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EX LIBRIS THE TOVV ER SENIOR PUBLICATION 0 F T H E C L A S S O F NINETEEN HUNDRED FORTY-THREE AMHERST CENTRAL HIGH SCHCOL SNYDER o Q o NEW YCJRK The activities incident to putting out an annual at Amherst are numerous and varied, but all of the eiiort that is expended points toward one purpose -a bigger and better TOWER. The TOWER Staff hopes that in this issue of the TOWER they have achieved that goal. First Row: Left to Right-Helen Allmuth, Roger Hotte, Richard Madison, Richard Roeder. Second Row:-Marleah Savage, Janet Scannell, Barbara Rice, Marilyn Seares, Lillian Jacobs. EXECUTIVE STAFF Editor-in-chief ............................ Marleah 'Savage Assistant Editor ........... Business Manager ....,......, Assistant Business Manager .... Advertising Manager .......... Assistant Advertising Manager. . . Subscription Manager ....... Photography Editor ........ Publicity Manager .......... Assistant Publicity Manager .... A-rt Editor ................ Assistant Art Editor ..... Sport Editor .......... Typing Editor ,......... Assistant Typing Editor .... Faculty Adviser .......... ........Ir1sCave . . . .Richard Roeder . . . . . . .Barbara Rice . , . .Richard Madison . . . . . .Betty Huber . . . .Helen Allmuth . . . .Richard JeHery . . . . .Janet Scannell . . . . .Roger Hotte . . . . . . . . .Marilyn Seares ...,........Lillian Jacobs . . . .Paxton Van Sweringen . . . . . . . . .Alberta Harsch ........InezBlarr . . . . .Robert Holder MR. ROBERT HOLDER Adviser THE TOWVER 111 -r.,11x A Y' fx"'l111-1 Seated: Left to Right-Jeanne Moore, Iris Cave, Midge Watson, Diary .N ,, Second Row:-lllarian Metz, Janet Gierz, Lorraine White, Jeanne xfusrnni, ,,,, ' '- ' ' h l , Phyllis Glenn, .lean Larzelere, llarion 'M0ssell, Betty Huber, Mary mf.. M, , ' l , William Bruno, Loreue DiBello, Garnett Rich, lvlany THE TOWER Thu-d Row. Viola Nic o s Not pictured:-lllary lllclflod. Dolores Fisher, Charles 'Tay or Simpson. l - V. YPi'.3?1' zm, X Y - 1, .js-W ,JA V ' dw- '7-,.az-"x,L . , '-13,4 Aff.: zfflftei .. 1 ,. - ..-, .V , 3,-.1:"',rV j rbi '.'..1:-: ,,.-3, . 5.5,-w"'-,. X- mrihv. -Y , v:V.,ng,.,.,-. J: NEP.. V ,ah , ' 'L-' V'.W"3r1-'L.1.x-A' 'V . I .A .Rv . ..,,5,:, ' " E1g't"v'.wf',. ':. fliigjfft-ff? -- .Q 'fr 3- .' 541.75 ' gi-X, , .L .lr .- .f ,. . 1 -Q.:-V . , wi- 5 f- -A . ,gf . .. :' .,- ., ., 4' '- -FQQZ :vu c xf"'iV1'4i432-+.,"i1!'.3' QW -'34 :L -, :f1J5l:!'? '- :J-lv., 1' -z.-- -, V .. . . . -+""' . , F . 4-'kk'-""' ' . 'HLA' " 'L' .. - . .. - 5 .,.Y 1 LN, Q. V . A qx.,1.,. ' , . - - W mkfwff'.,,.A , ,vw V.. - V' ' ' .,.j.,L5..wj", :,g.zif"'11'A-.I I 3.462 - -,Q .L .:.:'a" -Vi ...... ,.., .,.. is gp.. ,EYU:.1L... ,SR VIH.. - " ,.f fir- H - W.: 1 .. -'lf-5 -r':-'Vm.E-- 1'Qs'ff-'1.,VT' '1ws'1"g-" -. H -"L -. . - Q 1 :Huw . - ,pls , 'V . .1 -am' , '.N':'E.-.' V, if ' .. .L W 1 ' 41 . ,gi-, ix.. .f-f--i'w-1'i..l,,4Af1':A-,-,- V. V Lk'v.t.,g ,.1Va'1-,T-. If nv-Ef:p.,,.'. 3 - . Mum' V I, 'Ld .A W! xlqiir'.k.:"M,.3f'Kxm2Enf'f'r' -t J..-X . ...iii . "'L'N'x" 'W' f'T4-if-"'f.'. . r' .- A . . 2,1 A I 'f..- 4, ag,-Y-.J .,.- .. 'ff :A -' 5, ' E. V' -,.w.-,..f, .- . - -A' 1- W. ' "Et"A"! "' A 'EW " R' ' 1759 1 'Tr ' '9.s5'ffVf 3 'xi I. .h . W .. idiv A ,. V. ' ' ' ,,. N X., '-'f4F': -.. V., ,, ' ff..-, , - ,eu-,L.' 1,1-Mn:-?i..i'i.' -' -J' ,. ' eg, uri"-A-. Vw'-'Z ' - 4. '- .."zi'Fft7r'.:1-"ff " , .- ..V. -mn... -I 2. .:: -. . V' - g-- - V. .,.- , M.-M... -: - I .rA,..',l,...-: ', .,., 4. rg- ' .- ., V- Uv- . ff.-..,,, . -.:.-5-15 KQV.. 4 .5 .3, .1-Q.-.. 1 . Y 5. . ,f ,V 9,1 .. ' . i.,g,.,.: . I 1 V I .. in ...rihvif A .1-5- 2 '-34.2 zis. -' -"" -V 11- . - 'ZVQ3Q.ZK.r'?12V- ..,f- .A .. , , , J ' ' " " 4 " " ' 22--5 5, 'N -"ha a' 3 2 X " ' - , M.. , l . H f .M V. ,. V ,, N , . :. ' Y - ,. 555 QA. W, 'xilljmw I A-:I Mal w. YY A ' " it ' -s- -1 1- , Q . . .,. Z 'A M' .5 ""- ' ff Y .5ff"flT. ' ' I ,v .V card, . .5 A , 'v':"'JJ7 K ' U75 ' 5-Q W? 'Af af il " 'H :fi-.e - . . I 1, . , -' M245--..V ,. , ' ' .-.Vs-' -, . V ' ' '-- ---1-3494. , ' .Ti.,'5.3jr5.1gu,.g: avg.. . , I , I ' ' ' " "3 f Lg, . ,K-Lied?-,f,.v1qajJ'4g3.:ggi?i5,J..LAQZAL,-1:3 -, in- lf :. , 1 ,. 'jf 4. ' f Vkifglf . ::f,g'xT'5'j,.l:.'x " Url- 'jx,g3gV3.Ef'. 'gmir-1:., . . W' ""w3'5" E"-"J'I':1': ?-'- if 'V 'iff Fwffvfff' 13-1-' rg .igyll-.TQMH vias .V A , . 'L ' '51-e- Filfvf' '- .' z .fr wi.. , -- 5 0,-.3-. ,A .3,. -f 1. Y . V A -. af..-1-a.,.f5.-1.2.1.V.f...:,f, ' V- . A :fx . . I-: idly.-j -1x.:,:E.-,qngt ,',gigl.11l 3,..Ll,i..l .L-,L ' '- FY -,Je"'g2i2-?."I-fiiffiffi '.34.1?9S- AH" g ,VT , U :gg 52' 1' qi Q59 5: :., ,g1x: ,g3:,1. M K -A , , V -' a0f'7' zf. 392. v,-v.'V.'--1.1 V' .- 1-1-y-g.-f-'m,- -..WS ug F' H, . . M11 -. eiakgiv-?'..311'.2' il .ff 2 :'i.x:.wwfV1if.'VV' . 1 , "" " " "' "M .-ff' FV .ii .wlM.A' Tl,.14.x.'I.hv' -,JL ' VA V- -' 2 A .,,.j'gg fr .J ez -- , rfflw'-ff .f.:-1'-If r -vi-Av. . ,..-Vg .. :V .-:.w:,"r:- ..5, sg." 1' . . 1 K . -J . .1 . 'r .:.-',3Uf"- 1' -. 1 . - .,L, ,,,w,.--- AEK. ' ff--,ja -Q. 43.1.91-.5p,-.2 its., :GM . ' in , HA' va' 6' , .V ' V1.5 ' P I 4 X 1 ' K' ' af' A X ' ra 4 . . kf'.':'-' f' V.. 4 f X .ed wx ' -f 3 A .f ,, V A l K V 4 I X II 'H "V "'y."' . 4 D.. RY 32 uf' i,l ' fp ",,4 A ', I v I ,, Je I " . .- LS 1v b I , 1 :TZ -wg, ,VL v ,J 5, . f 4 ,x L1 'Q 1 , gf' as ' A 1 x- A, ,. 9 A ww mfs' 23" B. . 5 4 ' M' ww J vt 1. tn, f 4 4- .aff , wa ' L Li 5 . r . .4 f 1 ,P , , N " 'asf r .g . 4, M 3 K rl If , 'yr n w. ' ,f -f Q ve' V H1 53 1,-.. "H "' X' ,, 1 .- ' , sr .. .V ...X H- . 1 V - . Vx f . -, Q . x , X v1 A , .x 4 ,, 4, N, 1 , H. -f , " H 0 A .pw ,N N, rr ,, ., ,. .1 Q. 1 . ., A X ,,,.. r K K 4, L .. X. rv , X.. r wx- H, ' X A C x 5' Lf as Ki! ,ui-L . N4 x . y 4 1 x ' gi .MVA ..-9 'Vg ' . , f,,- .LH fV:'..l. v- , ,P .. +,.- " Q 5 U NYU-Psnfz 56, .12 lin' 'W If 'vi-UL ' X1 2,1 i y A! -fdfal -,Qu "' 4 7211'?'453:3f3'-fi-472--ff 7'-I'.,:'V'.Y-.-','.,' . af ' 1 ' M ' ' ' X 1 , V,-Fri! X. ,K :gi ,tg .,, xc v txglu-...Ng J IA -wv:,+ 1 3 6 xl A Aw, ...Q 4 ' c ,pew ' SL kb wi 8. " K ff-gf, QM A-"V ffff.-.QV J , 'I ,wmv iviwgg 4 A 2 2 f I 1 1 x f N ,, Q ,A L, fl f' . 4 V 1 ' , . I tw- . 5 .fr-.HXVA , ,Vfw wh P, M J W 4 1 Q uv ' - , sh in 1'-, J, '+ ,' '31 if qw. Y R fx 5 ,tr 1 14 x Pu R J 1 gr , T J , I V Wa . 1-M v . 31. QW, M, - .. HA . i , I ,Q in A SR s M v ,az if A I . J ,, ,fir 1 A I ,aa 17' ,p , ur.. 'Q V 'L . 'ff L' 1 aw' f X , .r W fbx , A ob , H y H H 1 Qx T 591. x r, V . -K ff I lr 5 , m ' 1 . . ,, 1' ' Eff . 5.-5.1.1, W. .-gb V. 5. Q -Q f V: WJ 1 iff.. W' N- ' xp. ,H rx , I vu, l . . . if . , M t ti, . Tk .1 ,y .. . , . L I 1 ' 'W 4 A 1 ,1 xx " . ygpy- , ,., . lf' B 1'.x 5 ,M .GVQ 1 Qfgg, X r .ff 0 lv' 1 an 9 . 0 ' 1 1466! .Tm 7a Shaw au www Me! ..... vom 4.11.4 amz gd. -me amz., sm, of ,4 eww THE TOXVER MISS DOROTHEA DUTTWEILER DEDICATIGN It is with sincerest appreciation and deepest devotion that we, the Senior Class of 1943, this year dedicate our annual to one, who through her patience and cheerfulness, has endeared herself to all. During her teaching days at Amherst, she has counseled numerous students through their difficulties with friendliness and understanding. VVith greatest pleasure we present: Miss- Dorothea Duttweiler. THE TOWER THE TOWER HU x . r A ! Wax I fs' X IT IS FULLY APPROPRIATE THAT THIS YEAR WE DEDICATE AN ENTIRE PAGE TO THOSE OF AMHERST'S' ALUMNI WHO HAVE JOINED THE ARMED FORCES. H1 ADMINISTRATION IVe are indeed fortunate to have a Faculty that excels in student guidance as it does in teaching, a Board of Education that is generous in providing the best facilities for learning, a Student Council that is 1002 responsive to the desires of the student body, and an Office Staff that has few superiors in ef- ficiency, tact, and understanding. ,PHE TOWER ll l...v ADMINISTRATION FACUQT First Betty Ackley Martha Barbour Myrtle Christensen Dorothea Duttweiler Second Eleanor Appleby Milton Bergman Ecla Cowan . Theresa Fitzgibbons Third . Lillian Aranibar . Walter Blish . Enxma Coyer . Lillian Gruener Fourth . Elizabeth Arend . Ruth Buddenhagen . Isabel Craik . Roberts Hettler Fifth . Raymond J. Ast, Jr. Otis Chapman . Mary D'A1nico Robert Holder THE TOWER FACULTY First 1. Helen Humphrey 2. Richard Lape 3. Edward Orgek 4. Archie Rousselle 11 THE TOWER Second Winifred Jenner Dorothy Lape Charles Orm - U sby . Anne Saplenza Third Paul King Margaret McCullor . Arthur Pankow . Dorothy Schmidlin F ourth . Mabel Kolloff . Gertrude Miner . Eva Polster . Robert Schonewolf Fifth Harold Kruger Carl Miuich . Gertrude Rix . Rita Schworm FACULTY F irst live Sliuart arbara Watson TEACHER Betty Ackley Eleanor Appleby Lillian Aranibar Elizabeth Arend Raymond J. Ast Martha Barbour Milton Bergman Walter Blish Ruth Buddenha en g Otis Chapman Myrtle Christensen Eda Cowan Isabel Craik Mary D ,Amico Dorothea Duttweiler Theresa Fitzgibbons Lillian Gruener Moira Haley Roberts Hettler Gertrude W. Holden Robert Holder Helen Humphrey Winifred Jenner Third Fourth Fifth 1. Marion Simpson 1. Martha Stall 1. Neil Stillman 1. Elsie Walker Waldow NEW ADDITIONS TO OUR STAFF Moira Haley Gertrude W. Holden Mildred S. Savell FACULTY FACTS FIELD Physical Education English Spanish Science History Art Physical Education Mathematics Home Economics Mathematics Art German Physical Education Latin Science Junior High Commerciali Junior High Physical Education Science History Librarian Junior High SCHOOL Kent State University D,Youville College University of Buffalo D'Youville College Buffalo State Teacher's College University of Buffalo Buffalo State Teacheris College Albany State Teacher's College Mechanics Institute of Rochester University of Buffalo University of Michigan Buffalo State Teacher's College Buffalo State Teacl1er's College Syracuse University Cornell University Columbia University Chicago Art Institute University of Buffalo Cortland Normal School University of BuHalo Seton Hill University of Buffalo Buffalo State Teacher,s College University of Buffalo D,YouVille College Canisius College Springfield College Elmira College Western Maryland College Elmira College State Teacher's College of Geneseo Buffalo State Teacher's College THE TOWER TEACHER Paul King Mabel Kolloff Harold Kruger Dorothy Lape Richard Lape Margaret McCullor Gertrude Miner Carl Minich Edward Orgek Charles Ormsby Arthur Pankow Eva Polster Gertrude Rix Archie Rousselle Anne Sapienza Mildred S. Savell John Scheller Philip Schweickhard Rita Schworm Olive Shuart Marion Simpson Martha Stall Neil Stillman Elsie Walker Waldow Barbara Watson 13 THE Towma FACULTY FACTS FIELD Music Junior High Science Junior High Science Junior High Commercial Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Mathematics Junior High Junior High English Industrial Arts Mathematics History History Principal Commercial French Home Economics English Industrial Arts English English SCHOOL Eastman School of lNIusic Northwestern University University of Buffalo Oneonta Normal Buffalo State Teacl1er's College University of Rochester Buffalo State Teache-r's College Buffalo State Teacher's College Buffalo State Teacheris College Russell Sage College Buffalo State Teacheris College University of Buffalo Buffalo State Teacheris College University of Michigan Buffalo State Teacheris College Northwestern University Brockport Normal School Buffalo State Teacl1er's College Albany State Teacheris College Buffalo State Teacher's College University of Buffalo Wilson College Mansfield State Teacher's College Duke University University of Michigan University of Chicago University of Buffalo University of Chicago Cornell University D'Youville College Buffalo State Teacher's College Radcliffe College Northwestern University Dennison University