Amherst Central High School - Tower Yearbook (Amherst, NY)

 - Class of 1942

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EX LIBRIS . ,gs Nwnblwtlcsv ,M V l vw gi 40" -U fl "W' A W, - V ' A F5 3 ff, :-,Mag , ' H 1 ,, 2 ,111 if' "Wi "VI: I ' .usa Ug'if', " Y 5WSs1u2,x. v eb 1e"w1:.ff 'Lf ,Hap 'ffl' H212 -LGA ., -m y .5-SJ' . ,Ala Lyfqgx -1 1 , QF .- Q ' fa, 11 "4 3, 12 ,ew-1 1,,y.W:21 f " P' mg' 1' 11? 1 " ' ,flzfia g -, ,J b, g,,.1 ,1f zfi V ::' 'wil ' Q . W y fx-W Q,, f, N, fi, , M 1, ,Q A 1. fy x.. V. 1 fig. VW-f:Hr'fn zz, if f,i'-wwf w . 1, ,,'tgYem3,3g,,,,:-, ,- A .4 , ' ,, -f " m . , Q' ,Q W ' --W ' i , 1 , A ' , , ,, i ' i W , , f Q X K e 55215 'X 1, 2 .1 Q ' li' - 1, X ' il v 'E ' 4543112 'zzwli 53, K' , 21- , S 2 if -1, " , 1, egg? I A ' iff ,i I Exif' K - f J' - 1 ' S '1 " ff: r ,L ,g:k,, ,:,2,L, f ' gi. 1 . rg :L 595' .. - . ' . 1 ' ' ' ' , , z SA W xXx? - - ,KX " ' . x iii ,fifyf 'x 'V au 1 I -1?4TxFf iff- 59 f ' Y? 'f'3'T"9X .A ,, - 5,:w,L1 sg, f df A V JA?-"gr Y W' fs H, "Y if , ,'v.3'3f . I I.. r . 1 . - 1 ' A " -wi f .gi K , , X . , W ' .-- x , ! w 11' I 'A E ,mi A 1, ff. Q Z W. 1 .f-i.q: S g. ..,,.ge K x , X """"Y,a4""f' 'sg W Zi? 5? . Mg, , ,gg nuff 4. IN MEMORIAM W Ahce C Buerger, who contributed more than ten years of service to our school In her passlng we have lost a great teacher one whose hfe was 1n her work. ?QE E37yg 3E?M E E, the Graduating Class of 1942, have chosen Personality as the theme of our yearbook because a well-rounded personality is the goal of every high school student. During our high school Udazeu we enjoy constant association with fellow stu- dents and teachersg we participate in clubs and sports. All these associations and activities contribute very subtly to the development of personality and enable each and every student to express and develop his individuality. Amherst Central High School presents various opportunities for personal advancement, and it is the aim of the Tower this year to picture our progress, both mentally and physically. The Tower The Outstanding Personality MRS. EMMA ,COYER We, the 1942 Senior Class, have chosen to dedicate the Tower to Mrs. Emma Coyer because we feel that she has contributed much to our personal development. As we look back into the past we find that she has always been respected and admired. Her friendliness, kindness, and sincerity have made her the outstanding personality of the year. Her constant contact with the student body has made her well-known to all, and we are prou.d to dedicate our yearbook to one iso deserving. The Tower 6 7th 81 8th GRADE CLASSESX- fJ ' ff ' f . , D . WW Q EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS Preridenl ,.... ,.................. . .Frank Harding Vicz Przfident. . . ................. June Smither Qi! 5 ,E.,RREERERRERRE EEEE,RER E Q'+wa!C R ,gy s gfwmfiffgilgffgj WW , The Growin Persona :ty 9 , FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Prefident ........ ,,.........,....... ..... L o is Higgins Vice Prexidenz .... ..,.. G race Goetzmann Secretary. ..,.. .,... M arilyn Howell Treafurer . . . . Dean NIC Carthy FRESHMEN .M ,, 7 3 , 'Q ,. , .H 'lx- revue .,: 5? 11 -fm, W. S? K E I , -f YQ -- Sevier-Q a:..5. in wg., 3 3,3 ,,,. ,.. G G Q 5 Q gp V4 QQIM il. gy 5? 53515 4 1 'ar 4'9" :Qi Q3 4 'f f Q ' ' " tw , , , ... ,P if H ,932 -'S 5 y ,,. , Jifigi , k .YI Q get k .hx W N 0 H4 ' ' S - 45 'fad ' '- 31 1"1 5525 2 - -W 555.21 ' . T fide: Q , ff W PAA' fi , 1 Y?"- f I x 5. ,a i ..Qa 9 i Q 59 Q ' mi 3 Q-f J - . 32 5 Q' Q 5 arg W" ia . L ,,,i, m1VA WA H 4 f' 1 g , A,, , - ,,., ' S ,QA Mfr .pfi 3, N .W 1-, ut - 21 J .- if vi M M QL., 3 S ifw -fs' Ju, ,, L W is H M 1' Seniors WILLIAM ABBERGER Bill Tennis 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club I, 25 Marshal Z, Boxing 1, 2, 3, 4, Bowling 3. LOUISE ALLEN Lguifg Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Hockey 3, 4, Soccer 'l, 2, Swimming 1, 2, 4, Baseball 1, 25 Fencing 2, Girls' Sport Council 1, 2, 4, Pres. 4, Girls' Dance Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Art Club lg Dramatic Club 3, 45 Assistant Editor "Tower" 4. DAVID ASH Fearlzrf Student Council 2, Marshal 25 Camera Club 3, Table Tennis 3, Bowling 3, 4. JAMES BARD jim South Park High School l, 25 Track 3, 4, Soccer 3, 45 junior Play, Senior Play, Honor Society 4, Student Council 45 Class Treasurer 43 Tatler 3, 43 Debate Club 3. JOAN C. BARNES Hockey 2, 3, 45 Swimming 2, 3, 4. FRANK BATES Barr Band l, 2, 3, 4g Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4, Choir l, 2, 3, 4, Student Council lg Honor Society 3, 45 Operetta l, 2, 3, 4. BETTY BERG Berg Girls' Chorus l,- 2, Dramatic Club l, 25 Student Council 2, Home Ec. Club l, 2, Tower 45 Art Club. ALICE BIALY Alice Tatler 4, Home Ec. Club 25 Bowling 3. DONALD E. BLACK Dan Track Manager 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 23 Honor Society 4g Student Council 3, Rifle Club 3, 43 Debate Club 4. PAUL BLARR Paul Baseball 4, Basketball 3, Soccer 3. 12 SENIORS EVELYN BLATZ Evie Chorus 1, Dramatics 2, 3, Dance Club 1, 2, 4, Debate Club 4. NANCY DIANE BOYLE Nan Archery 2, Soccer 3, 4, Hockey 3, 4, Swimming 3, 4, Baseball 1,'2g Riding Club1gDramatics3g A'Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 1, 2, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, Student Council 4, Marshal lg Girls' Sport Council 4, Tatler 2, Tower 4, BARBARA BOWEN Barb Soccer 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Archery 2, 3, 4, Honor Society 4, Tower 4, Debate 4, Chess Club 1, 2. GLORIA BOWERY Corky Swimming 3, 4, Girls' Sport Council 2, Chorus 2, Operetta 2, Riding Club 2, 3, 45 Home Ec. Club 1, 25 Art Club lg Dance Club 1, 2. FRANK BRADLEY Brad Track lg Band 1, Orchestra lg Chorus 1, 2g A'Cappella Choir 1, 2, Tatler 3. ROBERT BROWN Bob Tennis Manager 43 Rifle 3, 4. CHESTER BRUNNER Che! Boys' Chorus lg Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-pres. 4, Tatler 1. JAMES CARROLL Slim Football 2, 4, Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Dramatics 3, 4, Senior Class Presi- dent, Boxing 2. GEORGE CHISNELL Rarko Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, Wrestling 35 Library Club 2, 3. JOAN CLARK Bennett High School 1, 2, 3. 1942 13 LOIS CORRETORE Loey Baseball 2, 3, 4, Basketball 4, Hockey 2, 3, 4, Archery 2, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Honor Society 3, 4, Student Council 3, Debate 4, Tower 4, Hobby Club 1,Dra matic Club 4, Debate Club 4. ROBERT COYER Rube Williamsville High School 1, 2, Soccer 3, 4, Dramatic Club 3. MURIEL MASON CROOKS Torrhy Erie, Pennsylvania 1, 2, Soccer 3, 4, Hockey 3, 4, Baseball 4, Dramatic Club 3, Dance Club 3, 4, Tower 4. DONALD CUSHING Stone Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Honor Society 3, 4, Student Council 2, First Aid 2, 3, Track 4. CHARITY DAGGERS Soccer 3, 4, Hockey 3, 4, Archery 2, 3, Basket- ball 4, Dramatic Club 3, Art Club 1, 2, Hobby Club 1. PAUL CHARLES DuPERNELL Chuck Ping Pong 4, Horse Shoes 2, 3, Marshal 2, Assistant Librarian 1, 2, 3, Cafe 3, 4, Camera Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Hobby Club 1, 2,Bowling 3, Debate Club 4. ARNOLD DUZYNSKI Arnie Golf 3, 4, Debate 3, 4, Boys' Chorus 2, 3, 4, A,Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4, Camera Club 1, 2, Rifle 3, 4, Bowling 3, 4, Boxing 2, Table Tennis 3. ROBERT EDGCOKIB Hob jr. Art Club, Library Club. MARY EIMER Billiz Soccer 3, Baseball 2, 3, Class President 1, Girls, Hobby Club 1, jr. Home Ec. l, Riding: Club l, Tatler 2, 3, Tower 4. JEANNE ERHARDT fmnuiz' Basketball l, Baseball l, Operetta l, Hobby Club l, 2, Social Dancing 2, 3, 4, Home hc. Club 2, 3, Tatler 4. 14 SENIORS -IAYNE EWING jaynz Baseball 2, 3, Lifesaving 2, Swimming 3, 4, Hockey 2, 3, 4, Chorus l, 2, Dramatic Club 1, Dance Club 1, 2, 3, Tower 4. VIRGINI-A FARMER Ginny Swimming 3, 4, Field Hockey 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, Operetta 1, 2, Student Council 3, 4, Girls' Sport Council 3, 4, Marshal 1, Archery 2, 3, Dance Club 3, 4, Tower 4. WILLIAIVI FERRICK Frifk Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, Soccer 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 1, Debate 2, Tatler 2, 3, 4, Sports Editor Tatler 3, 4, Tower 4. JAMES FINNIGAN jim St. Joes 1, 2. IRENE FISHER Ren: Soccer 1, 2, Swimming 3, 4, Hockey 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus lg Honor Society 3, 4, Sec. 4, Tower Assistant Advertising Man- ager 4, Home Ec. 1, 2, Camera Club 2, 3, 4, Dance Club 1, 2, 3, Debate Club 4, Girls, Sport Council 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 3, Jr. and Sr. Play Props, Debate Club 4. VIRGINIA FISHER Ginger Basketball 1, Art Club 1, 2, Dance Club 1. ROBERT FLICKINGER Flick Soccer 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Track Manager 2, Hobby Club 1,' 2, Rille Club 1, 2, Jr. Orchestra 1, 2, Band 1, 2, Dramatic Club 2, 3, Class Secretary 2', Tower, Business Manager 4, junior Play Business Manager 3. MONROE FRANK Chick Golf 3, Operetta 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 4, Band 4, Bowling 3, Boxing 1, 2. ROBERT GABRIEL Gabe Bennett l, Kensington 2, Track 3, 4, Senior Play 4,TowerAssistantAdvertising Manager4. LOIS GAHAN Loi: Swimming 4, Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Baseball 2, 3, Dramatics 1, 2, 3, Student Council 3, 4, Tower 4, Dance Club l, 2, 3, 4, Archery 2. 'I942 15 JEANNE GASTEL jfanne Hockey 3, 45 Ping Pong 15 Basketball 2, 35 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 35 Dance Club, 3 45 Hobby Club 1. ARLENE GIERZ Arie Bowling 35 Art Club 2, 35 Home Ec. 2, 35 Correspondence Club 25 Tower 4. EVELYN GILBERT Lynn Kensington High l5 Basketball 3, 45 Baseball 3, 45 Bowling: 35 Dramatic Club 35 Tatler 45 Tower 45 Service Club 35 Honor Society 45 Debate Club 4. MARGARET GOETZMANN Marg Amherst Bee 15 Home Ec. Z, 35 Business Club 4. CHARLOTTE GLEASON Basketball l, 25 Baseball 45 Soccer 3, 45 Dramatic Club 15 Archery 2, 35 Art Club. MARTHA PERKINS GOODHART fllaurf hlillburn High Schoolg Soccer 2, 3, 45 Hockey 1, Z, 3. 45 Baseball 25 Chorus 25 Operetta 45 Junior Playg Sr. Play Blake-Up5 Dramatic Club 3, 45 Student Council 45 Dance Club 2, 3, 4, ROBERT GOODHART Gu: Rifle Z, 3, 45 Tower 4. FRED GOULD Fred Bowlingg Camera Club l, 2, 35 Hobby Club 25 Rille Club 15 Table Tennis 3, 4. .IO ANN HARDY Home Ec. lg Shop 1. ,IAMES HARRIS jim Boys, Chorus 13 Chess Clubg Boys' Home Ec. 1. 16 SENIORS DAVID HARVEY Daw Band 2, 3, 45 Chorus 3, 45 A,Cappella Choir 3, 45 Operetta 3, 45 Stage Crew 25 Tower 45 Rifle Club 2. HELEN HEARN Helen Volley Ball 1, 25 Basketball 25 Archery 35 Baseball 35 Chorus l5 Student Council 15 Dance Club 1, 25 Tatler 1, 25 Home Economics Club 1, 2. JEAN HENDERSON Texaf Hockey l, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 1, Dance Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Riding Club 1, 25 Dramatic Club l, 2, 3. JOHN HEY fohan Football 2, 3, 45 Swimming 1, 2, 3, 45 Dra- matic Club 2, 35 Junior Play 35 Secretary Class 15 Gym Club 15 Stamp Club l5 Bowling Club 2. WILLARD HESS Willir Golf 25 Student Council 4. FLORENCE HICKS Flo Hand Craft l, 25 Cooking Club 15 Swiin Club Z. ROBERTA HOE Her! Soccer 3, 45 Field Hockey 3, 45Arche1:y 2, 3, 45 Student Council 2, 3, 45 Marshal 35 Hobby Club lg Art Club l, 2, 35 Chorus l. SHIRLEY HOLMES Shir! Bennett High School l, 2. DOUGLAS HOUSTON Doug Tatler 3, 4. BETTY HOVEMEYER Bztty Home Economics Club 35 Riding Club 45 Art Club 4. 