Amesbury High School - Pow Wow Yearbook (Amesbury, MA)

 - Class of 1958

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Amesbury High School - Pow Wow Yearbook (Amesbury, MA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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w w N N 1 N I EDITOR -IN-CHIEF Beverly Hunt BUSINESS MANAGER Wayne Losano FACULTY ADVISERS Miss Julia Keoseian Mr. M. Michael Ananian fines Of Great Men ,411 Remind lle We 6an Make Onr lives Sublime, ,And Departing, ,Cenee Henind lls Qoolprints On Zine Sands Of Zime. Henry Wndsuferin ,Cvngfelleuf . Tas.uljno' - vi' ,Y ada THE CLASS OF T958 l r 'T I '- ' ' i w ' Emi . PRESENTS THE POW-WOW AMESBURY HIGH SCHOO Amesbury, Massachuseiis L Q E DICATIO N Che Greatest Gift Sleauer K. feimey J-tes Given 270 lls, Ure Students Of Amesbury J-tigh Seheel, is Sineerity And Sfriendshiv. 4711 Keeeguitieiz Of Uris And Of J-ter cfeutinued Interest ,find Sffert .lu Our Behalf Co Her We Dedieate Chis l6'eek. -,vit A E LEANOR R. PENNEY 5 FOREWORD Ure Staff Of Ure 1958 Paw- Waw ffapes Ura! Uris yearbook Will l5'e ,A Searee Of Pleasure Ja Che years Ca 6arae When yea Kerairrisee Orr Ure Days Spent ,At Amesbury J-lrylr Seheal. TABLE OF CONTENTS THESCHOOL ........ SE NIORS ..... UNDERCLASSMEN ORGANIZATIONS . SPORTS ........ ADVERTEEMENTS . PAGE PAGE PAGE PAGE PAGE PAGE , -ii. -in '1 -r 1 1' .9-ra-112' X2-:4 K R, ,2x:5 6 +52 4 6 ' iii 1 uf 'A gm 5511555 , ...X M -l,, THE SCHOOL ' 1 I SCHOOL COMMITTEE lx .V 1-'EE ,,,l.......----14 1 'L X 's.g,,x fi -s, b M saw -Q... ., FRED C. ENGLISH Superintendent Samuel R. Bailey Fred C English, George C. Knight James M. Justin, Grave B Clark Alfred B. Boudreflu Louis Kent. TO THE MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1958, AMESBURY HIGH SCHOOL Greetings and good wishesg and hope that your lives may be happy ones. Remember true happiness comes from giving, not get- ting. Give to the world the best you have and the best will come back to you. Fred C. English 8 Amssnunv Ihcn Scnoon Auusnunv, niumnmm Lx-Lmw D. Suu: 5 J- SANDY ROY r-1sf.rAL ASSISTANT vK1Nc1PAL ,Wg June 15, 1958 -Q., TO THE CLASS OF 1958: Congratulations to each member of the 1958 graduating class for the successful completion of your high school education. It is the hope of the Amesbury High School Peculty that the lessons you have learned in high school will be of value to you in your future life. Sincerely yours, Q',,,,::z.Q- - Carleton D. Skillings Principal :DMM CARLETON D. SKILLINGS Principal 'Q MAUREEN LEARY J. SANDY ROY Secretary Submaster 9 FACULTY M. MICHAEL ANANIAN B. A., Mathematics FFR - g r .L gi f, L lf swf' . -5 R bg? e gg Q J -Q L R r S fy X .Rs ' ETHEL H. BARRY Art KATHRYN F. BERGERON B. S. Ed., Commercial li? .f get I . . . ai. I fm EDWARD H. AVERILL M. Ed., Manual Training RICHARD BE LLIVEAU B. S., Science ll' L wr, g f I ,S - f:., K ' K : ' I K3 K f as: I ' -.. -f W. , .iii , L, A . 1 .....f:z45, A . J ae ' I ,. I. I R' 5' iff ' A' ts? -1 524.133-29325 A -fgfarf fda l DONALD CLARK LOUISE FLYNN JULIA M. KEOSEIAN B. S., Science BE A B. A.. French B. S., Commercial RTR M D. FECTEAU GLORIA J. GENDRON M. Ed., Mathematics B. S., Physical Education JANE LARSEN B. S., English MERLE KIMBA LL B. A., Mathematics FRANK J. KOZACKA ROBERT F. KOZACKA M. Ed., Biology . M. Ed., Latin, English M A X 5 FRANCIS E. LAWLOR -as . . V M. A., Band -ti '.,, X Ji A 'X Q W 'D lO ELEANOR L. LEE B. A., English '15, FACULTY ,l ,...., k, M: - K 'fx . ei 'TA It A ' E A 9 X QQWTT? X' A 7 ' + 1 VERNON LEWIS x , 5 . i , SARA A. LOCKE ,fa A A M. Ed., Spanish, ' Q? Social Studies 5 J. HARRIS MELIA M. Ed., Social Studies uc: M. Ed., Social Studies MARJORIE MCANTNCH B. A., English 3 Aga, -A-r A4 x A - , ' 1. , ' ' A ' . I ,gig if f in 3 X ' f, is-'Z ' A 'f m CORRINE W. MORSE ELEANOR R. PENNEY ALICE A. SHRESTINIAN B. S. Ed., Home Economics FRANCES M. WESTART B. S. Ed., Home Economics ' ROLAND H. WOODWE LL M. Ed., English A. B., Library MILDRED P. NEAL B. A., English B. S., Glee Club NORMA K. REYNOLDS B. S. Ed., Commercial VITOLD F. WA LLACE B. A., Social Studies my A I I ARTHUR G. WOOD B. S., Mechanical Drawing DONALD J. ZABRISKIE M. Ed., Physical Education x 1 f X gy!! A happy class. Kimball's Coliseum. A worried coach, Lunch room. Pals to the end. Manual Training. f 'x A TSW! MW Mx ig! bgglglllallm K.. if 7' 'wry ' ' pi ' ' ' I ' .f ri 259- ' E ' y . f ff f 1 Af ' Wig , iff 4 fyj r H ,, 27' 1 1 Nw , 7 , Qlv, 1 A . Qi,-ff , ,14 - t .1 'A 1 .4?! V .. I V ZZ, KN ,Nil fi -7- 71 'M , A -' 1' ff - ' u'7 T':Qx 2 ' 5 1 N W f 1:af'au+f ' -J' A r g .,., Ve ir llp- 11 Ji' 7' f I v V5 il if W7 'ww HV I ': 'W in Q .um bi alt' N Q 1 l 0 X . f X x X 1 ' ' . if x ffl... A 4 -441-f.- .ix A-1---14.1-g., 'Haig 5. A i IMIN fl H HJR 1 x fx V iys ,i : YE e ix 5, fx 2 X Y ii mum - C L A S S A D V I S E R S Mr. Kozacka, Mrs. McAninch, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Averill y ? i if-5321? C27 C L A S S O F C E R S Wayne Losano ............... President Sally Woodsom . . . . Vice President Nancy Fay ..... ..... S ecretary Anita Roy . . . ...... Treasurer Denis Francoeur .... Member-at-Large I4 X I MARY G. ALLISON Secretary Not ten yoke of oxen have the power to draw us 5 Commercial5 Junior Night committee Junior Prom committee s M 'F cussion Club 45 Glee Club 1 2 3 4 ,.. , , , 4, FRANK W. ANDERSON Engineer Come follow me and leave the world to its babblingsf' Preparatoryg Home Room treasurer 15 Student Council 2,35 National Honor Society 3,45 Honor Roll 1,2,3,45 POW-WOW5 Monitor 45 Senior Play cast5 Track 15 Intramural League 25 Play Reading Club 35 French Club 45 Assemblies 2,3,4. STANLEY E. ANDREWS Professional Football Player Life itself is but a game of football. General5 Senior Play castg Football 1,2,3, captain 45 Hockey 1,2,3,45 Track 1,2, captain 3,4. s. 1' 4.65 'wav JUDITH P. BARLOW Secretary Hold the fort! I'm coming. Preparatoryg Home Room chairman 2,35 National Honor Society 3,45 Honor Roll 1,2,3,45 POW-WOW5 Senior Play cast and committeeg Junior Nighty Junior Prom ticket committe e chairman5 Mirror co- editor 35 Glee Club 1,2,4, vice-president 35 French Club 25 Camera Club treasurer 15 Assembly 3. 'Ei' V Q5 ' ,., E iss-rf, bfi' m wh -- L k K at ,Y sv ns- , Q , 'XY S EDWARD B. BATAL Undecided A jest breaks no bones. Generalg Home Room ofticer 43 Junior Night committeeg Sophomore Play committeeg Basketball 35 Track 2,3,4g Intramural Basketball 2. Preparatoryg H o n o r Roll 1,25 Monitor 45 S e n i 0 r P la y committee Football 15 Hockey 1,23 Intramural Basketball 2. ROBERT J. BASTIEN Mechanical Engineer Men of few words are the best men.' GLORIA J. BATTLES Receptionist In each cheek appears a pretty dimp1e. Preparatoryg Honor Roll lg Junior Night committeeg Intramural Basket- ball 1g Mirror 3,45 Glee C lub 1,2,3g Thrift Club 4g Camera Club 15 Modern Dance Club 1. 5 E P if i 5 if 'L'i A ANNABELLE BECKMAN Hairdresser Commercial. L, I6 A sweet and virtuous soul. ROSE-ANNA M. BOIVIN Secretary A kind and gentle heart she has. Commercialg Junior Night committeeg Thrift Club 4. X4 '-v .f-5 DORIS T. BOLDUC Amiability shines by its own light. Nurse Commercial-Preparatoryg H o n o r Roll 1,25 S e ni o r Play committeeg Camera Club 13 Assemblies 1. JANET H. A. BOUDREAU Silence is the most perfect herald of joy. Undecided Commercialg Honor Roll 45 Student Council 43 Office Staff 45 As- semblies 4. QI .-' 'V x ' 'ii 40- A 90' 'Y 1 . A , 'W' tuih '73 1' ARTHUR R. BOURGEOIS Undecided Better the devi1's than a woman's slave. Preparatoryg Senior Play committeeg Basketball 1,2,4g Track 2 3 4' Intramural Basketball 2,35 Assemblies 4. 1... ,Sf VIRGINIA M. BOUTIN Stewardess Stately and tall she moves in the ha1l. Commercialg Home Room officer lg Honor Roll 35 Senior Play castg Junior Night usherg Camera Club 15 Modern Dance Club 1. 'D' FRANK J. BRIGGS Forester A man of action forced into a state of thought. Preparatoryg Honor Roll 43 Senior Play committeeg Football 1,3,4g Hockey 3 g Intramural Basketball 2. JERRY W. BROWN Carpenter He is gentle and doeth gentle deeds. Practical Artsg Intramural Basketball 2. LT fi ,VX JOHN C. BROWN Undecided Hang sorrow! Care will kill a cat. Generalg Basketball 1,2,3,4g Intramural Basketball 2,3. - P, . lfbili ' L' v ifgqrrl W vii 5 JUDITH J. BROWN Baby Nurse Her sminy locks are like golden f1eece. Generalg Senior Play usherg A Cappella Choir 3g Glee Club 4. . V'wfi,rTf ' 4 A1 fish' 5 I MABEL A. BROWN General. vi Hairdresser Not bold, not shy, not short, not tall B . . ut a happy mingling of them all. WALTER R. BROWN Veterinarian 'Wedding is destinyg hanging likewise Preparatoryg Honor Roll 1,2,3,4g POW-WOW co-art editorg Senior Play committeeg Intramural Basketball 25 French Club 2 3 Assemblies 4. f 1 3 fl iQ 1 5 Q9 'V ' W? , L K JOHN G. BUZZELL Contractor 5 ' ' A His opponents shall lick the dust. W E Generalg Honor Roll 3,43 POW-WOWg Senior Play castg Football 3, co-captain 45 Varsity Basketball 3,4. 