ALMA MATER Voices hymn thy valiant praises, Hearts thy halls enshrineg May our loyalty unceasing Amherst, e'er be thine. When we leave thy halls of learning, Paths of life to strayg May your guidance never ending Light us on our Way. CHORUS 'Neath your towers facing northward VVe shall always beg Ever faithful, Alma Mater, To thy memory. THE TOWER Left to Right-VValtcr P. Geyer, Mrs. Dell R. Ewing, Mr. Eduard. F. Metz, Mr. Philip. Schweickhard, lNIr. Joseph F. Seitz, Mr. T. L. Masterson, Nirs. HOMER BABBIDGE President MARLEAH SAVAGE Vice-President 15 THE TOWER Board of Education . Eduard F. Metz, President Mr. Philip Schweickhard, Principal Mr. Louis B. Dorr, Treasurer . Albert A. Cushing, Clerk Mr Mr. Walter P. Geyer Ruth M. Brown Mrs. Mrs. Dell R. Ewing Mr. Joseph F. Seitz Mr. T. L. Masterson Ruth DI. Brown. Student Council First Row: Left to RightfMary Duncan, Richard Roeder, Jean Larzelere, James Faller, Marleah Savage, Homer Babbiclge, Janet Caudell, Paxton Van Swerlngen, Marjorie Maier, Jack Carpenter, Marjorie Watson. Second Row:fMarie Guenther, Marilyn Zenner, Pat McKenna, Pat Painton, Catherine Jones, Grace Claxton, Blary Plumer, June Savage, Steve Canipbgll, David Johnson, Bud Roberts, David Metz, Donald Wagner, Bill Derrick, Thomas Pitman, Robert Kinkel, Frank Harding, Adrian Rich- ar s. Fourgh Raw:-Ellen Quinn, Mary 0'Brien, Betty May Kurtz, Sue Enloe, Pat Hartford, .Judy Leonard, Betty Huber, Lois Higgins, Marlis Drews, ue r weet. FifthB1tl1i':u6Y-Tuart McAllester, Ken Kurtz, Marilyn Doll, Gloria Heidell, Ruth Purdy, Pat Shortal, Barbara Hitchcock, Mary Ferazzoli, Dick Sauer, 1 ar . - Sixth Row:-Carl Kinkel, Donald Durick, Reese Foote, Jack McCormick, William Allen, Bill Harding, Milton Mugler. OFFICE STAFF S '63 BUY' Yv JANITORIAL STAFF B5 W 9- T M ggi G99 XX Gebhard Thurnherr Wllham Van Steenburgh 4 Q5 Q 593267 0 Q9 John Robertson John Ca Chest S th Willi M L hl CAFETERIA STAFF First Row: Left to Rightfhl ' TNI t , Joan Mossell, Jeanne Cushing, Marjorie Metz. Second Row:-Spencer M D ld Ed Guenther, John Lopez, Kenneth Lipke, Jack Lee Th' d R G y M T E k ow:- regor 0 i F rth Row:-William All THE TOWER CLASSES Classes in high school are like rungs on the ladder of success. Each class earned is a new honor gained, and at the same time a step higher towards graduation. Because the Senior grade is the highest class achievement in high school it is to this class that the school does special honor in its yearbook. THE TOWER CLASSES Seaftrlf Left to Right-Peggy Nielsen CSccretaryJ, Iris Cave Wire Presidentl. Stu1rd1'ng:--Pnxlon Van Sweringen CTE-asurcrl, Roger Hutle Cljresidentj. SENIGR CLASS OFFICERS SENIOR CLASS ADVISERS Seuferl: Left tn Right-Miss Barbara Watson lllrs, Eda Cowan. Sfanding:iMr. Robert Holder, Miss Lillian Gruener, Mr. Robert Sr-honewolf. No! Pictured:-Mr. Richard Lape. 'PHE TOWER JEAN LOUISE ABER Sandy "Friend1yg a menace on the soccer field." ROBERT ALBERTS Bob "Studies are his past, pres- ent, and future." WILLIAM ALLEN Pete HOMER BABBIDGE Cap "The backbone of any class, a truly all-around guyf, ALAN BACKUS W'hoozie "A. C. H.'s gift to the mus- ic worldfi "It's better to be small and shine, than large and cast a shadowf, CAROL BAGLEY Bags "Charming, effervescent, amazing repertoire of jokes, earefreef, SENIORS HELEN ALLMUTH Susie "Steady, capable, efficient." ARLENE BALL Arlene "Dignified, definite qual- ity of good sportsmanship." NINA LEE ARNOLD Sluts "Shy, inconspicuous, but not to those who know her, a swell pal." g ROBERT BARLOW Flash "Reliable student, adroit TOWER frestlerf' MARILYN BASSETT Lynne "A double-keen sense of humor engulfed in a huge personality." ROBERT BROWN Bob "Dignified, ambitious and competent." I 943 21 THE TOWER ROBERT BERNHARD ' Bernhole "Never shrinks at the sight of water." INEZ BLARR I ne "Very pretty, enchanting smile, subdued." ERNEST BROWNSON Ernest "A definitely appropriate first name." ROBERT BROST Bob "Snappy dresser, neat, dev- ilishf' JOAN BOUMA Joan "Sharp typist, will make an efficient stenographerf' WILLIAM BRUNN Bill f'Much too inconspicuous for such a neat guyL" DAVID BOYD Dave "Carefree, bashful, neat- manneredf' THOMAS BURGOYNE Tom "Playful, likeable, smile as broad as a barn." MARY JO BURROUGHS Jo "A cute little trick with plenty of them." JACK CARPENTER Carp "An athlete that knows the point behind the plays,- one grand fella." MARGARET CASSETY M an 1 SENIORS JOHN CONROY Jack "One fella in a million that likes sehoolf' JEANNE CUSHING Jeannie "Agog with athletic abil- ity " JJ , "Fast talker. always in a hurryf, BETTY VIRGINIA Ginny "Quiet, dimpledf, JANET CAUDELL Jan "Wry sense of humor, at the top scholastically and personally." DAGGS ALVIN DECHERT Alvie "If silence was golden, he'd be quite wealthy." THE TOWER 22 IRIS CAVE I "Dark, dimpled, clemure, and darlingf, LOIS DECHERT Loie "Jovial, swell sense of humor, easy going." DOROTHY DEWEY Dot "A dot with a dash." RUSSELL DUSTMAN Russ "Considerate and congen- - ,, lal. I 943 23 THE TOVVER LORENE Di BELLO Larry "Beautiful blue eyes, sim- ple and sweet." NORMAN EATON Norm "Loyal, spic and spanf' LOIS DICKSON Dix "Poised, pretty, carefreef' ROY ECK Roy "Basic, friendly, bashfulf' DORIS DREWS ' Drewsie "Only here a year, but her friends are plenty." DONALD ECK Don "A truly blond National Guardsmanf' MARY JEAN N E D UN CAN M. J. "As sweet as a song, ter- rific Texas drawlf, fi Q WILL Bill "Quiet, Amherstis own private edition of Esquiref, IAM ELLIOTT RAYMOND ERNST Ra y "Amherst's "Ned Sparks" type of humor." DOLORES FISHER Fish "Neat, dainty, charming." JOSEPH ERNST Jose "Sense of humor as broad as his shoulders." CLARA FRENCH Clara "Reserved, modest, and easy going." JAMES FALLER Jim "Slow, easy going and brainyf' JANE FRITZ Fritzie "Captivating laugh, gen- erous, the best natured gal." SENIORS FLORA FERSCH Flo "Has the quality we'd all like-unselfishnessf' GEORGE GARBUTT Ci-Gar-Butt "Sets a neat pace in the clothes line." GERALD FINNIGAN Jerry "Small but mighty, the Irish smile." JANET GIERZ J an THF TOWER Q4 "Good natured, an en- gulfing smile." PHYLLIS GLENN Peggy , , "Come what may 'Phyl IS ready, willing and able." EUGENE HASSELBECK Hussey "Gets little recognition for a big job-the stage crew." CALVIN GROSS Cal "A big batch of rhythm en- grossed in smiles." ROBERT HECKEL Bob "Silentg always willing to help." PHYLLIS HAGEDORN Blondie "Lots of pep and school spiritf' GEORGE HAAG George "A triple threat with a camerag efficient." ROBERT HICKS Pinky "Effervescent personal- ityg a whiz with the rac- ALBERTA HARSCH Bertie "Style is the dress of thoughtsf' quet." ROGER HOTTE Roy I "Booming personalityg act- ive and conscientious lead- er." BETTY JANE HUBER Marty 25 THE TOWER ' "A friend, a pal, liked by allf' LILLIAN JACOBS Lil "A gal with a man in every collegeg wields a mean paint brushf' JEAN JAMESON .lmzn "A bruing ellalrluing unll sweet . ' l LLOYD JOHNSON SENIORS BETTY KIDENEY Beffy K "An electric storage bat- tery, mischievous." ROBERT KINCAID Bob "Quick, diligent, resolutef' Lloyd uFI'2ll1k. frolic-some, funny." ADA JANE KREINHEDER Rube ,Q K'Gorgeous hair, bewitcli- ingg coulcl sell an igloo to an eskimof' DAVID JOHNSTON Dum "Better half of athletic AlIlll6I'St.,, MILLARD KREINHEDER lllilre S'Tale11ted violinistg pal of the flcvilf' ELIZABETH KEEFE Betsy "Shines in language: a walking Frerich dictiouaryg serious." PAUL Klil'Dl'lli 1,0111 0:XlT1iCillDlC :xml cooperative THE TOWER 26 in a modest way." S'I'L'AR'l' KRVLL Earillqualfe ,llcfloon "IYill never die of over- workg full of the old Ned." JUSTIN KUEHLING Just "Tough, but oh so gentle, athleticf, BEATRICE MacNICOLL Beaty "Tall, talented, terrific." RICHARD MADISON Dick "Red hair, freckles, a kick in each wordf' I 943 GERALDIN E LANG Gerry g'Friendship is ever-last- ingf' MARJORIE NIAIER ,Marge "Always has that bandbox look, daintily femininef, JEAN LARZELERE J earmie "Possessed with a quiet friendliness that is sincere." lla' DENNIS NIANCEIAL Dennis "A pack of mischief with un English airf' CLARENCE LEO Clair "Easy goingg refreshing or- iginalityf, JACK V. C. MASTERSON Mat 27 THE TOWER "Tough, but oh so gentlef, PATRICIA Mc-CORMICK Pai 'SA reserved, quiet and tal- ented person." SALLY MEYER Sal "Expressive eyesg could outswim EL fish in his own territory." DONALD Mc-INTYRE Jlar "Ever hear his arrange- ment, of Il 'string of girls?" VAUGHAN MILLANE Bud g'Miscl1ievous, jaunty plenty of spunkf, MARY MCLEOD ,llac "Life is interesting if one attacks it with vigorf, JANET MILLER Jan "Lots of vitality and a dis- tinctive charm." SENIORS BETTY MEISTER Beit "One of Amherst's many newcomers, will adorn some- one's knee as a secretaryf' .IEANNE MOORE Steve 'SSuaVe, smooth, sophisti- catedf' MARIAN METZ M im "Conscientious worker pleasant, athletic." MARION MOSSELL .llariozz THE TOWER 28 "Accomplished violinist quiet, studiousf' RICHARD MURRAY Muscles "An abundance of energy Wrapped in a small pack- U age. HILDRED NEWB URY Hwy "Friendly word for every- one, very cheerful., ' DORIS JEAN NICHOLS ' Nick ROBERT PARR B-B "A weakness for the stageg enchanting personality." HELEN PASHO Helm s6D1lTli, petite, vivac-iousfl "Reserved, ambitious, stud- iousf, CARLTON PFOHL Toi "Plenty of punch, an un- equaled way with the wom- VIOLA NICHOLS Vi "A Whiz at finances and mathg definitely athleticf, PEGGY NIELSEN Peg uOverHowing abundance of words, enthusiastic, EL real asset." en. ROBERT PIERCE I Atlas "Never-ending doodling. clever artist." WILLIAM POWELL Perfirlia 29 THE TOWER "Athletics are 'luis very life." VIOLET PREST Vi "Lots of modesty wrapped up in a minutef, RUTH PRITCHARD Ruthie i'Unassuming, straight-A forward, captivating srnilef, PRISCILLA QUA Priscilla "A eutekid with a quiet, likeable mannerf, BARBARA RICE Barb "Full of vim, vigor and vitalityg plenty of person- alityf' MARCIA NEWELL RICHNIOND Blarsh "Quiet, but wields a wicked soccer ball." DONALD C. ROUDENBLTSH Don "Handsome isfand doesfl RICHARD ROEDER Oil' "Lots of fun at any time, place, or climate." MARC UERITE ROLAND Marg 6'SWeeping eyelashes, sweet manner, quietf' THE TOWER 30 SEN IORS GARNETT RICH Richie "VVholesaler in dimples efficient and hardworkingf DAVID SAUNDERS Dave "Quiet, reservedg French horn enthusiast." IVIARLEAH SAVAGE San 6'Vivacious, energetic, and one grand kidf, JAMES SHARP Jim "A unique personality, one swell guy." JANET SCANNELL Nell "Strong will, firm purposeg backbone of many activ- ities.', ROBERT SHAMP Sa-bot "My favorite subjects are study and lunchf' THOMAS SCHMIDT Nipper "All-Amherst football star and golferf' MARY JANE SIMPSON Simp "Small, but sols a stick of dynamite!" JOSEPH SW AN EKAMP Joe "A peach of a fella, always smilingf, RQJBERT SPANN A MARILYN SEARES "Efficient, artistic, always ready to help, cute person- alityf, Hob "Quiet and unobtrusive." GERALD SMITH Jerry 31 THE TOWER "Humor and wit with an added attractionfgolff' DONNA SNIDER Donna "Reserved, has her own recipe for sparlclef' EDWARD STRIEGEL Eddie "Striking smile, always on the go." GLORIA SWANSON Pete "Capable, sweet, almost too friendly." A , MARY LOU SYMONS lllar-L11 "Swell gal, enthusiastic vorkerf' PATRICIA STRENG Pat "Sweet and shy, but dar- ling is the word." CHARLES TAYLOR Bud "Steady, flashing smile: efficient." SEN IORS BETTY STETTENBENZ Befs "Tiny, demure, brim-full of smilesf, CONSTANCE JANE STOC K Connie "Twinkling eyesg born with a silver croon in her month." CYRIL TAYLOR 011 "Sometimes I sets and thinks and sometimes I just setsf' 'PHE TOWER 82 WALTER B. TOWN Wall 'KQuiet and suhtle. hut a demon on the track." PAXTON VAN SWERINGEN Van "Definitely a manls man: sports come first, last, and always." RALPI-IE VAVVTER "Photo fiend with an un- mistakable friendly air." EI'G EN E YOLLMER Gene "Quiet reserved, modest." Seniors Plot Inctured EDYVARD BAER FRANKLIN GLASSMAN MARJCRIE WATSON Midge "Those brown eyes are never blue, definite flare for dramaticsf, LORRAINE WHITE "A rooter snooter clarinet uocann GROTH I Lorrie c'H,xn1.b:s KLEINSTEUBER tooter-H MARIANNIE WOLF jfamn I STEFAN MACHLITP "Capable, quiet, Viftuousf' ALBERT MALINOWSKI 1943 3 IYHE TOWER BERNICE ORTNER LILLIAN THOMAS EDWIN VOLLERTSEN ELEANOR ZEISS SENIOR STATISTICS JEAN ABER Basketball 2, 3, 45 Soccer 2, 3, 45 Baseball 2, 3, 45 Hockey 45 Swimming 45 Girls' Glee Club 1, 25 Ping Pong Club 25 Swimming Club 2, 3. ROBERT ALBERTS Bennett High School 15 Rifie Club 2, 35 Radio Club 2. WILLIAM ALLEN Camera Club 15 Gym Club 25 Operetta 35 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 4. HELEN ALLMUTH Soccer 2,35 Basketball 2, 35 Hockey 45 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 35 Junior Play 35 Student Council 35 Honor Society 3, 45 Tower 4. N IN A LEE ARNOLD Soccer 2, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Baseball 2, 45 Hockey 45 Swim- ming 45 Business Staff of Senior Play 45 Archery 25 Swimming Club 25 School of Practice 1. HOMER BABBIDGE Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Football Mgr. 25 Class Secretary 15 Class President 25 Honor Society 35 President Honor Society 45 President Student Council 45 Co-Chairman Junior Prom 35 Student Council 1, 2, 3, 45 Tatler Business Mgr. 2, 3, 45 Tower Photo Editor 3, 4. ALAN BACKUS Junior Band 25 Senior Band 1, 35 Hobby Club 15 Rifle Club 15 Camera Club 2. EDWARD K. BAER Sr. Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Sr. Orch. 3, 45 Hobby Club 1, 25 All State Band 4. CAROL BAGLEY Soccer 1, 2, 35 Girl's Chorus 15 A Capella 1, 25 Operetta 1, 25 Vice President Freshman Class 15 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 35 Tower 4. ARLENE BALL Soccer 1, 25 Basketball 1, 25 Home Economic Club 15 Ping Pong Club 1. ROBERT BARLOW ' Bennett High School 15 Varsity Wrestling 35 Jr. Play 3. MARILYN BASSETT Soccer 1, 25 Basketball 15 Baseball 1. ROBERT BERIN HARD Swimming 2, 3, 45 Football 45 Riiie Club 1, 25 Football Mgr. 3. INEZ BLARR Parker High School 1, 25 Soccer 45 Hockey 45 Tatler 45 Tower 4. JOAN BOUMA Archery 1, 2, 3. DAVID BOYD I Freshman Pageant 15 Stamp Club 15 Chess Club.15 Library Club 25 Photography Club 25 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 4. ROBERT BROWN Science Club 15 Chemistry Club 25 Track 4. ROBERT BROST Student Council Representative 15 Dramatics 2. WILLIAM BRUNN Stage Crew 15 Camera Club 25 Tower 4. THOMAS BURGOYNE Junior First Aid 15 Hobby Club 25 Senior First Aid 3. MARY JO BURROUGHS Soccer 2, 3, 45 Baseball 45 Basketball 45 Dramatics 15 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 45 Archery 1, 25 Ping Pong 1, 25 Home Ec. Club 15 Tower 4. JACK CARPENTER Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 25 Football 2, 3, 45 Student Council 2, 4. MARGARET CASSETY Soccer 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Swimming 3, 45 Field Hockey 45 Dramatic Club 1, 3, 45 Senior Play 45 Rifle Club 1, 25 Service 25 Tatler 45 Tower 4. JANET CAUDELL Soccer 1, 25 Basketball 15 Tennis 1, 25 Ping Pong 35 Swimming 45 Girls' Chorus 1, 25 A Cappella Choir 2, 35 Operetta 15 Student Council 45 Dramatics 1, 25 Tatler 35 Tower 4. IRIS CAVE Soccer 15 Basketball 25 Baseball 35 Sports Council 1, 45 Junior Play 35 Senior Play, Publicity 45 Tower 45 Tatler 45 President Freshman Class 15 Vice President Senior Class 45 Student Coun- cil 2, 3: Dramatic Club 2, 35 Hobby Club 25 Art Club 1. JOHN CONROY Track 15 Boy's Chorus 1, 25 Operetta 1, 25 Sophomore Play 25 Library Club 15 Dramatic Club 2. JEANNE CUSHING Socceril, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Swimming 1, 25 Bowling 3, 45 Girls, Sports Council 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 35 Senior Play 45 Student Council 15 Honor Society 3, 45 Dance Club 3, 45 Tower 4. BETTY VIRGINIA DAGGS Hamburg High School 15 Band 2, 3, 45 Horseback Riding 25 Basketball 35 Bowling 35 Volley Ball 35 Baseball 35 Publicity Chairman Junior Prom 3. ALVIN DECHERT Tennis 35 Football 3, 45 RiHe Club 2. LOIS DECHERT Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Soccer 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 45 Hockey 45 Swimming 45 Student Council 25 Senior Play, Program Chair- man 45 Tower 4. DOROTHY DEWEY Soccer 2, 35 Hockey 45 Baseball 35 Girls, Sports Council 2, 3, 45 Dance Club 2, 3, 4. LORENE Di BELLO Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1, 25 Soccer 2, 3, 45 Swimming 2, 3, 45 Hockey 3, 45 Art Club 1, 25 Riiie Club 15 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 35 Tower 4. DORIS DREVVS Bennett High School 1, 2, 35 A Capella Chorus 45 Soccer 45 Senior Play 4. MARY JEANNE DUNCAN Ball High School 1, 2, 35 Ticket Committee Senior Play 45 Student Council 45 Tower 4. WILLIAM ELLIOTT Swimming 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 15 Football 3, 45 Boys, Chorus 15 Student Council 1, 25 Junior Class President 3. JOSEPH E. ERN ST Football 2, 3. JAMES FALLER Baseball 2, 3, 45 Student Council 2, 45 Treasurer Sophomore Class 25 Vice President Junior Class 35 National Honor Society 4. FLORA FERSCH . Girls' Chorus 15 Art Club 1, 2, 3. GERALD FIN N IGAN Cafeteria 1, 2, 35 Stage Crew 15 Student Council 2. THE TOWER SENIOR STATISTICS DOLORES FISHER Basketball Q, 45 Girl's Chorus 1, Q, 35 A Capella Choir 3, 45 Operetta 35 Ping Pong Q5 Treasurer A Capella Choir 45 Tower 45 Senior Play Business Staff 4. CLARA FRENCH Basketball 1, Q5 Volley Ball 1, Q. JANE FRITZ A Capella Choir 1, Q, 3, 45 Girl's Chorus 15 Swimming 45 Tower 4. GEORGE GARBUTT Kensington 1, Q, 35 A Capella Choir 4. JANET GIERZ Bowling Q5 Soccer 35 Home Economics Club 1, Q5 Art Club 15 Hobby Club Q5 Badminton 15 Ping Pong Q5 'Tower 4. FRANKLIN GLASSMAN Senior Band 1, Q. PHYLLIS E. GLENN Soccer 1, Q, 3, 45 Basketball I, Q, 3, 45 Baseball Q, 35 Hockey 45 Junior Dramatic Club 35 Student Council 15 Ping Pong 15 Rid- ing Q5 Tower 4. ROGER GROTH Soccer 1, Q5 Track Q. GEORGE HAAG Soccer Q, 3, 45 Band 35 Orchestra 35 A Capella 35 Operetta 35 Tatler Q, 3, 4. ALBERTA HARSCH South Park High School 1, Q5 Bowling 35 Badminton 45 Tower 45 Tatler 4. PI IYLLIS HAGEDORN East High School 1, Q, 35 Business Committee of Senior Play 4. EICENE HASSELBECK Track 3, 45 Stage Crew 1, Q, 3, 45 Tower 4. ROBERT HECKEL Science Club 15 Junior Aviation 4. ROBERT HICKS Tennis 1, 35 Swimming 3. 45 Football 45 Student Council 15 Rifle Club 1, Q5 Camera Club 1, Q5 Cheerleader Q5 Tower 3. ROGER HOTTE Soccer 1, Q, 35 Golf 15 Wrestling Q, 3, 45 Senior Orchestra 15 Senior Band 1, Q, 3, 45 Boy's Chorus 15 National Honor Society 3, 45 Junior Play Business Mgr. 35 Senior Play Business Mgr. 45 Student Council 35 Tower 45 Tatler 4. BETTY JANE HCBER Soccer 1, Q, 3, 45 Basketball 1, Q, 3, 45 Baseball 1, Q5 Hockey 45 Dramatic Club 1, Q, 35 Hobby Club 15 Girls, Sports Editor of Tatler 45 Student Council 45 Tower 45 Tatler 4. JEAN JAMESON Riding Club 1, Q, 35 Archery Club 15 Table Tennis Q5 Chorus Q5 Basketball 3, 45 Swinuning 3, 45 Baseball 45 Soccer 45 Prompter Junior Play 35 Ticket Mgr. Senior Play 45 Tower 45 Art Club 3. LLOYD JOHNSON Track I, Q, 3, 45 Football Q, 3, 45 Basketball Q, 45 Boys' Chorus 15 Riding Club 1. DAVID JOHNSTON Football Q, 3, 45 Basketball 1, Q, 3, 45 Baseball 1, Q, 3, 45 Student Council 1. ELIZABETH KEEFE . Baseball Q, 45 Soccer 3, 45 Dramatic Club 1, Q5 Archery Club 15 Ping Pong Q5 Art Club 3. BETTY KIDENEY Basketball 1, 45 Soccer Q, 45 Swimming 3, 45 Hockey 45 Dance Club 1, 3, 45 Art Club 15'Tower 4. ROBERT KINCAID Soccer 15 Band 1, Q, 3. 35 THE TONVER CHARLES KLEINSTEUBER Chess Club 15 Stamp Club 15 Rifle Club Q5 Senior Band I, Q, 35 Senior Orchestra 1, Q, 3. ADA JANE KREINHEDER Soccer Q, 3, 45 Basketball Q5 Swimming 3, 45 Hockey 45 Girl's Chorus 1, Q5 A Capella Choir 1, Q, 35 Senior play 45 Student Council Q, 45 Tatler Q, 35 Tower 4. MILLARD R. KREINHEDER Swimming Q, 3, 45 Band 15 Orchestra 1, Q. 3, 45 A Capella Choir 15 Senior Play 45 Tower 4. PAUL KRIIDER Hobby Club Q5 Rifle Club 15 Science 1, Q. STUART KRCLL Operetta 1, Q5 Rifle Club 15 Jr. Play 35 Junior Aviation 4. JUSTIN KUEHLING Soccer 1, Q, 3, 45 Basketball 1, Q, 3, 45 Baseball 1, Q, 3, 4. GERALDINE LANG Band 1, Q, 3, 45 Orchestra 1, Q, 3, 45 Rifle Club 1, 3, 45 Rifle Club Secretary and Treasurer 35 Riding Club 15 Tower 4. JEAN LARZELERE Bennett High School 1, Q5 Basketball 35 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 45 Art Club 35 Tower 45 Tatler 4. CLARENCE LEO Football 3, 45 Orchestra 15 Boxing Club Q. STEFAN MACHLUP A Capella Choir 1, Q, 3, 45 Orchestra I, Q, 3, 45 Band 35 Pres- ident of Class 1. BEATRICE MacNICOLL ' Hockey 1, Q,,35 A Capella Choir 1, Q5 Operetta 15 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 45 Dramatics 1, Q, 35 Tatler 4. RICHARD MADISON Band 1. Q, 3, 45 Orchestra 1, Q, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 1, Q5 Pub- licity Mgr. Junior Play 35 Asst. Editor of Tatler 45 Advertising Mgr. of Tower 45 President of Honor Society 4. MARJORIE MAIER Kensington High School 15 Student Council 4. JOHN MASTERSON Tennis 1, Q, 35 Football 3, 45 Band 1, Q5 Rifle Club 1, Q. DONALD Mc-INTYRE Bennett High School 1, Q, 35 Swimming 4. MARY McLEOD Mount Saint Mary's 15 Stella Niagara Q5 Tower 4: Tatler 4. BETTY MEISTER Riverside High School 1, Q, 35 Tatler 4. INIARIAN METZ Basketball 1. Q, 35 Soccer Q, 3, 45 Swimming Q, 35 Hockey 45 Operetta 1, Q, 35 Girl's Chorus 1, Q5 A Capella Choir Q, 35 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 45 Treasurer of Class 15 Treasurer of Class 35- Dramatic Club 1. Q, 35 Tower 4. SALLY MEYER Soccer Q, 35 Swimming Q, 35 Basketball 35 Dramatic Club 1, Q, 35 Student Council 35 Art Club 15 Tower 35 Tennis 3. VAUGHAN MILLANE Track 1, 3, 45 Football 3, 45 Boxing Club 1, Q. JANET MILLER ' Lancaster High 1, Q, 35 Basketball 45 Tower 4. J EANNE MOORE Soccer 1, Q, 3, 45 Hockey 3, 45 Baseball 35 Dance Club 1, Q,3, 45 Junior Play 35 Tower 4. MARION MOSSELL Basketball 15 Baseball 45 Orchestra 1, Q, 3, 45 Girls' Chorus 1, Q5 Operetta 15 Student Council 15 Art Club 15 Science Club 15 Home Ec. Club Q5 Tatler Q, 45 Junior Play advertising stall' 35 Tower 45 Senior Play, business staff 4. SENIOR STATISTICS HILDRED NEWBCRY Senior Band 1, 25 Camera Club 1, 2, 3. DORIS JEAN NICHOLS Parker High School 1, 2, 35 Soccer 45 Senior Band 45 Senior Orchestra 45 Chorus 4. VIOLA NICHOLS Soccer 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Student Council 1, 35 Junior Play 35 Honor Society 3, 45 Tatler 35 Tower 4. PEGGY NIELSEN Soccer 1, 2, 35 Baseball 1, 2, 35 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Swimming 2, 3, 45 Freshman Graduation Play5 Dance Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Secretary of Girls' Sport Council 35 Girls, Sport Council 2, 35 Secretary of Senior Class 45 Tower 4. BERNICE ORTNER Dramatic Club 1, Girls, Glee Club 15 Swimming 15 Basketball 15 Junior Dance Club 1. ROBERT PARR Classical High School 15 Basketball 25 A Capella 25 Swimming 3, 45 Tennis 3, 45 Soccer 45 Junior Play 35 Tatler 4. HELEN PASHO Kensington High School 1, 25 Bowling 3, 45 Baseball 4. CARLTON PFOHL Soccer 15 Swimming 1, 2, 35 Track 15 Baseball 45 Boys' Chorus 15 Vice President, Sophomore Class 2. ROBERT PIERCE Soccer 15 Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Stamp Club 15 Tatler 3, 45 Junior Play 35 Student Council 35 Art Editor, Tatler 45 Football 3, 4. WILLIAM POWELL Baseball 2, 3, 45 Wrestling 2, 35 Football 3, 4. VIOLET PREST East Aurora High School 1, 2, 35 Tatler 4. RUTH PRITCHARD Kensington High 1, 25 Bowling 3. PRISCILLA QCA Swimming 1, 2, 45 Soccer 15 Girl's Chorus 1, 25 Operetta 35 Tatler 4. BARBARA RICE Soccer 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 3, 45 Hockey 45 Swimming 45 Band 1, 25 Orchestra 1, 25 Operetta 15 Senior Play 45 Dance Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Council 2, 45 Cheerleader 2, 35 Assis- tant Business Manager of Tower 45 Sports Council 4. GARNETT RICH Girls' Chorus 15 Treasurer of Home Room 15 Correspondence Club 15 Art Club 35 Tower 4. MARCIA NEWELL RICHMOND Junior Band 15 Senior Band 2, 3, 45 Senior Orchestra 3, 45 Riding 15 Archery 2, 35 Soccer 3, 45 Baseball 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Hockey 4. DONALD ROUDENBUSH Soccer 1, 2, 35 Basketball 1, 2, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Football 4. RICHARD ROEDER Tennis 1, 2, 35 Dramatic Club 1, 35 Bowling 25 Tatler 35 Junior Play 35 Student Council 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Business IVIgr. of Tower 45 Vice President of National Honor Society 4. MARGUERITE ROLAND Pine Hill Hgh School 15 Parker High School 25 VVilliamsville High School 35 Tatler 4. DAVID SAUNDERS Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4. MARLEAH SAVAGE Soccer 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 35 Class Secretary 25 Junior Play 35 Student Council 2, 35 Chairman Junior Tea 35 Chairman Junior Prom 35 Secretary Student Council 35 Vicc President of Student Council 45 Tatler 35 Editor of Tower 4. JANET SCANNELL A Capella Choir 1, 2, 3, 45 Glce Club 1. 