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,ff X, if ff N If 'Mm ".'-v um: .,,,,. xx ,Q 4 X if - " " '. . ,A 1 X in fp, ff gk ff 'lx 1. a' 4 vw, fm c - A"' W ' Q R K f awk - A M 6 -3 44 F OU , I ' yxf X A 4 if w K AN . 1' H' I 'N I ' Xxx! x ' Q Wk I Uk! 'ln N. L As , g, v' XS XM W 'J U' 4, xxx 1 ,f Q 4 G 6 If . WAN 1 c . bl L V A fi ' 'Q 3241- H , V M mg ,ff "f1 . g 1 rf i 1 A , 'W ff - C.. f -. 4 V. -.1,,.,, . -- 1: 1- ' L 2.1 . ,,-- --v- T i FSM, Ka My Q - 1, K 35, v -xv! 0 9 ' W I V I S .' fi g. K Ia .vH,',,f ... 'ff .v,,,4.,h-hah - 3 yi. hh A -4 Jw W W M AMHIEHST CULLEIGE - .JJ A V . A , Z, V U six? ' 4- , Jan" , 'f 'lf 'B AF F TA 1 ' 2" ' ,f N Q 4 49 ' f fw m fmimw ' w w :W " "' 1111 w wf X is Q A ff w ,, wolf - , 19? f f Y f x , 3 ' 2 A A 4. J ff .11 i J hzfqz K Us J' . wffif- 1 ' wqy. . If wmuuunnnngiunmmurxann. N Af , n lv AAN U 5'-l-Ullqiaz H , .4'. I I 5 Q- "FL, 1 umlyn , V , ., 'f"'m"""' 'A ,, ., 'J I 1 VW' '. Jw SN- ', D 'W ' ' ' I 0 ' M " "' ': ' "Mff'izf?1'aff .153 4 ' ' ' N. W ffl-Q7 ' ' nl Qmfgigf r::mgl:'noR,s,:: f f XQHQKN .3 -"J jj?" ,i,4' 5 7'HOS.l?EEVE5. WQJAWYIP. A w mil W H - 1, ' 1 . ., .,.' ' A' ' Q! ,- : I. l X v V ' W. 'ff V' -is HF 'X ,ty ' g , I 4. V 5, 4, PUBLISHED BY THE -- X' K ' HW" " F L J1l1l5NIl!l1llRHIZ,lLAS+Ss.. f4' b:f G' 51545. If Rx 1ezs. - A ' N R5 Y ' ' -- : 1- if., h - .9 Tv.-:L . I, A' ,W-I 1 ,W f' ml 411' 1- x' v' ' 'L ' E, N A ' 'lu4:f1.-- ' nr.. .1 fu. , ,,, .,' Qi .V I ,ff l 1 Eciz'iaz'z'aZ. --+m+- i year. To tliose who read aright they throw wide open U the living heart of the college. Many will find written here a pleasant chapter of their own history, many will be reminded of scenes amid these halls in which they once bore a part, and many after us, enjoying the same Arcadian lite, will scan these pages with interest. We send them forth dedicated to all who thrill with fond aifection at the words Et ego in .fl ml1er' Again the college doors have opened and another class has gone out into the world. .Let our first words regretfully bid farewell to '73 and bear a willing tribute to her worth. The year has been one of progress scarcely equaled in the history of the college. The Freshman Class has entered nearly one-fourth more men than the largest preceding class, among them three colored- men. Additions have also been made to each of the other classes. While the number of students is increased, changes have also occurred in the Faculty. A professorsliip of History, long battled for by the students, is established and filled to their great satisfaction. The chair of Oratory and English Literature l1as become vacant. An instructor in the EnglQh NED 1 ECCJRL7El3 within these pages are the annals of another AMHERST OLIO. department has been added. Four of our professors have visited foreign lands during the past 'year-one on a mission, despite his modest depreciation, hardly second to any since the Pauline journeys. All have returned 'save one who is still abroad collecting works of art for a college gallery. His assiduous efforts to establish this are gratefully ac- knowledged, as are also the generous gifts to the same end by a benefactor of the college. We confidently expect before long to see Alumni Hall robbed of its present grim associa- tions as the place of examination, and transformed into the much desired Art Gallery. . The College Church was dedicated and occupied for wor- ship during the last year. Its fine organ and responsive service together with the beauty of its architecture and adornment add to the pleasure and impressiveness of our devotion. The enterprises of the students have been conducted during the past year with our customary spirit and ability. Our suc- ces at Springfield was not equal to last year's, but we firmly believe it was not far less. Our university crew in conse- quence of an accident to their shell were obliged to row in a boat to which they were net accustomed and which was built for another crew. Yet at the last point in the regatta at which the positions of the crews are known. one-half' mile from the finish. Amherst was reported second. Our men were quiet and reserved while their position was so deliberately discussed at Springfield, but we think that a majority of the same crew will pull with all the more indomitable grit at the next regatta. Our Freshman crew took the second posi- tion in their race. The Editors would return thanks to Professor Snell and to tl1e Secretaries of the various organizations mentioned in the Omo for courtesies extended to them. Special thanks should also be 'tendered to Messrs. Hamlin and Hosmer of '75 for the original designs illustrating the Ol.IlJ,XVlllCl1 are printed in fac simile. Compiling these pages has awakened in us a feeling of stronger attachment to our fellow students and to the col- lege. May the reader receive and foster the same feeling of attaehmentg and may the college enjoy many years of progress as marked and success as noble as the last. AMHERST OLTO. - . ' ff' f ' .I . ,fffl Aff! .'iii'.a,!-iliifi' A Was, - ' 1-. V' Iffufit- 'M '.-f4Qi'3Tf1-l-5Z-Z'- f. 519' 'i ..'. ' . Fiiml mil' "W"'7'f1o1!7T:Z:1:E' ' ' ' . 1- , f ff Qs I ,, I , ll . wie? in Q -Vl'- '- y I " ffl My f HE college Heet sails on, As often as we come together for a new year, one more class has gone, one more vessel has broken her anchorage, within the sheltered waters which her Alma Mater protects, and spreading her sails has become lost to view beyond the dim uncertain mist .of the future. Another, also, is making her first attempts, but in spite of her newly equipped masts and spars, the careful pilotage of the college fathers, and a fresh and well manned crew, she often goes amiss, and it will be long before the ropes are learned. t How is it with our vessel and crew? The anchor -up, the sails full set, we speed onward with nothing to dis- turb the calm serenity of the present peaeefulness. The stormy passage of the last year has left us but a memory of its horrors, while its victories have stamped impressions never to be forgotten. We were safely piloted over the shoals of Latin and Romanic languages, and still remember the firm hand and' fixed glance that steered us through those dark and turbid billows which threatened to precipitate our very souls. And the winds of faculty displeasure blew and the floods of state Constabulary came, but our vessel held together, and through all proved staunch and strong. AMHERST OLIO. Although the manly forms and voices of some of our com- rades are no longer seen and heard in our midst, yet their places are filled, and while we miss them we feel a warm pleasure in welcoming others to our number. But our victories and successes have been many and marked. In every race for a noble, manly or patriotic end, our .vessel .has been foremost. Six men of our, number hold the' championship in boating, and never but once has their time been excelled. Our nine has battled well and manfully for the ffirst position in base ball, and has exhibited a mostpraisevvortliy pluck in meeting any and every'-antagonist, whatever may have been the circumstances, however unfavorable the time or place. Our Glee Club has been the object of-much, praise and many well deserved compliments, And to us must be attributed the honor of having instituted and carried out the iirst Sophomore class supper. Such is the record of the past, at which we may look with a feeling of just pride. But the turning buoy is but just passed, and the record of the last years yet to be made, when we shall have cast aside the follies of the under-class-man, and assumed the well-becoming dignity of the Junior and Senior. Junior year is already begun, and its peaceful pleasures entering deeply into our hearts have already stamped an expression of repose upon our countenances. The Freshman beholds with envy our disre- gard of petty Sophomoric annoyances, and the Sophomore listens to our words of advice with proper respect and humble gratitude. Never have we been annoyed by class feuds or party dis- turbances, but together we stand, and the words of our class motto, " llrivrsq Ilfin-mv .Z'6Wmzm," well express our regard for each other. Allare the allies-all the friends of all. So let us remain, and at tl1e end of Junior year we will hope to find our class thc same it has always been, and to look back upon a happy and well-spent season. S. AMHERST OLIO. SOPHOMORE y g C I X ' ww VMI li llllifgf A- z ri Cklg gf!! E , " ' 'WP 5' ' ff HB-, I gulf: . -17 qksilljn N, 1 5 " I ' H- ' unified , ll-E-El ftfltlli' ffl Xizxy , -E ,VW -..: ' Ng , n'An gif ' I- o , , a f L E! HE characteristics which distinguish any class have eer- ' , tainly begun to be developed on its attaining the dignity of Sophomore year. It has acquired to some extent unity and individuality. This is true, at least, if the class of '76 be taken as a criterion. The characteristics which she has acquired are marked and her excellences need no mouth- pieceg they speak for themselves. It is with mingled feelings of pleasure and regret that we 100k back, over our past year. Pleasure--that we are now free from the drudgery and inferiority of Freshman year, that We have advanced farther into the paths of knowledge, and that the bounds of our intellectual horizon have been widened. Regret-that our college life seems passing so quickly away, and that some few have left us. But we gladly greet those who have recently come into our midst and ex- tend to them the right hand of fellowship, feeling that although they will not cause us to forget our absent friends, they will, at least, console us for their loss. 4 Taking a retrospective view of the