Amherst Central High School - Tower Yearbook (Amherst, NY)

 - Class of 1949

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Amherst Central High School - Tower Yearbook (Amherst, NY) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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1. af 'N Pc -mnerr 4.-s. 1-v,-.1-f, .--1, ,-- . . if 'fini SK lf nw' A 5 4 Y, 15,5 1+ Qi-M ,fin, -21311 vi' ' 0 'C4,,9f 'f' S tif' ggi' V ,t,",, 1' .1 WM MP 4' ,V ,' I". if If Aw v rf. ,A K I1 '4 ,I F' , ,,. ,.-...Q in JIYZH ' Q ff 0- ff Y gm X f ' P . ww - . 'N fifnbfii, ifqm A 5? . A ,af 1 .' l f DL , HMV Y , 'Fl 1V difxu JJ" Lf' ' FRESHMEN-HEAD HUNTERS Junior Class Officers Paul Dornroes, Presiclentg Bill Fisher, Vice Presideritg Dick Schaller, Treasurerg Ann Freshman Class Officers SEATED: Sue Dealey, Vice Presidentg Carol Cahill, T reasurer. STANDING: Carol Hojman, Secretaryg Robert M onroe, President. Reed, Secreiary. X W5 A' DQ? if XfW1J"4J bunga- x. k JJ 5 I . X mi Nj . K . xii 0 . , . V: 'L X 1' ,Q 1 Sv I Aa Y F f wig! wxylxvtw A ,wwf 5 Ex Lib.-is 'I'l'IE TOWER y 'X XX K KW, X H I A . . f X N, 5. TOWER 1 405 'X ..mL...,.. ,.fM.1WfWmw,Q:M--VM. ..k' gJm,f,:1r-- ,..,. ., , X, ,.', -f f ,f N.., , 1. mf: M-1-, i f -- -wwmfw -Q 1 - f :H 1' 1" 5, 5-A.. , K gig!-EAA ig, H-in fi ' ' J ' At..,f'1f N x A F -. . 2 J A 11 1 f '!', .,,g...,-...M ,.n- - My , , A A' ofawva ww L ' - an H 1 as s x magma ffwmfii Q25 g Jgypbko ' A i 4 It-' 1 r x 7 I -jk: I -1 Q3,,,J,g agjtw fx 6, 'f' 0 is fix '15 I 2 I 1 7 -4, ' H 1 if X X . f " JD i ,,X 5,f D Sf 1. a t M df' q f 2 ,iffy J ' ff' P f V if Q12 W" if fffffw WW .1 - fmflf of X , of .,- wb, Jr ,T , senlur A110 A Wh 1 " ji E'-tl" K I Q P .E . Nu VX ' ,js " E!L VJ' x' XXX uh! ohon 9 15 n i S I 1 . L I SE f' .. i ,... . 1 ?' an fl' BW M , 327 E ' UWB' E' oo It . 'Ulf 'gl or , A V ,4,,d"'i 'XI K Q. I-is-g,-fi it Eli X - ff!! L X 'X' WV , '7' I " VT? fi gr if xg . 'AS' ,-, --E, prl rr - ? Class of 1949 f , ?x' 9 . Egg? if A f V J ' .r V- lggtfi ff?-,' .- I' L' if A fy' Q A ii :Fig ' - ,LZ F-45 - CLE fffz 5 Q Q of if-Q N , f , . QA. 1 XU I' f 7 ,g JA j 044 'off-fycf, A Xi fl xfii olfi Amherst enlrol i' - x' Q E ' asf QW 3 n 544, 5,31 A 'V High School .5 iii Snyder, Now York , ,win - 1 ,UMM if f 'O' mmf' H June, 1949 w 6 E Wharf J 71- TOWER 3 1 f IN THE DAY BY DAY STRUGGLE for'the acquisition of knowledge and the development of char- acter, it seemed to the students that Amherst was like a jungle, symbolic of life, with a chance to succeed or a chance to fail. We encountered many pitfalls and traps in our trek through the maze of fears and the undergrowth of confusion, and often through the help of our Jungle King and our Tribal Leaders We found the trails that led to the open plains in full View of success. We found that everyone is a trailbreaker who overcomes the almost in- surmountable obstacles and goes on with new courage and confidence to conquer the un- known. Each Amherst jungle dweller blazes his own trail. The trembling seventh grader enters with faltering steps. The wide-eyed freshman gets his first glimpse of the life ahead. The con- fident sophomore has hurdled a few obstacles along the trail. The complacent junior moves on with the assurance gained through past victories. The thoughtful, determined senior has emerged from the darkness of the jungle and is now standing on the edge of the bright clear- ing, confidently gazing into the future. However, his respite is but temporary, for there are many more jungles in the life ahead. ' Through patient instruction our teachers prepare us for the future. We are disciplined by being sent to detention. The gym, the swimming pool, and the special exercise rooms keep us physically fit. hlathematics, language, science, business, social studies, shop work, art, and music all round out our mental training. Let us learn from the reading of the recorded past one of the lessons of life in the jungle, the knowledge and skill gained in trampling the green undergrowth of school life will prove helpful in making progress through the tough tangle of the older and mightier obstacles that lie ahead in this confused world of today. A , at .f .fc ' 1,4 ,P , of . 1 . ' I Dedicated To Ln, 1,,,, 51.4.1 ,'f!' .7 , ily 7 I MR. BASIL ROSENBERRY To the class of '49 there is one outstanding personality who, by his kindness, thoughtfulness, and sincerity, has contributed more than any other one individual to our success at A.C.H .S . His enthusiastic interest and friendly guidance have won the wholehearted respect and admiration of both the faculty and the students. Therefore, we dedicate this TOWER to Ill r. Rosenberry. TOWER 5 3 I' . 2 2 E 3 5 A f 3 i E +5 E 1 i 5 Q 15,9 '1 l1H 1ex'fv , M' K K The bleachers in the making. The new fence. Campus beauty spot. Night at Amherst. Steps to success 8 TOWER , .f . ,rg , '- x f ' xx JL 5 . A A fl X5 ' Q 'A-,1,4w'9' I ff X .M if I J! J V I, fr If 1,129 f fb, X, if' A J K I ' 01' n 37 ff f 2 ga, ff W , W MM55?fWfQ? me f ff F' I ' ' 1, . ,. f " .V 'v 40474 A X Y jj T , Q-jp: , ' V 1" ',,,. fl N? N-s Ox fly Q A XX - V ,, X ii j .. Fi f0a9nzPzL3'f aaa X My JU' W QSM 'Q Xjf Aff W Q , -R . . 2 WW wqtffjg, WU wif X U iv W MR. PHILIP A. SCHWVEICKHARD Principal Jungle King P K . . - G I VVith the faithful guidance of our competent principal, lNIr. ' 11 X X If V l Schweickhard, We, the students, are able to meet the trials I l -X5 ' -Q along our paths through the Amherst jungle. Our "Jungle Kingl' X is always anxious to lend a helping hand to those of us who seek E , ii his advice. . r- l J ' 1 i X F0 A 1 M ,' Y , ff V , X rant! TOWER 9 legit! BETTY Anson- BETTY Acm.m ELIZABETH D. .AREND LAwRENcE G. BI:NsoN NIILTON E. BERGMAN Errocn BLACKWELL Home Economics Physical Edul-ation Science Geometry Physical Education Jr. High Mathematics WALTER G. Buss NIARION BUTT MARY CALANDRA MARGARET CARNAHAN MYRTLE CIIRISTENSEN WILLIAM CORNELL 9th Grade M athematics Business Spanish Librarian Art Speech and Dramati Tribal Leaders EMMA Conan Clinic '1'IlERI:sA FITZGIBHONS 8th Grade Social Studies 10 TOWER ABRAHAM CI'TcnIf:R BIARIE CZURLES MARY D'AMIco NORMA ENEA VIRGINIA FARMER Science Art Latin and English French and Gen. Language English JOHN GELSINGER LILLIAN Gnvmmn NIOIRA M. HAIIEY ROBERT HALM EALRAN HANNEL English Bmvirieas Social Studies Business and American Librarian History t ROBERTS HETTLER ELENQRA HlI.DEBR.kNlJ ROEER1' HOLDER ISABEL HUSBAND MARGARET JOSEPH EUGENE KAZA Physical Education Home Economics Social Studies Physical Education and English Mu-Sic Science FREDERICK KOCH MABE1. KoLLo1-'1-' Jolm KRESTIC RICHARD LAPE MASON J. NIARTIN MARJORIE METZ Junior High Mathematics English and Reading Music Science Industrial Arts Science Tribal Leaders jf CARL Mmxcn DONALD MUNSDN EDWIN C. Musmnn JANET Nxcosu EDWARD ORGEK ARTHUR PANKOW Industrial Arts Guidance Director Social Studies Business Industrial Art.: Social Studies ROBERT PATELUNAS -IDSEPH PAH! ELTON PETERSEN EVA PoLs'rER ROBERT POMEROY DOROTHY PURDY Driving Junior High English Chemistry Junior High Social Studies Social Studies General Science TOWER 1 1 ,U of D vs' 1 WALTER Rmrz Gnnrnvnn: Rxx GERALDINE Ronscu BASIL Rosmmmxnv Rosmvr ROWLEY MARGARET Know Music English Art Mathematics Mathematics Junior High English ROBERT SCHONEWOLF ARTHUR SCHUCHARDT ALAN SCIIAEFER MARION SIMPSON VIRGINIA Sun-11 T. MARTHA STAPLETON Mechanical Drawing Mathematics Atiendance Home Economics Home Economics English Tribal Leaders NEIL STILLMAN Industrial Arts ELBIE WALDOW English 12 TOWER X xl vi cf qf.x, 'M ' X' AL-' ' Lx 1 U .,, xg ln. l lhhv fl' IPM 1 .lik 5-Q, fm N K W Yi wan gigs 4 Q5 ,Q 'I All . 4 , -3-..::3.'4 3 I. ....... I-l k hgh 9 'y 1 j Q mv, THOMAS Tmnum GLENN Ummnrzn Donon-rv Voncnmw NOT PICTURED1 Junior High M athematics Physics English LORAINE SULLIVAN Reading Hvumm' WILKENS WILLIAM WnA'r'rEN German Physical Education MR. JOHN SCHELLER Assistant Principal Tribal Chief For every student at Amherst, Mr. Scheller has a smile and a Word of advice. We owe much to him for the Way in which he han- dles his many duties. Our tribal chief guides us through the maze of school life. ,l V! 1 ffl . ,J LEFT TO RIGHT, AROUND TABLE: Mr. Edward F. M etz, President,' Mr. Walter P. Geyer, Vice-Presidentg lllrs. W. W. Hamilton, Mr. William F. Phillips, Treasurer' M r. Plzilip A. Sclmveiclclzard, Principalg lllr. Joseph F. Seitz, lllr. T. J. lllasterson, Mrs. Ruth Ill. Broivrz. The Counselors The Board of Education is a group of men and Women who are vitally interested in the Wel- fare of both the student body and the teachers. These men and Women meet monthly to determine the policy of our school. VVe are deeply indebted to them for their untiring efforts in Working out the many problems connected with the operation of A.C.H.S. e TONVER 13 Robert Schenclel, Bill Klaiber, Robert M orris, The Big Cauldron THIRD Row-LaVerne F ish- er, Stanley Hunt, Bob Win- gert, Don Wilbert. SECOND ROW--Rhoda Hunt, Bob Vanyard, Bob Zimdahl, Bob Bruso. FIRST now-Garry Wratten, Dave Metz, Bob Budin, Ray Schindler U I 'J X Sadie Goss, Mrs. Brumm, Martha Kincaid F lorena Brunner Grace '97 S' Beale. 3,3 ...v Under the capable direction of our dieti- cian, Mrs. Veronica Macauley, the women assistants and student helpers have given. us healthy and enjoyable lunchtime meals. This year, with the three lunches, the cafeteria staff has worked even harder to make our lunch periods run smoothly. 14 TOWER if., ' 1 has 4' 1 N , uv X xx X 1 Miss NIVI-:N MRS. VERONICA MACAULEY 1 Janitorial Staff Nluch thanks is due the jani- torial stall' for their fine Work in keeping our building and grounds clean. They keep our sc worthy cifour ride? ' 5 Q tr. n ff R. 5 Q , Kris! n K NOTK PICTURED lfrs. Caroline Bealer, Mrs. Mary Rolfe, Mr. Edward Stcger, Mr. Charles Hildinger, Mr. Raymond Burns, Mr. lYillinm Van Steenburgli MR. JOHN ROBERTSON MR. JOHN CAMERON i MR. HERBERT THURNHERR . f gisx i f K ,Gigi :'v4 X ff ,H ,-M,-L-, X fl' " f'.ff'?r3fI R ' se X' , Ho . I .ew :VF EV lil I ll lllnja if MR. GEBHARD THURXHERR MR. LoUIs MILLER MR. Louis VVANNENWVETSCH Mrs. J. Francis Harrier, Viola VVannenwetsch, Mrs. Imogene Amo, M iss Marilyn Zenner. 'I'he Chiefs Aids Our hard Working office staff rates much praise. It is their NOT PICTURED: competent handling of school records, schedules, and fi- Carol Higgins nances that enables Amherst to run so smoothly. Miss Martha Becker 16 TOWER She is a far cry from the Witch doctor of the jungle. lNIrs. Coyer is the kind Woman Who attends to all our ills, and she is always ready to make us feel better. L ff 1 in The Medicine wtf l fl ' fi '3 WUIIICII 6 A QD :::: ' lx I '4 f Ac 2 1+ - . Q A 5- - i MRS. COYER 'V ' IX U f'W f 1 l W lv' 1 h I J T X4 f , 3 , x f X. XJ MR. GELSINGER DIR. MUSTARD Senior Class Advisors MISS SIMPSON MISS HILDEBRAND MR. 'MINICH MISS PURDY IR. ROSEYBERIQH' FIRST Row-I' ronne Manclell, J 0- anne Teale. SECOND Row-Leroy Frederick, Dick Fowler. MRS. STAIJLETON President RICHARD FOWLER Vice President YVONNE MANDELL Secretary JOANNI-3 TEALE Treasurer LEROY FREDERICK DONALD ALLENBACH sure . . . pleasant w l ARTHUR L. BECK leader . . . joker itfiifikii ii. SHEQU. Q AUGUSTUS E. ANDERSON EUGENE R. ANDRES persuasive . . . unique open-minded . . . cooperative PATRICIA ANN BAJER dreamer . . . journalistic SALLY J. BARBER talkative . . . vibrant P2165 R17 sq 9 'I-'ffxl 'X-is Cl.. 1-fe -Cv-vi . lr 90-K RICHARD J. BAUER blushing . . . happy RICHARD BECKER smiling . . . optimistic i 3 is ...iii 5 'eere ' is . . 6. J if 1.3 . l M ' .wt 7,1 ug - vw ,T 3I.,,-535,333.33 M Q., 51 gs ae liv .1 ,i 1 3 NORMAN ANNIS SUZANNE ARNOLD contented . . . unajected sterling . . . delightful 1' DONALD E. ALLENBACH-Wrestling 1-2. if AUGUSTUS E. ANDER- SON III-Football 43 Senior Play Comm. 43 Student Council 1-23 New Mexico Military Institute 3. 1' EUGENE E. ANDRES-Kensington 1-23 Hi-Y 3-4. sk NORMAN ANNIS-Tonawanda 1-2-33 Track 4. i SUZANNE ARNOLD- Soccer 1-2-33 Basketball 2-3-43 Tennis 3-43 Water Follies 1-2-3-43 Dance Club 1-23 Junior Play Comm. 33 Honor Society 3-43 Student Council 33 Tatler 2-3-43 Tatler Editor Ili Sec. of Class li Junior Prom 33 Spanish Club 23 Badminton 23 Senior Play Comm. 4. f PATRICIA ANN BAJER-Soccer 43 Basketball 43 Water Follies 43 Junior Play Comm. 33 Senior Play Comm. 43 Newspaper Club 2-3-43 Tower 4g Spanish Club 43 Badminton 4. -A' SALLY J. BARBER-Soccer 2-3-43 Hockey 3-43 Badminton 43 Basketball 2-3-43 French Club 3-43 German Club 23 Hi-Y 3-43 Water Follies 33 Tatler 3-43 Tower 4g Junior Play Comm. 33 Senior Play Comm. 4. -k RICHARD J. BAUER-Baseball 2-3-43 Soccer 3-4 3 Student Council 43 Tower 43 German Club 3-4Q Senior Play 4. -k ARTHUR J. BECK-Football 1-23 Basketball 1-2-3-43 Track 13 Golf 2-3-43 Student Council 1-2-33 Honor Society 4. ir RICHARD BECKER-Chorus 43 Boy's Glee Club 43 Boy's Hi-Y 43 German Club 4. 1' FRANK A. BELLINGER.-Rifle Club 3-43 Photography 4. i DON- ALD J. BERGER-Canisius High lg Football 2-3-43 Basketball 2-3-43 Baseball 3, 43 Student Council 2-33 Student Council President 43 Vice President of Class 3g German Club 2-33 German Club Treas. 2. i SALLY ANN BETZ-Basketball l-2-43 Badminton 23 Junior Play Comm. 33 Senior Play Comm. 4g Sport Council lg Tower 43 Tatler 4. OO V XJ Q '. -Jllll.. L, Jr.: 44. 4--is Z . FRANK A. BELLINGER DONALD J. BERGER SALLY ANN BETZ upright . . . companionable sigh-guy . . . Sportsman jester . . . stately 3 1fr"1,3'W, 2 ... V 3 3 b . fl 2133? , s " e, F t"8ii3iifi'f5?i'f3f 'T V , ' 5 ' I i i 3 was 2 3 wiJi ,A , ' , wig ,. - iristfiiiffgisi 3.-3,-gf. f,fH,:w.:.fG -3 f , 1 11 : J : lm a-. ' -1 f . ' ' .rw 13 'q K : .- .:,g,::g.::,,:y3--f '3355i3,f,51N..+ ta3333s.,:, J gi .s f ff: -V 'f:l3?5Wj31f-V ' 5, . 5'-srl," it 3 . , -. -,, .. -f.. - s'vi.-ms-ff.i, ML 3ism1sws -'.:i'.:ri . ANL BLECHINGER MARILYN A. BLOW LORETTA C. BOROWIAK petite . . . starry-eyed easy-going . . . jolly dependable . . . good-notured . . The lloileniois -k ANN BLECHINGER-Soccer 2-43 Basketball 23 A Cappella Choir 33 Girl's Chorus 43 Mixed Choir 43 Student Council 13 Dance Club Sz Festival 23 Tower 4. -Av MARILYN ANN BLOW-Basketball 2-43 Water Follies 1-43 Dance Club 1-23 Dance Festival 1-23 Soccer 23 French Club 23 Tatler 3-43 Tower 4. f LORETTA C. BOROWIAK-Nardin Academy, Buffalo 13 Soccer 1-2-33 Basketball 23 Bad- minton 23 Chorus 2-33 A Cappella 33 Junior Play Cornm. 33 Senior Play Comm. 4g Student Council 3-43 Library Club 23 Tatler 33 Hi-Y 33 Tower 43 French Club 4. wk SUE ANN BOULDEN-Orchestra 1-2-3-43 Girl's Chorus 1-2-3-43 Band 1-2-3-43 String Quartet 1-2-33 String Ensemble 13 Basketball Band 1-2-33 Musical Comedy 13 Junior Play 33 Treas. of Band 3g Tower 43 Library Club 1-43 Cafe Staff 1-2-3-43 Spanish Club 2-33 Tatler 3-43 Rifle Club 33 Junior Prom. Comm. 33 Senior Play 43 Honor Society 4. ak MARIE M. BOYCE-Basketball 43 Badminton 43 Water Follies 43 Baseball 43 Tower 43 French Club 43 Tatler 4. ir MILDRED BRAUN- SCHEIDEL-Soccer 43 Water Follies 3-43 Parker High School 13Junior Play Comm. 33 Senior Play Comm. 4. i JANET F. BREU-Soccer 3'4Q Basketball 1-33 Bad- minton 23 Water Follies 2-3-43 Dance Club 2g Hockey 33 Girl's Chorus 43 Junior Play Comm. 33 Senior Play Comm. 43 Dance Festival 23 Ride Club 33 Spanish Club 2-33 Photography Club 43 Tower 43 Tatler 2-33 Junior Prom. 3. i ANTHONY BROCATO-French Club 3. 'k FERN BRUECK-Soccer 43 Basketball 43 Jun- ior Play Comm. 33 Library Club 13 Tower 43 Tatler 4. f IRIS M. BUCKLAEU- if ROBERT BUCKREIS-Rifle Club 2-3. 'k JEAN W. BUEHLER-Water Follies 1-2-3-43 Basketball 2-8-43 Soccer 3-43 Choir 13 Chorus 3 3 A Cappella Choir 33 Library Club 13 Hi-Y 2-33 Tatler 2-3-43 Rifle Club 33 Photo Club 43 Tower 4. ir JANET E. BURT--Soccer 43 Student Council 1-2-33 Vice President of Class 23 Hi-Y 3 43 Water Follies 3' Tatler 3-4' Hi Y Treas. 4 Junior Pla Comm. 3' Bas- ' ' 1 a ' i y s ketball 43 Tatler Typing Manager 4. FERN BRUECK IRIS M. BUCKLAEU ROBERT BUCKREIS thusiasfic . . . generous smiling eyes . . . mild reserved . . . tranquil SUE A. BOULDEN industrious . . . sedate MILDRED BRAUNSCHEIDEL contented . . . understanding JANET F. HREF helpful . . . tranquil nb' 5. ANTHONY BROCATO colorful . . . fascinating JEAN BUEHLER whirlwind . . . laughter f:a sa'1ar mi .A :mzml swml '3 4.31.4 m:wsswais.ssm ,a:'msss1z7sz Qzziarisszeimm -Q .wifi1zxf.ff.pweff3,,w w.ms13:1.i. f::ss:smxuinz.x .asswaew fewwnv MARIE M. BOYC serene . . . vermin ee M, 4? f .Ea ,Y 'El S JANET E. BURT cooperative . . . cu rrwmzw.,a1':':ezia1..:,:w.r. . -.w.szu..'.- sls.sfraw,555 .5 1, .45 ,L PATRICIA BURTWE undecided . . . neat l25ffifi'?lfVliiiV" X" it Wi'l3i1ifiW'xfl3si'iTf1lEei3l so ., 1 , M.. ga i,.. . , ,,.,,.i.,..,m . 55355 'wel . 4 ,--Miz.. f-.rlnfqgng ee- .K . ' ' 551:55 ' 51:4 . 4 ,,,v V , sigma: ,-. . ,.,,, -, ,su .ff if 5,159 1 " 5'ift'...f-ss.-li f 1' ' is I rg. " crew? W .ff , .:' -yea. as -' ..,, z gliil . n .fs-'fee ii-fiil'tH1" my 1 ,, , P',Jw'itfZf tim' " l - ' 5. filiiifii 'wrili . ic. 5' s Sk' i' CM.. iifif-l' ' a i 'rt , 552593 ,+szzw5a4wwe-.f .n- 5 . -' I ' 5 h was-s51'f',Q5S:9 stirs, fr ,i .api J' W e 'liar-52.951-242215llififgj 1 -?151Li35:ff'? V fl '55 -522-i 2-42 N'-'IM-A,.'5f5f fgr, .54 'fr-'2f:"":l'E.' ,.'5 ': A 5 'Sir lf' Q 'W :- .s , ij.,,5, . , DOLORES 'CRAHEN rigorous . . . optimistic LL BARBARA ANN BUSCHMAN attractive . . . gullible DAVID G. CARSON amiable . . . eager CHARLES CATHCART amusing . . . urandcring ALBERT L. CIMINELLI easy-going .... 9 uave if CURTIS 'CRAM able . . . mischievous LOIS CAMERON CONNIE CAMPBELL THERESSE M. CARLD athletic . . . leader carefree . . . cheerful sharp-shooter . . . placid 'k PATRICIA A. BURTWELL-Soccer 1-2-35 Basketball 2-3-45 Water Follies 1-2-3-45 Badminton 2-45 Junior Play Comm. 35 Senior Play Comm. 45 Girl's Sport Council 2-3-45 Spanish Club 25 Tatler 3-45 Tower 45 Girl's Sport Council Pres. 4. i BARBARA ANN BUSCHMAN-Water Follies 1-2-3-45 Badminton 25 Soccer 1-25 Dance Festival 1-25 Junior Play 35 Honor Society 3-45 Class Secretary 25 Tower 45 Tatler 1-2-3-45 Newspaper Club 45 Spanish Club 2-3-45 Junior Prom 35 Basketball 45 Senior Play Comm. 4. -k LOIS CAMERON- Basketball 1-2-3-45 Swimming 1-2-3-45 Soccer 1-2-3-45 Hockey 1-2-3-45 Baseball 3-45 Badminton 3-45 Water Follies 1-2-3-45 Student Council 45 Spanish Club 2-3-45 Hi-Y 2-3-45 Hi-Y Chaplin 35 Hi-Y Pres. 45 Tower 45 Tatler 45 Honor Society 45 Junior Play Comm. 3. 'k CONNIE E. CAMPBELL-Penn High School, Pa. 1-25 Basketball 3-45 Soft- ball 3-45 Water Follies 45 Junior Play 35 Senior Play Comm. 45 Student Council 45 Spanish Club 3-45 wk THERESSE M. CARLIN-Badminton 25 Tennis 35 Baseball 25 Sports Council 3-45 Rifle Club 3-45 Fosdick Masten 1. 'A' DAVID G. CARSON-Hi-Y 45 Spanish Club 2-3-45 Newspaper Club 45 Tower 45 Senior Play Comm. 4. -k CHARLES FREDERICK CATHCART- -k ALBERT L. CIMIN- ELLI-Baseball 3-45 Football 2-3-45 Junior Play 35 Student Council 3-45 Vice Pres. of Student Council 4. -k DOLORES CRAHEN- -k CURTIS E. CRAM- Baseball Manager 1-2-35 Soccer 2-3-45 Rifle Club 25 German Club 35 Bowling 3-4. ik HARRY E. CRIEL-Track 15 Band 2-35Boy's Chorus 15 Honor Society 3-45 Honor Society Treas. 