1 Q! A f l9 Q1 .P , , ., X? A325 Q fel .L we , A Y sf QW H I CAROL A. CHASSE Undecided A great head and more tha.n a little wit. L Preparatoryg POW-WOW co-art editorg Senior Play committeeg Junior Prom committeeg Mirror 3,43 Glee Club 1,2,33 French Club 45 Thrift Club 1,2,3,4g Camera Club 15 Tennis Club 15 Modern Dance Club 1. Cuddle lf P1-IILLIP W. CLIFF Undecided The frivolous work of polished idleness. General. If--R xg mc, , J UDITH B. COLLINS Medical Secretary Her air, her manner--all who saw admired. Commercialg Senior Play usherg Dance committee 25 Glee Club 1,2. Jikff 3 MARJORIE E. CORLISS Governess A good heart is worth gold. Commercialg Senior Play usher. L l SYLVIA R. COTE Hairdresser She left no little things behind Excepting loving thoughts and kind. Commercialg Class secretary 2,3,4g Student Council 13 Honor Roll 1, ,Q 2,3,4g POW-WOWg Senior Play castg Junior Night castg Junior Prom committee 3 Dance committee 25 Varsity Basketball 4g Junior Varsity Basketball 25 Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Thrift Club 45 Office Staff 45 As- semblies 1,2,3,4g Field Day 1,2,3g Color Day 1,2,3,4. X f 0 WILLIAM COTE Undecided If there's another world, he lives in bliss. Generalg Football 1,2,3g Hockey 1,2,3,4. MICHELE C. CURRAN Nurse A man is always better than a book. Preparatoryg Camera Club 15 Assemblies 2. ,ii . gif- A, C ,yr if S PATRICIA M. CURRAN Baby Nurse Many wonders there be, but none more wondrous than man. Commercialg Baton Squad 2,35 squad leader 4. BARBARA J. DAVIDSON Books are my friends. Preparatory3 Honor Roll 4s Senior Play cast and committee3 Junior Night castg Junior Prom committee3 Intramural Basketball 33 Mirror 33 Glee Club 1,2,3,43 Library Assistant 3,43 Camera Club 13 As- semblies 1,43 Freshman Play cast. nal. A. Z K Q we 4- X .aj 1 if ? l ELIZABETH A. DONOVAN Librarian 13 RALPH J. DIVITO Armed Forces Patience and shuffle the cards. Preparatoryg Junior Night committeeg Football 1,2,3,43 Basketball 1, 2,3, co-captain 43 Baseball 1,2,3, co-captain 43 Intramural Basketball 23 Band 1. PATRICIA F. DONAHUE Nurse Ambition has no risk. Preparatory3 Senior Play cast and committee 3 Junior Night castg Dance committees 1,25 Junior Prom committee3 Intramural Basketball 1,33 Mirror 2,33 Discussion Club 4g Office Staff 33 Library Assistant 1,23 3,43 Camera Club 13 Tennis Club 13 Modern Dance Club 13 Assemblies 4. lk Travel The smile that won't come off. Commercialg Home Room officer 23 Junior Night committee3 Junior Prom C0mmitt96Q Office Staff 43 Thrift Club 4. ure l b 1 I Que PATRICIA M. DONOVAN Secretary As merry as the day is long. Commercia15 Home Room officer 35 Student Council 15 National Honor Society 3,45 Honor Roll 1,2,3,45 Senior Play usherg Glee Club 3,45 Office Staff 45 Assemblies 3,45 Field Day 2. 2 A Q 'Q '--4:9 WARREN M. DREW, JR. Jer Mechanic ' ww gg,-,C 7 'f I am, sir, a brother of the devil. k ff I . ' ', gl Generalg Home Room officer 15 Football 15 Hockey 1,25 Baseball 1,25 l 35 Intramural League 35 Camera Club 1. ii 'F 5 , LEO F. DUPERE Production Line Worker iLA'4h?7 A 5 Q I'll not budge an inch. Q, I 4 Preparatory5 Home Room officer 15 Football 1,3,45 Hockey 1,2,3, captain 45 Baseball 1,2,3, co-captain 45 Intramural Basketball 1,2. f ,gg I Q 5 I N iii' 10 fy.. NANCY L. FAY Secretary Her good will is great. Commercialg Class secretary 15 Home Room officer 35 Honor Roll l, 2,35 POW-WOW photographyco-editorg Senior Play committeeg Junior Night committee 5 Junior Prom committeeg Intramural Basketball 1,35 Mirror 35 Graduation ushe r 35 Glee Club 1,25 Modern Dance Club 15 Assemblies 1,35 Field Day 1,2,35 Color Day l,2,3. 7 . . xg .4 'ly 1 .fag CHARLOTTE A. FELCH Hairdresser The power of gentleness is irresistible. Commercialg Junior Night comrnitteeg Junior Prom committee. Ike qv N,-.4-uf 'el Y MARY I. FERRIERA Bookkeeper A face with gladness overspread. Commercialg Honor Roll 2,35 Senior Play usherg Junior Prom com- mitteeg Glee Club 1,2,3,4g A Cappella Choir 3. .s 5 BEVERLY E. FITZGERALD Secretary Neat, not gaudy. Commercialg National Honor Society 3,43 Honor Rol11,2,3,4g Senior Play usherg Junior Night committee and usherg Junior Prom com- mitteeg Dance committee 23 Office Staff 43 Field Day 1. .533 K -..r L N.w,1g'j. xx..-as .ar ,113-s Y' 4: CAROL L. FOLLANSBEE Clerical Worker In quietness is her strength. Commercialg Home Room officer 2g National Honor Society 3,4g Honor Roll 1,2,3,4g POW-WOWg Senior Play usherg Office Sta.ff 4. - l wg? in A JEANNE P. FOURNIER Secretary l Born with the gift of laughter. Commercialg Senior Play usherg Junior Night usherg Junior Prom committeeg Graduation usher 33 Glee Club 2,3,4g Office Staff 45 Field Day 1. fa .f M Ml 3 r an ' Willa 'Ffa DENIS N. FRANCOEUR Radio Broadcaster , This outlandish lingo. I . . Preparatoryg Senior Class member-at-largeg Student Council 35 Honor Roll 15 POW-WOWg Monitor 45 Intramural Basketball 25 Mirror 35 Discussion Club 3,4g French Club 43 Assemblies 3,4. LARRY G. GAGNE E ntertainer 'Worth makes the man. Practical Artsg Football 1,,2g Assemblies 3,4. . . . L is' K t :V ,X , at his W V S N ' - 1 , A ' W Y. 'Q f 2' , ' ,af - ' ' Af., ' ' Y' - h ,, it ' 1 F , , 5 24 BRENDA M. GEORGE Undecided A good heart is better than all the heads in the world. Commercialg Intramural Basketball 3 5 Glee Club 2. JOYCE E. GLANCY Secretary She walks in beauty. Commercial, Home Room officer 1,23 Student Council 1, Senior Play usher, Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Assemblies 3. - I' x gs J EANNE M. GOSSE LIN Secretary Personality is the keynote to success. Commercial, Junior Prom committee, Student Council 2,3, secretary 4, Discussion Club 4. JOHN P. GRANDMAISON Electrical Engineer Knowledge is power. Preparatory, Home Room officer 3, Student Council 4, National Honor So ci et y 3, president 4, Honor Roll 1,2,3,4, POW-WOW layout editor, Monitor 4, Senior Play cast, Junior Night committee, Junior Prom Q committee, Varsity Basketball 3, Intramural Basketball 2, Discussion Club 3,4, French Club 2,3, Assemblies 3,4. ':T'u ffi' coNsrANcE G. GRECO secretary r M.. ' Her ways are ways of pleasantnessl' Commercial, Honor Roll 2,3, POW-WOW, Junior Night committee, Dance committees 1,2, Junior Prom committee, Intramural Basketball 1,33 Mirror 3, Graduation usher 3, Camera Club 1, Tennis Club 1, Office Staff 4, Color Day 1,2,3. 26 l VUw LENORA A. GREELEY Office Clerk A well disposed nature. Commercialg Junior Prom committee5 Intramural Basketball 35 Glee Club 1. .I a X .' I 4 BRENDA J. HALL Medical Secretary A fair exterior is a silent recommendation. Preparatoryg Honor Roll 1,2,35 POW-WOW5 Senior Play castg Junior Night cast5 Sophomore Play castg Junior Prom committee 5 Intramural Basketball 35 Mirror 35 Graduation usher 35 Glee Club 1,2,45 French Club president 45 Thrift C lub 1,25 Modern Dance Club 15 Assemblies 1,2,35 Color Day committee 1,2,35 Field Day 2. WILLIAM E. HEALEY Disc Jockey Too much rest is rust. Preparatoryg Basketball 25 Track 1,2,3,45 Playreading Club 3,45 Dis- cussion club 3,45 Assemblies 3,4. -A 90 .t, . 5 .. -I-1 YA ANN F. HOULIHAN Secretary Where there are friends, there is wealth. Commercialg Student Council 45 Honor Roll 2,3,45 POW-WOW5 Senior Play committeeg Sophomore Play committee5 Dance committees 1,25 Junior Prom committeeg Varsity Basketball 2,45 Intramural Basketball 1,35 Mirror 2,35 Graduation usher 35 Camera Club 15 Tennis Club 15 Assemblies 2,45 Field Day l,2,35 Color Day 1,2,3,45 Girls State Alternate 3. its BEVERLY J. HUNT Nurse Diligence is the mother of good fortune. Preparatoryg National Honor Society 3, secretary 45 POW-WOW editor- in-chief5 Honor Roll 1,2,3,45 Senior Play cast and committee5 Junior Night castg Dance c 0 m mitte e s 1,25 Junior P r o m poster committee chairman5 Intramural Basketball 1,35 Mirror co-editor 3, staff 45 Playreading Club 35 Discussion Club 45 Glee Club 1,25 French Club 2, 35 Thrift Club 1,25 Modern Dance Club 15 Assemblies 1,2,3,45 Color Day 2,35 Field Day 1,25 Girls State Representative 35 D. A. R. Repre- sentative 4. I ps 1--49 'K' , DAVID s. KAPLAN Businessman Good-bad-indifferent. .5 , f A Genera15 Football 15 Intramural League 3. FRANK I. KERVIN One hour's sleep before midnight is Worth three after. Generalg Honor Roll 15 Senior Play committeeg Baseball 15 Band 1,2, 3,45 Assemblies l,2,3,45 Camera Club 1. ? if 1 I Draftsman QW '-Bxzfwwfr ,-at .Es ' 'J My 5,., LAWRENCE L. KNIGHT Chemist 5 ..i, Ah, for a draught of the deep South. Q . Preparatory5 Home Room officer 35 Student Council 3,45 Honor Roll Q, 15 POW-WOW5 Sophomore Play castg Intramural Basketball 25 Dis- cussion Club 35 Assemblies 4. 28 JEANNIE F. KOBEL Physical Education Teacher Man has his will, but woman has her way. Preparatoryg Junior Night committee5 Dance committee 25 Junior Prom committeeg Varsity Basketball 15 Intramural Basketball 35 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Library Assistant 45 Tennis Club 15 Modern Dance Club 15 Field Day 1,2,3. '1M '7, . K A. JARLATH LAFEY 's hi K Y' . ' ' i 3 4 v aa- 5. 5 L 1 ,, 5 av V y I X N3 N -ll , S7 5 1 5 il Secretar Y Spare your breath to cool the porridgel' Commercial5 National Honor Society 3,45 Honor Roll 1,2,3,45 POW- WOW5 Cheerleader 3,45 Senior Pl ' ' ' ay committee, Jumor Night com- mitteeg Dance committee 15 Junior Prom committeeg Junior Varsity Basketball 25 Graduation usher 35 Office Staff 45 Camera Club 15 Tennis Club 15 Assemblies 3,45 Field Day 1,2,35 Color Day 1,2,3,4, -0 PETER R. LAMB N' as wg State Policeman Some think the world is made for fun and frolic. General5 Home Room Officer 2,45 Student Council 45 POW-WOW5 Senior Play cast5 Sophomore Play committee 5 Football 1' Intramural ,wht Football 35 Assemblies 45 Field Day 1,2,3. , 'Y '-'7 RONALD E. LAMPREY Farmer Leisure is the best of all possessions. Practical Artsg Senior Play committeeg J u ni 0 r Night c o m m i tt e eg Junior Prom committee5 Football 15 Basketball 1. 29 I -40 -H? 1, A , g f-. .f - . K L J PAULINE H. LAPLANTE Private Secretary if if f Stay for me thereg Iwill not fail. Commer c ialg Honor Roll 2,3,4g POW-WOWg Senior Play committeeg Junior Night committeeg Junior Prom decorating committee chairmang f...,s Mirror 35 Office Staff 43 Library Assistant 4. A .V . K K: - ii, ' 4 f F sf' ,P f ELEANOR R. LARRABEE Hairdresser Quiet persons are welcome everywhere. Commercialg Senior Play usherg Junior Night committeeg Intramural Basketball 3g Library Assistant 2,3,4. 