Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA)

 - Class of 1922

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Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA) online yearbook collection, 1922 Edition, Cover

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Uhr Qinlh Mug Eviliratinn In Smiziv li. Allen Zin gratefull rrrngnitinn uf her quits Ingalig in A. I-I. 57, aah hm' frirnhlgu, eifrrivni guihunrv, fnunil almagn at the zrruire uf hm' pnpilz thin cgnlh Eng ia Pifreriinnaivlg hvhiraivh. 2 Amhrrzt Qigh Srhnnl SAISIE E. ALLEN V r , M I G I - --1 ,- p pb fx v ' ,- -o ,-. 'Il .g .-' -1 .- , .- ,.4 1 5. 3-Xmhvrnt High Srhnnl Ahminiztratinn After the change of administra- tion in the year of 1919, the work of the High School was continued most successfully under the eflicient leader- ship of Mr. Jason O. Cook, principal, and Mr. Brown, assistant principal. When Mr. Cook, in the middle of the school year, 1920, was promoted to the ollice of Superintendent of the Amherst Schools, Mr. Brown was given the entire responsibility of the principalship. The high scholastic standard and examination system, of which Mr. Cook was the promoter, Mr. Brown has maintained, ranking our school among the best of secon- WILLIAM H. BROWN JASON o. cook dary schools. Despite his numerous duties, lV1r. Brown has endeavored to come into an intimate contact with the individual, and has always shown a keen interest in the work of each pupil. During the past year, a system of Student, Government has been in- troduced, which gives indications of proving most successful. We feel confident that the under- classmen will receive the same stim- ulus for high effort and earnest en- deavor, that lNlr. Brown has given us in the past year. li- I . fxff .lr . - A A nd' :Inf . ffx 1 . v:4 1 x XY -'x . yu. v 1 .--f ' ' fx.-lk.-f -.qv ,- p . .A ww.. . .Am . "d,7,.,............,...,. . V,,, ,, im, . X - . - .. ,-1, . X,----2"f0.1-lj. A 4' . i 9 , ' ' 1 - .msg-r 0 , "1 , N F+4lwe Q. - -. ff?-513Q?fi. ,i " -Q I -'- Q. vw. .. 2- g S , -Af X 1' - - ux,.,'f M-Q.-' I-vwgM4vQ.s.J--W xi-ur-pity-. ' 9 , ' . , r W. ,XS sf' 9 ,.-IJ.. f' N Ni A -'w' .,,J1gv,gazgyfi,g.5N?: ,.Q f3',gg-,lkv ..-1,9 X Nc' mf-. J.-fgvcffsw-"'fW!.1as.f4.iI -ffwv .nm WX 5' . ,1- f-o "1 fx ll wo ,- ml p- I-f 111113 fir fx -41 P-1 V W .4 ,,,f "1 P-1 X 'li 'T' "f' A- , ,w ' , z' fT fu ka , .X V, ,X Amhvrzi illigh Svrhnnl iliarultg William H. Brown ...., .,,..., ...... ,.....,. .,...... P rincipal, Geometry, Geology Isabel Field Con leave of absencej ,.v.e.. ..,..e..,,....... . ...Hirtory, English Alice W. Churchill ,....,e.,,,,.,i ,,,,,., ie,,.,,..,...,.,....,,.....,...,. F r ench,iGerman Walter E. Fairman ..,.e.....,.e, ,......, H eacl of Commercial Department May F. Grady Cresignedj iM,,,,. ..,,...,..,.,..,....e,,.... . .....,,..,,,....,.. F rench George E. Williams ,,..,..,ie .e,...,..,,,, . ,,,.. P hysical Education Saisie E. Allen .,...... Nelene G. Gettell ..,.i,..., Elizabeth M. Good .... . Ruth E. Morse .i...,.oer Edith L. Pinnick ,... .. Florence M. Reed.. . Scott M. Buchanan ...,.. Miriam T. Buchanan Richard W. Hatch-.. Grace B. Holton... William Short .... .. Alfred L. Tower ,...,,. . Virginia L. Truslovv.. Mildred S. Davis .,.... Ruth E. Henry ,..,,,,., P. Henry Shea ..,... Gladys M. Glazier... ..--....Heacl of Hiftory Department' ........Heacl of Englifh Department ..................Shortliancl, Typewriting ......-Drazoing, Manual Training, Printing ..-Physical Education ....... .......... . .- ....... ................... M athematics Qresignedj ........ . .. ..... Biology, General Science, Algebra -......Heaal of Glaffical Department Heacl of Science Department ............. ................... D omeftic Science .........Biology, General Science, Algebra Hiftory .....-.......-....Frenclz ...-...-Secretary 7 '75 V I 1 A f 1 w X Amhrrat I-Iigh Svrhnnl I his CEHIEI Eng Editor-in-Chiqf Ruth Truesdell Affociczte' Editors' Adelaine Atherton lWargaret Honney Dorothy Keyes Bufirterf Manager Statifttcal Editor Leo Novick Florence Giles Advfrtiring Zlfanager Athletic Editor Elizabeth Farley GeorgeKenney Profiting by the experience of the Class of 1921, plans for the Gold Bug were formed early in the year. The entire literary committee Worked faithfully in pre- paring the material. The class Will Was Written by Adelaine Atherton and Margaret Honney, and Dorothy Keyes Wrote the account of the Junior Play. As statistical editor, Florence Giles put in a great deal of hard Work. Much has been done in an effort to make the price lower than that of last year. For that purpose have been used the proceeds of the Senior-Faculty basket- ball game. A most original and unusual social was held the third week of May, which enormously increased our funds. There have been many delays. One of the supervisors fell down stairs, and was unable to have her picture taken, and a boy lost his write-up in his mathe- matics book. g The staff sincerely hopes that this book, though faulty, will be pleasing to the class as a reminder of four happy years of toil. V P ,lf Z3 Ein' 031' I h mlm , Q- V 1 QQ ' l,77f"L4Nx:zv 1 1' ,k " "6 X Q.. -,ww 'A' H :FQ A I N' w . , XX X K - - f ' F- - 1 ,iv l1X':l.,A h. Il is - Swag, If 5 V J XX ,-,:fww'fc ' .1 A , '-V 1 0 V N7 . ,Q A I fs- . V fy , f ' ' V: N ' ' 2 , , ' ' fl X ' . We "ff, V A sf-, I , V I AI' 'rl LMS. 1 -4. A' I I 4 ,A ., U. N, 'A h ff f 471, . e,, , . , I ,4 , V U . -.f ,lu-v 4 ' f .1 wi :I . ' . J k,M.-uh' 'I R V , 1 'l ' J' ' f in ., Q g.'J.f..f"'x f " if fi" ' ' iv" " I 'jf' , MFI ,, , .-if X" ., U I k ' I f ' F-,wry Ax 3-fy.:-am Q, I ' 1'f -1 Vi V 2' - 'Y' 'V' --fy: QV I W , l.zfg,yV"' ,-, - V ' I .M 4 gi ' U 512217 '55, Hifi! Vf , 4 sg . V f -I . -- We X -W H4 4-.5 1 WL..