past year we may congrat- ulate ourselves, that, on the whole, our career has been such as begged gentlemen, and that, as a class, we have done nothing of which We should be ashamed. In the class room IO AMHERST OLIO. '76 has acquitted herself creditably and has received the well merited approbation of her instructors., ln physical strength we yield the palm to no class in collegeg the present Junior class will, perchance, bear reluctant witness to our valor. The national game has received an unusual amount of attention from us, and we have unquestionably the best organized class nine in college, which gives us full assurance that it will ever meet our highest expectations. Our crew was certainly the finest Freshman crew which Am- herst ever produced, and, but for untoward circumstances, would, doubtless, have carried oifthe champion flag at the late inter-collegiate regatta. In spite of every obstacle she ac- quitted herself nobly and earned for us the second place, an honor not to be despised. The stroke of our last ff University " crew also hails from '76. Of course, '76 has had her stereo- typed "Burning of Matl1ematics," which, although regarded as a questionable amusement by the authorities, is, neverthe- less, highly conducive to class fellowship. There are many enduring memorials of our last year's career, not the least attractive of which are the beautiful Bible and hymn books in the new college church, which will long exist as reminders of our generosity. ' On the whole, our past year 'has glided quietly and happily away and the beginning of our new year has been auspicious. We have returned with renewed spirits and increased numbers to follow in the footsteps of those who erst were "Sophs," imitating their virtues and taking warning from their failures. Our course thus far as Sopho- mores has been comparatively peaceful. Instead of the traditional rush, our class voted to substitute "the rope- pull," a fairer and a less fatal method of testing the relative strength oftwo classes. Owing to unforeseen emergencies, the trial of our strength with the Freshman class still remains undecided, but when it comes '76 will, doubtless, hold her own. May the beginning of each new year iind us with as good cause to be satisfied. And when, having completed our college course, we shall have entered upon the duties of active life, may we never cease to be animated .that by which has hitherto been our mainspring of action-the true " spirit of '76." . AMHICRST OLIO. I I l ' -Ullllllm l-:-f--- ff we M ' X l 7 Dim f if 5179 t fs QQ.: . 1 'iv I, . f"": H 735 meta 'iii'-aiiiifiiiiliz kd gil' is with sincere satisfaction that we iind our names en- rolled in the rank and lile ot' Amherst's sons, and "with a humble simplicity befitting our station, we would make our H best bow to the public through the medium of these pages. So brief has been our career, so " Fresh " in our ears still sound the shouts of welcome with which our advent here was greeted, that we have not many items in our history of which We are able to speak. 'lfhere are a few features, however, to which we may be permitted to refer with, we trust, pardonable pride. Nor is it with wholly unmixed diflidence that we thus essay to speak for ourselves, as we think we have"' abun- dantly demonstrated our ability to blow as well as keep in possession our own horn. To the truth of the former state- ment those will be willing witnesses, whose ears have been charmed with the sweet melody which this delightful instru- ment of music, whose use is popularly supposed to be the Sophomore's prerogative, has given forth at our bidding. As to the latter, ample proof will be found in the numerous specimens which adorn the walls of many of our rooms, and which bear in their battered sides abundant testimony to the fact that they have come from well-fought fields. 2 AMHERST OLIO. As far as numbers are concerned we are enabled to claim a superiority over all the classes that have preceded us. Nor in numbers alone do we hope to be able to excel. Very little opportunity has as yet been given for those exhibitions of individual !1rz'!Zz'am'y of which very likely many of our members are capable. Still our brief history as a class gives us an assurance that, whatever fires we may institute to dispel the darkness and ignorance of the world, they will burn undinv med, notwithstanding all tl1e efforts 'f Soph-"istry and error may bring to bear against them. 7, I Some attention is already being given to boating among us, and the stalwart forms of those of our number who from time to time " bend to the oar," Qin the gymnasium and on the Io, foretoken an' honorable record'for '77 whenever her muscle shall in this way be put to the test. Much, however, as We delight in these manly and heroic pastimes, we hope to prove ourselves more deeply attached to the real work of college life, and to be found devoting our- selves to it with a constantly increasing enthusiasm, during the comingfour years of our course. VVe do not, indeed, look forward to the time of our gradua- tion, as do our immediate predecessors, with any earnest desire to gain an imaginary "independence " by a release from the duties imposed upon us here, Nor do we rely upon the glory rising from some events which occurred in this country a century or so ago, to add any luster to our name. On the other hand we hope, unaided by any such association, to make the " spirit of '77 " synonymous with whatever is noblest in lofty aspiration and most eflicient in earnest endeavor. 'GCTJQZQQ QSDQK5 QQ Havre? Socieiies WI af K0 I " Q5 X? .Wrap 1 I f Hair AIRXN ll IV IIN. Ordet off their Estinblislurqelqt. WD f L ,' AMHERST OIJO. v ' 1 1 X X I I I ' I NX xx 1 f , I 1 ' . - f ' ' 1 -. xwxxy , X N .mp l f , . Xxx V. 1 I, 'ff XXX .H , I, If NX xx -, ' Q .f, ,, 1 ,, g .- ,ff 'I ww' xx X xx X f ,,, x xx X X N 1 , X X 1. Wh , , 1 1 N, N XX x 1 , , I f N X ' - ' 1 'f' SN-, ..-Yu , L - 4.11: ' 1'.ZT...... K' -W- f 'nf 4 A W 2 iixxxx , f 'V' A J Q SN Z 'f1,' ' -kxxf .N 1 I 'f fffff , x N XXX -'V f ' I ' H ,xmv N , If 'umm x r , ' fff, wx f f '1 1 N -' N xx 1 f ' , 1 X Q X f " . ' N ' "'-'LY A -1- " '-'ii'4'! 4:- ::?:- 1 5? A , ', 'M' aj - , 'gow If i nf: 5'f'-ifiaaqfingfsamsf AMHERST OLIO. Ji' Z pizazz Deiia ?Z1z'. AMI-IERST CHAPTER. Charles R D'Lrlin . . g, Frank F. Dow, Alfred El Clifford R. B ZHZCIUIIII, Stephen D. Brooks, Charles A. Buffum, William B. Ely, SHIV I C 7 A' S. .lfxedwick ll. Gillctt George A. Leland, y. James Maiynzwcl, Clmrlcs S. Smith. f UJVIORS. I-Icury l'aullin, ,i.illO1l12l.S Recvcs, Frank C. Scoville, Arthur F. Skeele, Edward S. Toad. - AMHERST OLIO AMHERST OLIO. ' igsz' U'psz'Z0n. GAMMA CHAPTER. x George NV. Atwell, George E. Brewer, William B. Clarke, Sidney Dickinson, I Henshaw B. Chilson, Levi H. Elwell, E. Dudley Freeman, George F. Forbes, SEZVIOR S. Jesse F. Forbes, Franklin P. Owen, Edmund M. Smith, Thomas A. Stuart. f UNIOIE S. Moses Gay. Charles E. Pike, Jr. William B. Sawyer, Lindley Vinton. AMI-IERS1 OI. I0 2 + VlNll Nl!I1mbI " H" , r'q""Htffs,mrmlI , 4,f fi 1 ' i 52,1 Ii, 2513 . Figfijg ff-L 2? V . 5 w -5, P L il vi, ' V Q'- Tia: -..,, FT-11" ff , , ffflf 7 6 , 00 ZX 5 ' "' 'ii ' ' ii ' f . 'Tl AMHI-IRST OLIO. Delia Kappa .Fpsz'Zoz1. SIGMA CHAPTER. John NV. Ballantine, J. Foster Biscoe, NValtcr S. Biscoe, Melville Dewey, I. Newton Mills, Francis Adams George B. Adams, Francis NV. Fiske, Henry S. Knight, 9 SE N I 018 S. Charles H. Phalen, ' ' ' ' n Willlaln l'. Slocum Charles A. Smith, Sidney P. Smith, George S. Thrall. fUZVl'0I6S. Daniel Kent, Frank H. Palmer, Nat C. Sears, Richmond M. Smi ! J th. AMHERST OLIO AW1. s . .J 2 mwkmx, AMHERST OLIO. Uhz' Tai. ALPHA CHI. SEJVIORS. ' Clarence F. Birclscyc, Ilcrbcrt B. Turner, Charles ll. Marsh, Frederick VV. NVhitridge John T. Stoddard, I llenry A. Wolff. fUNl0!8S. Frederick W. Johnson, Harold Smith, S 01710111 ORES. John l-I. Betts, MurkAl-lollingsworth, John llarper, Jr., Alexander L. Smith, George vlll Swift. K 22 AMIIERST OLIO. ' .17ffz'cez's of 5215 CEZZQQQ. CORPORATION. REV. WILLIAM A. STEARNS, D. D. LL.D., PRI'1SII!EN'l'. EBENEZER ALDEN, M. D., of Randolph. I-ION. SAMUEL NVILLISTON, of Ezlsthampton. HENRY EDWARDS, Esq., of Boston. I-IoN. JONATHAN C. PERKINS, LL.D., of Salcmf I-ION. ALEXANDER H BULLOCK, LL.D., of Worcester. REV. WVILLIAM P. PAINE, D. D., of Holden, I-IoN. HENRY MORRIS, LL.D., of Springlield. REV. EDWARD S. DWIGHT, of Hadley. l'IoN. ALPHEUS I-IARDY, of Boston. NATHAN ALLEN, M. D., LL.D., 'of Lowell.' I-ION. EDWARD B. GILLETT, of Wcstneld. REV. RICHARD S. STORRS, Jr., D. D., of Brooklyn, N. Y REV. HENRY WARD BEECHER, of Brooklyn, N. Y. REV. ROSWELL D. HITCHCOCK, D. D., LL.D., of N. Y. REV. EDMUND K. ALDEN, D. D., of South Boston. u REV. EDWARD S. DWIGHT, Sefreiary. HON. EDWARD DICKINSON, LL.D., Treasurer. I AMHERST OLIO. 23 Mezmbers of fha Faczzify. VREV. WILLIAM A. STEARNS, D. D., LL.D., Presidefzt, Pasior ana' Samuel Green Professor fy' l?z'h!z'ea! ffisfozy amz' ff1Ie1loretaiz'o1z. EBENEZER S. SNELL, LL.D., Wczlhez' Professor of .7llathemaiz'es and ZVamra! Philosophy. CHARLES U. SHEPARD, M. D., LL.D., Massaehzeseifs Professor of Jlfaizzral ffislozy. REV. WILLIAM S. TYLER, D. D., LL.D., Williston Professor of the Greek Language and Liferature. REV. JULIUS H. SEELYE, A. M., Professor of Mefzlal ana' Moral Philosophy. EDWARD P. CROWELL, A. M., Moore Professor of the Lafirz Language ana' Literaiure. EDWARD TUCKERMAN, LL.B., Professor of Botany. EDWARD HITCHCOCK, A. M., M. D., Professor of Hygiene ana' Physical Eduealzon. AMI-IERS'l' OLIO. WILLIAM L. MONTAGUE, A. M., Professor of Preueh, Italiew arm' SflllIl.Jh, amz' Lz'brarz'a11. RICHARD H. MATHER, A. M., Professor of Greek and German. Wz7Zz's!o1z Professor of Rhelorie amz' Offlflllj' and fy' Ellgfllih Literaiure. WILLIAM C. ESTY, A. M., I Iflfalker Professor of Jllathemaiies am! Asfrouozfgf. ELIJAH P. HARRIS, PH. D., Professor zyf C'he11u'sl1y. BENJAMIN K. EMERSON, PH. D., fliteheoek Profexsor of Geolzgggv amz' Zoologgf. JOIIN W. BURGESS, LL.B., Profexsor of Hz's!ory amz' Polilz'ea! SCl'l'llL'L'. N . REV. ENOCH F. BURR, D. D., Leemrer on Me Seiemfzfe Ewdezzees of lfelzlgiozz. HON. THEODORE W. DWIGHT, LL. D., Lecturer on Co1zstz'!ulz'omz! Law. REV. JOHN W. CHURCHILL, A. M., - Leeiurer on Eloezeliozz. JOSEPH K. CHICKERING, A. M., frzstruelor in Englzlvh. ' GEORGE H. NVHITE, A. M. Inslruefor in Later: arm' Greek. 