Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA)

 - Class of 1924

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Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA) online yearbook collection, 1924 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 62 of the 1924 volume:

N 1, a:.-1Lg,f--:QqaJ:x--'J-.x:z::-1-42L',g:'2S11-.'--:SS 11L'4r'1.:-ir:-'I ' fi-Q.f1-': 1:21-,fa ffifil w ff L-512:11--'xz"R5lr1' P ' K N ' X .-. x ' -., "-f -'f:'k: r--' .-:Fz12i4::- -- 1. If Q -". 'g -5 'H -Jgiiz.-ly '-gmail Ja, 2. gg - " "'f1:.z.,:M:ff:.s :1.:::2-.T if..:.:-gg:-ff,H:6::f:Zi2- buf- , ,gf 1--1 ,r-2,-fp , --ff ffm-Q-W "C,.-k - ..f -1 ' 5.-fs: -fx, - -,.-1.15-1'-.2-.., fic L-gf - 1 5 . 11: ,L X, .-.3v,0.i- -1-4,3-2,55 K ,A Q'-,H .-y 4, -7151: , .mv-gp ,., -: ,- 1-.-N .ff :'f,.,.3 " :Qi-. ,f1...f J, 1,-3.1, ,,.-.1-,g.i.:3L'X., --. ,4- Q0 IU Hail KD ! ! 1 w 1 ! x 1 l 1 Amherst Eiliillh Srhnnl 1 Gin GD111' Hrinripal william 15. Ernnm Zin heepent gratituhe fur hin rareful guihanre anim unfailing gnuh-will Ihrnughnnt nur high urhnnl rareer, me heiliraie thief hunk 3 El ve: 'S GQ 5 cv FS :zz U5 F CE E: W S W m ,T P1 :U w w vc: 5' Q U Q Q me O ,G ' "H rv ' "' E1 QL. C 5 C ,T LT' C Sv 93' 'S' - - o 5 - V' fi 5 S E U' ILL Q rf 2 S- ,3 2. S-' 92" :: ra 9. Xt Q. -.- Q P11 5 3 fl 'I :I I I . I I II I II I I II 'I I I II I II Il II I. Il I II II II I! :I II QI II II II I I I I I II I I II I I II II I I I I I I i" . Amhwai illigh Svrhnnl Zllarnltg J. O. Cook ............ .... S nperintendent W. H. Brown, Principal ....... .... M athematicf Gladys M. Glazier, Secretary Dora M. Armstrong ......... ............ ..... H i story, Englifh Alice W. Churchill. . . . . . Head of Moderii Language Department Mary A. Cook ..... .......,.,............ F rench, Latin Walter E. Fairrnan. . Isabel Field ....... Ruth w. Henry .... Marion C. slohnson. . Mary R. Morley. . . Ruth Newton. . . .. Emelyn G. Nickerson .... Laura E. Panebaker. Helen W. Parkis. . . Edith L. Pinnick. . . . Utis C. Severance. . . Wenona L. Shattuck. Leland W. Smith .... Alfred L. Tower. . . Elizabeth A. Tracy. . Prof.. W. P. Bigelow. . . . . Head of Commercial Department ......................Hi.ftory x .....................EngZi.fh,Hiytory . . . .Freehand .....Headof Drawing, Interior Decorating . . . . . . . .Commercial Snbjectt Head of Clewiee! Department . . . . .BioZogy, General Science Dorneftie Science Department .Phyfical Education for Girly ..............Mathematic5 . . . . Head of Englifh Departmeni ...............Mathematic5 . Head of Science Departmeni ....EngZiJh ....Mnfic 7 QI 'CT' vs S E. cv LE! sr: L53 '1 3- fy. fl l I x Q l l l tai .P i l l l l l I l l l A n. 1lli' ....,,,......- Amherzt High Svrhnnl 4 'hr 6611121 Eng Editor-in-Chief .... ,,,' H glen Brown Affociate Editor! .... . . . Ruth Graham Albion Allen Literary Editor .......... .... M aud Marshall Editor of Art and Statirtief. . . .... Theresa Van Rensselaer Athleticr Editor ..... .... E dwin Simpson Adoertifingv Manager .,.. . . .Kenneth Osmun Bufinefr Manager ..... . . .Carl Hill The Gold Bug Staff was elected early in Qctober that there might be plenty of time for the task at hand. Work was immediately commenced. By the end of the month, the photo material was already. At this rate of speed, it looked as though the entire book would be finished in a very short time, but we spoke too soon. As several members of the class were a bit reluctant to have their pic- tures taken, the material had to wait several months until these bashful ones had overcome their modesty. Then, the prophet, considering his unrecompensed work a bit irksome, took it into his head to go to the hospital for three weeks. There he rested his weary bones in comfort, while the future of 1924 remained untold. This was too great a temptation for the editor of statistics, but she was more lenient, and stayed out only a week. During the spring vacation in March, a large part of the book was sent to the printer. There then remained the task of obtaining the last few write4ups, and this was found most difficult. The write-up for the ujunior Play,', somewhat socially inclined, traveled first to Northampton, then to church, and lastly to the gutter before it finally wandered together with the Class Will, which also had difficulty in arriving, into the out- stretched hands of those who had been waiting so long for them. But "Patience hath its rewardf, Toward the last of April, the last few pages were procured from their authors, typed by our faithful Annie Zak, and then speedily dispatched to the printer. 7 Efhe cgnlh Eng K 9 4 ' III X5 I jk.!X:fxJ K x I - I X5 'xi 3 -QA II I QQ! 8 i I I I I I I I I I I I I I M Hz Pi: M4 S01 S64 Stl Dr Gil I Prc I Fu' I I I E lil? .'1 R. t E E Q , 1 it 2-Xmhrrut illigh S-'irhnnl Elie Gllaum ,QL ly: QQ WARNER HARRIS CARTER Baldwinsville, Nlassachusetts, November 7, 1905 if Class President C45 Drarnatics Club C45 2' Student Council C45 Swimming Team C45 Football Q45 Qf A Class Basketball C45 ., . ll lie Baseball C45 l Future : Nlasssacliusetts Agriculture College i ii 1 "The heart to conceive, zhf 'lL7'LCZ7L"7'.YZd7Zd1:71g to dimfcl, the hand to cfxeculff'-ju11iu5. l A 7fPZfQ, Jeff 1 EARL LAWRENCE KNIGHT "Pajamaf', Amherst, Massachusetts, July 29, 1906 Junior Play C35 Vice-President of Class Graphic Staff Student Council Q45 Dramatics Club C45 Class Basketball C45 Future: Temple University J 'cG00d humor only ffazclmi' charmf to lan Still 7lldkr?J' new couqueftf and 7'lZfLi7l,l'Cli'71J' Ihr part." L f -Pope. 4 . MARY ELIZABETH GREEN Hartford, Connecticut, August 4, l907 Pin Committee C15 Nlathematics Club C25 Social Committee Q35 Secretary-Treasurer of Class C35 Q45 Student Council C35 C45 Dramatics Club C35 Secretary C45 Girls' Club C15 C25 C35 Q45 Pro Merito Future: Mouilt Holyoke College "She Zoolef af clear Af inorninff rofef, newly wa5h'd with dew." S -Shakcfpfaw. ,,f ' 9 MTX pf Elie C5nlh 4511151 W v H A V we l FREDERICK GEORGE ALLEY CCBTOW Newburyport, Massachusetts, March 20, 1907 Class Football CU C23 Class Basketball CU C25 C3j Future: Undecided "Enter late' than ntwr."