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 - Class of 1951

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UD JQWWKWJ3 MQYFTMW Wm MJ! WW MW WM gf ,Lf DL Efbiwgpwgc ,fu H -ff. I. ZW xv t26?Q4,,,,JQ,12Ml.fflCv9f ,QM f A . , '. , fmfa, 'I 5 J L. QS J QQ .fa ff O 1 I ,P X 1 X ,Q-27 I A ff., 0. ql"GQ.'f' Q2 Guy .P ' " Nafdre Qoy? 13 Dunn I lf . KM E J jf' U UZ! S jr wil Q, c'UffW! ' W M Jw x X U5rF70ffj' , ff' KWX1wJf1 ff mf .Ji f a4aaanw :Emu X , - 'EP - 1 nun 1 ml v 1 , ' uw- u -In v 1 . 1 un- 1 I ur ,v I '53, 1 5 . Thx nn.. mum . ..... I H'-Y :nl ,HIL ..-' :F if 4- 'f .I-:,:j:7 " ug JI ff o MW fmzull -ff . 1111 IA I , ,fm ffl 1 I "ll'77 ! f. .-.., ,.. . A7'lA f ., -1 K 'Uh ':'.'Ff .-,, gif mid .,,..,,, ...lf 1 vmlflm I ufllll W 1111111 ' flllfl ,-ull! ' VI' I ff . Www Yi Yi X' M V IIIIIIM Q9 xx W ki sf X N fxf A VV, fx ' - I . N . Q u , sf ,f. E 4 i 1 4 5 las. I nn-.f i The Tower X gW HW- A .4- EX Libris .,-,h.. TOWER THE TOWER SENIOR PUBLICATION OF THE CLASS OF 1951 AMHERST CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL SNYDER, NEW YORK TOWER JUNE 1951 Contents FOREWORD ........ DEDICATION .,............... ADMINISTRATION ........ CLASSES ...............,..... ACTIVITIES ........ CALENDAR ...... PATRON S ........... ADVERTISING ....... .. 4 .. 5 .. 7 17 57 112 116 117 TOWER L fag 2 Q ' 55' ' ' 1 ., FOREWURD fl!! 3 Q TOWER IT H world events evolving at a supersonic speed, a reminiscent glance at the Old South is a refreshing change of scene. It is a deep reminder of the peace . . . . . h. and tranquillity of gracious living that all of us would like to regain 1n t IS modern age. Our plantation is a fami iar ric gg Planters in the Old South, not planters of cotton, but of knowledge. To us the whole student body represents the many Cotton Pickers on the plantation, gathering knowledge and experience, the components of mature men and women, in place f tton needed for the finished cloth. The Mississippi showboat which brought a o co world of gaiety and entertainment into the South can be compared to our many 'l' b ' k buildin our teachers are symbolic of the and varied extracurricular activities. Return with us now to the South of yesteryear as we review our showboat ' f A h t of activities for 1950-1951, all that remains of the 21st year of our m ers plantation. 4 , 1 C I tag' I f SF W SX Q DEDICATIO ' MRS. AREND Mrs. Elizabeth Arend has been the guiding light of the Class of '51 throughout the past four years. Her conscientious efforts and endless enthusiasm have exemplified the manner in which she has directed us in all of our endeavors. During her nine years at Amherst she has shown her genuine interest and fine capability by winning the friendship and co-operation of all of us. 5 TOWER What the new Sym will look like We look to the future te It is """"jjjj""'2 Y U U I I NSS- e k A -a ..... ... .... ....! r at .--- Z I I N s E "EF'UTUlEl x Y 5 ' PRESENT ILOG E 1 I I A OV! NIU ' Digging the foundation for the new gymnasium What will be provided A GYMNASIUM WITH: Floor space to meet increased physical education requirements Suitable gym locker space for all students Adequate locker space and dressing rooms for varsity sports Sanitary shower facilities Increased facilities to permit participation in sports by students not on varsity teams Adequate seating space and vision for 1500 spectators Sanitary public toilet facilities A MUSIC DEPARTMENT WITH: Ready access to the auditorium Rooms for large group rehearsals COrchestra, Band and Chorusj Assembly rooms for groups too large for ordinary class rooms Music class and practice rooms Instrument, uniform and robe storage space An organ practice room IN THE MAIN BUILDING: Additional cafeteria space More lockers for student's daily use ON THE ATHLETIC FIELD: Increased area for development of broader program for more students Parking space for athletic events 6 Ad HCW IIILISIC VVI1'lg TOWER li! is 5 ding the jlll llllll Il"""' ff! lllwff' X 'lin' 6 5 "urn I," 6 W llilr 6 5 my 1'i':'5' ,vlfl 1 us...?? . fW"W 1111 ,I lla ull' . PRINCIPAL l , , VH, MR. PHILIP A. SCHWEICKHARD We point with pride to Mr. Philip Sehweiekhard, our "Planta- tion Owner". Through the past years he has always treated us with the eneouraging attitude of a Counsellor and a friend. He has given us an ineentive to work that only Comes from an out- standing leader who makes every task seem worthwhile. Under this able leadership, Amherst will Continue to seek and achieve even greater levels of sueeess. 7 TOWER MR. JOHN SCHELLER ATTENDANCE OFFICER Our busy attendance officer, Mr. Schaefer, co- ordinates all matters concerning absenteeism. In addition to keeping the Hles, and issuing passes to our many students, Mr. Schaefer also coaches the J. V. football team. TOWER ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Mr. Scheller, our assistant principal, acts as the oversecr of the Amherst Plantation. His warm smile and ready assistance have marked him to all the students as both a friend and a leader. Included in his duties as overseer are the plan- ning of the year's schedule and the supervision of our faculty of "planters" ef?-by .3 gill? MR. ALAN SCHAEFER BOARD OF EDUCATIO Around table left to right: Mr. Charles Lexer, School Clerk: Mr. Theodore L. Mastcrson, Mrs. Darrel Granger, Mr. William F. Phillips, Treasurerg Mr. Walter Geyer, Presidcntg Mr. Philip A. Schweickhard, Principalg Mr. joseph F. Seitz, Mr. Kenneth Hornburg, Mrs. Ruth M. SCHOOL CLERK DIRECTOR OF ADULT EDUCATIO MR. CHARLES LEXER Mr. Charles Lexer holds the position of School District Clerk. In this office he handles the detailed and time-consuming business affairs of the school. MR. CARL MINICH Mr. Carl Minich is coordinator of the ever- expanding Adult Education Program at Am- herst, in addition to being the Director of Student Activities. He carefully executed these tasks and has succeeded in arranging a smooth- running schedule for our many extracurricular activities. TOWER SCHOOL URSE Mrs. Emma Coyer shows the students of Amherst patience and understanding which is a mark of a capable school nurse. She supervises the school health check-ups and keeps the health records. MRS. EMMA COYER STAFF " T1 If ,-. XS N. -7 X, b . V 6- 4' . q slr ' 4 1 HLLRY First row: Mrs. Beale, Mrs. Brumm. Second row: Mrs. Rolfe, Mrs. Brunner, Mrs. Kincaid, Mrs. Haffa, Mr. Dost. F' t : G W tt , Rhod Hunt, Pat Bauer, Mary Nichols, MRS' VERUNICA MACAULEY Boll ii7ri1UdahllrySeci:1deIrow.' Rdlbert Cryan, Robert Krebs, Ernst Rose, Gerald Kohl. Third row: Walter Flinkman, Earl Clements, I IO Paul O'Connor, Ray Rogers. TOWER N Left to right: standing, Mrs. Pearl Petersen, seated, Miss Carol Higginsg seated, Mrs. Imogene Amo, standing, Mrs. Mary Kendall, standing, Miss Marilyn Zennerg standing, Mrs. Louise Firman. IA ITORIAL STAFF S 16 E fi xv. 5 ya., 1, John Robertson, 2. Gebhard Thurnherr, 3. Louis Miller. CFFICE STAFF Our oflice staff, a group of elli- eient workers, capably handles the clerical work of Amherst Central. They are always ready and will- ing to help the 'student body in any way possible. 1. John Cameron, 2. Mr. Louis Wan- nenwetsch. Not Pictured: Caroline Bealer, Mary Rolfe, Daniel Strong, William Van Steenburgh. With the increase in the student body the jani- torial stafl' has also grown. These are the people who keep our school in good repair making it the pride of the community. 1. Charles Hildinger, 2. William Scull, 3. Edward Sehneggenburger. II TOWER BE:I'l'Y ACKLEY ELIZABEITH AEEND JAMES C, BAEE11--E LAWRENCE G, BENSON MILTQN E. BERGIIAN ENOCH BLACKWELL Phy.vwalEdu1:atmn Sezence Muyig Gggmgny Phyncal Edumhon jr. High Mathematic: Nf Is' 7 II 5 WALTER G. BLISI-I HERMAN BOWMAN MARION BUTT 9th grade Math General Sczenee Buxiness AMHERST MARGARET: CARNAI-IAN CHARIZES CASTELLI ALFRED CASTLE Guzdance Sacml Studzes Mun: MYRTLE Cl-IRISTENSEN WILLIAM CORNELL ABEAI-IAIYI Cu-rcI-IEE MAIIY D'AMIq0 MARGARET DEMBKOWSKI NOIIMA ENEA Art Speech 89' Dramatic: Sezenre Lann 6? Eflllli-Yll Ir. High Art French THERESA FITZGIBBONS JOHN GELSINGEII LILLIAN GEUENER MoInA M. HALEY ROBERT HALM EALEAN HANNEL 8lh grade Social Studies English Buxinesx Social Studie: B!!-Yifled'-ff Libfdfian Amencan Hzxtory I2 TOWER LILLIAN HARTER Typing ROBERTS HETTLER ELEANOR Hnuslzk ELENORA HILUEBRAND ROBERT H01-PER ISAIQFL HUSBAND Physical Education Spanish Home Economics 5001111 Sllldlf-Y Plllv-Uflll Ed'4N1ll0'l MARGARETJOSIIPII EUGENE KAzA MARTHA KILPALLA FREDEHCK KOCH MADEL'KOLLOFF RICI-IARI1 LAPE Englxxh Music Englixh, Readmgt IL High Maghgmagipg Guidance Scicnce fr. High Mathematics I jr. High Social Studie: FACULTY PI-IIIYNE Lmnv MASON J. MARTIN MARION. Msrz Indurtrial Arl: TW-71712 S T SI? QI VIRGINIA MOLIN DONALD MUNSON EDWIN C. MUs'rAkn XNX N, Home Economics Guidance Social Studie: X is VIRGINIA NAUon'I-oN WALTIQR NEWLQAN EDWARDQOIIGEIQ ARTHUR PANKow Ronan PAR: ROBERT PAFELUNAS English Jr. Hugh En ll Industrial Art: Social Studies Traruporlation Drwml Xrx 1 JOSEPH PATTI ELTON PETERSEN EVA PoLs'I'IzIz Dokoruv PURDY EVE!-YN REITZ WALTER REITZ English Chemistry 7th grade Social Studies General Science Libfufiafl GERTRUDE Rlx GERALDINIL Rolascu BASIL ROSENBERRY English Art Mathematics Music FACULTY Roman-r Rowu-ey ALICE Scnunn Romain- SQHONEWOE-F Am-nun Scuucnimxrr MARION SIMPSQN MARTHA S. STAPLETON Mathematics English Meehantcal Drawing I Mathematics Home Economics English fi'- :TZ Q 5 X + 2 9 2 1 , . I E -' -nz. R' x t , N. NEIL STIPLMAN THOMAS TIEISNEY Printing Social Studies I . Donorny VoLcIzNAu ELSIE WALDOW Hunnnr WII.xINs GRACE WYITIG WILLIAM WRAITEN TOWER English English German Hvme Economics Physical Education T4 GLENN UJWOERER P hysz cs FACULTY NOT PICTURED Josnru Bova FI:LIcIA BRENZEL NORMAN FIANNIGAN STUDE T COUNCIL l First row: Nancy Sperry, Dorothy Scott, Esther Winfield, George Hurd, Mrs. Husband, advisor, Marjeanne Jensen, Nancy Beard, Mary Lou Henderson, Mr. Rosenberry, advisor, Betty Jansen, Sally Lund, Joan Davey. Seggnd ww: Sue Cogk, Roma Mllfllff, Siilll' SPUEUC, MYflC Ann Keating, Shiflcl' Behrens, Carol Brown, Barbara Van Lunger, June Breu, Ellen Brunner, Audrey Miller, Joan Goliber. Third row: Ed Pettis, Mack Campbell, Marjorie Cameron, Anne Austin, Jane Poland, Ann Lucker, Marge Ziebarth, Sally Hart, Barbara Lanz, Susan Baer, Robert Geyer, Ronald Schutt. Fourth row: Dick Stair, Allen Harvey, Philip Neider, Sandy Freeth, John Orth. Leo Barnes, Roy Fowler, Hugh Miller, Hank Sperry, Roger Nicholson, Jack Foley, Robert Conn, Donald Goetzman. Fifth row: Chris Lawson, James Palisano, Richard Knapp, Paul Dahrner, Ted Springstead, Robert Wiley, David Hegg, Rocky Ford, Bob Noon, Gary Smith. The Student Council, composed of one elected repre- sentative from each homeroom in the school, is the student government of Amherst Central High. Its execu- tive body consists of the president, George Hurd 3 the vice-president, Marjeanne Jenseng the treasurer, Mary Lou Henderson g and the secretary, Nancy Beard. The entire council is under the very capable guidance and supervision of Mr. Rosenberry and Mrs. Husband. There are three major aims of the student council: to promote i p and guide the activities of students so as to secure for them extensive experience in self-initiated and self- ,' i directed enterprisesg to encourage wide opportunities to S participate in the civic responsibilities of the school g and A, Mtv' . to develop a patriotic pride in belonging to a superior " N school community. .I N nl, In the past, the council has proved most successful in ,,'q:.!llti. the execution and fulfillment of these aims. A new juke l ' Uffgmi' K 1 box for the cafeteria was purchased. The Handbook " "" containing essential, everyday information about Amherst was published. Numerous charity drives were sponsored. These are but a fraction of student council projects. Students will remember the football-booster campaign which it promoted. They will recall the sports day pro- gram fostered by the student council as well as the organization of a boys' sports council. In the future, the members of the student council hope to make even greater strides towards fulfilling their responsible aims. X5 TOWER GUIDANCE SERVICES Programs for all students are individually planned to suit their aptitudes, interests and needs. Counsel is easily available for all children and parents at any time. All 9th and llth grade parents are invited individually to attend private planning sessions in school for their children. Employment permits and State working papers are issued under careful supervision. Parent education in the evening Adult Education Program. Annual job conferences enable students, parents and teachers to study occupations with an expert in each field. Close cooperation with colleges enable students to meet representatives and discuss their admission questions here in school. Necessary testing is done individually and in groups to help students plan their futures wisely. Job placement in part-time and full time positions. Psychological and psychiatric services. Left to Right Mrs. Eva Polster, Miss Mabel Kolloff, Mr. Arthur Pankow, Miss Margaret Carnahan, Miss Theresa Fitzgibbons. Mn. DONALD MUNSON-DiT66f0f GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT Mr. Schuchardt counsels Dave Hunkins GUIDANCE COUNSELORS Mrs. Eva Polster'-7th Grade Counselor Miss Theresa Fitzgibbons'-8th Grade Counselor Miss Mabel Kolloff-9th Grade Counselor Miss Margaret Carnahan-10th Grade Counselor Mr. Arthur Pankow'-I I th Grade Counselor Mr. Arthur Schuchardt'-12th Grade Counselor 'available part-time for assisting students, parents, and teachers. 16 F? my 3.1 .gjw ., ny, , . 55 ..ff1'. . gf. 4.1 5' ' ' ,Q- ,w . if .wb 14 Gr 'S .Q-if -' if 2, 1 . H, . :far W 3 . :gg-, - ,... wa , fain A": ,Q ,fp 1,4 A 5. E399 web..- . .wh-, ' ' W. ,,. 5527 fy! X 23 " ' .13 . 4, ' R My . :F . M, 4 Ii ,K 4 V .MU Q ,. . ,L fi '51, J, if , ns, aw ..,. f,, V 1 -.u milf ' J.. , s,.,, i,-M501 f f' Nm 1 :1,N,i,t . . H -lapi- wg. ,..1 ml. Q f - - .ax 1 . .u. W. . ,A : -,Q 555 . ,- I - .,-the '11 15, :Ly .1 A , 14-.- 2' " :ski ., my v, . SENIOR CLASS ROBERT CONN President SENIOR CLASS ADVISORS Mrs. Elizabeth Arend Miss Lillian Gruener Miss Moira Haley Mr. Robert Halm Mrs. Eleanor Heuser Mr. Robert Holder Miss Mabel Kolloff Mr. Richard Lape Mr. Arthur Schuchardt Mr. Hubert Wilkens OFFICERS ANN LUCKER Vice-President S JOAN PETRUNICK """ta'y Treasurer SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL First row: Nancy Harsch, Pat Neuman, George Ramsey, Bob Conn, Ann Lucker, Joan Petru- nick, Linda Freeman, Margaret Williams. Second row: Alma Lendrim, Joan Slaven, Howie Jones, Ronald Halse, Bob Bird, Mrs. Arend, Dave Dickens, Gary Wratten, Pat Jordan, Edith Kircher. Not Pictured: Ingrid Samzelius. 17 TOWER g ' 1 M S 3 1 1 A i n k r V Qc Q' F . is ' ff Q C A LL" ig ' 'X --LLL 511.z??Tf?f 7 3, -r - V ' V i s JOHN w. ABBOTT BRUCE AIKEN MANFRED ALBRECHT FRANK WILLIAM CAROLE 1 Bill Bruce F,-gd ALEXANDER Butl Swimming 2, 3, 4 Track 3 Georgii-Oberscliule- Frank Basketball 1, 2, Cross-Country 3 Esslingenaln 1, 2, 3 Track l, 2, 3, 4 Soccer l, 2 Coach of junior High Taller 4 Student Council 2 Rifle Club l Cross-Country 4 Tower 4 Football 2 Water Follies l, German Club 2, 3 junior Class President 3 Junior Play Committee 3 Junior Prom Committee 3 Soccer 3, 4 Bowling 3, 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Senior Council 4 Spanish Club 1, Baseball 2 Badminton 2, 3, International Ba Hi-Y 3 Junior Prom Co Senior Play Con' Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 - - f55"4'Zf'h3 S' it . -2'k I fzf rl JEANNINE BALDWIN AbNN BARBER ALFRED BARD WILLARD. BAUMAN SALLY BAUN Jeannie Barb Al WIUIG B1-W' cienbara, oxen Ellyn 1, 2, 3 Hockey 1, 253 Spanigh glub 2, 5 5133521111 Soccer 1, 2, Hi-Y , f Girls' Sport Council 1 Baseball lf 2' 3' Basketball l, 2, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 water rouies 2, 4 4 ?f:1331 52121132 French Club 2, 3, U 1 Mixed chorus 3, 4 Taller 5' 4 Girls' Chorus 2 kglogspiom CC Operetta 3, 4 , T 'fader 3, 4 Senior Play Con cms' Hi-Y 3, 4 Tower 4 Biology Club 3, 4 Tower Bazaar 4 junior Prom Committee 3 senior B211 Cow Senior Play Committee 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Senior Class Council 4 Junior Play Committee 3 Senior Ball Committee 4 Amards 4 ,lx I A ' - A X ' r VEST? F f 'E if :- E in Q!-.,.c 'X 4 1 4 A x ,f .i Jiiaicqlzr. W Zh A E . N t A' 7 ENJHIZA-L-4i75' ST 5 ff' ' Wo'--64 ' 3 Q I 5 " ,"' f - - A "',g,vf2::?s U 1 1 ' ' v c ' " "'Q,:2.6: - -H 5 -A if -4' 1.4 J' "u Q. JAMES ARTH Lball l, 2, jim 5, 4 zetball l, 2, 3, 4 :ball l, 2, 4 or Advisory Committee 4 ROBERT BAUS tball 4 Bob 2 5 372 51 Esf is fs MARGARET ATKINS RAY AYERSMAN WILLIAM BAE!-IRE WILLIAM BAER Margie Corky Bill Bill Baseball 1, 4 Banning High School l junior Play Committee 3 Band l, 2 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Louisiana High School 2 Track l, 2, 4 Badminton I. 2. 3, 4 Belleville High School 3 Soccer 2, 3, 4 French Club 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club 4 Girls Chorus 2 Mixed Choir 2, 3, 4 Junior Play Committee 3 Junior Prom Committee 3 Operetta 3, 4 Hi-Y 5 Hi-Y Secretary 4 Hockey 3 Soccer 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Senior Ball Committee 4 Tatler 4 Tower 4 DIANE BECK ARTHUR BECKER BEVERLY BEHRINGER PAUL BELAIR Diane Art Bev 0Hensive Chorus 1, 4 Lancaster High School l, 2, 8 Soccer l, 2, 3 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Band 4 Tfafk 3 Student Council 2 Mixed Ch0il' 4 Soccer 2, 3, 4 Mikado 4 Hi-Y 2, 5, 4 Badminton 2 Water Follies 3, 4 French Club Secretary 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Junior Play Committee 3 Art Club 8 - Tower Bazaar 4 Tatler 8, 4 Tower 4 Senior Ball Committee 4 junior Prom Committee 3 Honor Society 4 ' Hi-Y Council Representative 4 Freshman Dance Committee l I9 'iw ., 'IF DIANE BELL Dee Soccer l, 2, 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Badminton 1, 2, 3 junior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Tatler 3 Library Club l, 2 ,y ELIZABETH J. BRI-LNNER Liz Water Follies 1, 2, 3, 4 Library Club 1 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club 2, 3 Volley Ball 2, 3, 4 Tennis 3, 4 Soccer 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 junior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Tower 4 Tatler 4 20 SALLY BELLINGER Dutch Water Follies l, 2, 4 Baseball 1, 4 Swimming Team l, 2, 4 Hockey 1 Spanish Club l, 2 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Junior Play Committee 3 Soccer 2, 3, 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Senior Ball Committee 4 RICHARD KIRCK BRENNER Dick Projector Crew l, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Choir l, 4 Library Club l Service Crew 4 ROBERT BIRD Bob Orchestra 1, 2, 4 Band l, 2, 3, 4 Dance Band l, 2, 3, 4 Senior Council 4 Basketball Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Soccer 3, 4 Hi-Y 3, 4 Operetta 3 Mikado 4 , f , ,K ,BARBARA BROWN Babs Water Follies 1, 2, 3, 4 Badminton 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Hockey 2, 3 Volley Ball 2 Spanish Club 2, 3 Swimming Team 3, 4 Tennis 3, 4 Chorus 3 Pinafore 3 Newspaper Club 4 Tatler 4 Tower 4 Senior Play Committee 4 ELAINE BLAINEY - Elaine Badminton 2, 3, 4 Junior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Hi-Y 4 Tatler 4 Tower 4 JEAN BRYDON Jeanie Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 Library Club I Newspaper Club l, 2, 3, 4 Tatler I, 2, 4 Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1 Chorus 2, 5 Amards 2, 3, 4 Badminton 2, 3, 4 I-I. M. S. Pinafore 3 junior Prom Committee Hi-Y 3, 4 Christmas Pageant Senior Play 4 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 3 Music Finance Committee 4 Honor Society 4 . y A kkh gf . .. ,t at 3,5 ,. .. ,...,,6 f Qi! R 'F' WILMA BL Wilma Choir 1, 2 A Capella 1 Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Water Follies l, 2, Spanish Club 2 Junior Play Commi Tatler 3 Minstrel Show 3 Senior Play 4 Tower 4 ' Tower Bazaar 4 Senior Play Cast 4 Swimming Team 4 PAT BUCZY Boots Villa Marie 1, 2, 3 French Club 4 5 VIARLENE BLECHINGER CAROL MAY BORDER HERMINE BOURDAGES ELIZABETH ANN Marlene Carol Hermie BOWMAN ccer l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 Bggty isketball l, 2, 3, 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Lakewood High School 1, 2, 3 ater Follies l, 2, 3, 4 Tatler 4 German Club 4 seball 1, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 4 dminton l, 3 Badminton 4 anisli Club 2 Baseball 4 iorus 2 Basketball 4 instrel Show 3 Soccer 4 nior Play Committee 3 nior Prom Committee 3 gtler 3, 4 ,wer 4 iior Play Committee 4 CAROL ANN BUNN Bunn ibrary Club l tseball l, 2, 3, 4 'eshman Dance Committee l 'ater Follies 2, 3, 4 ldminton 2 ccer 2, 3 ower 4 ower Bazaar 4 nior Play Committee 4 :nior Prom Committee 3 ,nior Play Committee 3 JOAN BURKE loan Soccer l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2, 3 Baseball 1, 3, 4 Water Follies l, 2, 3, 4 Sports Council 2 Spanish Club 2 Student Council 1 Tatler 3 Tower 4 Junior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Dance Club 3 Senior Ball Committee 4 Badminton 2, 8, 4 ,J ,J is BLANCHE BUTLER MONA CANTOR Blanch Mona Freshman Dance Committee l Student Council l Spanish Club 1, 2, 3 Oraforieal Contest 2 Sophomore Dance Comm. Junior Prom Committee 3 Junior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Senior Ball Committee 4 Baseball 4 Tatler 4 2 Mixed Choir 2, 3, 4 Girls Choir 2 German Club 2, 3, 4 Debate Club 3 Operetta 3, 4 Basketball 3 Soccer 4 ff lf'-s 'Lx'-ff .'i'!3WSTr'R' S .'tYN-V fg f - g fig Yi: 7 Q -3 i - JAY BRENNAN Jay Thomas Carr Howe High School, Indianapolis, Indiana l, 3 Central Catholic High Sch Ft. Wayne, lndiana 2 Hi-Y 4 CHARLES CASSETY, Cass Soccer 2 Track l, 2, 3, 4 Football 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club 2 Basketball 3 2X Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 NANCY CASTO Nance Mixed Choir 1, 2, 8, 4 Hi-Y 2 Vice President French Club 2 Badminton 2, 4 Basketball 2, 4 Soccer 2, 4 Secretary Hi-Y 3 Secretary French Club 8 Secretary S anish Club 3 P Operetta 3. 4 Junior 8: Senior Play Honor Society 3, 4 French Club 4 Vice President Spanish Club 4 Water Follies 4 Tatler 4 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Amards 4 BARBARA ANN CHARRON Sharron Water Follies l, 4 Soccer l, 2, 3, 4 ELVIRA CIMINELLI Al Student Council 2 PAULINE CIMINELLI Pauline Baseball 2, 5, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 5, 4 Newspaper Club 1 Tatler 1 Library Club l Mixed Choir l, 2, 4 Badminton 2 Junior Play 3 Operetta 3, 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Baseball 2, 8 Basketball 2. 