25 Operctta 1. 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 2, 35 Senior Play Cast 45 Tatler 45 Tower 4. THOBIAS SCHMIDT Golf 1, 2, 35 Football 45 Rifle Club I. MARILYN SEARES Hockey 15 Soccer 2, 35 Swimming 35 Girls' Chorus 15 Operctta 15 Dramatic Club 25 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 45 Student Council 25 Art Editor of Tower 45 Tatler 35 Tower 4. JAMES SHARP Golf 15 Band 3, 45 A Capella 3, 45 Operetta 35 Tatler, Mimeo- graph Editor 3, 45 Tatler 2, 3, 4. ROBERT SHAMP Hobbie Club 15 Rifle Club 1, 2. MARY JANE SIMPSON Girls, Sports 15 Soccer 3, 45 Hockey 45 Music 15 Girls' Chorus 2, 35 Dramatic Club 25 Basketball 3, 45 Dance Club 45 Tat- ler 3, 45 Tower 4. DONNA SN IDER Kenmore High 1, 2, 35 Basketball 45 Business StaH of Senior Play4. ROBERT SPANN Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4. EDWARD STRIEGEL Swimming 15 Track 35 Football 45 Rifle Club 1, 2. BETTY STETTENBENZ Basketball 1,45 Soccer 3,45 A Capella Choir 1, 2, 3, 45 Operetta 2, 3, 45 Girls, Chorus 15 Dance Club 15 President of Choir 45 Tower 4. CONSTANCE JANE STOCK Girls' Chorus 1, 25 A Capella 2, 3, 45 Basketball 25 Operetta 1, 25 Art Club 1, 25 Hobby Club 15 Dance Club 1, 2. GLORIA SWANSON Fosdick Masten High School 1, 25 Typing Editor, Tatler 45 Tower 4. MARY LOU SYMONS Soccer 1, 25 Girls, Chorus 1, 25 Operetta 35 Dramatic Club 1: Tower 4. CHARLES TAYLOR Track 15 Operetta 35 Rifle Club 15 Tower 4. LILLIAN THOMAS Home Ec. Club 15 Shullieboard 25 Tower 4. VVALTER B. TOWN VYestdale High School 1, 2, 35 A Capella Choir 4. PAXTON VAN SWERINGEN Basketball 1, 2, 45 Track 15 Secretary, Jr. Class35Student Coun- cil 35 Treasurer, Sr. Class 45 Student Council 45 Tower 45 Tat- ler 4. 5 EUGENE VOLLMER Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 A Capella Choir 45 Science Club 1. RALPHE VAWTER Bennett High School 1, 25 Soccer 35 A Capella Choir 35 Tower 45 Track 3. MARJORIE WVATSON Swimming 3, 45 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Jr. Play 35 Dance Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Radio Club 35 Student Council 45 Tower 4. LORRAINE WHITE Q Soccer 25 Basketball 45 Baseball 45 Sr. Band 3, 45 Dramatic Club 1, 45 Senior Play 45 Tower 4. MARIANNE WOLF . Badminton 25 Soccer 15 Basketball 25 Ping Pong 35 Bowling 35 Home Economics Club 3. Tim Townn A ? 1 Hold it! Nice gals. F11 be patient. Off guard. HGloria,, PCP fWi11S- 'C Betty U Une moment, please. Find Vawterl Advertising? Hicks and lVIo0re Gas shortage Ilth GRAD E GIRLS junior Hass Giiicerss President .............. ........ C ad Kmkd Vice President ,.............. Nllton 'blugker Secretary ....... ...... M arsha Woodson Treasurer .....,........... Betty Lou FuHer TH E TOYVER 11th GRADE BOY S 10th DE GIRLS Sophomore Clase Giiieere President .................... Fred Stephens Vice President ................. Betty Seares Secretary ....... .... ..... 5 1 mek Fevrkek T reasurer ......,...........,... I ohm Geyer ,I CLA55u,oin E TH E TOXVER E GIRL S reshman Chee Uiiicers Pvesident ................ Rkhard Blerrymau , Vice Pvesident ............... Suzanne Sweet Secretary ......4.. ........ J ans Sendker Treasuver . ..,.. Pam Gkkim-A TH E IXOXVER S and GIRLS u 'ffvmclerzt .... , . . .Vvu . xx T""1PS Kdky de Oiiicers 1 hth Gra . . . . . . . . . . ..AXbertYzu1ke ' ' xomus Pitman E Q "lent ........ U l I ---. . A rx Thomab ?"" h GRADE BOYS TH E TOWER 4 W l i Beaming Bob That Moore smile Hot Dogs Now We'll Win 'Well? Jose, K. P. Are you gonna yell? Pleasant fellow 43 THE TOWER ACTIVITIES The usual seventh hour activity program was not held this year. Instead, regular classes were held until 3:15, after which time school was dismissed. For this reason, those activities that were held had strong support, since those who took part had to meet before or after school. The activities pictured represent those which Amherst students have always found of great interest, and which are part of the tradition of this school. Some activities were left high and dry by the sudden departure of male mem- bers of the faculty into the armed forces. In the coming year, because of the increased demand of our Government for fighting men, this condition will undoubtedly become more serious. Students must understand that if less activities are offered, for the reason just mentioned, that it is their duty to give the fullest support to those which are offered. This will make every Am- herst extracurricular activity of high quality, and of real Worth to those par- ticipating. ,THE TOWER 44 ACTIVITIES THE TOWER FOOTB LL SQU D Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst .' Amherst . Amherst . FCDCT Scores .. ...19 Leroy... ...Q5 .. .. 0 Hamburg... ...19 .. .. 0 EastAurora... .. 6 . . . , .19 Lancaster. . . . . . . . 6 Akron ...... . . 2 . , . . 6 Williamsville ..... .13 .. ...20 Depew... .. 0 First Row: Left to Right-Dennis Mancell, Tom Schmidt, Robert Pierce, William Powell, Joe Herr, Carl Pfohl, Jack Carpenter, David Johnston, Joe Doerr, Howard Shaffer, Jack Masterson. Second Row:-Gerald Campanini, Edward Striegel, Donald Rendenbush, Vaughan Millane, Robert Bernhard, Lloyd Johnson, Clarence Leo, William Elliott, Homer Babhidge, Robert Hicks, Alvin Dechert. Third Row:-David Brenner, Donald Stiles, James Whitby, Mark Morgan, George Gunner, Carl Dalton, William Dustman, Clifford Stein, Jack Ferrick, Richard Scannell, George Carroll. THE TOWER 46 BALL Striving to better last year's record of 3 wins and 4 losses, the Amherst gridders found a difficult task before them. Coach lVIilt Bergman accepted, as a challenge to his excellent coaching ability, an inexperienced squad, and prepared them for the 7 all-important pigskin conflicts. To open the 1942 season, Amherst clashed with Leroy on the latter's field in a night game. The opening kickoff brought together 22 eager and tense football players. Unable to overcome a decided weight advantage possessed by the Leroy eleven, Amherst bowed down in defeat in the final period by the close score of 19 to 25. An intensely warm day greeted the Amherst and Hamburg boys as they trotted out onto the opponents, field. New power and fine play enabled Hamburg to score an easy 19 to 0 victory. A glance at the conference standings proves the powerhouse contained by Hamburg. They concluded their schedule undefeated. A fluke play in the final minutes of the East Aurora game, handed the Tigers their third defeat. A loose ball was grabbed on the 40 yard line and carried over the goal for the game's only score. The mid-point of the Amherst schedule had now been reached. As agreed by Coach Milt Bergman, "The team just wasnit click- mgf, Finding little aerial opposition, Arthur Higgins and Tom Schmidt bulleted the inflated leather over the Lancaster team for Amherst's first triumph. Respective plunges by Tom Schmidt, Art Higgins, and Bob Pierce accounted for Amherst's 19 points. The invaders were held scoreless. Capitalizing on a bad center, which rolled behind the Tiger's goal, Akron took a Q to 0 lead over Amherst. Fumbles and penalties proved to be the most constant ground gainer in paving the way for the Winning. Amherst touchdown. The game ended 6 to Q. The yearly classic with our rivals, Williamsville, ended in defeat by the usual 6 points. Jack Carpenter excelled in this game by tearing gaping holes in the opponents' line. Homer Babbidge kept the Williamsville gridders on the alert by his cleverness at calling the plays. In spite of continued ground gains by Bob Pierce, Am- herst was unable to outscore her rivals. Three short passes ac- counted for Williamsville's goal while Bob Pierce, in a dive over center chalked up the sole 6 points for Amherst. ' In a drawn-out maul, the Amherst varsity topped off the season with a 20 to 0 victory over Depew. A fine exhibition of spirit and sportsmanship prevailed in the football games throughout the year. The position of fifth place at which the Amherst team found themselves at the end of the season does not indicate an unsuccessful year. Much was learned and valuable experience gained in the gridiron tussels of 1942 which augurs Well for next yearis prospects. 47 THE TOWER ROGER SHARP JUSTIN KUEHLING DAVE JOHNSTON JACK CARPENTER SEASON SUMMARY The 1943 basketeers finished the greatest record in Amherst hardwood history. After three Weeks of hard practice the stage was set for coach Hettler's boys to start the play which did not end until eighteen consecutive victories and a championship had been tucked away. This was coach Bob'Hettler,s third year as basketball head at Amherst and we wish to congratulate him on not only his splendid accomplishment but also on the fighting spirit and sportsmanship attitude he instilledin the players. A well balanced and smooth working quintet with capable reserves was the foundation for our valiant team. Ambi- dextrous Captain Ted Redlein took the season's scoring laurels with 161 points. The Amherst Tigers started the season with a bang, playing their first exceptional game against Lancaster. The first highlight of the season was the contest with VVilliamsville in which Jack Carpenter broke a 23 dead- lock in the iinal second of play. Dick Baum and Dave Johnston distinguished themselves on the back boards. The return engagement with Williamsville saw our boys play their Hnest game, seldom missing the meshes. The climax of the season came when the Amherst hoopsters met the highly rated Hamburg court aggrega- tion. The loss of Justin Kuehling and Dick Baum shortly before this game lowered our hopes of an undefeated season to a minimum. Using the reserves, Bill Mugler and Arthur Higgins, coach Hettler watched his boys assure themselves the Northern Erie County title by this bril- DICK BAUM lrant 36 to 31 win over Hamburg. The Amherst students will long remember with pride and esteem our champions of 1943. JUNIOR VARSITY gint How: Left to Right-Frank Harding, Richard Naylou, Stuart BIcAllister, VVillia1n Grieves, Mark ltlorgan, Reese F t ud Meyer. becoud Row:-Robert Roth, John Geyer, Willialn Clark, Rudy Hitzemaun, Dick Doerr, Donald Jacobi. 