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4-. sir? W W 1 xx'm, f4?! wf 'fa EN is Q fs K' - 1 13 f W I 1 ww :Q ff H ' ig51,Su::-2244 png f , :lifgxxf Nth, X Qf-W . :lf gig ' wexukii , ,'1f Cx N. ' , ,5 s Q ,' ,ff ky? S EX LIBRIS 47 Hama, 47 Saw, 47 drnquercd , . Ure Glass ef I 960 Presents Ure Pew- Weuf Amesbury High Sel1eeL Arueslrury, Massachusetts DEDICATION Throughout our years at Amesbury High School we have always known the teachers to whom we dedicate this book to be helpful, friendly, conscientious, and sincere towards each one of us. Under the ever concerned eyes of these dedicated persons we have completed an era in our lives which will never be forgotten. As a small token of our gratitudewe hereby dedicate this yearbook to Norma K. Reynolds and Roland H. Woodwell. 4 ' 5 4 .Vi Q Q ..f Q if U W nm' ' Q i-iw .1 i as 11.9.5 iv. 1 ,Q ,Q ,, . -Qld. a 5,00-gsm F 3, :I ,..: 5: cya, Q G: 3 I .1 1- vfli ng., v ,. rv! r-w I :wk ..-r 14 Q I YE XX FOREWORD At our departure from the hallowed halls of Amesbury High, we pre- sent the 1960 Pow-Wow that our fond memories of our days there will be preserved and that our appreciation of A. H. S. will mellow with age. The acts of kindness, experience of fellowshipand wise teaching which we have received there will enable us to surmount untold difficulties in the future. Therefore with the ideal of faith through remembrance we present the 1960 edition ofthe Pow-Wow. X 'TW 1-vvvvm, i - , A '. Tl, ., 7, 01 NzwWY E X if . 04 5 ' 11524-Q , ,f Q mwffn' ,nf HUA 1 ---X -W . rj v ' 'iff' ' 7: 15,334 ' ! X ' 'f L1V 4 EPA iv, I 'ig ' -, ' jf Qiiekgwf P . 'L E is . eff-se, S Q --531-V gg Y , X is N' ik X X-. X K x ' -es CONTENTS Administration Seniors . . . Underclassmen Activities . . . Athletics . . . Advertisements . . . . 6 Page Page Page Page Page Page 7 l3 '17 85 95 111 CON SULS pu I I f 2 R ,, f . WX, Q' 4 V A .nw - elf- Y f ve X . ADMINIS To the Class of1960: All experience is an arch where-through Gleams that untraveled world margin fades Forever and forever when l move. Since your earliest childhood you have been approaching such an arch. The margins of your sight and understanding have been continually ex- panding. As you look back to your freshman year you can realize the progress you have made dur- ing high school. Now that you have finished that part of your experience, it is not the proper time nor is there ever a proper time, to stop your progress toward that great arch you can approach but never quite reach. Push on! Never falter in your endeavor to approach more perfect know- ledge. One is never too old to learn, Mr. English Fred C. English, Supt. 8 R June 10, 1960 To the Class of 1960: Congratulations to each member of the 1960 graduating class for the suc- cessful completion of your high school education. It is our hope that this education you have received at Amesbury High School will help you to succeed in your goals for the future. Sincerely, Q mum H' 8115:-PL -4- -16, Carleton D. Skillings Principal ATION , X Mr. Skllllngs a ., 'fl 1: v 5'L:z? ' ' ' ,- .Eff ga4f?72iiif,fff Q. ff 'Qfffl fffwflff -1 my s - T i , vs Q3 .W M, A , 'C o ' F' i iff! -2 - v-. W u ' 1 ' l - :ff aff . - EQ 1 , fl-'xy - . , ,,,l ji 3 2, F gi F ig :fm Mr. Roy Mrs . Cote 9 N Joseph Alex, M.S. Phys. Ed. , wi . , ,dee 'iw W lily 'W 2 Cx ' 4 .l :er it X If G wQwW- ' .xv ,, wp E ' . 4 iswv gs 4. Edward Averill, M. Ed. Jane Elias, M. A. Eleanor Lee, B.A. B Ethel Barry ertram Fecteau, M. Ed Vernon Lewis, M. Ed. William shea, M. Ed. Kathryn Bergeron, B.S. Ed. Juris' Q7 123. 'em ' , W., ,, Q ,If fl'-3 ' 2. QE. 4 3, me ..-Q B x L e we ga, VX --JW .2 ,gf- : 1-we, v 'Um T I ' lfilfli x , Louise Flynn, B.A. wi' lnl' .2 2, QQ : .rf fi . 9.135 9-1 K '1' -- f i xi . i is f Q ,R 4 X . i , ' if ff , Egg-'il H2235 mm in Y .5 mi 1 - ff- . sr31+M: few J.-QU' :1 R xi? ....,, ,.,: , . L 512.4 1. if. .S J. Harris Melia, M. Ed. , 'e , ,ewan 'g l-5 ,fret , Ei Q ' aff' fig: . ref ,f . E 'Y - 'L.:':Q . 4. . ' ' W .s 'i:1- .15 '1..Q.:'N'. 'gj, ., 3 .?K'w11 Q. it ' 'aff Mary Spiller, A.B. Robert Smith, D.A.O. C William Carey, B.S. ' ' if -2.5521 .J .r A .m s 1. ' ,,,.f1 A gf .. 5.5-,arg A-L-,A-1.1 -em . . W' .S ' 1 f. 5 x , Q . , 'mf , 3 'sv QW , x W '. 1:Y!,,A.,1'.. Q54 vii, 1. ,,yu,. if-...qi .ry sm-b , r V, . ... ?' . Julia Keosian, B.S. orinne Morse, B.S. Ed. xnxx? . :SV . fn::. ., , 21. -me -' . ...1,,i.. if f is -'Y 1 ' ii? H i . .1 i x C' ' x 4 . sa.. , K3 ' .re el -rs A n 2' in ' Q 5 ev 1 '54 1 Robert Sullivan, B.S. N Gloria Chase, B.S. 1-mfr -- ' . F ' . JE' . 50:55 .4 . .tag-i, . TE: igii ri Q 'F , r a , 1 1' .- B E. .4 , , 1 'L -ffl Bfwzr' . . .543 .Wm Q' Eg o x . x ' , D Q 2 fa use 1' I 5' 'R , y' nfua . , .Z -i.gk'JH lv , xr 2 ' ::.i,,,Q1, m '- W: 1 Merle Kimball, B.A. ,tvs , Pjgf., N35 51- J Y - F :fi 36 13? In 1.1: . '-5 1 .ref ., H .,..:2ff,g4 . lfifliifizz ,Y .l'iE E-wg-'E?12: ,ij,M aaa, Zim. Qaizgsa lei 'agar 2 - if QQKSEQ .glgflf gig-Q F .3 4,5535 .grab , af. i Q- Q -g., .-if .2 Dorothy Pierce, B.A. . . 43715.-' 3 5 559' an w1'x.f's:1 .,. .H .J gg , , . ..,..,,,, 2212? - 1 '-52.--e ,dig a 1--' 1151. ' , X E' P Q.. V 1 11. . .: 1.:2 ' ni?-S v aA'?I:a'? :. 'nf'1 1. v, 'f 'L ,... ,rx ,.:..,. . ..L . ,-. an-f2,2f3fa1e?zff2:-f ,lag :,.s:,,f'a.1m.4':,a: .sa f23ff1+:'.3f :m5yi ,gl:9 2' mi-!::.':aQf,,sf!,ie...'a Frances Westart, B.S. Ed. Donald Clark, B.S. f X .e f-for ,mf Q me . pu 3... ana' ! 61 :DEP fi 'll Ja., 4- N. l' 2512?-ig ' - .wo .3 s q: A I ,Si si. IPP Frank Kozacka, M. Ed. g:g:f,g::gea fa-:las--Q-3525 ' ' 'I li. Q-M212 I4 I? Y are- size - . A- Qrfwfs 1 , - -, ii-555 1' X I ZIQI V 'Q S 2--9 .,, aipvr , . I E itz. 6 iz 'ffmggli N, ,,.. 1 allwia Norma Reynolds, 1 B.S. E 'Q Q QLEQ ? lg :f e ,, .ssl Af H , ad , , , , 392.-'ix ' M ffsffl Ligizif W 3 ,:'.:!TQi' 1. , ' ,, ff: Arthur Wood B.S. Roland Woodwell d. , M. Ed. Janet Conte, M. Ed. mn-w--3. M3152 53255335 A :gtg-we ifflffgfizdge gow: gzzm A i'?il?3?L'f r T ' , . r A , , 3 W T HM . 5 3, 2 .Q ,. K .,. , , '-'fzizf' LI. T Robert Kozacka, M. Ed. ax:-53 -'WZ 4.5 . 428. .i x 3323.4 mfg' H I was -0--M.. , V 2.2352 ??5i'i'2'?.- ., 'P I, .75 age' 'Tv k I 'o- ma.. V W - .... J J. sandy Roy, M. Ed. Stephen Young, M. Michael Ananian, B.A Norma Dean, B.A. Francis Lawlor, M.A. Vitold Wallace, B.A. Birds of a feather flock together. After the battle, the reward Into the mldst of things. Life is short, art long. Oh the times! O.h the customs! Labor conquers all things. I2 'f f, - I is-',g 1f ,-, S' 1 3 if ' Ny-',. N 43:4 ,Q 046 ' 7 ' w 1. Wg f 2-. u, .L 'pf Ulf, N , V V I 17 1 'vm' . 1 f 1 -'fm-'fl' N' 'Wx 'x 7' aff W b fx VM, , f 4, wwf! f- rm 4 Wflyf in ,vL.1. 51,2Lf tiff- - UAE? v QRLJKK . . qw, gg . wgfzfffa um K .5 ' fQ4 3', 1' ' ' X ' it u , X I 'A 4X 1' X 'N' 'i ' 5' VW .4 'xx 'Qi I nm t f, '3 7 A 1- ' x -ff 1. if f' X- ' ,. P '- ' f ff? -V H 'W ff fa finraiiffl' iiffi' 4 ' i '3gf4-Wfjgf 1 'V fag? ' 13 CLASS OFFICER David Tuxbury, Pres. Peter Bartley, V. Pres. Laureen Gauron, Sec. Conrad DiGennaro, Treas. cv CLASS ADVISOR Merle Kimball Norma Reynolds Kathryn Bergeron Stephen Young Charles Joseph Burditt Marie Rose Gosselln To those whom we have held in close friendship. I5 IN MEMORIAM Kenneth Jonathan .Iosephson CLASS OF 1 9 6 O I Peanut Sandy Gracie WILLIAM ALLEN Chock full oi brains that's our Bill We know he'1l always head up hill. Preparatory Student Council 1,45 National Honor Society 3, Society Presi- dent 4g Discussion Club 4, French Club 2g Play Writing Club 4g Senior Play 4g.Iunior PromgDance Committees 45 Fresh- man Assembly 1gVeteran'S Day 45 Memorial Day lg Science Assembly lg Honor Roll 1,2,3,4g Pow-Wow Staff, Layout Edi- tor 4g Junior Rotarian 43 Field Day 1,2g French Award 39 Baseball 1,25 Captain Mathematics Team 4. SANDRA ARMSTRONG Sandy was a quiet type of girl But on the baton squad she sure can twirl. Preparatory Discussion Club 45 Glee Club 1,25 Senior Play 4gJunlor Prom 35 Color Day 3,45 Gym Assemblies 2,35 Color Day Assemblies 3,45 Pow-Wow 45 Baton Squad 2,3,4g Field Day 1,2,3g Intra- mural Basketball 1,2g National Honor Society 4. GRACE BARRETT Co-captain of our basketball team, Grace's a girl who's always on the beam. Preparatory National Honor Society 3,49 Treasurer ofsoclety 43 Glee Club 25 French Club 2g Junior Prom 35 Color Day 2,3,4g Basket- ' ball 1,3, Co-captain 49 Intramural Basketball lg Softball 4. I6 ..,-1 ,415 5-ima AMESBURY Arlene i Pete Jeannie H H ARLENE BARTLEY Ar1ene's full of pep and fun. A good time she'll never shun. Commercial Glee Club 15 Pep Club 45 Senior Play 45 Color Day 45 Mirror Staff 3,45 Olflce Staff 35 Field Day 15 LlbraryAssistant l,2,85 Intramural Basketball Manager I. . fi., ,..I !C'5'n ' ' 5 ' ,.. et gl il -W wx. eu.,- EJ. .r:!14me fi 1. :,.'-.aui,,':'.. l fl 1 .iw P92 -'2v,g.': .' . :'z,..i3'-tix' 4 M,--..