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Text from Pages 1 - 112 of the 1940 volume:

ws ...qui .pp S -Wf- .N 4 . ' I -'f ----- kgs, ,xy " s w L .. D 'I' f as Q: A 25.1. ff .... .uf S Q MQ? :Aw vw X -N, :Pit W., - S' . -X ff ws 5 Q, X ,Q in 4 3 s 5: QSM. V, .. msn wb. ' 9-ff 1. if uf ..x' ,. E M, 3 '12 ' New ' K 7 tif . if f gf M., . ,gang-. - '. uw? f fs, E . .4f""4 k ig .S Q k Q '11 .5 5 x. . gl - ' is . 534 if X 'iiik ws xp .SQ -3 - S25 - Biff QQ- . XSSQ Q N! it f fixffxxxx-..i:g, Q . X 1 -K Q X -1,5 K ' Q iw - ' x W x 1 s X gig L f x f M SESS 51 55' 5535321281-gif . E 12- + Si ,g:54'Ei"' K '.k. x M 3 .wlirfx --,ff 5.12 5 - sy XZ. 33 -4 " f 'bf 1 il m 1 , - m 4' f f Q13 K -,ii -X.,.XfxQ:Mxff k -,H . - - S - J 1 "ish ' Q J gr -S .. . x... - K M Ms P k Q sx -i K ff' SSS SESS V ff!!-3 ,S 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 y 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,W 1 . - 1 1 1 . 1 1 HE YEAR 1940 marks the Tenth Anniversary of Amherst Central High School. During the first year of the school's operation, 285 pupils were enrolledg today, well over one thousand boys and girls attend Arimherst. V' hen the cornerstone of the Main Building was laid oh Washingtorfs Birthday in 1930, community rowth was taken into account and ample building space was provided. But the rapid growth in population necessitated additions to the School in 1937. Into the school plant has gone a total investment of approximately 81,21 2,000 of which 89591100 was expended for the original site, buildings, and equipment. x Amherst Central High School now enjoys one of the most adequate secondary school plants to be ound. On a twenty and a half acre site, there is ample space for the physical as well as the mental developnient of the student. Three buildings joined by cloistered passageways house auditorium, gymnasium, swimmin pool, cafeteria, library, administrative space, and sixty rooms available for classdnstruction, including labor tories, shops, and study halls. 1 On these pages are pictured fiashes of the life at Amherst. z 24 .L ' Scaffolding for Slnoks-sl awk XS 'X xxx ft ,. Laying ilu' Cornerstone Qc .. can . Kc! x 1 0' lcf C-out LK 9-lfuc lin Harbach as Kideney, Architects Blain Building Nearing Conupletion 1937 Addition ix. 'K up x A x HN 4 8 -1 J.. L, , 1 gwri I. ,Ll fy. 21ql RQ' . s xv x.x4YK' S 'I N KQQXWK V '3 Tv 'K --'Ph' fs. A 'YE- W wx v N' e' , f an fir' F N1 x X, Q, KJ. 5 .1 N 3 g ivfyy si X 3 S x 'N 5+ , , .K wx Xia 1, X X 1 1 ' 1 3 x., M. ' K E XXX f.,x+-f:.2'f:f.'iS' h 5 ff 'Q S4 X 'Mk-?iC'2 L m AF Q fy .. 1 .Q , 35 'g ' s,..xK...x-, - :awe 4-NF" -fx . 'i!sf f' 'v ' . .rf-x-. w, ' ,fa A .Q .M . 'Rf x X 3 jams :W , G FM 5 , - Y fi ' , -Jw ..- f . ' LI- f l Qs . P K ?S.swQX x Q? - V I f 5 X K . 5, '57 ' , . 'Q ' A K f -' fa gi r P . X ' Yf g g ., T . .- .E re . H . .. 'S xl - - L I' . x V - ., M , m MQ Q rig, ' s J E' - we ' L3 -. f' x.,- , ip, M 3553 YY f' ,SE ui- QSN - .nxt x I, -Mafia X NSY ' M Q . Q ,Amina sg' 413 iii f 1 ,gigksss 5- ,MN Q F "MA - ",1if'Ef T iff? ' Q ' S '45?4?f,'f'1 Auf 'WX Q "'X'?fQ"G5" F 5 Q H Rigs sw Q J n s Tenth Anniversary FUREWURD SINCE WE BELIEVE THAT THE FIRST TEN YEARS OF AMHERST CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL'S EXISTENCE HAVE BEEN EXCEPTIONALLY NOTABLE AND UNIQUE IN MANY RESPECTS, THE TENTH ANNIVERSARY OF OUR SCHOOL HAS BEEN CHOSEN AS THE TIIEME OF THIS, OUR SENIOR ANNUAL. UPON REVIEYVING THE PAST TEN YEARS, WE HAVE FOUND CHARACTERIZING AMHERST, THESE THREE THINGS . . THE ENTHUSIASTIC AND INFOR- MAL SPIRIT OF THE STUDENT BODY AND TIIE FACUL- TY . . THE NUMEROUS HONORS AND ACHIEVEMENTS . . AND LASTLY, THE IMPRESSIVE ARCHITECTURE OF A FINE SCHOOL. WTITH THESE CHARACTERISTICS IN MIND IVE HAVE ATTEMPTED TO SHOW? A RECORD OF OUR SCHOOL IN ITS TENTH YEAR, A RECORD WHICH BEST PORTRAYS THE NAMHERST SPIRITI' OF TEN YEARS STANDING. WHILE, OBVIOUSLY, IT IS DIFFICULT TO PORTRAY ANYTHING SO INTANGIBLE, WE HAVE MADE A SPE- CIAL EFFORT T0 EXPRESS OURSELVES THROUGH THE USE OF EXCEPTIONAL ART WORK, INFORMAL SNAPSHOTS, STRIKING COLORWORK, AND UNUSUAL FEATURES. MAY THESE PAGES CONVEY TO YOU A TRUE PICTURE OF THE LIFE AT AMHERST IN ITS TENTH YEAR, WITH A REMINDER THAT 'TEN YEARS OF SUCCESSFUL EFFORT HAVE MADE AMHERST WHAT IT IS TODAY! ' l NVARREN SALISBLTRY IN MEMURIAM In memory of Warren S8llSblll'S a genial companion and a respected member of the Class of 1940 In memory of Earl Barth, a member of the Class of 1942, who rose quietly to a high place in the social and sport life of Amherst. EARL BA RTI-I IN MEDIURIANI ELIZABETH H. INIULLETT In memory of Nlrs. Elizabeth H. Blullett for her whole hearted support of school activities and for her sincere guidance. DEDICATIUN PAUL BI. KING WHEN XVE OF THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1940 LOOKED ABOUT FOR AN INDIVIDUAL TO WHOM WE MIGHT DEDICATE OUR YEARBOOK, WE SOUGHT ONE WHO, DURING THE PAST YEARS, HAD MADE OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTIONS TO AMHERST'S FINE RECORD OF ACHIEVEINIENT. ALTHOUGH XVE FOUND MANY WHOSE WORK SHOULD NOT BE OVERLOOKED, ONE IN PARTICULAR STOOD OUT FOR SPECIAL RECOGNITION. IN DEDICATING THIS, OUR SENIOR ANNUAL, TO MR. PAUL M. KING, WE ARE ATTEMPTING TO EXPRESS THE GRATITUDE OF NOT ONLY THE SENIOR CLASS, BUT ALSO OF THE ENTIRE SCHOOL FOR HIS EFFORTS IN THEIR BEHALF. The Tower ALMA M ATER VOICES HYMN THY VALIANT PRAISES, HEARTS THY HALLS ENSHRINE: MAY OUR LOYALTY UNCEASING AMHERST, E'ER BE THINE. CIIORUS 'NEATH YOUR TOVUERS FACING NORTHW'ARD WE SHALL ALWAYS BEg EVER FAITHFUL, ALMA MATER, TO THY MEMORY. WHEN WE LEAVE THY HALLS OF LEARNING, PATHS OF LIFE TO STRAYQ MAY YOUR GUIDANCE NEVER ENDING LIGHT US ON OUR WAY. History of the Alma Mater:- As a result of a campaign conducted last year by the Student Council, the verses by Glenn llurray of the Class of 1939, printed above, were adopted for our school Alma Mater. Since then, in the absence of original music, we have sung them to the music of the Cornell Alma Mater. The adoption of the words for an Alma Llater is truly one of the highlights of Amherst's first ten years. It will remain for future classes to provide appropriate music for these fine words . . . Tenth Anniversary ADMINISTRATIUN THROUGH TEN YEARS, THE FACULTY HAS GUIDED THE ACTIVITIES AND SCHOLARSHIP OF THE AMHERST STUDENT BODY TO INCREASINGLY HIGHER STANDARDS OF ACHIEVEMENT. Phillp A Schweickhard Besides being the Tenth Anniversary of Amherst Central High School, the year 1940 is also thc tenth anniversary of Bit. Philip A. Schweickhard, our principal. Ten years ago he came to Snyder from hlinnesota, at that time already with twenty year's school experience behind him. Wvith enthusiasm and ambition he began to do things that made people realize that Amherst Central would 11ot be long in gaining fame, recognition, and a lasting reputation in the school world. Honor after honor, in scholarship, music, athletics, dramatics, and the like, have come to our school, to no small degree through his interest in and his support of school activities. If now, at this Tenth Anniversary, he looks hack with pride at the growth of our fine school, we should not forego him this pleasure for it is pardonable. It is work well done. The Tower 16 'Jann n. Scheller To meet the needs of a growing school, with all its attendant complexity, Mr. ,lohn D. Scheller was selected as our first Assist- ant Principal. W'e wish Mr. Scheller great success in his new capacity. Board of Education Left to right: Sea ted -Albert A. Cushing -Clerk, Charles W. Aldridge -Vice President, Albert Felmet, Louis B. Dorr,-Treasurer, Eduard F. Metz -President, Mrs. Ellsworth Wilson, Mrs. Michael Brown. Standing- Mr. Homer Browning, Mr. Philip A. Schweickhard -Principal. 17 Tenth Anniversary The Board of Education, as directors of school plan- ning, and as administrators of the countless details that wo to make up a well- ?llllCIl0l1ilflg school. have done their utmost to give the boys and girls under their care. the best in build- ing facilities, equipment, and teacher personnel. Their keen concern in the affairs of Amherst Central, throughout these ten pro- gressive years, has made Amherst one of the finest schools in New York State. f w, xy if XJ JJ .xi Women Faculty ' . 'X -X It X P 'us Left to right -Sitting -Miss Lois H. Webster, Miss Thais Daywood, Miss Mollie Kramer, Miss Mary A. D'Amico, Miss Grace Salisbury Miss Martha McCabe, Miss Helen S. Humphrey, Mrs. John Jewett, Miss Mabel Kolloff, Miss Elsie Walker Waldow, Mrs. Elizabeth H. Mullett. Left to right: Standing -Miss Isabel S. Craik, Miss Helen F. Fisk, Miss Elizabeth Murray, Mrs. Emma Coyer, Miss Gertrude Rix, Miss Alice C. Buerger, Miss Myrtle Christensen, Miss Dorothea Duttweiler, Miss june I. Hora, Mrs. Dorothy Schmidlin, Miss Dorothy Krog, Miss Frances Cummins, Miss Helen Spiller. c . 1 wa.. TQ Men Faculty Q qw Left to rg:xtHISeated YEdward A. Orgek, Paul M. King, Robert Rowley, Richard F. Ford, Richard Lape, Arthur Pankow, Carl Minich, Howard ar . - Standing-Philip A. Schweickhard, Principal, PeterVan R. Steele, Lyall Bush, Milton E. Bergman, Robert Schonewolf, Morley Townsend Abraham Cutcher, Robert Holder, Richard W. Stickney, John D. Scheller, Assistant Principal. The Tower X l' Junior Student Council The Student Council, for the first time divided into junior and senior groups, is a body representing the entire school. Its many achievements this year included the promotion of school movies, charity drives, the annual operetta, first aid courses. a safety campaign, and other activi- ties in the interest of the student body. Left to right: First row -Betty Mae Reif, Virginia Miller, Phyllis Glenn, Mary Nell Glock, Russell Dustman. Second row -Elizabeth Browning, Viola Nichols, Barbara Bowery, Lucia Jones, Marleah Savage, George Kincaid. Third row -Martha Coppess, Donald Johnston, Donald Stiles, David Kiplinger, Edwin Mayer, Ada J. Kreinheder. Eaizrth row -Robert Whelan, Homer Babbidge, David Johnston, George Limburg, Arthur Higgins, William lOtt. Senior Student Council Q, Left to right: First row -Alice Neilsen, Constance Hartman, Clarisse Finkbeiner, Betty Avery, Martha Barry, Dorothy Barclay, Ruth Vossler, Martha Aranibar. Second row -Nancy Boyle, Gretchen Schweickhard, Roberta Hoe, Ruth Nichols, Dolores Beyer, Grace Wilson, jane Sheeler, Marilyn Manger, Gloria Moore. Third row -Chester Brunner, Robert Luedeking, Robert Fimiani, Alan Benjamin, Donald Cushing, David Ash, Paul DuPernell, john Kelly, Alvin Russo. Fourth row-Edward Farmer, James Bibbins, Alan Schaefer. George Sager, Bob Edgell, Bob Shelley, Ray Van Sweringen, Don Schwartz, Harold Rhynedance. 19 Tenth Anniversary 4 fl Uffice Staff It is a real leasure to step into the o ce and be greeted with the friendly, courteous attention char- acteristic of our office staff. Their inforlnality makes tl1e students feel free to enter at any time. The remit- tance of lunches, letters, and parcels is always cheer- fully done. Because of these and countless other services offered so graciously they will always be remembered as a superior office staff. Left to right: Seated-Miss Muriel Sanderson, Miss Katherine Field. Standing-Mrs. Gertrude Eldridge. 5, AYJL will 'Janitorial Staff 'ull r l l Kneeling-William Van Steenburgh, John Robertson, John Cameron. Standing!-Chester Smith, Gebhard Thurnherr, William McLachlan, Philip Bernhardt. The Tower Cafeteria Staff E A few of the people in ' Amherst who often go nn- reeognized are the members of the Cafeteria Staff. YVe are apt to forget how lunch we owe to them for the de- licious food, tastily served, which they prepare day after day. Nlrs. Schmidlin, head dietician, manages her diflicult job smoothly and efficiently. Her assistants aid her in the task and cer- tainly make it pleasant for those buying their lunches. All in all, from cashier to cook, We have a fine cafe, teria staff. Left to right: First row --James Carroll, Dorothy Schmidlin, Margaret Payne, Mrs. Trostle, Miss Beale, Mrs. Walser. Second row -Mrs. Schmxdlm, Ernest Payne, Bob Acker, Leonard Maurer, John Crangle, Ray Pierce, Edward Crangle, Bud Cushing, Elmer Vogt. 