7 FRANK H. LOUD, A. B., W'a!ker Irzsirzeelor in M'aMe11zrziz'es. A M H ERST OLIO. 4 5'ezzz'0z' Ufass. ! 74 A1nz'1', wlio moe. OFFICERS. GEORGE I-I. MELLEN, PRIQSIDIQNT. W. F. SLOCUM, Vlcla PRlWZSIDl'lN'l'. JAMES RICHMOND, Sl-:em-:'1,'ARv. JULIUS E. PIIELPS, fl'1u-LASURER. GEORGE ll. BAKER, I'llS'I'ORIAN. NAMES. RESIIJENCES. Allen, Frank Houghton Iyllbllfll. Amidon, Royal lVells Doozjiolzi. Atwell, George NVashington Lima, N. Y. Baker, George Hall 'EHSfhllllQ5f0Il. Ballantine, John Winthrop Bombay, 1rm'z'a. Bancroft, NVinfred Baxter Boston. Barbour, Linus Lucian I11o'1'aoaj:o12'.v, ffm' Birdseye, Clarence Frank Br-oolcfyn, N. Y. Biscoe, John Foster Uxorzofge. Biscoe, NValter Stanley Uxbrirlgc. Brewer, George Edwin Soomoof-o'. Broadhead, Charles Snowden Si. Louis, Mo. 26 V AMHERST OLIO. NAMES. RESIDENCES. Brown, Benjamin Franklin ' Fz'tehl11e1g. Charles, Salem Darius Bringield. Clarke, William Bradford Colton, Buel Preston Crocker, Wendell Ellis Darling, Charles Ross Dewey, Melville Dickinson, Sidney Dow, Frank Fowler Ely, Alfred Field, Austin Carey Forbes, Jesse Frankli-n Gillett, Frederick Huntington Goldsmith, William Benjamin Greene, Mason Arnold Hartwell, Emory Adams Judd, William Elliot Keep, Josiah Kilbourn, Edward Bela. Leland, George Adams Loomis, Elihu Goodman Marsh, Charles Henry Masten, Francis Edward Maynard, James Mears, Leverett Mellen, George Henry Merrill, William Cross Mills, Charles Perry Mills, Isaac Newton Morse, Nathan Muzzy, Arthur Thomas Owen, Franklin Pierce Phalen, Charles Harris Phelps, Julius Ezekiel Richmond, James Ruddock, Edward Josiah Sanderson, Charles H. K. Sawhill, ,Thomas Alexander Scott, Howard Burr Cananrtazlgua, N. Y. Princeton, Ill. Wneyarzz' ffaven. Boston. Oneida, N. Y. Northampton. Fofolerzfille, N. Y. Newton. Amherst. Crolnwell, Ct. Wc.stjie!1t. Bellona, N, Y. A mherst. West litehhzng. Ifotyohe. Paxton. Racine, IfV1's. Boston. Bezzfforzi. Amherst. Boston. - K noxville, T enn. Essex. l3roohfielrz'. Anziovzer. Atchison, Kan. Wehs'te1'. Staford Springs, Ct. Amherst. North Seituate, R. 1. Camden, N. Y. Southampton. Danvers Center. Buckland. Amhenst. Clayszlille, Pa. Danbury, Ct. Liil, nv, ,., -,,.,, .. A., , m...-Yi..-.M----s ------ ---'- H-'A--e ---- AMI-IICRST OLIO. ' NAMES. RESIDENCES. Slocum, William Frederic Smith, Charles Alden Smith, Charles Sprague, Smith, Edmund Monroe Smith, Sidney Pond Stearns, Charles Goddard Stoddard, John Tappan Stuart, Thomas Arthur Thrall, George Sanford Turner, I-Ierbert Barclay Wait, Foster Russell NVashburn, George Young Whitridge, Frederick NV. Wolfe, Charles Corydon Wolff, Albert Henry AfTL'7C'f0Il7fl'l'fL'. Prz'm'cl011, fll. .4 wr1'071c1'. Brookbw. Chlklltgfll, ffl. F1'!ckb1nQgf. N01'tha1171to1z. Ligqamyhorl, Imi. Galesbmjgf, Ill. Brookbffz, N. Y. Ifobwkc. IVLKVI IlfL'rl'7f1Hy. !V'z.'w York CYQV. Pcz'1j'.s'v'1'flf.', O. Mo11f1'cal, Cwllillllllll Samba i 66 28 T AMHERST oL1o. J'z,zm'0z' Ufass. I 75 Haiv-req Hrivrwv 2611,uaxuz. OFFICERS. HENRY S. KNIGHT, PRESIDENT, THOMAS REEVES, VICE PRESIDENT. CHARLES P. LITTLEFIELD, S12cRia'rA1zv. ARTHUR F. SKEELE, TR1:AsuR1+:R. DANIEL KENT,- RUDOLPH KAUFFMANN, ExEcU'rIv1z Com-111 ILT HAROLD SMITH, FRANK A. HOSMER, HISTORIAN. NAMES. Adams, Francis Eugene Adams, George Blake Armstrong, Edward Payson Arnd, Charles RESILJENCES. Ozzeida Crzsflc, N . Y Meriwajf. lllafzsjielzz' Cmler, Ct Bath, N. Y. Babcock, Frank Irving Atflebord. Bateman, Clifford Rush Sprmgffgaf, 111, Benton, Otis Bassett Cleveland, 05 Blanchard, Abiathar Pgfefma,,,, Brooks, Stephen Driver Salma. ' Butfum, Charles Albert Salgm, AMHERST OLIO. NANIIQS, RESIDENCES. Chapman, Arthur Eugene Monson. Chilson, I-Ienshaw Bates Northampton. Cross, Charles Whitman Wzwzrly, Iowa. DeWitt, William Henry Cleoelaml, 0. H Ducker, William Matthew Brookbm, N. Y. Elwell, Levi Harry lV0"l'!llWlf!0fl- Newton. Ely, William Brewster Fearing, Clarence White Feemster, William James Fiske, Francis Winslow Forbes, George Fairfield Freeman, Elias Dudley Gay, Moses , Goodale, David XVilder Hamlin, Alfred Dwight Foster Headley, Ivory lflovey Bartlett Hosmer, Frank Alvan Johnson, Frederick William Kaulfmann, Rudolph Kent, Daniel Knight, Henry Sargent Littlefield, Charles Pierce, Logan, Millard Fillmore Lord, VVi1liam Rogers Lovell, Henry Lyman Mears, George Franklin Moore, Daniel Marshall Palmer, Frank Herbert Paullin, Henry Perkins,'JWilliam Parker Pike, Charles' Elliott Reeves, Thomas Sanborn, Frank Wood Sanders, Charles Sylvester Sawyer, William Brewster Scoville, Frank Churchill Sears, Nat Clinton . Skeele, Arthur Fessenden Smith, Harold South Weymouth. Coluvzozls, Mz'ss. Harrzkozllo, N. H. Cromwell, Ct.' Yarmoutlzfllle. Stouglzton. .Brook-fold. Cl0ll.S'fll7lfZ'7Z0ffL', T urkqv. Charlestown. North Woburn. Brarzforzl Wa.vhz'ng'ton, D. C. Leicester. Worcester. , South Wkymoutk. Pemlwrton, N. f. 1lIz'Q'or1t, Del. Amherst. Essex. ' North Orange. Boston. Qllllllliy, Ill. Dazwers. Boston. .Slw'z'11,gyfelzl, L. f. Jllzzrolokead. fafmz, Ceylon. EOXfhd7lml0Il. Gc11o.veo,N. Y. Elgin, Ill. East Bloovyielrt, N. Y. Portland, Mo. o AMHERST OLIO. NAMES. RESIDENCIQS. Smith, Richmond Mayo Dayfon, O. Strong, Homer Chester Palmer. Tead, Edwar-d Sampson Todd, David Peck Vinton, Lindley 1 White, Maurice Putnam famaira Plain. Closter, N . f. I n1z'z'cmapo!z's, Ind. Bosfozz. ' fmziors nW AMHERST OLIO. Ebphazazore Uiass. 75. OFFICERS. GEORGE N. CROSS, P1u1s1DEN'1'. ALEXANDER L. SMITH, VICE PR1cs11mN'1 DWIGHT M. PRATT, S14:cRE'1'ARv. CLARK S. BEARDSLEY, TREASURIQR. CHARLES SMITH, JR., HENRY H. KELSEY, Ex1':cU'1'1v1-: Comix 'FRANK L. GREEN, SAMUEL R. Jol-INSTON, rim-aR1.lN. NAMES. I ITTEE RESIDI-INCES. Bacon, Henry Metcalf Baldwin, Earle Grey Baldwin, Ellory Albee Barker, Edmund Plummer Bartlett, Horace Irving Beardslee, Clark Smith Beck, Larrey Gaston Bell, Charles Henry Betts, John Hunt Bishop, Edward Fletcher Bowler, Frank Boyden, Arthur Clarke Bundy, McGeorge Chaffee, Gerrit Hiram 1f'rafzklz'n. Cbzfefztzy, Vi. Cbvcfziry, Vi. Westerly, If. I. Salzlvbury. Covevzfry, N. Y. Deykf, Ind. Georgetown, Jllo. Brook01n,JVf Y. Lahaina, S. I. Nashua, N H Bririgfewafer. Oxford, N. Y. Wcszff'0rz!, Ci. 2 AMI-IERST OLIO. NAMES. RESIDENCES. Clapp, William Henry Clark, Allen Gates Clark, Osman Dewey Clark, Robert Bruce Clark, William Brewster Cloak, George Washington Cross, George Newton, Darling, Richard Wells Denfield, Robert Edward Dickinson, Edward Dickinson, Frederick Billings Edwards, George Barnard Ely, Robert Fiske, John Winthrop Fulton, Robert Harry George, Andrew Johnson Gilman, Arthur Burley Goodnow, Milton Augustus Green, Frank Llewellyn Guild, George Everett Hamilton, William Scott Harper, John, Jr. Hawes, Gilbert Ray Herbert, George Hersey, Herbert Sewall Hobbie, James Gilkey Holbrook, William Edward Hollingsworth, Mark Howland, John Nortkanqbton. Lezferett. !lIomy5elz'er, Vt. Newark, N f. Yonkers, N. Y. Pkzlaflelokia, Pa. Metkzzon. Albany, N. Y. Westboro'. Nortkaugitorz. Nortk Hadley. Dzmrlee, Ill. Wwbralzam. Bath, Me. Latrobe, Pa. Franeestowzz, N. .H . ffazferkill. Wilmington, Vt. Ayrea' Center, N. Y. Waltolz, N. Y. Fort lllafllsofz, Iowa. New York Cztv. N yaek, N. Y. MzUor1l. Amkerst. Amherst. Palmer. Boston. fdflld, Ceylon. Hubbard, Charles Francis Wayland Lozukzfzlle, Ky. Hunter, Aaron Burtis Jewett, John Harvey Johnston, Knox Johnston, Samuel Rutherford Kelsey, Henry Hopkins ' Kimball, Frank Farnham Knight, Edward Hooker McKnight, Milton Brayton Marsh, Edward Baxter Pkz'laa'eQ1kz'a, Pa. Canazzrlazlgaa, N. Y, Bellefolztaine, Ohio, Bellefozztairze, Ohio. Geneva, N. Y. Blackstone. Torrz'1zgfora', Ct. l3eaa'z'ag, Ra. Amlzerst. ' AMHERST OLIO. NAMES. RESIDENCES. Packard, John Howard Patton, Robert Logan Patton, Robert Weston Plimpton, George Arthur Powell, Arthur Chilton Pratt, Dwight Mallory Proudman, Frank Davis Read, William Hanson Redway, Gilbert, Alonzo Reynolds, Charles Bingham Ricketts, Charles Henry Ripley, Franklin Searle, Alonzo Thurston Seeley, Charles De Loss Smith, Alexander Latta Smith, Charles, Jr. Smith, Edward Robinson Smith, George Lane Stanchfield, John Barry Starrett, Julius Stearns, Winfred Alden Stevens, William Caldwell Storke, Frederic Elliot Swift, George Montague Sybrandt, William Henry Ward, Joseph Fayette Washburn, William Ives White, Wellington Whiting, William Howard Williams, Nathan Stone Williams, William Herbert VVilson, Charles .Edgar Woodward, Henry Royal Auburn, M e. M orgautowu, N. C. Chzkago, Ill. Walpole. Dayton, Ohio. Wes! Corzzufall, Ct. MEl'l.lf6ll, Cl. Amherst Jllomyoelzer, Vt. Sf. Augusliue, Fla. Wales. Troy, N. H T heifforzl, Vi. Warsaw, N. Y. Columbus, Ohio. Tarrytown, N. Y. Amherst. Wz'fz1lvor, N. Y. Elmira, N. Y. 1fViuehesz'er, Ill. Amhersi. Woreesier. Auhuru, N. Y. Broohlvu, N. Y. Argyle, N. Y. Wesz'mz'uz'.v!ev', Vt. New Yorh Czlfy. Oxwego, N. Y. , Norlhaugplou. Pillrhuzg, Pa. Awher.vz'. Frahoeslown, N. H Ilfllilifffla Cl. Sfyfhomores 34 AMHERST OLIO. .Frastwfaan Class. 