Amherst Central High School - Tower Yearbook (Amherst, NY)

 - Class of 1947

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Amherst Central High School - Tower Yearbook (Amherst, NY) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 130 of the 1947 volume:

4 X, 43 QW ., fu I JLQJM' Nfl? J f QS!-,X ff Qll, . 0 . 5-s' ' if L 'Q 2959 QQ! 52:7 'W I K' r. Av. , ALF ff4'Q,N 5 ,m I g -cm , ,U N , A Q r.,. xr xv' .4 wo N LAW ,Q A 'rx ilggy , U Syl: . if fa-. I , . fi' My , is! W., " xr: "fx Q kvtfwf , J b ,, 1:6 L.. I X.. , ., ,J? 'fu :' ,f , " 9, 1- L... gn-SV 1,-s 277 :- 5,17 , , X - if if .f,. ff U. LQ fi' .' J' 5 ,, f 63 Cx f E Wwe, I' lflll l X -I 1 ku , 5 an ' J u I no Q mgLlQL ?"Tjf + El- HW f X 'N + W A.. A If v XM gig il f xg f 54 f EX LIBRIS W XE IUVVEH AMHERST CENTRAL HIGH SCHUUL SNYDER, NEW YORK 'wh ,X 9 Q ' ' xl P' . 1 E an --Q A EL. VL X ' L0 Qu aiu, , f., 1 0 Q v I IA f ' EE.. Ju FOREWORD The silver-smudged rails that criss-cross our nation and the mighty majesty of the snorting black giants that weigh heavily upon those thin ribbons of steel suggested the theme of the 1947 Tower: the American railroad system, greatest in the world. Trains and schools are strikingly similar. Each must stick to schedules and must keep "on the track" or neither will get anywhere. Both must be run by com- petent "engineers" or disaster may result. Schools, too, are like railroad stations where people are always arriving and departing, all intent on getting somewhere as quickly as possible. The final destination of students at Amherst Central is graduation but there are many stops before our "train" ends its trip. Some students take it easy and travel club car, some take a sleeper through many of their class "stops," and others ride the day coaches to get long glimpses of the alluring "scenery," Once in a while there is a "wreck" and fail- ing students are left at a siding to recover. 4 'I' 0 NV , Faculty "engineers" keep the train running smoothly, supervisory personnel oil the wheels to keep the train rolling at top speed with safety, and the "president" four principalj makes regular inspections to insure good operation of the "railroad" l Mr. PVilliam Va11Sree11lrzn'gb DEDICATION The Class of 1947 dedieates its yearbook to Mr. NVilliam Van Steenburgh, better known to us as "Pop." To students and faculty alike he has been a good friend. We admire his consistent cheerfulness and his daily deeds of kindness. For many years "Pop" has faithfully devoted his services as groundskeeper to Amherst. "Pop" has become a symbol of what we like to think of as the "Spirit of Amherst." I VVER EXECUTIVE STAFF TOWER First Rofw, left to right: Carol Rogers, Clifford Meroth, Dorothy Vogt, Frances Rogers. Fourth Row: Dick Gue- Marion Marshall, Dick Jeffery, Donanne Seymour. Second lich, Vyn Ann Thomas, Pat Seitz, David Brunner. Not Row: Doris juron, Nidia Thomas, Kathleen Kirk, Pat pictured: Eugene Carr. Goodman. Third Row: Dick Freeman, Marlis Drews, Editor-in-chief . . . . . . . .Marion Marshall Assistant Editors . . . . . . Business Manager ........ Assistant Business Manager Subscription Manager .... Ass't Subscription Manager Advertising Manager ..... EXECUTIVE STAFF . Donanne Seymour Nidia Thomas Kathleen Kirk Frances Rogers .. . . . . .Dick Jeffery . .Vyn Ann Thomas . . . . . .Marlis Drews . .Dorothy Vollmer .Richard Freeman Assistant Advertising Managers . .Pat Goodman TOWER Mary Lou Wiley Publicity Manager ............. Dick Guelich Assistant Publicity Manager ......... Pat Seitz Boys' Sports Editors Girls' Sports Editor . . . ....... Carol Rogers Art Editors ......... Photography Editor Sales Director .... Typing Editor .... Faculty Adviser . . . Spencer MacDonald Dave Brunner . . . . .Eugene Carr Adele Thomas . . . ..... Clifford Meroth . ..... Sue Belinson . .. . .. ...Doris juron ....Mr. Robert Holder STAFF ' GENERAL STAFF Firxt Rofw, left to right: joan Bradley, Audrey Duysters, Barbara Brown, Beverley Meyer, Hanna Machlup, Shirley Fisher, Joyce Richman, Barbara Masterson, Margaret Haas, Nancy Nappo, Georgia Goetzmann, Mary jane Nagel, jcannettc lirnst. Second Row: joan Hasscnfratz, Aileen Murray, jeanne Spring, .Renee Dathe, Barbara Wagner, Nancy VVright, Mary liou Spring, judy Leon- ard, Marilyn Foote, Nancy Gowland, jean Heck, Mar- "PVe"uc' been 'working on the railroad." Work on the Tower was characterized by a spirit of activity in which many seniors busied themselves with a myriad of tasks ranging from selling subscriptions in homerooms to buying decorations for the Tower Bazaar. The editorial staff pre- pared write-ups of activities and kept a running record of school activities. Sell- ing advertisements and taking charge of financing the yearbook kept the business staff busy. A bright touch was added by the drawings and photos of the art and photography staffs. guerite Sprague. Third Rofwz Ruth Kling, Ruth Parnell, Dorothy Herman, joanne DiBello, Nancy Schaufier, Shirley Puehn, Rita Schneegold, Anita Schaeffer, Arlene VVray, Carrie Radtke, Adele Thomas. Fozzrtb Row: james Mayer, Tom Mayer, john Stromnier, Greta Smazelius, Mary Lou VViley, Dorothy Vollmer, Helen Helfrich, Marie Fridey, jean Stowers, Diane Willax, Ed Hoeflich, Richard Broadbent. Marion Marshall .. ............... Editor Dick jeffery ..... ..... B usiness Manager T O YV E R 31.1 . - E14 . :ff ,X-ru .52 E B 1 H airs-QSWWWRL 9 Q,,m1w+N- 7 . .mamaw-A ffl'-M V wwf www-'Q ' ml X ff. if -'Q"1, . -.' GEMM fa - , ww:4,umWfs"w.w aww sim LY 9 5 4 A 5 , i g xiA . 5' .2 , 1 tg 4 ww, L 'l Q o v" A -34 55 S 5 44 fr sp f I if , hi' K NK. 4, 5 REXXEF5 , 1.155 www ':.1.:, gg X3 , li 5 1 ' 1+ 'x 4. Q Q, .f k :Iliff 3" 2,1 x 1 A ,X - ffvzsib. gex wsi-mf' ff: M3 4 1-3 -. Ng v 1 Q94-1 - 4 ' if 'X X 1 QQ - XX M, A., . 2 'iw lx X xs 113 . gg -- 56.5 ggxsifz fu' ' - Qs :NS 'Q Q, . ix wi Q was Q' x Yr' QPF WRX W X TX S kim IKYS'w1:' f.f fx g f - 11 f' -4 'Sli is 5 W Y 4 xv 5 ', . .-QA ' .0 M-1 -I - fs., '21 vw f, , M5""..1 W... ,ixxw f N ff si 1,,.,., W .. A rn? Q- . -if 3 ,Q 7" ,I ,. , ., .... .5 M A' "fd vf', 'f5'-,. W M,v.f,V,Q ..x a'ffk:,..,5l,:N ,..w , 5 :Q 1. ,V -1.,,sf ,., x,,.,wW.. K3 Q X, N -v tr" X' nf. V, . :L . ' sr 4 mi 1 CGNDUCTORS We cannot say enough ,in praise of our faculty. These understanding men and women use their skills to guide us through the journey of our high school life. We also appreciate the time and enthusiasm they give to advising our extra-curricular activities. Faculty not pictured-Robert J. Patelunas 'iii Lawrence G. Benson Milton E. Bergman Betty Abgott Walter G. Blish 'tm Rx il f R if js., xl M '2 A if Betty Ackley john Boehm Elizabeth D. Arend Marian Butt Margaret Carnahan Norma Enea IO TOVVER Myrtle Christensen Emma Coyer Abraham Cutcher Virginia Farmer Theresa Fitzgibbons Mary Galza Mary D'Amico john Gelsinger F if' . Q, ry' ' A,..-1' it-T A nf if L 'P X Lillian Grucncr Moira M. Haley Robcrt Halm Ealcan Hanncl Flcnora Hildebrand Robert Holder Isabel Husband Winifred jcnncr Roberts Hettler Margaret joseph W K H .N tk r. Mabel Kollolf john Krcstic Ruth Lake Richard Lape Margaret McCullor Mason j. Martin Carl Minicli Donald Munson Edwin C. Mustard janet Good Nicosia TOWER Il f .,a:' f. Arthur Pankow ' joseph Patti Elton Petersen Eva Polster Robert Pomeroy Dorothy Purdy Gertrude Rix Geraldine Roesch Basil Rosenberry Robert Rowley Dorothy Schmidlin Robert Schonewolf Marion Simpson T. Martha Stall Neil Stillman Thomas Tierney Glenn Ungerer Elsie Waldow joseph VVincenc William Wratten I2 TOWER :i"5:i5'?' -J....2.i-J" ,.' s -oe 5 i..! ,,,, .....' ..' he yu a .41 MU. I o n ...I...!.u9,-' TRAIN MASTER One of the most important jobs of a train- master is to keep the trains running on schedule. Our assistant principal takes charge of keeping us on our schedules. Mr. Scheller's sincere and just personality makes him a friend to all. Mr. john Scbeller .vin-r Firtt Row: Mr. VValter P. Geyer, Mrs. Dell Fwing, Mr. Eduard lf. Metz CPresidentJ, Mr. Philip Schweickhard CPrincipalD, Mr. joseph F. Seitz, Mr. T. Masterson, Mrs. Ruth M. Brown. Not pictured: Mr. Louis B. Dorr CTreasurerD, Mr. Albert A. Cushing 4Clcrk7. BOARD GF EDUCATION The group of unselfish and capable men and women who comprise the Board of Education merits the thanks and respect of both the student body and the entire community. On their shoulders rests the responsibility of providing teaching per- sonnel, and equipment for education, sports, and general activities. Much credit is due to them for providing facilities which make Amherst Central High School one of the finest and best managed schools in New York State. T 0 OWVER I3 Mrs. Kacsclau, Mrs. lmogenc Amo, Miss jane Sheelcr Miss Marilyn Zenner, Miss Barbara Foote, Miss Viola YVannenwc STAFF Sooner or later we all come in contact with the pleasant efhciency of our office staff. They give everyone prompt, cheerful attention. Handling the school finances, taking care of the bookroom, and answering the secretarial needs of the school are among their countless duties. OFFICE VVe appreciate the understanding and patience of our capable school nurse. Mrs. Coyer attends to our ills and keeps the health records. M rs. Emma Coyer 2'-' fl? b mfg vu . - X 1 . cf, Z '-Q27 3 4 ov: ' . l""'72 I4 '1' 0 XV E R Nl: Cielmlmrd ililllll'lllICTl' JANITORIAL STAFF The neat appearance of our school speaks for the fine work the janitorial staff has done. The building and grounds are always attractive and well maintained. Nm pictured: Mr. Charles llildingcr, Mrs. Caroline Bealcr, Mrs. xvlllllllll Rolfe. Mr. Raymond Burns Mr. john Robertson Mr. john Cameron Mr. lYilli:11n Yan Sreenlvurgh 4'- R. -, H. A S -I In Y 5 , 1 5 mf ' L QI., lk? 2 '91 . V f' 'N . lu. 'a lj. Y'-f' 2, 9 ""1 Mr. XYilli1nn Mel,:ael1lan X XD Q-mainline-. ,,,,. Xt., Mrs. Scbmidlin Mrs. Schniidlin, our dietician, is in charge of this staff of women assistants and vol- unteer student helpers. We thank them for the excellent preparation and serving of our school lunches. CAFETERIA STAFF . f A l l ac, ., s wif--P Left to right: Carol Rogers, Franklin Puckett, Ronald Constable, Kent Ziegler, Tom Sullivan, Henry Kummer, Wilber Weiss, Jack Kelly, Ronald Huebel, Spencer MacDonald, Don YVillert, Alan Ott, Allen King, Dave Metz, Richard Cunningham, Laverne Fisher, Don Holzman, Margaret Schutt, Sue Boulden. 16 TOWER s W QQ .f J 'ksfw-nfw'ilS?b'3""" . .wx W mal - M X V' was X 4 ht Wflek ERE 1+ ,X . l X L ,. if ' X . , .,,X.w, -X,Xy,miX-1.0 X, . J . + :X 'kr . X X X x X z X. . ., Q X ea K AX - - G. . X. S aw Qs X 1 2-1 qi W Y f x X ex-K X-4-,X X X X X 'S33NQffi??? v 5? Sf S T Q S SENIGRS 01 CQ' GEORGE BAKA 'gk DWIGHT BALNIS SUZANNE PATRICIA l'Ta-Baku" ' "Baldy" BELLINGER Soccer 4 .L L 4-Wpgsville High z Isllay "Paz" , Orchestra 1- fi V ,Vfra k 3-4 Soccer 1-4 Iunior Pla ' -A ,fl ,- French Club 3-4 Basketball 2-4 Senior P175 4 I' 'Il , 1 Rifle Club 3- V, f' Hockey 4 1-If I Q A , ,li-Ionyilr So' 4' I Tatler 4 L L V 74 if ' f, ,, ly J yt 1 f - ,ov M I 1,- . L pr-ff X A f, r ,JJ : K a fx 1 I L ' V ' if , , . X-fn CHARLES BISI-IO "Chuck" Baseball l, 3 Student Council 4 Rifle Club 4 Stamp Club z LRBARA BROWN JAMES BRUNN DAVID BRUNNER XVILLIAM BRUNNER JAMES BUNN onnien csBib1y csDa7-Jen uBillv 441177177 'ater Follies 1, z, 4 Band 1-4 Football 3-4 Football 3-4 BUff21l0 Technical H Sketball 2,4 Rifle Team z-4 CManagerJ 1 ' Track 3-4 SCl'l00 rls' Sports Council 1-2 Track 1-4 N1 ixed Chorus 4 Student Council 3-4, 7 5 I ll ar Bond Show 2 Secretary 3 ? ll' O 4 lnstrel Show z Treasurer 4 ' . , Li , ,nce Club 1 - xx-9 4- M. Tower 4 Lo' X' 4 ff ' lwer 4 - A ' ,nfl WN Q ...-- ' ' ' I Ll ' 1 V, Tn - ...... - . WV . It SNXU4 ,ill . F Q 6 I li 5' 5 ' ' - - Q- C3 O v, 0' Q 0 -... K ff I lk I I X ,V .., ,M -1 A , 5 A f' 'N' r "lr ' l 0 'f f ' ,,, .-+5 1' Q 5 In - - Q . . , I 5 inns V, 4' sg 55:19 f I '55 . N f S F 5 ya lx in e 9:16 N -1 f l L - 1- NXLQ V if 18 Towel! - I 1 ,Axxfkr fl 11,171 .fvv if-'vw cv V,k',LI, , 5 fr A , K, 71.71-vac ff -'VV l947 , 'L' 45' Y' ' JK , 1 A ' Qld' Cf-il,f'1fL'4!l'f ' ' - A .,, ., 4 ' l ,EQV1 Uklhag 0 P 1 if OL oi HW Q is at ,,. A ff IACK BLACKIZR DONALD C.B ADLICY. JOAN BRADLIQY VVP4lt1RFN BRFNNER ll ck,, UI-Jonas uskipn nuyzn yn l Vliusical Comedy 3 Mixcyrl orus I4 Soccer 4 Student Council 4 Boys' Glcc Club 3 4, L ' Hflckey 3'4 5 Vlixcd Chorus 4 :R " ,, " -.' 3 iolifef 4 Dramatic Club i .N ' V l-' X.. X af ef 4 D ' " V Scribblers' Club 3-4 ll '. 4 YVater Foll1es.4 Q Spanish Club 4 , ' 3 nfl' ,D Vrcnch Club 4 E I bi It L X X gg" AE, fatlcr 4 4 1 X .447 , ,f I q- 4 K N X 1 ARTHUR BURNS LATIN 4 . 4 H A fiffiiff-Q 3 4. lf," i l 'A I lumen " ICDITH BUSHY "Edith" Basketball 3-4 lfolk Dance Festival Hi-Y 3-4 Tatlcr 4 4,- Q 5 L P 'lk 5 x Qi . r -X Q- lx 2, 'X AC Xa ey - RICHARD BROADBE "'Poocb" Kenmore High 1-z Track 3-4 Cross-Country 3-4 VVinter Track 3-4 Library Assistant 3 Tower 4 ik 9 ' L PATRICIA BYRNE LlPat57 Nlarv C. lVheclcr School, i Providence, R. l. 3 ANN CAl.l.liSTO 55Ann7, Soccer z Basketball 4 junior Play Com. 3 Senior Play Com. 4 DONALD CANTO MDonN Basketball 1-z Orchestra i Student Council I F1 ,ur -J I I 31-n uf! TOVVER ig , SENIORS EUGENE CARR "Kaboose" i RICHARD CIOLLI A ickl! LLIi7n!I Swimming 2 I' ' ' Soccer 4 M - L 3 , Handball I ' Q , ' . Senior la l '- I . To r y t 4 , , iyngfeiraivn Qgedwi VALTER DUSZYNSKI Diz" iifb Aly if 'Q AUDREY DUYSTERS iLAudge7! 6KTo7ne!! JAMES COMPO VIRGINIA COMPO liGinny,7 Water Follies z I ts T DANIEL CORRETOI Hcorkyw Band 3-4 Orchestra 3-4 Dance Band 3-4 Y THOMAS ECK RICHARD ERHARDT KLDick?7 JEANNETTE ERNS "Susie" tams Club 1 Soccer 1, 3, 4 Hockey 1, 4 Mined Chorus 4 Basketball 4 ISF 4 1 A cappella I-3 junior Play' 3 Water Follies 4 en1or.RlHe Club 4 junior Play Com. 3 Honor Society 3-4 Dramatic Club I Vresthng 4 Senior Play COI11.4 junior Class Treasurer junior glay Com, 3 Q 1 Student Council z Senior Class President Senior lay Com. 4 ,V he 'Tevtler I, z, 4 Toufer 4 Cafeterla 1-z Tower 4 N , lx 'XX afel' A Follies 4 TOWCI 4 J G N 521 Ai'-1? ' w" ' N . A +L ,ff ----E . + ' ' s --- "' " 4 A-7 N- . W q 'T , ,s tk Qi, G B A LW CA I -1- 5- 02 I' ' ' - 4 43 Plixili ' " " " - 1 MH , . -V 414 A . Hy I V -aa -.- mm: Elia 4 - , , u . s K-'lx "' A' 'HQ l ' , if f .