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 - Class of 1953

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A A ,f ,f Hifff? .9 :Q-'f mf 5 r 'H-, ,A LL ,JN ,W .V+-..,,-W' ,,, qv g if f5"f'f2f.:,E.'12iff5:31'f?5Q5iFi5Eig:ig-i3??'ggg:rf-52.15ig:?,1g,3f1:1-fivefQffggg,:g,Qa:'stgfA.Y:y3'::'rw-1-pg-':.4gf5::3,:g,,.3513153-s,1fQ11,fm1EQ.f,,.-,.1i,- , -1 .- W, Wal, ,,kL,,,......,..,.,... ,,,. UM ,.,,,,,N.,.,.,,.. , M , """"" .,g.. ' mf- ...A-0 195595115 M., MP4-"9""' EX Libris THE TOWER , .1 .1 , 1 5, . 4 afqflllfxn Y X 'A X 1 'fi I XX Q' ' ,Q I X , ,MT j L Q A l X, tif' if ?ZIf X ' 1 Z ' 4-F S - j f xg S ,, 5 -if ,z . M i f . ' E' Ly? V gr!! X W f f , k Q ,! f Az f f .J S , 7 Q A, d ,ig gf V , , r FFT! 'T' I , I ' ffi?-,nf J., - , 3 T L T-"f 5 Z- ' , A ' 'Fr Q 11 1-5' ' 1 g- 'T t El 'X f f A L to-if-1 f 1 - :fl fy ? T Q, jE + QL j"'N F r y WNV fy' ff X 2 AQELIIM I XQ 'V , ff ", 31" is-Ni. gh! Eg ll., A . ,fm X XJM Nw 1. f 'HV fi ,fe--f:.J fQ,Q, !7 -- N5 3, W if L fi, ,A ffm ivx " -- W f M , 1f?44ff1fr f fAw,. f543.7w wg' ' 'A .,,,,r K I THE ' f CQ A :Q ff of mx NU' , G XQ:9J! 'THD SENIOR PUBLICATION OF THE CLASS OF 1953 Amherst Central High School SNYDER, NEW' YORK THE TOWER--2 N' 3-TH F TOWER oreword The excitement of a cheering throng in a crowded arena, the serenity ofa peasant farm in the sunlight-illustrates the contrasting nature of Mexican life. Mexico is a country with an illustrious past, rich in history, faith, and knowledge. The enthusiastic atmosphere ofa packed gymnasium, the quietness of an examination room-exemplifies the contrast of life at Amherst Central, a high school possessing cul- tural opportunities, honors, and traditions. It is obvious that there is a basic parallelism between our lives at Amherst, and the culture of Mexico, yet, it is also evident that A.C.H.S. students differ in many ways from the Mexican people. The typical member ofour student body is an individual who takes advantage of the Vast educational and cultural opportunities which are at his disposal. He, unlike the complacent Mexican, has been effectively touched by the infiuence of the 20th Century. However, as we are constantly increasing our educational facilities, our southern neighbor has also been stimulated, in recent years, by the march of progressg the familiar siesta scene of Mexico is being replaced by scenes of economic development. New schools have been erected in order that the golden opportunity for advancement may be extended to all those who are eager to learn. Consequently, perhaps some day in the near future, the Mexican peons will be as fortunate as are the students of Amherst As the Spanish conquistadores layed the foundation of the Mexican way of life, so has our faculty helped to set the pattern of the government of our school. The rulers of our "empire," fully appreciate the feelings of their subjects. Mr. Schweickhard, our principal, guides us with the wisdom and the understanding of an educator. The bullflght is the chief form of entertainment for the Mexican. The matador is his idol, his hero. VVe have heroes at Amherst toog they are individuals who participate in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities. The president of El Concilio de Estudiantes is lust as likely to be looked upon as an idol as is the current football star. Our good friends across the Rio Grande are a gay, light-hearted people, they possess a joy of living which is characteristic of their race. In this respect, the typical Amherst student closely resembles the Mexican, because Amherst Central is a high school which thrives in an atmosphere of friendship and good humor. The class of 1953 now proudly presents: "El Tower." 1 J Rag O , O o , o f i ., Y, . i lf i 9.7! 'I L Pl, Jr!! ffl?" if k 4 ' ' 1 fl' I THE TOWER-4 'rf QW' XV7XG', f t .7 A fb. I In fx, LY' , i wt, l Q Q' is new coffin' f 11 X 1 N' ,fx . fy .0 Q-0' 9 ,v r un' l , gg 1 V' if N3 5 Rn. an -V K ' . e l ' ml gy ,t fl. as :J straw .es ff, t Miss Elenora Hildebrand The dedication ofthe 1953 Tower has been bestowed upon Miss Elenora Hildebrand for her untiring efforts in behalf of the hundreds of students who have come in contact with her in the daily routine ofschool life. Her characteristics ofsincere helpfulness, generosity of spirit, friendliness, and practicality have made her well-remembered by students and faculty alike. It is our hope that she will treasure for a long time the honor we have aflqorded her by this dedication. DCdiCati0H 5-THR TOWER -W R1 if 9 Nun , F 3 K .Q 1 ,- f 3? i Q. Q Mig . l'll'7'.Yf r'r1'::'.' jim Baldxx in, Rick hleese, thlt'1'fH1uJ7'0iL'.'ClllllililDJlYiS,l,1lfl'li1I'I'L'll,l,l1j'lllShYllifl1Ctl, Carolyn hlclinight, Nancy Conn, jane Rolfe, Claire llyckman, Diana Rogger, Nlarlene Werner, Pat Sebring, T!zi'rdr'n:z'.- lleane Kunold, Vivian judge, Bob Nlanske, Philip lledges, Ron llettich, Carol Brown, Helene Greene. Tower Staff lfew people realize the hundreds of details that have to be gathered and then coordinated in order to produce a yearbook of the size and seope that Amherst Central publishes each june. To do this job the talents of artists, writers, photographers, designers, secretaries, and numerous other specialists are blended to create the annual volume that records in pictures and print the story of another year of school. 'llhe stall' ofsonie fifty-odd seniors that crowds into room 220 each September is needed to start the yearbook activities , . . Y, - ' J i ' . -y sincesubscriptionsmust be sold to most of the students, sales NJN y tom' I l'1lFPllUllll5 1'f1ll0V' 13145111055 .llrmager projects have to be planned, the Tower B-azaar personnel must be chosen, and numerous other organizational details must be initiated. After everything gets started, each phase of the making and paying for of the new Tower must be carefully supervised since failure in even the slightest portion may spell disaster it' prompt adjustment is not made at the time. The 1053 lower Statl' will be remembered for meeting and surmounting many obstacles not encountered by previous starts. lt was the superior abilities and the high sense of loyalty possessed hy the stall' that made this latest Tower another success. Mr. Robert Holder xldziscr Tower General Staff l" rote: Shirley Rees, Marilyn frireenawalt, Alice Youngblood, Margy Phillips, joan Davis, Marlene lYerner, joyce Beitz, Nancy Berry, Marilyn W alter, Cathie Girvin, Sandra Lindberg, joan Miller, Barb Blake, jane Rolfe, Betsy Ugilvieq .Vrrrmd row: Dianne Sawyer, llli-llie clllllliilll, jackie Blake, blacia Meidel, joan Benson, Pat lfarrell, Ruth llellman, Arlene l,andreyille, Nlillie VVickhain, Cathy Radlcc, Paula Neal, Gloria l.indenmeier, Sandy Porter, Claire Cox, Nlary Nicolls, Barb Vanl,unger, Claire llyckniang Third write: lllaureen hlchlahon, Bev 'l'halman, janet Schmidt, Carol Rich, jackie Anthony, Sue Gernold, judy jensen, Dianna Warren, ltllen Brunner, Barb Brustad, Par jacobs, Kay Bachman, Marlene lfoeller, Kathryn Vincent, Donna Stage, joan Bealerg lfburlh glliil' jani'tlSwift, llelen Day, Sue Harvey, joan Davey, Mary l.ou lfiseus, joyce Wrona, Pat Burt, Arlene llenall, l'rudy Moore, ,ouetta f, mer. 7-TH li TOWER SEPTEMBER 2 Teachers' Conference-We get an extra week of vacation. 8 School starts for students-Happy holi- days are over. I3 First weekend-Teachers recuperate. I5 P.T.A. Tea-Dress up and pep up. Tatler organizes-Double or nothing. 'Teachers launch first quiz-Students caught short. I9 Football opens-Leroy victimized, score 12-6. I9 Amherst kickers win first game-Holland baflied, score 6-2. 22 P.T.A.-Boston tea party held at Amherst. 27 Cheerleader's Dance-We hear music. 30 Blue and White lose-Score II-2, better luck next time. OCTOBER 1 Magazine Drive Assembly-50 prizes- Knock on any door. Pep Assembly-Bills lose, score I9-O. Amherst devours North Collins-Score 4-0, record performance. 8 Adult education begins-Amherst burns midnight oil. II Amherst lose against E. Aurora-First time for everything. I4 Room 211 boosts Blood Bank Drive- More blood for Korea. I5 First report cards-It shouldn't happen to a dog. I5 First Tatler out-New format evokes mixed reaction. I7-18 Tower Bazaar-Fun, frolic, and prizes for everyone. 18 Grid Tigers beat Hamburg-Score 13-12, blood pressure rises during game. 24 Masquerade Dance-The witches met upon the hearth. 17 18 3 6 It Happened 25 Senior Ball-Oh, what a beautiful morning. NOVEMBER 1 Tigers lose to Lancaster-We tried hard. 2 Amherst Symphony Orchestr-Max Miller's Concert. 2 Election Day-The big surprise. "WE LIKE IKE." 3 Amherst kickers win game with Orchard Park. VVell, what did you expect? 7-8 Junior High Water Follies-Splash, color and drama. II Armistice Day-Mid-week vacation. I2 Community Chest Drive closes- Students vote for Mr. and Miss Red Feather. I9 Third report cards-It was just one of those things. 21 Sadie Hawkins Day Dance-Was Lil' Abner there? 26 Crowning held-Mr. and Miss Red Feather were principals. 27-28 Thanksgiving-A vacation for food. DECEMBER 5 Orange and Black vs. Depew-First game of the season. 5-6 Senior Play-Smash hit! Going to the Great VVhite VVay. I2 Honor Society Induction-Ten new members. I9 Tatler-Out again and bigger yet! 21 Amherst Symphony Orchestra-Another wonderful concert. 23 Student Council Christmas Party- Santa Claus came down the chimney. 23 Alumni Back-Seniors get to know about college. 24 Christmas vacation-Twelve glorious days. 26 Alumni Dance-Together again. Y. ne Year JANUARY 5 Back to school-Oh happy days. 6 New gym dedicated-Glorious event. II Orchestra concert-Musical entertainer. 16 Assembly program on civilization- Culture comes to Amherst. I7-I8 P.T.A. Variety show-Laughter and cheers. Exam week-Midnight cramming. Special Assembly-We see inauguration of President on TV. 23 Report cards-Disaster strikes. 25 Second semester-New start. 30 Basketball game against the Bills-Ex- citing game leads to victory. FEBRUARY 3 Orange and Black vs. Depew-Another smashing victory. I2-I4 Pirates of Penzance--Gigantic cast has great success. 23 Washington's Birthday-Lost weekend. I7 Majorettes venture to U.B.-Fancy I9 20 strutting. MARCH 6 Bills vs. Tigers-Magnificent game to watch. I3 International Ball-United Nations at work. 20 Junior Hi-Y dance-Juvenile jumping beans. 27 Junior Class Play-No business like show business. APRIL 3-13 Easter Vacation-A calm before the storm. I7 Senior High Water Follies-A big splash. 24 Junior High Joint Concert-Amherst lets its hair down. 26 Amherst Symphony Orchestra-Strictly high class. MAY 1 7-9 8 15 22 'N 5 0141 . me . ' Y I Q, , Honor Society Dance-To waltz again with you. Music Festival-Music, music, music. Senior High Joint Concert-Sweetest music this side of heaven. Amards Play-VVork of art. Junior Prom-Big night out. JUNE 4 9 I2 I5-I9 18 21 Boys Sport Banquet-Free dinner for pop. Girls Sports Banquet-Gab session. Class Day-Hibernating Tower is re- leased! Exam week-Last chance. Freshman Dance-It's our night out. Graduation exercises-To the great beyond. A., THE TOWER I .gr ,v 7 , ff Mr. Philip A. Schweickhard Mr. Philip A. Schweickhard, our Supervising Principal, has the task of coordinating the Senior High School and the Junior High School, so that both students and faculty may obtain the best possible benefits from the educational offering. His long experience in school work, his membership on state and national professional committees, and his life- long devotion to the improvement of public education, have given him facility in exercis- ing expert judgment on the numerous situations that necessitate his attention. 1 1-THE TOWER Mr. john Scheller, our Senior High School Principal, always has time and an open heart for everyone. He is extremely busy supervising the numerous activities that have to be crowded into an Amherst day. His conscientious devotion to the planning, programming, adjusting, and expcditing of school matters is reflected in the few criticisms that reach his desk. It is a tradition around Amherst that if Mr. Scheller handles a problem everybody will be satisfied. He is a great believer in the importance of every individual and acts accordingly. C' ...a-" 3,,,ga--w-c Mr. John Scheller Mr. Edwin C. Mustard v o 5 x S i '1 ill.. The Principal ofour Junior High School, Mr. Fdwin Mustard, has achieved a high goal this year. YYith patience and forti- tude he has carried out a superb policy of friendship with teachers and students alike. blr. Mustard has the interesting task ofguiding the daily lives of hundreds of seventh, eighth, and ninth grade stu- dents under his supervision in the junior High School. P- -M.. ...u 'Q '.- , 1,1 ' , 'wt,w.J ,D Director of Adult Education Mr. Carl hlinich Mr. Carl hlinich has worked wonders with the Adult Education Program. The evening classes have the biggest attend- ance record of any school in this area. bla.. Famil Life Counselor s-X. -As Q.- -c . lie 5 4 - ' " Mrs. Esther Trefzer ffunior High School Serretary Mrs. Mary B. Parke Mrs. Mary B. Parke serves our school as a full-time worker in the School and Family Life Program of Amherst Central Adult School. Attendance fficer Mr. Alan Schaefer Our busy Attendance Of- ficer, Mr. Alan Schaefer, supervises all matters con- cerning absentees. He also coaches Freshman basket- ball and junior Varsity football. His cheerful atti- tude is appreciated by both faculty and students. 1... 1 3-THE TOWER Board of Education School Clerk Mr. Charles I.exer Mr. Charles l.exer, as Clerk ofthe Board of Education, has the responsible job of handling the business affairs ofthe School District, especially as it concerns the purchasing of school supplies. As the school community has grown, so has the complexity of his position. All supplies and equipment not included in standard building contracts, as well as regular school supplies, are purchased by his office-with the consequent op- portunity to eH'ect substantial savings by Wise buying. I - a '. a - I Q' . 'Q , o MJ .- 2' ty ii' I 1.7 rvi1'3.."S ' Q i 3? Fin! row: Mr. Theodore L. Masterson, Mrs. M. Ruth Brown, Mr. Philip Schweickhard, principalg Dr. W. Allan Fisherg Second row: Mr. William Phillips, rreasurerg Mr. Charles Lexer, school clcrkg Mr. Joseph F. Seitz, Mr. Kenneth Hornburg, No! pictured: Mrs. D. O. Granger. As thc directors of school policy our Board of Education is wcll known for its modern approach to the problems of educa- tion. Realizing that the schools are the foundation of our country they have spared no expense to provide the best pos- sible teaching and learning environment. As a result Amherst Central has set the standard for West- ern New York in many phases of education. Besides the usual THE TOWER-14 monthly meetings of the Board there have been numerous committee meetings related to the continually changing school situation, which have served to cut deeply into what should be the leisure time of Board members. The community is highly appreciative of this strong-sense of citizenship, especially when it is realized that Board members receive no remunera- tion. School Nurse Mrs. Emma Coyer The backward areas of Mexico would become modern in a twinkling of an eye if they had a few nurses like our school nurse, Mrs. Emma Coyer. She not only keeps up-to-date files of each stu- dent's health record and supervises the annual physical check-up of each Amherst student, but she also manages to care for the steady stream of students who find their way to the Clinic. Mrs. Veronica Maeauley Cafefel, . fl HIS! 'Dfw 1 fl,- ,jkrohl IFS' B ' dmmz. Zzfher A f fS. gt. Irs If ' 2: llj,ssZT1,lAlrS A '-'I 43 if . Fin! row: Kay Conley, Nancy Frisbee, Aileen Conley, Louise Iss Rofzq dl,-S Heddeng Second row: Donna Danetz, 'l'om Trimble, jerry 1'1u,,,,' Davison, Vicky Voitg Third row: Bill Nash, Gordon Krystaf, David Niethe, Ron Reisig. 4'-'Q 9 2, Without this hurd-work- ing group of ladies the Am- herst students' day would be incomplete, for they fur- nish us with tasty lunches every day of the school year. The group is under the capable direction of Mrs. Veronica Macauley. A group of students give part of their time to help the staff run our three A 1 lunch hours smoothly. I lg t 5 3? -if 15-THE TOWFR ffice Staff -E' Mrs. Joyce VVeilcr, Mrs. Imogene Amo, Miss Betty Archer, Miss Marilyn Zcnncr. 2 ii 2- 0 livery Amherst student knows that he Will receive friendly, eiftieient service from each member of the oflice staff. This hard work- ing group coordinates Am- herst's daily routine of alc- tivities and classes. Mrs. Mary Kendall aintenance A 'JY tk Staff X R ' . gfe, V , , Ymjb Q-X " Xl. V '- . 5' Mr. George Thurnherr Mr. Herbert Thurnherr Mr. Frank Braun, Mr. John Robertson, Building Supt.g Mr. William Helffenstein, Mr. John Cameron, Mr. Anthony Gersitz. Senior High Fin! row: Betty Jansen, lleane Kunold, Sandy lfreeth, Dorothy Scott, Paul Dahmer, Walt Manske, Frank Knoz, James Denny, Roger Wilhelmg Serond . row: Myrle Carter, Audrey Miller, Mar- jorie Cameron, Mary Nicolls, Millie Gillman, Joan Davey, Sue Harvey, Rose- mary Graver, Bob Rauschg Third row: Doris Dickerson, Dorothy Aehey, Sally Schneider, Ann Mottinger, Chuck Davis, Edward Stillwell, Leo Barnes, Miss Car- nahan, Adviser, 190111-111 row: Mr. Rosen- berry, Adviser, Nancy Conn, Helene Green,Jim Byrne, Howard Tyrrell, Ron- nie McCormick, Tom Valleau. Stud nt Coun il The Student Council is the most active organization at Amherst Central High School. The wide variety of activities which they sponsor are both necessary and advantageous to our ever expanding educational and extra curricular program. Because of the rapid increase in the enrollment of the Junior High School, it has been necessary for the past two years to separate the council into a Junior and Senior division. This is probably a permanent change since our community is constantly growing. Although the Junior High and Senior High Student Councils are now actually two separate organi- zations, they have been very successful in coordinating their functions for the general well-being ofour school. During the past year, the Senior High Student Council has carried on many worthvwhile projects. They conducted the annual magazine drive, and consequently were able to give financial support to various school organizations. The council also supervised the Community Chest Drive, assisted in the ticket sales for the P.T.A. Variety show, sponsored the annual Christmas party, and conducted pep-assemblies for football and basketball games. The main project of the Senior High council was to study the possibility of obtaining a l".Nl. radio station atAmherst. The council officers for 1952-53 were: Paul Dahmcr-prcsi- dent, VValter Manskeavice president, Dorothy Scott-secre- tary, and Sandy Freeth-treasurer. The Senior High group is under the excellent guidance of Mr. Rosenberry, who is the sponsor, and Miss Carnahan who is their advisor. The Junior High Student Council has also had a very busy year. Their main project which they accomplished was the completion of their council constitution. Besides serving as guides at various school functions such as the Parents' night, and the annual visit of 6th graders to A.C.H.S., the members of the organization also conducted homeroom surveys on assembly behavior, and compiled a report on the subject. ln October, the council sponsored a very successful Halloween Party, "The Spirit of Neetwollohf' for all Junior High stu- dents. The President ofthe Junior High Student Council was: Sue Vanl,unger. Mrs. Fitzgibbons was their faculty advisor. YYC of Amherst are very proud of our Student Councils. We feel that because of their efforts the relationship between the faculty and the student-body has been brought to an ideal Status. Viva lil Concilo de Estudiantes! ,Junior High Fin! row: Don Wallace, Joe Valenta, John lrimble, Secretary, l.ynne Morris: P Iresident, Sue Vanl.ungerg Treasurer, Gary VVhitleyg Beatrice Behrens, Sue Spencer, l,ynda llopkinsg 5'1'l'0Il11' row: Don Xvilhelm, John Casiani, Mack Camp- bell, Bonnilyn Roy, l.ynda Wallace, Wilma Piper, Gwen Rich Teal Marsh Paul Newcomb: 'l'l1inlrow.',lN1iss lfitzgib: lions, Adviser, Mike Barnes, Gary May- bee, Judy Murray, Joanne Dunn, John Schuck, Mike lferrick, John Oehler, Mr. Blish,Adviser. 17-THF TOWER . - 'ev' Q A . H 1 'S 355 if 251: ' Q 1 gd 1- 5' " 4 S- J' 2' IKETTY ACKLICY lf,l.llABliTH ARFND MYR'I'l,I-1 BANG l'll1'Nil'I1l I'lilll'I1il!Hl jr. lligh S1'i1'i11'r' Art jOSl"l'll ILOVF lllcuxlfxx nowxmx MARIAN ISUIWI' irrilrniiw mul llriririg jr. High Sr'if'rlrr Iizixiizrwv 'f 0 xg! if fr, i LAYVRENCE BENSON G1-0 nmlry M.-KRKUXRFT CIARNAHAN lluiilume MILTON BF RCMAN l'hysi1'al l'itiI1I'lIiiUlI MARY IYANIICIO Latin WALTER KL. IBLISH jr. High Mall: NIARGARFT IIEMBKOWSKI jr. High slr! NQX 9 V. . x GERAI,DlNl". EGO NORMA ENEA LOUISE FIRMAN AN 1F14-nr-I1 jr. High Engliah IEERNARII C-Rl-LICN 1.ll.l,l,-KN GRULINI-QR MOIRA IIALLY jr, High Lllglulz and I!u.s1i1e.sA Sofia! Slurllzfs Sur ml Slllfllfj 'I HERI-ISA lfI'l ZGIBBONS jr. High Soc. Sllulzw Guidance ROBERT HALM li11.x1i1r.xx Edllfllilllll 11 nfl Work Experienrc JOHN GELSINGER English EALIALAN HAN N lil.. Libi armn MONROE GII.BliR'l' Ilixtorv LILLIAN HAR I l',R 2 ii- 2 ., fm ocvfwkb ROIIFR I S l-xl I".-KXUR III'.lfSI'.R lfI.l',NORA RUB!-1RI HOLD!-QR ISAIILI. HUSBAIN U Ill' I ll.I' R Apurmll IIll.lll'.IlRAND .I 511 .u1. Mu: u' I'l:y,mal lgdluutfurl l'llyxn ul lnlm 11211111 HWHL' iff UHUWHU I'.l'K-l-.NI', IMXLX NIXRIIN KKNINLK Nl.'XRIl'lA KILI'I'QL.-X MURION l'RI'.Il IxOLH IIIIIAU' and Unlzwfm Ilmlllz bcu,'m'c jr, High Mall: I K' I 50 MARUARL In jObEI'II 51. Hlgln Engluh MNIXYI. KOI,IOIfIf Ir. lllull fiunlumr' 4 ,L K 1 , jz 11 f S I w Ixl.,-XX MAN jr. llzglx Math .Speccln and IJVIIIIIUHKA lg Q -N, x-.. ,Wg-..f-s 'Q 'Kirk 3 I , lisg-Q , u A Q . , r 'N F ' an I x I 7 , If X ix ,h 5 1 ,x I 1 X yn Q. -E, UARUI INF, JOHN kkl-'STIC IJOR0 I HY IAN- RICII.-XRD I,.'XI'Ii IIARIIXR.-K LONG N1 ISHN M KR I IN kk!-lllillfl, .Hum um! llmul jr. High .IIUII1 limlugy mul .lwlwlfml lzlnmnm II'1m1l:1'mk1rlg I'l1vxl:nl laflmnlzmr lizullz .S1'u'nr1' IIIIOITURI: MOSS IlUN.XI,II XIUXSUN IYXI II' K NIfIYXI.XN IQIIXYAIIII ORKQIQK :XR I Ill'R I'ANIx0XS' RUIII'.Il'IL PARK jp Illglr Ilnghxll ,mlj ll111'1!m'nl llzuflunrf' jr. High ITIVIQIINII lmluxlvml .Iris jr. Ilfgh Nm ml .Vmln I .Sunni Xlmlwx :xml Nunn! .Xlznilm fiunlfmrf' lmmpmlulmu ,Slmp Il: :mug , I ' ' '4:I'fl?H, 5 ' T- 4 Iwi G 9 ug Y , 4, . .ml ,gif i g! 2? w jOSIiI'H I'A'I"I'I IiI,'I'ON I'I:l'I'ERSIiN EVA POLSIIQR ROBERT PONIICROY DOROAIHY PURDY YVAI.'I'I'1R RKIIZ jr. High English and Chernivlry jr. High Social Sliiilhxv Anzerimn History jr. High Sfieiifc Clmml Munir' Surml bliuiu-.v Guidance CLETA ARTHUR GICR I RUDE RIX BASIL ROBICR In ROIVLEY SCHERMERHORN ROBERT SCIILICZIIARIYI' Sr. High English RUSENBERRY Sr. High .Ilulh jr. High JIIIISIC and bCI-IONEVVOLF Sr. lligh Malh Sr. High Mulh Choir Mcrihanical Drawing Coniisvling N 'ETX ii X MARION SIMPSON Hume Efununiics GLENN UNGERER Physicx fa AQ- A 1 li fx Y . V ' 1 3 1 7 , . 'fx F I N. J if . -Q x ima. I if N II'IAR'I'HA NORINIAN NILIL STILLINIAN LORRAINE 'I HOMAS 'I IERNEY S'I4AI'LE'1'ON STERNBACH Printing SULLIVAN jr. High linglivh and Sr. High Englimh jr. High English and jr. High English and Social Studies Social Stuiiiex Sofia! Sludies DOROTHY FLSIE WALDOW HUBERT WILKENS GRACE WITTIG WILLIAM VOLGFNAU Sr. High English Gefman Home Economics WRA'I"l'IiN jr. High English Physiral Erlnmlion Guidance Mr Donald Munson Dxrettor of Guidance Counselors work to encourage every pupil to become all he is capable of being. School adjustment is vital to success and each grade has a specialist who assists students, parents, and teachers toward that goal. Mrs. Polster orients incoming families to our school with special emphasis on the adjustment of pupils to seventh grade. In thc eighth grade Miss Fitzgibbons is available for help when problems arise which demand more time than the class- room teachers can give. Courses for ninth grade are carefully selected with each student. Miss Kolloff, our ninth grade counselor, works with students, parents, and teachers to plan the high school program. When college or work plans, test results, and class marks are avail- able, a conference is held with each family to talk over the future needs of the child. About 9872, of ninth grade parents come to school for these sessions. Necessary adjustments in the plans and follow-up are done in the tenth grade by Mr. Pankow. Our eleventh grade adviser, Miss Carnahan, helps pupils to evaluate their progress so far, and to make more definite plans for after high school. Final college plans and selections start here. The seniors find Mr. Schuchardt and Mr. Munson ready to assist them with college applications and work plans. This is a year of real decision for the armed services, work, or college is the next step. In addition to his work with seniors, Mr. Mun- son coordinates the guidance program and assists Mrs. Parke and our teachers with night school discussion groups for parents at each grade level. A SALUTE TO: Miss Mabel Kollofi' 'G 0 0 Miss Mabel Kollofi' coordinates guid- ance in the Junior High School and has her ofiice in the Junior High School otiice suite. GUIDANCE STAFF MEETING Sealed: Miss Theresa Fitzgibbons, 8th grade, Miss Mabel Kolloff, 9th grade, Mrs. Eva Poster, 7th grade, Miss Margaret Carnahan, iith gradeg Slanding: Mr. Arthur Pankow, Ioth grade, Mr. Ar- thur Schuchardt, 12th grade. Mr. Schuchardt . . . counseling ,C 1, V, x V+ ,xv 5 e . -ilk is 9 I s ' xl vi r E, ,. , if-+2 " 'S .1 'wx' Y D ,.,. :', f Q Yo' Q 1 Q. 4 k l iv Q-' , 1 1- . i I I - 'W 4 1 ' X 3 . M A... ,X y as in N 7. Q I K 0 ' NM", ,. ,gn-av1"4"' x,,,N-.bvf'- ,,,,ul"""'nM. 4. . , xv W. ,A-W V, .Qi ...MW ,pv- ,J xx 5-...