Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA)

 - Class of 1925

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, -. f. 5 1- r ?1. r , V. li!- . X Qu. 1 , Q. '14 V' 3 wx. i I L Lg. 2- 'XS 'F l Ax wx., X X-, 'r Q' :ii ' f 'Sy qw, -a 1- 4' ' '7 .ff ,f. ,. v.. .' A if il' ,r ,D 1 W ,X Q4 . . A4 'X 7 ., , a x n M,- .QK ' Em 1 jr. '1 5, , ig ,1 1' Z ,Q A 'Q f, ..-r. fi Q' F +3 f 4-A.-2 4' ic. , Z., 1 f H 'Z' A S 3 ., FI: fl fa I fs. x x . wfff , ww gg if 4 .,'.f:g?g Q. I , ,4'7 f, 1 'f 1 V i Tj 5 Y: 5? gif My T qi 'fi V1 1 x .R .jflifl Q. :,,g,,hQ .M K 5: , X 0 1 , xr' Q ' f '-' Q I A .v- lf, 2- ' fp - 'gl' h n..' nv Y I ,,. Aiyyi gt .Z 9 2 A , 1 ,, .,-,,,, . '1 ' v' 'L' '72551-5 44 ? . , W P6 6 f ' 95,43 X . fav" 43 .Q , 's Mg iwgzcy "QQ X hiv if ff.-2 Ll, L, 'ff " 9 ' . Iwi bfi' fi-1' I S 55105 k A 1 1 . -'ff' gl l N'33 . , , N Q- A! f. ' f 1 f 'Ax . X , 4' ,L 7: V ,QA .N 'NI 'H L as lg! 3... 'bn f kd Q- 9 Tj-',."lf 4 W si' 1' u K 1 .. 1 if 5 5 4 F if F 2, E, 3 1 f I 5, 1 'Q 4 Q ' 6 3-f" QS I r- n y, v. xx ' Y"1 Q wil' '-,K , -3+ E R v, Lvl, 'Eff Q' 'uv K , H - V' L54 ,,.K 2,g,g.,: 54. 'ivffwq-A ff if ..'1 ff' 3:2 3f':' .534 Fgfiiwjf I i f. 'Q'- , ,.. 5' vu -:-fm:-'v w--r-Q11-9 ,, iff -:sw ,- 'nw Q i ek? f-5 Q +' F '-a if Az 5 2 ? z E, I? fs me swf 5 . E ,is E 1 .g. 0- 'lwfil 'Q , A ' '3 I -X gs l ' , naw, ie ' Q M ,A , if, bfi 5' 535' A VI., Sf gl it if X - fs: Z '-1, 9. 1 1 3.1 i 2 .A Y af I s f 3 R 'X WDA 5' ' I Q s 1 P xv , ,Y AX, uf, 'J V. a- 5' ws , W5 I fl vb L . 'X 4 1 , N 'ui I' 1 YQ N ., v n 2 ' x U A if AD 4 a- . , 531 f X W 1 ffm ' JM' 4 --ss Qs by 'Q 1 s i .1 A '- , 111 ,IL .Y-wa nd' S , 'fn 'E 1 , 5 .P al i A r if hr cglllh Eng Hulumr H uf ihr Sviuhvnt Annual nf 1119 Amhvrzt igigh Svrhnnl Q5 SQ sa, fa K Published by the SENIOR CLASS NINETICEN ISIUNDRMD 'VWLINTY-F1v12 Ehr Uhnlh ling EPhil'ilIll1lI 44939. Burn filling Armatrnng Ellyn inapirrh un In hu nur lwnt umrk: who fnrgnur un fur nur numrrnun failings: Anh mhn lnnrh un in spin' nf nur mang faults Elgin Annual in hrhiratrh by Elly? Gllaza nf 1925 2 2-Xmhrrm High Srhunl HN LQ QL? Lax 3 1 TH Q. 1 49 5 .f .skill .5 in H.-ll""' its fx! 'GK' f F! 1 fl 6 5.- 15" , I I' 4 . :Q lv 1' Q 1 ' .C P' - 'N 41 v:'.4 si T. , .,A"-01-1, l , q i: Ol 'w I 5: ,- 4 ,Q -. v ' ,- .4 ,... .-, FA' ,- .- n- ,.. .film UU a Q f ,. ,T H1 fb 5 :1 ,1 C? 'Y ,Q O gf :U 5' W Lf U T' F' V V pg 5-1 53 'P 7 Q ,4 L 3 Z O FD N .-, ,1 Q :F ,-,, QL C E2 9, gn E C12 gf' F C 5 . .- y-. ,-A .ff DJ 0 5' 92 f-1 99 'D O "' D f'f FD H FD '-1 '1 4 -7' H, L., P+ gg- 91. E' 72 91 3 1' :r -. ,D f-f cr :L 3 S if : pg 3- 4 5 3 ' Lg- 2- :v Q. ,-+ Q . : 1 U: 'TJ .' ' if ' ' ,-, - 'T . ' . .f F3 ' ff FN ,Q 4 -A1 if N, I ' fv n A-I 51 T W P14 . n-4 CT , l O "" N . ' A 5 H F ,Z -- K W -f 57 'I W 4 ' , E' pf "U ,P ' f. 7 - ' 5 ' 2 -1 ' 'T 'g 'M - 'X ff , Q ...J If 'L F if T1 7 'f 7' ?' V - - ,- ' A ON S5- XX ,V C.. .- .. "1 pix w- wa :- -4 ,-. 1-p r:-f :: .. 1'- ,-4 1-"N -.-,prff . 1. - ,.'v.,.q' N 1 .- Amherst High Srhnnl Editor-in-Chief. . . Arfociate Editorf. Literary Editor. . . Athletic Editor. . . Art Editor... Typewriter. . . Biuineff Ma1iager ..,. Tlhv 1611121 Eng . . . . .Elizabeth Sears fElizabeth Chapman il Joan Cooke . , . .Audrey Bolles . . . .Egbert Brown . . . . .Edna Shaw . . .Ellen Whipple . . . .Parker Harris Advertifing Mariager. . . .... Ruth Spaulding The work of the Staff is finished. Since the only measure of our failure or success lies in your approval or disapproval, we ask that before criticising our Work you take into consideration the difficulties under which We have labored. This is the year book for the class of 1925, the book that the staff, and many people who are not members of the staff, have Worked faithfully to give you. We have tried to set down here the events that you will like to recall. We hope We have made a book that will please you now, and that in years to come you Will read and reread and will find here a living memory of days when We, the members of the class of 1925 worked and played together. 7 1 ,J 9 '10 F5 fK .5 v ' ,- :nl ,1 'IJ E 5-n n-0 I,- ,-4 Amhrrnt 31-Iigh Svrhnnl H 1 Li l X if N V , 45 W 'V I K L , Ab ff: XB , ,K I f b ' A I . If X. -fi f' 1 lg MA! ANG. , X f '- K Q K 1 Y 3' W2 W 2' la X ' ' fn I E, ll!! 3, N -,,4 , ,I Q ff gdb A V df ff f f I X V V ' " ' 231 lf ffl' 'Ui' fl! A fl 3,14 X fl i 5 fl Q' r ,, ! Af X f", I ml' ' X 'Ai 'Nl 0 lg'-T, 'f ffl ,-,,,,, 'f N ff? 5 , I . . ,K f I W .fc ff f! lk XX I rg, 5' W ""+"' N? X 1 ! 1 , fy I I I X I Diff ' 'lf If , I A Y 'ssl X f fi, XX K X MQ f fi Lij flfj f,,, . XZ f f V: 'A .f j f , , ,f 1 I' fly! 'J' 71 4 ,' 1 VI 11 51! . I 7 f f-3 f f, .1 " ' ' rf! X 45" 'V I. 1 rf' , Zff f, J, f , gig ., K4 X ' f lf' ,' 'J ,J . ' M ff , Q L 3 Y, LV .xlffyv FV!! ' ffflfr ff Aff fy' fly! ff Off A 'I mf ,ff I y f f cffcf K ff! ' f ,' f A ' f l' f X' fy , 3 . 9 -i-T-l I E t l , ELIZABETH KENT SEARS CC-Libbyi, CfL1'Zt7, Truro, Nova Scotia, April 3, 1907 Class President 25 Vice President 4, Dramatics Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 2, 43 Junior Play Committeeg Junior Play Castg Social Committee 25 Girls Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Editor in Chieiof Gold Bug Prize Speaking 25 Science Club 3 Future : Simmons College "LizH and Caesar were a good bit alike in that "She came, she saw, she conqueredi' everything in sight. She's better than a tonic, a bear for persuasion, and her excellent school Work, wonderful Gold Bug work, and her pleasant, cheery way, have Won her a place to be envied in Amherst, and in the heart of her fellow classmates. , 1. he Q11 .rx-Q .., 6 X Hglgl f' V, Q ,.g1,,,.,,1.N- 1' N ' 6 Uhr Gtiulh 181151 "i' nn'tt9ll'r SI'.Xl'l,l7INti srnoxcs uffzlfilfl "l.1Hll'U ,-Xu llt'I'Sl. Xlllfsfs., .hplll ll. lltlfi Class l'resiflt'nt A13 l,I'JIIll.Illl'K C'lul1.2.1.l:Sttldent Q,m,gil 7 3 1- Hgiskt-tlmll 2. 3. -lg Cnptziin-1 1 4-1 . u I lfootball 45 llxtsebnll 2. 3. 43 .l'1"1"V Plfu' Cam, Graphic Rt-porter 2, Pin Committee lg Social Commiitt-Q 35 President Athletic Association 2,3 lfuture: Springtield College Strongie could do anything from executive ofiices and all athletics to rimlinr ,lftllll BU"V3"U0Vf'- These people ofthe ten talents are an irritation to those of us who were behind the door when they passed around the talent plate. g. 2.14 .exif .5 -.K t N. u I ll rl, I MICHAEL ROMAN SKIBICKI 'Mike" Sunderland, Nlass., 1907 Secretary and Treasurer 4, Student Council 45 Class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 15 Pin Com- mittee 4g Nlanager of Basketball 4. Future: William and Mary College. When speaking of finance and business, one nat- urally thinks of "Mike,'. 1925 would never have succeeded if he hacln,t dragged us through, and our basketball team was greatly assisted by his consid- erate and careful management. C 'W ' 9 .-"' rf, Cll,XRl,,f'l'l All Ufffzlf' BY!1f1l'L11V1'-1' P1 Battggtltalil Z 4 l' . ff ff, .n 9 .- S' Future. The :iff ish rate. l'V' wvriting ffl-Zi. loose. ALICE JAX If i'SaHy" Newbufihort. B2Sketball 23 1, 2, 3,4 The reason t 113.1113 with Son cc ' our Sa11,..-- X Sally is so full bod? want In t fOI' it X Sllessed itxcm h l er fear Of covt-5 . X 2,3,4: Student 9 Captain 4 nior Plat, Cast n . , 1ttee lg Social Association 2, 3 executive oflices rrymore. These tion to those of S en they passed ' 1 Q. :lent Council 45 ball lg Pin Com- i-1. usiness, one nat- 'ould never have through, amd Qui' :d by his consid- ' TEf Amhrrzt High CHARLOTTE LOUISE ALLEN iiclllifkll Brookfield, Blass., july H, IQOR Basketball l, 2, 35 Girls Club l, 2, 3, -lg Orchestra 3, 4, Prom Klerito Future: Stenographer The girl who can tickle the typewriter at a liend- ish rate. From the sound issuing from the type- writing room, there must be several Charlottes loose. Srhnnl ELIZABETH NINE ,XLl,EN "Pokfy" Amherst, Klass., Nov. 12, 1907 Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, -lg junior Play Cast Science Club 3 Future: Skidmore lVhat would poor '25 have done if it hadnt hal Pokey to take the monotony from all our classes? lVe escpecially bless her in Latin where she so inno- cently reads od lm' own version of Yirgil's Aeneid, and believe me, shels made it some Poem: lVhy donit you publish it, Pokey? 'We hate to think what we should have missed if Pokey hadn't been here to aid us in our dramatic productions, for, as an actress she has been indispensable. Some day her name will flash on Broadway we are sure. TL ALICE JANETTE ALLEY "Sa!Zy,' Newburyport, Klass., November Zl, l908 Basketball 25 Social Committee 3. -lg Girls Club 1, 2, 3,-L The reason Why Sally has always been a favorite name with song writers puzzled us-until we knew "our Sally." Now we don't blame the song writersf Sally is so full of life and fun that she makes every- body want to sing. 'We think life would be all joy for Sally if it were not for one thing. Yes, youlve guessed it-cows! But some day Sally will get over her fear of cows and then wonlt life be wonderfull 11 if ,rd Elin' Oinlh 1111151 ---fi l l V l 'GW """ ' ELIZABETH JUNE ATXVOOD Roxbury, Bflass., June 26, 1908 Graphic Staff 45 Girls Club 25 Pro Blerito Future: Salem Normal Her aim in life is to gain that elusive thing, called knowledge, and believe us, she has gained it. If some one should want agood Hstenogn we could !, . i i 1"R1'il1RlC'ixlil',UR1l1", Xl.l.l',1 l "lf,',," 151fRN.llU xt-wlmn i-..,i, xii.-. x1..,.Q1i 311. ww A JIM" . CIJNSI-',,,,1l,5,ll 1' flglv.H5l.l.g4'1l11lll 1, 3. 8111110111 If ,. J, x14 Liilllllfii -ll iixusltvllmll X1JlIlJlL'4'l' rl Clam In L 'I'hcB. ,ily In- plwxqniifziti-.1 ilnpmsilwlcl lie l BC"'?1'f' looks I4nmll'll11ll'l1ii He bum 'wifi' 'L 'S' give a fine recommendation, for June neither chews ' ' Wrigley's nor wields a wicked powder pull. 4 , , , li L 2 1 -'T 9 x ti IA . .. ANNA MARIA BERGLKND HJIIHIH Boston, BIass., June 25, 1907 Girls Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Future: Fitchburg Normal School Once Bfliss Henry read us the story of a man of great patience. Bliss Henry was greatly impressed. VVe were not-you see wc know Anna. But do not misunderstand us. VVhile Anna is certainly the mOSf patient and untiring person we know, she is more- OVGIE an actress, a good student, and a dependable friend. 