7.7. OFFICERS. GEORGE H. UTTER, PRESIDENT. JOHN E. S. SALTER, VICE PRr:sI1JP:N1'. FRED. C. NEWMAN, SECRETARY. LUCIEN I. BLAKE, TREASURER. HENRY S. REDFIELD, HENRY D. MAXSON, lExxccu'1'1vE CoMM1T'rEr ABBOTT SANDFORD, l . PIISTORIAN. NAMES. RESIDENCES. Adams, Charles Francis Pike, N. Y. Adams, Frank Stone Westboro'. Barber, Clarence Howard Canton Centre. Blake, Lucien Ira Taunton. Bond, Charles Parkhurst Sprzozgjielzt. Briggs, James E Peeksleill, N. Y. Brown, Arthur Henry East Princeton. Brownlee, James Carson We.rtA1exann'or, Pa. Chadwick, Albert Montgomery St. folmsbury, Vt. Coffran, Frank Herbert Sprz'ngfie!a'. Collester, Frank Melvin Amherst. Davenport, Charles Haynes Brattleboro, Vt. AMl-ll'IRS'l' Ol.l0. I N :X M ICS. Deady, XVi1liam I-lenry - Eddy, Thomas James Ely, George Stetson Ely, Nvllllillll Henry Ferry, George Henry Fowler, George Little Fowler, Warren Hamilton Gere, Collins Henry Gilbert, Foster VVard Gilbert, Frederick Gilman, George NV21SlllllgtOll Graham, Robert Orlando Gray, Joseph Converse Green, Nelson Goodwin Hartwell, Charles Stearns l-lingley, Joseph Beaumont Keith, XVarren Burton Kress, George Kyle, VVarren Ozro Lamson, Jonathan Leete, William White Lester, William Hand Lewis, Willard Irving Look, Frank Newhall Loomis, Samnel Lane Low. Isaac L. McLain, William james Edgar McLaughlin, l-lerbert McLean, Thomas Allston Marsh, Charles Dwight Maxson, I-Ienry Doty Maxson, I-Ienry Martin May, Samuel Daniels Merrill, Forrest Eugene Mitchell, Neal Mitchell, William Fain Morrell, DeVVitt Clinton Nash, Charles Sumner Newman, Fred Charles RICSI lil-INCES. A zzlhelavf. Fa!! River. flil'L'Il'0lll-tl, N. Y. lVesf 1f!l7'4f0I'Il', Cl. zlffltafl. .Elllgff67fll20If, N. f. ,4f6cl7Ll', N. Y. .fVar!k1wq1t01z. Plfzinfelzzf UlI'f1l,1V. Y. Ga!Z1'ry2o!1'.r, O. Ifullfr, Pfz. fiastafz. .4 lllhcf-sf. Ffzorhow, Chifm. I,1'z'fsb111g, Pa. , ,Hl'rll.llfl'66. lfroarz' Ifroak, Cf. Lo7m'll. ffrzfflzlfwz. J w0l'1Ztl'lX'L'. Iflfext Alexander, Pa llfayulc. Lco111z'1zsle1'. ' Bmfarfl. Palkzfille, N. if. C,'lfg1z'z7le, Pa. K'z'14g.i'ta1z. CWar!c.vfon, S. C. 11Gz1z'1cy. De Rzzylcr, N. Y , lflfcsierljf, lf. I. Wbrresier. Georgetmwz. jark.rwwz'!!e, Fla. Br0w11.x'b01'0, Term. Bl'00k0'1I,N. Y. Amhcrsl. W'cl1z', Me. 36 NAMES. Osgood, Herbert Levi Peet, Edward Homans Perkins, Sidney Kingman Pollock, William Gilmore Pratt, NVilliam Orrin Randolph, Henry Fitz Record, Wellington Redfield, Henry Stephen Reed, Lubert Otis Reynolds, George William Roak, Jacob Herrick, jr. Ryder, Charles Sumner Ryder, NVilliam Smith Mikels Sabin, Herbert Salter, john Edward Sumner Sanders, joseph Anthony Sandford, Abbott Searle, Alonzo Thurston A Searle, Lorenzo Whitney Shaw, William Herbert Shehan, Lyman Beecher Sibley, Frank Eaton Small, Freeman Evans Smith, Arthur Smith, Benjamin Eli Smith, Charles Hudson Smith, Erastus Gilbert Smith, Madison Stockbridge, Henry Stout, Francis Everts Taylor, George Edward Tharp, William Burton Thomas, Miner Raymond Tidd, James Sullivan Stone Tobey, Rufus Babcock . Towne, Walter Alanson Trimble, Allen Buckingham Utter, George Herbert Waples, Erasmus Burton AMHERST OLIO. RICSIIDISNCICS. 'W'z'lz'o11, filo. Bl'00k0'l1,1V. V. Ifffoyzllolzlk. lVZlA'hl'lQQ'fllll, Pa. Sjhrz'11gjz'o!1z'. Yonkers, N. Y. Sltillfh Braz'11froc. lfflllllfll, N. Y. Avon, N. Y. Flll'lIll'll,gVf0ll. flllblfrll, Mc. Sift," .S'l'1gq', IV. Y. Sing Siqg, N. Y. Amhersl. Blll'fl'lQg'f0ll, Iowa. fafna, Ceylon. Eos! lfrzlzfgfewafer. Tholforzl, Vt. Bclfheriavwz. Bnzz'11!roe. Belhcl, Mo. lfVa1're1z. lE1mg'or1z' Collier, Ma' ffadley. Xlmkersf. Chzkago, Ill. Soufh Ifzzrflcjf. Sroilomz' Neck, N. C. J1'aZlz'more, Md. Lllllfllfll, Del. Broad Brook, Ct. Fdl'lllZ'1Agff0lI, Dol. Amherst. W'ostooro'. New l?ezzQ'orzz'. Sj1rz'ngjie!a'. . Hz7!soo1'o, 0. W6Jf6fb', R. l. Fd7'llll'l4gff0ll, Del. AMHERST OLIO. NAMES. RESIDENCES. Weedcn, William Ornc , Provlzlerzee, R. I. Wheeler, I-Icnry Huntington Worcester. Wilson, Charles Sumner Salem. Wright, John WVinthrop Cromwell, Cl. Freshmen, 94 A A G0 ' -jo 00- V N .38 AMHERST OLIO , . . L L . ,TR 3 1 J fp 0 XZ Mo ' ITWJ X ,' f X ' .sw g N 1 .Wil ' -2 I "lluumuu1u1nm1l f--- -xjfjgllluuvl' , 'XXAM E Giirfffv X f Nb ,, 4 L ,C 110977 M ,, f ' 1 . X: ' Q , .f X , Q , Q X X xl f I f w as : X X .X Mg' ' ' I . Al wx, ,U X Q " of 'i--'J' ' f' , . I 'A ff-'Us 1 w Io 1 0 '- ,X x C munmm, 37+ r, ,ffxoq ,xo ylxklx lb 7 ' xx r ,ff 0 7 Sjgiflxgzdm xxlhvmn 1 :V f ,H 41 mo NJ, I ,,,' .-, , V, , fffjfff X, 'V gb I , V gs If If 1,1 5:52 Qu, Ul,,v,5Q . ' 2 V W x ', x W 1 V N' .x.grL C, 'X :I . ' . '7,l "'J A A " 3 , N ' I ,V , I I ' . XA V, My M W, Q 71 2, K AMHERST OLIO. Jiznfzersi Uhapfer. Winfred B. Bancroft, Benjamin F. Brown, Salem D. Charles, William E. Judd, George H. Mellen, William C. Merrill, Charles Arnd, Frank I. Babcock, David W. Goodale, Frank A. Hosmer, Gerritt H. Chaffee, Geo. W. Clark, Geo. N. Cross, . Robert Ely, Robert I-I. Fulton, John Howland, Clarence H. Barber, Albert M. Chadwick George H. Ferry, Robert Y. Graham, George Kress, ! ...ll SENIORS. Charles P. Mills, Nathan Morse, Howard P. Scott, Charles G. Stearns, Foster R. Wait, Geo. Y. Washburn. fUNIORS. Rudolph Kauffmann, Charles P. Littleheld, Millard F. Logan, Maurice P. White. SOP!! OM 0161? S . Charles F. VV. Hubbard A. Burtis Hunter, .Knox Johnston, Samuel R. Johnston, Charles H. Ricketts, Franklin Ripley, W. White. FRESHMEN. Foster W. Gilbert, William W. Leete, Wellington Record, E. G. Smith, ' Erasmus B. Waples. 40 AM HERST OLIO. Ji Ze:caz1:Zz'z'a. OFFICERS. GEORGE H. MELLEN, PRliSll.llCN'1'. THOMAS A. STUART, VICE PRIISIDIQNT. DANIEL KENT, RI-:OORIIINO SI-:cRI2'I'ARv. JOSIAII KEEP, CORRRSI-ONIIING SIICRIQTARV. FRANK C. SCOVILLE, TREASURI-IR. FRANK C. SCOVILLE, LIIIRARIAN. GEORGE N. CROSS, ASSIS'l'AN'l' LIIIRARIAN. JOSIAH KEEP, FIRST SENIOR CRITIC. JOHN T. STODDARD, SECOND SENIOR CRITIC GEORGE B. ADAMS, FIRST JUNIOR CRI'I'lc. MOSES GAY, SILOONII JUNIOR CRI'I'1c. GEORGE Y. WASHBUERN, POIa'l'. CHARLES P. MILLS, SAI,U'I'A'1'ORIAN. Frank I-I. Allen, George H. Baker, John NV. Ballentinc, Linus L. Barbour, George E. Brewer, Jessie F. Forbes, Fred. H. Gillett, Mason A. Green, Emory A. Hartwell M E M B E RS. ,SEJVIORS Charles S. Broadhcad, Benjamin F. Brown, Salem D. Charles, Wendell E. Crocker, Alfred Ely, Franklin P. Owen, Edward J. Ruddock, Howard S. Scott, Charles S. Smith, Josiah Keep, Francis E. Masten, George H. Mellen, Charles P. Mills, lsaac N. Mills, AMHERST OLIO. Sidney P. Smith, John T. Stoddard, Thomas A. Stuart, Herbert B. Turner, George Y. VVashburn, Albert I-I. Wolf Francis E. Adams, George B. Adams, Edward P. Armstrong, Frank I. Babcock, Stephen D. Brooks, Charles A. Buffum, Henshaw B. Chilson, William M. Ducker, William B. Ely, f Ufvfons. Francis NV. Fiske, George F. Forbes, Moses Gay, David W. Goodale, Rudolph Kaulhnann, Daniel Kent, Frank C. Scoville, Nat. C. Sears, Richmond M. Smith, Maurice P. White. SOPII 0111 ORE S. Henry M. Bacon, Clark S. Beardslee, Arthur C. Boyden, McGeorge Bundy, Robert B. Clark, George W. Cross, Richard W. Darling, Frederick B. Dickinson, Robert Ely, Arthur B. Gilman, William S. Hamilton, Gilbert R. Hawes, Samuel R. Johnston, Frank F. Kimball, Edward B. Marsh, George A. Plimpton, Arthur C. Powell, Dwight M. Pratt, Albert A. Redway, Franklin Ripley, Charles B. Searle, Alexander L. Smith, Edward R. Smith, Charles Smith, jr., Fred. E. Storke, NVilliam J. Washburn, -Nathan S. Williams, Charles E. 'Wilson, Ilenry R. Woodard. I F1eEsHMEN. Charles F. Adams, Clarence l.-I. Barber, Lucien I. Blake, James C. Brownlee, William ll. Deady, George S. Ely, George H. Ferry, Collins H. Gere, 2 AMHERST OLIO. Albert M. Chadwick, Robert O. Graham, Nelson G. Green, .loseph B. Hingley, George Kress, Jonathan Lamson, Willard I. Lewis, Frank N. Look, Henry D. Maxson, Charles D. Marsh, Neal Mitchell, William F. Mitchell, Herbert L. Osgood, Henry F. Randolph, Henry S. Rediield, Frederick Gilbert, George YV. Reynolds Herbert Sabin, joseph A. Sanders, William H. Shaw, Arthur Smith, Erastus G. Smith, . Francis E. Stout, George E. Taylor, William B. Tharp, Rufus B. Tobey, Allen B. Trimble, George H. Utter, Erastus B. Waples, William O. Weeden, Henry H. Wheeler. A M H l'lRS'1' O LIO. do Wi11.1'.1AM F. SL 94439 nvivbvi ive OFFICERS. OCUM, PREs11nEN'1'. FREDERICK W. WI-IITRIDGE, Vick: PR1asnmN'r. HOMER C. STRONG, S1zcR1s'1'ARY. DANIEL MOORE, TREASURER. GEORGE F. MEARS, Ll1sRARIAN. ' GEORGE E. GUILD, Ass1s'rAN'r LIBRARIAN. CHARLES G. STEARNS, FIRST SENIOR CR11'1c. WILLIAM B. GOLDSMITII, S14:coNn S1sN1oR CRI'rIc LEVI Il. ELWELL, F1Rs'r JUN1oR CR1'1'1c. ABTATHAR BLANCHARD, SlzcoNn JUNIOR C TIIOMAS REEVES, Pom. L JOHN S. BRISCOE, SALU'l'A'l'0RlAN. MEMBERS. Royal W. Amidon, Winfred B. Bancroft, Clarence F. Birdseye, John F. Biscoe, Walter S. Biscoe, Walter B. Clarke, Charles R. Darling, William B. Goldsmith, James Richmond, William F. Slocum, Charles A. Smith, Charles Arnd, Clifford R. Bateman, Abiathar Blanchard, Arthur E. Chapman, William H. DeWitt, Levi H. Elwell, William J. Fcemster, SENJORS. William E. Judd, Edward B. Kilbourn, George A. Leland, Elihu G. Loomis, James Maynard, Leverett Mears, Nathan Morse, Julius E. Phelps, Edmund M. Smith, Charles G. Stearns, Frederick W. Whitridge. fUNIO!6S. Henry L. Lovell, - George F. Mears, Daniel M. Moore, Frank H. Palmer, William P. Perkins, Charles E. Pike, J1'., Thomas Reeves, . RITIC 44 AMHERST OLIO. Clarence W. Fearing, Alfred D. F. Hamlin, Ivory H. B. Headley, Frank A. I-Iosmer, Charles P. Littlefield, Millard F. Logan, Frank W. Sanborn, Charles S. Sanders, William B. Sawyer, Arthur F. Skeele, Homer C. Strong, Lindley Vinton. SOPHOMORES. Horace I. Bartlett, Charles H. Bell, Edward F. Bishop, Osman D. Clark, George W. Cloak, Robert E. Denfeld, George B. Edwards, Andrew J. George, George E. Guild, George Herbert, Julius Starrett, John B. Stanchfield, William C. Stevens, Frank S. Adams, ' Frank H. Coffran, Frank M. Collester, Charles H. Daven port, ThomasJ. Eddy, William H. Ely, George L. Fowler, Foster W. Gilbert, George W. Gilman, Joseph C. Gray, Charles S. Hartwell, Warren B. Keith, Warren O. Kyle, William W. Leete, Samuel L. Loomis, William J. E. McLain, Thomas A. McLean, james G. Hobbie, William E. Holbrook Knox Johnston, Edward H. Knight, Milton B. McKnight, john ll. Packard, Robert W. Patton, Frank D. Proudman, William H.