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125- V- ,ffl fp' fi ,, .....,. ,4 ,..,,, ,. '-E ?fff'1 7' ', W- K f K Www - iff 'ff' ' 1 ' 7f31.2'N- --Qf- A ',,w-'1V.-iyfif' X QW ,f A fimifdfi Jfezffff. T k M I A if 'frgff1s:4i?Zff Lf 1 f,11 W 1 ff 7- ? '71... sEifS 7 ,.?'.1S.,Qf '5 NX' f ,lfff N! ,X X. .. xv, , g, -xi--f jg' flwjiiv Fx-, ' W 'f in f, ?X'-R553 ' W' Tv L?4f3L'7 'f 'W f Y 'A' A '- N' , Ulf 'lv W 'Ql'AElT1Li WQYI5, 5 :AX V w WmW 'W HW NV f.WN -Mfxx X .WA XM 7, fl Um KNX XX ,ww .X MN J, gm. . ' -s-H fc su -A Wfwff MI' 'wr 'W-'17QxX ' My XNXQQ QT!! xxx NX MK Q-.:-, gr! A Wm X Q XQQYQYTXQ - gfggg, N y ,, W A VM fig N x N - X swf x y V M4 ,WY l, ffffv' XXQ B vc ' 'V MK I NxCQwQl42:'giET 1' R ' ,' 1f 'ry ' il!! , W f f X f W 'X XX f X M . my .. N 'X , - Y ,I ix N X M Wfb X 7 x x U ,xx ! . fa' 'ifj X X 1 ' Ky, ,. . OODB 3 Q6oRe6'Lf'f6nL1Jw,,,,Q 'UD i1N :? -fDA W T, SE2,,,tE ' JAMCSL1.I'Q4HMg3gm4Rm. DICNLLNQSJ X fx 15, HOMSOUA XXL El.fM6Rf'H'Q9pfgLAR,D. NN Ng'C f2IY- Q ' -z J .YfNJM5X 'Ai HOMAS 6911671- jusmess Mamiggn 46:-l . Win EZJHCKSOH xx f Nr J--ff 59612 jx Hen QVJOHSS- ,gdam , -V 5, J -4-i4 J OnR5.HA2.'7vteRmHM. q'3 'mOf1 1Y7 - QINKII-'lICl,Il l'IiIN'l'INlZ 1'HXH'.XNY, I I li lliH'I'X'l'IiliS, I'liIN'l'l'IIiS, .NNI SI'IllX1?l ll'1l.IF, MASS. D IIINIHI TO THE PATRONS OF THE OLIO. AS rho grofztos! oralor of his ago has xo wall :md jifhf .sjrohclz we may oo j76'7'7lZZ.ffC'!f lo borrow j9'om fha slow' of his L'f0QIl6'lZL'L'D,1 M76 would dodiczzlo fhzlx' p1'od11o?z'o1z fo C7'07lZ'ZUL'!l,' bm' Cromwell was only zz soldloff. VW would dod2'oaz'o il lo .lVzzj1oloou,' hu! MZf0!L'07Z made his 'zcfzzy lo o71zj7z'1'o ozfw' broken oaths and lhrozzgh zz sm of blood. I'Vo would dodimlo if fo fha Fzzlhor If his Comzlfjff hm' tho grml l7z'1gfz'1zz'rz1z hold slavex. Thoroforo we dodzkalo il fo lho was! j2o7jfu'2 Q' all kI!7lZtZ7l o1jgzz1zz'.mfz'o1z.s', OUR COLLEGE SENATE, For if 7l6 UL'7' docs myfthifzg al all S63 711 ffffh ,-,141 ' gy:-yf X 'p Q2 I 4, f ff f : pf f ff f ' 'f , W -'mf Dfw. f-2: if , . 'f X, 13251 MWF? iff .','?9ff Iv KSN pl x..f,. may f - 'M ' .. -,x.Tf!':-19' , ,,-M gg: , Q7,,ffga54 , ,5 gg' ,f,'7, NW' , -'WP MvVL,Y,,.,,:i' fi: ' - IWW NWWWW Q Z if 1 , N Am jfE'41'U1l,ll A f . .- , xx- , 5 ,643 . Xxxxi xx N 0 x xmx .f jf - g 'fL9M6? 4Q1?i2?7 ,, 3 f f' W ,M9gfg q f f: H- X .-H5 fuk'-' J :swf I f 0, X Z, A ! ffx- I-'if:.1:-xxx-aw , GN:-:V -1-ry, 1 .X ,QQX s Spf, A' f ff X x 5'LE- ' fi' ,A x , .. 31-,Q X4 n fj '- xx ,f '-14 .- X -- .-' . ,if--21:22 -,. .N X TN ull' 'fl-'V1:1 :1':a1:--. A 5 fl-fzf :Y .xg -- V. ,,. 1. PREFACE. T is right that succeeding magnates should pay gracious hom- ' ' age to their predecessors. It is right that '9o's editors should emulate our labor and its ends. If it were within the remotest range of possibilities we would make humble courtesy to the edit- ors of last year's college book. But since their lamentable vacuity of intellect has been so vividly portrayed to us, we must, perforce, revert to other ages, and we do. It is the figure of the classic Rumor which shall bear our l'I'lCSSZtgCS,- A monstrous phantom, horrible and vast. As many plumes as raise her lofty flight So many piercing eyes enlarge her sight. Millions of opening mouths to Fame belong And every mouth is furnished with a tongue. She spreads through trembling crowds, disastrous news. Things done relatesg not done, she feigns, and mingles truth with lies. Talk is her businessg and her chief delight To tell of prodigies and cause affrightf' Perhaps our bold speech shall react and cause the monster's evil presence to wreak its rage on us. But be that as it will. Humanity has tempered the wrath of Fame, and our pfzmzes have withheld much that our eyes have rested on in sorrow. Our opening mouths have closed with kindly speechlessness and our tongues have ceased. If we disturb the peace of mind of any, let that one regard himself, see whether of him the monstrous phantom has said truth or lie. Talk was our business, and prodigies we've told. The pure and right need never fam' Fame's vengeance 5 and it is with the hope that no one, even censurable, has felt her blasting breath more hotly than he can bear, that we say to the product of our labor, Go forth, OLIO, into the world. A MIIERST COLLEGE OLIO. THE CORPORATION. REV. JULIUS H. SEELYE, D.D., LL.D., 1're.rz'1!'eu!. Rev. EDWARD S. DWIGHT, D.D., of Hadley. NATHAN ALLEN, M.D., LL.D., of Lowell. Hon. EDWARD B. GILLETT, of Westtield. RICHARD S. STORRS, D.D., LL.D., of Brooklyn, N. IEDMUND K. ALDEN, D.D., of Boston. Rev. Rev. Hon. JOHN E. SANFORD, of Taunton. Rev. WILLIAM S. KARR, D.D., of Hartford, Conn. HENIIY D. HYIJE, Esq., of Boston. Rev. JAMES D. WILSON, D.D., of New York City. Hon. JOHN S. BRAYTON, of Fall River. GEORGE HOWLAND, M.A., of Chicago, Ill. FRANCIS A. WALKER, LL.D., of Boston. THOMAS H. MCGIQANV, M.A., of Poughkeepsie, N. Y. G. HENIKX' WHITCOMII, M.A., of Worcester. EDWARD A. STRONG, M.A., of Boston. Rev. E. WINCHESTER DONALD, D.D., of New York City. Rev. EDWARD S. DWIGHT, D.D., .5'ecremry. WILLIAM A. DICKINSON, lisq., 1l'n'arurer. OVERSEERS OF THE CHARITABLE FUND. Rev. ROWLAND AYRES, D.D., of Hadley. Rev. JOHN M. GREENE, D.D., of Lowell. M. FAYETTE DICKINSON, Jr., Iisq., of Boston. Professor WILLIAM B. GRAVES, of Andover. JOHN C. HAMMOND, ESQ., of Northampton. Rev. ROIIERT M. WOODS, of Hatfield. Mr. LEWIS W. WEST, of Hadley. WILLIAM A. DICKINSON, Esq., COIlIllll..1'.l'I'0llL'7'. Y AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. THE FACULTY.i REV. JULIUS H. SEELYE, D.D., LL.D., PRESllJliN'1','l' '49, 1lA'Gl'tI7U Pr:-W.v.ror qflM'11ft1! and zlforal 1'h17o.r1yrhy, mm' 1'a.t-mr ty' Mc Cullqgfa L'hl1rfh. Like Cato, gives his little senate laws. REV. WILLIAM S. TYLER, D.D.,LL.D., '30, lV17l1lvlo1z I'1'fy2-.r.vo1' qf Mc G7't'L'k Ll7lQQ'llfItQ7.' mm' LllfL'l't7fll1'L'. My age is ns a lusty winter, lfrosty, but kindly. EDWARD P. CROWELL, D.D., '53, fllonrc 1,1'IyI'.Y.S'0I' if Mc Ltrlffz Ltlllxfllllgl' mm' Ll.fL'I'47fll1'L', amz' Dmu qf me limllfaf. Gently to henry kindly to judge. EDWARD HITCHCOCK, M.A., M.D., '49, 1'rqA,-.tnwr qf Iftjqvlvlc am! l'Q1'.tv'm! !fa'ln'an'n11. Drummer, strike np, and let ns march away. WILLIAM L. MONTAGUE, M.A., '55, l'1vyQ'.v.vw' :gf l'3't'1lM, llalllm, mm' tsyllllllilw. My language, heavens! I am the best of them that speak this speech, Were I only where 't is spokenf, RICHARD H. MATHER, D.D., '55, 1J1'Iyl.'J'.S'Ul' fy' G1'uM', nm! Lcrllrrcr on Srllljrllnw. Conspienons by his absence. WILLIAM C. ESTY, M.A., '60, IWMW' l'r1yi'.v.tw1' ry' .'IAIfAL'IlllIflI.'.i', amz' A.rfrauom,t'. The wisest man is generally he who thinks himself thc least snf ELIIAH P. HARRIS, PH.D., '55, I '1'1g,6.'.v.vo1' if Chczuzirbjf. Full well they laughed, with conntcrfeited glee, At all his jokes, for many a joke had he. ' Arranged, with the exception of the President, in thc order of appointment. T On the Ctttrsrmt W. Ctmt-tN endowment. AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. BENJAMIN K. EMERSON, PH.D., '65, Ihlfch cock I'1'qL'.r.ror rf Geolqggf mm' Z 051 qggf. U If Rough quarries, rocks and hills - - It was my hint to speak. REV. H. HUMPHREY NEILL, M.A., '66, m7fIb'f0ll 1Jl'ly2'.l'.S'0I' fy' Rhclarir and lfrgglzlvk Lilvralun'. Whose weighty sense Flows in fit words and eloquence. ANSON D. MORSE, 'M.A., '69, M'7lld'fl.jl 1,l'fw'.Y.Yf7I' rf llllfflllill ami' 1'u!17iml lL'L'0lZ07ll-1'- He is a great observer and he looks quite through the deeds of men. HENRY B. RICHARDSON, M.A., '69, Prqf2'.r.vo1' ry' G'c1'mrm. A new and nobler way thou dost pursue, To make translations and translators too. JOHN M. TYLER, M.A., '73, Slum' Pl'!ff2'.t'.Ylll' If lffblcggyf. This man hath robbed many beasts of their particular additions. CHARLES E. GARMAN, M.A., '72, A.v.rar1?!1'L' 1,I'!ffi.'.l'J'0l' ay' Ilhvzln! ana' Ilford! I 'hi!o.mj1ky. Whatever skeptic could inquire for, He had a why for every wlu:refore. DAVID P. TODD, M.A., '75, l A .r.vaf1?1fv l,l'IhfL'.9'.t'l?f fy' A.rl1'a11muy, mm' D1'1't'cfw' ff Mc 0dJl'l'1'l1f0lj'. Thy modesty 's a caurlle to thy merit. REV. JOHN F. GENUNG, PH.D., Union '70, A.r.mr1'f1lu l'rrW.m'w' rf lt'hrl0a'1'c. A happy soul that all the way To heaven hath n sununer's day. HENRY A. FRINK, PH.D., Hamilton '70, I '1'ry?'.r.rru' fy' jslfgrlk' amz' 01'alr11j'. The best portion of a good mauls life, . His little nameless, uureutembertrd acts of kindness. WILLIAM L. COWLES, M.A., ,78, f1.Y.FUfIlIft' f,7'CZfL'.FJ0l' ry' Latin. U He hath a daily beauty in his life. Rmv. GEORGE S. BURROUGHS, D.D., Princeton '73 Samuel Crum 1,I'lf'.t'.Yl1f lf lx'1'bl1ka! llllrlwjf ami fntcrpreltllivzl, mm' Hzxtoz' fy' the Collzge Chllffh. Au honest man, close-buttonetl to the chin, Broadcloth without, and a warm heart within. AMI-IERST COLLEGE OLIO. MARSHALL HENSHAW, D.D., LL.D., '45, LC'L'flH'L'l' an lvizllmrl 1'h17ax0jbhy. Aman more sinned against than shining. FREDERICK A. BANCROFT, PH.D., '82, Lcrflnw' an AIl1L'1'lQ'llll llllvlwjf. LEVI H. ELWELL, M.A., '75, l11.rfrm'lnr in Gfwk amz' .SiIllJ'A'l'l'f. G. GILBERT POND, M.A., '81, lu.r!rm'l0r in ChL'llllIVfIj'. HIRAM I-I. SEELYE, M.A., M.D., '79, lu.rfr11rlw' in l'hy.virnl l:'a'1rml1'f111. E. LINCOLN WOOD, M.A., '84, lllxfrmrlua' in Lnlffl. CHARLES A. TUTTLE, Pl-LD., '83, fll.ff7'lIt'f01' in l'v!171'ca! l2'f0ll0lIIj', aim' fllfL'1'NlIfl'0lllI! Law. WILLIAM SEELYE, M.A., '79, lll.I'fl'lll'flU' in G'1'cul'. JOSEPH O. THOMPSON, M.A., '84, l1'?rl'K'ur ln.r!1'm'!w' in fMrMw1ml1k.f, aim' .S'crn'!r11jf ry' Mc Kiraly WALTER F. WILLCOX, LL.B., '84, lm-l1'11fl01' in Ph17a.r0j1hy. EDWARD B. MARSH, M.A., '76, A'qg'livl1'r11'. This is the most unkindcst cut of nil. TI-IE LIBRARY. WILLIAM I. FLETCHER, M.A. Oli: L1'lu'1z1'1im. In his duty prompt to every call. EDWARD DICKINSON, A.r.v11rIanf L1'6m1'121l1. IO AMIIERST COLLEGE OLIO. TI-IE FACULTY. What the great do, thc loss will prattlc of. AVA HE OLIO wishes to pay its respects to the Faculty as a whole, because its respectable members form a numerical 'ft majority. We cannot suppose the Faculty to have called on THE OLIO, because the Faculty does n't know till afterwards who THE OL1o is! But Tins OL1o knows the Faculty, root and branch, inside and out, intellectually, spiritually, and politically. About' the political Faculty we have somewhat to say. The essential power which the body uses as a body is policy. VVhen delinquents are to be spurred up to begin a new year squarely, the policy of the Faculty shines forth in all its honorable brightness. But when the Faculty fails, for evidently selfish reasons, to warn incoming classes that they will have to be gentlemen or be tired, the policy of the Faculty presents a sneaking, detestable phase of meanness. And this is not the first time that students have pleaded for a fair statement in the catalogue, that membership of Amherst College depends not less on a refusal to engage in cane-rushes than on satisfactory attainments in the field of intellect. Faculty, if you must have a policy, let that be the honest treatment of your students. We had not wished to specialize complaint against either men or actions 5 but when we see the remains of the specimen Eighty- Eight nearly annihilated in their Latin room, sitting in pseudo- state over the same class in Philosophyg when we have to counsel Ninety that their Greek man has his father's talent for circumnavi- gation without his brains, when we see in whiskers and spectacles AMIIERST COLLEGE OLIO. XI and smile and affectation and conceit, that semblance of man in the Freshman Latin roomg we, staid, just and conservative OLIO Board, rise together and demand a change. Not all the spirits of our Amherst Faculty are lacking a deep sense of generous pleasure in the interests of the boys. Here and there an old heart grows tender somewhat towards the younger onesg and signs of kindly sympathy glow brightly in them both. And though from some of them we can only look for mental frictions, and the gain that comes to the diamond by its lossg from others we receivea measure of the stature of their perfect man- hood. These, and they are not few, we thank most gratefully. C AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. THE CGLLEGE SENATE. Pre.vz?z'z'ng Ojicer: THE PREsIDEN'I' OF THE COLLEGE. smvloles-CLASS OF EIGHT?-E'10111'. JAMES EWING, SHATTUCK O. HAIITXVELL, FRANK L. GARFIELD, CLIFTON L. SHERMAN. JUIVIORS-CLASS OF EIGIITI'-NINE. GEORGE B. CHURCHILL, THOMAS S. COREY, HENRY N. DICKINSON. so1'110M01eEs-cL.4.s's 01-' NINE TI: TRYON G. DUNI-IAM, CHARLES R. FAY. 1f1e1:.s'111111f,v-CLAss OF NINE TV-01Vl:'. FREDERICK H. HITCI-Icoclc. RESIDENT GRADUATES. In Chemz'slry.- EDWIN B. WOODIN, B.A. 0885.5 In Mathez1zatz'rs.- WILLIAM H. HALLOCK, B.A. 0884.5 f f17?2. X'f!' 2 W Q J Ti? 1 wx , h C g ylWlI0l:f f . ..- Q5 Z kb X mlm A fx Lyn 7 -- J b wxsax 'lr M' 2 ' A ,A M, , xg 1, fd K 1313 XA, Xfnfisk S? 3 1 I4 AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. EIGHTY-EIGHT. YELL. Karoi-Karol ! Ka-Rak-Kak-Koi ! Ka-Rak-Ka-Rak-'88. UMMER is passed and vacation is ended. Eighty- ., Eight and li. Lincoln Wood are still here. The pres- ence of the latter admits of no scientific explanation. ffl, Of the former is our theme. As a class we are ex- .5 J ceedingly precocious. Indeed, our failure to graduate last June was a great surprise to the most of us. Not so, it seems, to the Faculty. On careful examination James Gilbert Riggs and J. Romeyn Danforth, Jr., were alone found to have attained that angelic state of depraved docility produced by a con- tinuous diet of Presidential pap. It was recommended that they go up higher, but the sanctimonious calm that broods over their faces still abides, our common heritage and passing benecliction. Once more, then, does this class appear before you. Its advent to the senior year has been marked by few changes. To be sure the old white derb suddenly disappeared-that derb that like a clarion of war for a decade inspired in Freshman fearful expecta- tion and in Sophomore dire alarm, but that strange event that marks the most brilliant epoch in the history of scientific discov- ery is perfectly simple, and probably has no connection with Eighty-Eight. There were some minor changes, but mostly in our general topography. Old members left usg new men came, Corn- well's bristling mcwzmr dc frz'.s'c shrank to civilized proportions, Apthorp's pilosity advanced twenty per cent. at the consciousness of its own seniority, and now esthetic, downy softness vies with rosy, AMIIERST COLLEGE OLIO. I5 childish glee. Then, too, I must not fail to chronicle the strange silence of the Shutesbury divine and Knight of Pelham. It is even whispered that owing to certain irregularities his priestly mantle has fallen upon the shoulders of the gifted Kebbe. Still, despite these minor changes, Eighty-Eight as a class,- such is the united testimony of Morgan, Swampy, and Doc Ar- nold,-as a class we are essentially unchanged. Waldo still sports the same demoniac grin. Richard's slippery tongue as ever wags in crooked ways, Wilky's legs ditto. Bispham ! alas! who has not heard that far resounding blat, and asked, Has God's sanctuary become a barn for Bashan's bulls ? Bispham is the same irrepress- ible. Not to tire you longer with the monotony of this picture, let us turn and contemplate a fairer and more progressive one. It is the work of Eighty-l5ight's artistic genius, the same that strove with patriotic zeal to emblazon her achievements on the granite rock of the library steps. Alas! how sad a spectacle was that! Greatness unappreciated, and its pathetic cry for an immortal name smoth- ered in benzine and soft soap. Less ethereal but far more realistic is the scene I now present to you. It is the historic Mo1'gan trial painted in what remained of our prize lemonade. This lemonade was first thinned to the proper consistency by an infusion of mouth gas manufactured by Ripley for the express purpose. In the foreground of this picture are Eighty-Eight's illustrious sons, B--n, P-r T1y, and Gi-n. S-s is represented standing in an heroic attitude be- fore his accusers. It is the great recantation scene, and below are the words, And yet she moves. This is supposed to be quoted from Plato, with special reference to the New London Northern railroad. The piece is ideal in its realism. B-n's face is deli- ance itself, T--y's bland countenance as though conscious of the great honor he is conferring upon his fellow-classmen. The benign countenance of the Doctor, too, shows no trace of the college officer sent to report upon the gentlemanly character of the testimony. As one looks closer at the group there comes over him a vague sense of something lacking to complete the picture. This arises no doubt from the absence of J--n. I6 AMHIERST COLLEGE OLIO. But perhaps we are boring you other classmen by dwelling on a scene so peculiarly our own. Loath are we to leave this topic, for our achievement in art is the last bright scintillation of expiring genius. Yes, we are getting well along now. In revery we return to its earlier years, reviewing each familiar scene. How fresh we were when as babes we sucked the milk of the contract, in loco j1arc1zfz's.f I-low bold, when in a burst of filial repentance we gave the President our first cane Qin loco Eighty-Sevenj. We are a progressive class, a real case of Darwinian develop- ment. As Sophomores we reached the monkey stage, and a smarter class never greased the seats they left behind them. We stand well up the ladder of fame. Before us the prospect is brilliantg behind we leave the record of a spirit unchecked, a courage undaunted, and a career unsurpassed. - Tzyjfy. wx 18 AMHERST COLLEGE o1.1o. THE SENIOR CLASS. OFFICERS. L. li. GOODRICII, - - l7RESlIJlCN'l'. G. TENNEV, - - ' V101-:-Pn1as1111cN'r. lf L. GAn1fm1.o, 11. 1,. w11,K1NsoN, 1.. 111. Ju1isoN, NAME. Herman Vanclenhurgh Ames, A T William I-lcnry Harrison Andrews, Leonard Foster Apthorp, X 'P llarmon Austin, Jr., A Ad' Asa George Baker, 9 A X Albert Sprague Bard, X tl' Ralph Wilbur Bartlett, O A X Clarence Wyatt Bispham, 'I' Y Charles Lincoln Bliss, A A ll' John Summerfield llrayton, Jr., X tl' William Lewis llrcwster, A A il' Charles Albert llrick, 9 A X Samuel Cony Brooks, al' T I1'ving Arthur liurnap, 0 A X Fred Leslie Chapman, WPT William llradford Child, Sidney Avery Clark, X fb William Paine Clarke, Zelotes XVood Coombs, A A111 George I-Iirani Corey, George Cornwell, 0 A X James Romcyn Danforth, Jr., William Elliott Davidson, X111 Arthur Vining Davis, 'PT Charles Henry Edwards, X fb James Ewing, A T James Alexander Fairley, A K E RES! UKNCH. 7w0lI1fJ0ll, Conn., Glam'e.rlc1', 1M1.v.v., lfaslau, lllnm. , lMIf7'Ell, Oh 121, .S7Srif1gy6ela', llhzxx., IV0l'7UI'Eh, C amz. , Norlh lfraolfcld, Xlhlsx., New Yuri' C'I?'j', C'!7ll.YfIIllfl-ll0f7Il', 7i1f'l'q1', M111 l1'lE'f1'r, flhmv., ln'1'1i'K' Chnvh, A1 j., .fI14gf11.vh1, Ak., .fl14q'11.vm, Ah., l'W4WhlNjg', llAl.l'.Y., lflgfin, Ill., flmhwarl, flhlm , A'?1rlM1wfrloll, ALI.f.f., .SiIlIl0A'07'L', B1llg'7l1'IlI, lMv'n'.vlur, Xlhrm., fllrG'ra'z1vz1lZ!1', Ai YY, ldirklmuu, JVY K, l'h1'111a'cMh1i1, l'm11., lllzll, lawn, llvrfc Hzrk, IMA-.r., Amhnxrt, Zlh.r.r., 1'1'lfxb1n-gk, Penn., Amhzrxl, Mass., S1ecn1:'1'1x RY. l'1ucAsu1ucn. H 1s'rok11x N. ROOM. A 'Y llonsc Mrs. Morse's Mrs. L. Ii. Redding's Mrs. I-loughton's 9 A X Rooms X NI' Lodge n 9 A X Rooms - al' T I-Iouse Mrs. G. C. Mnnsell's X il' Lodge A A fl' Ilousc 0 A X Rooms tl' 'I' llouse 0 A X Rooms APT llonse Rev. Mr. Child's Mr. llolJlJs's 27 North College A A 11' House Mr. llillings's Mrs. L. li. Redcling's Mr. IIamlin's X fl' House 'lf 'Y' House Mr. lidwards's AT House Mrs. Fairley's AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. 19 NAME. Frank Lewis Garfield, 9 A X Lincoln Baker Goodrich, A K E William David Goodwin, A K E William Bates Greenough, X 'If Shattuck Osgood Hartwell, Nl' 'Y' Robert Worthington Hastings, A A fl' Arthur Marston Heard, 0 A X Eleazer Osborn Hopkins, 0 A X Augustus Seymour Houghton, Clarence Sherrill Houghton, X tl' Ellery Channing Huntington, A A Frederic Smith Hyde, George Merriam Hyde, A A df Albert Henry Jackson, Fred Bryce jewett, Lucius Ethan Judson, jr., B O TI David Lyman Rebbe, Wallace Minot Leonard, 9 A X Louis VVatson McLennan, tl' 'Y Edward Lester Marsh, 0 A X William Dwight Marsh, Charles Ward Marshall, John Hamilton Miller, A A dl Warren Joseph Moulton, G AX William Bradbury Noyes, A T John Elliott Oldham, XID Arthur Decatur Osborne, XG' Marion Maynard Palmer, Allen Woodbury Parsons, A K E William Foster Peirce, Willson Hamilton Perine, A 'I' Paul Chrysostom Phillips, O A X Arthur I-Ienry Pierce, A K E William Morton Prest, A K E Frank Ellsworth Ramsdell, X ll' Leonard Burbank Richards, X 1D James Gilbert Riggs, O AX Albert Bradford Ripley, X ll' John Belcher Rogers, Robert Harvey Sessions, A A Il' George Newton Seymour, X fl' Clifton Lucien Sherman, AT Walter Fisher Skeele, A A 111 john Edwin Smith, B O II Willard Payson Smith, B 0 H Arthur French Stearns, al' T George Palmer Steele, B 9 U RHSIDIENCE. l:'1z.v!jgHi'q1f, A12 ll., Salem, AmI.t'.t'., .Sbufh If!f?m1r'.rfm'h, Guzzi., lflfl'.rlf1l'!1f, zlhmv.. Lllfffffllll, IMA-.r., lMIl'fL'Il, 1lla.v.f., tl'ul1'c LS'!l7llIi'1UI.L'h, Ai ll., I'rm11'lm'lozu1l, XMIM., A mhwzvt, flhm., zllwnnonth lm'cach, Al j-. A mhu1'.w', Il771.v,v. , Lyme, Crum., tfhinqgfa, Ill., Mf77llll'lLg fUll, Del., lm'al!.vlo1l Sym, A'. l ., ll1fm'.rz'1'l!e, Ohio, llolllirlmz, AAI-l'-l'-, fvlrzutrm Ccnfrlf, flhmr., .S?1!1'1lc7u'l!z', Ohio, Lt?I2t'.tfdl', Ilhzm., Amhwzrf, flhzrr., lfaclylorl, llhmt., C0'Z!l'Mgf0ll, lxjf., f,wL'llfI'L' LSlIl1ll'7Ull'0, AY ll., .'lln1zlr!air, AC f , PVcl!c.r!q1f 1l1YLr, llhmv., A'cc'm', AC ll, llohart, M K, kizlalznizrw, 1l17fh ., 5777'I'14Q'ffL'ftl', .fM1.v.r., C.'amc1'm1, zllo., Abrfh L'hclf11.y7u'a', XM1.v.f I lf2'.vlhw'a14qh, Ilhmv., U.X'0l'l.lfQ?.', fIA1.v.v.. lfrnrhfulz, flhrm'-. Sli111gfiv1'1I', Af. V-, Df,.rh'1', AC V., JWTU Mvrh Ciqr, A 1M11jy.r1u7h', Cal., Chl2'1Qg'U, Ill., flIL'I'fIllt'll, Calm., l1'rnlf!vh01'n14g'h , 1'7.. .4f4gf11.rm, file., Il'2rn:c.rla'1', flh7A'.t'.. f1Ill1h'l'I'h?, Af. li, A mhvrrf, Ilhm., I ,17I'IIL'.V'Z!1Z1t', Ohio, Nfltlhl. Mrs. I.. IC. Reclding's. Rev. llr. Wright's. Rev. Mr. lilllglllllllli. X fl' House. tl' T l louse. judge 'llllOlllilS,S. 0 A X Rooms. U A X Rooms. Mrs. lIoughton's. X tl' Lodge. Mrs. lluntiuglon's. ltrof. Rieh:u'clson's. 3 llunt llloek. Mrs. tlage's. Mr. l'hillips's. li 0 Il llousc. IS South College. 0 AX Rooms. Il Williams liloek. 0 A X Rooms. Rev. 'IJr. Marsh's. Mrs. Morse's. Mrs. lloughton's. 0 A X Rooms. A T House. Xtlf House. Mr. Hamlin's. Mrs. Dr. Slralton's. A K Ill House. Mrs. CT. li. 'llll0lll1lS,S. AT House. Gymnasium, A K I'l House. A K E House. X 'll House. X ll' House. 0 A X Rooms. Mr. Hobbs's. Mr. llartlett's. A A tl' House. X 11' House. A T House. Mr. l5dwards's. H011 House. B 0 H House. tl' T House. I3 0 Ifl House. 