12 I r MARION i ffpudav Amherst, X Basketball C0mmi ri. "Nothing Of Course, 1 She's the 01 l1ShCS Wham 2, 3, Student possiblel He Amherst High Srhnnl B FZRXA RD RlCll.XlllD BI'IRX.XRD "l:'rrn" july 30, 1906 Class Basketball l, 2, 3, 5, Class Football 7 Bern always has such a merry twinkle in his ex ew He seems to live in one perpetual joke. 3 3 .,1,f 2155 y of a man of itly impressed. a. But do not ainly the mOSI 1, she is more- . a dependable if-'lg ALTDRFY BOLLICS "BolIf.f1'f,, Amherst, Rlass., August 21, 1908 Secretary and Treasurer 3, Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, Student Council 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, -l, Property Nlanager of Junior Play, Girls Club l, 2, 3, -4, Gold Bug Stall Cl,iterary liditorl, Science Club 3 Future: College "lfVho's snickering?', Bollesie most likely. Her chuckle's almost as famous as "Klac'sl', though plraps not as well known. They say that she's going to be a French teacher when she graduates and surely she's getting a lot of practice. Eh, Bolles? She's another of the All American prospects for basketball and has led us well during the seasons. MARION ELIZABETH BROADFOOT "Puri" Amherst, Mass., February 15, 1909 Basketball 2, 3, Head Usher in junior Play, Dance Committee -l, Girls Club l, 2, 3, -l "Nothing previous," comes from Room 9-"Putin of course. If anybody's blue he always goes to Pud. She's the official gloom Chaser and always accomp- lishes whatever she sets out to do. 13 EI11' Uinlh 11.11151 -rf., " ll11l11'11,Xl.1 .,1"1ll l MALCOLM Ie101.1,1iNS BROWN "JIM" Amherst, Mass., August 21, 1907 Basketball 1, 2, 3, -1g Football 1, 2 1, -1g Bzisebzill - w 1 1, 2, 3, -1, CleeClub 1Q1Dl'Il111ll1lCS Club1,2,.1, 4 Future: Springheld College The expression "Laugh and the world laughs with youu applies to KlElC,1OI'W11OCOlllL1l'CS1S1. when once he hears R1ae's eontagzious ehuclqle. A hlae is the brightest beacon in ourclass, and if you don't believe it, just trot up around the corner and see for yourself. The girls consider that lie shines up better than the rest of the male speciesg consequently all shoe-shine trade of the fairer sex in '25 goes to Grandonicoas , A ' ,J A KIILDRFD S1"11flP.-XRD BROXVN "Babe" g'BI'0JL'IIl't',i North Amlierst, Xlass., .lune 12, 1903 Dramatics Club 1, 2g Basketball -15 Girls Club 1,21 3, -15 Orchestra -1 Babe is a quiet child, but not always SO would be our guess. 1 14 1111111-1t'1'xx1111x11-111laituxxx,111. l gg,mg,.,,, g',,,,,,.i1 1- Ii.. 1,1-11-.ill 15 1'1.111l111llX1z111ager l 23 411311,-, 1,5 Xalilviit A911111 Ii11:S1g11i x1.- 11.1'tl' .. 1'.-.-11111 11,11 1-1-1.1-11' 1.-.-1 11-111 111 1111 1' liiiituim- xv! Xx11f'1111'1 114' 1 'lil ill" ?""'ll'flll 110121 or ull 1lll'tlJIl't'1' 1l'H'1 1I'l'7 elf' 211-llli' k'.HI'l1. fi-'ff' " ANN111 111,11 WP ., "JUN K it North .fX11111f'Yl ' I , Dramalif' C1 'll We sukilfcl 'li , and PurP"'f'lI- 7' eve, thinlziiir " ' good Pfffm' dl 1 COmmCfC1Zi1 Clif-' her own idea- Firmnesi It if RICHARD LEAP1 "D.l'c.kx1 Cushman, Mass., Ii Class Basketball - Future: Undecided hwhell You toot VL W Y not send uQ'a h V . are the pnce last f l : 1. Dall Manager aff et will be his Jtball field or ork. l l IS Girls Club 1, 2, lwayfs 50 WOL11d ni VV VY4Az Amherst High Srhnul ANNIE ELIZABETH BUKOSKI "fl1zn" North Amherst, Mass., September 20, 1906 Dramatics Club 1, -lg Basketball 1, Girls Club 1, 2,3 YVe suspect Annie foresaw the Gold Bug write-ups and purposely refrained from getting in the public eye, thinking to baflle us. But you can't keep a good person down-and we know who stars in the commercial classes. lVe know too that Annie has her own ideas and is not easily shaken from them. Firmness is a great asset in business, Annie. .ng . ELIZABETH JANE CHAPMAN RICHARD LEAPIN COMINGS SCDiL.k,, Cushman, Mass., January 30, 1908 Class Basketball 45 Orchestra 2, 3, 4, President 3g Future: Undecided Wvhen you toot your cornet with Paul 'Whiteman, why not send us all Hcomp' tickets? 1Ve didn't have the price last fall. , ilgfttyi! Boston, Mass., March -1, 1909 Vice President 35 Dramatic Club 25 Student Council 3, Basketball 3, 45 Girls Club 1, 2, 3, -15 Gold Bug Stall, Glee Club 2, Science Club 3 The magnetic hold that mails have over Betty is rather peculiar to say the least. Those bearing one special postmark bring a real snap to her brown eyes. If you want an honest opinion here's where you get it-and whole hearted it is too. lt does us good to know what people think about us. Betty, you're indispensable! 159 Tilt? CEUIEI Eng ... V Y if LIGAN LAVENIA COOKE "Cookie" Upper Port La Tour, Nova Scotia, Dec. 12, 1907 Class Secretary and Treasurer 13 Class Vice presi- dent 2, Dramatics Club 1, 2, 3, President 4- Student Council 15 2, 4, Junior Play Committee! Graphic Stag 45 Pin Committee 1, Girls Clulg 1, 2, 3, 4, Gold Bug Stall 4, Prize Speaking 45 Future: Library School Who is the most famous critic of the 20th century? Cookie, of course. There's nothing she can't gii-Q advice on. The Dramatics Club and all English assemblies could never have succeeded except for our literary genius. AGNES LUCIA DORSEY Greenfield. Mass., July 6, 1908 ' Dramatics Club lg Basketball 2, -lg Girls Club 2, 35 Glec Club 2, 3, 45 l"n1ure: North Adams Normal School Agnes is one of the quiet ones in our class, Who says little and does much. XVe donlt know much about her except that she has a jolly smile and that she sure can play bsalcetball, but we're ready to back her to the limit in anything she intends to do. WILLIAM CHASE DREHER if Tabby' Berlin, Germany, April 28, 1907 Dramatics Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Junior Plal' Cast, Graphic Stall? 4, Science Club 3, Future: Amherst College. Here is the greatest detective author A. H- S' has produced or will produce. He will soon put COM" Doyle and Craig Kennedy out of business. He has a very singular custom which is usually' found in the male sex, namely that excruciatingand obnoxious habit of taking apart anything that runs, nr Should run and doesn't, to lind out what all lllf trouble is, ,..,f-"L 16 SARAH ROWLAF aspugw Denver, Colorad? DramaticS Club ic Future: Southern ' 1 IS Some ralnl' dal he HPPC' ' w sport costume ln dressed Cl ened bl' l somberll' k The more one 1 her. She is 21 goodl be given? 1 ,1 l CH. S ARLES BRUCE prmgaeldi Mass O sketball3 4. FuluregAm i ' Class Ba l10rstC011 All 1 .-l good alibi, the corking Work it wc U 0 bm Lord Jeffvnwili e . Wmes its editor- l , -T f . 12, 1907 ' Vice Presi- l1'resident 4, Committee, 3 Girls Club Speaking 4, 20th century? he can't give d all English ed except for l 3,49JuI1iOl' PlaY flub 33 Lhor A. has soon Put Conan musineSS- which is usuallY t excruciating and lvthing ihat runs' lout what all the Le. .KA1 Amherst Irliglg Srhnnl SARAH ROWLA N D DL'DI.I2Y ilDud!7 Denver, Colorado, October 2, 1904 Dramatics Club 3, -1, Girls Club 2, 3, 4, Future: Southern Seminary Some rainy days have been considerably bright- ened by the appearance of Sally in a bright red sport costume in which she entirely outshines her somberly dressed classmates. The more one knows Sarah the better one likes her. She is a good pal and what higher praise could be given? f f CHARLES BRUCE FAIRMAN Springfield, Mass., October 9, 1909 Class Basketball 3, -1, Graphic Staff 3, 4, Future: Amherst College "I haven't done that far," and then he sits down. A good alibi, but it won't last long. He's done some corking work on the "Graphic" Stalrt though. "The Lord jeff" will be the hot paper when he becomes its editor. 'sf La! 'jf PMJVX iyljff r pai, .Xg.qj,.Zfv,,, i K ALLEN D. ELWELL SS Tub!! X Amherst, Mass., September 18, 1908 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, President 4, Class Football 1, 2, Dramatics Club 3, -lg junior Play Cast 3, Pro Nlerito 4 Future: Amherst College Some day 'iTubby" will wake up and know what it is all about. He lives in our class somewhat like a spectator of mankind. He donates, the rhythm to Nliss Samuel's orchestra and makes the music marchable, a feat seldom accomplished in A. H. S. G l 17 Xl A AY afl ' lsjglln 'I V Ohi Cleveland' Clu llralllatlcil- so 5121533 'ct Debatlng. s Libraftan ., , h Future: Smit lf You ever . ' nl R issulllg flo S ltck tellrnlihu . ' gg word5 blu il Yoicf. keep Stage Ma l PJKRKER EASTI "l'rfk'l Bradstreet, Mass Dra matics Club 3 luture: B nager, , 2, 3 usiness Whenever the Il Cmbly and the c fl!-ltlNParker is bel "l'lHl's seems to be ltusznes S 011 hand. 'C mal' be Surprise. 10 nd the class of larlter in Wh atever 1 YCS YOU g Girls Club 1, g Club 4 norning in the swiftness, she in school, and 4 and French 3. 1 1 i 1 203 uessed lt, ' but mes in OUY Class' i Amherst High Srhnnl JANET NIAYO JONES Cfjani, CKhlaCkl'f17 Cleveland, Ohio, January 22, 1908 Dramatics Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Junior PlayCastgGraph1C Staff 3, 4g Social Committee 35 Girls Club 1, 2, 3,45 Debating Club-Sec. 3g Science Club 33 Orchestra 3, Librarian 45 Future: Smith If you ever hear any peculiar high pitched voice issuing from Room 6 about fourth period it is merely Jack telling us a lot of things that aren't so, in other words blufhng Vergil. She has a sweet natural voice. Keep it down Jan! PARKER EASTNIAN HARRIS "Pfck,' JOHN 1IDlV1N H XRRIS "Slim" "f0!z1z1zy" Amherst, Nlass., July, 5, 1907 Future: Temple University Johnny's original themes are the boon of Miss Shattuck's existence. He also has humor of the dry cell sort. Bradstreet, Nlass., February 11, 1906 Dramatics Club 3, 45 Stage Nlanager 45 Junior Play Stage Nlanagerg Gold Bug Staffg Science Club 1, 2, 3 Future: Business YVhenever the Dramatics Club gives a play in assembly and the curtain and lights are worked just right-Parker is behind the scenes. Somehow Parker always seems to be behind the scenes, backing the business on hand. YVhen Parker goes into business he may be surprised to find the roles reversed and to find the class of '25 behind the scenes backing Parker in whatever he undertakes. 19 oh? Qfanlh Mtg X lx YI Ill l l:N CBRACIQ li IA.. .. I iffy.. NW Z lu li. Alas-.. Alul ll:.::...'it' '1 2, i. 3 ' . Q. ..' ' 7 K.. ,l....sQli.l-l.-.l, 6. Il, ,V g.l,x1i,l,,Q , . ,...,ie. v ,. . . l .' ,ff Nt :':.1tt-:it Dl'llllll'll'X' .. ,. .- ..i i-if-.line :is Kathleen did as the ANNA CATHERINE KENNEDY " Ken" Northampton, Blass., August 25,1907 Basketball 3, -lg Pin Committee lg Social Committee 2, 3, Girls Club 1, 2, 3, -lg Future: Posse Physical Education School "Ken" is our Galli-Curci and she plays basketball as well as she sings. Xlany times has she sax '25 from ruin by her swift steps and good shots. uf' Xiu- ii 'ed K '--1 g.uti'J.' illee Club 2, Debating l" rout' Innior' Play is hard to be . '.. 'T..s". ha' flaunt i mu pi'-ift-ssioiiztl. Be careful , 3, v , . MU hw... ,... 9 ICD ITH RUTH LANDI S Amherst, Mass., March 25, 1909 Dramatics Club 25 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Glflsu 2, 3, 4, one Club 2, 4, Debating Club 3. PM 'li Science Club, Pro Meritog Yaledictorian l"uture: Smith College Our star debater with Hopkins. Some S33 won the debate, others know she did. At any' She has such a supply of Ns in her possession there weren't enough to go around. How abou big-hearted donations? Club dent - slic rate that t some t if ,,-If 20 I ,XURA EMIHE zullollyl, NorthamPf0'lt Mas Basketball 3, 45 G Polly' SHYS little and hears all. worries slip OH her only wish we could H 'RA l Core" NCIS f mherst Mas 7 '., A . Basketballl 5 ,ffl Gene O3 , I , ar baehfulinfhleil IS a qu a fir fear heldcli that hee Never ave to Sb , Gene, yo , E XX Amhvrst High Srhnul l its 7, , ,- ,,vE K em yr -A . y I l - ll LAURA ICXIILIE l.YKI.