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in ' -.funn-an In Recognition of his helpfulness and cheerfulness both in and out of the class-rooni, the Class of 1920 respectfully oledicates this Gold Bug to Thomas C. Bailey Teacher of the Sciences in Arnherst High School from January, 1918 to June, 1919. 2 THOMAS C. BAILEY AMHERST HIGH SCHOOL Y J asor his ei . JASON O. CooK The school has been most fortunate this year in procuring the services of Mr. Jason O. Cook as Principal. The class wishes to express its appreciation for his efforts in its behalf, and it wishes him the best of luck for the future. 5 U J CY V Cuff gl KQIIIWIII " 1" "'-"-' '--- - fi JASON O. COOK .... WILLIAM H. BROWN .... .... G. W. HOWLAND .... CAROLINE A. MARSH MURIEL I. HEYWOOD ISABEL C. FIELD .... RUTH BARTON ..... ETHEL MCHARDY. . . . . . . . Ruth C. Brackett .... ..............Principa1 . Science, Mathematics . . ............... Civics . . . .Latin, English . . . .Latin, English .........History ...............English bcience, U. S. History . . ......... Mathematics ALICE W. CHURCHILL .... . . . ...,.. . ..... French, German MAY F. GRADY. . . . ROGER CHITTENDEN. WALTER E. FAIRMAN RUTH A. SAVERY .... HELEN M. RANDALL ALMIRA PALMER ..... BEDA i BJ URMAN ..... FRANCIS T. COOKE .... GEO. E. WILLIAMS.. M. CARMEN BURR. . . WILLIAM BICELOW. . . . . ..................... French, English . . . . . . . . French, Latin, German, Mathematics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Commercial Department . . .... Stenography, Typewriting ...........DomesticArts . . .......,.. Domestic Arts Drawing, Manual Arts ...............Greek . . .... Physical Education . . . .Physical Education ..............Music NA E xr- lnhl I 9 I I 4 v "lp ' o K M 'nl 'F vw El .... u1I"' H U i 1 41 C B E I 8 JO Amhersi dent C3l C mittee C37 ball Mana Cll C235 F Thy mc I Amhers dent C11 C C15 C25 C3 man War ketball CE Football verug Go Let hin So may G Holyok mittee C3 Junior P Club C45 Class Hat t0I'y 0f M 011 witl Class of 1920 MOTTO-"Ad Astra Per Aspera COLORS-Purple and Gold JOHN MICHAEL FENTON "Johnny" "Jack" Amherst, Mass., Jan. 3, 19015 Class Presi- dent C35 C455 Class Football C255 Play Com- mittee C355 Graduation Committee C455 Base- ball Manager C355 Captain C455 Class Baseball C15 C255 Future-M. A. C. Thy modesty's a candle to thy merit. -Fielding PHILLIP BAKER WALSH Clphilfi lICuddy7? Amherst, Mass., Sept. 29, 19015 Vice-Presi- dent C15 C25 C35 C455 Class Basketball Captain C15 C25 C355 Battalion-Corporal C355 Chair- man War Savings' Committeeg Varsity Bas- ketball C35 C455 Varsity Baseball C355 Class Football C15 C255 Junior Play-"Robert Tar- ver"5 Gold Bug Staffg Future-Dartmouth. Let him be kept from paper, pen and ink, So may he cease to write and learn to think. -Prior GRACE ADELINE COWAN "Hula" "Gracie" Holyoke, Mass., May 7, 19025 Social Com- mittee C35 C455 Secretary and Treasurer C455 Junior Play-"Aunt Ida"5 President Girls' Club C455 Gold Bug Staffg Graphic Staflg Class Hat Committee C455 Future-Conserva- tory of Music. On with the dance! Let joy be unconfined. -Byron fl LEANDER EUGENE ALDRICH "Red" "Butt" Pelham, Mass., Oct. 20, 19025 Future-Work Young fellows will be young fellows, -Bickerstaj HELEN ELIZABETH ATWATER New Haven, Conn., Aug. 11, 1903, Social Committee 121, Girls' Club Social Committee, Basketball 131 141: Musical Club 143, Graphic Staff 1495 Junior Play-Property Manager, Future-Columbia University. How happy could I be with either, Were t'other dear charmer away-Gay ALICE LOUISE BLACK Thedford, Nebraska., June 20, 19025 Basket- ball 13jg Future-College. There's language in her lips-Shakespeare MARGARET WILLIAMS CAMPBELL Belchertown, Mass., Jan. 25, 1903, Futuref Undecided. Thy soul was like a star, and dwelt apart' -Wordsworth 10 FRANK COWLES C "Frankie" "Tip" Brooklyn, New York, Feb. 6, 19035 Graphic Staff C435 Future-Work. Still to be neat, still to be drest As you were going to a feast-Johnson. CORNELIA MARIE ELDRIDGE "Corn" "Fluffy" Westminister, Mass., March 15, 19005 Future-Undecided. As merry as the day is long-Shakespeare. VERA LOUISE ELDRIDGE Holyoke, Mass., Aug. 9, 19023 Debating Team C315 Pro Merito C355 Future-Bates College. What is it to be wise? 'Tis but to know how little can be known, To see all other's faults, and feel your own-Pope DOROTHY MIRANDA FISH KKD0t!! Amherst, Mass., March 30, 19013 Future- Nurse. If she do frown 'tis not in hate of you But rather to beget more love in you. -Shakespeare 11 MARGARET FISH llFiSlly1I llljpgfl Amherst, Mass., Aug. 2, 1901, Junior Play- "Mrs. Rockingham", FutureAStenographer, I do but sing because I must-Tennyson DORIS MILDRED GRAHAM "Buddy" Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Dec. 4, 1901, Socia Committee C15 C25 C359 Pro Merito C35g Junior Play-"Phyllis Faraday"g Vice Pesident Girls' Club C355 Future-College. Doubt not her care should be To paint your face, and use you like a fool. -Shakespeare. STEPHEN HASBROOK "Steve" Amherst, Mass., Dec. 17, 19003 Baseball C25 C35 C45 ,Football C25 C459 Track C155 Future -Undecided. A pensive youth of placid mien-Fielding. DOROTHY HOWLETT SKD0t77 South Amherst, Mass., Sept. 23, 19023 Orchestra C15 C25g Liberty Loan Drive C0111- mittee: Pro Meritog Gold Bug Staff, Future- Mt. Holyoke College. Her stature tall-I hate a dumpy woman- ' -Byron 12 M Ali Amherst, M2 FuturefUnder Her brain W- MAX B Northamptor Basketball C11 C C355 Leader C41 sociation Dance decided. He is the mi That ever sci MAE Springfield, if Westfield N mm: Bright as the s And, like the FLOREN Amherst, Alai Michigan Univen It is not g00d ISH lg Junior Play- a-Stenographer. lst-Ten n yson GRAHAM 4, 1901: Socia erito viii: Junior P Pesident Girls' le 'ou like a fool. -- Shulw:-'pc'ure'. LUUK 190411 liasofirzlll ravi-L I :Future ,ig-yy Ffrlllfllfj. ,Pl'I"I' N, Iii. 1902. ,. Ing-.V lum- :. fr .