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A T pmen c WA c o.c ۳ ٭ ——— - em e‏ — ہ- SE aR ADA ee Se Pa m Cua së‏ سے SC‏ = LEE a mm ce Enn zg سای‎ = “opening 1-13 Spirit ’70 4 SE CONTENTS. sports 92-173 ' Ames Senior High School | Ames, lowa school life 14-91 index 198-205 and Jann Siedelmann; special effects Opening section by Dann Cross photos by Dann Cross Ames High moves into the 5 - ہم 4 | | y | Hill's Studio a 7 - A 3 EAE E 41 r j pe riti A Zë, Lx M à wm | as جس‎ = Oe, ر‎ — . ۳۹ - = — e» = me a Wë i] à geg, Po — T - ee ey ee ق‎ ee Se -— GK with a sense - ےڈ of newness T‏ سے gen ey ee‏ سرا ے ےہر ` ma = ۱ ۰ M —C—=‏ سمج oer ee‏ ہے لے ۔ -— se = = © a, . ——— Omer Te LA ہے ےیک‎ E = — e oe ٦ a e ¥ ۹ v] a Ñ 5 1 p ۱ a A A سے‎ 7 ۰ Bs ۰ 1 E à i ۱ شی‎ P. d ER a 142.2 - 9 2 à ۳27ر‎ a - Va á ` - سے‎ ۳ à Cy Pa » . $ 4 ۱ è T o , Xm f edi : i ۰ h A È P j gu” » E ان سس‎ | p 4 a (je بے‎ ۱ e x a ۱ = ۲ - E t SA? ef Caro: x -— y A ope ی‎ GU وک‎ a P—— A) ۰ he el Ao ae 0 Geer » ' -— gf Ge D A qe à WE a men + وو‎ ' k 4 ہہ‎ pto Ar سے‎ OS Sey ee Eu A c وش‎ SE سس‎ ۱ ۰ ۱ ٠۰ P is ` — - e a a E er e TK: | . vay ee =r damn Leow 2€ و‎ m — . ana 7 7 T e es Fe « wm d Pd ITT A ng ————————MM SRT working In unity — a e LJ so ———— e o ہش‎ ee — | ! Oe ooo —— و‎ — E سے‎ q CT Ten Sox ANE e ip کرس‎ 0 ا‎ M. ے ہد اہ یں‎ e? A A SÉ ZIN ML Se.‏ ایت وک ba I TS ۵ E WC XXL Bin aes ken EE یت‎ m el |- س١‎ D D مھ‎ H a QA. 4 43 LA de», ک‎ — d Wellhouse Studio اا ٠‏ ج ج app ee‏ کا ےہ مات ARAS ee‏ ; سرک ی سے سس Aë sn ‏ ... مات qu کے‎ Le e . -o— P hs dual triump based on divi IT) zx رر یہد‎ M — M M Qe lom ey o — — ره‎ Bob Kern Stan Harlan E EE AUN — ںید کے ہہت he classic struggle meeting t n—————— — AAA موہ‎ E A سے‎ D TT rer LN Pe P Kl d L J 7 © pa 0 » dE e‏ ی ی T7. CO ue ome LN‏ 22 تحص کہ 15 ES e , D z së EE RN are ر7‎ - y - = y MA ee idR | | | — — A y em ee ee, کے‎ -— mm ل‎ mm ے‎ mm | | | - P ہے‎ SSA — ق س‎ mid In his first appearance before the student body, Dr. Farrar swears in Steve Sampson. Group faculty consultations were held frequently to acquaint the staff with some of Dr. Farrars new ideas. Page plan by Tom 1 | eg KE P - ۱ A کی‎ 11] ———— Á— Mickle. EU v » KA 8 ۰ i » E? $ 16—Dr. Farrar New Principal Favors Privilege, Responsibility Students entering Ames High last fall found they were “in a completely different ball game,” to quote the new principal’s favorite remark. Ex- | actly how it was different was hard to pinpoint. | Students who had feared a dress code had re- laxed by Homecoming and cheerfully donned slacks, pantskirts, bluejeans, even beads. But a | new atmosphere was apparent and big changes were talked about for 1970-71, such as an eight- period day, more course offerings, emphasis on individualized study. Dr. Ralph L. Farrar, 35, came to Ames from Westside High School in Omaha, where he served as vice-principal for nine years. He is a member of Phi Delta Kappa and numerous educational groups. School should be a framework of society where boundaries are set with the emphasis on privilege with responsibility, Dr. Farrar summed up his educational philosophy. The principal's job is to Dr. Farrar emphasized frequent contact with students. Cheryl create an environment where the best in teachers Spohnheimer and Linda Davis are shown. and pupils is brought out.” Dr. Farrar relaxes for a casual family portrait. The boys are Kris, Kelley, and Kirk. E 1:6 ) ? 3 we 155 Co 4 e mw 7110 , HH سر 00000 j 1 , ۱ o í f ` bi - 2 n qM Y Emu Jor m yid سی‎ LI $ [01 4 a رو رای‎ ANDO TU EK 1 git me AA‏ و ٦‏ .04 vasa de PASS ER aie ial! 000 ema ETT m ره‎ td IM 1 d | شر نڈ ان ۱۷۳۱۲۷ سوه‎ v p رده‎ x ۹1 1 ` ٠ A ج‎ kal a لزا‎ ۹11 $ (1107 LI Ed or a مہ‎ م؟‎ a M. Io Lov M پ, ۳ = LI LAB Lii اتف‎ inai mn ET 1 S TE LULES A11 ٦ Ath? Stan Harlon Taking time out from a busy schedule, Dr. Farrar displays eme Ward his bowling form. Dr. Farrar—17 LO ee —À pe wë ہے‎ -— | | ۱ y acai £ 3 Án Bob Kern Mr. Walter Hetzel, Superintendent of Schools, examines the bids for the fine arts building. Stan Harlan Brian Johnson Crowds and confusion greet Mrs. Pauline Caldwell, the general treasurer, Park between the lines, command school officials, every school morning. but which ones? 18—Administration Fine Arts Building To Be Ready Fall '71 Under the direction of Mr. Walter Hetzel, su- perintendent of schools, the Ames School Board has worked to improve the facilities of Ames High. When the Spirit went to press, the new fine arts building was expected to be completed for use in 1971. The building will house a 600-seat auditorium besides all art, humanities, drama, vo- cal music, band and orchestra classes. Included in the music department is a sound control room. It will be centrally located between the three different music areas. Another important | feature will be the special sculpture and jewelry areas for the art department. Local officials and a traffic expert redesigned the parking lot traffic pattern this year, resulting in a single entrance to the high school and angle | parking. Future plans to help remedy the congestion of traffic include a faculty parking lot behind the 1 school and a second entrance into the parking lot. Curriculum changes were also under considera- tion this year. A student survey was given during | the winter to determine what new electives were wanted. “An auditorium at last!” exclaims Eric Hegstrom to Frank Gartin Copy ond page layout by Cherie Hurlbut. and Darla Conard as they regard the building plans. D — rem oT po ۰ v 8 P yee. an T ۱ Bob Kern BOARD OF EDUCATION—Front, Mr. D. L. Morehead, Mr. Larry Burkhart, Mrs. William Buck, Mr. Hetzel: Back, Dr. Richard Herrnstadt, Mr. Bob Zack, Dr. Sandy McNabb, Mr. Bill Allen, Mr. Bob Curry, Mr. Joe Stratton, Mr. T. E. LaVelle. | | | | | Administration— 19 i 1 ` ! t ۱ | ۱ New Driver Ed Set Up Called ‘Best in State’ This year Ames High acquired the most ex- tensive and up-to-date drivers’ education program in the state, according to Mr. Posegate, one of two new teachers for the course. The program had four divisions. The first of these was classroom study; students attended a two-hour Saturday morning session which consisted of movies, lec- tures, discussions, and tests over the text. They spent a total of 36 hours in the classroom in this one-semester course. Another phase was reaction to driving situations in the school's new simulator. The simulator, financed by a federal grant, was used by each student for 12 hours during the course. The driving range also was made possible by a federal grant and the driver's education staff felt that it was one of the best in the United States. On the range, students practiced skills that they would find most difficult in driving on the street. The blossoming drivers put these skills to use in the last phase of the program: they drove on the street with their instructors. Each student had four hours of driving on the street. Joining Mr. Posegate on the teaching staff were Mr. Mac- Bride and Mr. Heiberger. Copy and page layout by Rob Wilson. Jeff Herrick soon learned of the dangers of driving when he reacted to films in the new simulator. Rob Wilson 20—Driver's Education The new driving simulator literally put the student in the driver's seat; the films presented situations met on the road. Keith Wessel Mr. Posegate pointed the way to safe driving habits for many inexperienced drivers who enrolled in the new four-phase program. pu Driver's education instructors alternated the teaching of Saturday morning om i ۱۳۴۱ ۰ e e S ! $ classes. Here Mr. MacBride quizzes students over a movie. Picture by plane: Tom Mickle and Bob Kern i $ the air to photograph the new range. .ما er MEN Mee,‏ ید لہ چچہ پ۔ ERST ed e rC d e 2€40 atb m Kc e A45 a‏ د3 ke‏ ۳۹ Á بے‎ wa $ 4 Me. L ey, 7 ۹ e AA di D DUE ` ۳ i e pde Bi DS v- uw ۳ me ONE mer LU‏ وب دح ہب - d ndm $ t è a e Clark Kent Driver's Education—2] Bob Kern | “If at first you don't succeed, turn the page and try the next prob- lem,” says Maurie Miller to the math tutor, Mr. Rogosch. Ka The computer age strikes AHS but student Tom Ekberg finds teacher Mr. Windsor still in operation. AHS graduate Mr. White returned to teach International Relations and American History classes. j ` ye P4 A f. i T 1 H an (DI , 1 Í 3 5 4 ۱ , - CSS Brian Johnson Ston Harlan 22—Social Studies, Math Pete Conis Promises, promises, promises came from Dave Davies as he campaigned in an American History election game. AR CM ot ES | PRESS BUTTON WE SUPPURI ۸ 3. PRESS D ۱ ۳ De jute 8 rt ۷ ۱ TOENDWAR |. , D - 4 ام‎ à bd H Li B . FATHERS AND SONS TOGETHER AGAINST Games, Computer Spark Social Studies, Math Simulated stock market, convention, Congress, and election games were added to enliven social studies classes this year. Guests spoke to large groups on law and black power. American History classes made contemporary magazines as they would have appeared in colonial times. A unit on peacekeeping for the 1970's was included in World History. The department discussed adding two electives for students next year: anthropology and psychology. The new computer, shared by math and science classes, was made available for individual use after school. Calculus students developed ideas from books and presented them to the class. Students also participated in class leadership by using the overhead projector. A new book presented a dif- ferent approach to Trigonometry. Copy and layout by Susi Schlunz THE WAR. Brian Johnson The first Vietnam moratorium provoked discussion in social studies classes. Several leaders of the armband groups were Holly Exner, Jeff Benson, and Kris Moorman. Social Studies, Math—23 3 | و سره ۱ — — — — کب‎ roe ` سح‎ Physics A Replaces Physical Science Definite changes were apparent in the struc- ture of the Science Department for the 1969-70 school year. Last year’s Physical Science course was changed to Physics A. This meant that a gen- eral physics background could be obtained without the detail involved in Physics B. Science subjects offered besides Physics A and Physics B were Bi- ology, Chemistry A and Chemistry B. Other additions to the Science Department con- sisted of the completion of a gateway and a sys- tem of posts to mark off and protect the Ames High Native Prairie. Considerable use was made of the new computer extension system in solving equations and supplying data. Science Seminar, an extracurricular study group, investigated atomic energy this year. Copy and layout by Dave Schulze. Mad Doctor Mike Anderson is creating hydrogen gas as part of his diabolical plot to take over the world. — ` IES ۱ ۱ TOP) el eae 7 € ۲ Det: - ۰ RS 7 Gei ۱ 5 i at Ww bab d ۰ ` ۲ d NA 4 a“ ۲ D NS -— e: w - ew he Du ۱ „TTR ۱۷ Ke A, T ۱ A P راو‎ da Do ۰ مر‎ ' X» =) wi 4 24—Science | ¡E AA e A” D LLL iee — a em. gs mt Y mmm —— 7 D Dove Schulze Bruce Edwards and Nick Jackson gained first hand knowledge through experimentation in biology class. Dave Schulze Dave Schulze These students take part in a new individual study program during a An overhead projector helps Mr. Hartman to con- biology class under direction of Mr. Spratt. vey his ideas during a Chemistry class. Ke 1 یب‎ A ۔‎ Dr. Adolf Voight lectures on the characteristics of atomic decay at a Science Seminar meeting. Marti Lovely and Judy Jeska perform an experiment with hydrogen gas. Bob Kern rama Stan Harlan | Mr. Sturtevant uses the search and pluck method of typing while demonstrating correct use of the computer. سج d La PET A e. PEL کے‎ Science—25 New Teachers Expand Home Ec, Shop New test equipment and a new teacher ex- 4 panded the shop facilities this year. Mr. Herrig | replaced Mr. Faas, who moved to the vocational education department. Students could take Auto Mechanics, Drafting, Electronics, Metal Shop, and Woodworking. With the growing number of girls in drafting, there was talk of opening a class for girls in auto mechanics. The fact that students could elect any home- making course any semester of their high school career allowed them to study their varied interests in depth. Mrs. Schepers, a new teacher, and Mrs. Reeves were the instructors. C haee diem ee ee | ۳ e e e ج‎ ea 111 Scott Kreamer 26—Home Economics, Industrial Arts Jerry Smith learned to use the grinder in auto mechanics. He used this machine to remove rust from engine parts. - di Linda Eakins and Sharon Henely gained experience in caring for children in Child Development class. Dale Woodward and Dave Sidles examine auto engine parts. L: : Stan Harlan Stan Harlan Learning to measure ingredients accurately is an essential, as Vicki Brekke knows. She shows the proper technique. Tim Linder and Bob Hutchinson realize how convenient the hoist can be as they work on the exhaust system of a car. h. سن‎ N 1» ru ۳ yt i2. Tä Pi 1 4 Stan Harlan Ñ í N i ! i Home Economics, Industrial Arts—27 125 Seniors Take Part In On-Job Training About 125 seniors elected vocational education classes this year. There were two categories: Co- op, which coordinated on-the-job training with related class instruction in the fields of office edu- cation, distributive education, and trade and in- dustrial training, and Work Experience, made up of nurses’ training and cadet teaching. Sixty-seven students enrolled in the full-year Co-op courses; about sixty took part in the one-semester Work Ex- perience. The purpose of all of these senior courses was to let students learn by doing. DE provided business training with special emphasis on selling and management. Skills in the secretarial fields were practiced by girls in OE while trade and industrial training was designed to give students a good foundation in a particular vocation. Nurses train- ing and cadet teaching were oriented more toward exposing students to the rewarding and taxing features of those occupations. Many of the seniors participating in vocational education belonged to related clubs. DE students were in DECA, the OE girls belonged to OEA, and the T l students were members of VICA. rr ree ee € X a a mg CHI ET re ۔ ہے‎ a ILI RE - ۱ , i ! ` ۱ l Donn Cross Copy and layout by Rob Wilson. Kathy Tuttle and Penny Crom screened diabetics by checking urine samples while working at Mary Greeley as nurses aides. äi GTA ۳ CAMPING mS ۱ ۱‏ ۱ ۰۲ 6۱0و ae .CEPTIONIST Rob Wilson Night Train Joseph applies high pressure sales techniques to a dubious Scott Kreamer and succeeds in selling him a hat with some soul. 28—Vocational Education em BS wt erf ee MU), u lee, a) sad mm 18) Foxy Kevin Madden shows Welch young- sters some of his patented moves. Rob Wilson Looking like the moon’s answer to Apollo 11, Tom Polhemus works metals at Cecil's. Vicki Setterberg greeted H F customers with a smile and helpful information. = LL e wg سر سس سس جب می دس سہسےے‎ — — t| س د‎ CÓ — -— - a | | | —AX cms q = ٠ ے‎ op uu ہے‎ A « oe $ Language Classes Use New Teaching Aids New methods were employed this year to teach beginning French, German and Spanish students. They included the wide use of visual aids, tapes and movies. Also for the first time in the high school’s history, fourth-year French and Spanish classes were held. Future plans include fifth-year classes in approximately four years. Under the direction of a new Latin teacher, Mrs. Lybeck, students learned the traditional grammar. When the Spirit went to press, French students had tentative plans to go to France during spring vacation. Fourth-year French students also went to Dubuque to see the play “Antigone.” Fourth-year Spanish students presented a three- act play. The game Prost was a frequent vocabu- lary-improving activity cf German students. Entertaining folk music is presented to language students by the German Band. 30—Language Keith Wessel Dejected and forlorn, the airplane pilot and the passengers await their fate in the Spanish play. Pete Conis NECS A US Eo UU XE Ms, sl ۱ P 5, u Y ۱ n am 7 | Stan Harlan Practice makes perfect is an old Latin philosophy for these students as they Study verb forms, vocabulary, and sentence structure on the board. | Pete C Outfitted with Martian-like earphones on their heads, students listen attentively un the language laboratory, used by every class each week. | DA a - - e = EE ac i = NEL ۳ up, enu Kg AED E ` Aen, e ms be T x +۰ 3 7 m ۔‎ a j ۱ Us AD Za ۱ e R E ۱ r CT A KI ۱ 4 Lu ۳ 7 r ۱ RE D ۱ m ) ۲ ¿ ` D 1 8 E - è ke ۰ D -— v. ۳ y Pai SW - (ei 1 ۹ 4 4 « ۰ m e ۲ ۰ N Qv a ۱ ۱ | B 1 ۱ سے ab ae «om‏ ہہ FRANCE Qu Pete Conis Student teacher, Miss Dorothy Lockhart, helps Muriel Eckstein with an assignment. Copy and page layout by Cherie Hurlbut. ۹ f Bob Kern A native Frenchman, Monsieur Gabrielle, shows slides and speaks to the fourth-year French class. Language—31 C2 چ d LEM in 0 — gf E 1 Én‏ با English Adds Unit, 6 Teachers, Chairman Seven new teachers were added to the English Department this year. Mr. Forssman, the new head of the department, said that English courses of- fered this year attempted to integrate language, literature, and composition. A new feature of sophomore English was a six- week unit of combined drama and speech which involved both large and small groups. The small groups dealt in interpretation, individual study, writing of plays and dialogues, and acting. At the end of the unit, a pamphlet containing student writing was published. Juniors concentrated on The Scarlet Letter, The Crucible, and Huck Finn. Teaching by students was emphasized to enable students to relate their views in American Literature. Seniors could elect two semesters of English 12 or Advanced Standing. One semester of English Literature, World Literature, and Journalism also were offered. Developmental Reading was an elec- tive offered to all students. 1 3 A” 7 E! d ۷ ۶ “ e ted ats. eh, gras ۱ t 5 SW , 9 a 4 ZE, Xx Ber 1 , CS 200006 See e ot a Zu S.A. Zeg WE lc de —-— DN PD m d DI. L d A Ze Mr. Forssman, the new head of the English Department, discusses a controversial World Literature topic with Lori Burnet. As part of the combined drama and speech unit, sophomores did a modernization of Aristophanes’ The Frogs in class. Bob Kern Reciting Bible passages during Advanced Standing intrigues Linda Davis and Eric Weiss. 1 Clark Kent | Taking advantage of teacher-student reverse day, Bob Castner instructs class with enthusiasm and sweeping gestures. = ee Pete Conis — a oe ee ‘Sophomore English classes met in the Vocal Music room to hear |a drama speech by Mrs. Nancy Kiegley, an Ames teacher. ee‏ تسه Stan Harlan A SON D MEM il اٹ ہےر‎ ME € à | Pete Conis English teachers took turns decorating the new display case, a memorial to Dr. Anne Tauber. i | Copy and layout by Jane Lundvall and Jann Siedelmann. a ق‎ FRAMES AAA 33 | i سے —— سے -— Drama, Journalism Give | Practical Experience pm Bn - - — — 9 ——— سے‎ j Instant replays via the new audio-video tape 1 machine let students watch themselves act this F year. Films from early motion picture days also were shown to give students an insight into cinema history. [ Applied Journalism classes, taught by Mrs. Bauske, published a letter from the administration E to parents advising them of changes in the cur- riculum, new courses, and the calendar of the school year. This new addition to Journalism classes ۶٢ was published four times during the school year. | The Web, published weekly in the Ames Tribune, continued to be a regular project of the first and I: second period Journalism classes, which alternated 1 the job of gathering, writing, and editing the news. Scratch Pad, a collection of poems and sto- ries by English students, was published by the Honors American Literature class. Juniors and sen- iors on the Spirit staff gained experience in jour- | nalism, photography, and business. [t'S a fabulous reality! Mrs. Bauske displays Web proofs to Brian Johnson, Marti Lovely, and Cathy Johnson. Bob Kern Final days of Spirit sales found Nancy Haynes and Mary Macheak counting hundreds of dollars each day. Press run totalled 1150. EK Page plan by Jane Lundvall. ۱ ۱ a ‘ لے‎ y D = WW nie ا ن — سے سے ہے‎ A € — e. d = Clark Kent At 1 a.m., the Spirit staff was still hard at work | trying to meet its first deadline. 34—Drama, Journalism Candid Camera? No, it’s only students watching themselves on the audio-video machine, used extensively in drama and sophomore speech classes this year. Dann Cross Stan Harlan Sele the halls with the audio-video camera, Lance Foreman enjoys his role as guinea pig as Mrs. Rowley demonstrates Stan Harlan searches for photogenic students. makeup techniques to Oklahoma! crew. Je. nin Se A = سس‎ پک Pete Conis Dann Cross 35 Field Trips Augment Art, Humanities Ceramics, jewelry making, and weaving were just some of the interesting skills art students mastered. Miss Gugel's class experimented in weld- ing sculptures out of a computer. Mrs. Schneider helped students develop their talents in painting, sketching, and working with clay. Art students visited exhibits at the Octagon and the Memorial Union. Mr. Wiser expanded the Humanities studies to include the Far East, Middle East, and the Re- naissance in depth. Students learned how these reflect on modern art and our culture. Foreign students from the university spoke about customs in their native countries and compared them with customs in the United States. Early in the fall about forty Art and Humanities students spent a weekend in Minneapolis touring the museums and art exhibits. Ursula Ruedenberg and Jane Sassaman found they could make sculptures out of almost anything, including old engine 36—Art, Humanities parts. Tom Fryar Mr. Wiser’s mother intrigued Humanities classes by speak- ing to them about her life as a child in India. b e, Mus LAR 1( 0 و وہ Oe ug EE‏ رجہ ae Y‏ ۰ 04 ۳ NS E . 9 g ۲ at ai KR Pete Conis Jane Fincham spent many hours making an original vase out of clay in Art I. Vicki Wierson found there was more to painting than meets the eye. Painting classes experimented with abstract designs. Gary Miller displayed his talents at drawing by creating a modernistic portrait. All photos on this page by Brian Johnson, Copy ond layout by Joan Corter. Art, Humanities—37 ۱ 38—Library, Counseling | | | | ! | | | | | | | | H 1 f ۱ GE | Hill's Studio Keith Wessel | MRS. CHARLOTTE WHITNEY: coordinator of guidance Counselors often met individually with students. Here Bill Fribley discusses re- services, director of guidance, chairman of guidance sults of ITED tests with his counselor, Mr. Ripp. vertical curriculum committee. EN A AEN S - t ——— A A - con ` وہ‎ ۱ ۱ سوه‎ A Scott Kreamer Cathy Johnson and Marlene Ethington meet with one of s many admissions counselors who visited. = Scott Kreamer “Buzz” McKern found library materials, like the Reader's Guides, Barb Vohs and Kathy Baker look happy and content as they work on their vocational research themes. Scott Kreamer Hill's Studio E. G. RITLAND: vice-principal, sponsor of Student Council. Library, Guidance Team To Help Students This year much emphasis was put on individual study and more responsibility on the students. The library was well prepared to help students in their search for materials and information. In addition to the regular librarians, Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Huffer, there were two parttime assistants, Miss Gray and Mr. Brown. Approximately 3,060 new books, magazine subscriptions, records, film strips, paperbacks, record players, and viewers were re- ceived. More carts are now available enabling the library to go to the classrooms when classes cannot go to the library. The guidance department, headed by Mrs. Whitney, was concerned with students’ plans for the future as well as their progress in school. The college catalog room was updated and en- larged. Career Day was held in November to help students with vocational interests and counseling sessions were frequently held to help in making decisions and adjustments. Inventory of the stu- dent’s work, information on him, counseling and placement were all incorporated into guidance to assist students in planning their future. Copy and layout by Scott Kreamer. Library, Counseling—39 — س سے A‏ ki 7 . ۱ و‎ + | an EI S Tm 1 e, 1 (om, کے A سے‎ — - LL سے‎ Jee —- =—— ےس چ چس‎ TA a Eighteen weeks of swimming was required for all sophomores; upperclassmen often elected it. - = سم‎ e -5 = 0 Muscles aren't only for boys. Denise Stritzel, Karole Hoskins, and Debbie Bur- fon use three of the exercises provided by the weight machine. r9 ‘a ۳ DC Pete Conis Bill Opheim was among the boys participating in archery, a sport added this year. 40—Physical Education Stan Harlan Excitement dominated the floor as girls participated in basket- ball. They also engaged in gymnastics, swimming, and dance. LBJ boys’ P.E. Adds Archery; Girls Try Weights This year the Physical Education Department expanded its curriculum to include archery for the boys and the use of the weight machines for girls. The boys continued to have such activities as wrestling, football, and basketball. Eighteen weeks of swimming were required for sophomores, while upperclassmen could elect it. Gymnastics, swimming, interpretive dance, and basketball are among the activities in which the girls participated. Throughout the year, guest speakers discussed such topics as alcoholism and drugs. Mr. Smalling, athletic director, directed a staff consisting of Mrs. Jacobson, Mrs. Switzer, Mrs. Hamm, Mr. Mendenhall, Mr. Bailey, and Mr. Witt- mer, the new AHS swimming coach. Copy and layout by Pete Conis. Stan Harlan Takedowns, escapes, and pinning were practiced during gym classes. Rick Bowlds and Tom Pantenburg are shown. Physical Education—4] | ۱ 18 New Teachers Join Faculty, Boosting Total to 79 MR. DARRILL ABEL: Distributive Practices; DE ہیں‎ ordinator, athletic treasurer, head of Business Edu- cation Department; DECA sponsor. MR. ROBERT AMMANN: French 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club sponsor. MRS. PHYLLIS AUSTIN: American Literature, English 11. MR. KEITH BAILEY: Physical Education; assistant foot- ball coach, sophomore wrestling coach. MRS. GRACE BAUSKE: Journalism, English 10; Web sponsor; Public Relations Committee sponsor. MRS. E. DOROTHY BROWN: Librarian; Library Club sponsor. MR. WILBUR O. BUSS: German 1, 2, 3, 4, £, €: concessions and German Club sponsor. MRS. ESTHER BUTTREY: Typing 1, 2, Bookkeeping 1, 2: Awards Committee sponsor. MR. HI COVEY: Study Hall; assistant track coach, Firesquad sponsor. MRS. JEAN CRANE: Physics B (PSSC.) MRS. MARJORIE DEMEL: Spanish 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8; Spanish Club sponsor. MR. GEORGE DUVALL: Algebra 1, 2, 3, 4; head basketball coach, head golf coach. MR. BILL ENQUIST: American Government, American History; Key Club sponsor, assistant Firesquad sponsor. MR. DON FAAS: Trade Industrial Related Class; Trade Industrial coordinator, Health Occu- pations Education coordinator; Industrial Arts De- partment head; Industrial Arts Vertical Curriculum chairman; VICA advisor. MRS. BARBARA M. FEDELER: Algebra 3, 4, Geometry; Homecoming and Citizenship Committee sponsor. MR. JOHN FORSSMAN: English 10, World Literature, English Literature; English Department chairman, Service Committee sponsor. MR. MERLE GARMAN: Business Law, Typing. MRS. AVONELLE GARRETT: American History 8, Typing 1, counselor; Pep Club co-sponsor. MR. HOMER GARTZ: Stage Band. MRS. JANET GILBERT: American Literature, English 11, English Literature. MISS DOROTHY GUGEL: Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics and Jewelry, Independent Art Study; Art Department head, Junior Class assistant spon- sor, Art Club sponsor. MRS. SUZANNE HAHN: American History, Physical Education; GRA sponsor. MRS. KAY HAMM: Algebra 1, 2; Geometry و1‎ 2 MRS. MARILYN HANSON: Geometry, Trigonometry, Probability and Statistics; Mathematics Department head, Mathematics coordinator grades K-12; Girls Service Committee sponsor. ————M— Ieee ۰ موس‎ ELIT DATAN ` —À‏ سے و حرط ےب —À «ح((‎ LE! AO mr MR. KENNETH HARTMAN), Chemistry A; Social Com- mittee sponsor, Science Seminar assistant sponsor. MR. ROBERT HEIBERGER: Driver Education. MR. DOYLE HERRIG: Automotive Mechanics. MA. KEITH HILMER: Trigonometry, Calculus, Analytic ER Geometry. MRS. ETHA HUTCHCROFT: Food Service director. MR. BOB IMPECOVEN: Applied Math, Business Math, Geometry, Study Hall; lunchroom supervi sor, as- sistant wrestling coach, assistant track coach. MRS. ANNE JACOBSON: Physical Education; depart- ment head, Physical Education for Girls; Syn- chronettes sponsor, Ames High Dancers sponsor. MR. JIM JEFSON: Trigonometry, Algebra 3, 4. MR. PHIL JOHNSON: Geometry; head football coach, tennis coach. MR. JAMES JONES: Physics A; Science Department head; Science Seminar assistant sponsor. MRS. SIGFRID LYBECK: English 10, English 11, Latin Il; Latin Club sponsor. MR. GEORGE D. MacBRIDE: Audio-Visual coordinator; Junior Class sponsor, Assembly Committee sponsor. ۱ l ۱ MR. RICHARD McCOY: Orchestra director. MISS MARY MCNALLY: Counselor; Welcoming Com- mittee sponsor. MRS. CAROLYN MAXON: Counselor. MR. JACK MENDENHALL: Physical Education: head wrestling coach, assistant football coach. X | ۳ E Yo: | r 1 D s B -— e L4 a -a e B Ki Se j “$ EN EJ a ts UO PU : CAFETERIA STAFF—Front, Mrs. Phyllis Barnes, Mrs. Nancy Whitesill, Mrs. Etha Hutchcroft, Mrs. Arlene Mullin; Back, Mrs. | Jan Sorenson, Mrs. Donna Highland, Mrs. Irene Adamson, Mrs. Anna Mae Thiel, Mrs. Cornelia Erickson, Mrs. Nita Henry, Mrs. ۱ ! Verna Scandrett, Mrs. Estha Baugh. 