Amherst Central High School - Tower Yearbook (Amherst, NY)

 - Class of 1950

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Amherst Central High School - Tower Yearbook (Amherst, NY) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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nf .-1,- w . ff, f 1 .4 .ff .:, AlJyQ,i,LfZ J., , XX , xf ?,fo7Lffl1 Af1f5 '4'f xx ' f x 7. 1' I' ' V X34 m j . wff .gif , JT' Xl , Li! . .5 F! wx 1 sn g N-,gm-. if 1,14 ,X v I' , k - f 'S p A ,. , n-+ ,,. : v wks -1, . 9 -.. Vx'- . -5 44 - 1. ,. ,Q . ,K+ 1 ink Xxaf :xxx . 1 ' ... ,gf H1 AM, I , , , - -1 Ag V. 4 , t n i' ,. .'j. N4 . mg, 1 , . 1 1. IQ ,- - - ,, A 2 .L , . x nv 'wax' , .1 A '- , 3 , . . i L '. ' - v- .. as ' g .r L - y,,, .- L ,.u wr., ef' ae - - f Q -u f . . ,A-. ' X ' 1' . ywf - H45 q- , X -2 12: . V 1 XL 'iz 5- . Ai, I I .,, Q cv 5 -4 .a :Q . .1 , . in 4. , gl 'Q Q , .N L., I , - M, ' X 1 Si Y 1 '12 36 3 fs if gl. gl if' : Q , 3' if ' 'lv if 5 ,xv . ,J 1 tif 4 fi . '3 g Q, , 3- , . , 1? 45, 1? 1-P , .gg a lg i f .M +. J ,Si '5 23. Z gs- , ,E L AL? a -KY 1 ' Ei ' 1,12 , ,gh 2 , ,.,. is Ii ' 1+ -63 . if L ge S ,Z 1 'K 1, 1 5 Q? ,, if .I 5-. 31 22, I 2 g 'ri 2 5 X gs i X125 v J '3 Z, A 1, .31 fi E A ' 1 I : . I 1 4 fi 3, I 3774 5 Q3 -1 3':? ries 2,51 X . 5 H - 4 Af I ., ., V., Y ,L sv - f i 'xx 1.52, J? Q 'z ! XFX:-313'-x 3 we if 95 'nl' ,f awe' 1.1.4 2n':i'1f aN5'33g' 2 ff 2' 'Q 'ai I E Q i ,B . ': Pi .,tjg,' 'Q ff xf' L L, L , . l . 1 Y 4? 'Qwz-va ?wf2nz-swims 'SKC AL SEXN XCE Saixomk 9sXyoXa1zXu N153 PAX.-BXAEKXC P-Tx YEPAKBOOXQ CKX A F f fi, .,', QL 'JF 4 f' gf . f ' 91901 hs u-lu is mvnraul f.u.mA SA-.Mm ' , dm fum U ln m05,.1u.,.- of ,- Klint Maas 1049! 'Bmw M., Y.,,x,.,.,u cmx 05 .M 14 'm 0 Mimmom, Sdwmx nf Lmrmlmm ll' NXY5 If in uh Twmmy-nindw an Pfm ,MmmQm- ou du Umm,- A,, .4 140.-.,.A-.f, 1949. ,, M .nw ,.,...w,.,f . .u,.,,.f mv rw , - ,aww M 09' ' ' ' T . 7,0-:,, , , ii? Wet .wvkvf v-mvhv' Pink Q EX Llbris TOWER TOWER The TOWER SENIOR PUBLICATION OE THE CLASS OE 1950 AMHERST CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL SNYDER, NEW YORK Z Em Xmas ,,., -gm, 4 9 .. 1, N Q am wang: . if .Q-? kj A XM X 'ffl f .agggfih aw wk -5 X 'X 5 . 1 . -iwsiw' Q- ...,.M. ' yr .K A Aww , , i'f3'Q'm: ,,.. M ....... ,bt w . N . . A - i g . 'ax I L ,.,:, A N .... .mm . ff ' , if' . . 'Q 33 . 5 ,i z A ' x . 5 ' l y 'I 5 xii i Q' 3. X if in is if .ig N , ..,.. S ..... 5. . , . ., , 2 V 51 xi , 5, 3 Q .. . I iw K K was QQ. iw .Q gr-R 'pgnsnmww A if . nav ,x X ,.,,,Q,, - awaken 1 fa- 'Nu ...un 1 Q Xigg ...X xmiwwx iam.. wr Jw xW X M A -....,Sw..w-Q-w-Q--ww e lx., K . 5-8 ' iraxv' J 1. ,.....4o.ef' mv-me-1 Q TOWER Foreword O the students of Amherst, a typical day is likened to a menu of a full course dinner. Each individual makes a selection suited to his particular taste. There are those who are content with only snacks, there are those who do not eat well or the proper food and those who need treatment for indigestion, namely our failing students. However, most of us love to eat and eat well of the educational food served with such finesse, taste, and attraction by our faculty of waiters. Cf course we are not all connoisseurs of the best, but the students seem to know when they are satisfied. Our seventh and eighth graders may be compared to appetizers. Our freshman class is served soup which introduces them to their formal dinner. A healthful salad is presented to our sophomores. To the hungry juniors, we give our main course. The senior class is offered the dessert. We might call our post-graduates the after dinner mints. Anything added to the dinner by means of culture, background or enter- tainment is easily procured on our Amherst menu. The music department exhibits their skills in the provision of background music through singing, band, and orchestral selections. Dramatic organizations furnish varied enter- tainment. Students are thus enabled through education to carry on interesting topics of conversation to further the pleasant effects and digestion of their meal. Much of the seasoning of our dinner comes through the numerous extra- curricular activities in which our students participate. These all help to increase the Amherst appetites. May the theme of the 1950 Tower offer food for thought and memories of another year at Amherst Central High School. Stuff-Me THE Amherst menu is portrayed by our mythical character, the STUFF-ME. He typilies any student participating in classes and activi- ties during the school year. The STUFF-ME has grown fat on the food served by our educational staff. 4 THE Senior Class has chosen Mr. Edwin C. Mustard as the most deserving teacher in 1950. During his six years at Amherst, he has won the respect and co-operation of many students hoth in and out of his history classes. His attitude toward us has reflected his keen interest in our welfare and that of the entire school. His outstanding intelligence and capable performance as a teacher have won him the dedication of the TOWER. N K ff 1 1 ' m o o W Af! DCd1C3t1OH is gf , X ,J 5 K TOWER EXECUTIVE STAFF TCWER Editor MARION GOODWIN Business Manager BOB STAHL Assistant Editors INGRID BEYER, MARILYN DAVEY Subscription Manager JEAN CHAMBERS Advertising Manager MARILYN MARCHAND Assistant Advertising Managers ROBERT GECKLER, BETTY CALLAIIAN Publicity Manager MARY BRYDON Assistant Publicity Manager DORIS JONES Boys' Sports Editor DON HALLER Assistant Boys' Sports Editor ROBERT COGHILL Girls' Sports Editor SALLY REED Art Editors ELAINE ARNOLD, ROBERT BUDIN Photography Editor ROGER MUELLER Photography Staff VVILLIAM JONES, VUILLIAM BOA, DAVID JONES Secretary JAYNE HUEBER Typists ELLEN MCCARTHY, ANNE WENDT Faculty Adviser MR. ROBERT HOLDER TOWER EXECUTIVE Fin: row: Bob Coghill, Jean Chambers, Marie Tambacas, Jan Beard, Elaine A-mold, Marion Good- win, Bob Stahl, Don Haller, Roger Mueller. Second row: Mary Brydon, Shirley Kaufman, Betty Callahan, June McMillan, Ellen McCarthy, Jayne Hueber, Ingrid Beyer. Third row: MarIlyn Marchand, Sally Reed. 6 TOWER STAFF STAFF TOWER GENERAL STAFF First row: janet Linkner, Helen Eisenmann, Marline Kramer, June Frohe, Marilyn Pease, Sue Mosier, Dorothy McAndrew, Barbara Smith, Nanette Howell, Robert Stahl, Marion Goodwin, Ingrid Beyer, Lois Zierk, Waudell Kostenbader, Jayne Hueber, Doris Linendoll, Geraldine Haen, Marge Ihlenfeld, Ellen McCarthy. Second row: Agnes Stahley, Norma Graser, Cecelia Thuman, Beverly Leighton, Audrey Munro, Verna Denzel, Donna Ott, Doris Jones, Rita Weser, Doreen Simon, Nancy Cram, Shirley Ihrig, Evelyn Brese, Marilyn Clark, Jean Finkbeiner, Theresa Jarvis, Barbara Dohn, Norma Green, Phyllis Ryber. Third row: Joy Kaiser, Helen Whitehead, June Mc- Millan, Sally Stettenbenz, Jill Keefe, Arlene Beck, Marilyn Geyer, Sally Reed, Joan Lacke, Marge Sullivan, Marlyn Brustad, Harriet Crewson, Diana Heywood, Anne Wendt, Arlene Goldstone, Carol Leighbody, Jean Chambers, Deborah Nicolls, Lucille Pancoe. Fourlh row: Joy Pollock, Paul Archam- beau, Dick Schaller, Elaine Arnold, Marge Boulden, Shirley Kaufman, Marilyn Marchand, Sally Chamberlain, Mary Brydon, Nancy Davis, Betty Callahan, Jan Beard, Olga Davison, Marie Tambacas, Saylee Urig, Barbara Kurtz, Donald Lutz, Chris Simon. Fifth row: Dick Drake, Bob Woods, Gerald Swanson, Ronald Barclay, Don Haller, Bob Budin, Bob Coghill, Dave Jones, Bill jones, Don Wood- w th B b G kl P ' ' ' ' or , o ec er, aul Zierk, Barry Cahill, john Howlett, Roger Mueller, Bill Boa, Dick Boyce, Don Frey. This year was a busy one for the members of the Tower staff. Their activities, all of which culminated in the production of this yearbook, included the sale of Christmas wrapping papers, a subscription drive for three months in the fall, and many afternoons of .hard work and fun in room 220. The editors wish to extend their thanks to Mr. Holder for his able direction and to all of the staff for the time and effort they sacrificed to make this 1950 Tower. Marion Goodwin - Edizor Robert Stahl - Business Manager To W E R TOWER ZH HIEWQRZZIHI BE SWA MR. BENJAMIN SWAN Mr. Benjamin Swan, official Tower photographer for many years, passed away Sunday, January fifteenth. Mr. Swan was well known to all Amherst students for his good humor and brisk efliciency. His untimely death was deeply regretted. 8 wk 2' x XT M, , .W - A S' 1 fx. V Q fm - M, 5 JT . 1 3 ,f if Jw 24 ii 1 mm , W ,M Snr win: ,Q g .x - X -ww.-1 f. .. , T K is N 12. X .. , . g Kg A x gt X as N' ll ll ll lx 'Ill i S'::,,.W,g fl kwi 5 L at XL nw ,X. s TQ Y A 1 W 1, QP ,X V 'D fy S Q Q 3 ii :-gig. .,,' 1551 -A' if if i IN? l 3 2 2 2 HQ H 53 sa ,L www 2 www Q 0 B' 9 55 E :six if 0' , A sf, ,f Q 122 gi , gg, 5 R 1 . ,v . in ww 3 QR Q HEAD WAITER MR. CARL MINICH Director of Adult Edzicazicm and of Slziiieni Acziviiies Mr. Carl Minich supervises the evening educa- tional activities at Amherst, but he also maintains con- tact with the students of Amherst through his job as Director of Student Activities. As such he formulates school policies relating to activities and gives assist- ance to faculty members and pupils in the smooth running of extra-curricular pursuits. TOWER MR. JOHN D. SCHELLER Assistant Principal Our assistant principal, Mr. Scheller, is noted for his friendly and warm attitude toward the entire student body. As head waiter, his responsibilities include deliver- ing appetizing meals and supervising our faculty of waiters. His eflicient adminis- trative ability and diplomatic personality have won respect, admiration, and praise from us all. MRS. EMMA COYER School Name Mrs. Coyer, our school nurse, has the important task of co-ordinating the schools health activities and conduct- ing annual health checl-cups for all of the students. MR. ALAN SCHAEFER Attendance Ofceff Mr. Alan Schaefer, attendance officer, has the necessary position of checking our absentees and issuing various passes throughout the school year. Mr. Schaefer's other duties include coaching Freshman basketball and junior Varsity football. He capably and cheerfully accomplishes these jobs for the beneht of the student body. MR. CHARLES LEXER School Clerk Mr. Charles Lexer is this year's newly appointed School District Clerk. The Board of Education created this position because the handling of Amherst's business affairs was becoming more detailed and was consuming too much of Mr. Schweickhard's valuable time. 13 TOWER Y i 2 CAFETERIA STAFF Left to right: Mrs. Brunner, Mrs. Brumm, Mrs. Haffa, Mrs. Dobson, Mrs. Kincaid, Miss Beale. OFFICE STAFF Lefl lo right: Mrs. Viola Hunt, Mrs. Imogene Amo, Miss Marilyn ZCUUCT, Miss Carol Higgins, Mrs. Lillian Hatter. TO WE R MRS. VERONICA MACAULEY Dietician Many thanks are given to our cafeteria staff of women and students who work under the supervision of Mrs. Veronica Macauley. They have been respon- sible for the delicious and healthful menus served daily in our Cafeteria. CAFE STAFF Fin! row: Jerry Gertis, Leonard james, Ronald Huebel, Barney Hamilton. Second row: Bob Sinthal, Bob Famer, Don Reckseen, George Whitney. Third row: Paul Havins, Arthur Hall, Gordon Kamon, Bob Wingert. Not pictured: Rhoda Hunt. ohh , f Eur ,eo 4 mkgx .511 rf, I .S 1 . M. W, . , ,. .X .1 A: -.33.-gil-,::.5 .. . f- i I er K, S, ' 2- 3 , , ww NV' , nk A Xa ii ' X' ' ., Q A . an ,K KN -. 4 : ',..I-:E Q, , I 2.1 ' as ig 1. wa? Q :ky - A Q! '- 7 K msg,-fn f N ?Nk,. iv y L. if 3 .X L ' J .gap . rx. E- E:?'k -.fx-':--+.,.- 5: 4 K .. Nw g, , . X..L +A ,Q v Q A S ww -gisi iff: Qs 4 3 .. ' i f i N . , X V ' ? ,. .ff A 4 35 352 5 S x f XA Q xv N Q5 Q ig Q Q Q N X Q vrx K Q fi X X E 2 X X 3- K Q ' , v Q 'ki Q 5-ez? Q .L is :E .9 5 'QEM 'Z .- - x - L! Q L Ti? ffwififi '1 , S-Q-'QQ 9 h y MP . ' - MNC QQQQSQ? v -'Qf? E:'. ' ' , 15, - . - , LL:.L AmAA x 47 A mix- I v.':3X .X 3 'EY K . My If'-W i ii - HJ- xx Q 1. Q ,. nts fig, Q g f BETTY ACKLEY ELIZABETH AREND JAMES C. BABBIT LAWRENCE G. BENSON MILTON E. BERGMAN Phynml Edufanon Szience Muxic Geometry Playfical Educalion WALTER G. BLISH HERMAN BOWMAN MARION BUTT MARGARET CARNAHAN MYRTLE CHRISTENSEN 9th Grade Mathematxcr General Scrence Busineu Librarian Arg ENOCH BLACKWELL Ir. High Aiathemalin WILLIAM CORNELL Speedy and Drumatiu THE A HERST WA ITERS ABRAHAM CETCHER MARY D'AMIgo IWARGEBY FACKLAM THERESA FITZGIBBONS JOHN GELSINGER MARGUERITE GRIMAL Snenue and Dmzng Latin and Englub .Sczence 81h Grade Socml Studie! Englilh French LILLIAN GRUENER MOIRAM HALEY ROBERT HALM EALEAN HANNEL ROBERTS HETTLER ELENORA HILDEIIRAND Bruinwf Sofia! Smdiex Buunen and Librarian Pbymul Education Home Economic: TOWER American Hinory ELEANOR HEUSER ROBERT HOLDER ISABEL HUSBAND MARGARET JOSEPH EUGENE KAzA MARTHA KILPELA Spanish Socml Studie! Pbyfical Education and Englifh Muxic Englixb, Reading and Science jr. High Malbemalicr FREDERICK KOCH MABEL KOLLOFF RICHARD LAPE MASON J. MARTIN Jr. High Awbemazicf Englnh and Reading jol-IN KRESTIC Science lnduxtrial Am DONALD MUNsoN Muxic Guidance Difector D ITRESSES EDWIN C. MUSITARD VIRGINIA NAUGHTON JANET NICOSIA EDWARD ORGEK ARTHUR PANKOW ROBERT PARR Social Studie: Englixb Buxineu and Typing Induxtrial Art: Social Studie! 1ndunrialAru ROBERT PATELUNA5 JOSEPH PATTI ELTON PETERSEN EVA POLSTER ROBERT POMEROY DOROTHY PURDY Drwing jr. High Englirb Cheminry jr. High Social Studia Social Sludiel General Science 17 TOWER WALTER REITZ GERTRUDE RIX GERALDINE ROESCH BASIL ROSENBERRY ROBERT ROWLEN ALICE SCHAFER Muna Engliyb An Mathematic: Mathematic: 811: Grade Englifb ROBERT SCHONEWOLF ARTHUR SCHUCHARDT MARION SIMPSQN VIRGINIA SMITH MARTHA S. STAPLETON N1151, STILLMAN Aiedaanmzl Drawing Mazhemazicx Home Economxu Home Econafmcx Englixb Industrial Am AITERS AND WAITRESSES Not Pirlured THOMAS TIERNEY GLENN UNGERER DOROTHY VOLGENAU ELSIE WMLDOW MRS. IJORRAINE jr, High Muzbemalicx Playurx Eflgllih 5051115 SUU-IVAN HUBERT WILKINS GRACE WITTIG WILLIAM WRATTEN MARGARET DEMBKOWSKI MRS. LILLIAN HARTER German Home Economiu Phyfiml EdIlMli0fl Aff TOWER BOARD OF EDUCATIO MANAGERS i . l I mamma -, asm Lefl 10 right KZVOIIPNI tabfe: Mr, Philip A, Schweickhard, Principal, Mr. Charles Lexer, School Clerk, Mr. Willianm F. Phillips, Treasurer, Mr. Theodore L. Masterson, Acting President, Mr. joseph F. Seitz, Mr. Kenneth Hornburg, Mrs. Ruth M. Brown. rllemlzcfri nor prr11zmd,' Mr, Walter P. Geyer, Vice-President, Mrs. W. W. Hamilton. STUDE T COUNCIL Fifi! max' Judy Leach, -Ioan Davey, Donna Clark, Carol Cahill, Karen Siegfried. Carol Leighbody, Nan Hart, Robert Budin, Lois Zierk, Martin Meidel, Mary Lou Fiscus, June Breu, Arlene Steger. Mary Lou Henderson. Secomf max' Audry Miller, Irene Houtz, Dawn Koch, Phyllis Tozier, -lane Poland, Cynthia Craney, Ann Lucker, Donna Stage, Marie Tambacus, jan Beard, Marilyn Marchand, Amy Hoover, Linda Hauck, Nancy Evans. Third mira' William W'right, jack Sorenson, Robert Geyer, Richard Fredrick, Henry Sperry, Dick Bouley. john Glock, Paul Domroes, Roy Fowler, Fred Fisher, Leo Barnes Russell Harter Gtry Runkcl, Dalc Cast F . k L l' l F I ., , c 1 - A o, ran' om warc o. UNVI7 i'nu'.' Philip Nader, Howard jones, john Orth, Robert Dickson, Robert Wiley, George Ramsey, George Hurd, Robert Woods, Richard Schaller, jack Foley. Under the guidance of Mr. Minich, Marilyn Marchand, Richard Schaller, and the oflicers, this years Student Council has worked on many proiects for the bc-nent of Amherst Central. The Constitution was revised and By-laws were added. A new system was started in which all school activities are chartered under the Council, Also, the G 5 7 membership was narrowed down to one representative from each homeroom in order Q , Q to have a more workable Council. Next year a handbook will be available to acquaint u H LJ - new students with Amherst's ways. Other activities of the Student Council were spon- 'QJ LJ 17 soring drives, campaigns, and the annual Christmas party. x ' , The ofhcers were as follows: President, Robert Buding Vice-President, l.ois Zierkg my I g 1 'X 4 TK Secretary, Nan Hart. and Treasurer, Martin Meidel, The capable advisers were Mrs. ' 15, Husband and Mr. Rosenberry. 19 roxvea M js -1 ,Q -f. . ::, w 5 , as ,, m A 15? Q igfgi ' ' 0... Q novo 33 n u.: 'Q 1 ms. Q WA O M l , sm: A , 2 Sn V X ex ' A WY. 'iz . QA, iff? , ,. Q5 1 - F' 1 K I 5' f, gi sie . WW- . fy 4 ' I , -0 YV . 9 L L' is 1 1 rv Q Q , .. Ji jr' if 52 aw ik? ., we K 'V W4 - Qi? xx X8 qi 5 ANL, ,: A ,y . Q WW? ' ,ew x .:E:?.Qf':'-:riff '351:.::'- ,wvi LQ Tfff- 'K wi f . I if fi pi 1 3 p U is, Q Lky, V? G. LA , X 1 lg .ix i A, ,a m- 1 , 1 ,Tr K it Q' -Qf K X Q Ng, za ti-Qnty -, Ll + - -. una: 1 : , ' 'i .. 7 .LM 1: Q - . M! lg -8 ,M .- f. 5 X 4 wlk lb 5 - UF' W 4339, V A ' A R39 it xg ,MQ QQQFEN V' - X A sf, Ra Kr v 355: , g x 'mr--wr A ' fi f , 4 A ,Sifrf fi' f as 'X-m Q ilk , ,sffufi fgi f as L,f. 5 kk ,,A ilu 2' I .gg , I Aix ri- A3' 1' , - .Z I 1 if Q Q 2 W 21, ii 2 f, ,.f, Tp X? is 31 vs 5 5 2 x ,fx Y! if T? , . fe f'?,Qgu'?4 5 'E ling' ?g S133 'J' 5 H535 . 3 . 