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. fwfa- . --.-rh--4---- f fwfr- f Y -- - ' -- -W v , I : ' .: Q . T Q ....: - --,.. -.-. . 4 --R -i... f. f-' ill 1 -1- - i-- W f ' K .L- ' 1:- Q .. U . - .. .1 .1 f 1' Q -ff QM -- ' ' 1 f - 'rf L- . Ns V ' N 12 12 if - 4. Mit! I D- I , 24.1 , - .iq Ya 53- , 1 - - 'f a I Li - 3s.'S 'J -- ls' ' V A 93 S 1 5 NJ., ' 'TN' - L- YL- 'Ia - ' A . -Y A .tfjgg -' xj. 7 Ag- H 'I I - '- f' A- ,P.,- ,,, - . I-L, . , H. - I I I .X f u , I I, , , lewfsf- -ew f 5 f 1 'm f l1U K5 if 1 H 'f ' fy , 1 ..- 'H , - ' - 1 , 1 - . l ' Q - I . -- 4 ,z v y l 1 Ll 6 J 1 xl' I II Ill if R7 I an 4 1 1 F f 4 , ' 1 ' f uf? '11 5-49, ffjkgvf 5,-Z -, F 5, I I -: li I I 7-,F I F? .5:24,,fzfzLf.L 1. A w , L L! H L E I' Hi' ,. fn 1 'f-71: Q4 f. W! :L L 1,1 - 1 .1 rl, J. SP I4 ' .ff I -1 L, nl? T 1 ' V. If-'T ' ., ff V' 'Qi'? f'3? f Q gfffvw ig. ,Ai,4,f,, 5 1 gurl If 7 A -, y rm-1 t , YEL? ll: If ' .W L' v',.'. I V- 1 - 'jf V ,ig X N ' g. L I QL- Y 1 ' r i4 N rin?-xiii 4 ' A ,?'7:, kv 5 'Q Let Y A X ' ' - ' . X . J- ,-'N' W' 1 + ' 'E i.,f,',' , ' 'Q V T' f fw ' K - J ' - Q, -- .- - ' 'A' . '- - Q I :gl f' 'Fi 4 -'hi' jjxq, 'I w '. Ji fjililm, ,r ' W , fl if , f m. Vg r , , l. , Nu r V X -4,,1,,.d., 1, A -,rr 11 , , Af-1 we-v ry, ,,?,,2frx,. I Sli. .Qu 3 .,...- ,lm ' If . K P' bi-147 . ' I ' ' '- '- X:- ' d- I- 1 - x - ' xx I F .f I . V. X 'si-5 ' S - Rjxyn rf' -- A 'JI -cc, V X- Lis 2 -Y N - ' 's ' x :tink- X f x xrxjjnl' ,'O ,X' Mgfw It 'sfJJ Xxx X 'Ak x 1 M X M X P 2 . CN 1 ' fl -M Hxx 'I 7 Tx A X bpm J I gh N f' . wx flfrw' A - 4- X 6 J x lXl'xX.x M Q X x XX' . X Xxilx WV ,M U94 A gd- X ' fqmi I -Y-FR 4' i ' Wx .317 .42 5 . if 1 X f,f'cf., XX- Alu! 1 M ' ff ' f-L, V .V X1 L , ' ff' MQ. ,, 4 1-0 '?faAA', . +- I lg.. , - I, I A T QQWMZQQ . -?--.-...T -1 M .LT-' ' 'Q .-27 'x In o ,I TQ K 1 x ' rw. x 4 1 A J' W . , , ci ' X' mfflllilln X , X if . ' Ei n! - f i - 'I -1 1 , ' - - 4 rv. V 3.: .T-5-Q, - 4.5 U L1 A1 lv -L'... T:. P-,-L ,iv ..'-rr ' 'J' Adpfiyy ,ff Ji, ---7:1 ' 1' I ry ' -- , K ,fkjf ,J ,' V-rj' , , ,f fx, .Pr , ,,A A - .: -f- A-1- ' I2 , V11 IE If -:A ' - ' I ,rx ,X ,'K W,' xiii K - V' 1.1-.5311-..-: yi, I tv -:-- 1,3 Y f 1 5 252-gl? I A Q 2' , X 'J 4 ,A C F A' 51:-T137 H' L?-Lrg, e ' j H ' 1 x 'nil' V9 -'X 'N' TI Y. , 'V 1,1 1-' . N'-v P i' - -'T-P'-' PIII' S mf 4 ' ' A 'E 1' ' A ,' . 'f 'A 'r 'Q f' .S Alf' if 44, tbzfg, , ' 'Q vw ' X K , P151 ' ' l . 7 : L' 11' 'rv ,U Af,-4.f7,,.. - - L 4 V4 7. I ll!'+w-1 ,- .1-rg, WA Af fl f 9 .. -A fbi I ,, -AA . A E4 l -- LL, 4? lan A'li': !J F1 uf, ' Af :M A 1 - f' -f . A -if A ' N- ' A A .44 ,Iw',-.D in A la Al 2 .19 ' h , 412. f ' Q -JA fx' A I . 5 Af K'AA.+:i-Siifip? if E 5. - ' T -7. 3 I --A--1:3 1' ,i Hia? LX 'J .g. 'x-na L ff I 1 -1: H21 if- .A df? -152 A 4 'A ' - I - Pvc '17 , z f 'A 'A Aw A. iz: A F 4 M ' XL -' A A M ,Ili I '91 Arxi' , If Zn- 5 rr-'?v,5A-1 4' N- J I t ARI' W! iv .lan ,S-it-1 - i i,13 ,521 M , 751 . . 'W ' .Mil ' 1 Legs?-1955A-fe' 'af 2A f 42- gg A-4: 5 , 1 - - . IEEE' ' xA A N-. , A f-1 . 1 f , -A' ,. f jf. Aafw , -if vfsf-Aj y31q,h, . gp fptlg jx ' A A .-MM IZ! .k4,wiw1r?.Xi! Q y , L., N - he 4 -1:4 rlikig V,,,.,.,:.. A-,, A.. ,. nag-, ..- K ,, A I ,b , - . . z , ,X I ,,, .A . fliilg' A- f 'Tv-f1?4f,.L . -1::A: AAfA'.,.2LAvA1 -.F AQ iw X2-42 . n , , V ,, .M :A -' A .-- f ,, A -, -, -. A '- --- 5 -' Q A ,,,.,,,..- A --1 A 5ff:frf-1- -A A 19 J? iii: , Q 'I -- - -+1 - -Af E- ,M 'MAA +1 + I , AAA- AAA' - l Q' MAN' -- EW Q XI , +5 VY A Qs ,Q ' is S tv A N-s -5 ' ' , - ,. . , f I 0? in X - ' Pfg g 5 -Q J ,, -A '- 'P ' I 1 ' .1 A AX, A NAA A IA -X hs- . b . x J lx X 5 I A ' N ' A ,f ' 4 ,, lk 'l 3 1 X v S-ww X A m Ax ,MM Rv -KIA 'N-. 5 kv... ' i . 'N F A KN - 'tif' 'gl .XX tx x 1:5 ' X - K K. , 1: lui ' A Fl , mul, . iff lg, ' 1 ' N Y N X gil 'nj I X A x XY 1' ' ' X f 1 ' Q X N 4,1 KA RS Il IQ , , . , A , A . K , A A1 5 XX Y .. A I xi V 1 1' t ii- lr AIVW- -is Nl x L7 MW, XM I '1 1 , LX. . K 'A 2- f 344 ' U 'Fu ..,. , N - gas, A fq ff af YJ . QF x rx g' L VL7 I 'xx 0,1 A M - X A W A K-if X S - f' '11 K 5 353 xv' f in-aww, ff, . A A -A 1 A A No.7 A 4525? , , , gd: , ljf EX LIBRI gm , ff A lp 'LL'-vu. L -113- , R5 I N gnu' L- -. 'V i f 4 W hi N P N F U +16 - ., , 1 - Tri' f .iffy .J gm. W, Vw I i r 51.2 42: 1 1 my Aim-4? f : fy ' A K wg Q, i gf: gg .'! 1i,- V .. Mx 241 ?ff l 'L J '-L f' 4, f ,--.-,g , 'w-' ' :gd . V N.., ,.,: L , - ,.,, l THE T'0WEll SENIOR PUBLICATION OF THE CLASS OF 1944 AMHERST CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL ' SNYDER, N. Y. DEDICATICN As we, the Class of 1944, look back over our memories and accomplishments at Amherst, we realize that our success was furthered to an immeasurable ,degree by our teachers and advisers. To one of these teachers we wish to extend our special appreciation. She has done her work quietly and thoroughly, yet she has endeared herself to all her classes and to all her acquaintances with her charming ways and pleasing manner. We are extremely proud to dedicate our yearbook to Miss Rix. THE TOWER 4 5 THE TOWER IN MEMORIAM PAUL M. KING EDRYCE KING Seated: Marion Jenzeu, Dorothy Dilts, Betty Reif, Irmgard Nierhaus. Stand g D k J if y Barbara McNutt, Betty Sue Kendall, Dean McCarthy, Betty Nagel, Marilyn F EXECUTIVE STAFF Betty Reif Editor-in-chief Betty Nagel, Barbara Hitchcock, Marion Jenzen Asst. Editors Dean McCarthy Business Manager Betty Lou Fullerg Asst. Business Manager Robert PoChedley Advertising Manager Donald Rachow Asst. Advertising Manager Dorothy Dilts Subscription Manager Richard Jeffery Photography Editor Fred Berriman Asst. Photography Editor Irmgard N ierhaus Publicity Manager Virginia Hartwell Art Editor Beverly Stowell Asst. Art Editor Jean Lazarus Typing Editor lVIarie Roberts Sports Editor Mr. Robert Holder Faculty Adviser F N Q 3 T TOWER STAFF EDITOR BETTY R1-:IF THE TOWER 6 GENERAL STAFF Robert Gusse Ruth Filbert Jane Kinney Elizabeth Browning Betty Sue Kendall Pat Lallmang Geraldine Harter Barbara McNutt Regina Reagan Marion Schwaneflugel Peggy llfountfort Mary E. Sperry Patricia MacDonald Betty Jane Kress Nancy Marchand Torn Diehl Ned Sharp Marilyn .Doll Marilyn Farmer Dulce Hedrick THE Tower StafT is endeav- oring to give to Amherst this year a new and, we hope, pleasing variation of the traditional yearbook. The Story of the Year re- counts the activities and events as they progressed through the year in the warm and friendly atmos- phere that gives Amherst its undying spirit. 7 THE TOWER DON RACHOW, TOM DIEHL BARBARA HITCHCOCK, BETTY LOU FU J EANNE LAZARUS, VIRGINIA HARTWELL, BETTY N ACEL THE STORY -OF YEAR THE TOWER 8 RISP DA FROM THE c OF JUNE. ES OE AMHERSQONIANS 0 THE PERFECT DAYS THE L1v BER '1' OF SEPTEM YS 9 THET OWER THE FEATURE WRITERS Betty Ackley Eleanor Appleby Lillian Aranibar Elizabeth Arend Martha Barbour Lawrence Benson Milton Bergman Walter G. Blish Ruth Buddenhagen Otis Chapman Myrtle Christensen Eda Cowan Emma Coyer Isabel Craik Mary D'Amico Rudolf Doblin Gertrude Epke Theresa Fitzgibbons Richard Ford Lillian Gruener THE TOWER THESE AUTHORS HAVE WOVEN THE BACKGROUND OF OUR LIVES FIVE DAYS A WEEK THROUGHOUT THE SCHOOL YEAR CLESS A FEW HOURS VACATION TIMED, AND HAVE HAD A FINGER IN EVERY STUDENT,S LIFE FROM THE BEWILDERED SEVENTH GRADERS T0 THE ENLIGHTENED SENIORS. Moira Haley Anthony A. Joy Carl Minich ' Archie Rousselle 11 THE TOWER ' ' Robert Halm Robert Holder Helen Humphrey Winifred Jenner Mabel Kolloif Harold Kruger Rufus LeFevre Margaret McCullor Ethel Myers Eva Polster Robert Pomeroy Gertrude Rix Dorothy Schmidlin Robert Schonewolf Olive Shuart Marion F. Simpson Mart.ha Stall Neil Stillman Kathleen Ward Barbara Watson NEW MEMBER or THE FACULTY Nlarian C. Butt Walter Studer Earle Thompson Elsie Waldow Z A 1 l MR. JOHN D. SCHELLER ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL AT the very mention of Mr. Scheller's name every student Wh has been fortunate enough to attend his classes or to talk Wit him at any time declares his strong liking for this teacher an assistant principal. Mr. Scheller works diligently at his dutie: and he makes a success of practically every undertaking. Be cause of his sincerity and helpful manner, Mr. Scheller ha always been and isa favorite with all who know him. THE TOWER 12 I 13 THE TOWER MR. PHILIP S. SCHWEICKHARD MR. Schweickhard is an ideal principal, and Amherst is fortu- nate to have him at the head of the school. He cordially receives any student who turns to him for help or advice, and he is re- spected by the student body and by the faculty for the excep- tionally wonderful job that he has done in making Amherst the fine school that it is today. ON September seventh the lighthearted occupants of Amherst's halls and classrooms once more trickled through the newly polished doorways for another year of higher learning and mental anguish g of good times and new friends. They all recognized the significant Hag at half-mast which lent a note of sobriety never before present on the opening day. After filling out the usual flood of printed forms concerning their private and public lives the students met in assembly and were dismissed early. Everyone appreciated the miraculous lack of classes on the iirst day. After trying on his new classes to see how they'd fit, everyone .set- tled down for the semester or rearranged his schedule until it suited him or until the office decided that he had changed enough. Along with the changing of autumn leaves came the spirited football season. Vivid orange and black banners waved amidst the crowds of Amherstonians who filled the stands to cheer for their Tigers. Ticket sellers ran about recruiting customers, and hot dog sellers drew hungry spectators as if by magic. Losses were cheerfully accepted, and victories were joyfully celebrated. This is football at Amherst. A Thanksgiving turkeys were eaten during the four-day holiday, and students returned to school to climb the rest of the road to Christmas vacation. as ii S XT f? fi . 'N fd if WPT ,je ME MIX Q, Ear KPMM 4 Q First raw: M. Zenner, R. Gorman, C. Champlin, J. Coleman. K. Kirk, P. McKenna, M. Farmer, P. Goodman, J. Marshall, A. Taylor R. Schuetz, H. Schutte, N. Schaeffer. Second row: M. Ferazzoli, Ni Henderson, S. Fisher, Y. Mandell, R. Lockleer, R. Nelson, A. Thomas, P. Young, D. YVillax, M. Saharoff. Third row: M. Weber, M. E, Sperry, D. Jeffery, D. Sauer, A. Beck, B. Derrick, J. Wilson, D. Moyer A. Smith, J. Curthoys, P. Hartford. Fourth row: V. A. Thomas. E. A Young, B. Hitchcock, P. Shortal, M. L. Weser, B. Larkin, M. Roberts, S. Crooks, S. Bissell, S. Sauer, M. Krumick, F. Rogers. Fifth row: W. Bergen, B. Cunschafter, C. Dalton, D. Metzger, K. Kurtz, R. Murphy, T. Pitman, W. Hamilton, F. Harding, J. Heinike, B. Gusse. Sixth row: R. Hitzemanu, D. Cantor, B. Hart, D. Kiplinger, S. llglcAllester, K. Alexander, F. Stephens, R. PoChedley, B. Clark, D. num. STUDENT COUNCIL VVITH two delegates from each homeroom and the sup- port of the entire school, the Student Council embarked upon their plans for the year. High goals were reached during spirited VVar Fund and Red Cross drives, and money was also raised for the Paul King Memorial Fund. The always enjoyable movies were again pre- sented by the Council, and a pat.riotic waste vpaper campaign was conducted during the second semester. Reese Foote held office as president this year with Mari- lyn Farmer as vice-president. WE, the Class of 1944, wish to extend our gratitude and appreciation to the members of the Board of Education for their service in our behalf. With the interests of the students of Amherst foremost in their minds, they gave unsparingly of their time and effort to promote and further high standards of education in the school and community. BOARD OF EDUCATION Mr. lVa.lter P. Geyer, Mrs. Dell Ewing, Mr, Eduard F. Metz, President, Mr. Philip Schweickhard, Principall Mr. Joseph F. Seitz, Mr. T. L. Masterson, Mrs. Ruth M. Brown. Na! pictured: Mr. Louis B. Dorr, Treasurer: Mr. Albert A. Cushing, Clerk. 