1942 17 HILDEGARD HUBER Hili Bowling 3, Baseball 25 Student Council 2, 3, Tatler 4, Hobby Club 2s Debate Club. J. MURRAY HYDE Murph Student Council 43 Stamp Club lg Science Club 1, 25 Bowling 3, 4. LOIS JAMESON Loi: Band l, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4. HOWARD W. JUHRE Howard Bowling 3g Boxing 2. OLEEN JUMP Olnn Dramatics 1, 24 Home Ee. 1, 2, 39 Tower 4. DAVID JUNG Fig Basketball 1, 23 Tennis 1, 2g Class Treasurer 1, Science Club 1. DAN KELLEY Dan Swimming fmgrj 3,' 43 Rifle Club 1, 2g Archery 39 Tower 4. MARGARET: ANN KENNY Marg Home Ec. 2, 45 Bowling 3, 4. ROEDER KINKEL Rot: Football 4, Soccer 33 Student Council 2, 45 Hobby 2, Radio Club 2, Class Secretary 3. LAWRENCE KLEIN Larry Golf'3, 4, Bowling 1, 2, 3, Library Club lg Radio Club 1. 18 SENIORS WALTER KLUTE fafcha Band l, 2, 3, 4g Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4, A'Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, Boys, Chorus I, Senior Play 4, Tatler Music Editor 4. GILBERT KRACKENBERGER Gil Track I, 2, Tatler Advertising Manager 25 Bowling 2, 3, 4. DONALD KRANTZ Hymi: Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 45 Soccer Ig Library Club 2g Hobby Club 2, Badminton 1, 3. VIRGINIA KRANTZ, Ginny Bowling 3, 4g Chorus 1, 2g Home Ec. 1, 25 Commercial 3, First Aid 2, Tower 4. ELMER ROBERT KREHER Fireball Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4g Basketball lg Soccer 1, A'Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4, Operetta 2, 3, Boys' Chorus lg President of Class 23 Tower 4. RUTH KRUEGER Ruth Soccer 2, 3g Hockey 4, Archery 2, Basketball 4, Baseball 2, 3, 45 Honor Society 4, Student Council 45 Tower 43 Debate 45 Dramatics 1, 2. ELEANOR LANDEL Elzanor Hockey 2, 3, 43 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 39 Dance Club 3,- 4. FORDYCE LEE Ford MARJORIE LETTS Mizlgt Bennett HighVSchoolg Tatler 3. ROBERT LUEDEKING Nail: Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Boys' Chorus 2, Operetta 3, Honor Society 3, 43 Student Council 2, 35 Science Club 1, Debate Club 4. 11942 19 JAMES MacMURRAY lilac Swimming 3, 45 Track 35 Jr. Play5 RiHe 3. RICHARD MacWILLIAMS Mar Dearborn Michigan 1, 35 Football 45 Basket- ball 45 Honor Society 4. FLORENCE Mc CONNELL Floppy Soccer I, 25 Dance Club 1, 25 Bridge Club 2, 3. PATRICIA MCCORMICK Pat Wilson High School l, 25 Band 35 A'Cappclla Choir 3, 45 Girls' Choir 3. MARILYN MCNAMARA Mar East Aurora High School 1, 25 Archery 35 Soccer 3, 45 Basketball 3, 45 Operetta 45 Tower 4. ' DENNIS MANCELL Dmnir Soccer 35 Swimming 35 Football 4. MARILYN MANGER Min Girls, Chorus 15 Dramatics 1, 25 Student Council 2, 35 Home Ec. Club l, 2, 35 Tower 45 Honor Society 45 Debate Club 4. JUNE MANN func Soccer l, 45 Basketball 1, 45 Swimming 15 Bowling 45 Operetta Baseball l. BARBARA MARTIN Barb Hockey 35 Soccer 35 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' fhilrgxslil, 25 Tower 25 Tatler 3, 45 Orchestra READ MASON Dugan Foolball 45 Swimming 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Council 1, 3, 45 Marshal 4. 20 SENIORS JOHN MAY jack Track I, 2, 3, 45 Captain 45 Swimming 1, 2, 3,45 Junior Play5 Capt. Swimming Team 45 Library Club 25 Camera Club 1. REGINA MILLANE Reggie Soccer 15 Dramatics 25 Tatler 35 Riding Club 15 Hobby Club 15 Tower 4. WILLIAM F. MILLER, JR. Bill Golf 3, 45 Sr, Play 45 Bowling 3, 4. PATRICIA,MOFFIT Pat Kensington High School I, 2, 35 Tower 4. WALTER MONKS Wally Masten High School l, 25 Student Council 3. I GLORIA JOY MOORE Gloria Dance Club 2, 3, 45 Dramatics l, Z, 3, 45 Jr. Play and Sr. Play5 Hockey 2, 3, 45 Capt, 35 Honor Society 3, 45 Student Council 25 lklarshal 25 Hobby Club I5 Sports Council 3, 45 Archery 25 Cheerleader 3, 4, Basketball 4. JEAN IVIORRIS fran Sr. Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 2,'3, 45 Girls' Chorus l5 Operetta l, 2, 3, 45 Home Ec. Club 25 Honor Society 4. JEAN MORLEY jean Bennett High School I5 Basketball 45 Hockey 45 Chorus 2, 35 Dancing 2, 3, 45 Home Ec. Club 35 Tower 45 Soccer 4. YVONNE NIUNGOVAN Yvonne Bowling 35 Dramatics 3, 45 Tatler 45 Debate Club 4. JACQCELINE MURPHY jarkif Hockey 3, 45 Basketball 45 Archery 25 A'Cap- pella Choir I, 2, 3, 45 Operctta l, 2, 3, 45 Gir-ls' Chorus 1, 25 Dramatic Club 35 Dance Club 3, 45 Tower 45 Art Club l. 1942 21 CECILE PAYNE Cecile Riding Club 3, 4. KENNETH PEARMAN Ken Soccer 1, 25 Stamp Club I5 Rifle Club 1. MARIE PEPE Kllarie Hockey 3, 45 Soccer 3, 45 Basketball 3, 45 Dramatics 35 Soccer Captain 45 Dance Club 3, 45 Tower 3, 4. BARBARA PERKINS Barb Archery 25 Badminton 35 Dramatic Club 25 Student Council 25 Tower 4. WALTER PISTNER Waltn Swimming Manager 35 Hobby Club 25 Bowl- ing 3. DOROTHY REDLEIN Dairy Soccer 3, 45 Basketball 35 Home Ec. Club 1, 35 Girls, Chorus 1, 25 Art Club 2, 3. THEODORE REDLEIN Form Basketball 2, 45 Baseball 2, 45 Library Club 2. AGNES ROBERTSON ,-lggif Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Swimming l, Z, 3, 45 Soccer 1, 2, 3, 45 Field Hockey l, 25 Table Tennis 1. ELSBETH ROEDER Bfllz Hockey 2, 3, 45 Swimming 35 Fencing Z5 Bad- minton l, 2, 35 Baseball l, 25 Basketball 45 Riding Club 25 Class Play 45 Dramatics 2, 3, 45 Tafler l, 2, 35 Tower 3, 45 Debate 45 Honor Society 4. PHILIP SAVAGE Phil Football 2, 3, 45 Basketball 25 Track 1, 25 Camera Club 1, 25 Rifle Club 1, 25 Class Play 45 Class Treasurer 25 Student Council 15 Tower 3, 4. 22 SENIORS RICHARD SCHWARTZ Dirk Boys' Chorus 25 Class Vice President 25 Honor Society.3, 45 Marshal 45 Debate Club 3, 45 Tower 45 Debate Club 4. BETTY LOU SCHMITT Betty Swimming 45 Soccer 45 Dramatics 3, 45 Bridge Club 2, 35 Tower 3, 45 Fencing 2. DONALD SCHMIDT Don Soccer 15 Sr. Band 1, 2, 35 Sr. Orchestra 1, 2, 35 A'Cappella Choir 1, 2, 35 junior Play 35 Boys' Chorus 3. EUGENE SHERRER Gene Basketball Asst. Manager l, 2, 35 Basketball Manager 45 A'Cappella Choir5 ,Operetta l, 2, 3, 45 Boys, Chorus 1, 2, 35 Library l, 2. ROGER SHARP Ru! Baseball 1, 45 Basketball 2, 45 Library Club 2. MARY ANN SCHWANEKAMP Mary Hockey 45 A'Cappella Choir l, 35 Girls' Chorus l, 35 Operetta 1, 35 Honor Society 45 Class Secretary 45 Dance Club 3, 45 Tower 45 jr. and Sr. Play. , GRETCHEN SCHWEICKHARD Gret Basketball 45 Soccer 1, 2, 45 Archery 3, 45 Girls, Chorus 25 Operetta 2, 3, 45 Dramatics l, 2, 35 Student Council 25 Marshal 25 Tower 45 Hobby Club 15 Honor Society 4. EDWARD SELIGMANN Ed Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club I, 25 Rifle Club 2, 45 Bowling 2, 4. ALICE SMITH Alire Soccer 2, 35 Basketball 2, 45 Bowling 3, 43 Hockey 25 Dramatics 3, 45 Art Club 25 Tower 45 Home Ec. Club 1, 25 First Aid 3, 4, jr. and Sr. Play Make-Up. JOAN STEINNIILLER joan Hockey 45 Basketball 45 Baseball 45 Girls, Chorus 15 Operetta lg Dramatics 1, 35 Student Council 15 Dance Club 2, 35 Tatler 45-Tower 45 Archery 35 Home Ec. Club 2, 3, 45 Debate 4. 'I942 23 JANE SWEET Sweet Millburn High School 15 Hockey 2, 35 Soccer 2, 35 Dramatic Club 3, 45 Jr. Playg Sr. Playg Honor Society 3, 45 Class Vice President 35 Dance Club 2, 35 Tower Editor 45 Art Club 2. ELEANOR THURNHERR Dimp Basketball 2, 3 45 Soccer 1, 2, 35 Hockey 25 Bowling 3, 45 Dramatic Club 15 Home Ec. Club 15 Tower 4. ALBERT TILNEY Bn! Senior Play 45 Rifle Club 2, 3. RICHARD TOBIN D. T. Swimming 1, 2, 3, 45 Tennis I5 Senior Play5 Honor Society 45 Student Council 4. MARGUERITE VAUGHAN Pzggy Basketball lg Bowling 35 Tatler 45 Hobby Club 1, 2. ELMER VOGT Wrestling 45 Band 2, 3, etta 35 Library Club 1, ROBERT WELLS Professor Student Council 35 Science Club 15 Debate 3. NORMA WERICH Elmer 45 Orchestra 35 Oper- 2. Snack Tatler Art Editor 45 Home Ec. Club I5 Art Club President 25 Asst, Librarian 3. JAMES WILSON Hzf Tennis 1, 2, 35 Swimming 35 Football 45 Basketball 25 Jr. Band 15 Chorus I5 Treasurer of Class 35 Bowling 25 Riiie Club l. i JOSEPH WILSON Tennis 2, 35 Swimming 45 15 Senior Play. 24 for Chorus 15 Chess Club SENIORS ,IAYNE WOODSON Wnadron Hockey 45 Badminton 25 Tower 3, 4g Dance Club 2. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: Scand-james Carroll, President: Mary Ann MILDRED YEHLE Millie Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Soccer 2, 3, 4, Hockey 2, 3, 45 Tatler 4. ROBERT YOUNG Bob Canisius High School lg Soccer 25 Dramatic Club 2, Bowling 2, Debate Club 4. SENIORS NOT PICTU RED WILLIAM BELINSON NORMA DICK SENIOR CLASS ADVISERS Left to right: Fun raw-Miss Elsie W. Waldow, Miss Mary A. D'Amico, Miss Schwanekamp. Secretaryg Gloria Moore, Vice President. - Dorothea C, Duuweilcr, Standing-James Bard, Treasurer. 1942 Left to right: Standing-Mr. W. Edwin Dyke, Mr. Charles Ormsby, Mr. Robert Schonewolf. 25 QP-N yhx , YXKNQ Y'- Szxwxdwwmvb pwom Q56 55 wb, CAMO 11. M6 who 'eXv-vfwrw NX Wo X 'KNOB 9 'xox 91. Q, oe? vv5M4 C5990 Vg ,XX 'X Q59 wx! I Q 2xe,zX Qtr vw . 6 . opqm The Mature 95 X wsxc, 06 vvfwwxx P Z rsonart I Y The T W 96 N599 Nzivsev MBV Om 6 9.0 O0 0?-00 QSM 929 Vitlgofsxboccy Eh v Q55 96?-95 P' 'K Q? wwe 9. vw SQ-Gm 038' 49 W T he T ower Y-o Xvagoo wks. who PSSXS yfxos 90? I XS ot 595965 ohh Y ,33 98 -WV 2 mo' Y Y P8198 Y' -Q6 ave' C, Q9 oxbel o'02,41 9 2 25299 xx I osfiw' 96' N90 55. Wx , .Lt P' . -190 Q6 An at EW OFFICE STAFF Lm to right: Miss cena May Stoll, Mn. Roberts Hettler, Miss Dorothy Schmidlin. W' S olovx it . 5 U BOARD OF EDUCATION 80 'fy MR. EDUARD E. METZ, President MR. PHILIP SCIIWEICKHARD, Principal aid MR. LOUIS B. DORR, Treasurer 600 MR. ALBERT A. CUSHING, Clerk MRS. MICHAEL BROWN MR. PIOMER BROWNING MRs. DELL R. EWING MR. WALTER P. GEYER MR. JOSEPH E. sEIrz NEW ADDITIONS TO OUR STAFF MR. EDWIN DYKE, Science Department MISS LILLIAN GRUENER, Commercial Department MRS. OLIVE SHUART, Foreign Language Department CAFETERIA STAFF Left to right: Fin! row-William Allen, Louise Allen, Gretchen Schweickharcl, Marion Metz, Marilyn McNamara, Jean Cushing, Lillian Thomas Left to right: Secund row-Theodore Christian, William Eckert, faul DuPernell, I7loI'iceriHeckel, Lester Klein, Edward Smith, Chester Brunner, Ernest Wollesen, ac ee. The Tower 28 STUDENT COUNCIL Left to right: Fin! row-Albert Yanke, James Upson, Roger Hornung, james Kelly, Norman Ihrig, Robert Hawks, Niclrolsen Perkins, Bill Dustrnan, Fred Stephens, William Allen. ' Szrand row-Patricia Goodman, Marjorie Frank, Marian Marshall, lrm ard Nierhaus, Marianne James, Mxrleah Savage, Read Mason, Chester Brunner, Marilyn Doll, Judith Leonard, Onalee Davies, Carolyn iDeuchler, Ruth Krueger. Thml rgwffliola Nichols, Iris Cave, Sally Meyers, Dulce Hedrick, Martha Goodhart, Helen Allmuth, Kay Parker,joyce Sullivan, Roberta Hoe, Virginia Farmer, Virginia Lepine, janet Widdoes, Martha Becker, Ann Luedelring, Marjorie Metz, Lynette Clark, Sue Sweet. FQWU' 'W'-KCHHY Kurtz, Ifoyal Murphy, Reese Foote, Richard Tobin, Robert Pierce, Roger Hotte, Carl Kinlrel, Murray Hyde, Roeder Kmlrel, Homer Babbidge, Willard Hess, George Steele. 