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T H E 1 A 9 M 6 E 2 T H Y Volume VI Published By The Senior Class of S T Amherst County High School Amherst, Virginia MURIEL WIKSWO MRS. MARGIE LAYNE Editor Sponsor JIMMY HICKS Business Manager MR. HENRY C. PITSENBARGER . . Sponsor Foreword “Whose distant footsteps echo Through the corridors of time” Longfellow The early Greek civilization was one based on honor, industry, beauty, and simplicity. The imple- ments of these Greeks were crude, but the works and myths they left behind remain forever lasting. Hidden among the depths of their ancient beliefs and shrouded in years of legend is the mystical treasure, the amethyst. This gem above all others was sought after by the ancients for its power to bring good luck and happiness to those who possessed it. Its strange faculty put a sobering check on passions, yet quick- ened intellect and imparted an especial dignity to the possessor. So too at Amherst Gounty High School a degree of this symbolic Grecian heritage of the amethyst is reflected in the ideals that daily enfold us. Each year there are those who as they enter this edifice of learning are stepping onto the threshold of a new phase of their lives. They are waiting to grasp all the dignity, knowledge, and strength of character that is found after their fi ’e-year passage through its halls. Others as they reach graduation know the e.xaltation of human achievement; and it is indeed happiness that comes to those who impart what they know to another and who help mold our intellectual de ’elop- ment. Each part of our life here represents a phase- timeless sincerity, lasting memories, the good times shared, companions gained. Accordingly, these phases are all bound together in one volume, the Amethyst. As you turn these pages, vou will see traditions, dignity, and spirit that life at Amherst Gounty High School offers throughout the year. Thus come with us now as we relive past yet ever-lingering memories. Proper!; ' ; of The Library cf Virginia Richmond, A 0 I Dedication The 1962 Amethyst staff members wish to express their devotion and respect to one who has given so unselfishly of his time and talents in preparing us for our li es ahead. Through our joys and tribulations, he has rendered service that can do nothing else but contribute to the success of each student. The instruc- tions he has rendered to us have enhanced the mean- ing of objects with which we daily come in contact. We can think of him not onl ' as an excellent teacher, but also a personal friend. W’ithout his assistance, many school functions, such as pla ’s and operettas, would be incomplete. For it is he who has enlivened the stage with back-drops and scenery. It is with great pride that we dedicate this edition of the Amethyst to Mr. Henry Pits enbarger, art instructor at Amherst County High School. In addition to teaching hi.s many art classes, Mr. Pitsenbarger enjoys painting in his leisure moments. Con ten ts Faculty and Administration 13 Classes 23 Ac ti vi ties 59 Athletics 87 Features 101 Advertisements 111 5 As We Relive Each Memor len the bell rings at 8:50, a new day has offici- ally begun at Amherst County High School. Each new day brings on new activities, new challenges, new accomplishments, and new rewards. Yet the many everyday e.xperiences at Amherst County High School make it a great institution of learning. These experiences mold the lives of the students at Amherst County High scholastically, socially, and physically. Each bell brings with it a new challenge as the students proceed from class to class. Each oppor- tunity summons the student to develop his abilities, whether they be culinary, linguistic, or scientific. If these abilities are culinary, a fine home economics department is placed at the disposal of the student to develop and practice them. If these abilities are linguistic, the foreign language department offers a varied and interesting program in the lingual sciences. If these aptitudes are scientific, Amherst County High boasts fine science and mathematics departments. Modem equipment and facilities en- able science students to observe many of the won- ders of nature and of the universe in the laboratories. Whether the student is engaged on the dance floor or a moment of excitement at a tense game, he is partaking of the enjoyment afforded by the recrea- tional program of our school. These are but a few of the numerous activities which go into the making of our beloved Amherst County High School. In the Junior Play Mrs. Maxwell, (Mary Barnes) has fainted again. Her daughter, (Barbara Thornton) is by her side. Looking on are Clay Blackwell, Dianne Mayo, M’ayne Palmer, Ra ' Alcoek, Carroll Freeman, Sue Atkins, and Sandra Weaver. It has been said that the first snow is always the most fun, and these three seem to agree! 6 Rodney Jones, Rebecca Davis, Elmo W’il- sher, and Ginger Hite talk in the hall before classes. During a meeting of the debating team, Catherine Johnson records her speech while Toni W ' ikswo, Ronnie Thomas, and Warren Emerson critically listen. Larry Campbell helps in taking down decorations after the Jr. Tri-Hi-Y dance. Scenes Many varied activities and experiences add to the wonderful life spent at Amherst Count)’ High School. Throughout the year, students from all grade levels participate in school functions; thus, benefiting the school as well as themselves. A very momentous occasion for the juniors is ordering their school rings. W ' hen a dance is being held, students can be seen preparing deco- rations for the cafeteria. At Christmas, the school Christmas tree is decorated in the main hall b - various members of the Student cooperative Association. During lunch, there is a feeling of relaxation when the students converse with each other or study. In our auditorium, interesting assemblies are presented by both school clubs and guest speakers. All the above mentioned activities are important and supplement the curriculum. Besides these activities, the class- rooms, science laboratories, and the library have made the life at Amherst County High School filled with expectancy. There is indeed friendli- ness in the attitudes of the students and teachers at A.C.H.S. Toni Lanum and Judy Parr are fitted for their rings by Mr. Mott, represenative from the Jos- ten ring company. In the physics lab- oratory, Martin Walker with the assistance of David Gouldthorpe demonstrates his phys- ics project, an acid volt- meter. 10 Timeless Years of Learning . The phases of our school life at A.C.H.S. are intermingled with the knowledge gained in the classrooms and the many extra cur- ricular activities which are offered. Our stud- ies enrich and enlarge the scope of our knowledge while our many activities help to give direction and meaning to our work in society. The knowledge that we have ob- tained and the many activities conducted on our campus will stand out as vivid panto- mimic scenes in our journey across the stage of our high school life. During English class, Cynthia Torrence reads a passage in literature to her classmates. Bernice Kidd and a fellow student of hers prepare biscuits during home economics class. 11 There are many occurrences in the athletic- program during the school year at Amherst County High. Go! Fight! Win! is the cry heard in the gymnasium by the cheerleaders and fans in leading the Lancers to a victory. There is also the ri alry which becomes keener and keener as each team tries ' aliantly to win. After school has been dismissed at the end of a long day, one could witness the many prac- tice sessions of the ' arious teams in their pursuit of perfection. All of these and man ’ more breathtaking moments lend an air of e.xcitement and into.xication to the athletic- scenes at Amherst County High. Donnie Wood (no. 22) scrambles for a rebound against two Rustburg players. 12 Faculty and Administration Standing: Mr. Presley Thornton, Mr. Tylor Fulcher. Seated: Mr. Calvin Irvin, Mr. Herbert Camden, Mrs. Bess Shrader, Chairman, Mr. Jack F. Thomas, Vice-Chairman. Board of Education Our Board of Education, under the leader- ship and guidance of its chairman, Mrs. Bess W. Shrader, has a busy and duty-filled schedule. Mrs. Shrader is the only woman who has been appointed to the Commission on Public Education created by the Virginia General As- sembly. She received the appointment from Governor Almond. We are indeed appreciative and fortunate to have such a group of outstand- ing citizens at the head of this body. They improve and maintain our schools, thereby, pro- viding us with the education and knowledge we need throughout our lives. Indeed these individuals contribute greatly to the effectiveness and success of education in our country. We are ineed grateful for the service rendered by these people. MRS. BESS W. SHRADER Chairman 14 MR. RICHARD E. LEE B.S., Lynchburg College M.Ed., University of Virginia Principal Administration Behind the success and achievements of the stu- dent body at A.C.H.S. is the guiding hand of our administration, Mr. Richard E. Lee, our principal, and Mrs. Laura Herion, secretary to the principal. Even though there are many activities going on at school, each student knows he can find guidance and understanding from Mr. Lee. By taking an ac- tive part in the academic and the extra-curricular activities, he gains insight into the students likes and dislikes, thus being able to gain their confidence and cooperation. Mr. Lee has set the highest ideals as goals for us to follow to enrich our lives and to make us better citizens. We are indeed grateful for this anchor to support us. MRS. LAURA HERION Secretary 15 MRS. ELOISE AKINS B.S., Madison College Mathematics, English MRS. ANN BALDWIN B.S., Lynchburg College Mathematics, Physics MRS. LOUISE BROWN B.S., Longwood College Health and Physical Education Sponsor— Monogram Club Girls’ Basketball Coach Sponsor— Cheerleaders MRS. MILDRED BRYANT B.A., Sweet Briar College English, Reading Sponsor— SCA MISS MARTHA BURGESS B.S., Lynchburg College Science MR. JOHN CAMM B.A., Virginia Polytechnic Institute Biology, Science Sponsor— Science Club MR. ALLEN CAMPBELL B.S., Salem College Physical Education, Health Sponsor— Monogram Club Football, Basketball Junior Varsity Basketball, Coach Ronnie Thomas explains to the plane geometry class the con- struction of the nine point circle while Mrs. McDermott, math instructor, demonstrates a model of it. By broadening the Standing behind the students of Amherst Coun- ty High School is a dedicated faculty, who con- tinues in its unending efforts to promote the success and welfare of each student. Untiring in ' their endeavors, they are ready to help any stu- dent in any way they can. They represent chal- lenges to the students, and they encourage them to attain new and higher goals. Yet, how often they may feel their labors are unheeded; they know the knowledge they par- : take to the students will long be of value in their quest to meet the future. As the years go by, they become still more devoted to enrich and broaden the characters of tomorrow’s leaders. Each faculty member has a right indeed to let a smile issue from his countenance for these smiles reflect the confidence the students and faculty have in one another. A pictxme of friend- liness, patience, and understanding is portrayed by the individuals of this destined profession as they help to make a school year a beneficial one in many and varying ways. Mr. Minnich is busily calling out spelling words to one of his eighth grade English classes. pathways of knowledge that extend rs. Stone watches to see if Arlene McLaughlin is using he correct typing techniques. MRS. GONIA COTTON B.A., M. Ed., Flora McDonald College, U. Va. Mathematics Sponsor— Safety Patrol MISS BARBARA J. ELDER B.S., Longwood College History, World Geography MR. CHARLES FEAGANS B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute Agriculture Sponsor— F.F. A. and Hi-Y MRS. KATHERINE FEAGANS B.S., Madison College English, Home Economics MISS JEAN GARDY B.A., Longwood College Westhampton College Librarian and Library Science Sponsor— Library Club MRS. JEAN GODWIN B.A., Duke University Chemistry, Science Sponsor— Photography Club Junior Sponsor MRS. MARYON HARPER B.A., Randolph Macon Woman’s College Journalism, English S ponsor—Amherite 17 before the students, we reap our rewards In the guidance office Mrs. Jobe, the guidance counsellor, discusses .some scores with Ann Sandige. During home economics class Rebecca Campbell and Kay Marsh watch as Mrs. Feagans instructs Mary Ann Gibson on her sewing. MRS. KATHERINE HATCHER B.A., Lynchburg College English, Speech Senior Sponsor, Senior Play Sponsor MR. HAROLD HIGGINS B.A., Virginia Polytechnic Institute Agriculture Sponsor— F .F .A. MRS. NELLIE JOBE B.S., M.Ed., Longwood College U. Va. Guidance Sponsor— F .T .A. MR. CHARLES LAMPHERE Special Music Education Director of Music Sponsor— Band and Glee Club MRS. MARGIE LAYNE B.A., Madison College Lynchburg College Bookkeeping, Shorthand, Typing Sponsor— Tri-Hi-Y and Amethyst MRS. KATE McDermott B.S., Coker College Mathematics Sponsor— Beta Club MR. EUGENE MINNICK A.B., Lynchburg College English Sponsor— Senior Play 18 MISS EUGENIA MOSHONAS B.S., Florida State University Guidance MRS. EUGENIA MYERS B.S., Sweet Briar Gollege Latin Sponsor— Latin Club MRS. EVELYN NIGHOLAS B.S., Madison College Home Economics Sponsor— FHA Senior Sponsor MRS. NELLE NOELL A.B., Bowling Green Business University General Business, Office Practice MRS. PANSYE PHILLIPS B.S., Madison College Mathematics Sponsor— Jr. Tri-Hi-Y Senior Sponsor MR. HENRY PITZENBARGER B.S., Lynchburg College Art Sponsor— Art Club and Amethyst f as the spark of understandin g grows MRS. MYRA RAMSEY B.S., Lynchburg College Science, Mathematics Sponsor— Science Club Junior Sponsor Miss Rowles, a new teacher this year, is show’n during a favorite class. Mr. Camm, biology instructor, explains the functions of the lung to Wayne Thacker. MR. ROBERT RICHARDSON B.A., Lynchburg College Government, Sociology Sponsor— Jr.-Hi-Y MISS BEATRICE ROWLES B.S., Longwood College History Sponsor— Junior Play and One Act Play MRS. HELEN SCOTT B.A., Lynchburg College History MR. HENRY SEXTON A.B., Concord College French, Spanish Sponsor— French and Spanish Clubs MRS. SARA CAMPBELL SMOOT B.A., University of South Carolina History Sponsor— Forensic Club MRS. JESSIE STONE B.S., University of Virginia Typing Sponsor— Business Club MR. GERALD THOMAS B.A., Lynchburg College Driver Education, Health and Physical Education Sponsor— Senior Play MRS. MARGUERITE WEBSTER B.A., Lynchburg College, U. V ' a. English into a steady flame Mr. Campbell, health and physical educa- tion instructor, explains the parts of the human nervous system to his health class. Clay Blackwell receives her history term paper from her history teacher, Mrs. Scott. Behind the scenes of the Administrative Office, we find several students who are willing to give up their study periods to help relieve some of the many duties of the office personnel. Each day they are responsible for typ- ing, mimeographing, and distributing the list of absentees to all the teachers. They also include in their work typing notices for the faculty and administration and running the many and varied errands of the office. We are certainly proud of these students, who are willing to learn by doing. Seated: Gail Ballew, Sandi Medeiros. Standing: Betty Jane Gouldthorpe, Bill Hopkins, Vivian Riner. Workers behind the scenes There comes a time each day that every- one looks forward to with longing, and that is lunch. Teachers and students alike are able to forget the problems of the day and relax in the pleasant atmosphere of the caf- eteria. It is through the stimulating lunch breaks that we are able to energetically proceed through the remainder of the day. We are grateful to the competent lunch- room staff, who has worked, to provide us with a well-balanced and nutritious meal. Pictured are Mrs. Parr, Mrs. Falls, Mrs. Hudson, Mrs. Massie. 