4 in W? Commercial. PHYLLIS LAWLER Those make friends who do friendly acts. CHARLOTTE P. LATTIME Religious Worker Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. Preparatory. .11 .tty CAROLE M. LAXSON Airline Stewardess I am sure care's an enemy to life. Commercialg Senior Play usherg Junior Night committeeg Junior Prom committeeg Band 1,2,3,4g Thrift Club 1,2,3,4g Office Staff 3,43 Library Assistant 45 Assemblies i,2,3,4g Field Day 2. PRISCILLA R. LEMAIRE The glass of fashion. CommercialgSenior Play usherg Junior Night committeeg Dance commi- ttee lg Thrift Club 3,43 Office Staff 3,45 Modern Dance Club 1g Field Day 1,2. ERIC E. LIFTON E We cannot all be masters. Preparatoryg Home Room officer 1,2g Senior Play castg Junior Night castg Sophomor e Play castg Track 1,2,3,4g Intramural Basketball 2' Discussion Club 3g Thrift Club 1,25 Assemblies 2,3. A .pq r A 1 if 'A 2 it F ,fn A ,.. X fr, I Q ga 1- -f , - M, I ' Y 1 1, I 3' sf' I A J v Secretary En ineer --Qs WAYNE A. LOSANO Teacher Wit and wisdom are born with the man. Preparatoryg Class president 3,43 Student Council 1g Honor Roll 1,2,3g POW-WOW business managerg Monitor 43 Senior Play castg Junior Night castg Intramural Basketball 25 Playreading Club 35 Discussion Club3,4g French Club 4' Thrift Club 3g Assemblies 1,2,3,4. A ' X ' rf, f , ' 7 xg-na . .,.. fu PATRICIA V. MACNICHOL Housewife Of all the things you wear, your expression is most important. Commercialg Intramural Basketball 1gMirror 3gGlee Club 2g Office Ns Staff 4g Camera Club 1. 46' 9 ,w,x x W mv MARY J. MALONEY Mathematician L A The price of wisdom is above rubies. El , tn Preparatoryg National Honor Society 3,4gHigh Honor Roll 1,2,3,4g POW- WOW: Junior Night committeeg Junior Prom committeeg Junior Varsity Basketball 2g Mirror 2,3g Discussion Club 3,45 French Club 2,33 Tennis Club 13 Modern Dance Club ig Assemblies 2,3,4g Color Day1,2,3,4g Field Day 1,2. X DONALD L. MARBLE Aviator No really great man ever thought himself so. Preparatoryg C la s s member -at-large 3g Monitor 45 Senior Play castg Junior Night castg Junior Prom committeeg Basketball 1,2,3g Track l,2g 3,4gAudio-VisualAids 2,3g Band 1,2,3,4g Camera Club lg Assemblies 4. KU- f-all CHESTER J. MARDEN Mechanic Good humor is the health of the soul. Generalg Student Council ig Football 1,2,3,4g Intramural Basketball 2. SANDRA L. MARSHA LL She's pretty to walk with and witty to talk with. Commercialg Honor Roll 3g Glee Club 1. 1. . ,qv- 'D Ar '1 '12 ,gif . s v 1 XX X 14' , z' 'X-V3 i L:- 1 GEORGE W. MERRILL To be polite is to be friendly. Commercialg Mirror 3g Band 1,2 A ., 4, .5 1 M33-f ,3,4. Airline Stewardess six 'W' 41175 'IF' I ROBERT M. MARTIN Armed Forces I'm not in the role of common men. Generalg Football 1,2,3,4g Hockey 1,2,3,4g Track 1,2,3,4g Intramural Basketball 1,2. ALVIN N. MEARS Forester l have laid aside business and gone a-fishing. Generalg Senior Play committeeg Football lg Hockey lg Intramural Lea- gue 2. N---i Accountant 4 i CARL M. MITCHELL Dentist He that is a true friend is a treasure. Preparatory5 Home Room officer 15 Student Council 1, president 45 Honor Roll 15 POW-WOW boys' sports editorg Senior Play castg Sopho- more Play co mm ittee 5 Football 1,3,45 Hockey 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1,25 Intramural Basketball 25 Audio-Visual Aids 15 French Club 45 Band 1,2, 3,45 Assemblies 1,2,3,45 Field Day 1,2,3. V 'Wil sfffwl ,Ne ,. kkkr' M :,,. vi 55, FLORENCE J. MONDALTO Comptometer Operator V To know her well is to like her better. ff' t Commercialg Senior Play usherg Junior Night committee5 Junior Prom Committee5 Glee Club 2,3,45 Assemblies 2. ROBERT NADEAU Engineer Quiet persons are welcome everywhere. Preparatoryg Honor Roll 15 Intramural Basketball 2, French Club 1. .J-ram, 0 Y wi 31 5: , 5 5 u f S 17 5 gr 5 5 1 KATHLEEN M. O'KEEFE Teacher A quiet mind is richer than a crown. Preparatoryg Home Room officer 25 Honor Roll 1,25 Senior Play commi- tteeg Junior Night committee5 Junior Prom committeeg Junior Varsity Basketball 2,45 Intramural Basketball 35 Discussion Club 3,45 French Club 45 Tennis Club 15 Modern Dance Club 15 Assemblies 35 Color Day 1,2,3. 34 Q' f . imiafigjflz wi 'CM :fx , V ayxgmxl, fin 519' .Y if X f xg ' I ,gg A SHEILA A. O'KEEFE Teacher Sensibility is the power of women. Preparatoryg Honor Roll 1,2g Senior Play committee 4g Junior Night committeeg Junior Prom committeeg Junior Varsity Basketball 2,4g Intramural Basketball 3g Discussion Club 3,43 French Club 2,4g Tennis Club lg Modern Dance Club lg Assemblies 3g Color Day 1,2,3. ...M in I foggy, 1. wa CARL F. ORKNEY Air Force , A Whistle and she'll come to you. Generalg Football 1,2,3,4g Basketball 1,25 Hockey 3,43 Baseball 1,2,3,4. if CLAIRE F. OUELLETTE I. B. M. Operator Call back that woman or she'll do something rash. Commercialg Junior Night usherg Junior Prom committeeg Dance commi- ttees 1,25 Var s ity Basketball4g Intramural Basketball 35 Baton Squad 35 drum majorette 45 Assemblies 3,4g Color Day 1,2,3,4g Field Day 1,2. k 'if Jin 'Ci' ' f.. A ,, mpc.-tx L gzip - ,,' I Q sf' 'JS '21 TE. , me BUW A. Secretary A lady need not be loud to be recognized. CommercialgSenior Play usherg Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Library Assistant 45 Modern Dance Club 1. , in MAYNARD B. PEARSON Mechanic ' Why should the devil have all the good times? i A General. Yi A . l gg PATRICIA L. PELLERIN Mathematician Few things are impossible to diligence and wit. Preparatorygllome Room officer l,2,3g National Honor Society 3, vice- president 4g POW-WOWgSenior Play ticket committee chairman, Junior Prom committee chairman: Varsity Basketball 2.4g Intramural Basket- ball 3, Mirror 3gA Cappella Choir 3g Graduation usher 33 Glee Club 1,2, 3,4g French Club 2,3,4g Camera Club lg Tennis Club vice-president 1, Modern Dance Club 13 Assemblies 1,3,4g Color Day l,2,3,4g Field Day 3,4, All-State Music Festival Representative 4. -1,2312 51 . if a GORDON L. PIKE state Policeman Appetite, a universal wolf. ' I General, Football 1,2,3,4g Basketball l,2,3, co-captain 4, Baseball 2,3,4. Y - ,Q Y. , . .gy 4 if ., 54. , ' r K K V . - . A or fi V- me l L I 23 X if -H , aaffkw.. ff S if 4' Lf A , it A i i ' A . 'J A 'C Q., i t 5 ' ' 'uf A X ig? ' 'aw , f , 4 SHEILA D. QUINN diff i'ii Blushing is a child of virtue. Pr eparatoryg Student Council 3g Honor Roll 1,35 POW-WOW girls' sports editor g Junior Night usher, Junior Prom committee, Dance committees 1,23 Junior Var sity Basketball2, captain 4, Intramural Basketball 39 Mirror 2,3g Discussion Club 4, Tennis Club 1gModern Dance Club ig Assemblies 3.43 Color Day 1,2,3,4g Field Day 1,2. 36 MARILYN J. REYNOLDS Silence is the element Commercialg Glee Club 4. , -. .1 05, Y ,J rf ei? xiii Stenographer in which great things fashion themselves. -'C gfhx BETTY A. RICKER Secretary What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness. Commercialg Junior Prom committeeg Glee Club 3. Q MR I, PATRICIA A. ROSE It would be laughter for a month and a good joke forever. PreparatorygHonor Roll lg Senior Play committeeg Junior Night commi- tteeg French Club 4. xi fr :xi SALLY C. ROMONOSKI Secretary Never adull moment is her wish. Commercialg Senior Play committeeg Dance committee lg Junior Prom committeeg Thrift Club 3. 'fa , --.. .. Nurse ERMANNO F. ROSSI A laugh is worth a hundred groans in any market. Generalg Senior Play committeeg Football 1,2,3,4g Track 1,2,3,4g Intra- ' mural Basketball 2g Discussion Club 3g Assemblies 4. KW'- . ga X NORMA A. ROY Good humor is the clear blue sky of the soul. Preparatoryg Honor Roll 1gSenior Play committeeg Junior Prom commi- tteeg Discussion Club 4. , . - IIB 3. '-fl 3 - Y Lil C .1-'su,a-- nm , - -:em-a,,,+wg f- V ..-Mir 45555 -. Engineer 'll' wtf' -H.--asf? ANITA M. ROY Hairdresser Laugh yourself into stitches. Commercialg Cla s s treasurer i,2,3,4g Home Room Officer lg National Honor Society 3, treasurer 45 Honor Roll 1,2,3,4g POW-WOWg Senior Play castg Junior Night castg Dance committees 1,2g Junior Prom commi- tteeg Mirror3gGraduationusher 33 Glee Club 1,2,3, president 43 French Club 25 Thrift Club 1,2,3g Library Assistant 3,4g Modern Dance Club lg Assemblies 1,2,3,4. DONALD E. ROY Aviator A man he seems of cheerful yesterdays and constant tomorrows. Practical Artsg Hockey 1,2,3,4g Audio-Visual Aids 1,2,3,4. Sp K ,ht. i Nurse 5 38 K ff' '-wifi : e,fm,:' 1. A h X ite, e is, .. - XL.. .Q ,te E, 'sw f ,eg . 'X Q f W 1' K, . fi v ef at 4. ' View. . . - -. f-., .ZA A..k L ff' f I. 1 DUDLEY c. SARGENT Engineer f X ' I 'A M A good disposition is as valuable as gold. Preparatoryg Honor Roll 45 POW-WOWg Basketball 23 Track3,4g Assem- 1 blies 3. '. fum it gk - ' X , i f '- 'l ,. xk,, WH g -if-rr: , 'UN- .,! J, I wi' , I I ,.., RALPH H. SAWYER Undecided , I have been one acquainted with the night. 'ii 2 GeneralgDance committee 25 Football l,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Base- ball 2g Audio-Visual Aids lg Thrift Club 1,2. i iw . g l I I 5 BARBARA C. SMALE Telephone Operator Thy modesty is a candle to thy merit. if Preparatoryg Honor Roll 1,2g Junior Night Play castg Sophomore Play castg Junior Prom committeeg Discussion Club 45 Thrift Club 1. Ci J ! in 'UN f -er 'A S., Q EVE LYN G. SMITH Nurse Filled full with life. Prepa.ratorygSenior Play castg Junior Night castg Sophomore Play castg Junior Prom com mitte e g Discussion Club 4s Glee Club 1,2,3g Office Staff 3g Librarian Assistant 4. 