-Dio11y,f'iu.r. l ALB1oN DAVIS Ai,1,if1N MAIN mlierst, Massachusetts, August 27, 1905 Pin Committee C17 Class President CID junior Play Stage Klanager C3j ice-President of Class C35 Student Council C3D Science Club C35 Basketball Manager C-lj Gold Bug S1alfC-lj Future: College 4' 'T if wr!! to be 7llt'l'I'y and wiff C T 1.5 wfll to bf llmzfft and fl'uf.,,'-'Bu7'7I,V. I BERNARD RICHARD BERNARD "Brut" Atlantic City, New jersey, july 30. 1906 Class Football CU Class Basketball CU C25 C35 lfuturez Undecided "J IIIIH. .vmall f'o1'u' ini C 4 l l r i l 1 l 4 C l , I, i 4, i l 1 l i l l l i l , C I I 'V 55: ' f, if ,M ag. Amherzt I-ligh Srhnnl li was 'Tn'-Rurnf, U ELIZABETH MAGDALENE BOGUSLAWSK1 'cBuggie" Amherst, Massachusetts, August 10, 1908 Girls, Club C15 C25 C35 C45 Glee Club C35 C45 Dramatics Club C35 C45 Pro lXf1erito Future: Undecided "Fair wordf glezddeiz. 50 izzarzy a heart." ' -Longfellow. Q ffamff Li , K f HELEN EDNA BROWN A i l A XRD CORNELIA BASSET CHURCH New Paltz, New York, July 21, 1906 30' 1906 ll Pro lX4erito 1 :J gi- . 1 4 Future: Framingham Normal "Fine thouglizf are wealzflzfi-Bailey. IG "Brownie" Amherst, Massachusetts, October 10, 1906 Class Secretary-Treasurer C25 Class President C35 3 junior llay Committee C35 Junior Play Business 1Xf1anager C35 Junior Dance Committee C35 Reception Committee C35 Glee Club C35 Girls, Club C15 C25 C35 C-15 Social Committee C35 Graphic Staff C25 C35 C45 Student Council C25 C35 C-15 Editor-in-Chief of Gold 'Bug C-15 Pro 1V1erito l Future: Home Zealouf, yet modeftg iimoeeizt, Zhough,-free,' Palient of wily ,vereize czmidft fZ!6l7'7,l,77l.Y,' Inflexible in failing iiwincible in czrmJ."-Beattie 11 il- Efhe 1611121 551113 'ffLwf!.r0!4UY SI' ' ' ' ' NIARCIA GROVER CHURCH Ashfield, hlassachusetts, April 17, l908 Vice-President of Klathernatics Club QD Dramatics Club UD Girls' Club C21 Q35 C-lj Basketball C-U President of Debating Club CHU Pro lWerito Future: Undecided " They ffrw God well 17110 ffrvf 11 if c1'en!u1'e5.,'4 Norton. 1 l r l EILEEN KATHERINE CROVVLEY Amherst, Massaclriisetts, March 28, 1907 Glee Club QD Girls' Club CU CZD Q31 C-lj Science Club UD Basketball CU C25 Future: Westfleldl Normal School "It irigood 4 To Zengthmz to the lar! cz .funny 'l7lO0Cl7.,, Lowell. Q I C 5 1 V I l , l , - wg l - 4M 12 A 1 I ,1 Amhvrat High Svrhnnl EDWIN HARRIS DICKINSON North Amherst, lvlassachusetts, December 21, 1905 C'Dicie,' x Class Basketball Q31 K w 1, Future: WVork "lily tongue within my Zipf I Min, For who mlkf niuclz mnit talk in vain."-Gay. 7 , . , I I 1' 1 l l , 1 C 5 . i I, F l 5 MILDRED GRACE I-IARDAKER Hlllillw b Greenfield, Massachusetts, August 12, 1907 i Girls' Club C11 Q2j C31 ,V Mathematics Club C25 l Future: Undecided l -4 l 1 ll i n . "A fair fxierior ir a .rilent 7'6'C'07I1,771f'716Z7dfi07Z.H RUTH WINIFRED GRAHAM Oshkosh, Wisconsin, October 16, 1908 Girls' Club CID C21 C35 Q41 Mathematics Club C23 A. , Dramatics Club C35 C41 Reception Committee C35 Junior Play Committee UD Junior Play C35 Graphic Staff UD HD Prize Speaking Q25 HD Gold Bug Stall C45 Debating Club C41 Pro Merito Salutatorian ' Future: Wellesley College "Mind if cz kingdom to the nian who gallzfrftli hir pleafuwr from idacz.v.,'- Tupper. Syruf. 13 Ellie CEUID mug -f i-,l----"W ' ' CARL EUGENE HILL " Hillyl' Amherst, Massachusetts, October 31, 1905 President of Mathematics Club C21 Science Club C35 Junior Play Class Basketball C25 Gold Bug Staff C-H Future: Northeastern University " He flepf riglzt forward, mariial in lzzfr air . Iliffnrnz and mow'n1f'11l."-Coopfr. HAROLD jAMES KENNEDY Melrose, Massachusetts, December 29, 1905 Class Basketball UD Future: Work H Handfomf 1.1 that lzmzdfonzr fiofrw-Golr1',i'1r11'Il1. XLXRY RL"l'ltl liNlGll'l'l,Y .'hlNllCl'Sl, xlLlSSZlCllLlSCllS, Xluy 10. 1905 Girls, Club Qlj Q25 L35 HD Science Club Llj Glcc Club Qlj liaskctbull ill L25 Flll'LlI'L'2 Nortllzliupton Cominci-cial College uP11Hffl1'I rfozuwxzz' 'fur :'1'nIf1:u'."'H La Fonfain . , ,f ' W- Ch C KC 1 X P f V ffl 02, f ff ,, f L f ttrt hw: K, , K' 14 Y,L19.,.,- X l H i n l i A G G B T e JI Pi D P1 F1 l i 1 i l l 1 , 1 l i I l 4 i i 1 l i l i I r i l . . I V l l xi, l Ea: l Cir l Dr: l Pin l l Sec Pri' l ,lun l ,lun i Orc Stu 1 Gm 5 Bas Col j Pro lialr Fm l l Q ' UQ, l , Anthvrzt High Svrhnnl l. 100: UV r i L 5 i 1 l Q i 1 A i +1 I 1 L 905 1 l 'ollfgc la forrfairxz. l yf ,E Z! HELEN JEANETTE LAB RGVITZ 5 cc-lgrryas Amherst, Massachusetts, July 26, 1907 Glee Club C11 . Girls' Club C11 C21 C31 C41 Basketball C11 C21 C31 C41 Tennis Club C41 Junior Play C31 Prize Speaking C31 Dramatics Club C31 C41 Pro Merito Future: Goucher College H There if a pleafure irl poetic pa-im Which only port: lerrowf'-Cowper. MAUD ALICE MARSHALL East Lansing, Michigan, July 15, 1907 Girls' Club C11 Treasurer C21 Vice-President C31 Dramatics Club C31 Pin Committee C11 Secretary-Treasurer of Class C11 Prize Speaking C21 Junior Dance Committee C31 Junior Play Property Manager C31 Orchestra C31 C41 Librarian C31 Student Council C21 C41 Graphic Stall C31 Editor-in-Chief C41 Basketball C11 C41 Gold Bug Staff C41 Pro Merito Valedictorian Future: Radcliffe College "Wifdom and goodmff: are twin-born, one Muft hola' both fistfrf, rzfvfr .teen apart." ANNIE AGNES LANDRY A "Mickfy" Amherst, Massachusetts, March 16, 1906 Girls, Club C11 C21 C31 C41 Glee Club C11 Junior Play C31 Dramatics Club C41 Social Committee C41 Civics Club Treasurer Basketball C41 Captain and N4anager Future: Sargent "Care to our cojin addr zz nail, no doubt, And awry grin, f0 mfrry, draws om' oulf' Pirzalar Cowpfr. 15 Uhr cgnlh Engl Zuma KENNETH OSMUN "Rade,' Waterbury, Connecticut, June 2-I, 1905 Mathematics Club CZD Science Club Q25 C31 C-ID Junior Play C35 Dramatics Club I-lj Graphic Stall HD Gold Bug Stall HD Future: College " AI k1z0cle-down d7'g1l77Z61Zf.,,1Dl'X'dF 11. LIVERETT JXl,FRl'llD KIl'RR,fXY 'IRuml, Amherst, Rlassacliusetts, February 24, 1907 Class Football III Class Basketball UI Dramatics Club C33 Junior Play C31 Future: Temple University - "IVlml KI 111 igfzfy .fj5Z.l'l.f in KI nzzrrow boom 211m-Ggggllfh LOUISE YI RGINLX Pl'1'l"I'YhlOleIX Springlicld, Xlasszicliusctls. December 22. 