-KN 907 L "Polly" Social Committee 'i Northampton, Mass., February 27, 1908 Basketball 3, 43 Girls Club l, 2, 3, 4, Science Club S he l C OO Polly says little but like Yirgil's "Rumor," secs e plays basketball and hears all. She is quite good natured and eg has She Saxyed 0 worries slip oll' her back as water ull' a duck. We nd ggod Shots. only wish we could be as happy-go-lucky. ,.4v"" , f ' +V,,. V 4 6 EUGENE FRANCIS O'NEH, JESSIE GUILFORD KIOLINE rrjmfw Sunderland, Mass., Klay 6, 1909 Dramatics Club 1, 25 Basketball l, 3, Girls Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club -lg Science Club 3, Pro Mer- itog Salutatorian Future: Nlount Holyoke College If you see a cute little girl on the Street some day and you hcar that her name is Jessie Nloline you will immediately know that she asthe Encyclopaedia Britannica. "She knew it allf' She is our saving grace and keeps the teachers from despair and madness when they look oyer our class for prospects for college. l 209 b "Ce'11e,' 1 1 2 3, 4, Girls Clll Amherst, Mass., April 8, 1907 y i . ' 'C . Lttinu Club3,?reS1den Basketball 1, 2, 3, Varsity 4 ff 'zl -dctorian ' ' X it i 1 Gene O'Neil is a quiet lad, and very bashful, so Il bashful in fact that he even skipped a sport assembly kin Some Say She l for fear heid have to shine in glory on the platform. ,ill L did ,Xt any fate N Never mind, Gene, you'll overcome it. v ix 1 ' 1 A l ' , ' that l ., ' l :r pUSSC55lOn i . lliitlli llfJW aboutsome l Ill . - Y l K l 21 WW ' mm 1511121 15119 C ' 4 ini ii itr'r"r'ai-incurs vr1'r'r:izs WILFRED E. P.-XRISEAC U Tripfw ,Xrnherst, Blass., Klav 13, 1906 Football 35 Baseball 1, 2. 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 33 Class Basketball 4 The Rudolph Valentino of our "Gym" fiom.- How the hearts of the underclassmen would pgl- itate if they should receive an invitation from l7 himg however, he has his own special favorite, so the hearts flutter in vain. li' I 1 Q -A... lXf,,l,r,,'liiii1'31l, 1907 5, W,-f.tfl',li2,1,-lQSlllClC'I11COL1I1CllS6CI'C'E21l'y 4g l,-1-4: l'2r-. Cr-rnrniiiccg klunior Play Busineess ll..:.r,-rag liztriiliic Stall' 3g lfditol'-ili-Chief 4g and1'--nrrniiir-r--lgScience Club 3g Prize Speak- ,- 5, lg lli-. xll'lllf' l lfrlv X' is H+.: in--rlzrys woridcr. Such ponderous 4.1181-ms :rs ilu- clear boy thinks about will ' l'n ur urnius. We need one! lVe IP." ill " ' I l"ll' K' -irr- rl..s-vs wlin are blessed with as pro- " 'Wu in vxcciitivc .-...i -i S. 'H rr-iisiical or conccited, but as Xndrcw. DOROTHY MAY PETTIJOHN Amherst, Mass., january 31, 1908 Girls Basketball 1, 25 Girls Club 3, 45 Future: lVestfield Normal School -tl Sllfl Who knows what she is talking about in Civics. We bet Miss Henry blesses her, and so do WC- Thc lack of brains in our class is a p ainful and l0UCh5' Subject and we can only be thankful thai we have a few like Dorothy to bring up our standard- ,-,, C, , 22 LOUISE R4 MARIAN fom Def flransfeffed Hrampshiri Derry, New , 3 Club Pfesldentri Glgeouncil 43 SCUIOF I 1' said Once somebody SO' new " NOW, the dig . ,C 2 rim statement' I We W1 ncwfr1eI1d5and 1 b Xlarian. 'She hasnt ei ' tle n her H161 1. ro leaf U , t record W6 Sal' 'ts 'pl Y foul' :i'C3fS. I i FLORENCE HART 5 "flown Truro, Nova Scotia, 3 Dramatic Club 1 2 graphic Stall 3, 4. ijecretary 13 rl-rea resident 45 Science P10 merito Future: Kansas Unive Florence has so m ICF ' - , al rraphst it is 1mP0ssil: ing th, to make even em, . know, Sh She IS the We neie elis alwaYS r V V now lzowever, She is Wha 1 is gh eXas ' e has P brown e been l-:nc Yes a -Coon coat, nd once if i Amhrrat High Srhnnl l :wlee Club 2, 33 lr HGYUTU floor. amen would pat- invitation from iecial favorite, so 'f iiif Zz . IN l'l0S tl: 3. 'li fllzfml Q, talkin! about In 1' l11'r.2l 1 . l l nd so dO WC- Zli we lit,-si lx 51 Palnful and 1 th l lg 114- tltankfll uh ftur stilflf-lard' 1.4- l l 1 .4 KI.-XRI.-XX LOCISE RAXNEY fTransferred from Derry :XC21L1CIl1l'l Derry, New Hampshire, August 24, 1907 Glee Club President 3, 4, Debating 3, 4, Student Council 4, Senior Play 4, Critic Staff 4 Once somebody said, "Old friends are better than new." Now, the class of '25 rises in a body to dispute that statement. 1Ve are always willing to receive new friends and we were doubly willing to receive Nlarian. She hasn't been with us long enough for us to learn her mettle, but judging from her past record, we say it's .pity she wasn't in A. 1-1. S. all four years. FLORENCE HART SEARS "Flon" Truro, Nova Scotia, April 3, 1907 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 1, 4, Graphic Staff 3, 4, Pin Committee lg Girls Club Secretary 1, Treasurer 2, Vice President 3, President 4, Science Club 3, Priie Speaking 3, 45 Pro merito Future: Kansas University Florence has so many delightful traits of charac- ter that it is impossible in one or two short para- JEAN N111 ION SF XRI1 "jeanuJ" New York City, June 29, 1908 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 3, 4, junior Play Cast, Graphic Staff 4, Girls Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Future: Skidmore Jean might be called the "Queen of Hearts" and that would be no tlattery, but the ungarnished truth. Her popularity among the panted sex is indis- putable, This "pretty dancing teacher" was simply swamped with invitations from the aspiring under- classmen,who all proved apt pupils under her expert I'I131l3gC1'Y'1CI1'E. 1' KX ff graphs, to make even a fair beginning of enumerat- ing them. She is the most entertaining person we know. She is always so joyous and impetuous that we never know what to expect next from her. However, she is exasperatingly contradictory. For this she has been known to go into raptures over brown eyes, and once she actually knealt before a COOH coat. 23 Uhr CEnlh Eng EDNA ADAMS SHAW "Eddie', Montpelier, Vermont, August 28, 1908 Secretary Dramatics Club 4, lX4ember 1, 2, 3. Girls Basketball 2, 3, 4, Art Editor of Golgi Bug 4, Girls Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 35 President 4, Science Club 3 ' ' Future: Wellesley This Whole hearted booster of the Glee Club has had a hard fight, nevertheless shels always cheerful and sunny even when explaing "trig" to Pokev, How does she do it? She drives a Chevrolet and onli' hits the high spots, so some say. It must be a treait Q to drive behind and pick up all the debris of ped- estrians. DAVID KING SHUMWAY KCDag07, Amherst, Mass., August 17, 1906 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football, Varsity 2, 4, Base- ball Dave has a somewhat preoccupied expression on most of the time. He talks but little and sees just heaps. Somethings rather strange We should say. W gggg l l EMIL SMITH CCSi,, Rlaynard, lX4ass., July 4, 1908 Science Club 1, Electrician of Junior Play This incorruptible youth comes from 21 S0Ulh VVhat more can we say? in H 'A A" ,..-gf,"-' 24 Amherst farm. He is a good scout and a hard worker- j I RUTHN p A,i1liJeiist, Nlassllq Wlitiifri cw fill? Sgiiki College Future! awhen along Cami she stole ml' heart boy- bnime the P001 Tlmmeyl' Wlfllhlbp N-Y Dramatic Q -,ii ,1 . Cm ,S 11b1,. Future: North Ad a Tn She igrimiy has bm, Kin t W IH S Ulugh more' a hu X X Amherst High Svrhnnl RUTH ELIZABETH SPAULDING CCPKIZD7 Amherst, Blass., August 29, 1908 Secretary and Treasurer 2, Dramatics Club l, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 1, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Graphic Staff 3, Girls Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Gold Bug Staff 4, Social Committee 2 Future: College "When along came Ruth, and to tell the truth she stole my heart away." And We can hardly blame the poor boy. HELEN RUTH THOMAS H Timmeyn Winthrop N. Y., Nlay 21, 1908 Drarnatics Club 1, 2, Girls Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Debating Club 4 Future: North Adams Normal Timmey has become some debater lately. Although she didn't win, she was a good loser, and that is much more. 25 BERNICE TASRFR "Bent Amherst Mass 1907 If you have ever heard Bern talk 3ou simply can't help loung her VVh5 can t we all hate low rehned voices? up wrt P!-,vtltl Iii INN-L. Il class VCP- tbhe G5nIh Mug l,l'iWEl,l, LESTER VY.-XLKER "Bug" "Rza" .Xmherst. Mass., December H, 1908 Dramatics Club 35 Student Council 33 Science Club 2, 35 Qrchestra 3, -I Future: KI. A. C. ' "june" has grown into long trousers physicallv, . but whether or not he has mentally, raises a ques- ,li tion. Somehow they don't seem to ht very well to L the caperings and youthful antics of this flashing senior. '..,, 1' VT If ui "li " "' 'f Alfl'UlB'Ultl1g songster vt' fc--K 4 S X- fi? 'i . I , N, 4. x A JJ' at P ,f 1 ITI,IiEX FI DFLIA WHIPPLE tx il!! Kmhcrst, Mass., .Xugust S, 1906 Balskctballu 3. 45 Mistress of the wardrobe of junior lay? GMS Club 1, 2, 3. 45 Glee Club 23 Typist for Cold Hug lil 'A ' - lm? 'S "uf Pfldc and joy. Evervbodv from the most ' . " ' ' G Htsltnihcant freshman to the most blasc sent . .' ' , . of Wh UP and takes notice when Ellen appears. X-Crillushc ls the uillass of fashion and the mold Ol fFnl'm. f, 26 HARRIE EDITHW A MW nlfuzg ' Amherst, Mass" F Basketball 3, 'li 0 Dramafics Club Who is there ifl T know FUZZY and S ring another- ? ould thought he C nickname Was at beauty Whlch ha all holler'. ti R Amhrrzt High Svrhnnl EDITH HARRIET VVHITE "Fuzzy" ".Milee" Amherst, Mass., February 23, 1908 Basketball 3, 45 Girls Club 1, 2, 3, -Ig Science lg Dramatics Club 2 Who is there in the whole High School who doesn't knowl Fuzzy and love her? That's easyl No one. Spring another. Who could follow anyone who thought he could dance? Fuzzy, just Fuz. Her nickname was attached because of her crowning beauty, which has a marcel that beats Schultzls all holler'. 27 ESTELI E FRANCES WOOD Amherst Mass lVIarch16 1909 Dramatics Club 1 Girls Club 1 2 3 -I Glee Club 2 3 4 Future Northfield It is rumored that Estelles attention is contm ually turned toward the Calendar Estelle to what is this uncalled for interest rn dates due? i 91 Ehp QEIIIDJBUU 28 Moet 14 Zh! M051 14 W Cmrgreft . Ougintefi 3105! DW Poet ..--' Beer L00k Bef? LW Oratof. . f Fayhion P Dude ..-- Neateft. . Bef! Bm' A Refi 1 Flirt ..... Worx! Kee Shyeft. . . Sfveeteft G Meznliest . Rfzef ..., Teacher! J Teaehers Moet Pop Moet Pop Favorite Y Moet Com Most Conf Grind ,,,, Sznzfhine, Pfppiest. Dreamer. Wizziefz. . Create!! L Mon Bm Mon Brig Bw HU-1 Bm JM? Most Bm Mon ,gm Most Im? Tafdsw . . Cfayy Baz .M S 2-Xmhvrut I-Iigh Srhnnl Most Athletic Boy. Most Athletic Girl. Gleverest ........... Quaintest ........ Most Dramatic .... Poet ............. Best Looking Boy. Best Looking Girl. . Orator ........... Fashion Plate. . . Dude ........ Neatest ........ Best Boy Dancer Best Girl Dancer. . Flirt ...... .... Worst Kicker. . . Shyest .......... Sweetest Girl .... Manliest Boy. . . Blujf ...,....., Teachers Pet ....., Teachers Trial ..., lllost Popular Boy. .Most Popular Girl. Favorite Teacher. . . qlllost Gouceitecl Girl ..... Most Conceitecl Boy Grind ..........., Sunshine .......,. Pepjniest .... Dreamer ...... Wittiest ...,.... Greatest Kidder. . . Most Brilliant Boy lllost Brilliant Girl .... Best All-round Boy Best .Jill-round Girl Most Business-like. Most Anihitious. . . Most Iniportant ro Class. Tarcly ........... C lass B alny .,..... whiz wha . . .Malcolm Brown . . . . .Audrey Bolles . . . .Andrew Peters . . . . . .June Atwood . . . .Elizabeth Allen ..,....Jean Searle . . . .Dwight Strong . . . . .Marion Ranney . . . .Andrew Peters . . . . .Ellen Vllhipple . . .Michael Skibiski . . . . . .June Atwood . . .Wi.lfredrPariseau Elizabeth Chapman . ...,..... Sybil Jewett . . . . . .Edith Landis . . . . . .June Atwood . . . . .hlarion Ranney . . . . .Parker Harris . . . .Andrew'Peters . . . . . .Jessie hloline . . .Malcolm Brown . . . .Dwight Strong . . . .Elizabeth Sears . . . . 