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I I I I I I I I I I I jv I E, 1 I I I I I I I I L I I s A I 2 I I I I I I I I I I I I It gi I II I 2 - I 'I I I IQ I 17 V ' ,M I I I - Q FIVW3, 1 sa-4 a' 53' 'Wfj I w .6 1 0 1 1 . X ,F-F4-. gr ' SIX . - i V.. ' H1 W 5 . A, I , , ' fi,-fl, ' 1 sg 'H' ' , w i 1 i ' 1 ! ' I 5 k E 1 4 v QF Inv Q 1 1 H 1 A -27.5339 4 .r -za. ,. ,.- 1 ffl, I v. ? ? f 3 i 1 1 1 1 N 1 , 1 , K I 1 Q ,f - ? f 4 1? , , We Y . 'YS ' 2 ff' Q- Q4 2 If 2 3 is A f. 5 Q S ' if K 12 U f -if .P - ' F 'Q 42 , 5 9 Y' A it ,Q :-' Y- 174 , s . jk 4 , fi 2, ' 1 5 Q I if 2 ME E? T 'SQ V ff' . 5 f' 3-. :I , A M ' - 92 K 9 . .4 fx? 27-J .f-ff 2 , if V... 4-Baie'-w'va'QA-e'!F13, QQQQIQQ 551' Q 414' . ' C- 21- ' A -fi ,-xx , ' iisff G 5 1 xi " Vi g ,ef 5' ix 45 ini' QL-,jg-3, f . rv' --P, 4, -1.x R1iE!i.f fX114 Q1 .4 V-isis " .n4i:1""'g"Q fi T 7 E E fi 33 EL Af-194 Qi? U25 Amhsilss High ?5,xE " 1 ., A -1 A, To ' 1 -. ' fr 5' ' ' ef' f 5 , 1 ' ' ' 55 ' gf- A 'lv R :J lg ,E ,il KCI zl: Y' ,i ,ff K, L45 iifx 1532 fflfkfifg, '51 -A l'I'fV1"'x x'l15Nau1X15 u 'i'u. a-gx's'Y-TNYN .........,,,...1, fa-.:..a , ---.a..4Qf-:...r- '1' uw .1 1 x - D M V . . m, , 12-Fifi -, 3 E Q gf : .rbi 53 E5-ff: " . ,... -- . ..,, ., Q. ... 5 ' A f, 2. ,. ' gl Q -F EE 2 455 - - L 4 A ' if rf ' , f. Q W Q W it - , . 2 35566 QGUM Wag QE 239 6 X xxx 'im '-. '- Q, F Q, 1 2' ' 'ff Q il --- -1 --QQbeQ5Qu0!dWugQ I e I f ' To I Lucile Florence Baker s u ei I HO, fwiffz !Walff'z'efm'sfzzlD, emLfzwz'ezsfz'e 5 leaefershzlb and Jiympahefze paiiefcfee f I has been em z'f1spz'razz'07z to izgkefe goals' amz' fzeefef z'a'eez!s, we, ffze cfczss qf1Q.2Q, czleefieafe gf Mix, our 5006, The Qola' Bug. 4- d-F ----C9533-Q 1 a 1 1 2 l A P c .11 X ,,,, ,,-' ,lig- ig ,f WA , , X i Q66 QQUM' Wig ,! N J fn. f VFW 1 NV gfiyig' y x XXXEAQXL- X wixkfxxx Ea M--5-L vi' Wh MMU' X Q A ff Qi!! R,-sf R -J KM-f 125 J ZA' .Z it-"',5.f-X , C-XJ 411 If ,Lfff 'A iff' K -jg -1- -ff L it 'k K , K.- A 3, - g f ffl .. . ggxs-iQ i x. ... VF , . 7M 125436 ff .E A A A A E 7 d El VN I1 h 1 1 ' R K ., , -.- - - .- - Q66 Qifuold Qing I' , . I . 42 ' l ? rx l t c, c r. fre Qofd fag Staff S . Eaaof--ffl-Graff. . . .,... ...,...... ......,..........,.. Edward Harvey 1 l l Dorothy Frandsen l A Affociaie Ecliiorf. . . . . Sallle Howe f' Ruth Redman ' l Frederick VVagman Art Editor .,..... .......... J ulia VVilson -- Alhleiicf Editor ....... .... X William NlcGrath 'L ,4dve1'l'i5i1zg Marzfzger ,... .... A lonzo Le Clair 7 Bufirieff .Mariager ..... .... S anforc. Keedy Typirt ..,...,.........................,.................... Estelle Sanford if lrlli Gold Bug Stall was chosen in October. Shortly after, we started our Work. Pictures began to come in, then We had some groups taken. rf This was more of a job than We expected for some are always absent. ln- f dividual write-ups were the next task. And a task they were. for writing something about hfty-eight individuals and not repeating is quite difficult because after all ' we are only human. .J ' VVe Worked off and on gradually, piling up the work. Un the first of hflay we had completed the Work. c'The truth will be knownfl so we have given it so far as we know. Perhaps we have mis-treated some, but We hope not. If We have, We beg forgiveness. Q66 Qgrofa' Wag Qffmfzeryf Hzglz Safzool Song ' OBLER and better than all other schools, Amherst, oh herels to you, Highest in learning, proudest in sports, We praise thy name anew. Hark while we sing our love and esteem, We pay the honor due. Chorw g Oh, Amherst High School, our praises resound, h4ay she be honored, her name be renowned, 1 Her glory rises shines out on high VVe'll never let it die. Oh! other schools come and other schools go, ' Amherst alone stands above every foe. Un-ward and up-ward ever climbing, Herels to old Amherst High! Clary Song Word! by Sallie Howe Mufic by Janice lVlunson A 'E love the years that we have passed. I We hold memories of happy days. g Q And now that our turns have come at last Q To part for different ways, With happy hearts ahead we turn To help and lift and give and learn. Chow! There is great adventure before us, And we eagerly turn our hearts To the future we look to, so glorious, For each one to fill his part. VVe thank Amherst High for comrades, ,For teachers and fellowship. We are proud of memories to cherish, Her ideals in scholarship. With happy hearts ahead we turn To help and lift and give and learn. ole go l C ll. V' C C 1 N l 1 1 l Q S - - -- Q66 Qgvald Wag Q l P SANFORD KFIIQDY "Cfzug', "ll1'ofzk,' Amherst, hfass., February 27, 1911. President 3, 4, Secretary and Treasurer 1, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, Student Council 1, 3, 4, -lunior Play CBusiness hfanagerj, Graphic 1, 2, 3, CClass Re- porterl, 4 CAthletic Reported, Prize Speaking 2, 3, 4, Football 1CClassD 2, 3, 4, Varsity C4 Captainl, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Varsity, Senior Reception Committee. Future: Amherst College. YVho has the ways that win-in sports, public speaking, class ofhcer-ship? Chug. Through our trying years of upperclassman-ship he has guided us most successfully and we look forward to the day when, he will be guiding the country as a .lustice of the Supreme Court or something equally famous. CHARLES ALONZO LECLAIR CEBHJ77 Boston, hfass., December ZS, 1911. Vice-President 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Debating Cclassl l, 2, 3, Varsity 3, 4, CVice-Presidentl 4, Dramatics 3, 4, jljresi- dentj, Graphic Staff 4, Student Council 4, slunior Play Cast, Class Football 1, 2, Class Basketball 1, 2, Varsity 3, Gold Bug Staff, Prize Speaking 3, A. 1-li. S. A. A. 4. Future: hi. A. C. 'When Bus isn't cracking wise he is usually rehearsing for a Dramatics Club performance. lf there is a stage anywhere within a reasonable distance, Charles Alonzo feels at home. We feel sure that when he grows up, he'll be a clever high speed salesman or a second klohn Gilbert. SALL1l2 GGRDGN HOXVFI Dedham, h4ass., July 14, 1912. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 3, CSecretary and Treasurerj 4, CPresident Nfusical Clubs D4, Debating CSecretary and Treasurerl 3, 4, Dramatics Club 3, 4, Graphic Staff CAlumni Editorj 4, Pro M'erito 4, Student Council 2, 4, Girls Club CSecretaryj1, Treasurerjf 2, CVice-Presidentl 3, 4, glunior Play Committee 2, Class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Gold Bug Staff 4,Class Secretary and Treasurer 2, 4, Tennis 3, QChairmanD 4. Future: College. If you can't find the silver lining to your dark clouds go to Sal and if she can't locate it no one can. She has two valuable assets her ability to see the other's point of View and her genuine interest in everyone. And we often wonder what sort of magic touch she possesses, for every- thing she undertakes fairly rings with success-even if it is mischief. 171161 Qu 1 Q66 QGOM Wag l I MALCOLM ELBRIDGE BENSON 'Ullacl' "Benn lllast Sulivan, Jlpril 27, 1911. fl"ootlvall 35 Basketball QClassl 5. Future: Undecided. , Mac is as steadfast Zll1Cl placid as the rock of Gibralter. llarely can anything happen that is strong enough to move him,unless the rare fumes of hydrogen sulphide of chemistry reach him. lXlac can cut all sorts of figures on the ice. lt's a joy to watch him skatel EDNA PEARL BRAY South Hadley Falls, Blass., February 11, 1910, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 3. Future: Undecided. Pearl, as we call her, is small but she has a deep bass voice. VVhen she says, Hlklovew she means it and there is no hesitating. 1n the future We know she will keep things Hmovingf' 7 GRACE ALBERTA BR1sToL SCG!ly77 hliddletown, Conn., December 4, 1910. Girls Club 2. I Future: Stenographer. hfliss Henry, no, lXflrs. Bond, has said she admired any- one who can drive a car-who hasn't admired Grace as she piloted that Chevrolet through the traflic of Amherstls thoroughfares? 91816 -if -- - ' ' Q66 QGQIJ Wag i if I l , . rl MYRTLE CASEY "IlI3'r!f" Northampton, Mass., ,luly 16, 1911. Girls Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 1. Future: Bay Path Institution. lt , , . ll Ctr' "1 will speak in a monstrous little vo1ce,', says hlyrtle I CE and so she does. 1Vhen lYIyrtle speaks everyone stops, F0 looks and listens hard, too. hflyrtle, we are sure, will 5 on carry our name high in Bay Path. ' i LUCY lNIARSHALL CHABIBERLAIN Amherst, 1X'Iass., September 1, 1909. Chorus 4, Girls Club 4, Glee Club 4, Science Club -1. I Future: Nurse. '4VVhere have you been all our lives?'7 Xve are mighty baSS glad that you came to join our happy throng even though ure is l it was for only a year, and by the Way, We appreciate lungs that ever-ready sense of humor. l , 1 LOUISE KATHERINE CARGEL Springfield, lXIass., April 13, 1911. A Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, lg Glee Club 2, Girls Club 1, 2, 3, 4, A, H. S. A. A. 1. Future: School of hflusic. For all her mannish blouses and sensible shoes, we are I willing to wager that Louise will some day make someone limb a capable, lovable wife. And we don't forget her music, 160 if l , eitherl Icfilil 1 M1916 f- -f - - - - -wQheQi510!d6ug'i'1--- -l HOWARD WHITTICN C1-1 ENOWETH "Cl11'1zk,' "Ber!,' Columbia, Missouri, November 14, 1911. Chorus 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Graphic 3, 4, Clflditor-in Chiefjg Pro h4eritog Student Council 2, 3, 4, -lunior . Play Cast, Vice-President 2, 35 A. H. S. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 i Football 2CClassD 4, QVarsityD5 Basketball 2, 3, 4, CVarsityj, Baseball 4, Qhflanagerl 3. Future: B4. A. C. Chink is the third Graphic liditor to be state Pro hierito president. He is one of our best all around boys-athletics, physics, orchestra, etc.,-he can do most anything, has real talent, and we know he will succeed. , . nn ni l l HARRIETT ANIELIA COOLEY 4'Cook" c'C00k-ie" p Amherst, Nlass., ,luly 31, 1912. I pl Girls Club 2, 3, Chorus 3, 4. Future: Undecided. 