Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA)

 - Class of 1933

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Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA) online yearbook collection, 1933 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 58 of the 1933 volume:

L L A - .' 4 3 A f ' Q L inf? A, J' -MIST 'l : -.- 'x 1-1'4-2ii'g' Q-.....1'-Znuinw 'f 'Gare 'fjzsl j J jr nf , 5' :' I Af gf. I I ? iiznifri ' - 1'-----'-H-Aff'- ' - 2,52 ffm, --:a,7Lg.-,',,.-!,1:: Q.:-fy TH h ' ' 1:45-'lff .3IZ'I........iL .anus i Q'-L-'L ' ' A ,- ' ' 'f g'fuj'l :rl I y 3:4-ii--1 -.., 'lr 1 52, uv: . ,rr x, 0 1 -N131 a 5.1 a-'11 1 v r J. T ,,',, 16:5 Q.-'Tk ' ' -1' 'Eg f V.k1: ' 6 33111, ffgljgff 9 3125: -- - '.4gg.g.gLl:-q-,g',Qnng-v,1g:-2::1r::x.---T- -T---W . ' ffm- ' H? I 'ft 7' Tlfrf -g:, ?1,-1-in 5 W: -grrgupl-g'Qj:V L31 gg, -I7-v -g1 v:, :.- g : gh fi E 51 P S-'22- f'vW.w..-ww .w'v,..v Iv , - f , ,Q . H ,mv ,. A X , 1, gm... , 6't'53:F ,A NEB I 1531 1 ,, Teh K ' Q ll . . rj , V ' J' , 1' tx A 4 , f We gl sv , Q 1 -' ws y. ,, 1' 1 6-11 ,, ,U gn EEL .1 - fa '.'.' W'. , .' 4 f: , ni 1 ' I 1' 4 ' ,fp fir, y X ,J ,I Y fr: .V Vt. 1, .., F 4: E .1 A fii fi? Lie ' A 9 ' sf bf: 5.2 V- :L :Q :F 1 'L l r- :,- J. . ' Ax lm , , fi ' ' , .1 1 Ya ,lf el 4 ll ,1 'Kills' F-1 . , 1. ,r 5' ' li ,. WJ' ,lv .Q fx' gi, Q -,ju ll' . -1 . ., . :. fl., , ',r, '. U? .1 V 'in 1 . 9 -115. ,ri . 9 , .Q D ,gs . Van. QE' ik: E u f fs I -.42 L 1. ' 3 5 P -s 'T . A , , . ij. , ., .n. I , ...P o ' -L. 'fi , , . in . .V .,.-Q 4.- 1. r ' L 'J'- -is v. A 'E ,s,, A .k lr - .M ,ig Q ,. ,K .1 wa 3 qi 3, 4 -v 4 91.0 wx 1 - v, gl r Lsnwf r -. . ,.. . rw a .,. .1 . S ff W 770 oil Q QQ A ' M ' Z yZy5v1 ' ' f - ' ' 'liZ?i73T.'24.g.fL-L.-i....' ' 2 Q r'2?AffA?fMlf?I?x sWffa f-afdf Asv' i r k v W N?':T A three . V X- ,.g,P5j.,,'- V ' F, -uvvMl.10'f '1 QWQMQW SCHOOL SONG Oh, Ainherst High School, our praises resonnd May she he honored, her naine he renowned. Her glory rises, shines out on highg We'll never let it die. Oh! other schools conie and other schools gog Ainherst alone stands ahove every foe. Onward and upward ever cliinhing- Here's to old Arnherst High! S7933 - is 2 KIIICGISS Song 933 '93 I Tis with regret auil sorrow a'eep, We leave clear Amherst High. But ever iii our hearts we'll keep Our memories ue'er to clie. Chorus So hail to the class of thirty-three Our colors hlue aria' golcl. They'll wave right through eterriity, With love iri every folel. II Each clay we've cleared a narrow way Each year a roatl to joy, N o victory lay too far away, To conquer aua' eujoy. III These years rolled all too swiftly hy, fllilze 'clouels ou summer a'ays.j But each oue feels a'ear Amherst High Has girelecl us with praise. -DOROTHY E. MALLORY '7933 DQWQZHQWM l I iFCCllCC'lLll1ilI1H Ralph W. Haskins, Principal, and Head of Mathematics Department. To our loyalty and affection for our principal, we add a profound respect for the Review Math tests he can conduct. Lucile F. Baker, Head of English Department. Miss Baker is not a teacher of tasks, but a leader and companion through lands of literature and imagination. . D G iilice W. Churchill, Head of Modern Language Department. Our blunders m idioms or irregular verbs do not change her sweet smile and quiet friendliness. Dorothy E. Ricker, Latin. Under her guidance, Cicero with his arguments about traitors, poets and ghosts becomes interesting and soinetinres even amus- Ufg- AHC1, 011, my frlends, will you ever forget conditional sentences in indirect discourse? Isabel C. Field, Head of History Department. Miss Field has to sow an 931071 CYOP Of p'311911CQ, after teaching freshmen all day, so as to have enough left. for the seniors in Room 8. M Irene E- H-319, Head of Commercial Department. Miss Hale is always 19115 to 119119 Wlth anything from a difficult question to drying dishes. She has '1 C19913' S111119, 10TS of good ideas and initiative. Jeri Charles E. Foth, History. We all enjoyed his history classes, and enjoyed 1 laps even more h1S pO1'fPHyal of the hen-peeked husband in the Faculty Play- 7933 Slx M roof lolf 11 iioeelleuel Sleotl hllts 11 solo' '. . 011 . lool . H111 sjlellti l out . lol llarlo oolorill oltl - 1611, 3 swell Gil lenol oolletls. lloanlS ffl Marlo ing UB G Georg athleiies e on the pll ldill Pinniel ll Sluao circus rin lhere. Done member ' Faculty 1 Lillie looks mer classes. Arms rind her lloose lor ll. l 11s trains 1llS Else ll l ooo 111 a Sqllg Gen 11111, one 1Iar Slll of Quartet, Cor DPTSQMI W, Department - respect for gr is not 6 if literature ur blunders frienclli110SS- wi a1'gllH1f'ntS 4.-wil allllls' - in indirect ' to SOW an ave g110Ugh . 'S I 15 319355 nd ellJ0Fe Wulf? Play' Mildred A. Weeks, English. In one short year Miss Weeks has gained the love and respect of the whole school. She's a wonderful teacher, and also an excellent dramatics and debating coach. Stacey A. Krasnecki, Head of Household Arts Department. As a teacher, on hikes and in swimming, what fun Miss Krasnecki can be! Tri-S would be lost without her as faculty adviser for the Social Section. Emil E. Keiler, Manual Training. Between supervising Hi-Y, cutting out jig-saw puzzles, and playing the hero in the faculty play, Mr. Keiler's hair had plenty of cause to turn grey this year. But it didn't. Marie Daley, English, Typing, Salesmanship, Commercial Geography. Miss Daley is popular. The boys like her cute smile and twinkling eyes, and she is a great help to the Service Section of the Tri-S. And, last but not least, she makes a swell chaperone! Kendall Gleason, Mathematics, Science. Debating and brain-teasing math problems are Mr. Gleason's specialty. The Debating Club owes him many thanks for his coaching. Marian Giles, English, History. Miss Giles has had her hands full supervis- ing the Graphic this year. George E. VVilliams, Physical Education for boys. All that A. H. S. athletics are, or hope to be, they owe to Coach Williams! We love to see him on the platform handing out letters to the boys, and then telling his little jokes. Edith L. Pinnick, Physical Education forgirls. We 're glad to have Miss Pinnick back again after her year of absence. Stuart Seass, Chemistry, Physics. Room 18 seems to be a traditional circus ring, and Mr. Seass has done well with the refractory groups that sojourn there. Donald S. Lacroix, Biology, General Science. Somehow we'll always re- member what a line crook Mr. Lacroix made as Limpy Lannigan in the Faculty Play. Lillian M. Prendergast, French, Latin, Civics. Miss