-uri. wwf-- X 'AUHILUI liqrffn MARY AGNES KELLEY b Amherst, Mass., July 24, l901g Pro Meritog Future-Undecided. Her brain was a perfect mill for projects. -Smollett MAX BROWDY LABROVITZ "Jerry" Northampton, Mass., Nov. 2, 19025 Class Basketball C15 C25 C35 g Orchestra C25g Treasurer C355 Leader C453 Gold Bug Staff, Athletic As- sociation Dance Committee C35g Future-Un- decided. He is the mildest mannered man That ever scuttled ship or cut a throat. -Byron. MAE ELNORA LEVIN "Levin" Springfield, Mass., Dec. 12, 1903, Future- Westfield Normal. Bright as the sun her eyes the gazers strike, And, like the sun, they shine on all alike. -Pope FLORENCE LOUISE LOOMIS "Flossie" Amherst, Mass., Jan. 1, 19033 Future- Michigan University. It is not good that man should be alone. -Old Testament. 13 GERTRUDE FRANCES MANCHESTER Fall River, Mass., Sept. 1, 19013 Future- Framingham Normal. A merry heart maketh a cheerful counten- ance-Old Tcslament. ' EVERETT MANN North Hanover, Mass., Nov. 9, 19025 Gold Buy Staff, Future-M. A. C. In truth he was a strange and wayward Wight-Beailie. CHARLES TIMOTHY MARTIN "Charlie Watertown, Mass., Feb. 21, 19023 Class football, Class basketball 115 C25 C355 Business Manager of "Graphic" C4Dg Football C455 Future-St. Mary's College. His bark is Worse than his bite-Parker. WILLIAM MILLER Ngillfi Cleveland, ohio, Nov. 6, 1900 5 Football C432 Future-Undecided. I I am sure care's an enemy to life. -Shakespeare. 14 II Amherst, M1 Committee: F1 I have no 0 IDA Sl Leverett, Mas Committee, Gra Capacity for RUSSELL Ware, Mass., Ju C455 Captain f4f5 HMa1'tiU,'5 Future Hang sorrow! C, And therefore BEULAH ELI2 G iomervme, Mass, TJ? Bug Staff 3 Fu manners: of l MANCHESTER 1, 1901: Future- cheerful counten- l.-XXX fox: 20. 19023 Gold .nge :uni M'-'aj-'wzirfl H' Xl.Xli'l'lN 'oll"' Via' l., ... A55 Q , L g liusmv-ss , . v g I I-..-Hfvzul 4 I. I',gr:j:V pp: P",-1' t I f DORIS MILLETT Amherst, Mass., Aug. 20, 1902g Junior play Committeeg Future-Work. I have no other than a woman's reason -Shakespeare IDA SPAULDING MOORE "Bud" Leverett, Mass., Dec. 25, 19025 Junior Play Committee, Graphic Editor, Future-Work. Capacity for joy admits temptation. -M rs. Browning RUSSELL RAYMOND MOORE "Rusty" ' Ware, Mass., July 1, 19025 Football C25 C35 C455 Captain C455 Baseball C455 Junior Play- "Martin"g Future-Work. Hang sorrow' Care will kill a cat, And therefore let's be merry-Wilher. BEULAH ELIZABETH PATTERSON "Pat" Somerville, Mass., Oct. 21, 19029 Pro Meritog Gold Bug Staffg Future-M. A. C. Of manners, of affections mild-Pope. 15 RAYMOND LYNN PORTER "Porter" Northampton, Mass., Dec. 30, 19003 Junior Play-"James Raleigh," Stage Managerg Future-Wentworth Institute. Never leave that till to-morrow which you can do to-day.-Franklin. MILDRED. CLARK PUTNEY Leverett, Mass., Nov. 20, 19015 Future- Work. Order is Heaven's first law-Pope MURIEL ELLIS PUTNEY "Putty" Leverett, Mass., Nov. 20, 19015 Future- Work. Good senseg which only is the gift of heaven. -Pope JOSEPHINE BELLE REED "Joe" Amherst, Mass., Nov. 15, 19015 Future' Undecided. Her ways are ways of pleasantness And all her paths are peace-Old Testament- 6 IN PORTER Jet. ISU, 1900: Junior ' Stage Manager-3 ltute. o-morrow which you LK l'l"I'NHY ZH. 19411: Future - 4,5 f'uin S !'I"I'Xl-IY 'unlg Pwfzrv A f ' M-zwvn. f'u1,n I 1, Vs 5 I1 . ... --VV pox: f"j'iir , . I, ','uH!!!. MARGARET ELIZABETH SHEA lGShea7! lipegii Amherst, Mass., Jan. 25, 19033 Future- Undecided. I care for nobody, no, not I, If nobody cares for me-Bickerstaj. VERA IRENE SMITH llsmitif CGVe!3 South Hadley Center, Mass., July 23, 19033 Debating Team C333 Pro Meritog Vice Presi- dent of Pro Merito.Society C43 3 Future4M. A. C. My life is one demd horrid grind-Dickens. MANFORD ROOT SPAULDING ClDeac77 KlBub77 KKSpal77 Pelham, Mass., March 2, 19023 Junior Play- "William Faraday"3 Property Manager3 Bat- talion-Corporal C233 Sergeant C333 Gold Bug Staffg Graphic Staffg Swimming C33 C433 Future -Mammoth College. He had pleased us more had he pleased us less-Addison. HARRY BREWSTER SWIFT cspipyr North Amherst, Mass., April 24, 19023 Junior Play Committeeg Social Committee C13 C23 C33 C433 Graduation Committee C433 Class Pin Committee C133 Battalion-Bugler C333 Junior Play "Admiral GTlC6,,Q Swimming C333 Gold Bug Staffg Class Baseball C13 C233 Foot- ball Manager C433 Orchestra C433 Future- Undescided. Youth calls for Pleasure, Pleasure calls for Love.-Akenside. 17 HERMAN EUGENE THAYER 66Tud77 Springfield, Mass., Oct. 20, 19005 Gold Bug Staff5 Junior Play-Manager5 Battalion Cor- poral C255 Sergeant C355 Future-Wentworth Institute. Nowhere so busy a man as he there ever was, And yet he seemed busier than he really was. -Chaucer. ALICE ELIZABETH THOMPSON Washington, D. C., Feb. 27, 19025 Future- Mt. Holoyke. I Love me little, love me long-Marlowe. LYMAN MARTIN THOMSON "Famous" Amherst, Mass., July 27, 19015 Future- Work. Long shall we seek his likeness-long in vain. -Byron. CLARENCE PERCY THORNTON Ilperkii Pelham, Mass., Aug. 1, 19035 Future-Un- decided. Hear ye not the hum of mighty workings- -Keats. 18 HAROLD Amherst, Mas? ba11C15 C21 '3' 7 on 445: Fufufedl His Study was bl ALBERT E Amherst, Mass., Swimming Cl: 42' Play-"Colonel Sn C25 C355 Class Pi Corporal C255 1stSe Graphic Reporter C255 Baseball Mana Have ye not lisl Spheres And planets to t MARI Amherst, Mass., C0mmercial Collegq Lalssez dire les sotg Amherst, Masscag 'L Trenchardng . d3I1ClI1gXPm Nl'l I "ll.-XYl'Ili n, IQNNDQ 45. rltl Bug 'w ge-rp lluttallion C Or- utun- Wentworth u ln- lllrro' 1-Vo-1' WUS' Yimzx lu- rug llx was, 4 llllllfrf. ll 'l'll1 IX! P41 :Y .," ul ., +0 l' flffm- ...,.. ..., ,Q llftrfw. R VU: NJN L . 0 va it ll"lfxv w. l'.' f ' ' IN , ELAN 44 ffyrnr' fllx ,. . rw ..l.ll. 5 ,'n,. HAROLD EUGENE WARD Klpopfi Amherst, Mass., June 20, 19005 Basket- ball C15 C25 C355 Baseball C15 C455 Football C15 C35 C45 5 Future-Work. His study Was but little on the Bible. -Chaucer. ALBERT EDMUND WAUGH CSA-Z!! Amherst, Mass., Sept. 28, 19025 Pro Merito5 Swimming C15 C25 C355 Captain C455 Junior Play-"Colonel Smith"5 Social Committe C15 C25 C355 Class Pin Committeeg Battalion- Corporal C255 1st Sergeant C355 Gold Bug Staff5 Graphic Reporter C155 Student Council C15 C255 Baseball Manager C455 Future-M. A. C. Have ye not listened While he bound the Spheres And planets to their places?