21 First row: Sammy Myers Sammy Cunningham, Martin Walk- er, Elber Perry, Jimmy Jordan, Edwin Falls, Mike Panzarino, Thomas Martin. Second row: Russell Riley, Raymond thacker. Mr. Mays, Wallace Harris, Mr. Keyser, Mr. Campbeel, Mr. Worley, Mr. Massie Mr. Martin, David Gouldthrope, Charles Hill, E vid Bradley. There are at A.C.H.S. individuals who have a great responsibility entrusted in them. They are the bus drivers who are accountable for keeping the buses in running condition and getting the stu- dents safely to and from school in rain or snow. They show a great deal of patience in putting up with all the noise and commotion that the body of students makes. With cheerfulness they accept all of this and faithfully devote themselves to their work. In fact, what could we do without them; for it is through their tireless efforts that, from far and near, we are able to come and complete our edu- cation. Much credit must be given to the bus drivers— our bus drivers. Our trusted friends Each day the custodians spend many hours working to keep A.C.H.S. in order. They not only work during a school day session but also after classes are dismissed. It is then that they strive to bring organization to the disorder cre- ated by the daily activities. They are always willing to help when dances, banquets and other school functions are held. It is surprising the many errands that are carried on through their untiring efforts as they add to the efficiency of the school. Indeed they prove invaluable in every situation and are always ready to aid. Left to right: Sam Ross, James Smith, John Beverly, Viola Davis. 00 Classes Martin Walker, President; Jimmy Hicks, Vice-President; Louise Richeson, Sec- retary; Rita Keith, Treasurer; Dianne Hall, Reporter. Seniors 1962 Members of the Senior Class of 1962 are nearing the completion of a most important goal, that of possessing a high school education. Now as they take those final steps toward this goal, they look back to the numerous activities of their Senior year: the Senior Prom, the New York trip, the Senior Play, the magazine campaign, and commencement prep- aration. Remembering these events, the class members realize that they could not have advanced so far without the guidance and help of the principal and faculty. They are also grateful to the Senior Class Sponsors for their incessant help and enthusiasm. The Class of “62” approaches graduation with mixed emotions: anticipation for the future, regret in leaving the friends they have made, and the many happy days spent at A.C.H.S. As citizens, the Seniors will strive to uphold the standards they have learned at Amherst County High School. r MARY EVELYN ALLEN JOANNE PHYLLIS ASHWELL Memories will always remain GAIL PAGE BALLEW HERMAN BIBB, JR. Before classes start , Donnie Wood, Sonny Woody, and Kay Marsh discuss a few problems concerning homework. JOHN WESLEY BOWLING GALVIN KENDALL BAILEY 25 GARY DANIAL BRYANT GLORIA JEAN BURGH GERALDINE KAY ANNE BYRUM DAISY MAE CAMPBELL JERRY ODELL CAMPBELL of the good times Mr. Lloyd Donaldson, representative of Educational Readers Service, Inc., presents to Sammy Myers. Betty Lou Fulcher, and Mary Evans the awards they won in the Senior Magazine campaign. JOYCE MAUREEN CAMPBELL JUANITA DALE CAMPBELL KATHY LEE CAMPBELL 26 MARGARET LEE CAMPBELL LILLIAN PAULINE CAMPBELL THOMAS WILLIAM CAMPBELL WOODROW KNIGHT CAMPBELL that were shared CAROL NADINE CAMRON The seniors have arrived at U. Va. and are eagerly await- ing the football game. MAYNARD LEWIS JAMES EDGAR CARSON JOYCE MAE CASH CASH, JR. 27 PHILLIP THOMAS CASH ROGER LEE DENTON MARY FRANKLIN EVANS FRANK THOMPSON r i i re- FAULcoNER, HI 0i thc HO St oi friends Something has attracted Roy Riner’s attention at the U. Va. football game! FLORENCE GAIL FIGGERS SHIRLEY MAY FREEMAN BETTY LOU FULCHER 28 MARY ANN GIBSON BETTY JANE FOSTER GOULDTHORPE DAVID WESLEY GOULDTHORPE made and of the Dianne Hall looks over one of the selections of Christmas cards that the Seniors will sell this year. BERNARD SANFORD GOWEN LOIS DIANNE HALL NORMAN STANLEY HANSEN JAMES MICHAEL HARRIS 29 NORMAN WALLACE HARRIS PHILLIP EDWARD CAROLE ELIZABETH ELLEN MAXINE HESSON HARTLESS HENDERSON JAMES EDWARD HICKS joy experienced in at long Jimmy Jordan, Margaret Campbell and Fay Zirkle make popcon dur- ing lunch hour as a senior class pro- ject while Norman Hansen super- vises. WILLIAM DABNEY CHARLES EUGENE HILL HOPKINS EDWARD MEEKS HOPKINS 30 SANDRA FRANCES HAZEL WENDLA HUNTER SHIRLEY MAE HUFFMAN HORTON REBECCA GAYLE JENNINGS last being seniors mary oneda johnson JAMES LUTHER JORDAN RITA GAY KEITH JAMES DAVID KITTS 1 I 31 1 THOMAS WADE LITTRELL JOHNNY McDONALD ELIZABETH KAY MARSH MADDOX THOMAS ELTON MARTIN, JR. Yet most important we At last the seniors are off on their annual trip to New York city! ALLAN RAY MAYBERRY NELLIE MAE MAYS KAY WHITNEY McCLANAN 32 WILSON EUGENE McIVOR BEVERLY SANDRA JAMES PAUL MILTON MEDEIROS have reaped the rewards While on tlie senior trip in New York city, Hazel Hunter pauses for a few minutes in front of the Cathedral to explain to Linda Withers the art of using a camera. FRONA REBECCA MITCHELL SANDRA SUE MORGAN HENRY SAMUEL MYERS MARY ANN PARR 33 ALICE FAY FRIBBLE MARY LOUISE RICHESON ROY SIMS RINER, JR. VIVIAN LEE RINER CHARLES ELMORE RIVES, JR. of fruitful studies and now Standing outside the President Hotel, Raymond Thacker, Bill Hopkins, and Charles Hill prepare for a .sightseeing trip of New York city. CLARENCE DUVAL LARRY LEE ROBERTS JUANITA MAY ROGERS SHANER 34 STEWART ETHERIDGE DOROTHY ANN SMITH LESLIE NEIL SMITH SHANER, JR. RONALD LEE SMITH with our diplomas in hand During the .senior trip, Linda Withers, Ed Hopkins, Bill Hop- kins, and Hazel Hunter sit on a New York curbstone pondering where to go next. TYRA LEE STEIN DUANE KAY STEWARD PATRICIA ANN STOWE HOWARD ARTHUR THACKER, JR. 35 RAYMOND KEITH THACKER JULIA ELIZABETH JUNE ELAINE TURMAN TUCKER MARTIN HOLT WALKER are ready to face the During English class Mrs. Bry- ant, instructor, explains a pas- sage in English to Clarence Shaner while Kay McClanan busily hunts in the card fiels. LLOYD HAMPTON LINDA LEE WITHERS WHEELER EDWARD WAYNE WHITE f Mik 36 MURIEL ANASTASIA WIKSWO CLARENCE EDWARD DONALD THURMAN WOOD WILLIAMS challenge of the future. Margaret Campbell, Sammy Myers and F. T. Faulconer work industri- ously in the library during their study period. BENNIE FRANKLIN WOODY, JR. SUE WATERS WORLEY ELEANOR LOUISE WRIGHT ALICE FAY ZIRKLE 37 Junior Class We, the Junior Class of ’62, have yet to take that final step in achiev- ing our goal; nevertheless, we feel honored to have finally gained the title of “upperclassmen.” We eag- erly anticipate the pleasures and promises of our Senior year, but we shall always remember the reward- ing experiences we have had. We are sincerely hoping that the future years yet ahead of us will prove to be equally memorable when we look back at our previous Junior activities— the Junior Play, the re- ceiving of our rings, and the Junior- Senior Banquet and Prom. Seated: Sandra Weaver, Reporter; Sandra Coffey, President; Barbara Thornton, Secretary. Standing: Jimmy Gillispie, Vice President; Fred Brueggeman, Treasurer. As Juniors, we now look back WAYNE ADAMS JUDY ADDISON ■ray allcock SUE ATKINS STEPHEN AUSTIN NANCY BANTON MARY BARNES ETHEL BETHEL 3S Juniors CLAY BLACKWELL ELOISE BOWLING REBECCA BRIGHTWELL FRED BRUEGGEMANN SANDRA BRYANT GLEN BURTON GLENN CAMPBELL JANE CAMPBELL PATRICIA CAMPBELL REBECCA CAMPBELL RAYMOND CHEATHAM JUDY COFFEY ROGER COFFEY SANDRA COFFEY GEORGE COLEMAN at the challenges of the past year PEGGY CRAWFORD PEARL CREAMMER SAMMY CUNNINGHAM VIRGINIA CUNNINGHAM GEORGE DAWSON DELORES DENTON CHARLENE DeWITT GORDON DINKINS WILLIAM DODGION DIANNE DODGION 39 Juniors DONALD DUFF GEORGE FALLS TOMMY FOSTER GARROLL FREEMAN BRENDA FULCHER HUGH FULCHER ROSALIE GARLAND JIMMY GILLISPIE JACQUELINE GOFF ELEANOR HAMILTON and remember the excitement of receiving BOBBY HARRIS SHIRLEY HARTLESS DOROTHY HENDERSON SUE HIGGINS CARROLL HUDSON GAIL HUME THOMAS HUMPHRIES CARL JENKINS ARDENIA JOHNSON CATHERINE JOHNSON CAROLYN JONES TOMMY KOSTAL BERNICE KIDD JOE KING WALLACE LAMM 40 Juniors TONI LANUM DOUGLAS LAYNE JUANITA LAYNE WARREN MADDOX FLO MASSIE GRACIE MASSIE JIMMY MASSIE DIANNE MAYO EDWARD MAYS PATRICIA MAYS class rings, presenting the Junior play, and preparing ARLENE McLaughlin GLENN METZEL PAUL MILLER CARROLL MITCHELL CAROLYN MITCHELL SYLVIA MORRIS SHIRLEY NAPIER WAYNE PALMER MICHAEL PANZARINO JUDY PARR L. F. PAYNE JEAN PROFITT NORMA JEAN RILEY RUSSELL RILEY ANN SANDIDGE 41 Juniors JANICE SCHMID LINDA SHUPING NORMA SMOOT BARBARA STATON HAYWOOD STATON MARY ANN STATON CHARLES STORY BARBARA THORNTON BRENDA TOMLIN BRENDA TYREE BETTY WATTS SANDRA WEAVER DOROTHY WHITE RICHARD WILKINS NANCY WOOD BETTY WOODY PATRICIA WRIGHT for the banquet and prom Mrs. Hatcher, a new teacher this year, seems to be doing very well in one of her four Junior English Classes. 42 Clay Blackwell, Charles Storey, Fred Bruegemann, ■ and Sandra Weaver rehearse their lines for the Junior play. Sophomore Class Two years of high school have now been completed by the sophomore class of Amherst County High School, the class of ’64. This class has shown that it has a lot of school-spirit, honesty, and is capable of doing good work. Although this year has been an unforgettable one for them, this group is looking forward to its next two years with much enthusiasm and high hopes. If the class continues to show the willingness to work and interest in school ac- tivities, as it has already demonstrated, it is certain that their remaining years in high school will be among the worthiest ones in the history of Amherst County High. Ray Cash, Room 108; Cynthia Torence, Room 201; Patsy Franklin, Room 213; Vicky Panzaroni, Room 211; George Siegrist, Room 210. The realization of many of our hopes BONNIE BAILEY FRANKLIN BAILEY MAXINE BAILEY JOYCE BALLEW DONNY BROWN WILLIAM BRYANT WAYNE BURLEY WADE CAMDEN CARSON CAMPBELL DELMAS CAMPBELL RONNIE CAMPBELL VERA CAMPBELL SHIRLEY CASEY BETTY CASH JIMMY CASH 43 Sophomores RAY CASH ROGER CASH WAYNE CASH VIRGINIA COBB JOHNNY COFFEY REBECCA COFFEY ROGER COFFEY JOHN COLLINS BILLY COOPER CAROL CRAVEN DONALD DOVE KAY ELLINGER and aspirations, the finding of rewarding friends, WARREN EMERSON ESTHER EVANS LINDA EWERS HELEN FEAGANS PATSY FRANKLIN PATRICIA GLUNT WAYNE GOODWIN HUGH GOULDTHROPE WAYNE GRIENER DANNY HAAS MARK HAILEY RICHARD HARPER ROBERT HARRIS JOHNNY HARTLESS MICKIE HERION RANN HOILMAN KENNETH HUDNALL DELORES HUDSON DIANE HUNT EDWARD HUNT SARA HUNT BARBARA ISEMAN DAVID JENNINGS JANE JOHNSON 44 DELORES LAWHORNE RAY LAWHORNE ROSANN LAWSON LINDA LOGWOOD CYNTHIA LOVING MARGARET LOVING SANDY LOVING SUSAN LOVING ALMA MADDOX BETTY MARTIN BILLY MARTIN DONALD MARTIN Sophomores and the expanding of our field of knowledge RICHARD MARTIN TOM MASSIE THOMAS MAYO BETTY MAYS DONALD MAYS KENNETH MAYS FRED McConnell JAMES McConnell MARGARET McCONNELL HILL McDaniel JIMMY McDEARON CHARLES McGLOTHLIN ED MEEKS DONALD MILLER WILLIAM MORCOM LINDA MORGAN WAYNE MYERS MARY NASH GEORGE NEAS DAVID O’BRIEN ANNE OGDEN PRISCILLA OGDEN CONNIE PADGETT VICKY PANZARINO 45 Sophomores KATHY PARR ELBERT PERRY GROVER PERRY TOMMY PETTYJOHN BRENDA PUGH GLEN REIGHARD ELIZABETH ROWLAND JULIE SCHAAR KENNETH SGHAAR JAMES SETTLE MIKE SMITH MARTHA SMOOT have come true in our past three years at A. C. H. S. GWENDOLYN STAPLES PEGGY STATON ROBERT STEVENS HARRY STINNETTE JUDY STOUT DONNA TANKERSLEY CLIFEORD TAYLOR JUDY THACKER WAYNE THACKER GENE THOMAS BILLY TINSLEY JUDY TOMLIN CYNTHIA TORRENCE DORIS TYREE SUE WATSON GAYLE WATTS CHARLES WHITE JAMES WILKERSON JAMES WILLIAMS DIANE WILSHER LEE WILSHER HAROLD WOODY REBECCA WOODY DAVID WRIGHT 46 Freshman Class As the class that entered this build- ing a year ago, the freshmen are no longer strangers to this school. The foundations have been laid, and their course now lies before them. Through their studies and activities they have gained knowledge from the mistakes they made the past year and from the things taught to them. Now they can take an active part in the life of A.C.H.S. as they work to- wards their goal, graduation. Betsy Blackwell, Room 102; Miget Day, Room 118; Dick Jeter, Room 119; Billy Stowe, Room 101; Barbara Nicholas, Room 207; Fay Taylor, Room 120. WINFREE ABBOTT A firm foundation for the years KAY ALLCOCK JACQUELINE ARNOLD OWEN BANTON WANDA BANTON SAMMY BARLOW CHARLES BEASLEY GATES BERRY BETSY BLACKWELL ALAN BLONDINO DOROTHY BOWLING LOUISE BOWLING MARGARET BOWLING BRENDA BRADLEY DAVID BRADLEY FAYE BRIGHTWELL MARY GAY BRIGNALL MICHAEL BROCKMAN DENNIS BROWN JACKIE BRUEGGEMANN CHARLES BRYANT RODERICK BRYANT SYLVIA BRYANT ELKIN BURKS MARGARET BURKS CAROLYN BURNETTE SANDRA CAMDEN JAC CAMM ANN CAMPBELL 47 Freshmen CAROL CAMPBELL CAROLYN CAMPBELL JOYCE CAMPBELL LINDA CAMPBELL LARRY CAMPBELL MARY ANN CAMPBELL NATHANIEL CAMPBELL PATSY CAMPBELL SUSAN CAMPBELL WANDA CAMPBELL BETTY JANE CASH WILLIAM CASH CHIPPY CLEMENTS DELMAS COFFEY ahead of us has been laid -- LOIS COOPER DEARING COX JOHN CREASY ROBERT CROWDER JOY CUNNINGHAM CARL DAVIS JEAN DAVIS MARGARET DAY ROSALIE DAY FRANCES DEAN JANIS DeVOL DWIGHT DRUMMOND VERGIE DUFF TONI DUFFIELD MARY FADES KENNETH EAST DAVIS EVANS RICHARD EVANS ELOISE EUBANK EDWIN FALLS NANCY FALLS JAMES FARRISH CHERYL FAULCONER CECIL FOSTER JIMMY FOSTER LINDA FOSTER LINDA FRANKLIN RICH GARBEE 48 Freshmen ii £ ELORA GILBERT LYLE GRANT JO ANN HAMILTON DIANE HARRIS EDSEL HARTLESS SANDRA HARTLESS SUE HARVEY ROGER HEFFELFINGER ELLA HESSON HARRY HISS GINGER HITE DONALD HUDSON PAMELA HUDSON ELLEN MAYO HUMMEL we are sustained with an eager desire LESLIE IRVING DIGK JETER KENNETH JOBE BERNIGE JOHNSON RODNEY JONES BEVERLY KEITH NANGY KIDD JAMIE LANG BETTY LAWHORNE PEGGY LAWHORNE GECELIA LILE CARL LONG SHARON LOVING ALFRED MADDOX VIOLET MADDOX C. T. MARTIN DINANNE MARTIN ORA MARTIN MARGUERITE MASSIE SANDRA MASSIE DICKY MAYO KENNETH MAYO DONALD MAYS NANCY MAYS WANDA MAYS DOUGLAS McBRIDE ARCHIE McCANN JUDSON McIVOR 49 Freshmen MARY McIVOR KERRY McPherson CARROLL MITCHELL JOSEPH MITCHELL EVA LOU MOOREFIELD CHARLES MOSS GEORGE MOSS ROBERT MOSS LOU MYERS JOHN NEBLETT BARBARA ROSE NICHOLAS NEIL PALMER PATRICIA PARIS BRADLEY PARKS to seek the knowledge and attain the goals that ELIZABETH PAULETTE LINDA PETERS SANDRA PETERS LINDA PHILLIPS FRANKIE PILLOW LINDA PRIBBLE DONNIE PRICE GENE PROFFIT MARIE PROFFIT ANNE RICHARDS ROGER ROBERTS CHEYENNE SALE MARTHA SAUNDERS DAWN SHANER DIANE SHELTON RICHARD SHEPPARD LOWELL SMOOT WILLIAM SMOOT CARLE STAPLES CARNELL STATON TRUDY STEPHENSON ANN STEVENS LINDA STINNETTE BILLY STOWE DONNA STOWE THOMAS STUMP MELVIN TAYLOR FAYE TAYLOR 50 Freshmen WILLIAM TAYLOR ROGER TERRY CAROL THACKER WAYNE THACKER RONNIE THOMAS FRANK TILLER SHEILA TOMLIN BETTY FAYE TRACEY ALICE TUCKER DOROTHY TYLER MARIAN TYLER PHYLLIS TYREE SUSAN UTTAL KATHY VIAR our remaining years at A. C. H. S. will bring to us. RODGER WADE CLARA WHEELER JEAN WHEELER JUDY WHITE SAMUEL WHITESEL JOHN WHITTEN MARY ELLA WHITTEN SANDRA WHITTEN JIMMIE WIDDIFIELD BARBARA WIERINGO TONI WIKSWO GARY WILKERSON CYNTHIA WILLIAMS RUSSELL WILLIAMS JANICE WILMER KATHY WILMER BRENDA WOOD MALINDA WOOD SANDRA WOOD VIRGINIA WOOD WENDY WOOD JANE WOOD BETTY