9 THE TowER First Row: Left to Right-Donald Johnston, Loyal Murphy, Dell Roy Ewing, Robert Hicks, VVillizmm Elliott, Joe Herr, Tvllliam Dustman. Second Row:-Eugene Cottrell, Richard Vveztver, Millard Krelnheder, Russell Dustman, Norman lhrig, Frank Streigel, Carlton Pfohl. h rd Row -Robert Boeckle, Robert Pochedley, Robert Spann, Donald Maclntyre, Robert Parr, George Mamthey, Al Little, Mr. Schonewolf T i : CCoaclJJ. Amherst Amherst Amherst. . . Amherst Amherst Amherst. . . SWIMMING LEAGUE LEAGUE lst 2nd 3rd 4th . . .25 Tonawanda. . . . . . .43 No. Tonawanda. . . .23 Kenmore .... . . . . . .21 Tonawanda. . . . . . .36 No. Tonawanda. . . .23 Kenmore .... . . . FINALS AT KENMORE Points Tonawanda 36M Kenmore 30 Amherst 22M No. Tonawanda 17 COACH ROBERT SCHONEWOLF 'PHE TOWER SWIM 41 2 43 36 30 43 SILVERY SPRAY Capt. "Bill,' Elliott was undefeated in the century breast stroke until the finals and then made a grand comeback in the championships to take first place again. "Bob3' Spann did some excellent swimming this year in the Q90 free style races. In the championships he lowered the school record from 2 min. and 32 sec. to Q.30.6. Co-capt. "Russ,' Dustman was defeated twice during the season in the century back stroke by McElroy of Kenmore. McElroy won the finals but 6'RussH came back to decisively trim "Mac,' in the championships Our medley relay team of Elliott, R. Dustman and Hicks with Spann as alternate were undefeated all season. In fact our medley team has not lost a dual meet or final in QM years. RUSSELL DUSTMAN WILLIAM ELLIOTT Amherst s Medal Winners Bob Spann-Qnd-Q20 yd. Free Style Geo. Manthey-3rd-220 yd. Free Style I Russ Dustman-3rd-100 yd. Back Stroke CR. Dustman-Elliott-Hicksj-lst-150 yd. Medley Relay ' Individual Championships Amherst lVIedal VVinners I cc Bill" Elliott-lst-100 yd. Breast Stroke Bobu Spann-Qnd-220 yd. Free Style "Russ', Dustman-lst-100 yd. Back Stroke "lVIike', Kreinheder-3rd-100 yd. Free Stvle CS 51 qlHE TOWER , u "Bill', Elliott-Qnd-100 yd. Breast Stroke ASEBALL Kneeling: Left to Right-Justin Kuehling, Bill Ferrick, Ted Redlein, Bill Powell, Dave Johnston, Bob Edgecomb, Elmer Kreher, Art Higgins, Roger Sharp, Read Mason, Don Krantz. Standing:--James Schwarz CAss. 1NIan.J, Mr. Hettlcr CCoachH, Larry Benson Oianagcrj. I 942 Amherst ...... 7 Amherst ...... 1 7 Amherst ...... 1 Amherst ...... 3 Amherst ...... 9 Amherst ,..... 4 A mh er st ...... 4- Amherst. ..,... 7 Amherst ..,... 4 Amherst ...... 13 Amherst ...... 1 0 Amherst Amherst 13 9 Amherst ...... 21 Scores Lancaster. . . Alden .... Depew .... Akron .... Pine Hill. . .1 Clarence . . . 1Villiamsville Lancaster .... Depew. . . . Alden. . . Akron .... Pine Hill. . . VVillia1nsville Clarence. . . THE TOWER . THE 1942 CHAMPIONS Northern Erie County League Summary . An air-tight infield and superb pitching supplemented with plenty of hitting power resulted in Amherst's first baseball cham- pionship. Justin Kuehling, Winning 8 of the 9 games he pitched, kept the opponents dizzy with his speed ball while Art Higgins, Bob Edgecomb, and Dave Johnston were the batting heroes av- eraging 389, 367, 348 percentages, respectively. Don Krantz was the fielding ace in our defense system. Newcomers. Bill Gilbert, Jim Faller, Don Rouden- bush, Bill Clark, Don Ja- cobi, Dick Naylon, Mark Morgan, Joe Herr, Tom Schmidt, Carl Pfohl. QYJWXS xl sosfweew MPX' X,Y0x0e1 DAVE JOHNSTON 9X3 C959 1st Baseman 1943 SCHEDULE April Depew homes' April Pine Hill home"' April Sloan awayx May Sloan homegk May Akron home May Depew awaygk May Williamsville away hlay Clarence home May Akron away May Williamsville home May Clarence away June Pine Hill away'k U June Play-off Game with the team in the southern section of the N .E.C.L. that is in the same place as we are in the northern section of the league. X Non-League games 53 1 THE TOWER ARgugi?dEINS Track Squad l SOCCER Amherst's soccer team had a fairly good season in a period which brought about many innovations for'the team. Due to the restrictions on chartered bus travel, the team traveled by public carrier. For the same reason, plans for a formal league were discarded but eight games were played. Amherst won Q, tied 3, and lost 3, finishing tied for second place among 5 teams. 9 goals were scored by Amherst and 13 against us. Of the many on the team who could be mentioned, Don Suraf is outstanding for his good work in the goal. Co-captains, Kuehling and Haag, supplied the necessary drive, and will be missed next year.,Many players developed to the point where prospects for next year are encouraging. Fellows who come out for soccer will find it is a real man's game once they get familiar with it. Amherst . . Amherst . . Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Amherst Scores Gardenville Clarence .. Ebenezer. . Gardenville Woodlawn. Clarence .. VVoodlawn. Ebenezer. . First Row: Left to Right-Robert Keller, Pat O'Brien, William Eckert, John Dagostino, Ralphe Vawter. Second Row: Left to Right-Don Rachow, Don Suraf, Kurt Alexander, Dick Naylon, Stuart llIcAllester, George Haag, Bob Parr. Third Row: Left to Right-lllr. Orgek, Coach: George Vossler, Norman Ihrig, August Zulka, Ernest Lehman, Frank Petrce. Due to the fact that many schools curtailed then spring sports schedule because of trans- portation difficulties and the lack of coaching personnel Amherst began their track season with mixed feelings. About thirty boys, eager to get going, came out at the first track call, among them being the following veterans from last year: Bob Pierce, Carl Dalton, Vaughan llilillane, Lloyd Johnson, Eugene Hasselbeck and Bill Giesz. Our last year's 880 relay team was defeated once and that in the sectional finals held at T Lakewood, This team consisted of Bob Pierce, Carl Dalton, Lloyd Johnson and Bob Mary- anski, with Reese Foote as alternate. We missed big Jim Carroll who scoredrconsistently for us last season in the discus throw. Hovler, Carl Schreiber. Charles Taylor, Bob Bernhard. First Row: Left to Right-Dick Metzger, Don Hillman, Dick Hocking, John Lopez Robert Second Don Banks, Don Johnston, Cliff Stein, George Vosseler, Bob Braun, Bill Morgan Third Raw: Llovd Johnson, Herbert Perk, Dick Derr, George Elliott, Gene Hasselbeck Bob Pierce, Bud MiHane, Mr. Bergman CCoachi, Bill Elliott. Fourth Row:-Bill Giesz, Walter Towne, Frank Petree, James Bilz, David Piper, Bob Brown 4 1 Y GIRLS' SPORTS First Row: Left to Right!-Jean Stradtman, ltlarjorie Metz, Jeanne Cushing, Dorothy Dilts, Marie Roberts. Second Row:-hlarion Schwaneflugel, Iris Cave, Dorothy Dewey, Marjorie Dirickson, Catherine Daggers, Ada .lane Kreinheder. Third Row:-Irene Becker, Barbara Rice, Joan Cottrell, Peggy Nielsen. The Girls Sport Council has been very active this year. At most of the sports events you have seen a number of the members of the Sport Council selling refreshments. Money earned this way is used for their many expenses. Something entirely new and worthwhile was added this year. Now, when we honor our "All Around Girl" at gradua- tion, we will have a beautiful cup on which to engrave her name. This was purchased by the Sport Council. Much time is spent by Sport Council members compiling the number of activities points for all the girls in their homerooms. Seniors with the required points are honored at the girls biggest affair, the Sport Council Banquet. The Sport Council, and adviser, Miss Isabel Craik, are to be commended for their fine Work. ir ak i' ir ir Under the capable direction of Miss Craik, the girls had an excellent sport program this year, as usual. Soccer and hockey were played until Old Man Winter rolled along. Once again the orange and black teams were chos- en. In this way the girls added credits to their Amherst "A", which is obtained by earning 1000 points. Next in the line of seasonal sports was basketball, played every Friday. The girls all agreed that this was one of their favorite sports. Intramurals were also held between the homerooms. The pool also got a great deal of use from tl1e energetic support of the swimming team, which convened every Tuesday. The gala Water Follies was given with much enthusiasm andthe proceeds went to the 'Red Cross. During the season, many playdays were planned with other schools. The schools couldn't compete with each other, so teams were chosen by the picked captains. Two of these playdays were held with Clarence and Williamsville.. The sportsmanship displayed was envied by all who witnessed the events. THE TOWER 56 SOCCER and HOCKEY i 1 Senior First Row: Left to Rightibliss Craik fCoachJ, Virginia Hartwell, Jane Kinney, Marjorie Frank, Mary Jane Simpson, hlarleah Savage, Jeanne Cushing, Betsy Bulger, Joan Moesel. Ser-mul lfuw: Nancy McNutt, Gloria Heidell, Mary 0'Brien, Jean Aber, Phyllis Glenn, Lois Dechert, Viola Nichols, Betty Reif. Third Row:-Marcia Richmond, Lorene Diljello, Grace Goetznian, Margery Metz, Barbara M4-Nutt, Afla Jane Kreinheder, Barbara Hitchcock, lilarie Roberts, Jeanne Moore. Fourth lfuw:-Betty Mahoney, Vivian De Nyse, Bernice Urt ner, Betty Grupp, Betty Nagel, Marilyn Doll, Barbara Rice, lilarian Metz, Nina Arnold. Junior First Row: Left to Right-Florence N auman, Virginia Miller, Marilyn Zen ner, Ann Henry, Miss Ackley fCoachJ, Sally Treadwell, Catherine Daggers, liflarjorie Hasselbeck, Doris Richart, Second Row: Betty Manning, Norma Hicks, Caroline Dannebrock, Mar L G' d C l K d H y ou aun er, aro Holmes, Frances Whitelaw, Jeannette Dietsche, Joan en a . Third Row:-Ethel Baka, Dorothy VVestphal, Sue Maelilurray, Barbara Ferguson, Nancy Schum, lilarjorie Dirickson, Leslie Cummings, June Becker. Fourth Row:-Gladys Mossell, Nancy lilarchand, Helen Guelich, Kay Parker, Dorothy Kather, Carol Chamberlain, Grace Dilts, Betty Dannebrock. 7 THE TOWER BASKETB LL i First Bow: Left to Right-Irene Yehle, Nina Cameron, Dorothy Kather, Beverly Caple, Joan Mullen, Marie Roberts, Barbara Hitchcock, Betty IN agel. Second Row:-Marilyn Doll, Leda Brunner, Marilyn Zenner, Pat Harrison, Iris Cave, Lorraine VVhite, Marjorie Frank, Dorothy Dilts, Jeanne Cushing Third Row:-fFlorence Nauman, Betty Sue Kendall, Lorene DiBello, Joan Kendall, Rita Meyer, Marian F-cauiurra, Viola Nichols, Dorothy Dewey, Pat Hartford, Myrella Roberts, Betty Larkin, Sue ltlachlurray, Virginia Miller. FourthhR5w:ERuth Purdy, Gloria Bernsten, Betty Brost, Sue Sweet, Norma Stevens, Marjorie Hasselbeck, Betty Mae Rief, Lois Dechert, Jean Aber, P y is en. Fifth Row:-Barbara McNutt, Marian liletz, Joan Cottrell, Shirley Crooks, Peggy Nielsen, Nancy Schuni, Leslie Cummings, Ella Jean Larkin, Frances Whitelaw, lilarcia Richmond, Marian Jenzen. SWIMMING First Row: Left to Right-Arlene Spann, Dorothy Dilts, Betty Larkin, Pat Kelly, Virginia Hartwell, Ada Jane Kreinheder. Second Row:-Marilyn Doll, Peggy Nielsen, Priscilla Qua, Marjorie Dirickson, Ruth Filbert, Janet Dietsche, Elizabeth Cassety. Third Row'-Barbara Hitchcock Pat Hartford, Sally Belle Dent, Marie Roberts, Marilla Roberts, Frances Whitelaw, Janet Reed, Joanne Wilson. Fourth Rona:-Irene Becker, Joah Mullen, Sue Moorei Betty Sue Kendall, Nancy Gibney, Betty Kideney, Marilyn Farmer. THE TOWER 58 N Betty Kideney, Peggy Nielsen and Marilyn Doll re- 59 THE 'l OVVER DANCE CLUB First Row: Left to Right-illarilyn Doll, Dorothy Kather, Bcity Nagel, Marjorie Frank, Regina Reagan, Winifred Shirley, Grace Acheson. Second Row:iFlorcnce Naunian, Ruth Ann Puehn, Marilyn Zenner, Betty Sue Kendall, Mary Jane Simpson, Virginia Hartwell, hlary Jn Burroughs, Ruth Filbert, Frances Whitelaw. Thin! Raw:-Marjorie Hasselbeck, Janet Reed, Audrey Bard, Jeanette Dietsche, Joan Kendall, Ruth Purdy, Gloria Bernsten, Betty Rief, Betty Fearcs, Joan Moesel. Fourth Row:-Peggy Nielsen, Ella Jean Larkin, Sue Moore, Sue Nlacltlurray, Margery ltletz, Pat Hartford, hlyrella