5 THE TOVVER 04 ,, i, fy,-Q 1 RQ js? X V we ii. -H-?mr said SOPHOMOR-ES SOPHOMORE OFFICERS William Clark President Frank Harding Vice President Barbara Foote Secretary Paul Gifford Treasurer THE TOWER 18 JUNIORS i JUNIOR OFFICERS Lois Higgins President Betty Seares Vice President Bradley Wagner Secretary Dick Naylon Treasurer Q.: . - ,. x Ei. , ' is 19 THE TOWER 53g . LR NANCY BACON Nance Devoted scholar, overflowing ambition. DONALD BANKS Don Quietg friendly smile. RICHARD BAUM Boomer Reservedg outstanding basket- ball player. WILBUR BERGEN Wib RUSSELL BOCKSTEDT Rusty Easy going, good natured. BARBARA BOWERY Barb Smiling, active, nice person- ality. ELIZABETH BROWNING Lizzie Sweet, shy, studious, and silent. NINA CAMERON Shy, astounding athletic abil- SENIOR OFFICERS New Robert Schnirel President iW- Irmgard Nierhaus Vice Presideni Bob PoChedley Secretary Gerry Harter Treasurer He's terribly frankg burns the candle at both ends, likeable. S NIIORS JAMES BILZ J im Brainy, a whiz where books are concerned. GEORGE CARROLL Carroll Handsome in his beautiful new uniform. THE TOWER 20 I JOHN CARSON Jack A sense of humor as broad as his smile. WILLIAM CON ROY Bill Quiet, but witty. THOMAS DIEHL Tom Pleasing personalityg studious member of the Honor Society. DOROTHY DILTS Dottie Eyelashes that could sweep the cobwebs from any man's heart. JOHN DAGOSTINO Daggie When he smiles he uses a lot of face. CARL DALTON Skeets ITIHII . ANN DREXELIUS Drexie General attractivenessg gay. BETTY DUNN Bet Tranquil, intelligent new- comer to Amherst. Top-ranking athleteg a man's - 1-'-. ' fl an-A ' U ll fi we ' ' CHARLES DIEHL Chuck Happy go luckyg generous B EATRICE DUQUETTE 21 THE TOWER Beatty A sweet kid with a nice manner. DONALD DURICK Don Confidentg captivating humor. IRIS EMSLEY Moe uito - fl A refreshing gaiety. MARILYN FAR MER Red . Attractive, poised, witty. RITTH FI LHERT Fil Charming little all around girls' sports enthusiast. SENIORS DUNCAN EMSLIE Dune One swell guy: RAYMOND ERNST M ike Personality plusg noted for his spontaneous outbursts. DELL ROY EVVING Dell Amherst's star diver: diligent. ROBERT FINXIGAN Hob When Irish Eyes Are Smiling. GEORGE FISHER 1 I..YlI Shy, quiet, scholar of ability. REESE FOOTE Reese If hc's your friend, he's one of your best friends. THE TOWER 22 JAYNE FRAZIER Jaynie Cheerfulg resolute worker. ALICE FRITZ TELEPMNE Q l l X 4. f l A Fritzie Friendlyg pleasing singing voice. RICHARD GARDNER. Dick Unique sense of humor, enthu- siastic. 23 THE TOWER THOMAS GODSON Tom Quiet, liked by all. BETTY LOU FULLER Lou Gracious personality, enthusi- asm for a variety of activities. words. MARJORIE GOODRICH Peggy . Talkatxve, happy-go-lucky. KEVIN GOREN FLO Kev Subtle joker, neat dresser. JAMES GAIR Jim Hels a man of a few thousand DAVID GARDNER Red Quiet, reserved redhead BETTY GRUPP Bets Tall, dark, and sophisticated. ROBERT GITSSE Gus A dimple in the chin shows the clevil's within. WARREN HAMILTON Hammy Jovial, always ready to help., WILLIAM HARDING Bill Reserved, industrious manager of the Stage Crew. VIRGINIA HARTWELL Ginny Outstanding artistic ability, unending effervescence. V DULCE HEDRICK Dulce Amazing store of jokes, quick, SENIORS GLORIA HEIDELL Glo Vivacious, friendly redheadi GERALDINE HARTERQ Gerry Witty, always on the go. DOROTHY HEROLD Dotty Quiet, ambitious. BETTY ANN HARTMAN Betts Deep blue eyes, captivating smile. EDWARD HICKEY Do . Self - coniidentg conscientious worker. THE TOWER 24 -if A .y if T A Y on .,. Wil . A f QQ- W- CHARLES HILDEBRAND Hilde ' His friendship is a real asset. BARBARA HITCHCOCK ' Barb Charming personality, efficient, sincere. MARTHA HOWLET T Illarni No man-power shortage for her, sophisticated. iii iiii HARRY HOY N Fifi Hai'-9 i Carefree and congenial. i' , . i J o 'hi tit 2 .lgdl-IN HX ND ' E, CHARLES HUBER 1 ' A y fse 5, Chuck irleckles, bashful, snappy dres- S L .. Friendly and very eaSy-g0ing. . .,.. YVON N E IVES M itzie Sincere, always smiling. MARION JENZEN Pidge Dependable, energetic. I JUNE JIMENEZ Jim Jovial sports lover. S E N I O EUNICE JOHNSON Eunice A tall blond with a lovely voice. 25 THE TOWER DONALD JOHNSTON Don Smooth dresser, straight for- ward. EDNA JOHNSTON Johnny A friendly new-comer to Am- herst. CARL KINKEL C' His handshake ought not be used except as a tourniquet. JANE KINNEY Buttons Vivacious and mischievous. SENIORS BETTY KAMMAN Betts Sweet and petite. BETTY SUE KENDALL Rube She lives a date to date exist- 61108. BETTY JANE KRESS B. J. Unassurning, cooperative. WALTER KRUEGER Walt A whiz in mechanics, unobtru- sive. NORMA KENDALL Niklfy Another very welcome new- comer. PATRICIA LALLMANG Pat Woman begins by resisting :L n1an,s advances and ends by blocking his retreat. THE TOWER Q6 NORMA LAN DEL Norm Friendly personality with a dash of shyness. LACK LAWLER Jack An irrestible way with the 4 A5912 ri Q. -Qii ff , - e S 'M YI A I WOIDCII. VIRGINIA LOOMIS Ginner Bewitehing, elfervescent. JEANNE LAZARUS Jeannie Energetic, never shirks re- + sponsibility. BETTY LOPEZ Betts Short and sweet. SENIGRS 27 THE TOWER EUGENE LEFEVRE Gene Studious, confident, neat. PATRICIA MACDONALD Pat A zealous, understanding, hap- py person. ELEANOR MALINOWSKI Mal Pretty and persevering. AUDREY LEWIS Ami Cheerfulg always gracious. DEAN MCCARTHY Dean ' So persistent he would have the last word with an echo. JOHN MCCORMICK Jack A subtle sense of humor. MARGERY METZ Jlidge Extremely capableg sweet and unaffected. NEIL MCKOWNE Neil Lives life nonchalantly. BARBARA MCNUTT Barb Always on the gog glamorous. RITA MEYER Rila Cheerful and talkative, NANCY MCNUTT Nutty Uptimistic and jovialg out- standing sports ability. WALTER MEYER Nipper Shy, quiet, and efficient. SALLY M ILLAN E Sal Dimples like small whirlpools in her cheeks. PAULINE MEISTER Pauly . To be happy is her lot in life. GLENN MILLER Hector One in a million. THE TOWER Q8 3EVELYN MORF 1E11e flndustriousg girls' sports en- lthusiast. i l l ELIZABETH MOTSINGER' A ' i Z., s- fs lX i I Betsy Simple, quiet worker. JOYAL MURPHY Murph Triendlyg outstanding swim- ner. Q9 THE TOWER J EAN N E MURRAY Finley Carefree and effervescent. PEGGY MOUNTFORT Peg A comfortable humor that tickles without scratching. BETTY JANE NAGEL B. J. Captivating lead of the Senior Playg sweet manner. MILTON MUGLER Bill He's a leader of men and a follower of women. IRMGARD NIERHAUS Irmy Optimisticg idcl of all who know her. LOIS MURPHY Murph ' Sweet and reserved MARIE NIETHE M arie Quiet and dependable. ARLENE PARKER Liz Nice newcomer to A.C.H.S. RUTH PURDY Ruth Happyg an abundance of en- thusiasm. VIOLET PAYNE Pee-Wee Little, cute and capable. HERBERT PERK Herb Jovial and cheerful. Poch DONALD RACHOW Don Nice personality, eiicient. REGINA REAGAN Reggie Gracious, generous, and care- free. SENIORS ROBERT POCHEDLEY Charming personalityg one great guy. JANET REED Jan Self-reliant and ambitious. JEAN PRATT Peanuts Very expressive. BETTY REIF Reify Talented, charming, and out- standing. THE TOWER 30 GERALD RIEHMAN 211 onlc Unique in every way. HAROLD REIN ER H arolrl ' Humorous and resolute. MARION SCHWANEFLIIGEI. Swannie She meets life as though it were her own invention. 31 THE TOWER JAMES SCHWARTZ Herman- An abundance of wordsg am- bitious. - ' Clfwli , , A + -S xx, l FH DE E ur ' V --5,::f-:....zs-:i- 'I F-H 1-1 14-1- L-3, gifjirg lr A yr: k, 3' . ,,,,XQ 'Zig S' f Q . r L My by ,, SPIE 'lj-1:31.11 31u,f',-.'i'f 219:-V if I fl f EH f A I 553 . .v 'iq f 1 ,, 'y l L4+j 1 ,EU V 3:5 T1 I 15-' is-'FL ' m l - 9:1 . rv m u my g-I ,f 4 5 'I i iii f l 7 .WLT 'rf 1 sg A, 1 fri r . r 1, 'L sf:- ,17 if si L- ' ' 'Q 'n MARIE ROBERTS Boberts Plenty of pleasantness. MARION SCAMURRA lllari Confident, energetic, and re- . sourceful. ROBERT SCHNIREL Mort Man of the worldg vigorous personality. LILIA SHAMP Lila A warm and gentle nature.- EDWARD SHARP Ned Impulsive and easily aroused. ZNDRE SHEELER Smooth, suave, an adorable smile. PATRICIA SHORTAL Snooky Her mouth goes without say- ing. JOHN SHORTS Johnny Intuitive and intelligent. ALICE SMITH Allie Sweet, sician. WILLIAM SPRAGUE Bill Still waters run deep. SHIRLEY STEIN Shir! Cooperative, generous. DONALD STILES Din e 9 Enchanting personalityg spark- sincereg talented mu- ARLENE SPANN Artie Unaffectedg definite Hair for sports. MARY ELIZABETH SPERRY Sper Fun loving natureg musically inclined. ling eyes. BEVERLY STOWELL Bo It was more than a smile-it was a little sonata in three X movements. GLORIA STOCK , Stockey Observantg vivacious conver- sationalist. THE TOWER 32 FRANK STRIEGEL Yates Full of the devil. NORMA SWALBERT Norm Self reliant and demure. SYBIL TERRY Sib She's attractive to the oomph degree. GEORGE VOSSLER Tig Carefree and casual, a neat , ,XV f V, QL s m W1 'D N - E It DONALD SWEENEY Don Short, smart, and dependable. JAMES SWANEKAMP Torpedo, Cheerful and charming dispo- sition. JAMES TEN BROECK J im forts. friend. NORMAN WELLS Norm Dignified, engrossed in smiles. EDWARD WHITNEY Ed Like a page from Esquire. IRENE YEHLE I 33 THE TOWER Tall basketball wonder Intelligentg aspiring in his ef- ETHEL ANN YOUNG ggD0c!! Forceful, poised SENIORS NOT PICTURED WILLIAM BARRETT ROY CLAY ROBERT EMBLIDGE HARRY FARNER GEORGE OPPITZ WILLIAM TAYLOR TOM TRIMBACH ROY WERNER Sealed: Gerry Harier, Treasurer: Irmgard Nierhaus, Vice President. Standing: Robert Schnirel, President: Robert PoChedley, Secretary. SENIOR I CLASS OFFICERS SENIOR ADVISERS Seated: Miss Moira Haley: Mrs. Martha Barbour: Miss Mary D'Amico. Slandinq: Miss Gertrude Rix: Mr. Robert Schonewolf. THE TOWER 34- 35 SENIOR STATISTICS NANCY BACON-Ensemble 1, 2, 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 45 Operetta 15 Dramatic Club 45 A Cappella Choir.1, 2, 45 Glee Club 15 Pan-American Club 45 Tatler 45 Girl's Trio 45 Honor Society 4. DONALD BANKS-Track 35 A Cappella Choir 35 Radio Club 45 Honor Society 4. WILLIAM BARRETT-St. Catherines Collegiate Institute and Vocational School, Canada. Baseball. RICHARD BAUM-Soccer 25 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Baseball 3, 45 Football 45 Student Council 2, 45 Honor Society 3, 4. WILBUR BERGEN-Golf 25 Honor Society 3, 45 Student Council 45 Rifle Club 1,-25 Science Club 1. JAMES BILZ-Senior Band 2, 3, 45 Senior Orchestra 45 Honor Society 4. RUSSELL BOCKSTEDT-Golf 1, 25 Rifle Club 1, 2, 45 Science Club 1. BARBARA BOVVERY-Baseball l, 35 Soccer 1, 2, 3, 45 Hockey 25 Pan-American Club 25 Girl's Chorus 1, 25 Art Club 15 Basketball 3, 45 Tower 4. ELIZABETH BROWN ING-Girl's Chorus 1, 25 Pan-Ameri- can Club 2, 45 Tower 45 Honor Society 45 Home Economics 1. NINA CAMERON-Soccer 2, 35 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Girl's Chorus 1, 25 Honor Society 45 Junior Art Club 15 Senior Art Club 2. GEORGE CARROLL-Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Football 2, 3, 45 Horseshoes 15 Aviation Course 4. JOHN CARSON-Soccer 1, 25 Swimming 25 Rifle Club 15 Spanish Club 25 Student Council 45 Senior Play. ROY CLAY-Bennett High School 15 Radio Club 4. JOHN DAGOSTINO-Wrestling Club 15 Soccer 2, 35 Wrestl- ing 25 Track 3, 4. CARL DALTON-Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4. THOMAS DIEHL-Lafayette High School 15 2, 35 Track 45 Honor Society 45 Tower 4. DOROTHY DILTS-Swimming 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 15 Dance Club 15 Soccer 2, 3, 45 Tatler 45 Hockey 2, 3, 45 Sports Council 1, 2, 35 Honor Society 3, 45 Girl's Chorus 15 Sec't of Class 15 Ping Pong 15 Home Eco- nomics Club 1, 25 Junior Play, Tower 4. ANNE DREXELIUS- Soccer 1, 2, 3, 45 Hockey 2, 3, 45 Basketball 25 Swimming 3, 45 Girl's Chorus 1, 25 Dramatic Club 15 Archery 2. BETTY DUNN-Masten Park High School 1, 2, 35 Pan- American Club 4. ' BEATRICE DUQUETTE-Social Dancing 15 Science Club 15 Gir1's Chorus 25 Tatler 45 Dance Club 2. THE TOWER DONALD DURICK-Soccer 1, 2, 35 Tennis 2. ROBERT EMBLIDGE-Bennett High School 1, 25 Baseball 3, 4. IRIS EMSLEY-Soccer 15 Orchestra 1, 25 Dramatics 15 Art Club 1, 2. DUNCAN EMSLIE-Bennett High School 15 Table Tennis 25 Senior Play. DELL EWING-Swimming 2, 3, 45 Soccer 25 Football 45 A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Orchestra 1, 25 Student Council 15 Rifle Club 15 Junior Play. MARILYN