-Pope. MARION WHALEN lCD0lZy,, Amherst, Mass., July 1, 19025 Future- Commercial College. Laissez dire les sots, le savoir a son prix. -Le Fontaine. CATHERINE HELEN WHITE "Cathy" "Kate" Amherst, Mass., Oct. 18, 19015 Junior Play- "Lady Trenchard"5 Future-Normal School. And when she dances-Oh, heaven, her dancing-Praed. 19 CKDOVY Future-Undecided. Je pense, done je suis-DeCartes. ELEANOR ROSE WRIGHT College. X , , X v ss s is -, School Yell Hulabaloo! Rah! Rah! Hulabaloo! Rah! Rah! Hoo Rah! Hoo Rah! Amherst High School, 20 DOROTHY GLADYS WHITE North Sunderland, Mass., Sept. 16, 19013 Monteno, Illinois, April 22, 1902, Future- She moves a goddess, and she looks a queen. Pope. Sma1testGz'rl. A . Most Popular Girl GfltlMost Valzzahlf 5 Class Flirt ..... H Class Bluff ...., Class Baby ..... Class Grind .... Class Groach ..... Class Fashion Plutf MostBashfU,1 uuig Smartest Boy ..'g Most P0p1tlar Boy V B09 Most Valuablp Class Dude- Q D Class Athlete ..., . RUYS WHl'l'l'I f lzms.. Se-pt. 16, 19013 lM'Izrf.s. Class Census Girls Smartest Girl ...... .... Most Popular Girl. .......... . . Girl Most Valuable to the Class .... Class Flirt ...,.............. Class Bluf . . . Class Baby. . . ,,l,1 X., m,5H-1- Glass Grind .... - . IJ, I "" 2. P'wrwr---- Class Grouch, . . . . . ., t M A quwn Class Fashion Plate. . . . 1"'1"'- Most Basliful ........ . . . . . Boys Smartest Boy ...... Most Popular Boy ........... Boy Most Valuable to the Class Class Duole ........ H ........ . G lass Athlete .... 21 DOROTHY HOWLETT GRACE COWAN GRACE COWAN MAE LEVIN KENZIE DAVIDSON VERA ELDRIDGE VERA SMITH DOROTHY HOWLETT CATHERINE WHITE ANNE BRADLEY ALBERT WAUGH . . . .PHILIP WALSH . . . .JOHN FENTON . . . .PHILLIP WALSH . . . ,RUSSELL MOORE Wg IIIIllIIlQlIIQIIlEElIII MSW 54499 s.-uw I v ,fax X nf .fb f' T' f. fi P l QQ 1 3 433545-'.:, V-2 :j L., bg: jqf: ,fi l -zfuyv-f, i f'iff35?'?:'e3'f2: .'fg'5f,Q5v7.' -i dv . 1 ' l l i 1 l , ' i lotass isiislliotiyl The fall of 1916 found completed the new high school, a beautiful building which the pupils had needed for a long time. To u'S, the CIEISS Of 1920, W3S g1V9U the honor of being the first class to spend all four years in this pleasant and well-equipped building. During the first few days we did not feel the distinction which was ours, but we realized the fact that, because we were nogreener than all the rest, no one hissed "Freshman" when one of us bobbed into the wrong. room. Be- sides a new building, we had a new principal, Mr. Frank T. Wingate, who understood how to bring order out of turmoil. In a few days everyone was in the right place at the right time, and the school was running smoothly. Toward the last of September, Mr. Wingate called a class meeting for us, and tried to impress upon our minds the fact that class meetings should be conducted according to parliamentary law. We followed it then, have We always since? At this meeting we elected the following officers: President, .Iohn Corsag Vice-President, Philip Walsh 3 Secretary and Treasurer, Beth Strong. We also elected a pin committee, which, with excellent taste, ch0SG for us a pin which we shall always wear with pride. It was our second year in Hi h S h - g c ool that the United States entered the war, and important events occured in the world t l a arge. Through various speakers we were brought to see that even we had an opportunity that we ought to take of helping to w' th ' m 9 8Teat World War. As a result of this our clasS, each one contributing bought a Libert B d v ' y y on . Besides this we bought many ll ar Saving and Thrift Stamps. However. all our interest was not t I cen ered on such serious affairs. In the WOT Daft- Of tile. Year W9 gave a social which was a grand event. Altho it was not given with the purpose of k' ' ' m i t hmmm' Succesq we think th t h. a mg money it proved to be a grea qhprhot vh- I -Z . ' a t is was due to the fact that the pineapple ' , S lm was Seyed was made by the social committee. We have al' ways wondered if their recipe was original 22 ,. .f W lmullfllnz zu given :mi :md IL' ours. ' Fuel, -zzz. lie- g'o-' 'AIQU mflc' 'AILQ A 'f if ' gy,-' 'kr 'I'-Q':"f.l. f ll--ti :Q at A L .5 .X The same officers served this year, with the exception of the Secretary and Treasurer. Beth Strong moved to Framingham, and Mildred Burnett was chosen to take her place. Our Junior year was started under unfavorable circumstances, for we learned that Mr. Wingate was to leave us. He returned to get the school well started, and, after a week's stay, went to his new position and left us to our fate. He was a wonderful teacher and possessed those magic qualities which inspired us all with a desire to do our best. Our Junior oflicers were: President, John Fenton, Vice-President, Philip Walsh, Secretary and Treasurer, Ruth Fiske. G The most important event of the year was the presentation of the annual Junior Play. The play "Green Stockings" was chosen by the play committee, which consisted of the following persons: Ruth Fiske John Fenton Ida Moore Harry Swift Doris Millett Manford Spalding Because of the influenza epidemic, the starting of the play was greatly delayed, but after encountering and overcoming many obstacles, it was finally given late in May. As there is a more detailed history of it elsewhere, it will suflice to say that it was a great dramatic as well as financial success. Owing to the influence of our new principal, Mr. Charles L. Smith, a debating society was organized. Two members of our class, Vera Smith and Vera Eldridge, joined it and made a fine record. We firmly believe that it was due to the eloquence of our representatives that Amherst won both de- bates with Northampton, which were surely the most important ones. The girls of 1920 are very proud of the fact that, under the spirited leader- ship of Ruth Fiske, they won the silver cup at the Girls Physical Training Exhibition. This is held every year to exhibit to parents and friends the work that has been accomplished during the year. To the class which does its work the best, is awarded a silver cup on which the class numerals are engraved. For the two preceding years the cup had been given to the Senior Class, but we managed by much hard work to break that record. Toward the end of our Junior year the Pro