Amesbury High School - Pow Wow Yearbook (Amesbury, MA)

 - Class of 1947

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Amesbury High School - Pow Wow Yearbook (Amesbury, MA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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.fy v-J -.4 Wzlfiefam ,- I ,W L X x ' 1, ,f ,, Fu' xx., , Wddtdw town QRS? WEUWWQW ZAWESEBUJKRU UWMSSMCEWUJSEEUTSS 74l7Z64d4650060f64lwf6'Z6 Ex Lxauxe . . . ' ' naman, . I . I - .. f' 5, imp bk, Ogg .. -F i bi ' I vlbfj' - ., . J DEDICHTED To the Mem ry of CI Former Classmcite KATHLEEN S MCHUGH Iune1Q1929 Iu1y3l 46 N QF Con mm tee Lxtercry w K ,K . JV ' 42. fi a. KA ' f V 2 9 XJ . A, - , 19 Prepcrctcry: Chorus ly TrifHi-Y 3g Writers' Club 3: Iunigr i .2 :ft 5 ' Eiifcr-Elert of the Pc'-wcw No 1 wnw ittlbtmg, QW ,Q lbw, i XJ f 5 M5808 'Ve ' ' , I 2. G ' 2, X -b Y' yt Scfloar sl Y Q5 Q D QXYXXXBWW1 1111 ww 1 i B fl 477653091 MA5S N ff X - wg HKKKKQXXKX Q5 do-zecmnazfdefzaadaalea w 1t s all over No longer shall we t udqe u th l p e onq cement walks to the red bTlClC bu1ld1'1q tronted by a tall cluster ot everqreens and the statue ot a World War l douqhboy No longer shall we enter the heavy s1de doors and chrnb the 1ran sta1rways not aaam shall we 1dle down the COTfldGFS to the blackboard walled roorns a11d thetr deep 1n1t1aled desks nor shall we aqa1n he 1nt t1e lcuzz111q aud1to111111 where we and cur tnends labored 1ten at speech cr so lil cr ul IN 1 ay o more the w1ld r 1sh dcwn to lunch Il the yr1111as1u111 11cr tne hattcr 1nq cla11q111q twe1tyf1ve 1n1nutes cf 111efl11111e e e 171151 corndor bel sends us sauntennq bactc t books a11d classes Gone are the hard strlven 1ntrarnu1al qarnes the qas stove ccolu lg 11 horne econorn1cs and the sulphur turres 1n chen 1stry class a 1a the c rr1acr OUlS1dG Never aqa1n shall we tray cu 1 es ne rs lY1IlxJ va1nly to hll the stad1u'r YVlll'1 cur sncu s Nlexe c.ga1r1 sna 1 me tcrce our VO1C9S 1n asserr les try1rq EC st to s y t cut c se he under classmen V1 the QIHQIDQ o the scho l s '1q Y s we r nernber that song ln 1he tarn us Wh t1e wn ther s a s hool ot mae rencv 1 Amesbury l-hgh Arnes ury H gh' Th re s ro tner schoo1 s me Those words rnean more to ,ts r w Fney lead us ba k xer al that has qone by the Sen1cr P ay the lun r Prom th hrst assernblv we put on as Freshrnen We see o 'nly the tnendly srule ot churrs qreet 1nq us as we pass between classes qhrnpses ot l1tt e rewarded teachers fr1ends tco v1s1ons ol a lttte W r d hat was a1l furs And now except for what we keep1n this b ok and 111 our thoughts ef now its all ofer. nd'7m M. 'CU QENIOIM f Pl JIJ K sfrwbb Q LII q c DSS IS OCISJT 4 1 :ls u ,.r u,1 'fir' Donald L Olxver I 121 ,312 Z' vu., X 'i FWS X600 AMVQSUD V V HJ rf H N131 y M my 1 Comp Hen rsh1p 55:11 J Lefxde 19 m p es Hope J Q N Q Ve S ad shgs y rs 311 rmm Fred C Enghsh Supermtenue 11 Ihyw DX awwcmdminem. v it Q. 1 1 SCFOOL COMMITTEE V T 'XWELA wmv E 'Ir D L52 D r. Q1 I ll l N 4 ,an an AQ S- -fi 3-. : Q P , 1L Lx 1 me KIMBER Edward Trombla LUCY CHASE WAYNE W 'il' FACULTY Lei! to nght seuied M 5 L N11 5 L KG Mr Wood M155 N511 M155 OB fn MISS Bergeron MISS Butler Mr Ohver M155 Barry MISS Westurt MISS Edmundson MISS Reynolds M155 HIISCXHUGI Mr Meho MISS Homes Stcndmq Mr TGSSIYIGTI Mr Hoy Mr Mo Artrur Mr Wciker Mr Wrqrer Mr Sumbcxforo Mr Morse Mr Avenll Mr Kozcckcx Q WVUlllllUu114 Z J HuT'vo1 X X Flu.-K lm 'Lmcm..., HIE - 1v11u1uu11uu1 loom' N X X Knox? C vel: Tode OX go! X X. Fixsix X medfwzq 2494! 1 1 ff! I fiflfj, fy!!! J l 1111 1 If ffff ff fwf DONALD L OL KENT WALKER Sub Princip EDWA RD H AVERILL Manual Training THE FACULTY t Ed M IVER Principal Harvara Universi Y al Science University ot N H University oi N H BS D inq Boston Normal Arts Schrol ETHEL H BARRY raw B S E C cial Subiects Salem Teachers Colleqe KATHRYN E BERGERON ommer ER English Civics Emmanuel Colleqe AB LOUISE BUTL t Ed M BEATRICE EDMONDSON LOUISE M HAINES Mathematics M CHARLOTTE P Commercial Subiects Boston Universi Y ount Holyoke Colieqe AB HIRSCHNER Enqlish Unlversity ot N H AB S M thematics St Anselms Colleqe FRANK I KOZACKA Science a ELEANO R L LEE English University ol N H AB SARA A LOCKE So BURTON G MacAR IHUR Physical Education Boston University BS E I HARRIS MELIA Social Studies Harvard University Ed M HERBERT O MORSE Socirl Studies Dartmouth Colleqe B A MILDRED P NEAL French Wellesley Collcqe AB B MARY L OBRIEN English Boston University A DS Commercial Subiects Salem Teachers College B S E NORMA K REYNOL I SANDY ROY Broloqy University of N H B A ANTHONY D TASSINARI Athletics Mathematics Boston College BS 'IO S WAGNER Latin Mathematics Harva OT TART Home Economics Framingham Teachers Coll rd University Ed M FRANCES M WES BS Ed ARTHUR G WOOD Mechanical Drawing o N H BS Manual Training University OODWELL Enqlrsn Harvard University EdM ROLAND H W Department Head f , I X XXXXN f ff ff f ffl ff I I . i I I I' tl 7"'f!'ffff1fffff!!,f fl!!! ffffffff fff,,,, ' 1 I ' -- - ' ' , 7 ' . .,B,S. . -- ' , ' -- . ' ,A.B. r . - cial Studies -- American University, B.A. , ' -- ' ' - ' ', d. X . XX llfflflffffffffjzffl 1111111111 f Mgfgmdfagfdkygfggfjgfgwg M443 , Q ADVISERS of the Class of 1947 Miss Eleanor L Lee Sophomore Head Adviser lunior Nlqh! Co Direclor Adviser Four Years Mr I Horns Melia Senior Play Director Adviser One Year 8 Miss Louise M Haines Director Adviser Four Years Mr Kent Walker Freshman Head Adviser Adviser Your Years Miss Edith Fish Iumor Head Adviser Adviser Three Years Senior Head Adviser, Junior Night Co- U wazww .5 we 3 afcuwl 4 I ' ,D angled SS Wm? X fn, A 5 e's S vw : ll n Xl' we xi 1 S Q S i 1 5 x- 52, E E c 5 fl! 5 E 55 S -5 25 0 E? 9 few A PZ 2 X ' ' 1 M S Q Q Tl 'gg 5 if 'Z za 1 'E 2 S YP 5. 4 ' -o X0 ,4 Q 4 Q Q 4 3 525 H 5 E 54,5 if 9 1: N 1 , .Q ' R Al my . I S 5 fi ff '55-K - - ea e S lo deb C088 KX Xo-5e?b one? TIGUSHK meson ,NW 'WDW'- I O C HC e preslozhsfef 'll hwbem XO Member at LGIQ9 Irene Pore Secretary Q lllllllllfll llflllllll nm VT f 014.1 14.0 FRANCES R ACKERMAN Franme Her eyes express beyond expression Preparatory Iunlor Nxqht Cast V1CtOfY Dance 4 Semor Play Cast Iunlor Assembly Tenms Club l 4 Thrxft Club l 2 W1qwam w .J :J v x I. ilu? WIIIMI 'KW fllllf 535-5-'-' iff! lsr Wllllw A 1 lf s. . ... if J J I , ff n"' l -C' si ,.-Q ,-.- cf? 0 Q .5 News 3 Trl H1 Y 3 4 Pow wow Slaif Honor Roll 2 Dramatlc Club 3 Jumor Prom Sopho more Dance BARBARA D ANDREWS Scaople To blush rs beautzful but sometimes mconvement Commerclal Iumor N1ghtComm1ttee Vxctory Dance 4 New Year s Dance 4 Iunxor Assem bly Chorus 4 Senxor Servlce Club Pow wow Staff Ofhce Ass1stant 4 Dramatic Club 3 4 Iumor Prom Semor Play Cast G Commlttee ALAN D BAILEY Al Thought rs deeper than all speech General Vlctcry Dance 4 Band l 2 3 4 Orchestra l 2 lumor Prom Q 57000 . 75A ' . Wag me 1 , A A 2 A I J I 05' I . V . - . K sifllfnl A . . , l flax.. 4 W ' . : ' . 1 ' :I J : '- '- : - : 3 .. 41" 1 W -"Qi 'I 1 : . ' :' ' 7 D' 1 A 2 I' ' 4 I' I Qu M ELEANOR BATCHELDER Lle urmr ll srlence rs golden then Eleanor rs a mlllzonalre General New Years Dance 4 Chorus 3 ALICE BELANGER Allce A gzrl who excels m sports Comme-rc1al l-lomeroom Offxcer 1 2 Iumor N1ghtComm1ttee Chorus l 2 3 Gxrls Ath lehc Club l 2 Tenms Club 1 2 3 4 Senlor Servxce Club Dramatxc Club 3 4 Rlfle Club 2 New Year s Dance 4 GIRARD W. BELANGER Ierry S9 v9 tlamvlovn 's'3.-f- He is iull of good intentions. Q.Q. K Preparatoryp Iunior Night Cast: Chorus 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 3, 47 Dramatic Club 3: Basket- X x 1 ball 3: Senior Play Cast T A if mix 7f DRUSILLA P. BEYLERYAN D Te v: A little maid ot quiet ways. l I Generolg Victory Dance 45 Chorus l, 2, 3: L ' Lunchroom l, 2: Semis: Play Committee iii' K X IX fl n N , ff! , Ax lfl,dR 17' 475, "N rs COLLEEN l. BICKl ORD omce Good health and good sense ore two ot life s greatest blessmgs Commercial Senior Servxce Club Honor Roll l Office Assxstont 4 V1 tory Dance 4 NANCY F BlCKFORD N ncy lf" ?"4-Q 0 F Eyes ot blue I I 1 Come smiling through g l F- Commercial Glee Club Offxce Assxstort 4 f Engl' Semor Play CCVUm1ll99 zfgf ff? .Q f 'K ' , U of ' ee ll ll fi, -SQ Ez ,Kg , E1 it +P? ROBERT BOODY Bob The sports the thmq General Vrctory Dance 4 Footballl 2 3 4 Semor Play Commrttee .1 1 r Nrqht Comrmt tee Chorus 1 N15 ROBERT l BOUDREAU Bob X Joys I have many And cares I have none Prachcal Arts Freshman Dance New Years My , , Dance 4 Sophomore Dance Semor Assem bly Glee Club 3 4 Football l 2 Baseball l 4 Cheerleader 3 4 Student Counczl 1 H1Y 3 4 Semor Play Cast EDITH S BROWN Edle Hold the fort for I am comznq General Freshman Dance VICYOYY Dance 4 Chorus l 2 3 4 Semor Play Commrttee D 1 :JT Si B x I . k , ' 00, - ' ' ' ' A C 7 . f H 1. F ll HFC I , e rrtt F at Q y t, U mm, ST np y - W , L- 1' y ' I 7 I V 5 I ' - gllil' ' ': , z. . : V D E , 11' ' F I D 'lllwm .3 5 s Q '7 ll ls sph ELIZABETH A. CARTER Betty Always jolly, friendly too, A genial classmate through and through. Commercial: Homeroom Officer 2g lunior Night Committee: Chorus ly Girls' Athletic Club lg Senior Service Club: Triff-li-Y 2, 3, 4: Pow-wow Staff: Honor Roll l, 25 Office Assist- ant 45 New Years Dance 4 ELLEN CHARLES Chas My appetite comes to me while eating Commer ral Class Secretary l 2 lunior Night Commlttee Graduatron Usher 3 Girls Athletic Club l Cheerleader 3 4 Wigwam News l 2 S rior Service Club Trif-liY 2 3 4 Pow wow Staff Honor Roll l 2 7 Office As istant 4 Senlor Play Cas 'UA CHERNI K ll 19 Whatever she does is done wzth ease Commercial lunior Night Committee Victory n e 4 icr Asse-mb y hi lu '1 sem r S rvi Cub Stuae t Ccuncl l 2 Pow 1 N Stal blo or Po ntee o 'ni tee 2 3 OH1 e P-.ssis ant 4 D a ai 1 r omrri tt e H' Committee 2 3 4 New Years Dance 4 S S ll .5 -Xefc JAMES E. CONNOR, JR. lem XX limmze To know him is to like him. 4!4.