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V1-mn ' u. ff" Z' J, R . '- .1 la '- I . lf '. v 'xx L J . pf ,1 , Q " ' 'M 'J' 'A A l f . 4 .ci 1fA1:flQ ', A - 4 . , I gli? F 7LE.v3,Zi:J6fl,? LL-f V -A ' , . 1. ATV' vi G-f ' V VUL ftfl.,3,L'Q U' H: ji.!,f,- QL ., ,if ., ,. -., 1, 4 I ff",1fw"L-FJ . ,Q 1ff!' f Wf" ' q -ff' far gi' H ,I I-,, I - V 1 M g, I A L fn b'f' f,Mf" ,MW K ,hm flaw ag ...KP K ,M I 'LJ' U ,fir - l i ' , ' ' ' Q ' ' .,w,..j9' i. iff? ,QV ,,,y ','B ,,,g-f I7 Q1 wg .. Q ,W puff Jygfifaiziff' 15. ,F VW Ck-'Y' ,- w Nl. N, , if?-, F , 1 E 'Il r xv ' - X 1 M V 5 " V V' V!,' .' 1 'Vx V cw-2 'we IA Q EQSLLAA ' A ' ' "5 I Q J Riff l' ' Q i V N - V N fl , ..,, Q , I .Q 5, E N' 1 1535 .1 if D Mfg., . ' Aka f'fM'f'ifW SJ ' A ' k 3, mswfgf- ' W - a51, f -gm if Q 5 ,w Q? if M, f .1fffWt2P"'L' '49 Qu! f f' 3 1 QT, 'I KA I 1 4 - 1 , Ti' ."" ' , ' P' .'.x. lj .N .0 - :JD .,n. ', gg 4 G fur! Lf4k",' X' , 'X-in fn? - 1 ' an V' Q3LJ - N ig N qjlywwff' Q .ff ' J f . A4 "'- E jf a L f . lu.. 'if -X Jw 'W L J C Q U W ell? ag J53n,1bNWx, y + f H . M mf 15 K 1 L: H VK,-fx .,uA W fv fi D I 4 ,Q it If? s V EQ.-,9,Lo1fCQL4gS In--G U. + fl M adj' jyggy' J!'7,,g!iY'mgL, VJQTS -"aff 4 9 4 + 70 A-'W' zYlffW 3hf 'ffVf.y" . 'W P f fi - I A g,!ii",fLLj 1-'xlarftt fl Jikjijjd I . Q ,S 1 Lf,,L-ffiigkiy . ' 19", ,QJ19 ,ga . " 1 .l ' 'I .V lil 342 .Vg HI, ivfrfa, - E , . ,iffrf AL ,fm-yfff' 1, L,f ,J I . U M ' .CI ' 1 1A 'U iq, ' ' -if-V, Q A X, ,..,L -N .. , 4' WA v EN W A F. -T J? . A. 4 ,J , I - ' f A - ww-f L "W wLJlU1Q AJ p,OJLJ1-' . .y ,T J -.,fLQ'p Flin , Ui ' -J?-'V' '57-: 'Mfg - QV fx J 'T' " ' 'bfv A. "" -'X Y 45 VI X X- ,Lf If J' Q, Krk fkxwwndi ,f'kfuQ,,,-fr'u3 -.-'C1.fL""if'f-f'- Y WL XX Wx w , wk 'ew ...Q-' fu' 'fl y I JS Jw I ' U W I- ?',,.,,! If-"WK, JQL9-U Lf- A Jw eb'-f if 'ff 2 ' 1 K. fi -. X ' - T N -QSAVN rm V," L 1 h- Q ,JQOEWJXJ v 5,4 M143 AUQQIO Y 5 N, X . 5 ' 1 QQ C , ' ' 1,51 lj N -' - gf W 5923- fix' r 1.5 .J . "AV , 1 . 11 A Z - - X .'.'QJ-9 QW' If '57 .N A ' I , 3 mx, 5 I Q- 'I at lbplj .QL , N A ' V M W tx , X ml xb V Q A I , x Q If 193 ,.A 07' .b , ' X UA' -4? " " ., +46 . ' I 7 gn ' XUL FICQP VN 4 'N ' W I X '-fy 'X in 17416 .QJHQTJ b 1 f 2-f - Q :UQ ff . in X- F gf X' A A , ww hiv' 4,-1 M" R - M X Y X Q P? fgjq x XJXNX-I if '. Rf -V53 " 'f,P"'x ,. + ,J P, , 4, R2 ' xl T5 .5-fy" if 'QQ wh , , , f . fr- f,'.f .4 'j ' 4 X flfvxff Y T mm.-,i, .JNL gf I Qyjy f 'Q 'F '35 N ' , - x f-L .,:, , VL,-if -f I Q' 1 ' 'fi V, aw, dy! lik It L N H -,HL A .I '. .V - '- I .- '-,r,,..' -A , ,f H ' Rf? ..J9'u 'sFA'QW'M0 ,LEW lfw, if ,SRX X 'fb JT X ',' Q! J 'M " Q" Iixf' A .. My 'J , JJ i ri' I -iq up-" , I. J-I ,, 'A 1:5 L' J ,,fQL1J-TJL LJ., . in -4 ibn- rK,.x,T'!gn'6rJ I UC!" ' .7 ', bl w ui5.4'Q'- gf W, 5 B 1-1 xLQja"" x' H ,L ,I-ff" '-" 'I ,A f, 1' - . ,,-,,'. ,r r, . N X :., Q- A, F I 3.0 11, wi, P YV. J- k 1 1 V: V V . L' ,. A, , , w Ywgyseflfglllxfffffl' f-47 W' W 1 ww-Q f QUQEX Rl Q M'w ffm + as f , - ' 5 of ' Ami f 01025 K M? ' '41 'V" ' f TH E W M QV nj! yi fW'Wf l m 5 J VU ' . -ff - . ' q A Q M My .Nj 'A 11,2 My ' AKLV wx., W x 3 ! gy 4fQQ2,f ' ' W . jr N X Kew l fi if X Z r ,1 r, ' , xv X., A v Aw... f 4' . 1 'V Wifi? mi, WSF? 25 TH ANNIVERSARY , 41?-, ,, xl. 4:'f,'f J .1 xy. THE -1 SLK X x WER SENIOR PUBLICATION OF THE CLASS OF 1955 AMHERST CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL SNYDER 21, NEW Yom: JU E I955 i N- M. '1-, 2' -XX -X -' wr L a FGREWORD v pp! sf -1 . 17 LL. As we tread down Life's Main Street, Signals and signs will guide our feet Toward those things we wish To do, To become . . . During the march of progress which has ensued in our country for the past twenty-five years, we have found ourselves becoming increasingly dependent upon others for opinions and ideas. These opinions form tem- porary guidcpos ts which we either ignore or revere. We have surrendered plurselves, helplessly, to the stronger signs to make and influence our CCISIOIIS. Being such an integral part of our day to day life, signs may be ex- pected to play a prominent part in our community living. We have come to depend upon such things as signal lights, store directories, ad- vertisements, and street signs to aid us in all we do. Some of these signs are like a beacon which shines forth in the midst of chaos and confusion. There could be nothing more welcome than a sign which alleviates a type of worry or distress. Others of these signs are less sought, but more com- manding, such as "slow', signs and one-way arrows. These, in the past two decades, have been awarded the admirable task of protecting our nation's safety. ' As we participate in school activities, here at Amherst, we are por- traying ourselves as signs-a method of symbolizing our likes and dis- likes, our hopes and dreams. Our very movements express to others in- formation concerning our habits and lives. Therefore, each student is a necessary portion of Amherst's story to her friends and neighbors. As each of our classmates is a sign-an inspiration to us-so we reflect our- selves to others, throughout our community. We are not attempting to portray each of our school's various adminis- trators, classes, and activities as particular signs, but rather to demon- strate how the duties and aims of each function as a signal, guiding and directing us toward the best attainable goals. 4 4 DEDICATIO Miss Mary D'Amico It is to Miss Mary D'Amico that this year,s senior class would like to dedicate the 1955 Tower. She has, as class adviser., earned her place in each of our hearts by her lmtiring work and faithful service. We sincerely hope that this dedication will long be a reminder to both Miss D'Amico and each senior of the inspiration she has been throughout the years. 5 ........ First Row: Liz Doran, Ann Osborn, Judy Larwood, S lvia Dean, Ph llis Goga. Second Row: Molly Turner, Jean Davis, Barbara Becker, Barbara Jackson, Anne Wells, Marcia Rhodes. Third Row: Carol Sanders, Joanna Kidd, Dave Fogg, Paul Schonewolf, Judy Pelson, Barbara Merritt. Not Pictured: Sally Sprague, Lola Skidmore, Pat Gravener. TOWER EXECUTIVE STAFF Editor Judith Larwood Business Manager Maureen Turner Assistant Editors Patricia Gravener Sylvia Dean Ann Osborn Elizabeth Doran Phyllis Goga Publicity Manager Lola Skidmore Assistant Publicity Manager Barbara Jackson Photography Editor Dave Fogg Assistant Photography Editor Lynne Morris Sales Director Jean Davis Girls, Sports Editor Judith Pelson Boys' Sports Editor Paul Schonewolf Advertising Manager Barbara Merritt Assistant Advertising Manager Anne Wells Subscription Manager Kathleen Coad Assistant Subscription Manager Marcia Rhodes Art Editor Sally Sprague Statisticians Joanna Kidd Barbara Becker Faculty Adviser Mr. Robert Holder CDWER STAFF Molly Turner Sylvia Dean and Mr. Holder Tl1e staff for this year's Tower has been busier than ever preparing the last publication before the separation of the Junior and Senior High Schools. Tlie project began in September when seemingly unorganized groups, working on seemingly unrelated parts, formulated new and ee - ' 97 - , . different plans. The ideas merged as the year progressed, thus producing in June, this completed, yearbook. An increase in enrollment has expanded the activities a11d added extra pages and new interest to this issue. We, the staff, believe that what we present to you is a Tower to be described in superla- tives. TOWER GENERAL STAFF First Row: Valda Orlando., Priscilla Bowman, Sandra Perry, Rosemary Graver, Joan Lilga, Barbara Ran- dall, Beverly Lown, Barbara Merritt, Anne Wc:lls, Sue Haas, Judy Pclson, Phyllis Coga. Second Row: Penny Lee Brcse, Ann Provost, Jane Davis, Loueen Edwards, Carol Hiemenz, Dave Fogg, Paul Schone- wolf, Bryan Werner, Pat Werner, Grace DeMarc0, Pat Loudy, Connie Mannes, Sue Graf, Sandra Ens- mingcr. Third Row: Molly Turner, Elizabeth Snyder, Joan Stuff, Down Koch, Virginia Spann, Roberta Kuchner, Faye Andrews, Maril n Elssser, Terry Behrens, Sonja Jung, Diane Dobbins, Claudia Burgio, Barbara Thomas. Fourth Row: Eucille DiLorenzo, Aileen Conley, Betsy Smith, Barbara King, Barbara Jackson, Carol Lock, Nlaurecn O'Connor, Jane Bellinger, Molly Blow., Jeanette Bottomley, Fran Dietschc. Fdth Row: Elizabeth Doran, Barbara Becker, Jean Davis, Alda Stock, Joanna Kidd., Sandra Schweitzer, Balpba Dosberg, Marslia Soldineer, Evelyn Kolbe, Sue Critoph. Not Pictured: Doris Dicker- son, Pat Gravener, Kathleen Coad. GRE e Hts ues GW- -- fteozmll.. 7 Opening Day-Crowded and crushed. Classes Begin-Back to the old grind. P.T.A.-Parents and teachers meet. -Tatler Comes Out-Mr. Gilbert and staff win. Pep Assembl -Cheers for all. First Football Game-Amherst 0, Depew 0. The irresistible meet the irrepressible. Cheerleaders Dance-Crowded, but happy. Parents Go To School Night--N ow they know what it is like. -12 Operetta "New Moon"-singing our way to fame. P.T.A. Pot luck supper-food galore. Washington's Birthday-Loads of good intentions. Band Concert-We give them rhythm. Senior High Water Follies-First splash. ll 1 - ' f. .'. V 2' f I Magazine Drive Begins-Knock on a door for prizes galore. Football Game-Amherst 12, East Aurora 19- sad news today. Columbus Day-Easiest day yet. Thanks, Chris! Football Game-Amherst 32, Williamsville 12- We did it again. lilagazine Drive Ends-Juniors win-Another great Junior Prom. Special Assemhly-Congratulations fellows! 22 Tower Bazaar-Tons of fun. 28 'Teachers' Convention-Their turn. 1,2 Senior High Water Follies-New York City comes to Amherst. University of Michigan Band Concert-All those men! l l Easter Vacation begins-Just rest and relaxation. P.T.A. Annual Meeting-Election of Officers- New people take over. Joint Concert Senior High-Musiclovers congre- gate. Amherst Symphony Concert-We're getting high tone. Joint Concert, Junior High-Up and coming music masters. I954 CA Election Day-Big doings in the Government. Cross Country Sectionals-Go! Go! Go! 6 Junior High Water Follies-Beautiful music, lovely irls. Senior llli-Y Dance-Mad fun and fantasy. No School-Forty winks at last! Amherst vs. Lancaster Q7-61-Congratulations! A fine season fellows. 20 Senior Play "Good Housekeeping"-Class Comedy. 26 Thanksgiving Weekend-Love that Turkey! Jr. High Creative Arts Festival. Junior Prom-Spot lights, sweet music, and memo- ries. Amards and Thespians Play-A bit of Broadway. Memorial Day-No school. What fun! R I955 First Basketball Game-Amherst 71, Cleveland Hill 52. OH to a good start! P.T.A. Variety Show-F un for all. Basketball Game-Amherst 58, Hamburg 45. Keep up the good work. Annual Christmas Party-A gala affair. Senior Ball-Happy times rung in by "Silver Bells." Orchestra Concert-"Singing Strings." Basketball-Amherst 61, Williamsville 33-Many cheers for the victors. International Ball-Dance of the nations. Eighth Grade Party-Getting in the swing of it. izgf 44 Girls' Sports Banquet-Catch up on the latest gossiga. Boys Sports Banquet-Free meal. Freshman Part -Fun for the Frosh. School closes-Zvorries are over. Graduation-The end of a chapter. K- ' 25TH NNIVER ARY The history of Amherst Central High School began on May 24, 1929, when Amherst Central High School District No. 1 was organized. This was in response to the need for a high school to serve the growing sub- urban communities of Eggertsville and Snyder. The cornerstone for the beautiful buildings that were to be ACHS, was laid on Washington's Birth- day, February 22, 1930. Classes began on September 28, the same year, although the school was not com- pleted until March 4, 1931, when it was formally dedicated. After three years of operation the first graduating class, numbering 49, was honored on June 25, 1933. By 1935 the classroom space was overcrowded so that plans for expansion had to be readied for quick action. With the help of a 452 federal grant two new wings were attached to the rear of the main structure. In January 1937 the additions were occu- pied. Up to this point, SS122,000,000 had been spent on the buildings, site, and equipment necessary to maintain our modern school. When ACHS reached its tenth birthday in 1940, the student enrollment had increased from 300 to 1000, while the staff had grown from 18 teachers to a total of 43. By 1949 there were 1500 students and 75 faculty members. On Marcl1.15, 1953, a new gym- nasium, and a new music-drama wing were dedicated. The cost of the new facilities was approximately 3i920,000. Looking toward the future, plans were being made to take care of the inevitable day when, even with structural expansion, ACHS could no longer accom- modate efficiently the school children jamming its halls. Enrollment today exceeds 1700 in a structure built to house 1350. Two years ago, the Board of Education, deciding that the best solution was the building of a separate Junior High School, presented a plan to the voters of our community calling for its construction. After some discussion the project for a 1200-pupil school was approved. The scheduled opening of the new school is September 1955. Paralleling the growth of our day school has been the expansion of our ACHS Adult School, function- ing in the evening. Under the able direction of Dr. Carl Minich it has developed into a model program of its type. The story of a school is more than bricks and steel, and more than plaster and paint. It is the tale of countless human experiences that give meaning to the inanimate surroundings. It is the saga of zealous teachers, interested citizens, and cooperating stu- dents. Hence, since we cannot tell each individual story we have merely sketched in the general pattern. Make a pile of the score or more yearbooks of ACHS and you will have a record in pictures and in print of the Amherst Central High School Story . . . but a tale yet to be concluded. Next year there will be another volume to add . . . another Tower to reach even higher than those now in the past. Administration -1- ,gn i MR. PHILIP A. SCHWEICKHARD i l 25TH ANNIVERSARY K just as signs show us the way, our supervising prin- cipal, Mr. Philip Schweickhard, directs our school program at Amherst Central throughout thc year. He sees that the crossroads of the Junior and Senior High Schools meet in the smoothest and most efficient manner. For 25 Years he has rendered L A h I "o m erst innumerable services which reflect upon the success of our school. 11 f...p5 Mr. .lohn Scheller Senior High School Principal Mr. Scheller holds a respected position as principal of our Senior High School. Each one of us who is acquainted with him realizes the outstanding qualities which he possesses. Every problem, whether large or small, receives his individual at- tention and trustworthy advice. In some aspects he has iniluenced the lives of each one of us and has helped us to become more responsible people. v1.. it ll lhiiinaun 'ff ."- .u 1 ,Q 1 4 ,n 4 al in ai Junior High School Principal if sm Q.. 1 wk ' - "J: L' : ' : -n an il Mr. Edwin Mustard, principal of the J un- - ll' " 7 " ior High School is regarded as a friend and counselor by all. Under his conscientious guidance, the Junior High is able to func- tion most effcctivel . He works closely Y with both faculty and students, gener- ously offering his assistance to all prob- lems which arise. .-1 53' ' l frills 12 Mr. Edwin Mustard as Mr. Alan Schaefer 9 M, Mr. Charles Lexer Upon going to the clinic you are met by the friendly smile of our competent nurse, Mrs. Coyer. She is always prepared for emergencies and takes upsets in her stride. As a regular duty, the school nurse keeps the school health records. Her yearly checks are a guard to the health of Am- herst students. I3 i Our congenial attendance officer, Mr. Alan Schaefer, manages all matters deal- ing with absentees. 'The most carefully laid out system can become jammed. The attendance officer straightens out such situations. In addition to his numerous attendance duties, Mr. Schaefer finds time to advise the Projection Crew and assist in coaching our football team. OHM JV xtfhl 1 xi Mr. Charles Lexer, the School District Clerk, is re- sponsible for handling the business affairs of Amherst. The duties of the school clerk have increased con- siderably in proportion to the growth of the school. H wi v Mrs. Emma Coyer CAFETERIA STAFF First Row: Mrs. Haffa, Mrs. Kjncaide, Mrs. Brunner. Second Row: Miss Beale, Mrs. Klein, Mrs. Fe er, Mrs. Clode, Mrs. Smokowii, Mrs. Dietsch, Miss Rhoda Hunt. At luneh time there are one way signs directing students to the cafcterias. The cafeteria staff manages to meet the nutritive needs of the crowds in three lunch periods. Mrs. Macauley gives the signals, aptly directing these oper- ations. STUDENT CAF ETERIA STAFF Macaulay ' Y xg TLI1I2Dl.UNCH1OMlN X25 13 Vx ,,...1 'V pb '-. V 9 n. X 'W X X ' ' 1 TF ix 15:25. . TT- ' 5 K - v'-s FJ +I' ,fy First Raw: Dorothy Whale, Noreen Rein., Carol Eichorn, Marcia Marsha, Nancy Baer. Second Row: .Toe Selden, Bob Gannas, Gordon Krystaf, Bill Nash, David lVIiller. 14 . ff? : f it OFFICE STAFF Efiiciency, friendliness, and willing- ness to help are the characteristics of each member of our office staff. This group capably coordinates the activities in Amherst's daily routine. The office switchboard aids the traf- fic system. Mrs. Imogene Amo, Miss Marilyn Zenner, Miss Diane Miller, Mrs. Joyce Weiler, Miss Betty Archer. I' Y -45+ Q 259- , it 2. PTI XM MAINTENANCE STAFF Some of the most loyal Aniherstonians are the mem- bers of the maintenance staff. Keeping the traffic conditions always in full swing and the road ways clean and clear for Amherst students, the mainte- nance staff is continually on the go. Accidents often call for the attention of this crew. Mrs. Caroline Bealer, Mrs. Barbara Roetzer, John Robertson, Building Supt.g George Thurnherr, Her- bert Thurnherr, Irwin Butts, John Cameron, William Helffenstein, Louis Miller, Howard Wiehlc, John Lawson, Frank Braun, John Sullivan, Richard Dag- gers, John Barton, Aubrey Walker, Harold Hooper, Joseph Braun, Charles Hirsch. 15 Mrs. Esther Trefzer Jr. High Secretary ,Q-1.35. John Robertson Irwin Butts John Cameron George and Herbert Thurnherr ? First Row: Mrs. D. O. Granger, Mrs. Ruth Brown. Standing: Mr. John Macllunis, Mr. Theodore L. Masterson, Presidentg Dr. W. Allan Fisher, Mr. Kenneth Hornburg. BO RD OF Throughout its twenty-five years of history Amherst Central High School has enjoyed the benefits of Board of Education members who have given freely of their time and efforts to build what is considered by many to be one of the most ambitious educational communities in the country. Day and night the halls of Amherst Central are alive with seekers of learning, ranging from the young people in the high school division to the alumni and other adults coming after regular school hours to find satisfaction in the evening school. The understanding by the Board of Education of the many educational needs of our community of Snyder and Eggcrtsville has helped beyond measure to spread the rewards of learning to as large a seg- ment of our community as reasonable costs will allow. The increased complexity of educational demands has resulted in more work for the Board, through numerous extna meetings and executive sessions so that present members are to be congratulated for their unique contributions to the civic worth of our public schools. EDUCATI "T ' W' ' i1 nuns-: l 4. , ' . V Ll ff iamissisr icairraiit mea 1 emma 7.9! Remembrance of our beginnings 16 .--,-ww-e - W I '--- all .I IH 5 w V I , ,,A.,,.. . .. , .-nr. I' SENIOR HIGH First Row: Aileen Conley, Ann Osborn, Sue Haas, Lynne Morris, Roger Wilhelm, Harry Goetzmann, Sue Van Lunger, Carol Winegar, Ed Pettis, Bob Geyer. Second Row: Sue Baer, Chris Snyder, Sall Spra ue, Mr. Rosenberry, Sponsorg Mrs. Hiisband, Adviserg Scudder Brown, Frank Knox, Connie Mannes. Third Row: Glenna Joslyn, Helen Erkkila, Jim Denny, Paul Kremer, Marge McDonnell, Dick Cha ell, Ted .Totman, Eileen O'Con- ncr, Joan Helbig, Betsy Smith, Ann Mitchell, Sandra Schweitzer. Fourth Row: Bill Gilman, Lon Neilans, Bob Noon, Heath West, Joe Roberts, Mike Ferrick, Tom Ryan, Paul Newcomb, Carole Adams. TU DE T COUNCIL Student Council has made another strong, helpful, and appreciated link between the student body and the administration at Amherst. With this yearis program a eat deal of co operation has been needed and o tamed through the medium of the student FCPICSCHIHTIVCS ln the Student Council For the senior group, no one could aslx for a more outstanding leader than Roger Wilhelm Harry Goetzrnann as VICC president, Sue Van Lunger secretary, and Lynne Morris, treasurer, complete the four man team on the council A great bulk of the work is done by the executive board which meets every day The executive board IS made up of the chairmen of the standing cornmlttees, oflicers and the three grade repre sentatives Again this year, the Student Council reached the quotas it had set for the two annual drives The magazine drive brou ht in about 351800 dollars profit for the Student ouncil to support other school organizations The Community Chest re celved over 35600 from the Amherst student body in the drive directed bv the Student Council JUNIOR HIGH Fzrst Row Shirley Ellis Sarah Given Joyce DeWe1n David Lmdstron Tom Ferguson Joe Valenta Scott Ferguson Pat Cypress John Knox Second Row Ed Billowltz Don Tru dell Lynn Eckhert Diane Drexel Betty Schrlber Chris Pezoldt David Barrell John Genrxch Tlnrdliow Mr Blish Adviser Aaron Blllowxtz R0 er Mllks Mike Grando Pegg Davis Gerald Ford Ted acobs Barbara Karcher Bill McGovern Pat Thomas Ellen McNamara 17 Under Miss Fitzgibbon's sponsorship the Junior High Student Council, made an outstanding show- i11g. Tom Ferguson was president and headed the other oflicers of vice president, David Lindstrom, secretary Judy Simon, and treasurer, Joe Valenta The group worked under the same plan as the Senior High with an executive board meeting daily Tl1c Junlor II1gh should be congratulated on the tremendous work lt put in on the Magazine Drlve The most unique of its projects was the spon sorlng of a Learn to Dance program each week in the cafeteria This movement was very suc cessful Its pubhcauon of the Tale of Two Tlgers was helpful to the entire school A report to the Board of Education kept the student orgamzatlons way above standards and put a value on 1tS act1v1t1es A special Cafeterla comnnttee was picked from Student Council to meet with adults concerning cafeterla problems Through this committee the admmlstratlon, students, faculty, and parents ironed out lmportant issues This year can be summed up wlth applause for the student leaders, their sponsor, Mr Rosen berry and their adviser, Mrs Husband E . , - . , . . . . ' , ' . 5 . , - '. ' et 79 ' 1 . i ' ' l 7 - ' l' QQ ' 79 -1 . . . . - . . . . . . - , . . , T' V 'I 7' - I V T T Q T' Q' V . 7 . 1 ' J J ' Q ., , A ., , is 53 E '25, i, N' ' S ' ' If: 'T ir ,. I ii 1 ' 'Q I ' 4 ' - ' ' MI, x ' H A V Z . , I -.M K, ,. . . . 3- X T- - I s s A ' , 9 9 - V 1 1 9 ,J - . ' ' 1, ' . . ' . w I : 4 9 ' , I - ' ' 4 5, I ' I 1 4 s ' ,J 'J' ' I e I 9 1 E' l . -V Q ,' ,W ' U , Y ,Q . N f -. . : . , A ' ' . 5 9 , . V' f I g 5 s 3' 1 9 , I 9 9 ' S , , I I, ., I4 After Graduation - Educationa COUNSELING SERVICES are still available to Amherst graduates after they leave school. You are invited to make use of these services to meet your needs as they arise. I I 1 1 Personal Counseling Aptitude Testing AMHERST CENTRAL ,ova Hobb l l Homemaking Child Study Business VOCATIONAL IMPROVEMENT Health and Recreation Public Speaking Dpportunities Continue at Amherst REGISTRARS ADMINISTRATION l K W Y. . . i. I . V NA ,J ,B ,H 'r A -Q ...' .. ,, , ,. - I i 1 1 f . . .. ., , , 1327 ' . rms I - . I in mg " 332, A I Mrs. Mary Kendall luifiiil M . D 'h Z' rs mol y let Dr. Carl E. Minich-Director of Adult Education Mrs. Mary B. Parke-Specialist in Parent and Family LQ'e Education ADULT SCHOOL LOOKING BACK there may he subjects you did not have time for in high school. LOOKING AHEAD there may be new situations and oppor- tunities waiting for you if you are well prepared. ADULT EDUCATION IS LIFE-LONG: It provides many answers to problems you may encoun- ter when you . . . GO TO WORK . . . GET MARRIED . . . OR FINISH COLLEGE 19 ' Ji . A i? 4 2, V Y, Iil 17.1-5.5 5. ,. i. A 'la . i-3 I 'ry ,1 1 E . RX i , W I Q E gig. X -I ' Y: , .ah he we M. if 1 lg .ga Elizaheth Arend Myrtle Bang Carmella Battaglia Lawrence Benson llrlilton Ber an Walter Blish Jr- Hlgh Scwlwe Art Jr. High English Geometry Physical Eiilileation Jr. High Math Social Studies Hcrnian BQWIDHH 1811195 Brfldle Marian Bull: Margaret Carnahan Mary Jane Carter Jr- High 50161108 Jr. High Eng 'sh Business Guidance Librarian , Social Studies I 'il 4 Maggy flilnqm Margaret Dembkowski rg gy 8 Mary D'Amic0 Art Latin Abraham Cutcher Health Science i ,J ii, 2 he . 2 ,, , Q ' ,Q 'ji r 5 ' f V. ' l ff A + ii A i 42 Alma Denzler Geraldine Ego Norma Enea Louise Firman Theresa Fitzgibbons Jr. High Math Art French Jr. High English Guidance German M 5? 'Egg A i , V fe , 115 pi f i ' i s J .3 , Q. . Q in F , ,fn , Q V, ' John Gelsinger M. A. Gilbert Bernard Green Lillian Gruener Mgirg Haley Rohert Halm I English History J r. High English Business World History BUSIIICSS Edflcaiwll Social Studies Work Experience Q X Yip - I -31 -. E4 tm'-5 gi U ' J' 1' of ,, 1, 4 V '., iff ' . , "as Q - r -. A 5 2.