Prendergast always looks merry even if she does have her hands full with Baby French and Latin classes. Anne K. Pewatka, Clerk. If you want anything done, get Anne to do it. And her sweet smile brings relief to a dull class even when she brings around those horrid blue slips. M. Donald Plummer, Head of Art Department. And if you don't believe he trains infant prodigies by the dozens, just look at the countless masterpieces his pupils have turned out. Tl1ey're on the bulletin board before every dance. Eleanor F. Batcheldor, Mathematics. Just try and stump Miss Batcheldor on a problem. She 'll come back at you with one about a tethered cow grazing in a square field, or a fly on the ceiling .... ! Genevieve H. Dwyer, Shorthand, Typing. Miss Dwyer is always ready to help, and her patience and her jolly smile will linger with us in years to come. Marc Tarlow, Supervisor of Music. Orchestra and Chorus are under the sway of Mr. Tarlow's baton. He organized the String Quartet and Woodwind Quartet, of which we are very proud. Carolyn C. Worthington, Household Arts. Her sweet smile and quiet personality give an atmosphere of peace, even at a hectic Tri-S service meeting. 7933 ll eight HARLAN ASA XVCCD, JR. ' ' Woorly ' ' ,, F.-n. 26, 1915. Northainpton, Mass Y Fufuwg Maissnclnisetts State College. Kirksville Col- lege of Osteopzltliy and Surgery. Class President 1, 2, 4, Gold Bug CBusiness lNI:111:1ggerj, G,.,,p,,g,. 4, lli-Y 3, QVice Presidentj 4, Student, Coun- cil 2, 4, Junior Dance Committee, Senior Reception t'onnnittee 3, Senior Dance Committee, Chorus 3, Football 1, 2 ivan-sity? 3, 4: Bllskcflwll 1, 2, 3, 4, Base- lrill 1 2 3 QC:1ptainD 4, Track 1, 2 CCaptainj 3, 4, 4 y '-'v lVl1crc he szmveezls, the meritis' all his own. WILLARD SQUIER MUNSON Hsqueakn ccBu,nSyn acMunS6rx Walpole, Mass., February 6, 1916. Future: College. Vice President of Class 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Graphic 3, 4, Senior Dance Committee 4, Interclass Play 1, Ten- nis 2, Basketball 2, 3 CVarsityD 4, Football CVarsityD 4, Golf Team 3. In all the ordres foure is none that can So 'much of dauliance and fair langagef' ELEANOR ISABEL BUKOSKI ll-Helen!! KKEZYJ North Amherst, Mass., January 12, 1916. Future: Undecided. Secretary-Treasurer of Senior Class, Gold Bug Staff CAssistant Editorjg Dramatics Club 1, Tri-S 1, 2, Pro Merito 3, 4, Junior Play CJennie Baldwinb, Chorus 1, 2, 3. Fashioned so slenderly, young and so fair. MARGARET BERYL ADAMS lfpeggyff North Amherst, Mass., June 9, 1915. Future: Nursing. Tri-S 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Basketball 1, 2. A mighty spirit fills that tiny form. RUTH EVERIL ASHLEY Ruffus Ruthie Sweetsburgh, Quebec, Canada, June 3, 1916. Future: Sargent School, Boston University. T1'1'S.1, 2, 3, 4, Dramaties 1, 2, Senior Reception Committee 3, Class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. The hair that lay along her back Was yellow like 'ripe corn. 7933 X .il .4 m generals Kirksvill, W lhpm M 3 . Q3 nam! K: s fllof' AN: Wm 3. I- 2, 3' 4. Rial 3 4. ill QI..-oy , NSOX lu Ph? 1: Ten- nball Wmim ran rv QUSKI 6 'old Bug Staff I'ri-S l, 2: Pro dwinlg Chorus 0 fair. ' ' .VX MS Y ,u Y. ' ir Befeptwn f E E ARTHUR CHESTER AVERY Art Brother New London, Connecticut, May 4, 1915. i Future: Massachusetts State College. Gold Bug Staff CAthletics Editorlg Hi-Y 3, 4 QHis- torian 45, Dramatics Club 1, 2, 3, Football 1, 2 CVar- sity 3, 45: Basketball 3, 4, Baseball CVarsityD 3, 4. Whose armor is his honest thought, And simple truth, his utmost skill. ELIZABETH SHERWOOD BARTON Betty Bets Tarzan South Amherst, Mass., July 15, 1916. Future: College. Secretary-Treasurer of class 2: Graphic 35 Tri-S 1, 2 3, 43 Dramatics Club 1, 2, 3, Junior Play QHazel Rob- insonbg Interclass Play 1, 25 Glee Club 1, 2: Chorus 15 Tri-S Prom Committee 45 Class Basketball 3, 4. True to her word, her work, her friends. ! EDGAR SIDNEY BEAUMONT KlEd!I Ithaca, New York, October 6, 1915. Future: Undecided. Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4g Football 3. Untwisting all the chains that tie The hidden soul of harmony. STANLEY BERNOTOS Greenfield, Mass., May 18, 1914. Future: Massachusetts State College. Football 3, 4. An honest boy, Broadeloth without, and a warm heart within. JE SSIE JOYCE BORON llJ'0y!7 KlJabs!! Sunderland, Mass., November 1, 1915. Future: Northampton Commercial College. Tri-S 4, Graphic Staff CTypistD. HA merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance. 7933 nine QWQWWQW' AVIS MARION BURROVVS UAW ffsfsff Pelham, Mass., September 21, 1916. Future: Undecided. Tri-S 1, 2. The rising blushes which your cheeks o'erspreacl Are opening roses in the lily's bed. LOUISE MILDRED CAPEN ULOUJH 4cMilZie:r ufzeggym Amherst, Mass., May 13, 1915. Future: Undecided. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. Be good, and let who will be clever. Q.. - . ky .J,. -, 1 4 EDWARD LINCOLN CHARRON !lEd77 Benton, New Hampshire, May 13, 1915. Future: Massachusetts State College. Debating Club 25 Track CVarsityj 2, 3. I All nature wears a universal smile. l Doivnnro cient r Kf.D0,n,L7! KlLefty!! Amherst, Mass., September 19, 1915. Future: Stockbridge School. I fear a silent man, I fear that he is great. BARBARA MAE CROSBY llBabSJJ If-Bob!! Amherst, Mass., July 12, 1915, Future: Nursing, TITS ul, 2, 3, 4g Dramatics Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Tri-S Prom Committee 3, Interclass Play 3, 4. Kind and thoughtful, steady and true. M :7933 ,gxxxxx -TQQWUMW CHARLES ROLAND CROSSMAN ffchubf' Amherst, Mass., April 8, 1915. Frmd Future: Massachusetts State College. Vice President of class 3, Secretary-Treasurer of class 1, Hi-Y 3, 4, Football 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3, CVar- sityj 4 , Baseball CVarsityD 3, 4. He tires betlmes who stirs too fast betimesf' LEO CROWLEY Growler Amherst, Mass., August 16, 1915. Future: Massachusetts State College. Basketball CVarsityj 4, Baseball 2, Track 2, 3, 4, Golf Team 3. No cowafrcl soul is mine. PRISCILLA ROWENA DARLING KKPT418!! CfPuSsyf! Worcester, Mass., January 4, 1916. Future: Undecided. Tri-S 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Class Basketball 1, 2. A 'mighty huntress and her prey was man. MARGARET MARY DEADY cr-Peggyn Holyoke, Mass., February 15, 1917. Future: Smith College. Tri-S 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 1, 2, 3, Debating Club 1, Junior Play CMaD, Interclass Play 1, 2, 3, Tri-S Prom, Prize Speaking 4, Committee 3. The sunny smile Of sha'mr0clc's Isle. ll HERMAN DIHLMANN uD,iuyu Shutesbury, Mass., June 14, 1914. Future: Undecided. Football 2, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. 