45 Honor Society Store 3-45 Student Council 1-2-3-45 Boy's Hi-Y 2-3-4 5 German Club 2-3-45 German Club Pres. 3-4. f JAMES M. CULLI- GAN-Track 15 Football 45 Junior Prom Comm. 35 Class Treas. 25 German Club 2. 'k HAROLD O. DAIGLER-Neumann High School 1-2. HARRY E. CRIEL JAMES M. CULLIGAN HAROLD O. DAIGLER 55534-QT-5vfiQ3fi" i i ii.. V fi if Q, brilliant . . . precise appealing . . . sociable robust . . . satisfied T If , 'ies iii 'iffsii' IM1. -.'-. .5,LXZ.,W 5g5fi:.e 6 lilacfl'iz?s:.54-'.3.. W' 5, J' . ,. 5 , . . . f ff tg ? . 5 . lk - .. . 4' ' R31 ALMA L. EGNER warm . . . reassuring Wu. , 'iliififff if ., ' , - N -"' 4' VF S . is t t 1 i lvl r . ,Mu . --if .- ,5 e w. Q- 40? Q ML , . . t . ffx l x E! ll til 5 'I al 2. em kutigiiy 4 3 . ,f 3 l -.Q -523 5,2 1 ' f-'53-7 "f . -gitfjg viii w - m.l,V3L if! K ' .l.W5:'? ,5,g?rLj:.2 , wif, . I, if s . .,:.s..w .Q f ,. , .35 . vs-in 2.w-.i.f.... - 7 f. f qv wi . -if 4-is :as -. -.1--KY' ' 15- .. MS reid! " " ' ,,.'. -gr . ,ip aff ea! -s - 'il log. " 21 . '- A 'f flvlrl' s 'MARGARET DAY RONALD DEBEQUE JOHN DELANEY ELEANOR DELANO ROBERT DENLER amiable . . . talkative pleasing voice . . . stimulating super salesman . . . rugged handy . . . agreeable cooperative impressive . . The Iloiieniois 'k MARGARET DAY-Hockey 1-23 Soccer 23 Basketball 1-43 Water Follies 1-2- 3-43 Girls' Sports Council 2-3-4. sk RONALD DEBEQUE- i JOHN DELANEY -Football Manager 2-33 Student Council 3-43 German Club 2-3. -k ELEANOR DELANO-Tower 4. if ROBERT DENLER- ir GASTON DIBELLO- Swlrnming 2-33 Golf 23 Tower 4. i JOHN WILLIAM DUNN .-Westingliouse Me- morial High School, Pittsburgh, Pa. 1-2-33 Band 4g Hi-Y 4. if MARY ANN ECKERT--Soccer 43 Basketball 3g Badminton 1-2-3-43 Water Follies 33 Chorus 1-2-33 Junior Play Comm. 33 Musical Comedy lg Tower 43 Junior Prom 3. wk ALMA LEE EGNER--Basketball 13 Swimming 13 Baseball 43 Student Council 13 Tatler 43 Dance Club 2'. -k BETTY R. EICHLER-Band 13 Tower 4g Tatler 3. -k RON- ALD W. EISS-Chorus 1-2-43 Boy's Chorus 2-43 Stage Crew 1-2-3-43 Library Club 13 German Club 2-3-43 Tower 4. i JOHN ELIE-Track 2-3-43 Cross Coun- try 2-3-43 Cross Country Manager 23 Bowling 33 Asst. Sports Editor of Tower 4g Student Council 1-2-3-43 President of French Club 3-43 Junior Prom Comm. 3. ir MARION E. ELLIOTT-Soccer 2, 43 Baseball 3-43 Basketball 43 Tower 43 Tatler 4: Sport's Council 4. ,- nf .Af ill . Y if GASTON DIBELLO unrelenting . . . casual JOHN DUNN afable . . . optimistic titian-haire . eable MARY ERT Eg BETTY R. EICHLER RONALD W. EISS JOHN J. ELIE MARION ELLIOTT busy . . . gay generous . . . nonchalant persistent . . . patient reserved nice WALTON ENGEL enterprising . . . polite DOLORES FORDYCE smiling . . . companionable WILLIAM FARR certain . . . serious JOHN P. FINNIGAN Irish . . . beaming RICHARD FISCUS smooth . . . handy LAVERNE S. FISHER active . . . verve RICHARD H. FOWLER 'witty . . . personality :awake . A was Ki-1'::fr'5,l A Vwfllggg ' 'an in .. A sg .ja xy -is sms-y,3lw , 3 3- 1 3yi1,,o,. -lv , L i iifllfitllitt ' F X M35-we ITEM, 3 . ' if 3teaerQ21,: . 2?f2f7'fl-lie Q-fi . S ii312E.1w:iS1'f russia 29.1 rl! 'i,:.,r : 'gg 5 I r'sf'2lY'6g Ng 5512: -.113 -M. -5,35 . iff, , fs 'tiifififtsi -x : tiT"l9w-tgwrg 5 3 p .itg.s.fvfj,g3igs.i KE , i f ai... V A-'E ,iggigf-f?,f.E 5.2 it I. gg: Mx, bi, 1 ,gb if 9 1 4,gif,s5is,H'gswsaxxakz J fav -'E 1' - nf' iz,:ri-is-fri 'ia f me 254,35 M - , , - 1 no .3 ,sei "-E?f".,- 533- ' lil . , '94 J! I 'gijsglff gift il .4 ml wig wt :twin k it nr Us 5 4 L M, kg2 lg is ls , el 1 i l o af 'W sg r95i5E':s fp, 35135-7-' 253 l 'NHL li iii iii sag' ,K ati? 5, If sz ggi kr whim iifsiigfefffios i ' 3 13,4 .9 fs t it S S ' 4,335 wt il iilitflfr llzit lQElifi'fXf af' . we Wir is - fifzsffdg I N jg: .if ,Aw film? '- MGI: f -Vfrtf was . 3 , ,gizef 7 Q 3n,,',g tiff: P F i. or it 13 K QSM ling! ,tn itll, 2 3 at 43. it 'H f W li IM 3 N LIE? ' 3 3 3 rs 3 3 an Q vi will ll is " 4 I W, oi f npr EEL F? 'yn ,J ' S , nf ,- i'iEE"f?'iI Y' CW 95259251 K -it SMC! ' JZKffZQzm.' t 5223ggcigf.f3,3l'ii,l1filirfwl'V ' 2fgvP.ygg., iriiifaiaiiimlt"lHitL15.E3s 'I A5335 r-suis-lf1'sS" zz-:mae ff- 'Him - ' -41242555-7',tnv' -' - . L7.3"?9'Ai' J i . ,, .,, V ' ij xi 2xgiWrf.Ji,.w1 It .a V -M., lL,wfgo.,,., ,Ag V. . . 4, - - -: rlaa 3, KENNETH FENTNER RUTH FIDDLER FRANCIS A. FUNK adaptable . . . clean-out quiet . . . petite industrious . . . admirable kWALTON E. ENGEL-Track 2-3-4. -k WILLIAM FARR- ir KENNETH FENTNER-Assembly Monitor 4. 'A' RUTH FIDDLER-North Tonawanda, New York 1-23 Corn's A Poppin' 3. f FRANCIS A. FINK-Student Council 1-23 Judicial Committee 3-43 Radio Club 3. i' JOHN P. FINNIGAN-Spanish Club 2. -k RICHARD FISCUS-J. V. Football 2g Stage Crew 1-2-3-43 -1 LAVERNE S. FISHER-Cross Country 1-2-33 Bowling 2-3-43 Track 2-3-43 Band 1-2-33 Boys Hi-Y 2-33 Rifle Club 23 German Club 2-33 Cafe Staii' 2-3, 4. i DOLORES FOR- DYCE-Kenmore High School, Kenmore, New York 1-2-3. -A' RICHARD H. FOWLER-Football 1-2-33 Track 1-2-33 Basketball 1-2-3-43 Student Council 1-2-3-43 Pres. of Class 1-43 Treas. of German Club 2. if RICHARD A. FRANZ- Track 3-43 Football 23 Spanish Club 3. wk LEROY CARL FREDERICK--Wih liamsville High School 13 Football 3-43 Baseball 3-43 Junior Prom Comm. 33 Class Treas. 43 Student Council 43 Ski Club 33 Boxing 23 Tower 4. 'k BEATRICE L. FURNAS-Dance Festival 1-23 Swimming Team 1-23 Water Follies 1-2-3-43 Soc- cer 1-23 Basketball 1-2-3-43 Jr. Play 33 Senior Play 43 Student Council 33 Tower 4: Tatler 1-2-3-43 Spanish Club 2-3-43 Jr. Prom 33 Judicial Comm. of Student Council 3-43 Honor Society 4. .lM.,..3"' J.. iv -Q, t 3' Y , .4 so u 4 l ' ll f j , 1 ,' ,- f A l I , RICHARD A. FRANZ LEROY FREDERICK BEATRICE L. FIIRN A5 likeable . . . candid cheerful . . . unassuming fiirtatious . . . ambitious' V- 1 use U 5:.'ef1e1rifi.f'i: 1: I' 15212 . ,, A , ?il.QfliEgiig?jg?3QQ Xffiiilrzgwfsfsigns ' , K ' Eaifiiiwgiifz . I I 1 'iieisilfsiiwsle grf3fwss75wEQef. ,. - vgm Q2gQ55sgjs5:g.,gl . Zw. - H132-ifzgizsgingng fx'-a f lm ,.. :-meer, i.5.9jgg75Qi1g'1. . vim?-?w's'-. f Wfffif-ifffr "TE-!fJ.,f U i ' .. 3 51117.43-'5 ...ze g.fsiK. el f, X fn. .141-1: '-- '-uf-Hkii new - . faeaszzie 1 .?gf?.5fi'f212f W -:qw -tiif5fvfl' iz fs: wie??g:t.w. K 15nftfW15'i1:ez25,,'-. V Yi-I 5,-1I,5z. il l'5'E li9'. l ' it .sell pr .v,x1sH3f'5lfrxYiiI YW? M " we w i. fazaswetiegvfmz-17 zzzffmw f 2 5 ,wager.f55fMi4f2iw.f'i . 3 f.',.mfswr,..,55.,5vgi,5f.,,4 'ii'f .f,sf::-25-I- 3 ii 'W ' ?.r?,rMsa!lirQ5HWee3f11:'- if we 3 9 .f.ei"ffR::'iff ..t...1,figtu::- V A i -s. CWQUI.Kelli,-rfLEx.1i..iw,ff. .412--ts.. az. .' -yr...-fS'Fw fiwziawifef H' F ...., .. -. .-,w,.mf5m,.. ,. .y.,Js..,tm,.,. 5 . .,..L,,,,.,N.,.,,, 5 . .1 :I 1 ,- JHN F. GALLAGHER CHARLES J. GANTER f SAM GARRETT serious : . . ejicient alert . . . amusing self-confident . . . congenial . . The llotieniois ir JOHN J. GALLAGHER-Cross Country 1-45 Track 1-2-45 Wrestling 2-45 Chorus 15 German Club 45 Assembly Monitor 4. 'A' CHARLES J. GANTER- Cross Country 25 Boxing 25 Track 4. 1 JOAN GATES-Swimming 2-35 Badmin- ton 2-45 Library 2. if SAM GARRET-Syracuse 1-2.-35 Basketball 4. fk ROBERT GIBSON- -k EDWARD J. GISEL- Student Council 2-35 Rifle Club 1-2-3-4. -k EDITH GLEASON-Dance Festival 25 Soccer 1-2-3-45 Basketball 2-3-45 Hockey 2-35 Baseball 15 Badminton 3-45 Water Follies 15 Jr. Prom 35 Jr. Play Comm. 35.Sr. Play Comm. 45 Student Council 2-45 Sports Council 3-45 Tatler- Assist. Editor 45 Hi-Y 3-45 Tower 45 Honor Society 4. wk JOHN S. GLOCK- ir LOIS GOEMBEL-Kensington High School 1-2. iv RICHARD GORMAN- German Club 2-3-45 Newspaper Club 45 Sr. Play 45 Honor Society 4. sk RAYMOND A. I-IAAS-Football 25 Basketball 2-45 Baseball 2-45 Student Council 3. 'A' JAMES HABERFIELD-Turtle Creek High School 2-35 Football 4. -k WILLIAM H. HAIN-Track 25 Soccer Manager 45 Jr. Play Comm. 35 Sr. Play Comm. 45 Riffe Club 1-25 Tower 45 German Club 25 Student Council 2-45 Jr. Prom 3. ' .mis:r:L"f+f::f..' .W Y Q.. 5 -, if Mf.ry555y,,f. -.T ' ' ' JOAN GATES ROBERT GIBSON peppy . . . pleasant mirthfuli. . . relaxed EDWARD J. GISEL masculine . . . quiet EDITH M. GLEASON original . . . sincere I , I ' 'I ', - '6 n 3 I 0 SA 5 , N' Q ., G JOHN s. GLocK ',t-iii good-looking . . . genial -5.-r I 0 , " X. o l' ,Q 3. J, , gg- LOIS GOEMBEL RICHARD L. GORMAN RAYMOND A. HAAS JAMES HABERFIELD WILLIAM HAIN pretty . . . sweet hard worker . . . actor strong . . . silent delighU'ul . . . quiet obliging . . . clever 4-:..,.mEVg,L . 7 x..-rim' reef- :,....1,,m V .. ,:,3s"5,.f, .,, . 31,- 5 r , 1 1 .-Q3 2 . f.fz..t,.5i.g' g,,, iis1 35i,'.51:.,- 1 ' , ' 5 -1 MYRA HALL serene . . . natural ROBERT S. HAMILTON reserced . . . attentive WILLIAM HART unassuming . . . pleasing NORBERT HARTMAN friendly . . . practical RICHARD HENN casual . . . individual WILLIAM HENS SALLY HORNFNG FRANK HOSSENLOPP, JR. ROBERT HOTTE entertaining . . . carefree energetic . . . vivacious 3. - ' 4 it K 1 ' i,-lsfaiisfr iii i n 2514.11 . - Milf ? I 3 fl? iliiiililiiiiifgili 'iiiiiilsigl!ili l.' llil i liiililhiilil . , f if -Q-wwf.-g3.s..s,,.3L., .:.., - gg, 3 my f - ,- 1-,1e.,fgcggfywP, . - .3 .fv 5,10 1. ' ,--,, ,r,r A 3 ,'.," K . ff Q Z. I V L . Q , he .. ff . . . ff.ifl'iI!Jiis3's iesm if MARILYN HANNETT OLIVE HARBINSON GEORGE M. HARDY animal lover . . . sweet accomplished . . . bright bold . . . debona-ir 'A' MYRA JEAN HALL-Grover Cleveland High School 1-23 fk ROBERT S. HAMILTON-Bowling 3-43 Baseball 23 Chaplin Boys Hi-Y 43 German Club 2-3-43 Hi-Y 2-3-4. -A' MARILYN JANE I-IANNETT-Basketball 1-2-3-43 Soccer 1, 23 Hockey 1-23 Library Club 1-23 Water Follies 1. 'k OLIVE HARBINSON-Soc- cer 43 Badminton 23 String Orchestra 2-3-43 String Quartet 2-33 Musical Comedy 13 Student Council 1g Spanish Club 2-3-43 French Club 3-43 Hi-Y 2-3-43 Tower 43 Tatler 43 Orchestra 1-2-3-4. sk GEORGE M. HARDY JR.-Football 2-3-43 Spanish Club 2. 'A' WILLIAM HART- if NORBERT HARTMAN-Parker High School, Clarence, New York, 1. -A' RICHARD HENN- 'A' WILLIAM HENS- fk SALLY HORNUNG-Tennis 33 Dance Festival 1, 2g Basketball 2-3-43 Soccer 2-33 Water Follies 1-2-3-43 Swimming 2-33 Chorus 23 Jr. Play 33 Stu- dent Council 13 Sec. of Class 33 Tatler 1-23 Cheerleader 1-2-3-43 Spanish Club 2-3-43 Tower 4g Honor Society 43 Sr. Play 4: Vice-Pres. Spanish Club 4. -k FRANK HOSSENLOPP-Rifle Club 1-2-33 Track 4g Sr. Play Comm. 43 German Club 2-4. 'A' ROBERT HOTTE-Football 3-43 Basketball 23 Track 3-43 Bowling 3-43 Jr. Play 3g Hi-Y 3-43 Hi-Y Pres. 4g German Club 2-33 Jr. Prom Comm. 3. 1' ALICE M. I-IOYLER'-Basketball 3-43 Hockey 43 Soccer 43 Hi-Y Chaplin 4g Jr. Play 33 Spanish Club 2-3-43 Ski Club 3: Hi-Y 2-3-43 Tower 43 Tatler 4g Sr. Play Comm. 4. 1 B -'ff' e F xg j . y . X X Y l A l ' gg. ALICE NI. HOYLER humorous . . . spzrrtive expressive . . . vibrant dainty . . . shy ' iffzftiifvsf www :5i2.frg.e1lfees'-sw,w'V .. -,..'tw,..vz41frLfreysf'rwssef-,ia1 "1f':,,:1. -'1 t'121"-ztrxltfsw wr"w?srlf3f.fffsg':efif' ' .5' M . . . 3 Q- Y' - 3' .w,,fM.., , if -.2 ' is fs..-if .ss 3- vz-wgf,:L.rs5. . , ' 7 ,,.,.., ,.., , , , Wir: .. N tix , Q gps, Q, ,Q r is A 5 I ,ff 1 warg if .Q F, ae K 5 K 3, . itil. S is 1 in it 'K' 1 li F 32 f x fi 5. H , 'Qi ,. . Y, ,. ,. ,. .. 1. 12' - '-. ' . r: '. vi Y' 'xiii 555: . S115 f . 1-'I - 4- 1: xv ' . ag... ,rgigegi t ' , if -ff'i-i2?2e2:giffrfB3'1f3222333. " L.fsref2: ffzf'.sm . r,.1Zi:3 -X 'iff-'wwwf il: rl . -',f.3rHw iiXl:.f - ' .-:mix-lffwa..-.5-':faafsfr 'A wi' 355322233 7 M..-Miliiig' fill wwaww- Wil 1, iw" xzfsv-1 1:31-,'..:.gf2 Q31 fr ,. riff X 3 'f f M A . f'f ::5f5l:xls5I:z!a:.: ,., I yn 3 ,:5g,.3.53:f,5g1-sgggigf:-,Mirza - M 1 .qw ,.p..j5S.,..g:gggI qpfl. . j 1:32535 . - f' .we f f . . -g,...:,gig:.,"? ,. .9 ' 3...':':.sms-:.f.sie:'z.e:us:" 1 r .- ':.'r.sf1f-sez.--av' .3, fi 3 J , 'B ,M s S ' ' als 4 ' S 1' i BERT A. HUTCHINSOX JAMES J. HFTCHINSON JOHN HYND helpful . . . staunch alert . . . mirihful clean-cut . . . pleasant . . . The I-Iolleniols -k ROBERT ALLAN HIITCHINSON-Mixed Chorus 2-3-43 Boys' Chorus 1-2-3- 43 A Cappella Choir 33 Tower 43 Tatler 33 Projection Crew 2-33 Jr. Prom Comm. 3. sk JAMES J . HUTCHINSON-f JOHN HYND-Swimming 1-23 Tennis 3-43 Boys' Glee Club 13 Hi-Y 13 Rifle Club 2-3. 'kROBERT A. IRWIN-German Club 2.'kTHOMAS JAMES-Football 2-3-43 Boys Hi-Y 3-43 Boys HiY Treas. 4. -kJOANN JOHNSON-Kenmore High School, Kenmore, New York 1-2-33 Baseball 43 Sr. Play Comm. 4. sk WINFIELD JOHNSON-Soccer 3-43 French Club 2-3-4. k WILLIAM R. JOHNSON-South Park High School l-23 Track 43 Student Council 43 Senior Play 4. if PATRICIA A. JONES-Badminton 23 Soc- cer 1-2-43 Basketball 2-3-43 Hockey 1-23 Chorus 3-43 Rifle Club 33 Tatler 2-3-43 Tower 4. 'A' ELEANOR I. KAMBAT-Girls' Sports Council 2g Badminton 2-43 Basketball 43 Baseball 43 Rifle Club 3-43 Tatler 43 Tower 4. i JOHN P. KELLY- Track lg Soccer 2-33 Band 2-33 Orchestra 2-33 Cafeteria Staff 23 Jr. Prom. Comm. 33 Tatler 3. if JOAN KENDALL-Water Follies 1-3-43 Soccer 1-2-3-43 Hockey 23 Basketball 1-2-3-43 Pres. of Spanish Club 23 Sec. of Student Council 33 Student Council 2-33 Tower 43 Tatler 43 Tennis 33 Spanish Club 2-3-43 Tatler Publicity Manager 4. iv MARLENE M. KETTLE-Water Follies 3-43 Jr. Prom Comm. 33 Tower 43 Tatler 4. caae A I J .... 4 Qfiggs 4 I on X ATRICIA ANN JONES ELEANOR I. KAMBAT JOHN P. KELLY ppy-go-lucky. . .laughing capable . . . quiet confident . . . condderafe fi?-ifilii - 7. ,.,. . ,JM 3 I W D 7 MM if E ,J iw: 3 gf,,fs.:6s.i 23259 314 535424555353asfifaat' -:iw .3 ' I , 3: f5iiYzVax""flIiY. .. i'1'Al'Vi:: JW , I Q . 3 4. s gk 3 ' f -.Q 13- at ,- M 3 fl -, sjfigffli T.'1Qggii-213315. -: jf 1" ' - ',5f1IiL3Ki.'a1Yf Elf ll. gem 2 f 25' J . ft'-f:if?i:i5l?Xi', xi 1- tw 1 - .,,.. M N I ,3,jgx,l,s,3,, .. . N., Wil... M a fiiiififif El lg-Y g4w.31eg3g agygw fg t 1f'.i-,wr-.f1'.+g sas' 3 . 3l it at M-f.ms3fssa -- f' -if-gfsffi ilgg Wiz . - 1 ' M'fXI'i3 wf'4f7"' U,s V J.. 3, f mm ' lfwffw 3,3 mf,-w 3332515 Haha-f"li,f f l f I f fs., sg 57313, in, I I . L. - 3 ROBERT A. IRWIN TOM JAMES cordial . . . fun loving enjoyable . . . clean-cut JOANN JOHNSON natural . . . blissful WINFIELD JOHNSON patient . . . fGllCt1f1'17L' WILLIAM JOHNSON congenial . . . sincere JOAN KENDALL MARLENE M. KETTLIC efervescent . . . cute eficient . . . smooth WILLIAM KLAIBER hearty . . . jovial A A . rfffffx 'S li , , ...1 -.. wi.. QU -..N,mf.:.,-.Vg : 'fvfv ' S..?'.f.1-- .17 .w.f..'w1w- -.1 J ii ll ll . l 0 ,, f. l' a .W x gg 1 'Regs - " 3S:Kgv,fa,-iwss'-fi c K 2 N- - 'im 'ell ' , lfgniw , , .33 .V i...,,1.: ,iff f T Jax! ,. ' M, , Q.X 3. Ji, .sf MARY LAVOCAT likeable . . . happy A l,L.fP .Q DOLORES J. KOBLER artistic . . . agile LOIS ANNE LANDEL demure . . . quiet GERALDINE LANZ sophisticated . . . frank ALBERT F. LAVOCAT conscientious . . . promising ogy - A :ss me ,i.,i..a'rQpg K1 7-'f :Q A ,, .,,, if if g , -1 ii,,, E 52.595 fini.. f il K-l'2ffi.k2WFlfif E if 23. i-h, 1 - if i,i,., .fx 3. I 5 3.33.3333 DONNA M. KOCH ELEANOR KOVALIK RICHARD A. KLINIV fun . . . musical obliging . . . pleasant cooperative . . . a e i' WILLIAM E. KLAIBER-Bowling 23 Glee Club 13 Musical Comedy 13 Jr. Play 33 Hi-Y 23 Rifle Club 23 German Club 1. if DOLORES J. KOBLER--Bad- minton 23 Basketball 33 Hockey 1-2-33 Soccer 3-43 Baseball 1-23 Chorus 33 Tower 4g Tatler 2-3-43 Jr. Prom 33 Jr. Play Comm. 3. sk DONA M. KOCH-Fosdick Masten Park High School 13 Badminton 43 Jr. Prom 33 Orchestra 2-3-43 Basketball 4. i' ELEANORE M. KOVALIK-Wilkinsburg High School 1-2-3. i RICHARD A. KUNTZ-Bowling 33 Track 43 Camera Club 3-43 Tower 4. 'A' LOIS ANNE LANDEL-Corn's A Poppin' 3. -A' GERALDINE LANZ-Swissvale, Pittsburgh, Pa. 13 Jr. Play 33 Student Council 4g Spanish Club 3-43 Tower 43 Tatler 43 News- paper Club 43 Jr. Prom Comm. 33 Honor Society 4. sk ALBERT F. LAVOCAT- Parker High School, Clarence, New York 1. if MARY JANE LAVOCAT-Parker High School, Clarence, New York 13 Cafe Staff 3. sk MARJORIE J. LEE-Mixed Chorus 3-43 Girls' Chorus 43 Jr. Play Comm. 3g Jr. Prom 33 Tower 43 Tatler 3-43 Basketball 4. if DOROTHY J. LIPSIUS-Soccer 43 Badminton 23 Basketball 43 Tower 43 German Club 2-3-43 Tatler 3g Hi-Y 4. sk ERMA JANE LISCOFF- Chorus 33 Tatler 33 Tower 43 Williamsville High' School 1-2. sk PHILIP MAC- MURRAY-Swimming 2-3-43 Football 2-3-43 Student Council 13 Ride Club l. .-- -:air A- xr 4' MARJORIE J. LEE DOROTHY J. LIPSIUS ERMA J. LISCOFF PHILIP MACMURRAY adventurous . . . eager unassuming . . . kind husky voice . . . spiriled congenial . . . muscular -s"ssg3..f-.3311 g , 3 . fsf4,-e'.-,.-.- . . fz,1'f'ff'fz?2fff5 ilill5'lY?zll,l5i ff Q 4 , . ...,t,..?i...1, g:fwl.r yr. -. .',.-.1.,:.4,g3s,g,'2.ggg.. .171 Lgigigfiggj l r -f , - Q 34 1 7. avif 'si' T-fffffl '- f - 26 ti iff Q 355 ff' ALBERT MAESS KEVIN P. MALONEY YVONNE MANDELL JEANNE A. MARSHALL CLOE C. MAU 'houghQ"ul . . . inquiring bashful . . . freckles outstanding . . . poised energetic . . . radiant companionable . . unafec . . The lloilenlois i ALBERT MAESS-German Club 2. i KEVIN P. MALONEY-Jr. Play Comm. 3g Jr. Prom 33 German Club 2-3-43 sk YVONNE I. MAN DELL-Baskeb ball 1-43 Swimming 1-23 Water Follies 1-2-3-43 Soccer lg Dance Festival 1-23 Mixed Chorus 23 Jr. Play Comm. 33 Sr. Play Comm. 43 Vice President Class 4g National Honor Society 3-43 Cheerleader 2-3-43 Jr. Prom 33 French Club 23 Sports Council 3-43 Tatler 1-2-3-43 Asst. Editor of Tower 4. f JEAN N E A. MARSHALL-Baskeb ball 1-2-3-43 Dance Festival 1-23 Soccer 2-33 Hockey 33 Badminton 2-33 Tennis 33 Jr. Play Comm. 33 Student Council 13 Sr. Play Comm. 4g Honor Society 3-43 Trea- surer of Junior Class 33 Sport Council 23 Jr. Prom 33 Cheerleader 4g Tatler 2-33 Spanish Club 23 President of Spanish Club 4g Asst. Editor of Tower 4. ik CLOE MAU-Hockey 43 Soccer 3-43 Badminton 43 Basketball 3-43 Water Follies 2-3-43 Jr. Play Comm. 33 Student Council 2-43 Spanish Club 2-33 Tatler 1-2-3-43 Tower 4g Jr. Prom Comm. 33 Dance Club 2. wk ROBERT MAURER-German Club 3. iMARY ANN MAYFIELD-Nott Terrace High School, Schenectady 1-23 Tennis 3-4Q Hockey 33 Badminton 43 Basketball 3-43 Soccer 33 Swimming 3g Jr. Play Comm. 33 Sr. Play Comm. 43 Student Council 33 Honor Society 3-43 Honor Society President 43 Water Follies 33 Subscription Manager of Tower 4g Jr. Prom 3. -k KEVIN J. MCNAMARA-Swimming 4g Sr. Play Comm. -A' JOAN F. MEIN- IN GER-Water Follies 3-43 Jr. Play Comm. 3g Sr. Play Comm. 43 Student Coun- cil 4g Jr. Prom 3. i WILLIAM J. MILDEN-Band 3-43 Orchestra 3-43 Basketball Band 4. f JOHN C. NIITCHELL-Science Club 13 Stage Crew 3-43 Radio Club 3-43 Tower 4. i BEVERLY MONROE-Forest Hills Jr. High School, Wilkens- burg, Pa. 13 Soccer 33 Hockey 33 Badminton 23 Water Follies 4g Mixed Chorus 2-33 Jr. Play 33 Sport Council 3-43 Jr. Prom 33 Tatler 3-43 Tower 43 Newspaper Club 33 Sr. Play Comm. 43 Basketball 4. i PATRICIA MORRAN-Austin High School, El Paso, Texas 33 Soccer 13 Hockey 13 Chorus 1-23 Tower 43 Spanish Club 2g Sr. Play 4. JOAN MEININGER WILLIAM MILDEN BEVERLY A. MONROE charming . . . smooth cordial . . . sure dreamer . . tantalizing eyes ROBERT MAURER contented . . . likeable MARY ANN MAYFIELD diligent .... e parkling KEVIN J. MCNAMARA Irish smile . . . lively JOHN C. MITCHELL precise . . . cooperative 'EV' -1: ef'-'4slf' .2!4ii5M52'sEQ'FlfEifiSr?liaE .i like ' 3 2151.0 C 5 if at .W . . , . A rzserw ft - - - ..f3,,, ,. We 3, , '-i?'Yi:i,ii Li LQ 1 5 'ai - .wiv 5 . 1. - . 