2 Miss Henry . . . . .Janet Jones . . . .Dwight Strong . . . . . .June Atwood . . .Malcolm Brown . . . .Elizabeth Sears . . .David Shumway hflarion Broadfoot ........Ered Alley . . . .Andrew Peters . . . .Edith Landis . . . .Dwight Strong . . . .Elizabeth Scars . . .hflichael Skibiski . . . . .Parker Harris . . . .Andrew Peters . . . . .glohn Harris . . .Ethel Harlow if - ,, .,. ,D ,...- Cflhe Chnlil ling 1 F P,-,,..,ff Biaturg nf the Uribe nf Ninetern Efmentg Iliiuin filg- e were hurridly cast from Junior High ' I discovered when w Our America was U . cl laited in an unprotesting mass, 111 the Assembly Hall of Amherst H1gh Lili P I 1 C . - ' ,- 1 S e of tl1e wrecks experienced on this perilous voyage are worth re- 3 nh , om .. c Oglg A few Sailors were lost overboard and failed to reappear. Our Col- coun II ,. L - ,. Parnell proved an able leader, per usual, and encouraged his sailors bus imm, i inn tick io the fight in spite of sea sickness. Finally, after many hazardous adven- o s 1 ' . t FCS the Three bgafg 'The Nine-o-clock,', 4'The Safety-P1nta" and the c'Santa ll , 1 , . . Xlarinew reached harbor. Disembarking with Joy the crew saw many strange A ' t th roceedin TS with quizzical expressions. faceg, 21 few of them painted, gazing a. - C p in One of the group, apparently a sort of chieftan approached the sailors with out- stretched arms. This notable began talking in gutteral tones, and proclaimed to l1is eager audience that his name was "Brownie7' and that he was chieftan of the Amherst High Schoolists. uSan Salvadorln was the general exclamation, and all knelt a11d blessed the Infinite for their safe journey. Eagerly the natives excorted the vagrants into their quarters and offered them great dishes of advice served on plates of sophistication. Many years passed and the land of the Tribe of Nineteen Twenty-Fivia was becoming a world power. Since the landing of Columbus and his crew, great changes had been effected, many wars had been fought against the opposing savages and their chief, but now once again, peace and prosperity ruled the land. Tony Eastman, the father of his country, was holding forth and was planning great deeds. He was building up a reputation for the land, and in spite of perilous wars against his adversary, had succeeded in l924, April 22, by the notable battle ofthe Junior Play, in placing the land in the proud position of independence which it now holds. But this aspiring land was to climb even higher on the ladder of success. lt was to light for a more noble cause, for a more worthy ideal, to triumph over greater obstacles. On October 27, 1924 the 4'Great Civil War of the Detention Room" began. The question of slavery became heated and seemed to threaten the whole country. AIZIIIY severe battles were waged. Sometimes some of the leaders of the oppOSitC side Camong them the notables Field, Henry and Shattuckl seemed to be triumph- 'ng bf Sheff SUFVUQSY- OH Cntering the "Great War of the Gold Bub Duesf' Ihiltribe of the Class of Nineteen Twenty-Fivia was a prospering power, but SK ' I - . - fgimimi 'iI11fjjSOgifSLlIgEls. Some of the most severe battles of the ,land's history were Wag-president bmu HHS Colnquest. Nevertheless' the '4Strong leadership of OUT Chccrfunv on his min HES 'E rough many difliculties, and he carried our burdens And' now let us Ltmni Shoulders' . . and let us alsoisee that iiiiiy t at our iuture history may equal our past llstori with the gilded lace of fellre Wlapped In the golden Clouds of memory and trlmme s s owship. jean N. Searle. 30 X A 1 .nf T, TOD! AW' Y 1111 2 llarl .li 1- - ar li 'f fi, if ' li Anhdllfh- -' jleierlnf lrinton Bl! 1 llabel Be:-" , .., , 11helB.L1f l gosenh B3 1. l ll'aldoBf:' 5 7rancisBr:" g , .. , llancne B. . , .laymong ti 3 " lle1leCr.'e 5' . irnest Cf? l Joris Cari:- -orctra ll 5 ze Stephen Der 1' : .rban Diff: Arthur D21 , ilanisl Dm llar1'D5wj 1. allrtnce D l Allll10!h' Eggjy 1 . A H0smgf Hifi, R111 nn ll Clinton Fgrk Adeline HEL .. P 1 4 u Helen limi . .t L , . T Lllllf lilazh.. l FranlG5bki,i 1 llaudgqariz, l llargarei ' ROYHOMQP "1 'S' 1 1 L l X s Y High 3 High " ffl re l rr '. H.. Q91- Nilllrfg ..- itil N Vee 1 l' ,H , . P Amherst High Srhnul Tony Adamitos Viola Albee Mark Aldrich Annabelle Anderson Peter August Brinton Baker Mabel Benson Ethel Blair Joseph Blasko Waldo Bray Francis Britt I Blanche Burditt Raymond Cadrett lNflerle Cleveland Ernest Colin Doris Comings Loretta Donovan Stephen Demianezilf Urban Dorsey Arthur Dow Daniel Dowd Mary Dowd Lawrence Dudley Anthony Eastman Hosmer Eldrige Ruth Ellis Clinton Fisk Adeline Fleury Helen Gervickas Lester Glazier Frank Gribko Maude Harrewell Nlargaret Hawthorne Roy Holden Harb in mama Rachael Holt George Holt Stanley Howlett Joseph Jckimko Charlott Johnson Robert Jones James Joy Patrick Joy Dorothy Judd Vvilliani Kelley Winthrop Kellogg Edwin Keyes Mary' Krieski Laura Krum Doris Kuzmeski Agnes Lamprom Walter Laskaski Lester Leigh Dorothy Leonard hlarion Lombard Kenneth Loveland Charles Luck Tony Nlarco Arthur iManiX Helen lXflcDonald John Nlckelligott Donald Nleiklejohn Kenneth Nleiklejohn John lN'Irozek James O'Brien Harry D,Neil Emma Page Olive Page John Parker James Parnell Felix Peterson Edna Pettingill John Petroski Mary Pewatka Helen Powers Clarence Pratt Aubrey Prescott Joseph Rockwell Doris Radzwell Elwell Russel Walter Sagon Alfred Scott Albert Shaw Doris Shaw Katherine Shea Edith Shumway Hazel Shumway Duane Smith Nlerton Smith John Stanisiewski Austin Thornton lylichael Valente Hildrith Van Duesen Dorothy Viara Raymond Walsh Arthur Warren c Ruth YVells Sidney VVhite Ralph Williams Charles Wilson Nlerle Witt Everett Wright 31 Eh? Mull! Mug S filling All film linmu Eg Elhwv igrvurnia That we the class of 1925, being of sound disposition and aware of our im- cl' disscilution do hereby ordain this our last Will and Testament. pen ing We will tothe facalty our hearty thanks for all the energy they have expended in coaxing us through the mill. To 1V1r. Brown: A rose colored glass, through which to view the school at the opening assembly next fall, that the horizon, now that we are out of it, may not appear too dis- couraging. To Bliss Nickerson: Our sincerest appreciations for what she has done for us and for Amherst High, and our best wishes for the future, as she, with us, closes her Virgil forever. To Mr. Fairman: All our left-over themes, that he may have excuse for using his new rubber stamps. To Nliss Shattuck: A A map the only state in the Union. To Miss Glazier: ' A penny for each of our tardy marks, these last four years, that she may of the United States, that she may see for herself that Vermont is not afford to sleep late herself once in a while. To f'Uncle Georgenz A copy of our Gold Bug, that he may ever be reminded of the "good old days." To the Class of 1926: The front seats in assembly, and the admonition that they preserve, unbroken, the tradtions of Room Nine Cincluding hfiiss Henryl. To the Class of 1927: Two more years in the best high school, in which to make a name for them- selves. To the Class of 1928: A new freshman class to initiate into the mysteries o g with the suggestion that they remember that they too were once young and awkward To the Class of 1929: Our class colors, and all the honors that go with being an odd-numeraled class. To the Athletic Association: All our left-over lunch tickets, to be incorporated into a fund to be knOWI1 as The Basketball Banquet Fund, that the bills for this annual repast maY not fall entirely upon hir. Williams. f this reat institution, , 32 i K l . ?l'f' ' Tolllzf' ,JM L Orff' ToTl10m3',Ui 1 ffl.. Ii amollglhe 3 , -,,,., l Dv, T To Luther ll 1' Our C07-4 i 'i l 'l 1 ' i V 1 rotam- ,N Alittlcfl. l tliecliglllllfii roriimlesf-' il Florence TU l To Hosmcr l.. Our utr, enjoy the T To Ruth Hat? 1 W "Poley"' ' . next time slr To lllilliam lf 'V "Tubliy"i 1. And uw sixth day' of -Lv , live. l yi f our im- W Cipended assembly Y Iwo Lili- ' .Xrulierst ltfTCX'Cl'. cv. rubber . :zz if not .e may .1 L .1 Y V j Amherst I-Iigh Svrhnnl To Hazel Burrington: Une of Jean Searle's compacts to help "that school-girl complexionw along. To Thomas Walsh: The solutions to a few of Parker Harris's card tricks, that he may be counted among the learned of this orbit. To John Schoonmaker: "Bill,' Dreher's seven-league boots, to help him on his Way. To Luther Willard: Gur condolences on the loss of her piano-playmate. To Raymond Goodrich: A little of Ellen VVhipple's sense of decorum, that he may more easily assume the dignities of Iuniorship. To Ellen Nlorse: Florence Searsls scarlet wool cap, that she may he more in the public eye. To Hosrner Eldridge: Our worthy President's red socks and watch-fob, that he may henceforth enjoy the good fortune of our master hoopster. To Ruth Hatch: "Pokey" Allenls art of stage weeping, that all the fellows may fall for her the next time she appears on our much-to-be-revered stage. To William Morse: "Tubby" Elwell's sense of humor. It makes Life easier. And in witness thereof we hereby affix our seal and signature this twenty- sixth day of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand, nine hundred and twenty- five. A. K .Pele1'5. I ' 2'- 7 thi N xi 33 Name D1'.rpoJ1'Zion Pri Phrare Chief Interert Bugbfar Charlotte Allen Serious Oh Lordy! Calories High-buttoned shoes. Elizabeth Allen Entertaining - But dear- Anything in trousers Mental and physical exertion Alice Alley Jazzy Get going! Good-looking clothes and shoes Clashing colors Fredrick Alley Accornmodating Will ya? Beachnut Gum Powder Puffs ' june Atwood Demure Oh Glory! Being good Publicity Bernard Bernard Unconcerned Go on! Lucky Strikes Getting fat Audrey Bolles Sportive ' Gee Whiskers! Horses Flivvers 'Anna Berglund Conscientious Pl! be durnbsquuzzelled Her cousin The.Dentist Marion Broadfoot Witty Nothing previous! Aggie my Aggie Non collegiate men Egbert Brown Obliging My Gracious! ' Coaching Grammar Malcolm Brown Sunny A Thereis another man gone Creating disturbances Being good ' wrong i Mildred Brown Happy-go-lucky Chrimas Music To stop talking Annie Bukoski Noiseless Goodness Gracious! Reading Snakes Elizabeth Chapman Moody Get goin', Bruno! Haircuts Mother-in-law stories Richard Comings Tootish By Jimnniny! Athletics The faculty Joan' Cooke U Harmonious Gosh! Grimm fairy tales "Work for the Night is Comingi' Agnes Dorsey Sympathetic That's it, you see "Mike" Washing dishes William Dreher Blustering A Good Gracious! What makes it go? Silence Sarah Dudley Reserved That's all right! Catching the 8.12 Pelham car Nlissitwaikit Allan Elwell Unfathomable Huh!