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41 .-1 nn nm ul un' -- nm 1. fjwzf, JM, TGWER 198 l Amherst Central High School Amherst, New York Volume Fifty-one 7 A v Q . Q?'5f'w M ,, Jiwi. ff a :M--W-...W . 1,..,..7M H,-1 ,W A, , wmnrnnnr "--'-an may A 1 E 2 2 E Togetherness, brotherhood, humanity - nothing in this world is alone. This world must be shared, enjoyed and celebrated. We are all neighbors with the need to share parts of ourselves and our lives. We can never be alone in our quest for knowledge. Here there is an air of freedomg here one is able to find himself. Through this sharing and learning we come to an understanding of each other. 4 T S' -S M - c " A' . K fx Q S. N M X .XX -gsm I . S AW. M nv .4-f ':- L: mmilif-' mf-mm W-Indiv i :Q k -K 1.. 1, miwdgf. z,f' 5 .sw -I I4,.4v""' Traditions . . Faculty , Activities . Sports . . . Underelassmen Seniors . . . , - Advertisements Index .... :iw V W 'r sit-v . W f MQW? W ' ff ' W -wx , ,WW Q p pm, 1 , ,,m.f.wv1,w,.m, W X w A 2gWQ,U...f'W M.,:a.,ggw w , 'M w w , A w Y 'L Wmgw- aj' ML'--M ,, ' ' 33 ,W X .Ik ,,,, ,,M,,M, M w wf, ,f., 'wv1!, ,,f,JN ' "':'u"v41' WWE ,msg .'!WX5f71'TqW'IfY5ffv1gH5L'J3y'fW " " y, w. fw.,,q R F .J sv W 'f Q' in ' r 'Ph I, b 4 1 X Q " . , .:' 1 j.- W , .- , 4 L45 .V - 14-' , ',,.. .'-4 JA- f . -,:gw' - .fl 'w ' ,- , It -1 ..'-- -sn .,'..- I, Q 1 ,J 'P :' W. -v v , - , ' V . ' ffl- P1406 ' .qv 'fu is "- ' -5' ' 5 w A,f,7'1,1l,:::q" HY xx. V . A I . . 3' Q L rv ' Q '- ww- - N ' 1' . U 1 ww we- ' 'nw -. - bf, wb- uf w-. Wxy:--. li M: . . - Q HJ AUQJQV AV ,J-A. V r - .pf v mr' ' . .5- x , .4 ... Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. Ralph Waldo Emerson ,E s .ewff MMM, . Y QQ The language of laughter is always a welcome, refreshing interlude. When we laugh together for that moment, there are no worries - only a shared joy of life. 'Q ' .-yi it -V . 8.1, , 'I 'fff ' ,414-1' Y -" ,ll ij 'Y . ,Q .c.' V ' ahmvpzm 'W ,W M Mm-4.MMwwmWHMw ,W ,ummm 3 3 3 5 -Nmimp Wm? N. Q9 5 ui 1 mf' . .,'A4l',,,9f V, 21.2 L27 , J 3 IN HARDWOGD GROVES ' The same leaves over and over again! They fall from giving shade above To make one texture of faded brown And fit the earth like a leather glove. Before the leaves can mount again To fill the trees with another shade, ' They must go down past things coming up They must go down into the dark decayed. They must be pierced by flowers and put Beneath the feet of dancing flowers. However it is in some other world I know that this is the way in ours. Robert Frost ll A.. - . Q 5 was X XENA , if XX? XA 9 ,asv X QXNNX. as v 3 3 X., XXX Ekixxg x " X 1- X A X tl x. A X 4 if R ' 'sf' f X. 3 R :1 'SK X - xy xy xx Q X X sg 3 ill' WW X, Q X ig S R X X X XX X -x . A 'ik H ' , ,K X 'FY ' "z .af f 5 ' :-X. ' Q X X . ., E J X X . x + X Y gg 4v,, x N i K K i-,R E N X NO X XM x xx 4 Q gx X M X X X N .X .1 QNX ,N XS V an k 'K w xx ik X X X Q X X x 3 5, k r 4 X ,gk bk, X xx X xx kg . .L Nwhmk KX k 5 . 2 ft .. -Q 2--a jr . we . , X-.. 1 L- F ... mx f ,f f-1 wg -s M-wg Q., , 'Hgn , 51 ' 'x W Q01 'Xia M , Y! 'L ,A if' , rf W t Ez: WL. nw Q' mpxw W meg!! ,W 14' "W W. ' M ' tk WWE, ' 3. V W" W .M M. ff ma ,X M, Y 4' ff I 'W F A. W L , W F. W 'H In ,WW :Sew WI .A . U W: Q J Ti fkjv Y 'W:"'N 'g?1, ' W , w 'M' " 1w"?,',3F'-'PHL-ef.I'-M W1 ww'-, gd... vwmflwls E l ' fu 4 , ji " F M :Z ' Wm X W tw if aa "V A M wiv an V I as in Ll, W x , M M W3 M2 W 'WA A M ,. W A 4- . "'-,,," , wi My 2 U I " ic WW M' -,I M x F S v ' nr 5: ni hal- 1 7 ,N Q 12 , an - 2 W 1 M I -' R Kwai U my V A W' M i , 2, ,, A f W4 4 W A A 5 1 I I 1 'R X A W . . , . xx , , 1 " ' v ww W A " 2 " 5 - Q XX! 1 33- k J Q4 x Q x x W ff i x x .N N . 5. ,b Q is S, as 33 'Q S Qwftiaamf x ff? ,, ,Q xv 1' K .N XY X' S! e 1 s. Q .wif traditions "Sweeney Todd" As usual, Drama Club did an excellent job in its performance of Sweeney Todd, the uproarious TONY-award winning comedy. The play, pre- sented in the spring of 1980, broke all previous at- tendance records at Amherst. Sweeney Todd is a satire on melodramas based on an English legend of a barber who kills his customers and has them minced and baked into pies. Under the direction of Mr. Frank Ceccala, the play was a most popular production. i what Beust Rlllblklf 5 ll iLNll'Y l MMU-imvb EONPEUERAWD CORPS 2 6 2 VW 1 R pinwum '6Dracula" In November the Drama Club presented Dracula. The play was directed by Mr. Frank Ceccala and student directors Mary Manuszewski and Maria Belloch. Dracula was played by Chris Whit- beck. my if as 3 , 21 N22 "Kiss Me, Katei' This year's operetta, "Kiss Me, Kate", was a play within a play. It dealt with a troupe of players who are performing in Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew". Sean Dolan played Fred Graham, Ann Ginsburg portrayed Lilli Vanessi, Jenny Klein played Lois Lane and Chris Gregory had the part of Bill Calhoun. John Trapper and Dan Bauer were the two gangsters. Mrs. Betty Lou Cranston was Producer and Music Director. Mr. Morton Klayman was Stage Directorg Lynne Kurdziel was the Choreographer, and Marsha Hassett led the Orchestra. The large chorus, many committees, and individual students combined to make "Kiss Me, Kate" very successful. Homecoming 1980 Homecoming 1980 was a huge success, but Amherst Homecomings usually are. The entire weekend, begin- ning with the bonfire Friday night and ending with the victory dance on Saturday night, was filled with Amherst Tiger spirit. With a score of sixteen to zero over Orchard Park, the Tigers really made this year's Homecoming an extra special event. 'www i i N I 5- TOP RIGHT: Homecoming King and Queen, Kara Keating and John Trabert. ABOVE: Male cheerleaders Tim Miller and Joe Tomczak cheer on the Tigers dur- ing the parade. MIDDLE RIGHT: Sophomores show their spirit. BOTTOM CENTER: Bernie Weber U23 lines up the offense for a play with Gerry Quinlivan 1413 in the backfield. BOTTOM RIGHT: The first place Senior class float. 24 'N-. .. ss t .Q if-w""' fkidgigff TOP LEFT: Senior class mascot ready to take on the Quakers. TOP RIGHT: Junior class gets rowdie. MIDDLE LEFT: Senior Tiger Jane Hanny and Toga Leader Julia Collura. MIDDLE RIGHT: Coach Wright checks to make sure that Bill Roesch is all right after a hard hit. LEFT: The varsity cheerleaders atop their homecoming float. 25 Water Follies 1980 The entire cast of Water Follies 1980, "The Sounds of Music". Senior Directors Robin Honsberger and Laurie Adams get a lift from the boys. Last spring's Water Follies was presented by one of the largest casts it has ever had. Under the direction of Mrs. Susan Rexford, Ms. Sandra Taylor and Ms. Carole Wakefield the show, whose theme was "The Sounds of Music", featured music ranging from classical to disco to western. Highlights of the show included senior directors Laurie Adams and Robin Honsberger in a special duet. Coaches Rexford, Taylor, and Wakefield are thrown in the water during the dress rehearsal. Girls of the "Brians Song" number forming a star. ...,, . -Av-Q The entire cast from "Kiss Me Kate". ,a A ' : r if , Avczl :QL M44 Chris Whitbeck appears with his wives in a scene from "Dracula A Steve Whetzle goes after David Becker's riches in "Sweeney Todd". Homecoming 1980 was an en- joyable and fun-filled success. oak' X c ' 'Q K ang 'W ks Q ii A 3 A ,QTSQQ qi H, O Q M M y YQ s'iQpySv . 'C K1 c? 1:2 db 60, 'W i JS QL 'E 1 gf, 55 academics Board of Education These elected citizens were dedicated to their task of overseeing the operation of our new central school district. Meeting bi-weekly, they considered reports and requests from the school administration and from the community. Their work in- cluded such matters as decisions on finances, budget, and the formation of school policy in general. Mrs. Margaret S. Mugel, president, Mr. Thomas P. Theophilos, Mrs. Marie E. Fronczak, Mr. Michael F. Ellis, Jr., vice president, Mr. Thadeus J, Dziekonski, Jr., Mr. Walter E. Reitz, Mr. Robert J. Adams. Superintendent In his first year as Superintendent of the Amherst Central School district, Mr. James E. Vaccaro was the ex- ecutive officer of the Board of Educa- tion, and coordinated the efforts of all six schools in this district. Other major responsibilities were in supervising finances and in working at good school- community relations. Mr. James E. Vaccaro, Superintendent. 30 K: 'iv-W' Mr. Joseph Podgorski, Acting Principal. Mr. Robert Martin, Assistant to the Principal. Pnncipal Mr. Joseph Podgorski became Acting Principal this year upon the retirement of former Principal Donald W. Mun- son. Besides assuming the duties of liaison between Board of Education and the teachers, serving with the PTA and advising Student Council, Mr. Podgorski continued his close association with students through student-principal luncheons. ...f . J' ' x Mr. Podgorski at the Homecoming bonfire. Assistant Principal Mr. Robert Martin is a familiar face on the Amherst campus. This year he changed his position in our school from that of science teacher to that ofAssistant to the Prin- cipal. Mr. Martin also was involved with student-principal luncheons to increase contact with the student body. He served on the PTA and was curriculum coordinator for our building. English In 10th and llth grade English, teachers continued their efforts to help students in their appreciation and interpretation ofliterature. In addition, there was a strong drive to improve students' use of their language through skills classes. The teachers also continued their research of SAT results and ways for improvement. ENGLISH 10: Mr, Dale Marriott, Mrs, Claudia Lewis, Miss Joanne Mustard, Mr. Kevin Starr. Mr Starr leads an American literature class. ENGLISH ll: SEATED: Dr. Reed Taylor. STANDING: Mrs. Kay Puma, Reading Skills, Mrs. Barbara Smith, Mr. Richard Mitchell, Mrs. Melanie Hodge. 32 The English I2 department again offered diverse and interesting seminars for senior students, Among the courses available were: Stein- beck, grammar, communication, research paper, American Literature, Black Literature. The English Advanced Placement course which focuses on the many different A styles of poetry was enlarged to two classes this year under the direction of Mr. Duffy. ENGLISH 12. Dr, Reed Taylor, Mr. .lohn Duffy, Mr. Mort Klayman, Department Head, Mr. Kevin Starr. Clockwise from left: Bill Mattar doing his English grammar homework. Mrs. Sekera talking with Greg Kothe. Bob Moore and Brian Fregosi discuss Steinbeck. Science The Science Department offered to students at all levels and abilities courses in all aspects of science. Classroom instruction was sup- plemented by laboratory investiga- tions and field trips. Advanced Placement classes were held in biology and chemistry, allowing stu- dents opportunity for college credits while at Amherst. l 5 ' 2 . 5 7' vw' 2 V, af' FRONT: Mr. Rod Casali, Physics and Oceanography: Mr. William Bald, Chemistry and Earth Science: Mr. Paul Graf, Chemistry. BACK: Mr. David Gresens, Biology: Dr. Peter Dcmmin, Chemistry and A.P. Chemistry, Department Headg Mr. Frederick Machemer, Chemistryg Mr. Thomas Fini, Physics. Not Pictured: Mr, Howard Facklam, Biology and A.P. Biology. John Fronczak demonstrates to Kathy Kunold how to dissect a shark in A.P. Biology. Mr. Henry Czyz, Biology, waits for a class to finish a quiz. 34 Mathematics Working in the classroom and the math clinics, this faculty group helped students learn concepts and competence in algebra, geometry, trigonometry and calculus. .N NNN Mr. Burg tutors David Kight, X ...,--' A quiet moment in class, In class, Mr. Friedrich gives a hand to Natasha Sivakoff. 'F Mr. Saltarelli works with Doug Shaw and Adam Snyder. MATHEMATICS. SEATED: Mr. George Saltarelli, Math ll, Advanced Math l2, Calculus, Department Chairman. STANDING: Mrs. Debra Cassidy, Intermediate Algebra, Mr. Lawrence Hughes, Math 10, ll, l2g Mrs. Nancy Schneider, Math IOL Mr. David Rosen, Math ll, Trigonometry, Computer Literacyg Mr. Donald Burg, Math 10, ll: Mr. Ellwood Friedrich. Math IO, ll. 15 Social Studies Our Social Studies Department serves as the link for stu- dents between our past and present and also our culture and the culture of others. Guest speakers frequently visit the American Studies classes to instruct students on the election process, student rights and many other subjects. Students can pursue their individual interests in social studies through the classes offered on Anthropology, Economics, Comparative Government, China and Japan and the A.P. History course for seniors. qqwlf' Mr. Spitzer reviews a test with Jeremy Sobel and Dan Callistein. SITTING: Ms. Sandra Taylor, E.C.S.g Mr. Clarence Spitzer, E.C.S. STANDING: Mr. Glenn Atwell, E.C.S., Anthropology: Mr. Richard Reed, E.C.S. X.. County Legislator Bill Pauly instructs Betsy Hirsch and Caroline Fanning on the election process. SITTING: Mr. Edward Larson, American Studies, Economics, Dep't Head: Mr. Byron Bair, Comparative Gov't, American Studies. STANDING: Mr. Robert O'DonnelI, China and Japan, American Studiesg Mr. David Ulrich, American Studies, Canadian Studies, Urban Studiesg Mr, Truman Brown, American Studies, Advanced Placement History. 36 Foreign anguage SITTING: Ms. Laura Woodger, Frenchg Ms. Virginia Federico, French, Spanish: Mrs. Charleine Riepe, Latin, Greek, Dep't Head. Ms. Rebecca Fishburn, Student Teacher. STANDING: Mr. Gerald Fies, Germang Mr. Peter Cothran, Spanish. . Tim Miller listens to tapes in the language lab. Ms. Federico exchanges French anecdotes with Patty Kirkland af- ter class. Our prize winning Foreign Language depart- ment has established well coordinated, diverse courses in foreign language study. Students ex- pand their knowledge and use of foreign languages through various tapes, newspapers, and magazines. Music A balanced program of music theory, history and instrumental and vocal prac- tice were provided for students through assemblies, concerts, and the classroom. During the year, the Amherst Orchestra, Band, Choirs, and special ensembles per- formed in several appearances including the operetta. Mr. Johnston helps Sue McMahon with her pottery Art The aim ofthe Art Program was to give the students an opportunity to work with a variety of media in two and three dimen- sional form, to help them gain knowledge in various techniques and to broaden their cultural awareness. 2, Miss Marsha Hassett, Orchestra, Mrs. Betty Lou Cranston, Choral groups, Dramag Mr. Curtiss Chase, Band, Theory, Department Chairman. SITTING: Mrs. Jane Simons, Basic Art, Design, Illustration. STANDING: Mr. Raymond Johnston, 3D Design, Metal Shop, Applied Design. Mr. Walter Garver, Basic Art, Drawing and Painting, Department Chairman. 38 atv 2 - i i3iC5S20fQzfill?W ? CENTER 5344325 'l NT COUKY Health Students learned the operations of the body and discussed problems in society and human behavior in the mandatory health course. Mr, James West, Mrs. Susan Rexford, Mrs. Patricia Ulrich. Mr. Robert Hettler, Department Head, Mr. Robert McAllister, Mr. James West. Physical Education - During the year Physical Education class provided us with a break from our daily studies. The sophomores had swimming once a week and everyone else was able to choose a different activity to participate in every six weeks. The emphasis was to improve the physical condi- tion of everyone during the year, using many skills which could be useful when students have finished high school. 39 Miss Judy Wilkins, Mrs. Susan Rexford. Home Economics The Home Economics Department helps students, boys and girls, to understand the problems of the adult world. This is done through courses in Child Development, Family Values, and Nutrition. Another large part ofthe program were the basic skills of cooking and sewing. Mrs. Connie Weaver, Mrs, Barbara Hein. ' "-- Industrial rts And Driver Education The Industrial Arts Department teaches students how to work with wood, metal, and automobiles. This allows the student the opportunity to learn about mechanical and in- dustrial processes. Driver Education students received ac- tual driving experience where good driving habits and safety were stressed, as well as classroom instruction. ABOVE: Mr. Weber working with Brian Eyler. RIGHT: Mr. Ptak shows a class how to use the equipment properly. 401 1fg,MJ35 ' P?9V5'1 Mr. John Ptak, Wood, Department Chairman: Mr. Donald Ronald, Auto Technologyg Mr. William Weber, Mechanical Drawing, Metal: Mr. Robert Patelunas, Driver Education. BUSINESS: Mr. Bradley Tichcnor, Business Arithmeticg Miss Cheryl Redmond, Bookkeeping, Retailing, Business Lawg Mrs. Christine Poplawski, Typing, Shorthand, Ms. Holly Croglio, Typing, Consumer Education. GUIDANCE: SEATED: Mr. Arthur Pankow, Mr. Herbert Wilber, Ms. Elizabeth Crump. STANDING: Mr. Gary Runckel, Chairman, Mr. Howard Craig. usincss Through courses in Shorthand, Typing, Accounting, Business Law and Secretarial Practice, stu- dents were introduced to the prin- ciples and practices of the business world. Illness early in the year forced the department chair- man, Mr. Robert Halm, to leave his long-time post in Room 113. uidance This year counselors were available to students in helping them solve personal and academic problems. The Career Resource Center was again a lively place in aiding students in many ways to find out more about vocational choices, often with the use of a computer or other extensive sources. 4 "4i1'5T" ..if"'H--..., Mrs. Wilma Maurer, RN, Health Office. Service Throughout the year stu- dents could seek assistance from these specialists. They specialize in subjects ranging from nutrition to psychological needs. Mrs. Clara Wolcott, Dietician, Mrs. Arlene Russell, Secretary A Mrs. Marsha Guillaume, Speech Therapy. Mr. Gerald Cooperman, Psychological Services. HE .xl ls: ..', nn! "sw" .wil 0 alan! A " -.g.a- l!l8"3 .--glllll' K-x-dllldli' x'k.1-hgulilill --llqllll. a fc M' A W Mrs. Liz Reed, Secretary, Curriculum Office. Dr. William Grobe, Curriculum Coordinator. 42 ,f Guidance and Main Offices The secretaries in the Main Office and Guidance Office offered invaluable assistance to the students. Through these friendly people, we had access to ad- ministrative personnel. They kept activity finances in order and kept track of lost possessions, in addition to their numerous administrative tasks. Ms Peggy Penichter Ms Helen Dubill Mrs Sue Greco Guidance Miss Candice Kunkel, Main Office. Office. Far Left: Mrs Marie Brewer, Principals Office. Left Mrs Mary Ann Rizzo Assistant Principals BUSINESS OFFICE. Sitting: Mrs. Marilyn Forbach. Standing: Mrs. Eleanor Sharpe, Mrs. Margaret Jones, Mrs. Marjorie Kasper, Mrs. Cherry Newpher. Attendance and Business Office The school business staff has handled important transactions for the school and the Board of Education throughout the year. Mr. Burgholzer and the attendance office staff handled student discipline problems and student attendance records. xws .4.,. y ABOVE: Mrs. Jessie Smario, Mrs. Mary Ann Bourdon. RIGHT: Attendance Office. Sitting: Mrs. Cree Walker. Standing: Miss Margaret Cardina, Mr. Donald Aleksiewicz, Mr. Jack Koch. , tt ntt ' SEATED: Mrs. Ruth Krebs, Mrs. Gerrie Bellavia, Mrs. Carol Duermeyer. STANDING: Mrs. Mary Mooar, Mrs. Pauline Drilling, Mrs. Agnes Podwika, Mrs. Lorraine Anthony, Mrs. Pat Rlohloff. SEATED: Mr. Melvin Sommer, Mr. Barney Klipich. STANDING: Mr. Eugene Kraus, Mr. Ken Beilman, Mr. Harold Hooper. Maintenance and Cafeteria The cafeteria staff worked hard all year preparing lunches for the students and faculty and keeping the kitchen in order. The custodians made sure the school building was in top condition by attending to mechanical problems as well as cleaning the halls and cafeteria after a busy day. Media Amherst students had extensive learning facilities and educational media available to them. Both the media center and the library provided a place for students to view tapes and filmstrips as part of the learning process. Mrs. Jeanine Denton, Ms. Martha Ho, Mrs. Beverly Born. Not pictured: Mrs. P. Neuthardt, Miss Pat Fox. 45 Mr. Raymond Bruyere, Mrs. Mildred McCray, Audio Visual techni clan and aide. Academic mprovement The resource room personnel are a group of dedicated educators. They work with stu- dents requiring special help in their academic studies. Instruc- tion was held both privately and in groups, enabling stu- dents to receive both ap- proaches to learning. Mrs. Marjorie Waite: Communications Mg, Mrs. Diane .Ienningsg Title I Reading. Mrs. Barbara Moraceg Title I Reading. Mrs. Rhona Repp: Title I Math. V. i5""""'X Resource The Resource Room continued to assist students requiring special instruction in a variety of academic fields. Tutoring was offered on both a small group and individual basis, and use of this room contributed significantly to our students' academic improvement. 'ii Mr. Robert O'Connor, Resource Room teacher. lluiff Kill iii: - v - .t . Adult Education The Adult School at Amherst again offered the community a diverse selection ofcourses, where many people could learn a new skill, discuss current topics or brush up on academic subjects. Many courses such as assertiveness training, business, languages and physical fitness were offered. Mrs. Angela Cruser, Director of Adult Sch oo l, M rs. Marlene Bentley, Mrs. Barbara Kruse. Mrs. Amelia Sherrets, Coordinator of Special Services. Mrs. Doris Frediani, Aide, English Department. Mrs. Geraldine Kalkanis. District Offifre. 