supply of loud ties to Mr. Perry. "Liz" Hays leaves Einstein puzzled. Doris Haynes gratefully leaves the Chem. Lab. Rhoda Holcombe tries to give her sister, Arletta, her tranquil manner. Edna Holden leaves her position at Hastings to anyone interested in the "news". Bernice Howard makes her departure from the pleasant atmosphere of Room 6. Louise Hrynyshyn leaves Miss Pinnick with happy memories. Ioyce Hubbard leaves echoes of her melodious voice lingering in Amherst High. Margaret Hunt leaves Miss Don Carlos in peace. Marilyn jantz donates her old sneakers to the scrap drive. Geneva jenks regretfully leaves the underclassmen. Charles johnson bestows his ability in Chemistry upon james Stoughton. es fStea'man and McKee S. 5 4' -4-' M, l sf K 55.3 53,3 J-1 alta La 51,9 1 gs EJ-3 3 . 2 ii., 51: 41 2 ef Eg 2 ,Q :as Q23 his S ,J Qs 1 Robert jones donates his Dewey buttons to Artbur Tjbies. Vic' Keedy leaves his green socks to the moths of Amherst High. Miriam Kennedy leaves the Graphic stock up two and three eighths. Bob Keyes just leaves and even thatis enough to break a Sophomore's heart. Peter Kicza bestows his plane to Mr. Oliver's Air Scouts. Louise Kiely leaves her titrations to Mr. Swift. Muriel Kimball bequeaths her artistic ability to Gloria Pbelps. Eddie Knibnicki can't leave the world of sports alone. Veronica Korpita leaves her hearty yell for Sunderland to Sbirley Gross. Rosalind Kosakowski leaves her powers of attraction to Ann Fellers. Florence Lasbway departs from the cafeteria for something more palatable. Dick Leland shoos his "chicks" to Tom Martin. jesse Maryrnont leaves with his .... "dear"f?j Sopbie Maturniak leaves in plenty of time to get where she's going. Dick Maxson leaves his car tracks in a carrot patch. Marilyn Moser gives her brother Kenny a place in the Amherst High School band. Eleanor Moulton leaves Miss Hale and her work to her sister Dorotby. Violet Nasb leaves her entering and exit-ing to "Sockie" Babacas to see how he will finish. "Punk" Page leaves, but not without Pbyllis. Lewis Pappas bequeaths his keen with QPJ upon Earl Cramer. Sopbie Pelis bestows her "great big beautiful eyes' upon Marie joy. Sylvia Perry leaves her beloved books to A.H.S. Library. Carl Peterson leaves "Crow Hill". Tessie Pleppo leaves Mr. Swift to Carol Wziontka. judy Potter hands out the headache pills to the future Graphic editor. Evelyn Powers leaves her motto "Silence is golden" to Donald Goodyear. Frances Prankunas departs to be a "stand-in" for Veronica Lake. joy Reynolds bestows her dancing technique upon Caldwell Toll. Barbara Rose takes her violin with her. Pauline Rule leaves Dr. Marks to pronounce his own words. janet Sanctuary goes to join the "Junior Birdmen". Paul Serex bequeaths his car to Mr. Oliver. - joan Sbea leaves cheering. Barbara Sburnway leaves her powerful voice to Peggy Grady. Bob Slocombe leaves a truck full of undelivered clothes to that careful driver Larsen-if he wants it. jobn Srnitb leaves, reminding the girls that his middle name is Tbeodore. Cbarlie Strange bequeaths his artistic talent to Dr. Marks who can no doubt use it. Rose Sullivan leaves her giggle to the underclass girls. jean Swartz leaves a much-needed seat on the North Amherst bus. jobn Swartz leaves with a Projectionist Club pass. Steve Tbompson donates his "corn" to help the "Food for Victory Drive". Pat Tbomson returns looking for what she left behind. Barbara Tillson departs to set up her own beau-ty shoppe specializing in Veronica Lake coiffure. Linwood Tracby leaves as a shining example of what too much exercise will