----- .xl t Z Q , , 9 4"S 4- -119 flv fa-ss 5 7 " ----S I 1' 'gn' :H A ss I f N .IWL ...H 5' ' NlW......vlj5 N '1 " C MC- S' "" '... QW . A S 20 TOWER 1 nf "few hy' - -Q A 'iff 194W J:-iff IW J 73411. I iff? RENEE DATHE Kb SUZANNE DECKER JOANNE DI BELLO IXZARLIS DRE IsReneen I 4.4 usuen 41109 ca arrotsn Water Follie 3-434-"ff f Basketball 1-4 Soccer 4 Basketball 1-4 gockey 3-4 Je' tSoccer 1-z Hockey z-4 Soccer 1, 3 P asket 4 l ,A , 4' , ff' Dramatic Club 1 Basketball 4 Hockey z f r 3-4 ' l L 1 junior Play Com. 3 Swimming 4 Dance Festival z Ju or gal 'ijzf 1 !JlHi-Y z-4 Water Follies 1-4 Sports Council 1-z ' Sc og ay lf I . lf Sports Council 3 Spanish Club 4 Orchestra 4 Fo a ce estivai'-z Spanish Club . Tatler 3-4 A cappella 1-z glrlonor lCfU4L.' Tower 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Tatle ' X ,L A Minstrel Show z aj, junior Play Com. 3 lower 4 Q A P 1 Honor Society 3-4 13 I be J 5 pp V dl Student Council z V 1' 1 'lf G A9441 Tower Subscription Mgr. , ,' lL. ' Tatler 3 AIJ- l 4 l 'J f J J DONALD FELDMAN "Rickey" Orchestra 4 Mixed Chorus 4 1 GORDON FISHER aG0rdyn Senior Band 1-4 Senior Orchestra 1-4 Dance Band 2-3 Basketball Band 3-4 Aviation Club 1 DOROTHY FITTS SHIRLEY FISHER "Sbirl" "Dottie" Water Follies 3-4 Tatler 4 Basketball 3-4 Hi-Y 3-4 Hockey 4 Tower 4 Soccer 4 Honor Society 4 junior Play Com. 3 A Senior Play Com. 4 Student Council 1, 3 fv Sports C J C L C TOWER 2I SENIORS VIARILYN FOOTE HENRY FORBES V' RICHARD FREEMAN If I L, K.-1 ,LVJ ul' .I I ,S 'I-K 1 K tai , ?,'l'V -J! L. hd!" I 1 ' - MARIE FRIDEY llRie77 JUNE GARBUTT 'F ootie" "Hank" ' "Dick" "Bun" Water Follies 1-4 ,IL Swimming z Soccer 4 Kensington High 1-3 Basketball 3 rlockey 1-z I. L Radio Club I-nk Band 1-4 Tower 4 Tatler 1-z Iasketball 3 AU' ,Q Seni r Pl Co . 4 Sxojunior P y 3 Tarler 4 Vader 3-4 ,QW U f Senio lay 4 Senior Play Com. 4 ,V "I J Power 4 'D Ll' '15 Har d Award 3 I V 'L'-" viinstqbl Sh-pw zg To rAdvertising Mgr.4 C-haf A 'LC I ' 3 ' Ujj yffnfpj M Q7 o or Society 3'4 fflllx I fy, ' L W, 1' 1' ' .1 - U f ' lf' ff' 1 1- au w sr 3 W I -f . DP' JV 41, ., L-J", Vhfvlz ' q Av Lf xg fm' 4, -- - W rw L . ,bf gy M ff? Cf I ,rg ' - M 53 -'K I t..,1L' 'ANCY GOWLAND Van" RICHARD GRASER "Dfw RICHARD GUELICH 77 MARGARET HAAS 'AMargie" SYLVESTER HALLE USyl7! Williamsville High 1 Golf 4 Tennis z-4 Hockey 1-4 Student Council 1, 3 later Follies z-4 French Club 4 Soccer 4 Soccer 1-4 Hi-Y 4 lockey z Parker High 1-3 junior Play 3 Basketball 1-4 Stamp Club 1 asketball 3 Senior Play 4 junior Play Com. 3 linstrel Show z Tatler 4 Hi-Y 3-4 Janish Club 4 A Tower Publicity Mgr. Tower 4 ower 4 3, Tatler z-4 atler 4 Q -- -""" i ,gv" Dance Festival z 1- ' , . A- D -- -z ,sf -.E I - N wr E 'v 5 ""- "' .457 P f - I f 'I Q fgX I 6 CA ' 5 . ' ,,. P ' 3 -- - 4- 9 1 Q Q 0 ' 3 M' N- n L jf an Q 11,1 V, 4- til ee, u s A". '- - .1 1 ...Y sl Z I .' , Q an ' iv -M I-Tim 6 I' ' ' :tubs -, 44 sguf-93A,g511" I 55 O N f S I W IN 5 f .MD s-, f QJIL-,gig sq, 3 Z1 MC.s....1- 31.4 . 22 T 0 VV E R 4, .2 I Hx I A wi 1 4, f 5 - R ,5 1 f . 55:4-F 1 .1 like I 15 YIRGINIA GARROX-V HENRY GATES GEORGIA WILLIAM GOLL Iinny' "Hank" GOETZMANN "Bill" Buffalo Technical High "Georgie" Stage Crew 1-4 1-1 Basketball 1-4 Science Club 1 ' Soccer z-3 Girls' Chorus 1 Q junior Play 3 -f - ij , ,f I , 4 Senior Play- W 0 VOA ' Af-1 ff A I Business Mgr. 4 j D. 4, ,A 'f f 1 Honor Society 3-4 I-JY, Nfl? , X T?-4 WVater Follies z yi f 4 o If ,f be -WT 2 mmf iffy ff llwfrg L 1' K C 67 1, Af' ,P A .Y ' VJ JI I 1 ff JL' , 633225-1- PATRICIA GOODMP Lhpatn XVater Follies z-4 Rifle Club 3 Basketball 2 A cappella 1 Piano Quartet 3 Student Council 1 International Quill ani Scroll Honor Society 4 Tatler 1-4 Tower 4 A 1 'Q-H if IOAN HASSFNFRATZ GERALD IIAZIBN JAMES I-IAZIQN HEINIKI 1107, fllerryn KCli7,l77 Basketball 1, 4 Rifle Club 3-4 Rifle Club 4 Football 3-4 Council 1- Iunior Play Com. 3 Sports Council z Tower 4 If C, TOYV E R 23 I 5. -IELEN HELFRICH 'Helen' AWG' W' Ma QV VERNON HENRY "Dortch" East High School I-z Soccer Manager 4 -Iockey 4 Photography Club 1 Water Follies 4 . Rifle Club 4 ioccer 4 x0'Track 4 itudent Council 3- 'unior Pla Com. X DOROTHY HERMAN GRACEHILDEBRAND "Do Do" Soccer 4 Hockey 4 Basketball 4 Water Follies 1, 3-4 junior Play Com. 3 Dance Club 1 Tower 4 Tatler 4 Honor Society 4 LCGMIY Basketball 3-4 junior Play Com. 3 EDWARD HOEFLICI HEd71 Swimming 2 ' Track z-4 Football 2-4 Honor Society 4 I ,AQ-f , f 4 JOANNE JEVVETT DAVID JOHNSON JOAN KAMMAN ROBERT KINKEL 54,017 LGDalve!7 Y? lLDink7, St. Mary's High School, Track z-4 ASoccer 4 Swimming 1-4 Burlington, Vt. 1-z Orchestra I-4 ,V Spanish Club 4 Track 4 VVater Follies 3-4 String Ensemble 4 junior Play Mixed Chorus 4 Soccer 4 Chorus 1, 4 Tower Typing Senior Band 1 Basketball 4 Rifle Club 1 Tatler 4 W1 Treasurer of Class 2 Musical Comedy 3 German Club z-3 Honor Society 4 Tower 4 Spanish Club 4 I-M Q Senior Play Com. 4 ower 4 f. --1+ "' ,f-' in V by 3 -- -z-Y, 691' --1 - . ll eb ff' ff - - 4 .D - r xl -- - 6 C4 f ' A ' 3 -- 1 Q- C3 . '- 9' . Q 0 - 1. I J . ff In I ,.- i - I I " 8 R NJ "Qs l- M.. 4 tx F' Y Fx f " f 41 'ov' ' Q ---- , - I ,, N L Q ' ill 'Wg 1 L L Q 6 lo ' - 4 I' s .- - a - ' I -5 J 0 ' "' " 'Q ' I 5 959.1 il" I S f X .v X , x , WA s 5 I f N ,WL sv ' All ,JZ N -5 f 3 Q Y MC. -'-v 1- gli! 3 24 Towizn , 'bf' in-. f Lf L ,, U .- a 1 .' Q1 1 M' i. limb "1 1.3. , if gt .424 , mst. 4 , J Ma A -1 V4 4 .Ag U sn, ., 'ZTUX' 7 'i ' ROGER HORNUNG M KENNETH HOUTZ 1947 THOMAS IPPOLITO VVILLIAM JACKSON "Muf1"' "Frosty" "1 ppo" "Grotto" A Band 1-4 Track z-4 Orchestra 2-4 Boxing 1, 3 Senior Play 4 wndliall 1 rest mg 1-3 My! ' ', I If! Ml . W A94 if M MU My ff, . -4 KATHLEEN KIRK "Katie" Soccer 1 Basketball 3 Honor Society 4 Orchestra 1junior Play A cappella 1-z Dance Festival z Student Council 1 Tower Ass't Editor 4 RUTH KLING "Ruthie" Soccer 4 Hockey 4 Basketball 4 junior Play Com. 3 Tower 4 Tatler 3-4 French Club 4 Dance Club 1 JANE KUEHNER RITA LANDBERG Ulanef! C5Reet,7 Basketball z Hockey 2 Chorus 1 Dramatic Club 1 Art Club 1 Tatler z VVater Follies 4 - mf' RICHARD JEFFERY uBeef97 Football Ass't Mgr. 1 Band 1 Mixed Chorus 4 Student Council 1-4 Tower Business Mgr. 4 Tower Photogracrhy E itor 1 Tatler 3-4 LOIS LANG ULD!! Soccer 4 junior Prom Com. j NVater Follies 4 Cheerleading 3-4 "' ' ' - l I f VVater Follies 1, 3-4 kt l9 n tj CL 2 Cc i...,,-,gIlk- 'rowsn 25 YA SENQRS pow? IUDY LEONARDT' 'Redn-H 'lf ' Water Follies 1, 4 lasketball 4 V lunior Play Com. 3 Student Council 3 l'at.ler 3 Power 4 - Vlinstrel Show 2 I AMES MAYER limo: ienior Play Com. 4 li-Y 4 nrt Club I ramp Club I ower 4 al Q11 26 TOWER JOHN LEWIS HERBERT HARRY LOOMIS ""Bud" LICHTENTHAL g'Congo" g'Herky,' Tennis 4 Swimming 2-4 Band 4 Dance Band 2-4 Mixed Chorus 4 Tower 4 JOAN LOUGHBOROUGI 46loan71 Hockey 4 junior Play Com. 3 Spanish Club 4 i gf ,l,, .MQ 5 x ,C .iz ,gm-f . vo. THOMAS MAYER SHIRLEY MERKLING CLIFFORD MEROTH 6LTom77 6tLee75 HCHH77 Hi-Y 4 Fosdick- lasten x- Dramatic Club I Art Club 1 f junior Play Com. 3 Stamp Club x Newspaper Club 3-4 Tower 4 - German Club 3-4 Tower Photographer 4 Tatler Photographer 4 ,Q 2 ,,,-.:.-- L ,gf 3 - BEVERLY MEYER lGBevU Basketball 4 Hockey 4 Soccer 4Tower 4 YVater Follies 3-4 junior Play Com. 3 Fosdick-Masten I-2 Honor Society 4 5 Tal -- T.. fm 5 - U' ,,,,fF fk ff -ff -- X JA f' QW 1 ll Q11 If 1 T ,135 I Tm' W , f - r 6 ' Y 5 '-i 0' gb Q f -- 4 Q r ' - X , V 'N in , -I --X -1. 2 E- U T TM p will , N2 s in 9 - ,L Y 5 .L 4 5 " , IA '- xt V .N .114 S--f tvff ,sw -1- We ,WCS-.eil 44.4 4 3 Q3L,Q5l5L.'k-OO . Qwecf 'w lam'- JtJu.QXb,o.xxOc MMT -Uukw-M 'Y'-2Z27p2'x4,,Z2l ' A4 Jenn, Y I 1 G Qv 'Wfg ,t 1 Q11 Pi' 'lx in ., 4151534 .,-2. A LPICNCFR HANNA MACHLUP ARTHUR MANN MARION MARSHALL MACDONALD "Arm" "Art" "Mar" Mac" Soccer 4 Camera Club 1 Soccer 1-3 lascball 1-4 Hockey 4 Science Club z Hockey 1'-3 iasketball 1-4 Basketball 4 Basketball 1-4 'ootball 3 NVater Follies 4 junior Play Publicitv 3 Ihorus 1, 4 Tower 4 Tower Editor 4 1 :lass President 3 Tatler 4 Honor Societv 3-4 fowcr'Sports F.ditor Scribblers' Club 4 Tatler 1, 3, 4 ' Iafeteria 1-4 Senior Play 4 Dance Festival 2 l lonor Society 4 A German Club 4 ' ' Swimming Team 4 2 Hi-Y4 -- x Uptb 9 ' Xvashmgton, D. C. 1-3 ,I dh 9 X ., 41 'WL' ' 6- 1 K fi, A: ,jf 'L Q 4 1 Q 1 I il A . -Q., 'I , 1 K ' vm ' 'Q ii J f I ' ANNEYMILLFR SHIDRLEY MlI,I,FR ROY MILSAP KENNETH MI1 ' .FR JAMES MOFFIT "S7ll0kj1 "SlJ1Tl" "R0y', ltM1I71CL7ET7, "1i111" do East lllgll, Rochester 1-3 Soccer 3 fqcrmgn Club 3 Track I-, Band 4 i ll0ClCCy 3 Xvregtling 1 Orchestra 4 Tower 4 Sevior Play' 4 Senior Play 4 Tatlcr 4 '+- Frcnch Club 4 . Lv Tower 4 '5 X fx .- 1 ' xg f7"'N I ' 27 I V f K U fb X.. 4 con.-of 4 5 girly l " " AG' K' f 'A 'A' ' T 9 1 ' .' , Q Z a . 3 N . . X. 0 -t ' , ' I x-lain, 1 1 at - a 1- 1. at -. f f 1-1 ru 1 -A bf 9 ' - -a 1 I' 1 N ' - 1 . f U Q , f 1 -- .U U X ,S . lifws 7-:':':lf.f A ,I :TT :. A' f' T 2 X i 5:51 i Y' 1 'i V ' bf ls K K f i X W X-n QM 0 ,,-,"ff"" 'GZQ OQQ zfvf If Q A - ...Q 1-nc... f...v-A- 1 f hu S -A ,---4 ,wa TOWER 27 sw X se iff Ll ' Ca ,, 4 if L t. 1, 4201 fV"",L6c 'L ,, ggypccgff L UL dd Hockey 4 VVater Follies x-4 Student Council z Sports Council I-4 Spanish Club 4 Dance Club z, 4 Tower.4 AILEEN MURRAY MARY JANE NAGEL "Rusty" "Janie" Basketball z-4 Tower 4 VVater Follies 3-4 Dramatic Club x junior Play Com. 3 Tower 4 Spanish Club 4 Arr Club 1 of VL, 51,15 Lf - " 1. A , . NANCY NAPPO UNM!!! Soccer z junior Play Com. 3 Tower 4 East High 1 BEVERLY NEIL HBarTyH Brenau Academy , junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Tower 4 ,333 BETTY PRITCHARD SHIRLEY PUEHN CARRIE RADTKE . CHARLES RAMSEY RUTH REIFSTEC "Bet" "Putcbin" "Cab" "Moe" "Ruthie" Je Soccer 4 Student Council 3 Tower 4 'o-I junior Prom Com. 3 Hi-Y 3-4 QQ? W Water Follies 4 Tower 4 'H + 1.-H v , V , . A ' i 'H' v 1 mv 's 9 'A'--gn " li' "7 it Q is fl 9 - ff -- Q Q L' - 5 C' 'cg ' ' '- 0' ' ' E " -- 'Q .01 C , C ,,, ff ' my , ta- , - or ,X W E, 'Mm JA of Q E 6 I D 'I 9 4 "" s Q -We 911 I -5 57' " u 1 1 Qs , 4 5 :luv I 5 Q f f ff N v' M fly Ts ' iff? ks f' QU N ill!-.......... ' N -,AV f " xllrj T ,..... Nl 'X 4 . 28 Towns Qi H, -Q ?l:'QQ,Qnjl 5' 1' ff3?j3f'?' , X f ?SI::.P '. . liz rr lr P lil --fix I . I K ye-it X U 1'- 1 ADRIAN RICHARDS 'HAdeU Rifle Club 4 Radio CluIi"z Student Council 1 PAUL PANCOE "Machine Gun" Rifle Club z-4 JOYCE RIEHMAN "Blondie" Soccer 1-4 Hockey 1-4 Basketball 1-4 Water Follies 1-z Dance Festival z Tower 4 Tatler 3-4 1947 RUTH PARNELL ROBERT PHILLIPS "R11tby" "Bob" Soccer 4 VBaseb Hockey 4 ," I, Bas ql A3 junior Play 3 D Trick 2-4 1, Hi-Y 3-4 0 ixe hor 'xl Tower 4 5, -X ' Co il 1-4 Tatlcr 4 4,4 -Pres, o Class 1 Q L VVII .LIAM RITZ "Bill" Orchestra 1-4 String Ensemble z-4 Musical Comedy 3 Y? SHIRLEY ROBINSON "Sbirl" Dcpcw Central High 1 Tower 4 CHARLES RODGER "Chuck" Senior Play 4 Tatler 4 Hi-Y 4 ' -llf Ha-Y 4 ri S3 1514 ' 'A fm ffl CQ? Ch 'rowsn 29 1 Q I , fir! it I In ef " ,I k K 4 l"'SE1i3Il0,RS' 4 1 3 . . IAROL ROGERS Carol" lramatic Club 1 occer 1-4 lockey 1-4 iasketball 1-4 wimming 3 Ii-Y 3-4 'atler 3-4 'ower Sports Editor 4 unior Play Com. 3 enior Play Com. 4 Cafeteria Staff 4 -A FRANCES ROGERS 6LFran77 Basketball 3 VVater Follies z Chorus 1 Dramatic Club 1 Senior Play 4 Honor Society 3-4 Student Council 2 Sports Council 3-4 Tower Ass't Editor 4 Scribblers Club 4 Treasurer of Class 1 ROBERT ROOT JACK RUBINS GORDON RUNCKEI HB0b?! 46Ruby77 RER-1l7lk77 Soccer 4 Band 1-z Track 1 Swimming 3 Rifle Club 1 Soccer 4 INITA SCHAEFER NANCY SCI-IAUFLER RITA SCHNEEGOLD RICHARD SCRIBNER - N., PATRICIA SEIT2 'Niets" "Mouse', "Rita" "Dick" ' 4'Patz" ioccer 4 Basketball z Bennett High School 1 Rifie Club 3-4 Basketball 4 3asketball 4 Student Council 1 Soccer z-3 Tower 4 Dramatic Club 1 Dramatic Club 1 Tower 4 Hockey z Chess Club 3 junior Play Com. 3 lunior Play Com. 3 Tatler 4 Hi-Y z-4 Basketball z-3 Senior Play 4 Tower 4 Senior Play Com. 4 junior Play Com. 3 German Club 3 Honor Society 4 ISOWCI' 4 German Club 3-4 TOWCF 4 Tatlcr 4 Q , .,..,,? --- -1- r Y- 1' - 'Ig sf - - 5 -- ...... .1 GWB fe ,ff as-F. .. - 65 1 Q - S 2- af . , Q., " if . Q 0 - i- I 4 I t, H, nf . X I V -E, i- KJ.. 4 K1 , I V T S54 f 7- 1 I In 'H 3-A--V Q MY. 1 ' -1 lf, f D +1 ,.1 .. - java ,- . . 4 9 S V..- 'UQ - " 3 'Q f ' "' "' 'Q d N E135 9'1" I S f N 1 X ,f fl N I WF 55 4,40 LG- 3 .sv x ,- ,if Z 3 51" A 4 3 ,NIC-3 "" SJ., 9 'I 30 TAOWER 1947 ' K QOL 2' 'HMA ,Q I A ' int. ELIZABETH MARGARETA ANTHONY IRMA SAUB RICHARD SAUER SAKOLISH SAMZELIUS SANTOMAURO 'Llrm" "lVlJi:key" "Betty" 'lGreta" "Tony" Basketball 4 Football 3 Basketball 2-4 Edgewood High- Track I, 3 junior Play Com. 3 Tennis 3 Hockey z-3 Pittsburgh i-3 Basketball Mgr. I ' rchestra x-z Hi-Y 4 Hi-Y 4 Soccer 4 unior Play 3 t Tatlcr 4 Senior Play 4 Tennis 4 P Stu nt Council 1, z, 4 Tower 4 Tower 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Ht r Society 4 French Club 4 RiHe Club 2 X OWL Tatlcr 4 Tower 4 ,' . Honor Society 4 Tatler 3 f ,afaf ' l Senior Play 4 Nj M 11 Y- -N lx N VI A Vyfu lx ,ffl I it if' . aw ,fl 'a gd . X 4 . F. I ' f 1 J ",: 3 , I K A S ,,x, ' -Q ' P P C ALLEN SEIW 351 ,Q DONANNF DONALD SMITH JEAN SMITH XVALTER SMITI- 'Silenf' flfl' 51 tLN0nnieII SEYMOUR "Smitty" "Smitty" NVriters' Club 3-4 gl! 1-4 f Hockeyr 2-4 Track 2-4 Spanish Club 4 r IV Z JILL' Soccer- 2-4 Sports Council I-4 Student Council 3 Senior Play 4 V, fu I v V Swimming 3,4 German Club 3 Cheerleading 3-4 Honor Society 4 ,M if 52- ,UU VVatcr Follies 1-4 Tatler 3-4 M ' , B2lSkCIb2ll 3-4 Student Council 2 4 4 f ' A 'Jffyg' Mixed Chorus 4 Honor Society 4 -,fn .' fly S junior Play Com. 3 frj CT ' fp 'I ower Asst Fditor 4 , . I L ? - A S' WJ TOVVER 31 SENIORS , X ,' , f.. , f 41 53, N - I lux JT' -' 'h 4 ff lj!! ROBERT SMITHER RUDOLPH SPORK MARGUERITE JEANNE SPRING 'Bob" "Rudy" SPRAGUE "Jeanne" Swimming 2-3 Soccer 4 "Maggie" Soccer 4 Track 2 German Club 3-4 Basketball 2 Hockey 2 Tennis 3-4 Rifle Club 4 Dramatic Club 1 Water Follies 1-4 Senior Play 4 Student Council 3-4 Basketball 4 Honor Society 4 ' Tower 4 Tatler 3-4 ' X Sqowgll 4Cl b 4 3 1 pamsi u 4 I , M . ,E f ff M 11, Wg,-f K , :I ' i 1 ,, W j ' U I! , fa I L M f ,a'YV". ,,f,--3 'i f E, be 24-' IOHN TAYLOR ADELE THOMAS NIDIA THOMAS 1.-'P' MARY LOU SPRIN4 CKLou73 Soccer 2, 4 Hockey 4 Water Follies 1- Basketb 4 - Spanish lg! junior Pl Com. Tatl 3 T is v aW la 1 -fig is fl? f 3 Q W .1 is . --. if-A ' 1:19. It K e 'sb My VYN ANN THOMAS HERBERT KIUCW i'Ad6l?', 4 "Nidia" "Vy1z" THURNHER Foofball 2 Basketball 3'4 HPY .3'4 East Aurora High 1-2 Soccer 4Cheerleading 3-4 "Mouse" - Soccer 3H0l10I' SOCICIY 4 Basketball 4 Tatler 4 Hockey 4H0n01- SOCICIY 4 Band 1 Hockei' 3 Tatler 3'4 SOCCCI' 4 Honor Societv 4 Swimming 4 Tatler 3-4 X Dance F estlval 2TowCr 4 Hockey 4 yvater Follies 4 VVater Follies 1-4 X XX ,f - JUIIIOI' Play CQIT1- 3 Senior Play Com. 4 Basketball 4 Tower 4 'F ,X Sfufienf Council I, 2, 4 German Club 3-4 Junior Play Com. 3 KX i . T N Senior Q Play Cgm, 4 Tower Ass't EditorA4 Vice-Pres. of Class 1 fx "X 4 ...HQ ,.- - , . Q ' it 5551, ---..En , I - ,-, 4 pq 95 - -4-- I' 1 , 9.1 2 A """- ik, Q 'X T ' 5 C' -sf lil? 'Q Q' Q 0 -N -,, 1 f bf' , Q4 , - -a nf, 47d I 5 N X1 V 'TN 'i " ef' ' .1 1 .