- Himself Anything in petticoats ' Bruce Fairman Irresponsible I never did! Loafing His studies Ethel Harlow' Tranquil O Slush! I To become a public speaker Hypocrites John Harris Quiet No doubt High School English Parker Harris Dependable Sure I'll do it Radio "That two dollars" Elizabeth Hubbard Submissive Oh ye Gods! Silence Recitations Sybil jewett Changeable Lead me to it Tom, Dick, or Harry "Stag" Parties El -'S' vu 9 1: E9 E n ua IV I ..:::2'fLrwz,..-r,, -,,.,,.iiiZ'fe1CfQr J l foncn ljniquc- 1 lxvnnrclj' fin nur lx I I l King llnnny I II I I nclie S'rrs'-V I I noun ,l'lnafia -7 -Mnwn -W 'M "" 'nj ""'"'i' -Q-A-f---------fagf ---gr----Y .--.--.....-- airing-. .,,, , ,,,,,,,, ,, ,wvwvm-,Y YW V- Y Xhfhnv rl , I F --1x,1i,,." lx I fn. nr..m Q,.,.i,,,, , ,, , M gafi'-'Y lx t Y Y N ', A""""! lhnnuu bra", x ',""U""' 'U' llnsbngf ll I -Q wmv-I 'y ll-'wfvv ln....h-su. XI .., v. 3.x , . S 1 Ng ,gtn ' ' , lb' 'LM ul lidflj' 1 kg , x. .iff lfasi llzlfl l li lu' ,L ,IM ini ...1-,,f- - l y l Name Dirpofition Pri Phrafe Chicf Intereft Bugbggf janet jones Unique What's the dirt? "Nite" Anything that anyone else has or does Anna Kennedy Game Oh Blahl Seeing how much noise she can make "Burns and Painesv Kathleen King Bonny O Nlosesl Dramatics French Edith Landis Nervy Damascus Having the last word The rest of us Laura Lyman Plastic Heavens Dorchester, lXfIass. Unnecessary toil .Iessie Moline lmpulsive Good Nightl Two "E's" Athletics Eugene O'Neil Retiring All that stuli Basket Ball A certain athletic assembly lVilfred Pariseau Variable O say! Beds 8.45 bell Andrew Peters Authoritative Good Lord! Everybodyis business but his own "Graphic', Dorothy Pettijohn Submissive Nly l,ordl Photography Earthquakes Nlarion Ranney Cheery Geel Paige Cars Trolleys -lean Searle Frank Go get famous Andover .Actually being in love Elizabeth Sears Delightful Me too, Pete! Any object ,with four legs that can be ridden Jokes of Matrimonial Discord Florence Scars Happy l thought l'd die! Anything called George A Spelling Edna Shaw Light-hearted O for pity sakes Nlusic College Exams Ruth Spaulding Captivating My Cowl Dogs Buckinghams David Shumway Sleepy Hello, Deary Baseball Tardy slips Michael Skibicki Practical "Money, Please" Sophomore Females Dues Emil Smith Mild Search mel Worcester Polytechnical Institute Shyness Dwight Strong Amiable As you like it Basketball Dancing Bernice Tasker Lovable Gosh Damn it all Dancing Gym Helen Thomas Lively Sugar on a rag Chi Psi Housework Ethel Watley Romantic Such is life Giggling Telephone calls Ellen Whipple Generous Good Heavens Movies Worms Lewell Walker Excruciating Gee "Wild Wiimmenn Work Edith White Fascinating lVIy Word! Dates Crabs Estelle Wood P Placid O for crying out loud C. E. Cats tmaipmg E U5 43" U9 H .sr f: 1: U1- Uhr CEnlh Mug iirhnw frnm the Iliuturr I stood outside my door, patiently waiting for the U. S. Mail Aeroplane to hove in sight. I had been waiting nor for three minutes, and as the air-man is seldom late, I was beginning to worry. Soon, however, the familiar hum became evident. As the plane swooped lower I grabbed my megaphone and shouted: "Anything for me?v "Decidedly," he answered, and with his words there descended in a flurry, 3 Whoile skyful of letters. Eagerly I lifted my arms to receive them. They fluttered and flopped all about me. Snatching one up, I hastily tore it open: 24 Green Pine Rd., Kirksville, Ill. Dear Fellow Students: I have a class of 12 lumbermenfs children, and life up here in these wilds is infinitely more desolate than in 'fShutes.U By the way didn't I just see an article about the death of one of our former teachers? What can you expect when even I am getting gray-haired? Ever faithfully, CMissj Anna Berglund. The Kansas Deaf and Dumb School, Kansas City, Kan., June 12, 1935. Dear Comrades alnd Comradesses: Work in this school, although I am very interested, is, what we used to call, Hdumbf' I have talked deaf and dumb so long that my fingers are all double jointed and thus, I have great difliculty in "holding everythingf' but I hope, that I have held in your memories. , Yours 'till the fish Hy, "Lib,' Sears, Haynes, Walton. Peter's Perfect Soap Plant, 77 Zaboola St., Peru, S. A., June 2, 1945. Dear Former Subordinate Beings: . Some few i8U0I'-HM people doubt the fact that I am a manufacturer of soap. D ' - Wciln t let anyone say to you, 'cPeters, makes no soap," because 1t's an untruth. Yi our Seal? IS SVSU guarded by a certain device, which prevents it from gomg down the water pipe. 1 Hopefully yours, Andrew K. P6t6fS- P. S. I do not make "soft soapf? Dear Old Friends: 17 Comfort St., Cosey, Mass., June 9, 1945. George Cmv husbandl insist h away, SO PVC-mana d b s t at.I write to you, dear old classmates, figlgt 3 and helping June M52 betweeniplltting George Jr., and little Catherine 'EO behv , dance and pressin H S orne with their lessons, and doing Graceis hair for t e You all be at Peaci w-any 5 pants for hls Class banquet, to drop You 3 line' May ith the world, as I am, QMrs. A. P. Uune AtwOOCU- T - 'J Amherst High Srhnnl Aeroplane to ac air-man is num became slxotltedg 1:1 gi flurry' a :pry tluttered . 111. Jw' wiltls is an article lien Cven l ' v ,, lr,-rxiuziu. 1141.11 Sfllfjfjl. ,. gl .- Q 12,1911 1 Pr Cilll. i.f'1LllWlC 5 .' l la-eine, 'tl L'-: I, 1114: .1 Y, ,wuz v ilw-,.r, Fx ' 15: Q f -v,,. , '-,lb 13 1X1idnight Parke, Greenwich Village, Friday, June 13, 1945, Dear Old-Times: 'Tis a jolly life we Hdawncersl' lead. Go from night ,til morn. My next co-star featuring will be in "Silk Socksf, and 1,11 let you know, my crowds" got a good kick and stimulating voices. "Billee Bobsn of the 1946, Music Box Revue C"Sally,'j Alley. 34 Raisin St., Worcester, Mass., June 9, 1945. Kind Friends: As manager of the Strong Yeast Plant, 1 am rising. 1n co-operation with my fiery headed elbow-rest, Lewell Walker 1 make the best beer to be found. 1 give the Strong Beers their flavors, and Walker makes them Ccross off the er and you havel Walk alone. 1 speak for myself. 1 don't know about "Red.l' Yours with a '11-1ic7', '1Strongiel' and "Red" Ranch Pepito, Bandelero, Rd., R. F. D. 1312 New Mexico. Dear Gone-byers: ' 1 The ranch is running top speed. We've just had our grand corraling and counted up the stock. A good list of profit evident. "Kid,l says to put in a line for her cactus plants. Senoraita Audrey Bolles Spagonio, Ruth Spaulding Palloa. The Hubbard Tavern, Sunderland, Mass. Dear Girls and Boys: 1 have done a rather unique thing, for 1 have remained in Sunderland. My ambition took me no further. But still 1 meet people from all over the country, they come to my tavern, perfectly content with its out-of-the way situation. When you come up to see the fossil remains of Amherst, drop up to the city of Sunderland. From Elizabeth Hubbard, Prop. of Hubbard Tavern. The Female Boxer's Club, Center St., and Kelly Sq., Boston, Mass., June 9, 1945. Dear Amherst-Highers: Resting from my last bout, with my latest adversary Kathleen King, our lightweight champion, 1 am happy to be able to write you a scrawl. Female- Boxing is quite a recent idea, but wholly profitable. 1 am heavyweight champion of this state and enjoy my position greatly. So long, . ,, cc 77 ' The Breezy Pair, Hfld Shaw and Kat Kmg. Jazzbone Alley, N. Y. C- Darling worn out Gone-byers: ' Since 1 have established my 6'Big Baby Jazz Orchestraf' 1 have not found a Single spare moment. Drop in' at the "Gallant,, and hear hubby and me tickle - - . - ' , 'C It the lvorles.-you can bring a crow-bar, and in the midst of the pCffOfm3nCe le slip off your lap and if you can hear it drop we will refund your IHOHCY' hlrs. H. ul. Tinkerdrum Cformerly A. Kenl- 3 7 Uhr Multi mug g 10 Pickford Pl., Hollywood, Cal., June 7, 1945, Dear and unforgotten Class-mates: ' Having finished my latest picture "Broken Fire-Escapes," I can now spare some time to write you. I just love my work and. my director too: he's at brother of the former Cecil De Mille, and certainly appreciates my talent, and succeeds in casting me in appropriate parts. My best regards to each and every one, Gwendoline Arline De Witte falias "Pokey" E. M. Allenj. P. S. Don't fail to see my next picture "Under the Windowf, The Harford Cat Farm, 99 Anywhere Ave., Some Place, Ariz. Dear old, long time ago People: My life work is devoted to cats, little cats, big cats and crazy cats. In our day cats were not considered a profitable enterprise, but now that the rejuvenating process has been traced to cat glands, we hold the cats in respect. My theories are advancing andsoon, old bones, I hope to make you as young as you were in old A. H. S. Love and good wishes, "Floss" Sears Harford. Amherst College, Amherst, Mass., June 19, 1945. Dear Amici et Socii: As professor of Latin at Amherst, I am enjoying great popularity. This is my fifth year as head of the Latin department and I am very sorry that I shall be obliged to remove to a professorship in Harvard next year, as I am offered two and one-half cents raise in pay, which will then entitle me to the enourmous salary of four cents a year. Yours in hoc signo, UTub" Dreher. Decroll Palace, Paris. Cheries: In this skirtless model I feel quite "Chief, As I look at my silver wig I medi- tate on the frivolity of Paris, but realize that if it were'nt for his frivolity I could not be the most popular mannequin in Paris. j,usqu'a demain, lVIme. Ellen Whiple alias "La Petite Rose." Debris Street, Ash Can Alley. Folks: 5961118 that I am the Only one in Boston who possesses a 'i'Dobin,,' I neCdS mush make some USC Of lt? COr1Sequently, I'rn an accomplished offal collector. I was in search for a job at which I could take my time, when luckily my cmminellt friend Wilfred Pariseau the st 1 i reet c eaner, recommended this job to me. With pleasant memories, Tub Elwell. Dear P. i . 17 Bug Place, Oskosh. ieces of Antiquity: pictucgiscllgse you have heard of me through the newspapers, the aereo-graph D 1 am the great Bacteriolo t dZ l 't fth' era With my last invention th 'P gls an OO Ogls O is ' C gravy of Sfaphic pentometer I ursue the world's germs. and scoot them from the earth. i P P. S Y See you later in Eternity,Frau Dachound, C1811 IOUCS9- -gg ou see after all "NiteH did not affect me. ss I I l94s, IW' spare 5 L brgther I :cet-ds in 1 Ariz, - IH our lvcnating f theories 'CFC ln Qld rd. 1942 This is an l -hall TTCTCJ lun f-'1- salari' lkchcr. xi: l YTICGZ- ,. jf'. l Cfillrl r 460. 1' .'lficy. .. Fra.: iic:"i7i l ... -f-" I' Q, I 'nrt Ulu' nj" Arff' -1- : IA. "hh ij '.,.