3, 5 4. -SIREN S 'ir 'S E TOWER 10115 ' I l ALBERT ACKER FRED ADLER RICHARD ALBERT WILLIAM ANTHONY PAUL ARCHAMBEAU Alphie Fred Dick Bill Archie I. V. Basketball 1, 2 Chorus 2, 3, 4 Kensington High School 1, 2 Football 2, 3, 4 Interscholastic junior Play 3 Bowling 3, 4 lnterscholastic Iarsity Basketball 3, 4 Dramatics Club 4 Interscholastic Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4 Interscholastic Senior Play 4 Interscholastic Iarsity Cross-Country 3 Wrestling Club 3 Tennis 2, 3 4 itudent Council 3 Intramural Chorus 1, 2 Projection Crew 2, 3 Stage Crew 4 Rifle Club 2 German Club 2, 3, 4 Class Vice-President 4 Student Council 1, 2, 3 Class Treasurer 2 French Club 2, 3 Junior Prom Committee 3 Tower 4 GERALD BARR CLARENCE BATT JAMES BATT SHIRLEY BAUMGART G erry Red Jim Shir! Student Council I Baseball 2, 3 4 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Soccer 1, 2, 3,4 22 JAN BEARD Ian Soccer I, 2, 4 Hockey 3 Basketball l, 3, 4 Badminton 3, 4 Baseball 3, 4 I Water Follies 2, 3, 4 Swimming Team 2 i Student Council l, 3, 4 Girls' Sports Council Treasurer 3 Girls' Sports Council President 4 Junior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Spanish Club 2, 3 Tatler 3, 4 Tower 4 junior Prom Committee 3 1950 ELAINE ARNOLD KENNETH BACHMAN PATRICIA BACKMAN JAMES BAME Elaine Doc Pat lim Soccer 1, 2, 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Kenmore High School 1, 2, 3 Swimming 2, 3, 4 Hockey 1, 2, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Spanish Club 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2 Boys' High-Y 4 Swimming Team 1, 2, 3, 4 Tower 4 Water Follies 1, 2, 3, 4 Drum Ma jorette 2, 3, 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Dance Club 1, 2, 4 Tatler 3, 4 Art Editor Tower 4 Art Editor President Art Club 4 Head of Acrobatic Club 4 junior Prom Committee 3 Baseball 1, 2 Musical Comedy E l ARLENE BECK CARL BECK RONALD BELLER CYNTHIA BENDER Ar Cafrlor Ronnie Cynie Sacred Heart Academy 1, 2 Stage Crew 1 Rifle Club 1 Senior Play Committee 4 Mixed Chorus 3 Spanish Club 2 Hi-Y 3, 4 Sports Council 4 Girls' Chorus 3 Tatler 4 Lafayette High School 1, 2, 3 Choir 4 Tower 4 Tatler 4 Tower Bazaar 4 junior Prom Committee 3 junior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 23 RONALD BARCLAY Ron Orchestra 2, 3, 4 Senior Play 4 Tower 4 Spanish Club 1, 2, 3 INGRID BEYER I nky Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, Tennis 3, 4 Water Follies 2, 4 Baseball 3, 4 Girls' Swimming Team 2, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Dance Festival 1 Badminton 2, 3, 4 Hockey 1, 2, Junior Play 3 junior Prom Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Class Secretary 1 Student Council 1 Honor Society 3, 4 German Club lg Tatler 2, 3, 4 Amherst Usher Service Club l Tower 4 - Assistant Editor Tower Bazaar 4 French Club 2, 3, 4 Dramatics Club 3, 4 SE ORS ELAINE BLACK DONALD BLAIR WILLIAM BOA BEATRICE BOTTOMLEY MARJORIE BOULDEN Elaine Don Web Bea Marge Basketball 3 4 Football 3 junior Play Director 3 Swimming Team 2, 3 Water Follies 1 Water Follies Committee 3 Athletic Club Senior Play Committee 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2 lumor Play Committee 3 Dramatics Club 3, 4 Girls' Sports Council 2 Soccer 1, 2 senlor Play 4 Projection Crew 1, 2, 3 Tower 4 Hockey 1, 2 ibrary Club I 2 Tatler 4 , Water Follies 2 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 Jerman Club 1 2 3 Tower 4 Drum Majorette 2, 3, 4 .urls Hi Y 2 3 4 Tower Bazaar 4 String Orchestra 1, 2, 3 4 Writers Club 1 Stage Crew 4 String Quartet 1, 2, 3, 4 junior Play Committee 3 Senior Play 4 Girls' Sports Council 3 Spanish Club 1, 2 Girls' Hi-Y 4 Tatler 4 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Honor Society 4 JAMES BRUSO MARLYN BRUSTAD S lazmy Many Swimming 3 4 Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club 2 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3 4 Cafeteria 2 Water Follies 2, 3, 4 Badminton 2, 3, 4 Basketball Referee 3, 4 Baseball 3 Spanish Club 2, 3 Tower 4 Tatler 4 Swimming Team 4 MARY BRYDON Lighming junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Junior Prom Committee 3 Newspaper Club 1, 2, 3 Newspaper Club Editor 4 Tatler 3, 4 Assistant Editor of Tatler 3 Tower Publicity Manager 4 Library Club 1, 2, 3 Chorus I, 2, 3 Choir 1, 2, 3 Honor Society 4 24 JOHN BUCKREIS ROBERT BUDIN Bugk Boodeen Cross-Country 3, 4 TCHFUS 2, 3, 4 Football 2 Cross-Country 4 Junior Play 3 J. V: Football 2 Cafeteria 3 JUUIOY Plav 3 German Club 2 Dramatics Club 3, 4 Bgxing 1 Student COUIICII 2 Wrestling I Treasurer of Student Oratorical Contest 3, 4 Council 3 President of Student Council 4 Spanish Club 3 Tower 4 Art Clubs 4 Tatler 4 Honor Society 4 1950 DONALD BOULEY RICHARD BOYCE MERWYN BRASNICK Don Dick Bmz Soccer 3, 4 Junior Play Committee 3 Tl'fiCk 2 i Senior Play Committee 4 Soccer 3, 4 Stage Crew 4 Spanish Club 2 Tower 4 Tatler 4 V EVELYN BRESE Breezie Chorus 1, 3 Senior Play Committee 4 junior Play Committee 3 French Club 2, 3 Library Club 1, 2 Tower 4 Honor Society 4 HAROLD BROWN Harry BARRY CAHILL ELIZABETH CALLAHAN SALLY CHAMBERLAIN Barry Tennis 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Student Council 3 Tower 4 ' Betty Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Sports' Council 1 Dance Club 1 Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4 Soccer 1, 3, 4 Water Follies 2, 3, 4 Swimming Team 2 Badminton 3, 4 Tennis 33 Baseball 2, 3 Mixed Chorus 1, 2 Senior Play Committee 4 Class President 2 Class Secretary 4 French Club 2, 3, 4 Tatler 2, 3, 4, Tower 4 junior Prom Committee 3 Amards 4 Sal Soccer 1 Basketball 3, 4 Water Follies 3, 4 Sports Council 2 Junior Prom Committee 3 junior Play Committee 3 Tower 4 Spanish Club 1 25 1 i , 1 'ii Q.. Q, . or JEAN CHAMBERS Jeanne Baseball 4 Hockey 2, 4 Soccer 2 Soccer Referee 4 Basketball 3, 4 Water Follies Committee 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1 Senior Play Committee 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Tower 4 Spanish Club 2 Basketball Referee 3, 4 BEATRICE CIMINELLI Bea Badminton 3 Baseball 1, 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 Volleyball 3, 4 Sports Council 3 Tatler 4 , . ml' SEN IORS WILLIAM CLAPPER Bill Kensington High School 1 Chorus 3, 4 Spanish Club 2, 3 Biology Club 4 Tower 4 NANCY DAVIS Nan Basketball 2, 3, 4 Soccer 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 2, 3 junior Play 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Dramatics Club 3, 4 MARILYN CLARK Mar Pasadena City College 3 South Broward 3 Badminton 2, 4 Basketball 4 Dance Club 4 Soccer 4 Chorus 2 Senior Play Committee 4 Biology Club 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Spanish Club 2 Tower 4 Tatler 4 OLGA DAVISON Olga Water Follies Committee 3 Basketball Referee 3, 4 Badminton 3, 4 Water Follies 1, 2 Swimming Team 2 Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4 Soccer 1, 2 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Chorus 2 Senior Play Committee 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Tower 4 Tatler 2, 4 Girls' Hi-Y 3 French Club 3, 4 PAUL CLARK CARL CLEMENTS ROBERT COGHILL Paul Clem Bob J. V. Swimming Team 2 West Deer Twp. High Soccer 2 Soccer Team 3, 4 School 1, 2, 3 Tf2ClC 1, 2, 3 Football 4 Boys' Hi-Y 3, 4 Baseball 4 Tatler 3, 4 Tatler Business Manager 4 Tower Assistant Sports Editor 4 JAMES DECKER DONALD DEICHMANN VERNA DENZEL Jim Slug Verna Kensington High School 1, 2 Cross-Country 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Tennis 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Baseball 4 Honor Society 4 Soccer 2, 3, 4 Hockey 2, 3, 4 Water Follies 1, 2, 4, Swimming Team 2, 3 l Sports Council 2, 3 Tower 4 Minstrel Show 2 Talent Show 2 26 l 1950 l I NANCY CRAM Nan soccer l, 2 laseball 1, 2, 3, 4 iwimming Team 1, 2, 4 Lenior Play Committee 4 Tatler 4 'ower 4 Water Follies l, 2,4 KENNETH CRAMPTON HARRIET CREWSON DONALD DAIGLER MARILYN DAVEY Ken Happy Butch Marifyn S0fCer1,2,5,4 Baseball 1,2,3,4 B ff 1 5 ' 1 Basketball 3, 4 Bzikztgalirgylzary Water Follies 1, 2, ,3 4 Soccer 2, 3 Badminton 3, 4 Choir 1 Musical Comedy 1 junior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 Tower 4 Tatler 2, 4 Swimming Team 3 Badminton 2, 3, 4 Chorus 3 Student Council 3, 4 Assistant Editor of Tower 4 French Club 2, 3, 4 Girls' Chorus 3 Tower Bazaar 4 ROBERT DICKSON ROBERT DIEHI. Difko Orcar 'oss-Country l, 2 Varsity Golf 1, 2 tccer 3, 4 Spanish Club 3 fimming Team 2, 3, 4 German Club 2 -nnis 3, 4 ident Council 3, 4 mor Society 3, 4 BARBARA DOHN Barbie Kenmore junior High School 1 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Badminton 2, 3, 4 Chorus 2, 3, 4 Girls' Hi-Y 2, 3,4 Vice-President Girls' Hi-Y 4 Vice-President French Club 2 French Club 2, 3 Junior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Tower 4 27 WILLIAM L. DOLLEY PAUL DOMROES Bill Paul Bennett High School 1 Soccer 3 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Class President 3 Student Council 4 SENIORS RICHARD DRAKE MARILYN DUNN DONALD EASON PHYLLIS EDIGHOFFER HELEN EISENMANN Dick Mar Don Play! Hel Stage Crew 1, 2, 3 Chorus 3, 4 Soccer 3 Senior Play Committee 4 3Cfm21H C11-lb 2, 3, 4 Operetta 4 Basketball 3, 4 Spanish Club 1 Radio Club 2, 3, 4 Biology Club 4 Volleyball 3, 4 German Club 3, 4 President of Radio Club 3 Orchestra 3 Tower 4 junior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Library Club 2 ALEXA FORNEY DONALD FREY Lucky D011 Fairfax High School 1, 2, 3 Swimming 2 Tatler 4 Rifle Club 1 Senior Play 4 Tower 4 Water Follies 4 JUNE FROHE Iurzie Baseball 3, 4 Hockey Z, 3, 4 Soccer 2, 4 Basketball 1, 3, 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Junior Play Committee 3 Library Club 1, 2 Tower 4 Tatler 4 28 ROBERT GECKLER Bob Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Vice-President of Band 4 Dance Band 3, 4 Basketball Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 Junior Play Committee 3 Student Council 3 German Club 2, 3, 4 Tower 4 Boys' Hi-Y 3,4 Vice-President of Hi-Y 4 Vice-President of German Club 4 President of German Club 4 President of Biology Club 4 President of Orchestra 4 Honor Society 4 Pinafore 4 JACQUE GEORGER lack Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Soccer 3, 4 Rifle Club 1 P 1950 .f ' . 1 f' J s . l M YRTLE ENG LE Mer! Basketball 3, 4 Water Follies Committee 3, 4 Iunior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 MARILYN EULLER JAMES FERRY JEAN FINKBEINER XYIILLIAM HSHER Alarilyu Ferry lean Bill Senior Rifle Club 3, 4 Badminton 3, 4 Soccer 3 Volleyball 3, 4 Hockey 2, 3, 4 Soccer 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Water Follies Z, 3, 4 Dance Club 1 Tennis 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 junior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Student Council 2, 3 Sports Council 4 Tatler 4 Honor Society fi Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Girls' Hi-Y 2 Vice-President of Class l Student Council 3 DONALD GERSTNER JAMES GERTIS MARILYN GEYER RICHARD GLEASON ARLENE GOLDSTONII Don jim Mar Dirk Arlene ,- , . . . Football 1 , , Y .ifle Club l, 2, 4 lxensington High School Badminton 4 B-1SlxCIbdll 2, 4 Hockey 1 Swimming 3 Soccer 1, 2 Soccer 1 HOCli6y l, 2 Water Follies 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 junior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 Tower 4 29 Water Follies 2, 4 Dance Club 1 junior Play 3 Amatds 3, 4 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Spanish Club l, 2 Senior Play Committee 4 E IORS MARION GOODWIN NQRMA GR A5511 Marion Graz Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 Water Follies 4 junior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 1'Cf1Ui5 3, 4 Tatler 4 Badminton 2, 3, 4 Baseball 3 Swimming Team 2, 3 Chorus 1, 2, Choir 1, 2 junior Play 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Sports Council 1 Honor Society 3, 4 Ed. of Tower 4, Tatler 3, 4 V. P. Junior Red Cross 3 Junior Prom Committee 3 French Club 2, 3, 45 Amards 4 Hockey 1 Soccer 2, 3, 4 Water Follies 2, 4 Tower 4 NORMA GREENE ARLETTA GRIFFEN ROBERT GROUT Soccer 2, 3, 4 Gripp B0 23il:EI:ifcg1?gs4Committee 3 4 Basketball 3, 4 Senior Play Committee 4 B S ball 3 4 ' junior Play Committee 3 Spanish Club 2, 3 a S ' Senior Play Committee 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Tower 4 GEORGE HARLOCK JOHN HEDGES George Barber Cross-Country 1 Spanish Club 2, 3 Science Club 1 DIANA HEYWOOD WILLIAM HIGGINS THOMAS HODSON Dila Bill Re Soccer 2, 3, 4 Blasclell High School 1 Football 4 Water Follies l, 2, 3, 4 Wrestling 3 Student Council 1 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Saint Josephs Collegiate Tennis 3 Institute 2, 3 Badminton 3 Swimming Team 2 Softball 2, 3 Junior Play Committee 3 Junior Prom Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Honor Society 3, 4 Sport Council 3, 4 Secretary of Sport Council 3 Vice-President of Sport Council 4 French Club 3 Editor of Tatler 4 Tatler 2, 3 Tower 4 Amards 4 30 S1950 GERALDINE HAEN JOYCE HAENGGI Gerry joy Kenmore junior High Soccer 1 School 1 Student Council 1 Basketball 2, 3, 4 3adminton 2, 3 lunior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Tower 4 French Club 3, 4 Q53 German Club 2,4 Tower Bazaar 4 Senior Play Committee 4 ,X ie Q, f f 5 BRUCE HORNUNG NANETTE HOWELL Kilzef Nan Baseball 1 Soccer 1, 2, 4 l'ennis 4 Hockey 1, 2 ,resident of Class 1 Student Council 2, 3, 4 Water Follies 1, 2, 3, 4 Swimming Team 1 Baseball 2, 3 Basketball 3 Senior Play 4 Student Council 2, 3 Clinic 3 French Club 2 junior Prom 3 Tower Bazaar 4 DONALD HALLER COLIN HAMILTON KENNETH HANOUR Cbeckerr Poochie Hanny Tech 1, 2 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 3, 4 Orchestra 4 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y 3, 4 Junior Play Committee 3 Chorus 1, 2 Sports Editor of Tower 4 Senior Play 4 Student Council 1 Honor Society 4 Hi-Y 3, 4 French Club 2, 3 3 .Hi NATALlE HOWELL Natalie Cheerleader 3, 4 Hockey 2 Sports Council 3 Basketball 3 Water Follies 1, 2, 4 Junior Play 3 Student Council 1 Secretary of Class 1 French Club 2, 3 31 RONALD HUEBEL Ron V Track 1, 4 Cross-Country 3, 4, Mgr. H. M. S. Pinafore 4 Cafeteria 1, 2 Rifle Club 1 Wrestling 3, 4 JAYNE HUEBER Iayrzie Water Follies 1, 4 Soccer 1, 2 Hockey 1 Basketball 3, 4 Baseball 3, 4 Badminton 3, 4 Orchestra l, 2, 3 Chorus l, 2 Majorette 2, 3, 4 junior Play Committee 3 Sports Council 1,2 Hi-Y 3 Hi-Y President 4 Tower Secretary 4 Senior Play Committee 4 junior Prom Committee 3 SENIORS ORRIS HULL Orry Edgewood High School Pittsburgh, Pa. 1,2 Assistant Track Manager Junior Play Committee 3 Rifle Club 3, 4 President of Riile Club 4 Tower 4 Honor Society 4 MADELINE HUNT THOMAS HUTCHINSON ARTHUR IDEM MARGARET IHLENFELD Dutch Tom An Maggi Library Club 2, 3, 4 Tatler 4 Soccer 2 Tower 4 Science Club 4 Hockey 2, 3, 4 3 Honor Society 4 Tower 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Basketball Referee 3, 4 French Club 2, 3 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Junior Play Committee 3 Junior Prom Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Water Follies Committee 2, 3, 4 DAVID JONES DORIS JONES Dave Dom Cross Country 1, 2 Cheerleader 3, 4 Swimming l, 2, 3, 4 Soccer 1 Soccer 3, 4 Hockey I Tennis 3, 4 Basketball 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Talent Show 2 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 Minstrel Show I German Club 4 Cornzapoppin 2 Rifle Club 1, 2 Senior Play Committee 4 Secretary of Rifle Club 2 Marshall 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Water Follies 1, 2, 3, 4 Tatler 2, 4 Tower 4 French Club 2, 3 Honor Society 4 WILLIAM JONES Bill Cross Country I, 2 Soccer 3, 4 Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 3 Tennis 4 Band l, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 Treasurer Rifle Club 2 RiHe Club 1, 2 German Club 4 Senior Play Committee 4 32 ROBERT JUREK MARILYN KAESELAU Bob Marilyn Basketball 4 Soccer 4 Water Follies 1, 2, 3, 4 Swimming Team 2 Junior Play 3 Amards 3, 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Creative Writing 1 Junior Prom Committee 3 S- 1950 SHIRLEY IHRIG ELAINE JACKETT Shir! Elaine Soccer Referee 4 Mixed Chorus 1 Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 Dance Club I Hockey l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 Swimming 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Soccer Manager 4 Junior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Spanish Club 2, 3 Tower 4 Tatler 3, 4 Water Follies I, 2, 3, 4 SHIRLEY JACOBI Jacky Basketball 3 Badminton 3, 4 Volley Ball 4 Junior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 THERESA JARVIS ROBERT JOHNESCU Terry Bob Hockey 2, 3, 4 North Irwin High Soccer 1, 2 School 1, 2 - Badminton 3, 4 Band 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 3, 4 Water Follies 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Chorus I Orchestra I, 2, 3 junior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Hi-Y 2 H i-Y Secretary 3 Sports Council 3 Tatler I, 2 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Basketball Referee 3, 4 JOY KAISER GORDON KAMMAN SHIRLEY KAUFMAN Butch Gord Skip Operetra 4 Soccer 3 Hockey 1, 2, 3 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Rifle Club 1, 2,4 Soccer 1, 2 A Cappella 2 Basketball 1, 2 Mixed Choir 4 Water Follies 1, 2, 3 One Act Play 3 Badminton 2 Junior Play Committee 3 Dance Club 1 Dramatics Club 3, 4 Swimming Team 2 Dance Club,1 Volley Ball 2 Biology Club 4 Girls' Sports Council 3 International Ball 3 Spanish Club 2 Tower 4 junior Play Committee 3 German Club 2, 3, 4 Talent Show 3 junior Prom Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Hi-Y 2 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Tarler 4 Secretary junior Red Cross I Talent Show 3 JANICE KEEFE Jill Soccer 2, 3 Basketball 3, 4 Badminton 2, 3, 4 junior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Spanish Club 2, 3 Hi-Y 3, 4 Hi-Y Chaplain 4 Tower 4 ROBERT KENNEDY Bob SENIORS I ROBERT KING DONALD KINGMAN ROBERT KINGSLEY WILLIAM KISTNER ROSEMARY KLEMANN Bob Abe Bob Rgjie Golf 5, 4 Cross Country 1 Cross Country 1 Football 3, 4 Basketball 1 Rifle Club 2, 3, 4 Track l, 2, 3, 4 Soccer 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2 Library Club 1 Football 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3 Wrestling 1 Volleyball 3, 4 Student Council 1 Band 1, 2, 5 German Club 2 BARBARA KURTZ Barb Soccer 2, 4 Baskebtall 5, 4 Badminton 5, 4 Dramatics Club 5, 4 Student Council 2 International Ball 5 Tatler 5 Tower 4 Power Bazaar 4 lunior Prom Committee 5 Spanish Club 2, 3 Iunior Play Committee 3 Senior Play 4 Fennis 4 Honor Society 4 JOAN LACKE jo Soccer 2, 5 Hockey 2, 3 Basketball 3 Water Follies 1, 2, 3, 4 Junior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Tower 4 Tatler 3 Cheerleader 4 Spanish Clubg, 4 Junior Prom ommittee 3 Student Council 2, 5 Class Treasurer 1, 4 Sports Council 1 JOYCE LA FLQEUR Bunny Basketball 3, 4 Volleyball 4 Junior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Writers Club 1 34 