1 1 i Teachers—43 44—Teachers MRS. BARBARA NICOLAISEN: American Literature, English 10; Pep Club co-sponsor. MR. KENNETH E. NOREM: Counselor, director of adult education. MISS ROSE O'BRIEN: Office Education Related Class; Office Education and Cadet Teaching co ordinator; Office Education Club sponsor. MR. KENNETH PAGE: American Government, Econom- ics, Sociology; Social Studies Department head: intramural assistant. MRS. KAREN PETERSON: English 10, Developmental Reading. MRS. BLANCHE POHORILLE: Work-Study Class. MR. DAVID POSEGATE: Driver Education, Driver Education hea d; assistant coach, football, swim- ming, baseball. MRS. SUE REEVES: Textiles and Clothing, Foods and Equipment, Child Development, Housing and Home Furnishings; Home Economics Department head. MRS. MARY RENO: Honors English 10, English 10, English 12; Faculty Social Committee chairman. MR. WILLIAM C. RIPP: Counselor; Senior Class sponsor, Student Council assistant sponsor. MRS. ANNETTE ROWLEY: English 10, Speech 10; assistant drama director. MRS. DONNA SCHEPERS: Personal and Family Liv- ing, American Government. MRS. MARY SCHMIDT: English Literature, World Literature, English 12; Service Committee sponsor. MRS. SANDY SCHNEIDER: Introduction to Studio, Commercial Art and Printmaking; Art Club co- sponsor. MR. MARVIN SCOTT: World History, American His- tory B; debate coach, lowa High School Model United Nations sponsor. MR. JOHN SLETTEN: English 12; head track and cross-country coach. MR. RAY SMALLING: Study hall, counselor; director of athletics and physical education; homeroom administrator; A-Club co-sponsor. MRS. MONA SMITH: Spanish 1, 2; Spanish Club co- sponsor. MR. CECIL SPATCHER: Biology; assistant basketball and track coach. MR. ROGER SPRATT: Biology, Geometry; boys’ in- tramurals director. MR. EDWIN STONE: Mechanical Drafting, Electronics, Technical Drafting, Advanced Technical Drafting. MR. FLOYD STURTEVANT: Chemistry B. MR. JERROLD SWENSON: Metalworking, Woodwork- ing. MR S. JUDY SWITZER: Physical Education; Cheer- squads sponsor. MRS. EVELYN THOMPSON: American Literature, Eng- lish 11; Scratch Pad sponsor, Girls Service Com- mittee assistant sponsor. MRS. PENNY TIFFANY: school nurse. MR. DALE TRAMP: American History; sophomore foot- ball head coach, assistant coach, basketball and track. MR. MILTON A. TREXEL: band director; director of bands and director of instrumental music. Increased Enrollment, More Courses Spur Staff Growth MS. RICHARD TRUMP: Biology, Science Seminar sponsor. [MRS. LINDA K. VANCE: Typing 1, Typing 3, Busi- ness Machines and Filing, Shorthand 1, 2: Pep Club head sponsor. FMRS. DOROTHY VANDECAR: French 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8; | Foreign Language Department head, curriculum | chairman; French Club sponsor. MRS. BARBARA WARD: Developmental Reading, Ad- vanced Standing Senior English; Spirit sponsor. MARS. SHARON WEAVER: Typing 1, 2, Work-Study Typing; Pep Club sponsor. IMR. RICHARD C. WHITE: Honors American History, International Relations, American History; Human Rights Commission sponsor; Youth for Understand- ing Committee. MR. CHARLES WINDSOR: Algebra 3, 4; Honors Alge- bra 3, 4; hall monitor sponsor. MR. ALFRED R. WISER: Vocal Music, Humanities; di- rector of vocal music; Choir, Madrigal. MR. MICHAEL C. WITTMER: Physical Education; head swimming coach. MR. ARNOLD ZEDIKER: American Government, So- ciology; head sophomore basketball coach, head baseball coach, assistant sophomore football coach; A-Club sponsor. MR. RON ZITZLSPERGER: Beginning and Advanced Drama, Sophomore Speech; drama director, Palm Club sponsor. Secretaries, Assistants mg, ہے‎ ge = cra 2 E en wi ۱ e Gas E Was ۹ iN j MRS. PAM BROWN: secretary to Mrs. Whitney. MRS. PAULINE CALDWELL: general treasurer, book- keeper, and secretary. MRS. LOIS CARR: secretary to Mr. Ritland, attendance secretary. MRS. DAISY FLACK: secretary. MISS CATHY GRAY: secretary to Mrs. Dorothy Brown, librarian. MRS. ANNA MAE HUFFER: library aide. MRS. RUTH KALDOR: teacher aid. MRS. MARY THOMAS: secretary. Teachers, Staff—45 I | Homecoming ‘69 1 f } Many Events Mark A ANA A A Seniors alone nominated queen candidates for Homecoming ‘69. This marked the first time the | candidates were not nominated by the entire stu- dent body and was the beginning of a rapid 1 succession of Homecoming events. Decoration of the lobby by Pep Club girls added ۱۱ color and an atmosphere of excitement to the 1 school. Both football and fall track boys enjoyed candy and decorations placed in their lockers by Pep Club members while football boys were treated to still more goodies at lunch. After school a large caravan formed and proceeded to the band shell for a pep rally. Two skits were put on by Pep Club girls following special guest speaker Mike Bliss. Homeroom door decorations were awarded, with homeroom 107 receiving first prize. Queen Mary Lou Williams was crowned 1 after attendants Bonnie Sandve and Becky Seim ۲ were announced. Then came the traditional snake 1 dance down Main Street. H The next night the Little Cyclones were de- feated in a tough game against West Waterloo. i} Half-time was highlighted when the Queen, her attendants, and their escorts were presented to the crowd. Later that night the “Library” entertained | at the dance. All these events proved true the theme Happiness is Homecoming '69. Threatening to fall off the wall if AHS doesn't whomp 'em are Kathy Tuttle, Lori Carter, and Kathy Baker. Bob Kern — Tv —— —— UM aa EI ۲-۹ 46—Homecoming ۳ H وج ی - ۳ - 3 ۲ P y . s T Y M L Ze rg - ta TS Pete Conis Who's number 32?” Morley Hegstrom asks as she passes by the locker decorated by Bonnie Sandve. E Mm موت‎ m ۷ ae PI 1 wes ny. ج3‎ = ید‎ ` Ld tc ۲ بصن وم‎ n id AREA um e JAR سی‎ ch a E ۳ Fame + , e to ۱ = ew Y a ae Be ‘= od = y A e Tae bz, Pr “A T. 7 ee Brian Johnson Juaging of homeroom door decorations was done by members of the Stu- dent Council's Homecoming committee. Brian Johnson First prize winner of the door decorations contest was homeroom 107. Special guest speaker at the pep rally was ISU football player Mike Bliss. dan Stan Harlan A. e‏ سے Brian. Johnson We got the fever, we're hot!” Pep Club girls’ decoration of the lobby added color and spirit to the school. Um Hane the Cyclones got the power! was the cry chanted by mem- bers of the caravan on their way to the band shell. Brian Johnson A 2 ہیس‎ CC o ——— , . ; l ہد‎ A eS e - s ۹ Ké = p MA » , جع‎ LE T | an e 1 b “ay? A b i A 2. be Le ۲ این‎ EN NY e J 4 ۳ ۱ e ER ٦ E 1 » ۰ = we? Ps E 04 vox e ۰ . ۳ Pe LA ۳ , ۰ T d de Ñ FAS ےہ‎ K 3 91 ye «a E دا‎ CS ٠ n e SS . 1 1 . ST, de v ۹ dë, Pe aie 7 : e vo b 7 , : + B 9 ` wu» 72 ۱ mi J : Wi 1 ۰ ۴ vs d. 1 A ۱ 2 ۶7 ۱ o LR Nt e Cou? KS |‏ ا .4$ رن rat ER‏ و ee , d‏ Homecoming—47 | m — c Pom -— س‎ —— ہے — - ۴ ی سر بے e‏ تسیز سے — سي.. — + ج 4 ہے ms e‏ y ee a? t چا‎ D یں اوس‎ SA En E 9 Les 7 ۾‎ 9 ow 1 be? uu 1 M WE M a » 532 e . i. ٭‎ 7 we HOMECOMING QUEEN CANDIDATES: Penny Crom, Becky Seim, Sue Kaldor, Linda Peterson, Mary Heggen, Morley Hegstrom, Mary Lou Williams, Bonnie Sandve, Tina Hagge, Kathy Tuttle, Judy Jeska. Donn Cross Section compiled by Penny Crom Queen Mary Lou Williams is crowned by Steve Sampson. “I just know we can win this game against the Wahawks!” exclaims Char- lie Brown, played by Barb Wheelock, in the Pep Club skit. Ston Harlan 48—Homecoming 0 e جج‎ lll la I --u o quai 0 . اا‎ A—Á — o a ` pc eee EH tede = ۱ | Mary Lou Williams Homecoming Queen 3 5 ۱ | ye. be d . ) ۱ EZ Ce 9 ic ۱ MA wäi c cm A و‎ Li - à سا‎ ` se ZA e EU Kg s ep پک ودج سب‎ AT fu 4 4.4 - v mE A esi. POS. Tios Escort Bob Meyers keeps his eyes on the road while presenting The AHS bands’ heart broke for the Queen and her court Queen Mary Lou Williams to the crowd. as they played “Love is Blue.” | The joyful Queen and her court: Dave Hunziker, Bonnie Sandve, Mary Lou Williams, Becky Seim, Bob Meyers, and Dann Cross. ——— تخ‎ -ü Me « @ hin تہ‎ Y D 1 ۳ e Se ا‎ e ` و‎ : 0 Y Pa 2] e ۱ =j LO نج‎ änt - ` e A d M E . WË ۱ . - e. — A 99 All photos on this page by Rod Riggs. زت — — ——— سے aum‏ Homecoming—49 | 1 2 -æ ےجحجےمیی‎ gë A‏ — — س ges‏ 50 ‘Frostfire’ Is Theme For Christmas Formal Excitement and anticipation of the Christmas Formal was in the air as couples arrived at their various coketail parties. Later sophomores, juniors and seniors combined in the Union’s Sun Room decorated with large gold stars and flocked trees supporting the theme, “Frostfire.” Dancing couples were entertained by the Traidmarx. During the intermission, Jeff Shelton, the master of ceremonies, announced the king and queen and their attendants. Jim Bartruff recited “Alice's Res- taurant and Joel Wilcox sang selections and played his guitar. Snow prevented the band from getting to the after-party at the Cellar so couples viewed W. C. Fields films instead. Copy by Penny Crom; Layout by Cherie Hurlbut `Y KA = i B Crowned King and Queen of the Christmas Formal during inter- mission were Steve Pace and Becky Seim. ps ` D A En. ۳ 1 il Bob Kem ROYAL COURT—Chosen for Christmas Formal attendants were Steve Sampson, Rob Wilson, Craig Hageman, Bill Curry, Penny Crom, Bonnie Sandve, Tina Hagge, and Kathy Tuttle; Not present for the picture was Tom Hildebrand. H | ۱ EL Pete Conis Pete Conis At the threshold of an exciting evening stand Eric Hegstrom, Debbie Sipping punch and munching cookies, Sara Schmidt arson, Marilee Mathers and Mike Coyle. and Dave Davies enjoy the elegant atmosphere. ۲ 2 -f i T 4 ۱ ۱ i ۱ 4 f رض ےنت‎ ee 2۵ y 1 s 4 W a W A Wi ۷ | | | =: 3 D | Pete Conis You can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant sang Jim Bartruff accompanied by Joel Wilcox during intermission. Us Stan Harlan Creating a Frostfire mood, Barb Wheelock decorates he Sun Room with stars and flocked trees. ۲ ۱ 1 ۱ 1 ۱ y x E | A i ۱ A ah. CH 1 Bob Kern 1 SPIRIT SWEETHEART CANDIDATES—Front, Tina Hagge, Sue Kaldor, Penny Crom, Jann Siedelmann, Kris Link; back, Janelle Johnson, Linda 1 Peterson, Mary Heggen, Bonnie Sandve, Morley Hegstrom, Nancy Timmons. Not pictured, Celeste Stevens, Kathy Tuttle. d A f E - ۱ ps a e - 20 EN : a» nn = E e 3 ۴ ES: | H? ےج‎ 2 ٩ ۱ tw ۸ ۰ `, E NM -. — او Clark Kent‏ Receiving a hug from Mary Lou Williams, Sue Kaldor is con- gratulated by Linda Peterson and Celeste Stevens. Copy and page layout by Cherie Hurlbut. B : e . ` LAT à ۳ ۳ ںہ‎ Im. 3 A S YE I‏ ےر سس Clark Kent‏ A pleasant experience for Steve Sampson, master of cere- monies, is crowning the Spirit Sweetheart, Sue Kaldor. 22—Spirit Sweetheart -1 em. — —— oD LO LLL A E OE e tt om d rd a an Events Brighten Year; sue Kaldor Spirit Queen February’s doldrums were brightened by a novel experiment in human relations and the traditional celebration of Spirit Week. On Friday 13 Sue Kaldor was elected Spirit Sweetheart by the student body from a slate of 13 girls nominated by the seniors. She was crowned at the halftime of the East Waterloo bas- | ketball game by Steve Sampson, master of cere- | monies. Kris Link was first attendant and Penny 4 Crom second attendant. ia XU To mark Brotherhood Week, the Student Council 3 Obeying the discrimination rules is Ann Davidson as she drinks proclaimed “Blonde Week” February 16-19. 1 from the brunette fountain during Brotherhood Week. Blondes and redheads were declared inferior and | restricted to certain restrooms, drinking fountains, ý and areas of the cafeteria. Some teachers also reseated their classes or practiced other forms of discrimination. Signs, slogans, armbands, and badges prolife- rated as movements and countermovements were organized. However, by the end of the week ex- citement had faded and blondes were reintegrated. “Even in failure, the experiment made people think,” Anne Koerber, member of the sponsoring Human Rights Committee, summarized the project. d | Pete Con | Discrimination against blondes and redheads is apparent through- | out the halls after posters went up. | Human Rights Committee Member Anne Koerber presents the | segregation rules, while Rob Wilson and Holly Exner listen. Sophomore Sandy Hoffman shows her support for the Blonde Panthers. Pete Conis Brotherhood Week—53 Assemblies Feature YFU, Moratorium A great variety of assemblies was offered to the student body this year. A Moratorium assembly on October 15 featured a debate between the Rev. Wilbur Wilcox and Dr. Donald Boles on the Vietnam War. Other guest speakers included Dr. Dan McMillan and Dr. Ray Bryan for the two guid- ance assemblies. Five Youth for Understanding participants told of their experiences in Europe and Laura Scott, .a participant of the lowa Partners of the Alliance for Progress, told of her exchange visit to Mexico. The UNI Concert Chorale presented a program of choral music. Students also attended pep, election, and E music assemblies. pe بات‎ Seil Keith Wessel . Dr. Donald Boles and the Rev. Wilbur Wilcox discuss their Mora- Ee Sree torium speeches as Steve Sampson introduces them. A a موب‎ The University of Northern lowa Concert Chorale directed by Mr. Matheson entertained with a variety of numbers. 54—Assemblies PASE TA ۷ ý و‎ bY = Ka eh KN A R — -—— ee ہے‎ cte å a mw | L Brian Johnson Telling about their summer in Europe or Mexico are Mary Lou Williams, Cathy Johnson, Morley Hegstrom, June Lokken, Pam Swenson, and Laura Scott. KW E 1 I | ۱ A re 4 lan d SU p ‏ کہ ` و xi ups‏ Dann Cross Brian Johnson Thundering sounds from the pep band create surprise Ames “versatile” football team charges out onto the turf for an pep assemblies during sixth period classes. exciting outdoor pep assembly. Keit h Wessel A student panel questions the Moratorium speakers. ME A PO IDOL. 0... SA A — A c A Assemblies—55 T - Fa Tte — = p BE e mëi $ — a Sk کس سے ود ۔ - E P -— -————— €, e ت‎ ——À [m - In his first speech, Robbie Wilson pre- sented the new tardy system. 4 Teams Seek Office; ROSCO Wins Four teams of candidates ran for student body president and vice-president in January, resulting in the election of Rob Wilson and Scott Watson as Ames High's leaders for second semester. Three opposing teams were Jim Bartruff and Steve Pace, Tom Montag and Tom Hildebrand, and Andy McCullough and Craig Allfree. Nominations were presented on the Monday of election week, followed by four days of campaign- ing with posters, buttons, and the handing out of the candidates' platforms. Friday morning each team presented its platform to the student body at an assembly. All candidates were then asked an impromptu question. Polls were opened after the assembly and voting took place during the re- mainder of the day. The winning candidates were announced during half time of the Ames-West Waterloo basketball game the same evening. The winning platform included planks concern- ing a revised tardy system, the reorganization of the Student Council committees, lowering theater prices for high school students, auditing of classes, and the formation of a Student Lounge Committee. CANDIDATES— (Left to right); Top, Rob Wilson, Scott Watson; second, Jim Bartruff, Steve Pace; third, Tom Montag, Tom Hildebrand; fourth, Andy McCullough, Craig Allfree. During the election assembly, vice-presidential candidate Tom Hildebrand is asked his reaction to boys' wearing skirts to school. i LBJ Support for Rob and Scott was gained through WË VS these posters by Mike Wardle. ` ۰ A ` Ww ۹ WW » B 7S - : ہی « ` ۱ ت‎ d a 4 ۶ r- LI ` ë ۹ سے عم یر‎ Loss De A x £ هار‎ N Bob Kern Copy ond layout by Koren Frey , -eonardo de (Brian) Johnson demonstrates his artistic ability at a ROSCO poster party while others create winning slogans. 1۳ KE LOSER i + A Ww Wilbill (Joel Wilcox and Bill Curry) appeared in twin T-shirts Jeff Herrick gets an unexpected phone call during © urge students to vote. his campaign speech for ROSCO. 57 AX = es سے‎ Sage کس بدا‎ li a — SAEI... ay s - و ن و‎ Á —— n a Council Aids Promise, Okays Girls’ Slacks New projects as well as the traditional ones were undertaken by the first semester Student Council. For the first time, money was donated to Promise, Inc., in Hong Kong. A two-month-long debate over an AHS dress code resulted in girls wearing slacks to school. A special committee was organized to reopen and take charge of activities at the Cellar. The giving of Christmas gifts to the Story County Home was taken over by the Student Council in co-operation with the Girls’ Service Committee. Projects continued from previous years included the sponsoring of school dances after home games, approving athletic awards, and selecting eight stu- dents to be honored at Rotary Club luncheons on the basis of citizenship. To head the Student Council for first semester, Steve Sampson and Jeff Shelton were elected as president and vice-president in the spring of 1969. Becky Seim was elected secretary at the first council meeting and Joel Wilcox was appointed treasurer by the administration. Tl POE و‎ Ite D pw یپ‎ E ۳ ۰ ] a. New business is called for by President Steve Sampson at Student Council meeting in the portable classroom. 58—Student Council Stan Horlan Under the direction of Laura Scott and Mimi Fields, a sale was held to sell unclaimed items from the Lost and Found. Mr. Trump pane Cross cs | Dann Cross Members of the new Cellar Committee helped clean up the dance hall Joel Wilcox. accepts a contribution to for its reopening. Becky Seim and Mary Heggen are shown. Promise, Inc., from Steve Sampson. WEN 2 uw ———— w—- poc». Eo j Wellhouse Studio | FIRST SEMESTER STUDENT COUNCIL—Front, Joel Wilcox, treas., Becky Seim, sec., Steve Sampson, pres., Jeff Shelton, v-pres., Tom Schattauer, parliamentarian; | second, Mr. Ritland, Karen Ring, Barb Eldridge, Kathy Geist, Leisa Doran, Wendy Myers, Carol Healy, Suanne Bell, Sue Peterson, Mr. Ripp; third, Carla Burns, 7 Diane Davis, Dave Hildebrand, Cathy Johnson, Cindy Newton, Jane Lundvall, Alice Beer, Nancy Jellinger, Laura Scott, Norma Hamilton; fourth, Dean Newton, | Rick Swank, Pete Anderson, Art Staniforth, Becki Smith, Mimi Fields, Craig Stafford, Tom Montag, Eric Crump, Larry Katz, Carl Schaller, Hugh Collins; fifth, | Paul McFarland, Pete Buck, Greg Weisshaar, Steve Carter, Scott Watson, Tom Hildebrand, Rick Wells, Dick Davidson, Tom Bliss, Chuck Walter, Gary Grindeland. Student Council—59 Spring Council Revises Tardy Plan, Sub-Units Revision of the tardy system was the first accom- plishment of the second semester Student Council. With that as a start, more projects were undertaken, including consolidation of the Student Council com- mittees, the trial of a pass-out system for school dances, formation and operation of the Student Lounge Committee, reviewing of traffic patterns in the parking lot, placing a new trophy case in the student lounge, and support of a cancer’ research drive. Other highlights were the exchange with St. Louis Park, Minnesota, and the discrimination progra m during Brotherhood Week. a AR The council was headed by Rob Wilson ana Scott A سے‎ — o RET ZE 1 Watson, and Sue Kaldor was elected secretary at the | Pete Coni; Cathy Johnson and Sue Peterson, Social Committee co-chairmen, take charge of publicity for after-game dances. - Sas 1 T H 4 سے x‏ E EI 2 first meeting. 11 cr س Wellhouse f SECOND SEMESTER STUDENT COUNCIL—Front, Joel Wilcox, treas., Rob Wilson, pres., Scott Watson, v-pres., Sue Kaldor, sec.; second, Sue Peterson, Tammy Sondrol, Colleen O'Hare, Jean Svec, Linda Davidson, Mary Healy, Debbie Larson, Mary Beth Askelson, Brenna Peglar; third, Jamie Constantine, Nancy Gutmann, Connie Buck, Becky Seim, Laura Scott, Barb Vohs, Joellyn Enquist, Karen Ring, Mr. Ripp; fourth, Rick Torkildson, Mary Serovy, Ron Provow, Mimi Fields, John Ulmer, Steve Hopper, Kathy Zack, Brian Anderson, Steve Crawford; fifth, Steve Carter, Dean Kuhn, Becki Smith, Bill Frederick, Al Vandeventer, Dave Schulze, Tom Montag, Dean Newton, Hugh Collins; sixth, Tom Hildebrand, Dann Cross, Kim Fritz, Bev Beckman, Steve Sampson, Jeff Shelton, Cindy Johnson, Art Staniforth, Nic Classick. 60—Student Council ew e T 0 ا 7 9 ۹.۹ ' چ9 َ 9 9 9 پوپ Mmm a a Stan Harlan The new president, Rob Wilson, works side by side with Dr. Farrar in discussing his ideas VOD PT ee OnE ا‎ S | e - d ; Mes student Council copy 2 ۷۱ for changes and improvements in Ames High's policies. Karen Frey = Bob Kern Romping in the prairie, St. Louis Park exchangees enjoy an unusually warm February day during their visit to Ames High. ah tn. A — Student Council—61 | i Nearly 200 Work To Produce Oklahoma! All areas of the fine arts were included in Oklahoma!, first play of the '69-70 Ames High drama season. Nearly 200 people worked for more than six weeks on the musical comedy that was presented on November 13, 14, and 15. Thirty students played roles, fourteen made up the chorus, and fourteen danced. Twenty-three musicans played in the orchestra and more than ninety students worked on crews. Oklahoma! was directed by Mr. Zitzlsperger. Mr. Wiser was vocal director, Mr. McCoy orchestra director, Mrs. Jacobsen choreographer, and Mrs. Rowley production assistant. The show was highlighted by colorful characters and the Ames High orchestra's music. On two consecutive nights, the capacity crowds indicated their appreciation of the play by giving the cast standing ovations. Farmers and cowmen should be friends, preaches Aunt Eller. 652—Oklahoma! ¡People Will Say We're in Love” was one of the duets sung 2y Laurey (Celeste Stevens) and Curly (Mark Potter). An unwilling Ali Hakim tries to talk his way out of marrying Ado Annie as her father brandishes a shotgun. Sadly gazing Upon an imaginary coffin, Jud Fry mourns as Curly paints a picture of Jud's funeral with a song. Oklahoma!—63 aa — mmm | | 1 —— H —— ہے ہو — —- - agp c A— A mt ae tm The — -۔‎ + e Pax a 64—Oklahoma! Sheriff John Nordyke Lance Foreman off sweeps his feet. Peddler Ali Hakim warns the cowboys and farmers of devices women use to trap men. The entire cast assembles on the stage after a finale of “Oklahoma!” for a curtain call and receives one of two standing ovations. AUnNEITGn eso CELER Susan Provow الات‎ ESSO E ES ا ا ےا‎ VOUS haan Mark Potter PRUE eh ime a S Celeste Stevens [REISKIO MOATE s e a EC E COM Steve Pace lA ashe ae Eee m Bill Rasmussen STA C EE TTE T RECIEN T EE Robert Kane Willi EanKem queste ac eerte Mark Powers Joret lri Sex nes ED RE ا‎ Ome SURE Phil Riley Ado Annie Carnes ............ Betsy Peterson ARE ILES A sr se ree او‎ BUD Tom Schattauer | E: | 960160 a ۳۷ Tina Hagge P 1 e, A EM | AMT e EROS REST eR ORE ernie ا‎ Holly Exner aM . mm $ e SE SoBe ie cte ant Debbie Schumann Se dE e EE E E Marti Lovely مم ےک5‎ diis: حم تی‎ Andtew Carnes ts ex اک رج‎ Lance Foreman “Se ote Ke ا‎ nc COME arity tA E ee John Nordyke — | | VOSS MG IA c pale وپ‎ Xe. IUE Eric Weiss Demonstrating that an Oklahoma hello beats a Persian goodbye ا 63ت‎ e ck ces Andy McCullough any day are Will (Mark Powers) and Annie (Betsy Peterson). EN EE Er E s AS Clay Adams Jer ev o MA Ba SEL oes lO Tom Hotchkiss Chorus Jim Bartruff, Scott Corbett, Carol Coupal, Chris Ellinghausen, Mimi Fields, Karine Fritsch, Sarah Grant, Dan Hade, Cindy Johnson, Kathy Kiser, Pam Satre, Laurie Skadberg, Chris Thompson, Mary Lou Williams Special Characters Dennis Cafferty, Judy Catus, Allison Exner, Janice Gauger, Tim McGee, Genene McNabb, Cindy New- ton, Steve Oates, Jim Reynolds, Becky Seim Dancers Mary Everson, Teresa Fryar, Jane Graca, Pat Guy, Mary Heggen, Tom Hotchkiss, June Lokken, Debbie Mahlstede, Andy McCullough, John Nordyke, Steve Pace, Jolene Satre, Becky Seim, Mary Wall Photos by Dann Cross; Copy and Layout by Susi Schlunz Oklahoma!