20 AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. NAME. Charles Sullivan, George Sanborn Tenney, X if Garret William Thompson, 'PT Edward Breck Vaill, Xi' Clyde Weber Votaw, lidward Hardenbergh Waldo, Samuel Dexter Warriner, A T Elbridgc Cutler Whiting, A T Charles Barrows Wilbar, B G Il Henry Lawrence Wilkinson, X 'l' Herbert Pekin VVoodin, B 0 II John Dutton XVright, A K E RESIDENCE. Slerlirggq Coma., Methizezz, llhrs., Masozz CID, Ill., liomnl' Drank, .M f, Gwmm, Ohio, Amhw-rl, XMIM., lVlaulr0.rv, Palm., lhlllixfwl, XMIM., Yilflllltill, film-.v., I'1'o'zf1'r1'f.'1m', lf. l., lrbo-Chow, Ckllllrl, ,fl zflhulart, Ilhrr., Room. II Williams Block X il' Lodge NPT House X 'Y Lodge Muzzy House Rcv. llr. Waldo's A 'Y House 22 South College B 0 ll Ilouse X NP Lodge Mrs. Woodin's Rcv. llr. Wright's PURSUING A SPECIAL OR A PARTIAL CCURSE. NAME. Horace William Dickerman, 'I' T Harold Lee Jacobs, B 6 H Wallace Rollin Montague, Charles Beebe Raymond, B 9 Il if' l ffzf' ffl l ,,f- ruzsmrmcn. Chirago, Ili., flkrafl, Ohio, La Cv'or,rv, lVi.v., .4 krou, Ohio, ROHM. sl' T House. li 0 l'l llousc. Mr. limos llaker's. B 0 ll llouse. I lmmmimm 542411 ya ll Ex- a' QW.: I .LAM I :fb ff M my J iff-LW!! f , I ,W iw! 4 fr J -Tw 59 ii ry 1 l -1f?2f-La X4 E 'Wai av-n ', J f 1211 ,Z 1 ff 'fr ff V, 1 '11 A..:r:.'!!' --4- ., ., ,iff f 1 '4 ....-.':.- - 'ig' Y fl' , , 1, ' - 4-.- - -- ,, , Lyn 'nf' A - --Y ,. ...Tl ,, .'-me-ff , 1,4 ramp r, 5:7 1 ,' ffmAg''1l.g1'fgf5,'g'g.,.r':.Q,3::!r5wp,gggr,!.,',. 1 gf I 1 'HL' QV -I -,-LA. ,LLHIA .ln..nJ5 f 7,-H ' if f' 12:13,1,-,,gfe,-..,7.m-m,1m1f5f5f,'y3ff-pfzj22qE1'f57?',116225,531,133 lf- 'yn K 4' i ir1'Ef?'i.Jka'lii3QBi?1aee31-ae!1 e'r1lf--T' -- fzffzmzf 7' - M -1- ly' ' ,, - ,..T1f,, ,1 i-'f, gn:ml:ggf':'l'r-TF: '::::'f.fy 771' W4 yiffmi 3 'QQQQ1-,il!i9fUfEl3g1'l 'kt -iz1u:'?ji11'il..J'2 l1'1u1-Wa., I . pw, l- ----wi , ...Lx ..,--,V - -Y M mzfvg . l 'Q ' A 44? 41 ,. I 1 .I A ' V ' W 11-rw, .B , .I I 'I' 9- srzrfgffi 'X' ' - r -'Ll . 'Q' , . ,A P .-.iff-'- 3 .. an ,M ,I Q:-f-' y, Q-f'?r1!fi':'A-13753-.11 +.4,C1L-,3f1':'i,af: -QL' ,K ,Nl 433i-fa' If f ly., 'u f:f,f1-ff .A . S .. ,,,- .--, 91 11 - 1 ' 7 'J' yL1?,f'j', '.11.x'l1, l .li,.!!1,',5 nf: ..1i i'- - -' 'ii '71, , I .... ,- 4-J .- i-, 45 1.-,I f , ,.: 'V , 1 ff - :Jafar f ,' Q- wx' Q ,, , A17.133.,:E5:i'Fl ' if ,. I 4 1' E af,-,,f lla' 0 j':'f'1',,v-V,-,.-. - , 4- 13- V-nzwzeea 441- . ' nj Af:.3...--- , - - - f- 1, .Q .-.., , .-n-w . ,N..-...4.,' ,, W - .iff-1 ,,,.:-'W-4393-'I f --A-ze ,ziggy-1: --M 159 AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. 2I EIGI-ITY-NINE. YELL. Hi-Yi-Hi-Yi l Wah-Hoo-Wah ! Hi-Yi-Hi-Yi l Ra-Ra-Ra! Hi-Yi-Hi-Yi-'89 l X NES, boys, we are getting old, that is, we are getting i old in college days,-junior year,--plug hats, seats Qu all . - M11-'Q ,f,54g5g in the body of the church. Yes, we certainly are getting along in our course. It does n't seem pos- 'ff,,jjj5g, he sible that it is now two years and some months L- we 'n ffrf e 1 X' ' ' since we first appeared on the Amherst horizon. Oh, I do really suppose we were as green as the majority of Freshman classes. Pretty fresh some of us, too. But that is all past and gone now. As we stand up in church who would suppose we were ever fresh and green? As we sit here talking over old days to-night, someway CI don't know how it is with the rest of youj, it sets me thinking of that first parting and breaking away from the old home. As hard as we may try now we will never get as close to the spirit of that place as we were then. How ambitious we all were! And those good old folks-father and mother-how doubly ambitious they were for all of us ! They each thought their own boy invinci- ble, as he went forth into the rough-and-ready, give-and-take strug- gle of college life. God bless them all! Some of their faces we shall never see again. A good many of their ambitions for us are now more or less wasted. All I can say is, each one of us ought to try and make up some of the lost time in these last two years, if we can, if only for their sakes. Well-after that first break of old 22 AMI-IERST coLr.1sGii 01.10. habits came the falling into place for each one of us in a new sphere. Pretty hard falling, too! I don't think I ever felt so conscious, as when we all stood up for that first hymn in the first chapel of our college course. Didn't we wonder at and admire that well-worn address to which so many classes have listened? You remember that one, boys, where Prexie says, As the philosopher, Plato, so aptly puts it. Then right on top of that came our first rushes. Lots of fun in 'em. Of course the Sophomores won, but we felt as if we had gained glory when the upper classmen said, Pretty good for Freshmen. But after that the year went quickly, and soon Commencement was on us. Don't you all remember that Freshman celebration, and how we watched night after night to keep '88 from putting any posters up on us ? And say-don't you remember how we caught that Bob Sessions-don't you remember him ?--red-headed boy ?-loafirig under the windows of lVIorgan's house while we were all up stairs? I-Iow cloyed he did look! I don't blame him for looking so. Pretty small business fora Sopho- more-hanging around under windows at one o'clock in the morn- ing. But the posters did not come out, and we went home happy for the long vacation. Sophomore year opened with some old faces gone. Wood- chuck and pa had disagreed, and the result was Chuck went into business. Kennie 'I took to the road, and little Guer- ney was sick. He studied too hard, I guess. There don't any of you fellows around here look as if you suffered in that way. Fall term went off nicely. Winter came on--and with it the prince of crazy men, old Derwall. How he used to walk up and down behind that old counter of his, and cuss that class. Remember the day he told Ike Allen the summer was done and the harvest ended? The only thing that struck Ike was telling the old man there were seventy-five states of aggregation. Hard luck on the kid, too. A third ofthe class would have answered the same thing. Oh, in our time one did not have to know any chemistry to get through-only cheer and laugh at the right place. just after the summer is done and the harvest ended we began to live. Existence of winter term gave place to the life of spring. There is no -place like Amherst in the spring, and, taking into account the H AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. 23 way our kind Faculty arrange the optionals, life is then well worth living. This term was really remarkable in one way,-our 'Varsity won six games. It seemed mighty queer to come up from Blake Field without having been defeated. The class supper made a fit- ting close for the term. Supper was fine and the toasts better. After that we all dispersed for rest, recreation, and refreshment for the toils of-Iunior year. And now we are in the midst of those toils. Not particularly hard, are they? .Iohnnie,Wright and old I-Ienshaft seem to make an elegant pair,-but we don't work for them. They are not handsome enough for us Qespecially Wrightj. So, as the book-keepers say, the Ledger is posted up to date. Doubtless the Amherst tradesmen are wishing their ledgers were posted up, too. But they aren't. Chances pretty slim! What? you fellows going? Hold on a minute, and Illl go up as far as Frank's with you. Good night there. ff ksmhl I 1642, ,gh-,f,.,f1f ,- Q X' x 1,- XRJ xr 'I vxgykf X 'rf QvA,fNWh,f'2-Xgvxx ,. w -Q di igW, KW cj gi Rf nf .vw 1 f 2 ' fiifglj X f rfb ,7 , ' W V fi Lf L AMHERST COLLEGE OLXO. 25 THE JUNIOR CLASS. OFFICERS. F. J. E. WOOIJBRIIJGP., - - - Plucsml-:N'r. 15. C. CAMP, - - Vlcl-2-Pmcsln1':N'1'. P. H. WILSON, - SECRl'2'l'ARY. C. D. PHEIQPS, - 'l'k1cAsU1u-211. G. B. CHURCIIILI., - iilS'l'0RlAN. NAME. RHSIDIENCIE. ROQM, Glenn Sevienne Allen, A A Ili Aizlafmzzno, illlkh., A A lb House Edward Allen Appleton, 'I' 'I' Sfflllfgfffllf, llhux., APT House George Lyman Baldwin, X Nl' Richard Belcher, A K IC Harry Clifford Bemis, X WP Willard Dell Bigelow, William Pingry Bigelow, X 111 Henry Hall Bosworth, Harrison Hitchcock lirowu, lddward Michael Callahan, john Robert Callahan, lidward Chapin Camp, 0 A X . Ernest Goodell Carleton, A K IG james Leon Chamberlain, 9 A X ,lames Chambers, Jr., ll 0 ll William listabrook Chancellor, A A ll' George Bosworth Churchill, X fl' William Edwin Clarke, -Ir., A T Alphcus Sherwin Cody, llenry Arnold Cooke, li O ll. john Nelson Coolidge, I3 O ll Elmer Humphrey Copeland, A T Thomas Starr Corey, James Kennedy Corss, A K E Robert Warner Crowell, A A X Robert Ilolmes Cushman, B 9 Il XVilliam Horace Day, A K E L1't:hj7cl1z', Canal., .'lhl1j'.f'Ifillc, Cal., lVorcc.rlur, !Mz.f.v., Geu'fi11w', fk?lIl.l'., flmhwzrr, llhm-.r., .SPl'l'llg'f1.'flf, IlhI.l'.l'., filfllldf, 1M1.v.r., liavwv, llhmv., lhzdlqv, Ilhzxr., .S?57'fl4g'f'r.'1zI', AhIJ'.l'., flmbulfu, India, .Sy77'I'lls'1fL'!Il', lM1.v.v., lJ'7'00A'Zj'lI, Af lf, lVon'c.r!u1', zlhnzv., I V 01'c'U.vfa'1 ', 1iAI.fJ'. , C,'hl'nrqv, Ill., l.'1z11ll.'rh1njf, AL ll., Aiwrfh b'1'00dyi4'frf, flhm-.r., LL'l2'L'.l'fL'l', IlhI.Y.l'., lM'm'f, AC IL, !WcG1'l17vw'M.', Al lf, Llltfl' 1Al7f'L'll, I 'um1., .fl mherxl, lM1.v.v., fllomau, IM1.v.r., Ofiawu, Ill., Mr. Morgan's A K E House. X NP Lodge. Rev. Mr. Lentell's Dr. Bigelow's Mr. Couch's. Rev. Mr. Lentell's I2 South College. I I South College Gymnasium Professor Crowel1's 0 A X Rooms Mr. Morgau's A A kb House X 11' House A T House Rev. Mr. Lentell's B911 House IO Williams Block A 'I' House Mr. liillings's A K E House. Professor Crowell's B 9 H House A K E House 26 AMI-IERST COLLEGE OLIO. NAMII. Louis Derr, A T William Chambers Dickcn, Henry Nash Dickinson, NPT Herburt Sidney Dixon, X fl' Walter Hutchings Dodd, AT Frederick Lincoln Dole, Edward Payson Drown, john M. Eastman, Clarence lfldsall, llerbert Clark Emerson, NY 'I' William Esty, NI' 'Y Thomas Ewing, jr., A T lidward Fairbank, APT Stuart Whitney 1 rench,'l' A A ml' Vernon Phelps Gilbert, Arthur Lee Golder, Walter Vrecland Gray, O A X liruest Lincoln Hamlin, XXI' George Arthur Harlow, XI' T jolm Sawyer Hitchcock, A A111 Robert Dunlap Holt, Charles Sumner Holton, William Raymond Howard, X111 Charles jewett Humphrey, 0 A X Edwin E. jackson, jr., il' T Arthur Curtiss james, A A Lb Stephen Rossiter jones, X 111 Ayskeh Kabayama, QI' T George Aaron Kellogg, Daniel Parker Kimball, A K E George Francis Loomis, Claire Frank Luther, ll G H Robert Andrew McFadden, X flr james Alvin McKibben, jonas Warren Merriam, Thomas Arthur Mighill, A T Forris jewett Moore, X LI' Edgar Henry Parkman, Charles Dickinson Phelps, B 0 II Frank Allen Philbric, AT Charles Wendell Porter, WPT Albert Ward Preston, A K E William Dwight Rich, A K E Vew Sawayamad' William Campbell Sebring, X ll' 'Scientific Course. RESIDENCE. ROOM. Poll.w1'I!e, Penn., A 'Y' House Plkrblnjgrh, fjzlllll., Rev. Mr. Kingman's Granby, 1Mzx.r., if T I-Iouse .Smyrm1, M YZ, l'ar!!r1m1', Orqgmz, .S'he!b1n'm', zllizxr., Alwm, A-'I ll., HfQl01I'7ll7fL', Ai K, Rev. Mr. Lentell's Mr. Hamlin's Mr. R. T. Dickinson's Mr. Rawson's I2 South College Glczlwaaa' .S71rf'14g'.r, Cafa., Mrs. H oughton's lfarloll, Ilhsx., Amhersf, 1M1.v.v., Pillxblzfgfh, I 'u11l1., !1hilIl.'lflI!lg'?Il', lmliu, L'hir'qgfa, Ill., l'l4'sl l:'raaKfcla', 1lA1.v.r., Slrwzg, dh., .fVi:w L0l1II,0ll, Conn., PWl1slc:I', Calm., A 7QQ'll.S'l!I, ilk , .-I mhcrrl, 1lL:.s:r., Lowell, Zllasx., Ewrcll, Illaxr., lJ4'evfc!zz', lM1.r.r., lrlzribrzull, Zllifm., ll'l,1IgWtl7Ilf0ll, Aff K, Afifw York City, Bracklon, !M1.v.r., 721140, jawn, Vwvzoll, Conn., Avlzhcrrl, Mzs.r., fAU'lIlL'l1'Ul7fl', Mr.v.l'., lJzZl'7lr.'.l'Zll'ffL', Ohio, il' 'I' House Professor Esty's A 'I' House NI' T llouse A A fb House. Rev. M1'. Kingman's 23 North College GJ A X Rooms Mr. l'arker's tl' T House , Dr. lIilchcock's Mrs. C. B.'1'homas's Mrs. Holton's Dr. Bigelow's Mrs. Kimball's NI' 'I' House Mrs. Houghton's Mr. Morgan's Mr. I-Iamlin's Miss Green's Mrs. Kimball's Muzzy House 8 South College lhrrrflrhinjgr, l'um1., Professor Richardson's AQu'lwzz11Y!L', liizmx, Pl4z1'e, lM1.r.r., fhzm'1'h1'!!, flhm., .S'1W'ul1z', Calm., Rev. Mr. Lentell's II South College Rev. Mr. Lentell's Mr. Bartlett's Abrlh lhnalyielrf, rMz.v.v., I South College Sullzrfzm, AC IL, Lowell, IM1.v.v., Sain! Louis, lilo., l'211'm1'lqgf!o11, ills., IMIW, flhzsx., AYQJIU, jzfmu, SllIlgZ'7'fIl'.f, M K, B 9 TI House A T House 'I' T House Mr. W. Smith's Mr. StocklJridge's IS South College Rev. Mr. I.entell's . AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. NAME. Allen Dudley Severance, NPT Ernest Emmons Smith, lfranlc Ellsworth Spaulding, 0 A X Charles Falconer Stearns, X Nl' George Draper Storrs, A K E Albert Earle Sumner, Dan Talmage, Stephen Livingston Taylor, Nl' T Eugene Thayer, A T Daniel Varncy Thompson, A K E Arthur Truslow, X Alf Franklin Elliott Tuttle, 0 A X Ralph llolberlon Wadhams, A A ll' john -lairus Walker, 0 A X jesse Mather Watkins, A K E Royal Phillips Watkins, X ll' liverelt Alonzo White, 150 Il Robert Rombont White, 0 A X Charles john Wier, A K E George Warren Wilder, X elf Henry Howard Willcox, APY Peter Howard Wilson, A A fl, 27 R BSI DK N C ll. C lcv:-lami, Oh io, Union, AL K, G1'0f0ll, 1M1.r.s'. , l'o'zul1u'K'vl, lr. I., llflzre, Ilkm., llfoll, IV. Y., lfrookgw, N. lf, lromr-, 1M V , Yllrner, fllv., fflfgfllifll, Alu., lfrooklwz, Aff K, flrlrffnjf, 11AlA'.l'., I lf1'M'c.x'61z1'1'c, Ik-1111., A lllhL'I'.t'f, 1'lAI.l'.l'. , .'1,brIll,1', A2 Y., G1l1'rl'llc1', lllrlm' , l,t'l2'L'.l'f1.'l', llh7.r.r., y0l'A'l07UII, N l L0'wf,'ff, ALl.l'.l'., LMv'a'.vlw', llhmr., .lhlf!I,t'Il, AAIXI., 1V2 w York Cdy, Frederickjzunes Eugene Woodbridge, A A fl' lrlzlfmmzoo, fllic Herbert Samuel Worthley, Slrong, Ah., Room. Mrs Gage's. Mr. R. T. Dickinson's. 9 A X Rooms. X fl' Lodge. A K E House. Mrs. Gage's. A 'X' House. A K E House. X el' Lodge. Library. Mr. Morgan's. Mrs. Walker's. A K E llouse. X fb House. I0 Williams Block. ., Gymnasium. A K E House. X fl' House. elf 'Y' House. Mrs. Houghton's. h., A A lb House. 23 North College. f PURSUING A SPECIAL OR A PARTIAL COURSE. NAMIC, William August George, Brandon llhodehamel Millikin, B 911 Max Wood Moorhead, X111 RILSIDIQNCIC. ROOM, Spr1'ugyie!n', IM1.v.r., Mrs. Atwo0d's. llamillou, Ohio, B 9 H House. Erie, Penn., Rev. Mr. Lentel 's 'lilo -- -isis if ld ' ' ,Qjrfv --.,,,gg+5- 'e- -..:QQ wll , V - .. .'Ei'fi'f,:f: ', 'f 277 ' ' '17'.2 f' 'er pf. ' Y' . Leash . - MM 'A' if-2 'f Q- Q..-1-'fs p A A-M. 3'.Fefn e1 - X ix,-v,',q..e qf1---' -- '---f -,ffi-3fQ15g5 g? , - 1' f ' A ' '54, M ,..,f Mr. Morgan's. Mrs. Williams's. IN MEMORY or JAMES FRANCIS SHAW April 27, l887 AND OF WILLIE HERBERT TINGLEY July 29, l887 AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. 29 NINETY. YELL. '90-'9o! Hi-Yi-Yi-Yi ! , e, Rah-Rah-Rah-Rah! jd Rah-Boom-Yah ! UQ? HE Ninety historian draws back instinctively and ffji if 7 X a cold 'shiver ala s down his sninal column as he , X l Y , I ffl? yi thinks of the task before him. X ll' 'P N The history of Ninety were best chronicled by a blank page. This would be an exact, concise, and complete record of her lack of achievements 3 but it would be misinterpreted. Many would accuse the historian of remiss- ness, many would misjudge his production as an attempt at humor-ye gods, what a subject for humor! and no one, not being acquainted with our insignificant aggregation would be able to appreciate the aptness of the chronicle. Rightly viewed, no meanest object is insignificant. The historian eagerly grasps at this assertion and prays for a right view, that the result may be a warning against a repetition of Ninety. We came in the autumn of '86. This is said to remind Ninety- One of our superiority, at least as regards years. There were about Seventy of us in round numbers, no one, not even Swampy, ever had the courage to count us exactly. We were at once consigned to the tender ministrations of the Freshman monitor, but his eyes soon gave out in trying to distinguish Weldon from Miss Buck, and S0 he relinquished the honor to a substitute. We signed the Con- tract and, for a time, wisely declined Eighty-Nine's invitation to rush. But in a moment of pride we fell. What a fall was there, my 3O AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. classmates l We were to have our class picture taken, and Brooks, realizing that his personal charms best harmonized with a stick, decided to be taken with a cane. The cane was taken, but Eighty- Nine had no use for Brooks. We made no further attempt at a demonstration until summer term. Our stunted class spirit, having hibernated Linder glass, had somewhat revived, and we resolved to make up for past omissions. We ignored the claims ofthe 'Varsity and centered our energy in a class ball-team. This was successful. On the tar walks of the College, our victory over the Yale Freshmen still remains embla- zoned in white paint-emblem of our innocence, the one bright ray amid the Egyptian blackness of our fate. This, our first and only victory, was celebrated in fitting style, we had a bonfire made for us, also some lemonade. At our invitation a delegation from Eighty-Eight joined in the festivitiesg Cornwell and Garfield took a sample of the mixture for analysis, some others for an emetic. At this recognition from upper classmen we were deeply gratified. We now began to think that we were real Freshmen, and .why should not we have a class-supper as well as the Sophs? The question has not been answereclg but we never had the supper. Being used to fiascos of this kind, we were not in the least chagrined, but, imbued with still greater zeal, turned our attention to Freshman celebration. What a goneness comes over the historian as he thinks of those two words-Freshman celebration ! It is deeply humiliating to think that our class, possessed of many of the brightest lights that have ever shone in the College world, and famous for its enter- prise and unanimity of action, should fail to celebrate its 'advent to Sophomore dignity. Every other class for years has carried out this firmly rooted college custom, which, best of all, had gained the approval of the Faculty. We made clever plans for it, worked hard for it, and then clidn't have it. The fault was surely not oursg we were struggling against Fate and Eighty-Nine. Their ribald posters, desecrating College Hall and the Sabbath, had a marked effect in cooling our enthusiasm. Eighty-Nine was on to usp but we were not all discouraged by the fact. On the evening ofthat fatal Sunday we turned out sixty-eight strong, Cyrus Durgin espe- AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. 31 cially Qqmzul Ez !,0ll'L'lt1'D. The night wore on and we were unable to connect with the celebration, because, we feel in duty bound to State the fact, the Sophs were also out. We sent a gang of men to fly our colors from the chapel tower, and then retired to brace our nerves for a triurnphal entry to floor benches. When morning Came, We marched to chapel in a body. Upward to its storm-beat battlements we cast a glance, complacently expecting to be greeted by our noble colors floating in the fresh June breeze. The breeze was theres but instead of our brown and gold an effigy inscribed to Ninety was doing the Boating. We were surprised but not dum- founded. john Burns, like his historic namesake, rose to the occa- sion, also tothe tower door. He would have pulled down that effigy single-handed, had not that door been locked. He returned flustrated. Putnam volunteered to inflate himself with his natural gas and float up and off with it, but the last stroke of the bell was ringing and we were obliged to hurry to our seats. My pen is unequal to a description of our feelings. All thought of giving Eighty-Nine further opportunity for glory was banished, and we dis- Dersed to our homes and vacation. We are back as Sophomoresg have been here most a whole term and done nothing. NVe don't claim our feat of taking away a Callie from a crowd of tive Freshmen, nor our drawn battle with Ninety-One, as achievements. The best thing in our whole history that we have to record is the silence we are keeping in regard to ourselves as Freshmen. VVe aren't saying a word. No liction, no fame, shall emblazon our name: All we ask, all we wish, is a tear. ,ff X , xx A, M Q fi .4 . , v 214+-Ea , . W,1., .m-4: . gUg,qg4,A, ,ff f , f vw:-:aa?Q'.x .- Z ,'?N ' .,' . , , '.vf,'A f ' , -- .,q- 1,g,?,93-.1 Gy :ww V' -f .K x J X- -V 44 1 1- V vm v Lf -'V ' , -- gifi f,ffx- S1v '- ,. NM! ,. ' , ff 14 ff - f ,.,f-:Jw , W3 1 ,. ' V' Y, , .ff 'ax-1Z'7L,'Gfh ir-P 2' ' fx A- f, ,bf f 4 .-. 1. : '- ,Jug - 'ap 5' 1- . - ,.-' W 4 ,, ,nj 1 55.0-.3 g,35RWglQ,,Q5pg5Q' ygx V K, ,. 47 ,jf ,fn 4 12- ,5 fm.. , X, , f , ,lf ,f ,-', ,ff 4, A, ' ,gy ,1 ff ff 14, I U, f - ff A3497 ,f-3, QV,-wxiy , 6,1 , ' -i' ff-f f Q,,f 111, ' , ' I - X Z Ly' x, I , - 7!Z2ff, A ,f ,f AMIIERST COLLEGE OLIO. 33 THE SOPI-IGMORE CLASS. A. is. MACNEILL, E. HUNT, - L. HAYWARD, F. c. SAVLES, JR., A. ls. INGALLS, NAME. Samuel Goddard Austin, AT Frederick Allen Ballon, O A X Walter Reynolds Bartlett, William Nelson Bartlett, 0 A X Edward Steele Boyd, Simon Pomeroy lirooks, Albert Francis liuck, A T Wylie Charles Burns, A K lil NVilliam Bancroft Carpenter, NPT Edwin llurrage Child, John Mantel Clapp, A T George Chandler Coit, al' 'Y Albert Waldo Crockett, 0 A X Ernest Darwin Daniels, 9 A X 10561111 Griswold Deane, YT Frank Alexander Delabarre, A A fb Wilton Elias Dickerman, X fl' Frank Butler Doane, Edwin Duffey, A A qi Cyrus Albert Durgin, Charles Edward Ewing, X fb George Clinton Ewing, X 111 George Henry Ewing, X ill Charles Ralph Fay, X il' Herbert Wright Gates, A A fb Will Oscar Gilbert, X NI' Fosdick Beach Harrison, X Lb zz OFFICERS. - - - PRESIDIQNT. Vxcn-l'n1csml-:N'1'. SIECRIETARY. 'l'1u':AsUiu-in. H 1s'1'o1uAN. mssmnucu. IWIIAIIII, Ai IL, G'rz'clyf4'lrI', fiAI.l'.t'., Ihbfah, Ilhzxx., G1llYfiII'!f, Calm., G'1'al16y, Jihm-.r., .Syf1'1'14g'Wz'!n', flhmi., l'J70lIL'dtl71l, llhuxv., C!vm'la11zl', Ohio, 4'1lIll'0'Z'L'l', 1lAr.r.v., Anim-1-rr, ilhmv., Ormqgfc, M f, Wizlchcxlrr, flhmx., flilflh .4ll!l'0'UL'1' Dcprft, fllasx., f'y'1I71A'fI'Il, fiAI.l'.i'., G'l'UL'ImL'1!f, llhm, C0lI7UlU', IMIJJ., PVhillnjfv171f, Cami., ROOM. A 'I' llousc 0 A X Rooms Mrs. Cooley's 0 A X Rooms Mrs. Coolcy's 28 South College Mr. llamlin's A K lil Ilousc Mr. McCIond's Rev. Mr. Chilml's 9 Hunt Block Mr. Morgan's Mr. Gibbs's 0 A X Rooms Mr. Morgan's A A Ll' llousc Mrs. NVilson's Iladlnjf, Ilhm., llr. Morse's Cwllfffllillll, IVY YC, ' A A fl' I-louse Lowell, Ilhmr., Mrs. M. Redding's Dfm11c'r.v, Ahxx., I'hi!1zn'cMk1l1, 1,C7llI., fJllIlZlL'l'A', Ilhrsx., l'orl!mm', Orqgfau, C'h1'c1zg-v, Ill., Mr. Edwards's Mr. 15dwards's Mr. lidwarcls's Mrs. W'ilson's A All' House llL'.ff7L'l'ltl, Illirh., lft'MfL'd1.'71l, Colm., Rev. Mr. Child's Mrs. Wilson's 34 AMHERST COLLEGE o1.1o. NAME. lirnest Lowell Hayward, B 9 H George Stcadman Holden, B 0 II Matthew Henry Houghton, X al' Giles Wilson Howland, B6 fl lidwin Sumner Hunt, A K E Arthur llurdett lngalls, A K E Sereno 'l'hayer Kimball, NP T lidwnrd Gilbert liing,'l' X ll' George Wilson Kyburg, A All' lfldward Norman Lacey, ll O Il Harry William Lanclfear, O A X james llerbcrt Low, Xtlf .fXrehibald Alexander McGlashan, Allan llenjamin MacNeill, AT Humphrey liverett Moody, A T Andrew llenry Mulnix, AT lidwin Fitch Northrup, A A Ll' lizra Tobey Pope, Jr., B 6 II lfranlc Curtiss Putnam, A K E l'ldn'ard Dana Raymond, A K li lidward Lincoln Raymond, Willard German Reynolds, 9 A X Edwin Ansel Richardson, AY Ralph Johnson Ricker, X Nl' George Harris Rogers, Frederic Clark Sayles, Jn, X NP William Henry Smith, Ralph Brecht Sterrett, A K E james Henry Taylor, jr., NPT Albert Towne, Calvin B. XVcst, Hobart Karl Whitaker, G A X Edward Samuel Whitney, A K E Scientific Course AAll' RESIDENCE. YPIIIIIHUI, Xlhlxx., Palmer, Mum., Amhrrxl, llhm-., A'0z'A'ffIIl!I', AA1.f.t'., Chnv'lu.rrmu11, Ai ll. C'0rllnm1', Aff K, lx'0rl'lamf, Ak., l'rov1?1'cm'c, A'. l., 1'Yl'llf, Zllfkh., l'nlmw', fllfmr., G'la.vlm1b1nj1, Crum., la'raM'L11n, N Y., 1511.11 Bloouyfelrl, AC lh'11z'c1', Colo., fAl1.'L'l'dl7f, AAI.l'.l'., I '01'l!rma', lik., .Sj'1'url1.vv, Af l ., tS?llIll'7Uft'h, ITAIJJ'-, lflgjlllv, .M K, li1'1?1fg'1. zv11lcf', W., lgliifflll, Ilhmv., Mzllzm, A2 YY, lhdlfy, flhmr., fllllfwaukrc, Iffhlr., Holbrook, llla.r.r., P1z'zuluck'et, R. I., lf, South Deezjfielri, Ilhm., Eric, Prml., Name, .M K, .S71ma'r, lllfm., li'a1m', M Y, Lew-relt, Ilhss., lI,A'Illll'Ilg'l0ll, JV. ll., ROOM. B O l'l House B 6 H House. Mrs. l'T0llgl'lt0l'l'S B011 House A K E House A K E House Mr. llaxter Marsh's X 41 House Mrs. Wilson's li 0 Il House Rev. Mr. Kingman's X NI' Lodge Mr. li. li. Marsh's Dr. Seelye's Mr. li. W. Smith's Mr. Hamlin's A A fl' House ll 0 Il. I-Inuse A K E House A K E House 3l North College G A X Rooms. Gymnasium X 'I' Lodge 32 South College X 'I' Lodge Muzzy House. . A K E House Mrs. Gage's Rev. Mr. Kingman's. Mrs. Gage's. Mr. Whitaker's A K E House AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. 