--- - 65 - " 2-2-2 . Q , 41, ' .cl Q Q E 6 p - ' ' p 1 ,dl 3 1 f L lv w j lc: 4 5 W , .5 .4 v' 'Q f ' -5 P 4' V" "' ' A ss 1, N ' M X54 ' iff N 4, XWV A 5 f 1 A I 1 3 " V Xxlf' i Z If 32 TOYVE JW ,pw M4 I 1947 ll.l-IICN STITZ Eileen" iorus I-2 rchcstra 3-4 crman Club 3 cwspapcr Club 4 42,41 42,3 f 'Mt 442. , OANNIC TIMMS loanmf' osdick-Masten 1-z Paskctball 4 occcr 4 lockey 4 cnior Play Com. 4 icrman Club 3-4 'ower 4 'atlcr 4 XVatcr Follies 4 .sl I 1, U JEAN STOXVICRS JOHN STROMMER "lcam1ie" 'llolannyv Soccer 3-4 Tower 4 Hockey 3-4 XVatcr Follies 3 Basketball 3-4 Tower 4 Tarler 4 Dance Festival z , 4 s 9 f 1: 4 N ,K , ,, Tl I A. 4 ' -iff -wr DONALD TOLSMA JOHN TOWERY "D.D.T." "lack" Basketball 1-3 Baseball 1-4 ROBERT SUTTON JOHN SWANEKAMP LGB0b55 Hideki, T k QM T M Rrlio Sub I ww 4- ,fy b of JANE TOY MILDRED "Janie" VAN Basketball 4 "Dolly" Tatler 4 Basketball 3-4 Student Council z Junior Play Com. 3 Junior Play Com. 3 Q? fri If Tow!-:R 33 3 sENloRs ELIZABETH VEDDER SLBOOPH VVilkensburg High- Pittsburgh 1-3 Library Club 4 Senior Play- Student Dir. 4 Honor Society 4 77 Soccer Q-Pg' 'assu- byg? 3. L Q' -sf i,,,Nj"ghT2f'TT JJ' xx Q . Q 1 K ff , 1' ,fl -- Vg 5 If - .-'L-923 S'ff'-'Z-.XF- F 1 ,3L313,33. 2 .1 of 6.,1f-415 Ti' OROT YVOLLMER JACK WEAVE 0 T 7 5, sslackn ni lay 3 6 5fH0ck Band 1-4 r Soci 3-4 S 4 O V e-P s. lass 4 e al 4 J' ulfe u il 3 at ies 1- IV Tatle Swim 'ng 4 Tower 4 junior lay Com. 3 Hi-Y 3-4 Spanish Club 4 German Club 3 Tatler3 Tower 4 Pep Club 1 Ml 01 ' 'fs Dance Club 4 .I lt W NANCY YVRIGHT BETTY JANE ALBERT YANKE PATRICIA ZACK DAVID ZIERK "Nan" YAEGER "Pulley" "Pat" "Dizzy" Mixed Chorus 4 "Bee lay" Basketball 2 Basketball 3-4 junior Play- Basketball 4 Spanish Club 4 Student Council 4 Tatler 4 Business Mgr. 3 Iunior Play Com. 3 Rifle Club 3-4 junior Play Com. 3 Senior Play 4 Tower 4 . Honor Society 3-4 Tatler z-3 Honor Society Pres. Spanish Club 4 Stage Crew 1-4 Mgr. Pep Club 1 Q Tower 4 Radio Club v .-ve -P' ,".' 5 f . + 1 . A G ff' -.:f- - .. -- . -4 3 mu ph: - , Nuff ,J I lt - f -' Q . 6 C : 5 GP Q - A -0 ' ', NP' Q Q M I 1 Q , 4 ' , f ff I . 1 Y H- 0 cp ' ' - - -L 'fx V - -- -J 4, . Q. y fl A 7 f' X if ,ia " 3-in-F 1 K-3. "'- 4 - 3 ' p - A W 'cgi d,- , :audi .- 4 5sf- ,H7 JP' 5 ff 0 fx , f Sw ur' If A 5 5 I V N 1 ,WL ' sv ' JW. ,JZ 3 N -1 1' 3 3 ,W2.3'-1 'il ull! 3 , 34 TOWER - 11 .1 11' Qwkmrl 5 ay' ' x P -AV nj K "I L3 U71 f I' 1 4 ' v , 4 VL. , LL ff' 'J v-f App lgbip Vjig, I l J X 1-,4 5 J Ll, 0 P f" ,. 3 . . L, 1 W 365441 vffii W ff 41147 W! 1 4 Iv I 1 N-'SN IOBERTA MARY LOU VVILFY DIANIC XVILLAX ,IACK XVILSON ARLENE VVRAY XVHITICLAW "Lon" "Di" "lock" "Rube" 'liobbie' XVatertown 1-3 Basketball 1-4 Swimming 2-4 Soccer 3 Basketball 4 Senior Play Com. 4 Hockey 1-z T rack 3-4 lVarcr Follies 3 1Vatcr Follies 3-4 lfrench Club 4 Soccer 1-z Band 1-4 Basketball 4 lockey 4 Hi-Y 4 A cappella 1 Orchestra 3-4 Chorus 3-4 SOCCCF4 1 Tower 4 junior Play Com. 3 Student Council 1-4 Dramatic Club I 5wimming4 Senior Play- President 4 Tatler 3-4 Vlixed Chorus 4 ' Publicity 4 Honor Society 3-4 Tower 4 lunior Play 3 Honor Society 3-4 Class President 1-z . Spanish Club 4 Secretary of Class z, 4 German Club 4 Fower 4 Student Council 1, 3 K K - If fy, 5 Fatler 3-4 N spaper Club3 . ' kk 1 3 1 V' 'ep Club 1 Q . -Y 3-4 Pres. 4 AIM A I L: 1 T r Editor 4 ,, KX fs ,U 1,31-,Cs L tg U4 4 'ol , It 4 ,,,fw1Z, . 4 Av' , I7 1.1 ' 3 ' Q if I X W if L A fed' ,wi Ll br Xxx 1 S I ,, X 4101 'Mx' 3 .B ' .N fl' cyl? 1 V ef f U .1 M -'A' Oz ' , "f'2'V5 L ' au " f 1-we ' , Q21 5 YH, SENIORS NO TU Wy- 'N Wp3 fp Block, Dale Wlzifman, IC a S, P Qayi ev t" 'Burn Robert Clk-U79f'Morgan. Willi -W 'K 4119i Y 'Callodinc, Robert , ofis X' Xe' . , im r. 1 41 4 'T' 1 f ,- , a W1 -' .ful - f ti ,XA 0 ' .ff 9 4 wk, I L, L f f4y 0 ' lr J f nth t as l '- x. f' it Conroy, V2 illiam Cruse, jean Davis, jack Diehl, Charles Iimblidge, Frank lllvcrding, Warren Higgins, Arthur Hubbard, Harold Hitzemann, Rudolph Kleindinst, I-larry juhre, Robert Mac Vittie, Richard Marmion, joseph rf lf- 17--ar. 5 1 Q 0'Brie , Albert 0'Connor, Kevin Perry, Gerald Pirson, Robert Potter, Robert "Rapp, Harold Richart, Don Stitz, Edwin 'Schieve, Paul 'Stevcns, Robert Scull, Norman ' VVorden, Vfarren ' Veteran TOWER 35 fir? fi W S Q as is RAILROADING THE sENloRs K '. pq' 36 Tow 1 aj Dave Brunner John Lewis Dick Guelich Don Smith Don Tolsma Don Bradley Harry Loomis Dick Jeffery Name your own- Bob Kinkel Tom Eck John Strommer Hank Forbes Roger Hornung Tony Santomauro David Zierk Dwight Balnis Dick Freeman Chuck Rodgers Tom Pitman Dave Johnson Jack VVilson Bill Ramsey Walter Smith Bob Stevens Bill Brunner ER athletic bashful carefree dancer eater Flirt gullible happy irresistible joker knowledge laugh m-mmmmm nohchalant optimistic personality quiet refreshing sophisticated twosome uncertain vivacious witty x-unknown q yawning Zippy uality Nonnie Seymour Dorothy Herman Nancy Gowland Renee Dathe Jean Morgan Bobbie Whitelaw Mary Lou Spring Jean Stowers Judy Leonard Nancy Wright Frances Rogers Kathleen Kirk Joanne Di Bello Marilyn Foote Jean Spring Hanna Machlup Marlis Drews Helen Helfrich Barry Neil Barbara Wagner Bonnie Brown Vyn Ann Thomas Pat Goodman Greta Samzelius Ruth Kling Beverly Meyer .........-- 1 u X . 1 Q53 , eg-Qi I , , ,- M . . L .r . gx 9 ' ., . . 4 I A ' k'f"""'i"" 1 , :W A 'XM' wma, . 1 I i Q my k K My . 1. A E ,, ds. "N" ' . Qi, my A any ' , '11 hw 'A . ' S 4 Y M ' -- Nu... .iw'5 3'Ri,- X xi -, A-uuqmqk, M as A X K 46.665-0"ff1"xN , ..pun-u W. ' fa. X in JT J sill ..f -A L,,'--+L JUNIORS JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President ......................... Edward Berger Vice-president .... .... E ric Siegfried T7Cd5Zl7'CT ...... ..... W illiam Derrick Secretary .... .... G race Claxton -2 i -,- V SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS l'rc,vidw1r ........................ Fdwnrd Kcrchcr Vi4'v-prcsidcvlt . . . ........ janet Burt '1'rcas1m'r ..... . ...... james Culligan Svvrctary ..... ...... I Barbara Buschman FRESHMEN FRESHMAN CLASS GFFICERS President ......................... Bruce Hornung Vice-president .... ...... W illiam Fisher 'Treasurer ...... ...... j oan Lacke Secretary ..... ..... N atalie Howell - ...W 1 . 1. Hzkxami-:S 7+h 81 8+h GRADERS 8+h GRADE CLASS OFFICERS Prcsidwlt ....... ..... C Iynthin Craney Vic'c'-prcxidcnt . . .... Robert Dc Nyse 'I'rcas11rcr .... .... I Donald Seymour Secretary .... ..... A nne Doremus It-N, 'ffblpwf-vw ' 3 ,,,-...., he 1 .-n. M 1ifMWfs'?if:'21 ces hymn thy val-lant prai-ses, Hearts thy halls en-shrineg e leave thy halls oi leajnjng, Peiths 31356 tj Stray: iI1',ff.3:gVfrHlf' rsrrlgl . J h f 1 Lfif figiiQfHHQ1iHf1 l:,bJ..L.h 'L hi Ll if ?L F5 Brrgfibffgl J M. h fm531J?'ff?'?h5?f"H ,tep , To , ff I' Ji M :za .,,,.-' FOOTBALL Almost a hundred candidates turned out for the first football practice this year. Out of these hope- fuls, of all shapes and sizes, Coach Bergman carved a team which went down as the second unde- feated team of Amherst Central history. The first two backfields which alternated reg- ularly, had Don Bero, Fd Berger, Frank Sykes, and jack Thiel, half-backs, Rav lfVeser and Bill Brunner, full-backs, and "Dinip" XNagner and Don Miller as "Held generals." Bob Conschafter, "Ants" Cerrone, Dick Flliott, and Trevor jones layed at quard. Fld Hoeflich and Dave Brunner eld down the tackle slots, and johnny Krochmal and Danny Strong were our ent'-L. Chuck Shanklin and Edward Kercher traded' off at the center slot. The pre-season election for captain produced a three-way tie, with Berger and Brunner each captain for two games, and Bero taking over for the other three. Our first game was played on about the hottest day of the year. After trailing Depew iz-o at the half, the Tigers came back to score in the third quarter with Weser carrying through center of the line. Berger brought home another six points of? tackle in the fourth quarter to tie it up. Then Miller's extra point was good to win the ball game. The highlight of the Medina game was Berger's 37-yilfd run which started the second half off First Row: lVilliam Brunner, james Heinike, Charles Shanklin, Anthony Cerrone, lfdward Hoeflich, David Brunner, Donald Bero, lfdxvard Berger, john Krochmal, Ray NVeser, Frank Sykes, Donald XVagner. Serrmd Rofwz Fric Siegfried, Fdward Kercher, Richard lflliott, Donald Corenflo, Trevor jones, Robert Conschafter, john Thiel, john Basil, Daniel Strong, Donald Miller, Kevin O'Connor. Third Row: Mr. l-lertlcr, coach, john Delaney, mana er, Donald Drumm,George lX'lulger,manager, liugene McRae, Fred Alcorn, Thomas Sullivan, Philip Goetzmann, Frank Spanos, George Russell, Harold Brundige, Thomas james, Harry lVells, manager, Mr. Bergman, coach. VARSITY FOOTBA Ll, SQUAD First Row: Danny Strong, Hoeflieh, Trevor jones, Bob Conschafter, Chuck Shanklin, Anthony Cerrone, Richard Elliott, Dave Brunner, john Kroehmal. Second Rofw: jack Thiel, Ed Berger, Bill Brunner, Don Miller, Don Wagner, Ray Weser, Frank Sykes, Don Bero. row EAR 43 with a bang. Dimp sent Bero off tackle in the third quarter for the only score, and Miller again converted to make the final score 7-o. Silver Creek saw the varsity for only about two quarters, when the second and third strings took over. We chalked up two points as Cerrone and Conschafter smeared a Silver Creek back in his own end zone. Berger drove through the opponents for 24 yards, to pick up six more points. in the same period. Bero and Weser scored again in the second and third periods, when the first string was taken out. johnny Basil caught a pass from Miller in the end zone to make at 28-o Silver Creek made their only touchdown when they caught a third string fumble on Amherst's 2 5-yard line. A pass from Miller to Krochmal Put A.C.H.S. in the lead 6-o going into the second half of the traditional Amherst-Williamsville game. Billsville came back in the second half to make it 7-6. Then the Tigers began to roll, with Berger scoring at the end of an 85-yard drive to win the game 12-7. The scoreless tie with East Aurora proved to be a battle of the lines, although in the first half, Amherst wasn't even in the game. Dan Strong proved his worth with recovered fumbles and timely tackles. We met Hamburg on a very wet field and slid to a 6-6 tie. The lone tally came with Miller on the other end of a pass from Frank Sykes in the first half. Hamburg came back to tie it up in the second half, and but for a few penalties might have scored. Our boys finally started SCORES to hit their Stride in the last Amherst ...... I3 Silver Creek .... 11. . . L - Amherst ...... 7 Medina .... .... o game' Wmmng Over an Amherst ...... 28 Silver Creek .... 7 Caster 27'0- Bero, Berger. Amherst ...... ii wiiiiamsviiie .... 7 lifliller, and WCSCI each had Amherst ...... o East Aurora .... o a touchdown, Xvith Miller Amherst ...... 6 Hamburg .. 6 accounting for 3 extra Pts' Amherst ...... i Lancaster .. .... in 93 32 COACH BERGMAN 31 26" 58 IV .Q mf W E 4. A " ' Y flax . 1 . ,Lf My Q .,x z Q X A xv , , 1. wa.,-.K .,jQ,vN..4L,V wr ' fi-,4,.,Nx, V v-fX' .HXA f .",.ffE2iQi.-, A K' if . 5 1 f' ' Q . Sf- -3- A - 3? Q' X ' fx an ' F V ' x i . an 'fqp-1 Q' 1 Q if Q 1 sims S X M L NX "N N "Q W X . S Q X Q g X Q ' N . f .1 1-'rx Qi, 63815: , X Q 4 ' W QQ .M K wwf TN QP, x 'N . A N L Q , ,.,,,4.fs.f A. -an .,. ,fi . SOCCER First Rofw, left I0 right: Bob Root, Dick Freeman, Don Sclmcegold, Bill Kennedy, Gordon Runckel, Eugene Carr, Tony Santomauro, Bill Allen, George Baka. Second Row: Rudy Spork, Carl Gertis, Kent Ziegler, Dave Edwards, SEASON For the first time 'in nearly five years, Amherst was represented in the Northern Erie County Soccer League. This long interval sums up the problem that faced Coach Wratten at the beginning of the season. About 40 boys reported for practice at the beginning of the year. This number was cut down to a squad of about zo. Most of the fellows had had little or no experience before this year. However, as the season progressed, things began to look brighter. A line-up composed of the cap- tain, Don Schneegold, Root, Baker, Butzer, Allan, Freeman, Kennedy, Runckel, Carr and Santo- mauro took the field against a strong North Collins eleven. johnnie Herman was tending goal for Amherst. The boys, mainly because of greenness, met defeat, 5 to 1. The lone Amherst tally was garnered by Gene Carr. The next foe was Wood- lawn, and again our forces came out on the short end of the score, this time 2 to o. The following game was with Holland and the fellows came to life to score a 2 to 1 victory. Gordie Runckel and Curtis Cram, Franz Allina, Jack Kelly, David Dean. Third Row: Vernon Henry, scorekeeper, Stanley Butzer, Bill Power, Dick Guelich, Mr. VVratten, coach, john Herman, john Power, Lou NVollenberg, Al Charron. SUMMARY Bill Allan made the goals for Amherst. Then the Tigers were humbled by Orchard Park in a tough game, 2 to 1. Along came North Collins again and with the same result: o for us and 4 for them. Then the team started a two-game winning streak, dis- posing of Angola and Woodlawn: 2 to 1 and 1 to o, respectively. Captain Schneegold, Runckel and Carr were the scorers for Amherst. The team hit a snag at Holland and was beaten 5 to 1. This game was played on aslippery field and many bad breaks led to our downfall. Only Tony Santomauro scored for Amherst. The last two games found the team at its strongest, and Orchard Park and Angola were subdued with comparative ease. The scores were 2 to 1 and 2 to o with Gordie Runckel getting two goals and Santomauro and Carr netting one apiece. This left us with a record of five wins against five defeats, and fifth place in the league. It is hoped that next year will find us with a large turnout of candidates for this fine sport. FINAL LEAGUE STANDINGS SOCCER SCORES North Collins Amherst ......... 1 North Collins . 5 Orchard Park Amherst ..... o Woodlawn- ...... . 2 VV oodlawn Amherst ..... 2 Holland ........... 1 Holland Amherst ..... 1 Orchard Park ...... 2 Amherst Amherst ..... o North Collins ...... 4 Angola Amherst ..... 2 Angola ........ . 1 Amherst ..... 1 Woodlawn ......... o Amherst ..... 1 Holland ........... 5 Amherst .... , 2 Orchard Park ...... 1 Amherst ..... 