WOOLDRIDGE PATRICIA WORLEY DELORES WRIGHT JAMEY WRIGHT W ANDA WRIGHT DOROTHY ZIRKLE 51 Eighth Grade This year the eighth grade is making its first impression on Amherst County High School, and ACHS is making a big impression on us. The class of ’66 is setting out on a great adventure with high hopes for the next years at school. As each day passes, the thought of the future is held be- fore us; and we realize that this year is one of the most important one in our lives. We, there- fore, plan to follow the best with our best. The first phase First row: Douglas Fulcher, Room 106; Carolyn Campbell, Room 110; Second row: Brenda Burchette, Room 107; Sandra Cayle Ogden, Room 104; Third row: Patricia Sales, Room 112, Pat Thacher, Room 108; Fourth row: Jerry Camden, Room 103, Fifth row: Linda Holzheuer, Room 111; Gay Allen, Room 105. Claudeline Allen Fay Allen Gay Allen Madeline Arrington David Austin Esther Ayers Pat Babcock Audery Bailey Nancy Bailey Benny Banton Earl Barler John Berry Mary Bibb Silvia Bowling Mum Eighth Grade Robert Brightwell Sandra Brightwell Sandra Brockman Eugene Bryant Jean Bryant Wanda Bryant Brenda Burchette Wayne Burford Janie Burks George Burley Janet Burley Martha Burton Jerry Campbell Alice Campbell of our high school education has been completed; Barbara Campbell Betty Campbell Carolyn Campbell James Campbell Judy Catherine Campbell Judy Campbell Margaret Campbell Richard Campbell Roger Campbell Ronnie Campbell Ted Campbell Jimmy Campbell Alice Cash Becky Cash Betty Jean Cash Betty Lou Cash Martha Cash William Cash William Cash Penelope Chambers Dorothy Christian Joyce Christian Debbie Clements Don Clemtons Mike Clements Johnny Coffey Linda Coffey Carolyn Collbert 53 Eighth Grade Ruth Conneley Andrew Cooper Wylene Cunningham Rebecca Davis Ronnie Davis Samuel Davis Ronald Dawson Raymond Dean Carolyn Dickerson Sylvia Dodgion Wanda Dodgion Elsie May Dolan Junior Doyle Wayne Drumheller we now feel our hard work has been Linnie Dudley Sonny Duff Louis Dula Jeffrey Eden Billy EUinger Brenda Euoank Charles Farrar Kenneth Farrar Lynn Faulcouner Patsy Faust Wayne Fitzgerald Joann Floyd Ronnie Freeman Donnal Freeman i i Douglas Fulcher Mary Fulcher Ronnie Fulcher Jenny Galmish William Gouldthorpe Garry Greiner James Greiver Sandra Hall Terry Hammersay Barbara Harris Ronnie Harris Brenda Hartless Vonie Herion Michael Herrell 54 Eighth Grade Libbey Hodges Linda Holzheuer Jane Hudson Diane Huff Dennie Hunt Florence Ingee Doris Irvin Jackie Jackson Pat Jarrett Ann Jennings Claudia Kostecki Bob Lang Betty Lawhome Joyce Lawhome beneficial; and in the fullness of time we will Bobby Layne Jessie Lipscomb Gordon Long Ginger MacDearmon Martha McConnel Sylvia McGraw Clyde McReynolds Betty Maddox Linda Marcum David Martin Dora Martin James Martin Leroy Martin Matris Martin Betty Jo May George Mays Glen Mays Gordon Mays Jackie Mays Nancy Mays Peggy Mays Rachel Mays Sheha Mays Sue Mays Vincent Mays James Mawyer Ronnie Meeks Jackie Miller 55 Curtis Niorefield Donnie forris Powell Neblett Judith Nelson Coyla Noell Cecil Ogden Mike Odgen Sandra Gayle Ogden Sharon Ogden Julia Oliver John Sam Payne Daniel Peters Janice Phelps V irginia Phelps Eighth Grade acquire the maturity and valuable experience Becky PhiUips Walter Pick Martha Richardson Judy Rives Kathleen Robbins Ronnie Rogers Charity Rolland Reed Rosser Niildred Rudacille Patricia Sales Richard Sanders Robert Sanders Rosa Schaar David Seay Leahia Settle Shieha Simmons Morrison Singleton Doima Sitton Glen Smoot Barbara Spears Larry Sprouse Patsy Spouse Page Staton Wilfred K. Staton M ' esley Stuart Judy Taylor 56 Eighth Grade Betty Thacker Nancy Thacker Pat Thacker Fred Thomas Kenneth Thompson Janice Tomlin Patricia Tomlin Robert Tomlin Sharon Tomlin Harvey Tyndal Carloe Tyree Chetyl Tyree David Tyree Pam Tyree needed for the remaining years ahead of us. Rachel Tyree Keimeth Viar Ruth Viar Russell Volk Bill Wade Rena Wade Robbie Walton Barbara Ware Doima Ware Phillip Ware Nancy Watson George Watts Remilder Wheeler Katherine White Sue White Carolyn Wilcher Elmo Wilcher Ray Wilcher Charles Winn Billy Witson Carl Wood Roy Wood Carolyn Wood Bruce Worsham Phillip Wright Allen Young 57 Eighth graders, William Goldthorpe, Michael Ogden, and Mil- dred Rudacille listen closely as Miss Burgess, their science teacher, shows them a hornets nest. Class representatives at work Ed Meeks attentively watches as Jac Camm disects the earthworm in biology class. At lunch hour, a few sophomores, Dianne Wilsher, Gwen Staples, and Brenda Pugh, enjoy talking over the highpoints of the day. These upperclassmen. Clay Blackwell, Shirley Freeman, Glenn Campbell, Wayne White, and Ray Mayberry look terribly enthused in their conversation as they take time out at their mid- day break to relax. j I I, 1 Activities TOMMY LITTERELL President L. E. PAYNE Vice-President I I JIMMY MASSIE Treasurer PRISCILLA OGDEN Reporter Front row: Mrs. Mildred Bryant, sponsor; Jimmie Massie, treasurer; Louis F. Pasme, vice-president; Tommy Littrell, president; Fred Brueggemann, secretary; Priscilla Ogden, reporter. Second row: Gayle M’atts, Sue Atkins, Terry Hammersley, Donna Tankersly, Sandra Coffey, Ann Richards, Maiy ' Evelyn Allen, Sandi NIadeiros, Cher l Tyree, Gerr ' Byrum, Jimmy Hicks. Third row: Jimmy Gillespie, Joan Craft, Donnie Price, Coyla Noell, Patricia Sales, Gail Ballew, Linda Foster, Nancy Watson, Carolyn Campbell, Vonnie Her- ion, Linda Holzheur, Buzz Shaner. Fourth row: Jimmy Cash, Jac Camm, Billy Stowe, Glen Burton, Lou Myers, Judy Parr, Dennis Brown, Ray Mayberry, Judy Addison, Rebecca Coffey, Louise Richeson. Fifth Row: Ted Camp- bell, Dicky Mayo, Jerry Camden, Bill Hopkins, Kay Mc- Clanan, Ed Hopkins, Tommy Pettyjohn, Roy Riner, Martin Walker, Carroll Freeman, Shirley Freeman, Faye Pribble, Betty Lx)u Fulcher. Student Co-operative Association Every student in Amherst County High School will hear the name S.C.A. many times in his or her school life. There are several reasons for this fact. The entire student body forms the membership of this organization. Thus, each student at A.C.H.S. is a vital part of the S.C.A. The S.C.A. functions in many areas of our school life. The first thing new students hear on that first day in early September is, “The S.C.A. welcomes you,” spoken by the president. Immediately, we see the S.C.A. in action in the second-hand book store. A few days later —the Get-Acquainted Dance. The S.C.A. is not a governing body over the students. It teaches students to govern themselves. The S.C.A. works as a coordinating body between the students and the faculty. Several improvements have been made in our S.C.A. this year. One was the formation of the executive Coun- cil. This council serves as a medium between students and the Student Council. Also many improvements have been made in selecting the Student of the Month. Without a doubt, the S.C.A. plays an invaluable role in developing us as Americans— mature in the ways of democracy. This group consists of the S.C.A. executive committee. Seated: Linda Holzh euer, Jimmy Massie, L. F. Payne, Tommy Littrell, Fred Brueggeman, Priscilla Ogden, Linda Foster. Standing: Roy Riner, Carroll Freeman, Tommy Pettyjohn. Tommy Littrell sells a Lancer pennant to Carol Craven as a SCA project; Jimmy Hicks and Gail Ballew assist. Tommy Littell, S.C.A. President; Sandy Medeiros, Jimmy Cash, and Jac Camm look at one of the shrubs donated to the school by the school clubs. 61 The 1962 Amethyst MURIEL WIKSWO JIMMY HICKS Business Manager “ Tat size ad would you like to place in the 1962 AMETHYST, sir?” This question was asked to the advertising manager of practically every business establishment from the southern end of Lynchburg to the nothem end of Amherst. A good number helped make this annual possible, thanks to the businesslike, cheerful way in which members of the AMETHYST st aff solicited ads. Publishing a yearbook is a year-round task. For this reason, the AMETHYST staff met on various occasions during the summer. The tremendous task of collecting ads at hand. Great competency is de- manded of each staff member in carrying our this task. Each member must do his part with strict ac- curacy, for his work concerns the well-being of the next assignment. The jobs to be done are like a flight of steps. One job is completed and another awaits its turn. The staff must choose a theme, select a color, and make the dedication. The layout is certainly a task second to none. In early September, the AMETHYST staff held very important meetings necessary for meeting dead- lines. The photography staff began tabling pictures of all the aspects of our school life. One week was dedicated to collecting subscriptions in the home- rooms from the subscribers of the 1962 AMETHYST. This book is packed with memories of the events and activities of a wonderful school. Only the co- operation of the students of Amherst County High School and the unselfish, dedicated spirit of a de- voted AMETHYST staff could have made such a publication possible. Our one desire is that as you relive the activities of the past year while unfurling the leaves of this book, the 1962 AMETHYST, you will experience some of the joys that we did in presenting it to you. A Rush to Meet Deadlines Seated: Carroll Freeman, Mrs. Margie Layne, Sponsor; Muriel Wikswo, Editor in Chie ; Mr. Henry Pittsenbarger, Sponsor; Hazel Hunter. Standing: Carole Craven, Toni Wikswo, Libby Hodges, Carole Cameron, Patsy Adams, Virginia Cobb, Jimmy Massie, Tommy Pettyjohn. Rita Keith, Art Editor; Linda Shaping, Assist- ant Art Editor. Standing: Jimmy Hicks, Business Manager. Seated: Lou Myers, Carolyn Mitchell, Assistant Business Managers. Standing: Ed Hopkins, Advertising Manager. Seated: Kay McClanan, Assistant Advertising Manager. Seated: Clay Blackwell and Arlene McLaugh- lin, Typists. Standing: Gracie Massie and Joan Crafe, Proofreaders; Faye Pribble, Typist. Staff MURIEL WIKSWO Editor-in-Chief HAZEL HUNTER Associate Editors CARROLL FREEMAN JIMMY HICKS Business Manager KAY McCLANAN Assistant Business Manager PATSY ADAMS Copy Editor CAROL CRAVEN Assistant Copy Editors TONI LAUM ELEANOR WRIGHT Circulation Manager PEGGY CRAWFORD Assistant Circulation Manager RITA KEITH Art Editor LINDA SHUPING Assistant Art Editor WILSON McIVOR Photography Editors RAY MAYBERRY BILL HOPKINS Assistant Photography Editor SANDRA MORGAN Girls ' Sports Editor JANE CAMPBELL Assistant Sports Editor TOMMY PETTYJOHN Boys Sports Editor JIMMY MASSIE Assistant Sports Editor FAYE PRIBBLE Typists CLAY BLACKWELL ARLiNE McLaughlin GRACE MASSIE Proofreaders JOAN CRAFT ED HOPKINS Advertising Manager CAROLYN MITCHELL LOU MYERS Assistant Advertising Managers CAROL CAMERON Senior Editor SANDRA COFFEE Junior Editor VIRGINIA COBB Sophomore Editor TONI WIKSWO Freshman EdHor LIBBY HODGES Eighth Grade Edito, MRS. LAYNE Spomors MR. PITSENBARGER 63 Seated: Mary Barnes, Associate Editor, Junior Class; Dianne Hall, Associate Editor, Senior Class; Louise Richeson, Editor- in-Chief; Mrs. Maryon Harper, Sponsor; Carole Henderson, Associate Editor, Senior Class. Standing: Joan Craft, Faye Fribble, Jean Burcb, Roy Riner, Betty Mays, Rosalie Garland, Associate Editor, Junior Class; Rita Keith, Howard Thacker, Phillip Cash, Jimmy Hicks. The Pulse of A.C.H.S. The Amherite The student newspaper of Amherst County High School, the “Amherite” brings “on the spot” news to the attention of the students, faculty, and the com- munity. Each month throughtout the school year the paper reflects student and faculty opinions by editorial, letters to the editor, surveys, and polls. The “Amherite” staff is composed of the students of the journalism class. It provides practical e.xper- ience in all phases of the journalistic profession and an atmosphere favorable to the dev’elopment of future careers in journalism. Now as this school year comes to a close, the Amherite staff hopes that the students hav’e been kept well informed and hav ' e come to know their school better through the articles vv ' hich have been presented to them in their newspaper. LOUISE RICHESON ROSALIE CARLAND MARY BARNES GAIL BALLEW CAROLE HENDERSON DIANNE HALL Editor Assistant Editors Business Manager Senior Associate Editors HOWARD THACKER Boys’ Sports Editor PHILLIP CASH Boys’ Assistant Sports Editor FAYE PRIBBLE Girls’ Sports Ed itor SHIRLEY FREEMAN Girls’ Assistant Sports Editor SUE HIGGINS Circulation Manager GAIL BALLEW Photography Editor JEAN BURCH Proofreaders BETTY MAYS JOAN CRAFT ROY RINER Copyreaders LOUISE RICHESON ' Editor-in-Chief GAIL BALLEW Business Manager 64 i 5 LEHD BY liVlNO OTHERS Martin Walker and Gayle Watts read a motto of the Beta Club during an assembly program. Honesty and Leadership Beta Club This year the Beta Club, a national honorary so- ciety composed of juniors and seniors, who have shown excellence in leadership, honesty, service, and scholar- ship has partaken in many interesting activities. These scholars alone have maintained a scholarship average of 89.5 or above. Various club members were responsible for ar- ranging an attractive display case each month. De- legates attended the Beta Convention and learned new ideas for improving the club. Each year a candlelight and tapping service is held to induct those sophomores meeting the require- ments for eligibility of membership. Throughout the year, members assist weak stu- dents whenever necessary. The club was also respons- ible for donating an item to the new activities room. The Beta Club seal is displayed by Catherine John- son and Patsy Adams. Front row: Mrs. Kate McDermott, sponsor; Mary Barnes, reporter; Faye Pribble, secretary; Edward Hopkins, president; Diane Hall, vice-president; Mary Ann Parr, treasurer. Second row: Kay Marsh, Gracie Massie, Catherine John.son, Janice Schmid, Sue Atkins, Muriel Wikswo, Gerry Byrum, Patsy Adams, Sandra Coffey, Donald Duff. Third row: Eleanor Wright, Carole Henderson, Peggy Crawford, Ethel Bethel, Joan Craft, Carol Camron, Judy Addison, Richeson, Sue Whorley, Tommy Littrell. Fourth row: Paul Milton, Roger Coffey, Louis E. Payne, David Couldthorpe, Raymond Thacker, Charles Rives, Hugh Fulcher, Martin Walker, Gail Figgers, Betty Lou Fulcher. 65 Gail Watts and Jimmy Settle read the scrip- ture in Latin during the Latin Club assembly. Latina Societas Members of a Latin II class portray a Roman wedding at a club meeting. Latin Club Latin scholars, filled with interest in that very language, are members of the Latin Club. This organization has as its goal to encourage people to study Latin and to appreciate its influence in the world today. Throughout the year, the club pre- sented programs consisting of such items as slides on ancient Rome and its conquests. The highlights of the year were the initiation of the second year Latin students and the Roman Banquet. On both occasions, the students were in Roman attire, and observed ancient Roman customs. First row: Mr,s. Eugenia Myers, Sponsor; Joan Craft, Secre- tary; Sue Atkins, Consul; Gayle Watts, Consul; Jimmy Settle, Treasurer. Second row: Norma Smoot, Martha Saunders, Sharon Loving, Cynthia Williams, Sue Watson, Betsy Black- well, May Gay Brignall, Grade Massie, Maxine Bailey. Third row: Elizabeth Rowland, Dorothy Tyler, Muriel Wikswo, Donna Tankersley, Cynthia Torrence, Gwen Staples, Virginia Hite, Donnie Price, Helen Eeagens, Judy Addison, Elora Gilbert. Fourth row: Fred Brueggeman, Sandra Whitten, Anne Richards, Sue Worley, Jac Camn, Rich Garbee, Linda Foster, Toni Wikswo, Lou Myers, Pricilla Ogden, Rebecca Coffey. Fifth row: Jimmy McDearmon, Dennis Brown, George Siegrist, Kenneth Jobe, Ronnie Thomas, Warren Em- erson, Mike Smith, Elkin Burks, Clay Blackwell, Dickie Jeter, Ethel Bethel, Sandra Camden. 