Amherst Central High School - Tower Yearbook (Amherst, NY)

 - Class of 1945

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..,,. --A---. , YVVY V ...A-,5..,yv1.-.-v,,....M:., ,, f y -1-J -. Y I g . ' i inf: , :fl A 1 t .2:,gi41 Q. -3, .gk 273:35 X51 Ii? E iff ' ' gr? 2'f1:f,9f,51 iff , -gig :A -V iff ,1 3 l. f g ' , 4 . V . 1 7 , f 5 , , A 5 Q 5 ' 1 J QA Q F X42 3 Ji, 1 . 1 Q 1 rf' I' 2 2: Fl: . f' ,, . A Lg if f f I H 5' ' V' ffl f X! ' . 1 ur r ' ' ,Q f ? 1 , R V. , 1 5 JL 3 . ? I 5' . 3 , . x I My M21 gif! Dfw? ay A ff L w ffl H I X Jgwpyf xp ,fl L if V L, cf' QW fy If L v f? W X119 ,V 1 1 V , Vx F, F 'xx. u X My :N F 2 Ex .Balm 7lae 704410: SENIOR PUBLICATION OF 'E .sf 1'l 4 I I ,jam I, I I, I I' f 5M M I ' X ,,I,,WHWiW I- ' ' Q 1 I -f ,Im W-I M aIszf5MI,A ,I 7 I v I ,IV .Q WARM it ,V I, I gym ,,.I .I If?-WW I in - Mft-f i III, 'wr-I avi, V II -M If .I .--'QI ' Z I ii I-I -'rf ' A I X4 H' 'M'-' II 'N ,Q I ' ' ' N I I f,i,g,I if I I3 2 I' II? - 1-, :Q Nw T i if I. I fm. -I I I I I I: Q, I II 1 IN . I . f H -.ab 1H1iHk '1.2 1f3l41lb3Q'5'II:f:iI'CfFem 'I f-rm '- - Q I ' ' I f 4, my-'7 .' f I A I I ' x Q p 1-Q 634314 + v av Jw, IZ I F, A LJ nt F N A III , fy shew: 1 M , , I I4 Im, V ian Hilti.-3, I, aiu: 7. I. II Ez. I , IK win ' V f HH- '. V W '.Ivf,I w' u :'3w5'I'. I'Iw. 4I:'!f5'! , III - J. 1- Q- 'f'-'li -' 3' '- - I ie FNIP' - . X 1 ' 1 .- f ir I di Q 1 I 1' nu hgh V'-wq Q: I LJ? it qua: Iftqy-QI-QRWIIII , -2 - I. ,I I, . , I It I g. QQ ., M I . I I I . ' -uk I H A 'fqh L '. M I. 1 3' ' 1 7:-. W I f,g'!Wm:1, lu - fy, h ,b f -I.1 ?'Y:F , 'M I ,.g,-w.+ f'f! ft TOWER Q AMHERST CENTRAL HIGH THE CLASS OF ' . . . Q. .Q 'P uv . . . , . ...Q Q b mf 5 X K .N Q gan. , .Q-.Sa S SCHCOL, xl f Q , , ...vm X A k V .5 K .. .SRX K - X wx: ... 5 ,, ' . Vi., af. K S' . N K ., 3, , 3 I 945 5 g K Q-Axwefifigy , ' A . if, A ,QQ,,..- A ., . iff' . f- -ff K 53+ .Q f.ilw1.QLg2!3' W Jef.-...F A- f - .- . , 7 ,. fe , - M, ., . . . X Q. ..Q...,,. ' .f 9 Q fiifwfiw .. . - - i .lf X 'wiv 1 'kg. f - , 'N Q . .ww if f 'Ni' A Wlfmw gg2f..Q. 'A K ' X M. ,M-. .K f- '- 4 5115 2 4 Q . . K S ' 5 .9. 'igQ i721' ww?.Mgx k S K, - ' A L+? ffl? . - 4 K '.,.. 5 1. I 'L' M N 4,,.v.,yf1 - . . . ' ,fix fx 5. L- I - - Qi k..,..,f 1- 6 g.4wJp:j3.x,i..kL . ., Rf- . A. .H - 'J-. . bw- Ji X -wk 'K .yffgw fra ww ,. yt Q ig, xx fps. fy 'fgukzgmh Wx Ng ' M3 'F .k,lwNwWMifW Q' V. , .N-ww . 1 if L 3'mg2 ... .5 . ,,. k . 1. Jw'-Q f X if '.Hw'.f,+w M 'V' , . . . .1-. . wgX '. . Y' ' . ' 1 JW-.i'k' ' y . SQ, .' , , Nt.. .L V . . M- .A f. Q A, ,,w.. . . , , J .Kumi my SNYDER, NEW YORK 3 TOWER N! Q Towns 4 I Mr. Robert Holder The Class of 1945 dedicates its yearbook to Mr. Robert Holder. He has guided not only our class through a successful senior year, but many others also. It is altogether fitting and proper that this annual be dedicated to Mr. Holder as a symbol of the many Towers he has advised for the last seven years. In honor of our service IIIPII and WOIIIPII serving in the armed forces, this impress- ive plaque hangs ill the center of the first floor corridor. It contains some 500 odd names of those who have been stud- ents at Amherst or lll6IIlb6I'S of the facul- ty. 5 Towr-:R FOREWORD When one takes a trip to a strange, new place one is in need of a guide to show him around. Uur school, Amherst Central High, is a strange, new, and thus a complicated place to many people-and in order for them to know it better we have provided two guides who know the school well-J oe Central and Jane Amherst. These people are two average seniors in school and are more than willing to show others their beautiful school and the life connected with it. So we'd like to introduce Joe and Jane. 'cf We .Za Tfau 7a Meal . . . V Mn . c '- hu' I, 1. M t ysllf' ann md mul' ' ' ' A BOBOn9'o1 en' - 'f V ,,-'- pa s ,,k 1.1 1 135 vu.: ' na-1 918' llcb lg wa- I 215 f L 1 A111 illll Ill! lil hh, ll. V. S! up aus 12h mlm . nu Q:-Ei - 3-1 IA-I I' I iq my ,J me Home Economics bb 8 Simpson ' A-2 12 V yi., M, N -' Ameriosn H1 story b 213 Pomeroy fig? A-a l ra 7 vu vu-a M Chemistry b 310 Kruger . IH Au I-A V-4 Y H nu N -5 Gym Study Swim G!! Heslth ld. Husband 217 Ackley Husbsnd 302 ,ps ml V I ' 'A' M mg. I N Study H511 217 Butt ' ,T A-o v-4 Y W-4 nu H E381 1 lb 12b 214 lsldow ur 1 7 Y yn' nu ' H ' I: QM: . 'B 5 I Q N,- l .V A I I KOFQ fir S X' 1 N 'I :S aaa ,4mJm4l ae eeadaal llcttyAClil9y Lillian ll. Aranihar Elizabeth D. Arend Martha C. Barbour Lawrence G. Benson William H. Bergmlorf Milton li. Bergman Walter G. Blish Ruth llndflenhagen Marian Butt I Otis C. Chapman Myrtle Vhristcnsen Emma Coyer Mary D'Amico Theresa Fitzglbbons Richard F. Ford Betty Gallagher Janet Good Townn 8 Yes, these are our teachers. Although we have been with them but a few years they have enriched our lives and trained us well for the tasks that lie ahead. Underneath the formalities of rilles and regulations we have found kind and understanding men and women eager to help us to take our place in the world. if 5 Q '5 2 Lillian M. Gruener Moira M. Haley Robert Halm Ealean Hannel Isabel Husband VVinifred Jenner Mable Kolloff John Krestie Ruth E. Lake Rufus H. LeFevre Margaret E. MeCull0r Mason J. Martin Edwin F. Mustard Eva Polster Robert I. Pomeroy Gertrude Rix Robert Holder Harold. L. Kruger Carl E. Minich Archie R. Rousselle 9 Towmn I 9 Dorothy Schmidlin Robert L. Sc-honewolf Olive Shuart Marion Simpson T. Martha Stall Earl H. Thompson Kathleen Ward Elsie W. Waldow Barbara J. Watson William E. Wratten mm mu' ii li lalll TEACHERS NOT I . PICTURED - . Mrs. Dorothy Allmuth I C l , i Mrs. Gertrude Danforth . v M 4-GN 4 A JM 55. i, MR. JOHN D. sci-IELLER TOWER I0 Mr. John D. Scheller Enough can not be said in praise of our assistant principal. All who know him, respect and admire him for his part of the job that has made Amherst such a line school. He is a friend of both student and teacher and acts as one of us. MR. PHILIP A. SCHWEICKHARD Principal Supervising the educational activities of some 1200 high school students and over fifty teachers is no easy task. That is the responsibility charged to our popular principal, Mr. Philip A. Schweickhard. Perhaps the secret of his success at Amherst Central is his wholehearted interest in the welfare of each individual pupil. His private office is always open for student conferences no matter how busy he may be with administrative affairs. 11 Towmn BOARD OF EDUCATION . Left to right: Mr. Walter P. Geyer, Mrs. Dell Ewing, Mr. Eduard F. Metz, President: Mr. Philip Schweickhard, Principalg Mr. Joseph F. Seitz, Mr. T. L. Masterson, Mrs. Ruth M. Brown. Not pictured: Mr. Louis B. Dorr, Treasurer: Nlr. Albert A. Vushing, flerk. The Board of Education of Amherst Central High School is composed of men and women elected to their non-profit positions because of their high sense of civic duty and their personal worth. Our school is an operating example of their desire to give us the best equipment, the finest teachers, and the strongest support possible in all aspects of our school life. It is the Board of Education that determines the policy of our school. It is the Board that buys our hooks and other study aidsg that sets aside funds for our general activities, our music organiza- tions and our sports. VVithout a Board of Education vitally interested in the welfare of both the student body and the teachers our school could not occupy its enviable position as one of the finest high schools inWestern New York. Whatever achievements of scholarship are reached, whatever honors and awards we attain in sports and other activities, and whatever individual successes are made by graduates of Amherst Fentral, the part that the Board of Education has played in the gaining of these honors should be remembered. Townn 12 Krlhnr H. Pan lst Lt. Abe C uteher Neil Stillman, sh- Sgt. Joseph I . Wineenv Lt, KJ.G.l Robert G. Hettler John Mac-Gamwell, I'.l.i'. IN THE SERVICE Amherst has many of its past members of the faculty serving Uncle Sam. In looking hack over the last few years we revive memories in the pictures on this page and strongly hope they will become a part of Amherst again after the war. Vol. lluynioml J. Ast, Jr 13 TOWER First rou--Sue Moore, Lois Higgins, Fred Stephens, Marilyn Howell, Dan Kiplinger, Betty Larkin, Janet Raupach Second row-Marilyn Doll, Joan Mullen, Pat McKenna, Nancy Gibney, Martha Becker, Dick Jeffery. Third row-Stuart Mc Allister Nnncy Marchand, Ken Kurtz, Shirley Sauer, Dick Naylon, Phil Snyder, Fred Berriman. TOWER 14 TOWER EXECUTIVE STAFF EDl'I'0R-IN-VHIEF .i.............,..........,.. Marilyn Howell ASS'T EDITORS , . ,Marilyn Doll, Suzanne Moore, Gloria Hanour BUSINESS MANAGER ....,...................... Fred Stephens :XSS,T BUSINESS MGR.. . . , ,Lois Higgins ADVERTISING MANAGER .... ............. D an Kiplinger ASS'T ADVERTISING MGRS.. . . . . .Nancy Gibney, Shirley Sauer SUBSCRIPTION MANAGER, . . ............ Martha Becker ASs'T SUBSCRIPTION MGR.. . . ............ Stuart McAllister PHOTOGRAPHY EDITORS .... ..... D ick Jeffery, Fred Berriman PUBLICITY NIANAGERS. . . .... Nancy Marchand, Pat McKenna ...................BettyLarkin ART EDITOR ......... ABSiT ART EDITORS. . . .... Janet Raupach, Ken Kurtz TYPING EDITOR ...... .......... E lla Jean Larkin BOYS' SPORTS EDITOR .,.. ...... P hil Snyder ASs'T SPORTS EDITOR .... . . .Dick Naylon GIRLS' SPORTS EDITOR. . . ........ Joan Mullen FACULTY ADVISER 4... .Mr. Robert Holder 'affix 4 W if 'I 'fog figs Q.: Y .x 2 M 1 Q Q , fe' ?'sYa' E. 5 Q ' V -. N, X X his . N - ,K . :'- k K. QQ X 4 N , .,,:: Q. - -3. 4-4 RYA 1 x . N . r ugs X A . . f Y 3? A khgl 1 5 ,gf f ...J--w 3 J .Q. - 1 3 T 1 hklq 5 Q i 3 A ,Q X N , . X 4 L K A 3. K ki' xg ' ---ml. K. ,... . , Q A - U , 5 AM X -ww , we .-,: N '44 J 451 ',il'gfwf K V? Wi, . 4, f mfg., 4 ' , ,Q f Q:2.ff QW ww , f W. 1 2 5 i 14' 1:11. Q if 1? Y EH? 3? . Zi' ' 2 wtf: 72 ff' 75? 5 If3 FT, ,' 211 , ,, , fK3k x Q M x gig -- NNW 1 'S -J x x,..p. Tho guml nl' Slllllllll'l'iilllQ' Looks glllld-llllll? Slzagliuv fitlillg My Why Uh B-wang! Kurt .Xw Gosh! Guml Guim- NflXN'Xx'll1lt? DUTfif NYU lyidllgt Du ll TOWER 16 l M 2 xiii Q J? igifzg gifs is f K 2 wi cz-ff :VE gg wg ,Ss 1'-ew 3 elm i' is 'Q Av- 'F N xv: Vina X 3 iYfM ygl? f 7' if gif? itiuulbq Q.: X ua A x :flung GQMQK -:Q ,v 56 s K 3 V A 5 N '1 +f' ' -5.5, K Q .ww . x 0 S ' . Y wb V7 I f gs., 1 :-. - .N Q K av ggp 5.5 - Axe' 9320, 5 S VA x- , Q ,Q M in I 5 5 Q A rk GQ I Fulna- iii l' J OT PIFTURED rothv llnehmnn K F nald feorger in J it AT LAST . . . sENIoRs! 