+ S Num J 'X lo k and Commercial: l-lomeroom Officer 2: Freshman 0 C, J X Dancep Iunior Night Cast 6. Committee: Glee Sfbvl N-v Club 45 l-li-Y 3, 45 New Year's Dance 4: fx Senior Play Cast ARMAND I COTE Armand Whose little body lodged a mighty mmd General Iumor Night Committee Canteen DORIS M COTE Doris Quiet diligent and aflable General Sophomore Dance Iun1or Night Committee New Years Dance 4 Iunlor As sembly Semor Assembly Glrls Athlettc Club l Tennis Club l Tr1H1Y 2 Dramatic Club 3 Senior Play Cast 6. Committee New Year s Dance 4 t Nun -i 2 l W 5 95 ,fir lcj 'Q J ,.1-- ,--if ll! l QF Q 1 Z ELIZABETH M DAIGLE The world deals good ncrturedly wrth good natured people Commercxal Thrzft Club 4 Semor Servlce Club Betty FRANCIS P DeSERRES 6 X Toots1e Q X K X Smg away sorrow laugh away care I px General Homeroom Ofixcerl V1ctory Dance 4 Football 2 3 4 Rxfle Clubl 2 Semor Play Cast PAUL l D SROCHES Bes! men are those of few words ueneral Came n Commlttee 4 Cloorus 2 3 4 Glee Club2 3 4 Cheerleader 3 4 Se-mor Play Commlttee Pau y 6. . 9.2 . ' , A fi' aa 5 . i , I . . ' i I jf C . ix C A C A Q 4 R Q I ' I I Y A ' I . K , 1 A 7 9 4 :V. I U DONALD R DOI-IERTY Don A lxttle nonsense now and than Is relxshed by the best of men Preparatory Class Member ai Large l Fresh man Dance Iumor N1qht Commmttee Sopho more Assembly Chorus 2 3 4 New Years K Dance 4 Glee Club 2 3 4 French Club 3 4 F Dramatmc Club 4 Rule Club 2 Semor Play Cast MARY A DOLLEN Mary She has u smxle for every friend and for every smzle cr fnend Commerclal Iumor Nrqht Comrmttee Chorus l G1rls Athletlc Club l Thrxft Club 4 Semor SEYVICS Club Honor Roll 3 HELEN P DOW at 0 u What sweet delzqht Q quxet lzfe affords General Chorus l 2 3 4 Orchestra l 2 3 W Xx A l 7 . lil L so y . Xl , . ,Q ,gil P x fx - Q 1 7 A A A Pr f i ll D N - lrrr by A' 1' x MX YW Football Manager l, 25 Rifle Club l, 25 Bas- ! I 'Q v CLHNI5 WILLIAM N. DOYLE Diqby Some think the world is made tor fun and trolic, and so do I . General: Iunior Assembly: Chorus 2, 3, 4, ketball 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Senior Play Cast CHARLES W DRONSFIELD lR Chuck Quzet sometrmes but sometzmes -Oh my' Preparatory Iumor N1qht Commlttee Gradu at1an Usher 3 Tenms Club 2 Pow Wow Staff Honor Roll l Rxfle Club l 2 New Years Dance 4 Semor Play Commlttee W DCLORES M DUCLOS UF? Dolores 'So oclx Q Where there s fun she s always rn rt Never st1I1 tor half a mmute Preparatory lumor N1qht Cast Sen1or As sembly Glrls Athletrc Club l French Club 3 4 Tr1I-I1Y 4 Pow wow Staff Dramatlc Club 3 Iumor Prom New Years Dance 4 Semox Play Cast Enqlxsh Assembly 3 N f,- G f" ut". 0.7 Q Ia 4 Q . , 4 G 6' 'C Tu ' ' , ' e . I , I ' a f fkcmk' T ' K' 1 L I fl r f- 1:12 -ff A 6815 .1 . - , fl . .' Q3 X - is 3 9 : " ' : ,ff .4 I , -P Eff Avi DONALD E EBACHER Don He looks most shy But there s mrschref rn hrs eye General Iumor Ntqht Commxttee Chorus 2 3 Tenms Club 3 H1 Y 3 4 Rrile Club 1 2 ROBERT W ELLIOTT Bob The man that blushes rs not qurte a brute Preparatory Homeroom Offrcer 2 3 Fresh man Dance Sophomore Dance lumor Nxqht Cornrmttee Graduatron Decoratlon 3 Tennrs Clubl 2 3 4 Footballl 3 French Club 3 H1Y 3 4 Pow wow Staff Honor Roll l 2 3 4 Canteen Commrttee 2 3 4 lunror Prom Basketball 2 3 WILLIAM L EVANS 1 For though he rs a wrt he rs no fool General Homeroom Charrman l luntor Prom Freshman Dance Sophomore Dance Chorus 2 3 Tennls Club 1 Thrxtt Club 1 New Year s Dance 4 Semor Play Commlttee X N X c S of l'Ogl '4 O! 5 K CA ILALQ 'IGS X CARLYLE1 HEBREW 'i I5 ,N Everett The brrds can ily cmd so can I S Preparatory Sophomore Don e Iumor N1qH N QS Commmee Groducxtron Decorotlon 3 Lun H 5 roo'n l lurror Prom -All Ru hre Commercml Class Colors Comrmttee 4 Enq MARIORIL FISH Mo qe A fmt exterror rs U srlent recommendcxtron ommercrol N w Y urs Dance 4 Senror mervrce Club RUTH F EVERETT Jxy Never a word she speaks beyond her need 5' , 3 wr Y XX w V M N Q Q l fa e 1 D 7 C: ' ' . r X ' 7 ' ' : C.- N 'N r : J X V xb' , fc 'l 1 'J ' A:-:Z ' ,x lish Assemklly 37 New Yecxr's Domce 4? A X ,,.,x 0 X MS L. ,?t4' N 4 5 g A Y. L. 3 C ' : Q e ' - 'A . 9 - - l V V v W f G ll'lAFtf'ARET E FLANDERS Margaret WL 6 yi N lllfffllu 6 fi HH N The secret of success rs constancy to purpose General Senror Play Committee Freshman Assembly Honor Roll 3 YlI:llll' lllllll J 9 GG M MAHIORIE E FLANDERS my co? j!" - She never grows weary from play 'Ci az.-ni Ma rqxe VIHIIII Commercxal Semor Play Committee Fresh N X man Assembly Chorus Z Offxce Assistant 4 'J AE DAVID R FOLLANSBEE Dave He greets you wrth a smrle from f dl rren yeyes X I General Freshman Assembly Lunchroom l -:Il X New Year s Dance 4 Semor Play Cornmlttee - .yg 5 l. 9 'X SS- K 'S E49 si ,sl GRACE P FOLLANSBEE Graci She always went about her head above the others Commercial lumor Night Committee Victory Dance 4 Sophomore Assembly Iumor As sembly Senior Play Committee Girls Ah letic Club l Tennis Club l Thrift Club 3 4 Senior Service Club Lunchroom l Pow wow Staff Office Assistant 4 Dramatic Club 3 4 Iumor Prom New Years Dance 4 'ul M THERESA A FOURNIER Terry Thy voice is celestial melody General Chorus 3 4 Glee Club 4 Senior Play Cast G Committee ROBERT A. GARNEAU Rugged Alway iull of fun, you bet: lust the boy you can't forget. General: l-lomeroom Officer 3, 4: Iunicr Night Committee: Chorus l, 2: Graduation Decorae tion 3: Tennis Club l, 2, 3, 4: Football 1: Hi-Y 3, 4: Canteen Committee l, 2, 3, 4: lunior Prom: Senior Play Cast " ! 'V K CATHERINE F. GEENEN Cathy Her speech is a burning fire. Generaly Senior Play Cast: Band l, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra l, 27 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Senior Service Clubg Olfice Assistant 3 ELIZABETH H GEORGE Betty Charming manners and a winning smile Have carried her fame many a mile Commercial Victory Dance 4 Chorus 1 2 Senior Service Club 4 Oitice Assistant 4 HELEN GERMUNDSON Helen Neatness is the crowning grace oi womunhood Preparatory Freshman Dance Iumor Night Committee Sophomore Assembly Gradua tion Usher 7 Tri H1 Y 2 3 4 Pow wow Staff Honor Rolll 2 '1 4 lumor Prom Senior Play Committee New Years Dance 4 Q2 l I .2 fd! y f ff' W Q., Yi.. i NE i 11"- DAVID E GILMAN IR Gzlly A sunny temper qzlds the edge of lxfe s blackest cloud Preparatory Class Pres1clent2 3 Homeroom Ofllcerl 2 4 Freshman Dance lumorN1qht Cast New Years Dance 4 Chorus 3 4 Glee Club 3 4 Graducmon Usher 3 Tenms Clubl 2 3 4 Lunchrooml Student Councxl l I-l1Y 2 3 4 Honor Roll l 2 Canteen Committee 2 3 4 Dramatxc Club 3 4 Rxtle Club 1 2 Senior Play Cast Freshman As sembly FLORENT I GOSSELIN He rs not cz chzp off the old block but the old block ztself General Vxctory Dance 4 Chorus 2 3 Footballl 3 4 xg NOEL CIN: GOSSELIN rxstmas W SQ The strength of twenty men rs lus X General Chorus 3 Football l 2 3 4 XXX Baseball l 4 Semor Play Cast Y x -1+-' 'B xx X1 N Qi- :X C' A-.".' .1 .I - 1 . . Q I : I I In ' I : I , T: 'LE ' ' 1- 1 J ' , : ' il . : ' : - l 0 A v . X., Goosey ll . , I if-X : ' : , : -cv , . N 1 ' x lwjiif 1,717 I Q, X .Ax C 4 -A S I 9' 1 5 Q ' ' '. YQ x : I I : . , . 7 Xl x-' tl Q S if , CONSTANCE S. GOULD Shirley She's a good-natured girl with a perpetual smile. Generalg lunior Nlqht Committee: Victory Dance 47 Sophomore Assembly Q , V 1? 0-9 MARlORlE E GOWEN Marqle I , Not cr flower not a pearl just a regular 0 ,,.,: A all round girl ':-l "'5' l Q.n,x w.,m.Lo Preparatory lumor Night Committee Victory M he C,eam"9 Dance 4 chorus 1 Thrift Club 2 4 Pow ,g1g',, wow Staff lumor Prom New Years Dance JZ 1 4 Senior Play Committee 3-. ff? IACOUELYN T GREANEY lackie Commercial lunlor Prom Freshman Dance Sophomore Dance Vict ry Dance 4 Math Assernblyl Chorusl 2 Graduat1onDecora tion 3 Wigwam News 'I Senior Service Club Lunchrooml 2 Tril-l1Y Q 4 Ottice Assistant 4 Semor Play Committee ' 4 2 6 uk fzfh - I .'- I , -, I s ' ' U . , , , l D I I 'HV ' 1 : ' . : - 153 inn A I 4, , 4' I I 4' . ' - .gr ,- sl 4 N -9 Quiet in manner, but resolute in actions 7 - . - . , l i 1 i x , My fy 1 4 K f K' A .v . , ' Q- 'jf ... 5- N x g P 4 Q x x lf, t Wt X if fl X 9 517' 'Wm xx AVE' X G lOAN M. GREANEY Ioan Speech is great, but silence greater. Commercial: Freshman Dancey Sophomore Dance: Senior Play Cast 6. Committeeg Chorus 2, 35 Glee Club lg Graduation Usher 35 Wigwam News 3g Office Assistant 3, 45 Dramatic Club 35 lunior Promp New Year's Dance 4 JUNE M CREANEY lunie A merry heart make h a cheerful countenance Commercial Iumor Prom Freshman Dance Sophomore Dance Victory Dance 4 Math Assembly l Chorus l 2 Wigwam News 3 Lunchroom 2 Tri l-l1Y 3 4 Senior Play Committee lOSEPH A GRIFFIN O9 And still the wonder grew That one small head could carry all he knew Preparatory Class Treasurer 2 3 4 Home room Oth er 2 3 Freshman Dance Sopho Assembly Chorus! 3 4 Glee Club 3 4 Graduation Usher 3 Thrift Club 2 French ub 3 4 Writers Clubl 3 4 HiY 2 Honor Roll l 2 3 4 Dramatic Club 'I . 'A 'Y . ' l l A . "' r .o A 3 . X YQ more Danceg Iunior Night Committeeg Senior 'I wt : , . 1 , : S Q 55 .Lei D 4 I I X X' C1 . : ' ' ' , , : '- . 