66 i- f First row: Judy Thacker, Reporter; Charlene DeWitt, Vice President; Mary Evelyn Allen, President; Duane Stuart, Secretary and Treasurer; Mr. Sexton, Sponsor. Second row: Sandra Coffey, Kay Ellinger, Hazel Hunter, Jane Campbell, Thomas Martin, James Cash, Richard Harper, Robert Stevens. Third row: Brenda Fulcher, Roy Hunt, Judson Mclvor, Cliff Taylor, Billy Cooper, Hugh Fulcher, Richard Martin. Spanish Club Spanish Club members foster an interest and understanding of Spanish, American literature, and civilization. Proficiency in using the Spanish lan- guage is an objective of the club, as well as promot- ing and maintaining friendly relations with Spanish people. “Hands Over the Pyrenees” was the theme for the annual Spanish Club dance. The proceeds from the dance were used in buying books and literature for the Spanish department. In order to be good neighbors to foreign people, we must make a sincere effort to know their ways and to understand them. Thomas Martin, Mary Evelyn Allen, and Charlene DeWitt look over a Spanish paper. La Socidad Espanola Mary Evelyn Allen reads Spanish aloud to the club. 67 First row: Lesley Thomas, vice-president; Carole Henderson, secretary, Paul Milton, president; Bernice Kidd, reporter; Billy Tinsley, treasurer. Second row: Carroll Mitchell, Char- lene DeWitt, Betty Lou Fulcher, Marylin Thomas, Dianne Hall, Mr. Se.xton, Sponsor. La Societe’ Francaise Carole Henderson and Paul Milton look at a French newspaper. Bernice Kidd seems very busy doing a French assignment. French Club One of the ambitions of the French Club is to promote friendly relations with French speaking countries. The club members are interested in ex- panding their knowledge of the French Language, literature, and the way of life of the French people. Among the entertaining educational activities which the French Club provides for its members are the listening to French-speaking records and French games. The members of this organization are enthusiastic and take part readily in the club’s activities. On their own, these scholars prepare the programs and undertake to obtain and read good French literature. In all probability, the highlight of the school year for these French Club members is the dance which they plan and sponsor. 6S First row: Mickie Herion, Secretary; Brenda Pugh, Reporter; Gail Ballew, President; Wilson Mclvor, Vice-President; Carol Craven, Treasurer; Mrs. Jean Godwin, Sponsor. Second row: Glenn Metzel, Ann Arnold, Jamie Wright, Mary Ella Whit- ten, Trudy Stephenson, Gwen Staples, Betsy Blackwell, Joyce Ballew, Cynthia Torrence, Paul Milton. Third row: Mary Ann Gibson, Billy Tinsley, Bearing Co.x, Vicki Panzarino, Barbara Thornton, Carolyn Mitchell, Arlene McLaughlin, Dianne Wilsher, Helen Feagens, Charlene Be Witt. Vicki Panzarino experiences the thrill of a successfully developing her first print. Photography Club Students who are interested in the art of photogra- phy have an opportunity to devolop their interest and increase their talent and knowledge in the Photography Club. Each year the Photography Club purchases some photography equipment for the darkroom for the club and school use. Several club members work along with the staff of the school annual throughout the year helping to take and develop pictures. Chief among the activities of the Photography Club is the photography contest. This is open to the school and is sponsored annually by the club. The contest is divided into three categories and prizes are given in each. Perfection in Performance Gail Ballew and Wikson Mclvor e.xplain de- veloping techniques during a club meeting. 69 Mickie Herion and Linda Ewers read the Friday morning devotions over the intercom. Sandra Coffey calls the club roll. Tri-Hi-Y Amherst County High School would not seem the same without its Tri-Hi-Y Club. Each Friday morning, various club members promote Christian standards by conducting weekly dev ' otions through the school intercom system. Ye are indeed grateful for the inspiration provided through the weekly de- votions. To help develop good will, the girls pro ’ide Christmas Baskets for the needy and hold a Christ- mas assembly. The club holds a dance to raise funds to send delegates to the Model General Assembly held annually in Richmond. Club members arrange attractive bulletin boards throughout the school. Ideals of Christian Living First row: Mrs. Ntargie Layne, Sponsor; Gail Watts, Carol Cameron, Vice President; Jane Campbell, Shirley Freeman, President; Sandra Weaver, Treasurer; Sandra Coffey, Secre- tary; Jean Burch, Reporter. Second row: Eleanor Wright, Joanne Ashwell, Maxine Bailey, Linda Logwood, Dianne Hunt, Sue Atkins, Sue Watson, Helen Feagans, Becky Mit- chell, Rose Ann Lawson, Tyra Stein, Gerry Byrum. Third row: Eloise Bowling, Barbara Thornton, Charlene DeWitt, Rebecca Coffey, Mary Johnson, Brenda Fultcher, Jackie Goff, Bernice Kidd, Carol Henderson, Wanda Wright, Mickie Herion. Fourth row: Dianne Hall, Peggy Crawford, Betty Hunt, Linda Ewers, Mary Barnes, Judy Addison, Ethel Bethel, Clay Blackwell, Judy Thacker, Betty Woody. Woody Campbell and Toni Lanum seem to enjoy dancing to the Rambler’s music at the Hi-Y Soc Hop. Hi-Y The Hi-Y creates, maintains, and e.xtends high standards of Christian character throughout the home, school, and community. To help boys meet the problems of daily life and train for good citizen- ship is the Club’s chief objective. The boys’ projects of this year included the spon- soring of the annual Sock Hop, sending boys to the Model General Assembly; and presenting the school with the Thanksgiving assembly. Ray Mayberry presents a plaque to Mr. Feagans for the five years he has sponsored the club. Fellowship and Citizenship First row: Douglas Layne, treasurer; Raymond Thacker, vice- president; Ray Mayberry, president; Matirn Walker, secre- tary; Mike Harris, reporter; L. F. Payne, chaplain. Second row: Jimmy Hicks, Edward Mays, Billy Tinsley, Donnie Brown, Joe King, Sandy Loving, Tommy Littrell. Third row: Tommy Pettyjohn, Jimmy Massie, Sammy Myers, Donnie Miller, Larry Roberts, Elbert Perry, Phillip Cash. 71 First row: Catherine Johnson, Committee Co-ordinator; Carroll Freeman, President; Kay McClanan, Secretary. Second row: Jimmy Campbell, Ray W ' ilsher, ’ayne Drnmheller, Glen Sletzl, Jac Camm, Audrey Bailey, Carole Craven. Third row: Roger Hefflefinger, Rodney Jones, Judy Stout, Gorden Mays, Ginger Hite, Jamey W right, Ann Arnold. Fourth row: Mary Evelyn Allen, Daniel Peters, Richard Harper, Beverly Keith, Martin W ' alker, George Neas, Peggy Crawford, Carole Camron. Fifth row: Myra Ramsey, Sponsor; Sandy Loving, Kenneth Farrar, Dearing Cox, Lanny McGlothlin, Richard Martin, Ronnie Thomas, Marguerite Massie, Phyllis Tyree, Joe King. Sixth row: Roy Riner, Bradley Parks, Billy Morcom, John Collins, Ronnie Freeman, Mike Harris, Kenneth Hudnall, David Tyree, Louis Dula, Charles Rives, John Camm, Sponsor. Chemphybiogens Roy Riner examines a specimen under the microscope. M ' ilson Mclvor congratulates Carroll Freeman and Mary Fulcher for achievements in Science Fair. Science Club This year, the Science Club adopted a new name, Chemphybiogens. This name traveled to the far corners of the earth— Ghana, Burma, Philippines, England, India, Argentina, Canada, and Germany- through foreign Science Clubs of America. Among the more important events of this club was the trip to Norfolk and Surrounding areas. The Science Club Dance and Science Fair were also projects of this club. 72 1 I Business Club Those that are members of the Business Club learn the newest methods of administrative procedures in t preparation for the business world of tomorrow. Dur- I ing the school year, this club enjoys informative and [ varied programs. These consist of an interesting trip to the Post Office, films concerning business educa- I tion, and speeches on business education by local and outside speakers. The Business Club is one of the ways in which Amherst County High School is preparing its students to meet the problems of grow- ing America. Joyce Casli does some computing during class. Sitting: Mrs. Stone, sponsor; Sandra Mederios, president. Standing: Janice Schmid, parliamentarian; Barbara Thorton, y-, y-, secretary; Raymond Thacker, vice-president; Patricia Camp- ClltUrC JlliXCClltlVCS bell, historian; Shirley Freeman, treasurer; Dianne Hall, re- porter. First row: Margaret Campbell, Kay Marsh, Juanita Camp- bell, Mary Ann Parr, Joanne Ashwell, Connie Padgett, Cynthia Loving, Dianne Martin, Donald Duff, Sarah Hunt, Eleanor Hamilton, Rose Ann Lawson, Russell Riley. Second row: J. D. Kitts, Dorothy White, Mary Nash, Barbara Staton, Margaret McConnell, Becky Brightwell, Jessie Coleman, Judy Angus, Joyce Cash, Joyce Campbell, Jackie Goff, Doris Tyree, Virginia Cunningham, Ardenia Johnson, Judy Tomlin, Betty Martin, Rosalie Garland, Sylvia Morris, Tyra Stein, Kathy Campbell. Third row: Edward Mays, Gary Bryant, Roger Coffey, Becky Mitchell, Judy Coffey, Ann Smith, Linda Stinnett, Kathy Parr, Juanita Rogers, Norman Jean Riley, Patricia Wright, Barbara Iseman, Nelly Mays, Mary Ann Staton, Maxine Hesson, Brenda Pugh, Dianne Wilsher, Delores Lawhorne, Shirley Napier, Betty Jean Cash, Clarence Williams. Fourth row: Stuart Shaner, Douglas Layne, Wally Lamm, Betty W ' oody, Mary Johnson Jean Burch, Faye Zirkle, Delores Denton, Betty Hunt, Rebecca Campbell, Arlene McLaughlin, Carolyn Mitchell, Sandra Horton, Nancy Mays, Margaret Loving, Toni Duffield, Elizabeth Ann Paul- ette, M ' anda W ' right, Delores Wright, Barbara Weiringo, Gail Figgers. Fifth row: Sonny Woody, G. L. Coleman, Paul Miller, Tommy Foster, Howard Camden, Raymond Cheat- ham, James Carson, Wayne Palmer, Ray Alcock, Wade Camden, Donnie Miller, Billy Martin, Donald Martin, Sammy Cunningham, Sandra Bryant, Hazel Cash, Mary Ann Gib,son, Dot Henderson, Eloise Bowling, Carroll Mitchell, Mrs. Jessie Stone, sponsor; Lowell Smoot, Joe King. 73 Seated: Clarence Williams, secretary; Sammy Cunningham, vice-president; Stuart Shaner, president; Joyce Ballevv, treas- urer; Jean Wheeler, reporter. Second row: Eva Moorefield, Norma Jean Riley, John Payne, Dianne Mayo, Judy Coffey, Patsy Adams, Virgie Duff, Lucilla Berger, Sylvia Morris, Rosalie Garland, Patsy Franklin. Third row: Russell Riley, Johnny Berry, Roger Coffey, Esther Evans, Barbara Spears, Miss Jean Gardy, sponsor; Bernard Gowen. Invaluable Assistants Inventory is one of the biggest jobs in which the club assists the library, and this club member is doing his share. Library Club Any library is an essential organ for the proper functioning of a school. This fact is certainly no exception at A.C.H.S. Unquestionably, a library will not operate itself. This is why the Library Club plays such an important role in the maintaining of the welfare of the students. At least one of the mem- bers of this organization may be observed on duW at the library desk at all times. They must perform such duties as operating and maintaining Audio-Visual equipment, mending books, and assisting students in finding desired books. Library workers Patsy Adams and Patsy Franklin repair books for use. 74 First row: Kay McClanan, treasurer; Ethel Bethel, secretary; Judy Addison, vice-president; Betty Lou Fulcher, president; Carole Henderson, Mary Barnes, reporter. Second row: Mrs. Nellie Jobe, sponsor; Gracie Massie, Dianne Hunt, Clay Future Teachers of America Any member of the student body interested in the teaching profession is eligible for membership in the Future Teachers of America Club. Throughout the year, members collect useful information on some of the most outstanding colleges, participate in field trips to nearby schools to observe teaching methods, and serve as teachers’ aids and as guides for various school activities. The club takes charge of a football and a basket- ball concession to raise money to send delegates to the state Future Teacher’s Convention. This year a scholarship fund was initiated by the club, whereby the club gives a scholarship to a deserving senior going to college. Blackwell, Sue Atkins, Joan Craft, Catherine Johnson, Mary E. Allen, Patsy Adams. Standing: Barbara Nicholas, Fred Brueggeman, Marguerite Massie, Susan Uttal, Jane Campbell, Ann Sandidge, Dawn Shaner. Dedicated to learning “Fresh, home-made doughnuts (more of less)!” A scene during ing the F.T.A. Bake sale. 75 Ethel Bethel and Patsy Adams comment on their trip to the F.T.A. convention in Rich- mond. Julie Schaar cuts out a pattern for a dress. Mrs. Xicholas explains the preparation of Christmas decorations to Brenda Pugh and Bonnie Bailey. Home Appreciati Future Homemakers of America Future Homemakers of America are devoted to learning how to become better homemakers for the future and how to build a better home and commun- ity life. Democracy in the home and community life is also encouraged in this organization. This year the F.H.A. members sponsored their annual dance called the “Gingersnap Hop.” They O n also had a family activity evening and had various students speak on their foreign homes. As usual, the girls took part in the L ' nchburg Farm Show and many won blue ribbons. First row: Delores Hudson, Barbara Nicholas, Jean Proffitt, treasurer; Janice Schmid, president; Gail Hume, vice-president; Patricia Mays, parlimentarian; Sandra Bryant, reporter. Second row: Kay Marsh, Nancy Kidd, Dianne Mayo, Juanita Layne, Esther Ev ' ans, Peggy Staton, Brende Bradley, Betty Jo W’atts, Joyce Cash, Ann Ogden, Flo Massie, Julie Schaar, Shirley Napier. Third row: Shirley Hartless, Doris Tyree, Faye Brightwell, Frances Dean, Betty Martin, Sheila Tomlin, Barbara Staton, Rebecca Brightwell, Faye Zirkle, Wanda Wright, Mickie Herion, June Thurman. Fourth row: Delores Lawhome, Bonnie Bailey, Carole Cameron, Patsy Franklin, Linda Peters, Dianne Dodgion, Rebecca Campbell, Patricia Camp ebell, Danne Wilsher, Frankie Pillow, Nancy Mays, Ma.xine Hesson, Ella Hesson, Patricia Worley, Virginia Wood. Fifth row: Rebecca Jennings, Pauline Campbell, Linda Phillips, Linda Franklin, Ann Campbell, Carroll Thacker, Mary Ann Staton, Kathy Wilmer, Eleanor Hamilton, Ber- nice Kidd, Sarah Hawkins, Bernda Pugh, Betty Woody, Vivian Riner, Juanita Campbell, Linda Withers, Nlary Ann Gibson, Dot Henderson, Betty Wooldridge, Nancy Falls, Carolyn White. 76 First row: Mr. Charles Feagens, sponsor; George Falls, re- porter, Carroll Hudson, treasurer; Calvin Bailey, vice-president; David Gouldthorpe president; Lloyd Wheeler, secretary; Russell Riley, sentinel; Mr. Harold Higgins, sponsor; Mr. Tyler Fulcher. Second row: Janies Mawyer, Bobby Harris Johnnie Hartless, Kenneth Schaar, Virgil Cash, Ray Law- home, Cecil Foster, Edsil Hartless, Johnny Coffey, Glenn Metzl. Third row: Maynard Gash, Norman Hansen, Richard Harper, Delmas Campbell, Elwood Mays, Charles Vassiar, Teny Falls, Alfred Maddox, David O’Brien, Buddy Hudson, Robert Gouldthorpe, Gary Bryant, Johnny Maddox. Fourth row: Joe Burley, Gene Tliomas, Elbert Perry, David Jennings, David Bradley, Bruce Campbell, Roger Dale Coffey, Delmas Coffey. Fifth row: Charles White, Franklin Bailey, Donnie Wood, Lyle Grant, David Jennings, John Ware, Sammy Gunningham, A. G. McGhann, Wayne Fitzgerald, Ronald Thacker. Future Farmers of America A group organized to develop competent and agricultural leadership is the Future Farmers of America. One objective of this club is to encourage these students in co-operation and good citizenship and to develop his character. Members of the F.F.A. study better means of im- proving farming and farm homes and take part in worthy undertakings for the improvement of agri- culture. An annual event of the F.F.A. here at Amherst County High School is the participation in the Lynchburg Farm Show where many of the boys take top honors. David Gouldthropc explains a point of interest to members of the F.F.A. America’s Lifeline Gharles White, an F.F.A. member, hard at work in the shop. 77 First row: Jimmy McDearmon, Glenn Metal, Donnie Brown, Sandra Weaver, secretanj and treasurer; Bobby Harris, Tomml Littrell, Dorothy Tyler, Mary Brignall. Second row: Rann Hoilman, Larry Sprouse, Donna Tankersley, Grover Perry, C. T. Martin, James NlcConnell, Billy Moroom, Susan Gooper. Third row: George Neas, Bobby Stevens, Mary Ella Whitten, librarian; Harold M’oody, Billy Tinsley, Jonh Collen Neble tt, Ghippy Glements, Linda Holzheuer. Fourth row: Brenda Pugh, Rebecca Goffey, Sammy Myers, Michael Harris, L. F. Payne. Band Experience and Training First row: Gecilia Lile, Linda Stinnett, Nancy Bailey, Joy Gunningham. Second row: Gharles H. Lamphere, Sonny Duff, Powell Neblett, Kenneth Viar. Jamie Wright and Dick Jeter practice along wath tlie rest of the band during practice. 