1 Harriet always has a pleasant "Good morning" and A that is about all we hear from her all day. Occasionally we hear: "Goin' to Room 1? Wait for mef, Harriet is one of the class's twins. I RUTH ELIZABETH COOLEY "Cook" , Amherst, hflass., .luly 31, 1912. Girls Club 3, 45 Chorus 3, 4. I Future: Undecided. If you saw Ruth in that red devil costume at the junior Dance you know that she's not as mild as one might think to see her about her businessl I oil 10 go 'Q I' O Q 1 s ld ly is lol' nk Z -,K Q66 QGOM Wag Tluzononifi W11.L1AM FABISAK LiyVKd77 Northampton, hflass., February 16, 1913. Basketball 35 Football 4. Future: Susquehanna University. hdeet 1N4r. Fairman, the second. Ted Will be nothing short of an expert accountant. He upheld the Senior re- putation on the basketball floor when We hurled ourselves against the strong faculty champions. REG1NA1.,D CARLYLE 111131.13 l'Cyrurl, 1Valtl1am, Blass., hlarch 6, 1911. Chorus 4. Future: VVork. Carlyle evidently knows the importance of being earn- est, for that he certainly is-and a gentleman right to the core. His path will be paved with courtesy and good deeds for We have noticed that he is right on the spot when there is something to be done, Whether it is taking the atten- dance record to the orlice or paying his class dues. DOROTH Y ILVELYN 1"RAN DSEN f'Dozzie,' Lincoln, Nebraska, Nlarch 12, 1912. Chorus 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 3, 45 Debating Club CSecretary12, Dramatics Club 2, 3, 45 Graphic Qlaiterary Fditorj 45 Pro N1eritogStudent Council 3,Girls Club 2,3313-lunior Play Cast, Gold Bug Staff, Class Secretary 35 Tennis 4, Prize Speaking 2, 3, 45 A. H. S. A. A. 2, 3, 4. Future: College. Good morning hf1erry Sunshine! Dottiels charm has Won her many friends. She has been very important to the Graphic and Gold Bug Stalls, to the clubs and our class. VVe are proud of her scholarship. 111 the -lunior Play and in Prize Speaking she has shown her dramatic ability. 'cSome dayw We will not be surprised to learn that Dottie succeeds lifthel Barrymore C-2111136 are QQMIJ mg i l-------- ---.D CHAUNCEY MQLEAN GILBERT, AIR. 'fCf1f1w" HCM!" ljhiladelphia, PCIIIIEI., hlay 18, 1911. ' lfootball 2, 3, el, Basketball 2, 3, -lg Baseball 2, 3, -lg A. I-I. S. I . IX. A. 2, 3, -I. I"uture: lVest Point. '4Chawl' has two spit curls in the center of his forehead and is a crack center on both the football and basketball teams. Besides, he often stars in the center ofthe diamond as a pitcher and is always the center of attraction with the fairer sex. ELLEN CATHERINE GLASKI HGIJIJIS'-l'j'L'l, lVorcester, hlass., Nlune 7, 1909. Girls Club 1, 2, 35 Chorus 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, Drama tics Club 1. 1"uture: House of hlercy Hospital. Ellen and Sophie are inseparable. VVhat will Ellen do when school closes? VVhy, she is going to be a nurse and she is going to use her Glass-eye to a good advantage. GRACE ELIZABETH GGODYEAR GLSiJ.79 Sunderland, hlass., December 7, 1910. Girls Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, -lg Glee Club 1, Tennis 1, 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, -I5 Girls Club Dance Committee 4. Future: Undecided. Grace is "Sis,' to all of us. She can tripithe light fantas- tic and on one toe if you request. Girlls basketball would be lost Without her, not saying anything about chemistry class. og 12316 ' 'Z Q- I l I I V - Q65 QQUM Wag VIRGINIA ooRDoN L'Cz'111me,' Northampton, IXf1ass.,kIanuary 18, 1913. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 15 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club -1gDrama- tics Club Crfreasurerj -Ig Girls Club -lg slunior Play Cast. Future: College. Troubles roll olI HGimnic,' like Water olll a duck,s back. As the heroine in the ,Iunior Play she made us sit up and take notice. She knew everybody,s part from start to hnish. "Gimmels3, store of knowledge is intinitel Even the teachers have to have everything accurate OYliG1H1H1Cl, can correct them. If MCIIUIIIICI, chooses to Work we rely on her for success in any line. MICHAEL JOSEPH GRIFFIN ccvfogaa ccspudaa' Boston, B"I2'lSS.,bl11lY S, 1910. Basketball 1, 23 Football 1, 2, CVarsityD 4. Future: St. lNIichaels. 'floev surprised us by spreading his literary Wings and bursting into song in a poem WTO a Fountain Penf' To you We will say 'llouder and more of it." He also can play real football. This he proved in the Harnp game. lVe will read some day of ,loe,s 60 or 70 yard run to victory. VICTOR FRANK GRYBKO CC II1'C57 Sunderland, hlass., xlanuary 3, 1912. Class Basketball 1, 35 Football 3, -1. Future: Undecided. "View has worn out three pairs of shoes traveling to the Bank after recess to deposit the vast sums of the IX. I-I. S. treasury. Irlis sneakers have also seen some use on the gym Iloor while he was ably proving his skill in basketball for the seniors. GIUIQ - - Q66 QQOIQ' Wag MARjOR1E LOUISE HARRIS "ZW1'dge'Z" "JUargz'e,' South Amherst, N1ass.,July 10, 1911. Basketball 3, Girls Club 2, 3, A. H. S. A. A. 2. Future: O1C1:lCC Work. '4lXf1argie1s,, boyish head of hair has bent over more than one office typewriter already-here's hoping her success increases even as her years! EDWARD WINSLOW HARVEY LCEd77 LST,ub77 667150177 I Amherst, hflass., Aflarch 21, 1911. Editor-in-Chief of Gold Bug, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, Debating Club 1, 3, Dramatics Club 1, 2, Graphic StalT3 CWit Editorj, 4 CAdVertising h4anagerD, Student Council 1, 4, Junior Play Cast, Football 1 fClass 2, jVarsity 4, A4anager of Basketball 4, Junior Dance Committee, Vice-President 1, A. H. S. A. A. A 1, 2, 3, 4, Stamp Club 3, CSecretaryj, 4 Qlgresidentj, p Science Club 4 Clnresidentj, Chorus 2, 3, 4, String Quartet 2, 3, 4. Future: College. A hearty good morning to everyone-from the most dignified faculty member to the humblest freshman. A - Eddie,s pleasing personality has won him scores of friends and admirers. Ever dependable-always happy, and courteous, Eddie is our Lord Chesterfield for manners. SCOTT HEATH HARVEY ccBI'bs9 North Amherst, N1ass., October 16, 1911. Student Council 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Baseball 1, Af1anager 4, A. H. S. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Future: AI. A. C. Behold one of 1291s combinations of brains and brawn. "Bib', has played a big part in Amherst High,s athletic world-in more Ways than one. And he can think real thoughts, tool F V 'I 9111411163 'Z I I Q- l l l L - h 5 l I 1 I- c i l ? - -- --- mg Qooffz Wag JOHN LAWRENCE HASSAY Sunderland, 1VIass., Affay 18, 1910. Future: Susquehanna University. John is on a continual Hgov from 8.30 to 2.30. He has been Mr. Fairman's able understudy for the last two or three years, and he has worn a private path during this last year from Room 9 to Room 2. CARL RAYMOND HOLT South Amherst, Mass., October 2, 1910. Future: Susquehanna University. Carl likes to jig on the dance Hoor. He is a great one to travel to Springfield or Holyoke or Boston. And he always has a wise one to pull. ROYAL EDWARD IVES ccR0w7a Holyoke, Nfass., September 5, 1910. Class Basketball 2, 3, 4, Class Football 1, Varsity Foot- ball -1. Future: Stockbridge School of Agriculture. "Happiness is the natural flower of duty,,,Brooks says. This explains, then, in a few words why Royal has such a friendly smile. He is always busy but yet always ready to lend a helpful hand. ' 951519 Qin? QQUIQ' Wag E1,1ZA13ET1-1 VERONICA ,IAKIMKO L'L1'bU "Lz'bl1y7' North Hadley, Nlass., November 19, 1912. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, Girls Club 1, 2, 3, -1, Basket- ball 1, 2, 3. Future: Bay Path. "1,ib,' can, take down some fast tvpewriting and it is not the 'gHunt and Peck Systemn either. Continue the Work in Bay Path to the best of your ability, c'Lib.,, I LOUISE AGNES ,IOY LCL0u33 Springfield, Aflass., September 12, 1911. Chorus 1, 2, 3, Girls Club 1, 2, 3, -15 Basketball 1, 2, 33 A. H. S. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Future: Framingham Normal. Louise likes a good dancer, and is a good dancer, so brother John does very well for a partner. Some day when she is teaching we suppose she will publish a volume of poems-judging by those that have graced the Graphic pages. DOROTHY JANET KENNEDY GGDOIS7 Amherst, Klass., November 25, 1911. Dramatics 3, Girls Club 1, 2, 3, -1, A. H. S. A. A. 2, 3, I Tennis -lg Senior Dance Committee 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, -1. Future: Arnold College CPhysical Educationj. '4Dot" is our star athlete and is destined to bring fame and glory to A. H. S. When, sometime in the future, she swims the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of hflexico. Her charm and smile will conquer old Neptune himself and then what will she not be able to do? 911619 -5 X, I- X l r 5 1 I l 1 l l 3Q ,mC 1 she ller and I 1 1 , -- - - Q66 CQQISIOXQ' Qug SOPHIE ELEANORF KOSENSKI CCSOMPJ7 Fairview, 1V1ass., April 13, 1910. Chorus 1, 2, 3, Girls Club 1, 2, 3, Dramatics Club 1. Future: Staten Island, 1fVelfare Hospital, New York. Sophie, "Soup" is a good talker. She can out-do almost anybody. 'cSoup's', best habit is tardiness-but she gets there just the same. She also is an able and imaginative writer. LAURA LEONA LAMPRON "FrecleZer,' Cushman, Nlass., April 8, 1912. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4,G1ee Club 1, Girls Club 1, 2, 3, -1, Dram- atics Club 4. Future: Northampton Commercial College. Laura is one of the vest-pocket members of the class but she is none the worse for it. Next year sheill be yelling for Northampton Commercial College. Stick to it, Laura, you'll win. DOROTHY HELEN LAPLANTE t'D0zrie" "DOW North Amherst, hflass., hflarch 31, 1912. Chorus 1, 2, 3, -lg Girls Club l, 2, 3, -1, String Quartet 2, 3, -1, Dramatics Club 4, Orchestra 1, 2 CSecretary and Treasurerl 3, 4, CSecretary and Treasurerlg Glee Club 2, QVice-Presidentl 4, Nlusical Clubs 3, -1CSecretary and Treasurerjg Basketball 1, CCaptainD 2, 3, -1, Tennis 4, A. H. S. A. A. 1, hliunior Play Cast. Future: College. "Dot', has been with us in about everything. She has been a mainstay in basketball and she has been a leader in the musical organizations. She has been one of the rays of sunshine around in the dull classrooms and we hope she continues to be so. of 17 Ho Q66 sow mug ff--- - -a GRIZZELLE JACOCKS LEIGH GSH!!! Roxbury, lV1ass.,June 25, 1911. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Tennis 1, 4, Basketball 1, Pro Merito, Secretary, Graphic CTypistD 45 Girls Club 1, 3, 4. Future: Boston University. There are few who can type like Grizzelle, in fact the Graphic would be lost without her. She is secretary of the Pro 1VIerito Society and plays a good game of tennis. We wish you the best of luck at B. U. WILLIAM HENRY McGRATH, JR. "BUF, "Shiek" Northampton, 1XfIass., December 20, 1911. Class Football 1, 2, Class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 A. H. S. A. A. 1, 2, 4, Senior Dance Committee, Athletic Editor of Gold Bug. Future: St. John's Preparatory School. Who is that quiet looking fellow? "Bill', McGrath, the Shiek of1-lamp. His exploits there are nobody's business!! If it were not for "Bill', nobody would chew gum in chem- istry class-he supplies it. GRETCHEN BONINE MACHMER ClGfgg,li873 Amherst, lV1ass., August 19, 1912. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Debating Club 1, 3, 45 Dramatics Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Graphic Stall 45 Pro 1N4erito Girls Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Basketball 15 A. H. S. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Tennis 3. Future: College CUndecidedD. "Geggie's,' place in '29 is a big one-her sense of humor, which is a bit different, her earnestness as a debater, her ability as a scholar adds to a good sized sum. And she does not conline her activities to A. H. S., either, she has had part in local organizations and her latest is the professorship of mathematics in 1VIiss Crowell,s school. 911319 -5' I 1 S T Ns - - -l-- i' Q65 QQ0!d Wag un I ' CHARLOTTE YVINIFRED MILLER HCII1-6151-87, 1, Pm XI u I Quincy, lXlass., ,luly 27, 1912. ,bl 3 emoi Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls Club l, 2, 3, 45 Junior Play Cast, ii ' A. H. S. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. i Future: h4iddlebury College. rife' in fm llle "Chickee,' has one faculty that we all admire, her very .1 sctretaryof keen sense of right and wrong, but even better than that 1imC0ltennis, is her power to stick to what is right. f'Chickie,' is an earnest student, a loyal friend, and a good sport. JR. 3 I 5 ANTONIA JULIA h4lTCHlLl.l. c'T01iif" Amherst, Nlass., September 2, l9l2. l"'.li"'l'F:f S' Chorus 1,25 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Girls Club l, 2, 3, 4. 'hmmm ' not Future: Undecided. Once in a while you and ,l have taken a vacation and have just not done our French, but iiTonie" never has. 'XlcGrath,tlie She is steadfast and dependable-Hslohnny on the spotn .g,dj."s businessll in basketball! She earnestly goes about her work and A Euminchem- does it well. Xllili Al,lElXAND.lC R H I l.lQ. MONTGGNIFRY Hfllef' 'L-lub 1, 3. 'li Northampton, hflass., August 15, l9lO. 4: pro Meri? Class President lg Athletic Association l, 2, 3, 4, X. ll. 5..i.1- lfuturez Undecided. 4 ls '4Alec" laughing? Penny ,iust told him a joke prob- I ably imported from Pelham. Friendship knows no bars, 1 cnfhumor, especially such a little thing as six miles between their fflcmter' her respective homes when a LaSalle serves to bridge the gap. J U .he ind ' 'fm' . he i fllilcr' S N-' '.tl1C X' ll xchfifil- ,Z off 19 go F Q C5566 Qigfofcz' Wag - A - - 'E FRANCIS COCHRANE MOORE "M'o011', Dover, N. H., January 21, 1912. Pro Nleritog Junior Play CElectricianj, Class Football 2, Basketball 3QVarsityD 2, CClassD, Dramatics Club 4, A. H. S. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Future: VVorcester Tech. A Beneath the outer coat of his dignity lurks an active interest in everything that goes on about him. WVe all respect him for the courtesy and good nature that he blends with serenity and thoughtfulness. He has our heartiest wishes for good fortune with him in Whatever career he may choose. JANICE MUNsoN CC!an77 Littleton, lVIass., September 24, 1912. Chorus 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Grchestra 4, Dramatics Club 3, 4, Graphic 4 CClass Reporterlg Pro Meritog Student Council 4, Girls Club 2, 3, 4 CPresidentj, Girls Basketball 2, 3, 4, Girls Tennis 4, Junior Dance Committee, A. H. S. A. A. 2, 4. Future: Simmons. They couldnlt find a middle name for "Jan,', you say? VVell they certainly hadn't known her very long. But We have it-it's Cheer! "Jams" joy and pep are the spice of life. ",1an,', We will remember you always because you are you. ANNETTE V. PAGE HA 7I1l'l'6,, Amherst, lvlass., June 7, 1911. Girls Club 3, 45 Dramatics Club 43 Basketball 3, 4, A. H. S. A. A. 4. Future: Milford Hospital. Annette liked Amherst so much that she had to come back from lvlilford. She entered in the third year as though she had always been with us and has continued as a good classmate. 1912016 'il N- ll 7- 's 3 :tive 6 all t he our tever natics lerito, dentlg Dance u say? But 5 spice eCallSC ,ll.S. O 501116 tliouffll il food Qin QQUM Wag HOWARD ALBERT PARSON S Honolulu, Hawaii, April 2, 1911. ' Chorus 2, 3, 4, Grchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, A. H. S. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Play CProperty hlanagerl, Science Club 4. Future: Northeastern University. Howard hails from the land of the "Hula-Hula Dancers." How would he look in a grass skirt? 1 wonder. He is going to study to be an engineer and then he'll span the Pacific from California to Hawaii with steel. HORACE BLUNDELL PENN f'l'e1111yl' Redditch, England, November 6, 1909. Future: Undecided. VVhat a beautiful complexion! So say the lady visitors, but it's only "Penny," He blushes exquisitely. Have you heard the latest story? Ask 'fPenny,'7 he knows. lf he doesn't know, his side kick 'fAlec,, does. RUTH SANDERSON REDMAN 6CR,u-fray!! CCSa71dy77 C6Rgd77 Orono, hflaine, November 12, 1911. Chorus 1, 3, 4, Debating 1, 2, 4, QClass Varsity, Dramatics Club 1, 4, Graphic 3, Pro Nlerito, Girls Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Play Committee, Class Basketball 1, A. H. S. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Reception Committee, Prize Speaking 1, 2, Gold Bug Staff, Science Club 4, CSecre- retary and Treasurerl, Valedictorian. Future: Nliddlebury College. lf 1929 is a peppy class, blame it on Ruth Redman. lf youlve never seen the youthful brain marvel of the age, take a peep at Ruth. No activity in the school is complete without Ruth. Everyone relies on her to help get something done. Of course she,ll be a success, for look at the way our ,lunior Play ended-with a bangl ff' i of 21 HQ 1 me Qoafa mug f' 'j---l-- EVER ETT LE W 1 S ROBERTS C4-EU77 Amherst, Mass., March 31, 1911. Dramatics Club 4, Football 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, A. H. S. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Future: College. 4'Ev" is one of A. H. Sfs star ends in football. He very capably lills this position. Around school he sings, Whistles and hums to make the atmosphere a bit lighter in this dingy, dismal edifice. G EORG E M. ROBERTSON Lowell, 1Xf1ass.,June 15, 1910. Future: Bliss Electrical School. Bliss Electrical School, eh "Doc?" 1t,ll be Blisster by the time you get through. But keep at it for you'll make good in the end. ELIZABETH BERNADETTA ROURKE cc-Bgllyw ccLib7'7 Amherst, Mass., June 25, 1911. Chorus 2, 3, 4,Gir1s Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 1. Future: Undecided. 1f you ever want to borrow any ofthe things you should have brought to class, "Lib', has them-with a smile that almost makes us want to forget things. "Lib" has a license and drives a good looking car. How many of us less fortunates admire her for that! I l off 22 go 5' 1 2 .4, .l. H Q .K- J! -hi. 'Mr . ' '--f- whistles :titer in this lay lllisstcr by .f -.Auu'll make Q Club cl .. ', HU Shoui I .Z K Lmllc tha 'QQ 1 , J license .-up . I UQ 1355 ffl X ft' il' Q66 QG0!d warg ESTELLE WASH BOUN SANFORD Florence, Nlass., hflarch 6, 1911. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Dramatics Club 2, 3, 45 Girls Club 1, 2, 3, -1, Basketball 1, 25 A. H. S. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 l Tennis 2. A Future: Typist, Bookkeeper or Gperator for NVestern Union Simplex Nlachine. l Click! Clickl That is Estelle tapping the typewriter keys at the rate of 60 words a minute. Here is a case of A Where both fingers and feet Ally for she is equally adept at typing and dancing- "Come and trip it, as you go, On the light fantastic toefi -And Estelle comes. ESTHER NIAUD STRONG "Ex" "EMM" Amherst, hlass., December 23, 1910. Chorus 1, 4, Girls Club 1. Future: Framingham Normal. So Esther is going to be a teacher. She will make a good one and she will make 'em toe the mark for what she says goes and we know that. Keep it up, Esther, you will make good. ESTHE R TIDLUND 64Tid75 ccExrL,.97 Amherst, hflass., November 11, 1911. Girls Club 2, 3, 4, Athletics 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, QCaptainjg Chorus 2, 3, 4. Future: Nurse. 1Vhere is Esther? She is with Anna. VVell where is I Anna? She is with Esther. Find one and you hnd the 1 other. Esther has been a mainstay in girlis basketball for our class. Good luck in nursing, Esther. off 23 go -7 3566 Qfaoffl Wag -i- l"RlfDlIRlCK HERBIQRT VVAGMAN f'Frec1'd1'f'3 "l'l7aggie" Springlield,A1ass., Qctober 12, 1912. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, String Quartet 3, 4, Debating CClassj 2, 3, 4, QVarsityj 2, 3, 4 QPresidentD 4, Basketball 4, Prize Speaking 2, 3g ,lunior Play Cast, Gold Bug Staff, Graphic Stall 4, Student Council 4, Football Chlanager 4, CClassj 1, 2, A. H. S. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Pro Nlerito. Future: Amherst College. Fred is one who has ably proved his ability as an orator, poet and musician. We know that Fred will continue the good name of Amherst High on into Amherst College. 2 1 L. .... .. ANNA VICTORIA WASKIEWICZ "A-110161, North Amherst, Mass., October 25, 1910. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Class Basketball CCaptainD 1, 2, 35 Senior Dance Committee, . Future: Undecided. ' "Anne" is the class sunbeam. VVe have yet to see her . without a smile adorning her face. Her good nature and optimism are contagious--happily so. YVe hope that the smile may never leave your face, Anne, and that the cheer will never leave your heart. RUTH NANGLE WHITCOMB CC-Rgdw Amherst, Blass., April 26, 1911. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, A. H. S. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 . Girls Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Future: hflassachusetts Normal Art School. This old world would move like clock Work, if everyone 1 were as elhcient as Ruth. It is good to be businesslike and some ofthe rest of us may well cultivate this characteristic. 1 Neatness is a necessity of good art, so With your talent Ruth, you surely will succeed. off 24 go i V I 1 1 1 l - it Q66 Qfwfd Wag A iN 4 I I 1,0'1'A 13 12 RTH A WH l T1 NG Club 2, 3- "D1'1117J!e.v', 1, lkilfsitvg In 4 taking! 'sh VVorcester, Mass., August 17, 1911. I 3 in Chorus 2, 3, -lg Glee Club 1, Girls Club 1, 2, Draniatics Club 1. Future: hlilford Hospital. I . Lota has a few friends to whom she opens out but the rzixc Stag 4? Llaiil 1, is , I rest of us have not found the real girl. Now and then she lfan 013101, supplies the Graphic with a naive bit of verse which we 'ill comlnlle all appreciate. N College, A I I ff , ELIZABETH ANNIE 'WILLIANIS k I C6Lvib77 P L bn - Amherst, 1Xf1ass., January 20, 1910. is ,ai ei 3 Girls Club 1, 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, A. 1-1. S. A. A. 1, 2, 3. in f Future: Undecided. l I l. "LibH has worked hard, yet she has loyally contributed fl 10 Sec wr A ' her due share to the class and clubs. Like Pollyanna she ti nature and 1 I wears a cheerful smile in spite of all the work. 'We would 'LfQ'?f,'l.l13ltllC all be teachers if every student were as earnest as 'claibf' and that the 1 l ' JU1.1A MAY w11.soN H 1 Hfuliew Springfield, Blass., july 7, 1910. , Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls Club 1, 2, 3, -1, Tennis -1,Dra1n- I 7 3 43 atics 1, 4, Gold Bug Staff, A. 1-1. S. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. ' ll' 'ii Future: hfassachusetts School of Art. "Oh, where is Dottie?,' Thatls hlulie, we know for no one ever sees her about our corridors unless "Dottie" ,, . 'ORC . . . , . . . . Ig C190 d 1 is somewhere in the offing. She is successful in evervthing ,...,...l1l-Cal' from tennis to drawing. 1 ' C' .24,if.lClcrl5U if uf talent ','l. Z -f of 25 H6 ,ff 5 l Q66 Qgrold Wag - - ---i D O R OTH Y W RIGHT 'GDUVQ 'cDoNy,, lX'l2lI'lO11 Heights, N. Ll., ,Iuly 28, 1910. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. Future: Cooking Teacher. VVho is that girl who always has a smile and the fluffy hair? VVhy thatls L'Dotl' Wright. VVhere did you see her? lu the library Sth period. Thz1t's right, you usually can hnd her there at that time. A xt ,f sl 1 xt ,4- x r N r x 1 1 x 12 Zx f Zx N p' X I s r x 1 1 x 1 x xx ,f 1 of? 26 516 -Z 2 he HUHY S00 her? lfllll' can Ar the Faculty Thinkr Sallie Howe ......... Edward Harvey ..,.. Ruth Redman ....... Howard Chenoweth. . Virginia Gordon ..... Howard Chenoweth. . Sallie Howe ....,.,.. Sanford Keedy .... . Dorothy Frandsen. . . Edward Harvey ..... Dorothy Kennedy. . . Sanford Keedy ...... Estelle Sanford .... . Edward Harvey ..... Edward Harvey ..... Dorothy Frandsen. . . Sanford Keedy. . . . Sallie Howe ......... Gretchen Nlachmer. . Fred Wagman ..., .... Nlyrtle Casey .......... Chauncey Gilbert ....... Dorothy Frandsen ...... Grace Goodyear ........ Theodore Fabisak. . . Alonzo LeClair ......... Alonzo LeClair. . . Sanford Keedy ..... Dorothy Laljlante. . Alonzo LeClair. . . Royal Ives .... Alonzo LeClair. . Julia VVilson ..... Everett Roberts .... C'f25he Qgold Qag - enrar of IQZQ Mort Popular Girl. . Mort Popular Boy ..... .... Mort Brilliant Girl. .... . . . . Mort Brilliant Boy. . Bert Looking Girl .... . . . Bert Looking Boy .... .... Bert All Round Girl. Bert All Round Boy. .. .... Bert Drerred Girl. . . Bert Drerred Boy. . . Mort Athletic Girl. . . Mort Athletic Boy. . Bert Girl Dancer. . . Bert Boy Dancer. . . Mort Gourteour Boy. Mort Gourteour Girl. Mort Important Boy to Glarr. . . Mort Important Girl to Glarr .... Glarr Baby ........ Poet ........ Shyert ..... Peppiert ..... Sunrhine. . Flirt .... Dreanier. Tardy ..... ....Actor. .. ....Orator... M nriei an ....WitzfLert.'.. .. ....Teaeher'r Trial... . .drtirt ............ . . . .Greatert Kidder. . . . Ar We Think Sallie Howe Edward Harvey Ruth Redrnan Fred Wagman. .Virginia Gordon Chauncey Gilbert Sallie Howe Sanford Keedy Sallie Howe Edward Harvey Dorothy Kennedy Sanford Keedy Louise Joy Edward Harvey Howard Chenoweth Sallie Howe Sanford Keedy Sallie Howe Gretchen lylachmer Fred Wagman Nlyrtle Casey Janice lVlunson Dorothy Frandsen Grace Goodyear. Alexander Nlontgomery Virginia Gordon Alonzo LeClair Sanford Keedy 'Dorothy LaPlante Alonzo LeClair Virginia Gordon Royal Ives Julia Wilson Alonzo LeClair off 27 go mia QQUM mug Q- ii? Hzkiory There are a great many of us who can repeat any day the headlines of yester- day's New York Timer- Tunney F lips a Flap Jack THEN EATS TWENTY-FIVE Not a few of us might have finished United States History with lofty degrees if the important facts had been written thus- Big Boom In California Real Estate GOLD NUGGETS DISCOVERED AT SUTTER'S MILL And so it seems that the suggested tabloid form is the most fitting arrangement to record the career of the class of I929, which will remain so clearly in our memories. Instead of the usual facts of entrance, we have in headlines- F ive Freshmen Repeatedly Annoy BEWILDERED BY MASSIVE EDIFICE NEWCOMERS ' I INTERRUPT UPPERCLASS RECITATIONS History repeats itself. Just as one certain freshman of '29 caused us to smile as he ran about, so we must have been amusing to the seniors of '2S. But we grew to know the building quite well. In fact we felt so well acquainted with it that we wished to show our parents where we would spend our days in hard work. Nocturnal Introduction By Frosh NEWCOMERS GATHER WITH FOND PARENTS Whether we held the meeting after the upperclassmen had gone home Cto studyj, intentionally or not, we do not .wish to recall. But, unsophisticated as we were, we chose the gym as our place of revelry and capered about in games with our fathers and mothers. Then came our first attempt at Public Speaking. l Remarkable Talent Discoveredg Town Amazed PROMISING YOUNG MAIDEN EXGELS IN DECLAIVIATION Ruth Redman started us on our Prize Speaking career by winning, among the girls, the Millet Cup for '25, A i Mystery Prevails In Auditoriumg Gold Watch Display MAGICIAN HOLDS OLD AND YOUNG IN SUSPENSE Is Friday the 13th unlucky? Not for us. It was on that date in May '27 that Bill Smith, the magician, gave an entertainment and the class with pleasure counted about fifty more dollars in its treasury. ol 28 go 5 I Q R I'CSlEr- LIQQTCCS gement 'mories. TIONS o smile ve grew that we WDC iw J 35 W6 gg with red jug Ille play 27 that I .-- E566 CZQCIIIOZIZI Wag -- Stowell Cup Awarded To Class Of 1929 SENIORS AND JUNIORS TIE FOR SECOND PLACE After this good news in June we spent a glorious summer of vacation. When fall arrived work on the Junior Play began. Teacher Alarmed By Blood Curdling Shrieks DASHES MADLY FROM HER OFFICE TO DISCOVER CAUSE AND EFFECT But when that teacher found the cause she realized that there was no first aid necessary! CGimme, Gordon was rehearsing her role in '6The Cat and the Canary." The play was most successful. This year we changed our class color from brown to blue. Grand Reception Given To Fortune Seekers JUNIOR CLASS GIVES FAREWELL BALL TO SENIORS In June we bid farewell to the seniors who left their places and work in A. H. S. for us to carry on. Our senior year rolled round with all its importance. In December came the senior dance. Then the debaters, in January, began their fiery contests. Budding Young Ciceros Again Take Honors i HALL TENSE WITH EXCITEIVIENT AS ,IUDGES CAST VOTES '29 again won the inter-class debating bout. Peter Pan And Daniel Webster Take Laurels ORATORICAL CONTEST HELD BY REPRESENTATIVES OF EACH CLASS On Nfarch 22 as our last representatives,Dorothy Frandsen with a selection from "Peter Panv and Sanford Keedy with a speech of Daniel Webster, won '4PriZe Speakingf' This year Howard Chenoweth was elected President of Western Mfassachusetts Pro Merito Society. He was the third President from A. H. S. Whole Town Turns Out To Wish Seniors 'Bon Voyage' C-al29lrP xt 'I xt A' X . me 9190141 wig Q - - - -.. f 1? X 53 n-if E X I 224- 3:3- R .Rx " ' if -- X xR ea me l X x v - - - -- 55566 Qiguolff Wag ffffl'Yff ff ff f 1: W7 ,J ff ff, X .1 .', If af .7 21512 iq' if X , L E If W ix VV I A, I 1929 fg- 55N lok f 1 H3136 Y QTL X gk. jf--.1 g ., 1 W 1 I I L1.. 