5 Soccer 2 Badminton 3 Junior Play Committee 3 Junior Prom Committee 8 Senior Play Committee 4 Water Follies 4 Tower 4 Tatler 4 SOCcer 2 Badminton 3 junior J u nior Senior Water Tatler Tower Play Committee 3 Prom Committee 3 Play Committee 4 Follies 4 4 4 CAROL CLA Suzie Soccer 2, 4 Spanish Club 2 Junior Play Comn junior Prom Com Sports Council 5 Art Club 3, 4 Mixed Choir 8 Senior Play Comm Basketball 4 Tower Bazaar 4 MARILYN DAIGLER VIOLET M, DAIGLER HERBERT DARLING JOHN DAVIS I-015 IE, Nfgyilyn Liz Herb N jack S 2 4 Mixed choir 5 Mixed Ehoir 3 gaskerlialg 13 4 gang lt, 2.1124 3 4 Q T r occer,, rcesra,,, I seifff may committee 4 goiflg, si 43' gowlians ci,12,25, 4 f3:ggg3lf?Y4C0H ow ing , ep an , 1 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 TIQIICKF2, 36 -:I Qi-Hilfgbfll 4 s d C '1 . . 2 2 riiiveiit Dum 2 igross-ccgiinilry 3 Tower 4 , Tatler 4 gross'CsunKirI Captain 4 5Cnl0l' Play Com HDCE an Senior Play Committee 4 22 P I ' W v I I s 4. i 'L 5, sq -. 3 YY w ., lr f - E' 'X ----" x f 4-v 1 f F 2 A . A 4 f, N ' I ---lllagpvggs ST g ff, ,,,ve.,,,., , , Q i .I ax ,MZ 4 - if . In a 'fzegtzzga f I Q -S ' 1 U I A " 'fiiixzff , 1 S 9 2 " me Z f . ' 3 7 ' ' ' A 5s 5 W 'L ' 5 ' ' K , X Lil i , , tfmnfffsfi a 882,55 W wig 'Spf ,- 1 :Hi at , ROBERT W. CONN Doc ce President of Class l :dent Council l, 2, 4 ccer 1, 2, 3, 4 sketball 1, 2, 3 i esident of Class 2, 4 nior Play Committee 3 nior Prom Committee 3 mor Society 4 JOANNII DEISIG jo asketball l, 2, 3, 4 aominton l, 2 bench Club l. 2. 3 inior Play 3 nior Play 4 mards 2, 3. 4 iphomore Dance Comm. -ccer 2 nespians 3, 4 ower 4 i-Y Vice President 3 ower Bazaar 'nior Ball 4 i-Y Delegate 1 .f CYNTHIA CRANEY Sis Mixed Choir l, 2, 3, 4 Soccer l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Water Follies l, 2, 4 Swimming Team I Student Council 2, 5 Tatler 2, 3 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Badminton 2 Junior Play 3 junior Prom Committee 3 We 5 7 lf. fi ea.eea, A i If DONALD R. CRONK Don French Club 2, 3, 4 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 RICHARD CRAWFORD Band l, 3 Vice President Band 2 President of Band 4 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4 Football l, 2, 3, 4 German Club 2, 3 Hi-Y 2, 4 Treasurer of Hi-Y 3 Honor Society 3, 4 Woodwind Quintette 8 Woodwind Trio 4 Dick ESTHER A. CZAPSK Esther Badminton 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Soccer 3, 4 Junior Play Committee 3 Water Follies 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Senior Play Committee 4 junior Red Cross 5, 4 Rifle Club 4 Operetta 3, 4 Editor of Tower 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Amards 4 Senior Ball Committee 4 Honor Society 4 Thespians 4 Student Council Handbook Co-Editor 3 .- Q. 1, X A ,A'iA A N 4 A . i ,. ,. P , ssi v' i S .. M 5 .V .,.. 7 1 Q A A tit . ., ,qv E' iii f 1 -me i,. getty .P al. - -:IK - s 1 - . . . . I s ,T ' A R as A A ' l s- Q ' i il ARTHUR DESING EDWARD DEUTSCHMAN EDwAR?dDEwEY DAVIDDDIEKENS A 5 Daitch I 'lf' Bexley High School, Camera Club 1 Track l, 2, 3, 4 Cross Country 'hack l. 2, 3 Columbus Ohio l, 2, 3 Taller 1- 2 Fwwall lv 2 German Uuh 2' 3' Chorus 2, 3 Freshman Basketball 1 French Club 3, 4 Hi-Y 3, 4 junior Play 3 Junior Prom Committee 3 Senior Play 4 Tower 4 Intramural Bowling Freshman Dance Committee 1 Tower Bazaar 4 Student Council l Soccer 3, 4 Mixed Choir 3, 4 H.M.S. Pinafore 3 Hi-Y 3, 4 Mikado 4 Inter Hi-Y Council, Secretary 4 Newspaper Club 4 Art Club 4 Tatler 4 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Senior Class Council 4 Senior Play 4 Honor Society 4 23 1... JUDITH DIEBOLD judy Girl's Sports Council l Sextet I Library Club l, 2 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 French Club 2, 5, 4 Basketball 2. 3, 4 Badminton 2, 3, 4 Chorus 2, 5, 4 H.M.S. Pinafore 3 National Thespian Society 3, 4 - junior Play, Student Director 3 Amards 4 Inter Hi-Y Council President 4 Tatler 4 Tower 4 Senior Play 4 Tower Bazaar 4 t s F., ,Z ,., , 1 - E A , , at I A JAMES FIFGL jimmy 24 GERALDINE DORFER Gerry Freshman Dance Committee Soccer 2, 3, 4 junior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Basketball 3, 4 Dance Club PATRICK FINLEON Pat Freshman Dance Committee l Rifle Club I Tennis 2, 3, 4 Sophomore Dance Comm. 2 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 Oratorical Contest 2 Hi-Y 3, 4 Hi-Y Treasurer 4 Art Club 3 Pinafore 3 junior Prom Committee 3 Junior Play 3 Amards 3, 4 Thespians 3, 4 Mikado 4 Senior Ball Committee 4 Senior Play 4 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 . L SIJZANNE DREES JANET DRYER RICHARD DUERI Susie janet Dick l junior Play Committee 3 Tatler, l, 4 Badminton 3 German Club Secretary l Senior Play Committee 4 German Club l, 2, 3 SOCCCI' 4 ' Hockey l, 2 Basketball 4 Water Follies l, 2 Baseball 4 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Baseball 4 Senior Class Play 4 MARILYN FLESSFL Mar Water Follies l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Badminton l Volley Ball l Hocke' l I Baseball l, 2, 3, 1 Soccer l, 3 junior Red Cross I junior Play Committee 3 Tatler 3, 4 junior Prom Committee 3 Tower Bazaar 4 Senior Play Committee 4 VIRGINIA FRANK Ginny Chorus l, 2 Basketball 3 Operetta 3 Camera Club l is LINDA FREEM Lin Soccer l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 4 Baseball I, 2, 3 Water Follies 1, 2, 4 Spanish Club I, 2, 3 Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3 Amards 2, 3, 4 Girls' Sports Council junior Play 3 Honor Society 3, 4 Honor Society Treasu Hi-Y 3, 4 Assembly Committee Thespians 3, 4 Senior Play Committe Tower 4 Tatler 4 Secretary of Amards 4 Operetta 3, 4 Senior Council 4 Senior Ball Committet MARY LFE FDIVARDS JUNE EMMS Tinker ed Chorus I wir l er I, 2, 5, 4 cetball I. 2. fl. 4 er Follies I, 2, 3, 4 -hall I, 2. 3, 4 minton I, 2 nming Team 2 iish Club 2. 3 s Vice President 2 re Cluh 3 ior Play Committee 3 ior Prom Committee 3 Ier 3, 4 :er 4 :er Bazaar 4 or Play Committee 4 or Ball Committee 4 ce Committee I, 2 HARRY FREUND Harry 'ver Cleveland High chool I, 2 Red Mixed Chorus 2, 3 Soccer 2 Hockey 2 Pinafore 3 junior Play Committee 3 Water Follies 3, 4 Badminton 3 Senior Play Committee 4 SHIRLEY ENGEL Shirl Girls' Chorus 2 Fashion Show 2 junior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Basketball 4 lNater Follies Committee 4 ANNE FEBREY Doll Junior Play Committee 3 junior Prom Committee 3 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Senior Ball Committee 4 Sacred Heart Academy I, 2 GERARD I-'Il-ICI Gerry JACK GANTER PI-IYLLIS GAY MARTIN GEARY THOMAS GIBSON Little Yogi Phyl Marty Cmmonball Kensington High School, Football 2. 3 Cross Country Track I Buffalo, New York I, 2 Soccer 2, 3, 4 25 YW4, 1- 1. srff f-"M X Towe BRUCE GOEMBEL Bruce RONALD HALT Ron Neumann High School l Golf 2, 3, 4 Science Congress 3 Senior Council 4 JOAN GOLIBER ROBERT GRAHAM joan Dude Freshman Fiesta Comm. l J. V. Football 2, 3 Hockey I, 2, 3 V. Basketball 2, 3 Soccer l, 2, 3, 4 Baseball I, 2, 3 Varsity Football 4 Chorus 3 French Club 2, 3, 4 St. Mary's School Basketball 2, 3, 4 Girl's Chorus 2 Mixed Chorus 3, 4 junior Play Comm. 3 H.M.S. Pinafore 3 Senior Play 4 Student Council 4 Tatler 4 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Hi-Y 4 Mikado 4 Cortland. New York l Wrestling 4 NANNETTE GRAVENER PAUL GRIFF Nan Paul Spanish Club l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2, 3 Water Follies l, 2, 3 Freshman Dance Committee 1 Baseball l Choir l, 2, 3, 4 Soccer 2, 3, 4 Sophomore Dance Comm. Girl's Chorus 2 FRED HAND PAUL HANOVER Fred Paul Spanish Club 2 junior Play Committee 3 Physics J u nior junior Tatler Club 3 Prom Committee 3 Play Committee 3 3, 4 H.M.S. Pinafore 3 Tower Tower Senior Senior Hi-Y 4 Secretary 4 Bazaar 4 Play Committee 4 Ball Committee 4 Mikado 4 Honor Societv 4 2 LUCILLE HARRISON Lucy Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 r4 Swimming Team 2, 3, 4 Water Follies l, 2, 3, 4 HLY 4 4 gloililogylzlay Committee 3 ' Pl C ' ilecllvlrcll-ng :Y immmee Slegwzcg-li::Zag,o21mittee 4 B' l Cl b 'Don " Basketball 2, 3,4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 26 I V ' W v Q D l - s l 'K rf sq 1 -Z Y YYY FZ X E' 3 5' jf, ,-,,.. - f V 4 '. 4:16942 A s, A T ' - -L -- -:. f- up , A A !!HlLA'h44fi4- Nf S 1:0 '.,v.y-x, V 3 5 ,L ,., , - if , I 1- .t,,:,-X r - l .7 7 ' , o':.:'o':Q6 ' S 2 . 'f x ' " firiisi. i S I M 4.4. f I ex , .. 5 'Q' ,Q 1 Q NANCY HA Nan Soccer l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2, 3, Hockey l Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 Volleyball l, 2 Girls' Sports Coun junior Prom 3 Minstrel Show 3 Junior Play Comm Tower 4 Senior Play Comm Tower Bazaar 4 Senior Council 4 'X -1 A l PAUL HACHTEN Paul N,AN HART Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 Soccer l, 2, 3, 4 Hockey l, 2 Baseball I, 2, 3 Vlixed Choir l, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Choir President 4 Taller l, 2, 3, 4 Volley Ball 1, 2, 3 Swim Team l, 2, 3, 4 Water Follies l, 2, 3, 4 Dance Committees l, 2 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 Operetta 3, 4 Hi-Y 3, 4 Dance Club 3 Student Council Secretary 3 Girls' Sports Council 3, 4 Junior Prom 3 Senior Ball 4 Tower 4 2 RICHARD ROBERT ELLEN HAGEN HAENGGI Ellffl Difh Basketball 3, 4 Freshman Basketball SCl1i0f Play' Committee 4 Manager I German Club l Soccer 2, 3, 4 Track 3 DELORES JEANNE HEATH Del Water Follies l, 4 Hockey l Soccer l, 2 Dance Committee l, 2 Tatler 2 Spanish Club 2 Badminton 2, 3 Basketball 2 Library Club 2 International Ball 2 junior Play Committee 3 Tower Bazaar 4 junior Prom 3 Tower 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Senior Ball Committee 4 DON HEGG Don Swimming l, 2, 3, 4 Soccer I Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 Physics Club 3 junior Play 3 Tower Bazaar 4 Tower Assistant Editor 4 Tatler 4 Amards 4 Hi-Y 3, 4 Senior Ball Committee 4 ESTHER HAGEN Ex Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Badminton 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls Chorus 2 Mixed Chorus 3 Soccer 3, 4 Operetta 3 Tower 4 Tatler 4 BARBARA HEIMFRLE Barb Soccer l Baseball l, 2, 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Badminton l Hockey l Dance Committee l, 2 Spanish Club 2, 3 junior Play Committee 5 Senior Play Committee 4 Referee Club 3 junior Prom 3 Tatler 3, 4 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 ARTHUR HAHI. Ar! FLORENCE ANNI HENDERSON Flo Photography Club l Band l, 2, 3, 4 Spanish.Club 2, 3 Rifle Club 3, 4 junior Play 3 Baseball 3 Tennis 3 Newspaper Club 4 Tatler 4 Tower 4 Mixed Choir 4 Water Follies 4 Senior Ball Committee 4 Operetta 4 17 1 in J kai JUNE ANN HENNING june Badminton I, 2, 3, 4 Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 Soccer 2, 3, 4 Rifle Club 1 Water Follies 2, 3, 4 French Club 2, 5 Basketball Referee 4 Girls' Sports Council 2 Dance Committee 2 Tennis 3 Junior Play Committee 3 Girls Hi-Y 3, 4 Tower 4 Senior Ball Committee 4 Girls Hi-Y Treasurer 3 Senior Play Committee 4 ROBERT HUGHES EDGAR HULSE Bobby Ed Bind l, 2. 3. 4 German Club 2 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4 Football 4 Basketball Band 1 Woodwind Quintet 2, 3 Spanish Club 2 President of Band 3 Student Director of Band 3, 4 I-I.M.S. Pinafore 3 French Club 3, 4 Newspaper Club 3, 4 Vice President of Orchestra 4 Woodwind Trio 4 Tatler 4 Honor Society 4 28 EILEEN HIGGINS Eileen Baseball 3, 4 junior Play Committee 3 Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 Badminton l, 2 ' Basketball 1, 2, 3, Student Council l Basketball Referee 3, 4 Tower 4 Sports Council 2 Senior Play Committee 4 junior Prom Committee 3 Water Follies 3, 4 Senior Ball Committee 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Senior Play Committee 4 DAVID HUNKINS Dave Soccer Manager l Freshman Basketball 1 Hi-Y l, 3, 4 Hi-Y Vice President 2 Spanish Club Treasurer 2 Student Council 2 Junior Class Vice President Football 2, 3 Senior Council 4 Bowling 4 Tower 4 MARGARET MARY HIGGINS PUSSY Badminton l, 2 Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 Soccer l, 2, 3, 4 Sports Council I Freshman Dance Committee I Sophomore Dance Comm. Water Follies 3, 4 Softball 3, 4 junior Prom Committee 3 Junior Play Committee 3 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Senior Ball Committee 4 ERMA HI Ifm Junior Play Comm German Club 3 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Tatler 4 Senior Play Commi Amards 4 Mikado 4 RHODA HUNT Rhoda Cafeteria Stall 2, 3 Girl's Chorus 2 junior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Basketball 4 STANLEY HI Stan Cafeteria Staff 2, 3 .Q 3 I-IRNA MARIE FIILD lima occer 2 ,adminton 3 'olley Ball 2 ashion Show 2 ,aseball 3 unior Play Committee 3 'ower 4 'atler 4 'ower Baiaar 4 asketball 4 :nior Play Committee 4 GEORGE I-IURD George wimming Team I, 2, 3, 4 'reshman Class Treasurer I tudent Council 2, 3, 4 Iixed Choir 2, 3, 4 'rench Club 2, 3, 4 ' Amards 2, 3, 4 Ii-Y 2, 3, 4 Dratorical Contest 2. 3, 4 Tatler 2, 4 'Ionor Society 3, 4 'ice President of Amards 3 Jewspaper Club 3, 4 Assembly Chairman 3, 4 1I.M.S. Pinafore 3 Treasurer of French Club 3 lice President of Honor Society 4 'resident of Student Council 4 Jikado 4 Fhespians 3, 4 MARILYN HOAK Mernie Soccer I Fashion Show 2 Art Club 3, 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Water Follies Committee 4 - 1 Ax ' - 1. I T5 -s f I Y , J ALICE HUTCHINSON Weezie Baseball I, 2, 3, 4 Soccer l, 2, 4 Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 Chorus I, 2 Badminton l, 2, 4 Freshman Dance Committee Tumbling Club 3 junior Play Committee 3 Water Follies 4 Senior Ball Committee 4 CAROL HOCKE Hockey Soccer I, 4 Baseball I, 4 Badminton 2 junior Play Committee 3 Physics Club 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Tower 4 Tatler 4 Senior Ball Committee 4 Water Follies 4 , I 3, Al JULIA HUTCHINSON Jewel Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 Soccer l, 2, 3, 4 Badminton 1, 2 Hockey I Choir I, 2, 3 Freshman Dance Committe Fashion Show I Sophomore Dance Comm. 2 Tumbling Club 3, 4 H.M.S. Pinafore 3 Junior Play Committee 3 Mikado 4 Senior Play 4 Water Follies 4 Amards 4 Swimming Team 4 Senior Ball Committee 4 NANCY HORTON Nancy Band I, 2, 3, 4 Tennis I Mixed Choir I, 4 Basketball l, 2, 3 Tatler 4 Sports Council I Orchestra 2, 3, 4 Soccer 3, 4 junior Play Committee 3 junior Prom Committee 3 Physics Club 3 Water Follies 3 Hi-Y 3, 4 Operetta 4 Senior Play 4 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Amards 4 Senior Ball Committee 4 ROSIiMARIl-I HUBER' Rvily Basketball 3 Badminton 3, 4 junior Play Committee fl junior Prom Committee 3 Homeroom Secretary 4 Tower 4 Senior Play Committee 4 NORMAN JACKI-ITT Norm ELIZABETH C. JAMI Liz Water Follies I, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2. 3 Baseball 2, 3 Soccer 2 Dance Club 3 Swimming 3 Tatler 3 junior Play Committee 3 Tower 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Senior Play Committee 4 7-9 egg,-f JOYCE JAMES Skip French Club 2, 3 MARJEANNE JENSEN Marge Student Council l Basketball l, 2 Badminton 1, 2 Freshman Class President l Freshman Dance Committee Mixed Choir 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y 2, 5, 4 Tatler 3, 4 Honor Society 5 Junior Play 3 Operetta 3, 4 Cheerleader 3 French Club 3, 4 Junior Prom Committee 8 Honor Society President 4 Student Council Vice President 4 Tower 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Senior Ball Committee 4 Amards 4 BEVERLY JOHNSON Bev Basketball l, 2 Water Follies l, 2, 4 French Club 2 Library Club 2, 3 Tatler 8 Junior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 HOWARD JONES Howie Football I. 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2 Track l, 2 Mixed Choir l, 2, 5, 4 A Cappella Choir l Boy's Chorus 2 Operetta 3, 4 Student Council 3 Amards 4 National Thespians 4 RICHARD KNAPP RONALD KNAUER PHYLLIS KRUEGER ELLEN KULP R11 Cl b I Dick Ron Phyl Beamer 1 C U Girls Chorus 2 Library Club l ganigh Club 2, 3 Junior Play Committee 3 French Club 2, 4 I- t Junior Prom Committee 3 Junior Play 3 Physics Club B Senior Play Committee 4' Spanish Club 3, 4 Ht-Y Chaplain 4 Tower 4 Basketball 3, 4 Student Council 4 Water Follies Committee 4 Junior Prom Committee 5 Basketball 4 Hi-Y 4 Senior Ball Committee 4 Soccer 4 Tatler 4 Tower Advertising Manager 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Senior Play Publicity Committee 4 Senior Ball Decoration Committee 4 30 , , - W v I I 5 X A J . 1 :-Q Q F 1 A Q P W f' ?:,f- .,h,Q,,,6,. J: H X A A . ' ,. '--'- 3, 'f- '.'. A I 5 -ff-'fi-L-was ,fs .3 ,, .. , -' ' , ' , 4,- 0' X S 3 Y 5 ? A ,4 I J F 3 5 W Q k -. "' PATRICIA JK Pal Holy Angels Acad: Basketball 2, 8 Junior Play Comm Junior Prom Comi Baseball 3, 4 Senior Class Count Tower Bazaar 4 French Club 4 Soccer 4 Water Follies 4 Senior Play Comm Senior Ball Commi '- 'N . . JAMES Kl jim Saint Joseph's H. Intramurals 2, 3, Hi-Y 3, 4 German Club 3 'X .Ax .1 f 1 J. THOMAS KIDD Tom est Hill Jr. H. S. l Y President 3 ge Crew 3, 4 ler 4 Y Secretary 4 wer Business Manager 4 nor Society 4 ard: 4 :s ians 4 ag 4 DONALD KING Don Rifle Club 2, 3, 4 Photography Club 2 Golf 3, 4 DONALD KUNOLD Don Leball I, 2 BARBARA LA DUCA Barb Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 4 Girls Chorus 2 ' Operetta 3, 4 Secretary Homeroom 2, 3 Junior Play Committee 3 junior Prom Committee 3 Tatler 4 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Senior Ball Committee 4 Homeroom President 4 EDITH KIRCHER , Edie Soccer l Hockey l Basketball l, 2 Badminton l Volley Ball l Baseball 1 Sports Council 1 Freshman Dance Committee Junior Red Cross 1 Student Council 2 Water Follies 2 Mixed Choir 2 Girls Chorus 2 junior Play Committee 3 junior Prom Committee 3 Tower 4 Tatler 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Senior Council 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Senior Ball Committee 4 MARGUERITE KIRK Marge Hockey l Soccer l, 2, 3, 4 Water Follies l, 2, 3, 4 Swimming Team l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball I, 2, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Acrobatic 3 Tower 4 Tatler 4 Senior Play Committee 4 JOYCE KLEIN jo Taller 2, 3, 4 Mixed Choir 8 Operelta 3 Hi'Y 3. 4 junior Play Committee 3 junior Prom Committee 3 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Senior Ball Committee 4 ' MARTHA LANGLEY ROBERT LANSDOWNE Marty German Club 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Vice President Physics Club 3 Water Follies 3, 4 junior Prom Committee 3 President Physics Club 4 Soccer 4 Tatler 4 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Senior Ball Committee 4 Peanuts Cross-Country l, 2, 3, 4 Swimming l, 2 Track l, 2 Spanish Club 2, 3 Physics Club 3 Hi-Y 3, 4 Tower 4 MARILYN LA PAGE Mayl Soccer l Baseball l, 2 Badminton l Basketball 1 Water Follies l, 2, 3 Freshman Dance Committet Sophomore Dance Comm. 2 Junior Prom Committee 3 Sports Council 2 French Club 2, 3 Swimming Team 2 Dance Club 3 Tumbling Club 3 Tower Bazaar 4 Tower 4 Cheerleading 4 31 2 .an C. LYNNE LAWSON Lynne Band l, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 Soccer l, 3, 4 Badminton l, 2, 4 Spanish Club l, 2 Sport Council l, 2 Water Follies 2 Taller 3, 4 Tower 4 Senior Play 4 All High Orchestra 3, 4 EMIL LOJOCON0 Snooky Band l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball Band l, 2 Bowling Team 2, 3, 4 Dance Band 2, 5, 4 Orchestra 4 Spanish Club 2 Cross-Country 3 32 JANET LAZARUS Ian Sacred Heart Academy l Tatler 2, 3, 4 Junior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Senior Ball Committee 4 Tower Bazaar 4 HivY 4 MERLE LEAK Merle Chorus l, 2. 3 A Cappella Choir l Boy's Chorus 2 Operetta 3 Biology Club 3 Physics Club 3 Oratorical Contest 3 Debate Club 3 Junior Play 3 Boy's Hi-Y 3, 4 Inter Hi-Y Council 3 Columbia Bible College 4 LORRAINE LOWE ANN LUCKER Betty Lucky Junior Play Committee 3 Bennett High School l, 2 Badminton 3, 4 Vice President of Class 4 Senior Play Committee, 4 Water Follies 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 3, 4 Soccer 3, 4 Operetta 5, 4 Basketball 4 Tower 4 Tatler 4 Baseball 4 Soccer 4 Basketball 8, 4 Mixed Chorus 5 Mixed Choir 4 Operetta 5, 4 Student Council 3, 4 Tatler 3 Tower 4 Girls Hi-Y 4 ALMA LENDRIM Alma Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Water Follies l, 2, 3, 4 Soccer l, 2, 3, 4 Freshman Dance Committee l Sophomore Dance Comm. 2 Junior Prom Committee 5 Junior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Senior Ball Committee 4 French Club 2, 3, 4 International Ball Comm. 2 Hi-Y 3, 4 Hi-Y Secretary 3 Tatler 3, 4 French Club President 4 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Badminton 4 Chorus 4 Senior Council 4 'fi if JOAN LET Lenz Water Follies l, 2, 1 Badminton l, 2, 3, Basketball 2 Student Council 2 Sports Council 3 Junior Prom Comm Senior Play Commit Soccer 3, 4 Dance Club 3 Tower 4 SALLY ANN LUND JANE MacLAC Sally Janie Dance Committee l, 2 Library Club l, 2, I Choir l Baseball 2, 3 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Soccer 2, 3 Hockey 2, 3 Spanish Club 2, 3 Badminton 2, 4 Library Club 2 Volleyball 2 Referee Club 5, 4 Art Club 3, 4 Water Follies Committee Tower Bazaar 4 Junior Play Committee 5 Junior Prom 5 Senior Ball Committee 4 Cheerleading 4 Tatler 4 Student Council 4 Tower 4 4 Spanish Club 2, 3, 1 Band l. 2. 3, 4 Tatler l, 2 Honor Society 3, 4 Hockey l Basketball 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2 Badminton 3, 4 Soccer 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Senior Ball Commit' Physics Club 3, 4 Junior Play Commil Junior Prom 3 Senior Play Commit Tatler Advertising I' Mikado 4 - ROBERT LINDSEY ROBERT LIPKE JOHN LOCHTE Bob Bob Juvk nigh Club 2 Band l, 2, 3, 4 Band l. 2, 3, 4 SARAH LOCKLEAR Sarah Dance Committee l Baseball I, 2, 4 French Club 2 Water Follies 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Soccer 2, 3, 4 Sophomore Dance Comm. 2 Badminton 2 Junior Play 3 junior Prom Committee 3 Football Tickets 3 Basketball Tickets 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Tower 4 HENRY PETER LOEW Pete Band l German Club 2, Il, 4 Science Congress 2. 5, 4 Biology 3, 4 JOAN MAC VITTIE ROBERT MANN ELMER MANSPEAKER DOROTHY MARATTA GERALD YVIAROHN Midge Bob Elmer Datty JUN fer 2 Rifle Club l Basketball l French Club l, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1. 2, 3 lmilllim 2 Swimming 3 Football 2 Library Club l OPCWU3 3 ketball 3, 4 Biology Club 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Chorus 2, 3, 4 istrel Show 3 Soccer 3 Amards 2, 3, 4 :ball 5Cl1i0l' Play' Committee 4 Treasurer of Amards 3 f'N Badminton 2, 5, 4 Soccer 2 International Ball 2 Operetta 3, 4 Honor Society 3, 4 Thespians 3, 4 Tower 4 Taller 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Vice President of Spanish Club 3 Secretary of Spanish Club 4 Girls Hi-Y 3, 4 Junior Play 3 Senior Plav Committee 4 4-X,-ff 33 PAUL MAROHN ROBERT MARQUART BARBARA MAYNARD GLADYS MCCOMBS Paul Rube Barb Glad C"055jC0UflU'Y 4 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Stella Niagara l, 2 Baseball 3, 4 BOWIQUE 1. 