1 A fellow of infinite jest. l Prom l 7933 Z eleven lv: -iii Q-3 s. - -' ,V ff. U: A ' J 'glygfh REBECCA MARGARET FERRIER . Becky Aberdeen, Scotland, October 26, 1914. A Future: Salem Normal. Assistant Treasurer of Student Activities, Gold Bug Staff qffypistbg Tri-S 1, 25 Dramatics 1, 25 Chorus 2, 33 Pro Merito 3, 4. Thy modesty is a candle to thy merit. 1 MARGARET ALICE FULLER Amherst, Mass., August 14, 1915. Future: Accountant. A countenance in which did 'meet Sweet records, promises as sweet. SOPHIE GERVICKAS Pussy Jackie New Bedford, Mass., August 25, 1915. Future: Stenographer. They laugh that win. JOHN STANLEY GRALENSK1 North Hadley, Mass., March 19, 1915. Future: Undecided. Debating Club 1, 2, 3 CVice Presidentl 43 Class Foot ball 2, Prize Speaking 2, 4. Debate is masculine, conversation feminine. FRANK JOHN HANIESKI ' ' Fishbach ' ' ' ' Chinlc ' ' North Amherst, Mass., February 12, 1916. Future: Stockbridge Schggl, Ch01'US 1, 23 Class Basketball 3. The joy Of youth and health his eyes displayed. 57933 Dramatics Club 1, Tri-S 3, 4, Class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. rl GB ml ,2,3,L I as Foot' I ,o wld. ,Ze 5 , 43 1 . A .4 ROBERT MOORE HASTINGS !!B0b!! Orange, Mass., June 17, 1913. Future: Undecided. ' Class Basketball 1, 2, Class Football 1, 2. Men of few words are the best men. ELIZABETH MUDGE HAZEN tCB6tty7,' Brooklyn, New York, December 12, 1916. Future: Undecided. Tri-S 1, 2, 3, 4 CTreasurer 2D 5 Class Basketball 2, 4. Greets us with a smile as sweet As morning 's blush. ROBERT POWELL HOLDSWORTH lKB0bl! if-Hauy77 llIZ,2y7! Stoughton, Mass., January 12, 1915. Future: Massachusetts State College. Hi-Y 3, CP1'esidentD 4, Graphic 4, CEditor in Chiefjg Junior Play CBill McAllisterDg Interclass Play 2g Senior Reception Committee 3, Student Council 4. 0 this learning, what a thing tt ts. ' DONALD BOLLES JACKSON lI.D0,,,L77 lfJack7! Amherst, Mass., May 1, 1915. Future: College. Graphic 3, 4, Senior Reception Committee 3, Class Basketball 3, 4. A hinder gentleman treads not the earth. CATHERINE ANT ONIA KAMINSKI HKttty Kate Amherst, Mass., July 16, 1915. Future: Undecided. Chorus 1, 2. As shades more sweetly recommend thegltght, So modest platnness sets of sprtghtly wrt. 7933 l I . thirteen K l ANNA ROSE KELLEY KK-Kel!! Amherst, Mass., May 28, 1914- Future: Nursing. I Tri-S 1, 2, 3, 4, Class basketball 1, 2, Overnight Hike Committee 1. A friend, faithful and just to all. GERTRUDE MARY KELLEY lKGert77 ll-Kel!! Amherst, Mass., September 16, 1915. Future: Undecided. Tri-S 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3. Fair and square and steady as the day is long. FLORENCE ETHEL KENTFIELD f KK'M,icky7! 'f Q Amherst, Mass., November 15, 1916. A Future: Posse Nissen School. I Tri-S 1, 2, 3 CExecutive Boardb 43 Dramatics 1, 4 , Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, Graphic 4 CTypistD 1 In felawship wel coude she laugh and carpef' ' f ffffi MARGARET ELIZABETH KUZMESKI Klpeggy!! Leverett, Mass., August 23, 1916. Future: Undecided. Pro Merito 3, 4. Still to be neat, still to be dressed, As you were going to a feast. JULIA TERE SA KZCOWSKI Jewel June Sunderland, Mass., June 26, 1914. Future: Correspondence School. Chorus 4 3 Class Basketball 3. ll . . A constant influence, a peculiar grace. l 7933 7 .sr ,Ummm ILLEY fl! U long, Tl-'IELD Dramatirs l. 43 plxic 4 4TypistF. i ary. VZMESKI 'SK I ga? I i 5 1 RAYMOND FRANKLIN LAMPRON KK-Ray!! lfC,u7.Zy!! Amherst, Mass., August 5, 1914. Future: Engineering. Debating 3. To laugh is proper to the man. ROSELYN ESTHER LANNCN Rose North Amherst, Mass., June 23, 1916. Future: Library training. ' Tri-S 3, Dramatics Club 1, 23 Glee Club lg Prize Speaking 3. How happily is he born and taught That serves not anotherls will. LILLIAN KEZIA LOGAN ll-Lili, Athol, Mass., May 4, 1916. Future: Northampton Commercial College. Tri-S 3. The smiles that win, the tints that glow But tell of days in goodness spent. LILLIAN LCVERN ' ' Grandma ' ' Pelham, Mass., March 9, 1915. Future: Undecided. Chorus 3. Women will love her, That she is a woman. ELIZABETH ALLEN LCWELL Springfield, Mass., August 1, 1915. Future: Skidmore College. Tri-S 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 2. Whose smile calls other smiles l As bird to bird. l 7933 is 7 QWQZHWW GLADYS EVE LYN MAIN Glad f'Gem Amherst, Mass., November 9, 1915. Future: Bay Path Institute. Tri-S 1, 2, 35 Dramatics Club 2. A merry glance, a dimple sly. DOROTHY ELLEN MALLORY KKD0t77 KKFu2,2,77 Amherst, Mass., January 21, 1916. p Future: Undecided. Tri-S 2, 35 Chorus 2, 3. Most joyful let a poet be. MARGUERITE SOPHY MITCHELL KK-Peg!! KK-Itchy!! Amherst, Mass., October 12, 1915. Future: Preparatory School. Tri-S 1, 2, 3, Class Basketball 1, 2. As turning the logs makes dull fires burn, So will eheerfulness gather many friends. GORDON MOODY lKL,ipS77 Bridgeport, Conn., July 15, 1915. Future: Undecided. Pro Merito 4, Dramatics Club lg Hi-Y 3, 4: Graphic 4 His open eyes desire the truth. EDWIN LEWIS MOORE ll-Ed!! llEddi67J Springfield, Mass., May 26, 1916. Future: Undecided. Pro Merito 4. The art of being eloquently silent. am 7933 'tw .um .umm- ummm. 1 bm. Yllllil. I. 4: GNPW4' RE 4 is EVELYN ANNETTE NEWPORT llPug!! KKN6wp!7 Amherst, Mass., May 24, 1915. Future: College. Tri-S 1, 2, 33 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Prize Speaking 3. Joy rises in me, like a summer's morn. JOHN MICHAEL OLANYK Johnny 0lyank Sunderland, Mass., July 25, 1916. Future: Massachusetts State College. Debating 1, 2, 3, 4, Interschool Play Contest 43 Prize Speaking 43 Basketball 4. Bid meldiseourse and I will enehant thine ear. CATHERINE THERESA O'NEIL uKayH ucottonn Amherst, Mass., February 18, 1915. Future: Undecided. Tri-S 1, 23 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Basketball 1, 2. Her very frowns are fairer far Than smiles of other maidens are. FLORENCE MARIE PETTIJOHN ll-Pe-6677 Amherst, Mass., July 31, 1915. Future: College. Tri-S 1, 23 Chorus 2, 3. Sweeter thy voice, its every sound is sweet. CHARLOTTE ADA PAGE !KCap!! Pelham, Mass., September 15, 1916. Future: Undecided. . Tri-S 1, 2, 3, 43 Graphic 43 Junior Dance Commlttee 3, Interclass Play 1, Chorus 2 3 Class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 CCaptain 2, 4D. Never dejeeted while another's blessed. 