-Read, Charles B. Reynolds, Joseph T. Ward, William H. Whiting, William H. Williams FRESHMEN. Samuel D. May, DeWitt C. Morrell, Charles S. Nash, Fred C. Newman, Edward H. Peet, Sidney K. Perkins, William O. Pratt, Wellington Record, Jacob H. Roak, Jr., John E. S. Salter, Abbott Sandford, Freeman E. Small, Madison Smith, Miner R. Thomas, James S. S. Tidd, Walter A. Towne, John W. Wright, Henry M. Maxson. AMHERST OLIO. Jz'z'fcZwccZ: Sccieiy of Inquzry OFFICERS. JOSIAH KEEP, PR1as11nzN'r. F. H. ALLEN, VICIE PRESIDENT. W. J. FEEMSTER, RECORDING S12cRIf:TARv. NATHAN MORSE, CORRESPONDING SECRETARY ' D. M. MOORE, 'fur-:ASUR1-:R AND L1BRA1uAN. JOSIA Il K EEP, E. P. ARMSTRONG, PRUmnN'1'IAL CoMMITT1sF R. ls. CLARK, F1'8.Ilk l-I. Allen, FrankZF. Dow, Josiah Keep, Edward B. Kilbourn, Leverett Mears, Georg e H. M ellen, George B. Adams, Edward P. Armstrong, Charles A. Buifum, William B. Ely, Clarence W. Fearing, W. J. Feemster, David W. Goodale, A. D. F. Hamlin, SEJVIORS. ' XV. C. Merrill, C. P. Mills, Julius E. Phelps, James Richmond, Howard B. Scott, William F. Slocum, Foster R. Wait. fUjVf0RS. George F. Mears, Daniel M. Moore, ' Frank I-I. Palmer, Thomas Reeves, Frank W. Sanborn, Charles S. Sanders, Frank C. Scoville, Arthur F. Skcele, 46 AMHERST OI.lO. I..H. B. Headley, Henry L. Lovell, Chas. P. Littlefield, Henry M. Bacon, Clark S. Beardslee, Edward F. Bishop, A. C. Boyden, Robert B. Clark, George B. Edwards, Robert Ely, ' Andrew J. George, C. H. Barber, C. S. Hartwell, J. B. Kingsley, Isaac L. Low, Richmond M. Smith, Homer C. Strong, Edward S. Tead. S OPH Of!! ORE S . George E. Guild, Charles F. W. Hubba Arthur C. Powell, Dwight M. Pratt, Charles B. Reynolds, Charles Smith, Jr., John B. Stanchiield, rd, NVil1iam H. Sybrandt. FRESHMEN, - L W. J. E. McLain, DeWitt C. Morrell, Joseph A. Sanders, George E. Taylor. ' A. ' :r .A- AMI-IERST o1.1o. 47 'FL ZUEUEZZEJZZ IJOCZE? Ji 2' C' ' Z E EOUNDED IN 1830, nv JOHN TAPPAN, ESQ., or Bos'roN. - NUMBER or GRADUATE MEMBERS, I74O. . OFFICERS. ' , WILLIAM Ai STEARNS, D. D., LL.D., PRESIDEN',l'. EDWARD HITCHCOCK, M. D., SEcRE'1'.xRv. W. L. MONTAGUE, A. M., TREASURER. M E M B E R S . SENIORS. l F. H. Allen, f J. F. Forbes, C. H. Phalen, R. W. Amidon, F. H. Gillett, J. E. Phelps, W. B. Bancroft, M. A. Green, J. Richmond, J. F. Biscoe, J. Keep, C. H. K. Sanderson, W. S. Biscoe, S. D. Charles, W. E. Crocker, M. Dewey, F. F. Dow, I A. Ely, F. E. Adams, G. B: Adams, E. P. Armstrong, Brooks, S. D. C. A. Buffum, A. E. Chapman, W. H. DeWitt, W. M. Ducker, L. H. Elwell, W. B. Ely, C. W. Fearing, F. W. Fiske, G. F. Forbes, F.. B. Kilbourn, G. A. Leland, E. G. Loomis, F. E. Maston, I. N. Mills, N. Morse, fUNf0RS. Moses Gay, D. W. Goodale, A. D. F. Hamlin, I. H B. Headley, F. W. Johnson, H. S. Knight, F. I. Babcock, O. B. Benton, A. Blanchard, C. P. Littlefield, M. F. Logan, H. L. Lovell, D. M. More, H. B. Scott, W. F. Slocum, P. Smith, J. T. Stoddard, H. B. Turner, F. R. Wait. F. H. Palmer, H. Paulin, Jr., W. P. Perkins, F. W. Sanborn, C. S. Sanders, W. B. Sawyer, F. C. Scoville, A. F. Skeele, R. M. Smith, E. S. Tead, L. Vinton, M. P White, F. A. Hosmer. 48 AMHERST OLIO. E. P. Barker, H. I. Bartlett, J. H. Betts, E. F. Bishop, F. Bowler, A. C. Boyden, G. H. Chaffee, G. W. Cloak, R. W. Darling, R. E. Denfeld, F. B. Dickinson, E. B. Marsh, J. H. Packard, R. L. Patton, C. F. Adams, F. S. Adams. C. H. Barber, J. Briggs, A. H. Brown, J. C. Brownlee, F. H. Coifran, F. M. Collester, T. J. Eddy, G. S. Ely, G. H. Ferry, W. H. Fowler, F. W. Gilbert, G. W. Gilman, R. O. Graham, J. C. Gray, N. G. Green, C. S. Hartwell, W. B. Keith, W. W. Leete, W. H. Lester, SOPHOMORES. R. W. Patton, G. A. Plimpton, A. C. Powell, F. D. Proudman, W. H. Read, C. B. Reynolds, C. H. Ricketts, G. B. Edwards, R. H. Fulton, A. J. George, A. B. Gilman, F. L. Green, G. E. Guild, G. R. Hawes, H. R. Woodward. FRESHMEN W. I. Lewis, F. N. Look, S. L. Loomis, I. L. Low, W. J. E. McLain, T. A. McLean, C. D. Marsh, W. A. Towne, A. B. Trimble, G. H. Utter, H. M. Maxson, S. D. May, F. E. Merrill, W. Mitchell, . D. C. Morrell, C. S. Nash, F. C. Newman, H. L. Osgood, Perkins, W. G. Pollock, W. O. Pratt, S. K. G. Herbert, J. G. Hobbie, C. F. W. Hubbard E. H. Knight, F. Ripley. C. Smith, Jr., E. R. Smith, G. L. Smith, F. E. Storke, W. H. Sybrandt, J. F. Ward, W. I. Washburn, YV. H. Whiting, C. E. Wilson, NV. Record, G. W. Reynolds, C. S. Ryder, W. S. M. Ryder, H. Sabin, J. A. Sanders, A. Sanford, W. H. Shaw, L. B. Shehan, F. E. Small, C. H. Smith, E. G. Smith, M. Smith, H. Stockbridge, G. E. Taylor, J. S. S. Tidd, R. B. Tobey, E. B. Waples, W. O. Weeden, H. H. Wheeler, J. W. Wright. AMHERST OLIO. 49 ,fiZLzm.z1L57ffz'c.2z's. HENRY M. STORRS, D. D., PRESIDENT. v1CE PRESIDENTS. JUDGE O. P. LORD, JUDGE H. W. WILLIAMS, REV. H. L. EDWARDS, REV. M. M. DANA, REV. J. O. PECK. PROF. J. H. -SEELYE, SECRETARY AND TREASURER. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. W. A. DICKINSON, PROF. E. S. SNELL, W. D. HERRICK, PROF. W. S. TYLER, PROF. R. I-I. MATHER. -1-114 - Fhz' Ee-Qi-Kappa. OFFICERS. PROF. E. S. SNELL, PRESIDENT. PRES. W. S. CLARK, VICE PREsxDEN'1' PROF. J. H. SEELYE, SECRETARY. F. T. Benner, H. J. Booth, A. M. Bridgman, C. N. Clark, E. B. Collester, D. Y. Comstock, S. W. Cduningham, F. W. Damon, W. S. Biscoe, Alfred Ely, A. C. Field, J. F. Forbes, F. H. Gillett, Josiah Keep, MEMBERS. '73 VV. V. W. Davis, E. M. Hartwell, F. H. Loud, H. Morse, F. G. Nelson, G. W. Nims, H. E. Parkhurst, J. B. Thrall. '74, E. B. Kilbourn, G. H. Mellen, I. N. Mills, C. H. Phalen, E. M. Smith, S. P. Smith, C. G. Stearns. AMHERST OLIO. C'07n7'11ca7u11a7nen!: ZJZJOIZ7 I,Zf777.0-71115. CLASS OF 1873. Valezizkfary. JOHN M. TYLER. Salutatory. FRANK H. LOUD. Engllsfl Orczilon. WILLIAM V. W. DAVIS. Philosophzkal Onzlzbns. S. W. CUNNINGIIAM,-H. E. PARKHURST. T. Benner, J. Booth, M. Bridgman, B. Collester, Y. W. M. G. B. Comstock, Cooper, Hartwell, Cutler, Hall, Scienfzfc Oration. CHARLES N. CLARK. First Class Oraliwzs. J. B. Thrall. Serum! Class Oratzbns. Thiril Class Orfzlfwzs. T. Williams. I-leap, Morse, Nelson, W. Nims, King, Layton, Sherman I-latch, Patton, AMHERST Ol.lO. A, A :AnAq44:A Lfcbbghgfi Ji Lfvclvv wifi. !lfa11z'fo1'.v--Class af '74. l 1. N. MILLS, ---- W. s. Isrscon, - - C. G. STEARNS, - - - ' j.F.Fo121sEs,- - - - fzflzirhingy Greek Prizes- Senior Class. Junior Class. Sophomore Class Freshman Class. C7a.v.v fy' ,74. C. H. PHALEN, - - - First Prize. E. M. SMITH, ---- Second Prize. Strong Greek l'r'z'ze.r-C,Yas.v af '76, E. H. KNIGHT, ---- Highest Attainment F. L. GREEN, - - - Greatest Improvement Bev-lnzm Lafin .SCh0flll'Jh?-CYIZJJ' of ,73. ' -I. M. 'lfYl..ER. Bruce Latin Prz'zc'.v--C7a.vs of '75. C. A. BUFFUM, - - -- - First Prize. G. F. FORBES. -- - - Lam: Prizes-Cla.vs W. B. ELY, - - ..-- G. B. ADAMS, - - - Second Prize. af '75- Highest Attainment Greatest Improvement Paz-lex' J'M'!osaphz2a! 1"rz'ze--Class qf '74. J. F. FORBES. 'ffarrzlr Chzmzlrtry Prz'zes-Class of ,74. A. ELY, I Q - n - J. F. FORBES, S' C. G. STEARNS, ---- First Prize. Second Prize. Cwhfllllklfljl Prize ASl'k0fdl'5hv'--CYIl.S'.Y of '74. L. M EARS. Szz7qyer.PlQ1s1'0ZQgC 1' Prz'zv.v-Claxs of ,75- W. B. ELY, A W. B. SAWYER, ' ' ' G. B. ADAMS, - Gold Medals. Silver Medal. AM HERST OLIO. Walker .fllalhematieal Prizes-Class of '7 5. T. B. BALLARD, - - - First Prize. G F. FORBES, - - - Second Prize. C.W.FEARING, - - - Class of '76. Third Prize. A. L. SMITH, - - - - - First Prize. E. P. BARKER, - - - Second Prize. Shepard 111 izzeralogy Prizes-Class of '7 3. J. V. BROOKS, - - - First Prize. L. B. HALL, ' - Second Prize. M. N. SMITH, Third Prize. C. NEGLEY, - - - Fourth Prize. Warner German Przzes-Class of '74. E. M. SMITH, ---- First Prize. C. S. SMITH, ---- Second Prize. Hyde Prize-Class of '73, F. T. BENNER. Kellogg Deelamalzbzz .Prizes-Class of '7 5. A. F. SKEELF.. 'Class of '76. R. H. FULTON. , Ca1rqhosz'!z'orz Prizes-Class of 373. S. W. CUNNINGHAM, - - First Prize. I-I. A. KING, - - - Second Prize Class of '74. - F. H. GILLETT, - - First Prize. C. R. DARLING, - - Second Prize Phi Bela Kappa Prize-Class of '73, ' F. H. LOUD. Porler Prize-Class of '77. W. O. PRATT. I'Voo1l's Prize-Class of '7 3. WILLIAM V. W. DAVIS. AMHERST 01.10. 53 Social Union Jiwards. Sofia! U mbn Debafe. -I. F. Biscoe, ---- First Prize. I. N. MILLS, ---- Second Prize. For Mc bas! Orzfgimzl Dcrlamaliazz-Class of '76, A TIIEAME. ALEXANDRIA. C. B. R1svNot.'Ds, First Prize. S. R. JoHNs'1'oN, First Prize. J. G. Hommfz, Second Prize. G. N. CROSS, Second Prize. F.. IJICKINSON, Third Prize. N. S. VVll.LIAMS,ThiI'd Prize. .......-p-+oo-:---- ' - 5725.55 Day. I O 7.1. William V. VV. Davis, - - - Omfor. Frank J. Goodwin, - Poef. Frank S. Hatch, Grove Omfor. Arthur M. Bridgman, Ollllzff. . Talcott Williams, Prophet Henry C. Haven, - Toes! Jllasler. Lcvcrctt Bradley, Jr., - l - zllarshal. '.7eZ. J F - 4, - - Orafor. C. S. Smith. - Poet. Sidney Dickinson, - Grove Oraior. W. B. Clarke, - Prophft. E. M. Smith, - - 0fZz'.vz'. -- --, Taasijllaster. G. A. Leland, Jlfarshal. Leverctt Mears, - 1Vus..Dz'1-enter. 