-- - . ' -fa W-D Y W . ,. avg. At11hP1'5i High Srhnnl 132 Elasti Rd., Z 1' ' Dear Smi-friends and former Loafers: C O3 Ite, Brazil' Look upon me-the prosperous owner of a rubber factory in Brazil' M chief interest lies with the rubber project. When you put on rubber bathing cap? or adjust your hose-supporter think of me-I stretch my greetings to vou. 3 With some concern, I remain, Edith Landis' A ' 13 Rue de Rouge, Deauville. Dear Might-be-models: , I pause to let my paint dry, and ineidently I think of wet Paris. Doubtless, you recognize me as the foremost cubist of this period. There comes my Bohemian assistant, Helen Thomas, in smock and tam. She is calling me fgrth into the dazzling lights of the cabarets. Ta-ta, Estelle VVood-'The crooked Tam,'? Helen Thomas-"The smootched Smockf' 48 Dot Dash St., New Zealand. Dear Former Amherstonians: Between the dots and the dashes I send you best wishes. As you see, the tele- graph ofiice still maintains its hold on me. After soup tonight I,m going over to visit Mrs. O'Rooke, our Fuzzy, who now takes in washing to hang on her "linen She sends you love on a soap bubble. Till it breaks, Fuzz and Sib. Bylow Inn, Kensington, England. Dear jolly old Classmates: Chauncey and I leave for Italy, Sunday. It seems as though this geological study would take him anywhere. As for me, I follow him up, holding his pickaxe whenever necessary, and in general making a regular packhorse of myself. But then, it's do anything for a few old stones containing a fossilized bug 10,000 years old. Qceans of love, . CMrs.j Betty Dodd-Humphry. The Lf S. Senate, Washington, D. C., june 14, 1945. My dear Citizens of the U. S.: As my term of office expires tomorrow, I take great pleasure in haranguing you from the Speaker's Chair. My political life has been varied and I am pleased to think that I have had a willing hand in making our excellent "New Constitution of l942." Your politician and orator, Hon. Bruce Fairman, Esq. Tarkington Ave., Dallas, Texas. Dear grey-haired and toothlcss hlatrons and Patrons: . Through the dust of years I sec you, unchanged and animated! .Can it be that we are strangers to each other?-No, indeed no!-For Istill have our "Gold Bug," blessed old musty thing, and at a whisk of a page, I SCC YOU all again' Thinking of you always, "Cookie', Chflrs. joan Cooke Foresterb. 3 9 Uhr Q5nlh Thing 1XfIiss Crabbels Selects School for Girls V. . . Q 1rg1n1a, June 7, 1945, lXIy former Classmates: Although I have been fortunate enough to meet only one of my Old Class I A . mates to talk with, I have been priviledged to teach "History and Civicsv . - , f to three daugh- ters of my old classmates. They are: lX'liss Betty Jane Dodd-Humpherv CB - , ett, Chapman's 13-year old daughterl, lXIiss Virginia Ann Harford CFI S ' Y , . oss ears 10-year old girll, Carol Alice Farester Uoan Cooke's angelic daughterl It is such - 1 K a com- fort to be surrounded by friends. Faithfully, Sarah R. Dudley. Rock of Ages Bank, Independence Sq., Philadelphia. Dear Friends: Your balance is overdrawn two months-excuse it please I have accountin 4 7 g on the brain. Agnes Dorsey, now vice president of this bank, and I have more to do with figures than with writing.-thus the excuse for my stupid error. Hoping you are prospering, Annie Bukoski, cashier Agnes Dorsey, Vice-pres. P. S. Leave your account with the Rock of Ages before it is too late. The Madame Modiste Sh 411 B - oppe, roadway, N.Y. Mes cheres Amis: Between trips to Paris you may find me at my shop on Broadway. Drop in and try ou B' C ' g r iana orsets and Corseletts. They re fine for that youthful figure. Avec beaucoup dlamour, Madame Marionne de Le Blonc CPud Broadfootj. The Wee Bake Shoppe, Trenton, N. Dear Boys and Girls of former days: 'Tis brown bread and beans davg somehow that smell brings back thoughts Of the old lunch counter that Miss P I k' ar 1S Cwas'nt that her name?Q used to run. If any of you are out this way, drop in and I'11 treat you to fresh gingerbread-that is if it is Thursday. . Sincerely, ' "The Brownie," Mildred Brown. The Harris Undertaking Parlor, Boston, M2155- D l I n ear Candidates-Wa1t1ng-for-admission: Sadly I see a few of an undertaker, I still find joys in life. Among them, visiting Bro' AlleV'S 52110013 ranks first We ll - a gather round of a Saturday evening and have fine talks about the old days. our number pass away. In spite of the fact that 1 am Drop in on me before judgment day, Parker Harris' I finished all the newsy interesting letters and immediately began t0 Search flmong the tall grasses for more. Alas, the remaining members of the Class Of 25 had neglected me ' , i SO Wlth a sigh I proceeded toward my home to meditate OH old times. Jean N. Searle. 40 X 'V Girls, -u f- ms. .lxsmates V Kifiugh. N' BCIIF' ' HILQ-ear Q11 fl Qfjm- z. J" Q5 .-4,- - A 1 0 XM .: Z . xy G M ' 1 0 'l T C5 :: SE 3 2 I V ' iw 'Y W Mgr lu? 2 X ,: KL ' A W9 'I-nl, :A 2 dfixkyh' agus Q6 , ,,1f, fra ' 0 xx f af," ' ww., oo: ?" X Q1 'T 0 1 ' f m 4' V f. . U K X W I' I ' , 1 Q. , f f x ' j , , rx . 5 ,S NF lg Z4-li--F?-' F43 'bm- , U Q 5 g -4 up WS 63 ca J- C! E E 4-I ,,.1 Amherst High Svrhnnl Ehr Jlnninr lglatg VVe, in our gay and eventful Junior year presented Oscar Wilde,s "The fm- portance of Being Earnestn. as our last attempt at merriment before We Settled down as serious, sedate seniors. - Elizabeth Sears, Joan Cooke, Anthony Eastman, and Andrew Peters, our play committee, made this selection, and lVlrs. H. Hubbard consented to be our coach. Parker Harris was our stage manager, Emil Smith, our electriciang Ellen Whipple, mistress of the wardrobe, Audrey Bolles, property manager, and Andrew Peters, business manager. ' The part of John Wiorthing was excellently done by Anthony Eastman, John's cup of woe consists of having two names, John and Ernest, also a mystery surrounding his parentage. These two facts make life very unpleasant for him, later however, his cup of woe is refilled with joy. Algernon hfloncrieff, John's friend, interpreted very well by Dwight Strong, falls in love with Johnfs ward Cicely Cardew, and sails blandly along his carefree path. Allan Elwell fitted perfectly into the part of Algy's blunt servant, who is continually giving his master much painful matrimonial advice. Rev. Canon Chausable, whom VVilliam Dreher cleverly portrayed in his brusque way, finally professes his love for Nliss Prism, Cicelyls governess. Gwendolyn Fairfax, who found the name Ernest so inspiring, was delightfully interpreted by Elizabeth Sears. Her poise and manner of saying witty remarks deserve special mention. g The part of Lady Bracknell, Gwendoynis garrulous mother, was taken and played sympathetically by Elizabeth Allen. Kathleen King quietly and skilfully portrayed lXfIiriam, Nlr. Worthing's maid. Cicely Cardew Clean Searlel the enchanting youthful maiden who sincerely loves Algy, captivated the audience. Janet Jones with great ability presented lXliss Prism, the painfully particular governess. With this display of talent and with a very unusual and comical plot the play was pronounced a success. The plot revolves about the name of Ernest and the attraction of the name for two girls, Cicely and Gwendolyn. There are also two very dear and very clever boy friends, John and Ernest, who make lifegenerally miserable for each other. After the girls have discovered much to their disappoint- ment, the fiance of neither is named Ernest and that they still love them, Lady Bracknell appears and finds that John Wlorthing is her nephew. NOW SIHCC the mystery of John,s parentage is cleared up. he and Gwendolyn rejoice, only tO lC81'I1 that John's real name before he was lost was Ernest. The curtain fallS f0f the last time after these two speeches: u l I Lady Bracknell: My nephew you seem to be displaYiH8 Signs OfU1V1al1FY- , Ernest: On the contrary, Aunt Agususta, l have realized for the first time IU my life the vital Importance of Being Ernest. 4- 3 Dec. 19 Jan l2 lan. 15 Jan. 19 Jan. 23 Jan. 26 Feb. l Feb. 6 Feb. 10 Feb. 16 Feb. 28 .March 4 Marcin lO Nlarca 18 Marcln 20 Marcin 24 hfarcn 28 April 2 April 3' ApriQ 9 Aprii 18 ApriQ 19 April, 21 Aprii 22 April 23 Uhr 0511121 Bing JUNIOR PLAY CALICNDAR Tryouts. Enthusiasm runs high, so does class spirit. 4'If at hrst we donlt succeed, wc'll try, try againf, Our heavy weight champion, Cecily, breaks the arm of a chair and bears the scar to this day. "Algy, that is your cuel VVake upli' Outside assistance is willingly offered. The boys are sick of making love,- so are the girls. Everyone is going to work hard! .Miriam attains Happerish eye rollings. A half an hour ago the girls went down to Jan's for just a minute. Cecily teaches Jack the latest dance steps, to the distraction of the coach, but to the delight of Jack. As a sustainance, tea is served whenever the plot demands, and the masculine members wish that those of the opposite sex did not have such enormous appetites. A Canit hear! Too fastll Amherst Hstudesw appear to help with the electricity. Girls seem to think their assistance is needed. Boys rehearse alonel Mumps has entered the cast! Jean starts it. Jean is better, but Bill has it. 'clVIy neck feels funnyw-"So does mine." Bill, in a tour of investigation, removes the entrails from the College Hall Clock. Lane dreams, forgetting heis at a rehearsal, and is found in the coal bin. Libby's twin has the mumps! Jan is very worried and forces Gwendolyn to carry on her love scene with Earnest in a "Romeo and Julietv effect from the gallery. Everyone slightly disgusted with everyone else. Lady Bracknell forgets her dignity and carries on a heated argument with Earnest. "Now people, the dress rehearsal must begin at seven sharpll' The dress rehearsal begins-at eight-thirty. Paint! paint everywhere!! The last rehearsal! Ain't it a Grand and Glorious Feelinill The Springfield papers say: "Juniors of Amherst High School Presents VVilde Play." 44 X -ED A, A - X Amherst High Srhnnl I hr Bvmnathvniatnia The ball started a-rollin' when a meeting for re-organization, called bv Miss Shattuck, was held early in December. The forces having been sufficiently QO1- lected and having duly cast their respective votes, the following were elected at a subsequent meeting: Pfffidfni .-..--- . ..,. Edith Landis, '25 Vice-Prffidlftlf .... ......... F. llen Morse, '26 Secretary ...... . . Rosamund Churchill, '27 f Edith Landis, '25 Executive Committee. . . . ......... 4 Hubert Barton, '26 lGrace Hardendoril, '26 We have no dues Clet s join the debating clublj so We have no treasurer just long enough before Christmas to warrant a ponderous vacation for the Freshmen and Sophomores, the ball made its first basket. The privilege of dis- cussing the desirability of the Detention Room was given the "youngsters" and coached by Bliss Shattuck and Mr. hlidglev. The two teams fought their battle in assembly soon after vacation. The Freshmen carried off the honors. The ball made its second basket when the Juniors and Seniors tackled the sub- ject of Capital Punishment. The poor libraries! How the floor from the door to the stacks was worn for the next few weeks! hir. hlidgley had the arduous task of trying to keep from one team what the other knew, for he had to coach both sides. After much wear and tear on the libraries and hlr. Klidgley-and the debaters- the battlefield of assembly was entered and the contest held. The Juniors came out on top by a 2-l decision of the judges. To decide who gets the live points and who the three towards the Stowell Cup, the ball must make a final basket. That is, the Juniors and Freshmen must have a mutual argument. They will probably tussel over the value of daylight saving. Coach Xlidgley will work again. ' Then, with our highly experienced debaters, we shall be ready to invite other schools to listen to words from our eager tongues. Edith Landry. 