Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA)

 - Class of 1926

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Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 76 of the 1926 volume:

9' ?1. ,M V, in ,,. . gn-Q, o 'WH' no K, Q , '- .ffm- Anyq. 1 , , 'N' A 1 , 9, f W, AW ' usa, ma. . Y, I g, Y K , wr if A' Q 4? gg? lc, W 2 I? ' A 3 F " . k"2..g', A Q 1 +5 ctltggigf ii' ., . gf: 1 . f 'V fps- -1: I . 'jf' Af wif? .Q '5 , " ff' an ., L? A V-ls w .1 N., wi -, g I F I I V I ci-f,,,, X lm af 1 p Glhe CEn1h Evhirntinn .++?5++. 1' Chenrgv 'iihmnnil williams Qplll' Qlnnrh 13615 taught un In ping fairlg: In min nnnhrnilgg tn Inav mnnfnllg. Qin inflnrnrv nn the lifv nf nur nrhnul is grratvr than ia gvnvrnllg known. with an Desire that this mag rurrg num? purtinn nf nur npprrriaiiun the Qllnsn nf IEEE nffertinnntvlg hehirntm this hunk. n 2 hx- L Amhvrnt High Svrhnnl 3 -lf El :- 79 63 1: 'Er 11: QR n 2-Xmhnrat 1-Iigh Srlpnnl Uhr illarulig Jason O. Cook ....h.......... .... S nperintendent William H. Brown, Principal .... .... M athevnalfiex Alice Alley, Secretary Ethel M. Alley ,........ .........,. ......,... H a glifh Mildred K. Ausman. . . .......... Head of ClafsieaZDejJa1't1nent Alice W. Churchill .... ...Head of Modern Langnagef Department Walter l-lair-raarr .... ...... H eaaf of Commercial Depaerfareae Isabel Field ....... ........... H lfzfary and .Englifh Rath W. Henry ..... .... H eaal of Hiftory Department Nlarjory L. Johnson ..... ....................... r Sewing and Englifh fohn C. Lewis ...... .... M aaaaz Training and Mechanical Drawing Lilly E. J. Lirrdalrl .... .... ' .... .......... F reneh,Ge1'1nan,rLatin joseph C. Lynch ...... ..... IV Iathevnalficf, C0n11ne1'cialSnbjeet5 Lawrence B. Nlerrill .... ...... H ead of Sclenee.Depart1nent Nlary C. 0'Brien .... H ......... Freehand Drawing Nlary O'Donnell .... ............ B iology, General Science Helen VV. Parkis. . .... Head of Honfehold Arty Department Ldlelr L. Pinnick .... L ..... .. . .Physical Hafaeaaaa for Geezr john G. Read ........ .... H zgeeea, Geaareery, Trigononletry VVenona L. Shattuck .... .... H eaci of Englifh Department Raymond L. Studley .... ......... r . l......... Englifh Bertha lvl. Wagner.. ........ Stenogeaphy, Typezoriting George E. Williams. . . ..,.. Phyfieal Ealneationfor the Boyd' 5 1 'N w .u U " U X 1l--M Q E n li l I U 1 11 I Y ii 3 fp 3 I J l ns I u , ,J 1 1 Z I f l HUD QIU97 ES 2 QD :iiyijZL YTY iw YY 7777 in W YY? Wir T , , 7L-My -,T-if-A Y 71: - --Y V- - - - -Y - + Amhvrnt High grrhnnl Editor-in-Chief .... Assistant Editors. . . Athletics Editor. . . Advzriising M cmager .... Business Managzr. . Ihr CEnlh Eng . . . . .Dennett Howe fVerabel Fulton Q Grace Hardendorff lRoger VVolcott . . . . .Harold Hintze . . . .James Parnell . .Rufus Thompson Class of 1926, our high school days are forever over. Only the memories of scholastic experiences remain. The staff has compiled in your Gold Bugrecords of these experiences to keep your rememberances fresh and young during the many years of the veiled future. We feel that only the most pleasant affairs have been mentioned. Many classmates have helped the staff to edit this Gold Bug Which We hope Will satisfy your expectations. Be indulgent and smile at our Weaknesses but in reading over this matter, be ever proud of your class, the class of 1926 which now is beginning its post graduate course in the World. 7 ,im L f X wGl qt.:- U 'Q 11 Q M 'FL D, 4 :ss w E J ji I f 1 I xx Am - . hprgt 4 Igh - il V1 eo,f5 -- - E I Q ' " 1 ' W f' ffyvx QP A - fe ' - f- rf fi' 1 A ha- ' 1 1 XX' QQ" 'CMF' -, -,,.J ng, iff' 1, Q c Af, fr -4: if-fzyfg, X. in" 4 -f ,I b pi '- l l,.':':T-g,l'f' ' ,' I 7 f" iffiiaf' .'fX f fa i g W -3 ' N 1 .76 7 ibT '14L.f:A' ,, -e fa f"' QW .25 - A ' f'v5:Q5i'?:-:. A h-.4-:f af . r gb -. , , f 15,5 , 'if ,f y , .s rf S, 3 ' f l if , A ,, r. N , r", - ' Plz V, -,' QD f - ix 1' i f Q x M - 1 farm gd N , .. ,, ,r 1- - 1 -A V", "' gf '-O ff f-QL .--2,5 ' f Q , --rf' . - I -' 4 0 1 . w C -G-42,53 ff , y " .Ji2di" -0' - .443 1-i X ' -Q L4,, 6 ff- ' 5 '- vi "-,ig Y F '--x 1 WS - , ,. - -J, 1 no , . ,, 1 ,A WA. f ' ff L f 1 f 6' . -.153 4:5 A yy ',,,... if V b - ,gi Y -ff ' gi -, 3:-rslzlbr Rs J, ik 4 'Q , 'I - .,., , S,--5 I I ' . -,, ., .,4-ug -- ,z . , H., d, k - L? . - CIA., - ,727 gf' - ,, -' x 4,4 1-Qifliifrgi: Ag, ' i f ,yea Q X U.-x M. fc-3?-p, X Y- ul-gL ?Q,- - - .2 1, -f.Q .a- ,xx , 6.1: I 1 5 x xxx? .Tig 1,1-: ii ,ffgdf spas? 4? . A l J wi -gg f1 '? 'fi- 'vs' Q',' + fr'-Q Ac: .KH ' 1 - -.-1-f '4 I 04 fi. , ,Y . ., X 'flkgp gow. 4' I . f - - - -'ww f ' fi? --'Lua ' -K s,-X, ,,, ' . J' , gig - JP, C Qffpv. .W V 1 5h!?.lxx1rL1i3?f-- I " f iff , . 1 . g X NX 5,4,9, - N ' . ,g ' ' i g' 7 Zig Y Y-5? 7 ', ' .Igjj""'---ff---, 4, -- ,Q--f-----IA V 491-.1 1 ' A 4' f 41:1-------ff-I-41. , --.f 14 , a 4,559 - 1 50 - Y ' x 44:7 - - 1 ,f ,f gif iff' 652: - Q. f K ' Q V, .dv-'Ldv-rd . A ' f-- 'J ' g -xx ., gy ,, 4, ----7.. ,L E . , V...--..,,. 1 g . M k A X . ,,..,.,,. ,,,,,,,-u "-'9""'. "--- -ff ---- df- , x .Th ,psig W. s A .pfigff 9,13 L?-'vf - 151124 ' -. 4? 2 -6 , """"'44 ,. , 'Jlllfillil , -gf -3, .. --.-,Q jg' ,f ,,:-,sf - HW ' ' A - i n J , ' - Wff' ff . 1' A-M V5 I i p X if If ' 7 " j i' 1 m ?4f'5F9,v'G5Q . 1 i f! '-- iff , " ' ,fm 1 I'f.4E,3f!ef:.v-'1':P,pi? , 4 4--'mx 'YK.'.ffz.p'4fig??' ,J f-f,.2-H4 Y - , 3:1760 Z- gygiff fff4:2fz4?13q- atv,-,454L, 3155 -iiip , .4 -9254:-rzzjalk f r I. -Jr ig''5Rg 4g.g:i,s,j:.-gay.- UQ:F?'dr?tll-,1:f: 1y. X 'V :i g 1 - I ,lf ,F fa f I- Z,3er1?:"-',',," fbi lf. zlriw, ,':Af65f.044:, ' x ' X -4 ,..-"-r-, 'C Q?- c " 1 ff y ' , fggfg fl N l u I f' f-'44f",fi'e Wfii-5aQS5'Ef 43,575 bf'AiSiZj'n5Yf1?fg?g9?4x-:FQ , "if 'Q . TQ Q 1 qi - 44 . por , 14" S HAI 1. ., ,.4f.fq-,--- XL' UQ I'?A'fn . 0 . ii If - pal, x..Ag4?Q19 jig?-ig .gg-. Zf?'4.,bqg3,,f12:5,A -fi...-,,,,3,,,,4nlk 53:55 ,ws--it Wg, Lp h . , x- : S.-v , 1" ,, , ,Q j , , Q' cz ,-qyvw'--1-,f rf -jj- 3. v'.- '1,u2:4..x-, " ' 15. 'Il :Wa 1 'fe?'5uiW1f'Q G34l3fa?!z6f'!'-ue??ff': -.4Q'ev"w-rw.-'EM132 Av, - A -A-f-1 - - z lfff- 4011-f-5 v ----ffyvwf--,!' Qu?-w7pN-may ' -- 'A ii. ."' -:i9n1g,4'fffff'1f2s Bs' 'ISV-vygjfggf 0 'gy QQ -1? -1?,u.'- f .ia-3 Q ff"',.:rs1,,'-9 ' ' ,7-'2'14l6,jC,f:-19'-- 4,':,, 135535 Q 1 x J'p---195-"ff sm. 1 ws 4 J 'rf-:rf ' 5223-ww .,4.,f-27.2--"L -14 " .f 2: A-6 ' 2-14.-ch Hm- 'I xfof' ff ix?-' Q' 1, W er 4a ,lp .pw-,.,f.,,9 M4511 ,i-5,09 1 41' sxg 2912? f ,A - . 9 1 H' W I 5:54 -viawffaf' " ' -1 . "7 V1 ffQaf11'1 -. 'f 'A 'gfitlfh 1 f 4: -Lg. , 'LCN 6: .affix 1 . cr y' ' n"fff-W4 'fn 'fii-'IA'-"? 4Q'Af"f f3"' W ' Auqyf X, . gyiih 'A , I ' -1 4 3x4-'-WM? v4Ul'.'ggrJ-1 1lr'1fflQvg",U ' II' , -.,- ' I f 1-a z: i I , . J - X gigs?-'jk' rg? ' '2Hvvg'N"f'2-- jpg, 144141 5' i!gkQ,!i 'QQ " ' ' V 'O' - L 1' " ax ' li ' ' ' 0? 'Q Y WL K -f -' - , , 1' "'--Flf? l L4 , '55, 1 ' Cys" ' "" , in X 7 , ' .. a 6' V5 V94 if -- Q N - Q . , fff5EE'v-:T -.Ls 4 I B A f if--f . -,fgfs-51" , 'Q ---L-.N " 'Xi --.11-'E-.,'Q.,.::5A.QQ.L':'g-., ak-. ' ,5-A g L fi g? , s g 15532-"gg, ' : 3 12. "3 ' f""-.'5'f fvzgg --- 'g-g.."EEs1.' 1 f ' -.5,'.'v Ill' , -1-.1-.-7-.1 ' "." r.-,f. .. 0 - - 'urls' .. .,.---tis. y V lg V..." : Ulllnlm'.l4,x .- s.'::h. -.. NII: P.: 5,:.-Fla.. ' 2' '11-4 ml, , ' : wif- ' 1l""1Il W fi ' '- 1-7' . -if-cl " ' 51 'l-f. , 4 " 'i- .L, ' -I -+G.-if -- 5' L 7 ', fa Q -'gg 1: " -fi y x Q , ' f:51 ., 44 --. . ,- " ' ,' : fu-'L' .- ' " I - -V -v -JI I - -Z---.h f f' I 5251 1. ' -, - '14- E Z' -E x If 513' K f V " f:a: ' ' ?"i3f,,-,f , "' ff ' .'T i . ":'f-VY-'?.gg ,gif , - .Q -:-?3"":,.- ' ' My-5 . ,:'1..f""TTi"-.. L-, " -2 xx' -+434 -f" P P 1 +1f-f i1g::: -ffs:-ff-. - , ' f -- ,. Af-12f1, A, '-s - 12: v : ':f! ' 1 ,id " 4"Tf'Ef V ,'-'?- i Z w ' RU , 11 - ii:--- W :ia fag- -91 , i1 ff1LTi-iii- M f57.fff'?91f-.J:g151f41'ff:"T5 :Tfi -f ii'4f4:f.::+ff. 11 -Q21 ,gi f 1- gq- igiggdzfi-H+- - Q' Q , N - -51 Q ' 51541, - ' 'E .. 5-..5-Q--- ,, '-- gff 5gQ 4 1.5,--f' ' 2 'A' 'iff-g7'+"" Hi,,V, ff?-T:3,Q', ""'?ff:-----,--.A,-... f'fY"-gf- igi :1'iE?5d5"" ' "A--5 5 3- - -I -,:7T' - -YN ' jikzguftl--gm - --, ' - ""'ii.,AY ----. .bg Y- " - , " Q5:2.-f,.fQii-3ii?"""'1p":2.."A::2-""---- -f-fail--?'..EEf:4 4' . E1 -., , ..lQQ,"'E5!'T":f-1, , -' 'H -"" V'---"' fi-: 'wa '- ff - " Cg55g-Qs-lx A " QTTT?