do to a fellow. janet Vondell leaves in a "Dizzy" whirl. Sbirley Wales leaves her poetic ability to Fred Luddy. Pbyllis Ward-For sale-Rights to the rut in the road from Pelham to Amherst for limited time to any worthy soul Wanting use of same. Marilyn Westcott leaves her bass drum for a "lighter" vein of music. V Louise Wilson departs in her car for the hills of Pelham. Boy who has done the most for A. H. S. Rieha rd Maxson Girl who has done the most for A. H. S. Teresa Ha milton Boy who has done the most for '45 ..,. Richard Maxson Girl who has done the most for '45 .... Teresa Hamilton Most respected boy ,......,....... .,..,.... R ichard Maxson Most respected girl ..,.................,.r,.... Teresa Hamilton Boy with most pleasing personality ...... john DeNyse Girl with most pleasing personality..Nancy Cornelius Most promising boy.. Most promising girl ....... Most responsible boy .....,.. Most responsible girl ,....,,., Most eflicient boy ..,..,. Most efficient girl ...... Quietest boy ...,...., Quietest girl ,..,.... Noisiest boy ....,,... Noisiest girl ............ Most talkative boy ..., Most talkative girl ,....... Best-looking boy ..... Best-looking girl ...,.... Cutest boy .......... Cutest girl ...,..........,. Most popular boy ,,,... Most popular girl ....... Cheeriest boy .... .. Cheeriest girl ........ Wittiest boy ...,...., Wittiest girl ........ Most bashful boy ..s., ......Richard Maxson Ellen Goding ......Richara' Maxson .....Teresa Hamilton .......Richara' Maxson ......Pamella Blundell .......Charles DeRose .....,..jua'ith Potter ........Lewis Pappas Nancy Dean Pappas ...,.,...Nancy Dean .........Harold Page .,..,.Naney Cornelius .Charles Abramson Rosalind Kozikowski .. .,,......... john DeNyse ,......Teresa Hamilton ...........john DeNyse ,..4.Patricia Thomson ....,..,.Lewis Pappas ...,.,,4Elizabeth Hays ...,,...Charles DeRosa llIHll'S lllHU IH THE IILHSS UF 1945 .,........judilh Potter Richard Maxson ,...,...Teresa Hamilton .,....Franees Prankunas Kamel Hassan man Edwin Knihniclzi class teachers' pet ..........,,,,....,... Shirley Goodwin Best mixer Qboyj ..,,.. Best mixer lgirlj .,..,.... Our sophisticated lady ...,...,..... Our chivalrous gentleman ....,.. Our promising young business Our The class athlete fboyj ...,,,...,. The class athlete fgirlj ...,.... Class optimist ....,.........,,.. Class pessimist .......,.. Class musician ..,...,,.. Class artist .,.....,,. Class vocalist ........ Class humorist ......,.. Class clown ..,.... ..,....Charles Abramson Marilyn jantz Elizabeth Hays .4....,Lc'wis Pappas ...,,.,,William Moore ........Charles Strange ..,..,...,joyce Hubbard ...,,...Stephen Thompson ., ....,..... N aney Dean Class orator ..,......,.,...,.,.. ..,..... R obert jones Class champion bluffer ........ ...,..., L ewis Pappas Class woman hater ...... ,......., R obert Slocombe Class man hater ..,.....,..,,...,.,............. Pamella Blundell '45's smoothest dancer fboyj ....,..,........ john DeNyse '4S's smoothest dancer fgirlj .,.......,,..... joy Reynolds Class dude ................ ...,.......... .....,. K a mel Hassan Favorite couple Qin classj Harold Page and Phyllis Ward Favorite song .....................,...,.. "Don't Fence Me In" Favorite men's college ....... ...........,........... A mherst Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite actor... ...... Favorite actress ........ women's collegem.. indoor sport ,...... outdoor sport ......... ......,..,,Smith ..,,...Basketball .....,.....Baseball .......,.Van johnson .........Grcer Garson MMR l it Kikkkkkkkkkltilr -ee 1 , 5 fi fb' V g ci ggi eil Ci, cis 643 'fu C93 Gia we gi QQ Gia? .. 