-a..9 0. -,, ,.. .M .,. PETER BARTLEY To find a better guy, you'd have to look and look. Pete rates high in everyone's book. Preparatory Play Reading 35 Boys' Glee Club 35 Mixed Chorus 35 Play Writing 45 Senior Play 45 Junior Prom 35 Junior Night 35 Dance Committees 3,45 Color Day 253,45 Gym Assembly 45 Vice President of Class 3,45 Field Day 45 Monitor 45 Basket- ball 1,Z,3,45 Track 1,2,3, Captain 45 Football l,2. JEAN BASTIEN Teeny Jeannie, the kids all say, Is sometlmes quiet, sometimes gay. General Glee Club 1,2535 Junior Prom 35 Junior Night 35 Sophomore Play 25 Dance Committees 1,2,85 Color Day 1,2,3,45 Gym 2, 3,45 Mirror Staff 2,3,45 Offlcestaff 2,35 Mixed Chorus 35 Field Day l,2,3,45 Basketball 1,25 Intramural Basketball l,2. I7 lu-ing CLASS OF 1960 Bambi Terry Frenchy ALBERT BELANGER His real name is Joseph, but we call him Bambi, At getting along with girls he sure ls handy. THERESA BELLEVANCE Always full of fun . . . you bell Theresa's a glrl you just can'l forget. Commercial Senior Play 45 Junior Prom 35 Junior Night 35 Sophomore Play Z5 Dance Committee l,2,3,45 Gym Assembly 25 Fresh- man Assembly 15 Cheerleading Assembly 25 Pow-Wow Staff 45 Mirror Staff 2,3545 Home Room Treasurer 1,35 Field Day 1,25 Class Treasurer 152. ' Senior Play 45 Junior Prom 35 Junior Night 35 Dance Com- mittee 35 Color Day 45 Gym Assembly 2,3545 35 Field Day l,2,3,45 Hockey 1,2,8,45 Football 1, Preparatory Mix ed Chorus z,a,4. ROCHELLE BERTRAND A real cute chic . . . that's Rochelle. Everyone agrees she's just swell. Commercial 5 National Honor Society 45 Thrift Club 45 Senior Play 45 Junior Prom 35 Junior Night 35 Color Day 1,253,145 Thanksgiving As- sembly 1,25 Gym Assembly 25 Honor Roll l,2,45 Pow-Wow Staff 45 Mirror Staff 35 Home Room Secretary and Treasurer 25 Office Staff 4. IB , 7, Y ,, 7,, 7,7 7, , Walter Charlie Juicy WALTER BICKFORD Waiter is a champ with arrow and bow. A long way in life he's sure to go. General Junior Night 3g Senior Play Committee 4. Practical Arts Senior Play Committee 4. JOYCE BOUDREAULT With a great big smile from ear to ear, Joyce is full of nothing but good cheer. Preparatory Student Council 2,35 Vice President Council 45 National Honor Society 2,4g Discussion Club 45 French Club 3,45 Senior Play 43 Junior Prom 33 Junior-Night 3g Sophomore Play 25 Dance Committees l,2,3,4g Color Day 1,2,3,4g Student Council As- semblles 3,45 Junior Assembly 3g Honor Roll 1,23 Pow-Wow Staffg Mirror Staff 2,35 Co-editor 4g Field Day 25 Intramural Basketball 1. 'Q AMESBURY HIGH CHARLES BLAISDELL With his black leather jacket and his motor-cycle hat, There goes Charlie the real cool cat. CLASS OF 1960 Dimples Der-Fuher B.B. Briggs PAULA BOUTIN Paula's a scholar and an actress too! In future success she'll be beaten by few. Preparatory Student Council 45 Glee Club 35 Junior Prom 35 Junior Play 35 Sophomore Play 25 Dance Committees 2,35 Color Day 2,35 Veteran's Day Assembly 45 Thanksgiving Assembly 45 Gym Assembly 25 Student Council Assembly 2,85 Honor Roll l,2, 3,45 Pow-Wow Staff 45 Mirror Staff 45 Office Staff 1,25 Mixed Chorus 35 Field Day 15 Library Assistant 15 Intramural Bas- ketball 15 Senior Play, Cast 4 LLOYD BRIGGS Lloyd loves to argue and debate, He'd sure be great as the Secretary of State. Preparatory Student Council President 45 Play Reading Club 35 National Honor Society 3,45 Discussion Club 45 French Club 25 Play Writing Club 45 Senior Play 45 Junior Night 35Dance Com- mittees 45 Color Day 45 Mathematics Assembly 25 Good Government Assembly 45 Veterans Day Assembly 45 Thanks- giving Assembly 45 Gym Assembly 25 Student Council As- sembly 35 Junior Assembly 35 Honor Roll 2,3,45 Pow-Wow Staff, Co-Editor 45 Rotarian 45 Audio Visual Aid 15 Boy's State Delegate 35 Monitor 45 Good Government Representative 45 Charles Palmer-Davis Award 15 Track 3,45 Football 1,2, 35 Mathematics Team 45 Laboratory Assistant 3. MARCIA BRIGGS When you hear a quarrel or a friendly fight, There you'l1 find Marcia, and she's usually right. Preparatory , National Honor Society 3,45 Discussion Club 45 Trl-Hi-Y 15 Glee Club 1,25 French Club 2,3,45 Thrift Club l,3,45 Pep Club 45 Senior Play Committee 45 Junior Prom 35 Junior Night 35 Sophomore Play 25 Dance Committees 1,2,3,45 Color Day 1, 2,3,45 Thanksgiving Assembly 3,45 Gym Assembly 2,35 Stu- dent Council 35 Honor Roll 2,3,45Editor Literary Committee, Pow-Wow Staff 45 Graduation Usher 35 Baton Squad 25 Drum Majorette 3,45 Office Staff 2,35 Acappella Choir 15 Field Day 1,2,85 School Reporter 45 Basketball 35 Basketball- Manager 45 Intramural Basketball 1. Phil Margaret PHILIP BROWN In hockey and football Phil is keen, For hlm, days that aren't filled with sports, Are few and far between. General ' I-Ii-Y 1: Senior Play Committee 45 Junlor Prom 35 Junior Night 35 Dance Committees 1,2,3g Color Day l,2,3,4, Gym Assembly 2,35 Fleld Day 1,2,3,4g Track 1,23 Hockey l,2,3,4 Football 1,z,a,4. WILLIAM R. BROWN When the chi s are finally down P Coming through will be Billy R.,Bl'0Wll. , , General Junior Prom 39 Gym Assembly 2,39 Field Day 1,2,3,4g Track 8,45 Hockey l,2,3,4g Football 2. S Zl AMESBURY HIGH Bill WILLIAM A. BROWN Athletlc ls his middle name. This trait is sure to bring him much fame. Preparatory Senior Play 4, Junior Prom 3, Junior Night 33 Dance Com- mittees 2,3,4g Color Day 3,4g GymAssemb1y 2,85 Home Room Officer 23 Junior Rotarlan 4, Field Day 1,2,3,4g Monitor 43 Track 1,2,3,43 Hockey 1,2,3,4g Football 1,2,3, Captain 4, In- tramural Basketball 1. CLASS OF 1960 Q , 255 ! 5 - ' N Ag' ty-m. 151,315 5 ly, 4 uf' 4, Ja ty, -5' Louie Marsh Buzzy LOUIS BUNNELL Louie is a great sport in every way. He hopes to become a famous athlete some day. We wish luck and lots of joy, For he's A. H. S.'s All American Boy. General Student Council 15 Hi-Y 15 Senior Play Committee 45 Junior Prom 35 Junior Night 35 Color Day 1,2,3,45 Gym Assembly 2,3,45 Honor Roll 15 Audio Visual Aids l,2,3,45 Field Day 45 Basketball l,2,35 Track 152, Co-captain 35 Football 1,2,3. MARCIA BURDICK Marcia is a stylish gal, Whom all the boys have as their pal. There are girls by the tens and girls by the score Butjust one Marcia--that's all--no more. Preparatory Playreadlng 3,45 Glee Club 1,25 French Club 25 Thrift Club 1,25 Pep Club 45 Senior Play, Cast 45 Junior Prom 35 Junior Night 35 Dance Committee l,2,3,45 Color Day 1,2,3,45 Gym Assembly 253,45 Cheerleading Assembly 25 Mirror Staff 25 Cheerleader 3,45 Home Room Officer 1,25 Office Sta!! 25 Field Day 1,2,3,4. JOHN BUSWELL John is the class comedian, Tell a joke? He sure can! - Although he's a bit hashful and shy Everyone agrees he's a right nice guy. Preparatory Senior Play 'Committee 45 Junior Night 35 Color Day 45 Gym Assembly 25 Talent Show 45 Field Day 152,35 Hockey 2,3,4. Z2 Mary Franny Chauncey MARY CALNAN Mary's jolly, bouncy, and full of fun, A lot for A. H. S. she sure has done. Preparatory Student Council 45 National Honor Society 3, Secretary of Society 43 Discussion Club President 43 French Club 3, Pep Club 43 Senior Play 4, Junior Prom Committee 3, Sophomore Play 25 Dance Committee 1,2,8,4g Color Day 1,2,3,4g Gym Assembly 2,33 Honor Roll l,2,3,4g Pow-Wow Staff 43 Mirror Staif 2,3,4g Member-at-large 25 Graduation Usher 3, Cheer- leader 3,43 Office Staff 2,3,4g Girls' State Alternate 33 Field Day 1,2,3g Cheerleading Assembly 2. AMESBURY HIGH FRANCES CHASSE Never loud, never ostentatious, Always pleasing, always gracious. Commercial Glee Club 1,2,3g Band 1,25 Senior Play Committee 45 Gym Assembly 2. GEORGE CHAUNCEY Chauncey is often being pushed around, But a better guy could never be found. Although he is a bit short, A lot ot' personality he has got. Preparatory Student Council 2,3g Dance Committee 3, Color Day 1,2,3,4g Gym Assembly 2,3,4g Home Room Officer 2,3, Fie1dDay l,2, 3,43 Baseball 35 Hockey 4, Football l,2,3,4. Z3 CLASS OF 1960 Cookie Dave Lin GEORGE COOK Cookie's as friendly as he can be, A real nice person we all agree. Practical Arts Senior Play Committee 4. DAVID COTE A typical football player that's our Dave. Much needed strength to the team he gave. For him a game was sink or swim, Yet he was one who never gave in. General Thrilt Club 35 Senior Play Committee 4gJunior Night 35 Color Day 15 Gym Assembly Z,3,4g Student Council Assembly 1,25 Freshman Assembly lg Junior Assembly 35 Talent Show 45 Home Room Officer 1,2,3g Audio-Vlsua1Alds l,2,3,4g Field Day 1,2,3,4g Basketball 13 Track l,2,3,4g Football l,2,3,4, Intramural Basketball 1,2. LINDA COTE Linda ls always so polite, One never finds her in a fight. Another of her traits is being neat. A girl like her can't be beat. , Commercial Head Bank Cashier, Thrllt Club 45 Junior Prom Committee 35 Dance Committee 1,2,3g Color Day Committee 1,2,3,4g Honor Roll 2,33 Pow-Wow Staff, Copy Editor 4, Mirror Staff 2,3,4g Home Room Officer LQ Office Staff 3,4. Z4 4 w AMESBURY HIGH Jude Dick J ossy JUDY CROTEAU , In homeroom she was a riot. ' With all her talk about a dlet. Glee Club 1,23 Color Day Committee 49 Pow-Wow Art Com- mittee 4, Mirror Staff 4g Baton Squad lg Field Day lg Libra- ry Assistant 3g Intramural Basketball Manager 1. 3 RQQHARD caows From Ohio came our Dick. A real gentlemen we must admit. I am college bound, says he And we reply, Best of luck to thee. Preparatory Senior Play Committee 45 Track 45 Football 4. JOSSY DALMOLEN A real sportswoman, that's our Jos. She says basketball and field hockey are the most. Always laughing and looking for fun, With that special smile for everyone. Preparatory Discussion Club 3,45 Trl-I-li-Y 15 Glee Club 1,2g French Club 3,45 Thrift Club 35 Senior Play Committee 45 Junior Prom Committee 35 Color Day Committee 3,4g Gym Assembly 2,3, 4g Pow-Wow Stall 4. 25 Now, with all those pounds removed I Judy sure looks real smooth. . General 4 CLASS OF 1960 S Tootsie Boo Dick Preparatory staff 2,3,4g Field Day 2. CONRAD DiGENNARO What does Boo like better than school? It's a winning game of pool. He's witty, charming, and a dancer too! At being friendly he can be beaten by few. Preparatory National Honor Society 3,45 Discussion Club 45 Senior Play Committee 43 Junior Prom Committee 35 Junior Play Cast 35 Sophomore Play 25 Dance Committee 2,35 Color Day 3,45 Freshman Assembly 13 Junior Assembly 35 Honor Roll l,2, 3,45 Pow-Wow Advertising Editor 45 Member at Large 35 Treasurer 45 Field Day 25 Baseball l,2,35 Mathematics Team 4. RICHARD DiSTE FANO A little quieter every day. Practical Arts Senior Play Committee 4. 