47 o H 'afar Rf' v x if vw A 53 .f- vw wx MQ Aim Q. xv X xsoxvx ,Sgt K ' qxxox :B .gb Y' 1 4, Q 1 RQ 4 ' Q w Q 48 I 3 'Q 1: L K A 1 ' , A X, .,.. ,E VL , ww , .. 2 ffigfif kv i ' ' ' 4-Q ,.. H4 REQ ii fi R V UNITEZRZQ ,359 A 19 7:1 activities Student Council Officers President Nancy Ellis led this year's Student Council in helping to represent the concerns and the interests ofthe stu- dent body to the school board, ad- ministration, and the community. The officers also led many projects designed to help Amherst students as well as peo- ple in need through the world. Sue Panepento, Vice President: Nancy Ellis, President: Tina Theophilos, Treasurer: Jill Hubbell, Secretary. Student Council Executive Board This year's Student Council Executive Board consisted of the four officers and six other students. They had frequent meetings to discuss future ac- tivities and think of events for the entire student body. ,K Nr uffff' ,sift SITTING: Nancy Ellis, Sue Penepento. ROW 2: Cyndy Houck, Jill Hubbell, David Becker, Eileen Sullivan, Josh Sprowl. BACK: Karen Sultz, Peter Garbus, Tina Theophilos. 50 fi Tim McCauley finds an out-of-the-way spot to catch up on some lost sleep. Jill Rehak and Chris Viscardo relax after a tough school day. .ui 7? Mark Gaglione checks out the Senior Lounge Kms Hello Amy. Hello, Hong Kong? Above: Mrs. Cranston conducts a sing along. Left: Kathy McLeron makes use ofthe Career Resource Center. 51 K ' IW1"tQ?,9r Tower A yearbook is the story of one year, and this is what the 1981 TOWER staff has tried to tell. Through pictures, copy, and scores, they sketched out what happened from the early days in September, with homeroom groups, through all sports seasons, musical events, and with much emphasis on the individual stu- dents who are the school. There were photographers, constantly harassed at deadlines, copy writers, art advisors, and homeroom sales people. The co-editors did most of the layouts and a great deal of typing. Even though the last pages went to the press in March, much work remained. Correcting of proofs, preparing for book delivery and getting material together for next year, took the time of the staff in the spring. Bob O'I-lem, Co-Editor INDEX - SEATED: Diane Alessi, Sharon Rizzo, Laura Heberle. STANDING: Kathy Parnitzke, Ruta Nonacs, Janet Reedy. dx SENIOR SECTION - Maria Burton, Linda Whang, Diane Alessi, Kelly Griffin This book is a collection of pictures and words that were supposed to capture the mood and atmosphere at Amherst during this year. This year it was an impossible task. Mere pictures and words couldn't capture the spirit aloneg it was something that you had to ex- perience first hand. The Class of '81 became one of the best classes to spend three years here at Amherst. The Sophomore class added new life and the Juniors were superb also. There was just so much happening this year that it was impossible to get it all into a 200 page book. If any event was missed or didn't get enough coverage, I'm sorry. I hope you enjoy this blook and will look back on it in years to come with fond memories of the 1980-81 year at Amherst. Bob 52 C W s ' g'A,'7,,.,wi1 H ,,:,,1w,tffl1,f nm A . at ' ,M f .pw ww, . f , ,, Y, 4 3 I X Y J?'.,,,-df., ,,,, ar- flff-3',ci.1"4-'iii 2 gzaafflif- U gig' 'fivv - 'sf gf ,x. fu , --K KM, E V " """v"' M, J! f W mf New f. mf sign 4 ,, 'f M . 3vw,-ffm' if it if s ,7?f??'4rfqs'fJ2:QZQYN1"n rg J v , , ,T I l 'l 12" fx, " Claire Bruno, Co-Editor. Mr. Clarence Spitzer, TOWER Advisor. i T ll ' 2? is xl ll ' M Bryan Brylinski, Copy, Hollis Tibbetts, Photo Schedulingg Jeff Rhodes, Treasurer. Photographers - Mark Weaver, Val Fahey, Gary Nobel, Tim Devine, fmt, Underclassmen Editors - Betsy Hirsch, Melinda Seralin. Andy Nobel. NOT PICTURED: Art Co-Chairmen: Mark Donohue Joe Tomczak Underclassmen Editor Mimi Reineck Index: Sue Dick Cindy Hackney Sports: Kara Helfrich Lisa Sherer 53 The Oceanography Club is composed of students interested in the marine sciences. The major activity of the club is the annual field trip to the Florida Keys during Easter recess. During the trip, club members study the marine environment first-hand. Much of the time is spent skin diving in the warm, clear, coral reef environment of the Florida Keys. Oceanography v l SITTING: Wende Burghduff, Lisa Rappold, Tim Learman. ROW 2: Margie Miller, Sue Burow, Steve Giunta, Cathy Voll. BACK ROW: Linda Durawa, Liz Gleason. Advisor, Mr. Robert Martin. -gp.. 54 Mr Ulrich shows Editor Steve Ellis the for- mat for a good paper. Tatler Tatler, the school newspaper, serves as a chroni- cle of the trends and events at Amherst High School. The students who work on the paper gain experience at newswriting, editing, photography, and newspaper layout. Tatler also provides a forum for members of the school community to air their views on situations affecting them as members of this community. 55 ROW l: Harvey Sanders, Steve Ellis, Dave Valone, Mike O'Connell ROW 2: Doug Barrett, Bill Smith, Lorre Tokash, Caroline Petro ROW 3: Kurt Umholtz, Kevin Linsley, Bill Reynolds, Jim Conway, Ed Short, B. J. Palombo, Bill Harrington, Adam Snyder, David Fretz. f 'F f f ' X .ii Steve edits an article for Tatler's first issue of the year. Paul Elsnau and Jerry Sobel playing a Roman chess game. Latin Club The theme of this year's Latin Club was Roman Festivals. The students un- der the guidance of their advisor, Mrs. Charleine Riepe, celebrated a games day, the Saternalia, and the Ides of March. Latin Club raised money to subsidize interested Latin Students who attend classical conventions. Spanish Club Spanish Club promoted the Spanish culture at Amherst. The club, under the direction of Senor Cothran, held cultural exchanges and fiestas with other language clubs and raised money for donations to charity. FRONT: Molly Schratz, Natasha Sivakoff, Dave Bahanovich, Mary Lohnes, John Morrison. BACK: Jenny Verrico, Lisa Wirth, Wendy Everett, Coriell Larson. Steve lillis. Vulcrie lfuhcy. Kathy Mcleron, Paul lilsnau, Jerry Sobel. . ! mmol Www FRONT: Melinda Seratin, Kathleen Barton, Marion Reineck, Frankie Silver, Roy Clay. BACK: Mary Jo Gervase, Jennifer Irwin, Anne Wingert, David Fretz, Heidi Steinwachs, Maria Belloch, Richard Campo, Wick lrwin, Valerie Fahey, Katherine Markello, Janet Reedy. 56 5 German Club The German Club was very strong at Amherst. In the fall an Octoberfest was held, which was attended by many German stu- dents. In the winter a guest speaker spoke about Dortmund, the sister city ofBuffalo. The Ger- man Club was well known for its singing and enjoyment of German food. FRONT: Mike Kizilbash, Melissa Leffler, Aixa Perez Prado, Dennis McCarthy, Roy Clay. ROW 2: Mallory Pratt, Eric Jones, Doug Barrett, Mike O'Connell, Herr Fies, Dave Becker, Richard Campo, Valerie Fahey, Kelly Cosgrove, Harvy Sanders. ROW 3: Frank Marchese, Tom Merrill, Steve Ellis, Patty Rupp, Lorre Tokash, Mike Buyer, Dave Goldberg, Dave Kim, Wick Irwin, Scott Walker, Richard Saffire. ROW 4: Vern Shrauger, Peter Cullen, Tom Evans, Ken Murray, John Wegrzyn, Rick Fickhesen, Kurt Umholtz, Paul Greizerstein, .lim Conway, Chris Gregory. FRONT ROW: Ruta Nonacs, Maria Belloch. ROW 2: Merit Cudkowicz, Linda Whang, Laurie Fiorella. BACK ROW: Lisa Skelly, Linda Hallock, Lisa Ciminelli, Amy Brothman, Lisa Cullen, Patricia McClellan, Karen Wehr, Susan Dick, Alex Fischer, John Munson, Mary Champ, Mary Albon. 57 French Club French Club was an organization that promoted the French culture beyond the classroom curriculum. Held during the year were parties, movies, dinners and excur- sions. A foreign holiday party and a trip to Quebec were of special interest to the members. Pep Club The Pep Club was open to any student who wished to help in promoting school spirit. The group included all cheerleaders and other students who worked along with our sports teams as scorekeepers, timers and anywhere else they were needed. Their most important time each year is usually during Homecoming when they sponsor the hall decorating contest and the Car Parade before the Homecoming foot- ball game, The Juniors display their spirit during the Pep Club-sponsored Homecoming Parade. FRONT: Melinda Seratin, Janine Frainier, Sandy Lasher, Kathy Barton, Cheryl Wink, Mimi Reineck. ROW 2: Angela Calabrese, Laurie Fiorella, Terry Barber, Ronni Rogers, Diane Catalano, Karen Houck, Patty Heller. ROW 3: Shannon Halt, Kathy Parnitzke, Sue Metzger, Stacy Bissell, Anne Wingert, Wendy Burghduff. ROW 4: Diane Lewis, Missy Forgione, Vanessa Tornow, Sharon Rizzo, Cathy Podsiadlo, Sue Burow, Mary Kwitowski. ROW 5: Maria Windringer, Karen Sciandra, Gretchen Anderson, Sheila De'aeth, Patty Gorman, Claudia Parlato, Missy White, Jenny Hanny. BACK: Tammy Hartford, Jill Hubbell, Marie Mallott. 58 lnteract FRONT: Sue Acheson, Margo Pierce, Ellen Salzer, Linda Durawa, Lisa Skelly, Sue Priore. ROW 2: Keith Davenport, Lisa Cullen, Sharon Smith, Aleeah Theiss, Michelle Tredo, Laurie Quance, Lucy Tripi. ROW 3: Vince Smith, Peter Cullen, Ginny Reich, Stacy Acheson, Karen Wehr, Pam Acheson. BACK: Andy Giese, Jen- nifer Everett, Gil Smith, John Tredo, Carol Carson, Howie Priore, Carolyn Allen, Patty McClellan, Tim Bluff. sixail Interact's refreshment stand at football games was a popular place to go. This was one type of project by which the club earned funds for its many service activities. 59 Interact, Amherst's community ser- vice organization, sponsored various activities throughout the school year for the benefit of those less fortunate than we. This year, under the leadership of Advisor Dr. Reed Taylor and President John Tredo, Interact had several dances for the mentally retarded and presented variety shows for senior citizens. The club also collected Proctor and Gamble labels for the funding of the Special Olympics. I hs s' U ' 'Muqiaihh ' i Mr. Mitchell: "I don't think I look like Mickey Mouse." Honor Society ROW l: Robin Secord, Alison Moliterno, .lulia Collura, Beth Wehr, Lori Eisenberg, Sue Grosicki, Jill Hubbell, John Beltrami, Richard Campo, Cassy Castonguay, David Goldberg, Wick Irwin, Joe Tomczak. ROW 2: Frieda Knobloch, Laura Heberle, Linda Wang, Ruta Nonacs, Merit Cudkowicz, Susan Wells, Scott Walker, Tina Theophilos, Ann Ginsberg, Cheryl Wink, Lynn Salzmann, ROW 3: Aleta Spicer, Lisi Ciminelli, Georgeann Baughman, Missy White, Jane Hanny, Nancy Connolly, Nicole Elliott, William Harrington, Lisa Cullen, Maria Belloch, .Mary Champ, Mary Manuszewski ROW 4: Claire Bruno, Helene Gortzig, Ann Pauly, Anat Ehrlich, Jenny Klein, Karen Sultz, Patty Heller, Sara Diesing, Barb Bambach, Diane Alessi, Kathy Markello, Lynn Devlin ROW 5: Andrew Warner, Roy Clay, Joel Greenberg, Martin Stephenson, Richard Sattire, Adam Snyder, Jeff Wilcox, Doug Woestendiek, Mark Donohue, David Becker ROW 6: Brian Fregosi, Francis Stalteri, Scott Stull, Angelo Sicurella, Gerry Quinlivan, Mike Rutecki, Bob O'Hern, John Osborn, Mike Sullivan, Abby Barber, Amy Jeffery. Cassy Castonguay: "And with every 54.00 purchase you receive one Dave Becker!" Honor Society is composed of seniors who have accumulated a 3.0 average or better during their high school careers. Under the guidance of Mr. Richard Mitchell, the Honor Society operates the school bookstore, the student tutorial program, and other service Scott Walker: "Not another Bruce Springsteen poster! projects during the year. This year the Honor Society sponsored , several Senior citizens days at school among its other school ser- vices 60 Backgammon Club "5.LflF STANDING: Doug Shaw, Hollis Tibbets, John Wegrzyn, Herr Fies, Mike O'Connell, Richard Safiire. SITTING: Ben Lubick, Kurt Umholtz. ei of I ,, S at is Yau.,-...,s' N"i' WE ,ga ',,,,m..,,, aw..-W 'MV Wi Q pdl ca,-1 FRONT: Dave Becker, Mark Donohue. BACK: Dave Goldberg, Joe Tomczak, Adam Snyder, Helene Gortzig, Wick Irwin, Scott Walker, Bob O'Hern, Roy Clay, Dick Saffire, Kara Keating, .Iohn Beltrami, Jill Hubbell, Richard Campo, Sue Grosicki, Robin Secord Book Store Chairmen, Dave Becker and Mark Donohue, ex- amine the posters that are in the store. The Backgammon Club is new to Amherst this year. Un- der the direction of Herr Fies, this group of students met several times a month to brush up on their skills at the game. They planned on a tournament to determine the best backgam- mon player in the school. Honor Society Book Store With adviser Mr. Mitchell and Chairmen Mark Donohue and Dave Becker, the Honor Society Book Store once again served the needs of students at Amherst. The store, located near the South Cafeteria, provided a wide range of items that were necessary for the average student. 61 dents kept us informed of all club meetings, announcements, and events on Amherst's own television station, Channel 13. Anyone interested in a career in com- munications or who enjoyed public speak- ing was encouraged to try out. T. V. nnouncers Each morning this talented group ofstu- Cyndy Houck Steve Whetzle Abby Barber Tim Miller Julia Collura Jenny Radler T.V. Crew This group ofstudents produced Amherst's morning T.V. show and were responsible for the technical aspects of each program, in- cluding coordinating sound, picture, and lights skillfully. Mr. Raymond Bruyere assisted the group, which did an excellentjob of making Channel l3 come alive every morning. Gary Nobel at work on the camera. FRONT: Vernon Shrauger, Gary Noble Mark Weaver. BACK: Joe Corah Wick Irwin, Steve Whctzle, Dave Goldberg Josh Sprowl, Joe Tomczak. Tim Miller, Glen Auerbach, Mike Sullivan. Disc Jockeys Under the direction of Herr Fies, the disc jockeys played music before ir . ' school every morning. The types of music ranged from opera to mostly rock and roll. Students were en- couraged to submit music for broad- casting and the disc jockeys operated all the equipment themselves. S. FRONT ROW: Christine Stricklin, Thomas Sciortino, Michael Hamlin. ROW 2: Amanda Hiller, Kevin Cavanaugh, Sean Cosgrove, Mark Miller, Gary Nobel, Deborah Klonowski, Christopher Pirson. BACK ROW: Bradley Hughes, Peter Olszowka, Anne Laub. 63 Stage Crew The Stage Crew, under the direction of Mr. Dem- min, built sets for this year's operetta and the fall and spring plays. They provided the necessary backstage assistance for the many events held in the auditorium. Kevin Cavanaugh prepares to paint some scenery. fkJ?fi American Field Service is an inter- national scholarship program promoting understanding and fellowship. Foreign students come to Amherst to live with a family and become part of the community for a year. Amherst students apply to go to foreign countries for a full year or the summer program. In January 1981 Karen Pieters went to New Zealand and Andy Hornbarger to Australia for a year. The schedule included a Pancake Festival and Easter candy sale as the large fund raising activities. Pot luck suppers, slide shows, western New York AFS activities, as well as seasonal parties, picnics and a progressive dinner were part of the calendar. 1980-81 officers: Missy Forgione, president, Cyndy Houck, vice presi- dent, Wendy Everett, secretary, Beth Everett, treasurer. odel Representing countries as dif- ferent as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Ethiopia, these students researched their positions on many issues and defended their resolutions in lively simulations with large numbers of students from other schools. This year the Model UN members worked at major meets at Gannon in Erie, Harvard in Cambridge, Nazareth at Rochester and Daemen in Snyder. Expenses were met with the proceeds from a number of car washes and bake sales. Officers were: Merit Cudkowicz, president: Adam Snyder, vice president, Dave Becker, secretary, Ruta Nonacs, treasurer. Mr. Spitzer was the advisor. iunqunnnnauvh- FRONT: Hollis Tibbetts, Kathy Barton, Sandy Lasher, Natasha Sivakoff, Janine Franier, Mary Jo Gervase. ROW 2: Eric Gortzig, Donald Schmall, Diane Waldmiller, Grace Schillaci, Jeffrey Rhodes. ROW 3: Cyndy Houck, Andy Hornbarger, Thieu Pham, Amy Brook, Karen Pieters, Mary Egan, Bill Bennett, Deirdre Shaw, Mindy Stephenson, Steve Giunta, Wendy Everett. ROW 4: Beth Everett, Jeremy Sobel, Kathy Spanogle, Betsy Burr, Colleen Kennedy, Michelle Gianturco. l .-.LL FRONT: Dave Becker, Coriell Larson, Sue Wells, Lisa Cullen, Linda Hallock, Maria Belloch. ROW 2: Linda Whang, Laura Heberle, Merit Cudkowicz, Ruta Nonacs, David Goldberg, Richard Saffire, Bill Reynolds, Mark Donohue. BACK: Kevin Linsley, Marc Wilson, John Munson, Jack Crane, Adam Snyder, Kevin Cantwell, Greg Vinal, Mary Albon, David Fretz, Richard Campo. 64 FRONT: Michelle Gianturco, Gerard Agocha. BACK: Marlene Alessi, Barb Cisek, Joe Kerr, Diane Messer. jx 65 Library Service Club The purpose of the Library Service Club was to help the librarians. They checked in books, filed books and magazines, provided assistance with A.V. materials and equipment, and assisted with reference questions. Red Cross Club The Red Cross Club was a ser- vice organization whose primary function was to organize student Bloodmobiles for the American Red Cross. Members received blood-aide training from Red Cross Headquarters. Amherst maintained its reputation of hav- ing tremendous success with Bloodmobiles. SITTING: Carol Carson, Teresa Snyder, Heidi Steinwachs. STANDING: David Zapfel, Barbara Carson, Diane Osborne, Melissa Forgione, Michael Euler. Nam NM v Q if Q ff F546 'N .f' Q.. .Fwy MQ,-fgr , K 1. fp? -f 'K Rm gymn- wn.. , D -v---v.. 67 FRONT ROW: Val Fahey, Heidi Steinwachs Marla Burton Laurie Fiorella Abby Barber SECOND ROW Karen Siegel Mary Manuszewski, Maria Belloch, Eric Papke THIRD ROW Kara Helfrich .lack Crane Missy White Julia Cullura Ken Murray, Dave Kim, Chris Whitbeck Paul Todaro Maria Wmdrmger John Trapper Dave Becker Kelly Gigante Sarah Stewart, Kevin Linsley, Dave Goldberg Joe Tomczak Wick lrwm Drama Club, under the direction of Frank P. Cecala, provided students with the opportunity to participate in any aspect of theatre. They presented two very successful productions, Sweeney Todd, Demon of the Barbary Coast, in the spring of 1980, and Dracula, in the fall of the same year. This year's officers were Mary Manuszewski, Presidentg Mary Champ, Vice-Presidentg Eric Papke, Treasurerg and Maria Belloch, Secretary. The actors take a break backstage during a rehearsal. 68 Quiz Bowl li.. FRONT: Adam Snyder, David Becker, David Bahanovich, Sue Wells, Richard Campo, Linda Whang, Merit Cudkowicz, Paul Greizerstein. ROW 2: Marty Stephenson, Kevin Cantwell, John Munson, Ed Short, James Conway, Dave Valone, Pete Olszowka, Steve Ellis. ROW 3: Roy Clay, Paul Elsnau, Dan Snyder, David Fretz, Phil Zukowski, Hank Neeman, Dan McCarthy, Douglas Barrett, Harvey Sanders. Doug Shaw keeping time during a match. -' 3. if i . . k, 5 ' E11 I.. '. The Senior Class team participating in a Quiz Bowl assembly. The Quiz Bowl Club organized meets every Friday after school. Each semester there is a champion, and the final game ofthe year is between the two champions. Trophies are awarded to the winning team members. From this group our "It's Academic" team is se- lected to perform on WIVB-TV. This activity is not only fun but it is educational and provides an excellent opportunity for students to gain poise and practice in quick recall. 