Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA)

 - Class of 1930

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v I I x r ' A ' 1 A F. W 13 K E 3 E K 1 x A X x fr I E 4 I 3 N . F v E 1 - 1 A a I I 5 i E L I X, Q. if i L 1 E+ 14 i 5 i 13 3 I U 3 i Q, il 5 N . I W 1 E V 5 w S 1 I 1 i T I f 2 4 Q a 3 ' l i I 3 1 i ' u K I ? ' 4 1 Q . .- .4 E 5 E 4 51 E. A! 5 5 Z3 51 ,.o Ei Q u 'K L. S fs 9' 2 v la , A,- I vf- M: FY ..r,. ,QT " QW A S',.a ' , ' .,, . ,.1,, , J- JVM- 1-1M 7 .f 2. ,.. N .f ' K!! AI .: X rf I -S: 1: 'f'f:'f': :xg svzeg-P-riinif 1. .QW illwilh' 'L , . ,.: J - ,-. ,W , .... -H ,:- 'Ya - ..,K-..,L., 1 A, ,,..x, X ,.,. ... .. 5 :' rf' 1. ,f 5' 0 'Q - ' 5 :F 3 'vi T! 1 A , : Q gi 1 2 - f Q T :Eg 1 . K. A..J. -f 5.5 LJ ,Je 'ij ' LZ . -:big 7"- ' ' ' 'I 5- 'L 11' '3' 1: 2. 'Lag -5- w- 2 H - ' 5 'Q' 4 Q f 3-SE-Q ?ax..?'f' f NRTFT f ! 1 A 2, ini 1 2 Lf ,Lg 5. M: b Y I5 M H f' iiflif 'J' 'M HA- W :H-7: s --1+ fr' T Ac: - . if pl , .14 -s, G 4. 1 'e-Tb ,. 'm l ff b '73 LPC 50:3 ,' 4- t iz' L ,. 1, - , as . !,f, l giwfff' "9-"'if ' 'jr A,A, x ' 'H , ,-1' , 5,- 1. - r ,' . L ' 251. 5 5: -1- ' ' 1 1 g g , ' 'gwyimifirl ' 'ill - j'xQe5 U ---ff, 2? ' T-' :jvaw lv -V ' fig. ,,, .. A . E2 f fi . " 4. 'LE".?g.' ff 5775 'I wg W A if 2 47 'T -' .ali ' Y". 5.2: J iff. -ff:-,, i 3" Q K. . ., , " ' "'V 414, 1 tj.-it gif? 1, " , , sa . f: 5 QV", . Q: ' QM-5 -' 31 ' 'E -r 'x '-' 1: 'E - ' 7 E ML 455 5' -T iff ff - f af, if' 1 1 3- -1' ,U -1,- M 3, RBD? li ' V fi ' 'Fil ' La' 251 , WY.- -" V "'VLfE'T.....-" agQQ1ufft"-k' n,11J51wm--M-V. -U-gp.. -Y-vm , XM if 1 l W 523, w , v E .P ig lhigxka of o 9'1" 9 af? 1 - K K - 1 - 1 N fd H I my ' I 1 X V, c. f' A fm 5 KS 7 s I 1 , R X Q - - - - 2 I - I - ' K 2 - - - - - - K - - K - - - N - lv, .-'.-49:1 ff'-44h f-yi mf ff '54 ka' '3 H V ,-Q ,- ,. gix .., M., ,l, , , ' vm 1 gk A L-A '.-. ,-: gi 5 l Qi A? iff fts if fgq ' z uk: .-V: Q. 'P :Ki , J, .fl- Z 11 Y X Q. 5 M r ,X Y I x ' l IA Qs xl , , V, El X l A y 5 + if 56 J J N Q Li s 1 ff ilk L 'i I , la 9 3 iz I ,J 5 rat' f l 1 5' g I 1 P 5 I I f 1 I S ! I H I 'C R :xl X C x n 1 I . QQ?-..F, , '- Qfze Qgola' Wag - - -- To Ralph Warner Haskins HO, because grits sz'neerz'tj1,frz'e7ta7.f6zL0 e ana' patient gztialaftee, has tea' tts to bzlgker and better stafmlarciv, tfze efasx gf 1930, gfacfty alealiecztes tfzzlv, our book, Tfze gala' fag. ... - ..Qg3B6- Z Q66 QQUM Wag J N I 4 JL , Xslf s M uw X X 'R L,-PACK A Y QMHQ - - Q66 QGOM Wag gala rang Staff Editor-in-Chief. . . . .... .... ....... . . .Howard Sievers f Edward Hill Affociate Editors.. . . . . . Vernon Watson Lucille Morrison Barbara Keedy Art Editor ........... .... L awrence Packard Adoertifing Manager. . . ....... Ruth Hintze Athletic! Editor ..... ....... H enry Landis Buxinerf Managfr .... .... E dward Markert Typirt ....... ................................................ A ngie Krieski ELL, here it is at last, the longed for book, our famous Gold Bug! The stall never thought it would live to see it in print. Did you know that during the making of this our Editor-in-Chief attempted to commit suicide because-well because either everything turned out wrong or nothing turned out right! For seconds we thought he had succeeded, but-no, he wasn"t quite clever enough. That was one time we were glad his cleverness failed him. Treat this book with the utmost care and don't forget that it represents four successful and happy years in Amherst High. 1l ,Cal5lf9 Q Q66 QGQM Wug HOWARD RALPH SIEVERS ccMarysa Mishicot, Wis., May 18, 1912. Future: College. Class President 4, Gold Bug Stall CEditor-in-Chiefj, Junior Play Cstage managerj, Senior Reception Commit- tee 3, Football 3, 4 Qvarsityj, Basketball 3, 4 Cvarsityl, Baseball 3, 4 Qvarsityj, A. H. S. A. A. 3, 4, Dramatic Club 4, Class Play Cast 4, Hi Y Club, Vice President of Science Club 3. Athletic, Capable, Honest, and above all Popular! Yes, we could add a great many more complimentary adjectives, but though Howard is modest we mustn't "let him in on all the nice things we know about him." We all extend our deepest appreciation and thanks to you, Mr. President for your limitless hours and untiring efforts to make our class a Uheadlinerf' EDWARD R. MARKERT "Eddie,' Holyoke, lV1ass., March 21, 1912. Future: Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Class President 3, Vice-President 1, 2, 4, Gold Bug Staff CBusiness Managerl, Graphic Staff 3, Editor 4, Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Play Cast 3, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, String Quartet 4, Class Football 1, 2, Class Basketball 1, 2, A. H. S. A. A. 1, 2, 4, Debating 3, 4, Dramatics 3, Class Play, Hi-Y Club 4. Youive heard of a blushing rose. Well, we don't mean to insinuate that 4'Ed,' has rose-like qualities but-have you ever watched him in the process of blushing-upon-blushes, and then some. Be it as it may, "Eddie" has blushed his way into popularity and proved himself a most courteous fellow classmate. LUCILLE WINTER MORRISON Leverett, Mass., September 11, 1912. Future: North Adams Normal. Class Secretary and Treasurer 4, Gold Bug Staff 4, Graphic Staff 3, 4, Student Council 3, 4, Junior Play Cast, Prize Speaking 3, Chorus 1, 2, 4, A. H. S. A. A. 2, 3, 4, Debating 3, 4, Dramatic Club 3, 4, Senior Class Play, Girls' Club 3, 4. Lucille is a quiet but popular girl. She has worked for the class in a quiet manner. Much of the success for the Junior Play was due to her ability and hard work. We all wish her success. 621610 -3 ' Q66 QGUM wang , 0 . . HOWARD WILLIAM ATKINS Springfield. lXiIass., July 7, 1912. Future: Worcester Tech. A. H. S. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Who is that tall, quiet-looking fellow? Don't U no!! That is our math genius. We are certain that Howard will , succeed in most any profession and he has our heartiest wishes. HELEN BIAS Amherst, Mass., August 17, 1912. Future: Westfield Normal. Girls' Club 1: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 A. H. S. A. A. 2, 4. We don't expect those who make the most noise to do the greatest things. Helen may appear quiet and reserved but she is full of fun and eager to do anything for the good of her friends. -I MARGARET MARIE BIAS 66PKg77 Amherst, lX4ass., January 9, 1914. Future: Westfield Normal. Girls' Club lg Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: A. H. S. A. A. 1, 2. The girl who keeps us posted on the styles. Do you read the fashion plate every night? Peg is a small, self-contained girl Who always seems to get good marks with the minimum oi effort. We Wish her luck in her future education. GWIQ GEM' Q60ld wug ' HELEN KATHERINE BOGUSLAWSKI CS3ud77 i6L1:ll-vi? Amherst, lX4ass., November 2, 1912. Future: Westchester Training School. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, A. H. S. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 3, 4g Girls, Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Helen plus Theresa equals Harmony personified. Helen minus her "inseparable" would be like a ship without a sail. These two girls are partners in everything even so far as going to study heart beats Cnursingj and all that!!! FRANCES LYDIA BOYDEN Pelham, Mass., September 25, 1912. Future: Undecided. Frances believes in being seen and not heard. You cer- tainly live up to your belief. If more of us were like you, Frances, I'm positive we'd all be Wiser. WILLIAM FREDERICK CASEY Tareytown, N. Y., August 14, 1912. Future: Bay Path. Basketball CClassj 4g Football CClassl 1, 25 Dramatic Club 1, 2, Stamp Club 2, 35 Chorus 2. Bill's overhand throws on the basketball court were the sensation of the senior basketball team. We are sure that Bill will be a sensation wherever he goes. You have been like a tonic to us all year when we were blue, Bill. 91816 Q66 960141 Wag JOSEPH CONKLIN V6CC0nk3l77 Leverett, Mass., February 3, 1912. Future: Undecided. Joseph lives in Leverett so has not been able to engage in many extra-curricular activities but we know that he would support them if he could. He is always ready to help any and everybody and is never known to be sad. ANNE MABELLA CRANDLEMERE Sunapee, New Hampshire, September 24, 1911. Future: Undecided. Girls' Club 3, 4. When you see a little girl hurrying down the corridor working her jaws in order to keep time with her feet, you will know it is Anne with her cheerful grin and merry, "Hello Everybodyf, JOHN RICE DECKER 6I,laCk77 Winnipeg, Canada, January 9, 1911. Future: Nlass. Radio School. Chorus 4, Dramatic Club President 4, Senior Play Man- ager, Science Club 3. So Jack is going to a radio school. We certainly wish him a lot of sucess though we know it's needless for with his good humor, Jack could get by anywhere. 61916 sf' " Qin' Qgold Wag GENIVIEVE MARGARET DOLEVA "Ginger" Amherst, 1X4ass., November 9, 1912. Future: Stenographer. A. H. S. A. A. 2, 3, 4, Girls, Club 2. "Gen" certainly doesn't live up to her name of "Ginger," It should have been "Sugar" instead because she is such a sweet little thing! KATHLEEN GOWDY Uganda, Africa, September 23, 1912. Girls' Club 3, 4, Tennis 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4. Our class if continental. Kathleen hails from Africa. That alone suggests roaring lions and all that, but We couldn't think of a comparison. Instead, "Kath', is a very quiet and reserved little "Miss" and a delight to those who do get to know her. VERNE HARVEY North Amherst, Mass., April 25, 1913. Future: M. A. C. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, A. H. S. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 2, 4, Girls' Club 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3. Verne is one of the smallest members of our class but she possesses the native ability to accomplish great things. She is characterized by her bright, happy chuckle in French class and all around school. Keep up the chuckle, we hope it will help you along later as it has in A. H. S. 911010 ' Q66 QGUM Wag MIRIAM HATCH "Minn Barrington, R. I., December 4, 1913. Future: Undecided. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, A. H. S. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 1, 2, 4, Girls, Club 1, 2, 3, 4 fSecretaryj CTreasurer 35, Tennis 1, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 CCaptain 3D. "Anyone gloomy around here?,, If so, just go to Min and she,ll give you a good dose of sunshine. She thinks she,d like to be a gym teacher and we certainly Wish her all success. EDWARD LYMAN HILL i4Ed77 IC Amherst, Mass., July 18, 1912. Future: Dartmouth. Gold Bug Staff, Graphic Staff 4, Junior Play Business 1N4anager, Senior Reception Committee, Chorus 1, 2, Grchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Football CC1assD 1, 2, Basketball fClassD 1, 2, 3, 4, Football Manager 4, A. H. S. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Play Cast, Stamp Club 3, Hi-Y Club 4. "Edu is one of the most studious fellows in the class and being a bit bashful is never heard to speak out of turn. We know that his scientific desires Will be fulfilled. RUTH ELIZABETH HINTZE 6CMutZ79 Providence, R. 1., 1V1arch 23, 1912. Future: College. p Gold Bub Staff,4 CAdvertising Managed, Graphic Staff 4, Junior Dance Committee 3, Senior Dance Committee 4 CChairmanQ, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4 QLib- rarianj, Glee Club 1, 3, 4, String Quartet 4, A. H. S. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 1, 2, 3, 4 CVice Presidentj, Girls, Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Tennis 1 Champion 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, Captain 1, 2, Girls, Club Dance Committee 3 CChairmanD. It is to Ruth that We owe much of the success of our class. She has been an earnest Worker in all class activities. Her athletic and scholastic abilities have helped Win many points for the Stowell Cup. We all hope for your success, Ruth. GTHHQ Q66 Q60!d Wag ' MARJORIE ALICE HUBBARD "Marge" Sunderland, Mass., December 31, 1912. Future: Framingham Normal. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 A. H. S. A. A. 1, 2, Girls' Club 1, 2, 3, 4. On first appearance you'd certainly say she was a quiet little girl but just get her going. Marge pretends to get cross but she never succeeds in staying so for two minutes. BARBARA SEARLE KEEDY 6C'B0b,7 6C'Barb37 Amherst, Mass., July 27, 1912. Future: Northfield Seminary. Gold Bug Staff CAssistant Editorlg Graphic Staff 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, A. H. S. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club Treasurer 3, Girls' Club 1, 2, Vice-President 3, President 4, Tennis 2, Basketball 4. We don't know what we would do without Barbara. She is always starting something and her merry laugh may be heard wherever she is. She is straightforward, fearless, and somewhat blunt at times but we like her all the more because of it. If you want anything from Mr. Brown ask Barbara and she will surely get it for you. LESLIE CGLLIS KIMBALL HLgt77 Belchertown, Mass., September 17, 1913. 1"uture: College. Chorus lg Baseball 4, A. H. S. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. 'fLet" is a good student but is never too busy to give you a helping hand when you are in a particularly difficult position. He works hard and makes the most of his oppor- tunities but loves to joke in his serious way. The world needs more of his type. ' 951216 35566 QG0!a' Wag FRANCESE MAY KING KC'Bunny79 South Amherst, Mass., January 8, 1912. Future: Nurse. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 45 A. H. S. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Club 1. Although "Bunny,' is a shy little maid she has made many friends in A. H. S. Her soft laugh and easy manner will certainly make her a successful nurse. GENEIVIEVE GILDA KOSAKOWSKI Hfenvziev Amherst, Mass., April 12, 1913. Future: Keene Normal, N. Y. Junior Dance Committee 3, Senior Dance Committee 4, Senior Reception Committee 3, Girls' Club Dance Com- mittee 3g Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Club 1, 2, 3, Tennis 2, 3. The teaching ranks of the future will certainly be pleased to initiate Jennie into their "Pedogogical order." We know she will make good and we hope she Won't be too hard on the pupils. Best of luck to you. ANNA PRISCILLA KOSLOSKY "Chicleie" Sunderland, Mass., April 17, 1912. Future: Salem Normal. Graphic Staff 43 Pro Meritog Chorus 2, 3, 4, A. H. S. A. A. 2, 45 Dramatics 4 CTreasurerDg Girls' Club 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball 2g History prize, Valedictorian. "Chickie" surely takes all the scholastic laurels of the 1930 class. After four years of hard studying you have deserved them. We often wish we knew you as Well as Angie does. 611310 1 J Q56 Qgold Wag - -- ANGIE IRENE KRIESKI CGCur!y79 Sunderland, Mass., April 12, 1913. Future: Salem Normal. Gold Bug Staff, Graphic 4, Pro Meritog Chorus 2, 4, A. H. S. A. A, 1, 2, 3, 45 Dramatics 45 Girls, Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Salutatorian. When you feel all down and out don't give up hope, just let Angie give you a smile and you Will feel better at once. She is the other partner in the famous Koslosky-Krieski combination. KAROL JOSEPH KUCINSKI Amherst, Mass., October 21, 1911. Future: Massachusetts Agricultural College. Chorus 3, Glee Club 3, 4, Basketball CClassD 1, 2, 3, 4, A. H. S. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 35 Science Club 3. Karol is one of our sheiks and how the girls would love him if he only would give them a chance. Tough break, girls! Karol is also noted for his brilliancy in Chemistry and We prophesy that he would make a great teacher. ALBERT BROUDY LANDIS f'Zoole" ".4rbie" Amherst, Mass., February 14, 1913. Future: College. Football CClassD 1, 2, Basketball CClassD 1, 2, Football 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, A. H. S. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Dramatics Club 4. '4Zook,' is one of our greatest kidders, but for all his laughing exterior he is serious at times. We all love him and hope he will make many friends and few enemies in the years to come. Gf14lf9 I I 9 ' Qin' Qgold Qing HENRY ARTHUR LANDIS C! IQIen77 CiDin67l Amherst, Mass., November 5, 1911. Future: College. Class Vice-President 35 Junior Play Manager, Football CClassD 1, 2, Basketball CClassJ 1, 2, Football 3, 4 CCaptain 41, Basketball 3, 4 CCaptain 4Q, Baseball 3, 4 CCaptain 4D, A. H. S. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 4. I-Iere's to our all around athlete and Captain of three sports. Henry is the punch on any team and with his good sportsmanship and clever playing he has shown himself to be a master. Besides being a successful athlete he has also proved to be an actor of some talent. I-Ie gave us a real break by being in the class play this year. Good luck to you, "Dine" . WILLIAM JOHN LANDRY CKLOYIKH Amherst, Mass., November 18, 1910. Future: College. Chorus 1, 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1 CClassD, Basketball 4 Cvarsitylg Baseball 3, 4. "Love's" smile has become a familiar sight about Amherst High, especially in Rooms 8 and 9. We will miss it next year and know that others will enjoy it. KATHLEEN LOUISE LANNON " Bfzzyv North Amherst, Mass., February 22, 1913. Future: Bay Path. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club lg A. I-I. S. A. 2, Girls' Club 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3. Wherever L'Betty', is, one is always certain to have heaps of fun. She brightens up our class. Say, Won't the school miss you when it comes to recess dancing next year? Even though the piano was old, "Betty" you could make it play!! 011516 Q Qin QGUM Wag 5 I KATHERINE MAE LUBAS , " Katyl' Waterbury, Conn., May 28, 1913. Future: Stenographer. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, A. H. S. A. A. 3, 4, Girls' Club 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2. Oh, Katy! how did you do this line: "Et comment rendre ce qu'ils nettent de dedain?" After a few minutes puzzling, she has a fine translation for it. It is a delight to go to 4'Katy" with our problems for she is always so willing to help us in her cheery way. JAMES MACKIMMIE CCJim77 Amherst, Mass., September 25, 1911. Future: Undecided. Junior Play Cast, Senior Dance Committee, Football CClassD 1, 2, Basketball CClassj 15 Football 4, Basket- ball 3, 4, Baseball 3, 45 Class Play Cast 4. "Jim" is always sleeping in English class but just go to a basketball game! 'C-lim" is a quiet, dignified chap, but sometimes he forgets his reserve and a delightful smile spreads over his face. Gnly smile oftener, "Jim." NANCY JEAN MACKIMMIE North Amherst, Mass., May 26, 1913. Future: Undecided. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, A. 1-1. S. A. A. 1, 2, 35 Dramatics 1, 2, Girls' Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 3, 4. Jean, who has an inferiority complex in regard to her ability to play basketball, is a song bird of note. She lays it all to the brand of bird seed she reaches for instead of a sweet. 