26 . BERNADETTE DeBOISBRlAN'D A quiet girl until you get to know her A precious pearl to the boys who pursue her An Airline Stewardess she wants to be See you on that first flight, TOOYLSIC Student Council 45 Discussion Club 4 Senior Play 4 Junior Prom Committee 35 Junior Play Committee 3 Dance Com mittee 1,2,3,45 Color Day 1 2,3 4, Pow Wow Staff 4 Mirror He goes along his merry way E ddie Downsy EDWARD DUWNER Eddle's often telling a joke or two. His laughs are many and his cares are few. General Hi-Y lg Senlur Play Committee 43 Gym Assembly 2,3g Talent Show 4g Field Day l,2,3g Basketball 1,23 Baseball l,2,3g Foot- ball l,2. WILLIAM DRABIK A L 5 Come sit on my lap, said Bill to a girl. And she plunked down after taking a twirl, y.. You won't get tired if I sit on your knee? ' If I do I'll slt on your's, sald hel ll Preparatory Student Council 43 Senior Play Cast 45 Junior Prom 33 Junior Night Committee 35 Color Day Committee l,2,3,4g Junior As- sembly 33 Pow-Wow Staff 4. Billy AMESBURY HIGH DAVID DOWNS A real smooth guy that's our Davld Downs. With the girls he made the rounds. Often he's the funniest guy under the sun. Yet, he still searches for more fun. Practical Arts Senior Play Committee 43 Gym Assembly 2. CLASS OF 1960 Dube Dumpy Terri FLORENCE DUBE A great kid is this gal called Flossie. Always friendly, never bossy. Perhaps it's because of her friendly smile, That she shall soon go down the aisle. Commercial Student Council Representative 1,23 Play Reading 3,43 Glee Club l,2,3g Thrift Club l,ZgSenior Play Committee 41 Junior Prom Committee 33 Junior Night Committee 3g Sophomore Play Committee 2gDance Committee 1,2,3,4g Color Day Com- mittee 2,3g Gym Assembly 2,3315 Sophomore Assembly 25 Mirror Staff 2,3,4g Field Day 1,23 Library Assistant l. SHARON DUNPHY Dunphy's jokes are a riot. ln home room she's never quiet. In a class she's teacher's pest. But we all agree that she's the best. Commercial Discussion Club 39 Tri-Hi-Y 1,23 Senior Play Cast 4g Junior Prom Committee 35 Junior Night Committee 35 Dance Com- mittee 1,2,3,4g Color Day Committee 1,2,3,4g Honor Roll 1,2,3g Co-editor 45 Field Day l,2. THERESA DUPUIS A happy girl is our Terri. When with her you're always merry. Because she likes to gab the mostest. She wants to be an airline hostess. Commercial Discussion Club 45 Glee Club lg Thrift Club 2,4g Senior Play Cast 45 Dance Committee 23 Color Day Committee 4g Veter- ans's Day Assembly 29 Talent Show 1,2,3,4g Freshman As- sembly lg Honor Roll 2,35 Pow-Wow Staff 43 Mirror Staff 25 Glee Club Concert Usher 3,4g Baton Squad 3,45 Field Day lg Library Assistant lg Guidance Assistant 3,4. 28 Dyke Tub ARLENE DYICE When the news of no cars at school got to Dyke, - She threatened that she would ride her bike! Arlene's always peppy and on the go. A real swell girl for anyone to know. Commercial Discussion Club 33 Glee Club l,23Senior Play Usher 4, Junior 'SQ rf i Prom Committee 33 Junior Night Committee 3, Dance Com- mittees 1,2,3,4gColor Day Committees l,Z,3,4g Mirror Staff j 3,4, Field Day lg Intramural Basketball 1. GEORGETTE EMOND Always singing that's Georgette, A nicer girl can't be met. Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Thanksgiving Assembly 2, Talent Show 3, Office Sta!! 45 Acappel1a.Choir 1,25 Library Assistant 25 Mixed Chorus 3. AMESBURY HIGH George DAVID EBACHER Dave is jolly and full of fun. At being friendly he can't be outdone. I-Ie made a good president for the bandg As everyone agrees, he sure is grand. Preparatory Band, President 145 1,2,3,4gSenior P1aygJunlor NlghtgJun.ior Assembly, Pow-Wow Staff, Field Day 1,2,3g Baseball 23 Foot- ball l. 29 CLASS OF 1960 Bill Mabe Mary WILLIAM ESTABROOKS You can look up, down, and around, But a greater kid than Bill can never be found. General Senior Play 4. MABEL EVANS Mabel's a real hot duck With nine lives and lots of luck. Her favorite song is the Beatnik Fly: Take a look and you'll know why!! Commercial Discussion Club 35 Trl-Hi-Y l,2g Glee Club 1,23 Senior Play Committee 43 Junior Prom Committee 3g Junior Night Com- mittee 35 Dance Committees 1,2,3,4g Color Day Committees 1,2,3,4g Mirror Staff 3,45 Office Staff 35 Field Day l. MARY EVANS With her curly hair and twinkling eye, Mary's spirits are always high. Commercial Glee Club 43 Thrift Club 4g Junior Night Committee 3g Color Day Committee 45 Pow-Wow Stall. Pinto John Felch ROBERT FAIRBRUFHER Bob ls a quiet type of guy, Very modest and kind of shy. General Thrift Club l,2g Gym Assembly 2,3. Preparatory CHARLES FELCI-I Charles ls always willing to have some fun. l-le'll go along wlth everyone. Practlcal Arts Gym Assembly 2. SI AMESBURY HIGH JOHN FEELEY John ls quiet, yet cheerful too, A nice person to have around when blue. CLASS OF 1960 Mary Ann Bobby Lo- Lo MARY ANN FELCH A movie fan is Mary Anng She takes ln a show whenever she can. Preparatory Glee Club l,2,4g Pep Club 49 Color Day Committees 2,45 Gym Assembly 23 Pow-Wow Staff, Home Room Officer 1,25 Field Day 1,2. ROBERT FROTHINGHAM The senior class llttlevlnan But act grown up--he sure can! General LOIS FULLFORD When you're with Lois, you can never be blue, For you end up ln stltches when she gets through. Commercial Discussion Club 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1,23 Glee Club 2g Senior Play Commlttee 4, Junlor Prom 35 Junlor Night 35 Dance Com- mittees 1,2,3,4g Color Day Commlttees 1,2,3,4g Mirror Staff 2,3,4g Field Day 1,2. 32 Linda Dolores Gaysle LINDA GAGNON She is quite short and rather small Things that make Linda a living doll. Home Economics Glee Club 3,45 Honor Roll 1, Library Assistant 3 Commercial LAUREEN GAURON Head Cheerleader she was elected To be a nurse she has selected. Walking by, how the boys do sigh And everlasting ls her sweet HL Preparatory Student Council Rep. 2,35 French Club 35 Thrilt Club 1,2 Pow-Wow Stafl4g Discussion Club 4, Class Secretary l,2,3,4 Honor Roll 4, Mirror Stall 2,3,4g Graduation Usher 3, Cheer' leader 3,43 Captain 45 Office Stall 2.3.4: Field DBY 2.3. as DOLORES GARDNER There is kindness upon her face, And sweetness ln her thoughts Her heart must be as pure as lace For her friendship can't be bought National Honor Society 3 Glee Club 4, Senior Play 4, High Honor Roll lg Pow-Wow Stall 4 Mirror Stalt 2 Home Room Officer 2g Library Assistant 3 CLASS OF W 1960 John Freddie Marlene JOHN GILDAY A nicer boy you'll never meet. A friendly smile that can't be beat, The captain of our hockey team, To go to college is his dream. Preparatory I-Ii-Y lg Junior Prom Committee 3g Color Day Committee 2, 3: Gym Assembly 2,3g Home Room Officer 1,2,4g Junlor Ro- tarian Field Day l,2,3g Baseball l,2,3,4g Hockey l,Z,3, Cap- tain 43 Football l. FRED HAYES Speeding around in his boat at the lake. Take it easy, Fred, for heaven's sake. General I-Ii-Y lg Basketball l,2. MARLENE HEADLEY A nurse one day Marlene will be. The best around--just wait and see. Preparatory V Band l,2,3,4g Senior Play Committee 49 Gym Assembly 25 Band Assembly l,2,3,-13 Field Day 1,23 Intramural Basket- ball 1,z. Preparatory Jeff - Bobby Carlie JEFFREY HEALEY A little witty sometimes, But of times very clever. Always trying to do his best A success he'll be forever. Preparatory Playreading 33 National Honor Society 4g Senior Play, Cast 4, Junior Night 3, Science Assembly lg Junior Assembly 3, Freshman Assembly lg Honor Roll 1,2,3,4gAudio-Visual Aid 1. AMESBURY HIGH ROBERT HELLEN A little nonsense new and then Is relished by the most serious men. CARL HOLMSTROM A skier and a sea scout too. Carl's so busy he's never through. PFEPB I'3t0!'y Discussion Club 3,45 Band lg Senior Play 4, Field Day 1,2.. Playwrlting Club 4, Discussion Club, President 45 Senior Play, Cast 4, Junior Prom 3, Junior Night 83 Thanksgiving Assembly 45 Gym Assembly 2, Junior Assembly 3, English Assembly 43 Honor Roll 45 Pow-Wow Staff 4, Homeroom Treasurer lg!-lomeroom Secretary 3g Field Day 1,25 Hockey 1,25 Intramural Basketball l,2. 35 CLASS OF 1960 MARCIA IGJLLOGG You should see her whirl on her With all her friends, you bet, she rates. Home Economics Discussion Club 3g Tri-Hi-Y 1,23 Pep Club 49 Color Day 1,2, 3,45 Honor Roll 17 Field Day 2,3. N Peggy Marcia Kent MARGARET JOYCE Dancing runs in Peggy's clan. Becoming a dancing teacher is her only plan. Commercial Color Day 1,2,83 Talent Show Sg Guidance Assistant 4. roller skates. LORAINE KENT Always smiling, always neat. Our Loraine ls real sweet. Commercial Student Council Representative 43 Discussion Club 35 Junior Prom 35 Junior Night 39 Field Day 1,23 Sophomore Play 23 Dance Committee l,2,3,4g Color Day 1,2,3,4g Cheerleading Assembly 23 Pow-Wow Staff 45 Homeroom Officer 23 Office Staii 3,4. 36 AMESBURY HIGH Alan K. K. Marlon ALAN KINNEY ln class does he study?--Why, no! f He's too busy listening to hls radio. - ' General fb I-Ii-Y 15 Gym Assembly 2,35 Field Day 1,25 Football 1. I I KAREN KLEIN Karen is chic in every way. She has sparkling eyes and nice things to say. Preparatory Discussion Club 45 Senior Play 45 Dances 1,25 Color Day 1, 2,45 Gym Assembly 3,45 Homeroom Officer 1,25 Office Staff 35 Field Day 1,Z,3,4. MARION LABATTE Marlon has another side Which she is at pains to hide. Commercial Discussion Club 3,45 Glee Club 15 Pep Club 45 Senior Play 45 Junior Prom 35 Junior Night 35 Color Day 2,3,45 Honor Roll 2,35 Mirror staff 45 Field Day 2. 