69 Ski Club Amherst Central Ski Club is a joint organization between the Junior and Senior High students in- terested in skiing. Students who participate receive transportation, lift tickets and lessons for a small fee. The leaders of this year's Ski Club were Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Podgorski, Mrs. Pegels, Jennifer Bauer, and Mark Donohue. Skiers wait for the bus on a great day for skiing skiing FRONT: Mary Manuszewski, Paul Todaro, Mary Champ. ROW 2: Laurie Fiorella, Maria Burton, Jenny Burton. BACK: Ken Murray, Dave Goldberg, Dave Kim. Childrens' Repertoire The Childrenis Repertoire is made up of a small group of actors dedicated to promoting theatre for youngsters. "The King of the Ice Cream Mountain" was performed at Children's Hospital, and various elementary schools. This year's director was Mary Champ, assisted by Mary Manuszewski. Cross Country FRONT: Doug Barrett, Eric Gortzig, Mike O'Connell, Richard Schrader, Dave Goldberg, Greg Vinal, Kevin Cantwell. ROW 2: George Zimmerman, Wendy Everett. ROW 3: Michelle Gianturco, Joe Corah, Ed Short, Lori Schutte, Eric Jones, Laura Heberle, Jeff Wilcox. Cross Country Ski Club was alive for its second year here at Amherst. With Miss Croglio as advisor and Klay Diakos as president, this group made weekly trips to learn how to ski as well as enjoy the actual sport. Triad I N -4 A vii, .., f n.. t 4 Triad, an anthology of artwork and literature submitted by Amherst students, is published annually. The staff, under the direction of advisor Mr. Duffy, compiles stu- dents' contributions, including poetry, short stories, essays, photography, drawing and painting. .Ll W... I 1-1 4' v ' xi 5 at mi "N I' tk tg j M, at 3 i sf kj A SITTING: Aixa Perez-Prado, Lynn Devlin, Emily Steinwachs. STANDING: Kathy McLeron, Kirst Reitan, Mary .Io Gervase, Bill Harrington, Gerard Agocha, Wendy Everett. Advisor Mr. Jack Duffy 72 Math Team The Math Team was comprised of enthusiastic members this year. Under the direction of Mr. Rosen, they met weeklyg once a month the team competed in meets against other schools. The high scoring members went on to state competition. Junior Achievement Junior Achievement is an organization in which high school students learned about the business world. Students formed their own company by selling stock for their initial capital, electing officers, and organizing board meetings. From the produc- tion aspect, the students designed and mass produced a product which they must market. Everyone was compensated for hisfher work and also received a commission on sales. FRONT: Carol Carson, Sandy Benker, Lucy Tripi. BACK: Mike Kizilbash, Renee Caros, Laurie Quance, Tim Bluff, Sue Priore. Sweet Sixteens Sixteen girls from all three classes make up the Sweet Six- teens. Student Director was Ann Ginsburg, and Mrs. Cranston was the advisor. The girls gave various in-school concerts, as well as performing for the Blind Association, at health care homes and at private parties. Varsity Singers The 1980-81 Varsity Singers consisted of I5 male voices. The group was directed by Dan Bauer: advisor was Mrs. Cranston. The objective of this group was to provide entertain- ment for various clubs and organizations such as the Lions Club and health care homes. Sue Paolini, accompanist. FRONT: Patty Slawatycki, Jane Hanny, Lori Schultz, Kathy Spanogle, Sarah Stewart, Ann Ginsburg, Lynn Salzmann, Shannon Davis. BACK: Jenny Radler, Cyndy Houck, Jenny Klein, Jill Rehak, Alison Potts, Kelly Gigante, Kelley Omel, Merete Muenter. Q FRONT: Dan Bauer, Marty Stephenson, Paul Todaro, Chris Whitbeck, David Levy, Scott Stull. BACK: Alison Potts, Dan Callistein, Lexi Karsay, Frank La Duca, John Trapper, Chip Friedrich, Jim Conway. .sat FRONT: Andy Warner, Andy Wells, Terry McGuire, Chris Klinko. ROW 2: Lee Goldberg, Laura Heberle, Gina Boyer, Jim Storfer. BACK: Francis Stalteri, Dave Valone, Scott Stull, Mark Fisher, Larry Martin. .. ..,.., ...L .t..,,, . . -is :w e ft ' mah- . Q.:5"l'i?2"Q"5-"f2'fizif,:i-s:t5B:,- 915 ii4"5IfQii"X t ' A Sinfonia J azz Ensemble Meeting Thursday nights throughout the year, this group became familiar with jazz classics of the past and with some current trends. They have traditionally had a part in the spring Pop Concert. Mr. Curtiss Chase, local jazz specialist and enthusiast, directed the musicians. Also preparing music after school hours was a chamber group from the orchestra. Sinfonia players have taken part in several concerts and a number of community events, chief of which was was the group's director. the Marriott Hotel opening. Miss Marsha Hassett Miss Hassett, Gabrielle Vehar, Kate Atkins, Mindy Stephenson, Eric Papke. Patrick Gallo, Sarah Welch, Crane Rogers, Eric Papke. 75 Orchestra The Orchestra is one of the major organiza- tions that made up the Music Department at Amherst. The yearly agenda included three regularly scheduled concerts, the annual musical, performances at other schools within our district and a short tour. This year we had the honor of being invited to Ithaca College for a special performancefdemonstration. l L L - l VIOLINS: FIRST ROW-Rebecca Ziebarth, Lisa Calkin, Catherine Atkinson, Jayne Echmalian. SECOND ROW-Mary Linzey, Gabrielle Vehar, Susan Karas, Diane Messer, Denise Whyte. THIRD ROW-Sarah Welch, Samir Haque, Pamela Wrisley, Theresa Del- monte. FOURTH ROW- Melinda Stephenson, Roy Clay. PIANO: Caroline Petro. Waiting for the show to begin. Theresa Delmonte and Diane Messer hard at work. Practice makes perfect: Peter Olszowka, Patty Rupp. 76 CELLOS, VIOLAS: FIRST ROW - Dave Bahanovich, Doug Shaw, E. J. Koeppel, Patrick Gallo. SECOND ROW - Coriell Larson, Patty Rupp, Crane Rogers, Barbara Cisek, Sarah Stewart. THIRD ROW - Eric Papke, Martin Stephenson, Paul Greizerstein. BASSES: B. J. Palumbo, Jennifer Burton, Peter Olszowka. Concert Band The Concert Band presented an evening of good music in December, a Spring Concert with a guest soloist, and a Pop Concert in June. There has been an exchange trip each year when this large group traveled once to Boston, to Virginia, and to many places between. To finance the trip this year, as in the past, the Band sold citrus fruit besides another effort with sausage and cheese. Last fall, our Music Department sponsored the NYSSMA Area-All-State in our building over a hectic weekend. Sixty schools from western New York were represented with more than 400 musi- cians presenting a concert on Saturday night, November 15. FRONT ROW: Alison Moliterno, Lisa Ciminelli, Aleta Spicer, Lisa Skelly, Sue Wells, Linda Durawa. SECOND ROW: Andy Warner, David Valone, Laura Heberle, Jenny Bauer, Elli Fine, June Stasierowski, Linda Salzmann, Dave Clough, Russ Huffman, Amy Stockman, Kevin Linsley, Andy Bauer. THIRD ROW: Cathy Alderson, Mary Ellen Haefner, David Miller, David Walters, John Lauricella, Terry McGuire, Dino Pantelis, Adam Snyder, Fran Stalteri, Brian Fregosi, Gina Boyer, Chris Klinko, John Russ, Jim Storfer, Mark Fisher, Scott Stull. FOURTH ROW: JeffGruchala, Margo Pierce, Lee Goldberg, Dave Schueckler, Dan Irwin, Marty Floss, Jack Crane, Kevin Cantwell, Bill Lankford. Concert Band doing their thing. ,-.. .Q Q www 3 ,1 if in 5 I Q , ,Q f J , Q? sf fm ,-.ff , ww w ,, Q . , M , If N , J Z. ., A, iw W Nw 4 v Qww 5 f ,V,, 0 ' ,, fp, , , ,V fy ww ,ee X ff . ll!! 'r -1 ws' X lm- X ax A N... +51 .,,. Q.: 4' wan-.5 .W 'N SN . W J Q is 55 Q 5 K YL ' x -mg 45 Q 1 .1 my ....... K .Q """5 Choir Choir was open to any student with a genuine desire to sing and learn about music. Emphasis was placed on learning basic choral techniques, which were demonstrat- ed in their lively concerts in the fall and spring. Many members of the choir participated in the annual operetta. Mrs. Betty Lou Cranston directed. FRONT: Mary Champ, Maureen Codd, Ann Ginsburg, Jenny Burton. ROW 2: Carolyn Champ, Shari Wintermute, Charlotte Nagel, Diane Osborne, Anita Stange, Mark Houck, Tim Miller. ROW 3: Maria Belloch, Emily Strainchamps, Maria Burton, Lisa Cullen, Kelly Omel, Elisa Nye, Merete Muenter, Marc Wilson. BACK: Gabrielle Vehar, Carolyn Allen, Chris Becker, Georgeann Baughman, Shannon Davis, Kara Helfrich, Lynn Salzmann, Dave Levy, Bill Bennett. FRONT Gu illermina Araujo, Frankie Silver, Jill Rehak, Cathy Cranna, Lexi Karsay, Dan Callistein, Karl Restall, Greg Gibson, Beth Clark, Coleen Molzen Kelly Gigante. ROW 2: Sarah Stewart, Therese Short, Mary Magoffin, Pat Camp, Jackie La Montagne, Dana Beszczynski, Don Lea Todd Shatkin, Bruce Grabenstatter, Mary Linzey, Diane Lewis, Chris Viscardo, Pam D'Amato, Patty Slawatycki. BACK: Liz Jaeger Karen Sciandra, Sharon DiSalvo, Debbie Currey, Ginny Reich, Jenny Everett, Becky Mayer, Paul Todaro, Chip Friedrich, Don Markham Don Braun, Peter Cullen, Ben Lohnes, Rich Jennings, Chris Whitbeck, Maria Windringer. Trapper, Cheryl Wink, Katie Barber, Diane Alessi, Amy Brook. Mrs. Betty Lou Cranston, Choir and Concert Chorale director. FRONT: Julia Collura, Cyndy Houck, Mary Manuszewski, Karen Sultz, Alison Potts Qaccompanistj. ROW 2: David Zapfel, Dan Bauer, Isabel Valls, Jenny Klein, Jill Hubbell, Kathy Spanogle. ROW 3: Chris Gregory, Sean Phelan, Jane Hanny, Jenny Hanny, Lorey Schultz, Kathy Parnitzke, Marge Wasielewski. BACK: Joe Zarcone, David Ashley, Sean Dolan, Brad Hamsher, Jim Conway, John Concert Chorale Concert Chorale, a select group of in- terested juniors and seniors who had auditioned for the group and been ac- cepted, was under the direction of Mrs. Betty Lou Cranston this year. Part ofthe curriculum included working on sight reading, and improving their skill in ad- vanced choral techniques. They performed excellent concerts both at home and away, and continued Amherst's fine musical reputation. Ai, Marie Burton, Lynn Salzmann, and Ann Ginsburg, practice singing Christmas carols. Marching Band Officers This hardy group, directed by Mr. Curtiss Chase and led by Drum Major Lisa Skelly, performed in all kinds of weather at every home football game and marched in the annual Homecom- ing parade. In the spring they marched in the Memorial Day parade in Williamsville. As expected, they were seen and heard at the fall pep rally and bonfire. Color Guard With colorful flourishes and precision movements, the Color Guard led the Marching Band in all public appearances. The situa- tions varied from brisk fall Satur- days on the football field to bitter, damp game days to the balmy May days of practicing and marching on Memorial Day. ' H 'if' 5 BAND OFFICERS: Frieda Knobloch, Manager,'.,Kevin Cantwell, Treasurer, Sue Wells and Lisa Skelly, Co-presidents. BACK: Scott Stull, Vice President, Lisa Ciminelli, Secretary. COLOR GUARD. FRONT: Lynn Hoffman, June Emerson, Lisa Cullen, Merri Lee. BACK: Lucy Tripi, Sue Priore, Bev Len, Barb Cisek, Julie Hyde, Laurie Quance, Alisa Neeman. Coming up Harlem Road on the way to the football field in the Homecoming Parade. Marching Band FRONT: Margo Pierce, Lee Goldberg, David Schueckler, Jeff Gruehala, Dan Irwin. ROW 2: Lisa Cullen, Barb Cisek. June Emerson, Linda Durawa, Cathy Alderson, Jenny Bauer, Ellie Fine, Amy Stockman, David Clough, John Lauricella, Gina Boyer, Terry McGuire. Brian Fregosi, Adam Snyder, Chris Klinko, Dave Walters, Scott Stull, Jon Russ, Larry Martin. Kevin Linsley, Lynn Hoffman, Merri Lee, Lisa Skelly. ROW 3: Sandy Lasher, Mary Ellen Haefner, Angela Kinsella, Laura Heberle, David Valone, Andy Warner, Stacy Bissell, Dino Pan- telis, David Miller, Francis Stalteri, Andy Wells, Mark Fisher, Frieda Knobloeh. ROW 4: Kevin Cantwell, Aleta Spicer, Lisa Ciminelli, Alison Moliterno, Linda Salzmann, Susan Wells, Patty Mosier, Kyria Nau, June Stasierowski, Russ Huffman. ROW 5: Owen Glenn, Alisa Neeman, Laurie Quance, Bev Len, Jack Crane, Julie Hyde, Lucy Tripi, Sue Priore. F if 4, B- 'E .tr sf A . 1 tl r .. W is 3 A 45" I Sgr fr af , X 5, 'S vw. Agn Nemo ABOVE: Flutist Linda Durawa concentrates on her music. The Marching Band, directed by Mr. Curtiss Chase and led by Drum Major Lisa Skelly, has performed at all home football games and marched in the annual Homecoming Parade. In the spring they marched in the Memorial Day Parade. They also were seen and heard at the fall pep rally and bonfire. RIGHT: Jack Crane Plays the tuba during a football game. 1 '2' 10 fy sports Sports Council Under the leadership of Mrs. Rexford as advisor, and Barb Creighton as chairman, Sports Council's main purpose was to en- courage an interest in women's athletics. Some ac- tivities included sponsoring the annual Funny Olympics, Water Follies, bakesales and raffles to raise money for five sports scholarships awarded at the end of the year. The year was con- cluded with the annual ban- quet to recognize all the girls who participated in athletics throughout the year. Bowling The Amherst Varsity Bowling team had an average season this year and ended up with a 5-5 record. The coach was Mr. Peter Cothrang Senior Scott Mengle was the team's cap- tain. An outstanding season was put in by Paul Chazen. FRONT: Katie Cardina, Karen Frank, Barb Creighton, Amy Harrington, Kara Helfrich, Sue West, Betsy Burr. ROW 2: Jane Kelly, Laurie Heidinger, Patty Rupp, Deanna Vershay, Kelli Riter, Jenny Verrico, Amy Olson, Lisa Rappold, Maria Burton, Val Fahey. ROW 3: Jane Dennis, Joy Coppola, Sue Rand, Wendy Frederichs, Mary Lohnes, Lisa Merlino, Lisa Wirth, Natasha Sivakoff, Pam Wrisley, Jody Swanson, Bev Len, Kathy Parnitzke. BACK ROW: Julie Frank, Patty Kirkland, Debbie Trabert, Jenny Burton, Sue Paolini, Ann Quinlivan, Caroline Petro, Susie Karas, Carolyn Fanning, Caroline Barnes, Sue McNamara. E M, FRONT: Ron Montesano, Jim Hutchison, Greg Deinzer, Frank Marchese. ROW 2: Craig Serafin, David Walters, Bill Viscardo, Jeff Blatz, Paul Chazen. ROW 3: Paul DiFrancesco, Laurie Quance, Scott Mengle, Glynn Weigand, Ken Stulik. N xihxi ,K'- A f 1- 512 ' - , X , .K M Q 1 IS N ' i S' M S f W E L' 1 - Q 2 g 'f L ,. . . ,Q . .x ,S lf, M qu A S N Lx -5- .X Mgwli' 'mix A NQ,2ssxsm, Ws1zu 1- m W H 4 ,f S1 A ,iq A ' im r , .X . X X Q,,: :., ,.,, , x f-ff 7 H X.-. -. . 8 V me K X X , , 3 Z . . fx : ,XXX N LII, My Q-A ...X... I :W Q f , :K ig , .ll -1 X - ,,Q- , - X W 4 1' N19 7 - S - - I ix ly A "Q i : SLLQ-:i nw, . ' ' X . . 5 Y L 1 . " . N, Y: ,d"" 1 wi ..'g Q1 W , ..,, 4, PAQ E A . Wg' KNEELING: Todd Mecca, Marty Collins, Dave Haynes, Kevin Lawler, Kevin Chorney, Bill Roesch, Glenn McCarthy, Jim Adams. STANDING: Assistant Coach Puehle, Al Richardson, Greg Gaglione, Rick Rebadow, Eric Pankow, Jim McDonald, Bernie Weber, Mark Gaglione, Anthony Paglicci, Coach Don Courtney. Varsity The final record of 7 wins and ll losses does not reflect on the quality of last year's Varsity Baseball team. The team's MVP was Eric Pankow. This year should be a good one with many returning starters from the 1980 team. The J.V. Baseball team had a fine season led by Captain .I.C. Stein. Kevin Brown led the team in pitching with an 8-1 record. Freshman Chip Friedrich led the team with a batting average of .41 1. KNEELING: Jim Talarico, .I.C. Stein, Jim Bianco, Chip Friedrich, Dave Zaleski, Coach Ellwood Friedrich. STANDING: Jamie Franz, Marty Floss, Richard Smith, Terry McGuire, Erik Berg, John Wegrzyn, Mark Rebadow, Tom Kaye, Kevin Brown. 88 Wrestling - seteg fe some cars p es. FRONT: John Daly, Bill Cleary, Tim Cercone, Augie Canna, Keith Ginter, John Trabert. ROW 2: Jeff Pagano, Tim McCauley, Mike Mercurio, Vince McEntee, Tim Haynes, Jim McDonald. BACK: Mrs. Maurer, Dave Powers, Mike Roche, Tim White, .lon Ellis, Phil Conner, Bruce Grabenstatter, Hollis Tibbetts, Chris Verel, Coach Dick Beyer. The Amherst Wrestling Team was coached by Dick "The Destroyer" Beyer. Led by Captain John Trabert and Senior Vince McEntee, the team finished with a modest record of 6-1 l-1, but looks to a bright future due to the talent of many Sophomores and Freshmen. Coach Beyer makes an announcement during a meet. ,Y ,.. .. " ,J . rg . 5 'Jil lif 5 ' an ABOVE: John Trabert uses a hold on his opponent. LEFT: Jim McDonald prepares to start a match. E. 89 Varsity The Men's Varsity Basketball Team finished the year with a record of 8- 1 1. Coached by Mr. Machemer and led by Senior Bernie Weber and Sophomore Erik Berg, the team made it to the pre- qualifier for the sectional quarterfinals where they lost to a strong team from South Park. A strong performance was also put on by Sophomore Tim Foster. Coached by Mr. Brad Tichenor, the Men's Junior Varsity Basketball Team ended with a 14-4 record. The team was second in league competition. Tommy Kaye led the team with a 15 point a game average. Andy Ellis led with 10 rebounds a game. Men's asketball SITTING: Tim Foster, Bill Roesch, Kevin Gibbs. KNEELING: Dana Beszczynski, Manager, Tom Springer, Greg Gaglione, Bob Nusall, Erik Berg. STANDING: Mr. Fred Machemer, Coach, Bernie Weber, Ken Riter, Terry McGuire, Gerry Felschow, Mark Sullivan. Tony Vernon, Manager, Ed I-Iolyoke, Rich Greco, Greg Gibson, Tom Kaye, Joe Starkey, Craig Paianini, Bob Williams, Marshall Rhinehart, Chris Warden, Andy Ellis, Don Markham. Paul Scherer. FRONT: Mr. Brad Tichenor, Coach. Tim Foster and Bernie Weber on offence. Mark Sullivan races after the ball. Tom Kaye makes a drive to the basket. Erik Berg waiting for the rebound. Andy Ellis goes up for the Bob Nusall awaits a free throw. Sho' in 5 lv- Same- 91 Women's Soccer In their first year as a varsity team, the soccer women, coached by Mr. Gary Runckel, achieved an impressive record of8- 8. Captains Maura Quinlivan and Stacy Stein were the leaders of these 3rd place win- ners in division play. The team was es- pecially strong in of- fense where Betsy Burr C23 goalsj and Carol Kelly led in scoring. KNEELING: Maura Quinlivan, Dawn Probst, Jennifer Irwin, Lynn Szymanski, Stacy Bissell, Caroline Petro, Sue Paolini, Beth Taylor, Manager. STANDING: Gerry Klein, Assistant Coach, Sue West, Colleen Kennedy, Jill Steinwachs, Tricia Kennedy, Yvette Jockin, Jocelyn Greenky, Carol Kelly, Marybeth Walsh, Kathy Heller, Maureen Rappold, Carolyn Fanning, Betsy Burr, Mr. Runckel, Coach. Menis Tennis Through a "growing year," the Tiger netmen worked hard with some tough losses. Even with a 7-3 season, they placed 2nd in the division. Gary Ginsberg was the captain of the team coached by Mr. Peter Cothran. KNEELING: Dave Zapfel, Josh Sprowl, Mickey Manuszewski, Peter Garbus, Richard Greco, Dan Doran, Chris Gregory, Peter Nusbaum, Adan1 Tunis. STANDING: Tom Burke, Coach Bea Massman, Jock Sulik, Mike Feuerstein, Mark Kasting, Dan lrwin, Bob Feuerstein, Gary Ginsberg, Mark Meyerhoffer, Jeff Wilcox, Mark Schonfeld, Coach Peter Cothran. 92 WGMEN'S SWIMMING FRONT: Amy Jeffrey, Amy Beauchamp, Cheryl Marquart, Mimi Shreck, Erin Hurley, Patty Rupp. BACK: Jeannie Neureuter, Julie Smith, Kelly Walsh, Molly Rogers, Jenny Verrico, Tina Theophilos, Liz Elliott, Kim Mcgloin. The Women's swim team com- pleted its season with a 6-2-2 record this year. Co-captains Tina Theophilos and Molly Rogers in- spired much enthusiasm and con- fidence during those long wet prac- tices. Freshman Erin Hurley and Sophomore Patty Rupp broke many school and ECIC records in sectional and state competition. Patty Rupp: "On your mark, get set, go." l 1 apprehension. Co-captains Molly Rogers and Tina Theophilos. 93 Coach Blase Caruana watches the meet with omen's Basketball Varsity The Women's Varsity Basketball Team enjoyed another fine season. Under the direction of their coach, Mr. Leonard Mitchell, and led by Captain Barb Creighton, the team finished with a 16-3 record. The team made it to the sec- tional qualifiers where they lost to Iroquois, 60-45. FRONT: Barb Creighton, Mr. Leonard Mitchell, coach. BACK: .lane Dennis, Sue West, Michele D'Ad- dario, Carolyn Fanning, Katie Cardina, Diane Cutini, Caroline Barnes, Linda Salzmann, Anne Quinlivan, Deanna Vershay, Tina Copland. The Amherst Junior Var- sity Women's Basketball team went through another season without a loss. Their record of 19-0 extended the record to 52 straight .I.V. victories, a record started three seasons ago. The team was led by Renee Omron and Joy Coppola, who were the leading scorers. Coach was Mr. Robert Hettler. FRONT: Renee Omron, Debbie Trabert, Linda Waldmiller, Erin Hurley. ROW 2: Joy Cop- pola, Patty Kirkland, Kelli Riter. ROW 3: Lorre Tokash, Amy Harrington, Mr. Hettler, coach, Julie Frank, Barb Cianfrone, Jane Kelly. Menls Volleyball 5 r - a'l'o1 at sw FRONT: Erik Berg, Norm Rebadow Qco-capt.l, Dean Collins tco-capt.j, Dave Wipf. SECOND ROW: Andy Ellis, Chuck Carle, Mark Sherman, Dave Schueckler. BACK ROW: Mr. Starr fCoachJ, Beth Everett fScorekeeper3, Diane Waldmiller fScorekeeperJ, Terry DeDominicis fLine Judgej, Patty Camp lLine Judgej. l FRONT: Steve Giunta, Craig Paianini, .lohn Doyle, Steve Styn. BACK: Rob Braun, Mark Weaver. 95 Varsity Under the direction of first year coach Mr. Kevin Starr, the Amherst lVlen's Volleyball team had a line season. They reached the Section VI quar- terfinals, with Dean Collins and Norman Rebadow as the team co-captains. Next season should be even better as only two players are being lost to graduation. J.V. The J.V. volleyball team had an outstanding year with a final record of 14 wins and l loss. They won the league cham- pionship with the best record. Outstanding players were Rob Braun and Craig Paianini. Men's G mnastics Their record of 5-l was the best since 1976. Coaches Jim West and .lim Reynard with the help of Co-captains Tim Miller and Craig White led the team to victories, some by large margins, some by fractions. The team's hard work and perseverance were appreciated by other students as shown by large crowds of spectators for meets. They ended the year placing 4th in the sectionals. , f t lf ' 1' ai' Q Y' K 'V W ., ,, ,pi 6 5 Ji 9 Q' 1 ir Q if Q l vt vim , K Mike Sullivan working the horse, W If Craig While does an MLN on the Still rings- Eric Marshall does a straddle on the still rings. Mickey Manuszewski after a successful routine on the horse. Co-captains Tim Miller Qrightj and Craig White fleftj. FRONT: Eric Marshall, Mark Donohue Mike Sullivan Mr West, coach, Mr. James Reynard, coach, Scott Mengle, Mark Mikulski, Paul Reinhardt, Joel Greenberg ROW Zerkle, Jeff Chartrand, Scott Laraway, Chris Campbell, Mark Arriola, Mickey Manuszewski Pat Rossano Dave Tim Pitman, Peter Lubelski. ROW 3: Dave Miller, Bob Bostian, Paul Schepperly, Todd Papke Bob Drozda Brian Larry Reinhardt, Tim Devine, Chris Burnett. BACK: Managers Matt Zaleski, Mike Reinhardt Joel Miller Chris Lubelski 96 Woman's G mnastics Lisa Eberle waits to receive her score. .WOMEN'S GYMNASTICS. FRONT: Coach Mary Drozda, Alisa Neeman, Marlene Alessi, Amy Schratz, Wendy Fredericks, Lisa Eberle, Captain Kara Keating, Captain Julie Drozda, Leslie Cox, Laura McClane, Karen Devlin, Sara Good, Wendy Froebel, Coach John Drozda. BACK: Meg Peltier, Merete Muenter, Betsy Deptula, Sue Rand, Patty Kirkland, Katie Cardina, Chris Updike, Karen Culligan, Sally Martin, Gina Lauricella, Kathy Hausmann, ..,, nw..