'lr 'A' 'lr l t WE WOULD BE PERSISTENT IN TASKS NVE UNDERTAKE, FOR T0 IVIAIN- TAIN A PURPOSE IN SPITE OF OPPOSITION IS AN INDICATION OF STRENGTH AND COURAGE. VVE NVOULD BE LOYAL TO OUR SCHOOL WHICH IS WORTHY OF GREAT- t EST HONOR AND ESTEEM, FOR IT INSPIRES US WITH KNOWLEDGE. t WE WOULD ENDEAVOR TO ATTAIN A HIGHER EDUCATION, FOR EDU- CATION MEANS GREATER OPPORTUNITIES IN LATER LIFE. NVE WOULD CO-OPERATE WITH OUR SUPERIORS, FOR MORE SATIS- FACTORY RESULTS ARE ACHIEVED BY WORKING TOGETHER. WE WOULD SPGORTSMEN, FOR A SPORTSMAN IS FAIR AND GENEROUS, A GOOD LOSER AND A GRACEFUL XVINNER. WE WOULD BE FRIENDLY, FOR A GENIAL COMPANIONSHIP OF CLASS- MATES MAKES SCHOOL LIFE PLEASANT AND LEAVES MANY HAPPY MEMO- RIES. V'E WOULD RESPECT THE SCHOOL BUILDING AND EQUIPMENT AND THUS SHOW OUR APPRECIATION FOR THOSE THINGS WHICH OUR COM- MUNITY HAS PROVIDED. WE WOULD UPHOLD THE STANDARDS WE HAVE SET, FOR BY SO DOING E WE CAN IN A SMALL MEASURE EXPRESS OUR GRATITUDE FOR SUCH A 'Q WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITIES. BETTY BECKER '32 21, Tenth Anniversary L CLASSES AT AMHERST CENTRAL, THROUGHOUT THESE TEN YEARS, HAVE ALYVAYS MEANT PROGRESSIVE SCHOLASTIC ATTAINMENT AND AN ACTIVE INTEREST IN SCHOOL AFFAIRS. Left to right: Raymond Van Sweringen, President, jean Barnum, Secrctaryz. Donna Lockard, Trcasurerg Robert Edgell, Vice-President. Y Senior Class Advisers Left to right: Standing -Mr. Richard F. Ford, Mr. Richard W. Stickney. Sitting 4Mrs. john jewett, Miss Gertrude Rxx, Miss Martha McCabe. Leadership The faculty niembers and the student oflieers pietured on this page have given inspired leadership to the Class of 1940. The faculty IIICHIIJCYS, as advisers. have set the policies of the class and have given freely of their time and energy in the l.lll'IllCI'8llCC of class activities. The Sill- dents, as executive class officers, have handled class duties with skill and eflieieney. 1 Senior Class Uffieers The Tower 24- LINCOLN ALDRIDGE Linc Dramatic Club 1-2-3-4, Rifle Club 3, Class Play 3, Stamp Club 1-2, Tower 4. ROBERT ALLEN Bob Tennis 3-4, A Cappella Choir 3--I-, Boys' Chorus 2-3, Orchestra 1-2-3-4. 1 HARRY ANDERSON Head Band 1-2-3-4, Orchestra 2-3-4, Chorus 2-3-4, Operetta 2-3, Soccer 3. BETTY AVERY Betts Baseball 1-2-3-4, Basketball 2-3-4, Hockey 3-4, Soccer 2, Swimming 2, Class Play 3, Student Council 2-4, Dramatic Club 4, Sports Council 2, Tower 4, Taller 2. - EBEN BABBIDGE Arlqy V Football Cco-captain 4-J 1-2-3-4, Dramatic Club 3, Bowling Club 4, Gym Club 2. ARLENE BAER Ar Soccer 1-2-4, Basketball 2-4, Baseball 1-2-3-4, Sports Council 4, lNlarsl1al2-3, Home Ee. Club 3, Library Club 3. ALAN BAGLEY AI Dramatic Club 1-2-3-4, Class Play 3, Class President 1, Tower 4, Student Council 2, Taller 3, Stamp Club 1. DOROTH Y BARCLA Y ' Dot Soccer 2-3, Hooke ' 4, Baseball 2-4, Basketball 2-3-4, Senior Orcliestra 1, Honor Society 4, Student Council 3-4, Nlarshal 1-2, Tower 4. LEON BARNARD Lee Track 3-4, Gym Club 3, Library Club 3. JEAN BARNUINI ,lean Orchestra 1-2-3-4, Class Play 3, Honor Society 3-4, Class Treasurer 1, Art Club 2-3. Class Secre- tary 4. SEN I 0RS Tenth Anniversary 25 CLASS 0F '40 26 The Tower DoLoREs BE YER Dolor ' Dramatic Club 1-2-3-4, Student Council 2-4, Home Ec. 1. JAIVIES BIBBINS JB. Football 2-3-4, Student Council 1-4, Amherst Bee 1-2, Science Club 2-3, Boxing Club 1. LOIS BOCKSTEDT Loie Dance Club 1-2, Soccer 3, Tatler 4. PAUL BOECKEL Pablo Swimming hlanager 4, Operetta 1-2, Camera Club 1-2 , Tower 4. WARREN BUELL Junie Swimming 2-3, Band 1-2-3-4, Orchestra 1-2-3-4, A Cappel a Choir 1-2-3, Boys' Chorus 3, Tower 4. FRANCIS CARROLL Big Stoop Football 2-3-4, Swimming 2-3-4, Track 2-3-4. JEAN CORRETORE Carry Basketball 2-3, Baseball 3-4, Band 3, Operetta 2-3-4, A Cappella Choir 3-4, Tower. MEREDITH CUSHING Bwd Football 1-2-3-4, Basketball 1-2-3, Track 1, Band 3-4, Orchestra 1-2-3-4-, Chorus 4, Gym Club 1-2. BRUCE DODDS Bruce Football 3-4, Baseball 3-4, Band 4. GEORGE DORING ' George fNew Brunswick High School, N. J. 1-2, IVIARIE DU PERNELL Dupy Girls, Chorus 2, Dramatic Club 2-3, Honor Society 3-4, Home Ec. Club 1, Tatler 4. JACK DU STM AN Dusty Football 2, Debate 3-4, O eretta 3-4, Variety Show 2, Band 2-3-4, Orchestra 2-3-4, Boys' Chorus 2-3, A Cappella Choir 2-3-4, Jr. Band 2-3, Jr. Orchestra 2-3, Honor Society 3-4, Tatler 2-3, Tower 4. RENEE DUYSTERS Renee Dramatic Club 4, Home Economics Club 1-2, Art Club 2-3, Sketch Club 3, Variety Show 3. LORRAINE EBER Eber Swimming 1-2-3-4, Basketball 2-3-4, Soccer 3-4, Hockey 2, llfiarshal 2-3, Life Saving 3-4. ROBERT EDGELL Bob Track 2, Tatler 3-4, Dramatic Club 3-4, Class Play 3, Variety Show 3-4, Honor Society 4, Class Vice-Pres. 4, Student Council 4, Tower 4. RICHARD ELLINGER Dick Aircraft Club 3, Rille Club 2, Gym Club 1, ' Fencing Club 1, Baseball 3, Boxing Club 1, Stamp Club 1. LILLIAN ENGASSER Lil Soccer 1-2, Hockey 3-4, Baseball 1-2-3-4, Swim- ming 2-3, Basketball 2-3-4, Sr. Orchestra 1-2-3-4, Honor Society 3-4, Dance Club 2, Sports Council 4, Tower. EDWARD FARINIER Fam Band 1-2-3-4, Orchestra 1-23-4, Chorus 1-2-3-4, Operetta 1-2-3-4, Student Council 1-23, Class President 2-3. DOLORES FERRICK Twinny Baseball 2-4, Tennis Club 4, Soccer 4, Basketball 4, Cheerleader 2-3-4, Dramatic Club 1, Tatler 1-2-3-4, Editor-in-Chief 4, Dance Club 3-4, Tower 4. DOROTHY FERRICK Dot Soccer 4, Basketball 4, Baseball 4, Dramatics 1-2-3-4, Class Play 3-4, Marshal 1-2, Cheer- leader 2-3-4, Dance Club 1-2-3-4, Riding Club 1-2 SEN I 0RS Tenth Anniversary 27 CLASS 0F '40 28 The Tower WALTER FRANK Wally Orchestra 2-3-4, Chorus 3-4, Baud 3-4, Marshal 1. YVON NE GAGN ON Gaggy Basketball 2-3-4, Soccer 1-2-3, Swimming 3, Baseball 1-2-3, Band 2-3-4, Orchestra 4, Honor Society 4, Camera Club 1, Tatler 4. GEORGE GESEGNET Gus Science Club 1, Camera Club 2, Rifle Club 4. RICHARD GEYER Dick Basketball 2, Soccer 3, Football 4, Band 1-2-3-4, Orchestra 1-2 -3-4, Boys' Chorus 3, Junior Play 3, Student Council 3, Tatler 3, Tower 4. RA YINIOND GORENFLO Ripper Football 2-3-4, Track 1-2, Student Council 1, Nlarshal 2, Library Club 3-4, Bowling 4. NORMA GRUPP Nonna Art Club 3, Home Ee. Club 1-2. RICHARD HALL Dick Football 1-2-3-4, Basketball 1, Marshal I-2-3. EDWARD HAMILTON Bones x Chorus 1-2, Dramatic Club 2, Marshal 1, Boxing Club 1-2-3-4, Gym Club 1-2. ORVILLE HARTWELL Olly Dramatic Club '3-4, Student Council 3, Rifle Club 1. . ROBERT HARTWELL Happy Boys' Chorus 4, Operetta 1, Marshal 1, Stage Crew 1-2-3-4, Science Club 1-2. GERTRUDE HERB Cert Swimming 1-2-3 -4, Basketball 2-3, Soccer 1-2 -3 -4, Baseball , Dramatic Club 1-2-3-4, Dance Club 1-2-3-4. LOIS HOTTE Joy Basketball 2,A Capella Choir 2-3-4, Chorus l-2-3, Jr. Orchestra 1, Operetta 1-2-3-4, Dramatic Club 1, Tower 4. ROBERT JAEGER Bob Library Club 2, Stage Crew 2-3-4, Rifle Club 1, Marshal 1. INIARGARET JENSEN Jen Swimminijl Soccer 3, Basketball 4, Dramatic Club 1-3, ance Club 1-2-3, Tatler 3-4, Tower 4, Tumbling Club 1-2. CHARLES KELLER Chuck Bowling 4, Track 4. INIARION KENNY llfarion Baseball 1, Tatler 4. JEANNE KIDENEY Jeanne Soccer 3-4, Swimming 2, Chorus 1, Dramatic Club 2-3-4, Student Council 3, Dance Club 1-23-4, Riding Club 1-2. ALISON KING Al Hockey 1-2-3, Basketball 2-3-4, Swimming 1-2, Baseball 1-2-3-4, Girls' Chorus 1, A Cappella Choir 2-3-4, Dramatic Club 4, ltfiarshal 2-3. CATHERINE KIRST Kay Girls' Chorus 1, Home Ec. 4. PAUL KOCH Paul Tatler 3, Baseball 2-3-4-. SEN I IDRS Tenth Anniversary 29 CLASS 0F '40 A30 The Tower RIILDRED KRUDER 11-lille Basketball 2-4-, Life Saving 3-4, Home Economics Club 3, Rifle Club 4. JEAN LANDEL Jeanie Jr. Orchestra 1, Sr. Orchestra 2-3-4, A Cappella Choir 2-3-4, Student Council 1, bflarsltal 3. GERALDINE LANG Gerry Basketball 3-ft, Baseball 3-4, Hockey 3, Amherst Bee 3, Senior Art Club 4-. FRANK LANGLEY Frank Swimming 2, Band 1-2-3-4, Orchestra 1-2-3-4, Camera Club 1-3-4, Tower 4. LORBAINE LAWUER Lolly Basketball 2, Dramatic Club 1, Student Council 1, Tower 4, Sr. Home Ee. Club 3, Sr. Art Club 3, Amherst Bee 2. DONNA LOCKARD Don-nu Hockey 3-4, Soccer 1-2, Basketball 1-2-3-4, Swimmiuf' 1-2, Baseball 2-3-4, Dramatic Club 1-2-3-4, Honor Society 3-4, Sports Council 3-4, Tumbling Club 1, Tatler 2, Tower 4, Class Treasurer 4. BEATRICE LOIVIBARDO Bee Tatler 41, Tower 4-. EDW' ARD LOORI IS ' E11 Tennis 4, Orchestra 4-, Dramatic Club 1-2-3-4, Rifle'Club 1-2, Biology Club 1, Tatler 3-4, Amherst Bee l-2, Tower 4-. DIARY ELLEN LYIVIAN Illary Basketball 2-3-4, Soccer 2-3, Hockey 4, Swim- ming 1, Dramatic Club 1-2-3, Tower 4, Dance Club 1-2. IVIARCIA IVIADISON lllarcid Soccer 3-4, Swimmin 2-3-4-, Baseball 3, Volley- ball 3, Art Club 1-4, iing Pong 3-4-, Dance Club 1-4, Life Saving 4, Home Ee. 1. EVELYN INIAURER Emmi CSacred Heart Academy 1-2-3.1 Tower 4. ELSIE DIILLER EI Soccer 4, Baseball 1, Basketball 1-4, Dramatic Club 1, Tower 4. PHYLLIS RIITCHELL Phil fBethesda-Chevy Chase High School, Diaryland, 1-2-31 Swimming 4. DANIEL IVIOHRING Illoz Cross Country 3, lllarshal 1-2, Air Craft 1-2, Stage Craft 1-2, Rifle Club 2-3. BETTY INIORRISON "Torcl1y Soccer 4, Tatler 4, Dance Club 3, Soccer 3, Badminton 4. IRVINC IVIUSSEN lliustang A Cappella Choir 4, Boxing 2-3-4, Fencing 2-3. GLADYS NASON Nancy Ping Pong 3-4, Badminton 4, Chorus 4. RUTH NICHOLS Nicky Soccer 2-3-4, Basketball 2-3-4, Baseball 1-2-3-4, Swimming 1-2, Chorus 1-2, Student Council 3-4, Sports Council 1-2-3, Tower 4. DAVID PEARIYIAN Dates Baseball 3-4, Soccer 3-4, Track 1, Niarshal 1-2. HOWARD POOLE- Howzkz Track 3-4, Band .3-4, Operetta 2-3, Amherst Bee 2, Tower 4. SEN I IDRS Tenth Anniversary 31 I CLASS 0F 940 32 The Tower BERN ICE POPPER Poppy Girls' Chorus 1-2-3-4, A Cappella Choir 2-3-4. RAYNION D REAGAN Bud JUNE REID Janie HAROLD RIIYNEDANCE Spider Swimming 1-2-3-4, Track Llanager 1-2, Sr. Orchestra I-2-3-4, Jr. Orchestra 1, Class Secre- tary 1, Class Vice President 2, Student Council 2-3-4, Tatler 1-2-3, Editor-in-Chief 3, Tower Editor 4, Debate Team 2. ROBERT R ICE Bob Football 2-3-4, Swimming I-2-3-4, Tennis 2-3-4, Band 1-2-3-4, Orchestra 1-2-3-4, Tower 4. RUTH RICHART Ruthie Soccer 2-3-4, Swimming 2, Basketball 2, Dance Club I, Home Ec. 2-3, Tower 4. DIARY JEAN ST. LOUIS lilo Jo Dramatic Club 2-3-4, Dance Club 2-3, Fencing Club 4, Hockey 4. ROY SAUNDERS Saunders Football 4, Basketball-Ass't mgr. I, mgr. 4, Band 1-2-3-4, Orchestra 1-2-3-4, Stamp Club 1, Radio Club 3, Tatler 3, Tower 4. YVONNE SCHAIVIBER Yvonne Dance Club 2-3, Dramatic Club 3. DOROTHY SCI-IIWIIDLIN Dotty Chorus 4, Orchestra 4, Operetta 4, Girls Chorus 4. ETHEL SCHUTF Billie Home Economics 3-4. EDSON SEIPEL Edson Boys' Chorus 3-4, A Cappella Choir 3-4, Fencing Club 3, Boxing Club 2, RICHARD Sl-IANKS Allagangus Basketball 2-3-4--Ca t. 4, Baseball 2-3-4, Soccer 4, Gym Club 1, Library Club 4. JACQUELINE SHARP Jackie Soccer 2-3-4, Dance Club 2-3, Basketball 3, Tatler 4. JANE SHEELER Jane Riding Club 1-2, Soccer 4, Basketball 4, Baseball 3-4, Dramatic Club 1-2-3-4, Student Council 3-4, ltflarshal 1, Dance Club 1-2-3-4, Cheerleader 2-3-4, Class Play 3, Student Council 4, Tower 4. ROBERT SHELLE Y Shelley Band 1-2-3, Chorus 1-2, Dramatic Club 3, Student Council 4, Latin Club 2, Tatler 2, Contract Bridge Club 4, Tower 4. POLLY SHOWELL I RS. Soccer 1-2, Chorus 2, Dramatic Club 1-2-3-4, blarshal 1, Tatler 3, Dance Club 1-2. YVILLIAIVI SIBBICK Bill Golf 2-3-4, Tatler 3, Camera Club 1-2, Tower 4, Contract Bridge Club 4, Dramatic Club 3, Bowling Club 3-4 Fencing Club 3, Tennis 3. IRENE SIKORSKI Irene Dance Club 3. CARLTON SBI ITH C. Smith Tennis 3-4, Boys' Chorus 3-4, Dramatic Club 3-4, Stage Crew 2-3, Variety Show 3-4. SEN I DRS I Tenth Anniversary 33 CLASS 0F 940 1 34, The ,Tower EDW.