2 Angola ......... o 4 TOWER CROSS COUNTRY First Row, left to right: Larry Selbert, Leon VVhi'tes, Dick Knop, Kenneth Plumb, Charles Oddo, VVilliam Arth. Second Row: Dick Thompson, LaVerne Fisher, Gerald Stevens, Dick Vanderwalker, john Hynd,Charles Kelly, Lloyd Kenyon, Glen Snyder, Harold Hubbard. Third Row: Robert Dickson, Charles Ganter, Donald YVillarCl, Ted XVeatherby, XVillian1 Still, George Harlock, Robert Kingsley, Donald Deichman, john Elie, manager. Fourth Row: Mr. Munson, coach, hNYllli3l1l Derrick, Don Holz- man, David jones, Donald jones, Richard Broadbent, Donald Kingman, VVilliam Kennedy. This year Amherst's cross country team entered its first year of interscholastic conipetion. Coach Munson had 47 boys out to start the season and from this group came the team that went unde- feated through six meets to win the Western New York High School championship. Before the first meet with East Aurora on Sep- tember z7th, Kenneth Plumb was chosen captain and went on that day to lead his team to victory. He set new course records at Lancaster, Fredonia, and here on the Amherst Central z M -mile course. On October z6th Mr. Munson took a carefully chosen team to Syracuse for a meet that brought together over zoo boys from zo of the best teams in the state. Ken Plumb surprised the experts by bringing home the gold third place trophy. Others who placed that day were Bob Arth, Charles Ganter, Leon Weitz, Ted Wetherbee, Charles Oddo and Larry Selbert, who ran in spite of a badly pulled muscle. The freshmen championship was also held in October with the individual winner, Larry Sel- bert, running the two-mile course in 11:26. This frosh team ran several meets, most outstanding of which was at Fredonia, where Larry Selbert and others nosed out the home frosh by a single point. The friendly, although highly competitive, spirit of the whole team enabled them to win all their meets. These wins in dual home and home meets against East Aurora, Lancaster and Fredonia, gave the boys that necessary experience to win the sectional championship on November 9th by a margin of zo points. Our scoring team included Plumb, who won the first place medal, Selbert, second, Arth, eighth, Ganter, ninth, and Laverne Fisher, who was tenth in a field of 6o runners. After Amherst's scholastic season finished, many of our team ran in the St. Francis races. The out- standing performances there were Larry Selbert's win over 71 other starters in the 3M-mile race, and the places won bv Bill Derrick, Dick Broad- bent, Gerrv Stevens, 'and Bill Still. Listed below are the year's results with Amherst the low total winner in all meets. East Aurora ..,..... 35 Amherst ........ zo SECTIONAI. CHAMPIONSHIP Lancaster ..... 38 Amherst .... .. I7 Amherst ................... . 30 East Aurora 33 Amherst .... .. zz Fredonia ..... .. 50 Lancaster 38 Amherst ........ I7 East Aurora 77 Fredonia .... z8 Amherst ,... .. 27 Batavia ...... 87 Ifirxt Row, left to rigbr: Don Whgncr, Al Ott, Don SCl707ld1Q0'1UZ .Xlr.NVrattcn,cuachg Rod 'l'crry,lQd Berg Scllnccgold, Richard 'I-olsmu, Dan Strong, john Basil. john Krochuml, Ray Wfscr, George Becker, Daw Whitclaw, ulanngcr. WSW oooh- Coach VV1'attCn .IL BASKETBALL SEASON Although this wasn't one of the more successful seasons in our history, it was packed with many thrills. The Tigers outscored their opponents by 533 to 483 to make some compensation for a record of 8 wins and 6 defeats. The first two games with Last Aurora and Lancaster were won easily 36-18 and 38-25 respectively. XYe were handed our first defeat by Akron in a very close game 36-35. Don XVagner and lid Berger scored I4 and I5 points, respectively, to supply the needed spark to beat XYilliamsville on the loser's court. NVith a record of 3 victories for 4 games, our Tigers lost 3 straight. The first to Pine Hall was a real triller. After leading by one point at the half, the A.C.H.S. five trailed by z points at the close of the third and could not catch up. The final score was 30-28. ln our loss to llepew we also led at the half only to relinquish this lead in the last quarter to lose 35-32. Our fourth defeat was at the hands of Hamburg on their court 43-36. The Tigers again tasted victory on their second meeting with Fast Aurora. liveryoiie o1i the squad scored in this game, and we won by a score of 5o-zz. john Kroehmal shattered our single game, individually scoring a record of 16 points to defeat Lancaster 43-38. "johnny', also tossed in a perfect 8 for 8 in fo11l shots. Captain Spencer .XlaclDonald and john Krochmal again shared 37 points in a 57-50 defeat of Akron on the loser's court. Amherst bowed on the Pine Hill court 3o-zo then recovered quickly to conquer "l3illsville" for the second time in the season 4:-36. johnny was again high-scorer with ll points. On the following lfriday night, the team traveled to Depew RIIHT came out on the short end: 5l-37. A brilliant performance and lg points by Dick Tolsma brought .filli- herst back into the winning column 47-3o over Hamburg for the last game. john Krochmal was high for the season with zoq points and Spencer was second with Ili. The junior Varsity was sparked to a record of IO victories against 4 defeats hy Dick lfowlcr, with a season total of 154 points. JUNIOR VARSITY . 'Q ' v ' .570 ' Q' 1 . ay. e5.43' .-ti ' I '1 'sta' , Q gv g v Q 5 5 1 ',N,6,o3 , '. I . a f N 0 all , 3? 'll t tl 0 BASKli'liBAI.L SCORES Amherst .... Amherst .... Amherst .... Amherst .... Amherst .... Amherst ,... Amherst .... Amherst .... Amherst .... Amherst .... Amherst .... Amherst .... Amherst .... Amherst .... Fast Aurora ..... 18 Lancaster . . . . . 25 Akron .......... 36 XVilliamsville .... 41 Pine Hill ....... 30 Depew ..... . . . 32 Hamburg ....... 43 Fast Aurora .... zz Lancaster ... ... 38 Akron ..... . . . 50 Pine Hill ....... 30 XVilliamsville .... 36 Depew ..... . . . SI Hamburg . . . . . . 30 Firn Row, left ro right: Kenneth Hanour, Albert Acker, Vinson. Second Row: Mr. Hettler,coachg Robert Nichols, Kenneth Bachman, Norbert VValsh, Ray Daigler, Herb Richard Fowler, Ed Kercher, Don Berger, Arthur Beck, Robert Hotte, Raymond Haas, Norman Hertz, manager. rowlan 49 455 . 4 - in 'KS .away ,ww-an-t, XA ,. su ff Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst 31 'Q Niagara Falls Amherst ....,. 32 . .,,,W, ......z6 'saw reL,, 5 1 1 First Rofw, left to right: Eric Siegfried, Bob Kinkel, VVick Brundige, jack VVilson Charles McCain. Second Row: john Power, Cal Champlin, Herb Blow, Phil MacMurray, Dick Lallmang, Tom YVilson, Don Bradley, managerg Mr Schonewolf, coach. SVVIMMING SCORES Kenmore ............ 40 North Tonawanda . . . 28 Lockport . .,... ...... z 3 345 Tonawanda . . . .... 34 eigwmvy Amherst ...... 26 North Tonawanda 40 Amherst ...... I7 Kenmore .,......... 49 Amherst ...... Amherst ...... 37 Lockport ........ .. Z9 Z4 Tonawandn .... . . . 42 38 Niagara Falls .,. .. :B Amherst ...... CHARl.l'iS SMITH K ,Q- MJ ' i 1 at 1 I e- .e JUNIOR VARSITY SWIMMING Our swimming team completed a moderately suc- cessful season this vear with a record of four vic- tories against six defeats. The season opened with the squad dropping a decision to a powerful Kenmore team. The final score showed 46 for Kenmore, zo for Amherst. In the next two meets the Tigers hit their stride, drubbing North Tona- wanda and Lockport, 38-28, and 43-23, respec- tively. Then the boys ran into a Hock of injuries to key members of the squad and lost the next four meets. Close decisions were suffered to Ni- agara Falls and Tonawanda, and the boys were really walloped by North Tonawanda and Ken- more. Fighting back gamely, the Tigers took the measure of Lockport, before losing to Tonawanda again in the second last meet of the campaign. The First Row, left to right: Herb Williams, Bob Dickson, Franz Allina. Second Row: Roy Smith, David jancs, Donald Lutz, Bill jones, Charles Smith, Paul Archam- beau. Third Rofw: Kenny NVoods, Gaston DiBeIlo, Ted Wilkes, Bob Mellon, Don jones, Pete VVeiss, Melvin Reibel, George Russell, manager. SUMMARY fellows went all-out for the last meet and edged out Niagara Falls, 38-18. High point scorers for the team were Co-Capt. Kinkel and McCain tied with 60 points apiece. Next Came Siegfried, Landsheft and, Brundage with 46, 39, and 37, respectively. An early season injury to C0-Capt. Wilson, prevented him from living up to expectations. The reserves had a fairly successful season with a record of five wins and five losses. High scoring members for this squad were Don jones and Ken Woods. Prospects for next year are definitely bright since all the boys but four will be back hoping to justify Coach Schonewolf's faith in them. Herbert Liclitenthal Bob Kinkel .lack WIIWI 4 9 I K 'I' liailmllllllll ie V ,.... Z-uf-""'5"" me BASEBALL SQUAD First Row Donald Drumm, Donald Schneegold, Henry Greg Moats, Ed Miller, Frank Harding, Ed Berger Brummer Kurt Rogers, john Shearer, Charles Bishop, Spencer MacDonald, john Krochmal, Paul Goetzmann Dick Tolsma, Art Letttie, Allen Ott, Bill Siegel, Dan Douglas Reed, Frank Sykes, Don Miller, Richard Bealer Strong Second Row: David Dean, manager, Don jacobi, Mr. Hettler, coach. I946 BASEBALL SEASGN For the fifth year in succession, the Amherst baseball team proved themselves to be the peer of their division in the Northern Erie County League. Piling up a fine record of thirteen wins and only three losses, the boys ran off with the pennant only to lose a wild and wooly playoff game to an excellent Depew team. Power hitting proved the team's greatest asset during the gruelling season. The three top hitters, among the regulars, were Don Jacobi, Dan Strong, and Ed Berger, with respective averages of 482, 439 and 386. Supplementing the hitters was some fine pitching, particularly by Don Miller who won five games and lost none. Miller also batted 37 5. SEASON'S RECORD Amherst Neumann .......... 2 Amherst Akron ..... Amherst Pine Hill ........... 6 Amherst 5 Clarence Amherst Sloan ..... . . 5 Amherst ....... I5 VVilliamsville Amherst Akron ....... .... 4 Amherst 9 Clarence Amherst DeVeaux ..... .. I Amherst Neumann .. Amherst ....... East Aurora .. .. o Amherst East Aurora Amherst Sloan ........ .... 4 Amherst DeVeaux Amherst Williamsville ....... 8 Amherst Depew .... Amherst 52 TOWER Nichols .... ..3 Amherst Alumnus National Champion M, 5, .wif 4 -.Q I joHN J. ROBERTSON University of Texas '945'46 Southwest Conference Champion fBroad jump? '945'46 National Collegiate Champion fBroad jumpl 1946 All American Track fBroad jump and Sprinth 1946 Drake-Kansas-Texas Relays lQ46 'VJC7 rg .,t I .44 .U 'le I946 TRACK SEASON With only a few major letter winners and squad members returning from last year's squad, Coach Bergman began training his team for one of the toughest schedules in Amherst's track history. On May z, the team played host to a strong North Tonawanda team and were handed their first set-back of the season. Despite their bad start the boys ventured to East Aurora and, by taking nine out of twelve firsts, won 65-37. The most impressive victory of the season came in their triangular meet against Pine Hill and Lancaster. The boys took almost half the first places and won easily, 53 to 38 for Pine Hill and 27 for Lancaster. The next meet was the International Confer- ence. The winner would be champion of the surrounding schools. Eight schools took part, and Amherst finished second behind Hamburg. During the meet two long-established school records in the half-mile and shot put were broken by Dave Brunner and Edward Hoeflich. Dave lowered the previous time of 2:11 to z:o9, while Ed raised the shot mark to 36'5". Amherst was then handed two straight defeats at the hands of Kenmore and Hamburg, but came back the next week to defeat Lancaster 61 to 43. The last meet of the season was the sectional meet, which was held at Kenmore. All the schools took part, and Amherst finished eighth in the final standings. Dave Brunner, jack Wilson and Edward Hoefiich took the top honors in the meet for Amherst. Dave, who had not been beaten in the half-mile all year, took second place behind Winston of Hamburg. jack, a new member of our squad, was just eginning to hit his stride and took a fourth in the zzo. Ed, who had set a previous shot put record in the conference meet, raised his record to 37 lin". The high point scorers this year were: Gene Fechter, with 53, Dave Brunner, with 38, and Larry Wright, with 33. During the season the team sold waste paper and collected enough money to purchase a plaque, on which names of all track record holders will be inscribed. The fact that many letter men are returning and that more and more boys are trying out for the team leads us to believe that Amherst's 1947 track team will be able to surpass the fine records of previous teams. TRACK LETTER WINNERS I946 Major Letters William Allen, 1 bar, Dwight Balnis, 1 bar, Don Bero, z bar, Harold Brundige, 1 barg Dave Brunner, z bar, Cal Champlin, 1 barg jim DiLapo, 3 bar, Richard Elliot, 1 bar, Eugene Fechter, z barg VVilliam Hammond, 1 bar, Edward Hoefiieh, 1 barg David johnson, 1 bar, Eugene McRae, 1 bar, Tom Pivtman, 1 bar, Ken Plumb, 1 barg Eric Siegfried, 1 barg john Stoll, z bar, Don Wagner, 1 bar, jack NVilson, 1 bar, Larry XfVright, z barg Ray VVeser, 1 bar, NVilliam Fre11ch, Manager. Squad Lerters A. Beck, G. Braun, R. Broadbent, W. Brunner, Culligan YV. Fell, R. Fowler, T. jones, Ed. Kircher, C. Kirk, H. Moreland, K. O'Connor, M. Shaver, john Power, Don Smith, Ro WVilliams, A. Cerrone, C. Smith, T Santomauro, C. Hovgard, Ass't. Mgr.i T. Baumann, Ass't. Mgr. Smith, G. Stevens, VVm. Still, RESULTS Amherst ..... 37 North Tonawanda .... 67 Amherst ..... 65 East Aurora .......... 37 Amherst ..... 53 Pine Hill 38 Lancaster 27 Amherst ..... 29 Kenmore ............ 79 Amherst ..... 38 Hamburg ............ 61 Amherst ..... 61 Lancaster ............ 43 VVestern New York Intermediate Conference- Amherst, second, Sectional Meet-Amherst, 8th. I947 OUTLOOK Late in March, Mr. Bergman's track squad assembled for what looked like a very successful season. This squad, composed mostly of last year's track and cross- country teams, contained some of the best raw material yet to Put on Amherst jerseys. Mr. Bergman coached field events, while Mr. Munson supervised runners. Several of the boys were record holders. Seven or eight meets were planned with the surrounding schools. The two high oints of the year were the confer- ence meet at Amherst and the sectionals at lfenmore. TOWER M 5h.""'l""-v-Q. Q, 2 Q5 ---...:2'.4,, -M' PHL Q 2' 'K 9 wg G u Q- ,5 n,, Q M Q Vyn Ann Thomas lXlflllLCll lxirk une Su ice Don Smith Sally llornung Nmu Henderson Plt X oung CHEERLEADERS No matter what the weather, Amherst's spirited cheerleaders were ready to lead the cheers for Amherst "'l'igcrs." Their enthusiasm inspired the crowd to give vigorous vocal support to the team. Alloc" Panlcow, hack from a tour of Navy duty, did a grand ioh in coaching this group. 'lihis year the seven varsity cheerleaders were: Nancy llenderson, Sally llornung, Kathleen Kirk, june Savage, Vyn Ann 'l'homas, Pat Young, and Don Smith. The j.V. memhers, who next year will replace three graduating varsity cheer- leaders are Yvonne Mandell, Pat Moore, .Ioanne leale, and Sue Zierk. 