1 L 1 WIN , w X . , f , f , Www f f f W ff Q66 QQQIQ' Wag - -1- - K ir-,,, Tp- ! X X J X ,X f'.f' - i QE 32 ge 2 I V K 1 K l I Q66 Qfmfd mug -i----- + ff' I4 Wm X X - if :--1' if l QE 33 361 Qhe QGUIQ' Wag ,Qzft Will and Teftarnem' E IT RENIENIBERED, that we, the Class of 1929 of Amherst High School, being of supposedly sound and disposing mind, and memory but worn out by the rigor of enforced education, and aware of the rapidly approaching end of this life in A. H. S. do constitute this as our LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT hereby revoking any and all former wills by us at any time hereto- fore made. After the payment of our just debts and graduation charges and expenses we give and bequeath and devise as follows: First: To the Class of 1930, we give and bequeath a part of our dignity and nobleness as Seniors that the underclassmen may have cause to revere them. Second: To the English Department we give and bequeath a copy of the Gold Bng that that organization may at last reap the benefit of a true literary gem. Third: To the Class of 1933 we give and bequeath our cherished emblem, the BLUE and the GOLD, that its beauty may endure through the years to come. Fourth: To the Faculty we give and devise a portion of our vast fund of know- ledge lest in the event of our ravages having depleted their store of learning, they as well as students to come may not suffer the bliss of ignorance. Fifth: To Miss Upham we give and bequeath a gilt-edged, leather-bound copy of Allan and Greenoitgh, that she may administer efficiently to the needs of future Latin enthusiasts, the only true seekers of the light of learning. Sixth: To future Wit Editors of the Graphic we give and devise a part of Charles Alonzo LeClair's super-abundance of humor in order that smiles may continue to adorn the faces of those who shall read Pen Pointe. Seventh: To the Glee Club we give a copy of the Soap Song from Lux. Eighth: To Stephen Whicher we give and bequeath a long piece of string which we hope shall aid him in remembering to report for orchestra practice. Ninth: To George Pease we bequeath half of Francis Nloorels surplus altitude with the hope that he earnestly strive upward day by day. Tenth: To Anne Crandelmere we give and bequeath Ruth Redman's newly acquired wave with the best wishes for its continued success. Eleventh: To Howard Peckham we bequeath and devise some of Howard Chenowethis sylph-like grace. Twelfth: To all "Les Miserables', who are "letting it grow" we bequeath a portion of Janice Nlunsonls bobbie-pins. ' Thirteenth: To Miss Churchill we bequeath a new trio of German musqueteers. Fourteenth: To the Graphic office we bequeath a new lounge which may rc- place the one lone rocker which has so faithfully done its duty through so many long years. H Fifteenth: To Ruth Hintze we bequeath and devise some of Antonia lXf1itchell's bashfulness. We should like to see how well it becomes her. Gf34fQ Q, I l h r V D 1 5 'A ' Q66 QGOM Wag Sixtefnth.' To John Howe we bequeath and devise Ed Harveyls tendency to grin at life's minor collisions. Seventeenth: To Christian Keedy we give and bequeath Chauncey Gilbert's seventeenth curl with the hope that it will be of as much benefit to him as it has been to Chaw. Eighteenth: To Doris Redman we bequeath Sophie Kosenski's ability to forget to remember with the hope that the said ability may sometime be of use. Nim'teemh.' To Nlr. Brown we give and bequeath a large bouquet of uforget- us-notsl' that he may have some cause to remember the class of 1929. Twentieth: We appoint and constitute as executor of this will any one who wishes to undertake the task. In witness whereof we hereunto set our hands and seal this seventeenth day June A. D. 1929. CLASS OF 1929. Troplzegf Adventures of a Dope Fiend-May, 1, 1949 c'Listen," said Edward Harvey with a threatening scowl, "You've got to write that prophecy for the Gold Bug." A "But honest Ilve never prophecied in all my life. I don,t even know how to begin the blame, thing,', I protested weakly. "Well, that's up to you. Have it ready by tomorrow or-". With this he left me and I remained to bewail my terrible fate. Alas! Too well I knew I could not hope for the sudden gift of divination and yet to fail to see into the future meant death or worse at the hands of I-Iarvey's hired highwaymen. Inwardly I struggled to make my benumbed brain think but it could hold only the one thought -tomorrow they go "boom and you faw down." I rushed to the window to im- plore the aid of Phoebus Cand to count the sun spots.D I leaned forward holding out my arms to the sun-god in the approved manner denoting supplication and was strongly considering donning a pair of smoked glasses when the raised window fell with a bang catching my hapless neck in its tender embrace. Nly Adam's apple was crushed and something from its ruins tickled down my throat, which tasted peculiarly like cider. Then CI,d be willing to take an oath on it but I never swearj the sun fell and I felt myself falling after it. ' I awoke in the gutter of a strange city just in time to save myself from the hands of a benevolent gentleman wearing the insignia of the society for the pre- vention of Cruelty to Animals. "NIy mistake," he said. "Heavens," I said, "It's Royal Ives." CI discovered a sore throat.D CC 7 77 It s you! Gf35lQ Q66 QGUM Wag 3? r"Yes, how are you getting along?,' "Great, how're you?" "Great, everything O. K.?" "Great, how's the world treating you?'7 "Oh greatf, Here there was a lull in our intelligent conversation. Finally, I asked "What place is this? W'here am l?', Royal dragged me away from the path of an onrushing car as he replied, "You're in the future now but, you almost were a thing of the past. That's Howard Chenoweth. He made his money selling Sodium Bicarbonate in Belchertownf' "Clever lad," quoth I. als there anyone else here we used to'know?'7 "Sure there goes Bill McGrath, now. Bill's the amateur golf champ. Lately he's been thinking that he's in love. He told me that when he tells his flame, he's burning with love for her she tells him not to make a fuel of himself. Poor fellow. Well, let's go. Illl show you the townf' "George Robertson runs that radio store over there. He thought he got Scot- land last night because he heard someone singing 'The Best Things in Life Are Freef " just then we met Nlarshall Chamberlain. W "Hello, Marshall, what's your occupation, now?" "Oh, I'm a playwright." "Has your latest play an unhappy ending?" 'Tll say. It closed Saturday night." 6'Did Julia Wilson continue in her painting?'? "Oh yes. Her work is very realistic. She painted some fruit last week and already Sally Howe and Virginia Gordon, the art critics, claim it's rotten." '9What,s Eddy Harvey doing now?" I asked, thinking of that pain in my neck. '6Oh, he's a big manufacturer of butterscotchf' What do you mean butter scotch?" T Oleomargarinef' What is 'Dotl LaPlante doing? Is she still interested in music?,' Yes. She's learning to play the saxaphone and just the other day her next door neighbor Scott QForest Rangerj Harvey asked her if she'd lend it to himf, "Surely," she said. "Can you play it?', "No," said Scott, "and while l've got it neither can youf, "By the way," said Royal, "did you know that Dorothy Frandsen is a spirit- ualist. She never gets any sleep." CCWhy?97 . CC 1 66 C6 CC "The shades are always flapping in her room at nightf' "By the way how is Alex Montgomery making out?,, "Pd like to get my hands on him," said Royal. "He stole my wife, the horse- thieff, I saw Francis Moore approaching. "lVloore," It said, "you've 'added inches to your height. How,s the weather up there? How are you getting along?,' C-Mig fl, rd ly els YV. t- FC d I i 1' Qfze QQOIJ Wag :A x 'cOh woefully,', he replied. 'CI was a successful minister until last Sunday. Wfhile preaching a sermon, The Wages of Sin is Death, my tongue slipped and stuttered-" c'The wages of gin is breath?', Roy hazarded. Moore departed with a little sigh. Marshall departed. I didn't blame her much. Just then Chauncey Gilbert came along. "Hi Chawlu I shouted, pleased to see our handsome happy hero and then I started back for home. Gone was Chanuceyls slenderness. No longer was he the graceful Gilbert of the basketball daze. "What are you doing for a living?" I asked. 'fOh, I'm sports editor of the Daily Blah. .Do you remember Vic Grybko? NVell he's one of my reporters and today when I asked him why he didn't write worth-while stories, what do you think he said?" "What?" I asked. NI haven't got a pencil." "Chaw,', I said, uhave you seen Chug Keedy lately?', - "Sure," he replied, Hthis morning I was talking to him when Parsons delivered some milk." c'VVhat?s being featured at the show?'? asked Chaw. 'CI see Machmer, Mitchell and Munson are featuring LeClair and Lampron in a vaudeville skit and Strong with her bevy of beautiful babies in a dance number. Let's not go. Agreed." "By the way,', said Gil, "did you hear about Horace Penn? He smashed all the furniture in a speakeasy and was arrested for impersonating an officer. There goes Mac. Benson. He's a big West Virginia push cart man who made a fortune in 'Wheelingf' We stopped at a book store for a moment and the proprietor came out. "Well if it isn't Ruth Redman!" I exclaimed. "Correct for once. Can I interest you in a set of the Encyclopedia Britannica ?" "No,', I retorted intelligently, "I believe I've read itf' "Will you tell me this," said Ruth, "Why does Chauncey always wear red braces? To keep his trousers from cleaning the streets, simplef, "Did you know that Carl Holt turned gangster? I hear Annette Page married him because she liked his gunning waysf' "Is it true that Estelle Sanfordiand Grizzelle Leigh are taking courses in cor- respondence schools? I hear they cut classes for a month by mailing empty envelopes and when the head of the school threatened to expel them because of low grades they wrote, 60, Sir, you canlt Hunk us-welre insanel' U "Did you hear about Ev Roberts?', "No" "He sold so many peanuts he went insane and now he is continually asking how to make peanut butterf' 4'VVell, how do you make peanut butter?H "Don't be silly. You feed the cows peanutsf, "I have an idea," said Ruth. 4'Beginner?s luck," replied Chaw. f 4, oil 37 go I' Qfze QGMJ Wag is X' Ruth, unable to stand this veiled thrust, playfully picked up a brick and with an air of grace and carefreeness mixed Chauncey,s features. Then the fight started. When I came to, I heard someone say- "There,s no hope." "None?" 6'No, none at all. He will livef' "Curses" "Well, that's the Way of the Worldfl 'cOf course, doctor, you donlt expect us to pay you for that?" "Oh no, if things had turned out differently-but, to be paid for failing so miserably-I will not have itf' "Well, anyWay,', I mumbled, "I got a story for the Gold Bug." HDelirious,', said a voice. "AlWays,M said another. With this they left me to the peace and delicious quiet of-of wherever I Was, I don't remember Where I was and furthermore neither you nor I care anyway. HISTORICAL REFERENCES Little Women .... .............................. .... L o uisa Alcott Dodsworth .......... ..,, S inglaif Lewis True Story ............ .... V ol. IZ, No. 9 History of Timbucto ..... ,,,. O , 1, Thinkgo wx xx 1 st ,a , E r E r x x ' xl A' xt 1' x r x f ! l 1 x y 'A I N I x 9538136 X N id with ling 50 I I was ay. 9 Alcott Lewis No. 9 hinkso I Q66 Qgold Wag' In Jlffemorzkzm Qur Friend and Classmate Maurice Robinson Edmond January 7, 1912-January 2, 1929 A candle is snuffed out that bravely burned And struggled all day long to keep its light, Holding its little point of flickering Hame VVithin a house already chilled by coming night. O gallant little Hame that glowed so bright From thy soul's Windows, when the day was drearl Thou hast warmed many hearts along the Way: Thy slender shining makes the path more clear. of 39 go 2 William H. Brown, Principal .... .,..... .......... P l ead of hflathematics Department Hilda lW. Allen .............. .................. H ousehold Arts Lucile F. Baker ........... ......... H ead of English Department Arthur O. Burgess .... Alice W. Churchill .... Walter E. Pairman. . Isabel Field ........ Eleanor G. Gardner. .. Mildred E. Gillette. . . Kenneth L. Goding Ralph VV. Haskins . .. Lawrence VV. Kittredge. . . hliriam Lowe ......... Mary E. O,Donnell ..... Edith L. Pinnick ..... Shirley E. Pollard .... Alexander Richter .... ykHelena Todd ...... Dorothy E. Upham. Amelia H. Voight ..... George E. Williams. . . Albert H. Woodward. . .English . . .Head of Nlodern Language Department ... . . .Head of Commercial Department . . . . . ...Head of History Department Latin, French i :Head .Household Arts Department Chemistry, Physics . . . ..... Commercial Geography, h4ath6m21'CiCS .... . . . . . ...Head of Arts Department History, Civics . . . . .Biology, General Science . . . .Physical Education for Girls lWanual Training . .i hlusic Department English .Latin Commercial Subjects . . .... ,......... ......... .... l 3 l iysical Education for Boys Mathematics :':Amherst was privileged in having Miss Todd, one of the live exchange English teachers in the United States. YVe have greatly enjoyed our association with her. l i X l i l ,ment l Arts ,ment nglish gmellt gment jmeflt rench jmCIlI qysics natlCS ljmellt ljivics ience Girls lining ment Latin bjcCtS BOYS naticS n the Nwr. Brown .... r. Richter. . . iss Baker .... M Miss Field ..., iss Upham. . Nliss Churchill .... Mr. Woodward. . . Miss Todd .... Nfr. Haskins. . lVfr. Fairman. . . lV.iss Gardner. hfiss Pinnick. . Mr. Goding. . . Nfr. Burgess. . I Nlr. Kittredge. Qtr, Qgold Wag Fzzaulzjf Sundaef Well, it's never been done before In a town of this size I- . . . . . . . . . . .Live with it and make it your own . . . .I'll have you know the second bell has rung Are you DEAF? . . . .Any trouble back there girls? . . . . .Well Charles, are you through playing? Now let me see if I can quote it ....................Doubtless . . . . . .Good mawnin, . . . . . . . . .W'ell,Mmmmmmm .Well,why not? Well, if you want to act like a bunch of two-year olds . . . . . . . . .If you want me this week-end call Springfield Xp' Xp' Rn' x 1 x r x r Q66 xt ,r xt ,r x 1 s f 1 x 1 r st Ar x r 1 x . . . . . . . . . . . .CSQUP-er aestheticj - - - - QQM QQ10!a'Qz4gQ 5 zmior Tidy Calender Sept. 12-Nfuch conference is held in Room 7 between lVlr. Smart and the com- mittee:"The Cat and the Canaryv is selected and try-outs are scheduled for Friday. Sept. 16-VVe learn that boys as a group have Weak dramatic aspirations4siX of them, and sixteen girls appear for tryouts. The cast is chosen and rehearsal set for Monday. Sept. 10-FIRST REHEARSALHI Chenoweth learns to shake hands and Prindle's "on the other hand" starts its long course through the years toward the gallery of famous quotations from '29 hir. Smart acquaints us With HDO you get the idea?7' I Sept. 23-Prindle gets instruction in being in lovell Sept. 26-Prindle develops a fondness for the Word 'cinspectn in the Wrong place. Chenovveth becomes more sincere when he 'ctalks to Annabelle." Sept. 30-Harvey discovers he is not Htoughl' enough! Oct. 3-We rehearse the screaming scene and find it enjoyable. The love-making seems to have gone to VVagman's head, for he almost proposes to Bus LeClairl Oct. 4-We learn with terror that all those flunking will be dropped from the cast, and we resolve to mend our Ways. Oct. 5-Complications set in-lVlr. Smart develops classes in the afternoon. Oct. 7-The heat retards progress-but We find it doesnlt hinder screaming and love-making scenes. off 42 go -Z "-N W. X L. S l e com- lecl for ns-six liearsal rindlC,S gallery :ou get 5 place. making gflaifl liC Cast' l. ln! and Q66 536001 warg Oct. 11-Wie begin rehearsals on the third act. Oct. 15-We talk over our sins and virtues in connection with our dramatic ability. We note that Chenoweth becomes tangled in the love-making scene. Oct. 18-The date is tentatively set at Nov. 12. We are all a bit appalled at the nearness of the production and do a very good performance. CAhem.D Oct. 10-We rehearse without the coach and find it boring. Oct. 21-We try to toughen Harvey-but you know how it is. The cat almost forgets to keep Wagman's head from denting the floor, and we are not a little worried about it. Oct. ZS-Patterson rehearses for the first time, and astounds us all with his clever- ness at being gruesome. Nov. 4-The unearness of the production" has an opposite effect and everybody does everything wrong and anything gets on anybodyis nerves. Nov. 7-We try Stockbridge Hall in an evening rehearsal. Our ardor, and every- thing else, is considerably dampened-the elements have contrived a veritable Hood for our enjoyment. Nov. 10-DRESS REHEARSALU Everything goes just wrong enough to give us a little doubtful encouragement. The usaphires and rubies" are scattered about the floor-the secret spring does not work yet-Hand so on, far into the nightf? V Nov. 11-We had to wait fifteen minutes for the ticket line to satisfy its voracious appetitite. "The Cat and the Canary" may have been a failure, 'cbut on the other hand" we are sure Qand every one else seems to agreej that our Junior Play was a success! H'ray f'r '29l E started Junior Year of right by getting to work right of on our Play. We gave "The Cat and the Canaryn by John Willard, under the direction of Prof. Harold W. Smart. The Committee: Edward hff. Prindle, Sallie G. Howe and Ruth S. Redman. Nlanagersz Howard A. Parsons, stage, Sanford Keedy, business, Francis C. hfoore, electrician, assisted by Creorge NI. Robertson, Scott H. Harvey, head usher. The Carr Annabelle West, all the young men want her Virginia Gordon Paul Jones, embarrassed young garage owner Edward NT. Prindle Cicily Young, a single young lady Dorothy H. LaPlante Susan Sillsby, who is inclined to faint Dorothy E..Frandsen Harry Blythe, who doesnit care if she does ..................... Alonzo LeClair Charles Wilder, who doesn't believe in spirits .......... Howard W. Chenoweth Nir. Crosby, the only one who knows what is in the will ..... Frederick H. Wagman ivfammy Pleasant, who uknows there is spirits in this housen. . .Charlotte VV. Nfiller Patterson, a country doctor who looks like something else .,.. Nfaurice R. Edmond Hendricks, a keeper in an insane anylum .................... Edward W. Harvey Presenting the play at Stockbridge Hall was a new venture, but, aided by the NI. A. C. two-year dramatic class, Nir. Kittridge and his art class, Mr. Pollard and some strong stagehands, we succeeded in giving a very satisfactory production from financial and dramatic standpoints. Q66 Qglola' Wag ! .,,..., , ,,,,.........J Q45 44 ge 5 l 'Q X K ,Nb Am ,- Fifi, H, 1254- 3 I QTL , D g BJ? 5 5 f I men gf :le-sf .I' 2 Q66 QQOXJ Wag QQ? 45 gen , l- 1 -.- - Qgbeioldwugg Q9 QE 46 K 5 S Q7 it Q66 Qifilola' Qug r' W'--A--1 ' ' ' Il f -- wwf- . ' Dnzmazflrf Club L I Dmmizzfif Perronae Q I Prericimt .......,. .................. ..... C . A. LeClair Vice-Prefidenzf ...... .,... T ito Grandonico I Secretary- Treasurer .... .... B arbara Keedy Faculty Advfifor. f ......................,....,......,.......... Lucile Baker I HE Dramatics Club started a successful season with a treasury surplus, ideas for spending said surplus and plans for presentations. The club gave a Social, and presented three Assembly programs. A climax was reached on the evening of May tenth when the annual three one-act plays were given. I The club attempted something it thought new for clubs of its sort in high schools. Members ofthe club were allowed to coach plays. Tito Crandonico coached I 'cThe Tngenious Grandmotheri' the Christmas play and Bus LeClair coached "The lVIan in the Bowler Hat," one ofthe three one-act plays presented Nlay 10. Leo Knightly faithfully continued his ubehind the scenes" work as stage man- ' I agen 5 Good luck Dramatics Club in '3O. 5 Glf17il6 - I - Q66 QQHOIJ Qing I I I I I I The Debating Club - HE Demostheniansw organized early in the fall term with hflr. Haskins I as coach and the following officers: I Prerident ...... ..... F rederick Wfagman ' Vice-Prefidfnt. . . ..... Alonzo LcClair Sfcrezary ...............,......,..............,.,.............. Sallie Howe The usual interclass series of debates have been held which resulted in the victory by the Seniors, with second place to the Sophomore class. Plans are also K being made for debates with Williamsburg High School and Hopkins Academy. I lVluch interest has been shown this year in debating both among the partici- - pants and the remainder of the student body. Letas hope that in future years I debating may play an even more important part in Amherst High. I og 4836 . I I tins nan flair OW? the also tici- CHFS l T S l l ,-1.. -.,1,.