1906 Girls' Club 'HI lfuturcz Wlesllicltl Normal "Cowl ,fr11.rf' -:c'f11'ff1 only ir flu' glifil of Ilfflfwl rlmf llmuglz no ,rf1','11f'.', I-tIl.l'fY -:wr-'11, fhf ,vffwz P 16 an O I I I I I x l I If 1 1 I I I I I gs ll lx IG QP IF I I I il i Anrhvrzt iliigh Srhnnl .4 1--..,,7,.,+,,,, n YV VWYYYV Y, qt YY H7777 S l u. u IRXY Y .aTj.- N' pm? CAROLYN FIDELIA PUTNEY Leverett, Blassaehusetts, December 5, 1903 Future: Undecided A X "Study if like thf lzeaveulf gloriour .run s ?f"f,,nlW'iC'x,-bv SYLVIA SAARINEN "Slum", ll-IOHX 77 1906 Nlzlynard, lylassaelrusetts, October 10, l907 In-wfnbff Glee Club up Pro Nlerito Future: Ofliee VVorlc .'.'. ,,f' llfdffn H " Kl116l1l,Eff if wifciom. Tlzrfrf if 710715 in llff ff"'fn ,rurlii lllf' lgopll But meds it and may lmr1z."-Bczilfy. , That will not be rlfep-xcarflzed with faucy lookffl ,ff KENNETH NORMAN REED CC KE7177 Amherst, Nlassaelrusetts, Deeem Class Football CZD Basketball C21 Baseball C25 Future: College 'C Y0u11,gfell0w.r ber 20, l will bf young ffllowf. 905 Brfckerfzia 4, E lv f 17 Q Env Lgnlh Qing EDWIN KIIRSHAW SIMPSON IR Sump Amherst Massachusetts Decemb r ZS 1906 Class Football ZH Swlmnung Team lj Student Councll 4 boc1al Comm1ttee 4 Gold Bug Stall C45 Dramatlcs Club C2 3 Football Manager lb Future Umversrtx of New Hampslme He hath cz hem! af round af a bf!! and hu Ion 15 tha clczpper fo? what fur hr 11 if nkr lzzf 1011 u rpmlef FRANCES SHAW Bo Taunton Nlassachusetts anuarx 26 19055 Clrls Club C-ll Future Undecnded All 5 one 10 hw above her fan She ci make fwfr! mfr at Calzban Pl TLR l R XNCIS Sl XXlSll XXSIXI 1C1st Xll lX lutule Luclcutlttl 02101 11 1 , fljlg ylarlffif Gri?"3' " . 311996 Fuiffclbx ,p,,v11"'7 JUNK' HERXLKX Dm .lmlgmix : Bukqgd FUJISAE 1 Fm: r, NH: M .Ni A gg: . 'I i. t. S Amherst High Srhnnl HOWARD RICH STEVER x "Steve" 6'Doe,' 5' 'M' WON Marblehead, Massachusetts, March 25, 1906 Graphic Stall Q45 Manager Football Team Q15 Future: Undecided " There wat a little mart, and he had ez little foul And he mid, 'Little Soul, let uf try, try, tryf " Moore. NSKI :u 1907 HERMAN EDMON STOCKWELL "Dutch" Amherst, Massachusetts, January 14, 1905 Baseball C35 Basketball C35 C45 Football C45 Captain Future: Undecided ROBERT EDWARD STILES Bo Arnherst, Massachusetts, February 11, 1906 Mathematics Club Q25 Future: Undecided " How Jweet and graeiouf even in eommon Jpeeeh If that ine fenfe which men fall Courtetyf' rl 'EN Clffflarld- " He proved to be beft mart il the jielcl and for lufr came! T. Fleldr meed way brow-bound 111 oalef'-Cortolarzuf. 19 Whore clothmg ti lzumzlztg Alon! OHZFI3. Ghz tEn1h Eng MARGARET ANNE SULLIVAN ggPgg77 Amherst, Nlassacbusetts, june S, 190 Girls' Club C15 C25 C33 President C45 Dramatics Club C25 C31 President C40 Glee Club CID CZJ Social Committee UD Junior Dance Committee UD Senior Reception Committee UD junior Play Committee C35 Junior Play C31 Graphic Stall C42 Student Council C45 Future: Undecided "Af bufif af cz Beef,-Lyly. N THERESA LOUISE VAN RENSSEL,-XER I' 'C TFJ.f1'F Springlield, Rlasszicliusetts, September 25, 1906 Girls, Club UD C-lj Gold Bug Stull. C-ll Pro Me1'ito Future: Bridgewater Normal H145 jburc' af a prarl And af PU' fd: a 'noble' and 1'IHI0l't'II1' ffirl 20 PP P me A A X, f llll' ' -1 HIE-lfokg' W1-Ylstfff' ' fits' A 4 s .- Hg ui i Gm into hm- saw te 1 ik!-A Q Rmmirmtj, lgpn ""'Yn aa I -HPF. N L " A . , I :A ,- A f . Q' 'Vi : 4 , in fqgut - as 1 . .. 5 ""1 i A I 'lying , f 3 'f S' J , T f --ee -eee ' J 1 , , Vw, 4 1 Xxx 5 ff , f-.Iwi 'tri 4, fest! '41 Ifffrw-Lf i 1riXS5EL.xER c?:cn1bCfZ5' 1906 . L17 . fn, gif n CA ZHUOL' O ,,fff"',!f! Amhrrzt High Ssrhnnl MILTON YOUNG WARNER Holyoke, lWassachusetts,' May 24, 1906 Future: Northeastern University " He who haf lived quietly, haf lived wellf,-Ovid. GRACE ELAINE WEILER "Puff" Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, January 7, 1907 Girls' Club C15 C25 C35 C45 ' Glee Club C15 C25 Treasurer of Mathematics Club C25 Treasurer of Dramatics Club C35 Pro Merito Future: College " ThE7'K,.Y language in her eye, her elieele, her lip Nay, lier foot fpealeff'-Slzaleerpeare. 5. .XRQAM GRACE MARGUERITE WHIPPLE ulllargeu Amherst, hlassachusetts, September'5, 1905 ' Girls' Club C15 C25 C35 C45 Glee Club C15 C25 Mathematics Club C25 Basketball C35 C45 Future: Undecided " Her body war 50 flight, It :eemed she could have floated in the fleyf' -Eliot. 'WN-' ,xx 21 Ellie cgnlh 7.7-5119 W -4- ---AV Y i,,,,-.-- l 1 FREDERICK DAVID WRIGHT 4'Monle" Amherst, Massachusetts, July 17, 1907 Class Basketball CID Mathematics Club QD Future: Undecided "A moral, .vemilyle and well-lmfd ma1z:."--Cowper. n LAVVRENCE HENRY WHITE "Whltfy" Amherst, lN4assachusetts, Nlay 3, 1908 Class Basketball CZD C31 Class Football Future: Amherst College "Formed on zhe good old plan A true and brave and downriglzt lzoufrf mon." -Whizrier. l MARION ,xG,xTHix wrsocici North Amherst, Xlzxssachusctts, Klay 6, 1907 Girls' Club Q-U Future: Undecided c'Lz'arnz'11g by .ftudy muff ln' toon I"wa.f 7It',f'l' fzzfzlilfdfrom you to ,i-mi,"-jay. T NE ,uk r 14- ca-lf' 4' I may rllli 5 j .Wed .i' 'I rl ,. 'Y V '74 . .gk ri. if v, N, 1 Amhrrnt I-Iigh Svrhnnl llll' ' a XI- ' ' P104 'Ziff qnh' A -If N HCKI Q.-fi, 1907 - f , r or .. fax. fff j ,. 1. Q ,gg ,4- 1. ANNIE NIARY ZAK "A1zzale,' Sunderland, Nlassachusetts, July 17, 1907 Glee Club CU QD President C41 Girls' Club QZD QU Graphic Stall? CLD Future: Work "AI rfrene mimi comfy from a quiet Ziff." NIARY GORDON DAVIDSON 'LDavieH Fraserburgh, Scotland, December Future: Undecided "Such Cl da1zce1"'-By1'0n. P 41 UE K '4 O -J A-- 1, 1907 23 Uhr 6511121 3:3113 24 , ' I U65 P9311 V ' I ,ll uf Bfjlkc 1 M45 ' aff W4 01 Big lgwlg 3 B97 -ln i B Biff 1'5" 6 CL! Gnu Pic ffdvr- Siam Pm: 3.3 ? Swim IM fafiisz Pg, Lf! fr Dqm, Tre I I . ku l Z. E i i x 5 K Amherzt I-Iigh Svrhnnl Mort Popular Girl. . . Mort Popular Boy. Most Brilliant Girl .,.. Mort Brilliant Boy. . Bert Looking Girl .... Best Looking Boy. . . Best All Around Girl .... Bef! All Around Boy Glam Baby ......... Grind ..... Poet ....... Windieft .... S ltyeft ..... Peppieft .... . Bluff. . . Sunfhine. . . Dude ....... Fafhion Plate. . . . Athlete ...... F ltrt ..... Dreamer. . . Tardy .......... Favorite Teacher. . . Qlvnmm . . . . .Helen Brown . . . . .Edwin Simpson . . . . Maud Marshall . . . .Lawrence White . . . . . .Mary Green . . . .Harold Kennedy . . . . .Helen