-QUE: Ealean Hannel Lillian Harter R054-H12 Hettler Eleanor Heuser Elenora Hildebrand Robert Holder Librarian Business Physical Education Spanish Home Economics Jr. High English Social Studies V' iz' .Ev I Isabel Husband Richard J avert Margaret Joseph Eugene Kaza Martin Kentner . Physical Education French 'O-' English Music and Orchestra Health Science Q M ,S Sp ish il L BMW - YJ 15" xg M X .x . - wx, Y ,f' ,rv . y A Q Al X . . N .fl I V 61 j ' l l' Y, I U X GZ P l ffl ev " ,- 6.6005 Lil- X m 71'-J , ,-w t 3 'J ' 'V a n .0 I I-4 Martha Kilpela Morton Klabman I Fred Koch A 5 Jr. High Math Speech and ramaucs Jr. High Math ' . T ' l 'F Mabel Kollolf Carolyn Krehhiel John Krestic Dorothg Lupe Richard Lape Jr. High Guidance Physical Education Music and Band Jr. Hig Math Biology ' 'a ,, -1 .fs c Z, ,, is,-1 was g V. 5 L ., I, , V H if gl. ijE?i ::::s 3 3: Svf. -' I A 'gg - Q N 5- Y - " L i w L 1 1. ' r v , I. .1,. ,,, it 1 xv . ' 5 : 67 ge: 1- a. to simie Mason Martin Marian Metz Rosemary Mullan Donald Munson Walter Newman Magdalene Olson Wood Working Business I Jr. High English Director of Guidance Jr. High English Physical Educatio Sr. High Guidance Social Studies Social Studies D f N i 'T' if A' Edward Orgek Industrial Arts -x x.X A Jane Paeplow Home Economics Social Studies Guidance Arthur Pankow 157164 FJ .ax . A xv. ROJJQH Parr Robert Pa telunas DHVll1g - Driving Transportation Shop Ceralnicg Elt0l1.PCteI'S6l1 Eva POISICI l Robert Pomeroy Doroth Purdy Walter Reitz Chemlsnfi' gf- Eilghsh American History J r. High Science Music and Chorus ocia tu 'es 1 ' to f 5 N. , 'l X l 15 William Ritz Gertrude Rix Basil Rosenberry Jr. High Science English Math I-. . . ,warp ff- .f-.. ,, - Y 5 w N Ln. . x-., W, , , Edward Rouse Vu, I 1-s X- ,- ' -21. if' 532 la '9 f",y f. rf .1 W CJ! lf' ' X, A 1- 5" X' U xffff Joseph Patti Jr. High English Social Studies Speech r .- ll 1 . A I '2C'E552Z "M f'ACLUz.7'y F Robert Rowley Cleta Schermerhorn Robert Schonewolf Arthur Schuchardt Jr. High English Math Jr. High Music Social Studies I' .3,t Mechanical Drawing Guidance ri?- 2 r L -'D pal-V, , W5 .ff ' 5, Marion Simpson Martha Stapleton Neil Stillman Lorraine Sullivan Thomas Tierney Glenn Ungerer Home Economics English Printing J r. High English Jr. High Englis Physics Social Studies Social Studies ff 57 ' U if -wsu y R 3 Q 1 'C J' 'V Q it .ca-1' rs. as A . y QL If gp 5 A ,W 1 ,h I -XJ , K ,gig 5 Doroth Volgenau Elsie Waldow Esther Wiednian Hubert Wilkens Grace Wittig 1 Jan Wittlinger I r. High' English English Jr. High English German Home Economics Math Social Studies Social Sl1ldiCS COED L. CGC Vf'Q5f7-pf cfs ...ff Wllham Wratten Physical Education PLIPIL PERSONNEL ERVICES "To help each become all he is capable of being." 'rf i . HIG oUNsELoRs Attendance Supervisfwr sn. HIGH COUNSELORS A Consulting Psychiatrist Grade Counselors Miss Mzibel Kolloff, Miss Theresa Fitzgibbons 4- DIRECTOR OF GUIDANCE Dentist Doctor Nurse han, Mr. Arthur Schuchardt Rosemary Gravcr, Mr. Donald Munson Counselors assist students in becoming better ad- justed to all areasg social, vocational, educational and intellectual so they may attain personal hap- piness and satisfaction. To accomplish these goals, counselors try to establish a friendly working rela- tionship between home and school while helping each student to reach worthwhile goals. Over ninety-five percent of the parents take an active part in school plans to assist their youngsters. Other specialized services offered to students and parents include those listed at the top of the page. Amherst Central High School provides sulii- cient assistance to enable students and parents to chart their course and find their way to the goals they set. ' Q P ww 1 Miss Marion Metz, Miss Mabel Carna ,L 11. , 2 W QE 155-1 3 Just looking for a little field mouse '54 TLC Self -explanatory Louisiana hayride '2 Line, line, wh0's got the line? Leadership scholarship, character , and service VD? Q --?',, l ' "f:' . Joe College and friend e do Classes 7 "gl SE ICR CLASS COUNCIL 4? , , William Powell President Barbara Thomas Vice-President if' T A 1 ag I L, f ' ihzqjr. Hifi, Tfj'-'ia.5?i5 Q S wv" -' - X Gail Hirsch Secretary First Row: Sue Haas, Gail Hirsch, Pat Kenslea, Barbara Thomas, Judy Pelson. Second Row: John Harbison, Len Anderson, Bill Powell, Harry Goetzmann, Jim Denny, Chet Weir. SENIOR CLASS HIGHLIGHTS Everyone looks forward to their senior year at high school. It's wonderful, but also a lot of work and a little sad, too. During the first semester, the Seniors were working to make the Tower Bazaar a success. Also, during that term, the Senior Play, "Good Housekeeping," was given. From the proceeds of the play, the Senior Ball, now established as a yearly event, was presented. The theme of the Ball this year was "Silver Bells." We hope that the graduating class of nineteen fifty-five will long be remembered as a both unique and outstanding class. SENIOR CLASS ADVISERS Miss Mary D,Amico Mr. Monroe Gilbert Mr. Robert Patelunas Mr. Elton Petersen Mr. Robert Schonewolf Miss Gertrude Rix Miss Margaret Joseph Mr. Lawrence Benson Miss Marian Butt Harry Goetzrnann O F F E Treasurer 25 CIIARLES ADA MS .,QI.. V, R011 Soncvr 2, 3, 4 Wrrslling 2, 3, 'I Sludcnl Counvil fl Frvuvli Club 3, 'I- .Iuuiur I'luv CtnumilI1'1'3 Sn-niur llull Conunillu-v 3 3 5 IIICIIAIID AIJI' A Ally "1...fJ fl Q.- liillv Club 'I A' E D Q I1 ,,. f M 1 H M. 1 ' K . . ff ak- . I - ' ' Q X' , if :Z ..l ' 7 ' ' ' "KI IKICIIAIID AM BS Dirk E ' . -"I: ' SI. ,Iosn-plfs Cnllcgialc in Iuslilulc I, 2 'E Inlramural Ilusknlluxll 3 r --.Y-x. , if V i J LSI Us LEONARD ANDERSON Len Varsil Wresllirig mgr. 2 ,I. V. lllnulball mgr. 2 I 'nl qw il' . W if NEIL ANDICRSON Andy Soccer I, 3, 4 Swimming I Football 2 Band 1 Junior Prom Crunmillcu 3 Senior Ball Commillvn 4 ,,:-' x ,,,,., A ' I , ,,.. ,, IIE. ,J 26 IVA Y li AA Ulf HWS l'I1yl' l.uSullc Iligh S1-Iuml I, 2, 3 fK'CuppcIlu Choir I l"rcn1-I1 Club 4 'I'0wA:r 4 'I'mn-r Ilaznar I NANCY IIAICII lxllnfy Iluskvllrull 2, 3 Sncvvr 2, 3 Ilnsclrull 2, 3 Senior Plus' Cmumilla-v 1 Calf:-lcria Staff 3,-1 'FIIUM AS BAKER 'I hm Canisius Iligh Snlmol I, 2 Kfnsiugldul Iligll School 3 Us-rmun Club 4 ROBERT ISALU nah 9 Q ff' 9 7- ,CALKEIF KZOINSTAIXTI IN I-I IIASI I. Gus Track I Choir I. 2 Frvncll Cluli I, 2 Srninr Science Cluln 3, I I 5- IIAIIISAIIA AIXIX IIICCIX Uuhx Surcur 2, 3 llast-l1ull2, 3, 'I lluakcllrall I, 2 llailulinlun I. 2, 3, 4 Walt-r Fnllivs I, 2, 3, I Dvllzl Ili-Y I, 2, 3, 44 Dvlta Ili-Y pn-s. 3 'I'mvcr Stnlistiriun 4 Tuner Ilazaar I1- 'l'riaul 4 Sn-niur llall Cumlnillcv 'I Sc-niur Play Couunitlnv 1 Soccer ref. 3 NANCY BllCKWl'I'II Nunre Ilasnlmll 4 lluilluinlun 2, I Ilaskctluall 2, 4 lluwlinf l, 2, 4 Walvr I'uIIics 2. -I Soccer 2, -I- Ninlll Grndc- Chorus I Junior Play Cmnlnillce 3 S :urls Cnuncil I, 2, 3, -I 'llnwvr Ilazuur 4 RlI'l'll IEIQIIIIICNS Tnrrie Badminton 2, fl Wuurr Follies I Soc:-rr I lluslu-llmll 2 Bon ling 4- Juuior Play Conunitlm- II .luninr Prom Cmnlnillec 3 Senior Pla ' Cmnmitlcc 4 Senior l1allCummiuc-v l- Tallnr 3, 4- Tower 4 'liuwcr Bazaar 'I MARIE IIEITEII Q 7 E3 S-. I 3 I il I 4,116.1 Shorty Bowling: I, 3, I Surf:-r2 D llfi rw- I . 'ltjx Q 79 E. I not 19. UNI' 3-TR 4 WW 1... k will MARLENE IIELAIR lllarlene Badminton 2, 3 Iiuskcllmll I, 2, 3, fl Soccer I, 2, 3, 4 Ilasmvllall I, 2. 3, 4 Bnwlingz 2 Walvr Follies I, 2, 3, 4 .luniur Prom Conunituec 3 Senior Play Cmmnittce 4 .lurlinr Plav Cmnlnitlcc 3 Senior llall Committee 4 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 - A ,nf , ,af 3:7 .oy ?, ml A' ,. ,J .Li I ,I I I Q -+ A i I E? . I ,-V gf, , Qty, 1 V .fi SEM' f Y, '.:.vf. I rr-1 X' .nf - 33' ,sn rlcm, , 'ILLIAM ISIJLLANCA l'X'irl:ulas V. Suicrr ' ling 2 4 ru I, , fl wrt- A 3, 4 .IAINIC IIELLINCICII .limit- Sucvur I, 2, 3, 4- llasrlmll I, 2, 3, 4 Ilanlmintnn I, 2, 3, 4 llonkcy I ' llnwling I, 2, 3, "I- Watm-r Follies I, 2, 3, -I Clmir. Water Follies 3 Iluslivllnlll I, 2, 3, 4 llusulnall ref. 3 Junior Play C1nnlnitlcu3 Sf-ninr Play Cmnmillrf' -I- Spnrls Council 2, 3, fl Sports Cuunvil sec. fl- 'I'0wl:r fl- Tnwcr llazaar '1- .Iuniur Prmn Cuuunilluc 3 Scninr llull Connnitlvc 4 BRIAN BELLM A N Brian Wrestling 1, 3 Chorus 2 A,CappcIIa Choir 3 Optfrctta 2, 3 Spanish Club 2, 4 Taller 2 Senior Play Committee 'I- ,Iuninr Prmn Crnnmium- 3 BRUCE IIEIIGEIN Ururc Onondaga Vnlluy Acznll-:ny I 2 3 I Q WARIILN IIEIINISR Warren Swimming I Beta Ili-Y 3, 4 Art Club I, 2 French Club 4 Science Club 4 CARL BERNHARDT , - Carl f 1' Bennington High Svhnnl, -' ,' Vernlnnl f A ' ' ng Q l X sf , 2 A f", 'E K ' N 1- X f 1 w -gf , BONNIE .l. l!IillST ff fx Bonnie JN H X ., ' V ,5-, , Badminton 4- lil 3 3 I .,., lluskelhall l Archery 1, 2 Girls Sports Council I f f- Dance Comlnillec 1 ' l. 1 Q ' .lnninr Prom Committee 3 , Senior Ball Committee 4 Junior Play Committee 3 ' U Y Senior Pla Committee 4 - ,if ' ' ' Opcrella Ciunmillce 4 i . , fr , Tower 4 , : "" L QW Al ' in i rin - avi if , ii-4,,'.i. Q- 1- s . ,, ' BET7 X Q I q,l,6.uF'.-,'i- J A -4, 1,-X lall Con n 4:4 -- ' Q i' - Y" '- N .lu Play Cm nil fee 3 H Sem Play Conn ' ce 4 ' " 'Rr llazaa , f -f, Q, ' A ii -'W ' Y r 1: V ,lk ,pri 'ILf!jn! ll a , l Y ' .ION LOC HICKFO . an ' Q. S 1 1 lem-e lulr v' ' .-pres. 4 " U ra vrlion Crew l. 3. 4 , ' 4 13' . mf 5 f X , J THOMAS lllSCllOl" r QE - ybm 1 "'- ' ' 119 I4 aa , '- " A 1 jg- X us, v 7- mi--5 H 0 Rl 5: lxl5NNE'l'll llLACKWl'1l.l. Ken, Wrestling 3 Wrxfsllillg mgr. 2 J. V. Rille Club I .l. V. Cross Country I .IEANNE CURTIS BLAIR Killcn llaskclball 4- Watcr Follies 4 Soccer 3 llallminlon 2 Bowling l A'Cappella Choir 3 Operetln 3 Amurds l RUTH BLAKE Klulz lladminlon 2, 3. 4 Volleyball 2, 3 Archery 2 Bowling l llockcy 3, 4 Socccr 2, 3, 4- llaschqll 2, 3, ll Water Follies l, 2, 3, 4 liaskclhall 2, 3, 4 .lunlor Prom Commillec 3 Senior Bull Cmmniltrc 4 Tower llazualr 4 MOLLY BLOW Mollie Soccer 1. Z, 3, 4 llaskelhall I, 2, 3, Al llusebull 1, 2, 3, 4 llowlin ' 2, 3 Water 'Follies l, 2, 3. 'lf llaullninlon l, 2 Ninth Grade Chorus l ,lunior Play Commillee 3 Senior Play Conlmillce Il Della lli-Y l. 2, 3. 4 Tower 4 A Tower Bazaar -'l Tigerelles 3 Senior llall Commillce 4 Senior lligh Mixed Chorus 4 Upcrnlla 4 ELAINE IKLUMRIQICH If Soullr Park lligll School l X- fx ROGER NORTH Rug Howling 3, 4 Cross Country 2, 3. 4 Cross Country mgr. 4 Traek l. 2 .IHA N ETTIC E. li0'l"l'0M Li-IY Jenn Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Bowling 2, 3, 4 liadminton 2, 3 Dance Junior Senior Colnluittees l, 2 Prom Committee 3 Ball Committee 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Tower 4- Tatler 3 Tower Bazaar 4 PRISCILLA DALE BOWMAN Chris .l. V. Cheerleader l Snecer 2, 3 Badminton 2 Bowling 2 Basketball 3 Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4 Opcrctta Committee I Junior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 P.T.A. Deelumation Contest 2 Oratorical Contest 2 French Club 2. 3 .lunior Prom Committee 3 Senior Ball Committee 4- lnternatinnal Ball Committee 3 Tower 4 WILLIAIN4 BRADLEY Wilbf Chorus 3, 4 Operctta 3 Assembly Committee 4 KEINNETII llRADl'IlN Kan if arsily Rifle Team 2, 3, 4 Captain Rifle Team German Club l, 2, 3. 4 Alpha Ili-Y 3 Senior Seieuvc Club 3 Taller Staff 3 Pres. German Club 4 llunnr Society 4 s.., Vix 1? - N1 X Ni X x , A J f W it A if 5 it 5 41 x Y I 7 ,f X' Q n Q ,r ,Yi , 'x ml ...qu nhl ,JG si, N :. -5 An, n ,i--1 .LY 4 iii 2 ii, Q W, N l . Q ja' 4. fl, il,-f Y L- 29 M, l'l'1NiNY Llili IHIPISIC l'enny Clarence Cenlral llig ell mol Howling 4 A'Cappellu Choir 4 Opvretta Cast 4 Aulards 4 Tiles ians fi Triarl,4 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Senior Class Council l Ui-Gamma Ili-Y 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Senior Hall Cmumillm- l Water Follies fl' JOHN COLON BROWN Sr-udller liarsnns lligll Srliool. Missouri l Keulget Military Academy 2 Trac' ' 3 Football il- Misne Chorus 4 Slutlenl Counril 4 GEORGE BRUM M ER, Jli. Seaweed B U We 13,3 if I an dv 6, CLAUDIA BUIIGIU Cluud Baseball 2, 3, 4- Soceer 2, 3, 4 Bowling 2, 3, 4 llzulminton 2, 3, 4 Water Follies 2, 3, 4 Sports Couneil 3 .llmior Play Couuuitlee 3 Tower Bazaar 4 Tower 4 DONALD BURLAKOS Creek liaskcllrall l, 2, 3, 4 Som.-er l, 2, 3 Slumlcut Council 2 Tower Bazaar -i MYRLE CARTER ill-yrle Soccer 1, 2, 3 Wa tcr Follies 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 3, 4 Volleyball l Senior Orchestra l, 2, 3, 'I Operetta 3, 4 Senior Suit-nee Club 2, 3 llascbull l, 2, 4 Germun Club l, 2, 3, 4 Delta Ili-Y l, 2, 3, 4- Duncc Committees 3, 4 Tower 4 Scnior Pla Cast 1 Russian Ciilb 3 String Quartet 3 German Club Historian 3 WILLIAM CATALDIC Chico Baseball 3, 4- lfootball 2. 4 .lUDl'l'Il CLAYTON Judy A'Cappella Cbnir 4 MARGARET CLELANIJ Peggy Ann Basketball 1 Volleyball I Bowling 2 Triad 4 Senior Pla Committee -l Senior Ball, Committee 4 T ower 4- KATHLEEN GAIL COAD Knllzy A'Cappclla Choir 3, 4 0 eretta Accompanist 2, 3. fl Cgorus 1, 2 Dance Committees 1, 2 Junior Play Committee 3 Senior Pla Committee 4 Senior Ball' Committee 4- liuffalo Area Hi-Y sec. 4 Di-Gnmma Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 German Club sec. 3 Di-Gamma Iii-Y pres. 4 Junior Prom Committee 3 Tower Subscription mgr. 4 Tower Bazaar 4 F.T.A. 4- German Club 2. 3 Honor Society 4 1 " f A ' --ee ' N-'f .C it LA' I -ji J ,is .-li 7 V ji- a ' i .5 30 JACQUELINE COIHCN .fm-qui Badminton l, 3 Soccer I, 2, 3 lluskt-lball l, 2, 3 Amurds 2, 3 Thespians 4- Urvorelta Committee 2, 3 P ay Committees 3. 4 Assembly Committee 3 Danre Committees 3, fl- Frencb Club 2 3, 4 lliolngy Club 2 Senior Science Club 3, 4 Di-Gamma Ili-Y 3, 4 Latin Club 2 Taller 3 Tower Bazaar 4 Tower 4 AILEEN CONLICY Aileen Soccer 2, 3 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Bowling 2 Badminton 2 Water Follies 2, 3. 4 M ajorettes 3, 4 Junior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Student Council 4 Dnnce Committees 3, 4 Taller 2 Tower 4 Tower Ilazanr 4 llnskcthall ref. 4 Cafeteria Staff 1, 2 KENNETH CONNERS Kem: Track l, 2 RENNETH COYLE Rock Buss Alpha tn.Y 3. 4 Q Y" I-in i . SUZANNE CRITOPH Sue Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, ll Bowling 2 Badminton 4 Soccer l, 2, 3 Water Follies l, 2, 3, 4 Dunce Committees 3, 4 Play Committees 3. 4 French Club 2, 3 Inter Ili-Y 2, 3 Delta I-Ii-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 Delta Ili-Y vice-pres. 3 Delta Ili-Y pres. 4- F.T.A. 4 Triad 4 Tower 4 ri NANCY CUMMINGS Lee Nether Providence lligh Sclwfll. Pcnna. l. 2 Soccer 3, 4 Bowling 4 Basketball 4 T owcr 4 Junior Play Committee 3 Senior Pla ' Committee 4 Senior Ball Committee 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Operetta Cnnunittvi- 4 WILLIAM DA N IELS Bill Band 1 Thespians 3, 4 Amards l, 2 Stage mgr. 4- Asst. Stage mgr. 3 Delta Rho lli-Y 4- Delta Rho Hi-Y sec. 4 Sta e Crew 1, 2, 3, 4 Alpina lli-Y 2, 3 Hi-Y Dance Committee 3. 1 Junior Prom Committee 3 JAN E DAVIS Janie Baseball 2 Basketball 1, 2 Soccer 3 Badminton 1, 2, 4 Mixetl Chorus 4 Operetta 4 Tigcrettes 3, 4 Junior Prom Committee 3 Tower 4- Tower Bazaar 4 Spanish Club 4 RHEA JEAN DAVIS Jean Soccer 1. 2. 3 Badminton 1, 2, 3 Basketball l, 2 Bowlin" 2, 3 wmv Follies 3 Baseball 1, 2, 3 Tigercttes 3 Mixed Choir 1, 2 A'Cappella Choir 3. 4 Opcrctta 2, 3 Tower Exec. Stalf 4 Dance Committees 1, 2, 3 ,Iuniur Play Committee 3 Librar Service Club 2 Delta lili-Y 3, 4 Tower Bazaar 4 ARCHIBALD DEAN Doc Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketbsll 1, 2, 3. 4 French Club 3 Baseball 2 Dance Committees l. 2 Junior J uninr Senior Senior Play Committee 3 Prom Committee 3 Pla Committee 4 Ball'Committee 4 wi F' --- 4: 'ar , , X'-. gl S -' w 4 - , 4-g . .5 ',, , , ' " vmzw uni 4 -Q, . J, is W will X s K. Fi l' .. ' E - .sa , 1 , -4 'A ,X-3 I J in 'L -.HI i er. a ii f , i , I-fi fi. A .li lr Q ' ll , , - "P W - li FQ i 'C Y SYLVIA DEAN Syl Water Follies 1, 2 S rts Council 1, 2, 4 lrllozkey 1 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baclminton 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 llonor Society 4 Majorettcs 2, 3, 4 Junior Play Cast 3 Junior Class vice-pres. 3 Frcncb Club 2, 3 Dance Committees 1, 2, 3, 4 Tower Asst. Editor 4 Tnwer Bazaar 4 Play Committees 3, 4 Physics Clnh 3 Basketball ref. 2, 3 FLORENCE DELPIIABD Flo Chorus 1, 2, 3 0 icrctta 2, 3 Bla ter Follies l. 2. 4 6- GRACE DE MARCO 7 ' Crace 5 Baseball 1, 4- Basketball 2, 3, 4 Badminton 1, 4 1, Water Follies 1 Ti creltes 3 .l. Cheerleaders l Senior Pluy Committee 4- Bowlin 2, 4- Scnior Ball Committee 4 Tower 4- Tower Bazaar 4 1 .. TA:EMl t JAMES DENNY ,lim Junior Rifle Club I Asst. mgr. Cross Country 2 Orchestra 1, 2, 3 Theater Orchestra 1, 2, 3 Junior Play Committee 3 Amards 2 Student Council 2, 3, 4 Student Council Exec. B Latin Club 2, 3 Beta Ili-Y 2, 3, 4 Beta Ili-Y sec. 3, 4 Senior Science Cluh 4 Towcr 4 D Student Director Senior DORIS ANN DICKER Doris Wa ter Follies I, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4- Badminton 1, 2, 3, fl- Soccer 1, 2, 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Swimming Team 3, 4 Orchestra treats, 3 Orchestra I, 2, 3 Flag Twirling 3, 4- oard 4 Play 4 SOIN Dance Committees 1, 2, 3. 4 Latin Club 2, 3 Honor Society 4- Tatler 3, 4 Epsilon 81 DiGammu Hi- l, 2, 3, 4 DiGamma Hi-Y trcas. 4 Tower 4- Y Student Council Exec. Board 2 MARILYN DIENSTBIER Mimi Archery 2 Tennis 2, 3 Badminton 3, 4 Baseball 1 :Spanish Club 2, 3 ower 4 Senior Bull Committee fl VIKING M. DIETRICII V ike Frankfurt Post. High School. German 1 Barhegat fligh School 2 Cross Country mgr. 3 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Alpha '52 E?- it .lil 1 Hi-Y 3. 4 Too- Mum-I TEEN ' -....,- FRANCES DIETSCHE Deeell Soccer 1, 2 Bowlin 2, 3, 4 Basebala l, 2, 3, 4 Badminton 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketbull 1, 2 Junior Senior Dance J unior Senior Tower Tower Play Committee 3 Play Committee 4 Committees 1, 2 Prom Committee 3 Ball Committee 4 4 Bazaar -1- LUCILLE DI LORENZO Lu Lu Kenmore Junior High School l Tigerettes 3, 4 Junior Play Committee 3 Senior Pla Committee 4 Opcretta Committee 3 Junior Prom Committee 3 Senior Ball Committee 4 Tower 4- Tower Bazaar 4- DIANE DOBBINS Diane Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Soccer 2, 3, 4 Badminton 2 Bowling 3, 4 Swimming Team 3, 4 Majorettes 3, 4 Water Follies 1. 2, 3, 4 Basketball ref. 3, 4 ,luniir Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 French Club 2 F .T.A. 4 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 v. fifili ' 7 zi- Qi? I ' f 3 A 2 ' i e 1, A 1 fi f 2 ill -1 gt 8554. - -. ,- :Q f' I' . S ,L ' . , .- - .!-1 A v 5' ,B fl- at .955 El.i1ZABETH D0liAlN IZ Water Follies 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball l, 2, 3 Soccer l, 2, 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Badminton 1, 2, 3 Operetta Committee 2, 3 Assembly Committee l, 3, 4 Amards 2, 3 Thcs ians 4 Triatiifi- Delta Ili-Y I, 2, 3, 4 Delta Hi-Y chap. 3 Dance Committees 3, 4 Play Committees 3. 4 Tower Asst. Editor 4 Assembly Committee chair. 4 Student Director Senior Play 4 RALPHA DOSBERG Dusie Water Follies 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball I, 2 Soccer 1, 2, 3 Badminton 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Bowling 2, 3, 4 A'Cappclltr Choir 2, 3, -l Operetta 2, 3, 4 Amartls 2 Girls Sports Council 2 French Club 1, 2, 3, 4 French Club sec. 1 Biology Club pres. 2 Senior Science Club 3, 4 DiGamma Hi-Y 2. 3. 4 lli-Y pres. I ISERNICE DREXELIUS Bea Soccer 1, 2, 3 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Badminton 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Volleyball 1 Water Follies 3, 4 Delta Hi-Y 3, 4 ,lunior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee fl Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 DAVID EARL Dave Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2 Band 1, 2, 3. 4 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 German Club 1, 3, 4 S anish Club 2, 3 gampalene 3 ' Junior Play Committee 3 Junior Prom Committee 3 LOUEEN EDWARDS Luu Tyrone High School. Pcnna. 1. 2 Badminton 3. 4 Baseball 4 Bowlin 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Operetta 4- Tigerettes 4 Tower 4- Tower Bazaar 4 Senior Pla Committee 4 Senior Bali Committee 4 4. W JAMES ELDEN Pete Rifle Team 1, 2, 3, 4 Biology Club 4 MARILYN ELSAESSER Lynn Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Badminton 2, 3 Soccer 1, 2, 3 Volleyball 1 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 llowlin 2 Water iollics 1, 2, 3, 4 Dance Committees l, 2 Senior Pla ' Committee 4 Opcrctta Committee 4 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Biology Club 3 French Club I, 2 Senior Ball Committee 4 SANDRA ENSMINGER Sandy Cheerleader 4 Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 Bnsketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Badminton 1, 2, 3, 4 Bowlin 2, 3 llasehai 1, 2, 3, 4 Water Follies 1, 2, 3. 4- Swimming Team 2, 3 Play Committees 3, 4- Dance Committees l, 2. 3, 4 Honor Society 4 Triad 3, 4 Tatler 3 Tower 4- Tower Bazaar 4 French Club 2, 3, 4 Assemhly Committee ser. l DAVID FARROW David Cross Country 2, 3, 4 Swimming 2, 3, 4 Tcnuis 3. 4 A'Cappclln Choir 3. 4 Opcrctta 2, 3, 4 Senior Choir 2 Latin Club 2 International Ball Committee 2 l w Dance Committee 2 Physics Club 3 Tower 4 L ave wimn 1, 2, 3. 4 oolb , 4 on r ociety 4 . 2. 3. 4 estrn 1, 2, 3, ce Band 3, 4 l State Band 2, Junior Pkg' Cast 3 Operetta rchestra 2. 3, 4 Band vice-pres. 3 Band pres. 4 Biology Club treas. Dance Committees l, 2, 3, 4 Taller 2. 3 ' Tower Photography Editor 4 German Club 2, 3, 4 Scnior Science Club 3. 4 495' ' I ' MQ 0 ' 1- fl uw 5 fee' ' ft r -, . Y,'-, ! ' i fi . QT., X gf- l 2 SNP Xx L I 2 -QSSCQQQ I RD oc Golf 1, 2 ' ming , 3, tball ' 1, 2 A'Cappe-lla Choi , 4 .lu 'or Pl st 3 Stu en cil l Student C ' sec. 3 Sophomore t Choir llu 'ness m icr 1 sembly mittee I ' ' .nec Club 3 ' Soplzoln nce o ittee 2 Junior Pro: e 3 G RDON FRI E . only Il" C , 3. eh r . 3. 4 O a rc stra 2. . g an Ilig ,stra -1' . li l , io ll I rr str I Q 1 , 5 3, 4 "5 - eta Hi-Y c Ta r K in uin ' L . 4 . .A. S ontest 2 ELLWOOD FRIEDRICH Woody X gasebag I, 2, 3, 4 ' 6 oceer , 4 , Bowling 2, 3, 4 X German Club 2 .vb 1 Beta Ili-Y 2, 3 CJ Junior PfoxnCComn1ittce33kI -L .l ' P ' :mittee . . ' flxoliig: Sozietyrllt RJ., 0'-T' 'af S40 f Q 1 c ROBERT GANAS L? , , 4 1'0" X 5501 sf' Cafeteria Staff l. 2. 3. 4 xr, ND K0 -of QP!! Q1 N0 ' 'X 'r vw C252' A' 'rmED'f'E RO RT EYER b n ' , D Ba hall 1 , 3, 4 a hes ,2 d EN 'BQ' u eu ounc i x B0 PM Fifi? l CAROL GILKEY Gill: Badminton I, 2, 3, 4 Soceer 1, 2, 3 Baseball 1, 2, 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3, -l- Archery 2 Bowlin 3 Water iollies 1, 3 Amards 2, 3 Della Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 Biology Club 2, 3 Senior Science Club 3 Dance Committees 1, 2, 3 Junior Pla Committee 3 German Cliub 2, 3, 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Triad 2, 3 Tatler 1, 2, 3, 4 WILLIAM E. GILMAIN Bill Student Council 4 Gerrnan Club 2, 3, 4 Russian Club 3, 4 Red Cross Council l, 2, 3, 4 Beta Ili-Y 4 Library Club 3, 4 Biology Club 2 Senior Science Club 3 Newspaper Club 4 DONALD GLYNIY Don - Swimming 3 Track 3 Latin Club 2 HARRY GOETZMANN Goetz Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Bowlin 3, 4- Track 5 4 Baseball 1, 2 .lunior Play Committee 3 Co-captain football 4 Stuclent Council 3, 4 Student Council vice-pres. 4 Senior Class treas. 4 .lunior Hi-Y vice-pres. 1 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 Junior Prom Committee 3 Taller 3 Senior Science Club 3 Tower 4 Rifle Club 1 Honor Society 4 PHYLLIS GOGA Phyl Bowling 2, 3, 4 Badminton 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Soeeer 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball umpire 3, 4 Soccer ref. 4 Volleyball Z Play Committees 3, 4 Danee Committees 2, 3, 4 Tower Asst. Editor 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Latin Club 2 Girls Sports Council 3, 4 Biolo Club 2 Girls giports Council pres. 4 -..,. 9- 3, T -ig f 'ee 6. 3 ,EY -of so-3.1 1 I I l s 1 l . i 1 3' 1 -A -2613 ,635 iff .za n 'ia 1. fe ,-4 ,X ,gh DONALD GOIIN Don Cross Country 3 Tape- mea-suI269 TEEN !---- - f fri? aff: , fl 2' if if ' , 1 l f '-Q, ,I ,HL ,... I 34 . gs, in X 's s 2 SUSAN CRAF Sue liowlin 2, 3, 4 Water Bullies 3, 4 Cheerleader 4 Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Badminlon 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball umpire 4 Basketball ref. 3, 4 French Club 2, 3, 4 llonor Society 4 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Triad 3, 4 Taller 3 Dance Committees 1, 2, 3, 4 Play Committees 3, 4 PATRICIA GRAVENER Patty Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 llaseball 1, 3, 4 Water Follies 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Badminton 2 Bowling 4 Chorus 1, 2 Operetta 2 Tlgerettes 3 .lunior Pla Committee 3 Delta Hi-Q' 3, 4 Tower Asst. Editor 4 Triad 4 Danee Committees 1, 2, 3, 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Tower Bazaar 4 ROSEMARY JUNE GRAVER Rose Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4 Swimmin Team l, 2, 3. 'l liasketbai 1, 2, 3, 4 Volleyball 1, 2, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Water Follies 1, 2, 3, 4 Student Council 2 Honor Society 3, 4 Delta Hi-Y treas. 3 Delta Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 4 Tatlcr 1, 2, 3 Dance Committee l, 2, 3, 4 Biolo Club 2 Play Committees 3, 4 Tower 4 Tnwer Bazaar 4 RONALD GREINER Ronnie Cross Country 2, 3 Track mst. 3 Biology lub 2 Senior Science Club 2, 3- 4 TQ! 15?-2' . 5-4 p-4 SUSAN HAAS Sue Basketball 2, 3, 4- Badminton 2 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Swimming Team 2, 3, 4 Water Fo lice 2, 3, 4 liowlin 3, 4 Soccer 3, 4 Student Council 3, -1- Quill 81 Scroll 4- 'I atler 3 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 DiGammn Hi-Y 2 Dance Committees 2. 3. 4 Play Committees 3, Il- Spanish Club 3 Student Council Handbook Editor 4 PETER IIAASE Peter Soccer 4- Gcrman Cluh 4 ROBERT HABERM EH L Bob Physics Club l, 2 Senior Science Club 3. 4- Rndio Club 3. 4 DONALD IIACK ETT Hack Baseball 3, 4 Football 4 J. V. Soccer 2 Junior Hi-Y 1 Junior Assembly Committee I DIANA HAGYARD Dee 1 . JF VZ' LEG Z it- 'F' X Tafil 4,49 if x. , len'- X-use , .. ' - '3 Pj . J -'nd . pw .S is 5, 4 ,,,.w,.iE.,.. 1 ' , 1 f ' Fig V 1 mi-:sz . ARTHUR HANNEL Ar! Band l Cross Country I. 2, 3 Golf I Bowling 2, 4- Amherst Bee 4 JOHN HARBISON Johnny Wrestling 2, 3 Student Council 1 Junior Prom Committee 3 German Club 2 Beta Hi-Y 2, 3. 4 lleta Hi-Y vice- rcs. 3 Senior Science Club 3. 4 German Club 3, 4 SUSAN M. HARRIS Sue Mixed Chorus 2 A'Cappella Choir 3, 4 Junior Play Committee 3 Operetta 2. 3, 4- Latin Club l BARBARA HARVEY Barlry Badminton 1, 2, 3, 4- Socccr 1, 2. 3 Water Follies 1, 2, 4 Basketball 1, 2 Orchestra 1, 2, 3 Junior Play Cast 3 Senior Play Cast 4 Tbespians 4 Honor Society 3. 4 Triad Editor 4- Delta Hi-Y 3, 4- Senior Science Club 2, 3, 4- Frcncb Club 1, 2 German Club 4- Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Dunce Committees 3. 4 Ge-98 U-f' Football , 3, ' 435' Baske , 3, - choir 1, 2, 3, Q S my N n,- -, - B 3, v ' ' '- "- in , 4 Yonor ciety Stn an ger 4 Pl' M' lass Presiden d r 4: W., ' Iiigljetu t nci . La n Club 2, 3 . " O1 retta 1, 2, 3 4- - -f j Dance Commit , - Junior Prom C tee 3 X 5 :J Senior Ball Co tee 4 I R :im K n 3? "J .,,. 