Merito pins were awarded, and we had thirteen lucky members whose average passed the safety mark of eighty-five per cent.. - Mr. Smith stayed with us only one year, and Mr. Jason O. Cook has come to take his place. Our Senior officers are as follows: President, John Fenton, Vice-Presi- dent, Philip Walsh, Secretary and Treasurer, Grace Cowan. ' To be sure, when we were Juniors we looked forward to being "revered Seniors," but now that we are Seniors we find that we have little time to think whether we are properly reverenced or not. Because of higher college entrance requirements, Mr. Cook has raised the standards. We do not say they did not need raising, but it is hard on us. This year we have been introduced 23 mid year and final exams. We can all testify that f horrorsf - G u ti thewlgglrig cifsnapsf' but the genuine article. A special schedule was ar- t ey d for them and the "law of the Medes and Pers1ans" ruled in the rooms range tered the room feeling shaky and came out h re held. You en i Where t ey WE walk Between exams, the rooms and corridors were teeming 1 able 0 - , H isilhcesich remarks as, "Wasn't that Latin exam awful? and 'Tm Sure I d ' chemistry"' But never mind, they are over, all overg and now We fl k I1 - . fetelf beettier prepared to cope with those we must meet in the future. h our class has made no especially enviable record in athletics, Althoug u we have had in all branches representatives who have done us credit. As we look back over our four years we cannot boast that we have made strikingly brilliant record, but we can truthfully say that by hard work and a faithful plodding we have made a record of which we are not ashamed. Soon ' - ' F h we shall be Seniors no more, some of us will become res men again 5 some, sedate stenographersg a few, hardworking farmers, but wherever we go or whatever we do, we shall Look back with pleasure upon these four years, and sigh in vain for the "good old high school days." 'W i . QQ and 0 .Um Q5 if X I . 5 ia l li 9' pg ax' dis WN 0' Q f 'una zwavfo Q Wfflfflllllilllllllll ' EQ? - - :ia EMQSQ' .f N i 24 ,K X l ll l '-1-,lf-1 ,..-i""'- We walked the torch which I put my hand ceiling hung lo came to the i nowned not oi When we enter numerous ques After we l need ask no q are away from twenty-third 0 mates." Before we had again beg H I see a re sitting before 2 pole is marker I UI-Ielen A tltleda 6L9lZ G5 HAllC9 Bl: Feeble-Mindet :ay of resting er Latin tram 0 Q new men HF a - rank Q 'iffy that I Wim Zlr. ln- nmms mul' out - gwming H1 sum I 1 I1-rw We -Hx! ',-5 -L .V ' ' Q' 1'---rig gms ' A . S.,.,n L sun-V 1. 1 x , We walked in pitchy blackness down the narrow cavern, lighted only by the torch which our guide held. The path was very uncertain, and, as I slipped I put my hand out on the wall of the passageway, it was cold and slimy. The ceiling hung low, and we were happy, though a bit afraid, when we finally came to the inner cave of the great sorceress Yindala, whose art was re- nowned not only throughout India, but in surrounding countries as well. When we entered, we found her seated before a globe, preparing to answer our numerous questions. She motioned us to be seated. After we had settled ourselves on the ground before her, she said, "You need ask no questions. I already know of whom you wish to hear. You are away from all those with whom you graduated in the year 1920, and on the twenty-third of June 1940, you wish to find out what has befallen your class- mates." Before we could recover from the surprise this statement caused us, she had again begun to speak. "I see a red haired youth, Leander Aldrich, by name. He seems to be sitting before a pail, fishing with a red fish-pole. On closer scrutiny, I find the pole is marked, 'Leander Brand, Pelham Fish Rod Factoryf "Helen Atwater is now starring in a new version of the old time play en- titled, 'Let George Do It.' "Alice Black is now physical director at the Shutesbury Institute for the Feeble-Minded. Not that Alice is feeble-minded, but she finds this an ideal way of resting after the nervous breakdown she had from trying to memorize her Latin translations. "Margaret Campbell has become famous the world over by her discovery of a new method of wordless conversation. "Frank Cowles has amassed a large fortune trapping in the city of Pelham, and is now one of the retired gentry of England. 25 . ' tract with the Paramou t .. h signed 3 ten years CQH . , H Grace Colfaindais enjoyin an immense income with an Italian fruit Picture ompa vendor. - HC em Eldridge has just received a ten thousand dollar contract MornH Zza Fortune He has engaged her to decorate his new summer from F- 3 ' home on Long Island. HV ra Eldridge is now head of the Latin Department of Amherst High e School, having 5110099 . "John Fenton is a physical trainer in Turners Falls High School, having oompleted his course at Sprinfield Training School. His mild manners have won him the affection of all the young proteges. "Dorothy Fish is the hostess at the Amherst Red Cross House and serves tea every afternoon at five to the college students. "Margaret Fish is now singing .for the Goldstein chain of vaudeville ded Miss Marsh to that position. theaters. "Doris Graham, according to the law of opposites, is living happily on a farm in Shutesbury, raising chickens for her pin money. "Stephen Hasbrook has again broken the world's record for the hundred yard dash. ' "Dorothy Howlett is teaching school ifn Plainville Academy. She has recently published her tenth book, entitled, 'A History of Pelhamf "Mary Kelley is still taking vocal lessons of Prof. Bonatelli of New York. She expects to go abroad next summer to finish her course under a French professor in Paris. "Max Labrovitz is at present conducting the Boston Symphony Orches- tra. He has just brought out his new jazzmasterpiece, 'Jerry's Jazz Dreamf "Mae Levin is now on the stage featuring in a new Premier production entitled 'The Virtuous Vampf "Florence Loomis is at present translating a recently unearthed Greek manuscript for Yale University. We all remember what good marks Florence Unsed P0 get in Amherst High School under