35, PURSUING A SPECIAL NAME. .IOIII1 McKiIJbin Burns, NPT William Bnrnalms Doyle, jr., I3 0 H Tryon Griswold Dunham, 'I' 'Y William McElroy Weldon, AT Charles 'I'rumbuII White, A 'Y' Stalham Leon Williams, Jr., A A II' .2 OR A PARTIAL RRSI IJIINCIC. lxillfmmzao, JIIM., .-1 177711, Ohio, H4ll'l'l'll, Ohm, flhzlzqfalrl, Ohio, llf7'11lw'.w'!, lawn, C.Ihl,f12:Q l7, ffl., COURSE. ROOM. Mr. Mm'gan's ll 6 U l-louse Post Office Block Mr. lIobhs's A T House 5 llunt lllock xXXX Xi, , ,- 36 AMHERST COLLEGE OL IO. ff' Xi, KJV ff ,, 'iff ' f ii ' f- H gif flare' '. f.+ll. i . r ,lgf-,fQft M 1 ,!Qilkig' gif f . 3 iililf' il? f' 'inf A vw - . lfii if ff fl X flint ijfi up I DON'T know what I can possibly say about this 6, NINETY-O E. YELL. Wah-Who-Wah ! Hi-Yi-Hi-Yi ! MDCCCXCI! class of Ninety-One. There is nothing at all that can be said. You are neither warm nor cold - merely lukewarm. Your deeds and achievements partake of this character. The nearest you ever came to doing anything was when you defeated a scrub Aggie eleven by a score of nine to nothing. Still you are to be commended for frying so hard. Only do build up a warmer' fire in your class stove, and make yourselves more heat. Your class has some unique men, for whose singularity the College at large thanks heaven. Ludington is a fine specimen of body but no brains. Prentice follows close after him in that line, only Prentice's character is more clearly shown by the unusual development of his ears. Hyde and Woodruff can pose as class beauties. Still all these men are unique. If they were not, Amherst might as well close her doors. Speaking as a whole, you are Freshmen, in every way, shape, and form. Green ought to have been adopted for your class color. Walker would make an appropriate standard-bearer. If by any chance you could persuade him to smile when he has the color on, his fortune and immortality for his class would be at once obtained. Burrill, your class president, would not need to wear green. AMIIERST COLLEGE OLIO. As far as singing goes you are not anything ofa success. The words you use are all right, but your trouble seems to rise from the tune. Each one of you tries to be a composer and set the words to a new tune. The result may be very pleasant to yourselves, but it is excruciating for your hearers. Before you sing in public, take Young Seelye and his college chimes with him and journey off toward Pelham and practice. And, by the way, you need not bring either Seelye or his chimes back with you. The one commendable thing in your class record is that you had nerve enough to go down and see a Sophomore Gym. You did not see the exercise, but you tried hard. The effort is to be com- mended, but only as an effort. But even the above mentioned achievement has one disagreeable factor, it is said young Doc Seelye gave you his permission. That was unfortunate. Never seek Of accept young Doc's permission for anything, even if it is what YOU most want to dog for be sure if he permits a thing, it is wrong. I-Ie never got anything right in his life. , Now, dear boys, don't think we mean to abuse you unneces- sarily. You know how the surgeon operates on a sick man. He first puts the knife in deeply. This year perhaps the knife has gone Ill somewhat. Let us hope thc next edition of THE OLIO will have only praises for you. ff -Z.-. .wk fi AMI-IERST COLLEGE oL1o. 39 THE FRESI-IMAN CLASS. OFFICERS. A. S. BURRILL, ---- PRESIDIQNT. FREDERICK SIIERLIQV, VICE-Pu1zs1DEN'1'. E. B. MCFADDEN, - H. N. GAY, . NAME. Frederic Randolph Abbe, jr., Frank William Allen, O AX Nathan Prentice Avery, G A X Rufus Mather Bagg, jp-,, Charles Brackett Barkley, George Stechnau Bennett, A T Frank Barna Bigelow, X ll' Edward Williams Blatchforcl, A A111 Arthur Trull Boutwell, Harry VValcott Boynton, 'PT Arthur Sumner Burrill, A A ll' George Wyatt Cable, Ir., if WP T Arthur Beebe Chapin, A K li Herbert Morgan Chase, A Y' Allen Lincoln Clark, A A 11' Clinton Clark, NPT Ernest Ralph Clark, A T William mn Coltionflf mr Arthur Stoddard Cooley, O A X Harry Clinton Crocker, X 111 Ralph Warcllau' Crockett, A 'Y' Frank Elihu Crosier, X al' Harry Alonzo Cushing, B G H Nathaniel Abalino Cutler, Lucius Clarke Dana, f 0 A X Milton Arthur Dixon, - ' Scientific Course, - SIQCRETAIW. 'l'1usAsUR1cR. RESIDHNCI ROOM. lfo.rlo11, l1hI.f.i'., Muzzy House I:'a.vt 1humy'it'ln', Al JC, Mr. Trott's I'7arz'm'c, llhss., Mrs. S. M. Recl1.ling's HGH .Sf7'l'lQl':fL'!lf, fllimv., Mr. Crosier's Aiwa: York C17y, Mr. Baxter Marsh's Wa1'rtfJ'!t'1', zlhzsx., flmherxf, Ilhzw., C,'Z'11w1rgr0, Ill., A ua'uzw', Xlhmv., fivllffllll, !ll?1.v.v., W2'!!u.rltgf, fllrmv., f1!l7't'lIf7lU'f, Amin, fA741'0l't', .fM1.v.v., A'1'wlvl12f17ll.', .fM1.v.v., lfl'0UA'4j'1I, A'. YY, 6'1'a116y, Zlhmv., .Sytvrm'11mr1', Ai K, WH.l'ML'!1f, XMIM., AllAIl7'lIlfllfL', XMIM., 1fv'0cK'fwz, XMIM., Lcwfxfwl, ilk., Mrs. 1 :1ircl1ilml's Dr. Bigclow's Mrs. I.. IC. Reclcling's Mr. Gibbs's Mrs. l airehil1l's 24 North College Mrs. Gages Mr. lCtlwnrrls's Mr. Baxter Mnrsh's 24. South College Mrs. S. M. Retlcling's AT House Post Otlice Block Mrs. Kiinball's Mr. l'crkins's A T House IKM .Syu'1'14gyft'ln', Illnxx., Mr. C rosier's llo.f1foZ'c, fll?1.r.r., A1m'0vz'r, Zlhatv., .S211'1z! Paul, finlllll., S114 yrmz, N1 YZ, Mr Baxter Mursh's Mr. Gibbs's Mr Sloan's Rev. Mr. Lentell's 40 AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. NAME. lidward Arthur Dodd, A T Eugene Osborne liclwarcls,'f II. Winslow lidwards, John Marshall XVilloughby Farnham, Sidney Robert Fleet, Henry Stewart Gane, A A fl' Charles Gilmore Gardner, B O II Harry Nelson Gay, Nl' T Lambert lleber Gibbs, George Henry Hale, ll 0 H Erskine lirasmus Hamilton Howard Dexter I'Iamm0nd, A A 11' joseph Gilbert Hastings, William Augustine Henderson, O A X 1 rederick llills Ilitchcockflf el' T Arthur Frederick llogan, X 'P Clarence Reginald llyde, NPT Samuel Allen Jacobs, A T Harry Foster Jones, Louis Moses Kingjlf NPT John Cornelius Duryea Kitchen, X fb Daniel Rowland Knight, O A X Stephen lirown Knowlton, George Locke Leonard, A K lil llerbert Lewis, Robert Barkley Ludington,'l' A K E llerbert James Lyall, A A 11' lidward liarton McFadden, X rl' William Starkweather Marshall, A K l Oliver Boutwell Merrill, APT Charles Henry Miles, A T Edward Lyman Morris, X ll' George Albert Morse, ,HGH Waldo Edwards Nason, ll G ll Charles George Noyesflf Isaiah Lovell l'ickard, William 'David Plant, AT llenry Noel 1'otter,'lf A K ld Sartell Prentice, jr., X dl NVilliam Baker Pyle, A T Arthur Moody Seelye, X fl' Frederick Slierley, A K E David lidmund Smith, X WP Ellis Robinson Smith, Homer Smith, A K E U' Scientific Course. OAX RESIDENCE. ROOM. f,01'fftlllI!', Orqgfnu, Mr. I-Iamlin's La C'1'o.v.rv, HUM, Mr. linos l3aker's Af'w'M1mzf!o11, flhxs., zwwlau Cuzllrc, llL1.v.v., Lzrwymrvl, Ezqgflalzd, Y21llA'L'l'.l', AC K. I'r1lmc1', Ilhmxr., lW'TUl0ll, ZMr.r.v., Mrs. M. Redding's 27 South College Rev. Mr. I.entell's Muzzy House B O 1'I House Mr. Baxter Marslfs Mr. Gibbs's Rev. Mr. 1.entell's Mr. Rawson's Mr. Guernsey's Judge 'l'homas's Mrs. l airchild's A uzhwavf, .M1.v.v., .Sl11'11fj1011.rhlf1j', W., .SW'1'11gir!11', IlZ1.r.v,, I'b'C'l'fll7Ull, AC YI, MAIl'l'L'll, Xlhm., I l'?VI'l'c'.l'fL'1', llhxx., Aftwulafz, flhmzr., Mrs. S. I'Iitcheock's ln'1'onK'Uf11, N. YY, Mr. Rawson's l?1'voX'Qf11,'jV2 K, Mrs. lloughton's fjllllytflf, Ilhss., Muzzy llouse I'?mz1f17!r, Cal., 24 North College IlAIf01lL', Al YZ, Mrs. L. E. Reddingis Aiwa Ybrk Cffflf, Mrs. VVilson's IVYWM ln'ro0lfu!a , !M1.v.r., Mr. Stebbins's .S'1111.ri-I, Jllc., Rev. Mr. Lentell's lfnllozux Ellis, lf7., Rev. Mr. Lentell's lhzzfcrhzll, Ahmr., Rev. Mr. I.entell's Nlrw York C105 Mr. Baxter Marsh's Jl!2'7U Kirk c'l'f1', Mr. l'erkins's lhrwllvbzngf, Penn., Professor Richardson's Lowell, Ilh.r.v., Mr. R. T. Dickinson's Sfzfzzl Lolulr, Ilia., Mrs. Gage's Mr. Crosierls M r. Rawson's Ml'. GilJlJs's Mr. Baxter Marsh's Mr. Sloan's Mrs Gage's A T House Mrs. XValker's Mr. Baxter Marsh's Mrs. IIolton's Mr. Perkins's Mrs. Holton's Grqpan. llllmv., Ill0l1.Y0ll, lM1.v.v., tsllffill, Ilhm., flAlflI't.'ll, flhrm., l'J'lIIlL'0lll'!I, Aff IL, Lllllclwl, fllnsx., flfl'llllL'llf70flll', Illiml., li'oche.v!r1', A . K, C'h1'rqgn, Ill., Pwfllllllggffclll, Def., lVurMa1nj1lw1, flhlmv , Albmgf, Af K, CWIKIQQH, Ill., Solzlh lh1I'lcj1', XMIM., Rev. Mr. Lentell's. flmhcrsl, flL1.r.v., Mrs. A. E. Smith's. Mr. Rawson's. AMHERST NAME. ' llowarcl Samuel Smith, A K IG George Sawin Stewart, 0 A X Herbert Kendall Stiles, O A X john Timothy Stone, A K lil Fred Hzunilton Tarr, Charles Nicholas Thorp, X fl' Samuel Strickland Thorpe, X 11' Frank Monroe Tiffany, Everett Prentiss Turner, Charles Louis Upton, Albert Hiram Walker, Frederic Bryant XValker, A A ll' Charles Otis XVells, NPT llerbert lJeXVitt Williams, A K E Waterman Lester Williams, James Parsons Woodruff, NP 'I' Robert Sessions XVooclworth, 0 A X COLLEGE OLIO. RESIDICNCIC. .S?n'rrw1w1fa, Cal., Anb111'11n'ulc, zlhmr., 1Wwla111f17la, Ilhxx., Alhafgz, AC lf, lx'oMy5w'l, 1ll1l,f.r., 0.xyQu'n', AC li, lz'm1gw', ilk., Granby, llhus., Oayzu-.f, Ai Y, .SWu!61n'1n', Zlhzsx., l:'1u'la11, flhuzr., Cvlillflilllltlfli, Ohio, flrlwflflf, Ilhlxr., I lflzvl Ahudvywh, W., 4I ROOM. Mrs. M orse's Rev. Mr. I.entell's 31 South College Mrs. Ilolton's Mrs. Morse's Mr. l'erkins's Mr. l'erkins's Mrs. S. M. Redcling's Mr Sloan's Mrs. Morse's Mr. Trottls jnclge 'l'homas's Rev. Mr. Lentell's Rev. Mr. l.enlell's lil .Syvr1'11gfulfl, ZlL1.r.v., M A. li. Williams's Litrhfvlrl, Cami., b'w'l1'1l, Cllllll., Mrs. lIoughton's Mr. llaxter Marsh's PURSUING A SPECIAL on A PARTIAL COURSE. Thomas Wright jackson, I5 0 ll llcnry Miles Nims, X el' Frank Ryclunan, X al' Charles lidwarcl Schweyer, I3 O ll Charles Francis Thompson, fM'1'u1l, Ohio, 73151, Ai V., Alvin: Ybrl' c'l.4l', Alw MIM' C1115 Dm1'fr11', fllnaxr., Mrs. IJ. W. Scott's Mrs. Reacl's X elf Lodge B 011 llouse Muzzy House ll f f f-'P' fl l,'f'n,: ,,.. , , 'X X Wuulw uuu gll1W up f Q N ,, , A . - J - - , . -lf. A W ,. A 'Cixi Yfflfl H gy, 1-f':i , ff, Qirzaf- , 1 ' , M ..-.741-,H -AA-v L ' ' ' ., , f ,.,,, J.,3.:r::- - ' fe- - .Q 'I--1 ' , 5' - - iw 55551. Q.. f - Q, -- t .- --.,, ,A , v ,,,......, FIV I jus- T., .. -. ' i a Z ,::::::il ,f g. fn '-'--A ' - v' ' X I ,, -4 - f . 'Z W ' ' . ,155 jg. :-. 1. H . . 1 '. 'Ni i 4' l--' ,V Ly nt. .. Mwst 'E if Z. 4., A ,, I gig s . Q .1 - K 1 H , 44, 1, -9 4 . 4- Q ., 1- f - ' i - ,f I ....,,f., 'fi' If 1 m ri3f 'kUl' ' - tnlU In r A df. ' ' ' u q I mm! . G, - mill' ' M ' Q. L H 537 , ff A -, 2 ,.' 4l.l,,, 20 ' M. X Ig ' 'L' -.4 Q ,:' .., 'Y --1 3- ,- W ,U 1- N,-,. , vff. Y or -'- 'ffj - -1 +. ... . A , . 'f 71.7, ' ' f- ff... ,gr-7.4 -5,13 - 'fig-,,'.' -M --57: - - - f ' 42 AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. SUMMARY. RESIDENT GRADUATES, SENIORS, - - - JUNIORS, - SOPIIOMORES, - FIIESHMEN, - TOTAL, - CLASSIFICATION BY RESIDENCE. PHE UNITED STATES- New York, - California, - .I Ohio, - Colorado, - 2 Oregon, - Connecticut, - I7 Pennsylvania, - Delaware, . 2 Rhode Island, Illinois, - I3 Vermont, - Igwa, . 3 Wisconsin, - Kansas, - 2 Kentucky, . I OTHER COUNTRIES Maine, . . I4 Bulgaria, - - Massachusetts, - I57 China, - Michigan, - 6 England, - Minnesota, - 3 Ifldiil, - Missouri, - 3 JHPHH, - New Hampshire, I2 Turkey, - New jersey, - 5 ,lf IX, LT 44 AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. ALPHA DELTA Pl-II FRATERNITY. FOUNDIZD A'1' lIAn111.'1'oN Co1.1.1:u11, 1832. ROLL OF CHAPTERS. Hamilton, - Hamilton College, 1832 Columbia, Columbia College, - 1836 Amherst, - Amherst College, 1836 Brunonian, Brown University, - 1837 Harvard, - Harvard University. - 1837 Hudson, Adelbert College, - 1841 Bowdoin. - Bowdoin College, lS4l Dartmouth, Dartmouth College, - 1845 Peninsular, - University of Michigan, - 1846 Rochester, University of Rochester, - - 1851 Williams, - Williams College, - - - 1851 Manhattan, College of the City of New York. 1855 Middletown - Wesleyan University, - - 1856 Kenyon, - Kenyon College, - - 1858 Union, - - Union University, - 1859 Cornell, - Cornell University, - l87O Phi Kappa, - Trinity College, - 1878 A- A Z Ni' r A.. 'AT' ' Zlxfj My X x -J., Ak X070 Q LN' lf-xx JIM LH. nn, AMIIERST COLLEGE OLIO. 45 AMHERST CHAPTER O II' ALPHA DELTA PHI FRATERNITY. lLs'rAIsI.ISIIIsD 1836. CLASS OF EIGHT! -EIGIIT. HARMON AUSTIN, JR., ELLERY C. HUNTINGTON, CHARLES. L. BLISS, GEORGE M. HYDE, WILLIAM L. BREWSTER, JOIIN H. MILLER, ZELOTES W. COOMES, ROIIERT H. SESSIONS, ROBERT W. HASTINGS, ,WAI.1'ER F. SKEELE. cLf1ss off' E1O111'I1zv1Iv1f. GLENN S. ALLEN, WILLIAIWI E. CHANCELLOR, STUART W. FRENCI-I, JOHN S. I-IIrcIIcOcK, CLASS OF NINE FRANK A. DELABARRE, EDWIN DUFI-'Ev, HERBERT W. GATES, ARTIIUR C. JAMES, RALPH H. WADI-IAMS, P. HOWARD WILSON, FREDERICK J. E. XVOODBRIDGE T11 GEORGE W. KYBURG, ARCHIBALD A. MCGLASI-IAM, EDWARD F. NORTI-IRUP, STALI-IAM L. WILLIAMS. C'L.4.S'S OF NIJVETP'-OIVE. EDWARD W. BLATCIIEORD, ARTHUR S. BURRILL, ALLEN L. CLARKE, .HENRY S. CANE, HOWARD D. HAMMOND, FREDERICK B. WALKER. 46 Tl1eta, Delta, - Beta, Sigma, - Gamma, Zeta, - Lambda. - Kappa, - Psi, - Xi, Alpha, Upsilon, Iota, Phi, Pi, - Cl1i, - Beta Beta, Eta, - AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. PSI UPSILON FRATERNITY. Es'rA1x11 111111 :rr UNION CoL1.1111 ROLL OF CHAPTERS. - Union College, - E - - University of City of Ne - Yale College, - - - Brown University, - - Amherst College, - Dartmouth College, - - Columbia College, - Bowdoin College, - - Hamilton College, - - Wesleyan' University, - Harvard College, - - University of Rochester, - - Kenyon College, - - - University of Michigan, - Syracuse University, - - Cornell University, - Trinity College, - - Lehigh University, - York, 1833 1337 1839 l84O 1841 1842 1842 1343 1843 1343 1850 1858 I860 1865 1875 1876 1880 1884 nxxuu-nxx.A AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. 47 GAMMA CHAPTER PSI UPSILON FRATERNITY. 1'1S'I'ABLlSlH'lD x84I. CLASS 01 IJIGIITJ'-EIGHT. CLARENCE W. BISPIIAM, HORACE W. DICKERMAN, SAMUEL C. BROOKS, SHATTUCK O. HARTWELL, FRED L. CI-IAPMAN, LOUIS W. MCLENNAN, ARTHUR V. DAVIS, ARTHUR F. STEARNS, GARRET W. THOMPSON. CLASS OF Elofln'-.v1N1z. EDWARD A. APPLETON, EDWIN E. JACKSON, JR., HENRY N. DICKINSON, AYESH KAIIAYAMA, HERBERT C. EMERSON, CHARLES W. PORTER, WILLIAM ESTY, ALLEN D. SEVERANCE, EDWARD FAIREANK, STEPHEN L. TAYLOR, GEORGE A. HARLOW, HENRY H. WILLCOX. CLASS OF .fv1Iv151'I: JOHN MCK. BURNS, JOSEPH G. DEANE, WILLIAM B. CARPENTER, TRYON G. DUNHAM, GEORGE C. COIT, S. THAYER KIMIIALL, JAMES H. TAYLOR, JR. CLA SS 012' NINE 1'I20Iv1f. HENRY W. BOYNTON, FREDERICK H. I-IITCHCOCK, GEORGE W. CAIILE, CLARENCE R. HYDE, CLINTON CLARK, LOUIS M. KING, WILLIAM B. COLTON, OLIVER B. MERRILL, HARRY N. GAY, CHARLES O. WELLS, JAMES P. WOODRUFF. 48 AMHE RST COLLEGE OLIO. DELTA KAPPA EPSILON FRATERNITY. Phi, Theta,- Xi,- Sigma, Upsilon, Chi, - Alpha, - Eta, - Lambda, Pi, - - Alpha Alpha, Omicron, - Epsilon, Rho, - Tau, Mu, - Iiu, - Beta Phi, - Phi Chi, Psi Phi, - Gamma Phi, Psi Omega, Beta Chi, Delta Chi, Phi Gamma, Beta Beta, - Theta Zeta, Alpha Chi, - Iota, - Psi, - Fourwitn AT YAL11 Co1.1.n1zn, 1844. ACTIVE CHAPTERS. Yale University, - Bowdoin College, Colby University, - Amherst College, - Brown University, - University of Mississippi, Harvard University, - University of Virginia, - Kenyon College, - - Dartmouth College, - Middlebury College, - University of Michigan, - Williams College, - - Lafayette College, Hamilton College, - - Madison University, - - College of the City of New University of Rochester, - Rutgers College, - - Indiana Asbury University, Wesleyan University, - Rensselaer Polyteclmic, - Adelbert College, - Cornell University, - Syracuse University, - Columbia College, - - University of California, Trinity College, - - Yorlc, Central University of Kentucky, University of Alabama, - 1344 1344 1845 1846 ISSO 1850 1851 1852 1852 1353 1354 1355 1355 1855 1856 1856 1856 1856 1861 1866 1867 1867 1868 1870 1871 1874 1876 1379 1885 1885 R X f N5 1 M , E ff ! xx K' ,-,ljtw X XE7- M' ...M . QW wgfa' . , XXX I 'Y X -N NJ X Q 2' x 7 Maru I, AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. SIGMA CHAPTER U lf' DELTA KAPPA EPSILON FRATERNITY. CLA SS 01 EIGIITV-EIGII T, LINCOLN B. GOODRICH, ALBERT P. GOODWIN, WILLIAM D. GOODWIN, JAMES A. FAIRLEY, CLA SS RICHARD BELCHER, ERNEST G. CARLTON, JAMES K. CORss, WILLIAM H. DAY, DANIEL P. KIMEALL, CHARLES J. WIER. CLA ss OF NINE Tiff WYLIE C. BURNS, EDWIN S. HUNT, FRANK C. PUTNAM, EDWARD S. WHITNEY ARTHUR H. PIERCE, ALLEN W. PARSONS, WILLIAM M. PREST, JOHN D. WRIGHT. OF ElGllT1 -NINE. ALBERT W. PRESTON, GEORGE D. STORRS, WILLIAM D. RICH, DANIEL V. THOMI-SON, JESSE M. WATKINS, ARTHUR B. INGALLS, EDWARD D. RAYMOND, RALPH B. STERRETT, CLASS OF NIIVETV-ONE. ARTHUR B. CHAPIN, GEORGE L. LEONARD, ROIIERT B. LUDINGTON, WILLIAM S. MARSHALL, HENRY N. POTTER, FREDERICK SHERLEY, HOMER SMITH, HOWARD S. SMITH, JOHN T. STONE, HEIQISEIQT DEW. WILLIAMS SO AMHERST COLLEGE OLlO. DELTA UPSILON FRATERNITY. Williams, - Union, - Amherst, - Hamilton, Colby, Rochester, - Middlebury, Rutgers, - New York, - Adelbert, Madison, - Brown, - Cornell, Marietta, Syrac11se, - Michigan, - Nortl1-Western, Harvard, - Wisconsin, - Columbia, Lafayette, - Lehigh, - Tufts, DePauw, QNON-SECRETJ ROLL OF CHAPTERS. - Williamstown, Mas s., Schenectady, N. Y., - Amherst, Mass., Clinton, N. Y., - Waterville, Me., Rochester, N. Y., - - Middlebury, Vt., New Brunswick, N. J., - New York City, Cleveland, O., - Hamilton, N. Y., Providence, R. I., - - Ithaca, N. Y., - Marietta, O., - Syracuse, N. Y., Ann Arbor, Mich., - Evanston, Ill., - Cambridge, Mass., - Madison, Wis., New York City, - - Easton, Penn., - South Bethlehem , Penn., - - College Hill, Mass., Green Castle, Ind., 1834 1838 1847 1347 1850 1852 1856 1858 1865 1865 1866 1868 1869 1869 1873 1876 ISSO 1882 1885 1885 1885 1885 1886 1887 eco moe uwoob A lnnfnzwvnnn AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. AMI-IERST CHAPTER O 1 DELTA UPSILON FRATERNITY. 1 ouNuEu IN 1847. CLASS OF EIGIITY-EIGHT. HERMON V. AMES, WALTER BUNTEN, JAMES EWING, WILLIAM B. NOYES, CIASS OF FI! Il7'l -Nl . - , Nl WILLIAM E. CLARKE, JR., THOMAS EWING, JR., ELMER H. COIIELAND, LOUIS DERR, WALTER H. Donn, SAMUEL G. AUSTIN, ALBERT F. BUCK, JOIIN M. CLAPI-, CLASS OF NINETY, HUMPIAIIQISY E. Moouv, GEORGE S. BENNETT, HEIQISEIIT M. CHASE, ERNEST R. CLARK, CHARLES T. WHITE. WILSON H. PERINE, CLIFTON L. SHERMAN, SAMUEL D. WARRINER, ELBRIDGE C. VVI-IITING. THOMAS A. MICSHILL, FRANK A. PI-HLIIRIC, EUGENE TIIAYER. ALLEN B. MACNEILL, ANDREW H. MULNIX EDWIN A. RICHARDSO WILL M. WELIJEN, I CLASS OF NINE TV-ONE. RALPH W. CROCKETT, WILLIANI B. PYLE. E. ARTHUR Donn, SAMUEL A. JACOBS, CHARLES H. MILES, WILLIAM D. PLANT, N 52 AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. Alpha Theta, Alpha Mu, Alpha Alpha, Alpha Phi, Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Zeta, Alpha Upsilon, Alpha Beta, Alpha Gamma, Alpha Chi, Alpha Psi, - Alpha Tau, Alpha Mu, - Alpha Iota, Alpha Rho, - Alpha Xi, - Alpha Omega, CHI PSI FRATERNITY. - Williams College, Middlebury College, - - Wesleyan University, - - Hamilton College, - - - University of Michigan, Columbia College, - - - - Furman University, - - - University of South Carolina, - - - University of Mississippi, - - Amherst College, - - - Cornell University, - - - Wofford College, - - University of Minnesota, - University of Wisconsin, - - Rutgers College, - - - Stevens Institute of Technology, - Rochester University, - - 1842 1343 1344 1845 1845 1846 1858 1858 1858 1864 1869 1869 1374 1878 1379 1883 1884 f x 'O W 549 Vu 3 74 f L 3 Q , 54 fl w 1, xi 5 x E r . 2 l J . Il x AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. ALPHA CHI CHAPTER CHI PSI FRATERNITY. CLASS OF EIGIITV-EIGHT. LEONARD F. APTHORI' CLARENCE S. HOUGVHTON 1 D GEORGE S. TENNEY, HENRY L. WILKINSON, EDWARD B. VAILL. ALBERT S. BARD, JOHN S. BRAYTON, JR., cLAs5 011' L'1G1lTV.N1N1s. ERNEST L. HAIVTLIN, CHARLES F. STEARNS, GEORGE L. BALDWIN, I HARRY C. BEMIS, ARTHUR TRUSLOW. CLASS OF NINE T11 J. HERBERT Low, RALPH J. RICKER, FRED C. SAYLES, JR. CHARLES R. FAY, WILL O. GILBERT, M. HENRY HOUGHTON, CLASS OF NINETJ'-ONE. FRANK E. CROSIER, HENRY M. NIMS, ARTHUR F. HOGAN, FRANK RYCKMAN, DAVID SMITH. 