39 it 3' 7 JANYCE L. SMITH secretary . t . . ei NE SX ' , 1? S' A decent boldness ever meets with friends. Preparatory5 Glee Club l,2,3,45 Library Assistant 4. tt.. PATRICIA A. SNOW Nurse 55 Pr eparatory5Student Council 45 Honor Roll 15 Varsity Basketball 45 Intramural Basketball 35 Mir ror 35Discussion Club 45 Tennis Club 15 Modern Dance Club15 Assemblies 45 Color Day 1,2,3,45 Field Day 1,2,3. Give me your hand and let me feel your pulse. 5 DAVID E. soULE Lawyer .c Y.. .I 9 He that mischief hatcheth, mischief catcheth. .5 , f Preparatory5 Track 1,25 Band 1,2,3,45 Camera Club 1. . ' A 0-wr? ...W ,mlb- , NELLIE H. STANLEY Hairdresser As sweet and musical as bright Apollo's lute. Q me X 5 I XM ye .. Commercialg Student Council 25 Senior Play cast5 Glee Club 354. 40 SQ MARY F. SU LLIVAN Stenotypist Preparatoryg Home Room officer lg Honor Roll 13 Senior Play castg Glee Club lg French Club 15 Camera Club lg Modern Dance Club 1. Q., She is a woman with nine lives. '3?f5l?hli'i1?f '93 V ' iilf A K it gh 1 'gi ' 'R af-',4V' 'K . 'E' 2 LAURA M. TEMPLE Waves A smile with intent to do mischief. Commercialg Cheerleader 43 Senior Play castg Junior Night usherg Glee Club 1,2,3. ELIZABETH M. THEBERGE Hairdresser Dark hair, complexion fair, the essence of all things good. Commercialg Senior Play committeeg Junior Night committeeg Sopho- more Play committeeg Dance committees 1,25 Junior Prom committeeg -Q Intramural Basketball 3g Mirror 45 G1 ee Club 1,2,3,4g Camera Club 1g KR Color Day committee 1,2,3. W Q' film X A if 1 I ' 2 Nl' 5 .,-oi in Armed Forces I would feign die a dry death. ' JAMES TIRONE Generalg Football 1,3,4g Intramural Basketball 2,3. 4l BRENDA L. TITCOMB Amiability is the quality of women. Commercialg Senior Play committeeg Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Office Staff 45 Modern Dance Club 15 Assemblies 3. Jvc? 'W'- 'Q' Q YVETTE L. VIEL So soft, so calm, yet eloquent. Commercialg Junior Prom committee 3g Band 1,2,3, vice-president Assemblies 1,2,3,4g Field Day 1,3 Secretary SANDRA TOOTHAKER I. B. M. Operator Full well the busy Whisker circling 'round. C o m m e r cial g Senior Play castg Junior Night usherg Sophomore Play ' ' - ' ' - B sketball commltteeg Dance committees 1,2, Junior Prom committee, a lg Intramural Basketball2,3g Graduation usher 3g Glee Club 1,2,3,4g LibraryAssistant 1,2,3g Tennis Club lg Modern Dance Clubg Assemblies l,2,3,4g Color Day 1,2,3,4g Field Day 1,2. SANDRA L. TURCOTTE Clerical Worker Happy am I and free from care. Commercialg Honor Roll 1,2,3. .W . av W Production Line Worker 4: fa '- gi Q .Eg . ,Q Qi if - if E, P: E 7 1.si5?zX TERESA H. WALTON Office Clerk Her crown is in her heart, not on her head. Commercialg Honor R011 2,3,4. IQ.- , at THOMAS W. WATKINS Engineer I have rid myself of this passion called ambition. Preparatory: Student Council lg National Honor Society 3,4g Honor Roll l,2.3.4g POW-WOWgMonitor4gSenior Play committeeg Football 1,2,3,4g Track l,2,3,4g Intramural Ba sketball 2g Audio-Visual Aids l,2,3,4g French Club 4g Thrift Club 1,23 Assemblies 1,2,3. ANITA M. WELLS Secretary Though she be but little, she is mighty. Commercialg Senior Play usherg Glee Club 2,3,4g Thrift Club 4. 4, - Jin ..-105 I ,fx ELIZABETH M. WISE Telephone Operator She is a girl of sense and manners. ' Commercialg Junior Prom c 0 m m i t t e e 5 Library Assistant 3,4g Office Staff 45 Thrift Club 3g Intramural Basketball 3. SALLY A. WOODSOM Physical Education Teacher Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all. Preparatoryg Class vice-president 1,2,3,45 POW-WOW5 Cheerleader 3, 45 Senior Play cast5 Junior Night usherg Junior Prom committee: Dance committees 1,25 Varsity Basketball 2, captain 45 Intramural Basketball 35 Office Staff 35 Assemblies 2,3545 Color Day 1,2,3,45 Field Day 1,2,3. - - anti..--iz? S127 at 3 H ak. A. U.. . A- .Q . - :mm -5 . is 5 -.fgtgf gy fi Fa E s Ewifs it :P if ' 1111f'??.W I ' 2 ,- if Q.. Q 5.52 I Q 5 gs? I., fr ti 5 N fftflajg 3, 2 CAROL L. YEATON Farmer . - The trees shall be my books. General5 Office Staff 4. ANN M. YOUNG 1. B. M. operator 4 Q Her dear five thousand friends. Commercial5 Class member -at-large 1,25 Home Room officer 25 Stu - dent Council vice-president 45 Cheerleader 3,45Senior Play property committee chairmang Junior Night usherg Dance committees 1,25 Junior Prom committeeg Varsity Basketball 45 Intramural Basketball 35 Grad- uation Usher 35 Glee C lub 1,3,4, secretary 25 Office Staff 45 Library Assistant 1,2,3,45 A s s e m blie s 1,2,3,45 Color Day 1,2,3,45 Field Day nib 15253. -3' ROBERT L. YOUNG Carpenter Merit is worthier than fame. Practical Arts5 Senior Play committeeg Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1, 3,45 Track 3,45 Intramural Basketball 2. 44 i INR -.. X MAYNARD BAKER PEARSON, JR It is our privilege to have known a good classmate, a congenial companion, and a cheerful friend. I 45 I l l NX SENIORS NOT PICTURED HOWARD R. FELCH A closed mouth catches no flies. General. Math Assembly. ix Did anyone lose her femur bone? J-Q Careful not to sew the sleeves, girls. The Glee Club's contribution to the Christmas Assembly 5 A 6 lll Our championship basketball team. Girls, those uniforms! 'Mr Life is one problem-solving situation. NN 58 Don't be afraid of the ball. Current fashions at A. H. S. The mad scientists. 47 .Q f. A. xn i ' -mm umm .. 5 w ff' f, . P' V' 3 V 5 T .75 , 3, , X g 1 . ' We elected our leaders in December. . Q.. ,z P f , .. ,. . . Wy . ' ' V A. . .J ., fj . Hg Let's look back over the sands of time to when we were freshmen. ff Our freshman reception. Our football team enjoyed a successful season with seven wins and one tie. Q V A Qi L ' 'J 4 t t dx fe : , Q A N A A if. . lg Ap - A has Ia. 5639 22 - 5632.3 Mia!-ef,1be.f61ff.',. 5 4 -.' . ,, ,P Q Q Q 4 ,V 'V It H 'fhwfe A V Y., ' Q 'Z . Y ji ' I K' if 4 ' '1 . , ' VQQK 1 I . 79 1 s 3 UW 'ul' digsvx ht 2 'Y Y X, K . V I Z L 6 xEi64,fx If F L QV 'J .E 4 - 76 l ffl le ' c ' -ff Q ' A P jQf,f. M, ' 5 T N- . .f A , L J. jg? IH! V I 14 if Y :I Taz? 1,1233 si if , uv gg I 'ff' E' A ! if , is H A - Y ' . . . J., - V K ff 1 V K, f ZLL W . .,4qL5?,'T m . K .fl X 'U 'dr xg 6 .P 7 'xy Vi . L A.. . E VE! .A W1 3 ' . , :.- .kk X , J A , K Qgwb - G 4 rg-.Q 3 ,jfh','ex'iN-e ,. vi - K I 4,:. - 4 fNw-. - - 5. sq' QL 1 10 ,H T W W, vt K A - , IDEM' :va 'f 4 ' v r n The following September we returned as wise sophomores We elected our officers. President Karl Wesselhoeft Vice President Sally Woodsom Secretary Sylvia Cote Treasurer Anita Roy Member-at-Large Ann Young 1' P s We presented Double Date for our Sophomore Assembly .Q 5, V in rx' 5 . 4 to W, Our class won color day. J' , X2 M , ' ai, fir., 5 J ' 'W .W :fri Our Jimior year was filled with success. e. 2 . i ' 36 s ,,,,,,. We won color day. al P 1 -fflgyiy., l We pr e se nte d our two Junior Night plays to a full house .... Shy Charlie and . . . A TOUCYI Of F9-HCYH - The theme for our Prom was Heaven on Earth , fn , A, Finally we w e r e seniors. We now had the privileges of walking in the front door and having the underclassmen stand up as we marched into the auditorium. The major event of this year was our Senior Play, The Solid Gold Cadillac, directed by J. Harris Melia. Mrs. Partridge with the four ugly corporation directors. wt? We .59 656 Q5 'bf . '61 . QX0 oft The cast l. Www Jw- 'wi l MTW, lm www' u, H , Q V i 7. , ,M 1 'L 1 'W ' f Mft lm , WL, W wh 1 GQ oe, 'CQWQQQ QW Those behind th e scenes without whom could not have been presented. :P I is Eg the play my' 71. :Bl I. Planting the ivy. Qi EE S!! as nz V vkng Q IJ! I ' a' ,f 1 54, ...i AO uf X 5 if 1 ' x , Y- 1' 4 no in sl. if ,,,.fQ, , w-Q. ... Ak 1, war .. , -- - 1.. 'vQ,,Q. L. -,gg fic 'Civ 1. gms 5 ' ' I 'GT-55 f f if '1 R.,,,.W-W-34---I-- A 1 '-'H-V c iixfuiifzmt ..-CLASS POLL .. ,,.-- 2 J , -X .f 1 x gg . H ffl . . s A , ,... - K -- , ,JY .- ..- C..-J , +R-, Y 1- e J I 2 ,, .o- I ,,1.-e- ,i--1:2 'lt - K fl! , if 1. T-,,... 1: f 1-l S .:-1+- 1 , N ' 1s+tifA2-- Q 'J' ll... , -fr f PHILIP CLIFF Never on Time Class Dreamer ROBERT BASTIEN Most Serious SALLY WOODSOM Best Athlete Best Sport EDWARD BATAL Peppiest Teacher's Pest DENIS FRANCOEUR Most Original Most Friendly Best Mixer Wittiest Class Chatterbox STANLEY ANDREWS Best Athlete SANDRA TOOTHAKER Biggest Arguer Noisiest Class Chatterbox THOMAS WATIQNS Ideal Date H M H ,,,,,.. r tw- v 'N - we if .3 A 4 V bij: Q 4 1 1 X, W , q 5, p Q - 44' - a lg, ff l' vit-lil , 1 f' LT' W' 65 I x N -V -,,., ' -awk' ,W A J ' Ass? S2 1- I r ' 1 1 I- r- wi C 8' X ' Q in , XJ 1' A N K I ff F it .M ' - In an F -Q x -Q ,I ffl We ', -, U -.JLLQT ,J I . ffftl X: I X sq i..,!6 X X 13 ' A UM, , 1 A ff: ,' . I T in S.-14 A ,.x . I f M A X -' . ' .M - ,A ' 1 I I f Nt 4 LIL..- f ' - 1 -4-L-T , W -X 1 7 'f X f x ff ,L la s W 1 ,'2: Q ii? 47 'Q .-. - 3 if -'- r'p4,i,Vf,M, 5 , Q ' sf, I xg, a ZL ' , A,! 54 f 1 4 A 1 -- I E Q A ff A a- I A Use X Y . ii A wld. 1 sg A ,- Mts.gsfi V , f fiq W' , .1:fs1fg,L, 'Q L' , I ss Bt' V ,A X rw! f, r ' ,A I1 ' 'Z 71 ii? I N., - ,., f' - I Ab 1 'r q,l- 5 f ' M u ,,?m, ,c X if-A 4 , 4 4 y X I X f ,. T 1 I ,if 4 I-4' R Llffvx .ik I . A A K N- 'f A C Q I ' I I I ff V I X 1 C ,Qi A vs - ' 1' . , ' J 'Q -cw xwwvvl -V A 'v I N -at '.' . 'f lr . K X f Aja' ' x ll u. . . , . N - Q - g,- . ' A 1 'Q , X -. I , ' I V x, 1 , X fl C' -I QY7- ll if ' 1 -fs- , 5' K T ' 5 -s , N I I. 1 J- ! kk A Lil ' L 'N ' X:-'N -A ' ' x C' L. ,YZ IL Q 'V I ,W V' ,, H 4- 3 4 L ' A R WL S . vi A K , -' A f , J I -M1 , , -fy , Awynnmv i My .f i ' - .-- R . 