-1 H1:- 1:1N--A- Hz- " ' 'Sui' -f"f'-5-FC,-B A "'---'Z' -Q 'i' ' X f' "- 515- 5- ich- --- :Fil -ff 9 r l Amhrrzt High Svrhnnl VIOLA GENEVEIVE ALBEE Cl V1:dy75 Ludlow, Mass., November 3, 1907 Girls Club 1, 2, 3, 4 , Future: Undecided Viola keeps the school from being a bore. No one can put anything over on her because it just can't be done. She is an independent Woman and will make a politician some day, perhaps. - MARY MARGARET BARKOWSKI South Deerfield, Mass., October 25, 1909 Girls Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Class Basket- ball 4 Future: Training for nursing Mary surely does like to keep us laughing. She can do it too. Whoever can resist Mary's jokes and keep serious? A MARYON LOUISE ANDERSON C6Andy77 East Granby, Connecticut, March 27, 1908 i Future: Chicago University Andy didn't join our ranks until our Junior year. She has made her presence felt ever since then, though. Sarcastic, oh myl Where's the gold basketball lately, Maryon? 11 Eflge 6511121 Eng X1 l l l ICDITH lCVl'll,YN BICNSUN New Gloucester, Maine, Xlarch 28, 1909 Girls Club 2, 3, 45 Class liaslcethall 2, 3. Glo? Club 2, 3 Future: SlCIl0A2Il'21Pl1lC Yvork Does Edith ever get angry? llve often wontlt-I. l'ler disposition is to be envied. llle think sllc something of 21 philosopher. She is one of thc chosen few to wear a pro-merito pin. L Ill ,Q It Cllnc If o a thing, ll Cant. Lxer LXL Ollll full when WC Het to lanow her. She has H Sweet sm' l l l il l i l is A N NA B U R R H.-Iliff, Xvolillllllfllflll, lXl1lSSllCllllSClTS. Qlugust li WGS li Girls Cluh 2, 3, 43 Class liuslaetlmll -lg Clee Club 4 Future: Springlieltl llospilnl tnursel l :Xnna is very' mluici hut we all linnl hor loads Of ilt- that wins her nizlny friends. 12 Amherst High Svrhnnl HAZEL COMFORT BURRINGTON Greenfield, Massachusetts, April 30, 1908 Dramatics Club 2, 35 Girls Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3 Future: Leslie School of Domestic Science Hazel is a "true bluel' sport. We know we can count on her to pay her dues promptly, to join our clubs and subscribe to our Graphic, and that is worth a lot. Although she doesn't talk a great deal Cunless you know her very welll she is right there with the goods nevertheless. We feel sure she will make a success in the world. me l WINIFRED LEE CHENOWETH Chilcothe, Missouri, July 27, 1903 Girls Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Future: M. A. C. Ever hear a high pitched giggle in Latin class? That's Winifred. She doesn,t snicker quite as much in Review Math. We wonder why? However we know that Winifred is there with the goods, and can be depended upon always. K l MARTHA ADALINE COOK ffcookiw , Amherst, Massachusetts, July 7, 1907 Basketball 1, Junior Play Cast, Social Committee 1, Girls Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Science Club, Treasurer 15 Glee Club Future: Undecided When we saw Cookies crown of beauty on pig tail day we saw right OH why she never had her hair bobbed. .We never could see why Cookie was always the aim of practical jokes. Maybe because she's a good little sport and wouldn't feel offended. 13 Ghz' Ghulh Bug ' X ll XRHIJJ l'.l1XX.Xl4lJ CIUJSSXMN l "fluff" Xml 1f-r 1. Xln--mllnwf-ru, .Xpril 23, 1909 Ulllll 'W l- 3- 4144 Claw- Basketball l' nl uw: Sllnllllllllllflll lnivcrsity, Pennsylvania Xl ln, lln- rum lnglgn Ilzc butt ff I 1., .,, J One of Chub's gvl.lklZL.L.lru.!11fl Ixlx lvrngulllulilf . A ' , . lf lwafs Cheer- lnl xml Lngzw'gllvir:. Qlmla kept up all gogd matured HOSMLIR BICNI,XX'l' 110.-.Q kOI'fll2lIllPlOIl. xlZlSSllCllllst'Ilx, l'clv1'n1n1'x' ll l'1Il7 Basketball J 4' Play Clflss ' Future. l,I1LlCClLlCLl UHOZZW' " ' '- ' great dcfml of 1' ' Q. at hc 15 talk I. . OUI lil Zlll Z1I'j1llIllCIll 1,, ,lyxggx I l l l l ll l l ll ll 1:1-"HI xx mn l"l,l, 1-ix 1-ilzsox .. H s ..l. nl n...n.-y. Nl.1w.1k-lulm-Its.,l11I1l141VY2-1009 li IMA, ,,,,, ,iw ylul. Q, 15 lhskcxlumll 2, 3. 43 Girls mn- I, 3, 2, ug ul lbl- cm- S. 4 l lwnllnuv: l' l'nlllkg.lllUll Srlloul . ' -5 inmnd llmlx lb. N.-nn' lwl.llu'llP l'nym.1ll',dm1t2 Xflisq . K Q. . ' y 0 A 5' rw xxl-mlm Nllx' IN. uv lm-I Nlllk- ilu -lo- I mu. l, lllklll --rxllmxll1cxvNI1'lUfl'lll' Il Amhvrzt 1-Iigh Svrhnnl CLARENCE ARTHUR FAWCETT CCAM77 Chesterhill, Ohio, February 11, 1909 Dramatics Club I, 2, 3, 4, Graphic Staff 3, 4, Class Football 1, 2, Glee Club 4, 'Class Basket- ball 4 Future: Minnesota State Forestry School Art believes in "Art for Art's sake." We agree with him if he doesn't mean it personally. Have you ever been on a hike with Clarence? If you haven't you've missed a good time and a valuable one at that. Art's as Well acquainted with the Woods and mountains as a pickerel is with Water. We expect to see Art an expert forester some day. EDWINA LOUISE FISH CC-Edw F ifhie VERABEL FULTON CC V77 Holyoke, Massachusetts, March 30, 1909 Dramatics Club 3, 4, Junior Play Cast, Girls Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Gold Bug Staff, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Science Club 1 Future: Pratt Institution If "V" says that she will do a thing, that thing is as good as done. , Her middle name is "cheerful,', Amherst, Massachusetts, 1909 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Graphic Reporter 4, Dram- atics Club 1, Girls Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Future: North Adams ' You'd just know that this bunch of mischief would have a nickname. Ed just suits her playful, boyish Ways, and Fishie's even better. If you Weren't around to create a riot, Fishie, old sport, classes Would be very dull. and on rare occasions only does she Wear a long face. Always bubbling over with enthusiasm and pep,,she certainly has taught the rest of us what good naturedness and friendliness are. We don't expect that Mr. Merril Will have much chemistry apparatus left when "V" gets through, though. 15 Uhr 0i3nlh Bing X . fllirlfflf ll.XlllJl'lXlJUlil"l" Xorlh ,xIIlllf'I'wl, xlLlss2!CllllSCIl5, Klav1S 1908 llrztrnalies Llnb l, 2, 3, 45 Student Colm .I Graphic Stall l, 2, 3, l,iterarv F it r CEI ll l Q I, . .. . . w. fwdol, ass ,i Hociznl Cflllllllllliit 3, -lgtfnrls Club l seerctarv tl Z treasurer, 3 tice-president, 4 president' G ll l I buy Stull .lsslslillll lfditorg Glee Clubl l Old l"uturc: College l . l What shztll we say about Grace first: She ht l V ' is done so mztny lll1Il2!Sl ll hen she was on the soeiil committee we were sure our dances were go' ing to be at great success. ,Xnd those clever little l' l parayrztplts of class news were due to her tircleqq HAROLD SANBORN HINTZL, JR. rllutl Brnstol, Connecticut, November 14, 1908 Dramaties Club 35 Adverusmg Maitager of Gold Bugg Class Basketball 3, 4 Future: Undecided Klutt certainly has a good start upward 111 the world. We hope that he keeps Ong fora ways any- way. It is said that he is bound to be at chemist, too. g efforts. X es, brace is bound to be pfspulaf Wherg ever she goes. ,f lll'lRl3l'fR'l' l'll,Nll'fR llOl.lDl'lX XIl1ll0I'Sl, Xlnssucliilsetts, Xovetnbei' 22, 1907 l3:1slqclb:1ll3, Ylll'Sllj' 43 li" titw thull 2, Ynrsity' 3. 'l l"nlure: llmlecitlctl I . . . . - - ll ltlntcr has been in cvcrx' lootbnll :ind basltelba lllL'llll'4' within the lztst two or lllfllc 5'1'1lVS- tlltllollgll he wus not Il stall' in bztslwthnll he certainly' slt0uC lwiulilly on the gr-itlir-mi. l'lYL'I1 lll0l1!ll llc has not 'lk'lllZlllj' nintle irnnx g'lHllS he litislu-on tl1eb11Clil'0lle Ol' the lt-11111 so 111411-tlio batelxlieltl rolllkl FCI llmlllgll' Www lli Amherst High Svrhnnl RALPH MORRISON HOLMES "Shorty" Amherst, lylassachusetts, july 19, 1910 Future: Undecided Shorty has more handicaps than most of us, besides being the shortest in the class he is the youngest, and left handed. ,His remarks in class often cause much laughter. Next to our "MuttU he makes a fltting "Jef1". 