- ski' wg . if '2- ff + k. if ' 1 ' e ' 'mf A Nga I i fr- Yi!" ,, fffffwf. 0 F"?f.iII vs ,511 ug, ul, A' ijfgflf L tag xj ff. .L f WE 1111523 -'X W fs 'v Qjqulzsfyfmmi' 4 , "- Sims ff? fggffi ff 1 , ,ef sb -- ' P fifi. ,riff 'Ly -In 5' I, 9? 1-W . .. Q WTS., ff ff fff V 4 Q .h.q,m, Q.. .... . uw, INFORMATION Senior lass fficers Charles McNerney W R0lJCrf V06lklC Presidenl - 0 Sfffffdfy Joanne Miller Judith Leach Vine President Trmrurer O O Senior lass Advisers Miss Norma Enea Mr. Basil Rosenberry Mr. John Gelsinger Mr. Robert Rowley Miss Flenora Hildebrand Miss Marion Simpson Mr. Robert Pomeroy Mrs. Martha S. Stapleton Senior Class Council Fin! row: Barbara VanLunger, Leo Barnes, Ellen Brunner, Margaret Phillips, Rick Meese, Second row: Ted Nichols, Dianne Sawyer, Sue Harvey, Chuck McNerney, Judy Leach, Miss Hildebrand, adviser, Bob Voelkle, Joanne Miller, Third row: Hank Sperry, Claire Dyckman, Don Lindsey, Don Arnold, Donna Stage, Dick Lexer, Jim Wratten. 23--THE TOWER JACQUELINE ANTHONY JACK ARMSTRONG jackie jackson Badminton 2, 3, 4 Swimming l, 2. 3 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 Band l, 2 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Jr. Class Council 3 Soccer 2, 3, 4 Jr. Prom Comm. 3 Archery 3 Fresh. Dance Comm. 1 Bowling 3, 4 Waterfollies 4 Jr. Play Comm. 3 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Jr. Prom Comm. 3 Tower 4 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 NICK BASIL Buzz Wrestling 2, 4 Football I, 3 Tennis 3, 4 Chorus 4 Sr. Play 4 French Club 2, 3 it E Q. JOAN BEALER joanie Archery 2, 3, 4 Bowling 3, 4 Soccer 2, 3 Badminton l, 2, Baseball 2, 3 Basketball 2, 3 Amards 3 DONALD ARNOLD Dan Track l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball l Cross Country l, 2 Band l, 2, 3 Orchestra 3 Opcretta Comm. 3 Student Council 4 Jr. Class Council 3 Sr. Class Council 4 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 KAY BACHMAN Kay Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 Soccer l, 2, 3 Basketball l, 2, 3 Basketball Ref. 2, 3 Waterfollies 1. 2. 3 Archery 3 Amards 3 Thespians 4 Christmas Pageant 3, 4 Jr. Play Comm. 3 Operetta Comm. 3 Hi-Y Treas, 2 Hi-Y Pres. 4 Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 4 Inter Hi-Y Council 4 Fresh. Dance Comm. l Waterfollies 2, 3 Jr. Prom Comm. 3 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Tatler l, 2, 3, 4 Tower 4 3 DAVID BAER Dave Swimming 3, 4 Chorus 1 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Soph. Dance Comm. 2 Jr. Prom Comm. 3 Rifle Club I, 2 Physics Club 3 5' J 3 Amards Christmas Pageant 3 Operetta 3 Home lic. Club Hi-Y 4 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Sr 3,4 . Ball Comm. 4 . Play Comm. Sr Jr. Prom Comm. 3 Jr . Play Comm. THE TOWER-24 4 3 JOYCE BEITZ a I Lv Tonawanda High School l, 2 Basketball 3, 4 Archery 3, 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Jr. Play Comm. 3 Sr. Play Comm. 4 JOANNE BENSON joan Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 Swimming Team I, 2, 3, 4 Waterfollies 1, 2, 3, 4 Jr. Play Comm. 3 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Cheerleader 4 J.V. Cheerleader 2, 3 Biology Club 2, 3 Spanish Club 2, 3 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Jr. Prom Comm. 3 Fresh. Dance Comm. l Soph. Party Comm. 2 Tower 4 L... JACK BERG lark J.V. Soccer 2 li 'xa 21 UD cv CD B it O P! CD E SUSAN BAETZHOLD Sue Kensington High 1, 2 Baseball 4 Home I-Tc. Club 3 , . if 4, sg- JAMES BALDWIN Baldy Rifle Club 8 Sr. Orchestra l, 2, 3 Amards l, 2, 3, 4 Thespians 2, 3, 4 Jr. Play 3 Sr. Art Sketch Club 3, 4 Tatler 2, 3, 4 Triad 3, 4 Hi-Y 3, 4 Stage Crew I, 2 Operetta Orchestra l Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 jr. Prom Comm. 3 KENT BERGMAN Moose Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball I, 2. 3, 4 Bztsehall I, 2, 3, 4 Biology Club 2 jr. Play Comm. 3 Sr. Play Comm. 4 German Club 2 jr. Prom Comm. 3 Fresh. Dance Comm. I Soph. Party Comm. 2 Class Council 2 1953 NANCY BERRY Norm Badminton l, 2, 3, 4 Archery 2, 3, 4 Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 Bowling 3 Soccer I, 2, 3 jr. Play Comm. 3 Jr. Prom Comm. 3 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Tower 4 Triad 4 GEORGE BARAN ft. C' . If 0 f x ff A J If RUSSELL BARDIN George Russ Wrestling 2 Football 5, 4 Sr. Choir 4 Track 2 Triad 4 Rille Club 2, 3, 4 Wrestling 2 6 I-i' P '14-. -1 ll ' a - - I f - 1 a 1,1421 A O cz 9 H f , -IQ LEO BARNES Lee Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Football 2 Cross Country I Soph. Class Treas. 2 Tennis 4 Class Council 2 Student Council I, 2, 4 Sr. Class Council 4 Cafeteria Staff 2 jr. Prom Comm. 3 Sr. Class Council 4 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Tower 4 Physics Club 3 Taller 4 RUDY BERSANI Malvern High School, Toronto, Canada l Golf 2, 3, 4 Cross Country 2 Rifle Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Physics Club 3, 4 Physics Club Vice Pres. 4 NANCY BIDLACK Nance Lakewood High School, New jersey 1, 2, 3 Hi-Y 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Tower 4 Sr. Play Comm. 4 J JACK BISSELL Bc-Bop Tennis l Wrestling 2 Soccer I, 2 Track 4 Band I, 2, 3 Orchestra l, 2, 3 Student Council 3 Jr. Prom Comm. 3 Jr. Play Comm. 3 Hi-Y I, 2, 3 25-THE TOWER BARBARA BLAKE JACQUELINE BLAKE Barb Basketball 1, 2 Badminton 2, 3, 4' Home Ec. Club 2 Home Ec. Sec. 2 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Biology Club 3 Spanish Club 3 Jr. Play Comm. 3 Tower Bazaar 4 Library Club 3. 4 Tatler 1 jackie Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Badminton 2, 3 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Soccer l, 2, 3, 4 Swimming I, 2, 3, 4 Soccer Hockey 3, 4 Jr. Play Comm. 3 jr. Prom Comm. 3 Waterfollies l, 2, 3, 4 Fresh. Cheerleader 1 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Tower 4 RICHARD BOA Dick Swimming 2, 3 Amards 4 Sr. Play 4 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 jr. Ball Comm. 3 PAUL BORDER Paul Cross Country 3 I Q. ir. fill!!! gm' Ill' Q1 CAROL BROWN Brownie Cheerleader 3, 4 Hockey l, 2, 4 Soccer l, 2, 3 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 Swimming l, 2, 3, 4 Badminton l, 2 Amards 1, 2 Student Council l, 3, 4 Girls' Sports Council 1, Class Council 2 Sec. of Class 2 Student Council Sec. 3 Sports Council Sec. 4 French Club 2, 3 jr. Play Comm. 3 Jr. Prom Comm. 3 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Waterfollies l, 2, 3, 4 .gg 3,4 J.V. Cheerleader 1.2 NANCY CONN Nan Swimming l, 2, 3, 4 Soccer l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 Majorettes 4 Student Council 3, 4 lid. of Student Handbook 3, 4 Tatler 3 Vice Pres. Class l Jr. Play Comm. 3 jr. Prom Comm. 3 Editor Tower 4 Waterfollics l, 2, 3, 4 Biology Club 3 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Girls' Sports Council l, 2, 3, 4 Vice-Pres. Girls' Sports Council 4 Fresh. Dance Comm. 1 Soph. Party 2 THE TOWER-26 JOSE PH COVENEY joe St. Anthony of Padua High School, Syracuse, N. Y. l, 2 Cross Country 3, 4 Track 3, 4 Sr. Prom 4 Newspaper Club 4 Tatler 4 CLAIRE COX Claire Hockey 4 Soccer 4 Amards 4 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Tatler 4 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Mt. Pleasant High School l, 2, 3 CHARLES CROCO Chuck Soccer 2, 3, 4 Jr. Play Comm. 3 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Student Council 3 Hi-Y 3, 4 German Club 2, 3, 4 Physics Club 2, 3, 4 Bus. Mgr. Tatler 4 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 MARTHA CRONK Marty Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 Badminton 1, 2, 3, 4 Archery 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 Bowling 4 Band l, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 3, 4 Jr. Play Comm. Sr. Play Comm. Tower Bazaar 4 Tatler 4 3 4 Senior 1 ELLEN BRUNNER Ellie Cheerleader 4 Soccer l, 2, 3, 4 Hockey I, 2. 3, 4 Swimming Team I, 2, Basketball I. 2, 5, 4 Baseball I, 2, 3, 4 Basketball Ref. 2, 3 Tennis I, 2, 3, 4 Badminton 2 Waterfollies I. 2, 3, 4 Amards I, 2, 3 Honor Society 3. 4 Vice Pres. Jr. Class 3 Student Council 2. 3 Girls' Sports Council I Sr. Class Council 4 Amard Treas. 3 Amard Historian 2 Biology Club 2 Jr. Play Comm. 3 Jr. Prom Comm. 3 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Tower 4 Tatler 3 Triad 4 J.V. Cheerleader I, 2 Class Dance Comm. I, 2 Assembly Comm. I DIANE CURTIS Dee Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 Badminton I, 2 Archery 3. 4 Soccer I, 2 Tower Bazaar 4 Jr. Play Comm. 3 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Jr. Prom Comm. 3 1953 BARBARA BRUSTAD Barb Cheerleading 2, 3, 4 Hockey I, 2, 3 Soccer I, 2, 3, 4 Tennis I, 2 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Baseball I, 2, 3, 4 Swimming I, 2, 3, 4 Cheerleaders Treas. 3, 4 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Fresh. Dance Comm. I Soph. Party Comm. 2 Jr. Prom Comm. 3 Waterfollies I, 2, 3, 4 Basketball Ref. 4 Baseball Ump. 3, 4 Sports Council I, 2 Tower 4 Taller I, 2, 4 Biology Club I, 2, 4 J.V. Cheerleader I Sr. Play Comm. 4 PATRICIA BURT .IO ANN CAMPBELL BARBARA CATALANO Burtie Jo Barb Tennis I, 2 Oceanside High School, Tennis 3, 4 Waterfollies I Oceanside, N. J. l, 2, 3 Basketball 3 Chorus I Soccer 3 Choir 2, 3, 4 Home Ec. Club 3 Amards 2, 3, 4 Tatler 3 Thespians 3, 4 Jr. Play Comm. 3 Amards Christmas Pageant 4 Jr. Prom Comm. 3 2, 3, 4 7, Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Taller 4 Tower 4 Hi-Y Dance Comm. 2 Operetta I, 2, 3, 4 All High Choir 2, 3, 4 Music Festival I, 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y Council 4 Nominating Comm. 1, 2 Sectional All State Choir 4 Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 4 Jr. Play Comm. 3 Jr. Prom 3 Sr. Ball 4 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Triad 4 Tower 4 Sr. Play Comm. 4 PAUL DAHMER Football I, 2. 3, 4 Track l, 2, 3, 4 Wrestling I Wrestling Mgr. 2 Band I, 2, 4 Orchestra 2 Dance Band l, 2 Honor Society 3, 4 Student Council 2 Student Council Treas. 3 Student Council Pres. 4 Sr. Class Pres. 4 Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 4 Inter Hi-Y Council 2 Hi-Y Vice Pres. 3 Hi-Y Pres. 4 German Club 2, 3 Jr. Prom Comm. 3 Jr. Play Comm. 3 Sr. Ball Comm. 3 JOAN DAVEY ELAINE DAVIDSON CHARLES DAVIS Joan Ship Chuck Soccer I, 2, 3, 4 Grover Cleveland High Chorus I, 2 Basketball I, 3, 4 School 1. 2 Operetta I, 2 Baseball 3, 4 Soccer 3 Student Council 4 Badminton 2 Hockey 3 Tower Adv. Mgr. 4 Tennis 2 Jr. Play Comm. 3 Soph. Council 2 Var. Cheerleading 2, 5, 4 PhYSiCS Club 3 Hi-Y ll 2, 3, 4 Choir l, 2, 3, 4 French Club 3 French Club 2, 3 glpegetta 2. 3. 4 T I 4 r. 3 at er ay , Rifle Club I, 2 Jr. Prom Comm. 3 Biology Club 4 Physics Club 2, 3 Student Council I, 2 4 Class Sec. I Choir Vice Pres. 4 Choir Sec. 3 Spanish Club 2 Tower 4 Fresh. Dance Comm. l Soph. Party Comm. 2 Jr. Prom Comm. 3 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 27-THE TOWER QP" DONALD DAVIS Don Football 2, 3, 4 Swimming l, 2, 3, 4 Track l, 2, 3, 4 Band l, 3, 4 Soph. Class Pres. 2 Class Council l, 2, 3 Band Pres. 4 -2 A3 i . JOAN DAVIS joanie Bowling 4 Baseball 3, 4 Badminton 4 Volleyball 4 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Tower 4 Bennett High School l, 2 I-I ELEN DAY Helen Majorette 4 Badminton l, 2, 3, 4 Archery 4 Bowling 4 Waterfollies 3, 4 Jr. Play Comm. Library Service Spanish Club 3 Cafe. Staff 3, 4 Tower 4 Triad 4 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Home Ec. Club 3 ARLENE DENALL Arlene Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Soccer l, 2, 3, 4 Badminton l, 2, 3, 4 Bowling 3, 4 Cheerleader l Soph. Party Comm. 2 Home Ec. Club 2 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Operetta Comm. 3 Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Tower Staff 4 2,3 O Tatler 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Jr. Play Comm. 3 Jr. Prom Comm. 3 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Sr. Prom Comm. 4 Baseball 3 GILBERT ELDEN Gil Track 4 Jr. Play Comm. 3 Hi-Y 3, 4 Physics Club 3 Physics Club Vice P Rille Club l, 2, 3 Tower Bazaar 4 Jr. Prom Comm. 3 res. 3 CYNTHIA DENNY Cindy Basketball I, 2 Soccer 1 Badminton 2, 3 Operetta 2, 3, 4 Choir 2, 3, 4 Jr. Pla y Comm. 3 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Amards 2, 3, 4 Thespians 4 Hi-Y l .2.3.4 Hi-Y Chaplain 2 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club Treas. 3, 4 Home Ec. Club 2, 3, 4 Home 2, 3, T-atler Tower Tower J r. Pro Iac. Club Vice Pres 1. 2, 4 4 Bazaar 4 m Comm. 3 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Triad 3, 4 Fresh . Fresh . Council 1 Dance Comm. l PATRICIA FARRELL Pat Holy Angels Academy l, 2 Jr. Play Comm. 8 Jr. Class Council 3 Jr. Prom Comm. 3 Baseball 4 Basketball 4 Triad Assoc. Ed. 4 Tower Lit. Ed. 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Tatler 4 Hi-Y 3 Sr. Play Cast Spanish Club 4 4 qs I LORETTA EBER ANDRES ECI-IEVARRIA RUTHANN EGCERT Lou Andy Rvfih . Basketball 1, 2 Commerce High School, Kensington High 1, 2 Archery 2 New York, N. Y. l, 2, 3 Spanish Club 3 Badminton 2 Emerson High School, Home Club 3 Amards 3, 4 Union City, N. J. 4 Baseball 4 jr. Play Comm. 3 Wrestling 4 jr. Prom Comm. 3 Chorus 4 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Operetta 4 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Tower 4 ' F + ' " Q n THE TOWER-28 Semor MARY LOU DICKENS Mary Lou Soccer I, 2, 3, 4 Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 Badminton I, 2, 3, 4 Baseball I, 2, 3, 4 Swimming Team I, 2 Band I, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 3 I-Irie County Band 2 Spring Music I-'eslival I, Girls' Sports Council 3, Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4 German Club 2, 3 Fresh, Dance Comm. I Tatlcr I 2,3,4 4 MARY LOU FISCUS lllnry Lou Kemunre High School Waterfollies I, 2. II. 4 Basketball Ref. 3, 4 Basketball I, II, 4 Soccer I, 3, 4 'Tennis I Chorus I Operetta 4 Thespians 4 jr. Play Comm. 3 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Student Council I 2 Girls' Sports Council 3, 4 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Tatlcr I, 3, 4 jr. Prom Comm. 3 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Latin Club 5 953 ANTHONY DILANDRO ROBERT DREXELIUS Tony Bob jellerson High School I, 2 Latin Club 2 Tower 4 Projection Crew 2 Tatler 3 Triad 4 Hi-Y 2 Service Crew 2 ' u r Q I '- .eel -I kai! ll 'l :!' Q '5' 1, MARLFNE FOFLLER Mnrlrnr Archerv 4 Latin Club 2, 3 Hi-Y 2 Tower 4 Taller 4 jr, Prom 3 Tower 4 Tower Bamar 4 Sr. Play Comm. 4 CLAIRE DYCKMAN Claire Basketball 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 5, 4 Badminton 2, 3, 4 Soccer 2, 4 Chorus 2 A'CappelIa Choir 3, 4 Operetta 2, 3, 4 Honor Society 3, 4 Girls' Sports Council 2 Sr. Class Council 4 Taller 2, 3, 4 Tower 4 French Club 2, 3, 4 jr. Play Comm. 3 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Sr. Play Coium. 4 SYLVIA FRASER Syl Badminton I, 4 Baseball l. 2, 4 Basketball I, 2, 3 Soccer I, 2, 3 Bowling 3. 4 Triad 4 French Club 3, 4 Tatler 4 Tower 4 Jr. Play Comm. 3 Sr. Play Comm. 4 jr. Prom Comm. Sr. Ball Comm. 4 3 WII.I.IAM CALVIN Football 2. 3. 4 Track 2. 3, 4 Swimming j.V. I HLY 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y Treas. 4 K 'lt f. ir-'.xQ 2 .,, .I xx N RICHARD EARL Dick Varsity Football 4 German Club 2, 3 , . -9 Q, Y f, 3 I ' y, I - X . SUSAN GFRNOLD Sue Basketball 2, 3, 4 Soccer I, 2, 3, 4 Badminton I, 2, 3, 4 Bowling 3, 4 Vine Pres. Soph. Class 2 Sec. French Club 3 French Club 2, 3, 4 jr. Play Comm. 3 jr. Prom Comm. 3 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Tower 4 Tower Bamar 4 Taller I, 2, 3 Hi4Y I, 2, 3 Soph. Party Comm. 2 29-THE TOWER I u EDWARD GIBEAU JAMES GIBSON EDA GILKEY Ed cibbm Gilk Football l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2 Badminton 1. 2. 3, 4 Track 3, 4 Wrestling 3, 4 Softball 1. 2. 3. 4 Band 1, 2, 4 Football 2. 8. 4 Atvhcrv S Hi.Y 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 5, 4 Girls' Sports Council l French Club 3 SOCCCT 2. 5' 4 physics Club 3 Waterfollles l Tower 4 Swimming l Tiger 4 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Jr. Play Comm. 3 Bitnd 1. 2 Basketball l H1-Y 1. 2, 3. 4 German Club 2, 3, 4 MILDRED GILLMAN Milly Soccer 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Hockey 3 Baseball 3, 4 Basketball Ref. 3, 4 Bowling 3 Sr. Choir 3 Bennett High l Class Council 2, 3 Class Officer 3 Student Council 3, 4 Student Council Judicial Comm. 4 Tower Stalf 4 Tatler 3 Jr. Prom Comm. 3 Jr. Play Comm. 3 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Sr. Play Comm. 4 HARRY HANGEN ROBERT HART Hurry Bob Wrestling 3 SOCCCI' 2 Golf l, 2 THE TOWER-30 SUSAN HARVEY Sue Soccer l, 4 Baseball 3, 4 Basketball 4 Waterfollies l, 4 Choir 2, 3, 4 Jr. Play 3 Sr. Play Tower StaE 4 Triad 4 Fresh. Dance l Jr. Prom Com 5 Sr. Ball Comm. Operetta Comm. 2, 3, 4 4 III. 4 PHILIP HEDGES Bushes Bowling 3, 4 French Club 2, 3 Tower 4 jr. Play Chairman 3 Hi-Y 3, 4 CATHERINE GIRVIN Cathy Soccer 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2, 8, 4 Badminton 2, 8, 4 Waterfollies 3 Basketball Ref. 8, 4 Operetta l, 2, 3 4 Chorus l, 2, 3, Amards 2, 3, 4 Thespians 2, 3, 4 jr. Play Comm. 3 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Tatler 4 French Club 2, 3, 4 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 -1 Amards Play Comm. 5 4 Triad 8, 4 Sr. Ball 4 Jr. Prom 5 Newspaper Club 4 JOHN HEINTZ john J.V. Cross Country 3 Band l, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4 Amards l, 2, 5, 4 Thespians l, 2, 3, 4 Stage Crew Mgr. 4 Asst. Stage Crew Mgr Stage Crew l, 2, 3, 4 Inter Hi-Y Council 4 Tatler 2 Hi-Y 3, 4 Biology Club 2 Physics Club 3 German Club 2, 3, 4 Jr. Prom Comm. 8 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Senior RUDY GLEASON Elmer Soccer 3, 4 Sr. Play 4 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 . 'S RONALD HETTICH Ron Track 3, 4 Chorus 4 Jr. Play 3 Jr. Class Council 3 Physics Club l, 2, 8, 4 jr. Prom Comm. 3 Amards 3 Tower Bazaar 4 Tatler 4 Tower 4 Sr. Play 4 1953 HELEN! GREEN Helene Badminton l, 2, 4 Basketball 2 J .V. Cheerleader 2 Bowling 3 Jr. Orchestra l Band l, 2, 4 Amards 2, 5 Thespians 4 Director One Act Play 3 Majorette 4 One Act Play 2 jr. Play Comm. 5 Sr. Play 4 Amard Play Comm. 2, 3, 4 Christmas Pageant 2, 3, 4 Operetta Comm. 3 Student Council 5, 4 Operetta 4 Acrobatic Club l Twirling Club 2 Taller Staff 2, 3, 4 Tower Executive 4 Tower 4 jr. Prom Comm. 3 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Sr. Choir 4 Amard Constitution Comm. 4 BRIAN HOWARD Howie Cross Country 5, 4 Track 3, 4 MARILYN GREENAWALT Grennie Archery 3 Operetta l, 2, 5, 4 Music Festival 2, 3, 4 All High Choir 3 Amards 3, 4 Thespians 4 Sr. Play Comm. 4 jr. Play Comm. 3 Spanish Club 2, 3 Jr. Prom Comm. 3 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Sr. Ball 4 Triad 4 . 'wg If l lf MARILYN GRIFFEN Marilyn Archery 4 Sr. Band l Mixed Chorus 2 A'Cappella Choir 3, 4 Opcretta 2, 3. 4 jr. Play Comm. 3 jr. Prom Comm. 3 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Biology Club 4 JOHN HAMILTON Itichy Rifle Club l, 2, 3, 4 Tennis l Cross Country l Chorus l D QB an CHAI 'SMOKZQ -A JOHN HOWLETT Johnnie Tower 4 CARLTON HUGHES Greasy Soccer 8, 4 Wrestling 2, 4 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Sr. Play Comm. 4 avi PHYLLIS HURD Phyl Girls' Swimming Team l, 2 Hockey l, 2 Soccer l, 2, 4 Baseball l, 3 Archery 2, 8 Tennis 2, 4 Amards 2, 3, 4 Sec. Amards 3 Theater Orchestra 3, 4 Operetta 2, 3, 4 jr. Play Comm. 5 Girls' Sports Council 2 French Club 2, 5, 4 Waterfollies 1, 2 Tatler 4 Tower Bazaar 4 All State Orchestra 3, 4 31-THE TOWER RICHARD HYDE DON ISBISTER Dirk .luv Physics Club 3, 4 Rifle Team 3, 4 Sr. Play 4 Amards 4 5, WX ffkrjj-5 PATRICIA JACOBS Pat Hockey I, 3, 4 Soccer I, 2, 3 Waterfollies l, 2 Flag Swinger 4 Basketball 4 Baseball l Choir I, 2, 3, 4 Operetta I, 2, 3, 4 Amard Play Comm. I Jr. Play Student Director 3 Amards Play Director 3 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 HIVY 3, 4 Tatler 2, 3, 4 Girls' Sports Council 1 Jr. Prom Comm. 3 A 1 .r J Q 4-I ,I w 1, 1 ILEANE KUNOLD Ilene Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Badminton I, 2, 3 Soccer I, 2, 3 Watcrfollies I, 2, 3 Basketball Ref. I, 2, 3 Hockey I, 2 Softball I, 2, 3 Sr. Class Council 4 Soph. Class Council 2 Cirls' Sports Council 3 Student Council Executive 4 Student Council 4 Tatler 3 Asst. Editor Tatler 4 Biology Club 2 Fresh. Dance Comm. I Soph. Dance Comm. 2 jr. Prom Comm. 3 Jr. Play Comm. 3 TH E-TOWER CORINNE LANDEI. Corinne Badminton 2, 3, 4 Soccer I, 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Archery 3, 4 Home Ec. Club 3, 4 jr. Play Comm. 3 jr. Prom Comm. 3 Tower 4 Sr. Ball Comm, 4 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Library Club 3, 4 History Club 4 Bowling 4 ARLFNE LANDREVILLE Arlene Basketball I - Soccer I Tennis I, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra I. 2, 3, 4 String Quartet I, 2, 3. 4 Theater Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4 Assembly Band 2, 3 Operclta I, 2, 3, 4 Amherst Symphony 4 All County High Orchestra I 2 3 4 Spanish Club 3, 4 Home EC. 2 Biology Club 4 'l'atlcr 4 'Tower 4 jr. Prom Comm. 3 jr. Play Comm. 3 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Sr. Play Comm. 4 .fl MARY JAMES JUDITH JENSEN Mary Judy Milne School 1, 2, 3 Girls' Swimming Team 3, 4 Hi-Y 4 Baseball I, 2, 3, 4 Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 Soccer I, 2, 3, 4 Waterfollies I, 2, 5, 4 Bowling 3, 4 French Club I Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Fresh. Dance 1 Soph. Party 2 Jr. Play 4 Sr. Prom 4 Sr. Ball 4 I f I' . ' g ifs: 1 ' JOHN LAZAR JUDITH LEACH Butch judy Passaic Valley, N. J. I, 2 Soccer I, 2. 5, 4 Track 3 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Football 4 Softball I, 2, 3, 4 Hockey I IN'alerfoIIies I, 2, 3, 4 jr. Play Prompter 3 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Student Council I Sports Council 3, 4 Sports Council 'l'reas Sports Council Pres. Class Treas. 4 Spanish Club 2 Biology Club 2 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 jr. Prom Comm. 3 -I Soph. Party Comm. 2 Fresh. Dance Comm. Class Council 4 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Fresh. Cheerleader I Taller I 3 I Senior VIVIAN JUDGE Vivie Soccer I, 2, 3, 4 Basketball Ref. 2, 3, 4 Hockey I, 2, 3 Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 Baseball l. 2, 4 Choir 2, 5, 4 Operetta 2, 3, 4 jr. Play Prompter 3 Amards 2, 3, 4 Thespians 3, 4 Amards Play Comm. 2, 3 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Feature Ed. Taller 4 Lit. Ed. of Tower 4 Asst. Publicity Dir. Tow Fresh. Dance Comm. I Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4 jr. Class Council 3 Tatler I, 2, 3, 4 Newspaper Club 4 French Club 4 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Tower 4 Cl' DONNA KEMPTON Don Kensington High School I, 2 Badminton 3 Basketball 3 Volleyball 3 Baseball 3 F RONA KRAMER Ronie Badminton I, 2 Archery 3, 4 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Biology Club 3 French Club 3 jr. Play Comm. 3 jr. Prom Comm. 3 Sr. Play Comm. 4 RICHARD KRISCHAN DAVID KUMPF Doc Kumply Baseball 2, 3, 4 Football 3 Football 4 Golf 3 VERNON LEFFLER DICK LEIGHBODY TYLER JAMES LEWIS Vern Dirk Ty Newmann High School I, 2 Football 2, 3, 4 Track 3, 4 Baseball I, 2, 3, 4 Cross Country 2, 3, 4 Chorus 4 Indoor Track 3, 4 953 Sr. Play Comm. 4 jr. Prom Comm. 3 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Intramural Bowling Team 2 RICHARD LEXER EDWARD LIESER Dad llzik Ed Football 2 Atlantic City High School Rifle Club I, 2,3 l, 2, 3 Chorus 4 Tatler 4 Opcrntta Comm. 4 Sr. Class Council 4 jr. Play Comm. 3 Tower 4 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Hi-Y l, 2 ll ex- -ff.-'N .4,,'06.g lx qglu P NJ: I' ,"' ' 3 'Z xx . 33 -THF TOWER SANDRA LINDBERG Sandy Soccer I, 2, 3, 4 Hockey l, 2 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball Ref. 3, 4 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 Waterfollies l, 2, 3, 4 Soph. Class Council 2 Jr. Play Comm. 3 Jr. Prom Comm. 3 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Fresh. Dance Comm. 1 Soph. Party Comm. 2 J .V. Cheerleader 2 Tower 4 Tatler l, 3, 4 Triad 3, 4 Biology Club 2 Spanish Club 2 Tower Bazaar 4 v GLORIA LINDENMEIER DONALD LINDSEY DAVID LUMSDEN MICHAEL MAI-IOLSIC Little D Don Dave Curley Badminton l, 2, 3, 4 Cleveland Hill High School Cross CountfY 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 l, 2 Rifle Club l. 2, 3. 4 Archery 2. 3 Track 3. 4 Track 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 Cross Country 3, 4 Frenth Club 3 Bowling 4 Wrestling 4 PhySiCS Club 3 Tatler 2, 3 Chorus 4 Jr. Play Comm. 3 Operetta 4 jr. Prom Comm. 3 Sr. Class Council 4 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Sr. Ball 4 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Tatler Typist 4 CAROLYN McKNIGI-IT Carolyn Basketball l. 2 Soccer l Badminton 3, 4 Amards 2, 3, 4 Thespians 4 Amards Play Comm. 2, 3, 4 Jr. Class Play Comm. 3 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Hi-Y 2 Home Ec. Club 2. 3. 4 Home Ec. Club Pres. 4 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 French Club 3. 