—65 — - lem جس‎ A — WS mt. mt درت‎ = et س ده‎ gegen nl ہر ہے سر — کی‎ ` M - ———: . mme. c سر‎ — ae ° —‏ ساس و mme‏ س Pete Conis ALL-STATE ORCHESTRA FINALISTS—Cheryl Spohnheimer, Gary Burkhalter, Elsie Hoff, Julie Fritz, Agnes Carrey (sitting). Pete Conis ALL-STATE BAND FINALISTS—Mike Beaty and Jim Dickson. I o 5 aw dpa Be یه‎ A. A aT و‎ E ۱ “ Andy Riggs ALL-STATE VOCAL FINALISTS—Front, Carol Coupal, Randy Johnson, Mark Powers, Mary Lou Williams, June Lokken; back, Tom Schattauer, Bruce Thomson, Dennis Hoover, Susan Provow, — - — — ear 66— All-State Musicians Bob Kern The miller and his wife gaze in disbelief upon hearing the prince’s plans to take their daughter away. “a Bob Kern Spin gold, Spin gold,” the King induces the miller's daughter by promising her queens ۱ hip through the hand of his son. 16 Named All-State: Drama Gives Fairy Tale Among winter fine arts activities were a chil- dren's drama production and the annual participa- tion in the All-State concert. After weeks of rehearsing, Ames High musicians went to Des Moines for regional auditions Satur- day, October 25, 1969. Of the twelve vocalists trying out, nine were accepted, twice as many as any previous year. Five orchestral and two band members were also accepted. Friday of Thanksgiving vacation the 16 selected traveled to Des Moines for day-long rehearsals. Musicians from 201 high schools were represented. Final practices were Saturday afternoon at KRNT Theater and the performance was that evening. The concert was recorded as well as being broad- cast over radio and television. Rumplestiltskin, children's theater, was a great success in entertaining community youngsters. After the Thursday night performance and two Saturday matinees the stars were busy autograph- ing programs for the children. CAST GOTO a o T RC RI Sete. ek Dan Hade DE as کا ا‎ Gary Burkhalter اد 0 کٹ کن[ کا‎ e A Eeler rier Tom Schattauer Karene QU Ub ARCHI NES Debbie Schumann RIE HS o Ra e cole eoe SE Karen Jensen Eel NERA EE یک‎ O Ann Budolfson Margaret Ryding Kris Moorman Pages csv ESSET AO rn DM Mike Morgan Tom Hotchkiss GUIAS «vo DEL eee Terry Kline Frank Hicklin ۸۸۱89۳ cae ria E رک سای‎ Andy McCullough ۸۸۱۱۱86۴59۸1۲87. nouni من ای‎ R, Carol Bowen Millers-daughler s 9 Ann Hibbs Matter Wid c TEE Sheron Buchele KUrnpelstilfSitiso aia es Robert Kane The RING? و نی ری‎ a IS AMIA Craig Allfree 67 os‏ ی n ASA FET fe TC el — VUA, UH e mmt m m PP OR n — — -— € —À س‎ — — ۰ d SS mmm MÀ 1 y P | Ay wm SCH t ۱ Wi xk et. Aq i‏ اس N‏ ہے = a ۰ 7‏ P 7 vu ‏ H ۱‏ + T ENERO Y umb cune EY نے‎ LI ck e ké EH id eg 000 : ! Hd ms am e d SYMPHONIC BAND—Front, Anne Ewing, Becky Willrich, Rhonda Crow, Karen Frey, Joan Kempthorn, Pam Swenson; second, Marti Lovely, Jim Dickson, Joyce Hiserote, Kathy Geist, Karine Fritsch, Bob Sanderson, Susan Haugsted, Debbie Heldt; third, Leslie Wiant, Sherri Battles, Janet Mills, Marla Boylan, Margie Mott, Judy Schaefer, Rick Van Winkle, Muriel Eckstein; fourth, Ellen Welshons, Darlene Jones, Evelyn Seidel, Mary Kay Atkins, Christy Hoffman, Robert Kraft, Ruth Olson, Jim Scott, Denny Johnson, Mike Morgan, Don Cerwick. Mr. Trexel in 1st Year; 8 Band Reorganizes In his first year as band director, Mr. Trexel stepped right in and picked up where Mr. Day, | | who retired last year, left off. SS Mies a 2 ge, تج‎ One of the most noticeable changes made in Katt E | | cod سس نے‎ the band this year was the division of one band | | M | into two, the Concert Band, with 31 members and the Symphonic Band, with 82 members. This divi- sion offered more participation to some sopho- mores and juniors. There were 155 students in Marching Band, which put on five halfti me shows. This year's candy sales netted about $800. The band didn't spend this money, hoping to get new uniforms soon. A concert was put on at the end of the year by the Symphonic Band. The Pep Band was also ever-present and spirited at athletic events and pep assemblies. ned Band Fis: وس نا‎ rd اض‎ ! Ban PY c £t, Y a. - LA — -— mg کک‎ —— aa, Music section copy and layout by Scott Kreamer and Beth Askelson, 3 Bob Kern — Music echoes through the halls, up the regist ers, and into the classrooms as Mr. Trexel leads a band practice. 68—Symphonic Band Wellhouse Studio Front, Anna Swenson, Cheryl Spohnhiemer, Page Levings, Kris Moorman, Jane Coulson, Joel Wilcox; second, Jenni McElherne, Melody Powers, John Ulmer, Lowell Bar- | nett, Sue Powell, Gary McFarlane, Linda Dougal, Chuck Walter, Mark Powers, Mark Sanderson; third, Jon Buss, Brian Garrett, Steve Kline, Ken Hogan, Jim Burns, Elsie Hoff, Randy Simons, Dann Cross, Kathy Scholten, Ralph Eucher, Randy Johnson, Karl Schloerke: fourth, Bill Curry, Ken Burkhart, Bruce Kirk, Kathy Kiser, Pam Satre, Steve Crawford, Cynthia Martin, Steve Jenison, Dennis Hoover, Jim Prior, Dave Elliott. Dave Swenson; back, Domini Glass, Paul Sanders, Mike Beaty, Margie Shaw, Alan Vandeventer, John Alexander. Twirlers Mary Barrow and Charla Thies step to the music of the Marching Band during halftime of a football game. Bob Kern | Tangled up in a mass of metal commonly known as a tuba, Bill Core huffs, puffs, and blows out a tune during practice. Symphonic Band—69 70 box uw | CONCERT BAND—Front, Ann Ewing, Becky Phipps, Carol Ann Healy, Debbie Parrish, Jaci Jutting, Margaret Homer, Rhonda Crow, Marti Pace, Joan Kempthorne, Barb Beers; second, Buffy Axtell, Kathy Geist, Barb Clark, Debbie Heldt, Melody Powers, Gary McFarlane, John Ulmer, Linda Dougal, Lowell Barnett, Michele Heer, Kris Moorman; third: Darlene Jones, Pam Winger, Sherri Battles, Marla Boylan, Darlene Keech, Madonna Voecks, Carol Bowen, Cindy Ross, Dave Strodtman, David Nickel, Joe Keyser, Jim Peterson, Dean Russell, Greg Nelson, Elsie Hoff, Craig Cummings, Barb Kern; back, Mary Kay Atkins, Judy Schaefer, Shivaun Ball, Barb Wierson, Cindy Dahl, Domini Glass, Dave Hauser, Bob Crawford, Paul Soderholm, Bill Christianson, John Kyllo, Jim Prior, Bruce Coulson, Bill Bachman, Steve Anderson, Dwight Flemmer, Don Clark, Brian Myers, Eric Abbott, Jean Andreae, Kathy Kiser, Cynthia Marten. All alone K. Rober! Kern and under bright lights Karl Schloerke plays an intricate passage on his flugelhorn. Clark Kent Shining instruments and puffed cheeks mark the pep band as they play spirited tunes to urge the team to victory. Concert Band Gives 31 Added Opportunity To Play; Pep Band Enlivens Assemblies iv Junior Jane Coulson practices on English horn, relatively rare instrument she plays in band and orchestra. - a ¡Both the Concert and Symphonic Bands put on public concerts. Bob Kern || Here Mr. Trexel directs the Symphonic Band. 5 Orchestra Members Win All-State Honors Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms were just a few of the more prominent musicians whose works were investigated by the orchestra students this year. Under the direction of Mr. Richard McCoy, the orchestra performed at Christmas programs and concerts throughout the year. Some orchestra members tried out for honors in the All-State festival. Receiving recognition in this event were Cheryl Spohnhiemer, Gary Burkhalter, Agnes Carbrey, Judy Fritz, and Elsie Hoff. « D | ۳ i X. an 7 او‎ o 7 ۱ ai 2 Ad ` 9 Se ۱ 1 ۰ . H d A EE ROU ER E i ۲ “a W d Ae rr NES TRA SAVER T ۱ ` ud 8 RA ARO E ' i N M VY ۰ LY. x , y B ۱ eet Wellhouse Studio ORCHESTRA—Front, Anne Hibbs, Agnes Carbrey, Joel Wilcox, Jane Coulson, Page Levings, Pam Swenson, Joan Kempthorne, David Anderson; second, Elsie Hoff, Jane - i Fincham, Judy Peterson, Laurel MacBride, Dorothy Stuve, Jim Dickson, Marti Lovely, Jenni McElherne, Melody Powers, Bruce Kirk, Rosemarie Orton, Bud Hutchins; | third, Julie Fritz, Alison Exner, Jennifer Coupal, Sue Powell, Chuck Walter, Mark Powers, Mark Sanderson, Randy Simons, Ralph Eucher, Randy Johnson, Kathy Kiser, Cynthia Marten, Brian Myers, Nancy Thiel, Tom Hotchkiss, Mark Metzler, Barbara Anderson, Sue Wilder; back, David Barnes, Cheryl Spohnheimer, David Hauser, Bob Crawford. (Mark Fisher and Gary Burkhalter not present.) T 72—Orchestra ni ee E E NE EE AA eee” y سے‎ A, -—— fuse ۳ 3 -+o o y ۷ am T am C em Stan Harlan Caught with their mouths wide open and singing loudly, Joel Wilcox, Tom Schattauer and Mary Lou Williams practice for the Madrigal. 71 T Xx USE 7 ROR ات‎ EN urn mac SAN 8 4 GEL — ec $ ph par cauto a چ‎ We f ۰٠ ۲ ۲ ` سح‎ | - SEA. 4 d d. ° - ¿ ESL Y d 1 , نار ہیں‎ CS y. ۱ MN Les E. - B € à ۱ e? Yi | E e A aa a . ۲ m oe‏ ہی Bob Kern‏ Pete Conis 1 1 ۱‏ Orchestra, band and vocal mu- Orchestra and band members often joined outside musical groups. Here members of‏ sic comprised the Christmas German Club practice into the night.‏ program‏ — i À A Co, -—— ee a a A mom Bob Kern Bob Kern Music pours from the violin of Bud Hutchins as he performs at With enthusiasm and vitality Mr. McCoy directs the a concert. Bob Crawford is playing the drums. Orchestra through a classical number. 73 ےم EN‏ i ۰ ۱ CHOIR—Front, Darla Conard, Kathy Cross, Becky Seim, Jane Parks, June Lokken, Carol Bowen; second, Lori Carter, Theresa Cook, Marcia Clark, Karine Fritsch, Sharon Anderson, Marilyn Gibbs, Kris Buttermore; third, Janice Ingram, Gayle Thompson, Marcia f Wierson, Nancy Coleman, Carolyn Vaughn, Maurine MacBride; fourth, Lynne Burdick, Pam Skarshaug, Tina Van Oosbree, Laura | Lyman, Karen Bath, Marti Lovely, Mary Lou Williams; fifth, Holly Exner, Anne Koerber, Susan Provow, Pam Satre. Diane Fitz. | Carol Coupal; sixth, Mark Powers, Tom Hotchkiss, Steve Pace, John Nordyke, Bruce Thomson. i — M ee eee — wee — سے ہ٭ہ‎ J -` P an » d A : ZA OK 5 EN Y Ka de: DES ۱ ۹ ۲۶ راو ور‎ A 0:9 99 4 ۱ 1 Ké Kë? Wellhouse Studio GIRLS POP CHORUS—Front, Theresa Fryar, Jennifer Hensley, Lisa Zaffarano, Bonnie Switzer, Anne Bennett; second, Genene McNabb, Mary DeReus, Peggy Hall, Karole Hoskins, Mr. Wiser; third, Kathy Brown, Pam Skarshaug, Jamie Henderson; Denise Stritzel, Sandy Shockey. aye te Ss .ہے سر cm—‏ Wellhouse Studio SOPHOMORE MIXED CHORUS—Front, LuAnn Brentnall, Lori Simon, Ann Macheak, Donna Peacock, Diane Kolmer, Holly Burkhalter, Sarah Grant, Brenna Peglar, Kathy Swan, Marion Morton; second, Judy Pederson, Kathy Boon, Beverly Chesterfield, Debbie Lenning, Colleen O'Hare, Marla Stritzel, Kathy Swenson, Joyce Pyle, Lisa Zaffarano, Alison Exner; third, Alberta James, Sheryl Wood, Vicki Ball, Julie | Baker, Debbie Kindermann, Karen Wass, Joan Waters, Steve Hopper, Gary Haupt, Dennis Cafferty; fourth, Jackie Class, Letitia Smith, Barb Kestel, Nancy Ingvoldstad, Jolene Satre, Linda Lyman, Candace Charity, Ann Sherman; fifth, Cindy Dahl, Sharon Henely, Mary | Runyan, Marti Pace, Sheryl Larson, Cindy Johnson, Nancy Talbot, Janice Gauger, Sue Warman, Mona Green, Mary Kay Atkins; sixth; 1 Judy Jacobson, Susan Buck, Barb Clark, Steve Anderson, Betsy Peterson, Alan Larson, Margaret Ryding, Laurel MacBride, Sue Catus, 74—Vocal Music Lynn Augustine. ET — ھ‎ کے‎ e “Omo mp © +o نے Y A ifs DD AN AAN mn weie (Y A r + 7 Sa 3 ( m p € w QU c a X - Y O مر‎ کے 11 ۱ ter, Terry Blackburn, Andy McCullough, Rick Roche. vad ا‎ » Stan Harlan Pages of notes fly by as Mr. Al Wiser, director of the vocal music | department, examines some music with an accompanist. Wellhouse Studio ۱۵۲۷ Littlehale, Annette Brown, Mary Peteson, Linda Howerton, Ann Davidson, Cynthia Quinn; second, Jane Coulson, Jane Cindy Usfrud. Mary Sexton, Carole Peterson, June Eakins, Theresa Sexton; third, Debbie Schumann, Tina Hagge, Becki ields, Janelle Johnson, Sue Middle, Charlotte Peters; fourth, Sherilyn Kelso, Mary Wall, Mary Everson, Kathy Schol- n, Mr. Wiser: fifth, Dennis Hoover, Chris Thompson, Randy Johnson, Jim Bartruff, Clay Adams; sixth, Phil Vocalists Enjoy Trip, Perform in Musical A trip to Minneapolis, the fall musical, and numerous programs and assemblies highlighted this year’s activities for the Vocal Music Depart- ment. Under the direction of Mr. Al Wiser, the choir put on its annual musical program in the fall in- stead of a spring performance. This was followed by a presentation for the Elks Club in November. Accompanied by the humanities students, the vo- calists, traveled to Minneapolis for three days and two nights of attending concerts and visiting fine arts buildings and programs. Oklahoma! provided some behind-the-scene action, followed by the Holiday Music Festival, which was executed in conjunction with the rest of the music department. March 20 brought the vocal assembly followed by a concert featuring the choirs of ISU, AHS, and Mason City High School. The choir also will perform at Commencement. Vocal Music—75 76 ‘My Favorite Things’ Is Water Show Theme “My Favorite Things” was the theme of this year's annual water show. There were, according to Mrs. Anne Jacobsen, sponsor, 80 to 90 partici- pants in the event including members of the Mod- ern Dance and Synchronized Swimming Clubs. Mrs. Inge Heringstad added to its success by de- signing elaborate costumes. Throughout the year the Synchronettes and Dancers were involved in many money-making projects, which included bakesales, selling Christ- mas cards, sweatsuits, and working at concession stands during the football season. Copy and page layout by Cherie Hurlbut. (o و‎ Sem q SORRENTO M $ ETIN. dh , ki رھ‎ pA Ki » y TIE RY Ki . A E 5 E 1 HUNC im تہ‎ ZOOS T “Sa ` ۸.7 ۱ بی‎ y i e. ۰ RA Ke e: 1 J |... Bob Kern Lining up for tryouts for show numbers, the exhausted swimmers catch their breath while waiting for more instructions. Wellhouse SYNCHRONETTES—Front, Karen Frey, treasurer, Val Emdia, secretary, Nancy Timmons, president, Leslie Wiant, vice-president, Laura Scott, manager; second, Mary Peterson, Peg Mickle, Debbie Mahlstede, Su Tempel, Cheryl Bergeson, Cindy Ustrud, Tammy Sondrol, Debbie Rohrbough; third, Nancy Chantland, Becky Seim, Kathy Geist, Alice Beer, Elaine Lucket, Jane Richards, Barb Kern, Sharon Holmes; fouith, Judi Jacobson, Sue Kaldor, Maurine MacBride, Pat Hadaway, Debbie Harris, Agnes Carbrey, Lisa Zaffarano, Cheryl Tweed; fifth, Penny Ellis, Anne Bennett, Cathy Zack, Janet Mills, Candace Charity, Laura Taylor, Jennifer Kuehl, Diane Davis; back, Jane Lundvall, Laurel MacBride, Becki Smith, Kathy Scholten, Sandy Shockey, Elizabeth Pier, Lori Burnet, and Ann Budolfson. ——À—‏ س ا اید جو 2 ی a‏ س هه Reaching for the sky, the AHS Dancers practice for will include tap dancing besides ballet this year. سے m‏ حا - Pete Conis their performance in the swim show which ۱ ei Pete Conis Bob Kern Lifeguards Diane Davis and Laura Taylor watch for drowning Interpreting the mood of the music is a special technique ۱ Synchronettes as the swimmers stroke to the music. learned by the Modern Dance Club. Students Research UN, Debate Topics Different topics sparked the Model UN assembly this year. The 23 members researched their coun- tries extensively in preparation for discussing such problems as peace-keeping for the '70's, and the Chinese and Irish questions. One major workshop was held in the Ames 1 district and each delegation held its own meetings. H The actual Model UN was held in Cedar Falls in ۲ April. AHS represented the countries of Senegal, 1 Romania, and El Salvador. Members had a chance to learn about United Nations management. Work- ing with and meeting large groups of other stu- ۳ dents was another experience provided. Debate Club, sponsored by Mr. Scott, traveled around the state for seven meets. The nine mem- bers participated in the lowa High School Forensic 0 League and Speech Association. This year’s debates I dealt with the abolition of unilateral military inter- UM vention. Model UN countries’ votes are counted as delegates او‎ assemble in the cafeteria for a district meeting. (+ ` d | E 1 1 RE - E ہے۱ 1 ےہ -= یا و ا QoS‏ — Anne Koerber Brian Johnson 3 Model UN delegates Jeff Benson and Holly Exner attended Traveling Debate Club members: Bruce Edwards, Ken Simmons, | United Nations Youth Day at the lowa State Legislature. John Ulmer, Kathy Abraham, and Anne Koerber. t Y 00 Outstanding senior debater Anne Koerber dis- plays a trophy won at a debate tournament. vecu TT a on‏ و ` we کرٹ‎ | Pete Conis Bob Kern | Wellhouse MODEL UN—Front, Debbie Schumann, head delegate Romania, Holly Exner, head delegate El Salvador, Anne Koerber, head ۱۶۱2921۶ Senegal; second, Julie Spatcher, Laura Koerber, Genene McNabb, Miranda Seidel, Jeff Benson; third, Chris Elling- mausen, Aaron Kitzman, Marc Talbert, Randy Simons, Jeff Barn2s; fourth, Mark Powers, Steve Terry, June Lokken, Bruce Ed- | ards, Brian Anderson; fifth, Tom Hotchkiss, Dennis Hoover, Joan Kempthorne, Jim Reynolds, Jon Barton. 79 French Club Goal: Tour of France tn 71 Parties, plays, carols, and candy sales busied the members of the French, German, Latin, and Span- ish clubs. Latin students rushed out to the snow to have a snowmobile party. During the week before the Christmas holidays, Latin club serenaded vari- ous Classes. Working at the concession stands at the basket- ball and football games, the German club earned money for wiener roasts and sledding parties. For the annual Christmas party, the members ate at Shakey's. After breaking the traditional pinata, the Span- ish club celebrated by singing carols. Fourth year Spanish students presented the play Cuendo las nubes cambiande nariz. French club held their annual Mardi Gras ana caroled local French families during the Christmas season. Car washes, bake sales, and a fair helped raise money towards sending students to France in 1971. When calling roll, Debbie Pohm directed members of Latin club, “When ا‎ call your name, answer 'adsum. 44 | 73 SS Eed ملا مجارت روز چ‎ pcs el. Me c | X E ۱ ER bd p ۴ سی‎ TF 5 ` i . ۱ 1 de Ke i 3 7 à ۳ Ra سج ے۔‎ e Pete Conis % » - 7 at Bob Kern Bringing good cheer, French club members brighten up the lives of the patients at Mary Greeley Hospital. Bob Kern ۱ chime in Becki Smith and Ferguson as they carol throughout the city. Pete Conis ban, = e 2 e ree CTL E Ee y d Le e Bi $ و ۵ ۵ ۸ ۸ ۶ ۷ ۷ ۰ ۰ ۱۰ Titre, چ ۳7ر رو :8ر رس ETA ۱ ٩ 1 t ۱ ۶ 8 1 4 1 2 ® = ` uc —— —— -— ` mm Brimming over with the spirit of Christmas, Latin students sing Latin songs of the season to an enhanced audience. Mr. Buss listens attentively as Anna Swenson and Marvin Fisher play some popular German Christmas music. Bob Kern li 82 Clubs Offer Variety Of Services, Activities Six miscellaneous clubs provided opportunities for Ames High students to learn, give service, and engage in social activities this year. Key Club, sponsored by Kiwanis Club, offered service to Ames High and helped again at the annual Pancake Day. Art Club consisted of people who met informally after school to work on proj- ects. Their works were often lent to the school to enliven drab halls and classrooms. DECA, VICA, and OEA were three clubs more related to class work. DECA and OEA raised money through candy and bake sales. With the money they accumulated, they sent representa- tives to state and national club conventions. VICA also profited from candy sales but used the funds to go on field trips to large industries in Des Moines, Kansas City, and other cities. The Masked Seniors formed the newest club at Ames High. They often wrote cogent remarks con- cerning school administrators, policies, and events. They delivered their messages through posters and letters; their identity was still a mystery when Spirit went to press. DECA—Front, Susan Brown, Allison Schuette, Melanie Cottrill, Pat Mortvedt, Marlene Ethington, Mary Greene, Lesa Malcolm, Nancy Flores; second, Rick Butler, Vicky Hagerty, Barb Heggen, Madonna Voecks, Charlotte Peters, Judy Church, Mary Miller; third, Penny Ellis, Jeff Kunerth, Linda Peterson, Janet Ekberg, Bob Cole, Debbie Engel, Bob Bruce; fourth, Kelton Nelson, Mike Davis, Don Christianson, Steve Baker, Jeff Borron, Don Swan, Kerry Joseph. 18] KEY CLUB—Front, Dennis Hoover, Steve Crawford, Steve Pace, Mark Smith; second, Mr. Enquist, Jim Moldenhauer, Bob Van Voorhis, Jim Bartruff; third, Bob Crawford, Dave Huston, Chuck Walter, Dave Swenson, Tom Schattauer. d‏ ا — pa ART CLUB members were George Ebert, Jane Sassaman, Craig Allfree, Ruth Olson, Sandra Orton, Martha Sherick, Mike Wardle, Bev Beckman, and Laura Stone. PEE € 4 S » Wellhouse Studio یں ےاج B LA V Y Y. Pr. Mw تن‎ a-f E e 4 | ۱ ES کات‎ ۵ | Wellhouse Studio OEA—Front, Carol Davis, Vivian Bushore, Janine Peterson, Cyrie Tamoglia, Miss Rose O’Brien, | Sponsor; second, Lou Ann Brown, Janet Erickson, Jeani Byriel, Karen Young, Sue Middle; third, ۱ ۷۱۲۱۵ Setterberg, Connie Truhe, Debbie Silverthorn, Roxanne Barnhouse, Mary Jo Overland. VICA—Front, Mark Conley, Dave Erick- son, Ron Jones, John Christensen, Steve Sansgaard, Tom Dalton; second, Dave Pearson, Danny Sydnes, Bill Kathmann, Lynn Ballard, Steve Ness; third, Gary Owen, Mike Coyle, Joe Soy, Mike Schill, Chuck Parker, Mr. Faas; fourth, lan Weber, Ken Wood, Tom Polhemus, Ea Don Keller, Doyle Kepley. Wellhouse Studio - — | y uden OVS 0 7 1 I areal Ii , just ۱ d ۲ 4 Ih Jim Percival Three persons suspected of knowing about the Masked Seniors put u p a sign. Clubs—83 Keith Wessel The form of a skilled basketball champion is seen as junior Kris Moorman drives in for a layup shot during practice. Secretary Tina VanOosbree helps President Debbie Burton plan for the new activities of jogging, football, and the weight machine. — — —— سے ت ا ہے we‏ سے لیس ہے q‏ - سس سس دح مہہ و mg‏ ۱ LBJ L| 84—GRA In a vigorous game of basketball, Tina VanOosbree and | Paula Hermann keep their eyes on Marcia Clark. “O-O service yells Deb Burton as she begins another of the rousing games in the volleyball tournament. MEL T — A ` -y J ot we wv ws. - m4 ےجو جو‎ A AA سو‎ acm ۲ d Lg gn EE ہے‎ = - y A A ۳ | AN OSONA 1 NY Sd 3بی ک٦‏ ۳ ON ۱ 3.3309۹۷۷٣ A 5+ ٠. AN Ay ASS phen Kran) AAA: ` d tn. ۳ Pete Conis GRA Takes up Weights, Jogging, Football A variety of new activities kept members of the AHS Girls’ Recreational Association in good shape. Almost 150 girls paid dues to become participants in the parties and games held throughout the year. Basketball and volleyball tournaments were played again this year along with the new sports of football and jogging and working out with the weight machine. During warm weather the girls were allowed to use the track for jogging and running hurdles. Football games took place in back of the school. The weight machine was made available for girls’ use this year every night GRA met. As the girls underwent wet and wild swimming parties they fulfilled their duty to keep physically fit at the same time. Pete Conis GRA REPRESENTATIVES—Front, Marcia Clark, Denise Metheney, Sally Medford, Jane Richards, Mary Shaughnessy, Jana Jelden, Josie Timmons, Amy Johnson: second, Barb Kern, Cherie Hurlbut, Marlene Warren, Karen Baker, Terri Irwin, Karine Fritsch, Lyn Bruin, Kathy Post, Sarah Grant; third, Monicia Rolling, Anita Graham, Val Sauke, Shifra Sharlin, Deb Burton, Sandra Albertson, Colleen Shaughnessy Terry Shaffer, Jennifer Guy; back, Pam Skarshaug, Mary Barrow, Carol Haynes, Laurie Madden, Cindy Larson, Penny Crom, Sherilyn Kelso, Tina VanOosbree, Val Tesdall, Janet Ekberg. T ی - ۳۳ ات‎ MA E ee Wellhouse Studio GRA—85 Pete Conis Sue Warman takes care of Stan Harlan’s coat at the basket- ball game coat check used by Pep Club to raise money. Wellhouse Studio PEP CLUB REPRESENTATIVES—Front, Mrs. Weaver, Mrs. Vance, Mimi Fields, sec., Lyla Sills, v.-pres., Janine Peterson, pres., Lynn Cummings, treas., Mrs. Nicolaisen; second, (cabinet), Susan Brown, Cherie Hurlbut, Mary Wall, Cathy Johnson, Becki Smith, Pam Satre, Valerie Emdia, Sandra Orton, Carol Davis, Sherry Clemens, Pam Borke, Jill Ostrem; third, Mary Healy, Theresa Finnegan, Cathy Hageman, Laura Taylor, Lori Carter, Barb Moldenhauer, Lyn Bruin, Linda Crom, Leslie Wiant, Teresa Fryar, Colleen O'Hare, Debbie Harwell, Cathy Buck; fourth, Linda Hicks, Pam Young, Connie Byriel, Mary Highland, Kathy Holthaus, Jan Brugger, Melanie Tostlebe, Sandy Shockey, Joan Waters, Rene Hemphill, Gayle Thompson, Karen Baker, Pat Hadaway, Linda Davidson. 86—Pep Club - — Pep Club Sells Photos To Cut Bus Rates several changes highlighted the '69-70 Pep Club year. Points were collected in a more efficient way than before. Individual attendance slips were handed out at the door to every girl in her Pep Club uniform. Senior Pep Club girls were recog- nized by new emblems that were worn on the uniform's vest. The emblems depicted four areas of high school life: athletics, music, academics, and brotherhood. Pep Club continued its fund-raising bake sales | and also sponsored a back-to-school dance. This year a coat check was introduced at the basketball games. Contributions from fans helped earn money for the treasury. Pep Club also sold sopho- more and junior yearbook picture packets. The money earned from these projects allowed Pep Club members to travel by bus to out-of-town games for reduced rates. E -- ۔+‎ Andy Ward Pep Club performs its jobs of generating spirit and cheering the Little Cyclones on to another victory at a basketball game. Dave Schulze Julie Baker helps spread orange-and-black spirit through e the halls by participating in Pep Club sign painting. KI AA | Bob Kern Worn out by years of rivalry, the Boone Victory Bell gets a ehe d | i Schlunz, repainting from Senior Pam Satre and Sophomore Cheryl Tweed. ا ات و‎ Dy SU ناد‎ Pep Club—87 Revised Cheersquad Adopts New Uniforms Varsity Cheersquad had many new looks in 1970, highlighted by new orange-and-white uni- forms, consisting of sweaters, vests, turtle necks, and skirts. Grey bench warmers were added. The varsity squad was made up of twelve regu- lars and six alternates. The wrestling squad was abolished and the cheerleaders alternated cheering at football, basketball, swimming, and wrestling events. Last summer three girls attended a cheer- leading camp and learned the basic fundamentals and a new style of cheering used this year. The sophomore squad consisted of eight regu- lars and no alternates. Working closely with Mrs. Switzer, practices were held regularly. To raise money, the cheerleaders sold programs and held bake sales. The varsity captains were Kathy Tuttle and Bonnie Sandve. Marla Stritzel was sophomore captain. Copy and layout by Joan Carter. 88—Cheersquad HE T Ar , am c . An extra point could win the game. Celeste Stevens looks as if she doubts we can do it while she concentrates on the game. e بح‎ SE |e — o AIT 7 ۰ ۲ fa 3 ¡TA TRA a 4 اعہے دو‎ es MRO E TT AAA E al LBJ Dann Cross Revving up the gears, Julie Kinseth and Chris Anderson are A buoyant cheerleader, Mary Lou Williams voices her support preparing to help ride the Cyclones on to another victory. enthusiastically and helps fire up the crowd. Dann Cross CHEERSQUAD—Front, Leisa Doran, Theresa Cook, Cindy Hall, Kathy Tuttle, Jann Siedelmann, Becky Seim; second, Debbie Larson, Julie Kinseth, Barb Eldridge, Sue Kaldor, Mary Lou Wil- liams Janelle Johnson; third, Beth Moody, Alice Beer, Chris Anderson, Mary Heggen, Bonnie Sandve, Celeste Stevens. Cheersquad—89 سے سا فت diit Y‏ ET. Losing SOPHOMORE CHEERSQUAD —Front, Mary Healey, Lori Randol, Connie Israel, Laurann McGilliard; second, Anne O'Laughlin, Marla Stritzel, Deb Carlson, Marcy Gay. Dann Cross Becky Seim and Debbie Larson are riding high to get ready for another 'rip-roarin' assembly.. . 