6 jotnne Ieile Suv. lierlt Xxonne Xlmdell Pit Xloore ffl? alz qo 0 s at 1' ' J , JUNIOR i s -gr a y VARSITY -Z X GIRLS' SPORTS The girls turned out full force for sports this year. Last fall they played hockey on Tuesday and Thursday, seventh hour and after school. Field hockey was held on VVednesday and Friday. There were soccer and hockey intramurals be- tween teams of the different classes. During the winter, the girls played basketball after school on Friday. Basketball intramurals were held during the seventh hour on Wednesday. The swimming team met on Tuesday and prac- ticed for the annual Water Follies. On Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, dance club was in session. Mrs. Husband and Miss Ackley directed this full program of sports. First Row: Donna Ott, Lois Zierk, Donanne Seymour- President, Betty Ann Tyler, Carol Rinker. Second Row: Doreen Simon, Barbara Smith, jane Hueber, Peggy Day, Verna Denzel, Beatrice Bottomley. Third Rofw: joan Lacke, Audrey Steger, Rose Marie Marinese, Arlene Craheh, Betty Callahan, Cynthia Smith. Fourth Row: jean Marshall, Ann Smither, jean NVaring, Fleanor Canbot, jean Stowers, Pat Burtwell. Fifth Row: Frances Fckert Sue Decker GIRLS' SPORTS COUNCIL The Girls' Sports Council consists of two girls from each homeroom in the senior high. The main purpose of the council is to keep the records of the sports activities of the girls in their homerooms. They also finance a scholarship fund by supervising the Water Follies with the aid of Mrs. Husband and Miss Ackley. The Girls' Sports Banquet, held in early june, was the highlight of the year. Here, senior and junior girls were awarded small, medium, or large letters for earning a certain number of points in after school sports. The officers this year were Nonnie Seymour, president, Betty Tyler, vice president, Lois Zierk, secretary, and Carol Rinker, treas- gi Q T I III' 'V Rogers, Beverly Howell, Marianne Goodwin, Mary Ann 59 J urer. Mrs. Husband and Miss Ackley act as advisers. T o W E R SOCCER First Row: lfaith Lisk, Marlyn Brustad, Becky Diriekson, Theresa jarvis, Olga Davidson, Mary Lou Spring, Elaine Arnold, Barbara YVagner, Lois Zierk, Beverly Meyer. Second Row: Peggy Day, Sally Stettenbenz, jean NVherry, Faith Gilbert, Natalie Howell, Shirley Fisher, Ruth Kling, jean Morgan, Dorothy Herman, joan Bradley, Nancy Cram. Third Row: Edith Gleason, Cynthia Smith, Nonnie Seymour, Carol Rinker, jeanne Spring, Marilyn Hannett, Dorothy Vogt, Anita Schaefer, joanne DiBello, Vyn Ann 'Iihomas. Fourth Rofw: Betty Kurtz, Pat Bellinger, joan Edwards, Helen Tassio, Shirley Ihrig, Louise Seefried, Arlene Goldstone, joanne Timms, Renee Dathe, Carol Rogers. Fifth Row: Lois Lang, Betty Pritchard, joanne jewett, Ruth Parnell, Sally Reed, Nidia Thonias, jan Beard, Roberta VVhitelaw, joyce Richman. Sixth Rofw: Mrs. Husband, coach, jane Guelich, Lois Cameron, Nancy Forest. iiiockev First Row: Elaine Arnold, Olga Davidson, Lois Zierk, Dolores Hoak, Beverly Howell, Theresa jarvis, Shirley Fisher, Barbara Wagner, Mary Lou Spring. Second Row: Pat Bellinger, joan Bradley, Carol Rinker, Barbara Dewey, Nanette Howell, joan Kiefer, Beverly Meyer, joanne DiBello. Third Rofw: Betty Kurtz, Nonnie Seymour, Ruth Kling, Sally Ann Reed, jean Morgan, jeanne Spring, Miss Ackley, coach. Fourth Rofw: jean Heck, joan Edwards, joyce Richman, Dorothy Herman. TOWE R57 'ki' 'ki mr First Row: Georgia Goetzmann, Carol Manthey, Barbara NVagner, Cynthia Smith, Bctty Kurtz, Dorothy Vogt. Second Row: Marilyn Hannett, Beverly Meyer, Sue Zicrk, joan Bradley, Adele Thomas, Shirley Fisher. Third Rofw: Virginia Spraggon, Pat Moore, Nonnie Seymour, Beverly Howell, Hanna Machlup, Lois Cameron. First Row: Faith Gilbert, Carol Rogers, Pat Bellinger, Bobbie VVhitelaW, Jeanne Spring, Renee Dathe. Second Rofw: Dorothy Herman, Pat Young, Mary Lou Spring, Marion Marshall, Margaret Haas, Patt Seitz. Third Rofw: Anita Schaefer, joan Hassenfratz, Aileen Murray, Marlis Drews, Nidia Thomas, Sue Decker. Fourtb Row: Pat Quinby, Virginia Scliudt, Pat jones, jean Buehler, Louise Seefried. 58 TOWER MRS. HUSBAND MISS ACKLEY BASKETBALL 'rf 5, gu- 'w-v--- mu. 'Wlln :mg 'M' il lllll N M1 il mn tm. " 'ml :mg lx.. " Ill wi 53' M W' y - I 'EP oi-WS WATER FOLLIES Our fifth annual Water Follies had for its thClllC this vear, "Holidays," Mrs. Hus- band, Miss Aekley, and all the girls who Participated are to be congratulated for this splendid production. PROGRAM New Ye.11'x ....,.. ClllXK'11S-lzllfllilfll NVagner, Flziine Arnold Sr. Vl1lc11ri11c'.v Day ....... juniors-Pat Moore St. Parricklf Day ....... Freshmen-Lois Zierk Eaxlcr ......... 7th grade-Sally Baunigartner May Day ...... Soplioniores-Beatrice Furnas SYHIIYIICI' Vamrion . . . Seniors-Nlonhie Seymour 1Ji'Z.'i7l.Lf Arr . .. Cynthia Smith, Barbara Oewey, Lois Zierk, Beverley Howell, Dolly Frederick. Fnnrrb of lnly ...................... Clowns Labor Day .............,............ Clowns Hallowtfwl ....... Sth grade-lngrid Samzelius 'fb-'17Ik5lLff'Z'i71tQ ...................... Clowns Cbrixtmax ............................ Finale PRODUCTION STAFF General Cbairumn ............. Jeanne Spring Property ChtIi7'7Ili77I ..... Rim Lundberg Difving C bt1i7"Uli17l . . . ...,. Barbara lVagne'r Ticket Clmirnlan . . . . . . Barbara Masterson V' un nu N 'mn H " uuun ,, H num, I 'VH ll' ll . cnunn ::, 'ff - -',,,' 'sf 1 R0 S Q Y SENIOR PLAY First Rofwz Dick Guelich, Hanna Machlup, George Baka, zelius, Bob Smither, Roy Milsap, Dick Scribner, Walter David Zierk, Gene Carr, Renee Dathe, Tony Santomauro. Smith, Fran Rogers, Chuck Rodgers, Barry Neill. Second Row: Betty Vedder, Dick Freeman, Greta Sam- "YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU" DECEMBER SIXTH AND SEVENTH, 1947 Cast of Characters Penelope Sycamore .................... Greta Samzelius Essie ............. ...... R enee Dathe Rbeba ......... . . . Hanna Machlup Paul Sycamore . .. Dick Freeman Mr. De Pirzrza .... ..... D ick Scribner Ed .............. . . . Tony Santomauro Donald ........... A ..... Dick Guelich Martin Vanderbof . . . .... David Zierk Alice ............. ........ B arry Neill Henderson ...... ......... G ene Carr Tony Kirby ..... . . . Charles Rodgers, jr. Boris Kolerzkbofv . . . ........ George Baka Mr. Kirby ...... .... W alter Smith Mrs. Kirby . . . .... . . . .... Fran Rogers Olga ....... ............................ A nne Miller Three Men ....... Ken Hourz, Robert Smither, Roy Milsap 60 T 0 W E R PRODUCTION STAFF Director ............ .... M rs. Barbara VVatson Scott Student Director .... , .............. Betty Vedder Senior Adviser ..... ......... A lr. Robert Halm Pronlpter .......,.. ..........,..,...... S ue Belinson Businesx Manager .. . . ., ........... Georgia Goetzmann Tieketx ..,............ Chairman, Barbara R. Masterson, jane Febry, Irma Saub, Nancy Schaufler, jane Toy, Mildred VanDusen, Dorothy Vollmer, Pat Zack. Paul Pancoc.Dorothy Fitts, joanne jewett, Shirley Miller, Ruth Reifstcclc, Carol Rogers, Nancy Naivpo, Pat Goodman. Mary Lou VViley, Marie Fridey. l'11l1lit'iry . .Chairmen, Spencer MacDonald, Diane XVillax, Gene Carr, Barbara lVagner, Adele Thomas, Audrey Duysters, Shirley Fisher. l ng V . it e is l' ,yi rv . 'J -- "l , , .'-1-:Ll ' K A ' . . ," . , ,- .....,..,l' lb Program: ................ Chairman, Dorothy Herman, Ruth Kling, jean Heck. joan Bradley. Uxberx ....,.............. Chairman, joan Hassenfratzg Sue Decker, Shirley Fisher, Aileen Murray, Doris juron, Anita Schaefer, Shirley Robinson, Rita Schneegold, Dorothy Vogt, Arlene VVray, jane Kuehner. Stage Crew ..................... Manager, David Zierk, XVilliam Goll, Robert Shuetz, Lewis Palmer, Richard Schenk, Richard Drake, Carl Beck, Alfred Taylor, Donald Vermilya, Robert Bradley. Special sound effects by Conrad Arnold. Properties .................. Chairman, Njflia Thomasg joanne Timms, jim Mayer, Audrey Duysters, Margaret Haas, Henry Forbes. Coxmnles .........,................. Mary Lou XViley SCENES FROM THE PLAY fl'-iii -clit., MUSICAL ORGANIZATIONS The year 1946-47 was a very active one for the Music Department. The Senior Orchestra once again was under the direction of Mr. VVincenc. They played for a teachers' convention, a P.T.A. meeting, and for many assemblies. They went to School No. 18 to play for the students there. Shortly afterward, they were invited to entertain at Akron High School, where they gave two concerts and received quite an ovation. Most of our home football games Qand the away Williamsville gamej were livened at the halves by Mr. Krestic and the Senior Band. They played. marched, and formed letters on the field. The band had the honor of being asked to march and play at Civic Stadium for two Bison football games. They also played for many assemblies. The band played one concert in assembly and another one on February 27 to raise money for more uniforms. They went with the orchestra to play at East Aurora High School on January 15. Thanks to Norma Davis, a transfer student from Pittsburgh, we have a new organization in the music department: the Drum Majorettes. Norma and the girls have appeared at nearly every home football game and concert, twirling the batons. On November 21, a concert was given by the Senior Band, Senior Orchestra, junior High Choir, Senior Choir, and soloists. A similar concert was given in the spring. This year Mr. Krestic and his Basketball Band again played at many home basketball games. Three music students journeyed to Jamestown to play in the sectional all-state orchestra. Several more went to a similar orchestra in Lockport. Six students traveled to Rochester to play in the All- State Orchestra. This orchestra is made up of music students from high schools all over the state who get together for a few days to rehearse as one orchestra and then give a concert. The Sectional State Music Festival in May was held this year at A.C.H.S. Musical organizations, including our own, from high schools all over Western New York, participated in the contest. Soloists performed as well as large groups. They received a rating on their work by the judges. The Mixed Choir was directed by Mr.Wincenc. This was the first mixed choir we have had in many years. The junior High Choir, under the direction of Miss Margaret McCullor, and the Mixed Choir sang during our Thanksgiving pro- gram. The spring concert and many assemblies were highlighted by the latter organization. Many boys and girls are waiting in eager anticipation so they can join this large and enthusiastic group next year. The string orchestra and the string quartet made many local appearances. First Row: VViIIia1n Ritz, Lois Murray, Betty Smith, Harriet Nichols, Dona Koch, Sue Boulden, Donald Feldman, Olive Harbinson. Second Rofwz David johnson, George Baka, john Petrunick, R A Mr. VVincenc, director, Norma Davis, Mary Catherine Hutchins, Franz Allina, Marjorie Boulden. 62 Towan SENIOR ORCHESTRA First Ro-w: William Ritz, Lois Murray, Ann Miller, Nancy Staggs, Barbara Smith, Ann Shelley, Eileen Stitz, john Petrunick. Second Row: Donald Feldman, George Baka, Franz Allina, Marge Boulden, David johnson, jane Hueber, Betty Smith, jean Brydon, Olive Harbinson, Harriet Nichols, Sally Thompson, jack Sanford, Kenneth Houtz, Richard Crawford, Harold Christensen, Henry Roney, Bob Osborne, Daniel Corretore, jack XVilson, lid Snyder, Dona Koch, Sue Boulden, Bob Hughes, lidward Klein, Conrad Voglmayr, Iidith Rodgers, Madalen Murray, Dolores Frederick, Richard Richards, Albert Sanders, Barbara l,anc. Third Row: Mr. YVincene, director, Mary Catherine Hutchins, Marlis Drews, Earle Roberts, Robert Nelson, Robert Geckler, Robert Brinkman, Gordon Fisher, Henry Kummer, Donald XYillert, Robert DeNyse, Ted Scribner, Larry Beeinan, XVilliam jones, Norma Davis, David jones. Nor Pictured: janet Hartmann, Donald Seymour. JUNIOR ORCHESTRA First Row: joan Petrunick, Albert Scnders, jane Hucber, jean Brydon, Iilaine Black, Madalen Murray. Second Row: Richard Richards, judith XVendt, john l,ochte, john Cook, XVilliam Elliott, Bob Hughes, lidith Rodgers. Third Row: George Hurd, Bob Bradley, Barbara Lane, Beverly Roach, Marilyn Geisler, Clyde Ponixas, Charles Cassety, Dale Symington. Follrtb Row: Mr. XYinccnc, conductor, Bonny Barclay, Gery Wratten, janet Strasser, Gerald Gertis, Ted Scribner, james Taylor, Robert DeNyse, Cy Young, XViIliam Baer, Dan Schubert, Roger XVagner, Sally Baumgartner, Mary Brydon. R c ia fax. 3 me e N .f J: ,Ak Y 'r o w it R SENIOR BAND First Row: Virginia Frank, Marguerite Kirk, Lois Piper, Norma Davis, Olive Frank, Ann Herhiser. Second Rofw: Sally Thompson, David McCain, Miriam Miller, William NVittig, Allen NVollenberg, Ann Shelley, Gery Wratten, Colin Hamilton, Laverne Fisher, Mr.Krestic, director. Third Row: Robert Osborne, john Wilson, Bruce Evans, VVilliam Baer, Daniel Schubert, Edward Snyder, Roy Fowler, Ernest Kaeselau, Donald VVillert, jack Sanford. Fourth Rofwz Richard Crawford, Ann Miller, jack VVeaver, Robert Lipke, Nancy Staggs, Barbara Smith, james Taylor, Donald Selby, Cynthia Craney, Henry Roney. Fifth Rofwz George Ramsey, Williani Derrick, Richard Freeman, Robert Brinkman, Robert' Corretore, Kent Ziegler, james Brunn, Daniel Corretore, Robert VViley, Kenneth Houtz. Sixth Row: VVilliam jones, Earle Roberts, Robert Geckler, Henry Kummer, Nancy Davis, Robert Abwender, Gordon Fisher, David jones, Louis XVollenberg. Seventh Row: Lawrence Beeman, David Kent, Clarence Young, Robert DeNyse, james Nesper, Sue Boulden. JUNIOR BAND 64 rowisn First Row: William Baer, David McCain, Roy Fowler, Allen WVollenberg, Bruce Evans, Paul XVollenberg, Ernest Kaeselau, Robert Hamilton, Gery Wratten. Second Rofwz Robert VViley, Robert Lipke, Dan Schubert, Miriam Miller, Cynthia Craney, Margaret Smith, Don Kern, Bill Elliott. Third Rofw: Dale Simington, Donald Selby, Clyde Ponivas, Charles Cossity, Hugh Miller, Ronnie Schanle, john YValker, Robert Kingsley, Richard Cook. Fourth Rofw: Orel Herhiser, Robert Hughes, George Ramsey, David jones, Evan Tyler, Bill jones, Cy Young, Donald Vermilya, james Taylor. I MIXED CHORUS JUNIOR CHOIR - f - sl .e ' . ..v'Nvmwxwst'JHi1sx Ifirxt Row: julia llirsclunan, lfaith Gilbert, joan Balbierz, Barbara Snyder, 'liom Bauman, Diek Ploss, jack McKenna, Richard jeffery, jolm lVilson, jane lluber, Pat Clark, Sylvia lasowski, Connie jones. Second Row: Mr. VVincenc, director, Dolores Frederick, lillen jane Bos, Nancy DuPernell, Robert llutchinson, David lidwards, YVilliam Allen, Richard Sauer, Donald Bradley, Stella jarvis, Barbara Brown, Nancy VVright, Norma Davis, Nancy Menut. Third Rofwz Betty Stnith, Donanne Seymour, Roberta lVhitelaw, lfdith Rodgers, David Gingher, jack Blackcr. Ilarry Loomis, Ronald liiss, janiee Niethe, Margaret Schutt, Ilarriet Nichols, Carol l.eighbody, Ann llovgard. FUIITILI Row: 'lieresa jarvis, livelyn Brese, joan Kiefer, Sally Chambers, 'lihomas Pitman, Robert Kinkel, Donald Iieldman, Rvelyn Shorts, Betty Callahan, joy Pollock, Virginia Spraggon, Mary Catherine llutchins. Fifth Row: Mary Brydon, Mary Blake, Mary Ann lfekert, Barbara l.ane, David jolmson, Donald Holzman, jack Rubins, Thomas liek, Spencer Mac- Donald, Marlis Drews, l.ucille Pancoe, Marion Goodwin, l.ois Murray. I"ir.vt Row: Ingrid Samzelius, Marianne XVright, Barbara Kelly, Marjorie Quaintance, Carol Kress, Valerie Goldstone, Bernice lfrey, joan MacVittie, joy Vollbrecht, Karen Siegfried, Patricia Willax, Beverly Bennett, Marjorie Peters, Barbara Charron. Second Rofwz Barbara Kendall, joan Palmer, Dorothy Maratta, Barbara Brown, Patricia Bane, Mary lfdwards, lflainc Blainey, Patsy Schamp, lflizabeth Brenner, Margaret Atkins, Susan Gannon, Glenna Patton, l.inda lfreeman, l",ste,r llagen, Sue Klepinger, Marie Bane, .Xnn Martin, julia Hutchinson, Barbara lleiiuerle. Third Row: Alice llutchinson, jane Sutton, Barbara Smith, Nancy Gleason, Gertrude Quaintance, Marianne Sanders. Fllllffh Row: jane Mel.aughlin, Madeline Murray, Nancy Clasto, Allison Matthews, Nancy Beard, Mary Ann Sanders, Beverly Roach, Virginia IVray, Donna Neil, joan Ackerman, Marlene Schulz, Marilyn Geisler, Mary l.ou llenderson, janet Strasser, Miss MeCullor, director. Fiflh Row: Doris Raiser, Shirley Matheis, joan Slaven, joy Scheller, XVilma Blake, Anne Doremus, Shirley Behrens, judy Dowling, Genevieve Dulezewski, Patricia Nielsen, Mary Dunn, Peggy Higgins. Sixth Row: jean Brydon, janet Dryer, lflorence Kin, Alvina Klcnert, l'fdith'Kirchcr, joan Petrunick, Alma l,cndrim, lfllen Kulp, lfileen Higgins. Lois Murray, Olive Harbinson, Sue Boulden, Betty Smith. 