-.Q fflf :Uv V, N - VJ - ga- J gr ,, v lf? in A 1 A ' A z ' MI "V, N --M... aj ' ' A 5:2-Q 1, ,,,. V ,wig 'Vj'Qi,1,.,e3i , N YYY M. ' VV -.fV-V: V A . , 34. H . ,. m,,, , A 1. , Q 1 1 B---A -. - . -"G u 7 ,. I1 -I-1:0 LEIST 5 Cane 10 Amhrrat I-Iigh Sfrlynnl LEO NOVICK C4 NOUE77 Uhr 0112155 Kutchitz, Russia, March 13, 1904 Class Basketball Q41 Junior Play Committee Q31 Junior Play Cast Q31 Pro 1Werito Q31 Secretary-Treasurer Science Club Shakespeare Club Class President Q41 Student Council Q41 Chairman Social Committee Q41 Chief Editor Graphic Q41 Future, M. A. C. H Toiling, rejoicivig, forrcwing. Onward through life he g0e.f."-Longffllofw. o ELINORE MAY ELDRIDGE 4' Hubbyn Brattleboro, Vermont, lV1ay 15, Social Committee Q41 1905 CLAR ENCE HOWARD PARSONS LC Ilapw North Amherst, 1904 Class President Q11 Q31 Class Vice-President Q41 Pro lV1erito Student Council Q41 Class Basketball Prize Speaking Q31 Future, M. A. C. "M'ag1Lijiceht fpfctaclf of human happi1zerJ." -Sydfzfy Junior Play Committee Q31 Junior Play Cast Q31 Library Committee Q31 Secretary Student Council Q41 Senior Reception Committee Q31 Class Secretary and Treasurer Q41 Assistant Editor of Graphic Q41 Graduation Committee Q41 Pro lVlerito Q31 Chairman Dramatics Club Q31 Shakespeare Club Future, Smith College "Dux ffmihcz fartif- Virgilh' flmzfid. 11 ' kl-gi --ff" W ' Elin' U3nlh H1119 l l"l,HIll'.XR'I1l'l.IZXl1l'III XI,I.l'N .lil " ".'v, lin'-If-Il, . 2" I-CV. 'full llI.llll.lll1 Civil' fi 'l l'illlllll'. l 11.11-.i.l-wi 1 H1 .f,fv -f f,,1,1 1.11, ,inf fm lffffl 1 ADELAINE ATHERTON "Adi, Amherst, Mass., june 16, 19011 Pro Merito C35 Gold Bug Stall CLD Shakespeare Club Cflj Graphic Board C41 Future, Smith College "Thou living my of iiztffllfctual jim."-Falrrnzrz JOHN HENRY BIAS "f0l11z111'e"' Amherst, lXflass., December 26, 1902 Football CU Class Basketball CU Q21 13D C-D Nlusical Club Q45 Future, Undecided "Hi: only labor war to kill the tz'n1e.',-Tll0mPf0n ,Ya 12 X Amlpzrnr 'High 55-vrhnnl MILDRED ANN BRAY ffmfdgfff Granby, Mass., March 3, 1904 Future, Undecided "A gmtle, harmleff maid." MILDRED ESTHER BROWN LCMil!y77 Plainville, Mass., June 17, 1904 Dramatics Club C45 Class Social Committee C11 Future, North Adams Normal School "Of mannerf, of ajecliovzf mildf'-Pope. MARGUERITE ZEINER BROWN "Grain" Amherst, Mass., August 4, 1903 Treasurer of Orchestra C25 Future, North Adams Normal School fe penn, dom je July. DeCa1tfJ 13 Elin' Qinlh mug! ICIJNX I,1I,1.I1XN Q I..XR1x '1'LlI117I'1L1QL', X'l'I'lIlHIl1, X1111-1-11 121. 111113 1'1ll1lll'L', 1111L1l'L'1L1l'L1 uljlllllj lf11'21.g1 funn' 111 11111111 jun 1'f1rfr1 MAB EL JANE CLARK Sunderland, Mass., June 21, 1903 Dramatics Club C41 Future, Undecided "I am fearfully and w011dmj'ully 'l7ldL21l'.,, 7 fn. We MABEL FRANCES ELLIS Hnma' Charlernont, Blass., July 26, 1903 Future, Undecided "Say not llzai flu' did wr!! or illf' Unly, "She dia' her Zami."-f1Iul0rk. 14 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 Q Amlierzt High Svrhnnl ELIZABETH FARLEY cclzlyza, Lynn, Mass., July 24, 1903 Secretary Girls, Club C11 Vice President Girls, Club C35 President Girls' Club Q4D Business Manager junior Play C3D Chairman Library Committee CSD Member Student Council Q41 Advertising Manager Gold Bug Dramatics Club Q4j Shakespeare Club Future, NI. A. C. 'CFO1' if ,the will, Jhe will, you nz And ifflze won'Z, fhe won't, Jo ZlLere'f an encl on't',. CFro1n the pillar in the Dane john C45 ay depend onit- Fielcl, CanterlJury.l ELEANOR FROST "F1'ofty,' Melrose, Mass., April 7, 1906 Pro Merito Glee Club C35 C41 Treasurer Girls' Club QZD ' Junior Play Cast Graphic Staff 14D Prize Speaking C42 Senior Reception Committee C31 Chairman Dramatics Club C45 Class Social Committee CU CQD C4D Shakespeare Club Future, Middlebury College "Some Zlzlnk it wrong lo fel llze feet a-dancing But no! Jo Il Some lllinlc lhal eyef flzoulcl leeep fro Bu! nol fo Il'7-Oxenforzl. HELEN FLEURY lCFlu77 Amherst, Mass., March 24, 1903 Future, Undecided " Happy am I,f1'01n care I'1n free! Why ezrenlt they all contented like ine? nz coyly glanelngl.. 105 Elie 61115 Eng VIOLA AMELIA GAHAN Divide, Col., May 21, 1903 Drarnatics Club C45 Debating Club C45 Shakespeare Club C45 Worcester Classical High Future, Undecided "God bleu thy Zungf, kind lady."-Shaleefpeare l"I,ORIiNCIfI GREENWGOD GILES K' Flo.r.vz'e,' Boston, Mass., February 18, 1903 ' Class Secretary and Treas Graphic Board C45 Ciultl Bug Stall. Slmlacspcnrc Club lfulurc. Wheaton College "f'1':'f' n1in11le.f.' I have all my Iliff fuzzy." u rer C25 been ,fue minutef too late SADIE EVA GINSBURG CCS1'd7, Slonirn, Russia, December 29, 1904 Girls' Basketball C15 C25 Prize Speaking C35 C45 Graphic Editor C45 Pro Nlerito C35 President of Orchestra C45 Glee Club C45 Future, Smith College HII!lIF77CL'? Ufhere? Ufhy? What? H 16 Shakespeare Club C45 l Amherat I-Iigh Svrhnnl lX4ERLE HAWLEY "MulZie" Amherst, Mass., September 14, 1903 Glee Club C25 C35 Reception Committee C3D Graduation Committee C4D Executive Committee C41 Library Committee CSD Dramatics Club C4j Social Committee C45 Future, College C H The mirror of all courtffy."-Shakexpeare. l l ADDIEVILLA JEWETT 64 Winslow, Maine, March 2, 1903 Junior Play C3j Y Prize Speaking C41 Graduation Committee C4j Future, Undecided "Love ir a bmufiful dre'am."-lV1'll1'am Sharp. MARGARET THERESA HONNEY I" Honeyu Amherst, Mass., February 10, 1904 Pro Merito C35 - Gold Bug Staff C41 Future, OH'lCC Worli Sludiouf of fare a11cl'f011d of humble Zhi1zgf." -Ambrofe Philipr P17 Ellyn Gnlh Bing VIRGINIA MAY KEEFE Hfinniel' Amherst, Mass, July 24, 1904 Debating Club C41 Shakespeare Club C45 Dramatics Club C4j Graphic Board C41 Future, Undecided "Often faltering feet Come .fureft to the g0al.',- Van Dyke. I,IiSI,I Pl MARIE KELLY U 1.e'.f.YU .