431' Yr '4' ,. 1 'i 4- f '4 1. 4 ,, 1 'a V f "Ula regret ro inform urru--" Flickering firelight made grotesque shadows on the wall. The logs snapped and sputtered as the flames leaped eagerly up the chimney. A huge clog lay sleeping on the hearthstone. His paws wiggled, and short, shrill yaps escaped from his massive jaws. I wondered what he was dreaming about. Maybe it was a rabbit or a deer. But, do you know something? It's my guess that he was dreaming of a place where the wind sobs through majestic pines and streams run clear, cool, deep. Outside, the snow swirled, eddied, and finally settled down to a soft white blanket. There are not many out tonight-man or beast. Yes, it is a good night to be -inside, a good night to be where it is warmg a good night to be with someone you love. Instead of being warm, my heart is cold. Instead of being with someone I love, there is only the memory of words searing my eyes, beating against my brain, sending me into the valley of the shadows-"We regret to inform you-." -SHIRLEY HANKS. Alien and cold, the pale stars glimmer Through the purple dark, The barren trees etch their ghostlike shadows across the wan snow. What sights and sounds have these ageless spheres witnessed, Swinging in their ceaseless swirls through space- Families torn, one from. the other, and- scattered -like .grainsof chaff amidst the utter parts, where God walks rarely. Q How shall this insignificant one, Dwarfed by the immensity of all I survey, Hope for God's notice to my prayer?- "Grant that when two or three are gathered together in Thy'Name Thou wilt grant their requests .... " We are here-the trees, the stars, the snow, and I, Praying that man may have erred for once- That the fatal scrap of official yellow is a mistake. -ELIZABETH I-Ins. L LIFE Y' PHOTOS-KINSMAN, LACROIX, CONNELLY cffi ali c J c ,I C I , A L L: l I L" 'A L Y. N. A r, 4 r , ' . '. v ' 4 , - 4 , - 4 E K E Cx ' Q. , Q. C In 1 C ff 4 C t. C. 1. C C tx t. ts , 1 v Q ,.f ll ,M Lu '-1' X 1 - 1 .gp .gp A- 11 bf, Ei 1 B if" G4 0,3 19 1 CQ: 13 Qf '13 Cf '13 Cm A 3 W 'Q ,J Wa C5 W 2 GQ I ci 9 Cin Gio Gil' 22,2 ci,-9 5 225 -7 -:Z ,-,-li i-..-i-"-""' vi rv' 551 QS S9ki QQQQQKKQQRQQQQQQ k LLL JUHIUR CLHSS The Junior Class distingtiished itself this year by two facts: it had two presidents, Bob Lauder and Danny Keedy, and proved its dramatic ability with its presentation of june Mad. Miss Chase is the class adviser. SUPHUMUHE CLHSS The Sophomore Class led by President Malcolm Modrzakowski was well represented in all of the various school activities indicating that the Class of 1947 will be a definite asset to Amherst High School. Mr. Swift is the class adviser. ' SOCIAL STUDIES CLUB Lively and interesting discussions have kept this club a favorite. Speakers have been called in by the president, John DeNyse, and its adviser, Mr. Marks, to speak on topics interesting to the members. DRAMATIC CLUB This year the club has presented a Christmas play. Led by Miriam Kennedy, the club has been under the guidance of Miss Buker and Miss Brown. The purpose of the club, which is to acquaint the members with dramatics and make-up, has started many hopeful hearts on the road to Hollywood. PROJECTIONISTS CLUB Under its adviser Mr. Swift, the Projectionists' Club has been one of the most active clubs this year. Various movie assemblies have been under the supervision of the club, whose president is Arthur Harris. Through actual experience the members are taught to operate the machines. CAMERA CLUB With Harold