90—Cheersquad Andy F m 3 Dann Cross Sophomore games proved to be very exciting. With cheer- leaders as involved as Marcy Gay, there were few losses. ۳ e ی‎ e Oe mum. تست‎ um vm —Á A‏ ہے - e u gr er ھی‎ - — — —— ود عدہ‎ Uo mg a À a UT ۲ i 1 Bob Kern In an effort to raise money for A-Club benefits, Brian Johnson turns on the charm and peddles football programs to female fans. d ۳ | amma‏ ۔ Stan Harlan en to Mr. Smalling by A-Club president Jon Hunziker bought ball pitching machine and wrestling riding time clocks. A-Club Donates Clocks, Pitching Machine A-Club's major contribution to Ames High this year was the purchase of a pitching ma- chine for the baseball team and riding time clocks for the wrestling team. The lettermen raised money for these gifts by selling football programs at home games and the state track meet programs. A-Club also sponsored the Twirp Dance in the spring and was respon- sible for renaming the Little Cyclone Relays the Hi Covey Relays. Club meetings were often made more in- teresting by the appearance of guest speak- ers such as ISU wrestler Dan Gable and the showing of sports highlights at lowa State and other Big Eight schools. A-Club officers were Jon Hunziker, president; Tim Linder, vice-president; and Rob Wilson, secretary-trea- surer. ESERVED SECTIOR = g . sm A A-CLUB—Front, Rob Wilson, Jon Hunziker, Tim Linder; second, Lance McGilliard, Art Staniforth, Paul Sanders, Rick Butler, Tim Soden, Clay Adams, Mark Powers, Scott Kreamer; third, Bob Myers, Tom Pantenburg, Mike Young, Jim Dickson, Dave Davies, Steve Herrnstadt, Paul Montag, Al Vandeventer, Rick Swank; fourth, son, Dean Newton, Jeff Shelton. Greg Weisshaar, Doug Pyle, Randy Eckard, Pete Buck, Steve Jackson, Paul Clark, Virgil Fowles, Milo Mudd, Tom Montag; fifth, Paul Johnson, Scott Watson, Bill Curry, Rick Bowlds, Dean Bakke, Willie Munson, Steve Wacker, Kerry Joseph; sixth, Doug Fosberg, Bill Wildman, Maury Miller, Bob Kern, Jeff Herrick, Bob Hutchison, Greg Peterson; back, Hugh Collins, Paul McFarland, Kevin Madden, John Schoeneman, Tom Hildebrand, Scott Burgason, Chris Dvergsten, Steve Samp- A-Club—91 Wellhouse Studio à » m A , A c A S Á Firesquad Disbanded After 33 Years Service Firesquad was temporarily disbanded this year after 33 years existence. The Firesquad boys, twelve from each class, supervised the lunch line, regulated traffic in the halls, and saw that parking lot rules were obeyed. In 1968-69 the Firesquad | scope was widened to include hall monitors. Early second semester, the sponsors decided that the Firesquad no longer served its purpose and the whole organization, including hall moni- ih tors, was disbanded. Tentative plans for next year | include a Firesquad under Mr. Ritland's supervision. 1 A few boys continued to help supervise the cafe- teria and parking lot. D Other students helped school personnel with a H variety of duties. Some students assisted the office 0 staff by answering the phone and typing. Several ی‎ ap o d boys saw that the projectors and films were in the E | right place at the right time. Other students vol- | Pete Conis | unteered their services in the library. They shelved ERA CO projectors are. needed, they (enn DENIED MEME | pushed through the halls by John Nordyke. ۱ books and were available at the desk before and Machines and equipment are operated by Roxanne Barnhouse to | during school. The gatheri ki - ce 1910811090101676 anal help faculty members with their worksheets and visual aids. tendance slips was done by student helpers. Bob Kern As Barb Moldenhauer gives her last warning to Cathy Johnson, Steve Jackson and Doug Pyle listen in. Bob Kern Lal r بچوسے‎ Ts e I 92—Student Helpers TRO Le سے‎ -—— 4 کو بے تہ‎ — وس‎ — Wellhouse Studio 10-60۱ ۱۵ ۳ e ۴ : : : 1 i HRESQUAD—Front, Mr. Covey, supervisor, Greg Peterson, Tim Linder, Bruce Buck, Bob Myers, Steve Jackson, Kurt Schaeffer, Lance McGilliard; second, Craig Stafford, lom Montag, Paul Montag, Alan Vandeventer, Doug Pyle, Rick Van Winkle, Joel Wilcox, Jon Hunziker; back, Craig Hageman, Tom Schattauer, Dave Davies, Pete | ark Potter, Chuck Walter, Steve Hibbs, Scott Watson. | Don't laugh, it may be your car! exclaims Bob Hutchison, Diligent audio-visual helpers John Nordyke, Leroy Strand, and | the friendly school parking lot policeman. Ken Crowe work together to set up a slide projector. | 0 ay = fey 4 ۳ ۲ r m Lé »- 1 = Ze : oa WR? ۳۴ D » ES “AA om ۳ g- M E R ۳4 er e A Suu» ۰ 4 ` A » a 2 ۱ 37 LE a 1 Bob Kern Fr a 065 Copy and layout by Jane Lundvall اہر ے خیب‎ n 0 Py P Lm Ba € VEA a ۷ ي‎ e AA 0 SW are اا‎ Asc. 1 ۹ Student Helpers—93 ` AAA — DEE AJ mg a a cM — وہ‎ —— -—-— سج“‎ a c ”سوہ‎ t ھت‎ vi e سل‎ © a 7 1 ۱ بج‎ o IES dpi si D امس‎ RA dan ta ee mm r LE و‎ 3 - جیا‎ x it sib PL Sports—95 Grid Season Ends 4-5, 5 Players Win Honors Despite a somewhat tarnished 4-5 record, the Ames High Little Cyclones saw tough competition and fin- ished the season on a pleasant note in their second year of Big Eight play. Five outstanding Cyclones re- ceived honors this year, not only in the conference, but statewide and nationally as well. Doug Fosberg was a name known to all Ames fans as he continually crushed the opponent's defense. Doug made a success of his senior year by compiling a long list of football honors. He captured a first-team All-Conference position as well as a third-team All- State spot from the IDPA poll and a fifth-team ranking from the Des Moines Register. Fosberg also received an honorable mention as a Little All-American. Steve Jackson, a junior, and Kerry Joseph, a senior, earned positions on the second-team Big 8 roster. They also earned All-State honorable mentions, as did Mike Owings and Ted Birdseye. Football section copy and layout by Steve Sampson ges : 9 q ` Ek Ka, o Së cs Ames High gains another EE Mer her foe as Steve Jackson is interfered with on a pass play: AHS SEASON'S RECORD 48 Boone 40 Marshalltown 25 Fort Dodge 58 Newton 0 Cedar Falls 0 E. Waterloo 12 W. Waterloo 14 Mason City 32 Webster City VARSITY—Front, Bob Hutchison, Randy Eckard, Rick Bowlds, Steve Jackson, Mike Owings, Doug Fosberg, Steve Carter, Gary Good, Kerry Joseph, Bill Munson, Steve Crawford, Doug Lechner; second, Steve Sherwood, Lance McGilliard, Jeff Herrick, Dean Newton, Scott Milliken, Paul Johnson, Rob Wilson, Rick Butler, Bob Castner, Al Vandeventer, Ted Birdseye, Tom Pantenberg; third, Dan Hade (mgr.), Mark Hand, Mark Lee, Shoeneman, Kim Jarrell, Steve Barrett, Rick Swank; fourth, Jim Bartruff (mgr.), Sandvick, Gary Sprouse, Dave McKern, Darrell Richardson, Rick Torkildson, Paul Clark. d n oa BO ern ueste cans RCM -J a. SEA | لا‎ e: 2 zar mo atm ےہ‎ ES y 96—Football Jim Percival (mgr.), Jon Hunziker, Pat Mcintire, Virgil Fowles, Jon Lee Christensen, Allan Warren, Al Scott Watson, Dennis Johnson (mar.), Vince Coyle SOC VAN KI oP ke 8 4; e 75, 3a 9274‏ قر » D | رب ہس‎ NT, E 1 Aggressive Cyclone defenders, with a determined style of gang tackling, beat Webster City in the final game, 32-21. | Five outstanding Cyclones receiving honors were: Doug Fosberg (far left); Kerry Joseph (TL); Mike Owings (BL); Steve Jackson (TR); and Ted Birdseye (BR). | | | — — اک - ۳۹ 2 “٣ے‏ - È 1 MES ہ۸‎ «(NES Di, ` Vince Coyle سے ——- e | EI Ls Wë B as -i ` g A ۱ a B ۲ E mA P PR, ۳9 s “a -p مه‎ f P, M UAE Lor» PEE CTI MN al Te Ce n LM v T 2 aA ۳ مر‎ MT t ev? A e £ E EL ٩ aud. e د‎ AS. Head over heels goes a West Waterloo defender as Kerry Joseph blocks to let Scott Milliken launch a pass. Steve Jackson prepares to move the ball downfield as Scott Milliken clears the way. 98—Football Cyclones Win Bell Back In Up-and-Down Season The Little Cyclones did what every team would like to do as they won their first and last games of the seasons. The season’s opener with Boone proved exciting as the rivalry for the victory bell was at its hottest. Ames led at the half 14-8. Fine play and the scoring of Steve Jackson and Jon Hunziker helped Ames win 48-16. Jackson also led the Cyclones to a 40-12 victory over Marshall- town with his four touchdowns. Fort Dodge handed Ames a heartbreaker by defeating the Cyclones 26-25. The next game of- =e m e fered encouragement as Ames walked over New- You take the—————— thing! says Steve Jackson to Rick Bowlds before a kick-off return. ton 58-14. The Little Cyclones were down for the next three games because of injuries and intercep- tions. A second season was declared, but Ames Keil Wiessel still lost to Mason City, 25-14. The final game against Webster City was a great moral victory, finding Ames on top, 32-21. wi. War-torn and plenty dirty, Dean Newton eagerly awaits his return to the Webster City game. rootball—99 6 Players Top Team In Scoring, Defense Several Little Cyclones demonstrated excellent performance in their games. Doug Fosberg led the team defensively as he recorded 143 tackles for an average of 13.5 tackles per game. Offensively, Steve Jackson was the man to catch. 1 Jackson carried 134 times to gain 878 yards (6.4- 1 yard average). He also received 17 complete passes ۱ and led the team scoring with 112 points. Jon ۱ Hunziker was second high scorer with 42 points for | 71 carries and 8 pass receptions. Scott Milliken | completed 49 passes to gain 924 yards. Two line- | men, Dean Newton and Kerry Joseph, also scored 1 by grabbing a fumble for a TD. Chuck Walter 1 kicked a field goal from 37 yards in a JV game. 1 Ve S M 4 Another D Tee Just about, it's the Cyclone defense protecting their goal from another intruder. e Ss, ; r ۲ be 3 A laci B4 b. c Ac . ¿“Y = i. w ar. Tired and UE Coach Johnson mulls over strategy as an offensive attempt fails. | 100— Football Clark Kent About to crush another victim, Doug Fosberg lends a willing hand to an unidentified Little Cyclone tackler. Each man keying off an opponent, the Little Cyclone gridders try to hold the ball behind line of scrimmage. Aë s Max m ۱ و‎ 0 a ki Sé d aF 3 4 £ we, kb 9 TA ۱ 17 A at ats A ۷ L4 A 3 Pine Y. A PE Mim H Gëf: j SS ا‎ Gë dE Lee di SEIL oe S. 13 کا کو‎ px KE Ms € Li ۶ کی‎ T. P hae 3 ٦ Ki | ۲ d T i t v4 ° , o ۰ TT Wi c M f u و‎ Li d€ Y A 2f $ e e A TRA y Ki کے‎ Football—101 JV RECORD (2-5) Adel (Varsity) Marshalltown East (D. M.) Fort Dodge Tama-Toledo Ankeny Newton ARMA CERERI 9‏ تس e sanete Tomy je pv tg oem n Andy Ward 1 Jarring the ball loose from the offensive opponent, Dennis Parker helps secure Ames' 35-6 victory over Lincoln. 102—Football e A id T i CR 3 d — e 4 ٩ 5 . Vë E LAM ۰ | A - 9 e nd 4 - e a ۲ ۸ e Wa wy! a ۷ 1 بل‎ $ LI = | ee WW ر‎ H A TOW - Tc ۱ 1 a ۱ ۹ نے‎ ۸ $ ف‎ t : a ۹ v ۳۹ ) WW. ` D Bi LI s D 7: ‘ e Ee A کے‎ as e ege gek Ke, Aan, deer, 8 Andy Word Trouncing Newton in two consecutive games, the sophs played great defensively as they held the foe to 2 points. f Anudy Ward In the opener with Lincoln the sophomores demonstrated their offensive strength by out-scoring their opponents, 35-6. Sophs Win 8, Lose 1; Outscore Foes 264-131 The Little Cyclone sophomore team, spurred on again by mentors Tramp and Zediker, finished with an outstanding 8-1 record. They out-scored their opponents 264 to 131. In the season’s opener with Lincoln, the mighty sophomores stormed past their opponents 35-6. The young Cyclones went on to win six straight games, giving Newton a solid trouncing in both games. Their only loss was suffered at the hands of a powerful Fort Dodge team, but the Ames sophomores bounced right back to defeat Hoover and Webster City. Brian Anderson led the team in scoring with 17 touchdowns, and Ron Greiner led in tackling with 5412 tackles. Copy and layout by Steve Sampson SEASON'S RECORD (8-1) AHS OPP. 35 Lincoln 6 38 Marshalltown 28 30 Saydel 20 32 Newton 2 32 Newton 8 19 Boone 18 12 Fort Dodge 28 32 Hoover | 14 34 Webster City 15 SOPHOMORES—Front, Tom Palmer, Dan Kepley, Paul Fisher, Kent Anderson, Dave Alderman, Andy Ward, Steve Hildebrand, Scott Kenyon, Tom Lockhart, Brian Ander- son, Dennis Parker: second, Mike Fowles, John Holder, Mark Lieurance, Ron Greiner, Pete Anderson, Dean Kuhn, Terry Warren; third, Nolan Compton, Kevin Keller, John Wessman, Bob West, Larry Mullica, Dave Peters, Jeff Schoeneman, Bill Elder, Ken York, Bill Kunerth, Kyle Williams; fourth, Coach Dale Tramp, Dave Hildebrand (mgr.), Greg Mclaughlin (mgr.), Danny Wierson, Bill O'Connor, Brian Christensen, Joe Grabau, Mike Holdren, Barry Blanford (mgr.), Roy Young (mgr.), Coach Arnie Zediker. Vince Coyle Football—103 Harriers Top Big 38; 2-Mile Record Falls Coach John Sletten's first cross-country team lived up to its expectations as a top-notch squad, capturing the conference crown with 46 points, 17 less than the second-place winner, Cedar Falls. Senior lettermen Hugh Collins and Tom Montag broke the old school record of 9:58 with times of 9:54.9 and 9:55.1 in the State Cross-Country Meet. Ames captured third in the 20-team field with 18 points, only two more than state champ Waterloo Columbus. Bob Mudd placed ninth with 10:08.3. In the State Mile Team Race Ames took second with 23 points, six more than Clinton. The harriers also placed first in both the Mike Augustine Invita- tional and Mile-Team Race. Track competition continued over into the winter with ninety boys coming out for indoor track. Practice was held in the Old Men’s Gym Monday through Saturday and tops were run during the week. Coach Sletten said he thought the team was doing well as many records were broken. ۰ K I + RE 2 X TI Mc HE Gs Lake “Ss Sie, 2 4 E 5 e, w Ti ۲ 27 ۲ ۲ Pe A i یت‎ ۱ et L WT d : 4 q vn. an KC ,, ah e T yl ey سای Um Bob Kern Hugh Collins leads the track-pack of Bob Mudd, Tom Montag, Steve Herrnstadt, Jeff Shelton, Greg Weisshaar, and Paul Montag. Pete Conis Rick Bowlds rounds the turn in a 220 heat in the intrasquad meet held February 19-21. 104—Track ٦ 7? 7 Ca e Pete Conis A deodorant commercial? No, it’s just Tom Polhemus getting ready to heave his little rubber super ball. Vince Coyle VARSITY—Front, Tom Montag, Hugh Collins, Jeff Shelton, Bob Mudd; second, Coach Sletten, Paul Montag, Steve Herrnstadt, Greg Weisshaar, and Tim Soden. | MAJOR MEETS Mile Team Race is o State Mile Team Race Second | | Mike Augustine Invt. First . E Big Eight Conference First State Cross-Country Meet Third Copy and layout by Rick Reger. Steve Sampson Bob Mudd concentrates on nothing but catching up and passing D. M. | Hoover's Richard Twedt in the State cross-country meet at Marshalltown. Ls oS indi — — وس‎ MELIUS T یں تہ‎ pu — - سے س ا = —— SS Le ES ` D m ہد‎ Lu Jim Herrick adds another victory to the wrestling cause, be- ing declared the winner after a tough-fought match. — mP - y A le em um مسا‎ ee + وھ ت‎ VARSITY AHS 29 S. E. Polk e 31 Carroll Kuemper 35 Fort Dodge 29 Newton | | 1] Cedar Falls 14 East Waterloo 0 West Waterloo 2) Mason City 24 Perry 16 Marshalltown 34 Boone 19 Urbandale Ames Quadrangular—First Ames Invitational —Fourth Aububon Tourney—Fourth Sectional Tournament—First District Tournament—First State Tournament—Seventh AMES 3 — SÉ VARSITY—Front, Gerry Siefert, Steve Hibbs, Jon Hunziker, John Schoeneman, Doug Fosbera, Virgil Fowles; second, Clay Adams, Roy Young, Jim Herrick, Greg Peterson, Paul Montag, Mark Powers; third, Coach Jack Mendenhall, Greg McLaughlin, Jim Bartruff, Dennis Johnson, Dan Hade ۰ 155-pound Steve Hibbs receives a helping hand from the ref as he easily pins his opponent. Copy and page layout by Rick Reger; all ac. tion photos by Pete Conis 106—Wrestling i ۷ l 7۹ : ۱ ہستے‎ ۱ — P B q. ) 1 y t T ۱ C 5 , 5 A L ën do e He te ES ffe: TEA ۵ 1 1 ان‎ TE AA WH zy یپ‎ ۵ ۰ ۱ . h ۱ د‎ oes E Aus ¿ E. A » 4 e A. ۱ 0 ۱ vi KE AE WEI j -. 3 سے‎ j ۹ D » LS NW d pl ad ‘ , 1 5 D à i 4 Y E y ۳ 0 7 + t 0 و چا‎ ۳۷ 4 ج١‎ 5 At M n Sy dia A i adi d y d ev ۳ f ۱ ۰ ۰ , ۱ . M Le , ۱ 5 H 0 D et l - H JN ۱ hi i ue d À ۰. au N 4 5 n WX n sica re ; E, GO: WA ge. ua oa, “he AL Baker Be Pa Wrestlers Take District, Send Four to State Gathering steam as the season progressed, Ames wrestlers took the sectional and district titles, sent four to state, and boasted a state champion, Gerry Seifert, a senior transfer who was New York state champion as a junior. The Little Cyclones won their first four meets over S. E. Polk, Carroll Kuemper, Fort Dodge, and Newton. But a tie with Perry was the best they could muster the next six meets. They then won easily over Boone, but lost to Urbandale, winding up 5-6-1. During the regular season the grapplers captured first in the Quadrangular and fourth in the Ames Invi- E tational and Audubon Tourneys. They took first in the sectionals and district and placed seventh in the state tournament. Besides Gerry Seifert, Jon Hunziker, Doug Fosberg, and Virgil Fowles also qualified for state. Hunziker eading 6-1, State Champ Gerry Siefert controls his man with captured third after winning the consolation match. e, capturing the sectional tournament title. ۴4 PUE 2 i Slap the mat, ref! What more do you want? pleads Doug Pyle as he 3 has his opponent in a half nelson pinning combination. mm e ۲ E | ۳ | =} | Coach Mendenhall gives advice to Jon Hunziker | | before overtime match in district competition. ` ۱ i Wrestling— 107 ۶ 108 Reserves Back Varsity With Hours of Effort Junior varsity and varsity teams of both swim- mers and wrestlers spent many hours of long back- breaking work as they gained both.experience and ability through competition. Although the rewards weren't as glamorous as the varsity is, the hours put in were important as a reserve. The JV swimming team had two meets of their own, and swam exhibition in many varsity home meets. In meets with Marshalltown and Hoover the team compiled a perfect record of two wins and no losses. Under the direction of Coach Dave Posegate, the team practiced with the varsity. From a total of 22 sophomores that went out, eight swam varsity and two placed well in the state meet. The junior varsity wrestling team, coached by Bob Impecoven, posted a 6-6 record for the sea- son, averaging 20.9 points a meet. The Little Cy- clones grapplers defeated S. E. Polk with little trouble but barely escaped South Hamilton, finally winning 27-25. Their remaining victories were over Newton, Perry, Boone, and Urbanaale. Coach Bailey's sophomore wrestling team outdid the varsity and junior-varsity teams in both the season's record and points averaged per meet. The sophs recorded a 5-4 mark for the season and averaged 25.2 points a meet. They manhandled their first opponent, S. E. Polk, 35-5, and won easily over Fort Dodge 34-13. But Valley of West Des Moines almost defeated them, losing in the end 24-23. Eagle Grove was the other victim, go- ing down in defeat twice to the sophomore grap- plers. Copy and poge layout by Rick Reger and Dave Schulze: action photos by Pete Conis. Both wrestlers and swimmers practiced every day. Here Mark Powers and Bob Garland do their exercise in wrestling practice. ۱ ” j às- À 5 y | A | - : | کم‎ | 3 1۰3۸۹۸۷ 70 Bob Kern JUNIOR VARSITY SWIM TEAM—Front: Coach Dave Posegate, Mike McFarlin, Mike Holdren, Mike Hapes, Pat Sexton, Tom Clark; back, Lowell Barrett, Jim Petersen, David Barnes, Andy Riggs (mgr). Not pictured, Jeff Watson, Nick Jackson, Matt Sexton, Jim Ross, Barry Blanford, Dave Ingram. Complicated exercises, constant concentration, and hard work can only result in embarrassing positions like this. em — m3 — XIV 743 T ME A a A à VA 8 E SS GEN BGE GIN ca 2G | SERED. J.V. WRESTLING RECORD E TTI OPPONENT S. E. Polk South Hamilton Fort Dodge Newton Cedar Falls East Waterloo West Waterloo Mason City Perry Marshalltown Boone Urbandale SOPHOMORE RECORD OPPONENT S. E ۷ Carroll Kuemper Fort Dodge Ankeny Valley Eagle Grove Valley Ankeny- Eagle Grove = Co P MM !— -—— —— o a ۱ f B zs on ` ez wh d . n Tom Fryar J.V. SWIMMING RECORD AHS OPPONENT 56 Marshalltown 36 50 Hoover 45 JUNIOR VARSITY—Front, Coach Impecoven, Willie Munson, Dave Saveraid, Rick Torkildsen, Ted Birds- eye, Doug Lechner; second, Randy Conard, Steve | Carter, Ron Greiner, Dave Alderman, Dick Davidson, Bill Elder; third, Steve Cowles, John Alexander, Dennis Maile, Cliff Keller, Gary Wheelock, Al Sand- vick; back, Ron Bowman, Bob Garland, Jim Davies, Roger Banks, Dean Newton, Bob Hutchins. SOPHOMORES—Front, Mark Marley, Lance Foreman, Ron Provow, Bill Kunerth, Nate McCay, Bruce Greene, Dennis Hut ton; second, Coach Keith Bailey, Joe Grabau, Jon Michael, Dan Spencer, Steve Hildebrand, Mike | | Fowles. | = c - y rar ۳ P, D. 1 e BL TUS me ` An Ar = s‏ ہے Vigorously pulling out ahead, Tom Bliss gasps for breath during a 100-yard butterfly, as judges and timers look on. Á AS نا تا کر‎ uu - 3 ee = CEE” Éa CR - - a. Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive are “supermen” Scott Kreamer and Bob Sprowell as they are off to a flying start during the 50-yard freestyle. l ۱ LJ e ۰ H ٣ و سے‎ 1 4 J J e [3 5 1 » a U v EE 3 سی‎ ma e - تام‎ EC — VARSITY—Front, Steve Pace, Paul Mickelson, Mike Anderson, Art Staniforth, Bill Wildman, Coach Wittmer; second, Carl Schaller, Dan Fitzgerald, Jim Burns, Jim Moldenhauer, Bob Bledsoe, Tom Bliss; third, Bob Sprowell, Jim Scholten, Gary Haupt, Jeff McRoberts, Lee Donaldson, Todd Miller; back, Eric Hegstrom, Stan Martin, Bob Crawford, Kevin Hanway, Frank Garti n, John Shockly, Bruce Kirk | (Mgr.). Coach Wittmer's daughter gave the team valuable moral support at many meets. mm 110—Swimming Young Swimmers Take Second Big 8 Title With only five lettermen, the Ames High swim team was considered young, but it did not take long for them to prove their skill, compiling a 9 and 2 record in dual meets and taking first place in the Marshalltown Invitational. They also captured | the Big Eight Conference title and third place in the district meet. Through the efforts of Mike Anderson, Tom Bliss, Todd Miller, and Art Staniforth, who placed in individual events, and the team of Anderson, Scott Kreamer, Staniforth and Bliss, which placed ۱ third in the 400-yard freestyle relay, Ames took eighth place in the state meet. “These wins would not have been possible with- out the help of other members on the team who might not have placed high, but still won valuable points. As in all our meets, it was a team effort M EE ی کے‎ ect Wäi | Demonstrating his diving is Jim Burns, a consistent point earner that gave us eighth in the state, commented | who placed in all meets throughout the season. ۱ i ۱ eh T E Nd de d ا ا‎ Coach Mike Wittmer. This was his first year at coaching. 1 | As competitors look on, Bob Crawford takes off during the second | leg of the 400-yard freestyle relay. Copy and page layout by Dave Schulze; photos by Bob Kern. SEASON RECORD sas OPP. Cedar Falls Boone Fort Dodge Marshalltown Newton D. M. Tech Hoover D. M. North Newton Fort Dodge Boone Marshalltown Invitational Ames Invitational Big 8 Conference Meet State Meet TE — 6۲ 7۱3 air, Loots and Burgason grapple for a rebound. . — E al Moni em ee کی‎ Despite efforts of a determined opponent to block his shot, Gene Larson goes up and over for a quick basket. sie. ۱ A wb e + e ‘sp ng d f ws A o, d VA TS wll? EXT 5 a ۳ 3 ۱ | Planning strategy for the second half are Coach George Duvall and Coach Cecil Spatcher. Bob Myers watches the action. Cagers First in Big 8; End Season 14-4 The varsity basketball team started out the season by completely dominating the first six teams it met. Newton came close but Ames dealt them a five- point loss. Ames next met Cedar Falls away; the result was a defeat and a swollen jaw sustained by Tim Linder. After playing East Waterloo for Ames' second loss, the Little Cyclones came home to win the next three games, including a 101-62 win over West Waterloo. Winning only one of the next three, the Cyclones gained steam to end the season much as it started by winning the last four games for a 14-4 season record. This left Ames in a three-way tie for first in the Big Eight, sharing honors with East Waterloo and Cedar Falls. Junior varsity players ended their season at 6-3. This year's JV squad was comprised of the juniors on the varsity rather than being an independent squad. The coaching staff felt that the members of the varsity who saw the least action would gain valuable experience by playing a separate schedule. SEASON'S RECORD (14-4) St. Edmunds Boone Marshalltown Ft. Dodge Roosevelt Newton Cedar Falls East Waterloo Webster City West Waterloo Mason City Marshalltown Ft. Dodge Newton Cedar Falls East Waterloo West Waterloo Mason City Basketball —113 Scott Burgason and Larry Loots both grab for one of their many rebounds during game with Larson, Burgason Top Scoring, Rebounds Linder McFarland Hildebrand Larson Burgason Myers Dvergsten Loots STATISTICS GOALS 35 17 2] 92 78 23 30 43 the Fort Dodge Dodgers. Ames easily defeated them 53-38. 114—Basketball FIM 39 34 20 FTA 59 50 37 ve s Overgsfon displays his hook against West Waterloo. Savagely grabbing a rebound, Scott Burgason reflects some of the stress a player ex- periences during a game. Paul McFarland looks apprehensive of the outcome. Tim Linder cuts behind a Boone player in an attempt to help Gene Larson set up a play. The Little Cyclones won, 86-60. M Keith Wessel IM WEIT a ۱ i CENE... j i EE 7 d $) 0 ۱ ۰ ےر Basketball —115 de 2 x ae f AM e aed ` ۳1 7 رت رج‎ | lj 9 d 3 ۱ ۱ ۰ VARSITY—Front, Bob VanVoorhis (mgr.), Tom Mickle, (tr.), Alan Vandeventer, Pete Buck, Tim Linder, Paul McFarland, Bob Myers, Bruce Buck, Coach George Duvall; second, Lance McGilliard, Jeff Herrick, Steve Jackson, Chris Dvergsten, Bruce Carlson, Scott Millikin, Asst. Coach Cecil Spatcher, JV Coach Dale Tramp; back, Jon Nissen, Rick Wells, Gene Larson, Larry Loots, Tom Hildebrand, Scott Burgason, Jim Scott. ni Little Cyclone basketball fans E 9 as Ames goes over the 100 mark i in 1 the 101 -62 Irouncingie of West Watgnipo. Cod Ve S a! - —— - o ے‎ ame 5 50 - - 1 16—Basketball Sink West 101-62: Loots Gets 28 Points Varsity players scored their first 100-point- plus game in school history January 9 when they downed West Waterloo 101-62. The entire team saw action and everyone played well. Leading the team in scoring, Larry Loots netted 28 points. This was Loots’ high game for the sea- son. It was also the high score for an individual during the regular season. The race to reach 100 went right down to the wire, ending when Chris Dvergsten hit a jumper with just seconds left on the clock. d‏ جس ور پت“ سس —— نے . The ball has just dropped through the net to make the score 101-62 for Ames. Jeff Herrick displays his jubilation. HOME ۳ 0 LA NEXT WOME VANDEV ENTE RI2 MASON tye HILD ۱۸ JANUARY 16 LOOTS IE ا‎ WELLS 54 tpe E. : - The scoreboard registers a record score for an AHS varsity basketball team and for Coach George Duvall. J.V. SEASON'S RECORD (6-3) Newton Marshalltown Fort Dodge Indianola Boone Marshalltown Boone Newton d | | ۸ 3 ٰ | A man ذو‎ Basketball —117 ees ES wx ee سب ہے سے‎ a mm eg À - ےو سے سے — —— ۱ - - p- SEASON'S RECORD (14-4) OPP AHS St. Edmond ua SZ West Waterloo Boone 38 68 Mason City Marshalltown 72 — AB Marshalltown Fort Dodge 38 6l Fort Dodge Roosevelt 39 45 Newton Newton 31 52 Cedar Falls Cedar Falls 61 5] East Waterloo East Waterloo 50 0 West Waterloo Webster City 6] Mason City ٭ مھ ODA‏ Pete Anderson controls the ball out front as Scott Kenyon sets up the offensive play. Basketball section copy and layouts by Brian Johnson. All sophomore action photos by Andy Ward. Pete Conis SOPHOMORES—Front, Carl McCarley, Terry Warren, Scott Kenyon, Brian Anderson, Dean Kuhn, Dave Hildebrand (mgr.); second, Ken York, Kyle Williams, Gary Grindeland, Pete Anderson, Paul Swenson, Gary Liming; back, Jeff Schoeneman, Nic Classick, Randy Page, John Tysseling, Coach Arnold Zediker. 