54 Zeta, - Alpha, - Delta, Epsilon, Eta, - Xi, Gamma, Omega, - Sigma, Kappa, - Psi, - Phi, Chi, - Rho, - Lambda, Omicron, Theta, Nu, Iota, - Mu, - Pi, - - Beta Deuteron, AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. CHI PHI FRATERNITY. ROLL OF CHAPTERS. - Franklin-Marshall College, - University of Virginia, - - Rutgers College, - - Hampden-Sidney College, - - University of Georgia, - Cornell University, - - Emory College, - Dickinson College, - Wofford College, - Brown University, - Lehigh University, - Amherst College, - - - Ohio Wesleyan University, - Lafayette College, - - - University of California, Yale University, - - - - Troy Polytechnic Institute, - University of Pennsylvania, - Ohio State University, - Vanderbilt University, - - Stevens Institute, - Iiarvard llnivershy, - 1354 1859 1867 1867 1867 1868 1869 1869 1871 1872 1872 1873 1873 1374 1875 1877 1878 1882 1883 1883 1883 1884 'uf1v.'vA.l-11.'1.A AMHIERST COLLEGE OLIO. PHI CHAPTER CHI PHI FRATER NITY. CLAAXS' Ol EIGHTI'-ElGll7'. SIDNEY A. CLARKE, WILLIAM E. DAVIDSON, CHARLES H. EDWARDS, WILLIAM B. GREENOUGII, JOHN E. OLDIIAM, CLASS WILLIANI P. BIGELOW, GEORGE B. CHURCHILL, HERBERT S. DINON, WILLIAM R. HOYVARD, STEPHEN R. JONES, GEORGE W. WILDER. CL ,I ss UI .vlxlf TI 1 WII,1'ON DICKERMAN, CHARLES EWING, GEORGE C. EWING. ARTHUR D. OSIZORNIE, FRANK E. RAMSDELL, LEONARD ll. RICHARDS, ALBERT B. RIPLEY, GEORGE N. SEYMOUR. OF EIGIITV-NINE. FORRIS J. MOORE, MAX W. MOOIKI-IIEAD, ROBERT A. MCPHADIJEN, WII.LIARl C. SERRING, ROYAL P. WATKINS, CLA SS OF NINE 7'1 -ONE. FRANK B. BIGIELOW, HARRY C. CROCKER, JOHN C. D. KITCHEN, EDWARD L. MORRIS, SAMUEL S. TIIORPE. GEORGE H. EWING, FOSDICK B. HARRISON. EDWARD G. KING. EDWARD B. MCPHADDEN, SARTEL I'RIcN'1'IcE, JR., ARTHUR M. SEELYE, CHARLES N. THORP, 56 AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. BETA THETA Pl FRATERNITY. Alpha, - Beta Kappa, Beta, - Gamma, - Eta, - Delta, Pi, - Lambda, Tau, - lipsilon, Kappa, Zeta, Omicron, Theta, Iota, - Mu, Cl1i, - Psi, - Alpha Beta, Alpha Gamma, Alpha Delta, Alpha Epsilon, Alpha lflta, Alpha Kappa, Al :ha Lambda, l Alpha N11, - Xi, - Beta Gamma, Alpha Pi, Rl1o, - Alpha Sigma, Beta Delta, Sigma, - Beta Zeta, ' Gamma, Alpl1a Chi, Omega, Beta Eta, - Beta Alpha, Beta Beta, - Phi, - Beta Theta, Nu, - Alpha Alpha, Beta Iota, Beta Lambda, Beta Mu, Theta Delta, Founnun AT BIIAMI UNIVERSITX IN 1839. ROLL OF CHAPTERS. Miami University, - Ohio U111vers1ty, - - Western Reserve University, Washington and Jefferson College, Harvard College, - Indiana Asbury University, Indiana State University, University of Michigan, - Wabash College, - Centre College, - - Brown University, - Hampden-Sidney College, University of Virginia, Ohio Wesleyan University, Hanover College, - Cumberland University, - Beloit College, - Bethany College, - University of Iowa, - Wittenberg College, - NVestminster College fMo.l, Iowa Wesleyan University, Denison University, - Richmond College, - University of Wooster, University of Kansas, - Randolph Macon College, Rutgers College, - - University of Wisconsin, North-Western University, Dickinson College, - Cornell University, - Stevens Institute of Techno St. Lawrence University, Boston University, - Johns Hopkins University, University of California, Maine State College, - Ke11yo11 College, - University of Mississippi, University of Pennsylvania, Madison University, - Union College, - Columbia College, Amherst College, - Vanderbilt University, - University of Texas, Ohio State University, logy, 18 ISZ? 1841 1842 1543 11145 1845 1845 1845 1845 1847 ISSO ISSO 1853 1853 1854 ISOO 1861 1866 1867 1868 1868 1869 1870 1872 187: 1373 1873 1873 1873 1874 1874 1875 1875 1876 1878 1879 1879 1879 187 1882 1880 1881 1321 1 IS82 1885 1885 5 V N . Hlwhl. AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. BETA IOTA CHAPTER O l BETA THETA Pl FRATERNITY. HAROLD L. JAcOIss, LUCIUS JUDSON, J CLASS 01 EIGIITJ'-lflGll7'. R., CHARLES 13. RAYMOND, JOHN E. SMITH, CLASS UI EIGIITJ'-IVlNls'. JAMES CHAMHERS, JR., HENIQX' A. COOKE, JOHN N. COOLIDOE, ROHERT H. CUSHMAN, WILLIAM B. DOYLE, CLASS or .v1.vE 1'I'. JR., ERNEST L. HAYWARD, GEORGE S. HOLDEN, HARRY A. CUSHING, CLA SS Ol NIIVE TJ'-0.Vl?. CHARLES G. GARDNER, GEORGE H. HALE, U CHARLES E. SCHWEYER. WILLAIIIJ P. SMITH, GEORGE P. STEELE, CHARLES B. WILIIAR, HERBERT P. WOODIN. CLAIRE F. LUTHER, BRANDON R. IWILLIKIN CHARLES D. PHELPS, EVERETT A. WHITE. GILES W. HOWLAND, EDWARD N. LACEY, EZRA T. POPE. ERSKINE E HAINIII TO . . N THOMAS W. JACKSON, WALDO E. NASON, 57 58 AMIIERST COLLEGE OLIO. Tl-IETA DELTA CHI FRATERNITY. Delta, - Eta, Theta, - KKPPH1 - Lambda, - - Xi, - - Sigma, - Phi, - - Psi, - - - Omicron Deuteron, Beta, - - - Pi Deuteron, - Rho Deuteron, - Nu Deuteron, - Mu Deuteron, - Zeta, - - Epsilon Deuteron, lfn11N111t11 A'1' UN1oN, 1846. CHARGES. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, N. Y., Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Me., - - Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio, - - Tufts College, College Hill, Mass., - Boston University, Boston, Mass., - Hobart College, Geneva, N. Y., - Dickinson College, Carlisle, Penn., - Lafayette College, Easton, Penn., Hamilton College, Clinton, N. Y., - Dartmouth College, Hanover, N. H., - - Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y., - - College of City of New York, New York City, Columbia College, New York City, ---- Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Penn., - Amherst College, Amherst, Mass., Brown University, Providence, R. I., - Yale University, New Haven, Conn., 1853 1854 1355 1856 1856 1857 1861 1866 1867 1869 1870 1881 1883 1884 1885 1887 1887 fi' S v I A ' Q f 1 . ' -' 1 'J Q- ,fx , ,riqlv ,ff ., , I. A5 f . -- I , 4 'fx A xx I . X' If 1 is I P5-X : gf .,., A , ,i 5 if fl Wu -'I' ', f f if. 3 e , , ,fi-Myvf WQEQIQQ fy , A ,E gg AQ A: , ' LLv .,1,. W7 y i - F09 A ll ' . -'-'f-- -----... -H11--. WT- xl w ,f ,,., ' ' ' ' I V A ' K. I f Q J' T75 N . '-,,fTfQ'X ' .,',, N, n act! -y, Ni us 1 M1 X4 JM'- fw' Lf V ' 1 T ' x Nl'-ixx X, AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. MU DEUTERON CHARGE TI-IETA DELTA CHI FRATERNITY. CL.-I SS Ulf' EIGHT! '-Ellill 7'. A. GEORGE BAKER, RALPH W. BARTLET'1', CHARLES A. BRICK, IRVING A. BURNAII, GEORGE CORNWELL, FRANK L. GARFIELD, ARTIIUR M. HEARD, ELEAZER O. HOPKINS, WALLACE M. LEONARD, E. LES'1'ER MAIISI-I, WAIKIKIEN H. IWOULTON, PAUL C. PHILLIPS, CL A SS Ol EIGII TJ '-1Vl1Vl?. GEORGE M. BROCKWAY, EDWARD C. CAMP, J. LEON CHAMBERLAIN, ROIIERT W. CROWELI., CHARLES J. HUMI-HREx', FRANK E. SPAULDING, FRANKLIN E. TUTTLE, JOHN J. XVALKER, WALTER V. GRAY, ROBERT R. WHITE. CLA SS Ol IVLVIL' Tl '. ERNEST D. DANIELS, HARRY W. LANDEEAR, WILLARD G. REYNOLDS, HOl3Ali'1' K. WI-IITTAKER. FREDERICK A. BALLOU, WILLIAM W. BAR'.l'LE'1'T, ALEERT W. CROCKETT, CLA .YS OF NINII' TJ WLVE. FRANK W. ALLEN, WILLIAM A. HENDERSON, NATPIAN P. AVERY, DANIEL R. KNIGHT, ARTHUR S. COOLEY, GEORGE S. STEWART, L. CLARKE DANA, HElil3ISliT K. STILES, JOHN M. W. FARNIIAIII, ROBERT S. WOODWORTI-I. AM IIERST COLLEGE OLIO. FRATERNITY CONVENTIONS. PSI UPSILON. New York Cigf, Fw. 24-25, 1887. L. V. HUBBARD, F. L. CHAPMAN, G. 13. MALLON, S. O. HARTWELL. CHI PSI. New York Ciqy, April 7-8, 1887. J. F. HARPER, C. S. HOUOHTON, G. S. TENNEY. ALPHA DELTA PHI. Boylan, Maxx., Jllay 4-5, 1887. M. THOMPSON, H. O. WOOD, C. HUNTINGTON. BETA THETA PI. Chauiauymz, NJC, july zo-23, 1887. E. JUDSON, C. B. RAYMOND, W. P. SMITH DELTA KAPPA EPSILON. Chicago, Ill., Ori. IQ-20, 1887. DELTA UPSILON. Brunswzkk, N L, 061.26-28, 1887. H. V. AMES, W. CLARK, JR. CHI PHI. Phz'!azz'f:.Cz5!2z'a, Penn., Nov. 16-17, 1887. F. Ii. RAMSDELL, G. N. SEYMOUR. THETA DELTA CHI. New York Cizjf, Now. 16-18, 1887. W. H. MOULTON, W. V. GRAY, F. L. PALMER, '85 AMHIERST COLLEGE OLIO. 61 EMBRYOTIC STRUGGLES OF AN Guo EDITOR. Montes purturiunt, nuscitur ricliculns inns. -!lw'. . , A..... . IN accordance with the stupid destiny of all the stupidest men in every Amherst class, I am chosen to be an 01.10 Editor. I do not decline to serve. I know too little about the position for that. I accept it as an honorable gift and live for several months under this happy delusion, until, when the time for the first article has come, I discover that THE OLIO is an impious imposition, an emolument more onerous than honorable. In fact I begin to fear that it is not only disagreeable but wrong that I am on the board. I want to resign. I am in fearful straits. I struggle for the mastery over my longing for fame, and restora- tion of my former respectability. I look at my suffering co-editors and decide that l am a child of fate, and bravely rush toward the mass of unconcreted abstractions whence all OLIO Editors receive their inspiration. I gaze in a mist at the mountain of ideas, remark how beautiful that spur of poetry isg how grand the sublime height of the mountain's philosophic summit, how solemn its recessive clefts, and more than all how a trace of delicate sun-tinted snow crowns them all, and perfects the grace of each. How wise I am! How safe and deli- cate is the cheese pressed from the milk of human kindness in my heart! How appreciative am I of the finer line of literature 3 I have always been a lover of it! The mist clears away. I am approaching the Pisgah of my literary life! The prospect grows in brightness. The sun of mind shines with scintillating beam upon its crested summit. How beautiful, how grand to be an editor! The time draws nigh for my first concretion. lt seems at first an act of sacrilege to take away from such perfection. But with emboldened heart, I march to 1-'isgah's foot-my head bowed to receive an inspiration. My heart is hot, it burns with desire for OLIO fame, and when at length I lift my fervid countenance, what do I behold? This? Is this my Pisgah? No, damned liallucinationf' this is not! With sublime irony I reach the fiat, uninteresting surface of Mount Blank, and wrestle with the revelation that the mountain does not inspire, even though the editor literally dissolve in perspiration. The very snow of humor has been melted by my ardor, and I humbly sit to rest upon a mound headed by a moss- grown stone, and sentineled by a somber tree which bears nuts in prickly bursg and after many a sad invocation of the Muse of epic verse, the last refuge of all fZ'flf?'!lf67l7'.l', evolve two beautiful lines, Friend, go up higher, Or comc off thc OLIICR. AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. A SUNG OF LOVE. O HARD of song and god of mirthful rhyme ! Give aid unto this tale of youthful love, That all who live, or come in after time, May know how jack loved Bert all else above. O god of love! O Venus fair! may they Be happy in this love for many a day! As at the approach of spring the birds do pair, And each one takes his mate unto his nest, So jack made love unto our Bertie fair, And Bert returned his love with heartfelt zest. O god of love! O Venus fair! relate How soon they hastened to the nuptial state ! All through the spring their love increased each day On each the other gazed with longing eyeg And thus they cooed and wooed the time away, With many a kiss and many a soulful sigh. O god of love! O Venus fair! how sweet That hearts so suited to each other meet! Each morn, each noon, each star-lit summer night, They passed without one harsh or bitter thought, Each happy when the other was in sight, But parting for an hour great sorrow brought. O god of love! O Venus fair! repay Affection such as this without delay! Then Venus, laughing at the lovely boys, Sent Hymen to unite their eager hearts, And grant to each the long expected joys, And bade her son intlame them with his darts. O god of love! O Venus fair! may joy Attend their wedded life without alloy I And now farewell, thou muse, thou Bard of song! May Jove approve this state of wedded bliss, And grant that never any baneful wrong May come to mar their peaceful happiness. O god of love ! O Venus fair! rejoice! These lovers thank you with united voice. Y 9645 AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. , D ' 1 I1 I H . ' , I 'l f A l -i g 1 a r I If ll ' N I Illiilwil l l In 'full il i nf 2 lg I,v7 , ff l lli fall ll. ti will ' Y f l lj N H ,+,.Q fl 'ifit'iflxl'lillif-fli'i'l'5,f al 1 i :- THE DEATH OF ALEXANDRIA. Alexandria is dead! Let all weep and bow the head, Every one who ever wept, Xpressing thus their deep regret. Alexandria is dead! Never more shall man be led Down her halls of learning staid, Ripe memories shall never fadeg ln Athenzels hall they meet instead. Alexandria is dead! Institutions great will fade, Such is the law that fate hath made. Dead old Alexandria ! Ever more we reverence her. Alexandria is dead! Dead! What further can be said ?- Athena, zlr dead loo lille S flff.-M ' i' Qld! Mill i f iajffial f ' A .1 'A limi if ', ..1i. : q rlhxf IW-fiiii' f' J 1 MIM' 9' 'ui i1 flllj lt WVU l IHIVIW '. wjf gvy-L .L V M ,J,g!v'lm l 'Ll AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. HITCHCOCK SOCIETY GF INQUIRY IVOIINIIED IS7u. OFFICERS. j. R. DANFORTH, - - PRESIDENT. W. P. CLARKE, - VICE-PRESIDENT. ARTHUR L. GOLDER, TREASURER. J. M. EASTMAN, - - ' - SECRETARY. MEMBERS. nczml 1a1011TIf'.E1c:111: WILLIAM H. ANDREWS, FRANK L. GARFIELD, IRVING A. BURNAII, ALIIERT H. JACKSON, WIIJLIAM P. CLARKE, DAVID L. KERRE, GEORGE CORNWIELL, W. R. MONTAGUE, J. ROMEYN DANEORTH, A. D. OSRORNE, WILL F. PEIRCE. 1fvc0n1 5101111 '.N1Ivn. W. D. BIGELOW, CHAS. S. HOLTON, M. li. CALLAHAN, GEO. F. LOOMIS, J. R. CALLAHAN, J. W. MERRIAM, EDWARD P. IJROWN, W. D. RICH, JOHN M. EASTMAN, YEW SAWAYAMA, W. A. GEORGE, JOIIN J. WALKER, ARTHUR L. GOI.DER, ROBERT R. WHITE, , H. WORTIILEY. 1f'1c01I1 1v1A'E T31 WALTER R. BARTLETT, FRANK B. DOANE, EDWIN B. CHILD, HARRY W. LANDEEAR, ALIIERT WALDO CROCKETT, ALLAN B. MACNEILT.. FICO!!! N11v1: 7'If'.0NA'. N. P. AVERY, GEO. H. HALE, L. CLARKE DANA, CHARLES G. NOTES, SIDNEY R. FLEET, FRED H. TARR, EVERETT P. TURNER. 5 66 AMHERST COLLEGE OL IO. COLLEGE LIBRARY READING ROOM. WEEKLIES. Academy. Musical World. Amherst Record. Nation. Athenzeum. Nature. Chemical News. Punch. Comptes Rendus cle l'Academie des Religious Herald. Sciences. Sanitary Engineer and Construction Critic. Record. Episcopal Recorder. Gazette of United-States Patent-office. Harper's. journal of Education. I.ittell's Living Age. Illustrated London News. Saturday Review. Science. Spectator. Springfield Republican. Ueber Land und Meer. Weekly Underwriter. Medical News. ' FORTNIGHTLIES. Literary World. Revue des Deux Mondes. MON THLIES. American Chemical journal. Dial. American Exchange and Review. Education. American journal of Mathematics. Electrician and Electrical Engineer. American journal of Science. Evangelical Christendom. American Missionary. Fortnightly. American Naturalist. Forum. ' Andover Review. Geological Magazine. Annals and Magazine of Natural His- Harper's Monthly. tory. Home Missionary. I Annales d'Hygiene Publique. International Record of Charities and Art journal. Corrections. Atlantic. johns Hopkins University Circulars. Baptist Missionary Magazine. journal of Franklin Institute. Blackwood's Magazine. Library Journal. Century. Lippincott's. AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. 57 Literary News. Macmillan's Magazine. Magazine of American History. Missionary Herald. Musical Record. New Englander. Nineteenth Century. North American Review. Old-Testament Student. Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science. Popular Science Monthly. Princeton Review. Proceedings of the Royal Geograph- ical Society. Revue cllHygii:ne. Sanitarian. Sanitary Record. Scribner's. Shakespeariana. Sidereal Messenger. Spirit of Missions. Unitarian Review. University. Westminster Review. Bl-MONTHLIES. Annals of Mathematics. Methodist Review. QUARTERLIES. American journal of Archaeology. American journal of Medical Science. American Journal of Philology. Baptist Quarterly Review. Bibliotheca Sacra. British Quarterly Review. Contemporary Review. Edinburgh Review. Journal of Anatomy and Physiology. Journal of Anthropological Institute. journal of Mental Science. journal of Speculative Philosophy. journal of Statistical Society. Mind. New England Historical and Genea- logical Register. Political Science Quarterly. Presbyterian Review. Quarterly Journal of Economics. Quarterly journal of Geological So- ciety. ' Quarterly journal of Microscopical Science. Quarterly Review. ANNUAL AND OCCASIONAL. Anglia. Insurance Journal. journal of Philology. Mineralogical Magazine. Proceedings of Royal Society. Proceedings of Zoological Society of London. Revue Celtique. Revue Historique. Romania. Y. M. C. A. PERIODICALS. Advance. Christian Advocate. Christian Union. Christian at Work. Independent. AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. THE AMHERST STUDENT. Publzkkm' I'VcckQf by Mc Sfmz'c1zz'.v :gf Amhcrs! Collage. BOARD OF EDITGRS. FRED L. CHAPMAN, '88, - EDITOR-IN-CHIEF. E. JACKSON, JR., '89, - - FINANCIAL EDITOR. JAMES EWING, '88, L. JUDSON, '88, L. B. Goonlzlcu, '88, F. E. RAMSDELL, '88, E. C. HuN'I'INcs'I'oN, '88, G H . L. BALDWIN, '89, . C. EMEIISON, '89, C. WIIITING, '88, W. CI-IANCELLOII, '89 A. B. MACNEILL, ,9O. 7 AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. AMI-IERST LITERARY MONTHLY. f 'l1l3fZ'.s'0c'rz' by ML' .S'c'1zZ'01' C,'fmv.s'. BOARD OF EDITORS. S. BARD, O. HAu'rxv1:1 1. M. HYDE, . C. W. Vo'1'Aw, T. WARRINEIQ, J. D. WRIGHT, G. S. TENNEY, BUSINESS MANAGICIK. AMI-IERST COLLEGE OLIO. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION. GENERAL ASSOCIATION. PRESIDENT. Hon. ISAAC H. MAYNARD, Washington, D. C. v1cE-11REs1DENTs. FRANCIS A. MARCH, Easton, Penn. Prof. ANSON D. MOIKSE, Amherst, Mass. Pres. HENIQY H. GooDEL1., Amherst, Mass. Rev. HENRY L. EDWARDS, Northampton, Mass. SECRETARY AND TREASURER. Prof. WILLIAM L. CowI.Es, Amherst, Mass. ASSOCIATION OF BOSTON AND VICINITY President, Col. EDXVARD O. SHEPARD. Secretary, ARTHUR H. WELLMAN, Esq. ASSOCIATION OF THE NORTH-WEST. President, Rev. EDWARD D. NEILL, St. Paul. Secretary, J. R. KINGMAN, Minneapolis. ASSOCIATION OF NEW YORK. President, ELLIOT SANDEQRD, Esq. Secretary, CHARLES M. PRATT. A MHERST COLLEGE OLIO. ASSOCIATION OF LOWELL. President, NATHAN ALLEN, M.D., LL.D. Secretary, CHARLES W. MOIKEY. ASSOCIATION OF CENTRALTMASSACHUSETTS. President, Rev. DAVID O. MEERS. Secretary, GEO. H. MELLEN, Esq., Worcester. ASSOCIATION OF OHIO. President, Rev. HIRAM C. HAYDN, Cleveland. Secretary, FREDERICK M. SANDERSON. ASSOCIATION OF THE WEST. President, Hon. WIIILIAM G. HAMMOND. Secretary, F. W. PACKARD, Esq., Chicago. ASSOCIATION OF SAN FRANCISCO AND VICINITY President, HENRY B. UNDERIIILL, Esq. Secretary, A. E. WI-IITAIQER, San Francisco. ASSOCIATION OF BALTIMORE. President, HENRY S. STOCKIXRIDGE. Esq. Secretary, I-IERIIERT B. ADAMS, Ph.D. AMIIERST COLLEGE OLIO. THE PICTURE RUSH. It was a sunny afternoon When the class of '90, all, Were gathered together with one consent, On the steps of Walker Hall. - To have their picture, they gathered there In joy right merrilyg A beautiful sight in their freshness fair And their youthful purity. Some came all dressed in their Sunday clothes And some with books in their hand, While some brought with them a cane or two To support their failing sand. Then up and spake young Willie Smith, Who earnestly did implore: O Freshmen dear! put up your canes, For I fear the Sophomore. The Freshmen laughed a scornful laugh And waved their canes in airg While Pach looked to see if his camera glass The shock of the picture could bear. 'tO Freshmen! I hear an awful yell, O, say, what may it be? 'HT is the qmzlriizzze French, they all replied, They are bothering poor Monte. H O Freshmen, I see a hastening throng, O, pray, who can they be ? They're the Sophomoresf' they wildly cried, And sought in vain to flee. The Sophomores came with a mighty rush, While Pach hid himself from sightg And they took the Freshmen from their canes, And left them in sorry plight. 0 Freshmen! I see the form of Doc. Alas! What will he say? ' But the Freshmen answered never a word, For a composite picture were they. f 'I' 2 s M fl f X 'Q fffff '-55' gXXx X ff! f. A ,,,,,-..,- . ,f . . f- SQ ' ' N .,,. Kf- , , , , . ,Y . - 74 AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. SIXTY-SIXTH AMHERST COLLEGE COMMENCEMENT WEDNESDAY, JUNE 29, 1887. ORDER OF EXERCISES. MUSIC. PRAYER III' THE PRESIDENT. 0 H U H H H H H H Pessimism in Philosophy and Life, - - The Influence of Literature upon History, A Successful Experiment, - - - The Significance of Political Issues, - - 1:- MUSIC. Laissez-Faire, - - - - The Legacy of Savonarola, - The Nation's Debt to the Indian, - - The Anglo-Saxon and the Temperance Cause, MUSIC. ARTHUR C. RoUNDs. ALBERT P. DAVIS. JOHN BIGHAM. WALTER P. WHITE. HERMAN W. HALEY. RALPH S. ROUNDS. FREDERICK M. THOMPSON. WILLARIJ B. THORP. CONFERRING OF DEGREES. PRAYER. AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. 75 CLASS DAY OFFICERS OF EIGHTY-SEVEN. President, - Vice-President, Secretary, - Treasurer, Class Orator, Class Poet, - Grove Orator, - Grove Poet, - Ivy Orator, - Ivy Poet, - Toastmaster, - Prophet, - '- - Prophet on Prophets, - Historian, - - Choregus, - - - Gymnasium Captain, - Vice Gymnasium Captain, Marshal, ---- W. F. HARPER. KENDRICK. A. MIRICK. A. KEENE. M. MURPIIEY. BIGI-IAM. B. BULKLEY. P. WI-II'I'E. P. DAVIS. B. TIIORP. K. HALE. BROUGII, JR. O. CHASE. T. ALLEN. M. PALMER. B. PRATT. V. HUBBARD, B. PRATT. MONITORS FROM EIGHTY-EIGHT. Z. W. CooIvIIIs of Class of '88. G. M. HYDE of Class of ,9O. A. V. DAVIS of Class of '89. A. H. PIERCE of Class of '9I. w ' ' , 0 X n 55 Qs. DQ 65' ww Q . - 0 Q 2? 9 5 2 0 af: 0 9 awww Q9 3 cs , ra 09305 A Www G' 45 VM 3 Q9og 1235 068111021 ' ' 109479 1-'N 66,990 W Q , H lj Wm? 590 WQWQQL 0 204 N13 V ,gy 5 090352 , . 0 fa W9 9005 '50 '12, 0957 Qc! QQQQOW Q 4? 'QQQ 42 ra WCW 9 me fi -'99 9 51? 90 avi U 9 953 9 56 9 QV? L 3 S Q0 W Q 'Yi 1 LQGQYDU BDO fx NW QM HUTCHINS PRIZES 4115, HUTCIIINS PRIZE 165, . AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. PRIZE MEN. I BERTRAM PRIZE SCIIOLARSIIII1, . BILLINGS PRIZE, . . . THOMPSON PRTZES,. . SOPIIOMORE PRIZES, . FRESI-IMEN PRIZES, . . KELLOGG PRIZES, . . HAIKIJX' PRIZES, . . HYDE PRIZE, . . BOND PRIZE,. . . LESTER PRlZES,. . GERMAN PRIZES, . . . FRENCH AND ITALIAN WALKER PRIZE, . . . PORTER PRIZE, . . SAWYER PRIZl'2,. . WOODS PRIZE, . GILBERT PRIZE, .... .. .. PRIZE, QI5 L. HAYWARD, Q25 E. S. HUNT, . . A. H. PIERCE, . . H. W. HALEY, . . 12.1. HARLOW, QI5 G. M. HYDE, Q25 JAMES EWING, QI5 G. B. CHURCIIILI., 425 F. 1. WOODIIRIDIIE, QI5 A. F. BUCK, C25 W. H. SMITII, W. H. DAY, ' ' A. B. MACNEILIS, QI5 A. C. ROUNDS, Q25 A. M. MUlil'IllEX', . . T. C. WIl.I.AIiIJ, . . JOIIN BIOIIAM, QI5 W. M. PREST, Q25 E. C. l-IUNTINCTON, U5 A. M. LI'1'TLl'2, Q25 R. H. SESSIONS, . . Z. W. COOMIIS, KA. H. PIERCE, 'l A. S. CODY, . . W. P. WI-IITE, 3 W. H. DODD, ' ' lj. M. CLARI-, BIGIIAM, j JOIIN 1 A. P. DAVIS, . . The Class of 1888. PORTER ADMISSION PRIZE, .... A- COOLEY- R. 5. WOODWORTII, Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class of of of of of of of of of of of of of of of of of of of of of of 77 I89o. 1888. I887. I887. I888. 1889. ISQO. I889. I 890. I887. I887. I887. 1888. I888. I888. 1888. I889. I887. 1889. 1890. I887. I89I. who prepared for col- lugc at the Newton High School. 78 AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. HARDY PRIZE DEBATE. COLLEGE HALL, APRlL 27, 1887. QUES'I'ION.-.46607'll'Z.7lg' lo jh1'c.s'wz! z'na'z'm!z'ous, is Merc more If hope fhzm jivzrfm' fhL'f?lflll'L' of om' COIf7lf7fjl ? DEBATERS FROM CLASS OF BARRY BULKLEY, A. P. DAVIS, A. D. MURPHEY, A. C. RoUNDs, '87. R. S. ROUNDS, F. M. THOMPSON, W. P. WHITE, H. O. Woon. FIRST PRIZE, A. C. ROUNDS. SECOND PRIZE, A. D. MURPHEY. AMI-IERST COLLEGE OLIO. HYDE PRIZE SPEAKING. COLLEGE HALL, JUNE 27, 1887. CLASS OF EIGHTY-SEVEN. MUSIC. Reconstruction, ------ WILLIAM TYLER BLISS. The Mission of John Quincy Adams, EDWARD DWIGHT BLODGET1 A Popular Verdict Re-examined, - - GEORGE HENRY HAYNES. MUSIC. THOMAS CLIE'I'oN WILLAIQD. ARTIIUR CHARLES ROUNDS. Henry Ward Beecher, - BARRY BULKLEY. justice to Robert Leef' - J - - U Charles Sumner, - - - PRIZE, THOMAS CLIFTON WILLARD. 