3 if f-Mal .tifg js xxlii.. .4.4'-- L -3 kifmgxggh Q' W gilt 5' Sw Qs 2 Q 1 si ill 5 'ii 1 I we me . I 1: . ,l , if 3 s S' rg W , . S-4 I. ..f...v.fz'y . f' -' 'Qi ze. ' - 7.4 Q -i .,3e:wwg. ., cfg,f.efw-w,- .',.'.:fi's'sY' f'f?i.2?gLg 551' ' 'tl V 5 - ti? - 3 .J-nw it A K' .31 . lm 1-' . 'fees -Sz 3 if 3, . ' , ..ii3.5m: z.. -.wafe r qw ,- U r X Mn ' ,lliit We x. ri .. M have f e i A13 --H .. .gyms w . I' '.zm'i+f' 2f2..' f.'..ff1we'zi.: - . .3 1 .ir Pr. I :rx 4 ,S . W A up i W 1 1 P 1 5,3 ing: J 4 2533 . i 3... , - W ,fi E' ,..-Y-.gtrftfibfi 3 it ....VQ.H'?3f5.Q3S3fglEEQeg.2i1fissifiiig 3gFy.vS.gxz:v2mQ5Q - -. , .23-... iwfQ-11331.33rsisz.w3 ,fi3w3rii,z....i ,ff . t ..-. 'vi' 2.-. U A nrt as ' - H.-wwf - W A use f.5i.3wg,T3 . ggiifisa 'i was -- - , slwgyjis.-55551 :.Y35fy3ig:?fi3i.1f ' . V R'f'+f"f'r3f ,y 3 1.g1zf.f5?'.i1sf.ff'1. .ins ' "Q 31.3. ,'1i,3s.fss3fsf1ff2si f ....'..ff'ik 'lik 5 . .Q .rail 'Y ' . .-.. , , , :. . , .. ..f1".l1?'i3ii2ff''Nt -:,r' o r ., . 'A efe.f?1'l.aSsQQS52. U sirfisfr ' .. , f.,,5,k rggieiif W 4 Q 5...-'V iff 3-dligfaf Q V, av S3 mis .v f. 1,3 35,wm.' W Y T ri PATRICIA MORE generous . . . zealoi 'M ligmis iff. Xff i, - A -' . v5' i,eA :SC Z :Q-1 f . - 'F 32 , f , .w.g5y3,f pl , . if 1 s'?gfg15i.z31vg ,W 7 M. mi'i:?is - ' ' , - 15751. - -.xsfw , V! iff 'A -3' 1-sins 2 .. ' Wzifisliiltil f 'f ,:.sgii35Gs34 ' " 13 .5 3 f "wifi f '-'l fffi f f 'yk' Mr .. K 3 S? ,gm gg.. 3 ,gr .. ' 15,551 it G 3 5 J n X is .. , ig , N of N 331 var' 5 ,k,,9kh3l3 .. 1 E V -Sari : il 3 ' fast .- I.. Lwir' ROBERT MORRIS calm . . . enterprising JAMES E. MOSSELL MARGARET E. MUELLER GEORGE MUGLER DOROTHY E. MUNGFI good-nafured . . . studions commendable . . . thoughtful good-looking . . . congenial friendly . . . generous LOIS E. MURRAY tranquil . . . talented JAMES NESPER loquacious . . . alert ROBERT M. NICHOLS accommodating . . straight Seniors if ROBERT MORRIS- -k JAMES E. MOSSELL-Tennis 43 Hi-Y 3-43 Spanish Club 2-3-43 Sr. Play Comm. 4. i' MARGARET E. MUELLER-Soccer 2-3-43 Basketball 3-43 Jr. Play Comm. 3g Sr. Play Comm. 43 German Club 2-3-43 Sec. of German Club 43 Tatler 3-43 I-Ii-Y 3-4 Tower 4. -k GEORGE MUGLER-Football 2-3-43 Spanish 23 Tower 4. -k DOROTHY E. MUN GER-Prop. Comm. of Water Follies 3. if LOIS E. MURRAY-Badminton 4i Water Follies 33 Orchestra 1-2-3-43 Mixed Choir 1-2-3-43 A Cappella Choir 1-2-3-43 Musical Comedy li Hi-Y 2-3-43 Tower 43 Tatler 4g String Quartet 2-33 String Ensemble 2-33 Piano Trio 3-43 Con- cert Master of Orchestra 3-43 i JAMES M. NESPER--Basketball Band 1-2-3-43 Boys Hi-Y 3-43 German Club 3-43 Bowling 3-43 Band 1-2-3-4. -k ROBERT M. NICHOLS-Football 2-3-43 Basketball 2-33 Track 2-3-4. if BERNADINE NI- CHOLSON-Badminton 23 Swimming 23 Water Follies 1-2-3-43 Soccer li Basket- ball 2-43 Talent Show 3g Minstrel Show 23 Jr. Prom 33 Sport Council 13 Tatler 4g Tower 43 Sr. Play Comm. 4. f JANE K. NICHOLSON-French Club 23 Jr. Play Comm. 33 Tower 43.Student Council 2. 'k JOYCE C. NOELTNER-Water Follies 33 Chorus 3-43 Junior Prom Comm. 33 Spanish Club 3-43 Tower 4g Jr. Play Comm. 33 Sr. Play Comm. 43 Girls Chorus 4. 'A' MARLENE I. NORMAN-Soccer 33 Hockey 3g Basketball 43 Badminton 43 Sr. Play Comm. 43 Tower 43 Tatler 33 Dance Club 923 Water Follies 43 East High School 1. ik CHARLES ANTHONY ODDO- Track 3-43 Cross Country 1-23 Soccer 3-43 Tower 43 Mixed Chorus 4. "' Aix X A V CED ll rs forward BERNADINE NICHOLSON JANE K. NICHOLSON JOYCE NOELTNER MARLENE NORMAN CHARLES ODDO merry . . . buoyant soft-spoken . . . feminine serene . . . enchanting pert . . . lovable jolly . . . ebish I3 ,w-4.34 .. -f -I.: .2 ,, , . - 1 .. ' 252' . E fff' en sff' -. 5552 1 - 'lf' Y i 3 "1 f i ii'-:,!iW' s"f,v if ,. is , 6 . S f,1J-2.31 I '- QL: if f , ru: nrcwz., , 31,5 ,. L 1 r ii - ' fifsiiii.i1i,:r ' If i' .rs re , eww e. ev: S.. :- gin ' fiiiifiigfffwe fr " iam , K.. m eta' his '3 i Aliflii. ,i il RTW? W if --1 L1 3. .... ak 3, I ..... , 5 , R 3 x v W"' 55 "'- meszfl' J 3 3,850 i Q fi f lg Whig v i 5, x L 3 1' 4 -, 332. is X ,si .g........ . S . , . . .,,fi,..,, F, A rs 1 is f if 3336. ,L 2 D All i , K gm 2, X56 K 4 Xi ml 1. Q, ' il? L JANET OGDEN HOWARD PARKS ROBERT PERKINS ELAINE PERRY EDWARD PERS qpafkling - - - 'warm nirile . . . pleasant voice composed . . . sedate friendly . . . refined genuine . . . sprightly . . The I-Ioiieniois if JANET OGDEN-Quincy High School, Quincy, Illinois 1-25 Orchestra 43 Student Council 45 Chorus 3-45 Honor Society 45 Girls Chorus 4. sk HOWARD PARKS-Irwin High School, Pa. 15 Bennett High School 2. -k ROBERT E. -AYPERKINS-Chorus 3-45 Science Club 1. i ELAINE PERRY-Basketball 45 Water Follies 45 Roslindale High, Boston 2-3-4. 'k EDWIN PERS- 'A' DON- ALD PETERS-Kensington High School 1-2-3. 1' VIRGINIA PETERS- 'kRI- CHARD PLOSS-Mixed Chorus 1-2-3-45 A Cappella Choir 1-2-35 Musical Comedy 25 Tower Business Manager 45 Cafe Staff 2. i JOANNE PORTER-Soccer 2-3-45 Hockey 2-35 Spanish Club 2-35 Tower 45 Tatler 3-45 Basketball 4. k ALBERT POSPICHAL-Soccer 3-45 Baseball 45 i' ROBERT C. POTTER-Tennis 3-45 Tower 4. -k CAROL R. PRIOR-Basketball 1-3-45 Water Follies 45 Soccer 3-45 Jr. Play Comm. 35 Senior Play Comm. 45 French Club 2-3. 'k PATRICIA A. QUINBY-Hamburg High School, Hamburg, New York 15 Soccer 2-35 Water Follies 3-45 Basketball 2-3-45 Badminton 35 Hockey 2-35 Sr. Play Comm. 45 Honor Society 3-45 Student Council 35 Editor of Tower 45 Jr. Prom 35 Tennis 3-45 Swim- ming 3-4. 5 f-1' f-lx 115 '-' ' .L Y -3.-S, 'sl C 4 J. A' .us- 1 'IP' X A. -ff DONALD PETERS nonchalant . . . smiley VIRGINIA R. PETERS gentle . . . loyal RICHARD M. PLOSS business-like . . . whimsical JOANNE PORTER ALBERT POSPICHAL ROBERT C. POTTER CAROL R. PRIOR fmpathetic . . . glowing assured . . . ready zestfnl . . . practical patient . . . altruistic 5 n j- 5 Jif- , - f 51.5" 'fn H . 5 Q 5 C355 5 5 .- . 5 M I-. . av ,i v fn- MQ e Q5 E . as at -5 5 . . .5-la. .Q 5 5 5 i 4- A 2 'ir X 1 H Q., 'lo ...rl ...lik f f , 5 5...S. .Zigi Q. 5 Q Q ,ff -I 55 ge. ' ' -1953+ 555555.:.gf4oU1g,gAf'1' , 5,5 ,L I . .115 . . . 5 .Hg-.5 , if- 7...:.,..f- .--+5 . -,i-rf' PATRICIA QUINBY refreshing . . . earnest ' 152, . 1- Lp ew. :K 1.45. , -rwf S!fs1,.'-.wifi as 551.1 ,fr 2,1 iVX?? " ef'iwj1 3 3. li. A5 T 5 Zin 5, i K iw O nn A i 1:3 3 'll 32? 4 . li --,assay f,fl,fff.zi, .mill L. . 3. zilqk Mgqg... l. . .M 35,5 'hgh X N Q3 at DOLORES RIEDERER CAROL R. RINKER unassuming . . . mild peppy , , , clever happy . . . colorful . afrzifggwf- 1.453-f3..,,,,,..y-LJ if 'fff.,i,.,, K ,um-.1 .3 . i3,..,a,s 3 5 N.-,,.,.aK3:i3...1. .1 3.5.3, 3 .4 iiisiiw'fzsfsiiil''Eb12' I 3 fgf:ss.3. 4, ffff ..:4+1ftf'r .- . ' ,.321.513fzmisilr . 3 " .. .. xy .1 . :V x 3 fff, .jQf'i1: i"'ff rltsggijfjl ,ig QP fs P 5QgE1Q7 it A - - . 3 3. f:.: .. , ,, -v Jar 'lu - Q.. . . 5. img, - .. fi f. . . avg.-. '-n ..,.3q7.z-5.1 .3 MW, 4 z,...i.2 K Rf, I e .sw 9. an '. 31. Q -A -. 3 Y v x .'sEi5Ql..,',:.3-gsrf 3 f- , 3 . 'Q'!'l.giEg3l5'35fr-Qs? z . 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W. 3r..1:..-f fr . .1 f- 1-V H . . .-.le. .3II'ff .ww .1 5413 , fs. 2 4.1 i:.i"3Hs'.?.2:i53'-li, 35 Q 3 i' " l :gif , .I is -Q if wx A 3 uf 3 F 3 fidlg Y W . , . 'F Q if A W' if . 1. 3 if 3 f Q K 4 Y 1 S 3. if , me 4 '-" V, ' J., . .? .. 5, .3 . 3 3 ilu . f Q I Ji' Gif 5 N V Z! l 5 5 if ,xfalfik gi E 4 v stay 2 u Nga ri it A J :fa if . :fl , i fl if ! " is it ii 3. 1 5-fr . Vpky .gm 5 3 4--. we -1' ' . 'gg-4. V - ' , ----is 321, S . . an - . 31 3.. . ,,:.'.: 3 3 fs. :."3-.W , .-...pas w-.u f-.w-,mv f-.3 -fs.. .41-.513 sz.5k...3g.,.,.sts si- ..f, f3.,.a,l:21s...,3!..'3, 42,5,,q:,,g.Ag3f8 wyyrmg sp, , . fP'f..1.f:..1w1f1i3ffi" ' . gg. iglfe. .' g " I 5 I ' ' l ,M ,FH -1 it 1 .M .QQ-vs-.:2Zsg'3ifsgn'-a?.fi:+?' :wm14.wfqm. S - ,sr1z:fu'. i':ix:g3f ,sm jaagazqsa . .533 K ' 3 3 .3 . . I 'H A .1 viii ., . 'K' i Q Q is 3? 'V 1 F v u 3 pf- ifgiff 6 if ss.f'f'a'fA y's2gg'1.y,f- I -f qqrg 33- :yf1g53f...Q W s wig' 'NE' 1 f lg -. i Q Helga 32" ' is .. 3 A R ! yif lflis s 3 S nn - f, X FRANK R. RISEWICK RAYMOND RITTER CARL SAENGER horse-lover .... en appy relaxed . . . informal tacfful . . . sangmrzc i DOLORES RIEDERER-Basketball 13 Badminton 33 Sr. Play 4. i CAROL R. RINKER-Jr. Prom 33 Dance Festival 23 Soccer 1-2-33 Water Follies 2-3-43 Badminton 23 Basketball 1-43 Chorus 33 Choir 33 French Club 4g Minstrel Show 2-33 Talent Show 3g Jr. Play Comm. 33 Treas. of Sport Council 23 Tower 43 Tatler 1-3-43 Sr. Play Comm. 43 Hockey 2-3. 'A' FRANK RISEWICK. if RAYMOND RITTER-Akron High School 1-2. -k CARL SAENGER-Bowling 3'4Q Rifle Club 2-3. -k MARY SANFILIPPO-Soccer 43 Hockey 43 Basketball 43 French Club 2-3-43 Tower 4. if ROBERT P. SCHENDEL-Rifle Club 2-3-4. -k MARI- LYN E. SCHICK-Soccer 33 Hockey 33 Tatler 33 Basketball 4g Sr. Play Comm. 4. i ROBERT M. SCHLEMMER-Shortridge High School, Indianapolis, Indiana 1-23 Basketball 43 Track 3-4. -k AUSTIN SCHOELLES-Spanish Club'23 VVrest- ling 2. -A' VIRGINIA SCHUDT-Water Follies 1-2-3-43 Hockey 2-3-43 Soccer 2-33 Badminton 2-43 Basketball 1-2-3-43 Tennis 33 Tower 43 Tatler 1-2-33 Jr. Play Comm. 33 Jr. Prom Comm. 33 Baseball 3g Rifle Club 3-43 Senior Play Comm. 4g Photo Club 43 Spanish Club 2. -k ROBERT F. SCHUETZ-Honor Society 3-43 Vice Pres. Honor Society 43 Honor Society Store 3-43 Stage Crew 1-2-3-43 Stage Crew manager 43 German Club 3-43 Tower 4. -A' ELEANOR R. SCHUTT-Bas- ketball 43 Water Follies 1-43 Jr. Play 33 Sr. Play 4g Student Council 23 Sport Coun- cil 13 Tower 43 Rifle Club 33 Tatler 43 Dance Festival lg Badminton 4. . J Q I9 6 fn. QM K. 1 -1. J.. , Q26 VIRGINIA SCHUDT ROBERT F. SCHUETZ ELEANOR R. SCHI T blithe . . . active indispensible . . . cordial enjoyable . contagious lan Sa 29 3, ff Milan X'L' ' . . fi, ,gtlggfg .-':f'i.z.s .-.3u,q.:,f-A -Hilti. fffff 'EIS 'I ' - 'xiii A K K E f , all H X6 i 1 5' X if pi 5 A 4 1 H , K J -93:1 gi . 1? 5 ff Q ,Q lil. wi 2 w is lu 4 it - af 14 1 ut ' 351' Q , J . A Y, lf ,r f 9 HRX sy, ll' if I w 0, ig? M 1 - We , m r S Lu .vu 1. V gznwl- ., ,. vw... X-.-, ,W wma, f '24 fha Ziff? lf? I ffl 25. w ig ., ggi . ,,,, l .Q .1 . ff .f --L1 .xg . .ps HARRY D. SCHUTTE JOYCE E. SCHWERTZ FRANK SEAL JOHN R SHEARER MARY SHFRWIL winning . . . pianist fashionable . . . comely lucky . . . composed go y cons-czentwzm rourteous sueet . . The I-Iolientois 'k HARRY D. SCHUTTE-Talent Show 33 Student Council 13 Manlius High School 2. i JOYCE E. SCHWERTZ-Jr. Play Comm. 3. fk FRANK S. SEAL. 'A' JOHN SHEARER-Bowling.23 Baseball 1-3-43 Basketball Manager 3-43 A Cappella Choir 1-23 Boys Chorus 13 Newspaper Club 2-33 Spanish Club 2-33 Tower Sports Editor 4. i MARY LOUISE SHERWIN-East McKeesport High School, Pa. 13 DuQuesne High School, Pa. 23 French Club 4. i' JOHN D. SIMON-Track 2-3-43 Cross Country 43 German Club 43 Sec. of Hi-Y 43 Tower 43 Business Manager of Tatler 43 Honor Society 4. 'A' EVELYN SHORTS-Chorus 2. 'k ROBERT P. SHUPE-Football 2-3-43 Track 2-43 French Club 2-3. iv WILLIAM SIEGEL- Baseball 1-43 Football 2-3-4. -k JOSEPH SIMMERMACHER-Baseball 2g Chorus 1-2-33 Latin Club 1-23 Glee Club 1-2-3. -A' MARJORIE SIMON-Bennett High School, Buffalo, New York 1. -k JOHN P. SKILL-Chorus 4. i NEIL E. QLQXEN-Tennis 1-2-3-43 Hi-Y 3-43 German Club 2-3-43 Rifle Club 13 Tower 43 r. ay 4. I l , in B0 T xx N 'F.. ROBERT P SHUPE J. " . ' Q ' rx " 4 qs .I ,111-F. .- WILLIAM SIEGEL JOSEPH SIMMERMACHER MARJORIE SIMON JOHN P SKILL NEIL E SLAVEN husky . . . genial light-hearted . . . winning creative . . . gratifying audacious candid methodical tranquil ,SM TKIYEQQK I 'ESI e'v?2j3t1 li ff N if!! ifMi!!iM?liIlf!!M IHHMQI I. ANNE SMITHER NICHOLAS T. SPANOS GERALDINE B. STASZAK GERALD STEVENS MARY M. STROING magnetic . . . versatile happy . . . good-nalured PEGGY SWANEKAMP winning . . .' lithe agreeable . . . shining SHIRLEY E. SWANSON lovely . . . soothing sociable . . . relaxing genuine . . . individual if I. ANNE SMITHER--Soccer 1-2-3: Basketball 2-3-43 Badminton 2-3-43 Water Follies 1-2-3-43 Jr. Play 35 Sr. Play Comm. 4: Tower 43 Student Council lg Sports Council 23 Tatler Asst. Editor 4g Newspaper Club 43 French Club 2-33 Jr. Prom -35 Swimming 2-3-4. -k NICHOLAS T. SPANOS-Football 33 Hi-Y 2: Jr. Prom. Comm. 3. k GERALDINE B. STASZAK-Soccer 1-2-43 Basketball 1-23 Bad- minton 2g Baseball 43 Chorus 43 Sr. Play Comm. 45 Library Club 13 Hi-Y 43 Tower 43 Tatler 2-33 Jr. Prom 3g Dance Club 2. 1 GERALD STEVENS-Cross Country 2-33 Track 1-2-3-43 Bowling 23 Football Statistics 3. if MARY MARGARET STRONG- Soccer 33 Basketball 43 Badminton 23 Sport Council 3-4g Rifle Club 3-4. ir PEGGY SWANEKAMP-Basketball 3-43 Soccer 3-4: Water Follies 3-43 Bad- minton 23 Jr. Play Comm. 33 Sr. Play Comm. 43 Tower 43 Jr. Prom Comm. 3. -A' SHIRLEY E. SWANSON-Water Follies 2-33 Jr. Play Comm. 3g'Jr. Prom 3. 'k GLORIA SWEET-Mayville Central High School, Mayville, New York 25 VVater Follies 1-3-43 Tennis 3: Basketball 1-2-43 Soccer 13 Dance Festival li Hockey Ig Jr. Prom 33 Jr. Play Comm.3 3 Sr. Play Comm. 43 Tower 43 Tatler 43 Badminton 4. i PATRICIA B. SYKES-Durfee High School, Fall River, Mass. 13 Chorus 1-2-3- 43 Hi-Y 2-3-43 French Club 2-33 Jr. Play Comm. 39 Sr. Play Comm. 4. i DONALD A. TAYLOR-Orchestra 1-2-3-4. iv JAMES E. TAYLOR. i RUSSELL TAYLOR Basketball 13 Baseball 1-23 Soccer 1. -k JOANNSE TEALE-Cheerleader 2-3-43 Water Follies 13 Dance Festival 23 Chorus 2g Jr. Play Comm. 33 Sr. Class Secretary 43 French Club 23 Tatler 1-3-4g Tower 43 Honor Society 4. , It 93 .3 WN 2 GLORIA SWEET " X: prompt . . . generous f ,,, Q--1 5 - fi- ar PATRICIA B. SYKES DONALD A. TAYLOR JAMES E. TAYLOR RUSSELL TAYLOR JOANNE W. TEALI' prrt . . . Iilfing voice ruddy . . . amusing reliable. . .satisfying hopeful . . . suave fresh . . . imaginative 2 . wa. f My fe, , i1m:..:fw fl7.fa:.fiaf :gs E 333553. ,gl x:,.. . 1 ci Sym.. fi!! 'v-LL1 f lii S Z E . ff, " A .1 . . .... , . CHARD H. THOMPSON JOAN TOPHAM JOAN C. VOELKER JAMES VOISINET JEAN WARD deep voice . . . sturdy animated . . . comely agreeable . . . humorous polished . . . thoughtful fair . . . fancy v E . i . . The Iloiieniols HERBERT WILLIAMS 'Lderstancling . . . pleasing f,g.1w . .,.. ww.. . . . - -is .via ff . 1. i RICHARD H. THOMPSON-Cross Country 2. sk JOAN TOPHAM-Mixed Chorus 3-4g Girls Chorus 4g Tower 43 Tatler 35 Jr. Prom 35 Sr. Play Usher 4. -k JOAN C. VOELKER-Dance Club 23 Soccer 45 Water Follies 3-4g Basketball 4: Choir 13 Girls Chorus 4g Mixed Chorus 3-43 Jr. Play Comm. 3g Sr. Play Comm. 4: Student Council 3g French Club 2g Tower 4g Tatler 4. i JAMES VOISINET- Kenmore High School I-QQ Golf 3-4g Basketball 3: Jr. Play 3g Tower 4. if JEAN WARD-St. Nichols Academy I: Kensington High School 2-3. 'A' CAROL D. WENDT-Basketball 4g Badminton 43 Baseball 4g Jr. Play Comm. 31 Tower 4: Tatler 4g Library Club 2g Sr. Play Comm. 4. if BARRY R. WESTIN-Track 29 Soccer 3-4g Jr. Play 33 Bowling 2-3-4g Hi-Y 3-4g Christmas Pageant 1-2-3-45 Sr. Play 4. 'k CHARLES F. WILCOX-Bowling 2-3-4g Baseball 23 French Club 2-3: Hi-Y 3-4. i HERBERT R. VVILLIAMS-Track 13 Swimming Q3 German Club 2-3-4. i THOMAS W. WILSON-Swimming 1-Q-3-4: German Club 2-3: Hi-Y 4. i JEAN VVINCHESTER-Kenmore High School, Kenmore, New York 1-2-3. -k BETTY LOU WISE-Badminton 2-43 Soccer 3-43 Basketball 43 Hi-YQQ Tatlerg 3-43 A Cappella Choir 1. -k LILLIAM H. WISE-Wilkinsburg High School, Pa. 1-2-39 Girls' Chorus 4. I ia. --.qv- v" -"' P 33, 3 THOMAS W. WILSON swimmer . . . wholesome reserved . . . kindly . . . - ff" ff Itfiglgwksi. , .4 , s . . r 9 I M 4 J 2 J 1 - fiiii , l.QllftiQ'g'-. 4 .15 . ' .1 3 " - :iii S . M 4 5 f l i r .- gy ' I1 I1 CAROL D. WENDT gentle . . . steadfast BARRY R. WESTIN accommodating . . . peaceful CHARLES F. WILCOX liberal . . . courteous JEAN WINCHESTER BETTY LOU WISE merry . . . lively ikgffyggr gy-1g3,,. rs , 'fzgf za 4 vsgl?9lvs'. if W Q S at gary Ll H ' -W' . A ag--sr .,,.- ewer - rms r.. 1. ,,,,.q, . L- Qiifiiii., 55- . 1 ,ga ,qs gi this kgs ,fl L,1. i, 54' seal fin . - I li I 'N Q if W 4 i 1 6 Ztgjill fir' il y ss 4 , 1.55555 .H sis. L Q , 1 1 rggiigfwylh Z., W l' .eg f V, wg 7? s X ' 'S i s lui' i ' 45595 ' l y - ie ' ilgrgz sggei-t I , iii l' 5 5 , SQL? ,QW .f mt ., ,. 632.33 9 .M-i'fgw.tL.5 'ni' M ill 7-4 ii LILLIAN WISE arresting . . . gente - . .. J hi? , -Q nn: 51555. - ,51i'EiiiEi:., 1? - im-15,1 .if,,, ,, ' -'il'-1gi,i1'Wlfigi5',liz 1 owl, ,VA ii ,.,ninno,in My 2 in ...Riga J A foam, .N n, H i 9 ' wgli.".1ifii'-i':'-' li it li 2 zielgiiy fx f 'ff ii l if J 2 iii f , , . , l l i ig ii i rg S ' il K uiigif i I, x ii? . Q E f . ,. f ,.,,5.n'! ,.fl fif'l 9 .' f-il-eiqllnmln V , .i X il fiziiiiiililii i ' i 2 'llifgililhwi is rigor i , X, 5 lm ,WE KK Qgiglmis 1334 i if A ,i ne 244215, ' ,WFP-ffxf-i'.l n iso-Mich A Q. , ., nvwzlnn will Ek f Qlil',f'Aiiili will -lf Wg il2151ln':f' L-" 5 , no l fm li if K i,t'l.i,5l rn! Qi Y'-L gg i if iii ii J if nm -'fm' -' :,. ,,,,. .- .i in no Uimll ,iii-f,al52?gf iliw l 'Writ iligig so no Si' l il Wi r' fl will ,: nl. g , X- fazzi- Wayan l , alia illgii' ' i ali! ,, '--h il , :ini ' waz-o Ao.-in 4 on f lg fliilli iizz i W iillgiifiigl . :ci fun."-o l ' 519' 'A 8. 35 ,U it l, we f will : wo wif. ig, ,yn , i- .inn l Rf, fi xg J l' flu Jfox inli l' MARY WITHERELL RALPH WITNAUER JOSEPH WITTMANN LYLE E. YORK PATRICIA A. YOl frank . . friendly sportive . . . unrujled alert . . . courteous precise . . . interesting artistic . . . engagi 0 Sensors ir MARY WITHERELL-B k b ll 15 J . Pl C . 33 L'b Cl b 15 SYLVIA ZA?0W5l?I Sports Council 3g Hi-Y 1-2-3g Yicilgiesidentrof IBQIY 4gm'IIBwer 4.1'iaR,ALP1H A. modest - A - ldwlwfw WITNAUER--Neumann High School, Williamsville, New York 1-25 Football 3-4. ir JOSEPH VVITTMANN- 'A' LYLE E. YORK-Cross Country 4g Tatler 29 Newspaper Club 2-3-43 Spanish Club 2-3-4g Bowling 3-43 Tower 4. -k PATRICIA A. YOUNG-Kenmore High School, Kenmore, New York 15 Library 35 Cafe Staff 3-43 i SYLVIA ZASOWSKI-Basketball 1-2-4g Soccer 33 Chorus 2-39 A Cappella Choir 13 Musical Comedy 15 Jr. Play Comm. 33 Honor Society 3-43 Student Coun- cil 33 Library Club 23 Tatler 33 Hi-Y 2-SQ Tower 43 German Club 3-4. Boy Girl Don Berger ATHLETIC Lois Cameron Jim Mossell BASHFUL Alice Hoyler Al Ciminelli CAREFREE Connie Campbell Harry Schutte DANCER Carol Rinker Bob Nichols EATER Sally Betz George Hardy FLIRT Beatrice Furnas . Stretch Johnson GENIAL sno Arnold TTU'-U09 Harry Criel HONORS Yvonne lllandell Jim Culligan IRRESISTIBLE Moi-l Moyliolfl Down Bill Hain JOKER Joanne Porter 0 Phil MacMurray KN OCKOUT Ann Blechinger semol Bob Hotte LAUGH Jean Buehler Gus Anderson MAGNETIC Ann Smither Dick Bauer NEAT Pat Burtwell Dick Becker OPTIMISTIC Janet Ogden Dick Fowler PERSONALITY Jeanne Nlarshall Howard Parks QUIET Pat Quinby Anthony Brocato REFRESHIN G Joanne Teale Dick Fiscus SOPHISTICATED Gerry Lanz George Mugler TALKATIVE Sally Barber Jim Voisinet UNIQUE Edith Gleason John Finnigan VIVACIOUS Sally Hornung Kevin Maloney WISTFUL Beverly Monroe Dick Franz X-UNKNOVVN QUALITY Loretta Borowiak Ray Ritter YAVVN ING Sylvia Zasowski Chuck Oddo ZIPPY Joan Kendall 'V1 Tracking Down The Seniors L Tffg N 3 2' xy-.K W fw wa L 'I ATHLETIC DANCER iw EATER HONORS x N , . ,,. Z , L l i .xV" V Lk z .: ,' X K Q . G ii N. ' WAX 1 W , new . , M f Q 1 " ya' X ,X V , C ' N' f f M- I Av, f. wi' ' J pf! llhfnnml A u- lab.