5, A 1 t 1-V tax' ,g s I 4,,, ,V ' , I-' A 'ti 2 X s A A A f lil n 'lil Teacher's Pet PRI SCI LLA LE MAIRE Best Dressed NELLIE STANLEY Most Talented Teacher's Pest PETER LAMB Class Nighthawk 54 BEVERLY HUNT JOHN GRANDMAISON Done Most for A.H.S. Most Likely to Succeed Most Likely to Succeed Most Ambitious Most Ambitious Most Courteous Most Dependable Best Actress PATRICIA PELLERIN Most Serious WALTER BROWN Best Artist ANNABELLE BECKMAN Cutest J UDITH BARLOW Quietest Most Courteous Best Natured GORDON PIKE Never on Time Biggest Eater ROGER J ENNINGS Most Talented Best Musician 1 x 1 24, 5 ' .Lesson I w ML! 1 vp..--s U-- L.f 4 ef' W. LJ. H ':' , 1 - ' , .fv'4 ,114 ' - ,fa ,Y KAY 1 1955 -viii ,--1. 11 ,f 'vw L-,-0 Lf, r if sf-'ffl B- Q-H'.+' T ...J . -1 -7' X veff .X 1 ,ww 2 ..g.. w,,4- x I T X 1 -'Q 1 l -k-I Y GEF? Q 'Nw AT' I ,- I ff -, -as r 79 L I lm ' , v 4 ' 1 I ' ' -' ' f 'Z '14 If ' 1.75, ' f f f-P I ,Wg 1 -vo X J, i f lyk 1 il Il if f f f I I b I 1 X A 1 , I - 1 A ' ' ' 'L ll 5 X J I if I ,W I l , f X I 'Y I t w W N lt X f f :- ,1 -we L 4 - Y A 5 fw- I w ,lf K T 1 'I f L I ' Q I . I Q J all -L I -f 4 gf, . 4 5 I 9 X tl Q 1 t ' V' ' t 'J 0. 1 6 X - ,413 -'y K A K r , 1 -1 -f f . . L--Ye K , Y, , ff.-1. x I I W. I, ,fee-. - f I , ' Mfg ' ' 1. u 'f .Y - 4, . - N 1 I -. X lt f 'A . 1 -, - . .I 5' , . 'U X gy .Let I A I A-XX K1 K-4 - f : 4? Vhk, f '- 'nl , L. - , J' 1' - 44 -I f 41. f f . . ' I I L X I X . J L A , I 4 f f . ,gpg k f f- -' I ll 1' A 'IAN I Xl. ' XI QF ' 4 r IFF L.: 1 5 I , I I 1 4 Q L I J g I 1' I 'M' :L ' as hr, li Q ,Q 'll' x JY 1 ,Q Rl QQX I I 'La up 1 if , , I x 1 A EJ-- . ' 'rr 1 - 'iff fffzis w.l svf . i A 13551 , 'U' 2 ik x 1 .,-Q, . s.-I ,. .Q I 1 xi N, suv, v , u.. 14 2. - I . , l 1. , f , . 1 .. 7 ill- 4 J b Xu WI'-is , vf.,,r l .Vg X , A I V-tm, V it 'f 1 ' at - ' 1 I +1- . 2: I, I lr J'-V ' C .1 -f 4'--'N-I' ,UZ 2 :fl is , lf' 31: X- 4, WAYNE LosANo SYLVIA coTE LAWRENCE KNIGHT ANN YOUNG LEO DUPERE Done Most for A.H.S. Most Original Biggest Arguer Most Fzfiendly Best Sport Most Dependable Best Dancer P99916-st Best Natured Best Actor M0511 Popular YVETTE VIEL Best Mixer Ideal Couple Best Musician Wittiest DONALD MARBLE CAROL CHASSE Biggest Eater Best Poet Best Artist ANITA ROY NORMA ROY WILLIAM HEALEY Teacher's Pet Best Peet BRENDA HALL CARL MITCHELL Most Independent Ideal Date CARL ORKN Ideal Date Most Popular EY Best Dressed LAURA MAE TEMPLE CAROL LAXSON Best Danger JOHN BUZZELL ANYCE SMIT Class Flirt Class Dreamer BC1asstlfr11rt Ideal Couple J H Biggest Tease igges ease cutest Most Independent Class Nighthawk Noisiest HOWARD FELCH Quietest S5 C L A S S S O N G Lyrics and Music by Carole Laxson EP' 1 fi,-EJ r r FE J -' E5 Our four years now must end at last, And mem'ries cherished we hold fast, In V 9 J J. -E? J ll J J H- J fresh, young days so care-free then, we crossed this threshold o'er. For J Jin or f ' learning came and with it light of truth to face the future bright, Here ea gi, fi J J -l-I241-ST el friendships, faith, and kindness grew to fill our lives with joy. tr.-- r J, F H' -5 J e This, our song of parting, sing, To our former joys we cling, Ji 2 Ei P -L EJ ii 3. 9-1 Forth into the world we go, Good and useful lives to show, And if 'sa r fa-HJ this our Amesbury High School dear whose pure unfading beam so clear, Shall 2 if HJ J ,-- -we a guide us in our future's way, Forever now we part. 56 CLASS WILL We, the C lass of 1958, being of de- batable, unsound mind and body, do hereby proclaim this to be our first, last, and only will and testament. Ralph DiVito leaves his marked deck to Louis Bunnell in hope that Louis will be as lucky with it as he was. Judy Barlow leaves French movies to all Frenchmen. Dudley Sargent leave s his parking space to whoever can fit into it. Brenda Hall leaves her walk to Lorraine Kent, whether she needs it or not. Nancy Fay does not leave Bruce Pike. Stanley Andrews and Carl Orkney leave their legends of Berlin to Ray Bolduc. Pete r Lamb leaves Glenn Coffin his ability to avoid Mr. Roy while smoking. Pauline LaPlante leaves her quiet ways to Pat Stromquist. Laura Mae Temple leaves a night pass to Salisbury Reservation to Sandy Little- field. B a r b a r a Davidson and Pat Donahue leave their great laboratory skill to Robert Sansfacon. J ohnny Brown leaves his Lilt home permanent set to Richard Cook. To David Dumas, Skip Watkins leaves his ability to get along with Miss Flynn. Frances Sullivan leaves a book of her own s p e c i al driving rules to the Juniors taking Drivers Education next year. Ann Young leaves her giggle to Wayne Vedrani. Wayne Losano finally makes public his famous list of the terrible twelve girls . Arthur Bourgeois leaves to Arthur Fortin his taste in music. Brenda George leaves her motorcycle jacket to Beverly Christenson. Bill Anderson leaves to Bill Palmer a list of tall stories to tell his father after a big party. To next year' s Senior class treasurer, Anita Roy leaves a z o r r o whip to collect class dues. Ralph Sawyer leaves to Tom Houlihan an automatic slip forger. Mi ch e le Curran and Gloria Battles leave a television set for detention hall. To John Ouellette, the s e ni o r girls leave a year's supply of friendship rings. The Senior boys leave all sack dresses to Amy--to burn. The class leaves five mailboxe sto strap on the monitors' backs for love notes. To Mr. Roy, we leave a lock and key so he will not lose any more books. To W al la c e Butt, we leave a bushel basket to carry his lunch in. To Miss Lee, we leave a filing cabinet to keep all her papers in. To Mr. Fecteau, we leave ten pounds of chalk for his math classes. To Mr. Koza cka, a skeleton to keep his lonely skeleton company. To the library, a year's subscription to Mad Magazine. The Se ni o r boys leave the field day jug to next year's winners--empty. Given this day, Friday, June 6, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and fifty-eight. Witnessed by: Alfred E. Newman, Editor of Mad Alfred E. Hitchcock Alfred E. Shakespeare GOD HELP THE CLASS OF 1958 CLASS PROPHECY Twenty-five years after the graduation of the Class of 1958, Denis Francoeur. the famed producer of that great B r o a dw a y hit, And God Created Chorus Girls , starring Gloria Battles and Michele Curran, is sitting ina quaint sidewalk cafe on the Champs Elysees. It is said that if one sits here long enough, he will meet someone he knows. This holds true in Denis's case because glancing up from his newspaper, which headlines the invention of a new atomic youth pill developed by the mad scientists, Barbara Davidson, Pat Rose, and Pat Donahue, he sees two of his former c la s s m a t e s, Roseanna Boivin and .Terry Brown, who are on their second honeymoon. Denis invites them to joinhim for lunch. During lunch, Roseanna and Jerry fill Denis in on some of their old friends still living in Amesbury. During this conversation Denis learns that David Soule is still trying to get his plates back from David Kaplan and Philip Cliff, who are now the heads of the Motor Vehicle D e pa r t m e nt . He laughs when he learns that Alvin Mears, his old-time buddy, is now the truant officer, a very strict one at that, and he is quite surprised to learn that another old friend, John Grandmaison, is now janitor of Good Old A. H. S. A f t e r lu n c h Denis phones his secretary, Pauline LaPlante, to tell her that he will not be in his office for the rest of the afternoon. Denis then agrees to show Roseanna and Jerry some of the more int e r e sting sights ofthe city. Their first stop is the Eiffel Tower. They are amazed to find that Ronald Lamp- rey and Te en i e Pike are painting the tower because of a shortage of tall Frenchmen that year. Next they visit the Latin Quarter, where they find Carol Chasse and Bobby Brown painting. During their c o n v e r s a t io n with Carol and Bobby they lear n that Ermanno Rossi is in town with his famous w o r l d -touring circus. In preference to a tour of the rest of the city they decide to visit the circus. At the e ntr a n c e to the circus grounds they scan a po ster listing the major attractions which include Larry Gagne, the world-famous magician,and Annabelle Beckman, the famous trapeze artist. Li s t e d a s o n e of the side shows is Claire Pa ge , who is practicing the art of fo r tune telling. Denis and his com- panions decide to see Claire in the hope that she can fill them in on the activities and w h e r e a b o u t s of some of their classmates. They enter the tent, and after a cordial greet- ing, Claire settles down with her crystal ball to see if she can help them. The picture is at first snowy, and after adjust- ing a few fine-tuning knobs Claire discovers it is real snow. The crystal ball has focused on the Alps. A form appears which they re- cognize as Skip Watkins who, seeming to be hu r t , is having difficulty struggling through the storm. Then through the snow can be seen Sally Woodsom's and Wayne Losano's c o m bine d rescue team of St. Bernards and pigeons. After draining the dog's keg and with the aid of the pigeo n , Skip easily makes his way to the R ed R oof Ski Lodge where the owners, Johnny Brown and his wife, Mary Allison, help him into a room to which they bring Doctor Chet Marden and Nurse Mabel Brown. They attend his wound, which turns out to be a torn fingernail with complications. Meanwhile in the lobby of the inn Eric Lifton and Bill Healey are very concerned about the loss of Skip from their U. S. Olympics team. They are also quite perturbed at the careless- ness of Bill Anderson's Ski Patrol andthe failure of Bob Bastien to design a brandy keg for Wayne's pigeon, the factors which led to the delay of the rescue. At the same time out si de of the Lodge the International Hockey Team, c o mp r i s e d of Carl Mitchell, Leo Dupere, and Bill Cote, is holding a vigorous practice. It is being watched by Jim Tirone, United States Am- bassador tothe Alps, and his wife, Pat Donovan, and