Roberts, Betty Larkin, Betty Kidency, Mary Lou fiaunder. . Fifth How: Shirley Crooks, Jerry Esau, Barbara 1IcNutt, Pat Kelly, Joan Cottrell, Leslie Cummings, Nancy Schum, Ada Jane Kui, Ada Jane Krein- heder, Marie Roberts, Barbara Rice. rw lhe Dance Club, composed of members of both Senior and Junior high school, is under the leadership of Bliss Craik and Miss Ackley. Meeting every Thursday, the girls cooperated Very well and were able to do two major projects this year. The first of these was the Nutcracker Suite, presented at Christmas time. The new type of program was very well re- ceived by an audience unaccustomed to anything of this sort presented at school. With similar enthusiasm, The Peer Gynt Suite was another success for the Dance Club. By having four different girls portray Peer Gynt in different num- bers, it gave a chance to more girls to display their talents. hearsing for one of the Dance Club programs. , .V , M .,,A v,.w-M,.,,U-N E 2 ,E V THE TOWER 60 THE MMKI -ua T H . E TOWER mer Babbrdge, Barbara Hitchgock, Burger Hotte. or Nhrttnowskx, 'Nlaryorre Frank. l d Nlargaret Cassety, Cdorra F irst Row: Lett to Rrgbtflarnes Sharp, Peggy Nlonntiort, George Haag, Janet Scannett, Ho Second Row:fBetty Lon Putter, Ruth Yitbert, Janet Reed, Xrks Cave, Pat McKenna, Batty Treadvvdt, Etean ,, Thing Row: Mariorre 'Metz, Betty Manning, lean Larzdere, Blary 0'Brien, Gkxria Heidett, lnez Btarr, Blarguerite Rohn , L wanson. X F omth Row: Beatrkce MacNicoXX, Nancy Blarcharxd, Betty lane Kress, Pat KeXKy , Barbara 'MQN ntt, Jerry Harter, lrrngard Nierhans, Heten Gnetick. F ifth Rouxffaxton Van Sweringen, Kenneth Kurtz, Gtadys Nlossett, Bob Bierce, Don Eck. The latest Soci I 111 t 3 he 1T1Onthl find and 1 y edlti 10 'Went many n OHS Of th B S are New, CVV and I . 6 Tatl Tegordel mT S Sections D Urlglnal ide Sr, This Ve f permanentl atler is bei - ue to th ,as have b . ar our pa D Y, for th Ou US se C numb 6611 b Ief had 6 Stl d I' boys in Ht to an Gr of al mllght fo , 9Xce11ent .1 elitg, the armed f pafts of the ulflni in all rtll In tlle X edltorshi . orges. country thiq brarlclwq of ilrt, Sport 3 IQ ' Yea . ' 1 . , nf r and 15 enjoy 3 SCTVICQ, tllc 6 , by Illanv of NRG GRCH ST if "W!""'W 1 n, fi Fiysl lldwifmlllliu-F d Sailefx t d lxluriblwff - ,Qmgndy Blu Dusfshersi Na Sewiien Kifkulxfffiaxief, WCQif,,k,,, .rim-grri2Q,,,,, Hoo Md Thiifkgvgjgfyiieansiubfllhiifiiiif, Mr. Kim! 9 ' a - K :fEYYW5' 1 d n. F o1ir2lEag0,x,e,-, Tom 59 so ENICPR BAN , 1 ka- back, Kam' . george Bd bm Aim v'dJ0l1m'0n' M' rkS,R0 b . , ll r Heian MxiClQlllg'id?NilhhD0H3ld'PM A 'Vlanthe5" liilviiail-A Baer V0 me 1' kjggrxillw ' A - ,George he v A om H :Uk MC- a wiafm Nlossgiiiiilgirifiifv' Spam' get 5 ig Como- N0"hiiiihiii?i,0if-Ewxilfiikrligg Haag' DK - - A , Alice n ' Fran I 'H-yi-riCi . -,nes 5 ef ' . ,gym-ian Bxarislx Murpm v ' , t Mcfglestefi , d qannders, ' Hockmg, Jai . Er t0 Rlglll' ' hederfhlar Y ole, 'PWM fyson. DW i Richard Row Le lKrem ljmyxlil 0 hard Ma 5 v Hoy BaC0Hs MUSIC First Row: Left to Rightwffharles Kleinsteuber, Edward Baer, Mary Sperry, Norman Ihrig, Jack Kautz, George lilanthey, James Sharp, Lorraine Yvhite, George Fisher, Yvhitney Fell, Kent Ziegler, Pat Marks, Blarilyn Hillman, John Turk, Robert Al enback, Second Row:-Bi Derrick, Richard Jeffrey, Norman Newbauer, Frank Godson, David Metz, Bob Abwender, Donald Poole, Charles Hildebrand, Dean Rich, Donald VVagner, John Moreland, Gordon Fisher, Bob Brinkman, Bob Nelson, James Bilz, Audrey Schutte, Harold Rapp, John VVils0n, Jim Brunn, David Piper, Henry Kulnmer, Tom Godson. Third Rauf-Llr. King QDirectorD, Betty Daggs, Marcia Richmond, Bud Roberts, Richard Dybowski, Richard liladison, David Saunders, Doris Nicll- rs, Tom Miller, Dick lN1cCarraher, Richard Hocking, Robert Conshafter. THE TOWER 62 Musical Calendar OCTOBER Band at football games Band for inductees in Williamsville Band for soldiers at barracks for Air Cadets Bond and Stamp Concert-Choir, Orchestra and Band NOVEMBER Band played for inductees at Williamsville Band played for soldiers at barracks for Air Air Cadets Orchestra played for patriotic rally Stamp and Bond Concert-Choir, Orchestra and Band Music Convention-delegates from Band, Choir and Orchestra DECEMBER Christmas Concert with Dance Club-Choir Orchestra and Band JANUARY Stamp and Bond Concert-Choir, Orchestra and Band Choir sang from Statler for the Kiwanis Club. S Choir sang for the Parent Teachers Associa- M tion at School 18. P AN FEBRUARY D B Bond and Stamp Concert-Choir Oi7VD MARCH CON , Stamp and Bond Concert-Choir, Orchestra , and Band' 'IS' SECTION String Ensemble Left to Right'-Marian Barnard, Marian lwurphy, Nancy Bacon, Stefan Machlup, James Sharp, Glenn Miller, Alice Miller, Pat MacDonald, Not Pictured-llarion Mossell, lliillard Kreinheder. 63 THE TONVER A CAPPELL CHOIR d Lef t R' ht D i Nichols Virginia Miller Ann Henry Doris Drews Alice Smith Dolores Fisher Nancy Bacon. Seaie: t o ig - ors , i , , , , , '- ' ' S l B b F n, Mar Trimhach, Betty Stettenbenz, Dorothy Frascella, Second Row. Nlr. Paul King fD1l9Ct0Y7, lilary Sperry, Janet canne , ar ara erguso y James Sharp. Third Row'-Howard Duvsters, Joseph Trilnbach, Stefan hlachlup, Dell Roy Ewing, Walter Town, Walter Meyer, Glenn lNIiller, Dick Nlurphy, K d ll P lNI D ld, Howard Shaffer, Doris Nut PicturedABi11 Geisz,u.lames Schwarz, Jane Fritz, lilarian lNIetz, Jeanne Cushing, Betty Sue en a , at ac Ona White, Audrey Shutte. GIRLS' CHORUS Seated: Left to Right-Audrey Bard, Audrey Duysters, Carolyn Duncan, Joanne Kamman, June Wolff, Ruth Parnell. Second Row:-Dorothy Hussenlop, Lee Lyrell, Kay Parker, Jane Kuehner, Miss McCullor fDirect0rJ, Ruth Meyers, Dolores Specker, Jerry Lou Esau Aldeen Jones d Third Rozif:-Audrey Ponivas, Phyllis Meyers, Marlis Drews, Jeannette Dietsche, Gerry Smith, Eileen Stitz, Pat Goo man. THE TOWER 6 HJIOR QRCHESHQ First Raw: Left to Right-June Savage, Joanne Petree, Faith Gilbert, Diane Willax, Beverly Howell, Iris Emslie, Eileen Stitz, David Whitelaw. Second Row:-Arthur Chapman, Warren Michael, Tom Miller, Ed Smith, Jack Sauer, Whitworth Ferguson, Bob Kin- kel, VValter Meyer. th GRADE CHGIR HIIOR BAND First Row: Left to Right-Harold Trab- bold, Donald Wagner, David Metz, Robert Abwender, Eugene Carr, Bob Kinkel, .lack Kelly, Torn Miller, Bill Townsend, William Hummel. Second Row:-Jean Kennedy, Vivian Eckert, Steve Campbell, Phil Goetz- mann, Herbert Thurnherr, Jack Mc- Kenna, Kent Ziegler, Ed Smith, Whit- worth Ferguson, Joan Huliord, Lois Piper. Third Row:-Bill Ingraham, Walter Mey- er, Warren Michael, Dou las Reed, Bob Corretore, James Moreland, Con- nie Bacon, Bob Conshafter, Arthur Chapman, David Piper. 65 THE TOWER SENICDR PLAY sas xv ATSON Yr N555 BAHDireCl0l First Row. Left to Right-Jeanne Larzelere, Beatrice iNIacNlc0ll, Lorraine White, Ada Jane Krienheder. S ziR :-M L S J C h' M'1l dK 'hd . econ ow ary ou ymons, eanne us mg, 1 ar rem e er Third Row:-Robert Barlow, Janet Scannell, David Boyd. VVilliam Allen, Blarian Nletz, Barbara Rice, Homer PRODUCTIGN STAFF Committee ..... Tickets: Chairman. . . Assistant .... Program : ' Chairman ..... Committee .... Usher Chairman. . . Properties ....... M ahe-np. . . Prompters .... Faculty Azliiiser. . . Faculty Acliiiser. . . Business Manager ......... ............ . . . Roger Hotte Publicity: Chairman ..... .....................,.............. I ris Cave Constance Stock, Doris Drews, Richard Madison ..........................Eda0rt0laniCOWan ...... ...Jean Jameson . , . .Mary Jean Duncan ...............LoisDechert . . .Betty Daggs, Peggy Neilsen . . . . . . . . . .Lillian iw. Gruener ............,...MarleahSavage , . .Marilyn Seares, Viola Nichols . . . . . . . .Iris Cave, Marjorie Watson . . . .Mary Lou Symons, Jean Larzelere THE TOWER 66 C'- MEVEEY E ANXHX EAS UNE" by George Batson Aiifoetst Cexxtt aX Xxxgh Sched EEXD P01 EVENXNG , DECENXEEE Lk, X9 ML is-15 Y M. Directed by Eevbara Sane W atson CAST Yeuekupe Ee-zmdoxx. . . ....,...... ...,. E otrdme Wkfxte Lama Beat 6.00 ....... . . ...... 3 :met '5caxmeXX Mrs. Sames Yarkev ..... ..... 3 emme Cushog Esexe ..............., ...... I .... NX arkaxx Metz Nana Eemfdou ...... . . .Eeavhce NMQNXQOXX Eegxxxakd Eeax don ..... 4....... E -awkd E051 CX Nhxx dm Yweat doo .... ..... E arbam Efxce W any Bear doo ..... ....... N WKXYxam PAXeo 5 mixes Y mker ...... .... E owner Eabbkdge Sherwin Y arker ..... ..,...... E oben Eadow HEY Yweat don ..... .... A da 5 aixe Etexobedet Todd GaXXosNay .... ...... Maid Ktemkxedev 6 A Un' 'fag 67 T HE TOWER JUNTOR PLAY 'ccnnr girxl Sitka: Lcfilo Ifiiht-Xlariian Sclcwaneflugel. Virginia Hartwell, Betty Nagel, Irmgard Nierhaus, Pat Shorlal, Marilyn Farmer. D h ' I mmf oya i In-rphy, I can . ic'Cart y, Rohr-rt husse, Doll Roy Ewing. Reese Foote. Third Raw: Donalrl Durick, Robert Schnirrel, Charles Hilde-brand, Donald Poole, Bill llugler. N t tured' Svbil Terrv 'o Pic "BEST FOOT FORWARD" Directed by BARBARA JANE WATSON Dutch Miller. . . Hunk Hoyt ...... CAST ..............DonaldDurich . ..... Donald Poole Satchel Moyer .... ...... R eese Foote Chuck Green .... Dr. Reeber .... Old Grad .... Minerva ......... . . . . .Loyal Murphy . . . . . .Robert Schnirel . . . . .Charles Hildebrand ........PatSh0rtal Ethel .............................. Betty Nagel Miss Delaware Wa The Blind Date ........... Bud Hooper ,..... Professor Lloyd. . . Gale Joy ......., Jack Haggerty .... Chester Billings. . ter Gap ...... Virginia Hartwell . . . Marilyn Farmer . . . , .Milton Mugler . . . . .Robert Gusse . . . . . . . .Sybil Terry . . . . . .Dean McCarthy Del Ro Ewin . . ........ y g Marian Schwaneflugel Helen Schlessinger .... ,... Miss Smith ....... .... I rrngard Nierhaus THE TOWER PRODUCTION STAFF Properties Chairman ............... Dorothy Ditts Promptresses .......... Betty Lou Fuller, Pat Tage Costumes Chairman .............. Marie Roberts Make-up Committee .... Elsie Walker Waldoiv, Marjorie Watson, Patricia Schilling, and Martha Howlett Stage lwanager ............... Eugene H asselbeck Stage Crew: lfVilliarn Harding, J aclc Taylor, Norrnan Neu- bauer, David Zierh, David Brunner, Will-iam Goll BUSINESS STAFF General Chairman, Business Manager Carl Kinlcel Assistant lVlanager ...,...... Richard Weaiver Advertising lylanager .,... ..... D ulce H edrich Assistant Manager .......... Pat MacDonald ' E 1 ! l A ' A 1 1 Barbara Rice Lorraine White Marilyn Bassett Arlene Ball Phyllis Shafer Ada Kreinheder Betty Huber lVIarleah Savage Marilyn Seares Jane Fritz Jean Jameson Dorothy Dewey Mary Jane Simpson Marian Metz Marjorie VVatson Carol Bagley Jean Larzelere lNIary McLeod Jeanne Moore Janet Scannell Pat Streng Betty Kideney Beatrice MacNicoll Peggy Neilsen Lillian Jacobs Iris Cave AMHERST'S ALPHABET ATHLETIC ABILITY BASHFUL CAREFREE DAY DREAMER EATER FLIRT GENEROUS HONORS INDUSTRIOUS J OVIAL KNOWLEDGE LAUGH MISCHIEVOUS NERVE OPTIMISTIC PERSON ALITY QUIET RHYTHMICAL SOPHISTICATED TALKATIVE UNKNOWN QUALITY VIVACIOUS WITTY XUBERAN T YAWNING ZEAL Jack Carpenter Roy Eck Carl Pfohl Bob Bernhard Bud Millane Don McIntyre Jim Faller Homer Babbidge Dick Madison Joe Ernst Dick ,Roeder Ernest Brownson Bob Brost Bob Parr Joe Herr Bob Pierce Paxton Van Sweringen Cal Gross Bill Elliott Dave Johnston Dong Everding Bob Hicks Millard Kreinheder Lloyd Johnson Clarence Leo George Haag T HE 'IIOVVER Basketball Team Homer Babbidge Roger Hotte Dick Jeffery Howard Duysters lNIarion Barnard hiarilyn Seares Lillian Jacobs Beatrice MacNicoll Tom Schmidt Jack Carpenter Betty Spangenthal Gene Hasselbeck Dulce Hedrick Jack McKenna Carol Bagley HALL GF FAME -Outstanding Champions of Them All! -Honor Society and Student Councilis capable president -Genial president of an enthusiastic Senior Class -Tower's ace cameraman -Ivory tickler deluxe -The Sophls Jasha Heifitz -Persevering co-eds of Tower's art work -Unrivaled best actress ever -Pleasant surprise in football season -Hard-hitting football captain -Future Beauty Queen -Boss of the dauntless stage crew -Vivacious girls, sports enthusiast -Possessor of that certain "Littlel' something -Charming in many unique ways Dick Naylon -Amherst's own Arthur Murray Ada Jane ,Kreinheder -Undefeatable hot dog seller Brad Wagner Dick Roeder Iris Cave Ted Redlein The Cheerleaders Peggy N eilsen Kurt Alexander Janet Scannell Bill Elliott Gloria Berntsen Bob Thomson Virginia Hartwell Helen Allmuth Nlarilyn Farmer -Appreciated plenty by the football team -Mathematical wizardg Business Manager of the Tower -Demure Vice President of the Senior Class -High scorer and captain of our unbeatable basketball team -Spiritful morale-boosters -Witty Treasurer of the Senior Class -Newcomer to the school and to the country -Memorable editor of the Tatler -Handsome swimming team captain and medal winner -The boys' ideal -Versatile charmer of the Freshmen girls -Superb artistic ability -Unsung Manager of Tower subscriptions -Junior Class knockout Paxton Van Sweringen -Popular perennial class officer Barbara Rice Joan lMullen Bill Mugler Mary Jane Simpson Lois Eisenmann 1 THE TOWER -Peppy cheerleader g blonde bombshell of the Senior Play -Unusually talented singer I -Captivating lead of Junior Play -Ingenious ideasg Pep Assembly enthusiast Musical Geniusg composer of "Songbirds in the Rain". 