FREDERICK LAMBRECHT BARBARA LANE I Ffill Barb 1 Football 2, 3, 4 Badminton 2, 4 l Water Follies Committee 4 Basketball 4 Operetta 4 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 5 Girls' Chorus 2, 3 A Cappella 2 Senior Play Committee 4 Sports Council 4 1950 DIANA KLEPINGER RICHARD KNOP Twinkler Dick Amards 3, 4 Cross Country 1, 2 junior Play 3 International Ball 3 Library Club l, 2 Library Club President 1, 2 Tatler 2, 3 French Club 3, 4 - 5 r Track 2, 3, 4 Football 3, 4 WAUDELL KOSTENBADER Waddy Hockey Z, 3, 4 Soccer 2, 3 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Baseball 3, 4 Water Follies 2, 3, 4 Dance Club 1 Badminton 2 Basketball Referee 3, 4 Sports Council 2 Cheerleader 4 Hi-Y 2 Spanish Club 2 Junior Prom Committee 3 Junior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Tower 4 Tatler 4 - -sf' MARLINE KRAMER DUANE KUHN Nancy Duane Soccer 1 Senior Play Committee 4 French Club 4 German Club 2, 3, 4 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 li af f l E 3 CAROL LEIGHBODY BEVERLY LEIGHTON WALTER LINDSEY DORIS LINENDOLI. JANET LINKNER Carol Bev Walt Dori! jan Soccer l, 4 Basketball 3, 4 Soccer 2, 3, 4 Water Follies Committee 3 Masten Park High School l Basketball 3, 4 junior Play Committee 3 Track 3, 4 Hockey 2, 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 Badminton 3, 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Student Council 3 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Basketball Referee 3, 4 Tatler 4 Badminton 2, 3, 4 Tower 4 Water Follies l, 3, 4 Tower 4 Soccer 1, 2 Baseball 3, 4 Baseball 2 Swimming Team 4 Choir l, 2, 3, 4 Musical Comedy l Dperetta 4 Iunior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Student Council 4 -Ii-Y 4 Power 4 Tatler 4 Llonor Society 4 35 Basketball Referee 3, 4 Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 4 A Cappella 2, 3, 4 Girls' Chorus 3 junior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Operetta 4 Tower 4 Tatler 2 Spanish Club 3 junior Prom Committee 3 Tower Bazaar 4 SENIQRS I l FAITH LISK DONALD LITTLE ROBERT LOTH DONALD LUTZ MALCOLM MaCALPINE Faith Don Bob Lllilie M41 occer 1, 2, 3, 4 Senior Rifle Club 3, 4 Boys' Hi-Y 4 Swimming 1, 2 Tf8Ck 1, 2, 3, 4 lockey 1 Rifle Club 2 JUUQOI' Play 3 asketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Tatler 4 SCH101' Play 4 U adminton 2, 3, 4 Honor Society 4 Student Council 2 Vater Follies 2, 3 asketball Referee 3, 4 lance Club 1 enior Play Committee 4 tudent Council 2, 3 ports Council 2, 3, 4 panish Club 2, 3 ower 4 atler 4 inior Prom Committee 3 lonor Society 4 Tower 4 German Club 2, 3 ,4 JOHN McGEE Cisco Baseball 2 Football 2, 3, 4 Track 3, 4 Volleyball 3, 4 Wrestling 3, 4 JUNE McMILLAN I une Soccer 1, 2, 3 Basketball 3, 4 Water Follies 4 Badminton 3, 4 Junior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Student Council 2 Sports Council 4 Spanish Club 2, 3 Tatler 3, 4 Tower 4 Honor Society 4 RICHARD McPHERSON ROBERT MELLON JANET MILLER Mac Bob Shine Assistant Football Manager 3 Baseball 1, 4 Basketball 1, 4 Football Manager 4 BOWl1ng 3, 4 Mixed Choir 1, 4 Spanish Club 3 Football 2, 3 Girls' ChOil' 3 Volleyball 3, 4 A Cappella 2 36 Junior Play Committee 3 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Music Festival 2, 3 1950 JAMES MADDIGAN MARILYN MARCHAND DOROTHY McANDREW Red Mold Dottie Kenmore High School 1, 2 Senior Play Committee 4 Badminton 3, 4 Senior Rifle Club 3 Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4 Student Council 3 Soccer 1, 2 Senior Play 4 Swimming 1, 2 Tower 4 Water Follies 1, 2, 3, 4 Tatler 4 Basketball 1, 3, 4, Student Council 1, 3, 4 Spanish Club 1, 2, 3 Tatler 1, 3, 4 Tatler Assistant Editor 4 Tower 4 Advertising Director 4 Student Council judicial Committee 3, 4 Tower Bazaar 4 ELLEN MCCARTHY EDNA MCCOMBS Eflen Edna BHSlC6IbHll 2, 3, 4 French Club 2 Soccer 2, 3, 4 Badminton 3, 4 Water Follies 2 Dance Club 1 Referee Club 3, 4 Sports Council 2, 4 junior Prom Committee 3 Junior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Hi-Y 2 Spanish Club 2 Tatler 4 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Honor Society 4 ELSIE MONROE AUDREY MUNRO SUE MOSIER El: Rusty Sue Basketball 3, 4 Soccer 2 Senior Play Committee 4 Badminton 3, 4 Tatler 3 Water Follies 3, 4 Library Club 4 Basketball 4 Student Council 2 Sports Council 2 Library 1 Senior Play Committee 4 37 if ROGER MUELLER ELIZABETH NEUBECKE Rog Betty Baseball Manager 2, 3 Basketball 1, 4 Bowling 3, 4 Library Club 1 junior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Boys' Hi-Y 3, 4 Hi-Y Secretary 4 Newspaper Club 3, 4 Tatler 3, 4 Tower 4 Dramatics Club 4 Tower Bazaar 4 Basketball Scorekeeper 4 SENIORS DEBORAH NICOLLS LILLIAN ODDO EDWARD OFF DONNA OTT D671757 lean Bob Donna Mae Vater Follies Committee 3 Badminton 3, 4 Soccer 1 Jniot Play Committee 3 Baseball 3, 4 Baseball 4 enior Play Committee 4 Basketball 3, 4 Basketball 4 lOWCl' 4 Tatler 4 Chgfus 3 Ower Bazaar 4 Minstrel Show 2, 4 Tower 4 RICHARD POTTER SHELDON PRITCHARD JANET RAISCH ANN REED Dick Bill Ian Aww ootball 1, 2 Track 2 Soccer 3 Drum Maiorette 2 wimming 1, 2 Rifle Club 1 Baseball 3 Hockey 1, 3 Basketball 3 Soccer 1, 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Basketball 3, 4 Spanish Club 2 Badminton 3, 4 Tennis 3, 4 Water Follies 1, 2, 4 Dance Club 1 Class Secretary 3 Student Council 1, 4 Tower 4 Tatler 3, 4 Spanish Club 1, 2, 3 Junior Play Committee 3 Tower Bazaar 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Honor Society 4 38 LUCILLE PANCOE Lucy Water Follies Committee 3 Chorus 1 Junior Play Committee 3 Honor Society Treasurer 3, 4 Honor Society Store 4 Tower 4 Biology Club 4 Senior Rifle Club Secretary 4 Rifle Club 2, 3, 4 Assistant Instructor Junior Rifle Club,2, 4 SALLY REED Sal Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4 Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 3, 4 Water Follies 1, 2, 3, 4 Swimming Team 3 Junior Play Business Manager 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Girls' Sports Council 2 Student Council 1 Junior Prom Chairman 3 Tatler 3, 4 Spanish Club 3 Girls' Sports Editor of Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 1950 DONALD PARTYKA Don Track 3, 4 Swimming 4 NANCY PEARSON Nancy Honor Society 3, 4 Corresponding Secretary of Rifle Club 3, 4 Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Rifle Club 3, 4 Senior Play Committee 4 MARILYN PEASE Marr Basketball 3 Soccer 2 Senior Play Committee 4 junior Play Committee 3 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 C -. - iw'---J VINCENT PIRAINO JOY POLLOCK S id Track 4 Joy Orchestra 2, 3, 4 Girls' Chorus 3 Mixed Chorus 2, 3 Choir 1, 4 Dramatics Club 4 Junior Play 3 Assembly Committee 4 Student Council 1, 2, 3 Honor Society 4 Usher Service Club I Secretary of French Club f President of French Club 1 President of Choir 3 French Club 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club 3 Tatler 2, 3, 4 Tower 4 Operetta 4 Christmas Pageant 1. 2. 3. PAUL REICHERT LEON RING HOWARD ROBINS MARY HELEN PHYLLIS RYBER Paul Lee Howie RUTHERFORD Lee Golf 5 Boys' Hi-Y 4 Tennis 3, 4 Ruddy Junior Play Committee 5 Riflg Club 2, 4 Bowling 3 Jersey Shore High School, Senior Play Committee 4 German Club 1 Spanish Club 3, 4 Pa. I Tatler 3, 4 Band 2, 3, 4 Tower 4 39 Orchestra 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 3 Mixed Choir 4 Girls' Chorus 3 Woodwind Quintet 3, 4 Operetta 4 SENIORS LOUISE SCHAEFER RICHARD SCHALLER DAVID SCHIAEFER DORIS SCHMIDBAUER HARRY SCHULZ Lou Dick Dave Smitty Harry xsketball 3, 4 Soccer 2, 3, 4 Track 2 Badminton 3 East High School 1, 2, 3 adminton 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Rifle Club I Soccer 2 Tower 4 olleyball 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Boxing 1 Basketball 3 mior Play Committee 3 Class Treasurer 3 Volleyball 4 :nior Play Committee 4 Class President 4 junior Play Committee 3 Vriters' Club 1 Student Council 2, 3 Senior Play Committee 4 DOREEN SIMON ARLINGTON SMITH Doreen Bud Hocke 1 2 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Y 1 , Soccer l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 3, 4 Water Follies I, 2, 3, 4 junior Play Committee 3 Girls' Sports Council 1 French Club 2, 3 Tatler l, 2, 3, 4 Tower 4 BARBARA SMITH Smitty Soccer 2, 4 Water Follies 1, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3 Girls' Sports Council 1, 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Tower 4 40 BARBARA SNYDER Bobby Soccer 1, 4 Hockey 1 Basketball 3, 4 Water Follies 4 Swimming 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3 A Cappella Choir 2 Girls' Choir 3 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 Biology Club 4 Girls' Hi-Y 4 Honor Society 4 GLENN SNYDER Glenn Soccer 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2 Cross Country 1 Rifle Club 2, 3, 4 Student Council 1 Range Officer 3 Tower 4 Boys' Hi-Y 2, 3,4 President Ushers Service Club 2 950 Football 3 4 GERALD SCULL LAURA SEE Jerry Bubr Senior Play Committee 4 French Club 2, 3 Track 2 3 4 Cross Country 2 Library Club 1, 4 Science Club 1 LENORE SEITZ ANN SHELLEY CHRISTOPHER SIMON Lenny Annie Chris' Basketball 3, 4 Hockey 1 Golf 4 Student Council 1, 3 Band 1, 4 Track 1, 2, 3 German Club 4 Orchestra 1, 4 junior Play Committee 3 junior Play Committee 3 Student Council 1, 2 Senior Play Committee 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Honor Society 3, 4 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Water Follies Committee 3, 4 Wfoodwind Quintet 4 Tower 4 RAY STAFF Ray 1 German Club 2, 3, 4 ROBERT STAHL Bob ' Canisius High School 1, 2 Soccer 3, Manager Chorus 3 junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Boys' Hi-Y 4 Tower Business Manager 4 President of Amards 4 Amards 3, 4 AGNES STAHLEY Si: Basketball 3, 4 Senior Play Committee 4 junior Play Committee 3 Dance Club 1 Tatler 4 41 AUDREY STEGER SALLY STETTENBEN2 Aud Soccer 2, 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Badminton 3 Girls' SportsCounci1 1 Sal Water Follies 1 Badminton 3, 4 Basketball 1, 3, 4 Soccer 1, 2 Hockey 1 Chorus 2, 3, 4 Junior Play Committee 3 Senior Play Committee 4 Tower 4 Junior Prom Committee 3 Fashion Show 2, 3, 4 FRED STEVENS MARGARET SULLIVAN Steve Marge Soccer l Hockey I Water Follies 1, 2, 3, 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Junior Play Committee 3 French Club 2, 3 French Club Treasurer 2 Cheerleader 3, 4 Junior Prom Committee 3 Tower 4 Tatler 2, 3, 4 Sports Council 2 Tower Bazaar 4 Basketball 4 vccer 3, 4 tseball l, 2, 4 SEN IORS 3 tfig PATRICIA SULLIVAN Pat GERALD SWANSON VIRGINIA TALBOT Jerry Ginny Cl101'11S 2, 3, 4 Allentown Central High Rifle Club 2, 3, 4 School, Pa. 1, 2, 3 Projection Crew 2, 3, 4 Sacred Heart Academy, 3 Tower 4 Basketball 4 CECELIA THUMAN BARBARA TRIETLEY SAYLEE URIG HERBERT VINCENT CONRAD VOGLMAYR Cgil Bobby Saylee Vince Connie Basketball 3, 4 Soccer 3 FO0Ibal1 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball Manager 1 Baseball 4 Basketball 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 1, 2, 3 Junigf Play Cgmmittee 3 Badminton 2 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 Wrestling 2 Senior Play Committee 4 Girls' Chorus 3 Tower 4 junior Play Committee 3 Tatler 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Junior Prom Committee 3 Tatler 3 Tower 4 Honor Society 4 Art Club 4 42 1950 .' , s ,K ,. 4 , . 5 ,,,. . MARIE TAMBACAS Marie Soccer 1 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 Badminton 3, 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Student Council 5, 4 Tower 4 Tower Bazaar 4 HELEN TASSIO FRANK TAUGHER Hel john Water Follies 1, 2, 5, 4 Milton Central High School, Swimming Team 1, 2, 3, 4 Boston, Mass. l, 2, 3 Soccer l, 2, 3 Hockey 1, 2, 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Referee Club 3 junior Prom Committee 3 Sports Council 3, 4 Talent Show 3 Tatler 2 b Minstrel Show 2, 4 Cheerleader 4 I DONALD TAYLOR ANTHONY TERESI Don Moe Senior Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4, 5 Football 1, 2, 5, 4 Track 3 Baseball 2 Basketball 2 THOMAS WALSH THOMAS WALSH ROGER WARE ROBERT WEINER EDWARD Now Tom Rdjub A! XVEISENHEIMER Fvorball 1, 2, 3, 4 Wrestling 3, 4 Cross Country 2, S, 4 Ed Basketball l, Z, 5, 4 Baseball l, 2, 5, 4 Student Council 1,2 43 Manager of Soccer Team 4 Rifle Club I German Club 2,351 Bowling.: 3 Physics Club 4 Honor Society 4 SE ORS WILBUR WEISS ANNE WENDT RITA WESER TED WETHERBEE HELEN WHITEHEAD Willie Annie Weee Ted Helen Track 2, 3, 4 Hightstown High School, Soccer 4 Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 4 Tennis 3, 4 Volleyball 4 N. J. 1, 2 Baseball 4 TraCk 2, 3 Baseball 3, 4 Chorus 3,4 Badminton 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 G01f 4 Hockey 3, 4 German Club 1 Basketball 4 Water Follies 1, 2, 3 B0YiS Ch0fUS 2, 3, 4 Soccer 2, 3, 4 Senior Play 4 Student Council 1 .lUU10f Play' 3 B2SkCtball 3, 4 Dramatics Club 4 Tower 4 SPHHiSh PHY 1 JUf1i0r Play 3 French Club 3, 4 Dramatics Club 3, 4 Senior Play 4 Tower 4 Captain Cross Country 4 Girls' Sports Council 3, 4 Tarler Page Editor 4 Historian Dramatics Club 4 Amards 3, 4 Horror Sociery Art Editor Tatler 2 German Club 4 Track Manager 1 Tower 4 Basketball Manager 2 Tower Bazaar 4 ROBERT WRIGHT DORIS ZACK Bob Doris Orchard Park Central 1 Basketball 3 4 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS VElleyball314 C orusl 35:11 esta1252146is23223528Eefsiffziyrfissifsimmbeaur iiiiiliiiiiiifi 1 4 l 44 1950 THEODORE WILKES DONALD WILLERT KENNETH WOODS ROBERT WOODS DONALD WOODWORTH Ted Willie Woodrie Tiger Don wimming 1, 2 Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 4 Swimming 1, 2, 3 Soccer 2, 3 Tennis 4 ootball 1 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 1 Senior Play Committee 4 Stage Crew 2, 3 Band l, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 3, 4 Tower 4 1 German Club 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 Stage Crew 1 Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4 Radio Club 2, 5, 4 Basketball Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club 2 Rifle Club l, 2, 4 Dance Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Senior Play Committee 4 Biology Club 4 Cross Country Manager 2 junior Prom Committee 3 Honor Society 4 Tower 4 LOIS ZIERK PAUL ZIERK DONALD HAMILTON SENIORS NOT PICTURED L0 Paul Don Charles Gantcr, Faye Kreger, Helmut Pmhl. Water Follies 1, 2, 3 Tennis 4 Canisius High School 1 Hockey l, 2, 3, 4 Dance Band 3 Rifle Club 2 Soccer 1, 2 junior Play Committee 3 Basketball 3 Honor Society 3, 4 Swimming Team 1 Honor Society President 4 Majorette 2, 3,4 German Club 2, 3 Junior Play Committee 3 Boys' Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 SENIOR CLASS ADVISERS Senior Play 4 President of Boys' Hi-Y 4 Spanish Club'3 Tower 4 Sports C0uHC11,Sefrerarv 1 Miss CHRISTENSEN Miss JOSEPH Student Council 2, 3, 4 M Student Council Secretary 3 MR' CUTCHER R' PANKOW student Council Mas. NAUGHTON MR. POMEROY Vice-President 4 Dance Club 1, 4 Miss GRIMAL MR. UNGERER Fader 2, 3, 4 Miss WALDOW l'ower 4 Power Bazaar 4 'unior Prom Committee 3 45 ,vw M ! , ,f SENIQR ALPHABET Herb Vincent Bob Woods Dick Schaller Ken Hanour Ted Wetherbee Carl Clements Chris Simon Paul Domroes Don Kingman Bob Budin Paul Zierk Al Acker Fred Stevens Bruce Hornung Vincent Perino Paul Archambeau N orb Walsh Bob Geckler Bob Dickson John Glock Barry Cahill Jones Twins Tony Teresi john McGee Don Bouley Bob Wright ATHLETIC BLUSHIN G CAPABLE DANCER EATER FLIRT GULLIBLE HEARTBREAKER IRRESISTIBLE JOKER KNOWLEDGE LAUGH M-mmmmmmmmm NON CHALANT OPTIMISTIC PERSON ALITY QUIET REFRESHIN G SOPHISTICATED TWOSOME UNIQUE VIVACIOUS WINNING X-UN KN OWN QUALITY YAWN IN G ZIPPY 47 Elaine Arnold Marlyn Brustad Diana Heywood LoisiZierk Ann Shelley Waudell Kostenbader Nan Howell Marge Boulden Doris jones Helen Whitehead Inky Beyer Shirley Ihrig Marge Sullivan Verna Denzel Barb Smith Betty Callahan Saylee Urig Doreen Simon Marilyn Marchand Ann Reed Alexa Forney Nat Howell jan Beard Sally Reed Beatrice Bottomley Jayne Hueber TOWER Bob Monroe, President Bruce Quimby, CLASS OFFICERS SALAD Secreraryg Marilyn Hopkins, Treasurer' Dick Ferrick, Vice-President. V TOWER FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Fznt roam' Joan Davey, Secretaryg Nancy Conn Vice-President. Second row: Henry Sperry Presidentg Ted Nichols, Treas- urer in the SOUP TOWER Sth GRADE CLASS OFFICERS FIU! mu Dale Casto, Presidentg Amy Hoover Vlce Presidenrg William Noelr- ner Treasurer Linda Hauck, Secretary. APPETIZER,' TOWER v idk N '? ' w J' SN: wi xg ,, ,K -. rg if x 'I mg' 323 P I I V -rr . . 'X ix ai is xi i frm mfs Af 5'wE?' ww ,355 .av A, N I wa Q, sw is K. 4. L ' ' y... 35, m ,,v- . . . msd : 355 X I E-TE, sqiix W, VM-KE 2 wx. Q A W N Nc N wmwwws.-:rw vw, . ,px X Km f MS-Q7 f My ..4..-AMN-Wm-g,u,.,.,L,L ,.,: fm, Ni ' wh? , all 5 ' .Ji 04- af, ,A 54.55 x E Q , . ...vw T' lv V, '1 0 ,, Q. film' - ' 1' , . - f ff S' ,-1 ' 'Qi x S fkx NW g . H fs '- ' Gow, ' UN Q if my-94 5MH5RS'p man scznam. K3 L mil Self-explanatory. Down the hatch, Barb. Smiling Hot Dog Crew 1359-71 5Un'Ki5f- With Mustard? Ride, Girls? 54 IdOn't get it- TOWER 1 v GIA Xxx A , . 2b x ,X L zrgi? x Q1 J 'ff ,E k, . 