3: W' :L il' 1 X MARY F HALL lfliry There rs more lor you m the blue of her eyes Than rn all of the towns that are under the slczes ommercxal Chorusl 2 3 Glee Clubl 2 3 CLYDE F HANSHAW Chlck Twelve years ago l was a boy General Vlctory Dance 4 Football l 2 Baseballl 2 3 4 ANNA N HERWAPD Anra None but herself can be her parallel Commerclal Freshman Dance Chorus 2 3 4 G1rls Athletzc Clubl Lunchroom 2 3 I ff!! N X :a x Xg. O -s O 2 I I- P P Q L 9 Q C V I V V 7 dp! Y 12' f 4 3. f f ag' Qc' V' 1 Q Q Q 1 1 af 'P MARYl HESSAON Ma y The speakmg tongue rs always found close to the heanng ear V 'nm r lal Class X1 eP es en Q Fresn 'nan Dance promo e D ce ani r Nrq om'n1 r Pr m Assembly L, rus l e ra l Lunchr om l 'l'r1H1Y O91 e Asslstarf 4- Sem r Assembly Qerxs P y Comrmte IRENE I HUARD Pvmy One ol the best we all agree A regular gxrl xt s easy to see Preparatory Vxclory Dance Sophomore Assembly l-loror Roll l lumor Prom New Vear s Dance 4 Senlor Play Cammlttee BEVERLY A HUNT B vy She IS a mrxture oi pep good fun and excxtement Commler ral l-lame-room Offl er 2 Sophomore Dance lumor Nlqlrt Commwtee Freshman Assembly Semor Assembly Chorusl 2 lunch' carl 2 3 4 O'nce Ass1stant3 4 Ev Y fu RFQ - miw ELIZABETH A IAMESON Dede A frrend to one C1 frrend to all C mme cr l Closs Member ot Lorqe Z 4 Home-roorn Offtcer l 2 Freshman Dcmce Sophomore Dance lunlor Nlght Committee Fr shrnon Assembly Ium r Assembly Com merclol Assembly Chorus l Thr1't Club l 2 Wrqwom News l S udentCounc1l l Tn H1 Y 3 4 Pow wow Soft Canteen Committee 3 4 Of me Ass1stont 3 4 lumor Prom Semor Ploy Commntee RUTH L IENNINGS Ru hxe Never rdle cz moment Commerctol Sophomore Dcmce lumor N1qht Commlttee Freshmon Assembly Sophomore Assembly Chorus 2 3 Lunchrooml 2 3 Dromotlc Club 3 Gxrls Athleuc Club 1 lumor Prom Closs Colors Commlttee 4 SALLY M IONES I have yet to Imd anything worth gettmq senous about General FreshrnonDonce Sophomorellonce Chorus l 2 Grrls Athletlc Czubl 2 F1rst And R f Attendort l Lunchroom 3 Trl Hx Y 3 Q 'Sv 4 I 1 4 4 4 o o :'o'o'3 1.0 O 4 I ,f X In ll' 7 ffffzuox. C .Q Q 5 s Vo: ' 1- .... ROBERT A KEALEY :I n Srlence never yet betrayed anyone ueneral Sem r Play Commlttee DAVID W KELLEY Kelley I refuse to take Irfe senously Dance 4 Iumor Nlqhi Cast Vxclory Dance 4 Freshman Assembly Semor Assembly Glee- Club 3 4 Band l Graduatlan Usher 3 en ms Club 3 4 Thrxft Club 2 3 I-I1Y Pow wow Slaff Honor Roll I Semor Play Cast X! THEODORE A KNAPP ddze The heanng ear and the seemq eye Commerclal Homercom Ofilcer 4 Iumor Nxaht Cast mme cxal Assembly 3 Semcr Play Cast ,5 W rf N , ' . 'g V , . VS.. init. :gli I . . Q' sV6. A I .C , N 4 L3 A mn. 9 xj. I fl 5 ll' I rf x .gig . ' ' . Q 1. Preparatory: 'Sopnomore Danae: New Years I : 4 I I I i Q , I 7 ' 1 T - l XX . , 7 ' , : V 3, 4: N! Te I ll ,M l 3-Lf 5 CARROLL H KNOWLES Buddy l am happiest when farthest from pen and books General Chorus 3 GERARD R LAFLAMME D lerry f-.'N The world knows nothing ol zts modest men Mali' f. General HiY 4 Rifle Club l 2 Senior Play A Committee i -uni!! RENE l, LAGASSE His limbs were cast in manly mould For hardy sports or contest bold. Preparatory: Class President 4: Homeroom Officer l, 2: Sophomore Dance: lunior Night Committee: Chorus l, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 3, 4: Football 2, 3, 4, Captain 4: Baseball 3. 4: Basketball '3, 4: Canteen Committee 2, 3: Iunior Prom: Senior Play Cast: Honor Roll 4 N sw Pete U s vs Lg 'S -.. A-f . Fw TN l th , 5 E Si L- F1 ,- ,. Ei, . La-"Z'k lEAN M LAMSON Fnendly helptul and truly kmd Quzte cs mce as you ll ever fmd General VICTDYY Dance 4 Chorus 2 3 Glee Club 3 Lunchrocm 2 3 Trll-l1Y 3 4 Pow Wow Staff New fears Dance 4 Semor Play Cast Grrls Athleuc Club 2 ALICE B LANCASTER Alrce Some after honor went some after love l alter both Preparatory Class V1C9PfES1d9Hl l 2 4 Homeroom Offrcer 2 Iumor Nrqht Cast Sophomore Assembly Semor Assembly Thanksqxvlnq Assembly 4 Chorus l Gradua hon Usher 3 Tennrs Club l Thnft Club l French Club 3 4 TI1FllY 2 3 4 Pow wow Staff Honor Roll l 2 3 4 Canleen Corn mlttee 2 3 Drarnatlc Club 3 Iunror Prom Math Assembly 4 Semor Plav Cast Chrrst mas Assembly 4 LORRAINE T LARIVIERE Lo ry Truly she rs clever wrth typmq cmd shorthand Commercxal Tumor N1q t CC'I1'Tl1ll99 lumor Assembly Commerclal Assembly 3 Semor Service Club Pow wow Saff Ofhce Assxs tant 4 nrarr tc Club 4 Sem r Play as New Year 5 Dance 4 QV? Mzrrompc .erry 4 Her hair belies her character, Q 1 ul THERESA H. LARNARD H hm 57 General: Chorus E, 2, 7, 4' Lunchroom 2, 3' ' Senior Play Commltxee Hofllovf DORIS B LeDUC 25:3-x "ww x .....ji. Q45 N X l.c1Duk Come what may she never worrres Commercml Chorus l 2 3 4 Lunchro m l 2 Offrce A srstczrt 4 Se-mor Servxce Club Semor Play Cost 6- Commrtiee RAYMOND A LENAY Ray He s as fresh as the month ol Mary General Homeroom Offrcer 3 Iumor N1ql'l Commrttee V1 tory Dance 4 Commerrrc Assembly 3 Foo bull l Rrfle Club l QW we rw ' X 4 NU X lX 5 lx ' rdf' f.g.,'I,' ' o,o'g'4 o f 9994" v I XQQQC, l fl lf! X r :,L77,,zkk X X "' Ghbe Q R Tx ,Q ll, Will x u it . x. 'Q GUI!-li' " ,unrrnaf 1 alll!!! 5 f J Q 1 FREDERICK W. LOWELL Fred A man ol cheerful yesterdays and confident tomorrows General: Freshman Dance: Vlctary Dance 42 New Year's Dance 4: Football 3, 4 G EARLE LUCY lR Lucy I conszder the world made for me not me lor the world Commerczal Home-room Off1C9f 1 Football l 3 4 Iumor N1ghtComm1ttee L ALAN M:xcl.EAN Mac ln larger crowds he above all Reaches the clouds because he s tall General Vxclary Dance 4 Semor Play Cast C rus 4 Foo ball 1 3 4 Baseball 2 3 4 Basketball 2 5.1 Ill I ' ll , u ll I ir . t l Lili Ill D llll . s . "I 1 , C , I gun t , . I A l s lx r,El , ll , I ,m u X I U Fx 53' , l 1 y . .V A , . X hc lt t , , lt ,J, ,3,4 hz SC? 5 5- WILLIAM G. MALONE B111 This world's no better if we hurry' E . GD Liie's no longer if we worry. 5' GAS H?- aa Preparatory: Chorus 31 Hi-Y 3, 4: Senior YTN-Une Play Cast 6- Committee 055 + lOl-IN l MCANIFF lohn I am Q most mdependent fellow G neral Rlfle Club GEORGE E MCINTYRE Mac A lover of sports and an afhlete too General Footballl 2 3 4 Chorus 2 Baske ball 2 3 4 Lunchroom l New Year S Dance 4 Semor Play Cast 5' ' w ' l SJ! ou... 5 5. -f 3'5- 335-' Wg vs QS X xxx 'if Z2 ADRIENNE E MEAD She takes lxle dunes and pleasures eagerly and senously Prepa atory Fresnman Dan e Sophomore Dance Iumor N1qht Cast Vxctorv Dance 4 Sophomore Assembly Iunl r Assembly Senlor Assembly New Years Dance 4 Chorusl 2 4 Grrls Athletlc Clubl 'Thuft Cub12Tr1HxY234 HonorRol1l 23 4 Dramauc Club 3 4 TGHHIS Club 3 LILLIAN S MEEKS Lee A smrle for every qul and two for every fellow Preparatory lumor Nlqht Commlttee Victory Dance 4 Semor Assembly Chorus 3 4 Glee Club 3 Tennls Club 3 Tr1H1 Y 3 Dramatxc Club 3 RUTH V MITCHELL Ru H1 Whcrt rs onqmczlxty? lt IS bemq one s self General Iunxor Nxqht Commntee Vxctory Dance 4 Chorus l 2 3 Honor Roll l Dm mahc Club 3 Semor Play Commmee I 1 37 'S QE XX RICHARD W NEELY X ock QQ He rs the hcrppxest man who depends 5 I 5 uPOn hzmsell v M1xecl Course Football 3 4 Homeroom Offlcer l 4 Iumor Prom X. 'Q Q .4 wa MARGARET F NOONAN PSUQY Peggy s quret and demure But alter all we cxren t quzte sure Commercxcrl Chorus 2 Samor Servrce Club Semor Play Committee HELEN S. NOVAK , 'I Helen And mistress oi herself though Chino tall , Commercial: Senior Service Club: Office Ase Q ffm sistcmt 4: Senior Play Commrttee 1 L I G DORIS PAPLOW Jw Dot PAULINE ORECHWO Num She was active stufrmg all afxre General Chorus l 2 3 LORRAINE OUELLETTE Lorrcune She takes hte as xt comes Commerczcl Vxctory Dance 4 Chorus l 2 Gxrls Athletlc Club l 2 Sen1or Servxce Club Offxce Asslstcnt 4 Drcmcxtlc Club 3 Semor Play Commxttee 1:4 Cute and Izttle mostly both General S lor Play Commmee Pow wow 1 N Staff Drcmcmc Club 3 4 Ofhce Assmstcmt 4 ll.. . gi. 91 9, I , 4 Lf v H 4 . L -Q . , A K ' : ' : . : xl' 0' C C -tg 'V' slug" A 11 4' 'I - , all .L-,E , f' l"l lu ll ll! lRENE L PARE lrene True to your words your work and L Y your Irrends Preparatory Class Secretary 3 4 l-lomeroom O'hcerl 2 3 4 Freshman Dance Soph omore Dance Iunror Nxght Cast Vrctory Dance 4 New Years Dance 4 Sophomore Assembly Iumor Assembly Thanksqrvxnq Assembly 4 Graduatlon Usher 3 Tennis Club 1 2 Thrrft Club 1 Dramatlc Club 3 4 Senror Play Cast Chrrstmas Assembly 4 'fn ltd X7 ' KATHLEEN E PERRY ..'lfl L,-1 x xb P2 Q if x X HB -iq S Dolly Happy am I from care I m free Why aren t they all contented hke me? Preparatory Freshman Dance Sophomore Dance Iumor Nrght Cast Vrctory Dance 4 Sophomore Assembly lumor Assembly Semor Assembly Glrls Athletlc Club 1 Thr1ftClubl 2 3 4 French Club 3 4 Pow wow Staff Dromatxc Club 3 4 Rzfle Club l Iumor Prom New Year s Dan e 4 VERONICA M. POPIELARZ Ronme Laughing and gay and lull ol fun. She's ever ready when !ro1ic's begun. Commercial: New Year's Dance 4: Chorus 2: Senior Service Club: Office Assistant 4 1 nm 'J b! 5 K uv l '-5'0" , . Y fo' . W 2 El i X Q t e 1'-2 Tv? s 5' l G4 i xl, J I' 111' 1 fl' 1. A v All U n. NOELLA M POULIN N ella She is gentle m manner and sweet in nature General Homeroom Officer 2 Freshman Dance Sophomore Dance lumor Niqht C m 'niltee Victory Dance 4 Freshman Assembly Sophomore Assembly Senior Assembly Chorusl 2 3 4 Baton Squad l 2 3 Drum Malorette 4 Senior Play Committee GEORGE W POUUOT Geo qe The best men are those of few words X QXIIII VIRGlNlA lvl PUTNAM Ginny There is beauty in deeds kindly done. General: Iunior Night Committee: Chorus l 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Tennis Club 3: Wigwam News 2: First Aid Room Attendant 2: Powewow Staff: Honor Roll 2: Dramatic Club 3: New Years Dance 4: Christmas As- sembly 2, 3, 4 Practical Arts New Years Dance 4 X s 2-W,,,' X R14 Nxt Il Nz, 'Qs xt , ., S 1 'NJ QL lEAN E. REMICK leame She used to pass, well-trimmed and brushed. Commercial: Chorus l: Band 3, 4: Tennis Club 2, 3: Tr1vHi-Y 4: Honor Roll l, 2: Office Assistant 4: lunior Prom IOAN A REMICK N ' x ff oey QQ: uv 7 The charm and playiulness of her talk Commercral Semor Play Cast Freshman Assembly Chorus l Band 3 4 Tenms Club l 2 3 Se-mor Serv ce Club Tr1H1Y 3 4 Pow wow Staff Ofhce Assrstant 4 Gradua Iron Orchestra 3 lunror Prom Honor Roll CLAIRE I. RICHARD Clarre Always ready to do her share Happy go lucky wrthouf a care Comn'rerc1al Freshman Dance Sophomore Dance Sophomore Assembly lumor As sembly Commercral Assembly 3 Graduatron Decoratron 3 Senror Servrce Club Lunchroom l Student Council l Trl H1 Y 3 4 Pow wow sta' H nor Roll 3 I 1 N , 'I 9 ff- Bf X XX X ali ooluu s P-'-' SHO CHSHIER ?W'f7' , f Q' fx af DORIS A RIOPEI. D ns Quret and reserved X Ccmmerclal Freshman Dance Vwtoxv Dance V 4 Semor Play Commlttee Graduatlon Deco ran n 3 Semor Serv1ce Club Student Coun lr A c1l l Tr1I-I1Y 3 4 OIIICG ASSISIGUI 4 New 4-Q Year s Dance 4 EDITH M ROBINSON The more we argued the questzon the mo e we drdn t agree General Chorus l Dramauc Club 3 4 FRANCES M ROGERS F an Nzce thmgs come rn Izttle packages Commerclal Sophomore Dance Vzctory Dance 4 Sophomore Assembly Iunlor As sembly Glee Club 3 Cheerleader 3 4 Thrxit Club l Trl I-I1 Y 3 4 Offxce Asslstant 4 p-I X I I 1 9.0. .WI s 'K FRED E. RYAN Fred The will to do, the soul to dare, Happy youth without a care Preparatory: Sophomore Dance: Football l: DORIS D ST GERMAIN ', Samt She looks most shy But there s mzschzet m her eye Commercral Iuruor Prom Vlctory Dance 4 Chorus l 2 3 Graduatlon Decoratlon 3 Tr1 H1 Y Q 4 Semor Servlce Club Semor Play Commtttee M Q IANE E SANBORN Iae Loyal lnend and classmate true Though a tntle shy and senous too Preparatory lumor Prom Chorusl 3 French Club 4 Trnl-l1Y 3 4 Pow wow Staff New Years Dance 4 Sentor Play Commxttee 0 9 S Y i f . C 2 Pow-wow Staff: Rifle Club lp New Year's Dance 4 X xy Q FS -- ll gk 7. yy I fn., ' P 5 ' 7 ' : ' : I 0 l xx '7 43? , . ' j, : ' : 1 'll -' T. flip IOHN M SAWYER Buz Wrth Irvely an and open heart Preparatory Sophomore Dance Vxctory Dance 4 New Years Dance 4 Sophomore Assembly GleeClub1 2 Football 2 Basket ball 2 3 4 Honor Roll l ASA L SHAW Ace Why take life SGIIOUSIYQ You II never X Q 4' f get out of rt ahve Dance 4 Honor Roll l Math Assembly 4 i' ff Kr lf' MARGUERITE l SMlTl'l Smltty Lively ardent frank and kmd Commerclal Chorus 1 2 3 Gtrls Athletlc Clubl Lunchrooml 2 3 t +"'s" . X 'P ff Y' ' ' . 