Brown . . . . . . . . .Albion Allen Elizabeth Boguslawski . . . .Carolyn Putney . . . .Helen Labrovitz . . . . .Grace Weiler . . . . . . .Robert Sitles . . . .Nlargaret Sullivan . . . QlVIargaret Sullivan . . . . .Anne Landry . . . . .Kenneth Qsmun . .Marguerite Whipple . . . .Herman Stockwell . . . .Frances Shaw . . . . .lXtlilton Warner . . . . .Frederick Alley . . . . .Nliss Nickerson 25 Q 1 E119 Qelllfl Mug gggg gjwwfggw ,gg lgwiligjiglgkg stroim mlwft After the long, dreary summer of 1920 how glad we were to hear the school bell's merrv tinkle calling us back to work. We were particularly happy because we were going to enter "High Schoolla' However, as soon as we entered the build- ing, we came to earth with a sudden jolt. 1n the halls were groups of our fellow classmen, wide-eyed with wonder, awe, and fright, knowing neither what to do nor whitther to go. How small and insignificant we felt under the scornful stares of the Sophomores, the amused glances of the Juniors, and the condescending manners of the Seniors who occasionally deigned to bestow upon us a few words of wisdom and advicel The first important event of the year was our class meeting at which we elected Jack John for president, Robert Atkinson, vice-president, and hfaud hflarshall, secretary and treasurer. A Our next great day was November 4, when we chose our class pin from the three selected by the committee consisting of Egbert Brown, Jack John, Robert Atkinson, Mary Green, and Maud Marshall. When Jack John left school in Nfarch, 1921, Robert Atkinson succeeded him as president and Albion Allen was elected vice-president. At the first class meeting of our Sophomore year we elected Dwight Strong as president, Robert Moody, vice-president, and Helen Brown, secretary and treas- urer. A little later the class dues were raised from five cents to ten cents in antici- pation of the "Great Dayf' three years distant. After this we faded into the back- ground and became nothing but scenery as far as the other classes were concerned. At last we were Juniors, upper classmen, no longer to be looked down upon. In preparation for the great year before us, we elected Helen Brown president 5 9 Albion Allen, vice-president, and lV1ary Green, secretarv and treasurer. The Junior play, c'Come Gut of the Kitchenf, was very successfully presented on April 25, 1923 f ll d I , o owe in a few days by the Junior Dance. The only painful memories of this year were our tw b f in a competition of the classes. o rave yet eeble attempts at cheering in assembly 26 GTM' R Amherut I-Iigli Svrhnnl hear the school a happy because :tered the build- .. - --f our fellow 0 n :ever what todo e scurnful stares c or-udescending , :i few wnrdsol 'mich we elected Xlaud Marshall. ,.. pin from Ille :QQ lnhn. R0bfn A, eucceeded hlm hviillll Strong at L-tary' and Heil? 1 Cla T1 cents H1 BDU ack- fxi lllto lheb ' .wre CO11C9fned' led elOWn upon. fh .dent- ,l fflhvn- 1fCf- Q N3 preieilfui HIC ajnlllf' pal .rinfl in Hffem ' X I 'Q W Ten of the Junior girls helped lVIrs. Gettell at a tea which she gave for the Seniors in June. The reception which vve gave the Seniors was very successful and much enjoyed. As the last olliicers which as a class We were to choose, Warrior' Carter was elected president, Earl Knight, vice-president, and lvTary Green, secretary and treasurer. In November We gave the Senior Dance, inviting the other classes. The next time that We made our public appearance was in April at the Girls' Competitive Gymnasium Demonstration in which the Senior girls Won the silver cup Our graduation in June, though it Will be the end ofthe life ofthe Class of '24 in A. H. S., Will be the beginning of a new life for each one of us. X Theresa Van Rensselaer. Z7 Uhr 1611121 131113 Bmw TBPP115 Mildred Adams Annabelle Anderson Robert Atkinson Raye Benson Leila Blackmer Joseph Blasko Fredericka Brooks Egbert Brown Harold Brown Ernest Colin Doris Comings Helen Cooley Mary Dowd Hope Duncan Asbury Dunn Hosmer Eldridge Henry Emerson Caroline Farley Marian Germain Clive Goodwin Frank Cfribko Mary Gribko ' Richard Hardendorff Margaret Hawthorne John Harris Annabelle Howland Viola Howland Stanley Howlett Philip Hubbard Kenneth Ives James Joy William Kelly Winthrop Kellogg Kathleen King Leyo Lashway Lester Leigh 4 Emily Lockwood Alta Magrath Charles Miller David Moat Robert Moody Evelyn Mummery James O,Brien Emma Page Olive Page Wilfred Pariseau Dorothy Park Felix Peterson Helen Powers Alice Putnam Sophie Reska Doris Rodzwell Edna Rose Alfred Scott Katherine Shea Hazel Shumway Alice Smith Duane Smith Sophie Sokolowski John Stanisiewski Dwight Strong Marion Todd Austin Thornton Francis Thurston Arthur VVarren Enlen Wliipple Afice Whitaker Ralph XVilliams Tnelma Willianis Niary Wysocki Nfaxine Sturms Nfaude Holmes 28 r I xt 5 3, iv, x 5 2 Amherst High Svrhnnl if ilu Mvmnriam TO THE SPIRIT or RICHARD HARDENDOREF on his Birthday, February 10, l923 A candle is snufled out that bravely burned ,And struggled all day long to keep its light,- Holding its little point of flickering Hame Within a house already chilled by coming night. O gallant little llame that glowed so bright From they soul's Windows, When the day Was drearl Thou has warmed many hearts along the Way: Thy slender shining makes the friendly path more clear Nelene Groj' Gftiell. TO THE MEMORY OF OUR CLASSMATE HOPE DUNCAN Who died July 21, 1923 She is not dead, the child of our affection But gone into that school Where she no longer needs our poor protection And Christ himself doth rule. Rffignatton. 39 -- 1.:, ' - ' ffl?"-1' 1:1915-.-. f- f ' 'V V V Y, ., ,.sm:......, . NW- - I " I. oGU5LA,WSKl 'Q ! I fam.. KNIGHT' MI.S51oNARY mnor-I wm Nea TAMFS FRED WRIQIIT NE'-'IABETH Q HARRIS DICKINSON -ro ga.,-yn AFRIFA wn-O Honszs on HIS FAMOUS POE-r ns 1-ms must IS EXPLORING IH. , SHE ASKS " UN ICE LAND I 1 Q ' xg FRANSAK T47 - f I I L ff.f5.,.:-.2-C A f 1... 