41 JANYCE HENRICII .lun Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 Bowlin 2, 3, 4 Basebai 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Badminton 2, 3, 4 .lunior Play Committee 3 Tower 4- 'llower Bazaar 4 EARLE HERRINGTOIN Earle Student Council 3 'gh K PfNc.afT6fJ'l CAROL Ill EM EN! Cake llowliug I lhulminlon I .llminr Play Cnmmillcc 3 HJ ail dl llnn icly 4 C Chcerle er 3, 4 .nccc 1, ,3 f admint n 2, 3K asihnl H 3334 Bas r , . ' cn r h , W ' ppcll ' 3. 4V erclla , U Senior Pla Cast Senior Class sec. 4- A'Cappella Choir sec. 4 Senior Class Council 4 Lalin Club 2 Class Dance Committees I, 2, 3, 4 Tnwer Bazaar 4 ARTHUR ll. IIINCKLEY Ar: Bowling 2, 3 Mixed Chorus 1 .lunior Play Committee- 3 Tower Bazaar 41 LARRY HOFFMAN IATQV' WILLIAM J. HOPKINS Happy Cruss-Country 1, 2, ll Swimming 1, 2 Track l, 3, 4 CIIARLES HULL Clmrlie Rifle Team 1, 2, 3, 4 SANDRA IRELAND Sandy Nollinfvhmn High School 3 Water iollifts l, 2. 4 Soccer I, 2, 3 Baseball 1, 2, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 4 Badminmn l, 2, 1 D:-lla Ili-Y 2, 3 Dance Commillces 'l, 2 International Ball Cmnmiuec' Z RICHARD IREY Dick Carman Club l. 2 :-E of I l ARA C ' rb I t . cs ,G 1 ' appbl hoir 3, A " 4- enior ' Committee O eretta 2, 3, 4 '?l'.A. vice-pres. 4 wer Bazaar 4 gcrcttes 3, 4 Dance Committees 1, 2 Junior Prom Committee 3 Senior Bull Committee 4 Tower fl- WILLIAM .JACKSUN Bill llillc Team 1, 2, 3, 4 Bt-ta Ili-Y 2, 3, 4 , L, iff? .V vga A Ay? A. 'N-N TTII JAlI S JK 3 lg NIJ Kery ' T , l ' 2,3 VX 'I' nnis4 rehestra 1, 2, 3, 4 Junior Play Cast 3 Senior Play Cust 4 Bela Hi-Y 3, 4 lnter Hi-Y Council 4 German Club 2, 3, 4 Senior Science Club l, 3, 4 Biology Club 2 Junior Prom Committee 3 Triad 4 Junior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Science Congress l. 2 llonor Society fl- SONJA JUNG Sanie Soccer 1, 2, 4 Baseball 3. 4 Basketball 4 liowling 2, 3, 4 Volleyball 2, 4 Badminton 4- Dance Committees 1, 2 Junior Prom Committee 3 Senior Bull Committee 4 Junior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 WESLEY KASONIC W'es Cross Country l, 3, 4 Amards 2 Tbespians 3, 4 Stnge Crew 1. 2 Tower 4- Germzm Club 2, 3, fl Beta Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Senior Science Club 3, 4 41 , wa? fa Civ . v 2 1? I nk- .4 I 2 Y I I er' ' " fr., l 'I 'J .. .un .1 r w 4 .-J x FRANCES KATZMAR CK Fran Bowling2 Badminton 1 I 4 1 H t ' . 'B l X 1 T' ' ' 'i. 7- MP "ri, OLXNE TEE PAUL KENNEDY Bugsy Cross Country 4 Biolo Club 2 Beta iii-Y 3, 4 Senior Science Club I, 3, 4 Junior Rifle Club l Russian Club 3, 4 German Club 3, 4 PATRICIA KENSLEA Pat Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 Bowling 2, 3, 4 liaclminton 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 Swimming Team 3, 4 Water Follies 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Referee 3, 4 Junior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4- Seninr Class Council 4 Tigcrettes 3 Latin Club 2, 3 Dance Committees I, 2 Junior Prom Committee 3 Senior Bnll Committee 4 Tnwer 4 EDWARD KHNYUIN Spider Rille Club I Biology Club 3 Junior Prom Comtuitlce 3 lntermural Bowling 2, 3 lntermural llasketlmll 2 lntloor Track l, 2 Latin Club l Open llnusn I ,IOANNA KIDD .lo Hockey I Soccer 2, 3 Badrninlon 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta Committee 2, 4 Amnrtls 2, 51- .luniur Play Cast 3 Junior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Junior Prom Committee 3 Senior Ball Committee 4 Dance Committee l Tower Bazaar 4- Tower Statistician 4 ISARBARA KING Burl: Iladminton 2, 3 Bowling 2, 3 Ilaslaetball 3 Urtvhestra l, 2, 3 French Club 3, 4 Junior Play Committee 3 'I'atIer 3, 4 Tow:-r 'I l"RAhIxLYlN IxlNOX Frank Ilascball mgr. 2 Football asst. mgr. 1, 2 Baseball 8: Basketball Scorekeepcr 2. 3, 4 .Iunior Prom Committee 3 .Iunior Pla Committee 3 Interumrulillowling 3 Orchestra I, 2 Inter School Math Society Ilonor Sonic ly 3, Il- Ilonnr Society pres. 4 Studcnt Council 1, 2. 3, 4 Newspaper Club Activities Editor 3, 4 German Club 2, 3 German Club treas. 3 Senior Science Club 3 Russian Club pres. 3 Alpha l-li-Y 2, 3, fl- DAWN KOCH Dawn Baseball I, 2, 3 Soccer 1, 2, 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Badminton 1, 2 Honor Society 3, Kl- DiGaii1ma lh-Y sec. 4 DiGamma lIi-Y I. 3, 4 Tower 4 Triad 4 French Club 2, 3 Biology Club 4 Dance Committees 1, 2 Junior Prom Committee 3 Senior Ball Committee 4 Senior Construction Group Tower Bazaar 4 EX ELYN KOLBE Evic Mistress of Ceremonies of Water Follies I, 2, 3 Bowling 2 Badminton 2, 3 Soccer 1. 2, 3 Basketball l, 2 Baseball 1, 2 Assembly Committee I, 2 Amards 1, 2 Student Council I French Club I, 2 F.T.A. Librarian 4 Tower 4- Tower Bazaar ll- Biology Club 3 Dance Committees I, 2, 3 Christmas Pageant I, 2, 3 Junior Play Committee 3 A LLAN KOSM ERL Kasy Intermural Basketball 3 Band I, 2 Marching Band I, 2 Service rew 1, 2 Projection Crew 1, 2 Senior Science Club 3 3.4 0 L,-asf V, .un , 1 t tr. .,, ,,-,t sw 'fbi xt ,vi YF.. - , .I , , 5-f" I -'--V. -'A' sf . 3 ti N ti Y ' Li. :SQ ., , ,ou o 3: 5, x A Jr, ---A vs? is " . N l t',- it iagismf IIICIIARD KREIDLEII Ritlr Soccer 2 Track 2 Spanish Club 4 .lunior Play Committee 3 .lunior Prom Committt't' 3 Senior Pla ' Committee 4 Senior Ilal Committee 4 Tower ,fl PAUL W. RRI-IM ICH Ifefls Gulf 1, 2, 3. -t Soccer 2 Senior Choir I, 2 A'Cappella Choir 3, -1 Uperelta l, 2, 3, 4- Studvnt Council 4 .lunior Play Committee 3 .lnnior Prom Committee 3 JACK KRESS Krebs Golf 2, 3, 4 Iiasebull 1 Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 Q56 Q 1 G., 6 S Qu: jg GORDON KRYSTA F Hard German Club 2, 3, 4 Senior Science Club 2, 3, 4 Rifle Club I Cafeteria Staff I, 2, 3, 4 ROBERTA KUEHNEII Bobby Water Follies I, 2 Baseball 1, 2 Basketball l, 2 Soccer I, 2 Bowling 2 Badminton 2, 3, 4 Dance Committees I. 3. 4 Tower 4 ""?r J iff' MARCIA LACKH Dlnrsll Soccer 1. 2. 3. 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2, 3, -I Water Follies l, 2, 3, 1 Volleyball 2 Bowling 2, 3, 4- Sluqlent Council I Taller 3 'Tower Bazaar 4 Tower 4 l"rr-nt-b Club 2, 3, fl Danre Committees l, 2 .lunior Prom Comlnitu'r 3 Senior llall Committee 4 Junior Play Commillvc' 3 ,IANICE l..Alx li .Inn Kenmore Senior lligll School 2 Cbaffev Union Iliglx Sc-hnol. Calif. 3 Bowling 3, '1- Swimming Team 3. rl Water Follies 3 German Club -L Baseball 3 Tower nnzaur Al RENNETII LAKI-I Luk:-r Etobicole Collegiate. Toronto. Ont. l, 2 Baseball 3, 4 Football 3, 4- A'Cuppclla Choir fl l l .lLf'lJITIl',l..AllW0Oll Judy .2 liasklxlball 1, 2, 3. -l ' Baseball l,f2, 3. 4 ,. Sfwcer 1, 2, 3 1 Libdrninlon l, 2, 3, 'I Volleyball fl., 2 Water Follies I. 2 ' Hoclxey 1, 2 Nlnjoreltes 2, 3, 4 Honor Society 3, 4 Physics Club sec. 3 Tower Editor 4 Latin 'Club 2, 3 Dance Committees l, 2, 3, 1- Plhy Committees 3, 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Tatler 2, 3 Girls' Sports Council 3, 4 NANCY LICHTENTIIAL Nancy Kensington High Srhonl l, 2, 3 750m Downv TEEN figlll, Lit Y, -1 v f 'fl I I .sg :fm in 3-u C 3 rrr 54 .3 , f-A I-dl , 'ri r ,rg H fl . .s my up , , J 3? Q A ifis JUAN LILGA .loan Xolleyball l liaulminton 2, 3 l usebull I, 2, 3, 4 Horror Il, 2, 3 Bowling 2. 3, -l J. V. Clxevrleailer 1 .lllnior Prom Committee 3 Senior Bull Committee 4 .llmior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Commit tea- 4 Triad 4 Fri-m'l1 Club 2, 3, 4 Biology Club 3 Della xli-Y l, 2. 3, l I-'.T,A. 4 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar -'l IIOISICRT LINKNER Link Ilaseball 2. 3, 4 .l. V. Soccer l, 2 German Club 3, 4 Russian Club 3, 4- ROGER l.lPPl'IR'l' Rag Camera Club l Amnrrls I, 2, 3 .I. Y. Football 2, 3 French Club 3 Trampolcne 3. 1 G C OL LOCK I ral X Clk' 0' r -'l N .. .Che, ' der 1,13 r ref. 3, - I L-ke 1, 2, 3. ll- Q., Soccer ' 4 g lludminton , 43 askelball I. -i ' . 1 chall1,2,s,4 K Wat '4 lies Swim 4 Team I, 2, 3, 'I Sen' r Mixed K' orns 2 A'Cuppella 2, 3, Op:-reltn 2, 3, 4 , Senior icnce Cl - 61. Tower I Dnncc Con ' bees 3. 4 X German Club 2, 3. 4 K K' 4 4 . .C RICHARD LOTll A ,Z ' Dick LZ' Cleveland Ilill High Srhool l 7 Basketball 3, 4 Jnnior Play Cnrnlniltee 3 "' C- Foolball 4 Iv' A jf ' , Qi ' s Q T CN kd XMB SV X X- .X s PATRICIA LOUIJY Put Basketball 1, 4 Soccer l, 2, 3, 4- llaseball 4 liowlinw 3, 4 Wa ter Follies -1- Tower '1- Tnwer Bazaar 4 Dance Committees l, 2 ,lunior Prom Committee 3 Senior Ball Committee 4 .lunior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 3 BEVERLY LOWIN Bev Soccer 2, 3, 4- Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 llttsketball 1, 3, 4 Water Follies 3, 4 Howling 2, 3, 4- Vollcyball 2 Tntlcr 2 Tower 4- .lunior Play Committee 3 Dance Committees I, 2 Junior Prom Committee 3 Senior Ball Committee: 4 FREDERICK LUDWIG Fred Projection Crew l, 2, 3, 4 H-.-'Teil' CONSTANCE MANNES Connie Soccer l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4- Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Bowling 2, 3, 4 Badminton 1, 2 Sophomore Class sec. 2 .lunior Class sec. 3 Student Council 3, 4 Sports Council 3, 4 Sports Council trcus. 4 Cheerleading 3, 4 Cheerleading treas. 3, 4- llonor Society 4 Dunce Contmittees 1, 2, 3, fl- ,lunior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Tower 4 ROSEMARY MARABELLA Rose Soccer 2 llonvlin 2. 4 .lunior ilny Committee 3 Junior Prom Committee 3 Senior Play Committee fi Tower -1 1 f"'1-3 iulgxx i x '-'S' 2 J li it 'se X fgmg... Ll I .,,.. . V , 1' - ff 3, 40 HITA MARINELLI .llicliqy Sacred Heart Academy I Howling 2, 4 Tower 1 MARCIA MARIE MARSIIA ilfarshu Bowling 2 Badminton I Cafeteria Staff -1 RICHARD McDERMO'l"l' lilac Basketball mgr. 3, 4 French Club 3, 4 Newsptiper Club 3, -l Library Club 3 Ili-Y -l BARBARA ANNE MERR ITT Bnrlz Huntington High School, Wt-st Virginia l, 2. 3 Soccer 4 Baskelhall 4 A'Cappclln Choir 'lf Opercttn 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Color Guard 4 Tower Advertising mgr. 4 NANCY MILKS Nan Soccer 2, 3 A'Cappt-lla Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetlu l. 2, 3, 4 .lunior Play Committee 3 Ili-Y 2, 3, 4 Tigerettcs 3 Dance Comtnittetzs I, 2, 3 F.T.A. 4 Senior Play Cast 4 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 SUZANNE MOESEI, Sue Basketball l. 2, 3. fl Baseball l, 2. 3, 4- lladminton 1, 2 Sor-ccr 1, 2, 3 Bowling 2, 3, 4 .lunior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Commillm- -1 Tower 'l- Tower Bazaar 4 Uanre Conlniittt-vs l. 2, 3. MARJORIE MURAN Margie Bowling 2, 3 Badminton 2 French Club 3, 4 Library Club 3, 4 Triad 2. 3, 4 .luninr Play Comlnillve 3 RALPH MORROW Ralph Spanish Club I, 2, 3 Senior Science Club l, 2. 3 Projection Crew l. 2, 3 PAUL MULLENHOFI-' Paul Canisius Ili li School l, 2 Physics Club 3 Junior Play Committee 3 Junior Prom Committee 3 Senior Pla ' Committee 4 Senior Ball Commillev 4 GORDON MYERS Dall Track 1 Wrestling 3 Football l, 2, 3, fl- ,lunior Prom Commillor- 3 Tower Bazaar 4 , 4 ii ll? A Z L, - ggrflbbi an lr ' ' Q 2" ' I -fi' ,.l .4 ml I .K .. "QL . rf: 2 2 J .g 3 ' , FJ , .Qi A3741 ..z'l"' l, ' 5. E ,, J f ' il X l , 4, ' ' ji' 1 -f ALAN NEWMAIN Al Model Airplane Club 3 Senior Srivnvnv Cluh 4 es ' CHARLES NIEMAN Cllurk .lnninr Play Cast 3 MELINDA NORMAIN Illnlin Badminton I Triad 4 Junior Prom Committee 3 Junior Pla ' Committee 3 Senior Ball Committct- 4 Senior Play Cmnmiltvc 4 DAN ID NOWAKOWSKI Sum Sl. Joseplfs Collegian- lnslitulc 2 French Club 2 WILLIAM 0'CONNELL Bill Swimming 2, 3, 4 MAUREEN 0'CONNOR Mo Soccer I, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Water Follies I, 2, 3, I- liadminlon 3 Baseball I, 2, 3, fl- Girls' S forts Council I, 2, 3, 'I- Dance Committees I, 2, 3, lf Junior Pluy Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 1 Tower Bazaar 4 Tower 4 NALDA ORLANDO Vol Sterling .lunior High School, New Jersey I Soccer 2, 3 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Baekethall 2, 3, 4- Water Follies 3, 4 Amards 2, 3 Thespians 4 .Iunior Play Student Director 3 Senior Pla Cust 4 Spanish Ciiub sec. 4 Spanish Club 3, 4 Delta Hi-Y 2, 3, it Dance Committees 2, 3, 4 Operetta Committee 2, 3, 1- Triad 4 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 ANN OSBORN Ann Fagetteville High School, ew York I Soccer 3 Basketball 3 Baseball 3 Band 4- Orcbeatru 2, 3, 4 Pres. Orchestra 4 Play Committees 3, 4 Student Council 3, 4 Ilonor Society 3, 4- llonor Society Store Uookkecper 4 Tower Asst. Editor 4 Freneh Club 3. 4 Di Gamma Ili-Y 3, 4- lnter lli-Y Council 4 Student Council Exec. lioarll fl- .IUDITII PELSON Judy Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 llowling 2, 3, 4 Bnskethall I, 2, 3, 4 Soccer I, 2, 3, 4 Volleyball 2 liatlminton I, 2, 3, 4 Dance Committees 2, 3, 4 Pla Committees 3, 4 irli, S iorts Council 'i if C " 1 - - Y Girls' Sports Council yive-pres. 4 Latin Club 2, 3 Latin Club ace. 3 Ta tlcr 3 Biology Club 2 Tower Bazaar 4- 'Tower Exec. Stall' 4 lionor Society 4 SANDRA PERRY Sandy Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 llasketball I, 2, 3 Baseball I, 2, 3 Ilntlminton I., 2, 3, 'if Water Follies 2, 3. 1 Honor Society 4 Chorus I, 2 A'Capp1-lla 3, 4 Operella 2, 3, 4 Slyorts Council 3, 4 A Cappella lreas. 4 Tigerettes 3 Tower 4 D:mce'Commitlees I. 2. 3, 'I Play Committees 3. 4 D1-Italli-Y I, 2, 3. 4 I"r4-ncll Club 2, 3 X " . it ,Iii Y J . 4. ':"i::hi5-'J' 155513-" I' e .i i ' '- , 51- I I v in A ,V-ze' iii .-g.g,,e',.,:5 Y 'fgfif-ij' " ig a"5?',i 93:5--V .f ff ' is f -:iff , ir if 'ln 'C' 'NIAIKY l..0lJ.lSl'I I'I'I'I'l'IliS Louie Water Follies I liasl-cetlxall I, 2, 3 Iluselrall 2, 3 Soccer l, 2, 3 llonor Soeiety I Operctta 2, 3 Se-nior liand I, 2, 3, l Senior liund see. 3 Senior Ilnnd irc-as. 4 Mnrelling llalul I, 2, 3, I Senior Urvlwstra 2, 3, 4 Play Committee-s l, 2, 3 Di Gannon Ili-Y 2, 3, 'I I Di Gamma vice-pres. 4 4 1 German Club 2, 3, 4 German Club vit-0-pres. 3 , A JAMES Pl'lTl'lII'I :z ff-'fi Pele Q' 42l 'jffl,iA"i- lf' Wrestling 2, 3, I van f - ., 1 ,I g .w 1 . ' Ti. r "j I, E A W 5 1 ' , - 4 I ,N I WILLIAM POWELL Bill Soccer 2, 3, 4 Band 2 ' 4 l if 1. il ,r v , gf ,, -, Orchestra 2, 3, 4 Dance Band 2. 3, 4 Latin Club 2, 3 Latin Club pres. 3 Honor Society 3, 4 Honor Society vice-pres. 4 Junior Class pres. 3 Senior Class rcs. 4 Junior Play Committee 3 Junior Prom Committee 3 Sophomore Party 2 Senior Pla Committee 4 Senior Ball' Committee 4 JA MES PR IOR E Ruger Honor Society 4 A N B IC PROV UST Anne licnnctl lliglt School I, 2, 3 llasketball -I liascbull 4 Amards 4 Senior Play Committee 11- lnformution Desk 4 Ui Gamma Ili-Y 4 Taller 4 Tower Bazaar fl- Senior liall Committee i Water Follies 4 RICHARD RAlJ'l'lxlC Divk Football 3, -'I Wrestling 3 Ilaml I, 2 BARBARA RANDALL Barb Sorrer I, 2, 3, 4 Ilusclmall l, 2, 3, 4 llaskcllmll 2, 3. 4- lladminton 1, 2, 3, 'l Ilnwling 3, 4 Swinunin 2, 3, 4 Volleybali2 Wnler Follies 1, 2, 3, fl Play Committees 3, 4 Freshman Class ser. l Sipnrls Council 2 French Club 2, 3 Dance Committees l, 2, Tower 4 Tower liuzaar ll 'I'z.ulcr 3 ROBERT RAUSCII Bob Assembly Commiltee l Student Council 2, 3, 4 lieu: Iii-Y 3, 4 Clxaplain licln Hi-Y 3 llinlogy Club 2 Freneh Club 2, 3, 4 lntcr Hi-Y Council 3, 1 M AR CIA RHODES :Harsh Baseball l, 3 Baseball ump- 3. I Hockey 2 Soccer 2 Tx-nnis 2 Bowling 3. 4 lladminlon 3 liaskcllmll 3 .luninr Pluy Cmuluillec Tnwer Bazaar 4 French Club l, 2 Triad 2, 3. fl- 'liallx-r Executive ser. 4 Dance Committees 2, 3 Tnwer assl. sulm. mgr. 11 F.T.A. 4- DONALD RICIITER lhm .lk- 6. B Q I METTEENQ 5 .4 Q' ,, 1 i 1 w 1 a 1 5 2 1 ,915 Q l .Q J nw A K , 4, J ,ff '-Www 'u-w-- I Q ll'-'w w . . ,gb H+-ww Q. 4' J 491' 2 M, ,- , , r N"v-F ., X 3' r 1 I X 51:45 ,C si l,X 1 5 :M , K-44 , P- 4 f A .X r 3 G --11: , ,gk f , , 4 . ' , H X .. 3 K l i A Q 1 ss, n JZ HAROLD RITZMAN Skip Golf 3, 4 Rowling 4 RAYMOND ROGERS Roy German Club 2 FRANKLIN EOGGER Sog Soccer 1 Spanish Club 3, 4 ANDREW M. 'ROTOLA Andy Junior Play Cmnxnilu-0 3 Mixed Chorus 4 ELIZAHETH ROZEK Bully Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 liaclminlon 1, 2, 3, 4 llaskclhall 1, 2, 3, fl- Arcllcry 2, 3 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Dance Committees l, 2, 3, French Club 2, 3 Homemaking Club l Tower Bazaar 4 JOHN SACKS ,lolm Cleveland llill lligll Svlmnl Football 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 CAROL SANDERS Carol liuskelllall 2, 3, fl Sumter I, 2, 3 lladmiulun 2, 3, 4- llaschall 2, 3, 4 Amards l Tllespians 2, 3, 4 Play Committees 3, 4 Della lli-Y 3, 4 Lalin Club 2, 3 Art Club 2 Triad Art editor -1- Damcc Commillccs l, 2, 3, 4- Towcr llnzaur 4 Tower 4 Christmas Pugeanl 2, 3, fl Assembly Cummillce 1, 2. 4 Operella Scenery Cnnuuiltm- 2, 3, 4 .IOSEPU SCIIAAH .fue lluscbull l DOLOR ISS SAUIS Larry Kensington Iligh Sclmnl I, 2 Chorus 3 BRUCE SCIIMELZER Brumo Football I, 2, 3, 4 lluskclbull l, 2, 3, Al- iw ,sv 'TP "9 W L, H I s fl P , F 23' X X I ii: H JR x , 1 1 wg- Y. ,M - .me :wg A -Cf, -. ,Q 1, W ' iv ,5 -A .l0llN SCIIRIX ER John Snvrer l. 2 lluschall 2, 3, fl Band l Ori-lueslrn l MARILYN SCllll0l'ITl'ili fllurilyn Lullieran Iligll, Sl. Louis, Missouri l, 2, 3 Clmrus 4 CAROL SCHROW l:i Carol N ELSON SCH U Ll'I Ned Rifle Team I, 2, 3 Baseball assi. mgr. I Swimming Team lngr. I Baseball mgr. 2 llnml I Junior Prom Couunillee 3 51-nior Pla Commillec 4 Senior llall' Commillce 4 Tnwer llazaar 4 WILLIAM SCHWABI. Bucky Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2 Football 1. 2, 3, 4 Chorus I, 2, 3 Opcrella 2, 3 ,Iuninr Prom Cnmmitlvv 3 PAUL F. SCHONEWOLF Shorty Soccer 1, 2, 3, Il- Tcnnis 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 .lunior Prom Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Tower Bazaar 4- Newspaper Club 4 li0y's Sports editor, Tower 4 SANDRA SCHWEITZER Sandy Brighton High School l Tbcspiantl -1- Basketball 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Water Follies 2, 3, 4 Amnrds 2, 3 Junior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Cast 4 Student Council 3, 4 Taller 5, 4 Tatler Executive Staff 4 Spanish Club 3, 4- Spunisb Club vice-pres. fl- Dance Committees 3. 4 Tower 4 Triad 4 Tower Bazaar 4 LOWELL SEBECK Sherlock Ryan Townsliifw ILS., La Grange, ll. l. 2 Band 3, 4 GRACE SEITZ Frelwliir Soccer 3, 4 Bowling 3 Hockey 4 Tower 4- Tower Bazaar 4 Junior Play Committee 3 Junior Prom Committee 3 Sbnior Pla Committee 4 Senior Ball' Committee 4 PETER SHANLEY Pele Cross Country 3 I Ml , -illlii ll la If i i fill . Qi A . I 1 as .3 'E if '21 X Y 'rn 'Nr . 14' - r 4 lIllARl.l'lS SlllSl.l'IR Charles LOLA ANN SKIDMORIC Skid Chorus 1, 2 A'Cnppt-lla Choir 3, 'I- Opcretla 2, 3, 4 X ariety Show 1, 2 All-Stale Choir 3, 4 Ainards 2 Thespians 2, 3, 4 Junior Play Cast 3 Orzilorical Contest l, 2 Dcclaniution Conlon! 2 F.T.A. 4 F.T.A. res. 4- Towcr Exec. Staff 4 Student Council I Latin Club 2 French Club 4 Honor Society 4 BEVERLY J. SLOCUM Bev Badminton 4 Orchestru l, 2 Mixed Chorus 3, -1 German Club 2 Biology Club 3 Junior Play Committee 3 Dance Cunimittces 3, 4 French Club 4 ELIZABETH SM ITll Bets Soccer 1, 2, 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Wutcr Follies 1, 2, 3, 1 Tigerettes 3 Color Guard 2 Delta Ili-Y see. 4 lli-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 Stiulent Council 4 French Club 3, 4 .luninr Play Committee 3 Senior Piay Committee 4 Dance Committees l, 2, 3, Tower 4 Triad 4 Tower Bazaar 4 I'IlilZABE'I'll SNYDER zz Arehe I, 2 Socneirii Hockey 2 Basketball 1, 2 Dance Committees 3, 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Tower 4 Plai Committees 3, 4 Orc estra 1, 2 Orchestra asst. librarian 2 Amards I, 2, 3 Operetta Committees l, 2, 3 Asscmbl Committee I Library gervice Club I, 2, 3, Biology Club 3 Senior Science Club 3 MARSHA SOLDINEER Marsha Basketball 1, 2, 3,4 S ' cer 1, 2, 3 Bziiminton 3, 4- Declamation Contest l, 2, Amnrds 2, 4 Junior Play Cast 3 Biology Club vice-pres. 2 Honor Society 3, 4- Della Hi-Y 2, 3, 4- Delta Hi-Y sec. 3 French Club 1, 2, 3, 4- Dance Committees 2, 3, 4 Senior Science Club 3, 4 Towcr Bazaar 4 Senior Plny Committee 4 JON SORENSON ,len Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2 Track 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2 Sophomore Class vice-pres. Spanish Club 1, 2, 3 Junior Play Committee 3 Beta Hi-Y I Sophomore Dance Commi l Junior Prom Committee 3 Senior Hnll Committee 1- VIRGINIA SPANZX Ginny Archery l Bowling 2 Badminton 3 Water Follies 4- Delta Hi-Y 3, 4 Junior Prom Committee 3 Junior Play Committee 3 Tower Bazaar 4 Senior Ball Committee -l Senior Play Committee I ROBERT SPELDICR Frankie F ootbnll 2 Soccer 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Senior Chorus 4 JAMES SPONC .lim 'Q' Women TEEN 3 '7 lea- 'V ,4 x P '- , 3, ,,,, ' ., 4 . Wx A IM, 3 Q- 'rw ,., , ,M WL 1 ' l -H vi 1 ' N Il 'RX ...JpE54 rf ' ,117 xv' Q' , .- ,u tr .W- -of N , 'A J. 'mn n SALLY SPRAGUE Sally Soccer 1, 2, 3 Basketball I, 2, 3 Water Follies l, 2 Baseball 1, 2, 3 Mixed Choir l, 2 A'Cnppella 2, 3, 4- Operetta 2, 3, 4 Junior Play Cast 3 Honor Society sec.-treas. 3, 4 Student Council 4 Librarian ol' Choir 4 Latin Club Lreas. 3 Taller 3 Flag Twirler 3, 4 Dnnce Committees I, 2, 3, 4 Tower 4 Pluy Committees 3, 4 JAMES STANCLE Amos Basketball 1 Junior Band 1 .lunior Assembly Comuiitler- I Biology Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Radio Club l, 2, 3, 4 ALDA STOCK Aida Bowling 2, 3 Badminton 3 Chorus 1, 2, 3 Operetta 2, 3 Library Service Club 1, 2, 3. 4- Junior Play Committee 3 Taller 3, 4 Tower 4 HERBERT STRENG llrlnnsler Basketball l Soccer 2 Coll' 2, 3, 1 ,Z r if I JOAN TUFF -s .lolsf fi! Ba han 3 3 cer 1, sketb 1, 2, onor Societ 4 Senior Assembly Committee 3 A ds 1, II' spians , nior Pl ast 3 enior Cast 4 h i pres. 4 Tri Tat er Tower 4 French Club 2. 3 S unisb Club 4 'lgwer Bazaar 4 Scnior Assembly committee chairman 3 XJ ROBLRT SIURGP SS Smrg l'oothnll2 3 4 Baselmlll 2 4- Wrt-stlmg2 3 l WILLIAM STURGFQS Willy Baseball 2 3 4 Wrestlmg 3 4 1 rrman Club 3 4 TEREINCE SULLIVAIN Terry Canisius Ill h School I 2 .lunmr Play Cast 3 St-mor Plas Cast 4 ly 'Em V ON PLFLR 'llN llR0l'Cl'x .l Pete Basketball 1 2 Busebulll 2 3 1 Sm-cerl 2 3 1 Bandl 2 FERAI D TFRFIIO Turk Wrestling 2 3 4- German Club2 3 4 llonor Society 4 7Z-7E,v- ' - ' ' Jusr - DW HE PAss5D?f"'D 1 1 V mm, 5 for .il-J ex s.4' ig- ,. 47 sv,f fill! '-- ga' -6 vi . z 'il gg, i sw , -'L U . 1, 'ws if-3 s WILLIAM TIIALMA NJN Bill BARBARA THOMAS Burl: Post Road .lunior lligh, New York l Soccer 3 Bowlin 2, 4- Basketgall 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4- Amards 2 Thcspian treas. 3 Thespian vice-pres. 4 Honor Society 3, 4- Senior Class vice-pres. -1- Senior Class Council 4- Tower 4 Latin Club vice- res. 3 Tatler Exec. Stag' 3, 4- Triad 2 Dance Committees 2, 3, 4 Play Committees 3, 4- MAUREEN TURNER Molly Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4- Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Bowling 2, 3 Badminton I, 2, 3, 4- Watcr Follies I, 2, 3, 4- Soccer 1, 2, 3 Mixed Chorus 1, 2 A'Cnppclla Choir 3, 4- Operetta 2, 3, 4- .lunior Play Cast 3 Play Committees 3, 4- Tower Bookkeeper 4 'fgtpanish Club 3 owcr Bazaar 4- Danee Committees l, 2, 3, 4- Deltn Hi-Y 1, 3, 4- Tigerettcs 3 NANCY URSITTI Nan llolty Angels Academy I, 2, Senior Mixed Chorus 4- Arehery 4 Tigcrettcs 4- JAN IS VALENTA .Ian Badminton 2, 3, 4 Soccer 2, 3 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4- Volleyball 1, 2 Archer I, 2 Water follies 3 Thespinns 3, 4- Thespian sec. 4 Aisembly Committee 1, 3, 4 Assetnbly Committee sec. 4 0 retta 2, 3, 4 Plrgf Committees 3, 4- Delta Hi-Y 3, 4- Delta Hi-Y vice-pres. 4- Spanish Club 3, 4- Spanish Club vice-Pres. 4 Student Council A temate 4- 3 LUCY VIOLA Lu Badminton 2 Sophomore Dance Committee 2 Junior Prom Committee 3 Senior Ball Committee 4 Junior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Tower 4- Triad 4 NANCY VIOLA Nan Basketball 2 Badminton 2 Sophomore Dance Committee 2 Junior Prom Committee 3 Junior Play Committee 3 Tower 4 RICHARD VIVIAN Dick 5 . 32 E Yi ' : 19, ' 1 -an F - ' , L.. -1. gf- '11,.:, -. Fa! 4 Km 'E l Rine cluhl -K,,.!A'fol.- - C G ' 9 J .f e V if ,ff if , 14- , X I V 4 ' j eg lr Y V' tx . +A ,-if:'f u :ga Z My Y-C, DCZUCLAS NOLC', A aug X -V Swimming l,g', 3 W es ing 2, l4 G, 3,4 D4 - ' Bun , ' gtktgiegt bngtl-L l x1 E V 4- fs, : Germa lubl ,4' XX ' Y M' 4. J :J Junior Play Co ittce 'SJ , fr - . Senior ayC 4 , ' ' Hone yofe 1 ".'. r-" 'Q , W ' , 5 f - t . ' ff f 1- ' GEORGE WALDHEI M George , D if EA 'g l'e A ' R Q Y S Y Sv- , N W 4 , , ,Ama 'x -, s TE 1 A Qpub T5 . 48 EM .- CHESTER WEIR Cltel Wrestlin 2, 3, 4 Mixed Ciorus l Operctta l Junior Prom Committee 3 French Club 3, 4 lnter Hi-Y Council 3 Beta Hi-Y 3, 4 Senior Science Club 4 ANNE WELLS Anne P.S. duPont High School l. 2 Basketball 3, 4 Soccer 3, fl- Swimmin f Team 3, 4 Basketball ref. 3, 4 Band 4 Orchestra 4 Marchin Band 4 Junior Plgay Cust 3 Ln lin Club 3 French Club 3, 4 Tigerettes 3 Dance Committees 3, 4 Tower 4- Tower Bazaar 4 Baseball 3, 4 Honor Society 4 DAVID K. NVENDT Daw - Opercttu Orchestra 2, 3, 4 Buml 1, 2, 3, 4- Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 Band vice-pres. 4 Woodwind Cftintct 4 Beta Ili-Y c aplain 2, 3 Senior Science sec. 4 Marching Band 2, 4 Delta Rho Hi-Y pres. 4 Intcr Ili-Y Council 3, 4 Inter Hi-Y Council pres. 4 Senior Science Club 2, 3, 4 Beta Hi-Y 2, 3 Delta Rho Hi-Y 4 German Club 2, 3 Honor Society 4 BRYAN WERNER Bryan Football, First Aid, Trainer 3 Honor Society 3, 4 Projection Crew 1, 2, 3, 4 German Club 1, 2, 3, 4- German Club pres. 3 Senior Science Club 2, 3, 4- Senior Science Cluh pres. 4 Math Club 3, 4- lntcr-School Math Cluh Exec. 3, 4 glatler 35114 h at er otograp y Director 3, 4 Projection Crew Re airman 3, 4 Inter-School Math Society 3, 4 PATRICIA WERNER Pal Archery 2, 3, 4- Soccer 1 Baseball 1, 4 Bowling 2, 3, 4 Badminton 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 4 Girls' Sports Council 1 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Senior Pla Committee 4 Senior Bally Committee 4 x m DAVID WETZLER Welsf Football 1, 2 Baseball l, 2 riff'-' l'l ' ' 3 ll Xa. 9555 ' 1 'RPQQ r,l""fl I l. ' Va . IJ M XJ K .tj , ' Nfl V fl, 5 B lui!-A V. "' Q 'N l f.,1.1'f' - , I x X nocisn WILHELM fr , ' Rag YV ,I Soccer 1, 2, 3, fl- Track 2 H Ch if V A'C p a o'r I, 2, 3, 4 Wg, 5 Dnnzeplgand 2, 3, 4 if X I Opcrelgl 1, ia 3, 4 ' .lun'or y ast3 ' ' Thchpiam: 3, 4 , Honor Society 3, 4 ' ' Student Council pres. 4 ,R ' Student Council I, 2, 3, 4 A -I , ' Class trens. 