911616 I -- ---l-'X ' Q66 Qgold Wag HECTOR ROSS MACLEOD "Rub" ff ffm Holyoke, lN1ass., February 14, 1912. Future: Northeastern University. Graphic Staff CAdvertising Nlanagerjg Chorus 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Play Manager 3, Basketball CClassj 1, 2, 3, 4g A. H. S. A. A. 3, 45 Class Play Manager 4. "Bub" is our leaning post. He is always willing to take the job nobody else wants. He will move scenery, help you out at a dance, or help you with your Chemistry. His mischievous grin is so contagious that even Miss Baker smiles. Don't forget to Wear that smile '4Bub.', 1Ve would miss you Without it. T1-IERESA KATHERINE MADIGAN "IWacid1'e', "Fanny" Amherst, Mass., January 13, 1911. Future: Westcliester Training School. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g A. H. S. A. A. 1, 2,Dramatic Club 3,-1, Girls' Club 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. When c'Tessie" comes through the door, gloom lr, crowded out and "Miss Sunshinel' comes in to take pos- session of our spirits. Whether it be in the kitchen or the gym, "Pansy,' alwayf comes forth with a mighty right and proves that an arm is a little more than an ornament. ELINOR LEAK MATSKA North Amherst, Mass., October 4, 1912. Future: Springfield Hospital. Girls, Club l, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 4, A. H. S. A. A. 43 Basketball 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1. Behold the cook, the organist and the champ basketball playerll Which are you really going to be? We'll never forget Elinor, how you paved the Way to victory by looping those baskets in the inter-class games. Our only regret is that we haven't more like you. 911716 QM 960141 Qug MARY FANNING MOLINE Sunderland, Mass., October 26, 1913. Future: Colby Junior College. Junior Play, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, CCaptain 45, Tennis l, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 4, A. H. S. A. A. l, 2, 3, 4. "Hail-fellow-Well-met." That's Mary, one of the most popular girls of '30. And What a star as a basketball for- ward!! Friendliness, helpfulness, and feminine charm all combine to make her one who will be long remembered by her friends. EDWARD LAWRENCE PACKARD Northampton, Mass., November 15, 1912. Future: Undecided. Pro Meritog Chorus 4, Hi-Y 4, Debating 4 CClass and Varsityl. Gold Bug Staff. Even though you have been with our happy throng but a year, you have proved your merit by your loyal work on our debating team. We Wish you success in whatever career you choose, especially if you plan to be an aviator. MARY TERESA PAGE 66May59 Amherst, Mass., April 26, 1913. Future: M. A. C. Chorus 2, 3, A. H. S. A. A. 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 4, Girls' Club 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4. Mary, who is always busy, finds a delight in "making a basketw now and then or analyzing one of Miss Bakerls complex Cvery complexj sentences. Her sunny disposition and willingness to help others will surely aid her in success. 911816 I I - 3 ' Q5fze QGUIJ Wag HOWARD WEST PECKHAM Amherst, Mass., March 7, 1912. Future: Undecided. Junior Play-Manager, Science Club. Howard, our alchemist, is somewhat of a Don Juan. Have you not noticed the flowers of sulphur daintily ar- ranged on the lapel of his coat on his night out? LUELLA ISABELLA PETTIJOHN Amherst, Mass., January 25, 1912. Future: M. A. C. Graphic Stall' 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club lg A. H. S. A. A. 1, 2, Girls' Club 1. Miles of smiles, that's Luella. We have admired her charming personality since we first came to know her. A sunny disposition like hers will surely go a long, long way. We wish for her an abundance of joy and happiness where- ever she goes. RUTH PUSHEE Clpfllj-537 ilPufJy77 Northampton, Mass., May 28, 1913. Future: Massachusetts Agricultural College. Junior Play Cast, Junior Dance Committee, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 2, 2, 3, Treasurer 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, A. H. S. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Debating CClassJ 3, 4, Basket- ball 3, 4. Everyone will miss you, Pussy, when it comes around to Monday morning. You certainly know how to pep up those marches. With your all around interest in school activities and desire to help, we are sure of your success at M. A. C. 911916 Qin 536014Z Wag - - MILDRED ELLA sE1Tz 64Milly73 Pelham, Mass., June 22, 1912. Future: Undecided. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, A. H. S. A. A. 1, 2, Girls' Club 1, 2. "Milly" evidently believes in being seen and not heard. Nevertheless she seems to be quite popular and we all wish her luck and happiness in the future. FREDERICK N. TAKAHASHI CC Takyii Amherst, Mass., July 25, 1912. Future: Undecided. Football CClassj 1, 25 Football 4, Baseball 3, 45 A. H. S. A. A. 1, 3, 4, Basketball CClassJ 4. Thereis always a bright side, and Taki is always the first one to see it. Anyone of his best friends will tell you so. This will carry you far Taki. We wish you luck. VERNON KENNETH WATSON Elizabeth, N. J., June 28, 1912. Future: College. Gold13ug Staff, Senior Dance Committee, A. H. S. A. A. 4, Pro Merito. Vernon just came to us this past year but he is one of us already. At recess you can hear him plunking away de- terminedly so that others may dance. He is a great scholar. If he succeeds as well at college as at Amherst High he will be at the head of his class by day and playing in a dance orchestra by night. Keep it up, Vernon! 952019 ' Q66 QGOIQ' Wag CHESTER CLINTON WHEELER "Chef, Cooleyville, Mass., January 18, 1912. Fture: Undecided. Miss Lowe could perhaps, if she wished, give you the lowdown on "Chen" He thinks he knows what he's talking about and tries hard to make us think so too. HAROLD KENTFIELD WOOD "Slim', H Wvoodfien "Flank" Amherst Mass., December 22, 1912. Future: Undecided. Chorus 2, 3, 4g Football CClassj 1, 2g Football QVarsityD 3, 4, Basketball fClassD 1, 25 A. H. S. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. "Flash" is one of our fast men-in football of course. We sit and gaze in awe as he dashes by for a goal, and wonder how he does it. Possibly the real secret lies in the fact of his unfailing good humor and cheerfulness. We have never seen him looking blue for he's always grinning. FRANK JOSEPH ZAK Sunderland, Mass., January 8, 1912. Future: New York University. Junior Play, Chorus 35 A. H. S. A. A. 45 Football CClassj 25 Football CVarsityD 3. Frank is our Sunderland sheik. He took one of the lead- ing parts in the Junior Play and did it well. We all like Frank and wish him alot of success. 912110 ' Q66 QGOM Wag STANLEY JOSEPH JACKSON "Stauch0" "SZo1zawall', Amherst, Mass., November 22, 1912. Future: Undecided. Football 3, 4, Basketball 2 CClassDg A. H. S. A. A. 3, Basketball 3, 4. Don't you know who Stanley is? Why he's the boy with the match. His motto is, "A match a day keeps the girls away." That's all right Stanley, We admire you a great deal. Your unselfish friendship and fighting spirit will see you a long ways. A HELEN GERTRUDE PETTUOHN Amherst, Mass., October 24, 1910. Future: MaSSaCh1lSCttS Agricultural College. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 25 A. H. S. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Helen has one of those sunny dispositions that one reads about more often than one sees. We are sure that Helen is going to have a brilliant future as an artist. LEHIGH ALBION THORNTON - CC HOPQ, Pelham, Mass., July 22, 1913. Future: General Electric School. "Hop" has smilingly clung to school until the end. Though he is rather quiet and among one of the "few', dignified seniors We do not hold it against him. Good luck to you, "Hop"l 912216 Faculty Genfur Mary Moline .... Howard Sievers. . . Anna Koslosky. . . Vernon Watson. . . Ruth Hintze .... Howard Sievers. . . Ruth Hintze .... Henry Landis .... Lucille Morrison. . Edward Markert. . Ruth Hintze ...... .... Henry Landis. . . Ruth Hintze ...... .... William Landry. . . Jean MacKimmie. James fMacKimmie ...... Miriam Hatch ..... .... Edward Hill ..... Vernon Watson .... .... Ruth Hintze ...... Laurence Packard. Lucille Morrison. . . Angie Krieski ..... Jennie Doleva ..... Anne Crandlemere. Leslie Kimball ..... Edward Markert. . Howard Atkins. . . Jack Decker ...... Ruth Pushee ...... Anne Crandlemere. Jack Decker ...... William Landry. . . Edward Markert. . Edward Markert. . Ruth Pushee ..... Ruth Hintze ..... William Casey .... Ruth Hintze. . . Q Qhe Qgzold Wag Office Directory Clary of 1930 .Mort Popular Girl .... .... .Mort Popular Boy. . .Most Brilliant Girl. . .Mort Brilliant Boy ..... ...... .Best All-Around Girl .Bert All-Around Boy. .M oft Athletic Girl. . . .Moft Athletic Boy .... . . . .Mort Courteouf Girl. . . .Most Gourteouf Boy ..... . . . .Bert Looking Girl ..... . . . .Bert Looking Boy ..... . . . .Best Dancer, Girl ..... .Bert Dancer, Boy ..... .Most Conceited Girl. . . .Mort Gonceited Boy. . . .Bert Drefxed Girl ..... .Bert Dreffed Boy ..... .Moft Likely to Succeed ....... .Fashion Plate ........ . Glevereft .......... . .......Quainteft. .. . ..... Sweeteft. . . . . ..... Shyeft .... . .......Flirt......... . ..... Clary Baby ...... . .......MoJt Anibitiouy. . . . .. M oft Bu.vine.f.r-Like .... .... Greateft Kidder ...... M uqician ..... Iceberg ...... Politician ..... Blu j ........ Manliert ..... Orator .... . . . Grind .......... Teacher? Pet ......... Teacherlv Trial ............... Mort Important to Clary ....... Favorite Teacher ............. Clary Genfuf .Mary Moline .Howard Sievers .Anna Koslosky .Vernon Watson .Mary Moline. . . .Henry Landis .Ruth Hintze .Henry Landis .Lucille Morrison .Edward Markert .Jean Mackimmie .Henry Landis .Kathleen Lannon .Henry Landis .Jean MacKimmie .Edward Hill .Miriam Hatch .Jack Decker .Vernon Watson .Miriam Hatch . . . .Jack Decker. . . . .Lucille Morrison . . . .Angie Krieski . . . .Kathleen Gowdy . . . .Anne Crandlemere Leslie Kimball Vernon Waitson Edward Markert Jack Decker Ruth Pushee ' James MacKimmie Howard Atkins Ruth Pushee Edward Markert Edward Markert Howard Atkins Ruth Hintze jack Decker . Howard Sievers .Mr. Ralph Haskins Gl23lf9 Q66 Q60!d warg Howard Atkins .,.. Helen Bias ....... Margarette Bias ..... Helen Boguslawski. Frances Boyden. . . William Casey .... Anne Crandlemere. JosephConklin .... Jack Decker ...... Jennie Doleva .... Miriam Hatch .... Kathleen Gowdy. . Veine Harvey ..... Edward Hill ....... Ruth Hintze ......... Margery Hubbard . Barbara Keedy ...... Leslie Kimbal ..... Francese King .... Jennie Kosakowski Anna Koslosky .... Angie Krieski .... Karol Kucinski .... Stanley Jackson. . . Albert Landis ..... Henry -Landis ..... Kathrene Lubas. . . VVilliam Landry. . . Kathleen Lannon .... Theresa Madigan. . Mary Moline ..... James MacKirnmie. . Jean MacKimmie. Lucille Morrison. . Hector MacLeod. . Edward Markert. . Eleanor Matska. . . Mary Page ....... Howard Peckham. Ruth Pushee ..... Helen Pettijohn. . . Luella Pettijohn. . Laurence Packard. Howard Sievers. . . oulaz' T011 lmagzhe . . . . .Speechless? . . . .A nuisance? . . . . . . .Not stylish? ..........Beingcold? . . . . .Saying something? . . . . .Gut of mischief? . . . . .Refusing a date? . . . .Looking "natural"? ...........Allalone? . . .. ...Making a noise? . . . . .With long dresses? .........Undignified? ...........Cross? .........Flunking? . . . . . Behaving in class? . . . .Disliking "Juniors,'? . . . . . .Without "Ed"? . . . .Stepping out? ............TalkatiVe? ...........Theclassvamp? . . .Saying "I don't know?" . . . . .Answering back a teacher? . . . . . . . . .Unsophisticated? . . . .Without his matchQ?j? . . . . . . . .Acting serious? . . . . . .Not serious? ........Boisterous? . . . .Not chewing gum? . . . .Refusing a dance? . . . . . . . .Without Helen? . . . .Sitting still Qdarningj? ..............Awake!!? ...........Conceited? . . . . .Running to school? ...........withagif1e . . . .Without an argument? . . . . . . . . .Being sociable? ..............Rude?? .............Bashful?? . . . . . .'Making a mistake? . . . . . . . .Present one week? .Not wanting a slip for art? Not interested in airplanes? ...........Falling in love? Gl24l6 I' Q66 QGUM Wag N7 K' Mildred Seitz. . Leigh Thornton Fritz Takahashi Chester Wheeler .... Vernon Watson. Harold Wood. . Frank Zak .... - - .... Home nights? ....Not sleepy? ..............Working? . . . . . . . . . .Out of mischief? . . . . . .Not doing his homework? . . ............... Hurrying? . . . ...... ,... W ithout his blush? 1930 lazff fbifiory N September 1926, we set our reluctant feet to tread the path of learning for the next four years in Amherst High School. We weren't an especially large or brilliant class but we were filled with the desire to succeed. That first year was long and tedious and we looked with reverent eyes on the stately seniors who so calmly and staidly walked the corridors, smiling under the dominant eyes of the faculty. We planned a sleigh ride but it never came about as there was no snow. Somehow we successfully Hnished the year under the skillful guiding of Fritz Allis, our President. Uur sophomore year began in a calmer fashion for we had by now become accustomed to all the haunts of the building.We set out to enjoy ourselves as well as learn the necessary things that sophomores are supposed to learn. That year, Harry jones was our president. He led us out of many difficulties and we were very sorry to have him leave us at the end of the year. As jolly juniors we enjoyed ourselves immensely to the chagrin of the faculty. Edward Markert was elected president and although he did not have much to do in that capacity he showed his leadership ability in many ways. Under the super- vision of a junior Dance Committee we gave what was generally conceded to be the best dance given in the High School. It was a costurre dance, a novelty in the social season. Of course we felt rather puffed up after that until our hopes burst with a bang when the announcement of the winners of the Stowell Cup was made. "Kempy,,'the junior Play, though not a marked financial success, was given in Stockbridge Hall to a good sized group of spectators. "Ma" and "Pa" Bence were particularly good. Although we moved to Room 9 in September 1929, under the leadership of Howard Sievers, our habits had not changed a great deal and it was difficult to get down and dig. In November we held the annual Senior Dance which proved to be a great success. Leon Bouchardis Orchestra, from Greenfield, gave a very creditable program of dance music. Both the boys' and the girls' basketball teams came out on top of their leagues and the girls' gymnasium team won the Millet Cup for the third consecutive year. Mention must also be made of the Amherst High School champion basketball team, since five seniors played on this team. In April we purchased a moving picture projector and gave a few programs to raise money to pay for it. We were very sorry to hear of Mr. Brown's resigning, but we were alsoglad to hear that his successor would be Nlr. Haskins. All in all we have passed a very happy four years in Amherst High and we are sorry to leave. C-152536 Q Qin' QGUIJ Wag - .Qui W 171 and Teflzzment E, the Senior Class of Amherst High School, being of sound and dis- posing mind, memory, and understanding, do make and publish Cas we are about to depart from our dear and most beloved Alma Mater on this fatal and disastrous day of Junej this, our Last Will and Testament. First: To Mr. Brown-We leave our sincere wish that he will be as well liked in his new position as he has been in A. H. S. Sec01id:To the Faculty-Our hearty thanks for trying hard to teach us some- thing. Third: To the Junior Class-We will some of our high scholastic standing, fine sportsmanship and directness of purpose so that when they reach the plane on which we now stand, they will be able to venture forth with unlimited enthusiasm and the greatest of confidence. Fourth: To the Class of 1932-VVe leave a goodly share of determination and enthusiasm. Fifth: To the Class of 1933-A keener foresight so as to avoid the stumbling blocks which we have had to encounter. Sixth: For the purpose of complying with the statutory requirements, we give to the personnel of A. H. S. the following things: Howard Atkins: Wills his stilts to George Pease so that."Georgie', may get to class on time after friendly chats with girl friends in the corridor. Lucille Morrison: Gives her favorite book "How to be Happy Though Marriedn to Avis Crandlemere and Ed Lee. Jean MacKimmie: Wills her sneeze to anyone who can use it to as good ad- vantage as she has. Anna Koslosky: Wills her pull CFD with the faculty to Richard Green. Kathleen Gowdy: Leaves her interest in college men to Anna Conner and Edith Watts. Mary Nloline: Donates her bright orange sweater to Helen Davis so that she may be a little more in the public eye. Kathleen Lannon: VVills one of her many compacts to "Polly" Ranney so that she may also have some of that "skin you love to touchf' Angie: Krieski: Wills her variety of talents to Martin Kennedy. Ed Hill: 'Wills some of his conceit to Harold Hubbard. Edward Markert: Wills his efforts toward singing to Irene fMatska. Theresa Madigan: Wills her old High School "flames" to Esther Johnson and other interested parties. Jennie Doleva: Wills her gushing manner to Robert VVilson so as to enable him to Get There. Howard Sievers: Leaves his French help-mate Chlary Sullivanj to Francis Goodnow. . Dine Landis: Wills his athletic ability to Mr. Goding. In Witnefr Whereqf, we, the Class of 1930, the testators have to this, our Last Will, set our hand and seal, this 18th day of June, Year' of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and thirty. 9f26f'0 ' I' Q66 QG0fd wug :A I' Trololzegf WAS off the beaten path. Not that I wanted to be but that the fates had so agreed. I was eagerly searching for the path,when to my surprise,I carne upon a small hut almost hidden by the nearby trees. I was over- joyed at the sight because it was getting late and I was too weak and tender to spend the night in the open woods. Walking up to the door,I softly knocked. I waited and knocked again and then again and again. lVIy patience at last gave out and I tried the door which opened with a loud and horrible squeak. This noise evidently awoke the owner for he jumped from his chair and timidly gave me the once over twice. I reassured him telling him not to be afraid and that it was only I. We at once became friendly and introductions were passed. To my surprise the hermit in this hut was none other than Howard Peckham. He told me his story of how he had been disappointed in love and had come to live here and forget about it all. To spend his time he had created a new theory of crystal gazing based entirely on mathematical hypothesis. He used a pyramid instead of a circular object to reveal his longings. His method fso he told mej was extremely accurate. This led me to thinking about old 1930 and what everyone was doing now. Could he tell me?But Howard beat me to it. He had his pyramid out already and said, "Shall we see what the gang is doing?"I clapped my hands with glee and answered, 'cCheck and double checkf' He warned me to be quiet and set to the task of coaxing his pyramid to reveal our futures. At last the glass object cleared and to my amazement it began to issue words. The following is the content of its discourse: Lucille Morrison is selling stocks and bonds in New York. Her success is due to her bold and forceful manner. Stanley Jackson is now connected with the Diamond Match Company as a field agent. He has increased their business to such an extent that they are now, working overtime. i , Edward Markert, after extensive study and preparation, has taken over the pastorate of the Congregational Church in South Amherst. Jack Decker has gone on the stage as a comedian and has proved to be a great success. This is probably due to his early study in Amherst High School. 