also Donald Roy, now Park Com- mis sione r of Amesbury, and his wife, the for me r Claire Ouellette. Donald Marble, Jim's private pilot, is, however, more in- terested in watching Connie Greco, Olympic swimmer for the Polar Bear Club, and the O'Keefe twins, Olympic skating champs, practice. After watching the girls for a while, Don wanders inside and interrupts Yvette Viel in the midst of a rehearsalfor that night's floor show at the Lodge. MEANWHILE BAC KIN THE UNITED STATES, CARL ORKNEY IS RUSHING OUT JARLATH LAFEY, ALIAS FI-FI, THE FABULOUS FEATHER DANCER. After thanking Claire for the use of her crys- tal ball, Denis invite s the honeymooners to his hou se for the evening. They are met at the door by Monsieur Bourgeois, the butler. Dinner is served them by the maid, Priscilla Lemaire. The next morning after a pleasant visit, Rose- anna and Jerry bid goodbye to Denis and board a boat for the Unite d States which they are surprised to le ar n is owned by Bob Martin. They are equally surprised to learn that John Buzzell is the c aptai n and Ralph Sawyer is the engineer. As they pass the Rock of Gibraltar, they re- cognize a hermit on the summit to be Stanley Andrews, who hasfound a place where he can e s cape the clutching claws of that inferior creature called woman . The boat stops at Monte Carlo. Roseanna and Jerry having some time ontheir hands decide to see some of the sights. They ente r a gambling casino where Frank Briggs, Ralph DiVito, and Skip Young are engaged in a floating poke r game which has been going since before graduation. As the y watch the game, they are served Peter Lamb's world- famous drink Coke Rickey . A bell rings and Mr. Ananian rushed onto the scene yelling, 'Warning Bell, Warning Bell , and Roseanna and Jerry are escorted back to the ship. As the ship slowly pulls away they see Mitchie Drew riding porpoi se s off the shore of Monte Carlo. After a ple a sant trip the boat finally pulls into New York Harbor. Because of the strike of the longshoremen, led by Union Leader, George Merrill, the boat cannot dock. It is met by atug boat owned and operated by Nancy Fay, which takes Roseanna and Jerry into New York. At the Custom House they are double checked by inspectors, J anyce Smith and Betty Wise, because of an alarm out for a notorious smuggling ring headed by Pat Snow. After leaving the Custom House, the y hail a taxi which coincidentally is driven by Frank Kervin. As Roseanna and Jerry are looking for a place to dine, Franktakes them to Eddie Batal's new Syrian night club with his fabulous floor shows. Once inside they enjoy the meal prepared by Marilyn Reynolds, the chief chef, and also the floor show which consists of Pat Pellerin and the remains of the A. H. S. Rockettes, Sheila Quinn and Ann Houlihan. After having a very pleasant evening they go to their hotel. Having secured a room, they follow the girl bellhop, Sandra Marshall, to the elevator operated by Robert Nadeau. They bump into Florence Mondalto, the chamber- maid, who is just leaving their room. The next morning in a tour of New York they vi site d Motorama, where they s e e Dudley Sargent's new plane,the Volksplane, which is being displayed by Eleanor Larrabee and Betty Donovan. MEANWHILE, C AR L ORKNEY IS RUSHING OUT ANITAWE LLS, HOLLYWOOD ACTRESS. On their retu rn to the h otel Roseanna and Jerry meet Beverly Hunt, now a great Broad- way actress, who is also staying at the hotel. That evening they join Bev for dinner. During dinne r Jerry receives a telegram from his secretary, Je anne Gosselin, saying he is badly needed at home. J e r r y and Roseanna must r etur n home immediately and so they bid Bev goodbye. The following morning Bev goes to the United Nations Building to talk o v e r with Secretary General, Barbara Smale, plan s for a world goodwill tour. She has especially been invited by Mary Maloney, Ambas sador to Tibet, Doris Bolduc, Ambassador to S o m ali la n d, and Norma Roy, Ambassador to Zeppalania. Afte r making the necessary arrangements, Bev is flown to Hollywood on aplane piloted by Maynard P e ar s on with Brenda Titcomb as stewardess. In Hollywood, Bev picks up her troupe which con si st s of Pat Curran, hair stylist, C h a r l ott e Felch, choreographer, Brenda George, stunt woman, Judy Brown, supporting actress 3 Judy Barlow, prompterg and Beverly Fitzgerald, designer. After leaving H o 1 l yw o o d their first stop is Hawaii. During a Hawaiian Luau given in their honor, they are e nt e r t a i n e d by Hula dancers, Jeanne Fournier, J e a nni e Kobel, and Judy Collins. Betty Ricker serves them delicious baked, stuffed pineapples which were g r ow n by Carol Yeaton, fa m e d pineapple grower. F rom the w ar mth of Hawaii, Bev and her troupe tr avel to the high, c old plateaus of Tibet, where the world premiere of her show 'Westward Ho the Women is shown ina theatre owned by Pat MacNichol. Sally Romonoski is th e ticket s elle r and Evelyn Smith is the usherette. Bev invites two old classmates, Anita Roy, who is on a tour trying to collect '58 class dues, and Frances Sullivan, a yak breeder, to the premiere. While they are traveling in Somaliland, they are captured and gently persuaded to gi ve a performance by th e Great White Goddess of the Bonga-Bonga Tribe, Brenda Hall. A few of the choice members of the troupe are in- vited to stay for dinner while the rest of the troupe pushes forth through the great dark depths of the jungle. We next find our h e r oi ne s in Zeppalania, a newly-formed country after the destruction of th e Communist Regime in Russia due to the propaganda of Sandra Toothaker. Bev and her troupe are met by No r ma Roy's secretary, J a n e t Boudreau. Aft e r a successful per- formance and many g o od wishers, they are off to Puerto Rico. In Pue rt o Rico, they find themselves in the midst of a revolution led by C ar ole Laxson against the governor, Ann Yoimg. They find refuge at a suga r plantation owned by Mary Ferriera. Upon inspection of the plantation they find former classmates Carol Follansbee and Marjorie Corliss working as water girls. They learn that V i r gini a Boutin's weather station, whi ch is located on the outskirts of the plantation, has been taken over for use as a reconnaissance station. ME ANWHILE, DUE TO LEGAL DIFFI- CULTIES, CARL ORKNEY IS IN SAUDI ARABIA WITH HOWARD F E LC H AND 1001 HAREM GIRLS. CARL SEEMS TO HAVE PARTICULAR IN T E RE ST IN LAURA MAE TEMPLE. IT SEEMS HE WANTS PRIVACY, SO WE'RE OFF AGAIN. When a lull in the fighting comes, they hurriedly leave and head f or their last stop, New Orleans. At New Orleans, Bev and her troupe board a steamboat owned by Theresa Walton. The sldpper is Sandra Turcotte. The performance onthe boat completes Bev's tour. As they t r av el up the Mississippi, the boat passes Larry Knight sunk knee deep in the Mississippi mud as the sun slowly sinks in the west. :gr XJ? ..... Shu? fU'. ' RWIIlii!'ll xmsw mu nn l!ll1llllEllT1lWl ! 1 Z' 1- . 'wi X K I, f X 4 1 X: J , 2.-:'f if.1g.5 ff 411:42 4 Q1 S xx' 71132 xiii'-1 'f' in 0 W 13122. -4 ef,1Ja,:f .w'f '5Nx g f52 - ,,. V? 4 iff l 'ww x ill Mig X I, n' 5 '.' P , jk, mm V fx 1 w f 4 - I IQ 2 W f f 'ix I X I ,ff 'f--'TEQ 'X Z ,vi ,.A' if ' . W ITT? 215 f , lil, iff- !f5Z!? W , if f , P .11 5' ,f 1 .hllWllll!x!llHllllW1M ll lvwh www tk lllliwlnltlxll xv U DERULASSM , S? , I , I MM I 74 L Q 11 CLASS ADVISERS Mr. Ananian, Miss Westart, Miss Keoseian, Mr. Roy THE JUNIOR CLASS CLASS OFFICERS President. . . Vice President . . . . . Secretary. . . . . . . Treasurer . . . . . . . Me mber-at- Large H' Q 5 5 F x O ij L ffl ' ,A f N A ' AQ E 5 s A r ' I ' Z? f ' af is .. , ls' 4 E u' A 1 Eff, , fi 5' . N Vryk is , x. 3 N . 1 E. A i . . Randolph Morse . . Doris Levesque Joanne St. Germain Patricia Stromquist . . . Peter Randall -MR xx . That woman looks familiar! Junior Prom with Love in Bloom S 5 fs 0 i 0 gl ff S NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY FRONT ROW, left to right: J. Dauphinais, T. Dunceivic, J. Finkler, F. Obrey, J. Gilbert, P. Johnson. ZND ROW, leftto right: P. Morse, P. McIntyre, R. McDonald, D. Walters, C. McAninch, E. Littlefield. 4 bog F J. 1 , 'X ,ik g fi N ...Mm R2 L il.. ff .wiv my il 5525 III 3 VII 4'x'i L 'IA nm Y Y ' Q Q E Cy!! I ii FW -dur Q .. .rr ,. ' f 'f1i - - Asrlefs..w TH E SOPHOMORE CLASS CLASS OFFICERS ,V 1? X iw g ad 8 f'! 'fr 'Selw- ix ,E-QQXVQSR? ififiwr iw? VS' t 1 CLASS ADVISERS Mr. Kimball, Miss Reynolds, Miss Bergeron, Mr. Belliveau. President ..... Vice President . . 3 Secretary .... E Treasurer .. . Member-at-Large -f.. . . . David Tuxbury . . . Paul Chatigny . . Laureen Gauron Theresa Bellavance . . . . Mary Calnan School does get tiresome. 3 i, Xu Which way do I go? Xa? Sopxxomofe Q uxlei-3 MQW' . I ilfl LJ W THE FRESHMAN CLASS CLASS OFFICERS President. . . Vice President . . Secretary ..... Treasurer .... Member-at-Large 'wqgpw F5 Quit li 5 if I fig lx 1l1'Lf'5-5fi'fLQ1Mf- lf, ,Pj 7 4, Sf The Freshman Dance. A little bit of Hawaii in our talent show. I Color Day Rally. K alt 4' , New X W Freshman Engli sh. Boys' Gym. That's Amesbury? 1 ,nw I -- ,v 1. ml? 1 V Girls' Gym fm f -we Mechanical Drawing. National Honor Society Induction. The Einsteins of Tomorrow. Sk, . no ng , s Mg 63 Ji? TW- . bexOngm!5'wT! '41 Gcfiucsfl 12 5 ORGA IZATIO FRONT ROW, left to right: S. Pratt, E. Littlefield, A. Houlihan, U. Baker, A. S 'I' U D E N 'I' Young, C. Mitchell, J. Gosselin, E. Marchand, M. Manning, A. Eaton. 2ND ROW: J. Waye, S. Felch, J. Boudreault, V. Morse, C. Tornrose, S. Parker, P. Snow, P. Bourque Adviser V. Lewis. 