- Merete Muenter on the balance beam. Sue Rand on the parallel bars. Chris Updike competing in floor exercise. Under the coaching of brother and sister team of Mary and John Drozda, the Girls Gymnastic team finished the season with a 6-2 record. Among the girls who went on to the sectionals were Co- captains Julie Drozda and Kara Keating, Katie Cardina, Lisa Eberle and Wendy Fredericks. Sarah Good was the only member of the team to proceed to compete on the state level. Football TOP RIGHT: The scoreboard tells the story after the homecoming game. MIDDLE RIGHT: On the bus home from a muddy football game. The Amherst Junior Var- sity football team finished the 1980 season with a respectable 3 wins, 4 losses, and 1 tie. The wins included victories over Orchard Park and Hamburg. The team's Most Valuable Players were Paul Felschow and Rick Honsberger. SITTING: Duane Probst, Mike Barth, Terry Willis Jon Ellis KNEELING Rick Honsberger Bruce Grabenstatter Ed Holyoke John Marynowski, Bob Nusall, Jim Hazelet, Bob Gangl Tom Wilson Jim Smith Crane Rogers STANDING Mr Charles Conlglio couch Todd Shatkin, Mark Fisher, Mike Mercurio, Chris Whltbeck Paul Felschow Don Braun Ken Stuhk Peter Nielsen Marshall Rhinehart Kevin Cleary, Mr. Dick Beyer, Coach. FRONT: Dave Schake, Tim Sulski, Mike Lindner, John Merlino, Pat Powers, Joe Conley. KNEELING: John Fronczak, Rich Grabenstatter, Tim Foster, Jim McDonald, Gerry Quinlivan, Tom Hazelet, Bill Roesch, J.C. Stein, Jamie Franz, Marty Floss, Brian Bartholomew. STANDING: Whitey Walsh, Mr. Gerald Wright, coach, Marty Collins, Dave Hoeflich, Rob Lyons, Greg Gaglione, Brian Bluff, Paul Rubins, Terry McGuire, Jeff Smith, John McKenna, Dan McCollum, Gary Illos, Peter McCauley, Bernie Weber, Joe Sciandra, Mr. Norman Foster, coach. Varsity The Varsity Football team had an outstanding season. They got off to a 5-0 start, which in- cluded an emotional homecoming win over Orchard Park 16-0. In the championship against Frontier they came up short, but finished the season as runners-up with a smashing victory over Williamsville South. The team was led by captains Jerry Quinlivan, Bill Roesch, and Tom Hazelet. UPPER LEFT: Coach Jerry Wright. LOWER LEFT: The Amherst defense moves in to stop their opponent's runningback. ABOVE: The hard hitting line of scrimmage. 99 Men's Soccer The Amherst Junior Varsity soccer team had a very successful season this year, with a final record of 12 wins, 4 losses and 2 ties. In the last ten games they lost only 2 and tied once, winning 7. The team was one of the best J .V. teams in the division and should make next year's var- sity team an excellent one. Jim Adams boots the ball out of the Amherst end. FRONT: Steve Klepfer, Chip Friedrich, Tony Dates. ROW 2: Peter Garbus, Tim Quinlivan, Harald Forsgren, Joel Resnikoff, Dino Pantelis, Frank Gulino, Mark Lewis, Andy Bauer, Lexi Karsay. BACK ROW: Coach Gary Runckel, Rich Greco, Pat Mooney, Rich Cole, John Smith, Ted McCarthy, .Ieff Bertrand, Ray Staff, Dan Doran, Andy Levy, Bill Kraus, Greg Slabodkin. Varsity coach Doug Helfrich watches the game. Brian Fregosi headmans the ball to Tom Nusbaum and .lim Martin. 8.2 U' .b:: :.,' .-q. Q i KNEELING: Brian Schneider, John Creaven, Glen Kazubski, Angelo Sicurella, .Iohn Huber, Bill Elliott, Mike O'Connell, Brian Fregosi, Tom Mooney, Tom Nusbaum, Bill Mattar. STANDING: Mike Ulrich, Tom Schneider, Jeff Pagano, Andy Warner, Jim Adams, Kurt Felgemacher, Gerry Klein, Erik Milbrath, Paul Zanghi, Paul Klonowski, .lim Martin, Mark Gaglione, Doug Helfrich coach. Varsity The Varsity Soccer Team finished the season with a record of 10 wins, 8 losses, and 1 tie. The team was led by tri-captains Jim Adams, Kurt Felgemacher and Angelo Sicurella. The Tigers, playing under newly-appointed coach Doug Helfrich, competed in the sectionals following their third place finish in Division l. Out- standing senior performances were turned in by Gerry Klein, Brian Fregosi, Tom Mooney and Mark Gaglione. The team is looking forward to another winning season next year. 5153 ,fx 101 Tom Mooney and Tri-captain Angelo Sicurella. The Womenls Varsity Tennis Team under the coaching of Ken Butka had its fourth straight un- defeated season. Co-captains Lisa Raab and Maureen Burke led "Butka's Babes" to win the division championship and finish with an overall record of 14-0. At the sec- tionals Maureen Burke placed second in singles, while Nancy Ellis and Heidi Biscaro placed third in doubles, all three winning a chance to go to the State Intersectional Tournament in Syracuse where they all were successful. omenls Tennis FRONT: Lisa Raab, Maureen Burke, Jenny Irwin, Debbie Schick. ROW 2: Heidi Biscaro, Nancy Ellis, Abby Barber, Lisa Merlino, Debbie Trabert, Mary Collins, Jenny Broman, Mr. Ken Butka, coach. BACK: Wendy Smith, Hillary Sanders, Marcia Ginsburg, Deanna Vershay, Laurie Struzik, C. C. Greene, Barb Donahue. Jenny Broman, Mr. Butka, Mary Collins. Jeff Celebrating another victory are Jenny lrwin, Maureen Burke, Coach Butka, Mary Collins, and Lisa Raab. 102 Field Hockey LYING: Cathy Wood, Colleen Kennedy. KNEELING: Sue McNamara, Pam Torre, Betsy Hirsch, Lorey Schultz, Krista Montesano, Joy Coppola, Patty Burke, Lorre Tokash. STANDING: Coach Nan Harvey, Lynn Szymanski, Caroline Petro, Susan West, Carolyn Fanning, Betsy Burr, Mary Jo Raczka, Susie Karas, Lisa Argen. TOP: Barb Creighton, Jocelyn Greenky, Karen Frank, Laurie Heidinger, Diane Hutchison, Kris Kautz. Another championship field hockey team finished the season with an overall record of ll-2-2 CDivison I - 6-O-2!j. In the playoffs, the team won all three games. Leading in scoring were Joy Coppola, Anne Quinlivan, Barb Creighton, and Sue Westg they contributed to the total of 24 goals scored by Amherst as op- posed to 6 goals against us. Nan Harvey was the coach. - 2-as - -- . Celebrating after a victory. 103 Watching the game from the sidelines. ,J :X N in Golf The 1980 season became a string of victories as the golfers swamped their competitors, often by wide margins. The actual record of wins- losses was 8-2, giving the team a 2nd place in Divison I. At the ECIC Tournament, they placed first. Senior Ken Riter was named Most Valuable Player, the team's coach was Mr. Ken Bugenhagen. FRONT: .lim Gianturco, Ernie Boron, Ed Short, Mike Rutecki. BACK: Kevin Lawler, Tim Kalkbrenner, Valerie Fahey. Lacrosse The lacrosse club was formed midway through this year. The club advisor was Mr. Donald Aleksiewicz. They met several times a week to practice on their skills and have intrasquad games. All who participated had an en- joyable time. FRONT: Nancy McKenna, Lori Schutte, Heidi Steinwachs, Val Fahey. BACK: Ed Neeman, Joe 'l'omczak, Scott Walker, Dave Bahanovich, Dave Goldberg, Klay Diakos, Joe Corah, Wick Irwin, Enn Luthringer. 105 MEN 'S BASEBALL MEN'S TRACK MEN'S FOOTBALL Amh. Opp. Amh. Opp. Amh. Opp, 2 Grand Island 6 104 Williamsville South 36 14 Clarence 6 7 Orchard Park 9 65 West Seneca East 85 3 Sweet Home 0 3 West Seneca East 8 83 Hamburg 67 16 Orchard Park 0 1 Clarence 0 68 Williamsville East 81 13 Maryvale 6 9 Iroquois 22 55 Orchard Park 95 14 East Seneca 3 7 Maryvale 6 48 Clarence 102 7 Williamsville East 9 4 Williamsville East 1 1 126 Lackawanna 24 7 Hamburg 0 2 Orchard Park 4 WON: 3 LOST: 4 6 Frontier 28 3 Sweet Home 0 34 Williamsville South 8 5 Sweet Home 4 WON: 7 LOST: 2 5 West Seneca East 6 , 1 Williamsville East 4 AHGILVOMEN 5 TRP-C15 8 Iroquois 4 - PP- , 0 Lackawanna 16 52 Sweet Home 76 MEN S VOLLEYBALL 10 Maryvale 5 47 Clarence 81 Amh- OPP- 1 Lackawanna 3 69 Lakeshore 59 2 Williamsville South 0 1 1 Clarence 2 52 Williamsville East 76 1 Williamsville East 2 WON: 7 LOST: 10 65 Maryvale 63 1 Depew 2 49 Lackawanna 79 0 Lancaster 2 58 Orchard Park 70 8 Iroquois 2 , 77 Iroquois 51 U Maryva e 2 MEN S SOCCER WON: 3 LOST: 5 2 Williamsville North o Amh- OPP- 0 Sweet Home 2 3 St. Joseph's 1 3 Cgfve Hill 5 3 Nichols 2 , dreflce 3 Williamsville North 1 WOMEN 5 SOFTBALL 2 Williamsville East 1 4 Clarence 1 Amh. Opp. 0 Lancaster 2 8 Depew 1 4 Williamsville East 17 0 Maryvale 2 5 Williamsville East 0 3 Orchard Park 7 0 Sweet Home 2 0 Williamsville South 4 3 Iroquois 22 2 Niagara Wheatfield O 2 Sweet Home 3 8 Clarence 13 0 West Seneca West 2 2 Kenmore East 4 15 West Seneca East 6 2 Clarence 1 0 Iroquois 1 6 Orchard Park 13 WON: 7 LOST: 12 2 Lancaster 1 12 Lackawanna 8 2 Williamsville South 1 59 Williamsville East 13 3 Maryvale 2 roquois , 1 Clarence 4 7 Clarence 6 MEN S TENNIS 0 Williamsville East 2 1 1 Sweet Home 18 Amh. Opp. 1 Kenmore West 0 10 West Seneca East 4 3 Williamsville North 2 0 Sweet Home 0 10 Lackawanna 14 2 East Aurora 3 0 Lancaster 3 WON: 6 LOST 7 4 Williamsville South 1 3 Maryvale 0 2 Orchard Park 3 WON: 11 LOST: 7 TIED: 1 5 Williamslville East 3 Nic ols 2 VARSITY G01-F 5 West Seneca East 0 , Amh. Opp. 1 Nichols 4 MEN S GYMNASTICS 9 Williamsville East 9 1 Sweet Home 4 Amh. OPP- 17 Lancaster 1 5 Lackawanna 0 103 Hamburg 76 18 Maryvale 0 3 Clarence 2 104 Kenmore West 51 1 1 Sweet Home 7 3 Orchard Park 2 115 Sweet Home 127 1256 Clarence 556 1 Williamsville East 4 1 14 Maryvale 104 856 Sweet Home 956 1 Sweet Home 4 118 Williamsville East 131 1056 Williamsville East 756 5 West Seneca East 0 122.9 Jamestown 122.8 1556 Lancaster 256 65 Lackawanna 0 120 Kenmore 83 1456 Maryvale 356 3 Clarence 2 WON: 5 LOST: 2 , 1556 Clarence 256 WON: 10 LOST: 7 WON: 8 LOST:2 106 IVIEN'S SWIMMING MEN'S WRESTLING WOMEN'S TENNIS Amh. Opp. Amh. Opp. Amh. ODP- 60 Cleveland Hill 22 36 Canisius 28 4 Willi5mSVillG NOffl'1 1 30 Hamburg 53 17 Depew 46 4 Clarence 1 34 Iroquois 49 22 St. Francis 31 5 Sweet HOYYIG 0 32 Clarence 44 37 Williamsville East 29 5 DQPQW 0 49 Cheektowaga 34 30 Cheektowaga 30 5 WilliiimSVill2 EHST 0 50 Maryvale 26 7 Sweet Home 56 5 Marwale 0 28 Williamsville North 54 9 Iroquois 48 3 East Aurora 2 4-7 Lancaster 29 8 Lancaster 48 5 Lancaster 0 29 Sweet Home 54 27 Maryvale 32 5 Sweet HOU12 0 54 Depew 21 1 1 Williamsville North 45 5 Clarence O 40 Williamsville East 43 7 Clarence 50 5 WillialT1SVill2 East 0 35 Williamsville South 41 44 Cleveland Hill 17 5 Maryvale 0 52 Alden 24 32 Alden 30 5 Lancaster 0 WON: 6 LOST: 7 33 Williamsville South 29 WON: 13 LOST: 0 15 West Seneca West 38 WON: 6 LOST 11 TIED: 1 MEN'S BOWLING WOMEN'S FIELD HOCKEY Amh. Opp. Amh. Opp. 6 Sweet Home 5 WOMEN'S SOCCER 1 Williamsville East 0 4 Cheektowaga 7 Amh. Opp. 2 Kenmore East 0 0 Clarence 1 1 5 Hamburg 1 2 Lancaster 1 6 Frontier 5 2 Sweet Home 3 2 Clarence 1 8 Iroquois 3 3 Williamsville South 2 1 Sweet Home 0 4 Sweet Home 7 2 Frontier 5 5 Kenmore West 0 3 Cheektowaga 8 1 Clarence 5 1 Williamsville East 0 0 Frontier 1 1 3 East Seneca 4 0 Williamsville South 1 11 Iroquois 0 4 Holland 1 1 Clarence 1 7 Clarence 4 1 Orchard Park 2 0 Nichols 1 WON: 5 LOST: 5 2 Williamsville North 0 0 Sweet Home 0 3 West Seneca 2 2 Lancaster 0 0 Williamsville East 2 2 Williamsville North 0 2 Williamsville South 1 2 Williamsville East 1 MEN'S BASKETBALL 3 Clarence 4 3 Orchard Park 0 Amh. Opp. 6 Holland 0 WON: 11 LOST: 2 TIED: 2 60 Nichols 65 5 Williamsville North 3 64 Sweet Home 86 1 Williamsville East 3 54 Lancaster 61 4 Iroquois 2 , 55 Kenmore East 59 WON: 9 LOST: 8 WOMEN S SWIMMING 64 Kenmore West 50 Amh. ODP. 55 Hutch Tech 72 50 Iroquois 32 55 Kensington 41 48 Williamsville South 28 59 Williamsville East 73 WOIVIEN'S GYIVINASTICS 35 Clarence 47 64 Williamsville North 59 Amh Opp. 38 Sweet Home 38 54 Clarence 52 66.2 Maryvale 48.5 48 Williamsville East 34 67 Maryvale 53 73.6 Akron 50.1 31 Maryvale 49 64 Sweet Home 63 51.3 Niagara Wheatfield 31 38 Lancaster 38 41 Lancaster 62 77.3 Mt. St. Marys 80.1 47 Depew 36 74 Alden 92 73.6 Lewiston Porter 61.5 51 Cheektowaga 25 56 Williamsville East 78 69.9 Grand Island 57.4 50 Williamsville North 32 51 Williamsville North 47 68.4 Albion 52.1 WON: 6 LOST: 2 TIED: 2 50 Clarence 51 80.2 Kenmore East-West 90.4 57 Maryvale 55 WON: 7 LOST: 2 68 South Park 85 WON: 8 LOST: 1 1 107 Dave Goldberg charging up a hill. These long distance runners, guided by Coach Robert O'Don- nell, finished the 1980 season with more victories than any group of harriers in the past decade. Led by senior co-captains Joe Morgan and Steve Whetzle, the runners amassed the following collection of laurels: Undefeated champions in Divi- sion I and II lst Place, Maryvale In- vitational 3rd Place, Grand Island In- vitational 2nd Place, Section VI A State Qualifying Meet Overall record: 47 wins - 3 losses Cross Country M' it Mints FRONT: .Ioe Morgan, David Goldberg, Craig Seralin, Doug Hahn. ROW 2: John Munson, Don Schmall, Keith Davenport, Rich Clough, Chris Gregory. ROW 3: Doug Woestendiek, Scott Walker, Joe Walsh, Kurt Hoglund, Shannon Davis. BACK: Kelly Griffin, Diane Alessi, Dennis McCarthy, Tony Rohloff, Steve Whetzle, Mr. O'Donnell, coach. Above: Keith Davenport in a footrace against an Iroquois runner. Right: Craig Serafin in the home stretch. 108 omen's Volleyball FRONT: Barb Creighton, Lynn Salzmann, Tina Copland, Lynda Salzmann, Lisa Raab. ROW 2: Debbie Bauer, Juille Araujo, Vanessa Tornow, Katie Cardina, Jayne Echmalian. BACK: Kathy Parnltzke, Coach Rexford, Missy Forgione. Varsity Coached by Mrs. Susan Rexford and led by senior Captains Tina Copland and Linda Salzmann, the team com- piled an 8-4 record, earning them second place in Division I. They qualified for sectionals and made it to the semi-finals. All-star selections to the first team were seniors Katie Car- dina Cspikerj and Linda Salzmann Cset- terl, and to the second team senior Barb Creighton Cspikerl. rv- ,- -1-sag, Ms. Margaret Cardina coached the .IV Soccer team which com- piled a 5-7 record in Division I. Co-captains were sophomores Amy Harrington and Renee Omron. . sq, Wu, Jane Kelly, Lorre Tokash, Barb Cianfrone, Amy Harrington, Kelli Riter, Kay Schreck, Lisa Merlino, Kelly Eagan, Leslie Cox, Margaret Cardina, coach, Jane Dinnis, Debbie Trabert, Renee Omron. Coached by Mr. Ken Bugenhagen, the Men's Varsity Swim Team ended the season with a 6-6 record. Tri-captains Brian Fregosi, .led Neureuter, and Mike Feuerstein led the swimmers through the long, grueling season. Several swim- mers had an outstanding year. The team is looking forward to an excellent season next year. Men's Swimming FRONT: John Lauricella, Brian Fregosi, Jed Neureuter, Mike Feuerstein. ROW 2: Dan Collins, Tom Evans, Jason Hurley. ROW 3: Duane Probst, Mike Gallo, Charlie Craik, Steve Ellis. BACK: Amy Brook, Coach Ken Bugenhagen, Coriell Larson. The team awaits the start of the next race. 110 Tri-captains: Brian Fregosi, Jed Neureuter, and Mike Feuerstein. i . ,ww Q99 MM ,Q -.1 ff" yi 19 ,fmrf f , f H Ylwf JW wi Aw N .af L1 F Aw' 'I' fa. f.5"""' .ff 'I M ,,,,- unix an ,L ..... Vii ' 'f LL? iss Track Women's The captains of this year's team were Kim Gilbert and Mary Trabert who led their group to a 3-5 record. The season was highlighted by 8th grader Ellen Ginsberg, Anne Quinlivan, Shannon Davis, and Beverly Len qualifying for the sectional meet. Bev Len, Shannon Davis and Ellen Ginsburg set school records in the mile walk, high jump, and 100 yard dash respectively. Mr. Brad Tichener coached the team. FRONT: Ellen Ginsburg, Kathy Hausmann, Lynn Huffman, Natasha Sivakoff, Mary Lohnes, Lynn Watkins, Beverly Len, Julie Miller, Laurie Quance, Mary Ellen Haefner. ROW 2: Terri Taylor, Anne Pauly, Tina Theophilos, Lisa Zink, Pam Wrisley, Julie Smith, Mary Kwitowski, Leslie Stidham, Kim Gilbert, Cindy Stewart. ROW 3: Linda Whang, Karen Siegel, Katie Barber, Margot Pierce, Shannon Davis, Kelly Cosgrove, Melissa Leffler, Katie Cardina, Michelle Leffler, Mary Magoflin. BACK: Jo Anne Valtin, assistant coach, Valerie Anderson, Noreen Gould, Diane Alessi, Kelly Griffin, Anne Quinlivan, Karen Frank, Mr. Brad Tichenor, Coach. FRONT: Joe Morgan, Joel Greenberg, Veo Wingo, Bob Anastasi, Tom Drozda, Rob Kuberka, Dave Lightman, Tim Reed, Mark Ragin. ROW 2: Keith Davenport, Jim Domroes, Angelo Sicurella, Gerry Quinlivan, Tom Mooney, Steve Styn, Andy Warner, Mark Mikulski, Dave Goldberg, Bill Elliot, Bill Schubert, Brian Bartholomew, Pete McCauley. ROW 3: JeffChartrand, Mark Arriola, Tim Devine, Jim Martin, Dave Schueckler, Joe Conley, Mark Dodman, Mike O'Connell, Bill Mattar, Scott Laraway, Paul Crovella, Dan Cane. BACK: Tony Rohloff, John Doyle, Rich Clough, Eric Gortzig, Todd Shatkin, Joe Walsh, Tom Evans, Brian Pitts, Kurt Umholtz, John Smith, Eric Jockin, Davd Gajewski, Ben Lubick, Andy Ellis, Andy Wells. Men's The Men's Track team, coached by Mr. West, finished the 1980 season with a won 3, lost 4 record. The team co-captains were Rob Kuberka and Tom Drozda, The MVP was Keith Davenport who ran half a second off the school record in the one mile. The 1981 team should be a strong one and able to contend for the divisional title. Ellen Ginsburg crosses the finish line for another Amherst 1 12 victory. Women's Softball ROW 1: Sharon Smith, Missy Forgione, Mary Kay Schlearth, Debbie Bauer, Kathy Parnitzke, Chris Irene Amy White Deanna Vershay. ROW 2: Kara Helfrich, Lynda Salzmann, Michele D'Addario, Lynn Salzmann, Amy Deemer, Terri Wilcox Barb Creighton Mr. Tripp, coach. The Women's Softball team had a fine season last year, ending with a 7-7 record. Team co- captains were Amy Deemer and Chris Ireneg their coach was Mr. Thomas Tripp. Amherst made it to the quarterfinals where they lost to Niagara- Wheatfield in a close game. The team is looking forward to a strong season for this year. 113 Cheerleaders FRONT: Kris Viscardo. BACK: Angela Calabrese, Karen Sciandra, Nancy McAuley, Diane Lewis Maria Wmdrrnger Tammy Hartford sparked at the Rehak' Kms Lampus- bon fire. Jennifer Hanny and Karen Houck surprised by the camera at u game. The eight J.V. cheerleaders helped with all Varsity Cheerleading activities such as the Donut Sale, Car Wash, and also Pep club activities. They look forward to moving up to the varsity squad next year. J,V. cheerleaders on their homecoming float Varsity Under the direction of Captain Patty Heller and coaches Candice Kunkel and Diana Jenn- ings, the Varsity Cheerleaders braved rainy cold weather to cheer the football team on to a win- ning season. The girls had many summer car washes, donut sales, and bake sales to raise money for their new uniforms. The Junior mem- bers of the Varsity squad wish good luck to the Senior members of the squad and to the football team. Seniors Patty Heller and Marie Mallot model their new uniforms for the photographer. Varsity Cheerleaders: LEFT: Gretchen Anderson, Patty Heller, Karen Houck. CENTER: Marie Mallot, Jill Hubbell, Missy White, Mary Kwitowski. RIGHT: Tammy Hartford, Jennifer Hanny, Stacy Bissel. Karen Houck shows Jill Hubbell a routine. Senior Cheerleading foxes on their Homecoming float. Mary Kwitowski and Missy White in high spirits at the bonfire. Men's Cheerleading The I0 Seniors on the Men's Cheerleading squad under the direction of Tom Nusbaum cheered at all home varsity football games this year. Their enthusiasm and loud voices inspired the home crowd to cheer the football team on to victory. FRONT: Wick Irwin, Joe Tomczak, Craig White, Trainer Tom Nusbaum. Glen Auerbach, Scott Mengle. BACK: Tim Miller, Dan Irwin, Mark Sul- livan, Mike Sullivan, Vince McEntee. TOP RIGHT: The male and female squads pool their spirit on an Amherst cheer. MIDDLE LEFT: , Who is that suave man , behind those dark glasses? Vince McEntee. LOWER RIGHT: Senior men Mike Sullivan, Wick Irwin and I Scott Mengle let the Juniors and Sophomores know that the Seniors are Number I. Q01 Crew The Amherst crew members had a tine year. The new West Side Rowing Club boathouse was opened following the fire that destroyed the old clubhouse several years ago. This should greatly improve Amherstis rowers in the future as it will provide year round training facilities. Laurie Clemency received the award for the best first year rower. Craig White competed in the Empire State Games and won a gold medal as well as several silvers l and bronzes. SITTING Thieu Pham, Bob O'Hern. STANDING: Maureen Murphy, Laurie Clemency. Craig White practicing for the Empire State Games. , - . 5 4 I. Q. A A gc . . . 5 . :t5,.5,-5wf.,..t- ' "Q a ... 2 --v. gk .. K N ww. K .,.. fi . Q L- . F x i K K . ey my t sa.-l-F 'A T f . -5. .t tsl ,eQ.fIitvif.' Wgx5j'i. fflfll- S-is-f-fi:..'.2M ffsgggi - K 'L "J .qw-gg. ,L,1mM,Q,ggt-J- K KW. ""5':"'T'..X ""' 5 .ffl ' -i 'Vw gf 6 - :V .. , . 1 -g,,- ' K 4 -1 g ,M . KAKK im ' V g 5 F 4 . .- h Q 1 . 'M' TI F' 'M -v-Pt -qw . t - iQ,Fw ' " ,fl - " ,f"""' - . ii " MLW: at f X ....,ut,.s .,.s . y t wwf ,. ,... .. M' .fm - is g- t - r e-1' -gf' ' 'fZ'f'fw. as M' f- , ' - - 1 , -- - K e - .ugmft - -, -rt s.....c t.g.,,.W..,.. -M--59,3,,,,,,,,.. . ...T je A .-5 .,, , -. 4 " r"' ,-,,.,.+ as 5.4 f:1.......""'., .,,- -fm-we-1 t M-fea r J A -- Q: K, ' V -tt, T .W Wt -M'-1r,44,.,-a...Wfpgf,-' ""'- ""3?'? Q-swafef Craig White and fellow West Sider George Murphy practice on the Black Rock Canal. xfM'AYt'xX4k: XMW, N,xxmW,x wgmifsaf-x0XN L Q L. XXV' 1 x x if QF wi? J ,Q2. Y xxx , Nbfl' X -MAN . ,Q mx., fp . . R ww -H A -Q -- wk vm. f.wwx1Ns.,, xx X Q 1 I fs., L wif X .X 1ffR7'C 41C I-IISTORY eigmg1i 13 ai: s Q i L.. . x Mk K t Q ,Q x i AND MEN underclassmen Sophomores With Mr. Larson and Miss Croglio as class advisors, we set out to establish our class as one of the best ever at Amherst. Peter Garbus was President, Ellen McAuliffe was V.P., Angela Calabrese was Secretary and Maureen Murphy was Treasurer. The sophomores got involved in the school by at- tending dances and showing school spirit along with the activities spearheaded by us, including our used record sale. This was a fine year and we are looking forward to our next two years here at Amherst. SITTING: Maureen Murphy, Treasurer. STANDING: Angela Calabrese, Secretary: Ellen McAuliffe, Vice President: Peter Garbus, President. i'f'Ef'e 1 Angela Calabrese between classes. Mr. Larson, co-advisor. 120 LEFT: Miss Croglio and Maureen Murphy check over the books together. MIDDLE LEFT: The sidelines were full of life at this J.V, Soccer game. BELOW LEFT: Waitin' for the bus. BELOW: Peter Garbus, Angela Calabrese and Maureen Murphy look over plans for an event. x E1 . Aff, nmM'w,3,,.,.,...