2. 3, 4 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 Junior Play Committee 3 Soccer 4 Bowling Manager 3 Chorus 2, 3, 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Basketball 4 Cerman Club 2 Boys' Leader Club 2 Soccer 4 Water Follies 4 Tower 4 Tatler 4 JANET MONROE BARBARA MOODY MADALEN MURRAY WILLIAM NAUMAN Sophomore Dance Comm. 2 ' Bonnie Maude Wild Bill Badminton 2 Kensington High School 1 Badminton l, 2 HiAY 3, 4 Junior Play Committee 3 Tennis 2 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 junior Prom Committee 3 Badminton 2 Soccer 2, 3, 4 Allied Youth 3 Chorus 2 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Water Follies 3 - Z'-l-4 50:9 sf? -12-1 EA.:- S 2 O O E E, 53 N rn :- l'.' :nmv-is-im A SQSEHQE5' ! rnS"':E.E.n-Q- e'nO-.oonn,, ,L.,-ig..,,,-4-i., 5 """'5 H1955 A 50" 2: ,4...Qw-us,- - :Ee E-Q, 1 QU Q Mp. oeOO on 1 E S3 4 0 H ,. 23, us ,N vi., ' 35.55 ,-,... I W1 1 Sophomore Dance Comm. 2 Spanish Club 2, 3 Sports Council 2 junior Play 3 Art Club 3, 4 Junior Prom Committee Hi-Y 3, 4 Water Follies 4 Tower Art Editor 4 Tatler 4 Senior Ball 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Amards 4 Orchestra 1, 2 1:5524 fit ? Lfwiilesws ,: .. ts.. 1 fi?-1 wi: - .1 g , Q- XXL L' l . 5 Qi yi N gt li AY, S Ni' . . 1 MARTIN ME Marty Soccer I Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Track l, 2, 3, 4 Student Council l, 2 Football 2, 3, 4 Student Council Tri 52 fi PRESTON I Butch Student Council 2 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Rifle Club 2, 3, 4 German Club 2, 3, junior Play 3 Physics Club 3 Biology Club 3 Hi'Y Vice-Presiden Rifle Club Presidei Senior Play 4 Chorus 4 Tower Assistant E4 Tower Bazaar 4 Amards 4 Mikado 4 Thespians 4 Chorus President 4 he 1 A Q, "MII if 'iv ov' s"'K Q43 .9 , ..- - lv i 41 ,VA ' ri f Q if 'N ,i X A ' Y A we ' - ,' ,. -tfef.. "N ' -:..Q""-':' " "Z" -. X A R N F I QQ ifbfaf ,610 ',::g,i,..-x I 3 l 17, K 1 I ,-f " f 1 - ' . 1 . g-.,,'-'ff V- S ' ' s , 4 1. 9 " , , - g 3 ,I I 3 'im K V I X JOAN MELLON joanir lseball I, 2, 5, 4 isketball 2, 3, 4 idminton 2, 3, 4 iccer l, 2, 3 ockey I, 2, 3 xlley Ball 2, 3 'ater Follies I, 2, 4 ixed Chorus 3 inior Play Committee 3 lnior Prom Committee 3 nior Play Committee 4 udent Council 3 peretta 3 atler 2, 3. 4 nwer 4 ower Baiaar 4 ALBERT NELSON AI larcnce Central High School I, 2, 5 i" 2 Q i 'S 'sf' , . r S ' 'Q 51'- vs K fa, f,,b,Z? , K . S I .i 4 , gf it 5 it i as ly K , ,Q 3- . , ROBERT MEYER SHIRLEY MEYER Bob Slzirl German Club 2 Water Follies I, 2, EI, 4 'faglgr 2 Swimming Team I, 2, Il, 4 PATRICIA NIELSEN Pat Soccer I, 2, 3, 4 Hockey I, 2, 4 Badminton I, 2, 3, 4 Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 Baseball I. 2. 3 Water Follies I, 2, 5, 4 Freshman Dance Committee I Mixed Choir I, 2, 3, 4 Sophomore Dance Comm. 2 Girl's Chorus 2 French Club 2, 3, 4 junior Prom 3 H.M.S. Pinafore 3 Tatler 3, 4 Art Club 3 Hi-Y 3, 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Mikado 4 Senior Ball Committee 4 .gn Soccer I, 4 Baseball I, 2, 4 Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club 2 junior Play Committee 3 Tower Bazaar 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Senior Ball Committee 4 MIRIAM MILLER Milzi Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 Baseball I, 2, 3, 4 Band I, 2, fl Sports Council I, 2 Soccer I, 2, 3, 4 Hockey I, 2, II Taller 2, 4 Badminton 2, II, 4 junior Play Committee 3 Senior l'lay Committee 4 Tower 4 Tower Balaar 4 ALICE NEWBOLD Sue Art Club 3, 4 junior Play Committee 3 Soccer 4 Homemaking Club 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Water' Follies Committee 4 PATRICIA ANN NEWMAN Pat Cleveland Heights High School I, 2 junior Play Committee 3 junior Prom Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Tatler 4 Water Follies 4 Baseball 4 Homeroom Treasurer 4 Senior Ball Committee 4 ROBIN MILLER Bob Camera Club 2 Spanish Club 2, 3 Mixed Chorus Il, 4 Operetta II. 4 Biology Club 4 GARY 0'CONNOR Oke 35 Q,- 1 an A' M la s, . ' 1 , :.! L Q 6 'G Wu- JEANNE O'CONNOR jezmne Freshman Dance Committe Water Follies 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Badminton 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club 2, 3 junior Prom Committee 3 junior Play Committee 3 Soccer 3, 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Tower 4 Baseball 4 Tower Bazaar 4 el NAN O'CONNOR Nan Soccer, l, 2, 3, 4 Girl's Sports Council l Water Follies 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Girl's Chorus 2 junior Prom Committee 3 junior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 'lower 4 Tatler 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Opcretta 4 Dance Committee l, 2 EARI. PEARSON RICHARD C. PENNY Perry Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 Rifle Club 2, fl, 4 Golf 2 Art Club 3 Cross-Country 3 Physics Club 4 36 Dirk South Park H. S. l MILDRED ODDO Millie Library Club l, 2, 4 If C 7 ' . " f .V ' 5 l .. H 4 sf ' , F M A 3 J .. I A wi- Qi' ff KENN ETH H. OLENDORF, JR. Ken Basketball l Golf Team 1 Mixed Chorus 3 SUTCCI' 2. 3 junior Play Committee 3 Baseball 2 junior Prom Committee 3 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Tatler 4 3' s ,M ,F rr "T FQ, if .5 awk JOAN PETRUNICK Johanna Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 String Quartet 1, 2, 3, 4 Piano Trio l, 2, 3, 4 Vfater Follies l German Club 2 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 International Ball 2 Secretary of German Club 3, 4 Treasurer of German Club 3 Treasurer of Hi-Y 3 Basketball Interscholastic 3 Sports Council 3 Tatler 3, 4 Operetta 3, 4 Honor Society 3 President of Orchestra 4 Assistant Editor of Tower 4 Basketball 4 Class Treasurer 4 Play Committee 3, 4 Honor Society 3, 4 ,. , C JOSEPH C. PFOHL joe MARY LOU C Lou Kenmore High Schi Orchestra 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Badminton 2, 3, 4 String Quartet 3 junior Play Commi I-'rench Club 3 junior Prom Comrr Water Follies 3, 4 Tatler 3, 4 H.M.S. Pinafore Or Tower 4 Mikado Orchestra 4 Tower Bazaar 4 0 BESSIE PHIL Red Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 Sophomore Dance Ci Hi-Y 3, 4 junior Play 3 Tatler 4 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Senior Ball Commit! Senior Play Commitl Amards 4 Mikado Committee 1 we ,, 3, 2 fc -s-as -meat fm. . Y.. af- :iw A , Y i- :- N , tv .sv 116513: X? . mf , A 'i i QL", I K I ., Q A st,,t,,, . - J , 'K MJ., 7,2554 , ,-gi? .ga Af Q, 2 J sl'-P g ' JOHN FREDERICK ORTH RUTH OSBORNE john Ruth Bowling l, 2, 3 Library Club l Choir I, 3, 4 THIICT 1, 4 Chorus l, 2 Band li 2 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 Boy's Choir 2, 3 Soccer Manager 2 Student Council 3, 4 Hi-Y 3 Hi-Y President 4 Physics Club 3 H.M.S. Pinafore 3 Soccer 3, 4 Newspaper Club 3 Mikado 4 Senior Council 4 Tower 4 Honor Society 4 WILLIAM L. PHILLIPS Hill Water Follies l Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 2 Girl's Chorus 3 International Ball 2 Art Club 3 Newspaper Club 3, 4 H.M.S. Pinafore 3 Arnards Secretary 3 Thespians 3, 4 junior Play 3 Hi-Y 3 Honor Society 3, 4 Mikado 4 Mixed Choir 3, 4 Amards 4 Tower 4 VIRGINIA PILLOW Ginny Soccer l, 2, 3, 4 Hockey l, 2 Freshman Dance Committee l Basketball 2, 5, 4 Sophomore Dance Comm. 2 Water Follies 2, 3, 4 Junior Red Cross Secretary 2 Fashion Show 2 Tennis 3 Sports Council 3, 4 Taller 3, 4 junior Red Cross Treas, 3, 4 junior Prom Committee 3 junior Play Committee 3 Tower Literary Editor 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Hi-Y 4 Senior Ball Committee 4 Badminton 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Honor Society t 1 . ., c liff 2 3, .. .ef ' GEORGE PAGE JAMES PALISANO jl-IAN PARSONS G eorge jim jeu n Rifle Club l Cross-Country 3, 4 Soccer I Student Council 4 Badminton l, 3, 4 Senior Play 4 Frenth Club 2 Track 4 junior Play Committee . Tzitler 4 Tower 4 'l owet' Billilill' 4 Senior Play Cominittec 4 ,v JANE POLAND ANN POSPICHAL Jang A V111 Shelby High School l Swimming Team 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Soccer 2, 3, 4 Sports Council 2, 3 Softball 2, 3, 4 Tennis 2 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 Water Follies 3, 4 Student Council 5 Junior Prom'Committee 3 Junior Play Committee 3 Tatler 3, 4 President Sports Council 4 Student Council Handbook 3, 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Senior Ball Committee 4 Honor Society 4 Tower Girls' Sports Editor 4 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Soccer 2 1, x ,uf ' WN , L, i H l-IN RY FOSS Mike 37 CHARLES POTTER Chas Tatler I Hi-Y 3, 4 Physics Club 3 German Club 3, 4 Senior Play 4 Tatler Business Manager 4 t , Q f K , Q A. .,,, 7 - - + i 5, z: 'K+,w?,f .1 HELEN RICH Hel Sports Council l Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2 Water Follies Committee 2 Junior Play Committee 3 Hi-Y 3, 4 Tatler 3, 4 Tower 4 38 WILLIAM PUEHN RALPH QUANCE Wlfmy Ralph Cross-Country l Spanish Club 2 GEORGE RAMSEY George Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2 Student Council l, 2, 3 Track 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 2 Treasurer of Class 2 Honor Society 3, 4 junior Prom Committee 3 Secretary of Class 3, 4 Senior Ball Committee 4 -st 'S 5 4 it V.,. ,ul tx X -,N PATRICIA RAN Randy Freshman Dance Cor Water Follies l, 2, 3 Badminton I, 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Soccer 2, 3, 4 Sophomore Dance Cr French Club 2, 3, 4 Tennis 2 Sports Council 3, 4 Tatler 3, 4 Junior Play Committ junior Prom Commi Treas. Sports Counci Baseball 3 Tower 4 Senior Play Committ! Senior Ball Committ: Tower Bazaar 4 Red Cross 4 JEAN RICH Jeanne Water Follies 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball l, 2 Soccer 1, 2, 3 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Badminton 2 Student Council 2 French Club 2, 3 Dance Club 3 Girls Sports Council 3, 4 Tatler 3 Basketball Referee 3 junior Prom Committee 3 junior Play Committee 3 Tower Bazaar 4 Tower 4 Senior Play Committee ,, - v ju s - WA ' : , PQ ,..-v-' g 1 BEVERLY ROACH Bev Dance Committee 1, 2 Soccer l, 4 Basketball l, 4 Baseball I Water Follies I, 2, 4 Choir I, 3, 4 French Club 2, 3 Badminton 2, 3, 4 junior Play Cast 3 H.M.S. Pinafore 3 Mikado 4 Tatler 3, 4 Hi-Y 3, 4 Tatler Executive Staff 4 Tower 4 Senior Play Committee 4 JO ANNE RUMBERGER jo Badminton 2 French Club 2, 3, 4 Dance Committee 2 Water Follies Committee 2 International Ball Comm. 2 Girl's Chorus 2 Allied Youth 3 junior Play Committee 3 junior Prom Committee 3 H.M,S. Pinafore 3 Chorus 3 MARGERY Rl Margie Soccer l, 2, 4 Hockey l, 2 Baseball l Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 Sports Council I Dance Committee l, I French Club 2, 3, 4 Chorus 4Girls'j Junior Prom Commit Junior Play Cast 3 Tatler 3, 4 Hi-Y 3, 4 Chorus, 3, 4 H.M.S. Pinafore 3 Tower 4 Mikado 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Amards 4 Senior Play Prompter Senior Ball Committe qu f . a 1 ally: 3.4 Q N 5 x s 4 0 4 Y Q ,JQWKQ ' -' ev .9 in-SN i -.4-fl X C if F f y CN ' ' F1 V X l, I' 'X 1 W , X fl '5" 1 4: .,.?',.. fl V A A N l is .1 -as --.V 5' ,,::x,,v,s,, , E D 5 A K I , ," 4' - f ' Q A I a' Army?" 8, 'X ' 1 5 I - - J A . 1- I . -1 ' '- ' -A 4 3 . 5 Q ' 'K ' W' ' x . S HERBERT RAPP Herbie hysics Club 3 tHe Club 4 NORMA SABO Norm enmore High School l I Y 3 asketball 3, 4 atler 4 ovier 4 nior Play Committee 4 ater Follies i" 2 JAMES L. READ DONNA RECKSEEN jim J. V. Swimming l Stage Crew 2, 3, 4 Stage Crew Manager Amards 3, 4 Thespians 3, 4 Tatler 4 INGRID SA MZELIUS Inky Orchestra I Soccer 2, 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 Baseball 3, 4 Tatler 3, 4 Art Club 3, 4 Spanish Club 3, 4 Badminton 3, 4 Junior Play Cast 3 Senior Play Cast 4 Senior Council 4 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Dance Club 4 Newspaper Club 4 Water Follies 4 Senior Ball Committee 4 Hi-Y 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Dance Club 4 Donna Basketball l, 2, 3 Baseball l, 2 Water Follies l, 2, 4 Badminton l, 2, 3, 4 Band l, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4 Pep Band l, 2 Soccer 2, 3, 4 Tennis 2, 3 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Amards 2, 3, ,4 President of Amard French Club 2, 3 Chorus fgirlsj 2 Mixed Chorus 2 Thespians 3, 4 Honor Society 3, 4 junior Play 3 Hockey 3 s4 ,lunior Prom Committee 3 EDWARD REINAGEI. Ed Canisius High School l Chorus 2, 3 Choir 4 Junior Play Cast 3 Spanish Club 2 H.M.S. Pinafore 3 Tower Bazaar 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Senior Ball Committee 4 Pinafore Q0rch.J 3 Student Council 2 Sports Council 2 Tower Bazaar 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Mikado COrch.J 4 MARIANNE SANDERS Marianne German Club l, 2, 3 Badminton 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Junior Play Committee 3 Tower 4 Tatler 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Soccer 4 JOHN SANDFORD Sweet Water Band I, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball Band l, 2 Woodwind Quintet 2, 3 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Basketball Manager 2, 3, 4 Junior Play Committee 3 H,M.S. Pinafore 3 Taller Sports Editor 4 ROBERT DONALE REINHOLD Camnamn Kensington High School Junior Play 3 HiAY 4 Rifle Club 4 Cartoonist for Tatler 4 is - . -ss JACQUELINE SCHAEFI jackie East High School l, 2 Chorus 3 Badminton 5 Senior Play Committee 4 39 'CL RICHARD SCHAKE GRI-LTCHEN SCHILLKE GERALD SCHULER MARY LOU SCHULER Dick South Park H. S. l, 2, 3 jerry Mare Basketball 1, 2 Senior Play Committee 4 Hi-Y 1, 2. 3 Football 2 Baseball 4 Soccer 2 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Swimming Team 4 junior Play Committee 3 Soccer 3, 4 Basketball 4 Senior Play Committee 4 'lower 4 FREDERICK N. SCRIBNER Ted Tatler Sports Editor 2, 3 Tatler Editor-in-Chief 4 Bowling l, 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2 Orchestra l, 2, 3 Football Assistant Mgr. I, 5 Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 4 Biology Club 3, 4 Allied Youth 3 junior Play Cast 3 Football Statistics Keeper 4 40 JUNE SEYFANG june Soccer 1, 2, 3 Hockey I Baseball 1 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Student Council I Dance Committee 1, 2 Water Follies 2, 3 French Club 2, 3, 4 Girls' Chorus 2 Chorus 2, 3, 4 Biology Club 2 junior junior Tatler H.M.S Tower Honor Prom Committee 3 Play Committee 3 3, 4 . Pinafore 3 4 Society 4 fl DAVID RALPH SHARP RICHARD ELLIS SHARP Dave Dick MARLENE SCI Mar Water Follies 2 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 Soccer l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Volley Ball l, 2 Cirlst Chorus l, 2 Chorus l, 2, 3, 4 Sports Council 2 H.M.S. Pinafore 3 Mikado 4 'l atler 2, 3, 4 Tower 4 junior Prom Comm Junior Play Commit I sk MARILYN SIEK Doady Water Follies l, 2, 3, Soccer l, 2, 3, 4 Hockey l, 2 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 Badminton 2, 3 Student Council l Girls' Chorus 1 Dance Committee l, 5 French Club 2, 3, 4 Taller 2, 3, 4 junior Play Committi junior Prom Commit Tower 4 Senior Play Comrnitte Tower Bazaar 4 Amards 4 Senior Ball Committer Handbook Typist ROB1-.RT SCHNEEGOLD DONNA SCHROWE MARIANNE SCHROWE ANITA BLANCHE SCOTT BETTY L. SCOTT Schnceg Donna Mary Belty bc er l 2 3 4 Water Follies 1 Student Council l Chorus l Senior Play Committee 4 asketball 1 2 Student Council 1 Water Follies l, 4 Senior Play Committee 4 erman Club l Basketball 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Soccer 4 Tower 4 JOAN SLAVEN joanie Chorus l, 2 Basketball l, 2 ,3, 4 Soccer l, 2, 3, 4 Freshman Dance Committee Badminton 1, 2 Baseball l, 2 Girls' Choir 2 French Club 3, 4 Hi-Y 5, 4 Junior Play Committee 3 Water Follies 3, 4 Junior Prom Committee 3 Tower Bazaar 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Senior Council 4 Assistant Editor for Tower 4 Senior Ball Committee 4 ALLAN SMEADER Al ADDISON SMITH Library Club l Bowlin 2 5 4 Junior junior Hi-Y 3 Senior Tower BARBARA SMITH Barb Soccer l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Water Follies l, 2, 3, 4 Girls' Sports Council l French Club 2, 5, 4 Dance Committee l, 2 junior Prom Committee 3 junior Play Committee 3 Tatler 3, AL Senior Play Committee 4 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Hi-Y 4 Amards 4 Senior Ball Committee 4 Badminton 4 41 RITA KAY SMITH Kay DWAN STETTEN BENZ Stelt Kenmore High School l French Club 2, 4 Choir 2, 3, 4 Tennis 2 Mikado 4 Senior Play Committee 4 42 i v ,S , 1-"' ,414- Wff I 4 EDWARD SNYDER DAVID DRAKE Eddie SOUTHWICK Band l, 2 Dave Orchestra l, 2 German Club 2, 3, 4 Junior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Tatler 4 Physics Club 4 Senior Ball Committee 4 Gennan Club 2, 3 German Club President 3 Amards 2, 3, 4 Band 2 Orchestra 2, 4 Choir 2, 3, 4 H.M.S. Pinafore 3 Thespians 3, 4 Physics Club 3, 4 Physics Club Secretary 4 Junior Play Cast 3 Senior Play Cast 4 Tower 4 DONALD STEWART ROBERT STODDARD Don Band l, 2, 3, 4 German Club 2 Soccer 2, 3, 4 Basketball Manager 3, 4 Hi-Y 3, 4 junior Play Cast 3 Orchestra 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Dance Band 4 Amards 4 Thespians 4 nf ' 1 Q- wuq. ' Bob Amards 4 PATRICIA ANN SOVERN Susie Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Soccer 1, 2, 3 Badminton l, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2 Hockey 2 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 junior Prom Committee Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Senior Ball Committee 4 wi 5 1 .mx A S t .it cf E Elite ,keg 53 CAROL SPONC Carol MARSHALL SWITZER DALE SYMING Marsh D016 Newman High 1 Track l, 2, 3. Student Council l Football 2, 4 '17 jk - s, vp' -6-fl X 'agp -3 Q, .Q X if 5 9 9 X o s ,s ,Q't 35 B-5G ...- - ij f - fm C, 1 EC f ' L .I X I' " ,. 4.-:!g,"-1"-.,-, T A - A Q. X 7 u I ,L 4- ,- A- '- il ,qfs aggqgvqx .3 - l ,. ."' f - 1 L . Q' A,-gf' ,Y X 1 l ' 7 V. I II ,l T ' -i vs Z Y , I e 3 I X , E ARLENE STEGER Arlene Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y President 4 French Club 2, 3, 4 French Club Vice President 4 Spanish Club 3, 4 junior Play Committee 5 Tatler 4 Tower 4 Honor Society 4 JOAN STASKIEWICZ LOIS S'I'l-IIN joan Lou Pine Hill High School l, 2, 3 Water Follies l , 2, fl, 4 Basketball l, 2, Il, 4 Baseball I, Il Souer l, 2, 3, 4 Spanish Cluh 2. 3 Sports Countil Il, 4 'llillllil' 3 Badminton fl junior Play Committee junior Prom Committet Tower 4 Tower Balaar 4 Senior Play Committee 1 Senior Ball Connnittee 4 5 .lo-ANNE 'gH0lwPSON RUBEN THREADCILL l'HYI.I,lS lflfllfl 0 l'l1x'l1 Blind 1, 2, 3. 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Student Counmil l, 3 Orchestra 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y 3, 43 Treasurer 4 Badminton 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 Soccer 4 Taller 4 Pinafore 3 Mikado 4 Water Follies l, 2 Dance Band 2 Badminton l, 2 Soccer l, 2. fl, 4 Swinnning l, 4 lVatei' Follies l. 2, 4 Class Secretary 2 Amartls 2, Il, 4 Vireellresiilent 4 Thespians fl, 4: Presitlen Taller 2, 3 Basketball 2, fl, 4 Baseball fl, 4 Spanish Club 2. fl Honor Society fl, 4 junior Play Il junior Prom COllllllllll'L' Senior Play Committee 4 'lowel' 4 'lower llalaar 4 43 K af DOLORES TULIPANE SYLVIA ELAINE TURNER RICHARD VAN DUSEN JOHN VVALKER GERALD W Tulle Syl Dick johnny Gerr Basketball 2, 3, 4 Chorus 4 Band l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2 Soccer 2, 3, 4 Mikado 4 Boys' Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Student Council Badminton 3, 4 Lincoln High School 1 German Club 2, 3 Football 2 Choir 2 Cooley High School l, 2, 3 junior Play 3 Track 3, 4 Chorus 3, 4 Senior Play 4 Swimming 4 junior Play Committee 3 Art Club 4 junior Prom Committee 3 Taller 3, 4 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Baseball 4 Water Follies 4 Mikado 4 Qi . rt F' MARJORIE WIGHTMAN ROBERT WILEY .LORETTA WILL PAUL H. WILL GERY WI Margie Pierre Etta Will Get Fashion Show I Football l, 2, 3, 4 junior Play Committee 3 Track I, 2, 3, 4 Tatler 2 Photography Club l Basketball l, 2 Senior Play Committee 4 German Club 2, 3 Library Club 5 Water Follies Committee 2 Band l, 2, 4 Tatler 4 junior Play committee 3 Library Assistan Water Follies 3, 4 Pinafore 3 Tower 4 junior Prom Orchestra Soccer Team Ma Taller 2 Orchestra l, 2, 4 Chairman 3 Badminton 3, 4 junior Play Committee 3 Senior Council 4 Chorus 5 Dance Band l, 2. 3, 4 Senior Play Committee 4 junior Play Committee 3 Student Council 3, 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Boys' Hi-Y 3. 4 Tower Staff 4 Secretary of Hi-Y 4 Baseball 4 Vice President ol Band 4 -l. WAYNE li. XVEBER Spike ,ltltflll Council I ttler l, 2, Il, 4 'wspaper Club l, 2, fl, 4 twling l, 2, 3 mlf I, 2, fl, 4 rman Club 2, 3 iysits Club 3 litor-in-Chief of Newspaper Club 4 ology Club 4 nior Play Committee 4 nys' Sports I-itlitor of 'lower 4 nior llall Committee 4 wwer Bazaar 'Z W .li Jlllllllrl VVIENDT PAUL YVEHRLE DORIS WEYER ROBERT WHITHED Judy Geeo WCC BDI! Soccer l, 2, 4 East Pittsburgh High l Swimming TCPUH l, 4 C0lf 3, 4 ltatlminton I, 2, 3 Soccer 2, 3, 4 Vvater Follies 4 Junior Play Committee 3 Basketball 2, fl, 4 Basketball 2, 3 B3S6bIiIl 4 Hi-Y 4 Spanish Club 2, 3 'lirack 2 Tower 4 Baseball 3 German Club 2, 3 Basketball Referee 3 junior Play Committee 3 junior Prom Committee 3 Hi-Y 4 Senior Play Committee 4 'll2llll'I' 4 Tower Bazaar Committee 4 IRCARET E. WILLIAMS SHIRLEY WILLIAMS ROBERT WINGERT JOAN WITNAUER Michey Shir! Bob joan zhman Dance Committee I Badminton 2, 3, 4 Cafeteria Stal? 2, 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 minton 2 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Physics Club 3 Taller 4 rich Club 2, 3 Water Follies 4 Tower Baiaar 4 -rnational Ball Comm. 2 Senior Play Committee 4 Senior Play Committee 4 ls' Chorus 2 German Club l, 2 Baseball 4 ior Play Committee 3 ior Prom Committee 3 LS. Pinafore 3 ed Youth 5 ketball 3 ter 5 ich Club Dance Comm. 3 ed Chorus 3, 4 ler 4 ver 4 ior Play Committee 4 ior Council .epresentative 4 .ado 4 Junior Play Committee 8 junior Prom Committee 3 Physics Club 3 Tower 4 ,.! f-"N M elsif SALLY WOLVERTON Walttie Student Council l Girls' Sport Council 3, 4 Freshman Dance Committee l junior Prom Committee 5 junior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Senior Ball Committee 4 Spanish Club 2. 3. 