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Text from Pages 1 - 248 of the 1973 volume:

igh Ames Senior H Ames, lowa Volume 61 ee ee ee — er ee —— n GG ۳ = 4 Ad be مس ریم‎ de " I a gn a Ka dë DI. n اص ی۳ وف‎ n or در‎ S ; E CUNT. AN à 7 hs SS, Ames High grows again Contents ٢ Opening - 11 Academics 12-39 Student Life 40-97 oports 88-135 People 136-199 ` Honors 138-143 eniors 144-171 uniors 172-181 ophomores 182-191 aculty 192-199 Ads 200-229 Index 230-237 dr, 2 4 D » Glasing 238-240‏ 1 " ےس P‏ ہہ um Lr caf‏ تا و و دی سس« بح« e — o EL LLL LL E ہے‎ LOLu0LRGLuu4mu AC See ee Se c DO DE SM »ü»ni1—láoSsrleamME od» " 1 ۶ 1 Hu TTT EE وہ‎ d awe E. " ow AN? KAY DN ESN ۰ K‏ و idem‏ ی ۳ S TS‏ 2 Pi m du mor EOS ہد دم ERES " KN? EN. Ph - à . Compute ۰ " dew MARS RAT ONE A DX CAS TV. = - s -Q————— € mm icum a ےو‎ r= —— FF ee ue —w»-—.- A dream fulfilled The Ames High Fine Arts Wing: Yesterday just a dream . New facilities enabling new expressions Opening unexplored paths of creativity Freeing space for other uses Freeing minds through new experiences . today a foundation for growth FAR LEFT: Junior Mark Ostrem demonstrates the use of a potter’s wheel during open house for the Fine Arts Wing. CENTER: Betty Thomp- son stows her French horn for the night In a locker in the new band room. TOP RIGHT: Tapes, filmstrips and slides are a great help to students in the paced science programs. BOTTOM RIGHT: Several students relax in front of AHS before the main building was com- pleted in 1960. YS A plan to grow on New opportunities to learn, New kinds of learning. Teachers examining new concepts, Students finding new fields of interest. Planning from past experiences, Planning for the future. LEFT: Susan Trcka and Lyle Hogan complete one of the required labs in the self-paced ۱ M Efe. sr M ۱ ۱ aA ۱ 0 قد‎ d Ix Jeep m do I Sg d'en de de CSS AE ri Se MR T TOK SE 3 YS lt ۱ dë ۹ U نوج چیہ انت‎ X i N : AX کا ا‎ NS EET Een hysics program. CEN TER: A composition of S b e Ai ra Leg کے یں‎ A Pj " i بج‎ AS. SENSN Ze, : " ES y 2 eeh Ba ak Pap SS QU ar a nx Sm Pod Fy a ` La ad EN N NN `- " a | oe O Nay ze نا‎ wt T " Zë ge erratic behavior was an activity included in the coed modern dance class. Bob Wechsler, Steve Pier, and Bob Reinbold give their own in- terpretation. RIGHT: Singing Christian E folksongs was senior Mary Barnard's special | | Project for Bible as Literature which was taught for the first time this year. NX‏ مس E ۷ pav,‏ .نا گ AA ۱ Wa A Du a! ut m‏ کرٹ . m e MNT vi A Ce =‏ é‏ رر ہم 2 ` ۹ EV . ۱ M 8 5‏ 1 Ce -‏ . R C ۱‏ H KN DK ۰‏ ۵ . a —— 7 mg € À me‏ ——— - TT t ای‎ P Att rt A t LN " —-—— تہ سچپ‎ o ee. m oom -A ے ہے ہے سس شی‎ . ۰ " نر‎ , ۲ A 1 Individuals grow in, out of groups The need to communicate with others, the need to be alone. Being an individual, being one of the crowd. Letting go of the old, Jumping into the new. Tuning in, turning on, sometimes dropping out. Helping others, watching out for 1. Working hard, playing hard . Building friendships, developing an identity, Growing up. . . in your own place, on your own time, in your own Way. TOP LEFT: Weather permitting, students make use of the courtyard by studying or just sitting around. BOTTOM LEFT: Working as a team, the Ames High Cyclonettes perform at one of the many successful AHS basketball games. CENTER: Gymnast Buffy Stone finds that the beam is a place where she is able to express herself in her own way. TOP HIGHT: Learning to communicate through writing, VICKI Tamashunas seeks help from Mrs. Mona Smith in Creative Writing. BOTTOM RIGHT: The cast of Macbeth learn that to have a successful production, they must shed their own identities to take on that of the character they portray. net DR کیہ‎ -y لے‎ AM. OS مہ مت موہ دنر رجہ رب ہے otn mer - - یی سیا‎ o us ul a ابھی‎ dd SR a, ve ste ۳ ۱ و ور و E‏ 7 ایح -Áa‏ i‏ " " ۱ i‏ ۰ bj " 1 ay « 1 " i ۱ و ۱ 1 t ۹ d " wx ۹ b : و‎ s A p WD E Ao ECH - je WE » iri‏ + و | v Ree crm. oro ee ہے‎ بح مخ ی A final growth Accepting adulthood rights and duties Being committed to a cause Growing up to be a dedicated person A time to show concern for the future A time to be responsible . . . . . to get it all together. FAR LEFT: Dick Carter and Barry Best will have to wait until July 1, when the right to drink is given to 18-year-olds, to have their " doodah day " . TOP LEFT: Election year brings junior John Campbell into action working for the Democratic Party. BOTTOM LEFT: Who's guilty? These tracks appeared in front of the school following a plea from the administration to keep off the grass. CENTER: Showing their interest in ecology, AHS students collected papers for the new Ames Recycling Center. RIGHT: Ames High lowers its flag to honor former Presidents Harry S. Truman and Lyn- don Baines Johnson following their deaths. 11 ] av t‏ جج رد سی را M TENES‏ D ‏ Pe, ج رک‎ a LK Kr TEES ke 7 ۸ یج‎ y A y» X و د‎ v GN NS. E = B 7 aS: anà‏ ا 12 ۱ P ۱ ۱ ۱ ` Academics Learning to explore all the possibilities, Taking things as they come. Working to the highest potential, Sometimes just sliding Dy. Discovering new ways of doing things, Being thrilled at a new discovery. Striving to meet new challenges, Letting others do the work. Gaining more experience in life, Growing toward maturity. TM ۱ 1 ` 2 4 a SN nar ës ` jy dE xal f TOP LEFT: The completion of the Fine Arts Wing enabled many departments to expand their curriculums. BOTTOM LEFT: Trisha Ingraham reads a script while Pat Kayser operates her puppets for a Spanish class. CENTER: Shop students found better facilities and more space due to the transfer of other courses to the new wing. TOP RIGHT: Informal discussions are often a part of creative writing classes. BOTTOM RIGHT: American History lets Mark Lagomarcino demonstrate his great talents as a statesman. 13 ` OL Á ہے جس سک‎ P al = ET 9 at کے‎ x OS C EE Se a pose during one of the many modern dance programs. The Happening. £r Holly Cassidy strikes Drama students demonstrate their idea in Annette Rudenberg and Alice Vinograde. of an ordinary day Paper is only one medium to paint prove 14 Fine Arts Ma La Sie چ ا‎ e The first vocal music concert to be presented in the Fine 0 Arts auditorium features Beth Boylan WEE 3 -Wee K O 0 e ri | n g Ames Senior High School Building Programs May 14,1956 Sept. 1,1960 Sept. 1,1962 Sept. 1,1963 Nov. 5,1965 Aug. 30,1966 Jan. 12, 1967 Aug. 28,1972 marks dedication of new wing Formal dedication of the new Fine Arts Wing on December 3 opened a three-week series of productions and open houses which displayed the improved facilities to the public. Members of the art, band, drama, modern dance, orchestra and vocal music departments worked to prepare six different program s to present to the Ames community. Daily prac- tices were held in every possible moment so that each program would be ready on time. Students and teachers planned a dedication ceremony to officially open the new wing. Among those speaking were Jack Olds, direc- tor of the lowa Arts Council; Michael Wilder, head of the Student Dedication Committee; Dr. Lawrence Burkhart, president of the Board of Education; and school and city officials. Some of the festivities included " Pirates of Pen- zance, " a Gilbert and Sullivan musical; “The Happening, a modern dance and drama presentation; and concerts by the orchestra, the bands and the choirs. Study began on new building Awaiting the signal to begin, mem bers of the Unit | opened for classes. Split Schedule— orchestra give their attention to Mr. McCoy. half day at Central; half day at Unit I P Unit ۱۱ opened. All senior high students | | i at new site Unit Ill opened. Closed noon hour Stadium used first time First school use of swimming pool Gymnasium opened Fine Arts Wing opened ' Fine Arts 15 Art expan ds Art curriculum expanded dramatically for the first time in five years as offerings went from six to 14 courses. New courses included the ex- pansion of commercial design, jewelry, print- making, painting, sculpture, and ceramics, and art survey, offered for the first time. To take full advantage of the added space and facilities in the new fine arts wing, a fulltime teacher, Ms. Jean Hagert, was added. ‘0 a zent) Oe M, C PT 'ہ۔۔‎ " oaa " . R ب‎ - - Portrait of concentration: Junior Cathy Beard finishes a sculpture project with a coat of furnace cement. 16 Art Top: Steve Fisher adds the final panel to the modular painting now hanging in the new auditorium. Cindi Clark and Patti Haynes pull a strand of yarn from a mass of raw wool and wrap it on a spindle. Three student-artists create a painting in front of the student body during the dedication assembly. Art 17 New wing houses drama, humanities } After a year's sabbatical in Europe, Mr. AI Wiser returned to teaching Humanities. During the second quarter of the course, an emphasis was placed on independent study. Topics rang- ing from Michelangelo to Rod McKuen were chosen by students to research and present to the class. Miss Nancy Nuss joined the English staff this year. In addition to teaching a Drama Activities and a Theater Arts class, she has helped with directing, costuming and make-up on all of the 1972-73 productions. Drama students were among the most delighted at the opening of the fine arts wing. In addition to a speech room, there is a large stage, surrounded by ample work area for building sets. The auditorium itself seats 600 and held a full house for nearly all of the drama productions this year. لے Jim Luckett spent many hours doing research Miss Nuss takes advantage of one of the few sunny days this ۷ for his Humanities presentation on death. spring to hold her Drama Activities class in the courtyard. 18 Drama. Humanities Mr. Wiser discusses the progress of individual humanities projects with several of his students. AC‏ ها a‏ Jo AAT xiii y mra idus don vot Bob Shuck plays “victim” for Nita Peters as she practises the proper techniques of applying stage make-up in Theatre Arts. Dashing drama teacher during the day, dedicated director in the evening: drama students get a good overall view of Mr. Hansen. 2 ۱ A LU d £] Drama, Humanities 19 MÀ f U l ۰ l i M H L A 5 Music on move —students travel AHS musicians will remember 1972-73 as a year of constant movement. Instrumentalists and vocalists toured an area bounded by St. Louis on the south and Mason City on the north as well as many locations in Ames. The Orchestra provided music for " Pirates of Penzance. " The year's events also included a concert for combined service clubs at the Memorial Union, and a performance at Bac- calaureate in C. Y. Stephens Auditorium. Many of those in vocal music groups also par- ticipated in " Pirates. " Students also sold records of Christmas music recorded by the AHS Choir. The profits of this fund-raising campaign were used to help pay for a trip to other lowa communities, including Mason City, Fort Dodge, and Clear Lake. | An entirely student-run group started last year, the Thusnelda Festival Singers, achieved fame through innumerable performances. “I think it is truly remarkable that these youngsters have managed to reach this peak of perfection en- tirely on their own! " exclaimed Mr. Al Wiser, vocal music director. This year's bands were involved in the widest range of activities. The best known was the trip to St. Louis for the Six Flags over Mid- America contest. The bands also hosted a music contest at AHS, played for the lowa Bandmasters Association at C. Y. Stephens, and participated in graduation ceremonies at Hilton Coliseum. On that note, the Ames High music department retired for the summer. And they needed the rest, for 1972-73 was the year music moved. Rising in the background, the Gateway Arch welcomes | | UM ی‎ ose " Ka i ۱ ; : d =: M E e band members to St. Louis. dm MEE ria ome جو کہ سس کو کر‎ eg za e " OS TA am ra CLONE ER E 3 — 20 Music Record-holder John Frederiksen holds the record for selling the holds the record for sel- ling the most records. The cast does the hornpipe as strains from “I am the very model of a model major general” flow from the orchestra pit. OS rie WR سس‎ The Thusnelda Festival Sing- ers do their thinging at a concert in the AHS auditorium. : Music 21 7 s ۱ 9 a MAS " st ' 5 7 IW y AR .۰م " ‎ 9 ۳ Be e iat P d ۳ ۱ ۱ ` ۳ e 1 254 Nu LA RC 1 روم‎ " 7 A E Ni E | RE RE: mm we ir LI nom Ee rh QE 7 Wm " wn LN, eren dc ۳ » 14: E . Ze LE Wé ? مم‎ Si e Ce Ae مم ۳ھ‎ 1 LUN Lei, wx? CB EAI 2ء۸‎ TS ۰ HN, وم‎ í e SAS m (d ا‎ E À wwe ta” PY ie D! T dix Ké k ا‎ We NES Md Dr. Farrar goes over e 3 ۰ GEN the morning announce- E Os. ای‎ m Ses ments with his sopho- EO o c s کر‎ more homeroom. Juniors took the ITED tests on a hot, humid day. During one of their breaks, students stop for relaxation and conversation. A victim of no lunch, Kathy Hamison takes time out from orchestra to eat. 22 Guidance Project PASS met twice a week for individual study and guid- ance. Jeff Egeland receives advice from Mr. Norem. AG S re D | ace ٤ یف‎ e MS f Meeting in every corner of the school, faculty advisory groups assembled daily to carry on regular homeroom activities. Every " professional " —including Dr. Farrar and the nurse—had a group of 12 to 18 students. On Thursdays two of these groups met together to discuss Student Council minutes. For seniors open campus became a reality. “Open campus was a further step to prepare seniors for the lax college atmosphere on studying and use of free time,” commented Mr. William C. Ripp, guidance director. Juniors and sophomores were allowed to leave the last two periods. Seniors could leave after third period. Many students found themselves missing a lunch period. To allow for a shorter day, lunch was scheduled during one of the eight class periods. Therefore students had to plan their schedules around lunch. With open campus for seniors the need for a senior lounge decreased. The area became a structured learning center (SLC) for sophomores. Parents and staff felt an adjust- ment period was needed for high school. Students reported to have attendance taken and were permitted to leave if they had passes. Miss Mary McNally, guidance counselor, advises Junior Kathy Schlunz on college requirement. Guidance 23 Mini-courses, trials, political activity, govern- ment options, independent study, two new courses and a new IMC kept the Social Studies Department busy through the year. The two new courses were International Relations and Project PASS. IR is a class in which students, through war games and research papers, learn about the policies of the United States. Project PASS is a program to in- volve students who find school dull or boring by relating all subjects. Both the Democratic and Republican parties had student organizations. The political activity was topped off with an election, in which the students voted. Richard Nixon defeated George McGovern 237 to 183. Independent Study enabled Mark Allen to scan politics. a zi am Kier. ` Ld نیت‎ Project PASS attempts to get everyone involved from teachers to parents Magazines from the IMC kept to students. Dale VanderWal and Stan Elliott took apart a 327 engine block. Gary Bornmueller informed. ¥ 24 Social Studies pem mr eme == eg ST Ee petuo gue qp Dur ga ET 2 um er gu caen vr UM Uo. " =“ WU oe EH “ewe ——M " am mg Lai IEI—— ———. M " TE c ——— V — —À‏ ——— — — — — " چا -—t ———G " ———————————— " — J— TETERE afl At [ 8 i 1 y ! e rs f ` or Mr. Enquist s second-period Government class confer with Judge Barb Ketcham over Jury selection. ۳7 Bag Tracey Stoll and Sue Overturf rap with Governor Robert D. Ray. Social Studies 25 Posing in their outfits, Miss Nuss, Mrs. Mollet, Nadia Vander- Gaast and Mr. Carlson celebrate foreign dress day. Debbie Wirkus demonstrates " authentic " French can-can. [o Reno. Wes 2 | T | ` Beauty contestants smile; Miss Greece awaits the judges’ decision; “Her” identity is revealed as Kent Cox. 26 Language 7 سوت و ی بت مر ee ee ee Language Week— Don't Speak English’ Se اہ‎ : | | Halls plastered with signs in foreign tongues, e پر‎ : teachers and students nonchalantly strolling about clad in saris, Bavarian shorts, or African robes, an assembly with skits, songs, and jokes—these were some of the features of Foreign Language Week. There was a bakesale—with African Congo Squares, Kringla, Chinese almond cookies, German chocolate pretzels, Mexican wedding cakes, and French rolled wafers. Instead of the usual snatches of radio news, golden oldies, and solid newies, Strauss waltzes, Mexican hat dances, and agonized Italian arias poured fourth to signal times for classes to change. Even the signs on the doors were educational. Language students lettered signs in the four languages taught at the high school— French, Spanish, German, and Latin—for classes, restrooms, drinking fountains, and everything else in sight. Language students also attended plays at several colleges, went on trips to Quebec in April and Mexico in June, heard native speakers, and prepared dinners featuring foreign specialties. Mrs. Mollet. “Mine too! " said papa bear, Kyle Phillips. " Friends, Romans, Countrymen. . .” says Caesar, I OP—Red Riding Hood, Nancy Sassaman, packs a basket as Jim Packer, guarded by Vickie Sims. mama and papa, Jim Ulmer and Lea Dorsey, finish breakfast. Language 27 | ۱ : “Someone's been eating my porridge!” exclaimed mama bear, Junior Bob Welshons attempts to keep the force on the cart constant as he works on another lab in Physics B. What appears to be a magic act is just Mr. Hartman showing Bob Dean and Greg Allen a chemistry experiment. Using the auditorium as a classroom, Mr. Hilmer hands out tests to large-group session algebra students. 28 Science, Math Math, science add self pacing Self-pacing, changes in classes, and new courses added variety to math and science programs this year. Self-pacing plans were incorporated into science; both Physics A and Chemistry A were taught in this way. In other changes room 101 was changed into a science IMC, complete with a computer terminal, and Biology A was added to the list of science courses. Biology A is a sur- vey of living things in less depth than Biology B. The big change in math was the addition and subtraction of large group. After the first semester the algebra classes were broken down into the conventional kind of classes. Large group didn't work because it didn't reach all the students, instructors said. The addition of nine new calculators were a welcome sight to the students who worked in the math IMC. Weg, E سا‎ 1 1 Junior Peter Crump uses the assistance of a calculator in working his trigonometry test. Science, Math 29 IMEEM ۰ ` CR ےب‎ I, AR a t wir 3 A Guthrie member draws interested students into a discussion on life in a professional acting company. - om - LN - و LI‏ -TN Wan Da. = w] 3 ۰۷ RNC ۳ WES, Ne oF AN ےج ho‏ AREN سہے۔ 1 N‏ لے وس وہس مد APA WA‏ m ہے‎ ge o D gen nnn joo mannea | Ki ; Stranded without a knife at a reception for the Tyrone Guthrie troupe, Mrs. Reno improvises with a cross-cut saw. .and Dave Smith takes up where she left | off, with a " " finger-lickin' good” snack. 30 English 1 | Sa س Ve‏ —— d 3 o— TIN " oss wo s hënn EP ULM 3 FEES. 3 English mini-courses add variety Traditional textbooks gathered dust on the shelves as students explored paperbacks and audio-visual materials. Student-oriented pro- jects and individual contracts also grew in- creasing widespread in English courses. Explaining the current trend to individualized study, Mr. Samuel K. Carlson, English Depart- ment chairman, described its purpose as ‘to help the student become more aware of his language, literary heritage, and life in general. " Several new mini-courses were added, offering students a wider variety of choices. Grammar Review, The Bible as Literature, and Developmental Reading were all nine-week classes.Developmental Reading was formerly a semester course; the others were new. To help underachieving students attain greater success, Project PASS was introduced. Mr. Tom Nutty and Mike Wirkus receive instruction kits from Mr. Carlson as part of Grammar Review, one of several mini-courses offered. Sherry Stump presides over the Passover feast, celebrated by The Bible as Literature class. Ken Norem, Mr. Richard White, and Mr. Dennis Hurd met twice weekly with 60 students for guidance counseling and classes in English and social studies. Forty-four students chartered a bus for the an- nual Tyrone Guthrie Theater trip and the play " Oedipus Rex.” Later in the year, a Tyrone Guthrie Theater troupe made a five-day stop in Ames. Cast and crew heads from the play “Of Mice and Men gave informal presentations in the school on acting techniques, improvisation, costumes, scenery, and careers in theater. A special assembly drew 300 students. Mrs. LoAnn Campbell, Miss Nancy Nuss, and Mr. Carlson joined the English staff last fall. An AHS teacher until 1966, Mr. Carlson returned to head the department after teaching in Germany for six years. English 31 Bauske, Ward quit publications An era in Ames High journalism ended this year as both Mrs. Grace Bauske, WEB sponsor for 11 years, and Mrs. Barbara Ward, SPIRIT sponsor for nine, decided to teach English full time next year. A new sponsor will handle both publications next year. WEB originally was a mimeographed paper, first appearing in 1928. When Mrs. Bauske took over in 1962, it had been two pages appearing weekly in the Ames Tribune for many years. Two years ago, the practice of printing it separately as a tabloid distributed in school and also printed in the Tribune was begun. The same year, an Introduction to Journalism course was added. Applied Journalism classes put out the WEB and Intro classes edited the Newsletter. Mrs. Ward and her camera have been a familiar sight at sports events and other Ames High ac- tivities for many years. She took up photography " in self defense " early in her Sue Geist explains special effects and production problems to students from other high schools at yearbook convention. Ultimately, a yearbook's success depends upon its audience appeal, Mrs. Ward tells audience. 32 Journalism Ev. SPIRIT sponsorship, and has worked with 1 countless student photographers on WEB and SPIRIT, which share a darkroom. She also has spoken regularly at lowa high © school press days and workshops. Last fall she and Sue Geist, 1973 SPIRIT editor, spoke before the national High School Press Associa- tion meeting in Chicago. Working together, they discussed " Who Should Run the Show? " and led a session on “How NOT to Do It.” The SPIRIT has consistently placed high in ` national yearbook judging. The 1972 SPIRIT ` received both All-American and Medalist - honors and was featured in a national | publications magazine. The publisher dis- ۳ tributed another edition as a model of layout. SCRATCH PAD, the creative writing magazine, was published at the Lincoln School building this year instead of commercially. SSE میں‎ Should Kai (anna nî Administra? Yearbook | S ansor , E ditor - Stef | Spadents — Back at the typewriter, Mrs. Bauske and Mrs. Ward confer on copy wording. Toby Miller and John Elliott read magazine article featuring SPIRIT. Mark Donaldson demonstrates how to use WEB light table he built. SCRATCH PAD staff marches round the table assembling the book. Journalism 33 Helping a student over the hump, senior cadet teacher Buffy Stone assists children at Meeker School in a gymnastics club. Working at the hospital in Health Occupations, senior Doug Bogenrief finds himself worhing the ropes in therapy. 34 Work Experience Mr. Harris of Harris TV shows Caron Gleason a new TV set for a class credit purchase. " WEB cow. In her modern dance club at Central, Vicki Tamashunas goes through a dance with students. e arefully testing a lab sample, senior Paul Schattauer works diligently while getting experience at Mary Greeley Hospital. Work programs draw crowds Work experience programs continued to at- tract seniors, with 17 participating in Office Education, 23 in Health Occupations, and 36 in Cadet Teaching. Cadet teachers were not paid as in previous years. Originally the 55-cent-an-hour pay was intended to defray the cost of transportation but students were assigned to nearby schools instead. The cadet teachers started new clubs at their schools and also helped small groups of students and individuals, according to spon- sor Mrs. Rose Wilcox. Only slight changes took place in the Health Occupations program. Girls worked as nurses’ aides and boys as orderlies. They assisted most in changing beds, cleaning, and visiting and cheering up the patients. Students in Office Education were involved in on-the-job training afternoons, gaining good experience for choosing an office occupation as a career. In class, the members shared the knowledge, skills, and understandings ob- tained from the business world. Students also participated in the state and national Office Education conferences with Debbie Hagebock receiving a second place and John Miller, Katy Rozeboom, and Carol McFarland receiving third places. O.E. club members sold candy and address labels to raise money to help finance state winners to the national conference in Albuquerque, New Mex- ico. Two new courses were added to the business department, Business Communications taught by Mrs. Mona Smith and Data Processing taught by Mrs. Esther Buttrey. Mrs. Sharon Weaver's Business Math class did projects first semester experimenting with buying items on credit. Mr. Merle Garman's course in Business Organization and Management again ran a Career Day bringing in Ames businessmen and speakers. Students in Office Education held an open house for students and teachers. John Miller is shown demonstrating his typing. Work Experience 35 “The lunch bunch " dined elegantly— like Mr. Tramp, served by Kim Sue Glenn. Susan J. Norris displays fair entry —-mini-chest of drawers for dolls. ۱ Woodworking students make the most of spring sunshine to finish up a garage, built in the north school parking (ot. « 2 Steve Knutson finds sawing off rafter ends : demands concentration as he works on garage. E. 36 Home Economics, Industrial Arts 1 C ۹ ۲ à ۱ x ۰ ہے 7 کیہ‎ i - de. am. v ۰ ۱ P ds fe 7 A e 3 pes D I s ۱ - - l T 8 foe مها‎ A. a ہہ‎ | | Aha, ۹ à VAS M A. Kach ch MA e ۰ ` ES $ da ۱ Y 8 d = Ai A Lee ` ` v -— " en یہ دم‎ DA - i T3 | $ ۱ کہ‎ e | AN | H ; (11۱ Bryan Bockhop and Mr. Heiberger get set to zoom on practice field. Driver Ed adds 2 minicourses Driver Education added two popular minicourses this year, snowmobiling and motorcycles, both for students without ex- perience with the vehicles. About 80 took part in snowmobiling and 20 in motorcycles. Enrollment in industrial arts classes climbed a little, but continued to need more space. Elec- tricity class took over the old drama room, but auto mechanics classes were full to capacity. Woodworking classes built a garage on the north parking lot for eventual resale, a project started last year and proving both popular and successful, according to Mr. Jerry Swenson. Girls' foods classes started a series of morning brunches, serving lucky teachers and staff members who happened to have the right periods free. Another project of the Home Economics Department was a furniture and textile fair in the fall. Motorcyclist Mark Bogenrief prepares to run the obstacle course as Mr. Heiberger gives him some last-minute instructions. Driver Education 37 38 P.E. New teacher, co-ed PE added There were three new ways in which a student could fulfill his physical education re- quirements this year, besides the traditional two days a week pass-fail setup. Students could elect to attend five days a week and receive credit and a grade, or they could take co-ed dance five days a week or co-ed blocked classes twice weekly for two con- secutive periods. Both the latter could be taken for a grade and academic credit or pass-fail. Co-ed classes included units on camping, first aid, canoeing, dance, and bowling. Outdoor ac- tivities also were featured. Mrs. Suzanne Kruse was a new girls’ ۰ teacher and gymnastics coach. With a leap and a bound, Dan Strodtman shows the immense effort involved in high jumping. Sledding can be scary— Kim Glenn, Mary Stevens, and Lea Dorsey close their eyes when sliding. nda مد‎ " eh R لئ‎ کته D - m ٩ wy IDS rnm 5 D DoD SK Ange یتسه‎ Niet مور تا و‎ rin یه‎ Pi ہمت‎ " RE Wun Pe ےج‎ x Alan Wenger and Terri Christenson O d o A A MN l Gë paddle through E = am ovd c NE the swimming pool dw — ME during co-ed P E. تا ص مہ o‏ تست 7 سوبس CT: - MER جو و‎ vw 081 2 " 3 ان‎ thy - ML SL Ei e , ۱ ۱ e ۳۹ N Ya -o- m Bi 31۳ | Playing volleyball can be fun we well as a struggle, as shown Mrs. Kruse shrieks for help as her mini- by players Craig Lutz, Kelly Kavanagh, and Steve Carlson. boggan careens wildly downhill. P.E. 39 40 rer‏ پر v 7 ouf‏ 7 NS E ےا کاب — وہ Se E ng ہس اھ ےک وو ——X A‏ —— کک c]‏ AT - ve " X Student Life E ` Sitting through long classes S in a hot, sticky room. Pr omising to make a “good start.” Getting involved raising money, part-time jobs, and outside activities. Not being able to believe that “Christmas is almost here.” Celebrating the coming of a New Year. Resolving to make a “new start” and try to bring up those grades. Playing in the snow, but being glad when it finally melts. Wishing you had made that “new start when making college applications. Being glad when summer finally comes. 717 OPPOSITE PAGE—TOP LEFT: Mrs. Switzer joins a couple of students for a picnic lunch in the courtyard. CENTER LEFT: The Royal Thusnelda Singers provide entertainment for the foreign language assembly. BOTTOM LEFT: Loyal members of the boys cheering sec- tion take advantage of halftime and build a pyramid. CENTER: Victory can make people feel nearly 12 feet tall— Bruce Gartin gets a lift from Jim Gammon. TOP RIGHT: This couple seems to have found its own way to enjoy an Ames High dance. BOTTOM RIGHT: An un- known swimmer sports a ponytail before he shaves his head completely for the conference meet. THIS PAGE—TOP: Overcome by a sudden case of the blahs, this student takes time out to put things back together. BOTTOM: A homemade sign rouses a lot of spirit from these football fans. 41 i 1 1 d A i Senior Cheryl Ring indulges in a plate of spaghetti at the “20s Italian Speakeasy ` dinner theater. High kicking dancers entertain at the first Thespians dinner theater. Jeff Keller counts calories at another traditional AHS bake sale. Dr, Farrar takes part in the swim-a-thon that made new starting blocks available. 42 Moneymaking AS NINDS 4 p Tu 2 یں‎ m 7 MEN - zn 2 4 BT ZE, pst we eo — سے P‏ مس NUM DON VU ۲۲۲۲۲۲۲ rm EVERYBODY raises money! Fund-raising drives exploded this year. It seemed some week; as if every organization in the school appeared to be sponsoring some kind of moneymaking event. Many organizations invented new ways and means of raising money. The Thespians in- troduced the dinner theater. The first was a spaghetti dinner in the style of a '20s speakeasy. The second was at Christmas time and reflected the holidays. As everyone en- joyed his dinner variety acts were presented. Money helped pay for the new stage lights. Another big event was the swim-a-thon, spon- sored by YMCA, AAU, and AHS swimmers. Participants collected pledges for every lap swum. Though a swimmer could swim only 200 laps, the combined effort collected over $1000. Benefit basketball games proved to be another popular moneymaking method. The senior girls challenged the KSO Bozos to a game benefitting the Christmas Formal, and raised $304.72, paying for the decorations and fun- ding a pep bus to Mason City. Several AHS stars of yesteryear, led by 1967's Dick Gibbs, now playing pro ball for Kansas City-Omaha, returned to defeat the senior boys in a game that raised nearly $1000. Others who returned were Larry Loots of ISU and Gene Larson. Traditional ways of raising money continued- bake sales, Homecoming mums, Christmas wreaths and garlands, bake sales, candy, fruit- cake, spirit tags, bake sales, license plates, directory sales, bake sales. . .lf a person bought one of each item sold, he would have spent a total of $36.10, not counting bake sales. , lll A remodeled Mark Berthelsen plays in the KSO Bozos fund raising game. Proceeds went to the Christmas formal. Dick Gibbs and other alumni challenged the senior boys in a game that brought in $1000 for the new girls' athletic program. Moneymaking 43 Back to '50s Day, Pep Club raise school spirit Short sweaters, long skirts, bobby socks, sad- die shoes, ponytails, and ruby red lips accented the girls' part of 1950s Day, while the boys paraded around with greased-back hair, chains, motorcycle jackets, T-shirts, tight, fad- ed levis, black, pointed shoes, and wrap- around shades. The day was an attempt by cheerleaders and the Pep Club to raise school spirit. A pep assembly, at which both teachers and students participated in the " bunny hop, " concluded the day. Bob Buck and Dick Cox, 1950 Ames High football stars, came back to express a vote of confidence for the 1972 squad. Although most pep assemblies were held in the afternoon, the Christmas pep assembly was the first to be held in the morning, making it easier for those in work experience programs to at- Pep Club enthusiasts, under the direction of Toby Miller, ente r- tain at the pep assembly before the Boone football game. tend. At the Christmas assembly, teacher Tom Jorgenson played Santa Claus and distributed presents to athletes and coaches. omall but spirited were the main characteristics of both the Pep Club and pep assemblies. Pep Club started slowly but got a boost when seven girls worked with Sponsor Judy Switzer and Mr. Ralph Farrar to organize Homecoming. Approximately 150 students, both girls and boys, paid fifty-cent dues to join. The group sold stationery to raise money for Homecoming activities. Girls also sold programs and AHS pennants at the Homecoming game against Cedar Falls. During basketball season Pep Club worked to organize pep buses to the big games and also provided a coat check at home games. 44 CS سوہ خ رج یت یو سیہ‎ -0 V My ee رد‎ PRES .ا ۔‎ and " — ۱ Pb fa ES Vea AA ۱ — 3 ہے‎ - A 15 = oe PRON کے ہہ‎ KÉ? MUR T rg Ka, Se LE P. . minum ica mr cir " 5 0 Mc Za VN NÉ Ee, Zi تن جتھ‎ , p; Pe mi - 5 uc e IL v. - rr ¥ ee. a e =. —À— " - یر ہہ‎ ' eT alea HEP Uo Dac کا رد‎ uà ts پت‎ ERE 2 وت‎ Ventum l ge 2:1 رہ کو‎ ROREM o a % -— a e$ nd Ya T ۲ 3 E” 2 t. بے ۰ SR ` -vana Ne xc e. dn e ) B 7 ` g — LI r, - بھ تم‎ " ` Te mm X ا‎ hd : 4 ے BP Sth gars‏ دیس PEDAL‏ سوام ا یں kb‏ - ۹ ...تا Basketball coach George Duvall receives his Foxhead T-shirt at the Christmas assembly. DO gg ی‎ — —— gg " ` 7 4 " rg — ggf ۔‎ — ns ے‎ mg e " neg " " mm ۱ ۱ d s BOTTOM: Homecoming 1972 catches Robin | m ages typical ent T s a oe Ve اپ‎ 4 Haugland and Hilde Morris selling and dis- SEET VERA BOTE CESSES tributing AHS pennants and balloons. Concentrating diligently on being exact, Janet Seim paints signs for the ’72 season. a= eh) ا‎ ×۸ ee B ۰ ب س a po rer d 1 " e Greasers congregating in the lobby ready to go to the big hop are Bob Reinbold, Ned Shank, John Craig. 45 Pep Club Homecoming 2 survives apathy Homecoming 1972 almost wasn't. Lack of par- ticipation to cancel it until a group of deter- mined Pep Club girls revived it. Indicating stu- dent feeling, there were no cheerleaders among the ten queen finalists. The girls planned traditional activities for the entire week, painting school windows, decorating lockers, painting store windows, en- ding with a bonfire pep rally. During half-time of the Ames-Cedar Falls game JoAnn Shaughnessy was crowned queen. Her attendants were Kristi Fritsch, Trisha Savage, Tia Slater, and Bianca Zaffarano. Homecoming ended with Broadway Clique, a seven-piece show band, playing contemporary music in the gym. 1۱۲ III) ۱1۱ Providing entertainment for the Homecoming dance was Bradway Clique, a show band from Kansas City. Carol Patterson displays the neatness and skill involved in decorating a locker. 46 Homecoming Flames silhouette AHS students at Thursday's homecoming bonfire. HOMECOMING QUEEN CANDIDATES —Front: Lynne Waddill, JoAnn Shaughnessy; Middle: Trisha Savage, Tia Slater, Kristi Fritsch, Bianca Zaffarano; Back: Linda Allson, Shari Byriel, Vicki Tamashunas, and Lynne Brady. QUEEN AND COURT — Kristi Fritsch, Bianca Zaffarano, Jo Shaughnessy, Tia Slater, and Trisha Savage. dd apr am - Homecoming 47 tl. .اب‎ eg 5 Dances few, but draw big crowds | Dances were sparse around Ames High this year, but students attending them weren't. The number of dances fell sharply this year because of the money lost from the frequent number of dances held last year. The grand total of dances was only six, but the number of dancers ranged from two to five hundred. The students themselves created another problem at the dances, termed " irregular behavior " by the administration. A regulation allowing dances to be held only after a school- sponsored event then reduced the number even more. | E ۶ 1 | 4 d | 1 0 A highlight of the year was the Christmas For- mal. The dance established its monarchy elec- ting Steve Burgason and Lynne Brady king and queen, as students danced and visited to the sounds of Collinwood. Country rock was a pop- ular sound, as kids put on their foot-stompin' shoes and went to the cafeteria and gym to listen to groups like Con-Brio, Rural, Mississip- pi, and Willow Junction. Andy Orngard shows that style and rock can go together as? 3 he listens and dances to Collinwood at the Christmas Formal} A little SPIRIT mixed with Con-Brio proved to be a good combination at the first dance. 48 Dances — ——— MÀ Ames High students show off their own special i dance styles as they rock to Mississippi. Ki uU " nm ná b= oe‏ ئ۱۱ بی یھے, a ۱‏ کویلی پیر میم با بر itor‏ M Te Dm 5, Pap ately? Sa, GH H HI Md Rico auo ot n ee UND T. WE Wen e [Eth , r Kc ra 4 Ld " ی صودیممتہ‎ " RK r " mg KSE مرج‎ KR D QAS E - v ۱ و‎ EE d va ` ` a gx leto 7 و مت‎ es eO Ka P p Ml 7 Ben m AR 0 اٹ‎ M. MA 1 NOP 0 Ba - مہ eee p‏ ول 1 = | که کا [1111 Kr rem e +. 0-9-90 ABOVE: The music of Mississippi rises to flood stage in the AHS gym to drown the students in the sounds of country-rock. LEFT: Belated formal royalty pic shows: SEATED, Queen Lynne Meme i Brady, King Steve Burgason; STANDING, their court, K i PONI Block, J. Shaughnessy, P. Shattauer, and T. Slater. — ` H NNN JN S " cA e MO v ae ا سے۔ — ۹ ۷9 P " PI ۳ کب‎ T VEU. L - " nu AA ۹ ۱ NIC ان‎ 0۷۸۱ AAA) ۱ eet مز‎ ۷ Ce, el ۰ ٦ ا‎ e ۷ ۱ ہچیں‎ " ۱ 43 ۱ D , , à 1 " ag ww » ام‎ Dances 49 Entangling themselves in masses of string, students take part in EFFE Day. Dan Lambert kicks up a storm on a sunny day in the courtyard. | AHS students take a break from the end-of-the- The contagious disease of spring fever hits Ames High year rush and enjoy listening to the sounds of Rural. as 9th graders join sophomores during orientation week. 50 Yearend Events 1 do-it-yourself winemaker shows stages of fermented wines to tudents during his demonstration on the art of making wine. EFFE, snow,‏ مسح5 Lalau طف ۹۰۱۷3 WX outdoor dances, mw” mark year end Is paper airplane making your bag? Or do you enjoy Transcendental Meditation? Would you like to learn how to make wine? Or are you real- ly interested in finding out just what's involved in scuba diving? All of these and many other varied topics were a part of Experimental Free Form Education Day. Regular classes were suspended for one day and students attended sessions which they had previously chosen. Fifty subjects were covered in a six-period day. According to Dr. Farrar, the sessions were fairly well attended, especially in the morning. The day was originally scheduled for April 11, but because of an astounding blizzard on April 9. it was rescheduled for April 25. Due to the storm, school was let out for an unprecedented two days. The courtyard became the setting for many springtime activities, including two dances, a vocal music concert, and a picnic. Students jive to Willow Junction on a chilly, but enjoyable, evening at the last all-school dance. ipril snow storms bring surprising contrasts, like these bikes It’s not nice of Mother Nature to fool us like arked away from shoulder high drifts near the swimming pool. this—boys enter the school after April snow. Yearend Events 51 ch» Lm = KZ Ww o mmm ee " mmm o am aaa Wa 4 Providing music to complete this year's theme, “Threshold of a Dream, " were the Pages, a dance band from Cedar Falls, 1 ES و‎ ry " ‏ ج تسج ی " EA E gaer A‏ D I2 — کہ‎ — n HÀ ve ےسیو‎ » la ۲ ۴ s E) a s Www. 9$. Ae dei ees au ei P mm zs FLAG " " u.a T ef gt? See " o ۳ Cane ee) NN ےی‎ ëm n be A = éi LHP s e e wow اس‎ 5 ‘sa 6 ivt ۲ 36 سے‎ we ee e ne و‎ A. see, japao ۳ E ae sa H Has were. ۱ ۳ .- " " " w + 06ج رن‎ e? Z ی‎ @ » . " o. (RA $ ww " جو‎ a c aga جا ہہ‎ Te - » " oa i}. e 9 pore De a (wu Af e won Ww مر‎ 7 ` a v e " p. , ew a p 7 " uw ote ee OO! " Ww otf) ge ee a ee «wr s oo» e sw si وب نب‎ gf? vut T E Se wt. 4,977» " e wow دو اور گ۴‎ ee سو‎ ee 444 عق یی شش ۳ 9 ی‎ Zë seng ge ge ww a? وے کے‎ team ae ve seats = € 1 ow oe ow x see رکا‎ 0 d تچ‎ " Ww Vw Ww sp ۲ eg Deg RP جو‎ e Ww 4» © e MILI " ۷ £» eet Drepp M on " ta e € x وی‎ " ho " Se " » t» e e Te Af uh petas 6 RT EM OM 229 © یں و‎ ی‎ at. 4849 E 0 Ww " wg did dA d P TH. a ارم و‎ 0 ETTE. ee و جر‎ HEE win ہی ہے‎ کات .4 یر سب سم " ‎ me gisgeegtë ge ہچ‎ ۷ D " SS (e Pew res Sa VAN SDN ہن‎ ` ANY PN ` 9 - O " o 7 Sed A Brian Stucky fills his plate a second time at the party sponsored by the senior parents. “You say it's really punch? " exclaims Mike Wheelock to Jim Packer while Carol Canon looks on questioningly. 52 Prom, Picnic, Graduation ER Bryon Brunkow, the last of his class to receive his diploma, lips his tassel to mark the end of high school for the seniors. " à Picnics, prom, parties mark seniors' exit Once again frisbees and confetti marked the end of high school for the class of 1973. Three hundred eighty-seven students took part in the graduation ceremonies held in Hilton Coliseum, while about thirty five graduated midyear, at an informal ceremony. ect ge “pee 130 NN CORR me 1 . Zë Lie y Vw» Lee € VU T AER کر‎ o LP A uU " d This year Junior Exec decided " Threshold of a Dream, " the 1973 prom, was to be a total junior effort. Each homeroom was to raise forty dollars through bake sales, chili suppers and pie sales. Student directories were also sold. w = D Ze » ipa سے‎ " ul L4 D BIG Oe M wës d » 2 5 Ze? ei, ہیں‎ bs . 3 s ۰ Sar rs | Wiel Although the day was a little chilly, the sun was shining for the senior picnic. Held at the Coun- try Club, seniors enjoyed swimming, golfing, volleyball and various other activities. In addi- tion a party was sponsored by the parents of the seniors during senior week. E sus o». VN لود ہپ‎ To. تد رہ یں‎ ie in " P. " gr مج گا رٹاو‎ ot eg ei wi, مه‎ E s ےانے‎ 0v TOA Ke CJ, AF? vw u, . Wie DON. AE KS oM EC UN EN e " e xc ce گج‎ ۹1 ٠.٠ " TE WM. s; OMNE e NLIS ے۔‎ Û ier nee ۰ رم۹‎ s. تہ‎ Canes RIEN QE UA. Vv Oe o ۳ رف‎ bA ۰ D We LXXX سا ےا‎ a A shower of confetti, frisbees and a few excited shouts fill the air in the Coliseum following graduation ceremonies. Graduation 53 Frederic gazes fondly at his love, Mabel. EE - مہ جک‎ —B— D سے‎ Ruth tells of the mistake through which ™ Frederic was apprenticed to the Pirate King. - شا PEDE‏ = 54 Drama Weary and forlorn, Major General Stanley ts comforted by a few of his many beautiful daughters. The Pirate King and his lieutenant keep a close watch for Major General Stanley's efficient police force. Pirates opens drama season A full house on Saturday night and typical high school enthusiasm sparked an exhilerating performance of " The Pirates of Penzance, " produced by the Drama and Vocal Music Departments. From the glory of the Pirate King to matters vegetable, animal or mineral, the Ames production of " Pirates " was a sparkling, stomping, funny rendition of the musical by Gilbert and Sullivan. Rousing choral numbers complimented several outstanding feature numbers, including Major General Stanleys appearance and self- introduction, and the intentional bumbles of the General's police force (ta-ra). On the whole, the players enjoyed themselves even more than the audience did. Major General Stanley Jonathan Coupal The Pirate King Scott M. Smith Samuel, his lieutenant Dan Killam Frederic, pirate's apprentice Steve Fisher Sergeant of Police David Morgan Mabel Elizabeth Boylan Edith Judy Brink Kate Mary Donhowe Isabel Debbie Gass General Stanley's daughters: Mary Van Der Maaten, Samra Clark, Jane Moore, Kathi Reed, Nancy Phipps, Lisa Ladd, Paula Dunham, Mary Hildebrand, Claretta Gurganus, Ellen Herrnstadt, Liz Wagner, Mary Muir, Cheryl Provow, Sue Norris, Karen Heckenbach, Kathy Reece, Janet Milligan, Nancy Engen, Janet Beaty, Kendra Shirley. Police: John Zmolek, Mark Homer, Gordon Engstrom, Richard Ingraham, David Sturtevant, Andy Orngard, Bob Shuck. Pirates: Mary Grant, Bob Shuck, Mark Homer, Sally Sholten, Richard Ingraham, David Sturtevant, Cindi Clark, Andy Orngard, Mike Metzler, Bill Hotchkiss, John Frederiksen, Sandy Bunce, Andy Haviland, Dave Hanson, Mike Wirkus, John Zmolek, Andy Morton, John Hansen. Drama 55 MacDuff (Brian Bockhop) Jests with Porter (Paul Hutchcroft) on the evils of drink. Last-minute preparations are made before the curtain rises. Curtain call gives the audience one last look at the costumes and set. 56 Drama Dream fulfilled in ‘Macbeth’ For Mr. Wayne Hansen, the Ames High produc- tion of “Macbeth” was the culmination of a dream, and the patient result of five long years of work. Mr. Hansen planned the staging, set and lighting carefully over several years, work- ing toward the near-perfection of the com- plicated Shakespearian tragedy. Utilizing plywood, chickenwire, paper-mache and hun- dreds of man-hours, he personally designed the three-level set. More than eighty people took part in the large production. A fine cast created a performance of excep- tional caliber, definitely surpassing the typical high school level, Mr. Hansen said. Andy Haviland portrayed the emotionally torn Macbeth in a gripping performance. The role of Lady Macbeth was taken by Chris Kiser, who presented the strangely distant lady with graceful flair. Tom Hatten —y cm D " I dare do all that may become a man; who dares do more is none. . . LA Malcolm Donalbain Macbeth Banquo Macduff Lennox Ross Mentieth Angus Caithness Fleance Siward Young Siward Son of Macduff Seyton Scottish doctor Porter Old Man Murderers Lady Macbeth Lady Macduff Gentlewoman Witches Messenger Apparitions Andy Orngard Scot Boon Andy Haviland John Zmolek Bryan Bockhop Scott McCoy Scott Smith Gil Rossmiller John Jorstad Andy Morton T im Wiser Greg Allen Jim Shearer Marty Kiser Alan Camp Larry Paulsen Paul Hutchcroft Bill Wagner Alan Camp Dave Sturdevant Chan Thomas Chris Kiser Jenni Roberts Julie Corbett Claretta Gurganus Ruth Burkhalter Vickie Van Voorhis Dan Killam Jeff Dunlap, Bob Shuck Jerry Jutting, Glenn Anderson Deb Day, Karen Heckenbach Tracy Stoll, Nita Peters, Laurel Tostlebe, Tina Chaldy, Sue Norris Drama 57 58 Drama Variety marks spring plays Women's liberation was the subject of the spr- ing comedy, " F.L.I.P.P.E.D. " which drew a full house at one of its three performances. Larry Paulsen designed the set and Bob Shuck was the student director. In May, five seniors chose and directed four contemporary one-acts. The plays chosen this year were “The Feast,” “No Exit,” “The Sand- box " and “Dandelion Wine. " They were directed by Suzanne Egeland, Larry Paulsen, Ellen Herrnstadt, Mary Donhowe, and Scott Smith. The casts of the spring plays included: " F.L.I.P.P.E.D. " : Bill Norris, Bill Wagner, Glenn Anderson, Pat Anderson, Debbie Gass, Linda Stoneberg, Judy Brink, Julie Corbett, Sue Norris, Kathy Reece, Vickie VanVoorhis, Joy Becker, Karen Sanderson, Kendra Shirley, Deb Day, Ellen Herrnstadt, Chan Thomas, Dan Killam, Alan Camp, Mary Donhowe, Tina Chaldy, Marg Elbert, Andy Haviland, Roger Landers, Larry Paulsen, Mark DeKovic, Michaela Holdren, Andy Morton, Carol Rosheim, Gil Rossmiller, Scott Smith, John Zmolek, Carol Warman, Deb Post, Lisa Thurston, Karen Heckenbach, John Jorstad, Diane Knutson, Claire Stritzel, Bob Shuck, Karen Whatoff, Ginny Moore, Annette Ruedenberg, Bryan Bockhop, David Sturte- vant, Laurie Martin, Gregg Allen, Hilde Morris, Ellen Wessel, Kevin Bowen, Gordon Engstrom, Deb Lebo, Liz Lewis, Glenda Wood, Sue Den- nis, Peggy Wilder, Carol French, Linda Ham- mond, Janet Beard, Cindy Bell, Diana Yegge, Debbie Loken, DeAnn Danofsky, Claretta Gurganus, Larinda Babcock, Steve Wechsler. “The Feast’: Gil Rossmiller, Mark DeKovic, Suzanne Egeland; " No Exit’: Larry Paulsen, Victoria VanVoorhis, Elizabeth Lewis, Robert Wechsler; “Dandelion Wine " : Andy Haviland, Bill Wagner, Paul Hutchcroft, Pat Anderson, Deb Day, Alan Camp; " The Sandbox " : Julie Corbett, Bryan Bockhop, Kathy Reece, Chick Peterson, Rick Paulsen. 3 t TOP TO BOTTOM: " And this is a grubby, lousy, rotten city! ۶ exclaims Mark DeKovic as he joins Gil Rossmiller for lunch. The characters in “No Exit” find that Hell is what they make it. Paul Hutchcroft, Deb Day, and Alan Camp listen as Andy Haviland relates tales of the old West. “Grandma” Reece sits in a sandbox on the beach, waiting for the Angel of Death. : " Honey-pumpkin " ' (Gil Rossmiller) adds emphasis to a point “Meow, may I help you?” Michaela Holdren made by his wife, Julie Corbett, at a womens lib rally. answers the telephone at the Kitten Klub. —— ا ح - ۷ ۱ A KA? 7 Do. ۱ m. Le he " DET و‎ Ki 0111-1-07 کڈ رم ad امه ہا‎ ore ATL «idis ke " A vale a Women's libbers Joy Becker and Deb Day take firm hold of the situation (and Scott Smith). The Cram Fulla Goodies restaurant features such delicacies as Mary, the loquacious waitress. Drama 59 auno 4 " kend 7 dp d 1 mr. et 1 w-— A watershow cast ۳ More boys took part in this year's watershow with six male swimmers and four male dancers. ü u ۱ 0 Dexter MacBride and Toby Miller, two of the boys who partici. ۷ 0 re OYS | OI a pated in “Collage,” join Barb Mahlstede in “Mixed Quartet.” The show, " Collage, " which featured 40 Synchronettes and 30 dancers, was built around some of the more popular numbers from past shows, including " Demons " and " Shaft, " repeats from the fine arts dedication performance. Under the supervision of Mrs. Anne Jacobson, Sue Geist, Cindy Larson, Julie Landon, Barb Mahlstede, Sally Scholten and Tia Slater choreographed the swim numbers and Mary Constantine, Sue Hiedeman, Cyndi Jacobson, Diana McMillen and Vicki Tamashunas the dances. Synchronettes sold popcorn and fruitcake to a help defray costs of the show. Sue Geist and " ۲ " Mary Constantine served as officers of the two | = == clubs this year. Formations like this highlighted this year’s floating number “Mint Parfait. " Junior Steve Pier slithers across the stage in " Demons. " 60 Watershow Jan Kiser and Karen Bachman perform in “Bach Baroque during the fine arts dedication week. Caught in a pose, the demons of the sixth hour modern dance class writhe across the stage in a free form type of movement. e ` ۳ س‎ pO BAG EEN E " Shaft, " a jazz number choreographed by Mary Constantine, was per- formed in both the fine arts presentation and “Collage. " ` ت وا ——— C mum mW gë I n " E " € heie aS نے‎ Dro تر ۱ ۷ We " au te m Synchronettes, Dance 61 ٣ہے‎ —— a 8 ۱ ELE dr eelst? " usn " nafes s Council wins ; the second ای‎ r ln GRRE ie EC open campus This year's Student Council obtained more freedom for the students than any other Stu- dent Council in the past. Through the organiza- tion of the Student-Faculty Coalition, a com- mittee of students from each grade and a teacher from each department, the open cam- pus for seniors and the open lunch hour for juniors was made possible. Under the new constitution, committees were abandoned and directorships were adopted. The five directors were given the power to make decisions outside of Student Council meetings. This enabled the Council to spend its time discussing more important items. Among some of the other projects completed were the landscaping of the courtyard, the first large-scale exchange with other schools, the planning of the Interim Committee and the ad- dition of co-presidents to the constitution. Free Form Education Day probably was the one most enjoyed by the students. Many courses were offered, such as Yoga, Transcendental Meditation and Paper Airplane Building. Five slates of candidates ran for second- semester Student Council office, with Mark Jones and John Reinke being elected co- presidents. The practice of having campaign speeches presented during morning class hours one day and afternoon periods the next was started during this election. The team of Kai Marten and Chris Charles sparked Con- siderable controversy with campaign posters featuring swastikas. The competition was much less heated in the spring election, with only two pairs of can- didates vying for the posts. Steve Buck and Paul Schuette won and will serve as co- presidents next fall. E | First semester Co-President Dave Weiss tries to stay 6 during one of the early morning meetings held every other week. ` a f ۱ Mem mee — e? 62 Student Council ABOVE, TOP TO BOTTOM—Mark Jones, Chris Gammack and Chris Charles give their platforms in the cam- pagin speeches. TOP LEFT: John Reinke answers questions thrown at him by the students at the Student Council assembly concerning new ideas and reforms. LEFT—Listening to some new concepts of Stu- dent Council, members of an AHS committee tune in at the Student Council District Convention held at Ames High. Student Council 63 64 2 new clubs form at AHS All the foreign language clubs merged this year to form International Club, which also counted foreign students and former language students among its members. International Club members participated in a variety of activities, the biggest of which was sponsorship of Foreign Language Week. The club held an ice-skating party at Hilton Coliseum, sold Valentines, sponsored numerous dinners and picnics featuring foreign food, and riased enough money to award two $100 scholarships for study abroad. These were awarded to Ray Thomson for study in Mexico and Dorothy Bowen, Ger- many. Another new club, the Bicycle Club, held races on the stadium track and to Gilbert. | Members of the Bicycle Club spent one Saturday in a hot and heated race to Gilbert. Lisa Thurston helps a novice to learn at the skating party held in Hilton Coliseum. wee —— o ooo KE NC CDs RITU AA mmm a Ve AR کسی‎ Y × یں‎ A ef WÉI 4a V zt Gel ee تور‎ ii Ba ۱ WW ےھ‎ — » ” e shor.” - e e - " a eegnen‏ ہا ae‏ عو H -— d‏ Ce e A B gd E m! at a (Nr ی‎ n n -— wi Would you believe the door of the English office? Unfamilia | signs mark familiar sights during Foreign Language ۸ eh? H: Bob Welshons and Nadya Fouad make Valentines for the International Club. fide Morris, Nadya Fouad and Lea Dorsey hope Jeff Hilton buys lots of exotic treats at the International Club bakesale. Miscellaneous Clubs 65 ) DECA WINNERS —Front,Mary Sweitzer, Missy Hartman; Second, Jean Gauger, JoAnn Shaughnessy, Janet Coy, Ellen Herrnstadt; Back, Todd Sand, Kerry Goodwin, Chris Kiser, Stewart Swanson. DECA, VICA entries take top honors DECA students proved their ability this year at the state DECA convention in Des Moines. They took 10 first place awards out of the 28 areas, the largest number ever to be won by any school. Todd Sand and Trisha Savage were recommended by other lowa DECA members for the two possible spots from lowa for two of 20 national scholarships. Trisha went on to win a $500 scholarship while Todd won a $250 scholarship fro m the businessmen of Ames. VICA students also did well in state competition by winning the state Plymouth Trouble- shooting contest. The winners, Dave Parks and Bill Crawford, advanced to national competi- tion in Boston. Another VICA member, Steve Netcott, took first in the state brick-laying con- test to move on to the nationals in Tulsa, Okla. Another highlight of the VICA program was a two-day trip to Kansas City where students toured industries such as the TWA plant and the General Motors assembly line. According to Darrill Abel, DECA sponsor, " This is the finest group of kids lve ever been associated with. They've proved this in their competition throughout the state. " DECA AND VICA STATE WINNERS Janeti DN iveene)! ea ام‎ cete kcu TR aa eta Marketing Terminology Bill Crawford and Dave Parks Plymouth Troubleshooters Jaan:Gauger CAA ا دو ا کی ما‎ PON Distribution Manual Kerry Goodwin £... aes Radio Script Composition Missy Hartman ........ Merchandise Information Manual Ellen Herrnstadt ............. Radio Script Presentation Ghris-KISer و ا ا ا ےت‎ EENS Creative Display Steve: Netcott: لامرن رن ره زد م21‎ EE Bricklaying Todd Sand ....... Management Problems—Variety Store JOANN SHAUGHNESSY Ee a Er dx ete eT uio DEEP Management Problems—Home Furni shing Stewart Swanson .... Management Problems—Specialty Mary SWeltzZer. 1... 20 d ie pa و او‎ a j Advertising Craig Cole gains knowledge of a variety of health foods} while working in the General Health and Nutrition Center. Kn 66 DECA, VICA cholarship winners were Tricia Savage Donnin ۱ e ۱ ۱ ere 7 ۱ ge g hardhat and hairnet for safety measures, T I student Chuck nd Todd Sand (Kuehl business award). Mehle produces up to 1000 ham burgers per hour at the Carriage House. DECA, VICA 67 To celebrate the end of the year, a group of Big and Little Sisses met at Inis Grove Park for a small celebration. 1 CR H M €. 7 pm 4 á ay " 1 L4 " e ۳ , mU - ET wë AE D ME e TR " »— s X E 8 LLLA The Little Sisses of AHS found out at a party at Shakey's who had been conversing with them through notes and gifts 68 Service Clubs disc jockeys The Ames High Key Clubbers placed second E جا جک‎ in the lowa-Nebraska district for their public ۰ service project, the KCDJ's weekly radio Bl S show. Each Sunday night the voice of Ames High school was on the air from 7 to 8 p.m. on KASI. The program featured the music that students wanted to hear, as indicated by sur- veys filled out in homerooms. It also was used to make announcements of interest to students. The KCDJ’s were not the only project of the Key Club. Other projects included a benefit basketball game with the Downtown Kiwanis. ۱ a The Big Sis-Little Sis annual “discovery” party ee تد‎ ei | 4 اج‎ Shakey's Pizza Parlor climaxed a year of C. ND ۱ ۱ See opening lockers to find notes and exchanging gifts with each other. To celebrate the end of the year, the Girls Service Committee spon- sored a picnic at Inis Grove Park. Senior Dave Hoover introduces a record for the students listening to the KCDJ’s on a Sunday Night. Disc Jockey Mike Moore reads the announcements on the weekly Key Club radio program, the KCDJ's. mm. ۳ € VEA - ا ال لپ ۱ | Service Clubs 69 Debate, UN explore issues With Kai Marten the only returning member of the previous year's top four, the 1973 debate team had to rebuild. They rebuilt over the topic, RESOLVED: That governmental finan- cial support for public elementary and secon- dary education in the United States should be provided exclusively by the federal govern- ment. Among the trophies brought home by the team was a Quarterfinalist trophy won by Kai Marten and Hex Wiant at the Brindley In- vitational Debate Tournament. This trophy placed the pair in the top eight from lowa, Minnesota, and South Dakota. The other half of the top four was filled out by a pair of novices, Chris Charles and Steve Franzen, who were brought up from the novice team after going undefeated, 16-0. France and Nigeria were the responsibility of Ames High at the lowa High School Model United Nations held in Cedar Falls. These two countries were on varying sides of several issues, which led to varying opinions and arguments both in committee and on the floor. Chris Charles and Steve Jansen, heads of UN delegations, brief each other on positions. Varsity Debate Kai Marten 25 wins Rex Wiant 24 wins David Abraham 20 wins Bruce Moorland 20 wins Chris Charles 14 wins Steve Franzen 14 wins Mark Lagomarcino 9 wins Steve Schneider 8 wins Novice Debate Chris Charles Steve Franzen Brian Ladd Jeff Brown Kevin Bowen Dwight Dobell 70 Debate, Model UN wins wins wins wins wins wins — يب0‎ CH losses losses losses losses losses losses losses losses losses losses losses losses losses loss 66% 63% 56% 56% 56% 56% 50% 44% 100% 100% 67% 65% 75% 75% ame . ‏ ہہ [ dd OI EAA TESCH !SMANSHIp miti ATi! ia e Pn o» » 1 ۳ 3 کے‎ - " 8 D. Axe KR T مه‎ 0 DLE t y Le, a Ce wm E ۰ " ام‎ b A D B B KEE Gebees: Ob . ne EE CL og " ا‎ Rar au i, ی تک‎ RARE, ۰ کی و بث عم‎ Ga d یت‎ Ce “A ۱ Ga Paw Wa D ۱ ` vee ۶ 2 The ideas of a benefit spillover in education ant of a new Net Wealth Tax do not seem to impress Coach Scott lo. à - ` ` 1 e i ha et a | Dumping file boxes was a speciality of senior debater Kai Marten, who practices before a big tournament. The year saw five new trophies added to the library. and a new debate mascot, Buzz, to protect them. Së ze ار‎ ۳۰ ۲۰۹ 6 وک‎ EE CIN 7e ER The attitude expressed toward debate Seen was best described by the fileboxes. E E [Chan Thomas, French delegate to the Iowa High School Model United Nations, jerases the blackboard after an organizational meeting and talk from Mr. Scott. | i Debate, Model UN 71 2 boy cheerleaders join squad The traditional cheerleading clinic and a trip to the Holiday Basketball tournament in Daven- port highlighted the year for the 1972-73 cheerleaders. For the first time two boys were elected to the squad. Equipped with megaphones and dressed in orange uniforms, they served as yell leaders during the year. In addition to their duties at the AHS games, the girls sold license plates and planned several pep assemblies. Officers this year were Ann Grindeland and Janet Seim. Hours of practice perfecting timing and movements pay off as the team performs a drill. Toby Miller and Chris Gammack lead the football fans in a cheer. Center: Half-time at the basketball games finds Sue Chantland performing with the Cyclonettes. Performing drills to the music of the pep band, the Ames High Cyclonettes provided half-time entertainment for several home basketball games. Highlighting their season this year was a special performance at Hilton Coliseum dur- ing the double header in which Ames played Carroll-Keumper. The team consisted of thirty girls. Barb Loots and Katie Rozeboom were chosen as Captains, while Sherry Stump and Vicki Tamashunas served as drill masters. D A PR 4 Sr 4 72 Drill Team, Cheersquad ant KR (Se) GN J x 9۷ 000 ۱ ۸۲۷٦ Ss ee? ۱ A a SERS = کم‎ Aw ۳ V ۳ or MA " SS Excitement on the football field draws an ecstatic reaction from Jan Tuttle and Michelle Shorten. In various stages of a strad- dle, the cheersquad ends a half-time cheer. Cheersquad, Drill Team 73 0ک کت J -‏ » — A - | | DeAne Lagerquist takes a break from Ames High Student Council hosted the District Student Council meetingll sessions at the District meeting. for the first time this year. Here, three officers lead a panel discussion, SECOND SEMESTER STUDENT COUN- CIL—FRONT: Lynd! Eberhart, Sue Futrell, sara McCormack, Lea Belle Dorsey, Mark Jones, John Reinke, Steve Buck, Jim Moorhead; SECOND: Chan Thomas, Eric Eucher, Laurel Tostlebe, Jeanette Anderson, Val Peterson, Craig Lutz, Ted Riggs, Mark Allen, Sally Scholten; THIRD: Jeff Shearer, Allan Bates, Stew Swanson, ۳ 7۲ Kristie Fritsch, Susan Scott, Craig Hanway, Jerry ۱۱ ه٦‎ Jutting, Steve Fisher, Andy Morton; FOURTH: Pete ۰ 6 - ٤١ Nutty, Vince Meador, Jim Tysseling, Janet Beard, Dan Lesan, John Campbell, Linda Kolb, Terry Sim- mons, John Hanson; FIFTH: Mark Barnett, Monte Lutz, Barb Bacon, Jeff Keller, Nadya Fouad, Chris Wheatley, Ann Grindeland, Maria Kemeny, Holly Young; BACK: Mary Donhowe, Kathy Reece, Polly McCormack, Paul Hutchcroft, Mark Donaldson, Loren Boston, Tom FHatten, Mark Lagomarcino, Roger Landers. FIRST SEMESTER STUDENT COUNCIL—FRONT: Stewart Swanson, Allan Bates, Flora McMartin, Sue Futrell, Kristie Fritsc SECOND: Mary Grant, Michaela Holdren, Jody Harlan, Charla Prange, Jane Moore, Craig Hanway, Jerry Jutting, Mark Jones, John Reinke; SECOND: Susan Scott, Sara McCormack, Ruth Montag, Jim Tysseling, Linda Kolb, Janet Beard, Dan 7 b. John Campbell, Steve Fisher; THIRD: Sandy Edwards, Mary Donhowe, Chick Peterson, Jim Shearer, Jeff Carter, Cat ) DN Reece, Polly McCormack, Paul Hutchcroft, Mark Donaldson; BACK: Donna Schulze, Ann Keim, Julie Townsend, Shera Shirley, Mary Brady, Chris Wheatley, Nadya Fouad, Vickie Sims, David Morgan. 74 Student Council Groups Council, clubs give students chance to grow Cheryl McFarlane and her little sis enjoy the Big Sis-Little Sis picnic at Inis Grove Park. ASE Girls’ Service Committee Co-Chairmen Carol Jo Patterson and Lea Dorsey make plans to visit the Story County Home. 1 ri ` یک‎ ۲ و‎ p " د‎ a . 4 2 tell A p ey. LAN mw " e d KP 1 C ےمد از‎ ea D نی رو‎ AAD رکا‎ nS WË جیا‎ ber e ——————— D -— l o س کک € د‎ — " A o— ee ر اس‎ A ۱۱۴۱8 SERVICE COMMITTEE REPRESENTATIVES— Jean Mingus, Susan Lees, Carol Jo Patterson, Lynne Brady, RONT: Nancy Phipps, Janet Milligan, Kris Reis, Mary Grant, Lea Belle Dorsey; TH RD: Nancy Sassaman, Esther Wright, meslie Boyles, Diane Knutson, Penny Weisshaar, Connie Kolette Hoskins, Jenny Townsend, Catherine Grant, Nadya liver; SECOND: Cindy Smith, Bobbi Brugger, Ann Castner, Fouad, Janice Kiser, Kathy Schlunz. service Groups 75 Y Mo Ha Putting out the Newsletter is one of many varied projects these Intro students enjoy. ٦ T ep d bp, و49‎ $ me 3 gie d 3 25 27 - . = : ak FIRST SEMESTER WEB STAFF—FRONT: Art Budolfson, Randy Taylor, Sue” 4 ۱ Cerwick, Cindi Clark, Ellen Herrnstadt; SECOND: Bill Burke, Steve Burgason, Ki 5 F. » | Block, Maria Kemeny, Mark Donaldson; STANDING: Randy Wildman, Nancy Newell. 1l " Dec — a‏ کن f£ I SECOND SEMESTER WEB STAFF—LEFT ROW: Randy Larson, Dan- Williams, Sue Milliken, Steve Janssen; CENTER ROW: ۷ SECOND SEMESTER WEB STAFF—FRONT: Julie Coy, Beth Agard, Breckenridge, Sheila Glenn, Janet Seim, Allan Bates, Clarett John Zmolek, Karen Schwartz; RIGHT: Laurie Habhab, Cindy Larson, Gurganus; RIGHT ROW: Sue Futrell, Craig Powers, Toni Terronesc Sherry Stump, Carol Patterson; STANDING: Jeff Hilton, Tim Sullivan, Katy Rozeboom, Greg Stritzel, Sally Scholten, Lea Belle Dorsey Mary Constantine, Beth Speer, Diana McMillen, Stewart Swanson, Kathy Risch, Ann Outka, Mike Eschbach, Mike Maroney. Larry Voelker, Jill Robinson. 76 Publications Groups Publications staffs write on ۱ Things often tend to SPIRIT STAFF—FRONT: Meg James, Ben Svec, Sue Geist, Kathy Hoff, Carol Peterson; SECOND: Karen pue AS the DH Burkhart, Nancy Sassaman, Jerry Jutting, Claretta Gurganus; STANDING: Beth Agard, Mark Hathaway, Rex SOOME O PONSO ALS: iant, Jeff Brown, Sue Bliss, Sue Larson, Mark DeKovic. (NOT PICTURED:) Toby Miller, John Elliott. Ward takes time out from working on the yearbook to clear off her desk. Scratch Pad publications board member Maren Stafford helps conpile the '73 Scratch Pad. Publications Groups 77 John Hansen and Vickie Sims put themselves into it as they play for the talent assembly. INTERNATIONAL CLUB CABINET—FRONT: Vickie Sims, Ray Thomson, Lea Belle Dorsey; SECOND: John Zmolek, Susan Scott; THIRD: Kathy Risch, Mary d Muir, John Campbell; FOURTH: Karen Burns, Nancy Newell, Chris Wheatley, 3 Janet Davison; BACK: Janice Kiser, Kristie Fritsch, Mrs. Anne Mollet. ORCHESTRA—FRONT: Christie Palmer, Candy Kinderman, Cindy Halvorson, Elizabeth Boylan, Lyn Johnson, Ruth Montag, Susan F Bell, Emily Epstein, Vickie Sims, Barb Ketcham, Polly McCormack; Scott, Janice Kiser; BACK: Dan Lambert, Barb Fleig, Kevin Frey; SECOND: Sara McCormack, Ray Weeks, Eric Weber, Karen Dave Fullhart, Peter Kempthorne, Janet Dowell, David Morgan, Mr. FR, Engelstad, Linda Deppe, Ruth Hollenbach, Michael Wilder, Bruce McCoy, Kim Wass, Bill Hotchkiss, Chick Peterson, Danielle Buss. Pis. " ل“‎ be 78 Group Pictures UN, 70006 gps. clubs draw many : DEBATE TEAM—FRONT: Steve Schneider, Rex Wiant, Bruce Moreland: BACK: Mr. Taking part in a race to Gilbert are bicycle scott, Jeff Brown, Kevin Bowen, Brian Ladd, Chris Charles. " se - EIN‏ - سس ۵ ۳ SOSA v sp ODEL UN—FRONT: Terri Simmons, Jenni Roberts, Chris Charles. e Futrell, Jenny Staedler; BACK: Mr. Scott, Jim Asp, Dave Sturte- ROTI AVA ates ae TANS - A oy " Ow. -‏ ہو شں ہو ارس ارہد 4 ۲ کہ ےد - یو نہیں بر سی کٹ کو TOPO: ae, NC: gt‏ ime i MESS 4 " a REUS SEE ۳ geed‏ ; LA b dut KAN wl Ënn, ECH Wey‏ ۹ دوہ ری یہید می پروی ao... bod‏ 1 x ` 3 NA SY c‏ v Géi HS m e ` Ce n ` vie‏ vi 5‏ " d " - q 40 " D dw " NEL a Me ad | ee ۹۹ . y PN ۱ E P D DE 0 7 k RM a 5 می‎ a ví A EM H ٦ SERENA d 7 m " ES AC, e Dën 9 Sw Lex . x کھت‎ - ES Ee. (e WEBS کے‎ vs Ge, fees علصب‎ a. eg club members Allan Bates and Mark Beattie. ew ————PH—I Sid S vant, Steve Franzen, Chan Thomas, Tom Hatten, Bruce Moreland. Jim Shearer, Dave Abraham. Group Pictures 79 ob training draws many — ; A ۱ ۹ : i " - weg - سس‎ E - 92 me s d p oes XY ET EE D d F RE » ! EA a ۳ s D A D va - T, 7 D ۰ + de: ۲٣ E ۲ - x 1 " 8 De? Ka +, HC | ۱ e e d ` e 6 ` J e Y D p " x e ۲ Ir» MM ۹ ui j SI a » E : a رما‎ e s Te ht ۲ d i Gah HTS e Ke , , í 7 A = 5 ; ۱ ۰ d - ۱ e h " m ہ٭‎ ۳7 p ۱ ` 2 4 a DN یہد‎ ` T D KC, e " D 7 ۰ i j FE 0 " 4 E ] " " D B D E A Mae " m L4 g " lle t B OFFICE EDUCATION—Front: Penny f Weissharr, Norma Sams, Deborah ٦ Hagebock, Jan Luing, Roz Corieri, John fi Miller; Back: Denise Warren, Paula Gruc- i za, Barb Loots, Shirley Couture, Carol ٣ Chantland, Kathy Rozeboom, Mrs. Rose 1 Wilcox. 2 کی‎ NE " DS AL, B Gei DAN ا‎ p a eur ces پہرھوی‎ RSE SDN " eres TRADE AND INDUSTRIAL—Front: Mr. Don Faas, Mark Bell, Jeff cott, Harry Oates, Greg Stritzel, Mark Berthelson, Glen Anderson Kellogg, Bill Reed, Rick Maxwell, John Risse; Second: Jeff Owen, Dennis Jacobson; Back: Jerry Lane, Brian Little, Darrell 07 Chuck Mehle, Bill Wagner, Larry Paulsen, Chris Gammack, Scott John Jorstad, Brian Van Den Bosch, King Block, Rick McMillen, Rang Daulton, Mark Litchfield, Dave Hatch; Third: Bill Berger, Steve Net- dy Taylor, Bob Catus. 80 Work Experience Groups DECA—Barry Best, Marlene Bleeker, Dan Bowman, Dave Bunker, Shari Byriel, Mary Calhoun, Dick Carter, Candy Clinefelter, Craig Cole, Janet Coy, Carolyn Curry, Ginger Doty, Mike Ellson, Denise Epperly, Cathy Friederich, Jean Gauger, Doug Gerjets, Chris Hagert, Dave Hakes, Sue Hart, Missy Hartman, Sue Herbert, Laura Hermann, Ellen Herrnstadt, Meg James, Steve Jeffrey, Jana Keller, Chris Kiser. Jerry Matchett, Sue Milliken, Deeya McClurkin, Patty Lariviere, Corajayne Murray, Chris Myers, Mary Olson, Ann Outka, Mark Peterson, Sue Peterson. Grant Phipps, Connie Reed, Cheryl Ring, Becky Rohrbough, Debbie Routh, Marc Sakamoto, Todd Sand, Val Sather, Trisha savage, Pam Schulte, Jeff Schwartz, Janet Seim, Jo Shaughnessy, Cindee Shearer, Mark Skadberg, Larry Sorenson, Jill Strike, Bryan Stucky, Stewart Swanson. Mary Sweitzer, Toni Terrones, Peggy Ee = E : Scripsky, Mike Bailey, Pete Nutty, Tim 2 Ge " E 1 Sullivan, Kerry Goodwin, Mike Carlson. aml NN ہکےہ‎ co WV —C-. AAT Oo ٭۰٭‎ DD Kess " y ۲ HT‏ ان ۶ 4 4 SN ہے‎ ۰ E KA - 4 dé a WELL RK ار رھ‎ 2 A e FS l HEALTH OCCUPATIONS —Front: Mary SE uy 1 e 1 Nichols, Barb Nath, Debbie Lande. کے وو ٹوو روہ حم‎ : : Sheila Glenn, Cindy Tschetter. Tracy CU Www jo HR us 0 : Bittinger, Linda Allison; Back: Mr. Don SS 4A be وہہ‎ e Faas, Arne Skarshaug, Craig Woodard. | | کی‎ Een $ | Sue Hiedeman, Holly Cassidy, Ann d ; Sen er so. MIN — pre SS Grindeland, Mary Kay Reece. Kathy Coleman. CADET TEACHERS—Front: Chip Anderson, Mary Constan- tine, Cindy Larson, Jim Packer, Sue Cerwick; Second: Robert Wechsler, Carol Peterson, Beth Stone, Vicki Tamashunas, Ann Ebert; Third: Diana McMillen, Lynne Brady, Maria Kemeny, Carol Patterson, Sherry Stump; Fourth: Vickie Van Voorhis. Beth Boylan, Claretta Gurganus, Cindy Powers, Sue Carlson; Back: Barb Atkins, Becky Boyles, Debbie Day, Sue Geist. " N ۳ ba ۳ d z | s ۱ b -dey d E Wi — M 5 ai 3 K P y Kr ۸ x M EA " ? بن‎ A i ۰ TN Ay 7 Ze ٠ . 4 سس‎ ٠۱۷۷ ee GC و ا ا‎ y La c j صا‎ LN P À Ce r Work Experience Groups 81 —- | Groups offer chance for team effort PEP CLUB CABINET —SEATED: Sponsor Mrs. Judy Switzer; STANDING FROM LEFT: Chris Ellis, Sue Dennis, Lyndl Eberhart, Carol Peter- SOn. SYNCHRONETTES—FRONT: Mary Brady, Karen Bachman, Leslie Boyles, Muriel MacBride, Nancy French, Sue Geist; SECOND: Susan Stephan, Ginny Moore, Carol Arnold, Deb Post, Missy Slater, Ann Kelso, Barb ۵, Vicki Knutson, Mary Muir, Mary Hildebrand, Mary VanderMaaten; THIRD: Denise Olson, Kris Reis, Cindy Larson, Sally Scholten, Chris Wheatley, Esther Wright, Linda Ewing, Julie Lan- don, Sue Carlson, Ann Self, Mary Grant, Cathy Miller; FOURTH: Debbie Olson, Sandy Hubbert, Lynd! Eberhart, Sue Chantland, Cathy Nelson, Steve Pier, Toby Miller, Bob Reinbold, Jim Tysseling, Dexter MacBride, Maury Johnson, Laurie Newell, Deb Mills, Cin- di Clark. vou CIE 7. ور یح‎ week Ze) dn A Kr kk Ser, IM e MODERN DANCE CLUB—FROM LEFT: Cheryl McFarlane, Karen Bachman, Chris Wheatley, Sara Doak, Mary Constantine, Diana McMillen, Jan Tuttle, Carol Peterson, Michelle Shorten, Terri Hough, Peggy Young, Jan Kiser, Carol Arnold, Tracey Stoll, Chris Kiser, Pam 82 Group pictures Ellinghausen, Irene Kotila, Julie Landon, Steven Hadwiger, Nanc; Newell, Sue Overturf, Bob Wechsler, Holly Cassidy, Cyndi Jacobson; Sue Hiedeman, Marcia McGinnis, Jana Criss, Vicki Tamashunas. ` on ` Qu. و‎ tC em 8 7 پا ب۴‎ 1 T ار لسر ہب‎ ۱ ۷1 7 4 t EN - B " A - 4 C n 7 7 " E yon » - ES) The Cyclonettes provide halftime entertainment at one of the victorious home basketball games. DRILL TEAM—LEFT ROW: Melba Smith, Cheryl Ring, Julie Hensley, Vickie Tamashunas, Jackie Latta, Robin Haugland, Kolette Hoskins; CENTER FRONT: Paula Grucza, Becky Boyles, Jenny Townsend, Katy Rozeboom, Mary Stevens, CENTER BACK: Sherry Stump, Carol Chantland, Beth Lane, Lin- da Kolb, Sharon Haggen, Barb Loots, Mary Olson; RIGHT ROW: Sue Chantland, Patty Laraviere, Sara Doak, Mary Kay Reece, Mary Brady, Esther Wright, Kris Pelz. VARSITY CHEERSQUAD—FROM LEFT: Laura Morton, Michelle Shorten, Kim Johnson, Jan Tuttle, Teri Wilson, Ann Grindeland, Cindy Jacobson, Chris Gammack, Cindy Tschetter, Buffy Stone, Mary Sweitzer, Diane Bruin, Peggy Young, Lynne Schultz, Marta Moore, Janet Seim, Maria Kemeny, Carol Jo Patterson. TWIRLERS—FRONT: Holly Theis, Tracy Bittinger, Sharon Heggen; Kim Dahlgren, Linda Kolb, Mary Constantine, Louise Lyman. SOPHOMORE CHEERSQUAD—BOTTOM TO OP: Kathy Sullivan, Michaela Holdren, Jenny estel, Anne Donaldson, Stephanie Gaarde, nne Hendrickson, Jeanette Anderson, argaret Newton. Group Pictures 83 — ` me mem — —— me rm اہ‎ — oirs stimulate musical growth ` ` DOY Sege " : تم «Wane US‏ و ریا e P) e tae V a‏ ساس بب سکم دہ INYO dul ۱‏ a ` 5 مث‎ R e n - - Pan Y Lë: LI Kand in ae Nt s ب۸‎ ۱ - TAN | 8 E ۱ AO " H ۵ Ob. ہ دک‎ wl an a را ہہ‎ ak? 7 eegene IT onus Y DOS دا ۔ ۸ . ۹ تم اب اکن کروی‎ ×٦ . nn C t ua " ø be A = " NUR S- d با زد با‎ TEEN فرب ۷۳ھ‎ WE. ی‎ 7 » NY ۱ ` d NA " . ۳ " v p Lo EA à ۰ A? ۳ KÉ p ۱ کر تہ ہم‎ as Kei DU Em M » 4 ۷ ۱ س‎ H v v ` VE ۰ c " AA k be bied d پل سے عم‎ — Ms Mov x ںیہں اناد 027 " ند‎ ER - X - ت‎ i» ` aw » " VS, Ze ee x p H سک‎ Wangen Je feet ہے‎ d MA ` MN M aw ۰ d پم‎ ste D ۰ Le, Wei n, o. ave EN . o ew Thee 4 yan‏ و Ta ERO i‏ مس رم DOR av D‏ مہ مو PN Ya سام‎ TE ےا سے‎ ۱ ` ۱ Se sie wor ھی‎ m eh IANS ` ہر ٭‎ e bh AN ۸ Lp Pp Neen ais ya ارد یم ال ےو‎ ۴ ۷ Pauw (A = " OETAN Ta’ ٠ او ٭حدہ جم ۱ سیب مجر CM Ge‏ 1 و یں A CAPELLA CHOIR—Front: Carla Vondra, Laurie Habhab, Ruth Hollenbach, ٢٣٢٢٣ si Deppe; Second: Marlene Bleeker, Vickie VanVoorhis, Mary Donhowe, Joa " A Burnett, Patty Strain, Maud Neff; Third: Irene Kotila, Stew Swanson, Bill Hotchki 1 | ee Randy Wedin, John Frederickson, Jim Packer, Ray Weeks; Back: Sue Cerwich® t- Cindee Shearer, Paul Stone, Dave Murphy, Nancy Engen. A CAPELLA CHOIR—Front: Anita Miller, Teri Simmons. ۱ hb obt, HHH, Lat Dave Ingraham, Andy m Mo H do M P Dog p T EET E Elwood; Second: Juanita 3 ap pant A Pu or PHP AIT WTI ENA Peters, Mary Muir, Cheryl d up EH اا0‎ HI WEE HAHINE FHHRNHI Provow, Sandy Bunce; Third: Janet Dowell, Lisa Ladd, Cindi Clark, Pat Anderson; Fourth: Dan Killam, Sheau-hui Gee, Mike Wirkus, Paula Dunham; Back: Jon Coupal, Scott Smith, Debbie Holter. A CAPELLA CHOIR—Front: Kathy Reece, Paul Hutchcroft, Gordon Engstrom, Rich Ingraham, ۱ Mark Homer; Second: Judy ۳ Brink, Ann Ebert, Scott 8 McCoy, Laurie Newell, Larry Voelker, Mary Barnard, Samra Clark; Third: Danielle Buss, Ruth Burkhalter, Dave Hanson, Bill Wagner, Jim Ulmer, Brita Swenson, Susan Lees; Fourth: Tia Slater, Sally Scholten, Lyn Johnson, Sara McCormack, Linda Welch; Fifth: Candy Anderson, Laura Morton, Beth Boylan; Back: Len Griffen, Becky Lees, Andy Morton, Ann Burkholder, John Hanson. 84 Choir Groups SOPHOMORE GIRLS' GLEE—Front: Jeanine Brown, Cheryl Christensen, Mary MADRIGAL- —Front: Len Griffen, Linda Deppe, Carol VanderMaaten, Sarah Austrheim, Delora Jesperson, Carol Warman, Kim Glenn; Wood, Ray Thomson, Missy Slater, Jan Kiser, Polly Second: Polly McCormack, Lee Hale, Ginny Moore, Debbie Lebo, Karen Heckenbach, McCormack, Kristie Fritsch; On Staircase: Bill Glenda Wood; Third: Denise Johanns, Diane Yegge, Bobbi Brugger, Missy Slater, Sue Wagner, Karen Heckenbach, Stewart Swanson, Sara Patten, Debbie Gass, Debbie Mills; Fourth: Barb Reis, Rita Terrones, Caron Gleason, McCormack, Jim Packer, Susan Lees, Kathy Risch, Liz Wagner, Karen Sanderson, Jane VanderWal; Fifth: Liz Lewis, Sara Savage, Sue Laurie Newell, Sue Norris, Scott McCoy; Back: Pat Norris, Peggy Wilder, Carol Wood, Cathy Miller, Diane Litchfield, Cindy Bell; Back: Anderson, Kendra Shirley, Liz Wagner. Debbie Klingsheim, Jane Burkholder, Mary Grant, Cheryl Jeska, Sue Norris, Linda Stoenberg, Mary Hildebrand. -r 9M pn . a Rm مجر‎ ccm en mm 7 cr رد‎ AA عمج‎ g 2۳۳۳ 25 کک کے کیج وف وو ر۔