1 80 AMI-IERST COLLEGE OLIO. LESTER PRIZE SPEAKING. COLLEGE HALL, WEDNESDAY, MAY II, 1887. CLASS OF EIGHTY-EIGHT. Perils of Culture, Luck and Pluck, - - The Rise of Abolitionismi' - - Milton's Satan, ---- Munka.csy's 'Christ Before Pi1ate,' - MUSIC. Uses of the Imagination, - - Wilberforce and Garrison, - Gordon at Kartoumf' - N - The Search for the Holy Grailj' A The Infiuence of Rousseau, - - M USIKT. SIIATTUCR O. HARTXVELL CHARLES SULLIVAN. WII,I.IAM M. PRIEST. PAUL C. PI-IILLIPS. SAMUEL C. BROOKS. ALBERT S. BARIJ. ELLERY C. HUNTINGTON. ELERIIJGE C. WIIITING. FRED L. CHAPMAN. SAMUEL D. WARRINER. FIRST PRIZE, WILLIAM M. PREST. SECOND PRIZE, ELLERY C. HUNTINGTON. AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. 81 KELLOGG PRIZE SPEAKING. COLLEGE HALL, SATURDAY, JUNE 25, 1887. The Maiden and the Curfew, Horatio Nelson, the Hero,', Daniel O'Connel1, - - MUSIC. NINETY. The Unconscious Greatness of Stonewall jack- son, ---- Retribution as Portrayed by Dickens, - MUSIC. EIGHTY-NINE. The Realism of Dickens, - - - A Scene at the Natural Bridge, Type of Heroismf' - - - The New South, - - Karl the Martyr, - - - MUSIC. FRANK C. PUTNAM. JOHN M. BURNS. ALLAN B. MACNEILL. LEMUEL C. STRICKLANIJ. FREDERICK C. SAYLES. STEIIIIEN R. JONES. GEORGE B. CHURCHILL. GEORGE A. HAIXLOXV. WILLIAM H. DAY. HOXVAIKD WILSON. PRIZE, '89, WILLIAM H. DAY. PRIZE, ,9O, ALLAN B. MACNEILL. 6 82 AMHERST COLLEGE 0LI0. SOCIAL UNIGN PRIZE SPEAKING. COLLEGE HALL, MONDAY, JUNE 20, 1887. PROGRAMME. Harold, - - - ----- JOHN M. CLAPP. The Monk as a Civilizer, ALBERT W. CRocKE'I'1 Character of Napoleon, - - RAL1-1-I B. STERRETT. Civics, ---- ALLAN B. MACNEILL. f' Cardinal Wolsey. - - - - ANDREW H. MULNIX. 'f National Distrustj' - - - WILLIAM B. D0vLE. David Livingstone's Last journey. - - EDWIN F. NORTHRUP. Glimpse of Lincoln, - - - FRANK C. PUTNAM. FIRST PRIZE, ANDREW H. MULNIX. SECOND PRIZE, FRANK C. PUTNAM. T1-IIRD PRIZE, WILLIAM B. DOYLE. AMI-IERST COLLEGE OLIO. 83 KELLGGG FIFTEENS. Class of '8g. G. B. CHURCHILL, E. H. COPELAND, W. H. DAY, H. N. DICKINSON, W. V. GRAY, G. A. HARLOW, J. S. HITCHCOCK, S. R. JONES, J. W. MEIIRIAM, F. E. SI-AULDING, C. F. STEARNS, F. E. TUTTLE, R. H. WADHAMS, H. H. WILLCOX, P. H. WILSON, Class of 'go. W. R. BAR'I'LET'1', J. MCK. BURNS, W. B. COLTON, F. A. DELABARRIC, F. B. DOANE, EDWIN DUFFEV, H. W. GATES, F. B. HARRISON, E. S. HUNT, A. B. MACNEILL, E. F. NORTHRUP, E. T. POPE, JR., F. C. PUTNAM, L. S. STRICKLAND, J. H. TAYLOR, JR. KELLOGG FIVES. G. B. CHURCHILL, J. MCK. BURNS, W, H. DAy, A. B. MACNEILL, G, A, HARLOW, F. C. PUTNAM, S. R. JONES, F. C. SAYLES, JR., P, H, WILSON, L. S. STRICKLAND. AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. HONORARY SOCIETY. PHI BETA KAPPA. FoIINmIn NI' WII.I.IAIxI ANI: MARI' CoI.I.If:cau, 1776. lim-A OF IXIAssAcIIIsI 11's lC5'l'AUl.lSIlED 1853. OFFICERS. PIIESIDENT, Rev. W. S. TYLER. VICE-PRESIIJENT, Rev. J. H. SEELYE. SEcnE'I'AIw, Prof. W. S. ESTY. OFFICERS OF CLASS OF EIGHTY-EIGHT. PRESIDENT, Z. W. COOMBS. VICE-PIIESIIJENT, A. H. PIERCE. SECIIETAIIY, JAMES EWING. , TIIEASUIIEII, G. W. THOMPSON. FIRST DRAWING FROM EIGHTY-EIGHT. Z. W. Coomns, G. M. HYDE, A. V. DAVIS, A. M. LITTLE, JAMES EWING, W. J. MoULTo PIERCE, W. D. Goonwm, A. H. G. W. THOMPSON. N ,1 ' 14 51 ,H V al ' - yI',Q ,1?f A iZQj,L 'M ','T i'Q', 'l q M 'fm f m 02912 In '1 ' V 'V 'N ,QM I gf' ffllyll :fv 'Fw WNNQL I 1 'N if Luv Nwfjf, ' 'qi' EM' ffl 7,57 51'-kil mqli pl Wgwx' when W V, ' y '. ?,f'If,- 'ff' 121' ,- 1',2U'c W 1 , 11 f N u 4' 'M J i' 7 i' of f ' ' 7 ', ' ' J I 'rv' ' ' 'M ,' 'IJ ','f,'11' , L5 lf!! -5722 ,. V-3:.Tf Lr ll, wi ' + 'f:fi,'fi 44m'f. ' ' Y' U ' ' 'H l i 'f l f'1'1?'-!ff' -N ' 5 M '1w1:'1 MbT5H1 'fE' 'T' 13' J '1 Q ' fi , MII. 11 N ,f?ll1' ':.3yMUW ' , 1' I ,' y 1 - W ,5 5,f 'q' f'W ' W ,' w ffz'1 1 'Ju inf! his 1 1'1 ,ff'w!f ' ,MMM 39' A in . ,ww rw' 51,53 gmwy y,-wf N 5f,4W ' Q 'f ' 'inf ' 'T7- 4? i Jf5 f ,M M 'M 'Wi' 1' 'ff 1,',f'1 . M1'Q 9'a'ff 1'i 'r'l4 lf, . 11.55-F-i ,fi ' 11 fm-' 3 wr ' f w ,. f Cl i1CHa A wi ff 'vw H if 91 ' Zi 'ii -' M ' h' i1 M vw 19' ' A-Jai: 'E -' C -- J-'-'Y i'wf 1f+ V11l,Uf f, Q' ,N ' fi' -- Q. rl9,'! ,wg :W 1 1H' + s 'f'ax'f , f1a2F'zww ' W M' A' , 'ff 'WW ' 'M ' M 5L57f5'i'5' ' W ' W' w FJ M-1' p Rim ql flwillm EJIIEW RS 'XM 'WE I mv f fm ' 1 ' - ' , w N1 H 'A 'M 11 ' -NE ' qu 3 fx , A Lw I,-lwfw 1 1'Q.NQ? IM i i'J1'WwNW I-44-U, N ,WMU L: RN I ,WH ,QW ' ',' 'IH W L wg twjff-'P w!,'l.'l ' '0 ',L 'lcwy bwlf' tvfyfg i iw 'Sf' - VN, ,WW 'W 'lv' 'yfjwfl' ' Y 1 ', 1: MOU., ' F, lfflg' QQm'q1l U ' H ws ' - W --P M 1 ' ' ' W1 W s 'W 'f' f 3, H , U W4 , ,f Y ww x.-. x -,112-'NI'--5:,l ' , Q ,' Je l i 1,W -M rii ' 'J J g' 3 ,!' ' JJ :514 Ti,.j :.-E f- 5 ' fm W' -F' N 'UL 86 AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. 771 772 '73 '74 ,75 776 '77 778 '79 '80 '81 '82 783 184 185 '86 787 f . 1 HISTORICAL FACTS. PRESIDENTS OF AIVII-IERST COLLEGE. 1. REV. ZEPHANIAH S. MooRE, D.D., 1821-1823. 2. REv. HEMAN HUMPHREY, D.D., 1823-1845. 3. REV. EDWARD HITCHCOCK, D.D., 1845-1854. 4. REV. WILLIAM A. STEARNS, D.D., 1854-1876. 5. REV. JULIUS H. SEELYE, D.D., LL.D., 1876. ,.,.,,i,,,,.,..,,, 4 HYDE PRIZE MEN. Since its Eslablislzment, wilh Subkcts M Oralions. 77 9 70. C. W. AMES, ---- Puritanism of the Nineteenth Century. W. C. BROWNELL, - I ------ Thackeray. J. W. SIMPSON, - - The Church of Rome and the Fine Arts. BERNODOTTE BANCROFT, Margaret of Anjou in History and in Drama F. J. BENNER, T. A. STEWART, A. F. SKEELE, G. L. SMITH, - W. O. WEEDEN, - A. P. WHI1'E, - H. C. FOLGER, - F. E. STEIIEINS, - W. H. CRITTENDEN, - FREDERICK A. BANCROFT, CHARLES S. ADAMS, - JAMES P. LOFTUS, - FREDERICK P. No1I1.1-:.- D. F. KELLOGG, - T. C. WILLARD, - - - Myths of tl1e North. - - - t' Napoleon III. - U Progress or Retrogression - Bismarck and Germany Unity. H Self-control of the American People. 7 7 7 77 - 77 7 - The Two Conquestsf - - U Tennyson. - 'I The New South. - - Savonarola. 7 7 77 The Fanatic in History. - The Abolition Orator. - The Poetry of Democracy. 77 7 - The Statesman for the I-Iour.' - - - John Brown.' - Justice to Robert E. Lee 7 '60, '61, '62, '63, '64, '65, '66, '67, '68, '69, 370, '71, '72, '73, '74, '75, '76, '77, '78, '79, '80, '81, '82, '83, '84, '35, '86, '37, '75, '76, '77, '73, '79, '80, AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. HARDY PRIZE MEN. First Prize. FRANCIS A. WALKER, F. H. BOYNTON, T. PORTER STONE, ROBERT I. JONES, F. G. MCDONALD, ALBERT G. BALE, GEORGE BRAYTON, CASSIUS M. TERRY, CHARLES F. WELLS, JOSEPH K. CHICKERINO, WILLIAR'I W. WICKICS, JOSEPH N. BLANCHARD, C. F. MOIKSE, LEWIS SIJERRV, GEORGE Y. WASPIISUIQN, GEORGE B. ADAMS, GEORGE L. SMITH, FRANK S. ADAMS, WILLIAM A. KING, CHARLES H. PERCIVAL, JOSEPH E. BANTA, GILES H. STILWELL, EDSON D. HALE, B. RUSH RI-IEES, JAMES H. TUFTS, JASON HINMAN, J. B. CLARK, A. C. ROUNDS, '60, '61, '62, '63, '64, '65, '66, 767 '68, '69, ,70, '71, '72, '73, '74, '75, '76, '77, '78, '79, '8o, '81, '82, '33, '34, '35, '86, '37, Second Prize. FRANCIS E. TOWER, JOHN DOLE, ISAAC H. MATNARD, GEORGE H. WELLS, JAMES H. LEE, WILLIAM S. KNOX, VINCENT MOSES, ALBERT W. HUIIIIARD, FRANK W. ROCKWIELL, ALVAI-I B. KI'1 I'R1f:D1sI-:, A. J. '1'I'I'SwOR'I'1-1, JOHN W. SIMPSON, A. J. BENEDICT, 'FALCOTT WILLIARIS, CHARLES SMITH, R. M. SMITH, GEORO1-1 W. CLOAK, HENRY D. MAXSON, GEORGE A. CONANT, NEHICMIAH BOYNTON, CHARLES S. LANE, WILFORIJ L. RORIIINS, LUCIUS H. '1'I-IAYER, WILLIARI B. SPROUT, WAl.'l'I'IR F. WILLCON, EZRA P. PRENTICE, T. FORD, A. D. NIURPHEY. BOND PRIZE MEN. W. B. ELY, G. W. CLOAK, R. S. SMITH, H. N. GARDNER, G. S. COIT, A. L. GILLETT, '87, JOHN BIGHA '81, '82, E. G. RAND, R. C. SMITH, '83, C. A. TLITTLE, '34, '35, '86, M. JAMES MAHONEV, GEORGE E. GARDNER, C. H. NVHITE, AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. Q 74, '75, '76, '77, '78, '79, fs O '81, '82, '83, 7 3 Is 84, 'S5. S6 7, ss, 'S 9, KELLOGG PRIZE MEN. Sophomores. GEORGE A. LELAND, '75, ARTHUR F. SKEELIC, '76, GEORGE L. SMITH, '77, SUMNER SALTER, '78, ALDEN P. WPIITE, '79, NAIIIU KANDA, '80, ARTHUR N. MILLIKEN, '81, WILLIAM HINCHLlFIfli, '82, JOHN C. WILLIAMS, '83, CHARLES S. ADAMs, '84, FRANK J. GOODWIN, '85, FREDERICK D. GREENE, '86, EDWARD T. FORD, '87, josEI-H L. DIXON, '88, FRED L. CHAPMAN, '89, WILLIAM H. DAY, '90, Freshmen. GEORGE F. FORBES, ROEERT H. FULTON, WILLIAM O. WEEDEN, AUcsUs'I'INE A. BUXTON, WILLIAM W. DAVIS, CHARLES H. SAWYER, ANDREW F. UNDERHILI FRANKLIN 13. HUssEx', ALEXANDER D. NOYES, WILLIAM S. ROSSITER, CLARENCE M. AUSTIN, ALONZO M. MURIAHEY, BARRY BULKLEY, LINCOLN B. GOODRICH, EDWARD FAIRBANK, ALLAN B. MACNEILL. 'I 'Q I Q 1 x -sdf-f'ZZfQg'wL-,AL ffl rlwffjwiwl-I NQEATXE, f -13 lm' ' E -Trl.,-P Ci..f,..Qf I - IW 'Miz f . .ll f3.L,,sf,f5!' 4I, v , FW if JW flI E I W -Xk:WVg ll -I--A-.x mf! Z IIITMIUI My vm , A we s . w, S N' .Hem ff f' M V mf' 1UUi ' QA QMIIW' .' 4jx J A I fr!IUfTlfV ' -- m 45fy4n ' iw 11 'H ff w i N! w i ll if N! V1 iv 2 .v f ' 1f?fFr . I: 4v f ' ff-'- -jgkisu X N If 'Wfffg-dI'f ' if ' -7E Ayf,,X ' Q1 IVAQ' u .ww f E . f- ,f 1, IW J,1l1 1.1I U Nfl III W !'I.:.1 K f b WM? :HH ', 'M X I, ffgxxl, '11 if, Qbli., XT dx Q j il ll I1 In I f M1 X 3 X!-,ff , jlgmbjglllknx XMXQXI Alxsgx I Vw ' Lf f ilm W i: JIM! + w if W Q f W ff! 1 YK 1 kv EMM' Ns HMI +?iff? W x ii K 1' il f ' ' f' U, i:'iii fY . M ffl1y:f.Mlx I ' M fhifmifiwiffrr ' Jazz? W I , f E - I ffgzq i' V' 1 W 4 k lw In ' ' AMHERST COLLEGE 01.10. GLEE CLUB. OFFICERS. JOHN MILLER, '88, - - - PRESIDENT. W. P. BIGELOW, '89, - - SECRETARY. F. S. HYDE, '88, - - - LEADER. F. L. CHAPMAN, '88, - MANAGER. W. P. BIGELOW, '89, First Tenor. R. M. A. D1xoN, '91, F A. W. PARSONS, '88. Second Tenor. 4 . MCFADDEN, '8 . TIFFANY, '91, C. H. EDWARDS, '88, S. BROOKS, '88, F. S. HYDE, '88, C. HOLTON, '89, E. 'A. WPII'1'E, '89. First Bam. L. B. RICHARDS, '88, JOHN MILLER, '88, A. B. INGALLS, '90, E. E. HAMILTON, '91 F. B. HARR1s0N,'9o. Seeond Bass. C. W. BISPHAM, '83 F. B. jEwE'1'T,'88, O. B. MERRII.L, '91, E. W. BLATC1-1FoRD, '9 H. D. HAMMOND, '91. W arbler. W h zlrller. L. B. RICHARDS, '88. 101-1N MILLEIK, '88. QUARTET. First Tenor, W. P. B1GELow. First Bass, L. B. RICHARDS Second Tenor, C. H. EDWARDS. Second Bass, C- W. B1sPHA1s1 A M HERST COLLEGE OLlO.' 91 THE COLLEGE CHOIR. First T mor. W. M. LEONARD, '88, Second Iknor. W. P. B1GE1.ow, '89. C. H. EDWARDS, l88, C. L. Buss, '88, C. W. BISPHAM, '88, F z'r.rt Bam. .Serond Bass. F. S. HYDE, '88. L. B. RICHARDS, '88. I. MCK. BURNS, ,9O. Organzlrt, W. F. SKEELE, '88. CONCERTS-1886-7. South Deerfield, Nov. I2 Westfield, Nov 23 Goshen, N. V., Nov 24 Kingston, N. Y., Nov. 25 liasthampton, Nov 26 Geneva, N. V., Dec. 16 Dunkirk, N. Y., Dec. I7 Ravenna, O., llec. 18 Cleveland, O., Dec 20 Kalamazoo, Mich., Dee 21 Chicago, lll., Dec. 22 Aurora, Ill., 'Dee 25 Milwaukee, Wis., Dec. 27 Racine, Wis., Dec. 28 Elgin, Ill., Dec 29 Peoria, Ill., Dec. 30 -v Pekin, Ill., Dec. 3F Augusta, Me., March 31 Kankakee, lll., jan. 1 NVaterville, Me., April 1 Mansfield, O., jan. 3 llangor, Me., April - Massillon, U., -Ian. 4 Hanger, Me., April 4 Ravenna, O., jan. 5 Salem, April 5 Akron, O., jan. 6 Brockton, April 6 Amherst, jan. 31 Newton Center, April 7 Northznnpton, l elJ. I4 Andover, April S Hartford, Ct., Feb. 21 Exeter, N. H., April 9 Middletown, Cl., Feb. 22 Amesbury, April 1 West Newton, March Il Lowell, April I2 VVellesley, March I2 Athol, April 3 Springfield, March 21 Holyoke, April 21 Fitchburg, March 28 South Hadley, May I2 Nashua, N. ll., March 29 Chieopee, ' May 28 Saco, Me., March 30 Amherst, - june 27 92 AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. W -x ffff if W x M8 8 f gffifffj N gffisf5iST3.x - ' x 1 A My X f ff X Z iw 'H--'MQ 'I l'H'lQj33-I ' f X1 ,fx X S f f K f 'X f . ,X '.-,- -W., l g -f'4 I K -- ', X f, -89 '11 1' ' If-visx 4, f7f:1n-.i- . f 'Q figffff ffiW5 Sr , if 4 I ' X5 Jf XB f ' 5 ff ,L - jk' fi5- lf A AMHERST COLLEGE BANJO CLUB. BANJOS. G. S. ALLEN, '89, A. F. HOGAN, '91, C. EnsA1.1.. '89, J. C. D. K11'cH1aN, '9l, R. I-I. WAD1-1AMs, '89, S. S. THo111'1z, '91 fLeaderj. GUITARS. R. H. CUSHMAN, '89, ' E. A. W111'r1:, '89, W. Esrv, '89, F. B. WALKER, 'QI- AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. FRESHMEN BANJO CLUB. BANJOS. G. W. CABLE, JR., W. A. HENDEIQSON J. M. W. FARNHAM, A. F. HOGAN, E. E. HAMILTON, J. C. D. KITCHEN. S. S. THORPE fLeadery. GUITARS. W. B. COLTON H. K. STILES, O. B. MEIQRILL F. B. WALKER. 94 GYMN ASI UM. OFFICERS. CLASS OF EIGHTY-EIGHT. E. C. HUNTINGTON , - - CAPTAIN. H. L. JACOBS, - - - VICE-CAPTAIN. Plaloon Ojirers. H. L. JACOBS, Z. W. Coolvms, W. M. PREST, A. V. D AVIS. CLASS OF EIGHTY-NINE. C. F. STEARNS , - - - CAPTAIN. S. R. JONES, - - - VICE-CAPTAIN. Plalaon Ojicers. R. P. WATKINS, E. H. COPELAND E. E. JACKSON, JR., S. R. JONES. CLASS OF NINETY. F. B. HARRISON, - - CAPTAIN. W. C. BURNS, - - - VICE-CAPTAIN. Platoon Ojicers E. A. R ICHARDSON, G. W. Kvnuuc, T. G. DUNHAM. AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. HEAVY GYNINASTIC EXHIBITION. PRATT GYMNASIUM, MARCH 25, 1887. Led by G. A. WHITE, '87, COLLEGE GYMNAST. C'lz'mbz'ng Rope. Ist, A. H. P11sRcl-:, '88, zd, E. P. Ho1.ToN, '87. Parallel Bars. Ist, E. F. GAGE, '88, zd, P. C. PHILLIPS, '88. Rzumzhg Hzzgk jump. Ist, S. D. WAIiRINliR, '88, 5 ft. IM in. zd, C. W. PORTER, '89. Floor Tmnbling. Ist, A. B. RIPLEY, '88, zd, P. C. PH1LL1Ps, '88. ' Hzlgh Kzkk. Ist, C. W. PORTER, '89, 8 ft. 4 in. zd, S. D. WARRINER, '88. Swingirgq !Bz'ng.r. Ist, C. W. MARSHALL, '88, zd, A. B. RIPLEY, '88. bgfllllllllllagf H zlgh jump. lst, F. L. GARFIELD, '88, 4 ft. 631 in. zd, S D. WARRINER, '88. Pulling Shot. Ist, M. H. HOUGHTON, IQO, 30 ft. 73,5 in. zd, C. W. PORTER, '89. Vaullirgg Bar. lst, E. S. Bovu, '90, 6 ft. 9 in. Bzzlule Board xst, C. L. SHERMAN, '88, 7 ft. 34 in. zd, S. D. WAIlR!NER, '88. Sparring. P. C. PHILLIPS AND S. C. BROOKS, '88. Club Swz'ngz'ng. Ist, R. B. STERRETT, '9o. Banner to '88. S. D. WARRINEII, '88, College Gymnast. juomss. E. H. FALLOWS, '86, W- A- HUNT. '35, W, 5, BUITFUM, '34, E. HITCHCOCK, JR., '78. ytx rf' ' xx Mlilwm 'i fm WWE '-EA lx ik . ,--f--- 'S ... '-.25 ' :gait Win U 'WVWWW' 'HQ ..,- .- .N . x- :nn --- U J fmuuun Wmswmx - . XX X! I 'I ml J J W mmm 4s a ff Z4 - Se., z wg, . 9 -, ies' 5, ,ix AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. AMHERST COLLEGE BASE BALL ASSOCIATION. OFFICERS. H. L. WILKINSON, - - G. s. TENNEY, - - - D. P. KIMBALL, - J. E. OLDHAM, - - DIRECTORS. G. S. TENNEY, F. A. DELABARRE, PRESIDENT. VICE-PRESIDENT. SECRETARY. TREASURER. D. P. KIMBALL, H. C. CROCKER. UNIVERSITY NINE. SEASON OF 1887. T. F. TURNER, p. L. W. MCLENNAN, 3b. A. P. Ar.voRD, c. P. C. PHILLIPS, s. s. QCapt.J W. E. DAVIDSON, Ib. E. T. POPE, JR., r. f. L. E. JUDSON, 2b. J. E. OLDHAM, c. f. G. D. SToRRs, 1. f. Substitutes, A. F. STEARNS, RICHARD BIELCHER. UNIVERSITY NINE GAMES WITH OTHER COLLEGES. Amherst 'u.r. Brown, Amherst vs. Brown, - Amherst vs. Williams, - Amherst w. Dartmouth, - Amherst w. Dartmouth, - Amherst w. Williams, Amherst w. Brown, Amherst w. Brown, - Amherst vs. Dartmouth, - Amherst w. Dartmouth, - Amherst w. Williams, - Amherst vs. Williams, 1 - - - 14-I ' I4-4 - 6-xo I- I 3 - 7-26 3-5 ' 23-5 - F orfeited. - 7-21 I2- I 4 - 6-3 9-7 X xilxxl ,j -. ' ' ' f ,,, -- kv n' '- ffl 1'w-li W X f ' ' 1 f X, XX 'NX -W c- i , s. wxg fil x.. ,,f X I X lii ff:'i1Hi911? ,- Q ff f F U f -1- .1-'Z' f A Y 1 f zix :XL-915.5---1 .T 11'W ',-WEB, 4 j , Z f ' 1 I . -. X535 -.f,?., ig., ww'.,,,,w,!,mn7:,yL,,,l K, f ' . X'-R Mnezwfavffvffww 1 - X ,L -f -I J-,+gq5,,,y,1.,y ,,. ' ,, .f f , ' 4, I f X ' - ' Lf-f , 1 ' ii' .1H7':t' M12 ' 1 .', 'T J ' , -X X X 'A Phi Mi? fwlfrvn 'f f:7' x f' gf 3' fn- A f .4,:....l?-211:15 , 64541. mf - ' , 4.1 V ,ffl f x , 'um V, df, 7' - L fhgmzgaf ., , ,f'w-- ,fgf-I ' .fa-M11-141-', x 1 r 1 K4 P I 1' ' ,f,..-I 4 1 QM: Vv f 'f f 4' 14-'JA-J:v1'X , f i' A B- ' ' f,, ' vm' pf I . .-1' vw 1 4 n , fa f, ' f ,451 ,A ,WX 47.4 y,,s,s,1,', fl. !f,i1512ZWHQ4ff , 'K f . '. oy , ,.., - -- .J-. Wh +V' 'J y .:4 A I J -5 ,lm 1 ZWW5 ff f ., ,, 1 W' 1 f .m::..:f Q' ff ' 77 w us2z'5g:: 3fs55E12fg.J ,X 55 ' 'F M '21 L, . l ,Q iGQQk. 4 7'xq' -SWL' SQ muxzu 1 i if NX' Q 'XB NK X fl L K 5 A Q 3 X '-1 'X X Q . X X , 2 aim? i E. S A 3 Q fx , x -. S A R3- xwx S. A' Nw x ni X R Nw W 2 xx ii X Y: . 5 QW My 3 W: ' 4 : 54 ix ' ,S N 5 X I 9? Q 2 X I el R GX X ' L , -4 ,-,... wg F,- 'I v '4 - ' - - --g.. J i- ,. Q - ' ., f .. . , f fjx . .. , , f- fp 1, ,,, 42- -f fl-LA,-,, .. ,- - A ' ' 1E:..,. in-W , .-- --gi-ie 44.4- . iw. 'Ti AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. AMHERST COLLEGE FOOT BALL ASSOCIATION. OFFICERS. W. L. BREWSTER, '88, - P1u2sIDEN'1'. G. P. STEELE, '88, - VICE-1'1u3s1D1:NT. H. A. SMITH, '89, - - SEc1ua'1'A1zY AND Tlumsulusn. D11u:cTo1as. G. P. STEELE, '88, M. H. HOUGHTON, '90 H. A. SMITI-1, '89, F. RYc1cMAN,'91. COLLEGE ELEVEN, '87. Rushers. G. P. STEIELE, '88, A. B. RIPLEY, '88, W. R. HOWARD, '89, M. H. I-IOUGHTON, '90, C. W. Ifoxwlzu, '89, H. C. CROCKER,'9I, H. A. Smrrn, '89. Quarler Bark. P. C. PHILLIPS, '88. Hay Backs. A. F. S'1'EA1zNs CCapt.J, '88, E. T. POPE, Jn., '9o. Back. G. D. STORRS, '89. Sub.rtz'lu!e.v. -I. E. SNIITH, '88, H. H. WILLCOX, ,89. 'ICO AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. X , S- 'AQ '-x'Xv.:'kfQyfx Xxx--4,lyy'x',xN' 'EH 'N HI Iwi wg I Ip 1 fl! 1 1 1 f -SQRRfwRNBIIIfIRITMRWM f f L., ixxxxix..-. -. X i Vx X1 Q ,X I Y X If f 4- BN! R .B A RV II I 5 -, ' 'WW X I f. NQSXNXWBI X R U I ' Qi, 5-ax V X' ' X A 1 Y 7 7' QW WR . I Y Mfg' E142 g:.gj-QNX., , X. R X , X ,XA , f 'fx -F, vkzgm xxx 4 ,f f rglw.. iq-L!l.:-NPS? 9'7Sil5C X 'qi-?IXaq..-2 S'DJ F' .i'i-'QQ' -:.4,!L.f5.gfQ1g-1 jrlufg 'TT- '1 1'-fi : ' , R. 3 ,fa-SQirflg2.,L, 2 4 2- QI-I+ ' Liig- I' 'i ,fgf:' .-:, - fy x' V Z' -If 2,- Q -- 1 A -eghggi-ijt W 7- N'?5K,2q M H' 'EIN ,...f.12f 1 MIK TH I. N -!'g5'5.1n?2?E???5:Q??5f3.' - 'E 21. 'EN ' I'f,.935Z4,w1IIy ay, I l:::.:..5g:5,f.,5f:::5::.fagg' Qflfif 1,4339 f. W ffgagageggiiqgiiggig55392 I 1.IK.,:g,g,4.WxxXwu 1 x.,. I. Q?Qi-ff'ir1f ' ' Wie. AX ff , Vffwn A if ' fy ff? '55 1 ' .E - f -S .Eff QL -x4M-:f1qg-,- , ' ' 'Lffl ,Nr--fi' SN 7.3 'fi s..-f:..-f.f 5 ' 7? -':1,.,,. . if 1' X.. A V. 04 , Z, . 54414,-.ff fi-.. ,K xx I 71,1 V W '., ga! -----.,.,, ,,,, .xv X .. AMHERST TENNIS ASSOCIATIGN. OFFICERS. W. E. DAVIDSON, - - PRESIDENT. R. H. SESSIONS, - SECRETARY AND TREASURER. CLASS DIRIECTORS. s. C. BROOKS, P. H. WILSON, - J. H. TAYLOR, - w. B. COLTON, - SENIOR DIRECTOR. , JUNIOR DIRECTOR. SOPI-IOMORE DIRECTOR. FRESI-IMAN DIRECTOR. COLLEGE TEAMS. Singles. W. DAVIDSON, '88. ---- - s. C. BROOKS, 'ss. Doubles. ' W. E. DAVIDSON, '88. ---- - S. C. BROOKS, '88. X x X N S X ' J Vxf- K , - ii X ' x 'A W f xhxk, N. nn., Q' J ,fl p ' X .X A ua ' V V 21. af n j yfu, 1 ff' H ff e,WVWW . I f nf N 20 ry J I ' El my 3 x , f X IX il ff ,, ,N Q29 Wwwx ,,1, t ,Xa M1 Qillgm P f w EW ,Q HW? , Qfwmwm VWQ, I ff ' ,W 1 MU if P ' Wifi JW K ,J . .f 1ff ,.f1 ,, f V MMM' Q , , f, f ! :- f- b X J ff M Y 'f 2 X I ff! 41 W WW f - yn ,N ,Q YWHQ, N -N. fw' W Z fy- ' WZ' LH . ' H. Y if Xgxx. J Q Xxfx.L.g44,LJ X I O2 AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. AIVIHERST COLLEGE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION. OFFICERS. S. D. WARRINER, '88, - - PRESIDENT. H. W. DICKERMAN, '88, - VICE-PRESIDENT. A. TRUSLOW, '89, - - - SECRETARY AND TREASURER IJIREcToRs. Prof. J. M. TYLER, D. TALMAGE, '89, H. W. DlCKERMAN,,88, T. G. DUNI-IAM, '90, D. E. SMITH, '9I. FIELD OFFICERS, OCT. 15, 1887. JUDGES. Dr. H. H. SEELYE, Prof. W. L. COWLES, Mr. G. G. POND, Mr. F. E. WHITMAN, ' Mr. E. H. FALLOWS, '86, Referee. TIME KIEEPERS. Mr. J. A. RAWSON, E. B. WOODIN, '88, L. B. GooDRIcII, '88. J. L. LINNEI-IAN, '87, Starter. I I I I :U ITI O O 05 if-2. r' EE .bm mm 214121: 3-P11512 xztgg QI- '- 203.032 - I - O HE GI-' LI-' 32 Nl -IT1 ITI L4 Z 9 ww:- F99 209' I nm sf? 'fa 220 F, I-'O' ,gpg OO Q U1 CX If U1 UI 0 9 E'11'1'1'1'1 S m1m'z'ng H zlgh jump. I. . B. WALKER, 79I, 4 ft. 7 in. 2 . L. GARFIELD, '88. 3. S. WHITNEY, '9o. 220 Yards Dash. I' S. HOLTON, '89, 26 2-5 sec. 2 W. HOWLAND, '9O. 3. W. C. DICKEN, '89. 90 Pulling Shot. I. E. T. POPE, JR., '9o. 30 ft. II in. 2. R. P. WATKINS, '89. ' 3. G. A. HARLOW, '89. AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. Running Bases. G. D. STORRS, '89, IS K sec. A. D. OSBORNE, '88, G W. HOWLANIJ, '9o. Two Mz'!e Run. H. DICKERMAN, '88 in. 7M sec. W. , 12 m W. COOMBS, '88. WV' Hia: S-'U CWI'-+ ' Ewa asm U ,..:r.-gp.mQgG' x55 GOWN Z I X- z 'Fm ggi' 'bit' 5' ',p,,4?5 -'N F NO., --OO fg.5f8..POSw' ' 0 N. X n Q R ' Q S. R C' -1 gr 3 cx .-'T' X- . RSX xl P' 5' . THAYER, '89. Ynrowing Base Ball. . BELCHER, '89, 312 ft. II In. . T. POPE, JR., 790. HW E. G. CARLETON, '89. Hop, Step, and jump. G. W. HOWLANIJ. '90, 38 ft. 555 in. D. P. KIMBALL, '89. R. P. WA1'KINS,'89. Hammer Yhrow. F. L. GARFIELD, '88, 67 ft. IOM in. E. T. POPE, JR., '9o. F. L. DOLE, '89. Backward Daxlz. C.- W. PORTER, '89, I654 sec. R. P. WATKINS, '89. D. TALMAGE, '89. II'unnz'ng Long jump. TI-IAYER, '89, I7 ft. 2 in. E. S. BOYD, '9o. A. H. MULNIX, '9o. 0715--Hdgf Mz'!e Run. C. W. PO1lTEIl, '89, 2 min. 1615 sec. C. E. SCIIWEYER, '9I. E. D. DANIELS, ,9O. Running High juum. C. W. PORTER, '89, 5 ft. 2 in. R. S. LUDINGTON, '9I. W. D. RICH, '89. Three-Legged Rare. PORTER AND HOLTON, '89, IGZ sec. DELAIIARRE AND DUNI-IAM, ,9O. DICKEN AND GILBERT, '89. IO IO4 AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. I I. 2 3 I. 2 3. I. 2 3 I 2 3 1 3 I I I 2 3 4 Potato racc, - - Standing high jump, 220 yard clash, - - Putting shot, - Running bases, - Two-mlle run, - Kicking foot-ball, - Standing long jump, lrlundrecl-y:u'cl clash, Throwing base-ball, Hop, step, and jump, 2 3 2 3 Cake Walk. G. A. HARLOW and G. L. BALDWIN. Plug Hat Race. I. G. D. STORRS. Hurdle Race. E. S. WHITNEY, '9o, 20M sec. C. W. PORTER, '89. W S. LUDINGTON, '9I. .Vile Run. Z. W. COoM11s, '88, 5 min. 30 sec. A . S. BURRILI., '91. H. W. DICKIERMAN, '88, H umlred- Yard' Dark. C. W. PORTER, '89,' IO 4-5 sec. G. D. STORRS, '89. S. WHITNEY, '9o. Pole Vzzuli. C. L. SHERMAN, '88, 6 ft. II in. C. W. PORTER, '89. C. S. HOLTON, '89. llffile Walk. C. L. SHERMAN, '88, 8 min. W. O. GILBERT, '9O. V. P. GILIIERT, '89. Quarter-lllile Run. R. IW. CROWELL, '89, I min. G. W. HOWLAND, 'QO- C. S. HOLTON, '89. Ofze-Mil: Bzkycle Race. F. A. DELAEARRE, '9o. F. L. DOLE, '89. R. M. BAGG, JR., IQI. C'on.r0lalz'on. G. A. KELLOGG, '89. W. C. BURNS, '9O. J. H. N. LAcEx','9o. TAYLOR, JR , IQO. AMHERST RIQOIRDS. - 56 2-3 sec. - - 4 ft. IO in. - 2-235 sec. - 2 t. 9 In. - 3152 sec. - IOl1'lll1. 42 sec. - - 1155 ft. - IO ft. 14 in. - IOM sec. - - - 354 ,ff- - 4I ft. 7 111. Two-mile bicycle race, Hammer throw, - Backward clash, - Running long jump, One-half mile run, - Running higlI jump, Three-leggecl race, - Hurdle race, - Mile run, - - Pole vault, - Mile walk, - Quarter-mile run, - - 7 min. 4 2-5 sec. - 83 ft. 3 in 142 sec 20 ft. A in 2 min. IOV sec - 5 ft. QQ in 1356 sec - I9 sec - 4 min. 38 sec - 8 ft. 72 in 7 min. 3655 sec - 5355 sec. CLASS OF EIGHTY-EIGHT. AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. 