78 First row: Carole Craven, reporter; Judy Addison, president; Tomy Pettyjohn, Dorothy White, Sue Atkins, Barbara Nicholas, Librarian; Ann Stevens, Cheryl Tyree. Second row: Ethel Bethel, Mary Mclvor, Nlelinda Wood, Susan Camp- bell, John Camm, Rebecca Cash, Janice Devaul, Richard Result in Entertainment Harper. Third row: Rebecca Woody„ Marian Tyler, Dwight Drummond, Pricilla Ogden, Billy Stowe, Cheryl Faulconer, Jamie Wright, Dianne Wilsher. Fourth row: Johnny Creasy, Dick Jeter, Carroll Mitchell, Kenneth Jobe, Dennis Brown, vice-president; Kenny Mayo, Mr. Lamphere. At Amherst County High School, every student can be justly proud of the band. This organization attended almost every football game this year and cheered the Lancers on with its lively music. In addi- tion to these games, the band also par- ticipated in two parades: the Lynchburg Christmas Parade and the Waynesboro Christmas Parade. Of course, the most preparation and work goes into the an- nual Christmas Concert, Spring Concert, and State Band Festival. Another long- awaited event is the Apple Blossom Festival held each spring in Winchester. For this parade, the members of the band practice their marching skill so that they will look their best for the judges. Being a member of the Band involves much hard work. For this reason, in the Beginners and Intermediate Bands, the student is prepared for the day when he will be promoted to the Advanced Band. Beginners Band First row: Judy Taylor, Debbie Clements, Jane Woody. Second row: David Tyree, Betty Thacker, Stephen Austin, Charles H. Lamphere. 79 First row: Pat Jarett, secretary and treasurer; Wanda Dodgion, Faye Allen, Ginger NIcDearmon, Linda Morcum, vice-president; Sue Mays. Secor d row: Martha Richardson, Ann Jennings, Martha Burton, president; Lennis Dudley, Dennis Hunt, Jackie Mays, Mr. Lamphere. Third row: Carolyn Dickerson, Donna Sitton, Gaye Allen, Martha McConnell, Rebecca Phillips, Barbara Ware. Glee Club Creators Over the years, Amherst County High School has continued to have an outstanding Glee Club. This group may always be counted on to furnish a fine program of music, whether the music be sacred, popular, or classical. Throughout the year, the Glee Club sang for the Thanksgiving Assembly, the Christmas Assembly, Orientation Day, Graduation exercises, and on various other occasions. They attended the State Choral Festi- val, and representatives were sent to the Virginia All-State Chorus. The Glee Club presented two fine concerts this year at Christmas and in the spring they also presented one of the outstanding presenta- tions of the year in the early fall. Over one thousand people saw the two showings of “The Buie and Grey,” and operetta presented by the Glee Club. This was one of the first presenta- tions of this operetta in the United States as it was written only recently. “The Blue and Gray” is in commemoration of the centennial observ- ance of the War Between the States. To have a Glee Club such as the one at A.C.H.S. demands “harmony’ among the singers in their effort to present outstanding programs to the students at A.C.H.S. Hard work— this is a must that is fulfilled whole-heartedly by each member of the Glee Club as they work with their fine director, Mr. Charles Lamphere. First row: Gail Hume, Nancy, Banton, Dianne Hunt, vice- president; Dianne Mayo, Sylvia Morris, Kathy Gampbell, Kenneth Schaar, Thomas Martin, Student conductor. Second row: Lou Myers, Trudy Stephenson, Donnie Price, Betty Hunt, Kay McGlanan, Linda Peters, Gharles Beasle, Kerry htcPherson. Third row: Elizabeth Paulette, Bernice Kidd, Helen Feagans, secretary; Beverly Keith, Rose Ann Lawson, Jimmy Gash, Martin Walker, reporter; Donnie Brown. 80 of Harmony Allstate Glee Culb members this year were; Bernice Kidd, Eleanor Wright, Dianne Hunt, Thomas Martin, Helen Feagens, and Carroll Freeman. Mr. Lamphere leads the choir during a practice session. First row: Anne Dudley, Gayle Watts, accompanist; Mary Evelyn Allen, Eleanor Hamilton, Delores Denton, Jean Profitt, Marie Profitt, Nancy Hartless, Sandra Bryant, Linda Foster. Second row: Carroll Freeman, Ray Lavvhorne, Tommy Littrell, Eleanor Wright, president; Judy Thacker, Gail Figgers, Wanda Banton, Mickie Herion, Delores Wright. Third row: Douglas Layne, Wayne Griener, Judson Mclvor, Mike Harris, Barbara Weringo, Charlene DeWitt, Beck - Mitchell, Dot Henderson, Mr. Charles H. Lamphere, sponsor. 81 Jr-Tri-Hi-Y Girls in the eighth and ninth grades participate in the Jr. Tri- Hi-Y, a junior organization of the Tri-Hi-Y. Throughout the year, this organization encourages Chris- tian growth and Christian develop- ment. At Christmas, members prepare Christmas stockings for the under-privileged children. An- other project is the preparation of scrapbooks for the children at the colony. Also in their promotion of good will, the club prepares and gi es Christmas and Thanksgiving baskets to needy families. Girls in- terested in helping others have pro- ven helpful wherev ' er there has been a need during the school year. First rotv: Sue Mays, Martha Saunders, Mildred Rudacille, Brenda Wood, Cynthia Williams, Nancy Bailey, Mary Gay Brignall, Mary Ella Whitten, Peggy Lavvhome, Jean Wheeler, Sharon Loving, Jackie Miller. Second row: Lucilla Berger, Carol Tyree, ’iolet Maddo.x, Linda Foster, Anne Richards, Donnie Price, Anne Stevens, Carole Ayree, Faye Taylor, Linda Pribble, Sandra Peters, Miget Day. Third row: Wanda Mays, Betty Faye Tracey, Sandra Whitten, Connie Ogden, Martha Ann Richeson, Jenny Galmish, Flora Gilbert, Alice Tucker, Sandra Massie, Ginger McDeaimon. Fourth row: Mrs. Pansye Phillips, sponsor; Carolyn Campbell, Mary Fades, Lou Myers, Sandra Camden, Jane M ' oody, Linda Holzheucr, Peggy Mays, Bernice Johnson, Cheryl Faulconer. Responsibility and Participation Jr-Hi-Y This club, which is a smaller form of the Hi-Y, is composed of eighth and ninth grade boys. These boys set an e.xample through their Christian living and character. Under the guidance of Mr. Richardson, these boys’ had at their club meeting speakers, who through their talks, discussed the beneficial ways of living. It is through their Christian living that they set good examples. First row: Mr. Richardson, sponsor; Carroll Mitchell, Billy Ellinger, vice-president; Rich Garbee, secretary; W’ayne Burford, tretasurer; John Sam Payne. Second row: Jimmy Carter, Charles Beasley, William Cash, Bill Wade, C. T. Martin. 82 Majorettes Our majorettes, who lead the band, can be seen practicing long and hard to perfect each new routine. All of the majorettes this year received training in twirl- ing the previous summer. Of the si.x majorettes this year, five are new recruits. Besides leading the band, the majorettes assist Mr. Lamphere with new members in the marching band. The major- ettes also play an instrument in the concert band. This year this group is headed by Sandra Wea- ver. Priscilla Ogden, Cheryl Tyree, Dianne Whlsher, Sandra W ' eaver, Head Majorette; Carole Craven, Becky W ' oody. Learn by Doing Safety Patrol First row: James W ' ilkerson, captain; Margaret Campbell, Daisy Campbell, Thomas Martin, Gates Berry, Hill McDaniel. Second row: Brenda Pugh, lieutenant; Dianne Wilsher, Color Guard; Eva Lou Morrefield, Brenda W ' ood, Judy White, John Payne, Daniel Peters. Third row: Douglas McBride, Nancy W ' ood, Hazel Cash, Phyllis Tyree, Virginia Cunningham, Curtis Morrefield. Fourth row: Mary Johnson, William Bryant, Wayne Fitzgerald, Johnnie Hartless, Garry Bryant, NIrs. Gonia Cotton, sponsor. What would the students and school bus drivers do without the Safety Patrol of Amherst Count}’ High School? This group func- tions to promote the theme, “Pre- vention of accidents.” Its purpose is to aid the bus driver and pro- tect the student. Throughout all of its efforts, the Safety Patrol has maintained a good record. The members are appointed by the principal and must meet certain safety require- ments. The Patrol’s meetings usually constitute a study in general of the rules of safety and conditions which may need correction. The members also recognize one indi- vidual selected for his interest and zeal displayed in safety. It can truly be said that the Safety Patrol of A.C.H.S. ranks high among those most worthwhile and necessary organizations in the school. This is a working group which has made the safety of each student its primary aim and the prevention of accidents its ultimate goal. 83 Cheerleader Ann Sandidge puts streamers on the goal-posts with help from Cynthia Loving and Vickie Panzarino. Monogram Club All boys and girls who have earned a letter in either football, basketball, baseball, or as cheer- leaders make up the membership of the Monogram Club. The activity, which may be classed as the main one of the club is the annual homecoming. This consists of the crowning of the king and queen at half-time and the homecoming dance. The club members take the responsibility of selling drinks at the athletic events. Some of the boys work as park- ing attendants at night games. The Monogram Club also sponsors the annual football and basketball banquets at which letters are given. Bill Hopkins and Stewart Shaner sell drinks at a home basketball game. Achievement in Sports First row: Donnie Wood, Woody Campbell, Toni Lanum, secretanj-treasurer; June Turman, vice-president; Bernard Gowen, Mrs. Louise Brown, sponsor; Mr. Allan Campbell, sponsor. Second row: Glenn Campbell, Wayne Myers, Cordon Dinkins, Sandra Morgan, Carl Jenkins, Rita Keith, Howrad Thacker. Third row: Warren Xtaddox, Jimmy Jordan, James Carson, Judy Parr, Faye Pribble, Eleanor Wright, reporter; Linda Shuping. Fourth row: Buzz Shaner, Jimmy Gillespie, Roger Dale Coffey, Ray Alcock, Charles Hill, Clarence Shaner. 84 Forensic Club Speech and First row: Elizabeth Rowland, Toni Wikswo, Patsy Adams. Second row: Mrs. Sara Smoot, sponsor; Catherine Johnson, treasurer; Roy Riner, vice-president; Joan Craft, president; Mary Barnes, secretary. Third row: Jimmy Hicks, Jimmy Settle, Ronnie Thomas, Peggy Crawford, Kay McClanan, Gerry Byrum, Warren Emerson. Any student genuinely inter- ested in public-speaking, poetry, prose reading, or debate is eligi- ble for membership in the For- ensic Club which was formed this year for students desiring to take part in forensic activities. Mem- bers participate in the Forensic Meet held annually every spring. During the year, members at- tend various forensic programs on a college level. In the spring dur- ing the forensic meet, the club takes charge of a forensic assem- bly. This assembly is very educ- ational as well as entertaining, for in it students demonstrate their public speaking and prose reading ability. The members of the club take charge of a food concession at one of the home football games. Back row: Ed Meeks, Ray Allcock, L. F. Payne, Mary Evans. Ed Hopkins, Mrs. Katherine Hatcher, Sponsor. Front row: Jimmy Hicks, Stewart Shaner, Patsy Adams, Ann Sandidge, Maynard Cash. Speech and Showmanship Student interested in any form of public speaking or in acting constitute the membership in the Speech and Dramatics Club at Amherst County High School. It is one of the most active clubs in the school. In April, the me mbers pre- sented a one act commedy en- titled “Too Much Business,” by Mary Chase to the Parent and Teachers’ Association at A.C.H.S. During the year, the club members become aeutely aware of the functioning of parliament- ary procedure, public speech making, and debating. The members hold several panel dis- cussions and debates to practice what they have learned. This organization constantly promotes interest in the forensic activities. The Club contributes money to the fund for stage lights in the auditorium. Dramatics 85 First rote: Wendy Wood, vice-president; Gerry Byrum, president; ' anda Mays, secretary; Sue Harvey, reporter. Second row: Toni Wikswo, Rutli Viar, Joyce Campbell, Margaret McConnell, Becky Brightwell, Barbara Staton, Patricia Paris, Brenda Bradley,, Edward Hunt, Charles Beasley, Judy Coffey, Eleanor Hamilton, Janice Schmid, Marie Proffitt. Third row: Sandra Massie, Nlary Mclvor, Bernice Johnson, Carolyn Thacker, Judy Thacker, Elouise Bowling, Flo Massie, Ann Ogden, Jean Proffitt, Shirley Hartless, Roger M ' ade, Kenneth East. Fourth row: George Coleman, Russell M ' illiams, Billy Martin, Elwood Mays, Wally Lamm, Raymond Thacker, W ' ayne Fitzgerald, Carolyn Campbell, Linda Phillips, Joe Burley, Sue Whorley, Wayne Cash, Bobby Harris Nlike Brockman. Senior 4-H “To make the best better”, is the motto of the Senior 4-H Club, one of the most active clubs in Am- herst County High School. Its mem- bership is composed of students who are interested in the betterment of their homes and communities. The members are trained in homemaking and farming and are encouraged to enter their projects in the annual Lynchburg Farm Show. At the mettings of the 4-H Club, many topics are discussed and knowledge gained of subjects related to home and community improvements. Knowledge through Practice Eighth Grade 4-H As a modified form of the Senior 4-H Club, the Eighth Grade 4-fI Club is carrying on many projects. Students interested in homemaking or farming and the betterment of their services to their club, com- munity, and countr - make up the membership in the club. During the meetings, there arc discussions of many related topics, and the members gain knowledge of subjects concerning their projects. Throughout the school year, these members took part in developing projects concerning their individual interest. The Eighth Grade 4-H Club en- ables its members to develop their interest asnd talents in all fields of practical arts. F r.sf row: George Mays, Charles Winn, Audrey Bailey, Mary Fulcher, William Gouldthorpe, Jimmy Carter, W ' ayne Drumhellcr. Second row: Nancy Watson, Julia Oliver, James Morris, Libby Hodges, Cheryl Tyree, Rebecca Davis, W ' illiam Cash. Third row: Reid Rosser, Barbara Harris, Martha Burton, Finger McDearmon, Claudine Allen, Judy Campbell, Mildred Rudacille. Fourth row: David Seay, Kenneth Farrer, Billy Ellinger, Cecil Ogden, Ronnie Fulcher, W ' ayne Burford, Ronnie Harris, Jane Hudson. S6 Athletics The Lancers of Amlierst County High School com- piled a 1-9-0 record this year. E ' en though the Lan- cer’s statistics were not ver) ' impressive, the team gained much vaduable experience and showed good sportsmanship throughout the year, ’ith the addition of a new scoreboard and a new ' name, the plucky Lancers