4 Library Service Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Tatler 2, 3, 4 Tower 4 Jr. Class Council 3. Fresh. Class Council 1 Jr. Prom Comm. 3 Triad 4 Operetta Comm. 3 Soph. Party 2 THE TOWER- MAUREEN MCMAHON Mickey Basketball 4 Archery 4 Operetta 4 Chorus 4 Tatler 4 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Holy Angels 3 Mount St. Joseph l, 2 34 CHARLES McNERNEY Chuck Football 2, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Sr. Class Pres. 4 Sr. Ball Comm. Chairman Sr. Play Comm. 4 Tatler 4 SARAJANE McNESS Janie Badminton 2, 3, 4 Baseball 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Soccer 2 Archery 3 Bowling 4 Hi-Y Chaplain 4 Hi-Y 3, 4 Tatler 3, 4 Tower 4 Jr. Play Comm. 3 Jr. Red Cross Council 2, 3 Sr. Play Comm. 4 RICHARD MEESE Rick Rifle Team l, 2, 3, 4 Choir l, 2, 3, 4 Amards l, 2, 3, 4 Thespians l, 2, 3, 4 jr. Play 3 Tower 4 Sr. Class Council 4 Senior Q, ROBERT MANSKE WALTER MANSKE SILAS MANSPEAKER PATRICIA MCCULLOUGH JAMES MCDONALD Bob lValt Si Pat l'Vimpy Kenmore High School l Cross Country 2 Soccer 2, 3, 4 All High Choir 4 Football 2, 3 Football 2 Swimming 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2 Musical Festival 2, 3, 4 Baseball l, 4 Cross Country 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 Operetta Comm. l, 2, 3, 4 Wrestling 4 Swimming 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3. 4 Cross Country Capt. 4 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y Pres. 4 German Club 3, 4 Jr. Play Comm. 3 MARCIA MEIDEL Marcia Fresh. Dance l jr. Prom Comm. 3 jr. Play Comm. 3 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Tatler 4 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Waterfollics I, 2, 3, Honor Society Pres. 4 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Honor Society 3, 4 Hi-Y Pres. 3 Student Council Vice Pres. 4 Physics Club 3 Physics Club Treas. 3 jr. Play Comm. 3 Class Council 3 Student Council 3, 4 Kenmore junior High School l z MARY MESSE NANCY MEYER Mary Nan Soccer l, 2, 3, 4 Olean High School l, 2 Hockey 4 Riverside 3 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Archery 4 Waterfollies l, 2, 3, 4 Tatler 4 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 Chorus l Operetta l Class Party Comm. l, 2 4 Jr. Play Comm. 3 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 jr. Prom Comm. 3 Soccer l. 2. 3, 4 Tatler 2, 3 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 Tower 4 Swimming 'I'eam l, 2, 3, 4 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 1953 Sr. Play Comm. 4 6 J.V. Cheerleader 2 Mixed Chorus l, 2 A'Cappella Choir 3, 4 Chorus 4 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 2 CLARK MILLER Mere Mary D. Bradford High School fWisconsinJ l, 2, 3 'Q '9 -gd I GAIL ANN MILLER jormne Girls' Sports Council 2 Vice Pres. Class 4 Class Council 3, 4 Watcrfollies l, 2, 3, 4 Baseball Ump. 3, 4 Basketball Ref. 3, 4 Bowling 3, 4 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 Soccer l, 2, 3, 4 Hockey 4 Badminton l, 2 Fresh. Dance Comm. I Soph. Party Comm. 2 Jr. Prom Comm. 3 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 J.V. Cheerleader 2 Fresh. Cheerleader l jr. Play Comm. 3 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Biology Club 3 3 5-THE TOWER PRISCILLA MOORE Prudy Baseball l, 2, 4 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Soccer l, 2, 3 Hockey I Cheerleader J.V. I Fresh. Party l Soph. Party 2 jr. Prom Comm. 3 . Play Comm. 3 . . Ball Comm. 4 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Towcr 4 JOE MONTANA Bishop Fallon High School l, 2 jr Sr lg R x,,,. PATRICIA MROZIK PAULA NEAL WILLIAM NEILSON Pat Paula Bllly ' Q Immaculate Heart of Mary Soccer l, 3. 4 Intramural BOWIIHZ 7021111 l- 2 Academy l, 2, 3 Baseball 1, 2, 4 German Club 4 Basketball 4 Basketball l, 2 JT- PIHY Cllmlll- 3 Soccer 4 Swimming Team 3, 4 Sf- PIHY Comm- 4 Hi-Y 4 Bowling Team 3, 4 ST- Ball COUIUI- 4 Tower 4 Choir l, 2, 3, 4 Tatler 2 Tower Bazaar 4 Wntcrfollies 2, 3, 4 Tower 4 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 jr. Prom Comm. 3 Jr. Play Comm. 3 FRED OSBORNE Fred Rifle Team l, 2, 3, 4 NANCY PARKS Nancy Basketball 2 Soccer 3, 4 Bowling 3, 4 Badminton 4 Chorus l Jr. Play Comm. 3 Jr. Prom Comm. 3 Tatler 2, 3 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 THE TOWER-36 FRANK PARSON EDWARD PECK Soccer 2 Eddie Tom Wrestling 3, 4 Wrestling 2 Physics Club 3, 4 THIICI' 4 German Club 2, 3, 4 Tower Staff 4 THOMAS PEFFER Canisius High School l, 2 Senior ,B THEODORE NICHOLS Ted Football 1, 2, 5, 4 Track l, 2 Basketball Asst. Mgr. 2, Jr. Play 5 Class Council 5, 4 Class Treas. l Student Council l Hi-Y Vice Pres. 4 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Physics Club 5 Jr. Prom Comm. 5 5 Sr. Ball Comm. Chairman ROGER NICHOLSON Rag j.V. Baseball l Soccer l, 2, 5, 4 Basketball l, 2, 5, 4 Student Council 2, 3 MARY NICOLLS Ma Archery 2 Badminton l, 2, 4 Soccer 5, 4 Sr. Choir 5, 4 Thespians 4 jr. Play 5 Operetta 3, 4 Student Council 4 Cafe. Staff 2 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 Sec. Spanish Club 3 Tower 4 Jr. Prom Comm. 5 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 JEAN OGDEN jenn Baseball 1, 2 Basketball l, 2, 4 Soccer 4 Sr. Orchestra l, 2, 5, 4 String Quartet 2, 5, 4 Theater Orchestra 5, 4 Operetta Orchestra 2, 5, 4 All-High Orchestra 2, 3, 4 All State Sectional Orchestra 2, 5, 4 Amards 2 Pres. Sr. Orchestra 5, 4 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 French Club 2, 3, 4 Fresh. Dance Comm. l Tatler l, 2 Sr. Play 4 Waterfollies 2 Tatler 4 BETSY OGILVIE Bets Hockey l Soccer l Basketball l, 2 Waterfollies Comm. 2, Operetta Comm. 5 Band l, 2 Amards 5, 4 jr. Play Comm. 5 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Hi-Y Treas. 5 Hi-Y 2, 5 Girls' Sports Council Taller 5, 4 Assoc. Ed. Tatlcr 4 Tower 4 jr. Prom Comm. 5 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Soph. Class Council 2 Soph. Party Comm. 2 Triad 4 Fresh. Cheerleader l 5 RUTH PELLMAN Ruthie Operetta Comm. 5, 4 Chorus 5, 4 Amards 2, 5, 4 Thespians 5, 4 jr. Play Comm. 5 Amards Play Comm. 5 Hi-Y Chaplain 5 Hi-Y Sec. 4 Inter Hi-Y Council 5 Hi-Y 2, 5, 4 French Club 2, 5 Jr. Prom Comm. 5 Jr. Class Council 5 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Tatler 2, 3, 4 Tatler Asst. Ed. 4 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 1953 THOMAS PETERS Popsicle Pete Baseball 1, 2. 5 Wrestling 3 Chorus 4 Operetta 4 Jr. Play Comm. Chairm Deceased April ll. 1955 MARGARET PHILLIPS Margy Basketball l, 2. 3, 4 Soccer l, 2, 5 Softball 2, 5, 4 Badminton 3, 4 an 3 Sr. Class Council 4 Soph. Class Council 2 French Club 2, 5, 4 Hi-Y l. 2. 5, 4 Hi-Y Sec. 3 Tatler l, 2. 3, 4 Tower 4 Jr. Prom Comm. 5 Jr. Play Comm. 3 JANET PRICE Ian Bennett High 1 Badminton 2, 5, 4 Bowling 4 Baseball 5, 4 Chorus 2 Choir 5. 4 Operetta 2, 3, 4 Amards 5 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Tatler 4 MARINA PROCHOROFF Marina Speaking Contest 4 Triad 4 French Club 4 37 -THE TOWER Y-A SANDRA PORTER Sandy Grosse Pointe High School l. 2. 3, 4 Tower 4 Tatler 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Amards 4 Waterfollies 4 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Soccer 4 Basketball 4 Bowling 4 Badminton 4 Baseball 4 Sr. Play Comm. 4 CATHERINE RADICE RICHARD RAMSEY GEORGE RAPPLEYE DON RECKSEEN Cathy Monk George Rex Soccer 3, 4 Football l, 2, 3, 4 Tennis 2 Badminton l, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2 Biology Club 2 Baseball 3 Track 3 Basketball 1 Basketball l, 2 Jr. Play 3 jr. Play Comm. 3 Tower Bazaar 4 Tatler 8 Sr. Ball 4 Jr. Prom 3 Sr. Play 4 DIANA ROGGER Diana Waterfollies 2, 3, 4 Soccer 2, 8, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Badminton l, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 8, 4 Swimming Team 4 Basketball Ref. 3, 4 French Club 2, 3 Rille Club 2, 3 Fresh. Dance Comm. Jr. Dance Comm. 3 Jr. Play Comm. 3 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Tower 4 Taller 4 Triad Treas. 4 Honor Society 3, 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Homemaking Club 4 JANE ROLFE ROBERT ROZEK PAUL SANTMIRE jane Rosie Paul Operetla Comm. 3, 4 Football 2, 3, 4 Swimming l. 2. 3, 4 Amards 3, 4 Baseball 2 Soccer 2, 3, 4 Thespians 4 Wrestling 4 Band l, 2, 3 Jr. Play Comm. Chairman 3 Orchestra 2, 5 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Operetta Comm. 3 Homemaking Club 2, 3 Jr. Play Comm. 3 Jr. Prom Comm. 2, 3 Honor Society 5, 4 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Soph. Class Council 2 Tower 4 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Tower Bazaar Amards 8 Christmas Pageant 3 Physics Club 2, 3 Saravy Constitution Group 4 Newspaper Club l, 2, 3, 4 Tatler l, 2, 3, 4 Tatler Ed. 4 THE-TOWER- 3 8 jr. Prom Comm. 3 Fresh. Dance Comm. l Soph. Party Comm. 2 Hi-Y Chaplain 4 c,.l li f X . DIANNE SAWYER Dianne Baseball I, 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Waterfollies l, 2, 3, 4 Badminton l, 2, 3, 4 Soccer 3, 4 Hockey 3, 4 Referee 3, 4 Sports Council l, 2 Jr. Council 3 Sr. Council 4 Soph. Council 2 Fresh. Dance Comm. l J.V. Cheerleader 1 Jr. Play Comm. 3 Jr. Prom Comm. 3 Biology Club 3 Triad 4 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Senior SHIRLEY REES DONALD RICE Shirley Don Kensington High School l, 2 Track I, 2, 3, 4 Ml. Lebanon High School 3 Cross Country I, 2, 3 Tower 4 French Club 2, 3 Tower Bazaar 4 Physics Club 3 Triad 4 Hockey 4 Soccer 4 SALVATORI-I SAVARINO Sonny Kensington High School I, 2 Football 4 Baseball 4 Sr. Ilall Comm. 4 Tower 4 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Tower Bazaar 4 1953 LOIS SCHMIDT Lois Soccer 5, 4 Badminton 3, 4 Basketball 4 Mixed Chorus I Sr. A'Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4 Amards 2 Thespians 2, 3, 4 Amard Play Comm. 2 Amard Play Comm. 4 Honor Society 3, 4 Thespian Historian Operetta Comm. I, 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club 2, 3 Biology Club 3 H1 2 3 4 '-Y l. , . jr. Play Comm. 3 Sr. Play Comm. 4 . Prom Comm. 3 jr Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Tower 4 Tatler 4 CAROL RICH Fritz Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Jr. Prom Comm. 3 jr. Play Comm. 3 j.V. Cheerleading I Waterfollies 1, 2, 3, 4 Swimming Team 2 Baseball I, 2, 3, 4 Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 Soccer I, 2, 3, 4 NAOMI RICHTER WILLIAM ROBERTS Chub Sorter 2, 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 Baseball I, 2, 3, 4 Willy Trark 4 Sorter 3, 4 Operetta I, 2, 3, 4 Badminton I, 2, 3, 4 Chorus I, 2, 3, 4 jr. Class Council 3 jr. I'rom Comm. 3 jr. Play Comm. 3 'I'atler 4 Tower 4 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 JANET SCHMIDT JUDITH SCHNEIDER jan Indy Baseball 2 Park School I, 2 Soccer 3 Orchestra fl, 4 Badminton 3, 4 jr. Prom Comm. 3 Arrhery 3, 4 Bowling 2, 4 jr. Play Comm. 3 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Tatler 3, 4 Tower 4 Hi-Y 3 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Prem h Club 4 O 1 . 19 Q Qu Sr. Play 4 Amartls 4 Taller 4 Biology Club 3 German Club 2 3, . vi ' . r m ' , iq.. 1 . -,. f i r Y K Q 'Y X 1 .TW I yi 4 SUZANNE SCHULTZ Sue Basketball I, 3, 4 Girls' Swimming Team 2, 4 Badminton 2, 3, 4 Solver 3 Tennis 3 Choir I, 2, 3, 4 Operelta I, 2, 3, 4 Sectional Stale Choirs 3, 4 German Club Vice Pres. 4 Amartls 2, 3, 4 Thcspians 2, 3, 4 jr. Play 3 Amarrl Play Comm. 2, 3, 4 Assembly Comm. 4 Sr. Play 4 Cerman Club 3, 4 Art Club 2 Biology Cluh 2 Twirling Club 2 Soph. Party 2 Tower 4 Sr. Ball 4 39-THE TOWER PATRICIA SEBRING WILLIAM SEIBERT KARL SEIDL HERBERT SEILER JAMES SMITH Put Bill Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 Si Smitty Soccer 4 Soccer 1 Swimming l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2 Wrestling 2, 3 Basketball 4 Bowling 2, 3, 4 Soccer 3, 4 Tennis 4 Band 1, 2, 3 j.V. Football 2 Baseball 4 Jr. Play Comm. 8 Band l, 2, 3, 4 Badminton 4 Hi-Y 3, 4 German Club 2, 3, 4 Basketball Ref. 4 German Club 2 German Club Pres. 4 Chorus 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Operetta 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y Treas. 4 Flag Swinger 4 Tatler Sports Editor 4 Jr. Play Comm. 3 Newspaper Club 3, 4 Jr. Prom Comm. 3 Newspaper Club Editor-in- Sr. Play Comm. 4 Chief 4 Sr. Prom Comm. 4 Tatler 4 Tower Executive Staff 4 Tatler Executive Staff 2, 3, 4 Tatler 4 Triad Executive Staff 2, 3, 4 -7' French Club 4 Tower 4 1 2...:--, Waterfollies 2 " French Club Dance Comm. 2, 3 J fro -,f -0 MARLFNE STORY lRA STRlEJEWSKE BARBARA STURMER Marlene Stretch Babs Baseball I, 2, 3, 4 Tennis Mgr. 3 Fresh. Cheerleader 1 Basketball l, 2, 3 Cross Country 4 Badminton 1, 2 Badminton I, 2. 3 Waterfollies 2, 3, 4 Soccer l, 2, 3, 4 Soccer 4 jr. Play Comm. 3 Bowling 4 Tower 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 jr. Prom Comm. 3 AfChCfY 3 THE TOWER-40 Biology Club 3, 4 Biology Club Pres. 3, 4 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Tatler 2 French Club 2, 3 Home Ec. Club 2, 3, 4 Jr. Play Comm. 3 Jr. Prom Comm. 3 Hi-Y 3, 4 Tower 4 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 JAN ET SWIFT Janet Soccer 3, 4 Band 1, 2 Orchestra l, 2 Music Festival 1, Tatler 3, 4 Latin Club 3 Triad 3, 4 3 Triad Bus. Mgr. Biology Club 3 Jr. Play Comm. Tower 4 Sr. Play Comm. 3 4 2 BEVERLY THALMAN Bev Basketball 2, 3 Soccer 2 Badminton 3 Tower 4 Tatler 3 Baseball 3 Semor DAVID SPANN Cross Country 4 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Tower 4 German Club 5, 4 Physics Club 5 History Club 4 HENRY SPERRY Hank Pres. Fresh. Class l Class Council 2, 5, 4 Chairman Soph. Party 2 Jr. Play Ticket Comm. 5 Jr. Prom Comm. 5 Sr. Play Ticket Comm. Chairman 4- Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Swimming 2 Baseball l, 2 Wrestling 4 Student Council 1, 2 Asst. Mgr. Football l Mgr. Fresh. Basketball 1 Operetta 4 Chorus 4 DONNA STAGE Donnie Hockey l Soccer 1, 2, 5 Archery 2 Basketball l, 2, 5, 4 Basketball Ref. 2, 5 Baseball l Waterfollics 2, 3, 4 Amards I Operetta Comm. 2, 5, Thespians 2, 5, 4 Pres. Thespians 4 Jr. Play Comm. 5 Sr. Play Student Dir. Amard Play Presentati Thespian Play 4 Girls' Sports Council l Student Council l Honor Society 5, 4 Honor Society Sec. 4 Hi-Y Vice Pres. 4 Soph. Class Council 2 Sr. Class Council 4 Tower 4 Jr. Prom Comm. 5 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Hi-Y 1, 2, 5, 4 Tatler 4 Triad 4 4 4 on RONALD STEPNICK EDWARD STILLWELL Steppy Fabulous Football l, 4 Football l Baseball l Basketball l, 2, 5, 4 Chorus l, 4 Baseball l, 2, 5, 4 Clarence Central 2, 5 Chorus 4 Student Council 4 HAROLD THEMMEN ROBERT TOTH DONNA TRONCATTI HOWARD TYRRELL ANN UNDERWOOD Hal Bob Donna Howie Annie Boston English High School F00lball 5, 4 Tennis l, 2, 3, 4 Choir l, 2, 5, 4 Basketball 2, 5 1, 2, 3 Chorus 4 Basketball 2, 8 Sr. Class Pres. 4 Jr. Prom Comm. 5 Band 4 Amards 2 Badminton 4 Hi-Y Chaplain 4 jr. Play Comm. 5 Orchestra 4 Bowling 4 Sr. Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 Student Council 4 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Dance Orchestra 4 Operetta Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4 Physics Club 8, 4 String Ensemble 5 Tatler 5, 4 Vice Pres. Sr. Orchestra 4 Tower 4 Latin Club 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y 5, 4 1953 Tatler l, 2, 5 Home Ec. Club 2 All State Sectional Orchestra 2, 5,4 All High Orchestra l, 2, 5, 4 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Jr. Play Comm. 5 Tower 4 41-THE TOWER 7 7 L1 7 -1, A foci L'4'J'5xL'L " fy BARBARA VAN LUNGER KATHRYN VINCENT ROBERT VOELKLE Dutch Cathy Volk Waterfollies l, 2, 3, 4 Hockey 2, 3, 4 Our Lady of Victory Hockey l, 3 Soccer 2, 3, 4 Academy l, 2 Soccer l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 4 Cross Countr M . 3, 4 Baseball l, 2, 4 Basketball Ref. 3, 4 Band 2 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4 Chorus l Amards 2. 3, 4 Thespians 3, 4 Operetta Comm. 3 Amard Play 2 Amard Play Comm. Student Council 2 Sr. Class Council 4 Triad 4 Tatler 2, 3, 4 Tower 4 Hi-Y l French Club 2, 3, 4 Fresh. Dance Comm. Fresh. Cheerleader l Jr. Prom Comm. 3 Jr. Play Comm. 3 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Sr. Play Comm. 4 l 3. Baseball 2, 8, 4 Waterfollies l, 2, 4 Amards 2, 3, 4 Thespians 3, 4 French Club 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 Newspaper Club 4 Tatler l, 2, 3, 4 Tower 4 Fresh. Cheerleader l Amard Play Comm. 2, 3 Operetta Comm. 3, 4 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Thespian Play Comm. 4 Y KT Sr. Choir 4 Operetta 4 Sr. Class Play 4 Jr. Class Play 3 Amards 3, 4 Amard- Play 3 Sr. Class Sec. 4 Sr. Class Council 4 Jr. Play Comm. 3 jr. Prom Comm. 3 Empire Boys' State Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Latin Club 3 Physics Club 3 French Club 4 Triad 3, 4 Co-Editor Triad 3 Editor 4 Tower 4 Tatler 4 History Club 4 Hi-Y 3. 4 Hi-Y Sec. 4 MARILYN WALTER Pee Wee Soccer l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2. 3, 4 Badminton l, 2, 3, 4 Baseball l, 2 Archery 3 Jr. Class Council 3 Home Ec. Club 2, 3, 4 Tatler 3 jr. Play Comm. 3 Tatler 3 Library Service Club 3, 4 Operetta Comm. 3 Jr. Prom Comm. 3 Triad 4 Tower 4 History Club 4 Newspaper ,Club 4 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Sr. Play Comm. 4 DIANNA WARREN Di Basketball 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Archery 2, 3, 4 Badminton I, 2, 3, 4 Soccer l, 2, 3 Bowling 3, 4 jr. Play Comm. 3 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Spanish Club 1, 2. 3 Biology 3 Jr. Prom Comm. 3 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Tower 4 Tatler 4 MILDRED WICKHAM Milly Soccer l, 2, 3, 4 Baseball l, 2, 3 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Bowling 3 Waterlollies l, 2, 3, 4 Swimming Team 3, 4 Jr. Play 3 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Tower 4 Dance Club l Soph. Party Comm. 2 Minstrel Show l PHYLLIS WH T ED I H Phyll Hockey 2 Badminton 2, 3, 4 VVaterfollies 4 String Quartet 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 2, 3, 4 Operetta Comm. l, 2, 3, 4 Amards 4 jr. Play Comm. 3 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Home Ee. Club Pres. 3 Home Ec. Club Treas. 4 JAMES WRATTEN JOYCE WRONA Blackie Wfon-ee Basketball I, 2 Basketball 2, 3 Soccer 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2 Rifle Club 3 Soccer 3 jr. Class Treas. 3 Amards 2 jr. Play Comm. 3 Jr. Play Comm. 3 jr. Prom Comm. 3 Jr. Prom 3 Sr. Class Council 4 Tower 4 Hi-Y 2, 3 Tower Bazaar 4 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Tatler 2 Orchestra Vice Pres. 3 Kensington High School l Tower Executive 4 Home Ec. Club 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y 2 jr. Prom Comm. 3 Tower Stalf 4 Tatler 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 THE TOWER-42 I xi ALICE YOUNGBLOOD Alice Hockey l, 2, 3, 4 Soccer l, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Waterfollies l, 2, 4 Operetta Comm. 3 Thespians 3, 4 jr. Play 3 Amard Play Comm. 3 Honor Society 3, 4 Vice Pres. Honor Society 4 Store Mgr. Honor Society 4 l.atin Club Vice Pres. 2, 3 Physics Club 3 Biology Club 3 Tatler Staff 2, 3 Tower 4 Hi-Y Treas. Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 4 Fresh. Dance Comm. l Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Seniors GARY WATSON Wal.: Wrestling 2, 4 Soccer 5 Chorus 4 German Club 2 Physics Club 3 MARY ELLEN WEBER BRUCE WELLS Mel Semi Holy Angels Academy l, 2 Cross Country I, 2, 5. 4 Basketball 3, 4 Track l, 2, 5, 4 Tennis 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Badminton 4 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Soccer 5, 4 Home Ec. Club 5 Taller 5 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Jr. Play Comm. 5 MARLENE WERNER Mar Baseball l Soccer l, 2, 5, 4 Basketball l, 2, 5, 4 Basketball Ref. 2, 5 Waterfollies l Chorus 5, 4 Operetta 5, 4 Jr. Play Comm. 5 Amards Play Comm. 5, 4 Amards 5, 4 Thespians 5, 4 Christmas Pageant 5, 4 I-Ii-Y Chaplain 4 Tower 4 Soph. Council 2 Student Council 4 Honor Society 5, 4 Honor Society Treas. 4 I-Ii-Y I, 2, 5, 4 Tatler l, 2, 5, 4 Tower Bazaar 4 French Club 2, 5, 4 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 jr. Prom Comm. 5 PHILIP WHITELAW Phil Chorus 4 Sr. Play 4 jr. Play Comm. 5 Hi-Y 1, 2, a, 4 Tower 4 Triad 5 Jr. Prom Comm. 5 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 ,f ul U X x ' x ll J ...-VN I X" , xlu BRUCE ZIEGLER Baseball Mgr. 2 Band I, 2, 5, 4 Hi-Y 5, 4 Physics Club 3, 4 Physics Club Pres. 4 Tower 4 1953 EILEEN ZIMMERMAN Eileen Soccer l, 2, 5, 4 Basketball 2, 5, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Volleyball 5, 4 Badminton 5, 4 Archery 2, 5, 4 Choir I, 2, 5, 4 Sectional All State Chorus 4 Choral Concerts I. 2, 3. 4 Operetta l, 2, 3, 4 Choir Librarian 4 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 PAUL ZINTER Zint Basketball I, 2 Swimming 5 Football 2, 5, 4 Track 5, 4 Operetta 4 Chorus 4 Sr. Play Comm. 4 jr. Play Comm. 5 jr. Prom Comm. 3 Sr. Ball Comm. 4 A121-LRED JEPSON SENIORS NOT PICTURED NANCY FORBES AL MILLER SHIRLEY RESS BOB TOTI-I 1 43 ,Q '50, I 'M W , F ,.s'.h X fxifza 'B ..- ,e9"sfaS:T:, , Z '.'.'.', 1 fm ,xp 'W 's 0' 'so X ff ' 'I x- -THE TOWER 5i ieaQa m1aaaQ4 lil .6 A . 1 , Q- .Q Q' 1 ' 5!f.L ,53'lgi.!'w-i,,5s6LN j ca .V if is FF 'if X65 ,,W, i avw I 1 R -gfllr x lx, X 'Mme K pk sk 7. 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'1 an? 5 ' 5 'ff E9 f 'gf " lg 'ff' fin? ff? Q Q Q, M f? 1 .VK . -Q' 2 f., a -" ff f 5 ' Q X 2 I? E Q xg fgi, ' j F R 4 y a . ' A, Q1 -' ,ir - V2 I ' K, - . f if 4, f., 'ff , V, Li N B iliac' AF x g vii if aj V . , - x 4 M , i. , , 4 i K X ' 4, K in 1 J I 2 0 s ii b v 'if 4 if Q MQ U x x 5 Y' It 5 K A g 'Q 'ji K T r ,X 'b-" Z f , !-J, x E - K . X , L - is.. WN i 'sn 4 gd 2 I I I 5 .5, LV f ANN X , ' 'Li' X K , 1'g . gl 3 -i I , sg 5 a 35. bg 4 ,nv Q A z 1 r Q , Us 'x Y X 1 K vi W . L X E tg r Ox, X - X.L. J' ' if W A x N t9 W ' V uf' rg- ,gp 'sl ' . ' j 41, 7 K K xx - fg., Q ' ' ,. ' . gi -ff: '-,su ,. . ' '. 37737-ffm 1 re' V "f1"U,-A 'Q '1 -,. 4 T f V. f N , fy fy 7 Q.. qw" 4'.--728 f 6 , ' . AV W - f , A 4 , , L ?"f . 'wrt m9"'- Q ' ' ' x g fd ,il 9-4 , wg Jw. ,r -L , . 5 , QGx,4.n4, Q. Q- X f 3 'X A 3 In , YQ -W ff f , Y J 1 , - , , f r a dw , - 1? KS A - 'f A N . -. 1 f. .. . .,,. , H ' U - - - - 'N' ' ' 91' Wg.. ' 1 . . , Mfr E - , W , . . , . 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'gg' Q Y kv 2.- Eff f nl- di . QQ ' .ifzfrii 1.1 V-f .- , 'QL .,,. Q- W .B c. , - i f r V YN Q gv ' V i 'r' 5 nv fi if U YM 5 J!'.ef",1.,.s " v' 14 ,: O v Y ' 5 5 YA ,J an T39 x N H' gm . 55 1 -Q . - 5 4 ' , ' ix: f':fx 'V 5,7 iii. " kgnefj 'ing j 'E' 31, I s rf .5 ti gf Q f is u 'Q , , .. if , -f ' F 1' 'H sr 'A ' " -L ll O , - me A M Q Hall of Fame AMHERST BAND-First prize at Kiwanis Music Festival, Toronto KENT BERGMAN-One ofthe best athletes at Amherst BILL BACON-Leader of projection crew ELLEN BRUNNER-Poised and talented leader PAUL DAI-IMER-Able president of Student Council FRANCIS DULCZEVVSKI-Eflicient worker on committee for FM radio SANDY FREETH-Exceptional treasurer of Student Council JACQUELINE GREENE-Sparkling, gay, and glamorous Junior PHIL HEDGES-Capable business manager of Tower JOHN HEINTZ-Man of learning JOHNETTE I-IILL-Personality-plus and good scholarship JUDY KULP-Always full of life and spirit MAJORETTES-They added zest and interest to our band parades ROBERT MANSKE-Pleasant Senior boy-Tower sports editor WALT MANSKE-General all-around ability and charm CAROLYN MCKNIGI-IT-Conscientious library serviceg general capability CHARLES MCNERNEY-An all-around Amherst boy JOANN MILLER-Personable class officer LYNNE MORRIS-Freshman dynamo-Tower photographer JOHN OEHLER-Up and coming Sth grader PIRATES OF PENZANCE-All-Amherst extravaganza JANET PRICE-Charming "Mable" in Operetta BONNIE ROY-Outstanding creative talent and leadership PAUL SANTMIRE-Hard working Editor of Tatler KARL SEIDL-Quiet and industrious sports writer SUSAN SHANLEY-Promising lower classman-superb writing ability LINDA SCIFRES-Superior scholarship and versatility HAROLD THEMANN-Excellent clarinet player GARY TUNMORE-Officer in various organizations ROBERT VOELKLE-Capable Editor of Triad LYNDIA WALLACE-School service and high devotion to duty station 53-THE TowER N THE TQWER-54 'Cf 3? ' yfx n x I I I X I , X , I I ,- . x f IIII ,. !f' ,.:- 95 w, 5 'S -u'- i 1, , --- Nz' - iii T ,,- I.. ,- 170- Q X N' 'HX 111' W '-'N V gd., V,-1 ,-. ,-... . ,,...- - ,, - Y V-'LW ,Y -gp ,, - ' A -,,- -.:,.:i .11 5 lg 1, O 064 ,Ago po-o v, - . .HQ ' H -1 'ii ku.. Ag"'T'- , ,, I ,ui 512 .. 'n , Yi ' J- fi-,L ,?7-1 'U?7Q"'5 O Z, TKO -2" 'Ein S Li ACTIVITIES Football , . 