4 Dance Club 3 Mixed Chorus 2, 4 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Soccer 2, 3 Basketball 3, 4 Tennis 2 Girls' Chorus 2 45 ARLYNE WOODS Arlyne Tower 4 Water Follies 4 Basketball 4 CLARENCE YOUNG Cy Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 Football 2, 5, 4 Student Council l, 2 JANE WOOSTER Woost Badminton 2, 3 Baseball 3 Basketball 3 Soccer 4 Orchestra 2, 3, 4 Band 3 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Tatler 4 Spanish Club 3, 4 Junior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Senior Ball Committee MARJORIE ZIEBARTH Marge Water Follies 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 Soccer 2, 3, 4 Badminton 3, 4 Interscholastic Soccer 3, 4 Swimming Team 4 Student Council 2, 4 46 Tower Tatler 4 3,4 Sophomore Dance Comm. 2 Junior junior Senior Senior Mixed Tower Prom Committee 3 Play Committee 3 Play Committee 4 Ball Committee 4 Chorus 1 Bazaar A Cappella l Basketball Official 4 GARY WRATTEN MARIANNE WRIGHT Gary Mari SOCCBI' l Student Council l Swimming Team 2 Tatler l Baseball Manager 1 Tower 4 Football 2, 3, 4 Cafe Stall 2, 3, 4 Orchestra l, 2 Band 1, 2 Hi-Y Secretary 3 Hi-Y 3, 4 Senior Council 4 Honor Society 4 Rifle Club 4 SENIORS NOT PICTURED Clyde Ponivas Roger Shaw Bruce Miller Dance Club 3 Talent Show l Girls' Chorus 1 Senior Play Committee 4 Water Follies l, 2, 3, 4 Swimming Team l, 2, 4 Basketball l, 2 Badminton 3, 4 cw BETTL LOU l Lau Soccer l, 2. 3 Hockey l, 2, 3 Baseball l, 2, 3 Water Follies l, 2, Badminton 2 Spanish Club l, 2, Amards 2, 3, 4 Tatler 2, 3, 4 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Cheerleader 4 Dance Club 3 junior Play Cast 3 'X HALL OF FAME TED SCRIBNER-Never the Tatler did he shirk, It's new and better, thanks to his work. FRANCIS DULCZEWSKI-We know this freshman for his honors galore, And at the rate he's going, he'll get many more. BASKETBALL TEAM--For a 101 score, we made a lot of noise, Another broken record - nize work, boys! BARBARA JACKSON-Beaming blond, with eyes of brown, This peppy gal won't ever frown. THE MOONBEAMS-Four vivacious girls, with voices mighty sweet, For songs the way you like them, they can't be beat. TOM KIDD--Witty, willing and wise, Excels in so much -- even in size. JACK FOLEY-- Running at a mighty clip, He won the Cross-country championship. THE DIXIE SIX-For-music that's smooth, get the Dixie Six, They offer entertainment with both music and tricks. JOAN DAVEY AND BARB BRUSTAD-Sparkle and pep in all the cheers, Lucky Amherst will have them for two more years. MANFRED ALBRECHT--From Tower assignments, he never ran, Quiet Manfred, our cameraman. JUNE SEYFANG-Though she wasn't with us for most of the year, We'll always remember her amazing good cheer. MIKADO-People traveled from far and near, To hear the Operetta of the year. BELINDA JOHNSTON-This frosh is popular and peppy too, Her personality sparkles when she looks at you. BOB GEYER-A capable leader of his class, He works very hard at any task. DAVE DICKENS-Playing Henry Aldrich caused no strife, For this handsome boy of "What a Life." ANNE HERSHISER-Twirling her baton and stepping high, She leads the parade as it goes by. PHIL NADER-This young speaker he may say, Will be a second Henry Clay. ARCHIE DEAN-Leading his class as President, A successful year, the eighth grade spent. BOB HUGHES-In music he'll rise - he'll never fall, He'll be Amherst's gift to Carnegie Hall. PAUL DAHMER-If someone else isn't f we daren't mention namesj, He'll soon become another Harry James. ELLEN BRUNNER-This petite sophomore is mighty swell, And in any sport, she does excel. JOAN GOLIBER-In the world of writing, fif she goesj She'll keep competitors on their toes. JERRY THUMAN-Known by most and liked by all, He merits a place in this Hall. JANE MAC LACHLEN-Keeper of the Gate of Room 308. fThe Honor Society Storej SUE BENSON-This cute, young sophisticate, ' Wherever she goes, she'll always rate. THE SENIOR BALL-Christmas and snow and a night full of fun, A Senior tradition has now begun. 47 TOWER SENIOR BALL it N,. FH S 4.4 -4 4 ,, . n 31. Q . xx . .' ' M 'L 55' . .fx 'A f iw :f-.S - E 355 S3 S : W. - 1135 f ka wr iv 4- ., Q., in A r f x V-?f E', 7,5 g '37 i f QQ , , My ,. ww as k Lk W zk., , N 'Tfl' 'su U seg J, ...W W bf 'Sfi-x .'?-fm wt ' Yi, V ery- 1.1 ' 1, K 5- Q ii? Q 'Q' we 3,6 l?SsX,5,u, 'iz' , . Q. , . f ?4Ew:"i"' ? A fl' 2- b 1' 2 if 'ff 'qflif ii-ff: 4 w 9 wwf-idk' I W Qt- 31 , -. - ,X ,..,,...m.. . Q' IL Q 5' 1' 'aw X 35- :tj 1 xg r , , E sm Y Hp F Y - 5 Q bu . '--f , ' A : A K at -., p ,Q ff fi? -ww '53 5 'YQ f W vnu X .- in. X 3' ,wg Q 4? qi 1 K L. . ' A ' ' "' ' Q , ' iw .: ,. X A, If if . ax Us ,551 E - ' " ff,9? f1Q? 5. 2 , A ,ig f 1 A ' if .- qg. F34 L, x , X f IEW Age Q X 'CZ Y ,vx uw. , 4 1 '1 4 ,,'. v 1 . , . 35" .1 1 1 .fn -H ..-A . ,' I xy ,,. s Q9-' ' 1' "x . .. -. x .--, .--. SENIOR LPHABET -,Qreorge Ramsey ,DQgaldiKiiiiold- -- Dave Hunkimf ' Jack Davis Bob Baus Marty Miedel James Palisanof Rubeii.Th'idadgi11 liiii-Linh 'Wayne Weber fTpm Kidd -' , Bcib Lindsey - - Cy'Young Qluarles Potter " '. lid Deutselirnan bon Hegg 1' :Fralr-ili Alexander , . I Padl Belair if ..--I , x 'Pat F mleon ,f' Bob Stoddart Bob Hughes Elmer Manspeaker George Hurd Bob Wiley Gerry Wullens Paul Wehrle ' Flirt Athletic Blusb.i!1g,,, H U Dancer, Eater-i 7 Gullible Heartbreaker I rresistiifle' h jokerw N ' 'Kniiiziieiigjle "l:Li-ghthearted Mmmmmmm Nonchalant -iopiimiiiie Persuasive Quiet I. -.. Refreshing i. Smooth Talkative Unique Vivaeious Winning X- Unknown Quality Yawning Zippy QQnge!1z4!, .,i: -- . . .-tex. , .Polaiid 'K Pat Sischraneyfi " " " ' Donna.Reckseen Caro'l..Bunn Ann Barber Nan Qonnor Liiidd Fi'6bIii,an Sallyi Wolverlon Sally Bainrigartner lforothy lyiaratta 'oddieisidgei 3 ii-Marilkjfya Page Jean Ofcoinnor Judy Diebold Joan Petrunick Barbara Brown Marjeanne Jensen Phyllis Tozier Joan Lenz Ann Lueker Joan Burke Nancy Casto 5?!!Xi5l2.i??5'?P' ' ' Moody Nan Hart 5 I J-.figs-4, -.. lp -1: , S....... X ...., . ,,....., --.xl 1:Ci!.7l'KG' u 17171 rib'- A "'X P "l,fI1Qz,-,gggf ' i,,,:is 3 1 L H - mg . " ' i .. 6 ,Q fc Y S -T' Q -'iff 1 .fs ,. f ::1. fv , ks CSI gay 5, f ,m ' , fb -V: f.IN, I ',l. ,gf 'W f Q, ' i ., ig! 3 , A M ig l . Q ' .4 i 3 713' L , F ,,.TE Q 5 j 51.619 Q 4 5 . ' ' "'-' ., " 6 '7 ' 1 'f ' 'f" ? 3215 V i ' f' f" fi g 53351 61? Y, ?"if'a?"+ 4 ' W 'ii M V Hn avknalfk wi A Q xx 4? sf Aw!! Q xi: T.. Q W . wma- V Q. 5, 5.39 ,+ X El H5 S ,SU -V 1 S' gg: Q 5 S 15 Q, , Q NF Q - 3iaE X fi 19 QV XQ ll 3 'TX Quik Jig Q 1 A2 ? if Q 0 x . ,nm . :gf , gr Q, g ins, 'lv Q, xi' 3 H5 Mma ,V 3 " Wff ff- -"M ' - - .A . W 1 I 1,3 X ff if ' 3 Qnyix t , .4-,ff . X N5 "f'xf". f' ' 'XX wliir QL-J: WN. Q ' 4- ,eg Eg, Q, ,A ,V lv N8 tgfil I 4-nu 'F YI'-X1 Q -' . -ff fy ., WF 95 A B ll? iff' Si CLASS OF '55 OFFICERS First row: Sylvia Dean, Vice-Presidentg Jeannette Bottomley, Secretaryg Sec- ond row: Robert Geyer, Treasurerg Archie Dean, President. T - ... 'W .2 Q. .1 G eg? 6 1 ,X wi is . 1 .15 H, , 5 Q W' L.iw Q 3 N75 if W! eff 2... U1 AF ,M wa' ami ' W R S.: X -s - MA iaff .Q Q Q3 fl 14 f 4, NL, V 43: 1 -4 3'2- ge - ? 1 X2 5, -was 4 fm 4.5 ai: Fi - 9 Q , 4 ,JT Q5 K -a f' 'I-u 4 V. Q, 43? if 'EL iff' Q3 ila- Zz. 3 fee A un K 3 M 12. ',i?i-PQ f-,sw 2252 ,. W 12352 N H2 :ii '11, gf? , , 32112 jfl, Q5 Y rf? if? ,111 2 le A .35 15" Y sg ' sp 5 1 -tr 4 HJ 4 Mft - L , L ie '15 I TRODUCTIO TO SPORTS The presence of athletics in American schools can be compared to the emphasized scholarship in European institutions. The extra- curricular program of the average student is permeated with sports participation and interscholastic contests. The individual's char- acter and personality are developed by participation in athletics. He learns to get along with others, whether they be teammates or opponents. The purpose of the school sports program is to give each person a chance to excel in some activity to which he is best suited. We are finding out that a sports-minded nation is a healthy nation, and a healthy nation is a powerful nation. To this end, Amherst is constructing a new gymnasium for the sole purpose of advancing our athletic facilities and activities. Our principal, teachers, and parents realize the value of a complete athletic program and have contributed their money to build this beautiful edihce. Sports have risen to their present position of importance be- cause of the practical lesson in co-operation that competitive play affords. Every boy and girl should indulge in sports if only to learn the benefit of working with others. Competitive games instill in us the necessity of living by the code of fair play. By learning to co-operate with his teammates a boy is training for the greater task of living with his neighbors. A person who has learned the responsibilities to his team will certainly recognize his obligations as a member of the community. Leaders in all walks of life have received some of their most valuable lessons on the playing Held. Here courage and confidence are developedg here competition inspires a boy to better himself mentally and physically, and here boys learn to depend on one another to achieve success. The Townn now dedicates the following pages to all of the young men, women, and their coaches who made the athletic program of 1950-51 at Amherst a successful one. '57 TOWER '50 BASEBALL The Varsity Baseball Squad had a very prosper- ous season in 1950, despite the unimpressive record of 9 wins and 7 losses. Five of the seven defeats were lost by very close margins, and could easily have been victories for the Orange and Black. The power of the team -was clearly evident after the first two games of the year in which the Tigers triumphed over the powerful Tonawanda squad by scores of 4 to 3 and 10 to 4. They continued their unbeaten string by downing the Depew Nine, 13 to 10. The squad went to their fourth game with a strong feeling of self-confidence, but were handed a cruel defeat by Clarence 8 to 5. Even though we out-hit the Valley-boys 10 to 9, Clarence's pitcher placed his 8 strike-outs at crucial points. The season con- tinued with a string of alternate wins and losses. VARSITY Many individual players earned recognition be- cause of their outstanding talent and sportsman- ship. Juniors Dick Schake and "Rube" Marquart did a beautiful job as the mainstays in the pitching staff. Herb Vincent, Tom Hodson, Bill Stillinger, and Marquart supplied the majority of hits and game-winning runs. The tight infield combination of Young, Hodson, Vincent, Weiner, and Stillinger provided many thrilling double-plays and force- outs. The "keepers of the oats" prevented many runs from coming across the plate, as a result of quick thinking and equally quick throwing. The chances for a championship team in 1951 are very good, as five lettermen are returning to the ranks, along with a good number of the V.'s marvelous squad, such as pitcher, Al Weigel sec- ond baseman, Kent Bergman, and leading-sluggers Gerry Thuman and Ed Stillinger. First row: Bill Stillinger, Jack Georger, Don Haller, Ken mer, Dick Schake, Tom Peters, Cy Young, Mr. Wratten, Backman, Herb Vincent, Norb Walsh, Don Deichman, Tony Teresi, Bob Marquart, Bob Weiner, Tom Hodson, Don Diegler. Second row: Barnie Hamilton, John Brum- 1950 SCORES Amherst 4 Tonawanda 3 Amherst 10 Tonawanda 4 Amherst 13 Depew 10 Amherst 5 Clarence 8 Amherst 3 Akron 1 Amherst 0 Hamburg 3 Amherst 14 Pine Hill 2 Amherst 1 Williamsville 5 Amherst 4 East Aurora 2 Amherst 6 Akron 5 Amherst 2 Williamsville 6 Amherst 3 Clarence 4 Amherst 2 Medina 1 Amherst 4 Williamsville 7 Amherst 2 Medina 3 Amherst 10 Lancaster 9 Amherst 92 Opponents 74 TOWER x..-9 .nv ff? ' 1,-2 . :gl 3, K T 1 if - all '93, T M23 ' The 1950 track team, trying hard to outdo the brilliant record established by the '49 trackmen, turned in another championship scorebook to the annals of athletic history at Amherst. The men from the track and field smashed six school rec- ords, and established four new Conference records and two Section VI AA records. The Tigers began their season with two quick triumphs over Batavia and East Aurora. Ham- burg disregarded our strength and dealt us a 66M-375 defeat in our third encounter of the season. At the Conference meet, Hamburg, again cheated the Tigers out of victory by scoring 53 points to our 41fA. Wing-footed Paul Domroes ran the 220 in 23.1 for a new Conference record. Walt Lindsey, probably the greatest trackman in Amherst's history, set new records in the 440 and broad jump. The relay team of George Ramsey, VARSITY '50 TRACK Don Kingman, Dick Ferrick, and Walt Lindsey set a new mark in the 880 relay. North Tonawanda and Lockport fell victom to the powerful Orange and Black in the closing meets of the year. The Sectionals at Kenmore were another great triumph for the team, as they compiled more points than any of the other thir- teen competing teams to win the Section VI AA championship. Don Kingman cracked his own record for the 100 and Walt Lindsey broke his pre-record in the 220, for new Section VI records. Walt Lindsey graduated last June, but he will be long remembered at Amherst for the fine work he did on the track team. This one-man team scored 69M points to lead the squad in individual scoring. He has set records in the broad jump, 440 and 220 that will probably stand up for a good ,many years. Walt received a four-year track scholarship from North Texas State University. SCORES Amherst 6595 Batavia 3816 Amherst 7596 .East Aurora 271,43 Amherst 37M Hamburg 66M Amherst 67 North Tonawanda 37 Amherst 74 Lockport 30 Conference Meet Amherst 41M Hamburg 53 Opponents 12 to 0 Sectionals Amherst 35 516 Opponents 25M to 0 First row: Jack Foley, Martin Miedel, Walt Lindsey, Paul Domrose, Don Kingman, Ed Dewey. Second row: Malcolm Macalpine, Bruce Aiken, Charles Cassety, George Ramsey, Dave Dickens, John Magee, Dick Knapp. Third row: Dick Haenggi, Frank Alexander, Paul Will, Harry Shultz, Dale Simington, Bill Gardner, Oris Hull. Fourth row: Mr. Bergman, Dick F errick, Bill Higgins, Jerry Skull, Bob Baus, Al Taylor, Elmer Manspeaker, Mr. Munson. New Rnconns Conference: 1 Domroes 220 yd. dash 23.1 Lindsey 440 yd. dash 51.1 I school recordj Lindsey Broad Jump 21'l" Relay 880 yd. Relay 1 :33.7 f school recordj Sectional VI AA: Kingman 100 yd. dash 10.3 fschool I reeordj Lindsey 220 yd. dash 21.4 fschool recordj School: Domroes Discus l25'8" Ramsey Shot Put 44'3" TOWER 1. V. BASEBALL First row: Ed Stillwell, Cy Manspeaker, Ronald Stepnick, Tom Kaiser. Second row: James MacDonald, Jerry Thuman, Bob Payne, Roger Nichol- son, George Payne, Kent Bergman. Third row: Nick Basil, Dick Leigh- body, Hank Sperry, Al Weigel, Larry Pope, Karl Seidl, Ken Mau, Cliff Baum, Mr. Hettler. Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst First row: Norbert Beyer, Francis Worth, Bill Roberts, Don Kern, Don Worth, Bruce Wells. Second row: Roger Kinchella, Bruce Quinby, Hank Prahl, Don Davis, Don Rice, Bob Miller. Third row: Richard Ursitti, Dick Cook, Ted Nichols, Jack Griz- zard, Bill Fisher, Everett Boyce. TOWER The Junior Varsity Squad, coached by Mr. Het- tler, has come through with an undefeated season for '50, and 28 wins in 29 encounters for the past two years . Each game proved to be a race to see how many runs we could pile up. In their tenth battle, the Tigers scored a 25-0 slaughter -against our traditional rivals - Williamsville. 11 20 15 18 16 9 9 6 5 25 15 8 10 11 14 15 SCORES Timon High Depew Clarence Sloan Hamburg Pine Hill Williamsville East Aurora Sloan Williamsville Clarence Medina Williamsville Medina Lancaster Opponents . V. TRACK The J. V. track team has one specific purpose - to train the boys for competitive sports and to give them experience. This large group of year- lings ran in the dual meets, and showed a great deal of pep by pushing the varsity men right to the front. The next few years will prove what they can do, and we will look forward to seeing stars like Lindsey, Kingman, and Ramsey emerge from the 1950 V. Track Squad. 60 . . ,..,..,,,,,.,.., 81 '50 TENNIS SCORES Amherst Hamburg Amherst Clarence Amherst Woodlawn Amherst Depew Amherst Medina Amherst East Aurora Amherst Williamsville Amherst Woodlawn Amherst DeVeaux Amherst East Aurora Amherst Clarence Amherst Williamsville Amherst Lancaster Amherst Depew Amherst DeVeaux Amherst Hamburg Amherst Williamsville CPlay-off J First row: Harry Hain, John Hamilton, Al Bard, Malcolm Burtwell. Second row: Mr. Blish, coach, Howie Robins, Jim Decker, Pat Finleon, Bob Budin, Dave Jones, Bill Jones, Ted Sprmgstead, Dave Woodworth, Bob Dickson, Paul Archambeau. The Racqueteers had a very successful season, win- ning seventeen matches and losing two. Although the regular season ended in a tie for first place, the Tigers were defeated in a very close playoff match by Williams- ville. It would be difficult to select an outstanding player as '50 GOLF SCORES Amherst 6 Orchard Park 9 Amherst 13 West Seneca 2 Amherst 9M East Aurora 5 W Amherst 10 Lancaster 5 Amherst IOM Clarence 42 Amherst 14 Depew 1 Amherst 8 West Seneca 7 Amherst 7M Orchard Park 7M Amherst IOM East Aurora 4M Amherst 12 Lancaster 3 Amherst 12 Clarence 3 Amherst ll Depew 4- Amherst 124 Opponents 56 the whole team was well balanced. Single players were: Bob Budin, Barry Cahill, Howard Robins, doubles players: Elliott Springstead, James Decker, Paul Archambeau, and Robert Dickson, with Bill and Dave Jones playing both singles and doubles as needed. Barry Cahill won a medal in league tourney play for singles. First row: Bob Whithed, Russel Gowland, Earl Pearson, Dick Fredricks, Jerry Healy, Ronald Allen, Bradley Johnson, Bob Hart. Second row: Arthur Albert, Bill Bush, Bob King, Jack Walsh, Wayne Weber, Edward Deutsch- man, Ronald Halt, Jay Beck, Mr. Ungerer, coach. Third raw: Don Hegg, Herb Darling, Don King. The golf squad had a very successful season last year. The defending champions had to play their first match of the season without any practice. As a result they suffered the only loss of the' season. After coming in second in the league with a won-l0,.lost-l, tied-l, record, behind Orchard Park, who was undefeated but once tied, the Tigers secured second place in the Section 6 AA Tourney, with thirteen schools participating. Then the Turfmen captured the N.E.C.S.L. trophy at the Individual Medal Tourney at Sheridan Park Country Club by chalking up a five-man total of 432 against their closest rival, Orchard Park with 450. Wayne lfgegmer won the trophy for the lowest individual score o 8 ' TOWER 50 FOUTBALL Fzrst ww: Bob Wiley, Dale Symington, Jim Arth, How- ard Jones, George Ramsey, Gary Wratten, Cy Young, Bob Graham, Edgar Hulse, Martin Meidel, Dick Craw- ford Second row: Clifford Baum, Earl Fowlston, Bob Paine Chuck Krik, Earl Springborn, Julian Lambrecht, Teams in the Western New York Foot- ball Conference have the opportunity of selecting their schedule. This liberality gives them a chance to pick the games they can win or to choose the battles they want to win. The Amherst Varsity Foot- ball Squad chose the latter, with every game in their schedule a major encounter. Playing such undefeated teams as Fre- donia, Hamburg, and Leroy, the Tigers went on to great victories and finished the season with a praiseworthy record of five wins, one loss, and one tie. The squad was strengthened by the re- turn of many of last year's team and also some outstanding players from the V. ranks. The masterful backfield combina- tion of fullback, Vincent, halfbacks, Mei- del and Ramsey, and quarterback, Still- inger provided many thrilling moments for the cheering fans. Cy Young's commend- able work at center along with power- house guarding and tackling by Bob Wiley, jerry Skull, Howie Jones, and Jerry Thu- man kept the line as efficient as a brick wall against the opposing forces. Dick Crawford and Jim Arth provided breath- taking catches and also, brilliant defensive blocking at end. Besides the thrilling events of each game, the 1950 season developed some individual stars. The "Mutt and Jeff" duo of towering George Ramsey and little Marty Meidel made scoring history as Amherst's halfbacks. Amherst's statis- tical ratings were superlative to their con- testants'. Marty Meidel led the team in scoring 43 points. Despite the loss of many of the main players this year, Coach Bergman is look- ing forward to another great season in 1951 with a real fighting team. Up and coming juniors such as: Bill Stillinger, TOWER 6 Elliott Springstead, Dick Cook, Bill Stillinger Bruce Quinby, Bob Baus. Third row: Bill Oxley, Asst. Manager Mr. Hettler: coach, Hugh Miller, Herb Vincent Ed Jibeau, Ted Nichols, Jerry Skull, Ron Snyder, Dick Fer rick, Jerry Thuman, Mike Cerrone, Mr. Bergman coach Jay Beck, Manager. Bruce Quinby, Dick Ferrick, Chuck Krick, Jerry Thuman, Earl Fowlston, Mike Cer- rone, julian Lambrecht and Dan Gleason, with supplements from the Jayvee squad should make this year's team a champion- ship eleven. Now, for the highlights of last fall's games. The season eleven on the Amherst-gridiron on Satur- day, September 23rd. Fredonia, who was boasting an unbeaten string of 26 games, looked to this inaugural battle as another easy victory. The Tigers had different ideas, however, and proceeded to show the visitors what courage and hard-train- ing could do. In the lst period, big Herb Vincent, powerful post-graduate fullback, intercepted a Fredonia pass on his own 15 yard strip and ran it 79 yards before he was downed. Then Dick Ferrick smashed around end for the TD, to leave the score at half-time 6-0. In the final quarter the Tigers were forced to punt, and a Fredonia back returned the ball from his 20-yard line, all the way to the Amherst EZ for the only Fredonia tally. The Tigers succeeded in tying this team, which didn't know what real power and team-spirit were until that clear Septem- ber day oniour ACHS field. The following Saturday the squad enter- tained the Depew eleven. Marty Meidel, 138-pound senior, captured the spotlight by scoring both Amherst TD's and partici- pating in almost every play. Meidel tal- lied for the first six-pointer in the second period on a thirteen-yard jaunt around end. Fullback Vincent converted from placement. After a half-dozen plays cover- ing 66 yards in the fourth period, Meidel Orange and Black opened their against the powerful Fredonia pushed across around his right tackle from the Depew 3. Final score-13-O. lVith two victories under their belts, the Tigers entertained a determined eleven from 1Vcst Seneca on-October 7. In the early minutes of the game, the Tigers marched 35 yards in Five plays to the oppo- nent's 15-yard strip. Then quarterback Bill Stillinger threw a 12-yard pass to Meidel, who carried the pigskin over for our first TD. The pursuing Indians came right back, however, to carry the ball 80 yards for their tying TD. The visitors scored again in the second period and suc- cessfully converted. Halftime score- Amherst-6, West Seneca-13. In the third period, the "Tornado" moved to the In- dian's 8-yard line, from where Meidel went off tackle for the six-pointer. Meidel, also, ran the extra point, after the team had suffered a penalty for offsides. It was all Amherst from then on. Lineman Jerry Thuman intercepted a pass on the West Seneca 12 yard stripe and skirted end for the touchdown. Stillinger booted the extra point. In the final period, the Tigers be- gan march from the mid-Held strip to their opponent's four-yard line on key plays by Stillinger, Meidel, Vincent, and Chuck Kriek. Vincent carried the ball off tackle for the TD. Stillinger again con- verted. Another victory for the Alma Mater - 27-13. On October 14, the Tigers played the game of the year. They played host to Hamburg, who was boastinga two-year un- defeated record, and planned to continue doing so. Playing on Hamburg's new field, the Tigers piled up 15 points to the Bull- dog's 14 for a great upset victory. Marty Meidel skirted left end from the Hamburg 22 in the first period for Amherst's initial TD. Bill Stillinger then split the uprights from placement for the PAT that eventu- ally settled the game. The Bulldogs came right back after the kick-off for their TD, TOWER but the attempted conversion was wide. The Orange and Black added a two-point safety near the end of the first quarter, when husky Jim Arth tackled a Hamburg back in the end-zone. Both teams scored again in the second period. Dick Ferrick heaved a 25-yard pass to speedy jim Arth for the Amherst TD, while Hamburg car- ried the ball 60 yards for their tally. Both PAT attempts by the two teams were blocked. The halftime score gave ACHS a three-point lead- 15-12. The second half was one of ruthless and bitter defen- sive play, with both teams threatening toe score. With 30 seconds remaining in the game, Bill Stillinger allowed himself to be tackled in the end zone, rather than punt- ing and giving the Bulldogs enough time for two pass plays and a possibility of scoring. By the time the Tigers had kicked off, the clock ran out and Amherst emerged the one point victor. The following week, due to an open date in the schedule, Coach Bergman took the boys to Cornell University to see the undefeated teams of Cornell and Yale bat- tle it out, and to show the team around the huge Ithaca campus. The undefeated, but once-tied Tigers toured to Leroy on October 28th to play their first night game of the season. The powerful Leroy eleven handed the Am- herst squad a bitter defeat by scoring three touchdowns in the first half, and two more in the final quarter. Amherst's two tallies also came in the fourth period, when Vin- cent carried.a Meidel pass 43 yards for the TD, while Stillinger converted from placement. Bill Stillinger caught a perfect FOOTBALL SQUAD screen pass from Dick Ferrick and ran 73 yards for ACHS's final score. 