-up-all WN,,,,..,,,....-....w-s1nw- MR. O'DONNELL. FRONT: Holly Marcinko, Heather Workman, Kenneth Levy, Mary Moran. John Saffire, Frank Gulino. ROW 2: Christopher Bozimski, Richard Honsberger, Brian Pitts, Elizabeth Fin negan, Lisa Tomczak, Robert Drozda, Thomas McMahon. ROW 3 Todd Shatkin, Marshall Rhinehart, Robert Nusall, Scott Barker, Harry Conomos, Timothy Kalkbrenner. BACK: David Giese, Charles Carle, William Davison, David Kosman, James Weiss. E S: .S- Q E s if X a ABOVE: Michelle Cox. RIGHT: Steve Klepfer and Dawn Watts. l22 We K Tim Kalkbrenner: "Do I really have to know this by next period?" John Saflire has a smile to start the day. MR. PTAK. FRONT: Stephen Arscott, Steven Klepfer, Charles Craik, Jaeger, Lorraine Carland, Laurie Kwasnik, Richard Greco, Philip Con- Ronald Montesano, Katherine Hausmann, Jean Woestendiek, Sheila ner, Rhonda Bova. BACK: Kay Schreck, Randy Meyers. Michael Falk, Molly Walsh, Lorre Tokash, Henry Neeman. ROW 2: David Roche, Gregory Slabodkin, Michael Retzer, Timothy Foster. Donofrio. Eva Lundgren, Edward Holyoke, Richard Jennings, Elizabeth 123 1 2 MRS. POPLAWSKI. FRONT: Susan Priore, Therese Kopin, Marlene Alessi, Karen McCarthy, Morgan Greene, Mark Miller, George Saliby, Robert Bostian, Scott Driess. ROW 2: Paul Stock, Gregory Gibson, Kim McGloin, Daniel Collins, Mary Lohnes, Daniel Callistein, Judson Wipf, Eric Dates. BACK: Alexander Lee, Vernon Shrauger, Karl Restall, Paul Todaro, Mark Weaver, Peter Nielsen, Robert Feuerstein, Andrew Levy, Gary Nobel. RIGHT: Putting on the extra details - Merri Lee and Mark Miller. Mary Lohnes thinking about school. 124 ,,..WM..,.v-9.7-v 'wus MR. MACH EMER. FRONT: Sandy Benker, David Fish, Cynthia Broman, Harald Forsgren, Gregory Deinzer, Anthony Gasak. ROW 2: Barbara Cisek, Barbara Muraco, Susan Mihalcik, Yael Yakar, Susan Rand, Therese Short. ROW 3: Robert Crovella, Michael Hamlin, David Kim, Michael Zarcone, Douglas McDonald, Peter Nusbaum. BACK: Gary Wiegert, Glenn Stidham, Don Markham, Paul Scherer, William Thciss, John Smith. MR. SPITZER. FRONT: Natasha Sivakoff, Andrew Bauer, Dawn Watts, Wong' Mary Kelly Eagan, -lbel Resnllrbrr- BACK5 Brian Eylerf Rbberl Lisa Cenname, Thomas Kaye. Jennifer Everett, Deborah Trabert, Lisa Braun- -rlnll Pham- l-averne Mossy- Bradley llbgnes- Barbara Clanrrbne' Merlino, Renee Omron, Yolanda Kregg. ROW 2: David Rundle, Raphael Rebecca Mayer- Jeanne Nellrelller' Karen Culllgarl- Love, Sarah Stewart, Keith Ginter, Jennifer Saur, Mary Ellen Haefner, Betty 125 MR. HUGHES. FRONT: Mary Magoffin, Diane Waldmiller, Owen Glenn, Schratz, Anthony Ducoli, David Gajewski, John Sartori. BACK: Kevin Terrence Willis, Daniel Synder, Nancy Betz, Jamie Clark, Marjorie Miller, Cleary, Paul Felschow, Todd Papke, Paul Blinzler, Craig Jones, Paul Schep- Anne Lathrop, Deborah Currey. ROW 2: Paul Busch, Patricia Kirkland, perly, Amy Harrington, Ellen McAuliffe. Virginia Reich, Michael Putnam, Anthony Rohloff, Kyria Nau, Molly ill MR. DUFFY. FRONT: Karen Devlin, Christine Biegner, Marueen Murphy, Patty Burke, Marlene Kwitowski, Michelle Martin, Lauren Strobel, Susan Hanson, Cathleen Cranna. ROW 2: Jennifer Verrico, Julie Frank, Jon Ellis, Ellwood Friedrich, Diane Behrens, Kelly Lycett, Carolyn Schenk, John Roach, Jane Kelly, Jay Zaidel. BACK: Timothy White, Peter Olszowka, Paul Chazen, James Hutchison. 126 Kevin Cleary and Peter Garbus Tom Wilson MISS CROGLIO. FRONT: John Huck, Diane Lewis, Courtney Richards, Michele Provino, Cheryl Marquart, James Sanfratello. ROW 2: Elek Karsay, Leslie Cox, Kelly Gigante, Michelle Menclewicz, Frankie Lynn Silver, Linda Durawa, Teresa Peck. ROW 3: Michael Barth, Dawn Toote, Colleen Cassety, --Sf F9 'VV' Pamela Wrisley, Karen Hadsell, Teresa DeDominicis, Kelli Riter. BACK: John Morrison, Donald Braun, Christopher Whitbeck, William Kraus, Mark Fisher. 127 MRS. SEKERA. FRONT: Paul Elsnau, Kristine Lampus, Angela Kinsella, Jill Rehak, Wendy Fredericks, Elizabeth Clark, Jennifer Broman. ROW 2: Nancy McAuley, Michelle King, Dana Anderson, Timothy Smith, David Miller. Stephen Happ, Laura Jaye. ROW 3: Crane Rogers, Robert Macker, Christine Viscardo, Richard Schrader, Robert Williams, Craig Paianini, Michael Wilson. BACK: Dana Beszczynski, Kenneth Murray, Karl Burns, Ken- neth Stulik, Paul DiFrancesco. , DR. TAYLOR. FRONT: Anthony Dates, Timothy Cercone, Patricia Camp, Lisa Wirth, Patricia Rupp, Katherine Hetzelt. ROW 2: Donald Lea, Richard Cole, Lisa Morrow, Kelly Graff, Sally Martin, Larry Reinhardt. ROW 3: Joseph Starkey, .lane Porter, Helen Tederous, Peter Garbus, Richard Knaze, Scott Nowocien. BACK: Christopher Warden, Mary Rutecki, Daniel Doran, Colleen McCleery, Daniel Borzynski. l'1O MRS. HODGE. FRONT: Melinda Rolston, Ann Cain, Mary Margaret Peltier, Kurt Kazinski, Laurie Solomon, Laurie Clemency, Patrick Gallo. ROW 2: Jody Swanson, Joy Coppola, Patricia Ring, Anthony Vernon, Jane Dennis, Thomas Wilson, Victor Shell. ROW 3: Duane Probst, Larry Martin, Edward Hanna, Robert Schaefer, Jason Hurley, Matthew Gian. BACK: Erik Berg, Andrew Ellis, Daniel Sobel. : r V:46fEif?' Erik Berg, the basketball fan. "How do I look today?" wonders Chris Klinko. 129 ,.....-...-.--.-.- ,Q M F 3 Jean Woestendiek Charlie Craik , y 1 it 8 'if 1 X MRS. HEIN. FRONT: Pamela D'Amato, Elizabeth Elliott, Douglas Hahn, Peter Lubelski, Constantine Pantelis, Amy Schake, Michelle Cox, Timothy Hurley, Thomas Forrest. ROW 2: Patricia Slawatycki, Paul Olchvary, James Storfer, Mary Rizzo, Sandra Maides. June White, Kathleen Yensan, Amy Beauchamp. BACK: David Brylinski, Kevin Chase, Angelo Artemas, David Van Horn, Patricia Mosier, Gwen Michalak, Diane Kruger, Laura Keith, Stephen Giunta. l30 i MISS MUSTARD. FRONT: Maria Windringer, Todd Johnson, Karen Joseph Walsh, Alec Deull, John Daly. BACK: Mark Van Horn, Raymond Sciandra, Gina Lauricella, Krista Montesano, Christopher Klinko, Teresa Staff, Jeff Bertrand, Edmond McCarthy, Bruce Grabenstatter, Robert Gangi, Taylor, Andrew Ewers, Angela Calabrese. ROW 2: Laura Rosen, Anna Jeff Reecer. Lundgren, Richard Clough, Gregory Nerode, Alfred l-leinen, Todd Bobak, Jason Hurley Sue Hansen l3l The Junior Class accomplished many worthwhile activities this year. The four officers, Mike O'Connell, President, Sue Paolini, Vice President, Sue Karas, Secretary, Sean Brennan, Treasurer, were under the helpful guidance of Mrs. Hein. We sponsored a movie night, Vermont Ski Trip, numerous bake sales to raise money for our class weekend. Being Seniors next year, our class can look forward to a fun- filled and enjoyable year. Juniors SITTING: Mike O'Connell, President. STANDING: Sue Karas, Secretary, Sue Paolini, Vice President, Sean Brennan, Treasurer. ABOVE: Junior'Class Homecoming Float. RIGHT: Class Ad- visor, Mrs. Hein. 4 4 .Jef Y Lori Schultz takes a break to relax during a tough field hockey game. Jenny Irwin hard at work in the library '?'N T Mrs. Hein and Mike O'Connell discuss plans for an up- coming Junior Class event. Jenny Hanny leads the cheers for the Junior Class. Amy Sciolino ponders a problem in the J cafeteria. 9 Eva shows off for the camera. Junior Class spirit is the best. MR. FINI. FRONT: Eileen Sullivan, Melinda Seratin, Diane Rapp, Kathryn Spanogle, Kim Parks, Diane Catalano. ROW 2: Ronni Rogers, Jocelyn Kearney, Carol Pietraszak, Anthony Dux, Scott McDonnell, John Dengler. ROW 3: Robert Knapp, Gerard Scherer, Sean Brennan, Jon Wile, Donald Manuszewski, Eric Hasburgh. ROW 4: Paul Greizerstein, DavidAshley, Frederick Torrell, Henry Lefcourt, Gregory Gaglione, William Viscardo. BACK: Gerard Agocha, John Yuhl, Anthony Concialdi, Richard Fingold, Marc Siegel. 134 MISS TAYLOR. FRONT: Daniel McCollum, James Christopher, Timothy Bluff. ROW 2: Brian Schneider, Peter Wenner, Helene Dzierba, Lynn Hoffman, Julie Smith, Alison Potts, Susan Barney, Michelle Gianturco, Mimi Reineck, Alisa Nceman. ROW 3: Diane Messer, Jeffrey Foster, Michael Levine, Amy Stockman, Frank LeDuca, Patricia Adams, Lisa Zink, Katerina Peppas, Jean Tasker, Colleen Kennedy. BACK: Eric Jockin, Brian Saltzman, Anne Laub, Susan Bagdasarian, Rolf Unterloehner, Mark Sherman, Andrew Wells, David Valone, Sharon DiSalvo. Q L D' 'ii ' A y 'N Q, Q ws Xeiiilf: . w if 15, ,S - C--2 'K Working hard to create a great class. Gymnastics can be fun. 135 MR. JOHNSTON. FRONT: Gigi Ganter, Julie Singer, Karen Angelo, Stacy Bissell, Merete Muenter, Susan Dick, Richard Schneeberger. ROW 2: Timothy Pitman, Joseph Ross, Kathleen Kunold, Jennifer Radler, Lisa Jackson, Karen Wehr, Michael Ulrich. ROW 3: Amanda Hiller, Jackie Matty, Anne Wingert, Beverly Len, Patricia McClellan, Melinda Stephenson, Gavin Elliott. BACK: Jeffrey Chartrand, Mark Haeseler, Alex Fischer, Michael Serotte, Jeffrey Pagano, Danny Bianco, Patrick Zerkle, Daniel Kelleher, Joseph Stein. if sit TSR a'?22'f1if:. MR. PATELUNAS. FRONT: Kirsten Reitan, Patrick Powers, Mary Niemczycki, Dawn O'Connor, Catherine Fragale, .Angela Brands, Kathleen Metzger. ROW 2: Michael Lindner, Kevin Gibbs, Eileen Cain, Andrea Curthoys, Terry Bosworth, Shannon Halt, Frank Marchese, David Kight. ROW 3: Kurt Hoglund, Mark Dodman, Catherine Alderson, Douglas Barrett, Joe Nesarajah, Warren Jones. 136 K s MR. SALTARELLI. FRONT: Laurie Fiorella, Lisa Calkin, Sandra Larson, David Balduf, Susan Simoneau, James Rehak, Michael O'Con- Morrissey, John Creaven, Darien Hicks, Jennifer Irwin, Cathy Wood, nell, Gabrielle Vehar. BACK: Michael Buyer, Thomas Long, Michael Gretchen Anderson, Sharon Smith, Eric Jones. ROW 2: Mallory Pratt, Gallo, James Conway, Paul Sweeney, Evan Bekos, Kevin Brown, James Edward Guzdek, Glyn Weigand, Jeanette Schmitt, Lucy Tripi, Coriell Dumas, David Schueckler, David Krull, Terence McGuire. MRS. RIEPE. FRONT: Thomas Ranallo, Patricia Gorman, Mark Pagano, William Druar, Michael Yensan, Christine Stricklin, Teresa Snyder, Lynn Toms. ROW 2: Mark Arriola, Margot Pierce, Deana Vershay, Debra Bauer, James Michielli, Scott McDonald, Lynne Schaefer, Denise Whyte, Rosanne Deinzer. ROW 3: Elisabeth Fine, Perri Jo Katrein, Yvonne Braun, Sharon Rizzo, Elaine Artemas, Ellen Frenning, Alison Lawson, Michael Secor, BACK: Eric Siegel, Dan Cane, Mary Collins, John Wegrzyn, Richard Hannotte, William Macker. 137 MISS WlLKlNS. FRONT: Denise Bogoniewski, Elizabeth Cohen, Amy Silverman, Karen Houck, Kevin Linsley, Aixa Perez-Prado, Susan Metzger, Laurie Quance. ROW 2: William Reynolds, Donald Schmall, Thieu Ngoc Pham. John Bart, Nancy Zach, Hollis Tibbetts, Vicky Reap. ROW 3: Eran Yakar, Gary Calarco, Scott Laraway, Jeffrey Downey, Kenneth May, Eric Gmeinder, Kirk Peters. BACK: Eric Gortzig, Marc Wilson, Elisa Nye, Carolyn Fanning, Shannon Davis, Marc Julian, Jerry Hamad. MR. BAIR. FRONT: Michael Kelley, Laurie Struzik, Theresa Delmonte, Patricia Murphy, Julie Hyde. Ai Wen Wang, Vanessa Tornow. BACK: B. J. Jenifer Hanny, Anne Quinlivan, Mary Lynn Vinal, Molly Rogers, Jennifer Palumbo, Paul Klonowski, John Fronczak, Lisa Argen, David Schake, Steven Bauer, Karen Pieters, Merri Lee, Stephanie Woodle. ROW 2: Deirdre Shaw, Ellis, John Malone, Christian Gregory, Laura Chase. Paul Drescher, Grace Schillaci, Renee Caros, Michael Montesano, Jeff Blatz, l38 MR. BALD. FRONT: Pamela Torre, Beverly Hamm, Jodie Colburn Sheila De Aeth, Valerie Amsterdam, Barbara Thompson, Sarah Good Caroline Petro. ROW 2: William Lankford, Susan West, Reba Sidell John Doyle, Gina Boyer, Lisa Kaiser, Kathleen Barton, Janine Frainier, 1 Q Q Mary Linzey. BACK: Gregory Mikolajczak, Kenneth Nyman, Richard Smith, Jeffrey Rhodes, John Huber, Christopher Campbell, Dennis McCarthy, Emily Strainchamps. MR. ULRICH, FRONT: David Zaleski, Mark DiPasquale, Jacqueline Moran, Jeffrey Gruchala, Karen Finn, Kathleen McLeron, Deirdre McCarthy, Melissa Leffler, Katherine Atkinson, Rosemarie DeAngelo. ROW 2: John Ceccato, Brian Konn, Peter Romal, Jeffrey Edel, Debbie Schick, Willard Sutton, Jonathan Sprowl, James Martin, Robert Grill, Martin Dennis. BACK: Francis Willett, Wayne Keith, John Tredo, Peter Wagner, Ragnar Forsgren, Amy Brook, Joseph Conley, Kevin Healy, Farooq Raza, Dae Choi Yim, Carol Beilman. I39 MRS. SCHNEIDER. FRONT: John Crane, Jennifer Smith, Isabel Valls, Maureen Burke, Colleen Sheehan, Mary Kwitowski, Catherine Podsiadlo, Mary Kay Schlaerth, Teresa Barber, Elizabeth Hirsch, Marlene Saliby. ROW 2: Suzanne Acheson, Margaret Wasielewski, Heidi Biscaro, Camille Pawlowski, Paul Woodin, James Gianturco, Carol Ziebarth, Julie Korman, Lynn Szymanski, Laura Mercurio. BACK: Paul Sgranfetto, Mary Mulloy, Robert Jackson, Scott Kendt, Diane Cutini, Beth Maybee, Thomas Evans, Dean Haas. LEFT: Kathy Kunold saw her new beau. ABOVE: Mark Houck is training hard for a meet. 140 - Q .Q h .4- l l MR. FACKLAM. FRONT: Joseph Ring, Sarah Anllo, Kelley Omel, Kevin Gorman, Kelly Verel. ROW 2: Kim Klemp, Scott Wipf, Amy .lo Sciolino, Mark Houck, Linda Tiffany, Mary Jo Raczka, Guillermina Araujo, David Walters. ROW 3: Marilyn Quinn, Benjamin Lubick, Harvey Sanders, Sean Phelan, Richard Smithmeyer, Sandy Lasher, Betsy Burr, Susie Karas. BACK: Sean Euler, Edward Short, Bradley Hamsher, Thomas Springer, Terrence McDade, .lohn Lauricella, Jamie Franz pun fix an Y l ll MR. TICHENOR. FRONT: Lisa Scribner, Kelly Walsh, Kelly Tallman, Cosgrove, Bryan Kunkel, Susan McNamara, Jill Steinwachs, Caroline Cindee Hackney, Eva Fitzhugh, Lynn Watkins, Michael O'Connell, June Barnes. AUgl1Si Bruno. William Mallaq. BACK: Daniel Ahburno, Kurt Emerson, Carolyn Champ, Carol Jackson, Kathleen Parnitzke, ROW 21 Umholtz, Paul Zanghi, Mark Rebadovll- Gilbert Smith- Michael Hayes. Michael Rustum, Mark Lenkei, Kevin Schmitt, Thomas Beyer, Kelly Timothy Devlnev Teresa Mullefi.Lyf1ri Gilmllukai David Wlpf- l4l YN- : x ' 4 45 3 . nw I K WA u X 4 :Lili S J ,. N Rf 1' I 'E S .ws v4 f-4-:V . A xfvm. Q X. as x is If Q 1 N' Q 3 Q' ,Q X 1 A ,,-LA Q. six ? f , ,, ,,f,, 'w wen, 'fl-.. 0 'llln In .f"" C. waxy . x , A- RQM JTO 1 seniors Seniors In our final year at Amherst, the Senior Class was successful in Homecoming, a service project and a mug sale. Under the leadership of ad- visor Richard Reed and President Tim Miller, the Class of 1981 will never forget traditions such as Miss Amherst, Class Night and the Prom. This was a perfect end to an exciting and produc- tive three years. Y' l I ' A s E r l I fs A L . i 'e + x e' xi - - , ,, . V, k QQ? A' ' ntdfdui wifi" l .L ' SITTING: Tim Miller, President. STANDING: Kara Keating, Treasurerg Mary Jo Gervase, Vice Presi dentg Jenny Klein, Secretary. The Erst place Senior Class Homecoming l1oat. Class advisor, Breezy Reed. 146 If ,,.,, W , W- H, ,-,,.. '+.....,,N ,M '.. ww, Q S M. - .2 Y 7' an N "wALhQ,:r -yu Where's the beach? , 0 ti ff! W 4 1 I lt if my 'iw - 'AV 7 .A if ' ,M 3 6 - ' -4-...W 'nw-.L Senior spirit was more than noticeable at Homecoming. Steve Whetzle helps Marie Mallott and Sue Pan epento do the dishes at last year's class weekend 147 Why are these three girls smiling? ffnicflaef ZZW-Lu,-a BHMLQC ALL? 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W SXEZSM T 1 E f W r w F f ,fs f zfwsrggff -X J A--.:r+gf1'fJ' L15 vw' 4'-S Ar QE. lg? nk X1 .V ,Wright L5 in ,lm , XER - , K ,Q .Y Z1 ,A Bernie Weber prepares to throw the ball in a home game. andy wegerf Jefhey TMAO! 6Aery! Shri wnfermule mougfaa MAQJIUHAQL 177 E-bennide mug Mr. Masterson lends a hand in cheering the Tigers on to victory. Wm, ww, i Coram wwe Conrad yuger june Zammif Jim Buscemi takes a break from the school day. maui! Zapkf joseph Zarcone lgiecca .ZeLarllz george Zmmermann ga.. -. ADAMS, JIM, "Bacon," Soccer, hockey, baseball, Amb: Engineering, C. to F: being late to homeroom, N.F: Shelling. ALIBON, MARY, "Maire," Quiz Bowl, Latin Club Model UN, C. to F: being Bank Fairy and Mary Queen of Scots, S.D: to shampoo Claire's hair with Nair. ALLEN, CAROLYN, "Coy," In- teract, Concert Chorale, Amb: math teacher, C. to F: H.P. and Donald, P.P: homework, M.W. N.F: Aug. 16. ALLEN, LISA, "D.D." Water Follies, Art Council, Amb: to be a hermit with J.T. F.S: "How lucky one is to know someone that can make saying goodbye so hard." ANASTASI, ELIZABETH, "Pasta," Pep Club, French Club, Theta Sigma Delta, work at The Gap, Ups and Down's, Amb: to become a flight attendant. N.F: Fri. nights. ANGELO, SANDI, "Sam," Amb: Cosmetologist, C. to F: my body? F.S: "It's kosher." AUERBACH, GLENN, Cheerleader, Soph. Class Pres. C. to F: being Mrs. Ho's son, F.S.: "Get some work to do." N.F: the Nusbaum Bros.: Professor and Ted. BAHANOVICH, DAVID, Orchestra, Synphonia, Latin Club, Model UN, Greater Bflo, Youth Orch. Amb: to be as god-like as D.B. F.S: "Drive the porcelain bus." N.F: "The Edge." BAMBACH, BARBARA, Junior Achievement, work at CVS, Vet's Hosp. Amb: Doctor, G. to F: 925, P.P: AP English, N.F: curse of the house of Barb. BARGER, ABBY, "Ab," Tennis, Drama Club, TV Announcer, Water Follies, Amb: to become a lawyer, C. to F: cracking gum, F.S: "I don't think so." N.F: Homecoming night '80. .Rh X Y 3 -. X- Senior Index BARRILE, SUSAN, "B's" C. to F: "The Boss," F.S: "Really," N.F: Your Name. BARTHOLOMEW, BRIAN, "Bart," Football track, Amb: to be rich and famous, F.S: "Go for it!" N.F: the Theta Dance. BAUER, DAN, "Critter," V.S., Drama Club, Concert Chorale, Amb: to become filthy rich! C. to F: machine-gun laugh, P.P.: K.H. N.F: Mahzal. BAUGHMAN, GEORGEANN, Honor Soc., Concert Chorale, work at Ponderosa, Amb: to be a social worker, C. to F: loud laugh, P.P: Cliques, preppy snobs, S.D: to be a cheerleader. BECKER, DAVE, Honor Society Bookstore Chairman, Q.B., Model UN, Drama Club, hobbies: sports, travelling, Amb: TV announcer, C. to F: rambling aimlessly on TV, S.D: to climb the smokestack. BALTRAMI, JOHN, "Bells," Honor Society Treasurer, Chess Club, Coach Little League, work, Bocce's, Amb: become a doctor and find a cure for senioritis, C. to F: never being clean-shaven. N.F: Senior year. BENKER, CYNTHIA, "Benksies," Pep Club, Ski Club, Theta Sigma Delta, work at Burger King, Stuarts, Amb: to become a flight attendant, N.F: the prom fsoph. yr.J BLUFF, BRIAN, "Brillo Head," Football, hockey, work: Boccels, Amb: to be a doctor, P.P: Closed Campus, N.F: Florida '81, good friends. BOSKA, TIM, work at Bocce's, Amb: to be famous, P.P: Cliques, Never Forget: what? BRANDS, PATRICIA, "Bait," Amb: to make lots of money, C. to F: Kevin, F.S: "Ain't it funny,' S.D: to be a freebird. BRAUN, YVONNE, "Vonnie," hob- bies: photography, music, poetry, Amb: child psychiatrist, C. to F: locker 5473, P.P: preps, Mon. morn- ings, N.F: Meindl's cottage party. BRINKWORTH, MOLLY, "Little Brink," C. to F: Gimlets, N.F: vacations at the PM with Tracy, Amy, and Molly, Fav. Per: Frank Sinatra. BROTHMAN, AMY, Drama Club, French Club, Cheerleading, hobby: skiing, Amb: College or Hollywood P.P: flat tires, alarm clocks, N.F: good friends, good parties, good times. BURGHDUFF, WENDE, "Wendel," Pep Club, Oceanography Club, hobbies: riding, skiing, F.S: "Oh, wow!" P.P: Cliques, N.F: good friends, Rochester. BUROW, SUE, Pep Club, Oceanography Club, work at David Photo Service, Amb: become a nurse, N.F: Homecoming, S.D: marry a hockey player. BURTON, MARIA, "Bugs," Drama Club, Tower, Track, Honor Soc., Operettas, hobbies: piano, dance, seducing lifeguards in Hawaii, going around the world, P.P: people whose pet peeves are people who achieve early decision to Ivy League schools, N.F: T.C. BUSCEMI, JAMES, Amb: mushroom picker, CAMPO, RICHARD, Spanish Club, Honor Soc., Quiz Bowl, Math Team, Amb: to be remembered, C. to F: First in the class. CANNON, MARGIE, "Madge," Sports Council, Ski Club, Basket- ball, work: Leader Drugs, Amb: to become a dental hygienist, F.S: "I'm laughing at you." P.P: S.W. S.D: to graduate. CANTWELL, KEVIN, Band, Quiz Bowl, Model UN, Rifle team. Qmmmwm me ss se elmtamzwasa amewwmq fem wmwasawmwaaawmmamfwwawwwwwmewltmavmwwwawmnmmmlmwaiew:mamma-msw .fa vm mameraagwzqnammwmimtmmmmmlmzawwwalmwmwmmuw Q is 5 CARDINA, KATIE, Gymnastics, Volleyball, Basketball, Track, Sports Council, Amb: Wealth, P.P: Mondays, N.F: trying to remember. CARLAND, EDWARD, "Crazy Ed," Soccer, Ski Club, work at Bookstore and Turgeon Restaurant. CASTONGUAY, CASSANDRA, "Cassie" Drama Club, Honor Soc, work at Kay-Bee Toys, Bflo, Naval Park, Amb: college fand maybe even graduatej, C. to F: my teeth, hands, and laugh. CERULLO, EUGENE, C. to F: tacos and beer, F.S.: "I want it and I want it now." N.F: first shave. CHAMP, MARY, "Marie," French Club, Drama Club, Children's Rep., Honor Soc., hobbies: piano, voice, drinking coffee, C. to F: being the Bank Dragon, Mary Queen of Snots, F.S: "Crosby!" P.P: fred, CLOUGH, DAVID, Band, Amb: Electrician. CODD, MAUREEN: Concert Chorale, Tatler, Hobbies: dancing, music, Amb: med. secretary, F.S: "Fine, be that way." S.D: to attack S.D. N.F.: M.W., Betty Lou and the sky. COLBURN, TERRY, Amb: to marry a millionaire, COLLINS, MARTY, "Emma," Football, baseball, C. to F: 7'f20, the Belvadere, F.S: "I'm in paydirt." P.P. S.O.K.'s on Amherst Football, N.F: "the Gin Man." COLLURA, JULIA, Drama Club, Honor Soc., TV announcer, Hobbies: piano, biking, traveling to NYC: Amb: to perform on Broadway, C. to F: feather earrings, being totally wild, F.S: "To the max!" CONNOLLY, NANCY, Sports Council, Honor Soc., work at Great Gatsby, Amb: get through college, C. to F: having no 2 friends that like each other, S.D, to grow. COPLAND, TINA, "Diggs," Volleyball, basketball, track, Amb: to reach God and coach Ohio State's volleyball team, C. to F: Volleyball and Ohio, F.S: "Go for it!" S.D: honeymoon in Hawaii. CORAH, JOSEPH, "HUD," AV control, X-country skiing, Amb: Writer, P.P: matching socks and shirts, S.D.: Road trip. CREIGHTON, BARBARA, Sports Council, Field Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, Softball. CUDKOWICZ, MERIT, "Men," Model UN, French Club, Math Team, Quiz Bowl, work at Bells, piano, Amb: to find a nice Jewish boy C. to F: cradle rob- bing, P.P: polyester ribbed tur- tlenecks, N.F: "Opie". CULLEN, ELISABETH, "Lisa," French Club, Interact, Color guard, Honor Soc., piano, Amb: to get married, have many children, N.F: being one of Bill Whitefield's pet peeves, Quebec '79, CURREY, BETH, "Possum," Amb: to live in the Bahamas, C. to F: Southern accent, F.S: "Y'all quit." P.P: J.M., N. F: Lord Amherst, S. D: redo Friday night. D'ADDARIO, MICHELE, Softball, Basketball, Sports Council, Honor Soc., Amb: to someday skydive, F.S: "That's life in the big city, kid." N. F: summer of '80. DAVENPORT, KEITH, Cross- Country, track, Interact, Amb: get a scholarship for running, C. to F: Running! F.S: "No problem!" P.P: babysitting Raoul. DIAKOS, KLAY, "Lou," Cross- country Ski Club, C. to F: those funny habits . . . F.S: "lfyou should go, no one may follow, that path is for your steps alone." P.P: Seeds, Ronald Reagan, N.F: AP History. DIESING, SARAH, Hon. Soc., Hobbies: jogging, horse- back riding, cooking, skiing, Amb: Physical therapy, C to F: Vegetarianism, P.P: fake people. DOLAN, SEAN, Drama Club, Con- cert Chorale, stage manager, Amb: professional actor, N.F.: people at Amherst. DONOHUE, MARK, "Short", Amb: to be a lifeguard, C. to F: Iffley Meade Party, F.S.: "Yeah, maybe" P.P: Honor Soc. Bookstore co- chairman. ECHMALIAN. JAYNE, Volleyball, Orchestra, Concert, Chorale, work at a bakery, Amb: to become a world- renowned composer, C. to F: kicking, N.F: Theta Sigma Delta. l l l i ll l . 