4 if First row: Fd Gibeau, Paul Dahmer, Dick Leighbody, john Lazar, Dick Ramsey, Jim Gibson, Kent Bergman, Bob Rosek, Ted Nichols, Bill Galving S!'f0!1d7'0iL'.' Bill Noeltner, Dick Starr, Bob Galvin, Dick Hoffman, Dick Krischan, Don Davis, Ron Stepnick, Bob To-th, Dick Farl, john Nayheld, Dave Reillerg Third row: Mr. Kentner, coachg Mr. Schaefer, coachg Dick Hitzel, Paul Zinter, Bill Wright, Tom Valleau, Russ Bardin, George Guenther, Frank Harlem, David Wetzler, Bob Dougall, Dale Henson, Mr. Bergman coach. Usually when people think of the start of a football season they think of the first game. To a football player, however, the first game is a climax to weeks of strenuous preparation. For them, the season begins usually a week before the start of school. This first week is devoted to conditioning. The fellows indulge in such calisthenies as push-ups, sit-ups, windsprints, titnelaps, and other general conditioners. During this first week, double practices are common. The mornings are devoted to conditioning, the afternoons to the running of plays, and ballhandling. Football is not all glory as some people seem to think. A player does not even see his equipment during this first week. Although the players sometimes do not enjoy this hard work, this tough conditioning program set down by the Amherst Coaching Staff prevents many injuries that would appear if a sound conditioning program was not in effect. Amherst invaded l.eRoy in the season's opener. Tailback, Kent Bergman, sparked the Tigers to a 12-6 win scoring both touchdowns. ln the first quarter, Amherst marched from their own '19 yard line, Bergman punching across from the 3 yard line, for the first tally. A pass to jim Gibson and a sensational catch by Leighbody set up the score. After playing a scoreless second quarter, LeRoy tied the game with a smash from the 3 yard line. Amherst came right back with a dazzling 65 yard touchdown run by Kent Bergman, which proved to be the deciding factor. The orange and black opened its home season with a tre- mendous ktj-Q victory over the West Seneca squad. The vic- tory avenged the 7-o loss of last year. Halfback, john Lazar, led the scoring with three touchdowns, two of them coming via the aerial route from Kent Bergman. -Iohn's other score was registered on a 7 yard run. Bergman also threw a touch- down strike to co-captain jim Gibson. Kent besides throwing his fl T.D. passes also scored on a .Xl yard run. Bob tThe Toel Rozek booted three extra points. The outstanding defensive player of the afternoon was Bill Galvin who continually stopped West Seneca backs for losses. Amherst's wonderful school spirit coupled with the efforts of the band, majorettes and our vivacious cheerleaders set the stage for a thrilling I9-O conquest of arch-rival Williamsville. Ironically, this was the same score that Amherst defeated Williamsville last year. Adding to this spectacle was the largest crowd of the season-2500 and Williamsville's beautifully il- luminated football field. Amherst, playing inspired ball, over- came an early VV.C.H.S. scoring threat. The Amherst defensive line was mainly responsible for making a gallant goal line stand holding the Billies on the Amherst 4 yard line until VVilliamsville was forced to give up the ball on downs. Follow- ing Bergman's quick kick, Williamsville's jim Maier broke away for a 40 yard touchdown gallop. A penalty nullified this run. From then on it was all Amherst. The Tigers tallied in the Ist quarter on a beautifully executed 50 yard run by speed merchant, John l.azar. Once in the clear, l.azar outran W.C.S.'s safety man for the score. Bob Rozek's P.A.T. was blocked. The next touchdown was again registered by l.azar hitting over from the 5 yard stripe. Rozek's attempted P.A.T. was blocked again. The next and last score came in the 3rd quarter. It was set up by Lazar's runs of I4 and IO 'ards and an Il yard dash by Junior Dick Starr. Bergman slammed over from the 3. Rozek added the extra point to make the final count I9-O. Defensive stalwarts Bill Galvin, Bob Rozek, and Chuck Mc Nerney played bruising defensive games for the Tigers. Fleet halfback, Dick Ramsey was lost to the team for the remainder of the season due to the serious injury he suffered in this game. Amherst, obviously suffering a let down after the big Wil- liamsville game was dealt its first defeat of the season by a greatly underrated East Aurora squad. Fast Aurora playing inspired ball held a half-time lead of 7-o. Amherst came backin the third period to knot the score 7-7. The Amherst T.D. came on a Bergman to Leighbody aerial covering 25 yards. Bob Rozek added the kick from placement. From then on, however, East Aurora dominated the play, scoring two more touchdowns to make the final score Fast Aurora zo-Amherst 7. A note of irony was injected in this game. Former Amherstorian, Roger Kinchella, paced East Aurora's scoring parade, registering two touchdowns to help beat his former Alma Mater. 55-THE TOWER ' ft M., .. Y - ing.. . , me A We .fa wt, -X if Fir!! row: Ted Nichols, Ed Gibeau, Paul Dahmer, Bill Galvin, George Guenther, Bob Rozek, Dick Leighbodyg Second row: Dick Star, Paul Zinter, Dick Ramsey, Jim Gibson, John Lazar, Kent Bergman. Traditional rival, Hamburg, provided the next opposition fbr the Tigers. The toe of place-kicking star Bob Rozek proved to be the margin of victory as the orange and black eked out a 13-12 victory. Although the score was close, Amherst held a tremendous statistical advantage gaining 280 yards to Ham- burg's ISI. Amherst, with 18 first downs, was far ahead of Hamburg's 4. Hamburg opened the scoring with a 20 yard T.D. pass. Amherst's glue fingered end, Dick Leighbody, set up the first Amherst T.D. with a spectacular catch. Three plays later, Kent Bergman bulled over for the score. Hamburg pulled ahead on a T.D. pass play covering 8 yards. The Tigers came roaring back in the 3rd quarter following the kick off. They marched 72 yards in eight plays to tie the score. The score came on Jim Gibson's II yard T.D. aerial to co-captain, Kent Bergman. Rozek then added the most important place kick of the season to give Amherst the victory. Ed Gibeau, Ted Nichols, Chuck McNerney, Bill Galvin, and Paul Dahmer all played brilliant defensive games for the Tigers. The Depew invaders found it rough going as the Amherst aggregation handed the visitors a 34-12 shellacking. Depew in making its short-lived bid for glory opened the scoring in the 2nd quarter. The Tigers really roared as they came back with 21 points, before the whistle ended the half. jim Gibson, John Lazar, and Dick Starr accounted for the Amherst tallies. Starr scored his T.D. on a 43 yard sprint, which proved to be the longest run of the afternoon. The "Toe," Rozek, added all three kicks from placement. In the 3rd quarter, Depew scored again on an 8 yard pass play. Don Davis, playing .his first game at tailback, scored after setting up his tally with a 25 FOOTBALL SCORES yard run and an 18 yard aerial to Jim Gibson. Bob Dougall concluded the T.D. scoring on a I3 yard sweep around right end. Rozek then added the extra point. In an attempt to draw bigger crowds the Tigers entertained a powerful Lancaster eleven at a IO o'clock morning game. Lancaster playing almost perfect ball dealt the Tigers a 31-7 defeat in the last game of the season. For the eighteen Seniors playing their last game for Amherst it was a bitter defeat. It seemed everything Lancaster did worked good, while anything that Amherst tried did not work out too well. However, the loss was only a poor climax to an already successful season. Amherst's only T.D. was scored in the second period on John Lazar's I4 yard jaunt around left end. Bob Rozek booted the extra point. A great defensive maneuver by co-captain, Jim Gibson almost prevented the second Lancaster score. Gibson was the only Amherst man between the Lancaster ball carrier and the goal line. Adding to the situation was the Lancaster blocker ahead of the runner. Jim made a tremendous tackle on the one yard line. However, the visitors scored on the next play. The half-time score was 12-7 in favor of the invaders. From then on Lancaster dominated the play as indicated in the final score. The Tigers were unique in the fact that they employed a modified two platoon system this year. CTwo platoon system is one in which different players are used on offence rather than on defense.j Also, the team was the second heaviest in the league being outweighed only by the East Aurora eleven. The Average weight ofour line was 170 lbs., while the backheld weighed in at 153 lbs. il 2. Amherst I2 Le Roy 6 Amherst 33 West Seneca 9 Amherst 19 Williamsville o Amherst 7 East Aurora 20 Amherst I3 Hamburg I2 Amherst .34 Depew I2 Amherst -1. Lancaster QE i 125 90 I " THE TOWER- 56 .ff The starting line up for each game consisted for the most part of Left End, Dick Leighbodyg Left Tackle, Bill Galvin, Left Guard, Bob Rozekg Center, Chuck McNerneyg Right Guard, Frank Harlem, Right Tackle, Paul Dahmerq Right End, Ted Nichols, Quarterback, Jim Gibson, Left Halfback, Kent Bergman, Right Halfback, Dick Starr, and Fullback, john Lazar. The fellows who deserve a great deal of credit and often do not receive it, are the linemen. They are the unsung heroes of tl1e gridiron. The forward wall or linemen are chiefly responsible for most of the jarring tackles, and bruising blocks. It is the hard-charging linemen who open the holes enabling the backs to score. Spearheading the Amherst line this year were Bill Galvin, Paul Dahmer, Chuck MeNerney, Frank Harlem, Bob Rozek, Ted Nichols, Bob Hoffman, and Ed Gibeau. Amherst outscored their opponents 125 points to 90 points, while also outgaining them 1593 yards to 1283 yards. The high individual scored were john Lazar with 7 T.D.'s, Kent Berg- Junior Varsity Football X man with 6, jim Gibson with 2, and Bob Rozek with II extra points. Kent Bergman led the ground gaining department with the most yards-438. John Lazar had the best "average gain per carry" with 5.7 yards, followed by Bergman's 4.8 average. Dick Starr was third with a 3.9 average. jim Gibson led the pass receivers with I92 total yards gained. Among those returning to form the nucleus of next year's team are 9 lettermen including, Frank Harlem, Dick Starr, Dick Hoffman, Bill Noeltner, John Mayfield, George Guenther, Bob Galvin, Dick Giolando and Dave Riler. This year's good J.V. squad should fill many of the spots vacated by the grad- uating Seniors. Promising prospects are Mac Campbell, Dave Hegg, Stan Zimba, Gordie Myers, Earl Clements, Bob Sturgess, and high scorer, Harry Goetzman. The outstanding fact of the 1952 football season which will be most remembered and which will go down on the records is the season's overall record. The Tigers finished the football season with a very commendable Won 5-Los! 2 Record. Fin! row: Bob Sturgess, Doug Volgenau, Stan Ziemba, Bruce Schmelzer, Gordon Myers, Dave Hegg, Harry Goetzmann, Dave Earl, hm Sorenson, Bill Schwablg Second row: Jim Albert, Ron Smith, John Sacks, Bob Spelder, Mack Campbell, Neil Anderson, Don Mc- ullcn, Bob Struebing, Bill Martin, Third row: Malcolm Van Dyke, Dick Grando, Harry Scull, Ralph Zwack, John Cummings, Gary Maybee, Earl Clements, Rocky Ford, Lonnie Neilans, Dick Gernold, Bob Coveney, Frank Knox, Mr. Hettler, coach. Coach Bob Hettler's j.V. gridders opened the season with a resounding 47-6 conquest of the West Seneca J.V. squad. In succession followed victories over Nichols, Hamburg, and Williamsville. The Williamsville game marked the first night game of the season for the squad. Playing before a large crowd of 1000 spectators the tigers were victorious by one more point than their varsity brothers winning 20-o. The only loss occurred in the game at Depew in which Depew squeaked by emerging victorious by a 6-o count. This was Amherst's first loss in the last 2 years ofjunior Varsity competition. The team concluded its season with a very fine won 5 lost 1 record as they drubbed Lancaster in the final tilt of the season 25-o. The infant tigers boasted a high scoring aggregation as they racked up I39 points as compared with their opponents' 20. Harry Goetzman was the individual high scorer for the team as he registered 42 points. Outstanding players besides Goetzman included Bob Sturgess, Bruce Schmelzer, Doug Volgeneau, Mac Campbell, Gordie Meyers, Stan Ziemba, David Hegg, Earl Clements, and john Sachs. SCORES Amherst 47 West Seneca 6 Amherst I4 Nichols 2 Amherst 33 Hamburg 6 Amherst 20 Williamsville o Amherst o Depew 6 Amherst L Lancaster -o 139 20 57-THE. TOWER Soccer Coach Bill Wratten's varsity booters opened the 1952 Soccer season with a 6-2 win over invading Holland. Amherst, the defending Erie County Soccer Champions, rolled on whipping Gow School and Williamsville. The first loss of the season occurred at Frontier where the booters dropped a 4-o decision. Next followed victories over North Collins, Holland, Gow School, an 8-8 tie with Orchard Park, and a Io-1 lambasting of Williamsville. Amherst dropped two of their last three games. This was partly due to the fact that these games were played on three successive days October 28, 29, and go. In the second meeting with Orchard Park, Amherst came through with an I1-o win. Frontier Central on the strength of their two Amherst victories went on to win the 1952 Erie County Soccer Championship. It was the First time in 4 years that Amherst failed to win the championship. However, in placing second in the league, Amherst compiled a very commendable 8-3-1 record. The starting line-up consisted of: at the wings: Jim Wrat- ten, Nick Prochoroff, and Rudy Gleason, playing the insides: Gary Runkle and Si Manspeaker, at the halfbacks: Pete TcnBroeck, Bob Holhstcin, and Carleton Hughesg at full- back: Dick Besser and Bob Rodgersg center-halfback Karl Seidlg center Roger Nicholsong and goalie Paul Santmire. Paul did an excellent job in the nets coming through with 5 shutouts. Other varsity players were Bill Jones, Bill Nichol- son, Micky Graver, Chuck Crocco, and Ron Goehle. Varsity Soccer Captain Si Manspeaker led the team in scoring as he es- tablished a new league and scoring record registering 39 points. Gary Runkle was close behind with 24 points. Other boys who scored were Rog Nicholson with 6 points, Karl Seidl with 6 points, Jim Wratten with 4, Nick Prochoroff with 3 and Rudy Gleason with 2. Goals which were worth 1 point last year counted 2 this year. The prospects for next year's team look good. Coming back will be many lettermen led by Gary Runkle, Dick Besser, and Nick Prochoroff supplemented by this year's good Junior Varsity team. SCORES Amherst Holland Amherst Gow School Amherst Williamsville Amherst Frontier Amherst North Collins Amherst Holland Amherst Gow School Amherst Orchard Park Amherst Williamsville Amherst Frontier Amherst Orchard Park Amherst North Collins 5 E lil!! Fin! row: Nick Prochoroff, Gary Runckel, Si Manspeaker, Roger Nicholson, jimmy Wratteng Second row: Dick Besser, Bob Hohl- stein, Karl Seidl, Peter TenBroeck, Bob Rogers, Paul Santmireg Third row: Mr. Wratten, coach, Bill Nicholson, Ron Goehle, Charles Croco, Mike Graver, Bill Tozier, Bill Roberts, Bill Jones, Louie Shosho. THE TOWER- 58 The 1952 junior Varsity Soccer team completed a very successful season last fall under the capable direction of coach Bob Parr, winning six, losing one, and tying three. This record was good enough to win the junior Varsity Soccer League. Highlights of the season were the double victories registered over Williamsville, and Orchard Park. Against Holland Am- herst won one and tied one. The only loss ofthe campaign occurred at the hands of Frontier. In their other game with Fron- tier Central the Junior Tigers fought to a draw. With North Collins providing the opposition, Amherst won one and tied one. Roger Wilhelm led the team in scor- ing, racking up I5 points. Other outstand- ing players included Rick Kreidler, Craig Wratten, Paul Schonewolf, Don Burlakas, and goalie Bill Powell. ,I.V. Soccer QI! Firrl row: Don Hackett, Fd Pettis, Bill Bellanca, Bill Powell, Archie Dean, Carl Palmer, Eugene I.impinsel: Second row: Bill Tambacas, Red Adams, Quong YVong, Paul Schonewolf, Ricky Kridler, Roger Wilhelm, Craig Wratten, Don Burlakos, Dick Hohlsteing Third row: Denny Trudell, jerry Baetzhold, Dick Chappell, Paul Kramer, Mr. Parr, adviser, Ross Hayes, Bob Linkner, Mat Oris, Herb Streng. Cross ountr VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY l"irJl rmtz' Tom Cree, Bill Hopkins, Brian Howard, John I,aughlandg Second row: Ifoster lNIcAllester, Ted Totman, Bruce Wells, I.en johnson, Rich DuBois: Third row: lNIr. Munson, coachg Bob Manske, joe Coveney, Bob Voelkle, manager. Q, Qf?5uu-A-- SCORES Amherst 26 Hamburg 30 Amherst I8 East Aurora 37 Amherst 35 Brighton 25 Amherst 15 West Seneca 50 Amherst 36 Olean IX BARKER FAIR DAY RUN Amherst 74 Olean 68 Hamburg 169 Other opponents 175-288 OA KFI HID INVl'l'A'I'IONAI. RUN Amherst 74 Olean 54 Other opponents 95-277 SECTION VI CHAMPIONSHIPS Amherst 68 Opponents 52-274 x - ' A 74419 59-THE TOWER Varsity Cross Country The 1952 Cross-Country team, ably coached by Mr. Munson, had a mediocre season last fall as they were victorious in only 3 out of5 dual meets. The harriers were somewhat hampered by the fact that only two of the meets were held on the home course. However, the team had a better season than indicated in its won-lost record be- cause they placed second in the Barker Fair Day and Oakfneld Invitational Runs in which I2-I4 different schools were competing. The highlight of the season for the team was the 2nd place finish in the last and largest meet of the year-the Section VI Class AAA champion- ships held at Holland, New York. Olean's great distance ace Bill Subjeck won, establishing a new standard of 12:20. Tyler Lewis and Bruce Wells finished 2nd and 4th respectively both under the old record. Brian Howard turned in a com- mendable performance placing 13th. The harriers were captained this year by Bob Manske. The end of the cross-country season brought to a close the high school careers of two of the best distance runners yet produced by J.V. Cross Country Amherst-Tyler Lewis, and Bruce XVells. They were responsible for cracking just about every district record around. Lewis knocked 32 seconds off the Amherst course record in the Hamburg meet as he sped the 2.4 miles in the sizzling time of I2:46.I. VVells was right on his tail breaking the record also, with a clocking of I3:o7.8. The old record of 13:27 was formerly held by Barry Brown of Brighton High School. Tyler and Bruce by their performances in the sectionals qualified for the state championships at Schenectady, New York. Lewis came through with a tremendous 12111 place-the I2lh best distance runner in the state of New York! His performance was the best that an Amherst runner has ever accomplished in the State Championships. The major letter winners included Joe Coveney, Bill Hopkins, Brian Howard, Len johnson, john Laughland, lfoster McAllester, Bob Manske, and the three freshman flashes-Tom Cree, Rick DuBois, and Ted Totman. A three-bar major letter went to Ty Lewis and a four-bar one to Bruce Wells. . -l Fin! row: Ray Johnson, Steven Staggs, Peter Scheler, Dave Batson, Roger Borthy, Dave Farrow, Second row: John Gillis, Ronald Greiner, David Spann, Chris Law- son, Bob Cook, Arthur Hannel, Tom Osborne, Bruce Pfeiffer, Third row: Kenny Blackwell, Don Hachten, Henry Chudy, Al Harvey, Ira Striejewske, Dave Lums- den, Norm Wolf, Mr. Munson, coach. THE TOWER-60 ii!- Junior High Cross Country Wrestling Coach john Gelsinger's crew with only lettermen jim Gibson and Chuck Cederman returning from last 'ear's championship squad successfully began the defense of, their Western New York VVrestling Crown by registering a 26-22 victory over host Clarence in the seas0n's opener. The first loss ofthe season occurred at Hamburg, the Bulldogs squeak- ing through with a 25-22 win. The grunt and groan boys ab- sorbed the worst shellacking ofthe season in their first match with W'est Seneca, being taken 35-6. VVest Seneca went on to win the Erie County lnterscholastic Wrestling Conference title with Il wins and I tie. The highlight of the season came in the last match of the season in which the grapplers reversed an early season defeat by Depew, victoriously concluding their campaign with an upset 27-x6 win. The co-captains of this year's team were jim Gibson and Russ Bardin. jim Gibson remained undefeated in regular season competition, registering 4 pins and 6 decisions. He missed the First two meets due to a concussion suffered in football. On the wings of their Depew victory, the wrestlers clinched .ith place in the Erie County lnterscholastic Wrestling Con- ference with a record of 5 wins and 7 losses. jim Gibson led the way in the scoring department racking up 38 points during the regular season. He was closely fol- lowed by Chuck Cederman with 30 points and Russ Bardin Firxt row: Chester Weir, Gerald Terch, Charles Adams, jim Petrie, jimmy Wrat- ten, john Harbisong Second row: Bob Sturgess, Charles Cederman, Frank Har- lem, jimmy Gibson, Carlton Hughes, Al Zielen, Dave Shuckg Third row: Ken Blackwell, Doug Volgenau, Gary VVatson, Don Lindsey, Ron Armstrong, Frank Parsons, Russel Bardin, Henry Sperry, Andy lfchcvarria, Al Kurth, Mr. Gel- singer-adviser. First row: james Laugh- land, Lin Allis, Robert Craig, Ronald Pellman, Fred Smeader, Gerald Far- rowg Second row: Mr. Bow- man, coach, james Denny, Ben Elliot, john Oehler, Roger Hyde, David Orcutt, Russell Barber, Daniel Don- aldson. with 28. Rounding out the 5 highest scorers are Carleton Hughes with 25 points and Bob Sturgess with 24 points. Bob Rozek, although not one of the 5 top scorers was outstanding with 23 points. Wrestlers from approximately 16 schools competed in the New York State Section VI wrestling championships held at West Seneca High School March 13th and 14th. Amherst led by Chuck Cederman and Chuck Adams won the Class AAA trophy. Cederman placed second in the 120 lb. class to lead the Amherst grapplers. Adams also showed well placing 4th in the 112 lb. division. CLASS VVRESTLER bLi,s's5 Ch t w ' SCORES D ' es er. el' Amherst 26 Clarence 22 103 -leafy illcrgho Amherst 22 Hamburg 25 H2 gfiunl gdlson Amherst ti West Seneca 35 Iihlr 'Sch img Amherst I4 Depew 28 120 Cgwk Clif Amherst 48 Williamsville 5 127 Bogcsl C crman Amherst 44 Williamsville 5 H3 Ji Glggcss Amherst 30 Clarence 2l ,238 Cm, I' 54: l 5 Amherst I7 Hamburg 22 M5 Far EROS luglcs Amherst lti Ort hard Pk. 20 A132 har cm Amherst I6 West Seneca 25 Garyuvvatgon Amherst I4 Orchard Pk. 23 I54 Henry Sperry Amherstfz Depew Doug Volgenau . Don Lindsey 280 247 l65 Bob Rozek 175 Russ Bardin Heavy Frank Parsons Basketball 4 xi . .lack littlclicld, Les Anderson, Chuck hlcNerney, Richard Bcsser, Roger Nicholson, Gcorgc Guenther, Dick Hoffman, Holm Galvin, Brucc Schmclzcr, l.c0 Barnes, Kc-nt Bergman, Edward Stillwcll, 'lcd Nichols, Mr. Hctrlcr, coach. Amhcrst Ainhcrst Ainlicrst A in hcrst Am hcrst AlllllL'I'Sf Amhcrst :Xinhcrsr AI1llIl'I'Sf Amhcrst :Xmhcrst 6 54 FU 58 67 76 574 57 F5 75 UN Iv, U TH F TC DWFRM 62 SCOR ICS Dcpcw 48 l.ancastcr 43 Clcvuland Hill 33 Wcst Scucca 51 Attica 49 Frontier 46 lfast Aurora jl Hamburg 46 Attica 51 Williamsville go Dcpcw 5: Amhcrst Amhcrst Amhcrst Amhcrsr Amherst Amherst Amherst Amhcrst nj F4 KU N7 SN S6 Cl IIf'1O 3 3 I?,'1'Slx'ETBALL CO-CAPTAINS Chuck McNerney, Mr. Hettlcr, coach, Edward Stillwell. POST --ng S FA SON Clcvc-land llill Nlcst Scncca l.ancastcr lfast Aurora l lllllllillfg lfronricr Xlillianlsvillc Niagara lfalls 1- 40 45 RR 5.1 70 Hi fwfr H110 ll.S. 68 f Q sl C -1154 Ulu. -053 Varsit ' Basketball The 11151-CjL'tllIlUl1UI the Amherst Central Varsity' basket- hall teatn hail a remarleahle season this year. They were vie- torious in is out of is eontests, ilropping only one regular season game. This yearls eagers were unique in several resneets. They hail the honor anti privilege to he the first team in Ani- herst history to eompete in our new' gym. It is hopeil that future teams will earry on the winning preeetlent set hy the fellows who proutlly wore the orange antl lvlaela eolors to rietory this year. livery sehool has a tratlitional tight song, eheer, or hugle "eharge" w hieh rallies the athletes to a eompetitive peak en- ahling them to eome through vietorions in a erueial game. The numher "QS" will go tlown in the hooles as one ol' the makior taetors that eontrihutetl to a winning season for the io::-:lg squzul. This magieal numlwer was instrumental in attaining at least seven ot' their w'ins tluring the season. The Amherst tix e oivenetl the season with a 54748 conquest of host llepew. Center Qihuele NleNerney hoopetl for lo points while litl Stillwell eliimetl in with Il markers. The starting lineup eonsistetl for the most part offenter: fliuelt Nlexerney , l.eft lforwattlz llieli llesser, Right lforwartlz Roger Nieholson, l,etit Uuartl: Kent llergman, antl Right flnaril: litl Stillwell. lhe tigers were somewhat hamperetl hy the taet that their tirst tive lvallgames were plaxetl awav. This was due to the ineompleteness of the new gym at this time. The tigers eame through magnitieently winning all tive lvaskethall games. I hey elefeatetl l,aneaster 56-43, Clevelantl llill 58.3-g, XXI-st Seneea 07-51,antlAttiea7o-4o. The tigers openetl their home season against lfrontier vlan, uary oth. The eagers matle their ileliut in the new gym a winning one as they lanoeleetl lfrontier from the unheaten ranks 58.46. Nlexerney letl the seorers registering IH points. Roger Nicholson, lliela llesser, antl litl Stillwell eat li rontrilv- utetl Il points apieee. Sophomore stantlout llrute Sthmeller was sensational on tlefense as he limitetl l"rontier's aee Yinee Yzteahueei to a single tieltl goal iluring the seeontl half ol the hallgame. Amherst next tlownetl liast Aurora at home :T--qi. Chuela Nlexerney antl Rog Nieholson were the liig guns as they seoretl to antl ii points respectively. The Amherst tive elimlietl to a valiant gt-46 eoiutuest of llamhurg in an uphill hattle in their next game. l'aeetl hy lliek Besser, who letl a fourth quarter rally with eight points, the team eame from hehintl to tlefeat the insinretl llamhurg aggregation. Entering the tinal quarter, host Amherst letl hy only one point, .to-35. lt was at this point when Dick llesser antl Bruce Sehmelzer put the game on iee for the tigers. liesser seoretl four times, inelutling two one hantl jump shots for eight points, while Sehmelzer tallieil on three more oeeasions for six points. Dick liesser leil the team in seoring for the first time of the season garnering I7 points. lftl Stillwell antl Chuelt Me- Nerney eaeh hail to points. Amherst raeltetl up its seeontl win Left to right: Charles MeNerney, Richard Besser, Kent Bergman, Roger Nicholson, Ed Stillwell, Mr. Hettler, coach. 