105 xx .f 'A , If. I' I '51 Q. A, .74 'I ff i . VY, . ,,f, 1 I ,f X, G H CL ,f , ff , .' I ','-'L 'fy 7 TEJISOG ff - ' JY OFFICERS. H. L. WILKINSON, - - - - PRESIDENT. E. E. JACKSON. JR., - VICE-PRESIDENT. G. L. BALDWIN, - - TREASURER. G. N. SEYMOUR, ------ SECRETARY. A. S. BARD, C. W. BISPI-IAM, J. S. BRAYTON, NW. L. BRIcws'I'IcR, S. C. BROOKS, F. I.. CHAPMAN, A. CLARKE, W. E. DAVIDSON, JAMES EWING, C. S. I'IoUGII'I'oN, II. L. JACOIIS, I.. IC. JUDSON, J. Ii. OLDIIAM, A. W. PARSONS, W. II. PERINII, G. N. SEYMOUR, J. IC. SMITII, . F. STEARNS, I. P. STEIILR, G TENNEY, E. B. VAILL, A C, C. li. WILIIAR, H. I.. XVILKINSON. CLASS OF EIGHTY-NINE. G. S. ALLEN, G. A. IIARLOW, A. TRUSLONV, G. L. BALDWIN, li. E. JACKSON, JR., R. H. WADI-IAMS, R. BELCIIER, A. C. JAMES, R. P. VVATKINS, . C. BI-:MIs, S. R. JONES, H. H. WILLCOX, H R. H. CUSHMAN, WILLIAM ES'rv, S. W. FRENCII, F' ST: 2 gg OS ga. 71 5... iff? 5 9 C. F. STEA RNS, G. W. VVILDER, P. H. WILSON, F. J. E. XVOODBRIDGE. IO6 AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. if Y Y' W W Y wx V .1 ,D 1 , 34 9 ya SMG QE 'A l W ylfil -I. I, I ev nw .2 1.1.94 Igmg ll 'h A I ?,Xfi s, ?Y',' if 5 '.Aw.'f .......fw- F 1 A i' nf--. .I I A ff ' if x 1'I.3 5 935 FA I H X ., L ' Xi if ,K -'Q W T? .. U4 L .W -' '--. A .5 - N X f !'? 3-.. V I I, xr 'N' X ' ' 'T . -- fx. ,... A 9 M EPZT Kjgmxrir ' 'UEEITKIXUB jg, BICYCLE CLUB. OFFICERS. R. P. WATKINS, '89, - - PRESIDENT. T. G. DUNHAM, '90, - - VICE-PRESIDENT. LOUIS DERR, '89, - - SECRETARY AND TREASURER. F. L. DOLE, '89, - - - CAPTAIN. F. A. DELABARRE, ,9O, - LIEUTENANT. CLASS OF EIGHTY-NINE. E. A. AIII'I.Ic'I'oN, A. D. SEVERANCE, I.oUIs DERR, R. P. WATKINS, F. I.. Dome, G. W. WILDER. CLASS OF NINETY. F. A. DELAIIARRIQ, II. T. G. DUNIIAM, E. S. L. WII.I.lAMS, JR. CLASS OF NINETY-ONE. R. M. BAGG, JR., F. E. L. BI.A'I'c1-IFORD, H. W. GATES, D. RAYMOND. E. CRosIER, M. NIMs. AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. IO7 SENIOR CLASS ELECTIONS. President, - Vice-President, - Secretary, - Treasurer, - Class Orator, Class Poet, Grove Orator, Grove Poet, Ivy Orator, - Ivy Poet, - Toastmaster, - - Prophet, - - Prophet on Prophet, Historian, - - Choregus, - - Gymnasium Captain, Vice-Captain, - Marshal, - - L. B. Goonmcn, G. S. TENNEY, F. L. GARFIELD, H. L. WILKINSON, C. SULLIVAN, - S. 0. HARTWELL, J. H. MILLER, - A. S. BAIID, - S. D. WARRINER, P. C. PHILLIPS, A. V. DAVIS, - G. N. SEYMOUR, W. E. BUNTEN, - L. E. JUDSON, F. S. HYDE, - E. C. HUNTINGTO H. L. jfxcons, - W. M. PRIEST, N, Salem. Methuen. East Jaffrey, N. H Providence, R. I. Sterling, Ct. Littleton. Covington, Ky. Norwich, Ct. Montrose, Pa. North Chelmsford Hyde Park. Meriden, Ct. Rondout, N. Y. Painesville, O. Lyme, Ct. Amherst. Akron, O. North Uxbridge. I ro8 AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. 0 A Cmor B 2632711812 Qs: - r 5 ' O ffl f '14 5, vii -lf, X 1 V i n ' ag I M lifii lf l f? ff A - A ., 5 COLLEGE HALL, JUNE 1 , rss . 7 Q., 1, I A -. W Heffel OPERA HOUSE, JUNE 27, 1887. 1' lr' 4,' ', A A .I A 5 l Q - THE PRIVATE SECRETARY. l , N . Q. QV .N ji DRAMATIS PERSONAE. l X A Mr. CATTERMOLE, zz rich East Indian, Mr. JOHN S. HUNT i ik' DoUGLAss, his ne hew. - - Mr. EDWARD B. ROGERS P ,l Mr. MARSLANIJ, a country squire, Mr. ALoNzo M. MURI'HEY :ip HARRY, his nephew, - - Mr. GEORGE B. MALLON Q xi GIBSON, at Bond street tailor, - Mr. CHARLES A. CHASE i JOHN, a footman, - - - Mr. PORTER TRACY, '88 , ICDITH, Marsland's daughter, - Mr. ALBERT BARD, '88 jf EVA, her friend and companion, Mr. EDWARD H. WHITEHILL. MISS ASHFORD, zt spinster and clmperon, P. Mrs. STEADMAN, zz landlady, - - i Mr. ALEXANDER BROUGH, JR ii Rev. ROBERT SRAULDING, private secre- il tary to Mr. Marsland, - - Mr. BARRY BULKLEY, AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. AMI-IERST COLLEGE LECTURE COURSE SEASON OF 1887-8. F. L. CHAPMAN, '88, - - PRESIDENT. G. B. CHURCHILL, '89, - - TREASURER. R. R. WI-IITE, '89, G. W. KYEURG, '90, J. H. TAYLOR, JR., '9o. COURSE OF ENTERTAINMENTS. Prof. RICHARD A. PRocToR, THE LOTUS GLEE CLUR, HENRY GEORGE, Dr. MCGLYNN. RUGGLES ST. QUARTET, CHARLES DICKENS, NEW YORK Pl-IILHARMONIC CLUB. Season Tickets, S2.5o. . I X X X f 1 M A 1 ff X ff X Ni Ka F' , ww f f lm with W Nw fi 1 W 'm1iQ.m3 W' Rfj ' IW ff Q' hifff' 'ML ' YN I N U N X! f f ri, , ,, . f W I f f K f Y I 1 NLXN ,M IW!! ,f ff X ff ' g I -li V , ff we, Q 1 X 7 2 .V,, , A 13, gf f X 21X F TX K Sk xy AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. PEQUOT HOUSE, NEW LONDON, CT. . 'roAs'rMAsTER. E. JACKSON, JR. cHoREcus. W. P. BIGELOW. QUARTET. W. P. BIGELOW, E. A. H. C. EMERSON, R. H. coMM1'r'r1:E. , CHARLES F. STEARNS, CHAIRMAN. J. N. COOLIDGE, R. W. R. H. CUSHMAN, Louis EDWARD FAIRBANK, H. A. G. D. STORRS, R. H. G. W. WILDER. WHl'1'E, WAIJHAXVIS CROWELL, DERR, SMITH, WADHAMS I II2 AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. LIST OF TOASTS. H Choregus, - ------ - W. P. B1GEx.ow O student songs! no mimic arts Your lasting charms can gain 5 You soothe our thirsty, dusty hearts, Like chimiug drops of rain Music BY QUAR'r1sT. Nunc est bibendumf' History of Freshman Year, ------ E. H. COPELAND As Fresh, they used me rather roughly, But I the fear ul gautlet ran. t' Our College, ------- B. R. MILLIKIN Eastwarcl still upon the last green step Frrnn which the Angel of the Morning Light Leaps to the meadow laud, fair Amherst sat, Capped by her many-windowed Colleges. The Ladies, - ------ D. V. THOMPSON Whose bright eyes Rain influence. Music BY THE BANJO CLUB. Smoke Wreaths, ------ F. J. E. WOODBRIDGE Happy he, whose inward eye Can, while hatredls fagots burn, Glimpses through the smoke discern Of the good hereafter. MUSIC BY THE QUARTET. History of Sophomore Year, - - G. B. CHURCMLL, I hazed the poor Fresh so, That they longed for Heaven, I know. H The Fence, ----- G. L. BALDWIN. At even-on that well-worn fence, Of old, we gathered there g In son , or lan h, or noisy fun, . For Sian we lgiacl no care. The Class,', - - - - - - - - - G. A. HARLOW. Hearts to conceive, the understanding to direct, and the hand to execute. y Music nv THE BANJO CLUB. To each and all a fair good-night, And pleasant dreams, and slulnbers light. . . . am, A 2 zz f LQ. JW rad ii! :MM T1 6 .. , , 71, 'ff J ff W .7 f,iQff. m14ih' 'Min' , !,4- .i1! ' 1 ' 1 ff, f, 5123? 'CUfH wV an ' F' U , !fgfY47 5ff JI, v 'ff,a5f74 q.,uV may wgmymmmwmmwf ' iii 2555, H 5543296 ' ,' ' Mgvfz , Hwlllfl 102 ?i3M5UM ' , ,WI l ' gil? 3 H 'fl' vi - .. 0... 'l ' K ' W' If, .! f ' MmggyQQQQMWWWWWjypwwggwmgggixsizgggme, ,f 'f'fi ,G s' 1f5iW 1'g 9' .'.H- qm aiiq W Afl:-J1:lw..iiQ.ji'5.'Q4jfLf.:f:g,Q'.fT- 5 'fij11 N 477 V :jj ,VLA fgfQ.f'- 'IQ fQf'.il f,'-..::'f ' Q.: '1 Az'-r:ff1f,.p,f2,g 1 :,+,.g,,.,ff- - J 5 ff..-1 1, ' ., s A -122 -f ' --- Af - -rf-ff' H, ..,.,.,.., --.. 2. .. .,.., .. fr , ...G . - , X, - T f1 1:1'- - L'-iifffk-ci? VTZZ' fs..-::i..:.4.-:rffi'- -- 1' gnu A -ez -ff. 7 V- Jw -.'A ' , . - J :X 'jjii' ,, ' - :f e':: 11-1f? 'fIg'i?TW'?f 3' T T.T :.1.,'g-A-5' -- 1, j- Q: Ax'-'fl' , TJ, ,,,.,'j.. ' I g .44 A ., -Qi? ' VC ' H' ..,- V 155253222 ff gi l, f 'f'- 4 ...u vi 151: - :Z,:4gi5f . I 'ifxfiigffi-Q 4 -'L11:g1e55:5f., 'A M-- l AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. THE CLASS CUP COMMITTEE THE committee on committees Came together by appointment To select the men most fitting To make purchase of the class cup. See how well these all are fitted To be placed on that committee: Marsh and Austin, Parsons, Rogers, Ramsdell, Andrews, Ewing, Apthorp, Cornwell, Wilkinson, and Kebbe. All were joyful at the honor, All, save Wilkinson and Parsons, But these two, in anger burning, Swore that they would never stand it, And forthwith they called a meeting Of that same class cup committee. And then Wilkinson, arising, Spoke to them in words as follows: Gentlemen, myself and Parsons, That same childish looking fellow, Have decided to hand to you Our most final resignation From this d-d old cup committee. We are cloyed that our own classmates, Men whom we have held in honor, Should have placed us as the target For the laughs and jokes of others. I am tired of being laughed at, Tired of the name of papa, And of being asked by Brewster, By what name l'll call my baby, To what college I shall send it, And how I expect to rear it On my limited allowance, AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. l And continue my attentions At the place, where now is lying All my heart, and my devotion, Leaving wife and child in sorrow At my base and mean desertion. Gentlemen, I cannot stand itg You must grant me now my freedom, For I'm worn to a mere shadow. Then Pete Parsons thus addressed them: Most august and good assembly, Grant, oh, grant us this petition 2 For I dare not tell the ladies That I am on this committee, For I cannot stand their laughter, And besides I'm very modest. Please accept our resignation? Thus he spoke, and then was seated, While a voice came from the stillness, Very like the voice of Cornwell, Saying, t' Let us lay this matter On the table and betake us To the room that's owned by Kebbe, And there drink a sherry cobbler To the health of I-Iarry's babies, And success to Parsons' offspring. Thus the meeting was disbanded, Greatly to the wrath of Parsons, Much against the Wilky's wishes, And, e'en yet, these two are cloyed. IX6 AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. !EDlFlClA COLLEGENSIA NOSTRA, AC VESTRA, ALUMNI I THERE are various standpoints from which it is possible to form an opinion of the development of Amherst College interests. A curved line beautifully illustrates changes in the number of her students. A glance, too, at the crowded chapel seats would show a stranger that numbers are increasing, as well as that intelligence and self-respect are not without a measure of prosperity. The endow- ments of certain departments show likewise a degree of interest. New and valu- able chairs have been founded, and our Faculty is gaining, in this way, something of modern flexibility and strength. Here, however, if we had not some old cor- ner-stones, who never fail, and who shed kindly sympathy and mental vigor upon the weaker ones whom they support, we should perhaps feel somewhat disheart- ened at the despicable financial basis of our tutorships. But the man who has passed to that Elysium where Freshman Latin and French are only special memories, has but to thank God that the rest of the Faculty is bearable. Nay, that in each department there is surely one example for him which he may try hard, and fail, to realize. The equipment of our library and the liberal furnishings of our physics department show also life. But there is a criterion which is somewhat valid also, in the general state of our College buildings. First, because last and perhaps most valuable, the new Gymnasium is a paragon. Pride does not express the glow of exaltation that warms our hearts when the Pratt Gymnasium meets our eye. The beautiful College Church does all it can, and that is much, to urge our spiritual progress to an equal pace with muscular development. And from the Library and Walker Hall the mental man gains fact and force. There is inspiration in the very knowledge that such treasures are truly ours. There are some rejuvenated relics that answer all needs. There are rooms whose redemption from total worthlessness has been accomplished only by the taste and strenuous labors of their occupants, the professors. But of all the dis- reputable remains of prehistoric architecture, our dormitories are most typical. Even College Hall, though it is a blot upon the fair landscape 3 even the Observatory, though strangers judge it to be the ghost of an antediluvian AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO.' I I7 gas-houseg even the College Chapel, though its graceful contour suggests that its frame had been the mucous lining of the Roman catacombsg even these relics do not present that distressing anachronic imbecility that stares at you from the College barracks. Why do they not fade into oblivion? Must they wander yet long weary years until the sullen boatman come to transport their shattered frames? Let some passer-by scatter gold dust upon their decaying members,-enough, too, that from their ruins may rise the glory of a new home, Ht for the dwelling-place of human creatures. ' It is for you, Alumni, to regard this need of ours. What have the under classmen done that they should be dependent on the scanty ministrations of vil- lage landladies? What need have the great fraternity of non-society men of such a discipline? Surely for social, moral, political, and economic college life this is a need, that warm, convenient, homelike apartments should replace the present forsaken symbols of dyspepsia in finance. II8 AMIIERST COLLEGE OLIO. THE FAT BoY HoUGHToN's SQLILOQUY. I LOVE the girls l The very thought of female beauty makes my heart o'er- iiow with joy, and then I long to fly to some sequestered nook with a fair damsel, and there to sit and gaze into her soul-bewitching eyes. I do not care to talk to them, nor e'en embrace their slender waists, nor steal a kiss from off their tempt- ing lipsg but simply sit and look at them while o'er my face there spreads a happy smile. I like to smile-and, what is more, I know that they-the girls-delight in gazing at me while I smile. 'Tis true the fellows laugh at me for this, but could they know the power that lies within my smile to make the maiden heart o'erflow with love for me, they one and all would try to imitate that most persua- sive gift and seek at once to cultivate their smiles. I know that it's a fact that many a one's eternal smiles his emptiness betray, but by my smile I show the softest spot that in my nature lies, and manifest to all the world that I can fall in love with every girl I see. I love the girls! Ah, yes, l love the girls! But what is better yet, I like to smile. AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. II A MEDLEY. ONCE on a time there came a vision fair- The vision of that youth, sweet Bertha B-, Who acted Edith with a grace so rare That jack first lovedg then to her arms did flee. O, Richard B., rest thou on honors past! Thy record reaches far beyond our sight. O, may thy base-ball fame forever last! All homage to the fielder on the right! jack Burns, seek thou some lonely Pond, There to assuage thy soul-consuming grief, Or, better yet, fly to the realms beyond, And from old Durwall find a sweet relief. Come, Waldo, let us look upon thy face, Thy luscious form, and hairy upper lipg Lord help the girl that ever you embrace, Or from whose mouth the kisses seek to sip! Not long ago the King went out to call, And could not gain the courage to embraceg But just at parting summoned up the Ugallf' And in return was hit across the face. I-lark! l-Iear that song that echoes 'mid the hills, The Blusham sings, let others silence keep! 'Tis O'er the Banisters that he sweetly trills- But no! I'm wrong. I heard a flock of sheep. Yes, Ewing, Amherst is a wicked placeg To rush is wrong-that even we admit. Go to another college where disgrace Ne'er comes-for heaven thou art fit. O, Schweyer, where are all thy boasts? Why didst thou fail to win thy vaunted race? Surely thy deeds were more than ghosts- Thou couldst not lie with such a sober face. All honor to the noble Freshman gang, A mighty, great, and awe-inspiring classg ' Were those their shouts that on the breezes rang, Or but the braying of some frightened ass? 120 AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. THE TOAST CARD NlNETY'S PROPOSED FRESHMAN CLASS SUPPER AT SPRINGFIELD. Toastmaster. ' ' - T. G. DUNIIAM. A proper man as one shall see upon a Slllllll1I!l',S clay. Choregusf' ---- ----- - J. MCK. BURNS U He sings several tunes faster than you'll tell Inoneyg he hath songs for man, or woman, of all sizes. Amherst, --------- ' - E. G. KING H him go ahroacl to a distant country: let him go to a place where he is not known g don't let him go to the devil where he is known. The Turf, ---------- G. S. HOLDEN lie thou as chaste as ice, as pure as snow, thou shalt not escape calutnny. A devil I A born devil! High Stand, -------- M. H. HOUGHTON Whence is thy learning? .Hath thy toil O'er books consumed the nnclmght oil ? Drinking Song Cwith dice accompanimentj, - - - THE EWING Tmo The farthest star echoes their loud refrain. The Freshman, ------ - - S. L. WILLIAh'IS How green are you ami fresh in this old world. Smith College, ------ - - E. F. NOIITIIIIUP Sir, she's mortal, but hy the immortal Grmm she shall he mine. U Nerve, ------ - - J. M. CLAPP Other refuge have I none. Song and dance by the Class Babies, WILLIE SMITH AND CI-IAIILIE WHITE Beautiful as sweet: and young as beautiful 5 and soft as youngg well eclucatccl infants. 'f The Ladies, ---------- C. B. WEST Alas! the love of woman! it is known to be a lovely and a fearful thing. fWe think it is Sadie, but we clon't know.-EDs.j The Class, - -------- H. W. LANDFEAR 4' Hence, and bestow your luggage where you found it-or stole it rather. The Sophs, --------- A. F. BUCK Those horricl, naughty men ! Go to sleep, Iny baby. AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. I2I -XQT'-'ififyv ' , - A - , f e-1 ' . - ' , 1 ff ..,- f, . :tif-41 L 0 ' - T77 J i I 5 I i i -f ' X H W - , ffl . ' ogg, . ' '-'ll Q- 1 iq- 32 X Y 1-,ZX - Y-,ff .Y f 3ff .-rltivirr 4 X.. TyClf 'A , 'Z I PRENTICE, '9r. My dear boy, don't you think you wore that purple and white cap of yours a little too far into the fall? College patriotism is a good thing, but you carry it a little too far. Besides, it throws your ears into too strong relief. Still more your mental powers ill sustain so great a show of brains. Can you not possibly reserve your only well developed organ till the others get accustomed to their uses? Give your tongue its needed rest, and talk with your eyes awhile,-beautiful eyes ! CIIARLI-IS EWING, ,QO. You were overheard to say to the only sensible one of your noted trio that you wanted to go to a college where there was no rushing, for it would be nearer I-Ieaven. All we can say is, Go, for Heaven's sake, go. Only hurry your departure. We have had a genteel sufiiciency of your moral society. CHAPMAN, '8S. We are loath to mention it, but, Chap., your pride in that miserable organ you edit is laughable. You seem to think as much of it as if it were the Yale Lit. Please brace the paper up, and stop advertising your con- nection with it by walking up and down the streets of Northampton and Amherst with copies of the publication sticking out of your pockets. I22 AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. COOLEY, '9r. There is not much of your small body for us to write on, Cooley. But don't you think that little soldier cap you wear looks like a porous plaster on a bald head? Then, too, do you appreciate your awful breach of politeness in asking Professor Drummond for his autograph? You probably have repented of it long ago. If you have not, please do so. BROOKS, 790- You will probably hear our opinion of you elsewhere in THE OLIO, but if you will pardon us, we will say just a word here. Asininity is no word for the talents you possess. In your case the mental is very short on brains. Your case is hopeless. Only keep your mouth shut and the College will not know how bad you really are. HOUGHTON, '88. Augustus, water is cheap. Two companies furnish it in unstinted quantities to the town. Scripture says, Cleanliness is next to godli- ness. If you cannot be godly, be at least cleanly. Remember it is no honor for a man to have a clean neck, but an awful disgrace if he has not. JAMES, '89. A young lady from Northampton said a very true thing of you a little while ago. She said you were perfectly harmless if your handkerchief were taken away. She might have gone farther and said you worshiped women in the abstract--woman-lrish or American-young or old-handsome or hideous. This is your sad state. Come of SCHWEYER, '9I. Ambition to aspire in athletics is a good thing. That is what wins championships for Yale year after year. However, it is really rather hard on the former members of the nine for a Freshman to come into College and announce his intention of playing half-back and pitcher all in one year. We merely throw these out as suggestions, dear boy. lf you clon't think them right donlt let them bother you. Dulflfrcv, '9o. No, my son, it is as you say. We have nothing to say about you, and so you are not likely to get into Tim OLIO. That is the great trouble with you. Nobody has anything to say about you at all. Remember the proverb about being neither mouse nor long-tailed rat. Brace up and be one or the other, and then 'Fi-IE 01.10 will have more hope for you. D. E. SMITH, '91. The Freshman. The occupants of' the rooms in the house next to Chateau Rawson request us to ask you to pull down your cur- tains before retiring for the night. They have all studied anatomy, and besides you are not a sufficiently perfect specimen to make a study of your shape profitable. AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. I23 RICKER, ,9O. Sonny,'i you have many good points, but none are more prominent than your laugh. For a good healthy guffaw you distance competi- tion. Still, taken as a steady diet the laugh is wearing on the nerves. Please abate the nuisance. OSISORNE, '88. The other day as I was going along the street I heard some one say you had improved very much in your looks since you entered College. Os,'l I am awfully glad of it. If it is so, you must have been something sim- ply indescribable, Freshman year. Anyhow, keep up the pace and try to lose that asinine expression on your face, and perhaps, in a few years, you will pass muster among a crowd of Amherst firemen. KING, '9o. Neddie, you are really getting bad. You went over to North- ampton the other night and drank some three per cent. Don't deny it. You know you dicl. What? Did you say you were thirsty? Now truly thirst is common to all mortals, but some men use water more. Externally you were all right in that way. Remember that three per cent. causes an abnormal develop- ment of the stomach, and use more H20 internally. ALLEN, '89, Class spirit, as we have already said in the case of Prentice of '9I, is commendable. But, Ike, if you only knew how that plug hat of yours looks, you would pull it in. The only poorer looking one in the class belongs to Stubby H Wilder. Prenticeis purple and white button looks artistic compared to your beaver. DICKINSON, TI-IE SPARTAN, 'S9. Lofty ideals of honor are excellent things. However, when they are carried to extremes they are Quixotic. A word to the wise is sufficient. WILKINSON, 'S8. Honors seem to come to you unsought. Base ball man- agership is topped off with Class Cup Committee in your case. - Smith College and its suburbs also lie captive at your feet. The only misfortune in your Senior year seems to be the unfortunate mistake by which certain of your friends mis- took you for Osborne. We congratulate you on your sheaf of honors, and con- done with you on your unfortunate likeness. CN. B. The above is a two-edged grind. Osborne and Wilkie will both feel insulted.i I24 AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. THE '88 ARTISTS. As soon as day had turned to night, And clouds could l-Irma the moon's pale light, Five little boys abused their WRIGHT. With brush in hand, by WALDO led, To WooD1N buildings swift they sped, And painted these and sidewalks red. They never thought that they'd be known, This Goon, RICH joke they'cl all disown, But now abroad their names are thrown. APPLETON. Appy he is called, His head is almost bald, His laugh his characteristic feature, A croak, a grunt, a groan, A howl like some old crone, All make him quite a horrid screecher. TO STUBBY W. lf, darling, thou wert but a far-off star, And I a weary wanderer o'er the plain, Unwitting of celestial worlds afar And knowing naught of all the shining train- My glance wouldvsingle out thy shining head serene, Though blazing suns and planets rolled between. AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. COOLEY, '91, Oh, Cooley, dearest infant sweet, We ever met or hope to meet, The OLIO has found thee out, Though thou art but alittle sprout. We do advise thee, little man, To try and grow just all you can, That when you are 21 Sophomore, You'll measure surely three feet four. POTTER, '9I. Oh, Potter, when you learn to smoke, Begin not with cigars. Begin with milder forms to cope With nature's kindly laws. For things too strong are apt to make Things strong perhaps too weak. Cigars give those a sick headache, On whom they'd vengeance wreak. TRUSLQW, 's9. You'cl scarce expect one of my age To speak in public on the stage, And, if I chance to fall below Demosthenes or Cicero, Donlt view me with a critic's eye, But pass my imperfections by. Large streams from little fountains How. Tall oaks from little acorns grow. I'1l yet deserve the name B. O. I2 I26 AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. O1-1, the bells! Those awful bellsl What a world of agony their discord foretells! The chiming bells! The doleful bell! Which Seelye tells He rings so well. Oh, chestnut bell! Oh, dinner bell! Oh, steamboat bell ! Oh. locomotive bell! Oh, thou scissor-grinder's bell! Oh, thou delightful cow-bell! ln short every kind of a bell Which art disagreeable to us Because of thy harsh sound,- Go, we pray, by the heavenly muses, go And teach our Seelye whence thy harmonious measures flow ! I I: lil! lIl,O 4 AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. 