'F 3, ii -i ,H QE QB L, I, Firrl row: Robert Mellon, Richard Bauer, jack Georger, Donald Drumm, Donald Daigler, Herbert Vincent, Carl Clements. Second row: Mr. Wratten, Coach, Donald Deichman, Donald Haller, Ken- neth Bachman, Donald Berger, Raymond Haas, Kenneth Hanour, Sam Garrett, Leroy Fredrick, Roger Mueller, Manager. Twice Baseball Champions of the Northern Erie County League, Amherst retreated to fifth place in the '49 season. After a shaky start of losing the First two games by one and eleven runs respectively, the Tigers snapped back sinking powerful Depew 7-5, and followed through with a thrilling 8-7 win in a non-league tussle with Tonawanda, the Class AA Niagara Frontier champs. Continuing the season with alternating wins and losses, Amherst finished with a 6 and 10 record, five of which were league encounters. Although the team record wasn't outstanding, Am- herst produced several individual stars. Don Drumm led the league in batting with a neat .463 batting aver- 1949 BASEBALL SCORES Amherst Pine Hill 7 Amherst 10 Amherst West Seneca 12 Amherst 2 Amherst Depew 5 Amherst 9 Amherst Tonawanda 7 Amherst 8 Amherst Clarence 9 Amherst 3 Amherst Akron 15 Amherst 10 Amherst Hamburg 8 Amherst 11 Amherst Williamsville 4 Amherst 3 age, and team members Herb Vincent, Ken Bachman, and Don Berger kept well above the .300 mark. In the fielding department, the infield came through with many outstanding double plays and other stylish feats backed up by superb ball retrieving from men deep in the oats. The prospects for the coming season look bright since nine Varsity lettermen will be back. They are as follows: Ken Backman, Herb Vincent, Norb Walsh, Don Haller, Don Daigler, jack Georger, Bob Mellon, Don Deichman, and Ken Hanour, With added power supplemented by last year's champion j. V. squad, the 1950 version of the Tiger Batsmen should be a real title threat. East Aurora 7 Lancaster 4 West Seneca 11 Akron Williamsville Clarence Clarence Tonawanda DON DRUMM 1949 TENNIS Tennis at A.C.H.S. came into its own during the 1949 season. Continuous play was main- tained ro determine the top ranking players. While the team could not boast of an out- standing player, there was well rounded 1. v's BASEBALL First row: james Wittag, Mana- ger, Larry Gaunder, George Payne, John Brunner, Dan Maurer. Second row: Richard Scha-ke, Kenneth Allendorf, Clif- ford Baum, Gerry Thuman, Ken- neth Mau, William Stillinger, Donald Kunold, Richard Ferrick. Third row: Donald Peters, Rich- ard Hawks, Larry Pope, Albert Weigel, Cy Young, jim Arth, Ruben Theadgill, Mr. Hettler, Coach. TENNIS TEAM strength in all the matches. 1949 TENNIS SCORES We They April 26 Williamsville 4 1 April 28 Hamburg 0 April 29 Woodlawn 4 May 3 East Aurora 1 May 4 Woodlawn 4 May 5 Depew 4 May 10 Lancaster 5 May 12 Depew 5 May 13 De Veaux 4 May 17 East Aurora 5 May 18 Medina 2 May 19 Hamburg 1 May 20 Clarence 4 May 24 Williamsville 1 May 26 Lancaster 2 May 27 De Veaux 4 xii Bi gg:-Ease ? First row: Robert Dickson, Neil Slaven, Patrick Finleon, Robert Budin, 'David jones. Second row: Alfred Bard, Dan Kerchner, john Hynd, Elliott Springstead, David Carson, Bob Potter, Mr. GOLF SQUAD Blish, Coach. N01 pictured: Paul Atchambeau. First row: John Leonard, Don jacket, Paul Reichert, Earl Pearson, John Walsh, Wayne Weber, Adolph Halt, Bradley johnson, Herb Darling, Bill Hein, Mr. Ungerer, Coach. Second row: Gaston DiBello, George Mugler, Bill Hart, Jim Voisinet, Howard Parks, Bob King, Art Beck. GOLF Amherst's Linksmen, under the coaching of Mr. Ungerer, produced a very excellent record for the 1949 season. The N F C L crown came to Amherst for the third time. At the sectionals, the Tigers came off the course 4 points better than their closest rival, East Aurora. This gave them the Section VI, Class A title. SCORES Amherst 12 East Aurora Amherst 12M , East Aurora 2M Amherst 12 Attica Amherst 7 Lancaster 8 Amherst 15 Clarence Amherst 12M Clarence 2h Amherst 13 Lancaster Amherst 12W Depew 'ZW Amherst 12 Depew 1 T Amherst 14 Attica Amherst 122W Opponents 27W 56 VARSITY SQUAD First 7010! David Metz, John Elie, Martin Middell, Charles Oddo, Edward Dewey, john Davis, Kenneth Walker. Second row: Robert Kingsley, Charles Cassety, Robert Schlemmer, john McGee, Albert Heinan, Donald Kingman, jerry Stevens, Walter Lindsey, George Ramsey, Orris Hull, Manager, Mr. Bergman, Coach. Third row: Mr. Munson, Coach, Winfield johnson, Robert Nichols, jerry Scull, Robert Coghill, Paul Domroes, Malcolm MacAlpine, William johnson, Earl Fowlston, John Simon, Dale Simonington, Tony Teresi, William jones, Richard Knop. TRACK The 1949 track team will be remembered as Western New York Conference champions, Section VI champions, and holders of four school records, four Conference records, and two Section VI records-quite a record. In the hrsr three meets of the season, the Tigers were edged out by one point at East Aurora, ran rampant over Lancaster and Pine Hill in a tri-meet, and easily won a meet with North Tonawanda at which Walt Lindsey made a tremendous broad jump of 21'4 to set a new mark in that event. At the Conference meet, five teams, including East Aurora hands of the and Hamburg, went down to defeat at the Amherst trackmen. Walt Lindsey, Al Heinen, and the relay team of Don Kingman, Ed Dewey, Gerry Stemens and George Ramsey established new records in the 220, the mile, and the relay, respectively. Don Kingman also tied the Conference record of 10:6 for the 100. The meet with Hamburg was disappointing for Amherst as the Orange and Black went down to defeat by 17 points, but the team bounced tight back by beating thirteen teams, including Hamburg, in the Sectionals. Al Heinen, who was undefeated all season, won the mile, Paul Domroes took the 440, while Don Kingman captured the 100. Kingman, Stevens, Ramsey, and Knop set a new sectional record in winning the relay. Walt Lindsey ended a phenomenally suc- cessful season by scoring victories in the broad jump and 220, and by putting a new sectional record for the 220. JUNIOR VARSITY TRACK Firrt row: james Wightman, William Skinner, Donald Wagner, Robert Landsdown, Elmer Manspeaker, Donald Kern, jack Fowley, Frank Schoenle, Dennis Gridley. Second row: Richard Schaller, Donald Partyka, Frank Alexander, Paul Will, Earl Springborn, Bruce Quinby, Howard Jones, Bill Baer, Robert Monroe. Third row: George Haberfield, Henry Ronney, Wilber Weiss, john Walker, David Dickens, julie Lambrecht, Robert Graham, Paul Wherle, Mr. Mun- son, Coach. 5 TRACK - SCORES, NEW RECORDS SCORES Amherst SIM East Aurora 52M Amherst 83 Lancaster ISM Pine Hill 27l6 Amherst 68 North Tonawanda 38 Conference M eel Amherst 35M Opponents 25.7 to 5 Amherst 41 Hamburg 58 Sectiomzlr Amherst 35W Opponents 27 to 0 N EW RECORDS Conference: Kingman 100 yd. Dash 10:6 CTiedJ Lindsey 220 yd. Dash 25:8 Heinen Mile 4:41 :7 CSchool Record! Relay 880 yd. Relay 1:3816 Sectional VI: Lindsey 220 yd. Dash 22:3 CSchool Recordj Relay 880 yd. Dash 1:37 :4 CSchool Recotdl School: Lindsey Broad jump 21' 4 xq x Aw , A N N Sfssti 5. TW. - J ,i Ji-'Ru .- - fy -,,. IAA .,.,, gf-5-1 J. 1 .5 ,, , XM-. is . Y: -Tiigil, . .X X mv. A Q A we ' N 45 ,WM iw A 5? L L 5 -1. - L V K : SYS K7 ' A ' K Y mg , J Q Rr ,Q Q 5 . it at -my HS ,, I ' WY' wgwypgffzafk , In .lgwigk .N.u,,af-egggmssik ' ' Q, ,L , A qw, i Ls- .L 9 K if: Q 3 f p , nz . - . 1. W '- .- K -W In 1' 1 E .iw -- fn: V f- . .gwfgqx k 'PE .. i ,. ' m 4' ' i 5 Q E , Q 3' 1 if V ' ' 'fgffxlfjfe A 'gulf QL. ,xi K .w -L ' gf R- - ...X K - my ip - ' f avi' A' X 5 ffl f ' M ,. . f ' fn W- q ,jk 71, it . X f k - 5? A w, M1 -wi , NL, , , ' it .gf FOOTBALL GEORGE RAMSEY FOOTBALL SEASON l949 By DoN HALLER Determining a great champion is easy, but realizing defeat and still coming out a winner is even harder. Amherst, the mythical champ of the WESTERN NEW YORK INTERMEDIATE FOOTBALL CONFER- ENCE in I9-18, in I9-'19 was a team of fickle fate, but each and every player was in himself an individual champ because of his everlasting initiative to fight. Our record of three wins, four defeats and one tie tells the story of a never relinquishing team. The ensuing efforts of stalwart line-men like Dave Bolton, Tony Teresi, Chuck Cassety, and Howie jonesg the sharp quarter- backing of Herb Vincentg the hard deceptive running of Norb Walsh, Red Hodson, Don Kingman, and Carl Clements, the tremendous line and backfield play of Al Ciminelli, and the payoff efforts of sophomore sensa- tions as Dick Ferrick and Bruce Quimby, all help in telling the story of a team - the team of courage. Coach Bergman started in the season opener at le. McGee, lt. Ciminelli, lg. Bolton, c. Teresi, rg. Kistner, rt. Hardy, re. Bachman, qb. Vincent, lhb. Walsh, rhb. Hanour, and fb. Clements. Throughout the season many changes were made to strengthen weak links as well as hlling in for injuries. Standouts were many, but just to mention one, Red Hodson was the team scoring leader with 35 points. Opening the season at Fredonia on Friday night, Sep- tember 25rd, Amherst did not measure up to previous performances. The first and third times Fredonia had the ball they quickly cashed in on l3 points, thus lead- ing l5 to 0 at halftime. Later in the second half Fre- donia tallied another six points to give Amherst its worst setback in years and to notch another game on to their own unbeaten string of l9. Enough said- Fredonia 19 - Amherst 0 Forgetting their woes of the previous week, the Tigers opened their home season against a well regard- ed Depew eleven. Halfway through the second quarter, Amherst, in failing to make a first down, kicked from the Depew 40 to their 3. Fearing the closeness of the defending goal line, Depew elected to punt. A fumble enabled Al Ciminelli to recover in the EZ for our initial tally. Storming back in pursuing fashion, Depew scored a TD, leaving the score all tied up at halftime 6-6. A few plays after the final period had started, Red Hodson shot a pass over left end to George Ramsey, who picked up substantial interference and carried 51 yards to the Depew ll. After a two yard loss, Don Kingman plunged for l l yards and a first down on the lib, setting up Hodson's score around right end. Stopping a spirited Depew movement, Norb Walsh intercepted a pass on his own 23 and raced 77 yards for the TD. Walsh's PAT attempt was good, climaxing the scoring for the after- noon and rewarding Amherst a successful inaugural 20-6. Traveling to Albion, Amherst triumphed to its second win in as many weeks. Clements opened the scoring with a nine yard run around left end and Ramsey added another midway in the second quarter ln the second half with a highly spirited eleven, Am- herst's Arth, Ferrick, and Hodson lugged the leather for the rallies handing Albion its third straight loss 53-6 The next week, invading Hamburg spelled a tough game. The Tigers kicked off to Hamburg, who after a few storming plays fumbled and Tiger Bob Wiley re- covered for Amherst. Quickly capitalizing its efforts, four plays later, Carl Clements scored from his four, TOWER finishing Amherst's scoring for the afternoon. However, Hamburg wasn't through. They tallied 19 points in the first quarter and added 13 more in the second half, giving Amherst the worst shellacking in many a season, 52-6. Seven days later, the Tigers played hosts to a new rival, the Olean Oilers. On the kickoff to Olean, the oilers fumbled, and Amherst's Paul Archambeau fell on the ball in the EZ for the opening TD. Bruce Quinby added our second tally in the second quarter from the five, to give the Tigers half-time lead 12-0. With re- juvenated spurts of football prowess, Olean collected six points in the third. Early in the fourth Dick Ferrick of Amherst raced from his own 10 to the Olean 45, where Herb Vincent took a screen pass and swept the remaining 45 yards for the six points putting the Tigers ahead 18-6. But now Olean, who trounced back with an easy seven points 90 seconds before the gun, unmercifully handed Amherst its third defeat 20-18. Playing our last home game of the season brought to town undefeated Leroy, who claimed Amherst's only defeat of the preceding season. Late in the second quar- ter Leroy went TD bound and supplemented the PAT, which later proved to be the winning margin. Leroy opened the second half with a quick score, only to have Don Kingman of Amherst follow suit with a 57 yard run setting up Hodson's one yard plunge to pay dirt. In the fourth, on attempted Leroy lateral, Chuck Cassety broke through the Leroy line, swiped the ball, and galloped 80 yards in the TD fashion. Amherst's un- successful try for the PAT doomed our winning hopes for the second time because of the team's unsuccessful efforts to follow through with extra point conversion. Amherst, playing the last two games on the road, in- vaded West Seneca on the following Saturday. Early in the second period, Red Hodson scooted around right end to tally, and Herb Vincent split the uprights for the PAT. Later in the quarter, Don Kingman intercepted a West Seneca pass on his own 55 and carried to the opponent's 3, setting up his off-tackle score two plays later. Hodson added the point with an end run putting the Tigers in front 14-0, Holding West Seneca to 7 points in the second half, Amherst grabbed their third win 14-7. Closing out the season with a night game at Lancas- ter, Red Hodson, a Tiger standout, scored around end late in the second quarter. Hodson climaxed Amherst's scoring for the year with a repeated end run for the extra point, After rough third and fourth quarters, Lancaster scored and converted in the closing minutes of the game setting up a final 7-7 deadlock. TOWER VARSITY FOOTBALL Firrl ron-J john McGee, Kenneth Bachman, George Hardy, Barry Weston, William Kistner, Tony Teresi, David Boulten, jerry Scull, jacob Ressler, Paul Archambeau, George Ramsey. Second row: Howard jones, Bruce Quinby, Donald Kingman, Herbert Vincent, George Haberfield, Al Ciminelli, Tom Hodson, Carl Clements. Not pictured: Ronald Goldstone, Martin Geary, jim Arth. VARSITY rooTBALL SQUAD Firrl mum' Paul Archambeau, john McGee, Bill Kistner, Jerry Scull, Al Ciminelli, Captain, Herb Vincent, Co-Captaing George Hardy, Barry Weston, Ken Bachman, Don Kingman. Second row: Bob Wiley, Dave Bolton, Tony Teresi, Tom Hodson, Ken Hanour, Kick Knop, Fred Lambreckt, Carl Clements, George Haberlield, jake Raessler, George Ramsey. Third roux' Mr. Bergman, Coach, Dick McPherson, Manager, Bill Stillinger, Bruce Quinby, Dick Ferrick, Dick Crawford, Gary Wratten, Charles Cassety, Bill Gardner, Cy Young, Howard jones, Martin Meidel, Ted Scribner, Manager, Mr. Hettler, Coach, Mr. Butts, Coach. Amherst 0 Amherst 20 Amherst 3 5 Amherst 6 Amherst 18 Fredonia Depew Albion Hamburg Olean SCORES 19 Amherst 12 L . 6 Amherst 14 vcigii Seneca I ig Amhffsf 7 Lancaster 7 20 1 10 1 io 61 TOWER Aww A-Iv' '- 1? QE S-'51 ,ul K xx A xx? L A k wig! , I 5 f 4 E 1 -- - 9 mf if L L ..:: R A N A . f . N im.. - if an f i n is ,gh :AL 3, 1 5' Q , M 1,4 A 4 Q .gg . . Mfg 55,297 wi xkg 'S 3 ? 5135? 'fly rift 5 W3 A .R as Li Q.. xfii ' .5 A ' Q f Z 32 if We 5' fax , if -3, i 3 fx E X ,Q mx .JX 4 w First rouf: Dick Cook, Jerry Thuman, Michael Cerrone, Ronald Stepnick, Robert Payne, Edward Stillwell, Thomas Christman, Hugh Miller, Robert Monroe. Second rout' Earl Fowlston, David Hunkins, Earl Springborn, Dick Leighbody, Ted Nichols, Dick Ramsey, Clifford Baum, Paul Dahmer, Jay Beck. Third row: Mr. Schaefer, Coach, Richard Lexer, David Miller, Larry Pope, Elliot Spring- stead, Edward Gibeau, Roy Allgaier, Thomas Walsh, Julien Lambrecht, Henry Sperry, Donald Goetzmann. J. V. FOOTBALL JUNIOR GRID TIGERS Under the capable guidance of Mr. Schaefer, Amhersts 1950 Junior Varsity Edition scored an un- SEASON RECORD I Amherst 6 Depew defeated season. Playing mostly under adverse condi- Amherst 14 Clarence tions, the Junior Tigers racked up five wins against no Amherst 12 Hambur setbacks, turning back such highly regarded contenders Amherst 25 Medini as Depew and Hamburg. X Amherst 24 Pine Hill Bill Stillinger led the squad in scoring with four touchdowns before graduating to the Varsity. Close behind, scoring two TDs each, were Larry Pope and Bob Payne. Coach Schaefer credits much of the team's tremen- dous success to the spectacular playing of guard Jerry Thuman, tackles Dave Hunkins and Earl Fowlston and Roberts Payne and Monroe, the leading backs. I The team members are commendably congratulated and wished the best of luck in their future Varsity cam- paigns. Firrl row: Dick Schake, Don Stewart, Dick Henggi, Ed Dewey, Tom Gibson, Second row: Bob Wagner, Frank Alexander, Don Kern, Harry Hain, Elmer Brese, Bob Schneegold, Bill Siebert. Third row: Bob- Bird, Henry Prahl, Cy Manspeaker, Manager, William Roberts, Richard Ursitti, Managerg Roger Nickelson, Herb Darling, Mr. Parr, Coach. 