63 -THE TOWER Varsity Basketball against Attica January 23, emerging victorious 75-52. Before a standing room only crowd at Williamsville January 30 the Amherst contingent soundly whipped the Billies by a 68-50 score. Leading the scoring barrage were Chuck McNerney with 23 points, Dick Besser with I5 points, Rog Nicholson with 13, and Ed Stillwell with II points. Invading Depew provided the next opposition. The tigers suffering somewhat ofa letdown after the big Williamsville game had to rally with a 24 point fourth quarter scoring spree to clinch the game 63-52. However, Depew never led after the opening minutes of play, although they did succeed in drawing within a point of the Tigers, 45-46 with only five minutes remaining in the game. Chuck McNerney was again high for Amherst with 21 points, while Kent Bergman tallied 14, seven of which came in the final quarter. Dick Besser also helped out contrib- uting I2 markers. The Amherst cagers trounced visiting Cleve- land Hill 67-40 in their next encounter with Chuck McNerney clicking for his highest total of the campaign up to this time. He poured 27 points through the nets. Rog Nicholson hooped for 16 points. Playing West Seneca on Friday, February 13, the tigers came through with their 13th straight win of the season, by downing the invaders 54-45. Rog Nicholson shared scoring honors with Chuck McNerney in this game each boy register- ing I5 tallies. Amherst entertained visiting Lancaster in the next encounter prevailing by a 39-33 score. The tigers had trouble scoring against Lancaster's possession type game. However, the Amherst defense led by Kent Bergman suc- ceeded in stealing the ball on numerous occasions thus filling the offensive slack. The Lancaster team, after having led 14-8 at the end of the first quarter, scored but one field goal in the second and third periods. Dick Besser was high man for the victors with I3 points. The cagers reached the second highest team total of the campaign February 20th when they poured 87 points through the nets to batter the Blue Devils of East Aurora into submis- sion by an 87-53 verdict. Four players hit for double figures and three more were only one basket from that mark. McNer- ney and Nicholson topped the scoring parade with 16 and I5 points respectively, with most of the two pointers being set up on passes from Ed Stillwell and Kent Bergman. Sophomore Bruce Schmelzer was also outstanding as he collected IO points and snared many rebounds. The undefeated Tigers clinched the Division I Champion- ship of the Erie County lnterscholastic Basketball Confer- ence by beating host Hamburg in their next game, 88-70. The Amherst five on the strength of Chuck McNerney's brilliant performance raced to their 16th victory of the season without a loss. McNerney sparkled as he whipped 33 points through the hoop. Chuck's 33 points fell only 2 short of the school record set by the great Roy Fowler last year. Besser was also outstanding as he hooped for I9 markers. This game also marked the team's highest score of the season as they sent 88 fiery points swirling through the basket. The second non-league encounter with Frontier was con- tested Tuesday March 3rd at Frontier. Continuing on their blistering scoring pace, the tigers racked up their 17th consecu- tive win of the season defeating the Frontiersmen 86-81. This THE TOWER- 64 was the third time in the last three games that the tigers had registered over 80 points. Dick Besser showed the way as he played his finest game of the season. He racked up his best individual tally also scoring a tremendous 23 points. McNerney followed closely with 21. Kent Bergman had 16 points while Rog Nicholson had 13. Playing their third game within a week the tigers played host to Williamsville in the season's final league game Friday March 6th. A win in this game would have meant an undefeated season for the cagers. But, Williamsville playing with the de- termination ofthe underdog upset the tigers 66 to 52 before a capacity crowd of 1500 in the Amherst gymnasium. The Billie victory shattered the tigers' I7 game winning streak. It marked the second time in three years that WHS has broken an Am- herst victory string. In the 1950-51 season Frank Tuzzolino's Billies stopped an Amherst skien of I5 consecutive wins. Kent Bergman played the most outstanding game of his high school basketball career as he performed brilliantly in a losing cause. Almost single-handed he kept the tigers in the game with great skill and all-round prowess. He led both teams in scoring that night registering an excellent 24 points. The tigers engaged the Niagara Frontier League basketball champions-Niagara Falls High School in a game played at the University of Buffalo gymnasium Tuesday March 17th. The winner competed for the Section VI Class AAA title of New York State in Memorial Auditorium March QISI. The N.F.L. champs proved a little too much for the tigers as they sunk them 68-38. Niagara Falls went on to win the Section VI title by downing Jamestown in the final. The Amherst live boasted a high scoring aggregation this year as they rolled up a grand total of 1160 points in 1 8 regular season basketball games. Their opponents had considerably less only scoring 890 points. The team was captained by seniors Chuck McNerney and Ed Stillwell. Pivotman McNerney also led in the individual scoring statistics amassing a total of 362 points for a 20.1 average in 18 regular season games. He was followed by Dick Besser who connected for 187 points for a 10.4 average in 18 games. Roger Nicholson was very close to Besser with 180 points for a 10.0 average. Kent Bergman scored 160 points for an 8.9 average. Ed Stillwell was next with 142 points for a 7.9 average. Sophomore Bruce Schmelzer hit for 60 points for a 3.3 average. One of the reasons Amherst always comes up with winning basketball combinations is the excellence of its coaches. In eight years as mentor of the Amherst Central basketball teams, Bob Hettler coached teams have won or tied for seven league titles! In the last four years coach Bob Hettler has guided the Amherst basketball forces to 67 stunning victories while only absorbing IO defeats! This is an incredible record! Basketball honors were bestowed upon several members of this year's squad. Chuck McNerney was named for the second straight year to the Division I Erie County Interscholastic Conference All Star team. He was selected as the honorary captain. Ed Stillwell also nailed down an All'Star berth, with Roger Nicholson receiving a forward position on the second team. Honorable mention honors were bestowed upon Dick Besser and Kent Bergman. -Q 'L J.V. Basketball The junior Varsity basketball team had il tremendous season winning I6 hallgames nhile only losing 2. 'l'heirtu'o losses occurred in early season games. The junior Tigers opt-tietl their season heating llepew in a tight tontest -lil--12. 'lihe first deleat occurred in the next gaine, as Lantaster t'egiste1'ed a Fil--IN xittory. lhe liigers really showed their lighting spirit in their second game with Lancaster whipping them 58-27. On Decem- lDL'l' llith, West Seneca handed the j.V.'stheir setond and last tleteat of the caiupaign pre- xailing hy a -15-42 store. 'l he infant Tigers atonetl for this deleat in their next game with West Seneta, lietoming victorious by a 511-42 11-rtlitt. l'he team improved consider- ably during the season, winning their last H haskethall games. Especially noted was the rapid itnprovernent of pivotnian Dave llegg. 'lhe ,l.Y.'s not only showed their fihilily to tome from behind, but they also shoved the ahility to work well as a unit. Roh Geier lu-taine the highest scoring ,l.V. basketball plaxer in Amherst history as he 1llllllSSt'll a total of Zlil points for a ll.8 axerage. Jllllx Krew was setond in total points, scoring M2 for a 7.9 average. Because Dave llegg plated in only lil games, he had at hetter att-rage registering lllti points for an H2 average, Other outstanding players Iwsitles Geyer. Krew, and Hegg included I'aul Sthonenolf, Don llurlakus, and Bill St liwahl, Firxt row: Gordie Myers, Robert Lindberg, Don Hurlakos, jack Kress, Dave Hegg, Robert Geyer, Paul Schonewolfg Second row: Craig lvratten, Chris Lawson, SCORES: Amhegst 43 Depew 42 Amherst 48 Lancaster 51 Amherst L27 Cleve. Hill 36 Amherst 42 W. Seneca 45 Amherst 38 Attica 25 Amherst 50 Frontier 30 Amherst 4.3 li. Aurora 33 Amherst 42 Hamburg 35 Amherst 48 Attica 26 Amherst oz Wmsville 48 Amherst 48 Depew 45 Amherst 56 Cleve. Hill 42 Amherst 51 W. Seneca 42 Amherst 58 Lancaster 27 Amherst 42 E. Aurora 32 Amherst 47 Hamburg 45 Amherst 51 lfrontier 45 Amherst S7 Wmsville 33 804 681 Freshman Basketball Bill Schwabl, jon Sorenson, Archie Dean, David liarl, Peter 'l'enBroeck, Dick Gernold, Rick DuBois, Mr. Wratten. coach, john Gaunder, The frosh basketball team under coach Schaefer had an excellent season winning 8-and losing 3. They opened the season with Z1 31-23 conquest of Akron. Their win- ning streak of 7 straight games without a loss was broken by Lancaster in the eighth game. Lancaster prevailed in a close contest 35-34. In the last game ofthe season the freshman flashes lost a 27-20 decision to arch-rival Williamsville, after beating the Billies earlier in the campaign 23-21. 1"ir.ttIfow: Terry Malony, Bill Hodson, Bob Craig, Carleton Palmer, Denny Trudell, Bill Linkner, joe Robertsg Sf-tmui row: Paul Ross, Peter Chudy, Arno Wittig, john Brunner, Mack Campbell, lfred Manske, Mike Barnes, Robert Noon, jake Schaef- er, Third row: Tyler Dunn, David Baldwin, John Oehl r, lNl'k- l", ' k, R b' t , Cummings, Roger Kobee, Pete Schmitt, Henry Chudy. C I L unc O U 'I SCORES Amherst Akron 23 Amherst Cheektowaga No. io 41 Amherst Lancaster 18 Amherst Clarence I5 Amherst Depew 21 Amherst Vlilliamsville 21 Amherst Akron 12 Amherst Lancaster 35 Amherst Clarence 32 Amherst Depew 41 Amherst Williamsville 27 383 286 Swimmin --v-111:11 p- 391 1 l . is A l 7 l A 1 g l if an 'fs ff, f ,, -t, f ,. '-: ,. J t , XM- - Firft row: Mr. Tierney, coach, Bob Manske, Don Davis, Walt Manske, Philip Barber, Paul Santmire, Karl Seidlg Serond row: Len johnson, John Mayfield, Bob Hohlstein, Bill O'Connell, Bob Haas, Bill Nicholson Roger Priore, mgr. ' Varsity wimming Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst VARSITY SWIMMING SCORES 49 44 51 45 57 58 4,0 SI 43 CO 493 Clarence Kenmore West Seneca Williamsville Cleveland Hill Clarence Kenmore West Seneca WYilliamsville Cleveland Hill 17 Z2 9 8 26 15 18 16 15 '1 167 The Varsity Swimming team, ably coached by Mr. Tierney, won its first swim title in Amherst Central aquatic history. ln so doing, the mermen who were competing for the Hrst time in the Matt Mann Swimming league, smashed 5 school records in addition to completing Amherst's first undefeated swim sea- son. It marked the first time in 22 years that an Amherst swimming team had gone undefeated. 'lihe tankmen won 8 league and 2 non-league meets for a 10-O-o record. This year's mermen were without a doubt the hnest ever to represent Amherst. The swimmers opened the history making season with a resounding 49-17 conquest of host Clarence Cen- tral. In this meet the medley relay trio of backstroker Paul Santmire, breaststroker XYalt hlanske, and freestyler Karl Seidl established a new Amherst school record of I2jI.1 for the 150 yard medley relay. The old standard of 1131.8 was set in 1948 by Nlaehlurray, Siegfried, and McCain. Amherst en- gaged Kenmore in their next meet trouncing the invaders 44-22. junior Bolt llohlstein established a new loo yard free style record in this meet Cruising the distance in 2:15.21 seconds. In so doing he defeated Kenmore's eaptaiii lfv Smethurst who was unbeaten up to this point. Paul Santmire registered his best performance of the year in his specialty the loo yard baek. stroke, streaking under the wire with a scorching time of 1106.3 seconds. llis blistering pace was only 1.8 seconds oil' the N.lf'.I.. record of 1:O.t.5 set by Amlit-rst's Dick Reidle in 1937. In the next meet ofthe season the mermen trounced previously unbeaten Xvest Seneca 51-15. The medley trio of Santmire, YV. Manske, and Seidl established a new record of 1:1o.o in the no yard test. In the Williamsville meet, invading Amherst scored a 4511.1 victory. Karl Seidl buzzed the 40 yard freestyle in :1o.3seeon1ls for his fastest time of the year in that event. 'lihe 120 yard medley team of Santmire, Don Davis, and Seidl broke the old record of 1:10.0 set in the West Seneca meet, with a 1:o9.4 clocking. Amherst downed Cleveland Hill january 28th 57-9 in the loser's pool. Karl Seidl swam the fastest 50 yards of his career, by sprinting the distance in the lightning like time of :25.8 seconds for a new Amherst Central High School record. The old record of 1231.2 set in the first meet of the season was broken in the ISO yard medley race as Paul Santmire, Don Davis, and Karl Seidl established a new mark of 1:29.4 seconds. February 4th the tigers registered their 6th straight win defeating Clarence 58-8. Paul Santmire splashed to his fastest league time in the IOO yard backstroke, blazing in with a 1:o6.6 seconds clocking. The tiger 160 yard freestyle relay quar- tet of Bob Manskc, Phil Barber, Bill O'Connell, and Karl Seidl recorded the best relay time in the league up to this time, splashing to a 1:25.7 clocking. The highlight of the season came on the night of February 13th Clfridayl in the Kenmore tank. Amherst had never beaten Kenmore in their own pool. Bob Hohlstein was magnificent as he again defeated Kenmore's captain Fv Smethurst wreck- ing his own record of 2:15.8 by 3.9 seconds. The new standard established by Hohlstein was a brilliant 2:1 1.9 seconds! The meet witnessed by a large screaming crowd saw Amherst lead- ing by 7 points going into the final relay. If the Blue-Devils had won the last "big relay" the final verdict would have been a draw 33-33. The relay quartet of Bob Hohlstein, Bob Manske, Bob Haas, and Bill O'Connell came through in the clutch however, to win the race and the meet. In so doing, the relay men churned to a new record, establishing an Amherst school mark of 1:48.5 for the 200 yard distance. The final score of the meet was AMHHRST 40 KENMORE 26. Amherst defeated West Seneca in the next meet 51-15, in the loser's tank. VVest Seneca went on to capture second place in the Matt Mann League. Since swimming records are only made to be broken the 150 yard medley relay ofPaul Santmire, Don Davis, and Karl Seidl shattered their own record of 1129.4 set on january 28th by a full second blazing the distance in a fiery 1128.4 seconds. An outstanding performance was wit- nessed in the loo yard breaststroke, as Terry Wilson just up from the j.V. ranks captured the century in the fastest time 0' the league. He splashed the distance in an excellent time of 1:I3.8. The tigers next defeated the Billies from YVilliamsville prevailing by a 48-18 decision. Bob Haas became coach Tier- ney's first man to break a minute in the loo yard freestyle as .I.V. Swimming Team Bob sped the distance in the very creditable time of :59.9 seconds. The Amherst 16o yard freestyle relay quartet of Bob Hohlstein, Bob Manske, Bob Haas, and Karl Seidl came within 2 seconds of the school record set in 1939 as they swam the distance in the sparkling time of 1:23.8 seconds. The tiger mermen concluded their season drowning Cleve- land Hill in the final meet 50-16. The Amherst 120 yard medley relay team of Paul Santmire, Walt Manske, and Karl Seidl smashed the old standard of 1:o9.4 set on January 16th lower- ing it in the fine time of I:O8.l. Five seniors concluded their high school swimming careers in this meet. They were Karl Seidl and Bob Manske who placed 1-2 in the 40 yard freestyle, Don Davis who won the 1oo yard breaststroke in the fastest time of his career-1:14.3 and finished second in the diving, Paul Santmire who captured the loo yard backstroke, and Walt Manske who swam on the record-breaking relay team. The five highest scorers on this year's team were Karl Seidl with 68 points, Paul Santmire with 64 points, Bob Hohlstein with 60, Don Davis with 57, and first-year man Bob Haas with 5o points. Other high scorers included Walt Manske with 39 points, Bob Manske with 33 points, Bill Nicholson with 32, and Bill O'Connell with 27 points. Seidl in pacing the scorers also only lost one race in two years of varsity competition as he racked up 23 wins in 24 starts. Divers Bill Nicholson and Don Davis showed considerable improvement this year. Nicholson should prove to be one of coach Tierney's mainstays next year. The tigers boasted a high scoring aggregation this year regis- tering 493 points as compared with their opponents' 167. No opposing team scored more than 26 points in any of the meets this year. The Junior Varsity swimming team had only 3 meets this year due to the fact that most of the Matt Mann l.cague teams did not have j.V. squads. In the first J.V. meet the infant tigers gained a 28-28 tie with invading Kenmore. However, the Junior Blue Devils scored a 35-22 victory in their own tank, for the F1rstj.V. loss of the campaign in the second meet- ing between the two schools. The tiger mermen won all 6 events in their meet with the West Seneca j.V., therefore winning the meet rather handily. Outstanding swimmers in- cluded Ray Johnson, Bill Hopkins, Rocky Ford, Dave Fogg, Don Hachton, Paul Collins, and Doug Mclean. Ray Johnson became the fastest freshman sprinter that Mr. Tierney has ever had, churning the 40-yard freestyle in the excellent time of :22.3 seconds. cg.. f .ff Y- J First row: Malcolm- Van Dyke, Peter. Elskamp, Don Glynn, Dick Hohlstein, Dave Farrow, Second row: Bill Hopkins, John Filsinger, Bob Struebmg, Don Hackten, James Hofmeister, Norman Wolf, Third row: Terry 67'-THE TOWER Wilson, Ray Johnson, Rocky Ford, Dave Fogg, Don Maurer, Dick Chappell, Doug MacLean. Bowling Firrl row: Melvin Lehr, mgr., Tom Trimble, Bill Bellanca, Philip Hedges, Foster McAllcster, Dale Henson, Ellwood Friedrich: Second row: Bob Toth, Lantry jane- cck, Art Hannel, Mr. Newman, Art Hinckley, Ken Jahraus, Chuck Specht. VARSITY BOWLING The 1952-I95j Amherst Bowling Team, under the able leadership of coach Wal- ter Newman, greeted only two returning lettermen out of last year's squad. They were Phil Hedges and Foster McAllister. The keglers opened the season at Hamburg suffering a 2-1 loss. The tigers fought back in the second meeting between the two schools downing Hamburg 3-O for their first and only win of the season. The keglers were outclassed in total points 23-7 during the course of the season. The high team score came in the second Hamburg game as the team racked up a total of 1477 pins. Compared with other years the bowlers were right up there, but the competition in this year's league was exceptionally rugged. Varsity lettermen included freshman Tom Trimble, sophomores Bill Bellanca, Ellwood Friedrich: juniors lfoster McAl- lister, Dick Hutchinsong and senior Bob Toth. Foster McAllister led the team with a 140 average. Bob Toth rolled a 211 game for high single honors, while he also had the best two game total carding a 380. SCORES Amherst 1 Hamburg 2 Amherst 0 Cleveland Hill 3 Amherst 1 Clarence 2 Amherst o Depew 3 Amherst o W. Seneca 3 Amherst 3 Hamburg o Amherst 1 Clarence 2 Amherst I W. Seneca 2 Amherst o Cleveland Hill 3 Amherst o Depew 3 7 33 THE TOWER- 68 1. -lf- Track f'- A Fin! row: Norm VVolf, mgr.q Bill Skinner, Ev Boyce, Barry Allis, Jack Foley, Dick Ferrick, Don Kern, Bruce Quinbyg Second row: Brian Howard, Walt Manske, Bruce Wells, Dick Ursitti, John Lazar, Len johnson, Tyler Lewis, Dick Ramsey, Pete Murphy, mgr.g Third row: Mr. Bergman, coach: Don Davis, Joe Coveney, Ron Het- rich, Bill Galvin, Ed Gibeau, Bob Manske, Don Rice, Dave Lurisden, Paul Dahmer, Mr. Munson, coach. VARSITY TRACK - 1952 - The 1952 Cindermen opened the defense of their Western New York Intermediate Track and Field crown by registering a 63-41 victory over Trott Vocational of Niagara Falls. Next followed dual meet victories over Batavia, Hamburg, East Aurora, and Dunkirk. The last two meets were the big ones: The conference championships and the Sectionals. Amherst compiled 50M points to gain her second straight West- ern New York Intermediate Conference Track and field Title May 24, 1952. Amherst emerged victorious in six of the twelve events, which were contested in a driving rain. Don Kern turned in the only double triumph for the tigers winning the Ioo yard and 220 yard dashes. Dick Ferrick, who was switched from the 440 was crowned the half-mile champion as he edged Hamburg's Ronne Fry and Amherst's Walt Manske prevailing in the good time of 2:1o.6. The ISO yard hurdles Test was won by Bill Skinner, the pole vault by Don Davis, and the broad jump by Norb Beyer. The Section VI championships were held at Kenmore. This meet was the toughest of all since Amherst was competing with schools in the strong Niagara Frontier League. Although Am- herst placed fifth in the meet which was won by Niagara Falls, the Orange and Black came through with some excellent indi- vidual efforts. Don Kern turned in his best performance in the 220 yard dash placing third with an excellent time of 23.5 seconds. Dick Ursitti and Norb Beyers placed third and fourth respectively in the broad jump. Tyler Lewis ran the fastest mile of his career placing fourth with a sparkling 4:48.2 mile. The Amherst relay quartet composed of john Lazar, Dick Ramsey, Bruce Quinby, and anchorman Ron Hettich turned in their best performance of the year also, as they blazed the 880 yards in 1:35.7 seconds-two seconds faster than they had been doing all year. This was good enough for third place in an event which North Tonawanda won establishing a new record of 1:34.3 One of the greatest feats of athletic courage in the annals of A.C.H.S. sports was witnessed in this meet. Pole vaulter Don Davis suffered a knee injury earlier in the meet in the hurdles event. Although his knee was heavily bandaged he still suffered excruciating pain when he ran. Don not only tied for first place with Lockport's Don Saxton Cwhieh would have been a great accomplishment in itselfl but he also leaped a tremendous II feet-exactly one foot better than his previ- ous best performance. The honor of high scorer went to Bill Skinner who racked up a total of SQM points. Close behind was Don Kern with 54M points. Rounding out the top 5 scorers were Don Davis with 37 points, Capt. Dick Ferrick 35 points, and Norb Beyer with 28 points. VARSITY TRACK SCORES Amherst 63 Trott 41 Amherst S5 Batavia 14 Amherst 69 Hamburg 35 Amherst 82 East Aurora 22 Amherst 67 Dunkirk 37 CONFERENCE MEET Amherst 5oM Opponents 36M to 8M Serlion VI .Veer Amherst I2 Opponents 34 to 4 69 -THE TOWER A Baseball First raw: Ed Stillwell, Jim Gibson, Jerry Thuman, George Paine, Si Manspeakerg Second row: Kent Bergman, Richard Krischan, Bob Paine, Sal Savarinog Third row: Mr. Wratten, coachg Karl Seidl, Chuck McNernev. Al Weigel, Skippy Gates, Dick Giolando, Elmer Haas. Baseball 1952 Varsity Baseball coach Bill Wratten was greeted last spring by 6 returning lettermen including Karl Seidl fAmherst batting king of 19515, Bob Payne, Jerry Thuman, Bill Stillinger, Ed Stillwell, and Charles CSkipi Gates. The team got off to a fast start winning their first 5 games before suffering a 3-4 reversal to a good East Aurora nine. The squad, however, seemed to run out of gas at the end of the season losing three of their last live games. The starting lineup consisted of Ist base Chuck McNerney alternating with Dick Krischang ind base George Payne alter- nating with jerry Thumang 3rd base ,lim Gibsong short stop Bill Stillinger alternating with Kent Bergman, catcher Ed Stillwellg Left field Karl Seidlg center field Bob Payne alternat- ing with jerry Thumang and right field Sal Savarino. The pitch- ing corps included Al Weigel, Skip Gater, Chuck McNerney, Si Manspeaker, and Dick Krischan. Highlights of the season were 2 victories over Hamburg and West Seneca. The final game of the season was a battle between the two best teams in the league-Amherst and West Seneca for the Northern Erie County Baseball Championship. Am- herst was favored to win because they had taken West Sen- eca earlier in the year to the tune of IO-I. The W.S. Indians, however, had different ideas and played inspired ball to beat the tigers 6-1. West Seneca went on to win the Section VI Class AA Baseball Title. Al Weigel was the pitching sensation of the league as he hurled five consecutive games without a single walk, finishing the season with an excellent won 6-lost 1 record. Weigel struck out 64 men in 47-QX3 innings and showed a remarkable earned run average of I.