'cTaky" is the new night watchman in Amherst. He is pleased with his job as the hours and work agree with him. Ed Hill, after Hunking out of one college after another, Ckeeping up his high school record,D has joined Roxy in New York. Hector lWacleod is now working in Alaska for the Salvation Army. On the side he sells "one cylinder carpet beatersf' After vanquishing Helen Wills in three straight sets, Ruth Hintze has ac- quired the World's Tennis Championship. She runs a girls' camp on the side. Anne Crandlemere has, of course, followed her husband, Jack, to provide a pleasant atmosphere. Jennie Kosakowski is teaching school in Cushman. Her students are said to be the best behaved in the state. A. " QIZVIQ Q l - - - -- ' QM' Q60ld Qug - Verne Harvey and Min Hatch have accepted positions with the DuPont Company as research specialists. Their success is due to their early love for chem- istry in A. H. S. Vernon Watson is re-designing the M. A. C. campus. During his spare time he helps Robert Frost with his poetry. lVIary Moline and Jean Mackimmie are art critics for a large concern in Pel- ham. They had their early training while in high school, handling a great many pictures. Ruth Pushee has recently made her piano debut in Paris and is now planning a tour, accompanied by that great baritone, Karol Kusinski. Barbara Keedy has taken over her father's business and is sure of great success. Her sweet manner has won many a case. Frank Zak, following careful and thorough study at the Pelham Law School, has been elected mayor of Sunderland. Anna Koslosky and Angie Krushy are rolling in wealth after their American tour. Their dancing is superb, according to "The Times." James Mackimmie is chief mattress tester for the Simmons Bed Company. He says that he is very well pleased and is doing his best not to be down on the job. Henry Landis is head Coach at West Point. His teams can,t be beaten. For inspiration he shows them his high school record. Harold Wood is demonstrating porcelain bath-tubs at the Mutual Plumbing and Heating Company. Theresa Madigan and Helen Bogulawski are now engaged in a tumbling act at the Shutesbury Opera House. Bill Casey has become a magician specializing in jail breaks. His former ex- periences in A. H. S. have helped him a great deal. Howard Atkins is a prominent politician in Boston. Landry and Conklin, Inc., were financially ruined after the repeal of the Prohibition Act. The speak-easy business "ain't what it used to be"-according to Bill. Lawrence Packard is designing airplanes for the Never-Crash Company in Hadley. Leslie Kimball is treasurer of the Montague Rod and Reel Company. Marjorie Hubbard is running a Taxi Service in Sunderland. Lannon, Lubas, Page and Matska have formed a stock company in North Amherst. They perform weekly, gratis. Kathleen Gowdy has returned to Africa as a Missionary to the lucky savages. Mildred Sietz and Frances King are shaking sodas at The Greeks. Leigh Thornton is now running a large chain of barber shops in New England. Frances Boyden is competing in the oratory contest in Washington, D. C. The Bias sisters and Pettijohn sisters have started an art colony on the Cape. Jennie Doleva is now starring in a musical comedy in New York. Albert Landis is leader of the American Boy Scouts and Zowie-zing tst-tst. HI guess that's all," drawled Howard, and with that he fell back in the chair and went sound asleep. This mental strain had been very trying and he needed rest. I, likewise, fell asleep dreaming of my classmates. Gf28llQ I Q66 QGUIQ' Qug Fritz Allis Joseph Bagdon Kenneth Baker John Banning Preston Barton Felix Bartos Kenneth Brown Raymond Cook Paul Demeanczik Alton Dorrell Henry Dreher Philip Dyer Karl Eastman Teto Grandonico George Greanier Joseph Griflin Anthony Grybko Clinton Haines Robert Holmes ' Donald Hurd John Jackoski John Jakimko Francis Jones Harry Jones Yvette Bourgevis Edith Boynton Dorothy Brown Mildred Clark Julia Cleveland Helen Colditz Gertrude Davis Helen Davis Johanna Debis Margaret Delahunt Madeline Fleury Doris Glazier Katherine Griffin Florence Haskell Way Beam BOYS GIRLS Blanche Hawthorne Anton Kishon John Korpita Marion Sylvia Peter Mitchell Charles Mitten Augustus Moon Douglas Morgan Frank Ottinger Leonard Parker Lovett Peters John Pray Joseph Rocieski Allen Rzeczkowski Robert Schoonmaker Stanley Scribrski Frederick Snicker Edward Stanisiewski Kenneth Stockwell Michael Sullivan Robert Walsh Gliver Wolcott Earl Wood Douglas Wright Dorothy Kennedy Marian Lovette Pauline O'Shea Henrietta Pease Florence Perry Lydia Reniewich i Elizabeth Rourke Priscilla Sherman Ruth Sherman Lillian Thomas Merle Thornton Doris Ward Edith Watts Dorothy Wentworth Gl29lQ Q66 QGUM Wag 5 Ll- - - -1- Family William H. Brown, Principal .... ......... H ead of hdathematics Department Hilda M. Allan ............... Lucile F. Baker ...,.. William P. Bigelow. . . Arthur Burgess ...... Alice W. Churchill .... Walter E. Fairman. . . Isabel C. Field ....... Eleanor G. Gardner. .. Mildred F. Gillette .... Kenneth W. Goding. . Ralph W. Haskins. . . Emil E. Keiler ....... Laurence W. Kittridge. . . Helen C. Lingham. . . Miriam Lowe ...... Burnham L. Paige. . . Edith L. Pinnick. . . Vera I. Smith ...... Marc Tarlow ......., Dorothy E. Upham .... Amelia H. Voight .... George E. Williams. . . Anne K. Pewatla .... . Nora Connor ....... ...................HouseholdArts . ..,...........,...... English Head of Nlodern Language Department . . . . . . .Head of Commercial Department , . . . . . . .Head of History Department .......................Latin,French . .Head of Household Arts Department ................Chemistry, Physics ....,.......Mathematics ...............ManualArts .. . . .Head of Arts Department . . . .Head of English Department .............History, Civics .................Mathematics . . . . .Physical Education for Girls . . . . . .Biology, General Science . . . .Head of Bdusic Department ..,...................Latin ..... .. ...Commercial Subjects . . . . .Physical Education for Boys .......................Clerk ....Assistant in Lunch Room Gl30lf'P , ,ff -- -iv C.-.f-' - -Y - -f- -- -- ---W ---f --wI+--..gzf"'-'x,o- - --f' war 'f '----" ,si 5 "'A"" "1-4 """'!-slr' ' ' 'I " 1 Name Brown Allan Baker Burgess Churchill Fairman Field Gardner Gillette Goding Haskins Kieler Kittredge Lingham Lowe Page Pinnick Smith Tarlow Upham Voigt Williams Faculiy 171 Cfirzkgf Difpofition Pet Phrase Chief Interfft Reserved I have my reasons Amherst High School Cheery Land Sakes Golf F Sympathetic That is just what I mean Having the last word Delightful All right! Springfield Fascinating Let's have all the attention, please Stamps Quiet I donit care Hudson Jolly Be quiet! Her hair Moody What!!! Tom, DICK or Harry Sweet Precious! Iwatrimony Practical What do you say, boys? Supplementary W'ork Reliable I don't expect you to do anything I can,t "Our future" Pleasant That's all right Commuting jovial This scale isnlt right?? Skits V Congenial That's right as far 'as it goes. Oral compositions Variable Do you call that fair, peo-ple? Sumner Mild Oh Sho! Sho! Basketball Serious Well, why not? Pontiac I Demure -Homework for next time will be- Studying Accommodating Come on! Let's go!! No. Amherst Sensitive Ain't it grand "Mammie', Picking up the floor Witty Oh! Oh! My "future" Happy-go-lucky' Show some pep Assemblies Bugbear Assemblies Reducing Room 9 Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri. Staying after 2.30 Women Ford Lunchroom Iceman Class of 1930 Basketball Car trouble 7D Finances 6th period Phone calls Chewing gum Bowling Harmony Class Her height Meal planning for This school spirit three 1 l 's QW W 10 Qbzwp i I l - - - Qhe QQOIJ Qag - aniar Tlay E had our last merriment before settling down to become dignified seniors by presenting '4Kempy" a three-act play by C. Nugent and Elliott Nugent. The cast for this delightful comedy of American life was as follows: Ruth Bence ....... ....... L ucille Morrison "Dad" Bence .... ..... R obert Schoonmaker UMa" Bence. . . ........ Ruth Pushee Jane Wade. . . ..... Mary Moline Kathrine Bence ......... Helen Davis Ben Wade ....... . . .James Mackimmie "Kempy" James ..... . . . .... ..... . . .... ..... E dward Markert Duke Merrill .......................................... ....... F rank Zak Others who made the play possible Were: Business Manager ....................................... ..... E dvvard Hill Advertising Manager .... .... L eonard Parker Slage Manager ....... .... H oward Sievers Prornpter .................................o . . . ..., Nlarjorie Hubbard Head Usher .......,............................ . ..... Barbara Keedy Dramatic Club of the Stockbridge School of Agriculture. Mr. L. W. Kittridge and members of the art classes. Mr. K. L. Godding and Mr. S. E. Pollard. - elseif? Qfze Qgola' Wag --- The funzer Tidy Calender Sept. 5-Tryouts!-and what a bunch turned out-nice spirit, Class! Sept. 14-Decisions are made and uthe following are wanted at the oHice." Many heart beats. ' Sept. 17-Mr. Smart gives us our first real impression of dramatics. Sept. 24-Ben and Pa don't show up. - Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. 3- 12 17 22 Ma learns how to weep. -Duke becomes an expert at holding hands and making eyes. -Kempy works desperately on the bathtub with his genuine Stilson wrench. -Kate develops asthma but does her best. 26-"The Princess and the Plumber" are successfully wedded. 29 -Ben and his wife go on a "drunk," . Nov. l-"Will you people ever come out of that fog." i Nov. 6-Ruth is always "Johnny on the Spotn-thanks to her, Mr. Smart is not thoroughly discouraged. Nov. 9-The wrong side of the bed must have been the morning exit. Nov. 13-Kate is absent. ' Nov. 15-Dad goes bankrupt and still Kate is not there. Nov. 17-Kate's asthma is really bad and Marge starts learning the part. Nov. 19-Mucli relief when Kate shows up. To be sure we all nearly choke to death while she nonchalantly inhales the fumes of her asthma powder, but "the play must go on." Nov. 20-lVla and Pa come to blows. Nov. 21-Dress rehearsal tomorrow and be there on time!! Nov. 22-Only an hour late and everything goes wrong-cheer up it won't be long! Nov. 23--THE BIG EVENT, and Oh! what dramatic ability and what a financial ssuccess! ewifa 7 9 f , VY J is , 4 l I f Nr f A , X , 44 W W If Z? ,,- - , ?z N, ff ff, Qmfyzyf A, ., ' f 4 MQW- ,1.ff',. ' Q-ff , V f - Wm- A' - - ,,,,f fha X My X , l 1 A 7 M, J f . ft me QQUM Wg ' ' W L B 5 fl Mrures I h W 'xp ,omg ' L X " X .:. .Q 'fix 6' Z? I 1, , 1 fe' ..,V . 4 '-5917-'y -2, 5 1 4 5. '? f v fi ,f Vx! X f , V 0, ljaffrl "7 X I X Q x A5611 fr ,V ff! -- Q, Q! 25' -1 1. VV P W W 5' . -1' 4 . f Swag A3 ,f u ' 4 -M: ,r f af K 1 . ,X f 5 X ff' ff? fg lfxfrvwwwqwkqmu-'I W' f L. 7 :'i"" xmffl 'Fifi :yur W., ' ' 4, 1 L, QW - U :j g Q Q - f I f g f gafxi g 7 ,, - x, xx J n Vx! XS .V u fig-,,,,Aj,: D7 ' 47 .ja , f ff? K f' Qifgaif E A, P22012 New 0 ,Aly ' ,ixjq 314216, f ., X ,Q , -X I ,ff X All g W. . .. . . hx I ,, fqViZM7QgW . K X k 5, X E , ,WA , ,,,,. , , : M36 fi, MW, 4. xx Q54-. W V., ,,f.g, E:' if Xl: X :"w:.jg I J. ,:- ,WJ " '64, ififffl VL Q ' wif ? 1 255.8 . ff, , Q KI.. fx ., j,,.I.,.l:': QM ., Q , . 5. . x 3 ' 'G 7 "P my - 7,-' " ' X' ive-1":7 t uf, W M 416 T RANCIS 9534 36 -fiv- lvt 'yt . A K Q66 QGOM Wag I ID L X ff XXX WWW gg W fc W J My , 1 i 1 1 1 I 9535319 , ., P... QQ!zeC2Go!dWugQ -c"' Tlie Qralofilt The Graphic Staff for 1930 was as follows: Editor-iii-Chief ......... .............. ' ............,..... E dward Markert, '30 Afxistaiit Editorf-in-Chief .... .... J ohn Howe, Doris Redman, '31 Literary Editor ....... ..... ........... 1 J uella PCt'tijOl1I1, '30 Newt Editor. . . ...... Barbara Keedy, '30 Wit Editor ..... ..... T ito Grandonico, '31 Exchaiiga Editor. . .... Anna Koslosky, '30 Alumni Editor. . . ..... Lucille Morrison, '30 Athleticf Editor .... ..... R ichard Green, '31 Eminem Editor ........ ........ E dward Hill, '30 Adoertifirig Manager. . . . .... Hector MacLeod, '30 Typift ................... . . , . . ........ ..,.... A ngie Krieski, '30 Faculty Adoiror .... .............................,....... M iss H. C. Lingham Clan Rzporterfs Ruth Hintze for Class of '30, George Simmons for Class of '31, Esther Schoonmaker for Class of '32, Daniel Tillotson for Class of '33. HE "Graphic" campaign resulted in securing two hundred subscribers. With this support, work was carried on which has proved quite successful. ln December, we became a member of the Western Nlassachusetts League of School Publications, an organization to which nineteen high schools be- long. Besides that, the Graphic issues of this year, though fewer than usual, have published many articles representative of A. H. S. ability. -.-. --GE.3gHgJ-. .. -""-" -wQ!zeQG0!dWugQ- - - - YDmma!z'6 Club NDER the supervision of Miss Baker, the Dramatics Club was formed early in the year to keep up the good Work ofthe Club in previous years and to advance the Club as much as possible. At the first organized meeting the following officers were elected: Przmdent .....................................,............... Jack Decker Vice-Prefident .... . e ........ Ruth Hintze Secretary ......... .... C harlotte Graves Treafurer ........... . . ,..,. .......... ..... ...... A n n a Koslosky Sixty-two members Were registered, although a number of these were dropped because of irregular attendance. The Class Play Contest was Won by the Junior Class which presented The Show Actreff. The Club as a Whole had a successful year and a treasury so Well fllled that no dues were required of members. Gx'l37lf9 ... - - Q66 QGUM Wag - - '- - .l E- The Debating Club N answer to a call for recruits, many new members turned out for debat- ing. Some desired to be on the school team, although the majority wished to debate only for their class. Plans were made, in the first meetings, for a series of inter-class debates. The following officers were also elected: President. .............................. . ................. Richard Hubbard Vice-Prefident ............... ...... ...................... E d ward Markert Secretary .... ..............,...,................................ J anet Cook In the first of the inter-class debates, the Juniors, on the negative, defeated the Seniors on the question, "Resolved, That A. H. S. adopt the two session plan of school-Idayf, The Sophomores defeated the Freshmen in an interesting debate, on the ques- tion, "Resolved, That it would be better for a graduate of A. H. S. to attend college near home rather than to go away to college.'7 The Sophomores upheld the negative. The final inter-class debate will be held on May 2, between the Juniors and the Sophomores. Under the able guidance of Mr. Haskins, the school debating team held threec very interesting debates, the first with Williamsburg High, held in Amherst, and the other two, a dual debate with Westfield High. All three were on the question, "Resolved, That the United States and Canada should co-operate in developing the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence waterway for navigation and power.,'Williamsburg defeated us, upholding the negative side of the argument. ln the dual debate, the negative teams of each school won by a 2 to 1 vote. Gf38l0 ' ' -' Q66 QGUM Wag - - ' 7 The Qzrlf Club . HE Girls' Club, one of the most active clubs in Amherst High School, commenced this year by electing the following officers: Prefident ....... . . T .... , ................... Barbara Keedy Vice-Prefident .... .... A nnie Koskowski Treafurer ..... . . . . . . . ....... .... .... .... G e r trude Davis Secretary .................................................... Betty Banton The faculty advisors were Miss Lucille Baker, Nliss Eleanor Gardner, and Miss Dorothy Upham. The various sections of the Girls' Club have also been active. The Tennis Section has been exceptionally good. Ruth Hintze won the girls' championship for the fourth consecutive time. The two big features of the Club's activities Were the Girls' Club Dance held February 22nd in the High School auditorium, and the Overnight Hike. Both were Well attended and proved very successful. Several other hikes and social functions completed the year's program. These were of less importance than the ones mentioned above but nevertheless were interesting and greatly enjoyed. Thus one more Club year comes to an end with an over-Whelming spirit of good fellowship and happiness prevailing. Gf39l0 .. - - - 'X'Q!zeQ60!dWugQ -- -' T Tm Jlferifo S 06119131 T the beginning of this school year Pro Merito pins were awarded to three members of the senior class: Anna Koslosky, Angie Krieski and Leonard Parker, who is attending Andover Academy this year. There were also three Junior Pro Meritos who are members of the junior class. They are: Janet Cook, Esther Johnson and Richard Hubbard. We were fortunate to have Lawrence Packard, a Pro lVlerito Senior from Hopkin,s Academy, enter our school in the early part of the school year. On October 26, 1929, the senior and junior members went to the Pro Merito convention held in Agawam High School. Miss Voigt chaperoned the delegation. After mid-years Edward Hill and Vernon Watson, having met the require- ments of the Pro Merito organization, were enrolled as members. The spring convention is to be held at Arms' Academy in Shelburne Falls. 9l40lf0 -' -' it I' Q66 QG0fa' wug 5 -i--- Hz'- T Club OR the first time Amherst High has followed the leadership of many other high schools in forming a Hi-Y Club. Mr. Arthur Burgess is the supervisor ofthe Amherst Club. The club has met every Thursday even- ing throughout the school year. It has been christened 'cAniketos', and is a secret organization so far as its initiation and ritual are concerned. By the end of the year a fairly good representation of the junior and senior classes made up its mem- bership. It is needless to say that next year will be a very successful one under the guidance of Nlr. Burgess who has had much experience in other clubs of this nature. The following officers were elected to lead the organization. Preridant ............................................. ...... E dward Hill Vice-Prefident ......... ..... H oward Sievers Secretary and Trfarurer ...,. .... L avvrence Packard H4136 I r 1 I 97 jo 572,19 x , xx 1 'Q Qlze Q6ola' Qag Orelzefira Director. . . ............ ..... M r. Marc Tarlow QFFICERS Preyialent ............ ................ .... E d ward Markert Secretary and Treafnrer. . ,,,, Ruth Pushee Librarian ............ ..... Q ............. .... R u th Hintze INSTRUMENTS Firft Violins: Marjorie Atkins CConcert Mistressj, Ruth Hintze, Charles Peters, John Willard. . Seeoncl Violinfs Carl Wildner, Daniel Tillotson, John Shea, Sherwin King. Viola: Edward Markert. Cello: Esther Schoonmaker. Corners: Edgar Beaumont, Hector MacLeod. Horn: Karol Kucinski. Clarinetf: Edward Hill, Florence Kentfield. Saxaplione: Martin Gowdy. Bays: Leslie Kimball. Drninf: Harlan Howard, Raymond Goodale, Paul Thorpe. Tyrnpani: Tito Cvrandonico. E HE orchestra has made great strides this year under our new director, lVlr. M'arc Tarlow, a graduate of Tuft's College. His cheery manner and en- ' ergetic leadership have lured many a shy performer into rendering music with unusual feeling and with delicate interpretation. This organization has made many public appearances this year, giving the general public opportunities to hear music of a high order conducted by a musician of rare ability and understanding. Gl43l0 - - - Q66 QQUM wing - ---1 Sirzhg :Quartet Fifi Violiii: Marjorie Atkins Cello: Esther Schoonmaker Second Violin: Ruth Hintze Viola: Edward Markert HIS group meets once a Week and practices the very best of music. It has made several public appearances and has been received exceptionally Well. Some of the selections that have been played before the public are: Surprise Symphony ................... .........................,... S hubert Zvvischenaktsmusik .... ...... I fczydii Menuett ............ ..... B eethoveii Andante Cantabile ..... .... T .vchaileowfley Volkslid ........,..., ....... H aydn Gl44lf9 "- QM? Qgela' Qug - - - ...M The glee Clue HE Glee Club, which is much larger than usual this year, has been study- ing the history of choral development from 'cPalestina" to 'cWagner." The Club has done splendid Work all through the year and has presented fine programs at the Christmas Assembly, the Massachusetts Convention of School Principles held at the Massachusetts Agricultural College, the Annual Concert on May 9th, and at the Commencement exercises. Prefident ...... -. . . ....... ..... . ....... E dvvard Markert Secretary and Treafurer .... Esther Schoonmaker Librarian ................ ...... .... ..... ......... E d W a rd Markert Pianift ...............,............... .............. . . .Phyllis E. Corry A Sopranos: Ruth Ashley, Roberta Bourne, Barbara Keedy, Katherine lvlach- mer, Ruth Martin, Esther Norell, Helen Parker, Evelyne Putney, Charlotte Rob- ertson, Esther Schoonmaker, Ruth Hintze. Tenorf: Julius Novick, Karol Kucinski, Sherwin King, Herbert Cook, Lawrence Packard. U Alloy: Mary Allis, Betty Barton, Geraldine Guest, Florence Kentiield, Francise King, Evelyn Nlallory, Irene Matska, Charlotte Page, Reta Pease, Ruth Pushee. Bauer: Hector lWacLeod, Alfred Harris, Edward lXllarkert, Carl Wildiier, Clarence Packard. - ' aria 4 Q Q66 Qgola' Wag Q M' -Nix 0 17- 'Z x' if fw Ns 0 5 21.25, Q 1' '0o'sq4',g:Qg6:' 0 E Q QNO C . x 'iii S- X MQQQ S Xxx . ,i ., .. J fa W7 fig? mwwvef vqnt- H wx? 5 'VI WMA' JN' VW E JP 654639 "'-' '-'--1QQfzeQG0IdQugw- - ----if F 00165111 NDER the guidance of Coach Williams and Bill Kelley, who formerly played for A. H. S., our football team has proceeded throughout the season with semi-success as follows: ln our first game we met defeat at the hands of Turners Falls by the score of 6 to 0. Although wc were outweighed by almost every man, we managed to keep the ball in our opponent's territory during most of the game. Inexperienced as were half of our youthful gridsters, A. H. S. looked forward to a good football team. Our first victory of the year came by defeating South Deerfield 13 to O. This game saw the return of Kelley, who became the most valuable player throughout the season. His fierce tackling and clever line plunging upset many teams. In the next game West Springield just managed to defeat us by a one point margin. The score was 7 to 6. In this game as in all other games we were decisively outweighed. Takahashi performed well, as did Kelley, Pray, Tidlund, and MacKim- mie. Amherst found another victory when we trimmed Chicopee High 6 to O. Kelleyls line plunging accounted for the touchdown. Although Chicopee expected an easy victory, We turned the tables. Our traditional rival, Hamp, which had been subdued up to the final quarter, scored a touchdown, and added the lone extra point which spelled defeat again by a one point margin. Hamp, the heaviest opponent of the season, could not find a hole through our line until the last quarter. Gf47lfP - -- - - -ii'QbeQG0la'3ugQ - The final game of the season ended with VVilbraham Academy at the winning end of a 20 to 13 score. Amherst frightened its opponents by gaining a touchdown in the first two minutes of play. Wilbraham scored two touchdowns while Amherst added another to make the score 13 apiece at the half. Wilbraham came back to battle a little bit stronger than its opponents and added another touchdown by severe line plunging. At center, Pray put up one of the best battles that any center in this district did. Grandonico and Bixby, guards, although first year men in A. H. S. football, were also stubborn to their foes. Harold Wood managed to make the team this year and he was also a scrapper. Jackson, Wolcott and Aub Landis, the tacklers, distributed their wares bravely. Franie Goodnow, a little tot, and Takahashi, ends, were at the end of many passes, and were fierce tacklers as usual. The back- Held consisting of lNlacKimmie, and Tidlund, quarterbacks, Kelley, fullback, Cook, Russell, and Landis, halfbacksg upheld many honors as real backfleld men. We hope the 1930 football team will continue to make use of A. H. S. sporting spirit. Xp' xx! Xp' x 1 x x X 1 X I 1 x N I Q , Gl48lf9 i i I I ' 4 ,i -4 5 Il lf Ii i-' Mt' to '- " Qin' Qgofd Wag - I ysafggfaazz HIS year Amherst won the Hampshire League Pennant. Prospects for the season of 1930 were very bright, especially because of four veteran lettermen: Sievers,Tidlund,lVIacKimmie and Landis. Veter- ans of Thomas Kelley and Bill Landry were also very good prospects, as were the substitutes: Stanley Jackson, John Prey, and Chris Keedy. The games and the outstanding features of each are as follows: AMHERST 21 - ALUMNI 17 This game, as the score indicates, was close throughout. The guarding of Tid- lund and Kelley featured. For the Alumni, Pat Joy, who used his keen eye to a great extent, shared honors with Jack Foley. I AMHERST 20- SIVIITH ACADEMY 8 Amherst swamped its first league opponent. Our defense, as well as the offense was very strong. Kelley featured. AMHERST 19-SOUTH DEERFIELD 18 South Deerfield was fast as usual, and they also possessed clever shooting abil- ity. Amherst fought from start to Hnish and won the game as the whistle sounded. Q The Amherst guards functioned as well as usual. AMHERST 27- SMITH SCHOOL 10 This game was very slow until the last quarter when Amherst completely bafHed the opponents as Landry dropped in about four double-deckers in short time. Sievers also starred both offensively and defensively. Caf49i6 1 ilZ 1 i l z , Qin' 5360141 Wag AMHERST 17-HOPKINS 16 h' e Hopkins lead throughout until the final quarter when Vic Tid- In t is gam lund sunk a long floor basket to make the score 17 to 16 in Amherst's favor. AMHERST 17 - STOCKBRIDGE 21 Th' e was fairly exciting especially when we were being defeated, and when is gam we came up to lead those big brutes, by a 14 to 13 score. VVe don t usually make ' ' l b f l alibis but two of our best men, Sievers and Landry, did not p ay ecause o eg in'uries. Kelley garnered nine points. J HERST 12- SMITH ACADEMY 15 AM Although this game was played on our own floor we were completely off form. Sievers did not play in this game on account of his leg injury. AMHERST 10 - NORTHAMPTON COM. COLLEGE 20 We were outscored from start to finish. The college team got an early lead because of our inability to sink our shots. MacKimmie starred in this game. AMHERST 20 - HOPKINS 16 Again our old foe was turned back. In this game Amherst showed its best ' attack Although Hopkins lead 11 to 9 at the half, Amherst came back with passing . confidence and held Hopkins defensively. Offensively we ran wild with Landry scoring. AMHERST 14- SPRINGFIELD TRADE SCHOOL 16 This was an overtime game. Trade School being the leaders in the Inter- school series in Springfield, Amherst did not fear. Amherst lead at half time, 7 to 5, but the game ended in a deadlock 12 to 12. In the overtime, Sievers got a basket as did Maki of Trade, and then Amherst fought hard but Trade made two more points. Amherst was handicapped by the loss of Landry who had a wrenched ankle. AMHERST 17-TECH HIGH OF SPRINGFIELD 18 In this well played game, Tech lead at the half, 11-7. In the final half Amherst made a rally of 10 points. The score read Amherst 17, Tech 16, but