‎ dee See Te Jane 5 ex, EERE IU: 3375525 SO و‎ D'A, میرک‎ ۱ " m e | 6 CH جج‎ E Seas 27 oi رک‎ EK UL مر و‎ ENN av LI nd 7 ا‎ GU. اھ انا‎ WV. y ciu WEGE Rae ےھ رر‎ | SEDE SUDO RSS SS HRRK YS ZUGE WE NEMS SSNS) EDEN RIS EE QUIS DATEI CS 1 یمیا‎ in a روج‎ E TY ege [AXES فا‎ Y Ki SEES ER EES THUSNELDA —Front: Laurie Newell, Larry Voelker, Patty Strain, Brita Swenson, Judy Brink, Beth Boylan, Scott McCoy, Jim Packer; Back: Becky Lees, Bill Wagner, Tia Slater, Sara McCormack. JUNIOR-SENIOR GIRLS' POPS— Front: Trisha Ingraham; Second: Jane Moore, Cindy Sharp, Marcella Clatt, Christine Johnson, Bobbie Olson; Back: Sue Young, Vickie VanVoorhis, Marg Elbert, Sue Norris, Carol Rosheim, Laura York, Kathy Coleman, Candy Kinderman, Audrey Sandvick. Choir Groups 85 CONCERT WOODWINDS—Front: Lyn Johnson, Ruth Montag, Elizabeth Boylan, Patty Strain, E Kristie Fritsch, Samra Clark, Sally Scholten; Second: Michael Wilder, Ruth Hollenbach, John " Zmolek, Susan Scott, Brian Halvorson, Janet Davison, Susan Stephan, Barb Vinograde, Sue Deppe, Sandy Hubbert; Third: Katharine Risch, Janice Kiser, Sue Bliss, Ruth Bran, Mary Childs) Eric Amtower, Larinda Babcock, Susan Frazier, Sandy Bunce, Caron Gleason; Fourth: Linda: Deppe, Barb Ketcham, Karen Engelstad, Carol Chantland, Lee Hale, Linda Hammond, Debbie Holter, Leanne Robertson; Back: Jim Asp, Ann Kelso, John Hansen, Ken Malaby, Jerry Jutting, Anne Burkholder, Tom Gleason. ۱ CONCERT BRASS—Front: Doug Stokke, Bev Dunster, Betty Thompson, Barb Fleig; Kevin Frey; Second: David Hoover, Dave Loseke, Larry Voelker, Kyle Hogan, Pat) CONCERT PERCUSSION—From Left: Dan Reynolds, Tim Moody, Mark Donaldson, Tom Huisman, Peter Kempthorne, Davê f Lambert, Dennis Dubberke, Mike Maroney, Linda Fullhart; Third: Mark Homer, Greg Dougal, Tom Hatten, David Morgan, Mike Wirkus, Bosi Kolb, Dave Popelka, Chris Payer, Brian Perry. Bartels, Bruce Halvorson, Janet Dowell; Back: John Campbell, John Friederich, Ray Thomson, Kim Wass. E: STAGE BAND—Front: Tom Gleason, Vickie Sims, Michael Wilder, Ken Malaby, Jim ۳ Janet Dowell, David Morgan, Bruce Halvorson; Back: Detroy Green, Kim Wass, Mike Maroney Dave Popelka, Peter Kempthorne, Dave Fullhart, Tom Huisman, Dave LoseK | 86 Band Groups هه : ۲ A New band room; 4 r ` 7 ا‎ 3 1 ' ۱ Ge 2 = ۱ VN, ۱ Vos ۱ ۔‎ d ` ) 0 ۳ : ۳ ` E LES X WK M se Ga ۱ 4 A ا ہج‎ | 2 Së e d 4 h 7 ES 5 AN - n |. XN A) SE A Ub ۰ ۱ ۳ ۱ X : " n | 7 » : ۹ ۱ 1 ` . d i ۱ . VN l A ۰ ۱ e. e ANE ۱ = PEP BAND—Front: Mike Maroney, Brian Perry, Dave Popelka, Mr. Milton Trexel; Second: Linda Deppe, Dan Lambert, Dennis Dubberke, Leanne Robertson, Sandy Bunce, Donna Gilchrist; Third: Bruce Halvor- son, Duane Russell, Betty Thompson, Patty Strain, Kristie Fritsch, Susan Lees; Fourth: Mike Wirkus, Brian Halvorson, Larry Voelker, Jan Kiser, Kathy Risch; Fifth: Tom Gleason, John Hanson, Ken Malaby, David Hoover, Kyle Hogan; Sixth: Dave Loseke, Mark Lagomarcino, Peter Kempthorne, Dave Fullhart, Tom Huisman; Seventh: Bob Bartels, Mark Homer, Greg Dougal, Janet Dowell; Eighth: David Morgan, John Friederich, John Campbell; Back: Ray Thomson, Jeff Mount. | VARSITY BAND—Front: Caron Gleason, Anita Miller, Donna Kever, Vickie Sims, Ralph Merrill, Kent Kenyon, Randy Fiscus, Don f Gilchrist, Pam Plath, Jane Burkholder, Kathy Schlunz, Nadia Jones, Paul Zmolek, Mike Gardner, Kit Powers, Paul Hutchcroft, Tom VanderGaast, Charla Prange, Susan Lees; Second: Dawn Jolly, Sue Sorenson, Dan Busse, Mark Lagomarcino, Nelson Thompson; Back: | Trcka, Jo Ann Peterson, Patti Haynes, JoAnn Futrell, Martha Powers, Dallas Thies, John Albert, Mike Tomaglia, Mike Swan, Charles Kathy Soderholm, Becky Boyles, Detroy Green, Duane Russell, Nan- shaver, Jeff Mount, Paul Engelstad, Jeff Hilton, Joel Berthelsen, Mr. ۲ cy Torkildson, Lisa Thurston, DeAnn Danofsky, Liz Lewis, Peggy Homer Gartz. ۲ Wilder; Third: Debbie Lebo, Marcia McGinnis, Jim Tysseling, Dale With smiles combating the weather, the AHS marching band takes its usual position in the bleachers. Band Groups 87 —— کد‎ Wem s AA us 7 3 «a Zei? ý ` 1 da, A — — — — ۔‎ eee س‎ mp mnt LI " c ep un gta ny کہ‎ ` —— Qe ————————————————— e oom o E تس تک‎ e o m t " ee er =.. = aaraa حعہ ے‎ e سے - : Sports The Ames High goal: To be number one. At Ames High it is a tradition. Nothing less will give complete satisfaction. You give your 110% for the team, the school, and yourself. Sometimes the goal remains a dream but the one time when all of the opposition falls by the wayside and your team emerges victorious, all of the blood and sweat is forgotten. Whether scrub or star, the final victory erases the pain and puts a smile on your face and pride in your heart. c m 0 D 7 ۲ 1 70 T 4 OPPOSITE PAGE—TOP LEFT: Senior golfer Kim Wass taps in a putt. CENTER TOP: Senior Sue Milliken serves during one of her matches. BOTTOM LEFT: The Ames High defense digs in on the line. RIGHT: Center Frank Schneider battles two defenders for a rebound. THIS PAGE—TOP: Letterwinner Toby Miller tenses at the starting blocks for the start of the 100 yard backstroke. BOTTOM: Junior Jon Stalheim gives a pitch a ride in a game against Des Moines East. | SEASON'S RECORD | BOONE | MARSHALLTOWN FORT DODGE 1 NEWTON f| CEDAR FALLS EAST WATERLOO WEST WATERLOO MASON CITY D. M. HOOVER Senior running back Mark Berthelson skirts around the end for extra yards in the game with Fort Dodge. ا شا € ER o) 90 Football — The Ames High Coaching staff and reserves reflee the tension of a tough game against Fort Dodge Bm...‏ ن senior Mark Berthelson and Ken Woodley put the clamps on the Newton fullback, stopping him short. Dave Hakes looks on. Inside lineman Tom Wilson (63) leads the inter- ference around the end against Cedar Falls. Five seniors win Big 8 honors The Ames High football team finished the 1972 season with a 7-2 record and a third place ranking in the Big Eight. Coach Phil Johnson referred to this years squad as the equal of any team he has coached at Ames. The Little Cyclones opened the season with vic- tories over Boone, Marshalltown, Fort Dodge and Newton. The team took a No. 4 rating into the Homecoming game with Cedar Falls. The Tigers spoiled the Little Cyclones evening by winning 35-14. The team suffered its only other loss against East Waterloo the following week. After defeating West Waterloo, the squad took on Mason City and played what Coach Johnson called the best performance of the season. The team closed out the year with a victory over Des Moines Hoover and a No. 10 ranking in the state. Two Ames standouts, seniors King Block and Dave Bunker received All-State recognition. Both were varsity regulars for two seasons. Football 91 Senior quarterback Mike Tryon looks fo r an opening in the tough East Waterloo defense. x ۸۰ " Poe's جو هون‎ N A یکا‎ ۳ NGC vw “I 0 y v 4 AN ۰ اپ و‎ Mie See وی ا‎ . P Vi ۹ 7 " X ٢ ` a w ` ai € wx V how 2 Wide receiver Mark Sakamoto shakes free from the defenders and heads up field during the Boone game. Senior starter Craig Woodard scrambles for extra yards on a broken play up at Newton. Why me? Lineman Brian Stucky grimaces in agony after taking much abuse from East Waterloo. 92 Football Defense pushes winning season The Little Cyclones displayed one of the more potent offenses in the Big Eight this season. The ground game totaled 1,455 yards. The charge was led by Mark Sakamoto's 7.4 per gain average. The air attack, led by Mike Tryon and Craig Woodard, passed for a total of 1,086 yards. Tryon led the passing department with 35 com- pletions in 69 attempts for 636 yards. The receivers were led by Sakamoto who grabbed 12 passes for 284 yards and a 23.7 average per reception. The offense scored 226 points to 129 for their opponents. King Block led the scoring department with 51 points. The Ames defense was tough this year, es- pecially against the pass. They yielded 1,706 total yards with only 499 allowed by air. The defense, led by King Block's 64, racked up 473 tackles. The hard hitting defense forced 18 total turnovers with a season high of 6 against Boone. Defensive signal caller King Block confers with the coaches about the proper strategy designed to stop Newton's offensive attack. All-State center Dave Bunker pursues the play after spring loose a back against East. Football 93 جت —— —- | a! yes m vi B | " av e " Teamwork is the key as these three Little Cyclone defenders go for the man while the other defender goes for the ball. AMES AMES AMES AMES AMES AMES AMES AMES AMES 94 Sophomore Football SOPHOMORE SCOREBOARD D. M. LINCOLN MARSHALLTOWN CARROLL KUEMPER NEWTON SOUTH TAMA(JV) BOONE FORT DODGE WEST WATERLOO HOOVER Head Coach Dale Tramp questions the call of he referee during the South Tama (JV) game. Slow offense limits sophs Led by Kurt Knutson, the 1972 sophomore football team ended up with a 2-6-1 record. Knutson gained a total of 930 yards for the season. " Kurt was an outstanding ball carrier, fine defensive back and a good leader, " com- mented Dale Tramp, head coach. Outside of the first game with Des Moines Lin- 0601۳, the sophomores were close to victory in the other six contests that were not won. Coach Tramp said that there was one problem in this years team, not being able to break away to win the games. " This team is capable of great success in the future. Many individuals on this team will be pushing for the starting spots on next year's team, " predicted Mr. Tramp. ۱ Ub. 2 کا ۔‎ mn d ty e A little fumble here and there did not keep Kurt Knutson from gaining the leading rusher spot on the sophomore team. Keeping a wary eye out for the defenders, sophomore Dave Daulton evades tacklers and sees an opening around the end. Sophomore Football 95 State champs; | Duvall retires The Ames High Little Cyclones captured the Class AA championship for the 1972-73 season on Saturday evening, March 17. Two days later Head Coach George Duvall announced his retirement. The title was the first for Ames High since 1955 and the first for Duvall as a coach. He was a member of the 1945 championship squad. Mr. Duvall has been at Ames for nine years, taking teams to state in five of those years. Ames High won the championship by smashing Wahlert of Dubuque 85 to 75. The Little Cyclones started down the tourney trail with two rather dismal performances in Ames but played well enough to beat Des Moines North and Boone to advance into sub- state play in Vets Auditorium. In substate Ames breezed by Ankeny and knocked off No. 3- rated Des Moines Valley to earn a state meet berth. In the first game of state Ames met highly rated Harlan. After beating Harlan the Little Cyclones clashed with conference rival Marshalltown. Ames maintained its regular season consisten- cy by storming past the Bobcats to the title game. Three Little Cyclones gained berths on the All- Tournament team. Terry Carroll, Frank Schneider, and Steve Burgason were named to the five-man honor team. Joining the Ames players were Garry Eggers of runner-up Wahlert and Mark Enright of Cedar Rapids Kennedy. Burgason was named captain of the tourney team and captured the scoring title with 63 points, edging out Enright by two points. 96 Basketball m " « Í 1 ۱ e E A 1 Gë 2 5 ke, wier سے .۴ 0ی‎ l | d Ime ut ہے سس‎ ۴ 2 ©: ge ` ا‎ - T ds int Standout forward Steve Burgason adds two more points to tourney-leading total in the championship game. starter all season, senior guard Dave Sprowell drives ugh Wahlert players during championship game. TOURNEY SCOREBOARD AMES 8 s ۲ AMES AMES ANKENY AMES D.M. VALLEY AMES HARLAN AMES MARSHALLTOWN AMES WAHLERT (DUBUQUE) THE DUVALL YEARS 15-7 1964-65 1965-66 19-7 (4th in State) 1966-67 18-7 (2nd in State) 1967-68 14-7 1968-69 12-11 (eliminated in 1st round State) 1969-70 20-5 (3rd in State) 1970-71 17-5 1971-72 19-2 1972-73 26-1 (1st in State) embers of the 1972-73 Class AA championship team gather around the trophy with coaches and cheersquad members. Basketball 97 Cagers take Big Eight title The Ames High basketball team finished the 1972-73 regular season as the No. 1 team in the state. The squad recorded a 19-1 overall mark and captured the Big Eight Conference title, going 13-1. The team held the No. 1 spot for the entire season. Ames started the season by breezing past Boone on the way to setting a school scoring record. The team won the next six games by large margins before suffering its only loss to East Waterloo on December 22. Over the Christmas holiday the squad traveled to Daven- port to participate in the Central Davenport tourney. The Little Cyclones knocked off Des Moines Hoover and the host school to capture the first place trophy. The rest of the regular season proved to be a breeze, although the team had close calls with Newton and Cedar Falls. The Little Cyclones won the conference title on the last day of the season by defeating Mason City. First unit guard Dave Sprowell lays in two points following a Conference scoring leader Steve Burgason hauls down another rebound to add to his team leading total against Roosevelt dcm iw y H ۱ ` iy EI E 6. steal and fast break against rival Cedar Fall . FO. d E 4 = fate, " AD ۴ ٣ Seniors Frank Schneider (50) and Mike Hemingson (34) battle for a rebound while Terry Carroll looks on. - E, Basketball 99 No. 1 Ames tops in height, stats Ames wrapped up a very successful con- ference season by placing three starters on the All-Big Eight team. Runnerup Mason City was the only other school to place more than one player on the honor team. Seniors Frank Schneider, Steve Burgason and Terry Carroll were voted to the eight-man conference team. Carroll is the only Ames repeater from last year's first team. The Little Cyclones were led throughout the regular season by forward Steve Burgason who won the conference scoring title with 442 points in 23 games for a 19.2 average. Schneider was second on the squad with 305 points in 20 games for a 15.2 average. Carroll was third with a 10.5 scoring pace. The team's offensive efficiency rating for the entire season was 0.96. (Efficiency rating is the ratio of possessions to points scored.) Ames had one of the state's tallest teams. The front line consisted of 6-11 Frank Schneider, 6- 7 Steve Burgason, 6-4 Mike Hemingson, and 6- 4 reserve Dave Bunker. In the backcourt Coach Duvall rotated Dick Carter, Dave Sprowell and Terry Carroll. The Little Cyclones' lack of speed rarely mattered as their superior height allowed them to dominate the rebounding. The squad's defensive efficiency rating was 0.72. — A first-team conference selection, Terry Carroll drives far two points in the season finale with No. 2 Mason City. f 0 a ef ۱ T : ۱ EA xx EE - We Jl. me uhi os Ven ےت کے ہب‎ AE " 73 mE nme سے ہے‎ Zeg ape ERN — ` wn m c4 : E س‎ ۱ b , N 3 7 Ed —e dE. — SEASON'S RECORD SOCII VIE... 59 .......-Waterloo West ا ہیں‎ 50 ...... Carroll Kuemper UNES I Fort Dodge 45 ........... Mason City SIN D. M. Roosevelt 60 99» Ames......... Marshalltown JE cdi ee 59 E , M. 57 69 Ames.............-. Re er Cedar Falls ams ns ses BOB 5 oe NE Waterloo East ........ Waterloo East SE EE D. M. Hoover 63 ۰۰ ۰ . ۰. ۰ Waterloo West 50 8ة‎ Ames........... Mason City e me 0 ZA 8 SAS ee ki be . Davenport Central 100 Basketball The No. I defense falls back out of the full court press in the season opener against old time rival Boone. =— M eS " TT ت‎ T " = TUE . نے‎ 77 Xd — ame os . PU. ۲ d T SS = me eal EL ACS. ۱ Seniors Terry Carroll and Steve Burgason pause to accept T the Davenport Holiday tournament first-place trophy. | Center Frank Schneider tips in two against West Waterloo. 102 Sophomore Basketball sophs end 13-5; 2nd in Big 8 Finishing 13-5 for the season, the sophomore basketball team tied for second place in the Big Eight conference with East Waterloo. Coach Dave Posegate commented, " | was pleased that so many players saw action and showed improvement. We had a well balanced scoring attack and a good defense. We improved as an overall team. " The offense scored a total of 1008 points for the season, averaging about 56 points per game. The defense held the opposition to a total of 868 points, 45 points a game. The team leaders were Kerry Ferguson with an average of 11.6 points per game, Jerry Peter- son with an average of 13.8 points after missing five games early in the season, Steve Munn with 10 points per game and Mark Bunker who averaged 10.25 points per game. The team started out with six straight victories before los- ing its first game. 72-40 Boone Ames 57-48 Ames 63-42 Marshalltown Ames 62-66 Ames 69-59 Fort Dodge Ames 59-51 Ames 63-47 Roosevelt Ames 59-42 Ames 45-39 Newton Ames 59-46 Ames 49-40 D.M. North Ames 54-72 Ames 63-65 Cedar Falls Ames 51-60 Ames 69-58 East Waterloo Ames 54-49 50-40 West Waterloo Ames 46-63 Cal Hemingson, who averaged 6.3 points per game, is shown here going over the defense to get two. SOPHOMORE SCOREBOARD Carroll Kuemper Mason City Marshalltown Fort Dodge Newton Cedar Falls East Waterloo West Waterloo Mason City Jerry Peterson rolls the ball over his fingertips as he shows th® crowd the art of keeping the ba ll from falling out of boun ۲ . , e Se T , Steve Munn demonstrates how immense woe can leaa to more rebounds. " ا‎ : d e ` " ا‎ = , , . $ , - Kerry Ferguson ۹ hard to beat the lefense for a very reu arding two points. m : 5 1 E À | ` و نے DEN E WT KE KC)‏ - ھھھ س Vë gas xo mA OI me € " T gad. " e. - " Mom arum s md ike Carr shows how to do it even with some force administered to the head. Dk OW VÀ " Tc AMA‏ سپ ایک Ut. ۱ MENO‏ جن + سس CEU xo mole ace. p = e b pe EH € e The three state finalists: Top, Jim Kinney, 126: below, Bryan Stucky, 185, 2nd; right, Don Finnegan, 98, Ist. Coach Bailey gives Kevin McRoberts some advice before a match. 104 Wrestling R ر‎ EB Le ۱ ` c ۲ ی‎ " äs éi سر ا‎ ۰ T. 0 a o Cas — ۳ ` " ۳٢ WENN ە ‎ e - ae u nas پر‎ a M وہ‎ ' " ur. " ata La SPP Am رو‎ pd یں ا کے Mill‏ جو ke l . 2 n.- PN ار‎ cU ۸ ‘ 2 R a R- H E dA, De Ce E B- Zerf BS, Ce CA " - ` 7 Tr Sie d = M l Ky Gë 7 d, یں 7ر‎ e و‎ K dw kd, " 2 ۔‎ E E 5 y 7 یں‎ m سے‎ view el یہ‎ 0 KC 1 5 n Com ۰ ge " el e d ee ور‎ ۱ E ‘se Und‏ دم " Bruce Davis makes his opponent grimace with pain in the Ames Invitational. Ames went on to place third in the tournament. Grapplers send 9 to state meet After a slow start, the Ames High grapplers got it all together to win their last five meets, place fifth in the Big Eight conference, send five boys to state, and place fifth in the state conference. Although it had been 4-5 midway in the season, Ames made a big showing in the sectional, sen- ding ten to the district meet. Ames then had an outside chance to win state as it sent Don Finnegan, Bruce Davis, Jim Kinney, Kevin McRoberts, and Bryan Stucky to the tourney. However, Ames placed fifth in the tournament, with Don Finnegan taking first place. Greg Wierson keeps control of the match by ٠ LI p ۰ ٠ putting his opponent in a unique position. WRESTLING SCOREBOARD Ames Ames Ames Ames Ames Ames Ames Ames West Waterloo Ames Mason City Ames Perry Ames Marshalltown Ames Ames Wrestling 105 e — ÀÓ ج‎ — ` w= co PIS mm 4 D JV SCOREBOARD Ames Southeast Polk Ames Carroll Kuemper Ames Fort Dodge Ames Newton Ames ed وی ی ی‎ LL LI ALLEL Ames Ames Ames Ames Ames Ames Ames Senior Mark Donaldson wonders what to do with a 105-pound wrestler on his back. ۳۹ . The ref watches an unidentified Ames wrestler put his opponent in a rather strange position and drive for a pin. 106 Wrestling Sophomore Chris Perrin makes a move and applies a headlock | on his opponent. Chris wrestled varsity part of the season. oophs end 5-0; JV mark 8-3-1 The JV Wrestlers had a record of 8-3-1, win- ning four out of their last five meets and tying the one they didn't win. The JVs started slow with a 4-3 record midway in the season. They caught fire, winning three in a row, then tying one and winning their last meet. The JVs had a point average of 31.3 while keeping their foes to only 20.5 points. The sophomores came through with a perfect record, 5-0. The sophomores overpowered everyone this year. They averaged 34.6 points per meet to their foes' average of 9.6. Their biggest margin of victory was 40 points; their closest was 21. Coach Mendenhall said, " These guys are determined; they showed this by having such a fine finish. Next year we should have a fine team. " SOPHOMORE RECORD Ames Carroll Kuemper Ames Fort Dodge Ames Cedar Falls Ames Mason City Ames Des Moines Valley Sophomore Mike Jamison finds himself underneath his opponent. The sophomores were undefeated. Wrestling 107 Tankers place ard in state With only two returning lettermen, the Ames High swimmers managed to take their fifth straight Big 8 Conference victory. They then went on to take first in the district meet and third in the state meet. Being beaten only by state champions Cedar Rapids Washington, the swimmers finished the season with a 7-1 dual meet record and out- scored their opponents by the score of 496 to 264. They finished first at the Bobcat Relays, first at the Ames Relays and third at the Ames Invitational behind Cedar Rapids and the Nebraska state champs, Omaha Westiide. Ames High took four state wins and set four state records in the process. The swimmers captured more events than any other team in the meet. Ames trailed second place Davenport West by only 19 points. With only one senior, ten juniors and two sophomores on the varsity team, Ames High was one of the youngest teams in the state. Ames' Bob Reinbold (left) matches up with Ben Taylor of Cedar Rapids in the individual medley. VARSITY SCOREBOARD AMES BOONE AMES NEWTON AMES MARSHALLTOWN AMES D. M. HOOVER AMES D. M. VALLEY AMES C. R. WASHINGTON AMES FORT DODGE AMES BOONE Ames Relays 1st Conference 1st Bobcat Relays 1st District 1st Ames Invitational 3rd State 3rd | " | ' ` mA d wen. ۷ ہے‎ pi New starting blocks highlighted the year after. the swimmers held a swim-a-thon to earn money. 108 Swimming Coach Wittmer explains to the freestyle relay consisting of (from left to right) Gaining many well earned Maury Johnson, Dexter MacBride, Steve Pier and Mark Barnett that it is now or never. points, junior Ken Van Fossen placed third at E the conference meet and‏ ھک کے جج جج جا اگ third at district also.‏ ا TEPEE‏ 8 MIDDLE LEFT: Splashing his way to third place at conference, Kurt Fischer swims a 4:17.8 in the 400 free. BOTTOM LEFT: Long hair flowing, six swimmers pose for a picture before getting their traditional shave for conference. Swimming 109 Psyching up for the 200 free at state, Mark Barnett places sixth during the final heat. Completely exhausted after the 100 yard fly, junior Steve Eshelman gets ready to relax. STATE MEET RESULTS EVENT TIME PLACE 200 Free 1:44.7 ۲) 1:54.8 6th 100 Back 54.6 1st 100 Fly 57.9 10th 58.5) 12th 100 Free 47.9) 1st 200 IM 2:00.6 1st 400 Free 3:22.1 3rd Relay 200Medley 1:44.0 3rd Relay 110 Swimming SWIMMER Dexter MacBride Mark Barnett Robert Reinbold Steve Eshelman Maury Johnson Dexter MacBride Robert Reinbold Barnett, Johnson Steve Pier, MacBride Reinbold, Eshelman Bruce Gartin, Pier Getting quick energy by drinking h 'eni 6 ۱ à ۱ g honey, lone senior Robert Reinbold takes one last gulp before setting two state records. ooi 7 wee ed اتلم‎ e: ون دم e Ec 'w ta E Looking over to see what his time was, Dexter MacBride has broken his own state record in the 200 yard freestyle event. Bacon, Reinbold, MacBride: top state swimmers Barb Bacon, Bob Reinbold, and Dexter MacBride each set two new records in in- dividual events at their respective state meets. Lone senior, Bob Reinbold won the 200 yard in- dividual medley and the 100 yard backstroke titles at the state meet. His time of 54.6 seconds in the backstroke qualified him for the All- American rating. Dexter MacBride won the 100 and 200 yard freestyle events setting two state records. Barb Bacon's winning times in the 200 IM and the 100 butterfly were high school state swim- ming records. Her times also set national DGWS swimming records. | This was the first year for an organized girls' ۲ ۱ swimming team. The team finished with a 3-0 | we | | dual meet record, a second place finish in the Coach Mike Wittmer and members of the team discuss the Valley Relays, and a second place finish to Des medley relay results at the district meet. Moines Hoover in the District meet. TOP: Perfect form and years of hard work helped sophomore Barb Bacon set two national DGWS swimming records. The girls ended their season with a sixth place finish in the state meet. Event Time Pts. Place Swimmer 200 Medley 2:08.7 10th Esther Wright, Julie Coy, Relay Maud Neff, Sue Larson 4 200 Free 77 6th Barb Mahlstede d 2001M 2:23.8 1st Barb Bacon ۱ 2:33.0 oth Neff € 50Free 28.4 12th Larson Diving 259.40 9th Martha Peterson 258.85 10th Margaret Newton T 100 Fly 1:03.2 1st Bacon A00 Free Ge a Halen Distance swimmer Barb Mahlstede swam the 200 and 400-yard freestyle events to help the team finish sixth in the state meet. Swimming 111 Second-year team member Martha Peterson finishes her floor 5 exercise at the girl's state gymnastics finals, ۱ E? m 8 دزن‎ 1 i AE PRA t f ERA ۱ P " m ۳ , 7 Á 1 D eg e ۹ ۲ : j rcr AIOE Ga Stan (ARI acm. a B ۲ ہیی ہہ‎ E A r کت‎ HESE Pee Nae ee Te RICE ya nn LA ۹ کک ہی سا‎ SE We th , s 2 AS aA LJ hd d e . ed PN ee tn مت ا‎ ars 8 EE کے کس جات پا‎ Ng ہے‎ id P : ie BA 7 L Kéi H 0 7 : I a 2م‎ s ےت‎ A n فرص‎ ۲ ٠ Jom Mee ave T Lr ورک یو ام‎ " i Ke EC Ge Ze Y» CERTA Pie 02 Kc (ELE EC e ۶ کے‎ کر ۹ سر رم‎ éi Pa fe a v SC Ness 0: y Y» Gë : zi ü V 2 | Vi ۱ | GK. ZS Under the direction of a new coach, Mrs. FEEDS Suzanne Kruse, the girls gymnastics team Ua eu سس‎ entered its third year of competition. Mrs. Kruse explained, " Girls gymnastics is a sport which requires hidden strength, en- durance, flexibility, control, and coordination. " This year's team consisted of fourteen giris—three seniors, three juniors, and eight sophomores, The girls met daily in preparation for meets. Ames had three wins in their five-meet schedule. Hosting only two meets, the team defeated Jefferson but lost to Roosevelt. Other meets were the Jefferson Triangular, the Marshalltown Dual, and the East Des Moines Triangular, in which Ames had two firsts and one second. After capturing first at the district girls gym- nastics championship, the team went on to regional where it placed second. Led by Beth Stone at the state meet, Ames slipped from its previous second place title to third. Displaying her winning form, junior Jan Tuttle performs on the balance beam. 112 Gymnastics Up and over! Sophomore Kathy Sullivan vaults for spectators during a basketball halftime. dent Herrick takes a flying leap on the un- evens while Ron Kruse remains close by. ORNS. c‏ اہ ری وج y E B 39‏ ا SDs Ki‏ چک 20 سک یہ KA‏ اس x. Sal‏ I OMA Dia yr NS m ۷ " eh. سرد ہد'.۸.۔‎ VV خیب پنتے۔ و سور‎ m Sa ct Ce GAN er NEN Ahi X " Iu 1 d GYMNASTICS SCOREBOARD Jefferson Triangular Roosevelt Jefferson Ames Jefferson Dual Jefferson Ames Marshalltown Dual Marshalltown Ames Roosevelt Dual Roosevelt East Des Moines Triangular ] unking, talking, and preparing, several members of 16 girls’ gymnastics team psych up before they perform. Gymnastics 113 Senior Tim Sullivan keeps his head down and follows through for a good shot. Before beginning an invigorating round of golf, Sue Overturf takes time out to relax. gg. ve E E EE EE EE EE Em rr s gts I‏ ہے —— ہسحہٗ‎ e -— mme EE — ge " E mm - رز 5 l Eé LN ۰ A d ...مم ہ6‎ ۰ 2 ps. A Aa - ۳ 2 e ۱ Ze vÀ ا‎ Ames' big three on the golf team, Craig Woodard, 114 Golf Dave Sprowell and Randy Larson tee off at No. 7. ES — — HA NC — —— k T: . C RS QUEEN. - A cf 7 - ` d K R ۷ ki ۳ t» a ۲ e A ۳ : kk d S EN d ` dy a e 1 1 wr ۰ ` 1 0 , )۸ 1, 0000 اب ۳ jeter a dia 1 ef, d 4 e } E ن۹‎ d Yak کے‎ ٦ B H - d K 7 ۰ 1 ETA. — äi T ۲۲ ۰ 4 X DeL rv J A ۳ s ۱ Randy Larson watches his chip roll towards the pin as ۳ plays a round getting ready for the conference meet. ty With a smile on her face, Kathy Sullivan shows the winning form that sent her on the way to being medalist in two dual meets. ۰۳ 7 | | wg ۱ M ES ۰ d 139 T , ۲ ۳ v E Lost " © : ۱ " v. c m 8 = E D سس‎ 7 ۱ nM UN CA : a ec . " ۰ N r y ۲ ۰ 5 Ls ` : 1 ` ` 1 p " تہ‎ a ۵ f ید‎ P AN - WE e NER A ËTT SS " TES = 4 ] 7 1 + Ae EI ` ۱ A EE, il, rte EC i x Ke, | INE Ss a ` d'Sue ges Axe E CR 6 | ۱ ما‎ oes Qu Qa " OR EO, M, ہیا سب‎ ew پت ا‎ TA D» Eé, ie «ae ` CEN rea v: Sree. SAL See ۰ ` X8 wi ہہ‎ d d D mn Re جوز‎ MSS N i tec » d با‎ J E ۶ N LN R , der Zä ۳ n. S st GEN ms dn e. O n A ۱ ` Tenet V " “ VR Be یم اس‎ ` mc. DR N ae x € ا سر کی ینک‎ EO رجہ‎ " À ا‎ “د TR " TÉ ۰ KS ۱ ` 5 d e y ۰. ای‎ AER hie TA ہو ےت کی ای‎ , - x es uS ار‎ CR 7 ` fo 1 2 ? 2 vt ۱ LCN " " C Nw KN ۱ " ۰ a » ۰ J " RJ و‎ Nm 4 " n wo A A Ke " 9 - gg AE, " 14 j ae x x4 . 7 , DER, E E E Ki KiC XE RK d . e m ۵ E ۳ w Ww q N D E , L4 i 3 ۶ e [۹ پا‎ md d à - a A اوت وی رہ در‎ Wu o E sg etes a TA 3 2 ... سی :اث‎ ۳ re E 1 ۱ ft a. ae EL لا ہے‎ Zeng 59.23 سس‎ tL d ai (Pa Cl io VX - ۷۹ Que to the type of course Mason City had, a lot of practice yas needed getting out of traps. Craig Woodward blasts away. Golfers 8th In state; girls win sectional The Ames High golfers came on strong late in the season to take eighth place in the state meet. They got there by winning the sectional and placing second in the district meet. They also placed third in the conference meet, com- ing in behind state champ West Waterloo and state runner-up Marshalltown. The four returning lettermen, Dave Sprowell, Craig Woodard, Randy Larson, and Kim Wass, made up most of the varsity, with either Jim Sprowell or Tim Sullivan playing the fifth man. The varsity compiled a record of 63 while the reserves went 5-2. Next year's returning lettermen will be Jim ٩50۲۵0۷۷۵۱۱ and Dan Fox. The girl'S golf team had three returning lettermen this year, Kristie Fritch, Sue Scott, and Ann Self. This year's team had a record of 2-4. They had a first-place finish in sectionals and a fifth-place ffhish in district. The team leader was Kathy Sullivan, sophomore, who finished fifth in the individual competition at districts. Ann Self finds out that it isn't that easy to search for a golf ball in two feet of weeds. Golf 115 Senior letterwinner Bill Berger launches an ace serve. .. Goga Bal slaps down another speedy bullet hit to him during a varsity meet with Denison. Y 1 3 t ۱ 7 ` qae ۰ Senior Larry Voelker takes form as he contemplates his opponents’ next move. ہے سے — Senior Bob Bartels rests up for his next tennis match at Brook} D, side park by watching and analyzing his fellow teammates playin. 116 Tennis Peter Kempthorne keeps his eye on the ball as he sets up to hit another serve during varsity competition against rival Boone. Blizzard hurts tennis team The 1973 Ames High tennis team came as close as you can get to having a winning season without passing the break-even point. Led by senior Bill Berger, the team ended up with a 4-5 record, with losses to Marshalltown (twice), Fort Dodge, Newton and Des Moines Lincoln. They defeated Boone twice, Denison and Des Moines Tech once. Berger was the No. 1 man all year and was the only player who made it to the quarter-finals in district where he was defeated. The spring blizzard probably hurt the tennis team more than anything else at Ames High. Because of such adverse conditions, the team € had to practice in the gym on a wooden floor which is much different than the regular ce- ment courts. With a lot of good sophomores and juniors coming up, Coach Phil Johnson expects a better year in 1974. A ` ۱ d res S we MU DU ‘ii Im iz De S | F ; 4٠٠ص‎ 4 | یں‎ e T 5———— MÀ ۰ eor cibi 9 ei ` en 1 ` eet il i A 11 IT si ا‎ n E a ۳9 X — geg, Fartners Steve Pier and Larry Voelker rest up between Pete Kempthorne strikes a careless pose after atches by watching the opposing team play strategy. he hit a serve to his foe from Marshalltown High. Tennis 117 118 Sophomore Mark Bogenrief anchors the mile relay team to a victory in the Big Eight Conference meet at the Ames trag Junior hurdler Paul Schuette makes it look easy as he heads for the next hurdle in his heat during the boys district track meet) 2nd in State a سح‎ The Ames track squad wrapped up a fairly successful spring by finishing second in the state meet at the Drake stadium. The team relied heavily on the talents of sprinter Marc Sakamoto, who broke the school record in the 100-yard dash and grabbed a share of the 220 record. He was timed at 9.8 and 21.5 respec- tively. The Little Cyclones' major strength was in the relays. The two-mile team of Ray Thomp- son, Steve Grover, Jim Packer and Mike Wheelock was the most consistent throughout the season and capped off the spring by win- ning the state meet title with 7:53.4. — e The Ames Cross Country team closed out the fall season with an unbeaten record. The squad took 3rd place in the Conference and finished 2nd in the State meet. ای دسح VER‏ ایم vA‏ A2‏ Cesk‏ nm » a‏ Ap ‏ EATEN‏ wg ge‏ Lo‏ ید AE‏ ہر رہ یں رن ۱ oe tao ` NES‏ e fa E EP Ae E DUC REL‏ T. SS d e cae p» d PS De s 3 ee ۲‏ DEEN‏ سے رہ OWS x‏ 2 کے auth‏ س9 c‏ E e Mc -‏ " و " CAP, Ke vn A eg Bun FE P ٦ TM‏ RR RAE SS Lee (evt:‏ اس mire, (o ea AO e d rn oh‏ Jj. " orar TR Tod res M As 7 2 " 2 Now‏ ۱ 1 ۱ ct " ۷ 5 dek rr rue oe x x Je 2 Oe Ware?‏ d KK: Ye. 5۹ 0 SEN LT CR ee M‏ Se g d‏ و CN ۳ bi, ` Ze‏ اد TI ۰ Ko‏ RRE s a‏ اب al oe‏ وہ و 4 Vus A ld WM ۸ 1 vr CH e ٣٣۳ت EE x à p e‏ یی ہے Dé uw.‏ D ET, ww 1 Ke UN s‏ M es | |‏ ےت Te RE S = :‏ P E‏ UM‏ یم سی د d Ww‏ Le ۱ ۳‏ ۳ ری ۹ 1 ۹ ER n‏ e. B we bw E A‏ is " r 4 (ei - Kb EW ۳ p " gi « d ge?‏ - d Ex. 02 zi JN ES. oc iz‏ مم en eet‏ ہے a 4 3) WË ۱ IEN EU ee‏ Sprinter Monte Lutz hands off to Steve Netcott as he runs the third leg of the 880 relay in the Big Eight meet. . | mmm mra eo " v 3 w — Sengen ہ٦ ویک(‎ wr m a M o = یج‎ bel d. Ki a کہ‎ کک un‏ خی v " . - 7 ۱ ۰ d - جح‎ dil. «NN» Ss سم‎ یی‎ © . PI RH vw yt " m wea Dh et: " fw, = ۳ que a ASA AO ۸ ۳ ہپ‎ . 1 5 h MEME o o7 E و‎ ' ۰ pore ` ` دہ‎ wë وشن‎ a, i ` ۰ ` e G Ne RW... ee NC s 0 ارہ‎ A ۱ ۱ = xs f کو من‎ e " EE, S m ۳1 WW D D 2 = we DAN e d NW S aT ا‎ a و‎ Die یہ‎ a oA eS ۳ 1 y " Po s , © TOME و‎ Vi CERS Wey did AER = H A NËT " ٦ " S Wi eh, - NF Pea ANM » i-e ۱ 4 ROMER ee ماف‎ PAYER 7 Ey " eod 2 ۱ M LU EOS V Re ےک گر کی‎ OUT ATE RIMASTA SO S ME CMT KR SS. DS sy LAG D RUP SN Re TA H AR gel 2 ad EN a de, ۷ 7 x. b oc - a iN ae e » ۳ Ae nece a " wg ann. VIT a 8 5 م‎ 4 PAA e LNF AN 1 ۰ " 0 x - ۸ e ` " وز‎ Does N . مه‎ F, هك‎ a Cuts s S wiet Al Wi: SN wei ۰ “APs ` ` be ار ای‎ i dee? ZS KEN ` ۔‎ ۹ 1 ۱ T Mi (wer Sa (ore ہیں0‎ EE p ۱ a d IE, Pun EN ۰ DNR 2 CAT v NM a Re OC ` 000 ۱ m ی‎ LAST oa دی‎ RII. ریا ره ۱۳ 5 ی‎ | S NUI AERE Sa Pe. t TAE S E CARRS RAE quie: سڈ‎ - e = i Av», A oO SNP E. rw. اس‎ wé? 3 als COL CT بقل‎ d 1 ZC PAD. A lA " Le SS امد‎ Sa pde e? ۱ ` i ae TM و‎ EC X ۱۳ oW " Abs B Jim Dorn is not really looking for a contact Senior standout Marc Sakamoto bursts out of ut merely limbering up for the afternoon's competition. the starting blocks on his way to 220 victory. 119 | ۷ 1 Junior shotputter Kevin Allen puts all of his concentration into tossing the shot in the district meee n " - rom ww یر‎ E P Rt OO P‏ ۱۳ ہہت ۳ -— a B ۹ fea tmn nr autom مرس سید‎ 4 D , ۳ 1 e ` Kë ۰ بے ےم وو بت‎ " ce AX , ` 2 NÉI A ` e ۳ 2 " 2. e b 5 و حا رح‎ m degen =X ۰ اسو ےا این‎ aw oe htm -- A | ` TATE TA Aa یت اہ‎ ' et’ H À X A ۰ ` | " T e Ce ۲ 1 7 £ ` «cd 1 - » 3 ` «CU TER h ` X234 . À ۱ ۹ ” 0 OSS ۱ KA KR? LOO " i “Sg 1 Sech e ` T 2 0908 wet as CASS 4 " care EAN CS PA : 5 KH D za ENS C a SAG: A e ` e 0مد‎ MAS: ۱ A es See ad ere | : ۰ ` ` ONG M 1 ` ٦ A ۰ 11 = EN Dx ` E 9» ہی ا‎ SM SOW © TC i 3 7 E ۱ PAN. ay Y. en. 2 NU ay ` KANN next ZE ا ا رھ کی‎ d ) 1 ۳۳ Li un ی‎ DÄ) Noen A c ae 5 3 ۱ nae 7 ` vi? e E ٠ A Sa H ` ا‎ o NC ور وس رع‎ x Ww, Paes » 7 ENS. Gei TO L ۹ Es Sen Krk INSEAD NA Ha, Mä H. AE, e T 4 94 ` 8 ca vL ER‏ مہب Polevaulter Scott Nichols uses his pole to its Senior a Taylor paas مس‎ Ee dee hi. best advantage in order to clear the crossbar. in the 120 lows in the Big Eig onference mee... 120 Track ۱ 7 ` " L d éi 3 ۱ ۰ ۱ ۱ : ۰) ۴ 00 Jumper Janet Bail V ari hes to clear the . 7 è » ٦ " , $ 1 با‎ DÉI e وچ جج‎ 1 1 7 1 t 1 $ K » L| UPLLNN I II unng LAO ( om pt bition LH (fie stri trai k meet, دي ند وا a.‏ کر ا Sophomore letter winner Sue Deppe adds a little extra height sto her long jumping form in the district track competition. Track program draws 20 girls The girls interscholastic athletic program at Ames High gained another member with the addition of the track team. Members of the boys’ coaching staff devoted a good portion of their time to giving the girls pointers on some of their techniques. The girls shared the track with the boys after school for their workouts. About twenty girls participated in the program, the largest number coming from the sophomore ranks. The girls entered the district meet, and although they scored only six points the coaches were optimistic about the first season and seemed to think that the future holds much for the girls. C TO AA‏ کول ای ہہ " c. : TD‏ ۰ Ki Discus thrower Muriel MacBride winds up for toss in the girls District track competition. Track 121 Baseball opens on victory note Baseball racked up a string of early wins, get- ting off to one of the most promising starts in recent years. When the SPIRIT went to press, the varsity was 7-2, with losses to Des Moines East and Fort Dodge. The reserves were 3-3. However, most conference play lay ahead in the 32-game season. Juniors sparked the team's pitching, with Sam Lewis and Ev Cochrane usually alternating on the mound. Barry Best was team captain and Ted Riggs was the leading hitter at press time, with .453. Coach Dave Posegate attributed con- tinued strong leadership from seniors as " mak- ing the big difference. " A E , d ہب‎ ECK B ۳ Wee ja e a De A e ۰ ON EN J EÄ Zoe 2: j کے‎ oo a ۰ Sv ۰ 0 i " e y- 4 1 " a Sei ۹ " Ke, A ww Tf 2347 AS a e xe A ae ue Ll LV i © 19 E. ` کم ۷ك‎ ZAK ê. ٦ ۷ an KN GË x Nr vis Vic AS 7 رب‎ Te Ke " 1 ۱ a C 8 ۹ Ace pitcher Sam Lewis heaves a fast ball past home plate. RIGHT—First baseman-pitcher Ted Riggs takes a cut at DM East fast ball. 122 Baseball Cheers and catcalls from bench liven up game. Terry Carroll” demonstrates leadership from seniors that boosted morale. یی MN ax, A " pen: c hPa ver gie ER E v v. Y e کے کی‎ s 3 0 Kee, وگ‎ Be, Greg Foell p v ےق کپ‎ do — tags East DM N‏ ونم MEC 4‏ 71 s‏ ا ا be, A‏ x d D E a at third base. Foell lettered as 9th grader. T Ka WS " A s be E Zén ات ما‎ AUPE ET Dee ke: z 4 e ON لریٹریس ا سر‎ ?» ۱ e صظ‎ e = - (= a " H 7 iot «T E : B 9 " - | NUN. o me. i . gr ve egen e‏ و EX P, ۲ A iA ae ۶ج - گس‎ ۹ 1 7 i, Los M, T 7; . — dn .