Mr. Francis T. Cooke's able instruc- tion in that ancient language. . t "Gertrude Manchester is matron of the Sunderland Day Nursury, and is eac mg domestic science as a side issue at Sunderland High School. I UEV91'9tiZ Mann is now a traveling salesman for Bolles St Co., his speciality being celluloid shoe strings, 'William Miner' through his diligent trainin has become the light' Weight Champion boxer of the world. g, MD 0 . . . . . . oris Millett is now rivalling T1ffany's world renown as a Jeweller- llld . . I is now Sa elgldqore has mamgd 3 DI'0m1S1ng young Cape Cod fisherman and D mg her spare time digging clams. ' 26 .Russell of the world 11 ffgoulah l eat demand "R3Ym0n has surprised 1 "Mildred oourse at Ami cult problems "Muriel l ness so reIr111U her goods froi 'ilosephil husband is th QT "Margare sonic Hall. I ized extensive. "Vera Sn the first time : cannot be exci "Manforc accommodatic KK S African forest cornet. "Herman He is at presel his summer hr "Alice Tl he l0S'E all his Alice may be H L Yman HOW touring E Own. uperc T Vertised agth' , "Phill y Cigarette agld . HH31'0ld ' cg e pr Albert - V S km, and is nl Wins th Lvl mo lmn fruit CUUIIHQ 'N Hizh 'L having manners 'mi .x J NN- '14 I-"A '17 rs. i'.,.,. L - ...,. . ' "".s- Is . .W w "Russell Moore is booked to iight for the heavy-weight championship of the world at Havana, Cuba, next July. "Beulah Patterson is now a world famed illustrator. Her work is in great demand by all the leading magazines. "Raymond Porter is teaching sciences at John Hopkins University, and has surprised the world by his discovery of a new element in the atmosphere. "Mildred Putney is running a tea room in Springfield. Her commercial course at Amherst High School has helped her out immensely in her most diffi- cult problems. "Muriel Putney has taken to raising Guinea pigs and has found the busi- ness so remunerative that she now has her own private Ford in which to bring her goods from Leverett to Amherst. "Josephine Reed is married and is living happily on High Street. Her husband is the town clerk. "Margaret Shea is giving dancing lessons every Wednesday night in Ma- sonic Hall. Her classes seem to be very popular, since they are being patron- ized extensively by both colleges. "Vera Smith is now speaker in the House of Representatives. This is the first time a woman has ever held this position, but Vera's debating powers cannot be excelled. "Manford Spalding is running a summer resort in the Berkshires, for the accommodation of tourists. "Harry Swift, the famed hunter and trapper is now in the depths of the African forest, taming rattle snakes with the sweet harmonious notes of his cornet. "Herman Thayer is business manager of the Bethlehem Steel Company. He is at present relieving the monotony of his position by taking a vacation at his summer home in Athol. "Alice Thompson married a millionaire, but thru unwise speculations, he lost all his money. He is now running a restaurant in New York, and Alice may be seen any day sitting at her desk, punching tickets. "Lyman Thomson the vaudeville king, and his horse, Bucephalus, are now touring Europe. His recent hit in Paris has placed him in a class all his OWU. "Percy Thornton is now with Barnum and Bailey's Circus. He is ad- vertised as the smallest giant in captivity. "Phillip Walsh is now mayor of Holyoke. He has just launched an anti- cigarette and pool-room campaign. "Harold Ward has unearthed and revived the Amherst House and is en- joying the profits thereof. - "Albert Waugh kidded the profs at Yale University into giving him a sheep- skin, and is now teaching several courses at that institution. 27 "Marion Whalen is now engaged in a thriving millinery business. Her course in A. H. S. is serving her in good stead. fine White is at present im'merse'ed in settlement work in New York "Cathe City. "Dorothy White is teaching elocution in Miss Wingle's Private School for girls. "Eleanor Wright married at the early age of twenty-five and is now a valuable assistant in running a cattle ranch out in Montana." "Opened-mouthed we waited for Yindala to tell us more. Suddenly, with a jerking movement of her whole body, she touched her forehead with her hands, and heavily, half-reluctantly, her eyes slowly opened. She gazed at us a minute, seeming not to see us 3 then she held out a grimy hand, palm upward, and, speaking for the last time said, "Five Dollars, please." 28 I If a . seven-thir amused at ladies anc themselve Wearing. tried to si First they without h curtain to Almo nervousne been men without e We d Daft. PQ answered Othe my Soul,': bed, gazill The may have have beer At any r. 'EO the Cla 'A l 's Uh-gg. Her 2 Nw York 'U "' Sfllool ' X5 nuwa ' 1 5'.1l1li,.rq'.. -unal- I . ' - , .Jgpx sm., il, , D, , . NU' 3 . L ' ' nM"s ? I ca E E N srocwwcs f !!!l.:::!l! If a stranger had walked onto the Amherst town-hall stage at about seven-thirty on the night of May 28, 1919, he would have been surprised and amused at the spectacle which he would have seen. Here were twelve young ladies and gentlemen, nervously fidgeting about and trying to accustom themselves to the unusual evening gowns and dress suits which they were Wearing. All were attempting to look calm, but with little success. They tried to sit still in one place and appear busied with something, but in vain. First they would run up to the dressing room and then they would return without having done anything. Then they would look through the hole in the curtain to see if they could recognize any of their friends. Almost immediately upon their appearance on the stage, however, their nervousness vanished, and they became as calm and dignified as if they had been members of high society all their lives. Everything went off smoothly, without even the prompting which is customary in high school plays. We do not pretend to be able to tell the climax of the play or the funniest part. Perhaps the latter came when Aunt Ada, a little overcome with brandy, answered the telephone when the automobile horn blew. Other funny places were where William Faraday boomed out, "God bless my soul," and where Colonel Smith told between sobs how he "lay on his sick bed, gazing out across the thatched roofs of Berbera at the Arab dhows." The climax may have been at the entrance of Colonel Smith, again, it may have been when Celia discovered the Colonel's true standing, or, it may have been when Celia read in the "Times" the announcement of Smith's death. At any rate the play was full of thrilling and excitement, and was a credit to the class and to the coach, Mrs. Gettell. 