37 CLASS OF 1960 ' 35 Junior Night j ' 2,3,45 Thanksg ' Honor Roll 1,2 JOANNE LANDECK As we go along life's way We'll never forget the kind things sh Commercial Color Day 35 Mirror Staff 3,45 Office Staff 4. General - Senior Play 45 Robie Joanne Cornflakes ROBERTA LABATTE Robie, we prophesy, would go far II she'd hitch her wagon to a star. Preparatory National Honor Society 45 Discussion Club 45 Trl-Hl-Y 13 Glee Club l,2,35 Band 1,25 French Club 25 Thrift Club l,2,3, 45 Pep Club 45 Playwriting Club 45 Senior Play 45 Junior Prom 35Sophomore Play 25 Dances 15 Color Day 1, iving Assembly 3,45 Color Day Assembly 2,45 53,45 Pow-Wow Sialf 45 Mirror Staff 45 Mixed Chorus 35 ACappella Choir l,2,35 Field Day l,2. e had to say. MARCIA LEACH Marcia's easy-going and really doesn't care. But she'll do anything if someone says I dare. Color Day 1,2,45 Pow-Wow Staff 45 Library Assistant 1,3,4. AMESBURY HIGH The Bell Seven Don With pencil and paper Jeannie's at ease. When it comes to drawing, for her its a breeze. General Band l,2,3,4gSenior Play 45 Color Day 1,2545 Christmas As- sembly l,2,3,45 Pow-Wow Staff 4. He always works hard with strenuous will. For he's the type that can never sit still. Preparatory Student Council 45 Discussion Club 45 Color Day 15 Veterans Day 45 Math Assembly 15 Science Assembly 25 Audio-Visual Aid 15 Field Day 2. J EANNE LEBEL GERALD LEE Gerry sleeps ln must of his classes, But he has no worries--he always passes. Preparatory Color Day 15 Gym Assembly 25 Honor Roll 1,35 Field Day 1, 25 Basketball 15 Track 3,45 Football l,2,3. DONALD LEIBER CLASS OF 1960 VICTOR LOISELLE He added some fun to our Senior Play Just as he does every day. General Senior Play 45Junior Prom 35 Gym Assembly 25 Home Room Officer lg Field Day 1,2,3,4g Baseball 45 Football 1,25 Intra- mural Basketball 1. Alice Vic Mona ALICE LOISELLE Music is labeled tops on her list. To teach is Alice's fondest wish. Preparatory Glee Club 45 Senior Play 45 Color Day 45 Talent Show 4. ,Q r5!fQ..1'3 lk MONA MAILLOUX Mona's famous for her jitterbug. She really gets going when they roll up the rug. Commercial Glee Club 1,2,3,4g French Club 35 Senior Play 45 Junior Prom 33 Dance Committees 2,45 Color Day 2,3,4g Junior Assembly 3: Pow-Wow Staff 43 Office Staif 35 ACappella Choir 3. 40 EMMA MARCHAND Why aren't you all contented llke me. JON MARTIN Junlor Prom 3 Color Day l,Z, Gym Assembly 2,3,4g Home Room Offlcer 2 Track l 2 3 4 Hockey l,2,3,4g Football lg m Norm Jackie Student Councll 1 2 Dlscusslon Club 33 Junior Prom 3g Color Day 1 2 3 4 Cheerleadxng Assembly 23 Mirror Slalf 2,3,4, NORMAN MARQUIS To make the world a friendly place, Norman adds hls smiling face. Preparatory Senior Play, Cast 43 Junior Prom 85 D Field Day 2,33 Baseball 23 Football 1. xw-,.-... v3'if?55?fW - W, , 4 1.. W., Though sometlmes unsuccessfully. And everyone thinks he's really swell. AMESBURY H93 CLASS OF 1960 NELSON MERCHANT A vague desire an undefined longing The beat, beat generation--no belonging. Preparatory Senior Play 45 Color Day Committee 45 Gym Assembly 25 Field Day 1. Puppy Nels Ginny DONALD MATTHEWS To finish his high school education, he did return From the service and relaxation to see how much he would learn. General Student Council 35 Junior Prom 35 Dances Z5 Field Day 35 Basketball 1,35 Track 2: Football 1,2,3. VIRGINIA MORRILL Ginny's a girl who loves to be teased. Embarrassed she gets, but we all know she's pleased. Preparatory Tri-I-li-Y 15 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Senior Play 45 Junior Prom 35 Color Day 3. 42 AMESBURY HIGH Mousie Pam Shay WILLIAM MORSE Although Mouse ls his nickname On skis he's anything but tame. General Boys Glee Club 35 Junior Night Committee 35 Gym Assembly 2,35 Mixed Chorus 35 Field Day 1,25 Football l,2,3, PAMELA MULLARKEY Pam's five feet with eyes oi brown One of the sweetest girls in town. P!'epRl'8t0l'y Student Council Representative 25 Student Council Assembly 35 Senior Play 45 Junior Prom 35 Junior Night 35 Sophomore Play 25 Dance Committee 1,2,8,45 Color Day 1,2,3,45 Mirror Staff 2,3,45 Homeroom Secretary 25 Office Staff 25 Field Day 2,3. SHARON 0'BRIEN Sharon goes for service men, At Pease she has made many a friend. Preparatory Discussion Club 35 Glee Club 45 B00k Club 35 Senior Play 45 Junior Night 35 Guidance Assistant 4. 43 CLASS CF 1960 Joey Judy Paul JOSEPH O'KEEFE Attempts the end and never stands in doubt. No problem is too hard for Joey to find out. Preparatory Student Council 1,2535 National Honor Society 3,45 Discussion Club 45 Junior Prom 35 Junior Night 35 Dance Committee 35 Color Day 2,35 Gym Assembly 25 Honor Roll i5 Pow-Wow Staff 45 Boys' State 35 Field Day 1.25 Track 3,45 Hockey 1,2, 3,43 Football 1. Q JUDITH OUELLET - - Judy's main aim is to get rich quick Just to go on a continuous kick. Never to work--only to play Wonderful way to spend every day. Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y 1,25 Glee Club 1,3,45 Junior Prom 35 Junior Night 35 Color Day 33 Honor Roll 154. PAULINE PARE A peppy and witty character is Sheg Fun loving we're sure she'll always be. Marriage is her constant dreamg Of her household she'll be queen. Commercial Student Council 45 Discussion Club 45 Thrift Club 1,25 Pep Club 45 Senior Play, Cast 43 Junior Prom 35 Dance Committee 1,2545 Color Day 1,2,3,45 Gym Assembly 25 Cheerleading As- sembly 25 Honor Roll 25 Pow-Wow Staff 45 Mirror Staff 2,3,45 Cheerleader 3,45 Homeroom Officer 45 Field Dav 2. AMESBURY HIGH Sonny Sandy Dave HAROLD PARENTS Although Harold is a great tease, He always puts everyone at ease. General Gym Assembly 25 Honor Roll 15 Field Day 2,33 Track 1,45 Football 1. SANDRA PARKMAN Always willing to have some fun, Bu! never shlrking when there's work to be done. Preparatory Trl-Hi-Y 1gG1ee Club lg Band 1,2,3,4g French Club 3g Senlor Play 4gJunior Prom 35 Junlor Nlght 33 Dance Committee 3,4g Color Day l,2,4g Band Assembly 1,2,3,4g Junlor Play 35 A- Cappella Choir lg Basketball 1,2. DAVID PEARSON Ei 'C' A real riot that's our Dave. . Much humor to the senior class he gave. General Glee Club 33 Senlor Play 45 Junior Prom 33 Junior Night 35 Gym Assembly 2,3g Mixed Chorus 35 A Cappella Choir 3. CLASS OF 1960 C ' Bob Chris Gooba - ROBERT PEROCCHI At the A and P you'll find Bob5 Carrying bimdles is his job. General Senior Play 45 Gym Assembly 2,35 Field Day 1,2,3. CHRlSTINE PICARD She's a trifle shy and serious too But she's a loyal friend and classmate true. Commercial Student Council 35 National Honor Society 3,45 French Club 35 Secretary-Treasurer 45 Thrift Club 1,25 Senior Play 45 Junior Prom 35Jun1or Night 35 Dance Committee l,Z,35 Color Day 1,2,3,45 Gym Assembly 2,35 Cheerleading Assembly 25 Honor Roll 1,2,3,45 Pow-Wow Staff 45 Mirror Staff 2,45 Cheer- leader 3,45 Homernom Officer 15Gir1s' State 35 Fieldbay l,2. JUDY QUIGLEY When snapping on her Dentyne, She's always heard before she's seen. Commercial Glee Club 35Junior Prom 35 Junior Night, Cast 35 Color Day 2,3,45 Cheerleading Assembly 25 Guidance Assistant 3,4. .6 l AMESBURY HIGH Pauly Sally Rosy PAULINE RIOPEL Hedda Hopper's her second nameg By gathering news--she's galned her fame. Commercial Senior Play 45 Junlor Prom 35 Junlor Night 35 Dance Com- mittee 35 Color Day Committee 1,2,3,45 Mirror Staff 2,8,4. SALLY ROGERS An important actress ln all of our plays Brllllant and pleasant ln all oi her ways. Preparatory National Honor Soclety 3,4,Vice Presldent 45 Glee Club l,2, 35 French Club 25354, Vlce President 3, Presldent 45 Play- wrltlng Club 45 Senior Play, Cast 45 Junior Prom 35 Junior Night Cast 35 Sophomore Play, Cast 25 Dance Committee 2,35 Color Day Commlttee 253,45 Cheerleading Assembly 25 Gym Assembly 35 Junlor Assembly 35 Playwrltlng Assembly 45 Honor Roll l,2,3,45 Pow-Wow Staff, Co-Editor 45 Math Com- petltlon 45 Graduation Usher 35 Office Staff 35 Field Day 1,2, 3,45 Parents' Night Usher 45 D.A,R. Award 45 Grace B. Carr Award 35 Girls Softball 8,45 Intramural Basketball 1. DAVID ROSE The nickname Rosy fits hlm to a teag Get him embarrassed and then you'll see. Preparatory Senior Play 45 Basketball 45 Baseball l,2,3,45 Football 1,3. 47 , zimsez-'P2:s',f3.5' '-A CLASS OF 1960 ROBERT ROSSI Bobby's the head of the boy's love lorn. He solves all their problems, so they no longer mourn. For whenever the boys need advice, His answers always seem to suffice. General Discussion Club 4g Hi-Y 13 Senior Play Committee 43 Junior Prom 35 Sophomore Play 25 Dance Committee 83 Gym As- sembly 2g Field Day l,2,3,4g Basketball 13 Track 2,35 Foot- ball i,3,4g Intramural Basketball 1,2. Moe Rossi Ann MAUREEN ROSE Boys never spun Maureen on a wheel But someday she'll fall hard--head over heell Preparatory Discussion Club 3g Trl-Hi-Y lg Senior Play Committee 4g Gym Assembly 23 Honor Roll 1, Field Day 1,23 Guidance As- sistant 4g Basketball 1,2. ANDREA ROY A good sense oi humor, intelligence too Combine to make Andrea one out of fewl Preparatory National Honor Society 3,4gDlscusslon Club 3,43 French Club 2,3,4g Senior Play 43 Junior Prom 33 Junior Night 35 Color Day 8,45 Honor Roll 2,3,43 Pow-Wow Staff, Editor of Activi- ties 43 Mirror Staff 45 Parents' Night Usher 43 Graduation Usher 33 Mathematics Team 4. 