اگ کا‎ , wk A j LI A ےہ‎ -atcher Barry Best dodges to keep from being beaned. Later in the game King Block wasn't so lucky. Baseball 123 ee - The champions were table tennis champ Dan Scott, chess champ Steve Gee, golf champ Chris Myers, Junior-Sophomore League basketball champs Tom's Team, and Senior League and overall basketball champs The Animals. In some of the changes, the soccer club used goals for the first time, bowling was added to intramurals, drawing about 12 boys, and basketball tried an experiment. College students were hired as refs, because of their poor calls, they were replaced by some of the faculty. Basketball continued top sport, with 170 boys out. 124 Intramurals in intramurals This year in intramurals there were champions and changes. Two intramural basketball players go after a jump ball a 1 Matt Koupal and Steve Netcott await the outcome, Hivalry keen 1 Sen WC ONS d Ce? A " Vi وت‎ A wt. D E کے‎ ۹ E S ۹ ` bk 3 l SONS » a 7 وب ری ا و ESE‏ 29 " Ze 5 - " 1 R Chess Champion Steve Gee plays Jeff Brown. Steve played Tan Jen Chen in the final game. Junior Dennis Dubberke gets set to kick the ball back to the opposition. d ` ۳ Ver d E - Le SÉ Lë, RH 4 wie s x E ۱ ae % A 2 e L e A 7 e ۰ 1 وه‎ + کی nip رد‎ d ۹ NM ET 3 ےہ‎ wea یٹ‎ Ld Tough defense and a lot of body contact are what Ben Svec uses on a Stoned Soul. Had a hunch, got a bunch. Rich Balmer puts a shot past Matt Koupal's outstretched arm. VERA Em N ete TAN ou 9 a d Le GE bb aequom um EOD tm euer Ai Table tennis champion Dan Scott shows his form in returning Ball handler Rich Garry passes off to opponent s serve. Dan played Bob Bartles in final game. his alert Kegger teammate Kevin Michel. Intramurals 125 Pigskin, cage teams push ۲ to beat foes P Barry Best (25) and Dave Bunker (54) set up a blocking pattern against East Waterloo. SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL—Front: Paul Zmolek, Jeff Bergeson, Gary Hunziker, Walt Stark, Dave Daulton, Jerry Peterson, Kurt Knutson, Rod Greiner, Jeff Songer, Greg Bell, Don Ball, Rick Matt; Second: Mark Bogenrief, Jeff Dierks, Glen Salisbury, Tom Ingram, Jim Schat- tauer, Jeff Berhow, Joe Heaney, Shawn Cambell, Bill Ewan, John Elbert, Chuck DeKovic, Tom Nutty; Third: Doug Spear, Dave Clark, fe V N و‎ 36 ‘30’ P E A VARSITY FOOTBALL—Front: Mike Tyron, King Block, Jeff McCullough, Mike Ellson, Scott Daulton, Warren Purvis, Barry Best, Mark Berthelsen, Dick Carter, Bryan Stucky, Craig Cole; Second:Dave Hakes, Len McGilliard, Pete Voss, Craig Woodard, Tim Sullivan, Marc Sakamoto, Randy Taylor, Kevin Ferguson, Mike Eschback, Steve Nettcott; Third: Monte Lutz, Jeff Carter, Kevin Allen, Jim Moorhead, Don Davis, Jerry Matchett, Mike Bell, Howie 126 Sports Groups d‏ راب ý‏ -ma ے-۔‎ e e mmer e eg sde? L Randy Yegge, Bruce Hanway, Paul Engelstad, Bill Robertson, Joel) Berthelson, Greg Foell, Dan McClean, Kerry Ferguson, Glen Catus, Rusty Young; Back: Coach Tramp, Coach Duea, Kent Kenyon, Dea Brentnall, Dan Nichols, Alan Camp, Greg Prestemon, Mike Holmes Greg Hughes, Mark Bunker, Todd Carter. 3 3a Campbell, Dave Bunker; Fourth: Bob Dean, Vince Meador, Jett Hilton, Ted Jeska, Mark Samuelson, Dave Peterson, Mike Bittenger, Rod Mather, Ken Woodley; Fifth: Larry Wearth, Gordon Hutton, Evy Cochrane, Kirk Farrar, Tom Wilson, Jim Gammon, J. D. Kuehl, Mike! Cook, Dave Pohm, Ken VanFossen; Back: Rich Garrey, Char Thomas, Coach Johnson, Coach Mendenhall, Coach Campbell, Coach Bailey, Mark Allen, Mike Moore. VARSITY BASKETBALL—From left: Kim Wass, Coach Jorgensen, Hemingson, Dave Bunker, Steve Burgason, Frank Schneider, Howie Ted Riggs, Dave Knutson, Pete Crump, Rod Mather, Coach Duvall Campbell, Rich Garre | | ; y, Bob Richert, Jim Packer, Coach Poseqate. (Ben Duvall, Dick Carter, Dave Sprowell, Terry Carroll, Mike SR Ce, wg x wm اس سرد‎ AA Ce A ۳ رس‎ eg ont a mox: Me. Et ا اریہ ہس " ‎ DM RE, زیر بجر‎ یم سوا‎ x j Kei , Ke? De GE y " Där, ۱ — تو چوے‎ o a nr im و‎ ۳ mas hom we— A " demm m, a P E oe — e.p ame o SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL TEAM—Front: Mike Carr, Mark Bunker, Mike Holmes. Jeff Brown, Jim Sprowell, Dave Kaldor, Jeff Whitmer: Back: Kent Kenyon, Jerry Peterson, Dwight Dobell, Kerry Ferguson, Steve Munn, Calvin Hemingson, Brent Hall, Ralph Merrill, Coach Posegate. steve Burgason stretches over ts opponent for two points. Sports Groups 127 PA ‘Kye Ke Vë A 0 $ 2 SÉ: ۱ Kevin McRoberts sweeps his opponent off his feet to earn a take-down. 128 Sports Groups GIRLS’ GYMNASTICS—Front: Anne Donaldson, Laura Morton, Anm Grindeland, Mrs. Suzanne Kruse; Second: Jeni Herrick, Margaret Newton, Ja Tuttle, Julie Nelson, Chris Payer; Third: Buffy Stone, Barb Bacon, Nan Carroll, Martha Peterson; Back: Jean Lynch, Jeanette Anderson, Kath Sullivan. D P E A r d =, — p TE = ۹ ت‎ | Ae wv ۱ ۴ A ` R ٣ث‎ H " Së 4 ۷ ۲ , D Winter sports B ۲ ' H Ce m. p enlist many TIMERETTES—Front: Sue Larson, Sally Scholten, Sue Geist, Carol Peterson, Kristie Fritsch, Susan Scott; second: Barb Bacon, Cindy Larson, Jana Keller, Sue Dennis, Sue ۵۲3۱۲۷۷ SWIMMING—Front: Robert Reinbold, Kurt Fischer, Steve Pier, Toby Chantland; third: Terry Simmons, Cathy Miller, Donna liller, Per Thunqvist, Dave Frederick, John Mason, Coach Mike Wittmer; top: Schulze, Sandy Edwards, Linda Kolb; fourth: Muriel m Tysseling, Doug Thompson, Mike Stoops, Nelson Thompson, Maury John- MacBride, Nancy French, Barb Mahlstede, Esther Wright, pon Jeff Kaeberle, Dexter MacBride, Mark Barnett, Steve Eshelman, Dave Karen Bachman; back: Mary Hildebrand, Holly Cassidy, lark. Tracey Stoll, Julie Landon. ۱ ۲ E d een | ao ۱ ف‎ | IRLS' SWIMMING TEAM —Front; Esther Wright, Barb Mahlstede, Margaret Newton, Martha Peterson, Cin- ` Clendaniel, Nancy French, Julie Coy; Back: Maren Stafford, Muriel MacBride, Maud Neff, Sue Larson, ndi Clark, Cathy Miller, Barb Bacon; (Not Pictured: Sally Scholten, Sue Dennis, Samra Clark). Sports Groups 129 جے ٭ Girls join track squads AHI RY x ‏ را e e dit - : d - 7 : a K " AS " H : AM ۳ See 2 ua aH UE dE, e T PREM ۷ Srey 00 2 ES T AS bat AA dn ONES. A m. سے‎ um -——X — | Members of the track team gather around to The crowd seems to be a little thin during an Ames High tra | receive some advice from Head Coach Sletten. meet as junior Mark Davis attempts to pole vault nearly 13 fet eenn- se‏ ریت - mmm " E Ween nud e emm ` te e -— CROSS COUNTRY TEAM —Front: Mike Wheelock, Jim Packer, Eric Bogenrief, Mark Grover, Dean Dass, Scott Nichols; E Coach John Sletten, Duane Russel, Dick Bailey, Bob Richert, Dave Fitz, Steve Mostrum. 130 Sports Groups VARSITY TRACK—Front: Marc Sakamoto, Steve Netcott, Jim Prestemon, Jim Schattauer, Mark Grover. Scott Nichols, Dean Dass; Packer, Rod Mather, Steve Grover, Scott Daulton, Paul Schuette. Back: Coach Duea, Student Teacher, Mike Bergeson, Larry Wearth, Randy Taylor, Eric Bogenrief, Tim Moody, Ray Thomson, Lyndl Dennis Knutson, Jim Gammon, Stu Bremner, Dan Williams. Coach Eberhart, mgr.; Second: Coach Spatcher, Dave Murphy, Oz Soto, impecoven, Coach Sletten, Coach Campbell. onte Lutz, Mark Bogenrief, Mark Davis, Jeff Keller, Greg ka retermination shows on the face of sophomore Sue Cold and rainy weather is not enough to keep the new Ames eppe as she gets ready for the spring season. High girls’ track team from holding their first home meet. Sports Groups 131 d PE acte اا“ ی هد‎ Tennis, golf, draw spring sports fans Am f . - ٠ EN BOYS’ GOLF—Front: Randy Larson, Dan Fox, Jim Sprowell, Andy Malaby, Tom Beaty, Bryan McMasters, Dave Daulton, Kevi 1 Morton, Dave Sprowell, Tim Sullivan, Craig Woodard, Kim Wass; Schminkey, Chuck Dorr, Ben Duvall, Ed Hendrickson. back: Mr. George Duvall, John Elliott, mgr., Jeff Kaeberle, Ken ۱ ۱ 1 MN A, ` re a. ۷ - GIRLS’ GOLF— Front: Anne Donaldson, Nancy Carroll, Stephanie Gaarde, Kathy Sullivan; back: Sue Overturf, An Self, Susan Scott, Kristie Fritsch. 132 Sports Groups BOYS’ TENNIS RETURNING LETTERMEN—Dave Polpeeka, Pete Kempthorne, Bill Berger, Larry Voelker, Coach Phil John- son. GIRLS TENNIS—Front: Laurel Fitz, Debbie Lebo, Kelle Clark, Sandy Ingraham, Anne Burkholder, Pam Hubbert, Mrs. Suzanne Kruse. Hubbert; back: Laurie Marten, Susan Larson, Sue Milliken, Patricia Sports Groups 133 we -Å - B E- EFE Baseball fills summer gap ۵ ہم " OA rob‏ - 5 7 1 Wi “ y ' ار‎ Da ] oe AE 1 | APT ۸٠ n ` Ae i T f ہہ‎ e A ` Vë dënn E EE ee Vie کک‎ a E — Eu = E Se =. A woman s work is never done. Martha Peterson Head Coach Dave Posegate warms up his players by hitting balls! works under the supervision of Terry Carroll. before they begin one of 14 home games at Brookside Parki 17 1 o t : a ۹ Ze c vw da کے‎ E A A E Sa, RK IR L e او‎ ; شو‎ Wh چ‎ 2 A Ka: " E 7 E ۰ ' نہیں‎ g2u sn TEMA 0 d. VARSITY BASEBALL—Front: Barry Best, Terry Carroll, Mark Back: Dave Knutson, Ted Riggs, King Block, Mike Tryon, EW .ا‎ Berthelson, Sarn Lewis, Jack Petersen; Second: Dan McClean, Jeff Cochrane, Coach Dave Posegate, Coach Tom Jorgensen. l Keller, Kevin Ferguson, Greg Foell, Jon Stalheim, Mike Holmes; ` pa 134 Sports Groups Atm erm [CONT 4 T. : ۲ A d - 4 , ۱ 7 y f E, AM Ce m Y Zë ys FAS " T " VF ROOKIES—Front: Dave Knutson, Kit Powers, Kurt Knutson. Dave Ferguson, Jeff Keller, Joe Milliken, Dave Pepper, Jeff Apman, Dan lark, Sam Lewis, Jack Peterson, Mike Holmes; Back: Kevin McClean, Coach Tom Jorgensen. خر رر رر رب وه LI‏ T‏ 7یہی es ںی رر بب‎ AT GIRLS—Front: Hope Richards, Vicki Knutson, Nancy Carroll, Herrick, Mary Kay Reece, Mary Sweitzer, Katy Rozeboom, Trisha Michaela Holdren; Second: Julie Nelson, Teri Wilson, Martha Peter- Savage, Catherine Grant, Anne Hendrickson, Diane Knutson, Clare pon, Mary Brady, Kristine Pelz, Donna Finnegan; Back: Jennifer Stritzel. 135 Sports Groups Are?‏ مم freni nn - wm Pa Mm, و‎ OO aAa — — M ے۔‎ ee e ww Aum ۔‎ ۰ AAW E ی + ےر‎ Ow Py ww i. ہے‎ mm — tct‏ ہے سےےچ یحم سے i mm ggf: y o ee n .و — ۰ ieee et ek S ` e — —————.J People Sophomores not being able to figure out where they are supposed to go. Juniors and seniors not being able to figure out where they are supposed to go (especially in the new Fine Arts Wing). Clapping and cheering at football games and basketball games, maybe at swimming meets and wrestling meets, perhaps at plays and concerts. Writing papers, reading papers, dictating papers, typing papers, or picking up papers— choose the one which applies. Getting ready to go to college, retiring, moving, dropping out, or planning to spend a little longer at Ames High . . . . . But still finding it tough to figure out where you're supposed to go. OPPOSITE PAGE—LEFT: Cheryl Provow gives an interpretive reading to students in her history class. TOP CENTER: What ever it is, it must be pretty funny! TOP RIGHT: " Here's pie in your eye " —Coach Johnson gets his during a pep assembly. BOTTOM RIGHT: Anne Hen- drickson, Julie Axtell and Linda Ewing focus their thoughts on a basketball game. THIS PAGE—TOP: Mr. White and Mr. Hurd catch a few rays after a hard day's work. BOTTOM: " The angle at which this pen meets this pencil . . illustrates Mr. Spatcher. 137 Á— — ge ——‏ سے حا Wie — سح‎ —À o وی À—‏ وو ——— -- 76 seniors win scholarships, other honors This was another vintage year for scholarships. By the end of the school year, 76 seniors had won scholarships and other achievement awards. Forty-one had received financial grants, and many others won other kinds of recognition. The Class of 1973 also had 16 National Merit finalists, the most since 1967. Only 1965, with 20, set a higher mark. Another 21 received letters of commendation. Five finalists were awarded scholarships. Following is a list of scholarship and honors winners: " Next, shake her hand. . . Mr. Carlson presents thesaurus to Jean Gauger, writing contest winner. 138 Scholarships , Peg ۶ P ad Zeg ZE: " ës National Spanish Contest winner Ray Thomson receive e congratulations from Mrs. Mollet at awards assem bly ROBERT AMEMIYA —State of lowa scholar; ISU admission with recognition. JERRY BARKNECHT—National Merit let- ter of commendation. ALLAN BATES—National Merit letter of commendation. MARK BEATTIE—State of lowa scholar. MICHAEL BELLE—lowa Tuition grant. PATRICIA BENEKE—National Merit Letter of commendation; ISU admission with recognition and award. BARRY BEST—lowa tuition grant. KING BLOCK—Football University of Nebraska. scholarship, ELIZABETH BOYLAN—ISU piano scholarship. ISU admission with recogni- tion. GREG BRADY —State of lowa scholar. LYNNE BRADY—Delta Kappa Gamma recruitment award. TERRY BRECKENRIDGE—U. S. Military Academy at West Point appointment; Army ROTC scholarship; National Merit letter of commendation. BYRON BRUNKOW —National Merit finalist; Betty Crocker scholarship award. DAVE BUNKER--Football scholarship at ISU. STEVE BURGASON-—Basketball scholarship at ISU. JOHN CARLSON—National Merit scholarship to Harvard College; National Merit finalist. SUSAN CARLSON—National Merit letter of commendation; State of lowa scholar. TERRY CARROLL —Basketball scholars at Oklahoma University. : TRACY CLARK— State of lowa scholar. $ MARY CONSTANTINE—Beta Tau ۵۶ award. 1 3 JANET COY—National Merit finalist: State of lowa scholar. E LYNDL EBERHART—National Mem scholarship to ISU; National Merit 8 ISU admission with recognition and 2 ard State of lowa scholar. ; NANCY FRENCH —National Merit finalist, SUSAN FUTRELL—National Merit finals University of lowa honors program. JEAN GAUGER—National Merit finalist Si admission with recognition; State of low scholar. 1 SHEAU-HUEI GEE—ISU music 7ب‎ ISU admission with recognition. 1 SUSAN GEIST—State of lowa scholar. KR THOMAS GILLETTE—National Merit lette of commendation. 1 SHEILA GLENN—Ames Professional 7 Business Women’s scholarship. BRIAN HALVORSON—State of Io scholar; ISU admission with recognitions BRUCE HALVORSON—State of ۷ scholar; National Merit letter of commend tion. DAVID HANSON—Luther College M scholarship; National Merit finalist; ISUS mission with recognition. 1 e 2 H ENTE if زار‎ AT € I " S. 1۳ ZS Zë Zë E LE ü gi: D tpfa OX “ete f CEIIIS IE =, re G 7 ٩‏ مدت ١‏ —— — -Treen‏ e " ‏ - kg ions = " e did‏ Zen‏ - -- س LCS n‏ H eee Avis tt pl apes és WNSOH oso. " fy dd e i See up ےی‎ ٠ E D ES: ۱ ken ch e 85 E s ——»— " à = On E مہ حح تد بح ساوک‎ E u E faa EAR 9 رپ ` MERIT FINALISTS—Front: Sue Futrell. Lynd! Eberhart, Nancy French, Susan Scott, Janet Coy, Jean Gauger; back: John Reinke, CRAIG HANWA Y —State of lowa scholar. JOHN HAUSER—Briar Cliff College Scholarship; lowa tuition grant. DEBRA HOLTER—ISU admission with recognition. PATRICIA INGRAHAM—Stantord Universi- Scholarship; State of lowa scholar. E JANSSEN—State of lowa scholar: National Merit letter of commendation: lowa tuition grant. LYNETTE JOHNSONC- State of lowa scholar. ISU admission with recognition; National Merit letter of commendation. ARK JONES—ISU admission with ecognition and award; State of lowa scholar. NT JULIUS—State of lowa scholar: National Merit letter of commendation. JERRY JUTTING—National Merit finalist; State of lowa scholar. JIM KINNEY—Wrestling scholarship to niversity of South Dakota. SHRIS KISER—University of Northern lowa sident scholar award: State of lowa “ Siar. HONDA KNIGHT—National Merit letter of Oommendation. DEANE LAGERQUIST—State of lowa ANDY LARSON—National Merit finalist. COTT McCOY—Kimbaill Piano Cholarship; National Merit letter of com- 200311068: University of lowa honors gram. WANA McMILLEN—Ames Education Association award; Delta Kappa Gamma recruitment award. KAI MARTEN—National Merit finalist: Macalester College Merit scholarship: State Of lowa scholar. RUTH MONTAG—National Merit letter of commendation; State of lowa scholar: ISU admission with recognition and award: Ames Community Thrift Shop award. JANE MOORE—lIowa tuition grant; West- mar College honor scholarship. ANDY MORTON—State of lowa scholar; Cornell College scholarship. DAVID PARKS-— National commendation. Merit letter of ROBERT REINBOLD—Appointmentto U.S. Military Academy at West Point. JOHN REINKE—National Merit finalist. TODD SAND-—Kuehl's scholarship. business CHERYL SAUL—National Merit letter of commendation. TRISHA SAVAGE—DECA scholarship to ISU. SUSAN SCOTT—National Merit finalist: Stanford University scholarship: Cornell University scholarship; admission to ISU with recognition and award; State of lowa scholar. PAUL SCHATTAUER—Luther College regents scholarship. FRANK SCHNEIDER —National Merit letter of commendation; basketball scholarship, ISU. NED SHANK —State of lowa scholar. Pd M H A وس وس‎ gm . M Kai Marten, Jerry Jutting, Bryon Brunkow, Randy Wedin, Randy Lar- son, Ray Thomson, John Zmolek, John Carlson, Dave Hanson. MARGUERITE (CHICKIE) SIBLEY— National Merit letter of commendation. MARTHA SIMMONS-— National Merit letter of commendation; State of lowa scholar; American Business Women's scholarship to ISU; Ames March of Dimes scholarship. THERESA SIMMONS-—Ames March of Dimes scholarship. BRYAN STUCKY—Wrestling scholarship, ISU. RAY THOMSON—National Merit finalist: State of lowa scholar: ISU admission with recognition and award. STAN TROEH—National commendation. Merit letter of MIKE TRYON—Football scholarship, ISU. CINDY TSCHETTER—Blue Cross-Blue Shield scholarship to lowa Methodist hospital. JIM ULMER—Harvard College freshman scholarship award. LARRY VOELKER—National Merit letter of commendation; State of lowa scholar. RANDY WEDIN—National Merit finalist: National Merit scholarship to St. Olaf College; State of lowa scholar. MIKE WIRKUS—National Merit letter of commendation; State of lowa scholar. MICHAEL WILDER—Ames International Orchestra Festival Association award; lowa Band Masters Association district winner and state final participant. JOHN ZMOLEK — National Merit finalist: ad- mission to ISU with recognition and award. Scholarships 139 Musicians honored Most of the awards assembly was devoted to presen- ting various kinds of recognition to student musicians. Hundreds of orchestra, band, and vocal music group members received certificates, pins, medals, scholarship, and special awards. Among them were 19 All-State winners. A list of music award winners follows: Band ALL-STATE BAND — Patricia Beneke, Janet Dowell, Kevin Frey, Ruth Hollenbach, Ray Thomson DIVISION | WINNERS — Solos Samra Clark, Linda Deppe, Janet Dowell, Kevin Frey, John Frederich, Brian Halvorson, Ruth Hollenbach, David Morgan, Pat Reynolds, Barb Vinograde Ensembles: Patty Strain, Samra Clark, Sally Scholten, Sue Stephan; Sue Deppe, Ruth Hollenbach, Linda Deppe; John Zmolek, Sue Scott, Kathy Risch, Jan Kiser; Janet Dowell, Randy Wedin, Bruce Halvorson, David Morgan; Peter Kempthorne, Kyle Hogan, Kevin Frey, David Morgan, Greg Dougal, John Friederich; Brian Perry, Den- nis Dubberke, Dan Lambert, Mike Tomaglia, John Albert. SENIOR HONOR MUSICIANS — Janet Dowell, Dave Fullhart, Bruce Halvorson, Janet Kiser, Susan Scott, Ray Thomson, Randy Wedin, Michael Wilder, John Zmolek SENIOR LETTER AWARDS — Karen Englestad, Susan Lees, David Loseke. JUNIOR LETTER AWARDS — James Asp, Susan Bliss, Ruth Bran, Anne Burkholder, Daniel Busse, John Campbell, Mary Childs, Samra Clark, Jennifer Cook, Janet Davison, Linda Deppe, Greg Dougal, Dennis Dubberke, Beverly Dunster, John Elliot, Barbara Fleig, Susan Frazier, Kevin Frey, John Friederich, Mike Gardner, Tom Gleason, John Hansen, Kyle Hogan, Ruth Hollenbach, Mark Homer, Sandy Hubbert, Dawn Jolly, Ann Kelso, Peter Kempthorne, Dale Kever, Mark Lagomarcino, Dan Lambert, Ken Malaby, Tim Moody, David Morgan, Brian Perry, Pam Plath, Charla Prange, Katherine Schlunz, Vickie Sims, Susan Stephan, Patricia Strain, Betty Thompson, Susan Trcka, Nadia Vandergaast THREE-YEAR TWIRLER AWARD — Marlene Bleeker, Mary Constantine. 140 Music Awards Orchestra ALL-STATE ORCHESTRA — Danielle Buss, Candy Kinderman, Polly McCormack, Sara McCormack, Christine Palmer, Edmund Shank, Kim Wass. STATE MUSIC CONTEST— Solos—Danielle Buss, Polly McCormack, Christine Palmer Ensemble—Polly McCormack, Christine Palmer, Sara McCormack. ica ۳ 3 RE Y . » Y ہت‎ a MU. GOLD PIN — Michael Wilder. 2 M cat uot 7e ` C A E Ww 1 ۰ A = 3 n u T ZA SILVER PINS — Elizabeth Boylan, Martha Church, Janet Dowell, Karen Englestad, Barbara Fleig, David Fullhart, William Hotchkiss, Peter Kempthorne, Bianca Zat- farano Dd } 1 hs à ee LETTERS — Danielle Buss, Barbara Ketcham, Candy Kinderman, Polly McCor- mack, Christine Palmer, Kim Wass. CERTIFICATES — Shari Bartels, Cynthia Bell, Dennis Dubberke, Kevin Frey, Emily Epstein, Katherine Harmison, Ruth Hollen- bach, Lyn Johnson, David Morgan, Ned Shank, Raymond Weeks. Vocal music ALL-STATE CHOIR — Steve Fisher, Lee Hale, Dave Hanson, Scott McCoy, Patty Strain, Brita S wenson, Larry Voelker GOLD PINS — Beth Boylan, Scott McCoy, Larry Voelker. SILVER PINS — Cindi Clark, Steve Fisher, Susan Lees, Stew Swanson, Vickie VanVoorhis. CERTIFICATES — Linda Allison, Duane Anderson, Barbara Atkins, Pete Barcus, Mary Barnard, Janet Beaty, Patty Beneke, Marlene Bleeker, Valree Blewett, King Block, Dorothy Bowen, Elizabeth Boylan, Sandra Bunce, Joan Burnet, Shari Byriel, Holly Casady, Susan Cerwick, Karen Christensen, Cynthia Clark, Candace Clinefelter, Kathryn Coleman, Mary Constantine, Shirley Couture, Janet Coy, William Crawford, Carolyn Curry, Mary Donhowe, Virginia Doty, Janet Dowell, Band members spent hours perfecting ‘precision drills. mt, eee‏ ,سد s D‏ 2 ےہ سسسع ge ` dp ono o mm : € ml mul. pl maneat es ar‏ أ تو 1 l 1 | n ër e o De e g” pf " ہا‎ x AS ai 7ھ Lynd! Eberhart, Ann Ebert, Margaret Elbert, Chris Ellis; Mike Elson, Catherine Ernest, | n Frederiksen, Kristine Fritsch, Susan Futrell, Jean Gauger, Sheau- usan Geist, Donna Gilchrist, Sheila Glenn, Kerry Goodwin, Cindy Greene, Paula Grucza, David Hanson, Ellen Hernstadt, Susan Hiedeman, Terra Holland, Debra Holter, William Hotchkiss, David Ingham, Pat Ingraham, Margaret James, Lynette Johnson, Jerry Jutting, Jana Keller, Pat Kelton, Maria Kemeny, Candance Kinderman, Chris Kiser, Janice Kiser, Gabriele Koschorreck, Irene Kotila, Deborah Lande, Pat Lariviere, Cynthia Lar- Son, Cynthia Larson, Jacqueline Latta, Susan Lees, Janet Luing, Sara McCormack, Scott McCoy, Robin McCullough, Carol McFarland, Diana McMillen, Mike Metzler, Anita Miller, Jane Moore, Lee Ann Moore, Andrew Morton, Janet Ness, Laurie Newell, Mary Lee Olson, Ann Outka, Jim Packer, Carol Patterson, Juanita Peters, Cynthia Powers, Mary Kay Reece, Kathryn Reed, Katharine Risch, Leanne Robertson, Debbie Houth, Katherine Rozeboom, Patricia Savage, Sally Scholten, Pam Schulte, Susan Scott, Cindy Sharp, Cynthia Shearer, Terri Simmons, Terese Slater, Scott Smith, Jennifer Songer, Linda Stewart, Sheryl Stump, David Sturdevant, Stewart Swan- Son, Vicki Tamashunas, Toni Terrones, Bonnie Thompson, Ray Thomson, Cynthia Tschetter, Jim Ulmer, Shirley Vansice, Vickie VanVoorhis, Larry Voelker, Bill Wagner, Kim Wass, Randy Wedin, Ray Weeks, Pam Weigle, Penny Weisshaar, Christine Williams, Mike Wirkus, Holly Young, Bianca Zaffarano, John Zmolek. CENTER: ALL-STATE CHOIR—Lee Hale, Dave Hanson, Brita Swenson, Patty Strain, Larry Voelker, Scott McCoy, Steve Fisher. ALL-STATE BAND—Ray Thomson, Kevin Frey, Ruth Hollenbach, Janet Dowell. ALL-STATE ORCHESTRA—Front: Sara McCormack, Danielle Buss, Polly McCor- mack; back, Kim Wass, Christine Palmer, Candy Kinderman, Edmund Shank. D | Kai De kI ۲ ` d wa» = aia " رر‎ : 1 DI DS ZS A p ei Kei Ka wow = EN Wan ۹ qu Ki Mike Wilder, winner of several music scholarships, practices diligently. Music Awards 141 — n - —— — e o o oo مہ‎ Many honored in varied areas The awards assembly lasted two hours this year, proving that there are many outstanding students talented in various areas. Some of the students took that walk across the stage more than once to receive certificates, checks and trophies. { ۱ ۱ | | Some of the areas in which awards were made included industrial arts, distributive education, journalism, foreign language, art, drama, dance, synchronized swimming, choreography, and tutoring. DECA 1ST PLACE STATE DECA AWARDS — BRIDGE DESIGNING CONTEST WINNERS Mary Switzer, Jean Gauger, Chris Kiser, — Greg Dougal, Ben Svec. Helen Hartman, Todd Sand, JoAnn Shaughnessy, Ellen Herrnstadt, Kerry PLYMOUTH TROUBLE - SHOOTING Goodwin, Tricia Savage. CONTEST WINNERS — Bill Crawford, Dave BILE: MERIT SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS—John Carlson, Kai Marten, Randi z INDUSTRIAL ARTS Wedin, Dave Hanson, Lynd! Eberhart. OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT AWARD — Anderson, Pam Ellinghausen, Sara McCor- — Kathy Risch, Nadya Fouad, Larry Maile, VICA BRICKLAYING WINNER — mack, Stewart Swanson. Martha Simmons, Ray Thompson Bill awf h ill Crawford, Steve Johns, Jerry Lane, Steve Netcott. Dave Parks, Stan Troeh. IOWA INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION Tutorin SPANISH Journalism EXPOSITION WINNERS — Doug Palmer, 9 wes رکا دا‎ SA Sere E , Dave Smith, Chris Miller, Stan | 5 ے اک‎ Ge Davis ۷ | STUDENT TUTORING AWARDS — Chip NATIONAL SPANISH CONTEST FINALISTS Mark Donaldson, First Semester; kri: | rae مھ وی‎ Fritsch, Cindy Larson, second semester. e ` Thespians THESPIANS AWARDS — Deb Day, ۴ ya ۱ ۱ cia Anderson, Judy Brink, Ruth Burkhalter eee: 7 EO ens ۰ eng ind ds wn | Julie Corbett, Dean Dass, Janet Davison 2444 1B £d — coti «x p- Mary Donhowe, Barb Fleig, Claretts Gurganus, Deb Gass, Karen 167 Dan Killam, Jim Luckett, Larry Paulson, Nit Peters, Chick Peterson, Kathy Reece, Gi Rossmiller, Scott Smith, Karen Sanderson Kendra Shirley, Dave Sturdevant, Bou Shuck, Vickie VanVoorhis, Linda Welch John Zmolek. s A " Art DAVID BURTON STONE AWARDS — Jear Gauger, Barbara Ketcham, Robif McCullough, Ned Shank, Betty Stuve, 0 Young. Mich - ۲۳ e ہی‎ AMES‏ ` سس Swim sho " a -— SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING CHOREOS A " 7 | raphy — Sue Geist, Julie Landon, Cinc ۱ Larson, Barb Mahistede, Sally 8 Tia Slater «di . » oe i parem e Dan € = Y Km f JA ja DANCE CHOREOGRAPHY — Jan ٢ ff} p (Eu Mary Constantine, Sue Hiedeman, Cyng الم ۔۔‎ McFarland, Diam Jacobsen, Cheryl | McMillen, Vicki Tamashunas. j 5 ۰ ` Cindy Larson, Mark Donaldson and Kristi Fritsch were elected WEB's most valuable | staffers after being nominated in themes written by their classmates. B 142 Awards The president of Ames Home Builders presents Mark Allen a $100 check for his model home design entry. Drill team Becky Boyles. Carol Chantland, Sue Chantland, Mary Childs, Paula Grusza. Robin Haugland, Sharon Heggen, Julie Hensley, Elaine Homer, Kolette Hoskins. Patty Lariviere, Jackie Latta, Barbara Loots. Mary Olson, Mary Kay Reece, Mary Stevens, Sherry Stump, Vicki Tamashunas. Jenny Townsend, Esther Wright. Cheersquad Diane Bruin, Chris Gammack, Ann Grindeland, Kim Johnson, Maria Kemeny, Marta Moore, Laura Morton, Carol Jo Patterson, Lynn Schultz, Janet Seim. Michelle Shorten, Beth Stone, Mary Sweitzer, Cindy Tschetter, Teri Wilson. Peggy Young. Athletic letters Football SENIORS: Gregg Allen, Mark Berthelsen, Barry Best, King Block, Dave Bunker, Dick Carter, Craig Cole, Scott Daulton, Bob Dean, Mike Ellson, Dave Hakes, Jeff Hilton, Jerry Matchett, Jeff McCullough, Steve Net- cott, Marc Sakamoto, Bryan Stucky, Tim Sullivan, Randy Taylor, Mike Tryon, Larry Wearth, Craig Woodard, Ken Woodley, Bill Hotchkiss. JUNIORS: Kevin Allen, Howie Campbell, Jim Gammon, Monte Lutz, Rod Mather, Len McGilliard, Dave Pohm, Tom Wilson. TRAINERS, MANAGERS, STATISTICIANS: John Frederiksen, Ted Jeska, Chan Thomas, Bryon Brunkow. i j 3 1972 CAPTAINS: Mark Berthelsen, Barry Best, King Block, and Dave Bunker. Basketball SENIORS: Steve Burgason, Dave Bunker, Terry Carroll, Dick Carter, Mike Hemingson, Frank Schneider, Dave Sprowell. JUNIORS: Howie Campbell, Pete Crump, Dave Knutson, Rod Mather, Drew Palmer, Ted Riggs. MANAGERS: Den Duvall, Rich Garrey, Kim Wass. CAPTAINS: Steve Burgason and Terry Carroll. Track SENIORS: Stu Bremner, Scott Daulton, Steve Grover, Steve Netcott, Scott Nichols, Jim Packer, Bob Reinbold, Marc Sakamoto, Randy Taylor, Ray Thomson, Larry Wearth, Mike Wheelock. JUNIORS: Kevin Allen, Eric Bogenrief, Dean Dass, Mark Davis, Mark Grover, Monte Lutz, Dave Murphy, Paul Schuette, Os Soto. SOPHOMORES: Mike Bergeson, Mark Bogenrief, Greg Prestemon, Jim Schat- tauer. MANAGERS: Bryon Brunkow, Lyndl Eberhart. CAPTAIN: Steve Netcott. Cross-Country SENIORS: Dave Fritz, Scott Nichols, Jim Packer, Bob Richert, Mike Wheelock. JUNIORS: Dick Bailey, Eric Bogenrief, Dean Dass, Mark Grover, Os Soto. SOPHOMORES: Steve Mostrom. Duane Russell, | $ Sy ff Stan Troeh, Dave Parks, and Steve Johns smile as co-worker Bill Crawford receives In award for outstanding achievement in the industrial arts. Wrestling SENIORS: Bob Catus, Ron Christensen, Bruce Davis, Mark Donaldson, Jim Kinney, Jerry Lane, Paul Schattauer, Bryan Stucky, Larry Wearth, Dan Williams. JUNIORS: Don Finnegan, Kevin McRoberts, Dave Pohm, Greg Wierson. SOPHOMORES: Chris Perrin. MANAGERS: Mark Allen, Brian Vetter, Jeff Songer. Tennis SENIORS; Bob Bartles, Bill Berger, Dave Hanson, Vince Meador, Dave Popelka, Larry Voelker, JUNIORS: Goga Bal, Mike Gardner, Pete Kempthorne, Dan Scott, Jim Swan. SOPHOMORE: Jeff Brown. Swimming CAPTAIN: Bob Reinbold. Bruce Gartin, Steve Eshelman, Steve Pier. Dexter MacBride, Mark Barnett. Kurt Fischer, Maury Johnson, Ken Van Fossen. Nelson Thompson, Dave Frederick. Toby Miller, Jim Tysseling, Mike Stoops, Jeff Kaeberle, Dave Clark, Per Thunavist. Golf SENIORS: Randy Larson, Tim Sullivan. Dave Sprowell, Kim Wass, Craig Woodard. SOPHOMORES: Dan Fox, Jim Sprowell. MANAGER: John Elliott. Girls’ Track SENIOR: Sue Seibert. SOPHOMORES: Janet Bogue, Sue Deppe. Girls’ Tennis Anne Burkholder, Kelle Clark, Laurel Fritz, Pam Hubbert, Sandy Hubbert, Tricia Ingraham, Sue Larson, Debbie Lebo, Laurie Martin, Sue Milliken, Maud Neff. Gymnastics Barb Bacon, Ann Donaldson, Ann Grindeland, Jenni Herrick, Jean Lynch, Martha Peterson, Margaret Newton, Chris Payer, Beth Stone, Kathy Sullivan, Jan Tut- tle. Awards 143 144 Seniors We .۶ز‎ ez. Change, grow, change—that was the capsule history of the Class of '73. This year's seniors entered the high school as wide-spread in- novations were introduced. They've lived through three different schedules, with lunch, 20-minute lunch, and full lunch or no lunch, depending upon what the surprise dropping of a period did to their schedules last fall. Nowhere has the change been more obvious than in the area of student freedom. Seniors also have lived through three kinds of open campus—none, partial, and semi-complete. This year alone started with open campus privileges after third period (with parental and faculty consent) and ended with seniors com- ing and going all day. There were no hall monitors or hall patrol (save for an occasional zealous teacher) their Freedom grows for senior v dum. ار‎ u 7 می‎ PL sophomore year. Firesquad was resurrect their junior year, but expired again by years end. This year once more the halls are minu sentries and pass checkers. By the end of the year, at least three-fourths the seniors were not on campus a full 02۷. j cafeteria was relatively empty all three VC | periods and students were taking advantage Of | the new rules to study elsewhere, work, run | errands, ride around, or just to take a nap. ! e TÈ 3 Lé La Ke Students found other opportunities as well. The ۳ year they entered the high school, ten new J ` courses were offered, making a total of one | ' hundred plus 13 partial credit offerings. Dt: 1973, this had swelled to 123 plus 19 partial f9 ® credit courses, and there was greater diversity ۰ in independent study and within traditional ۳۳ course formats. | 1 1 أ Linda Allison Hobert Amemiya Chip Anderson Glen Anderson Barbara Atkins Jeff Bailey Mike Bailey Hick Balmer Bob Bartels Allan Bates Mark Beattie Janet Beaty Mike Belle Bill Berger Mark Berthelsen d IE ۳ £ 1 £ ۱ 1 رن پت‎ p " ۰ ۱ ۱ ۰ eg P «n, S B او‎ al ae ` Ke i A DOS 4 e ۱ ۱ j ۰ - e ` — ٠ E TOP LEFT—Dan Williams, Dave Hakes, and Vince Meador take off for a spin; LEFT—Ruth Montag and Jerry Jutting visit Hardee's for a lunch break in the choo-choo; TOP—Some seniors even took a nap during times they werent scheduled. Seniors 145 c‏ ہیں Biggest class: 435 graduate This year's Senior Class totaled 435, the largest in Ames High history. Mr. William C. Ripp, director of guidance, explained that the figure included last August's graduates and twelve students graduating as juniors, in addition to an unusually large number of seniors moving into the district. we soe ee ee " ` wm‏ ار سے جد جک یھ ےک ےی gf ditur‏ وہ کت am - Thirty-three members of the class elected to graduate at midyear. Among them were the senior Class vice-president and a first semester student body co-president. senior Senate representatives, one from each large group homeroom, served as the seniors' governing body. | A midyear graduate, Dave Weiss chats with Dr. Farrar following graduation ceremony. y " — گے‎ 1t مه‎ Ae wre‏ ہے ہے P eg?‏ Kg e — — ` H ۱ im — — oon - ۱ SENIOR SENATE—Front, Trisha Savage, JoAnn Shaughnessy, Chris Gammack, Paula Grucza; back, Patty Lait: Janet Seim, Cindi Clark, Elizabeth Boylan, Jim Packer, Jerry Matchett, and Mr. William C. Ripp, Senior Class spon 146 Seniors Barry Best Marlene Bleeker Valree Blewett King Block Douglas Bogenrief Dorothy Bowen Dan Bowman Elizabeth Boylan Becky Boyles Lynne Brady Kim Brayton Terry Breckenridge Patty Brekke Stuart Bremner Marcia Brown Bryon Brunkow Art Budolfson sandra Bunce Dave Bunker Steve Burgason Bill Burke Joan Burnet Karen Burns Dale Buttrey Shari Byriel Jean Cafferty Philip Calderwoood Mary Calhoun Jane Carlsen John Carlson Seniors 147 Mike Carlson Susan Carlson Terry Carroll Dick Carter Kathy Carter Holly Cassidy Bob Catus Sue Cerwick Carol Chantland Karen Christensen Ron Christenson Jan Church Cindy Clark Tracy Clark Sharron Clemons Candy Clinefelter Craig Cole Kathy Coleman Mary Constantine Hoz Corieri Shirley Couture Janet Coy Bill Crawford Jana Criss Carolyn Curry Ann Daub Scott Daulton Bruce Davis Don Davis Ron Davis 148 Seniors E bate 1 74 ES: Ki Ek (ER E 7 M . " y, ۲ d Ki. . ۱ ۱ éi. E n | E 0 2 A ۱۱۱ e e EE 7 : MEANY e E , d ۱ ` ۱۳ ۳ ۸ i ۲ 7071 — 77 , Mia Ji 1 7 d ۱ و۳‎ f SITET Ts ry f f 7 J YEE! Mit HEN d UM ۱ Class Sponsor Mr. William C. Ripp discusses senior records with Paula Grusca and Tia Slater, the co-treasurers. President Chris Gammack, left, leads cheers at pep assembly. Vice-President Pete Barcus, below, sports his trademark—a mock " Afro. " Class officers: study in contrast From boy cheerleader to drama-tennis buff to Homecoming queen—the Senior Class officers were a cross-section of student interests. President was Chris Gammack, who followed in his brother's path as a boy cheerleader. Chris was interested in sports generally. He also was a " grease monkey” at George White Chevrolet under the T | program. Vice-President Pete Barcus, active in drama and tennis his first two years, graduated at midyear. The other elected officer, Secretary JoAnn Shaughnessy, worked at Penney's un- der the D.E. program. She also was elected 1972 Homecoming queen. Seniors 149 After years of being “out,” class rings came back “in” again. Some of their proud wearers form a “rings around the rosy. 150 Seniors Debbie Day Bob Dean Mark Donaldson Mary Donhowe Lea Dorsey Ginger Doty Janet Dowell Paul Durand Lyndl Eberhart Ann Ebert Margaret Elbert Chris Ellis Mike Ellson Denise Epperly Cay Ernest A —Á 5; — Hf e i QU. P gs m eI ۔‎ " o af n. t ۳ B »,ی‎ ۰ ۳ E a ٠ اپ‎ Annual ritual has Penny ۳ deciding on Holly Young's graduation cap sizé From $2 to $?— graduation costs For $2 flat, a student could graduate from Ames High School. If he went through the graduation ceremony, though, he paid another $4 for cap-and-gown fee. And if he went to the senior picnic, it cost another $4 for that. | Beyond this basic $10, the sky was the limit. Most seniors sent announcements (five for $1), had their senior pictures taken professionally ($10 on up) and ordered extras for family and friends. Class rings were back in style this year and many bought them, for $20 to $50. There also were clothes, memory books, the prom ۰ Adding everything up, many seniors spent well over $100. Joan Burney poses for her senior pictures, a big item in typical senior's budget. Kim Eschbach Mike Eschbach Paul Eshelman Jim Feyerabend Steve Fisher Dave Fitz Jill Folkmann John Frederiksen Nancy French Cathy Friederich Kristine Fritsch Dave Fullhart Sue Futrell Chris Gammack Sherry Gammon Seniors 151 Foreign students =S enjoy AHS Ames High had two foreign seniors this year, including Irene Kotila, from Finland, and a Swedish boy, Per Thunqvist. Both were foreign-exchange students. Irene, a Finnish blonde, said she enjoys Ames High and the wide range of courses here. She compared the schools in Finland with Ames High: " There is more homework here, and the emphasis is different, " she said. " In Finland, we had no drama and very limited art classes. | spend much of my time in the fine arts wing here. " Per, from Sweden, said sports aren't included in Swedish schools. “| went to an athletic club, separate from school. It would be similar to a YMCA here. " Per is a gymnast, and works out with the No. 1 ranked ISU gymnastics team. After a snowstorm, Mary Donhowe helps Irene Kotila build a snow sculpture in the courtyard. Ae vu Ben aa en RL AD Pega de LARRY OA EPR REE, NR LON LOAN OREO ERE — o md Le A wo ovem ra one e mt ہو ہے‎ eR PAS RT cm pma AE —À—QR— —————n— COOL aan LN و ہو ور لے‎ mem ON ر د‎ me دی‎ r B w سے‎ Per Thunqvist, a Swedish foreign student, executes a precision pike on the parallel bars. 152 HI 777-3 ۱ | Jean Gauger Sheau-huei Gee Sue Geist Doug Gerjets Marty Gigstad Sheila Glenn Kerry Goodwin Cindy Greene Ann Grindeland Steve Grover Paula Grucza Claretta Gurganus Debbie Hagebock Joel Hagen Dave Hakes Brian Halvorson Bruce Halforson Dave Hanson Craig Hanway Sue Hart Missy Hartman Dave Hatch John Hauser Susan Henely Sue Herbert Laura Hermann Jeni Herrick Ellen Herrnstadt Sue Hiedeman Jeff Hilton Seniors 153 Kathy Hoff Terra Holland Debbie Holter Craig Hoof Dave Hoover Bill Hotchkiss Tom Huisman Gordon Hutton Dave Ingham Tricia Ingraham Cindi Jacobson Dennis Jacobson Meg James Steve Janssen Steve Jeffrey Ted Jeska Steve Johns Chris Johnson Lyn Johnson Mark Jones John Jorstad Kent Julius Jerry Jutting Pat Kayser Jana Keller Jeff Kellogg Patty Kelton Maria Kemeny Barb Ketcham Candy Kinderman 154 Seniors m For me? Scott McCoy clutches carnation and potted plant given him after solo performance with Orchestra. Debbie Kingsbury Jim Kinney Chris Kiser Jackie Klas Dick Kniseley Gabriele Koschorreck Maria Kotila DeAne Lagerquist Debbie Lande Jerry Lane Who's in what? List starts here GREGGORY THOMAS ALLEN—HR 112; tutor 11; football 10,12; intra. basketball 10,- 11,12; intra. checkers, chess 12. THOMAS ALLEN—HR. 114; Firesquad 11. LINDA RAE ALLISON—HR 112; HR pres. 12; v. pres. 10,11; Girls’ Serv. Comm. 10; Pep Club 10,11,12; SC Social Comm. 12; Choir 11, Soph. Mixed Chorus; French Club 10,11; Nurse Exp. 12. ROBERT KEVIN AMEMIYA —HR. 108. DUANE EDWARD (CHIP) ANDERSON—HR Port.; Firesquad 11; tutor 11; Choir 11, Soph. Mixed Chorus; Cadet Tch. 12; Thespians 11,12, " Dark of the Moon " cast 11, " Pirates of Penzance " cast 12, drama crews 10,11,12. GLEN DAVID ANDERSON—HR 127: foot- ball 10,11; VICA 12. GARY WOOTEN ASH—HR 105; Inter- national Club 12; Amateur Radio Club 12. BARBARA ANN ATKINS—HR 129; Pep Club 10,11,12; tutor 12; Jr.