9' O Prerident ...... . . .Read Mason OO Vice Prexidznt. , Chester Brunner Secretary. . . Marleah Savage 9 x EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE V - Martha Becker Ken Kurtz V Chester Brunner Virginia Lepine Xqvfx William Clark Judy Leonard Q9 Lois Gahan Marie Roberts Roger Hornung 'John Schmidlin Roger Hotte Suzanne Sweet Carl -Kinkel Richard Tobin Janet Widdoes The Tower HANDS AT WORK 6-"' lk l' A155 ., A iigmhi ff M f iw- L in JKYI Q E Q we ftf' ggi? 3' .1 "- an 4- 1 1 ff? AM NES ueam cexuum. uxou scuoom 516993509 505 T S X O R C L A5 5 YLP8CEf'Yhe Cwlet hoxua in Yxzscou, a smm suburban town Puwnu 'YXMEf'Yhe gxfyfuc ACT X. An aiteiuoou in November ACT XX. Sgfnz gnzfirtbout cznkxzis Xnegssza CD2 W0-f W0 V162 'AVE Q A COMEDY wx THREE N-ns ACT XXX. Tkiuw uuuuges Kam BY Enoaeuce Y-125506 mu 00ml Cx.wm.x-115 YRQDUCYXON ST AQ? ERXD , 5 s X 9 A X Sage Manage: . .......... ,,, ...........,,.,...........,,,.......,.,...., ....,..............,,. : ..,,,..,.., B ugeue Bagdbeck vwama bv sw hmm Wh SM PM of Nw M Yami:11:11:11:::::1gf:gg:1g:g:qgq ..., '1""'4"'11ii3 ..,,, ii""A'"iiigijiiiffffiT?ffTiTi.i.ffEi?xS?Zn Diucud by Elsie Walkd Wawuw ggxozgfrtia .,.,. ..... ,...., ,....... ,......,.,........,....,,...... .,,...., B A gba 1 a Bowen, haue Yishu umes an a efup .....,,..,,...,......,...,......,,...,......,.......,,.......,,...,,.....,......,,......,..... , ...,, 51 O? C- Gshyhisa Baxbara Wawnu, M39 Marian Vice, MQEY Gopdkuma guise SEM? QA W an .,......,..,...,.....,,..,,..........,......,,........... este: ruuuex, ammo an uuiof ix s MQ, oxf,-fu ,,,,,. .,,..,,, ,,,A..,,,....,,..,,,,..,.,,.,..,..A...,...,A..,,...,,,,,,,,,,,A , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,, 5 x gbeih swag gvjfitmlz' '----- "----A '----' '----'---------"'- '--' '----"A-----'A'----' 4----"4'---' A--'4 '-----A""A--- Y 3 Y? 3 ' A Q F sohnoy Cxcqet mmm ...,,....., ,- .....,......- ' ....v-.......,......, , .......4-...4.-......,......,.....,......,,....,..,,.........,... U 1 en WA Cx""xf,fkQ ""A"' ' """- """- ' 'gifamd Ka 5 ,.....,. ..,. .......,......,.,, gm. Y-own schofwoxi, oxofu 5ow55y,'SI59u sum-m Spud E ....,..... ., .......,..,.., 'Acer ure swim AMW: Mi Yun ,J R Swag Susan xiii MW- lllnlv. hitxgrjgrsx ...,.,....,,..,,.,...,. . ..,.,......,.........,....,.,..........,.,.... , .... ..,.,. . . . 5591 'n ..,.......... ..,....,,.....,,..... .,,....., A x ,agua Wuwd ,..., ,, ......,..... ....,,....,.....,,......,.... 5 .gm swg: ACKNOWLEDGMENTS will iiiififigjgiigfijii ,,u,. 113iiiijifjijiijiiiiiijjiiiS3336SIITSR Mm bi ol?-65363, n.,2.xm.,,m 54,1 M CVYJCWZ ble- .--..v--.--- ----'----- 15 ln' Bunxiiocjaugyisvpx 01 :uve ou as-3 oi o er a 1 51 o Gemga 0,5133 Cpucqft by punkefsi Czumu High Sound Band and Orchgwl ' ESXXWHKZQXQS YYXKDAY BNIENXNG, DECYXABY-K-YL f BAS Y. M, mei er Bert 'Nun' Sosevh Wuwn Lu Preston Hughes Eonvibah Yhyers ...,,.,..,. The S tage Personart I Y 5 JUNIOR PLAY . . . cAsT Left to right: Scand-Iris Cave. lN1arlcah Savage, Jeanne Moore. A , Standing-Miss Watson Cadviserj, William Allen, Stuart Krull, Helen Allmuth, Mary jo Burroughs, Marian Metz, Richard Reeder, Beatrice Mac- Nicoll, Mariorie Watson, Robert Parr. Program TROUBLE WITH GUSTY A Three Act Comedy by Dorothy Bennett and Link Hannah CAST Un order of their appfaranrej Gusty Goodrich ........ .....,....,. ...... IN 'I arleah Savage Arthur Peterson .......... . . . .,.., Richard Roeder Dr. Mortimer Goodrich .... ,..... S tuart Krull Miss James ............ ,...... hr Iarian hietz Asia lViay .......,.... .,.. B eatrice lWacNicoll Bill Stone ......,. ....,... W illiam Allen Emily Goodrich. . . .............. Iris Cave Effie Stone ...,.. ..... N lary Jo Burroughs Olga Dean ..,,,. ..,...,. H elen Allmuth Carol Dean ....,., .... IX 'Iarjorie Watson Cynthia Thornton .............,,.............., Jeanne Moore Duke Weatherby .....................,....,..... Robert Parr Guests ..,. Patricia Streng, Beth Fraser, Nlarjorie Maier, Doris Sergeant, -lean Larzelere, Robert Pierce, David Boyd, Howard Shaffer, Robert Barlow, Elmer Kiehl, Homer Babbidge Production Stuff Business Stuff . , . Burineff Manager .......,....... Roger Hotte Production Managgr """'4" Jeanne Cushmg Axsiflant Manager. . , ....... Barbara Rice Propertizf .Ada Jane Kreinheder, Viola Nichols Adwrnfjing Managfr. I A ' I I I ,Richard Madison Prompterr ...... Jean Jameson, hiarilyn Seares A.r,ri.vtant Manager .... ........,. J erry Tunkey Cortumfx .......,.............. Peggy Neilsen Committee Chairmen Stage Manager ..... ,.... . .Eugene Hasselbeck Printing ..........,........... Robert Heckel CStage Crewj-YVilliam Harding, David Gard- Pofggfy ,-,,,, ,,,,, L Ois Dickson UCF, LCROY Herndon Uxherr ....... ..,. J anet Scannell Make-up .....,........ .... E lsie NValdow Cafeteria Sales. . . .... Phyllis Glenn 33 The Tower ,why Km snuwv- T nw' nd A1 ,yu 5, Gi"""' n an'-10 ' nik as W ' wma 5,-ff,:,.'?'-1""'.,.n-w 116,141.5 B um 'nerr'-!' EAN ,n-M , ,gulf nm'-We 1 wr: 'gain-0' 5,10 gall' V ,, ff 'V . wnkggnol ,an fHE""Q, ' gina THQ avg. F rua N' .mfs 'L-1-1 'finn- 1-RE usa 9,14 0 ,ru7F,,,,u Dm mum., X111 10' ,,,, C,,,nwg,,,n.n nf-3. am.,-4 an nn- nn nn a L. ,nuvff xv X, uv ,,. und' nm M. n-if Hin -gy" 'HG-f"n"1-ff D ,nn wgygnnrh H-""",,,.n if ,M n... ,.n.r- -6" 1::1rw'3:vm BW" WL-X ,nam ,G rs W "" " mn awww. n. wuav-1 W-,rm ,naw . r rv- Wd vs ""' nw' 'uw aww' ,,wH"'1'-A "?3"3-fD"""d "'u:-'-W' P-""i',,.as fg,"'..T'g,-33'.'-'55 N:-31" -1 f""55 'No' ,urn ,wwf mn F 'Sn-HA. .nn-af' www, wi: ,nm-IF wwnda vf .ay ww ,www nngxnn , ,nw we-r--"' w ,M va mn ,-nm sv xl-'52, ww .n rl-m,.m ,pau rru0"'unc vm 5, adW"' W. x an md' wx, nw, C nov' f.-fri, av' 'Eb-5,1f'3-",',L-s .,..r"n' Aw "' Nmfff-fr rlfrlnf Y' r-f"""'... ww:-wf"" -any an-Msn-N W 2-'Pfam sara'--w"' rn My K 'iii-1' rr-1 na JW" wx n W' A Ong. grCn.5':'1vn A- MARCH 5-6 8:15 P. M. Directed by Mr. Paul M. King and Mrs. Grace C. Chamberlain The Musical Personali s1'AGr: Dmlacrons mmm H. tape Grace c cnanrberxam Barhan wnuan Busnimss MANAGER unrxey Townsend Pusucrn' Rohm L Sdumewolf Lynll Baan mum mwlay 'ncxlrrs Read Muon cheamer Brunner 'rue Student com-an POSTHLS Mlrtlm Baxhour Myrna cnriauanaan 'rua Art cu-an cosrumas num snaaanaagan Marian Simpson 'rue Hacker-Howe Costume co., Haverhill, Mm. MAKE-up Bnrbnra Walson manned by Elm wan-law Gernruaa mx vxrganna Pinkbetner Gertmde Miner Helen H-nnpnray ma ormnai STAGE CREW Eugene Hasselbeck William Harding Lee Roy Hemdan Dnvia Gardner .rack Taylor PROGRAM E. anger Hana Pnovmnwxm anben Holdgr Pnomfrmns Minor Vandermade .mm Gellnger BACK STAGE AssIs'rAN1's mba cmix Abraham manner nary D'Annm Dummy nunwauar miwara Dyke umnn Gramer mba-u Hmm- ihabert 1-mnram Mnhe! Koloa Charles orrnuby Geauga Bherrtl Mum supplied by uw Tracy Mm-nc Lthr-ary, Boamn, Mun. Scenery for "Mikado"4Gren: Lakes Scenic smdina, Bunuo, N. Y, Pune for "Buuen and Basuenna" through uae eaurlesy ol Mr, lnd Hrs. H. Whitney Fell ty The Tower 34 X Yrasden and Dv, B7 Wulfgmng Amvdneus Maxon mem BNA ..,, . .. . .Cp.BOL- SYAQKY5 W . Enix-X554 vioxx-5994 cows ,..., . . ,m.-:xv aw' cioims o,gBl'5-:B-F george BA., hm V, Yuba . . , . Howu-6 pxxvten uhm cummmgnspeucev Mm-.ovmld xfdvxcxm " ' V949 98096 Audrey Dvyv-ers Hnnmh Mummg 7' "WW" ' -WGSGYQHWYSY ,pmyn ummm rxonme Maxam V 13: W vm-W Juhwn v.-un mmm W" - -'--f :fu vb1""':n om-:my mme: warm. sown, Wm' - ff--'--f - f --C- W' Nw' :mu Kexxy am-.ue yur OW -' YWWD' W' WW :wx Kzhwx 906, ,,,,y,e cxmws. nm awwnwf' mm mug mafey Mhutte Kwwh How ooxopn svecnr ,yawn .,.,. Bama pw 1055: The mkgmeenm Cammy. Yves: A www ,fm mf wuews, mm. The Mikago V Bu Ginn' and Sullivan ons? . .,.. , ,,..,,... , ,.,, , .....,...,,,,, YgxbWgC14wGia35p.B-D 1-intra 1700, W no1'.d,,psl'5 sl nnndvfmg mm!!-'KM'-.,-m5Y' 11. v,,ylKov1 so xco, une mn memxum-,f .1 'num ...,., , ....,.. , .... 3155:-Bn 11 ,APS 1:0014 api, um! ,ugh svefyxbifg g-.ur , ,, ..f....,.. .xoml sa. ,pnG,,yW9'h vim 1094. pnlom un ,... ,, ..,,, ,,,.... ,.. , ...,.. , ,,,c,p.x1x. xr, gxxiicrl 1615 qui , ..,, , . .,,,.,. , ..,.... .... ,..,,,Mp.BGMd7f Mccul-'DB Pyffi Sala 5 sum-1,v1.xdl ni maxim . .....,.. , ,,,. ,. .,,,..., ,g.1l,up.!4 5,5109 ,B . P59 SD ,, ....., ..,.....,, , .. , .,.. ,,..,. ,.., . ,.,,,,,,. .,,,.W9n!'7'w Igniw' vcr-1-90, an :wmv vii, www wma 11,140 pwmgxu-cl c. cHp6Bg4.AS" r-.yy-1GY5',rrl'5 'N 1-ai ,novo .... pn!" 00119 amor-mi 'rowrisnifl mauve than gud' 'Www' Altar wmv paw' g-fd' vw Gwnsw' gum Domi' nk pdl' wwf neu BUY svn: vxfgmm ur-'uw gmlw paw yg,r1lY" ik-xknnnf' Gwrse H115 sw uw mad Hmey 959' vu :una Haw sum luis' cnma uxmvf-v-4 hpamme Murphy B- 89511 Howl www' qui Bmw 4-Nw - knot ynvm Walter Beyer 95180936 1501514 9hl3er nw, smtw S0150 Shlfv aw? nxvwl Sw-fi Vvv' Svfm vu: ewunwm' eww 'rsywf Bymdl' Xgoi. iid UN "- Ko KSBYC eh ,fx QS e is ,J 112 ,Q Q 1-1' ., . .x LX XR' X E gigs' ig mf" 143' ik, Lx 15 Q - , f 'f A CAPPELLA CHOIR Left to right: Fin! raw-Dell Roy Ewing, Pat Shortal, Nlarilyn Dull, Xlarian llletz, Nlarilyn Farmer, Sybil Terry, Jane Fritz, Janet Scannell, Pa! McCormick. Dnlores Fisher, janet Caudell, john McCormick. Left to right: Serond raw-Walter Meyer, Elmer Kreher, Nancy Boyle, Mary Sperry, Betty Sue Kendall. Connie Stock. Betty Stettenberiz, Jacqueline Murphy, ,loan Mullen, janet Raupach, Stefan Machlup. Left. to right:Th1ni row--Calvin Gross, Eugene Sherrer, Robert Parr, William Pace, Charles Hildebrand, Monroe Prank. George Haag, Russell Dusrman, David Harvey. Frank Bates. GIRLS' CHORUS Fifi! row-Virginia Hartwell, Nancy Bacon, Pat Shortal, Mary Trimbach, Dorothy Frascella. A Sammi mu'-Arlene Spann, Irene Yehle, Barbara Ferguson, Georginia Frank, Betty Tong, Evelyn Morf, Eunice johnson. Alice Smith, Dolores Fisher, Dorothy Andres. I U - - - Third mu--Alice Frizz, Nina Cameron, Suzanne Machfiurray, Joan Spragon.Mar1on !VIurphy.V1fgmw Miller, Arlene Peck, Ann Henry, Sally Freudenberger, Arlene Hollfelcler. Betty Lopez, Sally Alesse. 37 The Tower The Social Personality Firrl row-Philip Savage. Jayne Woodson. Gloria Moore, jane Sweet. Mildred Ellsworth, Robert Flickinzer. Second raw-William Ferrick. Elmer Kreher. Louise Allen. Irene Fisher. Marilyn Manger. Robert Gabriel. EXECUTIVE STAFF Editor-in-Chief. ,. ...,...,,.......,.,,.... .... Afriftant Editor .....,.... Burinefr Zllunager .,....... Affiftant Bufinfxf rllanager. . . Advertifing Fllanager ..,.,...., Aniftant Advertifing fllanager. . , Arririanl Jdverfifing Jlanagrr. . . Subrrription .llanagzr .......,, Arriftant Subrcription .llarzagefx . Photographic Edilor ....,..... Axfirlarrt Photographif Editor. . . Sporty Editor ............. . . Art Editor .......,.. Ayrirtant Art Ediior, .. Sta-gf Typift ...,... Facully .f-1dZ'i.fe1'. . . Left to right: Fm: ma, SmzfdgNancy Boyle, Jacqueline Murphy. Gretchen Schweickhard, Nluriel Crooks, Betty Lon Schmitt. Left to right: Serum! rose, Standing--Alice Smith, Arlene Gierz. Eleanor Thurnherr, Vir- ginia Krantz, Nlarilyn McNamara. Mary Ann Schwanekamp. Barbara Martin, June Mann. Left to right: Third rox, Standing-Robert Goodhart, Richard Schwartz, Martha Good- hart, Roberta Hoe, Joyce Sullivan, Virginia Farmer,-Joan steanmallef. Mr. Holdenadviser. .. .. . .Jane Sweet . . . . . .Louise Allen .Robert Flickinger , . .Elmer Krcher .,.Philip Savage ....,Irene Fisher ...Robert Gabriel . . , . .Gloria Moore Xlildred Ellsworth .,Homer Babbidge , . . , .Robert Hicks . . .William Ferriclk . . .Jayne VVoodson ..KIarilyn hlanger . .Joan Steinmiller Klr. Robert Holder THE TOWER The Tower is the activity which is charged with the re- sponsibility of putting out the yearbook. All sorts of skills, in- cluding selling ability, photo- graphic talent, artistic bent, and numerous other special pro- ficiencies are required of the score or more persons who band themselves together in a year- long cooperative endeavor to produce a 4'Tower,'. GENERAL STAFF Jean hlorlcy Jacqueline Xlurphy Xluriel Crooks Gretchen Schweickhard hlarilyn lXfIcNamara Barbara Bowen Elsbeth Roeder Betty Lou Schmitt Xlartha Goodhart Robert Goodhart Barbara Nlartin June Mann Nancy Boyle Oleen Jump Virginia Farmer Xlary Ann Schwanekamp Richard Schwartz Joyce Sullivan David Harvey Lois Gahan Klarie Pepe Betty Berg Roberta Hoc Florence Klcconnell The Tower 38 Left to right: l"z'r,rz mu'-Yirginia Fisher, Betty -lane Kress. .lim Bard. Marleali Savage, Mary -lane Simpson, Homer Babbidge. Sffond row!