FARMER-Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Soccer 1, 2, 3, 45 Hockey 1, 2, 3, 45 Tatler 45 Swimming 2, 3, 45 A Cappella Choir 1, 25 Junior and Senior Playg Tower 45 Dramatic Club 15 Honor Society 45 Dance Club 2, 3, 45 Vice President of Student Council 4. HARRY FARNER-Bowling 1, 2. RUTH FILBERT--Swimming 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Soccer 1, 2, 3, 45 Tower 45 Hockey 1, 2, 3, 45 Dance Club 1, 25 Baseball 1, 25 Dramatic Club 15 Science Club 1. ROBERT FINNIGAN-Bowling 1, 2, 45 Science xClub 15 Rifle Club 15 Honor Society 45 Baseball 4. GEORGE FISHER-Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Swimming 2. REESE FOOTE+Football 1, 25 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 2, 3, 45 Junior Playg Track 15 Student Council 1, 2, 3, 45 President of Student Council 45 Honor Society 4. JANE FRAZIER-Social Dancing 15 Soccer 25 Swimming 25 Baseball 25 Red Cross. ALICE FRITZ-Girl's Chorus 1, 25 Social Dancing 3, 45 Soccer 45 Dramatics 4. BETTY LOU FULLER-Soccer 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Hockey 1, 3, 45 Tennis 15 Dance Club 2, 3, 45 Girl's Chorus 15 Junior Play5 Treasurer of Junior Class5 Tatler 1, 2, 35 Sports Council 2, 45 Honor Society 45 Secretary of Honor Society 45 Assistant Business Manager of Tower 4. JAMES GAIR-Science Club 15 Rifle Club 15 Art Club 15 Park School 2. DAVID GARDNER-Science Club 15 Stage Crew 2, 45 Baseball 3. RICHARD GARDNER-Bennett High School 1, 25 Baseball 35 ,Swimming 4. THOMAS GODSON-VVrestling 25 Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Operetta 1, 25 Jazz Band 45 Student Council 15 Art Club 15 Junior Aviation 4. MARJORIE GOODRICH-Kensington High 1. KEVIN GORENFLO-Ivrestling 25 Football 45 Bowling 2, 3, 4. BETTY GRUPP-Girl's Chorus 15 Soccer 35 Hockey 35 Basketball 35 Art Club 1, 25 Home Ec Club 1, 25 Tatler 4. ROBERT GLSSE-Track 2, 45 Junior Playg Ping Pong 1, 25 Student Council 45 Tower 4. VVARREN HAMILTON-Soccer 2, 35 Track 3, 45 Senior Play5 Stamp Club 15 Student Council 1, 45 Science Club 1, 25 Hobby Club 1. VVILLIAM HARDING-Swimming 3, 45 Student Council 35 Stage Crew 1, 2, 3, 45 Tower 3, 4. GERALDINE HARTER-Sports Council 15 Tatler 35 Tower 45 Class Treasurer 4. BETTY ANN HARTMAN-Basketball 1, 2, 35 Soccer 1, 35 Hockey 35 Dancing 3, 45 Folk Dancing 15 Dramatic Club 1, 2. VIRGINIA HARTWELL-Swimming 35 Hockey 35 Soccer 35 Basketball 45 Gir1's Chorus 1, 25 A Cappella Choir 25 Dance Club 3, 45 Junior Play5 Dramatic Club 45 Art Editor Tower 45 Art Club 15 Senior Art 2. DULCE HEDRICK-Soccer 1, 2, 3, 45 Swimming 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 25 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Hockey 45 Sports Council 35 Honor Society 3, 45 Dance Club 2, 3, 45 Tower 45 Student Council 25 Tatler 3, 45 Senior Play. DOROTHY HEROLD-Kenmore High School 1, 25 Tatler 4. GLORIA HEIDELL-Soccer 1, 2, 3, 45 Hockey 35 Dance Club 45 Tatler 2, 3, 45 Student Council 35 Dramatics 3. EDWARD HICKEY-Science Club 15 Aviation Club 25 Baseball 4. BARBARA HITCHCOCK-Swimming 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Tower 45 Soccer 2, 3, 45 Hockey 2, 3, 45 Girl's Chorus 15 Senior Playg Honor Society 3, 45 Tatler 1, 2, 35 Treasurer of Honor Society 45' Student Council 3, 45 Art Club 1, 25 Dance Club 1, 2, 45 Baseball 1. CHARLES HILDEBRAND-Wrestling 25 A Cappella 1, 25 Operetta 1, 25 Band 35 Junior Play5 Rifle Club 15 Jr. Avia- tion 4. MARTHA HOWLETT-Lorotto Academy, Hamilton, On- tario 15 St Mary's Seminary 2. HARRY HOY-Horseshoes 15 Track 3, 45 Aviation Course CHARLES HUBER-Williamsvil1e High School 15 Rifle Club 4. JACK HYND-Kensington High School 1, 25 Track 45 Photography Club 4. YVONNE IVES-Soccer 1, 25 Basketball 1, 25A Cappella 35 Dance Club 1, 2. MARION JENZEN-Soccer 2, 35 Hockey 35 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Tatler 3, 45 Girlis Chorus 15 Dramatic Club 45 Asslt Editor of Tower 4. JUNE JIMENEZ-Kensington High School 1, 2. EUNICE JOHNSON-Bennett High 15 Girl's Chorus 25 A Cappella Choir 3, 4. DONALD JOHNSTON-Swimming 1, 2, 3. EDNA JOHNSTON-Parker High 1, 2, 3. BETTY KAMMAN-Basketball 1, 45 Soccer 2, 3, 45 Hockey 3, 45 Tatler 45 Science 15 Art Club 25 Honor Society 4. BETTY SUE KENDALL-Soccer 1, 25 Swimming 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 25 Girl's Chorus 15 A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 35 Operetta 15 Tower 45 Dance Club 3, 45 Art Club 1. NORMA KENDALL'-Lafayette High School 1, 25 Art Club 4 THE TOWER 36 CARL KINKEL-Soccer 1, 25 Swimming 1, 45 Football 3, 45 Tennis 3, 45 Senior Band 1, 25 Student Council 1,' 2, 35 Rifle Club 25 Stamp Club 15 Class President 35 Senior Playg Business Manager Junior Play. JANE KINNEY-Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Soccer 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Swimming 1, 2, 3, 45 Hockey 1, 2, 3, 45 Tennis 15 Dramatic Club 15 Dance Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Tower 45 Glee Club 1, 25 Science Club 1. BETTY JANE KRESS-Soccer 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 5 Hockey 3, 45 Student Council 25 Dance Club 15 Tatler 2, 35 Tower 4. WALTER KRUEGER-Hobby Club 1, 25 Science Club 1, 25 Student Council 2. PATRICIA LALLMANG-Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Soccer 1, 2, 3, 45 Tower 45 Swimming 1, 2, 3, 45 Hockey 35 Dramatics 35 Dance Club 2, 45 Student Council 25 Social Dancing 1, 2. NORMA LANDEL4Soccer 1, 25 Basketball 15 Dramatic Club 45 Student Council 35 Dance Club 15 Amherst Bee 1. JACK LAWLER-Cathedral High, Indianapolis, 1-2. JEANNE LAZARUS-Soccer 25 Dramatic Club 1, 25 Science Club 15 Library 35 Tower 45 Tatler 4. EUGENE LEFEVRE-Ithaca High School 15 McCaskey High School, Lancaster, Pa. 25 Orchestra 45 A Cappella Choir 45 Honor Society 4. AUDREY LEVVIS-Science Club 1, 25 Tatler 4. VIRGINIA LOOMIS-Soccer 1, 2, 3, 45 Hockey 3, 45 Basket- ball 1, 2, 3. BETTY LOPEZ-Basketball 1, 25 Baseball 25 Social Dancing 15 Swimming 25 Red Cross. PATRICIA MACDONALD-Basketball 1, 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 A Cappella 3, 45 String Ensemble 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 15 Art Club 1, 25 Tatler 3, 45 Business Manager of Tatler 45 Tower 45 Student Council 45 Senior Play. ELEANOR MALINOWSKI-Tatler 3, 45 Amherst Bee 4. DEAN MCCARTHY-Tennis 1, 25 Junior Play5 Tatler 1, 2, 35 Business Manager Tower5 Circulation Manager Tatler 3. JOHN MCCORMICK-Basketball 1, 25 Student Council 35 A Cappella Choir 2, 3. BARBARA MCNUTT-Hockey 1, 2, 3, 45 Soccer 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Dramatics 1, 2, 3, 45 Tower 45 Dance Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club 15 Home Ec. Home Planning 15 Tatler 3, 4. NANCY' MCNUTT-Soccer 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 2, 3, 45 Girlls Chorus 15 Art Club 1, 2. PAULINE MEISTER+Riverside High School 1, 25 Red Cross 4. MARGERY METZ-Student Council 15 Soccer 1, 2, 35 Basketball 1, 25 Dance Club 1, 2, 35 Tatler 25 Sports Council 3, 45 Honor Society 45 Hi-Y 45 President of Sports Council 4. 37 THE TOWER RITA MEYER-Girl's Chorus 15 Dramatic Club 15 Basket ball 3, 45 Soccer 45 Tatler 45 Amherst Bee 45 Tower 4. VVALTER MEYER-Operetta 1, 25 A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3 1 45 Boyis Chorus 15 Band 3, 45 Hobby Club 15 Badminton 2. SALLY MILLANE-Soccer 1, 2, 45 Basketball 2, 35 Hockey 45 Dance Club 25 Student Council 25 Girlis Chorus 1. GLENN MILLER-Football 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 A Cappella Choir 3, 45 Senior Play. EVELYN MORE-A Cappella Choir 45 Girlis Chorus 1, 3. BETSY MOTSINGER-Ohio 15 Bennett 2, 35 Band 45 Orchestra 4. PEGGY MOUNTFORT-Soccer 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Hockey 3, 45 Dance Club 2, 35 Tatler 1, 2, 35 Tower 4 r MILTON MUGLER-Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Football 2, 3, 45 Vice President of Junior Class. IOIS MURPHY-Arcade Central School 1, 2, 3. JEANNE MURRAY-Basketball 15 Soccer 45 Dramatic Club 15 Art Club 1, 25 Dancing. LOYAL MURPHY-Swimming 2, 3, 45 Band 15 Junior Play5 Rifle Club 15 Student Council 2. BETTY JANE NAGEL-Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Soccer 2, 35 Junior and Senior Play5 Riding Club 15 Dance Club 2, 3,45 Dramatic Club 45 Honor Society 45 Tower 45 Swimming 3, 4. IRMGARD NIERHAUS-Art Club 15 Dramatic Club 15 Soccer 2, 35 Basketball 35 Baseball 35 Junior and Senior Play5 Debate Club 25 Tatler 35 Honor Society 3, 45 President of Honor Society 45 Vice President of Senior Class5 Publicity Manager of Tower. MARIE NIETHE-American Red Cross 4. Baseball 45 Junior Play5 Tatler 1, 25 Student Council 1, 25 ARLENE PARKER-Salamanca High School 1, 2, 3. VIOLET PAYNE-Dance Club 45 Dramatic Club 1, 25 Science Club 1, 25 Art Club 15 Pan-American Club 45 Tower 4. HERBERT PERK-Track 3, 4. ROBERT POCHEDLEY-Swimming 3, 45 Student Council 45 Secretary of Class 45 Advertising Manager of Tower 4. JEAN PRATT-Kensington High School 1, 25 Tatler 45 Basketball 45 Soccer 4. RUTH PURDY-Pan-American Club 1, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 45 Dance Club 25 Student Council 25 Dramatic Club 4. DONALD RACHOW-Science Club 15 Art Club 15 Soccer 2, 35 Baseball 45 Tower 4. REGINA REAGAN-Mount St. Joseph Academy 1, 25 Dance Club 3, 45 Tower 4. JANET REED-Kenmore High 15 Baseball 2, 45 Swimming 3, 45 Dance Club 35 Tatler 35 Tower 45 Amherst Bee 35 Pan-American Club 4. BETTY REIF-Basketball '1, 2, 3, 45 Soccer 2, 35 Baseball 25 Dramatic Club 45 Honor Society 45 Dance Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Riding Club 15 Editor of Tower 45 Swimming 3, 4. JERRY RICHMAN-Boxing 1, 2. MARIE ROBERTS--Soccer 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 15 Basket- ball 2, 3, 45 Swimming 2, 3, 45 Hockey 2, 35 Girl's Chorus 1, 25 Dramatic Club 15 Treasurer of Class 25 Tower 45 Secretary of Class 35 Editor of Tatler 45 Dance Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Council 25 Sports Council 3. MARION SCAMURRA-Kensington High School 1, 25 Soccer 35 Basketball 3, 45 Social Dancing 45 Table Tennis 4. ROBERT SCHNIREL-Wrestling 25 Football 2, 3, 45 Junior and Senior Play5 Science Club 15 Senior Class Presi- dent. MARION SC HVVANEFLUGEL-School of Practice 1 5 Soccer 2, 3, 45 Baseball 2, 35 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Junior and Senior Playg Sports Council 35 Tower 4. JAMES SCHVVARZ-Baseball 2, 35 A Cappella Choir 3, 45 Tower 45 Victory Garden Club 4. EDWARD SHARP -Nichols School 1, 2, 35 Tower 4. LILA SHAMP-Basketball 15 Dance Club 15 Soccer 2. ANDRE SHEELER-Riding Club 15 Dance Club 25 Hockey 25 Soccer 25 Amherst Bee 1, 25 Tatler 45 Tower 4. PATRICIA SHORTAL-Girl's Chorus 15 Dramatic Club 1, 45 A Cappella Choir 25 Soccer 25 Basketball 2, 35 Junior and Senior,Play5 Student Council 3, 45 Tatler 3, 45 Swim- ming 4. JOHN SHORTS-Vfilliamsville High School 2, 35 Basketball 15 Rifle Club 2. ALICE SMITH-eSoccer 1, 25 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Girl's Chorus 1, 25 Operetta 25 A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 45 Girl's Trio 3, 45 String Ensemble 3, 45 Student Council 45 Dance Club 15 Dramatic Club 2. ARLENE SPANN-Soccer 25 Basketball 25 Swimming 3, 45 Tatler 45 Art Club 1, 25 Girlls Chorus 1, 25 Dramatic Club 3. MARY ELIZABETH SPERRY-Soccer 1, 2, 35 Basketball 1, 25 Tatler 25 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Council 45 Orchestra 2, 3,45 Girl's Chorus 15 Operetta 25 A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM SPRAGUE-St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute 1, 2. DONALD STILES-Football 3, 45 Student' Council 1, 25 Science Club 2. BEVERLY STOVVELL'-Fayetteville High School 1, 25 Soccer 45 Hockey 45 Basketball 45 Dramatic Club 45 Co- Art Editor of Tower 45 Dance Club 4. GLORIA STOCK-Basketball 15 Soccer 25 Dance Club 15 Art Club 3. FRANCIS STRIEGEL-Swimming 2, 3, 45 Football 45 Science Club 1. N ORMA SWALBERT-Pine Hill High School 1, 2. DONALD SWEENEY-Basketball Manager 4. JAMES SWANEKAMP-Track 1, 4. JAMES TEN BROECK-Boys' Chorus 15 Ping Pong 15 Science Club 25 Rifle Club 2, 3. SYBIL TERRY-Swimming 1, 2, 3, 45 Hockey 2, 3, 45 Soccer 2, 3, 45 A Cappella Choir 15 Girls' Chorus 15 Dance Club 1, 2, 35 Junior Play. GEORGE VOSSLER-Rifle Club 1, 25 Chess Club 1, 25 Radio Club 25 Soccer 35 Track 4. V IRENE YEHLE-Soccer 2, 35 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Girl's Chorus 1, 25 Dramatic Club 35 Sports Council 1, 25 Tatler 45 Art Club 3. ETHEL ANN YOUNG-Sacred Heart Academy 15 Soccer 2, 3, 45 Hockey 25 Swimming 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Student Council 45 Dance Club 2, 3, 45 Tatler 4. S GQ, 4' ,., f .1 Kp Lf: 4 ,. , if 1' , J ..,- f 5 , 7 I l 1 , . i i 1 1 E 71 THE TOWER 38 iii- is THE SENIORS SAY THEIR BOY Dick Baum Byron Fisher Jack Lawler Bill Sprague Carl Kinkel Bill Mugler Duncan Emslie Reese Foote i Dean McCarthy Jim Schwartz Wilbur Bergen John Dagastino Jerry Riehman Warren Worden Jim Jacobi Bob Schnirel Tom Diehl Dell Roy Ewing Bob Po Chedley Jack Carson Bill Harding Don Durick Don Stiles Loyal Murphy Frank Striegel Bob Gusse 39 THE TOWER Athletic A bility Bashful Carefree Daydrearner Eater Flirt Gen erons Honors Industrious J ovial Knowledge Laugh Mischieiiozls Nerve Optimistic Persuasive Quiet R lzytlztrn ical Sophisticated Talkatiiie Unknown Quality Vivacious Witty Xuberant Yawnin g Zeal GIRL Nancy McNutt Ruth Filbert Sally Millane Marie Roberts Dulce Hedrick Pat Lallmang Reggie Reagan Betty Reif Barbara Hitchcock Pat MacDonald Nancy Bacon Virginia Hartwell Betty Sue Kendall lllarion Schwaneflugel Beverly Stowell Irmgard Nierhaus Norma Landel Gerry Harter Sybil Terry Pat Shortal Betty Lou Fuller Marilyn Farmer Jane Kinney Dot Dilts Gloria Stock Gloria Heidell We eaulcfn'l'f25a Wifkwd 7fzem Qiwn y X576 54! I 1 Q ,1 1 V...