Ames High School - Spirit Yearbook (Ames, IA)

 - Class of 1978

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Ames High School - Spirit Yearbook (Ames, IA) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 9 of 288
Page 9 of 288

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Page 9 text:

54 ہبڈ‎ Na. re ong and lonely without her. He j have to start going to night clubs e often. Perhaps there he could find 2 to fill his loneliness. 3 In the kitchen Chones dug through his - cold storage unit and brought out a pre- ` packaged meal. The label read ''Mom's E Homemade Spaghetti Dinner— t 4 نمی یا رس سا ...ات a us کرک‎ o e سے و سس ‘Complete meal in a bag; toss salad, garlic bread and apple pie. " He read the . heating instructions, attached the probes, that allowed the entire meal to be the -proper temperature at the same serving time, then slid the compartmentalized - vinyl bag into the microwave food preparation unit. The kitchen, like the other rooms in the apartment, was filled with electronic equipment. It really wasn't necessary since all his meals were already prepared at large industrial kitchens and only required heating. The only two appliances he used were the cold storage unit and the microwave | unit; all the others were specialized LX E emm LL. gourmet cookery devices the former tenant had installed. The blue light lit up on the control panel. Chones pulled his dinner from the microwave. He still couldn't figure out how the lettuce salad actually came out cold and crisp while the rest of the meal was varying gradations of hot. He sat down to eat his dinner. The table contained a panel of control switches. Chones touched a combination of these that filled the air with a synthesizer symphony and caused the wall panels to become alive with a three-dimensional light show. The music was the latest vogue in sound. It was programmed to control moods. He usually, and today was no exception, put a relaxing tape in when he ate his evening meal. Somehow the undulating sound gave Chones the same results a good sauna and back rub used to, and even went an extra step and made him forget some of the traumas from his work day. The music system was very Y 1 ۱ Th " M Wl ۱ f TY T E ew? | 4 Kl atn | gue rige ei common. Government officials, years ago, had recognized the value of controlling emotions by music and subsidized the electronic systems so that every household in the district could contain one. Although Chone's position allowed him to own the most advanced audio equipment available, it was not his sound equipment he doted on. His 5 his visual set up. The panels that projected the moving light images around him were a part of a halography projector which was the most sophisticated home set made. It was only because of his rank in the company and a lot of string pulling within the industry that he had been able to purchase this piece of machinery. Halography was a fascinating development that had become commonplace only within the last 15 years. The halography centers, similar to the movie theaters they had replaced, showed feature length films which not only moved and sounded like reality but were also three-dimensional. Chones was one of a very small minority of the population that actually owned a home halography set. It operated very much like common video tape cartridge players. However, instead of being limited to simple programed video games, two-dimensional films and video letters, his halography set could do a wide variety of things. The light show was one of these functions. He also owned an extensive library filled with halograph tapes. Some of the tapes were programable 3-D visual games but the bulk of the collection contained movies and unique tapes he had had made especially for himself. Chones finished his dinner. The relaxing music had done its job. The frustration and emptiness that had filled him when he arrived at his apartment seemed to have disappeared. What he needed was a " Eu ۹ A POT V e BEN ST d ni, A, " yT Bu. یا‎ wine e 1 ۳ ۱ H CES E t m, v ët, ۳ en ۳ " e KA دبا‎ ! a E " i 5 l R good halograph to fill up his evening hours. He touched the switch that lit up the alphabetized listing of his halograph library. No new films had arrived that week. The screen showed all the titles he owned. He was bored with the most current ones. The next 60 titles were ones he and his now distant close companion had picked out and watched together—those films always made him feel lonely. The screen rotated to show the titles of the very first tapes he had ordered. The company that supplied his halograph projector had included a special introductory offer when he purchased his equipment. For no extra charge the new projector owner could have five photographic books or three old fashioned movies transformed into halographs. He had spent days choosing the right books to send in. One of the manuscripts he had finally included, chosen on a sentimental impulse, was his high school yearbook, the Ames High Spirit '78. Chones hadn't looked at that halograph since before he met his girlfriend. Yes, it was fun to look back sometimes. It always made him laugh to see himself at age 18, all legs with a blow-dried mop of blond hair. Chones touched the buttons that selected the yearbook halograph and settled back into his comfortable simulated leather viewing chair. An image flashed out from the wal! screens; SPIRIT '78 was spelled out on an early model computer video screen. Chones put on 2 synthesizer audio tape that helped him focus his attention on the halograph and shut out the rest of his surroundings. Within several minutes all that existed was the halograph. It was 1978 once again.