-lanies Sharp. leanne Erhardt, Alice Bialy, Norma Viierich. Betty Lou Fuller. Peggy Mountfort. Xlary Elizabeth Sperry. Lucia jones, Xiarilyn Seares, Barbara Hitchcock. janet Caudell, joan Steinmiller. Third fwavvsnne iiiungsw-. iawiyn Gaism, Haidsgard Huber, vvniaam Ferrick, Mildred vehie, xrargiisme Vaughan, THE TATLER The "Tatler" was brought to press twelve times this year. The staff took special pleasure in reporting the scores which Amherst's many .victorious teams rolled up, and also in reporting the school's many social activ1t1es..The art staff was especially active during the publishing of the later issues, for It contributed many original ideas which were included in the spring editions. Of special interest was the "Senior Issue" which climaxed the 1942 "Tatler" activities. DEBATE CLUB To speak clearly on one's feet, to think carefully, and to enjoy social gatherings are the goals sought by an increasing number of debaters at Amherst. Informal debates and panel discussions early in the semester led up to formal debates with other western New York high schools on the topic, "Resolved5 That every able-bodied male citizen should be required to have one year of full time military training before reaching the present draft agef' 39 The Tower Leit to right: Smted-Irmgard Nier- haus, Lois Corretore, Marilyn Manger, joan Steinmiller. Standing-Barbara Bowen, Paul Du- Pernell, Yvonne Mungovan, William Rykert, Hildegard Huber, Richard Schwartz, Evelyn Gilbert, Mr. Mac- Gamwell Cadviserj, ,Val Pixland-Irene Fischer. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The Home Economics Club gives beginners a chance to learn sewing tactics whereas otherwise they would have no oppor- tunity to engage in this activity. This year the girls enjoyed making blous- es, dresses, pajamas, and jerkins for themselves. Left to right: Seated-Betty Lopez. Dorothy Haas, jean Herman, Annabelle Lojacono. Mary ,lane Dolan, Beatrice Fulton, Margaret Grolh, Marge Frank, Imelda Sheedy. Standing-Ruth Challgren, jean Vine. Miss Simpson Cadviserj, Mary Sullivan. The Pan-American Club tool-1 a trip through Latin-America. Wie met the Latin-Americans and really began to understand them. Vlihile on tour we attended their fiestas, dined at their homes and learned something of their ancient Indian civilization. PAN-AMERICAN CLUB Left to right: Sitlingglluth Purdy, lvfary Sullivan, Shirley Sauer. Annabelle Lojacano, blargaret Groth. Left to right: Standing-jean Vine, Mary Dolan, Elizabeth Browning, Miss Aranibar ladviserj, Marian Sclin'aneHugal, Anne Luede- king, Barbara Bowery. ,lean Connolly. The Tower 40 Left to right: Fin! rn:vAGerry Lang, Harold Trabbold, Austin Haggit. Wil- liam Rykert, Don Black. Left to right: Szmnd mwfNIr. Sherrie Keoachj, Dwight Balmis. Barbara Mas- terson. Bill Morgan, ,loan Bradley, Marshall Anderson, -lack Weaver, -lean Morgan, Frank Suansen. David Zicrk, Mr. Gseprf-ff Quimby. SCIENCE CLUB RIFLE CLUB The Rifle Club offers to those students who participate a chance for National Rifle Association medals which consist of eighteen dilferent stages starting from Pro marksman and ending with American Rifleman lst Class. The club meets twice a week. On Klonday the instructors are XII. Bush and Klr. Goepfertg on Thursday Nlr. Sherrie and hir, Goepfert. This year the club received its charter with the N. R. A. or National RiHe Association. Left to right: from-Kenneth Kurtz, Howard Duysters, .llfuuml :hc bark-Edward Smith, Aud- rey Lewis, Beatrice Duquette, Frank Petree, Eugene Cottrell, Leonard Smith, Paul Goldstein, Robert Finnegan, Her- bert Perk, Richard Wagner,Ear1 Mus- sehl, George Carroll, Billy Goll, james TenBroeek, XValter Krueger, Guy Ehr- ich, Norman Long, Dudley Carleton, Mr. Culcher fadviserl, We like to do experiments! Our meetings of the Science Club are given over to trying things from chemistry sets, our text books, and magazines. It's fun to have a chance to do things "on your own". 41 The Tower HOBBY CLUB Left to right: Front mblf-W. Morrison, V. Cresco, Mr. Orgelc, fadviserl, B. Masterson, Oliver Hartwell, Alfred Little, E. Kaplin, Guy Ehrich. Around Ihr back-joan Bradley, David Zierk, Richard Daggers, Thomas Bur- goyne, Alfred Hoffman, Donald Brad- ley, Lewis Miller, Thomas Klinck, Richard Dybowski, Nlr. Temlitz, Vfalter Krueger. The Junior and Senior Hobby Clubs meet on different days in the metal shop. Niany ornamental and useful articles ranging from girls' bracelets to Waste paper baskets are made. Any student not taking an Industrial Arts course is eligible to join. CAMERA CLUB Left to right: Front-Irene Fisher. Szrond rou'4Norman Neubauer, Ken- neth lxurtz. Third row-Harold Traubhold, lylr Schonewolf fadviserl, Paul DuPernell "As an exploratory subject, photography is Well worthy of attention. There is a strong appeal in pictures and picture making. The interest in photography tends to increase with age and may well carry over into later life, forming a con- structive hobby which will serve as a constantly developing leisure-time activity. It has the advantage of being just diflicult enough to challenge effort, yet easy enough to be accomplished with satisfying results." C. B. Neblette The Tower 42 l r l This year the Stage Crew found many new things to do with the help of a new public address system in- stalled by them during the past summer.VVith this they installed a semi-permanent phone system connecting all points ofthe auditorium with one another. They have had a series of pic- turestoshowfortheStudent Council and three operettas to stage, The members of this organization spend a lot of time after school and during the summer making improvements on the stage and booth equipment for the school, and are to be congratulated for the fine work they have done. afee. 035 HONOR SOCIETY For many years the National Honor Society has been under the excellent supervision of Nliss Alice Constance Buerger. Her visionary leadership and guidance directed the activities of this society into channels of benefit both to the members of the society and the school as a whole. This year the National Honor Society suifered the greatest loss in its history. The activities of the Honor Society for the second semester of this year were under the direction of Miss Dorothea Duttweiler. As in years past, a reference file of college catalogues was maintained. In addition to this the Honor Society was in charge of the sale of Defense Bonds and Stamps at Amherst. ln April the society opened a School Supply Shop which sold poster paper, protractors and other supplies to the students. 43 The Tower STAGE CREW Leftftofrighl: Le Roy Herndon, David Gardner, jack Taylor, Vililliam Harding, Gene Hasselbeck. Left to right: Smnd-Jane Sweet- james Bard. Irene Fisher, Richard Schwartz, Miss Duttweiler fadviserl, Donald Cushing. Snond rox'-Dick Tobin, Dick Roeder, Gretchen Schweickhard, Jean Cushing, Mary Ann Schwanekamp, Ruth Krue- ger, Lois Corretore, Helen Allmuth, jean Morris, Beth Roeder, Homer Babbidge. Third lou'-Gloria hloore, Marilyn hlanger, Frank Bates, Robert Luede- king, Barbara Bowen, Donald Black, Evelyn Gilbert, Roger Horte, Viola Nichols. .Vat pirzurzdekichard MacWilliams. ART CLUB Lef: to right: Fm: m:cfBob Dymenr Oliver Hartwell. Guelieh, Pauline Pagano, Ethel Golden, sen Kadviserj, Richard Daggers. Blarzar Merseieau, This year the Art Club enjoyed sketching, designing, and craft work. They also did clay modeling of figures, plaques, and paper animals. Two exhibits of their projects were held during the year. Fifi! row-Irene Fisher. Marie Roberts, Barbara Rice, jean Cushing, Virginia Farmer. Second mu'-Alice Smith, Barbara McNutt, Gloria Moore, Muriel Crooks, lean Henderson, Louise Allen, Mary Ann Sehwanekamp, Eleanor Landel, Jeanne Gastel. Third row-joan Mossel, Sally Millane, Betty Reif, Betty Nagel, june Mann, ?hyllis Shafer, Ethel Young. Marjorie -rank. DANCE CLUB T I The Senior Dance Club chose phases of the academic program as its theme for the year. Their aim is creative dancing, and the girls interpreted plays such as Julius Caesar and Nlacbeth very effectively, They assisted the Pan-American Club by creating Spanish dances. The Tower 44 Second rn:ufTi-ieresa Smith. Helen Arlene Spann, Bill Goll. Miss Christen- F90 v VPN! A fa. 1515 R Q Q , . ,ig , ?....i. ' N Q X x Q v J Q 4 3 , . Q 1 i N sk um, . ,. 1153? . ,,. x, Q rr hi. Sig th 2: MM Q. A A gg HSQY, -ff ilgkf, 25-,X ' 2 '. zifg if 'fix ,ggggx-,. ni?-13. if ily k sg Qs Xig xfsff 'ff??f2'1 'ifeff:f:iix'?'ffe?-If is X gwlf' N -x fg x, ' qixg. Q Qf vig gm' .gli-.5535 xgfggif ?,2Qg .?ifS?iif .9 x My-fffk , m-Si? ' ri! 'F Y 52? li Nab wt, -255 I . , X nag. f zrgfuwf. .f ,-1 '?,,g7?9'T' Q X ,R ,.A. Ywfxg ' .11 "4 555' Q , :Wag RADIO PLAYERS CLUB The Radio Players Club, which meets once every week, has worked hard this year and has had lots of fun. They put on several interesting assembly programs which were enjoyed by everyone, and we take off our hats to this new organization. Left to right: Fin: rox-4Adrian Rich- ards, David Zierk, Howard Volgenau, Dan Corretore, Earl Blagus. Suomi row-Pat lVfcKcnna, Jean Stowers, Florence Nlarian, Joyce Shafer, Lillian Bennett. Third raw - Robert Nuermberger, George Snyder, Bud Rupp, Le Roy Herndon, Bob VVilson, Bob Staplin, Sally LaBoiteaux, Mary Plumer, Phil Snyder, Ruth Ann Puehn. Jean Rae, Midge Watson, Lou Ann Lozon, Mr. Laps, Cadviserj, Austin Hoggatr, Warren Brenner, The new activity program which was launched two years ago was continued this year with a few changes here and there. The old activities were supported with the usual enthusiasm and a few new clubs were added, namely the Radio Players Club and the Pan-American Club. These new clubs had many enthusi- astic and spirited followers and appeared as two of the most outstanding clubs in the program. As a whole the seventh hour program was very successful this year with the students participating wholeheartedly. The Tower f Big deal! Thirsty? Keep your eye on the ball. Nlay I have the next dance? Monroe GfC'ECh6U- Look out for your fingers. 47 The Tower FOOTBALL SQUAD Left to riglitafirfl rox'-Robert Pierce, jack Carpenter, Roeder Kinkel, John Hey, Robert Brenner Cco-captainl, George Chisnell, lcaprainl, Donald Cushing, james Carroll, lfhilip Savage, Richard Macwiilliams, David Johnston. Second rox'-Howard Shaffer, Wlilliam Powell, Arthur Higgins, Homer Bahbidge, Robert Schnirel, George Carroll, Milton Mugler, Jack Kautz, joseph Doerr, Carlton Pfohl. ?'hirdhrozE-Gerald Campanini, Carl Dalton, Vaughan Millane, jack Masterson, Gerald Tunkey, Alvin Dechert, Glenn Miller, Clarence Leo, osep rnst. Foifrth ron-fhflr. Bergman fcoachb, Bradley VVagner, John Schmidlin, Dennis Mancell, james VVilson, Bill Lozon, Reese Foote. William Elliott, Edwin Hens, Robert Bernhard, Mr. Hettler fcoachb. Scores Amherst... ... 