63 JUNIOR VARSITY SOCCER SQUAD TOWER Firrt row: Elmer Manspeaker, Richard Schaller, Paul Clark, Walter Linsey, Robert Dickson, Jack Georger, Robert Conn. Second row: Robert Kingsley, Merwin Brasnick, Roy Fowler, David jones, William jones, Richard Hawks, Fred Stevens, Paul Wherle. Third row: Mr. Wratten, Coach, Ken- neth Olendorf, Paul Belair, Glenn Snyder, Donald Bouley, john Orth, Edward Weisenheimer, SOCCER Manager. VARSITY Amherst came up with the best team in the league this year as the orange-and-black-clad booters Hnished the season with more victories than any other team in the Erie County League, to give Amherst its first soccer championship in its history. The squad played host to Woodlawn in the opener, beat- ing them 5-1. The Tigers then proceeded to shut out every team in the league in the next five games, while scoring sixteen points for themselves. But, as all good things must come to an end, Holland hnally broke Amherst's string of six straight wins by beating us 5-0. Then there was a mad scramble between Amherst and Holland for the title. Our boys took the next one from Orchard Park 4-2, but then dropped the second last game of the season to Gowanda, 2-1, which meant the race would continue right down to the wire. Holland was one point behind Coach Wratten's league- leading kickers. If Holland won their last game, Amherst would also have to be victorious in order to finish on top. That is exactly what happened. Amherst Woodlawn l Amherst Holland 0 Amherst Orchard Park 0 Amherst Gowanda 0 Amherst North Collins 0 Amherst Woodlawn O Amherst Holland 5 Amherst Orchard Park 2 Amherst Gowanda 2 Amherst North Collins 2 64 Amherst tallied thirty points during the season to their opponents' twelve. Scorers were Dick Hawks, ten points, Walt Lindsey, eightg Dick Schaller, sixg and Bob Conn, jack Georger, and Paul Wehrle, with two apiece. Goalie Roy Fowler and fullbacks Bill and Dave Jones were very successful as defensemen. They allowed only an average of slightly over one point per game to be scored against them. They may also be proud of those live straight shutout victories against every team in the league. Q Q crtoss .fa Q, Fin! row: Bruce Aiken, Kenneth Walker, jack Foley, Robert Weiner. Second Roux' Mr. Munson Coach, Jack Davis, Donald Deichman, Donald Willett, Ted Wetherbee, Ronald Heubel, Manager. For the third time in four years with Mr. Munson as coach, Amherst's harriers completely outdistanced their rivals in both team and individual performances. The team's record this year consists of five straight victories, including the Section VI championship run at Fredonia. At Barker where there were twelve teams in competition, the Tigers showed an outstanding example of teamwork. Ted Wetherbee, number one man on the team, stayed behind the leaders in order to pull his teammates into better posi- tions. Although he only finished in third place, the job was well done, for the Orange and Black scored a low of 46, beating Fredonia, who was second, by 47 points. Two weeks later the team was split into two groups to enable the squad to run in two meets in one week. Again the Amherstonians showed their superiority, the first group scoring an almost perfect 17 against Letchworth Central's 38, while the second group also won with 25 points to Gowanda's 44 and Oakfield's 51. After rolling over East Aurora, 21-34, the squad met undefeated Fredonia, By placing nine runners in the first eleven to cross the line, out boys won and thereby became the favorites for the Section VI championship. Wetherbee posted a winning time of 12:28:5 minutes, easily breaking the records, held by Ken Plumb and John Krockmal for the ZW mile course. CROSS COUNTRY SQUAD COU TRY As a fitting climax to the season, the runners, carrying the Orange and Black, outran all opposition in the Sectionals and were crowned as the Section VI champions. Wetherbee again took the honors by finishing first and shattering the Fredonia course record in the time of 1215115 minutes. Other scorers in this meet were Ken Walker, Bruce Aiken, jack Davis, and Bob Weiner. Team results of the meet are as follows: Amherst, 353 Fredonia, 613 Gowanda, 67, East Aurora, 91, Olean, 115, and Lancaster, 162. Firrt roux' David Dickens, Donald Worth, Bruce Wfells, Norbert Beyer,4Everett Boyce, Bob Lans- downe, George Beck, Francis Worth. Second ron: William Hopkins, William Lenz. Paul Havens, Thomas Franclemont, james Palisano, Emil Lojacono, Robert Budin, joe Huber, john Buckrers, Robert Meiss, Earl Pearson, Clarence Shisler. Tlaim' rouz' Mr. Munson, Coach, Robert Hohlstein Gary Runckel, Kenneth Avanzino, Ronald Goehle, Leo Barnes, William Shaw, William Elliott, Donald Arnold, Donald Davis, Donald Rice, Kenneth Van Mechelen, Asst Manager. ftp M - ic i VARSITY SVVIMMING TEAM l l r l r Firrl row: Hugh Miller, Jack Watson, Don Partyka, Ronald Schoenle. Second f01A'.' Fran Petersen, Bob Dickson, Paul Archambeau, jim Bruso, Mr. Tierney, Coach. Third row: Ray Schindler, jim Bame, David Jones, Bill jones, Bill Dolly, Don I-Iegg. SWIMMI When Coach Tierney gave the first call for swimming this year, he expected thirteen lettermen back. With the return of only seven of those, the team's hopes were lowered considerably. Tonawanda won over the Tigers in the First meet of the season. Following this meet, the team traveled to North Tonawanda, where the Lumberjacks scored a perfect vic- tory by sweeping every event. The team began to improve after these two losses and broke into the win column the following week by defeating Lockport. Niagara Falls came to Amherst next and improved their record in a meet that was very close despite a margin of thirty-two points. Then came three straight losses to Kenmore, Tonawanda, and North Tonawanda, the top teams of the league. Lockport was not treated very well by host Amherst in their second meeting and the orange-and-black mermen BOB DICKSON Ray Schindler Paul Archambeau Bob Dickson Fran Petersen Dave Jones Bill Jones 'Paul Santmire 'Jack Armstrong Jack Watson Bruce Quimby 'Don Davis Curtis Brayer 'Brian Male Earl Springborn Don Hegg Hugh Miller 'Carl Seidel 66 rocked up their second win by scoring 51 more points than their visitors. The team Finished fifth in the league standings. Ray Schindler, a Sophomore, was high scorer with 40 points, followed by Bob Dickson, Paul Archambeau, Fran Petersen, Dave and Bill jones, and jim Bame. Amherst Opponent 1. Tonawanda 10 56 2. North Tonawanda 6 60 3. Niagara Falls 17 49 4. Lockport 36 30 5. Kenmore 16 50 6. Tonawanda 10 56 7. North Tonawanda 12 54 8. Niagara Falls 16 50 9. Lockport 48 18 10. Kenmore 12 54 Swimming Summary - Won 2, Lost S INDIVIDUAL SCORING 40 points 16 firsts, 3 seconds, 1 thirdl 24 points 30 points 17 points 14 points 12 points Backstroke Backstroke Breaststroke Breaststroke W' 1. V. SWIMMING TEAM Firrz row: Don Gertis, Don Kern, Don Davis, jim Clavenger, Curtis Brayer. Serond rouz' Ronnie Gold- stone, Bill Galvin, Karl Seidl, Brian Male, Paul Santmire, Howard Rob- bins, jack Armstrong. Third row: Harry Hain, Bob Mann, Al Gould, Earl Springborn, Bruce Quimby, jerry Gertis. AMHERST AMHERST AM HERST AMHERST AMHERST AMHERST AMHERST AMHERST AMHERST AMHERST BOWLING SCORES POINTS POINTS 3 CLARENCE 0 H 3 WEST SENECA O A I HAMBURG 2 A 3 ANGOLA 0 H 0 LANCASTER 3 A 3 CLARENCE 0 A 3 WEST SENECA 0 H 0 HAMBURG 3 H 0 ANGOLA 3 A 3- LANCASTER H Q. I6 14 67 RAY SCI-IINDLER BOWLING Firrz rouu' Roger Mueller, Wayne Weber, Mr. Blackwell, Coach, William Anthony, Paul Will. Sefmzd rout' Edward Smith, Ted Scribner, John Walker, Addison Smith, Bradley Johnson. TOWER BOY'S TUMBLING CLUB Firrt Roux' Alan Cook, Paul Kremer, Dick Hutchinson, Bob Ganas, Bob Gritzke, Second Row: Bill Roberts, Paul Holmes, Mr. Bergman, Coach, Arthur Carlson. Afl Q. i ,P is i Fmt row: G. Whitney F. Worth, J. Witnauer T. Christman, T, Walsh D. Worth. Second 'four' E. Fowlston, R. Knop G. Harlock, J. McGee B. Westin, A. McGowan Third row: R. Baus, C Ponivas, P. Dahmer, Mr. Gelsinger, Coachg E Springstead, R. Huebel WL Higgins. 1 WRESTLING Amhersts Wrestling team, which was organized last year under the guidance of Mr. Bergman, has grown to such an extent that it is hoped that next year it may be incorporated as a varsity sport. The team, now under the direction of Mr. Gelsinger, won their first victory over Orchard Park 21 to 18, only to lose by forfeit in two weight classes. The winners for Amherst were Don Worth, Tom Christman, john McGee, Robert Baus and Barry Westin. The other members of the team include james Whitman, George Harlock, George Whitney, Tom Walsh, Richard Knop, Paul Belair, Ron Huebel, Clyde Ponivas, Bill Higgins, Al McGowan, Paul Dahmer and Elliot Springstead. The season was brought to an untimely end by the coal strike after this match. l A A .ng I if ' ,---- 1 ---. 'ft - . . .. VARSITY BASKETBALL Al Acker, Cy Young, Bob Marquart, Jim Arth, Bob Graham, Dick Hawks. Serena' mir: Manager Don Stewart, Barry Cahill, Roy Fowler, George Ramsey, Capt. Paul Domroes, Herb Vincent, Norb Walsh, Coach Hettler. BASKETB LL At the beginning of the i9-50 basketball season, all predictions regarding Amhersts chances of retaining the Northern Erie County League Championship for the third straight year were pessimistic. However, as the season wore on, the proud Orange and Black mir- acle men gained a winning momentum to end the reg- ular schedule in a three-way tie for first place with Hamburg and Wfilliamsville. To eliminate such a dead- lock, the NECI. set up a special playoff series, in which Hamburg and Amherst qualified for the final game played at the University of Biifialos Clark Memorial Gym. That night, the Bulldogs from Hamburg held the defending champs to their two year reign by handing our Tigers a -H-36 setback. Losing the first league encounter to a routed Depew five, 35-54, the Tigers surged through the schedule with a record of eleven wins and three losses. Accounting for the two other defeats. Amherst dropped a poorly played game to inspired Lancaster -i7--15 in their first meeting. ln the other loss, Hamburg, who was already beaten once by Amherst, intercepted .1 Tiger pass in the last forty seconds of play, sank the shot diminishing 69 PAI ll. DUMROIZS Mt..-. Ncfew-s'-0 'm-Y i., 1 ROY EOWLER HERB VINCENT Amherst's one point lead and rewarding the boys from Hamburg a 31-30 victory. Casting aside the sad moments, Amherst high- lighted the season with two hard fought wins over rival Williamsville, who at each respective time was leading the league. Each contest provided many thrill packed incidents as Coach Hettler directed his stern defenses to deaden the highly touted offensive of our Billsville neighbors. Other startling and glorifying Amherst con- quests were the one point early season victory tripping Hamburg and the very typical impressive last quarter Tiger drive overcoming a dangerous Pine Hill lead. This sent the Hilltoppets to gloom with a 37-34 deci- sion. To this point, we haven't awarded esteemed recogni- tion to the individual. The lineup was as follows: Captain Paul Domroes and Roy Fowler at forwards, George Ramsey at center, Herb Vincent and Norb Walsh at guards, with Dick Hawks and Barry Cahill supplementing needed strength as capable sixth and seventh men. Much pride and honor was contributed by the sophomore class when their flashy ace, Roy Fow- ler, hooped 31 points to crack johnny Krockmal's previous one game high of 26. Paul Domroes captained the team with great assurance and ability while his senior team mates, Herb Vincent and Norb Walsh, made up the finest guard duet of the league. Graduation this year will leave three vacancies to be filled by able squad members in aiding the returning Roy Fowler and George Ramsey in another sensational season next year. TOWER VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst 47 Medina 36 34 Depew 35 49 West Seneca 39 61 Akron 40 34 Hamburg 33 42 Williamsville 36 40 Medina 23 37 Pine Hill 34 43 Lancaster 47 47 East Aurora 46 52 Depew 42 61 Akron 33 30 Hamburg 31 5 3 Pine Hill 46 45 Williamsville 58 40 West Seneca 36 73 Lancaster 43 54 East Aurora 38 's Total-842 Opponents' Total 676 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Fin! roux' Jim Wratten, Herb Seiler, Roger Nicholson, Edward Stillwell Kent Berfrman Richard Frederick, Jim Gibson, Paul Zinter, Silas Manspeaker. 5'ec0mI 'faux' ,Philip Whiielaw, Dick Hitzel, Richard Ramsey, Bruce Ziegler, Dave Miller, Edward Gibeau, Donald Arnold Leo Barnes, Gerald Kershner, Mr. Schaefer, Coach. NORB WALSH GEORGE RAMSEY 71 Fir!! rouu' jerry Thuman, Bill Stillinger, Paul Wherle, Marty Meidel, Bob Conn, Charles Gates, Orel Hershiser, Bob Payne. Second wuz' Barney Hamilton, Manager, james Goergen, Larry Pope, Al Wei- gel, john Walsh, Ronald Evans, Charles Cassety, Cliff Baum, Mr. Wratten, Coach. ,Q jUNlOR VARSITY SCORES QBASKETBALLJ Amherst 58 Medina 50 24 Depew 56 '55 West Seneca All 59 Akron 59 Z7 Hamburg 50 48 Willigrirlsxiille -ll 5 7 Meclina 19 57 Pine Hill 55 Sl Lancaster ZS 42 East Aurora 59 55 Depew ST 40 Akron Z A 40 Hamburg 19 47 Pine Hill -lj 52 Williarilsville 57 44 Lancaster 39 Non-league games TO W E R n N 4 l I Left to rigbz: Natalie Howell, Waudell Kostenbader, joan Lacke, Marge Sullivan, Doris jones, Helen Tassio, Marjeanne Jensen. i l CHEERLEADERS Vivacity, energy, and ingenuity make the perfect cheerleader. These qualities have been prevalent in our own seven-girl squad this past year. Marge Sullivan, Natalie Howell, and Doris Jones, remaining 49ers , were joined this year by joan Lacke, Helen Tassio, Mar- jeanne Jensen, and Waudell Kostenbader. Owing to the capable leadership of these girls and their coach, DOC Doc Pankow, the school spirit this year exceeded all previous bounds. In addition to their regular activities, the cheer- leaders presented many pep assemblies, sold Amherst mittens, made and sold programs at all home games, presented their annual football dance, and introduced several new cheers. TOWER fo :fb GIRLS' SPORT SEASON More girls than ever before participated in the many activi- ties offered after school. In the fall, soccer was held on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, hockey, on Weclnesclay and Friday. Teams were formed to compete intramurally and our Amherst girls were very successful. During the winter, basket- ball, running with a round-robin style tournament, was played on Tuesday and Friday. This was also intramural along with the swimming team which practiced on Tuesday. Waterftrllies began late this season and was held at the end of April. A new tumbling club was formed this winter. Spring sports consisted of baseball, tennis and earlier, badminton. This full schedule was coached by Mrs. Teach Husband and Miss Peach Ackley. Firrl row: Myrna Hadley, Carol Clapper, joan Seefried, Patricia Randall, Diana Heywood, jan Beard, June McMillan, Virginia Perrin, Barbara Smith, joan Lenz. Secmm' roux' Barbara Kendall, Sally Henry, Patricia Jacobs, Margaret Smith, Faith Lisk, jean Finltbeiner, lleane Kunold, Ellen Brunner, Nancy Conn. Third rouz' Diane Sawyer, Nancy Stewart, Carol Brown, Patricia Willax, Helen Daniels, Barbara Lane, Ellen McCarthy, Joanne Benson. Fourth wuz' Nancy Beard, Nancy Bruce, Virginia Pillow, Helen Whiteheatl, Lois Stein, jean Rich, joan Petrunick, Fifth row: Donna Stage, Eda Gilky, jane Poland, Sally Wolverton, Helen Tassio. GIRLS' SPORT COUNCIL This was a big year for the Girls' Sport Council. A new point system was inaugurated and it served as a faster and more efficient record for sports attendance. Two representatives from each girl's homeroom composed the council which was run by president, jan Beard, vice-president, Diana Heywood, treas- urer, Patricia Randall, and secretary, june McMillian. An important function of this group is the scholarship fund which is made possible by the annual Waterfollies under the direction of Mrs. Husband and Miss Ackley. The theme of the 50 Follies was Occupations At the annual Sports Banquet, the girls who have acquired a certain number of points are awarded small, medium, or large letters. Also at this time, the all-roundngirl was honored and presented with an inscribed bracelet. in T R TOWER Fzrrz mu left to right Margaret Smith Nancy Sperry Karen Siegfried Marilyn Simonsen Betty Lori Wullen, joah Mellon, joan Biirke, Shirley Stleibach, joan Sueilmeyer. Serond rowi Ann Hershiser, Christene Gillies, Carol Hoffman, Carol Lee Cahill, Pat Willax, Elaine Arnold, Ann Barber, Diane Beck, Pete Lanz, Julia Hutchinson. Third rout' Faith Lisk, Carol Leighbody, Marlyn Brustad, Ingrid Beyer, Shirley Ihrig, Nancy Davis, Ellen McCarthy. Harriet Crewson, Jean Finkbeiner, Sally Reed. Fourlh wuz' Mrs. Husband, Nannette Gravener, Shirley Behrens, Marilyn Seigel, Shirlev Simon. ,lan Beard, Pat Nielson, Virginia Pillow, Marilyn Kaesleau, Nancy Horton, Marilyn Clark, Marion Goodwin. Fifth rom' Barbara Snyder, Nancy Noble, Mary Lou Henderson, Phyllis Tozier, June Seyfanz, Nan Hart, Cynthia Craney, Sally Baumgart- ner, Pat Randall, Marge Ziebarth, Joan Slaven, jane Genske, Nancy Beard, Mary Berger. 1 l TOWER Uf Betty Callahan Sewud rou Ann Barber June lrohe Shirley Ihrig Ol a Davison jean Wiley Barbara Brustad Waurlell Kostenbader Thmf ron joan Galiber Pat Willax Blrbara Brown Shirley Behrens, Pat Jacobs Ellen Brunner Miss Addey Coach Fourth rozz Betty Lou Wullen Joan Mellon Carol Brown Mary Lou Henderson Sandra Lindberg Ann Her hiser Margaret Smith Sally Lund Firit roux' Lois Zierk, Doris Linendoll, Marge lhlenfeld,'Elaine Arnold, Terry Jarvis, Jean Finkbeiner, . 1 Q GIRLS' BASKETBALL eferees Ffrrf mir: Judy Wenilr,. Waurlell Kosrenbader, Jayne Hueber. Sefond row' Miss Ackley, Coach, hileen Higgins, Marlyn Brusrad, Faith Lisk, Ellen McCarthy, Barbara Heimerlc. Tliml w11r.' Peggy Higgins, Marilyn Marchand, Shirley lhrig, Terry Jarvis, Helen Tassio, Jean Chambers, Nancy Davis. Not pictured: Marge lhlenfeld. Squad First roun' Ingrid Beyer, Harrier Crewson, Jean Chambers, Sally Reed, June Frohe Second rouf: Joan Goliber, Marlyn Brustad, Faith Lisk, Theresa Jarvis, Nancy Davis Tb. H, ll , , . ir rou. Marge Sullivan, Mary Lee Edwards, Shirley lhrig, Jane Poland, Joan Slaven Helen Tassio, Sally Chamberlain, Par Sovern, Virginia Talbot, Miss Ackley, Coach 75 CLUB First row: Sylvia Deau, Elaine Arnold, Mrs. Husband, Coachg Marilyn La Page, Judith Larwooil. Second rouz' Anne Johnson, Diane Lewis, Barbara Klepinger, Julia Hutchinson, Jean Finkbeiner, Marguerite Kirk, Irene Houtz. Third row: Pat Jacobs, Jean Wiley, Joy Kaiser, Helene Greene, Alice Hutchinson. TEAM Fifi! 1'UI1'.' Nan Hart, Christine Filipowicz, Joanne Benson, Barbara Brustatl, Elaine Arnoltl Ellen Brunner. SKJLYJIIKI fuzzy' Phyllis Hurtl. Barbara Brown, Marty Brustatl, Karen Seigfrietl '1'l9iwf mn: Lucy Harrison, Alvina Klennert, Elizabeth James, Ann Hershiser, Pat Willrrx Fezrrlh mn: Ella Gilkey, Mrs. Husband, Nancy Noble, Shirley Meyers, Marge Bitltlleconi Jane Polantl, Sally Reetl, Helen Tassio. 