3RD ROW: P. Chatigny J. O'Keefe N. Parent L. Knight, Vedrani, J. Grandmaison, W. Garrett, B. Pike, C. Claeys. , C O U N C I L M 0 N I T O R S FRONT ROW, left to right: F. Anderson, T. Watkins, J. Grandmaison. 2ND ROW: R. Bastien, W. Losano, D. Francoeur. x 1 5 V. ,.I. V W., X . , . 1 x- f Y x FRONT ROW, left to right: S. Barnaby, L. Brown, M. Briggs, J. Truclson, A. F R E N Roy, R. Sansfacon, B. Hall, Adviser L. Flynn, C. McAninch, J. Gilbert, B. Paine, S. Rogers, F. Sullivan, L. Slack, A. Mason. ZND ROW: P. Johnson, S. Leach, B. Bertram, U. Baker, P. Johnson, K. Hatch, J. Blodgett, Y. Michaud, S. MacLean, B B. Hoyt, S. Parker, T. Dunceivic, C. Richards, P. Stromquist, J. Finkler, D. Deladurantaye, P. Bourque, M. Burdick, A. Senechal. 3RD ROW: S. Suorsa, C. Chasse, P. Rose, G. Barrett, D. Dumas, R. Sansfacon, D. Francoeur, G. Kruschwitz, C. Tornrose, C. Whitten, G. Parkman, A. LeBlanc, W. Allen, H. Fournier, K. O'Keefe, S. O'Keefe, P. Morse, S. Darbyshire, R. Labatte. 'I' H FRONT ROW, left to right: M. Burdick, B. Bertram, M. Gosselin, J. Larnard P. Donovan, A. Wells, A. Mason, J. Wheeler, J. Hetrick, E. Donovan. ZND ROW Adviser K. Bergeron, T. Dupuis, P. York, P. Parc, M. Larnard, C. Richards, R C L U B Sansfacon, D. Chesley, J. Freeman, G. Woodard, E. Cahill, F. Dube, L. Gauron 3RD ROW: G. Battles, R. Labatte, B. Hoyt, V. Morse, D. Brown, D. Walters, K Leger, J. Blodgett, P. Lemaire, C. Laxson. ii2i22i?E?EF! 22222225 x,.. AUDIO-VISUAL AIDS FRONT ROW, left to right: R. Caron, B. Littlefield, R. Moghabghab, D. Tassinari, G. April, A. LeBlanc, E. Syvinslci, M. Young, R. Lowd. 2ND ROW: Adviser R. Kozacka, R. Larnard, R. Holloway, D. Cote, T. Watkins, L. Bunne ll, W. Vedrani, C. Thompson, B. Pike. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS FRONT ROW, left to right: E. Smith, A. Young, B. Bertram, C. Bourque, L. Slack, B. Paine, E. Wise, S. Maloney, B. Davidson, E. Larrabee. 2ND ROW: Adviser E. Penney, J. Smith, G. Emond, A. Roy, C. Laxson, J. Kobel, C. Page, K. Leger, T. Dupuis, R. Sansfacon, Adviser J. Keoseian. Xl Q sys! ll ,V 39 ' .' 4 I 4, ,-,I-. ,-'Z 4 INlN'Dll -:ifgi I 1143? X 94,0 43. DISCUSSION CLUB FRONT ROW, left to right: B. Hunt, A. Mason, J. McLaughlin, U. Baker, B. Bertram, C. Duclos, S. Peltier, D. Deladurantaye, E. Smith, S. Barnaby. 2ND ROW: J. Gosselin, P. Donahue, C. McAninch, C. Richards, P. Bourque, J. Gilbert, A. Senechal, L. Toothaker, S. Doane. 3RD ROW: Adviser J. Melia, P. Morse, J. Blodgett, J. Finkler, Y. Michaud, P. Snow, M. Maloney, S. Parker, S. MacLean, P. McIntyre, R. Sansfacon, K. Hatch. 4TH ROW: K. O'Keefe, N. Snow, S. Quinn, J. Grandmaison, D. Francoeur, P. Randall, S. Darbyshire, G. Shattler, S. O'Keefe. MIRROR FRONT ROW, left to right: T. Bellavance, P. Mullarkey, J. Rogers, B. Hunt, J. Mc- Laughlin, M. Gosselin, D. Levesque, C. Picard, N. Fay, S. Dow, F. Webber, L. Cote. 2ND ROW: D. Gilbert, B. Bertram, U. Baker, M. Calnan, L.Gauron, C. McAninch, E. Marchand, B. Deboisbriand, M. Manning, J. Larnard. BRD ROW: Adviser J. Keoseian, P. Bourque, M. Larnard, J. Blodgett, S. Doane, P. Johnson, J. Boudreault, P. Johnson, P. Stromquist, K. Hatch, J. Barlow, L. Fullford, Adviser J. Melia. 4TH ROW: P. Pare, P. Riopel, S. MacLean, S. Parker, C. Tornrose, S. Quinn, S. Darbyshire, P. McIntyre, S. Dunbhy, D. Gardner. I II I III Q. D o, 4.5 , +7 v- IIIGII ANESBURY SCIIDOI. 'Ll NN, pawn' Donald Marble, President E B A N D Fmncis E. Lqwlor, Director Amtq Roy Pres1dent G L E E C L U B Ahce A. Shrestxman, D1rector Q Q 6 dm nb 4 H D 3 g , .N I K irvgblk kqie g iy J iy w, 1, V . ' , ff U 'E 5 255 9 . . V . 3 . -. .. : . 5 if bf lt, , ny.: E ,va W I F' . Q -. t N F ' n Y - A . ' 3 f 9 ax' v A - Y. W - - I J XJ A X , f cz pn' . A X N L tgzxmv Q M ti 3 ,..,.a CHEERLEADERS Left to right: A. Young, D. Levesque. U. Baker, S. Woodsom. S. Cote, J. Lafey, L. Temple, B. Bertram, E. Littlefield. BATON SQUAD Left to right: M. Briggs, S. Armstrong, P. Curran, J. Girroir, L. Wiggin, C. Ouellette, J. Freeman, N. Hunt. 1 l W NATIONAL HCDNOR SOCIETY .3, - f .fv- - 1 PS C X fy 1. .L ,V ,eg J NA ,ies I' : if 7' 5' . S7 I 7 I We I pledge myself to uphold the high purposes of this Society to which I have be en elected, striving in every way by w o r d and deed to make its ideals the ideals of my school and of my life. LEFT COLUMN: J. Grandniaison, PresidentgA Roy, Treasurer, B. Fitzgerald, C. Follansbee J. Lafey. RIGHT COLUMN: P. Pellerin, V President: B. Hunt, Se cr eta r y 3 J. Barlow, M Maloney, F. Anderson. cya? Tv -Q-Q sv, ,Q L v ..-.llwilllllllll t,,.1m- W- 'mlm' v V V ,N M 1 , KMlill01nll1.KlHR R' r ' ll , QT' , T AN x , ' ET, N M Q 1 Q. X A, .I QN ,If X 1 5 ff X ff' ,ff f fiv' 9 Him J-'21 si 2?Hk:?'12i'f'f'N f X N'f?.11,:'E,E2,,uef5i A ggi if Y 'I!2'H 3M frrf 'ji:!5!1?, iai 211' . --w'5g1'- 4 1 '...,, ' 5.2.1.--r vf X 1 V -' H55ii'::61Ju ' , .kE!t'L'f 5 f5'5-5' , X W N' 'wif--?755EQ'5!!. , 51'-.-FixE55H3'-57 ff N Y ' f11T?2e-ee? '-f --we 45,-1-A X 4 'Q f' .151- ' 91' X .1 ' ' v w lf X un! -5: A' X N W. f xk : we- 1 X .',... I, ' N A, 4 'ix Q , 75' K I 'wif .' 1,2 S : - ..,X.s ' wg? 'Ld KNO Iv I 1 ' IQ N X tg fffwigi-X X ng' l 1:l'Nix'1'K ff f- f --zzzqugg.-,'.. X K ,, Q' fEf1f.??51i'Q.'Q'Qf- 'Hagar 27 '-eggggzkme my ,.a- fnvl. f , ,Q-A--wma -'H I fflfH!w7?fliEl1i-, ,QL ff' --a2'.,1 --.NIH X i 15291. :H E' fi .- - - 1313-3 Eima 4 fs: . 1 '11-'A ' iaafmgi 11: .ffm-f A ,'?1.T.::.g12,2 A 5 5'7'fA?f'f!ir1E'l 5f'15EE, ' ' ,g5.i2,..TQ'ams ex - X- -is 'IW 54525 k L22E21'l' . , u w s'LI,'iwfi:fa ' fir' ' A '21'P2'--nail! UQ- 'l1:ir2'f5L!g: ff if -f ,.?':5F2,f'!?15 Q 1':'.ta1... iv-wee ' ' Q ,.. fanvgiiiqb N112,!',!k9f 5ij2,::E,, r 1: - 'A 1:2-iiizeeiiia' X V, .., , 2 '5:1.l':'n:E1IZ?1- --- NX X l' . u...h.ATmL W - 5f4g:.5fg.g1' , A MINS! 45.111 I mmm .k 'Q Q 4 ' 4 as Fx K- .41 . K ...E I 1jk,i if RKWSMVLH U p J, .al - 'H'-I 'li . 6 f K' ' x', an 4 f ' f A X F f ISM: ' f J I ii jf if Q P. 1 --:FRY W g I ' FRONT ROW, left to right: R. Young, T. Watkins, L. Dupere, C. Orkney, F. Briggs, C. Mitchell, G. Pike J. Buzzell, S. Andrews, R. DiVito, C. Marden, R. Sawyer, J. Tirone, E. Rossi. 2ND ROW, left to right: R Cook, D, Walter s ,W. Brown, L. Bunnell, D, Lnhait, D. Terry, J. Ouellette, T. Houlihan, R. Cynewski, B Pike, D. Larnard, Assistant Coach H. Malloy. 3RD ROW, left to right: R. Belanger, R. Young, E. Downer G. Thornell. P. Brown, P. Bartley, D. Arm strong, M. Young, L. Briggs, G. Coffin, Coach D. Zabriskie Assistant Coach F. Perkins . 4TH ROW, left to right: P. Hudon, W. Shore, R. Moghabhab, R. Bolduc, D Brown. R. Tatreau, D. Melia, D. Tassinari, W. Carter, R. Dupere, T. Harris. FOOTBALL THE RECORD Oophsi A.H.S ..... 14 Marblehead . . 28 A.H.S. . . . O Winthrop . . 14 A.H.S 13 St. John's . . . . 6 A.H.S 25 Portsmouth . . . 6 A.H.S O Swampscott . . . 27 A.H.S O Woburn ..... . 1 A.H.S 6 Lynn Classical . 27 A.H.S. . . .12 Danvers .... . 14 A.H.S. . . 6 Newburyport . . . 0 , . 4 -. - ' fn.-.W I C0 -Captains Buzzell and Andrews. MW. ' if NL .Zf'TM' The 1957 season proved to be a disappointing one for staunch Amesbury High School fans. The Zabriskiemen won only three encounters while losing six, giving them an overall 333 1X3 percentage. In the opening game of the season the Indians dropped a 28-14 decision to Marblehead and were blanked in their second game at the hands of Winthrop 14-0. The following weekend the Amesbury eleven found the winning way downing St. Johns Prep 13-6. In the next en- counter the Indians made it two in a row by trouncing Portsmouth 25-6. Starting with Swampscott, State Class B Champions, Amesbury bumped up against three difficult foes on their schedule. They were drubbed by Swampscott 27-0, and followed that with losses to Lynn Classical 27-6, and Danvers 14-12. Another loss was a forfeit to Woburn, The last game on the schedule that remained was the traditional rivalr y with the Clippers, and now the cry was, Beat Newburyport l On Thanksgiving morning the Indians, sporting new w hit e pants, invaded the Porters' domain, and r e t u r n e d with the Colonel Wilson Trophy by no sin g out Newburyport 6-0. Co-Captain Sta n Andrews registered the only tally on a three-yard plunge, thus bringing to a successful cli max an otherwise dismal season. The freshman football team e nj o ye d a successful season with four wins, one loss, and one tie under Coach F. Kozacka. 7 7w 1Q?4 7 9 F Al 'i C45 55 :B I V vs- ,qgsaun Mfmhy ,sammy V urlu . . . 