'D BASKETBALL BAND TOVVFR f' fff li,,, I 1 ,- A Ill I ll A X, wa , v S 1 f 5 ,,.L T M I Q' 4 B 2 fxiviemkf ' 11, ,L 5 ' IWW x 0' 'fa , 'dh J' :ix cl ' AA 1' ir' wx, 3? Firxt Row: Henry Kummcr, Sue Boulden, Second Row: David Jones, David Kent, Bob Osborne, William jonesgDick Crawford. Third Row: Louis Wollenberg, Bob Brinkman, Bob Geckler, Don YVil1ert. STUDENT COUNCIL Under the leadership of its president, jack Wilson, the Student Council achieved a school service record of which we may all be proud. Last fall they put the Com- munity Chest Drive beyond our goal. Through the sale of ice cream at home basket- ball games, they raised money to furnish buses for the games played away. The members collected funds for the band's campaign for new uniforms. They also had a trophy case constructed. The Student Council, which consists of two members from each homeroom, maintains a democratic form of student government at Amherst Central. Ifirsz Row: Nannette Howell, Robert NVright, Donald Vermilya, Barbara Kendall, joan Kendall, Richard jeffcry, Marguerite Sprague, john VVilson, Helen Hel- frich, David Brunner, jean Schultz, Patricia Shamp, Robert Bradley, Hugh Miller, Edith Gleason. Second Row: Franz Allina, Herbert Blow, joyce Haenggi, Cal Cha lin, Anne Doremus, june james, David Schaub, Wfilliam lflliott, Bruce Hornung, Nancy Casto, Beverly Roach, William Hain, Ingrid Beyer, Paul Archambeau, Rose Saia, Ronald Smith. Third Row: Robert VVoods, Don Kingman, jan Beard, Kent Ziegler, jean Messersmith, julia Hirschman, Alice Taylor, Mary Lou Henderson, Ann Hartell, Cloe M,au, Anne Reed, john Elie, Ann Shelley, jack Kelly, jJ1n Purdy. Fourth Row: Nancy Henderson, Marilyn Marchand, Beatrice Furnas, VVilliam Allen, Richard Sauer, Sue Belinson, Adele Thomas, Carol Higgins, Barbara Ann Spedding, Don Miller, Tom Pitman, jay Pollock, Rita VVeser, Rebecca Rodgers. Fifth Roar: Charles Bishop, Albert Yanke, jean Heck, Barbara Barrett, Ellen Kulp, Phyllis Tozier, Sally St. john, Sally Baumgartner, Doris juron, Eleanor Schutt, Mary Hitch- cock, VVarren Brenner, Bill Derrick. Sixth Rofwz Ed Berger, Dick Fowler, Ed Kirscher, Francis Fink. Towsk 67 HONOR SOCIETY The National Honor Societv is com- posed of students who represent ac- tive leadership, service to the school, high moral character, plus a high scholastic standing. Members of the Amherst Chapter, with Miss Martha Stall as adviser, again maintained the supply room, awarded honor roll plaques to homerooms, and pre- sented a 3100 scholarship to the stu- dent with the highest scholastic standing in the senior class. SWITCH OPERATORS These energetic and resourceful boys have performed countless ser- vices for our school. Since Dave Zierk is graduating this year, we wish to commend him for the fine work he has done during his two years as manager of the stage crew. Under Dave's able leadership, new regulations were put into effect and the stage crew was more higly or- ganized. Our movie program was expanded. In addition, money was raised for the purchase of new equlpment. 68 'l'owER First Row: Adele Thomas, Shirley Fisher, Marion Marshall, David Zierk, Presidentg Renee Dathe, Hanna Machlup, Georgia Goetzmann. Second Row: Doris juron, Marlis Drews, Bettv Vedder, Patricia Goodman, Donanne Seymour, Dorothy Herman, Dorothy Vollmer. Tbird Row: Dick Freeman, Edward Hoeflich, Tom Eck, Dick Sauer, jack Wilson, Miss Stall, Adviser. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Seniorr: Dwight Balnis, Kathleen Kirk, Beverly Meyer, Greta Samzelius, Richard Scribner, VValter Smith, Robert Smither, Nidia Thomas, Vyn Ann Thomas. Iurziorsz Grace Claxton, Florence Dolly, john Herman, Donald Holz- man, Robert Nelson, Lewis Palmer, Margaret Schutt, William Still, Alice Taylor, Donald VVagner, Louis VVollenberg, Kent Ziegler. First Row: Richard Drake, james Taylor, Donald Vermilya. Second Rofw: Lewis Palmer, Richard Schenk, Robert Bradley, Conrad Arnold, David Zierk, William Goll. Third Row: Robert Shuetz, Carl Beck.- JUNIOR RIFLE CLUB SENIOR RIFLE CLUB First Row: joe Huber, Arnold Goetzmann, George Pappageorge, Harry Hain, George O'Hara, Don Kern, Don Vermilya, F,arl Springborn, Billy Baer, David Schaub. Second Row: Curtis Braer, john Atwood, Robert DeNyse, Roy Fowler, Dan Gleason, Ronald Beller, Fvan Tyler, David McCain, Cy Young, Sam Natalino, Mr. Munson, adviser. Third Row: Richard Knapp, Don Bouley, Clayton Schneider, Richard Richards, Robert Schneegold, Gasper Baldo, Charles Cassity, Fired Stevens, VVilliam Pritchard, Don Frey. Fourth Rofw: Robert Spence, Robert Baus, Don Woodworth, William jones, john Walker, VVilliam Bennett, jolm Purdy, David jones, Fred Peterson, Richard Crawford. Firxt Row: Paul Pancoe, jim Brunn, james Heinike, Dick Scribner, jim Hazen, Adrian Richards, Kurt Rogers, Mr. Pomeroy, adviser. Second Rows jack Fuller, VValter Duszynski, Bill Klaiber, Robert Buckreis, Curtis, Cram, Bill Hain, Vernon Henry, Ronald Schwert, Tom Allen. Third Row: Richard Kuntz, Charles Bishop, jerry Hazen, Norman Hertz, Ed Gisel, Rudolph Spork, Laverne Fisher, Carl Singer. The Rifle team met and defeated Kenmore on our range in an informal match on january 15. This was a four-position match, new to most members of both teams, since most of the firing has been done in the prone position. Of a total possible team score of iooo, Amherst scored 795 to KCHIIIKDFCIS 756. Captain jim Brunn was high man with 183, Charles Bishop 158, Paul Pancoe 155, Curt Rogers 151, and jim Heinilce 147. Bill Nye, Tony Primas, and Al Primas led the Kenmore team with 166, l60 and l6O respectively. During February and March, the club fired NRA Gallery League Competition. The NRA postal matches were com- pleted in March, and the William Randolph Hearst Trophy Match was fired next. In April, we were hosts for the NRA Sectional shoulder-to- shoulder matches for VVestern New York, at which time we had an opportunity to fire against many teams 1n the area from Rochester to Cleveland, Ohio. National finals were in May. Five of our members were awarded bronze War Depart- ment medals recently for high scores fired in the calendar year 1946. This course of fire is really difficult, it consists of I0 shots in each position, a total possible score of 4oo. To qualify for Expert one must shoot 360 or higher, and for Sharpshooter, 320 or higher. The winners, their scores and class were as follows: Kneel- Off- Total Prone Sitting ing hand Class jim Brunn IOO 96 91 86 373 Expert Paul Pancoe Q7 361 Expert Adrian Richards 96 354 Sharpshooter Curt Rogers 98 356 Sharpshooter Dick Scribner 98 345 Sharpshooter Towmn 69 JUNIOR AVIATION t. ' First Row: Mr. Minich, adviserg Eugene Taylor, joanne DiBello, Shirley Martin, Richard Elliott, Richard Daggers, Edward Hoeflich, Rita Landberg, Betty Purdy, Thomas Ippolito. Second Row: joseph Oppitz, Charles Oddo, Edward Fritz, Clifford Meroth, Richard Bealer, Robert Third Row: john Thiel, Herbert Thurnherr, Nonnie Seymour, Mary Lou Wiley, Arthur Mann, Harold Hub bard, Richard Ciolli, Carl Saengcr. Fourth Row: Vernon Henry, Robert Smither, Richard Guelich, Anne Miller Kenneth Houtz, Gordon Fisher, Dwight Balnis. Prest, Phillip Goetzmann, Howard Holmes, john Skill. an This year, junior Aviation gave a shorter, but a broader picture of w, if aircraft structures and engines. Students were given the chance to 'K K repair actual damage that might occur during operation, in the same as ' 3 positions as regular mechanics. Periods were divided between the - -- aviation shop, complete with aircraft and necessary repair tools, and class. By being able to work directly on broken parts, the students gg? received basic knowledge. 0 TATLER Although in existence seventeen years, the Tatler has emerged, within the last two years, as a printed publication. Emphasis was placed on student appeal and timeliness of news. It was through this monthly news medium that the students of A.C.H.S. acquired their knowledge of future assemblies, dances, athletic events, and other happenings as well as the knowledge of the activities of various groups at Amherst. Last year, the Tatler was accepted into the membership in the International Quill and Scroll Society. At the beginning of this year only two of the staff, Editor-in- Chief Diane Willax and Make-up Editor Pat Goodman, were members of the society. Now, the Tatler boasts a great many more members of this journalistic honor society. Under the leadership of Diane VVillax and the guidance of Miss Rix and Mr. Martin, the Tatler went to press nine times. A new executive position was created in this year's staff-that of managing editor, ably filled by Bob Nelson. l'1rrt Row: Barbara Smith, Anna Hartel, Cloe Mau, Grace Claxton, Charles Rodgers, Arlene Wray, Bob Nelson, Diane WVillax, Kenneth Helfrich, Pat Goodman, Carol Rogers, Nonnie Seymour, Robert Boyd, Rose Marie Marinese, Shirley Geschwender, Mary Bilgcr, julie Hirschman. Second Row: joanne Coleman, Hanna Mach- lup, Margaret Haas, Barbara Masterson, joan Bradley, joyce Richman, joan Edwards, june Savage, Dolores Hoak, Mary Kern, Louise Seefried, Faith Gilbert, Olive Frank, Connie jones, joan Balbierz, Rita Harrison. Third Row: Dorothy Herman, Shirley Miller, Theresa jarvis, Nancy DuPernell, jean Messersmith, Virginia Schudt, Pat jones, jean Beuhler, Connie Gaunder, Ann Lippincott, Sue Belinson, joanne Timms, Nidia Thomas, Nancy Sehaufler, Ronald Barclay, Adele Thomas, Shirley Fisher, Fourth Rofw: joanne DiBello, jeanne Spring, Renee Dathe, Marion Marshall, jane Toy, Doris juron, Pat Zack, Carolyn Manthey, joan Foote, Mary Catherine Hutchins, Rose Saia, Rita Schneegold. Fifth Row: Beverly Howell, Cynthia Smith, Sally St. john, joan Schmidt, jane Guelich, Ellen Rae, Betty Sakolish, jean Stowers, Ruth Parnell, Ellen jane Bos, Mary Lou Cohn, Yvonne Mandell, jeanne Marshall, Beatrice Furnas, janet Breu, Audrey Duysters, Ruth Kling, jean Morgan. Sixth Rofwz Mary Hitchcock, Edith Bushy, Beverly Benson, Lyle York, Mary Blake, Nancy Gowland, Vyn Arm Thomas, Mari- lyn Foote, Nancy Wright, Betty Kurtz, Roberta VVhite- law, jack Blacker, Margaret Schutt, Dorothy Vollmer, Dolores Hempstock. 'rowiaa 71 First R0'wZ. Sue Decker, Adele Thomas, Shirley Puehn, Diane VVillax, Dorothy Vollmer, Shirley Fisher, Nancy Schaufler. Second Row: Nancy Menut, Hanna Machlup, Barbara Masterson, Margaret Haas, Olive Harbinson, julie Hirschman. Third Rofw: .Nancy DuPernell, Ruth Parnell, Louise Seefried, Faith Gilbert, Jean Messersmith, joyce Richman, Carol Rogers. Fourth Rafwz Mary Lou Wiley, Betty Sakolish, Greta Samzelius, Betty Smith, Ellen Rae, Edith Bushy. BOYS' H I-Y The Boys"Hi-Y provided an oppor- tunity for boys to participate in wholesome, creative recreational ac- tivities, to learn the true meaning of responsible citizenship through significant service projects, and to realize their obligation to maintain in- dividual integrity, high moral stand- ards, and social usefulness. They had joint meetings with other Hi-Y groups. The ofiicers of the club are: President, Ken Helfrich, vice-presi- dent, Phil Goetzmann, secretary, Don Holzman, and treasurer, Hal Meese. 72 TOWER GIRLS' HI-Y The purpose of the Girls' Hi-Y is to create, maintain and extend through- out the school and community high standards of Christian character. Each month the girls had one relig- ious, one educational, one social, and one business meeting. Among their services to the school were selling tickets at football games and spon- soring dances after basketball games. The officers of the organization are as follows: President, Diane Willax, Vice-president, Dorothy Vollmer, Secretary, Shirley Puehn, Treasurer, Shirley Fisher, Chaplain, Adele Thomas. First Row: Hal Meese, Philip Goetzmann, Kenneth Helfrich, Mr. Rosenberry, adviser, Donald Holzman, Charles Smith. Second Row: NVhitney Fell, Al Charrion, Nicholas Spanos, Robert Hamilton, Jack McKenna, Eugene McRae. Third Row: Kenneth Plumb, Donald Bamwell, David Edwards, Frank Spanos, Robert Boyd. Fourth Row: Thomas Sullivan, Thomas Mayer, james Mayer, Sylvester Haller, Charles Rodgers. First Row: Marv Brydon, Diana Klepinger, Mrs. Lake, adviscrg Sue Mosier. Valerie Goldstone Tom Bauman. Second Row: Sylvia Zasowski, Laura See, Flaine Black, june Frohe. Fleanor Fitts Carol Wendt. Third Rofwz Carol Doane, joan Gumlak, jean Brydon, Lynette Hagen, Nancy Pearson, Barbara Spedding. Fourth Rofwz Robert Perkins, Loretta Borowiak, Dorothy Lipsius Miriam Miller, Rosemary Klemann, joan Spoth, Elizabeth Neubecker, Addison Smith, Fred Adler LIBRARY CLUB The members of the Library Club met the seventh hour every Tuesday. The suggestions they made to improve the library were very helpful. By straightening the books and magazines, the members gained valuable library practice. The group was first advised by Mrs. Lake. Later it was under the direction of Mrs. Hannel, who was aided by Miss Carol Mueller, a new library assistant. NEWSPAPER CLUB The Newspaper Club provides reg- ular opportunity for practice in newspaper writing. Work of the ,, grou is published periodically in the fiirnbcrxt Bee. Under the heading "Amherst Central High Activities," is school news of interest to the gen- eral public is rinted. The adviser of this club is rs. Hannel. ,A-9-till' 4,,,,,,.,.. First Row: Mary Brydon, Mrs.Ealean Hanncl,adviserg Harry Schule,jaek Shearer. Second Row: jean Brydon, Bob Nelson, David Dean, Pat Bajer, Eileen Stitz. TOVVI-TR v 1 74 Towsn JUNIOR PLAY First Row: june Savage, Nancy Staggs, jo Anne Coleman. Second Rofwz Mary Hitchcock, jane Guelich, Alice Taylor, Sally St. john. Third Rofwz Bob Nelson, Florence Dolley, joan Edwards. Fourth Row: Louis Wollenberg, Don Holzman, john Herman, Lewis Palmer. "A DATE WITH JUDY" Iudy Foster ...... Randolph F oster . . . Mr. Foster ....... Mrs. Foster ...... Hannah ........... Barbara Winsockct . Eloise Hotchkiss . . . Mrs. Hotchkiss . . . Mr. Martindale .... Mitzie Hoffman . .. Mrs. Schluzzhammer April 25th C A S T -..