-.-.-7 + or W-fs s sr If ' i T I with rI'n' E ' F. T WE T T itf ' v X . fn I lin?-,QP so b . Y- . W ' I - il K I it 2 L 1 mmf. V fy 4 7! I h,, .V ix -glivflfldfffsttts R ' so T fi? A I ' it T! F if F ' s Wiz Q 1 -T -f . , y u f W I T so sy iN'f f'T I f ....f D in 'fo 'fi 1 Q VIH' if Fw OFFICE STAFF THE whole of Amherst owes immeasurable thanks to the office staff for the necessary work that they have cheerfully performed this year. In addition to answering the secretarial needs of the school, keeping the book room in excellent condition, and taking care of numerous other duties, the staff still finds time to give individual and helpful attention t.o anyone who stops in at the office. f Miss DOROTHY FERRICK Miss JANE SHEELER MRS. IMOGENE AMO THE TOWER 40 Firsl row: Joann Moesel, Lorraine Rugg, Charles Huber, Mary lilalmney, Marjorie Metz. Second row: Jack Lee, Les Klein, George Snyder, Douglas Ma:'Farlund, .luck Petersen, Spencer MacDonald, Buddy Roberts, Jack Wilson, Dick Sauer . Mac 41 T HE TOWER CAF ETERIA STAFF George JANITORIAL STAFF Mrs. William Rolfe Miss C. Bealer Gebhard Thurnherr William V anSteenburgh John Robertson John Cameron Harold Herb VVilliam McLachlan FOOTBALL l l l Q d W ll m Grieves, Donald Stiles, William Powell. Kevin Gorenfio, Robert Schnirel, ?:1llGIgbf t S c nd 'Shit Mugler, Lloyd Johnson, Arthur Higgins, Carl Pfohl, Captaing Jack Ferrick, l t SEASON SUMMARY SEVERAL lettermen returned from last year, and about seventy new me were pared down to forty good players after an intensive training routin Prior to the first game Carl Pfohl was elected Captain with Bob Schnirr as Co-captain. The Hamburg team came to Amherst with an impressive string of vit tories. Hamburg led at the half 6-0, but Amherst came back strong, score a touchdown, made the deciding point, and finished victoriously with score of 7-6. Our season was well under way. A strong -LeRoy team was ol opponent on the following Saturday. The score at the end of the ha favored LeRoy, and they kept the lead with a final victory of 20-6. Tl next game with East Aurora was a low spot in the schedule. Played in ti rain, the second half soon developed into a kicking duel which resulted THE TOWER 42 l l O 0406 TN the single touchdown of the game for East Aurora. In the A, Gfkgxv closing seconds of this contest a Higgins to Mugler pass gl' . A was earmarked for a touchdown, but time unfortunately , Q txts c ran out leaving East Aurora triumphant. Vt,,e , i f f V' The game with St. Joe's found the boys spirited and if u uuw 3 ' A . V 'ii ' determined to win after a Pep Rally given by the cheer- ,, A 4 A leaders. Since the entire second half was played in St. ' V. Joe's territory, the Tigers plunged ahead to a victory of t I fi he '-.. 18-0. On the third play of the Akron game a run of over i ' vile' -it 40 yards by Bill Mugler secured a touchdown, and the D 6 ' Q. ' team rolled on to a 41-7 triumph. Lancaster fell into our ' ' X , X f-QM ' roster of wins at a night game the following Friday. After i,f.wiuw,EF f a slow start, the Amherst eleven gained momentum and f ' L Q ,..,. scored 39 points against Lancaster's 0. ,fl A l lVe met VVilliamsville in the middle of November. From Q 8 1 jf - ,. W, l the opening kickoff it was evident that Amherst was out - to avenge all the close defeats suffered at the hands of it il' ' I these traditional rivals. After an exchange of kicks, Am- lf., 4, FOOTBALL SCORES herst scored its first touchdown, which led the way to our Amherst Hamburg 6 40-0 victor , setting an all time high score for the annual Williamsville-Amherst game. Uver a-period of eleven years Williamsville Amherst Leroy Q0 Amherst East Aurora 6 has scored 93 points against Amherst, while the Tigers have run up 96 points against the Billies. The 1943 team was the highest scoring eleven in Amherst's history. After a mid-season drop, the boys regained a fighting spirit that meant overwhelming defeat for our rivals and gave the Amherst Tigers a tie for second place' in the conference league. FOOTBALL SQUAD Amherst 18 Amherst 4 1 Amherst 39 Amherst 40 St. Joseph's 0 Akron 7 Lancaster 0 VVilliamsville 0 l 1'r.r1 row: Glenn Miller. Kevin liorenflo, Stuart M1-Allister,BillGilbert, Daniel Kiplinger, Peter Potenza, Harold Vosseler, Dell Ewing, Frank Jack Ferrick. Warren Worden, Bill Grieves. Willet Kiplinger. Svcoml Striegel, John Geyer. lllarshall Anderson. Fourth row: Mr, Bergman, raw: Arthur Higgins, Milton Mugler, George Curroll, Robert Schnirel, Coach: Herbert 'Il0lSll12l, David Brunner, George Francis, Donald Carl Pfohl, Donald Stiles, Robert Bernhard, Lloyd Johnson. Carl Wagner, Eric Siegried, Clifford Stein, Eugene Mandell, Jack Davis, Dalton, Yvilliaxn Powell. Third row: Rudy Hitzeman. Richard Baum. Mr. Joy, Assistant Coach. 453 THE TOWER 7fzeQ171h, vw... THE girls, too, had a part in our fall parade of sports. Both super-athletes and girls who just liked to participate in active games appeared on the field after school during the soccer and hockey season. The girls enjoyed the sports immensely this year, keeping in mind the extra points that are awarded for these activities. The Girls, Sports Council has done a ,Wonderful job in organizing sports contests during the various seasons, and it has kept the records of the individual girls in each senior high homeroom. 5 ,V iiilii I s f ig ,,' 7' X, l A as 9 B' K. b , x l We jf u ' 6 w X f GIRL'S SPORT COUNCIL 0 First row: Barbara Brown, Julia Wright, Ann Drexelius, Joan Mullen, Jean Morgan. Second row: Alice Moore, Florence Nauman, Norma Landel, Irene Becker. Third row: Marjorie Metz, Gloria Cusimano, Marlis Drews. THE TOWER 44 GIRLS' SOCCER ri , X,-mi N Go IQ 'XJ CM - 1 wil V -' 'N vi ,al ,' ' 5 1' l l4fl l ll i it ' r ' we fx , :' U' G .' K ' 5-.Tf ' X l a g we 'll ,QQ . '-iv H. 'i X, , 559 'glfeyfimd - 1 1-'-12:54 L si , N' r al - 3? . - .1 - vi: , w 1 Y 1 X Digi ks . '. x .4 ,, I 'SAY ' ll 1 N 3 5 ug , . 9' ff? al X lllx I 1 Q U, Q. X, l X N 2 cg V Nix If ego N r I dsl, l - A H lil 1 fig , Q- - , X' f' i 4 . , gg: w ',m,l 1- ,, - M lil Xxx, XX , First row: Gloria Heidell, Gladys Klein, Gladys Mossell, Joyce Riehman, Pat Bellinfer, Elizabeth Dannebrock. Second row: Mar- jorie Hasselbeck, Du ce Hedrick, Leslie Cummings, Joan Kendall, Joan Curthoys, Dorothy Kather, Marie Roberts, Margaret Haas, Florence Nauman, Marian Madison. Third row: Grace Dilts, 45 THE TOWER Barbara McNutt. Nancy McNutt, Joan Mullen, Mary- O'Brien Ethel Baka, Grace Goetzman, Grace Roudenbush, Lois Keller Fou-rfh row: Mary Mahoney, Marilla Roberts, Ella Jean Larkin Carol Rogers, Joan Hufford, Carolyn Dannebrock, Diane Willax, Marian Marshall, Marlis Drews. Wewf iafaing ' THE TOWER 46 ACTIVITIES VVITH the organization of seventh hour activities! came hoards of inquisitive and eager students who wanted to join practically all the clubs at once. When the confusion was over and the smoke cleared away, they were settled into those that pleased them the most and those which they found were helpful and recreation- al for themselves and their friends. JUNIOR RED CROSS CLUB THE Junior Red Cross Club under the direction of Miss Buddenhagen and Miss Simpson spent a busy year carrying out useful projects, among which were diaper-making and design- ing of tray decorations and menu holders for use in rest homes and hospitals. At Christmas time the girls made Christmas tree deco- rations for Army units stationed in and around Buffalo. They deserve much credit for their contributions to the war on the home-front. Dorothy Jackson, Catherine Kerr. Dorothy Day, Ethel Golden, Miss Buddenhagen, Adviserg Marie Niethe. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Mosr girls find that sewing and cooking come naturally to a girl who has a Hare for home eco- nomics. llliss Simpson helps and encourages those who wish to learn the art of sewing, and active members of her club find enjoy- ment in turning out well-made clothes and useful household items. Joanne Teale, Miss Simpson, Adviser: Gloria Reifsteck, Carolyn Kinkel, Dorothy Haas, Patricia Burtwell, Lois Wilson,, Dolores Hempstock. 47 THE TOWER Jean Haskins, Barbara English. Grace Goetz. H1811- HOME ECONOMICS PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB JUNIOR SCIENCE CLUB MEMBERS Don Kendall Robert Goehle Lewis Wlollenberg Jack Hynd Tom Holley George Jebbitt Fred Berriman Jack Stage Gerry Trapman Art Mann Beverly Benson Ma,ria11ne Brandt Rose Galetta Dolores Klein e' ' kip , ldBudage , et m Around talil . Ifran . :mos Haro r n , Barrv W s on, Jn es Nesber, Ed Gisel, Jack Mitchell, James llglossell, John Dietrich, Jack Schwanke, Bill Cnrroll, David Metz, Mrs. Arend, Adviser: nobert Denler, John orter. THE TOWER 48 HI-Y GIRLS int row: Nancy St. John, Ethel Baka, Grace Goetzmann, Mary Steininiller, Mary Mahonev, Margery Metz, etty Kamman. Second row: Millicent Knauer, Joan Paulson, Norma Geschwender, Janet Clark. Dot Kather, eslie Cummings, Beatrice Fulton, Third row: Janet Reed, Mary Lou Weser, Kay Daggers, Miss Kollolf, Adviser: Dorothy Harrison, Mildred Krummeck, Dorothea Olson, Jane McCullough, Iris Emsley. 'rst row: Barry Weston, Lewis Palmer, David Whitelaw, William Whitehead, Donald Jachett. Second row: udy Hitzemann, Robert Grant, David Brunner, Mr. Joy, Adviser. 