9 Blasdell. .. Amherst ... 7 Hamburg. . . Amherst . . .19 East Aurora. Amherst . . .12 Lancaster. . , Amherst . . .19 Akron. . . .. Amherst ... 0 Vliilliamsville Amherst ...1-1 Depew. . . .. Football Review WVhen the curtain was rung down on Amherst's 1941 football season, a championship had been won, and its greatest season had been drawn to a close. It was against every odd for A. C. H. S. to have better than a mediocre team last fall. Yet they marched on to six victories and were defeated only once. This year's team was second to none in Coach Bergman's regime. Standouts were Captain Chisnell, Johnny Hey, Dick NlacYVilliams, Stone Cushing, and Bink Brenner, all seniors. There are others who will shine next year. 1n its first game, the Tigers beat Blasdell 9-6. Two rugged lines, early season blocking faults, and tight running made the battle defensive. After beating Hamburg, the Tigers faced their first stiff test, and upset East Aurora 19-6. Johnny Hey came up with some very nice runs, and Dick hlacllilliams was throwing strikes to Carl Pfohl, Klilt hlugler and David Johnston all day. Lancaster was next along the Tiger's relent- less rampage, and we won 12-0. Even Akron and their razzle dazzle HT" formation could not stop the "orange tornadou, which swept them aside 19-6. WILLIAMSVILLE 6 AKIHERST ....... O 'Two rugged lines dug into each other on a wet field and battled each other almost to a stalemate, but the Bilhes recovered a loose ball in the end zone for the only score. The Tigers defeated Depew 14-0, on a cold, bleak day, and so the llth season of Amherst Football was closed with the same fight that had opened it. 49 The Tower VARSITY Left to right: Fin: nm'-Carl Pfohl, Bob Hicks. Szrpnd raw-james MacMurray, ,lack May, Dick Tobin. Third 1owfMr. Schonewolf Ccoachl, Russell Dustman. Robert Spann, joe Wilson, Millard Kreinhecler, Dan Kelly manager . Fourth row-Bill Elliot, Reed Mason. Imax, Left-jack May. Right-James MaeMurray. SWI This year our mermen closed a successful season, winning two, and losing six meets. These scores do not represent the actual season's work, however, as all meets were lost by close scores. Captain Jack hlay and Co- Captain Jim Klachlurray led throughout the year. Jim came out on top in his event all season, while -lack hlay performed the iron man stunt of winning two events in every meet nearly all the time. Coach Schone- wolf will lose these two boys, together with Reed hlason, .lim Carroll, and Dick Tobin by graduation. How- ever, he will have Klike Kreinheder, Bob Spann, Bob Hicks, and Bill Elliott back, together with several members of this years reserve team. The reserves fared the same as the varsity as far as scores go since they lost six while winning but one meet. However, they all are young boys with only one year's experience. Considering the small squad Coach Schonewolf had to work with no one can deny that this year,s swim- ming season was one of which we could be proud. The Tower 50 RESERVES Left to right: Firm ffm'-George Manrhey, Eugene Cottrell. Loyal Murphy, Ernest Lehman. Suomi mc:--David Harvey, jus Herr, Dell Roy Ewing. Norman lhrig. Don Qlolxnston, MING VARSITY SCHEDULE Amherst .... ,...... 3 6 Amherst .... .... 2 6 Amherst .... ,... 3 2 Amherst..,. ....36 Amherst .... .... Amherst .,.. .,.. 31 Amherst .... ..,. 2 I 29 Amherst .... ,... 3 1 S1 The Tower Kenmore ,.......... 30 Tonawanda .,...... 40 Kenmore ........... 3-1- Niagara Falls ....... 30 North Tonawanda . .JJ 36 Niagara Falls .,.. Tonawanda ..,,.... 37 ,,- North Tonawamla . .Jr RESERVE SCHEDULE Amherst .,.. ,...... 3 2 Kenmore ,..... Amherst .... .... 2 6 Tonawanda ,.... Amherst .... .... 2 5 Kenmore ,...,... Amherst .... ,... 2 6 Niagara Falls .... Amherst .... ..., 2 6 Tonawanda ..... Amherst ..,. .... 2 3 North Tonawanda Amherst .... .... 2 1 Niagara Falls .... Amherst .... .... 2 0 North Tonawanda VARSITY Left to right:,f'r'r.f1 m:i1e'1'ed Redlein, Don Krantz Ccaptaini, -lack Carpenter. Srgofzd row-hugene Sherrer. Cmanagerl. Dave Johnston. Don Cushing, Edwin Hens. john Schmidlin, Dick Mac- Williams, Roger Sharp, justin lxuehling, Mr. Roberts Hettler feoachh. SEASON SUMMARY VVhen the final curtain was rung down on A. C. H. S. basketball for '41-,el-2, it could be said that we had anything but a bad season. Certainly 12 wins against 4 defeats could hardly he called anything but excellent. The Tigers finished in a four way tie for first place, but were defeated by East Aurora in the playoffs after scaring the daylights out of them. Vilhen the '41-,42 season approached no one expected anything but a mediocre season. Nlr. Hettler had to replace such stars as Jake Schaefer and Pat Higgins and the prospects were experienced, but small in stature. However, the Tigers stood up with the rest of the teams and defeated some of the best high school teams in the district. Xlr. Hettler's favorite starting team was Captain Don Krantz and Rog Sharp at forward, Dick NIacVVilliams at center, Jack Carpenter and Ted Redlein at guards. All but Carpenter will be lost through graduation. Other men who saw action were Justin Kuehling, Ed Hens, Dave Johnston, all juniors. Don Krantz scored the most points, 86, and Dick Klacliilliams was second with 79. The Tower A QETBALL Amherst, . . Amherst. . . Amherst .... Amherst. . . Amherst. . . Amherst ..,. Amherst .... Amherst .... Amherst ,... Amherst .,.. Amherst .... Amherst .... Amherst .... Amherst .... Amherst .... 53 The Tower SCORES ....32 Hamburg... ...31 ....l4 Depew..,. ....2l ....25 Akron...... ...22 ....Z8 Albion....... .,.l4 ....20 Vliilliamsville. . . ...l7 ....26 Albion,..... ....22 ...,38 Lancaster... ...,20 ....36 EastAurora.... ....3-1 ....27 PineHill.., .,..lO ....24 Hamburg... ,..,29 ....28 Akror1......, ,..16 ....25 Yvilliamsville, .. .,..4-7 ....24 liiilliamsville. ,. ...l6 ..,.23 EastAurora.,.. ...26 ..27 Pine Hill ...I9 RESERVES Left to right:F1'rJMo:c-Don Sweeney, Sophomore Mgr., Bradley Vl'agner, Gordon Kfiller, Richard Naylon, William Dusrman, Robert Gruber, Philip Deuchler, Freshman Nlgr. Suomi rowfjohn Geyer. Vililliam Grieves, Bill Mugler, Art Higgins, Dick Baum, Bill Gilbert, Stew art lVIcAllister, Reese Foote, Bill Kiehl. Mr. Morley Townsend is the coach ofthe reserves. SOCCER SQUAD vlfeft toliiilhtzlfirrt mcrgljerald Perry, Wiilliam Ruhland, George Plnmer, jack Carson. Dell Roy Ewing. VVarren Hamilton, Richard Xaylon. ames e ric: Sezond rua'-Robert Coyer, Don Rendenbush, George Haag, Kurt Alexander. Morley Davies, Robert Elickinger, justin Kuehlina. William Harrison, Roy Grath, George Steele. - Th1'rz1"ro':c-Mr Orpek fcnaclib, W illiam Gilbert. Donald Durick. William Grieves, Roger Hotte, iiiilliam Ferrick, Don Rocco. Jim Bard. Richard Baum. Edwin Vrwllerrsen, Carl lxinl-rel. Soccer has been growing more and more the last few years, and it is rapidly becoming a popular sport This year under the direction of Xlr. Orgek, we didn't have an extraordinary season as far as victories go but we had a great season. The soccer team had as much iight as any other squad and the ability was cer- tainly there. However, Coach Orgek was faced with few veterans and not too many experienced replacements Standouts were Bob Flickinger, Bill Ferrick, Rloe Davies, Bill Harrison, and Bob Coyer, all seniors Up and coming stars are Rog Hotte, Just Kuehling and Don Durick. Four games were lost by one goal and no team beat A. C. H. S. by more than two goals. This proves tha it was a close season. Scores Amherst 0 Orchard Park Amherst 0 North Collins... .. Amherst. . , . 1 Viioodlawn. . . . . Amherst. . . . . 0 Clarence. . Amherst: 1 Ebenezer. . . Amherst 4 Gardenville . Amherst O Eden ...... Amherst 0 Holland... e Tower WRESTLING SQUAD The wrestling team had a very successful season of S wins and only one loss. In a match, a decision counts three points and a fall counts five points. Looking over the records, we find that Amherst had 12 falls against 6 for their opponents and that Amherst had l-I decisions against 13 for their opponents. Amherst totaled 112 points against 69 for their opponents. The members of the team who received varsity letters were: Bob Barlow, Kevin Gorenllo, Frank Gagnon, Donald Poole, Roger Hotte, John Dagostino, and Thomas Godson Cmanagerj. The recipients of squad letters were: Vliilliam Powell, Elmer Vogt, Thomas Burgoyne, lilmer Reinhold. and Charles Hildebrand Cassistant managerl. Left to righl:F1'rJlro:L'4Elmer Vogt. Keven Gorenllo, Tom Godson fmanagerj, Elmer Reinhold, Robert Barlow. Snoivd mu--Mr. MacGamwell Ccoachl, Robert Schnirel, Roger Hone, Tom Burgoyne, Frank Gagnon, Charles Hildebrand lassistant managerl. Left to right: Fin! ro:4'fRussell Bock- sledt, Don Keller, jerry Smith. Snand raw-Bill Miller, Larry Klein. Tom Schmitt, jim XVhitby. 55 The Tower GOLF SQUAD The Golf Squad begins practice as soon as school starts in September and as soon as weather permits in the spring. After a week of practice, qualifying rounds are played to select the four players who make up the team to represent Amherst. Last fall the regular players on the team were: Jim VVhitby, Larry Klein, and Tom Smith. This is the second year jim has held Hrst place on the team. Last year Amherst won first place in the League. This year, on the basis of the fall season, Amherst, East Aurora, and Batavia are tied for first place. I BASEBALL SQUAD Ilseftltglrightbsalglzd-Earl Pfuhl, Read Nlason, Don Krantz. Ted Redlein, Elmer Krelier, Roger Sharp, Art Higgins. F au I arr, xc Na ' on. Standuzg-Larry Benson fmanagerj, Jim Faller, Bill Powell, Don INIcMahon, Dave Johnston, Ed H j t Ix hl g Bob Edgeomb, Bill Gilbert, joe Herr, jim Schwartz, Mr. Hettler fcoachl. Not pirtured-Bill Ferrick, Ed Vollertsen, Greg Meats, Tuesday Friday Tuesday Friday Tuesday Friday Tuesday Friday Monday Wednesd Tuesday Friday Tuesday Friday BASEBALL SCHEDULE 'I942 NORTHERN ERIE April ZS Klay l May 5 lX'Iay 8 Nlay 12 lXIay 15 May 19 May 22 hflay 25 ay Nlay 27 june 2 June 5 June 9 June 12 COUNTY LEAGUE Amherst at Lancaster Alden at Amherst Depew at Amherst Amherst at Pine Hill Amherst at Akron VVilliamsville at Amherst Clarence at Amherst Lancaster at Amherst Amherst at Alden Amherst at Depew Pine Hill at Amherst Akron at Amherst Amherst at VVilliamsville Amherst at Clarence ens. us in ue in, Baseball Shorts Last year's results: won 7, lost S. Lettermen returning: Outfield-Art Higgins. Infield-Don Krantz, Elmer Kreher, Roger Sharp. Pitcher-Justin Kuehling, Don Roudenbush. Newcomers: Ed Hens, Read hlason, Ted Redlein, Bill Powell, Jim Faller, Bill Ferrick, Paul Blarr, Carl Pfohl. The Tower TRACK SQUAD Left to right: Fin: row-Bob Gusse, Bob Maryanski, Bob Pierce, Robert Gabriel, Ed Striegel, Jim Bard. -Q Suond nm'-Ernest Lehman, jack Lee. Bill Kiehl, Dick Hocking, Howard Rapp, Ernest Wollesen, Carl Dalton. Third row-Don Black fmanagerl, Reese Foote, Don Cushing, ,lim Car- roll, Warren Everding, William Giesz, joe Ernst, Vaughan Millane, Mr Bergman Ccoachl. i This season we face the most difficult track schedule in Amherst's history but we have the nucleus of a fine track team and hope to make a creditable showing. Some of the old members coming back include: Jim Bard, Bob Gabriel, Jim Carroll and Bob Pierce. Promising newcomers are Bob Maryanski and Elmer Kiehl. Adding interest to the track season this spring is the fact that Amherst will be host to the Western New York Intermediate Conference Meet. Left to right: Fin: row-Dean Mc' Czrthy, David Jung, James Wilson, Richard Roeder. Snund raw-Robert Parr, Robert Brown lmanagerj, William Abberger, George Haag. Not pirlinzd-Marshall Anderson, Da- vid Bain, john Dagostino, Alvin Dechert, Philip Deuchler, Howard Duysters, W'illiam Grieves, james Hedrick, Donald Hillman, Carl Kin- lcel, George Manthey, jack Masterson, Sruarn McAllister, Don McCarthy, Mark Morgan, Norman Neubauer, Richard Reiland, Henry Srreng, Nor- man Ihrig, Brad Wagner. 