- VD'--f J OKER KNOCK-OUT TOWER 35 ff N U f x 7 14 M X? 1 If , JL N fl fx f, A I il. rl 'No H 'Q I XJJVT I 1 i:f.1,',,X RJ-'if A w, up SUE ARNOLD . . . leadership with a smile THE BASKETBALL TEAM . . . Need we say why? But here they are: DON BERGER . . . Able captain, three sports star, capable Student Coun- cil President. PAUL DOMROES . . . Avjump-center who always gets the tip-off, Jr. Class President, Q20-yard Track Champ NORB VVALSH . . . Hard working guard whose man never gets many points DICK FOINLER . . . popular and handsome basketball hero, witty Senior Class President DON PHILLIPS . . . All-league guard with a famous one hand shot MARY ANN MAYFIELD.. . . congenial president of Honor Society, Sub- scription Manager of Tower DICK FERRICK . . . skier supreme DICK GORMAN and DOLORES REIDERER . . . superb performers in Senior Play JOAN BURKE . . . 'Atomic Bomb of sophomore class LEE FREDERICK . . . One wonderful guy KENNY HANOUR . . . Amherst's own Arthur Murray MARILYN SIMONSEN . . . advertiser of that Pepsodent smile, freshman class knockout BOB SCHUETZ . . . genial stage crew manager LOIS CAMERON . . . way up in sports, scholarship, and service VERNA DENZEL . . . girls' swimming champ ' BOB MONROE . . . combinatioiiof brains and looks GEORGE HURD and MONA CANTOR . . . orators of much merit THE CHEERLEADERS . . . untiring enthusiasm in promoting school spirit I SUE BOULDEN . . . character personified, argyle champion TERRY CARLIN and ED GISEL . . . Senior straight shooters THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY . . . the most respected group in school BETTY CALLAHAN . . . owner of the schoolis best disposition AL HEINEN . . . Section 6-of N. Y. State Cross Country running champion PAT MORRAN . . . Student Manager of the Senior Play and chairman of our assemblies DONNA RECKSEEN and FRANK HOSSENLOPP . . . a double dose of good entertainment HARRY SCHUTTE and JIM VOISINET . . . geniuses on the ivories PHIL MACMURRAY . . . outstanding swimming ability and pleasant nature JOY KAISER . . . graceful ballerina with a future ILEANE KUNOLD . . .eighth grade special JUDY LEACH . . . Junior High Dynamo 36 TOVVER -1 -' , ,gf xv 1..f -. ,nw A N... : A , fig .J if I o Sprung Sports I In 48 VARSITY BASEBALL Fmsr Row-Don Miller, D Phillips. SECOND Row-Dc Reed, Dick Bealer, Al C Ed Berger, Dan Strong, D Drumm, Art Lettie, John Kro mal. THIRD Row-Curt Cro Dick Tolsma, Don Jones, D Berger, Drblc Bauer, John Shel er, Mr. Hettler, coach. The Diamond Warriors u By defeating Southwestern Central High School at Offermann Stadium on June 14, 1948, the A.C.H.S. Baseball team climaxed the most noteworthy season in the long athletic history of our school. The 1948 TIGERS marched to 20 consecutive victories without a defeat, took their second successive Section VI Class A Championship, and captured the NECL Crown for the sixth time in the last seven years. Besides emerging victorious in ten NECL League tussels, Amherst shut out Kenmore three times and defeated Tonawanda once in non-league tilts, proving that Amherst could have easily captured the VGL Crown if we had been in the same league since Tonawanda and Kenmore were the leading contendors in the Class AA Niagara Frontier League. Coach Hettler's squad had four close calls. Local Williamsville almost tripped the TIGERS twice, but ACHS took the two engagements by scores of 2 to 0 and 9 to 8. In the first tussel, Don Miller pitched the only complete no-hit, no-run game of the year. The second Billsville encounter was the real "thriller" of the season, as ACHS was forced to score five times in the bottom of the 7th inning in order to keep her undefeated record intact. The other close games were with Sloan and Southwestern in the playoffs. The '48 Championship Squad was extraordinary in the fact that it was superb in all positions. Don Miller and Doug Reed carried the majority of the pitching load, since together they accounted for 17 victories, while Don Phillips clinched the remaining three. In winning eight tussels, Reed established a new school strike-out record of 111. Our air-tight infield was composed of Don Drumm Ccatcherb, Captain Ed Berger Clst basej, Al Ott C2nd basel, Dan Strong Cshort stopj, and John Krochmal 13rd basej. Dick Bealer, Don Miller, Don Phillips, and Art Lettie alternated in the outfield. Left Fielder, Dick Bealer, had the best individual season as he led the whole squad in batting and fielding with averages of .565 and 1.000 respectively. Since the entire first eleven graduated last June, the prospects for the future do not look too bright. How- ever, with the return of classmen Don Berger, Al Ciminelli, LeRoy Frederick, Dick Bauer, and John Shearer, and with the moving up of top players on the successful J. V. squad, Coach Wratten should not have too much to Worry about. We sincerely hope that they will make it Three Section VI Championships in a row for Amherst Central High School. 'K K 0 maxi: Strait M3525 KE33355 0 ' 'Amherst A ron 1 Amherst Depew 'Amherst Kenmore 0 H2222 ijiiiffiiviiie 'Amhefst Tonawanda 6 Amherst Akron SECTIONAL PLAY OFFS gmlaerst gilliamsville Amherst ioanl 3 III CTS EPCHCC Amherst ngo 3, Qmlliefst lift Aurora Amherst Southwestern 6 m ers . ron - 'Amherst Depew Totals 239 39 'Amherst Pine Hill ' Non-League Games TOWER 37 .l. V. Baseball FIRST Row-M r. Wratten, coachg Don Deichirnan, Charles Kirk, Bill Kistner, Gene Kraus, Butch Daigler, Jack Georger, Wall Lindsey, Herb Dar- ling, SECOND Row-Gary Wratten, Herb Vincent, Bob Marquart, John McGee, Fred Stevens, Ken Bachman, Don Kunold, Bob Mellon. THIRD Row-Ronald Popp, Don Maurer, Torn Basil, Ken Hanour, Cy Young, Tony Teresi, Mel Reibel. Clulamen 19.48 SCORES Amherst 4 East Aurora 11 Amherst 14.5 Attica M Amherst 15 Lancaster O Amherst 15 Depew 0 Amherst new Lancaster QM Amherst 125 Attica QM Amherst 10 East Aurora 5 Amherst 5 Orchard Park 10 Amherst 12 iOrchard Park 3 Amherst 13 Depew 2 Amherst 1 1 3M Opponents 36M Kenneth Olendorf, Bill Hart, Arthur Beck, James Voisinet, John Herman, Charles F riednzan, AU'red Charron, Wayne Weber. SEATED-'MT. M inich, coach. Rackeieers 1948 SUMMARY Amherst 1 Hamburg Amherst 0 East Aurora Amherst 2 Lancaster Amherst 2 Depew Amherst 0 DeVeaux Amherst 5 Depew Amherst 1 Hamburg Amherst 3 Lancaster Amherst Q Medina Amherst 4 Medina Mr. Blish, coachg John Hyml, Robert Budin, Paul Archarnbeau, Neil Slaven, Curt Rogers, Robert N elson. 38 TOWER League Tournament-453 points-First place Sectional Tournament--349 points-Third place 'I'l-ack 1948 VARSITY SQUAD FIRST now-Dave Edwards, Kev Plumb, Charles Smith, Bill Derrick Bill Allan, Dave Kent, Don Holzl man, Roy Smith, Bob Phillips Dave Metz. SECOND Row-Bol Hotte, Trevor Jones, Erik Siegfried Don Wagner, Ray Weser, Hugl Moreland, Frank Spanos, Dicl Franz, Dick Fowler, Tom Sullivan THIRD Row - Ronald Schwert, Dlanagerg Walton Engel, John Elie. LaVerne Fisher, Frank Risewick, Bob Schlemmer, Charles Oddo, M ike 0'C'onnor, Bob Nichols, Paul Dom- roes, Don Kingman, Mr. Bergman, coach, Mr. M unson, coach. Natives of the Cinder Trail Amherst's track squad proved to be the champs when they walked off with an un-defeated, un-tied 1948 season. This highly successful season opened in Hamburg with A.C.H.S. on top-62 to 42. At the next two meets with East Aurora and Lan- caster our Amherstonians trounced the opposition 74 to 29 and 86 to 18, respectively. Then came the Western New York Conference meet in which we emerged undisputed victors with 51 points against 23 for the nearest team. The boys really hit their stride with Fredonia when they won 60 to 44. It was in this meet that Eric Siegfried skipped over the hurdles to lower the school record to 24.5 seconds. Olean was next on the list, and the Amherst steamroller flattened the "Oilers" 57 to 41. Then came the fitting end to this season of all seasons at the New York State Section VI Championship Meet. The opposition stood wide-eyed as the "Tigers" swept across track and Held accumulating 50 points, to their nearest competitor's 15. During this meet Bill Der- rick lowered the mark to 53.6 seconds in the 440 yard dashg Charles Oddo jumped over the former record of 208 8" in the Broad Jumpg Dick Blauvelt High jumped 5' 9" to a new recordg Ken Plumb lowered his record for the mile to 4:48.05 and the Relay Team, composed of Kingman, Siegfried, and Wagner, established 1:37.6 as the new record. Thus, the "48" season closed, leaving Dick Blauvelt on top of the scoring list with 49M points and Bob Phillips runner-up with 44 points. J. V. SQUAD-FIRST Row-Malcolm M acAlpine, Bob Coghill, Howard Jones, Richard Knop, Dale Symington, Charles Cassety, Robert Lansdowne, Don Par- tyka, David Dickens, Robert Kingsley, Franz Allina, Merwyn Brasnick, Dave Schiefer, Vince Piriano, Mr. Bergman, coachg John Simon, Frank Alexander, William Baer, Ed Dewey, Marty M eidel, William Pritchard, Mr. M unson,' coach. i Season's Record ' Amherst 692 Hamburg 42 Amherst 1 74 East Aurora 29 Amherst 86 Lancaster 18 Amherst 60 Fredonia 44 Amherst 57 Olean 47 Sectional: Amherst 50 Opponents 15 x x N U' .A f GENERAL WINNERS-FIRST Row-Charles Friedman, Don Drumm, Don Phillips, Ed Berger, Don Miller. SECOND ROW-ETTZC Siegfried, John Krockmal, Bill Derrick. 1948 Trophy Winners TRACK WINNERS-Ray Weser, Erik' Siegfried, Ken BASEBALL WINNERS-Caplain Ed Berger, Coach Bob Plumb. Hettler. Siclelighis From A Great Year of Sports Last year our school witnessed one of the greatest years in its athletic history. At the end of the spring season all the teams were honored in an assembly program, Where they received a total of nine trophies, the greatest number to be won in any one year. Don Miller, captain of the football team, presented Mr. Schweickhard with the trophy from the Exchange Club of Amherst. The Syracuse Basketball Cup was presented by Don Phillips along with the Western New York Intermediate Championship Trophy by captain John Krockmal. Bill Derrick, captain of the track team presented their championship trophy and Eric Siegfried, representing the 880-relay team, presented the trophy they won for setting a record. Individual track trophies were Won by Kenneth Plumb, Eric Siegfried, and Ray Weser. Ed Berger, captain of the victorious baseball team, presented the Western New York Intermediate Championship Trophy while Don Drumm presented the Duke University Cup, another baseball award. The golf team, represented by Charles Friedman, presented their trophy. 40 Townn FIRST ROWjLawrence Pope, Bruce Quinby, Dick Ferrick, Bob Stoddard, Martin Geary, Jerry Thuman, Everett Boyce, Robert Monroe, Dick Cook Martin Meidel Elmer Mans eaker SE J B k D G t Ch l C t B bM ll F kAl d K th , , p . COND Row- ay ec , on oe Vzmann, ar es asse y, o e on, ran exan er, enne M au, Dick Schake, Gary Wratlen, Dennis Gridley, J ack Davis, Bill Stillinger, Jake Ressler. THIRD Row-M r. Schaefer, Assistant Coach, M al- colm Burtwell, Russell Gowland, Dick Crawford, Vincent Cuviello, Jim Arth, Jerry Wallens, Cy Young, Bob Graham, George Ramsey, Bob Wiley, Bill Moran, Dick Cole, Earl Fowlston, Edward Dewey, Mr. Scheller, coach. JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL-Our Junior Var- sity football team was very good this year. They finished the season with a record of tive wins and one defeat. The lone defeat was handed to them by Ham- burg. Many J. V. players will move up to Varsity next Amherst Amherst Amherst year. Some of these stars include: Bruce Quinby, Dick Ferrick, George Ramsey, Cy Young, Jim Arth, Bob Monroe, Marty Meidel, Wild Bill Stillinger, Bob Wiley, Jake Ressler, Gerry Wallens, Pouch Cuviello, . and Elmer Manspeaker. Amherst Amherst Amherst Q2 Full Sporis - l94 SCORES 14 Depew 0 27 Medina 6 '7 Hamburg 8 14 East Aurora 7 15 Akron 0 26 Pine Hill 0 Between The Geal Posts If the Western New York Intermediate Football Confer- ence had recognized a champion it would have been Amherst Central. Due to the fact that there are over 20 teams in the conference, a champion has never been declared. Amherst, while winning six of the seven games played, compiled a total of 84 points, while its opponents scored 33. Coach Milt Bergman's teams, over a period of five years, have won 31 of their 35 games and have scored 485 points to 203 for the opponents. Of the thirty-six players on the squad, eighteen were considered first-string men. Three were post- graduates, eight will graduate this June, and the rest will be back next year. During the major part of the season, Coach Bergman placed Don Drumm as Fullback, Don Phillips, Don Berger, Norb Walsh and George Haberfield as Half- backsg and Herb Vincent as Quarterback. Phillips was the Captain and top scorer with 35 points. Amherst gained 1235 yards on the ground while its opponents gained 809. By these figures you can see that the tigers had a strong forward Wall. Bob Hotte and John McGee shared the chores at Left End, Al Cimmin- elli played a splendid game at Left Tackle, John Liegel was the Left Guard while Bob "Sledge" Nichols was the center. Right Guard was taken over by Bill Siegel, who played an excel- lent game throughout the season. At Right Tackle Coach Bergman put Howie Jones, the sophomore sensation. And last but not least, was Dave Metz at Right End. The Hrst game of the season saw Depew invade our field on a TOWER 41 FIRST Row-George Haberfield, John McGee, Herb Vincent, Dave Metz, Bob Nichols, Don Phillips, Don Drumm, Don Berger, AI Ciminelli, Bill Siegel, Bob Hotte, John Liegl. SECOND Row-Philip MacMurray, Don Maurer, Howard Jones, William Kistner, Dick Knop, Jerry Scull, Ken Bachman, Ken Hanour, Don Kingman, Robert Shape, wet, drizzly day. After an ex- change of punts early in the sec- ond quarter, Don Phillips threw a 30-yard pass to Bob Hotte for the first touchdown of the game. Phillips' try for the extra point was blocked. Late in the fourth quarter Don Drumm bucked the center of the line for 2 yards and the second T.D. Two plays after Phillips had kicked OH, Lombard intercepted a Depew pass. On the next play Norb VValsh ran 52 yards for the third and final touchdown of the game. The final score was Amherst 18 and Depew 0. The next week Albion invaded Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst 49 Townn our territory but we again tri- umphed. The first T.D. was scored by VValsh on an end run early in the second quarter. A few minutes later Drumm went Q5 yards off tackle for the next touchdown. Two minutes before the half ended Phillips went 17 yards off tackle for the third T.D. The fourth touchdown was scored on the 'idipsie doodle" play. Phillips threw a pass to Hotte who immediately lateraled to Drumm who went 19 yards for the T.D. Thirty seconds before the final gun, Albion scored on a "quarterback sneakf' Phil- lips converted all our extra points. SCORES 18 Depew 28 Albion 6 Hamburg 6 East Aurora 6 Leroy 7 VVest Seneca 13 Lancaster 84 Tiger The first real test of the season was the Hamburg game. Ham- burg completely outplayecl A.C. H.S. during the first half. At the end of the third quarter Phillips threw a short 4-yard pass to Herb Vincent for the only T.D. of the game, but his attempt for the point failed. YVith five seconds to go in the game, Amherst had the ball on their own 2-yard line. On the last play from scrimmage Phillips took the ball and sat down in the end zone for an intentional safety. The final score was Hamburg Q, Amherst 6. The next game of the season 0 6 2 0 19 6 0 33 """"""' Anthony T eresi, Jim Haberfield, Ralph Whitnauer. THIRD Row-Mr. Bergman, coach: George Mugler, George Hardy, Gus Anderson, James Culligan, Herbert Blow, David Bolton, Tom James, Norbert Walsh, Fred Lambrecht, Robert Weiss, Dick McPherson Mr Hettler, Coach. saw Amherst play before a ca- pacity throng at East Aurora. Early in the 3rd quarter Howie Jones recovered an E.A. fumble on the 20-yard stripe. Two plays later Phillips went over standing up. The final score was A.C.H.S. 6, East Aurora 0. The first loss in two years for the Tigers was suffered at Leroy in the only night game of the season. A.C.H.S. scored their only touchdown early in the second quarter when Phillips went over the one yard line. A powerful Leroy team scored once in the first quarter and twice in the fourth quarter. The final score was Leroy 19, Amherst 6. The next game was at home against VVest Seneca. This game was highlighted by the dedica- tion of the new stands. That day, with the stands filled to capacity, Amherst again came through with a very close victory. Just Itis Bob Hotte for another touchdown! . mnmmi1uwMwawms ff at auasww-:ima A , , l , I after the half ended, Donnie Berger went 11 yards on a reverse play to score Amherst's only touchdown. Phillips converted what proved to be the winning point. A few minutes later West Seneca scored on a 1-yard pass. Berger blocked the kick for the extra point. The final game of the season with Lancaster was played for the mythical championship of the Western New York Inter- mediate Football Conference. Lancaster came into this game COACH BERGMAN with 6 wins and 1 defeat while Amherst boasted the record of 5 wins and 1 defeat. After 3 minutes had gone by in the game Phillips went 5 yards od tackle for the first T.D. To climax his brilliant season, Don Phillips with only one minute to go in the game, intercepted a Lancas- ter pass in the end zone and ran 100 yards for a touchdown. He then ran around end for the extra point. The final score was Am- herst 13, Lancaster 0. TOWER 43 VARSITY SQU AD FIRST Row-Winfield John- son, Bob Kingsley, Richard Shaller, Charles Oddo, Curtis Cram, Bob Conn. SECOND Row-Richard Bauer, Bob Dickson, Berry Ii estin, Dick Hawks, Glenn Snyder, Jack Georger, John Glock. THIRD ROW-NIT. Wraflen., Coachg Bill Hain, Al Pospichal, Waller Lindsey, Bill Jones, Dave Jones, Fred Stevens, Paul Domroes, Robert Stahl. Soccer Stampede I' The 'scores of the past soccer season would prob- ably bring the onlooker to believe that the '48 team did not have a very successful season. In the goals scored, andlgames won, they did notg but success is not always measured in the number of wins or losses, but rather, as a great sportswriter once said " . . . in the way the game is played." It can be truth- fully said that the fellows played every team with the same aggressive spirit that, if allowed to material- ize, would certainly have put them on top. Right up to the whistle the boys fought a hard, fast, and clean game. This year the squad received more than their share of troubles. During the latter part of the sea- son rain, and even snow, made the ground one muddy mess, and consequently it was diflicult to obtain enough practice. Charles Oddo, this year's captain and highest scorer, was injured in the middle of the 7 44 TowER . J. V. SOCCER SQUAD FIRST Row-Tom Gibson, Allen Wollenberg, Herb- ert Darling, Richard Haenggi, Kenneth Olendorf, James Taylor. SECOND Row-Gerald Marohn, Mer- wyn Brasniclc, Paul Wehrle, Bob Schneegold, Bill Baer, Don Stewart, John Cave. THIRD Row-Mr. Orgek, coach,' Roy Fowler, Bill Fisher, Harry Hain, Bob Woods, Paul Clark, Jack Grizzard, John Orth. season and unable to compete in the rest of the games. The scorers for the year were: Charles