49 THE TOWER THE Amherst. Girls, Hi-Y was organized in November 1943. This club has two purposes: the National one -to create, maintain, and extend throughout the the school and community high standards of Christian characterg the local purpose -to serve the school. The ofhcers are as follows: Presi- dent-hiargery Metz, Vice President-Betty Mahoney Secretary - Grace Goetz- mann, Treasurer - Mary Steinmiller, Council Repre- sentatives-Ethel Baka and Betty Kamman. AMHERST CENTRAL High School, located away from rural environs, does not lack an interest and parti- cipation in things agricul- tural. A number of students have shown not only a de- sire for agricultural discus- sions, but also an active interest in agricultural pro- jects. As a result a club known as the Agricultural Club was organized this past year for these students. RIFLE CLUBS AMHERST was one of the very few schools that still had a rifle club last year. Because of the war, ammunition and targets were hard to obtain, but Mr. Pomeroy did his best to make the ammunition on hand last as long as possible. The Junior Rifle Club, which met on Thursdays, was one of the most popular among the younger Amherstonians. The Senior Rifle Club met on Tuesdays, but it could not compare in membership with that of the younger rifiemen. SENIOR RIFLE CLUB First row: Mr. Romeroy, Adviser, Allen Ackerman, Jack Stage, James Upson, Tom Miller, Jack Rubins. Second ro w: Martin Quinn, Paul Goetzman, William Ingraham. JUNIOR RIFLE CLUB . r Kneeling: Edward Gisel, Gaston DiBello, William Carroll. First row: standing: Richard Landsheft, Arthur Beck, Robert Shusze, James Craney, Robert Osborne, William French. Second row sIanding:Mr. Pomeroy, Adviser: Jack Russel , Donald Rodda, Chris Hovgard, Charles Tittle, Ronald Schwert. THE TOWER i l l i 50 7fze 7ciZbz . . . THEY'VE GOT YOU COVERED Firsi row: Pat Shortal, Pat Hartford, Shirley Crooks, Richard Scannell, Marie Roberts, Ken Kurtz, Pat McDonald, Marilyn Howell, Lois Higgins. Second mum' Jean Pratt, Grace Roudenbush, Nancy Bacon, Beatrice Duquette, Pat Goodman, Eleanor Malinowski, Pat McKenna, Dulce Hedric. Third row: Betty Kamman, Betty Manning, Marian Madison, Dorothy Bernhard, Gloria Hanour, Ann Drexelius, Nina Cameron, Marion Jenzen. Fourth row: Jean Herman, Diane VVilliams, Joan Mullen, Carolyn Dannebrock, Mary Lou Gaunder, .Beverly Stowell, Betty Seal-es, Barbara McNutt. Fifth row: Grace Dxlts, Rita Meyer, Edna Johnston, Audrey Lewis, Arlene Spann, Ethel Ann Young, Gloria Heidell, Jeanne Lazarus Sixth row: Nancy Marchand, Dorothy Dilts, Andre Sheeler, Gloria Elliott, Betty Grupp, Irene Yehle, Dorothy Herald, Mary O'Brien. THE TATLER went to press eleven times this year giving Amherst students complete accounts of social events, sports epics, and newsy items. A special feature was the colorful hand-designed covers drawn by the art editor, Ken Kurtz, and another feature was the original cartoons. Under the guidance of Miss Rix and Mrs. Epke the Tatler has been successful in reaching its goal of presenting items of common interest to all students in a manner character- istic of the high standards established by preceding staffs., 51 THE TOWER Jim? W 5 f , si' .rf . 53' sg ,Q 1- g , -'Q k A ax, , ,H A . M Q, fm vw 7 ff Q 1 2 1' . 5 41 gf A 5 9? I ., S? id? '25, ,QQ Q x , 'K 1 f ,gf 4 f ' M .X , ffmiz? I 1 N 'fi 1 , V li., Q 3,4 T338 , f ..., ,M I 2 if M ,, ff, ,wry A My . N 1 Vg QQ: ,V V Ji , ,V 7 Q . fmf., Q f 1 ,wi 3 ,, ' ., i' ' -A k X fax 'x f , wg A X, QA win F V. , . . A W . mm 7TH AND 8TH GRADE CHORUS First rnu': Miss Mr'Cullor, Director: S. Giesz, S. Hornung, S. Wing B. Dewey, M. Blow, C. Kirk B. Weston, M. Hainnett, J. 0'Hara C. Bacon, J. Huck, G. Claxtoln. Second rnw: R. Perkins, J. Shenrcri R. Lullmang, B. Hamilton, R. Schultz, R. Schenk, N. Spanos, W. Pop ham, R. Sohupe, R. Hutchinson, L. Fischer, J. Mossell, J. Porter, D Franz. Third row: F. Gilbert, J. Buehler, M. Brandt, D. Jackson: J. Nicholson, J. Leale, G. Goetzman, J. Hirsehman, S. Ball, A. Rogers J. Vvolff, P. Jones, P. Mac-Murray, C. Higgins, E. J. Bos. Fourth rou- A CAPPELLA CHOIR , L. Wilson, C. Kerr, J. Coleman, P. Clark, G. Sweet, C. Rinker, P Gleasner, A. Bler-hinger, G. Rogers, S. Ponivus, C. Jones, L, Cameron V. Spraggon, D. Henlpstock. Fifilz row: Nancy Menut, B. Smith, A Upson, M. Schutt, P. Morran, J. Messersmith, P. Callodine, Jarves C. Stowe-ll, J. Kennedy, L. Gronowski, N. Scriven, C. Munthey, B Golden, N. McCullough. Sirih row: L. Murray, B. Barrett, C. Kinkel P. Burtwell, J. Steinkamp, M. Kerr, B. Bensen. M. Hit:-hvovk. F. Rogers, D. Hossenlnp, B. Furnas, H. Nirhols, R. Nivhols, R. Abberger, Fir-rf r0wJ N. Bacon, A. Smith, B. Brown, V. Miller, M. E. Sperry, f100l.ll112iII, A. Bard, A. Schutte, M. Drews. Fourlh row: E. Johnson, E. Stitzl A. Duystcrs, R. Kling, J. DiBello. Second row: D. Johnson, C. R. Allenbnc-h, R. Scunnell, R. Gnellle, H. Dyslers. D. HOSS9l1l0 P, K. Kirk, J. Trimbzicli, K. Ziegler, D. Hnlslnan, M. A. 'l'rimlmcl1, E. L- ClIUlH1iIlgS. D- Kflfllef- Fllfffl F0105 R- SK'l1W1H'tZ, J- JON-llll G- Millzf, Mnrf, D. Willax. Third row: Wait, B. Steinkanip, J. Kendall, P. E. Le Fevre, VV. Geisz. THE TOWER .14 Judy Bacon Barbara Ekenher P JUNIOR ART CLUB E VE RY Tuesday seventh hour found lhliss Christen- sen and the members of the Junior Art Club assembled with their clay, paint, rafha, brushes, and whatever else one finds where artists ga- ther. lhlany who were not able to study art as a sub- ject found it opportune to belong to this organiza- tion in which they could Hnd interests in clay model- , g. Eggy Day, Miss Christensen, Adviserg Ann Smither, Harold Christiansen Ann Rogers. Ann Blechinger, Edith Gleason, Miss Oughterson. Robert Wright. H0887 CLUB 55 THE TOWER lI'lf ai t' 5, p n ing, cartoon dravi mg, and craft work FIRST HOBBY CLUB , - Rohert Schuetz, Richard Thompson, Jack Mitchell, Dir. Stillman Adv' J , user: urues Nesper, Richard Schenk, James Huffnrfl, Ronald Eiss. SECOND HOBBY CLUB-Firsl row: William Siegel, Barry lveston, Thomas Bauman. Nicholas Spanos, Robert Hotte Second mu' C ' '. urtls Cram, Richard Lail- mang, James Perrin. STAGE CREW Fira! row: .Norman Neubauer, Bill Harding, Robert Whitney. Second row: Chuck Teeters, Dave Gardner, Bill Goll, David Zierk. Not pictured: Conrad Arnold, Harold Meese, DURING the seventh hour on Thursdays a group of girls under the leadership of Bliss Aranibar enjoyed interesting and profita- ble discussions of our neighbors south of the'border. The girls were impressed by Miss Arani- bar's accounts of her trip to Mexico, highlighted by photo- graphs and posters from that country. Mexican dances were learned, quiz programs were planned, and oral topics were given on South American and Mexican civilizations. THE stage crew is to be congratulated for its fine and coordinated Work in aiding the success of the many productions staged in the auditorium. These boys worked smoothly and swiftly in making unex- pected last minute changes and in creating desired ef- fects at any time. Witt VVilliam Harding as its man- ager,the stage crew utilized the facilities on hand to the best advantage. THE PAN-AMERICAN CLUI First row: Miss Aranibar, Aclviserg Sue Arnold, Gloria Sweet, Jean Marshall, Sally Hornung, Joanne Tea, Mary Kohler, John Wilson. Second raw: Tom Milsap, Roberta Whitelaw, Janet Reed, Dulce Hedrick, Jer THE TOWER 56 sy- x ff 'iw 1 4, I J' d' Lk A,.T f My WSI' ff , ff! Je fr, :. 2,: i :Vg . A, ,Y :iff- ,,,,, X gr OCTOBER -Tigers win first football game of season- Amherst 7, Hamburg 6 -3rd annual Football Frolic--cause to cele- brate -First snowfall-just a mere sample -Tower assembly program-'meet the staff -Amherst beat St. Joe, 18-9-the Orange and Black are doing O.K. -Teachers' Convention-teachers work while we relax -Amherst 4-1 , Akron 7-another one for us The day-Amherst. beats Billsville 4:0 to 0 John Ellenwood, YMCA-extra good as- sembly Lt. James Barrett, Buffalo Police Dept.- crime definitely does not pay Annual Football Banquet-honors to the team -Thanksgiving-fewer turkeys than in other years 12- A FALL CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 7-School begins its 14th year-No classes the first day! 24-Mr.. LeFevre and his tiger-illustrated lecture assembly NOVEMBER Q-Election day-school is closed --Amherst 39, Lancaster 0-overwhelming Amherst victory --Honor Society Assembly-hard-working se- p niors are rewarded l -Armistice Day-another vacation Bob Smith, Foster Brooks, Sz Co. entertain in assembly Tower Bazaar-the gym is packed Y' WY' ' Qi! ti QP ge 1 tif i 'X' W NTER ONE by one the days slipped by until the welcomed Christ- mas holidays stretched attractively before us. Many minds found it more than easy to drift pleasantly away from lessons to thoughts and plans for Christmas Week and to gifts which would be spiritedly given and received. After school activities were terminated for the year by the inspirational and humorous halves of our traditional christmas assembly program, we left our books, notebooks, and papers in our lockers to be taken up after our return. y Tired but excited Amherstonians resumed their old routine with. a new year before them. Splendid new possessions were shown off and purposeful New Year's resolutions were aired, but a few days' time was all that was required to pick up loose ends of classes, extra-curricular activities, and sports. A really admirable basketball team attracted droves of students to inter-school games, and the swimming team packed the gallery with overheated but enthusiastic spectators. The winter landscape was nearly entirely devoid of deep snow this year, but Amherstonians paid little attention to it with their whirlwind of good times and plentiful activities. as I2 71.3 X Q f , X ,-'mu ' 0- f - jk Y ' da 96 l 6 it, ,4 - It 0, o O 5? Edllg ,X an E553 a 4 7 .Q Q D 'E li YQ?- 4.-L X X VARSITY BASKETBALL-First row: John Geyer,.Bill Mugler, Dick Baum, Captain: Bill Clark, Don Jacobi. Second row: Mr. Studer, Coachg Reese Foote, B1llGilbert, Stuart MeAllester, Art Higgins, Dick Naylon, Don Sweeney, Manager. Noi pzcturerl: Jim Jacobi. COACH STUDER BASKETBALL BASKETBALL SCORES Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Akron East Aurora Hamburg VVilliamsville Lancaster Depew Pine Hill Akron East Aurora Hamburg Wiilliamsville Lanraster Depew Pine Hill T HE TOWER 60 SEASCJN SUMMARY THE AMHERs'r CENTRAL cagers added another brilliant season to our athletic history. The orange and black won IQ of its 14 scheduled games, losing twice to a fine Hamburg five. We give much credit to our new coach, Mr. Studer, who was able to produce such a fine team in his first year. With Coach Studeris new tactics and the high fighting spirit of the players., Amherst had an excellent background for this admirable record of victories. Dick Baum paced the team, totaling 156 points, followed by Bill Mugler with 1925. Both fellows received first place berths on the Northern Erie County League all-star team with three of the other boys, Don Jacobi, Art Higgins, and Dick Naylon, meriting honorable mention. JUNICR VARSITY BASKETBALL The season was complete with many thrills and some very close scores. At VVilliamsville the boys were trailing 25 to 20 at the half, but a sec- ond hali' splurge by Baum, Clark, and lVIugler won the game for Amherst 48 to 39. Other close contests were won over Depew and Pine Hill in our first encounter of the seasonwith those schools. Although our losses were few, the most heartfelt by basketball fans was our defeat at the hands of Hamburg and our loss of the chance to gain first place in the league. Both the student body of Amherst and all those who were able to attend the games of the 1944 season realized that this was a memorable year for ixIT1llGI'St,S fighting Tigers. Mr. Joy, Coach: Ernest Wollesen, Dick Merrymun, Don Tolsma, Paul Gifford, Dick Tolsma, Bob Roth, Frank Harding, Rudy Hitzemann, Greg Moats, Dick Derr, Willet Kiplinger, Dick Terry, Anthony Santomauro, Rodney Terry, Assistant Managers. 91 THE TOWER THE CHEERLEADERS O How: Manwn FMS AMHERST wouldn't be Amherst without its charm- ing, smiling cheerleaders. They have worked hard throughout the year pepping up our football and basketball games. A bright spot this year was the addition of two snappy cheerleaders from the Junior High School. With their enthusiasm we are assured of more successful athletic seasons during the coming year. fe. ,Sue Num SeC0 d To E. B in ik if urzbialxhage xs skew .Ln K . hi swims , . Mn 5059 B I , ws.. A Betw 58a J af ' THE TOWER GQ GI RLS' BASKETBALL First row: Marilyn Hillman, Leslie Cummings, Joan Kendall, Dorothy Katber. Etl1elBnka. Grace Goetzman, Flvrenve Neuman, Nancy Tolsma, Joan Curthoys, Marjorie Hasselbeck, Joyce Rieh- Betty Rell- Thifd TUWI PM Merkel Arlene SPMIIM Irene Yellle. NIB-l mnn, Margaret Haas, Sue Sweet, Alice Spencer. Second row: Marie lis Drews, Diane Willax. lll-B-rlllll M3-l'Sll8'll, Carol Rogers. Nina Roberts,Juan Mullen, Betty Nagel, Pat Hartford, Nancy Mc Nutt, Cameron, Dulce Hedrick- GIRLS' SWIMMING L. ' '3f 'ifg If iff, 5 h,Q ,: UI F0105 Pat Kelly, Marilyn Ffiflnefi Maile R0l1e!'lSi JOHN CUQUJOYS Whitelaw. Third row: Sallybelle Dent, Ethel Ann Young, .lanet Reed, ncyTolsma. Second row: Sue Moore, Martha Becker, Nancy Glbney, Juan Huflord, Ruth Filbert, Barbara McNuit, Jerry Lou Esau, Sue Elce Hedrick, Marilyn Howell, Joan Mullen, Kay Parker, Frances Sweet, .lean Stradtman. 