2, 3 ' ' ' , " , Alpha Hi.Y 2, 3,4 wt' t T ' , , 5. Alpha Hi-Y pres. 4 U A J . ! ,, j-Fig' Q-1-35?-2,95 l?g,5I5q: 3 5- ,, ,Q ,, :E . Y, -5 'ir Je. w ,-5:5 f ' fa ,I of .ii - J- TERISNCE WILSON Charlie Football mgr. 2 Swimming 1, 2, 3. 4 Student Council 3 Senior Science Club 3 Latin Club 2 WILLIAM WIN D Bill .luuior Play Committee 3 Junior Play Cast 3 Senior Pla Cast 4 Football Sllit 2 French Club 2, 3, 4 Beta Hi-Y 4 Honor Society 4 NOR MAN JOSEPH WOLFE Norm Track mgr. 2, 3 Cross Country mgr. 2, 3 Taller editor 4 Taller 2 3 4 Beta HI Y 2 3 4 Beta III Y pres. 4- v l . 4 P of X, o F 'l 1 .V al If ,J fQ N I , !fw"'iXFq ,, ., x ,gl- ,, 'gr ,I , -fl Y ,V ' . I Emir? .L - X. -v' M' r ,gif-1 ' I lil I V ' f' 7 ' 1' N, ,N I ,rv I o '5 U 5 iiflllklgbl 0 ffl. ll E. QUONG WONG Quang Soccer 2, 3 WILLIAM ZACKER Rock Echo Hills High School Band 4 l,2,3 FREDRICK ZELAKIEWICZ Lucky Track 2, 3 Cross Country 3 German Club 2 Indoor Track 1, 2, 3 ALBIN ZIELEN Al Wrestling 2 Projection Crew 1, 2, 3, STANLEY ZIEM BA Stan Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 2, 4 Srsmons Nor PICTURED ROBERT WINTERM SUE 0'DOWD 4- ANTEL -. SENICDR BALL " SILVER BELLS " JANUARY 8, l955 SENIOR ALPHABET boys girls Bruce Schmelzcr Athletic Pat Kenslea Bob Betz Blushing Fran Dietsche Bill Daniels Capable Kathy Coad Ken Lake Dancer Nancy Ursitti Archie Dean Eater Jeanette Bottomley Bob Sturgess Flirt Lee Cummings Gordon Myers Gullible Sonja Jung Jon Sorensen Heartbreaker Gail Hirsch Harry Goetzmann Irresistible Sue Graf Jack Kress Joker J anc Bellinger Bill Powell Knowledge Ann Osborn Pg Bill Bradley Laugh Sue Haas Bob speidef sandy Ensminger P J T ',' Don Burlakos Nonehalant Barb Merritt I X 0 Ken Braden Optimistic Anne Wells ' I Bog Wilhelm Personality Connie Mannes Peter Haase Quiet Janice Lake Rocky Ford Refreshing Judy Pelson Dave Hegg Sophisticated Barb Jackson is Bob Geyer Twosome Barb Thomas Quong Wong Unique Barb Randall Doug Volgenau Vivaeious Carol Lock Woody Friedrich Winning Sylvia Dean John Sacks X-Unknown Quality Phyllis Goga li 5 Scudder Brown Yawning Marcia Lacke -1 l Bill Catalde Zippy Sue Moesel X, ,W x -:sv LQQNA 'HX I , A X XX Xl v, if .1 QQQM J f Q s I . , El 'L W 51 5 is as Ildal l""" First Row: Richard Dubois, Presidentg Lynne Morris, Secretary. Second Row: Dick Gernold, Vice Presidentg John Cummings, Treasurer. JU IDRS CLASS HIGHLIGHTS Amherst Central's Class of '56 was a very hard working one, as shown by its participation in our annual maga- zine drive sponsored by the Student Council. This year the Student Council announced that it would givc'S75 to thc Senior High class that sold the greatest amount of magazine subscriptions. The prize was awarded to the Junior Class. The money was contributed to the support of the Junior Class Play which was presented during the month of March. This past spring, the Junior Class honored the Seniors at the Junior Prom. The Prom was a big success with members of both the Junior and Senior classes at- tending. As always, the Prom was an unforgettable affair. i W ! -LAI., mg . . s: nl: ,L-. -'......-:,. SOPHGMORE CLASS HIGHLIGHTS Our tenth grade class elected four up-and-coming Am- herstonians to lead them through the year. Dave Wylie, president, was a spirited leader in consolidating the forces of the class in the Magazine Drive, early in the year. Although the sophomores didn't come out on top, some real spirit was established. Although the planning for the Sophomore Party was time-consuming, the results were enthusiastically re- ceived hy the students. This enthusiasm well portrays the class of '57. ':,.. ' i X A I ' 7 .-LP , ,f , I I i X First Row: David Wylie, Presidentg Joanna Baker, Secretary. Second Row: Joe Roberts, V ice Presidentg Fred Manske, Treasurer. I I, ,fx Ile FRESHME CLASS HIGHLIGHTS The officers for the class of '58 were fortunate in obtain- ing so much class spirit early in the year. Their annual Class Party, held early in June, demonstrated all this spirit and much more. The students will long remember this occasion for its originality and festivity. First Row: Ravin Askin, Presidentg Sandra Straley, Treasurer. Second Row: Fred Machemer, Secretaryg Peggy Davis, Vice President. I- LI ie? lil EIGHTH GR DER CLASS HIGHLIGHTS This year was higlllighted for the class of 1959 by the annual eighth grade party. The party, which was semi- formal, was held on January 28th in the girls' gym and' proved to be a huge success. The eighth grade brought .forth two outstanding students, Alfred Weiss and Terry Smith, who won first and second prizes in the annual magazine drive lor selling the highest amount of maga- zines. The class, which has many outstanding students, made a wise selection for their class officers. They were: President, Dale Rosenherryg Vice-President, Roger Millsg Secretary, Wendyf Oliver. Roger Milks, Vice Presidentg Wendy Oliver, Secretaryg Dale Rosenberry., President. KW-' Seated: David Cook, Presidentq John Knox, Vice-president. Standing: Doug Weiss, Secre- turyg Paul Fleisehauer, Treas- urer. FEE EVE TH GR DER CLASS HIGHLIGHTS This year,s seventh grade ol' Amherst Central High School will he the last seventh grade to enter our school. However, the class of 1960 has already left their mark on Amherst. Their class was the highest contributor in the Junior High annual magazine drive. ' lx "audi ..,. A fgvif L I I 5 ,Y.:g.L- .LI :I un . T -1.-m bun I h L:-A: ,,,.,..,,,,,., r...-...M J., ...., 3'-"'l. I AI 'Q' 'E n I ..- I .. 51. , I JI 'Vi , ' '7 N 42 - lj. Frm li EE . i , , -1 S, , ' E 'V ,,..iss II III' w,,, ! Zfiiiz. I-T-----I I I , Fvwn. I 3--I M1154 lv I I I. Mum.: Ill -..s. In ' sn 1. I. I..-. 2 - E wsu Pu 5 a 5- I I U. 1 C... ' II ' ' 6 i -...I I . E N . I . I MH 5 f.L.:::,, U WM , f..I1- R i Inn I Q I .Inu " mmlm I Eqamzn- Swv-I-L I U- I I W In v-AA ' W Ill -I , 11 e ... nm... Q-.45 . ,.. I , - E "" "' ' 1 - ln .Im E v- -- '-'-- 1: E -J-L ....- x una H . . . . Q .. -I ... 9 . .. 'T . I. U I"I.I.lIIf' ' 7-1 I E I :Lg Ll awuv mv. """' .IE,.., .....F.....Jr..I .... I. -- u...... ... ""' ...H , ' . W"-"' ' crm? :Mor lan!! hull X, I CL- IM I ...--. J ' I, ny, . quo? swan "'f:::M:""'j""""' ...-4 ' I -..u ..,n ,NWI , I I E I H A . , , ,, , , , ,, ,, ,TT ------1 ..-... Q .b.. AQ' XI I u FIOOIZ PLAN 1'-:5,'g,",,,,"-: IIXE X5 I IX' , M ,.,. , -lizzaf, 2, -, 252222 ' HERST CENTRAL JUNIOR HIGH OPENING SEPTEMBER I95 57 H LL OF FAM Art Baus-Stage crew, faithful, reliable. 'Bill Bradley-Good work as chairman of the Youth Center Committee. Richard Chappell-All-around boy. Kathleen Coad-Service to so many groups. Jackie Cohen-Activity in various fields. Carolyn Creed--Assembly Committee-vivaeious personality . Sylvia Dean-Outstanding in studies and activities. Doris Dickerson-Unsellish service. Sandra Jjnsminger-Service and cooperation. Dave Fogg-Competent musician, photographer. Cordon F 1'ieke-Musical Prowess. Woody Friedrich-Capable worker and athlete. Bob Cey'er-Marvelous basketball player. Bill Gilman-Senior Library Assistant for two years. Beverly Glaser--Student Council Activity. Rosemary Gravel?-For her sincerity. Sue Haas-Excellent swimmer, work on Student Council. Dave Hogg-For his always pleasant manner, athlete, singer, and scholar. Bill Hopkins-Top-notch distance runner. Franklyn Knox-Quiet, effective way of doing things. Roberta Landel-Five years as library helper. Judy Larwood-Outstanding leader and Tower editor. Connie Mannes-Good student and all-around girl. Churchill McCall-Projection crew and general service to school. Ann Osborn-Boundless energy, distinctive scholarship. Chris Pezoldt-Superlative eighth grade leader. William Powell-Class leader and scholar. Bonnie Prill-Outstanding eighth grader with impressive administrative talent. Paul Rich-Outstanding work as editor-in-chief of Amherst Central Activities weekly Amherst Bee news column. Elliot Rubenstein-School service of the highest order. Yvonne Sehaelehlin-Future Pulitzer Prize winner in the field of literature. Bruce Sehnielzer-Outstanding basketball player-team captain. Lola Skidmore-Vocal ability. Nlarsha Soldineer-Service to others. Sally Sprague-Cooperative participation and leadership in many groups. Barbara Thomas-Distinctive leader of the Senior Class, Taller. Denny Trudell-Another Ernie Pyle in the writing iield. Joseph Valenta-Student Council, intra-mural sports, honor student. Rosalind Wessoil-Assembly' Committee service. Roger Willielm-Leader of leaders, Student Council work, athletic participation Norman Wolf-Fille work as Editor of Tatlcr, president of Ili-Y group. 58 wi? I D, l "Southern Serenade" Friday, May Fourteenth Nineteen Hundred Fifty Four XO PYLQYA .. -, 6 rt, I '14 G h 5 '.: 4 l I , N l A. . NX - . fi' , Z K fx I 's X X K.. 2 UA k o xg N. 59 , 0 fl 3 .Q '- pull Activities VARSITY FCOTB LL The 1954 Varsity Football Team, under the expert coaching of Mr. Kentner and Mr. Schaefer, finished the season with a record of five wins, one loss, and two ties. They compiled a league record of three wins, one loss, and one tic, good enough for second place in Division One of the E.C.I.C. The starting offensive line-up consisted of Dick Loth and Dave Earl at the endsg Bruce Schmidt and Stan Ziemba at the tackles, Dick Radtke and Rocky Ford at the guards, and Dave Hegg at center. Scudder Brown was the quarterbackg Bob Sturgess and Mack Campbell the halfbacksg and co-captain Harry Goetzmann the fullback. On the defense, Ken s 1 P a placements Amherst faced a very strong Depew team in then opener This game was a battle of Amherst s good defense 3g3lHStDCPCW s powerful offense AnAmherst fumble deep in Depew territory cost the Tigers the only scoring chance of the game as it ended ID a score less tie Linemcn Jack Sorensen and Doug Volgenau were sorely missed. in thlS game Jack suffered a broken leg, and Doug, a broken ankle before the opening game. These mishaps kept them out for the season. l I Lake Norm MeCombs co-ca tain John Sacks Bill Catalde, and Gordy lVIyers were the first string re- ,sian ' T - ca First Row: Wayne Rhodes, Bob Noon, Mike Barnes, Dick Loth, Norm McCombs, Harry Skull, Dave Fogg, Bruce Schmitt, Lon Neilans, Ronnie Smith, Bill Catalde, Pete Schmitt. Second Row: Jack Sorenson, Dave Earl, Don Maurer, Stan Ziemba, Dave He g, John Sacks, Han' Goetzmann, Rocky Ford, Cordie Tifleyers, Bruce Schmefi zer, Black Campbell, Scudder Brown., Bob Sturgess, Mr. 61 Kentner, Coach. Third Row: Doug Volgenau, Bob Struc- bing, Bill Martin, Ken Lake, Ronnie Maze, Gar Andres, Bob Weis, D011 Hackett, Jim Williams, Ra llfundberg, Spencer Cleveland, Sid Hulse, Dave Batson, Sick Radtke, .John Gillis, Roger Schafer, Bill Schwabl, Mr. Schaefer, Asst. Coach. Fourth Row: Dick Grando, Managerg Bruce Eavenson, Asst. Manager. s up Begin C041 Nghewmanm ADAM. A ' sw Q fm' . 1525 , YYY Safk ' Ha h. john 5 I ei Coac tzlins' OFFENSIVE TEAM Line: David Earl, Stan Ziemba, Rocky Ford, Dave Heg , Dick Radtke, Bruce Schmitt, Dick ' Loth. Back-field: Mack Campbell, Scudder Brown, Harry Eoetzmann, Bob Sturgess. A strong East Aurora team invaded Amherst and triumphed 19-12. On Amherst's first play from scrim- mage, Bob Sturgess ran 75 yards to the East Aurora 10, but a fumble cost the Tigers a touchdown. An- other Amherst fumble was quickly turned into an East Aurora score. In the second quarter Bob Stur- gess bucked over from the three-yard line for a T.D. The run for the extra point was short, and at half- time the score was 13-6, in favor of the visitors. Mack Campbell's three-yard plunge put the Tigers back in contention in the third quarter. A pass from Bruce Schmelzer to Dave Earl set up the scoreg however, East Aurora quickly scored again to insure their victory. The injury jinx hit Amherst again as quarter- back Bruce Schmelzer and linebacker Gordy Myers were sidelined by knee injuries. Schmelzer was thru for the season, while Myers returned to action a few games later. 62 The injury riddled Tigers found the going very rough against West Seneca. After a third period touchdown by Sturgess, West Seneca managed to tie the score on a dazzling reverse, two minutes before the final gun. Amherst was forced to settle for a dis- appointing tie. Before a capacity crowd at Williamsville the win- less Tigers upset previously undefeated Williams- ville by the resounding score of 32-12. Dick Loth started the Amherst scoring by intercepting a Wil- liamsville lateral and racing 37 yards for the score. Moments later, Mack Campbell scored on an 86- yard dash thru the startled Williamsville defense. A Bob Sturgess-to-Dave Earl pass play, covering 28 yards, gave Amherst a 19-0 halftime lead. Nothing could stop Amherst that night, and scores by Scudder Brown and Bob Sturgess enabled Amherst to gain its eighth straight victory over Williamsville football teams. P5 Amherst continued its winning ways by rolling over Frontier, 33-6. Dick Loth ran 27 yards to score after intercepting a Frontier pass. After that, Frontier's defense was shackled by Amhersfs hard- hitting line. Scudder Brown, Bob Sturgess, Harry Goetzmann, and Mack Campbell all scored touch- downs while Sturgess and Campbell ran for the extra points. A 55-yard, second half touchdown march gave Amherst a 7-6 victory over Hamburg in the mud at home field. After Mack Campbell plunged for the touchdown from the three-yard line, Scudder Brown circled right end for the winning point. The out- standing line play by John Sacks, Dick Loth, and Dave Hegg held Hamburg's attack in check. The Tigers kept on winning by blanking highly- ritcd Orchard Park 13-0, in the mud at Amherst. An intercepted Orchard Park pass by Bill "Chico" Catalde set up Amherstis first score. Quarterback Scudder Brown lateraled to Mack Campbell on the split-T, option play for the touchdown. The extra point was scored on the same play giving Amherst a 7-0 halftime lead. The score remained unchanged 'til the fourth quarter when Sturgess plunged over from the three-yard line to insure Amherst's fourth straight triumph. The Amherst gridmen closed their season with a 20-14 victory over a good Lancaster team. A 24- yard Sturgess-to-Earl pass scored the first touch- down with Sturgess bucking over for the extra point. A few minutes later., Harry Goetzmann dashed 70 yards for another touchdown. The jarring block of Dick Radtkc, guard, sprung him loose. Mack Camp- bellis 80-yard run closed out the scoring and gave Amherst a 20-0 halftime lead. Good defensive play high-lighted the second half. At the final gun the igupcilant Tigers carried Coach Marty Kentner off the e . The Tigers scored 123 points as compared to their -opponents, 63. They won their last five games in a row, proving that they could come back after a very slow start. Dave Hegg, center, and Scudder Brown, quarterback, became the first Amherst football players in history to be named to the Division One E.C.I.C. All-Star team. Nine other Amherst players received honorable mention. J. V. FOOTBALL l I V First Row: Paul Galletta, Dave Wylie, Jerry Walker, John Christy, Bill Hodson, Cris Kraatz, Larry Stiles, Tom Holt, John Brunner, Mike Ferrick, Dick Ellis, Paul Cook. Second Row: Mr. Bergman, Coach, Ra Smith, Pill Slowe, John Seiler, Al Brown, Bob Rhodes, Bill Linkner, Terry Maloney, Bertin Knip, Dave Baldwin, Tom Sacks, Donald Seybold, David Delaney. Third Row: Bob Blackwood, Joe Roberts, Tom R an, Jack Coe, Willis Wink, Gary Arvidson, Art Griffin, Dave Keeny, Peter Bickford, Dean Soldineer, Art Andres, Jim Izleard. Fourth Row: Dave McKenna, Steve Smithey, Kevin McNamera, Ronny Pelmen., Roger Brown, Tom Ferguson, Jack Haney, Alan Janes, Nick Shosho, Jim McLean, Barry Wood, Robert J. v. SUMMARY Our Junior Varsity Football Team, coached by Mr. Bergman, ended their season with a good record of four wins, one loss, and one tie. A 20-0 victory over arch-rival Williamsville was the highlight of the season. Dick Ellis lead the team scoring with five touchdowns, while quarterback Dave Wylie passed for four more. Mike F errick showed promise as a future place- kicker as he booted three successful conversions. Other out- standing players were Dave Baldwin, Paul Galletta, Bill Hodson, J ohn Brunner, and Tom Sacks. SOCCER VARSITY ' 'fbi ' 1 First Row: Paul Schonewolf, Bob Sfelder, Peter Haase, Woody Friedrich, Roger Wilheli,11, Craig Wratten, Red Adams. Second Roux. Benny Elliot, Denny rudell, Peter Ten Broeck, Archie Dean, Dick Chappell, Bill Powell, Fred Hoeldtke, Arnold Wlttlg, Henr Huber. Third Row' Ken Conners, Art Shilen, Neil Anderson, Denny Galvin, Don Burlakos, Booker Patterson, Dick Hohlrstein, Mr. Wrattenfcoach. S EASON S UMMARY The 1954 Amherst Varsity Soccer Team finished the season with a league record of 8 wins and 2 losses, good enough for 'second place in the E.C.I.C. Soccer League. Holland finished in first place with a 9 to 1 record. 3 . " A first defeat by Frontier was actually the turning point of the whole season. The Tigers just couldn't get started on the wet, slippery field and Frontier nipped them 4-3. This eventually cost Amherst the championship. After that defeat the Tigers rolled over North Collins, Nichols, Williamsville, and Gow before a jolting 8-0 loss to a good Holland team. The hooters soon got back on their winning ways by winning their last five games., including an 8-4 vic- tory over previously undefeated Holland. This last Holland game was played on a field partially covered with water and ankle-deep in mud. Playing without the services of their captain, Woody Fried- rich, who was ill, the Tigers displayed their real courage as they out-played Holland from start to finish. Only a freak goal and two penalty kicks saved Holland from a shut-out. This victory gave Amherst the distinction of beating every team in the league at least once. 64 The starting line-up consisted of the following: Wings, Bob Spelder and Craig Wratteng Insides, Roger Wilhelm and Captain Woody Fricdrichg Center, Peter Haaseg Halfbacks, Peter Ten Broeck, Paul Schonewolf., and Red Adams, Fullbacks, Archie Dean and Fred Hoeldtkeg and Goalie Bill Powell in the nets. Other outstanding players were Neil Anderson, Denny Trudell, Benny Elliott, and Dick Chappell. Peter Haase, Roger Willielm, and Woody Fried- rich led the Tigers' offense which scored a total of 88 points. The defense was spearheaded by Bill Powell, Archie Dean, Peter Ten Broeck, and Paul Schone- wolf, which combined to ' ' ' ll goals and 2 24 points. hold the opposition to only kicks for the low total of J.V. SOCCER Amherst's 1954 J .V. Soccer Team became the first J .V. team in the school's history to go undefeated.. They won seven of their games and tied one to a good North Collins team. The defense was so good that it limited the opposition to only one goal and one penalty kick for the entire season. A great deal of the tearn's success was due to their excellent coach, Mr. Parr. Outstanding players were Dick Stoesser, Dave Bcrsani, Brad Dunn, John Oehler, Paul Ross, and Goalie Brian Norman. S fe. as . 1 ' - bl -H445 2 , :. K I if sp 1 W W ff of Il ff' First Row: Ken MacKenzie, John Oebler, Bill DeKleine, Dick Stoesser, Brad Donn, Paul Ross, Teddy Jacobs, Bob Fleiscbauer Dave Bersanl. Second Row: Bruce Fowler, Louie Wood, Bob Reese, Bob Loescb, Don Willielnii, Chuck Pettis, Marty Jung J ack Elliott, Al Paxzold. Third Row: Mr. Parr, coacbg Don Trudell, Bruce Mann, Aaron Billowitz, Jerry Farrow, Joe Valenta: Brian Norman, Bill Bacon, Jolm Kaeselau, Dennis Mills, Fred Seidl, David Jackson, Bill Hendersouzv 65 9 CROSS COLI TRY v ARSXTY -nh ' Second. Bow-C un- . .f Prwfc- , J W' I Rick Du WHS' Iifiirrxcmv Chuay 0 .. f 4 NX' 1 muh 'Von' CM' Giiiis DMC A' . ' kc' "1 Jfihn .7 . First Row' Ted Tomxniiortba manager co. , . . Mpnsoxj, lu Hopkins, B02 1 lnmgs' B First Row' Dave IVlLCr.1 fred S I d L . ' 'y., ' c ma e, .lac ' Watson, Ronnie Thomas, Don Crascr, Rohcrl Cook, Fritz Millar Ron Cambvll S l R , . . ecom ow: Dick Dienlsbier, Paul M urphy, Dave Berry, George Downs, Fred Smcader., Ed Russo, ,lim Branicki., ,lim Lansdowne. Third Row: Mr. Munson, coach, Heath West, manager, Roger Borlh, managcr:, Byron Heinz, asst. manager, Eugene Fink, YVQS Kasonic, Paul Kennedy, Dave Farrow. 66 CROSS COUNTRY REVIEW TLINIOR HIGH First Row: Ed Friedrich, Biff Fowler, John Trimble, Bill MeHorney, Bob McKinley, Bruce Hilhrecht. Second Row: Tom Paxton, Norman Richardson, David Larsen, Michael Fried, Robert Merritt, .lolm Di Domenico, .lohn Lubking. Third Row: Mr. Bowman, coachg George Hausner, Bob Parks, Ned Seiffert, Craig hlattison, Al Zepp, Heath West, manager. Mya ,ww his 4.-N M The 1954 Cross Country Team experienced a good season this year, losing only to Olean. They won seven out of eight dual meets, dropping a decision to a strong Olean team. Paced by Captain Ted Totman, the team scored an upset win at the East Aurora Invitational Run to highlight the season. The first meet of the year was the Annual Barker Fair Day run. Amherst placed second in a large field, being defeated by Olean. The next week Amherst entered the East Aurora Invitational Run. That day the Tigers were outstanding as they placed men second, fifth, sixth, ninth, and twentieth to win the trophy over a favored Olean seven straight dual meets before Olean defeated them over the Olean course. The Section Six Championships were held at Amherst this year. Amherst played the part of the good host as they finished second, losing only to, you guessed it, Olean. On the basis of their per- formance in this meet, three Amherst runnersg Bill Hopkins, John Gillis, and Tom Cree, qualified to run in the State Finals at Schenectady. In this race Bill Hopkins did an excellent job as he placed thirty-eighth in the whole state. Much of the credit for this fine season is due to the excellent work of Coach Don Munson. The prospects for next year are bright as only team. Led by Ted Totman, Rick DuBois, Bill Hop- one man, Bill Hopkins, will be lost through gradu- kins, Tom Cree, and John Gillis, the harriers won ation, :D f . 5,7 0,7 ,ne -av . CP 6-30 ' L. " C2 5 0 ,. . 5 'J' 'W D C " . ,1 L - 0 I , Q ! First Row: .Tohn Gaunder, Rick DuBois, Bob Sharp, Mike Barnes, Craig Wratten. Second Row: Dick McDermott, Tyler Dunn, Jack Kress, Dick Gernold, Roger Kobee, Bruce Schmelzer, Peter Chudy, Bob Geyer, Dick Loth, Paul Schonewolf, Mr. Hettler, Coach. VARSITY ASKETB LL TEAM HIGHLIGHTS Amherst Centralis 1954-55 basketball team was one of the finest in the school's history. They became the third team in the 25 year history of the school to go through 18 games unbeaten. Only a defeat by Niagara F alls, in a semi-final play-off game, marred a perfect season. This team will long be remembered for never playing a close game. They won all their regular season games by a margin of at least thirteen points. This great team strength enabled every mem- ber of the team to play in each game. After five weeks of practice the 1954-55 edition of the Amherst Central basketball team took the floor against visiting Cleveland Hill. The Tigers started the season in the right way by rolling over their opponents 71-52. Dick Gernold led the scorers with 22 points followed by Bob Geyer with 19. The start- ing line-up consisted of center: Roger Kobee, right forward: Bob Geyer, left forward: Dick Gernold, right guard: Dick Loth and left guard: Bruce Schmelzer. The Tigers had exceptionally strong reserves this season, in ,T ack Kress, Peter Chudy, and Paul Schone- wolf. West Seneca became the second victim of the Tigers as Roger Kohee poured 19 points through the hoop to lead Amherst to a 78-50 triumph. After con- quering Albion 68-50, Amherst recorded its third J ack Kress Bob Geyer A Dick Loth Dick Gernold Bruce Schmelzer CUR S ARS league win by trouncing Hamburg 58-45 on the Tigers' court. Bob Geyer and Dick Loth led the way with 15 and 12 points, respectively. Bruce Schmelzer, with 17 points, led the bengals to a 65-43 win over Lancaster to close out action before the Christmas holidays. The Tigers resumed action by rolling over East Aurora 75-32 on the Amherst hardwood. Orchard Park became the seventh straight victim of the Am- herst steamroller as they went down to a 69-43 de- feat. Bob Geyer with 18 and Bruce Schmelzer with 16 points paced the winners. Before a record crowd of over 1800 in the Amherst gymnasium, the Tigers gave a real performance as they completely humiliated the Billies from Wil- liamsville 61-33. Amherst's fine guards, Bruce Schmelzer and Dick Loth, scored 13 and 12 points, respectively, to lead the Tigers to their eighth tri- umph. Bruce Schn1elzer's 19 points assisted the Tigers to a 77-49 victory at Cleveland Hill before a full house. Three days later, Dick Gernold scored 19 points, also, to show the way to a 64-39 conquest of Frontier at Blasdell. The Tigers had trouble adjusting to the small court, .but in the second half they got rolling in high gear to insure their tenth straight victory. After the mid-term exams, Amherst traveled to West Seneca seeking revenge for the defeat handed them last year by the Indians. West Seneca threw up a zone defense in hopes of an upset, but the fine shooting of Dick Gernold, Pete Chudy, and Bob Geyer led the Tigers to an easy 81-34 triumph. Geyer with 21 points and Chudy with 20 were the game's high scorers. The following week, Amherst went to Hamburg where they clinched Division 1 of the E.C.1.C. championship by bombing their host 76-60. Hamburg got as close as seven points at the end of the third quarter, but then Bruce Schmelzer and Dick Gernold,who had been benched with four fouls apiece, returned to action to lead the Tigers to their twelfth straight win. Bob Geyer was high for Am- herst with 22 points. Lancaster became the next victim of the rampag- ing Tigers as they fell to an 88-43 defeat. Bruce Schmelzer and Dick Gernold led the way by split- ting 46 points. After scoring 41 points in the first half, the Amherst five went on to a 64-42 triumph over East Aurora. Dick Gernold, getting most of his points on tap-ins and rebounds, was the game's high scorer with 22 points. Bruce Schmelzer chimed in with 14. On February 21, Albion invaded the Amherst Gym. The Tigers promptly added them to their list of vic- tims as they scored a 66-49 victory in a very rough game. Four days later the bengals won their sixteenth straight game by walloping Orchard Park 62-38. The Amherst five held a slight eight point lead at half- time, but they outscored their opponents 20-7 in the third uarter to insure the victory. Bob Geyer and Dick Gernold split 32 for the winners. The tigers prepared for their big game with Wil- liamsville by shooting a blistering 45'ZJ, as they downed Frontier, 78-31, in the Amherst gym. This was the last home game for Seniorsg Bob Geyer, J ack Kress, Dick Loth, Paul Schonewolf, and Bruce Schmelzer. On March fifth, the tigers went to Williamsville with only one thought in mindg an unbeaten season. The tigers, determined and eager, rolled up a 4-1-26 lead at halftime. They cooled off in the second half, but the damage was done as Amherst walked off the floor with a 68-54 win. Bob Geyer led the tigers with a 25 point effort, followed by Dick Gernold with 18. Amherst now faced Niagara Falls in a Section Six, semi-final play-off game at University of Buffalo's Clark Memorial Gym. Niagara Falls had too much height for the Amherst five as they scored a 54-38 victory. The tigers shooting was way off the mark that night, as they shot only 26'Zv as compared to a season's average of 38'Zn. Bob Geyer was high man for the tigers with 12 points. With the exception of the play-off game, the tigers were an offensive minded team. They rolled up a total of 1269 points in 18 games for an average of 70.5 points a game. Junior Dick Gernold led the individual scoring with 300 points, followed by Bob Geyer with 279, and Bruce Schmelzer with 236. These three boys were honored by being placed on the Courier Ex- ress and the Buffalo Evening News all-star teams. Bonorable mention honors were bestowed upon Dick Loth, Roger Kobee, Pete Chudy, and J ack Kress. Much of the credit for this year's team's success goes to Amherst's fine coach, Mr. Hettler. His bas- ketball coaching record of 156 wins and 26 defeats in his 10 years at Amherst is superior to any high school coach in this part of the state. Mr. Hettler should improve on his record next season, with the return of four lettermen, which points to another successful season. Dick Gernold, .lack Kress, Bruce Schmelzer, Bob Geyer Dick Loth, Mr. Hettler, Coach. J.V. BASKETBALL Once again, Mr. Wratten's Junior Varsity team finished the season with a glittering record. This ear's team won 17 games while losing only 1. They won 13 in a row, to extend Mr. Wratten's winning streak to 45 games without a defeat over a span of three years. East Aurora finally broke the streak, however, with a 47-41 victory on their home court. This year's team set a new record by scoring 87 points in a game against Albion. Center Dave Baldwin set two new records, 39 points in one game, and a seasonis total of 419 points for an average of 23.3 pxpints a game. Tom 'erguson, Fred Maehemer, iek Shosho, and John Brunner were the other members of the starting five, with Bruce Fowler, Fred Manske, and Dave Low the first string replacements. First Row: Bruce Fowler, John Brunner, David Baldwin, Tom Fergu- son, Fred Machemer, Nicholas Shosho, Mr. Wratten, Coach. Second Row: John Patchen, Robert Fleischauer, Dave Low, Fred Manske, Joe Roberts, Paul Ross. Third Row: Tom Sacks, Bradford Dunn. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Under Mr. Sehaefer's experienced leadership, The Amherst freshmen basketball team finished the season with a record of 7 wins and 4 losses. They finished third in Division 1 of the Andrew Beam League. The Jr. Tigers beat Frontier, the third place winner in Division II, and notched a win over Wil- liamsville after a previous defeat to highlight the season. Joe Valenta, the team's high scorer, Steve E Smithey, and Terry Bodewes were the most out- standing performers. .,, f'T --A yr Wa' N fl, A., . is .My . Q , s ,l,. 5 wi I4 7. ' lg . Q52 -ip iipgib tier- f'1F'n'i'fflWwt1 f A hifi-,V -' ' 5 fx wi? wr:-fx 1 First Row: Jim Hawks, Jim Jung, Tom Olofson, Evan Glover, Dale Rosenber , Harold Gay, Mr. Schaefer, Coach. Second Row: Steve Smithey,?roe Valenta, Kevin L ons, Don Hughes, Dave Jackson, John Pac low. Third Row: Craig hflattison, Terrence Bodewes, Elwood BecEer, Bob Hoeldtke, Lewis Wood, John Lubking. Fourth Row: Alan Riche, Managerg Ted J acohs, Don Trudell, Managerg Aaron Billowitz, Byron Heinz, Scorekeeper. 71 WIMMI First Row: Bill DeKleine, John Trimble, Malcolm VanDyke, Bill Brunsklll Gerald Ford Dave Farrow Bob Loesch. Second Row: Fred Seidl, Willie Wink, Tom Boehel, Rock Ford Booker Paterson Bob DeSopo,' Gary Tunmore, Dick Stoesser, Paul Newcomb, Jerry Moore anager Tom Tierney Coach Third Row: Bill O'Connell, Cris Kratz, Ray Johnson, Ron Viosard, Carl Burnhardt Dave Fogg Terry Wilson, Fred Hoelatke, Jim Peard, Boi. Bums. H IGHSPOTS OF TH E SEAS The Amherst mermen finished the 1954-55 season with a record of six wins and four losses. However, three of the four losses were by the slim margin of the last relay. This shows how close this year's com- petition was. Amherst, defending champion of the Matt Mann League for the past two years, opened the season against Cleveland Hill in their pool. Cleveland Hill emerged Victorious, 36-30, to hand Amherst its first swimming defeat in three years. The Tigers had won 21 in a row previous to this meet. Terry Wilson set a pool record of 1:10.1 in the 100 yard breast stroke. The Tigers handed Williamsville a 36-30 setback the following week in the Amherst tank. Wilson set a league and pool record in the 100 yard breast stroke by covering the distance in 1:09.8. ON 72 BN on C09 new rg 9,193 Q Y A500 e B svn' xx 9 6 WW awp 3. After a three week lay-off due to Christmas vaca- tion the Tigers took measure of Maryvale 36-30 Clarence 51-15, and West Seneca 37-29. In the West Seneca meet Terry Wilson shaved eight tenths of a second off his previous time for the 100 yard breast stroke to set a league record of 1:09. The Cleveland Hill jinx came back to haunt the Tiger mermen as they suffered a 344-32 loss in the losers, pool. Williamsville then preceded to dunk the Tigers, 44-22 in the winners, tank. Ray Johnson, Amherst's 40 yard freestyle ace, suffered his only de- feat of the season in this meet. This win clinched the championship for Williamsville. Amherst rolled over Maryvale and Clarence be- fore dropping a 35-31 decision to West Seneca to end the season. This loss gave the team a 6-4 mark, good enough for third place in the league. The Tigers, al- though they didn't win the championship this year, still have the best overall record in the history of the 1VIatt Manu League. In the three years of its exist- ence, Amherst swimming teams have Won 26 meets, while losing only 44. This certainly reflects the fine coaching abilities of the Tiger mentor, Mr. Tierney. j Qgiq-v' f A e g f, - fr N G. ..l'! H-fN.0-"'T,g SX...- WRESTLI First Row: John Detwiler, Eric Ubank, Bob Van Wagenen, Ra Seulley, Fred Page, Dennis Mattey, Jerry Tercho, Chester Weir. Second Row: Eugene Fink, Buddy Beiter, Wayne C press, Chuck Adams, Chuck Cederman, Bill Hodson, Fred Schrader, Barry Knox, Gary Arvidson, Jim ldyoringer, Tim Kenslea, John Fabrizio. Third Row: Mr. Malone , Jim Petrie, John Breshnahan, Dick Radke, Bill Sturgess, Jim Crowley, Paul Hickman, Bob Hardy, iloger Eckert, Al Zepp, Peter Bickford, Dave McCray, Bruce Schmitt, Doug Volgenau, Ronald Smith, Mr. Celsinger. TEAM REVIEW Coach John Gelsinger was greeted with the return of only five lettermen at the start of the 1954-55 sea- son. This made for a year of rebuilding as the inex- perienced grapplers posted a record of 2 wins and 8 losses. After losing to Orchard Park 29-18 and Williams- ville 34-16, the Tigers walloped Clarence 40-8 as Adams, Cederman, Heckman, Hardy and Volgenau won by pins. The grapplers then suffered losses to Hamburg., West Seneca, Orchard Park, and Williams- ville before they defeated Clarence for the second time, 36-15. Hamburg and West Seneca then pro- ceded to hand the Tigers their last two defeats of the season. Co-captain Doug Volgenau remained undefeated in the 178 pound class. He also led the team in scoring with a total of 39 points in 10 matches. He was fol- A lowed by Chuck Cederman, a four-bar winner, with 27 points in 10 matches, Co-captain Red Adams with 16 points in 6 matches, Jerry Tercho with 16 points in 5 matches, and Jim Petrie, with 16 points in 9 matches. The outlook for next year"s team is bright with the return of experienced wrestlersg'Eric Euhank, Barry Knox, Dennis Mattey, Wayne Cypress, Bill Hodson, Roy Eckert, Bob Hardy, and Bruce Schmidt. 74 BOWLI G MU First Row: Earl Nagle, Art Hannel, Harry Goetzmann, Mr. Newman, Coachg Elwood F tied- rich, Harold Ritzman, David Batson. Second Row: Peter Elskamp, Jim Halt, Dave Maurer, Martin Jung, Russel Bailey, Bert Knip, Dave Barry, Ronald Thomas. Third Row: Lantry Janecek, Charles Ritter, Roy Lundberg, Jim Rushing. Fi- ,.1,...1.-. mm SEASCJN SUMMARY The 1954-55 bowling team, under the guidance of Coach Walter Newman, won their second consecu- tive league bowling championship. The keglers com- piled a record of 8 wins and 4 losses, while winning 23 out of a possible 36 points. Amherst also set two league records. They rolled a record one-game total of 856 against Hamburg and a two-game total of 1691 against West Seneca. 75 Vu n,,, 'vs 144, ACC ,gs 1 h6Q'S7.Acf.:qboR in X X Qfn 'ff' ll: 1 is as M Q A- , . . rs X. 1 , Woody Friedrich had the high individual average for the year with 160, followed by Lan Janecek with 153 and Skip Ritzman with 151. Art Hannel and Ron Thomas were not far behind. The outlook for next year's team is bright with the return of nine lettermeng Ron Thomas, Lan Janecek, Roy Lundberg, Chuck Ritter, Jac Mabry, J im Rush- ing, Marty Jung, Peter Elskamp, and Dave Berry. ' VARSITY fr? - , . First Row: Bill Nicholson, Richard Giolando, Foster McAllester, Jon Sorenson. Second Row: William Hopkins, Bruce Wells, Leonard Johnson, Allen Harvey, David Earl, Donald Bailey, Thomas Cree. Third Row: Mr. Munson, Coaehg John Gillis, Ronald Smith, Harry Goetzmann, Fred Zelakiewiez, Ted Totman, lV1ack Camhell, Mr. Bergman, Coach. Fourth Row: Ron Greiner, Managerg Don Glynn, Richard Ellis, Heath West, Robert Rogers, Roger Schafer. SEASON H IG HLIGHTS The 1954 Tiger eindermen, coached by Mr. Bergman and Mr. Munson, finished the season with a record of six wins, one loss, and one tie. After a 64-40 win over Dunkirk the Tigers opened defense of their E.C.I.C. Division I title hy downing Frontier 42-18. Mack Campbell, Harry Scull, and Dave Earl with '8 points apiece paced the Amherst victory. The Tigers rolled over East Aurora and West Seneca be- fore the all important meet with Hamburg. The Hamburg meet was nip-and-tuck all the way, and when the dust had settled, the scoreboard showed 52 points for each team. A tie in a track meet is very rare and this was the lirst one in Allll1CfSl,S history. After defeating Williamsville, Amherst 8 played host to the E.C.1.C. Division I Track Finals. Amherst. paced by lVIack Campbell, Dave .Earl, and Don ' lglachten, ran off with the title, scoring a total of 57 points. Its nearest rival was Ham- burg which scored a total of 47 points. On June 5th, Amherst traveled to Kenmore for the Section Six AAA Finals. The competition was very strong., but the Amherst athletes did their best and placed third with a score of 22M points. Only Kenmore with 31 points and Olean with 22M finished ahead of the Tigers. Amherst individual winners were Al Harvey in the 180-yard hurdles and Dave Earl in the pole vault. High scorers for the year were Mack Campbell with 6491 points, Dave Earl with 56 points, and Don Haekten with 47 points. 23 Q cg W 76 W .l.V. TRACK First Row: Fred Srneader, Robert Cook, Lonny Neilens, Ra Johnson, William F arner, William Martin. Second Row: Fred Shade, Booker Patterson, Donald Kflaurer, Jack Watson, Bruce Pfeffer, George Downs, Jose h Roberts, Edward Hennrich. Third Row: Mr. Munson, Asst. Coach, David Maurer, James Blecliinger, Robert Pfeffer, David Batson, Robert Rhodes, Mr. Bergman, Coach. GOLF l The 1954 Golf team finished undefeated in league play while splitting a pair of non-league matches with Kenmore. They won the Division I title in the E.C.I.C. and finished second to Olean in the Section VI AAA Tournament. Senior Bob Haas, juniors Jack Kress, Hal Ritz- man, Bob Geyer, Paul Kremer had the season's low, a remarkable 76. Bob Haas, J ack Kress, Hal Ritzman, Bob Geyer, and Herb Streng combined to shoot a record total of 424 strokes against East Aurora which broke the old record by two strokes. fam Kneeling: Jack Kress, Paul Kremer, Dick Gernold, Bob Haas. Second Row: Jirn Halt, Herb Streng, Harold Bitz- man, Don Braun, Dean Soldineer, Mr. Ungerer., Coach. Third Row: Wayne hlabry, Bob Geyer, Doug Volgenau. 77 y ASEB LL I954 VARSITY ,x-, 'j First Row: Donald Hackett, W'll'a S h bl,B bS ld ,J h S l ' Ell dF ' d ' l 'll' ' - Richard sim, Ken Lake, Wiiliiuiin vciriiiar J ii sliekerwiilil csiwer' ici idle ricilwil 33m9iJFid1'3i Seiond Roif I I gi , o n c s, 1 iam urgess, yer unu ur ow r ett er coac William Noeltner, Gary Runckel, George Guenther, Peter Tenlfiroeck, Robert Linkner, David Shuck, Stanley Zierimba. , VARSITY SEAS ON Coach Bob I-Iettler's return as Varsity Baseball coach was a successful one as his team finished in a tie with Frontier for the E.C.I.C. Division 1 title. Although the boys lost a heart-breaking play-off game with Frontier, they finished the season with a glittering record of 14 wins and 3 losses. The Tigers won their first six games before losing a close decision to Frontier. They won five more games before East Aurora gave the A.C.H.S. team a sur- prising 5-1 setback. The boys then won their last Eve games to finish in a tie for first place. In the play-off game Amherst held a 4-1 lead against the visitors until the sixth inning when two booming home runs by Frontier batsmen brought to a close Amherst's 1954 baseball season. The starting line-up occupied these positions: first base, Stan Ziemba alternatin with Bob Linknerg second base, Bill Wrightg third base, Woody Fried- richg short stop, Bill Schwablg catcher, John Schriverg left field, Captain Gary Runckelg center field, Dick Starrg and right field, John Sacks. George Guenth- ner was the workhorse of the pitching staff aided by Bob Spelder, Peter TenBroeck, and Bill Sturgess. Some of the season's high-lights included the following individual accomplishments: Bob Spelder and Pete Ten Broeck struck out six- teen men as A.C.H.S. defeated Depew 14-5. Also in this game Gary Runckel collected a home run, triple, and two singles to pace the Amherst attack. Bill Schwabl7s 3-run homer proved to be the decid- ing factor in Amherst's 3-1 victory over Hamburg. George Guenther, well known as a pitcher, proved his hitting ability in the West Seneca game by hitting a home run, a triple, and two singles. To supplement this he struck out fourteen West Seneca batsmen. The hope for another successful season next year is backed by the return of seven of this year,s letter- men including three of this year's starting infield. .IU N IOR VARSITY SUMMARY The 1954 Junior Varsity baseball team under the guidance of coach Walter Newman finished the season with a record of 8 wins and 5 losses. This was an excellent record considering that 3 of these 5 losses were by a 1 run margin. The Junior Tigers scored double victories over Orchard Park, Williamsville, and East Aurora. They split games with both Hamburg and Depew. Pete Schmitt, Craig Wratten, Sid Hulse, Don Flaig, and Denny Trudell, who gained 3 wins, composed the pitching staff. Rick DuBois and Bob Noon, batting .500 and .470 respectively, were the power in the Junior Tiger's offense which scored an amazing total of 105 runs. The boys proved that they could win when the pressure was on by defeating Hamburg 3-2 and East Aurora 7-6 in two very close games. J.V. R - Us 855.1 Y' i1'V?' First Row: Crai Wratten, Paul Galletta, Paul Ross, Mel Lehr, Brad Dunn, Denny Tgrtldell. Second Row: Sid Hulse, Robert Noon, Richard DuBois, Tom Ryan, Dennis Crole , Mike Barnes, Arnold W'ittig. Third Row: Mr. Newman, Coachg Bob illetcher, Don F laig, Jim Hayes, Cris Kraatz, Pete Schmidt, .Jim Lake, Bill Bacon, Chuck Williams, Manager. .Pg- vg, 6 ,Z Z I E Q QHMUBQ, 79 l SENIOR RIFLE TEAM The 1954-55 rifle team, under the direction of Mr. Pomeroy, was the best in the history of the school. The boys linished the season with a won eight, lost two record. This was good enough for second place in the Erie County Interscholastic Conference. The team had a season average of 1307. They also set a school record of 1337 against Williamsville, although the tigers lost the match as Williamsville set a league record of 1344. This year's outstanding gunners were captain, Ken Braden, Ned Schule, Frank Puffer, George Downs, and Jerry Walker. 'NJ JUNIOR RIFLE V. First Row: Jerry Walker, George Downs, Barry Wagner, William Jackson, Bruce Mann. Second Row: lVIr. Pomeroy, Coach, Ned Schule, Bill Johnson, Ken Braden, Heath Wvest, Charles Hull, Bill Farner, Frank Puffer. TEAM First Row David Yahn John Bacon David Coad John Puffer Lee Carter Peter XVolf Edward Machad Tom Jackson Ken Eckhcrt Second Row Wilham Holer John Caseiam Dave Delany Al Pezoldt Mr Bowman F011 h Ned Selffert Jack Callahan Cliff Iirull Ken Aldridge Tlurd Row Don Christ Bob MUlVl1llll Denny Mills Tom Hallicl-. Don Wallace Neal Niescn John Knopp Dick Co'1d Jim Lansdowne James Hammond Fourth Row Mike Fried William Mc Govern Jlmm Gcntr Chuck Bcrr Cliff Hill Jerome Pawlowslu Y Y Y George Hausner Bob Ductor Roger Milks Larry Brose Chuck Turner. if 2 9,2 .gs ' 1- fe- YT u 6 th -- 'cs -,, . ' .90 if , i A .. rf' if if , ' 4 his-V ' 9 Q X I :li J' if . ,, I sz, K. -2- gi. X First Row: Gary Felsinger, Dave Kenny, Steve Epstein, David Farrow, Gar Tunmorc, Paul Schonewolf. Second Row: Richard - ohlstein, Richard Chappell Henry Chudy, Charles Speck, Sig Dietrich, Mickey Graver, Mr. Parr, Coach. SEASON IN REVIEW The Amherst netmen completed their 19541 season with a perfect record of 12 wins and no defeats, taking first place in Division I of the E.C.I.C. Hav- ing won 55 of a possible 60 points they became the first undefeated tennis team in Amherst's history. A good deal of this credit goes to coach Robert Parr who has been building this championship team for two years. The starting singles were composed of seniors: Micky Graver funde- featedj, Chuck Specht, Sig Dietrich Cundefcatedj, and John Filsinger. The first doubles team was composed of Paul Sehonewolf and Dick Chappell: Chuck Spccht won the league tournament second singles championship while Mickey Graver took the Section VI AAA singles crown. i . ,, Q Iii i M " ii -dt . .., , ,.-.,,.4..--f 1 - --we-'H-'W H s 1 4 , -5,...,, e.s.f:---r-.- -1-1 - W GIRL ' SPORTS HOCKEY The hockey team, which consisted of girls in grades 10-12, was coached this year under the able super- vision of Mrs. Husband. Two teams, a varsity and a junior varsity team, were formed. These two teams practiced diligently and they ended the seaso11 with a game against Park School. The varsity team, cap- tained by Russie Tighe, lost 9-10. The junior varsity team whose captain was Maryann Powell was also defeated 3-0 by Park School. BOWLING This year bowling was divided into two groups, a Junior and Senior group and a Freshman and Sopho- more group. The girls, met at the King Pin Alleys, under the guidance of Miss Gruener and Miss Kreh- biel. The outstanding bowlers and high scorers were Grace Seitz and Sue Haas. This proved to be both fun and good experience for the girls who participated. SOCCER Under the guidance of Miss Krehbiel intramural soccer was enjoyed by all the girls in grades 9-12 who participated. The winners of the elimination tourna- ment were the "Tigerettes,"' a Senior team. The weather permitted only two interscholastic games to be played, both with Park School. The first game was played to a 1-1 tie, when in the second quarter Judy Pelson scored a penalty kick for Am- herst. The second game was won by Amherst 4--0, whim Pat Kenslea and Carole Adams each scored one 893 - ARCHERY Although weather conditions this fall were not ideal for archery, there was a large turnout by the 9th and 10th grade girls. The girls, sponsored by Mrs. Olson, were invited by Kenmore to play in a tournament, but because of bad weather the event was cancelled. The group, which is composed of beginners and in- termediates, anticipates next fall and possible tour- IIHIIICIITS. BASKETBALL The girls' basketball tealns enjoyed a successful sea- son under the supervision of Miss Krehbiel. Girls in grades I0-12 participated in an intramural tourna- ment. To highlight the basketball season a team of ten girls was chosen by the girls' basketball referees to represent Amherst in a round-robin invitational tournament at Park School on February 5. In the first two games Amherst lost to the Buffalo Seminary 7-5 and to Park School 9-2. In the last two games Amherst edged Cleveland Hill 7-5 and our traditional rival, Williamsville, 9-5. This team again played Park School at Amherst on February 23. The outstanding forwards were Russie Tighe, Beverly Lown, and Judy Pelson. The outstanding guards were Marcia Laeke, Sue Haas, and Barbara Randall. VOLLEYBALL The number of girls who participated in volleyball was not many but those who did enjoyed the time spent. The girls were divided into two teams which played volleyball once a week under the direction of Mrs. Husband. BADMINTON This year the girls who took part in the badminton tournament had the use of the boys' gym. The doubles elimination tournament was played over a period of six weeks. The players were permitted to choose their own partners and enjoyed the competi- tive spirit of this game. Miss Krehbiel and Mrs. Olson were in charge of this tournament. SOFTBALL Softball was played last spring under the guidance of Mrs. Husband. The softball umpires and the out- standing players from each team were selected to play Park School. ft! Girls gym class in action SWIMMING TEAM The swimming team was made up of girls who were interested in and who enjoyed competitive swim- ming. Under the direction of Mrs. Husband, two teams were formed, a junior varsity captained by Sally Manske, and made up of freshmen, and a var- sity team composed of sophomores, juniors, and seniors whose captain was Russic Tighe. On February 22, the girls swam against Clarence and Kenmore. The outstanding swimmers were Barbara Randall, Anne Wells, and Peggy Davis. From this team the "twelve best" swimmers were selected to participate in the grand finale of the an- nual Senior High Water Follies. SPOTLIGHTING SPORTS The girls who are interested in any athletic activity are indeed :fortunate to have such excellent facilities such as the girls' own gym, a swimming pool, and large quantities of athletic equipment. They are also fortunate to have such co-operative, hardworking, and interested advisers. Sports are very necessary to round out anyone's character and personality. They give a person a com- petitive spirit, a definite responsibility, and a feeling ol good sportsmanship and teamwork. At Amherst there is a keen sense of responsibility towards any activity one may undertake. This is proven by the fact that girls who sign up for a cer- tain sport are sure to participate in it. The sports are divided into the seasons of the year so that there is only one sport being offered at a time. This gives a person an opportunity to participate in other ac- tivities outside of athletics. Sports can also influence friendships. They offer an excellent way to become better acquainted with a teacher or a team-mate. asa ,Q s.- X . 1 ."x..i 83 First Row: Carole Adams, Joan Nicholson, Connie Mannes, Jud Pelson, Phyl- lis Goga, Jane Bellinger, Jackie Schultz, Nancy Monfuletho. Second Iiyow: Linda Hop- kins, Russie Tighe, Judy Carson, Marge Echkert, Sylvia Dean, Judy Larwood, San- dra Perry, Betsy Smith, Lois Crilzo h. Third Row: Janet Filsinger, Alice Guarnieri, Maureen O'Connor, LQIH lVIorris, Sue Cutler, Elizabeth Burns. Fourth Row: Judy Murray, Peggy Davis, onny Baker., Lucille Graczyk, Sue Shanley, Sharon Gorman, Feral Herdic., Judy Glynn, Nancy Beckwith, Esther Fisher. GIRLS' SPORTS CQLINCIL As .Amherst increased in enrollment, there was also a substantial increase in the number of repre- sentatives in the Girls' Sports Council. This year there were 36 representatives, two from each girls' homeroom of grades 9-12. The duties of the repre- sentatives are to keep an accurate record of the points earned by each girl in the homeroom who participated in sports. The Sports Council man- ages the various girls' athletic activities under the supervision of Miss Carolyn Krehbiel, Mrs. Mag- dalene Olson, and Mrs. Isabel Husband. This year the main function of the Girls' Sports Council was to sponsor the annual Junior and Senior High Water Follies. The proceeds raised were used as scholarships, which were given to outstanding senior girls. These scholarships were given in memory of Alice Buerger and Betty Aokley. The Council also gave an award to the "all-around" girl of the senior class. Top: Mrs. Isabel Husband, Left, Miss Carolyn Krehbielg Right. Mrs. Magdalene Olson. A banquet was given in late spring and the girls who had earned letters, received them. The orange and black felt letters were given on the following basis-a large letter was worth a total 75 points, a medium-sized letter, 50 points, and a small letter, 35 points. At this banquet the president and vice-president were announced for the follow- ing year. The officers for 1954-55 were President, Phyllis Gogag Vice-President, Judy Pelsong Treas- urer, Connie Mannesg and Secretary, Jane Bel- linger. , .3- .iii-1-fl A','j5""5V 8' J ,ff ?' , v-I , at - ,xi V ll' . Eg. . I First Row: Marge Eckhert, Linda McCord, Judy Coon, Rosemary Graver, Meg Genrich, Peggy Smith., Yvonne Schaelchlin, Carol Winegar. Second Row: Mary Johnson, Linda Hopkins, Judy Carson, Russie Tighe, Linus Morris, Mary Slaven, Andre Hurd, Mary Ann Powell, Carole Adams, Judy Hall, Tina Jacobs. Third ow: Grace Seitz, Paula Parker, lxladine Ensminger, Jud Glynn, Carol Myers, Barbara Spencer, Helen Brewster, Esther Fischer, Cathy Voss, Joan Helhig, Marian Yqfilson, Donna DiPasquale, Mrs. Husband, Adviser. FIELD HCDCKEY SCDCCER First Row: Anne Wells., Sue Haas, Barbara Drees. Second Row: Sue Graf, Bev Lown, Pat Kenslea, Gail Still- well, Russie Tighe. Third Row: Chris Snider, Mary Slaven, Barb Randall, Phyllis Goga, Judy Pelson, Mary Lou Peters, Miss Krehbiel, coach. , 85 3- l lf ,, 1 f' 'll WET l!'Yl FIV! First Row: Kathy Meyers, Brenda Clucas, Martha Radley, Barbara Randall, Sue Haas, Anne Wells Janice Lake. Second Row: Peggy Davis, Margaret Genricll, Russie Tighe, Rosemary Craver, Doris Dickerson, Linda Hopkins, Mary Slonccliffe, Pat Kenslea. Third Row: Gwen Rich, Sally Manske, Sue Anderson, Virginia S ann, Sandra Morgan, Sandra Bushe, Sara Morgan, Kay Berry, Barbara Brown Diane Duflin, Mrs. Iljusband, Coach. SWIMMI G TEAM ASKETB LL REFEREE First Row: Marcia Laeke, Judy Pelson. Second Row: Pat Kenslea, Barb Randall, Russie Tighe, Bev Lown, Sue Haas. Third Row: Miss Krehbiel, Dianne Du ffin, Barb Brown, Peggy Davis, Alice Guarnieri, Gwen Rich, Donna Trefliuick, Sandy Nelson. First Row: Grace Seitz, Miss Gruener, adviser, Pat Kenslea, Sue Cook. Second Row: Donna Danitz, Joanne Schinstock, Sue Benson, Treva Wood. hara Randall, Anne Wells. Third Row: Sue Graf, Judy Pelson., Marcia Lacke. ASKETB LL is UQAE OUT ll First Row: Pat Kenslea, Beverly Lown Sue Haas. Second Row: Sue Moesel, Bar- Q- I? 2 I: 0 'f l ki ' lu OWQI K - K G RCHERY First Row: Carol Mueller, Marie-Therese Robillard, Mary Bernhardt, Bonnie F oit, Gerry Nowak, Judy Williams. Second Row: Mrs. Olson, Adviser: Donna Di- Pasquale, Esther Fischer, Sara Morgan, Jackie Stroh. 