4 S Uhr 61115 mug Z Girlz C5122 Glluh it 3 lf you should chance to go by A. H. S. on some balmy spring day, you Would not doubt that there were other songsters about than those of the feathered species. Snatches of "Mikado" and all the new popular music Would ill the air. Never- theless, with all this caroling ability, the Glee Club here does not seem to thrive. In fact, it has almost been forced to pass out of existence. This has certainly not been due to the lack of outside aid, nor the lack of executive ability, but simply to a lack of interest and enthusiasm. Probably We are doing too many other things. We chose our officers very carefully electing for President, Edna Shaw, Sec- retary and Treasurer, Eileen Thayer, Librarian, Marjorie Cook. First, Miss Taylor and then Miss Johnson very kindly consented to direct us and Miss Tracy is our accompanist. Yet even with this array of talent in charge of the enter- . 1 , I I l i 4 i prise, it has not been a going concern. i But the musical field in A. H. S. has a big- area, though as yet many feet have refrained from treading on its pleasing green. Let us look forward to the future l cheerfully and wish the Class of 1926 the best of luck in sponsoring the Cflee Club, l U1 in which we still have undying faith and confidence. C en thi 1 E. Sean. Gir Spf-31 Slnci i . i I Amherst I-Iigh Svrhnnl Bramatiw Qlluh The Dramatics Club founded by lXflrs. Gettell a few years ago, has been steadily increasing in popularity until it is now a prominent and, we hope, a permanent institution. ln September, the club was enthusiastically launched on its year's work for I924 and 1925, with the following officers: Preftalent .....,. , .......... ......... ..... J o an Cooke, ,ZS Secretary .... . .........., Edna Shaw, '25 Treararer ........... ....... R ufus Thompson, '26 Program Committee .... . . , Andrew Peters '25 QChairmanj Crampton Barton, '26 Ellen lylorse, '26 Stage Manager ...,. ,........ P arker Harris, '25 Property .Manager .... ...... . . .Roger Wolcott, ,26 Coftume .Manager ..........................,.,... Kathleen King, ,25 On November 7, the annual Hollowe'en party was held. The program con- sisted of three pantomimes: "A hflarriage Failuref' "A Ghost VValk,7, HA Night- mare", and a recitation, James Vlfhitcomb Riley's "Little Grphan Annie," by Helen Joy. The party closed with refreshments and dancing. In November the club presented a short play 'fThe Exchange." At Christmas time a scene was given from "The Bird's Christmas Carol.,7 Both of these, pres- entations have been successful and the club intends to produce one more play before the end of the school year. During the year monthly meetings have been held in co-operation with the Girls Club. VVC have been particularly fortunate in obtaining such interesting speakers as hlr. hlorton, Klr. Smart, Professor Patterson, and Professor Rand. Looking back, We consider that this year has been a creditable one and We sincerely hope that future years will be even more so. Kathleen Krrzg. 47 X'--Q-, K7-W s: :Ira ro '-1 fn- cz. L: : Ll, 'T -Q v ::- -25 Zi 'tj'-cs O ,D rv '-1 'U -4 ar :.- f '-1 '12 4' V' r-4 , 23" . fp -A I PJ 1. ' -1 ' r. -M 'T Q I . ,-7 5 2' 95 2 "CJ 2 'L gl- :- 99 w ru 1 F: V: 4-F' . 'E' O E? . fi ::- ::- 3 - -3 '-1 Cro Q sro O c: ,., :- IQ '- Ef '-U oo ,-f 2... 5 B, 5 :S ,Ei 1 E.. 51,3 Q -x w rp . f' L... -3 O .J YD 77 VT' 7' ' il' 3 ' :T 15 Q2 Dj ff ' .1 :if ::1 fy L: fi: T 2 T QQ fn -L ' 1 " J I-o-4 rx' A . A , v - - ' " w CI JULUQ V31 GI gn- '1-Q "5 fk -. Us 5 .1 :I Ez' F' Ill U- alll l m ,I 1 ff X X Xi U- ' 1' -x .1 Amherat High Svrhunl Girlz' Glluh Democratic ideals and good fellowship, are embodied in the Girls, Club. The first step in its program was taken when they electedglflorence Sears, president, Grace Hardendorff, vice-president, Jennie Lyman, treasurer, and Esther 'Wentworth, secretary, also the social committee consisting of: Jean Searle, Nlargery Hintze, Verabell Fulton, Dorothea Kidder, besides our faculty advisors Miss Tracy and Nliss Henry. lN'fr. Brown very kindly permitted us to hold a rally meeting in the auditorium during school hours. lyfiss Nickerson gave a short and snappy speech about the club. Soon a rally week was held and each girl who became a member was tagged, each class having a different color. Perhaps the most popular event of the season was an over-night hike out to Pelham. We very fortunately secured lWr. Burnett's charming little cottage which successfully housed thirty, very tired, hungry girls. When allarduous tasks were over, we adjourned to the living room, sang, acted, listened and above all, talked. The hours at which we finally retired were varied. It is rumored that one group of night walkers capered about till the wee hours of morning. Since Amherst is so blessed with literary geniuses, were were expremely for- tunate in securing them to give lectures:-lkfr. Smart read us "VVurzel Flummeryf' which greatly pleased our funny bonesg lVfr. lNforton, his charming poems, Pro- fessor Patterson, a delightful comedy, f'lVfiss Civilization", Miss Henry told us many things about Hawaii of which we had been densely ignorantgwhile last but not least, lVfr. Rand read us selections from his poems. These meetings have been held with the Dramatics Club and have proved very interesting as well as educational. The annual dance, the crowing event and by some considered the most im- portant, was very successfully conducted in February. The music, which was very peppy, was furnished by Hamilton's Symphony Qrchestra. The Girlis Club is certainly a worthwhile and active organization. Weiclose its history for this year with a feeling of satisfaction and with the hope that it has not suffered under the guidance of the girls of nineteen hundred and twenty-five. E. Sean. 49 :--I""lV -we-L-4 gf ..,,,.J ..Nw.h-af-M ' -x - .,,,sz1e:gM...., .ag '. 4154 1 ,lx .. .X .se sn.. 5 ST. O.. E 5 O cr S 3 C7 M 0 :J ro Q' ro fb if 'S4 '17 bk 55 ,k rm o-4 L:-' IJ cn UQ no ,S S. :ik :JA Q Q F' R E11 ,-f '-'- f"" 3 f-,. Q Q -Q QQ 54. mx., S, O oo cn Q , ,-1 fb T15 G ,S N W ax, N S. 5 N '-1 QQ ,E-Z ""'-1 Q, rr -- '1 pg Q, if Q. fs Q N 3 N il tg 2. fc.- .... V' '-- ,.. Ds FD - 'U Sb N- 1-. N N. S, hi 2-, Q H-. Q 3 VD V, f-f 53" N' N. wa. N' Q3 N- Nl f-f :J v-Q .... 'S He . N. Q Nl f-4-. e4 C3 rn fx N Q., B n C D' ,-,, O Q-A ff 13- fl Q-A O , 'Q 2. 1,, ' Q, E11 'Xi 3 S. rv rn 53 Qi -1 gf rp rn G5 :S bk . 3' Q hi 3 Q, N 5 f-+ ,f -- 1: 2 "1 ,f SD '-1 FD R. ' UQ 3 hi 'Y 3' m7 N 'N 1' -. e1 fb v-1 f cn 2 . - QQ . Q N- . Q3 N. C, A Q A O -3. f-v fb ' m 'IQ -f. , 5, . .Q 71' . N N E- lf' fb 'U 3- ,... O LU w '-1 . N, , N' Q . 'Q rx, N in .:- 31 2 :Dig ,D 3 Q zz- fy 3- A Q, o X M 5- m -n .14 L -CT 'V Qi C3 CV had Z 'JD X I X Amherst lliigh Sarhnnl Mraphtir GRAPHIC STAFF FOR 1924-1925 Ed'it0r-in-Clliitif ............. A................ A ndrew Peters, '25 Affiftaut to Editor-in-Chief. . . , ' ,Hubert Barton 126 Literary Editor ........... ,-" J ooo Cooke? 725 Nfff'-f Editor -"- . . .Florence Sears, ,ZS Wil Ed1'f0f ---- . . .Jean Searle, '25 Alumni Editor. . . , , .Ellen Morse, 126 .dthleticf Editor .,.. I A ..I., John Joy, '26 Exfhdtlgf ------ .... B ruce Fairman, '25 Circulation .....,.. . . l , ,XVi11iam Dreher, '25 Afhffliiffing lllflflflgff ---- . . .Arthur Fawcett, '26 Typift ......,...... .......... J une Atwood, '25 Faculty Adoifer. . . .... Nliss VVinona Lee Shattuck Rrportrrf A Janet Jones, '2Sg Grace Hardendorfl, ,265 Nelson Haskell, '27, Marjorie Cook, '28 The Graphic has been very successful in its ninth season. It is a good deal larger and a good deal richer because it has the biggest circulation and the greatest number of advertisements on record. The two departments of Narrative and Descriptive writing have been combined under the head of the Literary depart- ment. There have been several unique events during the year thus far. Not the least of them was the printing of a letter and a picture of Harlan Fiske Stone When he was appointed Attorney'-Cleneral. The thanks for this line progress are due to Andrew Peters, the editor, and loan Cook, the literary editor. Recogni- tion is also due to the efforts of Anthony liastman, whose departure has caused mitch grief in literary circles and elsewhere. ' It is the wish and conlident trust of the retiring board that the "Graphic', will continue to flourish. Hubert Barton. .l -V .-- Y yr Y,.YAvg,4, Sl ff. f-'-Y L7'x f- UQ: f'f - . ' 'h-I 2-xr -if 451 C? wo ... ,-3 , .': -:A I.:' ? 'J fx, u! "' 1: , , . , , I . EN 1 :. . 3. Cqv 5' 3- if- O. 5. -1 , :N fb ' 1 Q g, ,. Lg- 4 ff. S, .U :if . -1 5-5 'Xu ,f f. , . ' V.. -. ., A , M. . :-. .-. .. . , , I - . .. . , I r l GI W w 'xl : 'V-O "5 Q ww 'J ,- I Cf lil C2 '33 1 , 3 3 w 1 f I Q qfmp X Amherst High Svrhnnl Qbrrhrztra Director: lVIiss Blanche Samuels. First Violins: Charlotte Allen, '25, Phillip Ives, '275 Roger Wolcott 726. Rufus Thompson, '27. 7 i Second and Third Violins: Doris Shaw, '26, Edward Harvey, J. H. S., Harold Crossman, '26, lVilliam Landry, H. S., Fred Wagner, H. S., Arnold Nick- erson, sl. H. S. V hflandolin: Janet Jones. Clarinet: Lewell lValker. Cornet: Richard Commings. Drums: Allan Flwell, '25, Sanford Keedy, H. S. A The Orchestra was delayed in organizing until December 4, l92-1-, on account of the illness of Rliss Samuels. U A I The following ofhcers were then elected: ' l Prefidfnr ...............,............ . .A .... Allen Elwell l Vice Prefidenf. . ...... .... I Jewell Walker , Secretary and Trfafzfrfr. . ,... Roger Wolcott L1brar1au .........,................ ...... ....... J a net jones The first appearance of the orchestra in public Was at assembly, Friday, March 6, when the Sophomore class at their assembly presented a play concerning 'cGood Iinglish ll'eek." At the date of this writing we can only say that our next appearance is sched- uled for Prize Speaking. ' W Roger Wolcott. l l n l " 1 5.5 E112 6511121 Eng Elhv Svtnmvll Glup About the first of January, the Stowell Cup was added to our alreadv enviable collection of trophies. It is a silver loving cup, presented to the school by Mr- William A. Stowell of A h scribed as follows: m erst, standing 18 inches high on its pedestal and in- PLAY TO WIN, BUT PLAY FAIR Klr. Stowell's purpose in making this gift was, in his own words: "to prOmOfC a spirit of clean competition and good sportsmanship between the classes in U16 High School." His plan was to inaugurate a contest between the four classes, the class participating most in the student activities ofthe school to have its numeralS en fraved o l ' 5. n t ie cup. The detail sof the contest were left to the Student Council. .AX point system was selected whereby credits are awarded, according to 21 PTC' arranged schedule for membership in the several clubs, and on the athletic teams? for the best class assemblyg for the winners of the inter-class debating contest' for participitation in prize speaking, for the best attendance and punetuahty records: for w ' yay ment of class dues and for many other items. The general attitude tow 3 ard the contest, after the first heat had worn OH, was that we seniors would carrv of tl h ' - - , ie onors with little effort. However, 3 Cl05C contest is predicted before the year is over. A, K. Peterr. 