-Sr. Pops 11. Soph. Girls Glee; Spanish Club 10,11; WEB, SCRATCH PAD contrib. 11; Cadet Tch. 12. KATHLEEN FINNEY AURAND —HR 108; Jr.- Sr. Pops 11, Soph. Girls' Glee; moved from Storrs, Conn.: Girls' Choir 10, Chorus 10. DENNIS MICHAEL BAILEY —HR 208; DECA 12. JEFFREY A. BAILEY—HR 301; Firesquad 11; Soccer Club 11,12; intra. checkers 10. RICK DALE BALMER—HR Aud, 6; intra. basketball 10,11,12; Band: Concert 10, March. 10,11,12. PETER W. BARCUS —HR 304; Jr. Exec. 11; Sr. Senate v. pres. 12; tennis 10,11; German Club 10,11; “Beggar on Horseback,” " Mid- summer Night's Dream, " " Lizzie Borden " casts, crews 10,11. MARY ILENE BARNARD—HR Art A; Theology Club 11. LYNN ALAN BARRETT—HR 317. ROBERT E. BARTELS—HH 318; tennis 11,- 12; intra. basketball 10,11,12; intra. table tennis 10,11,12; Band: Concert 11,12; Varsi- ty 10, March. 10,11,12, Stage 10, Ensemble 12. ALLAN EDVIN BATES—HR 104; Merit Sch Letter of Commend.; Student Council co- president 12; HR pres. 11; Firesquad 11; tutor 11; SC Comm. STAC 11, SC Steering Comm. 12; Soccer Club 12, mgr.; intra. bridge 11,12; intra. checkers 11; French Club 10; WEB; Bicycle Club 12; Environ. Ac- tion 11; VICA 12; Student Review Board. MARK ANDREW BEATTIE—HR 112; Soccer Club 11,12; International Club 12: Bicycle Club 12; Environ. Action 11. JANET R. BEATY —HR 127; Pep Club 10.11; Choir 11, Soph. Girls' Glee; French Club 11; Dance 10,11; " Hansel and Gretel " cast 10; " By the Skin of Our Teeth " cast 11; " The Ugly Duckling " cast 11, " Pirates of Pen- zance’ cast 12; crews 10,11,12. MARK DWIGHT BELL—HR 114B. MICHAEL BELLE—HR 114; Firesquad 11; fall track 11; football 10,11,12; indoor track 11; track 11; Spanish Club 11; International Club 12; lab asst. 11,12; drama crew 11; moved from Chicago; football, ROTC, Sea Cadets. PATRICIA JANE BENEKE—HR 212; Merit Sch. Letter of Commend.; SPIRIT rep. 11; Pep Club 10; SC Public Relations Comm. 11; Band: Varsity 10,11,12, March. 10,11,12, All-State 11,12; Orchestra 10,11,12, Ensem- ble 11,12; Soph. Mixed Chorus; Spanish Club 10,11; debate 11; drama crew 10. WILLIAM JOHN BERGER-—HR 129; Key Club 10,11, sec.; tennis 10,11; intra. basket- ball 10,11; VICA 12. Seniors 155 156 Seniors Patty Lariviere Cindy Larson Cindy Larson Jackie Latta Susan Lees Mary Lesan Brian Little Barb Loots Dave Loseke Janet Luing Deeya McClurkin Sara McCormack Jeff McCoy Scott McCoy Jeff McCullough MARK ALLEN BERTHELSEN—HR Art A; HR pres.11, v. pres. 10; Jr. Exec rep.; Firesquad 11; football 10,11,12; indoor track 10, basketball 10,11; track 10; tennis 11; baseball 10,11,12; intra. basketball 12; German Club 10; WEB; VICA 12, pres. BARRY JOSEPH BEST—HR 120; HR v. pres. 10; A-Club 10,11,12; Firesquad 11; football 10,11,12, co-cap.; basketball 10,11; tennis 11; baseball 10,11,12; intra. basket- ball 11,12; Spanish Club 10; WEB: DECA 12, officer. JEANETTE LEE (TRACY) BITTINGER—HR Band Rm.; Twirler 12; nurse exp. 12; moved from Ventura, lowa: Band: Concert, Flag; cheerleader, drama. MARLENE KAY BLEEKER—HR 318; Pep Club 10,11,12; twirler 10,11,12; Choir 11,12, Sop. Girls' Glee; German Club 11; DECA. VALREE MAE BLEWETT—HR 315; Sr. Senate; Pep Club 10,11; Band: Concert 10,- 11, Varsity 10, sec. 11, March. 10,11, Office Ed. 12. KING BOONE BLOCK—HR 301; HR pres. 10, v. pres. 11; A-Club 11,12; football 10,- 11,12, quad-cap.; basketball 10,11; baseball 10,11,12; Choir 11; Soph. Mixed Chorus. DOUGLAS FRANCIS BOGENRIEF —HR. B- 11; nurse exp. 12. DOROTHY BOWEN —HR 317; Pep Club 10,- 11,12, cab.; Soph: Girls’ Glee; French Club 11,12; International Club 12; WEB. DAN LEE BOWMAN—HR 305; DECA 12. ELIZABETH ANN BOYLAN—HR 104; Sr. Senate; Band: Concert 10,12; March. 10,- 11,12; Orchestra 10,11,12; Ensemble 10,- 11,12; Soph. Mixed Chorus 10; Madrigal 11.12; All-State Chorus 11; Latin Club 10; SCRATCH PAD contrib. 11; cadet tch. 12; “Pirates of Penzance” cast 12. REBECCA LYNN BOYLES—HR 112; Pep Club 10,11; Drill Team 11,12; Band: Varsity 1011,12: March. 10,11,12; cadet tech. 12. LYNNE INGRID BRADY —HR 114; HR pres. 11; Girls' Serv. Comm. 10,11,12; Firesquad 11; Stud. Serv. Comm. 11,12; Pep Club 10,- 11.12; tutor 11,12; SC Elect. Comm. 11; Band: Concert 10, Varsity 11, March. 10, 11,12, cadet tch. 12. JOHN KIM BRAYTON—HR 202; HR pres. 11; swimming 10,11,12; tennis 11,12; intra. bridge 11,12. TERRY EUGENE BRECKENRIDGE—HR 315; Merit Sch. Letter of Commend.; foot- ball 10; wrestling 10,11,12. PATRICIA KAY BREKKE—HR Port.; Pep Club 10; Jr.-Sr. Pops 11; Soph. Mixed Chorus. STUART McCOLL BREMNER—HR FAST; Firesquad 11; Indoor track 12; track 12; ten- nis 10,11; intra basketball 11,12; German Club 10,11; WEB. MARCIA JO BROWN—HR 208; Pep Club 10,11; Soph. Girls’ Glee; Office Ed 12, pres ROBERT MERRILL BROWN-—HR 105; Firesquad 11; intra. basketball 11; Soccer Club 12; Environ. Action 11. BYRON LEE BRUNKOW —HR 122; Meri Sch. semifinalist; Sr. Senate; football 12; mgr., intra. basketball 11; German Club ۲ ARTHUR MARK BUDOLFSON—HR 8 intra. bowling 10,11,12; WEB. JOE W. BULMAN-—HR. 108. SANDRA LEA BUNCE—HR B-11; Pep Club 10,11; golf 11; Band: Concert 11,12; Varsity 10,11, Pep 12, March. 10,11,12; Choir 11, 12; Soph. Girls’ Glee 10; lab. asst. Us " Pirates of Penzance " cast 12. DAVID MARK BUNKER—HR PORT. STEVEN WALTER BURGASON—HR 127 HR pres. 10; A-Club 11,12; Firesquad 11 tutor 12; football 10,11; basketball 58 co-cap.; baseball 10,11,12; WEB. WILLIAM JOHN BURKE—HR 212; Fires quad 11; intra. basketball 11; WEB ۴ JOAN MARIE BURNET—HR 305; Pep Club 10,11; Choir 11,12; Soph. Mixed 5 Madrigal 10; Spanish Club 10,11; ۴ national Club 12; SCRATCH PAD contriti: 12: Environ. Action 11,12; drama crews ÎÎ Creeping up on an unsuspecting suspect, Mike Eschbach snares Mike Hemingson. Here come de judge! Cindy Powers stands as Judge Barb Ketcham enters courtroom. | | 805 Lë E e E - v " " u N LINE ARNE GE eae v EE | E crar gei PE " opp oneness ín ۱ E 7 هی‎ ۰ ۰ م‎ is negent BITAL A Frontier justice? Jim Kinney lassoes Steve Burgason with noose at Government mock trial. Seniors 157 " Betty Crocker Homemaker of the Year,’ Bryon Brunkow gets ready to demonstrate his domestic skills. One of four boys taking Child Development, Rich Garrey helps a young visitor wipe mouth. Ly PT. ` T » + ۷ س3‎ - Lc S سے سے‎ ek d کاو‎ " i os E " mE نز‎ A 6 1 SC? E " we AU S ۶ Á ` 0 x Xx 2 S 7 Ae ٦ MX. 1 XR KAREN MARIE BURNS—HR Aud. 6; HR sec-treas. 10,11; International Club pres. 12; Foreign Study League 12; SPIRIT rep. 12: Pep Club 10,11; Soph. Girls’ Glee. DALE W. BUTTRY—HR 301; hall monitor 11 SHARI JEANETTE BYRIEL—HR 202; Cheersquad 10; Pep Club 10,11,12; gym- nastics 10,11; DECA 12. PHILIP D. CALDERWOOD—HR 304; wrestl- ing 10 MARY LEE CALHOUN—HR FAST; Pep Club 10; tutor 11; girls’ intra. track 11,12; SCRATCH PAD contrib. 11; Art (Club 11; DECA 12. JANE MARIE CARLSEN—HR 105; Girls’ Serv. Comm. 12; Pep Club 10,11,12. JOHN RUSSELL CARLSON—HR 305; Merit Sch. semifinalist; HR pres. 10; intra. basket- ball 12; Soccer Club 12; intra. chess 10,12; swimming 10; French Club 10; SCRATCH PAD contrib. 10; in Paris, France 11 MICHAEL WILLIAM CARLSON —HR. Aud 6: football 10; DECA. SUSAN JEAN CARLSON—HR 114A; Merit Sch. Letter of Commend.; Pep Club 10,11; tutor 11; Synchronettes 11,12; French Club 10,11; International Club 12; SCRATCH PAD contrib. 11; cadet tch. 12; dance 12. TERRY RAY CARROLL—HR 318; Jr. Exec. 158 Seniors ۵ N ۹ AE 1 al AA 5 t A p3 V ۳ + CN e t AZ. 7 Ce Sech ` A " pres.; HR pres. 10, v. pres. 11; SPIRIT rep. 10; A-Club 10,11,12; tutor 11,12; cross- country 10; basketball 10,11,12; baseball 10,11,12; intra. table tennis 10,11. KATHRYN MARY CARTER—HR 108; HR sec-treas. 12; Sr. Senate 12; Pep Club 10,- 11; tutor 11; gymnastics 10; cadet tch. RICHARD JOHN CARTER—HR BAND: Jr. Exec; A-Club 11,12; football 10,11,12; basketball 10,11,12; baseball 10; DECA. HOLLY MARISA CASSIDY—HR Art A; HR pres. 11; sec-treas. 12; Girls’ Serv. Comm. 12; Pep Club 10,11,12; tutor 11,12; gym- nastics 11; Choir 11,12; Soph. Mixed Chorus 10; German Club 10,11; SCRATCH PAD contrib. 10,11; Dance 11,12. ROBERT N. CATUS—HR 317; HR v. pres. 10; football 10,11; wrestling 10,11,12; track 10; VICA 12. SUSAN RENEE CERWICK —HR 120; Jr. Ex- ec.; SPIRIT rep. 12; Firesquad 11; Pep Club 10; Band: Concert 10, March. 10; tutor 11; Choir 10,11,12; Soph. Mixed Chorus; WEB; SCRATCH PAD contrib. 11; cadet ch: Dance 12. CAROL ANNE CHANTLAND—HR 301; Pep Club 10,11,12; Synchronettes 10,11; Drill Team 11,12; Band: Concert 10,11,12; Varsi- ty 10, March. 10,11,12; Office Ed. 12. KAREN M. CHARLSON—HR 304; Spanish Club 10,11; International Club 12; Bicycle Club 12; drama crews 10,11,12. TAN-JEN CHEN—HR 114A; intra. bridge 12; intra. chess 12; moved from Morgan- town, W. Va. KAREN LEE CHRISTENSON—HR 305. RONALD CURTIS CHRISTENSON—HR 104; wrestling 11,12. JANICE FAYE CHURCH—HR 318. CYNTHIA NEFF CLARK—HR 318; Sr. Senate; Girls’ Serv. Comm. 12; Firesquad 11; Pep Club 10,11,12; tutor 11; Synchronettes 12; swimming 10,11,12; Choir 11,12; Soph. Mixed Chorus; Latin Club 10; WEB; Timerettes 10,11,12; " Pirates of Penzance” cast 12. KELLE DIANNE CLARK—HR Band; moved from Austin, Tex.: varsity tennis 10,11. TRACY LARSEN CLARK Ili—HR 210. SHARRON L. CLEMONS—HR 210; Pep Club 10,11; Band: Varsity 10,11, Pep 10,11, March. 10,11; Spanish Club 10; Model UN 11; High School Democrats 11; SC alt. 11; drama crew 11; track 11; graduated as junior. CANDACE LEE CLINEFELTER—HR Art A; HR pres. 11; Pep Club 10,11; Soph. Mixed Chorus; Spanish Club 10,11; DECA; moved from Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.: Varsity swim- ming, chorus. CRAIG O. COLE—HR 114; A-Club 12; Firesquad 11; football 10,11,12; wrestling 10; indoor track 11,12; track 10,11,12 DECA 12. KATHRYN JO COLEMAN—HR 312; Pep Club 10,11,12; Jr.-Sr. Pops 11,12; Soph. Mixed Chorus; Spanish Club 10; nurse exp. 12. MARY HELEN CONSTANTINE—HR 105; Pep Club 10,11,12; SPIRIT rep. 12; twirler 10,11,12, head twirler; Choir 11; Soph. Mix- ed Chorus; Spanish Club 10; SPIRIT staff 11: WEB; Dance 10,11,12, pres.; drama crew 10. ROSALIND MARIE CORIERI—HR BAND: Pep Club 10; gymnastics 10; Soph Mixed: Chorus; Office Ed. 12. SHIRLEY CHRISTINE COUTURE—HR 1148: Pep Club 10,11; tutor 10,11; Soph. © Mixed Chorus 10; Office Ed. 12. JANET MARIE COY—HR PORT.; Merit Sch. semifinalist; HR pres. 11; tutor; SG” Curriculum Comm. 11; Jr.-Sr. Pops 11) Soph. Mixed Chorus 10; Madrigal 10,11; DECA 12. WILLIAM L. CRAWFORD—HR 202; Fires- quad 11; wrestling 10; swimming 11.12; Choir 11; audio-visual aide 10. JANA E. CRISS—HR 304; International Club 1 12; Dance 12; moved from Lake Oswego, — Ore. Ecology Club 11: Omega ٥ Society 10,11; biology lab asst. 11; P.E 8 asst. 11. Men's Libbers' grab kitchen spotlight CAROLYN FRANCES CURRY—HR 121: SPIRIT rep. 11; Pep Club 10.11.12: Synchronettes 10,11,12; Choir 11; Soph. Mixed Chorus: French Club 10: DECA 12. ANGELA LUCILLE DAUB—HR. 307: moved from Marion, lowa: Girls’ Glee: basketball: Pep Club. SCOTT A. DAULTON—HR 129; HR v. pres. 11,12; A-Club 11,12; Firesquad 11; football 10,11,12; wrestling 10,11; indoor track 12; track 10,11,12. BRUCE GERALD DAVIS—HR 120; wrestling 10,11,12; intra. table tennis 11. DONALD ELDON DAVIS JR.—HR 212; foot- ball 12; moved from Arapahoe, Colo.: foot- ball 10,11; basketball 10,11; A-Club 10.11. RONALD DALE DAVIS—HR 105; moved from Arapahoe, Colo.: football, basketball, track. DEBRA RAE DAY—HR Art A: cadet tch. 12: " Prime of Miss Jean Brodie” cast 11: drama crews 11,12; moved from Maryville, Tenn. ROBERT WESLEY DEAN—HR Art A; Key Club 11,12, v.-pres.; football 10,11,12: intra. basketball 10,11,12; Soccer Club 11,12; Spanish Club 11; International Club 12. PEGGY MAYFIELD DEATON. MARK FLAVIUS DONALDSON—HR B-11; SPIRIT rep. 11; wrestling 10,11,12; golf 10,- 11,12; Band: Concert 10,11,12, March. 10.- 11,12; Spanish Club 10,11; International Club 12; WEB. MARY DONHOWE—HR 212; tutor 11; SC Comm. 12; Soccer Club 11; Choir 11,12; Soph. Girls' Glee 10; Madrigal 11,12; Spanish Club 10,11; International Club 12; SCRATCH PAD contrib. 11,12; Art Club 12: Model UN 11,12; YFU in Norway; Thespians 10,11,12; “Beggar on Horseback” cast 11; “Midsummer Night's Dream " cast 11; " Pirates of Penzance " cast 12; crews 10,11,- 12. JUDITH ANN DORR—HR 301; HR pres. 12, v. pres. 10,11; Jr. Exec.; Girls' Serv. Comm. 11,12, co-chairman; Firesquad 11; Pep Club 10,11,12: SC Assembly Comm. 11, co- chairman; Soph. Girls' Glee; French Club 11,12; German Club 10,11; International Club 12; WEB: health occupations 12; lab asst. 12. VIRGINIA ANN DOTY—HR B-11; Pep Club 10; DECA 12. JANET ANN DOWELL—HR 102; Pep Club 10,11; Band: Concert 10,11,12, Stage 11,12, All-State 12; Orchestra 11,12, Ensemble 10,11,12; Soph. Mixed Chorus 10; French Club 10,11; International Club 12. PAUL DONALD DURAND—HR 102; wrestl- ing 10. SANDRA SUZANNE EBEL—HR 208; moved from EI Cajon, Calif.: FFA 9,10,11; poultry judging team 9,10; Band: March. 10,11; House of Rep. 11; gymnastics 9; cafe. 9,10,- 11. LYNDL ANN EBERHART — HR 315; Merit Sch. semifinalist; HR sec.-treas. 10: Girls’ Serv. Comm. 12; Pep Club 10,11,12, cab.: Synchronettes 10,11,12; French Club 10,11. ANN L. EBERT—HR FAST; HR sec.-treas. 11; Firesquad 11; tutor 10,11; Choir 12; Jr.- Sr. Pops 11; Soph. Girls' Glee; Madrigal 11,12; French Club 10; Art Club 10. MARGARET MARY ELBERT—HR 112; Jr.- Sr. Pops 12; Thespians 11,12; " Beggar on Horseback " cast 10, " Hansel and Gretel " cast 10, " Under Milkwood " cast 10, " The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie " cast 11, crews 101112, CHRISTINE MARTHA ELLIS—HR 114A: Jr. Exec.; SPIRIT rep. 11; Firesquad 11; Pep Club 10,11,12 pres.; tutor 11; gymnastics club 11,12; Jr.-Sr. Pops 11; Soph. Mixed Chorus; French Club 10,11; International Club 12; SPIRIT staff 12; cadet tch. 12: Timerettes 12. SÈ OE) A Cé h 7 ۹ - P Ane 9ں‎ )ےو‎ Dee , 4 He جا وف‎ y cx eae - GA Ke i, SSK 744. n ۰ یم‎ NON ONE ا‎ 7 cf ENS K b 2 P E Ra " a XU d ‘ 8 D a, 7 MICHAEL DALE ELLSON—HR Aud. 6; Firesquad 11; Fall track 10,11; football 10,- 11,12; wrestling 10; indoor track 10,11; basketball 10; track 10,11; Choir 11; Soph. Mixed Chorus; DECA 12. KAREN LOUISE ENGELSTAD—HR 114A: Band: Concert 11,12; March. 11,12: Orchestra 11,12; Ensemble 11,12: French Club 11; International Club 12; SCRATCH PAD contrib. 11; moved from Grandforks, N.D.: Band, Orchestra. DENISE A. EPPERLY—HR 129; Pep Club 10,11; DECA 12. CATHERINE E. ERNEST—HR PORT.; Pep Club 10,11; Jr.-Sr. Pops 11; Soph. Girls' Glee. KIMBERLY ANN ESCHBACH—HR 210; SCRATCH PAD contrib. 11. MICHAEL ARTHUR ESCHBACH—HR 318; German Club 11; International Club 12; WEB. PAUL RICHARD ESHELMAN—HR 315: Soccer Club 11,12; intra. table tennis 12: Soph. Mixed Chorus; SCRATCH PAD editorial board 11; Bicycle Club 12; Environ. Action 11. JAMES ARTHUR FEYERABEND—HR 317: football 10,11; wrestling 10,11; Spanish Club 10. Robin McCullough Carol McFarland Doug McGinnis Flora McMartin Diana McMillen Rick McMillen Susan Malmquist Mike Maroney Kai Marten Rick Maxwell Vince Meador Charles Mehle Mike Metzler Kevin Michel Marcia Millard Seniors 159 Anita Miller John Miller Sue Milliken Tom Mischke Ruth Montag TEEN‏ :7777 بت res Jane Moore Lee Ann Moore Marta Moore Bruce Moreland Richard Morrison - 1 1! ` ۱ Andrew Morton Mary Anne Mudd Corajayne Murray Carolyn Myers Chris Myers STEVEN LYNN FISHER—HR 104; HR pres. 12: SPIRIT rep. 10; intra. table tennis 11; Ensemble 11,12; Choir 11,12; Soph. Mixed Chorus 10; Madrigal 11,12; All-State Chorus 10,11,12: " Pirates of Penzance” cast 12 DAVID C. FITZ—HR 112; A-Club 11,12; cross-country 10,11,12; indoor track 10,11,- 12; swimming 10; track 10,11,12; intra. chess 12; SPIRIT staff 11; WEB; Bicycle Club 12. JILL SNODDY FOLKMANN-—HR Aud. 6; moved from Williamsburg, lowa. JOHN CHARLES FREDERIKSEN—HR 108; A-Club 10,11,12; football 10,11,12, mgr.; wrestling 10,11, mgr.; indoor track 12; track 12; tennis 10,11; intra. basketball 10,11,12; Choir 11,12; Soph. Mixed Chorus; " Pirates of Penzance” cast 12. NANCY KAY FRENCH —HR 129; Merit Sch. semifinalist; Synchronettes 11,12; swim- ming 12; Gymnastics Club 10,11; Timerettes 11,12. CATHERINE ANN FRIEDERICH—HR 304; Pep Club 10; German Club 10,11; WEB; DECA 12; drama crews 10. KRISTINE LOUISE FRITSCH—HR 208; SPIRIT rep. 12; Pep Club 10,11,12; SC 12; golf 10,11,12; Band: Concert 10,11,12; Pep 12; March. 10,11,12; Ensemble 12; Madrigal 12; Spanish Club 10,11; International Club 12, class rep.; WEB; 'Beggar on Horseback cast 10; drama crews 10. CHARLES DAVID FULLHART —HR PORT.; HH sec.-treas. 11; indoor track 10; track 10; Band: Concert 10,11,12, Varsity 10, Pep 11,12; March. 10,11,12, Stage 11,12; Orchestra 11,12; Ensemble 10,11,12; French Club 10; Science Explorers. 160 Seniors SUSAN KAY FUTRELL—HR 305; Pep Club 10; tutor 11; SC Courtyard Comm. 11,12; chmn.; Jr.-Sr. Pops 11; Soph. Mixed Chorus; Madrigal 10,11,12; French Club 10,11; WEB; SCRATCH PAD contrib. 11; Art Club 11; Bicycle Club 12; Cadet tch. 12; debate 11,12; Environ. Action 11,12; Science Seminar 11 RICHARD L. GARREY—HR 208; tutor 12; basketball 12 trained; baseball 12; intra. basketball 12; Band: Concert 10, March. 10, cadet tch. 12 J. CHRISTOPHER GAMMACK-—HR 127; Cheersquad 12; Sr. Senate pres.; HR pres. 11,12; SC comm. 11,12; football 10; indoor track 11; tennis 12; SPIRIT staff 11; VICA 12; " Hansel and Gretel " cast 10; " Midsummer Night's Dream " cast 11; crews 10,11. SHERRY LEE GAMMON—HR Aud. 6; Girls’ Serv. Comm. 10,11,12; Pep Club 10,11,12; gymnastics 10,11; Soph Girls' Glee. JEAN ANN GAUGER—HR Aud. 6; Merit Sch. semifinalist; SPIRIT rep. 10; Pep Club 10,11; Gymnastics Club 10; SCRATCH PAD contrib. 10,11; DECA 12; National Council of Teachers of English writing award winner. CAROL SHEAU-HUEI GEE—HR 319; SPIRIT rep. 10; Soph. Mixed Chorus; French Club 10. SUSAN MARTHA GEIST—HR 202; SPIRIT editor; Girls’ Serv. Comm. 10,11,12; Pep Club 10,11,12; tutor 11; SC Social Comm. 10; SC Curriculum Comm. 12; Synchronettes 10,11,12, pres.; Timerettes 10,11 pres. 12 pres.; Band: Concert 10, Varsity 10, Ensemble 10; Choir 11; Soph. Mixed Chorus; Madrigal 10; French Club 10; SPIRIT staff 11,12; lowa Leadership Conference 11; music theory 10. DOUGLAS M. GERJETS—HR 301; football 10: basketball 10; intra. basketball 11,12. MARTHA IRENE GIGSTAD—HR 212; Pep Club 11; Choir 12; Jr.-Sr. Pops 11; moved from Greenport, N.Y.: Chorus DONNA ANN GILCHRIST—HR 317; Pep Club 10,11,12; Band: Concert 10, Varsity 11,12, March. 10,11,12; Choir 10,11; Soph. Girls’ Glee; lib. asst. 10,11,12; nurse exp. 12. VAYNE STUART GLASS—HR 305. SHEILA DEANNE GLENN—HR 315; HR sec.-treas. 10,11; Girls’ Serv. Comm. 10,- 11.12; SPIRIT rep. 11; Firesquad 11; Pep Club 10,11,12; gymnastics 10; Jr.-Sr. Pops 11; Soph. Girls' Glee; WEB; nurse exp. 12. THOMAS CRESS HATTEN—HR 120. JOHN THOMAS HAUSER—HR 212; tutor 11,12; audio-visual aide 10,11,12; Bicycle Club 12. JANE ELIZABETH HEGGEN—HR 108. MICHAEL JAMES HEMINGSON—HR Art A; basketball 10,11,12. MARK ALAN HENDERSHOP—HR B-11; moved from Muncie, Ind: Latin Club, swim- ming, Ensemble. SUSAN MARIE HENELY—HR 318. SUSAN LYNN HERBERT—HR Band; Pep Club 10,11; Spanish Club 11; SCRATCH PAD edit. bd. 11; Dance 11; DECA 12; drama crews 10. LAURA LYNN HERMANN—HR FAST. JENNIFER JANE HERRICK—HR 105; Cheersquad 10,11; Firesquad 11; track 11; gymnastics 10,11,12; Soph. Girls' Glee; lab. asst. 12. ELLEN SARA HERRNSTADT —HR 112; Pep Club 10; Soph. Mixed Chorus; Spanish Club 10; WEB; DECA 12; " Member of the Wed- ding " and " Beggar on Horseback " casts 10; " Prime of Miss Jean Brodie " cast 11; " Pirates of Penzance” cast 12; crews 10,11.- 12. SUSAN LYNN HIEDEMAN—HR 114 A; Pep Club 10,11,12; gymnastics 10; German Club 10 co-chairman: cadet tch. 12; Dance 10,- 11,12; nurse exp. 12; " Lizzie Borden " cast 11. JEFF R. HILTON—HR 304; Key Club 12; Band: Concert 12; Varsity 11,12; football 10,11,12; swimming 10; WEB. KATHLEEN SUE HOFF—HR 114 B; Pep Club 10,11; SPIRIT staff 11,12, ads editor 12 ; “Beggar on Horseback” cast 10. TERRA LYNN HOLLAND—HR 108; Pep Club 10,11,12; Orchestra 10; Jr.-Sr. Pops 11; Soph. Mixed Chorus; International Club 12; drama crews 10,11. DEBRA JOY HOLTER—HR 104; Band: Concert 12; March. 12; Choir 12; Inter- national Club 12; WEB; moved from Casselton, N. Dak.: Choir 10,11; Band 10,- 11; Pep Band 10,11; FHA 10,11; basketball 11; Honor Society 11; golf 10. CRAIG JOHN HOOF—HR 102; Bicycle Club 12. DAVID KEITH HOOVER—HR Aud. 6—Key Club 10, It. gov. 11, pres. 12; tutor 11; Band: Concert 11,12; Varsity 10, Pep 11,12; March. 10,11,12; German Club 10. One of the first girl pages in the Iowa Legislature, Patty Beneke delivers a message to a Senate desk. KERRY EILEEN GOODWIN—HR 114A: Firesquad 11; Band: Concert 10; Jr.-Sr. Pops 11; Soph. Mixed Chorus; French Club 10; DECA 12; Drama crews 10. CINDY LOU GREENE—HR 114. ANN M. GRINDELAND—HR 103; Cheers- quad 10,11,12, capt.; Pep Club 10; swim- ming 10; gymnastics 10,11,12; Spanish Club 10,11; nurse exp. 12. STEVEN JOHN GROVER—HR 202: cross- country 11; indoor track 10,11,12; track 10,- 11,12. PAULA ANN GRUCZA—HR Art A; Sr. Senate co-treas.; SPIRIT rep 12; Pep Club 10; Drill Team 11,12; Choir 10; Jr.-Sr. Pops 11; Soph. Mixed Chorus; Spanish Club 10.- 11; Office Ed. 12 treas. CLARETTA JOY GURGANUS-—HR 127: Pep Club 10,11,12; Band: Concert 10, March. 10,11,12; SPIRIT staff 12; WEB; cadet tch. 12; Thespians 10,11,12; " Beggar on Horseback” cast 10; " Dark of the Moon " cast 11; " Pirates of Penzanze " cast 12, " The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie " asst. dir., crews 10,11,12. DEBORAH RAE HAGEBOCK—HR 208; Pep Club 10,12; SCRATCH PAD contrib. 12: Of- fice Ed. 12; " Member of the Wedding " cast 10. JOE E. HAGEN—HR 208. CRYSTAL ANN HAGERT—HR 301; Spanish Club 10,11; DECA 12. DAVID R. HAKES—HR. Band; A-Club 12: football 10,11,12; wrestling 10; baseball 10; DECA 12. Girls' Lib, too— Beneke to Capitol BRIAN LEE HALVORSON-—HR FAST: Band: Concert 10,11,12; March. 10,11,12; Ensemble 10. BRUCE LYNN HALVORSON—HR 105; Merit Sch. Letter of Commend.; Band: Concert 10,11,12; Pep 12; March 10,11,12: Stage 10,11,12; Orchestra 10; Ensemble 10. BRUCE GREGORY HAMMOND—HR 112. MICHAEL A. HANSEN—HR 105; moved from Stewartville, Minn.: football, basket- ball, track. DAVID JON HANSON—HR B-11; Merit Sch. semifinalist; cross-country 11; wrestling 12; tennis 11,12; intra. basketball 11; intra. bridge 12; intra. chess 12; intra. table tennis 11,12; Choir 10,11,12; All-State Chorus 12: French Club 11,12; Spanish Club 11; Inter- national Club 12; " Pirates of Penzance " cast 12; drama crews 10,12; moved from Garner, lowa: drama, choir, athletic mgr. CRAIG HARTLEY HANWAY—HR 114; HR pres. 12; HR v. pres. 10; Jr. Exec. treas.; SPIRIT rep. 12; SC Building and Grounds Comm. 12; swimming 10,11,12; German Club 10,11; International Club 12; WEB; Courtyard and Landscaping Comm. KELLEY M. HARRIS, JR.—HR 127; moved from South Holland, Ill. SUSAN LYNN HART: HR ; Pep Club 10,- 11; DECA 12; drama 10. HELEN ANN HARTMAN—HR 129; HR pres. 10; Pep Club 10; WEB; DECA 12. DAVID HERBERT HATCH—HR Art A; Fire- squad 11; Environ. Action Comm. co- chmn.; Environ, Action 10; Science Seminar 10; VICA 12. Barb Nath Jan Ness Steve Netcott Laurie Newell Nancy Newell Mary Nichols Scott Nichols Norma Nims Beth Anne Nissen Pete Nutty Seniors 161 Harry Oates Connie Oliver Mary Olson Ann Outka Jeff Owen Jim Packer David Parks Carol Jo Patterson Larry Paulsen Carol Peterson 162 Seniors In January about 35 students decided to relieve the midwinter doldrums by checking out books by authors whose names started with A, B, or C. Above, Ms. Dorothy Brown awaits books’ return; the empty shelves. But students also helped collect paper- backs for library in March “potpourri.” Jim Ulmer stacks up 321 he amassed. 7 کی hm سے‎ om ed ہے تق‎ ua Sel. C Vs e EM EU T SCC TF WILLIAM ALLEN HOTCHKISS—HR 318: A- Club 12: football 12; wrestling 10,11; indoor Strack 10; track 10; tennis 11; Soccer Club $12: Orchestra 10.11.12; Choir 11,12; ۱ Spanish Club 10,11; " Pirates of Penzance " | cast 12. [VIRGIL L. HOUSER—HR 315 ITHOMAS KEVIN HUISMAN—HR 312; Swimming 10,11; tennis 11; intra. basketball 112; intra. bridge 12; Band: Concert 10,11,12 fv. pres; Pep 10,11,12; March. 1,11127 Stage 10,11,12: Ensemble 10,11,12. IGORDON D. HUTTON—HR 112. DAVID HENRY INGHAM—HR 129; moved from Husley, lowa: Stage Band; Concert Band; drama; Photography Club. PATRICIA ANN INGRAHAM—HR 212; Sr. I Senate 12; SPIRIT rep. 12; SC member 12; eSynchronettes 11; tennis 12; Choir 12; Jr.- ër. Pops 11; Soph. Mixed Chorus; Spanish Ciub 10,11; International Club 12; ISCRATCH PAD contrib. 11; nurse exp. 12; moved from Kailva, Hawaii: varsity girls’ tennis. CYNTHIA LYN JACOBSON—HR 208; | rsquad 12; Pep Club 10,11,12; gym- Enastics 10,11; twirler 10,11; French Club 11; Dance 10,11,12. ENNIS JACOBSON—HR 124: football 11: ntra. basketball 10: VICA 12. MICHAEL JOHN JACOBSON—HR PORT. Ub 10,11; DECA 12; drama crews 10. ARGARET ELIZABETH JAMES—HR 127; PIRIT 5121 12; Pep Club 10; Choir 10; ph. Mixed Chorus; Madrigal 10; French TEVEN LYNN JANSSEN—HR 127; Merit . Letter of Commend : football 10; intra. basketball 10,11; intra. chess 12; WEB; Model UN 10,11,12 head delegate; Science Seminar 11. STEVEN L. JEFFREY—HR 208; baseball 10,11,12: intra. basketball 101112 DECA 12. THEODORE EDWARD JESKA—HR 301; Key Club 11,12; football 12 mgr.; Soccer Club 11,12; WEB. STEVEN R. JOHNS—HR B-11. CHRISTINE ANN JOHNSON HR 304; Pep Club 10,11,12; Jr.-Sr. Pops 11,12. LYNETTE ANN JOHNSON—HR 102; Merit Sch. Letter of Commend.; SPIRIT rep. 10; Synchronettes 11; Band: Concert 10,11,12; March. 10,11,12; Orchestra 12; Choir 12; Soph. Mixed Chorus; Madrigal 10,11,12; Spanish Club 10,11; International Club 12; SCRATCH PAD contrib. 10,11 MARK WILCOX JONES—HR 318; SC co- pres. 12; HR pres. 12; SPIRIT rep. 12; tutor 11; football 10; wrestling 10; intra. basket- ball 11,12; German Club 10,11; Inter- national Club 12; SCRATCH PAD contrib. 10,11. JOHN JORSTAD, JR.—HR 120; VICA 12; Thespians 11,12; " Dark of the Moon " and " The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie” casts 11; crews 11,12; moved from Lincoln, Neb.: Soph. golf. KENT ALAN JULIUS—HR Band; Merit Sch. Letter of Commend.; basketball 10; baseball 10,11; intra. basketball 11,12; French Club 10. JERROLD KEITH JUTTING—HR FAST: Merit Sch. semifinalist; SPIRIT staff 11,12, bus. mgr. 12; SC Courtyard Landscaping Comm. 11,12; tennis 10; Band: Concert 10.- 11,12; Pep 11,12; March, 10,11,12; Madrigal 11,12; Spanish Club 11; International Club 12; SCRATCH PAD contrib. 11; lab. asst. 10; Science Seminar 10; drama crew 12; " Macbeth " cast 12. PATRICIA EILEEN KAYSER—HR 202; Pep Club 10,11,12; usher football and basketball games 10,11,12. JEFFREY BRIAN KELLOG—HR 105; Fires- quad 11. PATRICIA ELENA KELTON—August, 1972. graduate. MARIA JULIA KEMENY—HR 105: Cheers- quad 10,11,12; HR pres. 10; Jr. Exec 11: Pep Club 10,11,12; Gymnastics Club 10: WEB; cadet tch. 12: lab asst. 12. KIM RENAE KESELEY—HR Band: moved from Babbitt, Minn.: Band: Concert 10.11: March. 10,11, Pep 10,11; GAA 10; Class v. pres. 11. BARBARA JO KETCHAM—HR 315: Jr. Ex- ec; Band: Concert 10,11,12; March. 10.11.- 12; Orchestra 10,11,12: Ensemble 10,11,12; Art Club 11. DANA BETH KEY—HR 114 A. CANDACE ANNE KINDERMANN—HR 129: Pep Club 10,11,12: Orchestra 10,11,12: Jr.- Sr. Pops 11; Soph. Girls’ Glee; All-State Orch. 12; Spanish Club 11; International Club 12; Debate 10. DEBRA ANN KINGSBURY—HR Port. JAMES H. KINNEY —HR 112; A-Club 10,11.- 12; wrestling 10,11,12; track 10. CHRISTINA RUTH KISER—HR 305; Choir Mark Peterson Susan Peterson Grant Phipps Dave Popelka Toni Porath Sue Potter Cynthia Powers Edward Powers Mary Kay Reece Connie Reed Kathi Reed Robert Reinbold John Reinke Robert Richert Joe Riley 11; Soph. Mixed Chorus; Madrigal 11,12; German Club 10,11; Dance 11,12; DECA 12; Thespians 10,11,12; " Hansel and Gretel, " " Beggar on Horseback, " one-acts casts 10; “Midsummer Night's Dream, " “Dark of the Moon " casts 11; crews 10,11,12. JANICE ANN KISER—HR 120: Girls’ Service Comm. 12; Pep Club 10,11; tutor 11; Band: Concert 10,11,12; Varsity 10, Pep 10,11,12; March. 10,11,12; Orchestra 11,12; Ensem- ble 10,11,12; Madrigal 11,12; French Club 10,11,12; International Club 12; Dance 11.- 12; Environ. Action 11, drama crews 10. CRAIG A. KITZMAN—HR 112: football 10: tennis 10. JACQUELINE KLAS—HR 212; " Beggar on Horseback” cast 10, crews 10.11. RICHARD NEWMAN KNISELEY, JR.—HR 114; Soph Mixed Chorus; French Club 10,- 11. DENNIS L. KNUTSON—HR 105. GREG K. KOERBER—HR. 114 A GABRIELE KOSCHORRECK —Completed graduation requirements in August, 1972; abroad 1973. MARJA IRENE KOTILA—YFU exchange student from Finland. JOHN EDWARD KYLLO—midyear graduate. LYNDA DE ANE LAGERQUIST—HR 8-11: HR v. pres. 12; Firesquad 11; SC Assembly Comm. 11; SC Publicity Comm. 12; SC rep 11,12; French Club 10,11; Dance 10; Model UN 11; YFU host; Thespians 11,12; " Hansel and Gretel,” “Beggar on Horseback” casts 10, crews 10,11.12. Seniors 163 —ÍÓa— —! IH Cheryl Ring Kathy Risch John Risse Leanne Robertson Jill Robinson Becky Rohrbough Jeff Homans Debbie Routh Katie Rozeboom Marc Sakamoto Norma Sams Todd Sand Cindy Sansgaard Valerie Sather Tricia Savage DEBORAH LYNN LANDE—HR 102; Soph. Girls’ Glee; WEB; nurse exp. 12. JERRY PAUL LANE—HR 212; A-Club 11,12; wrestling 10,11,12; VICA 12. PATRICIA KAY LARIVIERE—FHR Aud. 6; Girls Serv. Comm. 10,11,12; Pep Club 10,- 11,12; tutor 11; Drill Team 11,12; Gym- nastics Club 11; Soph. Mixed Chorus; French Club 11; DECA 12, officer; " Beggar on Horseback cast 10. CYNTHIA ANN LARSON (1)—FHR 315; Pep Club 10; tutor 11,12; Synchronettes 10,11,- 12; Jr.-Sr. Pops 11; Soph. Mixed Chorus 10; Madrigal 10; WEB; cadet tch. 12; drama crews 10; Timerettes 11,12 CYNTHIA ANN LARSON (2)—HR. FAST. RANDY M. LARSON—HR 127; Merit Sch. semifinalist; A-Club 11; basketball 10,11; golf 10,11,12; intra. basketball 12; French Club 10,11; Boys' State 11. JACQUELINE MARIE LATTA—-HR 105; Pep Club 10,11,12; Drill Team 12; Jr.-Sr. Pops 11; Soph. Girls' Glee 10; French Club 10,11. SUSAN ELAINE LEES—HR 317, HR treas. 12; Girls’ Serv, Comm. 12; Band: Varsity 11,12, Pep 12, March. 11,12; Choir 11,12, German Club 11, International Club 12; YFU in Germany; moved from West Chester, lowa: Musical, opera; Barid: Concert, March., Pep; Mixed Chorus, Girls’ Glee, ensembles; Pep Club. MARY ELLEN LESAN—HR 112; Pep Club 10; Thespians, 11,12; " Member of the Wed- ding, " “Beggar on Horseback” casts 10; “Midsummer Night's Dream, " " Dark of the Moon, " " The Prime of Miss Jean Brod ie " casts 11; crews 10,11,12. MARK EDWARD LITCHFIELD—HR 304. 164 Seniors BRIAN JAMES LITTLE—HR 102: football 10; VICA 12. BARBARA JANE LOOTS—HR 108; Pep Club 10,11,12 cab.; Drill Team 11,12 co- cap.; Office Ed 12 sec. DAVID LEE LOSEKE—HR 305; Band: Concert 12, Varsity 11, Pep 11,12, March. 11,12, Stage 12; SCRATCH PAD contrib. 11; moved from Niles, Mich.: Band. JANET LYNN LUING —HR Art A; Pep Club 10,11; Office Ed. 12. FLORA P. McMARTIN—HR 305; SC treas. 12; tennis 12; German Club 11; Latin Club 10; International Club 12; Bicycle Club 12; moved from Owatonna, Minn.: tennis, volleyball, GRA. DIANA KATHLEEN McMILLEN—HR 304; Choir 11; Soph. Mixed Chorus; Spanish Club 10,11; WEB; cadet tch. 12; Dance 11,- 12. RICKY LEE McMILLEN —HR Art A; VICA 12. SUSAN JEAN MALMQUIST—HR 114 B; International Club 12; Newcomers' Club 11; moved from Nairobi, Kenya. MICHAEL J. MARONEY—HR 127; Band: Concert 11,12; Varsity 10, Pep 12, March. 10,11,12 drum major; WEB; Model UN 12; Science Seminar 10. KAI ROLAND MARTEN—HR 212; Merit Sch. semifinalist; HR pres. 11; intra. bridge 11,12; intra. chess 12; Band: Concert 10, Varsity 11, March. 10,11; SCRATCH PAD contrib. 11; Debate 10,11,12; Model UN 11,- 12. RICKEY DEAN MARTIN—HR 301; Fires- quad 11; SC Comm. 11. GERALD T. MATCHETT—HR B-11; HR v.- pres. 10,11; A-Club 12; Firesquad 11; foot- ball 10,12; indoor track 10; track 10; intra. basketball 10,11,12; DECA 12. RICK ALLEN MAXWELL—HR 102; football 10. VINCENT PHILLIP MEADOR—HR Aud. 6; football 12; tennis 11; intra. basketball 11,- 12; German Club 10,11. CHARLES BEN MEHLE—HH 202; Wrestling 10,11; intra. basketball 10. MICHAEL DAVID METZLER—HR 315; Soph. Mixed Chorus”; SCRATCH PAD con- trib. 12; Bicycle Club 12; Environ. Action 10; " Member of the Wedding, " " Scribbled Words " casts 10, " Pirates of Penzance’ cast 12. KEVIN PAUL MICHEL—HR FAST; intra. basketball 10,11,12. CORDELIA LYNN McCLURKIN—HR FAST; tutor 11; drama crews 11; DECA 12; in Lahore, W. Pakistan, 10: Drama, basketball, class sec.-treas. SARA HOUGHTON McCORMACK—HR 127; HR pres. 10,11; sec.-treas. 10,11,12; SPIRIT rep. 12; Pep Club 10; tutor 11,12; SC Welfare Comm. 10, Curric. Comm. 11,12; Orchestra 10,11,12; Ensemble 12; Choir 12; Jr.-Sr, Pops 11; Soph. Mixed Chorus; Madrigal 10,11,12; All-State Chorus 11,12; French Club 10,11; International Club 12; SCRATCH PAD contributor 11; YFU in Switzerland; drama crews 10. JEFFREY DONOVAN McCOY—HR 315; VICA 12; drama crews 12. SCOTT JEFFREY McCOY—HR 317; Merit Sch. Letter of Commend.; activity dir. 11; Ensemble 10,11,12 dir; Choir 10,11,12; Soph. Mixed Chorus; Madrigal 10.1117 All-State Chorus 11,12; Thusnelda Singers 11,12 dir.; French Club 10,11; cadet tch. 1227 " Beggar on Horseback " cast 10. JEFFERSON LEE McCULLOUGH—HR 2082 football 11,12; Boys' State 11; moved from Columbus, Ohio: football 10; SC 10. ROBIN NELSON McCULLOUGH—HR 104 Band: Concert 11,12, Varsity 10, 10,11; Latin Club 10; Art Club 12. JAMES LESLIE McELHERNE—HR Band Firesquad 11; indoor track 10; track 10,12 intra. basketball 10,11; intra. table tennis) 12; state bowling tournament 10. $- CAROL JANIS McFARLAND—HR 120; Jra Sr. Pops 11; Soph. Mixed Chorus; Office Ed. 12. ۱ 1 DOUGLAS D. McGINNIS—HR 87 Firesquad 11; WEB. 5 indi MICHAEL O. McINTIRE—HR 108; WEB. E MARCIA JEAN MILLARD—HR 202; F Club 10; Soph. Mixed Chorus. ANITA KAY MILLER—HR FAST; Band: Vê sity 12, March. 12; Choir 12; moved from Webster City: Band: March. 10,11; Cc cert | — 10,11; Girls’ Glee 11; Pep Band 11; office. asst. 11. JOHN ROBERT MILLER—HR 105: 9 10,11; wrestling 10,11; Choir 11; Soph $ ed Chorus; Bicycle Club 12; moved Glidden: football. MELODY SUE MILLIKEN—HR 315 Cheersquad 11; HR pres. 11; Firesquad ۴ Pep Club 10,11; track 11,12; tennis ۳ 12; gymnastics 10; WEB; DECA. ix 29 ) Basketballers sport some new uniforms | Cowpokes Steve Burgason and Terry Carroll Boys’ unofficial rooting section unofficially adopted a uniform, 4 E - F1 Téi " ۰ ٩ . Y Y 7 $ ۰ | keep a sharp eye out for KSO ball rustlers. the “Foxhead” T-shirt, from Coach George Duvall's nickname. eam or سے‎ = —— x. 3 f ” 5 8 e 1 1 ۱ WS ۷ ff 3 7 ١ Cé d ‘ A ۰ FB E D A " hir M C (Ae ] ۱ Dë a SJ - |o» pw Paul Schattauer i E CS j E e Sue Schmidt ۱ T 2020 Den SS M Kandy ۷ Frank Schneider Sally Scholten " aim. 7 Ae Tiry SS ۲ ۲۳۲۲ KE 7 A H E Pam Schulte Steve Schultz Jeff Schwartz Karen Schwartz Susan Scott Seniors 165 Cathy Seibert Sue Seibert Janet Seim Ned Shank Jo Ann Shaughnessy Cindee Shearer Grady Shelton Donna Sibigtroth Chickie Sibley Darrell Silverthorn Cindabeth Sims Martha Simmons Teri Simmons Mark Skadberg Arne Skarshaug Peggy Skripsky Tia Slater Connie Smith Scott Smith Jenifer Songer Larry Sorenson Beth Speer Dave Sprowell Leslie Steenhard Linda Stewart £ Beth Ann Stone Jill Strike Greg Stritzel Bryan Stucky Sheryl Stump Eeër mm Ez H Ze 8 EE S zz F D x‏ سس d ka LU ` 166 Seniors " Tuba jock " Ray Thomson leads the Pep Band in a rousing tune as Greg Dougal does an impromptu twist at a basketball game. THOMAS RUSSELL MISCHKE—HR 114 A; cadet tch. 12. RUTH ANN MONTAG-—HR Band: Merit Sch. Letter of Commend.; HR pres. 12; SPIRIT rep. 12; Band: Concert 10,11,12, March. 10,11,12; Orchestra 12; Ensemble 11,12; French Club 10,11; SCRATCH PAD contrib. 11. JANE ELLEN MOORE—HR 102; HR pres. 12; SC Curric. and Assemblies Comm. 12; Jr.-Sr. Pops 12; " Pirates of Penzance " cast F 12; moved from Corning: SC 10; Y-Teens 11,12; drama 10,11; Girls' Sextet 10; Stu- ; dent Senate 11; National Honor Society; yearbook staff 11; Thespians 11. » LEE ANN MOORE—HR 317; Band: Concert - 10, March. 10,11; Jr.-Sr. Pops 11; Soph. ۱ Giris’ Glee; Office Ed. 12; drama crews 10. ۲ MARTA SUE MOORE-—HR 104; Cheers- quad 12. BRUCE ALAN MORELAND—HR Port.; Latin Club 10; Debate 10,11,12: Environ. Action £10; Model UN 12; Theology 11; “Ugly Duckling” cast 11. » RICHARD LEE MORRISON—HR 208; Key F Club 10,11 v. pres., 12 treas.; International Club 12. ROBERT PAUL MORRISON—HR Aud. 3. ANDREW SCOTT MORTON—HR 127; golf 10,11,12: Choir 11,12: Soph. Mixed Chorus 10; German Club 11; International Club 12; ‘Environ. Action 11,12; Model UN 12. MARY ANN MUDD—HR 129. CORAJAYNE MURRAY—HR 120; DECA. LE Ss, We aa» wl Ara, Zwee T bei ا ا‎ 2a di uon Tw PAP ا وب‎ iod? " " e , ` ۔‎ eee a ہیں رہ‎ e ` CAROLYN ANN MYERS—HR 208; Fires- quad 11; Pep Club 12; SC Comm. 11. CHRISTOPHER JON MYERS—HR 301; golf 10,11; intra. basketball 10,11; DECA. BARBARA KAY NATH—HR 102; Firesquad 11; SPIRIT rep. 12; Pep Club 10,11,12; tutor 11,12; Gymnastics Club 11; Latin Club 11; International Club 12; Model UN 12; nurse exp. 12; drama crews 11. JANET KAY NESS—HR Aud. 6: Girls’ Serv. Comm. 11,12; Pep Club 10,11; Soph. Mixed Chorus; Office Ed. 12; Timerettes 10.11. STEVEN IRVIN NETCOTT—HR 308: fall track 10,11,12; football 10,11,12; indoor track 10,11,12; track 10,11,12; intra. basket- ball 12; Boys' State 11; VICA. LAURIE J. NEWELL—HR 114-B; Synchronettes 12; Choir 12; moved from Omaha: Pep Club 10; Z-Club 11; Y-Teens 10; summer musical cast and crew 10; spr- ing musical 11; French Club 10; Inter- national Club 10; Choir 11; Soph. Girls’ Glee. NANCY ANN NEWELL—HR 318; Firesquad 11; Pep Club 10,11,12; tutor 11; Jr.