7 4 X ii. li i s i i l M I . 15 2 . l . 1, ,. ,, 5: 2 EISENBERG, LORI, Honor Soc., figure skating, work at Amherst Pediatrics, Amb: sports physician, C. to F: "Jane Cane." P.P: SAT's N.F: The CHS elevator, great friends. ELLIOTT, NICOLE, Gymnastics, Soccer, Honor Soc., F.S: "I'd rather add life to my years than years to my life." P.P: gossip, N.F: "the drama of it all." ELLIOTT, WILLIAM, Bill, "Fish," Soccer, swimming, gymnastics, tennis, track, Amb: never to set foot in Amherst again, P.P: Honor Soc. Bookstore co-chairmen on morning announcements. EVERETT, WENDY, "Orca," AFS, Ski Clubs, Library Service Club, Tower, work in shoe repair shop, Amb: travel, live abroad, C. to F: straightening Uncle Ed Larson's ties, S.D: to be an amoeba. EWERS, TERI, "Richie,', Junior Achievement, work at Red Barn, Amb: legal secretary, C. to F: being a neutral person every morning, F.S: "Go home." P.P: cliques, messy lockers. FAHEY, VALERIE, "Monty P." AFS, Drama Club, Latin and Spanish Clubs, hobbies: dancing, photography, Amb: to be a famous actress, C. to F: funny faces, P.P: math class, N.F: class weekend. FELGEMACHER, KURT, "Ziggy," Soccer, Amb: to become wealthy, C. to F: Soccer,'F.S: "Catch ya later." P.P: waking up for school, S.D: to shine Mr. S's head. FESLSCHOW, GERALD, "J.D." Football, Basketball, C. to F: being an ex-convict, F.S: "Shut up." S.D: to stay awake in one physics lecture class. FEUERSTEIN, MICHAEL, "Crash," Swimming, tennis, Tennis Instructor, Amb: become a dentist, C. to F: hitting lamppost. FINGOLD, KIM, hobby: art, Amb: to marry T.H,'s cousin, C. to F: my V-8, F.S: "Being a policeman is hard work." N.F: Doctor O. FISHER, HUGH, "Sy Syms," "Hefner," Amb: business administra- tion, C. to F: some of my friends think I own Playboy magazine, P.P: people who can't act independently. FORGIONE, MISSY, Spanish Club, Traid, AFS, Volleyball, softball, Drama Club, work at Playhouse Theatre, Amb: to be first woman President, N.F: Silver Lake, El Dic- tado, P.P: flat tires. FOSTER, JON, Rifle Club, work as dishwasher: hobbies: hunting, sports, 180 l 2 E 5 5 E 2 Q e 2 S S E 5 i il E i 2 S ll 1 , l it i 3 i 5 i 5 E fi if E if i i li 5 E i S 1 5 e 2 E i S E i E 5 l at E i l :S H l s l li il Q ii I , . 5 sl l 3 3. Amb: Carpenter, F.S.: "Once is not enough." FOWLSTON, TAMMY, "AJ Foyt," Spanish Club, Triad, riding, skiing, Amb: to be a corporate lawyer, F.S: "The springs." PP: "Bouncers" S.D: to win the Indy against Mario Andretti. FOX, MAUREEN, "Moe," Amb: to become independently wealthy, F.S: "Bummer." N.F: free periods, S.D: to own a purple Corvette. FRANCE, ROBYN, "Frenchy," Ski Club, Amb: Executive bank officer, F.S: "I'm turning Japanese." P.P: Cliques, S.D: to grow a foot. FREGOSI, BRIAN, "Arnold," Swim Team, Soccer, Band, Honor Soc., water-ski instructor, Amb: rich beach bum, F.S: "I don't think so." P.P: morning swim practices. FRETZ, DAVID, Quiz Bowl, Spanish Club, Tatler, Model UN, Amb: college, N.F: my case of am- nesia. FRIEDRICH, SUSAN, "Bosco," Junior Achievement, softball, volleyball, band, Amb: school, then marriage, C. to F: the purple passion, N.F: Bonfire '79, Homecoming '80. GAGLIONE, MARK, "Gags," Soc- cer, baseball, Amb: to shave, F.S: "Always do the best you can." P.P: mirror sunglasses, N.F: the I979 soc- cer team. GINSBURG, ANN, "Annie," Con- cert Chorale, Sweet Sixteens, voice and dance lessons, community theater, Amb: to be a tall willowy blonde, F.S: "Blow me away." N.F: What's his name. GINTER, BRIAN, Rifle Team, work at Federal Meats, Amb: to search and find perfection, C. to F: purple tie, S.D: travel the world. GOLDBERG, DAVID, Cross- country, track, Drama Club, Model UN, work: inventory control engineer at Peter J. Schmitt Co., Inc. Amb: become a fat-cat lawyer F.S: "Hi, how ya doin'!" P.P: Ignorance, N.F: The Snydermen. GOLDBERG, LAWRENCE, "Larry," B'nai B'rith Youth, Amb: college and commercial artist, C. to F: survivor of cloning operation, P.P: being called "Lee," S.D: do away with my look alike. GOLDBERG, LEE, Orchestra, band, B'nai B'rith Youth, Amb: famous chef, own a hotel, F.S: "Such is life." P.P: being called "Larry." N.F: beating the school's drums. GORTZIG, HELENE, Volleyball, Honor Soc. work at Jimmy's Restaurant, volunteer at VA Hosp., Amb: program computers, F.S: "Really." N.F: 5th per. Chem. class. GRABENSTATTER, RICHARD, "Grabber," Football, skiing, boating, Amb: my black belt, P.P: preps, N.F: losing a fight with a tree. GREENBERG, JOEL, Varsity Club, track, gymnastics, cross-country, Amb: achieve Nirvanna, C. to F: have battled the toughest razors and won, P.P: pseudo-preps, arrogant customers, N.F: George Saltarelli's calculus class. GREENKY, JOCELYN, "Jaws," Field hockey, soccer, ski team, Amb: to witness the "blast off," C. to F: pool tables, P.P: people who say "Go for it." GROSICKI, SUSAN, "Sue", Sec. of Honor Society, StudentfClass Coun- cil, Waterfollies, Part-time job, ski- ing, Amb: graduate from college without ulcers, P.P: Wall Rats, N.F: happy timesfhard work. GUDGEL, VICTORIA, "Vicky" Model U.N., Amb: complete 4 yrs. college, manage own restaurant, C. to F.: Surviving Atwell's homeroom for 3 yrs, N.F.: Mr. Masterson. HALLOCK, LINDA, Model U.N., French Club, Honor Society, worked at public library, Amb: To marry Raoul, N.F.: Botton '80, Quebec '79, S.D.: to have Maybelline eyes. HANNY, JANE, "Hane", Sweets, Honor Society, Student Council, piano, job at Eagle House Amb: wealth 8: fame, P.P: Harrassment!! S.D.: shave my head, carry a foot- ball, and grunt! HAQUE, SAMIR, "Sahib", violin, Lab Assistant in B.G. Hops., Lab Assistant in Neurosensory Lab in Southtowns, Amb: Neurosurgeon, N.F: George X. HARRINGTON, WILLIAM, "Bill" Triad, Tatler, Ski Club hobbies: Telephone sales, cook at Perkins, writing, disco, Amb: Writer, Psy- chiatrist, Actor, C. to F.: drinking coffee in class. HARRIS, SCOTT GORDON, "Gordo" Guitar, Amb: To live, C. to F.: Lance and Erik, F.S.: "Let it ride", P.P.: Houseflies 8a flies that resemble houseflies. HAYNES, TIM, "Bear" "Barney" Wrestling, waiter at restaurant, Amb: Carpenter, C. to F.: My size F. S.: "Abuse", "Get a job" P.P.: Leather Jackets on Punks. HEBERLE, LAURA, Model U.N., Band, Operetta, Clarinet, Skiing, sailing, C. to F.: Messy lab drawer, P.P.: fcontinued from Lisa Skellyj . . . ali N.F. Raoul Hernandez, S.D.: Give Rich Campo a haircut HELFRICH, KARA, "K," Girls' Sports Council, Swim- ming, Field Hockey, Gymnastics, Softball, Drama Club, Amb: Actress, Journalist, C. to F.: Well used comb. HELLER, PATRICIA, "Patty" Cheerleading, Honor Society, Class Council, A.M, Disc Jockey, Amb: Graduate from college, become rich and famous, P.P.: Boys, N.F.: B.J.W. HEMANN, ELIZABETH, "Beth" Bodysurfing, guitar, Amb: Move to England 8: collect Unemployment, S.D.: Put a smoke detector in the Lav. HOLYOKE, CASSANDRA, "Cassy" Jr. Class Officer, Swim- ming, F.S.: "Oh Geeze", "Hi, Neighbor", P.P.: Late to H.R. rule, and Danskin outfits, N.F.: Theta '80 8: GOOD FRIENDS. HORNBARGER, ANDREW, "Andy" "The Horn", J.V. Soccer, AFS to Australia Cl98lJ,job at CVS, Lord Amherst, 8a Daemen College, Amb: Wealth, C. to F.: My Driving, F.S.: "Later", P.P.: Losers. HOUCK, CYNDY, "Malaysian Woman" "Brute Sow", "Heiffer 02", "Bimbo" Jr. Class Pres., AFS, T.V. Announcer, Operetta, N.F.: AFS Summer '80 Malaysia, F.S.: "Excuse me - Jon Klien. . .", S.D.: Shave C1aire's head. HUTCHISON, DIANE, 'fMugs", JA, Field Hockey, Oceanography, Amb: to succeed, F.S. "go for it" P.P.: homework, N.F.: Scuba, S.D.: to be an Olympic Skiier ILLOS, GARY, "Duch", Football, Amb.: To get my car in perfect run- ning condition, C.F.: No more l5l for me. F.S.: "Quack, quack, quack, quack", Thanks for the duck, Pig. IRWIN, DANIEL J. III, Tennis, Band, Jazz Ensemble, Football, Amb.: to become a punk rocker with Devo!! F.S.: "Let's blow this pop stand!" S.D.: Become the greatest tennis player ever. IRWIN, D. WICKHAM, D.W.I, TV Crew, Drama Club, Amb: to be a dental floss tycoon in Montana. F.S.: " . . . and when the Wombat comes, he will find me gone." JACKSON, PATTY, "Patsy", Band, Amb: to walk on water, C.F.: SWC, F.S.: "It's been real", P.P.: gettin proofed, S.D.: to be an inter- national spy or a school crossing guard. , KASZUBSKI, GLEN,: "Crusty", Varsity Soccer, Amb: to be an architect, F.S.: "Lizard", N.F.: Feverstein's fight with Fijui. KAUTZ, KRIS: "Marge", Varsity Field Hockey, Sports Council, Amb: College, C.F.: Our great penny collection, F.S.: "huh", P.P.: Six to a table, N.F.: "the gang", "Casandra" KEATING, KARA, "Bushhead", Gymnastics, Senior Class Treasurer, Honor Society, Track, C.F.: my hair, F.S.: "Bag it, probably." P.P.: Graffiti on the lav's walls. N.F.: Trio Night KERR, JOSEPH, library club, Pres. Junior Achievement, Working at Eggertsville-Snyder Library. KLEIN, CARL E., JR., "Fluffy" backpacking, Amb: to be a Nun KLEIN, GERARD JOSEPH, "Edgar", Soccer, Men's Varsity Beard Club, Amb: to be a chinchilla farmer in Bulgaria, "I love all girls who love mel!" KLEIN, JENNY, "JK", sweet six- teens, cheerleading, class council tsecj, operetta, C.F.: Marcus 8c Marian, Amb: drive a cab in Hawaii, P.P.: No Hannukah carols! KLONOWSKI, DEBORAH, "Klint" stage crew, Soccer, Amb: interior decorating, F.S.: "hey, Cut- tie!", N.F.: Silkience, John Lennon Lives . . . KNOBLOCH, FRIEDA, "Friedy", Band, Honor Society, Track Amb: to cure M.S., F.S.: "quand Meme", S.D.: to cut Claire Bruno's pony-tail. KOEPPEL, EDOUARD JAY, III, Orchestra, Hockey team, Amb: to be a rich and famous musician N.F.: 3:20 on the last day of school. KOTHE, GREG ORLANDO, "Attilla the Snail", F.S.: "cornfiakes" S.D.: to have a harem. KRANZ, TRACEY, "Krayola", Cheerleading, Amb: to one day be as tall as M.C., C.F.: the valiant, P.P.: "stys", N.F.: the herman twister is on the loose. KYLE, KIM, "Kimbo", Amb.: to get back into Cassidy's, P.P.: getting up anytime after a weekend, S.D.: graduate, Amherst is a great school and full of good times. LATHROP, MARK, "Throp", "Bone" P.P.: Maureen's car. LAWLER, KEVIN, "Kodak", golf, baseball, Amb.: to become known around town like "the hart", C.F.: my great wardrobe, F.S.: "You Dorchester", N.F.: my amnesia. LEARMAN, TIMOTHY, "the Bear", Drama Club, Oceanography Club, Amb.: to refinish furniture for the rest of my life - ugh! S.D.: to live on a tropical island with a certain someone. LEE, MARSAN, "Sannie", Amb: to become a journalist and travel, N.F.: All my friends. LINK, GRETCHEN, "Pagne", Ski Club, Water Follies, Amb: to glow, C.F.: Lynnie's better side, N.F.: El Dictato Cognitolg S.D.: to go out with L + MJ and not regret it. LOCKETT, STEPHANIE, "Stepha-Stephie-Stzp Stzp-steph", Amb.: to be married, Have a good day! C.F.: smiling LUTHRINGER, ENN, "N-O", Ski- ing, lacrosse, Backpacking, Amb.: to eat kermit's legs, C.F.: inventor of the first electric beer mug, N.F.: the laughing penny. LYONS, ROBERT, "Ed the Red" Football, Swimming, baseball, Amb: to be a member of the French Foreign legion, C.F.: my nose, F.S.: "Oh my God, I don't believe it." MAINS, TRACY, Ski Club, Sun bathing, basketweaving, Amb.: St. Lawrence - M.B.A., F.S.: "that's life", N.F.: Sophomore year at Brun- ners. MALLOTT, MARIE, Cheerleading Class Council, Amb: to win at Fuzzy Duck, C.F.: extra hot fudge at D.Q., F.S.: "Life is a Turnip!" MANUSZEWSKI, MARY, "Manu", Drama Club, Concert Chorale, Operetta, Amb: to be a Buxom Wench, S.D.: to go to the prom in a jeep, Sean, what am I gonna say. MARKELLO, KATHY, "Jean", Honor Society, Drama Club, C.F.: My Mister Bill Imitation, F.S.: "Trickey!" N.F.: Boston ??'?, Mrs. Homer, Scuba, S.D.: To be a star. MAYER, MARGARET, "Mays", Ski Club, Amherst Garden Club, Amb.: to become a computer analyst, F.S.: "Another one bites the Dust" P.P.: Cliques, S.D.: to talk to Dennis McAULEY, MIKE, Baseball, part- time job, P.P: Physics tests, N.F.: Jim Morrison S.D.: to watch D.B. hang McCAULEY, TIM, "Mick", Wrestling Quarry Missions, Amb.: to be a cop, N.F.: The Canal. McENTEE, VINCENT, "Clint", wrestling, Kenmore Lacrosse Club, Amb.: to "get a job", C.F.:."Miller in a can", P.P.: Crusty's shoulder, Arnold's Hair, Creature's nose. McKENNA, JOHN, "Dr. O", "Ace Ferkinhemer", "JR", Football, 181 Amb.: to stay out of debt, F.S.: Just once. McKENNA, NANCY, "Nan", cheerleading Sec. Soph. Class, Pres. Delta Kappa Rho, Amb.: executive, F.S.: "Chevy, Chevy, I love when you fall down . . . " McMAHON, ELIZABETH, "Beth", Latin Club, Ski Club, ballet, jazz, Amb.: Psychologist, F.S.: "Where there's a will, there's a way!!!", P.P.: gossip. MEINDL, KIM, "Bunny", travel- ing, music, Amb.: to work at the Club 747 as a Cocktail Waitress F.S.: "Oh my God", "Say what" P.P.: School MENGLE, SCOTT, "Scooter", Gymnastics, bowling. F.S.: "Good deal", S.D.: to mess up Mike Sul- livan's hair MENZA, CARMEN, "Binzer", Manager at Bells, Amb.: to become the second Godfather, C.F.: My hair, F.S.: "What to you want - a schlap?", P.P.: Army jacketed punks, N.F.: Triples at Duffs. MERLINO, JOHN, "Meri", "Army", Football, Baseball, piano, beaver shooting, Amb.: to attain the height of 5'8", F.S.: "Right here", P.P.: Freshmen girls, N.F.: S. Mis- sions. MERRILL, TOM, "Smerlas", Drama Club, work at Tops, Amb.: Commercial jet pilot, C.F.: shortest actor to hit SH stage, F.S.: "Yawwhhh". MIKULSKI, MARK, "God", "Fozey", "Mikulkskisilverstein- bergstein goldbergwich", Track, gymnastics, musical, Amb.: Architect, Army jacketed punks, S.D.: be like T. Cleary. MILLER, TIMOTHY LAW- RENCE I, Class Pres. 1121 Disc Jockey Club Pres., Gymnastics, cheerleader, Amb.: to have a 20 yr. old wife when I'm 40, C.F.: The Red Bomb MOON, RICHARD, Bowling Team, A Amb.: to get through college, C.F.: relation to Keith, N.F.: rock is better than new wave, P.P.: red pants. MOONEY, THOMAS, "Clone", Soccer, Track, Ski Team, Amb.: collegefdesigning and building sports cars, P.P.: Taking Tests. MORAN, MICHELE, hobby: sew- ing, Amb.: college, travel, C.F.: a million dollars, N.F.: friends. MORGAN, JOE, tno need to tell nickname - everyone knowsj work: Village Produce, Amb.: Buyer of Sporting Goods, C.F.: Running, F.S.: Have another! P.P.: Horse. MORRISON, LYNN PERRY, waterfollies, Amb: A one-way ticket to Australia, C.F.: A one-way ticket to Australia, C.F.: Man of LaMancha, F.S.: "Weeeee!", N.F.: Missy, Gretchen, Mary Jo, S.D.: Mr. Hands. MYERS, SCOTT, "Shot", work: Port of Sports, Amb: to own a con- dominium with a water bed, C.F.: skiing, P.P.: getting up, F.S.: "Go For It", N.F.: the toga. NAGEL, CHARLOTTE, Drama Club, Concert Chorale, Operetta, Work: Ponderosa, Amb: nurse, C. to F: survived the school lunches, P.P.: boring labs. NEEMAN, EDWARD, German Club, F.S.: "What?" P.P.: Ignorance, dirt. NEUREUTER, JED, Swimming, Gymnastics, canoeing, backpacking, Amb.: have a good timefgraduate from college, F.S.: "An honest brew makes its own friends", P.P.: morning swim practice. NEWMAN, MARY M., Ski Club, class council, Amb.: college, work in hospital, F.S.: "Time seems so end- less yet everything goes so fast . . .", F. Per.: Jim Morrison. NOBEL, ANDREW, "Drew", Tower photography, The Spigtones, Amb.: Audio EngineerfPr0ducer, C.F.: good looks, modesty, P.P.: New Wave, N.F.: homework, breathing. NONACS, RUTA, "Tutu", Model U.N., Math Team, French Club, Amb.: to meet Bill Chemaly, C.F.: being Latvian, F.S.: "Puke ir plava." P.P.: nodding, S.D.: to wear B.D.'s denim skirt. NOWAK, MICHELE, "Shorty", "Marth", Amb.: college, job, travel, F.S.: "Love to live, live to strive, and strive for peace of mind." C.F.: 4'9", N.F.: "Bush", Tamp and Co. f NUSBAUM, TOM, "Ted", "Neil Smoke", "Theo.", Soccer, Male cheerleader - thr., D.J. Club - con- sultant, Amb.: none, C.F.: sleeping at my own parties, P.P.: scavengers. O'CONNELL, MARK W., "Gable Bird", Amb.: Air Force QOSIJ agent, N.F.: The Bird. O'HERN, ROBERT, "Bob", Tower, Student Council, Honor Society, Operetta, water skiing, C.F.: Nat. Championship Sailing, P.P. people who canit spell my last name, F.S.: "Really", S.D.: To singlehandedly pillage and plunder an entire Norwegian village. 'Z 5 21 ,. Q. i 5 Q 2 L 3 X s X s if 2 i fl . if l li Si 55 l 5 il it l E e i E 5 i E2 i is I i E ,E Q. it i 5 E A: ,i 5 if 5 f 2 Q 5. 2 5 ii 3 3 S 5 E i it 5 3 si Si E 5 I 3 i i I ,E l I 5 5 2 E Q 5 K ll it .2 it X if OLIN, MIRIAM, "Mimi", J.A., Ski Club, work: Gutman's, Amb.: own shop with my designed clothes in it. OLSON, AMY, "Skeeter", Gym- nastics, Track, Operetta, Ski Club, Amb.: college, N.F.: AKP dinner dances, Supertramp '79, Kara and Julie -- Phi Symna Psi forever! OSBORN, JOHN P., "Biff", Model U.N., French Club, Quiz Bowl, Honor Society, Track, Amb.: MedicinefGenetic Engineering, S.D.: to become a high sch. ad- ministrator. OSBORNE, DIANE LYNN, Music Dept., Red Cross Club, Drama Club, Amb.: Cardio vascular surgeon, C.F.: Hengerer's, F.S.: "Ginchy", P.P.: Men. PACE, THOMAS J., "Spinner", XC Skiing, looking under Seagulls' wings, Amb.: to become the ultimate NADA, N.F.: the way Amherst wasn't. PANEPENTO, SUE, "Susie", Tennis Team, JV cheerleader, V.P. Student Council, Amb.: to pass a Physics test, F.S. "Ok, fine!", N.F.: operettas. PAPKE, ERIC, Orchestra, Drama Club, work: Burger King, Amb.: Urban Planner, P.P.: Proms, S.D.: a date with Marlene Dietrich. PAULY, ANN, Honor Society, Track, Y.E.S., Amb.: Success: C.F.: Running ability, F.S.: "You know'?' 