5"-I Y 5 q i A D 1- Q 1 I I V35 - 'QI Iv gf 1- I f , I "lk ,gg 11. , A, A 'mf , ' . As. - .apr ' H " NPRENV rf' fQ -" 1 MMM lN moNmNA L 'E NE C0 r fl H ,,,, 4 . --- 'f' ' IIN BODY LOVES ME VN 1sn.E'E'R MARYYI connnm cuuszcu LQUISE PETT'J""N C0QIf1T5,.5.5 MARY 0 some our -so THE r:RowLEY KNIGHTL DAVIDSON VON v GARDEN AND EAT WORM? G U,:5DE fs' K. A SECOND 150104 EMELZGERSTNCEH fx? q I. INTIIEX I I ADEREW KI I". --F-g mi , ,W ALPSXN fix FW .P S six fill -J 2 Iv NX I f wa fma ff- I . x I 1, fi ,, ' I , f-if' :T D , ' Q f ,-Mff C.,m,Q, ,f- : ZIV 'I ' 1 ' " N - A 'U I Hi LE N LABROVITZ.. l NILDRFD X -5A I 1 HARDAKER X N ' FAr'Iou,5 QPERA SINGEPS ' PI iSs FRANC ES swxw 0 LD MAID SCHOOL TEACHER N0 CLOTHES IN NEW Yom: ARE LONG ENOUGH FOR 'PPI GI LS HUME 51-EVER My 55 M, wmoms, MATRON R X T42 YMAQQON wygocm A XPETER STANISIEWSKI I somrrv auf-rsarvf PRESIDENT OF A LARGE green-comrvmon ' .IN DWIGHT I IB- QV ' I E v - w L 'Inu YiANN!E IAM' Hy, I 'Now GIRLS, REMEMBER-" "wHw1M5Rf"".WE'Rf'S""'s"fD 3 T 5' N 0 R RAP HF R I ' SYLVIA SAARINEN ' N HR. LAWRENCP WHITE 3 I -I . 1 DEAN or AMHERST can-E6 R. J' L.,-.--n--or-4J:+ '-M' ' V V , , ', . , ,, V : - W El 'S' In 9 D I- 5 E! n 135 ,,,,,,,,.,....... 'I' I f-- f-Q If- --A-M ""1..::--vs ':...:.'.. ""' ...... .,.. .. -.... --- -JN, X ff .PY X355 A rv: I 'A"' ,fllzyfr W, H""""""': ,.. P 1 - , . 'sir' 1 ffl? :R XX 1 I gi" 2-1-V-, .f .Q f' I .H ,-1. I U ', . nu :svn nut vu-won 'mdaplmv tan' W" -" l1L'..!l!"""""' X xl! R x Y MX N LAD p-A I CQ . 1 KBIOH eq MUD LREM B-DWIN K, SrMPsoH ANNE 1-ANDRY 'MISS THERE-SA -' 2 N ELAER A ING DONE - J ' fiylffffff df! J! 'T ,P U i ., ' fx, L f Admii Q 1 is ex X V W' E11 Q A " 4 N "My ADDRESS IS fx- J 1"'i1.f'fMBfRRY swf' 'W ES UR , i ON fhffg HQNEYNIOOH 1 ' T l?lAS2,ACHU.5ET'f1S M133 RVTHGRAHAM ! ROBERT STICE3 'GO FOR I -R C CARO,-YN P07-NEY KEN os UN --W pgggmw SE-Q4 T-:NO egg' 1 N o N QQ E55 STAGE 6 ' Q' rr fa-1 "- I:- Y u' 1 xXxM - - . ' I i J I ll. A ... -w .A-:ES 51: R- . k h 4 ,1 Y 3 0 ,l' 8043. L. Nw 'Lo 4 X' "-"" X I 5 .. . fa W , X lfgzxrggo T I 5-.lin-4' I rt xxx Q, 1955 9 El- an-rssnm foam-ark gm THE FQLLIES gg Y ' "STM-N---"AZEL T ASH CAN AL1.aY 'F Pliomfsson ga 155' 4 I , 'so Tt+AT's THEWAY YOU -. 31-OQKWEL1. ,F ,5- . - N E WON HER, ' W A- . ' , Ill- Kew' W , H i I Q I ikfi lf! 9 24 ZX E .f ' ' ' - ' - A 1 wj X M - - i!?5Ah E- j my f-,A ,41g V N rw AG N .- A I Q ' MARY GREENEK ' A-ry!!-q:A PE vn:.E5 TALES nf A N - T'fW"R0P5 WALK ' cAf2L HILL. 15 A 'nor QUWE So Cmrsn :ARTS GARBAQE KENNEDY! ", "when You SINALL-HIGHTMN cONOUCTOR,'N T? Lowa, PLEASE, 14-J' ,gif gn Mgs, E, Naam-f ? GREAT HETR o pon.: c3eRuAno." --- I T0'04Y. A ' UF pEf-HAH ' , I, ia Q X 4- Ziff--' ' L . a- 9 w X-S 9-In 6 . I w I F 6 - -1 512 I N , I y I' G M QA 7 r A h I' . RLY ' H I mass P'-EASE ' ,EFEQTYSRDW ,mm M. L J.. - .. L A - w any cfsnlh ifsua Gilman will We the class of 1924, being in a good physical and mental state, do certify that the follo'vving by due process ofthe law is a true copy of our last Will and testament. To: Allan Elwell We surrender Margaret Sullivan's "bluff" that he may sooner reach fame. To: Jean Searle, a bit of our Marcia's modesty, that Jean may become a sedate senior. ' To: "June" Walker, some of Maud Marshall's brilliancy, to make him an 'CAN StL1Cl6H't. E To: Tubby Dreher, Herman StockWell's athletic ability, that he may acquire many "A"s. To: The president of '25, some of Warner Carter's sophistication. Albion Allen's permanent Wave to be shared by the junior girls aspiring to beauty. To: Miss Henry We bequeath the class of '25 that she may have an appreciative audience for her Monday morning bulletin lectures. To: Miss Cook, We Will the "Graphic 0ff1ce" Wastebasket which had so great an attraction for her this year. ' To: '25, Room 9, minus the Hoor, which We have picked up for hfliss Henry. To: '26, best Wishes for a successful Junior Play. To: '27, a rise of five cents in class dues. To: '28, a glorious future with the purple and the gold. To: our teachers and principal a heartfelt appreciation for their patience and sympathy during our high school career. In Wztneff Whereof We hereunto aflix our seal and signature on this the sev- enteenth day of June in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and twenty-four. -.ellbiorn Allen 'I 'l.i.' YWWHC 1 ' -JF , 1- , Amherst Q-Iulh 5-'ffhflnl fi x i ' ' i s L ,A 5, ga fp ,, E 9 Q. W 1. N- 1. 1 ,J 5 Hr mav .wwf Q a Il. C13 at mf mllmq Qc CLUBS f . ,Vp- E54 in avpfffim 0 P M V fi '.'a'-f":' f 77f ' fi P4 N :22+, f Z M X ., Lx , ' fff?'f f 1,f' f X Y U, th Q51-, " ,K Tired! X 33 sf ,4 -4 ,yi , 'tzffpiir "" ffifgl E' M55 -1-4 'll' ....,,x,...A..............,. --.. ...-v,......... ....--'..... ,A -.....M -K, L.-,..1,5-ff-11-----f4.xw--4mi.LL...4.4L4g,..,.44. -Q -.,,,,g,.,...... L. - '-4 gl L . X Lx Xf-. ,A .1 .x.: 1-3 ,-.:,A -R-A -,--X N-.. X 'R -M aw -1 xi W fx X SI. '71 X" Q' 'Ei A, 'L 'Q n 1- . T' F ... f, Ar:-L.,,:V VX f- u , 'F .. El s P5 9 1: cv ES 2: as: 5 W --A X 4' 2616 X A An1hPw11Hmh armani Uhr Zluninr Elglag . There was no twinkling, light-sign, no gorgeous bill board, no unique adver- tisement walking around on stilts- Just a few hand-drawn postersito announce our Junior play, fairly reeking with dialects, accents,broguesgoverflowingwith wit, humor, comical antics, Havoring of charming love scenes, flowing with the arched coquetry and clever badinage of Jane-Ellen. No publicity was needed, the mere fact that NTLJ. P. Patterson coached it, it was the annualjunior play, and the mystify- mg, title, 'cCome Out of the K1tChCH,,, lured the appreciative audience. There was Ken Qsmun, as Burton Crane, the democratic, handsome north- erner, who made, not only Jane-Ellen, but his whole feminine audience fall in love with him. Crane's guest, the submissive Cora Faulkner, a spineless, pretty girl, too highly sugared, was done perfectly by Jane Patterson. Anne Landry was Mrs. Faulkner, the domineering mother of the nouveau-rich sort, a typical snob. Henry Emerson, as Mr. Tucker, with his uthroaty exclamations, stiffened limbs and 'cwould be young" emotions drew'many laughs from his audience. Tom Lefferts, in love with Cora, was a funny eloquent poet-fellow, played by Asbury Dunn. Randy VVeeks an uninteresting, practical southerner, always 'cputting his foot in it', and unable to rise to an occasion, was played by Everett Murray. Ah, here is our prize--lWandy, the fat, waddling, superstitious old colored mammy faithful to her Hlady-baby,'7 Jane-Ellen, who