29 CHARACTERS Admiral Grice, Retired Service ..., ............ William Faraday, Gentleman at Leisure. . . Volonel Smith, Active Service ........... Robert Tarver, Empty-headed Swell ..... Henry Steel, l Friends of the l .... James Raleigh, 2, Family i ..., Martin, Butler ............ ....... Velia Farady, Oldest Daughter .... Mrs. Rockinham CMadgel ..... Lady Trenchard lEvelynj .,... Phyllis .,........,, Mrs. Chisolm Faraday, Aunt . ....... . Business Manager. . Stage Manager ..... Property Committee ..... C oach ....,,,,,,,,, MANAGEMENT 30 Harry Swift Manford Spalding Albert Waugh Phillip Walsh James Savery Raymond Porter Russell Moore Ruth Fiske Margaret Fish Catherine White Doris Graham Grace Cowan Herman Thayer Raymond Porter Helen Atwater Manford Spalding Mrs. R. G. Gettell At las IIOJE HS yet The st b00k's Succ the 9XDens 3 111011111119 For va you fied with tg l The Gold Bug Staff ALBERT W AUGH Editor-in-Chief EVERETT NIANN Assistant Editor GRACE CowAN Literary Editor DOROTHY HOWLETT Historian HARRY SWIFT Wit Editor HERMAN THAYER Business Manager MANFORD SPALDING Advertising Manager MAX LABROVITZ Art Editor BEULAH PATTERSON Art Edtitor PHILLIP WALSH ' Statistical Editor rYJ4f.. - aS Wax 'w At last the 1920 'tG9ld Bug" has made its appearance. Its Worth can- not as yet be ascertained. This must be left for the future to decide. The staff has spent a great deal of time and hard Work to insure the book's success. It has not been always able to do what it Wanted because of the expense. It would have liked to have published a more pretentious Work- a monument of the class. For various reasons, however, it has had to be satisfied with this Volume which you now see, and its only hope and prayer is that you, too, will be satis- fied with this, our class book. 31 X The Graphic The class of 1920 Voted at a special meeting to run a GRAPHIC. It did not get started until rather late, but as the Whole class and in fact, the whole school said, "Better late than not at all." . At mid-year the editor-in-chief, Ida Moore, decided that she would give up school, consequently, after the Iirst two issues, it Was necessary to elect a new editor-in-chief. The board of editors as it now stands is' as follows: Ef1l'f0f-in-Chief .... ......... G RACE COWAN, '20 7 Assistant Editors ..... lHAR0LD ELDER' 21 ' ' ' ' lWILLIA1vI DAVENPORT, '21 swf" Editor ---- ..., E LEANoR SPRAGUE, '21 mf EMO" ---' A .... MANFORD SPALDING, '20 .LlflII0fl'C Ef1I'fO7' ..... QU.. F RANK COWLES '20 ""S""f'SS M0 'Wie' -----.- . . .... CHARLES MARTIN, '20 .4SS1'Sf,,,,f B,,S,',,eSS Managers. g fDONALD FISH, '21 ' ' ' ' ' lDONALD SULLIVAN, '21 CLASS REPORTERS. 1920 1921 1922 1923 HAROLD ELDER CHAPIN HARVEY MARION GLYNN RAGUE HARRIET PORTER WILLIAM ATKINSON 32 HELEN ATWATER 7 Q . Imam THORNTON ELEANOR SP The Girl 's Club About the middle of September the Girl's Club, and all girls who were interested in the Girl's Club, met to elect officers for the year. The results of the election were as follows: President, Grace Cowan, Vice-President, Elea- nor Spragueg Treasurer, Eleanor Frost 5 Secretary, Frances Doyle. The oflicers met, and drew up a program for the year. Soon "Billy" Doyle was forced to resign her position, since she was leav- ing high school. A meeting was called to elect a new secretary. Marjory Frost was elected. Marjory stayed with us until February, when she, too, left school, and Rachel Baker was chosen to succeed her. The chief social affair given was the Girl's Club Dance. Although the weather seemed to be against it, it was voted the best dance of the year. Although several events have been given up on account of difficulties pertaining to the weather and school games, those carried out have been greatly enjoyed. The Girl's Club considers that it has had a successful year. 2533 The Musical Club MAX LABROVITZ '20, Leader MISS MAY F. GRADY, Coach RALPH SPAULDING '21, Manager MARGUERITE BROWN '22, Treasurer Firsl Violin RALPH SPAULDING '21 IQENNETH LANNON '22 RIVTH STRONG '22 MARGUERITE BROWN '22 ELI GINSBURG '23 Second Violins l,I:SI.IE KELLEY '22 ICI,IzARETH WARD '23 Piano MIRS MAY F. GRADY Second M andolrln HELEN ATWATER AMIE DICKINSON '21 RUTH HAMILTON '11 OLIVE OWEN '23 GRACE WHIPPLE '22 Cornets HARRY SWIFT '20 RUSSELL SPEAR '21 KINGSLEY LANNON '23 Traps MAX LABROVITZ '20 Igyljifg MVA" ARIHIJR IH? WALIILI: f ' U ROBERT YW" JOHN f'OI:s I CHARLES IH LOUIS CLOOI1 FRANCIS HA CLARI-:NCI3 I WILLIAM II ARCHIE KI: GORDON M. JOHN RICK FRANK PRI JAMES SAVI WILLIAM Si LEON SPAI' LEO XV.-XLSI CLARA BRI MILDRED I DORIS CAI IRVING ADAMS ARTHUR BAKER WALTER CAPEN ROBERT COOLEY JOHN CORSA CHARLES DICKENSON LOUIS GOODYEAR FRANCIS HAWTHORNE CLARENCE HEPBURN WILI.IAM IVES ARCHIE KENYON GORDON MARTIN JOHN MCKEMMIE FRANK PRESCOTT JAMES SAVERY WILLIAM SILVONIC LEON SPAULDING LEO WALSH CLARA BROWN MILDRED BURNETT DORIS CAMPBELL Have Bee-IIS ELLEN CASHMAN IDA CLARK RUTH FISKE VERNA FLEMING MARIE GALE FLORENCE GOULD ANNA GRYBKO GERTRUDE GUYOTT MAUDE HOPKINS MARY JOY CATHERINE KELLEY ESTHER LARNED HELEN MADDEN THELMA MESSIER EDITH PARKER CLARA PETERSON PEARL ROSE VICTORIA SKIBICKI BETH STRONG EVELYN WINDMILLER SADIE WYNE ji nmimci If In the fall of 1916 the sports of Amherst High School felt the stimulus of one of the most promising freshman classes which has ever enrolled in the 1nst1tut1on. At the same time, a gymnasium came into use, which enabled us. to embark in a new branch of athletics-basketball. We have but a small school and therefore we cannot be expected to put out a wonderful team. However, we have always held our own with schools of our class, and it is no unknown glory to triumph over schools much larger. Football and basketball are our most popular sports. Basketball is undoubtedly the best paying sports of the school. It has supported itself and also some of the other teams. 