-'13 runs per game. Gates registered a THE TOWER- 70 won 3-lost 2 record, while Chuck McNerney chalked up 1-1 pitching record. The individual Amherst batting championship went to Kent Bergman who hit .467 on seven hits for fifteen times at bat. The previous year's winner, Karl Seidl, was second with a .327 average, collecting sixteen hits in forty-nine times at bat. Other notable performances were ,lim Gibson's .323 average and lead- off man, Jerry Thuman's .285 average. In the Runs Batted In CR.B.I.l department Seidl led with eight closely followed by Jim Gibson and Jerry Thuman with seven. The team,s overall record was a commendable 1o-4 one, good enough for second place in the Northern Erie County Baseball League.. SCORES Amherst Hamburg Amherst Clarence Amherst Lancaster Amherst Pine Hill Amherst West Seneca Amherst East Aurora Amherst Hamburg Amherst Williamsville Amherst Akron Amherst Akron Amherst Williamsville Amherst Depew Amherst Clarence Amherst West Seneca J.V. Baseball Under coach Bob Hettler's tutelage last Springfs junior Varsity baseball team completed the season with an ex- cellent record of 12 wins and 2 defeats. This team although carding a very good won-lost record had the dubious distinc- tion of ending a QU-gillllti winning streak by losing to the Sloan j.V.'s I4 to 4. The Tiger j.V.'s with revenge in their hearts later beat Sloan 6 to 1. The other loss was, to Williamsville, 4 to 3. The junior Tigers again atoned for this defeat by beating Williamsville 7 to o. Ron lfancher led the pitchers with a 5 to o record, followed by George Guen- ther lm to zg and Bob Spelder 1 to o. The top hitters consisted of Dick Starr 467, Bill Schwabl 389, Dave XYetzler 4355, and Bill Wright .347. Starr was the j.V. King of Swat as he slammed 4 home- runs, 6 triples, and 2 doubles. SCORES Amherst Hamburg Amherst Clarence Amherst Lancaster Amherst Pine Hill Amherst Sloan Amherst lf. Aurora Amherst Depew Amherst Hamburg Amherst Williamsville Amherst Akron Amherst Sloan Amherst Akron Amherst Williamsville Amherst Clarence ,I.V. Track nu 1 4 41.4. ,, 1'il'7'.ff rote: john l,aughland, Ken jarus, Tom Osborne, Ken Conners, Steve Staggs Rick Kridlerg Sn'or11ir0fc'.' Bill Nicholson, l.en johnson, Ralph Zwack, Ron Goehlei llave Reiller, Gordie Myers, Tl1im'mtc: Mr. Bergman, coach, Bill jones, Dave lfarl, Roger Borth, Bill Hopkins, Mr. Munson, coach. l'111f1 rote: lfrank Knox, Ned, Schuleg Strand row: XVoody Friedrich, Harrv Goetz- m-ann, Bob Speldet, Bob Sturgess, joe Sehaabg Third rote: jack Kress, Bill Schwabl, Bill W right, Stan Ziemba, George Guentherg 1"om'l!1 row: Dave Wetzler, Ron lfan- cher, Bill Noeltner, Gary Runkel, Mr. Hettler. Nolpicl1zred.' Dick Starr. The 1952 junior Varsity track team had a successful season from the standpoint of wins and losses as well as individual performances. Future varsity material in- cludes miler Bill Hopkins, lfreshman polevaulter Dave lfarl, Quarter-milen Tom Usborne, and llalf-miler john Laughland. 71-Tl"lE TOVN FR 1952 Tennis The Amherst netmen again had a winning season last Spring improving on IQSITS 7-5 record by winning 9 and losing 3 to finish .. ., in the league. Coach Parr's team split even with Clar- ence, Williamsville, and Lancaster. The racket men beat Clarence 4-1, Williams- ville 3-2, and Lancaster 4-1, in addition to suffering a 3-2 defeat by Clarence and 5-o defeats by Williamsville and Lancas- ter. Singles were played by Senior Ted Springstead, and the sophomore's Mike Graver, john Maylield, and Chuck Specht. The doubles competition was handled competently by Seniors Russ Gowland and john Cave. Firrt row: Bruce Schmelzer, Nick Basil, Mike Graver, John Cave, Paul Schonewolfg Second row: Mr. Parr, coachg Chuck Specht, Ted Springstead, Russ Gowland, Bob SCORES Amherst 3 Hamburg Amherst 2 Clarence Amherst 5 Depew Amherst 4 East Aurora 1 Amherst 3 Williamsville 1 Amherst 4 Lancaster 1 Amherst 3 Hamburg Amherst 4 Clarence Amherst 5 Depew Amherst 3 East Aurora Z 323132:-'llle Geyer, Ira Striejewske. 36 1952 Golf Piifif row: Leo Newman, Jerry Healy, john Walsh, Paul Kremer, Rudy Bersani, Rocky lfordg Seronfl' row: Mr. Ungerer, coach, Art Hannel, Chuck Smith, Dave Kumpf, Dave Hegg, Bill Bishop, Earl The 1952 Golfteam recorded an excellent season under coach Glenn Ungerer as they rolled to I3 victories while only losing 3. The lettermen included Jerry Healy, Leo Newman, Chuck Smith, Earl Fowlston, Bill Bishop and Jack Walsh. Walsh received a four bar letter. The best score of the Season was recorded by Healy and VValsh at Orchard Park. Both boys shot impressive 78's. THE TOWER-72 Fowlston. SCORES Amherst IOM Wmsville 4M Amherst 1 1 Depew 4 Amherst 1 5 Lancaster o Amherst 2 E. Aurora 13 Amherst I5 Orchard Pk. o Amherst I5 Clarence o Amherst I5 W. Seneca o Amherst I4 Lewiston I Amherst 5M Batavia 9M Amherst 12 Depew 3 Amherst IZM Wmsville 2M Amherst I5 Lancaster o Amherst 6 E. Aurora 9 Amherst I4 Clarence 1 Amherst 9 W. Seneca 6 Amherst I3 Orchard Pk. il 1345 sm The Linksmen placed 5th in the Section VI tournament at Dunkirk won by a terrific Lac kawanna squad. Jack Walsh was medalist for Amherst with an 85. Walsh with an 84.8 average, Healy with an 87 average and Newman with an 89.5 average paced the team throughout the year. First row: john Hamilton, Ron Fancher, Rick Meese, Don lsbister, Ned Schuleg Srcor1drou': Bill Tovier, Gil Iflden, Charles Hull, Mike Vanl-loff, Ted Shamp, jerry Davison, Mr. Pomeroy, coach, Third row: Rudy Bersani, Richard Boa, Peter Mur- phy, Dave Lumsdcn, jim Baldwin. Senior Rifle Team During the past year the Varsity Rifle Team had an excellent season. Two out- standing Amherst Shooters were Richard Meese and John Hamilton, who earned tl1e N.R.A. distinguished Rifleman Award, which is the highest possible recognition which could be obtained. Only one Amherst shooter has earned it before. He was ,lim Burns, a member of the class of 1948. The Expert qualification, which is the second highest NRA award, has been earned by Richard Meese, John Hamilton, james Baldwin, Ken Braden, and David Lumsden. This is the largest number of students to win this award in any one year. During the Amherst-Orchard Park match, our team fired a record score of 1300 for the lfrie County lnterscholastic League. CE C I CD We are very proud of our Varsity Rifle team and hope that their record scores will serve as an initiative for future teams. SCORES H'fm Lori Amherst 8 0 Cleveland Hill 4 1 Orchard Park 2 3 Williamsville 1 4 Lancaster 0 5 MATCH SCORES Amherst 1250 Lancaster 991 Amherst 1300 Orchard Park 1214 Amherst 1273 Williamsville IIXI Amherst 1278 Cleveland Hill I2-'lj Amherst 1298 Lancaster 1124 Amherst 1311 Orchard Park 1245 Amherst I309 Williamsville 1207 Amherst 1309 Cleveland Hill 1306 Junior Rifle Team First row: Dean Soldineer, Ken lmcrese, Jacques Mabry, Richard Vance, Willis Wink, Second row: David Bcrsani, Wil- liam Farner, Douglas Koeppen, Robert Locsch, Robert Blackwood, Third row: Douglas Andres, Ronald Cook, Bruce Eavenson, VVinship Story, Frank Putfcr, Ray Skelly, Donald Graserg Fourth row: Ronald Voissard, Chris Kraatz, William johnson, Gary Andres, Heath West. V wk 7 Q --f0,!,?:f.jf. - ,gm Views of New Gymnasium THE TOWER-74 Girls' Sports Soccer Under the guidance of Mrs: Husband, a large number of girls participated in soccer this fall. The "About 58's," a Junior team with a record of six wins and no losses, were the winners of the eliminations tournament played between grades nine through twelve. Because of bad weather this fall the Girl's Soc- cer Team was only able to play one game. The most outstanding soccer players in the Junior and Senior grades were selected to play on this team against Buffalo Seminary. The Seminary defeated our varsity team 2-0, due to a goal made late in the game. However, the J.V. team was able to hold the Seminary to a o-o tie. Hockey Under the excellent coaching of Miss Ackley, the Girls' Hockey Team began practice early this year. After the completion of six practice sessions, the girls were divided into two teams. The Orange Team was made up of Varsity players and the Black Team of J.V. players. In a game against Park School our Orange Team, for the second year in a row, defeated them 2-I. The winning goals were scored by Joan Len- drim and Jackie Blake. Our Black Team was de- feated by Park with a score of 2-o. The Hockey Team finished its season with two games against Buffalo Seminary. The Orange and Black teams were edged out by a score of 2-o in both games. Basketball This year the girls' basketball team had a busy season. With Miss Ackley as their coach, the girls practiced twice a week. On March 9, the team entered a basketball tournament with Clar- ence, Williamsville, and Cleveland Hill, which was played at Amherst. The team also played Park School. Swimming Under the guidance of Mrs. Husband, the Girls' Swimming Team worked hard this year. The team consisted of twenty-four girls. On Feb- ruary 24, the team entered their first swimming meet against Tonawanda, North Tonawanda, and Kenmore, here at Amherst. Some of' the out- standing racers for Amherst were Barbara Brus- tad who tied for first place in the twenty yard side stroke, and Carol Lock who came in second in the forty yard back stroke. On March 4, Am- herst met Clarence, Cleveland Hill, and Williams- ville in another swimming meet at Amherst. From this group the twelve best swimmers were selected to participate in the finale of the annual Water Follies. Bowling Bowling this year attracted more girls than ever before. Miss Gruener and Miss Krehbiel were in charge of the games which were played at the King Pin Alleys. The girls were divided into two groups, a beginner's group and an advanced group. Rifle Club This year a Girls' Rifle Club was formed at Amherst. Under the leadership of Mr. Bove, these girls competed in the N.R.A. postal matches. The officers of the Rifle Club were: Meryl Ann Keating, president, Marge Eckhert, treasurerg and Sue VanLunger, secretary. 75 -THE TOWER First raw: Jeanette Cave, Shirley Ruske, Joan Lendrim, Carol Dietrich, Judy Leach, Nancy Conn, Marcia Meidel, Shirley Latanisiong Second row: Joan Stancampiano, Donna Danetz, Lynne Morris, Maureen O'Conner, Barbara Randall, Karin Klevenger, Claudia Burgio, Jane Bellinger, Margie Cameron, Third row: Loris Willert, Judy George, Sally Hart, Ralpha Dosberg, MaryLou Dickens, Betsy Ogilvie, Judy Glinn, Sue Baer, Marion Zupa. Girls' Sports Council Girls' Rifle Team Fin! row: Marge Fckhert, Russie Tighe, Judy Price, Marion Zupa, Dianne Wcnninger, Christine Jacobs, Second row: Yvonne Schaelchlin, Cathy Voss, Sue VanLunger, Meryl Ann Keating, Barbara Spencer, Carol Meyers, Vicky Voit. Not pictured: Ellen Balnis. The typical Amherst senorita takes an active part in inter- class sport competitions. The Girls' Sports Council is an or- ganization which manages their various athletic activities. It is composed of two representatives from each Senior High girls' homeroom. The council is of much service to the extra- curricular life of the students. Each year a banquet is held and the girls who have earned sports awards are presented with them. The program of the organization is under the capable supervision of Mrs. Husband and Miss Ackley. The officers for the past year were President, Judy Leachg Vice President, Nancy Conn, Secretary, Carol Brown, Treasurer, Carol Dietrich. Miss Krehbiel , K' f I 4 V nf.. , lil" lgfi Jigs. 2 J ,ep ,ta i T 'As g Q' Mrs. Husband ' Miss Ackley a,..,.,..,.....f Girls, Soccer Team First row: Alice Youngblood, Marcia Meidel, goanne Miller, Joan Lendrum, Jacqueline Anthony, Jacqueline Blake, Doris Dickerson, Second row: Mrs. Hus and, adviser, Sue Teale, Jeanette Cave,Janet Miller, Mary Ann Porter, Joan Rindlleisch, Delma Santomauro, Sandra Swartzel, Judy l.arwood, Aileen Connleyg Third row: Rachel Koser, Andrea Haywood, Angie Page, Carol Peters, Loris VVillert, Helen Murrey, Shirley Latanision, Donna Wink, Fourth row: Elizabeth Doran, Audrey Miller, Joanne Kidd, Carol Sanders, Jeanette Branston, Marilyn Roe, Doris Willert, Sally Sprague, Joan Stuff: F0711 row: Dawn Koch, Rosemary Graver, Mary Lou Peters, Gail Hirsch, Sylvia Dean. irls' Hockey Team FirJl row: Joan l.endrim, Jeanette Cave, Marcia Meidel, Dianne Sawyer, Ellen Brunner, Donna Wink, Alice Youngblood, Second row: Angela Page, Marion Zupa, Chris Jacobs, Miss Ackley, Sandra Swartzel, Elaine French, Jeanette Branstong 'I'1iin1rou': Sally Schneider, Ann Mottinger, Audrey Miller, Janet Miller, Fourth row: Dianne Wcnninger, Lynne Morris, Jackie Blake, Shirley Latanision, Carol Peters, l.oris Willert, Rosemary Graver. ur-li f 5 ff- x. C .. 77-THE TOWER 'N 1 THIRD ANNUAL JUNIUR HIGH November 7-8, 1952 SENIOR HIGH Aprll 17 18, 1953 Eleventh Annual Water Follies lfunds raised from the Water lfollies productions are used to provide three scholarships each year for outstanding Senior girls. The scholarships are awarded in memory of Alice liuergcr, a former member of the faculty of Amherst. Miss Ackley and Mrs. Husband pool their efforts to direct the annual lVater Follies. DIUNIOR HIGH Mistress of Ceremonies 7th bride Chairmen bth Cr tdt Chairman "Candy l,and" Audrey Hurd Sally Campbell Gwen Rich Sally Miller Sample ll niees "On the Good Ship Lollipop" "Big Rock Candy Mountain" Saniplt Swinis "Sweet and Lovely" "Candy and Cake" ioth grade theme General chairman Costume chairman Dancing chairman 11th grade theme General chairman lzth grade theme General chairman Costume chairman Dance chairman Swimming SENIOR HIGH "Uni lcr World Characters" Diane Dobbins Doris Dickerson ,lean Gorentlo "Invaders of Mars" Jeanette Cave "King Neptune" lillen Brunner -loanne Miller Carol Brown Nancy Conn 79-TH F TOWER Firxl row: Flaine French, Janet Miller, Ginger Dunn, Jenny Giolando, Marianne Porter, Alice Youngblood, Martha Cronk, Jeanette Cave, lillen Brunner, Barbara Brusted, Sandra Swartzelg Serond row: Miss Ackley, Pat Reiman, Dorthy Scott, Joanne Benson, Vivian Judge, lfritzi Rich, Eileen Zimmerman, Claire Dyckman, Mary Lou Dickens, Diana Rogger, Sue Schultz, Joan Rindfleisch, Jilcqueline Anthonyg Third row: Eda Gilkey, Carol Jenkins, Carol Peters, Carol Dietrich, Kathy O'Hearn, Shirley Ruske, Jeannette ranston. f XT' Girls' Basketball j B - Girls' Basketball Referees -as ggi X6 First row: Joan Rindfleisch, l.oris Willert, hlargretta Beishline, Sylvia Dean, Di- anne Sawyer, Serond row: Andrea Hey- wood, Diana Rogger, Nancy Berry, Mary Messe, Barbara Brustad, Ellen Brunner, Carol Brown, Judy Larwood, Maryann Porter, Joan Lendrimg Third row: Sandra Lindberg, Alice Youngblood, Mary Ha- gen, Judy Braun, Joanne Miller, Donna Wink, Jeannette Cave, Sandra Swartzel, Millie Gilman, Angie Papageorge, Doris Dickerson, Carol Peters, Jeannette Bran- ston, Pat Carpenter, Jackie Blake. THE TOWER-80 ff---Qi....J.aa 1. Girls' Swimming Team Hrs! faux- lillen Brunner, Barbara Brusrad, Marsha hlcidcl, Margretta Hcishlinc, Joan Benson, Donna Wink, -lean NValshq -Yc'1'l77l1fV0iL'.' lNlrs.llusl1and,adviser, Martha Rz1dley,,IanctWilson, Mildred YYickam, Sue Schultz, Diana Roggcr, Nancy Conn, jcanncrn' Branstong Tl1ir11'ro1z'.' Sandra linsmingcr, Susan Hass, Barbara Randall, joan l.indrim, jackie Blake, Carol Pvrcrs, Judy Walker, Andrea Heywood. Girls' Bowling - Advanced l"I-Pllf rofzz' liarliara il'lim'nas, farol luck, lfran llictsvliu, Suv Graf., Sandra lfnsmingcr, hliss Krchlncl, l'01lCllZ Suv Nlocsvl, llvlma Sanrmnauru, Nlarria Ian-ke, ,lvam-rtn' Cave, Donna lYii1lQ,,Iackic Anthony, .Vffm11f1'rff:'.' Ross Mary Nlaralwlla, Nlnlly Blow, hlarlvnc Hvlair, Claudia Burgio, lil-wrly Vllllllllllilllll, livvlyii Kullw, ,loan Yyalsli, Pat l,oudy, Nlargrcrta Bcislilinc, ,ludy Braun, :Mlrivnm' Y Naunian, l cggy llacr, ,loan SfllIlL'llIIl17lilI10, llarlcnc lloclicg Tl11"'Jrrr:c'.' Nancy Berry, Dianna lyarrcn, Sylvia lfrasfr, Prudy hlrnorv , Arlrm' llcnall, -Ivan Ciorcnflu, Sally llart, .Indy lYallacr, l.ydia Nlrsscxigvr, ,lvnnicCii0lando,,lcanU'Nc1ll,Cilor1a l.il1klCl1INL'lL'I',lilll. gcr llunng f"11lH'lf1 Hlffl' ,loan Mann, liarlwara Krumnicck, Marvin Mcidvl, Sliirlcv Rllskc, llclcn Nlurrav, nan l,L'I1klfIIT1 llarlmara .l , Randall, Sara ,lane NlcNcss, joannc Clcwis, Marilyn Nlcycrs, jcanctrc Branston, joycc Sicbcrt, Angie Pagc. :I 1 f f I A.C.ll.S. is justly proud of her cheerleaders. These girls possess the outstanding qualities of poise, character, leadership, pleasing personality, natural enthusiasm, and ability, which makes them a superior team. The school spirit displayed by Amherst students is constantly encouraged by the efforts of our sparkling cheerleaders. Under the capable direction of Mr. Pankow the members of the squad learn many valuable "tricks ofthe trade." Cheerleaders Mr. Arthur Pankow Coach Ellen Brunner, Joanne Benson, and Joan Rind- Heisch, were new additions to the group this year. Linda Hauck, who has been a cheerleader since she was a sophomore, and Joan Rindtleisch, are the only ones who did not graduate this June. Joan Davey and Barbara Brustad, both 3-year varsity girls, and Carol Brown, a member of the squad for 2 years, graduated. Joanne Benson and Ellen Brunner will also be absent next year. Am- herst will miss these four peppy cheerleaders. Fin! Row: joan Rindfleisch, Ellen Brunner, Barbara Brustadg Second row: Joan Davey, Carol Brown, Linda Hauck, Joan Benson. THE-TOWER- 82 Firxt row: Helene Greeng Second row: Judy Larwood, Nancy Conn, Marianne Talbot, Helen Day, Sylvia Dean. Flag Wavers Pat jacobs, Pat Sebring. Majorettes Keeping up to the peppy pace set by tradition, this year's six new, high stepping majorettes de- serve a round of applause. Under the leadership of Helene Green these flashing six have added sparkle and pep to the football games and other activities they have participated in. They were particularly outstanding on their trips to Toronto during February and March with the band. Three of these snappy looking gals, Nancy Conn, Helene Green, and Helen Day are leaving us this year. An addition this year is the two Hag twirlers, swinging brightly colored flags of black and orange in front ofthe majorettes. 83-THF TOWER THE TOWER-84 Music at Amherst Through the crowded halls of the newest ad- dition to Amherst Central's family, the music wing, a spirit of accomplishment and pride pre- vailed in the past year. Mr. Reitz, Mr. Kaza, Mr. Krestic, the directors of our chord-producing family, had reasons to be weary after our full programs had ceased. With the harmonization of a few well-chosen chords, the IOO voice choir began a year of ac- tivities. The situation of group size proved to be taxing on our director, Mr. Reitz, but with the combined talents of President Howard Tyrrell and Vice President Joan Davey it was capably adjusted. The idea of vocal lessons by Mrs. Louise Sleep was continued from the previous year with success. The program for the year challenged the untiring efforts of Secretary Ruth Pellman, Li- brarian Eileen Zimmerman, and Business Man- ager Robert Voelkle who surmounted the press- ing problems. The first annual event was the Choral Concert in the fall. Our Christmas Concert combined the Williamsville and Amherst choirs with the Am- herst Symphony Orchestra. Directly following this concert, we buried ourselves in the "Pirates of Penzance" only to rise to the top for the heart- ening ovation we received. We concluded that this musical production broke all previous records. With the strings sweetly sighing, the Woodwinds softly humming, and the brass loudly blaring, the orchestra tuned in another year of activities. President, Jean Ogden with the assistance of Vice President, Donna Troncatti, and director, Mr. Kaza, utilized to the utmost her executive ability. As Secretary-Treasurer, Phyllis Hurd fiddled her way through financial problems to the tune of "We've Got Plenty of Everything." Dick Diech- man and Sally Krull as librarians completed the roster of oflicers. The orchestra tuned up for their annual concert in the late fall. This performance of skill was fully recognized as one of the best by the appreciative audience. Furnishing composi- tions for the dedication of the Windermere School was only a segment of their accomplishments, dis- playing adaptability. In addition, a patient volun- teer orchestra provided the background music in the annual operetta. Barker High School invited Amherst's orchestra for a visit which helped to increase the popularity of organizational trips. Marching tunes, waltzing tunes, and majestic tunes were included in the band's plans for the year. With a full packed schedule under the sweep of Mr. Krestic's baton, the band plunged into their performance with the majorettes, at the football games. A high honor was bestowed on the band when they were asked as the only United States band, to compete with the top bands of Canada at Toronto in Mid-winter. They out- shone the Canadian bands and placed first, mak- ing Amherst prouder than ever. On their return, as the Stars of the Festival program, they demon- strated their excellent ability. At the annual spring concert they concealed none of their expression of music. Don Davis, as President of this enter- prising group, needed the full co-operation of Vice President Carol Keating, and Secretary-Treas- urer Marilyn Meyers to complete the year's schedule. An addition to our talented trio of directors was made this year. Mrs. Schermerhorn was em- ployed to ofiiciate in Junior High Choral music. With her capable management and her boundless enthusiasm, we had a choral department of ex- tremely high calibre. At the annual Western New York State Music Festival, our musical organizations commanded their usual high honors. If the harmony and symphony of this musical year has set the pace for the future, our Music Department will have earned numerous laurels in the years to come. 85-THE TowER Senior Band Firsl row: Mary Lou Dickens, Ron Evans, Benny Elliott, Dale Henson, Gordon Fricke, Dave Wendt, Doris Willert, Gary Filsingerg Serond row: Bob Geyer, Mike Van Hoff, Ann Wittig, Dave Batson, Frank Lillie, Peter Welker, Norm Potter, Mary Peters, Thomas Osborne, Al Kosmerl, Roger Kobee, Marilyn Row, Spencer Cleveland, Henry Hueber, Martha Cronk, Bill Farmer, John Heintzg Third row: Barb Clark, Pat Thayer, Ray Johnson, Philip Koon, Dave Fogg, Paul Dahmer, Ron Armstrong, Pete Schmitt, Bob Mitchell, Chris Lawson, Doug Volgenau, Ted Shamp, Dave Reiller, Louis Antronue, Bruce Ziegler, Ed Gibeau, Karl Seidl, James Lent, Frank PuH'er, Paul Newcomb, Don Davis, Bill Bowell, Dick Hohlstein, Don Bailey, Fourth row: Mr. John Krestic, conductor, glaiiilyn Mayers, Joanne Clewis, Bill Martin, Stewert Cummings, Mathew Oris, Don McMullen, Ron Smith, Gary Maybee, Dave ar . 6 A Q ri? tv ! . Junior Band I J First row: James Peard, James Shoop, Judy Rand, Owen Kennedy, Sandra Bushy, Judy Coon, Judy Stewart, Joan Helbig, Alhryn, Meyers, Paul Swing, David Prill, Fred Seidl, Dave Orcutt, Al Buergerg Serond row: Al Bueger, Jim Allis, Doug McLernon, Kenneth MacKenzie, Ken Star, Jack Coe, Judy Murray, Ray Shelly, Russel Barber, Third row: Mr. Krestic, director, James Laughland, James Lansdown, Bruce Evanson, John Oehler, Louie VVood, Fred Hart, Tom Bueschen, Wayne Bergmann, Bill Moldt, Tom Welch, Pat Swanson, Jean Dilcher, Dick Ellis, Herb Ireland, El Seififert, Mar Gillos, Susan Leslie, Barry Wood, Ted Mash, Bill Brunskillg Fourth raw: Norm Kosmerl, Al Ansuini, Mick Vanderlip, Bob Cesari, Gail Osborn, Danny Donaldson, David Grotske, David Bald- win. No! pirtured: Judy Jenkins, Ivan Dilcher. THE TOWER-86 Senior Orchestra First row: Lois Petrunick, Phyllis Hurd, Denny Galvin, Frank Knox, Doris Willert, Gary Filsinger, Phyllis Whithed, Arlene Landre- ville, Serond row: John Laughland, Sally Schneider, Martha Radley, Priscilla Bowman, Dale Henson, Martha Cronk, Bob Geyer, Arno Wittig, David Batson, Carol Keating, Gordon Fricke, David Wendt, Dick Deichman, Jean Ogden, Barbara VanLunger, Judy Schneider, Third row: Jim Denny, Myrl Carter, Bev Gaskill, Jane Bellinger, Sally Krull, Audrey Hurd, John Heintzg Fourth row: Janet Wilson, Ken Jahraus, Sue VanLunger, Doris Dickerson, Pat Radley, Fyth row: Mr. Kaza, Marilyn Meyers, Joanne Clewis, Bill Zacher, Don McMullen, Dave Fogg, Peter Schmitt, Cris Lawson, Frank Pulfer, Paul Newcomb, Bill Powell, Tom Os- borne, MaryLou Peters, Peter Walker, Dave Earl, Ann Osborn, Audrey Miller, Sally Hart, Donna Troncatti. :ff ig ' . ii 1 LJ! f' il Junior Orchestra First row: Maryanne Powell, Charles Ritter, Mary Mintzas, Marcia Scott, Mr. Kaza, adviser, Pat Dickerson, Sandra Wendt, Strand row: Marie Therese Robillard, Carol Lawson, Don Graser, Jacqueline Stroh, Paul Swing, David Prill, Fred Seidl, Joan Helbig, Jack Coe, Russel Barber, Judy Harbison, Lynda Wallace, Third row: Marian Wilson, Judy Coon, Reggie Cleveland, Joanna Fllette, Fred Hart, Lewis Wood, Wayne Bergman, Ted Marsh, Barry Wood, Douglas, McLernon, Kenneth McKenzie, Tom Welch, Tom Weir, Faurlh row: Tony Mitch, Richard Deinstbier, Norman Kosmerl, Albert Ansuini, George Hausner. 87-THE TOWER Senior Choir -JW! Firsl rom: Judy Oelheim, Gail Roach, Sue Teale, Shirley DuBois, Jackie Matti-y, Betty Ann Sehwender, Alda Stock, Pat McCullough, Mr. Reitl, Mrs. Srherinerhorn, Sue Harris, Marlene Werner, Nancy Milks, Barbara 'l'Iiayer, Pat Long, Helene Schocnle, Marilyn Green- awaltg Svroml row: Jean Davis, Jeanne Blair, Florence Delphard, Maureen McMahon, Janet Price, Mary Lou Fiscus, Hedwig Fischer, Barbara Jackson, Mary Nieolls, Lois Schmidt, Janet Rutherford, Carol IACDI, Louctta liber, Roberta Meyer, Marilyn Moldt, Elaine French, Sue Harvey, Pat Sebring, Molly Turner, Eileen Zimmer- man: Third row: Sandra Perry, Vivian Judge, Gail Hirsch, Joan Davey, Barbara Krunimeck, Carol Peters, Carol Dietrich, Claire Dyckman, Cynthia Denny, Sally Brydon, Judy Walker, Betty Jansen, Sue Schultz, Carol Lock, Pat Gravener, Helene Green, Lola Skid- more, Ann Mottinger, Ruth Pellman, Judy Werdel, Sally Sprague, Pat Jacobs, Fourth row: Dave Farrow, Roger Priore, Ted Marattu, Nicholas Basil, Bill Sehwabl, Eunice Jones, Adrienne Nanman, Sharon Bergmann, Betty Cudd, Ralpha Dosherg, Allison Craig, Dorothy Ackey, Marilyn Grillen, Kathleen Coad, Howard Tyrrell, Dick Hutchinson, Donald Root, Rirhard Starr: Ififlli row: Roger Xvilhelm, Bill Bellanfa, Ronald Hettich, Fran Dulczweski, George Baran, XValt Flinkman, John Hamilton, Robert Toth, Richard Leighbody, Richard Lexer, David Hegg, Rocky Ford, Paul Kreamer, Gus Basil, Andy Echevarria, Bill Roberts, Sandy Freeth, Robert Voelkle, Jim MacDonald, Brian Bellman. 