was so delightfully, done by Ruth Graham. Then, there were the Dangerfield children, belonging to a genuine southern family, each one of whom, in order to save money forihis sick father,put his pride in his pocket, rented the old homestead to a northerner and served as hired help. Paul, changing from a quiet, southern gentleman, to a dignified English butler who had served in the best families, was swell done by Carl Hill. Earl Knight played the part of c'Brindy," a lovable, pugnacious, younger brother, quarreling constantly with either Tucker, or his ill-tempered sister, Araminta, well acted by Helen Labrovitz. Then there was Jane-Ellen whom I will not discuss, for do we not feel a little contempt for Walt Whitman, when we read his poem beginning- MI sing song about myself-Fw 35 E112 CEnlh Eng December 20 January 20 January 25 January 28 February 13 February 15 February 18 February 22 February 28 March 3 March 19 March 25 March 26 March 28 March 30 April 1 April 3 April 6 April 10 April 20 April 23 April 24 April 25 JUNIGR PLAY CALENDAR Try-outs, hoard of prancing Chaplins and meodramatists appear. First rehearsal. Mr. Patterson tears his hair. Carl Hill learns his first lesson in love making. CPretends he hatesit.j Carl wishes he had never made the play. '4Louder !Louder! Louder! Put it over the foot lights!" Helen Labrovitz tires her jaw chewing "Araminta,s" gum. Mr. Patterson gets sore and leaves. Boys of cast get Huppishv and leave. All remain throughout entire rehearsal. Carl Hill learns to sing "Hot Time in the Old Town Tonightf' Learns to skip a little too.D Public Rehearsal for Aggie Two-Years. 8.00 Curtain rises. 8.30 Constant prompting. . 9.30 Peg chats with Ruth and forgets to enter. 9.33 Peg enters. 9.45 Peg and Helen get locked out. 10.00i Time for "Jane-Ellen to bring in coffeecups Chalf the staff and stage managers are using them for ice creamj 10.30 Curtain balks-put out headlights! 10.35 Curtain pulls together. Jane Patterson and Henry disappear. CSpring is coming.D Boys stop getting dizzy. CA loving mother objected to smoking at rehearsals-so did Mr. Brown.j Dunny manages to say "clout," instead of "clu5et.'7 Hank "hums" and "hahs" and shouts "Undoubtedly" at every critisism. April fools! Ken knocks Jane-Ellen off her feet. CMore lessons in love making for Mr. Pattersonj Earl Knight learns to whistle "My Qld Kentucky Home" in tune. 'ghel play did Htonlejs of good, musically speaking, for Earl and ar . Spring at its height! Henry. takes the girls riding in the "EsseX.,' Ken IS sick with cold. Half the cast has cold. CHandkerchief sale at Jackson and Cut- er s., Dress Rehearsal. 9.00 Carl forgets he is in play and naps. 9.10 Carl Saunters in. Flash 'of Broadway lights! Special feature! CThe play makes a hlt-l Heads of cast swell twice their normal size. Final Curtain 36 51130185 MPM! -1111153511 LMP: lEimDmrf Oak mmduh Sl sem. Tsecnbr jrnmnti. Cwimze hlilmfh mamk' mmm m i Kum. Amherst llitgh Svrhnnl lists lm 2' 1 5. Q. K, sf .,l,.,.. 3.n,.-vnnwy.-5-Q-gunna Btn 4 X, Z 3 I 7 Z 0 fups ihali si. for io: cram? , 3 mingl :cd to 1 gdlyu at em? in lovcwlm flow? 5' W Q A . ,g, lOl Earl :R y the 'EW' 5 alison 'nd :CP , Wu, fl :,. 6 'H "", 'QTY' .f lay will 4 Bramaiirz Gllnh Soon after the school year began, the Dramatigs.. Club was formed, stimulating a splendid interest among the students. It was' organized with the following officers: President, Margaret Sullivan, '24, Secretary, Mary E. Green, '24, Treas- urer, Rufus H. Thompson, '26: Program Committee, Joan Cooke, '25, Grace Weiler, '24, Andrew Peters, '25, Property Manager, Dwight Strong,'25g Stage Manager, William Dreher, '25, Costume Manager, Florence Sears, '25. On Qctober 26, a very delightful masquerade party was held under the auspices of the club. Miss Helena Goessman added to the enjoyment of the occasion by telling several "ghost" stories. The club was fortunate in having the opportunity to hear Mr. Harold Smart give a dramatic reading of "Mrs. Bumstead Leigh," on November 19. Considerable dramatic ability has been shown in the plays "Diego's Dream" and "Love of a Bonnet," presented in assembly, and in "Tradition," which was given at the Student Social. As many of the people taking parts in these plays were underclassmen, there are line prospects for the Dramatics Club in coming years. 37 U99 dim III E-Z! n cn Xa N. rl x Q' Eb-elif' X 3.95531 51 5 x Nik: y A. f. l 5 e GI 'S' rv Q Fi 1:1 E! r. ua I Tn fs:- T! . A 1 -13.2 v . ui, 4 ' X 1, W4 X ' 5 s. ,vw . " "' X -S . fl: ,- .u S Q.. X Z -I ' I Y 4 P'1 Fi 3 fi ." -v Q.. rf Za "" "Q- H' ' L' :'2 .. Yi .4 ft. 54 5 LL: if ze' ,A ,...11 9 V-Q 75 65 9- W ES 5-'S un X Xxx A X Ag' a T ,. Ellie LBHID ENB Girlz Glluh The Girls' Club opened the year by electing the following officers: Prefident, Nlargaret Sullivan ' Vice-Prefident, Florence Sears Trearurfr, Grace Hardendorff Secretary, Rosamond Churchill The Club has been very active this year, enjoying an interesting and varied program. Miss Ni k . Nl' i i c erson, iss Henry and NTISS Field were elected Faculty Advisers, and much of the success of the club is due to their valu bl ' a e assistance. hleetings Were held in the auditorium on the first Wednesday of every month, and a program of great interest Was given at each meeting. During the membership drive, tags Were issued to the members. Various sub-divisions of the club were made, including the Riding Club, Golf Club, Camera Club, Tennis Club, Bridge Club, and Hiking Club. These held their meetings at various times, and reports of their activities were made at the regular monthly meeting by the chairman, if she desired to do so. The first important outing was a hike to the Gun Club held in late September. Accompanied by lWiss Nickerson, about twent irls lk y g . Wa ed out there and ate the lunches which they had brou ht Af g . tervvards a very brief business meeting was held, and then the girls played games of various sorts. They returned by trolley.. Shortly after that, came the walk to the cider mill in Hadley. This Was held Friday afternoon, after school, and a large group of Qthirstvj girls, accompanied by Miss Field, Went. i 44 T T TT F T T i 3 1 if le' . 