---......- .--....... . . . Nancy Staggs Lewis Palmer Louis Wollenberg . . . joan Edwards ........SallySt.john Rex O'Conner ....... Susie O'Conner . . Oogie Pringle .... Directed by Mr. Richard Lapc jo Anne Coleman . Florence Dolley . . . . Alice Taylor . . Robert Nelson Mary Hitchcock . . . . jane Guelich . . . Don Holzman . . . . june Savage .. john Herman GERMAN CLUB Firxt Row: Lois Piper, Florence Dolley, joan Edwards, Dorothy liipsius, Ingrid Beyer, Richard Fowler, vice- prcsident, Mr. Boehm, jack XVilson, president, Donald Berger, secretary, Dolores Algaier, Mary Bilger, Hanna Machlup, Nidia Thomas. Second Row: Harold Meese, Hugh Moreland, Henry Kummer, I,ewis Palmer, Calvin Schmidt, Margaret Mueller, Fileen Stitz, Sallv Barber, Nlargaret Schutt, Alfred Charron, Robert Osborne, joanne 'I'imms. Third Row: Robert Nichols, Arthur Beck, Robert GERMAN CLUB This year a German Club was organized by IOS students under the direction of Mr. Boehm. They elected jack Wilson, president, Bill Allen, secretary, and Don Berger, treasurer. The meetings have encouraged an understand- ing and appreciation of German culture. Diehl, Ronald Kiss, Rudolph Spork, Kenneth Smith, I Smith, David Metz, Robert Pirson, Roy Milsap, I Slaven. Fourth Row: Robert Hotte, Frank Hossenlt Iidward Klein, Robert Hitzel, Robert DeLaney, Cha McCain, Carl Gertis, Donald Drumm, joseph Opt David Dean. Fifrh Row: I.aVerne Fisher, Norman He Conrad Arnold, Donald Holzman, Raymond We Iidward Berger. SPANISH CLUB Under the leadership of Miss Galza, this group of I and girls met the seventh hour on Tuesdays to learn n about the customs of Spanish speaking peoples ant grow more proficient in the use of the language. SPANISH CLUB First Row: Ronald Barclay, Cloe Mau, Sally Hornung, Ifaith Gilbert, Miss Galza, joan Kendall, Barbara Smith, Olive Harbinson, jean Messersmith, Nancy Menut, john lfinnigan. Second Row: Cynthia Smith, janet Breu, Bea- trice Ifurnas, Aileen Murray, joyce Schwertz, Alice Hoyler, Helen Iiisenmann, Mary Murray, Pat Mort joanne Porter. Third Rofwz Barbara Buschmann, I. Cameron, Beverly Benson, Marilyn Marchand, Patri Burtwell, Ellen Rae, Suzanne Decker, jeanne Marsh Fourth Rofwz George Mugler, David XVhitelaw, Ha Schule, Albert Ciminelli, Dan Corretore. TOWER First Row: jack Blacker, Ann Miller, Robert Boyd, Miss Enea, adviserg Mary Lou Cohen, Kenneth Helfrich, Grace Claxton. Second Row: jane Nicholson, Richard Drummer, VVilliam Carroll, Joanne Teale, joan Voelker, Marilyn Blow, joan Balbierz, julie Herschman. Tbird Row: Mary Lou Wiley, Greta Samzelius, Caroline Regan, Yvonne Mandell, Helen Henderson, Harriet Nichols, Carol Prior. Fourth Row: Richard Graser, Ruth Kling, Audrey Duysters, jean Heck, Dolores Fredericks, Dolores Hempstock, Dwight Balnis. r AMHERST USHER SERVICE CLUB This club was organized to provide a reliable usher serv- ice for all activities taking place in Amherst Central High School. The chief ushers are Glenn Snyder and Sally Ann Reed. joy Pollock is secretary. The active membership is limited to zo. Members must be voted in by the entire club. This club, so far, has functioned very successfully. In time our school organizations will come to depend more and more upon this group for the usher service of school events. First Rofw: Curtis Brayer, Robert Youngblood, VVilliam Ganis, Donald Dean, Richard Richards. Second Rofwz Clayton Schneider, Mrs. Polster, adviserg Marilyn VVagner, Richard Brunner, Harry Hain, Hugh Miller, president. Third Row: Virginia Perrin, Dorothy Meese, john Hohman, Robert Payne. TOWER 76 FRENCH CLUB This club has proved itself a very active organization. Its first project was a drive to collect material to send to a school in France. The members had a French din- ner at Victor Hugo's. They also gave a very successful dance complete with the atmosphere of a French cafe. The officers of the club are: Mary Lou Cohn, presi- dent, Robert Boyd, vice-president, Grace Claxton, secretary, and Dwight Balnis, treasurer. First Row: Beverly Roach, Ingrid Beyer, Barbara Kendall, Phyllis Tozier. Second Rofw: joy Pollock Glenn Snyder, Mary Lou Henderson, Nancy Casto JUNIGR HISTORICAL SOCIETY Boys and girls who are keenly interested in the history of their community and state had an opportunity to enrich their background through the activities of this club. They had speakers and slides at many of their meetings. The ultimate goal of many of the members was to write an article to be published in their maga- zine, "The Yorker." 4 Ii I 2: ip . I' u Q X, . Jug, . Q, Q ' I " as ',?', ii RH' I -I , , .. rff. 5 xv YQ' '17 QVTS5' Y" Weeks i'5fIEi'..KF'rf lfiryf Raw: oanne Iimms, Ifrances Ro vers, Anne Miller, Munson,instructor- Xlr.Patelunas,instructor- Mr.Yastola Patricia Soul, -loann Ixamman. Sccomi Row: Xlr. Ifrazier. Charles Rodgers, Richard Broadbent, james Brumi, Marv rencral mana very Nlr. lfortune, service mana rerg Mr. ane Na rel, Rita Schnce vold, Nidia Thomas, Carol Hi - . if Ed: 1 " fs f '1 Q' X Il 1 M-v xr-f-NDA..- X 7 U t-3 f" 1 -.NWA 'JAX' f 'VTR J.--Wai -1 3 'tg.,J, gins, Robert Stevens. DRIVER TRAINING VVith the introduction of Driver Training, A.C.H.S. became a pioneer in this part of the state. The first class was organized in january, 1947. Those who participated received M Regents credit. Enrollment was limited to 6o persons in order that each might receive the maximum individual instruction. At the conclusion of the course, students reached a degree of proficiency higher than that required to pass a New York State driving examination. Students not only received actual driver training in a dual- control car, but met twice a week to discuss various driving prob- lems. In discussing these problems, the instructors, Mr. Munson and Mr. Patelunas, aimed to develop, in the student, the proper social attitude necessary for safe driving. Fach day, students met in Room 323 and were assigned either discussion problems or behind-the-wheel training. tr f I r as I A ' . lg r ' '. 'I if as ,pf-"""' C051 Q IX Or 4 rug 'f 5 4 QQ f fix Ii fi V vfx 'N .l ? -vQACk Sr fax P , 5. .45 ' 1 I I . I 'I ,. w.f..' . . I JH, ,aw , ', . ,,.,, V . -, V 'Al.Kc?A'-QW . ' - 4 I f ' i , s xo -. f Q . k I Q- ffvw XL... . .M x fi YL? . 1 X ...aiilix m A K fngwnvfbwyx 2, If x C5237 Q , ' Q we Ye .,... . X Q X . , ,, gf Q . -4 QE Xa 1' 'x OFC M42 X., 1 "'-. , sf , wt: , X X Q 'X ' i 1' Xi fi m-', ,f - Jfvbdlxs. ' r -M. 4 ,, fy Aelfjf,-1M, K , Ng: , A W: wzqu 45 V 'gvgqs 1- nd, M ,LL ffWM -uv A f 3 '.. bw ,V -, M'-Q --' 1 7 Pl. " 1' 'MA-' 4 A , 2u..1j-mf, ' i ' . .- K ' "1 "-. ' A -1 ,1.., ww . """"-ld ' . - o . v ,S ,J YQMQJYMVQ i M, ,-i . .x u I ' 1 8 fix' ' w K gk ,L lx 'ssl 1 ST 3 .-. f -X ' S 'RL N 4-, ' 1 t f, " j X ,. NX - W 1w4f dwg f ffQM A , A - I xf 1 Z new M m , 3, . 4 P' m . fi, si i 'X L' . ', , 4 In I . K X M" X v f . ' . j 4 . ,- FTA:-":Ix.?e'q'g Av ' L A - -,.,,,,z-Q, e. I 1 j'f, A .. M 'Z Q -A x kxiilhfs' T' X ff ' - A Q 3 . I L , N K 1 Q - . .. E.. .L . 'Y J V J fi ,mf Ut' I L SEPTEMBER 4 School begins-faces: some new, some old 20 Tower Assembly-introducing the Amherst kitten Z7 Pep Assembly-one of these days we'll raise the roof 28 Amherst 13-Depew IZ-We beat the heat 28 Cheerleaders' Sixth Annual Football Frolic-another big success OCTOBER 3 Fire Prevention Assembly-student posters tell story 4 'State Fair"-football squad presents enjoyable movie 5 Amherst 7-Medina 0-we win again ll Camello Cascio, blind pianist-fine selections ll Amherst 28-Silver Creek 7-'The Rains Came" 18 Community Chest drive ends-Student Council success 18 Pep Assembly-Mr. Blish's song, "Give Us One Touchdown More" 18 Amherst 12-YVilliamsville 7-another victory for the Tigers 24-25 Teachers' Convention-we love vacations 25 Tower movie, 'WVonder Man"-Danny Kaye saves the day 26 Amherst o-East Aurora o-one of those dull ties NOVEMBER 1 Navy Day Assembly-quiz program 1-2 Tower Bazaar-a good time was had by all '03 1763, 1 hz - S, 5 4 I5 Honor Society Assembly-impressive induction of ll new members 1 5 Newspaper Club sponsors dance-decorations Hbelow ceiling' ZI Fall Concert-wonderful entertainment 22 Letter Day Assembly--our athletes are rewarded 27 Thanksgiving program-we givc thanks together DECEMBER 6 Amherst 36-East Aurora 18-a swell start 6-7 l'You Canft Take It With You"-seniors give unfor- gettable performances I3 East Aurora Choral Group-Fred- VVaring had com- petition I3 Amherst 38-Lancster 25-WC do it again I7 Amherst 35-Akron 36-we tried hard zo Christmas Assembly-Santa remembers Amherst zo Amherst 43-YVilliamsville 41-VVll3f a game! ZI Annual Football Banquet-gold footballs for our champion team 27 Alumni Dance-social event of the holidays IA N UA R Y 2 Back to school again-"Open the door, Richard!" I0 Amherst 28-Pine Hill 30-"Give us five minutes more" I4 Amherst 32-Depew 35-another close one I5 Dr. Hubert S. Liang-"Getting Together in the Orient" 2 gtmhcjst 6-Hamburg 6-it rained, and we were fit to I7 Amherst 36-Hamburg 43-temporary Setback I e IF , 22 Albert Parry speaks on 'Education in Russia"-"There 8 YVarren Lee Terry in assembly-fast talker,good actor are three sides to every story" 9 Amherst 27'L3nCa5tef 0-overwhelming victory 24 Amherst 50-East Aurora 22-this is more like it! I3 Er. l"EarkBe,1:ns, noted speaker-'Education for the 27-30 Exam Week-Somehow we recover . tomic ge ' fgxxblllllloug 'V 0 K Q Y ' pb :Sl-lf' N 1 -1 4 -" ' ' ' J T 2 ii, 9 i ,' A 1 xml lllll llllllll X , H v-my li 1 I 9, A ll ' 5 DJ V i 3 '- ,v A - " - :K I-gif, 5 4 5 Ja, ' G F33 f sw Lifhi LFBRUARY Amherst 43-Lancaster 38-Krochmal breaks school record with z6 points Second Semester-we start all over again Major "Speed" Chandler-informal talk on aviation "Spanish Main"-"what a movie!" Amherst 57-Akron 50-we're really on the ball Amherst 19-Pine Hill 30-s-o-o-o-o close Harrier Hop-smooth dance given by Cross Country squad Lincoln's Birthday-mid-week vacation Orchestra plays in assembly-we liked the "Three Bears" best Amherst 42-VVilliamsville 36-we feel good University of Buffalo Glee Club-beautiful harmony Amherst 37-Depew Sl-Ollfbf NVashington's Birthday-it 'would be on a Saturday Amherst Symphony Orchestra-premiere perfomiance Snow falls-attendance drops-577 absent Amherst 47-Hamburg 30-right way to end the season FQ S X K I D. An wg KL-Zn 5, qifgsjb ci,-B ,. 4' C5 ff- s- Q? f MARCH 5 Tower presents 'KGuadalcanal Diary"-exciting war movie 7 Dr. Philip Thomas on."Adventurcs in Research"f C' I Aladdin newer had magic like this! I4 Honor Society Assembly-first 52 of junior Class and third 5'X, of Senior Class inducted. I4 Band gives concert-we support the campaign for new uniforms Y I5 French Club Dance-all enjoyed the French cafe atmosphere I if zo-zz Water Follies-if only all our holidays were like this! z8 'I'atler Twirl-huge success APRIL 5-iz Easter vacation-it can't be long enough for us 15-junior Class Play-"A Date With judv' MAY 3 Honor Society Dance-given to provide a SIOO schol- arship for one of its members 18 Sophomore Class Dance-we had a grand time K 16-17 New York Sectional Music Festival-Amherst is host to musical organizations of Western New York Z3 junior Prom-well worth our eager anticipation I UNE I3 Class Day-"VVhat is so rare as a day in June! " 16-19 Exam Week-students gum up the works 23 Senior Graduation--farewell to our Alma Mater ..l.J STOP LOOK and LISTEN 0 . Q, P X wif - 1 - E2 ..-,' ,',--- V .. . 2-. + H Us f I U , CONTINUED ON NFXT PAGE ONLY SURVIVORS! XVHAT HAVIC XVIC IIIQRITF MILK TRAIN 88 T 0 W R R Q :F gf 14' f.-fr , 0-'S' 'S 2 4 3 lf: f V, fM,,,,.,, ,211 Y 7 Y . 's X ff" X X , . , 'j Q X 1 X ji , :lf .fl JC '-F 1 in O, ., , f Off! -- 5 A -:SIT I .- Sf Y ., - , " -Q63 "I: al X. . J if X dy! 'Df' X - M f JI, ,jf I X W Crmsq- IN FUN ROLL YOUR OXVN A.c.H.s. ANNEX? 1 I X 1' . ,UL O CQ, N X .x I . .X HEADS Uv! ,,..l,--.N,, Nk K I X f KX XX mmf S' ,QM , M s ,O -MO 32 ia -:QW ,,,... 39 x K 1 ' X . f f X S?-7 X 1 X! E652 9 v x' L '-. 1 r I 1? f ii 'L R55 HALL OF FAME a ,A ' Lf 7 'A i by X.."'Si'iNi 1, ,g 3 vt! we lf sr' L. ' X pkg 90 'rowER Nonnie Seymour .... Marlis Drews ....... Teddy Weatherby .... David Zierk ......... Joy Pollock ..... Bob Kinkel ....... Johnny Krochmal . . . Cynthia Smith ..... Joanne Teale ..... Dick Scribner . . . Jack Schwanke .... Norma Davis ......... .....................argyle champion . . . Tower's unsung subscription manager . . . . . . . . . . . . . little big letter winner . . . just call him "grandpa" ..............galwithavoice . . 'LThe Three Bears" a la Dink . . . . . . basketball high scorer . . . slim, athletic, and smooth crazy and cute . . . . The Discus Thrower fIQ47D . . . . Amherst's own Walt Disney majorette deluxe Ken Plumb ............... .... s ensational cross country captain Mary Catherine Hutchins .... ............. Sally Hornung ......... ...... Seventh Graders .... Ann Reed ....... Mr. Holder .... virtuoso of the "88" petite cheerleader jet-propelled . . . . . . . . . . . . potential "Miss America" manbehindtheTowerstaff Jack Wilson ...... .... d ynamic president of the Student Council Bobbie Whitelaw .... Beverly Howell . . . ..........-....... Diane Willax . . . Ken Helfrich jones twins ..... Elaine Arnold . . . ........ . . . . "those flaxen tresses' . . . Westinghouse essay winner personality plus Hi-Y gavel wielder . . . . . . . . Stop! Look! and Listen! popular ninth grader Tom Eck ..... .... a trained mind on the right track Dick Freeman . . . .............. our "veteran" actor Eugene Carr .... ............. s occer player and artist Fran Rogers ..... ......... f or her all-around excellence jim Brunn ..... . . . Amherst's first Distinguished Rifleman George Baka .... . . . . . . . the great "Boris"-ballet de luxe .af x" - Q ig, Q R lx Yi-., S" I '.-'Jia .. , ,.x. ig' K K L .. Y-6 'T 'jf' A. Pv- ,,, ,4 . "le ' 4 1, fp., L ' J.. ' .vu 1 A Y T' """'iXx X PIN-UPS ,-5 s TOKVER Mr Mr Mr Mr. Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr Mr Mr Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs . and Mrs .and Mrs .and Mrs and Mrs. George F. Broadbent and Mrs. Herbert Tolsma and Mrs. Ronald A. Brown and Mrs. Gilbert J. Rogers and Mrs. William F. Ritz and Mrs. Roy A. Eck and Mrs. Joseph J. Mayer and Mrs. Wallace B. Carr and Mrs. Ray F. Hornung . George G. Marshall and Mrs. Julius J. Juron and Mrs. Theodore E. Fridey and Mrs. Albert K. Haas and Mrs. Arnold Febrey and Mrs. George F. Goetzmann and Mrs. Raymond WV. Ernst and Mrs. Louis N. Thomas .Joseph C. Vollmer .Norman J. Schaefer .Elmer W. Vogt, Sr. . Walter A. Duszynski and Mrs. H. Milsap .Gaston DiBello . Clifton L. F itts . B. J. Lawler . George E. Mintzer Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs .and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr 92 TOVVER James A. Wilson . Carl L. Blacker .William H. Thomas . Howard Toy . C. Donald Seymour .Gordon E. YViley .F. J. Wray and Mrs. F. E. Whitelaw Joseph F. Seitz and Mrs. C. S. Freeman R. H. Guelich, Jr. and Mrs. John Baka and Mrs. James F. Murray and Mrs. and Mrs. Gilbert Decker John Pancoe and Mrs. B. Ward Johnson and Mrs. and Mrs. A. Garrow George A. Sakolish PATRONS Mrs. John H. Kamman Dr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Cantor Mr. and Mrs. George Herman Mr. and Mrs. VVilliam Schneegold Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Vedder Mr. and Mrs. Laird R. Smith Mr. and Mrs. J. Merkling Rev. and Mrs. VVilliam A. Drews Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Callesto Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Gowland Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Melvin J. Kirk Harry C. Bellinger Mr. and Mrs. John A. Strommer Mr. and Mrs. James R. Lewis Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Leonard Mr. and Mrs. Laurence E. Spring Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Forbes Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Oscar W. Richards Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Miller H. C. Loomis Mr. and Mrs. W. Samzelius Mr. and Mrs. Edward Zack Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood Van Dusen Mr. and Mrs. Clarence R. Henry Mr. S. J. Haller Mr. and Mrs. Willis Brunner Miss Katherine Daggers Mr. and Mrs. Carlton B. Thomas Dr. and Mrs. Fritz Machlup Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Dathe Mr. and Mrs. Eugene L. Heck Dr. and Mrs. D. T. Ciolli Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Ramsey Mr. and Mrs. Roland P. Stowers Mr. and Mrs. Cleland T. Goodman Mr. and Mrs. Edwin P. Stitz Mr. and Mrs. Theodore L. Masterson Mr. and Mrs. Nelson B. Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Elric Timms Mr. and Mrs. Friedrich J. SchauHer Mr. and Mrs. Roeder Kinkel M. and Mrs. A. M. Jeffery Mr. and Mrs. Peter P. Balnis Q! j -Lx i I .LM H1-H' ., .X in ..,. .. 1.-. ge J 1: 'PLT - .. .. -,ggjfhwr .15 V w 2 ' Q C? dfeci, ocfwoocj QT Qfczrf gTz111e1f'a!bL1'11iCe HUWMID 11. ULAHK LICI-INSED AI.-XN.Mil-ZR 2775 MAIN ST. ANDOXVNI-IR BUFFALO, N. Y. Parkside 8816 THE YARN SHOP MACHHOLZ'S SNYDER ESSO SERVICENTER VVIl,LIAMSVII,I,F 4565 MAIN STREET NEW YORK UN 6846 N 94 TOWER Compliments of THETA SIGMA DELTA Anne Hartman Greeting Cemlx, Gifte and jewelry 3582 Main Street at the Plaza BUFFALO I4, NEW YORK "FOR YOUR GOOD HEALTH" STERLING A AMHERST I MILK ,Hill RSI' ,mm amy, PI-IoNI-:: M7'f'Iff,'L5f':f:br"wj UNIVERSITY 6600 x, j Sterling Amherst Farms, Inc. 4949 MAIN STREET BUFFALO, N. Y. BUFFALO McCALLUM COMPANY, INC. BUFFALO 3, NEW YORK Conzplinzenzing Faculty and Graduates AMIHIRRST CEN IIIAI. HIGI-I Scuoox, On a Good Iob IVell Done TRESIDDER REALTORS Main at Darwin UN 5040 Contributing Since 1924 to the Cbaracter and Grofwtlo of Anlberst , C omplinzentx of THE SUPERIOR LEATHER SHOP 588 Monroe Street MA 1642-1643 Photographs in this Annual Were Made by BEN SWAN PHOTOGRAPHER 637 MAIN STREET, BUFFALO Have your Photo Taken with the New Speed-Flash Camera! Freezes Action at 1 f 3o,ooo of a Second! Natural Effects. Posing not Necessary. Negatives Kept in Files Five Years for Duplicate Copies Industrial, Institutional and Personal Photography CONGRATULATIONS G R A D U A T E S C ompliments of WILLIAMSVILLE ROBERT J. FIMIANI PHARMACY 3700 MAIN STREET "The Vitamin Store" BUILDER and REALTOR I-REE 2 Phones: nm IWFRX 6I0 sFRv1cE PA 5151 The FAIRMONT CREAMERY Co. BETTER DAIRY PRODUCTS 197 Scott Street BUFFALO, NEXV YORK CI. 8516 CL 6586 RYAN 84 WILLIAMS, INC. s T A T 1 0 N 12 R s Oflice Ouzfrrers -:- Desk: -:- Chairs FILING DEVICES TELEPHONESZ WAs1-1. o177-0178 81-84 Pearl Street Buffalo, New York TOWER 95 ,ful ., I . ,:, fn-nl' GENRICH BUILDERS INC. RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION A PROFESSION OFFICE 4287 MAIN STREET, SNYDER, N. Y. THEAVENUE LANDSCAPE SERVICE "E'uerytl9i1zg for the Garden" TREES SI-IRUBS EVERGREENS PERENNIALS ANNUALS Vist Our Display Gardens zzol KENSINGTON AVE. AT DARWIN PArkside 0041 SAUSAGE MAKER TO HIS MAIESTY KING APPETITE Distributors of RICHELIEU Quality Foods 3047 MAIN STREET AT EGGERT ROAD 55 96 T 0 W Blue Coal and Scmet-Solvay Coke The Popular Household Fuels A- C- KOEPF HEDSTROM -SPAULDIN G, INC. FLOWER SHOP Qiurncr MAIN and LQRIIF, S'I'RlQli'l'S Cm Flowery . . . Plums . . . Corxages . . . Bouquets 07' UN 7403 From Your Neighborhood Dealer Phone CL 79oo DELTA KAPPA RHO RICH'S ICE CREAM SERVED EXCLUSIVELY IN oUR CAFETERIA 4543 MAIN STREET SNYDFR, N. Y. NVER Compliments of BAKERT BROTHERS formerly WOEPPELIS FULL LINE DELICATESSEN PA 1505 Complirnents of DR. L. J. SCHMITT Compliments of ,nl -9 V 'JR I X I QI Q i Qs K Q-ill XEQNAQWI -2721! KIWAN IS CLUB OF AMHERST THE AMHERST BEE TI-IF OFFICIAL PAPFR OF AMHFRST VVith a YVeekly Column of Amherst Central News X' BG Fine 1011 P7'i7Ifi77g 71 75 Smart, Personalized STATIONERY Personalized Matches and Napkins XVILLIAMSVILLE 2 Stoker Coal Smokcless Coal Biruminous AMHERST BUILDERS' SUPPLY 8: COAL CORP. 5274 Main St., XVillian1svillc, N. Y. Williamsville 64-UNivcrsity 3581 Lehigh Valley Scmcr-Solvay Anthracitc Coke Complirnerzrx of SNYDER PHARMACY I MAIN AT LINCOLN Snyder Deperrdablc Drug Service E. B. Simonson C. Kcil Cassct' Proprietors ' 2. RQ in 3 HUTT'S DAIRY BAR - LUNCHEONETTE "The Place l'Vbere Young Folk Meet" 55:6 MAIN ST. WILI,IAMSVII.I.E Call PA ziii or IVilliamwille ii Delivery Service Phone AM OIZ3 SHUPE DRY CLEANING zzt8 Kensington Ave., SNYDER, N. Y. Tailoring Remodeling PA 91 I4 PA 9848 Personalized Prescription Service LIES' PHARMACY 413 Cleveland Drive at Harlem Road CI-IEEKTOWAGA zi, N. Y. Bert A. Lies, Ph. G. Prop. KOBLER 8: MILLER Complete Home Furnishers We are indeed proud of the constantly increasing OPPORTUNITY FOR SERVICE which is being accorded us by the people of the AMI-IERST COMMUNITY Convenient Parking, Convenient Shopping Prompt Service-Always 3 16-31 z GENESEE STREET BERG'S SERVICE STATION MAIN STREET and CALLODINE AVE. LUMEN R. HAWS CO. 609 Root Bldg. 86 XV. Chippewa Street BUFFALO, N. Y. Manufacturers of SCHOOL AND FRATERNITY JEWELRY Diamonds NVatches Trophies A U S T I N ' S DRY CLEANING Operated b y COMPLI1l4ENTS NVILLIAM WYLLIE OF Phone W'illiam.r'uille 46 5543 MAIN STREET, WILLIAMSVILLE COMPANY, INC. HARDVVARE ' K. B. RINEBOLT GENERAL . CONTRACTORS Paints Oils House Furnishings Glass Electrical Supplies 1807 ELMWOOD AVENUE 4560 MAIN ST. SNYDER, N. Y. BUFFALO, N. Y. PA 3551 LOCK'S HOME BAKERY COMPLIMENTS UN,,,e,,,,y 3883 OF 460 SOUTH HARLEM ROAD AT KENSINGTON Try our Home-Made Bread Pies Cakes Rolls ' . Quality our Specialty i GA 8900 ICJ. A. Nu Ra DODGE and PLYMOUTH Distributors SCHULER BROTHERS ' 1285-1291 MAIN STREET ' Groceries Vegetables Meats BUFFALO, N. Y. SNYDER, N. Y. PA 9041-9042 ' ACME BUILDERS SUPPLY 8: FUEL CO., Inc. Builders' Supplies IVholesale Builders' Hardware Coal and Coke W" 135 Manhattan Avenue - Buffalo 15, New York "ln the Heart of Eggerts'L'ille" UN 4890-4891 ARTHUR I.. 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I.iLNimu JOHN STARKE llispumillg Optivian OCULISTS' PRI".SCRIP'I'IONS I"II.I.I'fIJ 3584 MAIN STREET MEET ME AT GRANTS PLAZA STORF W. T. GRANT CO z-zo University Plaza V isir Om' Tevnsbop PHONE: PA 3751 UNivi1Rsl'u' Pmz-x KELLOGG - FIRESTONE Home and Amo Supplies 26 University Plum ANI. 572: uwxizn un 0PIikA'I'I-ID in' SUPERIOR STORES, INC. FEDERAL MARKETS, INC UNIVERSITY PLAZA COLUMBIA WK 'IDR CAPITOL DECK A E. j. WERTZ MUSIC SHOP OF 14 uNivisRsi'1'x' PLAZA A FRIEND UN-4537 Buy Your GRADUATION GIFTS AND GREETING CARDS at THE VILLAGE SHOP 5550 Main Street Williamsville, N. Y. J. c. FEIDER PLUMBING, HEATING AND REPAIRS PA. 5765 ENTERTAINMENT H EA DQUARTERS for AMI-IERST CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS The World's Greatest Motion Pictures -Perfectly Presented SHEA'S KENSINGTON SHEA'S KENMORE ALFRED M. JEFFERY z 59 DELAWARE AVENUE BUFFALO z, NEYV YORK PUBLISHER'S REPRESENTATIVE Metal Industries Catalog Chemical Engineering Catalog DELANY'S DELICATESSEN 3969 MAIN STREET, EGGERTSVILLE Where ,Quality Countx BERT'S KEN DALL STATION 3488 M A I N Compliments of Compliments of GRACE C. HEANEY F. VINCENT HARRINGTON, D.D.S. 45.7 MAIN STREET SNYDER, N. Y. , ,va , v 4, 409 CI F I AND DRI F GIFTS CARDS HOSIERY Compliments of DI BELLO - PONTIAC X275 MAIN STREET -:- Telephone: Ll. 1740 -:- BUFFALO 8, N. Y. Crmlplimcnrx of C omplimenzs of AMHERST DRUG STORE KNAPP'S CHILDREN'S SHOP MAIN .mn ROCK XVII.I,IAMSVII.I,F RI,-XA! I DRUGS 5666 MAIN STREET XVII,I.lAMSVILI.F, N. Y. T. li. Ilvxum' Proprietors H. I,. Wklum' O Bert I'VislJex to THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1947 SUOR AND SUOR Grccringx GEO. PUEHN MEAT MARKET 181 KICNXIORIC AVENUE Home Boiled Hams PA. 441 i '13 in, jk-I aalwl G Use our easy payment plan HOUSEHOLD 51 yearx fwnislving 17071105 Our furniture department is chock full of beautiful, functional pieces to make your dream home come true. Here are living room suites, occasional pieces, bedroom furniture -just everything you can think of-waiting to he chosen to become a part of your scheme of living. S75 Main 345 Broadway Consult Your Eye Physician Regularly 1-'on PRECISION GLASSES sm GIBSON AND DOTY Guild Opticianx 1 Main Street 2915 Delaware Avenue You will always he satisfied if you have Rom I-RS do your Moving, Packing, Shipping or Storage ESTIMATES GIVEN Telephone UNivmzsrrv 60:1 ROGERS CARTING 8: STORAGE U Co. Main and Callodme Fggcrtsville, N N K C 0mplime11ts of A F R I E N D Complivzcfvzts of O'HARA REFRIGERATION SERVICE 134 EAST FERRY STREET BUFFALO, NEW YORK GENERAL ELECTRIC REFRIGERATION APPLIANCES GA. 1127 --- IHONI GA. II28 maui: ,,-11:1-Q l il 011' Our congratulations to Amherst Central High on being the first ,MV 4 Upstate High School to have a Driver Training Course ..... I f nz: 's1:::m?:"1sg DCN ALLEN'S CI-IEVROLET'S LARGEST EASTERN DEALER 2585 Main Street - at Fillmore UN 3200 For your convenience our Servive and Parts Departments are Open 24 Hours Daily . . . Except Sundays QUEEN O rv N1 IJEEN SPARKLING BEVERAGES NELSON B. WAGNER INVESTMENT sEcU1c11'n5s PHONE AlADISON 45:8 300 M. 84 T. Building Buffalo z, New York 951 ,r wil-,ai v ll E x . l i , 6, w I P-Zemwce in wow ap! C onlplinzents of KEN-WAY DRUG Louis D. Covuzv, Prop. ZZI5 Kensington Avenue-at Saratoga "TAKE TO THE AIR" g in the 1947 Stinson Voyager l50 For 1947, here's the proud offering of STINSON, acknowledged as builders of America's safest private aircraft. Note the sleek, clean lines of the Voyager pictured above. This model is available as a four seater-with the accent on comfort: or as a flying station wagon with part of the space given over to baggage. You're invited to "take to the air" in the Voyager. Call us to arrange for a demonstration, HU. 5302. BUFFALO AERONAUTICAL CORPORATION HANGAR ONL: BUFFALO AIRPORT hill ' I L-7 I FOR I YOUR CONVENIENCE THE HONOR SOCIETY Muinmim zz SCHOOL SUPPLIES STORE Here we are equipped to provide you with your everyday school needs. May we suggest that you trv us next time? IVIERIBFZR IN CHARGE: Frances Rogers Assls'rANTs: Marion Marshall, Marlis Drews, Diane Willax, Dorothy Vollmer, Patricia Goodman Georgia Goetzmann, Betty Vedder 0 fe? Lf GAMMA SIGMA FRATERNITY BOB AISIVENIDICR DON IIIQRGICR ,IULICS BIQAUMONT ANTZ CERRONIL GASION DI Iil",Ll.O ADRIAN HARRIS j0l-'. HOSKINS BILL HOSKINS BOB ,IACKSON TOM IAMFS CHARI.I",S KIRK -IACK MCKICNNA JOHN SKILI. XENA fp JOHN POXVLIRS BILL POIVERS GICORGIC RUSSELL DON SMITH KEN SMITH ,IACK THIIQL RUSSIQLI. TAYLUR IN THE SERVICE PAUL ASH HUGH HOXVl.F.TT LARRY WRIGHT 'WQNATIOYX l'rL',s'idc'11t .... Vice-Prcsidwlf Scwwtary .... Y.I'I.'fI5IH'L'l' . . . .fllarsbul . . . OFI-'ICIITRS -4 B' . . . Fl: Bl-Zluslalz P.-wi. I4OU'l,I'f'lA'I' joux XVILSCDN lhvxc Blwxxlclx ... ,IINI K.-NL"l'Z ALPHA ZETA FRATERNITY FRED ALCORN BILL ALLEN GUS ANDERSON HERB BLOXV BUSTER BOYLE XVICKY BRUNDIGE BILL BRUNNER TOM ECK KEN HANOUR ROG HORNUNG DICK JEFFERY BILL KENNEDY JOHN KROCHMAL CHI CHAPTER Member of the Ivzter-F1'ate1'11ity Council CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1947 ART LETTIE HARRY LOOXIIS SPENCER MACDONAI D DON MILLER TOM PITMAN BILL RAXISEY DON SHCHNEEGOLD DAN STRONG FRANK SYKES ROD TERRY PETE TERRY AI. XVEBER I Q I 5 s GAMMA PHI SIGMA ALPHA CHAPTER WISHING SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF 1947 ARTHUR BECK STEVEN CAMPBELL RICHARD FOWLER RICHARD FRANZ LEROY FREDERICKS ROBERT HITZEL THOMAS HODSON EDUARD KERCHER il MJ A-' OFFICERS PHILIP MACMURRAY GEORGE MUGLER ROBERT NICHOLS ALLEN OTT DOUGLAS REED EARLE ROBERTS DONALD WAGNER President .... Vice President Chaplain ...... Pledge Master Secretary .... Treasurer .... .--.-..-.- -1. ....-.. -... . . . . . . ROBERT KINKEL . . . . DoNALn 'TOLSIXIA . . . RICHARD SAUER . . . . . RICHARD TOLSNIA ROBERT CON SCHAI-'TER . . . . . . ERIC Suacnusn Member of the Inter-Fraternity Council ws YSQQQN xiix Qs Q, CQ WSQW gf , Q42 ! f , Ji' Q' To I"ASCINA'I'I-I AND CHARM To IIRIGHTIQN A LOVELY TABLE PIIO CIII-IER A SICK FRIEND Beautiful Blooms for Every Occasion UNIVERSITY FLORIST ,096 MAIN STREET AM. 1397 ws DELIVER D. GUTTAS COMPANY, INC. Mamffarmrcrs of Banners Emblems Letters Embroiderers VVC specialize in lettering on Sports VVear of all kinds Also Chenille Letters and Ifmhlems 77 YVest Chippewa Street CL. 6188 PHONE: WA. 3140 LUDWIG WEYER CLEANING REPAIRING S TO R A G E 39 XVcst Chippewa Buffalo, N. Y. 'Ig I I Ill I-I wh' 9 X : ' Q .ff ' ' . 4liT'Elli'lllll1iiuiis:- Q i X3 I fs C ax - Q T G30 ' ff' 1:1 g HAH XX YW V TOWN OF AMHERST OFFICIALS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1947 Supervisor ALBERT j. HERNIAN C ouneilmen NELSON H. BLOCHER EDGAR J. BARTH ALBERT C. KOEPF FRED G. MUCK Superintendent of Highways Tofwn Attorney F. THEODORE JENZEN EDWIN j. CULLIGAN Town Clerk Chairman of Board of Assessors HARRY R. JONES FRED W. STUEWE Chief of Police EDWIN H. EVANS 1-4 N .2-'-1..?f-3 1' f sv Anrrrf' -:??F'f'.,g-gf xf-. Af Q1 I4 5WNjiMZkWWQ , W A5552 WM? fy' W w wfwQf y?L jyW WWQM' Mwwf

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