1,341 nn MeNess f , nneth qehmidt XA' vmond Steeg Verne Waters bert Finnigan irt Alexander rlton Fordnn rry F Hailey SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS SENIOR CLASS ADVISERS Iefl In right: Dan Kiplinger, Treasurer: Fred Stephens, 41217 fe Tfflhfv Sfflffff-'1llfliSS G?TfI:1lflf' Rik 'MiSS Martha Nice President: Lois Higgins, Secretary: Kenneth Kurtz, Nall- MISS MHFIOU 5lmD50n- MISS Rlllh Buflflmhagen President. Sfanding: Mr. Carl Minich, Mr. Robert Pomeroy Mr Mason Martin. THE CLASS OF l945 Entering upon the threshold of their high school days, this year's graduating class consisted of spirit- ed and enthusiastic students. They proceeded through the past years to develop not only their education and personalities, but good citizenship and cooperation. Continuously, the recognition and success of this class has been brought to light by some organ- ized activity. Success was not gained alone, and they thank the faculty of Amherst for their guid- ance and understanding throughout the years. The graduates of '4-5 gained recognition in their freshman year when they presented the Basket- ball Dance . This class remained in the spotlight repeatedly year after year. Their junior and senior plays were highly praised. and they are proud of their talented performers. livery class has its scholar but this one is fortunate in having many. llecause ol' the development of personalities, this class has many capable leaders. The pursuit and determination of these students has been illustrated by the excellent management of dances, plays, sports activities, and their Prom. Graduating and embarking upon a disrupted world will be a difficult problem. This class of '45 has proved itself to be composed of many fine Americans. They did not fail their school, and they shall not fail their country. The personalities and leaders developed in the halls of Amherst will help in the development of a new and better world. 21 TowER N - r- Mary Andy Bill Eth ETHEL BAKA Barb BARBARA BARKER MARY BAXLEY Art WILLIAM AYER MARSHALL ANDERSON ROBERT ALLENBACH ROBERT ALLENBACH Soccer lg Band, l, 2, 3, 4g Orches- tra l, 2, 3. 43 Operetta 1, 2g Choir 8, 43 Sec. of Band lg Manager of Fwd Band 35 Science Club lg Tower 43 Tatler 4. MARSHALL ANDERSON WILLIAM AYER Pep Club lg Chess Club 3. ETHEL BAKA Soccer l, 2, 3, 4g Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4g Basketball l, Q. 3. 43 Hockey I, 2, S, 41 Tower 45 Tatler 4. BARBARA RARKER Bennett High School 1, 'lg Swim- ming SL Dance Club 3g Tatler 33 Tower 4. 4 MARY BAXLEY Bennett High School 1, 'lg Tatler 35 Tatler Assist. Art Editor 4. FRED CADWELL Orchestra l. '23 Camera Club 4. WILLIAM CAVE RUTH CHALLGREN ARTHUR CHAPMAN Band S, 4g Orchestra 3, 4. Bill Ruthie qt- X FRED CADWELL WILLIAM CAVE RUTH CHALLGREN ARTHUR CHAPMAN Marty MARTHA BECKER Dee Suze DOROTHY BERN HARD J.B. 1945 Doc Burt Chris SUZANNE C. BISSELL JOAN BRAASCH NRAD CHRISTIANO Lynn LYNETTE CLARK Bob ROBERT COLLINS L. C. LEON COMPO 2 ' K DONALD BROWN ROBERT BURT MARTHA LOUISE BECKER Soccer lg Swimming 1, 3, 43 Water Follies 2, 3, 4g Dance Club 43 Dramatic Club lg Stud- ent Council lg Junior Playg Cheerleading 2, 3, 43 Tower 45 SeniorPlay. DOROTHY BERNHARD Basketball 1, 2, 33 Soccer lg Swimming lg Junior Playg Tatler 3. SUZANNE C. BISSELL Soccer 1, 45 Basketball I, 4: Student Council 3, 45 Riding Club l. JOAN BRAASCH Radio Club lg Dancing Club lg Swimming 2: 4: Soccer 23 Tatler 4. DONALD BROWN ROBERT BURT CONRAD CHRISTIANO School Band l, Q3 llramaties 1,25 Camera Club l, 2. LYNETTE CLARK Soccer 2: Basketball 21 Student Council 23 Dance Club 3. ROBERT COLLI NS Cross Country lg Swimming 83 Track 3g Chess Club l. LEON COMPO Science Club lg Chess Club 3. Viv .-S' Suddy Thu mper 1' , ' . SHIRLEY Caooxs ,M me 1 .. 1 ' A Ecorzxiz COTTRELL ECGENE COTTRELI, Swimming 'l, 3. 41 Football 4: Sturlent Council 4. A SHIRLEY CROOKS Dance Club l. Q, 3, 45 Dramatic Club Ig Soccer 2, 3, 41 Hockey 2, 3, 4: Basketball 21 Swimming 2. 3, 41 Student Council 31 Tatler fl, 4: Tower 4. KATHERINE DAGGERS Baseball I, 4, Basketball I, 2. 45 Soccer l, 2. Basketball Captain I: Sports Council 2, 4: Hockey 21 .Iunior Red Cross 3, Tower 4. ELIZA BETH DANNE BROCK Table Tennis I: Soccer 2, 3, 4: Bas- ketball tl. 4: Hockey 4. CAROLINE DANNEBROCK Socccr 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Hockey -I-1Tatler3, 4. VIVIAN DeNYSE Soccer I, Q, 31 Basketball I, 2, 33 Girls Chorus I: Junior Play, Jun- ior Rcd Cross 3. Betty Caroline VIVIAN DeNYSE CAROLINE DANNEBROCK ELIZABETH DANNEBROCK KATHERINE DAGGERS Babs Hard HOWARD DUYSTERS Bob ROBERT ECK Betty BARBARA ENGLISH GLORIA ELLIOTT HOWARD DVYSTERS Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4: A Capella Choir 2, 3, 41 Science Club I: Rifle Club 21 Tower 4. ROBERT ECK Junior Play: Student Council 4gTower4. GLORIA ELLIOTT Tatler 3. BARBARA ENGLISH Franklin High School I3 Williams- ville 2. J annie JANETTE DIEHL GRACE DILTS Fnbk JOHN FERRICK DONALD FISCUS OHN FERRIC K iaseball 92, 3, -lg Football Q, 3, 43 tudent Council lg Secretary 25 'ower4-. PONALD FISCUS 'ootball2. lEORGE FRANCIS Vcst Carthage High School lt -nsketball Mgr. 523 Football Ass't Igr. 33 Baseball Mgr. 3. ,EORGINA FRANK wimming 4: Girls Chorus lg Capella 2, 35 Dramatic Club l. Grae I T1:8h MARY JANE DOLAN F uk George GEORGE FRANCIS Tony DAVID DOLCE George GEORGINA FRANK MARILYN DOLL 1945 A Dick RICHARD DUNLAP JANETTE DIEHL Lafayette High School 1, 25 Swimming 33 Tower 4. GRACE DILTS Basketball 1, 2: Soccer 2, 3: Swimming 2, 3, 4: Tatler Q, 8, 4. MARY JANE DOLAN Pan-American l, 2. DAVID DOLCE Handball I, 2: Boxing 3. MARILYN DOLL Basketball I, 2, 3, 4-3 Baseball lg Hockey 2, 3, 41 Soccer I, 2, 3, 45 Swimming l, 2, 3. 4-3 A Capella Choir I. 2: Operetta I: Girls Chorus I: Junior Play Cliiusiness Staff? Senior Play: Student Coun- cil 2g Honor Society 3: Honor Society Secretary 4-1 Riding Club I: Dramatic Club I: Home Econ- omics I: Dance Club Q. 3, 4: Tat- ler 3: Editor of Tatler 4-3 Tower 35 Assistant Editor of Tower 4-. RICHARD DUNLAP Forty Fort High School I, 2: Track 3, 4: Football 4. ib Willie ' Agw Dottie DOROTHY FRASCELLA DOROTHY FRASCELLA Glee Club lg A Capella Choir 25 Dramatic Club 35 Tatler 4: Tower 4. AGNES FROEBEL Otto High School 1, 23 Parker High School 3. BEATRICE FULTON Junior Dramatic Club lg Art Club I, 23 Pan-American Club 2, SQ Hi-Y 3, 4: Home Ee. Club lg Tatler 8. Spanish Club 3. JOHN GEYER Basketball I, 2, 8, 4-g Football 2, 3, 4: Baseball 41 Treasurer Eg Tower4. NANCY GIBNEY Swimming l, 2, 3, 43 Soccer 45 Hockey 43 Junior Play CBusiness Staffjg Tower 4: Water Follies 3,4. WILLIAM GIESZ Track l, 2, 3, 4g Football 2, 4g A Capella Choir 2, 3, 4g Chess Club 1. AGNES FROEBEL Bea BEATRICE FULTON Bronc ' JOHN GEYER Edie Dottie DOROTHY HAAS EDITH HAFT lv , W si X .' 'WG 52 1 I .i'4'3'4f:'1' WILLIAM GIESZ NANCY GIBNEY Moon George M. GLORIA HANOIQ GEORGE HAIN DOROTHY HAAS Sewing lg Refi Cross 3. EDITH HAFT GEORGE HAIN M. GLORIA HANOUR Soccer 4: Hockey 4: Swimming 4 Junior Play fBusiness Staff Senior Playg Tower 4-3 Dane Club 4: Dramatic Club 3: Towe Bazaar 43 Girls Sport Council S President of Girls Sport Counc 43 Lafayette High School I, i Water Follies 4. WI LLIAM GILBERT FRANK GODSON Roy ROY HARKNESS DOROTHY HARRISON ROY HARKNESS DOROTHY HARRISON Wilbur Wright Jr. High School 12 Basketball Q, 45 Soccer 45 Hi-Y 35 Fatler 8, 45 Tower 4. PAT HARRISON Wilbur Wright Jr. High School 1' lohn Marshall High School 22 Basketball 3, 45 Soccer 45 Ride Club 8. DONALD HEATH Pep Club I: Science Club 15 Chess Club 3. D Frank Gras GRACE GOETZMAN N Dottie DOROTHY GREENBERGER WILLIAM GRIEVES 1945 M ug.: wiv MARGARET GROTH Pat PAT HARRISON Don DONALD HEATH WILLIAM GILBERT Soccer l: Football 2, 3, 45 Basket- ball l, 3, 45 Baseball l, 2, 3, 45 Tower 4. FRANK GODSON Senior Band 1, 2, 35 Senior Orches- tra 2, 35 Tatler 45 Honor Society 4. GRACE GOETZMANN Soccer 1, 2, 35 Basketball 1, 3, 45 Baseball 35 Girls Chorus lg Jun- ior Playg- Senior Playg Vice-Presi- dent 15 Honor Society S, 45 Hon- or Society President' 45 Hi-Y Secretary 35 Tower 45 Tatler 45 Tower 45 Hi-Y 4. DOROTHY GREENBERGER South Park 1, 25 Band 3, 4. WILLIAM GRIEVES Soccer 15 Football 2, 3, 45 Basket- ball 3, 45 Tower 4. MARGARET GROTH Dance Club 1, 3, 45 Basketball S, 45 Soccer 45 Junior Play: Pan- American Club 1, 25 Tower 4. Lorna LORNA HECK LORNA HEC K Basketball l, 2, 4: Soccer 1, 2, 4: Hockey l, 2, 4: Dramatic Club l, 3: Dance Cluh 2, 3, 4: Tower 4. JAMES HEDRICK Assistant Soccer Manager l: Soc- cer 2: Tennis 3, 4. ANN HENRY Basketball 1, 2: Hockey 2: Soc- cer 2: Water Follies 2, 3: Girls Chorus l: A Capella Choir 2: Graduation Play 1: Junior Play: Tower 4. JEAN HERMAN Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 8, 4g Junior Play CBusiness Staffj: National Honor' Society 3, 4: Home Economics 1: Tatler 3, 4: Tower 4. LOIS HIGGINS Basketball l: Junior Play: Sen- ior Play Kflusiness Staffj: Class President l, 3: Student Council 2: Class Secretary I: Cheerlead- ing 1, 2, 3, 4: Water Follies 2, 3, 4: Tatler 3, 4: Tower -1. DONALD HILLMAN Soccer 2: Student Council 4: Chess Club 1, 3. o Jim JAMES HEDRICK Don Ann ANN HENRY Jim JAMES JORDON Jean JEAN HERMAN nom MARGARET KE1sT1-:R Huggins DONALD HILLMAN LOIS HIGGINS Don Pat PATRICIA KELLY DONALD KELLER JAMESJORDON Junior Play: Senior Play: Presi- dent of A Capella Choir 4: A Capella Choir 8: Tatler 4. MARGARET KEISTER Kenmore High School 1, 2, S: Senior Play CBusiness Staffj. DONALD KELLER Golf 1: Soccer 2: Tennis 3, 4: Swimming3. PATRICIA KELLY Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls Sport Council 3, 4: Dance Club 2, 8, 4: Tatler 2, 3, 4: Tower 4. Carol CAROL HOLMES MARILYN HOWELI Kink GEORGE KINCAID DANIEL KIPLINGER IEORGE KINCAID 'rack Squad l: Student Council :Stage Crew 1. DANIEL KIPLINGER 'ootball Q, 3, 4: Honor Society'3, 3 Student Council 3, -l-: Treas- rer Senior Class: Advertising Imuu.:er of Tower 4. LLADYS KLEIN nveer I, 2, 4: llusketball 2, 4: 'ower 4: Tutler 4. ESTER KLEIN 'nur-e -I-:Orc-licstm 4: Cafe 1, 2, 3: towling I, 2. Brownie BOB HOYLER GLADYS KLEIN Bob Norman NORMAN IHRIG Gladys Les LESTER KLEIN RUTH JACKSON 1945 Jake JAMES JACOBI CAROL HOLMES Soccer l, 2: Hockey 1, 2: Basket- ball 2. MARILYN HOWELL Soccer 1, 2: Hockey 1, 2: Swim- ming Q, 3, 4: Junior Play fllusi- ness Staffj: Senior Play Cliusiness Staffb: Secretary 1: Student Coun- cil 1: Cheerleading 2, 3. 4: Editor of Tower: Tatler 3, 4: IIonor So- ciety 4: Water Follies 2, 3, 4. BOB HOYLER NORMAN IHRIG Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4: Soccer 1: Track 3: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Orches- tra 2, 3, 4: Student Council 1. RUTH JACKSON Soccer 1: Basketball 1: Home Economics lg Tower 4. JAMES JACOBI Basketball 3, 4: Tennis 4: Canisius High 1. Heidi Al . 0 Ken Bugs Ellie Mazy MILDRED KRUMMECK MILDRED KRITMMECK Soccer 23 Dance 3: Student Coun- cil 33 Hi-Y 3, 43 Tower 43 Honor Society 43 Tatler 4. KENNETH KURTZ Student Council 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Treasurer 33 Honor Society 3, 43 Class President 43 Tatler 23 Tatler CArt Editor, 33 Tower 4. BETTY LA RKI N Swimming 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Soccer '23 Yvatcr Follies 2, 3, 43 Girls Chorus I3 Junior I'lay3 Senior Play: Student Coun- cil 33 Art Editor Tower 43 Art Club 1, '23 Dance 1, 2. ELLA JEAN LA RKIN Basketball l, 2. 3, 4.3 Soccer 1, 2, S, 43 Baseball 2, 3: Hockey 2, 33 Dance Club 2, 3, 43 Girls Chorus li Business Manager Tatler 43 Science Club 13 Hi-Y 43 Tatler 33 Senior Play: Water Follies 3, 43 Typing Erlitor Tower 4. ERNEST LEHMAN Swimming l, 33 Soccer 23 Basket- ball Assistant Manager 23 Track 33 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 43 Junior Play3 Chess Club lx ALFRED LITTLE Swimming Manager 1, 2, 33 Science Club I. 4 KENNETH KURTZ 1 BETTY LARKIN ELLA JEAN LARKIN ALFRED LITTLE ERNEST LEHMAN Lib Ruthie RUTH MANCHESTER Gene EUGENE MANDELL George sa . if , fgf- ' z . fbi -xi -et' fo GEORGE MANTHEY BETTY MANN ING RUTH MANCHESTER Bennett 1,-23 Tower 4. EUGENE MANDELL Soccer 23 Football 3, 43 Track 8, 4, BETTY MANNING Soccer l, 2, 83 Basketball 2, 3 Tatler 2, 3, 43 Dance Club 2, S' Tower 4. GEORGE MANTHEY Swimming 1, 2, 3, 43 Soccer 23 Track 3, 43 Band l, 2, 3, 43 Orches- tra l, 2, 3,,4. Shirl SHIRLEY LOHMAN ANNABELLE LOJACONO Su-Mac SUZANNE MacMURRAY M are 1945 Dottie Nun MARION MADISON Norm XNCY MARCHAND NORMAN M ARSHALL ANCY MARCI-IAND ,ccer 1, 2, 43 Hockey 2, 8, 43 rls Choir 13 Dramatic Club 1, 23 nior Playg Senior Play3 Art ub 13 Home Economics 13 Tat- '2, 8, 43 Tower 3, 43 Dance Club ORMAN MARSHALL .NET MARTINKE . Dramatic Club I3 Soccer 43 nsketball 43 Tatler 43 Tower 4. ILLI A M M ASI 3 Janet JANET MARTINKE Bill WILLIAM MASI MARY ELIZABETH MAHONEY DOROTHY MALON EY SHIRLEY LOHMAN Mount St. Josephs Academy 13 La Salle High, Niagara Falls, N.Y. Q, 33 Tatler 43 Tower 4. ANNABELLE LOJACONO Pan-American 1, Q3 Tower, SUZANNE MacMURRAY Soccer I. 