1 9 N Ww- E64 9' 5,515 gin eff' gi! aff! c U61 fdrifl aw Diff if fd 'Y ,- it .l ff If .U n ' ' 'cffvlf ,.i-..- -L.?--- A. .. BZ. .L x wg-1-' 4,- nblvv -- X . tl ,I ' ' n yuan. is ifff ,rs zifillm' ff can G5 hai' c cn mflfh-my gmbfmr R7 in! Cub ff nib. 'TCG' ff id! 'Nei s 'i' . bf! gzcY?fw dfififc .h , W .pcs mnwiggg rc:ufU"f"'i-hifi , . T56 .fan J Annhvrat illigh Srhnnl, Basket ball teams were organized in each class under the auspices of th Girls' Club, with the following captains: Anne Landry '24 Audrev Bolles 'QSC Ellen Kelley '26, and Frieda Norell 327. Nfiss Pinnick' hono i ' u , u I 1 rary member of the Girls Club, coached the teams, assisted by Nfiss Armstrong. Three Senior-Junior games, and three Sophomore-Freshman games were held, t . i he Seniors and Soph- omores each winning two games. At the hIother's Night, held just before Christmas, the first Senior-Junior game took place and that was followed by a short play. Later, refreshments were served, and the mothers were given an opportunity to become acquainted with the officers of the Girls' Club, the faculty and other mothers. f At the meetings in January, February and March, Dr. Marian Rockwell gave a series of lectures of value to every girl. The Club is very grateful to her for her sympathy and kindness revealed in these lectures. A Of course, the big event of the year was the Girls' Club Dance, which was held February 8. About fifty couples attended, and every one appeared to enjoy himself or herself to a very great extent. During the latter part of February, a sleigh ride to Northampton was held. It was cold, but that made it all the jollier. On April fifth, hfiss Nickerson, Miss Tracy and a group of Csweet-toothedl girls went on a sugar-eat to Mr. Woodbury's Camp in Sunderland. After the delicious sugar, and the lunches which the girls had carried had miraculously vanished the grrls hiked up the mountain At the regular meeting in April NIISS Nfurdock of the Extension SCYVICC at NI A C gave a helpful lectule on styles appropriate colors and lines, and d1s played several of the latest dresses and shoes Uhr Cbnlil Eng 1511.2-:P Speaking Monday, April 14, 1924, the fourth annual Prize Speaking Contest for the h S h ol Auditorium Mr Carl M. Bogholt, Mrs. Nfillett Cup was held in the Hig c o . - Carleton P. Jones, and the Rev. Clair F. Luther acted as judges. Those to have their names inscribed on the cup were Helen Joy and Charles Dickinson, both members of the class of 1926. The program was as follows: lfred Noyes The River of Stars ................................ ..... A Ruth Winifred Graham He Knew Lincoln ..........,.......................... .... I da M. Tarbell Charles Augustus Dickinson ..William Dean Howells The Pilot's Story .,... .......................,... Florence Hart Sears A The Sacrifice of Sidney Carton ..................... .... C harles Dickens Everett Alfred Murray . . . .Rubenstein Violin Solo, Melody in F .......................... Charlotte Louise Allen .Henry W. Longfellow Hiawatha's Wooing .... ................. - .......... Kathleen Grace King . . . .Woodrow Wilson War Message to Congress ........................ Albion Davis Allen Ya We Are Seven .... . .................... . . .Kate Douglas Wiggin Helen Rita Joy . . . .Woodrow Wilson Memorial Day Speech .............................. Andrew Kittredge Peters Words by Fred F.. Weatherby Three for' Jack ..... ...................... Music by W. H. Squire ' Charles Augustus Dickinson 46 TH new Mm: ndllubzf dmv kc: zlelii-ts m A irlgzli Thi limizz. lin! Khiyq ai, ml If 11 , Lg '-bs., " . F Q, l ll -. avi ' 4 r nhl' 1 w-. 3 i v, l i . 2 :mm ing, Tmfrzshm hmmm 1 -liffhi Nom A I i Ida M.T1rbel !1D?12l'l0lii l C"?.ariesDicimsf Rubtwfll , 5. xv. A E lk'-:aim Wm i ww-ifv' W td ff Waihdbl ,H- SW' 5 v . Z Amlivrat I-Iigh gfhnnl Bvhating, Gllnh The Demosthenian Debating Club was organized in November, under the able guidance of lXIiss Shattuck, head of the English Department. The following oflicers were elected: President, hlarcia Church, '24g Secretary, Janet Jones, 725, Execu- tive Committee, hffarcia Church, ,24, Chairman Cex officiojg Edith Labrovitz, ,ZS and Hubert Barton, ,26. A constitution was drawn up by the Executive Com- mittee, and was adopted by the club. After three conferences with Hopkins Academy, the question uRe.voZaecZ, That the bill for adjusted compensation for the ex-soldiers should pass Congress," was chosen. Amherst Was to have the negative side. The date for the debate was set for April fourth. The following team was selected for this debate: Ruth Graham, '24, Edith Labrovitz, '25, Hubert Barton, 726, and alternate, lVIarcia Church, ,ZLL It is hoped that this club, which had such a good beginning, Will be enthus- iastically continued in the future years. 47 Uhr 6511121 Eng E5 Q Arr-1 ETICS 48 W ,fd milf ,CLI and uhm 'll QI! aim In huh Ba mln IH: hd Amherst High whnnl With due pride we remember that the records of this year's teams have been some of the best since our entrace into A. H. S. In September, everything seemed to be at its best, including school spirit. Coach Williams, to whom we owe so much, had a hard task before him at the beginning of each team's schedule, be- cause of the lack of experienced material. However, he put every effort into the work, and success has been the reward. The football team was light and inexperienced, but they came through the season with a fine record, having lost but two games, and these to teams far heavier and more experienced. In basketball the same difliculties had to be overcome, but, despite these drawbacks, the team progressed rapidly. Baseball has started with its handicaps of the same nature as those of the other teams. Thus far, one game has been played with the MZA.. C. 2-year team, which resulted in a victory for A. H. S. That is a good beginning and WC look for similar success throughout the season. f 49 1' 1541 611112 97 IU Q Eng A ff K" 'vs V 4' K' X -Q ' "7 ' I-'L' Z: ' , ., Q 5-1. 'ILL H .. 1' ,A ,. . 