Oddo, seven goalsg Bob Lindsey, fourg Jack Georger, fourg Bob Conn, twog Dick Hawks, two, John Glock, two, and Fred Stevens, two. - Next' yearls team will be supported by the return of twelve varsity players and an up-and-coming junior varsity. This group looks very promising and should provide Coach VVratten with a winning squad. SCORES Amherst 3 Angola 6 Amherst 8 Holland 11 Amherst 6 North Collins 2 Amherst 0 Woodlawn 14 Amherst ' 0 Orchard Park 8 Amherst 0 Holland 3 Amherst 2 Angola 8 Amherst Q North Collins 9 Amherst 2 Woodlawn 8 try runner. This year's team tallied two perfect FIIYST Row-7Ronald Goehle, George Pappageorge, Orel Hersh-iser, Bob Lansdowne, Don W agner, Thomas Franclement. Bill Lenz, Richard Dezchman. SECOND Row-Bob Weiner, Don W rfllert, George Beck, Ted llfetherbee, John F oley, Ronald Goldstone, Dick Bouley, Dan Gleason, Julian Lambrechl. THIRD Row-ill r. M unson, Coach, John Buclcreis, Don Deichman, Dave Dickens, Al Hcinen., Al Aolccr, John S imon, Lyle York, John Elie. Ron Hnebel, Manager. Q I 6 The Cross Counlry Trail Amherst Central had good reason to be proud of its Cross Country team this year for our fastest growing sport finished the second undefeated season in its three short years of existence as a varsity sport. Much of the credit for this success can be given to coach Don. Munson, a former track and cross-coun- meets, an excellent achievement in itself. The "Harriers" were plenty nervous before their run with East Aurora, also undefeated up to that time, but all fears were eliminated when the score was counted. Captain Al Heinen, unbeaten all season, took Hrst place, Ted Wletherbee, a three-bar letter man, captured fourth, Bob Weiner fifth, Al Acker seventh, Don VVillert ninth, and Jack Foley, a freshman, tenth. Another close call appeared when the group had to be split up to run Portville and Oak- field in the same week, but the "half teamsn came through expertly in spite of this, and won both meets. The Section VI Championship run was held at Lancaster's Como Park this year and the Amherst Harriers strode across the finish line before the ten other teams entered to win by sixteen points. Next year's squad will have these letter men returning to strengthen it: Ted Wletherbee, Al Acker, Bob Weiner, Don Willert, Jack Foley, Dave Dickens and Don Deichman. SCORES Amherst West Seneca 38 Amherst Gowanda 37 Amherst Portville 36 :"Amherst Oakfield 40 Amherst East Aurora 32 :l'Amherst St. Charles 40 Championship Meet Amherst 35 Opponents 51-149 'Cperfect scoresj TOWER 45 Quo BACK ROW-TILOWLGS Wilson, Kenneth Woods, Richard Gleason, David M cCain, Francis Peterson, Paul Archavnbeau, Philip M acMurr-ay, Robert Stahl, M anagerg Mr. Tierney, Coach. FRONT Row-William. Jones, Kevin M cN amara, Harold Brundige, Robert Dickson, Gerald Wal- lens, David Jones. Swimming Summary This year's swimming team opened their season at Kenmore, the home of our arch rival, and found plenty of trouble supplied by our willing neighbors. After shaking the water from their ears, the squad traveled to Tonawanda to be met by an unyielding host who left us to drown in our defeat. Lockport was next, but this time the "Tigers" proved their worth by trouncing the "Lock City" group by twenty points. The "Lumber- jacksu from North Tonawanda proved to be too much for our splashers and they proceeded to give us another bitter taste of defeat. But the Orange and Black recovered quickly and dished out a cool welcome to the"Big Red" team from Niagara Falls in the next clash. The second round provided a real thriller as we dropped a close one to Kenmore by four points. Our worst defeat of the season was handed to us in our next swim with Tona- wanda as they pushed us under by 42 points. Amherst revived in time to overthrow Lockport for the second time, but only to watch the last two meets go to North Tonawanda and Niagara Falls. Although the mermen did not have an outstanding number of i wins, we did have many individual stars who outshone the opposi- i tion. Harold Brundige, who left for Bowling Green in the second semester, was considered the best diver in the league and Tom YVilson turned in a 1:10.4 time to break the school record for the 100 yard breast stroke. Phil Machlurray, Tom VVilson, and Bob Dickson placed fourth in the hiedley relay finals. Other constant liilglbscorers on the team were Dick Gleason, Ken Woods, and Dave c aln. JT! in -Aigigf-r v " ' I ff x Jerry W allens completes another graceful dive. I , . 1,2 . l I J ' 'NK l g . ""'f -:M ' . A LS Kill I LIIKU SWIMMING SCORES Amherst Amherst Amherst 23 Kenmore 43 Amherst Amherst 28 Tonawanda 38 Amherst Amherst 43 Lockport 23 Amherst Amherst 19 North Tonawanda 47 Amherst Northern Erie County lntersclmolastic Bowling Champs J. V. SWIM TEAM FIRST now-Al Gould, Roy Schindler, Bill Henns, Bill Re- gan, Harry Hain, Bob Lans- downe. SECOND Row-John Ab- bott, Jack Watson, Hugh Miller, James Bruso, Don Hegg, James Bame, George Hurd, Robert Stahl, Manager. Niagara Falls 28 Kenmore 35 Tonawanda 54 Lockport 12 North Tonawanda 51 Niagara Falls 39 Bowling Team FIRST Row-Ed Pers, Bob M ellon,' Bob Hotte. SECOND Row-Paul Will, Wayne Weber, B Hamilton, Charles W ilcorc. THIRD Row-James N esper, Laverne Fisher. SCORES AMHERST OPPONENT 1 WVest Seneca 2 3 Lancaster 0 1 Hamburg 2 0 Angola 3 1 VVest Seneca 2 1 Lancaster 2 3 Hamburg 0 3 Angola 0 13 1 1 MR. BLACKWELL, coach 2 Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Totals NORTHERN ERIE COUNTY LEAGUE 50 Akron - 49 Depew 45 Pine Hill 39 Williamsville 50 East Aurora 55 Lancaster 39 Hamburg 55 Akron 46 Depew 48 Pine Hill 42 East Aurora 58 Vtlilliamsville 60 Lancaster 41 Hamburg NON-LEAGUE 40 West Seneca 44 Yvest Seneca SECTION V I PLAYOFFS 35 Barker 47 Sloan 41 Fredonia 884 Totals BElifiER Dminoms PHIL1,1Ps VVALSII AMHERS1' CAGEMEN Fowmcn THE UNDEFEATED CAGEMEN John Shearer, Manager Norbert FValsh, Herb Vin- cenf, Al Aclfer, Al Heinen Don Philips, Paul Domroes Don Berger, Raymond Haas Richard Fowler, Sam Garret Arfhur Beck, Bob Schlemmer Mr. Hefiler, coach. a r JR. VARSITY FIRST Row-George Ramsey, Marty Meidel, Howard Jones. SECOND Row--Dick Hawks, Mr. Wratten, coach, Bob Conn. 'FHIRD Row-Bob Graham, Dick Schake, Bob Schneeqold, Robert Marquart. FOURTH Row-Don Stewart, Managerg Robert Wiley, Cy Young, Jim Arth, Ted Wetherbeeg Manager. FIFTH Row-Paul Wehrle, Jack Sandford, M auagerg Barry Cahill. A Coach Hettler gives Paul Domroes and Don Berger some advice. The Crowd - Roclrs ! ! After being undefeated in the Northern Erie County League and winning two playoff games the Amherst Central Tigers were upset in the finals of the Section VI, Class A playoffs at lNIemorial Auditorium. It came at the hands of a classy Fredonia quintet. The final record for Amherst was eighteen wins as against one defeat. There were only three teams in the N.E.C.L. that could match Amherst's superior strength. In the first Ham- burg game Amherst led by five points at the half, but the Purple and White put on a last half drive that nearly gave Amherst their first setback. WVith thirty seconds left Don Phillips sank a one-handed push-shot to put the game on ice. Pine Hill, who finished tie with Hamburg for third place gave the Tigers a scare. With a minute to play, and Amherst winning 48 to 40, the Hilltoppers scored three quick baskets before the final gun went off. In the next game with East Aurora, Amherst had to keep pace in the fourth quarter to win 42 to 40. Capt. Don Berger sank what proved to be the Winning basket with two minutes to go. The rout of the season was probably the Williamsville game. The Billies just didn't have it that night as Berger, Phillips, Fowler, Domroes and Walsh collaborated for 47 of Amherst 58 points. The final score- A.C.H.S. 58-Williamsville 37. The quarter-finals of the Section VI basketball tournament were held at North Tonawanda High School. Amherst barely came through beating Barker 35-34. Don Phillips accounted for 24 of his team's 35 points. In the semi-finals the game was held at Kenmore Junior High School, Amherst overwhelmed Sloan 47-34. This victory qualified Amherst to meet Fredonia in Buffalo Memorial Auditorium. After leading at the half 22-17, the Tigers scored only 19 points in the second half to F1-edonia's 26. This was Amherstis first setback of the 1948- 49 campaign. Coach Bob Hettler had Capt. Don Berger and Dick Fowler at Forwards. Paul Domroes and Ray Haas at Center and Don Phillips, Norm Walsh, and Herb Vincent at Guards. Phillips was the top point-getter with 271. This cracked John Krochmals school record of 238 last year. Dick Fowler and Don Berger scored 171 and 158 respectively. The team as a whole had a 884 point total for a 46.5 points per game average. This mark was the highest ever maintained by an Amherst team. A majority of the credit should be given to Coach Hettler, who in his two years as Varsity coach has won 36 of 37 games. TOWER 49 Norb VValsh, Dick Fowler, Don Berger, Don Phillips and Herb Vincent-it's five sure baskets Freshman Basketball FIRST Row-Dick Ferriclr, Frank Schoenle, Orel H ershiscr, Larry Gaunder. SECOND ROW- Tomrny F ranclemenf, manager, Bill Stillinger, Clzford Baum, Mr. Ungerer, coach: Robert Payne, Bruce Quinby. THIRD Row-Lawrence Pope, Jack Walsh, Roy Fowler, Evan Tyler, Al Weigel, Ronnie Evans, Earl Fowlston. on Phillips gets up there again! Dick Fowler tips the jump ball CHEERLEADERS-J0l1TL7Zt? Tcale, Sally Homung, Natalie Howell, Marge Sullivan, Doris Jones, Jeanne M arshall, Yvonne M andell . This vivacious group of girls have led cheers for our orange and black tigers through another year of victories. Their untiring effort to bring out the spirit in the students has contributed a great deal to the colorful year of sports just past. This year we will lose four members of the seven-girl squad in the senior graduating class, but under the leadership of "Doc Pankowf' three new girls have been chosen to take their place. The seniors Natalie Howell, Doris Jones, and Marge Sullivan. leaving are Yvonne llfandell, Jeanne lllarshall, Joanne Teale and Sally Hornung. The other three remaining to resume their duties next year are 5 1 57 1- 9' f Q0 f '- id LL J "Doc" ..-5: L , 'f' f TOVVER FIRST ROW-Barbara Smith, Mary Strong, Virginia Perrin, M ir-iazn llliller, Joan Burke, illarilyn Leldage. Donna Reclcseen. SECOND ROW'-'M ary Witherell, Christine Gillis, Marilyn Hopkins, Natalie Howell, Christine F ilipowiez, Pat TV i1la.r, Nan 0'.Connor, Madeline Murray. THIRD ROYVTu4Tl6Tl,6 Siege-r, Theresa J arvis, Alvina. Klenert, Terry Carlin, Nancy H arseh, Faith Lisle, Helen Whitehead. FOURTH ROW"-TJMNG Ann Henning, June Breu, Marion Elliott, Shirley Behrens, Diana Heywood, Nancy Beard, Jan Beard, Helen Tassio. FIFTH Row-Bea Ciminelli, Eileen H igg-ins, Barbara Klein, Patricia Burtwell. Girls' Sport Council Two representatives from each girls homeroom compose the Girl's Sport Council whose purpose is to rep- resent the girls in recording their points and arranging their activities. This year the very capable president was Pat Burtwellg the secretary, Jan Beard, and the treasurer, Diana Heywood. Mrs. Husband was the adviser. It is the aim of every girl who participates in sports to acquire enough points for a large, medium, or small let- ter. A girl's sport banquet is held each year to award these letters and to also honor the "all-around girl" who i li i ' . 0 - I ' . 1 yi - - - - ' cc as . 11 i3 455 pw? ,is lit 52 TOWER receives a bracelet inscribed with her title As for the sports themselves, in the fall hockey was played on Wednesday and Thursday, and soccer on Tuesday and Friday afternoons Miss Ackley and Mrs Husband coached these sports Later the swimming team practiced on Tuesdays with Water Follies practice beginning in January Colors was chosen as the theme A different schedule was followed this year in basketball. The girls formed teams and selected names such as-"The Kolloffls Killers," "The Good Galsf' "Yah0os,', "49ers," "Paralizing Perry's,,' and ' A 1 many more. The teams played on Tuesday and Friday afternoons. The program this year was a huge success thanks to our marvelous leaders-Mrs. Husband and Miss Ackley. l 0 I FIRST Row-Pat Bajer, Peggy Swanekamp, Edith Gleason, Beatrice Furnas. Anne Smither, Lois Cameron, Sylvia Zasowslci, SECOND Row-Saylee Urig, June M cM illan, Mildred Braunscheidel, Jean Buehler, Nancy Davis, Ingrid Beyer, Sally Barber, Loretta Borowiak, Shirley Baumgart, Audrey Steger. THIRD Row-Faith Lisle, Marion Goodwin, Marty Brustad, Harriet Crewson, Diana Heywood, Helen Whitehead, Jean F inkbeiner, Ann Reed, Shirley Ihrig. FOURTH ROW-Barbara Snyder, Nor- ma Green, Marion Elliott, Ellen McCarthy, Ufaudell Kostenbader, Phyllis Ed-ighojfer, Margaret Mueller. Girls' Hockey FIRST ROW-Joan Mellon, Joan Goliber. Jean Finlcbiner, Doris Linendoll, Margaret Smith, Valerie Goldstone, Virginia Perrin, Shirley Striebich. SECOND ROW'AliC8 Hoyler, Barbara Kelly, Christine Gillies, Shirley I hrig, Thersa Jarvis, Waudell Kosten- bader, Lois Zierlr, Pat lVilla:r, Barbara Bown, Sally Lund. THIRD Row-Ann Reed, Jan Beard, Sally Barber, Edith Kireher, Helen W hitehead, Olga Davidson, Marilyn Marchand, Shirley Kaufman, Betty Callahan, Ann Hershiser, Shirley Behrens, Janet Dryer, llliss Aokley, Coach. TOWER 53 Girls' Swimming Team KNEELING-Lois Cameron, Nancy Hart, Shirley Ihrig, Ann Srnither. STANDING' Lois Zierk, Helen Tassio, Verna Denzel, Shirley Meyer, Pat Quinby Girls' D . Basketball Team REFEREES - FIRST Row - Waudel Kostenbader, Ellen McCarthy, M arty'Brus- tad, Jean Chambers, Helen Tassio. SECOND Row-Olga Davison, Carol Leighbody, Faith Lisk, Lois Zierk. THIRD Row- Marge Ihlenfeld, Doris Linendoll, Jean Finkbeiner. lx 2 T--w 695 SEATED-Pdf Qninby, Lois Cameron, Ann Smither, Shirley Ihrig. FIRST Row-June Frohe, Sally Chamberlain, Yvonne Mandell, Jeanne M arshall, Ann Reed, Ellen McCarthy, Jean Chambers. SECOND Row--Sally Barber, Jane Poland, Marilyn Davey, Marty Brustad, Flora Lee Boyd, Jan Beard, Mickey F urnas, Nancy Davis. THIRD ROVV-'l7'lTgI:7l.'l'd Schudt, Marion Ellioft, Carol Leighbody, Virginia Domsler, Ingrid Beyer, Faith Lisle, Connie Campbell. 54 TOWER Sevenlh Annual Wafer Follies Our 7th annual Water Follies had "colors" for its theme this year. With the combination 01 graceful dancing routines and intricate swimming formations, under the direction of Mrs. Husbanc 'and Miss Ackley, Amherst's uaquacadei' was Very entertaining. Miss Ac'iu,m' Mus. HUSBAND PROGRAM GOLD Hlloney Song" 7th grader: GREEN "Jealousy', 8th grader: PURPLE "Walking With My Shadow" Freshmen RED "Old Devil NIoon,, Sophomore: BLUE "Limehouse Blues", Junior: WHITE "Skater,s VValtz" Seniors RAINBOW "Over The Rainbow" The Ten Best PFONVER 55 0 .1 4 1 , 'I ,- fl . 25 ' , I s, ii ' ' J ' ,Lf . . FIRST Row-Marge Boulden. SECOND RONV-L01.S Zierk, Elaine Arnold. THIRD ROW-Nan Beard, Jayne Hueber, Anne Herslri- ser. Native Music This year our music department began a new program in which the students 1 themselves have taken over a great deal 3 ' 5. of the Work involved in this expanding Held. The major organizations have :I elected student officers to help the direc- 'N X XX tors in their Work. In the Band, Ann X Shelley was elected Presidentg Richard ,5 Crawfordg Vice President, Donna Reck- seen, Treasurerg Mary Helen Rutherford, I Secretary-Librarian. In the orchestra Lois Murray serves as Librarian. The ofiicers for the Mixed Chorus are Howard i J ones, Student-Directorg Joy Pollack, MR' KRESTIC Business Manage-rg Marjeanne Jensen, ' Librariang and James Orth, Treasurer. All of our home Football games were enlivened at the halves by Mr. Krestic, the Majorettes, and the Band. They played, marched, and made formations on the field. Many of our Band members are also members of the Buffalo Bill's Band, directed by Mr. Krestic. This year many of our students journeyed to Lancaster to perform in the Sectional All-State Orchestra, Band, and Choir. These organizations are made up of selected music students from high schools all over the state who get together for a few days to rehearse as a group and then give a concert. Last Spring, the Sectional All-State Music Festival was held at Amherst, and all of our music organizations received a top rating of I. This is a record yet to be broken by any other school participating in this Festival. Some of us may have had trouble in hearing ourselves think during our home basketball games, due to the 0 ' ' x ,xg wi Director 56 TOWER 0 STRING TRIO Roger Shaw, Joan Petrunick, Iois Murray zestful playing of our basketball band. They really put a lot of spirit into the games, and they deserve a lot of credit. Our majorettes have really kept themselves busy this year. Besides twirling at our football games, the girls have twirled at the Band Concerts, University of Buffalo basketball games, and our basketball games at Memorial Audi- torium. ' Following is a list of all the concerts given by our major organizations. October Q1 The Orchestra played for the Erie County Teacher's Association on our stage. November 16 The joint concert, given by the Band, Orchestra, Mixed Chorus, Boys' Chorus, and Girls' Chorus, was presented to an appreciative audience. January 21 The combined Amherst and University of Bullialo Band presented a concert on our stage. The music ranged all the way from Beethoven's "Egmont Overture" to "At the Minstrel Showf' complete with end men and company. February 3 Our Band played for Assembly. Remember the Minstrels? February 21 The combined Band gave a concert at Kleinhans' Music Hall. February 25 The All-Orchestra concert got off to a bang with the March of the Meistersingers as the Hrst piece. This certainly has been a busy month for the music department. April 7 Our three choruses presented their annual concert. Congratulations to Mr. Reitz and Mrs. Cornell for their Wonderful Work. April 22 Our Assembly program was enlivened by the playing of our orchestra. May 13 and 14 The annual Music Festival was held here again this year. All of our organizations and many soloists and ensembles participated in this program. l Senior High Boys' Chorus FIRST Row-Robert Bradley, Fred Fisher, Edward Reinagel, Larry lllunger, Wilbur Weiss, Gerald Swanson, William Bush, Richard Ploss, Ted Weatherbee. SECOND Row-Gerald M arohn, Merle Leak, Charles Oddo, Robert Perkins, Robert Hutchinson, William Stillinger, Howard Jones, John Orth. THIRD Row-Ernest Kaeselau, Fred Adler, Robert M aryward, David Metz, David Southwiclr, Albert Aclcer, Robert Zllellon, John Skill FIRST Row-Lois Murray, Joan Petruniclc, Terry Jarvis, Barbara Lane, Ann Shelley, Barbara Brustad, Jane Huber, Joy Pollack, Janet Og- den, Roger Shaw. SECOND ROW- Olive H arbinson, Conrad Voglmayer, Phylis Edighojer, John Laughlin, Nancy Horton, Robert Wiley, Drbk Crawford, William Witlig, Gary Wratten, Jack Sandford, Robert Hughes, Barbara Snyder, Jean Brydon, Dona Koch, Sue Boulden. THIRD Row-Don Taylor, James Baldwin, Dick Bou, Marjorie Wesp, Phylis Hurd, Robert Geclcler, William M ilden, Nancy Davis, William Elliot, Don Willert, Jack Davis, J oannc Thompson, Lynne Lawson, Mary Helen Rutherford, Robert