1 ll Y f , 1 ' 1 5. ..,-f . . , ff p"'i2f",.-.1-Efw A 7 I 95 . ,337 1-TRW' ' Q iv 4 4 ij, W" 'r'4' qvffffiii 'Y - fe w i'-'Lili' ' w.v.---- Y V " ' ' it Pre-Flight Training At Amherst Central High School Amherst Central is one of fifty high schools in N ew York State selected to give pre-flight training to a limited group of high school boys. "Junior Aviation", as the course is called, provides ex- periences in many of the practical aspects of avia- tion such as aircraft structures, aerodynamics, meteorology, code, air navigation and aircraft. engines. Classroom theory is coupled with prac- tical work in the aviation shop which has been equipped with several airplanes, engines, instru- ments and other aircraft materials. The experi- ences gained in this course should be of inestim- able value to those who plan to engage in civil aviation in the future as well as those who enter the air branches of our armed forces. THE TOWER 7 2 JU IOR AVIATION CLASS Top: Left to Right- Robert Parr, Roy Eck, Norman Eaton Robert Heckel, Jack Carpenter, Carl Pfohl. Middle:-Ted Red- lein, Dell Roy Ew- ing, James Faller, Euifne Hasselbeck Jac Masterson. Bottom:-Stuart Krull, Al Dechert, Vaughan Millane, Davld Saunders, Joe Swauekamp. I s l '73 THE TOWER Our journey stops as we look back Upon all the eventful days, In case you can't remember, I'll clear the misty haze. 'Tve Heard That Song Beforev. At that decision you may arrive. It's just ,cause Fm trying to show you I'm really hep to the tjive. SEPTENIBER First ,day of school "Serenade In Blue" Student Council Movie "Pee Got A Date With A Dream" Football Dance "Juke Box Saturday Night' OCTOBER Cheerleaders chosen ' "String of Pearls" Tiger Twirl "Tiger Ragn Holiday First Concert First A.C.H.S. football win of the season Senior play tryouts First reporticards of the season Teachers, Convention Parts given out for Senior play HalloWe,en Hop A.C.H.S. 6-Billsville 13 cs Christopher Columbus" "The Band Played Onv "At Last" "Maybe" '6This Is No Laughing Mattern cc Now It's Your Turnu "So You're The Oneu "Take Men "There'll Come A Day" NOVEMBER Election Day "There,ll Be Some Changes Made lVIovie-"They Died with Their Boots on" "My Beloved Is Rugged" Holiday "Let,s Get Away From It All" Junior Spotlight Dance School starts at 9 ofclock Tower Bazaar "For Me And My Galn is cc I Believe I n M iracles" DECEMBER Senior Play Football Banquet Honor Society Assembly Junior Tea-speaker-'WVOmen in lfVar,, Christmas Concert Christmas Party and Coast Guard Band Start of Christmas Holiday "Hop On Your Pogo Stick" ic ci Sc Buddies" Proud of Youn Rosie The Riveterl' Strike Up The Bandi' Semper Paratisw Stop! It,s Wonderful" Ain't Got A Dime To My Name" THE TOWER '74 Another year Back to school GCDES BY A.C.H.S. 50-Nichols 14 Assemblies on Wednesdays hereafter "I t Started On Fridayl' A.C.H.S. vs. Hamburg " Student Council Movie Exams begin Report cards Beginning of New Semester JANUARY As Time Goes By" "It's Sabotagev CG Murder He Saysu Orange Tornado" "He Didn't Ask Me" "Praise the Lord and Pass The Information "Let,s Get Lost" "It Started All Over Again" Homer left "M iss Y ou" 11th straight basketball victory "What Have We Got That Gets 'Emu FEBRUARY Movie-"Look Who's Laughing" "Laugh! Clown! Laugh! A.C.H.S. vs. Lancaster "Ware On The Way" A.C.H.S. beat Williamsville "We Did It Before And We Can Do It Again! Stamp and Bond Concert "Any Bonds Today?" Lincoln,s Birthday "Holiday,' Shoes rationed "After Y ou're Gonel' Measurements taken for caps and gowns "How About You?" A.C.H.S. vs. Hamburg "Forward Amherstl' United We Attack Washington's Birthday Bill of Rights Assembly "Arky', First undefeated team. in our league Mr. Ast left Bond and Stamp Concert Tatler Dance Report cards Junior Play Honor Society Assembly School Exhibit Beginning of Easter Recess Back to school Physical Education Junior Prom Memorial Day Moving-Up Day Beginning of Exam Junior Graduation Senior Graduation '7 '1 HE TOWER Exhibit Week "Remember Pearl H arbor" "It,s A Sin To Tell A Liel' "The Song of the Fighting M arines" basketball "Let's Give Three Big Cheers For Amherst High MARCH This Is The Army, Mr. Jones!" "Rhapsody In Red, White and Bluen "Let,s Dance Tonight" Constantly' "Out of This Worldv APRIL "Ever So Oftenl' "Sooner or Later" "Fm Glad There Is You" "After Itls 0ver" MAY "One, Two, Three, Kickn "Memory of a Nightv "Lest We Forget" JUNE "Somebody Else Is Taking My Place" "Imagination" 'KBreathless" "Thanks For The M emories" 66 ii Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr.. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs. Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Miss Clara A. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. PATRONS AND PATRONESSES GF THE IQ43 TOWER T. L. Masterson George F. Roeder Howard M. Sharp Andrew Johnston Richard F. Ball William Powell Ernest O. Gierz John W. Glenn H. W. Scannell Frank S. Allmuth William A. Drews Albert A. Cushing J. Harry Faller Harry 0. Brunn William Elliott R. L. Dustman H. D. Babbidge Joseph J. Ernst Louis C. Kress Walter James J. Conroy Raymond A. Van Sweringen Norman McLeod E. Brownson Charles F. Heckel Chester J. Brost Thomas A. lVIiller Alburn C. White Penn R. Watson Robert V. S. Richmond Arthur J . Harsch William F. Hagedorn Homer J. Savage Donald Duncan Wallace J. Qua C. W. Rich Edward C. Lang Herbert Streng Mr. Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and lNIrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and lVIrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and lNIrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Marvin Jacobs H. E. Jameson Donald S. Moore Carl Swanson William Allen Charles H. Taylor E. G. Grieser H. S. Nielsen George J. Haag Glenn H. Dewey Eduard F. Metz A. Roland Allen N. Seares Frank MacNicoll George Stettenbenz Joseph L. Argus John Fritz V R. Bruce Kideney Millard R. Kreinheder Alvin W. Dechert E. S. Meyer Richard W. Caudell J. E. Mossell William Morgan C. Kiel Cassety Gaston DiBello Edward V. Keefe Clarence H. Leo Emmett George McCormick Roy A. Eck Donald W. Boyd E H. Kuehling R. D. lVIadison Bob Robin Noah COMMERCIAL PATRONS Knapp's Bakery Burd and Jameson, Inc., Realtors Holmes Shoe Store TIIE TOWER Q I VVQ two. Water,s cold. HOW,s this? Heads up' Disguise Queen of Sheba? lVIe. vVhere,S your Friend, "Pat" 77 THE TOWER Guess who? One man band Marilyn Doll Shrunken Human head Hasselbeck at Work You can,t do that to me George Snyder-wamong friends Letting herself go "Aren't We prettyu ADVERTISING Advertising is printed salesmanship, more necessary than ever before in these days of product shortages. Names will be remembered even if no products are sold, provided the merchant wisely decides to keep his name before the public by advertising. V FRANKLIN F. SCHAFER, JR. ROBERT G. SCHAFER 1936 1941 FRANKLIN F. SCHAFER WHOLESALE ERUITS AND PRODUCE NIAGARA FRONTIER FOOD TERMINAL BUFFALO, NEWV YORK Congratulations TO THE CLASS OF 1943 MAY THEIR UPRIGHT IDEALS GUIDE THEM THROUGH LIFE NO MATTER WHAT FIELD OF STUDY THEY MAY CHOOSE TO ENTER .,A W Wuxi. NX - K A K, fix 5 ff- QL ., ,ui-31-Q 5 -M Y , k 1 . .f:LkggQi3fj51gZ2g,7 AX jig? sy- X:-L . ,.. q,:Q:- 3- XX , If A 7 "3??ff IH .V A fZg.?i'5?t'm f :wr- sma. Q - rg, 5 M A A - f 1 -2.4 -Qi 'N 5 if ' A vi if-'Fifi , V-9 L ?f,f, V f 3 - is i A if " :I ,W 15' .V -M-N-WLAQ' f5"Q'5 V .rf ',' .5,g ,m tl ' ' f.. z:-: aff , Q ,Lg . . ,"wivVfff-9435" 5 I YQ 'sin'-RA A Al,L'f,:fM f ' VN A G f'-f,-W A ,M W-N, -f- ' , , X .7 5,524 died, OQOCAWOOJ 65 QZWL M1f'Le1"Cl GLVVYZCQ N75 Qflhm. QE. Quffaio, Oflly QQWOVJ Qi. Qin! LICENSED MANAGER Qarlsiclle 8816 Compliments of OMEGA SIGMA SORORITY GAMMA CHAPTER Compliments of ZETA SIGMA EPSILON SQRO RITY ALPHA CHAPTER Compliments of A F R I E N D "In The Heart of Eggertsvilleu Compliments 7 ki AUSTIN S of Operated by VVilliam Wvyllie Phone Wvilliamsville 46 W U I Y 5543 IVIain Street VVilIiamsville, N. Y 10 North Cayuga Road IYIIIIHIIISVIIIC, N. X. Best PVishes To the Class of '43 "g"DOWNWIND,, A F 'WROCK0 "SABUTNEY" of!! UCSIEQZ "MUSCLES" -Qu-1 H .K - ,, 'gi N, SELLECK MIKE "SLANSKY" Q "DON 'KGROGINSN "HEAT HDINGLEH "ERN .S ,, .KM C BOLLEY SIGMA PSI A "CHUCK" "MOE 'IBUTCI-Iy, FRATERNITY WCSRAY HMURPHN LAMBDA CHAPTER "TY MEMBER INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL "Serving in the U. S. Armed Forces Compliments of Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Upson Arthur H. Steinmiller MERRILL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Stoker Coal Smokeless Coal Bituminous AMHERST BUILDERS' SUPPLY 81 COAL CORP. 5274 Main St., Williamsville, N. Y. Williamsville 64-UNiversity 3581 Lehigh Valley Semet-Solvay Anthracite Coke FRUITS and VEGETABLES GENERAL DISTRIBUTORS, INC Car Lot Brokers Compliments Of JOSEPH EVERS PURITY QUALITY "YOU'LL FAVOR OUR FLAVORSH IN EVERY COMMODITY STERLING AMHERST FARMS DAIRY, Inc. 4949 MAIN sr. UN. 6600 O COURTESY SERVICE pp KOBLER 81 MILLER -P K Fl'Vl'l"l' WZTHFEU ,.,, ., fiisi i mffll I-T. S P' E E D VVe are indeed proud of the constantly increasing OPPORTUNITY FOR SERVICE which is being accorded us by the people of the AMHERST COMMUNITY Convenient Parking, Convenient Shopping, Prompt Service-Always 3Q0 GENESEE STREET ABI 5345 THE CORSET SHOP 1521 Hertel Avenue BUFFALO, NEW YORK CONGRATULATIONS Graduates WILLIAMSVILLE PHARMACY "Prices That Challenge Comparison" F Q Ph 1 Bertha E. Temple Dlgivery 025650 Reg. Corsetiere Personal Service Service PA. 5152 ACCCSSOTIES Expert Lubrication KEN DALL SERVICE STATION MAIN -CITY LINE ' 'Macl' McNerny "Bert' ' Berchou Proprietors UN. 9807 For Better Bowling, Bowl at AMHERST RECREATION 5365 Main St., Williamsville, N. Y. Phone 626 Bowling Billiards Phone 330 NU-ENAMEL HOAK ELECTRIC Electric Construction Appliances 5542 MAIN ST. WILLIAMSVILLE, N. Y. HEVENOR'S 5530 MAIN ST. WILLIAMSVILLE, N. Y. DYE STORAGE ALWAYS SAY "DYE" VVhen thinking of Storage, Packing, Moving and Shipping One million cubic feet ofwmodern all fireproof Heated storage space. Private Sealed Rooms Nation-wide, Long Distance Moving Expert Rug Cleaning Phone Llncoln 4420 DYE FIREPROOF WAREHOUSE, INC. 1661 MAIN ST. BUFFALO, N. Y. HUNT CLUB DOG FOOD pzmz., af Mer.: Yfifaminl-Ricfa .Bala aj 4Zaaaa You'll find Hunt Club surpris- ingly economical, too! For you can feed this complete, health- and - vigor - building, meat - abundant food for a fraction of what it costs to feed canned dog food. Ask for fiavorful, Vitamin - rich Hunt Club at your grocerlsf ff. l " N . 