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Hockey 1, 2, 3, 43 Swimming 2, 3. 4: Water Follies 3, 43 Dance Club 33 Tower 4. MARION MADISON Soccer 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball l, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 13 Swimming 2, 43 Hockey 43 National Honor Society 8, 43 Vice-President of Honor Society 43 Ping Pong l, 23 Home Economics 13 Dance Club 2, 33 Tatler S, 43 Tower 4. MARY ELIZABETH MAHONEY Soccer 1, 2, 33 Basketball 1, 2, 33 Baseball 33 Junior Play3 Hi-Y Vice President 33 Hi-Y President 43 Tower Secretary 43 Home Ec- onomics 13 Red Cross 2. DOROTHY MALONEY Nottingham High School l, 923 Soccer 43 Hockey 43 Student Council.43 Basketball 4. Red Stewie Jack JOHN MAYNE JOHN MAYNE Student Council 1. STUART Mc-ALLESTER Basketball 1, 2, 3: Soccer 2: Football 3, 43 Tennis 3, 43 Orches- tra l, 21 Band lg Junior Playg Senior Play: Student Council 2, 83 President of Student Coun- cil4. HELEN McCARTER Kensington High School 1, 2. DONN McCARTHY Tennis lg Treasurer of Freshman Class lg Tower 4. JANE McCULLOUGH Bennett l, 2g Senior Play CBusi- ness Staffjg Tatler -lg Dance Club 4. PAT McKENNA Soccer 23 Hockey 2, Basketball 3, 43 Swimming 3, 4: Radio Club lg Junior Play: Senior Playg Student Council 2, 33 Vice Presi- dent of Student Council 4: Tat- ler l, 2, 3, 4g Tower 4. Rea HELEN McCARTER STUART McALLESTER J une Irish DONN McCARTHY PAT McKENNA JANE McCULLOUGH Don WILLIAM MORGAN .loan Glee GLADYS MOSSELL WILLIAM MORGAN Track 2, 3: Rifle Club. 1, 2: Tower 4. GLADYS MOSSELL Soccer l, 2, 3, 4: Swimming 1, 3, 43 Basketball l, 2, 3, 43 Baseball l, 2, 3, 43 Dance Club lg Tatler 1, 23 Tower 4. DON MUSKOPF JOAN MULLEN JOAN MULLEN Basketball 1, 2, 3, 41 Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball I, 2, 4: Swimming 1, 2, 3, 43 Hockey l, 3, 4: A Cap- ella Choir 19 Operatta lg Junior Play CBusiness Stafflg Senior Play CBusiness Staffjg Girls Sport Council 35 Vice President Girls Sport Council 4: Dance Cluh 2, 3, 4: Tatler 3, 43 VVater Follies 2, 3, 4, Tower 4. DON MUSKOPF Tennis 8, 43 Senior Play: Tower 43 Tatler 4. .ll uc ONALD McNAMARA DONALD MILLER Flossie 'f' ': 1945 Gin n ie To m VIRGINIA MILLER THOMAS MILSAP Rich 'RENCE NAUMANN l,OIlI'INCI'lNAllMANN rccer I. il. fl, -I-3 Ilasketball 2. 3, 4-3 llockey l. 2, 3. -I-: rnmatic Club 33 Dance Clnh 3. -I-3 Girls Sport Council 33 i-Y 4-3 Tower 43 Tatler 4. ICIIARD NAYLON rcccr I, 2, Il, -I-3 Ilaseball I, 2, 3, 4-3 lass Trcasurcr 253 Tower 4-3 asistant Sport l'l1litor of Tower Scnior Play: llaskctball I. Q, 3, IORMAN NEIillAl'ER Norm Bob RICHARD NAYLON NORMAN NEURAUI-:R 1, A ROBERT NUERMBERGER ROBERT NUERMRRRGI-:R enior Band li Honor Society ,-I-3 Camera Club I3 Rifle Club I3 tage Crew 2. 3, 4. Radio Players Club 13 Archery Club lg Tower 43 Senior Play. .II JOAN MOESEL O3 S 11.9 ie SUE MOORE DONALD Mm-NAMARA DONALD MILLER VIRGINIA MILLER Soccer I, 2, 3, 4-3 Ilockcy I, Q, 3. 4-3 Swimming I, 2, 4-3 Basketball l, tl, 3, -I-3 llascball Q, -I-3 Girls Chorus I3 A Capclla 2, 3, 4-3 Dra- matic Club '23 Stuslcnt Council I3 Ilomc ECOIIOIIIICS I3 Dance Club '23 Tower 4-. THOMAS MILS.-KI' .Iunior llansl '23 Senior I'lay3 Slnrl- ent Council 4. JOAN MOESEL Basketball 1, '23 Socccr 13 Dra- matic Club I3 Ilancc Club I, -I-3 Water Follics 33 Junior Play 33 Tatler 43 Towcr -I-. SUE MOORE Soccer I, 2, 33 Hockey 1, 2, lk Basketball I, 2, 33 Swimming I, 2, 33 Girls Chorus I: Junior Play: Student, Council I3 Sport Council 13 Cheerleading 2, 3. 4-3 .Assistant Tower Manager 4-3 Dramatic Club I3 Senior Play. S ' Leo Tom Doddie MARY 0'BRIEN MARY O'BRlEN Soccer I, 2, 35 Hockey 25 Basket- hall 43 Student Council Q, 45 Taller I, 2, 3, 43 Tower 4. DORIS PARKER Volleyball l, 21 Baseball I: Bas- ketball 2, 43 Soccer 4. MARJORIE PAYNE St. Mary's Seminary l, 2: Art Club 3g Art Editor of Tatler 43 Advertising of Tower 4. DAVID PIPER Track 2, 3, 43 Swimming 2, 3, 4: Senior Band I, 2, 3, 4, Junior Band I, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 2, 3, 4, A Vapellu Fhoir 43 Bowling 3. LEO PISTNER Hobby flub I. THOMAS POTTER Tonawanda High School I, 25 Swimming 3, 4. DORIS PARKER Margie Dave s , - 1-...n 4 4,3 D ,A - -, LI tv THOMAS POTTER LEOPISTNER. M i DAVID PIPER ii' I Y I' I Ci ' MARJORIE PAYNE I .-' f . V: It I I li il JI . x . 'I 1 I I , ' F 5 f' I if 1 I i Grae ' ,hi b . in J N. Butts Dzbk A' . if-in .fxgigigf RICHARD REILAND JOHN ROSS ',f ff GRACERUDOLPH GRACE ROl'DENBI'SH RICHARD REILAND JOHN ROSS GRACE ROYDENBFSH Soccer I, 2, 3, 45 Swimming l, 2 Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Busebal 3, 4: Hockey l, 2, 33 Dramutics I Ping Pong I, '23 Home Economic: I, 21 Dance Vlub Q, 'I, 43 Tutlel 3, 45 Tower 4. GRACE RFDOLPH Red Cross 3. Rulhie Jean Lee RICHARD REAGEN K is -ii Jani N- F UTH ANN PUEHN J? if 'M A Q Q 5 JEAN RAE LEE ADELE RAMSEY - Q - . 1 x JANET RAUPACH Fuzzy Skinny Irish Lou SHIRLEY SAUER - RICHARD SCANNELL IIRLEY SAPER Huw- Vlub Q, 33 Basketball 31 -em-r 3, -I-1 Junior Play: Student iunr-il 3, -tg Pan-American Vlub 21 Tower 4. lf'llARDSt'ANNELl. rotbull 21 Sr. llantl l. 2. 3. 4: fnpellu Vhoir 3. -l-1 Tatler 3. 41 nv--r 4. ETTY St 'H l 'LZ ovliey I, 21 Sovver I1 Arvllery I1 rninutics fl: Dunue Vlulm 33 ower -t-1 Tntler 4. BETTY SCHULZ BE'l t'Y LOI' HEAR ES BETTY LOU SEARES ltnsketlmll tg Junior Play illusi- IICSS Slum: Senior Play fltusiuess Stnffk t'lu-erlm-:uling I. 2. fl. 4: Yi:-t--l'1'esi1l4-nt 2. 33 Dum-e flub 2: Water l'ollu-S 2. 3. 31 Tower 4. 4-5 Tutler Snooks Glor 'Q GLORIA REIFSTECK RUTH ANN PVEIIN Junior Play Cnusiness Statflg Baseball lg Danvc Club 2, 33 Hi-Y 4: Tower 4. JEAN RAE Radio Vlub lg Yivtory Garden Club SQ Hi-Y 4-3 Tntler 43 Bennett High School 2. LEE ADELE RAMSEY Hamburg High School I, Q5 Basketball 4: Tennis 41 Senior Play Cllusiness Statffk Tower 43 Tatler 4g Water Follies 33 Junior Prom 3. JANET lIAl'PAt'lI Soc:-er 2: A fapelln Vhoir ll Sports Vouneil lg Student foun- vil 45 Dance Club 3, 43 Tower 4. RIVHARD REAGEN GLORIA REIFSTEVK Red fross 33 Tatler 4. o Terry Phi Ruthie Smitty I '. V .r efill A I y I ,- TERRY SMITH E4 ' i RODMAN SMITH RODMAN SMITH TERRY SMITH PHILIP SNYDER Junior Play: Senior Play: Sport Editor: Tower 4. Rl l'H SOI'LYIE Grover Flora-laml High I, QM years. RVSSELL STAFFELD Soc-I-er '25 Fhess Club I, Q, 3. BOB STAPLIN Radio I, 3: Bowling 1, 2: Rifle 1, 3:'l'ower 4-. PHILIP SNYDER RUTH SOULVIE Sfape Swann FRANK SWANSON N on N ORIN E TINGLER Van Staj , if i l KA bf, 1 ' ig!! A ' ff, N11 if, , I,,'i 1 'A f 5 Q I f gjf5Q E iji Bon STAPLIN RUSSELL STAFFELD Smiler Betts QE WILLIAM TOWNSEIN BETTY TONG FRANK SWANSON Christmas Pageant l, Club 2. NORINE TINGLER Kenmore l, 2, 3. BETTY TONG WILLIAM TOWNSEND HAROLD TRABBOLD JR. Junior Band lg Rifle Club 1,23 Camera Flub 1. 2, 39 Riiie Bunny cL1FroRo STEIN I sw... ,- . Sleinie Fred Eddie EDWIN STITZ JEANNETTE STRADTMAN MARY STEINMILLER FREDERICK STEPHENS Speed Sal Skin eil? 4 Lx vi 'N x M ' 7 Z' Jeannie OLD TRABBOLD JR SALLY TREADVVELL tl.-XROLD TRABBOLD JR. MARY ANN TRIMBACH zLx . . Junior llantl lg Rifle Club 1,23 :gist - E A Camera Club l. C SALLY 'l'READWl'ILL JEAN VINE Soccer, I, 2, 3, -I-3 Basketball I, 43 llaseball lg Student Council lg Tatler l, 2: Tower -I-. MARY ANN TRIMBACII Girls tllee Club I3 A Capella Choir 2, fig Junior Play. JEAN VINE l'an-American Club lg Home Ec. 1: Art 2, 3. Jean Mary MARY SULLIVAN CLIFFORD STEIN Football 2, 3: Track 2: Rifle Club I: Bowling 3. MARY STEINMILLER . Soccer I. 2. fl: Basketball l. 2. 3, 4: Junior Play: Senior Play: Hi-Y Treasurer 3: Rell Cross 92: Home Ee. I3 Ili-Y 4: Tower 4. FREDERICK STEPHENS Junior Play: Student ,Council l. 2. 3, 4: Honor Society 3, 4: Rifle Club 1: Senior Play: Senior Class Vice-President: Business Manager of Tower 4: President of Sophomore Class. EDWIN STITZ Rifle Club I. JEANNETTE STRADTMAN Basketball 1, '2. 3, 4-1 Soccer I, 2: Swimming 3, 42 Band I: Girls Sport Council 42: Dance Club 3, -l-1 Tower 4. MARY SVLLIYAN Pan-American Club I: Dance Club 4: Hockey -lg Soccer 4. Franny YIOIA WANNIQNWETCH VIOIA WANNEN WETCH Art Club l. 'l'llOM AS WARING Bowling Vlulm 3. DORIS WEBB Lovlcport High School, 3. MARY LOU WEBER Student Vouncil 3, 43 Hi-Y 3, 43 Tower 43 Tatler 45 Bennett High Schoolll. DOROTHY WESTPHAL Basketball l, 23 Som-er 1, 2, Hom-key I. 23 Baseball lg Tatler 4: Hi-Y 41 Art Flub 4. FRANCES WHITELAW Swimming Q, 3, 4, Basketball Sl. 41 Hockey 3, 4: Soc-ver 3, 4: Dnnre Club 2, 3, 4: Tower 4. C Tom THOMAS WARING Dottie DORIS WEBB Sneezer MARY LOU WESER Blondie FRANCES WHITELA DOROTHY WESTPHAL M arly Kosher ROBERT WILSON J ulie JULIA WRIGHT Willie MARILYN ZENNER VVILLIAM ZABEL ROBERT WILSON Radio Club 1, 3. JULIA WRIGHT Kensington High School I: Swim- ming 4. WILLIAM ZABEL Track 11 Football 4. MARILYN ZENNER Soccer l, 2, 43 Basketball I, Q Hockey 2: Water Follies 2, 8 Dance Club I, 'Zz Student Coun- oil 2, 3: Tower,-I-1 Honor Society 4 BOY Bill Gilhert Dan Kiplinger Rodman Smith Marshall Anderson Bill Grieves Don Muskopf Bill Townsend Jim Hedrick Tom Milsap Phil Snyder Ken Kurtz George Francis Jack Ferriek Norm Ihrig Norm Neubauer Fred Stephens Don Hillman Gene f'ottrell Jim Jordan Dick Reagen Cliff Stein Art Chapman Howie Duysters Dick Dunlap Boh Hoyler Dick Naylon SENIOR ALPHABET Athlet ic Ba shful Carefree Dancer Eater Flirt Gullible Harm' Irresistible Joker Knowledge Laugh M-mmm ! Nice Optimistic Persuasive Quiet Refreshing Sophisticated Twosome Uncertain Violent Vllilliug X-unknown quality Yawning Zippy GIRL Joan Mullen Dotty Bernhard Pat, Mc-Kenna Sue Moore Lois Higgins Betty Seares Ellie Larkin Dodie Keister Marilyn Howell Pat Kelly Marion Madison -Nan Gihney Betty Larkin Janet Raupach Shirley Sauer Shirley Vrooks Sue Bissell Varol Holmes Martha Becker Grae Dilts Janette Diehl Nun Blarchand Terry Smith Sue Mac-Murray Alice Reif Moon Hanour SENIOR PLAY- JUNIOR MISS December 1 and 2, 1945 qeated Pram es White-law Marilyn Doll, Betty Larkin, Tom Mjlsap, Martha Becker, Pat McKenna, Phil Snyder, John I ex er lhll 1 albert Slundmg Bob Nueremberger, Miss Watson, Director: Nancy Marchand, Fred Stephens, Jim Jordon llovmrml Dmstmrs lxmnmth lxurtr Dick Scannell, Don Muskopf, Dick Naylon. Harry Graves Joe Grace Graves H ild a Lois Graves Judy Graves F ujfy Adams J. H. f'11rt1'.s' Ellen Furtis Willis Reynolds Harlan' Adams Western Union Boy Merrill Fenrbach Sterling Brown Albert Kunody Tommy Arbuclfle I'ha'rles Henry Hrlskill l'ummings CAST Cln order of appearancej The Men in Lois, Life Tom Milsap Robert Nuermberger llartha Louise Becker Nancy hlarchand Betty Larkin Pat McKenna Gloria Hanour James Jordan lllarilyn Doll Fred Stephens Howard Duysters Robert Nelson Kenneth Kurtz Richard Naylon Phil Snyder Richard Scannell John Geyer William Gilbert The Klan in .lndy's Life Donald Muskopl' l,hw if-I PRODUCTION STAFF Director Barbara Jane Watson A.S'.s 1'siant to the Director Sue lNIoore Prompter Frances VVhitelaw Properties Graee Goetzmann Assistants: Katherine Daggers, Pat Kelly, Margaret Keister, Betty Mahoney, Jane McCullough, Mary Steinmiller, Shirley Lohman Publicity Betty Seares lllake-up-lV1iss Betty Gallagher, lN'Iiss Theresa Fitzgibbons, Grace Roudenbush, Marian Madison, Jean Rae Ushers Lois Higgins Assistants: Ethel,Baka, Dorothy Bernhard, Janette Diehl, Nancy Gibney, Ann Henry, Marilyn Howell, Marilyn Zenner, Betty Seares, Nlary Lou VVeser, Pat Kelly Tickets Ella Jean Larkin, Janette Diehl Program lNIarian lladison, Tom Potter Stage l're11r Norman Neubauer Assistants: David Zierk, Bob lVl1itney, Boh Perkins, Conrad Arnold, Ed Schenk, Bob Wright, Bill Goll H Towmn A TYPICAL SCHOOL DAY ZERO HOUR IIOIIIKTOOIII period is where we receive the orders ol' the day via the daily bulletin-Aand fill out the numerous forms that are nec-essary to handle the sehool life. The boys and girls are rhvulecl into separate hoxnerooms from the freshman year up. The seventh and eighth grade lmoys and girls, however, are placed together. Senior high sc-hool students have the same homeroom adviser for the four years and thus the adviser eau help eaeh student plan his eourse. The period lasts but eight minutes, usually. uf 'Q Q I .A X' J 5'- hg , 1 My 'KJ Towl-:R 42 C' DING! DING! FIRST HOUR . 