48 Joey Tubby Sheila JOSEPH ROY At his homework he never looks For, what he seeks is not in books! General Discussion Club 45 Senior Play 43 Junior Night 35 Color Day 4g Field Day 2,3g Track 3,4. Gene ral SI-IEILA SEARS Tro hles on the shelf ribbons on the wall, P When riding in the horse shows-- Sheila gives lt her all! Home Economics Glee Club 49 Senior Play 45 Junior Night 3g 49 AMESBURY HIGH RICHARD SAWYER The Clark Gable of typing class All the girls he does harass! Discussion Club 45 Mirror Staff 33 Library Assistant 3,4. Color Day 1 . CLASS OF 1960 Sal Sully 'Swrsa SALLY SHATTLER Whether its' time to work or time to dally Others may shllly-shallye-not Sally! Commercial National Honor Society 3,45 Glee Club l,2,3,-15 Senior Play 45 Junior Prom 35 Color Day 3,45 Honor Roll 1,2,35 Pow-Wow Staff 45 Graduation Usher 35 Office Staff 35 Mixed Chorus 35 A Cappella Choir 35 Cheerleading Assembly 25Civics Award 1. Preparatory .,,,-' EDWARD SULLIVAN Ed has the name of a T. V. star You can bet your life he'll go far. General Discussion Club 45 Senior Play 45 Junior Night 35 Junior Prom 35 Dance Committee l,2,3,45 Color Day l,2,3,45 Field Day 1, 2,3,45 Track l,25 Hockey 2. SALLY SUORSA Sally has found a foolproof scheme A little work, a little play--a lot of dreams! Discussion Club 45 Trl-Hi-Y 15 Glee Club 1,2,35 Band 1,25 French Club 2,45 Thrift Club 3,45 Playwritlng Club 45 Senior Play, Cast 45 Junior Night 3, Junior Prom, Co-chairman 35 Sophomore Play 25 Dance Committee 25 Color Day 1,2,3,45 Color Day Assembly 2,45 Honor Roll 152,45 Pow-Wow Staff 45 Mirror staff 45 Mixed Chorus 35 ACappel1aCholr 1,25 Field Day 1,2. 50 AMESBURY HIGH Mary Kitty Anne MARY TAYLOR , Mary's not modest or shy 5 She gives every guy the eye. General Trl-H1-Y l5Glee Club 1,2,3,45Senlor Play 45 Gym Assembly , 1,2,3,45 Offlce Staff 35 ACappellaCho1r 35Mixed Chorus 45 , - 3 Field Day l,2,35 Intramural Basketball l. CAROLE TORNROSE A sure success in the future to come. She'll out do us all and then some! Preparatory Student Council 152,35 National Honor Society 3,45 Discussion Club 35 French Club 2,35 Vice Presldent 45 Playwrlting Club 45 Color Day 1,2,3,45 Pow-Wow Staff 45 Mirror Stall 25 Gradu- atlon Usher 35 Intramural Basketball 1. ANNE TORQSIAN , Anne's a petite girl And always acts tres gully. She's always working on her French - And for the Amesbury Daily. 5 5 Preparatory French Club 2,35 Playwrltlng Club 45 Senior Play 45 Junior Prom 35Junlor Night 85 Color Day 2,3,45 Honor Roll 25 Mir- ror Staff 45 Intramural Basketball 1. CLASS OF 1960 Dave Jane Tux DAVID TRUE Dave's been through all four years of high But everyone knows he's a real swell guy! Practical Arts JANE TRUELSON With gentle and prevailing force Jane's intent upon her destined course. Preparatory Glee Club 2,3,4g Band l,2,3,4g French Club 2,3,4g Senior Play 4g Color Day 35 Talent Show 2,35 Thanksgiving Assembly lp Freshman Assembly 15 Honor Roll 1.2: Mixed Chorus 85 A- Cappella Choir 15 Intramural Basketball 1. DAVID TUXBURY Dave's really qulte a guy. His looks and personality catch every girl's eye. Preparatory Student Council 1,45 Play Reading 3,45 Discussion Club 3,43 Boy's Glee Club 35 Class President Z,3,4g Senior Play 43 Jun- lor Prom Committee 33 Junior Night 35 Sophomore Play 25 Dance Committee l,2,3,4g Color Day l,Z,3,-ig Gym Assembly 2,43 Junior Assembly 85 Senior Assembly 45 Honor Roll 15 Homeroum Officer 11 Mixed Chorus 3g Field Day l,2,3,4g Monitor 45 Basketball, Captain 4, 1,2,3g Baseball 25 Track 2, 35 Football lg Intramural Basketball 2. Field Day 1,2,3. N AMESBURY HIGH Shlrl Carolyn Lin SHIRLEY VEDRAN1 Yakklng and gabblng ls a sure trslt of Shirl She always seems to be ln a whirl. ' Commercial Dlscusslon Club 33 Senior Play 43 Color Day l,2,3,43 Mirror Staff 1,3,4g Fleld Day 1,2. CAROLYN VESSELS A specxal smile for everyone So sweet and yet so full of fun. Commercial , K Discussion Club 4g Honor Roll 1,2,3,4gNatlonal Honor Society 45 Guidance Assistant 4. '34 LINDA WIGGIN As carefree as the day is long Be like Linda--you can't go wrong! Commerclal ' Trl-Hl-Y 13 Glee Club 1,2,3g Baton Squad 1,2,3,4g Field Day ' . lg Guidance Assistant 3,45 Basketball 2. . .Q . -1 f 33:23:15 ' CLASS OF 1960 WARREN WOOD Wooshy ls a swell kld and he really is a brain Next year he'11 be busy studying at that college ln Maine. General Honor Roll 45 Field Day 1,2,3. Woodsy Wooshy Gall JEAN WOOD We all know that from beginning to end Jean will be a stead-fast friend. Commercial Senior Play 4g Honor Roll 15 Pow-Wow 4g Field Day 1,25 Guidance Assistant 4. Staff 45 Mirror Staff GAIL WOODARD Gail has an outfit for all her moods. She wears red when she's happy And black when she broods. Preparatory Glee Club 39 Thrift Club 1,25 Senior Play 43 Color Day Com- mlttee 43 Gym Assembly 25 Pow-Wow Sta!! 49 Library As- slstant 2,3,4g Guidance Assistant 45 Intramural Basketball 2. V 54 Pat Manny Ricky PATRICIA YORK Patty is known for being so neat. Ask all her frlendsa-she just can't be beat. ' Commercial ' Trl-Hi-Y 1,25 Thrift Club 1,25Senlor Play 45Dances2g Color Day 1,2,35 Gym Assembly 25 Honor Roll 2,35 Home Room Of- ficer 45 Ofllce Staff 45 Field Day LZ. MANUEL YOUNG Manny's a whiz on the basketball floor, And girls to him are never a bore. General RICHARD YOUNG When it comes to girls, Ricky's not bllnd. - .. He's just like his brother, for they're two of a kind! General Senior Play 45 Color Day 1,35 Gym Assembly 3,45 Field Day 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,25 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball Manager 3,45 Football Manager 3. AMESBURY , Junior Prom 35 Junior Night 35 Color D Mlrror Stall 25 Audio-Visual Ald 2,35 Fie1dDay l 2 3 4 Bas ketball 1,2,3,45 Baseball l,Z,35 Football 1 2 3 4 CLASSOF 1960 RONALD YOUNG Ron's anoLher of our quiet boys, General Field Day l,2,3,4. But kindness and friendliness he always employs! Ronnie PETER Al-IAM Peter is shy and he don't dig girls But on the basketball court he sets us ln whirls. Preparatory Basketball l,2,3,4g Baseball 8,4. 'ROBERT MORRILL Bob's definitely a basketball star. General Basketball 1,2,3,4. 56 If he keeps it up, hels sure to go far. HISTORY 1. xg QW. , IM R ff! ,ff I X H3 7 'AJ If 1 i f ' 41 .f XNV ill: 3 Z We ' J V A' ff Q: ga .3 mr' ' ' ,Q-A' M355 , ,-Q f' is - - ..,,, f. - 55 2321 -' f C . X095 i gtg P5 P Talent Show Weren't We Young? FRESHMAN YEAR - 1957 We won Color Day OFFICERS G05Se1in, M-At-L. Burdick. Ti. ' ' 1 . . Q,- V1'5,,v- K. 58 Treas. Bellevance, Sec. Gauron, Pres. Cote, V. Pres. Q P Yes Means No The Girls GPI-IOMGRE YEAR - 1958 OFFICERS Sec. Gauron, Pres. 'h1xbury,Treas. Bellevance, L. Calnan V. Pres. Chatigny. M-'fig' x ini, i X' 4 'Y' ink ,.e? , QQ., gift' w F2 I V ix -Q 4, 4. RPAQ Q g ' 1 J N Q. , 8' ' -' 9535252545 '5 ti 5 -14-W ' fad . QQ? , g.,.. ...1.e . 4. g 3: :::.' .H fig- bf i:ff.::. -.?1egL:F:::ex ,.., L:gt4,.g:5f'f', QGMQQ 'yu:.5:, 'ave .f I iz 'z M.: .1:12.55.::?--v-'m2 '4 :' ' ?2gEf1f5 ggi. Se. ..,3,.i-5'f:,q,,,,5. gr.: .E .., . 6 . . .. N.g.,,,: .. .... a M-At- 'Q' 4 up Riu. HW. '-- . ..- . ..W A .. .. . , .,, ,,, 1, ,, .5 5,.'g --f 3- --i?.'1!:3?e '..i?,5 g-3 .ig nf .Q-1-4.4 gg.. ',.f:3!..I'f,':5 Rr. .9 Q. f .. .: 5 -. , 1. Q .1 .g:,...: 9 ..::!'P .su . JH' - v fJf 5'11'.., :' '. - an H: . -ia .. ..,...., ...,. 1 ::1'2f-. E: -52? Sf? 2-fe.-qi sc-9.--' xr, 5 : 5.5. .gf .W ..:.,g, ' . :yin-s. -315-5: . , - nz. -fi., i wa sh 16 522124 -'Q 1' fp ggi? ' . Q' .f 'ff-5-5 gr.: glhffii Fgf 3, 3 iz 1 ' im jg: . if gf xfa... ', , fy ,Q ,- iss: +1-w ' ..:s.f..r -.:ff::.g.. 1 5' f' u nan' H .32 N ff .5.. . s'-f2::g1t3,:1 wx f . , 4 f, 4' .' 'Q' '?A iffr.i,.:...:': 2:: N 'ffl' :M ug ' .:?,m,.ESET?. Wi . 1' -if 3 ff, .. 5 in s Jig. -fl . 9 vii FE -'1 1 5 w:ff5f? .Q -' k . ' ' 'I wa :. Sivtf x ':l .. gg ' ,.l' , g .Y .ff wi. . ' I e '4Wff Q '1'. :ff fu ., I N4 44 'X 1. W D s ve X sa U 4 9 '22 Q x 1 ' an .fu 0 g ' 'Z 6 9 '..-.f 1 - IQ-1.0. . .' ' IC. 1 f li Qflefsrafzfmfgfsi S 2.422 W ..-1.. 59 fx Cheerleading Hopefuls The Valiant JUNIOR IGI-IT The First Dress Suit 60 OFFICERS V. Pres. Bartley, Pres. Tux- bury, Treas. Hoyt, M-At-L Di Gennerro Sec. Gaux' on. Not To Be Colo, JUNIDR YEAR - 1959 SENIOR YEAR 1960 Scalp-urn Chaunceyl Enthusiasm at Color Day A smashing success-the play- writing assembly. Fair cheerleaders of AJ-LS Go, man goIA 4-' f. ff' L -F ,Q ' 1 'W . r W. Q! .M x J if 'Q Q 1 8 5 I ' Anti x ' A . ' , -Q of 15? YQYAEQYAE . N21 ,W 'nfl 'I :s 4-.',, 1 .1' , VIN. W as '57-UV r x z 5, I ..- 1 1 ,A 3 A ti W 55' nail. H'-'E rraswkk ', Jf +'N 'Q W 1 i1A sf' . Q. f. - I V . A i-.Desai c, 'fats-f 'fl 4 Y 4,5 3, -ff li -1.x Hlpllk,-,:.l, ,Mar laQ'I,' , ,xr .SLQV A I ,i faq, , xp.. J f -W f ee Vx f W- ' 3 V , xA'!'s xx L A '55 as-ga 3H?.?q,,l'u' r. y-M .,-Q, afx,w,,,, As. -6 W- 1.5 '51 Ly 'ws '- ' A A Li K, -. -. aafll nl K- A., 's -,- if H xv I' 'A ,vl M r-4N,7 X 'SW' 'WN k 1vflawa'X 9 - 'ev x 3 iwiifgpw 1 Q M 'gif ,Q ,A in vb. B , ...Aw A 9 ' - 1 :12 ' N X 3 '14 xx 1 x 1 ,1 Done Most For A.H.S. Most Tal ' te Most Llkel 0 Succeed Q V - - dv gm 1 14' Class Flirt Biggest Tease If XNQ' iff! Ex' ,If 'xx l .X P tx , ax. M 5 'S X 'I i ex lf . f NV ! Y ' k X' wa, l A N J' A 1, u ,V .2 V tl . 4 , A .. . - .12 -. W1 4.1: s Q. Q. Q E, X H..,.,., gina' Nl A-wk A X 'fig Y... V 4 X4 K. . ln' N, wt IX x ' M If , Xl ' .LV K xi .J all wk. I X ,J X f NX X X x x ll ' .. ' s ? 4- D0ne tFor . .S. ' X Must Popular Most Popular Most Likely to Succeed Best Actress Most Original Must Ambitious Class Poet ,141 17 S ., ' , 9' Qifffif' 5 ffzef. ' j- Q f ,nf X ejxjx'-9:4 tin. 2 9 .: :f'3 'M . Q ,L I mx? A 1 , ff I ' ,E .. ' ' . lf 5 ,.g , X , '. Pr' - . 