also showed strong enthusiasm. With the loss of only six lettermen, the optimism for the team’s success ne.xt year is running high. The Lancers, behind the passing of L.F. Payne and the running of Carl jenkins, were able to record their only win against Brosville in our Homecoming Came. The Lancers also showed strong potentialities in their close losses to Buckingham and Cretna. A.C.H.S. would like to express their gratitude to Mr. Campbell and Mr. Thomas for their hard work in developing our team. Because of their pre.server- ance, the Amherst Lancers, in the fall of 1962 shovdd hav ' e a victorious season. Wilson Mclvor (No. 30) and Donnie Miller tackle a Buck- ingham player. Varsity Football Front row: Buddy Bibb, Donnie Brown, Kenneth Jobe, Wilson Mclvor, Donnie Miller, Jerry Campbell, Billy Cooper, Charles White, Hugh Fulcher, Dwight Fulcher, Bernard Gowen. Second row: Wayne Myers, Jimmy Jordan, Donnie Wood, Dick Jeter, Dennie Brow ' n, Sam Barlow, Sandy Loving, George Siegrist, Stewart Shaner, Mike Janzarino, Carl Jenkins. Back row: Mr, Seal, Gary Wilkinson, Mike Smith, Howard Camden, Buddy Hudson, Charles Bryant, Sammy Myers, L. Payne, Roger Coffey, Jimmy Gillispie, Mr. Campbell, Mr. Thomas. Scores Amlierst Oppo-sition 0 Lord Botetourt 39 13 Appomatto.x 25 0 Brookville 25 26 Bosville 20 0 Randolph Henry 31 7 Bedford 35 13 Buckinjfham 20 0 Altavista 39 7 Gretna 19 0 Nelson 44 Jimmy Gillispie makes his way to pay dirt in the t;ame a anist Brosville. Carl Jenkins crashes through the line ajtainst Bnckinfjhani. Jimmy Gillispie (No. 14) is about to be tackled by Buckingham players. Front row: J. D. Mitchell, Wayne Myers, Mr. Gerald Thomas, coach; George Falls, Windy W ' ood. Second row: Ray May- berry, Tommy Pettyjohn, George Dawson, Jerry Gampbell, Jimmy Massie, Wallace Harris, Sammy Myers, Donnie Wood, Sonny Wood, Woody Gampbell, Bernard Govven, Tommy Kostal. Varsity Basketball Scores Amherst Opposition 38 Bedford 40 43 Brookville 40 64 New London 29 58 Appomattox 44 44 Brookville 47 41 Madison Heights 59 44 Appomattox 50 52 Nelson 53 24 Rnstbnrg 46 62 Brosville 36 51 Bedford 54 47 , Gretna 60 42 Madison Heights 50 34 Nelson 37 47 . New London 24 35 Rustburg 59 George Dawson goes up for the .shot Madison Heights as (No. 40) Wallace Harris looks on. 90 Ray Maybeny gets two points for Amherst against New London as Donnie Woods looks on. During the 61-62 season, the Lancers of Amherst, under the coaching of Gerald Thomas compiled a record of 5-11. The team started off like a ball of fire winning 3 of its first 4 games but then lost five straight. The team had a 5-7 record in district play and only missed the finals by one game. This year’s squad played tight games throughout the year but couldn’t quite seem to find the scoring punch needed in winning games. Donnie Wood led all scorers for Amherst by averaging over ten ponits a game. The Lancers should be commended for their fine spirit and determination during the year. Nine sen- iors will be missing from ne.xt year’s squad due to graduation, and there are only three returning letter- men. Next year’s team will have to overcome this lack of experience by hustle and aggressiveness. Donny Brown of Amherst shoots as two Madison try to block his shot. Sonny W ' oody drives in for two points against Brookville. Sandra Morgan shoots as she is fouled by an opposing player. The Amherst County High Sehool Varsity Girls’ Basketball team is coached by Mrs. Louise Brown, girls’ physical education instructor. Although the girls were not always victorious and did not achieve a position in the district tournament, they exhibited fine qualities of team work and sportsmanship. Good sportsmanship is always stressed on the team and the girls demonstrated this qualit ’ throughout the season. The three high scorers for the team were first, Sandra Morgan with 240 points and an average of 22 points per game; second, Kay .Alcock; and third, Jud - Parr. Co-captains for this year’s team were Sandra Morgan and June Thurman. Forward Sandra Mogran jumps for control of the ball from a Nelson player. Girls’ Basketball Kneeling: Arlene McLaughlin, Jane Campbell, June Turman, Co-captain; Sandra Morgan, Co-captain; Barbara Wieringo, Barbara Thornton, Sue Watson. Standing: Connis Padgett, Sharon Loving, Virginia Hite, Sandra Massie, Kay Alcock, Linda Withers, manager; Ntrs. Louise Brown, coach; Vivian Riner, Linda Morgan, Clay Blackwell, Faye Fribble, Pricilla Ogden, Judy Parr. Scores Barbara Thornton closely guards a Rustburg forward. Barbara Thorton guards a Rustburg player in a home game Amherst Opposition 33 Brookville 36 36 . . New London 45 17 Appomattox 58 27 Brookville 42 26 Appomattox 46 40 Nelson 35 34 Rustburg 45 24 Gretna 41 49 Nelson 43 33 New London 46 27 Rustburg 35 P’aye Fribble and June Turman battle it out with two Rustburg players during an exciting game. 93 Front owr: Wendy Wood, J. D. Mitchell, Kenneth East, Manon Tomlin, Andrew, Cooper, Dennis Brown, Jac Camm, Ronnie Meeks, Mr. Thomas. Second row: Wayne Myers, Mike Brockman, Billy Cooper, Charles Moss, Kenneth Jobe, Donnie Brown, George N’eas, Roddie Bryant, Owen Banton, Ronnie Fulcher. Back row: A. C. Mr. Gann, Carl Long, Grover Peery, Mike Smith, George Siegrist, Carl Staples, Jack Vaughan, Richard Martin, Dick Mayo. Junior Varsity Football Rookie Coach, Gerald Thomas, led the Junior Var- sity to a brilliant undefeated 6-0-1 record. The J.V.’s stressed defense in their past campaign, having only 5 touchdowns scored against them the whole season. The “Little Lancers” also got their of- fense into high gear scoring 40 against Xelson and 39 against Altavista. The Junior Varsity showed e.xcellent sportsmanship throughout the season, and they should benefit from the e.xperience they gained this past year. In the future, the J.V. will be a valuable asset to the varsit}’. Amherst Opposition 14 Xelson 0 10 Appomattox 0 46 Xelson 0 9 Appomattox 0 0 Brookville 0 13 Altavista 6 39 Altavista 20 This year’s Varsity team had a record of six wins and seven losses. The boys under the coach- ing of Mr. Allen Campbell showed strong poten- tial throughout the year. Next year’s varsity should benefit strongly from these boys. Each player showed improvement in every game. The team was led by the scoring of David W’right and Donnie Brown. All of these boys had plenty of drive and determination and were always on the floor fighting to win. David Wright (No. 21) and Marion Tomlin (No. 22) fight for control of basketball for Amherst against Madison Heights. Amherst Opposition 25 Bedford 30 38 Bedford 42 36 Madison Heights 28 28 Nelson 34 46 Brosville 23 53 Appomattox 31 13 Rustburg 29 36 Madison Heights 39 39 Appomattox 42 44 Nelson 30 51 New London 40 40 New London 28 19 Rustburg 25 The Lancer’s J.V. team seems to be in hard competition with the opposing team. Junior Varsity Basketball First row: Donnie Brown, Mr. Allan Campbell, coach; Dick Wayne Burley, David Wright, Kenneth Jobe, George Neas, Wilkins, Marion Tomlin. Second row: Roger Roberts, Glen Dennis Brown, Dick Jeter, Neil Palmer, Rich Garbee. Reichard, Jimmy Cash, Charles Moss, Dwight Fulcher, i A 1 r Ziy L ' m r-i L IKi Wendy Wood with legs in the air is tackled by a Bedford played. This year’s eighth grade team compiled a record of 0-4-0. Under the leadership of Mr. Seal, these boys gained much knowledge and experience in playing football. The boys showed throughout the year that they were good sports even though they had a losing season. The boys who played eighth-grade football this year will be ready to move up to junior- varsity or varsity next year. This program, in its record year at Amherst High School, has done much to promote the interest of boys in playing football. Out of this fast progressing team come the future stars of Amherst County High School. Mr. John Seal talks with two of his eight-grade basketball players, Donnie Clements on his left and John Sam Payne on his right. Amherst Opposition 6 Bedford 26 0 Cumberland 6 6 V.E.S. 27 0 Bedford 25 Eighth Grade Football Front row: Kenneth Farrar, John Payne, William Cash, Douglas Fulcher, Wayne Drumheller, Jerry Camden, Ronnie Rogers, Lynn Faulconer. Back row: Wayne Myers, Elmo Wilcher, Earl Barber, Daniel Peters, Ronnie Martin, Billy Ellinger, Donnie Clemmons, David Seay, Gordon Long, Jack Price, Charles Farrar. 1 1 1 96 i ! Wendy Wood, John Payne ,J. D. Mitchell, Jr. Doyle, Donald Clements, Ntike Brockman, Mike Hannell, Billy Woodson, Jesse Lipscomp, Charles Wynn. Eighth Grade Basketball J. D. Mitchell jumps for basketball as (No. 26) Donnie Clemmons looks on. Below: J. D. Mitchell goes for a jumpball against Nelson as Donnie Clemmons (No. 20) looks on. The eighth grade team had a fine cage season this year with a total of 5 wins and 3 loses. Led by the able coach- ing of John Seal, the boys gained valuable experience I that will be helpful in years to come on the varsity and i junior varsity teams. The “Baby Lancers” played a solid type of basketball led by their high scorers, Mike Brock- man and Donnie Clements. Amherst Opposition 38 Nelson 22 17 Robert E. Lee 24 36 Nelson 8 47 Nelson 13 45 Nelson 11 31 Bedford 38 33 Bedford 32 27 Robert E. Lee 48 97 Front row: Roger Coffey, James Carson, Roger Roberts, Sandy Loving, Ed Meeks, ' ’oodro v Campbell, Carl Jenkins, George Maddox, Bernard Gowen, Mr. Campbell. Back row: Carl Long, Glen Reichard, Rusty Burton, Jimmy Gillispie, Dennis Brown, W ' arren Maddox, David Bradley, Charles Hill, Clarence Shaner, Donnie W’ood. Baseball The Lancer baseball season has been a very suc- cessful one. Up to now the team has compiled a 9-2 record. Led by the pitching of Don Wood, the Lan- cers have shown their fans some good solid baseball. Their hitting has gotten progressively better through- out the year. Although some of our players will be lost by graduation, Amherst has some fine prospects for ne.xt year. The Lancer nine has shown strong competitive spirit during the season and should be complimented for their success in winning this year. Mr. Allen Campbell, coach of the team, has done a wonderful job instructing the boys. Under his leader- ship the boys have had one of the best baseball teams in Amherst. Roger Coffey (24) crossed home plate as Clarence Shaner waits at bat for Amherst. 98 Warren Maddox (no. 30) puts the tag on the opposing player as he comes toward the base. Amherst Opposition 7 Bedford 3 8 Bedford 1 0 Appomattox 1 0 Nelson 4 18 New London 0 15 Bustbnrg 1 1 Bustbnrg 0 2 Brookville 1 10 New London 3 2 Brookville 1 3 Nelson 0 M.. lames Carson slides into third base as New London player looks on. Charles Hill seems to have just connected with a long one. Bernard Gowen gets ready to fire ball to first base. 99 RITA KEITH Head Cheerleader ELEANOR WRIGHT Center: Rita Keith, Head Cheerleader; Ann Sandidge, Cynthia Loving, Eleanor Wright, Vicki Panzarino, Margaret Burks, Toni Lanum, Lou Myers, Linda Shuping, Micki Herion. TONI LANUM LINDA SHUPING The cheerleaders of Amherst County High School, under the direction of Mrs. Louise Brown, take an active part in contributing to the high spirit of the Amherst students during games. As the cheerleaders cheer the teams to victory with their vivacity and liveliness, they encourage them to continue their sportsmanship when forced with defeat. ANN SANDIDGE VICKI PANZARINO CYNTHIA LOVING MICKIE HERION MARGARET BURKS LOU MYERS 100 i Features The Ten Top Seniors of 1962 TOMMY LITTRELL FAYE FRIBBLE ED HOPKINS MURIEL W’lKSW’O RAYMOND THACKER 102 I I MARTIN WALKER From the graduating class of “62,” these ten students liave been selected as our senior personalities. It is indeed an honor to be chosen as one of the outstanding students of the Senior Class. Qualities looked for in the stu- dents are scholarship, leadership, co- operation, school spirit, and general citizenship. The faculty choses this selected group of seniors on the basis of these qualifications Amherst County High School is ex- ceedingly proud of the ten senior per- sonalities of 1962. They indeed deserve our praise and confidence. 103 Mr. Lee crown.s Rita Keith, Queen; and Martin Walker, King; as two members of the homecoming court, Mary ' Ann Parr and Bernard Gowen look on. Homecoming The Homecoming Queen’s attendants and their escorts shared the honoring dance. Homecoming, sponsored by the Monogram Club, is perhaps tlie biggest event of the scliool year. This im- portant event is highlighted at halftime when the Queen and her Attendants proceed onto the athletic field and the principal, Richard E. Lee, crowns he King and Queen. That night they reign over a dance given in their honor. Each attendant pays homage to the King and Queen. Then the King and Queen step forward to begin their dance and are soon joined by a throng of couples. As the dance draws to a close, a day of wonderful memories comes to an end. A portion of the Queen’s attendants await her assent to the throne, the following are; ’onnie Herion, Cythia Williams, hrginia Cobh, George Siegrist, escort; Arline McLaughlin, L. F. Payne, escort. It 10-4 Jenny Galinish, Sue W ' hite, and Linda Holzhener were among the eight girls who entertained the ciueen and her court with the maypole dance. May Day was celebrated this year at Amherst County High School on May 10. The various classes competed in the Athletic events. These included softball, basketball, volleyball, 50 and 100 yard dashes, broad jump, high jump, relay races, shot put, and discuss throwing. The seniors won the trophy for the most points. The presentation of the May Court and the crowning of the queen, Carole Henderson, by Mr. Lee were the highlights of the day’s activities. Entertain- ment for the court included folk dancing by the eighth grade troupe, tumbling, and the traditional May pole dance. May Day Bernard Gowen makes the wining jump in the broad jump con- test as some of the faculty members and his comrads look on. Left to right: Vonnie Herion, Lou Myers, Kathy Parr, Judy Addison, Shirley Freeman, Carole Henderson, Queen; Linda Shuping, Carole, Craven, Sue Harvey, Carrolyn Campbell. 105 1 PI ensure iind Experience are Gained Graduation is the final climax in our high school education. For this occasion, the honor is bestowed upon a select group of Juniors, who have earned high scholastic standings in their class. These very deserving students serve as our commencement marshals. FIRST RO ’: Tommy Littrell, Patsy Adams. SECOND ROW ' : Paul Milton, Faye Pribble. THIRD ROW’: Muriel W ' ikswo, Ed Hopkins. FOURTH ROW ' : Charles Rives, Raymond Thacker. The world in which we live is a progressive and changing one. Last year, the Beta Convention was held at the Hotel John Marshall in Richmond, Vir- ginia, where new methods and better ways of organi- zation were discuessd for improving the clubs. Panel discussions were arranged on many different subjects in which everyone took part. However, the campaign- ing and election of the State Beta Club officers were the main events. This year’s delegates are: Sandra Coff, Sue Atkins, altcrnote; Ed Hopkins. Last year the state-wide S.C.A. Convention took place at Mary W ' ashington College in Ered- ericksburg. The delegates to the S.C.A. Conven- tion were selected from a list submitted to the faculty. The delegates attended lectures and assemblies and met with many representatives from other schools. After this enriching experi- ence, each delegate brought back to A.C.H.S. ideas to make our student government better. Last year’s delegates were Ed Hopkins and Carroll Freeman. 