54 ' AMHERST omo. THE UQZZQQQ Eeaaizhg Rooms C O N T A I N i Boston Globe, Daily, New York Evening Post, Daily Boston Post, " New York Graphic, " Boston Journal, " Boston Advertiser, 1' New York Times, ' New York Herald, " New York World, ' New York Tribune, " Inter Ocean, . " IIIISCELL. Scientilic American, Aldine, Amherst Record, Yale Courant, College Courant, College Review, I'Iarper's Weekly, Springfield Republican. Cincinnati Gazette, Philadelphia Age, St., Louis Republican, Worcester Spy, l-Iarttbrd Courant, Chicago Times, 4JVIiO US PAPERS. , London Graphic, Illustrated London News Forest and Stream, Punch, Danbury News, Palmer Journal, Nation, Wilkes' Spirit of the Times, IBELIGIO US jO URJVALS. Congregationalist, Watchman and Retlector Christian Union, Christian at XVork, Advance, , Zion's Herald, Interior, New York Independent, New York Observer, New York Evangelist, Seaman's Friend, Foreign Missionary, American Missionary, Home Missionary, Christian World, Christian Union, Missionary Herald, African Repository, Missionary Advocate, Spirit ot" Missouri. IYAOME PERIODICALS. Annals of Natural History, American Chemist, American Naturalist, Bulletin of Natural History, Atlantic Monthly, Bibliotheca Sacra, .Bible Society Record, Literary World, AMHERS1' 01.10. 55 Bureau, Christian at VVork, Congregational Quarterly, , Congregational Review, Galaxy, I-Iarper's Magazine, Herald of Health, Historical Magazine, Journal of Anatomy and Physiology. Journal of Franklin Institute, Journal of Medical Science, Journal of Music, A Journal of Speculative Philosophy, Journal of Science and Art, Littell's Living Age, The Teacher, Medical News and Library, Medical Quarterly Review, Missionary Magazine, Monthly Record, New England Historical and Geological Review, Sailors' Magazine, Scribner's Monthly, New Englander, North American Review, Old and New, Presbyterian Quarterly and Princeton Review, Weekly Trade Circular, Journal of Psychological Medicine. FOREIGN PERIODICALS. Academy, Art Journal, Blackwood's Magazine, Bookseller, British Quarterly Review, Jahrbuch of Mineralogie, Journal of Statistical Society, Journal of Microscopical Sci- ence, Journal of the Anthropologi- Bulletin of Geological Society cal Institute, of France, Canadian Naturalist, Christian Work, Edinburgh Review, i Frazer's Magazine, Gardener's Magazine, London Quarterly Review, Nature, , North British Review, Notes and Queries, Philosophical Magazine, Saturday Review, Westminster Review. - A .Zz'Z:z'az'z'es. College Library contains, - - - 27,500 volumes. Alexandrian Library contains, - - 5,ooo 4' Athenian Library contains, - - 5,ooo " Society of Inquiry Library contains, - 3oo ' Total, ---- 37,800 56 AMI-IERST oLIo. 1 ' ,- if 1 V . ' . -..X Fw .II I , - Q- pf 5 ff' 'A l 'ml . ' I TN I., A , - .... ,T ' ,,,, .iw :X Gyznmasium Officers. SEIVIORS. G. A. LELAND, CAPTAIN. LEVERETT MEARS, VICE CAPTAIN. .Dl'7Jl..5'l'07Z Ojifers. L. Mears, W. F. Slocum, Q J. F. Forbes fwvfoks. ' .W. B. ELY, CAPTAIN. C. P. LITTLEFIELD, VICE CAPTAIN. Dz'w1vz'azz fficers. C. P. Littlefield, G. F. Mears, Thos. Reeves S OPI!! OM OIEES . ROBERT H. FULTON, CAPTAIN. SAMUEL R. JOHNSTON, VICE CAPTAIN. Dz'w'szbrz Qffirers. R. B. Clark, J. Howland, R. F. Kimball, F. L. Green PIBESHMEN. , H. S. REDFIELD, CAPTAIN. J. S. S. TIDD, VICE CAPTAIN. Dz'w'sz'01z Ojlccrs. W. S. M. Ryder, - L. I. Blake, F. C. Newman, G. E. Taylor AMHERST OLIO. jlfz'sccZZaz'zc0zzs Uz'gaz'zz'zafz'sizs. . 0 nary, U H ' Q V! 'W snnmmumgmri 1umzll!lImulr.D.ww..4n I If L I . rv -.p Z wp, . 'gf ' , , :MVIS 4' - 135 ' . mm. Af Q . . Tp - !2'fZfW5 i.i1ii Ni3 'nw J.-.1 .rg SM .1.f!,fM1 N,y L5 5.5 gui. Ag! 1'-Ur ,W Ax.: fum. tsf,,w,f,f -A !1- E! A . A 2 fgwfm 5.56. j3,,'1MLdl,f!A 1 ,3, gn! ja,-j .um Q..f.w..,i .?52!zg:'2f. fifC5i?iW':fr'Lwi-15:71-.i?+" ' '2 if X114 ,Q 4 5,55 a .,,,, ,. .y gf rg, .14 ,., ,f KW ' Fw '41---:f?1w::.a1221519551' 442:31-W wi, M. '--,ff--'N ww -. xr n.w.'J,-..y'f'+ , HW. ww as-. ...'..:,-AF M Mg nu., , .!..2g.q-1 f V- g. , qmmn. 5 VWHII WEB? R J xf""ff'1 'ni' X' ' R' ' I 'Z Qriamrz U" 'Q 'A L4 Y V Nl 3 1 UMW f , . 1 mm, f y , W 157: gm "V 1 ' , 1" ""' I If f. I L . ' K I ,I MM '-L"'44 4 manual ff' , mggu-muanunxnnbl K I '11 " " A Q: '1lL ..j ' tv 'W -Z' A! V jx: W W I 1i....2f:1 f Cf .. 4 ww- pa , 1 . .ww L. ,gn wr -,-- V' E- Lfiniizun fRJ.R.V.Wl'.'Mf..d'? .H wsfffrq L AJJ . .fl-'-1 'L-,5....n,'r . - 'AW' 4-"lm"'-!W"""5'gL'7lM""'W1Wf " """. 37f3-fi . .1951 -1 74- Nnfff- MUSICAL. Uollege lihzsicczl jssociation. OFFICERS. F. F. DOW, PRESIDENT. ' TI-IOS. REEVES, V1cE PRESIDENT. H. S. HERSEY, SECRETARY AND TREASURER. I-I. B. TURNER, D. W. GOODALE, EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. R. B. CLARK, . A. LELAND, LEADER ov COLLEGE CHOIR. G G. F. MEARS, VICE LEADER. 8 AMHERST OLIO. F. H. Allen, R. W. Amidon, G. H. Baker, W. B. Bancroft, F. F. Dow, A. Ely, F. H. Gillett, J. E. Phelps, H. B. Scott, J. T. Stoddard, E. P. Armstrong, C. R. Bateman, W. B. Ely, C. W. Fearing, W. J. Feemster, M E M B E RS. SENIORS. DIUNIORS. J. Keep, E. B.'Ki1bourn, G. A. Leland, J. Maynard, L. Mears, G. H. Mellen, N. Morse, H. B. Turner, F. R. Wait, A. H. Wolff. D. W. Goodale, C. P. Littlefield, G. F. Mears, T. Reeves, W. B. Sawyer, G. F. Forbes, , A. F. Skeele, E. S. Tead. SOPHOMORES. R. B. Clark, A. L. Smith, MCG. Bundy, C. S. Beardslee, F. E. Storke. College C7a..0i7e. G. A. LELAND, LEADER. G. F. MEARS, VICE LEADER. R. B. CLARK, ORGANIST. G. A. Leland, First Tenor, E. S. Salter, Second Tenor, G. F. Mears, First Tenor, A. L. Smith, Second Tenor, W. B. Sawyer, First Tenor, H. B. Turner, Second Tenor, G. F. Forbes, First Bass, H. S. Kelsey, Second Bass, MCG. Bundy, Second Bass. A M m:Rs'1' ouo, 59 Cublleye Cflee Club. G. A. LELAND, Inannnn. G. A. Leland, First Tenor, l.. Mears, Second Tenor, R. B. Tobey, First Tenor, E. S. Tend, Second Buss, G. F. Mears, First Buss, McG. Bundy, Second Buss. ll. B. Turner, First Buss, fll'LiUlL QLLULLQLCQ. G. A. LELAND, I.itAnnR. G. A. Leland, First Tenor, L. Mears, Second Tenor, G. F. Mears, First Bass, li. S. Tend, Second Bass, MCG. Bundy, Second Bass. Glee Club of H74. L. MEARS, 1.51.-x1Ji1:R. G. A. Leland, First Tenor, 11. B. Turner. Second Tenor, L. Mears, First Buss, h F. F. Dow, Second Bass. - .li-. . G-Awe Ulub Q71 '75, G. F. MEARS, LEADER. A NV. B. Sawyer, First Tenor, G. F. Mears, Second Tenor, G. F. Forbes, First Bass, E. S. Tend, Second Bass. ' G-me crab of fwf. A. L. SMITH, LEADER. A. L. Smith, First Tenor, R. B. Clark, Second Tenor, F. Bowler, First Bass, MCG. Bundy, Second Bass. 6o AMHERS1' oLio. Glee Club Qf "?"?'. R. B. TOBEY, LEADER. R, B. Tobey, First Tenor, J. E. S. Salter, Second Tenor W. A. Towne, First Bass, L. I. Blake, Baritone, N. G. Greene, Second Bass. ' ' Il. Q. 'J QZl,Zl7'Z.fQft8. " Timzki rings bark loudly." R. B. CLARK, LEADER. R. B. Tobey, First Tenor, R. Il. Clark, Second Tenor, F. Bowler, First Bass, E. S. Tead, Second Bass, W. B. Clark, Second Bass. , H BEAUTY,S " IMMENSE 0c5'0quz'z7,quaz'i0czgUiexaZ .Pl.lTll12LI'D'1011lC 0lf'Cl.1CSt1'l2LI1 Combiliatioll. End Men A-ms-ng, Banjo. ' F-r-ng, Bones. Middle Man, C. S. W-ls-n, ist Fiddle, M. P. Wh-te, zd Fiddle, Smrs I-I-w-s, Brass Piece. ' ' V-nt-n, Soloist, L. O. R-d, Supe. AMHERST OLIO. s. Eaafzdzg. X . , X V.,.s it V . N P X f!7'n.7z.m1Sfi College 19061.17 C7111 79. 1873. OFFICERS. HENRY A. WOLFF, PR13sn'mNT. FRANK C. SCOVILLE, VICIQI PRES1,DENT. ANDREW J. GEORGE, S12c:Rrf:'l.'A1u'. FRANK F. DOW, TRIEASU ALFRED ELY, C. P. LITTLEFIELD, ExEcu'r1v1c Commlrrma .KNOX JOHNSTON. RER. HONORARY MEMBERS. Pres. W. A. Stearns, Prof. L. C. Scelye, Prof. C. U. Shepard, Prof. W. IC. Esty, Prof. Edward Tuckerman, Prof. E. P. Harris, Prof. Edward Hitchcock, Prof B. K. Emerson Prof. R. H. Mather, Mr. G. I-I. White. Mr. J. K. Chickering. 62 AMI-II2Izs'I' oI.Io. Jimhersf jlfavy. GEORGE E. BREWER, Commonokn. SAMUEL R. JOHNSTON, VICE Coxvmoxmnn. Www?-1,+141r'sMy Jfvrmlzf. . GEORGE E. BREWER, CAIWAIN. I. J. F. Ward, '76, stroke, 4. H. J.'Bootl1, '73, 2. M. F. Logan, '75, 5. F. C. Scoville, '75, 3. B. F. Brown, '74, 6. G. E. Brewer, '74, bow. Trainer, ELLIS VVARFY, Colors, Purple and lVhite. Boat, broken by accident before the Regatta. Fl'l'HlllYlllIl1 shell used. 'TIL .Wa'eeh'm,mro, Cmmfzo, '76, SAMUEL R. JOHNSTON, CAPTAIN. 1. S. R. Johnston, stroke, 4. M. A. Goodnow, 2. A. J. George, 5. E. A. Baldwin, 3. Knox Johnston. 6. F. T.. Green, bow. BoA'I'.-Cedar shell, built, by Blakie, of Caxnbrirlge. Size-50 feet long, 20 inches wide, 8 inches deep g 150 lbs. weight. 1 'J ales I 'wfwflvm '74, GEORGE E. BREWER, CAPTAIN. 1. B. F. Brown, stroke, 4. G. A. Leland, 2. A. H. Wolff, 5. Alfred Ely, 3. .Leverett Mears, 6. George E. Brewer, bow. '75, OTIS B. BENTON, CAPTAIN. I. O. B. Benton, stroke, 4. F. C. Scoville, 2. M. F. Logan, 5. Daniel Kent, 3. C. P. Littlefield, 6. Charles Arnd, bow. AMHERST OLIO. 63 '77 W. S. M. RYDER, CAPTAIN. 1. WL S. M. Ryder, stroke, 4. J. A. Sanders, 2. A. M. Chadwick, 5. W. O. Weeden, 3. C. S. Ryder, 6. F. E. Sibley, bow. '74, Jlllghl Welghl Sculllsls. '76 Sidney Dickinson, stroke, Ed. Dickinson, bow. Shell "Minnie," 32 feet in length, 16 inches wide Amherst, Mass. -bum by D. G. cutie Jllwmlblle Slwlll. A. E. Chapman. -19-+0 1 - 1 . "A ' ' 77A .31 .lz1.s':f':C'0Lwgza:e lpgalta. .111- SPRINGFIELD, MASS., JULY 17, 1873. UNIVERSITY RACE. Eleven crews entered. The Referee's decision, fixing th position of the crews as follows: 1st,Yaleg zd, lfVesleyan 3d, Harvard, the remainder undeterminedg was based on th following statement from the Judges of seven of the colleges l'. I C . 9 C lhIl'lJLl7'tl Drlwhvumtlt U0l'll771llf1l- Wesleyan. .A7llfl01"Nl "A ggign " Jurlga. Dila Judge. Judge. Jmlgf-. J ridge. Jmlge. Judge. 