57 The Tower TENNIS SQUAD The tennis team shaped up very well this year. VVe had several major letter men back. These included Dick Roeder, Jim VVilson, Dean lNIcCarthy and Bill Abberger. Besides these oldtimers there were plenty of new players who signed up. These developed as we hoped and We experienced a very successful season. Matches were scheduled with Kenmore, Canisius, St. Josephs, Nichols, Hamburg, Pine Hill, East Aurora, Springville, Akron, Depew, Lancaster and Orchard Park. Our goal was to have a more successful season than last year when we placed third in the Erie County Tennis League. GIRLS' SPORT COUNCIL The purpose of the Girls' Sport Council is to promote good sportsmanship and leadership among the girls. At the end of the year a banquet is held in honor of the senior girls who have earned their athletic awards according to the point system. The ofhcers this year were: Louise Allen, Presidentg Jean Cushing, Treasurer. GIRLS' SPORTS 1941-1942 brought a great deal of enthusiasm and action in the girls' field of sports. Bowling continued for its second year with many girls participating. 1X1r. Bergman was the instructor of about twenty-live girls every Tuesday the seventh hour. The popularity of bowling is increasing steadily as a recreational activity. This year the girls of the senior high school succeeded in having a fine swimming team. Every Tuesday the girls practiced their form and speed. Play Days were the main interest during the year. Kenmore and Tonawanda High Schools were invited to participate in these Play Days. Wve also visited these schools and had a fine time matching our skills. The fall season was full of enthusiasm with about fifty girls out every Tuesday and Thursday for hockey and soccer. The orange and black teams were chosen again, and the two teams played each other during the week. During the winter the girls came inside to continue their sports program. Basketball brought many new girls with much pep and energy. Play Days were planned with other schools and the girls participated in them wholeheartedly. The Tower 58 I.eft to righti Firrt mu'-Peggy Nielse Sue Moore, Jeanne Cushing, Lou Allen. Seraud rowelrene Yehle, Virgin Farmer, Eleanor Landel, Irene Fish Standing-Betty Lou Fuller, Doro: y Dilrs Dulce Hedrick. GIRLS' SOCCER Left to right: Fin! raw-Marjorie Frank, Nina Cameron, Pat Shortal, ,lacqueline Nlurphy. Nancy McNutt, Nlarian Metz, Rlarcla Richmond. Sammi ron'-Margaret Casscty. Sally Meyer.Marilyn Fariner. Marilyn Seares, Miss Craik, Ada Kreinlieder. Mary jo Burroughs. -lane Kinney, Ruth Filbert. Third mu--Dorothy Dilts, RuthAcker, Phyllis Glenn, Lois Dechert, Viola Nichols, janet Seannell, Katherine Daggers, Ethel Balca, Marian -Ienzen, Agnes Robertson. Fmlrzlr fan--Irene Yehle, Margery lNIetz, Beuy Reii. Joan Moesel, Dulce Hedrick, Peggy Mountfort, Barbara Hitchcock, Betty Nagel, Marilyn Doll. GIRLS' FIELD HOCKEY Left to right: Firsz raw-Jeanne Gastel, jane Ewing, Louise Allen, Miss Craik, joan Barnes, Lois Gahan, Nancy Boyle, joan Steinmiller, jayne Woodson, Dorothy Marian, Lois Correrore, Ruth Krueger, Eleanor Landel, Virginia Farmer, Jean Henderson. Nat pictured-Irene Fisher. GIRLS' BASKETBALL Fin! ww-Barbara Bowen, liiarilyn McNamara, Irene Fisher. Louise Allen, Gloria Moore, joan Steinmiller, Mil- dred Yehle, Eleanor Thurnherr, Alice Smith, June Mann. Srcond rowfNina Lee Arnold, jean Larzelere. Helen Allmuth, Iris Cave. Phyllis Shafer, Jean Cushing, Viola Nichols, Phyllis Glenn, Margaret Cas- sety, Marie Roberts, Ethel Baka. Third fax-jean Aber, Marcia Rich- mond, Par Shortal, Barbara McNutr, Ruth Filbert, Sally Millane, Marjorie Frank, Marian jenzen, Marilyn Far- mer, Alice Smith, Katherine Daggers. Fourlh row-Barbara Rice, Mitzi Ives. Betty Nagel. Peggy Nlountfort, Berry Reif, joan Moesel. Betty Lou Fuller, amy jane Kress, Ethel Ann Yeung, Dorothy Dilrs. 59 The Tower GIRLS' SWIMMING TEAM Left to right: Firrl row-Marilyn Farmer, Dulce Hedrick, Marie Roberts, Louise Allen, Marilyn Doll, lrene Fisher, Francis Whitelaix, Serena' raw, Standing-Betty Sue Kendall. Ethel Ring, Beth Fraser. Third raw-Patricia Kelly, Sally Freudenberger, Virginia Farmer, Ada jane Kreinheder, Dorothy Dilrs, Lorraine Di- Bello, ,lean Henderson. p CHEERLEADdW6y Left to right: Front row-Betty Seares, Marion Barnard, I.ois Higgins. Sfcand rou fGIoria Moore. Mr. Pankow Ccoachl, Barbara Rice. Healthy morale often contributes much more to the successful administration of group conduct then do formal rules. This year has witnessed the growth of more solid bonds of united action and common sentiment among our students. For our growing devotion to one another and to our school, we owe much to the example, the boundless enthusiasm, and the sheer hard work, of our outstanding squad of cheerleaders, whose season never ends, and Whose spirit never falters. The Tower bv' Interesting? YVho is she? Take your choice! School "Daze" Nlarie Roberts Cagey, Eh? Grab-bag Glamour girl 61 The Tower 1941 PERS ONA SEPTEMBER Biggest Enrollment yet! School opens Klusical Program First regular assembly LITY First Tower Meeting Practice football game Cheer leaders chosen Football Dance First Football Game First Issue of Tatler First Student Council Movie Football with East Aurora Holiday Football with Lancaster Soccer with Gardenville Football with Akron Football with Williamsville Football with Depew Tower Bazaar Student Council Movie Freshman Basketball Game Senior Play and Party J unior-Senior Tea Basketball with Akron Extra good assembly Junior Dramatic Club Play Basketball with Albion Student Council Party Christmas Memorial for Miss Buerger Goodby old year A New Year Special Assembly lst Air Raid Drill 2nd Air Raid Drill School closed Basketball with East Aurora Exams Basketball with Pine Hill Basketball with Hamburg Plenty of enthusiasm Kensington had a tough time Guess Who? Big Crowd Amherst 9- Blasdell 6 OCTOBER Good News "Quarterback" lVe take this one 19-6 Good Old Columbus Vlie won 20-0 Sorry we havenit more victories Exciting game - Amherst - 19, Akron - 6 NOVEMBER A tough game, VV-6, A-0 We win again 14-0 Big Success "Buck Benny Rides Agains' Started the season with a bang DECEMBER "Ever Since Eve", a great success Nice going, Class of 7-13 Swell Game The hlilk hlaids gave us one of the best assemblies ever given at Amherst Another good Assembly Nice Fight Good send-off for Holidays Turning over a new leaf JANUARY Best of luck to everyone Air raid drill instructions Perfect cooperation Students Congratulated by faculty Too Bluch Snow Fast work on the floor Too Bad Lots of baskets Nice Game The Tower T 4 6 7 11 12 13 23 25 27 5 6 11 14 27 2 12 24 1 26 29 5 15 19 22 he P Student Council Movie Basketball with Akron Baked Goods Sale Tower Dance Holiday Assembly Holiday Report Cards Basketball with Pine Hill Honor Society Tea and Induction Second Night of Operetta Student Council Movie Baked Goods Sale Open House Easter Holidays Begin Easter Holidays End Close of Sth Report Junior Play Physical Education Exhibit J unior-Senior Prom ARA FEBRUARY Proceeds given to Red Cross, "Strike Up the Band" Nice Work Gee, that food looked good A good time had by all Lincoln's Birthday Dr. Bonner, Topic-Word Bombs Thanks to Washington we had a snooze lst this semester MARCH An excellent speaker was procured Wonderful Performance "Drums Along The hlohawku Best one yet. Our parents checked up on us. APRIL Happy Days for only one week Back for the Last Lap And Regents less than two Months away MAY "Trouble With Gusty" Nice performance Big Dance of the Year JUNE All-Class Day Wwe move up-and out Regents week F Junior High School Exercises Close of school Senior High School Commencement Out at last! Tower 1 942 D E PERSCDNALITY QUIRKS Mort Dignijied Girl . . . Klarilyn Rlanger Mort Dignijied Boy . . . James Bard Mort Carefree Girl . . . Floppy KlcConnell Mort Carefree Boy . . . Bert Tilney Mort Sophifticated Girl . . . Regina hlillane Mort Sophirticaied Boy-Vl'illiam Xliller Danciert Girl . . . Joan Barnes Danciert Boy . . . David Ash Huyleieft Boy . . . George Chisnell Wittiert Girl . . . Shirley Holmes Wittie.rtBoy . . . Robert Coyer Most Viaaciou: Girl . . . Muriel Crooks Best Politician . . . Robert Flickinger Mort Seriou: Girl . . . Lois Corretore Mort Seriouf Boy . . . Richard Tobin Mort Talkative Girl . . . Beth Roeder Mort Talleative Boy . . . Robert Gabriel Quietest Girl . . . Jean Henderson Quietext Boy . . . Read Nlason Sweeteft Girl . . . Nlary Eimer Mort Conrcientioux Boy . . . James Carroll lblort Conrcientiour Girl . . . Jane Sweet Cutert Couple . . . Roeder Kinkel-Joan Barnes Mott Romantic Couple . . . Donald Schmidt-Nlary Ann Schwanekamp Mort Contagiouf Laugh, Girl . . . Nancy Boyle Mort Contagious Laugh, Boy . . . Dennis Nlancell Most Studiou: Girl . . . Barbara Bowen Moft Studiour Boy . . . Richard Schwartz Most Artistic Girl . . . Jayne Vlloodson Most Artistic Boy . . . Calvin Runckel Mort Athletic Girl . . . Louise Allen Mort Athletic Boy . . . Richard NlacVVilliams Mort Induxtriour Girl . . . Irene Fisher Mort Industriour Boy . . . Gilbert Krackenberger Mort Muxical Girl . . . Jacqueline Nlurphy Mort Mufical Boy . . . Walter Klute Bert Actreff . . . Klary Ann Schwanekamp Bert Actor . . . Frank Bradley Smallest Eaterx . . . David Jung, Jeanne Gastel Biggeyt Eater: . . . Betty Lou Schmitt, Ted Redlein The Tower 64 FAMOUS PERSONALITIES ROEDER KINKEL-For his neat appearance at all times. READ MASON-For his splendid work on the Student Council. JAINIES CARROLL-For being an outstanding leader as president of the Senior Class. VVILLIAKI FERRICKaAn utterly charming person. ELINIER KREHERfFor his super salesmanship on the patron lists, LOIS GAHAN-Sweetness personified. MARTHA GOODHARTfFor her pleasant nature. MARILYN HOIYELL-An outstanding freshman girl. GRETCHEN SCHYYEICKHARDfFor her sense of humor. BETTY LOU SCHKIITT-For her pleasant helpfulness on the Tower. LOIS HIGGINS-For her spirited school enthusiasm. TED REDLEIN-An enthusiastic basketball player. OLEEN JUMP-An outstanding tiny senior. DICK ROEDER-For his fine performance in the Junior Play. BETTY SEARES-For her super cheerleading. DICK BAUXI-An outstanding freshman basketball player. IVIILT KIUGLER-For his great football playing. HOIXIER BABBIDGE-For his beautiful photography worl-1 on the Tower. JACKIE KIURPHY-For her fine musical voice. JANE SYVEET-For excellent editing of the Tower. ROBERT FLICKINGER-For his business ability. PHILIP SAYAGEfFor his fine business management of the Senior Play. GLORIA KIOOREiFor her good work as subscription manager of the Tower. DICK lXIacVVILLIAXIS-For his outstanding