4 up DENNETT FARWELL HOWE ' CCDKYL77 Dedham, Massachusetts, Nlay 30, 1909 Class President 1, Student Council 1, 4, Basket- ball 2, 3, Varsity 4, Football 4, Junior Play, Graphic Sta-fl 4, Athletic Association President 4, Editor-in-Chief Gold Bug, Class Basketball 1 Future: Amherst College Den's the boy after our own heart. Who doesn't know and admire him from the humblest Freshman to the mightiest Senior. He worksto win and plays fair. In games, at practice, and in school he is always the same true sport. Our only regret is that he doesn't dance. Den, when are you 1 going to learn? MARION CYNTHA HOW12 . " Howiel' Cushman, Massachusetts, July, 1908 Future: Undecided "Let me but do my work from day to dayl, seems to be Marion's motto. She is always busy and oh my! she never fools. We think that she would make. a good school teacher. Go to it, Marion. l 17 Uhr cgnlh gag if My Kl'INNl?'I'I'I CAGE IYICS "Colom'l" ilG1l,l',fI'F77 llolyoke, Klassaehusetts, November S, 1905, Glee Club 3. 4 lfuturet Xl. A. C. Colonel is always the fellow who gcrg up and closes the door to room 9 after his careless class- mates. Then he sits down and again bends his shoulders and goes to work. Ken is always M. conirnodating and willing to go out of his way In do someone Z1 favor. XVe are sure he will niulic his way in the world. ll? lltltn Slit- nill always 2, 1 .' c Council .ny Lilllllllll c , non o e ly thc IH PATRICK LAWRENCE JOY igpllfv Amherst, Xlassachusetts, December 1, 1906 Student Council 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 49 Football V , I Future: New Hampshire State l Our little Pat is a great athlete He can always be depended on the pinch and we feel sure that in the "big leagues." to pull through in he will make good How he has improved as a student since TITS! we knew him! 18 ll l 1, 2, 3. 4g Baseball 1, 2, 3, -1- as his record shows. if . i, fe. A5 . ii J. , , in 'K 'fi Pa 4 M bi -1 Ti? 1 Amhmit High Svrhnnl CHARLES ROBERT KEET "Charlie" North Amherst, Massachusetts, February 1, 1908 A junior Play Future: Temple University, Philadelphia Charlie believes in being seen and not heard. Nevertheless his presence is felt, and we certainly all enjoyed him as "Ellery," in the Junior Play. l ELIZABETH KERR A "Berrien Glasgow, Scotland, December 15, 1905 Future: Undecided We think Bessie was one of those people put in the World to make it a little more cheerful. At least we all feel happy when she's around. Bessie will make the World brighter. ELLEN ELIZABETH KELLY CC KZZSQ I Amherst, Massachusetts, September 2, 1907 Basketball Captain 2, 3, 45 Girls Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club Secretary 4, Social Committee 45 Future Undecided Kelley is everything a good sport should be. She is the pride of the Seniors and the awe of lower classmen. Every girl's ambition is to be able to do the sports as Kel does, but if every girl Would imitate her policy of straight thinking and fairness this would be a World of perfect Women. 19 Elie 6511121 Qug l pissing RUTH Killian ll Glasgow, Scotland, September 18, 1908 it Future: Undecided 1, Now We have got to be seniors we have learned to il tell Ruth and Bessie apart. We suspect that Ruth l had this in mind when she got her hair bobbed XVe wish her success wherever she goes. U l ii i ll ll lsL'lIS, hllllf' JO, 1909 lx' Xliddlchurvj F l.itl5n spends her time X Q ll CU Ai' . Ani Wax she l DORIS VERONICA KUZMESKI MDOKN Leverett, Massachusetts, December 1, 1907 ' Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4: Girls Club 35 Athletic Asso- U ciation 2, 3, -L Future: Undecided Wlhen Dot gets the hall we all know it'S going in the basket. She sure is at cracker-jack at basket' ball Hml ll good spurt in all things. 20 t . is E 1- ., ix-cs-x. .- Anthvrnt High Svrhnnl FLORA AGN HS IAKIPRON ulfgia Cushman, Massachusetts, August 23, 1908 Girls Club 1, 2, 3, -lg Glce Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Future: Nurse-training, 1Vorcester Can't you see Flora in a white cap and nurses apron? Wle know Flora will be neat and precise as always. She won't ever give her patients too much castor oil and she will be kind to all the sick. 1 guess we will have to have Flora start a hospital for us in Amherst. Let's get sickl RUTH EDWINA LARNED 'lCupie" Amherst, Massachusetts, Nlay 1, 1908 Drarnatics Club 1, 4, Girls Club 1, 2, 3, -lg Basket- ball 3, 45 Glee Club Z Future: Massacliusetts Agricultural College If you Want to know who you are and what you are and how you rate, ask Ruth. She leuowf and has good, clear, unbiased opinions. She's a great entertainer! EVA M. LUBAS QAEUKJQ Germany Basketball 4, Girls Club 1 Future: Undecided . livzfs a bashful girl, but when you once get acquainted with her you will find she can talk as much as anyone. E1 C MW ' mm CEUID Eng BFATRICIC lCl.SIlf MARSHALL we die." And she surely lives up to it having iw tigfnyaa ll Nashua, New Hampshire, September 17, 1909 it Girls Club Z, 3, 43 Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Future: Undecided 5: After knowing Betty We came to the conclusion lat Cushman is a pretty fine place. Betty.-g otto is "Fat, Drink and Be Merry for tomorrow K apparently no cares in the World. Xl.XR5ll.Xl.l. September 17, l' ltl morning after his ride 1 ' in which he is a u - mines prove this t l lnr he has clearly shown us I l i l GEORGE ROSS MACKIMMIE 6iP1l7Il6,, Truro, NOVGI Scotia, Canada, June ll, 1908 D ramatics Club -lg junior Play Castg Grapllif SMH 45 Prize speaking 3, 4, one Club 4 Future: hi. A. C. "Punk,' is the nianliest boy. lf anyone dare d1SPUtC it Punk can account for himself, and in a deb not ate or the junior Play, if anyone could 0 , I I ', hear him it certainly is not the fault of Punks lU11EIS- He has his own opinions too. lt is Heed' less 10 Say that hc can uphold his end at any UIUC- 22 N I i Amhrrut High Srhnnl ELLEN HASTINGS MORSE Durham, New Hampshire, October 10, 1908 Dramatics Club, Secretary -lg Graphic Staff 3, 4g Girls Club 1, 2, 3, -lg Glee Club 3, 4 Future: XVellesley College Wle look to Ellen to carry on our good Ellen has depth of spirit and is capable of respon- sibility, XVe bow before her in awe. IIHITIC. W l FLORENCE GLADYS O'NEAL " Teeny" North Amherst, Massachusetts,' 1906 Basketball 4- Future: Undecided We wonder if Florence ever talks at home. She doesn't at school, We are positive of that. CLIFFORD WARREN MURRAY Ciclijil I Amherst, Nlassachusetts, Nlarch 13, 1909 Basketball 1 Future: Work or College Cliif has his opinions and sticks by them as those who see most of him know. He doesn't broadcast his views widely, but he has them just the same. , l Il 'lie football star and ' i i -in the piano it is dith- ll in-itlo is "speed and lOts aim csnm wus a y -i "C!zz'r1"' .Xmhcrst, Massachusetts, june 14, 1907 l.XMIiS RICHARD PARNELL Tl lt Dramatics Club 3, 4, Student Council 3, 45 Bum- ball 1, 2, 3, 4gCaptain 45 Football 1, 2, 3, Captain 4- Baseball 1, 2, 3, Ig Graphic Reporter I3 Clasg Social Committee 45 Gold Bug Stall' Athletic liditorg Class Football I, 2, Class Basketball 1. one Club 1 ' Future: Springfield College Chick is rather inclined to be a blufler at Iimcg but everybody knows that he is a genuine spgrt and a real athlete. 1Vith his running mate Par, he comes in for a share of the honor that is justly his. From all reports we hear that Chick is a great chem- ist too. Only lXf1r. Merrill can verify this rumor however. Xl iv I5 1909 Iwo ' L ' man, on in alert and wide awake WILLIAM D. ROBERTS "Bill" Amherst, Nlassachusetts, August 2-1, 1909 Football 4 Future: Syracuse University UBill,' is left handed but we don't wonder, he drives the Buick most of the time with his left hand. 1Ve lack space to tell about his right arrn- ' is attracting considerable attention with his models of sailing vessels. Good work, keep it UP, ill. 24 Ii Amhrrut High Qvrhnnl ANNA C.X'I'1l.XRlNl'1 ROGERS 'Hlzzrzll Leverett, Klassachusetts, February 23, 1908 Future: Undecided Were as undecided what to write as "Ann" is about her future. XVe clonlt know much about Leverett but if she hails from there it must be a pretty good place. DORIS ELIZABETH SHAW lCD0t77 Durham, New Hampshire, hilay 2, 1907 Dramatics Club 2, 3, -13 Girls Club 1, 2, 3, -lg Science Club 2g Orchestra -1, 55 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, -1 Future: Undecided Doris weilds a "mean" bow in the orchestra, making chords and discords. 1Ve're sorry she didn't start her training earlier so by the time she entered the orchestra she would have been a trained musi- cian. l HELEN JOSEPHINE SHEA Amherst, Massachusetts, July 13, 1909 Future: Undecided Helenis snicker always is a signal that something funny has happened. She usually seems to he in the midst of the disturbance, but how guileless she looks. We Won't be surprised lo sec llclen drawing cartoons later on. L...