'S ll ssc A - 'tlx f A I . 3 .xv M EFHANICAI, DRAWING-taught by our friend Mr. Qc-honewoll, is open to hoys and girls alike. It is a very useful eourse sin:-e it forms ll solid foundation for those who wish to advance into industrial drawing. l N- 'N 'ml-vang SEWING -one ol' the various home economic courses offered to the girls-enables theni to learn the fundamentals of this art. kc. sf'- 43 Towrzn PASSING PERIOD 40414 mimofevi, auf Me anfq lfimewffeneamqanedaapadfil LOCKERS T 0 W I-1 R 44 STAIRWAYS JING! DING! HISTORY . . . SECOND HOUR American History is a must for every Senior, made enjoyable by Mr Pomeroy, who always has something new to tell us! 45 TOWER DING! DING! CHEMISTRY . . . THIRD HOUR A Nf' f 19 N ssxwxmxo Q- nv-Nwi' Q 5 ig5J!!lL im- 'm,, E Sitting in Mr. Krugc-r's class is like a pvc-k intc , - , a college professofs vlass. Amherst is vvry proud of its fine- Science Dvpartnlvnt. TOWER 46 DING! DING! FOURTH HOUR . . . GYM t 5 Physical Education or Gym as it is invariably called, is take-n two days of the week, with swimming occupying another day. VVhen it is nice weather, 1-lzissvs are to he Sven out on the athletic fic-ld-'hut during the winter the Students nlarch, play games, and do many other things in the gym. t it xy ijt Q LAN .fn 47 TOWER ff-N LUNCH If TOWER 48 Nfl' Q 1 -l At lust! Eva-ryono waits for this interlude from zz bus ' dav, with ea fer antlc-1 ation for y I. 5 P food and dzmcing. J' DINGI DING! FIFTH HOUR . . . STUDY 2 I 7 STUDY Study hall-the place to do homework so you don't have to carry that extra book home. LIBRARY This year our library has been in the hands of two able librar- ians who have made many changes in the system and made it very eflieient. Any reference can be found easily, and it is a good place to study. As usual, the lending system is very much used-and it is very convenient for the students to have a library so close at hand. il I I f L1 lm. A fa- LW- as R 5' p 8 ' '--. V 1' Gfer es I . A S I44,.qMxgdMM9El S Off: line 1. Pk ,QI L55 X, S' Hdlbafea coals!! to d , Qhed dbelo e Wblbo ass. Pthhd NKELV lf? 5 I tglged :N K Wu ruwmx lo' ow fue 'MMVI ' U a me 1 X 14,01 ' Q M 5 - M TOWER 1 I I 4 141510111810 111111 1122814152827 PASS 4 . APR ' 8 AIHERSKI A 'NGN scum. 2' all X NEIL' f I H-' -TT ' 1' Ax , , W J, Ouuldl Enya. v V QW' 1 1..,.,, 4 ilnlbflfyxl ' w , 1235? A0!!leoV ilu: it 'Emi V Oct. Nov. Doe- lhr. Apr. lily 5 0 1 I TOWER 50 f l 1' 2829 DING! DING! ENGLISH... .SIXTH HOUR SH NIS fi . X 51 gf v N, 4 14 .,w,3,g,A ,,.X. English -f'f Yzmotlwr must, not only for Seniorsf' but for ova-ryollv in the school! Towmn . p m 1' I .Q A FX 1 Du ., z f y ,, , 2 sm . M H in 1th s 4 1 ,. FJ . 1 . Q 1 ' 'Vw 4 1, ' Y, .. w ax a xw ,V . fa Q11 . X 5 Xe ., ,gain i K : K . . lx 1 S xg . 5+ i 'r f 4, x V' .m ...Ng ,s 'F' I In i N-veg.. S FOCTBALL THE SEASON Prospects for the A.C.H.S. football team of 1944- were debatable before the season opened. The-opinion of Coach Bergman was that the line would be of more than average size and strength, with experienced men such as Stu McAllister, Don Stiles, Andy Ander- son, Harry Vossler, Bill Grieves, Johnny Geyer and Bill Gilbert to form the nucleus of the line. A l The backfield, it seemed, would be inexperienced, with the ex- it ception of Jack Ferrick, but Mr. Bergman was blessed with the ,A ya return of quarterback Frank Streigel and two new men from other schools, Dick Dunlap, and Bob Holbrook. f V After the belated practice sessions began, a look at the first X string would have shown Johnny Ferrick firmly entrenched in X the tailback position with Frankie Streigel at the signal-calling post. Slapsie Dunlap had stolen the wing position, and Billie Gilbert was moved from his end position to the plunging spot. Stu McAllister and Bill Zabel held the guard slots, and Bob Holbrook was at center. j-LL V F int row-Bill Grieves, Johnnie Geyer, Bill Zabel, Bob Holbrook, Stuart McAllister, Marshall Anderson, George Vosselel Q 4 o Don Stiles. Second row-Dick Dunlap, Gene Cottrell, Bill Gilbert, Frank Striegel, Jack Ferrick, Don Jacobi. i 1 lilnluuuun SQ U l z'r.vt fn.,-f+.10hn.1ie Geyer, um Zabel, Frank smegei, Jack Ferrick, stuart McAllister, Don smiles, Bill Gilbert, Bill Grieves ' . . Bob Holbrook, Marshall Anderson, Dick Dunlap, Gene Cottrell. Second rou'- Dimp Wagner, Henry McNess, Bill Giesz Dan Kiplingcr, Eugene Mandell. Rudy Hitzemann, George Vosseler, Don Jacobi, Dan Strong, Dave Brunner, Dick Em- blidge, Bob Hawks, Don Eckel. Third rou-Mr. VVratten-Coach, Douglas Reed, Eric Siegfried, John Stoll, John Power Ed Hoeflirh, Dick Elliott, Don Downing, Jack Taylor, Dick Thiel, Gene Feckter, Don Cerroni, Kevin 0'Connor. Diclw Tolsma, Jim Craney, Mr. Bergman-Coach. Towmn 54 The first game was at Hamburg, and the Purple was too con- fident. Sparked by Johnny Ferrick's nifty running off-tackle, the Tigers coasted to an easy victory, 14 to 0. Next week came the traditional clash at Williamsville. Before. the quarter was five minutes old, Dunlap sprinted 45 yards for a touchdown, and .added another before half time. The last period gave the subs a chance to display their wares. Gene Cottrell and Hank McNess, in particular, gave a good account of them- selves as the Orange coasted to win 20 to 6. The first home game, with Lancaster, proved a real test. With the exception of Dick Dunlap's touchdown jaunt in the first period, Captain Bill Gilbert dominated the play completely with his sensational running and inspired defense. Gil ripped over for for the tie breaking score two minutes before the game's end, making the count Amherst, 13, Lancaster 7. The following week, at Medina, the Tigers were forced to come from behind to defeat the Red, 13 to 7, again the play of Gilbert and F errick predominated. The Depew test found the squads confident of victory, but the stubborn Tiger team scored a touchdown, got the conversion, and held on for a 7 to 6 victory. When East Aurora came to Amherst the next week, tension was high, for the winner would claim 'the conference title, although A.C.H.S. would win with a tie, as East Aurora previously had tied Depew. The game developed into a titanic struggle, both teams threat- ening, but neither scoring for four long periods, With the tie went East Aurora's bid for Conference honors. Billy Gilbert and John Geyer saved the day for the Orange with their phenominal de- fensive play when East Aurora on two occasions reached the Tiger's ten only to be held by the stubborn Tiger line. This fine team will-go down in the history of the school as its first undefeated team, comparable to the powerful squads of '38 and '41. Coach Bergman and his boys deserve the applause and gratitude of the entire student body for their fine achievement. FOOTBALL SCORES Amherst 14 Amherst 20 Amherst 13 Amherst 13 Amherst 7 Amherst 0 - 0 Hamburg - 6 Williamsville -- 7 Lancaster - 7 Medina - 6 Depew - 0 East Aurora COACH BERGMAN 55 Towmn HHN? + .4 - - ' Ir W v. . X 1 'wmv' 4 H N ' Q- ' , M..a ' W , ' FOOTBALL SNAPSHOTS X' ff B. Q W: v 'yig,:'?'1: ei! ,I 4 ff, ,- L .I I 5 . , Viv.-,xjggg TOWER M 3 lNIm-ly Good LIIIIHP, eh? YVO'rc' winning! Talkin' it ovvr Before the gzuuc Tense moment I .W' '-Q f louis I :qw Q -I dk kid Q K5 iii UU! 5 . l'1ir.vI'rvw-Gregory Moats, R-ivliartl Naylon, Carleton Gordon, James Jacobi, VVilliam Grieves, Willet lxiphnger, John Geyer, eaptalng Wllliamttflark, William Gilbert, Richard Derr, Donald Jacobi, Frank Harding, Robert Roth. becond row-William Townsend, managerg Mr. Wratten, coach. an 5 i 'S- 'r-ix TOWER 58 Amherst 36 Lancaster 2 Amherst 30 Dapew 2 Amherst 44 Yvilliamsville fl Amherst 29 Pine Hill 4 Amherst 35 llzunburg I Amherst Q7 Akron l Amherst Q2 East Aurora 3 Amherst 49 Akron l Amherst 46 Williamsville 3 Amherst 33 Pine Ilill 3 Amherst 38 Lancaster 3 Amherst 35 Hamburg 3 Amherst 28 East Aurora 'Z Amherst 49 Depew 3' NON LEAGUE Amherst 36 Neuman 2' Amherst Q5 Neuman 3 PLAYOFF FOR NORTHERN ERIE COVNTY LEAGUE Amherst 44 Pine Ilill 41 SECTIONAL PLAYOFFS Amherst 43 Sloan 3' Amherst 36 Falconer 31 BASKETBALL I944- I 945 The orange-clad A.C.H.S. hoopsters rose to unprecedented heights this past season by becoming the first in the history of the school to emerge victorious from the sectional playoffs. Every step of the long path to glory was tortuous and rough, but the undying fight which characterized the squad's play all season enabled it to stave ofl' the threats of Pine Hill and East Aurora to annex the N.E.f'. league crown for the third time in the league's history, and crush Sloan and Falconer in the sectional playoffs. This aggregation-Captain Johnny Geyer, Bill Gilbert, Don Jacobi, Moose Clark, Dickie Naylon, Jim Jacobi, Carlie Gordon, Whimp Roth, Frank Harding, Greg Moats, Will Kiplinger, Dick Derr. and Bunn Grieves-was tops. The undefeated team of two years ago was possibly better, but this team had the scrap that no other has shown. At the start of the season, the Tigers were thought to be about third in the league behind Hamburg and East Aurora, but as the season progressed, it developed that Pine Hill would be the team to defeat. A.f'.ll.S. suffered its first loss on the Pine Hill court, which probably did more to show Pine Hill's strength than any other game. The squad struck its second snag at East Aurora, where Bud Agnew and his cohorts turned in one of the outstanding performances of the season as they rode roughshod over the Orange to a 38 to 22 victory. But this was to be the last league loss for Amherst-then occupying the third slot in the standing. The final five games of the regular season were to be tough-Pine Hill, Lancaster, Hamburg, East Aurora, and Depew. Pine Hill was defeated in overtime, 33 to 32. Lancaster was tipped, 38 to 32. Our hoopsters trailed Hamburg for thirty minutes to overcome a 2-point deficit, and won by a 35 to 30 count. East Aurora was con- sidered the toughest of the five opponents. The fellows held a slight margin throughout the contest to emerge victorious, 28 to 23. Depew proved tough, trailing by two points in the final period, but A.f'.H.S. stepped up the pace to win by ten points. A playoff with Pine Hill for the championship was necessitated. Again the Tigers trailed most of the game, but were successful in tieing the count at the end 37 to 37. A.C.H.S. tossed in seven points in the overtime, to win, 44 to 40. Sloan put up a good first-half battle, but the superior speed of the Orange in the final half was too much, and Amherst triumphed, 4-3 to 32. The Sectional Championship playoff at TLB. with Falconer saw our lads trailing at half time only to pull ahead in the third stanza to win, 36 to 30, to become one of the immortal teams of Amherst Central sports history. Congratulations to real champions! Left In right, First row: Donald Wagner, Spencer MacDonald, John Krochmal, Toni Pitman, Dick Tolsina. Second row: Ed Berger, Don Cantor, Don Tolsma, Robert Kramer. Third rmr: Kent Ziegler, Manager, Roddy Terry, George Russell, Albert Yankc, Mr. lvrattcn, Coach. 