Bird, Edward Snyder, Elizabeth Brenner, Madeline Murray, Joan Ackerman. FOURTH Row-M r. Kaza, Director, Dona Reckseen, Jack Bissel, James Taylor, George Ramsey, Ted Scribner, Ron- ald Barkley, Jane Wooster, David Southwiek, David Jones, Bill Jones. Band FIRST Row-M r. Krestie, director: Barbara Brustad, Peter Witt, John H eintz, M itzie Miller, Lois Petrunick, Dale Henson, Nancy Underwood, Donna Reckseen, J ack Bissell, Karen Siegfried, Joan Davey, Joan Palmer. SECOND Row-Elaine Arnold, Jean Wiley, William Seiber, William Wittig, Mary Lou Dickens, Janet Swyft, Donald Davis, George Beck, Margaret Smith, Donald Kern, Robert Kingsley, Patricia Caldwell, Judith Leach, Sandra Lindberg. Jane Hueber. THIRD ROYV-1471716 Hershiser, Allen Wollenberg, Don Stewart, AU'red Taylor, Orel Hershiser, Dan Schubert, Carol Brown, Donald Kenyon, Robert Hughes, Nancy Horton, William Baer, Edward Snyder, Donald Willert, Nan Beard. FOURTH Row-Roy Fowler, Eda Gilkey, Donald Selby, Donald Arnold, Florence Henderson, Shirley Behrens, John Dunn, Ann Shelley, Betsy Ogilvie, Joanne Thompson, Karl Seidl, Emil Lojacono, William Elliott. FIFTH Row--Robert Wiley, Bruce Ziegler, Mary Helen Rutherford, Robert Liplce, Gary Wratten, Fred Scribner, Colin Hamilton, Lynne Lawson, Nancy Davis, John Lochte. John Walker. SIXTH Row-David Jones, Edward Gibeau, Richard Cranford, Jack Sandford, Sue Boulden, Robert Geekler, George Ramsey, W ill-iam M ilden, James Nesper, John Davis, Henry Roney, Robert Bird, Robert Johnescu, William Jones. S0 I Hvku 58 TOWER A A u . , Senior Iligll Girls' Chorus FIRST Row-Patricia Sykes, Virginia Dornster, Joan Topharn, Phyllis Krueger, Shirley Engel, Virginia Frank, Dolores Tulipane, Linda Free- man, Donna Reckseen, Sarah Locklear, Barbara Moody, Joan Suderneyer, Shirley Williams. SECOND Row-Sally Bellinger, Dorothy M aratta, Sally McCarthy, Barbara Kelly, Nan OlConner, Nancy Lunt, Janet Ogden, Ruth Osborne, June Emrns, Mona Cantor, Evelyn Brese, Sally Grout, Diane Beck, Carol Hofman. THIRD Row-Dwan Stettenbetz, Pat Jones, Barbara Dohn, Nancy Casto, Ann Barber, Marilyn Siegel, Beverly Roach, Sue Fisher, Sally Wolverton, N annette Gravener, Gerry Staszak, Janet Breu, Joan Voelker, Ann Blechinger, Arlene Beck. FOPTIQTH RONV'-L0'l:3 Murray, Rhoda Hunt, Judy Diebold, Marge Rupp, Doris Linendoll, Elaine Black, Barbara Snyder, Mary Galletta, Christine Gillies, Alice Hutchinson, Marilyn Dunn, Barbara Sharron, Julia Hutchinson, Marlene Blechinger, Margaret Williams. FIFTH Row-Joan Slaven, Pat Nielsen, Audrey Przelina, Alvina Klenert, Betty Jo Pape, Dorothy M eese, Edith Kirsher, Barbara Lane, Carol Leighbody, Margaret At- kins, Joanne Rurnberger, Genevieve Dolchester, Janet Miller, Nan Beard, Sarah Walker, Jean Brydon. SIXTH Row-Wilma Blake, Joy Scheller, M arjeanne Jensen, Saylee Urig, June Seyfang, Eileen Higgins, Joy Pollock, Lillian Wise, Eleanor Kovalik, Joyce Noeltner, Joy Kaiser, Mary Helen Rutherford, Nan Hart, Pat Smith, Mary Lou Henderson, Marjorie Lee. FIRST RowfPatricia Sykes, Joan T ophamn, Virginia Domster, Evelyn Brese, Virginia Frank, J une Emms, Mari- lyn Dunn, Dolores T ulipane, Donna Reckseen, Nancy Lunt, Janet Ogden, Ruth Osborne, Ann Blechinger. SECOND ROW-Alice Hutchinson, Wilma Blake, Marlene Blechinger, Ann Thomas, Ted Weatherbee, Dorothy M aratta, Sally McCarthy, Linda Freeman, Charles Oddo, Bill Stillinger, Joan Stettenbenz, Mona C'antor,,Joan Voelker, Margaret Atkins. THIRD ROW-Barbara Charron, Judy Diebold, Arlene Beck, Robert Bradley, Beverly Roach, Sue Fisher, Carol Leighbody, Dick Ploss, Sally Wolverton, Nancy Casto, Doris Linendoll, N annette Gravener, Barbara Snyder. FOURTH Row-Betty Jo Pape, Julia Hutchinson, Jerry Swanson, William M ungerer, Merle Leak, Paul Reichert, Gerald M arohn, William Fisher, Bob Mellon, Bob Hutchinson, Howard Jones, Jim Orth, Ernest K aeselau. FIFTH HOW-Joy Kaiser, Joy Pollock, Mary Helen Rutherford, Pat Neilsen, Pat Jones, Joyce Noeltner, Barbara Lane, Edith Kircher, Fred Adler, Al Ecker, John Skill, Robert M arquart, Mr. Rietz, Director. SIXTH Row-Bob Perkins, Marjorie Lee, Joy Scheller, Joan Slaven, M arjeanne Jensen, Bill Bush, Ann Miller, Jean Brydon, Nan Hart. Lois Murray, J une Seyfang, Wilbur Weiss, Dave Southwiok. l....:.... ll!-I. n....-' tl--"HS . .,t.. , 1 H , ,-.., uult7Z W ztcoas, Bill Roberts, Charles Davis, Richard H utchinson, William Noble Che , . ,tulip Barber, Calvin Ackerman, William Wright, Ronald Arquit, Richard Woods V' ,wc unamp, Foster McAllester, Thomas Osborne. THIRD Row-Mr. Reitz directo D Kelly, Donald Root, Richard Starr, William Noeltner Paul Z ' b Mitchell, Albert Hyde, Ronald Finche Gordon Wirth F 1 -9' , ., zctor Shea, Jerry Davison, , r, ale Casto, Cyrus Siegfried, Thomas Zierlc, George , ze arth, David Reiller, Marz'on Pfrender, Aceompanist. FOURTH ROWQSICPREH r, Robert M itchell, Richard Dikeman, Robert Ill organ, Bruce Wells, Kenneth Avanzino, William Tozier, . IFTH ROWxDavid Pope, Erwin Brese, Charles Speclzt, Douglas F reeth, Elmer Brese, Jay Beyer, Richard Jfeese, Donald Goele, Peter Murphy, Larry Stroh, John Littlfyield. ' Q- ,,..,aJtet.s-rt, ratricia Burke Jud ,,.,,., anurlene Pettit Janet 11' , -.a,.anne lvaumann Jea Pfrender A , y Oelheim, Helene Schoenle, Gail Roach .M 'l , 1 '1tchell. SECOND ROW-M r. Reitz Direct , nnett Cave, Sandra Swartzel, Jean Walsh G , ccompanist.TI-HRD ROW-Beth lllcCartl lyn Jleyers, Doris Willert ll K , art yn Howden, , or, Beverly Clark, Ann Salisbury, Cloett , eraldine Kettle, Shirley Eismann, Barbara Krummeck, Jlarion . zy, Janet llliller, Janet Wilson, Marilyn Greenawalt, Roberta Kent, Sandra Henning llla ' , Iarjorie Wesp, Gail Pennoyer, tllarsha Meidel, Lynn Orschiedt. FOURTH Row P t ' aser, Andrea Heywood, Dolores Cree, Barbara F ritts, Shirley Dubois, Linda Houck Do Teale, Amy Hoover, Barbara Van Lunger. FIFTH Row-Vivian J Jlargaret Boldis, Nancy Frisbee Carol K Sally Brydon K , A rr- - a ricia MeCollough, Rachel , , nna W ink, Lynn Johnson, Sharon Bergman, Suzanne , udge, Eileen Zimmerman, Marjorie Edwards, Gloria Wenham, Carol Peters, , e eating, Carole Deitrich, Carole Lenz, Beverly Skinner, Patricia Jacobs, Roberta Jleyer. SIXTH Row ,, ay W alker, M arjorrie Cameron, Barbara Klepinger, Jeannette Branston, Elaine French, Cynthia Denny, J ' ' Evans, Jlargretta Beichline, Dorothy Achey, Carol Snyder. SEVENTH ROWVQHQZEH lllurray, C Arlene Landerville, Shirley W TIM Dorothy Scott, Phyllis Hurd, M ar' acqzlzne Blake, Nana arole Banko, Nancy Parks, Jackie Delbrugge, ion Albers, Judy Drake, Susanne Schultz, Jane Rolfe, Donna Troncatto. 60 TOWER Buskelbull Band FLOOR-Donna Reckseen, SEATED1 James Taylor, Nancy Davis, Bob Geclrler, Joan T hompson, Nancy Hor- ton, .llargaret Smith, Don Davis. Standing-lV'ill'iam Elliott, James Nes- per, Jack Dunn, Emil Lojocono, Jack Davis, Richard Crawford, Robert John- escu, John Walker. l 4 1 ,fld E .74 ff':,":fl'VJ ' ' ffl ,---1-,f 'FLWIOQ yr!-fd M , age I' W ' M. Q , l ,,.--ffl J, A .f ' Our stage crew deserves the fullest measure of praise. Their untiring efforts be hind the scenes of dances, school productions and movies often pass unnoticed. We know we express the voice of the whole school in giving them our sincerest thanks. Under the capable leadership of Robert Schuetz the 19419 stage crew has helped the school to their fullest ability. The stage crew functions as an adjunct of the speech and dramatics department serving its needs in lighting, sound, and other stage activities. Fmsfr Row-Jack Mitchell, Richard Drake, Ronald Eiss, Dick Fiscus. SEC- BOB SCHUETZ oxn Row-Paul Santmire, John Heirzlz, Alfred Taylor. THIRD Row-Robert Bradley, James Reed, Donald Woodworth, Richard M eese. Towiau Fmsr Row-Nancy Pearson, Mr. Pomeroy, coachg Terry Carlin, Frank Bellinger, Lucille Pancoe. SECOND Row-Roy Ei- genman, Bob Schendel, Bob Pearson, Orris Hull, Bob King, Glenn Snyder. THIRD Row-Jim Ferry, Donald Little, Dick Richards, Ed Gisel, Preston N ef, Gerald Swanson. meeswfre aa-Wr This year the junior high school shooters were divided into two groups, one under the direction of Mr. Munson and the other under the supervision of Mr. Patelunas. Each of these groups had about 25 members. Tl1e junior division program generally consisted of teaching the fundamentals and work on the National Rifle Associ- ation qualiiications which each individual may earn. These are: Pro-marksman, Marksman, hlarksman First Class, and Sharp-shooter. There are nine states of the Sharpshooter rank taking tlIe shooter through each of the four shooting positions, and aiming toward the rank of Expert. There is but one higher rank in gallery shooting, the rank of Distinguished Rifleman, which is so diHLicult to attain that but one member, James Brunn, has ever earned it. The senior high school program carries on where the junior division stops. NRA qualification shooting con- tinues, but this year a Junior League consisting of Amherst, Kenmore, Lancaster, East Aurora, and a Scout team was formed which carrid on a regular sched- ule of match competition. Some postal matches and the Army Course of Fire for Army medals were also fired. The team has been somewhat handicapped by several factors beyond its control. This year less than five experienced shooters returned. The biggest blow, how- ever, was to have the Army order them to return the rifles they had loaned them. The team however received replacements soon enough to enable them to make a good showing in the high point of the riiie season, the National Junior Tournament in March. Junior Rifle Club FIRST Row-Foster McAllesfer, Gilbert Elden, Mr. llfunson, coach,' Larry Pain, Stewart Cummings. SECOND Row-George Kelly, Stephen Staggs, Charles Davis, Robert Osborne, David Kent, Bill Thomson. THIRD ROXV -Ronald Fancher, David Lawres, Richard Deichman, Dale Casio, David Reiller. FOURTH Row-Garry Dragich, Richard rlleese, Bill Fisher, Jay Bayer, Richard Lever, Larry Miller. FIFTH ROXV-PI'E.5'f07l Nelf, Lucille Paneoe, Richard Richards. 62 TOWER ffliyj yfwfx, Junior Rifle Club FIRST ROW-Mike Van Hof, Lucille Pancoe, lllr. Patelunas, coachg Diclc Richards, Elmer Haas. SECOND ROXV-JClCliI Parks, Howard Tyrell, Bruce Wells, Wilfred M cWilliams, Tom Kaiser, Charles Shisler. THIRD Row-Bill Tozier, Paul Collins, Clarence Shisler, Robert Stajfeld, Gerald Davison. FOURTH ROW--Tom Daege, Jerry Healy, Ed rlloore, Robert Jlorgan, Paul Haas, illike Regan. FIFTH ROXV-D071 Juroh, Bruce Ziegler, Harry Hain, Brian lllale, Ed Gibeau. Junior Historical Society FIRST Row - Dale Henson, Elaine Davidson, Patricia Cald- well, Francis Dulczewslci, Vivian Judge, Nancy Underwood. SEC- OND Row-Ann Salisbury, Wil- fred M cWilliarns, Gail Roach, Betty Schwender, Victor Shea. THIRD Row-Nancy Evans, David Reiller, Carolyn M c- Knight, lifarilyn Walter, Lynn Orscheidf, Ann Brown. FOURTH Row-Barbara Blake, Betsy Ogilvie, James Baldwin, Carol Peters, Arlene Landreville, Carole Banlro, Margery Peters. The Junior Historical Society, Amherst Chapter, was organized early in the Fall with the following elected officers: President, Frances Dulczewskig Vice-President, Vivian Judge, Secretary, and Treasurer, Patricia Caldwell. Meetings were held weekly in Room 111. Each member selected his or her own activity which was presented atthe State Convention held in Albany in May. Others prepared papers for publication in the Yorker. The convention includes reports of the many clubs in our state, awarding prizes, naming a Who's Who, and a tour of historical spots in and around Albany. Library Club FIRST ROW-ihIT8. Hannel, adviserg Hlary Strong, JI ar- ion Miller, Joan Edighofer, Marion Thuman, Alice Youngblood, Miss Carna- han, adviser. SECOND Row- Barbara Sharron, Dianne Bell, Nancy Kaufman, Pat Ryan, Carol Bunn, Betty Braunscheidel. THIRD Row -Dolores Heath, Madeline Hunt, Annette Graser, Vir- ginia Domstcr, lllildrerl Oddo, Laura See, Jane MacLachlan. FOURTH Row -Beverly Johnson, Fred Adler, Sally Swanson, Rich- ard Richards, Carol Doane, Robert Perkins, Nancy Davis Members of the Library Club are chosen from the students who apply for library service. They are selected on the basis of class period available, with upper classmen given preference. Continuance on the stafl' depends on cooperativeness, business-like attitude, and interest in the work. Their work includes acting as library monitors, planning bulletin boards, assisting in book preparations, filing of cards, reference material, and shelving books. This year over thirty-five applied, but there were opportunities for only twenty-live. Miss Margaret Carnahan and Mrs. Ealean Hannel were in charge of the Library Club. The Radio Club met once a week to experiment with electronic equipment and to plan Held trips to places of interest. A visit was made to Radio Station WKBVV where the behind-the-scenes operations of a broadcasting station were explained by Mr. Ungerer, adviser of the group. FIRST Row-Frank Fink, Foster McAllister, M r. Ungerer, Advisor. SECOND Row-Richard Drake, J aeh M itchell, Duane Kuhn, Bill Boa, Donald Rauch, Don Ufoodivorth SEATED-Barbara Busehmann, Anne Smither, Patricia Bajer, llfrs. Ealean Hannel, Adoiserg Sue Boulden, Wayne Weber. STANDING-Henry Prahl, Ronald Huebel, David Carson, Richard Gorman, Lyle Y ork. Nor PICTURED-Patricia M orran, Dorothy M eese. The A.C.H.S. Activities column, which ap- pears in the Amherst Bee, is written by the news- paper Club, a group of enthusiastic writers who have a "nose" for news. lVIembers of the staHi are: Editor-in-Chief Pat Bajer Boys' Sports Ronald Huebel, David Carson Richard Gorman, VVayne Weber Girls' Sports Anne Smither Clubs Lyle York, Dorothy Meese Features Pat Bajer Music Sue Boulden Jr. High News Henry Prahl Assemblies Pat Morran The above staff is advised by the very able Mrs. Ealean H. Hannel. 64 TOWER iw eh" F ,,,.,4:f ' ex W le "' f J I .F f , 8, William Dannebroek, Mr. Schaefer, adviser, Richard Brenner, Ronald Hetfich. I.e Cercle Francais FIRST Row-Joan Goliber, Jean Parsons, Olive Harbinson, Donna Reckseen, John Elie, Marilyn Wagner, Marilyn LaPage, Geraldine Haen, Miss Enea. SECOND Row -Natalie Howell, Marge Sullivan, lllarge Ihlenfeld, Margery Rupp, lllarilyn Siegel, Ingrid Beyer, Dorothy Maratta, Margery Peters. THIRD now-Margaret Wil- liams, Anne Wendt, Ann Barber, Marilyn Davey, Jean Rich, Evelyn Brese, Laura See, JoAnne Rurnberger, Dwan Stettenbenz. FOURTH Row-Alma Lendrim, Pat Nielson, Nancy Casto, Mari- lyn Blow, Joan Voelker, Beverly Roach, Betty Callahan, Marion Goodwin. FIFTH Row-Joanne Deisig, June Anne Henning, Mary Sanfilippo, Arlene Steger, Loretta Borowiak, Barbara Dohn, Sally Barber, Joy Pollock. SIXTH Row-George Hurd, Olga Davison, Pat Randall, June Seyfang, sponsor of the very successful International Ball, the proceeds of which were used to buy Jgfifitiy, Don Dean, Colin Hamzlton, i i en. To help promote mutual understanding between nations, Le Cercle Francais was a co- CARE packages for Europe. In addition, the group also held a French dinner and a Christ- mas party. The officers of this club are: John Elie, President, Nancy Casto, Vice-Presidentg Donna I Reckseen, Treasurerg and Joy Pollock, Secretary. Miss Enea is the faculty director. ', 1: I I I QI 41 A 4 '-9. l 12 3 J -26,10 N 1 Y' il N, Deuischlernerbuml y 1 I A . Under the capable leadership of President, Harry Criel, and faculty adviser, Mr. Wilkens, 'Q the German Club has done much to further interest in the German language and the customs , 'W of Germany. The annual Christmas caroling and initiation party was very successful. Those who took part in folk dancing found it enjoyable. They performed both in the assembly and at the International Ball. Proceeds from the International Ball helped send CARE packages to Ger- many. A puppet show was presented for the other language organizations. Many members have been carrying on active correspondences with teen-agers of Germany. Several outings and a dinner added to the activities of the Deutschlernerbund. The other officers of the organization are: Robert Geckler, Vice President, and Margaret Muller, Secretary. FIRST Row-Sylvia Zasowski, Phyllis Edighofer, Jlr. Wilkens, Adviser: Mar- garet Mueller, Harry Criel, Bob Geckler, Martha Langley, Shirley Williams, Mari- lyn Hopkins. SECOND Row-Joy Kaiser, Joan Petrunick, Mona Cantor, Elaine Black, Dorothy Lipsius, M ariane Sanders, Marlene Kramer, Helen Eisenmann. THIRD Row-Don Stuart, Abfred Taylor, Don Lutz, Janet Dryer, Peggy Petersen, Barbara Gas- ser, Peter Loewer, Jim Reed, Edward Snyder. FOURTH Row-Frank Alexander, Fred Adler, Paul M arohn, Paul Wehrle, Bob Hamilton, Richard Gorman, Douglas Threader, Paul Will. FIFTH Row-Edgar Hulse, Preston Nej, Robert Meyer, James Nesper, Richard Drake, Paul Zierk, John Simon, Neil Slaven, David Dickens. SIXTH Row-Dick Crawford, Don Woodworth, Ronn Eiss, Robert Sikorski, Ray Stajf, Jack Mitchell, Ed Weisenheimer, Dave Southwick, John Walker. FIRST Row-Carol Clapper, Betty Lou Wullen, M arlyn Brustad, Jeanne Marshall, Sally Hornung, Valerie Goldstone, Joan Burke. SECOND Row- Shirley Ihrig, Gerry Lanz, In- grid Sarnselius, Sally Lund, Bessie Phillips, Barbara Brown, Blanche Butler, Arlene Gold- stone. THIRD Row-Mary Lee Edwards, Madalene Murray, Ruth Osborne, Linda Freeman, Judy Wendt, Elizabeth Brenner, Jeanne 0'Connor. FOURTH Row -Alice Hoyler, Harriet Crew- son, Faith Lisk, Pat Sovern, Helen Rich, Nan 0'Connor, M anette Gravener, Doris Linen- doll. FIFTH Row-Doris Zack, Barbara Kurtz, Marlene Blech- inger, Sally W oloerton, Barbara Heimcrle, Jane McLaughlin, Geyer. SIXTH ROWV-Ct1t'0l An- des, June Illclllillan. Tl1e Spanish Students this year had an active and enjoyable club. Their interest in the Spanish language was kindled by learning its songs and customs. "Los Espanolesl, was a co-sponsor of the International Ball, the proceeds of which helped send CARE packages, to Europe. The large attendance at every meeting contributed much to a successful year. The officers of the club are- Jeanne hlarsllall, President: Sally Hornung, V ice-Presidentg Nlarilyn Brustad, Secretary, and David Hunkins, Treasurer. , FIRST ROWV1C07L7li6 Campbell, Shirley Meyer, Sally Bellinger, Dolores Heath, Lois Stein, Wilma Blake, Jan Beard. SECOND ROXV-DOH, Hegg, Dick Cook, Earl Pearson, Allan Gould, Bob Lansdowne, AU'red Bard, I1 erb Darling, Don Selby. THIRD ROXV-DU126 Carson, Richard Knapp, Lyn Lawson, Joyce Noeltner, Joy Pollack, Janet Breu, Robert C1-out. FOURTH Row--Robert Stoddard, Emil Lajovae, Ralph Quance, Richard McPherson, John Orth, Howard Robins, Edward Reinagle, Chuck Cassety. FIFTH Row-Bob Budin, Pat Finleon, Phyllis Tozier, Nan Hart, Pat Bajer, Jean Brydon, Paul Hanover, Robin Miller. SIXTH ROW1 Lyle York, James M ossell, Barb Buschnzan, Lois Cameron, Bob Perkins, Pat Burtu-ell. 66 TOWER FIRST ROW-Gerry Lanz, Jeanne llfarslzall, lllary Ann Mayfield, Jfrs. Stapleton, Sylvia Zasowslci, B011 Selinelz, Sue Boulden. SECOND Row-Lois Cameron, Beatrice Furnas, Edilh Gleason, Joanne Teale, Sally Hormmg, Pat Quinlzy. THIRD Row-John Simon, Richard Gorman, Sue Arnold, Barbara Bust-hman, Art Beck. FOURTH Row-Jane! Ogden, Yvonne Mandell, Nor PIC- TURED-Loretfa Borozvialf, Janet