-.-1- ,tV, ...., - .., , .. ,-, , , K 25 Ellie Cgnlh TBUS FREDERICK AIOSICPH SLOXYICK "Doctor" Somerville, Klassachusetts, November 10, 1907 ,lunior Play' CMU Prim Speaking 4 Future: gently School of Accounting, Boston 15 Felix a good sport? liverybody says yes together. lf Felix has jokes played on him las he often doesj he takes it good naturedly. Don't believe that Felix canlt think up his own tricks either. Ask hliss Field if he doesn't. -N ,ep N- s, December lil, 1908 nn .my thmi. hill ptns in class look about you N Q' 1 ' tind Xlert sitting in the bac .U .in innottnt expression on his . MILTON PAIGE SMITH "Milt" Westfield, hilassachusetts, Llanuary Zo, 1909 Student Council 4: Football l, - Class Team, 3. 4 Varsityg Basketball hlanager 4 Future: Undecided The football team is going to sullier at big loss next year without hlilt. Wt-'tl like to see him on zx College team. hlilt surely knows how to handle an auto. He should hzu'e written Z1 book entitled "Travels with a Ford" for he ran his little tlivver over every hill and dale last year. lt is rumored about that he is going into ztvialtion. lf he does we A predict with certainty an :Ice of the future. 26 1 l 7 4,17 -fl... Amhvrut Bliigh Svrhnnl WILFRICD KELLOGG SMITH "Smilly'l lilizabeth, New Jersey, june S, 1906 Student Council, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Football 3, lg Baseball 1, 2, 3, Captain 4, Class Football 1, 25 Class Basketball 1 Future: University of Florida Smitty is rightly the "snappiest" and things are always humming when he is around, whether it be on the athletic Held or in the class room. Though small in statue Smitty can make himself known and many of his locker room debates with Hozzy are classic. LEON STANIWISKI "Lee" . Amherst, Massachusetts, April 16, 1910 Basketball 3, 4, Class Football 1, 25 Class Basket- ball 2 Future: Tufts College, Syracuse University Although "Led, does not make himself heard very often we know the brand of work he can do either in the class room or on the basketball court. He is a go-getter and is surely bound to get ahead. BESSIE MAY STRONG "Balm Amherst, Massachusetts, February 21, 1909 Basketball 1, 2, Girls Club 1, 2 Future: Undecided Bessie is another one of those Well-known Strongs. She is full of fun and appreciates all of our jokes and humorous playfulness. If studying is a virtue she surely will star. 27 ,c .C use C why csnlh E119 g y ywy MARY IC. SL'l,l,lXfXX Amherst, Nlassacliiisc-its, ,lnly wi l'iU'l Girls Club -lg Class lizislqelbull 4 Future: Salem Nfvrllldl Sfl 1'f' fl Where there is Mary there is ai srnile. If happiness is a yifi life has ai lm in store for MHYQV. lCIl.l'II'1X IiI,lZ.XBETH THAYER ..lvi Xnilicrst, Xlassachusetts, April 12, 1909 llc-:ul l'slier -lnnior Playg Girls Club 1, 2, 3, -lg Cllce Clnb I, 2, 3, -lg President Ll-g Orchestra 3, 43 lizisketbzill lg Drainatics Club 1, 2 l"nIure: lfnclecided lfileen surely has done her best to make the Glee Club u success. We notice this year that all the boys have turned out to it well, but Eileen has a winning smile and a sunny disposition so that may wcconnt for it. LILIAN l'la.XRl, 'l'll XX l"li l'Iiz'Ii"' South .Xinlu-rsl, Xliismcliiisi-Its, Xliul' fi. l'llll Class lizislaetluill l 4' .. if - lutnie. llultliinulini I-nsnn-ss K .illi-we llill has nlwalls li-nnil llieli Sili.-.-l in l-e A are-ll Julie. ll e suiiceielx ln-iw slii- .ilxmx X linil- the wvlilkl HS fllllllsllly. lllll slim' in.1x sol-ei iliixxn wine Lia-'. lvlm liimwq: qx ,A ,,,. We -, X Anxhrrat High Svrhnulgig gg, 14 RUFUS HICNN lfiY 'l'l IOMPSON "Ruff", St. Louis, Missouri, December 16, l9OS Class President 192-lgDran1atics Club l,2,Treasurer, 3,-l President, Student Council 192-lg Graphic Stall Circulation Manager '26g Gold Bug Stall Business Nlanager '26, Orchestra 3, 4, Treasurer -lg Class Basketball -l Future: College We never have yet heard of Rufe being rough. It's hard to catch him over a book but in some miraculous Way he "gets there just the samef' lVe can't help liking c'Ruf" and our liking him doesn't spoil him. ERNESTINE ANNETTE 'l'l'lORX'l'UX "E7'11,' Pelham, Nlassaehusetts, July 23, 1908 Girls Club 3, 45 Glee Club librarian 4 Future: Undecided e , 1 I called upon. CLARISSA MERRILL TRUESDELL "Cricket" Wendell, Massachusetts, February 3, V208 Future: Undecided Although "Cricket" lives a few miles distant from school, think of the jolly and meniornhle lirics 51,0 has had in the school team with the other boys and girls from Cushman and Leverell, and ol all the mischief and lun we know she has been an zncliie party in. i l i l . 21, WVe never felt we knew lfirnestine very we because she was always very quiet. Xevertlielc we feel sure she will be rcatlv to do her mr! whtu I W Anrhrrnt 31-Iigh Srhnnl HELEN AGNES WHALEN 1 nSv1! Amherst, hlassachusetts, October 13, 1907 Girls Club 1, 2, 3, -l-g Class Basketball 2, 3, 45 Glee Club -1 Future: Bay Path lnstitute Helen was always the first one in line to buy her lunch tickets at noon. YVas it because you were real hungry or does "Art" have irresistable attrac- tion? As a girl athlete she has been an enthusiastic participant in all activities. BESSIE ELIZABETH WHITTEMORE zcBg!fy97 'rc-Bgjjv Hartford, Connecticut, October S, 1910 Drarnatics Clubg Basketball 1, 2, 3, -lg Girls Club Future: Undecided Bessie Was heard to remark one day that she liked to be original. Wle hope she always feels this Way. She has a keen sense of humor which makes her very easy to get along With. ROGER AUGUSTUS WOLCOTT f ccR0gn Amherst, Massachusetts, August 25, 1909 Orchestra 1, 2, Secretary 3, President 45 Football 3, 4g Class Football 1, 2, Class Basketball 1, 2, 35 junior Playg Class Social Committee 3, 4g Dramatics Club Prop. Man 3, 4, Gold But: Stall' Assistant Editor Future: College Rog certainly deserved to be the best all-around boy. He is always ready to help and anything he undertakes he linishcs well. Athletics, music, literature and art. Roger is sure a success in any or all. lfVc only wmulvr in which he is most skillful. gil Gilt: CEUIII Bti!! XIX RIOX .X Blil li WOODBURY Snntlt-rluntl, Xlnssachusetts, February 1, 1907 l11i1iurl,lzlX'gflil'ls Club 1, 2, 3, -1- lfnturt-: lhdecitled We sornt-limes envy Marion, especially in the spring when the sap is running near the old sugar cclinp. llnppy, helpful and earnest, Marion is sure of fricntls wlnerever she goes. ETHE1, IVIARION VVOOD Amherst, 1X'1assachusetts, ,lune 19, 1910 Graphic Typist 4gGi1-ls Club 1, 2, 3, -lg Class Basket- ball 4g Glee Club -I Future: Undecided Ethel is one of the best supporters of the school. She is always in things and is a great fan at all the games. 1t's an excellent thing for a lovely girl to have school spirit. JOSEPH JOHN Z.-XR nhlogn Sunde"l5UNl, Xlnssnclinsvlts, Xin t'llllM'I' 7, 10017 Class liasketlwnll 3, 43 Future: Susquclmnzl LlIllX'k'I'Sll1' V1 Q wut .1ll tlisnpponmtutl lu lt-.irn 111411 loc couldnt come out lor loollmll, X15 n'oultln't he rip up thc' OPPOSIIIK llllv? l luXYCX PI' llc' tltws ripping up Cllnillgll N ' 1 . m llu LW Nl vlnss. 11 c rc .lll w1'uults n'l1un1lvo111es lllllt' Io du-55A 32 J 'xv ---1 -ig.,-fg'. Anmvrut 31-Iigh Srhnnl 33 Uhr ionlh Bug Mort Popular Boy tlloft Popular Girl. . . illoft Brilliant. . . But Looking Boy Beit Looking Girl. Grind ............. Flirt .............. Most Athletic Girl Mort Athletic Boy Tearlzeff Pat .... Lnrleieft ...,... ll'iniefr ............ Moft Ambitiouf ..... But All Around Boy 1331155 mlm fur 1525 Beit All Around Girl ..... Dude ,............. Faflzion Plate ..,... Best Danrer, Girl. . . Beit Dancer, Boy. . . Iceberg .......... SIl7Z.flll7l6'. . . lllanlieft ....... Sfoeetext Girl ..... Sranclalnionger. . . Slzyeft ............. Most Gonceitrtl Boy. Mort Gonceited Girl. . Snappieft ......... Teacherlr Trial ..... Clan' Baby ,,,,., Favorite Teacher .,,, Windiest ....,,, 34 ..,.....JOl1I1J0y .........HelenJ0y . , . .Tyler Maclklastef ........JOhr1J0y . . . .Ethel 'Wood . . . .Bessie Strong . . . . . .Helen Joy . . . . Ellen Kelly . . . . Patrick Joy .......JohnJoy . . . .Bill Roberts .........JohnJoy . . . .Kenneth Ives . . .Roger lVolcott ..........EllenKelly . . . . .Rufus Thompson Elizabeth Butterworth Elizabeth Buttwerorth . . . . .Rufus Thompson . . . . .Ruth Larned . . . . . .Eileen Thayer . . . .Ross Macliimmie . , . . . . .Helen joy .,......Yiola Albee . . . . .Percival Johnson . . . . . .Arthur Fawcett . . .Grace Hardendoril . . . . . .llvilfred Smith . . .Hosmer Eldridge . . . . . .Ralph HOlll195 ........Miss Henry . . . . .lelosmer Eldridge ,-f-fr-fa-ff' ,-f- ff Z, Mark Aldrich William Bartlett Hubert Barton Raymond Bates Stanley Beleska Harry Bernard Anna Bishko Francis Britt Earl Brown Joseph Campion Florence Capen Wallace Capen George Cooley Katherine Cox Marion Davenport Charles Dickinson Elizabeth Diggins Annie Discawicz Hazel Doyle Clara Dunkley Francis Durant Mildred lflkey Edward ltzilmiszilx Aleck Fetloslci James liitts John Flehnt Adeline l"lc-nry liidth Gale Alherta Cireent- Helen firilmko Bertrand llzill Villa llalr Roller! llolilen George lloll Annlpvrut llliglp Svrlyuul man Mena Raeheal llolt Clillwert llulnluard klost-ph lludzik Sophie lludzik Philip lves Wesley' ,lansen Roliert ,Iones lkzilter 'lones llercival johnson llurrilliy' Llcltl blziinefa lielley Lawrence liennedy .Xrlhur liing 'Iohn lxisielewski Vlzinies liruin Roln-rl l.1iinonI lolin l.:innon J l.1iu rt-rice l.:il lzinte llelen l.t-liaine l'.:ii'l l.m'iL'li l 71 'roi hi' l.i-onzird in-orwgm' l.or1ilx:ir'd Xlzirion l.ornlw:irtl iii-oi'i.fe Xlrlieininie ililllllllllk- Xlmligzin XX Lillvl' xlIll'lil'l l 14'l'llllll x.lK'll-lll'l1 lllll l'.llf:iln'lli Xlt'rll'l'Yi' li.-.urine Xlginl V lifnf- . Xlo..iI4i-wiev l,iili.i Xivl-.1-iv' n llvlf-n llillrivn lniiis-. ll'lll'ic'li I l.irii l VN:-il , . Xlglwl ll Xrll H Florence Paddock lVlary Parke Agnes Parker Charles Peek Henry Petroski Jennie Petrovic Nlary Podworski Carlton Putney James Quinlancl Ruth Rockwell Sherman Russ Elwell Russell hlorgan Searle Dorothy Sherman Helen Skorupski Norma Stickney Albee Stowe Ella Squires Klichael Valente I-lildreth VanDuesen Gladys Viara Raymond Walsh Thomas Walsh Art hur lVarren George XValter Wfebb George YVestcott Percy Wheeler lfllie XVhitcomb lfdmund XVilliams l'iLlIHl XVood Cllatlys Woodard Donald Woodbury llelen Xvysli Anonia Ziinnowski -,-,..4..- n 1 'N 'J Y 1 R3 F i Lt - ,,, , .---- Annhrrnt High Svrhnnl Illnturr It was the afternoon of a day in September, 1945. Ten very prosperous men were gathered around the elaborate radio in the White House. T guests of President Tyler lVlaclVlaster. They were Milton Smith, wealthy auto- mobile manufacturer, Francis Pray, the world's most n John Joy of hfassachusettsg James Parnell, the noted criminal lawyer, Arthur Fawcett, the head of the department of forestry, the famous landscape artist, Roger Wolcott, General Harold Heintze of the United States Army, Ross Maqkim- mie, the greatest actor of his time, and Representative Kenneth Ives of Massa- chusetts. The host, President Machffaster, tuned in on the last and deciding game of the Worldis Series between the Senators and the Giants. The guests had settled back and were conversing softly, but this announcement made them sit forward: "The pitcher for the Senators will be l'Patty" joy." The game went on until the tenth inning with the score 0-0, Pat pitching a no- hit,no-run game and the opposing pitcher doing nearly as well. ilWilfred Smith now at bat," announced the broadcaster, "he hits a single to right fieldf, The next two men struck out and then, "Joy knocks a homer over the right field fence winn- ing the game. Thanks to Joy and Smith the Senators have won. You have been listening to Hosmer Eldridge broadcast the game from Station W.I.N.D." During the supper, further talk of old classmates was continued. It dev- eloped that Elmer Holden was football coach at Harvard, "Le" Stansiewski was the owner of a big New York theatre, "Bill" Roberts had just been sued for breach of promise, Helen Joy was Hollywoods most famous queen, "Charlie" Keet had married an English Countess and was now "Count", "Joe" Zak was Connecticut Valley's tobacco king, "Cliff" Murray had devised a new penmanship method, Gussic Ives was the owner of Amherst's largest department store, Byron Marshall owned a large real estate company in Florida, Felix Slowix was the light- heavyweight champion of the world and was managed by lhferton Smith? Hazel Burrington, now a widow, was known to keep a hospital for sick and blind cats, hese men were oted scientist, Senator Martha Cook, having a large fortune left her by a rich uncle, had decided to be an Old maid and travel, as she had always wanted to do, Olive Boyden and Evelyn Kimball were running an insane asylumgthe two Kerr girls had become famous ballet dancers on the stage, Ralph lclolmes was the midget of the Barnum and Bailey Circus. ' , Later in the evening the party again listened to the radio. They heard Eliza- beth Butterworth speak on fashions of the day, the girl that used to be "VH FUIIOH but now was "Mrs," told how to combine social activities and the care ofthe hO1T1C5 Thcl' heard the great artist llarold Crossinan play the violin3 Beatrice Marshall, the star of the operatic world sang, and Grace Hardendorlf, the social arbiter of New York, spoke on et iqm-tie, Rufus Thompson, the noted stage dancer also gave his weekly radio lesson on "the latest slepsf, Dznnett Howe. 37 Elin Guin Eng 0112155 will xv . -:if n't-tnltt-rs of the Class of 1926, beillfl ff fl 521.110, Sohhd- Clcwltcd lllld A' 'A :lil Mui hM,i,,g Piggy-gsitwtt of those faculties which our beloved teaehcrg .. Zitgum,l,u.Lt ami developed, do, not because we expect to be the innwlumul th-ral tributes, but for the sole reason that we are about to V Liu. imr 'md most beloved High School on this fatal and disastrous v W V ' . t' Ittne herebv bequeath, bestow and present the following: ,.' ge .1 :aw t h . l'.rt1tltj.: 1 , , , , H - , L, ,tlrm Lvttects that we sincerely hope will enjoy your frtendhness and ' t t X ' ' ,h 1, it 2, t tuuelt grttitude as we have during our four years in High School .jv!,t 1'1f.- -'X .' I tXl: l1to'.'.ttZ I l A I tt . .. ..nlx lt-me our thanks and appreciation for the kind things that you , ,AA ,V , 1, ,H twlii, U, gn hours of toil, despair and happiness. t , ' , . . I Fflaltllelx. D yt I. in t,tttl with great satisfaction a list of theme toptcs for next year's Senior 3 1, ,t 5,511 rltt-y use them with the best of their ability. 'l ,Xlt Xltsrrtllz XX ith l-itter ln-arts we will to you, Mr. hferrtll, some poor unfortunate ment- ' .tt tht- Senior class who may be sent out of chemistry every day in order that 'P .V -.,t.ptnt st-.tts in llttttttt 9 may be filled. l.- Xlt-X l'.trltts. XM- will our tnost sincere wishes that you will have as good luck in future H.. ttixtti-in .ts you have had in your four years in High School by keeping everyone :nt-.tlthy .intl free front attacks of indigestion. cr.. xtis tit-tri-yr XX ith eratitutle, gt new Civics class to you, hliss Henry, in order that you may exrreist- your ability in teaching them the Constitution and have them compre- ltvtttl .ts rt-gttlily as our Civics class has succeeded in doing after several Weeks of tlrillittg. 'l'-- the l"rt-shtnan Girls: The custom of "Pug" day and we are in hopes that if you persist in bobbing your hair that you will wait until your Senior year and have a fresh shingle for "l5.tlwy Day." To the Class of l927: 'l'he privilege of occupying the seats in Assembly so that Nlr. Brown will be able to hear you all sing Hymn No. SO, 'Wvork for the Night is Corningf' We also leave you the seats in Room 9 and are in hopes that you will "piCli up the floor" and erase the boards after c'Glee Club" notices. 