59 Towmn SWIMMING SQUAD First row-Eugene Carr. Second row-F red Berriman, Ted Sandford, Whitworth Ferguson, Eric Siegfried Don Keller Thzrd row-George Manthey, Hugh Howlett, Tom Potter, Herbert Lichtenthal, Bob Kinkel, Gene Cottrell Ed Hoeflrch Mr Schonewolf, coach. Fourth row-Bob Stowers, William Power, Henry Forbes, Bob Thompson, Harold Vosseler Bob bmlther David Piper. No! pictured-Norman Ihrig, Bob Hawks, John Power, Charles McCain. Towmn 60 SWIMMING SCORES I945 Amherst 50 North Tonawanda 15 Amherst 37 Niagara Falls 29 Amherst 21 Kenmore 45 SWIMMING SEASON The A. C. H. S. mermen were off to a good season this year but, due to the lack of fuel to heat the water in the pool, they were forced to cut the season short. The regular season consisted of three meets in which Amherst won two and lost one. First they beat North Tonawanda by the impressive scpre of 50 to 15. Then came Niagara Falls which was a little stiH'er contest. Nevertheless, the boys came out on top by the score of 37 to 29. Last came the traditionally hard meet with Kenmore and Kenmore had their usual powerhouse. The final score was Kenmore 45, A. C. H. S. 21. Amherst finished second in the league. ' The finals were held at Kenmore and unfortunately the boys had very little time to practice because of the closed pool. But, in spite of this fact they showed up very well. Co-Captain Gene Cottrell took a second in the 50-yard free style. The freshman find, Eric Siegfried, took a second in the 100-yard breast' stroke. Co-Captain George Manthey took a. third in the 220-yard free style and Howlett took a third in the 100-yard breast stroke. Co-Captain George Manthey took a third in the 220-yard free style and Howlett took a third in the 100-yard back stroke. In the relays the A. C. H. S. medley team with Howlett, Potter and Cottrell placed second, and the four man team with Manthey, Ihrig, Vosseler, and Hawks placed third. The boys that placed in this meet earned the right to compete in the individual champion- ships two nights later at North Tonawanda. In the individual championships Cottrell placed second in the 50-yard free style and Norm Ihrig placed second in the 220-yard free style. Pdtter and Manthey placed third in the 100-yard breast stroke and the 100-yard free style, respectively. Amherst loses quite a few boys this year but due to the many fine freshmen and sophomore prospects the team should do well next year. Praise should be given Coach Schonewolf and his two fine Captains, Cottrell and Manthey, for making this season a successful one. 9- f 1945 TRACK SQUAD-Left to right, First row: Frank Emblidge, Richard Dunlap, Richard Derr, Bob Hawks, George Man- they, Eugene Mandell, David Brunner, Kenneth Mintzer, John Stoll, James DiLapo, Don Bero, David Piper. Second row: Robert Holbrook, Don Smith, Robert Arth, Cal Champlin, Tom Ippolito, Don Eckel, Don Kendall, Robert 0'Donnel, Eugene Mc-Frae, Dave Johnson, Steve Campbell, Bill Hammond, Don Wagner. Third row: Murray Brown, Edward Hoeflich, Cltobert Smither, Randall Dilliot, Lawrence McNamara, Eugene Fechter, Eric Siegfried, James Murphy, Mr. Bergman, oach. TRACK SEASON I944-I945 The '44 track team finished a moderately successful season with 4 . fourth place in the sectional meet at Kenmore, showing that it be- ' longed in the upper half of the sectional group. i J f i GX TRACK LETTEi 'l'hree triangular meets were held, with the Tigers finishing second twice and third once. In the three dual contests, with Lockport once and Kenmore twice, the Orange fared poorly, failing to emerge on I Q - . top at all. They put up a fine battle against larger Lockport before V bowing 51 to 47. In the two multiple meets, A.C.H.S. placed fourth, in fields of six, in the Intermediate Conference, and eighth in the W j Major sectionals, K l X D- ff ick Derr High point collectors for the season were Dick Derr, with 38, if Larry Wright Larry Wright, with fl-lg Dick Dunlap, with 281 Warren Hamilton, with 25: and Bill Giesz, with 19. Of these, Wright and Hamilton Dick Dunlop Warren Hamilton ,tr if Il have left, leaving the running events neglected. Bill Giesz llowever, of the 13 major letter winners from last year, six are re- .4 -+H'- ,lim Lgifrfgn turning, besides most of the squad letter recipients, which will form T'-L' om le a nucleus for a squad which should surpass the accomplishments of last spring's aggregation. I944 TRACK SCORES Frank Emblidge Jim DiLapo Gerry Hyder George Vosseler Dave Piper Ernest Wolleson John D'Agostino CN Amherst 37 Kenmore 67 Amherst 47 Lockport 51 Amherst 35 Kenmore 69 Squad Amherst '24 E. Aurora 50 Hamburg 28 - t Amherst 30 l E. Aurora 4-4 Hamburg 4-0 323122211185 IN. N. X. Intermediate Conference C6 teamsj Amherst-fourth Don Bing Sectional Meet C8 tcums Amherst-fourth Norm Ihrig Bill Jackson Ernest Lehman Gene Mandell Ken Mintzer TRACK SCHEDULE l945 GWB Mmhey Henry McNess Gerry MacDonald Apr. 28 Amherst at Hamburg George Runckel May 2-Pine Hill and Lancaster at Amherst John Stall May 4-Amherst at N. Tonawanda John Staltz May 12-Hamburg anal E. Aurora at East Aurora Herb Thurnherr May 15-Lockport at Amherst Harry Vosseler May I9-Western Intermediate Conference at Amherst Ernest Cavagnarro Maj' 26-Open Dave Brunner June 'Z-Invitational meet at Lockport Edward Cameron June 9-Sectional meet at Kenmore Richard Huber To wan 62 L3 -' , Www. , Q N QS? Si WJ- wk -, is fy iv ,s ' 3, a f ' L 4 9 s x ri' Qs 4-44. I944 BASEBALL SQUAD Left to right, First roux' Rudy Hitzemann, John Hodson, Frank Harding, Donald Tolsma, Dean Rich, Charles Bishop, Thomas Pitman, Spencer Mum-Donald, Second row: Mr. Studer, Coach, Jack Ferrick, Reese Foote, William Gilbert, Richard Baum, William Clark, Milton Mugler, Don Jacobi, Richard Naylon, George Francis, Manager. 1944 BASEBALL SEASON Thrice crowned champions! Our '44 team again turned the trick. The A.C.H.S. baseball teams of the past three years have played 40 games, losing four and emerging triumphant in 36, an enviable and nev- er-to-be-forgotten accomplishment in the annals of Amherst athletics. Held down last spring by the weather and wartime transportational difficulties, only eleven games were scheduled, Parker High being the only team to trip the Tiger batsmen. High-lights of the season were Moose Clark's perfect no-hit triumph against Lancaster in which he notched 18 strikeouts during the seven inning contest, and the final game at Pine Hill, when the Tigers took their N.E.C. Crown with a 2 to 0 win. TOWER 64 Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst I944 SCORES 1 24 13 Jlay-otfj La nca st cr Pinc llill La ncast cr iYillia lllSVlllt Clarence Akron YVillian1svillc Ularencc Akron Pine llill Dcpew l945 ' Left to right, First row: Leon Dolce, Don Tolsma, Tom Pitman, Doug Reed, Dan Strong, John Hodson, Spencer McDonald, P U John Krochmal, Dick Tolsma, Don Miller. Seczmd row: Don Richart, Managerg Don Jacobi, Ed Miller, Frank Harding, Bill 3 Kiplinger, Bill Clark, Bill Gilbert, Ed Berger, Jack Ferrick, Dick Naylon, Mr. Wratten, Coach. 1945 OUTLOOK Prospects for this spring are good. The pitching will be strong with Moose Clark and Johnny Ferrick to bear the brunt of the hill works. Bill Gilbert, Dick Naylon, and Frank Harding probably will patrol the left side of the infield, with only first base to replace. The out- field, with Don Jacobi, aided by one of the pitchers, will be fast and hard-hitting, having only the backstop post to be satisfactorily filled. The '45 schedule will consist of ll games, with Pine Hill, Akron, Williams- ville, Parker and North Tonawanda, and one play-off encounter. This is a banner year in Amherst athletic history. Let's hope that the base- ball team adheres to the glorious precedent established by the football and basketball squads. BASEBALL SCHEDULE 1945 Apr. Q7-N. Tonawanda at Amherst May 4-Akron at Amherst May 11-Amherst at Williamsville May 15-Amherst at N. Tonawanda May 18-Amherst at Clarence May QQ-Amherst at Akron May Q5-Williamsville at Amherst June l-Clarence at Amherst June 5-Play off's for first, second, third and fourth place 65 Towlsn First row-+Pat Kelly, Irene Becker, Gloria Hanour, Joan Mullen, Nancy Marchand, Second row-Betty Tyler, Joanne Voleman, Katherine Daggers, Janet Raupach. Third row-Jean Morgan, Lois Piper, Barbara Brown, Betty Dannebrock, Barbara Blexrud. Fourth row'-Marlis Drews, Joan Hufford, Nancy Tolsma, Dorothy O'Keefe. Donanne Seymour, Mary Hitchcock. GIRLS' SPORTS COUNCIL GIRLS' SPORTS It is the purpose of the Girls' Sports Council to take charge of making the necessary ar- rangements for the girls' productions. The council is composed of two representatives from each of the senior high school girls' homerooms, and it is their duty to represent the girls not only in planning these activi- ties but also in keeping a record of the points each girl accumulates every year toward her sports letter. The president of the council this year was Gloria Hanour, the vice president was Joan Mullen, and Nancy Marchand and Irene Becker held offices as secretary and treasur- er, respectively. The council is advised by Mrs. Husband. Towma 66 1,17 The program of girls' sports was upset because sch started so much later this year. Soccer and hocl- continued about a month before the girls were fort inside because of ol' man winter., Friday night bask ball was discontinued entirely this year in order make room for the girls' intramural basketball progra The main attraction during the year, howev was the VVater Follies. This colorful spectacle v accomplished with the enthusiasm of practically eve girl in the school. Some worked on the gay costum others on the business end of the production, and s others in the various swimming and dance varieti The Girls' Dance Club staged a folk dance festiv which was held in early June on the front court. 1 L 1 tl ga l 5 l G I Left In right, Firsl rmr: Carol Higgins. Joan Eclwarcls, Juno Saivagc, Suv Zic-rk. Nancy Henderson, Jean Spring, Margaret Haus, Kntlilt-on Kirk. Sammi rmr: Dorothy Harrison, Joanne Dillcllo, Ruth Higgins, Put Moore, Marilyn flank, Bev-rly Howell, Betty Knrtz, .Ioan Footv, Put Young, Mary K4-rn. auf i I - , ., J .,..., ' mr:.v'l'i I Left to right, Firsf row: Pat Hartford, Joan Mullen, Varol Hog:-rs, Kay Parker, Joan Cnrthoys, .Ioan Hufford, Dorothy Maloney, Vivian Merill. Srmml row: Mzirillzi Rohr-rts, Marion Marsliall, Diane Yvillax, Ht-verly follins, Gladys Mossell, Virginia Miller, Joyvc Rll'l'llll2lll, Rita Luncllwrg. 