1 v ' X M 1 Q Preparatory: Iunior Night Committee: Victory W Q A . .gf- f X 'igy fffkufvg 'Qi' Q' 41 NANCY P. SMITH Nan What else but music frees the mind it holds? Commercial: lunior Night Committee: Victory Dance 4: Senior Assembly' Chorus l, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Athletic Club l: Senior Service Club: Pow-wow Staff: Drae matic Club 3, 4: Senior Play Committee: Ot- fice Assistant 4: Christmas Assembly 3, 4 ,ry . 9 .r f . xl ' Z I sg , 1 '.. lEAN M SULLIVAN Where there s any mischief to be done She s always there and full ot fun Commercial Horneroom Officer 1 2 Fresh man Dance Sophomore Dance lunior Night Committee Vtctory Dance 4 Commercial Assembly 3 Chorus l Thrift Club 2 Senior Servic Club Pow wow Safl l-lonor Roll l Canteen Committee 2 3 4 Office Assistant 4 Senior Play Committee CAROL V TTNIDLE Has a sweet attractive grace Commercial lunror Prom Sophomore Dance Victory Dan e 4 Thanksgiving Assembly 4 Chorus l 2 3 Tennis Club 2 Tril-l1Y 3 4 Pow wow Staff Senior Service Club X Nl if L'1 4 ' s :A--' 1 :ga xi. ' e ,N 'Q x58 I f'v ,ozzv is xXx Xx ' v STANLEY D RUELSON IR Knowledge zs power Preparatory C ass Mernber at large 3 op omcre Dance lun r Nrqht Cast G C mn' t ee lumor Assembly French Club 3 4 V E Day Assembly 2 Sent r Assembly Tha'1ksq1v1 a Assembly 4 Gle Club 2 Band l 3 Wrxters Club 1 Pow wow Sta'f Honor Rel l 2 3 4 Rxfle Club 2 Enqltsh Assemblyl 3 New Ye rs D nce 4 Semor Play Cas Chmstmas Assembly 3 4 SYLVIA I TUXBURY Strike A good companion and as htm a friend Preparatory Freshman Dance Sophomore Dance luruor Night Commlttee Semor As e ly B nd l 2 3 4 Orche tra l 2 N Tenms Club 2 French Club 3 4 Tn H1 Y 3 E 4 Powwow Staff Honor Roll l 2 3 4 W1qwom News 2 New Years Dance 4 Semor Play Commlttee GEORGE A VERRETTE G D To hurry would be to tire one s self -s X0 Preparatory. lunlor Night Commute-et New Years Dance 4: Chorus 3, 47 Glee Club 3, 4: X N Tennis Club 3: Football 1, 3: Baseball 2' X6 X X Thrift Club l -xxx. f AH ' -ug ' I -f- 9'3- -9 -23 MILTON VOLAK Mxtz1e Opportumty to do mrschref 15 found a hundred trmes a day Pract1cal Arts I-Iomeroom Ofhcer 2 Fresh man Dance Sophomore Dance Iumor Nrqht Commlttee Freshman Assembly Sophomore Assembly lum r Assembly Semor As sembly Thrxft Club l 3 Rxfle Club 1 MUSIC Department Concert Commutee 2 3 Teachers Play Cornrruttee l 2 Senior Play Commlttee RUTH P WALTERS Ruler I m sure I Il flunk' I hear her say But her fmczl mark rs always A Preparatory Sophomore Dance Vtctory Dance 4 Thnft Club l 2 Iumor N1qht Com mrttee Sophomore Assembly French Club 3 4 Wr1ters Club 3 TIIHIY 2 3 4 Pow wow Staff Math Assembly 3 New Years Dance 4 Grrls Athletrc Club l Honor Roll KARL R WIECK lR 4-1. 2 jj,-area There s mrschzel m thrs man I ' Preparatory lun or Nlqht Commrttee Vlc tory Dance 4 Freshman Assembly Senror ':::f' Play Cast Sophomore Dance l N Axe N 7 S 0 4. .92 'f V. . MN ll! N V5 Z f iff' ROBERTA WILMOT She accomplishes a great deal in her own quiet way Commer lcl Chorus l 2 7 Sen r Service Club HELEN I WOODSOM Helen Helen always has cz cordial smile A factor never out of style Commercial Chorusl 2 3 4 Girls Athletic Club l PATQICIA A WOODWARD Part She makes the world a friendly place By always showing a friendly lace Commercial, Homerosm Officer l, Freshman Dance: Sophomore Dance: lunior Night Com- mittee: Victory Dance 4: Senior Play Com- mittee: Freshman Assembly: lunicr As- sembly: Senior Assembly: Chorus 2, 4: Senior Service Club: Pow-wow Staff: Honor Roll 27 Office Assistant 4: Dramatic Club 3 4 shi' I A Ill .I fill' D 12,754- 2. 15' f F H O N O 1 5,5096 to 5 'Yrvelson Cherrxwk tel X buflf A LgnC05 d S Tux ht hut xov' X G,fdgnartto1t A Mac Leu 10 'N yr oefmtm so R xNalleT5 The Honor Roll of Amesbury l-hgh School lxsts the nam of those pupxs whose academxc achxeve It is a recoqmtxon f hxghest lvxduals who have excelled c purposes ot every school learmnq It IS not easy for one to Wm the nqht to have hrs name appear on the Roll Drllgence sacrlhce self control apphcatlon all are necessary charactenstlcs of the good student The pup1ls here plctured have made the Honor Roll for every one of the1r four years It 15 a dlstmct pleasure to cenqratulate tnem cmd to express the prrde we feel in them DONALD L OLIVER Principal R l R , O L L I a A 1 ' I ' ' es ' ' ' ments rank ' . ' ' ' o those ind' ' in the basl - ' . ' f4ndqoaZlfwd Mezedmwiwhte vwmmmzqgmwaf Nlllflkk X ' iw I 'Q ' 's"3 5' 'Iv O 0 Awww 26,4 Awww my X Hmeefaaq 7474! mm? ww 1 , ' Wmfvrn . FTW 1. .5 -J 1,7 Doyle W-'Ill .1 N X Xixt X -'ir H ..,k X i X Ya x Ol. lx - 'H Lqqags Fm'"'"''fnimnnnllHlII'IllIIlllgnmn XX, X e v v v 'KV I ,O 1 A x h VX V 6 N 1 .X Q , 9 Q K XM 9, C 1 4 Q xx , f , XX 'H 4 C G X , 4 7 I f Anolon Kx P apo , 1 0 1 I ff X fl S K' . N Nic 9 Form. Eddie! AM FIRST TE reed P G' X WGS' ' PQDGU' C Mdnryfe' A' rr 1. , SGWYQ : I- 'qhu ms' row fl Lef' 'O SSE R. Laqc I1 MGC!-ec W. DOYIG' AA binC, C. Hu A rom sem! All Sen lu-nv Bam In the 1947 basketball season, our fcrrunes were Indeed at a Jew ebb, for we were wen, siderably handicapped by a Mrk of heraht and veteran players. We secand tearn, how' ever fared nruch better than lin- first array becfarne a consrstent bvrnner ,'f.:ara.Hc,Lrt tie Iast nail' of therr rfarnpalqn. Srnee Senrcrs almost wholly rnuke ug. raster at the first team, rt wen t help :ur tunes next year fer they wr .'.' be Ls: "pagi- grad rcn. This .eaves znjy hrs' strrna men far next yo :rs sau Ja' Wifi s:1f"'e-ss."J.' Q' next jr f"' 1 ' rna. 52 . H .n- " ttrff f. r, ' rf t..l ,"?U!.'. Jr' Qutjaak rs rc- :ffy aa:-1 L J r- V it : .CI .. II' 'S .EAM SECOND T MurfGY bs' R' H, we lthqm, G McG1oiHf N' Fe 111vf1n' A . T. SU uri' 'ow ish" Lef' 'O I d M. WUI I Woodsonxy Gildcy . lst W' Nlcho let P' w. BOY ' lungs. . L, French' N d row' Sefon rf55la, at FU!!! fe- N X ,-! ""' M L First Base Stretch The Home Run Boys Rhythm WON LOST Front lett to nqht C Nelson W Boyle E Gleed T Souliotis R Murray WG1lday P Culday R Hanley A Ouellette L French Pt Evans Back left to nght R Boody I Eaton C Waye R Richard W Boyle E Ouellette N Goss lm A Papoul1astCapta1nl R Laqasse W Perkms N Feltham T Hanley M Hewett T Sulhvan G Woodsom tlvlanaqerl R Keefe I l.ew1stAsstManaqer , V , s ,. 5,1 ' I .-" -,,4,, 4, ,f. L'f"' l 'Lu' Early Spring Warm-u p -fm ,J - -' ft-.ef N ,mv '- ,SME I ,Ji :M 1' nf .1 sf,?f,wsrtafagl??, I ntield Batting Practice il, Coach and his bag ot tricks Front Row Walter Stelanskt Roger Gosselm George McIntyre Francls DeSerres Edmund Ouellette Alan MacLean Florent Gosselm Asst Coach Sandy Roy Back Row Head Coach Anthony Tasslnarl lames Eaton Anthony Papoulxas Capt Rene Lagasse Herbert Fowler Robert Boody Noel Gosselln Norman Ouellette THE 1946 FOOTBALL SEASON We have seen our football outflt 1n actlon aga1nst stlff competxtlon th1s year and wh1le the scores may not seem very 1mpress1ve Cfor our stdel We recogmzed our team as be1ng one of htgh cahbre both 1n sp1r1tand1n gameness The f1ght Wh1Cl'1ll'16 team dlsplays IS often more lmportant than the number of games won for 1t represents the stamma and sp1r1t of Amesbury Hxgh We recovered from an attack of fumble 1l1S 1n the Marblehead game to tr1p up Wmthrop w1th passes tr1ck plays and long runs And the t1e score w1th Saugus was the result of a hard fought rugged contest Saugus was the favor1te but was out played 1n every department lust as last year wh1le play1ng Saugus and ln the same quarter of the game Bob Boody was hurt and had to ret1re Th1s ser1ously handlcapped us and probably made a d1fference between a w1nn1ng and a t1ed score We had the m1sfortune th1s year to meet the vastly superlor teams of Beverly Portsmouth and Glou cester all of whom were enloymg the most unusual strength IU a number of years Those three teams were whlttlmg down oppos1t1on on all sldes We had the sat sfact1on though of bemg the f1fSll9U1'1'1 to score two touchdowns agamst Beverly Perhaps two lmportant contnbutlng factors wh1ch helped to make a team wuh a great amount of sp1r1t were the capac1ty cheer mg crowds and the ldeal weather that favored the gr1d1ron and players m most of the contests The annual Thanksglvrng Day game W1ll'1 Newburyport suc cessfully cllmaxed our football season The weather was cr1sp and clear the stands were overflowmg wlth 5000 people excltedly cheenng and wavmg thexr favonte colors red and whlte or red and gold A close and hard fought game IS usually the case Wllh these two teams but rxght from the opentng wh1stle 11 was evldent that th1s was 1ndeed Amesbury s day The team rolled on to suc cess1ve touchdowns Wtth N H S unable to score unttl the A H S subs went on to the held late ln the second half The score h YSAHS33NHSl8' OPPONENT H OPPONENT A H S Methuen H S Swampscott H Marblehead H S Portsmouth H Wlnthrop H S Gloucester H S Saugus H S Dcmvers H S Beverly H S Newburyport H S TAS und SANDY Coaches 1' 54 4 If 7 5 i 'S I I 1 f I h I VV,V l - iw- - I 9514112 . JO L' ' e , . . . 