76 ff QR '55 fi Nga REP Kr 32. ff ,si 5.3, Y sr X Y I' X -., F Q x 1 13' 3. X f ig J' MUSIC Nineteen forty-nine and nineteen lifty have proved to be the biggest years in the history of our school. The professional attitude of both our musicians and teachers has brought perfection to our instrumeptal music. ORCHESTRA The orchestra began their active season by present- ing several light selections during an October assembly. The Senior orchestra combining with a newly formed Junior organization. gave a mixed program of music in December. Several members of the orchestra attended the Sec- tional All High Concert at Hamburg. The highlight of this year's musical activities was the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, H.M.S. Pinaforef' All three musical departments performed in this produc- tion held on February seventeenth and eighteenth. The Spring Musical Festival terminated the efforts of all our talented school musicians. DEP RTME T VOCAL This year the vocal department, under the direction of Walter Reitz, has increased in size. In place of last year's junior High Chorus, there is a seventh and eighth grade chorus. In the Senior High there are also two divisions: the Mixed Chorus, and the Mixed Choir. The Mixed Choir elected officersg the president is Carol Leighbody. The other officers are George Hurd, and Arlene Beck. Both of the Senior High organizations combined to present an assembly program. They also took part in the operetta H.M.S. Pinaforen with the help of the Drama- tic and Orchestra departments, Their performance will be long remembered by all. A few members were chosen to represent Amherst at the All State Sectional Chorus which was held at Ham- burg on November seventeenth and eighteenth. ENSEMBLES The Woodwind Quintet composed of Ann Shelly, Mary Helen Rutherford, Jack Sandford, Richard Craw- ford, and Robert Hughes, has presented almost twenty concertsduring the school year. The expert musician- ship expressed by the players has gained many honors for the organization. The String Quartet composed of Margerie Boulden, joan Petrunick, Mary Lou Olsen, and Roger Shaw has been supervised by Mr. Kaza. Many audiences were able to appreciate their skilled playing. MR. JOHN KRESTIC l3irer!0r TOWER 1 Sw 0 1 Z 9 SENIOR ORCHESTRA Firrr row: Marge Boulden, Joan Petruniclt, Pat Sullivan, Barbara Lane, Janet Swift, Bill Wittig, Jack Sandford, Barbara Snyder, Joy Pollock, Phyllis Whitehead, Roger Shaw. Serena' rouu' Donald Taylor, Belinda Johnson, Phyllis Hurd, Jean Ogden, Colin Hamilton, Robert Johnescu, Nancy Horton, Richard Crawford, Ann Shelley, Robert Hughes, Jean Brydon, Mary Lou Olson, John Heintz, Arlene Landreville. Third row: Marjorie Wesp, John Laughland, Robert Geckler, Margaret Smith, William Elliott, Donald Willert, John Davis, Joanne Thompson, Nancy Davis, Lynne Lawson, Mary Helen Rutherford, Richard Deichman, Elisabeth Brenner Barbara Van Lunger. Fourlb .' M K , mu' r. aza, Director, Donna Reckseen, John Bissell, Ted Scribner, Ronald Barclay, John Hohman, Eleanor Shisler, Donna Troncotti, Jane Wooster, David Jones, Bill Jones. JU 1011 ORCHESTRA JUNIOR ORCH ESTR A Firrl f0ll'.' Ted Wooster, Leanne Jensen, Judy Larwood, Paul Kremer, Lois Petrunitk, Pat Caldwell, Franklin Knox, James Denny, Jane Bellinger, Richard Deichman. Sammi mzw: John Laughland, Joan Barrels, Elizebeth Snyder, Elmer Haas, Robert Geyer, lrene Hautz, Stephen Leiber, Dale Henson, David Reiller, Robert Morgan, Thomas Osborne, John Schriver, Doris Dickinson, Janet Wilson, Marie Kahabka, Allan Kasmerl. Third wuz' Marilyn Griffen, Stewart Cummings, David Earl, Sarah Hart. 79 TOWER Seventy musicians under the directorship of conductor, Mr. Krestic, have played more concerts of high standing than ever before The band opened its season by performing at a teachers conference on October 7 and continued with twelve other concerts including three seasonal performances during the fall winter, and spring. The music ranged from classical to selections that were ultra modern. The bands officers were President Robert Hughes, Vice-President, Robert Geckler BAND Secretary, Atin Shelley, Treasurer, Dohna Reckseen. SENIOR BAND Flu! row: Ann Shelley, Miriam Miller, Robert Hughes, Janet Swift, William Wittig, Jack Sandford. Second row: Richard Crawford, Robert johnescu, Colin Hamilton, Nancy Horton, Donald Stewart, Nancy Davis, Lynne Lawson, Mary Helen Rutherford, William Siebert, john Heintz, Daniel Schubert. Third row: Florence Henderson, ,loan Palmer, Betsy Ogilvig, Mary Lou Dickens, Robert Geckler, Margaret Smith, William Elliot, Paul Dahmer, Carl Seidl, Bruce Ziegler, Edward Gibeau, Eda Gilkey, john Lochte, Richard Armstrong, Robert Lipke, William Oxley, Elliot Springstead, Donald Davis. Fourth row: Paul Santmire, Robert Miller, Patricia Smith, Shirley Behrens, Ernest Gardow, Alan Dunbar, David Jones, William jones, Donald Willett, Donald Arnold, jean Wiley, jane MacLaughlan, Emil Loiacono, ,lack Davis, Joanne Thompson. Fifth rozrx' Donna Reckseen, John Bissell, Margaret Peterson, Jayne Hueber, Lois Zierk, Elaine Arnold, 'Anne Hershiser, Nancy Beard, Marjorie Bouldon, Not pictured: Robert Bird, John Hofmann, George Beck, John Walker, james Clavenger. UNIOR BAND Firrl row: Carol Keating, Marilyn Meyers, David Wendt, Doris Willert, Patricia Caldwell, Lois Petru- nick. Second' wuz' Gail Pennoyer, Robert Geyer, lrene Houtz, William Daniels, Norma Kirchner, Caroline Simon, Michael Vanl-loff, ,lack Sorenson, Kerin Clevenger. Third rozc: Maureen O'Conner, Kathleen Coad, Betty Rozak, Suzanne Critoph, Barbara Cesari, Norman Potter, John Schriver, Thomas Osborn, Dorothy Scott, Martha Cronk, Allan Kosmerl, Stephen Lieber, Dale Henson. Fourth row: Peter Witt, Robert Morgan, David Reiller, Ted Shamp, Robert Mitchell, Douglas Volgenau, Shirley Stirebach, Ned Schule, Peter Ten Brock, Jack McGee, Erwin Brese, Richard Chalgrer, David Steislinger, Carol Gilkey, Carol Dietrich, William Oxley, Paul Holmes, Philip Nader, Loris Willert. Fifth row: Donald McMullen, Marilyn Griffen, Stewart Cummings, David Earle, Mary Lou Peters. No! pictured: Gordon Frike, Allis Barry, Helene Greene. 80 TOWER TH GRADE MIXED CHORUS Fir!! roux' Mr. Reitz, Director, Robert Kinkner, Anne Johnson, Virginia Atkins, Kathrine Leonard, Molly Blow, Patricia Long, James Brenn, Myrtle Person, Nancy Miks, Nadine Kann, Elizabeth Doran, Marilyn lfladie, Brian Bellman, Donald Howard. Gail Gertis. Secomf roux' Lolan Skidmore, Kenneth Jahraus, Janet lfowler, Diane lfrey, Maureen Turner Jeanette Bottomly, Marlene Belair, Jean Cohn, Janice lielenta, Donald McMullon, Donald Burlakios Arthur Hinkley' Herbert Streng, Earl Harrington, Sylvia Dean, Guenna Quantance, Roberta Keinger, Ralpha Dolshurg, Marsha Saltineer. Thin! wuz' Ann Austin, Joan Stuff, Evelyn Kolbe, Joanne Clewis, Brian Werner, Mary Spanagel, Patricia Gravener, Nancy Beckwith, Sandra Ireland, Carolyn Allesbach, Dawn Koch, Patricia Loudy, Sonia Jung, Albert Huber, Norman Sholk, John Ziebarth. Fourih rouz' Allison Craiz, Gail Lanioll, Joanna Kidd, Barbara Jackson, Melinda Norman, Sue Moesel, Virginia Deal, Rhea Davis, Joanne Cohn, Jean Blair, Roger Borth, Paul Shonewolf, Terry Wfilson, Virginia Spann, Ruth Blake, Carol Jenkins, Sara Neeb. Fifth rorrx' Constantine Basil, Russel Ponivas, XX illi.un Schwahle, Alan Kurth, William Blancka, Sally Spravge, Barbara Randall, Carol Shaw, Delores Kin, Jane Natolena, Carol Lock, Gloria MacRae, Beatrice Drexelius, Elizabeth Blount, Marilyn Elsesson, Arthur Carlson. TH GRADE MIXED CHORUS va? i . , I , H 4 Fin! rmiz' Mr, Reitz, Director, Richard Hutchison, John Wilcox, Shirley Werner, Jennie Giolando, Marjorie'HoFlman, Barbara Thauer, Dianne Lewis, Joan Rindlleisch, Charlene Petit, Marilyn Howden, Peter Scheler, Betty Schwender, Joanne Herman, Judy Oldheim, Gail Roach, Helene Schoenle. Sammi' rnuz' Francis Dulczewski, Julie Bernett, Sharon Bergman, Linda Hauck, Dolores Cree, Dorothy Heintz, Marilyn Meyers, Clotte Curtis, Lynn Orsheidt, Larry Paine, Ernest Rose, Shirley DuBois, Dianne Bingham, Jeraldine Naoles, Barbara Krummick, Geraldine Kettle, Benjamin Morey. Third wuz' Cyrus Siegfried, Jeanette Cave, Lynn Johnson, Birbara Fritts, Patricia Radley, Amy Hoover, Rachel Koser, Elaine French, Carol Keating, Janet Miller, David Niethe, Ronald Arquit, Harry Salverson, Donald Root, Walter Flenkman, Rohert Stampfel, Richard Woods, Foster McAllister. Fourth mzzx' Judy Walker, Helen Murray, Mary Ellen Towery, Carole Lenz, Marilyn Moldt, Nancy Evans, Nancy Frisbee, Adrienne Newman, Margaret Boldis, Carol Peters, Judy Drake, Jeanette Branston, Dorothy Achey, Margretta Beishline, Andrea Heywood, Donna Wink, Dale Casto, Richard Starr. Fifth mic: Roberta Meyer, Sarah Crull, Erwin Brese, Sandy lfreith, Peter Murphy, Ronald Gayley, Carol Banko, Beverly Skinner, Marion Albers. 81 1 in I 1 I-1,1 r1-11X fNT 1' I-X ' T T0 Msasmwiiffifigi Firrt rout Mr. Rietz, Directorg joantMeiion, r... , Neal, Virginia Frank, joan Goiiber, Doiores Tuiipane, Niarwr., Saiisbury, Mary Messe. Second rouir Charies Davis, Ann Barber, Mariery Raw, Quinian, june Emms, Vioiet Daiglier, Barbara Brown, Saiiy McCarthy, Marion Prrender, my ..., Howard Tyrreii, David Southwick. Third rout Biii Roberts, Esther Hagen, Margaret Wiiiiams, Mariene Sem... , Fisher, Angeia Young, Eiieen Zimmerman, Nancy Waiker, Miidred Oddo, Eiaine Biack, Mariiyn Daigier, Geraid Beiiman, Fred Adier. Fourth row: Wiiiiam Skinner, Biii Ciapper, Richard Meese, Bob Wganer, Sue Schuitz, jacqueiine Schaefer, Barbara Van Langer, Saiiy Stettenbenz, Shiriey Stevens, jo Anne Rumberger, Barry Weston, john Orth, Biii Stiiiinger, james Andrews. Fiflla mum' Robert Marquart, Geraid Marohn, Thomas Beiring, Edward Reinagei, Warren Scheiier, Lois Schmidt, gran Lncker, Genevive Duiczewski, Catherine Girvin, Kenneth Woods, George Hardy, ' Pat inieon. Troust, joy Robin Miiier, Robert Graham, Ptriene Beck, BMW Poiiock, MCarthy , V Atkins, BOY Y reeman. H' -I . ' Q- X Htnfimiln. S3 F mn DAmitiRii'itrSif.idXn?3ih oiilvfne' Sefm OHiuMMim ioii uma A i ' . Q X Leghbo iy, OHS H1692 - I Kmgud 'mind Southwiek, Wiibur Weiss, Gcraid Swanson, Firxl rout Mr RCHL Difeuizi V C mm ,. Dieboid Dorothy Maratta, r una ,a , A :Q . HI x Y ' , ' V 1 iensen. 1 an MY- .03 r Mary Heien Ruthertord, MM1CfmfW . Y 4 X 7. Y H rt' Da Thin! mu: Robert Marqnart, Merie Leak. Yred NWN, Gem?-6 U k f--1 Adier,Howard dfmfsv dohn Onh' If DANCE BAND Firrl rouz' Robert Lipke, Mr. Krestic, Robert Bird, Robert Wiley'. Sammi mzzx' David Jones, Donald Willert, Emil Lojacono, William Elliott, Robert Geckler, Paul Dahmer, john Hoffman, john Bissell. CM STRING QUARTET WCJODWIND QUINTET Roger Shaw, Mary Lou Olson, joan Petrunick, Richard Wittig, Ann Shelley, Mary Helen Rutherford, Marge Boulden. Robert Hughes, Richard Crawford. MAJORETTES Left to right: Jayne Hueber, Lois Zierk, Nancy Beard, Marjorie Boulden, Anne Hershiser, Elaine Arnold. 83 TOWER RC Firrf rnux' Nancy Pearson, Robert Dickson, Paul Zierk, Ingrid Beyer. Second rozc: jean Finkbeiner, Ann Shelley, Marion Goodwin, Ann Reed, Diana Heywood. Third rouu' Madeline Hunt, Saylee Urig, Lucille Pancoe, Marjorie Boulden. Fonrlh mu: Richard Schaller, Edward Weisenheimer, Orris Hull. Not picmrezl: Mary Brydon, Robert Geckler, joy Pollock. ational Honor Society This year the Amherst Chapter of the National Honor Society had a new adviser, Mr. Lape. Under his direction, the organization continued the system of awarding honor plaques, maintained the Supply Room, and presented the memorable Winter Whirlf' The proceeds from these activities were used for scholarships given to the senior boy and girl who most ably illustrated scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Paul Zierk. Robert Dickson, Ingrid Beyer and Nancy Pearson were the olhcers of the Honor Society. SENIORS NOT PICTURED Charles Ganter, Faye Kreger, jan Beard, Evelyn Brese, Robert Budin, Robert Coghill, Donald Deichman, Richard Drake, Donald Haller, Theresa Jarvis, Doris Jones, Robert King, Barbara Kurtz, Carol Leighbody, Faith Lisk, Robert Loth, Ellen McCarthy, June McMillan, Helmut Prahl, Bar- bara Snyder, Anne Wendt, Robert Woods. JUNIORS NOT PICTURED Nancy Casto, Richard Crawford, Linda Freeman, George Hurd, Marieanne Jensen, jane MacLachlan, Dorothy Maratta, Ruth Osborne, Joan Petrunick, George Ramsey, Donna Reckseen, Phyllis Tozier. Q is Q3 ik..V I l fix , l fl Newspaper Club This year the Newspaper Club, advised by Mrs. lialeiin Hannel, has done an excellent job of writing weekly columns of school news for the Avzhwzrl Bee. Mary Brydon XX'uyne XX'eber lfifflm' 1301 1' SpnrI.r Cfiifi' .Yporfi Lois Zierlt flilirizitai George Hurd ,llnric Robert Hughes A i i'w11l2fie,i' john Orth Mary Brydon, lfcfitof' Fin! ron: Lois Zierlc, Diana Klepinger, Jean Brydon, Mrs. Hanel, Strtrwrl ron: john Orth, Wi1Q'UC Welwclr, Robert Hughes. 84 TOWER l A T TLER EXECUTIVE STAFF First l'0N'.' Diana Heywood, Editorg Marilyn Marchand, Elaine Arnold. Secwnf mir! Robert Coghill, jean Fink- beiner, Harriet Crewson, Marjorie Boulden. Tlvirrf wuz' Marieanne Jensen, Diane Beck, Bob Budin, Roger Mueller, Bill Boa, Not pirllzrerlx Ingrid Beyer. This, th . p inc uting two special issues. Several new ideas were developed' the staff was reorganized The make u d , . - p epartment was grouped under page editors each individually responsible for the paste-up of one page. To improve the appearance of the Tatler, electric typewriters were used, a l ous i't d d ' ' A ' ' e Tatler's twentieth year, has been a very active one Eight papers were ublished ' l l' nt numer- p c ures an rawings added a touch of extra interest A Junior High Column entir l ' b . , ey written y the Seventh and Eighth graders, completed coverage of the classes. The Business Department was divided into three parts, Advertising Manager, Cir- culation Manager, and the Business Manager. All these things and many more helped circulation become more widespread. Mr. Gelsinger and Mr. Stillman were the advisers whose calm assistance made the Tatler possible. Diana Heywood, Editor, and Marilyn Marchand, Associate Editor, were supported by Bob Coghill, Business Manager, Jean Finkbeiner, Typing Manager, Bryon Hamilton, Advertising Manager, Marge Boulden, Circulation, Faith Lisk, Exchange Editor, Bill Boa, Publicity Manager, Helmuth Prahl, Photographer, Elaine Arnold and Bob Loth, Art Editors. Page Editors were Ingrid Beyer, Diane Beck, Hap Crewson, Marieanne Jensen, Nan Hart, Beverly Roach, Ann Barber, and Joan Mellon. 5 TATLER GE ERAL STAFF lT1r,r!rr1u'.'Joan Burke, Betty Lou Wullen, Mary Lee Edwardsuloan Mellonhlean Ogdon, Marlene Werner, Diane Bell, Lillian Odtlo, Dorothy McAndrcw, Diana Heywood, Marilyn Marchand, Virginia Perrin, Sandra Svvartzel,-lane Wiley, Alice Youngblood, Margaret Phillips, Mai- lorie Wesp, Sally Henry, Ann Barber, Virginia Pillovv. ,S'erw1Jrai4'.' Pat Willox, Carol Hollman, Christine Gillies, lngrid Samzelius, Diane Beck, Marilyn Clark, Barbara Kurtz, Elaine Arnold, Lois Zierkhlean Finkhienerulune Frohe, lngrid Beyer, Marion Goodwin, Betty Calla- han, Marlyn Brustad, Happy Crewson, Nancy Horton, Margie Rapp, Tlrml mum' Ann Wendt, Waudell Kostenbader, Shirley lhrig, Nancy Cram, Doreen Simon, Ellen Mclfarthv, Carol Leighbody, Ilan Beard, Arlene Steger, 'loan Petrunic, Mary Lou Olsen, .lime Seyfiang, Arlene Beckulune McMillian, Geor a Demopolus, Ann Hershiser, Shirley Behrens, Alexa Forney, Agnes Staley. l7f1nrtlvru14'.' Beverly Leighton, Cell Thtiman, Norma Grazer, Aurlley Monroe, Helen Rich, Gloria Cfzervvick, Beatrice Cfiminelli, Nanette Gravner, Barbara Smith, Patricia Niel- sen, Alma Lendrim,Joan Slavin, Beverly Roach, Shirley Kaufman, Marge Boulden, Olga Davidson, Marge Sullivan, Sally Reed,.loan l.acke, ljlffll mum' Barbara Heinierlie, Lizabeth,lames,,lean Rich, Dorisllones, Wilma Blake, l.ois Stein, Marlene Blechinger, Yivian Judge, Barbara Yan Lunger, Mary Lou Dickens, Phyllis Hurd, Donna Stage, Betsy Ogilvie, Sarah .lo Walker, Marge Biddlecome, Dorothy Meese,.lune Bleu, Phyllis Blood, Marilyn Seigcl. All,X'f!1f01l'.' Marilyn Flessel, Virginia Dulcheskie, ,lov Scheller, Barbara Klein, Beverly Johnson, Maryeanne Jensen, Nan Hart, Ann Luger, Patricia Randall, Marge Ziebarth, Sally Bauingartner, Marlene Schultz, Phyllis Tozier, Cynthia Cranev,'lean Brydon, Mary Brydon, Shirley Stevens. Seiwzrlirau'. lack Bissell, George Kelly, Kenneth Avanzino, Francis Dulczewski, Bob Reinhertch, Byron Hamilton, Dan Schuler, William Boa, Carl Beck, Robert Coghill. Robert Loth, Dick Boyce, Ted Scribner, Roger Mueller, Wayne Weber, Paul Santmire, Bruce Miller. 85 TOWER Fifi! mu: B Phillips, L. Free- man, D. Reckseen, J. Keefe, B. Dohn, J. Hueher, J. Petrunick, N Casio, A. Barber, Mrs. Naughton, Adviser. Seinnd ron: J. Klein, R, Osborne, M. Rupp, M. Murray, D. Beck, M. Schuler, B. Snyder, Black, H. Rich, G. Czerwick, N. Sabo, B. Roach. Third mu: M. Atkins, J. Diebold, C. Leighbody, P. Nielsen, A. Steger, A. Lend- rim, J. Slavin, J. Seyfang, M. Jensen, J. Thompson, M. Boul- don. Fonrfb mira' J. Dryer, J. Stheller. ' A i ! SENIOR GIRLJS HI Y O 0 The Amherst Girls' Hi-Y was organized in November, 1943. ln September 1949, the club was divided into two Hi-Y's: a Senior Hi-Y for the junior and senior girls, and a Junior Hi-Y for freshmen and sophomores. Their purpose is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian character. This purpose was followed in every way possible by selling tickets at football games, sponsoring dances, and contributing to charitable organizations, The ollicers, advised by Mrs. Naughton, of the Senior Girls' Hi-Y were President, Jayne Hueber, Vice-President, Barbara Dohn, Secretary, Nancy Casto, Treasurer, Joan Petrunickg Chaplain, Jill Keefe. ' 1 Due to the resignation of Nancy Casto, Alma Lendrim became the Hi-Y's secretary. :L l ,o ' V1 t.-4' Iiirri mzu: J. Suedmeyer, J. Gales, J. Henning, J. Deisig J. Brydon, C, Andres, Maratf i M Wes C McKnight M 11, , D, .. 1 Phillips. Seromz' row: A. Young- blood, C. Denny, Klenett, C Hoffman, J. Breu, Walker M. Dickins, S. McCarthy, M Pfrender, S. Grout. Third mum B. VanLunger. J- WJICYV M Sthiefer, V. Judge, K, Bafh mann, ll. Gilkey, D. Stage, I. Schmidt, S. Henry, B. Kelly Fourili mir: M. Hadley, C. Braunlich, M. Peterson, S. Alex andcr, Ackerman, M Biddle' . J- , tom, J. Betz, P. Shamp, R Mueller. TOWER The Junior Girls' Hi-Y is a newly formed organization for Freshman and Sophomore girls. Their primary purpose is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character. This club has held and will continue to hold these goals as marks of its achievement. During the year's weekly meetings, many activities were provided to create interest and encourage service and leadership. ln order to vary the program, four types of meeting were held each month, such as business, educational, religious, and social. The Junior Girls' Hi-Y was under very capable leadership with Jean Brydon,,Presidentg Joanne Deisig, Vice-Presidentg Carole Andres, Secretary, June Anne Henning, Treasurer, Dorothy Maratta, Chaplain, and Miss Schafer, as Adviser. IU 1011 GIRL'S Hi-Y BETA CHAPTER Firrr raw: Barney Hamilton, David Dickens, Tom Kidd, Gary Wratten, Carl Staplin. .Yrrmd raw: Bob Lansdown, Jim Kumpf, Don Hegg, Bob Graham, Merle Leake, Alfred Bard. Third raw: Ed Deutche man, Earl Fowlston. Q 9 BOY'S Hi-Y ALPHA CHAPTER Q O i This year the Boys' Hi-Y, a branch of the YMCA, has completed its fourth year at af.