-Sr. Pops 11; Soph. Girls’ Glee; Spanish Club 10,11; International Club 12; WEB; Dance 11,12; Drug Council 11; Ames Sister City ex- change to Loja, Ecquador, 10. MARY ELLEN NICHOLS—HR 315; HR v. pres. 11,12; Pep Club 10,11; International Club 12; Dance 11,12; nurse exp. 12. SCOTT HARRY NICHOLS—HR 305; HR v. pres. 12; A-Club 11,12; Key Club 10,11; cross-country 11,12 co-cap.; indoor track 10,11,12; track 10,11,12; intra. basketball 10,11,12. NORMAGENE FLORENCE NIMS—HR 105; Spanish Club 10,11. PETER JOHN NUTTY—HR Aud. 6; HR v. pres. 10; Firesquad 11; swimming 10; intra. basketball 10,11; DECA. WILLIAM E. O.CONNOR—HR 104. HARRY BRUCE OATES—HR 212; Fire- squad 11; basketball 10; VICA 12. CONNIE RAE OLIVER—HR 108—Girls’ Serv. Comm. 12; Pep Club 10,11,12; Band: Concert 10,11, March. 10,11; Gymnastics Club 12. JAMES EUGENE OLSON—HR 318; Band: Concert 12; March. 12. MARY LEE OLSON—HR Port.; Drill Team 11,12; DECA. ANN ELIZABETH OUTKA—HR 127; Jr.-Sr. Pops 11; Soph Girls Glee; DECA JEFFREY STEPHEN OWEN: HR Band; wrestling 10,11; VICA 12. JAMES ALLEN PACKER—HR 317; HR v. pres. 10,11,12; Sr. Senate; SPIRIT rep. 12; A-Club 12; tutor 11; cross-country 11,12; in- door track 10,11,12; track 10,11,12; intra. basketball 10,11,12; ensemble 11,12; Choir 11,12; Soph. Mixed Chorus; Madrigal 10,- 11,12; Latin Club 10; Boys' State 11; cadet tch, 12; “Beggar on Horseback” cast 10. MICHAEL ANDREW PAGE—HR 105; DECA. DAVID GERALD PARKS—HR 112: Merit Sch. Letter of Commend. CAROL JO PATTERSON—HR 212; Band adopted a “Milton’s Marauders” Randy Wedin and Mark Donaldson are shown. Musicians join T-shirt craze T-shirt Cheersquad 11,12; HR v.-pres. 12, sec.- treas. 11; Girls’ Serv. Comm. 10,11,12, co- chmn; Pep Club 10,11,12; Gymnastics Club 10; Jr.-Sr. Pops 11; Soph. Girls Glee; French Club 10,11; WEB; cadet tch. 12; Dance 10,11,12; lab asst. 10,11. LAWRENCE ANDREW PAULSEN—HR 114 A; “Beggar on Horseback” cast 10. JUANITA LAUREEN PETERS—HR SLCE. CAROL PETERSON—HR 212; SPIRIT staff 11,12; Girls’ Serv. Comm. 12; Pep Club 11,- 12; Synchronettes 12; Spanish Club 11; cadet tch. 12; Dance 11,12; Timerettes 11,- 12; moved from Tustin, Calif.: GAA 9,10; Drill Team 10; Pep Club 9,10; Ski Club 9.10; CSF 9,10. MARK WAYNE PETERSON—HR 108; golf 11; swimming 10; intra. basketball 11,12; DECA. SUSAN KAY PETERSON—HR 305; Pep Club 10; gymnastics Club 11; DECA GRANT EDWARD PHIPPS—HR Art A, pres. 12; tutor 11; SC comm. 12; football 11 mgr.; swimming 10; Spanish Club 10,11; WEB; DECA; " Beggar on Horseback” cast 11 DAVID MILES POPELKA—HR 127; tennis 10,11,12; Band: Concert 10,11,12; Pep 11,- 12; March. 10,11,12; Stage 12. TONI V. PORATH—HR Aud 6; drama crews 10,11; Soph. Girls' Glee. SUSAN LYNN POTTER—HR B-12; drama crews 10,11. CYNTHIA SUE POWERS—HR 202—Girls’ Serv. Comm. 11,12; Pep Club 10,11,12; Spanish Club 10,11; International Club 12; WEB; cadet tch. Seniors 167 2 et سس‎ d m0 e « " n -— — -— ECE C = 9 ےج‎ V) ۵ CC (۳ ےت ہا ہا‎ es " eg O OD o0 = یں‎ ke I 6 ه ۵ ۵ و‎ 9 ۵ » 5 6 950900 ٩ .ی ن‎ ۵ 0» O ۵ m pem i= ہد ہیی سے‎ ot ae E E ۵ ۵ - Oy + UI ہے ہہ کے‎ x 0 سس با‎ rt Coos = 0 mi FF c ecco So 209 5 ® = C 00 O O CS © 2200 SE E و‎ 5 5 0 OO 0 = 222 NZH S ۵ 5 ت220 ع‎ ac 02222 LZ oQ = as Se rS xc 5 ۵ و‎ 352 vg == ك0 الک‎ a ہے انا‎ wits یت‎ H o D مج‎ Ai (OS m CE ko oO 6۱۸ rosor ز0‎ Oe [s CG m c = 0¬ ںہ‎ 0 Ke a کن جج تو 5ے‎ a Spo تا‎ K- = = O SY " 0 H 92 cn = 0 Oo S © cU BEES i 0 168 85 = —— — RE See ee COENA ee e my —— ا سس‎ ETE A eee —= — a AA GF ` EDWARD NEIL POWERS—HR 120: tutor 11; Band: March. 10,11; SCRATCH PAD 6071۳۱ 11. WARREN E. PURVIS—HR 102; football 10.- 11.12: indoor track 10,11,12; track 10,11,12. RANDALL RAY RASMUSSEN—HR 202: HR v.-pres. 11; basketball 10. MARY KAY REECE—HR Band; SPIRIT rep. 11; Pep Club 11,12; Drill Team 11,12; Choir 10.11; Soph Mixed Chorus; nurse exp. - CONNIE JEAN REED—HR 301; Cheers- | quad 10; Spanish Club 11; Dance 11; DECA; moved from Boone. KATHRYN LOUISE REED—HR FAST, pres. l 11.12. v.-pres. 10; Pep Club 10: French Club 10; Dance 10; Model UN 11; Thespians 11,- 12; “Beggar on Horseback.” “Hansel and Gretel’ casts 10; “Midsummer Night's Dream,” “Dark of the Moon,” casts 11; " Pirates of Penzance " asst. director, crews 10,11,12. WILLIAM LYNN REED—HR 317; VICA; moved from Flint, Mich. ROBERT S. REINBOLD—HR FAST; A-Club 10.11.12; cross-country 10; indoor track 10.11.12; Synchronettes 12; swimming 10,- 11.12; track 10,11,12: German Club 10,11,- 12: S CRATCH PAD contributor 10; Dance 12. JOHN PAUL REINKE—HR 129; Merit Sch. 56۱۲۱۱۱021151: SC co-pres. 12; track 11,12; ۲ moved from Ottawa, Ill: Riflery Club; Chemistry Club; football 10; track 10. - ROBERT L. RICHERT—HR 112: A-Club 11.- 42, cross-country 10,11,12 tri-cap.; indoor track 10.11.12: track 10,11,12; intra. basket- ball 10.11.12; WEB. JOSEPH LEONARD RILEY—HR 114B. CHERYL LYNNE RING—HR 104; SPIRIT rep. 11; Pep Club 10,11,12; Synchronettes 10.11; Drill Team 11,12; Band: Concert 10, March. 10,11; Soph. Mixed Chorus; Spanish Club 10,11; DECA. ۲ KATHARINE BETH RISCH—HR 317; Pep Club 10,11,12; Band: Concert 10,11,12; Pep 12; March. 10,11 ,12; Ensemble 10,12; 10.- | 42: Spanish 11; International Club 12; WER: SCRATCH PAD contrib. 11; moved from | Denison: Pep Club; Pep Band, ensembles; = tennis. JOHN F. RISSE—HR 108; audio-visual aide 10.11.12. MARTHA LEANNE ROBERTSON—HR 112; Pep Club 10; Band: Concert 11,12; Varsity 10; Pep 10; March. 10,11,12; Stage 11; Ger- man Club 10.11. | ALTA JILL ROBINSON—HR FAST. | RECECCA MARIE ROHRBOUGH—HR | 7148. | MICHAEL EDWARD ROLLING—HR SPRM; | graduated as junior. LE. JEFFERY ROMANS—HR Port; VICA. DEBORAH JO ROUTH—HR 129; HR sec.- treas. 10,11: Firesquad 11; Pep Club 10,11; !ynchronettes 10,11,12; Jr.-Sr. Pops 11; Soph. Girls’ Glee; WEB; DECA. “KATHERINE FAITH ROZEBOOM—HR Art A; Drill Team 12. RICHARD JON RUDY MARC WESLEY SAKAMOTO-—HR 127; football 11,12; indoor track 10,11,12; track 101112: DECA. TODD MICHAEL SAND—HR 208, pres. 10. 11, v.-pres. 12; SPIRIT rep. 10; swimming 10; DECA. NORMA M. SAMS—HR 318. CYNTHIA ANN SANSGAARD—HR 208; Soph. Mixed Chorus. VALERIE DAWN SATHER—HR 120; Pep Club 10; DECA; " Beggar on Horseback " cast 10, drama crews 10. PAUL CHRISTEN SCHATTAUER—HR 301; A-Club 10,11,12; wrestling 10,11,12. SUSAN SCHMIDT HP 102; HR pres. 10. KANDY KAY SCHMINKEY—HR 318. FRANK WILLIAM SCHNEIDER—HR 104; Merit Sch. Letter of Commend.; A-Club 12; cross-country 10,11; basketball 10,11,12; German Club 10. SALLY JO SCHOLTEN—HR 202; SPIRIT rep. 11; Pep Club 10,11,12; Synchronettes 10,11,12; swimming 12; Band: Concert 12; Varsity 10,11,12: Choir 12; Jr.-Sr. Pops 11; Soph. Mixed Chorus; Madrigal 11,12; Spanish Club 10,11; SCRATCH PAD con- trib. 10,11; Dance 10,11; " Pirates of Pen- zance’ cast 12. PAMELA SUE SCHULTE—HR 129; Jr.-Sr. Pops 11; Soph. Mixed Chorus; DECA. STEVEN JAMES SCHULTZ—HR B-11; Fire- squad 11; baseball 10,11; intra. basketball 10,11,12; German Club 10.11. JEFFREY STEIFF SCHWARTZ—HR 305. KAREN E. SCHWARTZ—HR 315: German Club 10,11; WEB: Scratch Pad contrib. 11. SUSAN ELIZABETH SCOTT—HR 317; Merit Sch. semifinalist; HR v. pres. 12, sec.-treas. 10; Girls Serv. Comm. 10,11,12; SC Building and Grounds Comm. 12; Synchronettes 10; golf 10,11,12; Band: Concert 10,11,12; Varsity 10; Pep 11,12; March. 10,11,12; Orchestra 12; Ensemble 10,11,12; German Club 10,11,12; Inter- national Club 12 v.-pres.; SCRATCH PAD contrib. 11; Dance 10. CATHERINE JANE SEIBERT—HR 105; Girls’ Serv. Comm. 12. SUSAN JEAN SEIBERT—HR 315. JANET LESLIE SEIM—HR 114 A; Cheers- quad 10,11,12 cap.; HR pres. 10,11; Sr. Senate; SPIRIT rep. 12; Pep Club 10,11,12; SC Comm. 10,11; Gymnastics Club 10; Synchronettes 10,11,12; Soph. Mixed Chorus; Spanish Club 12; WEB; DECA. EDMUND GEORGE SHANK—HR Aud. 6; Orchestra 10,11,12 sec.; All-State Orchestra 12; French Club 10,11; “Pirates of Penzance” pit orchestra 12. CYNTHIA RAY SHARP—HR Aud. 3; Girls’ Serv. Comm. 12; SC Comm. 10; Jr.-Sr. Pops 11; Soph. Girls’ Glee. JO ANN SHAUGHNESSY —HR Port; pres. 10,11; Jr. Exec. sec Girls’ Serv. Comm. 10,11,12; Pep Club 10,11,12; SC Finance, Homecoming Comm. 10; SC Election Baggies, cuffs, soles—it's boys' ba ۹ ENSURE! فس‎ wun adî SN T anao iioi دس می‎ E ۲ ! iM t $ A +1 B Kei nu 1 1¥ A Wi eke DON ? Ve... a oes SE g ۱ Chris Myers displays his two-tone platform shoes to best advantage as he ties one on a garbage can. Comm. 11; Drill Team 11; Soph. Girls' Glee; Spanish Club 10; DECA. ANDREW SHAW —HR 318. MICHAEL BURKE SHAY CYNTHIA DEE SHEARER—HR 120, pres. 12, sec.-treas. 10,12; Choir 11,12; Soph. Mixed Chorus; DECA. DONALD W. SHEDD—HR 318. GRADY H. SHELTON—HR 315; HR pres. 11; A-Club 12; wrestling 10,11,12; German Club 10. DONNA DENISE SIBIGTROTH—Moved from Mendota, Ill.: FHA 10; Art Club 9: Tro- jan Tattler 11; FNA 10. MARGUERITE LOUISE SIBLEY—HR 212; Merit Sch, Letter of Commend.; HR pres. 12, v.-pres. 10; Jr, Exec; Pep Club 10; tutor 11; SC Human Rights Comm. 10; SC Steer- ing Comm. 12; Student-Teacher Coalition 12; Synchronettes 10; French Club 10; Spanish Club 11; International Club 12; SCRATCH PAD contrib. 11; Thespians 11,- 12; drama crews 10,11,12. DARRELL WESLEY SILVERTHORN—HR 105: DECA. MARTHA EUGENIA SIMMONS—HR 301; Merit Sch. Letter of Commend.; tutor 11,12; tennis 12; International Club 12; SCRATCH PAD contrib. 12; debate 10; Environ. Action 11,12; Model UN 12. THERESA LYNN SIMMONS—HR 319; Gymnastics Club 10; Choir 11; Soph. Mixed Chorus 10; Spanish Club 10; International Club 11; Bicycle Club 11. (Graduated as junior.) CINDABETH SUZANNE SIMS—HR 304; Pep Club 10,11; Choir 10; Jr.-Sr. Pops 11; Art Club 10; cadet tch. MARK DANIEL SKADBERG-—HR 315; wrestling 10,11,12; golf 10; WEB. ARNE JON SKARSHAUG —HR FAST: Latin Club 10 activity chmn.; health occupations 12. PEGGY ANN TVEIT SKRIPSKY—HR B-11; DECA; moved from Floodwood, Minn.: GARA 10,11; newspaper staff 11; Chorus 10,11; drama 11; National Honor Society. Seniors 169 Hobert Wechsler Haymond Weeks Pam Weigle David Weiss Penny Weisshaar Alan Wenger Greg Wenig Laurie Westwick Mike Wheelock Michael Wilder Randy Wildman Christine Williams Dan Williams Bruce Winburn Mike Wirkus Be ann 1 " o ed ` mus MET er 7 FX Cai D Cu ایس‎ ۰ یں‎ NUN EM E EC KE T و‎ Aa - OF . 4 E 5 G raig W ood ard = 2 FY " 3 m ۱ Key KRE e = e KEE LE 25577 = ۱ 2 ہے 7 وت 9 سے‎ vn ۱ UT s ۱ ۱ ۱ T ae ` e bn Ken Woodle - i e — cou EE , " Ww. Nx ۲ ۲ ` » " ۱ 1 e ý 2 n, " Ke, 1 [ D 7 wi : d a D بو زره‎ ۱ 7 mr سم‎ E ۱ ۲٢ A ۰ یه‎ Holly Young Bianca Zaffarano John Zmolek Gary Ash Kathy Aurand Mary Barnard Lynn Barrett Patty Beneke Tracy Bittinger sandra Ebel suzanne Egeland Karen Engelstad Tom Hatten KT «X L ۲ Eë m 170 Seniors FTERESE VIRGINIA SLATER—HR 305; SC Sec. 12; HR pres. 10,11; Sr. Senate; SPIRIT rep. 12; Pep Club 10,12: Synchronettes 10,- £11.12 v. pres.; Choir 11,12 sec.; Soph. Mix- ed Chorus 10; French Club 10,11; Inter- national Club 12; WEB; SCRATCH PAD contrib. 11; cadet tch. CONNIE JEAN SMITH—HR SLCE; graduated as junior. SCOTT MARRIOTT SMITH—HR 114 A; SPIRIT rep. 10; tutor 11; Choir 11,12; Soph. " Mixed Chorus; French Club 10; cadet tch.; ۲ Constantinople Smith " cast 10; " Dark of e Moon " cast 11, " Pirates of Penzance” 12. ÉJENIFER LYNNE SONGER—HR 318; Girls’ EService Comm. 12; French Club 10,11. LARRY RICHARD SORENSON—HR Art A; DECA. ELIZABETH ANN SPEER—HR FAST: ESPIRIT rep. 11; Jr.-Sr Pops 11; Soph. Girls’ 56: Spanish Club 10,11; cadet tch.; Dance 11; lab asst. 12. 00۸۷۱۲ MARTIN SPROWELL—HR 120; A- Glub 10,11,12: basketball 10,11,12; golf 10,- 1.12 cap.; German Club 10,11. LESLIE KAY STEENHARD—HR B-12; aduated as junior. NDA COLLEEN STEWART—HRA 104; SPIRIT rep. 12; Pep Club 10,11,12: synchonettes 10,11; Spanish Club 10,11 AHS gra treas.) International Club 12. BETH ANN STONE—HR 112. JILL STRIKE—HR 127; Pep Club 10; lib asst. 10,11,12. GREGORY JOHN STRITZEL—HR 120. BRYAN PAUL STUCK Y —HR 304, HR pres. 10,12; SPIRIT rep. 10,12; A-Club 11,12; SC social dir. 12; football 10,11,12; wrestling 10,11,12; track 10; baseball 10; Spanish Club 10; Boys’ State 11 It. gov.; Dance 12; DECA, SHERYL LYNNE STUMP—HR 114 B; Drill Team 11,12 drill master; Pep Club 10; Spanish Club 10,11; cadet tch. DAVID LEE STURTEVANT HR 305; debate 10,11,12; “Midsummer Night's Dream,” " Dark of the Moon " " The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, " " The Ugly Duckling " casts 11, crews 11,12. ELIZABETH ANNE STUVE—HR 108, pres. 12; Jr. Exec. TIMOTHY JOHN SULLIVAN —HR 202; foot- ball 10,11,12; basketball 10; golf 10,11,12; intra. basketball 11,12; WEB. J. STEWART SWANSON—HR 202, pres. 11,12; tutor 11; SC Assembly, Welfare, Ex- change Comms. 11,12; Choir 10,11,12, Soph. Mixed Chorus 10; Madrigal 11,12; Spanish Club 10; WEB; SCRATCH PAD contrib. 11,12; DECA. uates largest MARY ELLEN SWEITZER—HR 208; v.-pres 12; Cheersquad 12; Pep Club 10,11,12; gymnastics 10,11,12; Spanish Club 10,11; DECA VICTORIA ANN TAMASHUNAS—HR 6-1۰ sec.-treas. 10; SPIRI T rep. 12; Pep Club 10,- 11; Drill Team 11,12; Choir 11, Soph. Mixed Chorus; cadet tch.; Dance 10,11,12; lab asst. 11. RANDY RON TAYLOR —HR Band; A-Club 11,12; tutor 11; football 10,11,12; indoor track 10,11,12; track 10,11,12; intra. basket- ball 10,11; Band: Concert 11, Varsity 10, Pep 11; March. 10,11; WEB; VICA. ANTONIA MARIA TERRONES—HR 102; Pep Club 10; Jr.-Sr. Pops 11; Soph. Girls’ Glee; WEB; DECA, H CHANDLER THOMAS —HR 317, sec.- treas. 11; A-Club 11,12; Firesquad 11; foot- ball 10,11,12 mgr.; indoor track 12; track 12; Band: Concert 10; Varsity 10,11; March. 10; SCRATCH PAD contrib. 11; cadet tch. 12; Model UN 11,12. DEBRA MARIE THOMAS —HR 102; moved from Fond du Lac, Wis.: gymnastics 10,11; girls’ basketball 10,11; baseball 10,11; Pep Club 10,11; golf 11; GAA; volleyball 10,11 DONNA MAE THOMAS —HR 114-B; moved from Fond du Lac, Wis.: intra. basketball 10,11; intra. volleyball 10,11; intra. softball 10,11; GAA; track 10,11; Pep Club 10,11. JOHN ALLEN THOMAS class ever Jane Heggen Donna Gilchrist Mike Hemingson Jan Kiser Dennis Knutson Handy Larson Jim ۵ Jerry Matchett Nita Peters Randy Rasmussen Mike Rolling Cynthia Sharp Debra Thomas Donna Thomas Jim Ulmer Pictures on these two pages out of alphabetical order were received after the other senior pages went to press. BONNIE KAY THOMPSON —HR 202; Pep Club 10; Jr.-Sr. Pops 11; Soph. Girls’ Glee. RAYMOND PETER THOMSON—HR 112; Merit Sch. semifinalist; HR pres. 10,11; in- door track 11,12; track 10,11,12; Band Concert 10,11,12; Pep 10,11,12; March. 10,- 11,12: All-State Band 11,12; Orchestra 11; Ensemble 10,11; Madrigal 10,11; Spanish Club 10,11; International Club 12 treas ERIK CHARLES THORBECKE PER S. THUNQVIST—HR 109; swimming 12; YFU exchange student from Sweden STANLEY FREDERICK TROEH —HR 114B; Merit Sch. Letter of Commend.; intra. bridge 12; intra. chess 12. MICHAEL WILLIAM TRYON—HR B-11; A- Club 12; football 12; intra. basketball 12; moved from Denison: Jr. Class v. pres.; fall track 10,11; football 10,11; basketball 10,11; golf 10,11; baseball 10,11. CYNTHIA JANE TSCHETTER—HR Band. JAMES MARTIN ULMER—HR 129; SPIRIT rep. 12; fall track 11; intra. table tennis 10; Choir 10,11; French Club 11; German Club (Continued on p. 237.) Seniors 171 Junior exec raises $$ early Again this year, Junior Exec sponsored several activities to raise money for the Junior-Senior prom. These included the chili supper, student directory sales, mum and bake sales and a record dance. Officers responsible for organiz- ing and carrying out these activities were: Jim Moorhead, president; Tom Wilson, Vice Presi- dent; Mary Brady, secretary; Jon Coupal, treasurer. For the first time homerooms participated directly in fund-raising. Each homeroom was responsible for earning a set amount to be con- tributed to Junior Exec. This and the other sources of income allowed juniors to realize their financial goal early in the year. David Abraham Andy Abrahamsen Beth Agard Gary Albertson Kevin Allen Mark Allen Candy Anderson Donna Anderson Glenn Anderson Mark Anderson Patty Anderson Carol Arnold Jim Asp Karen Bachman Dick Bailey Goga Bal Mark Barnett Brian Barnhart Stephen Baumel Cathy Beard Joy Becker Bruce Beckley Mark Beeman Steve Beer Jim Bell Jim Benn Randa Berchtold Mike Bittinger Sue Bliss Barb Best Eric Bogenrief Tanya Bogie 172 Juniors Jim Moorhead watches Mrs. Giddings type the student : directory, chief source of income for Junior Exec. | ! UNIOR EXEC—Front, Matt Koupal, Jan Tuttle, Toby Miller, Teri Wilson, Val Christianson, Sue Stephan, Mary Brady; | back, Jim Moorhead, Rex Wiant, Len Griffen, Dave Peterson, Jon Coupal, Ben Svec, Tom Wilson. | xat pa cu n Td ارد‎ rer ee ee e e kb کک‎ - » 1 ç ۸ b Le us w Déi Sr 1 " Y x » ' 7× i Doa A Le ei? on " dé Wl Zeie و‎ ٠ a . D ۱ کی‎ we ao " ۱ 5 e Zu WE 0 Ki bg اي‎ CN ۱ AX E Le ` T FOIT 0 i : بت میں‎ re? A E wi Ke — Der v. SEN wh) (4 E A کی دو ہیں ا ہو‎ B Ls tw PILAM ICE 3 یگ‎ CC a رہ‎ P Aw SET e مت‎ " MW " Scot Boon Gary Bornmueller Mary Brady Mary Bran Ruth Bran Larry Breer Judy Brink Diane Brown Jeff Brown John Browning Diane Bruin Karin Bruin Steve Buck Grace Bunning Ruth Burkhalter Karen Burkhart Anne Burkholder | Kimberly Bush | Danielle Buss | Daniel Busse | Howard Campbell | John Campbell | Steve Cardella Mark Carlson Matt Carney Kim Carr Jeff Carter Susan Chantland Chris Charles Mary Childs Tim Christensen Terry Christenson Ricky Christian Valerie Christianson Samra Clark Marcella Clatt Jerry Clemons Cindy Clendaniel Kit Collins Jenny Cook اق کی E " ۰ 5 بھی PL Juniors 173 | 174 Juniors Julie Corbett Jon Coupal Linda Cowles Julie Coy Pat Coyle John Craig Steve Craig Debbie Crawford Randy Crom Mike Crowe Pete Crump Kim Dahlgren Dean Dass Mark Davis Sheryl Davis Janet Davison Jolynn DeFrancisco Mark DeKovic Sue Dennis Linda Deppe Sara Doak Dennis Dobson Roger Dolling Charles Dorr Greg Dougal Collin D'Silva Dennis Dubberke Paula Dunham Mary Dunleavy Beverly Dunster Jon Dupler Ben Duvall Anne Edwards Pam Ellinghausen Denny Elliott John Elliott Nancy Engen Gordon Engstrom Steve Eshelman Kirk Farrar Kris Fawcett Ken Ferguson Kevin Ferguson Hhonda Fields Don Finch Don Finnegan Kurt Fischer Barb Fleig Nadya Fouad Pam Fowles Susan Frasier Dave Frederick Kevin Frey John Friederich Kristie Fryar Jim Gammon Mike Gardner Bruce Gartin Jim Gerber Vicki Gilbert Tom Gleason Lindy Good Catherine Grant Joe Grant " Yoouuuuu deserve a break today, . . . Denise Kepley and Mary Childs munch lunch at McDonald's during their free period. Policy changed; juniors eat out A diller, a dollar, a ten o'clock scholar, And why do you leave so soon? You used to hang around for lunch, | But now you leave at noon! Wer am 4 t A 3h , X ۹ = os w A 3 «4 3 EEr E n ` P è ANT میں ور Y یم‎ ۰ This year, for the first time, Juniors and Seniors could legally leave the campus for lunch. Lunch was scheduled during periods four, five and six, allowing forty-five minutes instead of twenty-five as last year. These longer periods suggested the open-lunch policy. Students were required to have permission from their teachers, parents and counseling department before they were issued permanent passes for their lunch periods. Drive-ins and quick-service restaurants proved to be the most popular source for the " out to lunch bunch. " Other students who lived close to school went home for the noon meal; the cafeteria remained the old standby, where " the elite meet to eat. " As one student summed it all up: " Well, its a break. " Kevin Green Len Griffen Mark Grover Todd Gutmann Delores Habhab Steve Hadwiger Hob Hagen John Hansen Paula Hansen Kathy Harmison Mark Hathaway Robin Haugland Andy Haviland Sharon Heggen Don Henderson Ed Hendrickson Julie Hensley Charles Hirschy Kevin Hoff Kyle Hogan Steve Holdredge Ruth Hollenbach Elaine Homer Lynn Homer Juniors 175 Mark Homer Kolette Hoskins Teri Hough Sandy Hubbert Steve Huston Richard Ingraharn David Ingram Tony Irwin Angela Jackson Susan James Randi Jebsen Doug Johnson Jacqueline Johnson Karen Johnson Kim Johnson Kristie Johnson Dawn Jolly Kay Jones Hoger Jones Kelly Kavanagh John Kellogg Ann Kelso Pete Kempthorne Denise Kepley Hich Ketchem Dale Kever Fazeela Khan David Knutson Jeff Knutson Linda Kolb Matt Koupal Michael Kyle - » Sq aang peg em من‎ rm em mm Rm i -. " x - ] d ۳ » SCH —— E be » TU WE PUO T سی‎ — e -o ge á ei B F -- ea The only known antidote to ITEDs . . . coloring! Here, Carol Arnold and friends relax between tests. " It's a bird, it's a plane, it's, its... Bruce Gartin follows Mike Moore's gesture skyward. 176 Juniors sweat it out for ITEDs Lisa Ladd Mark Lagomarcino Dan Lambert Roger Landers Julie Landon Beth Lane Bridget Larson Sue Larson Sharon Lee Becky Lees Ron Leibold Sam Lewis Darcy Lindahl Lori Link Ken Litchfield Steve Little Jeff Loots Jim Loseke Deb Loupee Darlene Lowe Joel Lowman Monte Lutz Louise Lyman Dexter MacBride Kyanne McCarley Sue McClugage Cheryl McFarlane Len McGilliard Leslie McKeown Scott McLaughlin Nancy McMillen Kevin McRoberts Rick McVeigh Joy Madeiros Barb Mahlstede Kenn Malaby Kathy Marley Patsy Maroney Penny Martin Rod Mather A mass parchesi tourna- d ment? No, it's the , Juniors taking ITEDSs! Juniors 177 Greg Matteris Bill Matthews Tom Meador Brad Meyer Vicki Michel Toby Miller Tom Moody Mike Moore Jim Moorhead David Morgan Robin Morgan Laura Morton Mary Muir Dave Murphy Cheryl Nath Nicky Nath Maud Neff Julie Nelson Jacqueline Neptune Mark Newton Cathy Nigh Mary Noid Glenn Norton Craig Olson Debra Olson Denise Olson Andy Orngard Mark Ostrem Sue Overturf Christine Palmer Drew Palmer Louisa Panagides John Pantenburg Chris Pejsha Kristine Pelz Mike Perrin Brian Perry Jack Peterson Dave Peterson Martha Peterson Phebe Tannous, Don Finnegan and Marklsparkl Burnett pause to forever immortalize their personalized t-shirts. A resourceful bandsman creates an original pair of dress blacks from saddles for the Big Shoe. 178 Juniors —— — " emm Deg Juniors jive in fad fashions " o t rhe, 1950s day, left, was a success. Here, Sue Stephan swings back. Jannie Tuttle, right , poses in her nightie for a Christmas skit. Mike Peterson Ron Peterson Rick Phillips Steve Pier Pam Plath Dave Pohm Daryl Popelka Charla Prange Cheryl Provow Rusty Purvis Steve Ramsey Kathy Reece Dennis Reinsch Tom Richert Ron Ries Ted Riggs Bruce Robb Jenny Roberts Carol Rosheim Cynthia Rutter Dave Samuels Mark Samuelson Christy Sand Audrey Sandvich Juniors 179 180 Juniors Nancy Sassaman Ernest Schaeffer Kathy Schlunz Dave Schmalzried Bob Schmidt Steve Schneider Paul Schuette Lynn Schultz Dan Scott Marty Secker Ann Self Cindy Sharp Jeff Shearer Jim Shearer Peggy Shinn Shera Shirley Mark Shockley Michelle Shorten Farrell Silverthorn Vickie Sims Mary Skarshaug Melba Smith Brian Snider Arlene Snook Paul Soncirol Doug Sorem Paula Sorenson Os Soto Kathy Soukup Pam Spear Debbie Spencer Terry Squire Neal Staggs Jon Stalheim Sue Stephan Mary Stevens Tracey Stoll Mark Stone Paul Stone Patty Strain Dan Strodtman Sue Sullivan Ben Svec Jim Swan Brita Swenson Diane Swenson Phebe Tannous Mike Templeton Teresa Terrones Carla Tesdall Holly Thies Betty Thompson Doug Thompson Nelson Thompson Senter Timrnons Ivan Towns Jennifer Townsend Sue Trcka Jan Tuttle Nadia Vander Gaast Ken VanFossen Mary Vestal Brian Vetter [4 g Carla Vondra Allen Wagner Steve Wechsler Gail Weigel Tim Weigle Linda Welsh Bob Welshons Ellen Wessel Kim Weuve Chris Wheatley Hex Wiant Greg Wierson Dale Williams Clare Wilson Terri Wilson Tom Wilson D S 3 3 ۰ we ۰ . à - R cy ۳ ۰ - PPE n - — می‎ Xe d de = VA Te 7 SERIALS ہن ا و‎ ae 5 e d P ah N = TAn ۳ میں‎ a NL ۳ 7 aa 6 We) ES p d KS 7 LJ ۳ ۹ P Ce ay AT MEM 7 ET en KK ۹ T adi a da 5 اس‎ s " , جح کیم‎ ۳ AC Aoc - ۱ s ed Scott Witter Kevin Wood Marlene Woodley E Mike Wren 4 Esther Wright 1 Lori York Peggy Young Nancy Sime Herman Moeller WI E ken Cv A mme A VT a لد‎ ١٠۴ Demonstrating a well-known principle of thermodynamics, Jack Petersen literally beats the heat. " Look ma, no hands!” Sue Bliss, another level-headed Junior, finally makes use of her algebra book. Juniors 181 John Albert James Alexander Joe Allen Brad Allison Eric Amtower Douglas Anderson Greg Anderson Gwen Anderson Jeanette Anderson Sarah Austrheim Julie Axtell Larinda Babcock Barb Bacon Diane Baker Don Ball Shane Ball Rosalee Barber Shari Bartels Janet Beard Tom Beaty Cynthia Bell Gregory Belle Susan Benner Steve Benson Jeff Bergeson Mike Bergeson Jeffrey Berhow Joel Berthelsen Leonard Bishop Pam Black Brian Bockhop Mark Bogenrief Barb Bogue Janet Bogue Ron Borich Loren Boston Linda Bourne Kevin Bowen Leslie Boyles Carol Bremner 3 3 - D 9 Orientation's grand tour provokes many expressions as sophs reflect upon the future.” | Who can be sure what the next three years as an Ames High student will be likes 182 Sophomores Sophs survive orientation! With 418 students, the sophomores didn't set any records as a group. For the first time in several years they were neither the largest nor the smallest class. Grade points, which had risen consistently for the past several years, leveled off at the level set the previous year. EE a — All sophomores with study periods were scheduled into a " structured learning center " in the old senior lounge at least once a day at the start of the school year. By the end of the first semester, most students had been released and spent their spare time in IMCs, activities, or the cafeteria " talk area. " D Eie Gerbe e SN 5 d ES Ae ی‎ 7 ہے ا مک با کا اس اود‎ dE رہہ‎ ۱ T NA. A una d E da - 5 E Bac, AN e d NEE, جا دہ‎ DEE, در‎ e -s B Se on ۰ e ۰ ۾“‎ Taking time out from a hectic August day, Sophomores view homeroom lists at the “wailing wall. " Dean Brentnall David Brodsky Diane Brown Jeanine Brown Jeff Brown Bobbie Brugger Bambi Buckley Teresa Bulkley Mark Bunker Kristine Burke Jane Burkholder Mark Butler John Callahan Alan Camp Shawn Campbell Carol Canon Tim Carlson Michael Carr Nancy Carroll Joanne Cason Ann Castner Glen Catus Tina Chaldy Cheryl Christensen Sophomores 183 Randy Elder explores a magazine during SLC. Becky Christianson Steve Christofferson Martha Church Dave Clark Mary Lou Clark suzanne Coady Les Corieri Jim Couture Doug Cowan Kent Cox Sherry Craig John Crane Julie Cummings DeAnn Danofsky David Daulton Jim Davis Guye DeFrancisco Chuck DeKovic Susan Deppe Jeffrey Dierks Bill Dirks David Ditzel Dwight Dobell Anne Donaldson Bryce Dreeszen Jeffrey Dunlap Margaret Dunlap Ruth Durand Steven Durand Mark Durby Sandra Edwards Randy Elder Cindy Elliott Andrew Elwood Paul Engelstad Emily Epstein Chris Ethington Eric Eucher Jeff Evans Bill Ewan s» 184 Sophomores escape SLC; enjoy freedom Linda Ewing Jeffrey Facto Debra Feistner Kerry Ferguson Steven Fick Lori Figura Donna Finnegan Randy Fiscus Roger Fitz Greg Foell Danny Fox Steve Franzen Carol French Laurel Fritz Jo Ann Futrell Stephanie Gaarde Debra Gass Steve Gee Jane Gehm Sharon Gilbert Caron Gleason Kimberly Glenn Elizabeth Goodwin Mary Grant Detroy Green Robert Green Rod Greiner Elizabeth Habhab David Hale Leann Hale Linda Hammond Bruce Hanson Bruce Hanway Keith Hapes Brent Harl Jody Harlan Steve Haugstad Patricia Haynes Joe Heaney Kathleen Heaney Michaela Holdren gives Ms. Brown her last nickel for an overdue book. Sophomores 185 mp em " pe — Karen Heckenbach Wayne Hedberg Calvin Hemingson Anne Hendricksen Sue Henry Mary Hildebrand Wesley Holbrook Michaela Holdren بے —Uosp——‏ — و — س Michael Holmes Nancy Homer Sharon Hopper Joann Howerton Ricky Howerton Pam Hubbert Greg Hughes Gary Hunziker Paul Hutchcroft Mary Hutton Stanley Hyer Linda Impecoven Tom Ingram Charles Jackson Tom Jackson Clair James Michelle James Mark Jamison Laurie Jensen Cheryl Jeska Delora Jespersen Paul Jewell Denise Johanns Cindy Johnson Maury Johnson Chris Jones Jeff Kaeberle David Kaldor Kathy Kavanagh Christopher Kayser Ann Keim Terry Kendall Kent Kenyon Jennifer Kestal Sabeha Khan Danny Killam Gary Kingbury Kristin Kirchoff Scott Kiser Debbie Klingsheim Kathleen Kniseley Mark Kniseley Diane Knutson Kurt Knutson Steve Knutson Vicki Knutson John Kratz Kevin Lacey Brian Ladd Laurie La Motte Diane Lande Eric Larsen David Larson Janet Lawrence Debbie Lebo Brian Lem 186 Sophomores With a toe between her and death Nancy Carroll defies gravity. By only a toe, sopns hang on Collen Lenning Danny Lesan Elizabeth Lewis Diane Litchfield Debra Loken Patricia Lovely Mary Loye Jim Luckett Craig Lutz Jean Lynch Jane Madden Larry Maile Kim Marshall Laura Martin Rusty Martin John Mason Rick Matt Dan McClean Polly McCormack Marcia McGinnis Bryan McMasters Ralph Merrill Douglas Messenger Brian Miller Catherine Miller Christopher Miller James Miller Janet Milligan Sophomores 187 n Kathy Sullivan (below) takes time to explain a problem to her class while Dave Smith ponders an equation. f NC 34 We ۱ 7 A AS 7 Ze e CA Debra Mills Jean Mingus Ginny Moore Michael Moore Handy Moore Jim Moreland Steve Morine Hilde Morris Steve Mostrom Jeffrey Mount Kay Mulhall Stephen Munn Cathy Nelson Cherie Nervig Ellen Newell Margaret Newton Bill Nichols Daniel Nichols Hichard Nissen Susan Norris Susan Norris Michael Nostwich Paul Nostwich Thomas Nutty Curtis Oliver Dean Olson Jane Olson Robin Onstot Kathy Page Doug Palmer John Panos Susan Patten Bill Patterson Ricky Paulsen Chris Payer Sharon Pearson Cynthia Pepper David Pepper Christopher Perrin Charles Peterson 188 Sophomores ASUDE Fe‏ و Te D 6 x `‏ = " ا - ۳ or à dm ریم‎ ve a 4 - vw 6 oe ba SÉ v E SE d 7 ES M. 2m AT Eu. [ES ۰ 2 m بے‎ " non | ۲ an Doro. Ve Kë vs AE hh کر‎ Ge " O $ de 2 » p [rt پپ‎ s AEN BST 7, a d dÉ LR een Est bE ۱ a Ze ماس جب سك‎ Oca DB اک کک کت‎ z ` mmm EE Traditional courses use new ways Jerry Peterson Jo Ann Peterson Valerie Peterson Kyle Phillips Nancy Phipps Cindy Picht Rick Pietz Linda Pille Debra Post Martha Powers Keith Prange Greg Prestemon Dane Rasmussen Fred Rasmussen Randal Read Cleve Redmond Barbara Reece Russell Reed Steven Reed Ronald Reedholm Cindy Reese Pat Reynolds Greg Rhead Hope Richards Debbie Robinson David Rod Janice Romans Bret Ross Gil Rossmiller Annette Ruedenberg William Rusk Duane Russell After a biology test Jeff Brown tests Bob Shuck's heart to see if it still goes thump. Sophomores 189 Glen Sailsbury Jay Sammuels Karen Sanderson Sara Savage James Schattauer Kevin Schminkey Martha Schneider Wayne Scholtes Donna Schulze Elizabeth Seiser William Shaffer Diane Shahan Charles Shaver Debbie Shearer Denise Shearer Kendra Shirley Bob Shuck Jeff Sime Harriett Simmons Mary Slater Bruce Smith Cindy Smith David Smith Kathy Soderholm Paul Songer Thomas Sorenson Douglas Spear James Sprowell Jenny Stadler Maren Stafford Walter Stark Douglas Stokke Linda Stoneberg Michael Stoope Brad Strickler Clare Stritzel Mary Stuve Kathy Sullivan Michael Swan Robert Sylvester Linda Talbert Mike Tamoglia Rita Terrones Dennis Thiel Dallas Thies Lisa Thurston Pam Tice David Timmons Dru Toresdahl Nancy Torkildson Laurel Tostlebe Bruce Trooch Jim Tysseling Mary Vandermaaten Jayne Vandewater Alice Vinograde Barbara Vinograde Timothy Waddill Elizabeth ۲ Mark Walker Tom Walsh Cory Wandling Carol Warman Denise Wasel 190 Sophomores Jeff Waters Hick Watson Eric Weber Cindy Weigel Alan Weltha Linda Wenger Faye West Karen Whattoff Clarice Whetstone Jeff Whitmer Tom Wierson Margaret Wilder Patsy Wilson Debora Wirkus Carol Wood Glenda Wood Linda Wren Diana Yegge Randy Yegge Rusty Young Susan Young William Zickefoose Paul Zmoleck Debra 2۷۷۲۷۱ p Sophs finally over caged feeling SOPHOMORES Michael Cook Nancy Davies David Andrew Janis Donelson Janet Bailey Jeffrey Egeland Steve Carlson Stanley Elliott Todd Carter Mary Eugene Martha Powers Douglas Gard | Charles Hale ۱ ll TULIT ۳ = JUNIORS John Healey TM f Jerry Herrick i i 0 n Y - - پے مہ‎ 28 Phan?) Lë IN? Ken Anderson Doug Hills | ۱۱۱۱ état 21000 aen Not pictured Michael Bestland Jeffrey Keller | Brian Braymen J. D. Kuehl Brad Brunia Kristin Reis ١ Bill Burton John Walker raig Butler Lynnette Walters Ev Cochrane Robin Warren Patricia Conard Deborah Wolins The new band lockers hold almost anything. Kent Kenyon finds them good for hiding. “eee A. p DI " had AU wf ۷ AES Mon mut De 1 ۷ KA Anm A D " EN ۔‎ em " vice di HR 9 aaide sll » cy “ " ۳ " WA 7 ۲ و‎ 4 - St Ce R ور“‎ yc y 7 1 ar sl 5 - d reg ei D یس‎ 5 f av Bes 5 E» » nnn 3 a ۴۰ Lo ۰ s. " SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS: Seated—Mrs. Ruth Hamilton, Dr. Lawrence Burkhart, Mrs. Carol Grant; Second—Mr. Joe Stratton, Mr. B. F. Vandeventer, Dr. Richard Herrnstadt, Mr. Ron Stromen, Mr. David Moorehead; Third—Mr. Bob Zack, Mr. Paul Skarda, Dr. Luther Kiser. Wing opens; Dudget cut Kindergarten enrollment dropped again last fall, resulting in a budget cut throughout the school system. Despite this, the new fine arts wing, started three years ago, opened for use in August. In February, the school system receiv- ed more bad news, when federally impacted aid funds were cut. To improve instruction, the School Board launched Task Force and Job Target programs. In these, teachers discussed teaching goals and techniques, ways of in- dividualizing instruction, and staff evaluation. Parents and interested people from the com- munity participated in the goal-setting program. Four full-time teachers joined the faculty in the fall, along with two part-time workers and one returning from sabbatical. Dr. Ralph Farrar, principal, sips coffee in a rare moment of relaxation. 192 Faculty MR. DARRILL ABEL: Distributive Practices; DECA sponsor. MR. KEITH BAILEY: Physical Education; assistant football coach. assistant wrestling coach. MRS. GRACE BAUSKE: Introduction to Journalism, Applied Journalism: WEB sponsor. MRS. E. DOROTHY BROWN: Librarian; Library Club sponsor. MR. WILBUR BUSS: German 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, American History B; International Club co-sponsor. MRS. ESTHER BUTTREY: Typing 1, Accounting 1,2, Data Processing. MRS. LOANN CAMPBELL: English 10, Survey of American Literature. MR. ROBERT CAMPBELL: Driver Education; assistant football coach. assistant track coach. MR. SAMUEL CARLSON: Survey of American Literature, Perspectives in Literature, Grammar Review, Creative Writing. MR. HI COVEY: Study hall supervisor. MR. JIM DUEA: American Political Behavior, American History, Survey and Selected Topics; assistant football coach, assistant track coach. MR. GEORGE DUVALL: Geometry, Intermediate Algebra, Probability and Statistics; head basketball coach, head golf coach. MR. BILL ENQUIST: American Government, Sociology; Elections Committee. MR. DON FAAS: Trade and Industrial Coordinator. Health Occupations Coordinator: VICA Club sponsor. MRS. SHARON L. FALCK: Adult Living, Boys’ Foods. MRS. BARBARA FEDELER: Geometry. MR. DAVID FLEMING: Counselor; Student Council sponsor, Bike Club sponsor, UN Trip administrator. MR. JOHN FORSSMAN: Honors American Literature, Survey of American Literature; American Literary Masterpieces. MR. MERLE GARMAN: Business Law, Business Organization and Management; Junior Exec sponsor. MS. KAY GARRETT: Survey of American History, Counselor. MR. HOMER GARTZ: Varsity Band director. MRS. JANET GILBERT: Mass Media, Perspectives in Literature, English Literature. MISS DOROTHY J. GUGEL: Media and Techniques, Drawing, Printmaking, Commercial Design, Art Survey, Painting 1,2, Sculpture 1,2; Art Club sponsor. MS. JEAN HAGERT: Introduction to Studio, Drawing, Painting, Mixed Media. Faculty 193 New arrivals, more firsts " You've come a long way, baby! " The current catch phrase really fit the situation at Ames High last fall, when Mrs. Judy Switzer became Ames ' first teacher to have her baby during the school year and return to work. Little Heather Lynn was born the day after Homecoming, which Mrs. Switzer sponsored. A month later, she returned to teaching P.E. Two other staff babies, Krista Posegate and Becky Jorgensen, were born last summer, bringing the number of staff children up to 170. Another teaching first was that of Mr. and Mrs. Hobert Campbell, who both taught classes at AHS. Teaching driver education, Mr. Campbell seldom saw his wife, LoAnn, who taught English at the opposite end of the building. Mrs. Switzer and son Jimmy share an unhurried moment together early last fall. MR. WAYNE A. HANSEN: Communications Workshop, Discussion and Argumen- tation, Theatre Arts; Drama Club sponsor, Thes- pian Club sponsor. MRS. MARILYN HANSON: Applied Math, Intermediate Algebra, Algebra 3,4. MR. KENNETH HARTMAN: Physical Science, Chemistry A. MRS. JEAN HASSEBROCK: Child Development, Housing and Home Furnishing, Textiles and Clothing 1,2. MR. ROBERT HEIBERGER: Driver Education; girls’ golf coach. MR. DOYLE HERRIG: Auto Mechanics 1,2,3,4. MR. DALE HIEDEMAN: Geometry 1,2, Trigonometry. MR. KEITH HILMER: Trigonometry, Analytic Geometry, Algebra 3,4; Boys' intramural director. MR. DENNIS HURD: Developmental Reading, Perspectives in Litera- ture; Project PASS. MR. BOB IMPECOVEN: Geometry 1,2, Algebra 1,2; assistant wrestling coach. MRS. ANNE JACOBSON: Modern Dance, Physical Education, Synchronettes sponsor, Dance Club sponsor. MR. PHIL JOHNSON: Geometry 1,2, Algebra 1,2; head football coach, head tennis coach. 194 Faculty MR. JAMES E. JONES: Physics A. MR. TOM JORGENSEN: American History, Sociology; assistant basketball coach, assistant baseball coach. MRS. SUSANNE KRUSE: Physical Education; Cheerleader Sponsor, Gymnastics Team and sponsor, tennis team sponsor. MR. RON KUHNLE: Individual Study Art, Sculpture 1,2. Jewelry 1,2. MRS. SIGFRID LYBECK: English 10, Latin 2; International Club Sponsor, assistant Girls' Service Committee Sponsor. MR. GEORGE MacBRIDE: Audio-Visual Coordinator, Assembly Committee sponsor. MR. RICHARD J. McCOY: Orchestra director. MISS MARY McNALLY: Counselor, Welcoming Committee sponsor. MR. JACK MENDENHALL: Physical Education; head wrestling coach, assistant football coach. MS. ANNE MOLLET: Spanish 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8; International Club co-sponsor, STAC sponsor. MR. KEN NOREM: Counselor. MISS NANCY NUSS: Perspectives in Literature, Communication Workshop, Theatre Arts, Drama Activities: assistant drama coach. == ke Willett, rear, and Mrs. Anderson " We've got to stop meeting like this! " Conflicting schedules make a ned the staff second semester. faculty party a time of getting re-acquainted for the Campbells. i (mes o اف‎ ے و سے . Faculty 195 MR. PAUL D. OLSAN: General Metals 1,2,3,4. MR. KENNETH E. PAGE: American Government, Economics, assistant boys' intramural sponsor. MR. DAVE POSEGATE: Driver Education; Sophomore basketball coach, varsity baseball coach. MRS. MARY S. RENO: English 10, Honors English 10. MR. WILLIAM C. RIPP: Director of guidance; Senior Class sponsor. MR. EVERETT G. RITLAND: Vice-principal; assistant Senior Class sponsor, assistant Student Council sponsor. MRS. ANNETTE M. ROWLEY: English 10. MRS. DONNA SCHEPERS: Adult Living, Foods and Nutrition 1,2. MR. RICHARD W. SCHNEIDER: 20th Century America, American History and Selected Topics; Adult Education director. MR. MARVIN SCOTT: International Relations, American History, World History; Head Debate Coach, Model United Nations sponsor. MR. JOHN SLETTEN: Mass Media, Grammar Review, Introduction to Journalism, Creative Writing; head track coach, cross-country coach. MR. RAY SMALLING: Director of Athletics, Director of Physical Education. | AEA members Mrs. Wilcox and Mr. Faas check over the minutes of an earlier meeting. In a ceremony sponsored by the Iowa Jaycees, Mr. Abel accepts his Young Educator of the Year award. 