Burt, Connie Campbell, Francis Fink, Robert Halle, Alice Hoyler, Joan Kenrlall, James Jlos- sell, Joyce Noeltner, Carol Rinlcer, Neil Slaven, Paul Zierlc, Ingrid Beyer, Rlarion G0bd'11'1-ll, Robert Dickson, Nancy Pearson, Lucille Pancoe, Diana Heywood, Anne Shelley. Honor Society lvnder the capable leadership of Mrs. Stapleton, the members of the "Phi Beta Kappa" of high school were busy maintaining the student supply store. The pro- ceeds from this store and also from the annual dance, "The Winter VVhirl,', are presented as scholarships to the senior boy and girl who best express the society's characteristics: scholarship, leadership, character, and service. This year's president was Mary Ann Mayfield. The other officers were Robert Schuetz, Harry Criel, Sylvia Zasowski and Jeanne Marshall. , U , has . D g S - M S The Student Council is one of the most active organizations at Amherst Central. The purpose of this group is to promote the general Welfare of A.C.H.S. student activities through coordination and unification of control. Activities of the Student Council vary greatly. In 1948-1949 the Council sponsored the clean-up week, the Community Chest Drive, the monitor system, and the annual Christmas party for the students. Promoting a friendlier relationship between the faculty and the student body is another one of the functions of the organization. The group is efficiently guided by Don Berger, Presidentg Al Ciminelli, Vice-Presidentg Lois Zierk, Secre- taryg and Bob Buddin, Treasurer. Mrs. Husband and Mr. Mustard are the capable advisors of our Student senate. Slucleni Council FIRST ROW-Everett Boyce, Dick Schaller, Dale Cast, Tom Zerk, Robert Kinghorn, Billy Wright, Bob H ohlstein, Bob Bruso, Richard Bouley, Marty M eidel, Bill Hain. SECOND Row-Earl Fowlston, Bill Elliott, Frank Alexander, Mary Lou Fiscus, Bob Seckler, Al Ciminelli, Lois Zierk, Don Berger, Bob Buddin, Lois Petrunick, Dorothy M czindrew, Donna Reckseen, George Hurd, Ira Striejewski. THIRD Row-Diane Beck, Joan Lenz, Gerry Lanz, Janet Ogden, Nancy Conn, Roger Nicholson, Bob Gowland, Orel Hershiser, Edith Gleason, Loretta Borowiak, Margaret Smith, Pat Willard. Nancy Lunt. FOURTH Row-Ray Schindler, Shirley Behrens, Paul Arehambeau, Dave McCain, Marianne Schrowe, Jean Rich, Carol Dietrich, Janet Smith, Joanne Kyser, Jean F inkbinder, N annette Howell, Mary Berger, Herb Darling, Jay Beck. FIFTH ROVVLLCB Frederick, Joan M eininger, Mary Ann M ayfield, Nancy Bruce, Lenore Seitz, Connie Campbell, Joan Lacke, Jan Beard, Jack Foley, Faith Lisk, Marilyn Davey, Audrey Vodille, Sue Dealy, Cloe M au. SIXTH Row-John Elie, Beatrice F urnas, Peggy Higgins, Edith Kircher, Marie Tarnbacas, Erwin Brese, Marilyn Marchand, Marge Ziebarth, H ank Sperry, Ted Nichols, Joy Pollock, Nan Hart, Lois Cameron, Dick Bauer. SEVENTH Row-Bill Johnson, Dick Fowler, Charles Friedman, Dave Miller, Bill Fisher, Bill Moran, Bob Dickson, Bob Conn, Bob Payne, Barry Cahill, Bob Woods, Cy Young, Jerry Wallens, Frank Fink, George Ramsey. 68 TOWER g FIRST Row-Beverly Roach, Alice Hoyler, Theresa Jarvis, Lois Cameron, Mary lViIherell, Janet Burt, Arlene Sfeger. SECOND ROWV-"Eldi'VlB Black, Edith Gleason, Olive Harbinson, Donna Reclcseen, Sylvia Zasowslci, Mary Lou Schuler. THIRD Row-Jill Keefe, .Vancy Casio, Diane Beck, Sue Fisher, Dorothy Lipsius. FOURTH Row-Bat- bara Dohn, Judy Diebold, Jerry Stas- zak, Sally Barber, Joan Petrunick. FIFTH Row-Lois Murray, M arjeanne Jensen, Olga Davison, Janet Dryer, Margaret Illueller. Girls' l'li -Y The purpose of the HI-Y is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian charac- ter. Throughout the year tlIe Girls HI-Y carried on four types of programs: business, educational, religious, and social. Each month a com- mittee worked out various programs, some of which included movies, speakers, trips, and joint meetings. This offered everyone an oppor- tunity for leadership. - This year's officers were as follows: President: Lois Cameron, Vice President: Mary Witherell, Treasurer: Janet Burt, Secretary: Terry Jarvis, Chaplain: Alice Hoyler, Miss Farmer advised this group. Cllurucler Builders This year the activities of the Boys' HI-Y, an organization sponsored by the YMCA, were carried out in many ways. The members collected tickets at home football games and sponsored a dance. They participated in a mock assembly meeting at which laws and bills were drawn up by the HI-Ys of Buffalo. Other activities included bowling at the Community Churchg recreation at the Delaware Avenue YMCAQ Father and Son, and Mother and Son Banquetsg and joint meetings with the girls' HI-Ys. This year marked the third year of the Boys' HI-Y at Amherst. Mr. Rosenberry continued as the adviser. The officers under president Bob Hotte wereg Dave Hunkins, Vice-Presidentg John Simon, Secretaryg Tom James, Treasurerg and Bob Hamilton, Chaplain. Boys' Hi -Y FIRST Row-Richard Becker, Thomas James, David Ilunlfins, Robert Hotte, lllr. Rosenberry, advisory John Simon, Robert Hamilton. SECOND Row-Don- ald Goetzmann, lllilliam Elliott, David Carson, Barry Westin, Thomas Gibson, Ronald Beller, William Klaiber. THIRD ROWV'-ROD8Tl Geckler, Ted Scribner, Glenn Snyder, David Zichk, Chris Simon, Eugene Andres, James N esper. FOURTH Row-George Ramsey, John Sanders, James illossell, Charles Wil- cox, Robert Coghill, Thomas llfilson. JUNIOR PLAY ' 'STRANGERS AT HOME" MARCH 11TH AND 12TH FIRST Row-Fred Adler, Helen Whitehead, William Boa, Joy Pollack, Bob Budin. SECOND ROW- John Buckreis, Marilyn Kaeselau, Natalie Howell, In- grid Beyer, Arlene Goldstone, Marion Goodwin, Bob Stahl. 1 THIRD Row-Colin Hamilton, Nancy Davis, Diana Klepinger, Ted Weatherbee, Henry Roney, CAST OF CHARACTERS COMMITTEE HEADS MRS. CROSBY-Helen Whitehead MR. CROSBY-Fred Adler AUN T PHOEBE-Ingrid Beyer KAY-Diana Klepinger JEAN-Marion Goodwin RUSS CROSBY-Ted Weatherbee STUART MASON-Henry Roney TOM GIBBS-Bob Stahl MRS. HUMISTON-Nancy Davis MR. HUMISTON-Colin Hamilton JOE STAFFORD-John Buckries MR. FOWLER-Bob Budin MRS. FOWLER-J oy Pollack MRS. NEWTON-Natalie Howell MR. WHITAKER-Don Lutz HELEN SCOTT-Marilyn Kaeselau ETHEL YATES-Arlene Goldstone Student director-William Boa Stage crew-Robert Schuetz Sound efects-Duane Kuhn M ake-up-J oan Lacke Business and Tickets-Sally Reed Publicity and programs-Theresa Jarvis House Manager and head usher-Evelyn Brese Properties-Richard Boyce GENERAL STAFF-'SEATED'L0i3 Zierk, Janet Burt, John Simon, Edith Gleason, Sue Arnold, Anne Smither, Joanne Teale, Beverly Mon roe, Ellen Brunner. FIRST Row-Doreen Simon, Shirley lhrig, Marilyn Blow, Gerry Lanz, Elaine Arnold,Carol Wendt, Ingrid Beyer, Carol Rinker, Joanne Porter, Sally Ann Reed. SECOND Row-Vivian Judge, Beatrice F urnas, Mary Ann Mayfield, Marion Goodwin, Marge Sullivan Joan Lacke, Betty Callahan, Ann Reed, Jean Kobler. THIRD RONV-JBGTUZB M arshall, Dolores Heath, Saylee Urig, Diana Heywood, Joan Ken dall, Sandra Linberg, Sally Hornung, Jan Beard, Marion Elliott, June Breu. FOURTH R0WV1R0b6Ti Meyer, Pat Burtwell, Sally Barber, Yvonne M andell, Barbara Kurtz, Marilyn Marchand, June McMillan, Gery W'illiams, Geraldine Staszalc. FIFTH ROW-Robert Loghill, Edward Deutschman, Sue Boulden, Lois Cameron, Roger Mueller, Diana Klepinger, Barbara Buschman, Jean Brydon, Ted Scribner, George Hurd This year, The T atler, because of increased prices, changed from a printed to an offset paper thereby reducing the cost by one-half. The staff does all the make-up them- selves. In its 19 years of publication, the circulation has never been so great as this year. The two special editions, Christ- mas and Graduation, broke all time records. Much praise should go to Mr. Gelsinger and to hir. Stillman, our advisers, who aided the staff with their able assistance and their good humor. Taller TATLER EXECUTIVE STAFF-FIRST ROW-Anne Smither, Sue Arnold, Edith Glea- son, John Simon. SECOND Row--Ingrid Beyer, Janet Burt, Joan Kendall, THIRD ROW- J une .llcMillan, Jean Bry don. ,if: t,,. K -I V 1.4, , :a1u "THE LATE CHRISTOPHER BEAN" December 10th and llih Play CAST OF CHARACTERS Un order of their appearancej DR. HAGGETT. . . SUSAN HAGGETT. . . ABBY ............ MRS. HAGGETT .... ADA HAGGETT ..... WARREN CREAMER. . . TALLANT. . . ROSEN ..... , DAVENPORT. . . FIRST now-Sally Hornung, .Beatrice Furnas, Dolores Riederer, Sue Bolden. SECOND ROW'.V6il Slaven, Barry Westin, Dick Bauer, Bill Johnson, Richard Gorman 7 2 TOWER Directed By Mr. William Cornell . . .Richard Gorman . . .Sally H ornung . . . .Dolores Reiderer . . . .Sue Boulden . . . .Beatrice F urnas . . . . .Richard Bauer . . . .Neil Slaven , . . .Barry Westin . . . .William Johnson PRODUCTION STAFF Director Mr. William G. Cornell Assistant Director Patricia Morran Senior Adviser Mr. John Gelsinger Properties Chairman Joanne Teale Costume Chairman Cai-ol Prior Make-up Dolores Kohler, Gerry Stas- zak ' Tickets Richard Fowler, Chairman- Boys of Homeroom 209, Ad- viser: Mr. Basil Rosenberry Program John Elie, Chairman-Boys of Homeroom 211. Adviser: Mr. Edwin Mustard DIRECTOR CORNELL PANTOMIME PUBLICITY AND ADVERTISING-JEHHHG Marshall, Chairmang Sally Betz, Sue Boulden, Peggy Day, Sally I-Iornung, Edith Gleason, Yvonne Mandell, Mary Ann Mayfield, Bev- erly Monroe, Bernadine Nicholson, Joyce N oeltner, Ann Smither, Joan Voelker, Patricia Young. ADW'ISERS-MlSS Eleanora Hildebrand, Miss Marion Simpson, Mr. Carl Minich. AFTER THE PLAY Senior Play g HOUSE AND USHER STAFF-Carol Rinker, House Manager and Head Usherg Patricia Bajer, Sally Barber, Eleanor Delano, Betty Eichler, John Finnegan, LaVerne Fisher, Vvinfield Johnson, Marjorie Lee, Dorothy Lipsius, Erma Liscoff, Joan Meininger, Margaret Mueller, Howard Parks, Marilyn Schick, Eleanor Schutt, Peggy Swanekamp, Shirley Swanson, Joan Tophan, Carol Wendt. ADY'ISERS1MTS. Harvey Stapleton, Miss Dorothy Purdy. SELF-EXPLANATORY TOWER 73 Yours Truly 1 FIRST Row-Peggy Day, Pat Quinby, Anne Smither, Edith Gleason. SECOND Row-Nancy Davis, Jeanne Marshall, Beatrice Fnrnas, Sally Betz. Marion Elliott, Eleanor Karnbat. THIRD Row-Marlene Kettle, Carol Rinker, Yvonne M andell, Mary Ann M ayfield, Olive Harbinson, Sally Hornung, Sue Boulden. FOURTH Row- Dick Ploss, Dick K untz, John Shearer. Execlliive Slaff Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editors Pat Quinby Yvonne Mandell Jeanne Marshall Business Manager Richard Ploss Subscription Manager llary Ann lllayfielcl Olive Harbinson Marlene Kettle John Shearer Advertising Manager Publicity Manager Boys' Sports Editor Assistant Boys' Sports Editor John Elie Girls' Sports Editor Carol Rinker Art .Editor Assistant Art Editor Photography Editor Sally Hornung Edith Gleason Richard Kuntz Sales Director Beatrice Furnas Typists Betty Eichler Eleanor Kambat Marion Elliott Mr. Robert Holder Secretary Faculty Adviser 74 TOWER Ann Smither, Pat Quinby, and John Elie gave their ideas to Mr. Holde for approval. The Tower Sial'-I General Staff FIRST Row-Jane Nicholson, Joanne Teale, Gerry Lanz, Dorothy Lipsius, Marjorie Lee, Erma Liscojf, Joan Topham, Carol Wendt, Eleanor Karnbat, Ann Bleckinger, Marilyn Blow, Bernie Nicholson, Marlene Kettle, Mary Ann Eckert, Peggy Swanekamp, Pat Bajer, Sally Hornung, Sue Boulden. SECOND Row-Joan Voelker, Janet Ogden, Peggy Day, Jean Buehler, Virigia Schudt, Marlene Norman, Betty Eichler, Sylvia Zasowski, Loretta Borowiak, Mary Witherell, Geri Staszak, Dolores Kobler, Dolores Riederer, Mary Sanfilippo, Fern Brueck, Madeline Hunt, Marie Boyce, Edith Gleason. THIRD Row-Marion Elliott, Beatrice F urnas, Ann Smither, Joanne Porter, Gloria Sweet, Pat M orran, Connie Campbell, Lois Murray, Lois Cameron, Janet Breu, Alice Hoyler, Sally Barber, Margaret Mueller, Sally Betz, Eleanor Schutt, Carol Rinker. FOURTH Row-Robert Hotte, John Elie, John Shearer, Joan Kendall, Pat Burtwell, Barbara Buschman, Jeanne M arshall, Mary Ann M ayfield, Yvonne M andell, Richard Ploss, Jack Mitchell, Robert Hutchinson. FIFTH Row-James Voisinet, Lee Frederick, Arthur Beck, Dick Kuntz, John Simon, William Hain, Robert Potter, David Carson, Robert Schuetz, Neil Slaven, Dick Fiscus, Ronn Eiss. Our hard working Tower staff. TOWER 70 Jungle Workshops AVIATION SHOP-lllr. Minich, Instructor, Dick Sclbert, Ralph Whitnaur, Clarence Batt, Don Maurer, Sheldon Pritchard .... give me a hand, Charlie! AVIATION SHOP-Ralph Witnaur, Clarence Winkelsas, Dick Selbert, Dick Gleason, Richard H anour, William M oser, Robert Buckreis, John Purdy . . . gremlins at Work. Q 1 i Jungle Workshops WOOD SHOP-David Hedges, Leroy Oliver, Jack Foley, James Worth, Jerry Healy, James Roberts, Jim Goergen, Ernest Gardow, and Donald Dust . . . sounding out the "Anvil Chorusf' WOOD SHOP-Warren Throst, Bob Robertson, Fran Worth, and James Bruso . . . learn- l ing the trade. W TOWER '77 .I ll N G I.. E '78 TOWER PRINT SHOP-David Keni, Elmer Haas, George Kelly, John Laughland, Jay Morley, Jim Dilts . . . let's go to press. METAL SHOP-Don Root, Arlington Smith, Mr. Orgek, Richard Duermeyer, . . . the industrialists of tomorrow. E w COOKING CLASS-Betty Ann Schwender, Gail Roach, Diane Lewis, Helen Dlurray, Pat Ualflzvell, Joanne Hermann, Joyce Seibert, Elaine French, Linda H auch, Dolores Cree, .I an Patterson, Barbara Klepinger, Dilrna Santomauro, Dorothy Heintz, and Judy Walker . . . the future homemakers of America. SEWING CLASS-Jo Alice Davison, Diana Rogger, Margaret Phillips, Donna Stage, XVI iss Smith, I leane Kunold, I 'arol Brown, Susan H arvey, Nancy Stewart, Mildred Wickham, Kay Bachrnan, Cora Bucklaew, Shirley Rudd . . . the cut-ups! Q xir-w-,w1w- L,1m-11-:ml-1-m .I U N G I. E TOWER 79 C e b" III Cl The inviting grin-Pat, Eleanor, and Mr. SCl1l1Cl1ZiI'dt. Anybody got a nickel? Enjoying themselves at A.C.H.S. Is the straw split too, Nan and Marge Jim and Barb, Dick and Waudell-just gabbing? Stein in line. ' 80 TOWER "Ping Pongl' Klaiber. Big joke, Jeanne and Jayne? On your way to Hollywood, Rich and Wickhan Chums-Gerald and Ron. Sally and Red. Lazy Day Gang-Nancy, Joan, Marge, Ken, Ronny, and Vinci Dangerous Donna. Waiting for a seven, Pat TOWER 81 hr 2 x E 5 4. ? f 3? lv r 8? if 2 ,E L. f S Herbie's in the soup again. Waddie and Dick. Don't strain yourself, Gus. That Noeltner smile Just plain Doris. Senor Osborne y senorita Freeman. Surprised parties-Happy, Marty, Jan, Marion 82 TOWER 1 4 And this is gym? Giggling Gerties. Watch it! The sideline kibitzers. TOWER 83 SEPTEMBER 8 School opens 15th season . . . are we crowded! 9 Football practice starts . . . oh-my aching back! 21 Girls invade athletic iield . . . boys-look out! 24 Secret Life of Walter Mitty . . . full house at Tower movie. 29 Our super harriers start season with a bang . . . Amherst 17--West Seneca 28 OCTOBER 1 Tower assembly . . . preview of '49 Tower J.V.'s win Hrst game of year . . . Amherst 14-Depew 0 Booters chalk up first victory . . . Amherst 6- North Collins 2 2 Football season opens . . . Tigers chase Depew around gridiron. Score: 18-0 Cheerleader's dance . . . fun and fancy free! 4 Fire prevention week . . . students try their best to win poster contest. 7 J. V.'s beat Medina 27-6 . . . my, how happy can Mr. Scheller be? 8 Students meet new music teachers . . . namely Mr. Reitz and Mr. Kaza. 9 Our super team beats Albion 28-6 . . . new stands with seats for all. 13 First report cards . . . oh! woe is me. 14 J. V.'s 7--Hamburg 8 . . . can't say we didn't try! 15-16 Tower Bazar . . . everybody comes, has fun, goes home broke. 16 Amherst 6-Hamburg 2 . . . tight squeeze. 20 Indian War whoop starts off community chest drive. 21 J. V.'s win again . . . E. Aurora 7-Amherst 14 21-22 Teacher's convention . . . so sorry We have to leave you. 23 Amherst gridmen tip E. Aurora 6-0 . . . 4th straight victory of year. 27 After mad race harriers win x-country title . . . nice going. 28 Year's first Tatler . . . recommended for latest news at A.C.H S. J. V.'s team trounces Akron to the tune of 16-0' 29 Amherst 6-Leroy 19 . . . 'nuff said. NOVEMBER 2 Election day . . . The big surprise. 5 Amherst in the spotlight . . . Mr. Whitmore, famous Broadway star, returns to his old alma mater. CALEN Amherst 7-W. Seneca 6 . . . dedication cere- mony and band make colorful half. Armistice day vacation . . . a moment of silence. assembly skit . . . real meaning of Armistice ay. ' We win again . . . Amherst 13-Lancaster 0. 2nd report cards . . . it was just one of those things. Thrills in assembly . . . Mr. Blackwell tells the Bikini story. Football Banquet . . . congratulations on a swell job boys. 25-26 Thanksgiving vacation . . . happy days are here again. ' Last year's seniors return to grace Amherst's halls with their presence. New lunch schedule . . . long fourth hour up- sets lover's plans. A.C.H.S. cagers make season's debut. W. Seneca 30-Amherst 40. DECEMBER ' I ir Splash . . . Amherst 23-Kenmore 43 Assembly . . . Amherst orators stage their debut Amherst 50-Akron 21 . . . we make the head- lines. International Ball . . . hearty participation on part of students for benefit of Europe's children Honor Society Assembly . . . 11 happy stu- dents, 22 happy parents Amherst 28-Tonawanda 38 . . . tough luck, boys. Freshman lose to Depew . . . 24 to 21 Keith Ellinwood says: First things first, live and let live, easy does it Amherst 49-Depew 26 . . . we do it again Senior stage hit . . . "The Late Christopher Bean" Amherst's ive in the limelight . . . Amherst 45 -Pine Hill 32 Jimmy Ray makes the day . . . former Am- herstonian stages a great comeback Amherst 39-Williamsville 31 . . . we're on the road to championship Cagers roll on to victory . . . Amherst 44-West Seneca 30 Amherst on the lookout . . . Santa comes to town Dec. 22-Jan. 3 . . . Xmas vacation . . . food- sleep-parties X -as - F f 5--It Elf' -I - .' L .. . L., 7 1 W . x jf ii iixff- it ii? QE Z x 'g , .L A l .2 Ji""e'Zt 2, A My A R . JANUARY Monday morning . . . here we go again lAmherst wins over Lockport . . . keep Hghting oys Cagers trip E. Aurora 35-21 . . . this makes seven in a row Adult education launches winter program . . . mothers and dads come to school The Orange and Black win again . . . Amherst 55-Lancaster 29 Mermen win close struggle against Niagara Falls . . . 38-28 Frosh smear Lancaster Girls' basketball teams lose one and tie one against Park School Senior High Mixed Chorus stages debut in assembly Amherst in the limelight . . . Cagers win thrilling Victory against Hamburg 39-38 Winning streak ends . . . A.C.H.S. Mermen lose to Kenmore's Blue Devils 35-31 Freshmen Tigers lose to W. Seneca Amherst 55-Akron 40 . . . A.C.H.S. breaks headlines again to win 10th straight victory Exam week . . . books, papers, headaches Winter Whirl . . . Honor Society gives its second memorable dance Telrm report cards . . . Teachers make us so sa Amherst 46-Depew 31 . . . Cagers earn 11th straight win to hold NEC lead FEBRUARY Freshman stage exciting comeback . . . Amherst 43-Cheektowaga 30. Amherst 12-Tonawanda 54 . . . so much for that. Freshman hold winning streak . . . Amherst 43-Depew 38. Band and minstrel show in assembly . . . plenty of laughs and cigar smoke for everyone. Amherst five win against Pine Hill . . . 48 to 46. Varsity cagers trounce East Aurora . . . 