Reed as president and Mr. Lacroix as adviser, the Camera Club has been very active this year. Still life shots were made of Nancy Cornelius and Gloria Phelps. Through experience the technique of photography is taught. TRI-S Members of the Tri-S have been very busy this season in supplying the servicemen with Christmas boxes and trying to find escorts for the various social functions of the club. HI-Y This club has been unusually lucky in being able to have returning servicemen speak to them at their meetings. Under Kamel Hassan the club has been active, too, in vari- ous social activities. is 79 e . ef? C. H g 'O ff T' Q Q9 C Q9 15,9 11,7 Q K? e ,.? 5 W? 5 ,P c .P C .7 e ,? e: ,P C V? e ..7 e,.7 cg? emi? Q47 eu? cg? ca? :J ei JUNIOR RED CROSS The Junior Red Cross is an organization which really contributes to the war effort. Miss Donlon acted as ad- viser and Joy Reynolds as president. CHEMISTRY This club made its first appearance this year and is the brainchild of Mr. Swift. A great deal of interest.has been taken in it. We would say it's a club that is here to stay. ' MODEL AIRPLANE CLUB The Model Airplane Club is composed of an enthusi- astic group of boys who, under Mr. Oliver's tutelage, really know their planes. AIR SCOUTS The Air Scouts helped in the war effort by collecting paper for the Scrap Drive. They also took part in a district meeting at Greenfield. Mr. Oliver is the adviser. OUTING CLUB The Outing Club under the leadership of Varnum Abbott president, and Miss Nagle, adviser, climbed moun- tains, skied, and roller-skated with greater enthusiasm than ever before. DEBATING CLUB A debating club was organized this year under the guidance of Miss Brown. The team was a member of the Connecticut Valley Debating League and succeeded in ty- ing for the third place. Since all of the team were Sopho- morcs we are looking forward to an even better season in 1945-46. PHU-WEHITU The scholastic honor society of the school includes those Juniors and Seniors who attain a required scholastic rating. i i .HD ein do Ja Ja Ja Ja JJ JJ 0,9 F9 JD Q3 Q3 42 fo -13 v3 gg 'Q QQ 'Q ,Q 42 17 ,Q STUDENT CUUHCIL Under the capable leadership of Richard Maxson and the guidance of Miss Duffy, the student government has been very active promoting the Sheila Adam Drive and in selling War Bonds and Stamps. Q4 Q4 4 .Q .ap-mv.. 'ff 2 .IJ IC . ,H ,x IP' . '51 Ja'-Q " 2: Ei .,if: :g2'3gQ!f : :X 2-'xqpax g 7 u g X 'x': A is V 2 MW ' , W ff, 4 ZygW. Q2? 1 a s ff . ff., A ' K L Q' HW I 5 A f if ff C ,, ,fi "w i - 5 Q M if 4 1 3 Z x -.. Q X l BHSHETBHll After taking the first 7 contests Amherst's 1945 quintet failed to live up to expectations. The Hurricanes lost 8 games and won a total of 14, Four of the games were lost by two points, and Hopkins won both encounters. FUUTBHLL Football ranged from the triumphant to the disastrous in 1944. Victory came against Classical 7-0, Palmer 2-0, and Deerfield J. V. 7-0. Buckley inflicted the worst defeat of 34-6, and Northampton was pressed but won 14-12. The games with Athgl 7-7 and Enfield 6-6 were among the hardest battles. Keedy, Bias, Abramson and Knihnicki were outstanding. ' . BHSEBHH Winning the Hampshire League and fighting to the Western Massachusetts finals the 1944 baseballers compiled a 14-4 won-lost record. Vic Keedy pitched 8 wins and led the hitters with a .370 average. Correale, Page and Peterson were .300 sluggers on this great ball club. Slllllllllllllli Joe Rogers' swimmers met tough opposition losing 3 of meets but were second only to Springfield Tech in the Western Counties meet. The sole