'l'o the Class of 1928: The honor Of beingupper classmen and hope that you will act dignified like all i upperclassmen before you. To the Class of 1929: The hohof of feeling that you are gradually on your way to fame, by eventu- HUB' being upperclassmen. l 38 Anaulprrnt Jlhgh Srhnnl l l RSCHXM BIQI ISIS To Ch1rlott1 llllfkl e pr111l1g1 of L11111111, 11r1l1r 1l11111 11 lllL l11111l1 1ou11111 111111 We also ea most b111cer1 111sl111 1l1 ll 1l11 111111111 111ll 11111111 1l111r 1l1sl11s COI1t211I1lI1g dau rgels to Il1ClLlI1Ll1 1111111111 111111 11l11fl1111111, lllLIIl 1111 NI1sQ l11l1l Q desk IU Ro 8 as dCCOI"'1IlOIlS To Helen Butter11or1l1 me of Bc 111 Sffllllj, 1 l11 llll1lIlL 1 Sf 1 11 l3lLIlLl 111tl1 Dorothv Sherma ll1rt1 act1o11s To Bud 1611 ett wee b1t of 1111 l 1r111l' 111 lllt,llLSS 11111 p111111c1 11 the lunch counter To E1 erett POIHLFOX 11116 of lr11111s 1 1 111 11111 up less t1me III class room To Margur1t1 D11,1,111 113 Cook 1l11l111 1 1 111 1l1 lIlLl 1 1111ll.1 are o slonallv left out To Lo1s Gla111r e11 1111111 of Ul111 1 ll 1 1111 1111 l11 11111 111sp1rc boys IH 1h1fu111r1 C1l11 Qlllll C utl1er1XX1ll1r1l 1111 ll 111 1r 11111 1 ttlc of l 1l11111 1 ., 1 1111 IX 1111 Ill 1111111 roo111 Qo 1 ss F11ld 111ll 11111 ' 1r 1 111 l111r LlI'LxsLI'S 1ppo1111111c11 after school. rank IDUFUIII 'lIlLl l.'111'r '11 1- Sllll Z c pri1'ilc1,1-1f1'1ki11 ' .' ' 4 " url 9 1 '111' of r1'11li11g ' e daily lll li PIII 1 4 I "1' ' - -- ' - 1111 1111 IIIOFII. services. To Bill C1rcl1l1i11: ZZ1' l'l lri I1, ' 5 - u 4 I1 ' - ' ' 111111 '1 'ndly Cl1'11s 111 1l11' ' 2 7 " 4 '. a1vi11i'1 l' 1 Cmxx.. , .. , z1scluvi11i'1 ' '- A 1' ' ' , - 1' - '-11 ' 'i11s1r111111111s 1111 soos are rc1111ir1-1l. rlo lsthcr Strong: 1' mc11fI1l1f1 '- " 1. -- 'Cmr T 1lz111 ': . T0 gncs l:1rl11-1': 1' 111: 1:1-17 l' - ,- ' -'1' -4 .."Kflllfl'. ' 'FYUIIC Illllfi l 4 1 1 , '., , V 11111111 -11-1 1--- ' ,- 11 ., 1 . '14 '- 11islw1' .'- r duy U -' . ,X I' 1 1 ' . 1 ' . 1 '111 il 1 twenty-six, 2l.."'H 5. Tl1lI.'t'. :nu-ala W my ignlh Bing , .-f SIXTH ANNUAL Iirizv Svprzlking, Glnntmt for the RIILLILTT CUP Program ' ' ' AV....4......, . . .Franz Schubert Xl iii lu' Xlllllgllft' Orchestra X :..- ll.-ri-11.1, llyr Rr-piitation ,,..r..........,... 4........ I hal. hlontgomery l,uthcra l3ez1mam llillard, '27 I U. ly,..,l,,',Z . r..r..,........ .r........ .... I Q obert YV. Service l"elix .loseph Slowix, '26 I 1' lyiinin .....,...r.44.................. Henry VV. Longfellow l"lora Agnes Lampron, '26 X Xl.-.Niue ri. Llarcii ,.,.......r..,.......... ..... E lbert Hubbard Leo Takahashi, ,27 X -r' ligincc ,.,.,............ ..,,. E dward Greig Orchestra lln- l,.hNlIll.j Hi .Xrthur ........,....r.............,. .... A lfred Tennyson Frieda Brita Norell ,27 l lu' lliulnxgii in in ..,.,..i................,. .,.. A lfred Noyes Philip Truman Ives, ,27 lin- Rginsuni of Red Chief .............................. .... O . Henry Ruth Sanderson Redman, '29 lhe Defense of l"zilder ..i............................. .... . lohn Galsworthy George Ross hlackimmie, ,26 million Nlurch. . . ,..........,........... . . . .... hflark E. Phillips Orchestra -ledges: Mr. Charles R. Green, hlrs. A. L. Hardy, Prof. Wlalter E. Prince. XX inners: George Ross Klackimmie, Ruth Sanderson Redman. -10 U El .rs- va Gi 1: U11 D' E z ls: .hM 2-Xnihvrut I-Iigh Svrhnnl Girlz' Glluh The Girls' Club, a social factor in the busy routine of our school life, started the year's program with the election of Grace Hardendorff, president, Gertrude Church, vice-president, Dorothea Kidder, treasurer, and Sallie Howe, secretary. The social committee consisted of Ellen Kelley, Helen Butterworth, Nlartha Pray and Aleyne Grebbin. The faculty advisors were Miss Ausman, Miss Parkis and Miss Henry. At a meeting held in the Auditorium after school hours, Miss Henry out- lined briefly her ideas ofthe club"s aims and ideals. The first event of the club year was a tea given to the Women of the High School Faculty, at the jones Library. This was an entirely new feature for the club and was a pleasant success. Shortly after this a "New Member Drive" was launched with average results. - The 4'Cidar Niill Hiken to Hadley was a memorable occasion. The combina- tion of cidar and cookies proved to be so popular that the store's supply ofthe latter was completely exhausted. Many of the girls took advantage of the fine op- portunity for a swim at the Amherst College Swimming tank one night during the winter term and enjoyed the novel occasion hugely. In February a delegation hiked to Mt. Toby on snowshoes. The annual event "The Girl's Club Dance" also held in February, was ac- claimed one of the happiest successes of the club year. "Moon Mullin's Orches- tra" furnished some snappy music for the affair. In March the club members were guests of the Amhesrt Woman's Club at a talk on "Heads and Hats" by Mrs. Elsie K. Chamberlain of the Filene's Clothing Bureau. The girls enjoyed the showing of the latest and most approved styles of spring millinery especially as the girl's hats were displayed on a charming model, none other than their own Marjorie Heintze. The less important events have not been listed but they were many and interesting. The club year ends with pleasant memories of happy times together and the board of management for 1926 trusts that it has maintained the club's past rep- utation for worth while activities and good fellowship. Sallie H owe, Secretary. 43 if-M' 2-Xnrhrrnt High Srhnnl Uhr Graphit Owing to the fact that we had such an excellent editor-in-chief this year,the Graphic was a great success. I-le possessed all the qualities of a good editorg ability to supervise, readiness in criticism, a faculty for making his staff work, and good ideas which he left to the aforementioned staff to develop. We let Old Barney, The Lone Bed-Bug under the Rug in the Office, die a natural death, and depended on the ordinary editorial and The Forum for our advice. The Graphic brought many new poets to the public eye and much originality was dis-A played in the contributions. Cn the whole, the Graphic has enjoyed a prosperous year and we will wish it many more years just as prosperous, if not more so. ' ,,.Li?"' 45 QI 1:- 'V 5 :- D' Q va M 2- u:. W xi? X is A l XX LK N X wg 5 M ff X GI 'CT vo Gi D Q- 5 5. N M 1 W We N 's W. 'I 1 f I I r . - lllr Iirsl lllf m ll!l,' ol Amlpvrut llligll gs,-html 6129 Qlluh Yllf' film' flulw for 1925--1926 was held in the Auditorium on lJt'!l'l1r'!' fu .ll -. Nll ll l lol-l.. 'W - l Ill' IH Pf:'J'l.Lll1'fI.' Srt'rr.'ur: ami' frfw-lim' r Ll-llfflfllll if .'ld1'z'w,r, ' ' 'l' VI' l'f'lif' .-lf-t-rl-ll- ' 1 , . . .Eileen Thayer . . . . . .Ellen Kelly . . . . , . . . . . .Easnestine Thornton , . ,Miss Johnson and Miss Lindahl .Xfr--r .L v , ll . ri elif- grim- ol' llw Cllcc Club, the meeting was ad- jollrrnf'-l lg. ' .X rw-71' - - '1"-- uf. i. li'-lil :tml film- Club tugs were sold for one Week. :ll flu' - U' - f-" rv-'r Maw limi- llll'l'lllllll1lll mzmy new members. .V J uf. 1 lf-K i-lf-ll IHLflvl'1ll1npL'I'1lCllZl. b .Xe M. ,f " X 'I'ri.ll lip jury" is ln-ing started and is reported to l"' 'fV'f"f" Tully. I . 9.1.1- rf GI 4:- V9 GQ D 1- D' El SI 'JD Annlpvrut High 51-haul fi V--Y ,.,,, ,. 31uniur 1515113 illlll-A lll,llllM Nl will lll'.'lf'- "l'l'llll'Ul .lU"l"r liwlr was the Presenting ofa three Q get lu1'un'.u l.ul lfj. lx-ll L H-rpwl Xlvuim' Llntl ll alter Hackett, Hlt Pays tO Adver- USC-lllll' 1'l,il. Lwlisllllll 1'f', ll1'lr'Il llllf, llLlllCI'l lflvrlon , d , fK,flUg,'l1t-.fell-t law. .l:1-l Xlr. ll.i1w-lltl'9ll1'lI't WM incur-,ldfn John Joy made thls M ,I V V y I p. . t. . I cc as coach. The manage- lx nn-ni nz lin' grlu. '- 1 H1 HAH' ll-lll1'l".'l ,luwlllx Campion, business manager, Dennett A llt-we. -N' :n.l:..l,'f-r, l'.lw..lln-rn l,1illei'ix'or'lli, costume manager, Eileen Thayer, llclltlll--l1v'l' xii! ll. Xlt .lr'l', l'l4't'lI'lL'lLlll. m 1 ll: lilllitl lil lllvil .Ll'l'!'lll'Lllll.'l'i Milf? lll'-V ,... Helen R. Joy ,lullflaufl y ...Felix Slowix ll Cornlf' 1" l3"1'1 ...... Verabel Fulton ' llfftlrrrjf hl15'17 ......... John L. Joy l Cf. ru Xll:-'E . . .G. Ross Mackimmie .lnlluw f- l'- ll ..,. Hosmer B. Eldridge Klglrlf- . . . Mary W. Barkowski l lllllllazn mu: ...Roger A. Wolcott y Xli l. linrgfe .... Martha A. Cook liwr.f'- Nl l ...Dennett F. Howe lillwrj, R 1 if l. .... Charles R. Keet t'El,.fi,A li, ,f .... Hubert C. Barton l 'l iwnr .l.iIll'nllj.' lvy our Iwo joys, John and Helen. il All nf' '1 f yi rn :lt anim-ll In mln-ir roles, especially Hosmer lal lri 1,1 r. nn inte. Spf-vigil praise must be given to ROSS ' HA.. Q, HW. My ,pw ,l,,,,',,L-1.-r nl' ll gouly old business man. 'l'l1f4tV:1 .1-lgl-, 3"fllI.llI'nl. 1 l' ,l V, In rln- llitgln 51-lniol llnll instead of College . lI..Il A n ll X 5, f --ll V ,- . r., X.lxf-rli-.1-" was tln- happy way in which fl., M , , WV: W 2,1 K UU.,-i,,y,.,l gn mln- comedy :mtl intensely 24 ina.-,,. ., V lg, gi 5l.,,.l ln.