3 . . . . , V , lf V A. .s. . . . , A I 5 . . 6 '26 . S. l3 7 4 Q , A ' . . 14- I2 . S. 26-- 7 K' ' . . l3f28 . , 48---12 . . , 6- 6 ' . . , 0-f--20 . . . . 40- 14 . . 18 -- 33 . .2- P DesRcQhes ur Q 5-P ZGO, ,- cmezm founfs ugmsf Memum 49m nu,C , wr 1 dies 0.1, mum! end fl' G U elm 4-mum? S ssenn .1 "ffm,,,-,F mr, I, nd nf.-swf, downs u Newburyport warns: nmnme play qqamsf Newzmypon away goes mwuqn well omamf up wmmwp Pearly wards of Naam mm Qpemnq wr. sue wmmmq up 1 ww-41 nm H smquq q mp -.Q Hoody :mpg an bnnleheld wr mp Newburypon my na gum We score our ms: munndowf. Qqcmsf Newbufypmf Pup .mu hfmxpmne, uqamsf swnmpsmf L , H uf P H W Us S, 1:1 PIP w ew' me dawg! W 'fffiewwww Bulletin Q Pugils port Cards must be returned tomorr w Gir s' Glee Club will rehearse after school today ss Seni rs T e gradua ing list has been posted 1 Roo 14 and 15 Senior Play rehearsal, Act II, at 2 30 There will be a meeting of the Senior Service Club tomorrow the first lunch eriod Assembly tomorrow under the ausoices the Senior Ol ss There will be Trl Hi meeting o t Hi Y tonight 1 the libra ank Day tomorrow Pow wow Staff Al member , except typists, repo t Room 14 at the close of school Reminder to Povs Hats should be removed when you enter he building 29 Teachers 4 teachers are reminded to turn in e r r gister eports before leaving schoo this afternoon ' I I ' 0 Re o 1 To o : h t n IH . D . , ' A of a . a joint f he - -Y and - n - PY. E . l s r to 1: . ' ,ll th 1 e r 1 . GIBLS' BASKETBALL CLUB Left to righi, first row: I. Holmstrom, I. Myrick, E. Norlina, P. Morris, K. O'Brien, M. Greaney M. Groetz, M. Malone, E. English. Second row: E. Kostaras, C. Hamel, A. Duclos, M. Carroll, S. Peterson, L. Lancaster, M. Loiselle, B. Carter, B. MacAskill, R. Murphy, I. Coombs. Third row: A. Parkinson, G. Rose, I. Lessard, I. Hardy, K. Penniman. V. Braqq, G. Lanqdo, L. Perusse, M. Dauphinais, I. LeBlanc. Fourth row: l. Bartlett. D. Bodwell, G. Brown, M. Welch, C. Snow, L. Allard, V. Bailey TENNIS CLUB Left to right, first row: D. Nichols, I. Myrick, F. Ackerman, Mr. Morse, B. Nichols, B. Faulkinqe ham, Da. Gilman. Second row: A. Lentell, V. Pace, A. Be-lanqer, E. Norlinq, G. Lanqdo, G. Brown, M. Greaney, I. Caruso, A. Parkinson, F. Malone, E. Leslie, P. Morris. Third row: I. Henry, l-l. Krebs, D. Kelley, I. Griffin, F. Ficlienwirth, G. Verrette, C. Goldsmith, W. Studer, M. Ward, H. Garnoari 1 li If A-'fi 'N f 4 xl, . .by N'Gr xv 12? Cl- " 59 . I U '94 f'?v Xeattf f . "Q.."". was ' fin ,O 9 5.0. I R 9 'tt ,po 59 bv Q 1 fo . ,K ' Y .xx W5 5,5 5 , 3 ?f WW. ix 3 J x X gl' uJ I Q rw ff!! I . ' 4, GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Left lo right. first row: I. l.eMaire, I. Estabrook, B. Evans, M. Cammett, A. Ianos, I. Flynn Miss Levine, Le. Perusse, K. Greaney, E. Scott, E. English, P. Morris, M. Rogers. Second row M. Vermette, A. Doherty, M. Walters, A. Roy, I. White, F. Dorr, S. Prenares, A. Kobel, A Flynn, N. Perkins, I. Rundlett, M. Welch, D. Tilbury, S. Peterson, M. Loiselle, D. Miner, E. Norlinq S. Savoie, M. Doherty. Third row: M. Brown, E. Brown, R. Currier, D. Perusse, I. Bartlett D. Bodwell, L. Allard, P. Iosephscn, I. Lessard, G. Brown, E. Sousa, A. Aclcley, B. Lucy, La Perusse, M. Dauphinais, T. Fournier, E. Wheeler BOYS' GLEE CLUB Left to right, first row: W. Leslie, N. Violette, R. Richards, D. Felix, I. Flynn, Miss Levine, D. Doherty, G. Belanqer, R. Boudreou, N. Iutras, P. DesRoches. Second row: I. Djerf, P. Gilday, F. St. Germain, D. Gilman, L. Cote, H. Glancy, R. Butland, R. Boclwell, H. Krebs, C. Burbank, M. Ward, W. Perkins, R. Plourde. Third row: D. Kelley, W. Studer, L. Creasey, R. Laqasse, W. Stefanski, R. Desrcchers, I, Connor, G. Verrette, D. Nichols, D. Hellen,'I. Griffin, Gold- smith, C. Scott, B. Rose 5 I l H A 'xr ALPHA TRI-HI-Y Left to right, first row: I. White, A. Ianos, V. Iackson, A. Lancaster, R. Walters, B. Carter, Iu Greaney, Ia. Greaney, F. Ackerman, Second row: I. Lamson, A. Ackley, D. Si. Germain, I Sanborn, C, Tindle, Miss Haines, Miss Barry, Miss Reynolds, A. Mead, E. Jameson, I. Barr, M. Brown, D. Cote. Third row: S. Tuxbury, F. Dorr, I. Laqasse, E. Charles, C. Richard, I Remick, M. Blais, B. Hays, C. Geenen, H. Germundson, D. Riopel, L. Ballard, R. Currier BETA TRI-Hl-Y Lelt to right, first row: M. Eaton, R. Iackson, M. Toothaker, Miss O'Brien, Miss Buller, A. Roy, I. Lancaster, E. Kostaras. Second row: E. English, I. Tousignant, I. l-lolmslrorn, S. Terry, S. Prenares, A. Parkinson, I. Geenen, R. Murphy, V. Bailey. Third row: S. Laflamme, M. Novak, V. Pace, M, Lailamme, M. Kukene, N. Pillsbury, I, Bates, M. Walters, C. Tuxbury 'EWR , 017 .y ff . If W I I ' QQ: Qi A I H X XM lf 'NJ eww' 3 S S7 X Y Q fi ss g if X SN N sf N 3 X sg uri? - Hl-Y Left to right. first row: W. Studer, G. Cuellette, R, Garneau, R. Boudreau, Mr. MacArthur, I Ccnnor, F, Fickenwirth, R. Desrochers, R. VVatkins. Second row: N. Ganthier, W. Boyle, R Elliott, D. Bailey, L. Paulict, F. Flicgiel, S. Ackerman, N. Ffliiiixziu, l, Lizay, C. Goldsmith, H Krebs, D. Kelley, B. Stebbins. Third row: De. Gilman, W. M:Sheffrey, F. St. Germain, Da Gilman, VI. Malone, G. Laflarnme, l.. Ccte, D. Ebaclaer, M. Ward, I. Aherne, P. Nichols, I. Meeks CANTEEN COMMITTEE Left to right, first row: I. Earr, D. Gilman, R. Garneau, R. Elliott, E. lamescrt. Second row I. Nichols, P. DesFl::hes, N. fufras D, Kelley, H. Kelly ALLIED YOUTH POST Left to right, iirst row: Lftzxp dsfer, I. Geezien, G. Fllldrisbee, F, Fifkenwirth, P. Woodward, K Perry, Lf zziirg, If Ackerrtrin, S. 'I'uxhui',', P.. Vtfalters. Second row: M. Gowen, L, Loriviere, I. igfiilfflf, P.. LZ :i P. Ili: Ejr, I. E iz'-, if. T.f,:.'AskiQ1, A. Pciriciriscx, C. Geenen, E. Scott, I. Sgilivazi. Third row: T. Kzzizpgg, C. Dzensfieid. C. Galdsmith, R. Lsgcxsse, K. Wieck, I. Connor, VJ. Stefgriski, I. Griffin, Fi 7.'.',x:kii1s, S. True-Isin SENIOR SERVICE CLUB Left to right, first row: C. Hiuhxrd, Id. Giedney, M. Dclien, I, Chernick, Miss Edmondson, G. FCII'1I'.ShE'E, .L Lcziviere, Iu. Grefxxiey, I. Fiemiik. Second row: V. Popieicrz, Io. Grecmey, C. Tiriiikf E' Chczlfs C. P1 .1 : ff. Fppiel, IJ, N fnzz, G. G-eenen, I. Sullivan, D, St. Germain. Third row: R., L. Ouellefze, M. Fish. H. Ncvck, A. Beidnqer, E. Dciqle, E. George, E. Hutt, P. ','.':.fiz'z:r-d D. Lelfui, R. K'.'iIn1it 0000 906. C cs, 5: fs A wi 'E' I 35 I III il Ii MI 'l Q iii ..:- Wx ws-N AXL4 x', .. X 50' -0. 1' 'I . "in r- A 1'-.9-,v ' lffl " il W2 it - ,Z ff ll ,... elk ll ,,.. 0 -.- use ., f 'M ,Q DRAMATIC CLUB Left to right, first row: G. Fcllansbee, A. Ustick, I. Greaney, I. Griffin, Mr. Melia, I. Pare, K. Perry, I. White, L. Ballard. Second row: C. Cronin, P. Fenton, L. Lariviere, L. Meeks, A. Mead, A. Ianos, P. Woodward, A. Ackley, E. Charles, S Solari. Third row: E. Robinson, D. Gilman, F, Fickenwirth, I. Connor, D. Nichols, C. Goldsmith, Pl, Watkins, D. Doherty, R. Wood THRIFT CLUB Left to right, first row: M. Kelly, M. Greaney, V. Christesen, M. Dollen, Miss Bergeron, E. Daiqle, K. Greaney, C. Gould, K. Perry. Second row: A. Blais, I. Bergeron, M. Gowen, A. Ackley, L. Lancaster, A. Ianos, S. Prenares, P. Roy, G. Gould, M. Brown, E. Wheeler. Third row: D. Felix, I. Meeks, D. Gilman, A. Ouellette, K. Wieck, N. Iutras, F. Heil, P. Pare, P. Gilday, R. Gaudet Nil FRENCH CLUB Left to right, first row: R. Laqasse, S. Tuxbury, Miss Neal, K. Perry, I. Griffin. Second row: S. Truelson, M. Blais, A. Lancaster, R. Walters, V. lackson, C. Goldsmith HOMEBOOM CFFICEBS Lett to right, first row: T. Sullivan, I. Pare, M. Eaton, R. French, L. Cameron, S. Peterson, I. Bartlett, B. Nichols, H. Keele. Second row: E. Eaten, D. Ryan, L. Pincence, H. Colby, D. Dollen B. Hays, S. Terry, I. Buswell, E. Kostaras, B. Auffrey, D. Felix. Third row: P. Gilday, Da. Gilman, H. Glancy, N. Viclette, R. Murray, G. Leslie, De. Gilman, E. Gleed, L. Cote, T. Knapp R. Garneau 1 r 22 . . llill V? -5 .11 E4 lltlll tllilllllllfllll-A imimi.m.J-. r 'B l'0'J !'d d in ll A -alu . ,.. . 'fa fa 1 f 1 5-1 L 1 'r I l :1 cj '91 . 'uf' 'fin . Q S l? i , 1 .' I if., ei VS flix iii , ww Tam l view? 'X-Ev, .:? AMESBURY SCHOOL BAND Left to right. first row: N. Feltham, D. Miner, C. Tuxbury, C. Geenen, Mr. Sambataro, V. Iack son, I. Gee-nen, I. Remick, S. True-lson. Second row: L. Morse, P. Miller, I. Henry, D. Norlinq A. Bailey, O. Morse, R. English, W. George, B. Currier. Third row: N. Parker, I. Holbrook A. Gosselin, K. Gove, L. Folsom, A. Smith, D. Butland, S. Tuxbury, G. Rose, H. Panos, G. Loiselle V. Berlolini, D. Dudley 1947 POW-WOW STAFF Le!! to right, first row: M. Gowen, I. Lamson, R. Walters, S. Tuxbury, Mr. Morse, S. Truelson, F. Ackerman, E. Charles, C. Dronsfield. Second row: K. Perry, Fl. Mitchell, I. Sanborn, I. Hemick, I. Cherniclc, G. Follansbee, C. Richard, H, Germundson, A, Lancaster, B. Carter, L. Lariviere, Third row: G. Belanqer, D. Kelley, Elliott, E. Iameszn, P. Woodward, I. Sullivan, C. Tindle, F. Ryan, I. Connor A v....ul Remember Now A m Qfhgiwf he e Wheres c 1 Male Shorioqe opcrgando cf MI. Mars Don? Look at tlzo 1 90' he Dxfiexent forms S Same E ement R ,nf 'W c cm e osmq to c e hefe 1 e eltlly Graceful Noefllcz M ggwnb Ol-Illgel' ra 'K-.9 miami 1'-4 Amesbury Hxqh Srw Q 5 Annual Semin Pay Produged by C1155 Lf 4x all THE MAN WHO CAME' TO DINNER Duected by I Hams Mehcr P eser Lwr rqs lhqh Now Ernest 1 Oft m the mqhtlall Shake hands s keg thlrlll wrth Q succe f T rs mc' santer p1Qy,,,,,gh, S-'ul much Plea LIIIIGU 2,-1 5' True Russell Story ,Hagan Whxreszde I brought you a wonderful Christmas present .I 3 'E' I I tied crm H2111 Q5 w L X K g I Fulrzuzry fff cmd 1947 '. r At tim . S:"1zQr,I 'X ix ,xxx f X I , 1 fm: m1 K I ' ee Q 1 . -, , ,.. 