'Nuff said -Leroy 30--Amherst 13. V The squad forgot the loss from the pre- vious week, and dealt a blow to Medina's team in a night game at the opponent's new field. Both teams were greatly handi- capped by freezing air and chilling winds, but after four quarters of grueling play the Tigers arose the Victor 14-6. Amherst's "giant and the elf' duo of 6 ft. 5 inch George Ramsey and 5 ft. 6 in. Marty Meidel for both the TD's. Speedy Defen- sive end, Jim Arth blocked a Medina kick on Mcdina's 20 in the opening period. Two plays moved the ball to the 10 yard stripe, and then big George plowed over for the six-pointer. Stillinger's conversion was suc- cessful. Medina added their only tally to the score in the second period on a 35 yard touchdown. Late in the fourth quar- ter, lineman Jerry Thuman intercepted a Medina pass and raced to their 5 yard line before he was stopped. Meidel skirted end for the TD and Stillinger converted again from placement. The Tigers played their final game against invading Lancaster on November 11 in weather which was pleasant for polar bears. Amherst scored two touch- downs in the second period on runs by Herb Vincent and Marty Meidel. Vin- cent scored our first tally after catching a fiat pass from Meidel on Lancaster's 20. Upon being tackled at the 10, he lateraled the ball to "Vince", who carried it over. Lancaster scored their only tally in the final period, to give the Orange and Black another victory '- 18-7. First row: Dick Crawford, Bob Wiley, Jerry Scuhll, Howard Jones, Cy Young, Gary Wratten, Dick Cook, Edgar Hulse, Jim Arth. Second row: Dick Ferrick, Bill Stillinger, Marty Meidel, George Ramsey, Herb Vincent, Jerrly Thuman, Bruce Quinby. T O W E R '50 soccER VARSITY First row: Si Manspeaker, Dick Schake, Don Stewart, Bob Conn, Dick Haenggi, Bob Monroe, Elmer Man- speaker. Second row: Ronnie Allen, Fred Fischer, Bob Up until the fall of 1949, Amherst just wasn't able to turn out a championship soccer squad. Soccer seemed to be a sport in which we held our own each year, but just could not develop a team with that hidden power that wins trophies. Mr. Wratten and his boys brought an end to this by winning the Northern Erie County League in '49, and then- bouncing right back and copping top honors in 1950. Their record of seven wins, two losses, and one tie rewarded them with the league trophy and also, the Section V1 Trophy, which Schneegold, Roy Fowler, Herb Darling, Frank Alexander, John Orth, Ed Dewey. Third row: Mr. Wratten, Coach, Harry Hain, Al Taylor, Chuck Gates, Bob Gird, Paul Wehrle, Bill Baer, Tom Gibson, Gary Williams. is now in permanent possession of A.C.H.S. The booters scored 42 points for the season to their opponent's 24. Elmer Manspeaker kicked ten points through the goal posts to lead the squad in individual scoring. Roy Fowler and Don Stew art split sixteen points, while Dick Haenggi and Cy Manspeaker tallied four apiece. Bob Conn Dick Schake, Ronald Allen and Al Taylor, each scored one field goal. Total- 19 field goals and 4 Penalty goals. SCORES Amherst 9 Amherst 4 Amherst 6 ' Amherst O Amherst 2 Amherst 7 Amherst 6 Amherst 1 Amherst 4 Amherst 3 E Orchard Park 1 North Collins 4 4 Woodlawn Holland 5 Gowanda 0 Orchard Park 4 North Collins 1 Woodlawn 2 Holland 3 Gowanda 0 24 65 TOWER 1. V. FOOTB LL SCORES Amherst 6 7 Nichols Amherst 6 6 Pine Hill Amherst 7 13 Lancaster Amherst 14 6 Hamburg Amherst 13 0 Depew Amherst 6 0 Medina 1. V. soccER The J. V. Soccer squad, coached by Mr. Robert Parr, had a decidedly good season, despite the fact that they were held scoreless until the fourth pulled themselves three and tie two, ond in the league. by their opponents game. The team together to win placing them sec- Many of the outa standing players on next year's varsity will be graduates of this fighting junior varsity squad. The captain of the team was Dick Ursitti. 'P n W 11 I2 First row: Richard Earl, Paul Zinner, Richard Starr, William Noeltner, Donald Boudinot, George Guenther, Robert Rogers, Arthur Klein. Second row: Don Davis, Kent Bergman, Robert Rozek, Jim McDonald, Richard Giolando, Richard Lexer, Dick Leighbody, Roger Kinchela, Robert Galvin, Dick Ramsey. Third row: Francis Dulczewski, William Galvin, Paul Dahmer, Robert 'Manske, Paul Hooven, Mr. Schaeffer, Leo Barnes, Charles Mc- Nurny, Tom Schupe, Carl Seidel, William Wright. The Junior Varsity Football Team, coached by Mr. Jake Schaefer, ex- hibited some fine playing in 1950, as they won three, lost two, and tied one. Many stars were among the J. V. ranks, such as: Don Boudinot, Jim Gibson, Kent Bergman, Dick Leighbody, Paul Dahmer, Dick Lexer, Ed Stillwell, and Bob Galvin. The Varsity Squad is sure to go places this coming fall with the excellent assistance of the J. V. squad., Firxt row: Jerry Healy, Donald Kern, Richard Ursitti, Roger Nicholson, James Wratten. Second row: Russel Hatter, James Martin, Donald Bouley, Gary Runckel, Donald Weyner, Paul Santmier. Third row: Coach Robert Parr, William Roberts, Paul Holmes, Charles Croco, Jack Bissel, Robert Hart, Wally Miller, Donald Dean. Fourth row: James Stevens, Donald Getzman, Frank Parsons, Nal Ledger, Jack Bery. 66 6 .00 C3953 CROSS COUNTRY The Amherst harriers had another of their successful seasons in 1950. Despite the loss of such athletes as Bruce Aiken, Ted Weatherbee and Don Deichman, the hard running squad won five contests, tied one and came in second in the Oakfield High School Invitational Run. Captain Jack Davis, Jack Foley, and Everett Boyce took first place honors in many of the vcontests, while newcomers Tyler Lewis and Walt Manske supplied some brilliant running for the squad. Bruce Aiken, senior speedster who was too old to run in the high school meets, set a record in college and open-class running which will be re- membered by Amherst's cross country fans. At the second annual Barker Fair Run, Bruce won the A.A.U. col- Day lege event. He then went on to cap- ture the Niagara District A.A.U. title, and Day then placed first in the Turkey Y.M.C.A. Run. The Tigers found their most com- petent opponent in Olean. This squad nosed Amherst out by one point to win the big Oaktield Run and also sf? First row: Jack Foley, Jack Davis, Everett Boyce, lValter Manske, Tyler Lewis. Second row: Mr. Munson, Advisor, Don Rice, Bill Skinner, Norb Beyer, Bob Lansdowne. SQUAD - First row: Don Worth, Paul Marohn, Bruce Aiken, Bruce Wells Don Juron, Roger Krick. Second row: George Kelly, John Laughland, Barry Allis, Jerry Bellman, Dick Deichman, Steve Staggs, Fran Worth, Mr Munson, Coach. Third row: Ron Goehle, Bob Miller, Dave Dickens, Bill Gardner, Don Arnold, Dan Maurer, Ken Van Mechelcn, Manager. ran a 29 to 29' tie with the Amherst squad. We came back to beat them by one point in a school run and then trimmed them by 14 points in the Sectional Run at Gowanda. The squad did an excellent job in the state meet by coming in fifth. Next year's team will be sparked by the following returning varsity letter winners: Jack Foley, Everett Boyce, Tyler Lewis, Walt Manske, Don Rice, Norb Beyer, Bruce Wells, Don Worth, and Bill Skinner. 67 1950 Scores Amherst 27 Brighton 31 Amherst 29 Olean 29 Amherst 27 Olean 28 Amherst 20 Silver Creek 35 Second Barker Fair Day Run Amherst 44 Opponents 88-290 Oakfield High School Invitational Run Amherst 55 Olcan 54 Opponents 89-212 Section 6 Championships fClass AA and Al Amherst 31 Opponents 45-149 rnfxuv-.-. SWIMMING The Varsity Mermen did not have a successful season as far as the wins and losses column goes, however, the team did turn out some fine work in developing future stars. Out of their twelve meet season, the Tigers won only three contests, Lockport fell once before us and LaSalle dropped both meets to the Orange and Black. The closest match of the season was a 34-32 loss dealt to us by the Lock City mermen in the two teams' second meeting. No records were broken by the 1950-51 squad, however, the team sparked by sophomore mermen came within a hair of smash- ing some of the records set by their' predecessors. Six sophomores ranked among the top nine point-scorers. Brian Male, sophomore who swam the 40 yard free-style, tallied 42 points, while Gerry Wallens, senior diver, scored 39. Ray Schindler, one of the top f .aces - First row: Hugh Miller, jim Bruso, Don Hegg, Paul Santmire, Bob Manske, Don Davis. Second row: Gerry Wallens, Ray Schlindler, Brian Male, Jack Armstrong, Karl Seidl, Dan Schubert CManagerj, Mr. Tierney fCoachj . divers in the league, injured his knee in the middle of the season and was unable to continue. Ray had collected 26 points for his first six meets. Mr. Tierney, capable' coach of the swimming team, is-looking forward to championship honors in the next two years. Only two of his squad's best swimmers, Gerry Wallens and Jim Bruso, will be leaving, while Ray Schindler, Brian Male, Paul Santmire and Hugh Miller will be back, along with the rest of the varsity star sophomores. 68 INIAY U 'D INDIVIDUAL SCORERS Male-40 yard free-style--42 Wallens-diving-39 Santmire-backstroke-36 Bruso-100 and 2 20 yard free-style-31 Miller-100 free-style-31 Seidel-100 and 220 yard free-style- 24 Davis- 1 00 yard breaststroke-2 1 Manske,W.-100 yard breaststroke- 2 1 Armstrong+-40 yard free-style--16 Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst ' Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst ,M ,,, .., W- -- ff-,am-M ...sqm -.11.w1-www--pf-..wv's!s1ggvrs-w-4fw-afvwvfr-q- M --if W " 'WS MEET SCORES 53 North Tonawanda 44 Kenmore 45 Niagara Falls 23 Lockport 49 Tonawanda 8 LaSalle 56 North Tonawanda 55 Kenmore ' 52 Tonawanda- 54 Niagara Falls 34 Lockport 17 LaSalle l .V. SWIMMING The Junior Varsity Swimming Squad was composed of only a dozen boys, and because of this, they did not have enough men for a complete meet. Mr. Tierney developed some up-and- coming stars, however. They should provide' the varsity mermen with some real aquatic power next year. These J. V. stars are: Dick Murray-backstroke Bob Manske-backstroke Paul Collins-freestyle Dick Boa-freestyle Hank Sperry-freestyle Art Klein-freestyle 200 yd. First row: Bill Nicholson, Bob Hohlstein, Harry Hanes, Paul Collins, Richard Murray. Second row: Richard Boa, Robert Manski, Hank Sperry, Bob Bruso Robert Klein. TOWER RESTLING The Bowling Team, under the new direc- tion of Mr. Walter Newman, did not have an outstanding season, but had a very eventful year. The varsity squad finished in fourth place with a record of 21 wins and 15 losses. The squad proved to be the only team capable of winning points from first-place Hamburg. Dave Hunkins, Ted Scribner, Add Smith and Wayne Weber exhibited excellent bowling for the team, while Bill Little, Chuck Smith, Ron Halt, and Art Alberts did good jobs, also. Hunkins rolled a record high of 232 in the first game of the season in which the Tigers quintet piled up a commendable 860 total for a victory over Hamburg. Thirty boys, approximately, rolled on intra- mural teams at the Amherst Community Church slides, and the members of the winning team received medals for their achievements. BOWLING SCORES 1 2 Amherst Hamburg Amherst O 3 Orchard Park Amherst 1 2 Lancaster Amherst 2 1 West Seneca Amherst 3 0 Angola Amherst 3 0 Clarence Amherst 2 l Hamburg Amherst 2 1 Orchard Park Amherst 0 3 Lancaster Amherst 3 0 West Seneca Amherst 3 O Angola Amherst 1 2 Clarence First row: Ronald Halt, Bill Little. Second row: Dave Hunkins, Ted Scribner, Addison Smith, Wayne Weber, Chuck Smith, Mr. Newman, coach. Not pictured: Robert Smith. '1"rN1A7t"D First row: Donald Worth, George Barans, Ron- ald Schoenle, Jack Bissel. Second row: Carlton Hughes, James Whiteman, John Peck, Nicholas Basil, Francis Worth. Third row: Mr. Gelsinger, Bruce Quinby, Robert Graham, Frank Parsons, Ted Springstead, Thomas Peters, Arnold Arm- strong, Paul Dahmer. Amherst added another varsity sport to her athletic program this year. Under the direction of Mr. Gelsinger, the team entered into a five- man league and emerged with a record of 2 wins and 5 losses. As is the Amherst custom in all the extra- curricular activities, much enthusiasm was thrown into wrestling, and eighteen boys did a fine job of representing our alma mater. The wrestlers' weights were so distributed that every weight class was filled by an Amherst entry. Fran and Don Worth, the junior class's star mat-twins piled up point totals of 23 points, apiece, Bill Stillinger headed the 154 pound class with 26 points to his record, while Bob Graham won 16 points in the 165 pound divi- sion and Elliot Springstead collected 14 mark- ers to lead the heavyweights. Jim Wightman, 130 pound junior, also, won 18 points. Jack Bissell, Carlton Hughes, Ron Schoenle and Bruce Quinby showed excellent knowledge and skill of wrestling, also. Since the squad is losing only two members of the team this year, Mr. Gelsinger is looking forward to a championship season in 1950 WRESTLING SCORES Amherst Attica Amherst Depew Amherst Oakfield Amherst Attica Amherst Orchard Park Amherst Depew Amherst Orchard Park BOWLING '50-51 BASKETBALL Dick Hawks, Jim Arth, Bob Marquart, Bob Hettler, Coach. After last year's squad missed the league cham- pionship in a playoff game with Hamburg, the 50-51 cagers were determined to complete their season without any question of being champion. The inspired Tigers raced through the first fif- teen of their eighteen game season without a loss 5 smashing every record in sight. Not until our sec- ond meeting with rival Billsville did the Orange and Black taste defeat, and then they Hnished their league encounters with two more victories. George Ramsey, six-foot five-inch center, estab- lished a new scoring record for the Northern Erie County League by dropping in 302 markers in VARSITY sixteen league games for an all-high average of 18.9 points. Roy Fowler, junior sensation, tallied 268 points for a 16.75 average, while Captain Marty Meidel averaged 13 points a game. Play- maker Al Weigel averaged 6 markers per game, while Cy Young and Dick Hawks averaged 4.2 and 4.5 respectively. Roy Fowler, Cy Young, Bob Mar- quart, and Dick Hawks did a superb job at for- ward positions, while Ramsey held the spotlight at center. Chuck McNerney, up and coming sopho- more, showed brilliant possibilities as substitute center, and Meidel and Weigel guarded the Am- herst nets with professional ability. Cliff Baum, First row: Clifford Baum, Richard Hawks, Martin Meidel, Edward Stillwell, Robert Marquart. Second row: John Sanford-Manager, Clarence Young, james Arth, Al Weigel, George Ramsey, Charles McNeiney, Ronald Evans, Roy Fowler, Mr. Hettler-Coach. TOWE TOWER GEORGE RAMSEY Frm -4-44V - -4Qi-4- CY YOUNG Jim Arth and sophomore Ed Stillwell, made able substitutes at guard. The team averaged 68.37 points per game fan- other reeordj, and was the first squad, ever to pass the one thousand mark during a 16 game season. They piled up 1094 points to their opponents' 762. The champs became the first squad to top the century-mark in the NECL, when they trounced the East Aurora quintet, 101-39. The team's scor- ing triplets, Ramsey, Fowler, and Meidel opened the record book again, when they scored 24, 20, and 20 points, respectively, in the second meeting with Lancaster. They were the first three boys to tally 20 or more points in the same game. The Tigers had their closest game of the season in their final battle. Host Hamburg was leading 58-57 with three seconds to go in the game. Speedy Roy Fowler raced in for a lay-up and was fouled. He went to sink both four shots and Hamburg at the same time. Six men will leave the halls of Amherst Central this year, but despite the very important part they played in making this year's team so successful, we still expect to have a top-notch team next season. Fowler and Weigel will return, along with Still- well, McNerney, Baum, Goerger and Evans. The Jayvee stars - Dick Besser, Kent Bergman, Leo Barnes, Roger Nicholson, Si Manspeaker, and Dick Leighbody will supply more championship material. The league champs played Niagara Falls, the champions of the Niagara Frontier League, at thc University of Buffalo court on March 12th. The jump from A to AA competition proved too much for the Tigers, and despite our brilliant playing C4021 of Amherst's shots went through the hoopsj the Redmen piled up a 92-65 victory. Roy Fowler paced ACHS with 24 markers. VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES Amherst 69 29 East Aurora Amherst 101 39 East Aurora Amherst 71 40 Depew Amherst 72 40 Depew Amherst 57 52 Pine Hill Amherst 70 44 Pine Hill Amherst 62 51 Medina Amherst 77 49 Williamsville Amherst 50 41 Akron Amherst 66 49 Medina Amherst 80 33 Clarence Amherst 72 51 Akron Amherst 72 66 Lancaster Amherst 43 63 Williamsville Amherst 63 47 Clarence Amherst 79 66 Lancaster Amherst 59 44 Hamburg Amherst 59 58 Hamburg Section VI Class AA Play-off Niagara Falls 92 Amherst 65 AL WIEGEL MARTY MIEDEL ROY FOWLER TOWER N ICR VARSITY Coach Wratten's V. squad had one of their most thrilling seasons in the history of Amherst in '50-'51. Although the team's record was 7 wins and 11 losses, fourteen of their eighteen games had margins of nine points or less. Eight of the 11 defeats were among this group, so it shows that the team had some hard luck and really fought to win. Dick Besser, freshman center, paced the future-varsity boys with 159 points for an 8.8 per game average. Kent Bergman, speedy sophomore, tallied 154 markers for an 8.5 average, while Roger Nicholson averaged 5.9 with 101 F int row: Kent Bergman, Dick Besser, Cy Man- speaker, Roger Nicholson, Leo Barnes. Second row: Mr. lNratten--Coach, Bill Noeltner, Dick Ramsey, Dick Leighbody, Bill Galvin, Dick Starr, Ted Nichols-Manager. Third row: Herb Seiler, Jim Gibson, Marvin Kanton, Paul Zinter, J im Wratten. J. V. BASKETBALL SCORES Amherst 26 33 East Aurora Amherst 27 42 Depew Amherst 45 48 Pine Hill Amherst 30 31 Medina Amherst 39 38 Akron Amherst 58 30 Clarence Amherst 52 48 Lancaster Amherst 60 56 Clarence Amherst 46 47 Hamburg Amherst 58 57 East Aurora Amherst 40 53 Depew Amherst 36 41 Pine Hill Amherst 37 40 Williamsville Amherst 49 62 Medina, Amherst 42 38 Akron Amherst 41 38 Williamsville Amherst 42 48 Lancaster Amherst 25 36 Hamburg IUNIUR HIGH TOWER points. Leo Barnes was averaging 11.2 for his first 10 games when he broke his ankle and was unable to play for the remainder of the season. Si Manspeaker, jim Gib- son, Dick Leighboy, and Jim Wratten also exhibited fine play- ing. First row: Richard Deichman, Dick Littlefield, Leslie Anderson, Gary Runkel, Mike Graver, George Genther, Bob Ferry. Second row: Mr. Schaefer- Coaeh, Paul Schonewolf, Ronald Schutt, Bob Geyer, Peter Tenbrock, Archie Dean, Gary Smith, David Reiller--Manager. Third fow: Ed Lyons, George Kelly, Bill Schwable, Frank Harlem, Bill Wright, Paul Smiltzer. 74 RIFLE CLUB First row: Florence Henderson, Martha Taugher, Preston Nefl, Mr. Petersen, Bob Vannier, Earl Pearson, Bob Miller. Second row: Chuck Davis, Frank Lombardo, Rudy Bersani, Diana Rogger, Herb Rapp, Ted Maratta, Foster McAllister. Third row: Bob Youngblood, Gilbert Elden, Under the expert leadership of Mr. Elton Petersen, the Senior High Rifle Club began a rugged period of train- ing with hopes of rising to the top of the Niagara Fron- tier Rifle League. Matches were fired with Kenmore, Lancaster, Orchard Park, North End, and Navaho. The team also partici- pated in N. R. A. postal matches and the Army course of fire. Members of this year's club also fired for N. R. A. qualifications ranging from Pro-marksman to Distin- guished Rifleman. This year Preston Neff added his name to that of james Brunn who was the only previous win- ner from Amherst to obtain the rank of Distinguished Rifleman. SCORES Amherst 1201 U. B. Freshman team 1055 Amherst 1264 Kenmore 976 Amherst 1219 Cayuga 1235 Amherst 1214 Navahoe 849 Amherst 1260 North End 1329 Amherst 1216 Orchard Park 1102 Richard Hyde, Jerry Healy, Richy fMeese, Jim King. Fourth row: Jim Baldwin, Al Schintzius, David Baer, John Hamilton, Bill Tozier. Fifth row: Dick Lumsden, Dick Lexer, Gary Wratten, Dick Osborne. Sixth row: Herb Darling, Russ Bardon, Dick Crawford, Ron Het- tich, Don King. Not pictured: Robert Smith. FIVE HIGHEST SHOOTERS Donald King-1558 Gary Wratten-14-28 Russell Bardin-1423 Richard Crawford-1215 James King-1128 Xxx f C - Q gt ' 'Xi 2 TOWER GIRLS' SPORT COUNCIL First row: Phyllis Hurd, Virginia Pillow, Shirley Behrens, Nan Hart, jane Poland, Nan Beard, Claire Dyckman, Jean Wiley. Second row: Joan Suedmeyer, Barbara Bru- stad, Barbara Fritts, Georgia Demopoulos, Sue Klepin- TOWER ger, Lois Stein, Nancy Conn, Shirley Perrotta, Joanne Miller, Marg Smith, Shirley Dubois. Third row: Gail Pennoyer, Sally Henry, Angela Young, Joyce Scibert, Jeanette Branston, Pat Randall, Sue Dealy, Christine Gillies, Angline Page, Dianne Sawyer, Janet Miller. The Girls' Sport Council is composed of two representatives from each girls' homeroom in the senior high. These representatives are responsible for keeping the sports attendance record for each member of their homeroom. At the end of the year the points are compiled and letters are given to the girls who have earned the required amount. The letters are presented at the Annual Banquet. This year the business management of the annual "Water Follies" was handled entirely by the Sport Council. Each year the profits of this event constitute the Alice Buerger Memorial Scholarship Fund. Also for the first time this year all of the girls' interscholastic games were scheduled by the Sport Council. In addition, several schools were invited to participate in a "Play Day" at Amherst. At this event the schools competed in various sports, as basketball, badminton, and swimming. 