7933 WMZWQW MICHAEL ALAN PEWATKA HMM Hatfield, Mass., August 27, 1914. t - g U decided. . 122.3183 45nG1'aphiC 45 Student Council 45 Class Foot- ball 1g,Class Baskeibaii 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Basketball Manager 4. KIA jokfys a very serious thing. ALFRED HERBERT PLANTING Plant Rochester, New York, August 11, 1914. Future: Massachusetts State College. Graphic 45 Football 2. He lived his life aloof. MICHAEL PAUL PLAZA t Shutesbury, Mass., January 25, 1914. Future: Massachusetts State College. Baseball 4. His manners are gentle, complying and bland. WILLIAM PYLYPETZ Bill Clipits New York, New York, April 8, 1915. Future: Undecided. ' Chorus 3, 4. But a wonderful twinkle shown in his eye. ELIZABETH RAK lKB6tty!7 KK-Lizfi Amherst, Mass., March 23, 1915. Future: Massachusetts Art School. Gold Bug CArt Editorbg Graphic CArt Editorj 45 ?1-ESEIE, 3, 45 Dramatics Club 45 Class Basketball Art is long and time is fleeting. am. 7933 5233 , I PBWATKA l. , '-'il 4- . .Q ',hn r m..xxmG 11. mi 'ibn I. PLAZA l9H. ,.., al ua .Y PETZ 11.1 , o 1914'- mil gl lu BAK -El- ol. xnslimf hw 9' Ron'-'U' 5 1 7E goflmug .5 FRANCES CHARLOTTE ROBERTSON Klsueil Cf-Red!! North Dana, Mass., June 1, 1915. Futu1'e: Framingham. Tri-S 1, 2, 33 Debating Club 1, Dramatics Club 1, 2, 3, Glee Club 1, 2, Class Basketball 1. Sweet and fair she seems to be. DOROTHY ELIZABETH ROBINSON ' Il-BWMZZJQ KIDO-67! Amherst, Mass., April 12, 1915. Future: Nursing. Tri-S 1, 2, Class Basketball 2. For all that faire is, Is by nature good. NELLIE LOUISE RODZWELL Nell Sunderland, Mass., February 22, 1914. Future: Undecided. Pro Merito 3, 43 Chorus 1. Women have no wildness in them, They are provident instead. JULIA ALBERTINE ROGERS uzjudyn :cJuZ,i6n Leverett, Mass., January 11, 1917. Future: Undecided. ' Pro Merito 3, 4, Tri-S 13 Chorus 1, 2. With thy clear, keen joyanee Langaor cannot be. LILYAN IVIABEL ROSEBUSH Lill Fuzz Leeds Junction, Maine, August 8, 1914. Future: Northampton Commercial College. Tri-S 1. Laugh, and the world laughs with yon. 7933 mm M JULIET ETHEL SHAW Julie 3 Philadelphia, Penna., March 8, 1916. Future: Mt. Holyoke College. . i Gold Bug CEditor in ChiefD3 Dramatics Club 3 CVice E Presidentb 43 Pro Merito 3, 43 Tri-S 3, 43 Debate Club 4 QP1-esidentD3 Interclass Play 33 League Play Contest 3, Graphic 43 Student Council 43 Junior Dance Com- mittee 33 Freshman Reception Committee 43 Tri-S Prom Committee 43 Class Basketball 3, 4. The world ls so full of a number of things. ALLERTON BUTTERFIELD SMITH ' 'Rabbit' ' ' 'Rollien Amherst, Mass., February 1, 1915. Future: Vermont Academy. Varsity Club 3, 43 Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 43 Class Football 1, 2 CVarsityD 3, 43 Captain CFootball 45 3 Class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Student Council 4. He did a hundred happy things And then went to bed. HELEN RITA SULLIVAN ' 'Helena ' ' Amherst, Mass., April 1, 1912. Future: Undecided. Chorus 3, 4. Grace was tn all her steps, heaven tn her eye, In every gesture dignity and love. DANIEL FIELD TILLCTSCN K K 7 7 Washington, D. C., July 30, 1916. Future: Haverford College. Hi-Y 3, CSecretaryD 43 Graphic 43 Freshman Reception Committee 43 Senior Dance Committee 43 Orchestra 1, 23 Football QVarsityD 4. And though that he were worthy, He was toys. ESTHER VISGAITIS Sunderland, Mass., July 24, 1915. Future: Undecided. Tri-S 2. All innocence and peace breathes tn Esther. Q l 7933 W Mi gin-1 MINI' Sunllffh' Fuvlffi Tris 1, uH0f f4 Rim I Future: TriS 1 lntercl: ' ' llorc North Hmm Gold 1, 3: Sumo: bull E HA' In im! Pun Tri. H r' F in N Ulu: - UR '58 .gmt ,IF E5 1-me '2'f 2wf. Mn 4 in WIKLD mn ww ill MU 2. L 4.9. lim Forum. 'uni L 'w sl1.l.IY1Y 4 n 1 o man D UHF- lon. TIIJPTSN Mi. M' . 5, YN? my 01103 5 fn. 1 ' .9AITIb ni P' uH 'uv HELEN MAY WARNER 1 Helen Sunderland, Mass., April 11, 1915. Future: Middlebury College. Tri-S 1, 2, 3 CPresident 4D, Graphic 4, Student Council 4, Junior Play Committee 3, Tri-S Prom Committee 43 Class Basketball 1, 2 CCaptainj 3. A boat where sweets compacted lie. LOUISE ISABEL WARNER A Sunderland, Mass., July 5, 1915. Future: Undecided. Tri-S 1, 2, 3, 4. How far that little eanclle throws its beam. BARBARA WELLES Heats River Falls, Wisconsin, May 21, 1916. Future: Wellesley College. Tri-S 1, 2, 3, 43 Pro Merito 3, 43 Dramatics Club 45 Interclass Play 2, 45 Chorus 25 Class Basketball 2, 4. More is thy clue than all can pay. 1 JOHN DAYTON WILLARD ' 'Johnnie' ' Northampton, Mass., Oct. 25, 1914. - Future: Massachusetts State College. Gold Bug CAssistant Editorlg Graphic 3, Dramatics 1, 2, Junior Play Committee, Junior Dance Committee, Senior Dance Committee, Orchestra 1, 2, Class Foot- ball 1, 23 Class Basketball 4. A llttle nonsense now and then Is relished by the wtsest men. JESSIE ISABEL WOODBURY Jess Amherst, Mass., Dec. 16, 1914. Future: Undecided. Tri-S 1, 2, 3, 4. To see her ts to love her. , 7933 twenty-two 739061409 ANN CONSTANCE WYSOCIQI Amherst, Mass., November 27, 1914. Future: Preparatory School. TITS 1, 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Basketball 1, 2, 3, HYOW good humor only teaches your Charm to last. ROMAN ROMAN SKIBICKI Chick Sunderland, Mass., August 25, 1915. Future: Massachusetts State College. H'-Y 3 4, Junior Play QRollo .Ienkinslg Class Play 3, 1 1 Interschool Play 4, Football 1, CVars1tyD 2, 3, Basket- ball 1, 2, . 3 And nobody could enough admire the tall man. ELIZABETH MILDRED GRAVES ffnzbbyff Elie Springfield, Mass., October 18, 1915. Future: Undecided. Gold Bug QTypistD, Tri-S 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, Pro Merito 3, 4. f'The good stars met in your horoscope. VIRGINIA ADELPHIA GRAVES ' ' Ginnie ' ' 4 Springfield, Mass., December 1, 1916. Future: Undecided. Tri-S 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, Pro Merito 3, 4. A maiden never bold, of spirit sweet. ALLEN RICHARD LARNED lfszimif Amherst, Mass., April 19, 1915. Future: Undecided. Dramatics Club 2, 4. And still the wonder grew That one small head could carry all he knew. RUTH NATELINE MARTIN Pal Ruthie Springfield, Mass., January 7, 1915. Future: Undecided. Glee Club 2' Chorus 1, 2, 3 4. -' 1 They also serfve who only stand and wait. THELMA MAE MARTIN ' ' Thelma ' ' Springfield, Mass., July 17, 1917. Future: Undecided. Chorus 1, 2. Thus they S66 you, praise you, think they know you. 1.1 Sq W -ar' ml 1 u, vi-ftzhfi: .xx sxuum W rs, mst L 'W 'K!12.!:k I UI!! if I I LIDBKD Gum n mms: ii, 19151 Lillzfkli? WI VII LLPIIIA GRAW nu.. at I, Dil i, Pew Pffu -vw 'W MRD l-AND im.. mi Lfmduw' 1.58 we ..l-gEt , 1. 