63 THE TOWER SWIMMING GEORGE MANTHEY, NORMAN IHRIG, BUD FERGUSON DAVID PIPER, LOYAL MURPHY VARSITY .40 yd. Freestyle-Vosseler, PoChedley, Gardner. 100 yd. Breaststroke- lNIurphy, Piper, Potter. Q20 yd. Freestyle-Mant.hey, Ferguson. RESERVES Kertzie, Thomson, Upson, Collins, Lehman VARSITY 100 yd. Back Stroke-Cottrell, J ohnston, Howlett, Kinkel. 100 yd. F reestyle- Ihrig, Harding. Diving-Ewing. RESERVES Stowers, Keller, Berriman, Sanford. VARSITY First row: George Manthey, Loyal Murphy, Gene Cottrell, Dell Roy Ewing, Norrnan-Ihrig. Second row: AI Little, Managerg Donald Johnston, Bud Ferguson, Bill Harding, Tom Potter, David Piper, Harold Vosseler, Bob Kinkel, Mr. Schonewolf, Coach. AL LITTLE, MANAGER GENE COTTRELL THE TOWER 64 JUNIGR VARSITY SWIMMING First row: Don Keller. Sec-and row: Jack Kertzie. Third row: Bob Ted Sandford, Fred Berriman, Bob Stowers, John Moreland. SWIMMING SUMMARY VVITH only four boys from last year's team as a nucleus and with no reserves to draw from, we were faced with a huge task. Twenty-six boys reported for the squad. Hampered by the loss of varsity members due to injury and eligibility the team, nevertheless, finished the dual meets in a tie for third place. In the league finals held at Kenmore, we placed live swimmers in the qualifiers. Yossler, Murphy, and Manthcy won medals in their events. In league scoring Amherst placed third. ' The individual championship meet was held at Amherst. In this meet we entered six contest- ants. Vossler placed third in the forty yard free- style, Murphy touched out Leverenz of Tona- Wanda for a win in the century breaststroke. Man- they placed third in the 220 yard freestyle. Johns- ton placed fourth in the 100 yard backstroke and Ihrig made it a third place in the century freestyle, while Dell Ewing added a. third place in the diving. Amherst placed third in the final standings. 65 THE TOWER Thomson, Ernest Lehmnn, DON ELL EW J OHNS TON BOB ING, L OyAL IQNKEL MDR PH DANCE CLUB First mwf Shirley Crooks, Marie Roberts, Marilyn Farmer, Barbara McNutt, Betty Manning, Regina Reagan, Betty Reif. Second raw: Jean He k, Dorothy Herman, Jean Morgan, Ruth Ann Puehn, Florence Nauman. Fran:-es Whitelaw. Lorna Heck. hird mir: Beverley Stuwell, Barbara Brown, Pat Kelly, Sue Moore, Betty Nagel, Barbara Hitchock. THE four freedoms have been the basis of a great deal of conversation, especially since the advent of the war, so the girls, Dance Club planned inter- pretations of these freedoms through the mediums of expressive dance routines and costumes. Miss Craik and Miss Ackley worked seventh hours and after school two days a week to prepare the various steps and sequences which composed the dances, and they found many girls who had ideas and enthusiasm to lend to their undertakings. Lower row: Regina Reagan, Betty Manning. Middle row: Gra Dilts, Barbara MCNUH. Upper raw: Beverly Collins. Nan Marchand. TH E TOWER 66 WATER FOLLIES INTRAMURAL WRESTLING CHAMPIONS INTRAMURAL BOXING CHAMPIONS First raw: Bob McCarthy, Geoi-pie Vossier, David Moyer. Second raw: First row: Tom Ippolito, Bob McCarthy. Second row: Richard Metzgar Richard Metzgar, Jim Jacobi, Bll Cave. Not pictured: Erwin Duszynski. Bill Gilbert. DOD Jawbi-N05 Ilivlllffdi David Dolce. Erwin Dl1SZyIlSki. Cal Cha mplin, Charles Kirk,'Di6Ic Franz. BEHIND THE SCENES PHOTOGRAPHER GUIDANCE THE TOWER D C AST OB CHABACTBBS I oney Br owne ...... Y at Nldlenna Nhwid Browne . . Martha Lodxse Becket George Browne . . Yhnxp Snyder Butntny Yost ' . Menon Basnaro M ,Mig UV Stuart Hnntet . . . Bien Stephens DOY'-'WE' ?e m5WA 30510 NYHWGH 1 Bogey W 1509 , , ixobeft Bak AXXce Ben H oward Dngsters Annstbette Wttson . Betty Barton Gtono Honotw Tommy Nlegevs. . . Ernest Lehmann Nancy Gkhncv Clonxnh Gkbson . Nancy Matchond ' Loewe Smith . . Ioan Moeset 'YXCKETS Myra Edwards . . Betty Lon Seares Montyn BOB Xgvte Dogovon . . gxoksx Higgkns QOSTUNXB-S Stuart BKcAXYxstev oney ates . . . . Xt ey auev 'Martin Wcnoroson . Iirn 3 ovdon Bmw Lou KN eset State 'Yroopet Hen-ntg. Ytobert Kettev MM?-05 GBM' YRUBXYTEBS Ytnth in Ynehn I eon ennon YUBLXCYYY AXD TO THB DXBBCTOB YBOYBBTXBS Janet Banpach Sue Moose Mmgew .Mew arnyn Yiowek Betty Seams SQECXAL U AN CE x 09,9 Moesex S 'Mkss Cxakk MU SKC BY A. C. H. S. Senxot Otetxestv-1 3 oseph VV kneene, Dkectot F111-IF R 2,1 21' 21- x ri ,L :H ' 'S fs, Q3 1 CHEESE-CAKE REIXDING Room CPD THE BIG FOUR THE GANG,S lXLL HERE CAVE BKIAN G.I. JOEU THE TOWER 70 HCNOR SOCIETY First row: BettyAReif, Barbara Hitchcock, Irmgard Nierhaus, Mrs. Cowan, Adviser, Betty Lou Fuller. Second row: Dorothy Dllts, Dulce Hedrick, Marilyn Farmer, Betty Nagel. Third row: Marian Schwanellugel, Robert Fiunigan, Dick Baum, Wilbur Bergen, Margerie Metz. Not pictured: Fred Stephens, Kenneth Kurtz, Eugene LeFevre, Nancy Bacon, Tom Diehl, Elizabeth Browning, Norman Neubauer, James Bilz, Donald Banks, gettygiamman, Janet Reed, Marian Madison, Jean Herman, Marilyn Doll, Grace Goetzman, Dan Kiplinger, Ina alneroll. ff'R ffl V! K fhgl NX K K X , ' - A-1-1 f 1 N .' lxiflxl - -. . X ' He mi erm f S X l- f . g f NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY F y .41 . X i se 'i IA X THIS year the Honor Society began early to undertake CA lx ' lg KJ I N projects of benefit to the school with hlrs. Cowan as E-Q. fd My XX its new adviser. One of its first activities was the re- f X' f 7 l X X X stocking of the college catalogue room with new cata- ' f y l X X logues, followed by the completion of the plaque paying 1 f p X tribute to Amherst graduates in service. The supply f l store was maintained, and the year was rounded out by f I J E l X X the inauguration of a system of awards for scholastic X W l ' l lx N homeroom achievements. f I l l l f ' Q l X X 1 ft A ly l -frfil fx f QV V, ik ..,f Q My f' ax ff 2 . 2, .mag f. ms, sw x- 2.-,. 12. , ,AJ Q si, x I ,, .faifwi f M fi x Ng VVHERE ARE THE HOT Docs? SPRING! THE GREAT DICT,4.TOR CHARLES ATLAS WE THREE DOTTIE PISTOL PACKIN, TNIAMA '73 THE TOWER FEBRUARY Students' assembly program-Our own Amherst. Basketball dance-Something new has been added. iVIr. LeFevre - China on the screen. Lincoln's Birthday - VVe got rookedg it was on a Saturday. St. Valentine's Day-It comes but once a year. Washington's Birthday-Vaca- tion for all. WINTER CALENDAR DECEMBER First basketball game-Amherst 4-9, Akron 19. Junior Play- Janey's One Track Mind. Annual Christmas assembly- Santa arrived by sled. JANUARY We return-Back to the same ol' grind. Exam week-VVe're glad we don't do this more often. Umbrellas for every occasion- Miss Mandell. lst semester report cards.-This WAS a beautiful day. New semester begins-The last lap. Mr. Hacker-A very talented pianist. Paul King hlemorial Organ recital -A dream come true. Minstrel Show-The dark side of life. Mardi Gras-The Tatler gives a dance. Leap Year Day-The gals come into their own. SPRIING ACCORDING to the adage, March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. So it did. With sharp winds whipping the corners of the auditori- um hundreds of us thronged to see the Senior Play in the same fashion that we had gone to see the Junior Play in December. Gradually the days became warmer, encouraging students to spend more time outdoors on the athletic field and on the campus during lunch hours. The track and baseball season was under way zrfew weeks after the long, enjoyable Easter vacation, and teachers were strongly urging their students to prepare for the strain of exam week. Despite this, the beautiful spring days lured more and more stray students to Woep's and to the more remote sections of the school grounds. Open House showed our parents and friends that we did accomplish a little work after all. The Junior Prom showed us that this is one part of life at Amherst that must always live. Q , And so we reached the end of the year and the end of our story. We have talked about our teachers, our friends, our activities, and just us. But we have not said enough, and probably never could, about Amherst. Z5 X U-0 i as IQ.: if A L 25? if F 7 P J, an p- '7 t y 1 Nz 'A ,:,i' w' I , k!QXX.,! 0 J v.H. IKE . CHECKERBOARDS TAKE IT SLOXVER BROWNIE C'MON TIIE BIORNING AFTER LINE UP GOING HOBIE 5 THE TOW ER BASEBALL Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst 1943 SQUAD-First row: Robert Emblidge, Carl Pfohl, Don Roudenbush, Dave Johnston, Justin Kuehling., Art Higgins, Jim Faller. Second row: Mr. Hettler, Coachg Dick Naylon, Don Jacobi, Willet Kiplinger, Dick Baum, Jack Ferrick, Reese Foote, James Schwarz, Manager. 1943 SCORES 1943 SEASON 6 Lancaster 3 THIS was the Enest baseball season in the school's 8 Sloan 0 history. Williamsville and Amherst had to play 7 Neumann 6 off a tie for the northern section winner. Then 6 Akron 5 Amherst defeated Depew for the Northern Erie 0 Williamsville 3 County Baseball Championship. 18 Clarence 1 14 Lancaster 12 S 4 Williamsville 2 21 Akron 2 5 Clarence 0 10 Pine Hill 3 8 Pine Hill 6 16 Woodlawn, Q 6 Williamsville 5 CTie Play-oifj 5 Depew 3 CLeague Championship Play-oifj THE TOWER 76 19-H SQUAD-Firatmnw: W. Kenyon, R. Roth, G. Moats, A. Weber, A. Ryan, C. Bishop, R. Hanner. D. Keller, D. McCarthy, B. Stowers, D. Terry. Second row: P. Goetzman, F. Harding, J. Hodson, T. Moran, T. Miller, D. MacFarland. R. Finnigan. T. Pitman, S. McDonald, M. Quinn, D. Rich, D. Tolsma. Third row: Willet Kiplinger, B. Clark, D. Jacobi, R. Emblidge, R. Foote, D. Naylon, B. Gilbert, D. Baum, R. Hitzemann, R. Huber, J. Ferrick, G. Francis, Manager, B. Ziebarth, Ass't Manager: M. Stucler, Coach. 1944 SEASON 1944- SCHEDULE THE prospects for this year are not quite as bright April Q8 Lancaster At Amherst as those of last year with only six of last year's . . squad returning. A new group of about forty boys May 2 Pme H111 Af Amherst turned out for practice, and this number will be May 5 Aki-gn At Akron cut to about twenty in the course of the season. Bill Clark will be the mainstay of the pitching May 9 Lancaster At Lancaster staff since he is the only veteran pitcher from last W-ll- -H year, and Bill Gilbert, Reese Foote, Dick Naylon, May 12 ' lamsv' 6 At Amherst Don Jacobi, and Jack Ferrick will be his chief May 16 Clarence At Amherst co-stars. The schedule calls for eleven games, including May' 19 Akron At Amherst the Play'0ffSt with two 1201119 games against Pine May 23 Amherst At Williamsville Hill and Lancaster starting the season rolling. As the weeks progress, Amherst will probably produce May Q6 Amherst Af Clafenee 3 Pretty falf team' June 6 Amherst At Pine Hill Dir-K NA5'LON DON .Lwonl Rmzsrz Foo'r1c JACK FERRIGK XXILLE1 Ix1Pi.ixr.t.R SENIOR PLAY S I rl Pat Lallmnqg, Marie Roberts: Irmgard Nierhaus, Pat MacDonald, Marilyn Farmer, Betty Nagel. Si d gf Glenn- Miller. Robert Schnlrel, Barbara Hitchcock, Pat Shortal, Marion Schwaneflugel, Dulce HdkClKklD El'JhC W H'lt , Rl' In 8, UUCRH mile, 0 Il 8,l'SOl'l, 8.l'l'el'l 8.1111 OD. NIOBE ...........,...... CAROLINE CARUTHERS CONNIE MORGAN ....., MRS. JULIA GIBBS ...... LOTTIE GIBBS ..... WANDA GIBBS ..... DAISY GIBBS ..... STEVE ...,.... ANDY ......,...... TIM MACAULEY ........ BEE WILLIAMS ..........,. ..... D ulce Hedrick COURTNEY BARRET, JR.. . . . CAST I n Order of Their Appearance I rmgard N ierhaus . . . . Patricia MacDonald .Betty Jane Nagel . . . . .John Carson . .Patricia Shorlal . . . . .Marie Roberts . . . . .Marilyn Farmer Patricia Lallrnang . . . . . . .Carl Kinkel . . . . .Glenn Miller Warren Hamilton CHRISTOPHER MORGAN. . . . THE MILKMAN ........... .... D uncan Emslie . . .Robert Schnirel THE TOWER 78 BARBARA J. WATSON Director B. J. AND JACK PAT AND PAT 7 9 THE TOWER IRMY - MARIE PRODUCTION STAFF Marion Schwaneflugel, Barbara Hitchcock - Promptresses Betty Reif, Dorothy Dilts, Marion Jenzen, Barbara McNutt Properties Miss Elsie Waldow, Miss Gertrude Rix Makeup William Harding, Norman Neubauer, David Gardner, David Zierk, Charles Teeters, Robert Whitney, VVilliam Goll, Conrad Arnold, Hal Meese Stage Crew BUSINESS STAFF Dean McCarthy Business Manager Marion Jenzen, Betty Jane Kress Assistant Business Managers Herbert Perk Program Virginia Hartwell, Donald Bachow Publicity Barbara Bowery, John Carson Tickets Tom Godson, Jeanne Lazarus Typing and Bulletin '55 5- LJ wan gf , miles 1' 2 E 1 x 2 i Q 3 ff? 