13 'f 1 Z 5' W gal 'ff ff' y rf, 'vll x ff" jf 1 41 " J . ,-111' ! fa ,a x 'gm ,-2 Uhr 1511111 Eng BASKETBALL With the departure of last year's class went our basketball team, leaving us with but few men who claimed any experience. The squad increased in number at the call from Mr. Williams, and again, as in football, he worked in the new men and turned out a successful team. Gardner High School surprised both themselves and us by defeating Amherst High at the start. After his game, Amherst went strong, and defeated Hopkins Academy and Springfield Central. The next victory was over Easthampton's team which defeated us in a return game on its own Hoor. Shortly after this, our team defeated the heavier M. A. C. 2-year team and then gave Hopkins a second jolt. Natick High and Smith Academy were hard games, but the team made a fine showing, and the opponents worked hard for their margin of a few points. On this team Reed and Stockwell represented the class of '24. THE TEAM Captain, Dowd M anager, Allen Coach, Williams Guardf: Dowd '25, Parnell '26 F orwara'.v: Joy '26, Reed '24 Center: Strong '25 Subftitutex Brown '25, Markert '26, Stockwell '24, Smith '26 52 The Mm: pam! was qpmur hqndd lm, lCZV1ng 'fi ln number the new men 198 Xmherst ted Hopkms sthamptons fter thls, our ms a second cam made a few pomts SWIMMING The swxmmmg team th1s year met the same sad fate as of last year Can d1dates appeared at the try outs and the best flfteen were chosen These men practlsed regularly Wlth Mr Kennedy, and aflalrs looked brlght for a good team but the few meets whlch could be scheduled were for varrous reasons cancelled by opponents The team then d1sbanded as there were no meets to work for but lt IS hoped that next year the team w1ll have better luck X I .AIl1hP1'B13HiQh Srhnnl QI I I il I I I . I 1 I I 2 ' II I - , I . T, I . I . I . I . I pl I I I v I 7 g Q I . . . 5 - I I ' 2 yi . . 1 n . , , . . I ' I I I S3 .5 A 5 ,SQ ,152 :QF f' ,1i"'7 11 f ' 9. 1 X - -1 3 ' gf if Uhr CEUIB Eng . . TH MPSON 81 SON -++2-I ,,.,.?4f-B+' HART SCHAFFNER Sz MARX CLOTHES, MALLORY HATS, INTERWOVEN SOX Specialists in Clothes for Young Men for T hirty-five years A Smart Collection Of All The New Things For SPRING and SUMMER The Store of Quality and .Service DRESSES G. Edward Flsher C2325 SKIRTS Dealers in BLQUSES SWEATERS DRY, FANCY AND HOSIERY BRASSIERS READY-TO-WEAR GOODS CQRSETS SILK UNDERWEAR ' The Woman's Shop Smart Apparel for Women and Misses A tf B tt 'k P gen or u erlc atterns Over A. gc P. Store MRS. A. X. PETIT, Mgr. S. S. H DE Optician and Jeweler 3 PLEASANT STREET QUD one Flight, 54 ,, 4 Al 42 Q 5 5 1 -S is rl 'l 'a -'K ,l I .Jain daL.4avl'sz iS'x'7-mf. X 1- .I Vis-15.44 .4 v '4 as ,vu ,f 4 will llc? QH g Cuyii, P . l l X 2 X ' Q lv ! gi al 5 'T-Y Sox 1 15 Ti I nl Qi 15 '! Se: 31 na OfAll For r IMER 4 V I 5 4 '1 tt I 1 r i 'r ERWEAR 1 t 1 hop l Mind s I 1 l 1 I I r I i 1 i gl. , FW Amhrrnt itligh Svrhnnl Bill 's College Drug Store W. H. MCGRATH, Prop. The Best Drug Store Service The Best Drug Store Merchandise - Henry Adams 8: Co THE REXALL STORE Hardware, Sporting Goods The Mutual Plumbing 8: Heating Company Dry and Fancy Goods Jackson 8: Cutler Complimentf of Page's Shoe Store Compliments of Deady's Lunch 'I Uhr cgnlh Eng Compliment! of Compliments of E, H, HARVEY Bolles Shoe Store The Place of Quality and Good Service SCALP TREATMENT SHAMPOOING "Marcel That Stays ' ' FACIALS A MANICURING Oil Permanent Waving SCHULTZ Inc. 223 MAIN STREET, V NORTHAMPTON OUT-DOOR SEASON IS ON Photographer Complete Stock of Tennis, Baseball and Golf Goods Photographer to A. H. S. for six ye A. J. H A Newsdealer and Stationer 56 s Amherst 1-Iigli Srhnnl I G '1 I -.ii l LA SALLE' ICE CREA That is Pleasing Different Sold Wherei uality Counts ,++g ll xi 1 1 1 ng++, LA SALLE-HILLMAN COMPANY NORTH HADLEY, MASS. GRANGE . COLLEGE GROCERY STORE CANDY KITCHEN Dealers in Ml FINE GROCEI-HES' YOU will always find the highest FRUITS AND CANDIES variety of purest and smoothest Ice Cream made under our new Local Distributors for S. S. Pierce Co. Sanitary Conditions. Specialties 1 GGDEAR OLD A. H. S.-- Loyal We'II be to youw YOU CAN DRESS WELL AT A MINIMUM OF EXPENSE Let "Jerry" help you choose your clothes N for every occasion COMPLETE OUTFITTER TO MEN E - - , , ARING Dress Clothes SPGCIHIISI PRESSINGAQEEQIQLTSGREP I LABRO ITZ 57 j4Vzi.::'Z-:QP'f"f+fqx1:.raw:1-P25-'liwliikz4ViW'4f?Qc21Nafrrv-gs-f51fxf,ra31y:g.v..,g-3:15155-1.3,g1gq5,:+35sifV+a:-:-r vc-ffqlggqf,fzfff---aim3,3-?::,Vg-gf 4.2 -V.-g:V:,..g:Vg:- :QV , ,Wim ,,,,, V Li 2,,,,,.,A. ,,. , ,,,. , X ffm X -Ayn., r...:,r. ,, .La - H. ,sn .,Q.L.,, ,,-. V.-sr V , af-V .v,.:-, . Q E. , . ,V.-,,.1,1 V ago- A- V, -.-.VM1-V.V--N , -V1 .- , 11,-V, , -V. S K H--. ggi.-1,:':,: :tural-V1a..r53v'.f1g u,.,4V.v4.y5,...n5gEg5y, '-'-f1w3ivLaTj,?Y'i-Ea'-:L?f.T11-frli 2Ve'xsfa-:Q543-111-14-.Qt.?,:5Sug:g,-,'V..:-Q :.ff.,.1z.sf.1. -.lf-5' .35 1V-f V14 :V 'V A--15:4-.--1.5: Q ,r w--'-V V- V ' we-,V-Vrazz-zsxfmqxga i'aQs:-5qe.,fa,-sa:-,V -aawxrri f"z.q::s.f5r5-i3Q4gVf -1335,V5:..3,g.g,5t51513-5,:fg3,5:gg3 -fgqgjk I. ' 151: , 4:5 . " gwwgi Qrlielfi'-1fr.:fL.,?1v?1Nye?-::3r::gg,hr13::us:..?s':''5'f::1fg.,5i.-.e..AV,,gf. W1t:,V.,I:VQ-,- -.L -.3-QQ w-5.g11s:,rQV:g.--,q:11-3:::V+iV:::f11" -Vi? Eff . " V .. V ' V X X - V. ,, .. ,AV .Va-.. ,v, ':,,,,,, ..,. ,,...V . -f-Z',,. ,.-f -. V--,ww Q., V . 1 -.-f--.- 4- -,.--V, .- VV V--., V V V V , .--Vurggtf pV,r,4.::2.w:V:g?:.,f :?,,A5..-ry -q.,,,gg..21,AL:5 , V 4,,-51-Q-Cm npr- 1-1.g.V,,A 115,152 3,35 ,,fggvg-L1g,p4-5-..-f:,- f.Vx,..f.V,V,,-Jqy, -:gl V ,y .,V 4, :. , ,V V -, V ,. V V , , . .-V. - f.?VV---.--1--gwr.-z.yf.Vs,N , fV,:,VV- -J A,,QQ2,-A.. f-- --f f, .Y - 1-4 ,-- -. - V V - - - V VV -' .4 - V- - VVV V sw--,Vg 3-...A V -, ' ,VW ,.a- .4. M :'raVfw1,.,15,1.f--u1-...4.1V.uv--'24-V-'1 I ' ' - ' -,fm . VV .- V-.:NV., - gig, NV- My V Muff- X-N-4,f:2f:.,,1i,5k A l ' Y""'V' 'a 1V .f V' A .f Vw. V-"f:.' ..,, , , '1 . V .5 , -,i.g,g,, gm- -My Q..-. . Ig- 445, .g,p.,,,4.y , Wa,1..ef'1,,,4:jv . , ,..4,,,:.',,. V . Q.--Y . ,f 7. 5 ,V Y MA. , .g..,.,,LVA , U wx 5. V ,L-3,-. 91159 MRM- f fu.!,.'aeV-1-' V -f1f5'v+'V"':x a" 'r Q' ' ' - ,, . ,V Mu. . .-. X - X x . . , V , . , . . 1 'f ' , 1 .V VV W - w V iw. " .,,a, , ff. ,-,' - V :Jig " J- -1'4,l'fja ' m L,m.4,S - A ' - fs:-:Q--.. ..g-..-,-..h........,gg, ., 'rw NLLLZJ .,,v. g. X, V-F...

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