1915 gli- ' IAS imp 9 --.....-em gvaafugg 1111 illlvmnrmm May Z 1915 Benjamin Bandelavmh December 10, 1932 dd r. W S tw tyth History IGH SCHOOL! We the class of 1933 have entered upon a new and important phase of our lives. Its terrors are really not so great as they have been represented to us, and after a few weeks we are quite at home. Like every class before us, our first action as a group 's to elect certain officers to guide our destiny and to keep track of the class exchequer. We elect Harlan NVood as our President, Raymond Croodale, Vice President, a.nd Charles Crossman as Secretary-Treasurer. By degrees we are initiated into the various activities of the school and begin to take an active part in them. Several boys go out for varsity football and basketball, and a few courageous individuals try their skill in debating. In June, the carefree Seniors stalk about with stately mien, and we scoff bravely, but really wish we were Seniors. II We're Sophomores! At least that is better than being lowly Freshmen. Now we too have a chance to say with stinging scorn, Those Freshmen! when an unfortunate wretch bumps against us in the hall. At last our home rooms are downstairs where we can be warm. It seems such a pity, in addition to all their other miseries, to make the poor Freshmen freeze upstairs when the winter is in full swing! Again our President is Harlan Wood. Charles Crossman moves up a place to Vice Presidency, and Betty Barton is Secretary-Treasurer. This year occurs an event important to all the school. For the first time Mr. Haskins takes his place as principal. VVe, who were in his algebra class as Freshmen, know he will be successful. We are becoming more self-assured and many boys go out for various athletic teams. Squier Munson is a member of that rare organization, the tennis team. For the last few months of the year the girls have had a sub- stitute gym teacher-Miss Foulds. She has gained unusual popularity consider- ing the short time she has been here. We begin to wonder if the Treasurer ever is as tired of hounding us for dues, as we are of being nagged. The Stowell cup has an important place in our thoughts. dune! Just think, half of our high school career is over. It doesn't seem possible, does it? twenty-four C 7 93 3 Huff' we S! 1' fr PM trim! bi ff! and Qld' iii if-lb' We na! in-in 41 yank! l 5 will Sgmifl' harsh R Em! sms e llum The j Bm: and the 1119! the Ju ll ll E Y' .hd Kamik N .R 'UPNQ 'P Ulkihsf Fld Gump blip Dlbilzzri lldiinll' 1 ly in inf: Mn My pg. L new nu. MWF? snip? -a fm' 'mtl wvv1E imW y nf- ' w6,4'f It if be 0'5 if ..-- My ,gi mlb' Wi nd 'fl nf fi M' i e III Hurrah! We are upper classmen at last! This is a busy year for us and we start by electing Charles Peters as President, Charles Crossman again as Vice President, and Robert Holdsworth as Secretary-Treasurer. With these competent officers there is no danger of our running on the rocks. The iirst big event is the Junior Play. The cast and its coach, Miss Ricker, work hard and successfully present Applesauce. We feel this is a good omen for events to follow. Our social abilities are proved when we sponsor the Junior Dance. VVe wonder if Charlie Peters is telling the truth when he says he knows nothing about dances. In the field of athletics the girls show their worth by taking second place in the interclass basketball series. In Debating and Dramatics as well, we show ourselves good sports. Never say die is our motto. The Senior reception is our last important activity. It turns out well as might have been expected. Thus endeth our third year. IV Remember, when as Freshmen we longed to be Seniors? Our ambition is realized and we feel the dignity of our position quite as much as our predeces- sors ever did. Once more we place our faith in trusty Harlan Wood. Squier Munson is chosen Vice President, and Eleanor Bukoski, Secretary-Treasurer. The year is no sooner begun than a tragedy occurs-the death of our classmate, Bennie Bandelavich. Our Gold Bug occupies a prominent P1306 in our thoughts and all our efforts are bent towards its accomplishment. There's no rest f0I' the wicked! Those of us who have sinned by failing to pay dues, are still tor- mented. Gold Bug dues are added to our other burdens. The Senior Dance is successfully accomplished and we are through Wlfh the task of giving dances. Now we can sit back and enjoy the fruits of the . . 'vinv' dances. Juniors' toil. Even so we have had a lot of pleasure from gl D 1 ' ' 'l. Yet a few dayS, and the sun shall see us no more' in Amherst Higi We are told that the happiest days of our lives . . , b of them. XVe do not doubt it in the least, and only wish there vwerfl to 9 more have been spent in High School. S 7!?:3i3Y pkmww JTQQWUWW Class Will NQXV all men by these presents: We, the class of Nineteen Hundred and Thirtyilli-ee, being of sound mind, and full possession of our faculties, do hereby declare and make this our last will and cove- nant. Therefore we bequeath: . ' n To the Class of ,34: The battlescarred seats in Room 9, and the edifying ' 1 ' k . n0teSf'lntliJ?1Cllzes2stofogbj' Our ability to get out of assembly first, no matter. To the Class of '36: A poker face with which to bluff their way through school, and any gum which we may have parked and forgotten. To the Class of ,37: The proper humility becoming to freshmen, and a chart with which to find their way around SCh001- To Amherst High: A box of specially prepared Wonder-Food, guar- anteed to produce enlarged assembly, cafeteria, and class rooms. To Mr. Seass: A butterfly net to snare the objects which fly around his classroom. To Mr. Haskins: Three Stone-Mallory Algebra books, with our sincere affection. To Miss Weeks: A box of A's, just in case she can't think of what to give for Christmas presents. To Miss Hale: Two new volumes of the Encyclopaedia Britannica in case she gets out of information. To Miss Dwyer: The job of wearing out Gregg's Speed Studies and Manual. To Miss Fielel: A check for two dollars Crental of Room 8 after schoolj. To Steve Kosahowshi: Don Jackson's wave. To Emily Raiiiiey: Peg Deady's rosy cheeks. To Shirley N estle: Six inches of Libby Fitts' height. To Richarel Parsoiisr Jessie Boron's ability to play the typewriter. T0 Fran Carry: Julie Shaw's blush, and her blond tresses. To Julia Grafues: Helen Warner's ability to keep her man. H tT0 Vic. Harcleiiclojjf: Mike Pewatka's ability to amuse the children at a imes. To Marjorie Bemiett: Barbara Welles' collection of A's, but we don't think she'll need them. To Fred Sieoers: Squeak Munson's way with the ladies. To Rath Thomas: Charlotte Page's prowess in basketball. To Brace Brown: John Willard's ability to make Fords fly. To Milton. SlCl'jf07'Cl.' John Gralenski's place as a second Demosthenes. To Gus Dihlma-iiii: .Edwin Moore's ability to think much and say nothing. To Heleii' Holt: Mickey Kentfield's place as official funster in Room 18. To Izlarcliiig J eiihiiis: Gordon Moody's ability to ask questions. To Sieliiey Stoiie: Ed Charron's muscle, Z0 1I?97'lZ9lGllflf-' Woody's lengthy list of responsibilities. U01: 604.610 air. A kiddie-car so he errands for Miss Krasnecki. .ii ow iici we set our hand and s l th t 1 15-5 dom1n1 nineteen hundred and thirty-thiige. IS ll en y list day of June, anno O c 7933 4 r 54 t if Q Yu 0. 