4... XF' -f I M1 or ..... J ' T - sa Wd 32 ' l 24 42 Q , yM55BuW1 fi nfsfwn kj Q 40 v EFX mssaum DMESBURS JA ELXWAJ 3 4 fi . AAAA 44 tr. ' ff .rr Q .. rg, u Q J A' . A qw- 'WJ ' 'R K ' ' P. E, Q K!! P' ,t X ' ill Wil iq-- M nfiwn l 22 nn-A gsm 30 if FRONT ROW, left to right: R. Young, R. Sawyer, G. Pike, R. DiVito , J. Buzzell, A. Bourgeois. ZND ROW, left to right: G. Chaunc ey, L. Bragg, A. Kinney, B. Pike, E. Lucier, L. Bunnell, D. Lahait, R. Larnard. BRD ROW, left to right: R. Young, E. Downer, G. Thornell, D. Tuxbury, P. Bartley, M. Young. Coach Zabriskie and Co-Captains Pike and DiVito. BASKETBALL THE RECORD A.H.S. . A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S Won 6 Exeter . Exeter . Andover I.C.H.S. . . Andover . Marblehead . . Swampscott . . Winthrop . Danvers . Woburn. . Newburyport ., . . Winthrop .... Marblehead . . Woburn ..... Swampscott . . Danvers ..... Newburyport . . . Los tll The 1958 Amesbury High School Basketball Team under Coach Don Zabriskie was not very successful this year winning only six games while losing eleven. Despite the poor season the team's spiritwas always high . Co-Captains Gordon Pike and Ralph DiVito were among top scorers in the conference. Wins over conference members, Marblehead 42 -41, Danvers 46-32, and Woburn twice, 48-32 and 49-38 gave Amesbury fourth place in the final Northeastern Conference standings. Outside the Conference, wins over I.C.H.S. of N ew bu r ypo rt and Exeter High climaxed the win column. The Indians lost three heartbreakers to An- dover 46-45, Danvers 56-45, and Swampscott 47 -45. As these scores show the games could have gone either way and the Indians fought right down to the final gun with tremendous spirit. Win or lose, we were proud of our team in every game. This year besides Co -Captains Pike and DiVito other seniors were Robert Young, John Buzz- ell, and Ralph Sawyer. These five seniors carried the bulkof the work this year and will be missed com e next year. However, next year, nine r etur ning lettermenwill form a strong nucleus for a winning team. To the annual All-Star game the Indians sent Co-Captains Pike and DiVito, who acquitted themselves in good fashion. At the end of the season the lettermen elected David Lahait as captain-elect for the 1958-1959 season. Block that passf Keep your eye on the ball Where's the ball? Who has the ball ? I I l 1 'S ' 77 we WSHU no .6581 I t f SBU uf SU UP' .MV NN. BU :Bu J 'E NE 5 -,au Rfb- Reza SHUEE' 'Hua FRONT ROW leftto right C Mitchell S Andrews, L. Dupere, C. Orkney, W. Cote, R Martin ZND ROW left to right CoachA Roy W. Beane, N. Parent, T. Houlihan, J Gilday J Martin D Roy 3RD ROW left to right: R. Lamprey, R. Arthur,R. Bolduc P Brown G Coffin J OKeefe W Brown. A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S .... A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S. . . . A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S HOCKEY THE RECORD Marblehead Lynn Classical Lynn English Salem . . . Danvers . . St. John's . Winchester Gloucester Notre Dame Notre Dame Beverly . . Swampscott Woburn . . Peabody. . Saugus . . St. Mary's PLAYOFFS Peabody . . Winchester Woburn . . STA TE TOURNAMENT Malden Catholic iewwtea. I f l i A ge Gilday moves in. The 1958 edition of the A m e sbury High School hockey team, under Coach Albert J. Roy, skated its way to a successful season by winning ten and tying but two out of fourteen games in league competition. Led by hustling Captain Leo Dupere, all-scholastic center, the Indian team boasted some of the slickest talent on the North Shore. In the fir' St round of the North Shore playoffs the smooth-skating Indian pucksters blanked Peabody 5-O. In the second encounter the Roymen posted a win over a fast Winchester team. In the finals the Indians dropped a heartbreaker losing to Woburn 2-1 in the last minutes of play. At the annual banquet Captain Leo Dupere announced center lineman Norman Parent as captain-elect for the 1958-59 season. The Most Valuable Player Award was presented to Captain Dupere. Awards also went to outstanding rookies, Jon Martin and John Gilday. Flip it in! All me WV' rf , rf g. 'I 3 in 5 lg x at ,.. MI Hit? MMS .' 'fx ' ,5.:v1..3, ggi, . .f ,.P5's THE RECORD A.H.S . 4 Ipswich . . A.H.S . 8 Andover . . A.H.S. . . . '7 Winthrop . . A.H.S ..... 1 Marblehead . A.H.S. . . . 2 Swampscott . A.H.S. . . . 8 Danvers . . , A.H.S. . . . 8 Newburyport A.H.S . 2 Andover . . . A.H.S . 2 Woburn . . . A.H.S . 1 Winthrop . . A.H.S . 4 Swampscott . A.H.S . 4 Danvers . . . A.H.S . 2 Woburn . . . Coacbh Joubert, T. Houlihan, Co-Captains ' is Ilfargleheadt' R. DIVIIO and L. Dupere. ' ' ' ew urypor W 1 Y. h I 5 -A '- ggJ'?:'..f fi:z.l A s, -. 2 QT 5' Atr' 1 I 1,3-I - .S rree 4 kk , T ,f -w lbil X s W re n li l . 1-M BASEBALL M... ...T V Mora-'R--nf -- Long gone. FRONT ROW, left to right: G. Pike, C. Orkney, R. DiVito, L. Dupere, R. Murphy. T. Houhhan J G1lday 2ND ROW, left to right: D. Foote, E. Downer, G. Thornell, R. Cynewski, E. DesRoches, J Ouellette R Mansourian, Coach A. Joubert. 4? A s-4' mul' TNQ' lull ... The Amesbury High School Baseball Team, with Coach Arthur Joubert in office, was not too successful this year,winning but five games out of fifteen. Co-Captains Ralph DiVito and Leo Dupere, Carl Orkney, and Gordon Pike were four seniors from which Coach Joubert molded his team. Although the season's record was not outstanding the Indians played high-class baseball, and four of their los ses w er e by the narrowest of margins, one run. To be sure, the stellar mound performances of Or kne y and Pike along with the timely hitting and sharp fielding of Co-Captains Dupere and DiVito will be s o r e ly mis s e d , but with a crop of very promising underclassmen coming up we can hope for a winning season. Leo Dupere Carl Orkney ., Q g , . Ralph DiVii0 Gordon Pike FRONT ROW, left to right: A. Bourgeois, D. Marble, E. Batal, S. Andrews, R. Martin, R. Young, F Sar gent. 2ND ROW, left to right: Coach B. Fecteau, R. Lowd, W. Carter, J. Martin, N. Marble, W. Shore D Saunders, T. Davis, R. Rossi, R. Bowley. 3RD ROW, left to right: D. Melia, J. Boutin, D. Steele, E Mc Laughlin,R,Mellon, R. Larnard, J. Rand, F. Syvinski, P. Bartley, W. Beane. 4TH ROW, left to right W Brown,D. Sargent, E. Lifton, T. Watkins, D. Lahait, L. Bunnell, D. Cote, W.Healey,B.Winham,D. Brown D. Rudd. A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S THE RECORD ..77 571f2 531f2 ...6 ..65 ,,56 ..56 ..83 ..67 121f2 ..75 ..34 Ipswich .... .... 0 North Andover . . . 19 1X2 Winthrop ...... 23 1X2 State Relays . . . 8th place Woburn .... .... 1 2 Andover . . . . 21 Swvampscott. . . 21 Newburyport . . . . . .3 Danvers ........ 10 State Meet .... 6th place Marblehead ........ 2 Conference Meet . lst place TRACK Captain Andrews The 1958 Tra c k Tea m here at Amesbury High is one that will not easily be forgotten. The Indians,under Coach Fecteau, completed its season without a lo s s , thereby extending itswinning streak in the Northeastern Confer- ence competition over a two -year period. The powerful Indian squad seemed overflowing with m a t e r ia 1 a s individual records were broken and unusually one-sided scores were racked up. In support of this last statement, witness the Indian 77-O win over Ipswich, and the 83-3 victory over Newburyport. In the Northeastern Conference Meet held at Danvers, the Ind ia n s topped the field. In a state contest held at White Stadium in Boston, Amesbury gavea good account of itselfg com- peting in C la ss D against some 27 other schools, the India ns finished a respectable sixth. At an end-of-the-season banquet 18 lettermen were awarded jackets. And selected to head another potential championship team for next year were David Lahait and Louis Bunnell. X ifqqulmvxwym K - The form is the thing. S 5.9 Lifton to Martin . . . . a winning combination Watkins' scores again. Exit the Seniors. 5? x K' I Q . 'TW V M T w HIEPQ FRONT ROW, left to right: B. Bertram, A. Houlihan, A. Young, S. Woodsom, C. Ouellette, P. Pellerin, P. Snow. 2ND ROW: V. Milliken, S. Barrett, N. Snow, S. MacLean, I. Lahait, J. Smith, Coach G. Gendron. S t r e-t-c-h, Sally shows her style. GIRLS' BASKETBALL The varsity girls' basketball team, under the guidance of Coach Gloria tien- dron. was a ga in an integral part of the sports curriculum. Despite the lack of experience, Coach Gendron turned out a well-balanced team. From the season's opener to the concluding game the girls displayed a fiery brand of basketball which drew praise from opponents, and, in particular, the coach of undefeated Perley High. She singled out Amesbury High as Perley'S stiffest competitor. ln what many fans considered the best game of the year, the girls defeated arch rival, Newburyport. There are six seniors leaving this year. Captain Sally Woodsom, high scorer for the team with 87 points, commanded a hook shot which resulted in a num- ber of valuable points. Pat Pellerin, whose ability to move the ball fast with 67 points, gave her the honor of s e co nd highest scorer. Ann Young, always finding the openings and outfaking her guard, sank many valuable points. Pat Snow proved herselfa dead shot from any spot on the floor. Ann Houlihan and Claire Ouellette, two tricky guards robbed the opposing teams of many impor- tant points especially in the Newburyport game. Ann proved that the hand is faster than the eye, and Claire was always sneaking up and intercepting passes. Managers V. Milliken, D. Levesque, Coach G. Gendron, Junior Varsity Captain S. Quinn, Varsity Captain S. Woodsom. A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S 111111127 Teamwork .... THE RECORD 40 Merrimac . 42 Newburyport Methuen . . 17 Merrimac . 29 Newburyport 31 Georgetown 30 Methuen . . 33 Georgetown JUNIOR VARSITY and Barbara scores. ..46 ..46 ..34 ..22 ..26 ..41 ..42 ..43 Sheila wins the jump Ono LQNOV Li tel, Q, t-.. fn THE STAFF -in Art and Photography Editor and Advisers ' fx -fm s K Q7 5 5 HI'y Busjn Tifpmg' SSS 90 .iff Sports xx? DVERTI BME TS l 7 l 1 3 JACKSON'S BAKERY NOONE'S MARKET l l and We Deliver I LUNCH BAR ' 1 2 Market Square Telephones 744 - 745 , Amesbury, Massachusetts 19 Market Street A ,,,, 7 mar, mm, ,,,, r,t,,,,,,.,. ,Ln rf ,,,, ,EL HL V A -AAA L-, A6411 i P. H. MORRIS NU-WAY LAUNDRY ' Wholesale Dealer in Same Day Service , Q Tobacco, Cigars, etc. 1 ' 7 High Street Amesbury, Massachusetts Amesbury, Massachusetts 3 A c.,, will L I we Lu 1 or L -W l I Insurance Real Estate ' I EDWARD w. GOULD I DESIGNERS ROBERT P. 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Suggestions in the Amesbury High School - Pow Wow Yearbook (Amesbury, MA) collection:

Amesbury High School - Pow Wow Yearbook (Amesbury, MA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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Amesbury High School - Pow Wow Yearbook (Amesbury, MA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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