118—Basketball Nic Classick hits a shot near Kyle Williams is breaking for the lane, his favorite spot. the basket late in the game. Looking to the outside, Gary Grindeland prepares to move the ball to the basket and score. Grindeland had a. 13.7 average. Sophs End Season 14-4; 2nd in Conference Sophomores ended with a record identical to the varsity's, 14-4 overall and 10-4 in conference play. This left them tied for second in the conference with Marshalltown. East Waterloo sophs came out first, handing Ames two close defeats during the season. The Little Cyclones were led in scoring and re- bounding by Nic Classick, their 64“ center. Bal- anced scoring was the key to the Cyclones’ vic- tories. The three leading scorers all had averages in the double figures. Close games were common, eight with a dif- ference of six points or less. The sophs displayed their ability to play well in tight situations. Coach Arnold Zediker’s record is now 46-8 for his three years at Ames High. Disregarding his opponents, Gary Grindeland hits a shot from the inside. Randy Page gets ready to rebound. mer 1 Y 7ی‎ ea à ei AN کو‎ UA IN ` EE Basketball—119 — — e - - — —— ہد‎ ۳ BEE) REN fe mg $ = E E. EEN See - E weg E imi کک کے‎ AGA o یی‎ ١ ‘oo جا‎ -— am ۳ 5 GET, ہے سر‎ SE IO سے سے‎ - - A cr رسس ےس‎ 3 , ۰ Boys’ Intramurals Adds New Sports This year saw a rise in boys’ intramurals par- ticipation. When asked what drew the large num- ber of boys this year, Sponsor Roger Spratt ex- plained it simply, “They want competition, and | we can give it to them. | Although football fell through when only half a dozen competitors showed up, the number of basketball participants was higher than any pre- vious year, with more than 100 individuals and 16 teams. Chess and table tennis tournaments also | brought strong numbers and fierce competition. Nearly any boy could find some form of rivalry | to suit his pleasure. Enthusiastic interest this year brought the promise of added activities, including m AA z 2 | swimming, golf, tennis, cross-country, and bowling pU PN — 77 T A I. 2 9 e i EA 5 | 1 — me events. A A A i oos Fast action and fierce rivalry were the scene at all intramural In a replay of last year's chess basketball games held during the winter months. tournament, Jim Dickson downed Mark Metzler. Stan Harlan 120—Intramurals -———á س‎ o MÀ —À ہے‎ ww A AAA nen Bob Karn Senior basketball champs, the Rejects, include: Gary Good, Tom Bledsoe, Maury Miller, Kevin Madden, Craig Hageman, and Tom Svec. Bob Kern Mark Powers shows his stuff in the table tennis tournament in which more than sixty boys participated. Copy and layout by Dann Cross. Dann Cross Intramurals—121 | | Mr. Covey Retires; 25 Years at A.H.5. Athletic Director Ray Smalling once stated that . one of the best things that ever happened to Ames High track was when Hiram Covey became head coach in 1945. A former state champion in the quarter mile, he was destined to make Ames one of the best and most greatly feared teams in lowa. Mr. Covey won his first state championship for Ames in 1949. He went on to win eight more state outdoor titles and nine more indoor titles, resulting in eighteen state championships in twenty-one years. Mr. Covey's teams lost only one district meet and in his last fifteen years the Little Cyclone track team lost, excluding state finals, just three meets. Mr. Covey also was head football line coach at Ames for nineteen years. He was then considered one of the best football coaches in lowa. Mr. Covey suffered a stroke in 1964. He re- turned in 1965, however, and helped with track and study halls. Hi Covey Appreciation Day was held in his honor while he was sick. ۱ ۱ ۱ ۱ Hi Covey was widely respected throughout the state for his coach- Born in Oskaloosa, Mr. Covey attended high ing. His appearance has changed little since he came to Ames. school there and then went to Penn College, the HA University of lowa, lowa State University, and | Minnesota State University. He has a wife, Mil- | dred; two sons, Bob, who was a state champion at Ames in track, football, and basketball; and | Ancel, also a track star in the half and quarter mile. 1 Mr. Covey, who is retiring this year, said that | | the one thing he will miss most at Ames High is Ames High. | Posing for a well-earned picture is this 1951 medley relay team which captured first place at the Ames Invitational. Classroom discussion in a government class draws a look of interest. Mr. Covey taught history and related courses. 122—Mr. Covey e Pa. letter stands for a championship. Track was Ancel Covey’s “My first love was football, claimed Mr. Bob, all-around athlete, excelled in favorite sport. Covey, who is dressed and ready for action. football, basketball, and track. w Mr. Covey—123 | Classes p.—124 Classes Classes p—125 — A o — ہے ہے‎ - 419 Sophomores Form AHS’ Largest Class Unique in many respects was the sophomore class introduced to Ames High last fall. At sopho- more orientation it was the first class to be wel- comed by Ames High's new principal, Dr. Farrar. As the largest of the three classes with 419 members, it distinguished itself in a number of ways. The sophomores had skilled athletic teams and competed interscholastically in football, wres- tling, basketball, track, and swimming. Many were active in drama and musical productions. They were capable students as well, having the highest scholastic average of any class ever entering Ames High. The sophomores also benefited from a number of new facilities. The new four-phase driver educa- tion program was offered both first and second semesters. A completed student lounge provided a place for sophomore students to go before and after school. This delicious teddy bear, a gift from a Big Sis, joins in a discussion with Becky Tesdall, Den- ise Wierson, and Pam Rasmussen. 126—Sophomores M ہی کر‎ oo M c. wur Dann Cross Sophomore Betsy Peterson played the leading role of Ado Annie to Mark Powers” Will Parker in Oklahoma! or ۱ ined LD B Zt Andy Ward GA H wa qe» Eric Abbott Cathy Abraham Hoyt Acuff Brian Anderson Claire Anderson Kent Anderson Pete Anderson Steve Anderson Wayne Alcott Dave Alderman Debbie Archer Mary Kay Atkins Lynn Augustine Buffy Axtell Bill Bachman Juli Baker Shivaun Ball Vicki Ball Sue Bappe Gary Barger David Barnes Karen Barnes Lowell Barnett Peggy Barr Chris Baussuener Sherri Battles Rick Beeson Jacque Bell Suanne Bell Cheryl Bergeson Craig Bergeson Kathy Boon Denise Beverlin Al Biela Debby Black Carol Blackburn Bari Blanford Bob Bledsoe Tom Bliss Marcia Boito Trent Bowers Mark Boylan Craig Braymen Lu Ann Brentnall Barb Brown Sharon Buchele Cathy Buck Susan Buck Jan Burchinal Karen Burke Holly Burkhalter Carla Burns Pat Burns Vicki Byers Connie Byriel Dennis Cafferty Agnes Carbrey Dave Carlson Debbie Carlson Sue Case Mary Catus Candace Charity Beverly Chesterfield Deb Chitty Bill Christensen Brian Christensen Deb Christianson Floyd Christofferson Barb Clark Bill Clark Don Clark Pam Clark Tom Clark Nic Classick Jacky Claus Jim Clemens Nolan Compton Randy Conard Patty Conis Craig Coria Sophomores—127 Kim Corieri Bruce Coulson Jennifer Coupal ۳ Tom Couture | Steve Cowles | | Greg Cox d ۱ Linda Crom ۱ ۱ ۱ Rhonda Crow | Ken Crowe Mi Rod Crowe Craig Cummings HIE li Cindi Dahl Ii | Christie Dailey 0 Dick Davidson Linda Davidson Ken Davis ۳ Vicki Davis I Ronnie Deal 0 Alice DeKalb T Mary Clare Denisen ۱ Mary DeReus | Lee Donaldson | Linda Dougal Wi Linda Eakins Bruce Edwards Tom Ekberg Bill Elder Kathy Elwell Terry Emdia H Greg Evans | Anne Ewing Alison Exner — س ج -- — — Kamyar Fattahi Theresa Finnegan Mark Fisher Va Marvin Fisher ۱ H Paul Fisher | Dan Fitzgerold Dwight Flemmer Liz Flummerfelt mM‏ موه Denn Cross “Watch that nosel” scowls Dave Alderman, one of the sophomore victims being measured for his Spirit picture by Mr. Morgan, a Hill's Studio photographer. 128—Sophomores Lance Foreman Mike Fowles Greg Franklin Bob Garland Bill Garrett Janice Gauger Marcy Gay Kathy Geist Bill Gerber Cindy Gerjets Cindy Good Joe Grabau Jane Graca Sarah Grant Mona Green Bruce Greene - 1 1 “ty 1 Ze ۲ E CES o Es po KZ le wc ` Jo 1: ee É S66 iea aN ٦ Md A i” : Dish Y. Returning from a successful safari on the native prairie is Great White Hunter Steve Hildebrand. Ron Greiner Gary Grindeland Nanci Gutman Jennifer Guy Patti Guy Marcia Hagen Pegay Hall Mark Halvorson Joan Hannum Lu Ann Hansen Mike Hapes Tim Hardy Debbi Harris Debbi Harwell Gary Haupt Carol Haynes Carol Healey Mary Healy Michele Heer Shirley Helland Rene Hemphill Sharon Henely Jennifer Hensley Anne Hibbs Jim Hibner Jim Hicks Mary Highland Dave Hildebrand Steve Hildebrand Elsie Hoff Sandy Hoffman Cindy Holdredge Mike Holdren Sharon Holmes Kathy Holthaus Margaret Homer Steve Hopper Mark Howerton George Huston Ed Hutchins Dennis Hutton David Ingraham Nancy Ingvoldstad Terri Irwin Gennie Israel Nick Jackson Judi Jacobson Alberta James Sophomores—129 m — E. — - oT dime — dn am we ZS ` —— D Marcy James Gary Jamison Starla Jarrell Jana Jeldon Na ncy Jellinger Amy Johnson Blair Johnson Cindy Johnson Dan Johnson Karen Jenkins Darlene Jones Mark Julius Terri Kackley Larry Katz Joe Kayser Kevin Keller Joan Kempthorne Scott Kenyon Dan Kepley Barb Kestel Debbie Kindermann Roger Kingsbury Kathy Kiser Diane Kolmer Jeff Kuehl Dean Kuhn Bill Kunerth John Kyllo Randy Lambert Alan Larson Cheryl Larson Steve lawson Dons leibold Debbie Lenning Mark Lieurance Kim Linder Eva Linzenbold Tom Lockhart Arlene Lopeman Mike Lovely Coach, I’m not cold,” exclaims sophomore swim- mer Tom Bliss after practice. 130—Sophomores Elaine Lucket Linda Lyman Carl McCarley Nate McCay Chris McDonald Gary McFarlane Mike McFarlin Laurann McGilliard Bryan McMahon Greg McLaughlin Genene McNabb Jeff McRoberts Laurel MacBride Ann Macheak Ken Madden Laurie Madden Pat Manchester Mark Marley Cynthia Maten Cynthia Marten Roger Martin A rus -e Mn Perit سم‎ ey Bas Ap 5 OT ۱ LA MA i d. As ۱ یں‎ T- ۱ ۰ ۳ Ca A ۱ H ۱ y” ke 1 m ay 1 v wf TA M ۱ a pA la Le er 1 و رفا‎ Vë aw 9 5 Y: 5 MÄ le N d Rd 1 , y a. AY ۱ R4 ۰ VM 5۹ جک بی‎ AAA v LR T) CA d EE, Steve Ward oph five team points. Retta Matuseski Sally Medford Jeff Meyers John Michael Peggy Mickle Todd Miller Jim Moldenhauer Robbie Morrison Marian Morton Larry Mullica | Dave Munn Brian Myers Mike Myers Wendy Myers Ashok Nariboli Greg Nelson Cyndy Newton Dave Nicholl Paul Nilsson Linda Norris Shirley Norton Mark Nostwich Bill O'Connor Colleen O'Hare Anne O'Laughlin Larry Ostrem Tami Owings Marti Pacek Randy Page Tom Palmer Lydia Panagides Maria Panos Dennis Parker Cindy Parks Debbie Parrish Mary Paulson Donna Peacock Judy Pederson Brenna Peglar Janice Percival Mike Perry Dave Peters Jim Peters Betsy Peterson ۱ Jim Peterson Larry Peterson Nancy Pichts Elizabeth Pier Sophomores—131 p NM c - ۔٭ ہ‎ Dave Pirtle Debby Pohm Kathy Post Sue Powell Melody Powers Richard Price Robert Price Tim Prior Ron Provow Joyce Pyle Lori Randol Bill Rasmussen Linda Rasmussen Pam Rasmussen Jim Reynolds Diane Rhinehart Kathy Rhoads | Duane Richards Glynda Ridenhour | Steven Rifen | Andy Riggs Debbie Rohrbough ۳ Emily Rosewell Cindy Ross Jim Ross Teri Royer Mary Runyan Dick Rusk Claudia Rushing Dean Russell s E 1 | ۱ | l ei - 1 7 pum as UT. AEDS E 1 ۱ 1 y ۱ a ` po A : 7 Ju i - ` ۳ ELW TS 35 c0. 0 a Ze r ۶ Ke Ax fe E o ۰ d ` £e 4 LS T و‎ 5 Å. $ CR ` ۰ Margaret Ryding Paul Sailsbury John Sandve Jolene Satre Brad Sayre Terry Schaffer Mary Schill Dary! Schlapia Rick Schmidt — — vo a = سے‎ Sara Schmidt Larry Schneider Jeff Schoeneman Jim Scholten Roberta Schwartz Jane Scott ۱۳ Keith Wessel H Brief meetings at lockers highlighted the days for many stu- ۱ dents such as sophomores Deb Carlson and Pete Anderson. e م س ت‎ 132—Sophomores — m. -—— ٢ Mary Serovy Pat Sexton Shifra Sharlin Don Shedd Martha Sherick Ann Sherman Cynde Siedelmann Lori Simon Allen Smith Pete Conis 000 Grunting and groaning, Denise Beverlin finds working on the barbells a great help on the road to becoming an all-state wrestler. Scott Smith Randy Snider Ed Snyder Paul Soderholm Lou Ann Sogard Tammy Sondrol Barb Sorensen Danny Spencer Bob Sprowell Brian Stafford Craig Stephenson Laura Stone Shirley Straker Marla Stritzel Dave Strodtman Dorothy Stuve Terry Sullivan Jean Svec Kathy Swan Kathy Swenson Paul Swenson Bonnie Switzer Ken Talbert Nancy Talbot Wadad Tannous Joyce Templeton Beckie Tesdall Doran Tesdall Mike Theodosopoulos Charla Thies Steve Thomas Carol Thurston Chris Tilley Gary Timing Josie Timmons Melanie Tostlebe Steve Townsend Dale Turek Chery! Tweed John Twetten Sophomores—133 a PI UBER‏ ی John Tysseling John Ulmer Lisa Untrauer Dave Van Patter Vicki Vaughn Pam Wallize Andy Ward Sue Warman Don Warner Terry Warren Karen Wass Jcan Waters Mike Welch Brian Johnson Dan Wellhouse Decorating the front windows for the holidays are sopho- Jon Wessman more art students Roberta Schwartz and Linda Lyman. Bob West Gary Weuve Jim White Barbara Wierson Danny Wierson Denise Wierson Kyle Williams Rick Williams Vicki Wilson Pam Winger Dave Winton Sheryl Wood Ken York Pam Young Roy Young Lisa Zaffarano Not pictured: Matt Sexton Dann Cross Sophomore dramatic production “The Frogs included a “can-can” scene. Juniors Add Pie Sale To Help Finance Prom Raising money for the Junior-Senior Prom was | the goal of the Junior Executive Council. A new | idea this year for making money was a pie sale ۱ in the cafeteria. The more traditional ways of money-making also were used: the Homecoming mum sale in October, leaf rakes, printing and sale of the student directories, chili suppers, and the Student-Faculty basketball game and dance in January, this year featuring the “Miss Legs” contest. In the spring of 1969 the sophomores elected their junior class officers. Bruce Buck was elected president and Tom Schattauer vice president. Beth Moody was elected class secretary and Chuck Walter treasurer. Early this fall representa- tives were chosen from each junior homeroom to form the Junior Executive Council for the Diligently preparing the student directory are Junior Exec 69-70 school year members Lynn Bauske and Chris Anderson. Wellhouse Studio JUNIOR EXEC—Front, Mr. MacBride, Chuck Walter, Tom Schattauer, Bruce Buck, Beth Moody; Second, Mary Everson, Steve Sherwood, Lance McGilliard, Kevin Hanway, Lynn Bauske; Back, Phil Smiley, Ken Burkhart, Bruce Carlson, Tom Pantenburg, Ken Hogan, Jim Dickson. Juniors—135 Curious faces await the 1970-71 registration booklets for the new eight period day. Here juniors Bill Core, Bob Carlson, Paul Sanders, and Mark Larson receive simulated registration forms from Mrs. Peterson. 136—Juniors Clay Adams Zoeann Adams Sandra Albertson John Alexander Jim Allen Barbara Anderson Chris Anderson Sharon Anderson Bill Anderson Jean Andreae Patti Archer Beth Askelson Karen Baker Kathy Baker Marti Baker Maureen Ball Ruth Barnard Jeff Barnes Steve Barrett Mary Barrow Jon Barton Lynn Bauske Robin Beach Betsy Beattie Mike Beaty Gary Beeman Alice Beer Barb Beers Jim Benbow Anne Bennett Julie Berthelson Debbie Beverlin Ted Birdseye Terry Blackburn Todd Boden Rod Bogenrief Carol Bowen Rick Bowlds Ron Bowman Karyl Boyd Bob Breckenridge Rich Brown Jan Brugger Lyn Bruin Bruce Buck Connie Buck Pete Buck Ann Budolfson Kathy Burk Ken Burkhart Jim Burns Dan Busch Kris Buttermore Doyle Buttz Neil Calhoun Wayne Cameron Hank Campbell Linda Canon Jack Canute Bruce Carlson Deean Carlson Bob Carlson Mary Carney | Joan Carter | —— ———— D —— —— oe کا‎ — m = à em OO s raj ume dee colt A A AAA Lori Carter Bob Castner Don Cerwick Nancy Chantland Nancy Cheever Sue Childs Lee Christensen Dennis Christianson Paul Clark Dennis Claude Rhonda Cole Darla Conard Pete Conis Jamie Constantine Theresa Cook Paul Cooper Scott Corbett Bill Core Jane Coulson Bob Crawford Kathy Cross Karen Crowe Eric Crump Diane Daffin Strengthening the team through encouragement are Christine Dahl Jeff Herrick and Randy Eckard. ۱ Rick Dahlgren | | Dave Davies Diane Davis Rod Davis Chevy Demirel Mary Dengler Jim Dickson Betsy Diehl | f | | Meg Dobson ۱ | Leisa Doran Barb Dunlap ٩ = Pete Conis l Juniors—137 - em emeng مسا کیک Lo« Y‏ Bob Kern‏ Leslie Wiant, junior, and Marti Lovely, sen- ior, stamp out leaves for the junior class. 138— Juniors Doug Franz Bill Fribley Bill Friedrich Charlie Friedrich Kim Fritz Teresa Fryar Mark Gallahan Rick Gammon Leanne Garland Brian Garrett Frank Gartin Barbara Gauger Barry Gerdes Marina Gerold Rikel Getty Marilyn Gibbs Kerry Gillispie Domoni Glass Katie Gonser Anita Graham Jim Grant Patty Hadaway Cathy Hageman Linda Haldeman Teri Hale Cindy Hall Norma Hamilton Mike Handley Anna Hannusch Janet Hanson Kevin Hanway Debbie Hart Phil Hartman Larry Hatch Bruce Haviland Dave Hauser Linda Hedberg Erik Hegstrom Karen Helland Pepper Hemenway George Ebert Randy Eckard Muriel Eckstein Barb Eldridge Dave Elliott Roger Elliott Dave Eness Jo Enquist Virgil Erbe Sydney Erickson Steve Ernest Mary Everson Nicki Facto Pam Feldpouch Jane Fincham Tom Finnegan Frank Flores Kirk Foley Jill Francis Helen Frangos o ج س‎ „pnan emm mmm. pe em, Kaf, UA A $É ہے‎ —À ——À o — t ————————r'üámá— A = a arme gem SE ج‎ — 9 EA ee س‎ Aaron Kitzman Steve Kline Nancy Kluck Laura Koerber Diana Koupal Bob Kraft Scott Kreamer Jennifer Kuehl Bob Kuhn Steve Kyle Cindy Larson Debbie Larson Gene Larson John Larson Mark Larson Tom Lasche Eric Ledet Mark Lee Rick Lem Beth Linder SK Y H Tw +9 ` TC Zb = + ۱ “+ mo ày) y m Jamie Henderson Willard Henderson Tom Henry Jeff Herrick Steve Herrnstadt Linda Hicks Greg Highland Rick Highland Marilyn Hird Joyce Hiserote Barb Hoff Ken Hogan Dennis Hoover Tom Hotchkiss Trevor Howe Linda Howerton Dennett Hutchcroft Gil Hutchins Bob Hutchison Brad Hvistendahl Linda Hyer Steve Jackson Kim Jarrell Steve Jenison Karen Jensen Dennis Johnson Dorene Johnson Gioria Jones Dennis Jordan Jaci Jutting Bob Kalton Pat Karns Darlene Keech Cliff Keller Barb Kern Judy Ketcham Charlie Key Roshenara Khan Julie Kinseth Bruce Kirk Willie Munson The leading scorer for this year’s basketball team was junior star Gene Larson. Juniors—139 | | | | One of the many ways to finance this year’s Junior-Senior Prom was the pie sale project sponsored by Junior Exec. After Jon Hunziker made his contribution to this noble cause, Bill Wildman showed his delight, thinking Jon might share. Juniors—140 Cindy Long Jeff Love Larry Loots Lisa Lowman Laurie Lucht Jane Lundvall Dave McClurkin Gary McConnell Lance McGilliard Pat Mclntire Dave McKern Maurine MacBride Mary Macleak Debbie Mahlstede Dennis Maile Stan Martin Marilee Mather 2am Maxwell Maggie Meador Mark Metzler Debbie Michaud Jeane Michelsen Gary Miller Scott Milliken Janet Mills Mike Mitchell Jeff Mohr Barb Moldenhauer Paul Montag Beth Moody Connie Moore Don Moore Kris Moorman Carrie Moreland Maureen Mulhall Jan Murray Dave Nelson Jeff Netcott Debbie Nicholl Norine Nims - Bob Kern Although Bill hoped to sample the pie he had not expected to receive the entire pie. Perhaps under different circum- stances Bill would have savored every bite, but unfortunately . .. Dave Norris Bill Opheim Chuck Olsen Rosemarie Orton Marilyn Owings Milt Panos Tom Pantenburg Jane Parks Chris Paulson Penny Pepper Bobbie Petefish Mary Peterson Becky Phipps Toni Poole Diane Popelka Mark Potter Cathy Pratt Wayne Purvis Doug Pyle Jerry Quam 4 Zb‏ -- — — — مس — = مس Nevena Raykovic David Renfeldt Bill Reynolds Jane Richards Darrell Richardson Judy Richert Mike Rifen Linda Robertson Monicia Rolling Dick Ross Cathy Routh Anita Rozeboom Joel Sand Mark Sanderson Al Sandvick Jane Sassaman Jon Saturen Dave Saveraid Don Scandrett Juniors—14] ۱ ۲ E n 7 1 Keith Wessel Barb Shearer Doing things the hard way, Al Vandeventer Howard Shearer ۱ Bob Sheeler escapes a hall monitor. 142—Juniors Mo AM, Ki | AD o Judy Schaffer LE EP ہں۔‎ Carl Schaller Tom Schattauer John Schoeneman Dave Schulze Susi Schlunz Jim Scott Ann Seidel Ed Seifert Becky Seim Barb Seiser Theresa Sexton Colleen Shaughnessy Steve Sherwood Sandy Shockey John Shockley Gary Siedelmann Randy Simons Laurie Skadberg Pam Skarshaug Debbie Skortman Phil Smiley Jerry Smith Nancy Smith Dewayne Snider Janice Snyder Tim Soden Gretchen Songer Julie Spatcher Craig Stafford Jane Stevens Vicki Stevenson Lawrence Stewart Mary Stoops Lowell Strike Leroy Strand Bill Stuve Exchanging individual pictures was a new experience Anne Sumter for underclassmen, as these girls can attest. Marilyn Sutherland Rick Swank Lee Sweitzer Marc Talbert John Tamashunas Laura Taylor Su Tempel Nancy Thiel Stan Harlan Swinging his partner, Rob Wilson demonstrates the art of square dancing with Diane Davis. Chris Thompson Gayle Thompson Ray Tiffany Rick Torkildson Mary Trow Carla Trueblood Cathy Truhe Cliff Unger Celeste Valentine Alan Vandeventer Ted Van Fossen Jon Van Oosbree Barb Vohs Tim Wagner Tom Walker Inga Wallize Dann Cross DUM Cross Junior Mark Potter is all eyes as he views a.French postcard in Oklahoma! Chuck Walter Allan Warren Debbie Wasal John Wedman Greg Weisshar Rick Wells Ellen Welshons Keith Wessel GeorgeAnn West Mark Wheeler Gary Wheelock Leslie Wiant Cindy Wierson Marcia Wierson Steve Williams Mark Willroth Scott Woldruff Marcia Wolfe Beth Wooten Linda Younie Juniors not pictured: Regina Nicholl Juniors—143 417 Seniors Anticipate Spring Graduation Four hundred and seventeen seniors made up Ames High's class of 1970. This was second only to the record number of 421 graduated in 1967. Of the 199 boys and 218 girls, ten were Merit Scholarship semifinalists and 28 received Letters of Commenaation. The Senior Senate, representatives chosen from each homeroom, was in charge of all arrangements for graduation. Through homerooms, members took orders for announcements and name cards, measured students for caps and gowns, and then delivered them before graduation exercises. They also sponsored the senior class play, “The Crucible,” presented April 23-25. —— M —— — H 0 Organizing collections of the senior obligation ee Ka LB) Senior Class President Steve Hibbs was elected by his class- mates in the spring of 1969. He is shown in the lounge. was another project undertaken by the Senate. DET ہے۔‎ 3 d. uy o — — — mm = ——À € À— i e -- - — mm mt o اس‎ Ka e, il | ESE BM cu. Wellhouse Studio SENIOR SENATE—Front, Mary Wall, co-treas., Mary Lou Williams, sec., Steve Hibbs, pres., Jon Hunziker, v-pres., Anna Swenson, co-treas.; Second, Mr. Ripp, Marlene Warren, Kerry Joseph, Bob Mudd, Tom Mickle, Sue Peterson, Mr. Ritland; Back, Nancy Haynes, Val Tesdall, Craig Hageman, Steve Pace, Mary Finnegan, Marti Lovely, Valerie Sauke. 144—Seniors - س‎ mg DENZIL ACUFF CRAIG ALLFREE DAVID ANDERSON J ۱ D e } | s f ۰ دی‎ ۴ z Ab? 4 f, 4 a ZA INT - 1 ۹ aper. 31 - g , 2 . , ۱ E سے'‎ s s TE | ۳ ن‎ | MP | : j - ۰ » SC md الست‎ ` e ۲ w STEVE BAKER PATTIE ANDERSON LINDA ANGLE CHRISTY BACHMAN ROGER BANKS DOUG BATES MICHAEL BEAR CHRIS BEATY | BEV BECKMAN ALAN BEESE BARB BENNER MARY BENSEND JEFF BENSON PAT BENSON Seniors—145 BRUCE BODEN JOHN BLUMER TOM BLEDSOE JEFF BORRON PAM BORKE - FRANCOISE BONNEFIL . - y . r3 - o € == س کے ہے۔‎ — I سکت جس‎ ۵ mm aa a m eee ۵ مد‎ s. — یا ست‎ KATHY BROWN ANNETTE BROWN VICKY BREKKE id e n mcd c = O Ge co Z si Y , Y) LOU ANN BROWN SCOTT BURGASON GARY BURKHALTER LYNNE BURDICK Penny in her mini! Seniors 146— DELORES BURNET BEV BURNS DEB BURTON VIVIAN JEAN BUSHORE JON BUSS RICK BUTLER C JEANI BYRIEL PAT CAMERON RICHARD CANON GEOF CARPENTER CRYSTAL CARR STEVE CARTER JUDY CATUS DONALD CHRISTIANSON JOHN CHRISTIANSON Modeling her maxi-coat is Pam Borke. Seniors—147 کر سس بح mmm ` mm ہے‎ — MÓMÀ c ہے ہے‎ .——— mm aa - - | ` JOYCE CHRISTENSEN JUDY CHURCH MARCIA CLARK SHERRY CLEMENS ROBERT L. COLE NANCY COLEMAN 7017 و۱۱91 1 7 11 Í EIi 19 ۱ FI E H f 4 f j In ۱ WE 7 fi HUGH COLLINS KAY COLLINS JAMES CONARD NANCY COOPER JANET CORRIGAN MELANIE COTTRILL ۳ e Soe oo + ۴ APIS CAROL COUPAL MIKE COUTURE CONNI CRAIG ET ng “This has nothing to do with the Bible, but . . .” Rob DANN CROSS LYNN CUMMINGS BILL CURRY Wilson tunes out Bruce Thomson’s digression. 