Page 8 text:

Hau m ka ! ۲ m ۳ a bh e AP NETT TA CUPS WA " ët CEET a CHEERS. ۳ ٩ TS) URBIS E SE NER SM NM NM WË یق سس«‎ g $ rt m e ` " WE WË E E WË E CU vw بو‎ MP کو‎ 4 E زی‎ p Si gd eg e 4. M گر یق یٹپ‎ JE GE M NENNEN W4 g " کم‎ 4 A RI ke be JA AM vil بک‎ Ch te wi E Së p A ده پر‎ KI mJ N Bi 5 NS E EI P» pvo A ki Si Eé CH یم‎ FK dl e A vd MIO m oM سس‎ Op تیم جج‎ Wi PW شر‎ KI a E Kë H KI CN éi KR ei EI ہہ‎ KL p CG ei gr کے‎ 8 e 2 4k) wu کی‎ 4 Ke eae P OM E بج‎ EC e S KI e CS Sr A ME NE کے‎ M OM OMM MOMS AE کر‎ EE OC کی جک‎ M E KS zr mm Dn us t — E mv EJ — emm - sgr: ہین‎ INL‏ کی e e e‏ سے“ etm‏ ۳ سے‎ MÀ EL - eg gg IA Cat s " ہے‎ ac " - N . ۷۸ e رن‎ x x PP x ںا ا ا‎ eee ees, r " . 0 0 C wv v یس رر‎ 8 GEE 2S ۰ی[ رر اس کی رک ررر‎ 6 veeeeeeeg ge - TER‏ ۵ 6 6 6 :0 :۰ 6 و ےا و AAAS‏ را ہر ای o e e‏ سس oS oo " ‏ eeeeeeeee " ‏ 6 L Ei " a ار‎ J9 @ t,t f " wv, " 1 A " 0 M ON ۲ ۳ Si egr s " nx wee ی‎ P ti 4 Lë و‎ Kë, 7 ‘ athe WS gw Ce MM e D Pu o " oo o. e foe ar ees T rz SOO s s sud. 1 (fe weg X P de ہر رس‎ di ,, Kat 0 ری رر‎ , v P ۳ f Pd 7 PAD Séi e fe patr; ed og ANE LOC MC zer ا‎ ye ور‎ F ALA FF ei و Fa nuE MN vs IM.‏ FDEP‏ رہ ج۴“ ر7۸ E 7 Ze7g iet arie d i " ۱ ۱ de, C» 1‏ é E d " D‏ Fe‏ ,° ۱ WK déi " ve ہیں‎ Pis V een. e) MEAS OS nh RARE a MM سر کی لہ یں‎ a ARN SENEC MERC f Ke - Xo De lah a Geh e ٦ " ed Ki e KK e " d Ms a vt - =P 1 ۷ Be, GE V 44.0 ۲ " A at - Le ha, ۹ “es w 9 A Whe! A EOM وه‎ LAN red. ۷ aere; $0 8 - ك۳‎ Y ën A 8 رٹ کی کی ہا سس‎ 2 CT (e کی و‎ 0 t ہے الو‎ A € ۰ if, » a éi a " b. " pe e أ نل‎ d v Amy 17 2i سای‎ Ere YA en CN دک گب‎ r DS AD رم‎ ec? FAN Ae " ? : Mv U Aw , Yo 2 4 A; + ZA rä, Sa » WAS Ae P , Ki Ke 1 Was . - Ki ri Any? Lé Ze i di ۰ Y eM s a w ۽‎ 9۹ ٠ Ek | vi A t A y ng 25 9. OI be Ei bw " Ké ۲ Véi £ Co . y ۰ f d. Mc ےج ہیں‎ e LN MEAT Me re reg She q Ze ۷ 3 A MSN A VOL ON: A? d D Les J (Gei ب‎ UM . Ch ۹ Ze Lun . AC a A . À ` e» Y یں‎ pot v Sg a ie A AE 9 7 x AE sc T Wel EA رفک سپ‎ - Ve A ‘ " e " 1 . v t, , P ° ` " Ze 0 ر : 7 ی‎ ` ` , i? XA d Le Pdi. A, 9 A ty a K fs e. ۷ ' n ۴ " بب‎ 7 a A boy ۲ e یں‎ ys C pt ۶۹ ہیں‎ A.A 4 Tie ری " و‎ ac. " VA. A " Ch " . C Wee SA ۹ں‎ y», 4 de da dé A og Fe sw Aaf ن 7ے‎ ey بین‎ رم‎ A e a PVT. 2 ‘ e A s " 4 7O AR NT ۲ oy HT bi 4 gw Fah " v: 7 a ۰ ee 4 ULT 4 یں‎ AA میں‎ A, Aa 14 0 ۸۱ e Ai یہ می‎ " á d ۰ e T EA éi °° T ۳۹ 5٦ v» . ` ٠ j Vi ۰ ۳ GA OVA v ۷ ۸ Fx P A Ae Gd € 2 ۳ ZA WC vtt y A Ar v ° ۱ » P S KC v ZUM y " x. wi 1 کی‎ « Lee IW X - ۱ ‘ , ce 4 d NI ۸ Yr o s 5 " Je DO و ره‎ DOS H 4 , s P . " , 19$, A S 5 eg 7 3 2 Ze t ۰ oy ye d IA ۸ ۹ i و رہ‎ A y کر‎ " ty 2 1 7 " d ODA (ONT, " a A dh Ba Ont Y. A'S cA LAN 4 م و ر‎ 0 PRAY CONG NAA ag Ne Wb ee e rere A e " r " s Kei? a ` . رر‎ si}? a " vi KS af " H ` E et یا‎ I RIA, I sy ry ere WE کا مور‎ qu A lt STA MR ا‎ SR LAN È doe a Sa Y de SAL Eh Eet eh ا ا‎ e, AE Ee Ch 1 ا ا ا با کی وکیا ا را‎ E eh Ek, Pa ا‎ bri NT ام‎ o BAI 2 ° r Ke: d Jee ۷ ` s ۲ c - Wort” 4 KZ) " ۶۶ e Pa ۳ dé dr vr “i کم‎ D ۰ si sh C» 4A v " A FO. gek ر‎ ۱ wei se be na " ' fa ‘ ۳ . Se 7 AA Ce Ne ر‎ 9. , Ze Y Ps e CA a 8 Se ` بر‎ a ۲۹۲۴ بی‎ ` 12 , s wé شس‎ wg a datt » See Aes, ZC? 7 AN ach E di aa 1مف‎ ` LN EN (wi X " d A 2 , Se LK 7 £5 í E D D e 7 ۹ Me AE | Lë w OX he , d ۰ v Se See e A ۰ o ہم‎ See ہب‎ AC, e حا‎ ger $ Seu Lt, 7 ۱ : , ٦ PX Geh A , Avi " V " P d P " n " s nn 7 و‎ dr 2 4 1 sde, SB, 7+۷۶ E, e 4 AS 4 " A e ae SA . e $ A ANK V ' Re WN VANS TE, A OR II ana Qa er ME | Un vA v ai p ‘J Ar 7 A 3 e? Le e Rah £ $ iM Lag ER i € d UK ۳ £ ۱ . ` -— " MONIS: . " a » D Be? , ke E? ` . - d " ën " , € H ٦ DAD VC e iut fd Rive N ac? Kë Ga ۷ Ns Neo

Page 10 text:

A —— OM —Á— — 4 Au Py ' , le 3 " 1 a " 1 ۳ ۹ ٦ 1 dr ed eM ard ۳5 in tt WE Ze سپ بر‎ ef J e e A e I رھ‎ 7 " 7 4 97 " aud e v ai: J a " » b - M di v - . سب‎ hus 0 اب‎ ٦ ` A = t wa " . کی‎ Im . مھ‎ " TR dë? -Pæ ے‎ 4 w srt. |

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