72' .. . nga. 5 K. : 'lhq,, .their l ' ii-.E mufillgi , fwsf ' . 'unix ni With-Ng. una ' mvkiiba, huh. dir an :HH naillliil . Subd! Sake-11935 fu . a3'tiH5F', tfonimia H9 .- Tarty! ', n al 33 , Q U55 kr 75,51 t.. f-if ln? f amazes Class Prophcecc Excerpts from the Records of the Law Concern of Chapman and XVil1ard for the Fiscal Year 1943. s Jafrmary 5: Attempt to settle out of court the alimony claims of Mrs. Harlan A. YVood, Jr., Cthe former Miss Helen NVarnerD. No agreement reached. Mrs. XVood planning to take case to court. January 13: Case won for defendants, the trustees of the Illynovia Steamship Co. Miss Elizabeth Hazen, Miss Catherine Kaminski, Miss Avis Burrows and Miss Louise Capen sued for damages to the rocket ship of Miss Rebecca Ferrier and Miss Margaret Fuller, when their rocket ship collided with the lllynovia Company's ship, Mermaid J a-rmary 26: Case won for the defendant, Miss Elizabeth Barton's butler, Mr. Dominic Cicia, sued by Miss Barton for 31,000 for injuries received when aforesaid butler dropped bowl of soup on Miss Barton's foot. February 10: Judgment secured against President Louise Warner, Vice Presi- dent Jessie YVoodbury, and Treasurer Esther Visgaitis of the Sunderland Society for Prohibition of Tobacco for publications injuring the trade of the Connecticut Valley Growers, Inc., owners: Mr. Michael Pewatka, Mr. Herman Dihlmann and Mr. Michael Plaza. February 23: Judgment secured against Mr. Vincent Raymond Lampron and his Royal Acadians for infringement of copyright claims of that famous writer of love melody, Mr. Squier Munson, in connection with his latest song hit, Here it is Monday and I still got a Headache. March 14: Judgment secured against defendants, policewomen of 'theRStat9 of Massachusetts, Misses Elizabeth Rak, Dorothy Robinson, JU1121 03435 and Lilyan Rosebush, charged with embezzlement of government funds Y our attorney for State Auditor, Miss Sophie Mitchel- March 24: Judgment secured against Mr. Edwin Moore for damages under' gone by Mr.DJohn Olanyk when hit by Mr. Moore'S bicycle- April 12: Judgment secured against Miss Florence Pettijolgnoggd Miss Evelyn A. Newport for evasion of tariff on Irish laces. Fine Sl , l . April 20: Mrs. Harlan A. VVood, Jr., takes case to court, loses and appea S Case to come up at some unknown date in the future. c 7933 f M Leo Crowley CSiX-Gun Crowleyy acquitted on charge of causing TI 18: 1'- . . I ay 1-Vous Shocks to his wife and various guests at bridge party. Among ne - ' - . P bertson, Miss Jessie Boron, Miss Ann Wy- Vlgnms were: Miss Chailotte 10 socki Miss Ruth Martin and Miss Gladys Main. F ir cases lost to District Attorney Charles Crossman against Mrs. May 21: oi 1 Bing Crosby fthe former Miss Margaret Adamsj, Mrs. Clark Gable tthe former Miss Virginia Gravesj, Mrs. Ben Turpin Qthe former Miss Florence Kentfieldj and Mrs. Jackie Coogan fthe former Miss Elizabeth Gravesj. All four cases charged abusive treatment of husbands. Juue 9: Judgment secured against the Hastings Evening News for libel. Mr. Allerton G. Smith sued the News for false publications concerning his election to the All American for 1943. Juue 18: Won for Miss Eleanor Bukoski, case against Miss Minnie Kuzmeski and Miss Ruth Ashley, case of trade-mark claims. It was finally proved that Miss Bukoski was the original inventor of the No-snap suspenders. Miss Kuzmeski and Miss Ashley claimed title to the invention. Donald Jackson of the Jackson Drygoods Corp., acquitted July 20: President on the claims of employees for damages received by them during the strike eneral attack was launched on President Jackson. The com- plainants were: Miss Lillian Lovern, Miss Lillian Logan, Miss Anna Kelley, Miss Gertrude Kelley and Miss Sophie Gervickas. QMr. Jackson's case in which a g was won on the grounds of self-defensej July 29: Alimony case of Mrs. Harlan A. Wood, Jr., for the second time presented in court. Case postponed for later date in order to secure more evidence. August 9: Judgment secured against Miss Margaret Deady for encouraging her Pekinese lap-dog to attack Miss Barbara Crosby and Miss Roselyn Lannon. August 17: Defendant, Miss Catherine O'Neil, acquitted on charge by M. G. M. Pictures, Inc., of impersonating Zazu Pitts. September 7: Case won for complainant, District Attorney Seass, who secured Judgment against Mr. Gordon Moody for continued disturbance of the peace. CSentenced to four and one-half years in Sing Sing.D September 10: Defendant, Mr. Edgar Beaumont, acquitted on charge of driv- ing his rocket ship in a manner such as to endanger the lives of the public. Charge presented by the registrar of rocket ships, Mr. Edward Cliarron. 0Cf0lJT1'.2.' Judgment secured against Senator Alfred Planting for libel. Com- P amant, Rev. JOhn S. Gralenski, sued for 310,000 Planting used untrue and lmPT0P61n statements during debate with the Bev. on the age-old question of prohibition. s 7933 2 7 ol' Mar i wld l ef Jul bf' 9' fl pil WN' Qi BI If Dun fi 11 F c Deus 1 Dm Dfc D64 E F Wx hw Ulm S 1 'U Wy. if like .omg fmsl. f libel ffm!!! lllldl proved lenders l quitted e strke me em Kelley. l'StlS! f rdtilf RMU ' MW if il l. 5 I . I ,V ,. l H1 1. r I P 1,G.1L ll of the .,. . il uf Fl PM it W' 5. -Md I Z ff i l l October 19: Judgment secured against Buck Wheaton, Texas rancher, in divorce suit by Miss Nellie Rodswell. November 9: Lost to attorneys of the Strand Vaudeville Promoters, case against acrobatic dancer, Miss Margaret Kuzmeski, and her assistants, Miss Julia Kzcowski and Miss Thelma Martin. Miss Kuzmeski charged with breaking contract and assistants confronted with lighter charges for the same offense. Case won for Mr. Robert Holdsworth charged with permitting his pet police dog to frighten Miss Priscilla Darling's Pekinese. November 21: Mr. Stanley Bernotos sentenced to three years, charged with stealing one angora cat, three pet mice, and ten trained fleas, property of Miss Charlotte Page, Miss Elizabeth Lowell and Miss Barbara Welles. It is charged that Bernotos demanded 35,000 ransom. December 10: Settled out of court, demands of Senorita Vinceta Zorahayda from Secretary of State, Daniel Tillotson, for slander. The Senorita Cknown to intimate friends as Miss Juliet Shawl claime.d that Tillotson had said publicly at a banquet at the home of the attorney.