1 PERICOZZI, MATTHEW, "Matty-whop-whop", hockey, football, racquetball, Amb.: to be the best Collision Man in town, F.S.: "If you're not Italian, you're no 'WS good." PIRSON, CHRIS, "Pillsbury dough boy", Stage Crew - Manager, Honor Society, Computer Club, Eagle Scout, Amb.: to look am- bitious, C.F.: keeping Sciortino in line, F.S.: "stop THAT!" PROBST, DAWN, "Mouth", Soc- cer, Backpacking, Amb.: job in a hospital, F.S.: "Mom said", I will to Amherst: my typewriter. RAAB, LISA, Tennis, Track, Skiing, Amb.: Medical school, C.F.: hair rib- bons and that laugh, F.S.: "Let's blow this popstand", N.F.: quintet, S.D.: learn to park my car. RALABATE, MARIA, "Merv", Key Club, Bowling, N.E. YMCA, Amb.: to do some kind of work with people, C.F.: my laugh and love for people, F.S: "He's so Fine"! RAPPOLD, LISA, Amb.: to be a nun, C.F.: being able to see over peo- 182 ples heads, F.S.: "Help mel", P.P.: Vince Smith. REICH, REBECCA J., "Becky", Interact, "Hello Dolly", Amb.: the greatest photographer of all time, F.S.: "Today is the first day of the rest of our lives." RENNING, KENNETH E., "Michiavelli", Honor Society, Amb.: to become wealthy programming computers, C.F.: Anonymity, P.P.: unsolicited advice, S.D.: To tell Mr. Saltarelli one of my opinions. REXINGER, JEFF, golfer, Amb.: clean up the city of Buffalo, F.S.: "Get a job", P.P.: kids who wear their coats all day, N.F.: the lizard, reptile, in the library, S.D.: steal auto-tech truck. RITER, KEN, "Bo", golf, Basket- ball, Amb.: to become the next Jack Nicklaus, F.S.: "92.3'Z: of all putts left short don't go in.", P.P.: people other than myself that own and drive Datsun 280's. ROESCH, WILLIAM, "Mr. Pig", "H.L.", Football, Basketball, Baseball, Amb.: to go to college and graduate, C.F.: the only Human Pork Chop, P.P.: airbags. RUBINS, PAUL, "Bubba", Foot- ball, Amb.: State Police, C.F.: Parties, N.F.: 10th grade. RUNFOLA, SUE, J.A.: making crafts, Amb.: to become a CPA, F.S.: "Who's gonna take up the tray to- day'?", N.F.: the gang whether we're miles apart, S.D.: to get more pen- nies than Kris. RUSS, JONATHAN G., "Army", football, band, baseball, jazz ensem- ble, Amb.: hunt the rest of my life, then go to school, C.F.: my weatherby, F.S.: "Get a job" N.F.: My first deer. SAFFIRE, RICHARD, "Ruby", Model U.N. Math club, German Club, Spanish Club, Amb.: to patent ear-lob warmers, C.F.: I get everything free, P.P.: Soundoff man, N.F.: D.B. you owe me money! SALZER, ELLEN, "Boo" "Horse- feathers", "Swiss Misses", In- teract, Amherst Y.E.S., Amb.: to complete 4 years of college in Buf- falo, Major in Business, F.S.: "you're kidding", P.P.: getting up for school, S.D.: to own a pool hall. SALZMANN, LINDA, "Lynn", German Club, Honor Society, Oceanography Club, band, Jazz en- semble, volleyball, basketball, softball, Amb.: to climb Mt. Everest, C.F.: Jockette extraordinaire, F.S.: "Later" SALZMANN, LYNN, "LYNN", Sweet l6's, Cheerleader, softball, volleyball, Amb.: to be 5'4" and brunette, F.S.: ""'x2lj2"", S.D.: being John Davidson, Hi Mom, Hi Dad! SCHERER, LISA, "Mona", Field Hockey, J.A.: Swimming, Amb.: to become a special education teacher, F.S.: "When you are at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on." P.P.: clic, N.F.: Physics, Potsdam. SCHMITT, PAMELA, "Pammy", Ski Club, Student Council, Track, N.F.: the sorority gang. SCHNEIDER, TOM, "Wimpy", Soccer, Wrestling, Amb.: decking Emma C.F.: Chrysler F.S.: Bills no. 1 N.F.: kicked by the coach. "Cordoba" Fish gets SCHOEMANN, DANA, "Dana ana Shamana ana Dana", Amb.: to get a goodjob, Get married, S.D.: to go to Hawaii. SECORD, ROBIN, "Rob", N.H.S., French Club, Student Council, sail- ing, skiing, biking, piano, Amb.: career in field of psychology, N.F.: Head-butting trees on the Junior Class Weekend. SHAW, DOUG, Model U.N., Ger- man Club, Shark-wrestling, Amb.: to be dictator of a small African Coun- try, F.S.: "Ev'ning Ma'am", P.P.: The Rodent SHELDON, LANCE, "Dutch", My organization exists only in the fourth dimension, Amb.: to jam with Jimmy Page, C.F.: I survivedll, . . . and still the tide . . . SICURELLA, ANGELO, "Rocky", N.H.S., Soccer, Track, Amb.: to marry Jennifer Radler, F.S.: "I love Jennifer Radler" N.F.: Jennifer Radler's beauty. SIEGEL, KAREN, Ski Club, Track team Amb.: to devote my life to Physics, N.F.: Math l0, Guys + Dolls Auditions, Will to Amherst: My Twin Sisters. SIMET, BRIAN, .l.A., A.F.S, Stu- dent Council, Amb.: to become a millionaire. SKELLY, LISA, "Skelly", Band, French Club, Interact, Track, Op- perettas, C.F.: Skelly's World. SMITH, JEFFREY, "Tiny", Backpacking, Football, Track, work: manager at Super Duper, Hobbies: fishing, golf, Amb.: grow 2" taller, F.S.: yup, yup, yup. SMITH, KRISTEN, "Pumpkin, Frog" Basketball, Gymnastics, Track, Baseball: work: Memorial Aud. selling ice cream, Amb.: advertising, C. to F: curls, big eyes, smile. SMITH, LISA, "Smitho" Pep Club, Ski Club, Hiking Club, Theta Sigma Delta Officer, work at Burger King, P.P.: boring classes N.F.: prom, sophomore year, S.D.: to be rich and married. SMITH, PAUL, "Schmitty" Amb.: to be wealthy, live in tropics C. to F. play Tiddley winks with God, P.P. people who stop to talk on the stairs, N.F.: John Schaefer. SMITH, SANDRA, "Sam", In- teract, Art Club, Asst. Manager of Your Host, Amb: to be famous Hairstylist C. to F: Mike and Baseball Team from Plant ff6, F.S.: "Don't hassle me!" SNYDER, ADAM, "Duke" Quiz Bowl, German Club, Model U.N., Amb: Play baseball for the Mets, C. to F.: Founder of Iffley Meade, P.P. Bookstore T.V. announcements and its Co-chairperson, N.F.: THE EDGE. SPICER, ALETA, Band, Honor Soc., Church Youth Grp., job at Salvation Army Amb.: CPA, F.S.: "Oh my goodness", P.P.: C.K.'s socks, N.F.: Good friends. STALTERI, FRANCIS, Band, Jazz Ensemble, Orchestra, Hon. Soc., Operetta Orchestra, Plays with Musical groups of varying types, sports, biking, Amb.: College and nice car. STANGE, ANITA, "Shoes" Concert Chorale, Operetta Ticket Chairper- son, Amb.: Data Processor, C. to F.: knowing T. J. Castello, P.P. Joan, Getting up for school. STAIEROWSKI, JUNE, "Stas", Band, Sec. Assoc. for Retarded Children, Troop Leader for Han- dicapped Girl Scouts, F.S. "Live while you have the chance, for life is short." STEINWACHS, HEIDI, "Hyde" Drama Club, Spanish Club, Class Council, Amb.: Have two of my front teeth come together, C. to F: Hall Decorating, N.F.: Senior Year, Fall Play. STEPHENSON, MARTIN, "Marty" Orchestra, Concert Chorale, Varsity Singers, Greater Buffalo Youth Orchestra, C. to F.: Lightening fast reflexes, P.P.: The Rodent. STRIEJEWSKE, DONALD, "Ski", Firefighter, Carpenter's and Mechanic's Apprentice, Amb.: Art Work, C. to F.: last name, Artist, N.F. N. Falls and Hilton. STRUZIK, JENNIFER, "Fer ', Backpacking, Ski Club, Skiing, li if I E l Q Il . if it . S 3 2 E l ,. E 1 x 2 is 5. l is l Z it li l l . ' l ll gl If l l I l z gl S E 2 s 5 l li gs Amb.: raise animals, nurse, or vet, F.S.: "See you later alligator" P.P.: Mon. A.M.'s, purple, S.D.: Graduate and turn 18. STULL, SCOTT, VS, Model UN, Jazz Ensemble, Band, Concert Chorale, Hon. Soc., Drama Club, Operetta, Boy Scouts, C. to F.: still a Boy Scout at l8 yrs. P.P.: David Becker. STURTZE, SUZANNE, "Alkie" Interact, Junior Achievement, NCJW typist, Y.E.S. volunteer grp., Amb.: Executive Sec., C. to F.: John Lennon photos F.S.: "Don't compli- ment yourself' P.P.: Cliques. STYN, STEVE, "Sven" Track, Volleyball, job at Bells, Amb.: Skilled Machinist, C. to F.: Ax Mur- derer, N.F.: period 4 lunch. SULLIVAN, MARK J., "Sully", J.V. Basketball, Varsity Basketball, Chess Club, Amb.: Comedian, C. to F.: 20 ft. jumpers. SULLIVAN, MICHAEL, "Styler", Gymnastics, Track, Cheerleading, Amb.: Med. school, F.S.: "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy", S.D.: Burn Chem. books. SULSKI, TIMOTHY, "Ray", Foot- ball, Basketball. Amb.: be ugly like John Trabert, C. to F.: Godfather in Polish Mafia, P.P.: H.R. 319. SULTZ, KAREN, "Sultzy", Hon. Soc., Class Council, Tower, Cheerleading. Amb.: decide on ambi- tion, C. to F.: My laugh which J.K. borrowed, N.F.: my friends. THEOPHILOS, TINA, "Adwina", Swim Team, Track, Student Coun. Treas., Tower, Hon. Soc., Amb.: Heart Surgeon, P.P.: my brother's obnoxious alarm clock, N.F.: difference between earth worm and sea worm. THOMASSON, MARK, "Thomo" Amb.: be rich 8: famous, C. to F.: Edible underwear, F.S.: The old eat bite song, N.F.: Styx - the way they used to be, S.D.: to be a freebird. TOMCZAK, JOSEPH, "Putze", Drama Club, T.V. Crew, Children's Repertory, Hon. Soc., Cheerleaders, Amb.: lst million made by doing cheap rip-off of "Halloween", P.P.: D.B. TRABERT, JOHN, "Primate", Football, Track, Baseball, Wrestling, Amb.: be hermit with L. Allen, S.D.: Never to be called "Trabes" again. UPDIKE, CHRISTINE, "Sticks", Gymnastics, Ski Club, Amb.: Airlines Stewardess, college, travel, C. to F.: the only human stick, F.S.: "Are you kidding?" P.P. certain Senior girl. URBAN, LAURA, "Skeebs" Bowl- ing League, job at McDonald's, Amb.: Travel, C. to F.: Curly hair, P.P.: Abusers of Open Campus!! N.F.: my friends at Amherst. VERNON, JULIE, "Tulle" Ski Club "collect" dogs, read, Amb.: Child Psychologist, C. to F.: clothes and shoes, F.S.: "Say what??", N.F.: Junior Year - Meindl's cottage. VOLL, CATHERINE, "Moose", Oceanography Club fpres.J, Operetta fcostume comm.J, flute, C. to F.: will always be kitchen help, F.S.: "Sworn to fun, loyal to none!" N.F.: Chatauqua '79. WAKEFIELD, MARY, "Choke" Waterfollies QJr.fSr. directory, Amb.: raise animals, C. to F.: "Rip Van Winkle", F.S.: "5, 4, 3, 2, l more day 'til the wk. end", N.F.: Sr. Class '8l. WALKER, SCOTT, X-C running, Hon. Soc., Class Council, Lacrosse, Amb.: MoneySSS C. to F.: Benevolent lender of records, F.S.: "I'm against it" P.P.: Drivers' Licenses, N.F.: Cape Cod, P-Town. WARNER, ANDREW, "Andy" Hon. Soc. Band, Orchestra, Jazz Band, Soccer, Track, Receptionist and janitor, clarinet, sax, Amb.: Be a Physician, P.P.: Mr. Soundoff, and Chairperson of Book Store. WATTS, TIMOTHY, "Tim" Amb.: be a Bartender, C. to F.: my hat the "Outlaw", P.P.: ignorant people, N.F.: Death before Disco, Rock is rolling, Disco's dead, S.D.: become rich and share it with friends. WEHR, BETH, "Dikey" X-C ski club, Hon Soc., crafts, I-lydrosliding, tennis, skiing, boating, Amb.: To suc- ceed, F.S.: "Ti Rof Og", P.P.: Physics tests, N.F.: Homecoming '80. WELLS, SUSAN, "Mizz Wellz", Band, Model UN, Interact, Quiz Bowl, Hon. Soc. Cashier at Bells, Amb.: have 7 dogs, F.S.: "Happy Raisin Time", P.P.: cooking Ham- burgers, N.F.: My friends. WHANG, LINDA, French Club, Math Team, Tower, Track, Hon. Soc.,job at Bells, piano, Amb.: Med. Research, C. to F.: Always late, F.S.: "There's a special providence in the fall of a sparrow . . . the readiness is all." N.F.: Bring the Cheez-Balls! P.P.: Fred, homeroom. WHETZLE, STEPHEN, "Tim Cleary" Drama Club, Operetta, X-C Team, TV Announcer, Sportscaster, summer: Lifeguard, Amb.: Qualify for l988 Olympic Marathon Trials P.P. people who achieve Early Deci- sion to Ivy League schools, N.F.: Cape Cod '80, S.D. forget school and become Lifeguard in Hawaii. 183 i S 2 H 3 2 r. X l fi 3 3 E gf 5 Q 5. E if i fi 1. gl 5. i. 2 5 gl 2 3 , l f l l it E 5. Z s t Q l-3 l l l 2 13. ,il 3 E it 2. S I. l s r .l 3 li 3 5. l WHITE, MELISSA, "Missy" Cheerleading, Hon. Soc., Spanish Club, job at The Gap, C. to F.: Throwing cakes in people's faces, F.S.: "Happy New Year", N.F.: friends, Amherst, S.D.: meet a warm little fuzzy. WHITING, SUSAN, Horseback riding, Partying with Friends, Amb.: Dental Assistant, F.S.: "I live for the weekend", P.P.: homework, N.F.: Sr. Class '81, S.D.: marry T-Ball. WILCOX, JEFFREY, "Feej", Tennis, Model UN, Hockey, Physics Lab Asst., Amb: become ruler of Up- per Volta, PLP.: Those who say Dave B. is their P.P., N.F.: B. Springsteen on Dec. 4. WILLIAMS, TRACEY, Jr. Achievement, Jazz dancer, Choir, guitar, Amb.: finish P.N. I and II to become Nurse, P.P.: cards that fall out of magazines, N.F.: l0th Gr. camping trip, S.D.: Mercedes Benz. WINK, CHERYL, "Winky" Operetta Bus. Mgr., PEP Club VP, job at McDonald's, C. to F.: only person to get lost in an elevator, N.F.: Gaylord spending X-mas at my house. WINTERMUTE, SHARI, "Babe" Concert Chorale, Interact, Operetta, Y.E.S., job Ponderosa Rest., Amb.: Social Worker, N.F.: l0th gr. P.P.: Preps and Cliques. WONG, NANCY, job at McDonald's, Amb.: College, go to California, F.S.: "Damn it, Sue!", P.P.: Bathroom graffiti, N.F.: the "Gang", S.D. have 4.0 average. WYSE, COLLEEN, "Bean", PEP Club, Waterfollies, Theta Sorority, piano, tennis, bopping, Amb.: Airline Stewardess, N.F.: Theta Sisters, Theta Dance l980, S.D.: have the Stones for dinner. ZAPFEL, DAVID, "Career Resource Center Day" Co-ordinator, Operetta Publicity chairperson, Red Cross Club, Concert Chorale. ZIEBARTH, REBECCA, "Styx", violin, tennis, Amb.: Nolte, Eastwood, Nuclear Fission Co- ordinator, N.F.: Nov. 18, 1980, S.C.: to drive like Mr. Patelunas. ZIMMERMANN, GEORGE, "Bohunk", X-C Ski Club, Backpackers, F.S.: "What were once vices, are now habits." N.F.: When we do good, they never remember, when we do bad, they never forget. 'Hx M' X. Q, "'x,.v.x'1' .CN N, ,.. -uma "9--O advertisements Congratulations and Good Luck To The Class of 1981 from Student Council l 2 i 3 4 'n in Cheerleaders Sophomore Class 187 Spanish Club 188 ui DAEM N WESTERN NEW YOF2K'S FOFIEMOST CAREER-ORIENTED LIBERAL ARTS COLLEGE Introduces Two New Degree Programs Careers of the 80's COMPUTER SCIENCE and TRANSPORTATION and TRAVEL MANAGEMENT Featuring: Plus Many Other Fine Career Oriented Programs including: Small Classes U 1400 Students Physical Therapy Ideal Metropolitan WNY Campus Career Planning and Advisement Services Cooperative Education Program for further information, please write or call Admissions Office, Ext. 225 4380 Main Street Amherst, New York 14226 i716l 839-3600 Medical Records Administration Medical Technology Graphic Design Social Work and Others :XT . Q if xx.. , . ' ,fra ."3- Ji l T :A J b V The Varden Portraitw ,ie Q .im y Q 3 l '-':V1, W N h V V It's What You Want It To Be. The Varden Portrait is a timeless 'commemorative of your graduation. Your Varden portrait will speak with distinction. For over 30 years, the name Varden has meant the ultimate in portraiture. Vifhen you graduate, don't settle for less. ' xY3l'd0IfM Homeroom 315 Drama Club 190 Field Hockey- Sectional Champs 2 Interact Club 191 Homeroom 120 Grover Cleveland Club Pros 1981 AFTER HIGH SCHOOL, GET A FAST START: LEARN A SKILL If you'd llke to get started 1n an lnterestzmg fleld by y learnlng one of more than 200 JV sk11ls the Army :Ls a great place to get your start Work wlth modern equlpment ,, ,,yyy N learn from top lnstructors Earn over S500 a month whlle there on your own ab1l1ty Plck your Sklll area now f11'llSh schoo1,and go after graduatlon w1th the Army's guaranteed tralnlng Get all the detalls from SFC Renee Doroblala A 631 93142 .Xll O v O . . D O O I I O learning. . . and move up from . . 0 . ' O O O St. John's Fighting Mice ,if rye .1 Sweet Sixteens Varsity Singers 5. liz fl' W. -w. fix X' 'sr-W Concert Chorale x X y 1 U ,,,..,...... Index A Abbarno, Daniel 141 Abbarno, Kathy Acheson, Pamela 58, 148 Acheson, Suzanne 59 Adams, James 88, 100, 101, 148 Adams, Patricia 135 Agocha, Augustine Agocha, Gerard 65 Albon, Mary 64, 148 Alderson, Catherine 77, 83, 136 Aleksiewicz, Donald 44 Alessi, Alessi, Diane 60, 81, 108, 112, 148 Marlene 97 Allen, Carolyn 59, 80, 148 Allen, Kevin Allen, Lisa 148 American Field Service 64 Amsterdam, Valerie 139 Anastasi, Elizabeth 148 Anderson, Dana 128 Anderson, Gretchen 58, 115, 137 Andres, Donna Angelo, Karen 136 Angelo, Sandra 148 Anllo, Sara 141 Aravja, Guilermino 80, 109, 141 Argen, Lisa 103, 138 Arriola, Mark 96, 112, 137 Arscott, Stephen 123 Artanis, Ada 148 Artemas, Angelo 130 Artemis, Elaine 137 Artley, Ashley, Ronald David 81 Atkinson, Katherine 76, 139 Atkinson, Paul 148 Atwell, Glenn 36 Auerbach, Glenn 116, 148 B Backgammon 61 Bagdasarian, Susan 135 Bahanovich, David 77, 105, 148 Bahk, Soo Jew 148 Bair, Byron 36 Baker, Thomas Bald, William 34 Balduf, David 137 Bambach, Barbara 148 Band, Concert 77 Band, Marching 82 Barber, Abby 60, 62, 102, 148 Barber, Kathryn 81, 112, 148 Barber, Theresa 58 Barker, Kim 148 Barker, Scott 122 Barnes, Caroline 86, 94, 141 Barnes, Paul Barnett, Donald 148 Barney, Susan 135 Barrett, Douglas 55, 57, 71, 136 Barrile, Susan 148 Bart, John 138 Barth, Michael 127 Bartholomew, Brian 112, 148 Barton, Kathleen 58, 64, 139 Baseball, J.V. 88 Baseball, Varsity 88 Basketball, Men's J.V. 90 Basketball, Men's Varsity 90 Basketball, Women's J.V. 94 Basketball, Women's Varsity 94 Bauer, Andrew 77, 100, 125 Bauer, Daniel 23, 74, 81, 148 Bauer, Debra 109, 113, 137 Bauer, Jennifer 77, 83, 138 Baughman, Georgann 60, 80, 148 Beauchamp, Amy 93, 130 Becker, Christina 80 Becker, David 50, 57, 60, 61, 64, 148 Begley, Bret 148 Behrens, Diane 126 Beilman, Carol 139 Bekos, Evan 137 Bellanca, Richard Belloch, Maria 21, 60, 64, 68, 80 Beltrami, John 60, 61, 150, 157 Benker, Cynthia 125, 150 Benker, Sandra 15, 73 Bennett, William 64, 80 Berg, Erik 88, 90, 91, 95 Bertand, Jeffrey 100, 131 Beszczynski, Dana 80, 90, 128 Betz, Nancy 126 Beyer, Tomas 141 Bianco, Danny 88, 136 Biegner, Christine 126 Birmingham, Michael Biscaro, Heidi 102 Bissell, Stacy 58, 83, 92, 115, 136 Blatz, Jeff 86, 138 Blinzer, Ann Blinzer, John 126 Bluff, Brian 150 Bluff, Timothy 73 Board of Education 30 Bobak, Todd 66, 131 Bogoniewski, Denise 139 Born, Beverly 45 Borzynski, Daniel 128 Boska, Timothy 150 Bositan, Robert 96 Bosworth, Terry 136 Boundy, Kim Bova, Rhonda 123 Bowling 86 Boyer, Gina 77, 83, 139 Bozimski, Christopher 122 Brands, Angela 136 Brands, Patricia Braun, Donald 80, 127 Braun, Robert 95, 125 Braun, Yvonne 137 Brennan, Sean 134 Brewer, Marie 43 Brinkworth, Mary Ellen 150 Broman, Cynthia 125 Broman, Jennifer 102, 128 Brock, Amy 64, 81, 110, 139 194 6 Brothman, Amy 150 Browm, Truman, Beckley 36 Brown, Kevin 88, 137 Bruno, August 141 Bruno, Claire 52, 60, 150 Bruyere, Raymond 45 Brylinski, Brian 157 Brylinski, David 130 Buffamonti, Mary Ann 157 Burg, Donald 35 Burghduff, Wende 54, 58, 157 Burgholzer, John 44 Burke, Maureen 102 Burke, Patricia 103, 126 Burns, Nina 157 Burns, Karl 128 Burow, Suzanne 54, 58, 151 Burr, Elizabeth Burton, Jennifer 11, 80, 86 Burton, Maria 68, 71, 80, 81, 86, 148 Buscemi, James 151 Busch, Paul 126 Batka, Kenneth 102 Buyer, Michael 57, 137 C Cain, Ann Marie 136 Cain, Eileen 136 Calabrese, Angela 58, 120, 121, 131 Calarco, Gary 138 Calkin, Lisa 76, 137 Callistein, Daniel 36, 74, 80 Camp, Patricia 80, 128 Campbell, Christopher 96, 139 Campo, Richard 57, 60, 61, 73, 157 Cane, Daniel 112, 137 Canna, August 151 Cannon, Marjorie 151 Cantwell, Kevin 64, 71, 77, 82, 83, 151 Cardina, Margaret 109 Cardina, Catherine 86, 94, 97, 109, 112 157 Carland, Edward 152 Carland, Lorraine 123 Carle, Charles 95, 122 Carlon, Jillian Caros, Renee 73, 138 Carson, Barbara 65 Carson, Carol 59, 65, 73 Caruana, Blase 93 Casali, Rodney 34 Cassety, Colleen 127 Cassidy, Debra 35 Castonguay, Cassandra 60, 148, 152 Catalano, Diane 58 Cavanaugh, Kevin 125 Ceccato, John 139 Cenname, Lisa 125 Cercone, Timothy 128 Cerullo, Eugene 152 Chamberlain, Timothy 152 Champ, Carolyn 80, 141 Champ, Mary 60, 71, 80, 152 Chartrand, Jeffrey 96, 112, 136 Chase, Curtiss 38 Chase, Kevin 130 Chase, Laura 138 Davison, William 122 Chazen, Paul 86, 126 Cheerleaders 114, 115, 116 Children's Reportoire 71 Christopher, James Choir 80 Cianfrone, Barbara 94, 109, I25 Ciminelli, Lisa 60, 77, 82, 83, 152 Cisek, Barbara 65, 77, 82, 83, 125 Clark, Elizabeth 80, 128 Clark, Jamie 126 Clay, Roy lll 57, 60, 61, 73, 76 Cleary, Kevin 126, 127 Clemency, Laurie 117 Clement, John 136 Clement, Peter 137 Clough, David 77, 152 Clough, Richard 112, 131, 188 Codd, Maureen 80, 152 Cohen, Elizabeth 138 Colburn, Jodie 139 Colburn, Terry 152 Cole, Richard 100, 128 Collins, Daniel 110 Collins, Dean 95, 153 Collins, Martin 88, 153 Collins, Mary 102, 137 Collura, Julia 25, 60, 62, 68, 81, 1 Concert Chorale 81 Concert Band 77 Concialdi, Anthony 134 Conley, Joseph 112, 139 Conner, Philip 123 Connolly, Nancy 60, 153 Conomos, Harry 122 Constantini, Sharon Conway, James 55, 74, 81, 137 Cooperman, Gerald 42 Copland, Christina 94, 109, 153 Copley, Jason 153 Coppola, Joy 86, 94, 103 Corah, Joseph 62, 71, 105, 153 Cosgrove, Kelly 57, 141 Cosgrove, Sean 112, 153 Cothran, Peter 37, 92 Cox, Leslie 97, 109, 127 Cox, Michelle 122, 130 Craig, Howard, 41 Craik, Charles 110, 123, 130 Crane, John 64, 68, 77, 83 Cranna, Cathleen 80, 126 Cranston, Betty Lou 23, 38, 81 Creaven, John 101, 137 Creighton, Barbara 13, 86, 94, 103, 109, 153 Critelli, Joseph 153 Croglio, Holly 41, 121 Cross Country Ski Club 71 Cross Country Team 108 Crovella, Paul 112, 153 Crovella, Robert 125 Crump, Elizabeth 41 Craser, Angela 47 Cudkowicz, Merit 60, 64, 153 Cullen, Elizabeth 59, 60, 64, 80, 82, 83, 153 Cullen, Peter 57, 59, 80 Culligan, Karen 97, 125 Currey, Beth 153 Currey, Deborah 80, 126 Curthoys, Andrea 136 Curtin, Patrick Cutini, Dennis 154 Cutini, Diane 94 Czyz, Henry 34 D D'Addario, Michele 94, 113, 154 Daly, John 131 D'Amato, Pamela 80, 130 Damis, George 154 Dates, Anthony 100, 128 Dates, Eric Davenport, Bryan 59, 108, 112, 154 Davis, Shannon 74, 80, 108, 112, 138 DeAeth, Sheila 58, 139 DeAnge1o, Rosemarie 139 DeDominicis, Teresa 95, 127 Deinzer, Gregory 86, 125 Deinzer, Paula 154 Deinzer, Roseanne 137 Delmonte, Theresa 76, 138 Demmin, Peter 34 Dengler, John 134 Dennis, Jane 86, 94 Dennis, Martin 139 Denton, Jeanine 45 Deptula, Barbara 154 Deull, Alec 131 Devine, Timothy 96, 141 Devlin, Karen 97, 126 Devlin, Lynn 60, 72, 154 Diakos, Klay 105, 154 Dick, Susan 136 Diesing, Sarah 60, 154 DiFrancesco, Paul 86, 128 Dillon, James DiPasquale, Mark 139 DiSalvo, Kathleen DiSalvo, Sharon 80 Disk Jockey Club 63 Dodman, Mark 136 Dolan, Sean 23, 81, 154 Dombrowski, Judith Domroes, James 112, 154 Donofrio, David 123 Donohue, Mark 60, 61, 96, 152, 154 Doran, Daniel 92, 100, 128 Downey, Jeffrey 138 Doyle, John 95, 112, 139 Drama Club 20, 21, 68, 190 Drdul, Jenny Drescher, Paul 138 Driess, Scott 124 Drozda, Julie 97, 155 Drozda, Robert 96 Druar, William 137 Ducoli, Frank Ducoli, Anthony 126 Dubill, Helen 4-3 Duffy, John 33, 72 Dumas, James 137 Dumas, Kathleen Durawa, Linda 54, 59, 77, 83 Dux, Anthony 27 Dzierba, Helene 135 195 E Eagan, Mary Kelly 64, 109, 125 Earsing, Margaret Eberle, Elizabeth 97, 155 Echmalian, Jayne 76, 109, 155 Edel, Jeffrey 139 Ehrlich, Anat 155 Eisenberg, Lori 60, 155 Elliott, Elizabeth 93, 130 Elliott, Gavin 136 Elliott, Nicole 60, 155 Elliott, William 101, 112, 155 Ellis, Andrew 90, 91, 95, 112 Ellis, Jonathan 126 Ellis Nancy 50, 102, 155 Ellis 4 Steven 55, 57, 110, 138 Elsnau, Paul 128 Emerson, June 82, 83, 141 Euler, Michael 65, 155 Euler, Sean 141 Evans, Thomas 73, 110, 112 Everett, Beth 64, 95 Everett, Jennifer 125 Everett, Wendy 59, 64, 71, 72, 153 Ewers, Andrew 131 Ewers, Teresa 155 Eyler, Brian 40, 125 Facklam, Howard 34 Fahey, Valerie 57, 58, 68, 105, 156 Falk, Matthew 136 Falk, Sheila 123 Fanning, Carolyn 36, 86, 92, 94, Farrell, Kellie 156 Federico, Virginia 37 Felgemacher, Kurt 101, 156 Felschow, Gerald 56, 90 Felschow, Paul 126 Feuerstein, Michael 92, 110, 156 Feuerstein, Robert 124 Field Hockey 103 Fies, Ferald 37, 57 Fickhesen, Richard Fine, Elisabeth 77, 83, 137 Fingold, Kimberly 156 Fingold, Richard Fini, Thomas 34 Finn, Karen 139 Finnegan, Elizabeth 122 Fiorella, Laurie 58, 68, 71, 137 Fischer, John Alexander 136 Fish, David 125 Fish, Jeffrey Fisher, Hugh 77, 156 Fisher, Mark 81, 127 Fitzhugh, Eva 14 Floss, Martin 77, 88 Football, Men's J.V. 98 Football, Men's Varsity 99 138 Forgione, Melissa 58, 65, 109, 113, 156 Forrest, Thomas 130 Forsgren, Harald 100, 125 Forsgren, Ragnar 139 Foster, George