76 '50 SOCCER Soccer teams, coached by "Teach" tests. In these four games the Amherst teams scored a total of 14 points, while holding their opponents to a scant 4! Both teams were composed entirely of seniors. The opening game was played on Oct. 17, when two Seminary teams invaded our field. The first was nip and tuck for kick and duckl until the final minute, when a member of the opposing team broke through the Amherst defense to score their only goal of'the day. In the second contest Captain Marge Kirk led her team to the Amherst victory of the afternoon. This was a very bruising battle with Tinker Edwards scoring early in the second quarter. As the final whistle blew the Amherst girls were found victorious by the slight margin of 2-O. First row: Sally Bellinger, Jeanne O'Connor, Lucy Harrison, Marge Kirk, Esther- Chapski, Shirley Meyers. Second row: Pat Nielsen, Jane Poland, Marge Ziebarth, Mrs. Husband, Sally Baumgartner, Joan Slaven, Sarah Jo Walker. Third row: Joan Sued- meyer, Tinker Edwards, Doady Siegel, Pat Jordan, Nan Gravener, Joan Burke. '50 HOCKEY I 3 RUM. 9' A xp? 4 The old saying "All's well that ends well" seems to apply to our Girls' Hockey team who,- after a slow start, came -along rapidly to win the final game of the season with North Tona- wanda. Since most of the girls are now Sophomoies and Juniors, next yearls team ought to offer some pretty stiff opposition. First row: Marg Smith, Joan Suedmeyed. Second row: Shirley Behrens, Lee McBride, Jean Wiley, Barbara Brustad, Ellen Brunner, Joan Palmer, Janet Miller, Pat Jacobs. Third row: Barbara Fritz, Pat Caldwell, Sarah Jo Walker, Judy Drake, Nancy Beard Ann Hershiser, Sandra Lindberg, Carol Mae Brown, ,Phyllis Whithed, Chris Gillies, Miss Ackley, Advisor. Fourth row: Sandra Swartzed, Jeannette Cave, Esther Win- field, Eileen Kunold, Marilyn Meyers, Vivian Judge, Donna Wink, Shirley DuBois 77 TOWER A special salute is due our Girls' Y for winning three of their four con- GIRLS' SOCCER QCon't.j GIRLS' HOCKEY On Oct. 25, Amherst welcomed two lively teams from Kenmore. These games were more exciting because of the higher scores. In the first battle Donna Reckseen and Shirley Meyer both scored in the first quarter. Ann Barber "put the game on ice" by add- ing a two pointer in the final period. As Kenmore was unable to break through the Amherst defense, the final count stood Amherst 6, Ken- more 0. In the second game Joan Burke began the parade of goals by scoring in the first half. This was followed by two goals in the last half by Marge Ziebarth. In the final mo- ments the visitors scored to spoil the chance of a shut-out. The goalies, Nancy Horton and Julia Hutchinson, deserve a great deal of credit for their excellent de- fense of the goals. The opening game was played on October 17th, when Buffalo Seminary brought two experienced teams to our fields. In the first contest the oppos- ing team was held to a draw until the third period when the only field goal was scored. After a long uphill struggle, Amherst finally succumbed to a 1-O defeat. In the second game the Seminary girls scored two goals in rapid succession in the first periodg the home team never overcame this lead. Both of these hard-fought games were examples of good fun and sports- manship. On November lst the two hockey teams defeated North Tonawanda. Ellen Brunner scored a field goal in 3 the early moments of the game, and ' Barbara Brustad earned another point for her team in the second half. This wound up the season for the girls with a win of 2-0. m f SWIMMING First row: Donna Wink, Christine Filipowicz, Christine Gillies, Joanne Benson, Jane Poland, Mrs. Husband, Marge Kirk, Anne Hershiser, Shirley Meyer, Nancy Conn. Second row: Barbara Fritz, Kathryn Walker, Judy Walker, Joan Lendrim, Nancy Beard, Wilma Blake, Phyllis Tozier, Jacque- line Blake, Pat Jacobs, Marcia Meidel, Phyllis Hurd. Third row: Beverly Clark, Barbara Brustad, Barbara Brown, Lynn Johnson, Ginger Perrin, Arlyne Woods, Lucille Harrison, Sally Bellinger, Kathleen Walsh. Two Amherst girls' basketball teams travelled to Park School January 19th to challenge the Park girls. The first game started rather slowly with the primary half ending 3 to 2 in favor of the home team. In the last half the Amherst girls found the range and out-scored their opponents 16 to 13. This made the total 18 to 16 in favor of Amherst. Jackie Blake, a sophomore, scored 9 points, and Joan Slaven made all but one of the remaining points for Amherst. In the next game the other Am- herst team battled the second Park School team to 36-36 tie. This was a fast, high scoring game with plenty of action. On March 9th the Amherst girls played Kenmore and lost a close game after leading 16 to 3 in the first quarter. At the half the score stood 24 to 19 in favor of Amherst. However, as the final whistle blew, the count was re- versed in favor of Kenmore 33 to 32. First rouy: Jane Poland, Ginny Pillow, Eileen Higgins, Peggy Higgins, Joan Slaven, Carol Rich, Marcia Meidel, Judy Jensen. Second row: Joan Petrunick, Nan Hart, Phyl Tozier, Ann Lucker, Sis Craney, Mary Lou Olson, Jacqueline Blake, Priscilla Moore, Joanne Benson, Angela Young. Third row: Donna Reckseen, Nan O'Connor, Pat Nielsen, Nan Gravener, Joanne Miller, Mildred Wick- ham, Beverly Clark. GIRLS' BASKETBALL First row: June Henning, Eileen Higgins, Jane Poland, Peggy Higgins. Second row: Kay Backman, Virginia Judge, Donna Stage, Sarah Jo Walker, Marge Biddleeomb, Audrey Vaudelle, Shirley Simons, Marilyn Hopkins. Third row: Joan Suedmeyer, Sally Lund, Eileen Kunold, Marge'Smith, Alice Youngblood, Marlene Werner, Miss Ackley, Coach. 79 TOWER TOWER NIN TH ANNUAL WATER FOLLIES APRIL 20 8a 21, 27 81 28 For the first time in the history of the "Water Follies" the Junior and Senior High have been split into separate themes. The Junior High division was given April 20th and 2lst. April 27th and 28th tht Senior High added their show to the aquacade. Mrs. Hus- band and Miss Ackley, the direc- tors of the productions, turned out two very entertaining shows. PROGRAM Announcer Dorothy Scott junior High Seasons 7th Grade Fall 9th Grade VV inter 8th Grade Spring Finale Summer 10 best and diving Senior High Toy Shop 10th Grade Trains 11th Grade Soldiers 12th Grade Dolls 10 best and diving 12: y YY! if Nr QY I f T T 3 'WEEK X an' 1? J? uf 'Q if ,Sf i5 4 if , K-QE Q K? A 3.x Q , S ,jjgyg 5 5 Q- - hx "xx 3 as 1 , W , , , , . JM. 1s Nw S L ' x k ' Q -x , V QE 1 .5, my . W , A a' A 4 Agw sm' K fs? -ww.ii55X Q 'N X i S N CHEERLEADERS "DOC" PANKOW Fint row: Sally Lund, Betty Lou Wullen, Marilyn La Page. Second row: Barbara Brustad, Joan Davey, Pat VVillax, Marjorie Biddlecom. Keeping pace with our top-notch teams this past year were our outstanding cheerleaders. Their sparkling enthusiasm and determination have helped to bring our sehool victory after victory in the sportls world of western New York. The longest athletic season of the year was that of the varsity cheerleaders. Practice began the see- ond week of school and continued through the TOWER basketball season. Tryouts were then held for the cheerleaders of '52, The younger enthusiasts of Amherst were given a ehanee to participate in this field through Fresh- man and V. cheerleading. Mr. Pankow. or "Doe", is to be commended for capable direction of this vivaeious group which has promoted so much school spirit at Amherst. vga , . 6 75 . 395 i.gnx ,f, N , W' . ,ip fr it +V-av .., ,QI fx if ' Q-KJ GX L MAIORETTES This year we have seen the Amherst High Twirl- ers at all of the home football games leading the band into many intricate formations during the half. In the pre-game activities the majorettes lead the band around the track and participate in the flag-raising ceremony. Top row: Nancy Beard. Bottom row: Ginger Perrin, Shirley Behrens, Anne Hershiser, Lee McBride, Joy Voll- bracht. This year four of the girls are newcomers to this group. They were selected last year by a process of tryouts and eliminations. The majorettes have not only appeared at the football games, but have performed in the band assembly and at a band concert in March of this year. The girls hold practices and are kept busy de- signing new twirling and marching routines. They will appear in the music festival and are hoping to hold the one-rating which they have received in previous years. TOWER MUSIC ORCHESTRA The principal purposes of this organization are to create young instrumcntalists and present them in con- certs for the pleasure of the student body and the community. The curtain rose for their first performance when they appeared in assembly on the 8th of December. In the annual concert this year, the Junior Orchestra was also featured on the program with the Senior Orchestra and presented a most enjoyable evening. Many members participated in festivals held in nearby communities and the Spring Festival held at Hamburg. Everyone will always remember the outstanding -ac- companiment they provided for the Mikado. Under the leadership of Mr. Kaza, many enjoyable parties were held. The officers for the year were: Joan Petrunick, Presi- dent, Robert Hughes, Vice-President: Jean Brydon, Sec- retary, Lynne Lawson and Richard Deichman, Librarians. BAND During the Spring, the biggest disturbance was the construction of the new music building. However it was sweet sounding to everyone in the music department. The drama was about to become a reality. In fact, it inspired the band to practice more diligently. They made a formal public appearance on March 2nd, Everyone enioyed their formations and the peppy music they provided at the football games. They played for the Westinghouse Family Day and for all of our assemblies. The main aims of the band are to develop musician- ship, provide music for any occasion, and to promote good band music. This was accomplished under the di- rection of Mr. Alfred Castle. Richard Crawford was President, Bob Wiley, Vice-President, Karen Clevinger, Treasurer, and Jane MacLachlan, Librarian. CHORAL DEPARTMENT We wish to congratulate Mr. Reitz on his excellent direction of the Mikado. The choral department made this an outstanding event through their cooperation and enthusiasm. The Mikado shall never die in the hearts of Amherst students. Previous to this appearance, the choir sang for the teachers at the Erie County Teachers Association Convention. In November they gave their first public concert and had Geoffrey O'Hara as their guest artist. In the spring both chorus and choir partici- pated in the Music Festival, and received excellent rat- ings. The President is Nan Hart, Business Manager, John Orthg and Librarian, Dorothy Maratta. Amherst is very proud of her music organizations, and this year has been a truly memorable one for them. Any graduate of Amherst Central will always recall the spirited attitude of the music department which was attained through the untiring effort of our teachers and musicians. SENIOR BAND Majoretter: Anne Hersheiser, Lee McBride, Ginger Per- rin, Joy Volbracht, Shirley Behrens, Nancy Beard. First row: Carol Keating, Marilyn Meyers, Bob Hughes, Lois Petrunick, Janet Swift, Bill Wittig. Second row: Dick Crawford, President, Bob Wiley, Vice-President, Nancy Horton, Don Stewart, Betty Ogleby, John HOH- man, Tom Osborne, Roger Shaw, Lynne Lawson, Dale l TOWER Henson, Beverly Behringer, Martha Cronk, Bill Siebert, John Heintz, Don Schubert. Third row: Bob Bird, Mary Lou Dickens, Bob Miller, Shirley Striebich, Ted Shamp, Dave Reiller, Ronald Armstrong, Bob Mitchell, Peter Witt, john Lochte, Edna Gilkey, Jack Armstrong, George Beck, Bill Elliott, Margaret Smith, Paul Dahmer, Bruce Ziegler, Ed Gibeau, Barry Allis, Carl Seidel, Paul Sant- mire, Dorothy Scott. Fourth row: Karin Klevinger, Gail Perroyer, Michael Vanhof, Marilyn Griffen, Dorothy Wagner, Stewart Cummings, Peggy Peterson, Ernie Gar- dow, Alan Dunbar, Lauris Willert, Phillip Neider, Jean Wiley, Emil Lojacano, Joanne Thompson. SENIOR ORCHESTR Center: Mr. Kaza, Director. First row: Joan Petrunick, President: Jim Baldwin, Phyllis Hurd, John Laughlin, Jack Sanford, Lois Petrunick, Janet Swift, Bill Wittig, Elizabeth Brenner, Mary Lou Olson, Phyllis Whithead Roger Shaw. Second row: Betty Bowman, Jean Ogden, Janet Miller, Elmer Haas, Marie Kahapka, Jean Brydon, EN SEMBLES DANCE BAND Treasurer, Barbara VanLunger, Arlene Landerville. Third row: Belinda Johnson, Dick Crawford, Rosella Haberer, Don Stewart, Nancy Horton, Bob Wiley, Carol Keating, Bob Hughes, Vice-President: Bob Bird, Dan Schubert, Richard Deichman, Sally Krull, Pat Radley, John Heintz. Fourth row: Donna Reckseen, Jack Bissell, Stewart Cummings, Marg Smith, Bill Elliott, Paul Dah- mer, George Beck, Joanne Thompson, Emil Lojacano, Jean Wiley, John Hoffman, Lynne Lawson, Eleanor Shisler, Jane Wooster. WIND ENSEMBLE First row: Don Stewart, Bob Wiley, Bob Bird, Dan Schubert, Dale Henson. Second row: Mr. Babbitt, Director, Jean Wiley, Emil Lojacono, George Paul Dahmer, Bill Elliot, art Cummings, Sarah Jo er, Roger Shaw, Linda man, Marjeanne Jensen, Hart, Ann Lucker, John man. Beck, Stew- Walk- Free- Nan Hoff- WOODWIND ENSEMBLE Robert Hughes, Richard Crawford John Hoffman. K -s HL5 XL leg? I Bill Wittig, Richard Crawford, Robert Hughes. 85 WO Z 'KK " PE? f 'gi A--:,.p 1 ,.' A N511 lr W.. T O W E R 1 JU 1011 BAN First row: Robert Geyer, Benny Elliott, Bill Daniels, Norma Kirchner, Gordon Fricke, David Wendt, Carol Snider, Doris Willert, Carl Henson. Second row: Betty Rozak, Dick Chappel, Jack Sorenson, Barbara Clark, David Batson, Dale Henson, Mary Lou Peters, Norman Potter, John Schreiber, Spencer Cleveland, Henry Hueber, Stephen Lieber, Bill Farner, Roger Kobee. Third row: Phil Kuhn, Patsy Theycr, Daxm Miller, Sue Critoph, Ray Johnson, Jim Stangle, Carol Gilke, Douglas Vol- genau, Peter Schmitt, Ned Schule, Peter Tenbrocck, Bob Lindberg, Gail Olson, Peter Welker, Dan Ford, David Cramers, Paul Newcom, Frank Puffer, Earl Nagle, Dick Holstein, Marilyn Roe, Jan Leestma, Chris Lawson. Fourth row: Marilyn Griflin, Dale Minard, Bill Martin, Bob Peinkofer, Ronald Smith, Gary Maybee, Jack Mc- Kee, David Earl. IOR ORCHESTRA Center: Mr. Kaza, Director. First row: Leeanne Jensen, James Denny, Judy Larwood, Dawn Koch, Carol Snider, Lauris Willert, Carol Hensen, Joanne Clewis, Jane Bell- inger, Audrey Hurd, Doris Ann Dickerson. Second row: Elizabeth Blount, Franklyn Knox, Elizabeth Snyder, Bar- bara Harvey, Patricia Zimdahl, Doreen Wood, Judy Schregel, Sue VanLunger. Third row: Denny Galvin, Kenneth Jahraus, Martha Radley, Myrle Carter, Robert Geyer, Arno Wittig, Spencer Cleveland, William Farner, Gordon Fricke, David Wendt, Carol Sanders, Elizabeth Doran, Arlene Landreville. Fourth row: Marilyn Grif- fin, Dan McMullen, Bill Martin, Donald Volgenau, Peter Welker, David Kramer, Mary Lou Peters, Norman Potter, John Schreiber, Dorothy Clifford, Audrey Miller, Sarah Hart. TOWER MIXED CHCIR Firit row: Sue Harvey, Susan Teale, Julia Hutchinson Martha Taugher, Nancy Horton, Ruth Osborne, Mrl Reitz, Mona Cantor, Dorothy Maratta, Sandra Swartzel Pat Jacobs, Linda Freeman, Nan Gravener. Second row., Bev. Roach, Joan Davey, Nancy Casto, Eileen Zimmer- man, Judy Diebold, Margaret Atkins, Florence Hender- son, Beverly Behringer, Lois Schmidt, Ann Lucker, Sis Craney, Maruieanne Jensen, Judy Drake, Nan Hart, Suzanne Schultz, Pat Nielsen, Dwan Stettenbentz, Sally McCarthy, Margaret Williams. Third row: John Orth, Dick Cook, Howie Jones, Bill Bush, George Hurd, Dave Dickens, Norman Smith, Dave Southwick, Pat Finleon, James Andrews, Ed Reinagle, Warren Troust, Bill Skinner. l IXED CHORUS Firxt row: Joan Goliber, Helene Shonely, Shirley Warner, Judy Oelheim, Gail Roach, Pat Sebring, Mr. Reitz, Director, Audrey Winkler, Paula Neal, Ann Salisbury, Margery Burnicki, Joan Gramlich, Betty Schwender. Sec- ond row: Pat McCullough, Marilyn Greenawalt, Barbara Krummeck, Barbara Thayer, Margie Cameron, Elaine French, Alvina Klenert, Marlene Schulz, Barbara Char- ron, Nan O'Connor, Ann Barber, Angie Young, Elizabeth James, Marian Pfrender, Rachel Kozer, Janet Price, Vivian Judge, Barbara LaDuca. Third row: Julie Ber- nett, Margie Rupp, Sharon Bergmann, Carol Dietrich, Janet Banzhof, Cynthia Denney, Catherine Girvin, R0- berta Meyer, Vera Brooks, Betty Jensen, Judy Walker, Claire Dyckman, Alma Lendrim, Sylvia Turner, Marilyn Moldt, Carol Lenz, Adrienne Nauman, Dolores Tulipane. Fourth row: John Wilcox, Chuck Davis, Bill Roberts, Stephen Mitchell, Douglas Frieth, Robert Marquart, Robert Stoddard, Robert Miller, Preston Neff, Richard Meese, Ronald Guele, William Clapper, Richard Hutch- inson, Ralph Maratta. TOWE IQR H IGH GIRLS, CHORUS Benson, OXXewX Mae. Mahon 'Lnna, 'dgnove, ydevxh Psnn Xleaixng, Sara ' 'Yxeva Wood, Psdxson Otaxg, ers, Sawq Spvakne, Yan nnes, YX1 Q51 , dx a e, Unesbhg den Q xns Sne bob P-nn Sh So Psnne OXnv4xs, Xfliawkon Cxxdgn ow: Oonnxe Nia Sandra Yevw, andeX, Xlakana n Cnrw, Gan ' ndberg., Xkau K c. xn n SoXdx mice X5 IA 8 v se G Ykdbe d K4 Wavw X ' at e C Xafxa ean,Fanm1 NYAV-s, Snr, aevjkain- sands, sg, Xsha Ymndnxox, YM Weak, Yaosegnatwj 1931x0135 onne Xenxa, YXx1a'oexXx Oorkn, Xrene Yrccw4n,bAaxcfxa 'nees, vkne 'Skov-oXs.on, Oavnetkne Xeaneue Yonixns, S kcka, 4 Dkane Dnifxn, Mar- X,-ondq, Oarohjn PsXXesv34cXx. " th 1 ke, Qvnea Oavks, Sonka Xnng, X1-aven ku, Y-sw cadq, ndaXX, Sue Snian ybebskasxev, OaroX Sanders, na L ' cnet, 00:35 Omer, Xndq Kinks, Susanna Xixd , addee - SXvanXeq, Xndq Cveofge, Yak Ganas, Sne Cook, eva Lx Yves, XdeXen YAY-nXa, Psnn Sdnnson. Nov. planned. ne Yr sixne Saco 5, 51 Vlknnxngec, S1 neue, Basie V1 xx n row: ax e ef, Kean Yhaw. " Ooroxhi Dia on, Yrawbava Yan evaev. Wax knav obewa. Yffnebe neue Yam- C00 'ane OnX Seca Spenc, ' d nm. Xaoks Ydasa ,. 'x'n, Y- vz Sm Tuul: 9 e x nveen xx c e. 'cava Thu 'cava fdin eckvh ron First Yran , We . Oxexs Year cnev. Yrac Ma C1 9 much Keen. . uno, ancxs. ascxyxx 'Y 1 n acke, Lads. Q an ' f C-bus Yr x NK Mo ka XJ MGX ' Abe, X eXo'nXxn. Saw , C-atc? nge: , Mate o C B n Sdna qois, gat at Rom na Soswn, ne 'Saxann , nnor, Ywew d, Yvonne GXen Moesd, Xa Nlanreen O'Co ner, Sandia kd-an km, 4 Wdkxe I fnlll agnes Y:XeeV-- Dona Y md, Ken qknccnt 0 Yexixs, Yxn Qnos, 9-ode Davxd Begg, ns Y: Wknnes, Y-oss Baqes. 'Yam-4 xOaX4gn, 2 mn. oe ' Yfdv-laid YanX WE-wagner, YanX Sckxonewok, Ylxdnatd Grande, Third ww: Ylxchard Onhixs, Hank' Saves Y-ansch, XJQYYNI Yvenixse, Xwlakie, Sack Kress, San Kd ndnv-as, Nm Hxnv-Xeq. eXose9'n, Gad Tnngnofe. et YY-ide, BN Ymekaqnca, add, Nan Xiang, WAX Se son, Rodger emu, Ywdgcv exde. Second Xe. Nksevx Hide, ' Oaqkd DonaXd Baan, QM. Y- nXX Y-onnxe xk xson 'Yogn 'Yxkgnb BUY S GLEE CL UB kngev , Xakw ans , Qav xd Yxaket , To WER 38 HO OR SOCIETY F int row: Diane Beck, Jane MacLachlan, Joan Petrunick, Marjeanne Jensen, Mr. Lape, George Hurd, Linda Free- man, Donna Reckseen, Ruth Osborne. Second row: Doro- thy Maratta, Arlene Steger, Virginia Pillow, Joanne ,Jfwfi . PM , 9 'B Z' f we I1 1 -KX , X f Sl QR N, U l ,gf QLM 3 U .14 QXJIAN- 1 , Deisig, Phyllis Tozier, Jean Brydon, Cynthia Craney, Nan Hart, Jane Poland, Joan Thompson, Nancy Casto, Nan Gravener, Judy Diebold. Third row: Bob Conn, Howard jones, Dick Crawford, George Ramsey, Tom Kidd, Dave Dickens, Gary Wratten, John Orth. The Amherst Chapter of the National Honor Society sponsored the two annual initiation ceremonies in the assembly this year, which were followed by a reception tea for the new members, their parents, and the faculty. The National Honor Society operated the school supplynstore, sponsored a dance at the end of the January Regents' week, and participated in the National Honor Society Scholarship Program. Each year scholarships are awarded to members of the Senior class who are most outstanding in the qualifications of a National Honor Society member. These qualifications are scholarship, lead- ership, character, and service. This year four such scholarships were awarded. 