87l IA If X FIFTH ANNUAL JUNIOR HIGH WATER FOLLIES NOV. 5 - 6, I954 j,I . f ,- 4. ,. I -, ' "r f , 1 .-., -. ., . .V- "N A ,-R rv .x -. . -,aff 133: 4, A 'Q1.1fB23" 'Ev' A M 4 V ,,,-,, yrg, 49 F. ,A .af , Q . . I, .'?"' 'X -1 ' ' 3. '.. V -' . ... ' XT- g n .L ,gil., ' .- 1, A ., "Fey M. ' f- ' - 'U-' ' if .- 'f . .K ' 5 ' - 'U' - u, - . QQ-:gn - 'Wh"A V , - ,Q 5 , 1, . M , ,. , - , .. - . - A, ,. .A fag, r .. , f--:ji--'..4 "". "fl . -1 , ' 5' Q: 2,5-Sr-h ' Q , A whg. k 'Jig' A N ,.. 46. - 5. T1 1 I W NX 'xx AI , V --.- ' 'I 1 W - nf 'Wk 1 -' .- '44 -'mf- 4 Lf.-1 -N if . 'M A - - ' li! 42. -, f.:..'ner,- .. - '.-yi: . ' .X-.. -, .N .z-.j -..-- L , ,,,Si,,,wx J- -,. E .I H ...M . ,L-BJ... l 5 'fd' 1: - '. fb., . f . 3435- V---,., " , I J ' -I +-4' X 'izr' -' .3 ,bf , . .- ' , 'MF 1 5.-4:-ff' "V9'5f9 4 iw- we ' "".: , . ' ,. .C - .. -L A . 'IJ' i.-11-Y . L, -5 Y Y ,:-,fy r--32-4- ii , . ' , ij' . , , .. .ALA . , My-J ..?,-f-:- ,, , QT' ,..2-ng-N -'tif ' 57, X 9 ,T 4' "rf- - , Q I -5?-,Qi ui, dblf, , r ' .GIATX H fi .W X -.LU fad. , 4' ' 6-19 r 4' :..... s 1 '-Q.. 'A 9 -'L W "-'gif .i i--1- .-'asa-J, "' .,,. ...- . :Whiz 1 ,. 4 uw 1 5 f A l I ,ffl -.I 5 I 1 mr 1 NX. il. .. ll' ' -E E w Aiiqw-!'. J5'--.gill " ,, , ,f 134 at ,fyffs , 'slim F 1 QIIEN ft U Q, P 'surf' K I isa f I - :- sq I I 4 g ' 4 . W -V V 'Q E ' fi: K .X ln E 5 0 an U H K x I ' . N at I 1 V I' , all L' ' W, . A , ' I' N- -'-"a-'fff'f1i4-- Gamma:-4 ' ' V , g I K ' I- f --f -""" ftp,-'-L 1 NIDL2 . 5 1 I . L - M V 1 I 3 'w- f l .2Q+Lf'fJ+ Tiff-51.3-f-if-i-wi-if'-1' at :.-"- ' 'ff' K 75 l 5 2 L l '2- P 3 0 'f--ffiifiifi-fififiiliiid -C-All V . fi" "La ,Q--L A M 1 '1 T1 fl II ' ! ' .,----- "'?"jQw".j'.Qw.D-1 ' -Lf--4' -',,....e .- f ,,i..:f I ,fx LQ' X M "" ' . . ' "' -' ' ' r ' " Ast e y -,sg Q-gs A 5 1--'V-a As a. . . .- . - a R, ass ,eg 'Q , ,- ' .. R. 1 W M' . 1 N V1 5 -L " fr' as J' ' " - - s U J.V. CHEERLEADERS TIGERETTES 1,9 Gail Stillwell, Lynda Hopkins, Joan Nicholson, Paula Parker, Margie McDonnell, Eileen O'Connor. J.V. Cheerleaders were introduced for the first time this year after a series of tryouts held for girls in the ninth and tenth grades. Juniors Gail Stillwell and Margie McDonnell and Sophomores Paula Parker, Joanie Nicholson, Lynda Hopkins, and Eileen O"Connor were selected. They held regular practices with t Varsity Cheerleaders under the guidance of "Doon Pankow, a also assisted with the "Football Frolicf' Cheering at the hoi J.V. football games and all of the J.V. basketball games, thc enthusiastic girls have helped promote a great deal of school spir 90 'E i X xv :X o W . Y si' 'H img , Yi is S. onnie Mannes, Sandra Ensxninger, ail Hirsch, Sue Graf, Carol Lock. 91 Gail Hirsch, Connie Mannes. Sue Graf, Carol Lock, Sandra CHEERLEADERS Amherst can certainly be proud of this year's sparkling group of cheer- leaders. They are an indispensable part of every basketball and football game. Whether we are winning or losing, they always possess a smile which expresses their unceasing spirit. With a season lasting the en- tire year, these girls constantly prac- tice and originate new cheers. This year Gail Hirsch and Connie Mannes were back from last year's squad with newcomers Sandra Ens- minger, Carol Lock, and Sue Graf. The person responsible for the ter- rific coaching job was "Doc" Pan- kow. With his assistance they pre- sented their annual "Football Frolic" held the night following the first football game. Tryouts were held in February for the cheerleaders of '56. "Doc" Pankow 23 MUSIC A MHER T Already well established in its field, Amherst Cen- tral's music department continued its excellent prog- ress in the 1954-1955 school year. The Marching Band's appearances were more spec- tacular than ever this year with the addition of the Tigerettes. The half-time shows were greatly ap- preciated and added a collegiate note to the Amherst atmosphere. The Tigerettes and Majorettes were in their glory in the performance at the Williamsville game. They showed true spirit as they went through their routines in attire appropriate for the occasion if not for the bleak weather. Mr. Kresticis grade six Senior Band worked through some difficult numbers to maintain its su- perior standing for another year. The trip to Toronto to participate in an International Festival was a high point in its year. Senior Band played for school assembly programs and gave its annual public con- cert. As could bc expected, the group was outstand- ing in the Spring Music Festival. Although the limited treasury of the Senior Orches- tra confined thc group to less unusual activities than an Oberlin trip, its musicians were kept busy. The grade schools were entertained in the fall and junior and senior assemblies presented the orchestra. Junior and Senior Orchestras combined to present a public concert at the school on January ninth. Annette Fraustino was piano soloist in Mendelssohn"s "Ca- pricfflo Brilliantef' The performance was followed by an informal tea for parents and friends. Both Mr. Kaza and Mr. Krestic are building up iine personnel in the Junior Orchestra and Junior Band respectively. Both groups took short trips to meet the public and played for area students and in the Spring Festival. Popularity of the musical organizations has pro- duced such huge memberships as 190 in the seventh and eighth grade girls' glee club. They have sung for assemblies at Amherst and in the grade schools, en- tertained at the Old Folks' Home at Wende and par- ticipated in Spring Festival. Newcomers to the school, these singers have already absorbed the prevailing atmosphere of interest in good music and show the skill of Mrs. Schermerhornis training. From such early beginnings as this group and the Junior High Boys' Glee Club which distinguished itself in Chicago last spring, have come the more ex- perienced singers of the Ninth Grade Choir, Senior Mixed Choir and the Senior A Cappella Choir. Under Mr. 1lcitz's talented direction, these groups sing for assembly programs and respond to outside requests. Special programs have been sung by the A Cappella Choir for the American Education Week program and the Goodwill Industries Christmas entertain- ment. Sigmund Rombergis "New Moon" was selected as the year's main production by tl1e vocal department. Work on individual and chorus parts began in the late fall and intensive rehearsals in orchestral and staging work commenced after Christmas. In outside functions, the Amherst music depart- ment has been represented by small groups and indi- viduals. Amherst students played in All-State sec- tionals in Arcade, Fredonia, and Penn Yan and par- ticipated in tl1e work shops sponsored by the Uni- versity of Buffalo and the Buffalo Philharmonic Or- chestra. All-State, at Rochester this year, was at- tended by Lola Skidmore and Dave Hegg, from the Chorus, Dave Fogg, from Senior Bandg and Sandra Wendt and Gordon F ricke., from Senior Orchestra. H, ggi.-r im ,L - A! 5 Mr. Eugene Kam " Mrs. Cleta Schermerhorn l .ff EF P Q I Mr. Wal ter Reitz yy! ., Mr. John Krestic SE ICDR ORCHE TR - - 1 , Y A , . , ' , 5 , - V..-f 1 l - 5 -': In b First Row: Donald Downs, Maryanne Powell, Marie Therese Robillard, Priscilla Bowman, Paul Swing, Carl Henson, Mary- ann Spoor, Sandra Wendt, Lynda Wallace, Audrey Hurd. Second Row: Barbara Brown, Myrle Carter, Charles Ritter, Marcia Scott, James Peard, Jack Elliott, Joan Helbig, Dave Wendt, Gordon F ricke, Ton Mitch., Pat Dickerson, Annette Fraustino., Joberta Schriver. Third Row: Kenny Jahraus, Denny Galvin, Joanna Ellett, liflary Mintzas, Bruce Eavenson, Peter Schmidt, Dave Fog , Paul Newcomb, Bill Powell, Frank Puifer, David Earl, Mary Lou Peters, Peter Welker, Ken MacKenzie, Douglas Mcglernon, Ja ueline Stroh, Gail Rueger, Judy Harbison. Fourth Row: Mr. Kaza, Directorg Anne Wells, Albert Ansuini, Ann Osborn, 'Fed Jacobs. A JU IOR ORCHE TR First Row: Richard Schein, Tommy Lang, Marcia Hornburg, Roger Milks, Fred Guarnieri, Marta Smith, Ruth Truby, Eleanor Brychta. Second Row: Valerie Scott, Ben Prisinzano, Sandra Strible, Portia Gage, JudilIPeterson, Jack Schudy, Dave McGill, Sandra Pierce, Maureen Koeipen, Betty Schriver, Alice Guarnieri. Thir Row: artha Harlem, Priscil a Wilder, Andrea Lunmey, William Phillips, Nleil Niesen, Paul F leischauer, Larry Hudson, Don Huihes, Marshal Weissman, Joel Murphy, Julie Kulberg, Lousy Baker. Fourth Row: Reggie Cleveland, Mr. Kaza, Director, Jo n Kramer, Peter Alway, Lee Carter. 93 666722 Q COQCEQU SENIOR BAN T fi: 1 ' Q fe, H ff, 5 M F 1... CQ? First Row: Benny Elliot, Dave Batson, Barbara Clark, Jim Peard, Lowell Siebeck, Joan Helbig, Gordon Fricke, Dave Wendt, Wayne Fricke, Sand Skidmore, Jud Jenkins, Paul Swing, Carl Henson. Second Row: Al Pezoldt, Dave Prill, Jan Nichols, lied Seidl, Judy Band, Jim Lillie, Ken MacKenzie, Doug Mc- Lernon, Pete Welkeil t, Mary Lou Peters, Roger Kolbe, Judy Coon, Tom Cogswell, Sandy Beesley, Ken Starr, Russ Barber, Henry Huber, Bill Farner. Third Row: Pat Thayer, Ray Johnson, Jim Lansdowne, John Dettwiler, Owen Kennedy, Dave Fogg, Pete Schmidt, Bruce Evanson, John Oehler, Tony Bueschen, Bill Moldt, Ronald Slorfert, Louie Wood, Wa ne Bergmann, Bill Zacker, Jim Zurach, Bob Balsano, Dick Ellis, Spencer Cleveland, Ray Skelly, Barry Wifood, Sue Leslie, Bill Brunskill, Frank Puffer, Paul New comb. Fourth Row: Gail Osborn, Bill Marlin, Mickey Vandulip, Albert Ansuini, Anne Wells, Dave Earl, Cary Maybee, Ron Smith, Dave Grotke, Dave Baldwin, Jack Coe, Mr. Krestic, director. Ojicers: Pres., Dave F ogg, Vice- pres., Dave Wendt, Sec.-treas., Mary Lou Paters, assist., Joan Helbig. .IU IOR BAN ii First Row: Beverley Brown, Jack Schugtte, Nancy Sandford, Judy Peterson, Bonnie Prill, John Lubking, Phillip Fisher, David McGill, Barbara Brown, Frank Lewis, fred Guarnieri. Second Row: Mary Van Dyke., William Ginther, Burney Croll, Pat Lovell, Michael Nlontgomery, Bruce Nolhmann, Richard Textor, Louise Michael, Vail Tiffany, Alan Rueger, Doug Radley, Keith Murray, Don Hughes, David Yahn, Douglas Collingwood, Stephen Welch, Bonnie Harbison. Third Row: J olm Whelstone, Jackie Rowell, David Cook, Ted Osborn, Seullynne Brown, Mary Kay Santmire, Virginia Hudson, James Merk- ley, Raymond Braun, Jean Lesser, Jud Perry, Judy Eavenson, Richard Bergman, Neal Nieson, .Caro- lyn Spiesz, Susan Kahn, Bob Merritt, 'Bom Hallick, Dennis Rohloif, Jim Weinman, Toni Jones, Richard Beane, Larry Hudson, Bruce Hollenback. Fourth Row: Mr. Krestic, directorz, John Kramer, Christine Pezoldt, Martin Kowalski, Warren Lappin, Lee Carter, Neil Carlson, Bohwa Chen, Fred Patton, Edward Wienand. Not Pictured: Charles Turner, Craig Mattison, David Larson. 94 X A'CAPPELLA CHOIR First Row: Jean Davis, Marian Znpa, Marcia Meyer, Marcia Granger, Gail Hirsch, Sandra Perry, Jeanne Blair, Judy Cla ton, Penny Brese, Peggy Priest, Nancy Milks. Second Row: Carol Lock, Susan McAIlester, Joanne Dunn, Judy Kuflh, Barbara Merritt, Audrey Hurd, Treva Wood, Ralpha Dosber , Lola Skidmore, Martha Radley, Sally Sprague, Mr. Beitz, Director. Third Row: Susan Harris, Barbara Jackson, Jidward Pettis, Gary Tunmore, Merrill refzer, David Jay, David Farrow, Bill Bradley, Kurt Gebhardt, Steve Epstein, Marjorie McDonnell. Fourth Row: Jaye Andrews, Roger Wilhelm, Bob Struebing, Jack Watson, Dan Mooney, Tyler Dunn, Ken Lake, Paul Kremer, David Hegg, Rocky Ford, Roger Shafer, Susan Cook, Kathleen Coad. Qwgicers of A'Cappella Choir: Pres. Roger Wilhelm, Vice-pres. Dave Hegg, Sec. Gail Hirsch, Bus. man. Rocky Ford, 7 reas. Sandy Perry, Costumes Lola Ann Skidmore. SENIOR MIXED CHOIR I O Q O40 T First Row: Robin Askin, Maril n Schroeter, Sarajane Bamford, Jane Davis, Loueen Edwards, Bernie Saverino, Dianna Mummery, Mary Ann Spore, Carol Chcmelli, Onnalie Elliott, Mary Thomas, Sue Geyer, Shannon Theobald, Joberta Scbriver. Second Row: Sandra Schnell, Karen McTaggert, Carolyn Story, Judy Wood, Jud Buhland, Gail Stillwell, Barbara S encer, Pegg Strauch, Nancy Ursitti, Marilyn Ryan, Dorthy Cllyne, Sue Hutchinson, Elaine Priore, llifancy Russehi, Barbara Heusner, Molly Blow. Third Row: Jean Niethe, Linda Hawes, Shirley Cook, Carol Winegar, Carol Rinker, Joanne Cesar- eo, Doris Schulz, Linda Hawes, Joan Bainbridge, Carol Tally, Elizabeth Balk, Elaine Meyers, Loretta Eckman, Eleanor Lundy, Adele Davis, Mr. Reitz, Director. Fourth Row: Don Wilhelm, Dennis Ma ttey, Chuck Pettis, Barry Wagner, Larr Stiles, Bill Vogel, Ray Smith, Bob Spclder, Barbara Conti, Donna Bonner, Roberta Landel, Sherr liveyell, Chris Kraatz, Andy Rotola, Heath West, John Schuck, Jim Hayes, Dave McCray, Dick Valbne. 95 NINTH GR DE HCDIR JU B H151 ..,, W 7' First Row: Raven Askin, Elaine Wright, Betty Gorenflo, Sandy Nelson, Linda Leininger, Sue Richter, Sandy Stock, Sue Shep ard, Lois Critoph, Joyce DeWein. Second Row: Wilma Piper, Karen Krestic, Joan Brownson, Ellen Elunxreich, Sharolynne Brown, Pat Wicker, Rosemarie Forstner, Carol Dobeis, Elaine Haas, Jackie Schultz, Barb Larcher, Sandy Fegely, Sue Fowler. Third Row: Dale Koch, Kenny Eckhert, Bruce I-lilbrecht, Larry Davis, Jerry Ford, Lee Annis, James Slowe, Calvin Starz, Paul Cook, Don Wallace, Dave Lindstrom. Fourth Row: Sharen Gorman, Rosalind Wesson, Mary Ellen Bernhardt, Judy Anderson, Joanne Simon, Kathy Kubala, Janice Thompson, Jeanette Weiss, Sandy Kramer, Pat Wallace, Sue Smith. ' IOR HIGH GIRLS' CHOIR euzou - s . A. 96 First Row: Marjorie Abrams, Sandra Schla er, Christine Rogers, Veronica Vasco, Pat Ackley, Sharon Bell, Jud Dreest, Judy Baumler, Michele liangano. Second Row: Jud Davis., Carol Linendol , Carolyn Barrett, Barbara Clack, Pat Bresnahan, Diane Dellmore, Charlotte Beckman, Judy Grirnmer, Elaine Braum, Nano Clucas, Sandra Schall, Judy Beverly, Lynn Headlely, Janet Van Arsdale. Third Raw: Betty Nash, Sharon Bailey, Alicia Buerger, Marian Jordon, Caro yn Coyle, Ann Holthoff, Virginia Coon, Sally Arber, Kathleen Stotz, Cynthia Stewart, Lynn Headley, Jacqueline Steck, Pat Slodden, Mar Kay Theobald. Fourth Row: Bonnie Manley, Jane Puglisi, Michel Vincent, Lisa Schillke, Doris Waller, Judith McTaggart, Linda Livingston, Winifred Maischoss, Susan Stettenbenz, Barbara Myers, Jean Perrott, Barbara Berg, F redda PfeH'er., Camille Provenzo, Kathleen Staffeld, Shirley Puttick. 1 P GROUPII First Row: Gail Lawrence, Kathleen Mullen, Barbara Findlay, Pat Cypress, Diane Drexel, Sally Given, Mary Lou Sprague, Shirley Ellis, Ellen Krametz, Barbara Clark. Second Row: Joan Wojtas, Gloria Schmitz, Jo Ann Simon, Lyn Lewis, Jud Turner, Sandra Samsing., Linda McCray, Mary Ann Schobert, Sandra Francis, Sandra Wilcox, Carol Inn Sidote, Jud Payne, Ann Headley, Pat Larell. Third Row: Karen Kirshcnstein, Barbara Krieger, Sharon Greene, Mary Beth Rapp, Betsy Lindberg, Carol Hunt, Doris Gisel, Pat Klein, Jacqueline Chesbro, Bonnie Johnson, Connie Lon , Rosalie Raps, Jane Peacock, Sheila Carroll. Fourth Row: Judy Cook, Susan Farrow, Karen Elliott, Jgoyce Fullerton, Ann Fribolin., Diane Truman, Carolyn Morrow, Ruth Jonathan, Carolyn Cook, Susan Hurtig, Carole Millette, Trudy Johnson. GROUPIH Q- Seated at Piano: Mrs. Schermerhorn. First Row: Veronica Vaska, Sally Anderson, Jo Ann Carpenter, Sandra Dumas, Patty Rollinger, Gail King, C nthia Stewart, Betty Lock, Carol Hirsch, Diane Drexel, Nancy Myers. Second Row: Mardee In les, Iglaith Sugg, Janice Brockway, Carolyn Murdock, Sherry Whitely, Margo Brown, Diane Callowhii, Susan Juhl, Linda Smithy, Ellen McNamara, Hope McDon- nell, Suc Farrow, Mary Ellen Usiak. Third Row: Susan Rowsch, Meryle Myers, Donna Brown, Pat Me- Cormick, Gail Tozier, Nancy Becker, Jan Entrekin, Linda Thomson, Beck Gilbert, Susan Hoemke, Carol Macherner, Sandra Lumhard, Barbara Hilbrccht, Kathy Shields. Igizurth Row: Sharon Fink, Annette Gilliland, Susan Lucker, Colleen Brcnnen, Gayle Maichoss, Jean Wallace, Marcia Durr, Harriet Wells, Marta Smith, Mary Beth Lahr, Carol Blanchard, Gail Parmer, Linda Mohr, Willa Genrich, Lynda Clark, Barbara Cummings, Susan Schwartz. .IUNIOR HIGH BOYS' GLEE CLUB l ,DQ First Row: John Walker, Lynn Hartley, Ed Peard, Ray Miller, Bob Willcox, Alton Roberts, John Mc- Clain, Mr. Reitz, Paul Annis, Nelson Vllinegar, James Decker, Billy Donaldson, Walter Knopf, Frank Emery, Earl Ogden. Second Row: Gary Weir, Michael Cohen, Lynn Ponivas, Dick Bergman, Dave Os- borne, Al Penl, James Thompson, Terry Smith, Al Cvmpton, John Puffer, Earl Wilson, Russel Run- nalls, Bill Maratta, Torn Potter, Darryl Turner, Jim Slowe, Burney Croll, James Saklad. Third Row: Richard Wehle, Ronald Zander, Ed Huntley, Doug Allen, Billy Lyons, Bert Fowler, Jim Davis, John Knox., Ralph Fischer, George Jackson, Phil Bangsberg, David Coad, David lvliller, Robert Powers. Fourth Row: Dave Larson, Bill Demopoulos, Charles Borrows, Wesley Haller, Ron Dooling, David Cook, Alfred Weiss, John Genrich, Robert Parks, Dave Summers, Jim Hammond, Don Sabo, Bob lVlcKinley, David Coffas, Al Larwood, Peter Minich. Fifth Row: Charles I-Iarnish, David Glunz, John Lilga, Ben Prisinzano, David Smith, Phil Cotharin, Peter Achey, Dale Rosenberr , Michael Freed, John Barie., Chip Schafer, Eric Hall. Sixth Row: Bill Mcgovern, Michael Grando, Prank Decker, Al'Landervi1le, David Beckwith, Harold Gay, Terry Botlewes, Charles Weiss, John Johnson, Dave Mitchell, Jan Lindy- berg, John Henderson, Bob Anderson, Jim Gentry. STRING OLIARTET STRING OUARTET NO. I NO. 2 Ist violin, Barbara Brown, 2nd violin, Marie-Therese Rabillardg viola, Mar Ann Spoorg cello, Left to Right:-Maryanne Powell, Don- Linda Walglce' ald Downs, Audrey Hurd, Sandra Wendt. MAIDS OF M E L 0 D Y Eglyllejizglilgjris, Carol Lock, Bar- Al Pezoldt, Joan Helbig, Ken MacKenzie, Gor- don Fricke, Judy J enkins. WOODWIND ENSEMBLE I K f , r I Q ' X' j Gail Tozier, Beverly Brown, Barbara Brown, Don Hughes, Micky Lewis. MARCHI G BAN ' ,U ,i 'fgzaeaf ' vw ae' , -V V Y .., First Row: Doris Dickerson, Judy Larwood, Diane Dobbins, Aileen Conle , S lvia Dean, Nlaryanne Powell, Sally Sprague. Second Row: Sue Paine, Janet Filsinger, Joyce Hicks, Barbara Merritt, Dave Prill, Al Pezoldt, Benny Elliott, David Batson, Jim Peard, Ray Johnson, Lowell Sebeck, Owen Kennedy, Fred Seidl, Judy Rand, Jan Nichols, John Detwiler., Barbara Clark, Pat Thayer, Nlary Stonecliff, Karen Rhodes, Myrle Carter. Third Row: Bill Zacker, Tony Bueschen, Bill Moldlz, Ron Slorfert., Bruce Eaven- son, John Ochler., Pele Schmidt, Dave Fogg, Bill Farner, Spencer Cleveland, Jack Coe, Buss Barber, Henr Huber, Ken Starr, Ra Skelly. Fourth Row: Jim Zurack, Sand Skidmore, Paul Swing, Jud Coon, Carl Benson, Bob Balsano, Eom Cogswcll, Sandy Bush , Roger Klbbee, Dick Ellis, Ken Macllienzie, Pete Welker, Jim Lillie, Doug McLernon, Mary Lou Izeters. Fifth Row: Judy Jenkins, Anne Wells, Gail Osborn, Joan Helbig, Dave Wendt., Al Ansuini, Skip Bergmann, Mickey Vanderlip, Gordon Fricke, Bill Marlin, Louie Yvood., Barr Wood, Sue Leslie, Wayne Fricke, Bill Brunskill, Frank Puifer, Paul Newcomb. Sixth Row: Ron Smitli, Dave Earl, Gary Maybee, Dave Baldwin, Dave Grotke. 99 JUNIOR HIGH QLIINTET MAJ O RETTE Q' First Row: Diane Dobbins, Sylvia Dean. Second Row: Aileen Conley, Mary Ann Powell. Third Row: Judy Larwood. FLAG IRLERS jr wg.. sf Left to Right: Doris Dickerson, Sally Sprague. With batons spinning and flags flying, the 1955 Major- ettes ended a successful and memorable year. Four of the five girls, Judy Larwood, Sylvia Dean, both com- pleting three years of twirling, Aileen Conley, Diane Dobbins, their second year, will be graduating this June, thus leaving Nlaryanne Powell to carry on next ear. y The flag twirlers, Doris Dickerson and Sally Sprague, have been breaking in new girls to take their places next year. All of these are chosen on the basis of marching and twirling ability and poise. The year opened with a new lighted baton routine displayed in complete darkness at the half time show of the Amherst-Wihiamsville game. Following this the girls appeared in an international baton twirling con- test, the annual music festival and the P.T.A. Variety Show. Also significant this year were the orange and black streamers the girls featured at the closing football gam against Lancaster. 100 tk. 'War-J If 4 xi 5? me ' ffl 'PW I ?f Wgixs 1 1 x 1'2" 'XE' X 3 r 1 -V1 -I Jw! ' 1 v. 4 '-a X-1 First Row: Anne Wells, Connie Mannes, Sandra Ensmingcr, Bill Powell, Franklyn Knox, Sall Sprague, Mr. Schuchardt, adviserr, Judy Larwood, Sandra Perry. Second Row: Barbara Thomas, S lvia Dean, Dawn Koch, Lola Skidmore, Bill Wind, Elwood Friedrich, Gerald Tercho, Joan Stuff, Mary ion Peters, Rosemary Graver, Gail Hirsch. Third Row: Doris Dickerson, Ann Osborn, Barbara Harve , Marsha Sol- dineer, Judy Pelson, Sue Graf, Kathleen Coad. Fourth Row: Bryan Werner, Ken Braden, David Wendt, Ken Jahraus, David Hegg, Harry Goetzmann, Roger Wilhelm. Not Pictured: Douglas Volgenau, Roger H0 OR SOCIETY Priore. The first group of thirteen members ably carried the responsibility of the Honor Society until December 17 when the next 10'Z7 of the senior class was inducted. Using a new system, 10929 of the senior class be- came members in December and 10'Z7 of the junior class in late spring. The change in the distribution of inductees for the year was made to give the third .5123 of seniors a part in the Society's activi- ties and to enlarge the first group of juniors in order to lighten the load at the beginning of the following year. The compilation of a scholarship file for the ready reference of any student was a real service to the school. This file holds information on most of the scholarships offered by colleges throughout the country. From the profits of the Honor Society store, six scholarships were planned. These scholarships were awarded to students for outstanding scholar- ship, character, service, and leadership. Two plaques were awarded to homerooms-one for the largest per cent of honor roll students, and one for the greatest increase in names on the honor roll. Mr. Sehuchardt had the position of adviser and general supervisor. The elected officers were president, Frank Knox, vice-president, Bill Powell, secretary-treasurer, Sally Spragueg store manager, Dave I-Ieggg store bookkeeper, Ann Osborn. President, Franklyn Knox, Vice President, Bill Powell. 102 x.,:0cx",'VK,s Wfff' 9,,fth.,'?e.:f,e2n'1Z,, Us on f Loi -Qxdepeeehv S .- f'4o,bIf-'Ir OW bay ba, I 6 9 .ell ack IJ C 8 I 6 ro xN"Ke oc 1 1, In 01,9 ers, " ef, Q Ptgoisio ! 0 1 I The latest Amherst- Williamsvillelt 28110153789 prolegilclr if ,V A ve' football game is .part ci tlzie record, 1aai'7rbeen'q3?5Sg'I1paZ:De ,li S1 5 00020 Flin, ggiiie tiirillslailw: fziidmadi yi:-it lin hat fllsz 'llgzzledrilza big!! I 1 Q 1 xoiexrd-6 ni the minds gf the players and fans. row 'Brig qzegi It-vrde 0: 491. ,,e1,,a,,,df-oxj For the hrsr hme m many yeaf551,,,'1s,, L, fre, fs, Auusnsr CENTRAL HIGH scHooL - SNYDER, NEW Yokx ,E T l 1,6 at ,O rf,0""'6E" S0O2,"o,5'erv,r"-is 3"e1c1Q'Uu 1 7 ,HU IDU, ufgslw bb t 0001, ef Qhogepq Ward ' F' 'sbs wt el 9.700 -Pe DJ' dbesllzg ed gif: , tfzveftsgf Zgegfgssue U' tes: he ignle gfinggfsts are 'li 'Ig a of 41g E0 DL? Wh '12 6259 twig anchor girl 5860 sum lb, a C lieu lag 5 sm . X. - . rg 011 CI: o e rpg. ep tif, . . '1 are? ,yoga 1,7 ff, :f df? wise, kgs has , ur ,ore fume . ' V ich Jus' oem!! ,Uclfy ' hobfzatlou ge' Isa' de he .ia gp "' " H0 .fn ar. Plahfbllteb '29 a K Ol? 0110 " J ' V1 to 'ml 't 'Q TA F F Q' al- QQ - K 2: I'-8001 'ls f . N .f Q4 ' 9: 9 4 1' 6 qiffiv First Row: Sara Brown, Sandra 0' Q Schweitzer, Norman Wolf, Barbara ,faq Thomas, Marcia Rhodes. Second Row: 00040 Denny Trudell, Mary Bruso, John 'ggi Gillis, Melzl Keating, Bryan Werner. 4 6 Yvonne Sc aelchlin 99 Q ' 4 C' fi' '3' 0 The new Junior High School ls no Gig, if being erected on Klng's Highway b Vfepfl contract with the Srirley Herman Con L, 0 f 'lction Company. lt is hoped that Y: 2, building will be cormleted b 0 f ,.emher, 1955, U the present rate oyi .69-ess continues. 'Reversi good lreaks -'have helped First of all, e:,"054f.1 ' ' o T TLER Olfef 9' l mobil- girls' "'. The finirbelw This year the Tarler made the big shift from a were to appear. It was completely in the hands of monthly to a weekly publication. The l1ard-work- the students with Mr. Gilbert as technical ad- Raffafff ing staff worked industriously and diligently to Vlser. i l I i 35553 make the big change a success. Its purpose was to The wrltrng and crrculatron staffs were com- 0: QP gfhe fn give the student body more up-to-date news and posed of sophomores and juniors so that next A ,fem :ssh-l J keep them better informed of the coming. events. year s executives could be chosen from thlslgroupg ffeifszos ndNor1 So that it could be accessible to every Amherst however the seniors, Norman Wolf,' ed1tor-1n- ,gl 'mf student, the cost was reduced to only three cents chlefg and Barbara Thomas, managlng edrtor, get-BP ge "' 5 Per issue. were the student leaders who gulded the entire ,etinj . The staff met every second hour to write, proof- Tatler staff. X V V BV riafigo M' read, check, rewrite, and type all the artrclcs which its gyffaxozgkofs . :od xx Xiu. K he e. ,ff ,U Y Sf fqilrfiiee ,ee-ej,. Q .Q A Q N 5-59--,I V .s- -459 . K9 ..