196 Faculty Heno retires; Abel honored After thirteen years of teaching at AHS, Mrs. Mary Reno retired this year. “I enjoyed the fine staff and young people at Ames High, " she said, " and | am looking forward to the next chapter of my life. " Her plans include a move to her summer home in Estes, Colo., part-time work in a gift shop, and traveling. Other kinds of advancements were those of Dr. James Jones, physics teacher, who earned his Ph.D. in science at ISU, and Mr. Darrill Abel, vocational educational coordinator, who was elected Outstanding Young Educator of the Year by lowa Jaycees. Two AHS teachers held the top jobs in the Ames Education Association. Elected president was Mr. Don Faas; secretary was Mrs. Rose Wilcox. With retirement not far off, Mrs. Reno rids her desk of stray papers. MS. MONA SMITH: World Literature, Creative Writing, Business Communications. MR. CECIL SPATCHER: Biology B; assistant track coach. MR. ROGER L. SPRATT: Biology B; Environmental Sciences 1,2. MR. EDWIN STONE: Electronics, Machine Drafting, Surveying, Electricity, Mechanical Drafting, Light Building Construction, Architecture, Drafting and Design; Key Club sponsor, Amateur Radio Club sponsor. MR. FLOYD STURTEVANT: Chemistry B. MR. JERROLD SWENSON: Woodworking. MRS. JUDY SWITZER: Physical Education; Cheersquad sponsor, Drill Team sponsor, Pep Club sponsor. MRS. PENNY TIFFANY: School Nurse, Drug Education Committee sponsor. MR. DALE TRAMP: Counselor; sophomore football coach, Newcomers Club sponsor, Student Tutoring Service sponsor. MR. MILTON A. TREXEL: Director of Instrumental Music; High School Bands director. MR. RICHARD F. TRUMP: Ecology Seminar, Biology A,B. MRS. LINDA VANCE: Shorthand 1,2, Typing 1,2, Business Machines, Typing Mini Course, Business Machines Mini Course. Faculty 197 MRS. DOROTHY VANDECAR: French 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8; International Club CO-Sponsor. MRS. BARBARA WARD: Advanced Standing Senior English, Perspectives in Literature, The Bible As Literature, Developmental Reading; SPIRIT sponsor. MRS. SHARON WEAVER: Typing 1,2, Work Study Typing, Business Math. MRS. LOUISE WHELCHEL: Special Education, Project PASS. MR. RICHARD C. WHITE: Honors American History, Anthropology, Project PASS, Independent Study in American History. MRS. ROSE WILCOX: Office Education and Cadet Teaching coordinator; Office Education Club sponsor. MRS. CAROLYN WILLETT: Consumer Economics. MR. CHARLES WINDSOR: Physics B. MR. AL WISER: Hurnanities, director of vocal music. MR. MIKE WITTMER: Physical Education; head swimming coach. MR. WALTER WOOD: Algebra 3,4, Calculus. MRS. ETHA HUTCHCROFT: dietician. owe A SSL REA go ane m SH A g دہ کی لا‎ ex THER d. v ۱ UE i 9 ۰ ry Ka Even teachers have fun sometimes. Mr. Posegate (left) dis- covers that his birthday sponge cake really IS sponge. Mrs. Smith confides in Santa at the faculty Christmas party. Displaying talent and good-looking legs in this volleyball match (right) are Mr. Hurd and Mr. Carlson. 198 Faculty Wiser returns from Europe Fifty cassettes, 2500 feet of movies and 3000 slides . . . they're only part of Mr. Al Wiser's Sabbatical in Europe. In a six-by-ten foot trailer, the Wiser family traveled 16,000 miles across eleven countries, and returned with a roomful of souvenirs for AHS. Although he en- Joys giving presentations of his trip, Mr. Wiser feels that Europe is " something you have to ex- perience yourself. That is one reason why I went. You have to be there to really know what its like . . . It's very difficult to talk about because it is so much deeper than any picture could show. " In the temporary Humanities IMC, Mr. Wiser sorts through his European paraphernalia. MRS. PAULINE CALDWELL: General treasurer, secretary. MISS EVELYN CARLSON: Library IMC resource secretary. MRS. LOIS E. CARR: Attendance secretary; secretary to Mr. Ritland. MRS. DAISY FLACK: Secretary. MRS. ANM FRYAR: Secretary. MRS. SHARON GIDDINGS: Secretary. MRS. ISABEL HENDRICKSON: Library IMC secretary. MRS. ANNA MAE HUFFER: Secretary to Mrs. Brown. MRS. RUTH KALDOR: Teacher associate. MRS. FAYE LARKIN: Guidance secretary. MRS. SHARON SORENSON: Secretary. MRS. ANN STOKKA: Resource secretary. Staff 199 ھا وت سس — —‏ -= I 44 e V. FUJINAKA ENTIST 22-»ut0-F 7 ABS: THEO Belt ۱ ww 9 iM e, 1 ` Eta ۲:۳1 4 LE. 5 Lé =i 0 ا چون حم یفص hh‏ v 4 " 7 2 oa 4‏ ۶ -SOAS Maw x ` ۱ TA 2 Md d Ad ' m ہے ا‎ ٦ 5 7 e Vue A (wier: . 07 ۵ Wi " - » » ۲ » a " m X A8 g s E! cr. Eu Lins +» zw ۰ De:‏ نیکم IE " E ۰ ۳ ور aL Z APR DA Se 3 H | ۔‎ ' 4 ix or oo eh ۱ ] Ce, ۱ mi. E ` l | x d K- AC B j - A - ' : w ۱ ۱ K E . ke ۰ 2 ei H مسجت‎ MER OE Le, AAA S» wn ۳8 yi dL ` i. Y , ` | ! AH E " gozo | 200 Ads |i کے‎ f N 22 e? E D 2 b Ld Wie. N } 3 Advertising Merchants of Ames . Making shopping more pleasant, Having services available for students. Meeting students' various needs, Expanding to make shopping a convenience. Growing and improving to make Ames a better place to do business. TOP LEFT: Campustown's location makes shopping more available to the west part of town. TOP CENTER: The indoor convenience of the mall makes shopping at North Grand more pleasant. BOTTOM LEFT: Downtown Ames goes out of its way to help students with their various needs. TOP RIGHT: Lincoln Way provides students with many places to shop as well as fine restaurants. BOTTOM RIGHT: Duff Avenue gives students the most varied shop- ping area from pinball to pizzas. Ads 201 202 " JIM'S SUPER 100 133 Lincolnway THE HEAD SHOP Certified Sebring [eA PVT » = — e » - Ce ` om GN „ „ A مە aەچ ھە سچچپ‎ Hair Designing Appointment only 233-5 124 Welch “Finest Pizza In Town " 126 Welch Ph. 232-333 Free Delivery Anywhere In City Limits dei e PENNEY | North Grand Plaza | Tom Larson, the pizza expert, knows " We Know What You're Looking For " how to make the best pizza in town. Congratulations to the Class of '73 GRAND AVENUE SERVICE HALE 13th Grand FURNITURE AND CARPET COMPANY and eth Kellogg " Pleasing You Pleases Us " 202 Market St. Ph. 232-4631 Ames Fast service and a friendly smile greet you when - 5 A à ve EX P. A ۱ B " f m ex, X ` ۰ de , Hardees WHERE THE BURGERS ARE CHARCO - BROILE j ۱ آ7‎ Am Sue Larson and Sheri Mourlam take your order. Dave Daulton, Tom Meador, and Dave Alderman work together in preparing charco-broiled burgers. Kathy Hoff and Marta Moore take time out Debbie Post, Missy Slater, and friends feel at home when eating from the school day to eat lunch at Hardee's. in the friendly atmosphere and comfort of the Ames High Room. 203 UNIVERSITY BANK and TRUST COMPANY | " [d like to withdraw two-grand in fives and tens please, " Service to Ames and Central lowa... says Rick, as Jim, Mary and Cathy wait their turns. i MCE ر‎ " . EO c E LOT o 74778 i et (LR AU a4 GA: vee LES DNK E E ay » nor D ده‎ 0 57 Years of Banking E . if you're an Ames High Student, your parents - or even your grandparents - have benefitted from the many banking services of UNIVERSITY BANK AND TRUST. We've been growing with Ames since 1916. More than 57 senior classes ago, we began our long tradi- tion of wanting to serve you better. Full Banking Services at two Convenient Locations CAMPUS TOWN AND DOWNTOWN MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Ale - 0۶ Agency, Incorporated 308 Main ALL TYPES OF PERSONAL Ph. 232-6352 AND COMMERCIAL INSURANCE STEVE OSTRUM AL STOLE RAY PETERSON NEAL POPELKA 3 BLAINE JENKINS Cashier Toni Terrones, member of the DECA program, is working hard at Oslund s. Ph. 232-6401 Ames, lowa OSLUND'S DRUG 204 Advertising cr SINCE 1914 SHOP AND COMPARE ANYWHERE! Paul R. Jones Sheet Metal Co. FOR FEATURES! FOR VALUE! FOR PRICE! ix | Heating, Air Conditioning and Spoutin “Evght-ball in the corner pocket, '' says Sue Peterson : : as she takes a break from work to play a little pool. 426 S. Duff Ph. 232-6252 " Insurance کا‎ Our Only Business " Knapp-Tedesco Insurance Agency, Inc. FRANK E. “TED” TEDESCO, JR. 616 Kellogg Ph. 232-7060 Samsonite- Ventura and American Tourister Luggage Ladies Handbags- Attache Cases and Ready to help you in any way they can at Fareway Tote bags Grocery Store are Bob Murphy and Don Sondall. THE BEST IN MEATS " Shop at Jones' Luggage and find your NATIONALLY KNOWN CANNED GOODS own bag,” says senior Sally Scholten. ORCHARD-FRESH FRUITS JONES LUGGAG E FAREWAY STORES AND LEATHER ECONOMICAL FOOD DISTRIBUTION ۱ 310 Main ph. 232-6260 Advertising 205 UNION STORY TRUST SAVINGS BANK " Your Friendly Main Street Bank " Main at Burnett Ph. 232-2362 Office at North Grand Shopping Center Congratulations, Seniors! " Come on in,” says Tia Slater, as she stands inside of the vault in the downtown branch of the Union Story Trust Savings Bank. Ames Pantorium Finest in Cleaning poem n — رسمه‎ SCHOENEMANS ده‎ 410 Douglas Ph. 232-4302 It pays to look your best. Let a professional dry cleaner take care of your clothes. Orning Glass Co. e. SCHOENEMAN LUMBER COMPANY Main and Northwestern 319 Lincolnway 232-3764 Ph. 232-2372 Auto Glass-Mirrors-Plate Glass e س‎ M —À — AMPLE PARKING 206 Advertising Congratulations, Landsberg - Klufa Class of 1973 Pharmacy LOOKING INTO THE FUTURE: To build or buy your home as soon as you are financially able is wise . . . and will pay good dividends. | University Rexall Lincolnway and Stanton Ph. 232-5175 H. L. MUNN 0 What's up! With L U M B ER CO . ۷۷ fashion. . . Climb the spiral Established 1891 | staircase to see 416 MAIN Main and Duff Ames, lowa Working for White's, Candy Clinefelter lends a helping hand wherever it's needed. We Are Pleased to Serve You- Whatever Your Needs- LARGE or small Frangos Hestaurant Fountain Service Pizza Steak and Chops 210 Main Street Ph. 232-9710 MFG. CO. AMES e IOWA Mae Ford, who is retiring this year, receives assistance from Julie Nelson in showing an example of her company s fine workmanship. Advertising 207 Walts Newsstand HALLMARK GREETING CARDS, MAGAZINES, BOOKS, FANNY FARMER CANDIES FAMILY PLACE 292-4033 221 Main St. .. .232-0455 Lincoln Center .. .232-3113 4923 W. LINCOLN WAY AMES MUSIC HOUSE 302 MAIN Mike Eshbach demonstrates one of the organs in the upstairs section of Eshbach’s. SANDWICHES THAT ARE SATISFYING MAID-RITE 423 Main Where Friends Meet to Eat It's the AHS hamburger helpers - Kris Fawcett, Harry Oates, Farrell Silverthorn, Cathy Beard, and Dan Bowman. 208 Advertising ( EE? Congratulations, Seniors! La سے ٭ یجں ج‎ 1 T ۱ D S. Hanson Lumber Co. Inc. 212 Duff. Ph. 232-5152 Home of JOHN'S BASEMENT B ER ; 109 WELCH 233-1182 Mary Nichols discovers that learning to bowl can be fun as Mark Donaldson helps her gain the proper form. Pete Nutt es worki | 20th CENTU HY BOWLI NG DECA TAB tabes lieto a} re 517 S. DUFF PH. 232-5530 ‘The Place to Go When You Want to Sew’ is Stephenson's Fabrics U S A 2428 L-Way Campustown UNIVERSITY SHOP AM ES 111 LYNN AVE € AMES, IOWA 50010 Store Hours 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Thursday Advertising 209 FIRST NATIONAL BANK We especially look forward to serving Ames High students as they grow and establish themselves financially. DOWNTOWN oth and Burnett 0008 AND UNIVERSITY 2320 Lincoln Way College Pipe Shop Your Corner English Pipe and Tobacco Store Corner of Lincoln Way and Welch Campus Drug Cosmetics, Drugs U. S. POST OFFICE Ph. 232-4252 2430 Lincoln Way 210 Advertising ۱ نا Chris Kiser and Julie Axtell prove that there's something for everyone at Axtell's. AXTELL'S DOWNTOWN AMES Gifts-Cards-Candles-Photo Finishing D . EE 1 : Yu |. -A D.‏ طا“ 1۱ IS Iur FASTCO DRUG Ph. 232-3161 Durlam Durlam Downtown Zeg i Ss 226 Main 5 At 007 1: 2 A? A aq " A EN 0 و‎ J ۷ E Lora York finds comfort and contentment among her furry friends in Fastco Drug's basement. Carter Press, Inc. 206 WELCH AVE Creative Printers and Lithographers RAY'S PAINT AND zu BODY SHOP, INC. || PAUL'S j A 3 | CONOCO SERVICE Frame Repair Wreck Rebuilding Expert Spraying Glass Installation Ph. 232-4544 404 E. Lincoln Way 6th and Douglas Ph. 232-6205 Advertising 21 1 in gd Hill Studio e ےج‎ FTU CEP. = P AO a a e $ degen, T meam gai ifl a A m » = ONEN, f ۱ i 1 1 2530 Lincoln Way Ph. 232-4570 d ۲ ۱ ۱ ی This isn't hard at‏ all, " says Diane as she gets her senior picture taken at Hill Studio. MIDWEST TRANSPORTATION INC. ۱ Looking over the menu at Hickory Park sophomores Jeanette and Nancy try to decide what to order. H 1 " CHARTER BUS " HICKORY PARK RESTAURANT | 1051 East Lincoln Way Ph. 232-7270 EE 4 ۱ H 212 Advertising F | Oe EE BROWN-SHOE FIT 313 Main Ph. 232-6633 ۱ ۱ e an Yoorhis Taking time out from his DECA job at Brown's, Todd Sand decides to see if the shoe fits. Plumbing Heating تکس ` em‏ ` نے — since 1923 120 Kellogg Bob Van Voorhis, Owner COE'S HOUSE OF FLOWERS 6th and Grand Ph. 232-5432 Coe s House of Flowers has everything from unusual gifts to a single flower, as Jenny Herrick has found. 1 2 éi bg WH ج‎ rese T Le TE . ۲ 1 EW A Ka 1 A " X za GN d e : Ce v LI Ei e S | | i 2 7 ` Wë e WE , ۷ Tu. E Ia " L l | y. | ۱ d, ) LL DON Ge i Zë KZ A XM UM Ka - ۲ ۱ ` " ATAN d 8 ES ix. SÉ e ee SEH MENS ۰ Ce بن NE 7 — a. Working asa DECA student at Nims, Ellen Herrnstadt helps a mother find the right toy for her child. Ross Steak and Cakes NIMS 436 SOUTH DUFF (7 AMES OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 225 Main Street Ames, lowa X Advertising 213 Se seks ef 2 " ef af ی‎ a oF wë ان‎ ot at eg bp " utat t ee ee oa eee ot ot ut et aT n 7 سے دو ٭ at what's happening in Ames and the Ames High School through the Ames Daily Tribune ..... the paper that focuses on this community. Ames e ۲ 8 82 8 8 2 Daily 214 Advertising E PT ek‏ جح cim ec‏ ہے WATERS FIRESTONE Helping King Block decide on new wheels for his car, Bill Waters discusses some important tips. Doing a little shopping on her noon hour at Engeldingers, Ann decides on this top. Engeldinger à YOUNG PEOPLE'S OUTFITTERS North Grand Mall STUDENT SUPPLY See us FOR ALL YOUR SCHOOL SUPPLIES 2424 Lincoln Way Ph. 232-7665 " I want all of these shirts, " says Debbie Kingsbury as she grabs a bunch of them at Student Supply. 302 Main AS YOU TRAVEL ASK US OFFICE OUTFITTERS Ames, lowa Jim's Standard Oil Next to Kings Ames' Largest Free Car Wash With Fill Up Advertising 215 ears SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. SPERAT BEATEN DEANE Satisfaction Guaranteed or your Money Back Taking a break from their DECA job at Sears, Dave Bunker, Brian Stucky, Patty Lariviere, Cheryl Ring, Barry Best, and Jerry Matchett get together to talk about their job experience and a few other things. ED. Dm‏ - ہے a a ۱ E‏ 7+037 gue ZO ۱ ]‏ $ 4 - ۱ 7 a : ۱‏ ` 1 ` = 1 1 mis 2 7 0 e Toby Miller questions Sheri Byriel on whether to buy this outfit for the woman in his life, his mother. - Tom and Greg look over Archie's wide assortment of first-rate shoe repair jobs. | NORTH GRAND PLAZA GOODYEAR SHOE REPAIR 1 | E | Y O U N K R RS Boots and Loafers 1 107 Welch in Campus | Satisfaction Always ۱ } f NS pae 216 Advertising MATHISON MOTORS Baldus Ford-Maverick-Pinto-Thunderbird Heal Estate Ins Mustang-Torino Low Cost Financing LARRY BALDUS 323 Fifth یت وا‎ Bld! Bus. 232-6007 Ames, lowa Hes. 232-7862 Hay Jewelers REGISTERED JEWELERS AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY 236 Main Street GENERAL FILTER COMPANY Design-Construction-Erection PRODUCTS: Water Softeners Iron Removal Filters Stocking up on cookies for the week, senior Aerotors and Degasifiers Linda Allison shops at Ames Fruit and Grocery. Chemical Feed Equipment Swimming Pool Equipment || AMES FRUIT GROCERY 24th and Grand Ph. 232-4121 Ames, lowa Colorado and Lincoln Way 2nd and Elm Advertising 217 ee um Congratulations to the ST EVENS Class of 73! 4 MEMORIAL | CHAPEL 28th and Grand Ames,lowa 50010 Ph. 232-5473 d - pe ےس‎ و ی‎ acme m m 2 e 5 -i SPOOLS e CC mm — LV - - سے سی‎ e P و۹‎ ` 4 x H éi ۱ ہیی‎ EN i ۱ r ech e [ ` fei ۱ 1 ‘ " e ۱ Fx 1 E. p ` ar 2 e P 1 7 a » 7 i r v — » " 9 1 E ۲ Ban Sai dr si E P SS ALLEE " x " , = E " Wi ہے‎ . WI Tw gx éi 7۳ Ee La A ip dies X. Se €. " i ۱ " ein e vr TT سو‎ dn rä Lü +4 FE " KA ae pet rrr e, سس« و ا ےک DN wf . x: 4 E 4 " " e " D 4 r 2 4, ‘aa ۳ کو‎ HEE 4 | Léi e . ` ئ‎ e 27 ep : , " ES. e NE 1 — 7 e je éi Je dil éi oc ۔‎ +i p ef " X 7 ` ۹ NL Ze X 2 ۳ an کٹ‎ e رسي‎ ` a ` MEM. 9۴ — wi ون‎ 1 Ze d ٠ B ۹ E ۱ EA .- " - S E e تہ‎ a مه و‎ rr E : Aie X Se AUT vf. dr d ee Ka Ku Mov " ۹ ev م ا‎ A. 1 R Ah XJ KN 5 TT. ۹ 3 E 1 ` هة‎ vi 5 o 7 " e er do do tes d irt à ٦ d. A DAN De. " K e T. 1 BI ہےر ک‎ Z wurde dies Ve EE ` EN e We. , " 9 ۳ " " MI. 4 « p Moo f I " e lut ee سے‎ LR CHILDREN PROHIBITED FROM RUNNING AND | PUSHING BASKETS 129 Lincoln Way Ames, lowa " All right, let's cut out the horseplay, " says Lynn Schultz to Laura Morton as they finish one of their loads of laundry. " NAME BRANDS YOU KNOW " Prescription Specialists L RCA-MAGNAVOX-PIONEER ROPER-WESTINGHOUSE FRIGIDAIRE Apothecary Shop Sales and Service u | HARRIS ` 17 TV APPLIANCE 335 Lincoln Way Ames 218 Main 512 Duff 218 Advertising CARR Allan Machine and Supply Co. HARDWARE STORES HARDWARE Bruce Gartin shows Missy Slater how to use one of the many fireplace utensils sold at Carr Hardware. 224 Duff Phone 232-6505 Congratulations to the Class of 1973 AMES PLUMBING SUPPLY " This ıs the nicest bathtub I've ever been in,” says Dan Nıchols, as Jeff Waters and Jerry Peterson agree. سے ke? AWER, AM 8 . ا‎ om niv» d Be eck 70 Ome pim E e ان«‎ 2 mantel S مہ‎ LI - H “ہاب‎ ۲ : De Sie? 5 ve MÀ H x XN Riewen GN ۹ = تد‎ D d 2 ۷ e 3 AA 4 ne ا‎ ٠ “A WAN, عو لے کپ‎ Me, 4 Ae EE GEN E Sogo XU o ORO tn CH E ۱ A Shawnee - ہرس یبد تہ AS eh MA‏ d Te S — $$‏ | یہہ — Der yu ما7‎ Bob Schmidt and Monte Lutz find the time to shop at Randall's Foodarama even when they re not on the Job. GE EES | | 7 229 Main 24 HOURS )و‎ n در‎ EVERY DAY ( DISCOUNT FOODS This year’s store for this years young men. Advertising 219 p 4070 çERVICE Bobby Rogers 312 Main 2406 Lincoln Way ph. 232-5314 ph. 232-6850 121 Main “This 1s definitely my Dog, grins Holly Cassidy as he displ 8 | t B AMES' ONLY PHOTO FINISHERS she displays several purses at Bobby Rogers. Use our Film Drop P.O. 908 232-7363 | | THE BEST OF CARE FOR BETTER WEAR = ۰3 : V 4 » " ہر‎ CN be. EM. جس‎ - a " dr ۰ J A " 4 LÀ an 1 7 AMPLE FREE PARKING now under new ownership 508 Lincoln Way ph. 232-2952 Wierson TV Appliance Larry Sorenson carefully maintains the appearance of stock displays at Peterson Hardware. " WE SERVICE ALL MAKES” Admiral PETERSON OK HARDWARE 230Main 232-3054 Gene Wierson, Owner 109 Kellogg Ave. Ames 220 Advertising á — WELLHOUSE PHOTOGRAPHERS 240 Main 232-4640 " کہ‎ û LJ Ki 4 wy A A E ۱ » HPV 0+ € 1 | ۳ KS 1 یں‎ v. pow dE m» NLIS AT 0 ۸ a sdr aM F | ‘Tue been framed!” says Maria Kemeny as Chris ۲۴ ۰۰ Ellis aids her at Wellhouse Photographers. e le eil ËM نیک ید‎ 81085: 238 Main 232-4161 School, Office Supplies Greeting Cards Photo Supplies Typewriters Books Nancy Newell smilingly lights a Christmas candelabra for a holiday arrangement at Everts. ٰ Everts] | FLOWERS GIFTS CANDIES owank's Jewelry Diamonds Sterling Silver Watches Registered Jeweler-American Gem Society 319 Main ph. 232-6960 412 Burnett ph. 232-5635 Advertising 221 rar — 1 Connie pom و ا‎ the supply shelves are AN D well-stocked for students at North Grand Rexall. HUNZIKER FURMAN REALTY NORTH GRAND REXALL DRUG Mp: ۱ ew nomes an North Grand Shopping Center Real Estate Sales Walter Rexall Drug 217 Main 232-4214 803 24th St. AMES BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION | ۱ LX J AN (OAS 424 Main 232-2714 UA t Ek £ deca E " ym. Greg Stritzel and Dave Warner negotiate a loan from =- . a : Downtown-Main Burnett the cooperative folks at Ames Building and Loan. LO x 0 2 an: 7 س‎ = d ۰ CB بت‎ | , Smartest in Fashion Finest in Quality MEN AND BOYS Ph. 232-6135 E. A 222 Advertising — —— = e co-— —— Congratulations to the Class of 1973 and continued success to Ames High THE McFARLAND CLINIC Advertising 223 — eM wm gës -— ——— —vu Ames Cycle Shop A complete line of Honda Motorcycles, parts, and service... 720 E. Lincoln Way Ph. 232-6223 George Mule CHEV ur Some day even you might be the owner of the ASTRO-VETTE by Chevrolet which is now an experimental car not in production. AMERICAN 3 DIAGNOSTIC CENTER Lincoln Way and Duff Ph. 232-9682 224 Advertising TU. e We b A D You expect more from Standard and you get ıt as shown by Jane Weber. Kuehl's House of Insurance Insurance For All Your Needs FIRST NATIONAL BANK BLDG. Ames, lowa 50010 Bus. 232-5660 Hes. 233-2150 - = ۱ ag p OW TF LS d » ۲ e A H4 | d'Sr ار‎ » ۳ ۰:٩ ۰ 2 - " o e e e e e e e e e wd rr? we ۲ BOYD'S Perched 20 feet in the air, Senior Kathy Hoff shows that milking the Boyds Dairy cow ts not hard to do. p Ze 5 Dairy Stores Main and Duff Campustown (fe a 2. -—Á ue ol Cam S تے‎ T —‏ سسا م سح س ———— Target AR M Incorporated Hours: Monday through Friday 10AM to 10PM, Saturday 9:30AM to 10 PM, Sunday Noon to 6PM Lincoln Way Shopping Center : | SE: ۷ Ly (Wk RRS WHAT ARE YOU DOING AFTER SCHOOL Some of your friends will be going away to college. Others to jobs. What are your plans? If you haven't made any yet, consider today's Ar- my. Its a chance to catch your breath. A chance to find yourself before beginning the daily routine of a regular job, or another four years of study. If you ve just finished high school, today’s Army can be a rewarding pre-college alternative. More rewarding in many ways than pumping gas, bagg- ing groceries or making time in the company stockroom. KS ۱7.2 JN, Today's Army is more than a place to mark time. Its a place where you can train, learn, have a responsible job, meet people, travel, and mature. ۰ ۳ Im " PPP NK cio Ha uL بد با‎ EA RANE Think of a job with today's Army not as an in- terruption in your life, but the beginning of a meaningful career. In the Army or in a civilian life. : SEA CASTA. en " ge سس‎ e er dsl SSG TIMOTHY R. SANDERS | US ARMY RECRUITING SERVICE 130 Main Street Ames, lowa 50010 Call Collect 515 232-1334 c ote 0 1 ےت 1 E Ir ONERE A TER RO درم کس‎ US sts AR ۷ VE ET SE E KR میا رو رر رید پ۱‎ er ` SEKR M aa Qu e On M Peut mmm S teta ` K ۷ ۷ Sows SN SE E NS 3 E کہ‎ X SA MP oM 7 ` a SR X 2 ve AS E 9 X n ۱ Kee RS 5 = C NEE یئ ایک‎ NOD. NS 0 QNS m Se RS Ce E " 299 یہ یں‎ TENNO NA GE x UIROS d n. Dk. AN " 0 ERN Pede Rend NS S ef wr " " " x 8 MM TATS DOPO Wës, Nk AN MSV مر‎ A —€— ۱ 3 1 $ ۱ : +٦ " We تہ‎ e Color Center Paint-wallcovering-Artists' Supplies Picture Framing-Interior Decorating Draperies 214 Fifth St. Ph. 232-5265 AL GRIFFIN, Owner Ames, lowa Ph. 233-1876 308 Main Advertising 225 RDERS In ۱۲۶ NCH IRES ۲ OHOIN FRIES PRIN OPEN YEAR ROUND EE EE HENRY'S DRIVE-IN ám Sunday-Thursday 10 A.M.-11 P.M. Friday-Saturday 10 A.M.-12 Midnight س T — —n9 lind dl d'or‏ —— سے سج —— ——- ۱س سک سے سے a‏ = —- - A zx‏ - A p‏ - - e‏ Ph. 232-5613 534 Lincoln Way — DM .٭٭۔‎ —MÁ——— Ames, lowa " Let's see, should I have an All American or a fish sandwich? " says Darlene as Sue gets Chris a deluxe hamburger and a Pepsi. SERM RI» a ere‏ ےب GO FIRST CLASS GO TO Herb's Phillips Its Performance That Counts! 412 South Duff Tune-ups, Batteries, 232-5495 AMES Shocks, Accessories Heated 25€ Self-Service Wash Stalls All First Class Phillips Products LINCOLN-MERCURY-CAPRI “At The Sign of The Cat” A Good Place to Do Business a À——À — کے سے ے۔‎ . " rm ہے‎ ee e e — - سے‎ Nuzum LincolneMercury Inc. 429 South Duff e Ph. 232-7474 | 226 Advertising | HAM SANDWICH AN CHEESE ۲ ALL AMERICAN CHE! STEK ۲۱ ALL AMI RICAN qq 0100) 57 FISH SANDWICH (co M DOUBLE HAMBURGER. ` Am CHIL! BURGER ۸۷) CHEESE BURGER , mut ۱5 (٤ ۸۸۷۷ R HOT Do LOIN SANDWICH M CHILE DOG FRENCH FRIES Ulis E ke, f we | ۲ ۱ i Leg | ۳ 1 boer P 0 ۱ ۲ H 7 n M da) ۳3 FERRE 1 ۲ ۱ WM BEE 1 is BH FRI " Would you like to try a pair on,” says Jeff Shearer, as Karen Bachman decides which one she likes best. THE BOOTERY [ ۲-۱۷2۵ FANFARES 232-3299 Sheldon Munn Hotel A " — gp , " w 5 اس‎ ette TR — A 0ِ 219 C MNT WF be D ۱ BENSON MOTOR, INC. Buick, Opel, American Motors 5th and Douglas HOYAL TREATS " But Michael, I want this car and I won t settle for any other! " says Julie pleadingly. CONES-MALTS SHAKES-SUNDAES NOVELTIES BEEF-BURGERS CHILI-DOGS HOT-DOGS 123 Lincoln Way Downtown 117 Welch Campustown C and K Heating Air Conditioning Congratulations to the Class of 73! Ph. 233-1175 Meadow Glen Road “Oo! It’s cold out here, I wish I was in a warm house heated by C and K, says Sue as Nancy seems to agree. 2 ¥ ۱ bad e» IOWA ELECTRIC IS PROUD TO SERVE y AND BE A PART OF THE EM = instant energy NATURAL GAS DIVISION AMES COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT iowa electric light and power company Advertising 227 2502 Lincoln Way Dial 232-2515 FLOOR COVERINGS EU Headquarters For Smart Jewelry Styles LINOLEUM-CARPETING-TILES RUGS-CERAMICS-FORMICA CARAVELLE—SPORT STYLES AND FASHION WATCHES 402 Main Phone 232-4151 DES MOINES REGISTER AND TRIBUNE 301'% Kellogg 2500 Lincoln Way Tuned in with the times, junior Tom Gleason makes reading the newspaper a daily habit. SOMEPLACE ELSE - تام‎ i anc n, ببس‎ ST ہے۔‎ y CN ieee V Ts 125 Welch Ave. C bath sm Campustown gp | Working on DECA is educational as well as fun. | 232-3000 Ginger Doty greets customers with a smile. | | Downtown at 207 So. Duff Vicki Knutson fits right in with the sweet scents at the Someplace Else Shop—on the hill in Campustown. In Campustown at 112 So. Sheldon 228 Advertising = | Days 232-4954 Nights 232-5833 -= x LLLA O E Dave's Auto Truck Service 205 East 2nd Street 23'2-HOUR WRECKER SERVICE Liberated? Junior Denise Kepley appears ready for any emergency at Dave's Auto and Truck Service. . w : H ` ` : Em " » D ve n ۲ EV c 7 i ۱ d T j AUTO TRUCK ` SERVICE ITALIAN 7 کی ےت 5 Clothes To Fit Your Every Mood County (obtu 113 Welch from Campustown " Sole sisters " Carol Peterson and Meg James dis- play their moods with shoes from Country Cobbler. PRONTO FOOD KITCHENS INC. Pronto (® A P.O. Box 723 Phone Area Code 515-232-1001 AMES, IOWA 50010 Advertising 229 c= ۳ rr DE fe o ET Page index is where it's at in Spiri A Abel, Mr. Darrill 193,196 = Abraham, David 78,172 Abrahamsen, Andy 172 ACADEMICS 12-39 ADVERTISING 200-229 Agard, Beth 76,77,172,240 Albert, John 140,182 Albertson, Gary 172 Alexander, James 182 Allen, Gregg 28,57,58,155 Allen, Joe 182 Allen, Kevin 126,172 Allen, Mark 24,74,126,172 Allen, Tom 155 Allison, Brad 182 Allison, Linda 45,81,140,145,155 Amemiya, Robert 138,145,155 Amtower, Eric 182 Anderson, Candy 84,172 Anderson, Duane (Chip) 81,140,145,155 Anderson, Donna 172 Anderson, Douglas 182 Anderson, Mrs. Francine 195 Anderson, Glen 80,145,155 Anderson, Glenn 57,58,172 Anderson, Gregory 182 Anderson, Gwen 182 Anderson, Jeanette 74,83,128,182 Anderson, Ken 191 Anderson, Mark 172 Anderson, Patricia 58,84,172 Andrew, David 191 Arnold, Carol 82,172 ART 16-17 Ash, Gary 155,170 Asp, Jim 78,140,172 Atkins, Barb 81,140,145,155 Aurand, Kathleen 155,1 70 Austrheim, Sarah 85,182 Axtell, Julie 136,182 B Babcock, Larinda 58,182 Bachman, Karen 61,82,129,172,226 Bacon, Barb 74,111,128,129,182 Bailey, Janet 191 Bailey, Jeff 145,155 Bailey, Mr. Keith 104,126,193 Bailey, Mike 81,145,155 Bailey, Richard 172 Baker, Diane L. 182 Bal, Goga 172 Ball, Don 182 Ball, Shane 182 Balmer, Rick 145,155 BAND 20-21, 86-87, 140-141 Barber, Rosalee 182 Barcus, Pete 140,149,155 Barnard, Mary 6,84,140,155,170 Barfknecht, Jerry 138 Barnett, Mark 74,109,110,129,172 Barnhart, Brian 172 Barrett, Lynn 155,170 Bartels, Bob 145,155 Bartels, Sheri 140,182 BASEBALL 122-123, 134-135 BASKETBALL 96-103,127 Bates, Allan 74,76,138,145,155 Baumel, Steve 172 Bauske, Mrs. Grace 33,193 Beard, Cathy 16,172 Beard, Janet 58,74,182 Beattie, Mark 138,145 Beaty, Janet 140,145,155 Beaty, Tom 182 Becker, Joy 58,59,172 Beckley, Bruce 172 Beeman, Mark 172 Beer, Stephen 172 Bell, Cynthia 58,85,140,182 Bell, Don 126 Bell, Jim 172 Bell, Mark 80,156 Belle, Gregory 126,182 Belle, Mike 126,138,145,156 Beneke, Patty 138,140,156,161,170 Benn, Jim 172 Benner, Susan 182 Benson, Steve 182 Berchtold, Randa 172 Berger, Bill 145,156 Bergeson, Jeff 126,182 Bergeson, Mike 130,182 Berhow, Jeff 126,182 Berthelsen, Joel 126,182 Berthelsen, Mark 43,80,90,,126,145,156 Best, Barbara 123,172 Best, Barry 10,81,126,134,138,147,156 Bestland, Michael 191 BIBYCLE CLUB 64 Bishop, Leonard 182 Bittinger, Jeanette (Tracy) 81,83,156, 170 Bittinger, Mike 126,172 Black, Pam 182 Bleeker, Marlene 81,84,140,147,156 Blewett, Val 140,147,156 Bliss, Susan 77,140,172,240 Block, King 49,76,80,91,93,126,134, 138,140,147,156 Bockhop, Bryan 37,56,57,58,182 Bogenrief, Doug 34,147,156 Bogenrief, Eric 130,172 Bogenrief, Mark 37,126,130,182 Bogie, Tanya 172 Bogue, Barbara 182 Typical athletic assembly scene—frenzied cheerleaders, unconcerned WEB fotog, athletes congratulating each other. State champion cagers are honored. 230 Index Bogue, Janet 182 Boon, Scot 57,173 Borich, Ron 182 Bornmueller, Gary 24,173 Boston, Loren 72,182 Bourne, Linda 182 Bowen, Dorothy 64,76,140,147,156 Bowen, Kevin 58,78,182 Bowman, Dan 81,147,156 Boylan, Beth 15,54,81,84,138,140, 147,156 Boyles, Becky 81,83,147,156 Boyles, Leslie 75,82,182 گنوی‎ Brady, Lynne 45,49,75,81,.147,156 Brady, Mary 74,82,83,173 Bran, Mary 173 Bran, Ruth 140,173 Braymen, Brian 191 Brayton, John 147,156 Brechenridge, Terry 76,138,147,156 Breer, Larry 173 Brekke, Patty 147,156 Bremner, Carol 182 Bremner, Stu 130,147,156 Brentnall 126,183 Brink, Judy 58,84,173 Brodsky, Dave 183 Brown, Diana 183 Brown, Diane 173 Brown, Mrs. Dorothy 162,193 Brown, Jeanine 85,183 Brown, Jeff (10) 77,78,127,183 Brown, Jeff (11) 173,240 Brown, Marcia 147,156 Brown, Robert 156 Browning, John 173 Brugger, Bobbie 75,85,183 Bruin, Diane 83,173 Bruin, Karin 173 ا‎ Brunia, Brad 191 Bee Brunkow, Bryan 53,138,139,147, 35 156,158 Buck, Steve 62,74,173 Buckley, Bambi 183 Budolfson, Art 76,147,156 Bulkley, Teresa 183 Bulman, Joe 156 ge Bunce, Sandy 84,140,147,158 Ce Bunker, Dave 81,91,93,126,127,138, e 147,158 is Bunker, Mark 126,127,183 2 Bunning, Grace 3 | = Burgason, Steve 49,76,96,97,98,101, E 127,138,147,157,158,165 2 Burke, Bill 5,76,147,158 Burke, Kristne 183 Burkhalter, Ruth 57,84,173 l m Burkhart, Karen 77,173,240 Burkholder, Anne 84,140,173 Burkholder, Jane 85,183 Burnet, Joan 84,140,147,151,158 Burns, Karen 79,147,158 Burton, Bill 191 Bush, Kim 173 BUSINESS 34,35 Buss, Danielle 84,140,173 Buss, Mr. Wilbur 193 Busse, Dan 140,173 Butler, Craig 191 Butler, Mark 183 Buttrey, Mrs. Esther 193 ove Buttry, Dale 158 or. BICYCLE CLUB 64 We Byriel, Shari 45,81,140,147,158 , C | ےھ —— P ہس‎ mmu avem m ے۔ سو‎ " SG 0ی‎ am Cafferty, Jean 147 1 Calderwood, Phil 8 ET 5 Caldwell, Mrs. Pauline 199 ENS cn Calhoun, Mary 81,147,158 Callahan, John 183 Camp, Alan 57,58,126,183 Campbell, Howie 126,127,173 Campbell, John 10,74,79,140,173 The loneliness of junior varsity football team fans ts vividly shown in this shot of the near empty stands. Campbell, Mrs. LoAnn 193,195 Campbell, Mr. Robert 126,193,195 Campbell, Shawn 126,183 Canon, Carol 183 Cardella, Steve 173 Carlsen, Jane 147,158 Carlson, Miss Evelyn 199 Carlson. John 138,139,147,158 Carison, Mark 173 Carlson, Mike 81,148,158 Carlson. Mr. Samuel K. 26,31,138, 193,198 Carlson, Steve 39,183,191 Carlson, Sue 81,82,138,148,158 Carlson, Tim 183 Carney, Matt 173 Carr, Kim 173 Carr, Mrs. Lois 199 Carr, Mike 127,183 Carroll, Nancy 128,183 Carroll, Terry 96,97,99,100,101,122,127 134,135,138,148,158,165 Carter, Dick 10,81,126,127,148,158 Carter, Jeff 74,126,173 Carter, Kathryn 148,158 Carter, Todd 126,191 Cason, Joanne 183 Cassidy, Holly 14,81,82,129,140, 148.158 Castner, Ann 75,183 Catus, Bob 80,148,158 Catus, Glen 126,183 Cerwick, Sue 76,81,84,141,148,158 Chaldy, Tina 57,183 Chantland, Carol 80,83,148,158 Chantland, Susan 72,82,83,129,173 Charles, Chris 63,70,78,173 Charlson, Karen 158 CHEERSQUAD 72-73, B2-83 Chen, Tan Jen 158 Childs, Mary 140,173,175 Christensen, Cheryl 85,183 Christensen, Karen 141,148,158 Christensen, Tim 173 Christenson, Ron 148,158 Christenson, Teresa 39,173 Christian, Ricky 173 Christianson, Becky 184 Christianson, Valerie 173 Christofferson, Steve 184 Church, Janice 148,158 Church, Martha 140,184 Clark, Cindi 17,76,82,84,129,140, 148,158 Clark, Dave 126,129,184 Clark, Kelle 158 Clark, Mary Lou 184 Clark, Samra +3 Clark, Tracy 138,148,158 Clatt, Marcella 173 Clemens, Jerry 173 Clemons, Sharron 148,158 Clendaniel, Cindy 129,173 Clinefelder, Candy 81,141,148,159 Coady, Suzanne 184 Cochrane, Ev 126,134,191 Cole, Craig 66,81,126,148,159 Coleman, Kathy 81,141,148,159 Collins, Kit 173 Conard, Patricia 191 ON ہیں‎ SEE نہیں ا ا سی Du, Age کر‎ Constantine, Mary 8 140,141,148,159 Cook, Jennifer 140,173 Cook, Mike 126,191 Corbett 58,59,174,227 Corieri, Les 184 Corieri, Ros 80,148,159 Coupal, Jon 55,84,174 Couture, Jim 184 Couture, Shirley 80,141,148,159 Covey, Mr. Hi 193 Cowan, Doug 184 Cowles, Linda 174 Cox, Kent 26,184 Coy, Janet 66,81,138,139,141, 148,159 Coy, Julie 76,129,174 Coyle, Pat 174 Craig, John 45,174 Craig, Sherry 184 Craig, Steve 174 Crane, John 184 Crawford, Bill 67,141,148,159 Crawford, Deborah 174 Criss, Jana 82,148,159 Crom, Randall 174 Crowe, Mike 174 Crump, Peter 29,127,174 Cummings, Julie 184 Curry, Carolyn 81,141,148,159 D Dahlgren, Kim 5,83,174 DANCES 48-49 Danofsky, DeAnn 58,184 Dass, Dean 130,174 Daub, Ann 148,159 Daulton, David 76,95,126,184 Daulton, Scott 80,126,130,148,159 Y , کٹ‎ 4 ۱ o Ke ۱ ER. H ` ٠ 7 me E e Ze É d KS 3 OK? um vA WM m او‎ oe 0 ی, ہ5 c.‏ ٹر ۳۰٢‏ 0 A K kä E MIA wv A Davies, Nancy 191 Davis, Bruce 105,128,148,159 Davis, Don 126,148,159 Davis, Jim 184 Davis, Mark 130,174 Davis, Ron 148,159 Davis, Sheryl 174 Davison, Janet 79,140,174 Day, Deb 57,58,59,81,150,159 Dean, Bob 28,126,150,159 DEBATE ۵ DECA 66,67,80,81,142,143 DeFrancisco, Guye 184 DeFrancisco, Jolynn 174 DeKovic, Chuck 126,184 DeKovic, Mark 58,77,174,240 Dennis, Susan 58,82,129,174 Deppe, Linda 84,85,140,174 Deppe, Susan 140,184 Dierks, Jeff 126,184 Dirks, Bill 184 Ditzel, Davis 184 Doak, Sara 82,83,174 Dobell, Dwight 127,184 Dobson, Dennis 174 Dolling, Roger 174 Donaldson, Anne 83,129,184 Donaldson, Mark 33,74,76,106,128, 142,150,159,167 Donelson, Janis 191 Donhowe, Mary 58,74,84,141,150,152, 159 Dorr, Chuck 174 Dorr, Judith 159 Dorsey, Lea 27,38,74,75,76,79,65,150 Doty, Ginger 81,141,150,159 Dougal, Greg 140,167,174 Dowell, Janet 84,140,141,150,159 DRAMA 18,19,42,43,54,55,56,57, 58,59,142 Dreessen, Bryce 184 DRILL TEAM 72,73,82,83 Typical fine arts awards assembly scene—lineup of teachers on stage for two hours produces varied reactions. Mr. Carlson, Mr. White, and Mrs. Mollet are reacting. Index 231 Patti Haynes sports purple nails in accordance with the color-crazy fad this year. No longer taboo: A football player's golden curls hang below his helmet. DRIVER EDUCATION 36,37 D'Silva, Collin 174 Dubberke, Dennis 140,174 Duea, Mr. Jim 126,130,193 Dunham, Paula 84,174 Dunlap, Jeff 57,184 Dunlap, Margaret 184 Dunleavy, Mary 174 Dunster, Bev 140,174 Durler, Jon 174 Durand, Paul 150,159 Durand, Ruth 184 Durand, Steven 184 Durby, Mark 184 Duvall, Ben 127,174 Duvall, Mr. George 96,97,127,193 E Ebel, Sandra 159,170 Eberhart, Lynd! 74,82,130,138,139, 141,150,159 Ebert, Ann 81,84,141,150,160 Edwards, Anne 174 Edwards, Sandra 74,129,184 EFFE Day 50,51 Egeland, Jeff 23,191 Egeland, Suzanne 58,170 Elbert, John 126 Elbert, Maraaret 58,141,150,160 Elder, Randy 184 Ellinghausen, Pam 82,174 Elliott, Cindy 184 Elliott, Denny 174 Elliott, John 33,77,140,174,240 Elliott, Stan 24,191 Ellis, Christine 82,141,150,160 Ellson, Michael 81,126,141,150,160 Elwood, Andrew 84,184 Engelstad, Karen 140,160,170 Engelstad, Paul 126,184 Engen, Nancy 84,174 ENGLISH 30-31 Engstrom, Gordon 58,84,174 Enquist, Mr. Bill 193 232 Index Epperly, Denise 81,150,160 Epstein, Emily 140,184 Ernest, Cay 141,150,160 Eschbach, Kim 151,160 Eschbach, Mike 76,126,151,157, 160 Eshelman, Paul 151,160 Eshelman, Steve 110,129,174 Ethington, Chris 184 Eucher, Eric 74,184 Eugene, Mary 191 Evans, Jeff 184 Ewan, Bill 126,184 Ewing, Linda 82,136,185 = Faas, Mr. Don 80,81,193,196 Facto, Jeff 185 FACULTY 192-199 Falck, Mrs. Sharon 193 Farrar, Kirk 126,174 Farrar, Dr. Ralph 22,42,192 Fawcett, Kris 174 Feistner, Debra 185 Ferguson, Ken 174 Ferguson, Kerry 126,127,185 Ferguson, Kevin 126,174 Feyerabend, Jim 151,160 Fick, Steve 185 Fields, Rhonda 174 Figura, Lori 185 Finch, Don 174 Finnegan, Don 104,174 Finnegan, Donna 185 Fischer, Kurt 109,129,174 Fiscus, Randy 185 Fisher, Steve 17,54,74,140,141,151, 160 Fitz, Dave 151,160 Fitz, Roger 185 Flack, Mrs. Daisy 199 Fleig, Barb 140,174 Fleming, Mr. David 62,193 FLIPPED 58-59 Foell, Greg 123,126,185 Folkmann, Jill 151,160 FOOTBALL 90-95,126 FOREIGN LANGUAGE 26-27 Forssman, Mr. John 193 Fouad, Nadya 65,74,75,174 Fowles, Pam 174 Fox, Danny 185 Franzen, Steve 78,185 Frasier, Susan 140,174 Frederick, Dave 129,174 Frederiksen, John 21,84,141,151,160 French, Carol 58,129,185 French, Nancy 82,129,138,139,151,160 Frey, Kevin 140,141,174 Friederich, Cathy 81,151,160 Friederich, John 140,174 Fritsch, Kristie 45,74,76,79,129,141, 151,160 Fritz, Laurel 185 Fryar, Mrs. Ann 199 Fryar, Kristie 174 Fullhart, Dave 140,151,160 Futrell, JoAnn 185 Futrell, Sue 74,76,78,139,141,151, 160 G Gaarde, Stephanie 83,185 Gammack, Chris 63,72,80,83,149, 151,160 Gammon, Jim 40,126,130,174 Gammon, Sherry 151,160 Gard, Doug 191 Gardner, Mike 140,174 Garman, Mr. Merle 193 Garrett, Mrs. Kay 193 Garrey, Rich 126,127,158,160 Gartin, Bruce 48,174 Gartz, Mr. Homer 193 Gass, Debra 58,85,185 Gauger, Jean 66,81,138,139,141, 153,160 Gee, Sheau-huei 84,138,141,153,160 Genm, Jane 185 Geist, Sue 232,77,81,82.129,129.141, 153,160,240 Gerber, Jirn 174 Gerjets, Doug 81,153,160 Giddings, Mrs. Sharon 199 Gigstad, Martha 153,160 Gilbert, Mrs. Janet 193 Gilbert, Sharon 185 Gilbert, Vicki 174 Gilchrist, Donna 141,160,171 Gillette, Thomas 139 GIRLS' SERVICE COMMITTEE 68. 