1- Yule. --... Yule, ...... Yale, ...... Yale, ...... Yale, ...... Yale.. ..... Yale, 2. Amhorst,. Wesleyan.. 1- 11 Wes1eyan,. Amherst... Wesleyan . 3. HBTVltl'd,. Harvard, .. Harvard Harvar1l,.. Harvard .. Harvard .. Harvard,.. 4. --1- Amherst .f. Dartmouth Columbia.. Dartmouth Dartmouth Amherst, .. 5. --1 Dartmouth Cornell. Cornell, Amherst,,. 1- Cornellw., G. 11 Columbus, Columbln,. Dn.rtmouth 11 .1 Dartmouth 7. 1 "Aggias,".. Bowdoin,.. Trinity, 1 1- Columbia, . 5. 1 Corue1l,.... - Bowdoin, .. 9. -1- Bowdoin,... 1 "Aggies ".. 1 1- "Aggies " 10. 1 Trlnity,.. .. .... - Trlnlty,.. ,, 11- Williams. Williams... Wi11iams,,. 1 1 1 Williams ,, Amherst was placed second at the two and a halt mil station of the Harvard Telegraph Co. The Yale Crew wer winners in 16 minutes, 59 seconds. FRESHMAN RACE. Yale, -' ...-- -17 : 53 Amherst, - 18 : 34 I-4 Harvard, 18 : 63 3-4 C C I x AMHIERST OLIO. Ease I Bail --4-u-r+-- Amherst College Base Ball Assooiatlon ' OFFICERS. SIDNEY P. SMITH, PRESIDENT. J. T. STODDARD, VICE PREs1ImN'I'. RUDOLPI-I KAUFFMANN, SECRETARY AND Tar NURILR J. T. STODDARD, '74, W. B. ELY, '75, Dmmcrons. N. S. WILLIAMS, '76, C. P. LITTLEFIELD, CAPTAIN or CoI.I.EGE NINI' College Naloofe. C. P. LITTLEFIELD, CAPTAIN, s. S., F. E. Storke, c., J. B. Stanchfield, p., W. E. Judd, ISI b., F. H. Gillett, 2d b., M. Pratt, 3d b., D. G. F. Mears, 1. f., W. Record, c. f., R. Kaulfman, r. f., Class Nine mf 974. F. H. W. E. Judd, c. C. A. Smith, p., S. D.. Charles. ISt b. S. P. Smith, s. s., College Ckan50z'onshQ. GILLETT, CAPTAIN, zd b. B. P. Colton, 3d b., W. B. Clarke, 1. f., , J. T. Stoddard, C. f., C. S. Broadhead, r. 'f. AIvIH1zIzs'I' OLIO. I 65 l Class Name of y75. , C. P. LITTLEFIELD, CAPTAIN s. s. W. B. Ely, IJ-, H. S. Knight, 3d b., A. F. Skeele, c., G. F. Mears, 1. f., M. P. White, ISt b., Charles Arnd, C. f., Rudolph KaufTmann, 2d b., NV. B. Sawyer, r. f. . ' Class Name of 976. D. M. PRATT, CAPTAIN, zd b. F. E. Storke, c., A. L. Smith, s. s., J. B. Stanchiicld, p., F. B. Dickinson, 1. K, W. H. Williams, Ist b., R. W. Patton, c. i, S. R. Johnston, 3d b., J. F. Ward, r. f. ....,-.1- Class Name of 977. W. RECORD, CAPTAIN, Ist b. C. S. Wilson, p., F. C. Newman, s. s., WV. S. M. Ryder, c., L. I. Blake, 1. f., F. E. Sibley, zd, F. M. Collester, c. i, J. S. S. Tidd, 3d, J. A. Sanders, r. i Champion Pwickeol lwme. I. H. B. HEADLEY, CAPTAIN, p. W. J. Feemster, Ist b., A. D. F. Hamlin, l. f., F. Bowler, c., W. I. Washburn, c. f., John Harper, Jr., 2d b., J. F. Biscoe, H. C, Strong, gd b., W. S. Biscoe, r' f' G. Herbert, s. s. AMHERST OLIO. 'Q pgqn 4 Lz..,.az'L.. 5 ... I 75, L7lte71cL.t7Q. 75 Sit bona librorum et provisae frugis in annum Copia. ' Hormcn. Clifford R. Bateman, Daniel Kent, VVil1iam B. Ely, Charles Pike, Jr., Alfred D. F. Hamlin, Thomas Reeves, Edward S. Tead. ---A --iii---H -W Sl'LcLkSpea,7'e Club. ff Still be kind And vkz out your performance with your mind." KING EIENRY IV. SENIORS. George S. Thrall, W. F. Slocum, ' Charles A. Smith, Charles H. Phalen, John W. Ballantine. fUN!0RS. R. M. Smith, Frank I-I. Palmer, -- +331 - W7. Novitiates. ,77 Some six or seven freshmen.-HENRY IV. Deady, Loomis, Reed, Gilman, McLain, Nash, Charles H. Smith. A MHERST ULIO. NW, WISH! , ' 30ilSPXE,Sx NB ' , .AA T J ' . D - 1 72, . . k if i ' Q ' U ' ', 1 . If 'ego ' ' ., 1 5, -' , R XV N- ,six - ' '1-Ei S ,f 5?1gf Qf?iS3E N V5 TOO TH IN M775 X T H E ,STU D E N A-ZZ' """' QM if mggbf ,M -.- AMHERST 0l.I0. " Nineteen nam " Goldyf' 44 C Q H f.n. u H." as AL H at A." " Cheeky. Smiihs. ed Thompson, and sixteen '74, "S, P." '75. '76 '77, cc W named Smith." " C. A." " E. M." " Lengthyf' U Big." " Awful Big." " Ben." " E. G." f7077'Z.77'Z.Zfff00- Qf' the W hole. LANSFORD GATES, JANITOR. Cornelius Sullivan, Prof Charles Thompson t Gates Nsuirepvc. I LIBRARIANS. Melville Dewey. A. F. Skeele, G. N. Cross CUSTODIANS. ' Josiah Keep. E. J. Ruddock, E. F. Bishop W. J. Feemster, G. L. Smith BELL RINGEICS. D. W. Goodale, D. M. Moore L. Mears, Chemistry Assistant, G. A. Leland, Choir Leader. Solomon Mzkkael, "Pam," Hlfabezz sic andre K!ez'rl'e1z zu verleaufer1.' "Sabrina," Alma Mater. AMI-Il:1RS'1' OLIO Q 5-'asi':f'0n0m.z'caZ. '75 1......444--1. CLASS SUPPER. INGLESIDE, JUNE zoth, 1873. Reeves, Toast Master, Headley, Historian, Palmer, Poet 79' Q A -wi 11-13 - . .D f5'afuz'zz Uiub. X i G. W. Atwell, G. H. Baker, C. F. Birdseye, I-I. A. W. B. Sawyer, Ed. Dickinson, ' Chas. Smith, Jr., SEJVIORS. Sid. Dickinson, T. A. Stuart, F. H. Gillett, t J. T. Stoddard, E. M. Smith, I-I. B. Turner, Wolff, F. E. Masten. fUNlO18S. Lindley Vinton SOPff0JlI01B,ES. J. B. Stanchiield, N. S. Williams. J. F. Ward. FI6ESfIM'AJV. H. S. Redheld. .. ... ! Nl, IJ, ' 70 AINlIll'lR5'l' ULIU. .The l'!z,01aulaL!z: C'1'zJc1,1rL C.. 'Z1d1. Mo'1"1'u :-" Pass the Syrup." MEMBERS. ' " Slubf' "l3cetl1ove11." "Scl1nubc1. Duck," "Skcczix." iiw 'K ' , , . ,g,-.:.1f'?" ,,1t.QZL'L -- ,Qian I' ir' f V ' ,lf f 'il 441 X, .f'L-gf 53.- 10, I-..4,.-.rig I , X. f,.-A1-3. .t 510' 4f?2'?", js-14 1- .gp ITF'- 'H f,.-,K--,. , .,-W., ul , .4-1' ' ' "'. ' " . '15- aff' , mf.-'z. .. 7, ff ,,,r -Q laafmiif'-?x1'i53aiLf ' - -. .ff fi ' ' .,5'1'5?'2: iii, ' 'i!'lFF'I-i f I-l2I,V,f1IqLf541.,'::t'.tr.9g:g-fi' ' - 1. L.. .-.'.ilLz.a. -' - N l.L1'l':A.,',lIi. 4 M ' , an QQ 4' A 5 " I,c1's carve him . P. Littlefield, . A. llosmcr, . li. Pike, -Ir., I", Logan, flflllll r . XX, Cnumlallu, .lI. Allen, Xlnbult S:mrIf'm'cl, J . if Z.vULaZuu. uv J us il dish ill for thc gmis."-j1z!1'1f,v Ckmrf O, ll. Iicnlon, Ihlvirl Pcctk flbclnl, Nluscs Guy, '.l,'llUlllllS Reeves, I". C. Scuvillc, Rudulpll Kllllfufqlllllllll C'I1:u'lus Arnd. - Cfml'.v am! 0nl1'mH'-ffflwvmv. H. l". Brown, W, li. Jllclrl, XV. J. Fecmslcr, NI. P. Xvllitli, J. Il. Ruzlk, J11, Josiah Kccp, W. U. 1'l':1lL. Ufwflfvfu, 26 fllllffu' .S'l1'uvl. W. .-XMllliRS'l' Ol.IO. 71 O jfecizdisoplzagean 021221. G. A. Pl.,lMP'l'ON, B055-lJlSSl'1Ll'1.'Oli. Mo'r'1'o :-" Sweet Sixtceufi SEJVIO If S. . W. .iliiiicluiifkll G. ll. Ii. Ii2lllCl'0it, XV- C. . P. Colton, u C. G. fUfVl01CS. VV. P. . lilaiiiclizlitl, ll, S, Klllgllll, 4 A. I. . W. Climssyl SOP 110.11016 ES. - Cr. lj. Guild, G. A. R. NV. Patton, H' G. L. lillifteeim mlcl the VVu.itcr. zluflliiglit lmufl su pe. 'I'Musl1 grinn'u1:1.ud. 'l'+Music box which, by special request, plays ut each G1lt6l Mellen, Merrill, Steal 1' ns. Perkins, Skcclc. Plimptcm Smith. 'tU.l1lIllC1lt. AM HERST O l.lO. Gl7q0'LL-ZJS O1'7LcLme7LtcLZ .cus 'Well as Ziseful. In iq? 5.3 C A G N' l Q X " Cherie lo King." CHESS CLUB OF '76. KING--A. C. POWELL, liNlGH'1'-ALEX. H. SMI'lll PA PVNS. E. F. Bishop, R. W. Patton, Qqueen F. B. Dickinson, J. G. I-Iobbie, M. B. McKnight, W. C. Stevens, C N D F. D. Proudman, . P. Searle, . S. Williams. . M. Pratt, '75, , WI-IIST CLUB, '75 Charles Arnd, C, A, Buffum, Moses Gay, F. W. Johnson, C. P. Littlefield, Rudolph Kztnilmann, MoT'1'o: "Cheese that Daniel Kent, Charles E. Pike, jr., W. B. Sawyer, H. Smith, Lindley Vinton, M. P. White, yell, Freshief' ' AMI-II-JRST OLIO. The ' Gz'z'ncZsZ0zw. -- -----i-'Qo+vf3n-1-A ' "fl mllqgef jhke lo :ure the duzzyhsf' '74 e O Audi, vide, tace,--"Addition, division and silence." Am-d-n, " Your orange-tawny beard." B-k- . L- -rg'-S, " You and I are past our dancing days." D-rl-ng, " Thou wouldst risk thy life for thy dinner. D-W, " Take physic, pomp." L-1-nd, "You have good judgment in horsemanshipf' f Ph-lps, " Without a tongue, using conceit alone." R-dd-ck, "Shylock, there's thrice thy money offered thee," Gr- -n, "I have overheard a p1ot." Ch-rl-s, " Often the cockloft is empty in those whom Nature hath built many stories high." '75, -rmstr-ng, " Beauty soon grows familiar." B-nt-n, "The naked truth of it is, I have no shirt." G-y, U Merit was ever modest known."-Gay. H- -dl-y, " I-Ie draweth out the thread of his verbosity." P-k-, " What are his marks? " Sm-th, " A writer, i'faith, a baucher." T- -d, " Rare compound of oddity, frolic, and fun." T-dd, " I am too sudden bold, To teach a teacher ill becometh me." '75, H-rb-rt, " My little body is aweary in this great world." I-I-11-ngsw-rth, " Whistled as he wentfor want of thought." Mc Kn-ght, " Fiddler forbearg you grow too forward." St-rk-, " Howl, howl, howl, howl! " W-shb-rn, " Dam up this thy yawning mouth." D-rl-ng, " Soft as the fleeces of descending snows." fluij lj I '74 AMHERST OLIO. '77. " Timm' mwfs one in his .vkz'rf." Ch-dw-ck, " ln pace another Juno," G-lm-n, " How green are you and fresh in this old world." R- -Cl, "Comparisons are odorous," 'l'h-m-s, " None hut himself can be his parallel." NV-ll-m .I-m-s --dg-r McL- -n, l " II o l l a NV-ll-m- Sm-th M-k-ls Ryd-r, l your naine -I-hn E-xv-rd S-mn-r S-lt-r, y to the re- .l-m-s S-ll-v-n St-n- T-dd, verb e 1' a l e W-sh-ngt-n -d-ms J-if-rs-n M-cl-s-n Sm-th. hills." --- ---103-T --Y I ,c-' fr x' U D, 1 J C11 fmx .. . '75 '7 ' 4 fZ3.f2aesi'z'zaz1 Umb. 'Mo'r'ro: "A1lus Er-Moverin' Along." R. M. SMITH, Pillar of Fire. It H. PALMER, ' Admircr of Nature. F. NV. SANBORN, Orchard Inspector and Cider Catcher E. SL fl'lE.fXD, Er-er- immense Amount ot Material. AMHERST OLIO. S .57 jf. 0. Cf Tff. 'UI 4111! A l'II-l.lll1Tll1'S2 TA 701, fS114'1'f'0' for My !Jl'0lll0fl-U71 uf C0.YlllZ't.'0- T6l'l'6J'fFI'lll A.vtrw10n4v.l ",1'rocul, procul Este profimef' FrEr.n NIARSHAI.--l. H. B. HEADLEY. BRIU. GIQN.