9th Grade Choir THE Firvl row: Lynne Morris, Marian Zupa, Johnette Hill, Judy Kulp, Sue MfAllester, Audrey Hurd, Peggy Priest, Dianne Dnlli-n, Susan Baer, Sue Sarnow: Sermld row: Mr. Reitz-advisor, Merle Trefzer, Kurt Gebhardt, Christine Jacobs, Sally Reid, Marcia Granger, Martha Radley, Louise Hedden, Helen Frkkila, Sue Cook, Tyler -TOWER--88 Dunn: Third row: James Blechinger, Joanne Dunn, Marjorie Mc- Donnell, Roberta Landel, Treva Wood, Jeanette Pontius, Marion Chalmers, Daniel Mooney: I-'ourila row: I-Idward Pettis, Roy Lund- berg, Richard Valone, Brute Pfeifer, Sam XVinner, Jack Watson, Robert Cook, Bruce Schmidt. Senior High Girls' hoir Ifirxl niypg lfinim. gym.-i-Q, l'git Reily, Beebe Behrins, Pnl Yugcr, Conti, Mary Ann Miller, Gail Sinks, ,lnsepliine lnruine, l-lllen Salinlrn Ni-lmn, Nlgiiiltii Ryin, Sui- Spi-neg-r, Cgiml tving-gm-, Rubin lllnnirenli, Snnin Smith, llzilbnrzi lxziiunlii-i, llnnnii Rapp, Marlene .-Xskin, l'1inl.i I'.iiket. S.inili.i Monk, hue CCM-r, Rnlxelttii Shriier, V'l'1k1'1'l1'1 5l111'll'Y 511111K BY"-'111ll1 1-ll1'11M R11-1 Rlllvl, 111115 -'x1111l'1" SIIZIIUU-llll' HIUNIII .Yrrwlil wiv: Arlene Ginlnnmlo, Urine l'inre, Luis mn, l':inlzi lrnns: lfmnlll mir: Xiu. S1llt'l'tllL'l'll0l'tl, llgiilmnra Ilirnnpf Innnnl, S.innlex Skiilinuie, Rita Klnxiellt-. llzilliara lutlnn, Sue lfnwa 5011- Pi" Good' HHN' lhmmnn' Maxim' Mlcilnfi. l,in lliL!4'l"W. ler, l.nix Q-iznlilt, Klint Ann Curtis, kin' Berry, Gail Mdilotuti, Karen Ms Iziggzint, l-Qlnine llryel, Carol Anilersun, jozinne lisiiriu, Nhzirun thnim-ii, ii.ll'll1ll'1l Otto, Nlzirgret Davis, l'nt lilintt. Kath- 511115111 SRIWYCF. A1111 U'NC1ll', 111111121 HZIW. P15101 l',lNl11'f, Rflgillillil rine kiimlt, Init-ll.i liikiiigiii, l'git Wehle: 'l'I1ufl mir: juilx Siinnn, NH-Smit, Carol Klug, Doris Slillllll, Sanilrzi Krniner, Carol Swals. Nzinty lluinew, C1.n'nl Rinlter, S.intlrn Strziley, Hnlly lfisher, llarlmrai Ig E Abgvrss 51. - "mmf A .fl i r ' Junior High Girls' hoir ' First raw: Susan Slicplizird. Sandra Fegely, Noreen Rein, Karleen Lindberg, Sue Spenier, Carol Winegar, Robin Askin, Janice 'l'lionips.nn, .lnilv Williainis, Mary lliomas, Carol Adams, Lois Critfwphz Srrmnl rmw: liqimhii Reed, Karen Krestie, Joyie DeWein, I.in4l1i 1,1-inniger, Ramen .-hkin, Sinnlra Metzger, joan lirownsun, joan llilrlier, Gail Childs, Alice Suarnieri, Sue Richter, Elaine Vvriglit: 'flnnl min: Carol Kaiser, Jeanette W'eiss, Marcia Behrens, Mary Anne Spoor, Marcia Wewtphzil, Sharon Greene, Ruth 'I ruby, Diane Mummery, Iilizaheth llalk, joy Lisk, Iilinor Laundy, Karen Ganlor, Carol Stroniniers: Ifuurlh mu-: Onnalie Elliott. l-.lainc Haas, Gail Haddaway, Sally Campbell, Beverly llzimkus, Wilma Piper, Marvin Bernhnft, Donna llil'asqu1ile, Carol Mueller, lkit Vincent, jackie Greene, janet Kelling, Kathrinc 'lh0mas, Mrs. Schermer- horn, adviser. ag-THE T OWER . v : . AN , 1 4 ., QA' I v 4, 'T' X v ' V' 5.2 A. , A ' xv V' ,Y 1, ,,.1, N K., F XTX K' '. V git? 5 gl 'J W' V ' 23,14 ' 1 ' 'f 1 U X . K v V Y' W V .1 Y? 'f Si P? x 'Q X 3 if aff 55 " Y 57 v' 1 f . v v Q A ' Q ' X . Y. nl u ii ,.' ,q.- 5, V , X fwjg ,lvij ig Qx I V l Q. 'as fv 8 f Q, 5, A . 2 ,ff , pf ff X Ex. , A W ,f Ak 3- um ' ' K.: f X as is I m - Xu, .. ,pf ...ff n , .. any ir X, W ff , , lf L if if Y tring Ensembles AMHERST SR. STRING QUARTET AMHERST JR. STRING QUARTI-LT I.ois Petrunick, Phyllis Hurd, Mr. Kam, Director, Maryanne Powell, Denny Galvin, Mr. Kaza, Direc- Arlene I.anderville, Jean Ogden. torg Audrey Hurd, Sandra VVendt. AMHERST STRING TRIO Lois Petruniek, Ann Osborn, Phyllis VVhithed. Junior Red Cross Council 'lihe junior Red Cross Council, under the guid- anee of Miss Hildebrand, is one ofthe few organiza- tions at Amherst which is made up of students from both the junior and Senior High Schools. They work hand in hand with the Veterans hospital, providing entertainment for the patients, with the aid of several other organizations here at school. 500 tray favors were made for the hospital at lfaster, with the help of Mrs. Vl'ittig's and Miss l'lnea's Hi-Y's, and the Di Gamma Hibl' made marble bags for overseas gift boxes. The Senior choir made a tape recording of Christmas carols and the eouneil took it to the hospital where it was played. The Junior 'Red Cross Council, with its many service projects, had become increasingly popular this year. Firsl row: Mary Ann Curtis, Sandra Metzger, Diana Hurley, Shirley Cookg Scfond ww: Pat Good, l.ynn Miller, jaqueline Cohen, Judy Murray, Tlzird raw: Miss Hildebrand, Adviser, lflaine lfreneh, Bill Gill- man, Pat Caldwell. 91-THIS TOWI-IR Tropical Fish lub 0 iii., 0 .I 02920 O"o, . we Qi fgr Fin! row: Judy Williams, Bruce Eavenson, Dick Ellis, William Moldt, Marilyn Ryang Second row: Herb Ireland, Don Graser, Daniel Mooney, Poug McLernon, Bob Blackwood. The Amherst Central Discussion Group, under the guidance of Mr. Green, met for the purpose of discussing contro- versial topics of interest to the member- ship. They presented panels for English classes, clubs and other organizations. Many of the panels were tape-recorded and retained to allow for future use. Membership was limited to allow each person an active part in the program. Subjects were discussed for two meetings, the first of which comprised an informal debate of what was discussed, and the second meeting at which a formal dis- cussion was conducted. The chair was rotated among the groups. THE TOWER-92 ral Discussion Group 1 Fin! row: Sarah Brown, Mr. Green, adviser, Marjorie Flckhert, Pat Westg Sauna' row: Richard Hadley, Thomas Weir, Paul Rich, David Batson, Gary Tunmore, Robert Steislinger. Firm' row: Diana Rogger, Marlene Werner, Alice Youngblood, Mr. Lape, Walt Manske, Donna Stage, Margaret Phillips, Scrond row: Vivian judge, Bob Voelkle, Ruth Pellman, Jean Ogden, Ellen Brunner, Donald Davis, Carolyn McKnight, Third row: John Heintz, Claire Dyckman, Chuck lN'IcNerney, Lois Schmidt, Paul Dahmer, Sandra Lindberg, Paul Santmire. Honor Society l Y At Amherst the height of scholastic achievement and recognition of school serv- C ice is membership in the National Honor Society. This organization is under the l capable supervision of Mr. Richard Lape. There are two annual induction cere- 7 ' monies in which the upper 25156 of the Senior Class, and the top 592, of the junior l A Class become members. Students taken into this organization must be outstanding 1 ' in scholarship, character, leadership, and service. , . . 1 ka During the course ofthe year the members ofthe Honor Society manage an an- nual dance, "The Winter Whirlf' The proceeds from these activities are used to finance scholarship awards which are given to an outstanding Senior boy and Senior ls girl. Thus, the National Honor Society of Amherst Central is not only an honorary organization, but it is also an important implement for school service. , F The officers of the National Honor Society are: ' l Prcxidenl-YValter Manske Vire Prexident-Alice Youngblood Secrelary-Donna Stage 3 Treasurer-Marlene Werner ll'- l s """" 93-THE TOWER Spanish lub Firxt row: Carolyn McKnight, Phyllis Whithed, Esther Winfield, Carol Dietrich, Jeanette Branston. Semnd row: Joanne Wiliston, Dorothy Clifford, Pat Radley, Mary Nicolls, Pat Farrell, Eunice Jones, Third row: Nelda Flaherty, Betty Siegel, Ralph Morrow, Arline Hulse, Dorothy Scott, Janet Stahl, Ann Pfeiffer, Kather- ine Vincent, Doreen Wood. Language Clubs El Club de Espanol maintains a unique position in the IQ53 edition ofthe 'IUWER since it is so closely associated with the current theme. Its ineinhers become acquainted with the customs and tra- ditions of Spanish speaking countries through the varied ac- tivities ofthe club. Mrs. Heuser is the chief translator and ada riser. Senorita Ester Wlinfield is president, Frederic Snieader is vice president, Carol Dietrich is secretary, and Cynthia Denny is treasurer. The meetings of the l.atin Club are held on dates which coin- cide with various Roman incidents. Their programs consist of business meetings, Latin plays, games, and refreshments. liast year the members of the club held an authentic Roman Ban- quet. They also worked with other language clubs for the ln- ternational Ball. The otiieers of the l,atin Club are president, Roberta Meyer, vice president, Carol Keating, secretary, Carol Keatingg treasurer, Ann Nlottinger. The faculty sponsor is hliss D'.'Xmico. Latin lub Fin! row: Judy Pelson, Phyllis Goga, Pat Kenslea, Karen Witt, Miss D'Amico, adviser, Roberta Meyers, Ann Mottinger, Sue Cook, Jane VVatsonq Second row: Sally Schneider, Eunice Jones, Elizabeth Durand, Elizabeth Snyder, Lola Ann Skidmore, Carol Keating, Sally Sprague, Gail Hirsch, Judy Larwood, Doris Dickerson, Pat Caldwell, Judy Braun, Carol Lenz, Third row: Gary Filsinger, Charles Holland, Ken Coyle, Terry VVilson, David Farrow, Donna Troneatti, Janet Rutherford, Jim Denny, Gordon Fricke. TH E TC JWFR- Q4 French lub T P I 1. V 'Ls Firft row: Margretta Beishline, Donna Wink, Connie Mannes, Jeanette Cave, Esther Winfield, Ann Pfeiffer, Jackie Cohen, Jennie Giolando, Jean Gorenflo, Elaine French, Sue Teale, Priscilla Bowmang Suomi row: Marcia Lacke, Sandra Ensminger, Sue Graf, Barbara Randall, Marlene Werner, Margaret Phillips, Joan Lilga, Sandra Perry, Dawn Cookg Third row: Miss Fnea, adviser, Marjorie Cameron, Sue Critoph, Betty Rozek, Dorothy Achey, Barbara Van Lunger, Ann Mottinger, Roberta Meyers, Marcia Rhodes, Fourlh row: Roger Priore, Con- stantine Basil, Barbara Harvey, Joyce Hicks, Ralpha Dosberg, Claire Dyckman, Linda Hauck, Dorothy Scott, Pat Riemann, Marilyn Moldt. German The big event of the year concerning the French Club was the lnternational Ball, sponsored by the language clubs through their combined efforts. In addition to this the French Club held its annual Christmas Party with all the trimmings and its traditional end-of-the-year picnic with the united talents of president, Fsther NVinfieldg vice president, Elaine Pfeitfcr Cwho replaced Betty Jansenlg secretary, Jeannette Cave, treasurer, Dale Henson and faculty sponsor, Miss Enea. This club aspires to promote and advance the students' inter- est in the French language, culture, and customs. The DEUTSCHLBRNERBUND or its English equivalent, the German Club is one of the major language clubs ofAml1erst Central High School. The purpose and aims of the organization are to encourage international understanding of the language and customs of foreign peoples and to provide a social experi- ence and setting for speaking the language. Mr. Wlilkens, the faculty sponsor, and the club's otlieers, president, Karl St-idlg vice president, Sue Schultz, secretary, Hedwig Fischer, treasa urer, Bryan Werner, and historian, Fleanor Hoffmann have led the club in many activities. Favorites among these activi- ties are the annual Halloween Initiation Parties, and thc KAFFEEKLATSCH. lub pffil row: Carol Peters, Mary Lou Peters, Audrey Miller, Yvonne Schaelchlin, Myrl Carter, Caroline Allespach, Beverly Slocum, Eleanor Hofmann, Hedwig Fisher, Sue Schultz, Bryan Werner, Sue Baer, Richard Grando, 'lihomas Trimble, Dennis Mattey, Martin Jung, Robert Loesch, Clinton Ackerman, Ronald Cook, Second raw: Judy Werdel, Dave Steislinger, Chris Kraatz, David Berry, james l,illic, Fda Gilkey, Carol Gilkey, Molly Blow, Carol Locke, John Wilcox, Richard lrey, Kenneth Jahraus, Gerald Tercho, Ray Rogers, Douglas Andres, Mr. Wilkins, adviserg Third row: John Hcintz, Wesley Kasonic, Bob Kinghorn, Calvin Ackerman, Roger Bald, Franklin Knox, Doug Volgenau, Don McMullen, Faurlh raw: Wayne Rhodes, Bob Mitchell, Ronald Beck, Al Gulas, Paul Haas, Peter Scheller, Norman Wolf, Kenneth Bradeng Fifth row: Bill Neilson, Gordon Krystaf, Bob Manske, Dave Fogg, Rocky Ford, Chuck Specht, Frank Parsons, Fred Zelakiewic7, Michael Van Hoff, Jim Flden, Dave VVendt. QSWTHR TOWER 'mul'-L 1 Hi Delta Chapter lfirsl row: Nancy Milks, Betty Ohlson, Jean Ogden, Vivian judge, Alirc Youngblood, Donna Stage, Kay Bachman, Ruth l'elhnan, Marlene Werner, Margaret Phillips, Cynthia Denny, Sue Critoph: Serond row: Carol Gilkey, Marcia Soldineer, Sandra Perry, Nancy Biillark, Lois Schmidt, Helen Day, l'at Mrolik, Marina Prochorolf, Mary james, Molly Blow, Myrl Canter: Tliird row: Miss llutt. adviser, Sandra lrclanrl, Audrey Miller, Mary I.ou Dickens, Betty Rozek, Valda Orlando, litla Gilkey, Pat Burt, Rosemary Graver, Elizabeth Doran, Barbara Befker. Two small clubs were the origin of Hi-Y at tend throughout the school, home,and community, Amherst Central High School. The organization high standards of Christian character," has whose purpose is "to create, maintain, and ex- grown to a complex network of nine clubs. The Di Gamma Chapter A I' Fin! row: Shirley DuBois, Barbara Krunnnetk, Carol Keating, Pat Rieman, Janet Miller, Sally Brytlnn, Dorothy Afhey: Swurlrl man' jean jenkins, Marilyn Meyers, Esther Winheld, Carol Dietrich, Elaine French, Roberta Meyer, Beverly Llltl, Adrienne Naumang Third row: Joyce Seihcrt, Nanny Evans, Doris Diikerson, joan Stull, Ralpha Doshcrg, Barbara Strurner, lxathlcen Coad, Eleanor Hofmann, Lois Pctrunick: I'0HTfIl row: Sally Schneider, :gs Ann Mottingcr, Doris VVillert, Sue Haas, Carol Peters, Loris Mlillert, Judy Walker, 'A 49" Marjorie Darling, jane McNcss, Marjorie Cameron. THE TOWER-96 Chapters Alpha Chapter Flrwl rmv: llill Calvin, Dick Woods, Bob Manske, Boh Voclklui Serum! rmw: Mr. Hnlm, Tom Osborne, Bill Daniels, Don Brown, Dane Spnun, Dale Henson, Stuart Cummings: Third row: Walt Mnuskv, Bob Kinghorn, Dave Ricler, lVi'sley Rzisouic, Gil l-ildi-ug I-iuurlh row: Charles llollzind, John lleintl, Clmrles Croro, Dave Bxier, jim llaldwin. Junior High School divisions include three girls' Plans are well under way for our new North clubs and two boys'. Two boys' groups and two East District Y in Amherst Township. The grow- girls' are brim-full in the Senior High School di- ing strength of our l-li-Y clubs at Amherst has vision. been instrumental in the fulfillment of these plans. First row: Karl Seidl, Paul Dahmer, Ted Nichols, Douglas lfreethg Serond row: Bruce Ziegler, Charles Davis, Steve Staggs, Francis Dulczewski, Michael Gruver, Foster McAllester, Paul Sant- mirc, Mr. Rosenberry, Adviser, Third row: William Scibert, Paul Hans, Donald Hachten, Nicholas Procheroll, Philip Hedges, Robert Mitchell, Fourlh row: William Hopkins, Ellwood Friedrich, l-larry Coetzmunn, Roger Wilhelm, Wil- liam jones, Philip Whitelaw. Beta Chapter Kappa Chapter The director ofall Hi-Ys in the Buffalo area is now giving one third of his time as Secretary of the New North East District. He knows that with the help of Amherst Township communities, the North l".ast District building will eventually be- come a reality and a tremendous addition to our township. The Senior High Boys' Hi-Ys include the Alpha and Beta chapters. The Jr. High Alpha and Jr. High Zeta chapters make up the Junior High division. The phases which all Hi-Y clubs stress are the physical, mental, social, and moral. This Jr. High Alpha Chapter I-'irxt row: Bruce Evenson, Dave Hallcr, Craig Wrat- tcn, john Cummings, Gary Tunmorc, Rick DuBois, Ted Totman, Hd Pettis, Burt Knipg Sefom1'roa': Mr. Blish, adviser, jack YYat- son, Dick Hadley, Bill Linkner, john Brunner, Ty- lcr Dunn, Chuck Pettis, Clint Ackerman, Henry Huebcr, Terry Maloney. THE TowER-gs First row: Judy NVilliams, Ann Mitchell, Diana Hurley, Judy Price, Scrond row: Mrs. YVittig, adviser, judy Hall, Maxine McCaH'ery, Karin Rhodes, Maryanne Powell, Carol Mueller, Dianne Mum- meryq Third row: Mary Ann Curtis, Pat Dickerson, Holly Fischer,Judy Murray, Shirley Cook, Brenda Clucasg 1"om'llz row: Carol Vinegar, Elaine Meyers, Marcia Bernhotf, Ellen Balnis, Helen Thompson, Marlene Weckerle. year, the boys' clubs have built their Chapter meetings around these phases. They have carried on a varied and active program including joint meetings, interesting speakers, movies, panel discussions, and week-end outings. The boys from the Senior High Chapters have been on hand at all athletic functions in order to help faculty sponsors. The chapters comprising the Senior girls' Hi-Ys include Tri-Delta and Di Gamma. The junior High contingent includes Epsilon, Kappa, and Lambda. The girls have maintained their high Epsilon Chapter I-'ntl ma-: Carol Vilardo, Marjorie Ifchcrt, Doreen Wood, Pat West, Marion Zupn, Doris Dryer, Lynn Morris, Carol Mlauis, Sue 1.1-wr, IR-ggi Priest, Gail Briggs: Srforlri mtv: Miss Iiucafadviser, Russiia Tighc, llounic I.o1kcr, Trudy Jlllsbquh, Yilgiuia lllllllYl'lj.f. Martin Granger, Carol laisseu, Sara llmwn, Nl1llllVll Ryan, l'illlillK'lll llalk, Pal Vincent: 'I'l:mI fore: linda Scitolrs, -lt'llllllL'lll' Pontius, Carol Amlerson, joxu- Hicks, Linda Wallace, Ann Barry, Martha Radley, kn Nnholson, Margaret Davis. standards by carrying on several charity projects such as making food baskets for needy families. They have also had joint religious and social meetings, week-end outings, panel discussions, and memorable induction services. The lnter Hi-Y Council is a comparatively new organization within the Amherst Hi-Y Chapters. The Council is composed of representatives from each Hi-Y Club and it is ably led by President John Heintz. The main purpose ofthe Council is to bring inter-club relationships closer, thus ad- Lambda Chapter vancing still farther the aims of Hi-Y. It has acted as a central clearing house where inter-Hi-Y business is carried on. The adoption ofthe Greek war orphan, Anton- ius, was continued through the Council this year. The annual I-li-Y Dance was held in order to raise funds for our orphan, and the Amherst lli-Ys added one more incident to their growing list of good deeds. The Council also sponsors all joint meetings of Amherst Hi-Y clubs. Firrt row: Sue Baer, Dianne Dutlin, Chris- tine Jacobs, Sue lNlcAllester, Judy Rand, Yvonne Schaelchlin, Audrey Hurd, Helen Erkkila, Donna Dilxasqualcg Srrwzd row: Barbara Thompson, Nancy llankin, Karen Frey, Judy Rausch, Roberta l,andel, Loretta lfckman, Barbara Conti, Karen Ganterg Third raw: Sarah Martin, Catherine Voss, Glenna -loslyn, l.inda Hass, Nancy Holmes, Katherine Meyers, Sandra Wendt. 99-THR TC JWER Zeta Chapter Homemaking lub The Homemaking Club's ac- tivities range from cooking and sewing to projects pertaining to charity. Miss Simpson, the faculty sponsor, and Carolyn McKnight, the President, lead this enter- prising organization. THE TOWER-loo First row: Tom Ferguson, Tom Palmer, Ronald Campbell, Bill Hodsong Sec- ond row: Bob Rees, Donald Seybold, Peter MacMur- trie, Donald Schoonover, Bob Steislingerg Third row: Denny Trudell, Jerry Far- row, Iilwood Becker, Tony Bueschen, David Forbes, Mr. Moss, adviser, Fourlh row: Barry Burrows, Larry Davis, Roy Lundberg, Al- len Jones, Tom Orisg F0711 row: Fred Machemer, Den- nyGalvin. Firxt row: Cynthia Denny, Carolyn McKnight, Phyllis Whithed, Joan Bealerg Serond row: Sandra Ireland, Betty Rozek, Kay Conley, Rita Pempsell, Corinne Landel, Marilyn Walter. - Y One of the successful members of the Science Clubs of America is the Amherst Biology Club. This year, the club's otiicers have led its members through at series ol' interesting, educational, informal weekly meetings. lfieltl trips, student lectures, demonstrations, and exploration into the biological field of Science round out the program of this active group. Ph sies lub Biolog lub Fin! row: Paul Kennedy, Ken jahraus, Ralpha Dos- berg, Dave Foggg Sl'I'077d raw: Jacqueline Cohen, Marilyn Meyers, Rosemary Graver, Phyllis Cioga, Au- drey Miller, Betty Schwan- tler, Nr. l.ape, adviser, Third faux' Carol fiilkey, Ann Osborn, Shirley Du- Bois, Aliceann Gray, Mar- sha Soldineer, Sally Krull, Nancy lfvans, ,Indy Pelsong I-'ourth raw: Howard Tyr- rell, Bill Hillman, Ron Greiner, Bob Rauch, Tom Osborne. During the past year the Physics Club has had an extremely active program. Besides participating in the annual Seience Congress, they made several interesting field tripsg one to the VYBIALN-'l'Y station and :mother to the Re vublic Steel Com- , . . ' . . . . l pany plant. lheir other activities included lecture demonstra- tions and class discussions which were stimulated by the pres- ence of guest speakers, one of whom was Karl Wendt, a re- search engineer ot' Sylvania l-ilectric Company. The Physics Club is under the eapable supervision of Mr. Ungerer. Ifirxr rote: Brian XVerner, Bruce Ziegler, Mr. Ungerer, adviser, Rudy Bersani, Marilyn Meversg Srrnnri row: Pete Stheler, jim Simoniu, Carol Peters, Eleanor Hofmann, Carol kt-ating, Tom Osborne, Roger Prior: Third mai: Dirk Hide. Charles Croco, Paul Collins, Ronald Hettick. jon Biritforrl, Peter Sthillke, Howard 'I yrrellg I-ourlli row: Richard liiolamluv Stephen fil'ZlilXk, Peter Murphy, Paul Haas, Albert Gulas, Chutk Sperht, lfrank Parsons, Ronald Greiner, llaxe Wendt, Bob Haherxnehl. IOI-THPi TOWER Triad The major aim of the Triad, Amherst's most recent publication, is to stimulate the creative ability ofthe student body. In accomplishing this objective the statl produces an annual magazine, which is also an excellent source ofentertainment. Formerly the staff was chiefly composed of Seniors, but in the past year every class has had a representative who helps edit, proofread, type, and publish the Triad. Miss XValdow, supervised these ac- tivities, with the student assistance of Robert Voekle, Fdirorg Patricia Farrell, Associate Fditorg Catherine Gervin and Patricia Sebring, Assistant Fditorsg Janet Swift, Business Managerg Dianna Roga , ger, Treasurerg Jlames Baldwin, Art ' Editorg Angeline Iage, Typing Editor, l and Linda Hauck, Publicity Editor. lfirrl row: Janet Swift, Cathrine Cirvin. Bob Voelklc, Pat Farrell, Pat Sebring: Second row: liarol Dlllldlllllll, Barbara Cook, Vivian Judge. Donna Stage, Linda Hauck, Sue Hzirvev. ,lim llaldwini Tliirzl rozv: Miss Wfaldow, adxiser, Janet Stahl, Betsy Ogilvie, Pat Caldwell, Marilyn Meyers, Angie Page, Diana Rogger, Jim Baldwin: Ifoizrtlz row: Marilyn Waller, Dianne Sauyer, Joan Slaiuampiauo, Shirley Rees, Boh Drexelius, Judy Walker, Nanny Berry. The Junior Science Club, which is under the tal. An assembly program was held under their supervision of Mr. Bowman, has had a varied direction. The members of the club were kept program of activities during the course of the busy with work concerning their pr0,lCCIS fOr the school year. They made field trips to the Quarry, Science Congress. the lNluseuin of Science, and the Veterans Hospi- Junior cienee Club 1"ir.rt row: Barbara Tutton, Carolyn Creed, Elinor Laundy, Dave Batson, Pat West, Dave Miller, Merrill Trefzer, Paul Rich, James Casterline, Arthur Oliver, Win Story, Doug lVlcl.ernon, Dave Prillg Second row: Elaine Priore, Judy Murray, Sandra Bushy, Judy Slivka, Pat Dickerson, Sara Brown, Fdna Conlon, Joy Hartke, Ann O'Neil, Al Pezoldt, George Basil, Lee Buckus, Mr. Bowman, adviser, Third row: Carl Henson, Philip Kuhn, Fred Smeader, Tom Wleir, Gary Vvhitley, Dick Chappell, Dan Mooney, John Bres- nehan, Frank Puffer, Dave Grotke, Owin Kennedy. THF TOWER- IO2 Senior Art lub Fin! row: Jenn Jenkins, Mrs. lfgo, :nl viser, Lois Petrunickg Sefond row Nancy livans, Judy Walker, Carol San- ders, Surah Krull. A relatively new club in school, the Stick 'em Trade 'em club, offers a chance for An1herst's stamp en- thusiasts to display their collections.Theclubfeatures lectures, films, stamp ex- hibitions, and stamp auc- tions. This year's group was awarded a trophy by the Western New York Stamp dealer's Association for some stamps entered in :1 show conducted by the association. Mrs. Lape is the sponsor of the organ- ization. Junior Art lub Firsl row: Bebe Behrens, Judy Jenkins, David Mcllay, Bob Blackwood, Sfrond row: Judy Rudock, Mrs. Bang, adviser, Don VVilhelm. Stamp lub I-'irsl rum: Sandra Bushey. Ann Hnrnish, Dennis lluliin, Merrill Trefler, Paul Rich, Fred Schrader, Fdnn Conlon, Lynda Wzillacez Svrmiri mtv: Bob Lesh, Jack Callahan, William Moldt, Dale Koch, Bob Znuel, llrute Ifenlon, Dirk Hznlleyg Tlurd rnzr: Mrs. Lupe, David Bersani, 'I'om Boebel, Tom Weir, Reginald Clevelznnlg lfmzrtla row: Kurt Gebhardt, Robert IVI-isopn, Spencer Clevelainil, Bob Appleby, Donald Burnett. 