69.79 Glass, Vayne 160 Gleason, Carol 34,85,185 Gleason, Tom 140,174 Glenn, Kim 36,38,85,185 Glenn, Sheila 76,81,139,141,153,160 GOLF 114-2 Good, Lindy 174 Goodwin, Liz 185 Goodwin, Kerry 66,81 1٦ Grant, Cathy 75,174 Grant, Joe 174 Grant, Mary 74,75,82,85.185 GRADUATION 52-53 Green, Detroy 185 Green, Kevin 175 Greene, Cindy 141,153,161 Greene, Robert 185 Greiner, Rod 126,185 Griffen, Len 84,85,175 Grindeland, Ann 74,81,83,129.153.164 Grover, Mark 130,175 Grover, Steve 130,153,161 Grucza, Paula 4 41 Gugel, Miss Dorothy 193 GUIDANCE 22-23 Gurganus, Claretta 57,58,76,77,81,153, 161,240 Gutmann, Todd 175 GYMNASTICS 112-113.128 H Habhab, Lori 76,84,175 Habhab, Elizabeth 185 Hade, David 185 Hadwiger, Steve 82,175 Hagebock, Debbie 80,153,161 Hagen, Joe 153,161 Hagen, Rob 175 Hagert, Crystal 81,161 Hagert, Ms. Jean 193 Hakes, David 1 Hale, Charles 191 Hale, Leann 85,140,141,185 Halvorson, Brian 139,140,153,161 Halvorson, Bruce 139,140,153,161 Hammond, Bruce 161 Hammond, Linda 58,185 Hansen, John 74,84,140,175 Hansen, Mike 161 Hansen, Paula 175 Hansen, Mr. Wayne 19,194 Hanson, Bruce 185 Hanson, David 84,139,140,141,153,161 Hanson, Mrs. Marilyn 194 Hanway, Bruce 126,185 Hanway, Craig 74,76,153,161 Hapes, Keith 185 Harl, Brent 127,185 Harlan, Jody 74,185 Harmison, Kathy 22,140,175 Harris, Kelly 161 Hart, Susan 81,153,161 Hartman, Kenneth 28,194 Hartman, Missy 66,81,153,161 Hassebrock, Mrs. Jean 194 Hatch, David 80,153,161 Hathaway, Mark 77,175,240 Hatten, Tom 57,74,78,163,170 Haugland, Robin 45,83,175 Haugsted, Steve 185 Hauser, John 139,153,163 Haviland, Andrew 57,58,175 Haynes, Patti 17,185 Healey, John 191 Heaney, Joe 126,185 Heaney, Kathy 185 Heckenbach, Karen 57,58,85,186 010 - 1111-1۰5۳سصس000901]00 1 0 0 9ت َپپ یی 6 گج‎ ٠ ی ی‎ TTT UN UP wc ou a oe EF " ef سا‎ Pd WV " TERI CI Hedberg, Wayne 186 Heggen, Jane 163.171 Heggen, Sharon 83,175 Meiberger, Mr. Robert 37,194 Hemingson, Calvin 127,186 Hemingson, Mike 99,127,157,163,171 Hendershot, Mark 163 Henderson, Donald 175 Hendrickson, Anne 83,136,186 Hendrickson, Ed 175 Hendrickson, Mrs. Isabel 199 Henely, Susan 153,163 Henry, Sue 183 Hensley, Julie 83,175 Herbert, Susan 81,153,163 Hermann, Laura 81,153,163 Herrick, Jeni Herrick, Jerry 191 Herrig. Mr. Doyle 194 Herrnstadt, Ellen 58,66,76,81,141,153, 163 Hiedeman, Mr. Dale 194 Hiedeman, Sue 81,82,141,153,163 Hildebrand, Mary 82,85,129,183 Hilis, Doug 191 Hilton, Jeff 9 Hilmer, Mr. Keith 28,194 Hirschy, Charles 175 Hoff, Kathy 77,154,163,203,240 Hoff, Kevin 175 Hogan, Kyle 6,140,175 Holbrook, Wes 183 Holdredge, Steven 175 Holdren, Michaela 68,74,83,183,184 Holland, Terra 141.154.163 Hollenbach, Ruth 84,140,141,175 Hoimes, Mike 126,127,183 Holter, Debbie 84,139,141,154,163 HOMECOMING 46-47 HOME ECONOMICS 36-37 Homer, Elaine 175 Homer, Lynn 175 Homer, Mark 6 Homer, Nancy 183 HONORS 138-143 Hoof, Craig 154,163 Hoover, Dave 69,154,163 Hopper, Sharon 183 Hoskins, Kolette 75,83,176 Hotchkiss, Bill 84,140,141,154,163 Hough, Teri 82.176 Houser, Virgil 163 HOWERTON, Jeff 183 Howerton, JoAnn 183 Howerton, Ricky 183 Hubbert, Pam 183 Hubbert, Sandy 82,140,176 Huffer, Mrs. Anna Mae 199 Hughes, Greg 126,183 Huisman, Tom 154,163 Hunziker, Gary 126,183 Hurd, Mr. Dennis 8 Huston, Steve 176 Hutchcroft, Mrs. Etha 198 Hutchcroft, Paul 56,57,58,74,84,183 Hutton, Gordon 126,154,163 Hutton, Mary 183 Hyer, Stanley 183 Impecoven, Mr. Bob 130,194 Impecoven, Linda 183 INDUSTRIAL ARTS 36-37 Ingham, David 141,154,163 Ingraham, Richard 84,176 Ingraham, Tricia 12,139,141,154,163, 234 Ingram, David 84,176 Ingram, Tom 126,183 INTRAMURALS 124-125,135 INTERNATIONAL CLUB 64,65 Irwin, Tony 176 J Jackson, Angela 176 Jackson, Charles 183 Jackson, Tom 183 Jacobson, Mrs. Anne 194 Jacobson, Cyndi 82,83,154,163 Jacobson, Dennis 154,163 Jacobson, Michael 163 James, Clair 183 James, Meg 77,81,141,154,163,240 James, Michelle 183 James, Susan 176 Jamison, Mark 107,183 Janssen, Steve 70, 76,139,154,163 Jeffrey, State 81,154,163 Jensen, Laurie 183 Jepsen, Randi 176 Jeska, Cheryl 85,183 Jeska, Ted 126,154,163 Jespersen, Delora 85.183 Jewell, Paul 183 Johanns, Denise 85,183 Johns, Steve 154,163 Johnson, Christine 154,163 Johnson, Cindy 183 Johnson, Douglas 176 Johnson, Jacqueline 176 Johnson, Karen 176 Johnson, Kim 83,176 Johnson, Kristie 176 Jonnson, Lyn 84,139,141,154,163 Johnson, Maury 82,109,129,183 Johnson, Mr. Phil 126,136,194 Jolly, Dawn 140,176 Jones, Chris 183 Jones, Dr. James 195 Jones, Kay 176 Jones, Mark 63,74,139,154,163 Jones, Roger 176 Jorgenson, Mr. Tom 127,134,195 Jorstad, John 57,58,80,154,163 JOURNALISM 32-33,76,77 Julius, Kent 139,154,163 JUNIORS 172-181 Jutting, Jerry 57,74,77,139,141,145, 154,163,240 K Kaeberle, Jeff 129,183 b my V مر بای‎ e ZUM NM ch CREDE A CENE Nm‏ کی ام MUTO. atat چد کا‎ dn, OPE سے ای ہیں‎ BC, ویج‎ eG ۰ ۷ و‎ ۲۳,۱۷۳ ٩ Lond wm us s UU IS سیر فا‎ e فک ری‎ GER تہ و‎ OTRA رت‎ » A 2۴ ` ; ۰ ۱ 0 4 م‎ - ٠ - " b e D e. bm, TU ا‎ dr RS etw aes 1 m m a, + Caen. litt. LE ER " € (à m Mia Zeen eR Ca Kaldor, David 127,183 Kaldor, Mrs. Ruth 199 Kavanagh, Kathy 183 Kavanagh, Patrick 39,176 Kayser, Christopher 183 Kayser, Pat 154,163 Keim, Ann 74,183 Keller, Jana 81,129,141,154 Keller, Jeff 42,74,130,191 Kellogg, Jeff 80,154,163 Kellogg, John 176 Kelso, Ann 82,140,176 Kelton, Patty 141,154,164 Kememny, Maria 74,76,81,83,141, 154,164 Kempthorne, Peter 140,176 Kendall, Terry 183 Kenyon, Kent 126,127,186 Kepley, Denise 175,176 Keseley, Kim 164 Kestel, Jennifer 83,186 Ketcham, Barb 25,140,154,157,164 Ketcham, Richard 176 Kever, Dale 140,176 KEY CLUB 69 Key, Dana 164 Khan, Fazeela 176 Khan, Sabeha 186 Killam, Danny 55,57,84,186 Kindermann, Candy 140,141,154,164 Kingsbury, Deb 155,164 Kingsbury, Gary 186 Kinney, Jim 104,128,139,155,157,164 Kirchoff, Kristin 186 Kiser, Chris 57,66,81,82,139,141,154, 164 Kiser, Janice 61,75,79,82,140,141, 164,171 Kiser, Scott 186 Kitzman, Craig 164 Klas, Jackie 155,164 Klingsheim, Debbie 85,186 Knight, Rhonda 139 Kniseley, Kathleen 186 Kniseley, Mark 186 Kniseley, Richard 155,164 jS زوا‎ Knutson, Dave 127,176 Knutson, Dennis 130,164,171 Knutson, Diane 58,75,186 Knutson, Jeffrey 176 Knutson, Kurt 95,126,186 Knutson, Steve 36,186 Knutson, Vicki 82,186 Koerber, Greg 164 Kolb, Linda 74,83,129,176 Koschorreck, Gabriele 141,164 Kotila, Irene 82,84,141,152, 155,164 Koupal, Matthew 176 Krats, John 186 Kruse, Mrs. Suzanne 39,129,195 Kuehl, J. D. 126,191 Kuhnle, Mr. Ron 195 Kyle, Mike 176 Kyllo, John 164 Lacey, Kevin 186 Ladd, Brian 78,186 Ladd, Lisa 84,177 Lagerquist, DeAne 74,139,155,164 Lagomarcino, Mark 13,74,140,177 Lambert, Daniel 50,140,177 LaMotte, Laurie 186 Lande, Deborah 81,141,155,164 Landers, Roger 58,74,177 Landon, Julie 82,129,177 Lane, Beth 83,177 Lane, Jerry 80,128,155,164 Lariviere, Patty 81,83,141,156,164 Larkin, Mrs. Faye 199 Larson, Bridget 86,177 Larson, Cindy (Welch) 76,81,82,129, 141,156,164 Larson, Cindy (Central) 141,156,164 Larson, David 186 Larson, Randy 76,114,139,156,164,171 Larson, Susan 77,129,177,203,240 Latta, Jackie 83,141,156,164 Dave Peterson dozes to the accompaniment of a Rural lullaby. Combining digital dexterity with accurate aim, Mr. Stone releases his frustrations on EFFE day. Index 233 NE E ae ee m Cos —— WC ۔ مسوم‎ ٠ سس‎ Ames High's own Julia Childs, Tricia Ingraham, throws together a tasty Mexican dish before a live audience in Spanish class. ee ”سے‎ a MacBride, Dexter 60,82,109,110, 129,177 MacBride, Mr. George 195 MacBride, Muriel 82,129 McCarley, Kyanne 177 McClean, Dan 126 McCluggage, Sue 177 McClurkin, Deeya 81,156,167 McCormack, Polly 74,140 McCormack, Sara 74,84,140,141, 156,167 McCoy, Jeff 156,167 McCoy, Mr. Richard 195 McCoy, Scott 57,84,139,140,141, 155,156,167 McCullough, Jeff 126,156,167 McCullough, Robin 141,159,167 McEIherne, Jim 167,171 McFarland, Carol 141,159,167 McFarlane, Cheryl 75,82,177 McGilliard, Len 126,177 McGinnis, Doug 159,167 McGinnis, Marcia 82 Mcintire, Mike 159,167 McKeown, Leslie 177 McLaughlin, Scott 177 McMartin, Flora 74,159,167 McMillen, Diana 76,81,82,139,141, 159,167 McMillen, Nancy 177 McMillen, Rick 80,159,167 McNally, Miss Mary 23,195 McRoberts, Kevin 104,128,177 McVeigh, Rick 177 Mac, MC M MacBeth 56,57 Lawrence, Janet 186 i Lebo, Debbie 58,85,186 Lee, Sharen 177 ۱ Lees, Rebecca 84,177 Lees, Susan 75,84,140,141,156,164 Leibold, Ronald 177 Lem, Brian 186 Lesan, Danny 74 Lesan, Mary 156,164 Lewis, Elizabeth 58,85 Lewis, Sam 122,134,177 Lindahl, Darcy 177 Link, Lori 177 Litchfield, Diane 85 Litchfield, Kenneth 177 Litchfield, Mark 80,164 Little, Brian 80,156,164 ۱ Little, Steven 7 Loken, Debra 58 Loots, Barb 80,83,156,164 Loots, Jeff 177 Loseke, Dave 140,156,164 Loseke, Jim 177 Loupee, Deb 177 Lovely, Patricia Lowe, Darlene 177,226 Lowman, Joel 177 Luing, Janet 80,141,156,164 Lutz, Craig 38,74 Lutz, Monte 74,124,130,177 Lybeck, Mrs. Sigfrid 195 Lyman, Louise 83,177 Lynch, Jean 128 — سی سو ہے‎ -— mom E " m o — — Eee TTT - — Á—ÍÓáá— NR س ص م‎ mme - - - Madeiros, Joy 177 234 Index Mahistede, Barb 60,82,111,129,177 Malaby, Ken 140,177 Malmquist, Susan 159,167 Marley, Kathy 177 Maroney, Mike 76,159,167 Maroney, Patsy 177 Marten, Kai 71,138,139,159,167 Martin, Rick 167 Martin, Laura 58 Martin, Penny 177 Mason, John 129 Matchett, Jerry 81,126,167,171 MATH 28,29 Mather, Rod 126,127,130,177 Matt, Rick 126 Matters, Greg 178 Matthews, Bill 178 Maxwell, Rick 80,159,167 Meador, Tom 76,178 Meador, Vince 74,126,145,159,167 Mehle, Chuck 67,80,159,167 Mendenhall, Mr. Jack 126,154,195 Merrill, Ralph 127 Metzler, Mike 141,167 Meyer, Brad 178 Michel, Kevin 159,167 Michel, Vicki 178 Millard, Marcia 159,160,167 Miller, Anita 84,141,160,167 Miller, Cathy 82,85,129 Miller, John 7 Miller, Toby 33,44,60,72,77,82,114, 178,240 Milligan, Janet 75 Milliken, Sue 76,81,160,167 Mills, Debra 82,85,188 Mingus, 75,188 Mischke, Tom 160,167 MODEL UN 78 MODERN DANCE 60-61,72-73,82-83 Mollet, Mrs. Anne 26,27,79,195 MONEYMAKING 42,43 Montag, Ruth 74,139,145,160,167 Moody, Tim 130,140,178 Moore, Ginny 58,82,85,188 Moore, Jane 74,139,141,160,167 Moore, LeeAnn 141,160,167 Moore, Mike 188 Moore, Marta 83,160,167,203 Moore, Mike 69,126,178 Moore, Randy 188 Moorhead, Jim 74,126,178 Moreland, Bruce 78,160,167 Moreland, Jim 188 Morgan, David 74,140,178 Morgan, Robin 178 Morine, Steve 188 Morris, Hilde 45,58,65,188 Morrison, Richard 160,167 Morrison, Robert 167 Morton, Andrew 44,57,58,74,84,139, 141,160,167 Morton, Laura 83,84,128,178 Mostrom, Steve 188 Mount, Jeff 188 Mudd, Mary Anne 160,167 Muir, Mary 79,82,84,178 Mulhall, Kay 188 Munn, Steve 103,127,188 Murphy, Dave 84,130,178 Murray, Corajayne 81,160,167 MUSIC 18-19,140-141 Myers, Carolyn 160,167 Myers, Chris 81,160,167,169 N Nath, Barbara 81,161,167 Nath, Cheryl 178 Nath, Nicky 178 Neff, Maud 84,129,178 Nelson, Cathy 82,188 Nelson, Julie 128,178 Neptune, Jacqueline 178 Nervig, Cherie 188 Ness, Jan 141,161,167 Netcott, Steve 80,126,130 Newell, Ellen 188 Newell, Laurie 82,84,141,161,167 Newell, Nancy 76,79,82,167 Newton, Margaret 83,128,129,188 Newton, Margaret 178 Nichols, Bill 188 Nichols, Daniel 126.188 Nichols, Mary 81,160,167 Nichols, Scott 130,161,167 Nigh, Cathy 178 Nims, Norma 161,169 1950s DAY 44-45 Niss en, Beth 161,169 Nissen, Richard 188 Noid, Mary 178 Norem, Mr. Ken 195 Norton, Glenn 178 Norris, Susan J. 36,57,58,85,188 ‘Norris, Susan L. 85,188 Nostwich, Michael 188 Nostwich, Paul 188 Nuss, Miss Nancy 18,265,195 Nutty, Pete 74,81,161,169 Nutty, Tom 31,126,188 O Oates, Harry 80,162,169 O'Connor, Bill 169 Oliver, Connie 75,162,169 Oliver, Curt 188 Olsan, Mr. Paul D. 196 Olsen, Craig 178 Olson, Dean 188 Olson, Debra 82,178 Olson, Denise 82,180 Olson, Jim 169 Olson, Jane 188 Olson, Mary 81,83,141,162,169 ONE ACTS 58-59 Onstot, Robin 188 ORCHESTRA 20,78,140 Orngard, Andy 48,57,178 Ostrem, Mark 4,178 Outka, Ann 76,81,141,162,169 Overturf, Sue 25,82,114,178 Owen, Jeff 80,162,169 - Packer, Jim 27,81,84,127,130,141, 162,169 Page, Kathy 188 Page, Mr. Kenneth 196 Page, Mike 169 Palmer, Christie 140,141,178 Palmer, Doug 188 Palmer, Drew 178 Panagides, Louisa 178 Panos, John 188 Pantenburg, John 178 Parks, Dave 67,139,162,169 Patten, Susan 85,188 Patterson, Bill 188 Patterson, Carol 44,75,76,813, 141,162,169 ` Paulsen, Larry 57,58,80,162,169 Paulsen, Ricky 58,188 Payer, Chris 128,188 Pearson, Sharon 188 Pejsha, Chris 178,226 Pelz, Kristine 83,178 PEP CLUB 44-45,82 Pepper, Cynthia 188 Pepper , David 188 Perrin, Christopher 188 Perrin, Mike 107,178 Perry, Brian 140,178 Peters, Nita 19,57,84,141,169, 171,178 Petersen, Charles 58,74,188 Petersen, Jack 178,181 Peterson, Carol 77,129,162,169,182, 240 Peterson, Dave 126,178 Peterson, Jerry 126,127,189 Peterson, Jo Ann 189 Peterson, Mark 163,169 Peterson, Martha 112,128,129,178 Peterson, Mike 179 Peterson, Ron 179 Peterson, Sue 81,163,167 Peterson, Valerie 74,189 Phillips, Kyle: 27,189 Phillips, Rick 179 ہے ۳۴ ۔ =., vh E La LA LO f -—— — in Phipps, Grant 7 Phipps, Nancy 75,189 PHYSICAL EDUCATION 38-39 ۳۷۲۱, Cindy 189 Pier, Steve 6,680,382. 109.114,179 ۳۷۵12, Rick 189 Pile. Linda 189 PIRATES OF PENZANCE 54-55 Plath, Pam 140,179 Pohm. Dave 126.179 Popelka, Daryl 179 Popelka, Dave 163.167 Porath. Toni 163.167 Posegate, Mr. Dave 130,134,196,198 Post. Debra 58,82.189,203 Potter, Sue 163,167 Powers, Cindy 76,81,141,157 163.167 Powers, Edward 163,167 Powers. Martha 189 Prange, Charla 74,140,179 Prange, Keith 189 Prestemon, Greg 89 Provow, Cheryl 84,136,179 Purvis, Cheryl 179 Purvis, Warren 126.167 H Ramsay. Steve 179 Rasmussen, Dave 189 Rasmussen, Fred 189 Rasmussen, Randy 167,171 Read, Randy 189 Read. Russell 189 Reed, Steven 189 Redmond, Clare 189 Reece, Kathy 58,74,84,179 Reece, Mary Kay 81,83,141,163,169 Reed, Bill 80 Reed, Connie 81,163 Reed, Kathi 141,163 Reedholm, Ron 189 Reese, Cindy 189 Reinbold, Bob 6,82,108,110,129,139, 163 Reinke, John 63,74,139,163 Reinsch, Dennis 179 Reis, Barb 85,189 Reis, Kris 75,82 Reno. Mrs. Mary 30,196,197 Reynolds, Patrick 140,189 Rhead, Greg 189 Richards, Hope 189 Richert, Bob 127,163 Richert. Tom 179 Ries, Ron 179 Riggs, Ted 89 Hiley, Joe 163 Ring, Cheryl 42,81,83,164 Ripp, Mr. William C. 149,196 Risch, Kathy 76,79,140,141,164 Risse, John 80,164 Ritland, Mr. Everett G. 196 Robb, Bruce 179 Roberts, Jennifer 57,58,179 Hobertson, Leanne 141,164 Robertson, William 126 Robinson, Debbie 189 Robinson, Jill 76,164 Rod, David 189 Rohrbough, Becky 81,164 Rolling, Mike 171 Homans, Janice 189 Romans, Jeff 164 Hosheim, Carol 58,179 Ross, Bret 189 Rossmiller, Gil 57,58,59,189 Routh, Debbie 4 Rowley. Mrs. Annette M. 196 Hozeboom, Katy 76,80,83,141,164 Ruedenberg, Annette 14,58,189 Rusk, William 189 Russell, Duane 189 Rutter, Cindy 179 5 Sailsbury, Glen 0 Sakamoto, Marc 4 a a‏ ین Sams, Norma 80,164 Samuels, Dave 179 Samuels, Jay 190 Samuelson, Mark 126,179 Sand, Christi 179 Sand, Todd 66,67,81,139,164 Sanderson, Karen 58,85,190 Sandvick, Audrey 17 Sansgaard, Cindy 164 Sassaman, Nancy 27,75,77,180,227,240 Sather, Val 81,164 Saul, Cheryl 139 Savage, Tricia 45,67,81,141,164 Savage, Sara 85,190 Schaetter, Ernest 180 Schattauer, James 126,190 Schattauer, Paul 35,44,128,130,139, 165 Schepers, Mrs. Donna 196 Schlunz, Hathy 23,75,140,180 Schmalzried, Dave 180 Schmalzried, Steve Schmidt, Bob 180 Schmidt, Sue 165 Schminkey, Kandy 165 Schminkey, Kevin 190 Schneider, Frank 96,97,99,101,127, 139,165 Schneider, Martha 190 Schneider, Mr. Richard W. 196 Schneider, Steve 78,180 Scholten, Sally 74,76,82,84,129,140, 141,165 Scholtes, Wayne 190 SCHOOL BOARD 192 SCHOOL DAY 22-23 Schuette, Paul 62,130,180 Schulte, Pam 81,141,165 Schultz, Lynn 83,180 Schultz, Steve 165 Schulze, Donna 74,129,190 Schwartz, Jeff 81,165 Schwartz, Karen 76,165 OSEE e $ RTE: ae KA SCIENCE 28-29 Scott, Dan 140,180 Scott, Mr. Marvin 70,71,78,196 Scott, Sue 74,79,129,141,165 SCRATCHPAD 32-33,76 Secker, Martin: 180 Seibert, Cathy 166 Seibert, Sue 166 Seim, Janet 76,81,83,166 Seiser, Liz 190 Self, Ann 82,115,180 SENIORS 144-171 SERVICE CLUBS 68-69,74-75 Shaffer, William 190 Shahan, Diane 190 Shank, Ned 139,140,141,166 Sharp, Cindy 141,171 Shaughnessy, JoAnn 45,49,66,81,166 Shaver, Charles 190 Shearer, Cindee 81,84,141,166 Shearer, Debbie 190 Shearer, Denise 190 Shearer, Jeff 74,180,226 Shearer, Jim 57,74,78,180 Shelton, Grady 128,166 Shinn, Peggy 180 Shirley, Kendra 58,190 Shirley, Shera 74,180 Shockley, Mark 180 Shorten, Michelle 73,82,83,180 Shuck, Bob 19,57,58,190 Sibigtroth, Donna 166 Sibley, Chickie 139,166 Silverthorn, Darrell 80,166 Silverthorn, Farrell 180 Sime, Jeff 190 Simmons, Harriett 190 Simmons, Martha 139,166 Simmons, Terri 74,78,84,129,139, 141,166 Sims, Cindabeth 166 Sims, Vickie 27,74,79,140,180 Skadberg, Mark 81,166 ۲ ` ٠ ¥ ۱ ۱ " E ERN 4 Skarshaug, Arne 81,166 Skarshaug, Mary 180 Skripsky, Peggy 81,166 Slater, Missy 82,85,190,203 Slater, Tia 45,49,84,141,149,166 Sletten, Mr. John 130,196 Smalling, Mr. Ray 196 Smith, Bruce 190 Smith, Cindy 75,190 Smith, Connie 166 Smith, David 30,190 Smith, Melba 83,180 Smith, Ms. Mona 9,197,198 Smith, Scott 54,55,57,58,59,68,B4, 141,166,179 Snider, Brian 180 Snook, Arlene 180 Soderholm, Kathy 190 SOCIAL STUDIES 24,25 Sondrol, Paul 180 Songer, Jennifer 14 1,166 Songer, Paul 126,190 SOPHOMORES 182-191 Sorem, Doug 180 Sorenson, Larry 81,166 Sorenson, Mrs. Sharon 199 Sorenson, Tom 190 Sorenson, Paula 180 Soto, Os 130,180 Soukup, Kathy 180 Spatcher, Mr. Cecil 130,137,197 Spear, Doug 126,190 Spear, Pam 180 Speer, Beth 76,166 Spencer, Debbie 180 SPIRIT 32-33,77,240 Spratt, Mr. Roger 197 SPRING EVENTS 50-51 SPORTS 88-135 Springer, Susan 168 Sprowell, Dave 97,98,114,127,166 Sprowell, Jim 127,190 Squire, Terry 180 TS ا‎ o Pe ee e. شش‎ en. 44 bi ihe KT ۱ FS Hees NALE IL‏ ور کے ما . . And if there are any bottles left over, drama students will play a tune on them for dinner theater. Index 235 D am lA, ¬ a 2 m ————üá— €— ۲۳۳-۵ -—Q— - mm - سے There's nothing glamor- ous about track meets in the rain, new girls' team discovers. BE- LOW —Plastic-coated Lyndl Eberhart mans stopwatch. Stadler, Jenny 78,190 Stafford, Maren 77,129,190 Staggs, Neal 180 Stalheim, Jon 180 Stark, Walt 126,190 Steenhard, Leslie 166 Stephan, Susan 82,140,180,227 Stevens, Mary 38,83,180 Stewart, Linda 141,166 Stokka, Mrs. Ann 199 Stokke, Doug 190 Stoll, Tracey 25,45,57,82,129,180 Stone, Beth 8,34,81,83,128,166 Stone, Mr. Edwin 197 Stone, Mark 180 Stone, Paul 84,180 Stoneberg, Linda 58,85,190 Stoops, Mike 129,190 Strain, Patty 84,140,141,180 Strickler, Brad 190 Strike, Jill 81,166 Stritzel, Clare 190 Stritzel, Greg 58,76,80,166 Strodtman, Dan 38,180 Stucky, Bryan 81,92,104,126,128, 139.166 STUDENT COUNCIL 62-63,74-75 STUDENT COUNCIL COMMITTEES 74-75 Stump, Sherry 31,76,81,83,141,166 Sturtevant, David 57,58,78,141 Sturtevant, Mr. Floyd 197 Stuve, Mary 190 Sullivan, Kathy 83,113,115,128,190 Sullivan, Sue 180,226 Sullivan, Tim 76,81,114,126,168 Svec, Ben 77,180,240 Swan, Jim 180 Swan, Mike 190 236 Index Swanson, Stewart 66,74,76,81,84,140, 141,168 Sweitzer, Mary 66,81,83,168 Swenson, Brita 88,140,141,180 Swenson, Diane 180 Swenson, Mr. Jerrold 197 SWIMMING 108-111,129 SWIMMING, GIRLS' 129 Switzer, Mrs. Judy 48,82,194,197 Switzer, Robin 168 SYNCHRONETTES 60-61,82 Sylvester, Bob 190 T Talbert, Linda 190 Tamashunas, Vicki 9,34,45,81,82,83, 141,168 Tamoglia, Mike 140,190 Tannous, Phebe 180 Taylor , Randy 76,80,126,130,168 Templeton, Mike 180 TENNIS 116-117,133 Teresdahl, Dru 190 Terrones, Rita 85,190 Terrones, Teresa 141,180 Terrones, Toni 76,81,168 Tesdall, Carla 180 Theodosopoulos, Connie 180 Thield Dennis 190 Thies, Dallas, 190 Thies, Holly 83,180 Thomas, Chan 57,58,71,74,78,126, 168 Thomas, Debra 171 Thomas, Donna 171 Thompson, Betty 4,140,180 Thompson, Bonnie 141,168 Thompson, Doug 129,180 Thompson, Nelson II 129,180 Thomson, Ray 64,79,130,139,140, 141,167,168 Thunqvist, Per 129,152,168 Thurston, Carol 64 Thurston, Lisa 58,190 THUSNELDA 21,40 Tice, Pam 190 Tiffany, Mrs. Penny 197 TIMERETTES 129 Timmons, David 190 Timmons, Senter 180 Torkildson, Nancy 190 Tostlebe, Laurel 57,74,190 Towns, Bud 180 Townsend, Jenny 74,75,83,180 TRACK 118-121,130-131 Tramp, Mr. Dale 95,126,197 Trcka, Susan 6,140,180 Trexel, Mr. Milton A.. 197 Troeh, Bruce 190 Troeh, Stan 139,168 Trump, Mr. Richard F. 197 Tryon, Mike 126,139,168 Tschetter, Cindy 81,83,139,141,168 Tuttle, Jan 73,82,83,113,129,180 TWIRLERS 83 Tysseling, Jim 74,82,129,190 U Ulmer, Jim 27,84,139,141,162,171 V Vance, Mrs. Linda 197 Van Den Bosch, Brian 80,168 Vandecar, Mrs. Dorothy 198 Vander Gaast, Nadia 25,140,180 Vandermaaten, Mary 82,85,190 Vander Wal, Dale 24,180 VanderWal, Joyce 168 Vandewater, Jayne 190 Van Fossen, Ken 109,126,180 Vansice, Rsemary 168 Vansice, Shirley 141,168 VanVoorhis, Vickie 54,57,58.81.84, 140,141,168 Vestal, Mary 180 Vetter, Brian 180 VICA 66-67 ,80-81 VOCAL MUSIC 20-21,84-85 Vinograde, Alice 14,190 Vinograde, Barbara 140,190 Voelker, Larry 76,84,139,140,141, 168 Vondra, Carla 84,181 Voss, Peter 126,168 اس سح = دہ‎ ` Fafe ana " a ی‎ Kb ۸۷ | Waddill, Lynne 45 Waddill, Tim 190 Wagner, Allen 181 Wagner, Elizabeth 85,190 Wagner, Bill 57,58,80,84,141,168 Walker, John 191 Walker, Mark 190 T Walsh, Tom 190 i Walsh, Bill 168 1 Walters, Lynnette 191 l Wandling, Cory 190 | Ward, Mrs. Barbara H. 32,33,77,198 Warg, Bruce 168 i Warman, Carol 58,85,190 Warner, Dave 168 Warren, Denise 80,168 Warren, Robin 191 Wasel, Denise 190 Wass, Kim 127,140,141,168 | WATERSHOW 60-1 Waters, Jeff 191 Watson, Rick 191 Wearth, Larry 126,130,168 Weaver, Mrs. Sharon 198 WEB 32-33,76-77 Weber, Eric 191 Weber, Jane 168 Wechsler, Robert 6,58,81,82,170 Wechsler, Steve 58,181 Wedin, Randy 84,138,139,140,141, 167,168 Weeks, Raymond 84,141,170 Weigel, Cindy 191 Weigel, Gail 181 Weigle, Pam 141,170 Weigle, Tim 181 Weiss, David 62,170 Weisshaar, Penny 75,141,150,170 Welch, Linda 84,181 Welshons, Bob 28,65,181 Weltha, Alan 191 Wenger, Alan 39,170 Wenger, Linda 190 Wenig, Corey 83,170,181 Wessel, Ellen 58,181 West, Faye 191 Weuve, Kim 181 Whattoff, Karen 58,191 Wheatley, Chris 74,79,82,181 Wheelock, Mike 53,170 Whelchel, Mrs. Louise 198 Whetstone, Clarice 191 White, Mr. Richard C. 137,198 Whitmer, Jeff 127,191 Wiant, Rex 78,181,240 Wierson, Greg 105,181 Wierson, Tom 191 Wilcox, Mrs. Rose 80,196,198 Wilder, Michael 139,140,141,170,227 Wilder, Peggy 58,85,191 Wildman, Randy 76,170 Willett, Mrs. Carolyn 195,198 Williams, Christine 141,170 Williams, Dale 181 Williams, Dan 76,130,144,170 Williams, Kathi 181 Wilson, Clare 181 tson, Patsy 191 on, Terri 1 son, Tom 08 Windsor, Mr. Charles 198 Wirkus, Deb 26.191 Wirkus. Mike 31, Wiser. Mr. Al 19.198.199 Witter, Scott 181 Wittmer. Mr. Michael 111,129,198 Wolins, Debbie 191 Wood, Carol 85.191 Wood. Glenda ۹ ۸ 222 0 @ Wood, Kevin 181 Wood, Mr. Walter 198 Woodard, Craig 4+06 170 Woodley, Ken 91,126,170 Woodley, Marlene 181 WORK EXPERIENCE 34-35 Wren, Linda 191 Wren, Mike 181 WRESTLING 104-107,128 Wright, Esther 75,82,83,129,181 Y Yegge, Diana 58,85,191 Yegge, Randy 126,191 York, Lora 181 Young, Holly 74,141,150,170 Young, Peggy 82,83,181 Young, Rusty 126,191 Young, Susan 191 Z Zatfarano, Bianca 0 Zickefoose, Bill 191 Zmolek, John 58,76,79,139,140, 141,170 Zmolek, Paul 126,191 Zwierzycki, Debra 191 EE 10.11: International Club 12: SCRATCH PAD contrib. 11; Thespians 11,12; " Member of the Wedding " " Beggar on Horseback " casts 10; " A Midsummer Night's Dream, “The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie’ casts ۰ “The American Dream " dir.: crews 10.11 BRLAN VAN DEN BOSCH—HR Port JOYCE ANN VANDER WAL—HR 317, sec.- treas. 11,12; Pep Club 11; tutor 12; Jr.-Sr Pops 11; Soph. Girls’ Glee 10; Spanish Club 10: WEB; lib. asst. 10 J 0 DT 0 IRLEY LOUISE VANSICE—HR Aud. 3; ih. Mixed Chorus Uu» VICTORIA JEAN VAN VOORHIS—HR 105; lub 10.11.12: Choir 11.12: Jr.-Sr. 1,12: Soph. Mixed Chorus; Madrigal 2; All-State Chorus 11; Spanish Club 11; cadet tch. 12; “Beggar on cast 10; “The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie” cast 11; " Pirate of Penzance” cast 12. crews 10.11 30 o A - 2 DD j t tb p whe a WD uL e t " LO (b ry 0 Mn LARRY EDWARD VOELKER—HR 127: Merit Sch. Letter of Commend.; SPIRIT rep 10; A-Club 11,12; swimming 10,11,12; ten- nis 10,11,12; Band: Concert 10,11,12; Pep 10,11,12; March. 10.11.12; Ensemble 10.- 11,12; Choir 10,11,12 pres.; All-State Chorus 11,12; Spanish Club 10.11; Inter- national Club 12: WEB. PETER N. VOSS—HR 208, pres. 10; v .-pres. 11; Firesquad 11; football 12; basketball 10.11: tennis 11; intra. basketball 12. WILLIAM CHARLES WAGNER. JR.—HR 120: Choir 11,12; Soph. Mixed Chorus 10; Madrigal 10,11,12; All-State Chorus 11; French Club 10,11; VICA 12; " Beggar on Horseback“ cast 10 WILLIAM PAUL WALSH-—HR B-11, pres. 10,11; Firesquad 11; SC Exchange Comm. 11; intra. basketball 10,11; French Club 10. BRUCE ALAN WARG—HR 305; football 10,- 11, basketball 10; golf 10. DAVID JAMES WARNER—HR Aud. 6, v- pres. 10; Jr. Exec; Firesquad 11; wrestling 10,11; Spanish Club 10,11. DENISE MARIE WARREN—HR 129; Pep Club 10,11; Jr.-Sr. Pops 11; Office Ed. KIM JON WASS—HR 202, v.-pres. 10; Jr. Exec. v.-pres.; SPIRIT rep. 12; A-Club 12; basketball 10,11,12 mgr.; golf 10,11,12; in- tra. basketball 11,12; intra bridge 11; Band: Conce;t 10,11,12; March. 10,11,12; Stage 11,12; All-State Band 11; Orchestra 10,11,- 12; French Club 12. JEFFREY R. WATSON—HR 202. 11,12; Bicycle Club 12; cadet tch. 12; Dance 12; Science Seminar 10 RANDALL ERIC WEDIN—HR FAST; Merit Sch. semifinalist; HR pres. 10; Jr. Exec; SPIRIT rep. 10,12; tutor 12; SC Bldg. and Grounds Comm. 10; swimming 10,11; ten- nis 11; golf 10; baseball 10,11; intra. basket- ball 12; intra. bridge 12; intra. table tennis 10,11; intra. golf 11; Band: Concert 10,11,- 12; Pep 10,11,12: March. " 10.11.12 Stage 12; Choir 10,12; Spanish Club 10,11; Inter- national Club 12; Boys' State alt. 11 PAMELA SUE WEIGLE—HR 212; Choir 11; Soph. Mixed Chorus; Spanish Club 10,11. DAVID MICHAEL WEISS—HR 105, pres. 10,11; SC co-pres. 12; Firesquad 11; SC Assembly, STAC Comms. 11; French Club 10; Bicycle Club 12; Drug Education Comm:.; drama crews 10,11. PENNY RENEE WEISSHAAR—HR 301; Girls' Serv. Comm. 12; SPIRIT rep. 12; Pep Club 10,11,12; Office Ed. ALAN MICHAEL WENGER—HR 112; Key Club 11,12 comm. dir.; basketball 10,11,12, stat: SCRATCH PAD contrib. 10,11,12; audio-visual aide 10,11,12 R. GREGORY WENIG—HR Art A; wrestling 11; moved from Bexley, Ohio: wrestling, football, Boys' Athletic Club. LAURIE SUE WESTWICK—HR FAST; mov- ed from Kabul, Afghanistan: softball 10,11 MICHAEL JOHN WHEELOCK—HR 114 A: A-Club 11,12; cross-country 10,11,12; track á | 10,11,12; indoor track 10,11,12; intra. basketball 11,12. MICHAEL DAVID WILDER—HR 108; SC Dances Comm. 11 co-chmn.; swimming 10; Band: Concert 10,11,12; March. 10,11,12; Stage 11,12; All-State Band 11; Orchestra 10,11,12; Ensemble 10,11,12. RANDALL CHARLES WILDMAN—HR Port, sec.-treas. 10; swimming 10; German Club 10,11; WEB. CHRISTINE ANN WILLIAMS—HR 304; Pep Club 10,11,12. DANIEL KEITH WILLIAMS—HR 120; pres. 10; football 10; indoor track 10,11,12; track 10 BRUCE DENTON WINBURN—HR Band. MICKAEL DENTON WIRKUS—HR 212: Merit Sch. Letter of Commend.. intra. Dasketball 10; Soccer Club 12; intra. bridge 12; Band: Concert 11,12; Varsity 10; Pep 12; March. 10,11,12; Orchestra 10; Ensemble 10,11; Choir 11,12; " Pirates of Penzance” cast 12. CRAIG RICHARD WOODARD—HR 301; football 10,11,12; basketball 10,11; golf 10,- 11,12; baseball 10; Boys' State 11 auditor; nurse exp. 12. KENNETH LEE WOODLEY—HR 304; Firesquad 11; fall track 10; football 10.11.- 12; indoor track 10; basketball 10; track 10; intra. basketball 10. HOLLY RUTH YOUNG—HR 301: Soccer Club 11; Band: Concert 10, March. 10: Jr.- Sr, Pops 11; Art Club 12. BIANCA ANNE ZAFFARANO—HR Aud. 6. pres. 11,12, v.-pres. 10; SC Comm. 10,11,- 12; Band: Concert 10,11; Varsity 10; March. 10,11; Orchestra 11,12; Choir 10.11: Madrigal 10,11; German Club 11; Inter- national Club 12; SCRATCH PAD contrib. 11,12; Environ. Action 11; “Endgame,” “Beggar on Horseback,” “Member of the Wedding " casts 10; " Dark of the Moon,” ‘Midsummer Night's Dream " casts 11; " Pirates of Penzance” cast 12; crews 10,11,- 12: JOHN E. ZMOLEK —HR Aud. 6; Merit Sch. semifinalist; HR pres. 10; SPIRIT rep. 11; SC Curriculum Comm. 11 co-chmn.; football 10; indoor track 10; tennis 10,11,12; Soccer Club 11; intra. bridge 11; Band: Concert 10,11,12 sec.; Pep 11; March, 10,11,12: Orchestra 11; Ensemble 10,11,12; Choir 10; Madrigal 11; Spanish Club 11; International Club 12; SCRATCH PAD contrib. 11, edit. bd. 10; " Pirates of Penzance” cast 12. Senior activities listings are for seniors on the official graduation list when this section went to press. The list includes August, 1972, graduates but not those of August, 1973. If a senior failed to return the activities sheet, no activities are listed for him. LARRY COLE WEARTH—HR Aud. 3. JANE LAWRIE WEBER—HR Port.; Fires- quad 11; Pep Club 10; basketball 10,11; Synchronettes 10; swimming 10,11; Drill Team 11; golf 10,11,12; gymnastics 10,11; K SA ée EL ` RT Choir 10,11; Jr.-Sr. Pops 11; Soph. Mixed ۰ d vee E NET —— FT — m رد وم‎ PE کے چو‎ 0+ Chorus; All-State Chorus 10; nurse exp. 12. ES وس‎ — " fer ——M— ee This is the KSO “History of Rock " assembly that caused a riot at Des Moines East. It didn't in Ames. ROBERT ARTHUR WECHSLER—HRA 315; tutor 11; SC Drug Comm. 11; Soccer Club Index 237 è ow. ` pc دچ بو‎ om ` et ہے‎ E mmm 2 ۱ verre eevee Veer wer em + aaa ss gw co Er AR se oe oe en de ع ہے‎ ۲ gr zë baer ee’ d 4 Ti A 7 e 7 7 2 و۳‎ L BI ` B F4 Ls J 7 n ۱ ‘ F- d CC 1 de 9 4 " a چپ‎ dp کی تن‎ LaTi j f 7 7 l ۱ 7 77 | 9 7777 7 DP PT RH ڈگ‎ ۲ N» Co OD PE TH pue mom a 4 ص“‎ | mo اہ‎ sg راز‎ KA Wie Not the end, but beginning The beginning of a new growth . In leaving Ames High many will go on to anothe r school, many will get a job, part- or fulf-time; some will get married. A few may fail, but most will succeed— . all will grow on in a unique way. OPPOSITE PAGE—TOP LEFT: College is in the future for many AHS graduates— a familiar sight for those going to lowa State will be the Campanile on central campus. BOTTOM LEFT: Signs posted on ISU campus show upcoming freshmen toward their orientation centers. TOP RIGHT: Randy Wedin teaches several young children arts and crafts at one of the summer recreation sessions sponsored by the city. BOTTOM RIGHT: Bike trips, hitch-hiking, or just plain camping are a popular summer ac- tivity—Bob Welshons and Steve Smith check their gear before they take off. THIS PAGE—TOP: Marriage is probably in the future for most Ames High students, whether it be near or far away. Dress shopping is only the beginning of it for the girls. BOTTOM: Still another way to spend the summer is in summer school. Mr. Duea helps students fulfill their 801 requirements early. 239 73 SPIRIT Staff Sue Geist Mrs. Barbara Ward Jerry Jutting Kathy Hoff Jeff Brown Karen Burkhart Carol Peterson Ben Svec Editorial Assistants Sue Larson Nancy Sassaman Beth Agard Meg James Claretta Gurganus Sue Bliss Editor-in-chief Sponsor Business Manager Ads Editor Editor-elect Asst. Business Manager Photo Editor sports Editor Photographers Toby Miller Mark DeKovic Rex Wiant John Elliott Mark Hathaway ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS : Special thanks to Mr. Larry Lockhart and the Ames Daily Tribune for | cht sports photos; WEB photographers Steve Janssen and Bill Burke; Coach Dave Posegate, Coach John Sletten, Coach George Duvall and Athletic Director Ray Smalling for helpful advice and assistance; Mr. Hugh Hossle and Hill Studio for the color photos in the opening section; Dr. Ralph Farrar; Mrs. Lois Carr; Chris Ellis and Holly Cassidy. WALSWORTH Marceline, Mo., U.S.A 240 umm — A— —ÀÁ— Le j ہت‎ Ke Lo kom V A ٦ " a MEE رز‎ = " e? 7 D " ۱ A Ce 4 E Cep To ۰ - - d ۱ F -- A ےس‎ ze ا‎ E ۰ — ۳ H KS ۰ ——— E st Dui Lenger OS KEY EINEN ۷ھ‎ — e " ef ۰ A OW. wm Fe F E -hy رہ‎ ks ا‎ Mt co ں٦‎ 7 d d ۱ D Wi Zut 2 qo we 4 131 p‏ 5 .ےہ ہے ہے سس و اد RE " nar‏ بجو ہے noero‏ © e‏ 1 ص۴‎ 7, 7 E " al us a CS 2 " y ۳ T 1 N ۰ Ie E? ۰ ef rd fe سیا‎ P 5 2 ei " rad Mod Lith LE P رو‎ 7 - (ks 11 أ e‏ س LI‏ Iun we. 0 p mó eet e SIE, HO ۹ " ۰ f M ? ! EI 3 ۲ ۰ a d یف‎ Ze a Ld : l " T i dei EE n ۰ ` Se x ` 9و‎ 5 4 E? K y d ass Lg es wf ۳ ‏ « @ : -- تسه Ce e‏ کپ سر کی کر Kr e e - -٭و‎ o " M - Se Le Ht 6 [eww le ر کے‎ X» رت‎ a ut Ce تج‎ 4 i zaia " r ۰ . | d E 4 ۳ a D a o L] ۰ LI ۳ EI + » ۱ ۱ , " | Ed ` Led La LJ d » - ٠ b 5 ech D . « " - ۹ ۰ - ww ; . LI a e = LJ . ۳ d a LE id a ۳ .ص‎ e Ld LJ = B CH LI - " ۳ 7 3 - - 2 " ۰ ۳ ۰ uoc 1 a e L| LI ۳ aed - 8 ۰ e . Ld » ۳ LE Ld ef - ' ES LI 1 " ۱ ۱ - ۰ " e g -De ۱ , r LES " | 8 a ۰ ۲ e ind HI Ee e - X ze LJ » : - : : A . E 4 m $ Mox. . - ۱ e ۲ LJ ۳ - e ? c ۰ eg e - a ۳ LI D e LI 8 - D LJ E] = لے‎ as - LA L ۳ n : E ° e .- E e ۰ ۰ - LI t - ۰ ۰ " ew D -= L3 اس‎ = E 1 q -= A 8 - - E ۳۰ Zi - ۳ C D ke ۳ D T ۰ 2 i X e D 4 نہیں‎ ve - - D ۰ ۰ D ۰ - ۱ ۰ 2 3 ۲ 1 ۱ a » = ۹ g d E? 8 ۱ 3 y - = d e ۰ ۰ E ۰ LE 20 c a CH aS " 1 ۰ ` e e ۰ e - 9 e sP - " ۸ = M LI ٠ 2 d Se - ۔ 7 ۴ مر‎ P " = Li D = x ú. LI e - " P ep LI LJ e. em D " ai Te a. D d 4 , ۰ - ۳ - i UA x oo. ۳1 2 - z ۰ e ب‎ CG = 1 e - p ibd ۹ 5 5 D ۰ ۰ LI ` m - - s = e E ۲ E - - ow ۳ Li 7 = L] na ۱ = 3 B ۰ - - P " SC: Ski m ریب‎ - - - m d Ed LJ we m B á cg g «۰ .ج‎ a - e D b LJ P EI kd a " e c x 2 5 HIS m. - 5 سے‎ 3 3 RT z - d - - = e ۹ " " = EN ۰ A LJ e e e -= 14 -= - = = - E ۰ Y کے‎ à E z w € - Gg kd - di LI ind e 5 m P e LJ = = 3 سے‎ m D و‎ a Qs ۰ے‎ = a ei. 4- - ۳ x ۶ D - = ۰ e 2 C = " - - ag ۰ LI » A L d Ki = p ` - L LI . » p ر‎ KI B SZ — -6 ۳۹ نا‎ 75 = H e E " » . ô y ۳ e E 4 5 ut w e " [SH 7 y D ۰ - ۳ e - - 5 . وچ‎ po - - " d E ss » T M ےم ہے سے‎ - ۰ Ld ۴ F ig - Ld B " ۳ ٭‎ me d a Ser, e .: 2 ` H - - - ۳ ۳ (Gs e - Y ر‎ ۰ v ۰ - " ۰ Se - x ۹ i i e = 1 ۰ - ہے‎ D = e - e 2 ۰ 2 " vi T " . E D de f KZ wf 2 2 ké p ۰ E z . e ۰ ح‎ e A m d - - ہمہ‎ ۰ - d o e mitate A. ei ` - ۲ =a " Ls D D o. o E ۔‎ - D - Ee E - e T d ۱ م٣ جر‎ Pir -7 " m Rs Ea, Te 3 ۰ - " 5 ` P - À ۱ : 2 ۱ : z live Ss a D ; d; eu - -. Ar es - : ان‎ e ۳ E E " à پل ۔‎ H » m - = r 2 kb mm » ۰ ۳۹ » =- e nad . - = - e mm pi » D LI e m " . E ۳ - LI ۰ 7 Bang ۳ D = - ۰ E LI - e 0 d tty 7 و‎ E $s ۱ 1 با‎ Se - ` Y N 2 ۳ ۴ - D E D L d LJ - . - hd — » 5 -r D LE ۳ — » ۳ - - D ۰ ۹ ۰ D - a= - d - - a H D c wa " ت٣ ہے‎ WE ` ai » hd vim PR ۹ dU. on were - ارب مم‎ ER 4 = سے‎ n iw m 5 5 - m 7 = - 5 - -= ۱ سم هت‎ = ic D LI = ج‎ e e = Ur LI Ze e nd d 3 re — s LET " A 5 - b. 5 e s. D 5 a e m ۸ Ve: ke - ۳ ER ۰ ۰ » LI = P t 2 bd - - -x i LI LI LI d e Ld LI e LI ۹ ٦ = LI e a e kv P e . LJ - e 7 3 op L2 e d x 4 ow " mis è " ux 7 LI - EC ۰ ۹ - 7 = A y E - e E - 5 ۰ 6 - e " Xa ۳ = — ` , ۰ Ld - ERA D » be, - = n - ep e D e 7 De - ۳ z ۳ SN st © bd D ت . = - ۰ 2 سریپ‎ mg vm ٠ ace LI — ad ™ 3 ۰ e - E D - + x لا‎ ۰ Ta D - = - E e - = E - =æ t P B اب‎ e è » 5 d ge . . e - D - ۲ D D - EI -i = ind oF E - - A. NL. a n - — a LI La 4 9 5 D sm - ۰ Ee - " T JL Ae D d E s ٦ ۳۳ - - ۳ 7 d 8 2 i eg ہے‎ " - ° e " Axe, d mm 2. D " Geng K be E ۰ ka, X » ۲ " a d 5 = D X ۳ H m m - ` Ld d a e = ie x 2 e ۲ a ch LIS w x ۳ be » - ۰ = - =. e ES = - e E ۳ " = 4 - nase ۰ e بت‎ te? kéng m 2 D = ۴ H =- . ve o ۰ - " 4 e e 3ے‎ d - is ai 2 E - S x e z | = E ۰ 5 = Le D LI 0 e © LI -= ad LI ef b " s » ہج‎ nm س2 هار‎ Ll C کب‎ Mes - e. d T in Y ion -= " m " but d " e LI 1 - = ON ی‎ - - " r 3 " vt - ۳ =. - e D " el D ۲ - e ہے‎ s Y ze e a » 3 رف‎ us P ی‎ 7 " e LI - ٩ ۰ D 2 ia 2 H Lu - mal " nsa " , P ۴ d مد‎ LI Lo P ata - " ۰ = LI e ۰ - d 7 - " P ٠ e - wr LJ - P e - LI e = ke D 4 A d 2 » - s 7 wë H D ze e -e - m - E B v " ` wës ۹ - a B e - : “= ` E S 2 e EY » ٭‎ A A ی 5 اہ‎ = Wie - CES E 8 2 SC ۳۹ ` z ELLAS KR ےچ‎ ۷ LL . 5 LES - - e d C = ۳ a H y e + -= عو‎ Lef e ص‎ 4 ۳ = Ld p vA - = H enpe کر‎ A Ld 4 [ ۸۹ Ze » FS " . é - e - - E BI Ke D 1 - eg A e “as » - - =. V , A D = WW 7 ہے‎ 5 z Sei و‎ e 3 e SC? M - - € Y o. 7 Ww ua - ہے‎ ۴ z " . + " NE ke, ورپ‎ D " soci ur جحو“‎ WI - a SS z- e me LIE TI - - =, 59 7 E P. E یں“‎ E ` E E ۳ E 2 m = Cep ۲ 2ے‎ z رح‎ t ہے‎ Es - Exe E e 2 R ES QU v = D ; اک‎ T= P e 25 4 Sch P - d ہس ی‎ M E E 2 5 7 - سے‎ - =g +o D 8 Mag - 5 - aX ہس‎ a . M Ld 2 7t» - e Da جس‎ wm Les " DN D ب‎ -— , = = a AS wu zl e ۰ Wir e —- e D e e e be Ls a = e -- یئ عم‎ ZC - Sei - a کی‎ . x s کی لیج‎ KÉ 8 D = 5 اع‎ D Ca KS bp W x - » ے تا ی‎ ` ۳ n À s = e z 27 d " f ۲ - | E Se e —— eg = oi id P " ب‎ E ۳ یں ج‎ J ERS y چک‎ hd E سام‎ P m b - A - Dës 3 جح‎ " SX - = 3 tre, v - LI = ۰ a ۹ - ۰م‎ E EI p LI - ۰ e Se Ze ge? - » - 7 - wen - 7 ۴ " D - Ld ee 72 " C = - a " È زب‎ 4T Ce Tz 5 ےہ‎ ۳ 7 E e Se f bag sm " e 27 = Ré f - ۰ E Ki e ebe - ٦ y - ۰ جج 3 سخ بو‎ c e E zi LE e Ha e = " ۰ سر‎ ۰ 2 - m e - ۰ ۾ ره‎ » e ‘= " 2 - H eg کے من کے پ سز‎ ۳ 5 ٩ سی‎ 2 Ex a ۳ S Am 4 3ت2‎ PPS aX dem D E " 4. t “Sea wx i p à Pete eh ` Ger, = 8 7 ۹ E A WW? - × 2 - - p سے " ‎ = Ge - L4 ۰ - - e e e a zm 5 e - d - a 2 Commie ze d m p p - سم سس‎ TS ume Së ef v ۰ کہ یتک ٹف‎ = E T od - 5 - “ی سے‎ . n ۷ — یی‎ E . ۰ - e The 3 = Tei وت - ات‎ ep Ls LI =, KA D ۰ LI | LI - p 3 d - e Ed - F, 2 we e کے‎ ba ۰ é ۳ e D - r4 5 - hd Ze d " PL E S Se 38 ۳ 9 E ری سڪيس‎ e 7 » سے‎ zw Z ES 3 et Ex ef ےک‎ ` SE - e Es ۹ Zeg Po ` E یت‎ Se کس‎ 2 س‎ dos " e 9 a ۳ x چ‎ e ۱ ے‎ eg p 3 y سن‎ ML PLE خی‎ M دح‎ -. T AMT oer e se A.N سد الک‎ ia سح و‎ oe 7٦ S بی‎ s ۰ 7 ۰ ما نم‎ 3 3 e s ` ہیں‎ EY - ۰ " e LANES sa D ہے ر‎ t ۰ - M ےہ‎ ep = ۰ = = B - e e 3 E ۰ ei y - " - e ٢ ۹ ww - L] Te 2 5 E دک‎ a at trp ta «+ SE ar E? - , = “aa ب کی‎ 1 e — 8 = ۳ we " © j to K = = 7 سے‎ l - LI E ای‎ 0 Li ۹ -æ - - D d = » P» LIS = oo” - Be P سی‎ - 4 Se Ka = e = و‎ t S - = م " و‎ 2 N " e ` 2 عن‎ ken - e P " 5 D سے‎ a Bt ی ۳۹ بپ‎ Ld - ۰ ۰ LE ےو‎ A P - -= x e e - . n0] LI یہ‎ d = c - MS a ni 5 a ۳ ۰ = = » E E SNP x ۳ - e - si e ہے‎ fe wë = : Ze سام‎ e e Air یں‎ nd - Cem E: T بح ۷ مم‎ - LI de ۳ — ` J - .— س‎ 9 ۰ LI wm e Wl - H ` LI = Lg ۱ e e = " M j + me d Ld 7 e d E » = Log 4 5 e dn =. 5 E 2 ای ہے‎ M T È کے رج‎ P iat P od A e Te E - سے 7 = بی مد‎ - we ie CES WW et a LR bos M 5 5 Fe - - = کے‎ - - E E تایه‎ e bd - e = E - - " = iy LI - e ke eo. kd - LJ p e LI - ۰ See E s m - Ss -o " e s رم‎ anm x — = 3 جه‎ e ی‎ A EN 4 Tent - ہے‎ - z D ow " uA e ` a e K D = CN =. e M - fme Sp » = a p e E - e ۳۹ of e ما‎ ke, eg — به‎ e — mé ۰ e Sp e ZE. I ,- LI - سے‎ m m bes me = 4 = - 3 " RE و‎ e P - Ct پاپ‎ LN - » 14 بر ری‎ - ex لر ص‎ gs uns ۴ we LE کر‎ Kë Si 7 ES کے‎ - ۰ e - D - EJ = = D a " m " er 7 LI - -- 5 e . € y -— ei £ " M = E = ut a س“‎ m = a - = =e " ر7‎ 5 — we " LI e بب‎ D = a LJ A " - um WW wë yr 3 dë 0 نکی‎ - 3 P و‎ ` e em mm Dd xu x A = EU - ۳ E - ` oi uet = - KZ Ld M ۰ = - ù d e m " EI - du. کر س۔'‎ d - 3 OQ P 7 ad P é اس‎ e - L3 B E 3 A , D LE e e de CES D x ée? " e ۳ " t Cs = — ہب‎ s = A 2.44 ا‎ ve ۱ = - —— ۰۹ - wen سی تک‎ g = D CS ۰ bb, - ٢ - -— L — 7 3 Ld " +. H -7 . ۳ " " tee x . a ow er ا‎ e ۰ - . sy E E = = = " E. کے‎ 8 e zo ae -f y سے‎ - CA 1 XE سس اب‎ » Oe A”. = = P ال‎ a سے‎ = 2 " - - g " wp کے ت‎ ۸ C Me Cm .سے‎ d a Us o اس سم الا‎ ea” I DG, E ۰ 2 WI LE E ت‎ jJ = Kä 4 ۳4 =- = AT 5 , " w P LI 2 as c ke ۳ LJ — e ` - d P LI d se: - = E n - yw e 7 Exe CN Le Kéi = m e ZS Le e ۷ 0 می‎ 1 - - d E EF ef d - D ۳۹ نچ ۰ ۹ 2 5 ۳ بت‎ x - E P a ۰ D — 7د‎ Ld ei 3 wf 4 یس‎ - D ۳ LEN Ste ہے‎ - 4 oni Vu d Fe — و بے‎ - ۹ e کا سس وی‎ D wë —— ٦ - d - 2 ۳ - = © - : e A Gd " n mS Ki = a er - a سبح ے۔‎ e = = سس‎ " o a o n wm zs ew « - LOS 5 WË SE LI CH ہہ تپ‎ - - JJ E ” es ln aat e is z ۳ wé ks P e, A— La = LJ 2 = A 4 Lu = " c? سپ‎ - —] Le E , v » P b T نے‎ p P " - LI mm ۰ e H LJ - E LI P ٦ e e -— E Ld - 5 LI - LI 2 a ` d = ` ٠ " I e. P 5 مم‎ 1 = 1 - D d S P - ° نی٣‎ e » - a © ۳ ` ” Þ Gf - گے‎ X 1 — o 3 ات۰‎ ... 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Suggestions in the Ames High School - Spirit Yearbook (Ames, IA) collection:

Ames High School - Spirit Yearbook (Ames, IA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


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