127 NERVE1' ON last November 2d one of the grandest instances of superhuman nerve came to our notice. For the information we are indebted to Smith College. The names were furnished by our private detective. Osborne and Kitchen are the men concerned. Kitchen is very aptly described as a Freshman, and Osborne as one who ought to be a Freshman. On the above-mentioned day a private art exhibition was held in the Hillyer Art Gallery. Osborne found out the recep- tion was to occur, and so with his boon comrade he went over. Without an invi- tation, but with profuse apologies, these gentlemen stayed and say they enjoyed the affair hugely. We hope the students of Smith College will not take these men as represent- atives of Amherst. We feel the weight of apologies on us for their misdeeds. So we hereby offer all possible regrets and consolation. Ta lgl. Togo-rg.. W Pr LUUR5 :BB QV-4:2513 immmQI11f,vmmEm:?Q,gs Wm aiAvS mQ53aa'9mv.35ffms aqwlwimm J' -M..NXAEvxx2ffXailouZf1axv'lExirfw3gAf?mamu.'lSmB,,5m:bYu,s 'lf FQmEE1r5zmM eum,GL5fa,9axmg9 fjffiimmn -N ,f- L -4 - - -'X -' --- ' -. , - - -. X- P-X X 7 , A5 ,.1.f ' N T' l 1 hy'-f' -.,. A, J' - ' - ..... . ' ' ' 'X X X ' .rjigj :ILL-Q, .5 ,W ...4 F X X ' F VPJI -.I film .. . ' Q-. .gr , - ' ' 1 JM fu . H. ' .- q3N?':1' - ' - swf-rf: mf- -, JAZL- - ,- .. 325- -7. 'iffflvz -.zf id Jl ff fT5'.,':im5'7i'I1.TT?E5 -L-5 ' -,,,w?41?iff:' 5fi+1-fgifgaJ-Ei I 2363? 1? if '3'?'f C1 fQLJL-. 5445.33 -t, ,1q1.?i ,,3, 1.1-QQQiu.:fZ -3'-li 27' ,ifia-r,c.151ifii- K'-gi' 'I-. '-7' .,,4:',iL :'faf4Q.,:c ,.,Q1.-',-- , f, 1,11 , 1' 'I' -P' 'Q .. fnflif' 1 ' ' 'f gr -' T ' , 1- Z -- - -' :V ' .4 . 5 ff ga ff , 71.4, - : ' - f - ff- f -- '-ifiii ' 7 T---1 ',N 'If'-7y,,ig2yf:Zj:,',-,v-,,L.i,'- V-ah ,,.1,.,L' ,.f ff fA'gj-Ji F gQ.fVLs.3Lg 4'-ff :jiiv A : H I , ff -' 'n'1fff ,- '..--r- '29f'9'?7'22'5 ff ?fi'5'L2l:..3'-f-'A Fr:3711?T-.Qz,'.'f7'?ff7?f'?l 'Ji:T'5 '1'il' J' -- f- f-- W W'i '?j'L w- - ,xi-5 :Qu :-- .1 ,. N S-'rl--if-+1 ll h . --gf ,-- '-'-.. 5- qi, gary- , yt , ,A - . , f -- 4 . ,. -at . 0 5, W W 1: 'ff fi? , V S 'mix yy, if 535' . 'QNX . -I , , .rr , .- V' . W' 'N -,ln Neff? , , L 'M' ..--- I fx AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. P WHAT WOULD THIS COLLEGE lF WILICIE should stop going to Hamp. Belcher should forget his base-ball record. Bispham should be called by his right name. Lucy should loose Brayton. Ludington should not chew gum in church. The fence should be used. Porter should ever be on time. Bard and Smith should be separated. Spaulding should come down from the skies. Holt should have a friend. Ricker should stop laughing. Cornwell and Garfield should stop circulating le COME TO monade petitions. Emerson should be deprived of the Convent. Hamlin should go to Gym. Brooks, '88, should cease to be coy. Kitchen should look as if he knew something. Crowell should smoke. Chapman should manage it. james should stop flirting. King should be economical. The Freshmen should keep the contract. I2 ISO AMHERST COLLEGE OI.lO. A BREAK. AMI-IERST COLLEGE, Oct. 24. Dear Sir :- There is among many of the Non-Society men of the different classes, a feeling of the need of a Debating Society and Reading Room. There will be a meeting Tuesday evening, October 25, at 7 o'clock in Athenae Hall for the pur- pose of discussing the advisability of organizing such a society. You are cordially invited to attend. Yours, etc., W. H. H. ANDREWS, D. L. KEBEE. To Mr. li. G. KING, '90- College. AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. FRAGME NTS. jimmy Chambers met Dodd's brother On a summer's day, Said jimmy Chambers to Dodd's brother, 5' How's your brother, eh P To jimmy Chambers said Dodd's brother' He is feeling queer. He took a bath the other day, The first one of the year. Ah, the fellows! Ah, the fellows! They that are supplied with bellows, How they blow! They are Bessie, t' Dick, and Schweyer Neddie King and Chic the liar, And li. O. There was a young Freshman named Schweyer, Who puffed himself higher and higher, He surpassed the whole College In all except knowledge, But he proved a most consummate liar. A certain young man seems to be, Such a wonderful prodigie, He surpasses the College In tennis and knowledge, And his name, it is C-l-a-p. I32 AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. A LETTER. AMI-IERST, MASS., Nov. 13, 1887. My dear A'--.' You have asked me to write you about my college life, and to tell you all about myself and that little chum of mine, Clarence Hyde. You know he is not really my chum, but then he is in my room so much that he might just as well live there. V I can't tell you much about myself, because I have not done anything worth tellingg but Hyde has, and I am going to tell it to you on the condition that you will keep it secret. You know my family came to see me a short time ago-I was so glad afterwards to hear old Doc say that it was a good thing to have calves looked after--and I went down to the depot to meet them and took them up to my rooms. When my father opened the door he started back in astonishmentg for my entire room was literally turned upside down, and there in the midst stood Hyde with a chair in his hands, too frightened to move, and crying out in plaintive accents, I didnlt do it all! You can bet your life that I fired him from the room, and he has been the laughing-stock of the College ever since. But I must say good-bye, for my Sunday-school lessonis not yet learned, and I have got to horse-I mean learn my Latin for to-morrow. Devotedly yours, JAs. P. WOODRUFF. AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. I33 QUR NEW MUSEE. ON considering the untold advantage that the specimens in Appleton Cabi- net have afforded in past years, the Faculty have thought best to annex a Musee of living curiosities. We are indebted to the Registrar for the following catalogue : - CAGE 1-TUTOR TOMMIE, the Tuneful Titmouse. CAGE 2-BAKER, '88, the Smiling Chimpanzee. CAGE 3-NOYES, '88, the Wild Boar. CAGE 4-HOGAN, 791, the Chattering Crow. CAGE 5-T1-1o11PE, '91, the Bird of Paradise. CAGE 6-NoR'1'H11UP, '90, the Shark. CAGE 7-HA1u11soN, '90, the Elephant. CAGE S-MON'1'E,S SUMMER Sc11oo1.. CAGE 9-EWING BROS., the Black Sheep. CAGE IO-BRAYTON, '88, Lucy's Dog. CAGE II-CHAPIN, '91, the Albino. CAGE 12-Low, '90, the Giraffe. Master Jack Wright has been appointed keeper on account of his grand suc- cess in the Physics recitation-room. 134 AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. I i ., ll' f I s X , f 'Nm U -I 1' 'mx , 2 r X ,wil J' ' ' , -N.--N ,f ' '--- ,1 t, , N rw Zi! A 8 f 0:1 1-X - 4' .. '- l S.: X .,? , My 1 N 'hi Y - . A- X ,K ' ' l ff' ' ' ' Y' v-.1,.. I' , . ,f 9 2222? - e . If aiu' . : Zilla! il 'm f 'g5'li, e.L:J?,. 'i 'f -' Malay is .gf are---1.1 1.' li- ff -I. .,.'1 .,- :W all., 'i f f f r. . -ff X Af. ,vW, '1l5l.llm, x?'j,1.w! pIi f1.,l2 , .X, y u , X ,affrt mf Q. it fl' K ' X V K j s ! f X N' 5.11,-s.. 1 ' ' ' I X . SM ' is -, f r I 5 'X IM, N A 1' Q gy fx P2 lxfwiffgifk F fiat if Nfsxf H f ferr xg, vi 5, ' 71 . 1 X' 'lf' ala' r X wi .U ' 5 X . I J 5 ,Af '88: Forsan el haw olim memz'nz' j1wabz't. APTH-RP: The poor fellow has suffered beyond Naturels most stoical endurance. B-SPH-M : He mouths his words As dogs do mouth a bone. S. A. CL-RK! tt But knowledge to his eyes her ample page, Rich with spoils of time, did ne'er unroll. C-RNW-1.1. : As headstrong as an allegory on the banks of the Nile. G- -nn-cn: A. S. H- -GI-IT J-ns-N : K-nIs- : MCLTNN-N : N -Y-S : P-LM-R : H I have bought golden opinions from all sorts of people. All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand. l'll be with you in the squeezing of a lemon. I am sick when I do look on you. A simple child, I Q That lightly draws its breath. il? tt Be wise to-dayg 'Tis madness to defer. P-Rs-Ns : W. F. P- - uc-: R-Msn-LL : R-ci-1-Ros : R-PL-Y : S-ss - - Ns: SM-TH : P- B-RD: S V- - LL: W--D-N: '89 : APPL-T-N : B-LCH-it : W. D. B-G-L-w: B-sw-RTH: C- -L-DG-: C-Rss: D-Y : D-DD : ESTY : G-LD-R : H-ML-N: H-LT-N : M- - RE : MCF-DD-N: AMHERST COLLEGE oLio. 135 For profound and solid lying much renowned. tt Out, hyperbolical fiend, talkest thou of nothing but ladies? I preached as never sure to preach again? Fancy's child, Warbling his native wood-notes wild. The time was, when had a man lost his brains, he died. 't The man that blushes is not quite a brute. Speed the soft intercourse from soul to soul. t' If not to heaven, then hand in hand to hell. We'1l draw the curtain. A thing of beauty is a joy forever. U Too early seen unknown, and known not yet? t' None but himself can be his parallel. A gentleman that loves to hear himself talk. Remote, unfriended, melancholy, slow? Give it understanding, but no tonguef' Say, Jack! didn't you think you had agoocl show for the class cup when a teacher at South Hadley asked you if your wife had ever attended the institution ? tt The bore is usuallyconsiclered a harmless creature, or of that class of bipeds who hurt only themselves. HA lion among ladies is a dreadful thing. 'Tis true I am a crank, I do not say it boastinglyf' Come again ! There goes the parson. O illustrious spark! t' Can such things be F 'f Beard was never the standard of brains. The girls call him sweet. tt I had a glimpse of him, but he shot by me like a young hound on a burning scent. 1 36 P-RT-11 : SP- - Ln-NG: S-MN-11 : TR-sr.-w : W-LLC-x : W-Ls-N : ,QD : Bn- -ks : B-CK: J. M. B-RNS: W. C. B-RNS : CL-PP : D-N- -Ls: THE EW-NGS: H-wr.-ND z K-Nu : L-w z N-RTHR-P : M- -Dv: Busky R-YM-ND: E. L. R-YM-ND: R-CK-R : WH-T-: AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. H Better late than never. ft The Frenchman's darling. ff Be somewhat scanter of thy maiden presence. f' Chaste as an icicle. I have fed too much upon the lotus fruits imagination yields, fruits that unfit the palate for the more sub- stantial food of our own land-reality. ft I'1l call him Peter. U Much study is a weariness to the flesh. Every one is as God made him and sometimes a great deal worse. An unforgiving eye and a damned disinheriting counte- nance. 77 Without him even eternity would be a void. Untamed, untried,from Western wilds. it Little things are great to a little man. Assume a virtue if you have it not. But soft! what nymphs are these F He hath never fed of the dainties that are bred in a book. He was a man of an unbounded stomach. Is Chicago the capital of Michigan ? Love, it kills sheepg it kills me,-I, a sheep. 't Fine by defect and delicately weak. Old flilschylus, though first in question, is thy secondary. Professor, could you refer me to some German family where I might board and get the benefit of their con- versation ? For still the worlcl prevailed, and its dread laugh. Deep versed in books, and shallow in himself. 79I . B-mu.-Y : C- -L-Y : E. R. CL-RK : L-D-NGT-N : UPT-N : D-DD : J-c-ns : I--N-S : K-Tcl-1-N : LY-LL : P-TT-1: 1 B-LCH-R : P-TT-11 : Sci-iw-Y-1: : S- -LY- : D. E. SM-TH: A. H. W-LK-11 : A1uH1zns'r co1.1.EGE 01.10. 137 Alas! regardless of their doom, The little Freshmen playg No sense have they of ills to come, No care beyond to-day. t' How shall I go to work to get into a society? U The Lord increase this business. When sorrows come, They come not singly. Another fat, unwashed artificer. Very like a whale. Ah, sweet duck ! Loud to boast his classmates, deeds, Last to help them in their needs. He wears the bloom of youth upon him? When does TI-IE 01.10 come out-in the spring? Yes, in the spring? U Gee, a fellow has all the winter to make a fool of him- self in,-don't he ? I am not so green as I look. However thou art a Fiend, a woman's shape doth shield thee? Truly a ladies' pet, I know it by his style. Hear you this Triton of the minnows ? 138 AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. POSTLUDE. OUR grand symphony of harmonious wit and wisdom cannot close with fitter theme than what the Bard of Avon seems to us to say, about ourselves. GARI1 LEE : COPE: ToM: FATTY : STEVE : JONAH : BRANDY CHARLIE : VARNEY SHEDDY I had rather be a kitten, and cry mew, Than one of these same metre ballad-mongersf' Whom conscience bids to right. 'f Let rne have men about me, that are fatg Sleek-headed men, and such as sleep o' nights. Thou hadst rather follow thine enemy in a fiery gulf, Than fiatter him in a bowerf' Banish plump Jack, and banish all the world. Weigh him well, And that, which looks like pride, is courtesy. U Thy speeches will bring me to consider that, which may unfur- nish me of reason. If he be not fellow with the best king, thou shalt find the best king of good fellows. A trusty villain, sir, that very oft, When I am dull with care and melancholy, Lightens my humor with his merry jests. Opinion crowns him with imperial grace. The dearest friend to me, the kindest man in doing courtesies. AMHERST COLLEGE OLIO. I39 THE COLLEGE CALENDAR. 1887. Sepiember 15, THURSDAY, Ocfober - Criay fzotjzwed D, WEDNESDAY, Novewfzer T11 U R S DA Y, F RIDAY, December 20, TUESDAY, 1888. fmuary 5, T11URSDAY, 26, THURSDAY, Februaijf 22, WEDNESDAY, March 27, TUESDAY, April 12, THURSDAY, flflay - Qday notjixedj, 9, WEDNESDAY, june 21, THURSDAY, 23, SATURDAY, 24, SUNDAY, 25, IWONDAY, 26, TUESDAY, 27, WEDNESDAY, September 11, TUESDAY, 13, THURSDAY, October - Cday noijixezij, g WEDNESDAY, November -- THURSDAY, December 18, 2 FRIDAY, - TUESDAY, The Fall Term begins at eight o'clock A. M. Holiday fMountain Dayj. The Thanksgiving recess. The Fall Term ends at noon. The The Holiday fWASHINfi1'ON'S Birthdayy. Winter Term begins at eleven o'clock A. M. Day of Prayer for Colleges. The Winter Term ends at noon. The Summer Term begins at II o'clock A. M. Holiday QFie1d Dayj. The The The The The Address before the Hitchcock Society of Inquiry. Gymnastic Exhibition. Lester Prize Exhibition. Hrst examinations for admission begin. Kellogg Prize Exhibition. Baccalaureate Sermon. The Hyde Prize Exhibition. Class Day. The Summer Term ends at noon. fMeeting of the Alumni. j Commencement Exercises. Alumni Dinner. The President's Reception. The second examinations for admission begin. The Fall Term begins at eight o'clock A. M. Holiday CMountain Dayj. The Thanksgiving recess. The Fall Term ends at noon. l Vffh -Tffrf-x.,,x N A' N M X.xx xKXQQX-: - f 5'-1,, Z W ,W - ,, aiif ,.A4,, A H ,W if -L - ' - zilii ., Adams, Henry, Allen N Ginter, - - - Amherst IIouse, - H Amherst House Drug Store, Anthony, IQ. K II. T. 8 Co., IIarr's Restaurant, - - Bell, Iidward H., - Bennett, IC. R., - Bigelow X Co., V Blodgett, A., - - Brunswick Billiard I-lall, Bughee, Walter T., - Carley, A. G., - - Catlnach, John, - - Chalnherlin, G. M., Clapp Company, F. A., Collins Sz Fairbanks, Couch, O. G. Sc Son, - Currier, IS. B., - - Davis, J. W. 'l'., - Davis X Co., - - Iieuel, Frank Il., - Ditson, Oliver N Co., llreka, - - - Dunne, F. L., - - Iiarl SL XViIson, - Fairbanks S: Cole, - Ifaneuf, Al., - Farrell, John R., I ay's Shoe Store, - Gates, C. S., - - Gillott Sc Sons, joseph, Grand Union Hotel, Harrington the Hatter, Hawes Sz Stinson, - Haynes 8: Co., John C., I'Iill's Restaurant, - - I'Iirsch, I.. M., - - Ilorsinan, IC. I., ADVERTISEMENTS. INDEX OF FIRMS. PAGE vi xxx xiii vii xxxvi xvii iv iv xxviii xxvi xviii - xxxiii xvii xxxii xv - xxxiii ii - xxiii xxii x xxxv xix xxv iii xxix - xxxvi xxxiv xv xxxi xxv xv - xxxvii xliv xliii viii - xxxviii xvi - xxv xxxiv Ilowes, F. II., - Hunt, O. IJ., - Hunt, XV. WV., - - I'Iuyler's Confectionery, - Ingersoll X Glenney, - Kelley, I. IC., - - - Kimball N Co., W. S., Lockwood R Son, Geo. R., Lovell, - - - I.ovell, I.., - - - Macullar, Parker Sc Co., Mandell, - - - lX'Iarsh, Ii. IJ., - - Merriam Sc Co., G. N C., Messiuger, II. IC., - Morgan, W. II. II., Nelson, Edwin, - - Newman, J. If., - - - Northampton Opera Ilouse, Northampton Steam Laundry, Paeh Brothers, - - - Paige, 'r. 1..., ---. Pease, II. O., - - - I'l1oto-Engraving Company, - Pratt Manufacturing Company, Rawson, A., - . - Sanderson, C. II., - - - Senior, C. A., - Sllllllillll Sc Co., A., - Sing Lee, - - Smith 8 Co., W. I.., Spear, M. N., - Stebbins, W. E., - The Norwood, - - Waite Sc Son, J. M., Weeks House, - - VVilliams X Budding, - Wood, Frank P., - Voumans, - - PAGE xv x xxvii xxxii xxxii x iii xxvii xx xix xlii xxi ix xxxviii xvi viii xiv xxxvii xxi xxi xxvii ii v xl xxx xix xiv xvii xxxix xvi xxii v x xxiv xiv xxiii xi v xli X ii ADVERTISEMENTS. COLLINS E EAIRBANKS, STYLES SPEOIALLY IXDAPTED TO YOUNG MEN. OPERA CRUSII IIATS, SILK IIATS, FELT HATS AND CLOTH IIATS. LlflA'I'l'lIiR HAT BOXES, UMIIRIQLLAS, FUR CAPS, WALKING STICKS, STREET GLOVICS. CLUB HATS AND CAPS MADE T0 ORDER. AGENTS FOR IIIiATII'S, WI'IITIi'S, AND LINCOLN BENNETT X CO.'S LONDON HATS. 581 WASHINGTON STREET, BOSTON. COPPOSITE FRANKLIN S'1'RlS15'1'.J ADVERTISEMENTS. iii ADREKAJR FINE at STATIONERY A AND ae ENGRAVING at HousE, 1121 CHESTNUT STREET, - PHILADELPHIA. f.fOMMENCE1X1EN'l', CL,-xss DAY, l RA'l'lCNNl'l'Y, RICCl'1l l'lON, AND XVICIDDINKI lNv1'1'A'1'1oNs, l'Nor:NAMM11:s, M1-:Nw-s, l'I'rC. STIQEI. l'1.A'l'l-1 Wt nuc ml: l RA'l'ERNI'I'll-ZS AND Cm,I.l4:c:1-1 ANNnAl.s. l+'1N1-: S'l'A'l'IONERY NVl'l'Il lfmss lint, MDNUGNAM, l'Nles'r, AIIIIRICSS, l'1'l'c:. All work is execnlccl in our CSlllllllSlllllClll unclcr mn' personal supervision, and only in the best nmnncr. Our unequaled facilities and long practical cxpcricncc cnnblu us to produce the newest styles and most artistic effects, while our reputation is ll f ' ' -- ' 5,u.uant1.t. ofthe quality uf our productions. Desi 'ns Sznn ales and Prices sent nn at m mlicminn. l+'rnternily Stutioner ' nlwa s on lmnd. L. 1 l l l 5 Y People of refined taste desiring specially line Cigzncttcs should t is ll' Si , Fm IN HAND, A'1'lll.l4I'l'lf', AND VUPID. C Ol Um wk AM5' N ' R 1'-f , is STRAIGHT CUT, 245 , L ' HAND MADE, l f it . K QP ' mggir GE 2 Froin the bcsl Virginia and 'Tnrlcisli l.c:tf. 1'E1aN1.lcss 'l'o1s,-uzvu Winuis. l':S'l'Al!l.lSIIl'1D 1846. l 0llR'l'l'1l'1N FIRST lllllllil M1-:DAi,s. WM. S. KTMBALL. Q Co. - Rocx-TESTER, N. Y. IV ADVERTISEMENTS. I I BELUS I - ' 2 IEE, I '+'f -H-'I--1----1'---If--I-.-mm. , ,A E, , 1 EEEEE. it .EEE TUMIIJTEII I IEEITTEEETTWII Tl ,JV :Am H EE-,-:gb -AI . Ht! ,.!l!!' EM I my-I I, I 100 Maln Street, - Northampton. llun I l l l l W -6 X, mln -...BEEN-I. ,Nr Ml' IN cn It I in F liuuuiul ug lnnn ulllluuin? l, gy, W, ttt In Hp I lm CARPET DEPARTMENT 'IT f ei? I , M, V IIT ,Q Ynn will find nn clcganr. assortment of Rugs, Art V M ml ,M H q All 'll Squares, llrnpcrius, Brussels and lngrnin Qnrpcts. I -'---' A --E-.- A ,El will zmvanm H. msn. IIIUHIIHMGT wt' - f - XIIIIITIIVII i ,V ,,...1 f.f1f my ':.ETErEgqp EETE I l I , I lllllll I W TT I T itll 1 I,C'.- ,CQ 4. 'LE f , -L' ll I. IZ,-X' EI it llllllll, LElEEiEEl Ez I+ Tl' 2:1 M XVI: sl 0 ' l ' fl ' l l. 'ARIS -ollc ' f F1 Il I -ri: Piclnrcslillll l?IIl1illIiI'l:cCcil:Ilyig lnll Ili-lll2c35Z,?l'llll1l llll I ' v lll lm ll tn 55o.oo cnch, including the clmiccst Prnuf lfllcliings, l'Zng.grnvings, l'lImogrnvures, nnzl l'lmtogI'nplis. ' f --i i ff 5-Qiiffv if . -fi E. E. BENNETT,D- JEWELERE-AND-IOPTICIAN, PGST-OFFICE BLOCK, ANHERST, MASS. DEALS LARGELY IN WATCI-IES, RINGS, DIAMONDS, SILVER- WARE, CLOCKS, and OPTICAL GOODS. MANDOLIN, BANJO, VIOLIN, AND GUITAR STRINGS of Highest Quality. A11 MUSICAL MERCHANDISE furnished at Lowest Prices. -fl FINE'-'-WATCHESU Repaired and Warranted by E. R. BENNETT, Watchmaker. ADVERTISEMENTS. V H. O. PEA SE, MERCIIANNH7 TAIIQOR, PALMEIVS BLOCK, AMHERST, MASS. FRANK P. WOOD'S HOUSE, AMHERST, MASS. 9 9 JUST NOW j Q vQA ' ' , In That Luna Is the Time minruar 3 rnnuKwuun'sHuusE 'A A. l , ' your qi-Q 4.,, 15. , -5-': :v-'J Leads Them GAME svnenns, '4'A Qi- + 1 - -iffy! ' . I '5a ..f,' ' YJ, ,- and M ,Q A K 's 0' SWE SUM WW' Tim- ' ,', WW ' 'ts Season- THIS IS THE CALL! NI. N. SPELAR, GUXSSIUM, SGHUULST MISUELUXNEUUS BUUKS, FINE STATIONERY AND FANCY GOUDS. Cash paid for Scconcl-Ifzlnd School and College 'l'cxt-Hooks. 14 Phenix Row, - AM I-Ih312S'F, NIASS. vi ADVERTISEMENTS. HENRY ADAMS, PHAR.D. Qfmg igtf PQAIEGEQF , 1 PHENIX ROW, ANHERST, MASS. A COMPLETE ASSORTMENT OF P RE DRUGSSIVIEDICINES. Pezrfumezrg cmd eifezt Grticfzfezg KEPT CONSTANTLY ON HAND, Including I-IAIR BRUSI-IES, COMBS, SOAPS, TOOTH AND NAIL BRUSI-IES, RAZORS AND RAZOR STROPS, PERFUMERY IN BULK, CHOICE NEW YORK CONFECTIONERY, IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC CIGARS AND CIGARETS, SMOKING TOBACCO, CIGARET PAPERS, MEERSCI-IAUM AND BRIER PIPES, CIGAR AND CIGARET HOLDERS. PHYSICIANS' PRESCRIPTIONS Compounded with Care. BEFSunday and Night Calls for Medicine responded to at Residen First. Door West of VVood's Hotelg RIGHT-HAND BELL. ADVERTISIEMEN'1 S. X11 IJSE Emwfis IEIQQIIQ TQIPMMQY. Irli IS rlxl-IE BI3S'li. fXlI those lruuhluml vvith COIQNS slxnulcl try the SURE CURE UEIRN REMEWER. TOOT1-1 BRUSHES, NAIL., I-IAIR, FLESI-I, AND CLOTH BRUSI-IES, In Great Variety. RAZORS AND RAZOR STROPS, SI-IAVING MUGS AND BRUSI-IES, DOHERTY INDICATOR CARDS. QW Nufwiime of Ewan, 456065, CIGAIQS, CIGA1QE'11S, AND 'l'OI3AICCO. +2 PHYSIGIHNS' PRESGRIPWIQNS +1- Curefully uttonclocl tu. AT THE -9-BIC 7-IIYII-IERSIII I-IEJUSE DRUG SIIIGJRE. 