1'.1.,,7QpnM nun., Q lu u .4 -,'3ZBS2!'.? " uv x -W 2 S ' I i lil Vllil HYT- W: Maritime Milling Co. Buffalo, N. Y. KELLER'S 5538 MAIN STREET WILLIAMSVILLE, N. Y. Dry Goods 5c to 351.00 BARNEY MILLER Plumbing - Heating - Sheet Metal Hardware - Paint 5727 MAIN ST., WILLIAMSVILLE, N. Y. Williamsville 66 PArkside 5470 J. F. SCHINTZIUS A 1 E. M. SCHINTZIUS Congratulauons to the Class of 1943 I JOHN E SCHINTZIUS 149 NIAGARA FRONTIER FOOD TERNIINAL BUFFALO N Y 0 VVHOLESALE FRUIT AND PRODUCE PHONE 732 KNOWLES FLORIST FRANK J MISCHLER Greenhouses 44 South Academy St WILLIAMSVILLE N Y Flowers For All Occasions We Grow the Flowers We Sell We Smrwe Complzments Supermtendent Hlghways TOWN OF AMHERST LI 1740 Complzments of DI BELLO PONTIAC PON TIA C DEALER 1275 Maln St Buifalo N Y ny Make of Automolnle To Avaliable Engme Rebulldmg Wheel Allglllng Genume Pontiac Parts w Truck Best Wishes to the Class of 43 JOSEPH ROTHENBERG WHOLESALE COMMISSION MERCHANT NIAGARA FRONTIER FOOD TERMINAL BUFFALO NEW YORK ' 0 . a . - I F- Theodore enzen Complete Frame Straightening of . - BEST WI SHES To The Graduating Class of 19.43 WARD H. KENDRICK WHOLESALE FRUIT AND PRODUCE 153 Niagara Frontier Food Terminal BUFFALO, NEW YORK Compliments of Crooker, Carpenter, and Skaer, Inc. GENERAL CONTRACTORS OF THE ORIGINAL AMHERST CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL BUILDINGS B. I. Crooker, President Townsend Carpenter, Vibe President A. P. Skaer, Secretary Congratulations to the Class Of 1943 SAMUEL RINELLI WHOLESALE COMMISSION MERCHANT Shippers and Distributors NIAGARA FRONTIER FOOD TERMINAL BUFFALO, NEW YORK ENTERTAINMENT HEADQUARTERS FOR AMHERST CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS The Worldls Greatest Motion Pictures-Perfectly Presented Sl-IEA'S KENSINGTON Bailey and Kensington Ave. SHEA'S KENMORE 3021 Delaware Ave., Kenmore Men's and Boy's Wear . . . Growing Girl's Shoes FRED RON EKER 5548 MAIN STREET WILLIAMSVILLE, N. Y. "BLUE COAL" and. SEMET-SOLVAY COKE The Popular Household Fuels HEDSTROM-SPAULDING, INC. Corner 'Main and Eric Streets or From Your Neighborhood Dealer Phone: Cleveland 7900 LUMEN R. HAWS CO. 609 Root Bldg. 86 W. Chippewa Street BUFFALO, N. Y. Manufacturers of Kei" -I-'E 6,3 .5 is 'Pk fp , rw SX fi I -ef' ' 1" of SCHOOL AND FRATERNITY JEWELRY Diamonds Watches Trophies Compliments of BROST MOTORS, INC. DODGE and PLYMOUTH Distributors 1985-1291 MAIN ST. BUFFALO, N. Y. THE AMHERST BEE THE OFFICIAL PAPER or AMHERST With a Weekly Column of Amherst Central News F ine Job Printing Smart, Personalized RYTEX STATIONERY Personalized Matches, Napkins and Playing Cards WILLIAMSVILLE, N. Y. C. J. KLEINSTEUBER E. C. MCNUTT CHEMICAL SALES CORPORATION 1382-1384 Niagara Street BUFFALO, N. Y. Industrial and Heavy Chemicals Delivery Phone: Compliments of Service AM. 01933 1 Ferguson Electric 4' Construction Company DRY CLEANING 2220 Kensington Ave., SNYDER, N. Y. Tailoring Remodeling CONTRACTING AND EQUIPMENT BUFFALO, NEW YORK Compliments of UNIVERSAL ROOFING COMPANY BUFFALO'S LEADING RESIDENTIAL ROOFING CONTRACTORS Greetings from Donner-Hanna Coke Corp Manufacturers of Coke and By-Products of Coal MARTIN F. HUBER BENJAMIN J. HUBER 0 FRANK X. HUBER WHOLESALE COMMISSION MERCHANT NIAGARA FRONTIER FOOD TERMINAL BUFFALO, NEW YORK Since 1878 I Congratulations To The Class of 1943 0 WHO HAVE JUST SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED THEIR COURSE OF HIGH SCHOOL STUDY Ice Cream . . . Candy . . . Magazines Shelf Groceries - School Supplies MEASERIS WILLIAMSVILLE 9 S M en's-Boys' Shop CONFECTIONS Shoes-Rubbers phone PA' 1505 4209 Main St. Eggertsville, N. Y. PHOTOGRAPHS IN THIS ANNUAL WERE MADE BY BEN SWAN Photographer 637 lVIAIN STREET, BUFFALO Have Your Photo Taken with the New Speed-Flash Camera! zes Action at 1f30,000 of a Second! Natural Effects. Posing Not Necessary 1Free Negatives Kept in Files Five Years for Duplicate Copies INDUSTRIAL, INSTITUTIONAL AND PERSONAL 'PHOTOGRAPHY LOCK'S HOME BAKERY Christian Flierl Company UNiversity 3883 Lumber-Planing Mill-Cabinet VVork 460 SOUTH HARLEM ROAD P1y"'00d-Insulation at Kensington Wallboard Try Our Home-made Q 1352 GENESEE ST. BUFFALO, N. Y BREAD-PIES-CAKES-ROLLS Phone: TAylor 2486 Quality our Specialty Compliments of ANIHERST DRUG STORE MA1N'..nd ROCK WILLIAMSVILLE REXALL DRUGS T. E. Dungey Proprietors: H. L. Wright D. A. Pfohl N. R. Pfohl SCHULER BROTHERS Groceries-Vegetables-Meats We Deliver Snyder, N. Y. PA. 9041-9042 An Old Belle! An old Belle named Aunt Nan, Lead square dances, before the "Pan Am." "Modern" furniture for her Holds no allure, New ideas are under at ban. HOUSEHOLD Good F urniiure Since 1895 345 BROADWAY 575 MAIN Compliments of DR. E. C. SAUER Beals, McCarthy 81 Rogers r Incorporated Founded 1 826-Incorporated STEEL - HARDWARE - METALS MOTOR CAR ACCESSORIES BUFFALO, N. Y. "Over a Century of Servicen For Better Bowling, Bowl at AMHERST RECREATION 5365 Main St., Williamsville, N. Y. Compliments of DANIEL JUNG, M. D. Phone 626 Bowling Billiards Vllilliam R. Boocock Julian Moody President Manager Congratulations . to the Four NV1HdS Farm Nursery INCORPORATED CLASS OF 1943 4190 MAIN ST. EGGERTSVILLE, MARVIN JACOBS NEW YORK SUPER QUALITY Compliments of Eggs, Flour, Breakfast Foods, Lawn Seed, Dog Food 4517 Main St., Snyder, N. Y. Cooperative G. L. F. Mills, Inc. BUFFALO, N- Y' GIFTS CARDS HOSIERY -l:e1r's SAUSAGE MAKER TO HIS MAJESIY KING APPETITI Distributor: of Quality Foods I i P it ' 3947 MAIN STREET - AT EGGERT ROAD Q Q gg O IJ! Compliments of R I C H ' S ICE CREAM Niagara Heil Body Co. 508-516 West Utica St. 3 BUFFALO, N. Y. SERVED EXCLUSIVELY IN OUR George W. Pfohl, Jr. CAEETERIA Congratulations Compliments of T0 THE GRADUATES! Amherst Central High School M ARY FAGEN BEAUTY sHoP TRESIDDER REALTORS INIAIN AT DARVVIN UN. 5040 4555 MAIN ST. SNYDER, N' Y Compliments of EAGAN AND STRENG, INC. Buifalds Leading O1d's Dealer 9358 MAIN AT LEROY BUFFALO, N. Y. BHHHTIUUUD PHHH HUTT'S DAIRY BAR-LUNCHEONETTE "The Place Where Young Folk Meet" Call PA. 2111 5516 MAIN ST ' WMSVILLE 11 WILLIAMSVILLE "For Complete Home Dairy Service" For Complete Information On Houses or Lots Consult the Developer LEWIS MITCHELL REALTY CO. 616-617 Erie County Bank Building CL. 1675 Mrs. Nelson B. VVagner, Associate BUICK SALES AND SERVICE Twin City Auto Co., 2310 Delaware Avenue BUFFALO, N. Y. DE 4000 Inc NIAGARA TRANSFORMERS Manufactured by ERIE ELECTRIC CO., INC. 110-130 Church Street, Buffalo, New York We Build and Ship to all Foreign Countries as Well as Principal War Plants in the U. S. A Army Posts, Naval Stations, and the Panama Canal-All Sizes up to 5000 K. V. A. JOHN H. DARBY President Telephone CLeveland 4758 REMINGTON RAND, INC GENERAL OFFICE BUFFALO, N. Y. ART GOODS NOTION S NOVELTIES Let Us Take Care of Your Hem-Line Troubles Alterations and Repairs HEISER'S DRY GOOD STORE Quick Service VVash-DRESSES-Silk Furnishings for the Entire Family HARLEM Sz KENSINGTON SNYDER, N. Y. PA. 0910 Open Saturday Evenings Till 10 P.M. Compliments of DR. R. W. CONN DR. W. A. SMITH Quality Always Hzlglzer Than the Price! HILLSIDE MARKET FORREST Dow, Groceries NORMAN BITTERMAN, Meats L'Red 8: White" Means Thousands of Independent Food Retailers Banded Together for Cooperative Strength. BRUCE SWEET Business Life Insurance Liberty Bank Bldg. Buffalo CL. 4158 Telephones: WA. 0177 or 0178 RYAN 81 WILLIAMS, INC. Ojice Ouyiiters Desks - Chairs - Filing Cabinets 82-84 Pearl St. Buffalo, N- Y LOUIS J. DECARLO A GOOD LUNCH Always Includes a Glass of Milk Wholesale Commission Merchant Fruits and Produce Car Lot Jobber . HOMOGENIZED MILK CHOCOLATE MILK 140 NIAGARA FRONTIER FOOD TERMINAL BUFFALO, N. Y. FOR HOME SERVICE Member of the Bu-Halo Produce Exchange Phone: HUmbo1dt 4200 Compliments of Compliments of George L. McKnight f , Dr. and Mrs. W. W. Melssner Attorney SERVING NIAGARA FRONTIER SINCE 1888 J. F. WEINHEIMER, INC. Plumbing M- Heating 306 E. GENESEE STREET I WASHINGTON 5110 UNIVERSITY PLAZA DIPSON'S AMHERST THEATRE UNIVERSITY PLAZA Free Parking O Come and Enjoy a Good Show in Comfortable Seats, Amid Luxurious Surroundings 0 This is Amhersfs Orme Theatre 'S Reinember the Name- !.V.ii1miS'l' ARAINI MCUSI'ILIfi N, IVQBR GIRLS Smart Apparel BUYS GIFTS and TOYS "Everything jk the Raef, Qoys to S and 10 yr. Girls' to 16 yr. . 'w wg 1' 1 -. - Q - -- X THE a,Hn,iqRtN :D SHOP 22 Wi .forsity Plaza lvlain Si. f-,Ad Kenmore Ave. L. TI. LEI'-JHARD Ivl. LENHARD WE DELIVER UN. 5710 E. 81 IVI. Fruit and Vegetable Market FRESH PRODUCE DAILY Serving Amherst, Snyder, Eggertsville 29 University Plaza Eggertsville, N. Y. JGHN ' S'l'AfRKE Dispensing Optkiarz, Oculist's Prescription Filled Phone PARKSIDE 3751 UN IVERSITY PLAZA Shop at 'UNIVERSITY PLAZA The Complete Business Center Gagielich and Boebel, Inc. 'KREALTORS' I n11erifneni Securities R. H. IGI-INSGN 81 Co., NELSON B. WAGNER Manager 17 Court St., 1780 Compliments of A. C. KGEPF Flowers for All Occasions New York Boston Philadelphia 4543 MAIN ST. SNYDER, N. Y. PA. 1747 Our Compliments ii and Best Wishes GARFIELD SAGER I TO THE CLASS REli'RES.lLNTIN G BUYERS f 1:1 SELI HRS OF REAL ESTATE IN AMHTERST The 3586 Main St. Eggertsville, N. Y, li . i Compliments of 1 Dr. and Mrs. SidneyM. Marks i of w43,, Fairmont Creamery Co. Better Dairy Products I 297 Scott St. B Ui '?".1S.LO, TJ. Y. i QL. 8516 CL. 6586 KREHER 81 SHOENIAKER, INC. Jiobbers Fine Cfonfections SCHRAFFTS CHOCOLATES, FRUITS AND SYRUPS 433-435 BROADWAY VVA. 7079 BUFFALO, N. Y. Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Leland G. Davis Ci07i'7f'Dl'lim87f:S of Siegfried Construction Company BUFFALO, N. Y. Compliments of A FRIEN D Eaeh Year for Twenty-Nine Years We have Returned to Our Policy holders a Twenty per cent Cash Dividend EXCHANGE MUTUAL INSURANCE C0. JOHN H. BROGAN, Pres. 531 Delaware Ave. GRant 8970 AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE Telephone Us For Rates On Your Car War Emergency Courses Phone: Branch Sm., You have a vital part in fhls war TA' 4676 4557 Maln St' Plant and Office Cor. Bernhard Drive 2290 Genesee St. Snyder Well trained boys and girls are receiving high sal- aries-whether in civilian life or with the Armed Forces. Get your training at the North Park Business School F. H. Watt, Director Register now for the following courses starting June 21 Complete Courses-Pre-Induction Courses- Intensive Summer Courses-Advanced Courses for High School Graduates Free Booklet Am. 3230 Chic Dry Cleaners 81 Dyers Have Your Garments Renewed the Chic Way Let us Help You with Your Spring Cleaning, by Having your Comforters, Curtains, and Draperies Cleaned Like New CASH AND CARRY ' 1 1 , I ,l X s Sri 324 Q?" li Q, 1 s ,'-.. is if g, 6 me :gg ii I I . S Q ix I! gi. ll i 11: 55 ,AQ 'K' 'x 5 -4 .1 W 'li ' X 5:5 ' xv 1 I-A 5 " if V il? It In F E ar 1 t mg gy H f 1 aw EQ !! 2 H YL ! bm ju ! . v I 1 3 F H 12. wr A1 ,elif I 2

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Amherst Central High School - Tower Yearbook (Amherst, NY) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Amherst Central High School - Tower Yearbook (Amherst, NY) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Amherst Central High School - Tower Yearbook (Amherst, NY) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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