-SRD 'A.'S1S'IITI-I E. A. Swimmiu 3-4-, Band 1-2, Chorus 1, Dramatic Club 1-2-3-4, Tatler 1-2-3-4, Tower 4. HENRY SRIITH Hank Football 2-3-4-, blarshal 1, Stage Crew 1-2-3-4, Library Club 2, Rifle Club 4. H ROBERT SBIITH Bob Art Club 1, Stamp Club 3, Assembly Club 4. COLLEEN SPENCER Bubbles Dramatic Club 2-3-4-, Junior Play 3, Fencing 3-4, Dance Club 2-3-4. MARY ANN STE'I'l'ENBENZ lllary Ann Soccer 4, Archery 4, Sr. Orchestra 1-2-3-4, Student Council 1, Hobby Club 3, Tower 4. WILLARD STROBEL Willy CCooley High School, Detroit, hlich. 31, Basket- ball 3-4, Football 4, Tennis 3-4, Debate 4. BERNHARD SWICK Bernie Dramatic Club 3-4, Camera Club 3, Variety Show 4-. . ORA TEEFT Ora Dance Club 1, Home Ec. Club 2-3-4, Tatler 3-4. THOINIAS TOBIN Tag Golf 2-3-4, Swimming 1-2-3, Track 1, Band 1-2 -3, Chorus 1, Class Play 3, Boxing Club 1-2-3, Bowling Club 3. WILLIAM TUNKEY Bill Swimming 2-4-, Tatler 1-2-3, Tower 4, Amherst .Bee 1, Debate Team 1-3. RAYINIOND VAN SWERINGEN Ray Basketball 3, Dramatic Club 3, ltlarshal 3, Student Council 3-4, President Student Council 4, Honor Society President 3-4, Class President 4, Camera Club 1-2-3-4, Tower 4. DOROTHY VOSSLER Dot Soccer 4, Swimming 3-4, Hockey 4, Volleyball 3, Baseball 3-4, Sr. Art Club 4. JOHN WARNER Johnny Football 4, Tennis 3, Boxing 3. WILBUR XVAASER Hindu fW'illiamsville High School 1-2-EU, A Cappella Choir 4, Band 4. BARBARA WUXTERHOUSE Barbs Soccer 4, Basketball 4, Baseball 4, Dramatic Club 1-2, lllarshal 2, Tatler 3-4, Fencing 3-4, Tower 4. RIARTHA NVEBSTER Illarth Basketball 3-fl-, Soccer 1-2-3, Swimming 1-2, Fencing 2-3-4, Sports Council 2-4, Baseball 2, Dance Club 1-2, A Cappella Choir 2-3-4, Girls Chorus 1-2, Operetta l-2-3-4, Dramatic Club 1, Class Play 3, Honor Society 4, Tatler 4, Tower 4, Chess Club 1-2. Debate Club 3-4, Sr. Art Club 1-2-3. NORIVIA WHITBY' llyliitty Soccer 3-4, Swimming 2, Orchestra 1-2, Chorus 4, Dance Club 2, Tower. DONALD WILSON Winslow Soccer 4, A Cappella Choir 3-4, Boys' Chorus 2, Operetta 2-3-4, Camera Club 2, Basketball 1-2- GRACE WILSON Gracie Chorus 2, Nlarshal 1, Honor Society 4, Student Council 4, Dance Club 2-3, Tower 4, Archery 4. ETHEL WINTER Billie Basketball 2-4, Baseball 2, Soccer 1-2-4. SEN I IDRS Tenth Anniversary .35 CLASS 0F '40 YXQN2 A Z. , - 5 F X so--xsgsx s I E . sl 8 if K 36 The Tower ADOLF WOLFISIUELLER A id Chess Club 3, Chess Team 3, Boxing Club 3-4, Wrestling Club 4. HELEN WOODS Shrimpie Soccer, Hockey, Basketball. Seniors Not Pictured Robert Evans Earl Filbert Joanne Flierl Arthur Sullivan John Treble Junior Girls Junior Class 0fficers President .....,,.......,...,..,................... Earl Capehart Vice President .... .... C larisse F iukbeiner Secretary ....... ........ A lan Schaefer Treasurer. . . . . . . . . .... Raymond Jones Junior Boys The Tower Sophomore Girls Sopholnore Class llfficers President ..,.,,................................... Elnier Kreher Vice President .... . . .Richard Schwartz Secretary ..,.... .... R obert Flickinger Treasurer ..... ...... . Philip Savage , Sophomore Boys enth Anniversary ' Freshman Girls Freshmen Class 0ffieers President .............,....,..,...,.....,.......,..,... Iris Cave Vice President ..,. ' ....,... Carol Bagley Socretmjv ....... ..,. H onler Babbidge Treasurer ...... ..... .... . . ,... ...... I ' I3l'l0l'l Dietz Zqff Freshman Boys The Tower E 1 i I Mfg Q. Wffrymwwky Z" ' ' 7th and 8th Grade Girls N Y N e 8th Grade Gfiieers j f K d ' en! .............,,... ........ G eorge Steele ' ' ' Lf' ' ice President ................... Edward W'idener '4 ' , X A, Secretary ..........,............... George Plurner ' ' fl!!! Treasurer. . .W ..........,.,.,....... Joyce Jarnagan fx-,-n. f-.I ..-Q .1 M QM G ovgjjm ef G fQ?fl!fff:2Q Cluwm, G I C Q K Q - 7th and 8th Grade Boys 41 Tenth An " V ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES HAVE ENRICHED OUR STUDENT LIFE AND HAVE CONTRIBUTED MUCH TO THE REPUTATION OF AMHERST CENTRAL AS A VVELL-ROUNDED HIGH SCHOOL. General Staff Tower Staff Left to right: First row -Dolores Ferrick, Jean Barnum, Jean Corretore, Ruth Nichols, Ruth Richart, Lorraine Lauer, Gladysiflason, Dorothy Fernck, Harold Rhynedance. Second row -Mr. Holder -Adviser, Mary Ellen Lyman, Lillian Engasser, Lois Hotte, Jane Sheclcr, Beatrice Lombardo, Martha Webster. Third row -William Tunkey, Howard Poole, Lincoln Aldridge, Alan Bagley, Robert Edgell, Paul Boeckel Raymond Van Sweringen. Fourth row-Frank Langley, Jack Dustman, Edward Loomis, Robert Rice' Edward Smith. Executive Staff Editor-in-Chief . . . Business Illanager ..... . . . Assistant Business Blgr.. . . . . . Advertising Ilfanager ..... . . . Assistant Advertising lifgr. . . . . . . Subscription llfanager .... Assistant Subscription Illgr. . . Publicity Ilfanager ........ Photographic Editor .... Sport Editor ........ . . Art Editor ....... .... Faculty' Adviser. . . The Tower is the yearbook of Amherst. Each year a new staff is chosen from members of the Senior Class. The staff commences its work as soon as school opens in September and continues until school closes in June. During the year a variety of projects are promot- ed, all of which help to build up school spirit, as well as to provide funds to help defray the cost of the yearbook. In genrral, work on the Tower taff includes the athering, editing, and the pubication of essential facts and photos, recording a year's activity at Amherst Central. . . .Harold Rhynedance . .Jack Dustman .Dolores F errick Wfilliam Tunkey Dorothy Ferrick . . .Jean Barnum . . .Jane Sheeler . .Robert Edgell . . .Frank Langley . . . .Robert Rice Martha Webster . . .lNIr. Robert Holder Lois Hotte Polly Showell Nlary Ellen Lynlun Ruth Nichols Lillian Engasser Elsie Nliller Donna Lockard Diary Ann Stettenbenz Betty 'Avery Evelyn Iilaurer Lorraine Lauer Dorothy Barclay Raynlond Van Sweringen Edward Snnith Alan Bagley Willard W'ilson Paul Boeckel Edward Looniis Howard Poole Lincoln Aldridge Warren Buell Richard Geyer Robert Hartwell The Tower e Tatler Staff An important activity reflecting the life of the entire student body is the Tatler. This semi- monthly publication, under the direction of ll-Iiss lllollie Kramer and Bliss Gertrude Rix, has come through a successful year and has maintained the high standard set up by its predecessors. Left to right: First row- Miss Kramer -Adviser, Dolores Ferrick, Doris Rogers, Norma Landel, Margaret Jensen, Barbara Waterhouse, joyce Jarnagin, Marilyn Richman, Martha Barry, Nina Cameron, Gene Naukam. Second row: Robert Schmidt, Frank Bradley, William Ferrick, Nova Dolan, Martha Webster, Gloria Stock, Lois Bockstedt, Ora Teeft, Marion Kenny. Third row -Norris Barnard, Betty McDonald, Yvonne Gagnon, Betty Morrison, Ellen Louise Harrington, Nancy Boyle, Beth Roeder, jack Taylor, George Plummer. Fourth row - Marie DuPernell, Jean Ackerman, Irene Yehle, Miss Rix -Adviser, Mary Eimer, Lucille Gardner, Bob Edgell. Q Filth tow- June Eigenbrod, Ed Loomis, Helen Hearn, Grace Smith. Camera Club Left to right: First row- Philip Savage, june Schwartz, Irene Fisher, David Ash. Second row - Adviser--Mr. Schonewolf, Hildred Newbury, Martin Hughson, Willard Wilson. Not pictured-Robert Schafer, Frank Langley, Morley Davies, Paul DuPernell, Cyrus Field, Fred Gould, Albert Buehler, Robert Hicks, Ray Van Sweringen. This organization has fifteen boy and two girl members. Field trips have been made to the Buffalo City Hall, Buffalo Zoo, and the River Front. A cross country winter hike, also, was held. lllany excellent pictures were on display at the annual Open House Night. 47 Tenth Anniversary Science Club After a few exercises in lighting Bunsen burners, weiffhing chemicals, setting u apparatus. these boys and girls began work on individual projects in science. Ill one were to drop in on a meeting of the Club. he would find some peering through microscopes at a drop of stagnant water, others would be distilling ink, some would be connecting telegraph sets. and still others would be repeating demonstrations performed in class. Left to right: First row-- James Sweeney, Eugene Vollmer, Erma King, Viola Wannenwetsch, Wilbur Bergen, Robert Heckel. Second row -Mr. Cutcher -Adviser William Harding, Robert Spann. Third row -Philip Deuchler, Richard Edgeeomb, David Bain, Howard Duysters, David Gardner, Alfred Little. Left to Right: First row- David Harvey, Alvin Dechert, Dan Kelly, Howard Shaffer, Robert Goodhart, Robert Boeckel. Second row-George Gesegnet, Robert James, Charles Baston, Albert Glassman, james McMurray, Mr. Steele,-Adviser Over fifty boys and girls came out for rifle club this year. The construction of a heavy wooden backstop with steel plates was done entirely by the boys in the machine shop and in the range. Although no team was organized, much promising material has been developed for next year. Jnifle Club The Tower 48 Stuart McAllister, Charles Mathews: National Honor Society Eleventh and twelfth rade u ils who have been elected to the Amherst cha utcr of the Na- . . 5 P P . . . l tional Honor Society on the basis of scholarship, character, leadership and service, meet for the purpose of discussing, planning and executing projects of value to the school. 1 W- f l Left to right: First row -Grace Wilson, Dolores Beyer. Lillian Engasser, Jean Barnum, Miss Buerger -Adviser, Raymond Van Sweringen. Donna Lockard, Marie DuPernell, Yvonne Gagnon, Alison King. Second row -Jean Corretore, Dorothy Barclay, Ruth Nichols, Robert Edgell, Martha Webster, Jack Dustman, Alice Nielsen, Robert Fimiani, Gladys Bartek, Jane Sheeler, Clarisse Finkbeiner, Virginia Van Sweringen. Stage Crew The "bchind-the-scenes" activity of the stage crew results in assemblies that are noted for their smooth- ness and coordination. The boys in the movie booth must be informed correctly and quickly as to thc hap- penings back stage so that they may know when to begin or stop their part of the program. "Hit,ches', in the program seldom occur because of the way the two groups work together. Left toijght: First row fRobt. Hasselbeck, Richard Carlton, Gerald Finnigan. Second row -Rbbt. Hartwell, Robert Jaeger, Lawrence Morris. 