39+ V111 ADVERTISEMENTS. W. H. H. MoRGAN Druggisw pothecary FINE TOILET GOODS, Perfumery, Choice Confectionery, Pocket Cutlery, Cigars and Tobacco. ! V 1'0fi11, Gzzimr, amz' ffzzzyb Sf7'Z'7QQ'A'. Bax! Qmzligf jllzzsfmf Gooniv fo offder. Physicians' Prescriptions 21 Specialty. Also, Dmln' in Coal nm! l'Voa1zi 6 Phenix Row, - AMHERST, MASS. AMHERST CASH SHOE STORE. BOOTS. SHOES, N RUBBERS BQSpecial Attention to Students' Fine Goods, Foot-ball and Tennis Shoes, etc. Repairing neatly and promptly done. AMHERST CASH SHOE STORE, HAWES 8z sT1NsoN, Pnommoks. AMI-IERST, MASS. ADVERTISEMENTS. i FURNITURE ww CARPET ROOMS, IO PHENIX Row. STUDENTS' FURNITURE A SPECIALTY. Sill HAVE THE GOODS YOU WANTJP0 BEDS, BEDDING, TABLES, DESKS, BOOK - CASES, EASY CHAIRS, WINDOW SHADES, CURTAIN POLES, PICTURE FRAMES, DRARERIES, ETC., ETC. AT LOWEST PRICES, FOR WHICH I SOLICIT YOUR PATRONAGE. E. D. MARSH, X ADVER'.l.'IS1iMEN'l'S. J. W. T. DAVIS, CUSTOM BOOT AND SHOE MAKER REPAIRING NEATLY AND PRoM1f'1'Lv DONE. Over I-Iollancfs. Store, A.NII-IERST, NIASS. WQDQ SQEQE INSQ- A OOOO 113 Bmmmmt St.. AMHEMST, MASS. A Few Gaudi Harm-as to, Let tcm Gmcafwl. Elniwems.. O. D. HUNT, COAL. AND VVOO , AND FIRE INSURANCE AGENT, OFFICE IN HUNTAS BUILDXNG, H AMHERST, MASS. J. E. KELLEY, BIEROHANT TAILOR, X C, ll tc Line of Fine Cloths nlw 5 un lmzmcl. Sl I patron g I t I 1 t f t Q t 1 -il WILLIAMS!-cQ'2-BUDDING, D- FASHIGNABLEWAILQRS -11 AMH1ERsT,-:- MASS. D- xii ADVERTISEMENTS. . AEI M- 1 Z , , .. . . we .. my ' fx.: h.,g'if'l1'L'gL.,, 'fm ill 1 l 'ls ' W L - 3 ' .1 '4lEE?5EQ:v, -',, ,Fil ' '1 f1,,,-JFgmlZ- a-.Q Q. ii -l ' lXll lllrvgifa- f'isu1a1Ww:r1?1fllWif-VMS i I ll LII'llHi1a.t'llitg1e'1.f f. 1lllllllfqW HJn ,,l,'f 'EEEs'22?5:Ei'gli5' , -Zil'l'.f5'!f ilfvai' 'N ' ' lil 2 MillhizsiliiiilUi iiillili, l ' E klill Kimi 'I ga:,sSefaa'ga':i-ln' -:mf-11521 . i i'v4.u 'E 1 :mi-.-:.:rf.s l L 411-2121. L We 'ifw-ff-Q l .?qENii1If1f?irij'f,rl.+. giiyli ll L sf iie:ei.1.rl ' gt. sagfzf, i IW'-xii f'1F'if :QL3f5iw'lfr!e',1i5-,iff 'lilI'11.1i2ll1QjQ,'K' 9'1 Y ' ,. 1 fn ' -' -'JL -fHL'T:-f' f . - v: ml- r AD AMHERST HOUSE LiVery,Feed,andSale Stable. T. L. PAIGE, Proprietor. Stylish Double and Single Vehicles Omnibus, Coach, Hacks, Cabriolet, Park Phaeton, Surry, Canopy Top, Carryall, Picnic Wagons, Whitechapels, Side-Bars, Piano-Box, Basket Phaetons Village Carts, Etc., Etc. AND A FULL LINE OF SLEIGHS. REASONABLE PRICES. Hacks for Parties furnished at Short Notice, with Com- petent Drivers. If you want a Stylish Turnout, call. Office and Stable, Rear of Amherst House, Amherst, Mass. ADVERTISEMENTS. xiii -I. 13. RYAN, 1'1ao1'RlL1o1:. Ll. II. PERLEY, CLIQIQK. W. P. RYAN, MANACDICIQ. ' Llformerly at Mansion House, Greeniicldj N PXMHERST HOHSE, AMHERST, MASS. 'X' FIRST-CLASS LIVERY AND BILLIARD ROOM CONNECTED. XIV ADVERTISEMENTS. J. M. 'WAITE do SON, M,.NWmmq,,MNWma1i?1 I I a?g?,tNW.N,W,.,.,.,.,..-..m.....t 'luv' 'MV' DEALERS IN HATS, CAPS, FURS, AND FURNISHING GOODS Wlxcrc'mny be found thc Largest Assortment in town, nncl the Latest nntl Must Dcsirnblc Stylcs. IJISLIOIIIIKS lnzulc tn Clubs und nn ull lnrgc snlcs. Our Motto is U 'Frm IZus'r. Students, plcnsc cull mul cxrunlnu bcfuru purclmslng els l lmtcst untl llcst Styles nlwnys on lmncl. lxgCl1lSl'Ul'x'lllll ' l lx nx tltc Huttcr. 1-Izvrs RIEPAIRICII A'r S 1 V cn. SIGN OF THE GOLDEN HAT, - AMHERST, MASS. EDWIN NELSON, UlHSSlGEll Elllll llllSllllllElllBIlllS BUUKS, COLLEGE TEXT-BOOKS, New and Second-Hand, SCHOOL BOOKS, STATIONERY, AND FANCY GOODS. Mr 'CASH PAID FOR SECOND-HAND TEXT-BOOKSNJFHD 3 Post-Office Block, Amherst, Mass. C. H. SANDERSON, CASH DEALER IN Ready- Made Clothing, G-EN'I'LEMEN'S FURNISHING- GOODS, HATS, CAPS, UMBRELLAS, ETC. Agent for Steam Laundry. AMHERST, MASS. ADVER'.l'1SEMEN'.l'S. XV c. S. GATES, D. D. S. DENTAL ROQMS 5 PALMEPUS BLOCK, AMHERST, MASS. Oilflcii Ilouixs, 9 'ro 5. i+1'1'lIi-:R on 1Vl'1'ROl!S Oximc ADMlNIS'I'l-Zlll-Ill XVIIICN I I-Z.'ll 11.1 F. H. 1-1oWEs, Groceries and Crockery Kerosene-Oil Lamps, Fancy Crackers, Fine Cigars, Cigarets, Tobacco, Pipes, Cigaren Holders, and Fruits, AMHERST, MASS. AMHERST HGUSE BARBER SHGP, AL. FANEZUF, PRoPR1EToR. ALL THE BEST GRADES OF RAZORS AND STROPS FOR SALE. G. M. GHAMBERLINS LIVERYAD FEED STABLE REAR PHENIX ROW, WAMHERST, MASS. Barge, Hacks, Double :ind Single Tcaims, to lol :xt fair prices. Accommodations fo 'fransiciit Feeding. Blacksmith Shop ntlnclicd. XVI ADVERTISEMENTS. SING LEE, FINE LAUNDRY WORK DONE AT SHORT NOTICE. COLLARS AND CUFFS A SPECIALTY. Unde1' Palrrxefs Block, AMHEIQST, NIASS. Qiflg Qexgmuneimi, main Suneets, Bmlqensts, Glass. inning and QC-ZS-QFGGICII eemg, and E Ee:rg. asf Gamening lien Pennies and Glass iilauppens em ii eeialtsy. H. E. MESSINGER, HAIR DRESSER. Special Rates by the Month and Term. Satisfaction on Hair Cutting and an Easy Shave Guaranteed. Under XfVooc1's I-Iotel, ANIHERS'l', MASS. ADVERTISEMENTS. XV11 A. Gr. C A R LE Y , XVIIOI.l'ZSAI.l'1ANDRIC'1'AII.DIiAI.IQR IN BUUAS, STATIUAIEIIY, S? AIITISTS' IVIATEAIAIS, LAVVN-TENNIS AND BASE-BALL GOODS, 115 Main Street, NORTHAMPTON, MASS. B A RR'S -+- ' 'l'lII'I lTl'1S'l' I'I.Al'IC IN TOXVN TO Gl'1'l' REFRESHMENTS. Spreads and Class Suppers Receive Special Attention. Fancy Bakery. Fine Home-Made Candies Fresh Every Day. Agents for VVhitrnan's Fine Confecuons. y STUDENTS, WE SOLICIT YOUR PATRONAGE. BARR' S, SPRINGFIELD. H01.YoKE. N0RTHAMPT0N. A COAVIPLEfF13 S'1'OCIfi OF HATS ev GEN'I'LEIVIEN'S FURNISHINGS C. A. SENIORS, CORNER OF MAIN AND PLEASANT STREETS, NORTHAMPTON, MASS. -zfazgqgf Q29 ghlmv 162. B. Pond, manager. 466 'EPum5cUieH 'Eiffiwd Qaff RGGFFI 1, 3 PFie11G1i52 Row, QlmFie:r5't, mass. '1'E7fQ1,gg gifs ADVERTISEMENTS. xix 18 go - 1887 J. L. LQVELL ........... - PHCDTQGRAPHER -' AMI-IERST FRANK D. DEUEL, Successor to DICKINSON Jo POMEROY, BlIflIlIlllLl,FBBlIillLl,SEiIB,HlllIUVEIUSIHIJIE CARRIAGES FOR OPERA, PARTIES, CALLING, AND TRAINS. N orthampton, Mass. J. A. RAWSON, VV atchrnaker 5115161 jevveler, Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Silver and Plated Ware, Fine Stationery, Banjos, Guitars, and Strings, Tablets and Note Books. I fW:1l-.- Cl k.,. IJ- fl- - I 1,,.I.5'ft' ,'lTyH,l111. AJX41-IERST, MASS. LOVELIQS STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY 105 MAIN STREET, NORTHAMPTON, MASS. ADVLRPISLMLNIS XX NQRTI-IAMPTON GPERA HOUSE, WILLIAM H. TODD, MANAGER. MANDELL'S LEADING STYLES IN FOOT-WEAR I NORTHAMPTON. f S NORTHAMPTON STEAM LAUNDRY L. A. BELDING, MANAGER, n 1 136 MAIN STREET xxii A1JvER'r1s1zM1zN'rs. W. L. SMITH at co. DEALERS IN FIIRLSITWUILE INTERIOR DECORATORS. NORTHAMPTON, - - MASS. c.lIlI'l'llJS thc largest mul clmiccst stock nf CRQGKERY, AMP 'VVALL PAPERS, DRAPERIES AND RUGS In Ilnmpshirc County, at thc Lowest Prices. Custmncrs from Amherst will bc zlllowccl fare one wny on purchases of 55 or ovcr, nncl both ways on or ovcr, vin thc long-looked-for Central Massachusetts Railroad. E. B. CURRIER, 21 Pleasant Street, NORTHAMPTON, MASS. 9 Src 0 ADVERTISEMENTS. xxiii J. WV. WVEEIKS, Prolimrietor. A -fl VV EEKS HOUSE D- W IJALMEIQ, NIASS. O. G. COUCI-I 8 SON Will bc pleased to show their elegant assortment ol' Rocllester Duplex l3ia110l+0 Libmry Lamps At all prices, from 52.50 up. A full line nf goods for stuclents' use. Fruits, Confectionery, Cakes, Etc., Etc. 'l'llc beet Cigars, Tobacco and Cigarets in large variety and at the lowest prices. AIXXIHI-31QS7l1, NIASS. xxiv ADVERTISEMENTS. WILLIAM I-IILL, l'RoP1uIzToR. 0 THE OR OOD NORTHAMPTON, MASS. 0 SPECIAL ARRANGLNIFNFS FOR SUPPER9 ETC., MADE WVITH STUDENPS ADVERTISEMENTS. XXV L. M. HIRSC1-1, ONE PRICE SHOE BAZAAR, 165 to 173 Grand Street, NEW YOIQK CITY. Misfits and Surnple Pairs of Shoes at I-Iexlf their Origfinul Value. -GSUNNERY-SONGS, AUTUMN'-'-NELODIES, WINTER'-'-ANTHENS, 'f- SPRING'- CAROLSU' liy the thousand and hundred thousand, are found on the shelves of our great music store. If not bursting into song, they are at least fully weighted with the best and most popular music of the day. It is in vain to give any idea of the wealth of our Sheet Music Catalogue hy any series of advertisements. Persons wishing to select will please send for lists or cata- logues, or call at the U Ditson stores, lllostou, New York or l'hiludelphia,l or examine the music with Ditson N Co.'s imprint in any respectable music store. New music and hooks are faithfully and accurately described in llitsou X Cofs MUSICAL RECORD, Z1 monthly costing but ,SI per year, which dollar is amply re- paid to every music purchaser in the information conveyed, the good Vocal and Instru- mental music and well-made reading columns of this monthly magazine. Books of Standard Value Published by Ditson 84. Co. College Songs f5o centsl. The hest condensed college song hook. Carmina Collegensia 1531. The hest general collection of college songs. War Songs l50 centsl. The hest Grand Army Song llook. Good Old Songs we Used to Sing USU. The favorites ol' a century. Construction, Tuning and Care of the Pianoforte 160 cenlsj. By which any one can tinker his own instrument. OLIVER DITSON dt CO., BOSTON. FINE HAND-SEWED JERSEY SHGES, f..t ttt, BU'r'r0N, TACIC, AND CONGRESS, IN CORDOVAN CALF AND l'A 'I'l CNT l.liA'l'lIltR, A B AY,S SHOE STQRE, No. 382 Main Street, Sp1'i11gfield, Mass. A. EIMDQETT, -M TA1uQR,HQ--- SPRINQFIEUQ, MASS. CHAMBERS 522! MAIN STREET ADVIERTISIQMIENTS. xxvii W. W. HUNT, NANUl AC'l'lYlilLR Ol Tin, Copper, and Sheet Iron Ware. TIN ROOFING AND PLUMBING A SPECIALTY. I IYICALICN IN l Ll1'lu1um:s, Sluvus, Ranges, Slllllllilffl, Akron, Salt Glazed Sewer :xml Drain l'ipu. Students' I urnishing Gmnls. Gund Second-I llllld Stoves. MERCHANTS' ROW, AMI-IERST, MASS. PACH BROTHERS, IIIILLEEE BLESS PHUTUHRHPHERS, Our name ls a guarantee forthe correctness and refinement of ourvarlous productions GEO. R. LOCKWOOD 8: SON, Publishers, Booksellers, Stationers, and Engravers, 8I2 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. Correctly Engraved lnvltatlons for Commencement, Class Day, Fraternlty and Vlleddlng Receptions. Steel Plate Work ol' Every Descrlptlon for Fraternity uses. Heraldlc and Book Illustrations for College Annuals. Dance Orders, Menu Souvenirs, Class Crests, Monograms, Address Dies, Lodge Headlngs, Oalllng Cards, Etc. Lockwood's Approved Fraternlty Statlonery from new steel plates. EIGELOW XL GO. HATTERS TO THE NEW ENGLAND COLLEGES A ' A A A A 4, L 439i , 1l1'!IL. fwL,,iL' ff W V ,.. , wL.m W gum G .Ag , X ,f T TT HEATH'S LONDON HATS, EEET HATS, SILK HATS, OPERA HATS LEATHER HAT CASES CANES UMBRELEAS ETC 407 WASHINGTON STREET, - - BOSTON O ORDERS BY MAIL PROMPT AlJV1iRTISEMI5N'l'S. XXIX F. L. DUNNE, Tailor 'J' and 'r- Importer, No. 388 WASHINGTON STREET,' BOSTON. A VERY LARGE AND QTIIUICIC ASSUR'l'MI'lN'l' Ulf' 'l'IIli l.A'1'l'IS'I' LONDON NOVlil,'l'll'IS. Special Materials for Full Dress. l'IMUROIlH'IlUiD ANU FANCY XVAIS'l'K'OA'l'S FOR l UI,I. AND lIAI,l DRESS IN KlRICA'1' VARllC'l'Y. TI-IE LARGEST STUDENT TRADE Of nny hon L In thu Um! d Still TAILOR TU Tllli IIARVARIJ CO-OPI-IRATIVIC SOClIC'l'Y. XXX ADVERTISEMENTS. RICHMOND STRAIGHT CUT No.1 CICARETS. Ulgnrct Smokers who are willing m pay n lillic more than the price chzxrgcci for the Ortll- nnry trndo Clgnrotu will Gnd THIS BRAND superior to all others. THE RICHMOND STRAIGHT CUT N0. I CICARETS Are made frmn lhu brightest, most delicately finvorud, and highest cost Gold Leaf grown in Virginia. This is thu Old Illlll Original Brand of Straight Cut Cigurotr-s, and was brought om by us in thu year 1875. O mY'Bcw:mrc of Imltations, :md observe that the Ilrm mmm an bolow is on every package. ALLEN 81 CINTER, Manufacturers, Richmond, Virginia. l'I' IS 1.IN'I'IllI'iI,Y UNNICCICSSARY FUR IIUUSEKIEIEPICRS TU 'l'AKI'1 ANY RISK IN TIIE SELECTION OI TIIEIR IIUKNING OILS. PRATTS ASTRAL OIL IS SOLD AT A PIUIIIC XVITIIIN 'l'1IEIUiACI'I OF ALL. I'l' IS A I'l'IRIf'l41C'l'LY SAFIC ANI? ITNII-'URMLY GOOD AR'I'ICI.l'I. l'I' IIAS IIIGICN IN l'1X'I'I'1NSlV1'I USIC OVER lfIF'I'1'1l'1N VlCAllS,AN1J GIVI-IS llI'1'I l'ICR SA'l'lSFAC'I'ION TIIAN ANY lL1.UMlNA'l'lNG OII, 'l'IIA'1' HAS EVER BEEN MADIC. O41 PRATT MANUFACTURING COMPANY, D0 NEW YORK, JOHN R. FARRELL, MERCHANTA-TAxLoR, BOSTON, MASS. MILITARY Sox-xoox. JACKETS AND UNIFORIVIS. , ALSO CHEVRONS AND Com: EOR TROUSERS, AND FINE asf TAILORING A IN A GENERAL. +3Ii5Q' A FULL LINE OF FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC SUITINGS AND OVERCOATINGS. xxxii Anv1zRT1sEM1zN'rs. I NGERSOTJL dk GLEINN EY, Novelties for Nlenle Wear. 1129 B1QOADXaVAX', BETXK'EEN 25th AND 26th S'FS., NEVV YOIQPC. Shirts und Collmrs frorn 1VIeusure. I WYx,ft'Sff, 1'UA'l:'. DEL!! ,'l0 1.69, 'BONBONS MIND CHOCOLA TES. ,'lY2'r'4'l!f'w.s' ffl l'2lln:1f lm'a.vX'l'Lv am! l1'w1hr1lNl1Q'1'lnv. 7 911' mn' Lz'm1'1'r1' 7l1M'!.vf11' C'u14M.v mm' Cnlnfv. S743 Broadway, balwecn 1710 ami 1.9112 Slreels, 150 l?ro1m'way, corner Liberzy Slreet, 1l'ff W' l OA'Af f 7r1lrr.v V lllllly 1'm'cPzIu fnranlff rzifr'ufl21u. JOHN CATTNACH, 736 BROADWAY, - - - NEW YORK. Trun k M anufaeturer, AND IMPORTER OF LEATHER GOODS. Fine lllnglish style Seal, Alligator, mul Russia Leather 'l'rnvcliug and Slmpping Bags, Furnishccl Bags for lnclics' mul gcntlcmunls use. Lnrllus' Dress and l1onnct'l'runlcs fKll'1xIlll2I'lC2ll'l :mil liuropcnn travel. Stateroom '1'runlcs, Clmirs, Rugs, etc., for thu Htczlmers. .XlDVERTI5EMEN'1'S. XXXIII ESSESY., WORCESTER, - - - ' MASS. Tress 81. Co's London Hats. Engllsh Cloves and Neckwear. Forelgn Novelties for Gentlemen. ATHLETIC OUTFITTERS. Toboggans, Snow Shoes, Blanket Suits. Everything for Legltlmate Sports. Agents for ScanIon's Boxing Gloves, A. G. Spalding 8. Bros' Sporting Goods, John Welsher's Running Shoes. 'I' WALTER T. BUGBEE, TAILOR, HAYNES HOTEL BLOCK. Springfield, M3133- 'I' xxxiv AuvERTrsEMEN'rs. !TW E Pu 1a I ' ' I Wj,Fq? ' 1? if ., '., 1.31 In Q' ': fg .m .IV .'.-w H A a85T!U5nf4fH??fI YHE FAIRBANKS 65' COL If vw- -W BAN70s. W- We 8-I-8 --- THE A CME OF PERFECTIONJ A 111115117111 qualky ry' tone not oblaillert' . '. A funrrleri fha hllgfhesl jirlbe wherezlrr by ailrer makers ...... t'.1'hlvl?EIL Illore 1'fr1j5raz1e111eni.v qf importance than all others cauxlfblertf .' .' .' .' Om' lmf1e1'1'n! lfrugjb ix Me Correa! Thing. .' .' .' .' Our Palm! Top Ilooli 5 Our Lillie Gem Brace Qpnlenledj 5 Our Patent Tar? Pzece 5 Our New E Iffllilbll F Inger-lienr1z', am! ether paints y' excellence are vuarfhy qfyanr allenliou. Cal! on us ,... Correxfaud 'zuilh us, . , ar Sendjbr Cnlrzlagne. FAIRBANKS 65' COLE, JMM'e1'.r, 7I'nr!?er.v, and AIIIXIII' I ,lIb!l1S'hL'l'.f, 178 73't'7Il0llf Slreel and 1.21 Cmzrf Sfreef, l3OSTO1V. HORSMAN 'S - 8' f fwl 8, -liiaiifsfae IM P R ov E D 4 ,Q -e :QlgEII:'5lIgM ,.f.. I 8 8 I -I sw I 1 I I ' 8 I Nlffif .Ll I V I' WA, .ll ! I yr' I k'295u'5:':Fl:I !I'f e f 'I IW' e g5g,EggEgEE,gV 1 va1f TENNIS RACKETS :IE--in I-:: E A, V A,n . , I For 1888- Casino, Perfectiqn, and Seabright. Send fm 1Iorsnmn's Tcnms Catalogue for 1888. E. I. I-IORSMAN, 80 85 82 WILLIAM ST., NEW YORK. ADV11 1 ISLMI NIS XXXV DAVIS 81 CG. TAILQRS AND QUTFITTERS, WORCESTER, MASS. Wo 0CZI'lj2 C11 0f70lb8 l1f11o of fo1'e1g'11 flllff d0l77L3Sfl23 woolens for 011510111 gZZ7'77?6l'llfS, 111111 are 60lZSfCllZIfb! 11drZ111g' 7Z0'U8fflBS as Zbqy c1ppoo1' Ztll tba 77Z6l7'fC6lL. Espanol 6lIfll61ZIfl?JlZ g'l1Ut31Z 10 6l8Slg'lll7lZg'g6ll'l7781HfS fo1' y0ZL7lg 111111. ' S6llfl1QfCl6IflU7Z g11o1'11111eorl. A 7'6lDI'6S8lZf6lfl1U8 of o111' b0IlS13 will be 7'lL A17Zf70l'Sf di 'U6Zl'lUZlS 1111115 L'l1Ll'1'lZg' 1111 year wzib so111p!es of goods 111111 511111- plo 011510111 g111'111e11is, io Z0f7l17f7 we Z7ll'U11l!2 .jJf'0lH' c111'o1111o11. .g. DAVIS Cgl CG. xxxvi AI5VERTIS1EMEN'l'S. so , E KL 'YS H M P? YL BllS'ZLl?2 Me Wrfd. E. Sc Tj. T. Anthony 8a Co. Mzmulhclurcrs :md Imponurs of PHOTOGRAPHIC ac ae ae ae INSTRUMENTS, Apparatus and Supplies, T Qvff 597 Broadway, IV. Y. U N l Sole proprietors of the I' t ii S t'l 1 D t - I T1 ', a. en sm L, xc e cc T tivo, Schmid Detective, X Fairy, Novel, and Bi- cycle Czmxcrns. and sole I . ,L agents for the Celebrated rp ' ' N XA Dullmeyc1'Lenses. I Q ' . ,,, Amateur Outfits in F, Q 'H Z Y T great variety from 39.00 up- 1 ' W X' ward. Send for Catalogue or gif Tun S' Em 3' call :md examine. U . A mu ,pg , -, 25 ,,Q4!a' 5n ,ii 1131111101-c fhnn Forbf Year: -' 4 z Esln blfkhcrl in lhzlv Ibn cg-'js-1 -,G qfb1:s1?1e.v.v. A DV ICR'1'ISIEMEN'.l'S. 4. 2 ,QF' QQEWMXQ X X ' ig Q A 5'f9?z7iz '1 QQ-U FRA ' L 1 1 . 121 V ,, fa- , ff f -fx, . W 1 f C011 A Q .1 1. ' X A KSA ,Q A331 V161 Fw J 'QQ Jig V' 11 -j i W Q' 'I' 19 JOIYIJI SHWE IIIDYV CDI!!! f7OSEP!! GILLOTTS SIILEL PZLNS. Gold Medal, Paris Exposltlon, I878. FOR AR'1'1s'1'1c Usls in Fine Drawings, Nos. 659 fTl1c cclcbrntcd Crowquilly. 29o and 291. F011 FINE WR1'1'1NG, Nos. 303, 604, and I.adics', 17o. F011 BROAD W111'1'1Nc1, Nos. 294, 389, :md Stub Point, 849. FOR C::N1zR,x1. W111'1'1Nc:, Nos. 404, 332, 390, and 624. -IOSEPII GILLOTT 64 SONS, QI john Street, N. K IIENRY IIOE Sol: flgeul. ' - xxxvH xxxviii AIJVERTISEMENTS. Music Boxes, 50 ruuts I0 5300 unch. Bay State, Haynes Excelsior, and William B. Tllton Gold Medal c u ITARS, Wzu'r:iuluzI purfccl :lull not in wzirp ur split: 341010 5275 unch. Haynes Violins: Orchestra, S25. Solo, 535. Stewart's Banjos and Publications. Tlefenbrunner Zithers. Rudall, Carte 64 Co. Boehm System Flutes. Drums, Fifes, Etc., Etc. . Iircatust Assnrtuicut nf Musical Iuslrumcuts :uid ,img Luwcsl Prices in llnstun. . Joi-IN c. I-lAYNEs 6. co. A li JM A -I X 33 Court Street, Band Instruments a Specialty. WEBSTER'S UNABRIDGED DICTIONARY. Ruremnmomlctl lay thu State Sup:-rintcmlmits of Scluouls-1iu1i0Stntos1,:tnd by lending Cullc-gc I'l'USl1I0lllH of thc United Status :mtl Cnnxuln. The best Practical YourYAttontinn isrinrirtctl tu the that tlmt in purchasing extant'-I'N'LL'lw I-V tho latest. issue of this work, you get A DICTIONARY uontuiniug 11000 more words :tual ucnrly 2000 more illus- trntious tlnui uuy otha-1' AlYl0l'If!t'lIl Dictiouztry, A GAZETTEER OF THE WORLD I-outnining ov01'25,000Titlus, with tlu-ir lll'UlIIlllI!IX1I.IOIl :mat xt mst nmnuut uf other in- t'0rm:1tiou Qlwwiitly I1tItI0lIj, mul A BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY giving pronuuciutl. I1 of nnmes In vmqmm Stvles of Binding' :uni hriuf Iiuzlts umlcorniugllin-iufy 10,000 Noted Iforsonsg also vmwnus tnhlos giving vuluatblo lnformntmn. and without Patent Index. An invaluauble companion in every School and nt every Fireside. . We-luster is Stimdnrd Authority in thc' Gerrit-lggrtting Oiiice, and with tho U. S. Supreme Court. It has In-un sol:-retctl in 1-vu1'yc:1sn whore State Purchases hztvu been mario tbl' Schools. N0:u'Iy fill the school Insults uscrl are brwccl on Webster. Get the Best. Published by G. 85 C. MERRIAIVI 85 CO., Springfield, Mass., U. S. A. ADVEI TISI MFNIQ XXXIX We iiqvitze you to inspooo oun Lioivgo ond Voniod flssorvtament oi? Goods, oi? both Floneign ood Domestic H-loiqufootuwe, Enom, wlqieiq we one prvepoivod to bake ondeos for? Suits, Gveneooiss, Eno, mode up iq Honest Style, oiqd Pervieet: irg Wonlimonship and I-Tit. u O U k Ciusisom Bepontment, Mi lifes?-iiiegtom to oor. fgommeir fgtrezst, 1mi'Bosfe1e.o12L A HV ICRTIS IC M ICNTH. ADVERTISEMENTS. X11 STYLES CORRECT. QUALITY UNEQUALED. 'Y 1,5 v- ,-jug TEE, M54 ,, lsfziif if .X I --i'5Tm'ffLf' 1 .dm Av-. ' 'ln ' auf, la ,. OMG ,Q BROADWAY , 5 1 W- C-R559 cp, ,ggi gmg. Q fT TQ9' 5P . 1 ' 122515 H , IT '-W1-'J 'Arr F , ,- . 41'a7 ' -r f for fn .- 'g. 'Q New YORK Hglggb ggl + U w-wie ALBEMARIZE HOTEL. Copyrighted.. l'x :tx 180 Broadway, near John Street, 719 Broadway, New York Hotel, 1107 Broadway, near 24th Street NEW YORK. xlii ADVERTISEMENTS. f5al'erlifiol'ic?1 lS5'2. 'Q' Q, Rgacftvffae, Qtcwlatee Sc Oo. C, A CEfotl'1.iez.s cwftb Qcnczctf Q'tfvl FilTl'c'co, 393 came 400 Qfvctofibfifmgliott Steed, - Sgiookovt. We make to order or keep on hand, everything in the line ot' Fasliionable Clothing for gentlemen in city and country. Perfect fitting Shirts made to measure, orders for which maybe left in the lrurnishing Gootls Department, Uma G2LbJi3Ol41' iiepcwlvnaettlu Is supplied with piece goods of latest importation, and with the best American weaves also. The famous West-of-England broadcloths, rough-faced suitings from Scotland, and fine goods of many designs from Ger- many, will interest cloth fauciers. The stock as a whole is probably the largest collection of strictly first-class woolen goods for gentlemen's wear ever shown in this country to retail buyers. Suits or single garments made to measure by trained hands of long experience. Prices reasonable. 'Elite Qickcvitf Qffolftlifttcy CDe1ocmcl'fwtc1ftf6 ls tilled with garmentsall ready for immediate use. Many gentlemen who cannot wait to he measured for overcoats or suits, save money and are well pleased to wear the ready-made articles found here. An experi- ence of thirty-four years in providing for this class of trade enahles us to give perfect satisfaction, and has brought us customers from all parts of New lflnglancl. 3wz1tioi3tit1cZ'y Qjoobo qlepotzlmemt. llere we offer-in aclclition to the routine assortment uf gentlemenls underwear and other minor articles nf dress-a special production from our own workshops of shirts in many styles. This includes white shirts made to measure, for ordinary and party wear, and also traveling shirts from shrunk flannels in different colors, neat, comfortable, and convenient for their special purpose, and much worn by tourists and yachtsmen. ADVERTISEMENTS. xliii JUS YZ J ' SPECIAL! Thi PRONOUN CE D SUPERIOR T0 ANK YW: l'ro1!'u1.'7l?m qf yhllllg llklfs llrzix. xl 4 'X vou15'651w1hANos WILL lm 111coM1w'L r xfxlfcuyvfn. .g. I A ,, . f' X in-,X 'J dfiffiif ,4fgfD .1 f lf' -if L fiQEizzQf7Z2Q, main .g. Exlra Phc17iI1?.v for Huis or Caps Io Order, including ilu: OXFORD A CA DE All C CA I ', j?crm3'hca' la Tlws College, Mflyflkllllb' College, etc., lhz fast year. .6- FINE SILK UIIIBRELLAS. ELEGANT IVALKING STICKS. xliv ADvxzRT1sEM12N'rs. CE-iggmcwl lrl 0 , :Ty , - 12 ' T N. -HIP?-fH nf ' V 1 99 98995995759 Egg' f 'ILVN s . .ii21rf3f Q 5-Q W , , , fnfj.-qjll4-ij. s 1.5. . - if ff- Ns.flww-:'ef.f'mi3Q..ME15, pw I. 111' 1 ' 0 , 'X ec L55-921-f 'f ID Q f Qs r 1 X vt, 4. It ,, mn. xv- 'IA .'l x . 'fp lf? 33 A N W' . fr. :' ,.., : I : vN..,71 ---1:5 N . . -1 I n'1'r'l' 1 Qu, .qg,,:.l', ' 5. 4 'iiIl.lll1lnT1Ti'WFqil WPWQQR REI 1'f'lf'qp . , , , be- fy. . 1 ,, ,I - M l Y 2 . a. -- --1 In-nl-.J 'qi My . f---1. -f. -1- ' mumww wi. n ef: Y K :E u ...L-,Liu . 1 al qlllqihl- , y I .- V' Q 1 I ' 'U '-' 4 i ..f' Q. , , 4. A r W., 4 . 2 Nr v.. all ,..... M13 I-rc-M I ' 1 I' e e 'X e - ND Gm' ' WI- or ':f ' 1- .s, RA' lm r . .. ,, l W Illaw Henry QITY. 9 Over 600 l'l6l1fLtiSOWZ60l fnrntshect rooms, at 51.00 per clay anct upwards. .European Clllan. Flrst:class Restaurant, CDl7fLl74g:WO07fIfLS, Cafe, and Lnnch:Covznter, a la carte, at nftoclerate prices. Gnests' baggage to and front Grand Central Depot free. WOOWLS where ladies and gentlemen rnay check valtses, coats, parcels, etc., without charge. Travelers arriving via Grancl Central CDejvot save carriage hire ancl baggage express by stopping at the Grand Union. 'Travelers can live well at the Grand Union for less nftoney than at any other first:class hotel in .New York. Wu U GARRWSUN, ITVMNHWERM

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