-Xmhcrst, Xlz1ss.,july 17, 1904 Orclieslra CID C21 liusliclball fill Slxzikcspcnre Club C4j Ulce Club liij MJ l'iUlllTC, lfrzimingliam Normal sity Teachers' College. "She ,fflllll-r'.V nzuffe, I opine :Ind nlllrr lIl5',f1F!'I.t',f dz':'z'1ze.' and Boston Univer- GEORGE SHAW KENNEY hlichigan, 1903 Class Basketball 13D C41 h4anager Football C4j President Athletic Association C45 Student Council Q4D Graduation Committee C4j Gold Bug Stall C4D Future, College Milly life if one dem'd horrid gri1zd."-D1'Ckf?U 18 Shakespeare Club Q4j l 2-Xmhnrat High Svrhnnl DOROTHY ICILDA KEYES K4D0t77 Upper Port La Tour, uary 29, 1905 Pro Merito C35 Gold Bug Staff 'C4D Girls' Basketball C35 Shakespeare Club C4j Future, Business College " Her mode!! lookf the rottage might adorn Swami df the primrofe pfzpf bmzarlz zfhf' tlzornf' -Goldfmith. Nova Scotia, Canada, jan- GWENDOLEN LEWIS "Gwen" Mount Vernon, N. Y., May 2, 1903 Mandoline Club C45 Shakespeare Club C41 Future, College " Her very quaintmffy clzarmf the fyfn. BESSIE KIMBALL LEVIN ll-BEJ,-5.77 Springfield, Mass., December 1, 1904 Prize Speaking Q4D Future, Undecided "Bid me dircourfg, I will enchant thing ear 19' I A Amhvrzt High Svrhnnl RUTH BARBARA MORIARTY 'cRuthie'l Westlield, Mass., June 28, 1903 Head Usher Junior Play C35 Future, Undecided "And .vo :he never worried Nor .vat up late Z0 cram, Nor wax ,the ever flurried But .the paffeal in her exam." DORIS OLNEY SMITH CCD0t77 Elizabeth, New Jersey, 1902 Basketball CLD Future, Undecided "Speach if greatj but Jilerzee if greater." HARRIET ROBINSON PORTER CC Hay? Northampton, August 2, 1903 Basketball C15 Class Secretary and Treasurer Graphic Board C25 Junior Play Committee C3j Pro Merito' CSD Class Vice-President C31 Future, Nursing 'Uiffrierzal to all the world." 21 Ellie CEHIII ifiug MARION SPAULDI NG ggSpud77 Amherst, April 2, 1904 Dramatics Club C47 Graduation Committee CLD Future, Undecided "Il if good To lL'7Zg2fhK7Z to tho loft a funny mood."-Lowell Rl Ill .XNXX Sl RC1 .XIlllll'Ihl. unc 2, UNH- Sclu-nl CJ1'L'l1csl1'a flj CZ' l'l'H Klc1'iIrifNJ Slunliwpuzirc Club f-lj 1 lm Cr llcrc Ullzmzlflr fm'1114,ff of lanowlvdgvg mighty by raf- flff'1'.n'- Kffvlirzg. l5LlZABl.'1'l'H XV. TRUESDELL 661111177 XVcndell, Nlass., February 5, 1904 Future, Nursing A H3141 I am co1z.vta1zt df lhf Northern SfL11'.,, -Slzakefpearf. 22 AWHPYHT Binh Sfrhnul RUTH HOWLAND TRUESDELL Wendell, Mass., February 15, 1905 Pro Merito Editor-in-Chief Gold Bug Student Council GD Future, Wheaton College, Illinois " ' Tir good will molar: i11tflligfnce.''-Emerron FLORENCE EDITH WAGNET "Fl0rfif', Adams, Mass.,'April 3, 1904 Pro Nlerito Junior Play Cast C3D Dramatics Club C35 CLD Shakespeare Club C49 Future, North Adams Normal, Bridgewater Normal for P. Education "Bu: olz, ,rho dancer Juclz a way! No Jun upon an Ellilff Day IJ half ro jing' zz rL'glLl.H-Slzakwpmrf. JOH N TULENKO ll TuZg77 Bayonne, New Jersey, June 14, 1904 Varsity Football CSD Class Football C41 Future, Columbia University "Comb down hir hairy look, loole! it ftamlf upright -Slzaleefpeare. .., 7777 .- 77 -..- 23 Uhr 6EnIh ling FRANCES ALMIRA WARNER Hfrafzkifw Holyoke, Uctober 5, 1902 Glee Club C35 C41 Orchestra Q41 Junior Play Q35 Future, Crane Normal Institute of Music, Potsdam N. Y. "Bright gem, imtinct with mufic, vocal Jparkf' -Wordfwortlz. 14 x A, xx ll.X .-N. ,Xpril san. mm l fr'tItfIl?.Q mmflzuf, rzlrunyf wound up and going." Lowfll. GRACE li. WHIPPLE CSGZTSQ ,'XI'l1llCI'St, Klay 12, 1902 Orchestra C25 Mistress of Ylfardrobe Uunior Playj Future, North Adams Normal "For .rurfly fllfjlaff' Jinccrrft H710 arf .vlrongly arfrd on by wha! if 1zfarf,rI." --Byron. 124 3-Xmhrrnlil-Iigh Svrhnnl l HELEN ANDERSON WHITE "Whitie,' Amherst, December 10, 1903 Treasurer and Secretary C31 Property Manager Q35 Play Committee C35 Pro Merito Library Committee C35 Reporter for Graphic CLD Shakespeare Club CLD Future, Middlebury College 'Uilbove' our Ziff we love a .fteadfart friendf, -Marlowe. 4 LYLE COURTLANDT WITT " Willie" Dana, Mass., April 18, 1904 Social Committee CID Junior Play Cast CSD Basketball Manager C45 Athletic Council C45 Student Council QD Debating Society QD Head Cheer Leader QLD Class Basketball C25 C35 C41 Track Team C20 Future, Undecided "Who dow not love wine, women, and Jong, Rfmaim a fool hir whole life long." -Illartin Luther TT Y Amherst llligh Srhnnl Mort Popular Girl .,.. ..,, , Mort Popular Boy .... Bert All-Round Girl ........ .. Bert All-Round Boy ..i.,... . Bert Looking Girl .......,.. Bert Looking Boy .... Mort Brilliant Girl.- Mort Brilliant Boy ..,,..,. Grind .A...o...,,........o,... Tarclg r....o.,o Varnp .,....,. F uysern.. Dreamer .,,.... M ufician .....,... Poet .,,.....,.. Windiest ....,..o,o Bluj .,..,.,,o Sunrhine o.,,,. Cgenmua E oi..... Eleanor Frost -. .-i-..Clarence Parsons ...Elinore Eldridge Clarence Parsons Lucille Martin A ...o... George Kenney i...Ruth Truesdell Clarence Parsons Adelaine Atherton ......