49 Tenth Anniversary Junior Dramatic Club The Junior Dramatic Club has been particularly active this past year., taking part in special programs of the school as well as presenting their annual lay. Their first production was a skit for the Tower Variety Showg then followe two plays given in the assembly, "His First Dance" and "Spreading the News". The main play of the year was the staging of "Young Apriln, a sequel to "Growing Pains", presented two years ago. Left to right: Seated-Audrey Ball, Mary Prior, Miriam White, Sally Rice, Jean Gristmacher, Alice Nielsen, Ridgely Mason, Jane Sweeney, Rachael Ellsworth, Constance Hartman. Standing-First row, left to right: Marilyn Riehman, Rita Becker, Lois Clement, Phyllis Trapp, Norma Weitz, Clarisse Finkbciner, Marie Nowak, Ellen Harrington, Mary Lu Smith, Betty Jenzen, Virginia Van Sweringen, Jean Wegener, Eileen Houseworth. Left to right, second row: Standing -Edward Crangle, john Hey, Maurice East, Alvin Russo, John Crangle. Senior Dramatic Club The Senior Dramatic Club had an extensive program this past year. The purpose of the meetings was to encourage an interest in and an appreciation of tl1e drama, to give an insight into the workings of the theatre, and to instill a desire for more proper speech. On lylareh 8th and 9th an old-fashioned "tear jerkerw was presented. The melo- drama is one of the old forms of playwriting that is dying out, and the staging of "lNIurder in the Old Red Barnw, was an attempt to revive this type of drama. The To Left to right: First row- Dorothy Ferrick, Jane Sheeler, Betty Avery, Polly Showell, Mary Jean St. Louis, Gertrude Herr, jean Kideney. Second row-Betty Dunford, Alan Bagley, Bernhard Swick. Edward Loomis, Robert Edgell, Edward Smith, Carlton Smith, Lincoln Aldridge, Alison King. wer 50 A Cappella Choir p The A Cappella Choir was organized three years ago, and since that time it has grown very rapidly. This year, besides winning high honors at competitive festivals, they held a successful concert and dance. Of course, We will always remember their worthy contribution to Amherst when they received the highest honor rating in the national contest held last year in New York City. Left to right: Seated-Barbara Wilson, Alison King, Beatrice MacNicol, Virginia Lepine, Gladys Bartek, Ellen Louise Harrington, Jane Dietsche, Dorothy Schmidlin, Lois Hotte. Second row -Jean Corretore, Janet Seannell, Jean Landel, Ada Jane Kreinheder, Sally Rice, Mary Joanne West, Martha Webster, Doris Rogers, Jacqueline Murphy, Bernice Popper, Miss Salisbury -Director. Third row -Elmer Kreher, Robert Allen, Edward Farmer, Orville Hartwell, Monroe Frank. Russell Dustman, Frank Bates, Meredith Cushing. Fourth row fFrederick Poag, Irving Mussen, Don Wilson, Herbert DeGray, Donald Schmidt, Frank Bradley, Walter Klute, Wilber Waaser. Girls' The Girls' Chorus, an organization of some eighty members, is made up of girls from both the Junior and Senior high school. There is a great deal of material in this group which will he welcomed later by the A Cappella Choir. The best-liked numbers of this ehoral organization include: "Lo, A Voieef' by Bortni- ansky, the contest number, "How Sweet the Answer lfleho lVlakes", by C. Kriens, and the modern number, "The Flight of the lN'loon," an impressionistic' piece by Gordon Nevin. 51 Tenth Anniversary Senior Band Junior Band Left to right: First row -William Eckert, Norman Ihrig, Annie Rhodes, Mary Elizabeth Sperry, Betty Sue Kendall jerry Riehman, Franklin Glassman. Second row -Loyal Murphy, Jack Wilson, Tom Godson, Chas. Kleinsteuber, Byron Fisher, George Manthey, Mr. Pankow e-Conductor, Don Keller. The Junior Band exists for the purpose of providing for the beginning student of band instruments an oppor- tunity to secure ensemble practice. One year i11 the .lunior Band is prerequisite to entry into the f.Senior Band. The Band this year was handicapped by a slow start due to the loss of many good players from last ycar's Senior Class. However, the organization has made progress in keeping with the sel1ool's standards and reputation. Playing for all the home football games, for many assemblies, and partici- pating in the annual COIIICSIS have comprised its chief activities. Left to right: First row -Jean Morris, John Pederson, Charles Matthews, Barbara Rice, John Geyer, Frank Bradley, Don Schmidt, Edward Widener, Lois Jameson, Virginia Lepine, Frank Bates. Second row- Barbara Martin, Edward Baer, Robert Rice, Robert Flickinger, Betty Rhodes, James Hedrick, Walter Klute, Walter Frank, David Saunders, Jack Dustman, Yvonne Gagnon, Gerry Lang, Donald Abwender, Arthur Wolf. Third row -Frank Langley, Howard Poole, Paul Ent, Carl Kinkel, Larry Roberts, Donald Poole, David Harvey, Edward Farmer, Orville Hartwell, Mr. King, Director, Meredith Cushing, Richard Geyer, Jack Mastcrson, Robert Luedeking, Roger I-Iotte, William Anderson. The Tower 52 Junior Urehestra The Junior Orchestra is a training group which gives young players an opportunity to practice playing in a group. After one year with this group, the player enters the regular orchestra. Left to right: First row -Bill Dustman, Don Shea, Ernest Lehman. Second row -Eugene Vollmer, Ruth Fell, Erma King, Carol Carr, Anne Rhodes.Third row -John Paul Geyer. George Haag, Mr. Pankow, Conductor, Russell Bockstedt, Helen Allmuth. Senior llrehestra This year the Senior Orchestra reached a membership of over fifty players, most of whom had several years experience in orchestra work. Graduation is expected to take sixteen of the best players from the organization, a loss that will be diiiicult to make u by the addition of new members. The out- standing events of the orchestra this year included tliie operetta production, "The Gondoliersn, and the Sectional, State, and Regional Contests. , Left to right: First row -Walter Klute, Frank Bradley, Frank Bates, Edward Widener, Virginia Lepine, Lois Corretore, Edward Farmer. Second row -Millard Kreinheder, Harold Rhynedance, Walter Frank, John Paterson, Jean Morris, Ann Rhodes, Donald Schmidt, Jean Bamum, Robert Allen, Jean Landel, Donald Black. Third row -Corinne Widener, Edward Seligmann, Richard Lehman, Roger Hotte William Anderson, Richard Madison, Ernest Luedeking, David Saunders, Mr. King, Conductor. Fourth row -Marry Ann Stettenbenz Glenn Miller, Arthur Perot, Patricia McDonald. Fifth row -Frank Langley, Edward Farmer, Orville Hartwell, William Eckert, Yvonne Gagnon, Betty Mae Rhodes, Warren Buell, Roy Saunders, Richard Geyer. Members not pictured-Lillian Engasser, Marion Mossell, Marion Madison, David Aber, Ruth Nichols, Dorothy Barclay, Dorothy Schmidlin, Eugene Vollmer, Stefan Machlup, Harry Anderson, Barbara Rice, Paul Ent. 53 Tenth Anniversary Junior Hobby Club This year separate hobby clubs were sponsored for both tl1e Junior and Senior Schools with membership com rised of both boys and girls. Various metals, plaster, and pljastics provided the working material. The Club catered to those who had no industrial art experience, tl1e only require- ments being regular attendance and an interest in working with hand and mind. Left to right: First row- Lois Deehert, Arlene Ball, Ruth Fell, Dulce Hedrick, Dorothy Sessions, Jane Butler, Phyllis Glenn. Second row-Edward Baer, Iris Cave, Lois Dickson, Elizabeth Keefe, Judy Weinste Gertrude Miller, Janet Gierz, in, Ernest Brownson. Third row- Robert Kincaid, George Hicks, Paul Kruder, Harry Farner, Don Poole. V F Left to right: Seated- Nancy Lou Georger, Jayne Ewing, I-Iildegarde Huber, Laverne Schopf. First row -Richard Tobin, Robert Kerruish, Norman Filbert, Richard Krantz, Charles Vine, Warren Lang, Laverne Bauman. Second row: Albert Glassman, Joachim Barning, Roeder Kinkel, Samuel Sanfxlippo, Walter Pistner, Richard Schwander. ' l Senior Hobby Club The Tower Junior Home Economics Club Left to right: First row -Betty Lee, Dorothy Marion, Ruth jackson, Ruth Manchester, Regina Binner, Mary Eaton, Dorothy Bachman, Dorothy Bernhardt, Katherine Daggers, Virginia Hartwell. Second row -Jeanne Murray, Grace Goetzman, Betty Challgren, Marilyn Farmer, Betty Walker, Betty Jane Nagel, Marjorie Bachman, Barbara Riehle, Dorothy Dilts, Betty Mahoney, Peggy Mountfort, Marion Jenzen, Lynette Clark, Mary Jo Burroughs, Marjorie Metz. . . The girls from the seventh. eighth, and ninth grades in the Junior Home Economics Club completed a very active year. Each girl made some project, either for herself or for l1er home. Needlepoint covers, angora mittens, sweaters, pil- low covers, peasant aprons, shorts, skirts, and blouses kept the members of this club busy, in addition to teaching them another good use of their leisure lime. The Senior Home Econom- ics Club, which was composed of Sophomores, Juniors. and Seniors., worked on similar projects. Skirts. blouses.. and s orts clothes claimed tl1e cliief interest of this group. Senior Home Economics Club Left to right: First row-Betty Finney, Alice Bialy, Ruth Krueger, Oleen jump, Joan Steinmiller, Katherine Kirst. Second row -Dorothy Sager, Ora Teeft, Marihm Moor, Margaret Kenny, Margaret Goetzman, Florence Hicks, Arlene Baer, Phyllis Dupre, Nell Wilson, Eleanor Zeisz, Jeanne Erhardt, Norma Blair. 55 Tenth Anniversary Boys' Chorus Those who came out for the Boys' Chorus this year have enjoyed thc singing of negro spirituals, folk songs, and such numbers as "Old Blau River", "Wlintcr Song' , and "Hail Bright Abode". Nlany of the boys tl1is year, although new to the chorus, have made much progress in the development of their voices. Left to right: First row- John Mayne, William Cave, James Hedrick, Donald Johnston Eugene Mandell, Glenn Miller, Stefan Machlup, Edward Widener Second row -jack Conroy, Richard, Schick, Howard Facklam George Gunner, Robert Luedeking, Robert Crankshaw, James Sharp, Carl Pfohl, Mr. King -Director. Third row -William Elliott, Roger Hotte, Glenn Beebe, Lloyd Johnson, Amold Duszynski, Richard Schwartz, Donald Black, Carlton Smith. Debate Club Left to right: First row- Jack Dustman, Martha Webster, Second row -Richard Schwander, Willard Strobel. Not Pictured: Roy Saunders The Debate Team this year completed a season of forensic activity which included debates witl1 Kenmore, East Aurora, Canistco, Fredonia, and Jamestown. With hlartha W'ebster serving as manager and lVIr. Holder acting as coach, the debaters ended the year victorious in five out of ten debates. The Tower 56 Senior Art Club The Senior Art Club has done drawing, sketching, paintin , and craft work. The club sponsored an exhibit of one hundred and Efty famous masterpieces from the Colonial Picture Company in November. Outside guests enjoyed this display as well as the student body. During the holidays. the windows in the art room were beautifully decorated to give a stained glass effect. The club gave a tea for the facility at which they displayed their projects. Left to right: First .row- Marion Madison, Barbara Ferguson, Martha Coppess, Virginia Loomis, Gloria Reifsteck, Betty Tong, Ethel King, Fred Steven. Second row -Ernest Lehman, Nancy Marchand, Nancy Whitman, june McPherson, Sally Freudenberger, Arlene Peck, George Hain, Robert Staplin, Liiss Christensen -Adviser. Left to right: First row- Arlene Gierz, Jo Ann Hardy, Norma Werick, Margaret Gartzke, Marjorie, Becker. Second row -Adviser -Miss Christ- ensen, Calvin Runckel, Martha Goodhart, Marcia Madison, Jane Sweet, Geraldine Lang, Charles Powell. Besides sketching, tl1e seventh and eighth grade Junior Art Club has done many kinds of craft work using various mediums such as clay, raffia, rope and wood. Students enjoyed making their Christmas gifts in the club. They cooperated with the Senior Art Club in sponsoring a picture exhibit and in arranging a tea for the faculty. Junior Art Club - Beginners 57 Tenth Anniversary Junior Art Club - The Junior Art Club, composed of students from the eighth and ninth grades, met on Thursdays. llleinbers selected the kind of work they wanted to do, such as drawing cartoons, fashion designing, stenciling on cloth with oil paint, working in clay, or just drawing for fun. During the first semester the activities also included selling 'tickets for the Picture Exhibit, making invitations for the Christmas Tea, an exhibit of craft work. and various Christmas projects. The New Activity Program aff: U' l Left to right: First row- George Limburg, Susan Ingraham Pat Lallmang. Second row -Jack Robinson, James Foller, Sally Millane, Pat Shilling. Third row-Constance Stock, Gloria Bergman, Miss McCabe - Ad ' Gair viser, james , Barbara Hitchcock. Because of a broadening of the activity program this past year a much larger percentage of the school body was able to take part in this aspect of Amherst student life. New activities added to the list of seventh hour pursuits included archery, shuflleboard, wrestling, and others. It was impossible in the limited scope of our annual, to picture all activities, hence, we chose a representative group. Th'-e Tower FUIITBALL S UAB Left to right: First row -Robert Evans, Francis Carroll, George Hudson, Bruce Dodds, Carl Serra, Eben Babbidge, Albert Vosseler- Captain, Bud Cushing, Ken Riffel, John Jung, Raymond Gorznfio, Reese Foote. Second row -George Chisnell, Jim Bibbins, Robert Brunner, Pete Widdoes, Dave Sweet, Pat Higgins, Connie Glock, Dave Roberts, Bob Rice, Roy Saunders, Bob Brenner, Ed Maier. Third row -Homer Babbidge, Henry Smith, Hugo Gross, Tom Weaver, Willard Strobel, Bob