36 Football :rt ' major sport. The claw -'C' I". men have been lip.-, elected to the f':ig,':r was built. om--r A brook. Our of pit-,. H, make an excell.-nf . penenced. and F1 'life uve Won ffum department. September 25 Mu, October 4 Ax October 18 ii IT October 25 I b, 'i November ur 1 SVT! Football Football in the Amherst High School has always been considered the major sport. The class of 1920 has been strongly represented in this field. Our best men have been Russell Moore and Raymond Lee, the former having been elected to the captaincy for the season of 1919. Around them the whole team was built. Other good players for '20 were Martin, Miller, Ward and Has- brook. Out of five games played this season we won two and lost three. We make an excellent showing although our opponents were heavier, more ex- perienced, and represented larger schools. We won from the Springfield Tech 2 to 0, outclassing them in every department. Football Schedule 1919. A. H. S. Opps. September 28 Alumni at Amherst. . . . 18 12 October 4 Amherst at Greenfield. . . . 12 14 October 18 Holyoke at Amherst. . . . 7 24 October 25 Cfhicopee at Amherst ......... . 0 36 November l Springfield Tech at Amherst ..... . 2 0 37 Basketball , Basketball has steadily advanced in importance, since the erection of the new high school building. During this season a new league was formed. It was known as the Hampshire League. We were classed with such schools as Smith Academy, Hopkins Academy, Smith School and Easthampton High. We were beaten for first place by the fast experienced Hopkins Academy outfit, but not without a keen fight, for Hopkins barely nosed out a victor. The fastest game ofthe season was with Springfield Central High School. Our team forced the city lads to play two overtime periods before a huge crowd of enthusiasts. Walsh is the star performer from our class, while Martin does well. They have both put up a consistent game, and their work has been characterized by spectacular playing and quick action. . Basketball Schedule, 1919-1920 A. H. S. Opps. December 12-Northampton Commercial at Amherst ...... 19 37 December 19-Springfield Central High at Amherst. . . . . . 29 31 January 9 -Amherst at Hopkins ................ . . 26 41 January 16 -Smith Academy at Amherst ....... . . 30 21 January 20 -Smith, School at Amherst ..,. . . 53 3 January 23 -Amherst at Easthampton .... . . 13 24 January 30 -Hopkins at Amherst. ,......, . . 21 30 February 3 -Amherst at Smith Academy .... . . 13 19 February 17-Amherst at Smith School ..... . . 45 17 March 17 -Easthampton at Amherst ..... . . 44 25 March 25 -Holyoke at Amherst ...... . . 13 20 Swimming The swimming team is a team of which Amherst High may be justly Egfmg- Dnflng 'Une elght years of its existence it has met with but one defeat, has Y tl: fast and experieced team from Brookline High School. Its fame h. Sprea al OVQBNQW England. We have met and conquered the best of igh school teams in the state O f th b ' ' 'C Thomas Nemgan mat d ne o e est swimmers in the coun TY, 16, Merton Perri ylgure at Amherst High. Cther stars are William Cowles, ls our Stro f fend John Spean 19, of Amherst College fame. Waugh his last yegf Ilklyggllslilifglg regresented us for four years, serving as captain in ' f Pau Ing and Swift have als f d the team f , . o per orme on 13:aE:IiXI3?j56riA'H-S- 15 greatly lndebted to Amherst College for the use Of um and alto Tug" Kennedy for his constant interest in uS- ' 38 In 11025 Wf:StfiQlfi, Pima? . -- U . f i' vi" l ha1'Gff'J-"W uP amfmgfl ff" " For full? 3' if League. 'Inf 1' ' Fannin 1- 1-- tent Qarm' 117 V hit well over T!- .V could be relic! both c"1n!'zf1-Tr? Stgp, Uliitff 3'- Adams, ilk' law-'r has ever su-n. Manager 1-Yzix April 101 April .10 May' . May 1 3 Map' Il May 113 May QS May Zin June 11 Juni' 1' Juni' ll June li Baseball In this field we have more than held our own, classed against such teams as, Westfield, Springfield, Chicopee, Greenfield, Holyoke and Northampton, we have reason to be proud of our school. We have always fared well, always being up amongst the lead. . For four years we have been requested to play in the Connecticut Valley League. This is conclusive evidence for our baseball ability. Fenton is our star player in the national pastime, having played a consis- tent game at first base for two years. He is also a dependable hitter, having hit well over the 300 mark. He captained the team in the 1920 season. Walsh could be relied upon behind the bat while Lee played well in the field. They both hit consistently. Hasbrook is a heavy hitter and plays well at short stop. Others who have participated from 1920 are Swift, Miller, Ward and Adams, the latter being one of the best pitchers which the Connecticut Valley has ever seen. Manager Waugh has arranged the following schedule: April 16-Hopkins Academy at Amherst April 30-Northampton at Amherst May 7 -Westfield at Westfield May 14-West Springfield at West Springfield May 21-Chicopee at Amherst May 25-Northampton at Northampton May 28-Westfield at Amherst May 30-Orange at Orange June 2-Holyoke at Amherst June 9fWare at Ware J une 11-West Springfield at Amherst June 15-Chicopee at Chicopee , 39 Coaches i Mr. Clovis Mitchell, the first coach that 1920 looks back to, did exception- ally well. Although few of us have been guided by his hand we all remember his kind, gentle and firm disposition. He had a most alluring offer from a larger school, and although we hated to see him go, what was our loss was another's gain. Mr. Mitchell was succeeded by Mr. Thomas Bailey, a most competent and desirable coach. It is with pleasure that we look back to our days with Mr. Bailey. The long tiresome gruel on the gridiron, the weary, day after day, practice on the basketball court, and the hot, unpleasant duties on the diamond, were only play under him. Like Mr. Mitchell he left us for a better position. 1920 wishes him the best of success. This year we experienced something here-to-fore unknown at Amherst High School. Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Bailey, although excellent coaches had duties in the science department which of course necessitated the takin of 7 2 g most of their time. We now have a coach, Mr. George Williams, whose d t. . . . . u ies are solely in the physical training department. He comes well recom- mended from Holyoke High School and although he has bee 'th f l , n W1 us or on y a year his presence has been noticeably felt. He was elected president of the H h. . . amps ire League and served in the capacity for a year. He went two years to M. A. C., making his M in football at that institution. He then transferred to Sprin field T ' ' ' ' n i g raining School graduating some time ago. We all wish Mr. Williams the best of success, which we feel sure he deserves. 40 U -,ivp QI M -- ,r 1 u- M' .M,. ... 44. l , FY M f 'n .:' .M f'u' N . HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Huuuunun HHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH IIIHIllllIIIllllIIIIIIIIIllllIllIIIllIllIIIllIlllllllllllllllllllllllll IIIIIXIIlIIIIllIIIIHIIIIIIIllIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIllll!IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIllIIXIIIIIIllIIIIIllllllIXIIHIIIIIIIHIIIIII HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH llmmlllllllllllllllllllllIllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHTIITTH llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIlllllIlllllllllllllllllHIlllllIllllllllIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll IHTITIIYIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIllIIllIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIHII1IllIll!IIIIIIllIlllmIllillllllllllllllllllflll IlIIllIIlIIHIIIIIIllllIllIIIIIIIIIIIYIIIHllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllll IlllllIllHHIIllllllHHllIlHllllllllllllllllIIlllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllHHIllllllIlIIIIIlIIIIIllllllllIlllllllllllllIllHIIIllHHIlllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllll 42 ,... I .,,f"""""M' ..- . I' --Q IIIIIIIIHYIllIIlI1IIIIIlIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIITImm!llUlmITIIflml!Illlllllllllllllllllllll Ulll UlllllUHlllUIlllllllIIlllllI1llUllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllIllllllIIllIHIllllIIIlIlllUlllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllll .133 IlllllllIlllIllH1IIlllllTl1l'll1llIllllIl'Illlllll1Y7I'mfInTmmllIllllTI1 IITTITIIlmlllllllllllmlIllllmmIH1mlllllllllllllllImlIIllllllmml1ll'l11UlIIlll'l lllIIIllIHIllllIIIllIllIllIIIIllIIIllIIllIIllIIIllllllllIllIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllll ll'lIl lIIllIlllllllllllllllllllllll Used by Indians as Signals H th S FIRST NATIONAL BANK :OF- AIVII-IERST A deposit account in a strong conservative Bank is an asset and convenience to every business man and woman SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES -TRAVELERS' CHECKS 0 f wg-' NOW JACKSON 8: CUTLER CAIVIPFIRE GIRLS ' ' D I . -and- SCOUT Women's and Cl1i1dren's COLUMBIA RECORDS Ready To Wear Clothes I-Iit You U. S. Army and Navy CaIIs - A2240 Avls Blrd Calls ----- A2832 ' u AMI-IERST, IVIASS. I lawa a's on ----- A3083 g High School Cadets March - - A6105 Boy Scout March ----- A1412 E. A. THOMPSON 44 F' IIAUII' ' Iii'-1 -f- ' gflkil. You I4 56" ' I pufdm CIOIIxf"' fr iii'- 1.11:- F. IVI. Thor Har! Sclraffhrf ALLISO Photc Plzofogra pf: f r 102 ' XIITI II QL : B ' A F. M. Thompson 81 Son 1l1 1- Best in clothes for young men and boys. You can always save money by ahh- .4 purchasing your I an . clothes here. iili-ii-ii l M F. M. Thompson 8: Son fffw Mas Hari Schajjfner 5 Marx Clothes ALLISON SPENCE 4 R "L A Photographer ' "H" Photographer to IQZO A. H. S. 1. A nr. p-Q-11 iii! 102 hlain Street Northampton, hlass. E rest solidly on the principle that reli- ability in merchandise and satisfaction guaran- teed are a sure foundation for success. Hardware, Plumbing and Heating. MUTUAL PLUMBING Sc H E A TIN G C G. Go to CAMPIONS For your young men's furnishings S. S. HYDE Jeweler and Optician Broken Lenses Replaced Get outcloors and enjoy yourself 11- 1 .i ly FISHING TACKLE and BASE BALL and TENNIS GOODS i..AT -CT. A. I. HASTINGS Newsclealer and Stationer COLLEGE CANDY KITCHEN The only place in town that makes its own Candies. We carry thebiggest and best line in Amherst. Orders taken for Harlequin Ice Cream' in bulk, and Punch for entertainments and other occasions on short notice. Call in or telephone The Home of Quality -1 BETWEEN THE BANKS 22 Main St. Amherst, Mass. Al Iliif ,NI Amherst l Ttfgxt' ti' ' it Come hear ffl' If . . I Latest ' .-i--- 11l MII. is the plat watch rep. lenses rt-pl Milleu jf LAB? FINE MEF GENTS' White Flannel: A AMH N llnl' LS NIH IH-Y Compliments of BOI..I..E'S SHOE STORE HENRY ADAMS and COMPANY The Rexall Store ON THE CORNER Soda, Cigars, Candy and Drugs Amherst Book Store TEXT BOOKS and SUPPLIES -co To- E. H. HARVEY A Come hear our Kohler and Campbell . . . Piano . . . -1 The Place for Quality and Good Latest Line of Popular Music Service IVIII..I..ETT'S is the place to get your watch repaiecl, or broken lenses replaced. Millett jeweelrsr Store Compliments of--l The College Drug Store FINE MERCHANT TAILOR Compliments of -and' E. D. MARSH ESTATE GENTS' FURNISHINGS RNITURE, RUGS While Flanncls Made lo Order FU d DRAPERY Full Dress Suils For Rent an AMHERST, MASS. Compliments of ...... J. K. MILLS LINCOLN, BLOCK -F-'ZGRIOGSI-if GEORGE GRIGGS Furniture Dealer Amity Street Telephone Conn. Amherst, Mass. I Remember the .SHOE SHINE... AIVIHERST SHOE REPAIRING AND SHOE SHINE PARLOR EXPERT SHOE REPAI RING On your way to the Post fr Wh EQ' A ' we Qu Iif EV ' f ENGRAV I GGG? ex t I' I ,ilN'lhg3'f0m' , is J. - the NORITE ENGRNING mS32SAC'2'-IZ" CANTON, or 48 NX n w 'S+ A1 Q ENGRAVINGS 1N Trns Boon By '5 of f . i""!4"" -i The Enomxvnma Cog scnool. ANNUAL, Emormvans' CAN'I'ON4 oruo. 1 .4 . If-' V , ',.,.,'4i-rx . - , an A fn, y,,q,,.- .gA' .v , , ,V . 1, .,.. Y., f .95 .I f,, ,,, J x , , if-- r. ,,,',.x - iq., 'fix' , ,, . . . ,,. , 'Q cw , Fr r' V , A f ,r,,.. 5. x .Vf if 4 4. "'fwwn. va.: 1

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