-ln---lm anltlml much to the even- lll" V I L A I ll ll ll ,,-,fi-X Uhr 6511121 Qiig - gg g hiarch 15 March 21 April I April 6 April 11 April 15 April 22 April 26 April 29 May 1 lylay 4 May 7 May S JUNIOR PLAY CALENDAR First rehearsal. Further comments on this rehearsal are unnecessary. Johnny pretends to know all about the love making business, but fails to demonstrate his knowledge in this respect. A majority of our cast seem to be charter members of the afternoon study class. Mr. Brown comes to the rescue. Todav Hozzy abandoned his brilliant career as an actor to take a joy ride on his motorcycle. When we found that he was gone, we all wished him a bon voyage in somewhat angry tones. Johnny is rapidly learning the art of love making, he will soon think he is good enough to win the hand of some great movie actress. Great rejoicing! Den has finally signed a contract to take the part of George McChesney. A lecture by Mrs. Smart entitled, Less Noife Of Stage. The Countess and Marie speak French so rapidly that it seems as if their tongues must be hitched in Ihe middle and wagging af boih endf. Johnson, our butler, becomes Hustered when Bliss Grayson says she loves him. Don't worry Johnson, probably many more will say the same thing before you die. Enter VVilliam Smith, Miss Burke, Ellery Clark and Charles Bronson to grace the stage with their beauty. Mr. Smart has been having an attack of the gout lately: I guess he must have caught it from Cyrus Nfartin who has been suffering so severely from it, in his declining years. Dress rehearsal and probably our most perfect rehearsal. Everyone becomes superstitious because of this fact, and predict a poor show. The evil day at last. The performance was pronounced a success. We only cut three pages in the entire performance. S 2 'I'l11- olhcers: Pro' Ula' 11 f l'z'1'r-f'r1'1' Sffrrfa rjg TVYZIJI1 V1 ' r ' 1 , ,5111hrrut 3,1-Iigh Qyfhnnl Bramatir Glluh lJr41111111ic Club L'IllllllI'l-iCLl on thc year 1925-1926 w IL!! H! hl.. 11' ith the following Rufus Thompson .Luthera Willard . . . . .Ellen Morse .Virginia Gordan ' '11, 41' l11- 1'l11l1 l1:1v1- been about the same as other years. The ll11- lllklll l 1 z1111111:1l ll1ll 1 ll H11 l,.lI'l1, wus- I11-l1l October 29. For the Christmas assembly, a I v1:r1.' lFl"ll1lllL' 11l.1j. "Xl.l1:11 Xl:-11 l,iv1- liyn was prcsntcd. At the 111 lllllll1lf',, .1 1l1111'11111:l1l1 1-1111-1'141i11i11g 1lllLl :amusing play, by .' 1, l1111l l l.11. 1.1.1, l1I'1' .1111-1l by 4llll'Hli 1l1ccl11lm's Casts. .X 1.1.1111l 111' .11-1111-1-i.1111111 -lllllllkl ln- vxprcsscil for several active members ofthe , 1 11' tl11l1 ..1111 l1.1 1111 111111 ll lllllllllk 1 +,1- .111 1. 1 '. 4 " ability. 'l'l1c club will lose four of them, ll1'l1-11 If ,, 1111111 11.3, l41'v- Nl411'lii111111i1-, 111111 Rufus Thompson, with graduation I A . l11. ',1':1r school social held name, "A Little Ellen Morne. ,...1...- K0 m,....-f-- Uhr 4511121 Eng AMHERST HIGH SCHOOL SONG Nobler and better than all other schools, Amherst, oh, here's to youl Highest in learning, proudest i11 sports, VVe praise thy name anew. Harkl while we sing our love and esteem, VVe pay thee honor due. Choriu O Amherst High School, our praises resoundl May she be honored, her name be renowned. Her glory rises, shines out on highg lVe'll never let it die. Oh, other schools come and other schools go- Amherst alone stands above every foe. Onward and upward ever climbing, Herels to Old Amherst High! 5+ Anxrhernt High Svrhnnl --K Y' -:f 4534 1 ww' ' ' Ff -- x V 7 1 JT-9-...Lx7. Lit lk, X-Cai High N YY- 'DEQ' QQ, lil' ' fl A - :.3u..:...,r . Y Y W: was A T 'X""7"'J4' H7 'J' Qkxx,eA.w-Mk AM . 5 JL L -A Q- X- -f -f 1-- gi, TL" f' ix ' M' - A wi! , I ff 1- 1 + A L E ATM LEW up warn uf r---J-v-'--- JL--'T-1' ? X 5' '1biWf-'a i-,-,.1L, lk L..- T ahml, .,-- ii HP' g i ia Q rang. I H I tg ,H Y 55 I - -7---f A-'Y 0-V-rf : ,W ..- l 1 w : N f I V N I ,N 1, 1 C-El s 13 3 vs if Q JJ cz I-1 cv E! S 'JD W Hi Amherst 1'Iigl'g'Sfhu'ni FOOTBALL The 1925 Amherst High School football team the best f , or - , V . .. . Successful machine. Coach Williams had many experiencedseriiiiiqlaiiilri,,.:l1J.5A team that worked together. By the time the first game rolled around lie hid il: A. H. S. "FOOFl9all SPCCial,' in good running order, and he placed oii the held well oiled machine, hitting on all eleven cylinders. The team took the field iii this order! Den Howe. fullbacks Par Joy, and Bai ofebsin, halfbacks .ma ciiact Parnell, quarterback. Frank Durant and Wilfred Smith, ends, Wolcott and Rob- erts, tackles, bil. Smith and Pray, guardsg Holden, center. The fall of 1925 was about the first season that A. H S could boast of l ' - . . raving enough candidates for two teams. The success of our able subs made our tctni always victorious and with but one defeat and one scoreless tie with West Spring- field. This game was played under almost impossible conditions. The first game was played with Agawam at Agawam. The A. H. S. "Special" was victorious by the score of 26-7. Pat Joy our Heety backfield Ace gave a good account of himself. Agawam was only able to score two first downs showing the power of our line. . The most evenly fought game of the season was with Orange at Orange. Jim Parnell the A. H. S. Field General and all-round man carried the ball across in the final quarter of the game. The next game we suffered our only defeat of the year. Northampton came to .Amherst with a fast and heavy team but we managed to hold them l2'e6. Pat Joy scored in the first period of play from the thirty-yard line. Elmer Holden our fighting center played a great game by holding Hamp. for downs on the one-foot line. Rhiney Britt and Roger Wolcott played a remarkable game getting many tackles on their sides of the line. ' The next game was with South Hadley Falls and we emerged with 21 27-7 victory. A. H. S. machine seemed a little off form but Den Howe formed 21 200d interference for Capt. Pat Joy who did IT10St Of the gmund Sam- I . The next week we journeyed to Athol and took a game away with us. ll lien the whistle blew A. H. S. machine had run up 46 points to 6 for Athol. scored on a long forward pass in the third quarter. Den Howe, Pat JOB, I Roberts and Frank Durant all played a good brand of football. A H S mach- The last game of the season was with Lufil.OW.0I1 123325 Fleld' ' ' ' ine a ain stam ed out enough points to win t is time ' - . . lilfhen 1922 season rolls onward there will be ten tletterBHEEFOf:ESi3?hE55e3 strong second team and a few experienced pl3YefS- Rhlmey I and sera end was elected captain. U . irection Marilfilgidr lVlacMaster made a creditable showing by hls Careful d during the season. h Here's to the success of our 1926 M3Ch1IlCl v C-EI .cr 'V 9 D 0- Di E C2 LD ,n YM, ,. Atlthvrzii High Srhnnl 1925--BASKETBALL-1926 The call for candidates for basketball in the first of Dece b 7 about thirty with four veterans of last year. The outlook ivasfll Ori, 1.911 brought t ' rv v ' Parnell was chosen last season to lead the team. .lov Ijldrjklwiq Tin: mmf up the other veterans. 'f 5 ' M 'muh mlltll' The first game With Turners Falls was a bad defeat. JOY .md pun H . for Amherst. . - L stairetl Turners Falls journeyed toAmherst the following week 'ind our te-im it l I 1 ' L 'l S ll w - to get sweet revenge. Our opponents were unable to secure .1 bwkcl fr yu ll t . . c t . Q I . Hoor showing the improvement Coach 'Williams w . ., f A ff h as able to make in a neck in the teams defensive power. Athol came to Amherst to fall before Coach Williamls pack bv the seort- of 2? to 18. Smith and Joy were the chief offensive f I i if ' l or Amherst while Den lloue played a good guard position. Our first game in the Hampshire County League was with Smith Aeadeniv at Amherst. 