54 .,' 1 1 ,fr ff, ,. u 5 l I I V-T' 1, -Ili l. Z 1 is A F' 16,1 ' 1 4' 'l ,Lx , l if i , lt l IX u. .W FL I 'Ns-.. I A f Amhvrnt Z1-Iigh Sfhnnl fl JI if if W ' " ""-2-- , X I I 4 1,4 Wifi' rf - . gy ,fn X f 124 :AZ ,, I f , A if ., ' L f Y 3256 gg Q A fm! ,Af H , , 1- Q ffl 1 ' I 1 , ,f . .- X x 1,1 I V-QT Qi N A I, 'iff . X- I f j ' , I X' ,C I ' ' f 'uf' W' ' I 9 1 . I A Yin- ,' 1 I V, , A ff! "' WWW Mb w f ' 7f f, Il f WNVIX!-', I' f UN! 4 A' ff -ff N Hxxxwf V ff Q ff 1v! m 1,f W ,, ww my ff ew N fi Nm xw M f A f -Y 'ww J'-fi. QA 4XiSX1X!KKNb-X-xy! , Nxt. ,Pix Nff ff- ,ff .NX NXX IM X +1-, -L..x.IT.-H,g-,r1 9..' W V g X! 3,5 'xxx VISIX J ll 5? 47' 'IH I . il-LLQ,.A'.n----, U A-VT ' I, - M V i : A ' MJ 2 P U. , V , MB! 5 S 5 lil ON '-ia .f ss- . 5-.Q 'QV' -fa, 4 Z , , ' , 3 ' ,x'i"igx -'-' " . '- 'W ' ., ,Y 3 .v ' 4.1. ff-:K '+f ,P Q ', ' - 1' g 1 1 W ' 'Q N iir vg A. :ul -T1- .. :. - mil- 1 :N Ev FQ, 3- - D X PE' GD ro 'H .1-' 3 5' 0 Q- 75- ca- ps 7:9 1 53" ES' ,1 5-" CIA' as 533 5 O- -'D Z5 "4 of-E 3 "' '-' G C,-. L-1 f-f '-- "" 1: V-'1 :1 '-'- FD 5' 5 F' O og "' 9.3 fb :S 43-' 'J' Q. Q 'D EF! 1: 0 :x P4 c: '-1 Y Q fu '71' Vg' rw. f-f Z -, YK A 'SJ f iq. .,. , Lf' ' I .,- 'kr' ' -" U 'I 1- XR Y v Q 1 1 oo 'cf' S5-. po fn E? S 3 0 41 :T O w n C3 3 Qi as : F' 3- QA v-1 ' . 4 -'C fm .-f ,ui :r P-1 ' O ff- m 3 Pr 5. fb 59 H . -9 fr' TQ iv TP R- ,ri K1 ,-f ,Lf , mx jg - a W Q. - w ,' - I s x- . , . , V, i . . , . f V K r X 1 J-IT N D v- 5 NS 5 '33 Amhvrnt 1-Iigh Svrhnnl FooTBALL Q The first call for candidates for football brought out about twenty-five men, and then the squad was increased and decreased according to the discretion of each man. A few weeks of hard practice rounded the team into form for its first first game with Palmer, which we lost by a score of 24-0. Our next games should have shown marked improvement, but when the games ended, we were always on the short end of the score. The last two games were decidely in our favor. Although we did lose one of those two by one point, this doesn'ti'tell the story of the game itself. Our final game was won by an overwhelming score of 84-O from New Salem. The captain of the team was a junior, "Chick" Parnell, who played at quarter back and scored many of the teamfs points. The playing of "Mac" Brown was a feature in about every game, and about every play was centered about him. Q He distinguished himself as being the best defense back on the team. Strong, like all class officers, was very busy in the first few weeks of school and he did not find time to get out to practise. Gnce 'fStrongie', got playing at end, there was no doubt as to whose position it was. He made a creditable showing as left end. The others to win their letters were hlichael Skibicki, William Dreher and Donald Woodbury. These two played in top form and deserve credit. Elwell, a senior, did not win his letter, but should be given honorable mention. ,Marliert, Joy, Wolcott, Holt, Grebbin, VV. Smith, Rl. Smith, Eldridge and Holden are left as a nucleus for the team next fall. ' " S7 gg' 4- - f .1 ., iv? ?x 5,95 isa? 2:2 Xiifi' 4 . . XMUQ 21 Q' C G.. 77' Q f-1 rp :3 fj .... If .52 GI J:- 75 D 0- CY E! n un K v- 5 1 V. In I gl 2' 2 C Y 3 C Xa un, "-T' ig' -v. 'N "OF GI J: N D 0- DV FS Q U5 -Aw 1 a I w Z1 au X 4,ci,,4,L, , f 3 :J :J ns no no no m fb ru fb "1 "I 'fi "1 'ff NG 'Ju I-1 IQ lx.: lg --- 1. " " " NCD CJK l-1 NLD 'zu 2-1 pq vQ gj Us s: --- '-' cr: f-+V 4- -- f-f 5 Q- 3- 3 S: 'gi Q 2 3- Q3 53 F, gg, ' O , 3 -- 1 , . . :a -1 O-' 3 :: 1. E3 :1 -. ,'-3 cm C ::1 CD o-' mg 5' 'T E 'U 2-D 5: ,J Q, D '-U TJ rp UU O f-+ f-f -- H ru ,- f-. 9, '-+ -. l ,. .,. ,. -1 -1 Q., '-1 ,- O 3' -'Il -,, O "' -1 2,3 :z-' ,-. E 3' " -- ' ' - '-' ' --' - o '1 :J fb H- -73 ,N - M - 1' he Tl- .. ff - Q- - -1 mx Q- ., f., .' 'A -- , ,, P H 1, -- .. rw- . :1 Af: ' 1 . 1 g x 'A ng ng '11 sq .1 Y w , g - AJ - X . ,141 K' ' ': wi-1 Q ix S ln I' w. 1 1 Amhvrat High Svrhnul l ' BASEBALL ' With no games played, and but little practice, the real strength of the baseball team is unknown. With the exception of '4Hick,' Lyman and c'Dutch" Stock well, the team remains intact from last season. With this aggregation, Coach' Williams expects to develope a winning team. - Pat Joy, probably the most Versatile player of the squad, will Captain the team this year. "lVlac,' Brown, "Tripe" Pariseau, "Lank" Strong and "Dave'7 Shumway, all seniors, will be leading players this year. "Mac" has been an ardent member of every major athletic squad from the day he entered high school. His familiar phrases will be heard again this year behind the bat. Dave will be called upon to do the bulk of pitching. "Tripe,' looks like a fixture at first base, and Strong is playing right field. Other letter players are Parnell, Wilfred Smith, Grebbin and Britt. Other members of the squad showing varsity ability are Geo. Holt, Milton Thornton, "Tug,' Kennedy, Ed. Fawcett, "Red" Goodwich, '4Stan7' Beleski and Ed. Dowd. "Bro" Alley, last years capable manager will again manage the team and has arranged the following schedule. April 22: Northampton at Amherst. l April 23: Hopkins Academy at Amherst lylay 1: lXf1ay S: Easthampton at Easthampton. l Nlay 12: South Hadley at Amherst l lVIay 15' ' lylay 19: Agawam at Agawam. Nlay 22: Hopkins at Hopkins. May 26: Northampton at Northampton May 29: Turners Falls at Turners Falls. June 2: South Hadley at South Hadley. June 5: Flasthampton at Amherst. june 9: June 12: Nlonson at lNlonson. SF 61 Ellie 6511121 'Bug lgrizv Speaking The fifth annual Prize Speaking Contest for hffillett Cup High School Auditorium, hlarch 23, 1925. The following is the program: llope Xlarch ................ ..................... . . High School Orchestra The Painter of Seville. . . .....,......t....,...... . . . . Ethel Tracy Harlow, '25 Dauber. .. .........,.................... .. .. Andrew Kittredge Peters, 925 was held in the . . .Guido Papini . . .Susan YVilson . .John hlasefield The Xloclc Turtle's Story .....................,... . . . . . .Lewis Carrol Jennie Irene Lyman, ,27 The Quality of Mercy ............................. ..... A non Philip Truman Ives, 327 Falling leaves ......................... . . .Arranged by Seredy High School Orchestra The Witch of Coos. . ........................... . . .Robert Frost Florence Hart Sears, '25 . l.e Yieux Temps. ............................ VVilliam Henry Drummond George Ross hlackimmie, ,26 lsaac and Archibald ............................... Edwin Arlington Robinson Joan Lavenia Cooke, 325 The Klan Without A Country ........................... Edward Everett Hale Arthur Kenneth King, '27 Xlinuet in C1 .,.. ........................ ...... . . ...... B eethoven High School Orchestra The judges were Xlrs. C. sl. Fawcett, hlr. B. F. Jackson of KI. A. C. and Professor C l.. Powell of Amherst. lhe prizes were awarded to Joan Cooke and Arthur King and honorable men- tion was given Florence Sears and George Ross Klackimmie. 62 .r' Glll and GREETW3 Misa 5 csift Pt VINCENT GRA srioiz REPAIRIXCL l snot sm' ug Amir s I-' V . els AND ELECTRIC f T els AND iztscrmc fu Q AMHERS1' t Cotnplimemj of DR- F- D. SLI ll DENTIS1 J D l I . Stf,,,,,0r'ZENTlst Pyorfh DY IT x D . 0933 . T Culler.SBIa!1J' Imp, vspeglh, UCLTQL - MCC, 64 IW- C I I I , I . I I I 1:1 the I Plpiui .sun XI 'f"ItI.I L .IFFIJI , III I-,Nr II.mI'f Amhvrut Illigh Srhnnl GIFTS and GREETING CARDS Minn Glutlrfa Mitt Shun VINCENT GRANDONICO SHOE REPAIRIN G SHOE SHINING AND DYEING 115 AIVIITY STREET GAS AND ELECTRIC SERVICE GAS AND ELECTRIC APPLIANCES Y AMHERST GAS CO. Compfimfntf of DR. F. D. SULLIVAN DENTIST DR. JOSEPH A. AUDET DENTIST S'LlCCFJ',fOI' lo Dr. C. S. Calm' Pyorrhoea a specialty--X-Ray Daily fxcrpl !I407IlJlly and Tuffday C tl 's Block--Tcl. 790 IS THIS SINFUL. What is it enables you to get better marks with Iess effort? A CORONA or a REMINGTON PORTABLE Typewriter does just that SPORTING GOODS RADIO APPARATUS REPAIR SHOP Thompson's Shop rear Bank Block Hardware Sporting Goods -++I-1K++- The Mutual Plumbing 8a Heating Company Uhr CEnlh Eng F. M. THOMPSON 81 SON -++2I K++- mlm SCHAFFNER at MARX CLOTHES, MALLoRY HATS, 1NTERwovEN sox Specialists in Clothes for Young Men for Thirty-five years A Smart Collection Of All The New Things For SPRING and SUMMER G. Edward Fisher DRESSES The Store of Quality and Service COATS SUITS Dealers in SKIRTS . BLOUSES SWEATERS DRY, FANCY and HOSIERY READY-TO-WEAR GOODS BRASSIERS CORSETS ' SILK UNDERWEAR The Women's Shop Smart Apparel for Women and Misses Agent for Butterick Patterns ' Over A. and P. Store MRS. A. X. PETIT, Mgr. I Fo1r1Ph7'W if-g Ulf l P3555 S A I Bill 's ' Drug W. A. NICGF Everything to ll'ritc i fo Figure upon, to D' Our School supply 'E' S. S. HYDE V OPTICIAN and JE WELER 3 PLE.-xsANT STREET fUp one plight, i t H ma- m S NEWSDEALER AN X N I 1 UWUVEN Sox ' 58315 I V Pction Of All 1 Kings For i i 9 ifntherzi 1-Iigh Srhunl Compliments of Page's Shoe Store The Best Drug Store Service The Best Drug Store Merchandise Henry Adams 8c Co. THE REXALL STORE Bill 's College Drug Store Dry, and 1 , F, Fancy Goods H i W. A. MQGRATH, Prop. 5 i -- Y 1 1- w ---Ai SIERS fl'lTS .V Everything to Write with, to Write upon, 5 I Nm"RV'ExR i to Figure upon, to Draw upon. n's Shop Q Our School supply stock is complete ,men and Hiuu p K 1 , P. Store Q LTIT, Mgr. I P Um: Hilm' Y A. J. Hastings NEWSDEALER AND STATIONER GO17tf2f1.'17'L677Z'.Y of Deacly's Lunch EDP CEHIH Eng CU71Zf!I.l7IF7If,V of C0mzDfiW11ff Of E .H. Harvey Bolles Shoe Store THE PLACE OF Qlf-XLITY AND GOOD SERVICE T SCALP TREATMENT SHAMPOOING "Marcel That Stays" FACIALS MANICURING Oil Permanent Waving SCHULTZ Inc. 223 MAIN STREET NORTHAMPTON Tffoffmcm Slubio PHOTOCRAPHER TO 1925 GOLD BUG 52 CENTER STREET NORTHAMPTQN 66 T V That is . 5 F 5 4 M '- f J LA : nl GRA Z GROCER' fl Dealel FINE GROCERIES FRl'l'l L0cal Digtri Z S. s. PIER SPECIAI F 'S l ll T . T Comphmfnff gy' I H If 1 51 if M Ti Ea 43 fi 3 w ,T -I I i R me Store TIIPUIIINE Nuzuuxg N Rnmmox +-rm uf N X 1 Ps111l1P1'51 High E-vrhnul LA SALLE'S ICE CREAM That is Pleasing Different Sold Where Quality Counts .++ g++, LA SALLE-HILLMAN COMPANY NORTH HADLEY, MASS. A GRANGE COLLEGE CANDY GROCERY STORE KITCHEN Dealers in ' Excellent Quality of FINE GROCERIES ICE CREAAM FRUITS AND CANDIES A---a REFRESHMENTS , , CHOCOLATES Local Dlstrnbutors for S. S. PIERCE Co. SELECT?-Sf'fED NUTS SPECIALTIES LUNCH OR DINNER AT ,ANY TIME C plimentf of A FRIEND R I 67

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