106 A Through Participation Delegates are ehosen each spring from the Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y Clubs to attend the Model General Assembly held in Richmond. These delegates participate and witness all the activi- ties of a model law making body of Virginia. This year’s candidates were: Third row: Tommy Pettyjohn, Mr. Feagans, Sponsor; Second row: Carole Henderson, Ray Mayberry, Dianne Hall, L. F. Payne. Front row: Mrs. Feagans, Sponsor; Sue Higgins, Gayle Watts. Faye Pribble, a senior at A.C.H.S., has been chosen to receive the Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Award for 1961. Nominations were submitted from each of the three senior homerooms. Faye was chosen on the basis of scholarship, dependability, service to the school and community, leadership, and patriotism. Ry receiving this award, Faye will be eligible for the State Good Citizen Award. Each year two boys and two girls are chosen by the members of the Junior class of Amherst County High School to attend Boys’ and Girls’ State. Boys’ State is held at V.P.I., and Girls’ State is held at Radford College during a week of the summer vacation. Delegates attend many lec- tures devoted to the study of the government of Virginia. The delegates learn much and obtain a greater understanding of the functioning of Vir- ginia’s government. The week is intermingled with fun, enjoyment, and recreation for all who attend. Last year’s delegates were Faye Pribble, Martin Walker, Tommy Littrell, and Carole Henderson. 107 in the Year’s Activities During the annual conference, SIPA students and teachers noted professional writers, and guest speakers take part in various journalistic fields. The three day conference is highlighted by panels, discussion groups, and lectures. In these meetings, ideas and suggestions (m all phases of journalism are viewed and either ap- proved or rejected according to their merit. Each publication is given a criticism and rating at the conclusion of the conference. Clima.xing the confeernce is a luncheon where the ' arious awards for excellence are acknowledged. Last year’s delegate was Louise Richeson. Quill and Scroll is an honorary organi- zation at Amherst County High. Each year, various qualified students submit letters of application to the State University of Iowa. The achievements of each applicant are carefully studied and evaluated. Members are then cho- sen to represent our school in this out- standing organization. The students who have been admitted to this club are: Louise Richeson, Car- ole Henderson, Dianne Hall, Bail Ballew. The AMETHYST each year sends representatives to the Southern Interscholastic Press Association sponsored by the Lee Memorial Journalism Foundation. Higher ideals in journalism for the schools in the South is the program of SIPA. The staff members who are elected to attend gain the necessary knowledge for pub- lishing a yearbook. E.xperi- enced judges here give helpful I ■ criticism of each yearbook. Last j year’s delegates were Muriel I Wikswo and Wilson Mclvor. I I I I and Highlights. Certainly the most exclusive social event at Amherst County High School is the Junior- Senior Banquet and Prom. The Oriental theme, “Sayonara,” was carried through by decorations of pink cherry blossoms and pagodas. After eat- ing a delicious meal by candlelight in the cafe- teria, the Juniors and Seniors escorted their guests into the beautifully decorated gymnasium. As the band played, everyone was carried into a land of enchantment; indeed each musician had that mysterious “Oriental touch.” During the dance, the couples were gazing at a mural of magnificent snow-capped Mount Fuji. The lavendar crepe paper and unusual Oriental writ- ing created a mood of fascination. As the couples departed after an evening of unsurpassed en- chantment and beauty, the Japanese chimes could be heard tingling “Sayonara.” Fwisting with the “Stardusters” provided entertainment or everyone, especially for George Falls and Donna Ray Allcock and Faye Taylor admire the centerpiece which provided a beautiful addition to the Japanese theme of the prom. Woody Campbell and Toni Lanum enjoy sitting out a dance during the Junior Senior Prom with Carroll Hudson and Nancy Adams. Thespians On the night of Nov ' ember 17, 1961, the Junior Class presented “Jnst Ducky,” a three act com- edy. This presentation was en- thusiastically received by all who saw it. The plot concerned the Maxwell family: John Max- well, who thought he bossed the household; Janet Maxwell, John’s wife, who thought she bossed the household; their chil- dren, Connie, Betty Lou, and Mdlber; and all their friends and associates. The play was pre- sented again for the student body on November 20. First row: Sandra Weaver, Sue Atkins, Carroll Freeman, Mary Barnes, Bar- bara Thornton, Charles Story. Stand- ing: Dianne Mayo, Clay Blackwell, Ray Alcock, Wayne Palmer, Fred Brueggeman, Glenn Metzel. J unior Play Senior Play CUBd JL " 1 111 A modem dramatization entitled “Lavender and Old Lace” was pre- sented by the senior class of March 30, 1962. This play not only excited and delighted the audience, but also provided a unifying class spirit for the Seniors participating. Proceeds from this production were used to help finance the senior trip to New York. The play centered around the mysterious actions of a gracious gen- tlewoman, Miss Mary .Ainslie who “reminded one of lavender and old lace.” Throughout the three acts mystery and wonder were increased until the exciting climax revealed the truth. Seated: Gail Figger.s, Carole Henderson, Nellie Mays, Patsy Adams, Betty Lou Ful- cher. Standing: Roy Riner, Ray Mayberry, Martin Walker, Tommy Littrell, Kay Mc- Clanan. i Advertisements J. 1. FORBES ALLIED PHARMACY VI 5-8685 Prescription Druggist PARKWAY INN Allied Arts Bldg. Intersection Rt. 130-29 Dial VI 5-3466 4 Miles North Of Lynchburg Lynchburg, Va.. JOHN R. CANODY ' S STORE Route 4 Amherst, Va. Phone 277-5502 Congratulations To The Senior Class HOPKIN BROS. REALTY CORP. AMHERST GULF SERVICE STATION R. T. Burks — D. H. Price Phone WH 6-4863 Amherst, Virginia TINNELL ' S GROCERY Madison Heights, Va. Mobil Gas Phone VI 5-9252 HARRY DAY ' S ESSO SERVICE Route 29 Madison Heights Happy Harry says " Happy Motoring " 112 PINEY RIVER FLORIST Mrs. M. J. Parr, Manager Flowers for all occasions Piney River, Va. Phone: CR 7-5239 Nights, Sundays, Holiday CR 7-5277 " Save and Make it a Habit " LYNCHBURG FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION 616 Church Street 1990 Fort Ave. Lynchburg, Va. You Are Invited To Investigate the Opportunities in PHILLIPS BUSINESS COLLEGE The Phillips Success Parade 1000 Church Lynchburg, Va. ELON SELF-SERVICE MARKET Route 1, Madison Heights Located on Elon Road Compliments of TUCKER ' S GENERAL STORE Seven Miles West of Amherst Route 60 Phone: WA 2-6276 M. E. FULCHER GENERAL MERCHANDISE Pleasant Services Phone: Piney River CR 7-5044 113 AMHERST BRANCH The Lynchburg Dalional Bank Trust Cu. AMHERST, VIRGINIA " Your Deposit Accounts in Our Bonk ore on investment in the Future growth of Amherst County " " Your Community Bonk " 114 COLEMAN and TURNER HOME IMPROVEMENT COMPANY Route 1 Monroe, Vo. Phone VI 6-1796 Lynchburg, Vo. PETE ' S GARAGE Motor Rebuilding — Welding Front End Alignment 24 Hour Wrecker Service Radiators Cleaned Repaired and Recorder Don ' t Fuss, Call Us MADISON PHARMACY BAND BOX The Prescription Drug Store Lynchburg ' s Leading Lynchburg, Va. Fashion Shops Dial VI 6-1522 We Deliver — Amherst and Madison Heights " Congratulations Class of ' 62 " THAXTON ' S GARAGE DRUMMOND ' S CASH Piney River, Va. General Auto Repair STORE and Contract Hauling Phone: CR 7-5023 AMHERST REALTY AND INSURANCE CO. Joe Kilgore, Agent Real Estate — Insurance Amherst WH 6-6491 " Be Assured When You Insure " HOLIDAY INN Lynchburg ' s Largest Motor Hotel Lynchburg, Va. U. S. 29 North of Lynchburg " Your Host From Coast to Coast " 115 Compliments of ATLANTIC LUNCH Compliments of BURNETTE TIRE COMPANY 5th and Court Street Lynchburg, Vo. Compliments of THRIFF-TEE LAUNDROMAT Corner Main and West Court St. Amherst, Vo. During Latin class Virginia Cobb and Eliza- beth Rowland study a map of Asia Minor. COMPLIMENTS OF THE Virginia Blue Ridge Railway PINEY RIVER, VIRGINIA Phone: CRestwood 7-5240 116 BROCKMAN CHEVROLET, INC Chevrolet — Oldsmobile Amherst, Virginia Phone WH 6-2611 Carolyn Mitchell steps into a 1962 Chevrolet on her way to school. ARTHUR AUTO PARTS CO. DISTRIBUTORS AUTO PARTS — INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES 702-4 5th Street Dial Victor 6-2749 LYNCHBURG. VA. Compliments of: THE AMHERST DAIRY ISLE HENRY D. PORTER INCORPORATED GENERAL CONTRACTORS Office Address Mailing Address 504 Forest St. P. O. Box 981 Dial VI 5-3833 Lynchburg, Va. 117 The Official Amherst County High School Class Ring Selected Jewelers for the official Amherst Countv High School Class Ring. Represented hy: Charles J. Mott Northfields Road, RFD No. 5, Charlottesville, Virginia THE FIRST NATIONAL TRUSTS AND SAVINGS BANK Lynchburg Virginia TRUST ANn SAVIN t;S RANK 118 FUR STORAGE HARRIS BRO S. AMOCO GARMENT STORAGE DRY CLEANING SERVICE STATION CLEAN-CRAFT CLEANERS 12th and Church St. 2995 Fort Avenue Charles H. Lee Dial VI 7-6991 Agent Dial VI 7-6663 Lynchburg, Va. Lynchburg, Va. VAUGHAN MOTOR CO., INC. Goodyear Tires Maytag and Hotpoint 12th and Church Sts. Lynchburg, Va. DAY ' S STORE General Merchandise Piney River, Va. Phone CR 7-5373 MURPHY ' S SUPERETTE Colony Road Madison Heights, Virginia Arlene McLaughlin and Carolyn Mit- chell are preparing to shop at Murphey’s. PINEY RIVER FUNERAL HOME C. Preston Parr Ewin M. Moore Piney River CR 7-4161 Day or Night Ambulance Service READ THE AMHERST NEW ERA— PROGRESS SEMINOLE RESTAURANT Amherst, Va. George A. Grekos,Class 1962 DICKERSON BUICK CO. Federal St. At Fifth Lynchburg, Virginia 119 WESTERN AUTO STORE " Congratulations to the Amherst, Virginia Class of ' 62 " AMHERST BEAUTY SALON Compliments of AMHERST GULF WILLIAM E. SANDIGE SERVICE STATION R. T. Burks — D. H. Price County Clerk Phone WH 6-4831 S. O. FISHER Sporting Goods — Ath. Equip. Education. Gomes Toys 1024 Main — Pittman Plaza Lynchburg, Virginia FARMERS FAIRWAY MARKET Madison Heights, Va. 120 AMHERST SALES MOTORS, INC. SERVICE For 24 Years Dial WH 6-2781 Amherst, Va. Sales Ford Tractor Service TAYLOR TRACTOR COMPANY Highway 29 Wright Shop Rd. P. O. Box 6 Dial VI 5-2681 Madison Heights, Va. 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" WHITTEN ' S BARBER SHOP Compliments of; MARION ' S FLOWER SHOP Dial 845-0423 WAILES STOP IN SHOP 503 Main St., Madison Heights, Va. Amherst Shopping Center Madison Heights, Virginia Mrs. Marion Loving, Owner J. KULMAN Near 10th Street at 1009 Main Outfitters to Gentlemen Men ' s and Students ' Clothing Serving Lynchburg Since 1900 Compliments of Compliments to the: BEN FRANKLIN " CLASS OF 62 " 5 10 Amherst, Virginia R. C. COLA " Best Wishes " BROWN-MORRISON COMPANY " Everything For Your Office " 1616 Main Street Lynchburg, Va. At the Expressway WHITTEN FUNERAL HOME 1336 Park Avenue Victor 5-4521 Incorporated Timberlake Road Cedar 9-0331 Two Locations Modern Equipment Personal Service Lynchburg, Virginia SCOTrS SPECIALTY CO., INC. BIFF BURGER 601 Oakley Ave. DRIVE-IN Lynchburg, Va. 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Market Street Free TV Air Condition Harrisonburg, Va. F. E. Hamilton, Owner and Operator Phone Whitehall 6-7981 130 J. W. WOOD Wholesale Grocer — Ninth and Jefferson Streets Lynchburg, Virginia BARKER-JENNINGS CORP. SAM P. MASSIE Since 1885 Wholesale Complete Insurance Business 1000-1002 Commerce Street Lynchburg, Virginia Amherst, Virginia Dial 366-7694 P. 0. Box 1554 QUALITY FOOD COMPANY, INC. Wholesale Distributors Institutional Foods Harold F. Booth, Sales Representative Roanoke, Virginia FINNEY and DUDLEY CALDWELL-SITES CO. BUILDERS, INC. Office Equipment — Stationary A. B. Dick Duplicating Machines Custom Built Homes and Supplies All Types of Remodeling Wholesale Blue Horse School Dial VI 6-3022 Supplies Madison Heights, Virginia Roanoke, Va., Winchester, Va. 131 AMHERST TASTEE FREEZ Cones, Malts, Shakes Sundaes and Sandwiches Two fine upstanding floor sweepers, Phillip Cash and Jimmy Hicks. BARR S BROTHER JEWELERS DIAMOND-WATCHES JEWELRY " Easiest terms in town " Lynchburg, Virginia Compliments of CLAUDE B. KNOWLES SHELL SERVICE STATION Employees: W. E. Wills Frog Harvey Billy Burner 5th and Harrison St. Lynchburg, Virginia Compliments of A FRIEND KIAH T. FORD CO. 207 9th St. Farms and Country Estates A familiar conglomeration at a football game. GORDON ' S DRIVE-IN STATE FARM INSURANCE Norman B. Patterson, Agent RESTAURANT Amherst, Virginia Auto - Fire - Life 132 THE CO-OPERATIVE BUILDING AND LOAN " Lynchburg ' s Oldest Savings and Loan " Welcomes Your Savings Account Pays 4% per annum, currently Accounts insured to $10,000 each Branch — U.S. 29 — Madison Heights Branch — 5224 Fort Avenue Home Office 1001 Church Street Best Wishes to Class of ' 62 BRYANTS BARBER SHOP Guards Kay Alcock and Judy Parr tie the ball with student teacher Jackie Palmer during the student-teacher basketball game. 133 " Compliments of PRICE WATCH REPAIRING BARKER-JENNINGS CORP. SERVICE 6191 2 Main Street wholesale only Lynchburg, Virginia Current Rate On Savings 4% Per Annum FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF LYNCHBURG Jahn W. Ferguson, Jr., President Home Office: Main at 10th St. Dial VI 5-4589 Plazavue Branch: Memorial Ave. at Wadsworth St. Dial VI 7-4437 Compliments of R. A. HINES 316 17th Street Paint Wallpaper THORNHILL SALES CO. Advertising Novelties and Specialties Mr. Thomas, Mr. Seal, and Mr. Campbell, football coaches, talk with football award winners and guest speaker at the football banquet. Mr. Mirmick does a rendition on his drums. WEBB-WHITAKER CO. 909 Main St. Men and Young Mens ' Clothes Lynchburg, Virginia 134 Senior Directory PATSY JUNE ADAMS Homeroom Reporter 8; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1; Latin Club 1,2; FHA 1,2, Chaplain; Beta Club 2,3,4; Library Club 3,4; Amethyst Staff, Copy Editor 3,4; ETA 3,4, Delegate to State Con- vention; Junior Play 3; Business Club 3; Library Assistant 3,4; Junior Marshal 3; Cirls’ Symphonic Acappella Chorus 4; Speech and Dramatics Club 4, Secretary. MARY EVELYN ALLEN Glee Club 1,3,4; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1; ETA 2,3,4; Science Club 3,4; Library Club 2; S.C.A. 4; Spanish Club 4, President; Latin Club 2. JOANNE PHYLLIS ASHWELL Band 1,2; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4; Business Club 2,3,4; FHA 1,2; Jr. Play Committee 3; S.C.A. 1; Band 8. CALVIN KENDALL BAILEY FFA 1,2,3,4, Vice-President; 4-H Club 1,2. GAIL PAGE BALLEW S.C.A. 8,1,4; FHA 1; Tri-Hi-Y 1; Beginner Band 8; Band 1,2; Librarian; Business Club 2; Photography Club 2,3, 4, President; French Club 2, Secretary; Amherite 3,4, Business Manager; Beta Club 3. JOHN WESLEY BOWLING 4-H Club 8; Art Club 2; Commerical Club 2,3,4; Library Club 1, 2,3,4; Safety Patrol Club 2; Delegate to S.C.A. Convention. GARRY DANIEL BRYANT Safety Patrol 3,4; 4-H Club 8,1,2; Commercial 2,3,4; FFA 4. GLORIA JEAN BURCH Secretary-Treasurer Homeroom 8; Junior Tri-Hi-Y 1; FHA 1; Photography Club 2; Spanish Club 2,3; Library Club 3, Secretary; Commercial Club 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4, Reporter; Amherite Staff 4. GERALDINE KAY ANN BYRUM Library Club 1; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1; Glee Club 1,2; Basketball 1; 4-H Club 1,2,3,4, Pres.; Beta Club 2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3; Photography Club 2, Secretary; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4; Forensic Club 4; S.C.A. 4. DAISY MAE CAMPBELL F.H.A. 1,2; Safety