'mgqwvmfhff ,x,-QffN7f-- V . L,-L .mm ,. , . Mi, 3 f fl I E 3255 MR. CARL MINICH Instructor JUNIOR AVIATION T0 better prepare for the opportunities of an air-minded post-war world, and to seek a pre-induction training which offers untold possibilities, one girl and twenty-seven boys enrolled this year in Junior Aviation courses. They studied and did practical work in six major fields of aviation: aero- dynamics, aircraft engines, structures, navigation, meteorol- ogy, and communications. Many of them will continue the course next year. Plans are now being made to offer flight training as a part of the course next year, adding a touch of glamour to an experience which is already stimulating. Hrst hand reports from last yea.r's students, many of whom are now in the Air Corps, indicate that the course is on the beamu as far as their present training is concerned. We Wish H5521 alligood luck and good flying! I TRACK SEASON 1943 SUMMARY THIRTY boys responded to the call for track candidates for the 1943 season. This track squad gave Amherst its best track season in the history of the school. In a six, meet schedule, Amherst won four and lost two. The relay team composed of Harry Hoy, Lloyd Johnson, Bob Pierce, and Carl Dalton was undefeated and established a new school record of 1:38.'7. Carl Dalton won the most points for the team and established a new school record in the 220. Bob Pierce, Dick Derr, Walter Town, Lloyd Johnson, Chuck Taylor, and Bud Millane were also high point winners. TRACK RESULTS Amherst 58 Nichols 3'7 Amherst 48 Kenmore 56 Amherst 49 Lancaster 40 Pine Hill 29 Amherst 38 Kenmore 67 Amherst 40 Pine Hill 36 Amherst 58 Pine Hill 40 Lancaster 33 Hamburg 19 SQUAD First row: Bob Hawks, Bill Geisz, Dick Derr, Bob Brown, Larry Wright, Carl Dalton, George Vossler, Harry Vosseler, Bill Marian, Warren Hamilton. Second row: John D'A astino, Ken Kurtz, Mars all Anderson, Herbert Perk, Ken Mintzer, .im DiLapo, Don Burroughs, Gordon Runckel, Herbert Thurnherr, Bill Jackson, Jerry Heider. Third row: Cliff Stein, David Brunner, Richard Dunlap, Ernest Cavagnaro, Tony Santomauro, Ernest Lehmany Charles Hildebrand Gene Buell, Frank Swanson, Ernest Wolleson, John Stoll, Jack Hynd. Fourth row: David Piper, Jerry MacDonald, Gene'Mandell, Henry 2:IcNless, Bob Collins, George Manthey, James Stolz, Mr. Bergman, oar . TRACK SEASON 1944 1944 SCHEDULE May 3-Pine Hill and Lancaster at Amherst May 6-East Aurora and Hamburg at E. Aurora Ma.y 9-'Kenmore at Kenmore May East Aurora. and Hamburg at Hamburg May Lockport at Lockport May 20-Western Intermediate Conference at Amherst May 23-Kenmore at Amherst June 3--Sectional Track Meet at Kenmore THE OUTLOOK A KEEN interest in track was shown when fifty boys signed up for the 1944 track s uad. A team must be developed around Carl Dalton, Dick Derr, Bill Morgan, Harold Vosseler, and Bill Giesz, veterans from last year. More meets have been scheduled than ever before. Early season interest indicates the boys are out to better the 1943 record. THE TOWER 82 HALL OF FAME THE CHEERLEADERS-untiring enthusiasm in promoting school spirit. REESE FOOTE-natural born leaderg capable President of Student Council. MARIE ROBERTS-responsible Editor of the Tatler. JAMES BILZ-one of the most outstanding students Amherst has seen. VIRGINIA HARTWELL-cooperative and cheerful Tower Art Editor. MORT SCHNIREL- . Q . . DEAN MCCARTHY- undefeatable politicians of the Senior class. MARION JENZEN-faithful and willing organizer in many fields. FRED STEPHENS-superb performance in the Junior Play. IRMGARD NIERHAUS-congenial leader, actress, and President of Honor Society. KEN KURTZ-original and appreciated Tatler covers. BARBARA HITCHCOCK-willing manager of the Book Store. JACK MCKENNA 'and VVICKY EMBLIDGE-l0tS of power in small packages. BETTY NAGEL-convincing lead of Senior Play. BOB POCI-IEDLEY-genius on the ivories. LOIS HIGGINS-outstanding leader of the Junior class. DAN KIPLINGER-character personified. f JOHNNY LAWLER-heartbeat of the feminine half of Amherst. JUNE SAVAGE-present and future head woman of Class of '48. MARILYN FARMER-our own Katherine Hepburn. BILL MUGLER-popular and handsome football hero. PAT SHORTAL- . ' GLORXA HANOUR- never-to-be-forgotten end men of Minstrel Show. DICK NAYLON-energetic Man-About-Amherst. BILL and JEAN MORGAN1dOllblC time deluxe. P JOAN 'STAFFORD-blond bombshell of the sophomores. D N if BILL GILBERT-all-around athlete. i BOBBY BOTH-leap year objective of many a girl. X DICK JEFFERY- outstanding Tower photographers. - i FRED BERRIMAN- BILL HARDINGh'6XC6ll6Ht management of the Stage Crew. JIM JORDAN- . I I singing finds of the year. I y EUNICE J OHNSON- DOT DIL'rs-persevering Subscription Manager of yearbook. A DICK MERRYMAN-'ODS swell guy. I BETTY REIF-fOY just being Reify.', NANCY MARCHAND-unique and'original humor. DULOE HEDRICK-witty and vivacious senior. PAT MCKENNA-the perfect redheaded Janey. V - 83 THE TOWER ll' N Nb,- YJ, x Q! 4 6-16 17 20-Q2 28 APRIL 4X-1-X44-Unusual date in an unusual year Easter vacation-At last and no regrets! Scl aol resumes-Long time, no see Swimming Carnival-Beautiful Coney Is- land-tlie girls weren't bad, either 3 8 13 17 Q4- Q9 29 30-31 31 SPRING CALENDAR MARCH Honor Society Assembly-Dr. Gillcrest showed how to learn a foreign tongue Report cards-how can they do 'this to us? Senior Thesis due-more excuses than ner- vous breakdowns Tower movie The Kansanv-heyday for schools 13 and 18 Second awarding of Honor Roll Plaques- Rooms 8 and 120 prove their ability Letter Day Assembly-Basketball and Swimming Teams receive well-deserved awards Junior Tea-Tea, cake, and tired feet Senior Play- Hold Everything!', Silver Creek makes a visit-VVhat a band! Open House. Look! There's mine, Mom 16 19-23 Q3 26 12 26 29 30 JUNE Class Day-Everyone Seniors move out Regents Wfeek-The days of reckoning Junior High Graduation-Just three more years, kids. Senior Commencement- 'Neath your 99 towers facing northward moves upg the MAY Spanish Assembly program-si, si, sefiorita. Yg como esta Ud.? Faculty Assembly-Impressive Parade of Talent g Junior Prom-Soft lights, sweet music, and YOU. Memorial Day - . . . that these dead shall not have died in Vain . . . L, N- ........, -- 1 THESE THREE AREN,T A CROWD COME UP AND SEE ME SOME TIME MERMAID1L.kND STYLE DAY-DREAMING OPTICAL ILLUSION LIFESS LITTLE 'FEMPTATIONS HELLO! SABOTAGE H1 SUOAH! SUNBURNED, ISN,T HE? 85 THE TOWER PATRONS AND PATRONESSES .f, -7.: W1 cl - f L23 I A ll: 7? ' -Igfllf OF THE 1944 TOWER .fr ?' i-. fe 4 5 3. -'Zn ',. 'ff -Yr' It Vx A '-We s 'WA Harold Duquette Louis C. Kress J. Francis Harter . Henry Nierhaus W. S. Mountfort Edward J. Meyer Herbert G. Lazarus Lewis lVillis C. lVhitney Thomas J. Godson J. C. Rachow Eugene A. Schwarz Loyal J. Murphy VV. D. Winchell George Habicht L. J. Murphy Charles F. Hildebrand WV. W. Krueger C. A. Schwaneflugel Earl E. Sweeney Charles M. Gardner Frank L. Smith, Jr. VV. H. Farmer Percy G. Emslie Daniel C. Fisher Rocco D'Agostino R. H. Diehl NI. P. Bergen and lVIrs. E. F. Baum Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Nlr. and lVIrs hir. and lNIrs. Mr. James R. hir. and Mrs lllr. and lVIrs. Mr. and hlrs hir. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs lXIr and Mrs hir. and Mrs. Mr and Mrs hir. and Mrs. hir. and lNIrs. hir and hlrs Mr and Mrs. Mr and Mrs. hir. and Mrs. lVIr and llirs. Mr and lNIrs Dr. and Mrs. Mr and Mrs hir and lllrs hir and QMrs. hir H. C. Harding hir. Mr and Mrs. I. L. Sperry Captain and Mrs. H. E. Stowell Mr. and Mrs Nlr. and Mrs. hir. and Mrs Mr. and lVIrs L i 1 M I I dl Y . Bernard hlalinowski Milford D. Pratt . N. Scamurra . Elmer M. Miller fl i-1 o 1 X q ' X uf K I W l 1 N Jr N, A . n ff' . Qf?1'7ufXS' ' M LH ifv'3J?f'+'.4 ' f 534 I i' ULCZW me fvfy- ws? .2 .1313f?-: i ,fc W! it f - fa. :i nt wg' NS 1' ' .'ir !l 1.?l 1 ,-I MJ, 11 K. thu j's ,LY EQ' em SYM. '.- al. L. 'S Lf lg'-n' 'S 'gl- w - , FJ JJ ' . I l .ml I sf 5 P' Pg iz 3 1 V - I r , 1, ,'A' .- ,- .2 . 3 1 gp . rn.. . ' , I . . , , - '- L. . 1 . 5 f -f -S 4 4 - ., L px ffl' N f ,I 19 . Z Mr and Dlrs. James H. Ives Mr and Mrs. Roy T. Clay Nlr. and lllrs. C. H. Field lNIr and lllrs E. J. Gair Mr and llrs. Andrew Johnston Mr and Mrs J. Jay Fuller lllr. and lVIrs Charles A. Reif Captain and lllrs. John L. Carson, Jr., A.A.F. lNIr. and lNIrs. lVillian1 Kamman lVIr. and lVIrs. E. C. lVIcNutt lVIrs. Olga Hitchcock lVIr lVIri Mr hir lllri hir. Mr hir lNIr lNIr. Mr. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and hlrs. and Mrs. Homer Browning Francis B. Bacon B. Earle Roberts VVilliam A. Sheeler August Perk Edward A. Niethe T. L. Masterson William Y. Nagel James G. Hedrick Louis M. Hartwell YV. A. Kendall Bob Robin Ross --wwf.. Q s :Eff ' T 1 3, '. .as- e . -, f Q f 1-'iff -LL ,fg' f' WlV'7 4- A 56 We we T-as Z' 12, ,. Q y P ,-1 V2fjllv +4 ' 5 . 'S V . v . ' A I l l l i ' 1 vm . 4 me 'J I 'sg' li i lk li F 'W - . -L W I0 1' 0, I THE TOWER . s 'YS' N '-flex . L -A E A , 1'-5 A Q- If 2573 ', KX . 1 M x ' 'A , 423, , ,I ., 2 .S ff .T .Q . , 3.35231 ..ffl.155f'? 'V A A E sfikefsswlgleixfia--A me f , lgpls N K: 1fY..4y. , J , lm! 7 H. I V-9' ' r A ' M f' vw , 1-' 'aww X 113 ' I ' I L I In -, Qfizi, . -, S. , , I I, a' Q T' -' fha? I FT 542,17 L1 is h EJ 'R 'm -'51- Q-1: . 1 ,, ' 'f qu 2-'P 'F' Q.-.?'slf.' ff. :, E ' - '- iv ,gf 4 fi ,KA J 5 rs,T,,:,. .S ri ' ,wr 221, Qs w 'T A .Y lf! M1 Mwst 1 A . V ,, HH ' T 3 135955 , , . Hg, -411' . , - .f f' , N K - '53- T59 V ' .1411 -, :ii-YQ? ' M, 'Y L i A -1 ' A Q14 B-Ja fri, ff: 'J 1 X- T if ' - 4- ' gffL:?'lii ,, 4 .:,3i.mf5agiqJ2' ig, Vi -Y , 5. -is Q 515.1 1'-:fave-f , A ,1 . A fs ?'WH1 .Q '?'1's1'Lli,...4 3 A Q, 11 , . 1 51 . 'f,:i1f?S?2g, 'i'i'ih'i'5I --Q gl, my - pg, -twig ' 4 3. YI? ' we .' VJ. , -. 'ALI ' , ' A V , 'L I WT ,. , ,Q A'gF4'f 5 - ,.5,. ., 'f'jQ-:q3Zf':-sf., , - A ir? HTQH , '1 ' Z Wff11'XTf'k ,Eff M-' ibiyile, ' L L I fe . ,Q - .M A rw ' .. h , 4,95 ,gms Ja ,, xxhs -- ,. -:W-A 5' --- .. JA V ,. QLQCL, OQOCZWOOJ 6? Glam! ilf1,1fL9'l Cl Qivvice Wa7J LQ. QZGTL LICENSED MANAGER Q 775 Cmain i. AND OWNER wujfjfalo, cgyarlaiale 8816 Compliments of MARY FAGEN . . Representmg Buyers and BEAUTY SHOP GARFIELD SAGER PA 1747 Sellers of Rea in Amherst NYDER, N' Y' 3586 Main St. Eggertsvi 4555 MAIN ST. S 1 Estate Ile, N. Y 87 THE TOWER Carl Kinkel Richard Weaver Robert Pot-Chedley Stuart McAllister Eugene Cottrell William Grieves William Dustman Donald Brown Frank Harding Robert Roth Paul Gifford Robert Hicks, U. S. A. Robert Coyer, U. S Philip Savage, U. S. A. .A. GAMMA PHI SIGMA ALPHA CHAPTER BEST OF LUCKH RECENT GRADUATES IN SERVICE Milton Mugler Dean McCarthy Donald Durick Jolm Geyer John Ferrick James Hedrick Bradley VVagner William Clark John Hodson Richard Merryman Robert Kinkel Elmer Kreher, U. S. A. Roeder Kinkel, U. S. N. William Ferrick, U. S. N. Millard Kreinheder, U. S. A. F. Robert Flickinger, U. S. N. A, MEMBER OF THE I N TER-FRA TERNI TY C 'O U NUI L THE TOWER 88 UNIVERSITY PLAZA GUELICH AND BOEBEL, INC., REALTORS JOHN J. STARKE FEDERAL MARKETS, INC. Dispensing Optician Oculist's Pfescription Filled Phone PA 3751 University Plaza UNIVERSITY PLAZA GIRLS BOYS SMART APPAREL A GIFTS S TOYS Everything for the Baby KOEGL'S BAKERY 31-33 UNIVERSITY PLAZA THE CHILDREN9S SHOP Pies Cakes . . . Rolls . . . Bread . . . Cookies Q2 UNIVERSITY PLAZA and Pastries Boys to 8 Sz 10 Yrs. Girls to 16 Yrs. 0,-de,-3 Taken fof All Occasion, L. M. LENHARD M. LENHARD Firggtong Compliments of HOME AND AUTO SUPPLIES Complete Line of SPORTING Goons HOME SUPPLIES AUTO SUPPLIES AND TIRES UNIVERSITY PLAZA UN 5722 Owned and Operated by KELLOGG PETROLEUM PRODUCTS, INC. , f ff' N49 ,N ' Q N 'J KIWANIS CLUB of Amherst 89 THE TOWER Congratulations to the Class of 144 Dave Bain , Buster Boyle VZ Bill Brunner Dick Derr Bob Eek George Elliott Dell Ewing Bud Hart Bob Hawks Roger Hornung Dick Huber Norm Ihrig Dick JeHery ALPHA ZETA FRATERNITY CHI CHAPTER President DICK NAYLON M ember I nter-F raternity Council Cam Kelly Jack Kertzie Bill Kiplinger Spence MacDonald George Mantliey Bud Meyer Glenn Miller Bill Nlorgan Tom Pitman Bill Ramsey Bob Spangentlial Hank Streng Dick Terry BRUSH-UP PUPILS BEGINNERS Mrs. Sohnirel's REXUIL Burner experience, skill, manpower and management are devoted whole-lleartedly to the war effort today . . . but TOMORROW, - when restrictions are relaxed, the finest Rexoil Burners, FOR Furnaces and Boilers ever made will be available. HAVE WE YOUR NAME? WOMEN AND GIRLS REIF-REXOIL, INC. 37-41 C31'f0l1 St- BUEHIO 3, N. Y. 134 Hughes Avenue GArIield 3161 THE TOWER 90 x Each Year for T wenty-Nine Years We Have Returned to Our Policy Holders a Twenty per cent Cash Dividend EXCHANGE MUTUAL INSURANCE CO. Automobile Insurance JUHN H. BROGAN, Pres. 531 Delaware Ave. GRant 8970 Also dividend paying fire Insurance in our agency John H. Brogan and Co. Inc. Telephone Us For Rates Compliments Compliments of of THE YARN SHOP ZETA SIGMA EPSILON 10 North Cayuga Road Williamsville, N. Y. SORORITY 1 Sincere Good Wishes Compliments i . of i l Mr. 81 Mrs. J. Francls Harter Mr. 81 Mrs. Walter A. Kendall 91 THE TOWER AUSTIN'S Operated by WILLIAM WYLLIE Phone VVilliamsville 46 5543 Main St. Williamsville, N.Y. RYAN 81 WILLIAMS, INC. Stationers - Office Outfitters - Desks - Chairs Filing Devices Telephones: VVash. 