-Rl x5 fl 1 Xp -524: 'Z' 'F 'bi W V 0'S " l ' 'O 6- .e fir'-4. l + O is rs ss '- wx ,gh-,N W waves 5- ? .o ' 19.1. If 19 . o 0 Q' GE ERAI. STAFF l 10 I 31 4 UI L 'SH 4 w e ' .Q , 0 .- 2902, 'vi First Row: Ann Provost, Marcia G 00,4281 Granger, Heidi Miller, Marjorie 5'6 Q Eckert, Ruth Burrell, Melissa Lovell, 9,4 3,41 J J Mary Lou Peters. Second Row: Meg ebiygg Genrich, Judy Coon, Lindak Hawes, 3130 '6 - 1 Ireva Woods Ann Berry athy .9 GSQZQ Meyers, hristine J acobsi Third Row: 516923 5 'b9'q-A Barbara ing, Aida Stock, Barbara- O 4 435, 'tap Hanlon, Dons Dickerson, Lllen Balms, 9.'2'6-'QQ '39 'G Kit Nicholson. Fourth Row: Barry gf f' Q,Q'f'g,O Wagner, Mike Ferrick, Dick Meyers, 0 J -' Tyler Dunn, Kenny Stepm. , -I ' ' Y 24,1 " ' ' uuuusu 'QQ' ?9,6Q,"' 2005 "' ' 037 Q.,-do sweats- - ' 'S' Ao Q95 'G o 0 'iJ?oc5,bqg,".r 039 -fs .o,ef,. g 4559? shine se 'lf 9Yf?'59o"'-eff Jf93,?e4.'JU"'S" Gam' 63 L 9,990 ,og eg, Q bgfsvo, Sold plc I V ,,. .1 0 'lo-2 9 'Qs Q, QOQA match. Ahd speaking of plards, Carol H-fulhlf-11--K. J-N: -ww. .1--. U-....N.-. .. . -- .siren I V 9' fs,-lg, 9,4 'QQ' M223 -rb'Morrls and Liz Snyder looked simply Barb SPSYUUIO' and KHUWY-Cuffy' . rake note that the skirt and Q Q 'Qi Pe? 35 000406 Us ln their new plaid suits. After our victory over Orchard Park is one of the most popular 42' Q QQQGQBQQQ 9,929 QQ, hThe a1..g1,aph1,1e-' gr bei? known Carol Morris entertained joy Hartke. seen along the halls. Katie 0 9,,9v Q9 Ccarco greysaclrsarer tontop rr I ff -9, -' e :Q " 'S 'mms mu for fashion-wise boys. An add- Q ff R .336 YQ, ,Q if , 163' -0,,,AlJ-,ggi-51 ed light ls given to these slacks by L First Row: Carol Sanders, Barbara Harvey, Miss Wal- dow, Marsha Soldineer, Jack Watson, Sue Crito h, Ed Pettis. Secorul Row: Linda Reed, Liz Doran, Sancii Ens- minger, Sue Graf, Joan Stuff, Dawn Koch, Mielinda Norman, Peggy Cleland, Valda Orlando. Third Row: Judy Williams, Dianna Hurley, Judy Murray, Sand gchkveitzer, Joan Lilga, Betsy Smith, Judy Rose, Barb ec er. LIBRARY CLUB An increased membership of the Library Serv- ice Club has been invaluable during the past school year. These thirty-five boys and girls under the supervision of Miss Carter worked as assistants in the library, acting in many ways much the same as a professional librar- ian, helping the students and managing the library. Meetings of this organization were held monthly for the planning of such activities as Book Week, special Christmas and Easter ex- hibits, and a Christmas party. For many members this type of work has proved to be the incentive for library service as a vocation. TRIAD Triad, under the direction of Miss Waldow, is the literary magazine of Amherst. All material, which includes poems, essays and short stories, is contributed by the stu- dents, each class being repre- sented. This year co-editors Mar- sha Soldineer and Barbara Har- vey, along with the rest of the staif, aimed for an earlier publi- cation date so that students could have their Triads in April. IIV First Row: Sally Gibbon, Mrs. Hannel, Adviserg Patricia McCormick, Marie Hardin, Miss Carter, Adviser, Phyllis Heinrich. Second Row: Ann Cesareu, Marsha Westphal, Audre Vanderbles, Carol Rinker, Judy Anderson, Donna Stonecliie, Helen Kfaleau, Ellen Kuehner. Third Row: Jean Wallace, Bebe Behrens, Ruth Ludwi , Roberta Landel, Alda Stock, Frances Zim fer. Fourth Row: Jim Kuliins, Bill Gillman, Tom Cogswell, Richard Nyance. EWSPAPER CLUB Directly responsible for the news column, Amherst Central Activities, which appeared weekly in the Amherst Bee was 1 Newspaper Club of Amherst. This organization was under 1 leadership of Mrs. Ealean Hannel, librarian, who worked closely with Paul Rich, editor-in-chief, and Roger Wilhelm, managi editor. On October 7, during the New York State Library Conven tion Meeting, some members of the group were heard o WBNY radio station discussing library service in our hi school. First Row: Art Hannel, Paul Rich, Michael Cohen. Second Row: Merle Trefzer, Mrs. Hannel, Adviser, Barbara 104 Stotz, Roger Wilhelm. Not Pictured: Paul Schonewolf. EIGHTH GRADE MATH CLUB Many eighth grade students belong to a new organiza- tion in Amherst's extracur- ricular activities-the eighth grade math club. It is spon- sored by Mrs. Lape and ex- ists for the sole purpose of having fun with mathemat- ics. Puzzles, games, mobiles, constructions, and the slide lrule are used to accomplish this aim. First Row: Susan Brown, June Priest, Marilyn Wicker, Bonnie Harbison, Nancy Ann Me ers, Linda Mohr, Judy Davis, Velda King, Karen Kirshenstein, Bett Schriver. Second Row: .lludy Rich, Carol Linendoll, Lee Carter, John Pulfer, Ed Friedrich, Dick Bergman, Tom Hallick, Wayne Mabry, David Currie, Peter Alway, Tom Jackson, Walter Knop, Joel Murphy. Third Row: Mrs. Lape, Pat Klein, Karen Hoffman, Linda Clark, Mary Beth Lahr, Ann Newton, Margot Hazen, Carolyn Barrett, Vivian Holder, Pat Thomas, Harriet Wells, Nancy Sandford, Wendy Culver, Barbara Hayes. Fourth Row: Doris Gisel, Carolyn Cook, Karen Wessor, Barbara Cum- mings, Carolyn Lehr, Charles Harnish, David Mitchell, Richard Wilhelm, Shirley Wagner, Carol Blanchard, Judy Peterson, Gayle Maisehoss, Deborah Bayles, Winx Maischoss. GIRLS' METAL CLUB Girls' Metal Club was organized this year to give practical experience in metal work for Junior High girls who were interested in this field. Under the directorship of Mr. Orgek, the shop instructor, the girls made many decorative and useful articles. Among those articles made were costume jewelry, household utensils, and desk supplies. Enjoyment and satisfaction were given to the girls through this club. The olficers of the Girls' Metal Club were: President, Carol Huntg Vice-President, Heather Woodallg Secretary, Mary Mintzes, Treasurer, Elaine Braun. First Row: Susan Brown, Elaine Braun, Carol Hunt, Heather Woodall, Mar Mintzas, Sue Hurtig. Second Row: Phyllis Hcnrieh, Sandra Kramer, Velda King, Ga le Maischoss, Sandra Linde, Pat Klein, Sandy Stock. Tlilird Row: Mr. First Row: Ronald Jensen, Jean Perrott, Sally Anderson, Gail Lawrence. Second Orgek, Adviser. -AQUARIUM CLUB Under the sponsorship of Miss Purdy and the leader- ship of Carl Henson and Ronald Jensen, the meetings of the Aquarium Club have been quite interesting this year. The purpose of this club is to further their knowledge of fish. This year the club was chartered after a year of inactivity. Row: Carl Henson, Bruce I-Iollenbach. 105 SPANISH LUB The Spanish Club is an organization designed to give Spanish students a further knowledge of the customs and traditions of Spain. The club, which meets once a month, provides a Christmas party, a Spanish dinner, and many interesting speakers. This ycar's officers are Joanne Williston, president, Janis Valenta and Sandra. Scheitzer, vice-president, Valda Orlando, secretary, and Mary Bruso, treasurer. Seated, First Row: Mary Bruso, Janis Valenta, Joanne Williston, Sandra Schweitzer, Valda Orlando. Seated, Second Row: Rick Kreidler, Brian Bellman, Frank Rogger, Pegiy Priest, Barbara Bruso, Kathy Meyers, Shirley C00 , Judy Murray, Dorothy Clifford. Standing, Third Row: Kathy Curry, Barb Spencer, Sue Cutler, Judy Kulp, Ellen Jones, Mary Stonecliffe, Linda Wallace, Betty Seigel, Bettina Bergman, Pat Dickerson. FRENC LUB Le Circle F rancals, better known to most students as the French Club, has completed the year with extremely well planned pro- grams, including several movies and lectures. The traditional Christmas Party and the Spring Dinner are two excellent examples of the enjoyment this organization has. This year,s club, under the supervision of Miss Enea and the combined talents of Roger Priore, president, Ann Osborn, vice- presidentg Ralpha Dosberg, secretaryg Lynne Morris, treasurer, has introduced for the first time the serving of refreshments at cer- tain meetings. First Row: Roger Lip ert, Bill Wind, Anthony Mitch, Richard Coad, Tom Boebel, Dave Batson,IiVarren Berner, Dean Basil. Second Row: Marcia Bern- hoft., Maryanne Powell, Meg Genrich, Barbara Hanlon, Linda Hawes, Joan Lilga, Lynne Morris, Ralpha Dosberg, Roger Priore, Anne Osborn, Marcia Granger, Bettina Bergman, Pat Thayer, Majorie Moran, Barbara Ki11i3IThird Row: Sandra Wendt, Diane Mummery, Carol Chemelli, Elaine Priore, arsha Soldineer, Jackie Cohen, Lola Skidmore., Betsy Smith, Helen Brewster, Miss Enes, Anne Wells, Paula Parker, Carol-Mueller, Barbara Clark, Carol Wine- gar. Fourth Row: Jan Nichols, Nancy Long, Judy Hall, Joanna Ellet, Bonnie Roy, Ann Berr , Judy Rauch, Nanc Holmes, Joy Hartler, Carol Imeg, Karen Fre . Fai: Row: Therese Robillixrd, Sue Graf, Connie Mannes, Betty Giolando, Bat est, Marjorie Eckhert, Margo Flemming, Diane Wenninger, Chris Snider, Sue Cook. SAMOVAR CLUB This year ten students devoted themselves to a study of the Russian lan uage and culture. Under the leadership of the adviser, Mr. Wiilcens, these goals were achieved: a small working knowledge of the Russian language, further understanding of the Russian mind, and study of the Russian culture. This was done primarily to combat communism more eifectively. The club meets Wednesday afternoons to speak the Russian language. . Leaning: Dick Grando. Seated at bottom: Paul Kenned . In semi circle: Bill Gilman, Doug lVIcLernon, Mr. Wilkens, Adviserg Tom Wier. GERMAN LIB First Row: Arthur Oliver, Dick Grando, Dave Taylor, Richard Vance, William Henderson, Alfred Weiss, John DiDomenico, Bill Brunskill, Richard Selden, Dave Harrison, Ronald Bonner, Dou MeLearnan, Dave Berry. Second Row: Beverly Martin, Judy Harbison, Audrey Hurd, Heidi Miller, innette Frau- stino, Marcia Meyer, Kathy Voss, Yvonne Schaclchlin, Sue Baer, Ken Braden, Marylou Peters, Bob Strubing, Mr. Wilkins, Adviserg Mrs. Firman, Adviser. Third Row: Myrle Carter, Janette Theiss, Marsha Scott, Jud Jenkins, Johanna Voit, Fred Manske, Terr Malony, Bob Reise, Joan Helbig, Janice Lake, Larry liletwiler, Jim Winer, Tom Baker, Carol Lock, Rocky Ford, Dave F ogg, Bill Gilman, Dave Grotke, Dick Hadle , Alan Newmann. Fourth Row: Pat Brick, Norman Richardson, David York, Edward Friedrich, David Heeney, Christian Kraatz, Richard Stoesser, Paul Newcomb, Fredric Smeader, Dave Mitchell, Westey Kasonic, Paul Kennedy, Jim Lillie, Richard Wiehelm. F Uth Row: Dennis Ma ttey, John Dettwiler, Philys Fischer, Melvin Lehr, Gar Santmire, Bob Loescb, Ron Cook, Peter Bickford, Douglas Andres, John Harbison, J erry Tereho, BillySturUess, David Haller, Henry Hueher, Paul Bitner. Sixth Row: Dick Hohlstein, Dave Earl, Bob Linkner, Tete Tenbrock, Art Baus, Pete Hasse, Denny Galvin, Jim Blechinger, Pete Schmitt, Benny Elliot. The German Club, better known to German lan- guage students as the DEUTSCHLERNER- BUND, has experienced an eventful year. Mr. Wilkens, the faculty sponsor, and the clubis officers, president, Ken Braden, vice-president, Mary Lou Peters, secretary, Sue Baer, treasurer, Robert Struebing, and historian, Yvonne Schael- chlin, have led the club in many interesting ac- tivities. Among these are the annual Initiation Party and the KAFFEEKLATSCH which is held frequently during the year. The highlight of the year is the annual farewell dinner in which the entire organization gathers at a German restau- rant to enjoy a dinner of favorite German food. JR. RED CRGSS COUNCIL First Row: Karen Ganter, Elaine Priore, Linda Hawes, Carol Strommer, Betsy Lindberg. Second Row: Miss Hildebrand, Midge Davis, Kathy Staifeld, Carol Eichorn, Joy Lisk, Ro- berta Landel, Sally Paul, Pat Dickerson, Barbara Stokes. Students in both the Junior and Senior High may join thc Junior Red Cross Council, whose adviser is Miss Hildebrand. Aml1erst's chapter works with the Veteran's Hospital and O'lZl1CI' organizations which request or need its service. The Junior Red Cross, which has two delegates to the Red Cross Headquarters, participates in the Inter- national Art Program, and makes posters en- couraging enrollment in elementary schools. Last summer two members were sent to the Junior Red Cross Leadership Training Center at Forty Acres. The Amherst Chap- ter is becoming increasingly popular, due to its worthwhile activities and enthusiastic leadership. INTER HI-Y First Row: Dick Kubli, Ken Jarhaus, Dave Wendt, Paul Rich, Anne Mitchell, Lawrence Wood. Second Row: Gary Tunmore, John Harbison, Don Wilhelm, Pat Thomas, Nanc Hankin, Bonnie Locher, Barbara Cummings, Debbie Bayles, liaren An- thony. Third Row: Dave Batson, Art Baus, Ann Osborn, Judy I Murray, Carolyn Cook, Mary Lou Peters. Fourth Row: Trudy Allespach, Shir ey Cook, Douglas Koeppen. ALPHA CHAPTER First Row: Don Wilhelm, John Gillis, Benny Elliott, Arno Witti , Paul Rich, Frank Knox. Second Row: Dick Stoesser, John Oehler, Brad Dunn, .lim Peard, Gary Santmire, Jack Elliott, Clinton Ackerman, Dave Orcutt, Ron Cook, Denny Calvin. Third Row: Bill DeKlein, Hank Hueber, Dave Grotke, Ed Pettis. DELTA CHAPTER First Row: M rle Carter, Bar- bara Becker, Nliolly Blow, Nancy Milks, Sandra Perr , ,ludy Rose., Miss Butt, Sue MlcAllester, Betsy Smith, Merle Keating, Diane Hurley. Second Row: Elizabeth Doran, Harriet Wheeler, Sue Ge er, Valda Orlando, Joan Lilga, Janis Valenta, Sue Critoph, Rosemary Graver, Molly Turner, Pat Gravener, Vir inia Spann, Betty Rozek. Third glow: Marilyn Schroeder, Shirley Cook, Bar- bara Harvey, Carol Gilkey, Marsha Soldineer, Carol Sanders, Yvonne Schaelehlin, Judy Williams, Jean Davis, Gail Briggs. HI- Thc Inter Hi-Y Council which has been function- ing at Amherst since 1950 excelled in importance this year. Under the capable leadership of Dave Wendt the Council conducted a "Youth and Gov- ernment" program, joint Christmas and Easter programs, and a joint spring meeting. This year the Council sponsored a semi-formal dance "Mad Fantasyw with decorations in pink and grey. The proceeds from the dance are financing a trip to Paris for Linda Hawes so that she may attend the World Hi-Y Conference. O8 DI-GAMMA CHAPTER First Row: Sue Anderson, Robin Askin, Elaine M ers, Penny Brese, Kathy Meyers, Meg Gen- rich, Joan Stuff, Jackie Cohen, Elaine Priore. Second Row: Ellen Balnis, Ralpha Dosberg, Kathleen Coad, Diane Mummery, Dawn Koch, Mary Lou Peters, Anne Provost. Third Row: Onnalie Elliott, Heidi Miller, Brenda Clucas, Judy Murra , Ann Osborn, Elinor Laundy, Judy Rand, Sandia Bushy, Sally Gorenilo, Peggy Smith, Sandra Wendt, Linda Hawes. BETA CHAPTER First Row: Bob Gurlay, Don Mauer, Jim Denny, Dave Bat- son, Kurt Gebhart, Paul New- comb, Mr. Hahn, Adviser. Second Row: Bill Wind, Pete Welker, John Harbison, John Bickford, Norm Wolf, Ro Priore, Chet Wier, Dave lVEauer, Bob Pfeffer. Third Row: Rog ' Borth, Bob Rausch, Jack Wat- sen, Bill Gilman, Booker Patter- son. Fourth Row: Dick McDer- mott, Warren Berner, Bill Sturgess, Wes Kasonic, Dick W Alt. 5 -Y'S The Council is the essential link in the chain of Hi-Y's at Amherst and its primary purpose is to tie together the Hi-Y movement and to advance further its purpose. Hi-Y's have grown tremendously this year and because of this fact fifteen clubs were organized totaling more than 400 students. The clubs aim toward having one recreational, educational, religious and business meeting each month. Speak- ers, movies, panel discussions, and visits to differ- ent churches give them a broader understanding of the various religious denominations. Social side- lights include square dances, parties, gym nights, splash parties, and picnics with Hi-Y Clubs from other schools. Field trips were taken to the Good- will Industries, the Museum of Science, and the Courier-Express, which proved both interesting and educational. The purpose of Hi-Y is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and com- munity, high standards of Christian character. World Service was selected as this year's project and to support this the clubs collected clothing for the children's relief in foreign countries, conducted a Hallowe'en party for the children in the Meth- odist Home for Children, and fixed Thanksgiving baskets for needy families. ,Ji ZETA CHAPTER '-'E' Q at Q., 1 DELTA RHO CHAPTER First Row: Bill Brunskill, Doug McLernon, Bryan Werner, Heath West, Bruce Evanson. Second Row: Bill Daniels, Ken J ahraus, Dave Wendt, Mr. Petersen, Owen Kennedy. Third Row: Ken MacKenzie, John Schuck, Art Shilen, Jack O'Mara, Fred Schaid, Charles Bush, Gordon F ricke. F ou.rth Row: Bob Weiss, Art Bans, David Barry, Frank Puifer. KAPPA CHAPTER First Row: Lind Thompson, Pat Lavell, Trudy Johnson, Ciilil Tozier, Karen Anthony, Patti Wischerath and Linda Smithey. Second , Row: Charlotte Heckman, Susie Farrow, l Karen Leeson, Lana Anderson, Jackie Ches- bro, Janice Burgoyne, Susan Hoemkec, Mar- jarie Abrams, Nancy Boda and Caralyn Mur- dack. Third Row: Joyce Fullerton, Pat Bres- nahan, Lisa Schillke, Carolyn Spiesz, Betty Lock, Mrs. Wittig, Adviserg Sandra Tracy, Jane Peacock, Barbara Berg, Portia Gage, Susan Maries, and Mary Kay Theobald. First Row: Norm Glunz, Dave Lindstrom, Jim Lansdowne, Ken Eikhert, John Trimble, Al Pezoldt, Tony Bushin, Tom Bocbel, Fred Seidel. Second Row: Ned Seiffert, Don Wallace, Ton Mitch, Don Downs, Billy Moldt, Lee Backus, George Basil, Bruce Hilbrecht, Richard Coad. Third Row: Fred Walter, Ken Aldrich, Bucky Canter, Rexe Cleveland, Bill Slowe, Lewis Gee, CHE Krull. "1 SIGMA CHAPTER First Row: Kit Nicholson, Sara Brown, Marge Echkert, Barbara Clark, Pat Dickerson, Ph llis Gallman. Second Row: Roberta Sandel, Judy Richardson, Bonnie Locker, Miss Waldow, Adviser, Trudy Allesbach, Nancy Hankin, Melissa Lovell, Joy Lisk, Barbara Eddy, Carol Eddy. Third Row: Sandra Schnell, Barbara Kitchen., Jud Raush, Pat West. Fourth Row: Eleanor Watwn, Bonnie Foit, Virginia Hultberg, Ruth Haugen, Earldine- Forrester, Adele Davis. LAMDA CHAPTER First Row: Karen Krestic, Carolyn Creed, Charla ne Kelly, Carol Eichorn, Maisy Min-' ses, Niyary Bernhardt and Janet elling. Second Row: Betty Corenllo, Gail Rueger, Jeanette Weiss, Miss Carter, Adviser, Nancy Long, Sue She herd, Noreen Rien, and Rut Truby. Third Iinow: Sandy Fegeli, Jean Smith, Sandy Kramer, Pat Wehle, Sue eslie, Marsha West hal, Jackie Stroh, Marsha Scott., Marie Robigard, and Katharine Kubala. Fourth Row: Gerry Noak, Audry Vanderbles, Pam Riley, Pat Elliott, Elaine Haas, and Sandy Stettenbcnz. First Row: Paul Annis, Bill McGovern, Larry Brose, John Bacon. Second Row: John Kaeselau, Ricky Swornbomb, Dale Rosenberry, Chi Cam bell, Ra F oley, Ross Hayman, Charles Barr , Jim Hammond. Third Row: Berby Eapage, lgick Haggette, Dave Amerman, Tom Ferguson, Craig Mattison, Dick Whaley, Terr Smith. Fourth 111 Row: John Paeplow, Dave Harrison, Mr. Wittlinger, Adviser: Toby li'IcLeod. -1 OMICRON CHAPTER 'Q to S'0 'Q THETA CHAPTER OMEGA CHAPTER First Row: Sandr Samsing, Wendy Culver, Willa Genricb, June Priest, Carol Blanchard. Second Row: Beverly Brown, Barbara Brown, Winx Maischoss, Ann Mosher. Third Row: Deborah Bayles, lvlary Cook, Carol Linendoll, Chris Pezoldt, lVIrs. Hannel, Barbara Cummings, Judy Evenson, Patty Lee, Sandra Schall. Fourth Row: Karen Elliott., Carolyn Coyle, Barbara Fullers- ton, Sue Stettenhenz, Carolyn Lehr, Nancy Clucas, Judy Davis, Barbara Kohl. IOTA CHAPTER Archer, Mr. Blish, Adviser. Q 0 Q Qs First Row: Judy McTaggert, Barbara Melyers, Sharon Bailey, Diane Drexel, .lncJy 9 S Q Baumler. Second Row: Louisa Ecelbarger, inda XValgatc, Virginia Knapp, Pat Nvlt- Q ter, Eileen Nlurray. Third Row: Marslia Hornburg, Gale Lawrence, Judy Beverly, Marilce Carr, Miss Krehbiel, Ellen McNamara, Pat Cypress. First Row: Alfred Flessel, John Rowell, Richard Tarquinio. Sec ond Row: Ted Maratta, Russell Runnalls, Tom Potter, David Johnson. Third Row: Roger Poctte, Robert Ackley, Charles Burroughs, David Arher., Paul Harrison, James Waite, John Johnson, Eric Hall. Fourth Row John Walker, Pete Minich, Jeff EPSILON CHAPTER First Row: Caryl Kellner., Alice Guarncri, .ludy Anderson. Seconfl Row: Sandra Nelson, Bonnie liitner, Jill Gerry. Third Row: Sara Nlanske, Kay Berry, Bebe Behrens, Johanna Ellol, Nancy Grif- lin, Marilyn Anderhalt, Sherilyn Brown, Sue Smith, Joyce Dcwine, and Bavin Askin. Fourth Row: Nliss Dcnzler, adviser, Gail McLauchlin, Linda Leininger, Sue Richter. U, .- Y j ,.:. CHI RHO CHAPTER First Row: Marie Hardin, Bar- bara Hilbrecl, Mrs. Wiedman, Pat Thomas, Martha Harlem. Second Row: Ka thy S laffeld, Donna Brown, Bev Marton, ,Tune Bengal, Gerry Obletz, Elaine Braun. Third Row: Judy Turner, Carolyn Cook, Dolly Bartlett, Gail Farmer, Ellen Kuehner, Susan Shede, Kathy Shields. First Row: Bill Bonner, sergeant at armsg Dick Cbemelli, secrclaryz, Paul Fleisehauer, presidentg Doug Weis, vice president, Dick DeKleine, chaplain. Second Row: Dave Burrell, Frank DiLorenzo., Ed Billowilz, Doug Radlc , Bill Fowler., Wes Haller, Bob Merritt, Bob Willcox, Al Penl, Bill Donaldson, Mr. Bradley, Adviser. l 13 BETA GAMMA C HAPTER HL13l THEMWANS First Row: Jack Watson, Yonny Baker, Nlartha Radle , Joan Stuff, Barbara Thomas, Janice Valenta, Edward Pettis. Second Row: Barbara Elarvey, Marsha Soldineer, Bill Wind, Penny Brese, Valda Orlanda, Lola Ann Skidmore, Elizabeth Doran, Roger Wilhelm, Carol Sanders, Elizabeth Snyder. Third Row: David Orcutt, Bill Daniels, John Shuck, Tyler Dunn, Judy Kulp, Russel Barber, Tony Carver., Myrle Trefzcr., Paul Rich, Gary Tunmore. Anyone ever asking what the dramatic organiza- tion of A.C.I-I.S. was, would get the answer, "Why Amards and Thespians, of course!" Membership in the Amards is open to all senior high studentsg however, the membership in the Thespians is restricted to those students who have earned a total of ten points. These points are accessible by working on committees, directing plays, or acting. Meetings of these organizations were headed by Mr. Klayman, the faculty adviser, who was aided by Joan Stuff, presidentg Barbara Thomas, vice- president, Janis Valenta, seeretaryg Art Baus, treasurerg and Martha Radley, historian. During the year such activities as make-up lessons, cl1a- rades, and speakers, constituted these meetings. However, this year, in addition to their regular programs, a group of students went to a dinner and then attended a showing of "The Dark is Light Enough" at the Erlanger. e The group also presented a three-act play as part of their annual project. AMARDS First Row: Judy Willianis, Janis Valenta, Carol Eggleston. Second Row: Jud Murray, Barbara Thomas, Joan Stuff, Martha Tiadley. Third Row: Judy Rose, Linda Wallace, Bob Pheffer, Linda Hawes. X HI R ,,ppp ,W ORAL DISCUSSION CLUB One of the most educational grou s at Amherst is the Orallllscussion Club under the sponsorship of Mr. Bradley. The purpose of this group is to discuss cur- rent controversial topics. After a successful year they are planning to expand so that more Junior High members may he included. First Row: Paul Rich, Kathy Kelly., Lynda Wallace. Second Row: Tom Weir, Frank Pu ffer, Bob Pfeffer. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Another new organization, the Future Teachers of America, has successfully become part of Am- herst's extracurricular activities. The combined efforts of the faculty sponsors, Mr. Rouse and Miss Enea, have aided the members in achieving their , Xifl aim:-to instruct and to inform interested stu- dents of the teaching profession. During the year each member was assigned to help a teacher for the purpose of gaining valuable experience and insight into teaching. First Row: .ludy Richardson, Lola Skidmore, Bill Gillman, Mr. Rouse, Adviser, Tom Weir, Barbara Jackson, Marcia Gran- er. Second Row: Linda McCord, gackie Cohen, Joan Lilga, Linda Wallace, .lo ce Hicks, Dorothy Clilford, Roberta Landcl, Anne Berry, Carol Tally, Adele Davis, Evelyn Kolhe. Third Row: Jo- anne Williston., Earldene For- rester, Carol Eddy, Phyllis Gall- man, Lorretta Eckman, Karen Fre , Ann Harnish, Pat West, Barhara Eddy, Myrle Carter, Bettina Bergman. 115 SENIOR SCIENC CLUB First Row: Jackie Cohen, Carol Lock, David Wendt, Br on Werner, Ken Jahraus, Sand Welch, Pat Reymond. Second Row: Mr. Win erer, Adviserg Frank Paffer, James Casterline, Barbara Harvey, Marsha Soldineer, Ral ha Dosherg, Yvonne Schaelchlin., Pat West. Third Row: Roger Priore, Alan Niew- man, Doug Koep en, David Batson, Dick Chappell, Elliott Larson, Bill Brunskill, David Cirotke, Melvin Lehr, Mr. Petersen, Adviser. Fourth Row: Jim Rushing, Gordon Krystaf, Roger Borth, Paul Kennedy, Charles Ritter, Gus Basil, Wesley Kasonic, Richard Vance, Ronald Greiner, Tom Weir. Science minded? The industrious Senior Science Club year the club supplemented their meetings with field of Amherst which meets every other week conducts trips including one to the General Motors Parade of many varied demonstrations and experiments. Stu- Progress held at Delaware Park. To climax a suc- dent participation is encouraged with a few fill-ins cessful year the club sponsored a picnic complete hy co-sponsors, Mr. Petersen and Mr. Ungerer. This with fun and food for everyone. Ju lore SCIENC CLUB First Row: Tony Mitch, Cora Sue Golden, George Basil, Pat Brick, Don Downs. Second Row: William McNeill, Bill Phillips, Mary Lou S rague, Connie Long, Pat Wicker, Darryl Turner, Lewis Truesdiall, Ralph Fischer, Gar Weir. Third Row: Guntis Rugays, Dave Hatch, Charles Brunslliill, Edwin Shuttleworth. Once each week the Junior High Science Club met with Miss Purdy assisting them as they attempted to further their knowledge in science. Speakers, movies, lectures, and field trips rounded out 116 the year's activities. BIOLOGY CLLIB 'II 1 rw i I I I First Row: Lynne Morris, Dianne Wenninger, Elaine Priore, Heide Miller, Kathy Megers, Shannon Theobald. Second Row: Mr. Lape, Adviser, Bettina Bergman, elen Erkila, Katherine Wallis, Linda Hawes, Patricia Burgoyne., Lynn Bigelow, Sandra Wendt. Third Row: Tom Weir, Charles Slack, Peter E skamp, Kent Wyman, Gunner Hurtig, Samuel Lucia. BIOLOGY In the study of life around them, the members of the Biology Club have learned many interesting facts which were pointed out only as a result of their after- school meetings. Many members developed models and exhibits which were displayed with outstanding success at the Science Congress. Others led the group in lectures, obtained movies, and brought speakers for the programs which proved to be both enjoyable and educational. JR. HISTORICAL Organized this year with twenty-eight members, the Junior Historical Club is helping to keep active an interest in the history of New York State. Under the guidance of Mrs. Polster the club sold greeting cards to raise money for the purchase of books. They were added to the library of historical material on New York State started some years ago by the organiza- tion. .IU IOR HISTORICA ASSOCIATIO First Row: Rosita Scheske., Jo ce Lang, Gail Krech, Sandy Lum- bard, Michael Grando, Wesley Haller, Tim Fox, Eric Hall, Michael Cohen. Second Row: Kay Kersting, Lana Anderson, Diana Truman, Bonnie Johnson, Marybeth Rapp, Barbara Findly, Nanc Boda, Gwen Oldenburger. Third Row: Chip Schafer, Neil Carlson, Phil Cotharn, John Lilga, Edmund Clark, John McClean. 