67 TOWEII WATER FCLLIES Travel Agency ,,.. California ....... Texas .... . . South .......,, Rhode Island ...,.. Manhattan Serenade Sister Act Sailor Act Two Sailors. . . TOWER 68 PROGRAM Directed by Mrs. Isabel Husband and Miss Betty Ackley .Nun Marchand ........Seniors . . . .Sophomores . . . . . .Freshmen Seventh Graders Gloria Hanour lwarilyn Zenner Finale Glrl .... Kentucky ,..,.... Pennsylvania Polka .... . 4 . Arkansas Traveler. . . . . Idaho .... Skaters .... Indians . . . Bonnie Brown Seventh Graders Seventh Graders Kay Daggers Gloria Hanour Sue Moore Joan Hufford Eighth Graders . . . . , . . . . .Juniors . . . . .Senior Girls ,QM ffflf X 5 9-' i qw 1 wi 59 A , Y Q N ...,- S ig, :Z A . 9 Q vin, . f . 1s , - 151 s 1 Y wang Jw QW Nm .4 .ff 4- 1 - F TOWER W Q V 'X ?f,'?2!c Qs 5 . A-,.L.'2 a Jwivf Gloria Jmmic Bonnie Judy, Alice and Midge- B rownic Spang 'ff'-ill 3 Miss Jane Sheeler OFFICE STAFF If you lmvc the oevzision to stop in at the olliee, which niost everyone has, you will final yourself very well taken cure of by our competent office stall. Among their assorted duties, are taking c-are of the book room, :answering the seerelzirinl needs of the sc-hool, selling stamps, and being receptionists for Mr. S4-Iiweicklnircl and Mr. Scheller. Mr. Gebhard 'llllllI'llllCI'I' MES Alice Nit'lSl'l1 Mrs. Imogene Amo 4 .,' rm? JANITORIAL STAFF lVe are very appreciative of this staff for its beautiful job of keeping our school looking so nice. Mr. John Robertson Mr. John Cameron Mr. Louis lvannenwetch Mr. lvilliam lNIcLam,-hlan 71 Towi-:R J Q' IIPOPII He has a cheery word for everyone from the tinlest seventh grader to each of our teachers. TowER W MRS. EMMA COYER We just couldn't get along without our school nurse. Besides her nursing duties, hlrs. Coyer handles the at- tendance records and keeps tabs on everyone. ,'mN .ts s'rr,v-WU GY N' L WAN MR' N NAHONAL HONOR SOCIETY Vith Miss VVatson as ad- iser, the Phi Beta Kap- ta of high school launched .s new year by editing a ewspaper for all of Am- erst's students in service. t complete supply of names nd addresses was compiled :mr the use of every service- lan who wished to obtain he whereabouts of'a friend. lhe Service Plaque was ,ept up to date and plans or an Alunmae Association were formulated. The sup- ly store was maintainedg nd the system of honor wards was kept up. F1'r.wI row-Dan lfiplinger, Marion Madison, Miss Barbara Watson, adviser: Marilyn Doll, Ken Kurtz. Secmtrl rotrfhlarilyn Howell, Lorna Heck, Annabelle Lojacano, Marilyn Zenner, Pat McKenna, Lois Higgins. Thml row--Fred Stephens, Norman Neubauer, Mildred Krummeck, Jean Herman, Gloria Elliott, Frank Godson. STUDENT COUNCIL Ld! In right, First row: Sue Bissell, Barbara Foote, Don Jacobi, Pat McKenna, Stuart McAllister, Sue Sweet, Tom Milsap, Marilla Roberts, Dick Sauer. Second row: Bob Eck, Jack Wilson, Joan Lacke, Ann Shelley, Pat Clark. Harry Schutte, Ronald Barclay, Joan Balbierz, Joanne Foleman, Bernadine Nichol- son, Dick Tolsma. Third row: Dick Jeffery, Gloria Sweet, Shirley Sauer, Bob VVood, Thomas Basil, Barry Weston, Bill Fisher, farol Higgins, Joan Schmidt, Audrey Duysters, Frank Silver. Fourth rozc: George Russell. Joan Huflord, Pat Young, Pat Hartford, June Savage, Janet Raupaeh, Dorothy Maloney, Mary 0'Brien, Peggy Mallory, Donanne Seymour, Jean Morgan, Dan Palmer. Fzffh row: Bob Goehle, Ruth Higgins, Marlis Drews, Joan Mullen, Mary Ferazzoli, Dick Murphy, Mildred Van Dusen, Beverly Howell, Dolores Hempstock, Francis Rogers, Donald VVagner, Anthony Cerronei Sirlh row: Bill Clark, Jim Heinike, Gene Cottrell, Frank Harding, Paul Ash, Tom Pitman, Jack Stage, Ed Berger, Dan Kip- linger, Henry Alexander, Fred Stephens, Rudy Hitzeman. Amherst's student body or- ganizes its government by electing two delegates from each homeroom to govern the students. As usual, high goals were reached in in the Red Cross drive, the March of Dimes, and Rus- sian War Relief. Stuart McAllister held office as president and Pat McKen- na served as vice president. 73 Tow!-:R F i r.vl Rom-Grace Goetz- mann, Vivian DeNyse, Betty Mahoney, Mary Steinmiller, Lester Klein, George Snyder, Joan Moes- sel. Douglas MacFarland, Spencer MacDonald, Tom Eck, Jack Lee. These hoys truly have a finger in every stage production from an asscnilmly movie to a class play. They are responsilile for what makes our tlecoratious inthe gym or cafe go over. We could not possibly get along without them. The 1-lass of '-I-5 extends its appreciation for all that they have done torus. Left ro right: Bob Whitney. lloh Perkins, David Zierk. llolx Wright, Vonrud Arn- old, Ed Schenk, Bill Goll, Norman Neubauer. Towns 74 STAGE CREW 'Rf CAFETERIA STAFF Without these people we would go hungry since they are the ones who prepare our delicious lunches. Mrs. Schmid- lin, who is in charge of our cafeteria, directs the activities of the women and student helpers who prepare and serve our tasty food. Because much of the work has to be done in the kitchen ev- eryone may not he as familiar with the indiv- iduals in this school serv- ice group as they are with some of the other service organizations of Amherst. All will agree, however, that the Uafe- teria Staff deserves a rich round of applause for their smooth-serving of our noon-day meals. Mrs. Dorothy Schmidlin F1 xv' X33 HE ZHEERLEADERS Lin or shine our girls have led 2 cheers for the teams of the :nge and black. This year we ll lose all of these spirited cheer- ders, but others have been lined to follow in their foot- eps. They have done a magnifi- it job of promoting school irit these last four years, and ve added much to practically of the school sporting events. Lois Higgins, Betty Seares, Sue Moore, Martha Becker, Marilyn Howell. we S1- www M gi Yv W F With the absence of Doc Pan- kow, former coach of the cheer- leaders, to the Navy, Mr. Min- ieh became the new coach, and has done a beautiful job. Next year he will have a whole new squad to handle because the five senior cheerleaders are grad- uating. There were eighty people at the first call for cheerleading tryouts but this large turn-out was narrowed down to fifteen during Basketball Season. Jack McKenna and Harold Brundige were the Junior High Cheer- leaders during Football Season. The squad now comprises, Pat Hartford, Vyn Ann Thomas, Mary Plumer, Barbara Wagner, Joan Hufford, Nancy Henderson, Marilla Roberts, Jane Sendker, Sue Sweet, Betty Spangenthal, Kathleen Kirk, Roberta White- law, Don Smith, Ken Smith, and Harold Brundige. 75 TowER THE MUSICAL ORGANIZATIONS SENIOR BAND Fira! Row-Barbara Smith, Vivian Eckert, Henry Kummer, Bob Brinkman, Jack Kelly, Bob Os- borne, Jeanne Kennedy, Bob Nelson. Second row--Lawrence Beeman, Pat Marks, Jack Weav- er, Harold Christensen, Harry Wells, Millicent Knauer, Sue Boulden, Mr. Krestic, conductor. Third row-Dan Corretore, David Brunn, Oliver Hartwell, Kent Ziegler, Jack Vlfilson, Dick Scan- ii-'if nell, Robert Allenbach. Whitworth Ferguson. Fourfh row-Bill Ingraham, Bob Abwender, Gordeon Fisher, John Moreland, David Piper, Arthur Chapman, George Manthey, Louis Wollenberg, Dick. Dylmowski. SENIOR ORCHESTRA Firsl mu- e-Richard Murphy, lYilliani Ritz, Betty Smith, Sue Ann Boulden, Harriet Nichols, Lois Nlurray. Sworn! ron'-f-George Ruka, David Johnson, George Manthey, Arthur Chapman, Pat Marks, Marilyn llillnmn, Robert Allenlmm-lu, John Wilson, Robert Usborne, Franz Allina, Marjorie Boulden. Thin! rou---Rim-Imril Sauer, Nlr. Krm-stir, director, Howard Duysters, Robert Nelson, John Moreland, llolu-rt Ilrinknmn, llenry Kuinmer, lluviml l'iper, Oliver Hartwell, Paul Ulark, Ronald Barclay, Edward Klein, Juni- lluhor. Fourth ron' --Douglas Pulnann, William Ingraham, Richard Dybowski, Louis VVol- Ienln-rg. TOWER 76 PA UL KING MEMORIAL ORGAN CG -QA A CAPPELLA CHOIR Firxl rrnra-C'aroI Stowcll. Virginia Miller. Joanne Colelnan, Kathleen Kirk, Constance Bacon, Grace Claxton, Audrey Hard, Ilarhnra Brown, Nancy N11-nut, Betty Tylcr. Srvrxrzcl row--Miss Mt-Cullor, aclviserg Joan Kc-n1I:1II. Joan Curthoys, Carol Rinkcr, .Ioan fnrtis, :XIHIFOY Dnysters, lla-tty Smith, Ellen Ilos, Marlis Drews. Third 701134-Illlll' lice-kc-r, Carolyn Kinkel, Beverly Benson, llim'Imr1ISI1al1k, Virginia Spraggon, llarriet Nichols, Dorothy Hossenlopp, Dorothy Kathcr. Fozlrfh rowv Bill Gicsz. Paul Sc-annell, Ken Kurtz, Don Holzman, Ed Klein, Bob Alle-nbach, Ronald Eiss. JUNIOR CHOIR I Lff! to right, 131,781 row: Doris Linendoll, Shirley Giesz, Marilyn Blow, Alice- Ilulc-hinson, Ilzlrlwnrn Snymlcr, .Ianv ll'lll'Ill'I', Marilyn flark, Ruth Long, Marilyn Kneselau. Sw'm141rou': Ann Slut-lloy, Sillly'llll0lllpSOII, Patsy lianv. I'lI1lIIlt'.xI'lI0lII, llarrivt l'rt-wson, Varol1,ciglibody,TIleresa Jarvis, Mary Dunn, Ann Rogi-rs, Marilyn Geisler. Thin! rmr: Donna llill, .lm-an Iluvlilvr, 77 TOVVER i Lrfl to right, First rou',' Gasper Baldo, Herbert Blow, Robert Kingsley, Paul Clark, Bob Corretore, Sally Thompson, Ann Shelley. Second rozr: Bob Geckler, Nancy Davis, Laverne Fischer, Beatrice Furnas, Ken Hanour, James Nesper: Third roar: Mr, Krestic, conductor, Bob Coghill, Malcolm Burnett, Donna Hill, Henry Ronny, Hugh Moreland, Gene Batt. Fourth ron-: David Piper, Don Corretore, Colin Hamilton, Lawrence Beeman, Charles Smith, Roy Smith. THE MUSICAL CRGANIZATICNS JUNIOR BAND The musical organizations here at Amherst have always played an important part in the activities of the school. They take part in the assembly programs of our school and also contribute to outside activities. The members of these organizations work hard for the success of their groups. They arrive before school for rehearsals and remain alter school is dismissed to practice again. The Band, Orchestra, A Cappella Choir, Junior Choir, Ensembles and soloists who take part in the concert which dedicated the school organ to the memory of Paul and Edryce King, all worked earnestly to be able to give a concert which would be fitting to the occasion. The lland has played for the Junior and Senior plays. Although the Urchestra has not been as active this year as in previous years, an increase in its activity is expected next year. The A Cappella Choir has not been as active as we would have liked it to be. The choir has sung several times in assembly, and at Christmas time carried along the tradition of caroling through the halls. The String Ensemble has been quite active this year, as shown by the fact that it has played several times at the Amherst Community Church, and the two grade schools in Snyder and Eggerts- ville. These six people have done a line job of making themselves more well-known among the stu- dent body, bliss Mr-Cullor and Mr. Krestic have done a fine job in building up the musical organizations. They have worked harder and worried more than the members themselves. Thev certainly deserve a vote of thanks for the work they have done in music for Amherst Central High. TowER 78 This year the TATLER earned world-wide fa'ne. It was sent to servicemen on all fronts and the appre- ciative letters received prove that it has given enjoy- ment to many people far from Amherst. The TATLER went to press eight times and each issue was more widely read than the last. Both the editorial staff and the busmess staff have made the TATLER an import- ant part of life at Amherst. THE TATLER TATLER STAFF Fira! mu'--Dorothy Harrison, Shirley Crooks, Betty Manning, Joan Mullen, Pat Goodman, Ella Jean Larkin, Marilyn Doll, l'at Mr-Kenna, Marilyn Howell, Betty Seares, Lois Higgins, Dick Scanncll. Sl'f'0Il,ll rmu-wJa'i:'t Martinke, Mary Lou West-r, Dorothy Maloney, Grace Goetzmann, Shirley Lohman, Joan Moessel, Jane ML-Cullough, X lrginiaMiller, Ann Henry Marilyn Zellner. Betty Smith, Marilla Roberts, Pat Hartford, Third mu'-Ann Lippincott, Carol Rinker, Barbara VVhit- more, Margery Hassclbeck, Nancy Tolsma, Joan Stafford, Audrey Schutte, Grace Roudenbush, Sue MacMurray, Joan Cm-thoys, Marilyn Weber, Mary Lou Cohn. Fourth row-Jerry Tropman, Mary Ferazzoli, Pat Landberg, Martha Becker, Ruth Kellv, Ethel Schmidbauer, Dorothy Frascella, Betty Schulz, Betty Larkin, Pat Kellt. Fifth row-Kay Parker, Nancy Marchandz Gladys Klein, Mary Margaret 0'Brien, Douglas Putnam, Norma Stephens, Bob Allenbach, Jean Herman, Mariori Madison, Lee Ramsey. Sirth row-Jean Rae, Carolyn Dannebrack, Paul Ihlenfeld, Alice Rief, Jerry Lou Esau, Frank Godson. Ofy 0 r,,,f lf X 1 79 Tow QVPFHMUNQQ 2 s 'Y 1 f , Q 1 rn- an inn an an ,, nv 1' vu-,,. ' Inns if if-' 75i?i'9?if53 xv 3, ggi Z T'i7.ff,g1.m-0,525 TV 1' MX 5,1 c : 'A 7 'QDA 1 i KW Q. WZ-. 