-Virginia Keele Addievilla Jewett Ma'oel Clark Bras Frances Warner .Elinore Eldridge Lyle Witt Ruth Moriarty Clarence Parsons 27 K 41 .1 f f, V. if I Q I1 if X Amhrrat Fliigh Svrhnnl As We realized our future need of of getting them, and challenged the Faculty to a basketball game. This caused great excitement and a large attendance even attract' , ing some of the alumni. The Faculty Won by a close score, but the Seniors received the money. The Senior Dance Was also a financial success, besides being adgala night. During this year student government was inaugurated, and the school now has a student council consisting of the officers of the four classes, editors of the Gold Bug and Graphic, respectively, President of the Girls' Club, and managers and cap- tains of the athletic teams. Three seniors have put life into the Graphic, and Bessie Levin and Addievilla Jewett have had thier names inscribed on the Millet Cup, as prize speakers. Members of '22 are at the head of Dramatics Club, Glee Club, and Girls' Club, and We are Well represented in Shakespeare Club, Orchestra, and Debating Society, three of the most valuable extra activities. . The stirring school song, which proclaims the spirit of Amherst High, was Written by three girls of '22, But now, tho in this Gold Bug, the history of '22 is nearing an end, in reality its history is only beginning, for the lives and accomplishments of every member of '22 shall add to its glory. funds, We decided upon an original method Harriet Porter. -H1Efi-H5S-65551,:"i::-Q:-:iggnh " 'Jj9:3"NYl:2:fi -7.--f'-Qwhhlp. .q,.i5E!ie:g?,5u5::,::gr-e:1zjw:r,, ,... .Egg M .:5:.i1':-5.199Q2-'1i'!1?T.gQ3zi'-5.22551 M., H?5'l3:Hi2i'r-:- N'f'JJi-aiisisiw' ziitdkizffff-'-. 'ries-wear-:-: 'ia-sssvssffzfzf ,.f5:.i-3393?-Lili' ihiiifi' , ' .. -wfizf-fwizairszs - fzfzxfsfswffmw- -,P '+g.g:gg:q-,-Q. . -""'.4-ia? -:haf-fa -'qw' -.Zg,,,,.,E1,.,,,.. 3::,.:m9!,:h,, --mga., -'fb ,, " C. " - , -2-f.-g,,fmr 2:5 .-:.g-. J- ,. '24,-5-J. .i,-3525:-"1 '29 1 E if in Amhvmt I-Iigh Svrhnnl 4-X ' 'u ss Ks ll iw 'mi bg "fp I-f ,' Y U -ijt! gg, f '1'1iQ'lll't A . 'lj lil i P 'I i M VVhile wandering once through forest green I chanced upon a prophet, VVho told a strange and wondrous tale, Though l've no doubt you'll scoff it. YVe sat beneath a rocky cliff Like oracles of old. I questioned him about my friends, This is the tale he told. "Upon the sign boards everywhere, Throughout this fertile valley Are advertised the dancing pair, Blithe Atherton and Alley. To aid their lightly tripping feet, And soften angles sharp, Qur Leo breathes sweet melodies Upon his native harp. lXfliss hfloody, a police girl now, Rules traffic on the corner. She's pulled in 'Tlasolene Truesdellw l"or speeding with lXliss Warner. Two Xlillianis men, North Adams found, Where were the sweet Brown cousins, The Normal now is minus two, lint the girls are raising dozens. ,,,, Q-flw.-, Ill F X L Amhvrai Fliigh Svrhnnl Florence Wagnet has become A star, led by Lucille. These charming two do grace the screen In movies of one reel. Two studious girls to college Went Leslie and Vi Gahan. One got a Dizzy spell at Smith, The other got a man. A school for etiquette in town ls run by Bess and Sadie, Where Clarence Parson's daughter goes To learn to be a lady. Ruth hloriarty, and hflable Clark Have stunned the fashion world, With captivating gay coiflures, Tres neat though beaucoup curled. Helen Fleury and Doris Smith Together with Dorothy Keyes, llaye manufactured perfumed rouge Gay debutantes to please. And last of all, the financiers Alice, Klabel and hlargaret I-lonney, Are playing tips in Belchertown And filling banks with moneyf, just as the prophet closed his tale, lcle smiled, "lYell as for you, 'Tis glory enough to have been one ' ' '99 " I Ol the class ol ..... lffzizzorr IW. Eldridge Eine Multi Iiug tl ...V - wi- W ,Q if S limit will emit Elvatztmrnt 5' s' , 1 LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT or THE CLASS or 1922 D ll ' the clods of earth Strike upon the cofhn wherein reposes the corpse of f u 3 thc lvtst four years of educational agony and with avid haste the sobered Juniors, l l S -rin f So homores and hysterically Weeping Freshmen turn from the grave to nu tt 5. P attend the reading of the last will and testament of the class of 1922. L . I" With whole-hearted affection We endow, give and bequeath to the Junior .. L, Class our unrivaled splendor, high scholastic Standing, fine sportsmanship and deep ztusterity. May the example which We have set for them continue to be the guiding star of their lives. lt is with genuine feeling that the girls of the class of 1922 leave to the unior - girls our masculine element in order that they may never feel a Want like unto ours 'l'he Senior Graphic editors bequeath to their successors the Discard Box of the present Graphic by which they may be aided in carrying on the Work thus far so nobly advanced. As a last refuge in speedy times the Senior girls leave to their successors the Cloak Room of Room Nine. We endow the future inhabitants of Room Nine with the large dictionary so that there will not be too great a demand for the one in the library PERSONAL BEQUESTS l lilizztheth l7arley's height to Miss Holton that she may more highly appreciate l.:ittn writers. high chair to hir. Buchanan that he need no longer sit on his desk H linllll' xlllflllj' s surplus weight to hdildred Mcliimmie that she may satisfy ll' L' llllf. I ll.ut'ille Xlartin's appetite to Ruth Fairrnan that she may gain Weight to ball lvl' 5l'lllllS. .Ntltlit-villzt -lewett's "frat" pin to Katherine Smith to pin her down ll' Fll V111 s mind to the high school atmosphere that it may never beco S t rt. :Jl::1"g'ltiifggltitfqllillilElllrlefs, to Qliye Owen that she may achieve frivoluity. M H html bcqilcgl WC 7. ,aura Fish that she may strike a happy medium xtruwlcd M hvmicmv WNSLIN ond farewell to each of the dear teachers who 1 , us in the battle of the past four years Adelatrte Atherton, Margaret Honrwv y J ,. 1.4 Amherst Qglg Safhnnl . f , 4? X N f jl azaafiaaggm,--f lat l. O Q gr IAQ t -1- af. ., xp . OW 1 " 5' l if , x X QXEFJ. x ' xo .P ' i. 4 - 1' x, - . 