James, Jim Snyder, Chuck Williamson, Bob Sweet, Don Cushing, Jim Carroll, joe Doerr, john Warner, George Sager -Manager. Season Summary As the last groan died away November 4th, people began to think that Amherst still had a good season. Even a great tean1 like Notre Dame couldn't go through a suicide schedule without some defeats. So it was with Amherst this yearg none of the seven games could be called a "breather,'. Pine Hill came to Snyder on the 23rd of September, intent upon revenge for last year's over- whelming defeat, but they were again turned back. The team was weak on it's running and kicking, but showed favorable prospects for having a good passing attack. These weaknesses were excused because they only had a few weeks" practice behind them. This year two new schools appeared on the schedule, Leroy and East Aurora. Leroy showed by far the most might. The game will stand out because it was played under lightsg playing was difiicult because the rain had made the field wet and muddy. The crushing defeat handed to us by Depew was eased a little by the brilliant victories over the Thomas Indians alld the much feared East Aurora and Lancaster elevens. The cause of that first defeat is attributed to the fact that Amherst was out-weighed by about thirty-five pounds in the line and backfield. It seemed that it was their off-day, because on the next Friday night the team drove out to Lancaster and beat them decisively by a 20 to 6 score. There wasn't much to say about the bitter disappointment over the outcome of the Williams- ville game. The supposedly weak Wrilliamsville squad, coached by Pat Murray, was a complete surprise to the team and the Amherst rooters. No outstanding boy could be pointed out this year because the team played more like a unit than ever before, but special mention should be made of Al Vosseler, the captain, and "Arky" Babbidge, the co-captain and quarterback. The prospects for next year look anything but dull. Dave Roberts, Pat Higgins, Chuck Wfilliam- son, Vern Glen, Hugo Gross, Carl Serra, and George Chisnell, all of them sophomore and junior lettermen, will be back playing next year for Amherst, and gunning for a YVilliamsville defeat. The Tower SCURES Amherst .... .... 1 2 Pine Hill. . . . . . 7 Amherst .... . . .12 East Aurora. . . . . . 0 Amherst .... . . . 0 Depew .......... .13 Amherst "" ' ' ' 0 Leroy """""" O Amherst .... . . .20 Ifaneasteri . . . . . . . . 6 Amherst .... .cli 1 3 Thomas Indians, A h 6 Amherst .... . . . 0 Xx'llll8l1lSVlllC. . . . . . 6 The above ictures are an attem t to show that there is a lot more to football than what the crowd sees. ., .P P . . W hat oes on 111 the locker room, and on the bench, SOIIICIIIIICS has more meanm ., at least, for the football g , , g player, than his actual engagement ln the game. I 61 Tenth Anniversary Varsity Left to right: Sitting -Bob Rice. Kneeling -Ed A. Smith. First row-Jack May. John Hey Tom Weaver Pete Widdoes, Dick Bradshaw. Second row -Harold Rhynedance, George Hudson, Francis Carroll Joe Austin Mr. Schonewolf-Coach, Paul Boeckel. This season was a fast season as far as the schedule was concerned because the usual sectionals were not featured this year as they have been in previous years. The "A" squad started out with a bang by winning its first meet with Toua- wanda, but from there on things looked pretty dull. Amherst didn't win another meet after that. Overlooking the scores, the meets were thrillers, and the scores in lnost of them were very close. In four of the meets the boys lost by only one event, which was not too discouraging. Looking on the more sunny side, we find that the "B" team was very successful losing only two meets and winning six. These boys proved that in the coming years we may have a better team. The members of the "A" squad who will not be back next year are: Harold Rhynedance, Robert Rice, Edward A. Smith, Williain Tunkey, Richard Bradshaw, Albert Buehler, Francis Carroll, and Paul Boeckel, bflanager. Those returning are: Thomas Weaver, Jack Nlay, John Hey, Robert Spann, and Pierce Wfiddoes. Next year's prospects include: Norman Glosser, Robert James, lNIilo Dlalotte, Carl Pfohl, and Joseph Austin. The Tower Reserves Left to right: Sitting -Al Buehler. Kneeling- Milo Malotte. First row-Carl Pfohl, Morley Davies, William Elliott, Richard Tobin, Robert Spann, George Anderson, Dick Lehman-Assistant Manager. Second row- Millard Kreinheder, James Carroll, Robert James, Robert Fimiani, Paul Marion-Assistant Manager, Mr. Schonewolf-Coach. Swimming Schedule Amherst 36 Amherst 28 Amherst 13 Amherst 28 Amherst 29 Amherst 11 Amherst 28 Amherst 27 ' 63 Tenth Anniversary Tonawanda Niagara Falls North Tonawanda Niagara Falls Tonawanda Kenmore North Tonawanda Kenmore Varsity Left to right: Seated-William Harrison, Raymond Pierce, Meredith Cushing, Richard Shanks, Earl Tong, Patrick Higgins, Donald Krantz. Standing -Roy Saunders, Alan Schaefer, Harry Wells, Willard Strobel, Pierce S When the Amherst five took the court December 2, little did we realize that this was the opening of one of the most unusual seasons our basketeers have ever encountered. We say unusual because not only were eight of the nine games lost, by a few points, but at the end of the season Amherst had picked up a total of points above that of their opponents. Amherst lost one game by eleven points but was able to win one by eleven points and another by twenty one points. Widdoes, Robert Kerruish, Mr. Orgek, Coach. This year's team was ably coached by Mr. Orgek, who instilled the "old fight" in the boys. We must admit that the team scrapped their hardest until the final whistle. With Captain Shanks at guard, Mr. Orgek used Tong, Schaeffer and Brenner as alternates at like posiiions. Higgins, Strobel, Naukam, Harrison, and Krantz played the forward positions. The "middle men" were Cushing, Pierce and Wells. This year's individual scoring honors were taken by Richie Shanks with Bud Cushing and Pat Higgins close behind. The team took honors in the second Hamburg game when they came out on top with a 54-23 score. The boys played their best in the first Depew game, the first half of the second Williamsville game, and the last half of the second Lancaster game. An off form night and injuries combined at Hamburg to make our poorest showing. Q When the team ended with three straight wins, we were sure that the team and Mr. Orgek deserved our respect. We sincerely believe that if "Lady Luck" had been more kind we would have had the winning one or two points instead of them going to the opposition. - The Tower 64 I Reserves '522E,S'Ji'S'.5:5f.Z'vT1?fZ.,Z5i'5T?.2?Zi'5?i325z'i'3l1fQ'2XEF'is1022237'53L2?.?"KTi?,'f5X2fi5l?fb'33h 2323.351 e bush, Jack Carpenter, Mr. Townsend, Coach. Scores Amherst Akron ..... Amherst .... 27 Akron .... Amherst Depew .... Amherst .... 22 Depew. . . Amherst Lancaster. . . 'G Amherst .... 29 Lancaster. . . Amherst Williamsville. . . . . . Amherst .... 30 Williamsville Amherst Hamburg. . . Amherst .... 54 Hamburg. . . Amherst .... Amherst 65 Pine Hill. . . EastAurora .... Tenth Anniversary Amherst .... 19 Amherst .... 25 Pine Hill. . . East Aurora . Soccer Left to right: First row-Glenn Beebe-Manager, George Limburg, Norris Barnard, Donald Wilson, Earl Tong, Herbert DeGray, Raymond Pierce, Charles Hartcr, Richard Shanks, David Pearman, William Roudenbush, Whitey Cook, Paul Marionfl-tsst. Manager. Second ron'-Mr. Clark -Coach, Carlton Pfohl, Robert Kincaid, Robert Pierce, Bill Harrison, Alan Benjamin, Harry Wells, justin Kuehling, Roger Hotte, Morley Davies, Donald Boyd, Don Roudenbush, Mr. Orgek -Coach. Soccer became a varsity sport at Amherst this year. Our soccer team played in tl1e Eric County Interscholastic Soccer League. The teams that we played, with one exec tion, had had far more ex- erience than our boys, but tl1ey did very well for their first season. The boys were coached by lair. Clark who had 'previously assisted the football coaches. lylr. Orgek contributed to the success of our first season by helping Mr. Clark. The teams encountered in the League were North Collins. Nvoodlawn, Clarence, Gardenville, Holland and Orchard Park. W'e scrimmaged with Park School, Nichols, and Dcveaux. Judging by the record of the first season, we can expect great things from our soccer teams in the future. Golf The Golf squad starts practice imme- diately upon entering school in Septem- ber. After a week of improvement on the links, there are two qualification rounds, liledal Play Rules prevailing. The lowest four make u the team to represent Am- herst. The lioys last fall were Eugene Naukam, Bill Caudell, Tom Tobin, and Bill Sibhick. Teams played this year included De- pew, Trott, LaSalle, Niagara Falls, Ken- more, East Aurora, and Deveaux. The ,reatest fest which confronts the Golf cam is the Niagara Falls Invitational Tournament in June, in which thirteen schools compete. Each school sends six players, four of whom constitute the team. A trophy is given to the team with the lowest total, and another, to the individual with the lowest score. Last year C1938-391 Amherst registered a clean sweep. The team captured the group trophy and Eugene Naukam was awarded the individual trophy. Left to right: Sea ted-Howard Webb, George Manthey, Russell Bockstedt. Second row- James Whitby, Monroe Frank, William Caudell, William Sibbick, Mr. Ford 'Coach Third row -Dale Block, Arnold Duszynski, Roger Hotte, Willard Hess, Richard Lehman Thomas Schmidt. The Tower 66 l Track Left to right: First .row-Robert Hamilton, Eugene Hasselbeck, Robert Schafer, Earl Capehart, Robert Pierce, Donald Boyd, George Kincaid. Second row-Mr. Steele-Coach, George Chisnell, Charles Taylor, Frank Bradley, Gilbert Krackenberger, Grant Pardee, Thomas Capehart, Philip Savage, Norman Ihrig. Third row -Jack May, Charles Williamson, Robert Fimiani, George Hudson, Francis Carroll, James Snyder, Murray Hyde, Earl Tong, Robert Flickinger -Manager, Between the numerous tlmndershowers this spring, the track team could he seen doing their laps around the football field. Under the instruction of Coach Steele tl1e squad made rapid headway. Outstanding this year were Earl Tong. Ray Pierce, and Earl Capehart, as well as many of the newcomers. W'hile the team was handicapped by lack of material, they won many points from their adversaries. As a rule a team is handi- capped by members graduat- ing. This year lilr. Bush was fortunate inhaving back the full varsity squad of last year. Besides having a strong varsi- ty, he had some fifteen other boys to develop material for next year. The 1940 season was the most successful in the three years of interscholastic tennis at Amherst. 67 Tenth Anniv Tennis . A Left to right: First row -Richard Roeder, Robert Allen, William Anderson, Willard Strobel, Richard Bradshaw, Arthur Sullivan, Frederick Poag, Jack Masterson. Second row -Maurice Naylon, Robert Hicks, Alvin Russo, William Pace, Carlton Smith, Meredith Cushing, Robert Rice, William Wilson, Mr. Bush --Coach. ersary Baseball Left to right: First row-Robert Evans -Manager, Joe Herr -Assistant Manager, jack Carpenter, Laverne Bauman, Don Roudenbush, Read Mason, Bill Ferrick, jerry TunkeyMAAssistant Manager. Second row-Bruce Dodds, john Crangle, Richard Shanks, Hugo Gross, Paul Koch -' Captain, Norman Filbert, Roger Sharp, Don Krantz. Third row -Mr. Clark- Coach, Justin Kuehling, Elmer Kreher, Dave Roberts, Pierce Widdocs, Alan Schaefer, Richard Schwander, William Rouden- bush, Henry Smith. The "Tower" of necessity goes to press early in tl1e spring. It is difficult to determine the outcome of the baseball season before the majority of the games are played. Baseball has been retarded considerably in this area by unfavorable weather this season. 