1. - 13, R, A ,Vg .. 1 a X . ,, . .Q A11 N x Q3 I' N 13 ' 5 -g if-. 0 f X if Q.. , r W 4. f: 1 R rg, y ta' R K Q., A , 1 . x .rgfn X' .. .M fs ,iw M, f ,,.V,,f- C55 Nm Y .. . W , K, A -L ,jg ' ,ff , H if . -,Q K ' ir, . mama gum. 4 L.. xv. 'K t A A ar ,Q. Af- 4 rig S f ,. 0 x L 5 ' A fi J QQ' f- V ' .nf Y, 4 Q 555' ff .5 , - iw f' X 1 .4 1 ll is? iff- Q? ..ffgs2f'Zwf,4,.lg,4.,.4n- hmm w.M,.,, . ,I J, hh , -es, -Qi.-,. 2- U -pf ? T Q 5 - Q n .5 . 4 'b MEMBERS-Fred Cadwell, Eugene Faller, Jack Ferrick, Don Fiscus, Don Georger, John Geyer, Al Little, John Lopez, Douglas MacFarland, Dick MacVittie, Henry McNess, John Mayne, Tom Milsap, Sue Moore, Robert Nuermberger, Leo Pistner, Rodman Smith, Bob Staplin, Tom Waring. JUNIOR AVIATION Make way for a course that's taken its students off their feet and into the air! This year the Junior Aviation Class has featured actual flight training, which added untold thrills to the practical ground work. The background in meteorology, aerodynamics, air navigation, aircraft structures and engines greatly increased the students' knowl- edge of the coming air world. Many of the students have definite plans to continue their aviation work in college or jobs. Others will be defending our country in the 1ir. Best of luck and good flying! 81 TOWER as s --an 'Hi vu' f,'Z 42.4.5 XXW4 72. ,- -5- x,' 'v-.' Q . - f 1. ' ,. 1. r 'I . ' 75 ' F 5 I J '. ' - if - I f . 1 3 ' r f . 6- 4 - fr 1 um X, 2 5 V , f I 1, 1 HALL OF FAME . .YL The Cheerleaders-for leading our peppy cheering sections Pat McKenna-good work in the Senior Play Marion Madison-leadership of the Honor Society Nancy Marchand-one and only in the Senior Class Norm Neubauer-director extraordinary of the Stage Crew Bill Gilbert-our all 'round athlete Stuart McAllister-president of the Student Council Nick Parco-boogie Woogie-and how! Ken Kurtz-Senior Class President Bobby Roth-just Dream Fred Stephens-for his motorcycle-zoom! Marly Doll-Tatler Editor Betty Larkin and Jani Raupach-art editors of the Tower Dick Dunlap-our football hero Bob Nelson-Amherst's own Harry James Moon and Gibney-end men in the Minstrel Show Marilyn Clark-freshman class beauty Moose Clark-for the dead-eye pitch Vyn Ann Thomas-for being such a swell gal Kay Parker-the perfect model Barbara Smith-seventh grade cutie Gloria Bernsten-attention Hollywood! Jake Davis-for his unappreciated energy George Snyder-for doing such a swell job in the Junior Play Carl Gordon-for those two points in the Pine Hill game Dick Dybowski-undoubtedly the loudest ties ever Jack Wilson-double-time-deluxe Don and Ken Smith-for pepping up the J. V. games Lynn Booth-Amherst's champion knitter Chub Higgins-for spending his senior year with the ,Marines Bobbie Whitelaw-the expression in those big brown eyes Bob Wright-the littlest plug on the stage crew Nick Parco and Conrad Chistiano+for being such' a happy pair Science Honor Group-For maintaining an A average in science: Robert Allenbach, Robert Collins, Joan Ciuthoys, Janette Diehl, Patricia Hartford, Lorna Heck, Marilyn Hillman, Ella Jean Larkin. September 5-25-Delayed opening of school because of in- fantile paralysis epidemic Q5-School opens-but no classes October 13-Sigmund Spaeth-tune detective 14--Football season begins-Amherst 14- 14- Hamburg 0! The tigers are off to a roaring start Fourth Annual Football F rolic-new uni- forms for the cheerleaders 20-Johnny Ray's Band in assembly-all the gals swoon to Time Alone Will Tell 21-Amherst 20-Billsville 6!-What a game! 27-Impressive dedication of service plaque- 28- November 3..- student body files by in reverence Amherst 13-Lancaster 7-Whee! Honor Society induets new members- a pleasant surprise for some of our seniors 4--Amherst 13-Medina 7-unlucky 13 for Medina 11-Amherst 7-Depew 6-we make our point 17-Tower Bazaar-they cameg they sawg- we conquered 18-Amherst 0-East Aurora 0-We clinch Q2- the league Thanksgiving assembly-Amherst counts its blessings December 1-First basketball game- Amherst 36- Neuman Q7 1-2- Junior Miss -the seniors make their debut 7- Community Capers -for the benefit of the 6th War Loan-85551100 in bonds received '7-Annual football banquet-Amherst cham- pions receive gold football awards 8-Football assembly-Van Patrick speaks 8 15- -Amherst 36-Lancaster 28-poor Lan- caster Amherst 44-Williamsville 31-we squelch- ed the Billies again 22-Christmas assembly-vacation begins! Q2 -Amherst 30-Depew 26-we do it again 25-Christmas-Santa visits all Amherst's good little boys and girls Q8-Tower Snow Ball-very much in season January 1-Happy New Year--same old resolutions are made 3-4-Into each life some snow must fall-school n closed, but, no one seemed to have trouble getting to VVepps :J-Back to school-627 students absent 13-Hot Shot Minstrels-for benefit of the 22 Q6 March of Dimes -Dreaded Regents week begins-groans -Concert for dedication of organ-in mem- ory of Pop King February April March 9-Amherst 43-Sloan 32-Wllat a team! 16- 23- 2- English is a mark of culture and the highroad to success -Dr. Arnold Young speaks in assembly 2-Amherst 33-Pine Hill 32-much too close for comfort -Amherst 4-6-Williamsville 34--the Billies are too happy -Happy Birthday, Abraham-no school 13-Amherst 4-9-Akron 18-nice going, fel- lows! 14-Valentine's Day-honors to St. Valentine -Angora Rabbit in assembly-let's knit mittensl' Amherst 35-Hamburg 30-don't stop now -George Washington's birthday-another holiday -'Amherst 28--East Aurora 23-E. A. is surprised -Basketball dance-the cheerleaders suc- ceed again 2-Amherst 4-9-Depew 39-the league is getting closer all the time 6-Amherst 4-4-Pine Hill 40-congratula- tions, team 9-Robert Schulz in assembly-Beethoven to boogie Woogie Amherst versus Falconer-36 to 30- the Tigers are champs Basketball assembly-we pay tribute to our team Spring Green -the Juniors present a nit 28-Easter assembly-vacation begins May 3, 4, 4-Back to school-short vacation 13- Hail the Conquering Hero -P.T.A. movie 20-Annual school exhibit-our efforts are on display 27-Sophomore dance-fun for all 5 Water Follies-the girls show lots of splash and dash! 10-Junior Tea-the Junior girls honor the Senior girls and their mothers 11, IQ -Biology field trip-the biology students June 18- f? spend a happy weekend at Allegany 18-Tatler dance-our school paper presents its annual entertainment 25-Junior Prom-Amherst social life at its best 30-Memorial Day-no school Q-Folk Dance Festival-the girls present a group of colorful folk dances 15-Class Day-the usual hot day . . . or did we guess this one badly? 21-Exam week-more groans 22-Junior High School Commencement-the ninth graders receive diplomas Q5-Senior Graduation-the Seniors finally reach their goal PATRCNS AND PATRONESSES OF THE l945 TOWER and Mrs. H. Wallace Scannell and Mrs. J. G. Fiscus and Mrs. William Dannebrock and Mrs. Harold I. Howell and Mrs. Richard D. Madison and Mrs. Norbert C. Weser and Mrs. Donald L. MacMurray and Mrs. August R. Naumann and Mrs. R. H. Diehl and Mrs. William F. Nuermberger and Mrs. Arthur E. Dannebrock and Mrs. Elmer M. Miller and Mrs. Elwood M. Hillman and Mrs. C. Gale Kiplinger and Mrs. John R. Zenner and Mrs. Carl G. Martinke -and Mrs. Frank Vine and Mrs. John P. Kelly and Mrs. Howard E. Duysters and Mrs. George Herman and Mrs. Herbert C. Roudenbush and Mrs. R. L. Marchand and Mrs. W. J. Daggers and Mrs. Gerald E. Mahoney and Mrs. William J. Mullen and Mrs. Tracy M. Bissell and Mrs. Walter D. Keller and Mrs. Frank J. Higgins and Mrs. Fred C. Manthey Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Fred H. Raupach and Mrs. F. O. Francis and Mrs. John W. Henry and Mrs. Philip J. Snyder Sr. and Mrs. Louis P. Snyder and Mrs. Herbert J. McKenna Mr. and Mrs. J. Potter Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. Moesel Mr. and Mrs. James G. Hedrick Mr. and Mrs. Elwood T. Larkin Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Godson Mr. and Mrs. John Baka Mr. and Mrs. Dell M. Ramsey Mr. and Mrs. James E. Mossell Mr. and Mrs. Ludwig Krummeck Mr. and Mrs W. J. 0'Brien Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Klein Mr. and Mrs. Herbert C. Doll Mr. and Mrs. Roy A. Eck Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Treadwell Mr. and Mrs. John Fulton Dr. and Mrs. R. C. Brown Mrs. Charles W. Allenbach Mr. and Mrs. John E. Rae Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Crooks Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Piper Mr. and Mrs. George E. Becker Xe Qjbieffli, c?EDOCA41fU0OJ 3 QZGTA1. guldefdj dgYV1jC9 2775 Qwain GL. Qujffaio, Cgjarlsicje 8816 RICH'S ICE CREAM Served exclusively in our Cafe+eria Compliments of JOHN J. STARKE Dispensing Optidan DR. F' V' H Oculists' Prescriptions Filled 409 C1.Evi-:LANU Dnxvm 8584 MAIN ST. Phone PA 3751 University Plaza C. J. KLEINSTEUBER CHEMICAL E. C. McNU'r'r SALES CORPORATION 1382-1384 Niagara Street I BUFFALO, N. Y. Industrial and Heavy Chemicals Accessories : : Expert Lubrication KEN DALL SERVICE STATION MAIN-CITY LINE Bert Berchou, Proprietor UN 9807 Compliments of AMHERST DRUG STORE MAIN and ROCK WILLIAMSVILLE REXALL DRUGS T. E. Dungey Proprietors: H. L. Wright V 1 HOUSEHOLD OUTFITTING CO. Goon FURNITURE SINCE 1895 575 MAIN ST. 345 BROADWAY TO DAY Our furniture is Fresh as a Freshman, Sophisticated as a Sophomore, Jolly as a Junior Sensible as a Senior Compliments of DIBELLO-PONTIAC PONTIAC DEALER LI 1740 1275 MAIN STREET BUFFALO, N. Y. We Service Any Make of Automobile - - Tow Truck Available - - We Buy All Makes of Used Cars - - Wheel Aligning - - Engine Rebuilding - - Complete Frame Rebuilding GENUINE PONTIAC PARTS PHOTOGRAPHS IN 'rms ANNUAL WERE MADE BY BEN SWAN PHOTOGRAPHER 637 MAIN STREET, BUFFALO Have your Photo Taken with the New Speed-Flash Camera! Freezes Action at lf30,000 of a Second! Natural Effects. Posing Not Necessary Negative.