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' , ral- ' f ,T 52 l - ,f Q B A 3 r-1 , R X spa-5 K ,385 'X-ff fl 2 if E S :rf,:, ' - :ed L' ':. rn , ,5:jxw,::,1' V I 'P ff- Q 'K .5 f 11' F-4, fi N Q 5 x Qs xx, - 1 111+ K' 'ILM 7 N X is M, rv Q '- dw 1' If Qs 9 gg ,- C215 A , ff-4 - Q .eq ,Q - 1 f 'ee -Q, 1-.fig - M ' Q ' Q n X ff 2 'Na M ,, mrs.: A 4 fzf.1,, xx Xx Class Chatterbox Nolsiest .d - . ,.., . -. , 'X-e. rf 'Q -X 41 .' Best Dancer P 2 ' Class Poet Best Artist t Da, Best Sport Pepplest Mos: Independent Best Ameleze Bea 'Cer Best Mixer Cutest Frlendliest Ideal Date Best Natured Most Original Best sport Class Nighthawk Best AUIEIGCE I ' - N lo e y 1- -A D' - A- 'K' .f ' ' ' ' TH l 1 A . V 1 ,ll V x' a s ' ff h Q U if V ',,,..E N, ,iefia 33' -'ha 'I ' -gps, 2.3 V in , 5, :sg HEI: ul, ifzlgafr xl ,, ', '.s2:,s xg 'tg AE., XX N .ggi '-:equi H sf ::1.1g.. if-V nl, . -5319: Q M xt mfr, Z ' Um, - ,,.. , Q y , . K. '. sl. . ,.., X s L rf f X' 'le 1 ' filing f si 1 1 X lx ,I X W- ffl ' f S. 1 11 N t N 415' xl 1.11. S-.Xu 1'-Q , , I .V -waht .ww f , 1.2 .wi-ff H , ,HQ ,t:s,2'.:, R I l ,xx , - . . -,W - v, , A, . asf? I - 'Y' ql 1 fig L sf I 5'1 Wittiest Best Actor Best Mixer , Q. 1. , X f :Lf K 3 ' the f 5635 f ., . .- '54, 4 X I NI . 5543 U , Q .. 21-Nsnfl, ww ,A ,HJ xt. ' 'Q 4 5, QW 5 Q I X 3 8 'JW 'I H E -,. Az bel xi P any W? Q 1 e 11: 4 N' -x M . a tg- Q .Aj QM t .5 wr 'I 4: wv 'H-rf -Q tl Ng L x J Q' 'V J K .LI Q' J. I, I f 3 pl Q f ' N , W N 0' ,Q N . .'-' 0' X P91 JI Q, J ,Q-. rf 5 x Q9 V 1 'N l vw ' x.f w 3 , 51,3 33 Q, wi X 3 , I5 h E' I ,tx r .I 1 wg in in '1 gf 1 Q ,flag Q 2 Kg . H I ' ' 'Z , . Q' 5 il' I Mf 'Wo 'O '3 3 ? ,ay 2 x ' X4 Q lp -Axrlff' -Il. 3 M Q 5 'gf D 'J' hx 1.1 ,QKA ,1 N I pe ., ' ,, '11 Z fr ' Q f his 5 x9 4 in - wg? .1 P - Fw ew mx ' ,T I Vey ' 2 x ffi: J N1 :K WR' 2.1 Y karl' 'S ,. .. L Q is J' , I Sf 0,4 -' Ideal Cmxple Best Dressed r chers Pet g 1' 1 ' '. , , ' 5.9 ' 3 db C A L ' of fa 5 0' S Mos! Independent Man Hater Bi8EeSf Arg'-wr Quietest Noisiest f I Q 1 x'l df, Q, ' ' L Melia- U , Amir 'L' ,fu r ,,:,' N M, , f.2g,1 xt y .L ,, 'L , N .Qtr .A -,br QT Q M -e A iffifft' ' . 12 , zlf' -1 ' . 1 . ,Q uw-N ' ng '-,mg --,, ff, L V. 3 11' s A ' w 1 4 I ' N H.. , , A ' 'mil 5 1 Q - rg 'A Most Courteous Neve' on Time Most Cnurteous 'glue me P511 'DQ t, 3'qz-FfT'l'9'a,.'Q. lp A 1 ' 1 L L, if Af Q. Q. , ' , Uqigg 1 g ..,4.f 1 5 -. , 1 up 2 ' ' u , 1 ag' ef 1 1 - ,1 '-Viv, rl sim 1-,g - N? fo ' ,F QI T W w ff 1 ' 3, N' '5 ' X 9 QV! f . i' Y, e. 'Vie' A A ' X' its-if a, K ' vw 6'-sf 91 ff f , 4' s an fy , 'Q x.,..r'L ' 'p ' s I i Quiefest Best Dressed Best Musician Beat Musician Ideal Couple V '-1 3 N t f'- Q. ki , ll 0 Q1 Cutest rf ' ' ideal Date 'Teachers's Pet Best Natured ,1 , , F 'W' ., 'Q 5 , new 0,4 ri A 'QQ t W:-. N K' s ip., 1 s x ' Class Chatterbox CLASS POLL 1 960 Biggest Arguer Most Dependable Q I 1 W-g:':,1,l2 5-:A , v . Frlendliest can Must Serious PROPHECY Come my children and you shall hear the fate of the seniors far and near. We've looked around and found them all. The stout the thin the short and tall. They've roamedthe earthfrom sea to sea and these are the things that were told to me in the nineteen-hundred and seventy. Linda Cote is now working as an understudy for Julia Mead on the Ed Sullivan show. Judy Croteau has started a home for wayward boys. Dick Crowe makes millions polishing brass door knobs. Jossy Dalmolen is now selling wooden shoes at Claytons Shoe Store. Conrad DiGennaro, Lloyd Briggs, and Jeff Healy will receive gold picks and shovels June 20, 1970 for 10 years of faithful service at the department of public works. Richard DiStefano is working at Hoyts by heck, shelling peanuts by the peck. Eddie Dovmer is a wholesale dealer for deoderized manure. David Downs is now living in the South Seas giving dancing lessons to hula girls. Billy Drabik is a leading Chicago gangster. The new Al Capone. Florence Dube was voted Mother of 1970. She now has 24 children! Sharon Dunphy is poerating the Salisbury-Maine bus line. Theresa Dupuis, Judy Quigley, and Jean Wood are working on the chorus line at Ronald Young's Night Club in Las Vagas. Linda Wiggin is now seen walking up Main Street pushing her banana wagon. Arlene Dyke recently received a silver cup for the best cow milker. Georgette Emond now sings in Carnegie Hall. Mable Evans has gained more fame than Shakespeare by her fabulous novel, I'm in love with a wonderful guy . Mary Evans is the new Betty Crocker--Mary always said the way to a ma.n's heart is through his stomach. Robert Frothingham is now working as a lamplighter at the Franklin Park Zoo. 68 PROPHECY Lois Fulford designs hats for sports car drivers. Sandra Armstrong is now doing well as a Fuller Brush woman. Arlene Bartley is an elastic teater at Bartley's corsette factory. Carolyn Vessels was awarded citations for bravery in the Waves. Gail Woodard is now president of The Mother Haters Club of America. Patty York is a waitress at Pease Air Force Base. Donald Lieber designs nose cones for toy rockets. Ginny Morrill is an overseas entertainer for service men. Emma Marchand broadcasts daily on The Night Life of Jeannie Lebe1. Mona Mailloux shocks clams at Victor Loisells's Lobster Pound. Donald Matthews is still trying to pull the wool over the eyes of a flock of sheep that were the class oi '60'. Sharon O'Brien is still pulling in money from her Gold Record, I'm No Angel. Joseph O'Keefe was hired recently at the Clover Club to blow the froth off beers. Judy Ouellet collects money for the Salvation Army at the annual Amesbury--Newburyport game. Pauline Pare is now raising puppies. Harold Parents was indited by the Gra.nd Jury recently for accepting payola. Sandra Parkman keeps busy giving poodles permanents. Pauline Riopel is modeling clothes at J .M. Fields. Alice Loiselle is putting the stars Ez stripes on flags. Paula Boutin is an expert on modern marriage problems. Robert Morrill is manager of the Glove Trotters. 59 CLASS WILL Be it remembered that we, the graduating class of 1960 of Amesbury High School, in the commonwealth of Massachusetts, being of sound mind and memory, but realizing the uncertainty of this life, do make this our last will and testament, hereby revoking all wills and testaments by us at anytime heretofore made. After the payment of our just debts and funeral charges, we bequeath the following: To The Faculty Item: More time. Item: Our gratitude for the interest and guidance which was shownus through our past four years at Amesbury High. Item: Our hope that future students will appreciate and benefit from this helpful guidance. To The Student Body Item: Better grades. Item: Stronger school spirit. Item: New school. To The Freshmen Item: Relief on leaving that confused year behind you. Item: Great expectations for the next three years. To The Sophomores Item: The joy of receiving class rings. Item: The excitement of the Junior Prom. To The Juniors Item: The privilege of marching into the auditorium. Item: The headaches and joys of editing the Pow-wow. Item: The discovery of new talent for the presentation of the Senior Play. Item: Best wishes upon graduating from A.H.S. To Dr. Smith we leave a pair of Suspenders. To Miss Flynn we leave a free redecorating job for the French room. To Mr. Wallace we leave a book on The History of the Republican Party. The entire Senior class bequeaths to the underclassmen the book Lessons In Class Spirit. To the underclassmen We leave the high ambitions and ideal cooperation of the present Senior class. To the Post Graduates, we bequeath our appreciation of their company during the past year as pleasant reminders of our rival class Fifty-nine. 70 We leave the best of luck to Mr. Smith's future English classes. Chris Picard does not leave Jackie Martin. Nelson Merchant leaves Horace Baxter his reserved seat in detention hall. David Pearson leaves his favorite book School Made Easy to Paul Hudon. Marlene Headley leaves her musical talent to Irene Lahait. Jossy Dalmolen leaves her faithful book How to Lose Pounds and Gain Dates, to Jean White. Lloyd Briggs leaves his apple polishing kit to Sunshine. To Janice Perrochi we leave a pair of stilts so we can see her coming. Lorraine Kent leaves her shy ways to Mary Tassinari. To Virginia Morse we leave an I.B.M. machine to answer all her questions. Carole Tornrose leaves her artistic talents to Janet Torosian. To Bill Shore, the Senior class wishes success as captain of next yea.r's football team. Bill Allen leaves his left over supply of red elastics to Charles Claeys, with the hope that he will get the same results. Gail Woodward leaves her sunny disposition to Betty Slaughter. The Senior class leaves lounge chairs, ashtrays, and a coke machine to Study Halls. Karen Klein leaves her freckle remover cream to Marilyn Rock hoping that she will have more success. Charles Blaisdell leaves his black motor cycle jacket to James Goldthwaite. Laureen Gauron a.nd Anne Torosian leave copies of their 10 minute talks to next years seniors. Sharon O'Brien leaves her secret formula for hair coloring to her understudy Annie Dalmolen. Robert Hellen leaves his successful ability to bluff to Ronald Gonthier. Maureen Rose leaves her well educated animal managery to Mary Lou Antell. Alice Loiselle leaves her tiny feet to Tiny Lusignant. Conrad Digennaro leaves his secret list of tactics for collecting class dues to next year's class treasurer. Marcia Burdlckleaves her full volume of books on How to Flirt to Prudy Myrick. Dave Tuxbury leaves his rules for good date etiquette to Sluggar Desroche and Bill Palmer. Richard Crowe, Louie Bunnell, and David Cote leave their left over vitamins to George Burdick, Scott Briggs and Billy Merchant. The Senior Class of 1960 leaves A.H.S. with many fond memories gathered throughout the past four years. Inwitness, whereof, we, the undersigned declare this our last will and testament, this tenth day of June, in the year of Our Lord one thousand nine hundred and sixty. The Class of nineteen hundred and sixty of Amesbury High School of the Town of Amesbury, County of Essex, and of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Witnesses: Marcia Briggs Sandie Parkman 71 fm Q 511314 Lfxffvgg- H' Q Q- . .,H9f'y us JTQFI5 n sg 1 --. 