42 to 40 Girls' swimming team wins against Kenmore . . . my, to 36. Freshman cagers win again against E. Aurora Amherst whitewashes Williamsville Cas usualj . . . Amherst 58-Williamsville 37 K J Tigeretts lose to Seminary . . . we tried hard. Freshman beat Lancaster . . . we're really on the ball. Amherst 60-Lancaster 35 . . . well what did you expect? Boys' Hi-Y dance . . . our championship cagers honored at dance. 21-22 Washington's birthday . . . we take a well- earned rest. Frosh devour Hamburg . . . Right way to end the season. Talent show in assembly . . . Hollywood scouts, be on the lookout! Last league game . . . cagerstopple Hamburg 41 to 37. MARCH Assembly . . . preview of Junior Play Junior Class Play . . . "Strangers at Home" . . . friends in the audience Honor Society Assembly . . . character, lead- ership, scholarship, service Adult Education Exhibit . . . education never ceases April 1, and April 2 Water Follies . . . a colorful splash APRIL 2 Amherst players in one act plays . . . home- town talent shines 14-25 Easter Vacation . . . if only it didn't end so SOOI1 Music Festival . . . the drums go bang and the cymbals clang Open House Exhibit . . . Amherst puts its best foot forward Junior Prom . . . a night to remember Memorial Day . . . extended week-end JUNE Sports Night Banquet . . . athletes are honored 2 3 Home Economics Department Fashion Show . . . Amherst's clever dressmakers 17 Moving Up Day . . . '49 Tower out 20-23 Exam Week . . . means to an end 3 72 Commencement . . . tomorrow we lead Cameron and Lee take pot-luck A-h h 1 !K d ll M S t d G l a,asug ena., orran, wee,an ' Hal1but" Wendt and "Haddock" Boyce- Quinby. the fish girls. Hotte and Stahl-the Barkers Drake, Schuetz and Mayfield-"How many ' please?" Place your bets, Kelly and Palmer. 86 TOWER TOWER BAZAAR Barb, Yvonne and Mert--making a big sale. What's the problem, Bev and Sal? Outa my way everybody! Pat :ind Connie-working lmrd OJ The Looters. O, for :L pin! TOWER 87 sl 3' V fuk, , V,-N ' 4! ffl .-NM, .- .gm 'M--. --and i , TOWVER 89 4 ' 4 - Miss Purd 1 Mr. Faclum and Miss Metz- J 5 "Looks interesting." Miss Christensen and Miss Roesch-still thirsty? 90 TOWER "-,..,,.,,,,-1 Mrs. Abgott mixing the soft drinks. . . M' E dG - 'l t' . Mr. Tierney-the Resemblance IS purely Iss mea an eorge now e ssee coincidental f?j Miss VValdow-What, another test? The big smile-Carol Bunn, Joan Burk, and Marge Kirk Taking life easy Wetting your whistle, Scheneegold? "Pop', O'Com1er The Kendall signpost--She went that-a-way Regan, Forbes, and Benson getting Wick- ham and Rich ready for that "Slow boat To China." 'rf' le in A little more to the left, Ann. Jones, Ott, Lacke, and Sullivan-cooling off? TOXVER 91 92 TOWER Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr ltlr. Mr Mr Mr Mr lVIr. Dr. Mr lNTr hir Mr lNIr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr lN'Ir Mr. Mr ltlr. BI r Patrons of the 1949 Tower and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and ltlrs. and lNIrs. and lNIrs and lVIrs and Airs. and Mrs and lNIrs. Weller G. Eiss Mr Karl Smither Mr Robert J. Burt Mr Clifford C. Furnas Mr Edward R. Stevens Mr Stephen G. Zasowski Mr. Fred B. Wilcox Mr Milton W. Mugler Mr. H. C. Bellinger Mr. Fred J. Elie Mr. Carl L. Frederick Mr. James F. Nesper Mr. Roscoe S. Elliott Mr. Shepard Quinby lVIr. VValter E. Voisinet Mr. N. L. Gorman Mr. Harry D. Hain Mr. Clarence L. Mitchell Mr. Edward A. Perkins Mr. VV. Herbert Blow Mr. James E. Mossell Mr. Gasten DiBello Mr J. Swanekamp R. M. Fowler H. O. Taylor Arthur L. Beck YV. YV. Arnold George M. Hardy Fred Rinker and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Edward W. Hotte Andrew Harbinson Kenneth Mau Al Kuntz Howard Schutt Bernard T. Borowiak Arthur R. Boulden Norman H. Johnson Lyle H. York Ernest Hamilton Herbert A. Kambat Carlton Eichler George W. Gleason George G. Marshall Ralph H. Shearer Robert BI. Nichols VV. G. Lipsius Elmer G. Voelker C. E. Witherell Francis J. Smith Herbert H. Campbell Raymond Nicholson Rev. and Mrs. U. L. Ogden lVIr ltlr Mr Mr Mr Dir Mr. and Mrs. Ray F. and lwrs. and ltlrs. . and lNIrs. and ltlrs. Robert A. Kendell C. Edward Cram Nicholas A. ltlandell John VV. Noeltner and Mrs. Robert W. lVIonroe and Mrs. Hornung Norbert L. Hossenlopp lu' 1- 1.4. v - Z- 12-al rl 1 , Uh.:-'J f " ' , 1 v i A LUMNI UUUF TIN , I 2 '?' 5547+ F 'Es- , , f - n c I lr n s li I ,, m erst entra Ig c oo T 1 yi il I f- itil-53 If R' gg ' A i ,A.Q Q In VOL 3 N0 3 SNYDER, N.Y. OCT. 25, 1948 PUBLISHED QUARTERLY 'LLL T i 9 "i l:-gps get n "'M 1 QQ-lf -Q l a ' ii f"' '35 T Q -,. .., ,.,.., ,H - . ,,'.-.'.'x.' , .1 fr- .. - ......,. : ' if .... V- 1 , ig . .A .- .. .I ---.....s.. .. . 1 - :ai r 'zfflfff , ':' iii" L E ll. ,PH , ' 5419, ' 3 1 , -Q N., ,fa .4 .,.,.,, A g 1 .. :lx- , Q- .. CLASS OF 1949 NEW OFFICERS FOR 1949 Row 1 Marjorle Hasselbeck Robert Roth William Elliott Row 2 Robert Bernhard james MacMurray John Kautz Paul Gifford Not pictured Earle Roberts S ecretary Preszden t Vzce Preszdent Treasui er Dwector Director Director wi11iamP0we11...fffffff.fffffffffflfffffffffffffffffffffffff.fffmngmfof The Alumni Association of Amherst Cen- tral High School would like to take this oppor- tunity to welcome the Class of 1949 to active membership. This organization, founded for the purpose of perpetuating high school friendships, has A grown rapidly in the three years of its exist- ence. It has made provision for the Paul King Memorial Award which is presented to a sen- ior furthering his education. We not only help others, however, we help ourselves retain loy- ality to our Alma Mater and continued spirit and interest in school affairs. The ALUMNI BULLETIN, a paper publish- ed quarterly, has become in international news- paper keeping all graduates well informed of social affairs being held,bits of news of our men in service, plus the facorite column, WHO'S WHERE AND WHY, which includes en- gagements, weddings, jobs, and who rides the Williamsville Bus. This paper reached the printing stage only because of the excellent leadership of Joseph Radder, Class of 1938, editor-in-chief. Never to be forgotten is the Annual Christmas Dance, the highlight on the social calendar of every Alumnus. lt's a "must"- so don't you miss the Annual Christmas Dance of 1949. .' 711' V ' 'll .. " 1 N rf. - 'uni ,... 'JA' ,JN ' Ji ,I A V V, A , 1 ' - ,P - Elf 'NW' V ing A f... 'D -1 - 1, ,V 1. g - Y .1 " ' 4 , 'Q' "1-7 , -, . .W N ,Q -f2?'Zig.'Ej , 7' A ' l .4 1'.f1 ,,,2-T11 N ., -1 ll... .-if - X LJ! . 1 'H-Q ' E Q - 1 . f 4' "2 5 --'s . its ' an-I 5.5 ...L 4 ii . ff ,::' 549.5 , gi. 'Z' l HI Q dw- ,f 'J C WL' ' ' X I 6 , L a an 5 ru in at ll I TT Li P lik 1 1 .- ,Q 51.-.. 7""l .. ' H .'-,il-"'?'g"" I .,Q..!r'-T.. ' vi f..Q':.1.i:jf 'Cl ' -V, .. I, ,H - N--fig: ya- ,. - Qhecl, OQOCLWJ Ei Gia! 1fL1fLe1"Cl cj-g'l"17'l:CG HOWARD A. CLARK LICENSED MANAGER 2775 MAIN ST. AND OWNER BUFFALO, N. Y. Parkside 8816 Consult Your Eye Physician Regularly KUEPF Fon PRECISION GLASSES SEE FLOWER SHOP AND Cut Flowers . . . Planls . . . Corsages . . . Bouquets Guild Opticians UN 7403 652 Main Street 2925 Delaware Avenue 4543 MAIN STREET SNYDER, N. YA X r A fl FNQJN 1, COMPLIMENTS OF 5? D 8g E MOTORS, INC. "THE HOME OF AN HONEST DEAL!" 5215 MAIN ST. PA 7200 WILLIALISVILLE, N. Y. LINCOLN - MERCURY SALES AND SERVICE , A 7 f J f 4'!l?j!A A f ' ff iq I 1 4 ,' f YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD SOURCE OF SUPPLY FOR ALL PLANTS AND GARDEN SUPPLIES COURTEOUS SERVICE PROMPT ATTENTION FOUR WINDS FARM NURSERY, INC. 4190 MAIN STREET EGGERTSVILLE, N. Y. A X President - Patricia Quinby Vice-President - Lois Wilson Treasurer - Yvonne Mandell Rec. Secretary - joanne Porter Compliments of . . . ZETA SIGMA EPSILON SORORITY ALPHA CHAPTER Corresponding Secretary - Gloria Sweet Sergeant-at-Arms - Joan Kendall Chaplain - Beverly Monroe Pledge Mistress - Patricia Burtwell urprjfubyy 456 7 P rp 'Ms OM fe 1 af Q 1 y Q35 xi: xx 3 33551 3 Qlwib ' 9 1321 Elaine Arnold Beatrice Bottomley Joan Burke Betty Callahan Cynthia Craney Mary Lee Edwards Marilyn Geyer Peggy Hanmer Diana Heywood Nanette Howell Barbara Kurtz joan Lacke Marilyn La Page Nancy Lunt Marilyn Marchand Pat Randall Ann Reed Sally Reed Doreen Simon Marge Sullivan Rita Weser Marge Ziebarth Lois Zierk Natalie Howell Shirley Ihrig Marge Kirk l l xx f " COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Photographs in this Annual Were Made by BEN SWAN PHOTOGRAPI-nan 637 MAIN STREET, BUFFALO I-Iave your Photo Taken with the New Speed-Flash Camera! Freezes Action at If 30,000 of a Second! Natural Effects. Posing not Necessary. Negatives Kept in Files Five Years for Duplicate Copies Industrial, Institutional and Personal Photography pi' C4- l- ci'-95 l l l l LUMEN R. HAWS CO. 609 Root Bldg. 86 W. Chippewa St. BUFFALO, N. Y. Manufacturers of sci-1ooL AND ERATERNITY JEWELRY Diamonds Watches Trophies SLOANE 8: JAMES HARDWARE HARDWARE HOUSEWARI PITTSBURGH PAINT 2008 KENSINGTON AVENUE. AT HARLEM R AM 9680 Quality at a Fair Price THE AMHERST BEE THE OFFICIAL PAPER OF AMHERST KVith a Weekly Column of Amherst Central News Fine job Printing Smart, Personalized STATIONERY Personalized Matches and Napkins YVILLIAMSVILLE SMITH ER'S DRUGS In the Heart of Eggertsuille For Family Drugs Main St. Phone UN or AM 111 Stoker Coal - Smokeless Coal Bituminous 5274 Main St., Williamsville, N. Y. AMHERST BUILDERS' SUPPLY 81 COAL CORP. Wfilliamsville 64-UNiversity 3581 LOCK'S HOME BAKERY UNiversity 3883 460 SOUTH HARLEM ROAD AT KENSINGTON Try our Home-Made Bread Pies Cakes Rolls Lehigh Valley Semet-Solvay Quality our Specialty Anrhracite Coke x. Q Mig -F I3 Zenith RCA ' Sonora Refrigerators Howard FRIGIDAIRE Sentinal Bendix Small Appliances General Electric Grand Frigidaire Odin Beauty Dixie Acorn Tappan Estate Appliance and- Furniture Jamestown and Grand Rapids Furniture Small Down Payments 258 Ontario Street in Riverside Buffalo 7, New York Open Evenings Phone: DE 7710 Sundays: PA 0852 9 ' S565 N QQQQQS S Q 5 X T35 1111 GENESEE BLDG. BUFFALO, NEW' YORK Complimenting Faculty and Graduates AMHERST CENTRAL HIGH sCooL On a Good job Well Done TRESIDDER REALTORS Main at Darwin UN 5040 Contributing Sirzce 1924 to the Character and Growth of Amherst A. E. PARSONS distributor for ALLEN-XVALES ADDING MACHINES Sales and Service GENERAL AGENT Cleveland 0359 728 Main St. Buffalo 2, N. Y. 1 I ARTHUR L. BECK 1 NATIUNAL LIFI INSURANCE COMPAN L1IT.?3EI2ESVERM0N' PIIIELI IUTIIL- ESTIILISIEI Ill Compliments Of Read Mofor Co., Inc. YOUR DEALER COMPLETE PARTS AND SERVICE 5661 MAIN STREET PA 9091 WM 501 , ff-5' ':.,... f Compliments of fflfff":-K 1 MQJWA 1v,JX Q X S'-2 Q? RQ 5519 Xfisefbif' KIWANIS CLUB OF AMHERST u x X . X Z , Beatrice Bottomley joan Burke Sally Chamberlin Nancy Cram Peggy Hammer Marlene Kettle Marilyn LaPage joan Lenz janet Linkner Joanne Porter jean Rich Carol Rinker Becky Dirickson Donna Schrowe Marianne Schrowe 5 Wicclff figme Shirley Simon Lois Stein Helen Spanos Marge Sullivan Marie Tambacas Rita Weser Doris Weyer at Arlyne Woods 'Marianne Wright Marjorie Ziebarth OFFICERS Helen Tassio Barbara Smith Shirley Ihrig Sally Ann Reed Lois Zierk Verna Denzel Marge Kirk Doreen Simon Mary Ann Hughes Salisbury, Maryland Miami, Florida KREHER 81 SHOEMAKER jobbers of Fine Confeclions BRUCE SWEET JOI-INSTON'S CHOCOLATES, a n d FRUITS and SYRUPS A S S O C I A T E S Broadway Buffalo, N. WA 7079 Business Counselors Rung's Furniture House, Inc. Genesee Bldg- Buffalo 873-879 GENESEE AT HERMAN F7-xx 0 Jxrv- AA ,VV 41 fi' W 'L A W xy, L ,S J' i-4--v O Phone UNiversity 1171 PERRY'S BOARDING KENNEL DOGS AND CATS Trimming - Bathing - Defleaing opemfed by 4821 BAILEY AVENUE MR. Sc MRS. s. E. SIMON Buffalo 21, N. Y. Blue Coal and Semet-Solvay Coke The Popular Household Fuels DODGE and PLYMOUTH Distributors HEDSTROM-SPAULDING, INC. Corner MAIN and ERIE STREETS From Your Neighborhood Dealer Phone CL 7900 BROST MOTORS, INC. C OM PLIM EN TS OF GA 8900 1285-1291 MAIN STREET BUFFALO, N. Y. f JS O!! Compliments of r I 1 Y ui 0 9 9 . HQ 3, 0 lb: 001 IGS, . -L le fi xg T' x F, li '. ' f' I f W V' B Ii 'A V I XX A 2 N ff? , ,X . f t , . xx K Compliments of . EGGERT'S BAKERY BUR - MUR Quality Baked Goods FROZEN CUSTARD Decorated Cakes for All Special Occasions MAIN CORNER CALLODINE 5528-30 Main St. W'MSVILLE 717 W. W. Burns and B. Murphy Proprietors A of . Q. C' ' F O R L U M B E R f' ff 'ak I.. N. WHISSELI. LUMBER CO. INC. BUFFALO YARD KENMORE YARD WILLIAMSVILLE YARD PA. 1700 RI. 2323 UN. 6063 Best Wishes to A. GLANZ MARKET 107 SPRINGVILLE AvE.' THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1949 EGGERTSVILLE, N. Y. Mans vEG1a'rABLEs SUOR and SUOR Gnocmznzs B1-:VERAGES , 1 X r 1 ., w 5 , ? cd '12 1' I f A I 5 Town of Amhersf Officials CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1949 Supervisor ALBERT J. HERMAN Councilmen EDGAR J. BARTH D. RUSSELL CONWAY ALBERT C. KOEPE FRED G. NIUCK Superintendent of Highways Town Attorney F. THEODORE JIZNZEN ALLAN C. CHRISTMAN Town Clerk Chairman of Board of Assessors HARRY R. JONES FRED W. STUEWE Chief of Police EDWIN H. EVANS Cz, of .'- Q1 1 7 "' s F RALPH E. SLAVEN REALTOR 4000 MAIN STREET EGGERTSVILLE Phone AM 0123 Delivery Service s H u P E E 8' M QRY CLEANING FRUIT Sc VEGETABLE MARKET WeOOPef1ffe our 29 UNIVERSITY PLAZA Wfl ant 2200 Kensington Avenue UNiversity 5710 We Deliver Snyder 21, N. Y. Q . 1210552 x M . X QS 2 A 24,5 A I ' ' f rx-J 'F-2 Plenty Actlvlty -f A hh In this House. E-51 " ' " , I k -3 THAT'S A SIGN OF POPULARITY. WE'RE ACTIVE TOO IN THE FUR- NITURE BUSINESS. SINCE I895 WE'VE BEEN ON THE GO FURNISHING HOMES FOR SATISFIED CUSTOMERS. HOUSEHOLD OUTFITTING CO. 575 MAIN 345 BROADWAY Q I X ..- I 1, + FABRICATORS ERECTORS ERNST CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION Fazbmvzfofff and Effeffon' OF FOR BUILDINGS- A BRIDGES MATERIALS HANDLING TANKS HOPPERS AND GENERAL EQUIPMENT RIVETED OR VVELDED CONSTRUCTION 75 Lathrop Sfreef I-Ill 3011 'P X I ee ,W Compliments of SNYDER PHARMACY E. B. S1MoNsoN 8c C. K. CASSETY Phone PA 9743 409 CLEVELAND DRIVE 4525 Main sr. Snyder, N. Y F. Vincent Harrington, D.D.S. l 'Aj J, fl Mila si. Wifi, is xi QKRNPE l.l.'lL91 's SAUSAGE MAKER TO HIS MAIESTY KING APPETITE Distributors of RICHELIEU Quality Foods P 'C F 'C 3947 MAIN STREET - AT EGGERT ROAD 9 C l C C Y Q A Q S "iii 7 I Roy Allgair Tom Basil Herb Bleck Anthony Brocato Harold Brown Mike Cerrone Bob Diehl Bill Dolley Bill Hens Bill Higgins NA 'QW' v mfr "'I8 691' 'ZYQNATXO V Bob Kingsley Julie Larnbrecht B111 Mllden Sam Natalino Vince Pirano Sheldon Pritchard John Purdy Dick Schalleri john Skill GAMMA SIGMA FRATERNITY John Hynd Torn james Charles Kirk President - Don Berger Vice President - Eugene Kraus Treasurer - Fred Lambrecht Secretary - Gaston DiBello Corresponding Secretary - Nick Spanos Marshal - Fran Peterson Earl Springborn Russell Taylor Herb Williams 0 0 I, - c if!!-A as GENRICH BUILDERS Residential Construction A Profession In Snyder Office: 4287 Main AM-7484 DELTA KAPPA RHO RYAN 81 WILLIAMS, Inc. S T A T I O N E R S COMPLETE OFFICE OUTFITTERS vnsxs crmms AND FxL1Nc mavrcras 82-84 PEARL ST. V BUFFALO, N. Y. Washington 0177 Washington 0178 S Q fn. if I "f f' h Q 7 , L Pictured - Joanne Porter, Gaston D B b y, Dick Franz Ilo, Mr. DiBeIIo, Phil MacMurray, AMHERST STUDENTS GET AN INSIDE LOOK AT THE NEW PONTIAC! DIBELLO PONTIAC 1275 Main St. Telephone ll 1740 BuffI8NY 4 X -ke: Nifww .L 54. o Fm! C., A- .GAMMA PHI SIGMA ALPHA CHAPTER BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1949 Paul Archambeau Jay Beck Robert Budin William Bush Malcolm Burtwell Barry Cahill john Davis Paul Domroes William Fisher Roy Fowler Thomas Franclemont Thomas Hodson Robert Gowland Russell Gowland Russell Harter KI 'V 9 fl v'l?b S I ixntl ff' OFFICERS David Jones William Jones Donald Kern Donald Lutz Philip MacMurray David McCain John McGee Hugh Miller Robert Monroe George Mugler john Orth Robert Payne William Regan David Schaub Donald Willert Robert Woods Preszdent ,........ .................................... Vice-President ....... Secretary ......,.. Treasurer ....... Pledge-Master ....... Scribe .............. Chaplain ......... Arthur Beck Richard Fowler Richard Franz Leroy Frederick Robert Nichols james Voisinet james Culligan G X President - Carol Rinker Vice-President - Bernadine Nicholson Recording Secretary - Doris jones Corresponding Secretary - Ann Blechinger Treasurer - Helen Tassio Wilma Blake " My l Ann Blechinger Wy Marlene Blechinger NS' jean Chambers , Verna Denzel Barbara Dewey joan Foote Pat Harding Doris Jones Mary Kern Joan Lenz Nancy McCullough Joan McVittie Bernadine Nicholson Donna Ott Carol Rinker Barbara Smith Helen Tassio Arlyne Woods Phyllis Woods Jane Wickham 1 J ' X ' ll f f f .. FY, x ff-Q ..,-, AMHERST RECREATION I For Better Bowling, Bowl at 5365 IYIAIN ST., WILLIAMSVILLE, N. Y. Phone 626 BOIVLING BILLIARDS Compliments of BAKERT BROTHERS SMART APPAREL GIFTS AND TOYS "Everything for the Baby" THE CHILDREN 'S SHOP 36 UNIVERSITY PLAZA DAIRY BAR - LUNCHEONETTE "The Place Where Young Folk Meet" . 5516 MAIN ST. VVILLIAMSVILLE Call PA 2111 or Willliamsville 11 THE YARN SHOP g 10 No. CAYUGA RD. WILLIAMSVILLE, N. Y. AMHERST 5C TO 351.00 STORE fmmelly HARLEM AT KENSINGTON WOEPPEL'S FULL LINE DELICATESSEN SHOP HERE PA 1505 SAVE TIME AND MONEY GIRLS BOYS To EASCINATE AND CHARM To BRIGHTEN A LOVELY TABL To CHEER A SICK FRIEND Beautiful Blooms for Every Occas UNIVERSITY FLORIST Boys to 8 and 10 Years Girls to 14 Years 3096 MAIN STREET AM- L. M. LENHARD M. LENHARD WE DELIVER HUTTS MARTIN J. BETTER 5650 MAIN STREET PURINA CHOws Baled Hay, Straw, Shavings, Farm Garden Seed PHONE 177 WILLIAMSVILLE 21, D . .K ff Q? ALPHA ZETA FRATERNITY A1 Acker Gus Anderson Herb Blow Bob Conn Ed Dewey Bob Dickson Don Drumm Gene Gertis Ron Goldstone Dick Haenggi Ken Hanour CHI CHAPTER Member of the .Inter-fra-ternity Council CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1949 Dick Hawks Bruce Hornung Bill Kistner John Liegal Dan Maurer Don Maurer Marty Meidel Bill Moran Don Phillips Bob Schneegold Gerry Thuman Ted VVilkes Ne For Your Convenience THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY SCHOOL SUPPLIES STORE pencils, paper, note books, review books A f P "mov iqvpm - 'M ii b 1fl1 and Bill Graders - Pygmies 8th Grade Class Officers Sophomore Class Officers l , , , , Roger N zcholson, Preszdentg Ted Nwhols, V'Lce-Pres1,- Phyllis T ozier, Secretaryg Mary Lee Edwards, Vice- Clem! Sandra Linbefg, S60"'6'5l1Ty,' Lev Barnes, T7'0f1'S'W6T Presidentg George Ramsey, Treasurerg Robert Conn, President. 3 Q V Y , NYJ? gin. A KL Q4 'F ZA' f gg gjzq fl,!,,,,ib :,g,,5,. nw IA 22" W, , Q, M! E , N ff AV . W SM 'f 'hir in 'A Q, C',.,Q, if . "L'i"x 'WK ws ? ex EMSXL S 4 .- fx 1 aD! 1. N 4 f Q is m.: Y' I' ,""'.:Lm t 4,4 lx Vxx SQA H AI

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Amherst Central High School - Tower Yearbook (Amherst, NY) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Amherst Central High School - Tower Yearbook (Amherst, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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