-general that the Sen- orita's dancing reminded him of his Chinese laundryman wringing out shirts. Tillotson settled for S500,000 to avoid publicity. December 19: Lost to Mr. Arthur Avery, a case against Dorothy Mallory, charged with misuse of copyrights of Mr. Avery's Review of English Poets Through 1933. , December 22: Judgment secured against Attorney John Willard for seeking to nullify Mr. Allen Larned's franchise for Amherst 'Lighting Company. December 28: Miss Helen Sullivan has secured damages amounting to fifty dollars from Frank Hanieski. Mr. Hanieskils Austin car knocked her down and entirely ruined her new Easter bonnet. - Deeember 295 Mrs. Harlan A. Wood, Jr., withdrew complaints and left for California with Mr. Wood. t 7 93 3 fw fm -f-ve' Most Popular Girl. Most Popular Boy.. Best Dancer-Girl.. Best Dancer-Boy.. Most Brilliant Girl .......... ....... ' Most Brilliant Boy.. Teacher's Pet t......... Teacheris Pest ........ Best Looking Girl.. Best Looking Boy.. Girl Most Likely to Succeed ........ Boy Most Likely to Succeed ........,. Fashion Plate .......... Bluff ................t....... Heartbreaker Girl.. Heartbreaker Boy ......... aWQ3HWw Class Ballot '93 As we see tkeni Florence Kentfield Harlan iWood Priscilla Darling Squier Munson Barbara Welles Daniel Tillotson Arthur Avery Gordon Moody Elizabeth Lowell Donald Jackson Eleanor Bukoski John Willard Margaret Deady John Willard Juliet Shaw Squier Munson . at 7933 As the Faculty sees tliein Betty Barton Harlan Wood Juliet Shaw John Willard Barbara Welles Daniel Tillotson Daniel Tillotson Gordon Moody Sophie Mitchell Donald Jackson Eleanor Bukoski Harlan Wood Margaret Deady Robert Holdsworth Juliet Shaw Squier Munson W l' HE 1 no d Cm lc I Pl I ln. Hua loft Bi! M 's N24 is Bus Ya NUM E 5-Q Miki Vhlgiz MQ. :QM Q Q'-ml zz'-Q N 1. hir H1 H2 f Ae? 0 W Junior Play fm HE fact that we chose a play with a namelike 4'Applesauce was no detriment to its success. This clever three-act comedy by Barry ' ' Conners was ably coached by Miss Ricker. The cast was as follows: Ma Robinson ----- MARGARET M. DEADY P61 R0bWl3l'77'b - - CHARLES A. PETERS, JR. . Mrs. Jennze Baldwin - ELEANOR I. BUKosK1 Hazel Robinson - - ELIZABETH S. BARTON Q Matt Mcflllzster - - HENRY A. CHAPMAN Bill Meflllzster ROBERT P. HOLDSWTORNTH, JR. Rollo Jenlnns ---- ROMAN R. SKIBICKI The Management 3, Stage Manager ----- GORDON Moonv Assistants - - BARBARA WELLES, JOHN VVILLARD ggi' Business Manager - - - ITARLAN Woon Faculty Adviser ----- STANLEY VVHITCHER V' Only the cast can remember the fun at the long and arduous rehearsals, and the excite- ment backstage the big night. Rehearsals were frequently interrupted by gales of laughter at ,ivy Miss R1CkG1'7S side remarks Qespecially during the love scenesb. The pictures Cliappiedrew 011 the blackboard while awaiting his cue, Bob's announcing himself with his own particular J brand of imitation motor horn, or Pa's elderly tones while snapping at Ma, or 'repriinandiilg V' Hafeb BTG me1HO1'l6S of rehearsals, but we all can remember Peggy in her becoming g1'9Y.11'1g, Pa s egaculations from behind his paper and the wicked gleam in Rollo1s eye as he twnleyd ' ' ' H red house dress, sitting on Bob S both cane and mustache. D1Cl11,t Betty look sweet in hei owe I . ' d 11119903 We all enjoyed snoopy Jennie Baldwin and gruff Uncle Matt's te1'1'1fY111g 111f11111ff1, 15111 last act, he bit 111t0 we will never forget the expression on Bob's,face as, at the end of the one of Betty's burnt biscuits. 7 3 iaaiii- .Y .Ln Y 1 thirty-One H712 60440519 GOIIOI Bug Stuff Editor-iii-Chief Assistant Editors Business Mcmafger Sports Editor - - - JUL-IET SHAW ELEANOR BUKOSKI, JOHN WILLARD HARLAN WOOD ARTHUR AVERY Typi-S58 - ELIZABETH GRAVES, REBECCA FERRIER Faculty Adlviser 7933 LUOIEE BAKER W f A ' PWM- 1 D . :Umm FXR: w .nt '! , . -r T. 1 fr in FM ffflwfllu ,HMM NN. wi N ,ff The Groiplhniicc S usual this year we turned out three literary magazines and three Dilpers. The Graphic stat? got together and went to the WV. M. L. S. P. . conventions. at Springfield and at Stafford Springs. Wle learned many Things about publications and had a fine time socially. The was headed by Robert Holdsworth, with VVillian1 Stifler as assistant editor. The department editors were Elizabeth Rak, art, Georgianna Davis, exchange, Charlotte Page, essays, Helen VVarner, news, Juliet Shaw, POQUGYS Miflllael Pewatka, jokes, Edward Morin, sports, Gordon Moody, short stories. The business was ably managed by Harlan VVood and Dan Tillotson, and the typists were Florence Kenttield and Jessie Boron. Class reporters were: Senior, Sqllier Munson, Junior, Fred Sieversg Sophomore, Milton Stafford, and FTQSl'1men, Harding Jenkins. Donald Jackson filled the position as critic. Miss Giles was the faculty adviser. 7 9 3 3 th irty-three Trii S Officers President ............. ................. .....,- H 6 1671 WGVWGV Vice President ..,,,.. .........e H elen Keedy Secretary .............. ......... D orotliy MOVZGZI Treasurer e...........,,........................ ...... M CHWOW Giwiness Chairman of Sports Section ...,.. ..,... E Zeanor Morin Cliairnian of Service Section ......... ........ H GZQW KGGCZQLI Chairman of Social Section ........ .....A. ............. ......... J i i iliet Shaw HE TRI-S keeps growing bigger and better every year. This year has been a successful and happy one. The Service Section filled Thanks- giving baskets, sang carols, distributed cards at Christmas time, and helped the Welfare by making clothing. The Sports Section sponsored the basketball tournament and all other Athletic events for girls. A hot-dog roast, an overnight hike, a tea, and the TRI-S Prom Were carried out successfully by the Social Section. 793 3 'H v .v 's ,fav WVU - rv ATI HIM, Kham mil. 'Nm Hin -.,: f up 1 0 E JY J Ojjicers P7 esbdem -- '-'A-'A--'-- ................ .......,. R 0 bert Holdsworth ff' Vice President ......... .,......... H a-vlan W'00d 3 SQCWWVU -'-'..-.-..- ......., D a-mel Tillotson HQSMWUW --'---f'- ....... A rthur Avery 4 fi, HE club enjoyed a successful season this year, under the leadership pf' ' of Mr. Keiler and Robert Holdsworth. The meetings were held weekly at the Jones Library with occasional banquets at the High School. A moving picture show was sponsored by the club With the help of Mr. vfgi' Barrett of M. S. C. ' Q A y vu' .X 1,2 :di X, 7933f tmw ,i1. The ehccnting Club HE Debating Club organized this year with Mr. Gleason as coach and the following officers: President .............. ..,..... J uliet Shaw Vice President ........ ......, J olm Gralenslffi Secretary ..............................,.....,....................,........ .,....... B etty M aehmeo' The usual interclass debates resulted in victory for the Sophomore Class, and second place for the Junior Class. At Hopkins Academy, our school team upheld the negative side and received the judges' decision on the question: Resolved, that all debts contracted between nations as a result of the World War should be cancelledf, Although the group was small, the year has been successful for the Debating Club. 7933 thirty-six 722 QOH mug gs Drumoltics Cluh Officers Pwsldml --4-v-'-- ............,.... ......... H e Zen Keedy Vice Plaesldml --'----'-A ............. J ulfiet Shaw SeClqelwy-Twaszcreo' ..,..AA ......, L eopold LeCZair Faculty 141511253990 ...... ....... L ucvlle Baker E have had much real fun this year. Besides the usual plays, we had lessons in make-up, directing and casting of plays. We present- ed a Thanksgiving program. At Christmas We had carol singing Hrld presented a play entitled Community Christmas. Cur presentation in the Intersehool Play Contest was Two Crooks and a Lady. The Club t t which the Seniors won with SPOI1sored, as usual, the lnterclass Play Con es, the play, t'Elizabeth's Young Man. t 793 3 t e.i7QQ05lmU9 l ro Merito Oyjieers President ..........A... .............,., ......... B a ibava Welles Vice President ........ .......... C' hculotte Page Secretary ...,....... .A....... E lecmoo Bukeslw Rebecca Ferrier Margaret Fuller Elizabeth Graves Virginia Graves Senior Members Margaret Kuzmeski Edwin Moore thirty-eight 7933 Gordon Moody Julia Rogers Nellie Rodzwell Juliet Shaw Daniel Tillotson Louise Warner Rwaaamwg llioolthoill HE 1932 football season of Amherst High School was completed on the successful side of the ledger. Through the medium of a strong line, one of the best in the valley, and a strong defensive backfield, Amherst in as defeated but once and annexed three victories and two ties. The fact that the goal line nas crossed but twice marks the strength of the Amherst team. FOOTBALL SCHEDULE AMHERST AM HERST AMHERST ALMHERST AMHERST AMHERST TURNERS FALLS SOUTH HADLEY PALMER SOUTH DEERFIELD NORTHAMPTON ARMs 7933 thirty-nine as 7HQv5lQ7uyQ----- Basketball HE 1933 basketball season of Amherst High School was completed with almost half of our games in the Win Column. One bright feature of our season was the fact that We were in the lead in the third quarter of every game this year, with the exception of our game at the Massa- chusetts State College tournament when we were defeated by Turners Falls, the tournament winners, after a hard uphill battle. We finished fourth in the Hampshire League. THE BASKETBALL RESULTS AMHERST 29 ALUMNI 24 ALIHERST 27 SMITH ACADEMY 33 AMHERST 42 ARMS ACADEMY 18 AMHERST 23 SCUTH DEERFIELD 27 AMHERsT 26 SOUTH HADLEY 16 AMHERST 24 SMITH ACADEMY 26 AMHERST 16 SOUTH DEERFIELD 22 AMHERST 27 SCUTH HADLEY 14 AMHERST 25 SMITH SCHOOL 18 AMHERST 35 ARMs ACADEMY 27 AMIIERST 21 SMITH SCHooL 20 AMHERST 18 HOPKINS 22 AMHERST 18 TURNERS FALLS 23 C7933 -'i ' orty va gaeaaga sl t as F553 1 Migl- ia- li I 1' it -r sr P' I J ri is f'f F'j, Il i Il.: ji-' 24 B Y 3? If Fi 5 2-' H E9 5 9 5' 9 M .,-.37 - fX'4 s 71,3 , M, -,R Y' 4' I April CC ll May KC KC CC ll933 Baseball TARTING the 1933 baseball season with a host of veterans, Amherst High hopes to break the jinx that has followed our baseball team for the last few years. Amherst is in the Hampshire League again, but due to a division of the league we have had to charter a good many out- side teams to balance our schedule. SCHEDULE Northampton, at home May 19 Orange, at home 23 Arms, away ' 26 Deerfield Acad., Znds, away ' 29 South Hadley, at home H 31 Hopkins Academy, away JUT19 2 ff 6 Orange, away 7933 Easthampton, at home South Hadley, away Hopkins, at home Sp'fld Commercial, away Sp'fld Technical, away Easthampton, away Arms, at home forty-one 531- QWQWW5 rvagraaty Orelhiesitrcoi Personnel DIRECTOR, MR. MARK TARLOW VIOLINS Richard Schoonmaker, Conggrtmaster Frances Corry Frank LeDoyt Thelma Perry Gullfofd Hanks Lucy Lampron Richard Piirhra Helen Holt Helen Magrath Genevieve Shaw James Shea VIOLAS Thelma Madden Howard Mitchell CELLO Florence MacDonald Briss VIOL ' Louise Parker FLUTE Elizabeth Banta CLARINETS Florence Kentiield Nelson Julian Norman Schoonmaker BASSOON Ferol Glick TRUMPETS J Edgar Beaumont Charles Branch Robert Everson Richard Muller Martin Smith . DRUMs Emil Dihlmann TYMPANI Donald Hastings Harlan HOW-ard PIANO Virginia Pushee Eleanm' Wood Wooo WIND Elizabeth Banta ...........,... T ........... Flute Norman Schoonmaker .. 2nd Clarinet Nelson Julian .................. lst Clarinet Ferol Glick ...,..........................i Bassoon STRING QUARTET Richard Schoonmaker ,....... Ist Violin Thelma Madden .......... ,.... V iota Guilford Hanks ..,,......, era Violin Florence MacDonald r-..-'- ..--i.r-. 0 0110 7933 forty-three I CQ . QfM2ugA........- UN ITY PRESS, INC- f?-gy 25.2-242 5 FFOLK ST. H 0 M11 LYQK , MASS- fevs O! fAis mrzifroial AMHERST APPLE COLD STORAGE CO COLD STORAGE FACILITIES -.sf HOWARD WESSON - New Englancl's Largest College Annual Designers and Engravers . Engravers for . this Book HOWARD-WESSON CO. Artists and Makers ol Fine Printing Plates Q4 Portland Shu! fprinlers Building, WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS forty-f OUT KING PHILIP APPLE STORE, INC. FARM PRODUCE Compliments 0 f VA N 'S 7933 ' ' For PHOTOGRAPHS that are guaranteed to please you, go to KIINSMANS STUDIO MAIN S Specialist in College and School Photograph Work TREET : : : : AMI-IERST I QWQWWWWQ Autographs WW 7933 - WQUWQWQ Autographs ----- 1933 W QWQWWWWG Autographs 11?- 7933 he T-sri , i A 1 Q I F N n, ,

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