3 C :W , V: T i fit, .,,. .V ' - 431'-'1 I I x . ' - "K "5 Y pf h' VV up - L l ' 1 ' 5 9- . I I Q K K Q . ' 1 x C 1 J :V 1 '- 'f ' X f I . S , . , 2 1 ne A I . "1't'3 -s-.,s 1 iw, . W , 1? ' ss. The Entire Famzly Mrs Stanley M1ss Preen Blchard Stanley Tune Stanley ohn Sarah Mrs Dexter Mrs McCutcheon Mr Stanley Maqqle Cutler Dr Bradley Sherrdan Whltesrde Harrtet Stanley Professor Metz Luncheon Guests Mr Baker Expressrnan lorrame Sheldon Sandy Beverly Carlton Westcott Chorr Banro Two Deputres Badto Techmcrans A Plalnclothesman Adrrenne Mead Kathleen Perry Robert Garneau lrene Pare Iames Connor Cather1ne Geenen Dolores Duclos Ahce Lancaster W1ll1am Malone Ellen Charles Davld Kelley Stanley Truelson lean Lamson Theodore Knapp I Alan MacLean ' W1ll1am Doyle George Mclntyre Robert Boudreau Donald Doherty loan Bernrck Karl Wreck Ioseph Grlttrn Gxrard Belanqer Dons Cote Therese Fournrer loan Greaney Lorrarne Larr1v1ere Patncra Woodward l Shrrley Gould Bene Laqasse Francrs DeSerres Noel Gosselrn Frances Ackerman Barbara Andrews Robert Elllott l ,,r,.' f. f.,fr.fQffff Bert Ietterson.. .r,,,l . .,.' ,', l.',David Gilman .. ...., . . 'I It - 'y . ufflffldllti j I . A l , 71 IUNIOR NIGHT Z' HOW VULGAR Dnrected by Mrss Lourse M Hames The Cast Ann OBr1en Alnce Lancaster Gxrard Belunqer Adnenne Mead 'Tx rss Eleanor L Lee The cast Dolores Duclos Davxd Kelley Frances Ackerman Stanley Truelson DOTS AND DASHES Drrected by M Irene Pare Kathleen Perry and Davld Gllman K ,f '-A 'heart does be needln mu: f71n!l0!QOIIhE' drshes M,sS Boqq 9 THE LONDONDEHHY AIR Drrected by Mlss Eleonor l Lee Amesbury Hrqh Schocls entry n the Massachusetis Hlqh School Drama Festrval 11 Newbury port 72 The Cast Ierm lumson Rem Inj msse Lvllxcm Meeks and Gwarc' Belanqer 1' 1' A X' ' N.:-L W if--. L M " n lameslConnor, ana Theodore Knapp. l l .5- 'lf 'T Y U' l ,"',?' ,' Q. '1 ' ' rn, -Je' I I l . it ' ftp- wizwy. xf. Alf? V' 3' ,Q , if ,A A ,Y vifwf' ,gg . 1 ,Q ww K ' Lff -V.Q 5,-1 .F . if , 'xf,.af-'t::2- ff ' 1 ' - ' q W l iifdiiiii? . 4 'lyk K , A,, V,... A - hm? Q , x 2 1 , 3. W 4- if Piwsh 3 QQ' if I 4- I Q y"""'9 A 1 " Q ,, ,W fr 5, W 5 A. ,sf ..Q ,givfw ,, 1 na, .1 C, ,.r- ,,,, 5 A 4 5,6 f""l+in ff' W if ,Q , 434 55 Q MQ Q.. .,. AL,, BWV! ,f ,gf 5 .fb ' eu' .mi ,Q ,,, +- A 1' E Rm r Mgt nina v 1' , 3 Q" ,Quan ' . 'Wh Q- 'f iii ev "' "' ,QV 'K W? ' 4 f"'5 Q, ,gh 3 at Pr'-' M ff' Q . " wi 4 9' Compliments I I NEWBERRY ci CO 31 MAIN STREET BEN5 MENS SHUP AMESBURY MASS EVANGELINE S Vctlues don t happen A M E S B U they re Intentlonol Our efforts IH the held f Clothtnq for Men and Younq Men are olmed ot one obJect t1ve the best volues pOSSlb19 W E FULLER 61 CO EVERETT H LOCKE Optornetnst 10 MARRET SQUARE AMESBURY MASS ELECTRIC LIGHT CUMPANY of Dave Bob Y Y Dick Bill Compliments of I I 1 ' ' o BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF " '47" from Nelson J Merchant INSURANCE Bruchus Ma-fleet Q x-. :J xx- s A J' ax, '- panty ,M 57 MAIN STREET AMESBURY MASS Purveyors of Fme Foods WOMEN S WEAR Comphments of ETTA COLLTS ALLENS BOOK SHOP Books Stotxonery PGf1Od1CCX1S 8 MARKET SQUARE P " AMESBURY MASS Comphments of GALE HANLEY SHOP 38 Mum Street C L A Y T O N S Your Formly Shoe Store f' 'LJHQ Xllll 11 C1150 111 111110 Q1 121' s 1 1111 0110 raphy 11101 PURDY S suvcclss 110s LDPC 11 W011 P01 1111915211116 If 111 ICI 0111 c1111111110111111 CI my ave 1 111 1G1QI y001s 0 11 s 1 1 1111 1061 yc 1 QUT 1 0 1 160 TREMQNT STREET BCDSTON lf' CXV11 U11 110 UCRAPNT11 MFSBU 1V HV 11 Sf HOO1 VLASS CF 1947 SpeC101 DISCOUH1 Rates 10 011 Students of Amesbury H1011 School ,YH Ilflf X 7 C 17, ., . ' V 11 -V -,N ', WNW v--,vm ', ,A 1 1 ,f 1011 111. 1 y1 1.1 .111'.111. 1.111011 1111,' 1fkP111f,11 111 1 ks 1130 1,1011 Y11111' 1111051 5121? 1100 1171 s ,1, ,1 1111111 111110 1ff1W111"1,,?11:S. 11 1.15 111 11115 H1fj311f, '1 H 1 1043- 1 . , , ' 1 22 . - 1101 S3 5257011 1 11 1 1 2 1 in 1 101 F1 1 11 'ESEI11 0100 '1110 1111151 f?.l1?11ifi fl 1110 Ai 'J , 'UT 1511r111'n0111111111' S015 by 1flKI'!111.7 1J11,11f1' 1110140 1110 " ' 1.'f1.S. J- I H1 1 011' 'UV' ' 17 QT1 5 ft. A 1 I1. 1,111 1 X , GFGph1C Reproductxon Center j cargoof QOCLLFQCJ WAOXO SPAULDING MGSS CGMPANY A115 Q 2 ' ly - 1' 1' 1 42 FRANKLIN STREET EQSTON, MASSACHUSETTS COMPLIMENTS I-IYTRCDN CQMPL MEN S f MERRIMAC HAT CQRPCDRATICDN f Rcfdio Sf Electronics Corp. T Alice Dolly Porsson RGd1O G Eurruture Stores Amesbury Mass 95 M l121M Comphment CONNOR S MARKET COMPLIMENTS of u I P1card S AMESBURY'S FURNITURE WAREHOUSE Convement Stores t HAMPTON CENTER N H MERRIMAC MASS Crown Jewelry Cash add Credlt Iewelers 41 Mam Street Amesbury Mass BERNARD G GREANEY General Truckmq and Movmq T 1 84 W Comphments of THE VOGUE DRESS SHOP F me Iumor Wearmq Apparel suy E bh THE BAILEY CQ. Mcmufcct RQLLED METAL SHAPES l MHQP d Ene e CQMPLIMENTS Mcxlcme Eros of V. IIHIIH H WINS of U ral S rvices Compliments of BOYLE S DRUG STORE I7 MAIN STREET AMESBURY MASS STRAND CONEECTIONERY AFTER THE MOVIES STOP AT ALEC S TROMBLA BROTHERS FLORISTS WILLIAM M GOWEN Drugqist MODERN BROWN-BILT SHOES Catherine Ruth For opportunities in Aviation The airport that caters to the Private Eiier HAMPTON AIRPORT ROUTE 1 HAMPTON, N, H. Student Training Proqrarnmes LUXURTCNE DRY CLEANING V7 Lili' fAl1f C7Zil,Xlll'y O-X004 IDEAL SCET WATER LAUNDRY Inc Systemczuc Sgvmqg CempIm'ems Secures Your Future Amesbury Co opercmve Bank A FRIEND I RICHARD EEELEY Iha Jarsey Im Cream EU , . of ' 1 I L-:.1p11.r.,rr LAWRENCE, MASS cf 7wezfoz'4eewe6Zeuefzle Al MOD? 191-I7 c7I'!!f5 X YL- i wbuft id? 'B 435 6 ,,'l',, I 1 K led fffff flf X X 7 ME' Gfffn famve ...- ' yu 1 ff RQIVD K l f4fj77-y Ex 54170 fag -ff? HCC! ,pan-ts VIASYU So K5 'zu A X E 5,550 ff 4 gf' a' K ' ll , W If u v X f v ,X f ,v N2-QV. . :QS -Mx? Ski V' UK '27 WK '14 Oo A K web' E bs 4 M 1 'D X "De iq x S1 nvff also Q mx hx- Q11 H 0 ik N M hu egg , ff? 2 N A Lf gl N Q 2, , I QS ., f , wx I ff J X g 4 gg xX X 5 ' Fl W I X x fx I WF-1' L fr Ru u uc X I ifwigp- X Vx 6 Qi 'UH X C K 0 Kjefgfq cm9w N X QL 61 H09 M fx B .X-' 'D T y X49 QUE!! 726 jam' ASM CD-AQYN L' A C JJ T Xwug A fgf x"XJ Q 4, 6 afffafne ZA ' Zechfrq' ,O 91,7 N72 ho!! . 6 -fi? Q0 m, 'O so Q 0' Q31 '35 K C 0 W Q ,, 1-N G 0 0 K X as "'i...z-H-X Q K Q ... ff 13 bf C G , Y v f -P ix Q f oo? xe f 6 T QQ Jig ' IX. 9 'TJ CQ 6-5 9 -L -f QQ G D ,l if 961, I +7 ix H Q55-N f cf ew .4 ,V XXX fbx CTX V' 1 ' 'Lx X9 X' xC 1- P J",-X mx ""' Qc Us L qt X WV 5 KXXX W 2 lffx if 4 7' fx Jf X X Y Z4 5' AQ 9 A rs-'Q l-ga 9 , Zvi eh X0 'E 74 C: lfk-4 X "' 2 2 Us uxilg . ini' KT. LP ' .X ' ff' TJ: fu"-' f fe , 'T I+ X , fl A '15 k.."'..L'9 .lx .UK ' . ,f , . I I i -2 W 4 A1 . .5 A ., - . 'ma H Q K , 3 f , ,z , ' A u L,-' 1. V- u A Q 4 ' 5,121 Q .lv 3' Af' X! 'I' 1.4 'E' ' ' wx un '4"f-W X .-1' 3333 t4"'!1t'fs J A gl- aww-if JW 4 R 'Ph :ZW 1,3 fx F314 K I .Sl if 9 V' " mmmwm 4x f x 4,-mar' ,,.4 M iff ' A 'fi W amb- "Z-925193 1'- 533'-ff N-if . 4 - m ., , A My Q'- ,egg-A -W ..., 1 ? Max .V , . v. . U, , , A I K , X .13 lx, r 4 A n .T fl Q M had X W' , K J, V - my , ' , f, 4 I I, .. f-,, M ..- , , " ' 1 " - fx., V' , 1' ' "" 9 . ,Q - ' ' I . -, 1 -- x 6 " 'I , . 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I 25 LAW? va ,1.-JI I ' S I A ian 1 ll ax I ,.-A k jp' if b f X 1 K gk-mm' VM I 'ffll V339 :M TL fl 455 -Ji...- fiiiiiiyif 1' x ' 5 A K N53 43 x , w Q 0-I 1- xi I! ! -? .J 5? gig .. ,J vi ,502 'M W ' l F . Q2 Qi sf A 6z'f t.Sn ,f-rx .F F --J A S A 4 3:1 .1- ,, I .' F-'3 f ,ful ' ' , f . , . , 41,4 E 'd xQ A f f V' . , ,Q ' 1 ' f5f'i ,'I ,, -'V . 1 ,, 5 I s K I Q if 2 ' -. f "' vt W "wQ 5 J 1 6 fn 1 wry Y 1 jr 9 fl 'il . 1' ' 5 A 4. '54 ' gg? llw E!!!E! gfgffi ? Tfgipggg vi- M 1 . ,H N.: . .. , 5 tl lb - 2... f Y " A 1 , y f'f.s?T Fw ,W-, K ' VZ lg , ld ,S ,r A QM' A A ,ve CQJ? E x a H t 5 rf F MQW 5 ' s.. ff K 's lu 43' H-2 Keep the home ixres burnmq Pea Soup Mcxcar an Cheese 1 Sundwxches 7C M1lk at Kiwi Gill WEEE 1-"" It s hm s bnthday and he takes t e cake oh yes the cake ns Mary s cr hon Our mess hall' 74eSc4aaZz!4cu'caec4emnmqma4ze JN- IQLW H45 IQ47 .BMW 59 HLH QE 55, Qin EP' EY?-im Cl 9 5? "x.f"1""""-'31-" "M-'Nw'-A "-'- ' --'-Xffff--v--W E'-w'-' -7 A - - -1-'-v- :El ffm-if 4 :UW if 5,1 - if 351.155 Q 20 .., 22 L' S 25 ,-20 W 'em5?bEjQ" FQQHH FH. K ,Z f f st Admired Person in the Public Eye vorite vorite vorite vorite vorite vorite vorite vorite vorite vorite orite Movie Actress Movie Actor Movie Radio Program Orchestra Book Magazine Car Solt Drink Outdoor Sport Indoor Sport ent Greeting nent Craze rdest Subiect 1 .r"' .-i Harold Stassen lnqrid Bergman lohn Garfield "The lolson Story" Lux Radio Theatre Vaughn Monroes "The Return of the Native" "Life" Pontiac Coca-Cola Football Basketball Football Sweaters and Wide Belts English Done Most for A. H. S. Most Likely to Succeed Most Dependable Most Talented Most Studious Most Original Best Athlete Best Actor and Actress Best Musician Best Artist Best Dancer Most Popular Best Sport Best Mixer Most Courteous Ideal Date Neatest Best Dressed Best Looking Cutest Smoothest Line Glamour Boy and Gal Biggest Flirt Peppiest Most Serious Biggest Iolcer Biggest Arguer Tallest Shortest Biggest Appetite Class Dreamer Class Procrastinator Most Independent Teachers' Pet Teachers' Pest Manhater and Womanhater '51 ftlirtf l. xztvtiswr .fylvttr 'fttxizxzy .zen-H Part- Sylvtti Tuxl airy Alive l.lIllC.lS"il lzllidti Meeks .-'Klint Btlinqer Kathleen Pvrry Rylvtt: Ttixlrtiry Ruth Mitchell l"r.rttt'vs Rtrqers Elizabeth ltznioson Elntali'-th ltxrneson Elizabeth llrrneson FYJIICQS Ackerman Frances Ackerman llelen Gerrnundson lr-env Hlltllll v. ,mt p H, t.. , ntl l'-ldll 'es Ackerrntrn Ellen Chatlvs l.lilltiI1 Meeks Mary Hessicn Mary ll9SS1Oll Ruth Walters Sally lone-s Beverly Hunt Grace Eclllinsbee Drusilla Beylerian Kathleen Perry Ulaire Richard Mary Hession Marguerite Smith Ellen Charles Marguerite Smith Eleanor Batchelder , f 5 ' A ,jr w . i Milan Volak St zzzley Truelsan R! ti.