'ive are fortunate in having several young players who have won merit in the Junior Summer leagues and are proving themselves excellent material thus far this season. We will not boast of having a league winning team, but believe we have the best team we have had in years. Cheerleaders The spirit that the student body achieves comes indirectly from the actions of the cheer- leaders. This year the number of leaders was increased to in- inelude representatives from both the senior and the junior . schools. Left to right: Front-Joyce Jarnagin. Back row -Dorothy Ferrick, Jane Sheeler, Dolores Ferrick. Not pictured-John Crangle. The Tower 68 Soccer Left to right: Seated-Ruth Nichols, Jacqueline Sharp, Dorothy Ferrick, Jean Kideney, Mary Prior, Barbara Waterhouse, Dolores Ferrick, jean Wagner, Mary Lou Smith, Lorraine Eber, Irene Fisher. Kneeling -Jane Sweeney, June Eigenbrod, Eileen I-Iouseworth, Louise Allen, Janet Russell, Ethel Winter, Arlene Baer, Sally Rice, Viola Nichols, Lois Dechart. Standing-Miriam White, Gertrude Herr, Jane Sheeler, Mary Jean St. Louis, Agnes Robertson, May Morley, Elsie Miller, Norma Whitby, Ruth Richart, Mary Nell Glock, Barbara Rice, Jean Cushing, Dorothy Manchester. Hockey Left to right: Seated- Lois Corretore, Dorothy Barclay, Jane Ewing, Marilyn Richman, Alice Nielsen. Kneeling -Marie Nowak, Betty Avery, Donna Lockard, Phyllis Trapp, Norma Weitz. Standing -Gloria Moore, Jean Gristmacher, Gloria Reif, Lillian Engasser, Jean Henderson, Esther Burns, Clarisse Finkbeiner, Gloria Flierl Basketball Left to right: First row- Ruth Nichols, Eleanor Thurnherr, Dorothy Barclay, Marilyn Riehman, Mary Lu Smith, Louise Allen, Irene Fisher, Faith Aber. Second row -Agnes Robertson, Mary Ellen Lyman, Jane Sheeler, Sally Rice, Betty Avery, Donna Lockard, Arlene Baer. Third row -Clarisse Finkbeiner, Alice Nielsen, Norma Weitz, Yvonne Gagnon, Jean Gristmacher, Miss Craik -Adviser. Fourth row -Lillian Engasser, Jane Sweeney, June Eigenbrod, Alison King. 69 Tenth Anniversary Girls' Sport Council The chief function of the Girls' Sport Council is to promote girls' sportsman- ship. In order to do this, the Council sponsors a sys- tem of awards and letters, based upon a point system. In addition, every year the Council gives an award to the best all-around girl in the Senior class. The officers of the Sport Council this year were: li-Iartha Yvebster, presidentg Alice Neilsen, secretaryg and Louise Allen, treasurer. Left to right: First row-Lillian Engasscr, Martha Webster, Miss Craik-Adviser, Alice Neilsen, Clarisse Fmkbeiner. Second row -Alice Smith, Betty Sealander, Lorraine Eber, Arlene Baer, Geraldine Lang, Louise Allen, Donna Lockard, Carol Bagley, Iris Cave. GIRLS' SPURTS One of the most essential features of Amherst's activity field is tl1e girls' sports program. Under the capable direction of bliss Craik, the girls have shown much enthusiasm and interest in this phase of school life. - With the mild September breezes, soccer and hockey were ushered in to stay until the wintry blasts terminated interest in those sports. Soccer was divided into two teams: the Black, captained by Lorraine Eber and the Orange, by Dolores Ferrick. Hockey was divided in the same way: Lillian Engasser serving as captain of the Black team, rivaled by Jean Gristmacher of the Orange team. The girls played twice a week until 4:30 p. nl. getting a good deal of fun out of their participation in these sports. Next ill the line of seasonal sports was basket- ball. Many intramurals were held besides the regular basketball team which practiced every Friday. At this time, also, quite a few of the girls took up swimming. Miss Daywood conducted a life saving class and awarded badges of achieve- ment to several Junior and Senior girls. During the fall and continuing on through the winter and spring were the badminton, tennis, and ping pong ladder tournaments. These were held on a competitive basis, a winner being able to challenge the one girl above her and so proceed up the ladder or down as the case might be. Writh spring came baseball, one of this season's surest signs. Keen interest in this sport was dem- onstrated by the lively games played by Amherst's baseball champions. One of tl1e larger and perhaps more important projects undertaken by bliss Craik and her girls was the dance exhibit held on May 24th. Depict- ing the Civil YVar period we had darkies, Southern belles, and Southern gentlemen dance in the gymnasium for our enjoyment. An appreciative audience filled the gym and received the dancing in a very enthusiastic manner. On the same night a fine showing was made in the pool with our aquatic stars performing. This was done for the benefit of both parents and students. The Tower Tenth Anniversary FIELD DAY The Year in Review 1939-1940 SEPTEMBER 6 School opens "and what did you do this summer?" 23 Amherst 12, Pine Hill 7 Amherst wins season opener. 29 Amherst 0, LeRoy 0 More rain and mud. OCTOBER 2 First report cards conie out 'Wvake up! Summer's over." 6 Amherst 2, Woodlawn 1 Give the soccer team a cheer. 7 Amherst 13, Thomas Indians 6 Varsity gridders roll on. 12 Columbus Day "What would we have done without Columbus?', 14 Aniherst 12, East Aurora 0 Successful invasion of foreign territory. 20 Anlherst 0, Gardenville 2 Too bad for the Soccer boys. 21 Amherst 0, Depew 13 What bi bruisers they were! 23 Sophomore Class Nlovie "Dr. Jeiyll and Mr. Hydef, . Full house. 24 Alnherst 0, Holland 4- Tough going for the Soccer team. 26-27 Teachers' Convention Teachers work, we lay. 27-28 Operetta: "The Gondoliersn Greatest crowds in C. H. S. history. NOVEIVIBER I Fanmous pep assembly "Little Willie's" last rites. 3 lwovie: "lN'Ir. Doodle Kicks OT' With last minut.e pe primer. 4 Amherst 0, Vfilliamsville 6 The big let down. Enough said. 7 Election Day Again we have no school. 10 Dloviez "Suez" Score one for the Student Council. 14 Junior Girls' College Tea Now there's Vassar and Smith and . . . 16 Junior Boys, Career Dinner VU hat shall I he? 17 Sophomore Sunlite Dance A Sophomore revival. 22 Nlovie: "Love -Finds'Andy Hardy" It does? 23-24 Thanksgiving Holidays "Franksgiving,' vacation with four day weekend. DECEINIBER 1 Senior Class Football Dance Amherst honors her bashful eleven. 2 Amherst 23, Akron 24- Basketeers shed some tears. 9 Tower Variety Show Amateurs give professional perform- ances. 15 Amherst 26, Lancaster 30 Yvee for this one. 20 Sophoniore Christmas Party One ,big free-for-all. 21 Start of Christmas Vacation Hurrah! JANUARY 2 School reopensg report cards conle out Our spirits sag. 5 Amherst 36, Tonawanda 30 Mermen drown last yearis sectional victors. ' Blovie: "A Yank at Oxford" That Taylor umph! Amherst 20, Hamburg 21 "Oh, for another basket!" Anlherst 29, Niagara Falls 37 Vfishing . . . and more swimmers. 12 Amherst 28, Niagara Falls 38 Sickness interferes. 18 Amherst 18, North Tonawan a 48 The pool wasn't very full. d Tenth Anniversary 9 -31 21 The Year in Aniherst 28, East Aurora 27 End of First Semester - Beginning of Regents W'eek Junior Class Skating Party Nlarks conle out Honle and School Association Dance Second Seniester begins FEBRUARY National Honor Society Assernbly Aniherst 28, Niagara Falls 38 Alnherst 29, Lancaster 31 Lincoln's Birthday St. Valentine's Day Nloviez ,"You Can't Take It with You" YVashington's Birthday Aniherst 54, Haniburg 23 INIARCH Anlherst 27, Kenlnore 39 Amherst 23, Pine Hill 18 Senior Play: "lVIurder in the Red Barn" Letter Day Assexnbly Easter Vacation begins APRIL Open House Night Spring sports season under way Tower Sports Night A Assembly: Joint Charities Freshnian Skating Party Nlovie: "lW'lr. Smith Goes to Washington" NIAY Junior Play: G'Young April" Dlusic Recital N. Y. State School Boards Associa- tion Nleeting Nlovie: "Good Bye, Dir. Chips" Physical Education Exhibit Junior Prom Nlemorial Day Holidays JUNE Last issue of the 6'Tatler" Nloving Up Day Regents Vfeek Junior High Graduation Senior High Graduation Review 1939-1940 Not quite enough. Anything can happen now. The leaves begin to turn. Exams are overg celebrations are in order. An individual affair. Proceeds used for scholarship fund. Lots of new resolutions. The studious are rewarded. The swimmers take a splash. There'll come a day. Thank you, Mr. Lincoln. W'ill you be mine? Tower publicity clicks again. A break in the routine. At last! Anyway, their school is bigger. Hoopsters polish off season with a winner. "Curses! Foiled again!" Athletic heroes are rewarded. A good chance to get that paper writ- ten. Wre strut our stuff. And spring fever. Amherst goes athletic. "A nickel a day. the Joint Charities way." A money-maker in spite of competition. We stay here. Acting in a big way. Voices and instruments in melodic blendings. Amherst is honored. Seventh Hour Entertainment. The "how and whyw of sports. Lots of dates for this affair. The calm before the storm. lylimeo goes mammoth! Up we go! Beginning of the end. Graduated, but still here. The last mile. The Tower V v all of Fame In every school there are those individuals who are generally recog- nized as outstanding persons. Listed below are a few of these people as well as some of their rather varied accomplishments. Homer Babbidge . . . Freshman Class leader . . . candid photo ace.- Jean Barnum . . . Eilicient Tower subscription manager . . . Senior Class secretary. Gladys Bartek . . . Spirited music student . . . National Honor Society member. Earl Capehart . . . Active Junior Class president . . . track team sprinter. Jean Corretore . . . Indispensable accompanist to music groups . . . National Honor Society member. Meredith Cushing . . . Outstanding varsity quarterback . . . celloist . . . sports enthusiast. Jack Dustman . . . Business manager of Tower and "Gondoliers,,' . . . active in music fields. Robert Edgell . . . Tower publicity promotor . . . Senior Class vice-president . . . talented magician. . Lillian Engasser . . . Conscientious scholar . . . Tower baked goods sale promoter. Edward Farmer . . . Class leader . . . indispensable musical virtuoso. Dolores F erriek . . . Vivacious Tatler editor-in-chief . . . cheerleader. Dorothy Ferrick . . . Lovely heroine in Senior Play . . . cheerleader. Robert Fimiani . . . Prominent in Junior Class . . . National Honor Society member. Yvonne Gagnon . . . Enthusiastic girls' sport participant . . . National Honor Society member. Ellen Harrington . . . Leading soprano in musical enterprises . . . National vocalist winner. Robert Hartwell . . . Tireless worker . . . enthusiastic manager of Stage Crew. John Hey . . . Splendid performance in Junior Play . . . star varsity diver. Lois Hotte . . . Eificient vice-president A Capella Choir . . . energetic Tower worker. Joyce Jarnagin . . . Live wire Junior High School cheerleader. Frank Langley . . . Hard working Tower photography editor . . . percussionist. Donna Lockard . . . Charming personality . . . Senior Class treasurer. Harold Rhynedance . . . Successful editor of Tower . . . varsity swimming star. Robert Rice . . . Amiable three letter man . . . Tower sports editor. , Alan Schaefer . . . Friendly Junior Class secretary . . . all-around athlete. Robert Schafer . . . Backbone of all Junior Class affairs . . . camera fan. Jane Sheeler . . . Active in all class and Tower projects . . . cheerleader. Carlton Sxnith . . . Talented performance in Senior Play . . . Variety Show high spot hitter. Edward Smith . . . Tim in Senior Play . . . Tatler sports editor. Bernhard Swick . . . The villain in Senior Play . . . versatile comedian. Yvilliam Tunkey . . . Peppy advertising manager of Tower . . . Al Vosseler . . . Captain of our successful football team . . . gridiron star in his own right. Raynlond Van Sweringen . . . Capable class president . . . National Honor Society member . . . Student Council president. Virginia Van Sweringen . . . ,Scholar of amazing ability . . . leader