Foster, Jeffrey FOSYCF, JON 156 Gorman, Patricia 58, 137 Foster, Timothy 90, 91, 123 Fowlston, Tamara 156 Fox, Patricia 45 Fox, Maureen 156 Fragale, Catherine 136 France, Robyn 156 Frainier, Janine 58, 64, 139 Frank, Julie 86, 126 Frank, Karen 86, 94, 103, 112, 157 Franz, Jamie 88, 141 Frediani, Doris 47 Fregosi, Brian 33, 60, 77, 83, 101, 110, 157 French Club 57 Friedrich, Ellwood 35, 88 Friedrich, Ellwood Jr. 74, 80, 88, 100 Friedrich, Susan 157, Fredricks, Wendy 86, 97, 128 Frenning, Ellen Fretz, David 55, 64, 73, 157 Frieder, Ophir 157 Fronczak, John 34, 138 G Gabriel, Eric 157 Gaglione, Gregory 88, 90 Gaglione, Mark 88, 101, 157 Gajewski, David 112, 126 Galdon, Kevin 157 Gallo, Michael 110, 137 Gallo, Patrick 77 Gamziukas, Lynn Gamziukas, Paul 157 Gandini, Luca Ganter, Gwyn 136 Garbus, Peter 50, 92, 100, 120, 121, 1 Garver, Walter 38 Gasak, Anthony 125 German Club 57 Gervase, Mary Jo 64, 72, 147, 157 Gian, Faith 157 Gian, Matthew 129 Gianturco, James 140 Gianturco, Michelle 64, 71, 105 Gibbs, Kevin 90, 136 Gibson, Gregory 80, 90 Giese, David 122 Gigante, Kelly 68, 74, 80, 127 Ginsburg, Ann 23, 60, 74, 80, 81, 157 Ginter, Brian 158 Ginter, Keith 125 Giunta, Stephen 54, 64, 95, 130 Gleason, Elizabeth Gleason, Patrick 158 Glenn, Owen 83, 126 Gmeinder, Eric 138 2 Goldberg, David 57, 60, 61, 62, 71, 108 112, 158 Goldberg, Lawrence 158 Goldberg, Lee 77, 83, 158 Golf, 105 Gonzalez, Magalay Good, Sara 97, 139 Goodman, William Gorenflo, Paul 158 Gorman, Kevin 141 Gortzig, Eric 64, 71, 138 Gortzig, Helene 60, 61, 158 Grabenstatter, Bruce 80, 131 Grabenstatter, Marcia 158 Grabenstatter, Richard 158 Graf, Paul 34 Graff, Kelly 128 Greco, Susan 43, 90 Greco, Richard 92, 100, 123 Greenberg, Joel 60, 96, 112, 158 Greene, Morgan 124 Greenky, Jocelyn 92, 103, 158 Gregory, Christian 23, 81, 92, 108, 138 Greizerstein, Paul 134 Gresens, David 34 Griffin, Kelly 108, 112, 158 Grill, Robert Grobe, William 42 Grosicki, Susan 60, 61, 159 Gruchala, Jeffrey 77, 83, 139 Gudgel, Victoria 159 Guevara, Paul 159 Guillaume, Marsha 42 Gulino, Frank 100, 122 Guzdek, Edward 137 Gymastics, Men's 96 Gymnstics, Women's 97 H Haas, Dean 140 Hackeny, Cindee Hadsell, Karen 127 Haefner, Mary Ellen 83, 112, 125 Haeseler, Mark 136 Hahn, Douglas 108, 130 Hallock, Linda 64, 159 Halm, Robert Halt, Shannon 58, 136 Hamad, Jerry 138 Hamlin, Michael 125 Hamm, Beverly 139 Hamsher, Bradley 81, 141 Hanna, Edward 129 Hannotte, Richard 137 Hanny, Jane 25, 60, 84, 133, 159 Hanny, Jennifer 58, 81, 115, 138 Hansen, Susan 126, 131 Happ, Stephen 128 Haque, Samir 76, 157, 159 Harrington, Amy 84, 94, 109, 126 Harrington, William 55, 60, 72, 159 Harris, Scott 159 Hartford, Tamara 58, 115 Hasburgh, Eric 134 Hassett, Marsha 23, 38 Hausmann, Katherine 97, 112, 123 Haynes, Timothy 88, 159 Hazelet, Thomas 159 Healy, Kevin 139 Heberle, Dorothea Heberle, Laura 60, 64, 71, 77, 83, 159 Heidinger, Laurie 84, 102, 160 Hein, Barbara 40, 133 Heinen, Alfred 131 Heitzhaus, Donna 160 196 Helfrich, Kara 68, 80, 84, 113, 160 Heller, Patricia 58, 60, 92, 115, 160 Hemann, Elizabeth 160 Hernandez, Raoul 73 Hettler, Robert 39, 94 Hetzelt, Katherine 128 Hicks, Darien 137 Hiller, Amanda 136 Hirsch, Elizabeth 36 Ho, Martha 45 Hodge, Melanie 32 Hoeflich, David 160 Hoffman, Lynn 77, 82, 83, Hoglund, Kurt 108, 136 Hohmann, Barry 160 Holmes, David 160 Holyoke, Cassandra 160 Holyoke, Edward 90, 123 Honor Society 60 Honsberger, Richard 122 Hornbarger, Andrew 64, 160 Houck, Cynthia 50, 62, 64, 74, 81, 160 Houck, Karen 58, 115, 138 Houck, Mark 80, 141 Hubbell, Jill 50, 58, 60, 61, 81, 115, 160 Huber, Bernard J. 101, 139 Huck, John 127 Huffman, Russell 83 Hughes, Lawrence 35 Hughes, Bradley 125 Hurley, Jason 110, 131 Hurley, Timothy 130 Hutchison, Diane 103, 161 Hutchison, James 86, 126 Hyde, Julie 82, 83, 138 Hylkema, Susan I lapichino, John 161 lllos, Gary 161 lnteract 191 lrwin, D. Wickham 60, 61, 116, 161 lrwin, J. Daniel 77, 83, 116, 161 lrwin, Jennifer 92, 102, 133, 137 J Jackson, Carol 141 Jackson, Lisa 136 Jackson Patricia 161 Jackson Robert 140 Jazz Ensemble 75 Jaeger, Elizabeth 80, 123 Jeffrey, Amy 93, 161 Jennings, Diana 46 Jennings, Nancy 161 Jennings, Richard 80 Jerome, Pamela 161 Jockin, Eric 112 Johnson, Todd 131 Johnston, Raymond 38 Jones, Craig 71, 126 Jones, Eric 57, 137 Jones, Mitchell Jones, Warren 136 Jordan, Lisa 161 112 62, 68, 105 McKenna, .Iordan, Michael .Iulian, Marc 138 .Iunior Achievement 73 Junior Class 132 K Kaiser, Lisa 139 Kalkbrenner, Timothy 105, 122, 123 Karas, Susan 76, 86, 103, 141 Karsay, Elek 74, 80, 100, 127 Kasting, Mark 161 Kaszubski, Glen 101, 161 Katrein, Perri Jo 137 Kautz, Kristine 162 Kaye, Thomas 88, 90, 91, 125 Kizimir, Grace 43 Kazinski, Charles 162 Kazinski, Kurt 129 Kearney, Jocelyn 134 Keating, Kara 24, 61, 97, 146, 162 Keith, Laura 130 Keith, Wayne 139 Kelleher, Daniel 136 Kelley, Michael 138 Kelly, Jane 86, 94, 126, 109 Kendt, Mark Kendt, Scott 140 Kenline, Marc 162 Kennedy, Colleen 64, 103 Kerr, Joseph 65, 162 Kight, David 35, 136 Kim, David 57, 68, 71, 125 Kim, Matthew 162 King, Michelle 128 Kinsella, Angela 83 Kinsella, John 128 Kirisits, Jacqueline Kirk, Christopher Kirkland, Patricia 37, 86, 94, 97, 126 Kizilbash, Michael 57, 73 Klayman, Morton 23, 33 Klein, Carl 162 Klein, Gerard 92, 101, 162 Klein, Jennifer 23, 60, 74, 81, 146, 162 Klemp, Kim 141 Klepfer, Steven 100, 122, 123 Klinko, Barbara 162 Klinko, Christopher 77, 83, 131 Klonowski, Deborah 162 Klonowski, Paul 101, 138 Knapp, Robert 134 Knaze, Richard 128 Knaze, Scott Knobloch, Frieda 60, 82, 82, 162 Koch, Jack 44 Kociencki, Kimberly 162 Koeppel, Edouard 77, 162 Konn, Brian 139 Kopin, Therese 124 Korman, Julie 140 Kosman, David 122 Kothe, Gregory 33, 163 Kranz, Tracey 163 Kraus, William 100, 127 Kregg, Yolanda 125 Kruger, Diane 130 Krull, David 137 Kunkel, Candice 43 Kunkel, Bryan 141 Kunold, Kathleen 34, 136 Kwasnik, Laurie 123 Kwitowski, Marlene 126 Kwitowski, Mary 112, 115 Kyle, Kimberly 163 L Lacrosse 105 LaDuca, Francis 74 Lalli, Maria 163 Lamontagne, Jacqueline 80 Lampus, Kristine 128 Lankford, William 77, 139 Laraway, Scott 96, 112, 138 Larson, Edward 36, 120 Larson, Coriell 64, 77, 110, 137 Lasher, Sandra 58, 64, 83, 141 Lathrop, Anne 126 Lathrop, Mark 163 Latin Club 56 Laub, Anne 135 Laughlin, Dawn Lauricella, Gina 97, 131 Lauricella, JOhn 77, 83, 110, 141 Lawler, Kevin 88, 105, 163 Lawson, Alison 137 Lea, Donald 80, 128 Learman, Timothy 54, 163 Lee, Marson 163 Lee, Merri 82, 83, 138 Lee, Alex 124 Lefcourt, Henry 134 Leffler, Melissa 57, 112, 139 Len, Beverly 82, 83, 86, 112, 136 Lenkei, Mark 141 Leveille, Laurence 140 Levine, Michael 135 Levy, Andrew 100 Levy, David 74, 80, 163 Levy, Kenneth 122 Lewis, Claudia 32 Lewis, Diane 58, 80, 127 Lewis, Mark Library Service Club 65 Libront, John 163 Lindner, Michael 136 Link, Gretchen 164 Linsley, Kevin 55,68, 77, 83, 138 Linzey, Mary 76, 80, 139 Lockett, Stephanie 164 Lohnes, Benjamin Lohnes, Mary 80, 86, 112 Love, Raphael 125 Long, Thomas 137 Lubelski, Peter 96, 130. Lubick, Benjamin 61, 112, 141 Lundgren, Anna 131 Lundgren, Eva 123 Luthringer, Enn 105 Lycett, Kelly 126 Lyons, Robert 164 M MacDonald, Douglas 125 197 Machemer, Frederick 34, 90 Macker, Robert 128 Macker, William 137 Mackrell, Erin 164 Magoflin, Mary 80, 112, 126 Maides, Sandra 130 Mains, Tracy 164 Mallott, Marie 58, 115, 147, 164 Malone, John 138 Manuszewski, Donald 92, 96 Manuszewski, Mary 21, 60, 68, 71, Marchese, Frank 57, 86, 136 Marching Band 82 Marcinko, Holly 122 Marien, Raymond 164 Markello, Katherine 60, 164 Markham, Don 80, 90, 125 Marquart, Cheryl 93, 127 Marquart, Gary 164 Marriott, Dale 32 Marshall, Eric 96 Martin, Robert 31, 54 Martin, James 101, 139 Martin, Larry 83 Martin, Michelle 126 Martin, Sally 97, 128 Master, Mark 164 Math Team 73 Mattar, William 33, 101, 112 Marry, Jacqueline 136 May, Kenneth 138 Maurer, Wilma 42 Maybee, Beth 140 Mayer, Rebecca 80, 125 Mayer, Margaret 164 McAllister, Robert 39 McAuley, Michael 65, 128 McAuliffe, Ellen 120, 126 McCarthy, Deirdre 139 McCarthy, Dennis 57, 108, 139 McCarthy, Edmond 100, 131 McCarthy, Karen 124 McCauley, Peter 112, 165 McCauley, Timothy McCleery, Colleen 128 McClellan, McCollum, Patricia 59, 136 Daniel 135 McCormick, Elizabeth McCray, Mildred 45 McDade, Terrence 141 McDonald, James 88, 165 McDonald, Scott 137 McDonald, Timothy McDonnell, Scott 134 McEntee, Vincent 116, 165 McGloin, Kim 93 McGuire, Terence 83, 88, 90, 136 John 165 McKenna, Nancy 105, 165 McLeron, Kathleen 72, 139 McMahon, Elizabeth 165 McMahon, Susan 38, 165 McMahon, Thomas 122 McNamara, Susan 86, 103 Mecca, Todd 165 Meindl, Kim 165 Menclewicz, Michelle 127 Mengle, Scott 86, 96, 116, 165 Menza, Carmen 166 81,164 Nowak, Michele 167 Mercurio, Laura Merlino, John 125, 166 Merlino, Lisa 86, 102, 109 Merrill, Thomas 57, 166 Messer, Diane 65, 76 Metzger, Kathleen 58, 136 Metzger, Suzanne 138 Meyers, Randy 123 Michalak, Gwen 130 Michielli, James 137 Michalcik, Susan 125 Mikolajczak, Gregory 139 Mikolajczak, Sheila Mikulski, Mark 96, 112, 166 Milbrath, Eric 101, 166 Miller, David 77, 83, 96, 128 Miller, Julia 112, Miller, Marjorie 54, 126 Miller, Mark 124 Miller, Paul Miller, Timothy 24, 37, 62, 96, 166 Mitchell, Richard 32, 60 Model U.N. 64 1 Newman, Mary 167 Nguyen, Quang Tu Nielson, Peter 124 Niemczycki, Mary 136 Nobel, Andrew 167 Nobel, Gary 62 Nonacs, Ruta 60, 64, 73, 167 Nowocien, Scott 128 Nusall, Robert 91, 122 Nusbaum, Peter 92, 125 Nusbaum, Thomas 90, 101, 116, 167 Nye, Elisa 80, 138 Nyman, Kenneth Peters, Kirk 138 Peters, Sharon Petro, Caroline 55, 76, 86, 92, 139 Pham, Thieu 64, 117, 138 Pham, Thinh 125 Pham, Wong PHelan, Sean 81, 141 Pierce, Cynthia Pierce, Margaret 59, 77, 83, 112, 137 Pieters, Karen 64, 138 Pietraszak, Carol 134 Pirson, Christopher 168 Pitman, Timothy 96, 136 Pitts, Brian 96, 112, 122 Pitts, Kathleen Moliterno, Alison 60, 77, 83, 166 Molzen, Colleen 80 Molzen, Kathleen 166 Montesano, Kristz, 103, 131 Montesano, Michael 138 Montesano, Ronald 86, 123 Moon, Richard 166 Mooney, Thomas 101, 112, 166 Moore, Robert 33, 166 Morace, Barbara 46 Moran, Mary 122 Moran, Jacqueline 139 Moran, Michelle 166 Morgan, Joseph 108, 112, 166 Morrison, Lynn 166 Morrissey, Sandra 137 Morrow, Lisa 128 Mosey, LaVerne 125 Mosier, Patricia 83, 130 Muenter, Merete 74, 80, 97, 13 Mullen, Chris Mullen, Teresa Mulloy, Mary 6 O Oceanography Club 54 O'Connell, Mark 167 O'Connell, Michael G. 55, 57, 71, 101 O'Connell, Michael J. 61, 133, 137 O'Connor, Robert 47 O'Connor, Dawn 136 O'Connor, Patrick O'Donne1l, Robert 36, 47, 108 Podgorski, Joseph 31 Podsiadlo, Catherine 58 Poplawski, Christine 41 Porter, Jane 128 Potts, Alison 74, 81 Powers, Patrick 136 Pratt, Mallory 57, 137 Priore, Susan 59, 73, 82, 83 Probst, Dawn 92 Probst, Duane 98, 110 O'Hern, Robert 52, 60, 61, 117, 168 Olchvary, Paul 130 Olin, Miriam 168 Olson, Amy 86, 168 Olszowka, Peter 77, 126 Omel, Kelly 74, 74, 80 Omron, Renee 109, 125 Orchestra 76 Osborne, Diane 65, 80, 168 O'Shea, Michael P Pace, Thomas 168 Pagano, Jeffrey 101, 136 Pagano, Mark 137 Paianini, Craig 90, 95, 128 Palumbo, Bernard 55, 77, 138 Palumbo, Mary 168 Panepento, Susan 50, 147, 168 Pankow, Arthur 41 Munson, John 60, 64, 108, 168 Muraco, Barbara 125 Murphy, Maureen 117, 120, 121, 126 Murphy, Patricia 138 Murray, Kenneth 68, 71, 128 Mustard, Joanne 32 Myers, Scott 167 N Nagel, Charlotte 80, 167 National Honor Society 60 Nau, Kyria 83, 126 Neeman, Alisa 82, 83, 97 Neeman, Edward 105, 167 Neeman, Henry 123 Nesarajah, Joseph 136 Neureuter, Jeanne 93, 125 Neureuter, Jed 110, 167 Neureuther, Stephen Neuthardt, Pauline 45 Pantelis, Constantine 77, 83, 100, 130 Paolini, Sue 86, 92 Papke, Eric 68, 77, 168 Papke, Todd 126 Parks, Kimberly 134 Parlatto, Claudia 58 Parnitzke, Kathleen 58, 68, 81, 109, 113, 141 Patelunas, Robert 40 Pauly, Ann 60, 112, 168 Pawlowski, Camille Pearson, Charles Pawlowski, Camille 140 Peck, Terry 127 Peek, Timothy Peltier, Mary 97 Penichter, Peggy 43 Pep Club 58 Peppas, Katerina 135 Perez-Prado, Aixa 38, 57, 72 Pericozzi, Matthew 168 Peters, Karen 198 Provino, Michelle 127 Ptak, John 40 Putnam, Michael 126 Puma, Kay 32 Q Quance, Laurie 59, 73, 82, 83, 86, 112, 138 Quinlivan, Ann 86, 94, 112, 138 Quinlivan, Gerald 24, 60, 112, 169 Quinn, Marilyn 94, 141 Quiz Bowl 69 R Raab, Lisa 102, 109, 169 Racsumberger, Jeffrey Raczka, Maryjo 141 Raczka, Wendy 103, 169 Radler, Jennifer 62, 74, 136 Ralabate, Maria 169 Ranallo, Thomas 137 Rand, Susan 86, 97, 125 Rapp, Diane Rappold, Lisa 54, 86, 169 Raza, Farooq 139 Reap, Vicky 138 Rebadow, Mark 88, 141 Rebadow, Norman 95, 169 Red Cross 65 Reed, Elizabeth 42 Reed, Richard 36, 146 Reedy, Janet 52 Reese, Matthew Rehak, James 128, 137 Rehak, Jill 74, 80 Reich, REbecca 169 Reich, Virginia 59, 80, 126 Reineck, Marion 58 Reinhardt, Larry 96, 128 Reinhardt, Paul 96, 169 Reise, David 169 Reitan, Kirsten 72, 136 Renning, Kenneth 169 Repp, Rhona 46 Resnikoff, Joel 100, 125 Restall, Karl 80 Retzer, Michael 123 Rexford, Susan 26, 39, 209 Rexinger, Jeffrey 170 Reynolds, William 55, 64, 138 Rhinehart, Marshall 90, 122 Rhodes, Jeffrey 139, 64 Richards, Courtney 127 Riepe, Charleine 37 Ring, Joseph 141 Ring, Patricia 129 Ringer, Beatrice Riter, Kelli 86, 94, 109, 127 Riter, Kenneth 90, 170 Rizzo, Mary Ann 43 Rizzo, Mary M. 43, 130 Rizzo, Sharon 58, 137 Roach, John 126 Roche, Michael 123 Roesch, William 25, 88, 90, 170 Rogers, Crane 77, 128 Rogers, Molly 93, 138 Rogers, Ronni 58 Rohloff, Anthony 108, 112, 126 Rolston, Melinda 129 Romal, Peter 139 S Ronald, Donald 40 Rosen, David 35 Rosen, Laura 131 Ross, Joseph 136 Rossano, Patric 96 Rubins, Paul 170 Rudolph, Kelly 170 Runckel, Gary 41, 100 Rundle, David 125 Runfola, Susan 170 Rupp, Irene 57, 77, 86, 93, 128 Russ, Jonathan 77, 83, 170 Russell, Arlene 42 Rustum, Michael 141 Rutecki, Mary 128 Rutecki, Michael 60, 105, 170 Rutkowski, Douglas 170 Saflire, John 122, 123 Saflire, Richard 57, 60, 61, 64, 73, 170 Saliby, George 124 Saliby, Marlene 140 Saltarelli, George 35 Saltzman, Brian 135 Salzer, Ellen 59, 170 Salzmann, Linda 60, 77, 83, 94, 109, 113, 170 Salzmann, Lynn 60, 74, 80, 81, 109, 113, 171 Sanders, Harvey 55, 57, 141 Sanfratello, James 127 Sargent, Mark Sartori, .lohn 126 Saur, Jennifer 125 Schaefer, Lynne 131 Schaefer, Michael Schaefer, Robert Schake, Amy 130 Schake, David 138 Schenk, Carolyn 126 Schepperly, Paul 96, 126 Scherer, Gerald 125 Scherer, Lisa 171 Scherer, Paul 90 Schick, Debbie 102, 139 Schifferle, Michael 171 Schillaci, Grace 64, 138 Schlaerth, John 171 Schlaerth, Mary 113 Schmall, Donald 64, 108, 138 Schmitt, David Schmitt, Jeanette 137 Schmitt, Kevin 141 Schmitt, Pamela 171 Schmitt, Susan 171 Schneeberger, Richard 136 Schneider, Nancy 35 Schneider, Brian 101 Schneider, Thomas 101, 171 Schoemann, Dana 171 Schrader, Richard 71, 128 Schratz, Molly 126 Schreck, Katherine 93, 109, 123 Schubert, Bruce Schubert, William 112, 171 Schueckler, David 77, 83, 95, 137 Schuh, Victor Schultz, Lorey 74, 81, 103, 133 Schultz, Robert 171 Schutte, Lori 71 Sciandra, Joseph 171 Sciandra, Karen 58, 80, 131 Sciolino, Amy 133, 141 Sciortino, Thomas 171 Scribner, Lisa 141 Secor, Michael 137 Secord, Robin 60, 61, 172 Sekera, Clara Sue 33 Senior Class 144 Serafin, Craig 80, 108, 172 Serafin, Melinda 58 Serotte, Michael 136 Sgranfetto, Paul 140 Shatkin, Todd 112, 122, 180 Shaw, Deirdre 64, 77, 137 Shaw, Douglas 35, 61, 172 Sheehan, Colleen 140 Sheldon, Lance 172 Shell, Victor 129 Sherman, Mark 95 Sherretts, Amelia 47 Short, Edward 55, 71, 105, 141 Short, Mary 80, 172 Short, Therese 80, 125 Shrauger, Vernon 57, 62 Sicurella, Angelo 60, 101, 112, 172 Sidell, Reba 139 Siegel, Eric 137 Siegel, Karen68, 112, 172 Siegel, Marc 134 Silver, Frankie 80 Silverman, Amy 138 Simet, Brian 172 Simoneau, Suzanne 137 Simons, Jane 38 199 Singer, Julie 136 Sivakoff, Natasha 35, 64, 68, 112, l Skelly, Lisa 59, 77, 82, 83, 172 Slabodkin, Gregory 100, 123 Slater, Mark 172 Slawatycki, Patricia 74, 80, 130 Smith, Barbara 32 Smith, Gilbert 59, 141 Smith, Jeffrey 172 Smith, Jennifer 140 Smith, John 100, 112, 125 Smith, Julie 73, 112 Smith, Kristen 172 Smith, Lisa 173 Smith, Paul 173 Smith, Richard 88, 139 Smith, Sandra 173 Smith, Sharon 59, 113, 137 Smith, Timothy 128 Smith, Vincent 59, 173 Smithmeyer, Richard 141 Snyder, Adam 35, 55, 60, 61, 64, 73 77, 83, 173 Snyder, Daniel 126 Snyder, Teresa 65, 137 Sobel, Daniel 129 Sobel, Jeremy 36, 64 Soccer, Women's 92 Soccer, Men's J.V. 100 Soccer, Men's Varsity 101 25 Softball 113 Solomon, Laurie 129 Sophomore Class 187 Spanish Club 188 Spann, Sara Spanogle, Kathryn 64, 74, 81 Sparbel, Dawn 173 Spicer, Aleta 60, 77, 83, 173 Spitzer, Clarence 36 Sports Council 86 Springer, Thomas 90, 141 Sprowl, Jonathan 50, 62, 139, 192 Staff, Raymond 100, 131 Stage Crew 63 Stalteri, Francis 60, 77, 83, 173 Stange, Anita 80, 173 Starkey, Joseph 90, 128 Starr, Kevin 32, 33, 195 Stasierowski, June 77, 83, 173 Steffan, Joseph 173 Stein, Joseph 88, 136 Steinwachs, Heidi 65, 68, 105, 173 Steinwachs, Jill 92, 141 Stephenson, Martin 60, 74, 77, 174 Stephenson, Melinda 64, 76, 136 Stewart, Cynthia 112, 174 Stewart, Sarah 68, 74, 77, 80, 125 Stidham, Glenn 125 Stiller, Craig 174 Stites, James Stites, Royann 174 Stock, Paul 124 Stockman, Amy 77, 83 Storfer, James 77, 130 Strainchamps, Emily 72, 80, 139 Stricklin, Christine 137 Striejewske, Donald 174 Strobel, Lauren 126 Student Council 50 Struzik, Jennifer 174 Struzik, Lauren 102, 138 Stulik, Kenneth 86, 128 Stull, Scott 60,74, 77, 82, 83, 177 Sturtze, Suzanne 174 Styn, Steven 95, 112, 174 Sullivan, Eileen 50 Sullivan, Mark 90, 91, 116, 174 Sullivan, Michael 60, 96, 116, 174 Sulski, Timothy 174 Sultz, Karen 50, 60, 101, 174 Sutton, Willard 139 Swanson, Jody 86 Sweeney, Paul 137 Sweet, Sixteens 74 Swimming, Men's Varsity 110 Swimming, Women's 93 Szymanski, Lynn 92, 103 T Tallman, Jon Tallman, Kelly 141 Tasker, Jean 135 Taller 55 Taylor, Reed 32, 33 Taylor, Sandra 26, 36 Taylor, Teresa 112, 131 Tederous, Helen 128 Tennis, Men's 92 Tennis, Women's 102 Theiss, William 125 Theophilos, Constantina 50, 60, 93, 112 Thomasson, Mark 175 Thompson, Barbara 139 Tibbetts, Hollis 61, 64, 138 Tichenor, Brad 40, 90, 112 Tiffany, Linda 141 Todaro, Paul 68, 71, 74, 80 Tokash, Lorre 55, 57, 94, 103, 109, 123 Tomczak, Joseph 24, 62, 60, 61, 68, 105, 116, 175 Tomczak, Lisa 122 Toms, Lynn 137 Toote, Dawn 127 Tornow, Vanessa 58, 103, 109, 138 Torre, Pamela 139 Torrell, Frederick 134 Tower 52 Trabert, Deborah 86, 94, 102, 109 Trabert, John 24, 125, 175 Track, Men's 112 Track, Women's 112 Trapper, John 24, 74, 68, 74, 81, 175 Tredo, John 59, 139 Triad 72 Tripi, Lucy 59, 73, 82, 83, 137 T.V. Announcers 62 U Ulrich, David 36, 55 Ulrich, Michael 101, 136 Ulrich, Patricia 39 Umholtz, Kurt 55, 61, 112, 141 Unterloehner, Rolf Updike, Christine 97, 175 Urban, Laura 175 V Valls, Isabel 81 Vaccaro, James 30 Valone, David 55, 73, 77, 83 VanHorn, David VanHorn, Mark Varsity Singers 74 Vehar, Gabrielle 76, 80, 137 Verel, Kelly 141 Vernon, Antonio 90 Vernon, Julie Verrico, Jennifer 86, 93, 126 Vershay, Deanna 86, 94, 113, 137 Vetter, Jean Vinal, Gregory 71, 64, 175 Vinal, Mary 138 Viscardo, Christine 80, 128 Viscardo, William 86 Voll, Catherine 54, 176 Volleyball, Men's 95 Volleyball, Women's 109 W Wagner, Peter 139 Waite, Marjorie 43, 46 Wakefield, Mary 176 Waldmiller, Diane 64, 94, 95, 126 Walker, Lucretia 44 Walker, Scott 57, 60, 61, 105, 108, 176 Walsh, Joseph 108, 112, 131, 176 Walsh, Kelly 93, 141 Walsh, Molly 123 Walsh, William Walters, David 77, 83, 86, 141 Wang, Ai Wen 138 Wang, Maria 176 Warden, Christopher 90, 128 Warner, Andrew 60, 77, 83, 101, 112, 176 Wasielewski, Margaret 81 Watkins, Lynn 112, 141 Watts, Dawn 122, 125 Watts, Timothy 176 Weaver, Connie 40, 95 Weaver, Mark 62 Weber, William 40 Weber, Bernard 24, 75, 88, 90, 91, 176 Wegrzyn, John 61, 88, 137 Wehr, Elizabeth 60, 176 Wehr, Karen 59, 136 Weigand, Glyn 86, 137 Weiss, James 122 Weiss, Margaret 176 Welch, Sarah 76 Wells, Andrew 83, 112 Wells, Susan 60, 64, 73, 77, 82, 83, 177 Wenner, Peter 135 West, James 94, 96 West, Susan 39, 86, 92, 103, 139 Whang, Linda 60, 64, 73, 112, 177 Whetzle, Stephen 62, 108, 147, 177 Whitbeck, Christopher 21, 68, 80, 127 White, Craig 96, 116, 117, White, June 130 White, Melissa 58, 60, 68, White, Timothy 126 Whiting, Susan 177 200 177 115, 177 Whyte, Denise 76, 137 Wiegert, Cindy 177 Wiegert, Gary 125 Wilber, Herbert 40 Wilcox, Jeffrey 60, 71, 73, 92, 177 Wile, Jonathan 134 Wilkins, Judy 39 Willett, Francis 139 Williams, Robert 70, 128 Williams, Tracey 177 Willis, Terrence 126 Wilson, John 127 Wilson, Marc 64, 80, 138 Wilson, Michael 128 Windringer, Maria 58, 80, 131 Wingert, Anne 58, 136 Wink, Cheryl 58, 81, 177 Winkler, Robert 80, 177 Wintermute, Shari 80, 177 Wipf, David 95, 141 Wipf, Judson 124 Wipf, Scott 141 Wirth, Lisa 85, 128 Woestendiek, Douglas 73, 108, 177 Woestendiek, Jean 73, 123, 130 Wolcott, Clara 42 Wong, Betty 125 Wong, Dennise 178 Wong, Nancy 178 Wood, Cathy 103, 137 Woodger, Laura 37 Woodin, Paul 140 Woodle, Stephanie 138 Workman, Heather 122 Wrestling 89 Wrisley, Pamela 76, 86, 112, 127 Wyatt, Jamie Wyse, Colleen 178 Y Yager, Conrad 178 Yakar, Eran 138 Yakar, Yael 125 Yensan, Kathleen 130 Yensan, Michael 137 Yim, Dae Chol Yuhl, John 134 Z Zach, Nancy 138 Zaidel, Jay 126 Zaleski, David 88, 96, 139 Zammit, Julie 178 Zanghi, Paul 101, 141 Zapfel, David 65, 81, 92, 178 Zarcone, Joseph 81, 178 Zarcone, Michael 125 Zerkle, Patrick 96, 136 Ziebarth, Carol 140 Ziebarth, Rebecca 76, 178 Zimmerman, George 71, 178 Zink, Lisa 112

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