89 rowian SPANISH CLUB First raw: Betty Lou Wullen, Ingrid Samzelius, Peggy Williams,, Ruth Osborne, Dorothy Maratta, Jay Beck, President, Nancy Casto, Judy Wendt, Bessie Phillips, Marilyn Hildinger, Jane Wooster. Second row: Dianna Warren Jane MacLachlan, Mary Nicolls, Donna Klumpp, Sally Gout, Barbara Kelly, Mrs. Heuser, Advisor, Pat Sovern, Mariam Pfrender. Carolyn McKnight, Pat Jacobs, Beatrice Schall, Judy Leach. The Spanish Club was formed to extend knowledge and interest in this language. It has achieved this by acquainting its members with the customs and traditions of the Spanish speaking people. The club was privileged to have as guest speaker, Mr. FRENCH CLUB h' J g B d , J P land, Cynthia Denney, Barbara Blake 17-leigh flgilch Jelgl'l:ylli?V3liith2d1F Mtarilyn Greenawalt, Carol- Ixress, Carol Rich Joanne Beusau, Joan Davey, June Breu, Sandra Lindberg, Ellen Kulgi Lois Schmidt, Nan Hart. Fourth row: Pat Finleon. Earle Peaison, Warren Troust, Herb Darling, Bill Baer, Robert Zlmdllls M01 LCCIBCT, Bill Oxley, Don Hegg. Schwarz, who presented color slides of his travels through South America and Mexico. Mrs. Heuser, the club advisor, also presented several interesting movies of her trip to Mexico. Other activities this year included a Christmas party and a dinner for the third year students. The organization elected as officers: Jay Beck, presi- dent, Nancy Casto, vice-president, Ruth Osborne, treas- urerg and Dorothy Maratta, secretary. First row: Diana Rogger, Jean Ogden, Barbara Smith, Pat Sebering, Diane Beck-Secretary, Alma Lendrim-President, Miss Emea-advisor David Dickens-Treasurer, Ann Salisbu , Jean Wiley, Marlyn VVagner, Maajorie Peters, Nancy S rry. Seann? row: Marjeanne Jenson, Pat Jar on, Margaret Atkens, Jiidy Diebold, Ruth Pellman, Lynn Johnson, oan Guliber, Dolores Skill, Ester Winfield, Joanne Conn: Rona Kramer, Gwen Hudson, Pat Buezynski, Margaret Williams, Nancy Noble. Third row: Pat Randall Joan Palmer, Lee McBride, Kathryn Girvin, Kathryn Vincent, Vivian Judge, Carol Cahill. Christine Gillis, Le Cercle Francais endeavors to encourage Franco- American goodwill as well as an appreciation for French culture, language, music, and literature. Each year the organization undertakes a project which directly aids the TOWER Barbara Miles, Judy Jensen, Barbara Van Lunger, Barbara Sturmer, Barbara Walker, Dwan Stettenbenz, Carol Brown. Fourth row: Clare Dyckman, Joan Slaven, Nancy Casto, Beverly Roach, Phyllis Hurd, Doadie Siegel, Pat Nielsen, Georgia Demopolous, Martha Taugher, Barbara hiurray, Mary Bauer Margie Rupp. .lnn Barber, Ellen Kulo. Sue Gernold. Filth row: Ed Gibeau, Jack Grizzard, Alan Dunbar. Bill Bush, Bill Tozier, James Baldwin, Robert Hughes. Daniel Ford, Chuck Davis, Donald Rice, Dick Basil, Phillip Hedges, Donald Dean, George Hurd, Bill Wittig. French people. Club meetings this year have featured guest speakers, concerts, movies, slides, and theatre par- ties. The members have been very active and have worked hard to make the ball- "Spring in Paris" and the club picnic a great success. DEUTSCHLER ERBU Fizrl row: Marxzaret Smith. lklartha Tnugher, Roger Shaw, Joan Petru- Leo Newman, John Heinty. Ronald Roth, Gary Watson liruse lkliller, nick, Dave Dickens. advisor: Mr. Wilkins. Mona Cantor Bill Elliot. Danny Schubert. Bill Little. Larry Miller, Gerald Gertis. llarrv Hain hlarlyn Wagner. Clair Brunliek. Nfartha Langly. Second rows Frank Loinhartlo, Rirhard Earl. Peter Loewer. Romer Mueller. Hedwiq Fisher. Ecla Gilkey. Mary Lou Dickens, Elizabeth Bowman, lkiarjory Peters. Charles Croco. ltiichael Van Hoi. Third you-: Billy Roberts. Allen Sehintzius. Gilbert Elden. Fotulh row: Nfalfolnl Burtwell. Donald Gertis, Preston Neff. Paul Dahmer, Ted Springstead. Karl Seirll. Norm Smith. Frank Parsons. Jimmy Anderson. Charles Sueehl. Earl Fowlston, Ed Snyder, Roger Laundy. William Seibert, Ron Snyder, Earnest Cardow. The Deutschlernerbund tries to portray the German VVith.his oflicers, Mr. lVilkins planned a full schedule customs and language through various activities. Christ- Of activities including hikes, skating parties, and partici- mas carolling, induction meetings, and folk dances were pation in the Language Festival at the University of all popular with the German Students. Buffalo. L TIN CLUB This school year marked the initiation of a Latin Club at A.C.H.S. The purpose of this club was to increase the stu- dent's knowledge of Latin and to promote further interest in Rome and its customs. This group participated in the Carol- ing done by the language clubs at Christmas time and has or- ganized other various projects. First row: Roberta Meyers, Donna Troncatti, Carol Snyder, Frances Bierwagen. Second row: Alice Youngblood, Dolores Skill, Georgia Demopoulos, Gail Pennoyer. Thzrd row: Lyman Gronomeyer, Peter Witt, Robert Drexelius. QI TOWER AMHERST BOYS' HI-Y ALPHA CHAPTER-First row: Bob Wiley, Dick Knapp, Preston Neff, Mr. Rosenberry, John Orth, Ted Springstead, Bob Monroe. Second row: Chuck Davis, Craig Wratten, Dick Cook, Warren Troust, Charles Potter, Don Stewart, Jay Beck, Russ Harter, Howard Jones, Phillip Whitelaw. Third row: Bill Elliott, Richard Lexer, Dave Hunkins, Paul Dahrner, John Walker, George Ramsey, Dick Crawford, Bill Oxley, George Hurd, Ted Scribner, Clifford Baum. TOWER BETA CHAPTER - First row: Gary Wratten, Pat Finleon, Dave Dickens, Mr. Halm, advisor, Bob Zimdahl, Tom Kidd, Jay Brennan. Second row: Robert Drexelius, Earl Fowlston, Allan Schintzius, Carl Staplin, Bob Wlhithed, Al Bard, Bob Vannier, Walter Manske, Jim Kumpf, Robert Youngblood. Third row: Bob Stangle, Bill Mauman, Ed Deutschman, Bill Wittig, Addi- son Smith, Don Hegg, jack Grizzard, Herb Darling, Charles Smith, Ronald Halt, Bob Lansdowne. 92 AMHERST GIRLS' HI-Y GAMMA CHAPTER-First row: Ingrid Samzelius, Joanne Thompson, Margaret Atkins, Arlene Steger, Marjeanne Jensen, Ann Barber, Donna Reckseen. Second row: Judy Wendt, Diane Beck, Dorothy Maratta, Nancy Casto, Virginia Pillow, Nan Hart, Judy Diebold, Helen Rich, Barbara Smith, Linda Freeman, Bessie Phillips. Third row: Janet Lazarus, Nancy Horton, Nan Gravener, Alma Lendrim, Joanne Deisig, Jean Brydon, Ann Lucker, Ellen Kulp, June Henning, Elaine Blainey, Joan Petruniek, Madalen Murray, Marge Rupp. During the past year the number of Hi-Y clubs at Amherst has in- creased to six with the addition of a Junior Girls' and Junior Boys' to the Digamma Girls', Tri-Delta Girls', Alpha Boys', and thc Beta Boys' divi- sions. As a result of this increased mem- bership, an Inter-Hi-Y Council was formed to co-ordinate the activities of these different groups. Its membership is composed of the president and one delegate from each club. It was through this organization that the Hi-Y presented their annual dance, "The Turkey Twirl" in the fall. The purpose of Hi-Y is to create, maintain, and extend throughout thc school and community, high standards of Christian character. In accordance with this, the members made contribu- tions to charitable organizations, sent baskets to needy families at holiday times, helped to entertain veterans at the Veterans' Hospital, and joined in a project of adopting a Greek war orphan by proxy. In the line of recreation, the boys and girls held weiner roasts, sleigh rides, joint meetings, Mother and ,ns , ,av Daughter and Father and Son ban- quets. Several speakers, movies, and DELTA CHAPTER -- First row: Kay Backman, Roma Mueller, Sarah Jo Walker, al panel flgcussion on Colleges were Cynthia Denny, Sally Alexander, Caroline McKnight. Second row: Jean Ogden, 350 Cnlole ' Marlene V'erner, Margaret Phillips, Ruth Pellman, Alice Youngblood, Myrna Hadley, Marlyn Wagner. Third row: Marian Pfrender, Helen Day, Rhona Kramer, Marjorie Peters, Claire Braunlich, Ann Salisbury. Fourth row: Betsy Oglvie, Vivian Judge, Phyllis TNhithead, Martha Taugher, Georgia Demopolous, Marlene Turner. Fifth row: Donna Stage, Margaret Petersen, Mary Lou Dickens, Eda Gilky. 3 9 TOWER AMHERST IU IOR GIRLS' HI-Y ax, . I. fr C ' an First row: Molly Blow, Grace Seitz, Molly Turner, Shirley Warner, Rose- Lu wiv, mary Graver, Audrey Miller. Second row: Carolyn Allespach, Barbara QX Becker, Dorothy Scott, Pat Werner, Nancy Beckwith, Adrienne Nauman. Sf Third row: Joan Stuff, Judy Walker, Nancy Evans, Anne Marie Postelise, xl? ps-' 3' Carol Gilkey, Pat Cauldwell. Fourth row: Ann Austin, Gail Pennoyer, Carol A k Deitrich, Ralpha Dosberg, Jane Natalino, Helen Murray, Pat Rciman. ,U , 'TJ gf if: .P ' f nfl I AMI-IERST IU ICR BOYS' HI Y - X ,., I - 'pgs First row: Peter Murphy, Peter Witt, Frances Dulczewski, Mr. Blish, Adviser, Sandy Freth, Harry Goetzman, Gary Tunmore. Second row: Charles Patterson, Gary Smith, John Schriver, Robert Bloodswor, Stewart Cum- mings, Paul Schonewolf, Craig Wratten. Third row: Richard Woods, Elmer Haas, Robert Kinghorn, Paul Murphy, Paul Kremer. Fourth row: Philip Nader, Paul Collins, joseph Strauch, David Reiller. 94 TOWER A member of the Sci- ence Clubs of America, the Physics Club helps to further the studentls knowledge and interest in Physics. Throughout the year the group has par- ticipated in several Held trips, attended a lecture on television, and pre- pared personal projects for the spring Science Congress. The club is under the supervision of Mr. Un- gerer with Martha Lang- ley as President: William Elliott, Vice-President, David Southwick, Secre- tary, and Joan Palmer, Treasurer. The Biology Club this year has had many in- teresting meetings. Some of them being field trips to the Buffalo City Labo- ratory in City Hall and the University of Buffalo Animal House. They also went to the Bergen Swamp in search of snakes and other small animals. This, together with some very entertain- ing speakers, rounded out the year's activities. This year's officers were: Ann Barber-President Robin Miller- Vice-President Peter Loewer-Secretary PHYSICS CLUB First row: Roger Shaw, Marlyn Wagner, Clare Braunlick, Martha Langley, Mr. Ungerer, Advisorg William Elliot, Joan Palmer, Dorothy Meese, Robert Miller. Second row: Tom Frank lemont, Daniel Ford, William Bishop, Leo Newman, Norma Luck, Katrina Schillke, Gwen Hudson, Harry Hain, Leonard Johnson, Robert Youngblood, Frank Lombardo. Third row William Oxley, Robert Zimdahl, Donald Dean, Malcolm Burtwell, Daniel Schubert, Ernest Gardow, Elliot Springstead, jack Grizzard, Ronald Snyder, Earl Pearson, Charles Smith Kenneth Van Mecklin, Paul Haas, Ronald Roth, Robert Vannier. BIOLOGY CLUB Firrt row: Barbara Brustad, Irene Zimba, Alice Youngblood, Robin Miller, Ann Barber, Peter Loewer, Don Reckseen, Ellen Brunner, Mary Messe. Second row: Sally McCarthy, Sue Schultz Vera Brooks, Sue Dealy, Pat Fleck, Judy Leach, Sandra Lindberg, Eileen Kunold. Third row Carl Weaver, Roger Laundy, Allan Dunbar, Dick Lexer, Don Gertis, Kenneth Van Mechelen, John Heintz. 95 TINXAID JU ICR SCIENCE CLUB First row: Barbara Clark, Kenny Jahraus, Gary Funmore, Glenna Joslyn, Virginia Hultberg. Second row: Russica Tighe, Frank Puffer, David Miller, Henry Huber, Gary Whitley, Chuck Nieman, Margot Flemming. Third row: Tom Trimble, Bill Daniels, David Batson, Jan Leestma, Bruce Smith, Robert Rausch. The purpose of the Snyder Chapter of the Junior Historical Society is to encourage and keep alive an interest in the history of New York State. It is divided into two groups, the Am- herst Yorkers and the Scajaquada. This year the Amherst Yorkers made a calendar showing dates historically important to the Niagara Frontier, while the Scajaquada group concen- trated on the library of local history which was started last year. Greeting cards were sold to raise money to pur- chase books for this library. A play, presented to the public, was staged by the combined efforts of the Junior His- torical Society and the Junior Dra- matics Club. As many members as pos- sible attended the May jamboree at Sherman and the state convention, also held in May. The oliicers and advisors of the Am- herst Yorkers f7th gradej were as follows: President-Paul Newcomb, Vice-President-Helen Erkkila, Secre- tary-Sylvia Boudinot, and Treasurer -John Gillis. The sponsor was Mrs. Polster. The officers for the Scajaquada fabove 7th gradej were: President- Archie Dean, Vice-President-Nancy Beckwith, Secretary-Gary Smith, and Treasurer-Sonja Jung. Mr. Tierney was the sponsor. TOWFP The Junior Science Club activities provided many opportunities for the members to increase their knowledge of science. Special emphasis this year was placed on the preparation of proj- ects for the annual Science Congress. The group also went on several field trips and had programs comprised of ' special speakers and movies. First row: Richard Vance, Paul Rich, Merrill Trefzer, Philip Kuhn, David Steislinger, Gary Tunmore, Carl Henson, Arno Wittig. Second row: Glenna Joslyn, Marian Chalmers, Joan Stuff, Roberta Landel, Dottie Ann Clifford, Ann Austin, Doris Dickerson, Sally Sprague, Mary Loy Peters. Third row: Marlyn Wagner, Russica Tighe, Sylvia Dean, Judy Larwood, Betsy Lind- berg, Helen Erkkila, Sue Van Lunger, Marlene Belair, Nancy Beckwith, Sonja Jung, Katherine Nicholson, Jane Salisbury, Cynthia Gustin, Marcia Granger, Martha Radley, Dianne Wenninger, Marjorie Eckkhert. Fourth row: Fred Schrader, Spencer Cleveland, Roy Lindberg, John Gillis, Archie Dean, Francis Dulczewski, Bill Gilman, Gary Santmire, Ken Jahrause, Paul Newcomb, Paul Schonewolf, James Blechinger, Gary Smith. IOR HISTORICAL SOCIETY HOME AKIN G CLUB First row: Arlene Landreville, Joyce Wrona, Cynthia Denny, Barbara Blake, Donna Troncantti. Second row: Miss Simpson, Helen Day, Norma Luck, Nancy Parks, Arlene.Denall. Third row: Barbara Sturmer, Jane Rolfe, Audrey Wherle, Beatrice Schall, Marilyn Walters, Phyllis Whithed, Carolyn McKnight. The Homemaking Club, which made its entrance into the extra- curricular life at Amherst this year, gives many girls an opportu- nity to gain added experience in this occupation. Preparing boxes for children in Palestine, fashion- ing a spring wardrobe, and con- cocting kitchen delicacies were a. few of the first year's activities. The Chess Club, organized this year by Mr. Koch, has not only taught boys how to play chess, but has helped them to develop their ability to think critically. They played many tournaments throughout the year and although there was no excitement or ap- plause, winners did come forth and much enjoyment was gained by all. W First row: Tom Trimble, Bob Stangle, John Harbison, Bob Linkner, Donald 'QQ V Howard, Brian Bellman. Second row: Allan Kosmerl, Charles Niemann, uf, ,ul pl, ", Archie Dean, Gary Tunmore, Roger Priore, Chester Weir. Third row: - , Ellwood Friedrich, Kenneth Conners, Jim Elden, Jon Bickford, Norman ll Q Wolf, George Ullrich, Richard Gernold. I , , ART CLUB The Rembrandts of Amherst or- ganized this year, as in the past, the Art Club. The participants gained personal enjoyment from this activity besides improving their individual skills. Their ac- tivities included a trip to the 20th Century Club to view art exhibits, the creation of Christmas projects and a closing dinner. 1 First row: Sue Schultz, Shirley Behrens, Miss Roeseh, Ruth Osborne, Mada- len Murray, Second row: Carol Clapper, Myrna Hadley, Sue Jordon, Sally Lund, Shirley Latonision, Ingrid Samzelius, Marilyn Hoak. Third row: Jim Taylor, Audrey Winkler, joan Ackerman, Judy Walker, Judy Diebold, Dave Dickens. First row: Virginia Pillow, William Gilman, Miss Hildebrand. Second raw: Pat Randall, Carl Staplin, Cynthia Craney, Pat Nielsen. ICR RED CRCSS CUUNCIL The Junior Red Cross Council is a service group which aids stu- dents and organizations through the raising of funds and volunteer work. This year several of the stu- dents gave their services at the Veterans' Hospital in conducting the nursery classes and providing entertainment for the veterans. First row: Carolyn McKnight, Bill Clapper, Mrs. Reitz, Mrs. Hannel, Henry Poss, Helen Day. Second row: Patricia Buechi, Vera Broaks, Leonard John- son, Sally Brydon, Jane Rolfe. AMHERST NEWSPAPER CCLUMN The weekly column, Amherst Central High Activities, which appears in the Amherst Bee, .is the work of the large staff of writ- ers of the Newspaper Club. The splendid sports coverage in the "Been was written by the students who had participated in the sports themselves. The group is under the supervision of Mrs. Hanpel with Wayne Weber as Editor-1n- chief. The Library Service Club as- sists in keeping our school library in order. Each member is assigned a section of books for which he alone is responsible. In addition to this, the group handles many of the routine duties of the library. Included in this year's activi- . ties were the presentation of the Book Week display and the intro- , duction of the 7th and 8th grades . to the library through special classes. LIBRARY SERVICE CLUB First row: Jean Brydon, Wayne Weber, Mrs. Hannel, Advisor, Ruth Osborne, Robert Hughes. Second row: Barbara Brown, Ingrid Samzelius, Georgia Demopulas, Florence Henderson, Carol Banko, Nan Gravener, Arlene Kel- logg Third row: Paul Santmire, David Dickens, Sarah Jo Walker, Judy Walker, George Hurd, Donald Dean. 99 TOWER First row: Joan Petrunick, Preston Neff, Cynthia Craney, Tom Kidd, Joan Slaven, Don He-gg. Second row: Wayne Weber, Madalin Murray, Judy Die- bold, Ruth Osborne, Peggy Higgins, Eileen Higgins, Dave Southwick. Third row: Nan Gravener, Jane Poland, Ellen Kulp. I 6 , Y fi WW I I ! iil'lil ,I !"i X ff!! J CYNTHIA CRANEY Editor it sl EXECUTIVE STAFF 'K ' - Editor CYNTI-IIA CRANEY f 7 I Business lvlanager TOM KIDD ? Assistant Editors -JOAN SLAVEN '. A J XX - -JOAN PETRUNICK Q I PRESTON NEFF N DON HEGG J Subscription Managers EILEEN HIGGINS i PEGGY HIGGINS xx,-, .-.-1 Literary Editor VIRGINIA PILLOW Make-Up Editor PAT NIELSEN Advertising Manager ELLEN KULP Publicity Manager JUDY DIEEOLD Boys' Sport Editor WAYNE WEBER Girls' Sport Editor JANE POLAND ' Art Editor MADALEN MURRAY Assistant Art Editor RUTH OSDORNE Secretary NANNETTE GRAVENER Photographer MANFRED ALBREOHT Special Sales PAT RANDALL INGRID SAMZELIUS Faculty Adviser MR. ROBERT HOLDER THOMAS KIDD Business Manager IOO An enthusiastic staff spent a busy year producing the 1951 TOWER for Amherst. Its members worked tediously for three months in the fall on a subscription campaign. VVhen October rolled around they presented a top notch TowER Bazaar and at Christmas sold wrap- pings and ribbons. The real efforts of this group, however, were put forth during long hours spent in Room 220 after school. The editors would like to express their profound appreciation to Q. 'FK' Mr. Holder for his fine leadership and to the rest of the Towmz staff for their services. TOWER GENERAL STAFF Wi x. I' ,Mvfts 1' H First row: Donna Reckseen, Ann Barber, Peggy Higgins, Eileen Higgins, Jane Poland, David Southwiek, Joan Petrunick, Preston Neff, Cynthia Craney, Ruth Osborn, Nanette Gravener, Joan Slaven, Ellen Kulp, Judy Die- bold, Don Hegg, Madeline Murrey, Tom Kidd. Second row: Ingrid Samzelius, Pat Newman, Phyllis Krueger, Bar- bara Maynard, Jean Parsons, Jane Wooster, Joyce Klein, Elaine Blainey, Janet Lazarus, Joan Witnauer, Lois Stein, Marianne Schrowe, Joan Lenz, Marianne Wright, Joan Burke, Marlene Bleekinger. Third row: Linda Free- man, Martha Langly, Elvira Ciminelli, Judy Wendt, Bessie Phillips, Barbara La Duca, Alice Newbold, Eliza- beth Brenner, Barbara Brown, Carol Hoche, Lois Dc Celle, Miriam Miller, Carol Clapper, Esther Czapski, Jean O'Connor, Barbara Moody, Shirley Williams, Sarah Lochlear. Fourth row: Pat Jordan, Dorothy Maratta, Joan Goliber, Florence Henderson, Betty Lou Wullen, Sally Lund, Marilyn La Page, Dolores Tulipane, Lorraine lOI Lowe, Marianne Sanders, Esther Hagen, Dolores Heath, Carol Andres, Mildred Oddo, Pat Sovern, Margery Rupp, Joan McVittie. Fifth row: Shirley Myers, Elizabeth James, Barbara Charron, Janet Monroe, Loretta Will, Virginia Pillow, Sally Wolverton, Jean Rich, Barb Heirnerle, Nancy Harsh, Edith Kircher, Alma Lendrim, Janet Dryer, Bob Lansdowne. Sixth row: Phyllis Tozier, Carol Bunn, Lucy Harrison, Helen Rieh, Margaret Williams, Dodie Siegel, Marge Kirk, Mary Lee Edwards, Pat Nielsen, Marge Ziebarth, Marilyn Flessel, Ann Lucker, Nan Hart, Wilma Blake, Jean Brydon, Mary Lou Olson, John Orth, Dave Diekens. Seventh row: Add Smith, Pat Finleon, Sally Bellinger, Nan O'Connor, Margaret Atkins, Joanne Deisig, June Henning, Pat Randall, Sally Baum- gartner, Nancy Casto, Marjeanne Jensen, Bev Roach, Diane Beck, Nancy Horton, Barb Smith, Wayne WVeber, Ed Deutchman, Don Stewart. TOWER Firxt row: Diane Beck, Margaret Smith, Nan Gravener. Ellen Knlp, Jean Brydon, ,lay Beck. Ted Scribner, Bev Roach. Paul Collins, Dorothy Meese, Nancy Casto, joan Petrunick, Jack Sandford. Second rnzv: Barhara Brown. Pat Sebring, Martha Tauczlier, lkiarilyn Hopkins, Pat YVillax. Barbara Heimeile. Alvina Klf-nerl,, Niarlene Bleehinger, Betty Lou Wnllen. Martha Langley. Barbara Fritts, Donna Wink, Ann Lucker. Third row: Arlene Danall. Helene Green, EDITORIAL STAFF Catherine Girvin. Pat jorden, Alma Lendrim, Lynn Johnson, Jeanette Cave, Joan Goliber, Joan Mellon, Belinda Johnston, Madalen Murray. Fourth row: lkfarzaiet VVilliams, Mary Lou Olson Margery Rupp. Barbara Smith, Nancy Horton, ,Indy Diebold Dorothy Maratta, Joyce VVrona. Sally Baumgartner. jane Poland Filth ww: Ron Roth, Sandy Freeth, Dan Schubert, Don Hegg Tom Kidd, Jack Grizzard. Dave Dickens, Paul Santmire, Don Dean TATLER si S it 1 The twenty-first year of the Tatler was marked by a complete 'change in its organization. For the first time in the school's history the students' newspaper came out every other week. This was a result of the staffs working on a day-by-day basis. The appearance of the Tatler was -improved by head- lines and by-lines, the news coverage was unparalleled, and the tedious job of make-up was eliminated by a new printing process. One of the most important, though perhaps not readily recognized, facts is that the Tatler had at last a complete and effective organization. Everyone was welcomed on the stall' and many people contributed their time and effort to its success. These people not only produced a paper whose entertaining features helped to keep the students and faculty in closer Contact with each other, but gained practical experience in writing, organizing, and working harmoniously with their fellow students. First rnzu: Shirley Behrens, Arlene Steger. Christine Gillies, George Hurd, Nan Hart, Manfred Albrecht, Jane MacLachlan. Charles Potter. Pat Newman. Ronald Snyder, john Heintz. Virginia, John- son. ,lan Leestma. Srrnnd row: Donna Stage, Betsy Ogilvie. Vivian Judge, Sally McCarthy. Gloria Lindenmeier, Alice Youngblood, Marge Phillips, Ruth Pellman Georgia Demopoulous. Kay Beck- man, Joy Vollbracht. Virginia Perrin, Third row: Charles Daves, Nancy Parks, Eleanor Shisler. Shirley Latavisinn, Audry Wehrle, ,ludy Wendt. Bessie Phillips. Sally Grout, Judy Walker. Barbara BUSINESS STAFF Stnmcr. Edith Kircher, Virginia Pillow. Fourth row: Jean Par- sons. Mitzi Miller. Jane VVooster. Mary Lee Edwards, Pat Randall, ,lean Talbot. Anne Hershiser, Nancy Bruce. Fifth row: Lattimore Ford, David Hegiz. Donna Troncatti. Margaret Atkins. Arlene Landreville, Pat Nielsen, Cynthia Denny. Barbara VanLunger, Kathy Vincent, Blanche Butler. Dave Dickens, Sixth row: Gordon Fricke, Dorothy Meese, Ingrid Samzelius, Nancy Beard. Mary Lou Henderson, Sarah Jo Walker, Claire Dyckman. CHORAL SPEAKI G CLUB Fifi! row: Marjorie Eckkert, Pat VVest, Meryl Ann Keating, Yvonne Sehaelchlin, Margaret Rollinger. Second row: Maureen Culnane, Virginia Hultberg, Peggy Priest, Nancy Hankin, Sarah Brown. Third row: Karen Wlitt, Susan McAllister, Sarah Martin, Judy Kulp, Helen Erkkila, Carol Marsh. ASSEMBLY COM ITTEES JUNIOR HIGH First row: Peter JNitt, Phil Nader, Francis Dulczewski, Mr. Patti, advisorg Sandra Ensminger, Roger Bald, Donald Brown. Second row: Paul Rich, Jeanette Cave, Carol Dietrich, Ann Austin, Belinda Johnston, Dorothy Scott, Tyler Dunn. Third row: Paul Holmes, Art Klien, Larry Strok, Sandy Freeth, Don Root, Dick Woods. 