in Junior Class. Nlartha Webster . . . Art editor of Tatler and Tower . . . manager of successful Debate Team. Nlary Joan W'est . . . Captivating leading lady of Junior Play. Tenth Anniversary Senior Superlatives Most Dignified Girl-Jean Barnum lN'lost Dignified Boy-H Raymond Van Sweringen Most Carefree Girl- Mary Jean Saint Louis Nlost Carefree Boy-James Bibbins Most Sophisticated Girl-Gertrude Herr Most Sophisticated Boy-Arthur Sullivan Daintiest Girl--Renee Dysters Huskiest Boy-Francis Carroll Wittiest Girl-Jacqueline Sharp Wittiest Boy-Edward Loomis Most Vivacious Girl-Colleen Spencer Best Politician-Robert Edgell Most Serious Girl--Nlarcia Bladison Most Serious Boy-George Gesegnet Most Talkative Girl- Barbara Waterliouse Most Talkative Boy-W'illiam Tunkey Quietest Girl-Irene Sikorski Quietest Boy-Howard Poole Danciest Girl-Phyllis Mitchell Danciest Boy-Edward A. Smith Sweetest Girl-.lane Sheeler Nlost Conscientious Boy'-Willard Strobel Cutest Couple-Edward A. Smith and Colleen Spencer Most Romantic Couple--Evelyn Herd and Bruce Dodds Nlost Contagious Laugh, Girl- Lois Hotte Most Contagious Laugh, Boy- Wilburwaaser Most Studious Girl-Lillian Engasser Nlost Studious Boy-Charles Keller Most Artistic Girl-Martha Webster Most Artistic Boy--Richard Ellinger lvlost Athletic Girl-Yvonne Gagnon lNIost Athletic Boy-Meredith Cushing Most Industrious Girl--Dolores Ferrick Most Industrious Boy- Harold Rhynedance Most Musical Girl-Jean Corretore liflost Drlusical Boy-Edward Farmer Best Actress-Dorothy Ferrick Best Actor-Carlton Smith Smallest Eater-Joanne Flierl Biggest Eater-Orville Hartwell The Tower llperetta "The Gondoliersi' by YV. S. Gilbert and Sir Arthur Sullivan, October 27 and 28, 1939, 8:15 P. Bl. DRAINI ATIS PERSONAE The Duke of Plaza-Toro ........,.,...,... ..... W 'arren Lee Terry Luiz fhis attendantj .,.,. Don Alhambra Del Bolero. . . Nlarco ..... .......,. . . .Wilbur WVaaser . . . .Herbert DeGray .. . .janles C. Arno Guiseppe .... ............,..,..,..... E dward Funnel' Antonio .... , . ...., Arthur W'olf Francesco ,.v-A- .-.-..' I Venetian Gondoliers QQUVE Edson Seipel The Duchess of Plaza-Toro ...,.........,.,..........,. Lois Barth Gasihla fher daughterj .... ..... D Iary Ann SCIIWRIIQICBIIIP Gianeita .......,.... ........., E llen Harrington Tessa ...,. .... D orothy Schmidlin Fiametta .... . ....,..... Lois Hotte Vittoria . .... . . . Contadine .... Janet Seannel Guilia .............. . . .V Inez fthe King's foster mother, . . . Dancers . Tenth Anniversary . . . Gladys Bartek . . . .Blartha Webster Edward Snlith V V h Colleen Spencer DIRECTORS lllusical Director PAUL ISI. KING Stage Director WARREN LEE TERRY Chorus and Vocal Director GRACE C. SALISBURY Dance Director ISABEL CRAIK Senior Play 'GIVIURDER lllarch IN THE RED BARN"-Dlelodralna 8th-9th, 1940. Curtain 8:15 P. NI. Directed by Bliss Helen Fisk W'illia1n Corder CSquirc of Polestcad's sonj . . . . . Parson lllarten CThe Parso Ishmael Lee QAn old gypsy Pharos Lee QHis sonj ............ .... Tim Bobbin CCountry Buxnpkinj. . . lllark fanother gypsyl ........... .......... lvlaria Marten Cdauglitcr to Parson Blartenj. . . , . Dame Nlartcn fher mother? Anne Cher sisterj. . . Servant ......... Quartet -Doris Rogers, Dorothy Schmidlin, Wilbur Jack Dustman. Soloists -Wilbur Waaser, Jane Dietsche, Doris Rogers. Waaser, COMMITTEES Stage-Robert Hartwell and the Stage Crew. Tickets -Raymond Van Sweringcn, Robert Hartwell. Publicity -Martha Webster, Jean Barnum. Props -Lillian Engasser, Ruth Nichols, M. S. Birdsong. Costume -Alison King. Make-up-Mrs. Wiggins, Mt. Cornell Spoth. CAST OF CHARACTERS .Bernhard Swick n of Polesteadj . . . . .Orville Hartwell manj. . . . . . .Carlton Snlith .Thomas Tobin . . .Edward A. Slllltll . . . .Howard Poole .Dorothy Ferrick ....GertrudeHerr . . . .Colleen Spencer . . .Robert Shelley Cast Left to right: First row -Colleen Spencer, Gertrude Herr, Dorothy Ferrick. Second row -Edward Smith, Orville Hartwell, Bernhard Swick, Carlton Smith. The Tower 80 Cast Properties Left to right: Front row -Constance Hartman, Marilyn Richman, Jane Sweeney, Mary Joan West. Grace Smith, Nova Dolan, Ridgcly Mason, Mary Lu Smith. Second row -Richard Lehman, James MacMurray, John Hey, Jack May, Maurice East, Ray Jones, Elkin Arnold, Junior Play 31 Tenth Anniv N YOUNG APRIL " 1NIay 4, 1940. Curtain 8:15 P. M. Direected by Richard H. Lape CAST OF CHARACTERS Qin, order of their appearancel ProfessorMcIntyre... .. .. llrs. hiclntyre ..... George Nlclntyre . . Lula ........... Vivian . . . Elsie ..,...... Brian Stanley. . . Terry Nlclntyre. . . Bert Parsons. . . Dutch ...,.. Pete .... ...... . Steward Miller .... llrs. Bliller ..... lvlildred. . . Jane ......... . Diane Gilmore. . e r s a r y June Schwartz Promptresses June Eigenbrod, Norxna Weitz Nlistress of Wfardrobe Jean Gristnmcher Stage hlanager Lawrence lllorris lNIake-Up by Polly Wiggills . . .Elkin Arnold . . . .Jane Sweeney ......John Hey . . .Grace Slnith . . . . . .Nova Dolan . . .Nlary Lu Snlith . . . .Nlaurice East . ,Nlary Joan XVest ........Ray Jones . .Richard Lehman Janles Nlaclllurray .........JackNlay .Nlarilyn Riehnlan . .Ellen Harrington . . . .Ridgely Nlason . .Connie Hartinan Patrons and Patronesses Dr. lNIr. Mr. hir lNIr Mr hir IW r hir hir lN1Ir IH r hir Mr Nlr hir. Dr. Mr Nlr Mr Mr Mr lN'Ir lNIr Mr Mr. Mr Mr. hir. Mr. lVIr. Nlr. Mr. . . and lllrs. and Mrs. and Airs and Mrs and lNIrs. and Mrs. S. YV. Hartwell George Gesegnet . Howard H. Poole . Harold D. Rhynedance Edward A. Smith hlichael Brown Albert Sibbick and lNIrs. R. A. Van Sweringen and Mrs and Airs and hlrs. and Mrs. and Airs and Mrs and lX'Irs and Airs and fMrs. and Nlrs. and Mrs and INIrs. and Airs and Nlrs and lNIrs and lN'Irs and lllrs and Nlrs. and Nlrs and Airs and lNlrs. and lllrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. O. D. Gagnon R. P. King J. R. Lyman Arthur E. Popper H. R. Jaeger Richard D. lNIadison YV alter A. Anderson George W". Stettenbenz E. J. Farmer N. C. Barnard Vlfalter P. Geyer William A. Eimer James P. Lockard Philip A. Schweickhard Carl F. Barnum Harry G. Avery Henry O. Waterhouse J. Francis Harter H. A. Brenner Charles A. Pierce Charles LI. Mason Charles WV. Clement William T. Harrison Herman H. Trapp Alburn C. White lNIr Dr. hir lNIr lllr Air Dir llr Air Air hir lllr. NI r lNIr Mr lNIr. lNIr. Mr Mr Mr. Mr Mr. Mr Dr. Mr of the 1940 Tower and Mrs and Airs. and Nlrs and lN'Irs and Mrs and Nlrs and lNIrs and Mrs and lNIrs and llflrs and lNIrs and lilrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Blrs and Airs. and lVIrs and lVIrs and 1VIrs and Nlrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and lvlrs. . Robert O. Poag A. J. Hey . James S. Aranibar John Head Charles YV. Aldridge Conrad Lehman . Edward Swick Vfilliam Allen Carl R. Edgell Leslie R. Richart Russell Dustman A. G. Sullivan C. WC Bockstedt. C. Strobel F. P. Langley R. A. Hall Samuel A. Gibson Donald L. Mac Murray YV. A. Sheeler Frank A. Boeckel , D. L. Dodds Clarence H. Leo Edward Block H. L. Barclay Daniel A. Corretore lNIiss Katherine Field Amherst Drug Store Schaefer's Department Store Kean Brothers Men's Shop Knapp's Bakery Dan's Barber Shop The Tower By ay of Introduction . . . The advertisers who appear on the following pages are staunch supporters of Amherst Central High School. W'e suggest that you read these printed sales stories with the intention of a possible purchase of a commodity or service. Tenth Anniversary 8-Miss Laney 14?-3-Ir. Orgek 110-Nliss Blur!-ay 112-Bliss Cummins 114-Sir. Blinieh 116-Rlr. Cutcher 118-Miss Krog 120-Bliss Kolloil' 122--Bliss Daywood 212-Bliss W'aldow 5sAL99 QLJ. B99 BGDOCQ! GGDICKQS QLJOEN "BONES" "W'lLLY" 66AL9! ffwALLY,' SCJ-AEGSSS GGZUBOSQ "STINKY', --FRANH -fHoUmN1', These Home Rooms Wish to Join 217 In Wishing You .a Pleasant Vacation 'Q Members 217 ff The Room of Ve rsatilityv 111--Dir. Bush 113-Blr. Lape 115-llr. Clark 123-Mr. Scheller 209-Mr. Townsend 215-Bliss Kramer 305-Miss Christensen 309--Bliss 1SIeCabe 304--Bliss Duttweiler 310-Dir. Steele "HANK, "LEE" "DICK" -'FAM' HJUNV' ..C,, HSP, f-Ally' HHAPPW, --BAULSIEH "FRANK" "LINC" -'OLLIEU UARKYH ffcoov Roeder Kinkel Robert Hicks f Blillard Kreinheder ,QQ-li l , Robert Fixniani Qgcrligf Alan Bagley W'illiam Anderson Edward Farmer Harold Rhyuedance David Roberts Warren Buell 'GBEST OF LUCK" Robert Edgell John Hey Robert Flickinger Alan Schaefer . Richard Geyer John D' Jung Gilbert Krackenberger Philip Savage Gamma Phi Sigma Alpha Chapter Jack Dnstman David Jung William Harrison Thomas Weaver Homer Babbidge Pe ter S leele CULLIGAN IVIOTORS, INC. Pontiac Sales and Seruive W'illiamsville, New York UN. 4070 WlllSVlQ. 572 LOCK'S Honle Bakery UNiversity 3883 460 South Harlem Road Try Our Home-Blade Bread - Pies - Cakes - Rolls W'e Deliver "BLUE COAL" and SEMET-SOLVAY COKE USE The Popular Household Fuels JOHNSON PRODUCTS HEDSTROM-SPAULDING INC. Company . Corner Niain and Erie Streets or C L E A N E R From Your Neighborhood Dealer For Your Phone CLeveland 7900 Spring Cleaning BIl0WNIE9S ARMY and NAVY STORE Conlplete Outfitters for Bien, WOIIICII and Children Breeches, Jodphurs 52.95 and up Jodphur Boots 83.75 Riding Coats., Riding Boots Ladies, 36.95, Nlerfs 37.85 10 West Eagle Street, Buffalo, N. Y. 0 WA 2218 open Ev g " The Sign of Friendly Service" Mobilgas MM Mobiloil 5 2...LSf's Standard Oil Co. of N. Y. 1100 Elk St., Buffalo Division of Socony-Vacuum Oil Oo., Inc. PURITY '6YOU'LL FAVOR QUALITY OUR FLAVORSU IN EVERY COMMODITY Golden fCream Top, Guernsey Milk Homogenized fsoft Curdj Milk Standard fCream Topj Milk Solco Chocolate Blilk Dari-Rich Chocolate Drink Churned Buttermilk Fat Free Milk STERLING AMHERST 4949 lVIain Street COURTESY Heavy Cream fwlnilmpiixgl Niedium Cream flt Whipsj Light Cream QCOfTeej Cultured Sour Cream Creamed Cottage Cheese Freshway Orange Drink 93 Score Salt 81 Sweet Butter FARMS DAIRY, INC. University 6600 SERVICE THE AMHERST BEE The Official Paper of Amherst COMPLETE COVERAGE OF SCHOOL ACTIVITIES FINE JOB PRINTING THE EXCLUSIVE AGENTS FOR SMART RYTEX STATIONERY WILLIAMSVILLE, N. Y. ROSWELL L. TURK REAL ESTATE-INSURANCE 4585 MAIN ST. 5497 MAIN ST. SNYDER, N. Y. WILLIAMSVILLE, N. Y. COM PLI M ENTS OF BROST MOTORS, INC. DODGE AND PLYMOUTH DISTRIBUTORS 1291 MAIN ST. BUFFALO, N. Y. A Suit That Has Everything Wfhen It's Tailor lvlade HARRY HARTZBERG Manufactl1.rer of 1l'Ien's and Young NIen's Clothing 231 Washington St. QSecond Floorb Buffalo, New York DYE STOR G E ALWAYS SAY HDYES' When Thinking of Storage, Packing, llloving and Shipping All One lllillion Cubic Feet of lllodern Fireproof Heated Storage Space Private Sealed Roonis Nation-V'ide, Long Distance Bloving Expert Rug Cleaning Phone Llncoln 4-4-20 WILLYS SA LES AND SERVICE CORPORATION 1452 MAIN ST. BUFFALO, N. Y. DISTRIBUTORS FOR WILLYS OVERLAND CARS AND TRUCKS Dye Flreproof KARL L. SWEENEY-Pres. Warehouse, Inc. EARL E. SWEENEY-Sec,y 1661 DIAIN ST. BUFFALO, N. Y. Phone LI. 4202 IIlcCI.e ".'5f'.5!51 t gif-.TffJ'g. . l'nUJ'lC J-9-.7--.Fa 5 .f K. 1 .ujffgi fjw , xx. ,X X AEN. Q4 - vuumoul "I WASH 838' HOUJG BAND AND ORCHESTRA INSTRUMENTS or suvnsms QuAu1'v wwm m 5.'i'?.'?E" Penzel-Mueller y Q Cl-ARINETS ,133 732 Mnwv sressr BLlFFfs.L.O. 11.15 Beals, McCarthy 81 Rogers, Inc, FOUNDED 1826-INCORPORATED STEEL-HARDWARE-METALS MOTOR CAR ACCESSORIES BUFFALO, N. Y. HINDIVIDUAL GLASSES" We specialize in the making of glasses from pre- scriptions of Eye Physicians and in fitting them to your individual measurements. Here you may choose frames to meet every price require- ment with the assurance that the lenses will be of one quality-THE FINEST. BUFFALO OPTICAL CO. Oscar Cleal Herbert Derrick ,, . ., 559 MAIN ST. 297 ISIAIN ST. owr a Cvmuiy of Service' 2830 Delaware Ave., Kenmore LUMEN R. HAWS CO. 86 W. CHIPPEWA STREET BUFFALO, N. Y. MANUFACTURERS OF ACCESSORIES EXPERT LUBRICATION KENDALL SERVICE STATION MA1N.c1TY LINE "Mac,' McNERNY "Bert" BERCHOU SCHOOL 8 FRATERNITY Proprietors JEWELRY UN. 9807 USAGE MAKER TO HIS MAIESTY KING APPET 3947 MAIN STREET XT EGGERT ROAD S-a.u.