1 Q , Bm if lt is with a feeling of pride and gratification that the Class of 1922 looks back upon its third year to the production of the Junior Play, "A Rose o' Plymouth Town" by Beulah hilarie Dix and Dorothy Sutherland. With lX'Ir. Richards as coach, and an enthusiastic and determined cast, the play was predestined to be a success. There was Eleanor Frost who played the clever role of Rose de la Noye, the charming, petite French girl, who by her lovable ways and mischievous wiles cap- tivated the' heart of Garrett Foster Cplayed by -lohn Soldinil, a daring, devil-may- care English chap of sterling qualities. His conquest of Rosels affections sorely vexed John hlargeson, the stolid, renowned braggart of Plymouth Qplayed by Sidney Wauglij. There, too, was Florence Wagnet as Miriam Chillingsly, the young English cousin, whose apparent affection for John Margeson wrought havoc with the heart of Phillips, Roseis irrepressible brother Cplayed by Lyle Wittj. l eo Novick distinguished himself as Captain Miles Standish, with Elinore Eldridge as Barbara, his serene, cornely wife. To Frances VVarner is attributed a distinctly finished portrayal of Aunt Resolute Story, a garrulous old maiden aunt, whose unceasing search 'for a new sensation had brought her to Plymouth. All the shivers behind the scenes were changed to warm thrills at the first ringing up of the curtain. The audience was enthusiastic in its approval of the Stage cralt, which had been left to the skill of Miss Morse, and the management of George Kenney, Stage Manager, ltilizabeth Farley, Business hflanagerg Helen White, PfOpCrtiy lVlanagerg and as the actors appeared, each one received a hearty ovation- The cast reported that there were many humorous touches to the rehearsals, such as Garrett in the throes ol his lirst sneeze, or lXfliriam's attempts at hysterical gm 7, l-'1-gi-liif 245 Ellie fglllh Eng afternoons of preparation were kept from being tedious . . ' b t all the long . Efiirjiiwnigt CO-operation of each individual and the able coaching of Mr. Richards. ' lifx ROW of plymouth Town" Will longfbe remembered by all who saw and h d it 35 gi play far surpassing the usual amateur effort, in a splendid picturiza- ear a -s . tim, of those long departed days when our forefathers made their great struggle for life and home in the new A1T1CfiC3- Dorothy I. Keyex Erztmattirn Glluh This year, instead of having the Dramatics Club a section of the Girls' Club, we have formed a High School Dramatics Club which includes the boys. At first about fifty persons joined. Then, in Cctober, the club gave a masquerade in the Assembly Hall which was enjoyed by so many that our membership immediately increased. lfntil April there had been no regular meetings of the Club, but at a meeting held for that purpose, it was decided that the dues be ten cents a month and that meetings be held every second Wednesday throughout the school year, at which there would be readings and recitations. The Club has financed the production of the scenes from "Merchant of Venicev, given on Shakespeare's birthday, and a "strong-arm squad" was organized for carry- ing furniture to complete the scenery. Two plays, "Three Pills in a Bottlew, and "TWO Cooks and a Ladyn, on Which the Dramaties Club are now Working will be given before school closes. X G . -R ' -in '45- l l 5 .3 '--qu-' 'Ha-, 5' Q 3 -81,-iv' -qgyiggfl' ..-. . ,-.- 1 i 4 il. egg 36 Amhrrut Hgh Sarlmul C5112 Chirlu Qlluh The Amherst lligh Seliool Clirls' Club began the year with great enthusiasm. The following ofheers were eleeteel: l,l'z',l'I.fjr'l!f, lflizztbeth harley, l'1'rt'-l'n:r liljfllf, ltrztnees Thompson, Y'n'r1,r1m'r, hlztutl Xlztrsltztll, Sf't'1'rla1't'. lllorenee Sears. The Club nuts tlivitlt-tl into lour seetions: the Glee Club, Dramaties Club, Camera Club. ztntl liusltetlvull Club. l'line musie was furnished at many ol the high school gutlit-rings lit' the Cllee Club. The Drzitnztties Club, including any of the boys interestetl, hats sturtetl two plays wltielt give promise of great success. Un l'iCl3I'llllI'l' twenty -liourtlt, the ztnnuztl Ciirls' CNlL1bTDZ1I1CC,tl1C greatest feature ol the yt-ur, wus heltl in the lligh Seliotil .Xutlitorium. About lifty couples attended :intl musie nuts lnrnislietl by XXltmt1tlwt1t'lltiSOl'CllCSlI'1lOlTXl.A. C. The .ftnilit-rst Qmllegt- cilllllllwllllll wats obtztinetl on Frielzly, hlareh thirty- lirst. Xlztny girls txtint- :intl stiewt-tlt-tl in liztving at "rolliel4ing', good UIUC- Later , . . iittlic-vt-z1i'zi l':trt-nts Xielit is iilgtnnt-tl. 3 'l'lit- ptrrpose ol the tiirls' Club the estublisliment of good fellowship amon tht- girls line, lit-t-it uit-ll tttitit-tl out. gli- I CSI .::r- 'S 9 D 0- CV FS B 'D Anihvrnt 1-Iigh Svrhnnl Uhr C5122 Glluh The Girls' Glee Club was organized in September with twenty-two members, under the competent leadership of lXliss Grady. hlusic was given three times dur- ing the winter: at the Prize Speaking Contest, and at two of our assemblies. Since the resignation of hliss Grady in the spring, only one meeting has been held and interest in the Club has greatly decreased. It is hoped that next year there may be a large School Glee Club, under the leadership of Mr. Short, which will include both boys and girls. ' I F , Www F liek ' J W-sr 'vw' will l 'l A91 ll is ffib l A ' ' K' Au, V , , 7 rf- .16-'. X-X f - - - -. ---I.--', , I v -If ' I r 1, w WS, ..-, --wl.L-vfeffd' ' ' ,x'f '.- . :. -X il 'NW .flu N l v l .zfim--f , ' at " -"' l ll I l" 9 'fff1l'.H'21' Q H ,J ll" Ll -W lei ,-1. ,. .- ' rp r w I ,y .gt ' 4' . l , ,M v45.3,' ll , llrllw ' -rl ' -XX C -" tr '--2 R111 ll ,md J. ,nf l ltgt, vi!