-1 Kept in Files Five Years for Duplicate Copies Industrial, Institutional and Personal Photography Kurt Chuck Ed Norm Hank Jim Al Jack Best Wishes 'ro +he Class of '45 And Our Boys in the Service ills 91 if 1' : '4cn, SIGMA PSI FRATERNITY LAMBDA CHAPTER Member I nter-F raternity Council George Tony Dick Bob Fred Don Smitty Ernie ARTHUR L. BECK General Agent 1111 Genesee Bldg. Buffalo, New York NIITIIIIIAL LIFE INSURANCE CUMPAIIY Ei2E?5EE55:E!EBM.2III D. A. Pfam N. R. Pfohl -'BLUE COAL AND SEMET-SOLVAY coKE SCHULER BROTHERS 5 G 'c i ' V'f 'l ' ' MW THE POPULAR HOUSEHOLD FUELS Wm Dmuvmn D SNYDER, N. Y. PA. 9041-9042 INC. cmpumm of Ray L. Marchand, D.D.S. Conzmn MAIN AND Eau: Summa on mom Yom! Nmanaonnoon Duma Phone: C'Leveland 7900 THE YARN SHOP Williamsville, N. Y. Compliment.: of ROBERT J. FIMIANI Compliments of BROST MOTORS, INC. GA S900 DODGE and PLYMOUTH Distributors 1285-1291 MAIN ST. ' BUFFALO, N. Y. ALFRED M. JEFFERY 361 DELAWARE AVE. BUFFALO, N. Y. Publisher-'s Representative LOCK'S HOME BAKERY UNiversity 3883 460 SOUTH HARLEM ROAD at Kensington Try Our Home-made JEAN BEAUTY SALON BREAD - PIES L- CAKES - ROLLS JEAN HERRMANN S971 Main St Qualify our Specialty UNiversity 2848 Eggertsville, N. Y. r Bob Abwender Paul Ash Norm Berg Frank Emblidge Bob Holbrook Hugh Howlett Paul Howlett Adrian Harris Don Jacobi Jim Jacobi Jim Kautz Pete Potenza Jack McKenna Bob Madden GAMMA SIGMA FRATERNITY ii NA SW 9 rp4j2bp 695 'WQNATIQXX IN Bob Brost Bill Conroy Justy Kuehling Jack Lawler W THE SERVICE Jerry Reihman Bill Sprague Jack Madden Jack McCormick Jerry McDonald Ed Bliller Dave Moyer Dick Metzger Dick Reagan Dick Reiland Don Richart Clark Ryan Frank Striegel Bob Thomson Jack Wilson Larry Wright Warren Worden Clair Leo GRIME DOESN'T PAY --f-M 'R , , , ja - -W-W Q 1 f ,ff f.. 25:24 f f 41:2 QIII.. Q: 25? X7 T32 S: QYQ. 3 , ' 'GLS-. My ,-, .,,: : 1 - 11-as - , A f '4 QQ I Q 'af if X 3:22125 1fri:2:E1E112E:E1:1- 2:2 1. pl ' Q ,N.,- ,s. ' g J, ,Q .,:,:,..,. 5 5 X Z 'Aho , ,li me mas 1 6pfArmvfm,g Am,-aef you Paffmme aug wmv ? ANNA 1 Wa mkw. .fair 6011 ovfpfwfn wmv JOHNSONS, CLEANER.. .. . LOOKS LIKE I WAS PAXNIVN fflfli D0i5Wf X7' ,YAAM 9 0 ' JON NSONS CLEANER GH! mf wer lVlf!l0Uf Damn fflf moss JOHNSON'S CLEANER JOHNSON PRODUCTS CO., BUFFALO, N.Y. Bea! Wishes To Compliments of The Graduates, The Fa:-ulty and Friends of THE HERTEL BROWNBILT AMHERM' CENTRAL Hmn Svnom, SHOE STORE GARFIELD SAGER 1382 HERTEL AVE. 3586 Main St. Eggertsvi!le M. C. Hufford J X C'ompl1'mentx qf Compliments of Dr. and Mrs. W. W. Meissner GRACE C- HEANEY 4517 Main St., Snyder, N. Y. GIFTS CARDS HOSIERY R. CO. Ive Cream . . . Tandy . . . Magazines 86 W Chippewasggregsot BMZUFFAL0 N Y Shelf Gros-eries . . . School Supplies Manufacturers of ., woEPPEL's 1 Y Q 1 f C ONPECTIONS .f. Phone PA 1505 SCHOOL AND FRATERNITY JEWELRY 4209 Main St. Eggertsvine' N. Y Diamonds Watches Trophies Compliments of BUFFALO NUT SHOPS BUFFALO, N. Y. Compliments qf DR. R. W. CONN DR. W. A. SMITH In the Heart of Eggeftsvillen Investment Securities R. H. JOHNSON 8: CO. NELSON B. WAGNER Delivery Service Phone: AM 0128 Manager 17 Court sf., CL 1780 DRY CLEANING New York Boston Philadelphia 2220 Kensington Ave. SN YDER, N. Y. Menfs and Boys' Wear . . . Growing Girls' Shoes DAIRY BAR - LUNCHEONETTE The Place Where Young Folk M ee! FRED RONEKER can 5548 MAIN STREET PA Qlll 5516 MAIN ST. W'MSVILLE ll WILLIAMSVILLE WILLIAMSVILLE, N, Y, Compliments of Compliments of MR. AND MRS. W. J. GIBNEY THE OMEGA SIGMA SORORITY FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE THE HONOR SOCIETY MAINTAINS A SCHOOL SUPPLIES STORE 1 I I LL ..m-i- . ,- HERE WE ARE EQWISIIED TO PROVIDE YOU WITH YOUR EVERYDAY SCHOOL NEEDS MAY WE SUGGEST THAT YOU TRY US NEXT TIME MEMBERS IN CHARGE: MARILYN DOLL MARION MADISON JEAN HERMAN LORNA HECK Congra+ula+ions '+o 'rhe Class of '45 Buster Boyle Harold Brundige Bill Brunner Dick Derr Bob Eck Tom Eck George Elliott Bud Hart Bob Hawks Bog Hornung Red Huber Norm Ihrig Dick Jeffery ALPHA ZETA FRATERNITY CHI CHAPTER Member Inler-Fraternity f,'o1mffil Cam Kelly Jack Kertzie Bill Kiplinger Harry Loomis Spence Mar-Donald George Manthey Bud Meyer Dick Naylon Tom Pitman Bill Ramsey Bob Spangentbal Hank Streng Rod Terry Al Weber KOBLER 8: MILLER We are indeed proud of the constantly increasing OPPORTUNITY FOR SERVICE which is being accorded us by the people of the AMHERST COMMUNITY Convenient Parking, Convenient Shopping Prompt ServicwAIways 816-322 GENESEE STREET A. C. KOEPF FLOWER SHOP CutFlower.v...Plant.1...Cor.vage.1...Bouqueta UN 7403 Compliments of DR. E. C. SAUER The Fairmoni' Creamery Co. BETTER DAIRY PRODUCTS 197 Scott St. BUFFALO, N. Y. C L 8516 CL 6586 C omplimenfs of BUFFALO RADIO AND ELECTRONIC COMPANY 1565! MAIN ST. Phone LI 1001 Radio Repair Sper'1'nli.9ts ENTERTAINMENT HEADQUARTERS for AMHERST CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS The World'.9 Greatest Mohkm P1bture.9-Perfectly Presented SIC. SHEA'S KENSINGTON Bailey and Kensington Ave. JE. SHEA'S KENMORE 8021 Delaware Ave., Kenmore TOWN OF AMHERST OFFICIALS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATIN G Superintendent of Highways F. Theodore Jenzen Town Clerk Martin A. Gilbert CLASS OF 1945 Supervisor Albert J. Herman Councilman Nelson H. Blocher Edgar J. Barth Albert C. Koepf Fred G. Muck Town Attorney Edwin J. Culligan Chairrnan of Board of Assessors Fred W. Stuewe Chief of Police Edwin H. Evans Congratulations to the Class of 1945 FRANK X. HUBER WHOLESALE COMMISSION MERCHANT Niagara Frontier Food Terminal BUFFALO, NEW YORK Since 1878 BIARTIN F. HUBER BENJAMIN J. HUBER Compliments of Stoker Coal Smokeless Coal Bituminous AMHERST BUILDERS' MARY FAGEN SUPPLY 8: COAL CORP. BEAUTY SHOP 5274 Main st., Williamsville, N. Y. Williamsville 64--UNivel'sity 3581 F Y Lehigh Valley Semet-Solvay 4555 MAIN ST. SNYD IR, N. . Amhracite Coke Sa.u.'l:e1 ' SAUSAGE MAKER TO HIS MAJESTY KING APPETITE Distributors of Iw Qualily Foods P 'Ii P 'I Q 3947 MAIN STREET 0 AT EGGERT ROAD Q C Jg 5 'JC SHOP AT UNIVERSI Y PLAZA KOEGUS BAKERY sI-ss UNIVERSITY PLAZA Pies . . . Cakes . . . Rolls . . . Bread . . . Cookies and Pastries Orders Taken for All Occamioru FEDERAL MARKETS, INC. UNIVERSITY PLAZA Meet Me At Grant's Plaza Store W. T. GRANT CO zzz UNIVERSITY PLAZA Visit Our Teen Age Shop GIRLS BOYS SMART APPAREL GIFTS sl TOYS Everything fm the Baby THE CHILDREN'S SHOP 22 UNIVERSITY PLAZA Boys to 8 Sz 10 Yrs. Girls to 16 Yrs. L. M. LENIIARD . M. LENRARD KELLOGG-FIRESTONE HOME AND AUTO SUPPLIES Complete Lirw of SPORTING Goons Hom: SUPPLIES AUTO SUPPLIES AND Tuma 26 UNIVERSITY PLAZA UN 6722 Owned and Operated by KELLOGG PETROLEUM PRODUCTS. INC. Cmnplimnta of MWGAIER 1' '9 'JAX 'QQQLM T x Sz' T R35 0'7 KIWANIS CLUB or Ammnsr Graduation thought: Climb high Climb far Your goal the sky Your aim the star Hopkins ,Memorial S top Williams College 2:3 Best wishes from Remillgtull Rilllll KREHER 8: SHOEMAKER, INC. J obbers of Fine Confections SCHRAFFT'S CHOCOLATES, FRUITS AND SYRUPS 4-33-4-35 BROADWAY BUFFALO, N. Y. WA 7079 Cmnpliments of AUSTlN'S ALIDA BEAUTY SHOPPE Operated By WILLIAM WILLIE 3997 MAIN STREET Phone Williamsville 46 AM 0464 5543 Main St. Williamsville, N. Y. Buy Your Compliments of Gxns AND GREETING Clmns at MAIN xr LINCOLN THE VILLAGE SHOPPE SNYDER 5550 Main Street , Dependable Drug Sewwe WILLIAMSVILLE, N. Y. E. B. Simonson - Propnktora - C. Keil Cassety GENRICH BUILDERS, INC. RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION A PROFESSION 4287 MAIN ST. UN 0444 RUNG'S 'FURNITURE HOUSE, INC 873-879 GENESEE AT HERMAN Compliments of ZETA SIGMA EPSILON SORORITY ALPHA CHAPTER Compliments of NORMAN JACOBI CONGRATULATIONS WILLIAMSVILLE PHARMACY The Vitamin Store Free 2 Phones: Delivery 610 Service PA 5152 ART GOODS NOTIONS NOVELTIES Let Us Take Care of Your Hem-Line Troubles Alterations and Repairs HEISER'S DRY GOODS STORE Quick Service Wash -- DRESSES - Silk Furnishings for the Entire Family HARLEM 8: KENSINGTON SNYDER, N. Y. PA 0910 Open Saturday Evenings Till 7 P. M. THE AMHERST BEE Tin: Orncuu. PAPER or Annsnsr With a Weekly Column of Amherst Central News Fine Job Printing Smart, Personalized STATIONERY Personalized Matches and Napkins WILLIAMSVILLE. N. Y. PURITY QUALITY YOU'LL FAVOR OUR FLAVORS IN EVERY COMMODITY STERLING AMHERST FARMS DAIRY, INC. 4949 MAIN ST. UN 6600 COURTESY SERVICE SUPER QUALITY Eggs, Flour, Breakfast Foods, Lawn Seed, Dog Food COOPERATIVE G. L. F. MILLS, INC BUFFALO, N. Y. Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Kendall l GAMMA PHI SIGMA ALPHA CHAPTER BEST OF LUCK DONALD BROWN EUGENE BUELL STEVE CAMPBELL WILLIAM CLARK ROBERT CONSCHAFTER EUGENE COTTRELL HOWARD DUYSTERS JOHN FERRICK JOHN GEYER PAUL GIFFORD WILLIAM GRIEVES FRANK HARDING JAMES HEDRICK ROBERT HITZEL q Q f w 5 DONALD WAGN ER JOHN HODSON ROBERT KINKEL STUART MCALLESTER RICHARD MERRYMAN DONALD MUSKOPF EDWARD REAGAN DOUGLAS REED EARL ROBERTS ROBERT ROTH RICHARD SAUER ERIC SIEGFRIED DONALD TOLSMA RICHARD TOLSMA BRADLEY WAGNER Las+ Year's Graclua+es in Service Carl Kinkel, U.S.N. Donald Durrick, U. S. N. Milton Mugler, U. S. N. Dean McCarthy, U. S. A. A Member of the I nter-Fraternity Council PA 9114- PA 9848 Personalized Prescription e LIES' PHAR C 413 C HLAND Dmvn AT HARLEM ROAD CHE OWAGA 21, N. Y. BERT A. Line, PH. G. CHRISTIAN FLIERL CO. Lumber . . . Planing Mill . . . Cabinet Work Plywood . . . Insulation Wallboard 1352 GENESEE ST. BUFFALO, N. Y Phone: TAylor 2486 E. D. GUTTAS CO. Manufacturers of BANNERS . . . EMBLEMS . . . LETTERS EMBROIDERERS We specialize in lettering on sports wear of all kinds. Also Chenille Letters B: Emblems. Prop. 'rv W. CHIPPEWA ST. CL mas RYAN 81 WILLIAMS, INC. STATIONERS Ojice Outfitters - Desks - Chairs FILING DEVICES K i O O O Telephones: WAsh. 0177-0178 82-84 Pearl St. Buffalo, N. Y. Creetings SCHUPP AND MANSFIELD STEEL Foncmos CAs'nNcs Ex.1.1co'r'r SQUARE BUFFALO S'cIIIIIIllL lp' Il . 18 COURT STREET BUFFALO, N. Y. Compliments of MULLEN AND GUNN lbmplimenting Faculty and Graduates AMHI-:RST CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL On a Good Job Well Done TRESIDDER REALTORS Main at Darwin UN 5040 Contributing Since 1924- to the Character and Growth of Amherst Cmnpliments cj' Dr. and Mrs. Sidney M. Marks BRUCE SWEET Business Life Insurance Liberty Bank Bldg. Buffalo, N. Y. CL 4158 l'ompl1'nzc'11Is to THE GRADYATING CLASS OF 19-1-5 SUOR AND SUOR Loonc mm Youn smug, BEAUTY SCHOOL Mun sneer - bufrALo,Nfw vomi 5-X+........3'i A J... ..,, im.. , -, QS, ..,...,..n...,..f1, '--'Cllr-fm M ' L ' . rf' 1' ix Q KKK 355. 111 Towrzn THE LITTLE STATION THAT OFFERS A LOT JOE FISCHER'S CIRCLE SERVICE STATION HARLEM AND CLEVELAND UNIVERSITY 9686 Exide Batteries : : Champion Spark Plugs : : Firestone Tires Purolator Oil Filters MARFAX SKYCHIEF FIRECHIEF HAVOLINE Motor Tune-Up Restores Economy and Performance by Accurately Resetting Adjustments To Original Specifications By Precision Meters 'rExAco Sure Start Service Battery Charged While You Wait Complete Line of Fan Belts for Have Your Motor Tuned Today- Save Gasoline- More Power- Easier Starting- Call UN 9686 Make Your Appointment Now Refrigerators : : Washing Machines : : Wood Working Machines : 1 Lawn Mowers GUARANTEED WORKMANSHIP It's a Good Habit to Trade Here 1 .XJR Q Wie? Q-2-32 :R wx . g 1 R PE: . K wk Q Y ' 533 Qui ga? , V30 - 555' - s ga-. - :- lj iqlf: - , -L. ' W 115' K, c-31' I L ' ' SWF- ,-If :Eff- mfg.. Z!-IM, V Q, :' '1 1 2:1 ,' 51. 1 bfi? ' r E u i E Z 4 P J 5 1 .w 1 f f s I E i I I 1 I i r Z 3 F 3 3 Q I 1 E i 1 ! 2 1 3 1 E . 1 A 4 A L M. .. . .. I x.

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Amherst Central High School - Tower Yearbook (Amherst, NY) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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