Loizzio of Tech hooped one from the center of the floor which spelled defeat for Amherst. Sievers played well in this game. Landry also took part although his ankle bothered. AMHERST 24- SMITH SCHOOL 17 In the first half Amherst was not in form and Smith lead 10 to S. Immediately in the second half Amherst got away to a stampede and scored 16 points to Smith's 7. Kelley and Tidlund scored 10 points between them as Sievers starred by scoring 8. AMHERST 25 - SOUTH DEERFILED 14 This game decided the winner of the Hampshire League Pennant. Amherst won by its real ability and skill which it had been showing during the season. Amherst lead 8 to 5 at the half. South Deerfield threatened in the final period but Amherst fought to the finish. OTHER GAMES Amherst was selected to compete in the Third Annual M. A. C. Tournament. . AMHERST 19 - PALMER ll . This was a very close battle all the way, but Amherst lead from start to finish. Tidlund s clever work featured as well as that of Kelley and Sievers. Landry was also outstanding. fflontinued on page 525 Gf50l0 'i Q66 Qgold Qug -- A u , I Wareball RQSPECTS for this season are on the whole fairly promising. Cf last year's squad, lNflacKimmie, Landry, Cook, Kelley, Tidlund, Trainor, Takahashi, and Landis are available. Others who seem most capable of making the team are: Crossman, Belasko, and Dillman. This year we are not in the Valley League, in which we were so successful last year. We hope to have another successful season this year. The line-up is as follows: The line-up is as follows: lnfieldg Cook, Tidlund, Landry, Landis, Trainor, Takahashi, Tidlund, Kelley, Landis, Trainor, Belasko Crossman, lVlacKimmie, The line-up is as follows: Infield, Cook, Tidlund, Landry, Landis, Trainor, Takahashi, Tidlund, Kelley, Landis. Outlield: Belasko, Crossman M.acKimmie, Trainor, Crossman, Harlan VVood. So far this season we have won 4 and lost 2 games. Amherst 16 Commerce 10 Amherst 13 S. Deerfield 2 Amherst O Hamp. 8 Amherst 12 Hopkins 6 Amherst 1 Trade School of Spfld. 3 A Amherst 9 Stockbridge S. A. 1 We also played two practice games against the Amherst Frosh, which we won by scores of 13 to 2 and 8 to 2. lVl'ore scheduled games which will be played are as follows: A H S A. H. S. vs. Amherst Frosh . . . vs. South Hadley C2 gamesj A. H. S. vs. Williston Academy A. H. S. vs, Trade A. H. S. vs. South Deerfield A. H. S. vs. Hopkins A. H. S. vs. M. A. C. Frosh A. H. S. vs. Bellows Falls Caf51Qf Qin, Qgold Wag TENTH ANNUAL PRIZE SPEAKING CONTEST for the MILLETT CUP High School Auditorium, Friday, March 14, 1930 at 8.00 P. Nl. PROGRAM Menuet from the "Septet,' ,..... ................ String Quartet The Traitor's Deathbed .......................... Christian Keedy The March of the Dead ......................,. Dean N. Glick A Child's Dream of a Star ....................... Barbara S. Keedy . Selection from "Pickwick Papers" ................. Doris H. Redman Danny Boy-Irish Folk Song ..................... Glee Club Cherchez l'Homme from "Madame X" .......... Julius Novick The Rider of the Black Horse ........................ Genevieve E. Kosakowski The Highwayman .... ......................... John P. Howe The Lady of the Tiger .... ................... Madalyn M. Howes Traumerei .................................... The Swan from "The Carnival of Animalsi' ..... Orchestra Announcement of Winners J JUDGES . . . . . .Beethoven . . . . .George Lijnpard d7'7'. . . . H. A. Dieleafon . . .Charles Diekenf . . .Charlet Dickenf by F. E. W eatherby f. W. MeConaaghy . . . .George Lipjoard .....Ab'red Noyes' .Frank R. Stockton . . . .Schumann .....Saint Saenf Mrs. Samuel R. Williams Jennie Kosakowski '30 and John Howe 731 won this contest with their well chosen pieces. All who participated did their best. Pleasing music was furnished lV1r. Maxwell H. Goldberg Mrs. Susan H. Skillings by the String Quartet, Orchestra and Glee Club. CContinaed from page 505 AMHERST 12 - EASTHAMPTON 24 Amherst lost its chances of winning the tournament when Easthampton took over the large lead of 15 to 2 at the half, and was never threatened by Amherst. Although Amherst outscored its opponent by one point in the last half, we could not catch Easthampton. A We certainly have had a lot of fun this year, and we hope that the Amherst High School Basketball Team of 1931 will be successful. Gl52l0 Q Q66 QGOM Wag vfutographf 53 GESHQ Q66 QGOM Wug Qffutogmplzf 5 9554319 Q Q66 Qgofd Wag ufzziogmplzf 5 6955536 Q66 QGOM Wag - - - -- I 1 l f To Um' 'Patrons and QfYa'fverrz'sef's HE Class of 1930 takes this oppor- tunity of expressing its appreciation and gratitude to the merchants Who so liberally advertised in our "Gold Bug" and to our friends, the patrons, Whose subscrip- tions have been of material aid to us. LA-SALLE'S ICE-CREAM That is Pleasingly Different Sold Where Quality Counts LA-SALLE TAFT COMPANY Northampton, Mass. 91l56'llf-9 -l-' - Q66 QGUM Wag Qciilllllllllg rprinlinqy HIS Annual printed by the Anker Printing Company who are also printers of the following college and school publications. Amherst High School Gold Bug Holyoke High School Herald Holyoke High School Year Book Agawam High School Mirror Deerfield High School Arrow South Hadley Spotlight M. A. C. Hand Book 1 MOl1Ht Holyoke College Hand Book West Springlield High School Nlercury West Springfield High School Year Book eflmkergprinlinn ' gg , , . r Q 11 SUFFOLK STREET HOLYOKE Mass -" 'ar-Ly?" Q66 QGOM Wag E1 - - ALLISON SPENCE PHOTOGRAPHER 100 Main Street, Northampton Class Photographer to A.H. S. '30 and for twelve years previously with only three exceptions. I have ollicial permission for stat- ing that 1930 are Well pleased with their Class Work. 6'ngm'vz'ng.r in gold Bug produced by ur YOUR'STORY'lN PICTURE'LEAVESNOTI-llNG'UNTOLD pfzbwff mb-gnyfavfby 0. - J Won! Wee Square Makers of' Good Enjravfhgs from fhe Df8Wl27Q9 of Our Experienced firffbfs 171 Mash and ,Den and fnk, ESTABLISH ED 1892 Gl58lfP Q66 Q60ld Qug MUTUAL PLUMBING When You Want the Best COMPANY For Your Money In Clothes A A See Hardware Majestic and Atwater Kent Radios F. M. THOMPSON sz SON GRANGE GROCERY STORE Dealers In Compliments of Fine Gfocefies BOLLES SHOE STORE and Fruits R The MONTGOMERY CO., Inc. Service Quality ,l1.ili- Rose Growers Hadley, Mass. With Courtesy AMHERST LAUNDRY CO., Inc 035936 l Qin' QGUM Qug - EDWARD FISHER Dry and Fancy A Goods T -- Ready-to-Wear Dealer In Dry, Fancy and Ready-to-Wear Goods ---- Agent for Butterick Patterns JACKSON and CUT LER BILL'S COLLEGE DRUG STORE W. H. McGrath Prop. Fountain Pens A The Working Tools of Success Every Graduate Should Have One A. J. HASTINGS Newsdealer and Stationer Gt60t0 Q66 QGUM Wag BARSELOTTPS Ice Cream Sandwiches Candies Smokes Where High School Students meet on all occasions. DOUGLASS-MARSH "Better Furniture For Less" S. S. HYDE Optician and jeweler 3 North Pleasant Street Cup one llightj JAMES A. LOWELL Bookseller All the Latest Books HENRY G. SEARS DR. BANGS Wholesale H-- Grocers -- Dentist Holyoke M. S. PAIGE Sz SON THOMAS F. WALSH Chevrolet -..- Hickey-Freeman 31 Pleasant Street Customized Clothes Tel. 29 C-2l61lf9 'P -- Q66 QQUIJ Wag THE WOMAN'S SHOP E. R' ELDER Smart Apparel for Women and Misses Coal Gage Straw Hats Wood Sand -"- l Mrs. A. X. Petit, Manager Grave 9 Pleasant St. Tel. 342-W Amherst Tel' 20 E. H. HARVEY --Fa VANITY BOX BEAUTY SHOP Quality Service CARL H. BOLTER, Inc. Blue Suits for Graduation Our suits are ideal for the young man who Wishes to be always Well dressed. Priced from 525.00 t0 540.00 KIELY'S GARAGE Hyannis Amherst Exeter The Best in Drug Store Service The Best in Drug Store Merchandise PAGE'S sHoE sToRE HENRY ADAMS COMPANY The Rexall Store 350 Pleasant Street Gi62i0 I ' 'A R Qin' QGUIQ' Qug ' A -0 - WILLIAMS, MCCLOUD Sz CO. Insurance of All Kinds and R CARPENTER Sz MOREHOUSE Real Estate Printers Y Telephone 888 Savings Bank Block Amherst Amherst Mass' BURNETT Sz NASH PAUL J. LANDRY Insurance Groceries, Meats and and Canned Goods Real Estate We Deliver Tel. 992-W Main St. Tel. 430 33 Pleasant St. QUALITY FRUIT CO. Tel. 263-W 6 Amity Street Compliments of AMHERST SHOE REPAIRING CO. Best Dinner Eats STEPHEN DUVAL -ata Optometrist CRAMER'S DINER and Rear of A. 81 P. Optician GRANDONICO Shoe Repairing Shoe Shining GEORGE KOTOWIT Z The All-Round Tailor over Amherst Gas Co. W- R- BRQWN DR. ROGERS Insurance and ---Y Real Estate . Telephone 1 Dentlst Compliments of SOUTHWICK BROS. 62 GAULT ' 'BILL" MCINTOSH - Repairing, Altering, Dry Cleaning Dyeing and Pressing R Tel. 55-W Ceil65I0 1 T Si Q66 Qgold Wag AMHERST GAS CO. DR. HOGLE Dentist H. W. MacGRATH Moving - Trucking COLLEGE CANDY KITCHEN, Inc. Excellent Quality of Ice Cream Refreshments Chocolates Selected Salted Nuts Lunch or Dinner At Any Time DR. SULLIVAN J . E. BEMENT Bement Coal Co. Dentist DR. ROGERS Dentist Compliments WESTCOTT 81 SON Movers of 8 Amity Street AMHERST CLEANSERS Sz A FRIEND DYERS Work Called For and Delivered Phone 828 856436 E 1 f l E E l I S I . 7 I 4 3 II Q I ,I I II I, II I f I I I ii I .I i II II II I, I I I I I I I , I I I I I , I I I I I. I 'I I I I I I I I I I I 'aw 1 9 I I I II I I I .M , -I fx I: II 'I I I I I I I QI I I 5 I I I .1 51... I U - 3 IIA. 1 , QQ? ' ' E I if n I I I A 4 e A c , il if 'fr fu I 1 1 sql F 1 1 lf , 5 l

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Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA) online yearbook collection, 1933 Edition, Page 1


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