148—Seniors = e یت‎ TOM DALTON ANN DAVIDSON Bob Kern Mike Morgan shows that one of the fringe benefits of taking Chemistry B | is the Tasty Treat snow cones. | BRUCE DAVIDSON JIM DAVIES 4 e Be 4 CAROL DAVIS LINDA DAVIS MIKE DAVIS 2 FIK PAN سا 7م‎ 4 ۱1 (Aa Y = ot ۲ Sia” Pa a 7 f y y ۸‏ را اھ M ۷ Es‏ e DK. i‏ TS‏ JANET EKBERG VALERIE EMDIA DEBBIE ENGEL SHERYL EPPERLY DAVID ERICKSON ے — —— — - a o — —MÀ سے‎ e ` mm mg mn | JANET ERICKSON RON ERICKSON MARLENE ETHINGTON RALPH EUCHER LINDA EVANS HOLLY EXNER “ss بے‎ A a Seniors— 149 de Se - , MIMI FIELDS MARY FINNEGAN JODY FISHER DIANE FITZ NANCY FLORES f DOUG FOSBERG VIRGIL FOWLES TOM FRANKLIN KAREN FREY KARINE FRITSCH | | | JULIE FRITZ TOM FRYAR SCOTT GAY GREG GERJETS ALLAN GIBB DAVID GIBBS | Only on cold winter days are seniors glad to return to classes after a fire drill. Yr PATRICIA GOMEZ LISA GONSER Bob Kern “Combat” didn't seem to please Tom Bledsoe but Roger Banks looks happy with his last-day party prize. ANGELA GREEN MARY GREENE T ۱ x t ¿Y ۴ e e Nc ۱ AA A DEBBIE GROSLAND GARY GUNNERSON PAUL HACH pi Le ) A : DOREEN HAGEN MARY LEE HAGERT VICKY HAGERTY TINA HAGGE MARC HAND LAURA HAPES ۳ Kap 1۳۳۳۳ AN 7 ۱ 7 ۹ La I STAN HARLAN WAYNE HARRIS SUSAN HAUGSTED MARK HAUSER NANCY HAYNES JANE HEALY | | ۱ Seniors—151 BOB HEATON JOHN HEER BARB HEGGEN MORLEY HEGSTROM JUDY HEGGEN D Bob Kern Football is a tough sport, agrees Doug Lechner after E ERA being put out of action with a leg injury. DEBORAH HELDT BRIAN HELLAND PAULA HERMANN KEITH HOFF IRMA HOLDER i JON HUNZIKER HELENA HOLDREN KAROLE HOSKINS VAN HOULSON CHERIE HURLBUT 152—Seniors DAVID HUSTON CYNDI HUTCHINSON JANICE INGRAM JOHN ISRAEL RICHARD IVIS DONNA JACKSON JEAN JACKSON KATHY JACKSON JOYCE JARVIS BRIAN JOHNSON CATHY JOHNSON DAVID JOHNSON JANELLE JOHNSON PAUL JOHNSON RANDY JOHNSON LYNN JOLLY Ston Harlan “Experienced lips” of Dann Cross show Karl Schloerke how you make music come out of the little tin horn. CRAIG JORDAN KERRY JOSEPH Seniors—153 IS k ا‎ oe The wrestling cheerleaders watch the meet with anxious faces. ۷ M 017 M 1 1 lu SUE KALDOR il bi 1 1 Hd d Irt ۱ 1 7 ۱ ۱ H l Hr ۱ P یڈ‎ 1 Ay TETE | ۱ بس‎ و‎ PAGE LEVINGS VICKE RAE LINDER mnm | 1 ] l it | | MARTI LOVELY LAURA LYMAN JON LYTTLE | 54—Seniors t KATHY KELLY KRIS LINK JUDY LYTTON SHERILYN KELSO CINDY LARSON MARY LITTLEHALE ANDY McCULLOUGH KATHERINE KENNEDY RICKY LEE JUNE LOKKEN JENNI McELHERNE ۱ ۱ ۱ 4 l 1 a —————À— —ÀÀ m at. e: ær re -‏ کسید کی mm‏ ی سس و و — gt‏ = سے —— —À‏ — حم e‏ — = سس — bam M - T - e - H‏ ہے -m =æ = . a - E ۳ i E - A =‏ PAUL McFARLAND TIM McGEE NANCY McKEOWN ` MIKE McLAUGHLIN JUDY McMAHON NANCY MacBRIDE LADONNA MACKEY KEVIN MADDEN LESA MALCOLM MASHENKA MARJANOVICH KATHY MATUSESKI DENISE METHENEY PAUL MICKELSON TOM MICKLE SUE MIDDLE MARY MILLER MAURICE MILLER | TOM MONTAG Steve Ward Jim Davies, his opponent, and the referee listen intently for the cockroach rumored to be living in the mat. Seniors—155 JOHN MOORE MIKE MORGAN PATRICIA MORTVEDT MARGIE MOTT ۱ Wi I | e ii Hib ۱ 2c Wh ۱ E 0 E مسرت‎ d ۱ (ill e | 7 THE 3 Pw Mt d | 07 j BOB MYERS DEBBIE MYERS KELTON NELSON STEVE NESS 1 0 07 d As ۴ = ` SN | JAN M | -— Fre W d ۱ 1 H WE STEVE OATES ۱ | Ht d 1 Í ۱ i ۳ T 0 Wt i RUTH OLSON BARBARA ORNING Pete Conis Armed with a magic marker and microphone, Jim Bartruff and Dan Hade SANDRA ORTON JILL OSTREM take on the job of announcing the wrestling meets. Te IN 156—Seniors seg —— —— A A ame وکت‎ bk ے‎ Toe ی‎ ms m o TP Ge tt وہ‎ am RA E er, m MARY JO OVERLAND GARY OWEN IWA : BRUCE PALEY JIM PANTENBURG Dann Cross “Eight feet 3 inches!” exclaims a startled Bob Kern as he measures Bob Mudd for his cap and gown. CHARLES PARKER RON PEDERSON R E nA 4 JIM PERCIVAL CHARLOTTE PETERS CAROLE PETERSON GREG PETERSON JANINE PETERSON LINDA PETERSON MARV PETERSON RICHARD PETERSON SUE PETERSON TOM POLHEMUS PAULA POWELL MARK POWERS ee —À— ee ee — m- o -a gen d'SS H — amat A da دو‎ — - سست2ا — —— k PHIL RILEY 158—Seniors ۱۱۱۱۱۱۱ ات pee has eae Bob Kern A hungry Doug Fosberg finds a noble fan has filled his locker with goodies. RICHARD READ ۹ CYNTHIA QUINN Ea. ` KAREN RING Steve Sampson KATE RANDALL ROBERTO REY RALPH RITCHIE KEN ROBINSON RICHARD ROCHE STEVE SAMPSON “All those in favor, raise your . . . right hand? Virg Fowles is shown. BOB SANDERSON BONNIE SANDVE DAN SARGENT PAM SATRE 4 E LÀ mam fp D ay Steve Ward Coach Mendenhall and Greg Peterson modestly admire ERIC SAYRE KURT SCHAEFFER MIKE SCHILL the wrestling trophy presented to them. Seniors—159 KARL SCHLOERKE KATHY SCHOLTEN ALISON SCHUETTE AMY SEASTRAND GERRY SEIFERT BECKY SEIM EE SH AHH Ma m y. ۷ WO ۱ + IX . Bob Kern Foreign exchange students Ruth Zurheide and Masenka Marjanovic enjoyed their first Christmas in the U.S. 160—Seniors DEBBIE SCHUMANN VICKIE SETTERBURG DAVID SIDLES LYLA SILLS MARY SEXTON JANN SIEDELMANN DEBBIE SILVERTHORN MARY SHAUGHNESSY BRAD SILLS BECKI SMITH eg - —— - ہس‎ = ——— — DONNA SMITH LONNA SMITH CHERYL SPOHNHEIMER LISA STERNER NANCY SPRAGUE LINDA SMITH MARK SMITH B yA A i s 3 7 A ۱ Bob Kern YFU students Pam Swenson, Morley Hegstrom, Laura Scott, Cathy Johnson, Mary Lou Williams and June Lokken each spent his 1969 summer abroad. ART STANIFORTH CRAIG STEPHENSON NANCY STEPHENSON CELESTE STEVENS RANDY STOTTS DENISE STRITZEL TOM SVEC JAMES STEWART Seniors—161 soe’s watermelon seeds? Bob Kern Who's the target for “Tucker” Bled- ii VALERIE TESDALL JEROME THOMPSON NANCY TIMMONS KATHLEEN TUTTLE 162—Seniors CHUCK TONNE C Zelt 0 S - ۸ Whe H RTT CAR VC FES | SA el - 1 3 Al, A v a Y ۱ ud s Jw ۳۴ 3 ۹ ۱ ES » LOIS UPCHURCH DANNY SYDNES LYNETTE THOMPSON DOUG TREMBLY CINDY USTRUD ANNA SWENSON MARK THOMPSON PEGGY TROW KAREN UTHE CYRIE TAMOCLIA DAVE SWENSON BRUCE THOMSON CONNIE TRUHE TINA VAN OOSBREE PAM SWENSON DARYL THORSON SUE TUCKER KIRK VAN SCOY BOB VAN VOORHIS RICK VAN WINKLE CAROLYN VAUGHN MADONNA VOECKS STEVE WACKER A a. | ` Ve (CA MIKE WARDLE MARLENE WARREN SCOTT WATSON CHRISTINE WEARTH MIKE WEBB JEANNE WEBER ERIC WEISS STANLEY WELP KATE WHEATLEY BARB WHEELOCK VICKI WIERSON JOEL WILCOX SUE WILDER BILL WILDMAN Who goofed? The computer? Mr. Sturtevant couldn't have run up that much of a bill. Seniors—163 WEB editors Chuck Tonne and Lois Upchurch learn the journalism trade by getting practical experience and watching the newspaper staff at the Ames Daily Tribune office. MARY LOU WILLIAMS 164—Seniors WAYNE WOOLLEY BECKY WILLRICH DOUG YORK ROBERT WILSON ei» KAREN YOUNG MIKE YOUNG ۔ BERNICE WOODLEY RUTH ZURHEIDE DALE WOODWARD SUANNE BELL ud‏ ےی ت ےہ JR d‏ سب e Ed‏ مو سس vm dE, EEN Oy EN, I A =‏ س JUDY RIDENHOUR CHUCK SHEARER MILLY TROEH | buiuto»ouoL) si ssauiddepy 19M 190495 u ig sowy Swedish exchange student Eva Aulin admires her edition of the WEB. Dann Cross Arranging the bulletin board with sections from the WEB are Christy Bachman and Joyce Christensen. Seniors not pictured: TED ANDERSON PAT BAILEY DANNY BLACK MACE BOWEN LOLA BURNS MARK CONLEY BRUCE DAVIDSON GARY DEAL BILL DODD DOUG LECHNER ROLAND GOOD MARILYN HIRD BARRY JESS BOB KANE DON KELLER DOYLE KEPLEY BRUCE KINGSBURY CHRIS ELLINGHAUSEN LAURA LUSHER DAVID PEARSON STEVE SANSGAARD CHRISTIAN SCHMIDT JOE SOY IAN WEBER Seniors—165 ۱ A c HÀ P RR O — mmm حصص‎ 1970 Seniors List 3 Years of High School Activities The following is a list of senior activities as submitted by the seniors on November 1, 1969. The names are as they appear on the diplomas. ACUFF, DENZIL ROY: HR 112; basketball 10; golf 10, ALDERMAN, REBECCA LYNN: HR 121; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 10, off. 10; Mixed Chorus 10, 11; nurse exp. ALLFREE, CRAIG E.: HR 121; drama 12. ALLISON, CARLA ANN: HR 114; Girls’ Serv. Comm. 10, rep. 10; Pep C'ub 10, 11, 12; Girls' Glee 10, 11; SCRATCH PAD. ANDERSON, DAVID ALLEN: HR 114; Latin Club 10; Orch. 10 11, 12. ANDERSON, MICHAEL JAY: HR 112; football 10; swim. 10, 11, 12; track 11, 12; A-Club 10, 11, 12; hall monitor 11; Soph. Band; Pep Band 10, 11, 12; March. Band 10, 11, 12; Orch. 11; cadet teach. ANDERSON, PATRICIA JEANNE: HR 112; Girls’ Glee 10; Choir 11; Mixed Chorus 10; Lib, Ass't. ۱۳۳ (۴ ANDERSON, THEODORE ANDREW: HR 127; moved from Washington D.C., 1969; wrest. 11; soccer 11. ANGLE, LINDA COLLEEN: HR 111; drama 10. ARMSTRONG, KIM ROBERT: HR 111. BACHMAN, CHRISTINE SUE: HR 118; GRA 10, 11, 12; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Girls’ Serv. Comm. 12; Spanish Club 10, 12; Soph. Band; Varsity Band 11, 12; March. Band 10, 11, 12;, Mixed Chorus 10; WEB; cadet teach. BAILEY, PATRICIA ANN: HR 309; Moved from Toledo, lowa, 1969. BAKER, JAMES D.: HR 130; basketball 10; golf URIZ: BAKER, STEVEN T.: HR 202; Soph. Band; Varsity Band 11; March. Band 10, 11; DECA. BAKKE, DEAN ERIC: HR 112; moved from Northwood, lowa, 1968; Golf 11, 12; Merit Sch. letter of comm. BALLARD, LYNN ALAN: HR 301; VICA. BANKS, CHARLES ROGER: HR 303; Football 10, 11; Wrest. 10; Indoor track 11; Track 10, 11, 12; Student Council 11; WEB; cadet teach.; SC Elec- tion Comm. 11. BAPPE, PAMELA JANE: HR 127; GRA 12; Mixed Chorus 10. BARNHOUSE, ROXANNE J.: HR 202; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Girls’ Glee 10, 11; Mixed Chorus 10, 11. BARTRUFF, JAMES L.: HR 305; football mgr. 11, 12; wrest. mgr. 11, 12; intra. basketball 10; hall monitor 11; firesquad 10, 11, 12; Key Club 10, 11, 12; Sec. 11; Soph. Band; March. Band 10; Mixed Chorus 10; WEB; Model UN 12: cadet teach.; Boys’ State 11; Mgr's Union 12, off. 12. BATES, DOUGLAS CLIFFORD: HR 309; hall mon- itor 10; drama 10, 11. 166—Senior Activities BATH, KAREN KAY: HR 301; Girls’ Serv. Comm. 11; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 10; Girls Glee 10, 11; Choir 11, 12; Mixed Chorus 10; nurse exp. BEAR, MICHAEL ALAN: HR 314; football 10; basketball 10; track 10; fall track 11. BEARD, CONSTANCE JANE: HR 305; HR Sec. 12; HR Treas. 12; SPIRIT rep. 12; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; French Club 10; Art Club 10; WEB; SC Serv. Comm. BEATY, CHRISTOPHER JON: HR 315; football 10; indoor track 10, 11, 12; swim. 10; track 10, 11, 12; HR v. pres. 10, 11; HR sec. 12; Key Club 10; Spanish Club 10. BECKMAN, BEVERLY JANE: HR 309; GRA 10, 11, 12; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; French Club 10, 11; Art Club 10, 11; Mixed Chorus 10; Dance Club 11. BEESE, ALAN CRAIG: HR 317; track 12; tennis 10, 12; HR sec. 12; Spanish Club 11, 12. BELL, SUANNE MARIE: HR 129. BENNER, BARBARA LOUISE: HR 315; French Club 10, 11; SCRATCH PAD; Sci. Sem. 10, 11; Merit Sch. semi-fin. BENSEND, MARY ELLEN: HR 317; Pep Club 10; Girls’ Glee 10. BENSON, JEFFREY: HR 121; Model UN 11, 12; Sci. Sem. 10; Merit Sch. letter of comm.; SC Human Rights Comm. 11, 12. BENSON, PATRICIA ANN: HR 121; Pep Club 10, 11; Spanish Club 10, 11. BLACK, DANNY LEE: HR 112. BLEDSOE, DONALD THOMAS: HR 111; wrest. 10; track 11. BLUMER, JOHN A.: HR 315; moved from Lu- Verne, lowa, 1967; wrest. 11. BODEN, BRUCE A.: HR 118; wrest. 10, 11. BONNEFIL, FRANCOISE: HR 202; moved from Costa Rica, 1968; Pep Club 11, 12 BORKE, PAMELA KAY: HR 301; GRA 10, 11; Girls’ Serv. Comm. 10, rep. 10; Pep Club 10, 11, 12, rep. 11, 12; French Club 10, rep. 10. BORRON, JEFFREY D.: HR 130; French Club 10; DECA. BOWEN, MACE McGAFFIN: HR 127. BREKKE, VICKY RAE: HR 114; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Girls’ Glee 10, 11; Mixed Chorus 12. BROWN, ANNETTE: HR 112; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 10, 11, 12; Orch. 10; Girls’ Glee 10, 11, 12; Choir 11, 12. BROWN, KATHARINE PHYLLIS: HR 111; GRA rep. 12; drama 10; Girls’ Glee 11; Pops Choir 12. BROWN, LOU ANN: HR 118; GRA 10, 11; HR treas. 11; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Art Club 11; Girls’ Glee 10; Office Ed. BROWN, SUSAN ANNE: HR 130; Pep Club 10, 11, 12, rep. 11, 12; Girls’ Glee 10, 11, 12; Choir 11, 12; DECA BRUCE, ROBERT K.: HR 202. BURDICK, LYNNE MARIE: HR 127; GRA 10, 12; SPIRIT rep. 10, 11; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; French Club 10, rep. 10; Soph. Band; Varsity Band 11; March. Band 10, 11, 12; Girls’ Glee 10; Choir 11, 12; Madrigal 10; WEB; cadet teach.; Girls’ State 11; attended Presidential Classroom for Young Americans 12, BURGASON, SCOTT VERLE: HR 301; Football 10, 11; he ا‎ 10, 11, 12; Track 10, 11, 12; Ba be ball 11, BURKHALTER, PAUL GARETH: HR 303; swim. 10, tennis 10; German Club 10, 11, 12; Orch. 10, 1 12; All-State Orch. 11, 12; WEB: SCRATCH PAD 11. BURNET, DELORES ۱: HR 202; Synchronettes 10; 11, 12; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; drama; Art Club 12; Girls’ Glee 10, 12; Choir 12. BURNS, BEVERLY IRENE: HR 301; Pep Club 10, 11; French Club 10, 11; cadet teach. BURNS, LOLA RAYKOVIC: HR 309; moved from California 1967; moved from Hyattsville, Md. 1968. BURTON, DEBRA G.: HR 112; GRA 11, 12, pres. 12; Pep Club 10. BUSHORE, VIVIAN JEAN: HR 309; Girls’ Glee ; 10, 11, 12; Choir 12; office ed. 1 BUSS, JONATHAN H.: HR 317; indoor track 11; 1 track 11, 12; Soph. Band; Varsity Band 11, 12; Pep Band 11; March. Band 10, 11. BUTLER, RICK L.: HR 305; football 10, 11, 12; indoor track 10, 11; track 10, 11; HR v. pres. 7 DECA. BYRIEL, JEANI RENAE: HR 314: HR sec. 11: hall monitor 11; office ed. CAMERON, PATRICIA ANN: HR 315; Mixed © Chorus 10. ۱ CANON, RICHARD DUANE: HR 314. CARPENTER, GEOFFREY LYNN: HR 315: indoor track 10; golf 10. : 1 CARTER, STEVEN TAYLOR: HR 317; tootball 10, 28 IS ۱ 12; wrest. 10, 11, 12; track 10, 11; Student — Council 12; SC Assembly Comm. . 3 CATUS, JUDITH ELLEN: HR 114; drama 10, 11; — Girls’ Glee 11. CHRISTIANSON, DONALD EUGENE: HR 114; in- door track mgr. 12; track mgr. 12; HR sec. 10; hall monitor 12; DECA. ua CHRISTIANSON, JOHN LESTER: HR 121; football 10; DECA. 1 CHRISTENSEN, JOYCE JANET: HR 111; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Latin Club 10; Girls’ Glee 10; WEB. y CHURCH, JUDY KAY: HR 118; HR sec. 12; Pep Club 10, 11; DECA. CLARK, MARCIA ANN: HR 127; GRA 11, 12, off. i 12, rep. 12; French Club 10, 11; Girls’ Glee 10, — 11, 12; Choir 11, 12; Mixed Chorus 10; WEB. ۱ d CLEMENS, SHERRY LYNN: HR 202; HR sec Aren, ` 10; hall monitor 11; Pep Club 10, 11, 12, off. E rep. 11, 12; Girls' Glee 10; cadet teach. COLE, ROBERT L.: HR 112; football 10; wrest. CS DECA. COLEMAN, NANCY ANN: HR 301; Pep Club 10 $ | 11, 12; Spanish Club 10, 11, 12; Choir 11, uo cadet teach. X COLLINS, HUGH BROWNING: HR 111; indoor track 10, 11, 12, capt. 12; track 10, 11, 12, capt. 12; cross-country 10, 11, 12, capt. 12; Student Council 12; A-Club 11, 12; hall monitor 11; Ger 4 man Club 10, 11, 12; Merit Sch. letter comm. COLLINS, LINDA KAY: HR 303; drama 10, 11, 2 3 Palm Club 11, 12; lib, ass't 10, 11. 1 CONARD, JAMES WESLEY: HR 314; Moved from Perry, lowa, June, 1968. B m ۲۴۶ uu OM کی‎ a = sai ` = ÉL ul رہ‎ — E a Sa ہے‎ ۹ 7 27 M i ۳ d NY 1 aa E Em سے‎ Hoc oe e ہے‎ ee ہے اج‎ MELLE = mm = کے‎ CONLEY, MARK ALLEN: HR 118, COOPER, NANCY ANN: HR 309; GRA 10, 11, 12; Girls Serv. Comm. 10, 11, 12; Pep Club 10, n, 12. CORRIGAN, JANET MARIE: HR 130; Student Council 10, 11; Pep Club 11, 12; S.C. Welcoming Comm. ۰ COTTRILL, MELANIE ANN: HR 314; Pep Club 10, 1}, 12; Girls’ Glee; DECA. COUPAL CAROL BETH: HR 315; GRA 10, 11, 12, rep. 10; HR sec. 11; SPIRIT rep. 10; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; French Club 10, 11, 12; drama 10, 11, 12, Palm Club 11, 12, off. 12; Girls’ Gl ee 10, 11, 12; Choir 11, 12; Mixed Chorus 10; SCRATCH PAD: cadet teach. COUTURE, MICHAEL WAYNE: HR 130; Intra. basketball 11, 12. COYLE, MICHAEL DEAN: HR 127: wrest. 10, 11; Boys’ Serv. Comm. 10; VICA. CRAIG, CONSTANCE KAY: HR 317; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Art Club 12. CRAWFORD, STEVEN RILEY: HR 202: football 10, 11, 12; indoor track 12; basketball 10, 11; track 10, 11, 12; Student Council 12; A-Club 11, 12; Key Club 10, 11, 12, treas. 12; Soph. Band; Varsity Band 10, 11, March. Band 10. CROM, PENNY SUE: HR 121; Synchronettes 10, 11, off. 11; GRA 10, 11, 12, off. 12, off. 12: HR v.-pres. 11; HR sec.-treas. 10; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 10, 11; SPIRIT staff 11, 12; WEB; S.C. Public Relations Comm. 11. CROSS, DANIEL RAYMOND: HR 301; Swim. 10, 11; Tennis 11; Student Council 12; Jc Exec; soph. Band; Varsity Band 11, 12; Pep Band 11; March. Band 10, 11, 12; Stage Band 10, 11; Orch. 11; SPIRIT staff 11, 12; WEB; Homecoming Comm. co-chm. 12. CUMMINGS, LYNN SUSAN: HR 114; GRA 10, 11; HR sec. 11; Pep Club 10, 11, 12, rep. 10, 11, 12, off. 12; Spanish Club 11; Soph. Band; March. Band 10, 11, 12; Girls’ Glee 10, 11: WEB; cadet teach. CURRY, WILLIAM ROBERT: HR 303: football 10; indoor track 10, 11, 12; track 10, 11, 12: Student FOA ThE ۰ Love ۵6 ۷ PEANUTS Council 10; HR v.-pres. 11; Jr. Exec.; A-Club 13; Soph. Band; Varsity Band 11, 12, pres. 12; March. Band 10, 11, 12; Pep Band 10, 11, 12; Stage Band 10, 11, 12; Orch. 10, 11; WEB. DALTON, THOMAS KENT: HR 305. DAVIDSON, ANN ELIZABETH: HR 112; Pep Club 11, 12; Spanish Club 12; Girls’ Glee 12; Choir UR AS DAVIDSON, BRUCE LUVERNE: HR 129. DAVIES, JAMES STEPHEN: HR 314; football 11, 12; wrest. 11, 12; track 11, 12. DAVIS, CAROL CARR: HR 111; Synchronettes 10, 11, off. 11; HR v.-pres. 11, 12; Pep Club 10, rep. 11, 12; Soph. Band; Varsity Band 11; March. Band 10, 11; Office Ed. 12. DAVIS, LINDA KAY: HR 118; Synchronettes 10, 11; HR Sec. 11; SPIRIT rep. 11; Pep Club 10, 11; Spanish Club 10; Girls’ Glee 10; Model UN 12; cadet teach.; Merit Sch. letter of comm.; S.C. Fi- nance Comm. 3. DAVIS, MICHAEL W.: HR 315; football 10, 11; indoor track 10, 11: track 10, 11; DECA. DEAL, GARY WAYNE: HR 301. DODD, BILL RALPH: HR 317. DOTY, LUCINDA DARLENE: HR 305. DRUMMOND, JAMES THOMAS: HR 121; Boys’ Serv. Comm, 12. DVERGSTEN, CHRISTOPHER LEE: HR 114; football 10, 11; basketball 10, 11, 12; track 10, 11, 12; baseball 10; Student Council 10; hall monitor 11; Soph. Band; Varsity Band 11; March. Band 10, 11; Mixed Chorus 10; biology lab asst. 12. EAKINS, JUNE LYNNE: HR 127; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; French Club 10; Art Club 10, 11; Drama 11; Girls’ Glee 11, 12; Choir 11, off. 12. EKBERG, JANET HELEY: HR 202; GRA 11, 12, rep. 12; HR v.-pres. 12; SPIRIT 11; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 10, 11; WEB; DECA sec.-treas. 12; Public Relations Comm. 11. ELLINGHAUSEN, CHRISTINE T.: HR 301; GRA 12, Pep Club 10, 11, rep. 10; Art Club 11, 12, v.-pres. 10; Drama 10, 11, 12; Palm Club 11, v.-pres. 11; WEB; Model UN 11, 12. ELLIS, PENNY SUSAN: HR 303; Synchronettes 10, 11; GRA 10, 11; Girls’ Serv. Comm, rep. 10, 11; Pep Club 11, 12, rep. 11; Spanish Club, pres. 11; SPIRIT rep. 11, 12; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 10, 11; Palm Club 11, 12, pres, 12; Gir ls’ Glee 10; WEB; DECA, EMDIA, VALERIE A.: HR 305; Synchronettes 10, 11, 12, Sec. 12; GRA 10, 11, 12; Pep Club 10, 11, 12, rep. 11, 12; French Club 10, 11, 12; drama 10. ENGEL, DEBRA JO: HR 309; Attended Roland-Story High School, 1969; GRA 10, 11, off. 11, rep. 10; Student Council 11; HR Sec. 10; HR treas. 10; Girls’ Serv. Comm. 10; SPIRIT rep. 11; drama 10; Soph. Band, v.-pres.; Varsity Band 10; March. Band 10; WEB; SCRATCH PAD: DECA: Merit Sch. letter of comm.; S.C. Citizenship Comm. 10; S.C, Finance Comm. 11. EPPERLY, SHERYL R.: HR 314. ERICKSON, DAVID REGAN: HR 118; indoor track 10, 11, 12; track 10, 11, 12; fall track 10, 11, 12; VICA. ERICKSON, JANET RUTHANN: HR 315; Pep Club 11; Office Ed. ERICKSON, RONALD LYNN: HR 130; swim. 10; HR sec. 12; SCRATCH PAD. ETHINGTON, MARLENE KAY: HR 317; HR sec. 11: Girls’ Serv. Comm. 10; hall monitor 11; French Club 10, off. 10; DECA; Merit Sch. letter of comm.; S.C. Awards Comm. 11. EUCHER, RALPH CRAIG: HR 127; indoor track 11, 12; track 11; German Club 10; Soph. Band; Varsity Band 11, 12; Pep Band 10, 11, 12; March. Band 10, 11, 12; Stage Band 11, 12; Orch. 12; WEB; S.C Finance Comm. 12; Internal Air Ca- det Exchange, Norway, 1969. EVANS, LINDA RAE: HR 121; Pep Club 10, 11, Lé EXNER, HOLLY SUSAN: HR 114; GRA 10; Ger- man Club 10, 11; Art Club 12; debate 10, 11; Girls’ Glee 10, 12: Mixed Chorus 10; Model UN 10, 11, 12; Merit Sch. semi-fin.; Human Rights Comm. 11, 12, chm. 11, sec. 12. Clark Kent MERIT SCHOLAR SEMIFINALISTS—Front, Barb Benner, Marjie Shaw, Holly Exner, Anne Koerber, Debbie Schumann; Back, Eric Weiss, Dave Swenson, Bruce Thom- son, Bob Sanderson, and Jim Percival. Senior Activities— 167 ی 11 e AAA A لگ ———————— - —— ——— let ekg om —— ` سس«‎ - e oe e m = - du سح‎ m arn mmm s تست‎ SADO Bak اھ‎ S x e — یسکس‎ FERGUSON, THOMAS WILLIAM: HR 118; football 10; track 11; baseball 11. FIELDS, MIMI L: HR 112; GRA 10, 11, 12, rep. 10, 11; Student Council 10, 11, 12; HR v. pres. 10; HR sec. 11; HR treas. 11; Girls’ Serv. Comm. 12; Pep Club 10, 11, 12, off, 12, rep. 10, 11, 12; French Club 11, 12, off. 12; Latin Club 10, off. 10; Debate 10; Girls’ Glee 10, 11, 12; Choir 11, 12; Mixed Chorus 10; WEB; SCRATCH PAD; S.C, Citizenship Comm. 12. FINNEGAN, MARY KATHRYN: HR 111; Student Council 11; Pep Club 10, 11, 12, rep. 10; nurse exp.; S.C, Assembly Comm. 11. FISHER, JOSEPH DANIEL: HR 301; SPIRIT staff 11. FITZ, DIANA CLAIRE: HR 118; GRA 10; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; French Club 10; Soph. Band; Varsity Band 11, 12; March. Band 10, 11, 12; Choir 11, 12; WEB; cadet teach. FLORES, NANCY LEE: HR 127; GRA 10; Firesquad 11; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; DECA. FOSBERG, DOUGLAS JOHN: HR 303; football, capt. 10, 11, 12; basketball 10, 11; track 10, 11, 12; baseball 10, 11, 12; wrest. 12. FOWLES, VIRGIL DWIGHT: HR 305; football 10, 11, 12; wrest. 11, 12; track 1O, 11. FRAME, RUTH MARIE: HR 314; Dance Club 11, 12; Prom Comm. 11. FRANKLIN, TOM: HR 309. FREY, KAREN ANN: HR 301; Attended Norwood High School, Adelaide, Australia, 1968; Syn- chronettes 11, 12, off. 12; GRA 11, 12; HR v.-pres. 12; Girls’ Serv. Comm. 11, 12; Pep Club 11, 12; Spanish Club 10, 11, 12; Pep Band 10; March. Band 10, 11, 12; Orch. 11; SPIRIT staff 11, 12; WEB. FRITSCH, KARINE ANN: HR 305; GRA 10, rep. 12; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; French Club 10; Soph. Band; Varsity Band 10, 11, 12; March. Band 10, 11, 12; Girls Glee 10; Choir 11, 12; Madrigal 10; WEB; Career Day Comm. Chm. 12. FRITZ, JULIE ANN: HR 309; GRA 10, 11, 12; SPIRIT rep. 10; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; French Club 10, 11, 12; Latin Club 10; Drama 10; Orch. 11, 12; All-State Orch. 12; SCRATCH PAD; Merit Sch. letter of comm. FRYAR, THOMAS SCOTT: HR 315; Spanish Club 10; WEB. GAY, SCOTT: HR 317; indoor track 11; basketball 10; Track 10, 12; Boys’ Serv. Comm.; hall monitor 11; French Club 10. GERJETS, GREGORY CHARLES: HR 121: indoor track 10: French Club 10. GIBB, ALLAN BANKS: HR 114; attended St. John's Military School 1968-1969. GIBBS, DAVID ALLEN: HR 112; attended Musca- tine, lowa, High School, 1968-1969; track 11, 12. GOMEZ, PATRICIA BEDOYA: HR 303; moved from Cali, Colombia. GONSER, LISA SHARON: HR 317; GRA 11, 12; Girls’ Serv. Comm.; hall monitor 10; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 11; Drama 10. GOOD, GARY L.: HR 111; football 10, 11, 12; indoor track 10; basketball 10, 11; track 10, 11; baseball 10, 11, 12; HR v.-pres.; A-Club. GOOD, ROLAND H.: HR 118. GREEN, ANGELA GAYLE: HR 121; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 10, 11, 12. GREENE, MARY ANNE: HR 114; hall monitor 10, 11; Firesquad 10; Girls’ Glee 10; DECA; Dance Club 11. GREWELL, GENE M.: HR. 130. GREWELL, SHEILA DIANE: HR 112; Girls' Glee 10, 11. 168—Senior Activities Donn Cross Football Tri-captains Jon Hunziker, Doug Fosberg, and Mike Owings, listen as Coach Johnson expounds with his traditional If you think you can, you will . . .” GROSLAND, DEBORAH KAY: HR 314; moved from Mason City, 1968. GUNNERSON, GARY HARLEY: HR 127: wrest. 10, 11; tennis 11. HACH, PAUL FREDERICK: HR 112; attended Mis- souri Military Academy, Mexico, Missouri, 1967-1969. HADE,. DANIEL: HR 114; football mgr. 11, 12; wrest. mgr. 11, 12; track 11, 12; HR v.-pres. 12; Jr. Exec; A-Club 11, 12; Soph. Band; March. Band 10; DECA; cadet teach. HADEK, HELENA V: HR 130; GRA 10, 12; Span- ish Club 12; Art Club 12. HAGEMAN, CRAIG C.: HR 202; football 10, 11: basketball 10, 11; track 11, 12; golf 10; Student Council 11; HR v.-pres. 10; Sr. Senate; hall mon- itor 11; Firesquad 10, 11, 12; SC Problems Comm. 11. HAGEN, DOREEN C.: HR 111; GRA 10; Pep Club 10; Girls’ Glee 10. HAGERT, MARY LEE: HR 111; Pep Club 10, 11; Girls’ Glee 11; Choir 11; FHA 10, 11. HAGERTY, VICKY SUE: HR 118; Girls’ Serv. Comm. 11; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Girls’ Glee 10; DECA. HAGGE, CHRISTINE MARIE: HR 130; Cheersquad 10; Student Council 10; HR sec. 10; SPIRIT rep. 12; Pep Club rep. 10; French Club 10, 11, 12; Girls’ Glee 10, 11, 12; Choir 11, 12; Mixed Chorus 10; Madrigal 11; drama 11, 12. HAND, MARC: HR 301; football 12. HAPES, LAURA MARIE: HR 202; HR v.-pres. 10; hall monitor 11; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; French Club 10. HARLAN, STAN KENT: HR 303; cross country 11, 12; Indoor track 11, 12; spring track 10, 11, 12; HR treasurer; SPIRIT staff 12. HARRIS, WAYNE: HR 305; wrest. 10, 11; Mixed Chorus 10. HAUGSTED, SUSAN KAY: HR 303; Soph. Band; Varsity Band 11, 12; March. Band 10, 11, 12; WEB; cadet teach. HAUSER, MARK ANDREW: HR 309; wrest. 10, 11. HAWN, SHERRY: HR 127; moved from Boone, lowa. HAYNES, NANCY DIANE: HR 305; GRA 10, 11, 12; GRA rep. 11; Student Council 11; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; French Club 11, 12; Spanish Club 10; Girls’ Glee 10; SPIRIT staff 11, 12: WEB; nurse exp. SC Election Comm. 11; SC, Homecoming Comm. 12. HEALEY, JANE KATHLEEN: HR 309; GRA 10, 11, 12; Girls’ Serv. Comm. 11; hall monitor 11; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; German Club 10; Art Club 16 11: Drama 10; Girls’ Glee 12; Nurse Exp.; SC Welcoming Comm. 11. HEATON, ROBERT M.: HR 314: moved from Des Moines, lowa, 1968: indoor track 11: Track 11; Merit Sch. letter of comm. HEER, JOHN MARK: HR 314; wrest. 10, 11, 12; Soph. Band; March. Band 10. HEGGEN, BARBARA JEAN: HR 314; HR sec. 10; Pep Club 11, rep. 11; Girls’ Glee 10, 11; DECA. HEGGEN, JUDITH ANN: HR 315; GRA 10, 11; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; hall monitor 11. HEGGEN, MARY ELIZABETH: HR 317; Cheer- squad 12; GRA 10, 11; drama 12; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; WEB; SC Assembly Comm. co-chm. 12; Jr. Exec.; HR v.-pres. 10, 12; Spanish Club 10. HEGSTROM, MORLEY GRAHAM: HR 121; Pep Club 10, rep. 10; French Club 10;.WEB; YFU, Denmark, 1969. HELDT, DEBORAH LYNN: HR 114; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; French Club 10, 11; Soph. Band; Varsity Band 11, 12; Pep Band 12; March. Band 10, It 12; Girls' Glee 10; cadet teach. HELLAND, BRIAN WAYNE: HR 315; Soph. Band; March. Band 10. HERMANN, PAULA ELLEN: HR 112; GRA 10, Il, 12, off. 12; HR v.-pres. 11; SPIRIT rep. 11; French Club 10, 11, 12; Girls Glee 10; WEB; cadet teach. HERRICK, JAMES J.: HR 317; wrest. 10, 11, 12; track 10, 11, 12; Student Council 11; HR v.-pres. 10: hall monitor 11; SC Social Comm. 11. HIBBS, STEVEN THOM: HR 121; wrest. 11, 12; Student Council 11; Jr. Exec.; Sr. Senate pres.; hall monitor 11; Firesquad 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club; Latin Club, off. 10; Orch. 10; All-State Orch. 10: Boys’ State 11; Merit Sch. letter of comm.; SC Citizenship Comm. 11. HILDEBRAND, THOMAS BRIAN: HR 114; basket- ball 10, 11, 12; track 10, 11, 12; Student Council 12; HR v.-pres. 10, 11; A-Club 11, 12; WEB; SC Public Relations Comm. chm. 12. HIRD, MARILYN VIRGINIA: HR 129. HOAG, MARSHA LEE: HR 111; GRA 10; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 10. HOFF, KEITH ALAN: HR 111. HOLDER, IRMA JEAN: HR 118; Pep Club 10, 12. HOLDREDGE, GAIL RUELLEN: HR 127; Pep Club 10, Drama 10, 11. INS. KAROLE MARIE: HR 127; GRA 10, 11, “22; HR activity director; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; | h Club 12; Drama 10, 11; Girls’ Glee 11, 12: Mixed Chorus ۰ HOULSON, VAN: HR 118; tennis 10; Spanish ‘Club 10. HUNZIKER, DAVE A.: HR 301; football 11; indoor Yrack 10; Track 10; Boys’ Serv. Comm. 10. HUNZIKER, JON E.: HR 303; football 10, 11, 12, captain 12; wrest. 10, 11, 12; track 10, 11; HR w.-pres. 10, 11; Sr. Senate; A-Club, pres. 12; Firesquad 10, 11, 12. HURLBUT, CHERIE KAY: HR 303; GRA 11, 12, rep. 12; SPIRIT rep. 10; Pep Club 10, 11, 12, rep. 11, 12; Girls’ Glee 10; SPIRIT staff 11, 12; WEB. HUSTON, DAVID M.: HR 202; indoor track 11, 12; swim. 10; track 10, 11, 12; cross-country 12; HR v.-pres. 11; Key Club 12; intram. basketball 12. HUTCHINSON, CYNTHIA LEE: HR 305; Cheer- squad 10, 11; Student Council 10; HR v.