-in - A - J- 595.27 l . "gif fl , 1 lk' "A X, 4-'ifrlaiia 'aff i l is . Y C " 4 X 75' EL, 4 'ilffi-X -Q: ' c' 5 "x . sr J L 7 ZITI li..- w X N l W I Ci! 'S' 'vu + ea. 5: C3 ", U"4 N D' W Q V .5 Y w N H xl - Amherst Illigh Svrhnnl Gbrrhvntra Under the direction ol' lXliss Blanche Samuels, the Amherst High Scho 1 Crchestra was organized on October 13,1921. Tl f ll ' O. 16 o owing oflicers were elected Pzwidfffzf, Sadie Ginsburg, ,22, lfifl'-1JI'L'.S'ZiC2l6'7lI', Russell Spear, ,21, Sfcfwiarbv- TI'f'CZ.Ylll'6'I', Ruth Strong, 722, Lzibrarziazz, ljleanor Frost, '22, Rehearsals were held every Thursday, and the Work progressed Well. The Orchestra played for the following: Health Lecture for Children at College Hall, Parent-'I'eacher Association Xleeting, The Klillett Prize-Speaking Contest, The George lYashing1on program in Assembly, I Junior Play at Colle fe lelall. 2 ' if i Many Amherst people have commented on the great success of the High School Orchestra this year. Elite CEn1h Eng Hlathvmaiirz Glluh In the fall, the Sophomores in Geometry, organized a mathematics, club of twelve members who met at one anothers homes every two Weeks. The fol- lowing members were elected: Prefidenz, Evelyn Mummery, Vice-Preficient, Mary Green, Secretary and Trearurer, Grace Weiler. 'l'heir motto was: "Qu'on n'enter pas ici qui pense qulil sait la mathematiquesf' New members were admitted by proving the ccPons Arsinorumv. Astronomy was the first subject taken up, and interesting talks and experi- ments were given by the various members, and discussions were conducted by Mr. llnclianan. Alter Astronomy was studied to some extent, Graphs and Statistics were explained. Klr. Buchanan gave some very interesting talks and diagrams on the Clrnplis of the Tropical, temperate and torrid zones. 'l'he work of the Club, while not diflicult, was stimulating, and it is hoped the wining classes will place it among their outside activities next year. mirrlvza Qlluh v llnring the winter months, the members of the Wireless Club met each week on luestlay and Tlmrsday at one-thirty, to discuss the theory of radio, and to flulll' the types and the construction of receiving apparatus. Many of the meet- ings were' tlevoletl to the construction of individual and school sets. hm Ptlzuiniiigf for the school, a receiving set in three units, wha-H in -w T7 .Imp llCZ1t1OI'l. .The Club IS now. adjourned until September, I 'l '- Ul Ullll lllflt more pupils will have sets in operat.1on, and that night """"WS mill' he held at the homes of the members. 42 l l l l ll i . l A I i . l I l l i l i l l l Tic Swing Song Amhrrnt Fliigh Srhnnl igrizv Spraking Qlnntrnt On Friday evening, Nlarch 17th, the ei ght contestants in the annual ' speaking contest sat in a circle on the platform of the Auditorium breathlpriie ,Waiting their turn to speak. lVlany friends and townspeople had gathered toelss Y ear speaking, with selections by the Glee Club. them. The orchestra, also, was there and at 8 o'clock began the pro ra ' ' CC 77 i h playmg of Il Trovatore. After that came the main part of thegprorgdalih ilrii Because each speaker spoke in so interesting a way and was whol h d i , , n Q l e earte ly frying to do his best, the audience wished that everyone might receivg the honor since it seemed that each deserved it. But that could not be. The judges Prini cipal James P. Reed and bliss Ellen R. Callahan of Hopkins Academy arid My WV. G. Hennessy of Northampton High School, awarded first honor to Bessie Kim! ball Levin, and second to Addievilla Jewett. PRQGRANI Il Trovatore W as .iaeac ,,.,...c,..c...,.,er,,, a rranged by Seredy-TOCaben Orchestra How john Quit the liarni i. ce.ce,,e,,,iiee,,oo,,,o,,io,,,A James Whitcomb Riley Maud Alice hlarshall The Soul of the Yiolin ,,,,, ,oooo,.,,, Bessie Kimball Levin The Hellgatc of Soissons c c,.cece,r,re e lflcanor lfrost Thc Gipsy Trail lllmrtls by Rudyard Kip Ulce Club Order for a l'icturc Ruth llinilrcd Graham Pica for thc l'rost-ciilioim in the llaywood Trial l ly nian Novick N larch, Un tht- lliltc Orchestra T lic Klan r A-Xtltlicvilla hlcwcll Tac llorstr llnt-f vw- '. . Sallie lfva Ginsburg filet' Qilulu alll Y e...,,..., lVIargaret M. Merrill ling, ,......,c,..Herbert Kaufman Music by Tod Galloway m,c,eAlice Cary ar,,r...William E. Borah S. Zamecnik be ,aChristopher Morlc-:Y tWilliam Rose Bellet l"u-ilu-it-lt l,olir, arranged by Anna W. Cheston gil-4 --! 5115 1211150 Jim ntherzt I-Iigh Svrhnnl Qfiraphir The prospect of reviving the Graphic, after a ea f u Y F O non-existence, was jig- cussed at a meet1ng called for those among the student body who held offices During one of the assemblies the matter was lac d b i . n P 6 efore the school and was received Wlth enthusiasm. A temporary staff of Juniors a d S ' n D H CHIOFS was chosen and they prepared the first ISSUC for publication. Meanwhile, members of both the senior and junior classes solicited subscrip- tions and advertisements. hlost efficiently was the Work done, over half the sub- scriptions being obtained by Eli Ginsbur h'l ' g, W 1 e Thomas Campion and Leo Novick brought in almost enough advert1s1ng to cover the e , s Xpense of printing for the entire year. The first issue made suchan impression that all f l si C e t that our paper was Worth While and should be COI1f1IlLl6Cl. The following permanent staff had been chosen by the time the first Graphic went to press: ' .Efl'l'fOI'-ill-Clllifff, Leo Novick, '22, E f Elinore Eldrid '22 ' fd' ' J . . ge' I flrrorzale L 11015, Sadle Ginsburg, ,22, 1l'z'f lfdifor, Clarice Luther, '23, flrlzffrir Ifdilor, Alex. hlacliimmie, '23, fifllllllll' Edffor, ljleanor Frost, '22, ' A 11i.1't'!l!1lIgt' Izidflor, Sylvia Blair, '23, C1'rru!af1'o11 lllazzagrr, lili Ginsburg, '23, fllff't'!'fl',fl'llgf Jllzzzzagrr, Thomas Campion, '23, Virginia Keefe, '22, 'gr 1 M 1- ,, , 1111 an lllldgzff g Don Ahrshall, 237 Typzkl, Bessie Levin, '22. Rrp0rlf1'f.' . 