victory came against Middletown. Gore, Bridges, Serex, Kennedy and Thompson were swimming bulwarks while Carter turned in a stellar diving performance. GIRLS' SPURTS Girls' sports included soccer and field hockey in the fall season, volley ball and basketball during the winter, and in the spring, softball. In :field hockey and basketball, for the first time in years, outside teams were played adding much to the en- joyment of the year's sports. CHUHUS The outstanding performance. of the chorus at the Christmas Concert, conducted by Mr. MacKillop, received the same favorable comments that all choruses have had in the past. I - BHHD The band's outstanding performance of this year was at the Northampton-Amherst football game when the band made a dazzling appearance, directed by Mr. MacKillop and led by the drum-majorette, Nancy Dudley. UHUHESTHH The orchestra's appearance and assistance at the Christmas Concert were evidence of the good work done by them and their able leader, Mr. MacKillop. f Ja ia E CJ JJ 1 -:2 -:'3 -:ha el 2 ei? 5 3 gk? 5:3 gl? c,3 C C C gl cf? gp? Q? cl? c,9 Q3 J I: ii 'J L C. C, I Q, 1 1 C , Qs Q, , e.. H' cw? CT 1 9 9 9 9 9 ? 0 9 ? ? ?9 5 9 53 Q 9 P P Q ea G9 WTB Az L99 La-3 H-3 ai 4-3 -3 vi s-3 dl Fl F' if as a as a as as n Q3 . Q , 5 . 3 1 1 I I A 1 9 n n . - o v LQ ENTENNG ANHERST ' - Www The Fewer Surf! Av-2 LQ,c,TqA an--:-.-3 .?-- -:., 3.5 k Z-N m ""'NJ EL, ..-2 ,519 If ,F ::f- ig- .- f-X ......- My Oyffjzq 1 Q A- W -1- W +4 BUY WAR BONDS AND KEEP THE BONDS YOU BUY ue if if if THE WEAR IS NOT YET WON JOHNSON'S BOOKSTORE The Largfsf Store of ifs Kind in Ncfw England NK NX XX NX XX Xxx ' 4 4 1 1 WYE 9 MALL Compliments of HARVEY'S MARKET YOUR FRIENDLY GROCER Dewkist Frosted Foods TELEPHONE AMHERST 270 WE OF LOUIS FOODS wish to thank our customers for the courtesy and patience they have shown us in the recent war years. The war has made things difiicult for everyone, but you, our custom- ers, have shown yourselves to be true Americans by your acceptance of the situation. LOUIS PAPPAS For DEPENDABLE FUEL C. R. ELDER COAL COMPANY PHONE 20 AMHERST :: MASSACHUSETTS Compliments of R. L. BATES NORTH AMHERST GRIGGS, INC. 5 HOME FURNISHERS gcx . TELEPHONE 16 24 AMITY STREET z: AMHERST Co1nplimenfx of AMHERST BILLIARD ACADEMY 1H1dl'l' NEW management NAP MERCIER On Second Floor CORNER MAIN AND No. PLEASANT STREETS E ulIlulllullIInllulllnlllullulnluuuu llIIIIllIllIlllllunnnnlnlnnl suIIlllunlulllnlnuluullIllulllIllIllIIIllIlllullIlullIllIlllllllllllllllllllulllu E E m-num-unnnnnm Q CONGRATULATIONS TO THE UNITY PRESS, INC. 232 242 SUFFOLK STREET HOLYORE, MASSACHUSETTS PRINTERS OF THE GOLD BUG AND OTHER SCHOOL ANNUALS nk Causes About 2-3 of Pen Troubles ect your fine pen from wartime failu BY USING PARKER QUINK' Containing Salv-X Brilliant new pen cleaning, pen protecting ink Cleans pen as it writes FOUNTAIN PENS 31.00 UP A. J. HASTINGS NEWSDEALER : : STATTONER E IlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIllIIIIIllllIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllIll B WFXQMWWWYWWWWWRWWW 'YI O 'YTW'lTYX R E M E M B E R est place to buy your CLOTHING At Reasonable Prices F. M. THOMPSON 8: SON ron FREEDOM'S SAK: sncu ro Youn wAR Jos AMJ -gm Me Bed in l9!m2'a9aapl14 qc Za KINSMIANS STUDTO 46 MAIN STREET : : : : AMHERST SCHOOL AND COLLEGE PHOTOGRAPHY Complimfnfs of THE MUTUAL RALPH T. STAAB PLUMBING AND FQRD-MERCURY and HEATING C0- LINCOLN ZEPHYR E-u Soles and Ser ic V G HARDWARE ALL POPULAR RECORDS Vw TELEPHONE 1173-W 5 Q15 VICTOR AND COLUMBIA RECORDS AND ALBUMS NORTH AMHERST :: MASS. 7 ? 