- Q66 Qsgofd Wag l L 2 gall' gala HE Girls, Club started out its activities this year by electing the fol- lowing ofhcers: president, Janice Munson, vice-president, Barbara Keedyg treasurer, Eugene Nlartin, secretary, Anne lVlontgomery. We have had monthly meetings including competition games, Christmas party, Cider Mill Hike, plays, and finally a very enjoyable overnight hike. Our greatest success was the dance in February, everyone had a spendid evening, even the chaperones and we know it is being looked forward to next year. lVlany girls have enjoyed our fun this year but we hope that in years to come a greater number will share in our activities and give their help to make the Amherst High School Girls, Club even more successful. C449 go - - - 55566 QGUZJ Wag 4 Tm Jlferiio HE Amherst High School Pro Nlerito Society has been quite flourishing this year. The members are: Howard Chenoweth, lVIaurice Edmond, Dorothy Frandsen, Sallie Howe, Grizzelle Leigh, Gretchen Nlachmer, Francis lVIoore, Janice lXfTunson, Ruth Redman, and Frederick VVagman. Qur local ofhcers are: President, Frederick Wagmang Secretary, Grizzelle Leigh. This year Junior members were elected for the first time. They are Anne Koslosky and Leonard Parker. The fall convention of the Western Niassachusetts society Was held at Green- field where we were honored by having Howard Chenoweth elected President. Although this organization does not function in school life to any great extent, nevertheless it sets a goal for the ambitious student and it is considered an honor to be elected toit. Gl50lf9 I R Ezgzzz? ishing H0nd1 1mCI', Our AHEC lreen- L Xtenta h0H0f ...... it Q66 QQ-Fold Wag I I I I .W ,,,., ' uf H S. Stamp and om Club I E hold our meetings on Friday afternoons. At our meetings we have a talk of some phase of stamps or coins given by one of the members. We trade stamps, thereby enlarging our collections in number and variety. In February we elected officers and drew up a constitution. We have had talks on the care of stamps and coins, etc. Our outstanding feature was the exhibit of stamps at the Jones Library for two weeks, assisted by Professor F. B. Loomis, hir. W. H. Brown and the Junior High Stamp Club. Prffident ............................................. . . .F.dward Harvey I Vice-Prefidemf .... .... D ouglas hdorgan Secrfmry ........ .... G eorge Simmons ., --. x ff 1 97 X 'X jo , 1 ,--N 1' , ,,-..... - . W x 1 1 A x 1' K rx 2' . 4 l 3 e l l -- - - - Qfze QQOM Wag I l ' l .1 it 4 The Urefzeffm ll ' -1 I ri 3 C HIS year we have enlarged the orchestra by a viola, 'cello, bass viol, and A f oboe. Wie have played before teachers from all over the state of Nfass- 1 x ' achusetts on two occasions, in several school assemblies, at the Junior 7' Play, and best of all at our Second Annual Concert presented before a packed i house. Because of the effort of every individual in the club to make this per- l formance a success, it was an excellent production, according to the many compli- ments that have been received. The officers are as follows: Prefident ..... ' ..........................,............... Edward R. Nlarkert l Secretary- Treaynrer. .... Dorothy H. LaPlante Concert Mirtrerf ....................................... Dorothy H. LaPlante Violinff Frederick A. Wagman, Ruth E. Hintze, Stephen Kotowicz, Nfarjorie lXfl. Atkins, VVilliam Landry, Louise K. Cargel, Carl R. Wildner, Janice Munson. Violaf: Edward W. Harvey, Edward W. Markert. 7CeZlo5.' Esther R. Schoonmaker, Stephen E. VVhicher, David B. Parsons. . Bays Vifolf: Preston N. Barton, Leonard W. Parker. . I Oboe: Dean N. Glick. 5 . czamim- Robert s. schsfmmakef, Edward L. Hill. A Horny: Edgar S. Beaumont, Hector MacLeod. - Trnvnpetr: Howard A. Parsons, Howard VV. Chenoweth. 3 Trombone: C. Richard Green. I Tympani: Tito Grandonico. - Percnrfion: Harlan A. Howard. I Piano: Ruth Pushee. 2 ! -1- -+--- Q66 QGUM Wag i 2 he Strzhg .Quartet HIS is the third year of this organization. lt holds regular rehearsals during school time and therefore the members receive one point credit toward graduation. Here We ind the "deepest'7 music mastered and played in such a Way as to enchant the listeners. The quartet played three times in public and was Well received. lt worked up six pieces during this school year. This seems a small number but it requires a great deal of practice to cultivate team- Work which is one of the most important things in a quartet. J Frederick H. Wagmaii, 1rz'VioZm Edward W. Harvey, Viola Dorothy Hi. Lalnlante, 27103 Violin Esther R. Schoonmaker, ,Cello off 54 go 5 'Q .wmv -in AV. xi F '.. ,lg . V , ,Il I X may QQOM mug is I I I I I I . The Qlee Clulv HE Glee Club, open to both boys and girls, has increased even more this year than last. lt has performed several times and the music sung has been good. Everyone has had "good funn in singing and all co-operated splendidly in the concert. Prefident .................. ........,........ ........ E d ward R. Nlarkert Sfcretczry- Trfafurer. . . ....................................... Sallie G. Howe fsals Librarian ................................................. Hector NlacLeod fgdit I I Sopmnof: Roberta E. Bourne, Marshall L. Chamberlain, Marjorie W. Cook, and I Dorothy E. Prandsen, Virginia Gordon, Barbara S. Keedy, Gretchen Nlachmer, es in Jennie G. lylaisner, Janice lylunson, Esther C. Norell, Nlary Rydel, Esther R. This Schoonmaker, Priscilla C. Sherman, Ruth H. VVhitcomb, Julia lvl. Wilson. Te1z01'f: Edgar S. Beaumont, C. Richard Green, Karol Kucinski, Wiilliam G. Norell, Julius Noviclc. Altar: Nlary L. Allis, Roberta L. Benson, Nlary P. Everson, Sallie G. Howe, Prancese Nl. King, Dorothy H. LaPlante, Bessie G. Novick, Ruth Pushee, Nlabel Whiting. . iam' I I Baffer: Preston N. Barton, George B. Burnett, Alfred W. Harris, Raymond ' H. Landis, Hector lXflacLeod, Edward R. Nlarkert, Hamilton E. lVlilgate, Carl R. Vllildner. Piano: Phyllis E. Corry. S i - 1 1 1 5 off 55 J-to Qfze QGOM Wag The Qrapfzze The Graphic started on its thirteenth year of existence with the following staff: . . . Editor-in-Chief ........,.......,..................... Howard Chenoweth, ' Affiftant Editor-in-Chief ....,........... .,... E dward Markert, '30 Literary Editor ........... .... D orothy FrandSCH, '29 Newt Editor. . . ..... .... F rederick Wagman, '29 Wit Editor ........ .... A lonzo LcClair, '29 Exchange Editor. . . . . .Barbara Keedy, '30 Allurnni Editor. . ........ Sallie Howe, '29 Athletief Editor .... ....... S anforc, Keedy, '29 Bnfineff Manager. . . ..... Gretchen Machmer, '29 Adoertifing Manager ........... .................. ..... E d ward Harvey, '29 Typift ................,......................,.......... Grlzzelle Leigh, '29 Reporter, Clan of'29, JaniceMunson'29 Reporter, Clary of'31,Stepl1enWhicher'3l Reporter, Clay! of30, R. Schoonmaker '30 Reporter, Clary of'32, Christian Keedy'32 Everything has its ups and downs and The Graphic is no exception. This year was a low year, financially speaking, and the result was a smaller magazine. We know not where to lay the blame-on the staff, on the student body, or OD the fact that this is its thirteenth year as a paper. However that may be, we hope that the best part has been saved and the poorest discarded and although the quantity has been reduced we have endeavored to maintain former standards of quality. ol S6 go -5 G X Q66 Qogfd wig . I F n Qailz ,29 '30 '29 , ,29 Sfzenae Club '29 330 Preficiem .,..... .... E dward Harvey 733 Vice-Prefidmzf ...... .... H oward Sievers ,29 I Secretary- Treczfurer ,..... ................ R uth Redman 729 CIENCE has undergone a renaissance in A. H. S. With the help of 729 hir. Goding the club was organized and officers elected last Fall. lt's H31 purpose was to give opportunity for further Work on those subjects in which could not be taken up in class and to arouse interest in science among those 'eil Who do not take up that subject in their curriculum. X fC the ape the a of ' QE S7516 Q66 QQIOM Wag Illll nn 'illllny illllll 1l!-If eg., 06.00 ff' Q r tl QQ' +'E0 90 ga' "gnQn x 3 1,0 ,Gai 'Q K 54 4 9a'3 5 Q fi 'iv' Qi" g O Q f .. H58 ' Qxgl, ' .dlp .alllik lll!Qll AIIIIUIIL lllllilll llllllllll lllllllllnl Elllllllllf lllllllll 'llllllll' ' Wllllll Ill: Ill IHTI-ILL Tlc , Q42 58 2,16 X N f fi X N. .' Q Q66 QUUM wang I ' - - YYYY-- - --"Y-Y- - VYYV, W . W . . W W v I Fooibczlf b ANDTCAPPED by the loss of Captain Gilbert, after he had' suffered an injury in a practice game, the Amherst High team closed their season on November 2nd with a victory over Northampton High thereby going through another undefeated season. ' The first three games of the season resulted in ties. Turners Falls was held to a O-O tie in a game featuring the fierce tackling of Gilbert and the backfield work of Keedy. The South Deerheld game which also resulted in a scoreless tie was played on a wet slippery field which slowed the game up. Sullivan and Griffin played well in this game. - VVest Springfield was played with a 6-6 tie in a fast and exciting game which was thrilling throughout. Harvey, Roberts, Wlolcott and Keedy all played well. The first victory of the year was a 44-O defeat of New Salem. New Salem was inexperienced and lacked punch. Vic Tidlund, sophomore halfback featured with his long runs. Orange, the next victim, was swamped 58-O in a game of which "Chug', Keedy was the individual star scoring a total of 36 points. ln a game which saw the return of Kelly and Landis to the lineup, the A. H. S. team defeated Northampton 13-12. The game was the fastest and the most thrilling played this year and every member of the team played inspired football. The work Of Scott Harvey at center and of Roberts and Griffin at the ends and of Keedy, Kelley, Landis and Sullivan in the baclcfield were especially outstanding. QE 59 HQ I- --.