1922 Assembly . : lflorence Giles, llelcn llliitc, Adelaine Atherton, Clarence Parsons, 1923: l'i!'ZlllCL'S 'lillUIIlINSUll, Rat-lic! linker. i I92-l: Dwight Strong. N251 slzirncs l'nwt-II. rw . . - ' ' V , i- , , ' is l NI l' l I l I 'IYIIIU 1l1t-I faplzzf ind real grat1tude u t o . r. JIYJNYII crm 1 IS 1 nc or rw 1-, 1 1 1 1 L 1 . A . . - ' , n , - ' ' ' it ins 1- towards Airs, Cm-in-II for In-r CU-HI1Q'I'illIUIl in Illtllxlllg the papei tl permanei tution of Ilicf scliool. 1 l l Lll.l-1 ,A .i 115 Uhr Cgnlh Eng Svhzlkwpratv Qlluh The Shakespeare Club was organized in the fall of 1921 by Juniors and Seniors under the leadership of Mrs. Gettell, for the purpose of better understanding ali appreciation of Shakespearian plays. They started by studying "Twelfth Nightv, one of Shakespeare's best known comedies. Different parts were assigned to the members and in that way "Romeo and Juliet" and "The Tempest" were read. .M Christmas time a few of the members gave four scenes from "Twelfth Night", which were followed by a few Shakespearian songs. All the members found this elub most enjoyable and hope that it will be continued in the following years. Evhating Glluh With our usual promptitude we brought the Debating Club into being early in tletober. lt was composed of the members of the three upper classes and eonlined chiefly to small debates among its members. However, on April 18, the young but valiant members proved their right to a place among the debating elubs of our valley by meeting and defeating Hopkins Academy in an inter-school tlebate. The subject defeated, was Resolved: That the United States government eaneel its loans to the Allies. The negative, upheld by Amherst High School, was ably defended by ,lane Patterson, Hyman Novick and Dorothy lvlillington with Ruth l"airnian as alternate. Hopkins Academy, supporting the affirmative 'WS ""l'l't'sentetl by Katherine Toole, Harold Pelissier and Elinor Miller with Susie li reinensky as alternate. The result was a victory for Amherst High School. Ihis aelnevernent of the team is, indeed, a matter of pride and it is the sincere H lSll uf the class uf lll22 that this success be but the forerunner of a glorious career for the .'X. ll. S. Debating Club. lltllili ,fj l'l5il?l'l -in T Amherst 1-Iigh Svrhnnl 4 f , mE :L-A if W as Wx 'ffm' + " M S3 " - - M el f I Zio T55 ' Fx Sf ....f " ' Mkt, Athletics in Amherst High School were more firmly established a few years ago, when Mr. Williams was given to us as coach. Although handicapped by the lack of boys in the Senior Class, two-successful teams in football and basketball have been developed. Baseball practice has just begun and a fast winning team is expected. It was a happy crowd of fellows who a filed into Room Nine. Here Mr. Williams talked about the prospects of a fo tb ll o a team. About thirty fellows signified their intentions to help put out a successful eleven. A few days later, large and small gathered on Blake Field for the flrst practice. After working hard for two weeks astr Senior Class only two were able to make the team, Walter Miller and John Tulenko. Miller played left half-back and always played a clean fast game, hitting the line for big gains. Tulenko played a powerful game at guard and helped to form the strong "stone wallw. John Nfitchell, who was mentioned for all valley tackle was the most aggressive man of the team. He was very fast and how he couldtackle! Without doubt he is the best tackle which has been at the High School for some years and much is expected of him next year as he is only a Sophomore. About two Weeks after the close of football season, basketball practice began. The team composed of underclassmen, had a very successful year. Flebut was the individual star and high scorer. t the close of the first day of school ong team was chosen. From the Although the Seniors were unable to win honors in varsity basketball, yet they claimed the championship in the interclass series. The three underclass teams fell heavily before their attack and only the Juniors gave them close competition., A new precedent was established this year, when the Seniors challenged the Faculty. This was a very exciting and fast game, and on account of the superior team work of Mr. Williams, the Faculty were able to win. For the Seniors, Parsons and Novick were guards and covered their positions with great skill. Tulenko was a subsi- tute guard. Bias played a fine game at center. He also had a good eye for the basket and could score at very difficult angles. Miller and Kenney played for- wards, with VVitt as substitute. lXfIiller had a very accurate eye and was a high scorer. By his passing ability and with the team work of the others,a champion- ship team was formed. , Baseball has always been a popular sport at the High School. Practice is being held every afternoon on Hitchcock Field. Mr. Williams h-HS IT1UCh mateflal to study, as there are about twenty-five practicing. UnfOrtUHatfflY there are only five letter men back this year, but many new pl21YCfS with good ability are practicin dail . Althiiugh iihc Senior Class has no all star athletes, yet they have HlW3YS Stood for good, clean, sportsmanlikc playing. They have HIWQYS Set 3 good examp C to be retained. 