'We managed to nose them out by the score of l2to S. Capt, Clligia played best for Amherst. The next two games we lost by close scores. The first was with Central lligh School of Springfield. A last minute rally by Amherst made them feel uneasy. Bill Grebbin our substitute was the high score for Amherst. The second ganie was with Hopkins at Hopkins. The absence of a few of our players due to break- ing rules caused our defeat and this game seemed the turning point of the league. By the next game the team was organized again as a unit and defeated Smith School. Capt. Chick and Smithie were the chief offensive. The team took Monsonfs measure by a fair score. lildridge and Caps. Chick were stars. The next Hopkins game was a bit different. Our small hall was packed and they sure received their moneys worth. Pat Joy and Chick Parnelldid most of the scoring for Amherst. - The team Went to Smith Academy next and Pat Joy showed the people in Hatfield how we do it in Amherst. He scored seven floor baskets in the last quarter and put the game on ice for Amherst. D g liasthampton invaded Amherst and We sent them back with a defeat. Again the Parnell and joy combination were victorious. But the following week they evened up the scores by defeating us at liasthampton. This seemed to be our losing streak of the year as Smith School defeated us by a small score and tied lfiasthampton for hrst place in the Hampshire LCHISPC- C my ou Our team was selected to .represent a team from the Hampsnre , . , . ' ' ' t d bl' League in the Springfield tournament but We were eliminated in the HTS FOUU ' - f 1 ' I won the tournament. the fast Northampton team VSTIO H. XV defeated The last game was a victory so we ended the season We C . - f A l t. Clark School by a close score on their floor. Smith and JQY lgefe S2232 I th? E316 The big event of the whole basketball year was held in reen - bl t basketball sup of Miss U'l5rien our drawing teacher who waS Perhaps our 3 es .Y a banquet porter. Due to the generosity of Miss O,Brien the team V233 8312 tain We and an all around good time. Bill Grebbin, a forward was e eciie One? ' hope liill has the best of luck next year as capta1I1f0f he 15 an a C ' W. . , ,..,, ,.,. . .. . -- J""' ON C Y.. Cl ,A ,:.- 'V 55 D 0- 'Sf 'ES o- 4-Q '35 X l l l l l ll it il tl li l i l tl 4 i 1 l 1'-Xmhvrnt High Sfhgnl ----S,4'-Q BASEBALL W'hen the call for baseball candidates was issued in April a large number gf boys responded. In fact the squad was so large that Coach Willi L t I S 'I .' ' ' to call upon lVlr. Lynch of our faculty to handle a portion of tliepidectiiiili sfiihitiii The material was so promising that Coach Williams had difiicultv in picking an team. He finally selected a squad that he thought would bring home the ligteim and took a trip to Cathedral High School of Springfield. His teatn was sure ll winner and came home with a shut out victory. The Cathedral team was unahle to push over a run while we found the Springfield pitcher for five runs. Pat lov was almost invincible on the mound while Smith and Britt played well in the lieltl. The next game was with Walpole High School at Blake Field. The Amherst team pounded out 19 runs to ll for Walpole. James joy proved an able pitcher when the WValpole team found his brother Pat for three hits in the hrst inning. Smith, P. Joy, Grebbin and MacMaster hit hard for Amherst. Rain prevented our team from finishing the first game with Hopkins, but the following day Hopkins came to Amherst and the Amherst batters hit the Hopkins pitchers for 30 runs to one for Hopkins. Smith, Joy, Enos, and Britt hit well for Amherst. Drury High School of North Adams placed a good team on the field for their first game and stopped Amherst's winning streak by the score of 12-3. The team seemed a little off usual form and could not keep up to Drury's pace. Hopkins again fell before Amherst this time at Hopkins. james Joy pitchcd holding them without a run until the sixth inning when Coach Williams tried out some new players. Hopkins managed to punch over 7 TUHS F0 OUF 20' As the Gold Bug goes to press before the baseball season. closes we cannot enter all the games, but at the rate of speed they are going it is doubtful If HWY loose many games. Nlanagcr Milton Smith has arranged a good stiff schedule and with plenty of competition. These are some of the games Of lmpoftance' M. A. C. l'iI'OSll at Nl. A. C. Turners l"alls at Turners Falls. Af. A. C. 2 yr. at Nl. A. C. South 'llzttlley l"ztlls two g2lTT1CS. Athol at Alhol. llifllillllllllplllll Iwo gztines. Dalton il liglt Sclxool. l l t 1 l l A l 5 l I l l l ,i l -i 'v i H l tl l i l il ll 4 I r i 1 l Q I l l i I TAXI -i' + K' -:WT Uhr CELIID Bug 4 , ,ff E in --- --A "f I The Home of A LlNcoLN w. BARNES High Class Jewelry The Photo Shop I C- H- GOULD Amherst Mass 1 E ,M A i 1 I A FRIEND N lr H 4 , . . ' f.0mpl11rzf'11l,s' of A FRI END Compfimfntx of A FRIEND Compliments of DEADY'S LUNCH h Hardware Sporting Goods +I-K+ THE MUTUAL PLUMBING 8: HEATING COMPANY A FRIEND AIIIIIPIZET High Srlinul C:0'lIlfJ!I-IIIr'IIf,x' of 1 Compliments of i i R E. H. HARVEY BOLLES SHOE STORE i The Place of Quality and Good Service i You i We thank for thc business Vou arc cntrusting to us,wC thank yiou S' S' HYDE , -miww . 0 tician and Jewel You and your friends will always p er find a Welcome here-come often The Amherst Shoe Repair co- 3 Pl63S3l1t St. illp um- iiiuhlh S. M. Demarest M. Deacon i oe a Compliments of GEORGE CRAMER COWIPXI-7Il1'IIf,Y of A FRIEND Complimems of DR. ROGERS , The Home of High School C0mpZ7nmgm5 Of Studcnt's Shoes E- D- MARSH ESTATE Jo:-IN FOT0'S snoz srom: Complimpnzg Of Complimfms of lvms. CHAPMAN DR- BANG5 63 Uhr C5nlh Eng SPENCE AND NEWHALL PHOTOGRAPHERS This studio has photographed A. H. S. Seniors for over twenty-five years with few exceptions. The reason for this is good work, promptness and satisfaction. Class Photographers for the Class of 1926 100 Main Street Northampton H. E. KINSMAN ' Specialist in College and School Photography Studios: Amherst VVilliamstoWn A FRIEND Graduation Gift Suggestions Books Stationery Fountain Pens Eversharp Pencils Vanity Cases JAMES A. LOWELL Bookseller 64 -E Amhvrat High Srlgunl la A il - Complfimenls of PARNELL'S HABERDASHERY 1 BlLL'S COLLEGE DRUG STORE XV. A. Xlcflratlm, prop. Q ,, ,YY VVVV YW' Ynbfwb fin Yiv-AY 4- l'f4Cy0M ,AH EQSAI wwe f Y' 9 """' Tnonvsont 'O DP X o so if on 0 I " sn QMASSQ QB. I loo x Oc M flflfzffi ffllfllff fir Cu fl flff -ffl. I fjffffy J THOMPSON'S SHOP lla-111' lizmlc lollovl. Fountain Pens The XYorking 'l'ools of Smxx-ss livery Gracluatc Should llzlvc Um' A. J. HASTINGS Newsdealer and Stationer F. M. THOMPSON 8: SON Hart, Shaffner 8: Marx u clothes Compliments of . Mallory Hats Interwoven Sox A Specialists in Clothes for ' Young Men for thirty-live YQHTS TOM WALSH Ely? cgnlh Bug , . B ' D r Store S ' The Store of Quality and Service The est Hi rug? W ervlce The Best in Drug Store Mer chaudise G. EDWARD FISHER HENRY ADAMS 8: CO. UCSUCI' ill The Rexall Store Dry, Fancy and Ready-To-Wear Goods ref Dry and Agent for Buttericlt Patterns Fancy Goods Ready To Wear A Smart Collection of all The New Things For . JACKSON 81 CUTLER Sprung and Summer Dresses Coats Suits Skirts Blouses Sweaters Hosiery Brassiers ?iqyy A Corsets Silk Underwear THE WOMAN'S SHOP Smart Apparel for VVomen and Misses Comjblivvzmzm Qf Qver A. 81 P. Store CARL H. lWrs. A. X. Petit, Mgr. BOL-I-ER Y ------W 7 -at . . . . .. .... ,.........---- 66 TT 'TW Amherst High Srhuul LA-SALLE'S .gan,, ICE CREAM That Is Pleasingly Different Sold Where Quality Counts LA SALLE-HILLMAN COMPANY North Hadley, Mass. GRANGE COLLEGE CANDY GROCERY STORE KITCHEN Dealers in l'Ixt-vllt-nr lsllliillll ul' Fine Groceries lce Cream Fruits and Candies Refreshments Chocolates Local Distributors for S. S. PIERCE CQ. Selected Salted Nuts ich or Dinner :nl .Xny lime Specialties ' C' R' ELDER Complrzivrzezzts of Coal and Wood . , Sand and Gravel KIELY,S GARAGE Phonfg Alflherst ity' 4 r 4:2 ' if 4,1 4. 'A Aff?-Q .3 2 I A. Ag F- A A M ik 'Lk w-:lf , il I " 3 ' , . 'f - Q, ., s Q ,' W in A ' , PM .- I' f. -4 4' ,,-A .,,-, Y1 1 f,- " Y, ff 3 ww -ffm, ab A bv YW! L ,sl IM. 2, 45 ' he . 6 , Q 3' R x in iv I +7 va 'Mf- 5 if wx - H -L rv ..a

Suggestions in the Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA) collection:

Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA) online yearbook collection, 1923 Edition, Page 1


Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA) online yearbook collection, 1924 Edition, Page 1


Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Page 1


Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA) online yearbook collection, 1927 Edition, Page 1


Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA) online yearbook collection, 1928 Edition, Page 1


Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 1


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