athletic ability. IRENE FISHERwFor being such a willing worker. JAYNE VVOODSON-For her original art work. IVIARY ANN SCHYYANEKAINIP-Vivacious personality-unending effervescence. RICHARD SCHVVARTZ-For his intellectual ability. INIARILYN KIANGER-For leaving so many pleasant impressions. JIINI lNIaclNIURRAY-For his outstanding swimming ability and pleasant nature. JAIVIES BARD-For his wonderful editing of the Tatler. MILLARD KREINHEDER-For his beautiful hair. INIARLEAH SAVAGE+For being an outstanding Junior girl. BOB HICKS-For his beautiful convertible-fine Work on the Tower. WILLIAM ALLEN-For his acting ability. LOUISE ALLEN-For her fine work as Assistant Editor of the Tower. INIURIEL CROOKS-For her very fine skating ability. BARBARA NIARTIN-For her fine cooperation on the Tower. JERRY RIEHNIANA-For his perfect attendance at Sunday School. CAROL SPAETH-For her excellent performance in Bastien and Bastienna. The Tower Yi? Looking for a partner Relaxation Football Freddies Library daze Don't you dare move! Girl in gingham Come on fellows! Before the teachers took to bicycles Smilin' Swanie The Tower 66 XYQ Three" "Deep in a Dream of You' There I Go" "All Ashorew "All Alone and Lonelyw "In the hlood String of Pearls" '4Daydreaming', "Hold Tight" 67 The Tower ik 'ik ik ik ik ik ik ik THE PATRIOTIC PERSONALITY The Americanls' Creed I believe in the United States of America as a Government of the People, by the People, for the Peopleg whose just powers are de- rived from the Consent of the Governedg a Democracy in a Republicg a Sovereign Nation of many Sovereign Statesg a Per- fect Union, one and inseparableg Established upon those Princi- ples of Freedom, Equality, Justice and Humanity for which American Patriots sacrificed their Lives and Fortunes. I therefore believe it is my Duty to my Country to Love it, to Support its Constitutiong to Obey its Lawsg to Respect its Flagg and to Defend it against all Enemies. -Wlilliarn Tyler Page 2? ik 5? We -2? ik ik ik The Tower BILL OF RIGHTS I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. II. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. III. No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law. IV. The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Wiarrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized. V. No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment ofa Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Nlilitia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger, nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb, nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against him- self, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law, nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation. VI. In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an im- partial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation, to be confronted with the witnesses against him, to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defence. VII. In Suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise re-examined in any Court of the United States, than according to the rules of the common law. VIII. Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted. IX. The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the People. X. The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the People. The Tower n, EFENSE Lt 13.995 -.M STATES XLT? mnsrmvs Buy u Shure of Freedom! if BUY United States War Saving Stamps and Bonds SSW if Awsassh Q ' X , + as 2' if fuf' ' " f -1 dw ' ' e V- ., Y , ,-ff ,if- f"'-'f--'-- .,.v..N .mfr f Q , , ,, V L -. , if 1 MS 459 x 5 K h,"iQ K, T as .I - .1 Fa 1 9 QA ff.. . 'J ' ,M Q 5 VT- ' ' . f Q X 5 ex 5 , . ', f -uri V , W '.x .' x fgkf U11 x.y,Q1 fs? , , 'iwffwsm .g K wg ' .Q .--.i. I Nlr Nlr lXTr lN'lr lXfIr Nlr hir lXfIr hir lXIr Nlr Dr. Mr lXlr hlr Nlr Dr. hlr Nlr lN'Ir lNIr Dr. lXIr hlr lX'Ir lX'Ir lNIr Nlr lX'lr lN'Ir Dr. lN'Ir lXfIr Mr hir Mr hir lVIr. lX'lr lNlr lVIr Mr lNfIr hir Patrons and Patronesses of the 1942 Tower and Klrs and llrs and Klrs and Xlrs and Nlrs and Klrs and Nlrs and Nlrs and hlrs and Klrs and lXfIrs and Xlrs. and Nlrs and hlrs and lNIrs and lylrs. and Klrs. and lXIrs and Nlrs and Klrs and Nlrs and Nlrs. and llrs and lX'Irs Charles KI. Klason Louis B. Dorr E. VV. Farmer Reginald T. Nlurphy Elmer R. Kreher J. Kraybill Bard . A. Krackenberger Xlillard R. Kreinheder Harold I. Howell Edward KI. Blatz VVilliam Allen James P. Kinney Eduard F. hletz Eugene Hasselbeck . Townsend Carpenter Robert O. Poag R. VV. Shelley Albert A. Cushing Norman J. Schaefer Homer Savage . Arthur P. Kling Joseph A. Hartman . John D. Scheller Hubert E. Coyer W. Edwin Dyke and Klrs and Nlrs and lXfIrs and Nlrs and lN'Irs. and Nlrs. and Xlrs and Nlrs and hlrs and Nlrs and Nlrs and hlrs and lNIrs and Nlrs and Mrs and Nlrs and hlrs and lNIrs and hlrs Raymond Ash . J. H. Faller . lXlilton VV. lylugler Frank J. Higgins Joseph F. Seitz A. Hey Dell R. Ewing . Walter P. Geyer Roeder Kinkel James Conroy O. B. Diehl . lX'lichael Brown . Arthur C. York R. J. Crooks Frank Dietsche Russell L. Dustman . Omer L. Woodson Clarence H. Leo Donald S. Nloore Blr. and Klrs. NI. F. Huber Klr. and Xlrs. Norman lN'lcLeod Klr. and hlrs H. D. Babbidge hir. and Nlrs Arthur C. Brown Nlr. and Klrs A. Gordon Sullivan Klr. and Blrs. YVm. A. Eimer Nlr. and Xlrs Rudolph L. Schwartz hlr. and hlrs. Harry C. Wells Nlr. and Klrs. Thomas A. Tobin Xlr. and Klrs. G. F. Boyle Nlr. and Klrs. Emil P. Flickinger Nlr. and hlrs Philip S. Savage Mrs. Elmore Black hir. and Klrs. Percival V. Bowen Nlr. and hlrs Daniel A. Corretore Nlr. and Klrs L. Argus Dr. and Klrs. Louis Schmitt Xlr. and hlrs David R. Pearman hir. and lNIrs Raymond E. Kelley Xlr. and Klrs George B. Ferrick hir. and lXIrs. George S. Sweet lN'lr. and hlrs. A. H. Barnes lXIr. and Klrs Lester Benson lNIr. and hlrs Ernest Gierz lXlr. and hlrs YValter L. Bradley Klr. and Klrs Dean lXflcCarthy hlr. and Nlrs VVilliam T. Harrison hir. and Klrs Callodine, Jr. hlr. and lXIrs VV. F. Miller Klr. and hlrs Wlilliam Daggers lXfIr. and Blrs Lawrence Nlartin lX'Ir. and Blrs Donald L. NIacKlurray lX'lr. and Klrs. Kenneth E. Harvey lNlr. and Klrs E. A. Block lXIr. and Xlrs W. Grenville lN'lr. and Klrs G. F. Roeder Bob Robin Noah COMMERCIAL PATRONS Delaney's Delicatessen Gibson 8: Doty, Guild Opticians Hutt's Dairy Bar 84 Luncheonette e Tower Introduction to Advertising: On the following pages appear those friends of Amherst who have helped us to a considerable degree by their willingness to advertise in our yearbook. Let's show our appreciation by patronizing them at every opportunity. The Tower R , fi? 1 K 3 AAGA , N If ii fi ,a A . A 1, li - 71 ' ' L w ,bhv 'Lrg 12 L gf? 'PA i A A N a v I A W x .., . M. fee , A oc wooc f cw CJ L' .Q Z I if QI I gl1i7lef'Gl K3fQ?7"l7iCe 2775 Qnflfzahl - Qwujffafo, gfgwarrl gurl Qgjalfer QQOULLUOOJ LICENSED MANAGER LICENSED ASSOCIATE Cgarisifle 8816 Qffvliversiiy 9226 Compliment: of Complimentf of OMEGA SIGMA ZETA SIGMA EPSILON SORORITY SORORITY GAMMA CHAPTER ALPHA CH XPTER I- . A Robert Hicks Roeder Kinkel I Millard Kreinheder Jack Ferrick James Bard William Ferrick John Hey Robert Flickinger Donald Durick Roger Hotte Gilbert Krackenberger Dean lNlcCarthy f f "Best of Luck" GAMMA PHI SIGMA ALPHA CHAPTER X Peter Steele Member of Intn-fraternity Counril Lewis Gruber Paxton Van Svveringen George Steele Milton Nlugler Carl Kinkel David Jung Wiilliam Harrison Richard Weaver Homer Babbidge Philip Savage Robert Coyer Elmer Kreher uDOWIlWiI1d,, g "R0ck0" "SabotneSf"l Vi' "Chet" "Groggins" be "Mike" ,, "Airhead" 1: A .5 --Cop-' "Selleck" "Eat" SIGMA PSI "Slansky" "EU," M FRATERNITY " uscles" "M " LAMBDA CHAPTER at "B0lley" '-Moe" lk ssMurphss ,,Ken,, ,fchrisn Congratulatlons to HRW, 4 , cc as l.DateS,, The Class of 42 HTy,, - A A MEMBER OF THE INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL COMPLIMENTS OF THE TOWER STAFF Compliments of l A-37 ZDYBowsl41 Christian Flierl Company Lumber-Planing X1illACabinet Work Plywood-Insulation Wallboard O 1352 Genesee St. Buffalo, N. Y. Phone: T.-Xylor 2-186 Employers took 778 of our graduates las't year- and wanted 187 more which we could not supply. midwife early enrollmenl. 35th Summer Term begins July 13 35th Fall Term begins September 21 CHOWN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS 775 Main Street Buffalo, N. Y. Regirlerzd by thf Regfnlf fYou can earn your room and board and some spending money while receiving your business training with us.j Edward B. Seligmann, Inc. Builders and Contractor' Builden' of Fine Rzridenrer 127 Ruskin Road Pa. 1071 KREHER 8: SHOEMAKER, Inc. J obbers of Fine Confections SCHRAFFT'S CHOCOLATES, FRUITS AND SYRUPS 433-435 BROADWAY WA. 7079 BUFFALO, N. Y. UNIVERS IT Y PLAZA DIPSON'S AMHERST THEATRE L'NIYIiRSITY PLAZA Free Parking Come and Enjoy a Good Show in Comfortable Seats, Amid Luxurious Surroundings This is Amherst's Own Theatre Remember the Nanie-AMHERST Phone: PA. 5100 PFOHL'S CARDS A- FLOWERS -- GIFTS 27 University Plaza Eggertsville, N. Y. W. T. GRANT CO. at University Plaza Evrryllzing for ilu' Family and the Hamel Complinzfntf of LEON 'S COFFEE SHOP 37 UNIVERSITY PLAZA Eggertsville, N. Y. GIRLS Smart Apparel BOYS GIFTS and TOYS i'Ewrylhing for Ihf Babyw Boys to 8 and I0 yr. Girls' to 16 yr. THE CHILDREN 'S SHOP 22 University Plaza Main St. and Kenmore Ave. I., M. LENHARD M. LENHARD lVe Carry a Full Line of Columbia, Victor Blue Bird, Okeli and Decca Records E. J. WERTZ 28 University Plaza KOEGL'S BAKERY 31-33 University Plaza PIES - CAKES - ROLLS - BREAD - COOKIES All Makes of Ojifial and PVXSTRIES Radios and Philco Factory A Appliances Repaired Sales and Service UN- 4537 Ordfrf Taken for all Ocmriom Shop at UNIVERSITY PLAZA The Complete Business Center Guelich and Boebel, Inc. RICH'S ICE CREAM SERVED EXCLIQSIVELY IN OUR CAFETERIA Ire Cream - Candy f Klflagazinef ShelfGrorfrie.v W School Supplief WOEPPEL'S CONFECTIONS 4209 Niain St. Eggertsville, N. Y. Phone PA. 1505 Charles S. Rogers David F. Rogers ROGERS CARTING SERVICE Main and Callodine Phone UN. 6021 Eggertsville, N. Y. All Phases of Beauty Culture Expert Operator: ALIDA BEAUTY SHOP 3997 Main St. Eggertsville, N. Y. AXIherst 0464 Closed Vvled. at Noon, Open Tues-Fri. Evening Compliment! of ENDICOTT JOHNSON EGGERTSVILLE, NEW YORK ENTERTAINMENT HEADQUARTERS FOR AMHERST CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS Thr W0rld'J Grfatefl Motion Piflure.rfPrffeclly Preffnted SHEA'S KENSINGTON Bailey and Kensington Ave. SHEA'S KENMORE 3021 Delaware Ave., Kenmore Com p!z'mfn!,r of J. BELIN SON REAL ESTATE BROKER AND BUILDER MAIN CORNER BAILEY STRATFORD GRADUATE SCHOOL ADMINISTRATIVE - CULTURAL SECRETARIAL 296 Linwood Ave., Bulfalo, N. Y. Ask Your Guidance Director for Information Hi lf ,-,--..- -' Full!" , 'ig IM!! U Will You Find . . . 