47 "1 pi? z: 5 E3 cz ms: ! , 11 M Aml!P1'H1 I-Iigh Svrhnnl FOOTBALL Nearly all of the football team was composed of new men. They had a heav schedule playing two Springfield teams. Although they played teams out of tht-ggi-Y class, yet they held their opponents to a remarkably low score. At the first game with Munson the team showed superior team work which they retained through the season. The lineup was as follows: Captain, Magrath, Manager, Kenney Fullback, Kelley, Halfbacks, Miller, Magrathg Quarterbacks, McKimmie, Lyman' Center, Campion, Guards, Duncan, Dorsey, Tulenkog Tackels,lVlitchell, E. Brown Fittsg Ends, Flebut, Fleury. 7 7 7 SCHEDULE A.H.S. , OPP. Nlonson at hflonson ..s,,,,r,s,,,,,,. ,,ssss,,,,k,Asv,,-gAgw-Q,-- ---g-q----g 2 0 12 Northampton at Amherst , r,,,,,sri,,,,srssr.,,,ss -q---A. 7 13 Springfield Commercial High at Amherst ,,,, -nlghi Q 0 19 Arms Academy at Shelburne Falls ,,,,rsrsrss,,,. -,Vgw-- 3 9 IQ Brattleboro at Brattleboro scsc cccc,,,,,irr ' ggg,v,- 1 9 5 BASKETBALL Wlith only one player left from last years team the basketball prospects looked rather gloomy. However aftertwoweeks practice, Coach Williams rounded outa team which made a very good showing although perhaps not up to normal. As the team was chosen from all under class men, a championship team is expected next year. The players were as follows: Captain, hflitchellg Manager, Witt, Forwards, Flebut, Kelley, Center, lf. Brown, Guards, Magrath, lvlitchell, H. Brown. alll 1 . . r ,..,,,,....,,,,, Mm.-3 23' 537i 1eiT"" '- p i 'Ni ' 2 Q -M'- M-1. , uw., 1- - .v - , .., ...M .... n,,,,,. r . ' f . 1. ,Jfwu fx 4 MM ' , V, ., Q 1 If-, ,.., -M . 5 Q i',,Q,ffis'.f3 lm W x 31, , . X' -'H i fl,-+L x f': x ' Il! I Q . N Q -4 x xxx - Q Q. f 4: A . I i , .. , W, .4 I X E 1 Q S' ra. .W .., A Q 'T-lbs f -1 Q iw-r E ..... Aiwa ffl? T ay' C3-l 1 -5' 'V 65 cz U11 cf Ed cz un 1 M 'V 5-Xnnhvrgt High Svrhnnl Jan. Feb. hlar. 6 13 18 20 27 3 10 15 17 21 24 3 10 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE, 1922 Amherst at Easthampton .-LLq,A, ki-w--.--,i- N- 2513 Smith's School at Amherst ,4q,,.L,, -Mi------ 3 9 16 Nlunson Academy at Amherst, ,,,. T, --k--.-i,i 20 13 Amherst at Hopkins ,,LLLL,,,L,-,,LLv.LLL -h--. 1 6 23 Smith Academy at Amherst ,,tL,,t M --.v--- 1 9 18 hluuson at hiuusou L,,L,,,tLLL,,,LL, ,w--- ---. 2 4 V 35 Easthamptou at Amherst ,,.,,t.. .-qh-.---- 1 3 14 Athol at Amherst ..rLLLLLLL,,rLLLL, -----.--,- 3 0 25 Hopkins at Amherst L.L,..LLLL,,,, ---,k----- 17 - 32 Amherst at Smith Academy ,,,,,,tL --,q----- 1 5 28 Wiare at Amherst LL..LL,i..,.,.LLLL,LL, ,-----n,-- 1 8 22 Amherst at Wllre L 1 LLLV,,....i,.. .,,.,,,-- 1 2 19 Amherst at Smithis School L,..,,., ,q,...,,. 1 7 19 51 C' 'E ai 1 "3 GI :- Cf?- 'J 011 CV 13 5 '13 Amhvrat High Sarhnnl 'U' Qsuingraphz :- X' . - V, , , fi L -A ' I QM Q' ' ' Q Q. , .x.'i,,.kV""-- , A ,XM Q X E if 44 I F I I ' ,, 41 ff ' 'h v fkkfi, "-, fi, f In - .fdlf Vx ' Ml f Wgfdlffvq EQ- fn A -ff if V LAK, Sugfubuful-,f f ,f rl A ,' , 1 J, A , R D x K imma! Qmf2i?f Lm WfWW' Ehr Ginlhgliug utugrzrplys I ,,,, KY, W gAn1hvrat High Svrhnnl nker Printing Co The Rapid Semiee Press of Western Ma55aghu5ggg5 Glnllvgv Printing Printers of Amherst High School Gold Bug ' Amherst College Lord jeff Mt. Holyoke College Round Table also College Class Publications ANKER PRINTING CU. 236 Maple Sreet Holyoke, lVlaSS Ehv Qinlh itiug Telephone 20 C R. ELDER COAL fx WIRELESS FROM EVERYWHERE! Wear camo Quality Style t'0S'e'U Value f s CARL H. BOLTER AMHERST HOUSE BLOCK The House of Kuppenheimer The Place to Buy the Best Eats is DRURY,S 10 MAIN STREET Radio has come to stay. Are you equipped to enjoy it? B 51" v Q 1 1 M W In ARI: HEADQUARTERS FOR RADIO APPA RATUS And Carry a Complete Line of Sets and Parts. Get a Set Now! Equipment for BASEBALL, FOOTBALL, HOCKEY, GOLF 62 TENNIS IIICYCLICS, BOY SCOLT EQUIPMENT. COLUMBIA GRAFONOLAS Sz RECORDS Make This Shop Your Headquarters Rear National Bank T IM The Misses Bcston MILLINERY PUBLIC MARKET N. Gaberman 49 Main Street Amherst Amhrrat High Srhnul AMHERST SHOE REPAIRING CO. cAMP1oN BLOCK AMHERST, MASS CANDY KITCHEN COMM f 'WLEYLZS O Your College Candy Kitchen for Mason A. Dickinson Fine Ice Cream, Luncheon. and Candy. AMHERST VARIETY STORE CROCKERY, GLASSWARE, ALUMINUM AND ENAMELWARE LOWE, BROS. PAINTS AND VARNISHES J. H. TROTT SPALDING, REACH and WRIGHT 8: DITSON SPORTING GOODS A. J. HASTINGS NEWSDEALER Sz STATIONER JACKSON I M81 CUTLER DRY AND FANCY GOODS Gln' Ginlh Eng 11ARmvAR1e I'I,lFMIIING si HEATING ALLISON SPENCE SPORTING GOODS PHOTOGRAPHER N thampton Mass. Phone 849 VI Iwvrmzlnx' Years pI1OtOQrz1pI1CI' . . I . x . to .Xmhcrst Hlgh School Scmor classes including the class of '22 Ifinv portrayal work sporting group and all kinds of pllotoglupllic work. THE MUTUAL PLUMBING Q "THE SHELDUN STUDIO" I I IEATING CO. If. M. 'rlsml PSON ze SON f'1""1'fm"'S'?' I Spucinlists in Clothing fm' 8 CHOICE FAMILY GROCILRIES YUIING MICN for ovcr 'I'IIIR'I'Y YEARS Headquarters for GRUEN WATCHES IIXRT. SII,Xl"I"XI'IR 8 NIXRX CLUTIIIQS INT:-:mum-Lx sux MILLETTS JEWELRY STORE Amherzt E-Iigh Svrlynnl I Compliments of J E. MERRICK 8: CO. FLOUR, GRAIN, FEED GEORGE CRAMER,S VARIETY MARKETS MEATS AND PROVISIONS FISH AND OYSTERS Vegetables of all kinds in their seas Complimmts of E. H. HARVEY THE PLACE OF QUALITY AND GOOD SERVICE HENRY ADAMS 8: CO THE , I I REXALL STORE ONTHECORNER Sd Cg C d dD g Compliments of DEUEUS BOLLES, DRUG STORE I SHOE H- M I STORE . E Compliments of S S HYD GEORGE GRIGGS OPTICIAN sl JEWELER FURNITURE ::DEALER:: Pleasant Street UD 0119 flight I A 'ty Street-Tel. Conn.-A h f ' x , Q v' u

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Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA) online yearbook collection, 1924 Edition, Page 1


Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Page 1


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