- - Q66 Qfmfd Qing - - -- 1 fclfieffmll USING the majority of games played, the A. H. S. basketball team ex- perienced a rather disasterous season. In the Hampshire League the team gave a poor exhibition winning only two games out of eight played. Smith Academy who won the league champion- ship, was the first in the league to defeat us. They defeated us 23-10. Next South Deerfield took over toll by a 33-16 score. Qur boys played a wonderful game in the first half but went to pieces in the last half. Smith School then defeated us 15-14. This game was a thriller and was won by a lucky long shot in the last ten seconds ofplay. Hopkins took us into camp by a score of 2,3-19. A week later at Hopkins we turned the tables and won our first league game 15-13. Encouraged by this we traveled to Smith School and defeated them 14-11. But that was as far as we got in the league. South Deerfield defeated us in a thrilling game, on our own floor, 16-15. ln the last league game Smith Academy defeated us 30-12. In other games played we lost four and won two. New Salem was defeated in the first game of the season 27-21. Technical and Commerce High Schools of Springfield both snowed us under by the scores of 26-12 and 34-4 respectively. We were defeated at West Springfield 38-16 but managed to annex a victory from them on our own court, by a score of 23-19. in our final game. Capt. Keedy,Sievers, and Tidlund all played excellent games at guard and with such stars as Nfacfiimmie and Landis at the forwards and Gilbert at center we should have had a more favorable season but the breaks seemed to be all against us and we can only look forward to a better season next year, when Henry Landis who played splendidly all year will lead his mates as captain. of 60 go Q if 1 1 s 1 K l 5 1 1 f 1 l 7 - 3566 QQUM Qzzg E Yhzfeball HE A. H. S. baseball team started practice early in April with several promising recruits as Well as last years veterans reporting. With Keedy, Landis, and Gilbert for moundsmen and with Kelley behind the plate. Coaci1 Williams Will have no ditliculty in picking l1is batteries. Tl1e infield is ably taken care of by Sievers, Cook, Gilbert and Landis, with Trainor, Wagman, and Haines capable reserves. The outfield composed of ihflacKimmie, Takahashi, Tidlund, Bixby and Hubbard will also be strong as these boys are all hard l1itters. The boys have been out to practice regularly and tl1eir hitting and fielding are both of the highest order and tl1eir opponents are in for hard battles. The squad is made up ofthe following: Pitchers-Landis, Keedy, and Gilbert, Catchers-Kelley and Keedyg lnfielders-Sievers, Cook, Gilbert, Landis, Trainor, Haines and Wagma11g Outfielders-Takahashi, Tidlund, hflacliimmie, Bixby and Hubbard. og 16 ,iff-D - - -- - mCfi55beQ50la'QlugQ NINTH ANNUAL PRIZE 'SPEAKING CONTEST for the lXllLLl3TT CUP High School Auditorium, Friday, Nlarch 22, l929, at 8.00 P. hi. PROGRAM Gavotte, from the opera "Rodrigo" .............. String Quartet Gallipoli ...... ....................... hflartin G. Gowdy The Swan Song .... ........................ Lucille WV. Nlorrison The Rough Rider ...,... ..... ............... Dean N. Glick The Honor of the YVoods ......................... Katherine L. Nlachmer Sarabande, from the "Six French Suites for Glavecin". String Quartet A Legend of the Wlar ............ A ................ . Stephen E. YVhicher Come Away! Come Away! ........................ Dorothy E. Frandsen Crime lt's Qwn Detector ....................... Sanford Keedy The Second Trial ...... . . ................... . . Nlary Rydel Minuet from Quartet No. 9 ....................... String Quartet Announcement of VVinners. STRING QUARTET . . .George F. Handel . . . . . .John lvlaselield .Katherine R. Brooks . . . .Harry F. Fosdick . . NV. H. H. lVlurray . . . . .Johann S. Bach "Alpha of the Plough" . . .Sir James Barrie . . . . .Daniel Webster Sarah Winter Kellogg . . . . .Wolfgang A. Mozart Frederick H. VVagman '29, lft violin Edward H. Harvey '29, viola Dorothy H. Laplante '29, 2ml violin Esther S. Schoonmaker '32, 'cello JUDGES lVlrs. Arthur B. Beaumont Nlr. Robert C. Francis Nlrs. Bertram Q. Moody Dorothy Frandsen's naive bit of Peter Pan, and Sanford Keedy's stern plea for justice of the higher order won the contest. Well chosen and well done were the pieces, and to add to the success of the evening the string quartet played with more than the usual brilliance. Gl62lf-9 5 Q f J ' 5 cffzzfognziblzf I ' n' x I , x ilel :ld ks ck ay 1 :h in IC I EI' -t I 0 f V - 1 I 1 I f 936330 A- Q66 Qfwlrl Qug Q66 Qfgold Wag QJYZZZLOCQ-7'6l1D!?.f xx 'f x I . Q 056436 5 U Q f Q66 QQ0ld Wag Qffzziogmplzf xx ,r x r f x Qww -- - - Q66 QGUIQ' Wag 4 I 5 l I QxYpprecz'afz'07z THE Gold Bug Staff, Wishes to express its appreciation to those who aclvertized on its pages and helped make possible the ' publication of this year hook. I l l t 4 I LA-sALLE's , 3 -an- I ICE-CREAM I That Is Pleasingly Different a I Sold Where Quality Counts LA-SALLE TAFT COMPANY Ei Northampton, Mass. ' I asia f l t i l l 5 Xl! i 5 1 x Q66 QGOM Wag , QQ Qecfflilnkerlogrintinq g X . UQ Gs HIS Annual printed by the Anker Printing Company who are also printers ofthe following college and ' school publications. Holyoke High School Herald Holyoke High School Year Book Agawam High School Mirror' Deerfield High School Arrow South Hadley Spotlight iM. A. C. Hand Book Blount Holyoke College Hand Book ejilmike rligriimtimicqi Q ll SUFFOLK STREET HOLYOKE MASS 5 QE 67 jfo f 1 l Qin QGOIJ wllg ' 'I , li fi ALLISQN SPENCE ' Xx1QxxxxxxxxxiK53mQf3NxxxY Q37 I f PHOTOGRAPHER 100 Main Street, Northampton P, .4 . , . . Class Photographer to A. H. S. '29 ' ' . , . -r l l 1 Q 'A" ,.....- R ' X 6 'tfl 1:--L ,-,.4 -"' ' Q,f' i or pg and for twelve years previously Q ,ff "'-. ',,"-.. "-'1.,fx:':35f :.r' ix , . 1,1 va... .gg Q.4: tlls ,X is with only two exceptions. .- .',' -.'V 'rr.:,' S I have oilleial permission for stat- v--- -rir Q . 6 is ing that 1929 are Well pleased 6 lg With their class Work. ELXxxxxQvwx'.xUtefrYYiiW ' si l l W Compliments of l V Compliments of ll L. A. SHUMWAY i Paints and BOLLES sHoE sToRE I Wall Papers , l Il , I JOHN FOTOS Compliments of I ' 'th GRANGE GROCERY STORE ' 1 Shoe Repairing and Dealers in A Shoe Shine Parlor Fine Groceries l and ' Next to Douglas Marsh Fruits I I i , 9568361 3 i l ,f C ri pton S. '29 ously stat- eased IORE I fl TORE 2 A-. l l l F I l l. ll lk Q Qfze QQUM Qug AMHERST GAS CO. The Best In Drug Store Service I The Best In Drug Store Mer- I Gas and Electrical chandise Appliances R HEHESY ADAMS Sz co. I General Electric Refrigerators The Rexall Store I Comphmmw Of Compliments of I ' PAGES KIELY'S ' If I SHoE STORE GARAGE I I I I 4. I The Young Men's Outfitter , Comlbhllmm of I CARL H. BOLTER VANITY BOX BEAUTY SHOP I I Hyannis h Amherst .W Exeter I IS, I GEORGE KOTOWICZ E. H. HARVEY Tailor ' Cleaning, Dyeing, Prewing Q Pleeiling, Remodeling, Repairing E' ll Quality -- Service Open from 7.00 a. m. to 9. 00 p. m. I Over Amherst Gas Co. TEL. 992-lV1 I ,,,- S - - .. - .. Q ... . all 69 146 l Q66 QQ0161 G. EDWARD FISHER Dealer In Dry, Fancy and Ready-to-Wear Goods Agent for Butterick Patterns aug Dry and Fancy Goods I Ready to Wear JACKSON Sz CUT LER THE WOMAN'S SHOP Smart Apparel for C. R. ELDER y Women and Misses Coal Wwd Gage Straw Hats Sand Mrs. A. X. Petit, Manager Gravel 9 Pleasant St. Tel. 342-W Tell 20 Amherst NATIONAL SHOE REPAIR CO. ' Look At These Prices! Men's Shoes 351.75 Women's Shoes 51.40 THOMAS F. WALSH Hickey-Freeman Proprietors . Customized Clothes Stanley Matuslio Ignac Zostilt elf 70 ge 5 d ti V ravel lerst 2' '....- - ----:-wCi5f5beQQ10Ia'QugQ l L I ' BILL'S COLLEGE -DRUG STORE SARRIS RESTAURANT Excellent Quality of A Ice Cream '-s"' Refreshments Chocolates l C r Selected Salted Nuts W. H. McGrath, Prop. Lunch or Dinner 4 AtAny Time I C AMHERST THEATRE Fountain Pens I Amherst's only theatre offering The Working Tools I daily amusement service and fea- turing high class productions and vaudeville. This theatre offers Paramount, United Artists, First of Success Every Graduate Should Have National, Warner Bros. and ln- One dependent Pictures. D LAWLER BROS. AMUSEMENT 'A. J. HASTINGS COMPANY Newsdealer and Stationer A gl yi is Q66 Qgvold Wag MUTUAL PLUMBING COMPANY Hardware Majestic and Atwater Kent Radios When You Want the Best for Your Money In Clothes F. -See- M. THOMPSON Sz SON Complimenw of DOUGLASS-MARSH "Better Furniture For Less" 3 S. S. HYDE Optician and jeweler North Pleasant Street fup one Hightj Compliments of J. E. BEMENT Coal WESTCOTT Sz SON Movers Qinlfl JAMES A. LOWELL Bookseller All the Latest Books h est for SCHQ ' er 'ect ,!!,,,,-f ELL Books 2 1 1 1 1 1, 1 J 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1' Q 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 11 11 1 11 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 E 1 1 11 ,j ' 11 11 1 1 , 1 1 i 1 'i 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1, 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 1 1 K 1 . 11 2-I L 1 5- 1, 11' 1 11 11' 1 1' 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 W 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 ,1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,, , ,1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 31 1 1 1 1 1 . 1l1 1 ,1 ,- 11 1' , ,E 1 8 1 1 I, ' 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 v . , x Ik V. N Y 1 Q

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