-XV. M. DUCKER. PRI VA TES. E. P. Armstrong, H. B. Chilson, W. J. Feemster, F. 1-I. Palmer, E. S. Tend, M. P. White. Slain on the field of Battle, C. L. NVoodworth. Th a floats. '74. Dickinson, Smith, Smith, Washburn. F-74, '75, l"zLlrner, Reeves, Sawyer. '75. You think they are Cl'llSH.dBl'S sent: from some infernal clime To pluck the eyes of Sentiment, and dock the tail of Rhyme, To crack the voice of Melody and break the legs of Time. LJ. S. E. C. M'O'I"1'O 1-" He stoops to conquer." - OPERA TORS. LUPE, PRESIDENT. JACK, VICE PRESIDENT. FRED., TREASURER. BERT, RECORDING SECRETARY. LEV., PLANNER. C. S., MASTER or CEREMONTES. BIRD, CRITIC. LAZY, JUNIOR Aux1L1ARv. War Cry.-" Blood." 9 L.. 76 A1v1111aRs'1' 01.10. Uaiiege 7S'iaf'z'sfz'cs. Number of Students, 303. Total age of College, ---- 6001 years. " weight of " - - 41510.3 lbs. " height of " -w - 1696.3 feet. ' arm muscle of college, - - 3522.9 i11cl1es. " expiratory capacity of college, 72238 cubicinehes ' times body lifted of college, 3223.9 times. '74 '75 '76 '77 Total age - - 1438.8 years, 1174.2 1693.7 1794.2 " weight - - 9768 lbs. 8031.3 11086.8 I2624.2 " height - 363 feet, 319.2 487.7 526.4 " arm muscle 765.6 inches, 678.3 1005.4 1073.6 " expiratory cap. 15813.6 cu. in. 145578 20651.2 21215.8 " times bodylifted 738.6 times 678.3 951.6 855.4 '74 '75 '76 '77 Total average age, 21.8 years 20.6 19.7 19.3 " height, - 5.5 feet, 5.6 5.6 5.6 " weight, - 138 lbs., 141 140.5 134 " arm muscle, 11.6 inches, I2 1 1.6 11.4 " expiratory cup. 239.6 cu. in. 255.4 240 222 if times body lifted, 11.6 times, 11.9 11.6 9.1 Oldest 28 years. Youngest I5 years. Tz1llest6 feet 1 1-5 inches. Shortest, 4 feet II inches. Blowest, 345. Liftest, 30. Armest, 14.75 inches. AMHERST 01.10. , 77 Uaienafar. if TERMS AND VACAZYOIVS. 1873. Thanksgiving Recess, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Winter Vacation commences, Wednesday, Dec. 17. ' 1874. Winter Term commences, Friday, Jan. 8. Spring Vacation " Wednesday, April 1. Summer Term, " Thursday, April 16. Summer Vacation Friday, July 10. Fall Term Thursday, Sept. ro. I J' UBLIC OCCASIOJVS. 1873. Exhibition of llitchcock Society of Inquiry, Friday, Oct. Io. I ' Saturday, Dec. 6. Tuesday, Dec. 16. Gymnastic Exhibition, Exhibition of Social Uuion, 1874. Thursday, Jan. 29. Wednesday, May 13. Prize Speaking of Athenian Society, Wednesday, May 27. Prize Speaking ofAlexandrian Society, VVed11esday, June 3. Day of Prayer for Colleges, Public Debate of Social Union, Baccalaureate, Sunday, July 5. Address before Hitchcock Society ol Inquiry, Sunday, July 5. Hyde Prize Orations, Prize Declamations, Class Day, Meeting of the Alumni, Oration before the Literary Societies, Social Gathering of the Alumni, Commencement, I Monday. July 6. Monday, July 6. Tuesday, July 7. Wednesday, July 8. Wednesday, July 8. Wednesday, July 8. Thursday, July 9. i'Tl1e Astrononiieal calculations for this 01.10 were furnished by Prof. David Peek Todd. AMHERST OLIO. qifiw, W Flay, of' I ' : V '- " 5 :M Q - 1 Y 4 1 A 7 A., AZ M, A . - . V" ' fvf .Ai 'CT I 177' 576 1 I .' -... s-1 ' ' 'A f- n v " " fy . -5,9 5 'Tig f. f .fn , 55 1 .,1s.- H afrxn ,- -L "Ami, - - nj, - . 'H -, is ,N " rf aff +rM1n+ ,,,H www IA., ' 7,55-? u 1, I , H- N -'Lg fm , , 1 , 5- fa' .511f? . ' ,, . .,-'V ' " -.. 542, , ..--,f f gr4'N'A'r , xx ii:u,rm. v un1f5?.ym I KD ' Hx ,j W y ..,'M7 TH E, GRAAPH. QCQ. '--f" by 'Nw -f' vs' X. '- 'fi X H K'-,X "5la2'ffl'f f " h 3 ,NN H A DVERTISEMENTS. , L? , of I ., . N A h mf, RJ.-r 18" K , r r,, hiulll, 1, ,.4 9 : I Q it , M l. ,VAN v, fa wa -- THE GAZETTE PRINTING Co., . Northampton, Mass., have facilities for College and Seminary Printing which are unsurpassed in Western Massachusetts. As proof of this we refer to the OLIO which is fresh from our'Press, the illustrations only, being engraved and printed by the Daily Graphic Co.'s new process. NVe also print the AMHERST STUIJENT, and all kinds of miscellaneous work. Class Committees will be served promptly, with the best Printing, iinest of Tinted Papers, at reasonable prices. Our patrons will please bear in mind we do none but first class work. "The best is the cheapest." ' We keep in stock a good assortment of flue paper for Invitations, Programmes, Sac. Address Cards in all styles, Monograms printed on class or private note paper. Catalogues, Posters, Tickets, bc., promptly printed. Don't fail to give us a call. OfHce corner of Gothic and Court Sts. N x f n kv ' T35 - .'? -+ -N ' f N 7 . lil S. 8 ,fl 'ga f - N M4931 'lima 'dfaifcgagcaggnnanfn rg'5Z5igilElEJE, 42 age No. 4, NORTH OOLLEGE, 3300115611613 StfL13lOIlQ61cS. -L---- Q-Q.,.g...t..l. Oeffege, Texf ana' Reference Books, POPULAR BOOKS, Blank Banks, Nota Banks, Plain and Fanny Stationary. Books imported and procured from Publishers. Au excellent supply of Phofegraphs of F aeulzjf ana' Oollege Views. Which will be supplied by mail to order, at reasonable prices. Address THE OOLLEGE .BOOK STORE, ' No. 4 NORTH COLLEGE, AMHERST, Mass. I aa 82 ADVER'l'ISEMEN'1'S. STUDENTS, READ THIS. READY MADE CLOTHING from the best houses in New York City, equal in every respect to Custom, and selling to the best city trade, may be found on our counters. Also, SILK and CASH- MERE MUFFLERS, DOMESTIC and FOREIGN BEAVER OVERCOATS. 350 MAIN STREET, SPRINGFIELD, MASS. FITCI-TS HOTEL, NUERVJLWHIANJ'LP3VJLlON, NKASSQ y "SPRINGFIELD ART UNIDN. I P 1 , We invite your attention to our "ART UNION," us advertised in Springfield papers, and your patronage to the same. Yours truly, GEILL Sz HAYES. J 1 the ADVERTISEMENTS. S by Gs''f '2 Q-' f 9 HEALTH HVSTITUTE, ,A,w1i1Hf1e31RtS'Jr+, -' - - M ...,,,, PARALYSIS AND DEFURMITIES CURED. -ii--H e f 4-0.9-4 ------Q The Orient Springs Health Institute is for the treatment and cure of Paralysis in all its forms, Spinal Diseases, Contracted Cords and Limbs, Crooked Feet and Hands, Enlarged Joints, Wry Neck, Curvatures of the Spine, Hip Diseases, Rickets, St. Vitus' Dance, and all Deformitiesg Neuralgia, Rheumatism and all Lameness, Nervous Diseases, Gout, ,Convulsionsg Diseases of the Brain, Heart and Lungs, Hysteria, 8zc. All In- valid guests are under the immediate care of the President. The Institute is it lurgc und connnodious lmildilrg, supplivd with the best modern improvenients, and designed especially for the coinfort of its guests. It is located within at half ll0lll"S drive of Amherst, in csirefully kept gl-Oumls, eommiuiding it wide und beaultiful view of the Connecticut Vulley. MLS, Holyoke and Tom, with Nortlnunptou and Eztstluunpton at their feet, t ward the South Vllest, while on the North are Mts. Mettxtwam- eunheseen o - ' pe and Sugar Loaf. Amhelst occupies the centre of the viewon rx. slight eminence. ' t mu be reached via. the New London Northern Rail Road, The Institu e y and its connections, or by stage route from Northampton . For particulars address GEORGE W. HH ODE S, M. D., Presidenl. 84 AlJVER'l'lSEllIlEN'l'S, 'igWmsglwislsz," Eilgmlssjjsslse, glllilgsfie. A FIRST eAAss eueAA HOTEL HUAAE, Aucessihly located on the Holyoke and Westfield Railroad, provided with l'iVCfy' Modern lxnprovcmcnt, amd comrnzuuling Unsw'passed Views of M 0 U N TAIN, V ALLE Y. mul Rl VER SCENER Y, five hours from New York, four hours from Boston, 6 1-2 miles from Springfield, 2 l-2 miles from Holyoke. All Springfield Rail- way trains from the South, East and West, connect with trains for Holyoke, thence to Ingleside by cars or carriage. A LARGE DINING ROOM. With :sll ronvenienuoe, for furnisliing Dinners to Parties mul Classes, in the best style. Cfbllllllllllif'lllfl0llS, either by letter or tclegrzun, will receive prompt attention. Address .lN'GLES'ID,ls', .ll0LYOK'E, .M'wss., J. S. DAVIS, Proprietor. DAVID H., SIMMQNS, fl ss' lvl' 5151+ l"V fi P ,sms 22 , NO. 552 BROADWAY, TROY, N. Y. Old No. 40, Brou.dw1sy, - just East of the Union Depot. Whitey Vests, Shirts, Collars, Cuffs QE? Gsufs .Underwsar, Laundrled in the mosf desirable manner. N. B.-New WVork Neatly Lzuindried for M0.DUfH.Ctl1TOTS, at moderate rates. Parties wishing to purchase COLLARS ami CUFFS by the dozen, can have their orders promptly filled at lowest rates, by sending them to me, describing style und giving size, 8Le. ADV!-IR'l'lSlCMliN'l'S. S5 OIL l..l3,.lJ.lL'S DL' UJUL, NO. 7, PI-ICENIX ROW, AMI-I ERST, Keeps constzuitly on hamd u choice ussortiucnt of PATENVMEDIOIIVES AWD PERFUMERV, Fancy Articles and Brushes. P11 YNIf?lANlS l'RlCSClCI.PTHJNS UARElv'UI,LY l'1UCP.1lRlCD. JfUa',laYJ. ,ll Ifjllxflfjal. dllfzuxluinnmlnlm Wzuilnr mul ,dll-Eiurmwisllenl, 3 PAl.MEl?'S BLOCK, AMHERST, MASS- A splendid line of IVOOLENS, udupted to the seasons for COA.UPS, VPJSTS 333 T IEEKIJYVSIECJRLS. Stylish Fits and perfect sutisfuctioii guuruhtccd. Latest Novelties in HATS, SCA RFS, COLLA RS, cS'cC, FI .N 'E C U S.T0.7lf SII I R 739' Got uput short notice and wau'mntcd ilrst class in everyp:u'ticl1lm'. B-E?" P.l..EA.NI'I CALL ANU 1CXAMI.YI'I. ,LQ-U ' -'-'l'-98!H- - STUDENTS AND OTHERS YVISHING Fifst C1355 qgixmefs of Suppefg, Q0 UVJVD ZIJLL ffO 77E'L. NORTHAMPTON. MASS. IRAD FULLER, Sum, LOUIS LAMBERT, Sec'y. 86 ADVI R'1lSEMENlS SAJKTOlV' Q 5 URJVETLL N KEEPA Q5 zibgnwi Q lass jgllurunlfgg Efimwggw 'sv ff IN AMI5IERS'l1, AND .DO THE VERY BEST WORK. THEY HAVE TH, RELIABLE 'REGULATOR IN THE COUNTY. E UNL 3 T 5541 Wm! 4 JA E ,ykzjvffd F mp. 7 j'2!ZfzVffyZfa4f4, 1 wma, 02

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Amherst College - Olio Yearbook (Amherst, MA) online yearbook collection, 1885 Edition, Page 1


Amherst College - Olio Yearbook (Amherst, MA) online yearbook collection, 1889 Edition, Page 1


Amherst College - Olio Yearbook (Amherst, MA) online yearbook collection, 1891 Edition, Page 1


Amherst College - Olio Yearbook (Amherst, MA) online yearbook collection, 1892 Edition, Page 1


Amherst College - Olio Yearbook (Amherst, MA) online yearbook collection, 1893 Edition, Page 1


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