Patrol 1,2; Library Club 1. JERRY ODELL CAMPBELL Football 3,4; Basketball 8,1,2,3,4; J.V.’s 1,2; K.V.G.’s 3; Homecoming Court 1. JOYCE MAUREEN CAMPBELL F.H.A. 1,2,4; Commercial Club 3,4. JUANITA DALE CAMPBELL F.H.A. 1,2,3; Business Club 1,2. KATHY LEE CAMPBELL Homeroom Representative 8; Business Club 3,4; FHA 3; Homeroom Chaplain 8,1,2. MARGARET LEE CAMPBELL Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1; Glee Club 1; Basketball 2; Commercial Club 2,3,4; FHA 2. LILLIAN PAULINE CAMPBELL F.H.A. 1,2,3. THOMAS WILLIAM CAMPBELL 4-H Club 8; K.V.G.’s 4. WOODROW KNIGHT CAMPBELL Basketball 2,3,4; Glee Glub; F.F.A. 2; Baseball 2,3,4; Home- room Pres. 8; 4-H Club 8,1; Monogram Club 3,4; S.C.A. 2. CAROL NADINE CAMRON Glee Club 1; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Vice-Pres.; Latin Club 2; Science Club 2,3,4; Beta Club 2,3,4; Photography Club 3; FHA 4; Amethyst Staff, Assistant Circulation Man- ager 2, Class Editor 3, Class Editor 4; Jr. Play Committee 3; Girls’ Symphonic Acappella Choir 4; Homeroom Vice- Pres. 8. JAMES EDGAR CARSON Monogram Club 2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Commercial Club 4. JOYCE MAY CASH Homeroom Reporter 1; F.H.A. 1,2,4; Commercial Club 3,4. HAZEL MARIE CASH F.H.A. 1,2; Safety Patrol 3,4; Commercial Club 4. MAYNARD LEWIS CASH, JR. Latin Club 2; French Club 2,3; Speech and Dramatics Club 4, Pres. PHILLIP THOMAS CASH Hi-Y Club 1,2,3, Chaplain 4; Photography Club 1,2; Amher- ite Staff, Assistant Sports Editor 4; Homeroom Pres. 8; Homeroom Pres. 2. ROGER LEE DENTON K.V.G.’s 2,3; Photography Club 2,3; Art Club 3; Junior Play. MARY FRANKLIN EVANS F.H.A. 1,2,3; Commercial Club 3; Speech and Dramatics Club 4; Library Club 3. FRANK THOMPSON FAULCONER, lU Library Club 1; Basketball J.V. 1; Football 1,4- FLORENCE GAIL FIGGERS Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1; 4-H Club 1; Glee Club 8,1,2,4; F.H.A. 1,2, Treas.; Photography Club 2; Library Club 3; Commercial Club 2,3,4; Beta Club 3,4. SHIRLEY MAE FREEMAN Homeroom Vice-Pres. 8; Homeroom Reporter 1; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Pres.; Commercial Club 3, Treas., 4, Treas.; 5. C.A. 4; Amerite Staff, Girls’ Assistant Sports Editor 4; Jr. Play 3; Glee Club 1; Latin Club 2; Delegate to Model General Assembly 3. BETTY LOU FULCHER Glee Club 8, Pres., 1; 4-H Club 8; Basketball 1,2; F.T.A. 3,4, Pres.; S.C.A. 4; French Club 4; Beta Club 2,3,4; Jr. Play 3. MARY ANN GIBSON Safety Patrol 1; Commercial Club 4; Photography Club 1; F.H.A. 1,4. BETTY JANE FOSTER GOULDTHORPE 4-H Club 8; F.H.A. 1,2 Historian 3; Library Assistant 1; Office Assistant 3,4. DAVID WESLEY GOULDTHORPE Beta Club 2,3,4; F.F.A. 1,2, Sentinel 3, Treas., 4, Pres., 4, Vice Pres, of Hub Federation. BERNARD SANFORD GOWEN French Club 2,3; Monogram Club 4; Library Club 4; Basket- ball 2,3,4; Baseball 2,3,4; Football 4. LOIS DIANNE HALL Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4; Latin Club 2; F.H.A. 1; Beta Club 2,3,4. Vice Pres.; Deelegate to Beta Convention 3; French Club 4; Amherite Staff, Copy Editor 3, Senior Associ- ate Editor 4, Commercial Club 4, Reporter; Senior Class Reporter 4. 135 Senior Directory NORMAN STANLEY HANSEN F.F.A. 2i 4-H Club 3; K.V.G.’s 2; Safety Patrol 2. JAMES MITCHAEL HARRIS Science Club 8, 1,2, 3, 4; Photography Club 2; Spanish Club 2,3; 4-H Club 8,1,3; Hi-Y Club 3,4, Reporter; Forensics Club 2,3,4; Band 8,1, 2,3,4; Glee Club 4; Jr. Play. Committee. NORMAN WALLACE HARRIS Basketball 1, 2,3,4; Art Club 1, Spanish Club 1. PHILLIP EDWARD HARTLESS K.V.G.’s 2; Football 2; Safety Patrol 2,3. CAROLE ELIZABETH HENDERSON Beta Club 2,3,4; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4; Latin Club 2; French Club 4. Secretary; F.T.A. 3,4, Parliamentarian; Glee Club 1; Amherite Staff 3, Associaie Senior Editor 4; Amherite Staff, Assistant Copy Editor 3; Homeroom Pres. 8; Homeroom Reporter 2; Delegate to Model General Assembly 3; Girls’ State Delegate 3; S.C.A. District Convention 3; Junior Play 3; Girls’ Symphonic Acappella Chours 4; Quill And Scroll 3,4. ELLEN MAXINE HESSON Business Club 4; F.H.A. 1,2,4. JAMES EDWARD HICKS Art Club 2, Pres.; Senior Class Vice Pres.; S.C.A. 2,4; Dele- gate to District S.C.A. Meeting 2; Spanish Club 2,3; Forensic Club 4; Speech and Dramatics Club 4, Reporter; Amethyst Staff, Assistant Art Editor 2,3, Business Manager 4; Basket- ball J.V. 2; Amherite Staff, Assistant Art Editor 4; Hi-Y 4; Library Club 1; Safety Patrol 3. CHARLES EUGENE HILL Baseball 1, 2,3,4; Basketball 2; Monogram Club 4. WILLIAM DABNEY HOPKINS Monogram Club 4, Pres.; Hi-Y 1, Treas., 2, Secretary 3; Treas.; Amethyst Staff, Assistant Boys’ Sports Editor 3, Assistant Photography Editor 4; Manager of Football, Basketball, and Baseball Teams I; S.C.A. 4. EDWARD MEEKS HOPKINS Assistant Football Manager 8; Monogram Club 1,2,3; Hi-Y Club 1,2. Chaplain 3; Library Club 1; Latin Club 2,3; S.C.A. 2,3, Vice Pres., 4; Beta Club 2,3,4, Pres.; Amethyst Staff, Advertisment Manager 4; Student Director of Jr. Play 3; Delegate to S.C.A. State Convention 2,3; District Convention 3. SANDRA FRANCES HORTON Commercial Club 3,4; F.H.A. 3; Forsenic Meet 3. HAZEL WENDLA HUNTER 4-H Club 8,1; Glee Club 8,1; Library Club 8,1; Art Club 2; Spanish Club 2,3, Reporter 4; S.C.A. 2; Delegate to Student Forum 2; May Court Attendent 3; Amethyst Staff, Assistant Circulation Manager 3; Assistant Editor 4; Senior Play. SHIRLEY MAE HUFFMAN Spanish Club 2,3; F.H.A. 2,3,4. REBECCA GAYLE JENNINGS F.H.A. 1,2,4. MARY ONEDA JOHNSON Spanish Club 2,3; F.H.A. 1,2; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1; Safety Patrol 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Commercial Club 4. JAMES LUTHER JORDAN Monogram 3,4; Safety Patrol 3; K.V.G.’s 4; Football 4; Basketball Manager 2; Popcorn Manager 4. RITA GAY KEITH 4-H Club 8; Library Club 1; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1; Latin Club 2; Art Club 2; Tri-Hi-Y 2; Cheerleader 2,3,4, Captain; Home- coming Court 3,4, Queeen; May Court 3; Monogram Club 3,4; Amethyst Staff, Assistant Copy Editor 3, Art Editor 4; Amherite Staff 4; Commercial Club 3; Senior Class Treas. 4. JAMES DAVID KITTS F.F.A. 1; Commercial Club 4. THOMAS WADE LITTRELL Band 8,1,2,3,4; S.C.A. 8,4, Pres.; Beta Club 2,3,4; 4-H Club 8,1, Vice Pres. 2; Hi-Y Club 1,2, Reporter 3, Secretary 4; Photography Club 1,2; Dance Band 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3, Censor; Science Club 2,3; Football 2; Model General Assem- bly Delegate 2; Symphonic Band 2; Jr. Class Vice Pres. 3; Jr. Play 3; K.V.G.’s 3; Forensic Clulj 4; Glee Club 4; Dele- gate to Dis trict S.C.A. 4; Boys’ State Commencement Mar- shal 3. JOHNNY McDonald maddox 4-H Club 8,1,2,3; F.F.A. 3,4; Commercial Club 4. ELIZABETH KAY MARSH Beta Club 2,3,4; Commercial Club 3,4; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1; Cheerleader 1,2,3; S.C.A. 1,2; Monogram Club 1,2,3; Latin Club 2; F.H.A. 4; Library Club 1, Secretary. THOMAS ELTON MARTIN, JR. Glee Club 8,1,2,3,4; Safety Patrol 2,3,4; Bus Driver 3,4; All State Chorus 2,3,4; Photography Club 2; Spanish Club 4; Hi-Y Club 1; Basketball 8. ALLAN RAY MAYBERRY Basketball 1,2,4; Jr. Play 3; Hi-Y 1,2, Pres., 3,4, Pres.; Pho- tography Club 1,2; Library Club 3, Pres.; K.V.G.’s 2,3; S.C.A. 2.3,4; Amethyst Staff, Associate Photographer 4; Jr. Class Reporter. NELLIE MAE MAYS Glee Club 8; F.H.A. 1,2; Commercial Club 3,4; Jr. Play Announcer 3. KAY WHITNEY McCLANAN S.C.A. 8,2,4; Science Club 2,3,4; Sec. and Tres.; Tri-Hi-Y 2.3, Chaplin; Glee Club 2,4; Homecoming Court 2; F.T.A. 3.4, Treas.; Latin Club 3; Forensic Club 4. WILSON EUGENE McIVOR Photography Club 1,2,3, Vice Pres., 4, Vice Pres.; Football 2,3,4; Science Club 3,4, Vice Pres.; Debate 2,3; District Delrate 2,3; Latin Club 2; Forensic Club 1; Amethyst Staff, Photography Editor 4; S.I.P.A. 3. BEVERLY SANDRA MEDEIROS S.C.A. 4; Commercial Club 3,4, Pres.; Office Worker 3,4; FHA 3; Beta Club 2,3. JAMES PAUL MILTON Science Club 3; Library Club 1; Beta Club 2,3,4; Photog- raphy Club 4; Latin Club 2; Band 1; French Club 4, Pres. FRONA REBECCA MITCHELL Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1; 4-H Club 1, Pres., 2, Pres.; F.H.A. 3; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Glee Club 1,3,4; Commercial Club 3,4. SANDRA SUE MORGAN Basketball 1,2,3,4; Spanish Club 2,3; Commercial Club 4; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Library Club 1,2; Amethyst Staff, Girls’ Sports Editor 2,3,4; Co-Captain of Basketball Team 4; Science Club 2; 4-H Club 1,2. HENRY SAMUEL MYERS Hi-Y Club 8,1, 2,3,4; Science Club 8, 1,2,3; Photography Club 2,3; Band 8,1,2,3,4; Dance Band 2,3,4; Symphonic Band 3; Basketball 3,4; Football 4. 136 Senior D irectory MARY ANN PARR Commercial Club 3,4; S.C.A. 1,2; Homecoming Court 1,4; Jr. Class Treas. 3; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 8; 4-H Club 8, Pres.; Beta Club 2,3,4; Homeroom OflBcer 8, 1,2,3. ALICE FAYE FRIBBLE Homeroom Pres. 1; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1, Pres.; S.C.A. 2, Reporter 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 2, Vice Pres.; Latin Club 2,3; Library Club 1; Beta Club 2,3,4, Secretary; Monogram Club 4; Basketball 2,3,4; Amherite Staff, Girls’ Sports Editor 4; Amethyst Staff, Typist 4; F.H.A. 3; Jr. Class Secretary 3. JOHN PAYNE PROFFITT Art Club 2. MARY LOUISE RICHESON Homeroom Pres. 8; 4-H Club 8, Secretary; Homeroom Vice Pres. 1; Library Club 1; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1; Homeroom Reporter 2; Latin Club 2; Beta Club 2,3, Reporter, 4; Delegate to Beta Convention 3; May Court Attendent 2; Homeroom Secretary 3; Homecoming Court Attendent 3; Senior Class Secretary 4; S.C.A. 4; Jr. Play Usher 3; S.I.P.A. 3,4, Quill and Scroll 4; Grade News Edior 2; Amherite Staff, Assistant Editor 3, Editor 4. ROY SIMS RINER, JR. S.C.A. 8,4; Science Club 1,2, Treas., 3,4; Latin Club 1,2, Curlie Plebian; Speech and Dramatics 3; Speech Play 3; Junior Play 3; District Forensics 1, Champion, 2, Champion, 3, Champion; State Forensics 1, Champion, 2,3; Forensics Club 4, Vice Pres.; S.C.A. 3,4; Delegate to S.C.A, District Convention 3,4. VIVIAN LU RINER Spanish Club 1; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1; Commercial Club 2, Reporter 3; Monogram Club 3; F.H.A. 2,4; Library Club 1; Basketball Manager 2,3,4; F.H.A. Summer Camp 1; Basketball 2; Home- room Reporter 8; Guidance Helper 4. CHARLES ELMORE RIVES, JR. Latin Club 2,3; Beta Club 2,3,4; Science Club 2,3,4; Jr. Marshal 3. LARRY LEE ROBERTS Band 8,1,2; Basketball 8; Baseball 4; Safety Patrol 3; Bus Driver 3,4; Hi-Y Club 4. JUANITA MAY ROGERS F.H.A. 1,2,3; 4-H Club 1; Glee Club 1; Library Club 3; Commercial Club 3,4. CLARENCE DUVAL SHANER Monogram Club 2,3,4; Football 2,3; Basketball 8,2; Baseball 1,2,3. STEWART ETHERIDGE SHANER, JR. Photography Club 1; Library Club 2,3, Vice Pres., 4, Pres.; Library Assistant 2,3,4; Football 2,4; Monogram Club 4; S. C.A 4; Commercial Club 4; Speech and Dramatics Club 4, Treas.; Baseball 2,3,4; K.V.G.’s 2,3; Boys’ Chorus 2. DOROTHY ANN SMITH 4-H Culb 8; Spanish Club 2; FHA 1,2; Commercial Club 3,4. LESLIE NEIL SMITH S.C.A. 8; Basketball 2; Baseball 3; Football 3; 4-H Club 2; K.V.G.’s 2,3; Commerical Glub 2; Library Glub 1. RONALD LEE SMITH 4-H Glub 8; Football 1; K.V.G.’s 4. TYRA LEE STEIN Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Library Glub 1; Commercial Club 2,4; Latin Club 3. DUANE KAY STEWART Basketball 1; Spanish Club 3,4, Sec. and Treas.; Y.F.C. Club 1, Vice Pres. PATRICIA ANN STOWE Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 8; Science Club 8,1; FHA 1,2,3; Tri-Hi-Y 1; Photography Club 3; Glee Club 1,2,3; Commercial Club 3,4; Library 2,3; Spanish Club 3. HOWARD ARTHUR THACKER, JR. Basketball 8,1,2; Football 3; Library Club 1,2,3; Monogram 3,4; Amherite Staff, Sports Editor 4; Homeroom Pres. 2. RAYMOND KIETH THACKER 4-H Club 8,1,2,3,4; Beta Club 2,3,4; Hi-Y 3,4, Vice Pres.; Commercial Club 4, Vice Pres.; Spanish Club 23, Pres.; Basketball 2; Band 1; S.C.A. 2,3; Library Club 1,2; Safety Patrol 1,2,3. JULIA ELIZABETH TUCKER Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1; 4-H Club 3; S.C.A. 1; FHA 2,3; Glee Glub 4; Commercial Club 4; Latin Club 2. JUNE ELAINE TURMAN Basketball 1,2, 3,4, Co-Captain; Monogram Club 3, Vice Pres., 4; FHA 2,3,4; Photography Club 1,2; Amethyst Staff 1,2; S.C.A. 8; Commercial Club 1,2; Glee Glub 8. MARTIN HOLT WALKER Library Club 1; Latin Club 2,3; Science Club 2,3,4; S.C.A. 3,4; Beta Club 2,3,4; Glee Glub 3,4, Reporter; Hi-Y Club 4, Secretary; Bus Driver 3,4; Homecoming Attendant 3; Homecoming King 4; Jr. Play 3; Boys’ State 3; Model General Assembly 3; Jr. Glass Pres. 3; Senior Glass Pres. 4. LINDA LU WITHERS FHA 1,3,4; Basket ball 1,2; Glee Club 1; Choir 2,3,4; DO Club 4; GAA 2,3; Red Cross 3; Talent Show 1,2,3,4; Basket- ball Manager 4. LLOYD HAMPTON WHEELER 4-H Club 8; Baskeeball 8; Football 2; FFA 1,2,3,4, Secre- tary. WAYNE EDWARD WHITE Band 8,1,2; Hi-Y Club 2,3. MURIEL ANASTASIA WIKSWO 5. C.A. 1,2; Beta Club 2,3,4; Amethyst Staff, Class Editor 2, Associate Editor 3, Editor 4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Science Club 1, Reporter 2,3,4; Jr. Marshal Forensic Meet 1,2,3; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1; SIPA, 2,3,4. CLARENCE EDWARD WILLIAMS Science Club 2,3; K.V.G.’s 2,3,4; Photography Glub 1,2; Jr. Prom Committee 3; Library Assistant 3,4; Library Club 4, Secretary; Boys’ Chorus 2. DONALD THURMAN WOOD Baseball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2, Captain 3,4, Captain; Foot- ball 2,3,4, Captain; Monogram Club 2,3,4; 4-H Club 1,2; FFA 4. BENNIE FRANKLIN WOODY, JR. Monogram 2,3; Basketball 2,3,4; J.V. Basketball 8,1; Com- mercial Club 4; Library Club 2; 4-H Club 2. SUE WATERS WORLEY Library Club 1; Science Club 1,2; Latin Club 2,3,4, Aedile; Beta Club 2,3,4; 4-H Club 3,4; Homeroom Treas. 8; 8th Grade 4-H Glub 8. ELEANOR LOUISE WRIGHT Glee Club 8,1,2,3,4, Pres.; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1, Treas.; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, Secretary 4; Latin Club 2,3; Beta Club 2,3,4; Mono- gram Club 3,4; Cheerleader 2,3,4; All State Chorus 3; Amethyst Staff, Circulation Manager 4. ALICE FAY ZIRKLE FHA 1,2; Commercial Club 4. 137 The end of another year We have come to the end of another year; the light of the Amethijst has guided us successfully through this one phase of learning and of life. Next year there will be other problems to be solved as we adv ance beyond this five year pas- sage to face the challenging world. Indeed we h ave learned a great deal not only in the form of knowledge gained from books but through experiences acquired with others. In years to come we shall always remember the significance of a symbol that has come to mean more to us than just an idea; for that symbol, the Amethi st, has brought us to realize that the diploma has now become our passport to life. 138 Autographs m r 141 . Autograph 3 Y I 5 . I- 4 . f-v ' RK ' j ! ' A ' ' ■ ' ■y ' ' -f ' X ' y. j- ' -;. ' lifeiil

Suggestions in the Amherst County High School - Amethyst Yearbook (Amherst, VA) collection:

Amherst County High School - Amethyst Yearbook (Amherst, VA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 119

1962, pg 119

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1962, pg 61

Amherst County High School - Amethyst Yearbook (Amherst, VA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 49

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Amherst County High School - Amethyst Yearbook (Amherst, VA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 85

1962, pg 85

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