117 PROJECTION CREW , P A 92 First Row: Jon Bickford, Fred A Ludwig, Mr. Schaefer, Advisory Bryan Werner, Wes Kasonic, Bill DeCline. Second Row: Larry Schleeter, David Weber, David Curry, William Hoier, Richard Russell, Cliif Hill, Jim Winer. Third Row: Dave Maurer, Heath West, Bill Bacon, Churchill Mc- Call, Peter Bickford, Bob Pfeffer. STAGE CREW Behind the scenes of every Amherst production is the hard working stage crew. Much of their work is carried on after 3:15 for their commitments in- clude both plays and musicals as well as school assemblies. Various organizations also ask the stage crew for assistance in lighting for their dances and the building and painting of scenery, for each production requires many hours of after- school work. Under the capable leadership of Bill Daniels, manager, Tony Culver, assistant manager, and Art Baus, treasurer, this efficient group has given their time and efforts to a most worthy service. STAGE CREW Seated: Bill Daniels, Tony Cul- ver. Slanding: Barry Burrows, Dave McGill, Art Baus, Jim Boa, Dave Orcutt, Dick Drex- ilius, Peter Achey, Wally Gan- ICF. U ll8 PROJECTION CREW Many of our organizations in the community are dependent upon the services supplied by Am- herst's Projection Crew. Hi-Yis, Adult Education, Scouts, youth groups, and church organizations are all in the same way indebted to tl1em. These industrious boys, supervised by Mr. Schaefer, are directly responsible for such apparatus as films, tape recorders, record players and slide machines. This past year the group has been training the nucleus for a Junior High crew to assist in many of the endless jobs. JUNIOR HIGH ART CLUB Mrs. Bang sponsored and directed an en- thusiastic group of Junior High Art students in club activities. This group met each Wednesdayf after school in room 315 to carry out interesting project plans. Working with ceramics and wire sculpture were new experiences for some. Seasonal projects in painting, designing, and crafts resulted in nice gifts. The oiti- cers for the club were Vivian Holder. presidentg Sally Pierce, vice-presidentg and Lynn Ponivas, secretary-treasurer. First Row: Sally Pierce, Vivian Holder. Second Row: Mrs. Hung, adviserg Valerie Scott, Marjorie lVIeCaII, John Puffer, Richard llean. SENIOR HIGH ASSEMBLY COMMITEE First Row: Joan Stnlf, Janis Valenlu, Iilizalnrtli Doran, Yonny Baker, Dolores Hooek. Second Row: ,liill Bradley, .Indy Knlp, Tyler Dunn, Carol Sanders, John Shuck, lioh Pfelfer, Bonnie Roy, David Orcult, Mr. Klayman, zulvisr-r. The Junior High Assembly Committee is com- posed ol' a group of ninth graders, whqie job is to plan and schedule the Junior High Assembly pro- grams. This group of carefully selected students meets daily with Mr. Green and makes an effort to employ the participation of almost all the vari- ous school organizations in the year's programs. First Row: Carollwyn Creed, Lee Backus. Second Row: Elaine Wright, Gerald 'arrow. Third Row: Gail Rueger., Mary Ellen Mintzas, George Basil. Fourth Row: Dick Drexelius, Tom Cogs- well. . l'l9 Every seventh hour a group of sixteen students from the senior high meets with Mr. Klayman to arrange and originate the weekly assemblies. Elizabeth Doran is the chairman of this planning com- mittee and it is under her supervision that the "show goes on." There are at least two students from each class represented producing a well- organized program each week. JUNIOR HIGH ASSEMBLY COMMITEE JU IOR PLAY-MOTHER IS A FRESHMA Dramarized by CHRISTOPHER SERGEL Story by RAPHAEL DAVID BLAU First Row: Carolyn Story, Peggy Priest, Chris Snider, Dianne Wenninger. Second Row: Kathy Wallis, Audrey Hurd, Judy Kulp, Adele Davis, Carole Eggleston. Third Row: Gary Tunmore, Merril Trefzer, Bob Struebing, Tyler Dunn, J ack O'Mara, J ack Watsen, Henry Hueher. Susan Chris Snider Abby Kathy Wallis Mrs. llfiller Audrey Hurd Sylvia Carolyn Story Bunny Dianne Wenninger Helen Carole Eggleston Carrie Judy Kulp Dean Gillingham. Merril Trefzer Clara Peggy Priest Bobo J ack Watsen jack Jack O'Mara Howie Henry Hueher Bill Bob Struehing Prof. Michaels Marge Tyler Dunn Adele Davis 120 Date: April 29th and 30th Student Directors: Gary Tunmore Linda McCord Director: Mr. Klayrnan Name: Mother Is A Freshman CURF ,rn l 1 Q1 RLS' DOQYI ri ag- C A y I '5- First Row: Bill Wind, Terry Sullivan, J imm Denny. Second Row: Liz Doran, Judy Clayton, Sandra Schweitzer, Barbara Nlferrilt, Valda Orlando. Third Row: Nancy Milks, Myrle Carter, Doug Volgenau, Barbara Harvey., Ken Jahraus, Gail Hirsch, Joan Stuff. "GOOD HOUSEKEEPINGN A comedy by William McCleery CAST C111 order of appearancej Nlarian Burnett Charles Burnett Christine Burnett Edward West Katy Burnett Nat Kahn J im 0'Neal Mrs. Benson A Drum Majorette Cheerleaders Student Directors Joan Stuff Terry Sullivan Barbara Harvey Ken J ahraus Gail Hirsch Bill Wind Doug Volgenau Nancy Milks Judy Clayton Valda Orlando Sandy Schweitzer Myrle Carter Barbara Merritt Elizabeth Doran James Denny SENIOR PLY NOV I9 AND 20 Dzrector Mr Klayman General Advtser Miss Joseph THE CAST Julie, Mariann,e's Mczid Penny Lee 'Bresc Morlsieur Beazmoir, A Ship Owner of New Orleans Gary Tunlnore Captain Georges Duval, Commander "The New Morin" Tyler Dunn Vicomle Ribaud Lattimer Ford Fouchelle Merrill Trefzer Robert, A Bondservant of Beaunoir's David Hegg Alexander, Anoiher Bonrlservant Roger Willlelxn Besace, Boatswain of "The .New M00Il,7 Paul Kremer Jacques, A Ship's Carpenter Jack Wa'tson Mariarzne, Beaunoir's Daughter Barbara Jackson Philippe, A Friend of Robert Steve Epstein Clotilde Lombaste., Of the Bride Ship Lola Skidmore Doorman of the Tavern Kenneth Jahraus Flower Girl Susan Geyer A Spaniard Robert Strucbing A Dancer Marjorie McDonnell The Dancers, Rosita Shannon Theobald Ramon John C. Brown Captain Defean John Schuck fml. 2 I 1'N' 1 PER The New ETTA Moo n by SIGMUND ROMBERG FEB. 10-11-12 1955 8 P.M. fn I, f z ' 1 .do , at , 13- .4 PRODUCTION STAFF Producer-Musical Director Walter E. Reitz Stage Director Stuart Beebe Dance Director Isabel Husband Technical Director Morten Klayman Associate Music Director Eugene Kaza Costume Design and Production Eleuora Hildebrand Scenic Construction Edward Orgek Printing and Engraving Neil Stillman House and Ticket Manager John Krestic Stage Manager Wfilliam Daniels Accompanist J oscph Pendolino Student Director John C. Brown UNDERSTUDIES Julie Gail Hirsch Captain Georges Duval John Schuck Vicomte Ribaud Merrill Trefzer Fouchette David Haller Robert William Vo-ffel Alexander Donald WilheJm Besace Chris Kraatz Jacques Robert Streubing Marianne Joanne Dunn Philippe David Farrow Clotilde Lombaste Captain Defean Carol Lock Edward Pettis ff 5 , .45 , 'M ---5.-.Li-L 5 B W' 1 ... pu., , 1, f' i OWER BAZAAR I . ..,.,,, I 'uxagj wx Y Xf x 4 . , 'k 3 'ES X -p- lss, if I 4 1 OCT. 22 AND 23 I954 X 'N 4? gl 2, Y ,E A ,.-f "' .,-L" '. A . ,,---'i' ,, A.. - ,iff ,I,.,.' -4 1 ,,..A"" 'H ,f ,,.--W f ..,,,, vf f ll X fi 1 pdl I . ,nf . If ' !g me ..,.f Uh...1VIy M 9 'nst bu house J med XZ down! ' fl gf- an idea! Tue got, A study in shadows Alf' 4 .w-X, Shining lig hts. H alj gone ,Z TRONS OF Mr. hir. Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Dr. Mr Mr Mr Mr Dr. Mr Mr hir Mr. Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr. hir. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Charles F. Adams Augustus E. Anderson Elwood G. Becker W. Herbert Blow, Sr. Charles R. Coad Irving Cohen Lawrence C. Davis Archibald S. Dean Edward C. Denny Henry Dickerson Robert F. Drexelius Harold Ensminger Willard G. Fischer John Frickc Ellwood A. Friedrich John Goga Robert E. Haas Edward Hegg Robert R. Hirsch Howard D. Jackson Walter J. Kidd Howard Koch Charles A. Larwoocl Norman E. Lilga A. M. Lippert Edward Loth e GQ! THE I955 TOWER Au. ATRon FMR 'YBKTIER erasi- 127 .3 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Marabella Mr. and Mrs. Daniel G. Merritt Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Moran Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Morrow Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Milks Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Mullenhoff Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Norman Mr. and Mrs. George R. Orlando Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Pelson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Perry Mr. and Mrs. William Powell, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Priore Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Schonewolf Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Schweitzer Mr. and Mrs. Howard A. Seitz Mr. and Mrs. James G. Skidmore Dr. and Mrs. Marshall Y. Soldineer Mr. and Mrs. A. Sorensen Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Sprague Mr. and Mrs. Harold Spong Mr. and Mrs. Earl F. Stuff Mr. and Mrs. Ralph B. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. A. Judson Wells Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Werner Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wilhelm , 1 we '-Ove Ogg 5 NE T05 2"5'lTRoy l 0 l 1 I A K 1 X L47 XX - I f ' ' W A + Y m--- f--P ifikjv---... Top Ccrauncs Class Craftsmen Le L Study Hall Before, A Test Right-Practical Home Economics Left-Girls will be girls! ' v-,Ja ,. , Q 4 fr" l- x.1?fU 1' Top Left-Driving Class Instruction Before Tak- ing The Wheel Bottom Left--Typing Class In Action Top Right-Learning To Be Good Mixers Nfiddle Right-Graphic Arts Workers Bottom Right-Learning To Use Modern Office Machines I X O 'fr :I ' V' 'A w " 'tif' f, n -'Eff 2 A ' mg E " -- will 'Q 51" x 7 ii A if 159536 !6,',i 5-,I ,WW M -I Eg, ffl gx... f!!!f- 'dx .v .V 3 FQ' M ll I YL'-ll' 5 ' -Q ff-If 4? Ch .gg Y:-vi' . Iii 0.!.,1.-LL4,4. , ., P MV G Q-- , . n ? xy ,, I5 Qu! r- . 1., ' Q4 "W Finer Sausage and Provisions A by x ' ADRIANS Catering to Schools and Institutions Also At Your Neighborhood Stores 1750 Genesee Street V Branch-HU. 2819 TA. 4466 8: TA. 4467 2256 Genesee Street HOWARD A. CLARK Licensed Manager and Ownefr Steck, Lockwood and Clark Funeral Service 2775 Main Street PArkside 8816 Buifalo, N. Y. 131 N W5 sl ' W X8 B, Congratulations to the Class of 1955 UN l t 1 from XS iw iw? SIGMA DELTA cl-ll I ffbffbf Carole Adams ,- .C 9 il" 'A i Lynne Morris Sue Baer f 5' 'AL Yvonne Schaelchlin Marcia Bernhoft Judy Carson Sue Cook Sue Critoph Judy Glynn Chris Jacobs Janice Lake Barbara Merritt President -Judy Pelson Vice President - Phyllis Goga Recording Secretary - Sue Graf Corresponding Secretary - Judy Kulp Sandra Schweitzer 1- Mary Slaven 5 id.- ' JY' E., Chris Snider R A -,E P' ' . -A ' ' Gail Stillwell Sf, - J Russie Tighe ,Q 1' - ' Katie wauis ' gs - ' .ic Marion Wilson aa..,,ilI5?A, 7- ,., fin Marion Zupa Treasurer -Jeanne Williston Sergeant-at-Arms - Sue Haas Historian - Carol Meyers Pledge Mistress - Helen Erkkila Chaplain - Anne Wells f? 1 "He proiits most Q Y Who serves best" Congratulations to the Class of 1955 Rotary Club of Eggertsville-Snyder, New York Rotary's Golden Anniversary 1905-1955 Ta xg qqi., ' A Compliments Gnovlan CLEVELAND of PHARMACY INC. 1' HOWARD SEITZ GOEBEI. PACKING CO. 93 Holt SITCCIZ 809 M illersport Hwy. Eggertsville 21, N. Y. Buffalo 6' N' Y' I. YVEXLER S. LIGHTMAN Try Our Homemade Breads, Pies, Cakes, Rolls Compliments of LOCK'S HOME BAKERY Dr. C. W, Meyer, D,D,S, 3927 Harlem Road at Kensington be QUALITY OUR SPECIALTY X CI 1080 , Congratulations to the Class of "55" ALPHA ZETA FRATERNITY n , ', , . -' ' ' 1 1' .F',,'f --'1-7 'ifple ...JK M A A "-...-J'5,, -49' 'fy -an rt ' 974' 1- v- 1 I 3 ' ' ,y 'Q L- ' . , " ' 1 -is ' V , 1, ' W 1 ' 1' F""A11f- ' 43 hP""" z ' ' is-W fi A . :T , I , gg , ,- gf' ,. K ,5-Lf.-':'f"' 3"""?"'g l -U' ' ' ,..-Z' . "" I f A -4.-f"""" -I' 'Y 1 '- A ' . A ,M 1 , ff' - s .n ss- swag c 2' Iwi" . .-f Y U wi.-4-1 I, V-V-A'-A1 Y ipgsmto Q - 3339- or sig-sf ws- nv .-5 11,5 H A aid HONOR SOCIETY SUPPLY STORE I ua -,HOLE pw RW M anager - David Hegg Bookkeeper - Ann Osborn Faculty Advise? - Arthur F. Schuchardt A COMPLETE LINE OF SCHOOL SUPPLIES FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE as -ggi! Personalized Fittings .lohnson's Amherst Bootery Shoes for the Entire Family University Phone Plaza PA. 6974 FOUR WINDS FARM NURSERY, INC. Your Neighborhood Source Of Supply For All Plant And Garden Supplies Courteous Service 4190 Main Street Eggertsville Semet Solvay Coke Lehigh Valley Anthracite Amherst Builders' Supply 8g Fuel Corp. 5274 Main Street Williamsville PL. 5064 Heating Oils Bituminous Coal Compliments to The Class of 1955" K A Friend Compliments I A' Of ' i M THETA SIGMA Alpha Chapter i 6' l I .. 'ox ' , Q , 1 5 lil, 1 1954 'af' A 1955 President Y Barb Thomas Vice-President Diane Dobbins Recording Secretary jean Gorenllo Corresponding Secretary Maureen O'Connor Pledge Mistress Evelyn Kolbe Historian jane Bellinger Chaplain Sally Sprague Sergeants-at-Arms Claudia Burgio Molly Blow Senior Photographs Made By ' BEN swAN 637 Main Street in Buffalo WA. 8363 All Negatives Kept For 5 Years For Duplicate Orders 135 Q GRACE C. HEANEY Phone cl. 0123 Delivery sewiee Gifts and Cards l' 0 4517 Main St- DRY CLEANING Snyder, New York CI. 3877 We Operate 2200 Kensington Ave. Our Own Plant Snyder, New York Compliments Of Compliments Of Edward P. Kelly Endicott Johnson Barber Shop Shoe Store 5 Chassin Street 38-40 University Plaza THE Bi.UE WINDOW 3 Lincoln Rd. Compliments Of Lamps Snyder, N. Y. Pictures Fabrics Decorative AMHERST 5c fo S1 STORE Accessories Harlem at Kensington OPEN FRIDAY EVENINGS Helen Boeckel CI. 3530 I Q 0 if Compliments of Z Sl STAGE CREW - Manager - William Daniels Assistant Manager - Tony Culver 136 MIKE 1 THETA BETA CHI CN C I ff -X Q President Martha Radley Vice-President and Treasurer Myrle Carter Recording Secretary Earldene Forrester Corresponding Secretary Barbara King Chaplain Margie Moran '1- "EvereacIy" Flashlights and Batteries Compliments of QUEEN CITY SEED 8. NURSERY CO 3982-4000 Harlem Rd Snyder, New York UN. 2626 Compliments of Compliments Eugene Vollmer, D.D S Of FLEMMING'S RESTAURANT 4558 Main Street Snyder 21, N. Y. CI. 0961 B. 81 J. POLLUTRO, INC. WHOLESALE GROCERS Buffalo, N. Y. PW' Compliments to the Class of 1955 RICH'S ICE CREAM Compliments Of Residential Construction A Profession BAKERT BROS- GENRICH BUILDERS, INC. - Office Phone: De1'CateSSe" 4287 Main street AM. 7484 YOU GET MORE AT TUNMORES More For Your Used Car More For Your Service Dollar See For Yourself - "Drive A Rocket" Olds Today TUNMORE OLDSMOBILE, INC. its-A Q J TOWN OF AMHERST OFFICIALS Offer Best Wishes To The Class Of 1955 Supervisor- Eduard F. Metz Councilvnen - Edgar J. Barth, D. Russell Conway, Edward E. Cook, Harry H. Schall. Town Attorney -Leland G. Davis. Receiver of Taxes - Nelson H. Blocher. Town Clerk - Harry R. Jones. Superintendent of High- ways - F. Theodore Jenzen. justices of the Peace - Theodore E. Smith, Edward L. Robinson. Chairman of the Board of Asses- sors - Fred W. Stuewe. Assessor - Douglas P. Hall. WIESE FLORIST 4545 Main Street Snyder, New York Phone CI. 3000 Compliments Of DR. FRANK VASTOLA Osteopathic Physician and Surgeon 4017 Harlem Road Corner of Saratoga Snyder 21, New York Phone WI 1555 Our Compliments To The Faculty and Students On The Graduation Of The Class of 1955 Tresidder Realtors 4675 Main Street Snyder, N. Y. BARNEY MILLER Plumbing - Heating - Hardware 5727 Main Street Williamsville Serving The Community For Over 35 Years Dorothy Bachman GIFT SHOP 4610 Main Street Phone: Snyder, New York CI. 1424 Diamonds jewelry Wedding Rings Watches GUSTAV A. F RISCH jewelers - Opticians 41 Kenmore Avenue Alfred G. Frisch University Optician Plaza '9f:f'7. VV' ai u 2 1 A . ., ' '--1 asa if W . t M Congratulations to the Class of 1955 from john Brunner i 5 . -W , i . Dick Loth Pete Chudy . . A .V 1' -S , , 1 - - P - Dick Dubois n L 1- 1 as P D , 1 -ffm eme . . , ' y- I QA -J - aul Ross Woody Friedrich it , N ., . Q in , 5 5. ,f f V i - ji my - l , 1,1 li 1 Bob Rees DuncanG1l1es Avg,-5 V NP- p ,., It .I ' Rb v Harry Goetzmann R" 'i 5 f 9 '2 Q' I Joe 0 erm Don Hackett B g , iii M L M y i 5 . 1 R. Herb Streng Fred Hoedke if Q .Ak -.t. I Lin f xif i Ted T0UHHfl Ken Lake ' T 1, I if l A L Af . N: Chester Wen' Bob Linkner Vg .H T f, Quong Wong Dave Dow P? 3 - -W fof 5 X '-1- Dave Wylie 1954-1955 OFFICERS President Bruce Schmelzer Vice President Don Burlakos Treasurer David Hegg Secretary john Schriver Corresponding Secretary Denny Trudell Chaplain Larry Hoffman Sergeant-at-Arms Chuck Adams Sergeant-at-Arms Bill Bradley Sergean t-at-Arms Dick Gernold THE SQUIRE SHOP Congratulations Men's Wear A To The Class 4545 Main Street of 1955 Snyder 21, Phone: P New York wi. 3950 ZETA SIGMA sPsu.oN Sorority President Marcia goacke . - . T RINEBOH HARDWARE 'fafgfgzdfm artist Keats: 4346 Nialgl Smgft k Recording Secretary Beverly Lown Sny if 2 jc e?f775Or Corresponding Secretary Judith Larwood P One' I' ' Pledge Mistress Connie Mannes Sergeant-at-Arms Barbarzti Rgniiall Cha lain ju Y C5011 140 Histiorian Sylvia Dean X Always Something New At The SHERIDAN CHINA SHOP POTTERY - GLASSWARE - ARTWARE FINE CHINA UN. 9879 Niagara Falls Blvd. and Sheridan LEONARD'S BARBER SHOP Ladies, Children and Men's Specialized Haircuts Compliments of NORM BEEBE'S ESSO SERVICE 2171 Kensington Ave. BA! -DEL RESTAURANT 3975 Main Street Eggertsville, New York Snyder 21, Phone New York CI. 9920 DELTA KAPPA RHO OFFICERS President Aileen Conley Vice-President Donna DHHIKZ ,. Treasurer Barbara Burgess Recording Secretary Barbara Zack t Corresponding Secretary Nancy Viola l A Sergeant-at-Arms Peggy Priest 8 Pledge Mistress Lucy Viola Chaplain Barbara Brown Historian Diane Duflin MEMBERS Ann Berry Janice Henrich Mary Bruso Farral I-Iertic Peggy Cleland Nancy Liehtenthal Alpha Chapter Grace DeMarco Judy Ruland Lucille DiLorenzo Sue Shanley Marilyn Elsasser Pat Werner Marcia Granger f A h ', rg "Q, I . ,rub 5 4-,,g f"'f'.-.Hy -if ss' STUDENT COUNCIL President - Roger Wilhelm Vice President - Harry Goetzmann 3' Secretary - Sue VanLunger Treasurer - Lynne Morris CONGRATULATIONS TO f"TX f f Q T Q, !Q4b' Q T X Vie WMO T Ao p AJ THE CLASS OF T955 Junior High President - om Ferguson Vice President - David Lindstrom I Secretary - Judy Simon Treasurer - joe Valenta 142 Q. ,uf 5: i 919 3 R 1.22 lar" t I Read about all ACHS activities 5,5 x g every week Aygfff i,i '5 THE AMHERST BEE QAAH' M "i1. Your Community Newspaper Ellijay? ,y WILLIAMSVILLE Fine job Printing Congratulations Class of 1955 SNYDER PHARMACY OMEGA SIGMA SORORITY President Nancy Beckwith C, K, Cassety Vice-President Ruth Blake Treasurer Sue VanLunger Ph CI. 991 Recording Secretary Evelyn Kolbe one 5 Corresponding Secretary Sue Benson - - Pledge Mistress Lee Cummings 4525 Mam Street Snydel, N. Y Sergeant-at-Arms Rosemary Marabella Chaplain Judy Glynn Congratulations Congratulations to to the Class of '55 The Class of G GAMMA PHI SIGMA Fraternity Majorettes Flagtwirlers 1 U President I B111 Powell Compliments of Vice-President Archie Dean T ' '.- A B b G PARsoN's HARDWARE 'mm' 4435? 0 eyer Secretary Kuff Paul Schonewolf 3085 Sheridan Drive Corresponding Secretary Dave Fogg Pledge M after jack Sorensen Eggertsville Vangie Parsons New York Amherst- '60 Chaplain Scuddef Brown rinting. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo, N. Y. No Congratulations To The Class of 1955 GAMMA SIGMA FRATERNITY INTERNATIONAL ALPHA OMEGA CHAPTER THE AVENUE LANDSCAPE slsnvlcs A Everything for the Garden 2201 Kensington V -N Snyder 21, Avenue New York Consult Us Concerning Your Garden Problems and Garden Designs y X lfny' V . Americas Kingd0f ,W I W Sporting Goo s President Paul Krenier' .A 'i 5ta1fLgiTREZgy Tzgeifiwe Vice President ' Bob Spelder X , V ' ry Secretary d Ken Braden ' til 4 Great Stores Correspon ing Secretary Gary Tunmore . , 'SSP Treasurer , Rick Kreidler iw N D'CK FISCHER Sergeants-at-Arms Bill Bellanca ATHLETIC GOODS, INC. George Waldheim 699 Main Tonawanda Chaplain Ned Schule Thruway Plaza Niagara Falls BEST WISHES SIGMA CARPENTER s. SKAER, mc. KAPPA , SIGMA General Contractors R Buffalo 10, N. Y. President Pat Kenslea Institutional, Vice President Sandra Ensminger . Recording Secretary Barbara Randall Commerclal' Treasurer Kathy Curry and Corresponding Secretary Connie Mannes Industrial Sergeant-at-Arms Fran Dietsche Constructions Pledge Mistress Margie McDonnell Chaplain Eileen O'Conner Historian Lynda Hopkins v .',, i. .h S 1 ,,,, 'U ,. sf ' nf 'i 'Qu RJ I XG' mr ' 5 , M. . 'E ffl 'ig' + l. N. ' if -:. book printed by Velvatone, a special process of lithographic ther printing firm is authorized to use the Velvatone method. YV is 1. I . , 4... , , 1 ' Wiz. 1 1 . '7- ' r" I "I I f , 1' 7 A JJ'-. ' . ' f .f . ! ,U ' "1 -' f"ib'Ly si 1 JA -jfaw I., L,LvA" li' Fld? 1,13 V f A .' ,f - 1,1 'sf YJ? ILL" J ff" L bf' 6' Abi' 1 it Q-,f Riff", A Al ' ju", F QfL,w' , .i-lf" f uf ' wi' I Lf' . W . ' ! A 'lf 'fl V V A. 'B I IVY. ,-. L vo. ,vpl'l,f"lfi?f " ' ' .'2j'B.1-' .1-f nf' . . '37, 6. . 0' . - 15' " ,UM UV S ' f , rf F Lv' f, Jn., ,I cf 4 . - 'ff . ,.y r U H I1 V, Y -yt., . , 1. w - v W f W, If-' .3 . r ' '., . 15 ' K I -.W fl V ' Nfl-"'. Y ge.- . U N u ! ' 4 K 'Af ' Q V! A P' ,----- hail, 5. ., . ,fffh 9,2 A r S '24 Lb: .Ag . , fy, 1 gh, x .. Q A t yn!! I' I K nw -. J ',l w Y " -' " X" m K 'I E+. f , I li H5 45,-A 3. T51 'SQ H., .-H -J . 2 C . ' . , . . . N, f , ' xl V fi Y z 3 .AQ lf 7' "" ,-.X- xx r" fi 'I Q ,1 fs H. I A V y ,. ffjx M ku - - ,af - - '.- ' 1- .. .1 - . -s Y -'V V-'h L-, nf' A xwlx .' 4' . f' Fl AV ' V' T77 ' ' ,- ' .L ' . Aff I W1 X4 is A4 -..jE"'4 1 Afqxfs gi W, K X 'M I LX: NX ,FTXXK W b A I 1-V: M- :rv v -.fd 'W .I V . ,Dx jf, IW f 1 I ' - - A ,-'L .ll ,Z Cx: V xv nl r-, .X If 'pl f-, NY ri' V f x . 1- . ' - 'N K. ff f f -N A I VY f! A 5-., x 51 rf' N. ge I - yf . ,- 1, X 'rv , r Y ' X M. r ., W. rx .- 1 I V? 1.1 Ui 1 I xi 1 x D XSJ X X Tx I K 1 X 1 l ff - 1 f Ji... :AT 1, 4,5-l,,9 23?-' H il , , J,-Q1 ' if.. 451 .11-, -4.21.4115 JV -4-1--grj.-'tu ?,LL,f,1if-2, ,G .. L5'Fd.c43"1"JZ"f, rs ,, wr, fl9f3fJM-fiif' M! junk ,II .K 115- I L V I W tv fy.. Q Tix! I , lf. 4' if--'I 'i 'r J, ,WN 1" ' 1 R z 1,7 w' Q 1 ,-L 1' A-, 3. .- 5 . ffv , 1 I' ' 1 71, U .I Ji " ' lk .' ff' ,IJ 'Q ima Yin. R I F11 ,J fyhf. j ,,Lll'!L.f I ,. hav, P, MV- l. . J.. N4 UV, ,. ' LL. ,'. f IJ - I U A I fx of ff A-Fx. QQ 'MJ-.'-. aff ' "-fi.: A-,g ' I. X f X ff' '4gxL'34g'Ux " " M U J ' nk, 5 JT" .,-tv' ' ' ' M , '- fy Hx fl 1,1 N'-. -L ,ZAJ . 7 fy 'Y '-Q gs -.11 CIM I 11 -' . I L4,T,"Y'x, A - w. X V! Q 4 A Y J fp jr ,N V ' H ,x.2'S4 X x, x 'lx Lf L f 'rx ',,.'f .J y I .Y I W I ,vyr , 'N I , ' X I I 1 f lv' K, I I r 'X A1 , A .5'l. F V I f.-' , Q- ' , x' Af I 3 R f 1,5 K S. r , - UM U W ' ', H f 3 4, , 'M .J X-, , l ff' Li' .! "- ' . f Q 'KW' if ijt-AK' 'xl I fi!! 5' in - ""' . 'lf fin. , L-' ' xfffnlxi I it 1 ll 1 I'Y.!'l'LP , ' V 0 , tl -up f" 1 f - -9 Q4 r I1 f' "- Q.-'QI' , .Q fy qu- L L 1-'fu -' ' VN -. 15" 1? "' " XPJ M b 5 H 793 I N. bf' '13 W v " f L D" 'Y ,1 I' ' .J :-,..' X x -H 4 X 1 K' Wg ,JV Q3 1 x J xc- kj: x I yi N ' . Y C' P' . . 5 ', "V V Y . W i , ,Mtg wi Q.. 6 " S C' "' I ' 'X 'sf' fx TJ w 1 H. J f-. R uqbfi' bf' x ' 'X C51 K EJ J at V. , my , 1 Nc ' X ' L3 JD ,I N Eff 1- F' 5 in I ' . n ' A nr' Q1 C' l Y" M, , , 5, X ,X W A ' K ,El ' 'I HV! x,5x? K-N it :aff ,L ' f-1, M ' Y mx' ' . 1 E xl Ei, wl -, I , 4. E VA k 1 K' '1 fy I A 1 l P ' r 'WLM N-. :, 1 D E 'N 7, x L 5 Q1 w-si, . ' I i J I 2 1 Y", ix - XX w , N ' R, 'I ' f 56 1 , NK! f -'J 4. f ' 2 X5 -V V, , ' 113 ' . fx N. Ni ' ' 'Q QW. 3. - x A - ,. - ' 1- 'Q '1 -. P fi 'H -I -I I -.1 -u , F 3-V .H -. .- H ' Q' K '- fl Q, xx Q V i- r 4 .,f,.. li -.f .Q I, .. K n:. J' ' xx ' -'-L.: , xg ., . qfi. ,N I km' V . -1 , V . '4l.?i,J. ' 54Lf1:a5 xc 11 I . - Y. nv I-.,,.'.., ,- , 591.21 J , ,- . Ui" . ,. .,. ,V .. ULU. --Q. 5,112-".11 :421 51: -1H"5'Jf -,Qu ' A T' Q. '- f--,cy A ,, ,.-. ...J.'-. . 1.s.g-:rp Q .4',,J,, , - . - 4 -,-'-1-,,,,,1.. fu-.' f ' - '-'-.TE-':v4, : - Q-.1-1-. I 1, X 4. .-,1 :-., , ,Y 7,1 VH-, . .. .1.,nv, M33 g,'-'.'- gf.-:",x1::T U , .,,..,. ..-Q., .,,,4. . Yii- ,. Tf.1I'-F-,159 ,Lf y wL,.,,.,, 7 , , L.,-':,.,:f,f,,.,.,g,.:.,- --4, 515.512 -2:1 -2 3'-I ,7 -:-Q:--fa 'Yugi --'L . Vivi.,-,fe . m,w.'-'z '?:f1:--A-. Q. P ,-,-. ,.4L,g,A,'-,spy-,K ,L . .34 f--" f 1. VY:-W1'w1""' "J, " .Z,'T', K ffl 2.-,-,:.1'- x- . 312 F1 Ji-5 ,J , .ww ,, . .,.,q,I .,,,1--I, .rQ.7J., Q ., 3 , 1:52-sf i ' mix. if . 1' 7.1: CJK' ' , , , I ', V" ' 1 'TT : -N L V sf' ,-. ,N .. 'I f65f?v: iff? .1 752, - llvif. C313 'z Kiki 1, '7':5fJ1 ' - , 59, I mg?-x-:1' V-9, Ulm-: 'tif , . ffrqsbvi 4 :EL , 1' r" Qffi Q luf , - , '.l: ' Ziff ' 1' :T ,If :in-"ii ' ' -1- ' "hi-'zw f tj w pu Qizdlmlw ' F '. :ri ' ' we -5 ,x t'-Q. ,J 34351 ,, ga zz " iiffl 5 315. V ep1if 15 -, 1: it .i A 2,51 . gif ffl. .1,,j, , .3132 1 5, , V4 Q, ,IX Q-1 J- 1, upgj, V, ---ff -N '--'f1,rf5Q1 .- - 1, 121 H4 " L Fi-3'-52 ' ' '. 4, if 124- ,v ' -jfnwaf .5 M,-7 lu'-iw ,,:"L-1,- -f 1 E, G -Ti' 15,-'ja . , Q., 1 rm-L,,,,,,, -, ., ,,., ,z45gv.:1, " ' ' ":",'- 'iiE7"k ltrf' M.. .y 'F Si: A -1 :J-T, f fu ...gfr xx-,Q 1 f -'f' . " ' ,. ,. Q' ":-.f.:-g'3.x,-"u- f -19 'ij' ' -.'.,m 3, f 'f,f..,,r. -5-. t -- . x v - 11 L: 1 nr! N -

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