103-THE TOWER Librar lub Twenty-one library helpers served in the library this past year. They kept the shelves in order, replaced the books, helped the librarians prepare the new books, and returned the library passes to the study halls. Book orders of faculty members were also handled by the club's members. On March 7, 1953 a Reading Panel was held during the conference of Western New York Librarians at Buffalo State Teachers College. Seven Amherst Central High School students appeared on this panel. The subject discussed was "Teen- Agers-Wanted to Read More." First row: Mrs. Hannel, adviserg Claudia Burgio, Molly Blow, Margaret Genrich, Sally Saville, Marilyn Walter, Carolyn McKnight, Miss Long, adviserg Second row: Marlene Belair, Doris Dickerson, Roberta Landel, Sally Brydon, Corinne Landel, Barbara Blake, Helen Dayg Third row: Janis Valenta, Linda Hawes, Elizabeth Snyder, Jane Rolfe. y f ,357 I O l 'B 4 N 1 i lla. e Young journalists are capably led by Mrs. Falean Hannel in Amherst Central's Newspaper Club. The reporters of this organization write important school news and events which appear in the column "Amherst School Activities" in the Amherst Bee. Karl Seidl is Editor-in-Chief of this literary club. Newspaper Club A IS PS I lil dk U ,. lli ilu N if!!! l!!l Seated: Judy VValker, Vivian Judge, Mrs. Hannel, adviserg Lois Petrunickg Stand- ing: Karl Seidl, Joseph Coveny, Paul Rich, Michael Graver, VVilliam Powell. THE TOVVER-IO4 Tatler taff General Staff First row: Margy Phillips, Jane Watson, Mary James, Nancy Berry, Marlene Werner, Carolyn Mcknight, Cynthia Denny, Kathie Vin- rent, Barbara Vanl.nnger, Elaine French, Marilyn Moldt, Anita Rickerson, Barbara Thayer, Sharon Bergmann: Second row: Lois Petrunirk, Rosemary Graver, Phyllis Hurd, Mary Lou Fiscus, Ar- lene llenall, Mary Nicolls, Pat Farrell, Martha Cronk, Helen Day, Nancy Meyer, Pat Caldwell, Carol Dietrich, Eunice Jones, Marilyn Meyers, Roberta Meyer, Nancy Evans, Barbara Krumnieck, Eliza- beth Snyder: Third row: Barbara Cook, Jeanette Cave, Peggy Baer, Joyce Gridley, Marge Boldis, Mary Ann Chalmers, Mary Bruso, "Read about it in the TATLERH has become a familiar saying at A.C.H.S, Formerly only eight issues of the school newspaper were published each year, but in 1953 the number was increased to ten. The staff of the Tatler has become a re- markably eflicient organization which is guided by the excellent supervision of Mr. Gilbert and Dianne Warren, Sylvia Fraser, Claire Cox, Sandy Porter, Lois Schmidt, Naomi Richter, Carol Peters, Sally Bryrlon, Ann Mot- tinger, Edna Conlon, Marsha Rhodes, Pat Horlorkg Fnurlla mm: Pat Sebring, Janet Stahl, Helene Green, Gloria Lindennieier, Joan Stancampiano, Arlene Hulse, Claire Dytkinan, Marge Wightman, Alice Sawyer, Hedwig Fischer. Janet Schmidt, Sara Jane Mt'Ness, Judy Walker, Ann Pfeiffer, Paul Rich, lid l.ieser, Howard Tyrrell, Bob Voelkle, Dorothy Scott, Pat Rieman, Arlene Landreville, Donna Wink, Mildred Gillman, Phyllis Whithed. Mr. Gelsinger. As a result of their untiring efforts to produce a better paper almost 8o'Z, of A.C.H.S. students regularly subscribe to it. Paul Santmire was the ambitious editor-in-chief of the Tatler during the past year, Charles Croco was the Busi- ness Director, and Betsy Ogilvie, Ruth Pellman and Ileane Kunold were the Managing Editors. Tatler Executive Staff First row: Betsy Ogilvie, Ruth Pellman, Paul Santmire, lleane Kunoldg Second row: Shirley DuBois, Vivian Judge, Cathy Girvin, Donna Stage, Pat Jacobs, Third row: Kay Bachman, Karl Seidl, Paul Collins, Chuck Croco, Shirley Wer- ner. Not Pictured: Jim Baldwin, Pat Sebring, Pat Horlock. :gym ' V. 'JU i 1, I! 105-THE TOWER The Thespians have carried out a successful dramatic year under their new constitution. Those members of the Thespians who have not yet earned enough points to become members of Amherst's troupe lO8O of the National Thespian Society are called Amards. The national point sys- tem is based upon ability and participation in any phase of dramatic work. President, Donna Stage, Vice President, Fran- cis Dulczewskig Secretaries, Betty Jansen and Dorothy Acheyg Treasurer, Esther VVinfieldg and Historian, Sally Brydon, have guided the mards Kasonie, Dick Boa, Dave Steislinger, Gary l-'il Schweitier, Joanne Kidd, livelyn Kolbe: Lou I-iiscus, Marsha Soldineer, Ralpha Dos- berg, Allison Craig, Carol Peters, Jacqueline Cohen, Lola Skidmore, Joan Slulf. group expertly toward their aims and purpose. Throughout the year the Thespians have given sterling performances in the Christmas Play, a one act play in assembly, a one act play for the Thespian Festival, and the annual spring pro- duction of a full length play. The Thespians have truly established and ad- vanced the standards of excellence in all phases of dramatic work. They have faithfully followed their motto, "Act well your partg there all the honor lies." Thespians Firxt row: Pat Radley, lister Winneld, Fran Dulczewski, Donna Stage, Sally Brydon, Jeanette Cave, Marilyn Green- awalt, Cathrine Girving Second row: Ruth Pellmcn, Vivian Judge, Helene Green, Pat Burt, Carolyn McKnight, Marlene Werner, Alice Youngblood, Dorothy Scottg Third row: Mary Nicolls, Carol Dietrich, Kay Bachman, Betsy Ogilvie, Lois Schmidt, ,lane Rolfe, Sue Schultz, Dorthy Achey, Judy, Werdelg Fourth row: Rick Meese, Dick Woods, Bob Kinghorn, Don Brown, john Heintz, Tom Peffer, Jim Baldwin, Douglas Freeth, Ron Het- tich, Bob Voelkle, Pat Jacobs. THE TOWER- 106 First row: Dale Henson, Bill Daniels, Wesley singer, Sermirl rum: Marg Cameron, Lydia Messenger, Dottie Kramer, Gail Roach, judy Ohlheim, jean jenkins, Marilyn Meyers, jo- anne Clewis, l.oris Willerlg Third row: Nancy Milks, Barbara Thayer, Sandra Perry, Valda Orlando, Pat Andres, Joyce Siebert, Nancy Evans, Barbara Krummack, Rachel Koser, Carol Bitlerman, Elllilljlllll Doran, Sue Teale: Fuurllz row: Carol l.en1, jutly Walker, Eliza- beth Snyder, Pat Caldwell, Elaine French, Janice Valenta, Shirley Dullois, Sandy Filth row: Shirley Perrotta, jane! Stahl, Mary Iirrsf row: Judy Kulp, Gary Tunmore, Paul Rich, Mr. Patti, adviser, Second row: Que Lnrno, Dave Donaldson, Jack Watson, Karen VVitt, Eddie Pettis, Merrell 'I refzerg Third raw: Doris Dryer, Chuck Fink, Art Haas, Dave Haller. The Senior Construction Group is the most recent Amherst organization. The Group, which was organized for the purpose of designing, con- structing and painting scenery for various school presentations, is composed of two parts. One is Jr. High Assembly Group The Junior High Assembly Committee was created for the purpose of affording students the opportunity to develop leadership and of presenting worthwhile assembly programs for the junior High. This year the committee planned and presented approximately thirty assembly programs which included plays, quiz shows, student and faculty programs, musicals, previews of school activities, movies, speakers, and many other varied and interesting presentations. In addition to planning programs, the committee held valuable discussions on program evaluation and assembly behavior. They also, very ably, assisted school organiza- tions in their presentations in our au- ditorium. Mr. Patti is the adviser, Gary Tun- more the chairman, and Judy Kulp, the secretary. made up of people who prefer designing, the other division consists of those who prefer construction. During the past year, under the supervision of Mr. Orgek, the Senior Construction Group has admirably served A.C.H.S. Scenery Construction Group Finrl row: Tom Petifer, Nr. Orgek, adviser, Shirley DuBois, Ron Hettichg Second row: Nancy Milks, Sharon Bergmann, janicc Yalenta, Valdai Orlando, Barbara Harvey, jane Rolfe, Doris Dickerson, Judy jenkins, Helen Day, Dawn Koch, Third rote: Albert Gulns, jim Baldwin, Eddie Gibeau, Bruce Ziegler, l.ouie Shosho. 107-THR TOWER The stage crew performs many services for Amherst Central High School. lt is one of our most efficient organizations. The members of this group are behind the scenes of every A.C.H.S. production, making sure that everything goes like clock-work. This year, for the first time, with the assistance of the scenery projection crew, they made the scenery for the annual operetta. john Heintz was the capable manager, Dick Woods was the assistant manager, and Don Brown was treasurer. Bob King- horn, VVilliam Daniels, Wesley Kasonic, Arthur Baus, Tony Culver, and john Shuck were also members of the crew. Projection Crew Stage Crew Firsl row: Robert King- horn, john Heintz, Dick YVoods, Don Browng SLT- ond row: Roy Lundberg, john Schuck, Tony Culver, Wesley Kasonic, Bill Dan- iels, Arthur Baus, William Shoop. An industrious group of boys at Amherst is the Projection Crew. Their endless job is setting up and running projectors, slide machines, record players, and tape recorders. Under the capable supervision of Mr. Schaefer, this crew has been of considerable aid to the teachers, assembly speakers, Adult Education classes, Hi-Y organi7ations, church groups, and Civil Defense groups in the prominent field of audio-visual education. Firrl row: Phil Barber, Al Kosmerl, Pete Bickford, Bill Bacon, Bill DeKlein, Robert Zielen, Harold Kosmerlg Suond row: Ralph Morrow, jon Bickford, Bryan Werner, Fred Ludwig, Al Zielen, Mr. Schaefer, adviser. THE TOWER- 108 JUNIOR HIGH MASQUERADE PARTY October 24, 1952 Friday 3:00 p.m. DQ X, .Otlgtf CLASSROOM CAMPAIGNERS STEVENSUN Senior Pla Direetor Student Direrlors General Advisor C Ist Eseort llflr. ffordan 2nd Esrort 70.0 Pendlelon Messenger 7013 Ann Tony Abbott ffulia l'arnsu'0r1h Mr's. Ames Belle Logan Workman Max Levene Susie Williams Plainrlothesmzzn Radio Announeer Lfffy Doelor Iirvf ro L Bob X oelltlt Hclc-nc Green Rick Messe Gil Flden Serond row: Mary Nitolls Pitl irrcll Sui Sthult7 Bill Roberts led Nichols Mr lxlaymangtdviserg lhzrrlmw Sm H1rvu Donna Stitt Nick Busil Tom Peffer Ron Hettick, Dave Bcfir Not Plrtured lim Baldwin Phil Whitelaw Dick Hyde, Richard Boa. Mr. Morton S. Kluymzm Donna Stags, 'llliomus Pclfcr Miss lilenoru Hiltlcbraiml In order of their tl17f76'1l7'1l?7f6D Tliomzxs Pclfcr Robert Voclklc Tlicoilorc Nichols Ricliatrtl lNlucsc 'lzimcs liziltlwin Patricia: lfiirrcll William Rolicrts Sulilllllk' Schultz Mary Nicolls llclcnc Grown Riclizirtl Bon Gilbert lfltlcn Suszm Harvey David liner Richard Hyilc Tlicotlore Nichols Ronalil Hctticli Philip lVhitcl:iw Junior Pla Sealed: Sally Brydon, Dorothy Achey, Norma Jones, Esther Winfield, Jeanette Cave, Roberta Meyers, lfunice joncsg Standing: Richard Woods, Richard Starr, Donald Root, Edward Lyons, Ronald McCormick, Mr. Klayman, Van Hoff, Robert Kinghorn, Robert Kinghorn, Donald Brown, Gary Filsinger. No! pirlured: Ann IN "Best Foot Forwardw by John Cecil Holnl lllareh 27-28, 1953 Pulzfifity Tickers Progm mx l,'.vher.r Illake-up 1'r0perlic'.v Coxtumrx CONlMI'I"l'lili CHAIRMICN linda Hanck Shirley Ruske Sue 'llezile Beverly Skinner, Barbara Cooke l'llZlll1C French Marilyn Meyers Nancy Frisbee Direrlor Sludent lJil't'ff0?'5 General zidwlfrr directorg Robert Rogers, Michael lottinger, Douglas lfreeth. M r. Morton Klzlvmzln Ann Mottinger, Rigllnril Vl'oods Mr, Glenn llngerer CAST C111 llze order of nppmrunrej Dutch H unk Green Salrhel Dr. Reeber lllisx Smilh Jllinerva Ellie! Mis: Delaware llfnlrr Gap Blind Dare Old Grad Robert Kingliorn Gary lfilsinger llonnltl Brown Micliziel Yun llotl' Douglas l'll"Cl'lll Norma lones lfstlier NVintield Sully llrytlon Roliertzl Meyer Dorothy Afliey Riclizml Starr Q UI xl 0 X K . 4 Ifh 5' 'I' .""' Bud Prqf. Lloyd Yark Gale C hexter H elm Ron: ilti McCormack lfdwaml l,yons Donnlil Root lfunire jones Robert Rogers Jeanette Cave The Pirates of Penzance by Gilbert and Sullivan Feb. 12, 13, 14, 1953. 8:00 p.m. Major-General Slanley Tlze Pirate King Samuel CHi.v Lieutemzntj THE CAST Frederic CTl1e Pirale Apprentieej Sergeant rj Polite Major-General Stanlevhr lVrzm'.r Mabel Edith SUPPORTING CAST Km, UNDERSTUDIES 154551 Major-General Pimle King Samuel Frederif Sergm nl ll label Edilh K ale Imbel R 11111 Roger Wilhelm Paul Kremer Ted Maratta William Bellanca William Roberts Jacqueline Mattey Gail Roach Claire Dyckman Susanne Teale Lola Ann Skidmore sl 'J 0- 1,- Left to right: Sandy Freeth, Francis Dulczewski. TH Ii TOWER-I I2 Ruflz CPirafe Maid-Qf-all-work! Douglas Frceth David Hcgg Donald Root Howard Tyrrell Francis Dulczewski Janet Price joan Davey Cynthia Denny lfileen Zimmerman Patricia Burt 'fi ft Q N. 5 l"ir,v.' row: janet Price, Sandy Frccth, Cynthia Denny, Joan Davey, Fran Dulczcwskig Srfond row: U xvc Hcp. llp am Limnu rm in Bill Bcllanca, Put Burt, Don Root. Production Staff l'rmf1n'.f'r-,lIlamulf Iiirfflm' Stage' I 71'r'rrt0r' 17am'z' l7fr':'1'for nl'.v.v114'i.1h' .lflljllf l31'r'fflm' .'1'.r.rm'l'l11f' .1In.m' 171'r'u'10f' 'llvlzrzimf lJIi!'t't'flU' .Vwrzif ffl1PlJf7'Ill'ffl1?I l'r'ir1tir1ig nm! l'f114qn1:'ir1g fflljfldlllt' lJf1v1'gr1 .md Prml1n'1i1m llousr .llilrxlziigw nlrl ,'11IZ'Iij'II7' Stmfmt .1 Izmir IJli7't'l'f07' Stagr ll I 11 mzgrr l1,r,vi5m11l Sings 1Jf7't'flU7' ,1f'r0n1ju1n1',rt .Vlmlnxt l?14.vir1r,v,f Jflzrxizgfz' :nd ,1,r,ri,vrm1l Smgv Dirfflor Wvultcr lx, Rcitz Stuart lim-lic lsnln-I Huslmml l'll1llCY1t' Kula floral Svliurnicrlmrn Morton Klanymzln lfllwzlrll Orglck Na-il Stillman l'ilC1lHUI'1l llil-lrlwralnll john Krcsriv Nlzlrgzlrct l,CI'lll5li0XVSlil Roger Yyillwlni john llcinrz Hclcn Schocwlc Kathleen Cr-all Robcrt Voclalc llmomais Pclfcr bf! In riglil: lJ1lVL' Ill-gg, Xvilliznn Bl-llxmcn lunllcr- stully to llowzml 'liyrrclll Par Burt. 'GF' wks if 6? f ' Q I 4 " , fx' Q QQ gy Q nfff f "l"," ' . Q fm ' 44, I V 'f Y . 1' . K' '7' . -. . , I 1., ,:' QQ' Q 00 A 'v V ,I 1.5 Education utdoor The school camp is an instru- ment through which children can learn the value of democratic planning, a chance to sense social problems and solve them ae- cording to real needs. The out- door program provides for as- sumption of responsilxilities to clothing, food, sanitation, health, conservation, pulmlic facilities and certain group activities. These educational experiences are fre- quently difFicult to achieve in the conventional classroom. The child, in camp, is experiencing reality. His five senses are utilized for educating as they have seldom been used. Outdoor living pro- vides many ofthe real life feelings essential to the wholesome de- velopment ofthe complete child. The outdoor camp has one of the greatest potentials for de- velopment of recreational pro- grams which in contrast to some of our major sports, will have a lasting value lay their continu- ance. Patrons of the 1953 Tower 4 ,,,, Robert N. You ngblood Mr and Mrs. William Baldwin Mr and Mrs Reginald F. Berry Mr and Mrs. Herbert Bidlack Mr and Mrs. Thad H. Blake Mr and Mrs Willis L. Brunner Mr and Mrs. Harvey Brustad Mr and Mrs. Paul S. Burt Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Conn Mr and Mrs William H. Dahmer Mr and Mrs Harold M. Day Mr and Mrs Michael Denall Mr and Mrs Edward C. Denny Mr and Mrs Robert Drexelius Mr and Mrs Kendall C. Fraser Mr and Mrs Leonard P. Gernold Mr and Mrs E. Gibeau Mr and Mrs I. W. Girvin Mr and Mrs VVilliam E. Heintz Mr and Mrs. John Hettich, Jr. Mr and Mrs J. Wilson Judge Mr and Mrs. Henry T. Kunold Mr and Mrs Charles J. Lexer Mr and Mrs. Harold C. Lindberg Mr and Mrs Edward Lindenmeier Mr and Mrs Fred A. Manske Mr and Mrs. George L. McKnight Mrs. Frank Messe Dr. and Mrs. Harold Meese Mr and Mrs. F. Miller Mr and Mrs. Robert M. Nichols Mr. and Mrs Alex M. Ogilvie Mr. and Mrs I. E. Pellman Mr and Mrs Stuart Phillips Mr. and Mrs R. G. Price Mr. and Mrs. Franklin B. Rogger Mr. and Mrs. John T. Rolfe Dr. and Mrs. H. C. Santmire Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Sperry Mr. and Mrs. Otto H. Striejewske Mr. and Mrs R. Sturmer Mr and Mrs. Robert Thalman Mr. and lWrs. H. Van Lunger Mr. and Mrs. Merle D. Vincent, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Voelkle Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Warren Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Wvells, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. VVerner Mr. and Mrs. Vllilliam VVratten Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. George L. Ziegler Dr. and Mrs. Walter J. Zimmerman ll , IV N .1 T , ,K f, 1 I 1 K ' r , 4 l 1 .Y ' I' V I I 'V ' if .A 1' 4 ji" ' 1 M V 1+ , ,7?5x - 1,5 g f 1 ' 1 , 9'- Wf. fr., ,ji V I ,...-:f.?-'-'- ,: 'K 'E ,' Q 255- -I l K 4,1"4' 'W ,illd ,,.-t-- if I 17-THE TOWER X THE TOWER-118 Voices hymn thy valiant praises, Hearts thy halls enshrineg May our loyalty unceasing Amherst, e'er be thine. CHORUS 'Neath your Towers facing northward VVe shall always beg Ever faithful, Alma Mater, To thy memory. When we leave thy halls of learning, Paths of life to strayg May your guidance never ending Light us on our way. ' -1 Ima Mater President Vice President Si Manspeoker Rudy Gleason Treasurer Jim Wratien E Secretary Carl Hughes Sgr. af Arms Pete Peters-Jim Gibson k 1 -1 Chaplain Ed Stillwell Jin' MacDonald Nick Basil X ,. Ron Stepnick Dick Lexer G ' Herb Seiler Chuck McNerney A j I Bolo Rozek Sonny Savarino 4' 'i E ' M W Dick Krischon Paul Zinter Bob voekle Don Lindsey f 'G QAM qf f Jack Bissell fl l Tofn Radice Ted Maratta ' ll Gcxry Runkel Nick Prochoroff 1 ' - r L-te Ti- in - if HOWARD A. CLARK Licensed Manager and Owner STECK, LOCKWOOD and CLARK FUNERAL SERVICE 2775 Main Sfreei Bulielo, N. Y. PArkside 88l6 1 I9 -THF TOVS In R POPE'S MARKET A. F. ZIMDAHL Pharmacist Qualify Meats and Poultry 2646 MAIN AT PARKER PA. 0039 OFFICERS President Vice-President Treasurer Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Sergeant-at-Arms Pledge Mistress Chaplain Historian Pat Burke Jeanette Cave Sandra Ensminger Barbara Jackson Sonia Jung Pat Kenslea Rachel Koser Marcia Lacke Shirley Latanision Sandra Swartzel Ellen Brunner Joann Miller Millie Gillman Barbara Brustad Jackie Anthony Dianne Sawyer Joanne Benson Sandra Lindberg Judy Leach MEMBERS Jeanette Branston Carol Brown Joan Davey Beverly Gaskill Joan Lendrim Beverly Lown Connie Mannes Marina Prochoroff Maryann Talbot Donna Wink Our Compllmenls To The Faculty and Sludenl Body On The Graduaflon of the Class of 1952 TRESIDDER REALTORS 4675 MAIN STREET SNYDER, N. Y. GENRICH BUILDERS INC RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION A PROFESSION 4287 Main Street AM 7484 PHE TOWER- 120 JOHNSON'S AMHERST BOOTERY SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY University Plaza PA 6974 Compliments of 1 my 1565515150 951441 Hlplw Simplex' Nj 1 President- Joann Miller SN. Vice President -Angela Young Treasurer - Carol Rich Recording Secretary -Joan Benson Pledge Mistress -Jeanette Branston Corresponding Secretary - Jeanette Cave Chaplain - Pat Kenslea Sgt. at Arms - Marcia Meidel Historian -Joan Rindfliesch AM D 8. E Motors, Inc. "THE HOME OF AN HONEST DEAL!" 5195 Main Street PL 4100 Williamsville, N. Y. I21 -THF TOWER THETA BETA CHI LEONARD P. GERNOLD RISK AND INSURANCE ANALYSIS SORORITY Office Residence 401 Genesee Bldg. 28 Jasper Drive Phone MA 7000 Phone AM 1209 BARNEY MlLl.ER 5727 Main Street, Cor. So. Ellicott Williamsville, New York Plumbing Heating Hardware Electrical Appliances CLARENCE OSTERMEIER CUSTOM TAlLOR Phone BAiley 6595 1288 North Fillmore Avenue Buflalo 11, New York VON'S RED 81 WHITE 4575 Main Street Snyder, N. Y. , . af MMU WI ea q ILDREN ron CH I I ' Bernhardt Drive at Main Street SNYDER, NEW YORK YOU GET MORE AT TUNMORE S 0 More For Your Used Car o More For Your Service Dollar SEE FOR YOURSELF DRIVE A ROCKET OLDS TODAY Tunmore Oldsmobile Inc THI' TOVN FR 122 DELTA KAPPA RHO CONGRfgjg3f,gO1f,g3TO THE -fx- GAMMA PHI SIGMA ' Fraternity K is A I , -ff President ..................... Paula Neal Vice President ............ Catherine Radice Treasurer ............. Barbara Van Lunger Corresponding Secretary .... Barbara Cooke Secretary ...........,....... Judith Jensen Pledge Mistress .. ...... Mary Hagen Chaplain .....r... .... P at Carpenter Sergeant at Arms .... .... J udith Braun President Vice President T Tens Il re r Corresponding Ser. Secretary Pledge Master Chaplain Henry Sperry Richard Ramsey Theodore Nichols Kent Bergman Donald Rechseen Russell Hardin Roger Nicholson COMPLIMENTS OF Rich's Ice Cream Compliments of BROST MOTORS, INC. Dodge and Plymouth Distributors GA 8900 Phone AM Ol 23 i' Delivery Service Dry Cleaning We Operate 2200 Kensington Ave. Our Own Plant Snyder, New York 123 --THF 'IUWHR Qi F :f 45 me FOUR WINDS FARM NURSERY INC Your Neighborhood Source of Supply For oll Plonts ond Garden Supplies Courteous Service Prompt Attentlon 4190 Main Street Compliments of Dr. Robert W. Conn, D.D.S. ond Dr. G. E. Easterbrook, D.D.S 4525 Main Street Snyder 21, N. Y. LOCKS HOME BAKERY CI 1080 3927 HARLEM ROAD AT KENSINGTON Try Our Homemade- Breads, Pies, Cakes, Rolls Quality Our Specialty Headquarters for the Sportsman DICK FISCHER ATHLETIC GOODS, INC. Complete Sports Equipment and Clothing 699 Moin Street Thru-Woy Plozo Buffalo, N. Y. Buffalo, N. Y WA 8080 BA 8820 3 LINCOLN RD SNYDER N Y UN 70l2 I H li 'POW If R- 114 C omplimenfs fo fhe Class of 1953 P d -- ul Dclhmer Vice President-Wolf M S - D hy Scoff Tr rer - Dougiczs F h I C 1 U3 lffxw STUDENT COUNCIL L. N. wi-ussel. LUMBER co. INC. THE AMHERST BEE The Official Paper of Amhersl' Willa a Weekly Column of Amhersf Cenfrel News Buffalo Yarcl Williamsville Yard PA' woo UN'6o63 Fine Job Priniing - Smari, Personalimd Sfaiionery - Personalized Mafchas and Napkins Kenmore Yard RL2323 5564 MAIN STREET WILLIAMSVILLE J. ADRIAN SONS, INC. Fine Meals Sausage Manufacfurers I750 and 2256 GENESEE STREET BUFFALO Semef-Solvay Coke Healing Oils Lehigh Valley Anfhraciie I Compliments of GLEN PHARMACY Amhersi' Builders Supply 81 Fuel Corp. Q 5274 MAIN smear WILLIAMSVILLE, N. Y. W""0mSV"'e Plaza 5064 Sfoler Coal Smoleless Coal Biluminou TH E-TOWER-1 26 Gamma Sigvnafrafcrnily f Compliments of '. .' Dr. and Mrs. Wei'g'M.D. ,htomamonlk Zllpha Gmcqa lflzaglet COMPLIMENTS Uibzta Sigma Dalia Alpha Chagilier : 9 ft' 1952 fl 2? 1953 if " ""' ai' w President - Dorothy Scott Vice President Shirley DuBois Pledge Mistress Marilyn Moldt Recording Secretary Mary Nicolls Sergeant at Arms Arline Hulse Corresponding Secretary Pat Caldwell Chaplain Judy Oelheim Treasurer Carol Dietrich Treasurer Carole Lenz o Compliments of E ' ' K Ei B S RELIABLE PHARMACIES DELICATESSEN ms MAIN smear. eeeenrsviue PURE DRUGS 127M'I'Hl-I TOWI-IR HONOR SOCIETY SUPPLY STORE A COMPLETE LINE OF SCHOOL SUPPLIES Monoger - Alice Youngblood Bookkeeper -- Dicmo Rogger Foculfy Adviser-Arthur F. Schuchordt Ch P A 'I 1 -J , 9 r . .. , , xg I ., 1.-I. ' F' A . , . - A ol' A f-, .C 3 - we-X, . IIIIQ TOWER 128 Town ot Amherst Officials OFFER BEST WISHES T0 THE CLASS OF 1953 Supervisor- Eduard F. Metz Councilmen Edgar T. Barth D. Russell Conway Harry H. Scholl Edward E. Cook Town Attorney-Leland G. Davis Receiver of Taxes-Nelson H. Blocher Town Clerk-Harry R. Jones Supt. of Highways-F. Theodore Jenzen Theodore E. Smith, Jr. - Justices of the Peace- Edward L. Robinson To Fascinate and Charm B. and J. POLLUTRO, IHC. To Brighten a Lovely Table To Cheer a Sick Friend Beautiful Blossoms for Every Occasion UNIVERSITY FLORIST We Deliver 3096 Main Street AM 1397 WHOLESALE GROCERS BOB Main Street Bulhlo. N. Y. SNYDER PHARMACY E. B. Simonson and C. K. Cassety Purveyors to Hotels, Institutions, Hospitals, Phone PA 9743 """ """""l" C"""l"' 4525 MAIN STREET SNYDER N. Y SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHS Made By B E N S W A N 637 Main Street in Buffalo WA. 8363 All Negatives Kept For 5 Years For Duplicate Orders I29-THE TOWER CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1953 Barbara Brusfad Joanne Clewis Sue Cook Sue Graff Mildred Gillman Phyllis Goga Andrea Heywood Linda Hauck from SIGMA DELTA CHI Helen Murray Mary Messe Judy Pelson Gail Roach Sue Teale Doris Willert Loris Willerf Joanne Wilisfon Karen Witt Sue Hass Rachael Koser Marion Wilson Joan Lendrim - A Judy Leach 1952-53 Officers President - Carol Brown Vice President - lleane Kunold Treasurer -Joan Davey Corresponding Secretary - Nancy Conn Recording Secretary - Pat Farrell AI h ' l' RF I- R I I p a Zeta Chl "This Model We Don't Have" IJET WWE, v U' sl 3 ' 4 Buf- . - ! We Do Have -,. T LQ, ggi C69 Modern I. TI 'il' C I 8- , f A Furniture l I ' 'J S Y, 3 GREAT Q -1 FURNITURE STORES ,, 2,77-a L," HOUSEHOLD ourrmmc co og 0 575 Main Thruway Plaza 345 Broadway AQ Presrdenf Donald Arnold Ekvls VICE Presiclenl JOl1n Armstrong PLUMBING 8K HEATING SERVICE Treasurer Richard Meese 5305 Main Sheet Corresponding Secretary Ronald Heffich WIIIIamSvIIIe, New york Secretary Ronald Fancher CONTRAC-II-NG pledge Mosler John Low' Erwin A. Brese PLaza 2957 Chaplain Ronald Armstrong TH P, TOWIQR- 130 b .- ... , ,igg l lt all it tl . 1 If i gil 'l w National Gypsum Company is providing for high school graduates many types of iobs which offer lil opportunity to earn good salary, l2l training for higher positions, l3l chance to use abilities to the fullest extent, and l4l security through good iob performance. Many Amherst Central High School graduates are now employed at National Gypsum's Executive Office, 325 Delaware Avenue, where air conditioning, music, and sound control represent the very finest working conditions. "It is a good thing to be rich, And a good thing to be strong, But it is a better thing, To be beloved by many friends." Euripides Congratulations to the Class of 1953 ROTARY CLUB of Eggertsville - Snyder 4 New York 131 e'I'Hli TUWIQR ACHS STAGE CREW Stage Manager-John Heintz Assistant Stage Manager- Richard Woods 5 CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF '53 MIKE gy 1 President A or Carol Rich Vice President -A Angela Young Recording N Secretary 5 Jacqueline Blake Corresponding if Secretary if R ,sgg - Marcia Meidel Tfeqgurer Mildred VVlClCl'10m Pledge Mistress g Poiflcic' 595509 Chaplain Margretta Beishline SQt. at Arms C Joan Rindfleisch .. fa' . sf S - ctw 1 ei Y fs mi, RINEBOLT HARDWARE WIESE FLORIST QUALITY HOME MMNTENANCE SUPPLIES SNYDER BUFFALO 4545 Main Street Washington Market 4564 Main Street UN 1403 WA 7137 Snyder, New York This book printed by Velvatone, a special process of lithographic printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., BufTalo, N. Y. No 137- other printing firm is authorized to use the Velvatone method. 4 i ""Q-'uL'::-I-2?'151'aY-pe?iv ' ' M11 f- - ' If 317-'.':f F2151 4:22-1:11 T- , L'-:Q -Lau:-YZ .' ' ,:,:5, : 3-51 5 131' 12 -5-51-p!.a.5::q,y4v.g

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