-pres. 11; | Firesquad, sec. 11; French Club 10; SC Publicity | Comm. 10. ` HYER, ROBERT L.: HR 305; football 10. INGRAM, JANICE SHARON: HR 314: Pep Club 10, 11, 12; March. Band 10, 11; Girls’ Glee 10, ` 11, 12; Choir 11, 12; Mixed Chorus 10. ISRAEL, JOHN DEAN: HR 309. IVIS, RICHARD EUGENE: HR 314. JACKSON, DONNA MAE: HR 317. | JACKSON, JEAN ANN: HR 121. JACKSON, KATHRYN LEE: HR 114; Synchronettes | 11 Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Soph. Band; Varsity Band 10; March. Band 10, 11; WEB; cadet teach. JARVIS, JOYCE MURRY: HR 111. | JESKA, JUDITH ELLEN: HR 202; Choir 12; Mixed - m c AL —— y WU a Chorus 10; Sci. Sem. 12; Lib. Ass't. 10, 11; Merit Sch. letter of comm. JESS, BARRY THOMAS: HR 112; attended United Community High School 1967-1968. JOHNSON, BRIAN BENNETT: HR 315; indoor track 11; basketball 10; track 10; fall track 10, 11; Student Council 10, 11; hall monitor 11; SPIRIT staff 12; WEB; Merit Sch. letter of comm. JOHNSON, CATHLEEN BETH: HR 118; GRA, rep. 11; Jr. Exec.; Pep Club 10, 11, 12, rep. 12; Dance Club 11; YFU, Sweden, 1969; S.C. Social Comm. 11, co-chm. 12; SC Curriculum Comm. 12. JOHNSON, DAVID W.: HR 317; Wrest. 10; hall monitor 11, 12. JOHNSON, JANELLE MARIE: HR 130; Cheersquad 10, 11, 12; GRA 10, 11, 12; HR treas. 10, sec. 11; Girls’ Serv. Comm. 10, off. 10; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; drama 10; Girls’ Glee 3; Choir 12; Choir 12: Mixed chorus 12; WEB. JOHNSON, PAUL E.: HR 121; football 10, 11, 12; indoor track 11, 12; track 10, 11, 12; HR treas. 11; Boys’ Serv. Comm. 10, 11; A-Club 12. JOHNSON, RANDALL LEE: HR 114; tennis 10, 11, 12; HR v.-pres. 10; HR sec. 11; Key Club 10; French Club 10, 11; Soph. Band; Varsity Band 10, 11, 12; Pep Band 12; March. Band 10, 11, 12; Orch. 11, 12: Choir 11, 12; Mixed Chorus 10; Madrigal 11; All-State’ Chorus 10, 11, 12; SCRATCH PAD; intra-basketball; Boys’ Glee 11, 12. JOLLY, LYNN ROSS: HR 112; basketball 10, 11; football 10; track 10, 11, 12; HR sec. 10; Boys’ Serv. Comm. 10. JONES, LINDA SUE: HR 127; GRA 10, 11, 12; HR sec. 10; Pep Club 10, 11, 12, rep. 10; Girls’ Glee 10; Mixed Chorus 10. JONES, RONALD ERIC: HR 111; Hall monitor 12; VICA. JORDAN, CRAIG H.: HR 118; Swim. 10; HR vepres. 11; Soph, Band; March. Band 11, 12. JOSEPH, KERRY MARTIN: HR 130; football 12; wrest, 11: basketball 10; track 10; Baseball 10, 11, 12; Sr. Senate; hall monitor 10; Soph, Band; March. Band 10; DECA; A-Club 12. KALDOR, SUE RUTH: HR 202; Cheersquad 12; Synchronettes 10, 11, 12; Student Council 10, 11, 12; Girls’ Serv. Comm. Chm. 12; hall monitor 11; Pep Club 10, 11, 12, rep. 10; Spanish Club 10; drama 10; Girls’ Glee 10; WEB; SCRATCH PAD; cadet teach.; SC Citizenship Comm.; SC Home- coming Comm. 12. KANE, BOB: HR 127. KATHMANN, WILLIAM F.: HR 202; VICA. KELLER, DONALD B.: HR 301; football 10. KELLOGG, ALICE ANN: HR 303; Pep Club 10, 11. KELLY, KATHY ANN: HR 305; Girls’ Serv. Comm. 10. KELSO, SHERILYN KAY: HR 309; GRA 10, 11, 12, rep. 12; HR sec. 12; SPIRIT rep. 12; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; French Club 11, 12; Spanish Club 10; Girls’ Glee 10, 11, 12; Choir 11, 12. KENNEDY, KATHERINE: HR 314; GRA 10; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 11; WEB; nurse exp.; chem. lab ass't. 12. KEPLEY, DOYLE: HR 305; football 10, 11; track 10; Boys’ Serv. Comm. 10, 11; A-Club 12; VICA, pres. KERN, K. ROBERT: HR 309; swim. 10, tennis 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 10; Soph. Band; Varsity Band 11; Pep Band 10, 11; March. Band 10, 11, 12; WEB; SPIRIT staff 11, 12. KOERBER, ANNE: HR 317; HR treas. 12; debate 10, 11, 12; drama 10; Girls’ Glee 10; Mixed Chorus 10; SCRATCH PAD, editor; Model UN 10, 11, 12; Merit Sch. semi-fin.; Human Rights Comm. 11, chm. 12. KUNERTH, JEFF: HR 317; indoor track 10, 11; track 10, 11; fall track 11, 12; WEB; DECA. LARSON, CYNTHIA KAY: HR 114; HR treas. 11; Pep Club 11; French Club 10, 11, 12; Girls’ Glee 10. LECHNER, DOUGLAS F.: HR 121; football 10, 11, 12; wrest. 11; track 10, 11, 12; HR sec. 12. LEE, RICKY JAMES: HR 114. LEVINGS, MILDRED PAGE: HR 114; moved from Des Moines in 1969; Pep Band 10, 11, 12; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Varsity Band 10, 11, 12; March. Band 10, 11, 12; WEB. LINDER, TIM DINTON: HR 112; football 10, 11; basketball 10, 11, 12; track 10, 12; baseball 10; A-Club 12; HR v.-pres. 12; Firesquad 10, 11, 12; SC Service Comm. 11; Student Council 10, 11. LINDER, VICKI RAE: HR 129. LINK, KRISTI LEE: HR 112; Synchronettes 11; GRA 10, 11, 12; Pep Club 10, 11, 12, rep. 10; Soph. Band; Varsity Band 11; March. Band 10, 11, 12; Girls’ Glee 10; Mixed Chorus 10. LITTLEHALE, MARY ELIZABETH: HR 111; Soph. Band; March. Band 10; Girls’ Glee 10, 11, 12; Choir 11, 12; Mixed Chorus 10; Madrigal 10; cadet teach. LOKKEN, JUNE EILEEN: HR 118; flag twirler 11; GRA 10; Dance Club 12; HR v. pres. 10; SPIRIT rep. 10; Pep Club 10, 11; Spanish Club 10; Drama 10, 11, 12; March. Band 10, 11; Choir 10, 11, 12; Madrigal 10, 11, 12; SCRATCH PAD; Model UN 12; YFU, Sweden, 1969. LOVELY, MARTHA ELIZABETH: HR 127; GRA 10, 11, 12, rep. 30, 11, 12; coffe 11; Jr. Exec; Sr: Senate; Girls’ Serv. Comm. 11; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; French Club 10, 11, 12, off. 11; Soph. Band; Varsity Band 10, 11, 12; March. Band 10, 11, 12; Orch. 11, 12: Girls’ Glee 10, 11, 12; Choir 11, 12; Mixed Chorus 10; Madrigal 11; WEB; SCRATCH PAD, LUSHER, LAURA RUTH: HR 303; moved from Lincoln, Nebraska, 1968, LYMAN, LAURA E.: HR 301; HR sec.-treas. 10, 12; Girls’ Serv. Comm. 11; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; French Club 10, 11, 12, off. 10; Girls' Glee 10, 11; Choir 11, 12; Mixed Chorus 10; cadet teach. LYTTLE, JON L.: HR 114. LYTTON, JUDITH ANN: HR 303; GRA 12; Girls' Glee 12; Pep Club 10, 11, 12. McCULLOUGH, ANDREW SCOTT: HR 118; HR ۷.۰۵۲۵5, 12; drama 10, 11, 12, Palm Club 12; Choir 11, 12; Mixed Chorus 10; Madrigal 11. McELHERNE, JENNIFER ANNE: HR 309; GRA 10, 11, 12; Girls’ Serv. Comm. 11; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 10, 11, 12, off. 11; Soph. Band; Varsity Band 10, 11, 12; March. Band 10, 11, 12; : Orch. 10, 11, 12; SC Homecoming Comm. 12. McFARLAND, PAUL BURNS: HR 130; Basketball. 10, 11, 12; track 10, 11, 12; baseball 10, 11, 12; Student Council 12; A-Club 10, 11, 12; SC Awards Comm. chm. 12. ; McGEE, TIMOTHY M.: HR 127; Choir 11, 12. McKEOWN, NANCY: HR 314; HR sec. 10; French Club 10, 12; nurse exp. McLAUGHLIN, MICHAEL C.: HR 202; football 11; indoor track 11, 12; track 10, 11, 12. McMAHON, JUDITH HOPE: HR 315; HR sec.-treas. 12; Pep Club rep. 11; DECA. MacBRIDE, NANCY PATRICIA: HR 317; Synchro- nettes 10, 11, 12; GRA 10, 11, 12; hall monitor 10, 11; Pep Club 10, 11; cadet teach. MACKEY, LADONNA MAY: HR 121; GRA 10, 11; Pep Club 10, 11, 12. MADDEN, KEVIN JOHN: HR 301; basketball 10, ll; track 10, 11, 12; Student Council 10, 11; A-Club 12; Soph. Band; March. Band 10; SC As- sembly Comm. 10. MALCOLM, ANNALESA MARIE: HR 114; DECA. MARJANOVICH, MASHENKA STEVAN: HR 118; Exchange student from Yugoslavia. METHENEY, DENISE LARUE: HR 118; GRA 10, 12, rep. 12; Spanish Club 11; Girls’ Glee 10, 11; Choir 11; WEB; cadet teach. MICKELSON, PAUL NORVAL: HR 305; swim. 10, 11, 12; tennis 10, 11, 12; A-Club 12. MICKLE, THOMAS R.: HR 309; football mgr. 10; basketball tr. 10, 11, 12; track 10, 11; HR v.-pres. 10, 12; Sr. Senate; A-Club 12; Drama 10; SPIRIT staff 11, 12; Nurse exp. MIDDLE, SUSAN KAYE: HR 130; Girls’ Glee 10, 11; Choir 11; SPIRIT rep. 11; Office Ed., pres. MILLER, MARY ELIZABETH: HR 127. MILLER, MAURICE MYRON II: HR 314; basketball 10, 11; track 10, 11, 12; golf 10, 11, 12, capt.; Student Council 10, 11; HR v.-pres. 12; Jr. Exec.; SPIRIT rep. 10; A-Club 10, 11, 12; hall monitor 11; Firesquad 10, 11, 12; Mixed Chorus 10; SC Welcoming Comm. 11; SC Assembly Comm. 10. MONTAG, THOMAS EDWARD: HR 315; indoor track 10, 11, 12; track 10, 11, 12; cross-country 10, 11, 12, capt. 12; Student Council 12; Fire- squad 10, 11, 12; SC Assembly Comm. co-chm. 12. MOORE, JOHN THOMAS: HR 317; Sci. Sem. 10. MORGAN, MIKE: HR 121; wrest. 10, 11; tennis 10, 11, 12; HR v.-pres. 11; Spanish Club 10; Soph. Band; Varsity Band 11, 12; Pep Band 12; March. Band 10, 11, 12; audio-visual 10, 11, 12; chem. lab ass't. 12. MORTVEDT, PATRICIA JEAN: HR 130; moved from Huxley, lowa, 1969. Senior Activities— 169 MOSIER, CURTIS L.: HR 112; indoor track 10, 11, 12; track 10, 11, 12; cross-country 10, 11, 12; WEB, MOTT, MARGARET ELIZABETH: HR 202; GRA 10, 11; French Club 10, 11; Soph. Band; March. Band 10, 11, 12; Girls’ Glee 10; WEB. MUDD, ROBERT M.: HR 118; indoor track 10, 11, 12; track 10, 11, 12; cross-country 10, 11, 12, capt. 12; Student Council 11; HR v.-pres. 10; Sr. Senate; A-Club 10, 11, 12; hall monitor 11; WEB. MUNSON, WILLIAM FRANK: HR 130; football 10, 11, 12; wrest. 11, 12; indoor track 10; track 10, 11, 12; Student Council 11; HR v.-pres, 10, 11; hall monitor 11; WEB; A-Club 12. MYERS, DEBRA LYNN: HR 303; GRA 11; HR sec. 10, 12; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Girls’ Glee 11; Mixed Chorus 11; nurse exp. MYERS, ROBERT K.: HR 127; basketball 10, 11, 12; football 10, 11; track 10, 11; golf 11; HR v.-pres. 11; HR treas. 10; Boys’ Serv. Comm. 11; A-Club 11, 12; hall monitor 10, 11; Firesquad 10, AE 212: NELSON, KELTON DENNIS: HR 301; Football mar. 10; Basketball mgr. 10; Track 11; Baseball 11; HR Pres. 10, 11; Hall monitor 11; DECA Pres.; SC Awards Comm. 11. NELSON, LIANN MARIE: HR 309; moved from Minneapolis, Minn., 1968; Pep Club 12; Spanish Club 10, 11, 12; Choir 10; library ass't. 10. NESS, STEVEN CRAIG: HR 303; indoor track 11; Golf 11, 12; hall monitor 11, 12; VICA. NETCOTT, NANETTE MARIE: HR 303; Synchro- nettes 10. NEWTON, DEAN ۱.: HR 305; football 10, 11, 12; wrest. 10, 11, 12; track 10, 11, 12; Student Council 12; A-Club 11, 12; SC Assembly Comm. 12. NICHOLSON, DEBORAH: HR 301; moved from Crescent City, California, 1968. NISSEN, JONATHAN RALPH: HR 309; basketball 10, 11, 12; track 10, 11, 12; Hall monitor 11; Key Club, off. 12; Merit Sch. letter of comm. NORDYKE, JOHN DAVID: HR 112; moved from Villisca, lowa, 1967; football 10; swim. 10, 11, 12;' track 11, 12; drama 10, 12; Soph. Band; March. Band 10; Choir 11, 12; Mixed Chorus 10; Boys’ Glee 11, 12; audio-visual 11, 12. OATES, STEVEN HOWARD: HR 314; Varsity Band 10, 11, 12; Pep Band 10, 11, 12; March. Bard 10, 11, 12: Choir 10, 11, 12; drama 10, 11, 12. OLSON, RUTH LAURINE: HR 305; SPIRIT rep. 1; Art Club 10, 11, 12; Soph. Band; Varsity Band 11, 12; Pep Band 11, 12; March. Band 10, 11, 12. ORNING, BARBARA LYNN: HR 309; Synchro- nettes 10, 11, 12; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Girls’ Glee 1; Mixed Chorus 10. ORTON, SANDRA LEE: HR 314; Pep Club 12, rep. 12; Art Club 10, 11, 12, Girls’ Glee 10. OSTREM, JILL ELIZABETH: HR 315: GRA 10, 11, off. 11; SPIRIT rep. 12; Pep Club 10, 11, 12, off. 12, rep. 11; cadet teach. OVERLAND, MARY JO: HR 317; Pep Club 10, 11 12; Drama 10; Office Ed., V.-Pres. OWEN, GARY: HR 317; wrest, 10, 11; track 10; DECA. OWINGS, MICHAEL: HR 121; football 10, 11, 12, capt. 12; wrest. 10, 11, 12; track 10, 11, 12; Student Council 11. PACE, STEVEN JOHN: HR 114; swim. 10, 11, 12; tennis 1O, 11, 12; HR Sec; Sr. Senate; Key Club 11, 12; drama 10, 11, 12; Soph. Band; Varsity Band 11, 12; Pep Band 11, 12; March. Band 10, 11, 12; Stage Band 11; Choir 11, 12; Madrigal 10; Chorus 10, 11, 12; WEB; SCRATCH PAD; Audio-visual 11, 12. PALEY, BRUCE W.: HR 111; indoor track 11; swim. 10; track 11; Boys’ Serv. Comm. 10, 11. PANTENBURG, JAMES L.: HR 118; indoor track 10, 11, 12; track 10, 11, 12; fall track 10, 11, 12. PAPPAS, TERIANNE: HR 114; flag twirler 11; GRA 10, 12, rep. 10; lib. ass't. PARKER, CHARLES ARTHUR: HR 130; VICA. PEARSON, DAVID L.: HR 305. , PEDERSON, RONALD JAY: HR 202; fall track 11, 12; track 10, 11, 12; JV basketball 11; HR sec. 10; 11; 12; PERCIVAL, JAMES F.: HR 301; football mgr. 12; tennis 10; Spanish Club off. 1; Mixed Chorus 10; WEB; Merit Sch. semi-fin.; Career Day Comm. 12. PETERS, CHARLOTTE KAY: HR 118; Choir 11, 12; Mixed Chorus 10; DECA. PETERSON, CAROLE JEAN: HR 130; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; French Club 10, 11; Drama 11; Girls’ Glee 10, 11, 12; Choir 11, 12; Cadet teach.; Merit Sch. letter of comm. PETERSON, GREGORY DAVID: HR 303; football 10, 11; wrest. 10, 11, 12: track 10, 11, 12: SC Social Comm. 10; HR v.-pres. 11; A-Club 11, 12; Firesquad 10, 11, 12; Student Council 10. PETERSON, JANINE ANN: HR 127; HR sec. 10, 11, 12; Pep Club rep. 10, 11, 12, pres. 12. PETERSON, LINDA KAY: HR 202; Synchronettes 10, 11; GRA 10, 11, rep. 11; Student Council 10; Jr. Exec.; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; French Club 10, 11; drama 10; SPIRIT staff 11; WEB; SCRATCH PAD; DECA, v. pres. Sue Osborne Ames High students participated in the Viet-nam moratorium on October 14. They read the names of the war dead on the steps of Beardshear Hall. 170—Senior Activities PETERSON, MARVIN JAMES: HR 305; wrest. 19, 11; HR treas. 10, 11. PETERSON, RICHARD DAVID: HR 209. wrest. 10; indoor track 11; track 10, 11, 12. PETERSON, SUSAN R.: HR 301; attended school in Stockholm, Sweden, 1969. GR A 10, 11 GRA rep. 10; HR sec. 10; HR treas. 11; Sr, Senate: Girls’ Serv. Comm. 12; SPIRIT rep. 10; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; French Club 10, 11; drama 10, 11; SPIRIT staff 11, 12; WEB; SC Executive Comm. 12; SC Social Comm. 10, 11, cochm. 12. SC Election Comm. 10. POLHEMUS, THOMAS MICHAEL: HR 314; football 10, 11; indoor track 10, 11, 12; track 10, 11, 12; HR v.-pres. 11; VICA. POWELL, PAULA MARIE: HR 303; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 10, 11, 12; HR v.-pres. 12; Soph. Band; March. Band 10; Girls’ Glee 10. POWERS, MARK A.: HR 315; wrest. 10, 11, 12; track 10, 11; German Club 10, 11; Soph. Band: Varsity Band 11, 12; Pep Band 11, 12; March. Band 10, 11, 12; Student Council 11; Orch. 16, 11, 12; Choir 11, 12; Mixed Chorus 10, 11; All-State Chorus 11, 12; WEB; Model UN: Merit Sch. letter of comm.; SC Assembly Comm. 11. PROVOW, SUSAN RUTH: HR 305: French Club 10, 11, 12; drama 10, 11, 12; Palm Club 12: Girls’ Serv. Comm. 10; Choir 11, 12: All-State Chorus 12; SCRATCH PAD; Sci. Sem. 10, 11; stage tech; Merit Sch. letter of comm.; SC Human Rights Comm. 12. QUINN, CYNTHIA JANE: HR 309; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Latin Club 10; Girls’ Glee 11; Choir 11, 12; Pops Choir 10. RANDALL, KATHERINE MARIE: HR 111; moved from Nevada Community School. RASMUSSEN, PEGGY LYNN: HR 309; moved from Council Bluffs, lowa, 1969; Pep Club 0 11; Spanish Club 10; lib. ass't. 10. READ, RICHARD C.: HR 303; moved from Manila, Philippines, 1969. REY, ROBERTO: HR 121; Sci. Sem. 10. RIDENHOUR, JUDY KAY: HR 127. RILEY, PHILLIP EUGENE: HR 114; football 10, 7 basketball 10; Boys' Serv. Comm. 10; drama 10, 11, 12: Student Council 10, 11; Soph. Band; Varsity Band 11; March. Band 10; Choir 11, 12; Mixed Chorus 10: SC Finance Comm. 10. RING, KAREN LEE: HR 314; HR sec. 11; SPIRIT rep. 11, 12; Student Council 12; Hall monitor 11; Pep Club 10, 11, 12, rep. 10; drama 10, 11; Girls’ Glee 10; SC Welcoming Comm. chm. 12. RITCHIE, RALPH W.: HR 118; moved trom Man- hattan High School, 1969. ROBINSON, KENNETH WAYNE: HR 111. ROCHE, RICHARD BRUCE: HR 118; swim. 10; track 11; Soph. Band; Varsity Band 11, 12; Pep Band 11, 12; March. Band 10, 11, 12; Choir 12; Madrigal 10; Audio-visual 11. RUEDENBERG, URSULA H.: HR 127; German Club 10, 11; French Club 10, 11; Art Club 12; Debate 11: Orch. 11; WEB: SCRATCH PAD. SAMPSON, DENNIS C.: HR 130: indoor track 10, 11: track 10, 11; Baseball 10. SAMPSON, STEVEN CHARLES: HR 127; football 10, indoor track 10, 11, 12; track 10, 11, 12; Student Council pres. 12; Boys’ Serv. Comm. 11 A-Club 12; hall monitor 11; French Club 10; SPIRIT staff 11, 12; WEB; SCRATCH PAD; cadet teach.; SC Social Comm. 11: SC Executive Comm. chm. 12; SC Curriculum Comm. 12. SANDERSON, ROBERT CHARLES: HR 315; football 10: indoor track 11, 12; track 10, 11, 12; HR v.-pres. 12; German Club 10, 11, 12; Soph. Band; Varsity Band 2, 3; March. Band 10, 11, 12; intra-basketball 10, 11. e SANDVE, SONNIE KAY: HR 315; Cheersquad 11, capt. 12; GRA 10, 12; HR sec. 11, 12; French Club 10, 11; hall monitor 11; WEB; cadet teach. SANSGAARD, STEVEN DUANE: HR 305. SARGENT, DAN ۸۸ HR 202; indoor track 10; track 10. 11; Merit Sch. letter of comm. SATRE PAMELA RAE: HR 317; GRA 10; HR sec. 13; SPIRIT rep. 10, 12; Pep Club 10, 11, 12, rep. 11, 12; French Club 10; Soph. Band; Varsity Band 11, 12: March. Band 10, 11, 12; Girls’ Glee 10, 11, 12; Choir 11, 12; WEB; nurse exp. SAUKE, VALERIE JEAN: HR 315; GRA 10, 11, 12, rep. 12; Sr. Senate; SPIRIT rep. 11; Pep Club 10, Il; Girls’ Glee 10; Mixed Chorus 11; All-State Chorus 10; cadet teach.; WEB. SAYRE, ERIC JAY: HR 301. SCHAEFFER, KURT DOUGLAS: HR 303; hall mon- itor 11; Firesquad 10, 11, 12. SCHILL, MIKE JON: HR 305: football 10: wrest. 10, 11: VICA. SCHLOERKE, KARL: HR 309; football 10; indoor track 10, 11; track 10, 11; baseball 10, 11; Stu- dent Council 10; hall monitor 10; French Club 11, 12; Soph. Band; Varsity Band 10, 11, 12; Pep Band 10, 11, 12; March. Band 10, 11, 12; Stage Band 10, 11, 12; Orch. 10, 11; SC Assembly Comm. 11. SCHMIDT, CHRISTIAN: HR 314. SCHOLTEN, KATHY PATRICIA: HR 114; Synchro- nettes 10, 11, 12; GRA 10, 11; SPIRIT rep. 10, 11, 12; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; French Club 10, 11; Soph. Band; Varsity Band 10, 11, 12; March. Band 10, 11, 12; Choir 12; SCRATCH PAD: Merit Sch. letter of comm. SCHUETTE, ALISON JOYCE: HR 112. SCHUMANN, DEBORAH LYNN: HR 111; Pep Club 10; French Club 10, 11; drama 10, 11, 12, Palm Club 11, 12, off. 12; Girls’ Glee 10, 12: Choir 12; Mixed Chorus 10; SCRATCH PAD: Model UN 10, 11, 12; cadet teach.; Merit Sch. semi-fin.: Ca- reer Day Comm. 12. SCOTT, LAURA MARGARET: HR 118: Student Council 12; HR v.-pres. 11; HR sec. 10, 11; Spanish Club 11, 12, off. 12; SCRATCH PAD: exchange student to Yucatan, Mexico, summer, 1969; SC Citizenship Comm. 12. SEARLS, JAMES S.: HR 315. SEASTRAND, AMY LYNN: HR 130; GRA 10, 11, 12, rep. 11: HR sec. 11; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; German Club 11, 12; French Club 10; drama 10, 1); WEB. SEIFERT, GERALD ALLEN: HR 118: moved from Sherburne-Earlville, 1969: football 10; wrest. 10, 11, 12: track 11. SEIM, BECKY JO: HR 127; Cheersquad 10, capt. 11, 12; Synchronettes 11, 12; Student Council 10, 12, sec. 12; Girls” Serv. Comm. 10, 11; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; drama 10, 12; Soph. Band; March. Band 10; Girls’ Glee 10, 11, 12; Choir 11, 12: Mixed Chorus 10; WEB; nurse exp.; SC Social Comm. 11; Homecoming Comm. 11, 12; Dance Club 11, 12; SC Executive Comm. 12. SETTERBURG, VICKIE LYNN: HR 202; GRA 10, 11; HR sec.-treas. 12; Pep Club 12; Soph. Band 10; March. Band 10, 11, 12; Girls’ Glee 10, 11; Mixed Chorus 10; Office Ed. SEXTON, MARY ELLEN: HR 114: moved from Sumner, lowa, 1969. SHAUGHNESSY, MARY JEAN: HR 301; GRA 10, 11, 12, rep. 11, 12; HR sec. 11; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 11; cadet teach. SHAW, M. MARJORIE: HR 303; Latin Club 10; Soph. Band; Varsity Band 11, 12; March. Band 10, 11, 12; Girls’ Glee 10; Career Day Comm. 12. SHEARER, CHARLES R.: HR 317; swim. 10, 11; , hall monitor 10, 11, 12. SHELTON, JEFFREY CONRAD: HR 315; moved from Independence, lowa, 1967; Indoor track 10, 11, 12; Track 10, 11, 12; Cross-country 10, 11, 12; HR V. Pres, 11; Student Council V. Pres. 12; German Club 10, 11, V. Pres. 11; WEB; SC Elec- tion Comm. chm, 12; SC Executive Comm. 12. SHERWOOD, FRANK JOSEPH: HR 315; moved from Omaha, Nebraska, 1969: WEB. SIDLES, DAVID: PAUL: HR 114; Swim. 10; Boys' Serv. Comm. 11. SIEDELMANN, JANICE ARLENE: HR 305; Cheer- squad 12; Synchronettes 12; GRA 10, 11; HR v.-pres, 12; HR sec. 11; French Club 10, 11, rep. 11; Pep Club rep. 10; SPIRIT staff 11, 12; nurse exp. SILLS, BRAD K.: HR 112; indoor track 11; Boys' Serv. Comm. 12; Soph. Band 10; Varsity Band 11; March. Band 10, 11. SILLS, LYLA: HR 309; GRA 10, 11; HR v.-pres. 10, ll; HR sec.-treas. 11; Jr. Exec.; Pep Club 10, 11, 12, rep. 10, v.-pres. 12; Spanish Club rep. 10; Office Ed.; SC Welcoming Comm. 11. SILVERTHORN, DEBBIE DIANE: HR 314; Pep Club 10, 11; Office Ed. SMITH, DONNA J.: HR 111; Pep Club 10, 11, 12. SMITH, LINDA KAY: HR 112; Synchronettes 10; GRA 10, 11, 12; HR v.-pres. 11; HR sec.-treas. 10; Girls’ Serv. Comm. 11; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 11; Girls’ Glee 10; SPIRIT staff 11, 12: WEB. SMITH, LONNA DEE: HR 309: moved from South Hamilton Community School, 1969; Varsity Band 11: March. Band 11. SMITH, MARK ALAN: HR 118; Student Council 11; Key Club 10, 11, 12, v.-pres. 12; French Club 10; Mixed Chorus 10; Audio-visual 10; Finance Comm. 11. SMITH, REBECCA SUE: HR 121; moved from Champaign, Illinois, 1968; -Synchronettes 12; GRA rep. 10, 11; Student Council 12; HR sec. 10; SPIRIT rep. 12; Pep Club rep. 10, 12; French Club 10, 11, 12; drama 10; Girls’ Glee 11, 12; Choir 11, 12; cadet teach.; SC Homecoming Comm., co-chm. 12. SNOOK, WILLIAM CHARLES: HR 202; swim. 10 11. , SOGARD, CARLA JEAN: HR 118; GRA 12; Girls' Serv. Comm., off. 12; Pep Club 10, 11, 12. SOY, JOSEPH L.: HR 315. SPOHNHEIMER, CHERYL ANN: HR 130; baton twirler 10, 11, capt. 10; Soph. Band; Varsity Band 10, 11, 12; Pep Band 10; March. Band 12; Stage Band 11; Orch. 10, 11, 12; Girls' Glee 10; Choir 11, 12; Mixed Chorus 10; All-State Orch. 11, 12; Model UN 12; Merit Sch. letter of comm.; Dance Club 11. SPRAGUE, NANCY DARLENE: HR 127; Drama 10; Pep Club 10, 12; Library Club 10, 11. SPROUSE, GARY LEE: HR 301; football 10, 11, 12; wrest. 10, 11; indoor track 10; track 10; HR v.-pres. 10. STANIFORTH, ARTHUR EARL: HR 303; swim. 10, 11, 12; golf 10, 11, 12; Student Council 12; Boys' Serv. Comm. 10; Soph. Band; March. Band 10; WEB; SC Social Comm. STEPHENSON, NANCY LYNN: HR 301; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 10; nurse exp. STEPHENSON, WILLIAM CRAIG: HR 305. STERNER, LISA EILEEN: HR 202; moved from Scottsdale, Arizona, 1969; Pep Club 11. STEVENS, CELESTE MARIE: HR 303; Cheersquad 12; GRA 10, 11, 12, rep. 11; Girls’ Serv. Comm. 10, 11; Pep Club 10, 11, 12, rep. 10; Spanish Club 10, 11; Girls’ Glee 10, 11, 12; Choir 11, 12; Mixed Chorus 10. 1 Bob Kern “Is this a dagger | see before me ..7“ Bob Mudd asks St eve Carter. STEWART, JAMES LEE: HR 314; wrest. 11; Audio- visual 10, STOTTS, RANDOLPH WAYNE: HR 112; football 10; basketball 10; Latin Club 10, off. 10. STRITZEL, DENISE MARIE: HR 309; GRA 10, 11, 12; HR v.-pres. 10; Girls’ Serv. Comm. 11; hall monitor 11; Firesquad 11; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; French Club 10; Art Club 11; Girls’ Glee 10; Mixed Chorus 12; WEB; SCRATCH PAD; Merit Sch. letter fo comm.; SC Welcoming Comm. 10. SVEC, THOMAS H.: HR 215; basketball 10, 11; track 10; Jr. Exec.; Student Council 10. SWAN, DONALD EARL: HR 317; Orch. 10; DECA. SWENSON, ANNA MARGARET: HR 314; Sr. Senate treas.; Pep Club 10; German Club 10, 12; French Club 10, 11, 12; Varsity Band 11, 12; March. Band 11, 12; Girls” Glee 10; WEB; SCRATCH PAD; Merit Sch. letter of comm.; SC Finance Comm. 12. SWENSON, DAVID G.: HR 121; indoor track 12; Golf 10, 11; Key Club 12; German Club 10, 11, 12, pres. 12; Soph. Band; Varsity Band 10, 11, 12; Pep Band 10, 11, 12; March. Band 10, 11, 12;- Merit Sch. Semi-fin.; intra-basketball 10, 12; SCRATCH PAD. SWENSON, PAMELA JOYCE: HR 315; Pep Club 11, 12; German Club 10, 11; Soph. Band; Varsity Band 10, 11, 12; March. Band 10, 11, 12; Orch. 11, 12; Madrigal 12; YFU, W. Germany, 1969; Merit Sch. letter of comm. SYDNES, DANNY RAY: HR 114. TAMOGLIA, CYRIAN ANN: HR 112; GRA 10; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Office Ed. TAYLOR, TERRY LEE: HR 129. TERRY, STEPHEN P.: HR 111; tennis 10; German Club 10; Mixed Chorus 10; SCRATCH PAD; Model UN 11, 12. TESDALL, VALERIE ANNE: HR 317; GRA rep. 11, 12; HR v.pres. 11, Sec. 10; Sr. Senate; SPIRIT rep. 11; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; French Club 10, 11, 12; WEB; Merit Sch. letter of comm. THOMPSON, JEROME L.: HR 130; Spanish club 10; drama 10, 11; WEB. THOMPSON, LYNETTE KATHLEEN: HR 121; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Pops Choir 12. THOMPSON, MARK M.: HR 127; basketball 10, 11; track 11, 12; tennis 10; HR v.-pres. 11, 12; Student Council 10; SC Finance Comm. 10. THOMSON, BRUCE HART: HR 121; SPIRIT rep. 10, 11; Spanish Club 10, 11; Choir 11, 12; Mixed Senior Activities— 171 L- اقه‎ Lamm Clark Kent Chris Dvergsten cuts the victory cake for Pep Club girls. Basketball team members were honored at a surprise party. Chorus 10: All-State Chorus 12; Sci. Sem. 10, 11, 12; Merit Sch. semi-fin. THORSON, DARYL O.: HR 114; football 10, 11; indoor track 10, 11; track 11, 12; Boys’ Serv. Comm. 11. TIMMONS, NANCY LOUISE: HR 114; Synchro- nettes 10, 11, 12, pres. 12; GRA 10, 11, 12, rep. 11; HR treas. 10, 11; Girls’ Serv. Comm. 11, 12; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 10, 11, v. pres. 11; Girls’ Glee 10; cadet teach.; SC As- sembly Comm. 11, 12; Dance Club 11, 12. TONNE, CHARLES F.: HR 112; football 10; indoor track 10, 11, 12; track 10, 11, 12; baseball 10; hall monitor 11; French Club 11; WEB; Student Council 11. TREMBLY, DOUGLAS D.: HR 118. TROEH, MILDRED MARIE: HR 111; French Club 11; cadet teach. TROW, PEGGY LOU: HR 112; GRA 11, 12; Pep Club 11. TRUHE, CONNIE ROSE: HR 111; Pep Club 10, 12; office ed. TUCKER, SUE A.: HR 118; GRA 12; Pep Club 10; Art Club 12. TUTTLE, KATHLEEN A.: HR 130; Cheersquad 10, 11, 12; HR v.-pres. 11, sec.-treas. 10; hall monitor 11; Firesquad 11; Girls’ Glee 10; nurse exp. UPCHURCH, LOIS R.: HR 127: Girls’ Serv. Comm. 12; Art Club 11; Girls’ Glee 12; Choir 12; WEB. USTRUD, CYNTHIA ANN: HR 202; Cheersquad 10; Synchronettes 10, 11, 12; GRA 10, 11, 12; SPIRIT rep. 10, 11; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; French Club 10, 11; Girls’ Glee 10, 11, 12; Choir 10, 11, 12; Mixed Chorus 10, 11; nurse exp.; SC Assembly Comm. 10. 172—Senior Activities UTHE, KAREN ANN: HR 301; SPIRIT rep. 11; Pep Club 10; WEB. VAN OOSBREE, TINA MARI: HR 112; moved from Storm Lake High School, 1967; GRA 10, 11, 12, off. 12; HR sec.-treas. 