5 5 5 Z Qi if y E N ' Q :E .Ja 3 vb :fi cb Eb ea, EJ! ab E E fi ea -9 23 YZ is is 2 EQ 3 ina if F53 3 55 F f rf E3 rf Come to ALEX'S DINER Fora A VERY DELICIOUS SANDWICH or A DOUBLE-RICH MILKSITAKE 35 NORTH PLEASANT STREET Com plimrnis of C. F. CLARK SUNDERLAND, MASS. Compliments of FRANK D. HUBBARD FARMS SUNDERLAND MASS. Corriplizlzrnfx of your SPECIALTY SHOP 19 NORTH PLEASANT STREET DOUGLASS 5 MARSH Furniture ond Rugs Al fbi' Head of the Villugf Green AMHERST :: MASS. College Town Service Centre SCCCNY PRODUCTS plus FRIENDLY SERVICE WALTER JACK AND DICK HAMILTON 161 NORTH PLEASANT STREET Best of Luck to the Class of l945 ChCrlie's Dod WHlTCOMB'S HARDWARE AMHERST THEATRE BUILDING F-s M0ore's Puinis and Enamels "Puq1m" Wall Finish F-s Imperial Wfallpapvrs FADEPROOF AND WASHABLE EI '--'--'---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------'----------------------------'----'---------------'---'--------------- EJ W. R. BROWN G' COMPANY JACKSON C1 CUTLER -1 Dealers in I "ff 'UH' RW' Effaff' DRY AND FANCY GOODS 3- READY TO WEAR TELEPHONE 1 A 1: RIASSACH GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Come In and Look Around THE GIFT NOOK COLLEGE CAN DY KITCHEN Delicious College Ices, Milk Shakes, Candy, Pastry and Lunches THE NICEST PLACE ANYWHERE AROUND Established Over 25 Years Ago ELECTRIC SERVICE H1 WESTERN MASS. ELECTRIC COMPANY For the Best IN Soda Fountain Service VISIT THE COLLEGE DRUG STORE BILL MCGMTH, Prop. WILLIAMS, McCLO'UD Cr CO. I surance of All Kinds and Real ,Estale TELEPHONE 8 8 8 SAVINGS BANK BUILDING A Compliments of BOLLES SHOE STORE 7 9 W W Q9 Q 3. vs '53 QED el! ii Y eil EJ E nun :nun nuuunnu E THE LORD JEFFERY Feaiurmg ibn' Bvsf ln Serwcc' lC f f ' Ch ' q an: om or fn a urmmt Nffw England Ahnospherr. Compliments of ROYAL GROCERY PELHAM, MASS. COLONIAL DINING Room COFFEE SHOP C0mpli1m'nfx of C07"l7Ii"Wnf5 of THE BEAUTY BAR A FRIEND Compliments of KAMEL HASSAN'S FURNITURE BARN WEST STREET SOUTH AMHERST MUSANTE FLOWER SHOP FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Compliments of BILL MCINTOSH E um..,mu,,nmnmumnlnnnununuumnumnnmnmnnnmnunum llllllu E E ununulunnuIllInlnIInnununnununuununnnnnunnnnnunnunuunnuuununnunuunnnnunununnnnnIuunnunuuunuu E JOIN THE ARMY NURSE CORPS AND HELP WIN THE WAR R.J. ThBf DQS! S Th B sf in Drug Store' Mcrcbundis HENRY ADAMS THE REXALL STORE SOUTH PLEASANT STREET, AMH if BUY WAR BONDS ak BUY MORE BONDS at KEEP YOUR BONDS BURN ETT 6' NASH 1 If R l Estat T NE 992-W 34 MAIN STREET :: AMHERST GAZETTE BRANCH OFFICE ANN E. WHALEN, Co p rl t News - Advertixi g - C Il t 30 MAIN STREET :: TEL. 710 Fresh Fruits ond Vegetables QUALITY FRUIT 18 AMITY STREET :: AMI-IERST BEMENT COAL COMPANY DsfHAh' Kpp Ck B GdB' 30 MAIN STREET TELEPHONE 232 1 Gi . H12-22222 A 22- 22 T 22222 Comlblimenfs of the COLLEGE SHOE REPAIR CO. JOHN FOTOS, Propririor 41 NO. PLEASANT ST. AMHERST E. M. SWITZER, JR. A Clothing - Haberdashery Compliments of THE WELLWORTH PHARMACY, INC. ALBERT H. DOUGLASS FUNERAL SERVICE TELEPHONES: AMHERST 196 and 920 87 NO. PLEASANT ST. AMHERST THE JEFFERY AMHERST BOOKSHOP, Inc. AMHERST :: MASSACHUSETTS HARDIWEAVE Tailorerl by ADLERI ROCH ESTER and sold by THOMAS F. wALsH AMHERST :: MASS FOR SERVICE CALL AMH ERST CLEAN ERS AND DYERS DR. STEPHEN J. DUVAL OPTOMETRIST E lllll E Q, lf' QD PD 259 ---9 'f -SP9 r 3 11 Z3 41 A33 ,VA ,4 A ,LQ 'I L9 13 .f ,ED JA-Q ,, Q52 'fo .ff L. O. Q Z9 9 6. ha I H114 Q .ga "a .r- 'Q L3 l 1 13 '52 'lf . ..-3 1, 1 'Q 4 12 1. Ifvg .Ci T12 l,- .S .59 4 9 12 .J-2 Mi. EA ' .vm -.s JT, 5' i ':.2 ' Ez' ia

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