'fm 1 2 Z 5 .,,.,.W-i - . . 5 .--..--- L1 lim' X fmj , a,.1 il' M...,2 5 1' uw, x- , X i rt' 1 . N. ' x - F President' s Welcome Entrance R A D U A T I 0 N Farewell Song Speaker 74 M' x. Spf! -A 45 N 1 9 Nl P1 I X f I 'fn . 54 Exit IL4-, CLASS SONG M S 1, Fare' well 'fo 'H1eS,0h, Ames-buf? Hfi'13 'jWe have 'Huy Por-'HS 3,F,,e.. wen +9 -,hee OL, Ames- bury HBMSILAQOI1 mem--Hes we mm gaze. We 9 ' ll. 'ro :nd verse. I JHJ w44H how So oui-'ro Seek our -Yer--1-une!-5 in -the worm so mah, all 30 oU+ +0 make our lives nowj mor-My mc -Hy prafscmawe have fm-ve4ed, 15,0035 -me dam. ness Now we See. 'fha IBM. Out- -l'orr.H, DQ 96 U' Cob- 'HQHJ Is D.C.o..x E116 V f J ev - GI' burn-ng 1-Rjhlh 5 S PJPJJEVJH yes. , 1 v N i ,,,.A 2 X ? fL1?':': ' 5:1 Qi Ql F Nga fi X T ' xx' K- W f . Qxni x A X K . . , K j .X Ax f T N , I L' Mmvyx- X x N I fra xvxxx. 1. ' X ul X Ml' WL J N ' X M T3 in wb W ' ,XX ' . N 1 44 K 4 I ,QP 2:- 1 id.-xi' CLASS OF 1961 ago Q :sol-4. . 01.4, .,,, ADVXSORS Mr. Kozacka, Miss Barry, Miss Flynn, Mr. Wallace. OFFICERS David Tas sanar i , Donna Drew, Judith Wheeler, Charles Claeys, Sharon Pratt. Now That Apri1's Here 4 1 'f -, wfeQ'1'4 gf in 43 f Dug' J , U A ' -r, W J 5 :yy 3: FVW 115 ,'14g,si4 -' 3, ., gag : V. I' U' ,, 1: N . 31.51 V 1,3 ' 5 .. .NRR Miss Junior Prom The Old Lady Shows Her Medals Leading the Grand March 1 KJ mv. sa - ---AISA ADVISORS Mr. Melia, Miss Keosian, Miss Spiller, Mr. Fecteau. OFFICERS Scott Briggs, Leslie Collins, Virginia Crest, Carol Clark, Marsha Merritt. CLASS OF 1962 Interesting, Mary? Young love SI ADVISORS V. Lewis, E. Lee, N. Dean, E. Averill. OFFICERS E. Morin, M. Hunter, K. Quinn, N. Claeys, B. Brown. CLASS OF 1964 N sz Local Arthur Murray Studi FRESHMAN DANCE Ski-King can't wait 'til winter Buddy Holly gets a heartline call An Allen-Bartley creation H' 10 Steei Show your ration couponl How yu ? B4 AC TIVI TI President Lloyd Briggs Vice President Joyce Boudreault Secretary Betty Stevens X Treasurer Paula Boutxn STUDENTCXHDHIL President Sally Rogers Vice President Carole Tornrose Secretary-Treasurer Ann Wilbur FRE CH CLUB ,.. .. ,Y nkiafff fziiti ATIO AL HO OR SGCIETY Members President - W. Allen Vice President - S. Rogers Secretary - M. Calnan Treasurer - G. Barrett C. DiGennarro ' S. Armstrong C. Tornrose i R. Bertrand J. O'Keeie R. . 5 L. Briggs: M. Briggs C. Picard J. Healy S. Shattlexg . . 2 W-4Al t1l'u'. J- .r :IAQ Our President speaks Character Leader ship Scholarship Service -'hx 4-QM ,X ual, THRIFT CLUB MONITORS GIRLS DISCUSSION CLUB BOYS DISCUSSION CLUB AUDIO-VISUAL AIDS LIBRARY ASSISTANTS MIRROR STAFF PLAYWRITING CLUB MATH TEAM GLEE CLUB Q D m V ' h Y , V Alf! Spring Concert 1' I L 1 ,ygggq-3-.. Lf? ,QTV- , Z. .1 - wi mfg- - QS, -- K' x' H, V K La? ' 5 . gi 521.156, Zi 1 1 ' w. 'H QI, f 1 Q, J vxnxs 'fa wife axidn i fq,X'0xvgyv Q 'f'- 41 ...I ,v .4 ff' A .w. .- M .4 ' 416- f- ..1L'r, .5 'MW ,x,a.w f gl ' J 5 'n.M1' mls Ns? 'I Vi- '-'rlt ,4-:Qty inf. E jpjf.yH.,.5 :,,.s 1 if rg n ,ff Jr, , 'if-- f 1,52 lgify-4, 4' Y, .fffxg ,APKYN A ql'l, 5f' 1' QW 1 n - .rfb m,3e aszeaai:n.m'1 . ' ' '- , W ! mnusgau uumuwil' Q, 'iw k , 12 ' .' 4, ', - -' vw S ' A 1 A 3 ,Lum A.H.S. BAND 'Him m5431001 93 Prominent Members X152 .A CHEERLEADER Center,I-leadCheer1eader: L. Gauron, L. to R., D. Drew, M. Burdick, M. Calnan, J. Larnard, P. Parc, C. Picard, S. Pratt, J. Smith. BATON SQUAD L. to R., L. Wiggin, P. Myrick, J. Freeman, D. Terry, J. Girrlor, T. Dupuis, S Armstrong, Head: M. Briggs. .-....- X PO R118 ' -K ,. X W K' W xv 5' 'iw X, I X' wx ifxbif' XXX 'ix-X-: K 1 X1 ' XX A If' Xx ' , ...f ' ' I . - F ,HCA M 'H x 1 L ,,..- .Q r Qi 357' - 1 ffl -,fur-V - - :Y-Af-S -Q? ,, -7 - 225-i f- f x 65 '- J 5 .z-F 'D E? 'T ' f-2 -In 5117- ill- 2 Q E L-fi V QL--is-YV ,J-' The A.I-LS. football team had a tough luck season this year, winning only one game. Hampered by injuries, they lost many games by narrow margins, but their spirit never Ialtered. At the annual banquet Bill Shore was named next year's captain. FOOTBALL Watch out for 65 . Get that man! i T1 ,t L 1 K' 96 Get off my foot! Coach Sullivan. Blocking at its best Captain Brown. Freshman Team, with Coaches Kozacka and Wallace. 97 , J1. VARSITY FrontRow: M. Young, W. Stronquist, R. Morrill, P. Aham. Second Row: Coach Alex, W. Shore, P. Bartley, D. 'I1xxbury, D. Rose, E. Kelley. JUNIOR VARSITY FrontRow: D. McGowi.n,R. Gibbens, L. DeCu.r1o, T. Harris, P. Thibault. Second Row: Coach Alex, R. Shore, R. Mellon, D. Levesque. 98 Amesbury 46 36 VI ll ' 68 n Il 41 62 43 58 lv 53 58 H ll 51 VI 55 H ,fx B A S K E T B A L L Exeter 48 Exeter 42 I.C.H.S. 36 I.C.H.S. 65 Danvers 69 Hampton 53 Andover 54 Winthrop 37 Marblehead 49 Swampscott , 55 Woburn 68 Newburyport 58 Danvers 45 Pentucket Regional 36 Andover 49 Winthrop 58 Swampscott 47 Woburn 58 Newburyport 51 Pentucket Regional 38 VARSITY RE C ORD The Amesbury High School basketball team had quite an unsuccessful season this year. The problem was Amesbury's lack of height. Despite the height factor, Amesbury was a better team than its record showed. It lost several games byfive points and ma.ny times even less. Amesbury defeated Newburyport twice, once at the beginning of the season, and another time at the end of the season. At the basketball banquet at the season's end, David Tuxbury announced Dick Mansourian as next yea.r's captain. , H1556 iA.,,,,,, HOCKEY Under the direction of the new coach, George Archie Armstrong, the hockey team had a skein of bad luck with the goal. Sophomore Wayne Day started out in the net followed by George Chauncey. George was replaced later on by Richard Dupere. Due to illness Dupe had to give up hockey and both Wayne and George finished up the year for the pucksters. The teamtookto the roadfor a trip to Lewiston, Maine, and were defeated 4 to 1 in the wildest game ever played at the arena. Capt. John Gilday led the scoring for the second year in a row followed by Jon Martin andJoseph 0'Keefe whowere tiedfor second. The hard working line of Albert Belanger, William R. Brown, Wayne Bean, Jackie McLaughlin, and John Buswell proved a great asset to the team. The rugged defense work of William A. Brown, Edgar DesRoches, Phil Brown, and Paul Hudon kept the score at a minimum. At the annual banquet William R. Brown received the Rookie of the Year award a.nd Joe O'Keefe was awarded the Most Valuable Player trophy. Jackie McLaughlin was elected captain of the 1960-61 Indian team, Captain Gilday X AHS 1 AHS 0 AHS 0 AHS 0 AHS 3 AHS 0 AHS 5 AHS 0 AHS 3 AHS 1 AHS 2 AHS 1 AHS 3 AHS 2 AHS 2 AHS 3 AHS 1 Jamboree CWoburnJ Saugus Malden Catholic Salem Swampscott Peabody Lynn Classical Lynn English St. John's Woburn Exeter Academy Marblehead Beverly St. Ma,ry's Gloucester Danvers Lewiston Maine BASEBALL Amesbury Z Danvers 1 3 Woburn 9 9 Andover 8 3 Winthrop 10 ' 2 Marblehead 13 3 Newburyport 2 3 Danvers 2 3 Woburn 10 ' 0 Andover 4 3 Marblehead 4 3 Swampscott 4 2 Newburyport 0 ' 9 Swampsc ott 8 3 Winthrop 1 Captain Aham VARSITY Front Row: E. Downer, R. Mansour-ian, G. Thornell, P.'Aha.m, E. Desruches, R. Morse, R. Young. Back Row: D. Magowan, J. O'Brien, M. Johnson, L. DiCari1o, R. Daupbinais, J. Gilday, Coach Joubert. tif., , A . ,. .t Ee-2?ifisfw 3 wifi.: zfagifvgxi? 2fWEff:fefefi:'.-feafgeaat -Sw, ,Q-2'-' o ,l,L1Q ' --'lil T5 1-N - i-u i'9lv' .2'i'1:,zt3'-9'fd.u' Amesbury's answer to Mickey Mantle! This year was a very successful season for the A.H.S. Baseball team, winning 7 out of 14 games giving them the best record in several years. Fine pitching by Ed Downer and superb hitting by Captain Pete Aham and other seniors played a big part in the teams success. A number of players ended up with excellent batting averages and a few were over the .300 mark. The team showed very much spirit throughout the season, which contributed to much of the team's success. The Indians made a bid for second place in the conference but lost three of their last four games, leaving them just shy of their mark. However, they ended the season on a bright note by beating the Clippers of Newburyport. Aham scoops it up. Faster, George! r 4 VARSITY TRACK TEAM Front Row: E. McLaughlin, E. Rudd, J. Rand, A. Bergeron, D. Steel, J. I-Iudon, W. Challacombe. Second Row: R. Crowe, J. O'KeeIe, L. Briggs, D. Cote, P. Bartley, W.A. Brown, W.R. Brown, W. Morse, M. Young. Third Row: R. Shore, N. Marble, C. Thompson, B. Kobel, D. Tuxbury, D. Brown R. Gibbens, L. Slnton, W. Shore. Fourth Row: Manager R. Lowd, S. Bailey, R. Andrews, N. Claeys D. Melia, R. Cutter, J. Boutin, J. Perry, R. Mellon, Coach Fecteau. Captain Bartley Y A' o ' '11 WIA. ' .. .U rf Amesbury 72 North Andover 5 1' ' I V , ' 52 Andover 25 ' . - ' ' ,.,. 61 Danvers 16 - .....,.