0177-0178 82-84 Pearl St. Buffalo, N. Y. A1-A 5'cHNIllil. W 13 COURT STREET BUFFALO, N. Y. D. A.P Compliments of Brost Motors, Inc. SNYDEH' GA 8900 DODGE and PLYMOUTH Distributors 19285-1Q91 MAIN ST. BUFFALO, N. Y. rom. N. R. Prom. SCHULER BROTHERS Groceries - Vegetables - Meats We Deliver N. Y. PA 9041-9042 Compliments of ROBERT J. FIMIANI THE TOWER 92 Compliments to THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1944 W PARKE W. DAVIS In lhe Heart of Eggertsvillen SUPER QUALITY Eggs, Flour, Breakfast Foods, Lawn Seed, Dog Food Cooperative G. L. F. Mills, Inc. BUFFALO, N. Y. Compliments of Dr. and Mrs. W. W. Meissner Congratulations and Best Wishes to Graduates and Faculty of AMHERST CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL TRESIDDER REALTORS Main at Darwin ' UN 5040 Serving the Town of Amherst Since 1925 93 THE TOWER GAMMA SIGMA FRATERNITY Robert Abwender Alan Backusa' Norman Berg Robert Brost Robert Brown? Robert Calladine' John Conroy' William Conroy Frank Emblidge Joseph Ernst ' Warren Everding George Garbutti' Donald Jacobi James Jacobi Lloyd Johnson' John Kautzak Justin Kuehling John Lawler Clarence Leo' XENA fp Z S' 2 UI8 694 'ZPNATXQ Xi' Gerald MacDonald John Madden John Mccgrmick David Moyer Robert Piercel' Richard Reagan Theodore Redleinx Gerald Richman Richard Reiland Donald Richart Clark Ryan Thomas Schmidt? Roger Sharps' VVilliam Sprague Edward Striegell' Frank Striegel Robert Thompson James VVhitby ' John VVilson VVarren Worden Lawrence Vllright THE TOWER 94 PURITY Q UALITY YOU'LL FAVOR OUR FLAVORSU IN EVERY COMMODITY Sterling Amherst Farms Dairy, Inc. 4949 MAIN ST. UN 6600 COURTESY SERVICE Kohler Sz Miller lf ' . 0 2 n f s f a M KOBLERs.MlLLER 1, VVe are indeed proud of the constantly increasing OPPORTUNITY FOR SERVICE which is being accorded us by the people of the AMHERST COMMUNITY Convenient Parking, Convenient Shopping, Prompt Service-Always 320 GENESEE STREET Compliments of Di Bello-Pontiac PONTIAC DEALER LI 1740 1275 lNIain St. Buffalo, N. Y. We Service any .Wake of Automobile-Tow Truck Available We Buy All Makes of Used Cars Complete Frame Straightening Engine Rebuilding Wheel Aligning Genuine Pontiac Parts Alfred M. Jeffery 361 DELAWARE AVE. BUFFALO, N. Y. Publisherls Representative 95 THE TOWER REPAIRING PHONE: UN 2918 Men's and Boys' Wear . . . Growing Girls' Shoes HILLSIDE CLEANERS FRED RONEKER 407 Cleveland Drive 5548 MAIN STREET CHEEKTOWAGA, N. Y. Call and Delivery Service WILLIAMSVILLE, N. Y. NIAGARA TRANSFORMERS Manufactured by E-RIE ELECTRIC COMPANY, INC. 110-130 Church Street, Buffalo, New York We Build and Ship to all Foreign Countries as well as Principal lYar Plants in the U.S.A., Army Posts, Naval Stations, and the Panama Canal-All Sizes up to 5000 K. V. A. JOHN H. DARBY President Telephone CLeveland 4758 Cleveland Hillls Fastest Growing Drug Store LIES' PHARMACY Bert. A. Lies, Prop. Personalized Prescription Service 413 Cleveland Drive at Harlem Road PArkslde 9114-9848 STOKER COAL SMOKELESS COAL BITUMINOUS AM HERST BUILDERS' SUPPLY 81 COAL CORP. 5274 Main St., VVilliamsville, N. Y. Williamsville 64-UNiversity 3581 LEHIGH VALLEY SEMET-SOLVAY COKE ANTHRACITE THE TOWER 96 ARTHUR L. BECK General Agent 1111 Genesee Bldg. Buffalo, New York NATIUNAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY 'F4'I1'fG.i'EEfE.iVERM0NT PURELY MUTUAL-ESTABLISHED 1850 GOOD LUCK and BEST WISHES Io the GRADUATING -CLASS Allied Bitumens, Inc. BUFFALO, N. Y. WAsh. 8107 C. W. ALLEME1 Compliments of Stephen Po Chedley and Sons 97 THE TOWER RICH'S ICE CREAM SERVED EXCLUSIVELY IN OUR CAFETERIA ENTERTAINMENT HEADQUARTERS for Uomplfmwfs Uf AMHERST CENTRAL Dr- and Mrs- Ralph UPSOU HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS The Worlzfs Greatest Motion Pictures-Perfectly Presented lii,?Zi24,gef?T2Lgn 2213? SHEA'S KENSINGTON WOEPPEUS Bailey and Kensington Ave. CONFECTIONS Phone P-A1505 SHEA'S KENMORE 4209 Main St. Eggeftsville, N. Y. 3021 Delaware Ave., Kenmore KREHER Sz SHOEMAKER, INC. Jobbers of Fine Confections SCHRAFFTS CHOCOLATES, FRUITS AND SYRUPS 433-435 BROADIWAY BUFFALO, N. Y. WA 7079 THE TOWER 98 WHY WALK FURTHER? YOUR HONOR SOCIETY PROVIDESA STORE TO SAVE TIME AND STEPS! X l Review Books CRegent'Sj Lab Books CChen1istry, Physicsj Paper CPlain, linedl Typing Books Science Stencils Shorthand Pads Protractors Reinforcements Notebooks Book Cards Tablets Erasers Pencils Lead ' OPEN DAILY 8:15-8:30 99 THE TOWER CHRISTIAN FLIERL COMPANY Lumber . . . Planing lNIill . . . Cabinet W'ork Plywood . . . Insulation Compliments to THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1944 VVallboard 1352 GENESEE ST. BUFFALO, N. Y. Phone: TAylor 2486 SUOR and SUOR D. GUTTAS Compliments of Manufacturers F. Vincent Harrington, D.D.S- BANNERS . . . EMBLEMS . . . LETTERS EMBROIDERERS 77 W. CHIPPEWA ST. CL 6188 NO IAI COUPONS NEEDED lc, ' f Little Pep. had iiied feet. ,cg if Really, held rather sleep than eat. 2 Educa.tion's fine, he'd often say- K For others, I'm staying home today. I His mother dragged him by the hair X Bm. ii family hitch hike got him there. WWW We only solve lu' home furnishing problems Z' Good Furniture Since 1895 345 BROADWAY 575 MAIN THE TOWER 100 PHOTOGRAPHS IN THIS ANNUAL WERE MADE BY BEN SWAN Photographer 637 MAIN STREET, BUFFALO Have Your Photo Taken with the New Speed-Flash Camera! Freezes Action at 1f30,000 of a Second! Natural Effects. Posing Not Necessary Negatives Kept in Files F ive Y ears for Duplicate Copies INDUSTRIAL, INSTITUTIONAL AND PERSONAL PHOTOGRAPHY ' HUTT'S DAIRY BAR - LUNCHEONETTE The Place Where Young Folk llleef' Delivery Phone: Service AM 0123 DRY CLEANING Call S2220 Kensington Ave., PA 2111 5516.MAIN ST. ' . SNYDER, N- Y' I W'MSVILLE 11 WILLIAMSVILLE Tfnlvfmg Remodeling CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES WILLIAMSVILLE BLUE COAL and SEMET-SOLVAY COKE PHARMACY The Popular Household Fuels HED TR M-SPA LDING Prices That Challenge Comparison S 0 U l Igrgiver 2 Phorgii Corner Main and Erie Streets or Servicey PA 5152 From Your Neighborhood Dealer Phone: CLeveland 7900 101 THE TOWER The Fairmont Creamery Co. BETTER DAIRY PRODUCTS 197 Scott St. . BUFFALO, N. Y. Compliments of GRACE C. HEANEY 4517 Main St., Snyder, N. Y. CL 8516 CL 6586 GIFTS CARDS HOSIERY Compliments of Mastercraft Tire Corp. 78 ALLEN ST. BUFFALO, N. Y. THE AMHERST BEE -THE OFFICIAL PAPER OF ALIHERST VVith a Weekly Column of Amherst Central News Fine Job Printing Smart, Personalized STATIONERY Personalized Matches, Napkins and Playing Cards WILLIAMSVILLE, N. Y. LUMEN R. HAWS CO. 609 Root Bldg. 86 WY. Chippewa Street BUFFALO, N. Y. Manufacturers of 0:5 Syd o'o LOCK'S HOME BAKERY UNiversity 3883 460 SOUTH HARLEM ROAD at Kensington V Try Our Home-made BREAD - PIES - CAKES - ROLLS SCHOOL AND FRATERNITY JEVYELRY Diamonds VVatches Trophies Qllcllify OUT Specially THE TOWER 102 COMPLIMENTS OF BUFFALO NUT SHOPS BUFFALO, N. Y. THE TOWER GEORGIAN BAY LUMBER CO., INC. LUMBER AND MILLWORK DE 8176 NORTH T ONAWANDA, N. Y. TON. 1818 -2'5sQ'f:'Q':' f A -- - . M. C07l1pl'l l7IC7lfS 0 N DR R W CONN eww?-1 4? 1 .sg-. 36 DR W A SMITH f -. 4 02 4- .- ,nv 1.4, 4 15.5 2 5' ' J 'Van 52:-NN .. xxfywm N-Ax. R mer. Q-'im N .114 .. 9241 fm x. .9 5 .bww 6 R wi K s rf wr. . .X mfi4.9 ,cf W Klux X N 0 xx-.-. -.X Eg. +.-. ,. 19' ' w,.,K2--.xnxk x e .- ZSWWN-.--. 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WAGNER Manager 17 Court St., CL 1780 New York Boston Philadelphia Greetings from Donner-Hanna Coke Corp. Manufacturers of Coke and By-Products of Coal Conzplim ents of AMHERST DRUG STORE MAIN and ROCK TYILLIANISVILLE REXALL DRUGS T E. Dungey Proprietors: H. L. VVrigl1t BRUCE SWEET Business Dfe Insurance Liberty Bank Bldg. BuH'alo, N. Y CL 4-158 105 THE TOWER TOWN OF AMHERST OFFICIALS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1944 Supervisor ALBERT J. HERMAN Councilmen NELSON H. BLOCHER EDGAR J. BARTH ALBERT C. KOEPF FRED G. MUCK Superintendent of Highways Town Attorney F. THEODORE JENZEN EDWIN J. CULLIGAN Town Clerk Chairman of Board of Assessors MARTIN A. GILBERT FRED W. STUEWE THE TOWER 106 7 J ART GOODS NOTIONS ' NOVELTIES Let Us Take Care of Your Hem-Line Troubles Alterations and Repairs A. KOEPF HEISEIVS FLOWER SHOP DRY GOOD STORE Quick Service Cut Flowers . . . Plants . . . Corsages . . . Bouquets Vllash - DRESSES -- Silk UN 7403 Furnishings for the Entire Family HARLEM 8: KENSINGTON SNYDER, N. Y. PA 0910 Open Saturday Evenings Till 10 P.M. Congratulations to the Class of 19.44 FRANK X. HUBER WHOLESALE COMMISSION MERCHANT NIAGARA FRONTIER FOOD TERMINAL BUFFALO, NEW YORK Since 1878 MARTIN F. HUBER BENJAMIN J. HUBER GEN RICH BUILDERS, INC. RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION A PROFESSION 4287 MAIN ST. UN 0444 107 THE TOWER I The Little Station That Qfers a Lot JOE FISCHER'S CIRCLE SERVICE STATION HARLEM and CLEVELAND UNiversity 9686 EXIDE Batteries - CHAMPION Spark Plugs - FIRESTONE Tires - PUROLAT OR Oil Filters MARFAK SKYCHIEF FIRECHIEF HAVOLINE TEXACO SURE-START Service Battery Charged While You Wait Motor Tune-Up Restores Economy and Performance By Accurately Resetting Adjustments To Original Specifications By Precision Meters 4'zW 'f gm'- ,A4 had -e fam 'if I if 5 fftgiii Aww 9 fn P Y' Li' sgkw wmnmym mwgx , iz' ' '5ii W 71f- --M-Fir ' 1' 5 1' -5 .,, ' if 55 i .s:a, 'e ' ., ., , ij z 1515 1: Ev- gf- 1-f f' z,fe:f:1:QE32g1: gag: -5, - -f fi ' , -Z1.fZ.Z.. .I:I:1...Z.5': if 5555: 1. I . f, V-Wm ,. .f.4,.,,4,,,,:,V - IF , I' -eW- .. -2::2:1:r:2:r:r:r:r ra. 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QM N 'H iN1l1Lrfwf,lJ!,3,x Xl1 ' K J -iv' - VN' J Lf .L 0 I , 1 1' x , 1 qflnxxxx 4 LTQIVT . ' K' fy, A JJ Q J,,4oJ,ibl-M443 w wx 'TAY wa f W , .Q V ww-1.4 1M L ' wvffw w L' W2 XNN Nw 9-x L 5x. K. Qxxw pf ,td ra gy A' X MQMW-'Qas ' C7 'E .. 1 KP X - nk . vx xx 4 gg- 1. i X X 7 f Z W , I 1 1 1 ,K 1 I f 4 .J E! 1 4 3 4 . ,, : Suas' L Q .1 E 'I 5 I I T ' V lr-. B iq, x 1 I .L- '.L. ' A '1e'-- ' 1- .x X II . Q fy U I Z I V A f xx V Xfk Nt xv L xl' I 1 K Nu-.'ff ,,! Z ,ff 4 , 'Q if ' -'Wig -V14 'IJ Q UIQ!! 1 f ' FL , H Xhrnvnck Hmfmlg - v 'fl.lV N .iff ' 1 I .1- ,mf ev--hx---N-,-yfx , , I F . K . X A X- x ,g . 'Y' ' . . ,NXY-'rx' ,NX KSMKX, ' Q x - kxxm xfM..Nh , w f' M N I , 2 UAT I I 3 '11Mlw,.f2 W W ww, ,- Q UL, K 3 Nut KI. ,JH XJRM ' HVH .KX ,AAP-. vp .,,,,,, nw 'M.,QKX,.fXmNx xk

Suggestions in the Amherst Central High School - Tower Yearbook (Amherst, NY) collection:

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