-H Lczqasse Stanley Truelson Stanley Truelson Robert Gurneau Nc---l Gcsselin Sttrnley Truelson Raymond Lemay Robert Elliott Paul DesRoches Rene Laqasse Rene Laqasse Robert Garneau Rene Laqasse Rene Laqasse Robert Elliott Robert Elliott Robert Elliott Robert Garneau Robert Boudreau Robert Garneau Clyde Hanshaw Robert Boudreau Robert Kealey William Doyle Fred Lowell George Verrette Robert Garneau Elorent Gosselin Georqe Verrette lose-ph Griffin lohn McAniff loseph Griffin Milton Volak Robert Kealey 93 CLASS HISTORY Sylv1a Tuxbury and Helen Germundson Where oh where are the verdant Freshmen? We are 1n the Freshman class look1ng about us 1n dtsmay at the th1ngs wh1ch are ahead Flrst we must get acquamted w1th our new surroundtngs After seemg the upperclassmen s sktll 1n puttlng on assembl1es we f1nd that we have to perform the same task We rack our bra1ns and then dGC1d9 to put on a Malor Bowes program or a good 1m1ta t1on After en1oy1ng the opportumty of gomg to upperclassmen s dances we have the Dflvlleqe of puttlng on our own In g1v1ng the last dance of the year we have our l1fSl great success 1n sp1te of the fact that our c1rcus decoratlons have not arr1ved Where oh where are the gay young Sopho down upon now the Freshmen Th1s t1me we beg1n the soc1al events of the year Wllh our Barn Dance We have two assemblxes to put on th1s year I one we seek tor act1ng ab1l1ty ID Teen MGQIC and actually f1nd 1t Our last performance th1s year IS a repl1ca of a Blmd Date program wh1ch really pro v1des a bl1nd date Thus the f1rst half of our h1gh school days are ended Where oh where are the Jolly Iun1ors'P Th1s year we are at last regarded as upperclassmen The Jolly Iunlors beg1n on the SGIIOUS s1de w1th a touch of Shakespeare the w1tch scene from Macbeth and other sk1ts for a Hallowe en assembly We also declde to grow up and hlre for another assembly a speaker on select1ng a vocatlon In March as 1S trad1t1onal we make our flrst publ1c appearance 1n the tumor Nrght plays Dots and Dashes and l-low Vulgar The h1ghl1ght of soc1al events 1n our four years lS the Iuntor Prom whlch prov1des a garden scene as the background for many beaut1ful gowns Where oh where are the grand old SSDIOTST Thus we reach the hnal days of our Joumey Be1ng somewhat used to dramatlcs by now we enterta1n the school by presentmg Sl1ghtly Exaggerated and Yes Means No for our f1rst assembly of the our v1ctory over Newburyport by sponsor1ng a Vtc tory Dance Only a short wh1le later we have a New Year s Dance am1d the wtntry scenes 1n the A H S gym Our crown1ng touch IS The Man Who Came to D1nner a play brmgtng out all the act1on talents 1n the class of 47 Th1s our Sen1or Play IS st1ll the IODIC of conversatxon 1n the far comers of our apprec1at1ve commun1ty The t1me from February to Iune fl1es by so that our t1me of departure IS here Carrymg w1th us many fond memor1es we leave A H S safe now 1n the wlde Wlde world Preszdenl Vrce Presrdent Secre tary Treasurer Member-at Large 94 CLASS OFFICERS Freshmen Frank Sul11van Ahce Lancaster Ellen Charles Francls Greaney Donald Doherty Sophomores DGV1d G1lman Ahce Lancaster Ellen Charles Ioseph Gnffm Elizabeth Iameson Iumors Davld Gxlman Mary Hessxon Irene Pare Ioseph Gnffm Stanley Truelson by , . , , I V - ' l I ' I ll ll H 1 I I I - s mores?" Well, at least we have someone to look year, After the football season is over, we celebrate I - 1 I ' I I I I ' As we gather to plant this ivy We see not only the plant, But a symbol of life's beginning, With each leaf a wish to grant When first the roots are hidden In the cold yet soft rich earth lt seems to make us mindful Of its great symbolic worth ODE TO THE IVY by Adrienne Mead CLASS SONG As this ivy begins to clamber May it strength through life sustain, Ever onward and upward in splendor Portraying our whole domain. So if life seems ungrateful This symbol keep in mind The ivy progresses upv ard No matter what is entwined fvl b J h oven-it OYD5 bl-1 MQYJOYIQ Goweljslcdndw Gfffviii 6 Y1 Tux FJ-,lJY'j gvatmos 'Hi-ff 5 'de' Q me 'E 'th s GUY FWKW' LJ ,regmlgi Maw, -S-free? ms I b U Y gamittw 5l'Yn Theres vy gov 9-,ed bu ld Pan M3 Md' 'HW last 'time down-me Sfsles e have Ouyold suv You nd :MDS it at Known as mes P-4 Hgw ev a lone weowe our a W on Ov ,awe to Yew ID OUY Smul25 New we Jam PlQSS MQW, In TY b U e5 L her- !T"?5 la. I1-I 5 - rl: 1.-I K il In he 5,5115 our -ff.p,,,4 smfj found ea Star-J all lov al gh! and hug As We' name, Ames bw 14191, our av me Ma Ter: May we ev ey mee gc ,Clam if .. 95 if Fe Q 5 -5 of fit P, vw git, if 2 5 it fctylpslei ln Ffllllflmlgtit fl as Fel if new if wt i s fy l-XJ X, J fb IUX Q ws :fe Qssa CLASS PROPHECY Kathleen Perry, lane Sanborn and Ruth Walters It has been ten years srnce Carlyle Everett frrst attempted to burld a perpetual motron machrne At last he has succeeded and we are flyrng low rn hrs Everglrder Knowrng Carlyle we are not surprrsed when suddenly rt stops and we raprdly descend on our mrllron dollar stadrum crashrng the gate at a football game Coach George Maclntyre and Doctor Davrd Kelley rush to our srde whrle Stanley Truelson trres to calm the people by leadrng the band rn Grrffrn s B flat lullaby Bob Boudreau specral cop has phoned Grrard Belanger s Tow Truck Servxce to get the wreckage off the freld whrle Carlyle whose old passron for football has swept over hrm frnds hes all rrght and drsappears rnto the stands Even though we protest that we arent hurt we are hustled off to the hosprtal for observatron by Helen Woodsom and Roberta Wrlmot who came careenrng down the freld wrth srrens blowrng when they saw us as prospectrve customers for therr Emergency Protectron Servrce At the hosprtal we see comrng down the hall wrth a murderous gleam rn hrs eyes Dr Florent Butcher Gosselrn who rs lookrng for Armand Cote who fled rn terror when he saw that hungry grrn Nurses Theresa Fournrer and Irene Pare and even Superrntendent Gowan have rorned the chase Lookrng after them rn surprrse our attentron rs drverted by the struggles of Iohn McAnrff who has Just been assrsted rnto a strartlacket by attendants Verrette and MacLean It seems that lohn s other wrfe found that lrfe can be beautrful wrthout hrm and lohn has argued hrmself rrght rnto that strart Jacket' By now we are thoroughly convlnced that the safest thrng to do rs to leave As we dash madly across the street we narrowly escape death under the wheels of Frances Ackerman s beachwaqon Grrndrng to a stop she gr ets us hastrly and rn surprrse and offers us a lrft uptown After threadrng our way through the heavy traffrc we spy a couple of debonarr whrtewrngs bow tres and all Who should rt be but our old classmate Bob Ellrott and Rugged Cvarneau earnestly polrshrng the street We learn that Fran rs on her way to see lohn Sawyer the new gym rnstructor at Theodore Knapps Academy for Young Ladres where Davrd Grlman has recently taken up the post of dancrng teacher As we whrz though Market Sauare Frances waves frantrcally at Drusrlla Beylerran comrng out of Dorrs Cotes Dress Shop Wrshrng to see how the old town looks we rump out rn front of Mrlton Volaks Speedy Taxr stand where drrver Bob Boody rs studyrng for hrs forestry exam ln the same burldrng rs Chuck Dronsfrelds Darrng Detectrve Agency and Dr Pete Lagasses offrce where Grace Follansbee rs medrcal secretary As we start up the street Chuck comes rushrng out bound for the home of Noel Go selrn whose new Junk truck has Just been stolen After lookrng rn on Beverly Hunt manager of the Toys For Trny Tots shop we start to cross the street but before we can do so we have to wart for a funeral processron headed by Drgger Doyle the Frrendly Mortrcran and Fred Ryan who rs drrvrng the hearse On the opposrte corner rs the flower shop of Paulrne Orechwo whose busrness brightens wrth each of Doyles new customers Before we go to supper we decrde to vrsrt the lames Connor Constructron Co where we drop rn on Fred Lowell srttrng at hrs desk surrounded by Colleen Brckford Marrorre Flanders Marlorre Frsh and Grace Paplow hrs four secretarres ln the outer offrce Mary Dollen rs talkrng to Ruth Everett receptronrst about the fashron show she saw yesterday where Lrllran Meeks was modellrng clothes desrgned by Ruth Mrtchell and Edrth Robrnson Mary and Ruth tell us that rf we are gorng to supper we ought to try out George Poulrots new restaurant where chref cook lean Sullrvan specralrzes rn Spanrsh omelets made from eggs rarsed on the chrcken farm owned by Wrllram Evans Orr the srdewalk outsrde we are nearly deafened by the Salvatron Army Band Among the players we see Catherrne Geenen at the drums Alan Barley at the tuba and Sylvra Tuxbury at the clarrnet whrle Nancy Smrth srngs on Tryrng to escape thrs horrrble clamor we run rnto the nearest doorway whrch turns out to be the entrance to the Frrst Natronal Store now under the management of Gerard Laflamme At the cash regrster rs Dorrs l..eDuc who rs changrng a hundred dollar brll for Clyde Hanshaw mrllronarre playboy Gorng down the arsle we nearly collrde with Clarre Rrchard and Edrth Brown at the Food for Hungry Husband s counter We admrre Clarre s snazzy harrdo and frnd that Betty Carter created rt at her Beauty Salon As we have recovered from the werrd musrc of the Salvatron Army Band we say goodbye and go out agarn Walkrng up the street we are startled to see a huge burldrng frfteen storres hrgh loom suddenly before our eyes Thrs replaces the old Strand Theatre where so many of us spent rarny days We are amazed upon lookrng at the rnterror of thrs burldrng to see a srgn rnform mg us of the drrectron of the Teleprx Department Puttrng a nrckel rnto the turnstrle slot we burst rn upon an advertrsrng demonstratron There on the screen before us rs Barbara Andrews demon stratrng the latest fashron of cbtarnrng results rn chewing lcky Strcky Bubble Gum After the short morst demonstratron we are both surprrsed and delrghted to see the face of Alrce Belanger the women s srngles tennrs champron of the year Wrth consrderable astonrshment we also observe that Francrs DeSerres has achreved natronal promrnence by wrnnrng the Mrdget Scooter Races earnrng for hrmself the trtle of Whrzzy DeSerres We frnd that another nrckel rs necessary before we can fef ' gd -v,. . lvl 4 V . 