-4' Amherst with much pride. I Q 1 The long-awaited second Boys' Hi-Y was successfully organized, and is now in Close competition with the original club. I The club, itself, is organized to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character, but it is far from being strictly a Sunday school class, The Hi-Y has three other sides, physical, mental, and social, which it also stresses. Examples of this can be shown through the club's many activities which include recreation at the Delaware YMCA, Father and Son banquets, and joint meetings with the Girls' Hi-Y's. Mr. Rosenberry continued to serve as adviser to the Hi-Y. The officers were Paul Zierk President, Robert Geckler, Vice-President, Roger Mueller, Secretary, Richard Crawford, Treasurerg and Colin Hamilton, Chaplain. ALPHA CHAPTER Firit roux' Mr. Rosenberry, Colin Hamilton, Roger Mueller, Bob Geckler, Paul Zierk, Dick Crawford, john Orth, Preston Neff. Svmmi' mum' Chuck Davis, Bill Elliot, Chris Simon, Robert Loth, Bob Coghill, Don Haller, Ronald Beller, Don Stewart, jack Bissell, Leon Ring. Third roiw: Bob Stahl, George Hurd, Bob Wiley, George Ramsey, John Walker, Glenn Snyder, Chuck Potter, Dick Knapp, Ted Scribner. TOWER .ll i GERMAN CLUB DEllTSCfHLERNERl3llND - Under the capable leadership of President, Robert Gecklerg Vice-Presi- dent, David Southwickg and Secretary, -loan Petrunickg the German Club had a very successful year. lts activities were well planned and accomplished with the assistance of Mr. Wilkens, the adviser. An initiation party, outdoor hike, discussions with people who have visited Germany, and the tradi- tional Christmas carolling were memorable highlights of the club's season. At each meeting, German folk songs were sung. The organization concluded its year with a very enjoyable dinner party. First mul: Marilyn Wagner, Myrna Hadley, joan Edighoffer, Virginia Frank, Martha Langley, Noel Lang, Mona Cantor, David Southwick, Mr. Wilkens, Adviser, Robert Geckler, joan Petrunick, Marlene Kramer, Helen Eisenmann, Joyce Haenggi, Phyllis Edighoffer, Clare Braunlich, Rose Marie Daigler, Marion Thuman, joan Suedmeyer. Second row: Betty Jane Braunscheidel, Marilyn Hopkins, Christine Filipowicz, Audrey Vodille, joy Kaiser, Lucille Pankow, joan Ackerman, Byron Hamilton, Harry Hain, Margaret Peterson, Erma Hild, janet Dryer, Katherine Kreher, Marianne Sanders, Elaine Black, Dzidra Jirgonsens, Roma Mueller. Third row: Donald Worth, Norbert Beyer, Peter Loyer, Larry Miller, Roger Laundy, Charles Smith, Jack Watson, Ernest Kaeselaw, Daniel Schubert, Roger Shaw, Ronald Snyder, Robert Miller, Donald Roth, Gerald Gertis, Donald Gertis, Carl Weaver, Donald Lutz, Frank Lombardo. Fourth row: jim Reed, Wayne Weber, Frank Alexander, Paul Will, Donald Juron, Edward Snyder, William Elliot, Ernest Gardow, John Walker, Donald Woodworth, Edward Weisenheimer, James Georgen, Elliot Springstead, Preston Neff, Earl Fowler, Charles Potter, James Andrews. Fiflh row: David Dickens, Richard Crawford, William Jones, David jones, Richard Drake, Fred Adler. SPANISH CLUB pm THE SPANISH CLUB, advised by Mrs. Heuser, elected the following slate of othcers for l950: Ruth Osborne, President, Phyllis Tozier, Corresponding Secretary, Nan Hart, Recording Secretary and Pat Finleon, Treasurer. This organization was divided into an- other group consisting of the first year students. The vice-president, Dorothy Maratta, acts as presiding otiicer of this first year group with Carol Hoffman as recording secretary, and Nancy Cisto as corresponding secretary, The year's program included movies, discussion, open topics, lectures, and song and dance programs which rounded out the seasons activities. Firil wuz' Barbara Moody, Sally Lund, Betty Lou Wullen, Marilyn Simonson, Judy Wendt, Blanche Butler, Dorothy Maratta, Sue Klepinger, Ginger johnson, Mrs. Heuser, Adviser: Barbara Lanz, Carol Hoffman, Mary Lee Edwards, Elisabeth Brenner, Marion Pfrender, Linda Freeman, Ruth Osborne, Bessie Phillips, Valerie Goldstone. Second wuz' Mary Lou Fiscus, Carol Kress, Barbara Kelly, Sally Grant, Nancy Casto, Harriet Crewson, Marlyn Brustad, Lois Stein, Ingrid Samzelius, Madalen Murray, Sally Wolver- ton, Barbara Heimerle, ,lane Wooster, Barbara Brown, Nannette Gravener, ,Ioan Bitter, Diana Warren, Marilyn Clark. Third ruuz' jerry Bellman, Donald Wagner, Earl Pearson, john Cave, Patricia Sovern, Carole Andres, Helen Rich, Florence Henderson, Olga Davison, Jean Cummings, jane MacLachlan, Marilyn Geyer, ,loan Lacke, Nan' OConner, Alfred Bard, Robert Bradley, William Bishop, Robert Lansdowne. Fourlh mu 1 Russell Gowland, jay Beck, Hugh Miller, Howard Robins, Robert Woods, june Breu, Nancy Bruce, Ellen Kulp, Shirley Krieger, jean Brydon, Nan Hart, jane Poland, Phyllis Blood, Frank Alexander, john Urth, Paul Will, Robert Gowland, Alan Gould. Fifth roun' William Oxley, Melvin Ledger, Charles Cassety, Patrick Finleon, Donald Hegg, Fred Fisher. Not pictured: Doris Zack, Herbert Darling. FRE CH CLUB The French Club was advised this year by Miss Grimal, an exchange teacher from France. The members of the club had an excellent opportunity to become acquainted with French culture through Miss Grimal. The club exchanged Christmas gifts with the school in France where Miss Enea is teaching. This somehow strengthened friendly relations with France. Among other activities, the French Club presented a dance on March 31, and also offered an assembly program in April. The ofhcers of the organization were Joy Pollock, Presidentg Ingrid Beyer, Vice-President: Nancy Casto, Secretaryg and George Hurd, Treasurer. Firrz row: M. Wagner, J. Goliber, G. Haen, M. Williams, N. Casto, I. Beyer, J. Pollock, G. Hur IQ Siegfried, M. LaPage, D. Reckseen, Miss Grimal, Adviser. Second rouf: P. Randall, D. Beck, I Maratta, C. Gillies, N. Sperry, C. Cahill, S. Henry, H. Daniels, G. Demoooulos, M. Rupp, N. Nobl Third faux' M. Siegel, M. Peters, A. Wandt, J. Rumberger, M. Atkins, J. Diebold, A. Barber, B. Smitl B. Roach, M. Jensen. Fourth roux' B. Callahan, M. Goodwin, A. Lendrim, J. Deisig, D. Klepinge S. H ' arvey, J. Slaven, J. Seyfang, J. Genske. Fzfrly row: R. Hughes, D. Dean, J. Grizard, A, Dunba D. Ctonk, W. Wittig. JU IOR SCIENCE CLUB l l Last September Mrs. Arend formed what we now know as the Junior Science Club. The club's first proiect was to produce an as- sembly program. This program was entitled, An Imaginary Trip to the Moon and consisted of two commentators and some slides made by the members. The mem- bers of the club also produced a safety play. While work on the play was in progress, still other members were working on a diorama to exhibit at the Science Congress this spring. The club has a special committee to care for such things as the animals, etc. Still others are performing experi- ments, in the interesting art of science. Firzrt 1-nun' Nadine Kann, Janice Valenta John Laughland treasurer' Jud W lk , , , . , . , y a er, secretaryg Joanne Clewis, president, Leonard Anderson, vice-president, Joanne Cohn, June Bellinger. Scmmf roux' David Kent, Jeanne Cohn, Sue Mosel, Maurie Yager, Elizabeth Blount, Barbara Jackson. Elizabeth Snyder, Carol Goll, Don McMullen. Third row: Mrs. Arend, adviser: Leanne Jensen, Patricia Jewett, Pauline Jewett, Marilyn Meyer, Evelyn Kolbe. Top rozzz' Allison Craig, Ralph Dosberg. 89 TOWER RIFLE CLUB 'xt row: Mr. Petersen. rector, Earl Pearson, mcy Pearson, Orris Hull, eston Neff, Lucille Pan- e, Richard Richards. Seca d row: Florence Hender- i, Roger Wagner, Gerald vanson, Don King, :bert King, Marilyn La ge, Robert Youngblood. wird row: Bob Vannier, mes Ferry, Donald oodworth, Glenn Snyder, rry Miller. The Senior High Rifle Club was reorganized this year with Mr. Petersen as instructor. The year's program included work on National Rifle Association qualifications ranging from pro-marksman up to Distinguished Rifleman, the highest rank in the NRA. Matches were fired with a number of other clubs in the Niagara Frontier area, including Lewiston, East Aurora, Kenmore, Grand Island, Lancaster, and Orchard Park. In addition a number of postal matches were fired along with an Army course of fire for Army medals. PROIECTION CREW Left to figblf Ronald Herrick, Ronald Fiscus, William Dannebrock, Mr. Schaefer, Adviser, Richard Brenner, Richard Calandra. TOWER . .15 3 A number of improvements were made this year in the range under the auditorium, the most notable being the new mats for the firing points which were provided by the school. Prospects for the club's future are bright as several new ranges are being built in the area. Among these are ranges in the new Williamsville High and Orchard Park High Schools-. The officers this season were: President, Orris Hull, Vice- President, Preston Neil, Recording Secretary, Lucille Pancoe, Corresponding Secretary, Nancy Pearson, Treasurer, Earl Pearson, and Executive Ofllcer, Richard Richards. The projection crew is responsible for the countless number of individual movies and slides seen throughout the year in our class- rooms. They are presented skillfully by the per- formances of this group. Fifi! rozrz' Riclmrd Boyce Charles Davis, James Baldwin Semmf rrmx' john Heintz Richard Meese, james Read Manager, Robert Bradley Thomas Kidd. '1'l1iril roll' Williitnm Boa, Fred Adler. I SENIOR STAGE CREW Our capable and resourceful crew, led by jim Reed, is connected with practically all productions at Amherst. Our dances, plays, movies, and assembly programs all reveal the efforts of these boys. This year they have had new ceiling lights and curtains in our newly decorated auditorium to make their work even more efficient and enjoyable. The student body and faculty alike acknowledge their essential part in the function of our school. I :xxx '4 Firrt rout: Charles Niemann. Second row: Donald Brown, Paul Collins, Francis Dulcyewski, Robert Kinghorn, William Jones, Richard Woods, Cyrus Siegfried. 91 Towuk 7 H UNIOR STAGE CREW t is AMARDS Flffl mir: Betty Lou Wullen, Ellen Brunner, Barbara Lanz, George Hurd, Dorothy Maratta, Robert Stahl, Ruth Osborne, Ted'Wetherbee, Margery Rupp, Linda Freeman, Donna Reckseen. Second roux' Marion Goodwin, Ingrid Beyer, Nancy Davis, Joy Pollock, joy Kaiser, Barbara Kurtz, Helen Whitehead, Arlene Goldstone, Mary Berger. Third row: Mr. Cornell, Adviser, Joanne Deisig, Roger Wagner, jim Read, jean Brydon, Donna Stage, Phyllis Tozier, Judy Diebold. Fourth mu? Marlorie Peters, Fred Adler, Robert Budin, David Southwick, Diana Klepinger. Not pictured: Diana Heywood, Harriet Crewson, Faith Lisk. The Amards, the dramatic club, met the second Thursday of each month during the school year. The club was organ- ized by Mr. Cornell, who felt the student body needed more of an outlet for our many students talented in the dramatic field. Under his capable leadership, their programs all met with great success. The ofhcers were: President, Robert Stahl, Vice-President, George Hurd, Treasurer, Dorothy Maratta, Secretary, Ruth Osborne, Historian, Ted Wetherbee. Under the guidance of Miss Roesch, the Adviser, Elaine Arnold, President, and Bob Loth, Treasurer, an Art Club was newly formed this year. Their meetings were held once a month to plan various movies, slides, sketching places, and trips to be had in the near future. One of these excur- sions was to the Niagara Lithograph Company where they observed various stages of commercial photography. The group successfully promoted and encouraged Amherst's young artists. Firr! rnzty' Marilyn Pease, Ruth Osborne, Suzanne Deabold, Miss Roesch, Sally Lund, Arlene Hoak, Carol Clapper. Second wuz' Ingrid Samzelius, Judy Diebold, Cynthia Bender, Myrtle Engel, Elaine Arnold, Diane Beck. Third row: Madeline Murray, june McMillan, Shirley Behrens, Audrey Winkler, Pat Neilson. Fourth roitx' Adam Lewis, Ernest Kaeselau, Saylee Urig, Deborah Nicolls, Donald Kingman, Earl Pearson. Fifth roup' Robert Budin, Robert Loth, Patrick Finleon. ART CLUB ' BIOLUGY CLUB Making its debut this year at Amherst was the Biology Club, composed of boys and girls who wish to further their studies in Biology. The main object was to work on projects for the Science Con- gress which is held yearly at the Science Museum. The following officers guided the club during this preceding year: President, Robert Geckler, Vice'President, Richard Rich- ards, Secretary, Lucille Pancoe, and Treasurer, Merle Leak. Fin! row: Merle Leak, Robert Geckler, Richard Richards, Lucille Pancoe. Second roulz' june Seyfang, Ted Scribner, Preston Neff, Ann Barber, Barbara Snyder. Tbml row: Margaret Smith, Peter Loewer, Marilyn Dunn. PHYSICS CLUB The newly organized Physics Club was under the supervision of Mr. Ungerer with Dick Drake as President, Martha Langley, Vice-President, Robert King, Treasurer, and Lucille Pankow as Secretary. The group was busily engaged in various projects throughout the year and in preparing an exhibition for the Science Con- gress held in the spring. The club also saw movies, went on held trips, and gave a demonstra- tion on liquid air in an assembly program. Firrz rout: James Batt, Gary Wratten, Ronald Roth, Lucille Pancoe, Dick Drake, Martha Langley, Bob King, Bob Landsdown, Mr. Ungerer, Adviser. Second fUll'.' Bob Wingert, Nancy Horton, Shirley Williams, Nannette Gravener, jane MacLachlan, Carol Hoche, Ronald Hettich. Third rouu' Dick Knapp, Barry Cahill, DOUH 1 M l L k eg!-, er e ea , Preston Neff, Wayne Weber. Fourzb mu. john Orth, Charles Potter, Bill Jones, Dave Jones, Edward Weisenheimer, Oris Hull. 93 JU IOR HISTORICAL SOCIETY Firtt row: N. Beckwith, H. Atkins, J. Lanwood, F, Dulczewski, S. Dean, G. Smith, A. Johnson, P. Schonewolf, M. A. Bell, J. Cohn, G. Lanctot, P. Long, N, Kann, C. Shaw. Sammi wuz' L. Jensen, E. Doran, N. Milks, G. Roach, P. Scheler, J. Denny, A. Hinkly, P. Weedman, K. Coad, R. Kuener, J. Valenta, B. Schwender, D. Kin, M. Wagner. Third rouf: A. Craig, S. Sprague, T. Wilson, K. Coyle, B. Lunberg, E. Snyder, P, Loudy, l. Houtz, N. Kirchner, A. Carlson, A. Dean, N. Potter, C. Simon, J. Bernett. Fourlla roux' M. Peters, A. Austin, J. StuH, M. McCool, J. Cohn, K. Jarhaus, G. Ullrich, N. Wolf, W. Bellanca, L. Anderson, A. Miller, D. Koch, M. L. Peters, C. Banko. Fifth row: W. Gillman, C. Gilkey, G. McRae, M. Lacke, B. Jackson, B. Smith, J. Barrels, M. Norman, V. Diehl, S. Ireland, C. Peters, S. Mitchell. The Junior Historical Society was divided into the Snyder Chapter and the Scajaquada Chapter because of increased membership. The Chapters alternate their meetings every Wed- nesday and are held first hour or after school. The project of the first semester was a book onthe Niagara Frontier which was completed in time for the Albany Convention. The second semester was spent on field trips and listening to several speakers. Mrs. Polster was chief adviser with Miss Purdy, assisting. Fifi: rouu' Mrs. Hannel, Adviser, Jane MacLachlan, Gloria Czerwik, Miss Carnahan, Adviser, Madeline Hunt, Jean Wiley. Second row: Dayton Kane, Jim Roberts, Fred Adler. 4 TOWER 9 Olga Brandt Mattie Mary Harper fBig Maryj Mary McCune fLittle Maryj Bernice Niemeyer Madeline Vauclain Judith Canheld Ann Braddock Kaye Hamilton Linda Shaw Jean Maitland Bobby Melrose Louise Mitchell Susan Paige Pat Devine Kendall Adams Terry Randall Tony Gillette Ellen Fenwick Mrs. Orcutt Frank Sam Hastings Jimmy Devereaux Fred Powell Lou Milhauser David Kingsley Keith Burgees CAST First 'faux' Betty Lou Wullen, Sarah Lochlear, Besse Phillips. Second rou' Florence Henderson, Barbara Charron, Donna Reckseen, Ingrid Samzelius Third row: Judy Diebold, Madaline Murray, Joane Diesig. Fourth row Phyllis Tozier, Marjeanne Jensen, Sally Baumgartner, Cynthia Craney. Fifth row: Patrick Finleon, Merle Leak, Edward Deutschman. JUNIOR Stage CLASS Doorv PLAY Dr. Randall Larry Wescott Billy Adolph Gretal DIRECTOR STUDENT DIRECTOR First row: Dorothy Mararta, Linda Freeman, Ruth Osborne. Second row: Margery Rupp, Nancy Casto, Beverly Roach, Ellen Kulp, Ann Barber. GENERAL DIRECTOR Third row: Don Cronk, Edward Reinagle, Ted Scribner, Donald Stewart. Fourth rouf: Dave Southwick, Preston Neff, John Walker, Don Hegg. 95 Ruth Osborne Sarah Locklear Bessie Phillips Cynthia Craney Nancy Casto Madeline Murray Sally Baumgartner Beverley Roach Barbara Charron Margery Rupp Marieanne Jensen Betty Lou Wullan Phyllis Tozier Ingrid Samzelius Florence Henderson Ellen Kulp Donna Reckseen Linda Freeman Dorothy Maratta Joanne Deisig Don Stewart Ed Reinagle Don Hegg Merle Leak Ed Deutschman Dave Southwick Pat Finleon Ted Scribner John Walker Preston Neff Don Cronk William G. Cornell Judy Diebold Mrs. Elizabeth Arend TOWER She lost her head? Some tan, Mold. Pride of the fmestg john, Ken, Archie, Red Stretching things a wee bit. Sun Goddess. noun-That Smile! Long Beach Spetials. Who's shooting whom? Attention - Hedda Hopper! TOWER 96 V 'F' 15. is im: wi as Vw 5 4 'Mfg 'pw 1 wp . K -H Q 2fvtsff1f1v.3si1. .ffillfffls . -fi. Q f - UV 2,1 355 fb dia KH. M. S. PINAFOREU or THE LASS THAT LOVED A SAILOR by GILBERT 81 SULLIVAN Feb. 17-18, 1950 Director ..............,..,...... ................ W alter E. Reitz Stage Director ...................,.... Willitim G, Cornell Orchestra Director ........................... Eugene Kaza Dance Directors .......... ....... l sabel Husband Betty Ackley Student Director .......,,. ........... R uth Osborne Accompanists ,...,,...... ,....... M ation Pfrender Ruth Osborne Business Staff: Manager .........,................................... john Krestic Publicity ...... Mary Brydon, Robert Hughes Tickets ........................ Mary Helen Rutherford Sally McCarthy Program .......................................,........ Ann Shelley Costumes and Properties ...........,.,............. Diana Klepinger, Chairman Ushers .........................,.,................. Band Members Chorus Managers ....,......................... Judy Diebold Mary jane Dunn, Fred Adler, Merle Leak Chorus Managers Judy Diebold, Mary jane Dunn Fred Adler, Merle Leak JU' 1 ,.-..nn.,.....nni CAST The Rt. Hon. Sir Joseph Porter, K.C.B., First Lord of the Admiralty ........................ Captain Corcoran, Comanding H.M.S. Pinafore ............. Ralph Raclzstraw, Able Seaman .................... Dick Deadeye, Able Seaman ............. Bill Bobstay, Boatswain ................... Boatswam s Mate ,, ..................................................... . Tom Tucker, Midshipmite ............,.......................... Josephine, Captain Corcoran's Daughter Hebe, Sir joseph's First Cousin ....................... ........ Mrs. Cripps CLittle Buttercupb .......... Sergeant of Marines ................................... George Hurd Howard jones Patrick Finleon Davis Southwick john Orth Fred Adler William Skinner Joy Pollock Mary Helen Rutherford Nan Hart Dorothy Maratta Robert Stahl Q- '1.r l- -,-1 in mrmxe- 1949 - 1950 SEPTEMBER NOVEMBER 6 Vacation ends- The Things We Did Last 4 iiggcyrogram m Assembly- Music' MUSIC' Summer!! 4 H' Y D f E R 1' f D f U ,, . 1- ance or uropean e ie - ance o 7 opens-8.30 A. M.- The Birth of the the Little Swansn 23 Pep Assembly- Football Freddie 8 iiiilign Day-'Therein Be some Changes 23 First soccer game of championship season- -H - ,- Amherst 3, Woodlawn 1 10 Baml Assembly A899 U Little Man, Yottve Had tt Busy Day 11 Armistice Day vacation- Pass That Peace 23 Night football game at Fredonia - Fredonia 19, Pfpe Amhetst 0 - Dancing in the Dark 11 Night fxotllgall game A153 Laicaster, score 7 to 7- 24 First Cross-Country Race- Camptown Racesu Ose S 336519 OO t t 18 and 19 Senior Class presents The Fighting OCTOBER 1 First football win of the season- Forward Amherst 7 Pinafore Preview in assembly-'Tm Called Little Buttercup 8 Football game against Albion-A. C. H. S. 34, Albion 6- Slaughter on Tenth Avenue 12 Columbus Day Vacation- l Saw Three Ships Come Sailing 14 Orchestra Assembly - Spellbound 21 Pep Assembly and extra special TOWER BAZAAR skit- Why DOn't We Do This More Often? 21 and 22 TOWER BAZAAR- In the Mood 26 Girls hockey and soccer teams defeat the Buffalo Seminary - My Best to You Z7 and 28 Teacher's Convention - That's My Desire 24 29 Littles - It's the Talk of the Town and 25 School closed for Thanksgiving- Tur- key in the Straw V Opening basketball game with Medina- It Started All Over Againu DECEMBER 1 2 9 13 16 21 First swimming meet of the year: Amherst 10, Tonawanda 56 - Better Luck Next Time Basketball loss: A. C. H. S. 34, Depew 35 - It Might I-Iave Been a Different Story Honor Society Assembly- They Say It's Won- derful A. C. H. S. vs. Hamburg basketball game: Am- herst 34, Hamburg 33 - My Heart Goes Crazy Finally-Basketball game vs. Billsville: A. C. H. S. 42, Billsville 36- Too Marvelous For Words Christmas Assembly- Oh! Come All Ye Faithfuln 21 Xmas party in the cafe- Santa Claus Is Com- ing to Town JANUARY 23 to 26 Exam Week- These Foolish Things 26 Honor Society Dance- June in January 27 Semester Report Cards- Are These Really Mine? 30 Second semester begins - Homework FEBRUARY 3 Amards present The Ins and Outs - Laugh- ing on the Outside, Crying on the Inside 10 Amherst vs. Williamsville at basketball, A. C. H. S. 45, Billsville 58- I'm Going to Send My Boy to Williamsville 17 Three way baskeball tie with Williamsville and Hamburg - Three's a Crowd 17 and 18 H.M.S. Pinafore- We Sail the Ocean Blue 22 Washingtons Birthday - For He's a Jolly Good Fellow 23 to March 5 School closed because of the coal strike - A Little Bit of Heaven MARCH 6 Back to school- Why Did It Have to End So Soon 8 Voting for new school additions- One More Vote 17 A. C. H. S. basketball play-offs- Root, Root, Root, for Central High School 17 Freshman Dance- Wearin' of the Green 24 Band Concert - There's Nothing Like a Home- town Band 51 French Club Dance - Mam'selle APRIL 5-16 Easter vacation - I Can Dream, Can't I 6-7 Real Easter Holidays- It Isn't Fair 21 Orchestra Concert - Make Mine Music 27, 28, 29 Water Follies - Three Little Fishes MAY 5 and 6 junior Play - I've Never Forgotten 12 Open House - Oh! What It Seemed to Be 19 Choral Concert - Let's Harmonizeu 26 junior Prom - Among My Souveniers 29 School closed - Lazy Mood 30 Memorial Day - Remember Me? JUNE 8 Boys' Sports Night Banquet- Varsity Drag 15 Girls Sports Council Banquet - Pass the Bis- quits, Marandy 16 Moving-up Day - Somebody Else Is Taking My Place 19-20 Regents Week - Bewi1dered 25 End of the School Year - And Then It's Heaven 26 Graduation - Thanks For the Memories 1 J T' 5, 'W x f w wif' --.J 'wi X :Aix Rx 'Twas Christmas live at A,C.H.S. Another study HD hall, Good Morning, Verna! Highchair clmrmer! Syracuse--here we come! Sunshine and smiles. Pepsodent Ad. just toasting. Can you find Miss Ackley? 102 s 'sl k Q' 1 x ,in W Q, fur A ww nf., lqasv Don't you dare! Hold everything, Roy! Sis dunking Doady. Grounded mermaid. King and Queen. Morning Glory. just waitin'. Ladder of Success. Grin, Please. Nature Boys. 103 Gui' fun k -Nwwmsln fi fiaarwim . 1 3 '21 MEM- + i ' , if K S .. A'V'-v41,:-Lgg-welsfiwwr 1-W1-WW -' , 5 A . ,Q ' l As K .K K ig.: V .. ., I., Zn Q i x V, is W ,, I , - -f ' 112, :Esfftw fiziff ' 4 . , - 25 , , - . 5 ,i A .- . ' ' ,115 , ,, fg ' 22 5, 2 7 i U ' K 7 z id' 1- ' 1' -5 , 1 QM f ,gr 'Ai V i K , .Q K 5 2 ' an A W' 1 Z. ' '?'A W :-.3 , 7 . ls . V ,as ' U 5 I. 7' - 3 ' . , 1 ' ' 4 1: 1 - ,M -, z , Vs A - , in 4, fe-.r ' f , K. 5 7 , ' if ' 3 'flfwyiul mm W P ' if 'ix 52345 : rx.. 111 Y ,x LW iigbiv if SFT' 7 S Q,,1x-pf ' ' ff .x 'R -iz, 5555 - ,- .ggi .L V, ,-1 , w 4 K L 'R 2 X L QQ? HALL OE FAME AMY HOOVER-flame of the junior High Boys MARCIA LACKE-following in Jo's footsteps ROY FOWLER-sophomore whiz of the Varsity basketball team GEORGE HURD-modern Demosthenes MARY BRYDON-ace publicity agent MARTY MEIDEL-dynamite in disguise TED WETHERBEE-spirited cross-country champ BUD BUDIN, MOLD MARCHAND, DICK SCHALLER-able revisers of the Student Council Constitution MAJORETTES--smiles and spinning batons SOCCER TEAM-1949 champions LILLIAN GALLIO-southern belle from Texas DZIEDRA JIRGESON-- newcomer to Amherst and America SANDRA SCHWARTZL-blonde bombshell of the eighth grade MARILYN SIMONSEN--attention Hollywood RAY SCHINDLER-king of the diving board DIANA HEYWOOD - capable Tatler editor BETTY LOU WULLEN- Kitten of the Keys CHEERLEADERS-the sparkling seven TOMMY ZIERK-future Amherst star DICK WOODS- the mad scientist SUE MOESEL-peppy little seventh grader ROGER NICHOLSON-Frosh dreamboat MARJEANNE JENSEN-winning combination of leadership and sincerity JEAN WILEY -freshman athlete SARAH JO XSVALKER and MARGE BIDDLECOM- Marigold - H.M.S. PINAFORE-Amherst's own South Pacific HELMUT PRAHL-intellectual cameraman THE -- up-and-coming gossipette JANE POLAND-.letter girl of the junior Class TOWER 106 -Q.. an 1 Q :Sm 1 +A x 1 N QQ Y ww, f +1 -by P s.: f'- ,V ,. ..5f:yk.,1-5555Q5wZjmN-ik,. -. 11 K t,,wA,-2 1F-Rx OIga's outlorvk. Fred and Marlene. The Navy was never like , . this! Keep cm rollmg. Hof Seat? . 2 -A 11-1 1 1 1 Lending half,JO21f1? warm if mere, P11111 HL M' U 107 PATRONS OE THE 1950 TOWER Mrs. Alyse E. Archambeau Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Backman Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Bame Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Batt Mrs. J. Elmore Black Mr. and Mrs. A. R .Boulden Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Bruso Mr. and Mrs Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Elsie T. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Brustad Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Callahan Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. William C. Chambers Mr. and Mrs. Mr .and Mrs. Geo. G. Crewson Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Shapleigh Davison Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. john C. Dickson Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Carlton H. Dohn Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. William L. Dolley, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Richard M. Drake Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence E. Finkbeiner Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. K. J. Frey Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Geckler Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Walter P. Geyer Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Goodwin Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Grout Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. William T. Haller Mr. Howard I. Howell Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Hueber Mr. and Mrs. Orris M. Hull Mr. and Mrs. William M. Jones and Mrs. Andrew H. Heywood Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Norman C. Zierk 108 and Mrs. and Mrs. Allen E. Kaufman Edward V. Keefe L. H. Klepinger Albert E. Kostenbader Edward L. Kramer Perc Kuhn Kurtz D. W. Leighbody Edward H. Loth M. J. MacAlpine, Jr. John E. McCarthy Marvin McMillan Raymond M. Mosier Franklin A. Reed Robert T. Reed john Schaller George Seitz Theodore Simon Francis J. Spicer joseph M. Stahl Franklin Stettenbenz F. P. Taugher Joseph L. Urig E. J. Weisenheimer Harry H. Whitehead Homer H. Woods Frank Woodworth Leo Zack Stoker Coal -Smokeless Coal Bituminous AMHERST RECREATION 5274 Main St., Williamsville, N. Y. AMHERST BUILDERS' SUPPLY 8: COAL CORP. For Better Bowling, Bowl at 5365 MAIN ST., WILLIAMSVILLE, N. Y. Phone 525 Williamsville 64 - UNiversity 3581 Lehigh Valley Semet-Solvay BOWLING BILLIARDS Anthracite Coke QJQQCL, .,QOCLw0OJ 65 GLW! B MVLBTG QBTVTICQ 1l0WAllD A. CLARK :L 2775 MAIN STREET AND OWNER BUFFALO, N. Y. Parkside 8816 . 9 U LUMEN R. HAWS CO. 609 Root Building RELIABLE pHApMAClE5 86 W. Chippewa St. BUFFALO, N. Y. Manufacturers of - SCHOOL AND FRATERNITY JEWELRY 2339 Main St., at Leroy - Phone PArkside 1111 3965 Main, near Eggert-Phone UNiversity 1111 Dlamonds Watches Trophies DR. RAY MARCHAND BRUCE SWEET DENTIST and ASSOCIATES 2120 MAIN ST. at FILLMORE B1s'ness C0 selors Cenesee Bldg Buffalo COAIPLIMENTS OF BROST MOTORS, INC. GA. 8900 DODGE and PLYMOUTH Distributors 1285-1291 MAIN STREET BUFFALO, N. Y. GENRICII BUILDERS Residential Construction A Profession In Snyder Office: 4287 Main AM-7484 I- 551 21 I2 -K DAISY BRAND POTATO CHIPS Walton 8: Sons OFFICE: 475 ELM STREET A Delicious Snack at Anytime or Place Our Slip Covers Are All I 5 ,iff A At The Laundry gf' 'N ', Q. f 5 , K. P I we tsl . f .1 1.. . ' ' g New Homes Need ' -W. - --.U ' t , Y 'Z New Furniture xi. I- f fl 5 1, 1 4-2' I I -- ' A , r A I. 5' . WA. 5191 V- ' ,A , Xi Ip: x l', 1, ' n BUFFALO, N. Y. 1 'ix ' ' 1' A I I, HOUSEHOLD OUTFITTING i COMPANY ' 575 MAIN -- 345 BROADWAY Town of Amherst Cfiicials Offer Best Wishes to the Members of the Class of 1950 Supervisor EDUARD F. Mnrz Councilmen ,Edgar J. Barth D. Russell Conway Fred G. Muck Harry H. Schall Town Attorney Leland G. Davis Town Clerk Harry R. jones Superintendent of Highways F. Theodore Jenzen Receiver of Taxes Lawrence H. Hamilton justices of the Peace Theodore E. Smith, jr. Charles A. Hahl Compliments To FASCINATE AND CHARM Uf To BRIGHTEN A LOVELY TABLE Read Motor Co Inc To CHEER A SICK FRIEND C, 9 YOUR DEALER Beautiful Blooms for Eveiy Ocmszrm COMPLETE UNIVERSITY FLORIST PARTS AND SERVICE We Delm' 5661 MAIN STREET PA 9094 3096 MAIN STREET AM. 1397 WM 500 L A M P S RICH'S ICE CREAM Occasional Tables - Picrures SERVED EXCLUSIVELY Decorative Accessories IN OUR The Blue Window CAFETERIA 3 Lincoln Rd., Snyder, N. Y. UN. 7012 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1950 Preiident - R0b61'f Budifl ffEX Vice President - Lois Zierk Secretary - Nan Hart r Treasurer - Martin Meidel gf AQLIYZJZ Xijff' 3 A S T U D E N T C O U N C I L RYAN 81 WILLIAMS, Inc. TRY... Stationers 'K A R T 1 S M I L K COMPLETE orrlc OUTFITTERS ..D0ct0rs Recommend It,, 82434 PEARL STREET 2990 MAIN sr. Phone PA. 1407 BUFFALO 2, N. Y. A101118 k 11oy's Clrowing Girls' XVcar Shoes FRED RONEKER 5548 MAIN STRIQET wII.I.I.uusvILI.1-1, N. Y. HUTT'S DAIRY BAR - LUNCI-IEONETTE The Plate Wl1ere Young Folks Meet 5516 BIAIN ST. YVILLIAMSVILLIC Call PA. 2111 or 1ViIliamsIfilIe 1111 D. A. Pfohl N. R. Pfohl Compliments SCHULER BROTHERS AMHERST Sc TO 31.00 sToRE HARLEM AT KENSINGTON GRoc:I:RII:s X7liGIi'I'ABLES NIEATS Bullalo 21, N. Y. SHOP HERE SNYDER, N. Y. PA. 9041 - 9042 SAVE TIMI5 ANI: IXIONEY B. 8: POLLUTRO, Inc. Wlmlfnsnlc Cmrers Hotels. Restaurants :mul Institutions Supplied 808 MAIN S'I'Rli1i'1' 0 BUlfFAI.O 2. N. Y. I.OCK'S HOME BAKERY l'Nix'cI'sily 3883 -160 SOUTH lI.XRI.1iMRO.XD .XT KENSINGTON Try our Hmue-Made 111'l'ili1 Pics Cakes Rolls Quality our Sprrialty THE AMHERST BEE THE 0lflf1CI.XI. 1'.Xl'liR O17 .XN11 11'1RST With a YVcckly Column of .Xmlicrsl ciCl1ll'ii1 News lfiuc .1011 llfilllillg . . . SII121l'l, Personalized Slziliuiu-ry . . . 1'Cl'SOI12111ZCK1 Malcllcs and Napkins N'l1.I,I.XNISVII.I.E Cmrijalinwrzls of GIBNEY COFFMAN CO. I7 LINCOLN ROAD SNYDER Castings .:Qi.S9'iSi31'f...:3D . E L1?S5S5?-.ii i-: 2- -fi NIP? N Compliments of ffflffe-R ,ff xWA1v,R I 4' rv S E W. -15 V20 51' R'PNmX0ff' E L'11fflf! KIWANIS CLUB - Of Amherst C. W. BEARD 81 CO. General Painting Contractor PA. S556 2705 MAIN STREET SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHS Made By BEN SWAN 637 MAIN STREET IN BUFFALO YVA. 8363 All Negatizfes Kept for 5 Years for Duplicate Orders - Best Wishes To THE CLASS OF 1950 Congratulations to CLASS OF 1950 from GAMMA PHI SIGMA Sresimgenrd .........,..........,....,........,., Paul Archambeau ALPHA ZETA CHI Ciffgllfi'Aff?.iiiigiilijifijji3gi3iiiQiii11ii1ii'1f3SlfP'l?JL'S2 . Pledge Master . .....,..,...... William Fisher Treasurer ....... . . ......... .Barry Cahill Secretary ......,,... ...,...,... R obert Budin I Scribe .............,.. ..,..,..... ........,....... W i lliam Jones I gamma Sgmafraferntrk Success To The 1 Q O CLASS or 1950 U ' ua , SIGMA p51 'iniernaixonak fllpha flmcga Qlmaglelr Congiatulations TO THE CLASS OF 1950 :Q D1 DOG QW R O T A R Y C L U B Of EGGERTSVILLE - SN YDER I Ai Compliments Of 'f,KUgTl0N.,! HNDR, J f ' V 'f I 4 2 E- x' ,.-y V :jf 3 OFFICERS Q President PAUL ZIERK Vice-President ROBERT DICKSON Secretary NANCY PEARSON .Treasurer INGRID BEYER Supply Store Manager LUCILLE PANCOE Bookkeeper MADELINE HUNT THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY maintains a SCHOOL SUPPLY STORE For Your Convenience S. MA Flowers For Everybody A. ANDERSON, IN C. Established 1892 FLORIST IN STREET BUFFALO 3, CLeveland 2887 - 2988 Greenhouses . . . Farnham, N. Y. N.Y GLASSES will complete your wardrobe You look to your eye physician for corrected vision and appreciate his careful, painstaking diagnosis. It is also his desire to meet your standards of fashion and beauty. Through our Optical Wardrobe Plan we are able to supply eyeware that is correctly styled for every custom and occasion. GIBSON 8: DOTY Guild Opticians 652 MAIN ST. BUFFALO 2925 DELAWARE AVE. KENMORE ADRIANS Meats 8: Sausages 1750 and 2256 GENESEE STREET BUFFALO, NEW YORK AMHERST ALUMNI ASSOCIATION 1 , lint L., Pres.-David Brunner 1, P Directors kj um' L N23 ,',' jfrfh '-QL I? ,, ful ' ' Sect.-Marly johnson 1 55 F A Arthur Hlggms H Ill Midge Hasselbeck Treas.-John Geyer Mary Blake Editors-Andre Sheeler 5' Ta Dolores Hoak Pe L ons Bill Powell ggl' Y SIEGFRIED Amherst Central Market GROCERIES - Mmrs - VEGETABLES 462 SOUTH HARLEM ROAD SNYDER 21, N. Y. AM. 7060 ARTHUR L. BECK Chartered Life Underwriter NATIONAL LIFE OF VERMONT 1850 - 1950 SNYDER PHARMACY E. B. Simonson and C. K. Cassety Phone PA. 9743 4525 MAIN STREET SNYDER, Compliments to THE CLASS OF 1950 CONSTRUCTION CO. I 1 M. C. GAGERN Compliments of CHURCH AND SUNDAY SCHOOL SUPPLIES 178 SOUTH.-XMPTON ST. BUFFALO formerly Telephone Llncoln 8824 XVOEPPEIJS Headquarters for Bulletin Folders FULL LINE DELICATESSEN PA. 1505 Your Neighborhood Source of Supply for all D. 8K E. Plants and Garden Supplies 5215 MAIN ST' WILLIAMSVILLE Courteous Service Prompt Attention LINCOLN - :xII1RcuIu' , . FOUR WINDS Sales and Sermee FARM NURSERY INC. Pk. 7200 4190 MAIN STREET EGGERTSVILLE A 0 4 4 1 1 P S More Dodds Milk is sold in schools, than any other brand PHON us: PLaza 4050 PLaza 4051 WILLIAMSVILLE MOTORS, Inc. Dodge and Plymouth Motor Cars and Trucks Home Lil California Dr. 5479 Main Street l'Laza 5902 Wlfilliamsville, N, Y Flne-Flavored Mllk Manuka cz hz wczddoqamwlgwlaf 6 DAIRY Pnooucs CO HPLI UENTS OF Sigma Delta Chi DELTA KAPPA RHO 22121 131113. QEPSIIUII EEA' COMPLIWEN TS OF K J 1, 1950 R COMPL IIVIEN TS OF ALPHA THETA PI Alpha Chapter DI BELLO PONTIAC 1275 Main Street LI. 1740 Buffalo 8, N. Y. 1 4 giif A , . ? 5,3 .X ,,,- .Q -5 sg 1 1 . fs- 'gsm -f fn 1' QL 'li' 3' fi 1 - . 15,1 . n fk- .N , A Hgh yi .+L .-ay .f. Y Qi 1 1? y 1 ,vi , ,Q 5 ft Li. : 1' 1 ' ad ., -R .iq 3, Q. .3 If l- i , ,E 5 if la. .a ,, , Q1 . J L 1, 4 . E ' fi -Q sf . - , 5 , ,. .f 1, A JK m . A, , 1 K Q . A 1 ' ' 'i' 4 1 -- I 3M 9 :N V ' + Q. 5. Q ll s if -i - Q1 1 tilt f 5 L, 3 q',:1,x' :vi J: if 1 . QM- 3 4 1 , A-sa' ' 5 ,. va Zigi: ' 2 ' ,Q 'f A 5 QUE Q ,fg 1 , 'LET 5. 2 ai Vi 1 - L ' we ' xl ? 'w .i W , f, S 3 i 1' Q R ,, A. L 5' 1 . 1A 9 Z -L 2 QL . . 23. Qi, ,, ., , - 1. -B' i .X , 5 5 245 K if fi si W . . 1 -. 4. - , gzgqw g ,- . 3- v 'e , ,' x 4 V1 ' , , l R ,. : i' Q .: 5 ' .5 K, , fi , 'L- , 1 1 Q , li, , 5 l' - 2 ' ,-Q. 5 1 5 - vi , , ,. , A' - ., ' W K , A : I , HH: 5 lEIi',lI -il IJ: 'HE Y L ,liih

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