103 As a part of our -expanding dra- matic department at Amherst, a Cho- ral Speaking Club thas been developed this year. Under the direction of Mrs. Polster, this organization has read poetry and given reports on interesting books. SENIOR HIGH SENIOR HIGH ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE The Senior High Assembly Com- mittee included four members taken from the Amardsg one sophomore, one junior and two seniors. The en- tire Amard organization voted for the assembly cliairman, George Hurd, and he appointed his committee. The purpose of this committee was to guide and regulate the weekly as- semblies throughout the year. These people worked with Mr. Schellcr and Mr. Cornell in planning the various programs. THE JUNIOR HIGH ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE The Junior High Assembly Com- mittee is a new organization active about Amherst with the specific duty of planning and producing worthwhile programs for the Junior High assem- bly. The outstanding "United Nations Assembly" which the committee pro- duced is proof positive that its work is worthwhile and successful. Mr. Patti helps to advise the group which is under the leadership of Francis Dul- czewski, chairman, Roger Bald, vice- chairman and Sandra Ensminger, sec- retary. TOWER AMARDS ' - I 4. D '7 '-3' ff- .3 2. gy.,-: ,. 7. . X fd LXX 'fl . ft 1: 'S .1 -:Q-L." ' ' ,..1ia'f' First jaw: Marilyn Hopkins, Nancy Bruce, Ruth Osborne, George Hurd, Ellen Brunner, Phyllis Tozler, Donna Reckseen, Linda Freeman, Bob Bradley, Dorothy Maratta Joan Gollber, Bessy Phillips, Sally Grout. Second row: Ann Barber, Marge Rupp, Betty Lou Wullen, Joan Suedmeyer, Myrna Hadley, Ruth Pellman, Martha Taugher, Nancy Horton, I I Barbara Smith, Pat Jacobs. Joan Mellon, Carolyn MCKIlight, Ginger Perrin. Third raw: Gretchen Schellke, Bev Roach, Nancy Casto, Vivian Judge Barbara VanLunger, Alvina Klcnert, Joanne DCISIH, Sarah Jo Walker, Betty Bowman, Sue Schultz, Florence Hender- sen, Helene Green, Julia Hutchinson, Blanch Butler. Fourth row: Howie Jones, Kath- rlne Vincent, Donna Stage, Joyce Wrona. Phylis Hurd. Betty Jensen, Carol Brown, Jean Wiley, Margery Peters. Filth row: Ann Lucker, Mary Lou Olsen, Nan Hart Sally Baum- gartner,vMarjeanne Jensen, Erna Hild, Jean Bryclon, Cynthia Craney, Jim Baldwin, John Qrth. Slxth row: Jim Reed, Charles Potter, Bill Oxley, Preston Neff, Don Hegg, Pat Flnleon, Tom Kidd, John Heintz, Paul Santmire, Don Stewart, Ricky Meese. The Amards, Amherst's dramatic club, was organized on an entirely new basis this year. Membership was opened to the students in the Sopho- more, Junior and Senior classes, who showed active interest in the organiza- tion. Nearly sixty students turned out, which increased the total membership to eighty. The group was then divided into six separate casts of ten to twelve persons in each. One of the casts was responsible for the evening's program at each meeting. Skits, movies and speakers were among the entertain- ment. In this way the meetings were varied and individuals had an oppor- tunity to take part in the actual plan- ning. The Christmas program was han- dled by the Amards and Thespians and revised by Mr. Cornell. The theme "Peace" was portrayed by the traditional Christmas story coupled with the feelings of the world today. Some other projects undertaken by the Amards and Thespians were, three student-directed one-act plays, the St. Patrickls Day assembly and a full pro- d ' 1 ' h t . , Muon p ay m t me as S Fmt fowl Bob Bradley, Judy Diebold, Phyllis Tozier, Donna Reck- seen, Linda Freeman, James Read. Second row: John Heintz, Dor- othy Maratta, Betty Lou Wullen, Ruth Osborne, Joanne Deisig, Ilgloxfrard Jones. Third row: George Hurd, Dave Southwick, Patrick ln eon. The Thespians Society is the National Honorary Dramatic Society, of which Amherst has a newly organized chapter. In order to become a Thespian one must have earned at least ten points by participating in some dramatic activity. The point system has been set-up by the National Chapter, but gives the local director authority to add or 'subtract points on occasions when he sees fit. The purpose of Thespians is to promote and stimulate the growth of worthwhile dramatic activities in Amherst. This society is an inner circle of the Amards, and therefore has no activities of its own, but helps the Amards fulfill their aims. IO4 TOWER STAGE CRE First row: Don Brown, Jim Read, Bob Bradley, Dick Woods. Second row: David Kremer, Don Kinghorn, Tom Kidd, John Heintz, Bill Bradley. One of the hardest working groups at Amherst is the Stage Crew. This past year, this group has done the technical work for all the assembly programs, the school plays, the Mikado, and Water Follies. In addition to this, the boys handled the difli- cult job of lighting the gym for all of our school social events. James Read was manager, and Robert Bradley, assistant manager. X Fl? -fl' Jecon fow.. B d fo IJ'-311 UI, Alvinwgrner Zlej ' 'Mr The projection crew, advised by Mr. Schaefer, is composed of a group of boys whose duty it is to assist teachers through the use of audio- visual aids. Throughout the entire year they have run movies in the classrooms. Assembly speakers who used films as part of their pres- entations welcomed the help of the projection crew. Adult education classes, Hi-Y clubs, and church groups are a few of the organizations which have benefited by the very able help of this indispensable group at Amherst. CII, R ' S0113 on-iid Sefcr Cb 1 Adv. Chit, Rich ID Ba ,bag d ,frenn .v 1 CI' 1 J 811 'K 0 515125211 Dre 105 PROIECTIO CREW xelius T O W E R SENIOR PLAY SENIOR PLAY December 1-2, 1951 "WHAT A LIFE" by Clifford Goldsmith Director ....,..........,..... ......... M r. William Cornell Student Director .................................. Nancy Casto Prompters .............. Diane Beck and Margery Rupp Fzrst row: Judy Diebold, Wilma Blake, Jean Brydon, Mary Lou Olson, Joanne Diesig, Lynne Lawson, Janet Dryer. Second row: Mr. Cornell, Directorg Donald Cronk, Joan Mellon, Ingrid Samzelius, Nancy Horton, Ann Bar- Miss Shea ....... Mr. Nelson ......... A Student .......... A Student ............. Mr. Patterson ....... Miss Pike ........... Bill .................,.....,. Miss Eggleston ........ Miss Johnson ..... Mr. Vecchitto ..,.... Henry Aldrich .... Barbara Pearson ........ . Gertie. ..................... .. Mr. Bradley ....... Miss Wheeler ..... George Bigelow .,...... Mrs. Aldrich ......,.. Mr. Ferguson ..... Mary ..,................ Student .........,.. Student ....,... Student ........ Student ....r... TOWER CAST .........Judy Diebold .......Charles Potter .............Janet Dryer ....,.Julia Hutchinson .............Preston Neff ............Joan Goliber ....,....James Palisano .........,Lynne Lawson ...........Mary Lou Olson Edward Deutschman ..,.............David Dickens ...........Wilma Blake .............Nancy Horton .......David Southwiek ..........Joanne Deisig ........Patrick Finleon .........Jean Brydon .........John Walker Barber .......Ingrid Samzelius ............Joan Mellon ...........Donald Cronk . ...... Robert Stoddard ber, Julia Hutchinson, Joan Goliber, Jim Palisano, Nancy Casto. Third row: Ed Deutchman, Dave Dickens, John Walker, Pat Finleon, Dave Southwick, Preston Neff, Charles Potter. IO6 NIOR PLAY LAVENDER AND OLD LACE DIRECTOR William G. Cornell STUDENT DIRECTOR Dorothy Meese PROMPTERS Marilyn Wagner Georgia Demopolous First row: Eliot Springstead, Dorothy Messe, Mr. Cornell, Sue Klepinger. Second row: Bill Oxley, Bill Little, Bill Stillinger, Nancy Bruce, Audrey Vincent, Sarah Jo Walker, Sally Henry, Margaret Peterson. Hepsey ..............,... Joe Pendleton ,........ CAST .......Sarah Jo Walkez Sophrony Trotter ...... Mary Ainslie .......... jane Hathaway ....... Carl Winfield ....... Dr. Patterson ....... Ruth Thorne .......... Bernice Carlton ...... ........Wil1iam Oxley .......Margery Peters ...........Sue Klepinger .........Audrey Vincent .........El1iot Springstead James Ball ............ .................................................. COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN ........Wil1iam Little ..........Nancy Bruce ....,..........Sally Henry .William Stillinger Pnblicity ................................,............... Jack Foley Tickets ......... ......... R obert Monroe Programs ......... ........... R oger Shaw Ushers .......... .,...................... M yrna Hadley SOUND Carl Weaver Ronald Roth 1o7 TOWER 4 .4 A dv. 44' w jwu, ff' .X m N f ' N .. Ni 'y ff P' ,. 1? is ij V v. 1 Q gl Za. 4 ffvxic.. P4 ' -Sufi' I .J 4 ,K Q . i 1 S55 My X ,X Y X .me A Q my xx - rim x . KN Q X-M -Av xg, we 5, ig. - Q S .AMQS RRS f -sg i SS bf ak K if-gf,-A... isis? wg 1 gs , 3 . QJH , fvfbx .sl X ' Sus 1 I Qisvi Q 2 Ex. e'4a"kvfX. fd - 2 , ,, , ' Q. fmmw, A ' M P, Q ,M W -L 4 QV ,f aj 4 L Q, . xi, Y ,. lzll v k2,?:Ex kr . K I V YU X 1 X I U I H' 1,wseffmL,,x .. , R , :mam--. . fifffl-figwwa WM f ,A nz' A 1 is i .Q ,s-KN gi.3i.f3fJ,, K A again K Q? .V . , A 4 ifjkl ' , i ff 'if' -- A Az, "1 M V A X Q K A 51 1 Au N5 ' 4 qi af fr fx a. N' A 'in Q 6 -im M Wag, -,Mg RIP , 114 ,, f JY xg, 5 Q ' VL gp 'fs x W' ' A gs. WMF ii' H ' ' viii H 'bw Q ,i fi I 1,1 SEPTEMBER 5 Vacation Over-"Times To Remember" 6 School Opens-"Happy Days Are Here Again" 9 George Hurd Speaks on U. N.-"He Will Al- ways Be 'Hurd' " 15 Pep Assembly-"Sore Throats" 22 Speaker-Speaker on "Building Personality'- "It Could Happen To You" 23 Amherst 6-Fredonia 6-"First Game, Hotdogs and Heartbreaks" 26-Amherst 4-North Collins 4-First Soccer Game-"We Can't Win All the Time" 29 Speaker on Automobile Driving-"Hotrods Take Note" 30 Amherst 13-Depew 0-"The Bigger They Are the Harder They Fall" 30 Amherst Over Barker in Cross-Country-"It's Getting to be a Habit" OCTOBER 2 Second Addition to the Munson Family- "He'll Run a Mile in His Crib Every Day" 3 Amherst 0-Holland 5-First Soccer Game Lost-"We Got in Dutch With Holland" 7 Amherst 27-West Seneca 13-"Amherst Con- tinues Winning Streak" 10 Amherst 29-Olean 29-First Cross-Country Tie in Three Years--"We Planned It That way!! 13 and 14 Tower Bazaar-"The Annual Rat Race" 14 Amherst 15-Hamburg 14-"Dear Hamburg, a Miss is as Good as a Mile" 17 Amherst 0-Seminary 2-Girls' Hockey-"We Just Weren't on the Ball" 20 Assembly--Blind Pianist-Carmelo Cascio- MOH! To Be Half as Good With Our Eyes Open" 24 United Nations Day--Junior High Assembly Group Had a Mock U. N. Meeting-"Lake Success Comes to Amherst" 28 Amherst 13-Leroy 30-'SNO Comment" ff.. xgxif WO, 1 XJ Or X 1. 'dl' 1 :..?,3 s Quay., it N X: X -Jil CA NOVEMBER 3 Football against Medina-Amherst 14-Medina 6-"There's good news tonight." 8 Cross-country team wins Section Six Cham- pionship-"It's getting to be an Amherst cus- tom." 9 Last football game-Lancaster 7-Amherst 18 -"The Moose gets his well-earned rest." 17 Geoffry O'Hara performs in concert- "K-K-K-Katy" 18 Turkey Twirl, joint Hi-Y dance-"Working up an appetite." 23 Thanksgiving holiday-"Ohhh! Where is the Alka-Seltzer?" 27 Extra money appropriated for a new gym- "The girls get the old one." DECEMBER 1 and 2 Senior class presents What A Life- "What a Play!" 1 Basketball game A.C.H.S. 69-East Aurora 29 -"On the road to the auditorium." 8 Amherst wins basketball game against Depew 71 to 40-"We left the 'lid' on Depew's basket." 12 Tigers edge out Pine Hill in close basketball game--"Fowler forgot his bombsightf' 15 Honor Society Induction Assembly-"Well- maybe next time." 20 Student Council Christmas Party-"Santa, Orth and his eight Cadillac reindeer." 21 The Senior Ball presented by the Senior Class -"The ball rolled to successf' JANUARY 4 Swimming Meet with Niagara Falls, A.C.H.S. El, Niagara Falls 45-"Somebody stole our ns." 5 Amherst wins another close basketball game with Akron 50 to 43-"Too much of this is dangerous." Wt ls 'G 'l'r' 'fs I N It DAR 9 In basketball, Amherst 80, Clarence 33-"This is more like it." 11 Swimming team has first win against Lock- port, 43 to 23-"Now we know it can be done." 12 Suzanne Silvercruys talks in assembly-"A very good excuse for having short periods." 19 A.C.H.S. beats Hamburg in basketball-"It's so nice to win.' 25 Honor Society presents the Winter Whirl- 4'Amherst's white winter wonderland." 26 Amherst sets scoring record in beating East Aurora 101 to 40 in basketball-"We would even take on Bradley now." 27 P.T.A. sponsors a Variety Show-"ML Kaza proves himself another Milton Berlef' 30 Amherst beats LaSalle in swimming 58 to 8- "This must be some sort of a record." FEBRUARY 2 Amherst Wins basketball game at Pine Hill- "Another one for the books." 9 Williamsville bows to A.C.H.S. in basketball- "Our traditional victory." 12 Lincoln's Birthday closes school-"We honor honest Abe." 1-5, 16, 17 Amherst Central presents the Mikado 22 23 -'1It was yum-yum." Washington's Birthday. School closed-"I can- not tcll a lie, it was nice." Williamsville beats Amherst-"The taming of the Tigers." 26 School reopens-"Back to the old grind." MARCH 16 Adult Education classes close-"Their chil- 21 21 22 X X dren look over their report cards." Student Council Sports Day-"Teachers are human too." Tatler movie-"No smoking in the loges." Easter Holidays-"Here comes Peter Cotton- tal . i143 m 'V Z 1.73, 19, 2 APRIL 2 School is back in session-"Only two more months." 6 Sophomore Class party and dance-"A day for the Sophsf' 13 The junior Play-"Their Hrst taste of Mr. Cornell." 20 and 21 Junior High Water Follies-"Blub!" 27 and 28 Senior High Water Follies-"More, '95 more. 29 Daylight Saving Time begins-"Spring is here." MAY 4 Open House-"They learn too much at these things." 5 French Club dance--"May I have this dance? Oui-oui!" 11 Junior Boys Hi-Y dance-"Remember your code now, boys!" 18 Science Exhibit-"Amherst scientists present their work." 25 The Junior Prom-"A little bit of heaven." 30 Memorial Day vacation-"Needed." JUNE 1 The Amards present a play-"Our own little Broadway." 7 Boys' Sports night-"A night of reminiscing." 12 Banquet for girls' sports-"No exercises, at last." 15 Moving-up Day-"Always the hottest day in June." 18 Second semester exams begin-"It shouldn't happen to a dog." 21 Freshman Dance-"We start them young at Amherst." 22 Final day of school-"Parting is such sweet sorrow." 25 Graduation-"A last glimpse at the best years of our lives." lf!! I7 xx 1 5-,gf 'lm Q E-4 ,af 1 'Q' " Y Q r' A55 tn Q :Q v 3 ' Y 3 Q jg N 5 3 wx is -f ly., 54 f A . Q . V +, ,f 1, 1 1-. ...- .,,-,- t . 3 .NXLA5 -M Q, ww.. "' -in y J 14 K .-f - Q wg WW, .: 'S N -ii' UIQ, ,X W J! 1 .g,... il, ' - if 32.25 WAX P TRONS OF THE 1951 TOVVER TOWER Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs J. Kraybill Bard Nelson E. Brown Dale G. Casto Anthony Ciminelli Robert W. Conn Charles S. Craney Carl Deisig J. Arthur Dickens David H. Edwards Alfred E. Flessel Charles S. Freeman Daniel J. Geary John G. Gibson Earl W. Harrison Edward V. Hegg Norman J. Henning Mrs. Jean Higgins Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. . George H. Hurd Howard Jones Justus Kulp Charles H. La.Duca Robert J. Lansdowne Hugh E. Lendrim William Lenz, Jr. Donald MacLachlan Harold E. Murray Mr. and Mrs Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr . and Mrs. . and Mrs and Mrs . and Mrs and Mrs . and Mrs . and Mrs . and Mrs Mrs. Virginia e Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr Mr Mr. Mr Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Dr. Mr Mr Mr. 116 and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. . LaVerne A. Neff Herbert S. Nielsen Arthur E. Parsons Louis F. Petrunick E. S. Phillips C. M. Pillow F. H. Poland Ralph M. Quance . Dell M. Ramsey M. Randall Carlton J. Rich J. W. Samzelius Frederick T. Scott Chester R. Scribner Edwin F. Sharp Edwin W. Siegel Robert D. Smith Alfred J. H. Taylor S. C. Tozier L. Weyer Louis Witnauer Forest E. Wolverton W. W. Wooster and Mrs. William Wratten and Mrs. Norman Wullen and Mrs. Walter E. Ziebarth 4-v"" II ,EJ ,.e"L' iii II HOWARD A. CLARK Licensed Manager and Owner STECK, LOCKWOOD and CLARK FUNERAL SERVICE 2775 Main S1'ree+ Buffalo, N. Y. PArkside 88I6 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF l95l ROTARY CLUB OF EGGERTSVILLE - SNYDER C0mP'fmn+S of RALPH E. SLAVEN BAKERT BROS. Realfor FULL LINE DELICATESSEN PA. l505 4000 Main Sfreef UN. 4000 CHAS. BEARD AND SONS Painling Conlraclors 2705 MAIN STREET, BUFFALO, NEW YORK FOUR WINDS NURSERY, INC. To F"scI""I' 'nd CI"""' To Brighfen a Lovely Table M90 MAIN STREET To Cheer a Sick Friend Beauiiful Blooms For Every Occasion Your Neighborhood Garden Shop UNIVERSITY FLORIST For We Deliver All Garden Supplies and Planls 3096 Main Sh-ed AM B97 l'lO Complimenis of BROST MOTORS INC. GA. a9oo DODGE and PLYMOUTH Dis+ribuI'ors I285-I29I MAIN STREET, BUFFALO DELTA KAPPA RHO 0 Our Complimenfs Io fha : ' ' i FncuI'Iy and Sfudeni' Body on +I'Ie Graduaiion of 'Iho CIN of '95' RELIABLE PHARMACIES TRESIDDER REALTORS 3695 MAIN STREET. EGGERTSVILLE Esiablishod in Snyder I924 MAIN AT DARWIN UN. so4o PURE DRUGS COMPLIMENTS OF Amhersi' CenI'raI Alumni Associafion CompIimenI's of THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY JOTIDN. if f A A. Nm xx' "1 Z X ff i x v-fl Y- OFFICERS Marieanne Jensen Presideni' George Hurd Vice-Presicleni' Joan Pefrunick Secrefary Linda Freeman Treasurer Jane MacLacI1Ian Supply Sfore Manager Nancy Casro Bookkeeper THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Mainfains a SCHOOL SUPPLY STORE For Your Convenience I2 129. Building Dock Consfrucfion Alferafion D. and E. C The Home of An Honesf Deal BUFFALO .6 NEW YORK 52I5 Main SIreeI', Williamsville 860 He Avenue Riverside 23I2 LINCOLN MERCURY J. ADRIAN SONS, INC. Fine Meafs Sausage Manulaclurers l750 and 2256 GENESEE STREET BUFFALO LOCKS HOME BAKERY L. N. wl-nssel. LUMBER co. INC. UNWMY gm 460 Souih Harlem Road Buffalo Yard Williamsville Yard AI, Kensingfon PA' .700 UN' 6063 Try Our Home-Made Kenmore Yard Bread Pies Cakes Rolls Rl, 2323 Qualify Our Specialiy . LAMPS Picfures Mirrors Congrafulafions io Class of I95l From JOHN R. BRYAN Decoralive Accessories THE BLUE wmoow RGHHO' 3 Lincoln Road Snyder, N. Y. UN. 70I2 Solos Modgego Financing Snyder Branch Ollice Main Oliice . , 4596 Main Sheer 769 Ellicoff Sq. Bldg. OPM' F94-'Y EYQMQS UN. 9959 of PA. nos MA. asss SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHS Made By BEN SWAN 637 Main Sfreei' in Buffalo WA. 8363 All Negafives Kep+ For 5 Years For Duplicafe Orders N O R M ' S ESSO SERVICE CENTER CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '5I Corner of Kensinglon and Darwin Pickup 8: Delivery Service - lgnilion Paris Minor Repairs - Experi Polishing 8: Waxing Phone - UN. 9789 I Comtnlumzrts HUTV5 a F R DAIRY BAR - LUNCHEONETTE The Place Where Young Follrs Meei' NAI ' " Q t 55I6 Main Sfreei Williamsville Call PA.2IlI or PL. l2ll I2 124 BARNEY MILLER PIumbing, Hearing, Sheef Me+aI Worlr Hardware, EIecIricaI Appliances 5727 Main SIree'I' Corner Souih EIIico'H Sireef Phones: PL. 3l50 PA. 5470 COMPLIMENTS OF 'I C 'S COMPLIMENTS OF .-"5 ,." ar' 5 ,' ' Sigma Delta Zhi RYAN and WILLIAMS INC STATIONERS COMPLETE OFFICE OUTFITTERS 82-84 Pearl Srreef, Buffalo 2, N. Y. Phone: WAshingI'on OI77 - OI 78 - OI79 Phone AM. 0l23 Delivery Service 2' Cf DRY CLEANING Men'5 8. Boys' Growing Girls Wear I SIIOOS FRED RONEKER 554s MAIN STREET We Operaie 2200 Kensingron Ave. WILLIAMSVILLE, N. Y. Our Own PIanI' Snyder 2 I, N, Y, Semei-Solvay Coke Hearing Ol s WALTON AND SONS Office: 475 EIm Sheer Lehigh Valley An'IhraciIe Amhersf Builders Supply 8: CoaI Corp. Phone WA- 5"" 5214 MAIN STREET wlLLlAMsvu.LE, N Y Plaza 5064 Universify 388I Made Fresh Daily Sfolrer Coal Smolreless Coal Bifummous Flowers For Everybody S. A. ANDERSON. INC. Established 1892 RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION A PROFESSION F L O R I S T 555 Main Sfreef Bu'FIaIo 3, N. Y. Cleveland 2887 - 2988 Greenhouses - Farnham, N. Y. 4287 Mem Shed AM' 7484 CONGRATLLATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I95I Presideni-George Hurd Vice-Presidenl'-Marieanne Jensen Secrelary-Nancy Beard Treasurer-Mary Lou Henderson Z-T X f Zi, , M5535 1 Cf MSKJ J? STUDENT COUNCIL Phone HU. 3I52 ANCHOR CONCRETE PRODUCTS INC. POPE'S MARKET Z:dFIlTr:eIf EgeI:2:+:f QuaIi+y Meafs and Poulfry and Sand - Gravel Bloclrs 2450 WILLIAM STREET BUFFALO 6, N. Y. I2 126' Complimenfs of READ MOTORS CO., INC. Gnnnnugnmcimc Ranges YOU' Dealer Refrigeraiors Television Complefe Parfsand Service HYGRADE INDUSTRIES INC. Kensingfon Corner HarIem Snyder, N. 566I Main Sfreef PL. 5000 No we I'1aven'+'I'I1is model! .T AMHERST RECREATION .I I I I -bui' gowll te For Be'He Bow ing 'ke af 1 e .-. ,- ' rms.. .,. ,Cf Bowl Af fure we do carry. f W H 5365 Main Sfreei WiIIiamsviIIe N Y. Q NI Pf Phone PL. 9832 I. W BOWIIWQ Billiards HOUSEHOLD OUTFITTING CO. 575 Main 345 Broadway Remember - HEINTZ MOBIL SERVICE MAIN AND HARLEM SNYDER. N. Y. VON'S SUPER MARKET 4575 MAIN STREET SNYDER. N. Y. ARTHUR L. BECK CI1ar+ered Life Underwriier Nafional Life of Vermon+ I850- I95l ROBERT L. GREEN EMPLOYMENT AGENCY Complimenfs of 207 LAFAYETTE BLDG. A Beginning Posifions For Sfenographers, Clerk-Typisfs, Bookkeepers and File Clerks Downiown and Norlh Buffalo MA 3940 C I' I I omp 'men S O Congraiulaiions +o The Class of I95I From SNYDER GARAGE and SERVICE STATION F. B. Ludwig, Prop. GAMMA PHI SIGMA Presidenl-Howard Robbins Vice-Presidenf-Roy Fowler Treasurer+lay Beck Corresponding Sec.--Russ Harfer Secreiary-Bob Monroe Pledge Masier-Bob Payne 4506 Main Slreel Phone UN. 98I8 Chaplain-John O,-H, Snyder, New York HERBERT F. DARLING GENERAL CONTRACTORS Williamsville, New York TOWN OF AMHERST OFFICIALS OFFER BEST wlsHEs TO THE MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF T951 Supervisor - Eduard F. Meiz Councilman Edgar T. Barlh D. Russell Conway Fred G. Muck Harry H. Schell Town A'Horney-Leland G. Davis Receiver of Taxes-Lawrence H. Hamilfon Town Clerk-Harry R. Jones Superinfenclenr of Highways-T. Theodore Jenxen Theodore E. Smifh Jr. - Jus+ices of The Peace - Charles A. Hehl I2 19.8 COMPLIMENTS DiBELLO PONTIAC Wesiern New York's Oldesi 8: Largesi Poniiac Dealer l275 Main Sireei' Phone- A1' Norihampion Summer 2000 B. and J. POLLUTRO, Inc. wHoLesALe eaoceks 808 Main Sfreef Buffalo, N. Y. Purveyors fo Hofels, Insriruiions, Hospiials, and lndusirial Cafeferias Complimen+s of WIESE FLORIST SNYDER BUFFALO 4545 Main Sireef Washingfon Mariner coNsTRucTloN. INC. UN 7403 WA W ,gxx fy! fa: : - f . f Q1 can f 1 ee Roi. 1 We . ' QI'-l-.2 ll?-1 U23 Xxpiirb J Y A O Y THE AMHERST BEE The Official Paper of Amhersf With a Weekly Column of Amhersf Cenfral News Fine Job Prinfing - Smarf, Personalized Sfaiionery - Personalized Maiches and Napkins WILLIAMSVILLE LUMEN R. HAWS CO. 609 Roof Building 86 W. Chippewa Sireef, Buffalo, N. Y. Manufacfurers of School and Fraiernify Jewelry Diamonds Wafches Trophies 1 H 'f- 5 ,QL 36 Q QE it 3 v. ,.1 mf Q ffl 3? -34 gy. f 15 w. 5-r 1 5 ii Vi ii E ri 33 rs 4f 55 W 'Q 3 3 55 f 5 T4 x at V2 ii 55 fi 5 54 si E ci 2 fi 5? 3 5 2 51 fl 5. E? Wwffiumwf , Qfliayfywm 5G ?WM , - - s W 12 'iv fi af JE ,, , Lf r. , f C - ' .Q , .., .1- fy ' I 3 ,-

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