-M-1, xt F- T- 69 Marblehead 8 '71 Winthrop 6 60 1f2 Woburn 16 112 , 52 Swampscott 25 Fun.. T' 62 1X2 Newburyport 14 112 St. John's Relays-tied for 3rd place Andover Invitation Meet-tie for 1st Conference Meet-lst place State Meet-2nd place 104 E HIGH TRACK This year, as in the past three years, the A. H.S. Trackteam came up with another perfect season. No team scored more than 25 per cent of the possible 77 pointsg some scored less than 10 per cent. Many records were broken this year including the shot put record, 440 record, half mile record, broad jump record, relay record and discus record. At the Saint Johns' Relays the Indiams came in third, three places better than a year ago. The Indiams surprised everyone at the state meets coming within 2 U2 points of state champions. After winning all of the dual meets they went on to capture the Conference meet. A mountain of thanks should be given to ourfabulous coach, Bert Fecteau, for giving us these four successful seasons. At the end ofthe seasonjackets were given to the letter- men ofthe championship team, a.nd Bill Shore was elected next yea.r's captain. 105 W VARSITY Front Row: M. Lusignant, C. Matthew, A. Dalmolen, Co-Captains, J. Dalmolen, G. Barrett. Second Row: Coach Chase, A. Bartley, D. Labbe, B. Slaughter, I. Lahait, S. Barrett, J. Dube, J. Smith, Manager Antell. Amesbury av v n 1 uv Won 11 54 North Andover 13 Alumnae 25 North Andover 25 Wirmacunnett 17 Methuen 25 Perley 26 Perley 23 Pentucket 15 Winnacunnett 24 Methuen 32 Pentucket 22 Lost 0 JUNIOR VARSITY VARSITY Front Row: M. Shaw, J. Dube, Capt. E. Morin, M. Lusignant, D. Tirone, Second Row: M. Merrill, J. I-Ioule, C. Briggs, A. Dalmolen, B. De Boisbriand, C. Matthews. F 3155.4 fs miifhf- gixgiln-' Moi 'Wx' - 5 ' S 1. ww f ' 23 A I I ' fi SWE' l aw iw?ixa. Mui: ., QS v ' L lla, K! ,iii - -52:5 a. Qf ' 'im .,. ' fx 3fI:..,'f .' ... .. Q , t sw 1525. if , .1 an Q -.y - .5 . . 5 ,qi . ,- ,. ' 41. ' - , ' ,,.- Q ' ' Vi I G L -'-3? ' .Q- 7e1:, ,, ' ' -as 1 e 1' w: K' ' . -5 .' i-gg 2 1525 1' . 5, 1, fy, 1 31: g :Q 11, f .Rf ., A A - 3 .Q .. 1 ll? 1'-I-rg Y vw 'R KE if I 1 4 A 'M 4, ' I , If 5 f X n 'U , ' ' 4 I Amesbury 11 Newburyport 0 3 North Andover 2 2 Methuen 1 ' 3 Methuen 1 0 North Andover 0 Won by Default Newburyport Won 5 Lost 0 Tie 1 JUNIOR VARSITY Y' 'Y qrw' Mg. Pea Q I ff Q .,.?m, ga .fgiifzina aff , ,WWW 'Biff I 425' 8:35, 5 ,-egw??::a rf: 'sr -:fra Q 'Q IW I wffhf-! 'm-KQV Front Row: A. Dalmolen, M. Larnard, S. Murphy, Capt. I. Lahait, E. Morin, M. Shaw, B. Slaughter. Second Row: F. Benoit, S. Barrett, G. Barrett, J. Freeman, F. Conden, B. Curtis, Coach Chase. Third Row: M. Antell, C. Pike, M. Mann, Managersg J. Girroir, N. Bunker, J. Dube, D. Tirone. Not Pictured: J. Dalmolen, S. Rogers '?'41.,.-L ' ,f -2 ' 1 I' ' 3 Amesbury 16 Methuen ' Y 0 Winnacunnet X 3 Winnacunnet 17 Methuen 1 13 Pentucket 19 Saugus 15 Pentucket Won 2 Lost 5 171' IOB 'Nw L K fu .. 1 'Q ffm!! 4 . , sf -f ., I ,.,.,aFx' ' i PM Q x, -V , , x ,g.,....,, 3.:', ,K'...'-...Q k I gl. Ill . 1 ' fl 5-pq f . y, 5 'W 1 K ui. Co-editors - Sally Rogers and Lloyd Briggs Layout committee Advisor - Robert Kozacka. Art Committee m YEARBOOK STAFF Photography Committee Activities Committee Literary Committee ADVERTISEMENTS 2 N xg I N X x , - X N P' N I 5x ,, f-,J NX X ,fx K. Y' X : im U 1 ' 4 A , W x .Sy x KX N N N4 'I -A i i X w X X LJAV X' 4 M 1 X .4 f 'NI xl N Compliments of CLUB ST. JEAN BAPTISTE NO. 14 Antonio Roy - Manager Rudolphe V. Bibaud - Treasurer Best Wishes LIBERTY MARKET Amesbury, Massachusetts Compliments of ALAN SALVAGE CO., INC. Martin Road, Amesbury F. B. KEENE Hardware and Paint Tel. 302 52 Main Street Amesbury, Massachusetts EVERETT H. LOCKE Class Rings Watches, Diamonds, China, Silverwa 10 Market Square 1'8. ALEC' S SODA SHOPPE 112 Main Street Amesbury, Massachusetts SKIP' S SNACK BAR EVANGELINE'S For women and children J- 0- fSkiP7 Meadows- PWP- Amesbury A Route 110 Merrimac, Massachusetts Compliments of TWINE'S ESSO STATION Tel. 1310 Haverhill Road Amesbury, Massachusetts CLAYTON'S SHOE STORE Your Family Shoe Store Since 1928 Compliments of PROULX AUTO BODY Compliments of OX BOX South Hampton Rd. Phone 100 Amesbury, Massachusetts PICARD'S FURNITURE HOUSE Nationally Advertised Flreside 6-6121 W. Main Street, Merrimac JACKSON' S BAKERY and LUNCH BAR 2 Market Square Amesbury GEORGE C. IQIIGHT KSuccessor to B. L. Colbyj RANGE and FUEL OILS Tel. 921 Amesbury, Massachusetts LIBB Compliments Y'S CUTRATE - UNIQUE GIF 105 Main Street Amesbury T SHOP Best Wishes from MODERN BROWN BILT SHOE STORE Home of Buster Brown Compliments of DICK BRIGGS A. H. S. 1931 Insurance-Bonds-Real Estate AMESBURY CO-OPERATIVE BANK Regular Savings Accounts Are Now Available 12 Market Street THE BELMONT FLOWER SHOP Ray and Cathy Sanborn Tel. 1179-W 30 Belmont St. Amesbury, Massachusetts POISSON RADIO Ki FURNITURE Tel. 589 45 Friend Street Amesbury, Massachusetts Compliments of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Conrad Rousseau, Owner Tel. 183-M 107 Main Street Amesbury, Massachusetts Bigger, Better, Than Ever NEWBURYPORT DAILY NEWS Covers the entire Amesbury area Ned Brown, Editor Tels. 700 and 642 23 Main Street - Amesbury Congratulations to the Class of 1960 W. E. FULLER 8: CO. DONUT SHOP Tel. 1333 28 Market Street P. I-I. MORRIS Wholesale Dealer in Tobacco, Cigars, etc. Amesbury, Massachusetts Fine Foods - Choice Liquors CONTINENTAL CAFE Manuel E., Stratos C., and Louis E. J anos 1 Mill St. - Tel. 1062 - Amesbury Compliments of ETTA COLLIS AMESBURY PATTERN SHOP Wood and Metal Patterns G. O. Burdick Tel. Ames. 1687 6 Colchester St. Amesbury, Mass. RICI-IER'S FOODLINER Macy Street Amesbury, Massachusetts Compliments of GALE-HANLEY SHOP Ladies' and Children's Wear Tel. 1264 38 Main Street Compliments of LOUIS SHOE COMPANY Amesbury, Massachusetts Compliments of . LAFAYETTE BOWLING LAI-ms Besfrsgrhes Bowling is Fun For Everyone BEN,S 11 High Street Amesbury, Massachusetts MENS SHOP Compliments of M. E. REED COMPANY GOULD INSURANCE AGENCY 12 Market Square Amesbury, Massachusetts ZABRISKIE'S PHARMACY John T. Zabriskie 1 moeniis' B. s. Reg. Ph. is 5'0 86 Main Street AMW mmm Amesbury Compliments of LOIS Sz HARVEY'S SNACK BAR Tel. 1370-W Haverhill Road Amesbury, Massachusetts Best Wishes EASTERN LUMBER COMPANY Amesbury, Massachusetts MALONE BROS, THOMAS HOULIHAN St SON Fuel Qu Florists 243 Main St. Telephone 985 - Morrill Place Tel. 200 Member F. T. D. Amesbury, Massachusetts LIBBY'S OREGON DYE HOUSE BOOK SHOP Tel. 960 24 School Street Amesbury, Massachusetts School and Office Supplies 8 Market Square Tel. 227-W Compliments Compliments i of the 0 a HAVERHILL GAS CO. Friend Nu-Way Laundry 8: Dry DELANY'S Cleaners REFRESHMENT CENTRE 7 High st. - 6 School st. rwte 110 Laundry - Cleaning Plant Haverhill Road Amesbury Amesbury, Mass. Compliments of REID FOUNDRY COMPANY Tel. 1200 Amesbury, Massachusetts Congratulations to the Class of SO CALNAN MOTOR SALES Your Ford Dealer General Contractors Telephones 380 and 24 Mill Yard Amesbury, Massachusetts G. WATKINS 8- SON, INC. Compliments of QUALITY PACKAGE GOODS STORE, INC. Cemplimcnh al R 8. G MANUFACTURING COMPANY Pontiac - G M C Truck ROBERT B. FRASER COMPANY 130 Market Street Amesbury, Massachusetts Compliment: ol More People Buy Chevrolets Than Any Other Car pARlg 5HQp LAWSON R. YEO CHEVROLET, INC. 49 Main St. Amesbury Amesbury AMESBURY MOTOR SALES INC. Your LAR.K Dealer Haverhill Road Amesbury, Mass. The Elms Inc. 53 Friend St. Amesbury, Mass. REET'S TRAIL BARBEQUE snack Bar Haverhill Road Macy St Amesbury, Mass. Amesbury, Mass. BEN'S GULF SERVICE Lubrication-Tires-'Iubes Cor. Pond GL Friend St. 1 Phone 1 542 Amesbury, Mass. GOODWIN'S FEED Ki SUPPLY CO. INC. Wirthmore Feeds Phone 44 Amesbury, Mass. BQB OIL CO. Whitehall Road EDWARD F. JOYCE School of Dancing ca.l1 1764 Amesbury, Mass. Amesbury, Mass. Compliments of Mary Ann CDupuisJ Patent alumna '56 Teacher of Dancing CALEFIS TAX' PROVIDENT INSTITUTION Radio Cabs FOR sAv1NGs Tel- 360 in the Towns of Amesbury and Salisbury 5 Market St. MERRIMAC HAT CO., INC. look for the MERRIMAC label in the hat Amesbury, Massachusetts BARTlETT'S REAL ESTATE for quick, reliable service Tel. 1093-M 63 Huntington Ave. Amesbury, Mass. . I Complilnsnh I AMESBURY METAL PRODUCTS C0. Amesbury Mass. BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1960 IDEAL SOFT WATER LAUNDRY INC. LUXERTONE CLEANSERS INC. 89 HIGH ST. AMESBURY, MASS '1 -Y .pgxl XXX. -: GIRL GRADUATES DREAM of TOWLE SILVERSM ITHS Newburyport, Massachusetts A. H. S. Student Council To the class of 1960 Culnplimentx ol THE STUDENT COUNCIL Pres .... .... L loyd Briggs V. Pres. . , . . Joyce Boudreault Sec. .... .... B etty Stevens Treas. . . . .... Paula Boutin THE BAILEY COMPANY Manufacturers of ROLLED METAL SHAPES AND MOULDINGS L I IN THE LONG RUN You and your friends will prize the portrait that looks like you - your truest selfg free from stage effects and little conceits. lt is in this long run photography that PURDY'S success has been won. Portraiture by the camera that one cannot laugh at or cry over in later years. For present pleasure and future pride protect your Photographic Self by having PURDY make the portraits. PURDY 367 Boylston Street Boston iii official photographer Amesbury High School Class of 1960 Special Discount Rates to All Students of Amesbury High School -l I i' Eyes on books, not on teacher. Settle right down, you people. And now for a toast Quiet! Einstein at work. What's Hellen doing with the tie? So far, so good. Woo woo Di Gennaro 1... ..,,M.-,hx Stays ,...- -Q gan- ...rr-M ark. Q L A T.. x,' -x. 5:25-aw

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