0 AUGMENTED SOUIIDIIIG IOAID Creates richer more reso nam more powerful tone OPENTAGONAL PllNClPlE I creases sounding board area OSI! POS! IACK Evidence of sturdner construction OSOSTINUTO PEDAI. To sus lain bass FESOIIZIICE OICOUSTIC TOIIE CIIIMIEI Sciennfucally constructed ro permit free Howmg tone OTONE LOUVIES-Blend tone and direct its flow properly. WURLITZER 674 Main Street AKNX - I c'eI ' "Q"'c' ' ' - ' : -I 22225222525 21 ' ' - N 25352555355 I - ' E, I rn .... . F' r. ,, ,.,,, , I PURITY QUALITY i'YOU'LL F AVOR OUR FLAVORSH IN EVERY COMMODITY Phone UN. 9715 TRAUTMANN'S SERVICE STATION AMOCO Quality Gasoline and Oils Tires, Batteries and Accessorie S Lubrication Tune Up FARMS DAIRY, Inc. 4949 Main St. 3836 MAIN ST. EGGERTSVILL E,NIY UN, 6600 Beals, McCarthy 8z Rogers, O COURTESY SERVICE Incorporated Founded 1826-Incorporated STEEL 4 HARDWARE A- METALS MOTOR CAR .ACCESSORIES BUFFALO. N. Y. HOYJKT a Cfniury of Sfrvifeu Compliments of DYBQHSKX Choice Buys Let Me in Real Estate Handle Your lo Suit Your Needs Problems HARRY F. KUBLI 3586 MAIN ST. Residence PA. 4703 PA. 5458 Ph 330 Nl'-ENAMEL one BARNEY MILLER Plumbing 4 Healing f Sheet Metal Hardware 7 Oil Burners - Washers Electric Construction Electric Refrigerators Y Paint 1. App mnces 5727 Main sr., Williamsville, N. Y. 5542 xllxlx ST. wlLl,lAxlsl'll.LE, N. Y. Williamsville 06 Pf1fkSidf5470 Superb Quality BRAND at Over 300 Delicious Items! RED H Reasonable Prices Sold by over SOOO Friendly, Neighborhood Stores in the United States and Canada Owned by the man behind the counter. Q "---.Ns mike ' ' 1 ,,,,. i ii i f-A .,: , WNXM om 'X 9 N XXX t i i f gt c . I X el ,..,,.. ,,,,, aw,Hn,,i F F E if 21551 ::,f53:S 5 x " ' QRED as wHl'rE Phone and Delivery Servive UNITED PROJECTOR Sz FILM CORPORATION 228 Franklin St., Buffalo, N. Y. Complete Line of Still, Xlovie, and Darla Room Equipment WA. 8022 Film Rental Service Compliment: of WATSON'S SODA BAR 3582 MAIN ST. Next to University Plaza "Jn Ire Cream for Thoye W'ho Demand Quality' Co mplimeniy of THE VILLAGE SHOPPE 5550 MAIN ST., WILLIANISYILLE, N. Y. Gifts, Stationery, School Supplies McCLELLAN MUSIC HOUSE Band and Orchestra Instruments of Supreme Quality Telephone: 732 IXIAIN ST lfYAshington 8325 Buffalo, N, Y Cunzplinzmif of DR. R. W. CONN DR. W. A. SMITH MILK CREAM A. F. HOLMES DAIRY Phone CN. 3220 Strictly Fresh Dairy Products Hone KIade Ice Cream " Ifolmff ,Wills for Ihr Iiomf' 429 Kenmore Ave. llI7 Kensington Ave. 5389 Main St.. XYrnsx'ille. SSID Kensington Ave. DIAMONDS WA'I'CI-IES RINGS JEWELRY GUSTAV A. FRISCH ,IEWELERS AND OPTICIANS flistablished 18965 61 Genesee St. - - 3180 Main St. 3130 Main St.AAlfrcd G. Frisch, ,llavzagfr fGranacla Theater Bldgj Full I,inc Optical Goods Oculist's Prescriptions Filled Cu mpfirnfrzlf of A FRIEND Camplinzfvzlf of Dr. 8z Mrs. W. W. Meissner Cumplimfriff of Van Allen Real Estate 4865 Main St., SNYDER, N. Y. VN. 0243 Reservations for Parties, Clubs and Banquets Call PA. 9763 Full Courfn Dinncr -lic at :Ill Ilourf 0NETTO'S RESTAURANT Chicken, Steaks, Fish, Chops, Roast Beef, Italian Spaghetti, Ravioli 3630 lVIain St. at Bailey Ave. Delivery Phone: Service ANI. 0123 SHUPE DRY CLEANING 2220 Kensington Ave., SNYDER, N. Y. TAILORING REMODELING ARENA ROLLER RINK AMHERST off MAIN NEW BUILDING NEW FLOOR PARKING SPACE FOR 200 CARS SPECIAL RATES FOR PARTIES PA. 9639 Ladies- 35C Incl. admission, skating, Nelson Selby at the organ NIen.- 4-ic checking, and tax. every evening and Sunday Sun. aft. 30C afternoon. RAYMOND E. KELLEY Incorporated DAMPPROOFING - - WATERPROOFING ROOFS RECONDITIONED 8: COATED CONCRETE RECONDITIONING Restoration of Concrete and Masonry Surfaces UNIVERSITY 3063 I65 BURBANK DRIVE SNYDER, N. Y. 11 1 W 1 'A' 1,1 ,ff V X 1 wr" W 2, ., ,, ,, ,, .. ., ,. ,L.. ., ., ,, 1 Y W P 1W'1l1V1TV1'V1V '11 'f M 1 11 1 l 1 X f ffffwyww nf, 5 :Ek 'f 1 '1 11' r 4, , 9111- 111 411 X X1111M11f1g1X1ssf1111XX 1 1 X11111X'XXX,X1 1XX1'11X1X111X1X XX111:M51111X111 . 1 S111XXN11111111X:1115f1' 'X111f111-X111X-:1pX1y 11111111 9111211111 1111f11X1X1:11 X X1XX1XX,11X11: 1,1111 -1 -' X-QX 'Wd X 114 1:1 1 ,X1 'XX5,XXX1',, ,1 Q1X111.'lX1!1,X1M,1X,1 ,H 11111, XX, M , 1 WX 11 ,, 1X'11X.'XXX1.M:X,1W11'. ' xx - 2 Xggyg,-,Xg,v L,11,X,11X1XX1'1,,,3 X1,5X1X1,5!11,1,,XXg,,XX, X, ,-, . ,X X,X1qMjf'X 53111 1' -M11 , ,N bfj-Xp XXXXX111j1X111 111 1311,-.1111-,X,.-J J, -1 S1 1171 'g,'I.l! gi X QQNXXNXQXX.-V , VX1, 1 , 1 ,X I ,, A 1.!1 X,1XX.1XgXX 1XXXX,-, .X 3 XXg11,,,,XXf,f 31 X 1 if 111111 :Xa 1 f 171 V TX X 11X X1 X' X f"Iw75'1ff f XXXX 1 f 1 1 g 111' A L5 11 1Q11,'1L5 X,X11XX,XWXX1',,X.XX-Q15UMAX1'Q:1il1lX11X151, , xx X 1 AX1X11111X515V ,,,.1f154 XV 5X1 1 ,, X 3 4 X 1?1fXX111f vf 1113111111 1 X XX H WX, 1111 1 X4 X,fi,1XX1MXXX:1XXXX16',4f +1 X 1 N uyf 1,wX !X1 1 XXQXJ iiX!X,1X,,' NX-XX! X. yi ,Y X Q X X X1 1'1li,Xf", X1111' fffifv X X 1 v 11XzkQf:XXXXjl,X1'f'1' f 111,g4"f"' -' ' , ' Sfff, 3 X X fN1XXQ1Q1Qf1 , 1t31f!1QX NA 'Z x XX X N X 1 1X 31111111111 111' ' " ff' X , 11 ' 1 1 .N .1 ff'-111111-,11' 1' . X :QX'X1iXg P' ,, 1 - NX X X Ni1ftA.kXi?1Q , X,X ., , , 1 XMQ,Q.,9X,11gX111,X1XX- xr ,XE AXNXXQAX3 -, H Q I g , V' ., 1 , X X 1 X4 N 111XXXlN111"1f'1,551,151 'Wlqi ' X' - 1 1 1 X NN 11-' ,KAL A XV V1.1 Y ,A 1 I --K 5 ' 1 1 ,114 i'Xfv , RX , , .- ' N if X 1 X . XX 1 -4 , LQ. X' 1 11 1 Xu 1 11 'XQX1 X I1 if 1 1 11 X 1 X 1 1 J' Xi-'X'L"'f1"1'1QX-,1 FXEXX1' I M KXX gw M I pf X A XX x X ,X j,Xx1Xs5 XTX-,XXX 141 --1' ,f gf' X 4 -Q! 1- -1 if 1w N Q XXX11XX,1111115T1111F1 ,XX-117 'Z " 1 11-, 1 1 1 1 SXX 1X f WY 1: Q1 X XX, 1 115 1 -1'-1! X1,Xy.X,XXMXQXXXAX1X'1'-'XihggyXXX.1 ,v K 1 W 3 .X X X ,X X gf 1X, TJ111' XXX,, A , X X ul 1 X .X Y Xi ff X N? xxx, 1 X X - MY X' g , , N-eg, 11 1 21- , Q -1 . Jf XXX. , 1 1 1 15, 1- ' N 1 113111, X 1 XSe .ff 1 1 1 151111 X1 11 , ' ' BX ' 1 ' ,X.1?T'41-NEXT TW 1 X52 11" .-'11f:f1F1XX.. X :XL1XfXL.XX 591 ,X ' 1 1-XX1X1 ll 1 fb:-1 111, 11 5 N '11X:W111f1 11u+11X1XX 1X., XXX1 XX 1 , 5, 3 X1 1 'CfMQW1!V,1 11111cHf1X1Xvfvf:Xw11XX1111'111fXf1X1XXX X g J 1 - j',wg11 111121 X W f1f11W1 11Z11f ' 1'11 1111 I 11 111 1' 1X 1 11.11 '1"' 11 ' f ' f F7 515' 1X if ' 1"""' W1m71'fW1f1111:W1511W1W , . f , -A '11' X11' ' 1 1 11,2 1'11 Q f Q AJ! 1' 3 11' X v X 1 1 XX11 H 111' X -1'11 V113 1 IL O Y A .J ff'111'X 11111750 91" 11 ,Z X 1 f ' f Q 1 'jiflf-5-Qj,W11fgf'ig"ff'iQ,"' iff! ,131 - " , X' 1 a1Ways,to the 1 1 , Cause ofbetter 1W4W,XWW,mUlHU1lUlWZ1'1141 X ' 'MwMfw"1!1Hl'111f111a!12211'1111111 1',X,1M! X,,1 , ,, Xf- 7 Y b k WV J . s ear 00 S W 1 ff .K 1 3 A El 1 ENGRAVING co. Q A 2'f2?53Q?2fl2Xfi'ZX1E2?i 3551157111115 ff,-ff" X- f f:ff" X1-13111371 AniSts-p1XO1og'aPhe'S ' WWE: X' 817 WWASHINGTON BLVD ' 1 -"- ,.,. X114 fy MAKE YOUR SALES P LANS RIGHT THEN WORK THEM STRONG GEORGE A. PAYNE Sales Analyst 617 Blain St., BuTTalO. N. Y. 475 Fiftn Ave. New York City Phone: Cleveland 3434 Murray Hill 3-1093 "REPAIR WORK A SPECIALTY" GEO. STEINMILLER 8z SONS GENERAL CONSTRUCTION UN. 6584 UN. 8014 BEST WISHES AND SINCERE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1942 FRANKLIN F. SCHAFER Wiholesale Fruits and Produce Niagara Frontier Food Terminal BUFFALO, N. Y. . BW' wmv Mofvfy I EFENSE BONDS riff 805: :Avis wmhfff Byrffbllva Me' VW flwvr f ' f,,, j It boa I-'ooo ,ff ni , ' Everything 3, 1 Needed for Health, 4 Coats and Vigor AT YOURS onocEn's N You add the moisture to HUNT CLUB instead of paying: for it. Thus you feed 15 lbs. of meat- abnndant, vitamin-rich food for each 5 lbs. that you buy. MARITIME MIIIING C0. BUFFALO. N. Y. W H.- W! HII EIFUB DOG FUUU "6523'3'fE' KIIWA 'Wm 1 I Y I11IIIIIIIIll1IllIllllllIIIIIIIIIVIIIIIIIlIlIIIIlIlIIIII1IlIllll il N Q 'iE"1llIll'luuu,I ' M H Il I llll 1-.lh.. DRUGS DRUGS .3969 MAIN, EGGERTSYILLE Telephone UNivcrsily 1111 LUMEN R. HAWS CO. 609 Root Bldg. 86 W. Chippewa Street BUFFALO, N. Y. .llzz11ufaft14re'r.r of ' - A , ff K gf -sys. . K l., . fp , . ..l , W ,412 'JQNP 1249 mn X. 'gf School and Fraternity Jewelry Diamonds Wiatches Trophies For Better Bowling, Bowl at PHONIF. PA 3551 AMHERST RECREATION K. B. RINEBOLT ff' M ' S ., VV'll' "ll , X. Y. 4 ww am t I lamsu 6 HardWarefPlumbing-Heating Ph 521 Ona 7 J PaintsfHouse Furnishings-Electrical Supplies Bowling Billiards 4560 MAIN ST., SNYDER, N. Y. S'C.Ll.'l'L61 's SAUSAGE MAKER TO His Mmesrv KING Apocriri ni.-mibuiors of qggiiwlf Qualify Foods I' 'C P 'O ' Q 3947 MAIN STREET - AT EGGERT ROAD Q C JQ 'JO ron REAL amen- mu THE AMHERST BEE The Official Paper DONNER-HANNA COKE 0, AMHERST THE ECINOJIY FUEL Yvith a Weekly Column of The ups ani downs of luffall weather have V taught many families the alvantages gf this Amherst Central News famous fuel. They Appreciate also the speed nf delivery and the service gf 'ur Heating Engineer. Fine job Printing .l Trial will unixincs you, tn. The Agents for Smart I RYTEX STATIONERY Personalized Matches, Napkins and Sold and Serviced by playing Cm-ds Economy Fuel Corp. wiLLiAx1sx'i1,LE, N. Y, l KCC: Sorxes Expert Lubrication TONTINE SHADE SHOP KENDALL 309 Delaware Avenue Q Main-City Line Xl X. 1043 "Mac" KlcNerny "Bert" Berchou lllindow Shades Yenetian Blinds Proprietary Floor Coverings UN. 9807 PHOTOGRAPHS IN THIS ANNUAL WERE MADE BY BEN SWAN Photographer 637 MAIN STREET, BUFFALO Featuring the New Movie Light Apparatus and its Effect in hlodern Photography Negatiwex Kept in File! Five Year! for Duplicate Copier Industrial, Institutional and Personal Photography WA. 5654 MEN'S -BOYS' SHOP 5520 Main St., Williamsville Buffalo Oflice Furniture Exchange, Inc. XYarehouSe 8: Salesrooms 104-106 Pearl Sum for the Whole Family Bfmwi X' Y' SPORT and GYM SHOES Elmer C. Stygall CONGRATL'I.A'I'10NS Graduates WILLIAMSVILLE PHARMACY HPrireJ That Challengf Comparirowf' WATCHES PARKER PENS and other GRADUATION GIFTS :file Bob lflicleinger abou! FORD N. CROWN Hurst Bldg. YVA. 2727 Free 3 Phones: Buffalo, N, Y, Delivery 610-389 Service PA. 5151 TROP1-HES KIEDALS Kodak - Leica A Contax - Argus and Speed Stoker Coal Smokeless Coal Bituminous Graphic Cameras Kodachrornc Color Film. Publications. Fine Grain Developing and Printing J. F. ADAMS, INC. 459 Washington St., Near Mohawk lfcuerylhing for tha' .fmateur Photographer AMHERST BUILDERS' SUPPLY 8z COAL CORP. S27-1' Main St., Viiilliamsville. N. Y. Wiilliamsville 64 - 1fNiversity 3581 GARFIELD SAGER REAL ESTATE BROKER Covering zlfllhfffl 3585 Main si. Pmkside Lehigh Valley 5e"m'5OlVaV Eggertsville, N. Y. 1747 Amhfacltc Coke D. A. PFOHL N. R. PFOHL PHONE UN. 2266 SCHULER BROS- C. R. STACKHQUSE CARTING 7 MOVING 7 STORAGE Groceries - Ycgeiables - Kleat .-Ill Loadr Iruurrd ll? Dfliwr 4512 MAIN ST.. Snyder, N. Y. 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Graduation from such a fine school as Amherst Central High School is something of which you may be forever proud. The fine inHuence of its splendid teaching staff has added something to your character which time can never erase. Take with you our best wishes for your unbounded success. O Now that you are about to step out into the world of industry and business, you may choose the printing and lithography field as your course of endeavor. Since the time of the first great American printer, Ben Franklin, many a young man and woman have risen to fame and success through their training in printing. We will be glad to have you come in to discuss your potentialities in this profession. Cw WM. J. KELLER CO. PENN R. WATSON, President Printers - L ithographers MAIN AT VIRGINIA ST. BUFFALO, NEW YORK Autographs ,fvaff 25,06 , Q-27a-44.4 N ,QwM,e.,xA,,e,eM,, ' x . ,. gfwfvjabffdfk , Nuff' IELMQQ Lffw if L. ,J W Q OCMJ Qgowww 0,.,zu.,rQ,A,uL MMU XHW M VW miiifarf - X x P Wizwokw ZMQJZ' X54 xy , M44 I x TWA, wx 4 X . l,'. ..,MxlJ X: K 3J,,,u,Lu,., 9614. Autog h 70 0' mod Malin' vmww, My WWW 0-0 W Win Wm ZMMMWWQ MW W I M ' M fwgw Autographs

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