4. .,. .,..4I4. VI' '- jj . 4 y 1, ,, ,, T 1 r . T' ' . 5 'ln' . 'H I ' A . B x ' A 'UI ' ', ' f ee the feature prcture whrch stars Ellen Charles and Rrchard Neeley m Drnner For Two We prepare to leave but our curroslty rs aroused upon heartng suddenly a deep volce speaklng and on the screen before us rs a spectal news flash showrng the rnterror of the U S Senate Surprxs rngly enough there IS only one man V1S1bl9 and the rest of the assembled people are women We reahze that women have come 1nto therr own as we vrew All e Lancaster Massachusetts Senator pleadmg for funds to put the new wlng on Amesbury Hlgh School Unfortunately however the llghts go on and learnrng that another nlckel IS needed we leave by the rear exxt whrch brmgs us rnto the central corrldor Oppostte us workrng an elevator wlth 3 speeds slow medtum and speedy IS Dcrls St Cwermaln dressed smartly rn a pxnk and purple unrform She takes people to therr destlnatrons at a speed dependrng upon the urgency of the1r buslness Deltghted to see us she informs us that Iune and lackre Greaney have a modelmg bureau on the seventh floor and that Irene Huard and Sally lones execute the styles that Carol Trndle and Ioan Greaney desrgn Asked 1f N6 wrsh to make an appomtment to have our halr styled we promnsed to return on the morrow for conference and rnqutre rf any other 47 ers have fflces 1n the burldmg On the frfth floor we learn that Robert Kealey pract1c1ng dentist rs asslsted by Nancy Brckford who handles apporntments Ellzabeth George the efflcrent assrstant and Helen Novak who plays soothrrg mustc on the phonograph to cover the patrents protests We do not make an appolntment there decrdlng to meet ur old frrends under more pleasant crrcumstances lust then a sgueal of terror penetrates our ears and we turn hastrly to vrew Helen Dow caught m the revolvlng doors whrch have suddenly come unsprung and are turnlng madly Not darmg to leave by that same method we walk down the long corrrdor xdly gazmg about We hear some hot uve berng recorded by Ramon Lemay the lose Caballero of the day Leavtng as 1t IS gettmg near our supper trme we hear a famrhar vorce Yes rt rs Mary Hesston tourrst gurde on a super tour of Amesbury As Mary talks she pornts out the toprcs of her drscussron Feellng that we know the town qurte well we wave gaxly to her and saunter down the street Out attentron 1S spectacularly drawn by a long low super 10 cylmder berge and cream convertxble parked by the curb We are delrghted to see our frrend Paul Deshoches srttrng at the wheel of the model whrch wrth great pleasure he tells us he has deslgned hrmself rn collaboratron wlth Donald Doherty who manages the agency 1n Amesbury for the Super 10 s Paul asked rf we would llke a demonstratron and we Jumped 1n rmmedrately wrth great enthusrasm Paul presses a serres of buttons and off we speed rn the clrrectron of Helen Germundson s where Paul rnforms us Helen rs entertatnmg at one of her famous sorrees where Lorrarne Larrvrere Patncra Woodward Darts Rropel and Ruth lenmngs regularly present therr own versrons of melodres at the tea table Arrrvrng at Helen s home we are greeted by our hostess who tells us that We are Just ln tlrne to hear the four grrls that Paul has mentroned She goes on to tell us that Frances Rogers and loan Hernrck are now fashlon edrtors for Vogue magazine and asks rf we have heard that Marguerrte Smlth and Veronrca Popxelarz are secretarles ln the new Afl1f1ClGl Lrmb Company m Phrladelphra It certarnly IS pleasant to renew acquarntances but we feel that our hostess would lrke to devote more trme to her guests so leavmg wrth regret we drrve back toward town Feelxng the pangs of hunger we ask Paul for hrs recommendation of a good place to dine A gleam of satrsfactron anrmates hrs face as he turns to 'us and asks rf we would lrke to try Lorralne Ouellette s and Margaret Flanders new restaurant The Yummy tum As George Poullot s place ts farther away we agree to follow hls suggestron The Yummy tum has garned con srderable popularrty over the N B C network srnce Davrd Follansbee the leadrng restaurant approver publlclzed tt lt lS long and low and the superb lrghtlng effects promote gastrrc responses We are greeted at the door by Elrzabeth Iameson the hostess who asks Theresa Larnard to take care of us The mterror of the restaurant has been desrgned by lean Lamson who IS now rn busrness for herself as a fashronable desrgner of rnterrors After seatlng us at one of the corner tables Theresa tells us that she wrll tell Lorrarne and Margaret we are here although lt IS hard to tear Margaret away from her bookkeepmg Orderlng our favorlte steak smothered rn omons with all the fxxrngs we recelve rt promptly and compllrnent the wattress Elrzabeth Dalgle on the fme cook who rs none other than Earl Lucy lust then the master of ceremonres Donald Ebacher announces the hlghlrght of the evenrngs entertarnment The spotlrght IS focused on a patr of Apache Dancers Karla and Dolores We dont have to look at the program to know therr surnames Wreck and Duclos After their spectacular dancxng It IS rather a let down to learn that ct Juggllng act IS next on the program but we are pleasantly surprlsed when we see Margaret Noonan s fxne performance lust then we look at the clock and fmd lt rs time to leave As we get our coats from the checkroom g1rl lulra Chernrck she brds us goodnlght and Asa Shaw the smrlrng doorman closes the door on the frne restaurant Paul offers to drrve us to our destrnatron and on the way he snaps on the radro We are astornshed to hear that Wrlharn Malone rs subst1tut1ng for Gabrlel Heatter presentrng news 1n hrs customary way Followlng Malone s broadcast we tune IH on the weather report whrch wlll be qutte rmportant to our flrght Slowly and drstrnctry comes the report rn Carroll Knowles dehberate tones After learnrng that the weather wrll be favorable we swrtch off the radro and contmue on our way passtng Shrrley Gould who 15 srttrrg on the lawn of her horrte trymg to persuade sales woman Adrrenne Mead that she doesnt need any of her products Further along the road Paul slams on the brakes There rn frort of us rs a stalled truck Vxrgrnra Putnam and Noella Poulm are frantrcally chasxng therr frrghtened thoroughbred horse who has escaped We fmally arnve safe and sound back at the held where Carlyle lS rmpatrently awartrng our eturn Exuberantly he polnts to a row of buttons on the control board of the freshly reparred rnachrne Interruptxng Carlyles rhapsodrzmg wrth the delrghtful news of our old frxends we frnd rt rs now trme to apply the lever of supersonrc speed to our machrne but we plan to return to Ames bury agaln rn the near future - C-J 7 Q -Q HGH mtlllkw 4: 6' ,1- l fl xx 5.417 if 2 ' ? - al 97 A y fy tl r T p w'ir f'P ' ' . 'lu 4: I A A t I I T ' ' ft s -4 in V - ' l - 1 , A I - , - .Qttt-rr, my ' 7 ' f Q, T I , , ' . ' I . , g r , . . NJNK no f 2 E ami llcwwq s udents CI'GdUO'6d wlth us but were not m m S f dass Nhert e sen I SGCIICH was planned DAVID GOODWIN HERMAN MCLAUGHLIN 1 ww? 0.-, 9' rs, mxk wgii If X S :S 3' ,D we .' Q I. s fblf X 1947 POW WOW STAFF Mr Herbert O Morse Advrser Sylvra I Tuxbury Co Edrtor rn Chret Stanley D Truelson Ir Co Edrtor rn Chrel Marjorre E Gowen Managrng and Actrvrtres Edrtor Iulra Chernrck Grace P Follansbee Patncra A Woodward Actrvrtres Assrstants Ruth P Walters Lrterary Edrtor Helen Germundson Kathleen E Perry lane E Sanborn Lrterary Assrstants Iean M Lamson Art Edrtor RobertW Ellrott RuthV Mrtchell IoanA Remlck Ed1thM Roblnson FredE Ryan Art Assrstants Charles W Dronstreld Ir Photography Co-Edrtor Davld W Kelley Photography Co-Edrtor Grrard W Belanger Donald R Doherty Photography Assrstants Frances R Ackerman Sports Edrtor Al1ce B Lancaster Layout Mathematrcran James E Connor Ir Busmess Manager Barbara D Andrews Dolores M Duclos Ehzabeth A Iameson Busmess Assrstants Ellen Charles Chret Typrst Elrzabeth A Carter Lorra1ne T Larrvrere G Dor1s Paplow Clarre L Rrchard Nancy P Sm1th lean M Sullrvan Carol V T1ndle Typmg Assrstants Mlss Ethel H Barry Occasronal Art Crrtrcrsm Mr Roland H Woodwell Occasronal Lrterary Crrtrcrsm The Class Advrsers General Assrstance Art Credrts Cover Desrgn Robert Ellrott Page 9 Fred Ryan Page l0 Robert Elllott Serrror Sectron Cartoons Grrls Ioan Remrck Boys Fred Ryan Page 51 Fred Ryan Club Sectron Sketches Fred Ryan Pages 84 and 85 lean Lamson Ruth Mrtchell Edrth Robrnson Page 91 Robert Ellrott Fred Ryan Photography Cred1ts I E Purdy Company Ottrcral Class Photographers Several Formal Prctures Charles A Palmer Davrdl Vedranr Informal Prclures The Photography Statt Classmates Spauldrng Moss Company Publrshers Krngscratt Lover Embossers Our Gurdrng Prrncrple Slow But Sure . , . . , ' " 1 - r - , . , . . , . , . , . , . . , . . , . , . . , . . . . . . . . , . , . . . , . , . r . , . , . , . . ..,.....,,,,,. .. Theres really no work m mcrkmq a year book' fpiimqgm, M. fy ,M -, x - psi 25233433 ,ai-5 A +V " --,g - . 5' , JIM K :LY 'Url ' , . - f Y: J P 7 , 6 A Q2 9 I V Xl K . ,, , ,, .J A 5 J, ,6..,v,.,,,,. at , ,MQRJV is 'Ph .uiiffh , "E ..Q-...Q,..,..I'7L , 5 W , , f SY, it Qt' F v t H '14, . , B L Q Q . V Q , 5' X . "li" inn- 4 K H T ,,. Wm fm M W V Q 4 Q if M W' Q .V - E , Q , N g m. K A 5 ' ,. xv. . W f was ,iv A W, my ,W if Q v If ,A ASH fw- Rdw ' 9,8 Wim 1.-,ff .M R 5+ 9' f

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