-I: e 1 's SA IT! nmrib-.ron of quam, Foods I 1 P 1 O 94 5 9 4 Compliments JOSEPH MESSING A NEIGHBORHOOD STORE FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE GRACE C. HEANEY Gifts Hosiery Notions Greeting Cards 4-529 MAIN ST. SNYDER, N. Y. NORWICH UNIVERSITY The lllilitary College of the State of Vermont Courses leading to B. S. degrees in Civil Engineering, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Arts and Sciences. Military and riding instruction under United States Army Cavalry Officers included in moder- ate tuition fee. For further information, address: ' The Registrar, Norwich University Northfield, Vermont Compliments of HOLZMAN CLEANERS For Quality Harlem Square Snyder, New York PA. 7329 HEWITT,S DELICATESSEN 4515 Blain St., Snyder, N. Y. HOME-MADE SALADS AND BAKED BEANS IMPORTED 8 DOMESTIC CHEESE ICE CREAM COLD DRINKS FREDDIE'S DOUGHNUTS FRESH DAILY Open Evenings 8 Sundays Until 12 Nlidnight Stoker Coal Smokeless Coal Bituminous AMHERST BUILDERS' SUPPLY 81 COAL CORP. 5274- Main Street, Williamsville, N. Y. Williamsville 64--U Niversity 3581 Lehigh Valley Anthracite Semet-Solvay Coke HARRIS SOAP CO. BUFFALO, N. Y. IVIAKERS OF FINE soAPs SINCE 1869 Lunches Lrlilkshakes Sodas Sundaes Candies UNIVERSITY SWEETS 3262 MAIN ST. BUFFALO, N. Y. Homemade Ice Cream 30c a Quart YY-y a Quan One Pint of Sherhet Free with Every Quart ENTERTAINMENT HEADQUARTERS FOR AMHERST CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS O The Wor1d's Creates! Motion Pk-tures-Perfectly Presenledl SHEAFS KENSINGTON Bailey 81 Kensington Aves. SHEA'S KENMORE 3021 Delaware Ave., Kenmore Compliments of DANIEL JUNG, M. D. FORD M ER CURY LINCOLN-ZEPHYR J. C. STEPHENS MOTOR CORP. 34-84 MAIN ST. Opposite University of Buffalo Campus PA. 814-0 Christian F lierl Co. Compliments of READ MOTOR CO. INCORPORATED CARS SERN ICE FORD PLANING INIILL LIERCLIRY LINCOLN ZEPIIYR Dressed LUNIBER Rough R Q G USED CARS Fine Interior Trim Williamsville, New York Park. 9094- Wmsvl 500 O Compliments of SINCE 1889 at 1352 FERGUSON ELECTRIC CONSTRUCTION COMPANY GENESEE ST., BUFFALO, N. Y. Contracting 81 Equipment ' BUFFALO, N. Y. CONGRATULATI TO THE CLASS OF 1940 Who have just successfully completed their course of High School study May their upright ideals guide them through life no matte they may choose to enter. iii? FRANKLIN F. SCHAFER Wholesale Fruits and Produce Niagara Frontier Food Terminal BUFFALO, NEW YORK O N S r what field of study "Fairmont's Better Food Products " THE FAIRMONT CREAMERY COIVIPANY 197 Scott Street, Buffalo, N. Y. KODAK LEICA CONTAX ARGUS AND SPEED GRAPHIC CAMERAS Kodachroxne and Dufay Color Film. Publica- tions. Fine Grain Developing and Printing L. N. WHISSEL LUMBER CO INC. Lumber and Nlillwork 5307 MAIN STREET J. F. NVILLIAMSVILLE 459 WASHINGTON ST., Near MOHAWK OTHER MILLS AT 577 Cambridge Ave., 1460 Nlilitary Ewrything for the Amateur Photographer Buffalo Kenmore DRUGS DRUGS 3969 MAIN, EGGERTSVILLE Telephone-University 1111 4555 Compliments of MARY FAGEN BEAUTY SHOP MAIN ST. SNYDER, N RIDER COLLEGE of Business Adlninistration Bachelor of Science degrees in Commerce and in Education-Special Intensive Courses Founded 1865 Trenton, N. J. M E A S E R ' S WILLIAMSVILLES BIG STORE DRY GOODS SHOES M EN 'S-BOYS' SHOP WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE THE CHOWN SCHOOL FOR A BUSINESS TRAINING 1-Its faculty. 2-Its equipment and schoolrooms. 3-Its splendid employment service under a full-time employment director. 4--Its Hne courses g- 5 g :g, " . M V .ui L. Clxown Sclloo QBus1ness WAshington 2117 775 Main Street, Buffalo, New York Catalog on request ART GOODS N OTIONS NOVELTIES Let Us Take Care of Your Hem-line Troubles, Alterations and Repairs. Serving Niagara Frontier Since 1888 STORE QUICK SERVICE Wash.-Dresses-Silk Furnishings for the Entire Family HARLEM 8 KENSINGTON , SNYDER, N. Y. PA. 0910 J. F' Open Saturday Evenings till 10 p. m. Plumbing : : Heating SCHULER BROS. GROCERIES, MEATS, HARDWARE GRAIN, HAY, STRAW AND FEED SNYDER, N. Y. PA. 9042 306 E. Genesee Street W'Ashington 5110 WE DELIVER FILMO TRY YOUR NEXT REEL ON A FILMO AND SEE THE DIFFERENCE United Projector Q Filni Corporation 228 FRANKLIN ST., BUFFALO, N. Y. WASH. 8022 FILM RENTAL SERVICE Patronagt+ We patronize the Tower, the School Plays, Operettas, Variety Shows, etc., because we he- lieve in Amherst Central and all that it stands for. In the conduct of our Home Furnishing store we try to render the same quality of service to our customers which a good school does to its students, and thus to merit the patronage of our customers and this our community. KOBLER 81 IVIILLER COMPANY 316 Genesee St., Buffalo, N. Y. TELEPHONES WASH. 0177 OR 0178 RYAN 8 WILLIAMS, INC. STATIONERS OFFICE OUTFITTERS DESKS CHAIRS FILING CABINETS 82-84 PEARL ST., BUFFALO, N. Y. THE COVER for the 1940 Tower was designed and produced by Mueller Art Cover and Binding Company 2202 SUPERIOR AVENUE CLEVELAND, OHIO WM. R. BOOCOCK, President Compliments of FOUR WINDS FARM NURSERY Incorporated 4-190 MAIN ST., EGGERTSVILLE, N. Y. NORTH PARK BUSINESS SCHOOL Courses BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION-FOR BOYS ADVANCED SECRETARIAL-FOR GIRLS Subjects Gregg Shorthand Touch Typing Secretarial Practice Filing Accounting Business English Office Practice IH imeograph Commercial Law Calculating lwtmfltines Instruction in Bookkeeping, Dictaphone, Comptolneter, and Nlilneograplx Machines. Switchboard, Electric Typewriter. Buffalo's Residential Business School Limited Enrollinents Intensive Summer Course Begins July 8 F all Term Opens September 3 Telephone Delaware T171 Ask for our Catalog Illiles D0n't hleau a Thing-Y0u'll Nleet Your F n Y .1 A COMPLIMENTS or e 0' St" ms ' DR. LOUIS SCHMITT, M. D. CASTLE? 624- IVIAIN ST. 66 CHASSIN AVE. Milk Shakes Sodas EGGERTSVILLE, N. Y. Sandwiches Sundaes Hot Plate Service KNOX- LACKE MOTORS, INC, DANAHY-FAXON Home owman sromss 2495 MAIN sr., BUFFALO, N. Y. Save Our Dollar Doubler Coupons Lincoln Zephyr - Ford - hlercury Make 81 G0 Farther Than 32 Sales and Service RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION FLOWERS A PROFESSION HIGHEST IN QUALITY . BUT REASONABLE IN PRICE Genrich FROM Builders , C LA. 7896 OFFICE 4-287 MAIN STREET 260 DELAWYARE AVE. Phone UN. 044-4 STATLER HOTEL 304 INIAIN ST Rich's TEN TH ,CE CREAM ANNIVERSARY SERVED EXCLUSIVELY IN OUR CAFETERIA Greetings QQTAIQ PN AT Noe Rotary Club OF EGGERTSVILLE - SNYDER USE "MORE LIVE POWEEI' 4 c 9 9 Hanna Elk PARKING STATIONS Gasoline CONVENIENTLY SOLD AT LOCATED IN ELK FILLING STATIONS DOWNTOWN TEN BUFFALO LOCATIONS 24 HOUR TOWING SERVICE Phone Delivery AM. 0123 Service SNYDER GARAGE 45004506 MAIN ST., SNYDER, N. Y. F. B. LUDWIG, Proprietor Da ' Ni ht Ubi 9818 Phones PA. 2581 SHUPE DRY CLEANING 2220 KENSINGTON AVENUE SNYDER, N. Y. TAILORING REMODELING BRUCE SWEET BUSINESS LIFE INSURANCE LIBERTY BANK BLDG. BUFFALO, N. Y. Stratford Graduate School Universit ' Atmosphere. Individual Instruc- tion. Free Employment Service. Secretarial and Accountancy Courses. 12 to I8 months of University Grade for High School and College Graduates. Intensive short courses C6 to 8 monthsj in Stenography and Bookkeeping including the operation of Comptometers, Dictaphones, Cal- culators, Billing, and Bookkeeping Machines. Day and Evening Sessions. Catalog free. Phone Garfield 9156 or write. 296 Linwood Ave. QAt W. Uticaj GA. 9156 Nights, Sundays, Holidays Call .... GA. 0637 09Shaughnessy Motors NEWLY APPOINTED DEALERS FOR Dodge and Plymouth New Cars and Trucks PARTS AND SERVICE QUALITY USED CARS Honestly Reconditioned A brand new service station completely equipt to handle your service needs. Our service is friendly, our equipment is nlodern. Our prices are reasonable. Call Parkside 2670 or Williamsville 41 5215 MAIN STREET cor. S. F0llEST ll0AD T0 THE 5 ' Congratulations on the successful completion of your course. As you embark upon your selected vocation you will profit by knowing that good printing and lithography are a mighty force in the business world. Printing . . . the inseparable companion of achievement . . . is the fifth largest industry in the country. Its dominant position is the result of unceasing efforts on the part of printers and lithographers like ourselves, to strive for perfection in the printed piece. W'e zuzuld be happy to show you through our plant. WM. J. KELLER, INC. PENN R. WATSON, PRESIDENT Commercial Printers Photo-Lithographers GR. 2164 ' MAIN AT VIRGINIA - BUFFALO, N. Y. IF you would enjoy radio and recorded music too-we suggest that you select your instrument from these famous makes here, side by side-,for your careful comparison . . . CAPEHART MAGNAVOX RCA VICTOR PHILCO PAL the D. C. 8: D. ZENITH Consoles-table models-portables LIBERAL ALLOWANCES GENEROUS TERIVIS We cordially imfiteyou. to visit our record shop. Denton Cottier 81 Daniels INCORPORATED 32-38 Court Street at Pearl Parking Rear of Our Store 113 YEARS SELLING DEPENDABLE MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS "Bachelor's Friend" Guaranteed Hosiery 1N'Ien's and Boys' Socks LANDEL'S Hosiery Parlor La France Hosiery-Longer Wearing Sheer Silk A Product of Nlarshall Field SL CO. Cozy Shop Located Over Loblaws For Information Call ANI. 1933 COM PLI M ENTS OF W A T S O N ' S SODA BAR 3582 NIAIN ST. Opposite U. B. Campus "Our Own- Ice Cream" LOW PRICES HIGH QUALITY B. W. G. FOOD STORES "Shui-'fine" Is The Best COMPLIMENTS OF DR. and MRS. W. H. BUELL Good Used Cars and Trucks HIRSCH BROS. INCORPORATED C H E V R O L E T Sales and Service 5479 Blain St. WILLIAINISVILLE, N. Y. Parkside 7014--Phones-Willianisville 205 COMPLIMENTS OF WALTER P. GEYER Patent Attorney Patents Trade Marks Copyrights 711 Brisbane Bldg. Bulfalo, N. Y. 5c Sl 10c 81.00 and UP BEN FRANKLIN STORES 3156-53 Nlain St., Buffalo, N. Y. Featuring Popular Priced Merchandise in the 50 to 31.00 Field. Open. lllonday and Saturday Evenings Telephone UN. 0626 I 1 ! r lt- ' 4 1 4 ll NIAGARA UNIVERSITY College of Business Administration College of Arts and Sciences Pre-Professional Courses School of Education l Graduate School Senlinary Address: The Registrar, Niagara University, New York FRESH MEATS FISH POULTRY WHOLESALE-R ETAIL LINCOLN IVIARKET A. J. DURRENBERGER, JR., Prop. Complete Line of Fairmoufs Frosted Foods 4517 INIAIN ST. Near Harlem Road Snyder, N. Y. , We Deliver ' We Deliver PA. 8010 PA. 8010 FOR BETTER BOWLING, BOWL AT THE AMHERST RECREATION CLUB 5365 INIAIN ST., WILLIAMSVILLE, N. Y. ' PHONE 626 BOWLING BILLIARDS Compliments of KENMORE BAKER Y WARD ROGERS and BOB WOODHAMS Salesman RI. 3272 Compliments of THE VILLA GE SHOPPE 5550 MAIN ST., .W'ILLIAMSVILLE, Y. GIFTS, STATIONERY, SCHOOL SUPPLIES PA. 9634 WEST BRUS. E S S 0 Servicenter . - ERVI CE I , Be Keen Keep Clean Free Plck-HP COMPLETE :rr-lclENT LINEN ssnvlcs and Delivery Service shstn Q MAIN AT BERNHARDT . F ll C R t' f PHONE UN- 2266 Dinnefflfale P25325 EYHZJZ at All Hours Ban uets, Call Pariside 9763 C. R. STACKHOUSE Carting - Moving - Storage 0 N E T T 0 , S RESTAURANT All Loads Insured 4512 Main St. Snyder, N. Y. Chicken - Steaks - Fish - Chops Roast Beef - Italian Spaghetti - Ravioli 3630 MAIN ST. at BAILEY AVE. MILK Phone UN. 3220 CREAM A. F. HOLMES DAIRY Strictly Fresh Dairy Products Home Lfade Ice Cream "HoIrr1es Ilfilk for the Home" MUCK MOTOR SALES, INC. GETZVILLE, NEW YORK Ford - lllercuryt - Lincoln Zephyr - Tractor Sales and Service Parts and Accessories Fred G. Muck, P1-es. Phones Wmsvle. 783-J-13 Wxnsvle. 680 .1 i I , f ! 4 X, . Q l S5 i ia? 2- 'Eiil ? x 5 K 1 f E E 'J i f N . E i I I I 1 1 I 1

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