10, 12; SPIRIT rep. 12; Pep Club 12; German Club 12; Varsity Band 10; Pep Band 10; March. Band 10; Girls’ Glee 10, 11, 12; Choir 12; WEB; SCRATCH PAD; SC Finance Comm, 12. VAN SCOY, KIRK DOUGLAS: HR 130; football 10, 11, 12; indoor track 11; basketball 10, 11; track 10, 11, 12; SC Boys’ Serv. Comm. 11. VAN VOORHIS, ROBERT E.: HR 127; basketball mgr. 10, 11, 12; track 10, 11, 12; cross-country 11, 12; A-Club 11, 12; Spanish Club 10; Soph. Band; Varsity Band 11, 12; Pep Band 12; March. Band 10, 11, 12; Stage Band 10, 11, 12; WEB; SCRATCH PAD; Merit Sch. letter of comm. VAN WINKLE, ERIC LEE: HR 202; Golf 10, 11; Firesquad 10, 11, 12; German Club 10, 11, off. 11; Soph. Band; Varsity Band 11, 12; Pep Band 10, 11, 12; March. Band 10, 11, 12; WEB. VAUGHN, CAROLYN JEAN: HR 305; Drama; Choir; SC Human Right Comm. VOECKS, MADONNA LOUISE: HR 111; moved from Norfolk, Nebraska, 1968; Girls’ Serv. Comm. 12; Pep Club 11, 12; Varsity Band 11, 12; Pep Band 11, 12; March. Band 11, 12; Stage Band 11; Girls’ Glee 11; Choir 11; DECA. WACKER, STEVEN ALLAN: HR 301; football 10, 11; indoor track 10, 11, 12; track 10, 11, 12; Soph. Band; March. Band; SC Social Comm. 11. WALL, MARY MARGARET: HR 309; GRA 10, 11, 12; HR sec. 10; Sr. Senate treas.; hall monitor 11; Pep Club rep. 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 10, 11, 12, off. 12; Girls’ Glee 10, 11, 12; Choir 11, 12; Madrigal 10; WEB. WARDLE, MICHAEL T: Hg 305; wrest. 10, 11, 12: track 10, 11, 12; Golf 12; hall monitor 11; SC 7 Welfare Comm. 10, 11; Student Council 11. WARREN, MARLENE FERN: HR 314; GRA rep. 10, © 11 , 12; Sr. Senate; drama 10; Girls’ Glee 10: WEB; SC Welcoming Comm.; Student Counc 11. WATSON, SCOTT BENJAMIN: HR 309. football 10, 11, 12; indoor track 11, track 10, 11; baseball 10: Student Council 12; A-Club 11, 12: hall monitor 11; Firesquad 10, 11, 12; SC Service Comm. 12. WEARTH, CHRISTINE EVA: HR 315; Pep Club 10, 1,12 WEBB, D. MICHAEL: HR 314. WEBER, IAN ROBERT: HR 112: moved from Mexico, Missouri, 1969: swim. 10, 11; VICA. WEBER, JEANNE RAE: HR 309; Spanish Club 10, 11: Art Club 12; drama 10; Model UN 12; library ass't. 10; SC Human Rights Comm. 12. WEISS, ERIC STEVEN: HR 317; French Club 10, 11; drama 10, 12; Soph. Band; March. Band; 10: Merit Sch. semi-fin.; Intra-basketball 10. WELP, STANLEY BRUCE: HR 121: indoor track 10: tennis 10; German Club 10. WHEATLEY, KATHERINE LOUISE: HR 114; GRA 10, 11; HR v.-pres. 11; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 10, 11; Girls’ Glee 10, 12; Choir 13; WEB. WHEELOCK, BARBARA JO: HR 317; Cheersquad 11; GRA rep. 10; HR v.-pres. 10; HR treas. 10; Pep Club rep. 10; SC Assembly Comm. 12. WILCOX, JOEL FLETCHER: HR 111; Firesquad 10, 11, 12; Varsity Band 10, 11, 12; March. Band 10, 11: Orch. 11, 12; Mixed Chorus 10; Boys’ State 11: SC Finance Comm. chm 12; SC Executive Comm. 12; Student Council 10. WILDER, SUE ELLEN: HR 114; HR sec. 12; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; French Club 11, 12; Orch. 10, 11, 12; WEB; cadet teach. WILDMAN, WILLIAM YOUNG: HR 118; swim. 10, 11, 12; track 10; golf 12; French Club 10, 11. WILLIAMS, MARY LOU: HR 112; Cheersquad 10, 11, 12; Synchronettes 11, 12; GRA rep. 10; Jr. Exec. Sec.; Girls’ Serv. Comm. 10; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; French Club 10, 11; drama 10; Girls” Glee 10, 11, 12; Choir 11, 12; Mixed Chorus 10; All-state chorus 11, 12: WEB; SCRATCH PAD; nurse exp.; YFU, Finland 1969. WILLRICH, REBECCA LYNN: HR 111; HR v.pres. 11, Sec. 10; SPIRIT rep. 10, 11, 12; Soph. Band; Varsity Band 10, 11, 12; March. Band 10, 11, 12; Girls’ Glee 10, 11; Choir 11; Mixed Chorus 10; WEB. WILSON, ROBERT L.: HR 130; Football 10, 11, 12; indoor track 10, 11; Student Council 10; Jr. Exec. pres.; SPIRIT rep. 10; A-Club sec.-treas. 12; debate 12; SPIRIT staff 12; WEB; Boys’ State 11. WOOD, KENNETH L.:HR 127; VICA. WOODLEY, BERNICE E.: HR 130; Pep Club 10. WOODWARD, DALE B.: HR 202; indoor track 11; fall track 11. WOOLLEY, DONALD WAYNE: HR 301; football 10; wrest, 10, 11; indoor track 12; track 10, 11, 12: Mixed chorus 10. YORK, DOUGLAS KENT: HR 303; football 10; indoor track 10, 11, 12; track 10, 11, 12; WEB. YOUNG, KAREN KAY: HR 127; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; off. ed. YOUNG, MICHAEL DAVID: HR 305; indoor track 10, 11, 12; swim. 10; track 10, 11, 12; Jr. Exec; hall monitor 11. ZURHEIDE, RUTH: HR 121; Pep Club 12; exchange student from Germany. Advertising Ads—173 aibo m Cow -A ff سہن۔‎ Te ee e Ze ———Ü e yet ae AAA SEN 1 A. = SAAN ANC 0 ٢ A AY ‘ . ۹ ARAL ` AN ۹ 0 A AN DAT 1 TARRY “ue (AXA: L ۹ ۹ ak 2 1. 1 ۹ A ۹ AM V . A APO A WA AAA AA ۹ LO 1 - Aan 01110 ۲ ۷۹ A A Ai K NK Y YAN ARAYA AD d ki AS 1 1 Aat tt A ںو‎ (NA ANN + at ‘ aah etal ALY way ۱۲۲ X AY ۳ AX ce ML AT ` ah 1 کر اہنت‎ AN ۱ MN A AAA RARA Ka LM 1 0 KA M ty. Tribune Pees deed `‏ وو d Wika M eM‏ D D ۵ . ` a Li ` » ۹ . ۳ ۹ e 5 “Le a e . ٦ ۰ ۹5 5 ۰ Lt + v. A ۰ 1 La” AAA ‘ AL ٦ 2 atat و‎ Y v ` ۹ ale vi 0 ٠ a ۹ $ $ ۰ Oy, A A sa za? è A ں٦‎ e ` Vee 4 5 ۰ pa “® یورم‎ rar vL ۹ ٠ 4 +a ARAS e à » aka ab d L| ك‎ d wir? ۹ ۹ . DAS 1 ad ote e.” e 2 - . ۰ L Oé d Ah A ۰ di $ (kA ۰ ۰ t E pa O «Me 8 4 . a ۰ ۰ ` LIAC ۰ as ۹ ab ` ۰ is communi paper that focuses on th happening in Ames and the Ames High School through the Ames Daily Tribune ..... at what's the Ames Daily 174—Ads سم مرکم کے Agency, Incorporated e THE SPOT FOR HOMES A Complete Real Estate Service for City Property All Types of Personal and Commercial Insurance Ph. 232-6401 426-5th Street Ames, lowa REAL ESTATE: INSURANCE: Bill Vogt Al Stoll Chuck Sondrol Neal Popelka Darrel Freel Blaine Jenkins Merle Garman SI'S PHILLIPS’ 6 24th and Grand Complete Car Service PICK-UP AND DELIVERY e dat b Here's one you'll like,” assures Chris at Student Supply. STUDENT SUPPLY STORE Spiral Notebooks—Pens and Pencils Loose Leaf Ring Books—Notebook Paper Sweat Shirts—Paperbacks SEE US FOR ALL YOUR SCHOOL SUPPLIES 2424 Lincolnway Ph. 232-7665 DAIRY QUEEN 123 Lincolnway These girls are living a little at the Dairy Queen. WALT'S NEWSSTAND Hallmark Greeting Cards, Magazines, Books, Fanny Farmer Candies 221 Main Street Ph. 232-0455 Lincoln Center Ph. 232-3113 Ads—175 ACCIDENTS AND BODY SHOP INC. ni Wreck Rebuilding Expert Spraying Ready to help you in any way at Oslund's Drug are Judy Frame Repair Glass Installation Church and Lesa Malcolm, both Ames High seniors. RAY'S PAINT i OSLUND'S DRUG 404 E. Lincoln Way ` Ph. 232-6205 d 308 Main Ph. 232-6342 30 YEARS' EXPERIENCE MPLOVEE OWNED OUR BEST WISHES TO AMES HIGH SÉ Downtown at 207 So. Duff In Campustown Mi at 112 So. Sheldon T اس‎ Salem. a B , y a A At Hy-Vee, Mary proves “There's a helpful smile in every aisle.” 176—Ads They go in the ignition, Rick! ALLEN MOTOR CO. Chevrolet—Opel Buick 5th and Douglas Ph. 232-2462 -e -= - ۳ oon جو و‎ ] TT ae ae eT ae ae یت‎ CW WR SS SANS SAS wn ۰ ہے‎ eg ke + و ۰ ۰ ر‎ AAA A Ah A Ah Ahh ر‎ A + Ah Ah AA Ah +4 ++ i SSSI WS | e a ee | RKR hin es باب جم‎ d de de d dee der de ed id dede cde ode rd de de جج جج جج اچاب جب با ہے رڈ ے سح س‎ جج وج‎ E E tee te CSS ۱ CSS مج‎ + Xr de de چا جج ےج‎ d Ca S ا ا‎ S SES ها‎ de d. de dede ج‎ e , Sette tte چم مج و‎ ++ e+ + eet oot A a de de + + ب + چا‎ EKIO Ze Lamm با‎ ch] می‎ etw ٭‎ peter www www www WAT ttt Ph ۰ 2 3 2 3 624 de de de die di. de de es UMEN OOOO ٦ اج‎ DOG : و‎ o En I 3 302 Main Ames, lowa We'll take one for the lounge, Nancy. y hr Home of the Magniticent Magnavox MUSIC HOUSE BOB'S MILEAGE Complete Service for Your Car 311 Lincoln Way Ph. 232-9836 ORNING GLASS CO. Auto Glass—Mirrors—Plate Glass Patio Doors—Shower Doors Ames, lowa 319 Lincolnway 232-3764 STANDARD OIL DIVISION OF AMERICAN OIL CO. AMERICAN MOTOR CLUB à eee A — o o — لے ارب ھا‎ OC a m popol AS YOU TRAVEL You expect more from Standard . and you get it! JIM'S STANDARD Across From the Highway Commission Heated 25c Self-Service Car Wash Complete Car Service AIR CONDITIONED AMES' LARGEST STANDARD STATION Ads—177 BATES JEWELERS WATCHES OMEGA—TISSOT Headquarters For Smart Jewelry Styles Sterling and Gold Charms—Charm Bracelets Pierced Earrings and Pendants High School Class Rings 2502 Lincoln Way Phone 232-2515 Everything from leather to lace is displayed by Cathy and Janet at Stephenson's fabric shop. Stephenson 5 Che largest selection of quality fashion fabrics anywhere in Jowa PAUL R. JONES SHEET METAL CO. Heating, Air Conditioning and Spouting SINCE 1914 364 S. Duff Ph. 232-6252 LANDSBERG PHARMACY “Get a perfect gift for that special somebody,” advises Rick Butler to Barb Hoff at Bruce Ross. University Rexall 2402 Lincoln Way Ph. 232-5175 Ka Boss by the campus The Place to Meet Your Friends When You Attend l.S.U. L-WAY RESTAURANT CAMPUS TOWN QUALITY MERCHANDISE AT DISCOUNT PRICES 54 Full-Line Departments y Y % Frank and Steve Sherwood find the decisions tough with the wide selection in Arlan’s men’s clothes. lowas Leading Discount Department Store Chops Down Prices On Everything You Need, And It's All First Quality With An Absolute Money Back Guarantee. Lincoln Way and Grand Open Monday Thru Saturday 10 A.M. to 9 P.M. Sunday 12 to 6 With good intentions, Frank shows Steve the large selection available in Arlan's sporting goods. In The Lexicon Of Life . . . There Is No Such Word As Fail —BULWER-LYTTON Ads—179 ۱ ۰ LI Ki mm P ےہ‎ e mmm IT ër gg —XX = LE GS ہے ی — — ہے کل‎ PL سے‎ | ——— 9—— — mm - - — - سے‎ e EMO T - ۳ EI - . E y y - o qe PTS E سی ‎ ge oe — mme Áo emm, HANSEN'S MOBIL STATION Lincoln Way at Kellogg P Ús Sr SEE ىم‎ LJ e ` ۱ y 1 LI PHONE 232-9715 1 c مرب‎ - Dr 0 e 7 5 اس‎ a Kr T ۳ » KA 4 d? ae WA SÉ EE O ae ` An untuned car is trouble but not for Kirk Van Scoy at Hansen Mobile. FRANGOS RESTAURANT FOUNTAIN SERVICE PIZZA STEAKS and CHOPS 210 Main Street Ph. 232-9710 School and Office Supplies Deann is just buying her “sole” from Scott Woldruff. Typewriter Sales and Service Greeting Cards BROWN-SHOE FIT H c. Lë std. n tised Brande Photo Supplies Books Ames Stationers 313 Main Ph. 232-6633 180—Ads re PENAS | 5 Ze ۰ 22 3 “One family bucket and an order of cole slaw coming up,” says Val Emdia at Kentucky Fried Chicken. —Featuring— JIM MILLER'S ۳ oe KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN DRIVE-INN RESTAURANT lake Home | 511 Lincoln Way Hiway 69 Sout Ames Ames Wow! What food could be better when accompanied by service from Kris and Marlene? CARR HARDWARE INC. HARDWARE STORES | Í ERE ر‎ HELP YOURSEL ee, 1 = Over 16,000 Items For Your Convenience These boots are made for walking, guarantees Marcia Wierson at Archie's Shoe Repair. When Your Shoes Need Repairing, Think of Hardware—Housewares—Appliances—Paint P 9 Hearth Departments—Gifts—Sporting Goods ARCHIE Lawn and Garden Supplier Hoover Cleaners GOODYEAR SHOE REPAIR FREE DELIVERY PHONE 232-6324 Boots and Loafers 107 WELCH IN CAMPUSTOWN Ads—181 mH HARRIS BU TVS APPLIANCE 335 Lincoln Way Ames COLLEGE PIPE SHOP Your Corner English Pipe and Tobacco Store Corner of Lincoln Way and Welch Apparel of Distinction 308 Main St. Ames 182—Ads Smartest in Fashion Finest in Quality MEN AND BOYS Sl, 07 ge. xs Campustown-120 Welch Downtown-Main Burnett Ph. 232-6135 GIFT AND CHINA SHOP China—Crystal Decorating Accessories 413 Douglas Ph. 232-4215 JONES LUGGAGE AND LEATHER STORE Ladies’ Handbags Samsonite, American Tourister Skyway Luggage Billfolds, Brief Bags, Attache Cases 310 Main Street Ph. 232-6260 d | U ۳ ۱ a ae تس‎ J. C. PENNEY CO. ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY Ames, lowa Yevines PAINTS and WALLPAPER ` B Paints B Wallpaper B Artists’ Supplies B Picture Framing B interior Decorating 214 Fifth Ph. 232-5265 AMES, IOWA Mice don't scare Norine as she displays one of the many wild animals at Nims' toy department. NIMS Serving the Best With the Best Phone 232-148۱ or 232-1482 225 Main Street Ames, lowa PHOTO FINISHING Color—Black and White Enlarging Personal Greeting Cards Polaroid Copies Billfold Pictures COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY Architectural ۱ ۱ ۱ industrial Showing the latest in lawnmowers is Dale Woodward at Peterson OK Hardware. For a Complete Selection of Hardware, Houseware, Paint and Gifts See Amer! Only PETERSON OK PHOTO FINISHERS HARDWARE Since 1948 121 Main P.O. 908 230 Main 232-3054 Campanile lowa State University Ph. 232-7363 Ads—183 RAY JEWELERS AMES Quality Diamonds LUMBER COMPANY e A 501 Lincoln Way EE JEWELER Ph. 232-4772 AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY 236 Main Street Ph. 232-4751 WHEELOCK CONOCO SERVICE p 7 A 1 ۳ بد‎ » ۰ p TA y ACES LN 7 P TTE LI . Ha pe T y a ` Zei ۳ | , » LA maty Y y 1 7 A گ1‎ ۷۱ i , = | 2 A? we i 7 Es - t a IAWN, 7ر7‎ ) ite OE 0۰۰ l SANE A? An a mn) te E 47+ پر‎ AD r”. s - رہہ‎ ` — ۱ XX 729 Wes | کج‎ ME Vo uet. ESRR H ار‎ Ka: - Kë (RG . dv dS i Eisd SE EC ۱, APO à ' ۰ | d d d ۱ ۱34 hx ۱ ۱ ۱ T 'À atu E: ' l se w ` 1 D - ی2‎ .- 1 E — ee — — mm ën fg E Ef emm Conoco Products Firestone Tires and Accessories 6th and Douglas Ph. 232-4544 No, you can't take it with you, girls, as Cyndi, Barb, Nancy, and Judy ride the Wheelock wagon. : ke ke ke ka .. Hi i B Ready for the after-game dance are Barb Heggen and Vicky Haggerty in their outfits from Younkers. Congratulations, Seniors! S. HANSON 323 Main ` Ph. 232-2320 LUMBER CO. INC. | YOUNKERS STORE HOURS— Monday—12-9 P.M. Tues.-Sat.—9:30-5:30 212 Duff Ph. 232-5152 184—Ads TO OUR HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS We think we have a wonderful bunch of kids in Ames. We're very proud of you, hate to see you grow up, and we'll miss you when you go on to bigger things ... as we know you will. DEPENDABLE SINCE 1869 CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS! Congratulations, We hope to continue serving you in your col- Glace of 0 lege years. See us for that perfect wardrobe— the newest in college apparel. LOOKING INTO THE FUTURE: To build or buy your own home as soon as you are financially able is wise ... and will pay good dividends. H. L. MUNN LUMBER CO. ESTABLISHED 1891 Main and Duff Ames, lowa Greeting life’s drudgery with a smile and a new outfit from Town Campus is Tina Hagge. TOWN CAMPUS We Are Pleased to Serve You— 2514 Lincoln Way Whatever Your Needs— (Across From Friley Hall) LARGE or small Ads—185 GO FIRST CLASS GO TO HERB'S PHILLIPS ‘t's Performance That Counts! hotel. sheldon munn Stan Harlan -— z a For Your Dining ' n 77 Pleasure elo, kå ETT 2 ٰ ۱ 412 South Duff Stan Harlan | e ا‎ South of Holiday Inn RESTAURANT Heated 25c Self-Service Wash Stall HOTEL SHELDON MUNN All First Class Phillips Products Tune-ups, Batteries, Shocks, Accessories AMES ۰ 232-5495 | What's up! With fashion ... CLIMB THE SPIRAL Il | STAIRCASE TO SEE Linda Hicks is no apple-polisher but there's no doubt WHAT'S UP! att... er e ۱ 1 , 81. Sëch ٠ (Ni: P 4 7 ۹ a she has quite a selection at Ames Fruit and Grocery. AMES FRUIT GROCERY LBJ Groovy Judy McMahon is ready 416 MAIN to help you at White's. AMES Second and Elm 24th and Grand Colorado and Lincoln Way 186— Ads Bulova, Longines, and Wittnauer Watches VARSITY CLEANERS Diamonds Quality Dry Cleaning’ ch TENER Towle and International Complete Laundry Service Sterling Silver SWANK'S JEWELRY 120 Hayward Ph. 232-1055 319 Main 232-6460 Wellhouse ae Photography عو‎ 3417 West Lincolnway GRAND AVENUE STATION Your Skelly Man I3th and Grand Ph. 232-463 | Ads—187 — - —- mz - € - —— —— ہے‎ —— D 5 S! ` ہے ہے‎ —Ó AT Rem ہبہ ےچ‎ +. — -— ہے‎ M mg — — = eee 2 — ——— == ہے۔‎ H - dm e -u = - mo ۰ -. - = = ۳1 - ہے‎ e mp E — — - æ em LJ Kam manag, a. û Prescription Specialists APOTHECARY SHOP 52| Duff 218 Main VAN VOORHIS GREENHOUSE Sfan Harlan Kevin Madden is a clean living man and finds all the necessities at Fastco’s Drug. | When you think of flowers, think of ours. Hwy. 69, North FASTCO DRUG | 16 iowa electric light and power company Ph. 232-3161 B instant energy NATURAL GAS DIVISION lowa Electric is proud to serve and be a part of the Ames Community School District Stan Harlan What's cookin'? asks Cindy Ustrud at lowa Elec- tric Light and Power. 188—A ds AMES BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Stan Harlan Lyla's perfect evening at the Christmas formal starts out with a corsage from Coe's. 1 -— E Pete Conis COE S HOUSE OF A penny saved is a penny earned as Tom and Ted 0 at Ames Building and Loan. It is Our Pleasure to Serve the Home Mortgage Loans Students at Ames High School. Insured Savings Accounts 6th and Grand Ph. 232-5432 424 Main Ph. 232-2714 TUTTLE’S THERMOGAS AND APPLIANCE INC. 233 South Duff—Ames, lowa Caloric Ranges Hamilton Washers and Dryers Admiral Refrigerators Fedders Air Conditioners Harwick Ranges Torro Lawn Mowers Speed Queen Washers and Dryers Ph. 232-2610 IVAN L. TUTTLE, Owner اس LE‏ — $ , i H | lj y M AU $ ۱۷ d. ۱ | | Pete Conis There's something for everyone’s taste at Eddie Quinn— even Tim and Paul's. WEAVER'S JEWELERS EDDIE QUINN Orange Blossom—Diamonds With the Young Person in Mind FINE TRADITIONAL CLOTHING icket Campustown—Between the Theaters B 9 E ass Weejuns Levi's Gant 2416 Lincolnway 232-4233 109 Welch Ph. 233-1182 Ads—189 Y a EP — e a O0T—— 190—Ads Congratulations to the Class of 1970 HILL'S STUDIO 2530 Lincoln Way ہے‎ eee GS جو ہے کہہ‎ er Ge کت ن‎ er Pete Conis Showing Jeff Shelton and Bob Myers all the possibilities for their senior pictures is Mr. Hossle at Hill's Studio. Ph. 232-4570 MATHISON MOTORS Ford—Maverick—Fairlane—Thunderbird Mustang Low Cost Financing 323 Fifth Ph. 232-5521 Stan Harlan l'll take two!” exclaims Mary Lou et Mathison's. Society Brand Clothes Arrow Shirts Wembley Ties Haggar Slacks Puritan Sportswear Munsingwear Gleneagles Use Our Convenient Parking Lot Entryway Durlam Durlam Known for Good Clothes’ WEST STREET GROCERY 2902 West L A R S O N S Stan Harlan “Come on, Harley, help us find the engine,” say Jeff Herrick and Paul Clark. Dart—Dodge—Charger—Challenger BROWN'S SINCLAIR MOTOR Brakes, Tune-ups, Mufflers, SALES AND SERVICE Complete lubrication Lincoln Way and Kellogg Ph. 232-2551 105 E. Lincoln Way Station Phone—233-1057 AMERICAN MOTORS Office Phone—232-9769 FIRST NATIONAL BANK Look to the FIRST for... e FULL SERVICE BANKING e TWO LOCATIONS First mp Bank MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 5th and Kellogg 2320 Lincolnway Ads—191 Congratulations to the Class of 1970 and Continued Success to Ames High سے -— LR A‏ —— 2 چھ E TT‏ ہکات ا جک ت v‏ یس سح ہے ——— === سہ سس سج نے مرح IB ES‏ 2۳ ج LA‏ = - C‏ سے e‏ — THE McFARLAND CLINIC 192—Ads HALE FURNITURE AND CARPET Lincolnway in Downtown Ames PR‏ وہر m a‏ I‏ Lm , D . سی سے‎ di. ace: al m y ad am wu E vi i SR. ege) Im — o Pete Conls Congratulations, CLASS OF '70 Stan Harlan also 2810-12 West Street—I Block West of Univ Entrance See our complete display of wig, wiglets and falls specialized wig styling o . ٠ A 1 ہس‎ ` Ec. e 4 E E D Stan Harlan “Let us get a head,” says Randy Johnson at Fareway. GARDEN FRESH VEGETABLES ORCHARD-FRESH FRUITS THE BEST IN MEATS COMPLETE STOCK OF NATIONALLY ADVERTISED CANNED FOODS OVEN FRESH PASTRIES FAR EWAY STORES 4 ٩۱ NOMIECALT. toon DISTIRIN WESTGATE وی‎ oasis ۱۱ BEAUTICIANS II (separate outside entrance) 3 BARBERS 3 Appointments If Desired 2810-2812 West Street Men's and Ladies’ Hair Pieces Styled and Sold Also—Falls and Wiglets py COSMETIC STUDIO Open Six Days and Evenings Till Midnight Dial—292-1536 Walk-ins Welcomed Ads—193 EE e - سے‎ ÀÀÀ MÀ M—— M € Too — o Urat. Fe ege — dh COM il Am A oc: رو ں‎ SL. LL a رو‎ OA سے‎ Ce utl ad diis ss I: e í e و‎ ds a Py ے‎ dii did ee ھی ہے‎ DOWNTOWN SHOP 312 Main Ph. 232-5314 COLLEGE SHOP 2406 Lincoln Way Ph. 232-6850 Stan eran Pretty as a picture is Mimi in this dress at Bobby Rogers. Engeldinger d YOUNG PEOPLE'S OUTFITTERS 314 Main 232-4705 6408 8 وه E y m m o MM A - -‏ و ہا ہے کت سے EN e - - o‏ — Stan Harlan Carol helps you find the perfect match at Engeldinger's. 11 94—Ads Come on, Bev, light my fire. Stan Harlan verts FLOWERS e GIFTS e CANDIES 412 Burnett Ph. 232-5635 It pays to look your best. Let a protessional dry cleaner take care of your clothes. AMES PANTORIUM Finest in Cleaning 410 Douglas Ph. 232-4302 KNAPP INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. A. B. “BEEZER KNAPP PHIL LARSON “Insurance Is Our Only Business 615 Kellogg Ph. 232-7060 -— ہے ہہ A mm‏ اج MÀ‏ — ہے a ALLL LID‏ ی ce‏ ي ک صٔ۱۔جخ۰ ےل سس ا = 9 .ا‎ Plumbing Heating FLOOR COVERINGS 402 Main Bob Van Voorhis Ph. 232-4151 Since | 923 LINOLEUM—CARPETING—TILES RUGS—CERAMICS—FORMICA 120 Kellogg 232-808 | Home means more when the carpet on your floor is from Heaton's. Congratulations, Seniors! y a ۱ | ud M Ev ٦ -— UNION STORY TRUST SAVINGS BANK Your Friendly Main Street Bank AMES BANKING CENTER SINCE 1882 Main at Burnett Ph. 232-2362 Office at North Grand Shopping Center BALDUS REAL ESTATE INS. CARTER PRESS, INC. 103 S. 3rd (in Tuttle Bldg.) Creative Printers LARRY B. BALDUS and Lithographers Office Ph. 206 WELCH AVE. AMES, IOWA 232.6007 Res. Ph. 232-7862 or 232.7457 Ads—195 THE BOOTERY Now at Two Great Locations Downtown—Sheldon-Munn Hotel Campustown—at Bobby Rogers THE BOOTERY Always young fashion shoes 196—Ads SCHOENEMAN LUMBER COMPANY “Get on the H F Bandwagon —if you dare! H F BUILDERS Headquarters for Hardware PAINT—PLY WOOD—LUMBER AND ALL OTHER BUILDING SUPPLIES Main and Northwestern Ph. 232-2372 Stan Harlan Barbecuing is a year-round activity with David Gibbs and Virgil Fowles. : Get on the mer H F BANDWAGON | Min و‎ P eg i 1 Lët A ETE SN A 7 KAN ۳٣ e ۱ - Y ro ی سے‎ A 2T “af - ` 9 Pete Conis AND HUNZIKER FURMAN REALTY New Homes and 232-4214 803 24th St. Real Estate Sales Captains Doug and Jon buy their tires from Bill Waters at WATERS FIRESTONE DIESEL SERVICE AND AMES PLUMBING SUPPLY COMPANY Congratulations, Seniors! STEVENS MEMORIAL CHAPEL 24-Hour Ambulance Service Congratulations to the Class of 70! 28th and Grand Ph. 232-5473 Ames, lowa 50010 Linda and Marilyn discuss the technical aspects of plumb- ing at Ames Plumbing Supply Company. MIDWEST TRANSPORTATION INC. CHARTER BUS ESCH BUSES 2 TO CHARTER FOR SCHOOLS, CAMPS, CLUBS, BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS, C OLLEGE GROUPS 232-7270 Ames, la. 1501 East Lincolnway Ads— 197 e وس‎ e = 0 sa : ES = « - E 3 =f = ám ۰ O 27ھ‎ e | Y - Lii = EU ee O a o e = Em L.E LLJ SE HM RS uw . EN 0 LL) == U vn = Q che i === P cO o i Ka س س س س سس u‏ = — - —- —— — CAMPUS DRUG ALLAN Drugs MACHINE SHOP س0٠38‎ 20 No Job Too Large or Too Small U.S. POST OFFICE 224 Duff Ph. 232-6505 2430 LINCOLN WAY Ph. 232-4252 ` Beauty begins with your khair” ANDERSON'S BEAUTY SALON 7 Operators To Serve You 2528 Lincoln Way Ph. 232-2155 The Favorite Clothing Store For Young Men. VISIT OUR STUDENTS SHOP Good food served by Maureen Mulhall and Diane Davis makes a meal complete at Richard's. oa E ۱ 0 a uu 4 7 y e ۱ 11۳ 3 Jerome is one out-of-sight newspaper boy! RI CI | A RD S Serving Buffet DES MOINES REGISTER Noon and Evening AND TRIBUNE WEST LINCOLNWAY 2500 Lincoln Way 3012 Kellogg CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS! Ads—199 qu MMBURGERS | Jeffs sa EN yy di AA BR: SHOP AMD COMPARE... AMY WHERE! ONTGOMERY W AR D FOR FEATURES! POR VALUE کے حم “I'll grant ya,” declares Bonnie to Linda and Mary, “there is definitely something wrong with the motor.” OLSON'S 66 SERV. The gasoline that won the West 232-3274 510 L-way Ames, lowa 25c Self-Serve Car Wash Automatic $1.00 Car Wash 2 Music is in the air at Ward's and enjoying the atmosphere are Kelton Nelson, Denise and Debbie Beverlin. DEE i | Li ` l —À — MAD st 45 M ۱ : j CHEESE-RITE 50 d 7 mw | MOT HAM 45 | ۱ ۲ SANDWICHES THAT ARE SATISFYING ۱ 00 ISH50 SHAME SS WE ۱۱۱۲۷ CHEESE 40 CHICKEN 5 o | Ei: 30 COMEYS 45 TERDERLOIN y MAID-RITE PAS COPYRIGHT 1934 -MAID-RITE PRODUCTS, INC EATS REQ. ہے‎ 8 PAL ہچ‎ SERVING AMES FOR 55 YEARS | e 423 Main Where Friends Service with a smile is the policy demonstrated by Mark Smith, Lynne Meet LO Eat Burdick, and Steve Oates at the Maid-Rite. Ads—200 20th CENTURY BOWLING EARL HOLTZ BILL NAIRN DEAN KNUTSON BOB CAREY ZAC DUNLAP 110 Main Street precision typewriters office supplies—cameras HECHT’S 209 main st.—phone 232-2467 e AX What's this? Becky has a higher score than Bill! 517 S. Duff Ph. 232-5530 IHE BEST OF CARE FOR BETTER WEAR Lincolnway Ph. 232-2952 and W alnut Ads—201 = — Ads—202 North Grand Rexall Drug North Grand Shopping Center WALTER REXALL DRUG 217 Main Jim's ready for just about anything from dragging to parking in this new car from Larry Peterson. RUSSELL STOVER CANDY PRESCRIPTIONS COSMETICS LARRY PETERSON GREETING CARDS BABY NEEDS MOTOR CO. TOYS Mercury—Lincoln—Montego English Ford—Cyclone 429 So. Duff Ph. 232-7474 Sweatshirts Pennants Stuffed | 4 Animals | £g Pillows 1 1 Windbreakers | H Cindy's having a hard time trying to decide which dress ج‎ she'll take from the mod selection at the Daisy. | Chuck's telling you all to get your sweat- ۱ ; e ACLY shirts from Collegiate Manufacturing. Califomia Fashions For the Young and The Young at Heart! MFG. CO. 307 Main AMES e IOWA OPEN YEAR ROUND Sunday-Thursday II A.M.-11 P.M. Friday-Saturday ۱۱ ۸۱-۱2 Midnight HENRY'S DRIVE-IN Ph. 232-5613 524 Lincoln Way Ames, lowa Ads—203 GENE RAL CONTRACTORS .. cr | 1.7 de e 194% EM ۱ D = E 4 p r . T i d ج“‎ QE ٠ “tek, A = wo Rick’s thoughts are no place else when he’s at work at the Someplace Else. COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION 1 ۱۳ A n d 8 ۹ in Franchise Contra Sra ا‎ ml ی‎ a —Offi ildings— ildings— i —lenni d EE Office Buildings—Steel Buildings—Parking Lots 5 SOM E P LAC E E LS E 1 ALSO COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL REMODELING SIEDELMANN 125 Welch Ave. CONSTRUCTION CO. Campustown 232-3000 2223 Edison Ames 232-4444 1 24 Years of Banking Service to Ames and Central lowa . . . » . . . if you're an Ames High student, your parents—or even your grandparents—have benefitted from the many banking services of UNIVERSITY BANK AND TRUST. We've been growing with Ames since 1916. More than 52 senior classes ago, we began our long tradition of wanting to serve you better. — — wo w meng gr —MÀ n Our downtown office at Main Street and Grand Avenue offers full banking services from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mon.-Thurs. Closed Saturday. Two drive- up feller lanes assure you of fast, efficient service. UNIVERSITY BANK AND TRUST COMPANY IÉ—————————————————— o————— — سے‎ Full Banking Services at 2 Convenient Locations . . To Serve You Better Cam pustown and Downtown A MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Ads—204 GENERAL FILTER COMPANY Design—Construction—Erection PRODUCTS: Iron Removal Filters Water Softeners Aerators and Degasifiers Chemical Feed Equipment Coagulators and Mixers Swimming Pool Equipment Ph. 232-4121 Ames, lowa LITTLE CYCLONE CLUB On Our Silver Anniversary THE CLASS OF '45 Salutes The Class of '70 421 S. Duff 232-2880 Eat In—Carry Out DELIVERY Ads—205 Index A Austin, Mrs. Phyllis ....... oorr 42 Bear Miete lure eoo à x eke پا ا ا‎ ATO) ۳۱۱0۳5۵۱۳ o uw 9322. 70, 127, 206 BERO GORR. Aren del vi to ASS ABBOTTS ELIO e e COONS ET Re a | 70, 127 Beas. 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Boyd, Debbie Larson, Joan Waters, Connie Beard, Boylan, Marla . i. 127, 68, 70 Mary Shaughnessy, Josie Timmons, Mary Healy, Terry Hale, Gloria Jones; second, Jane Graca, Deb Drayme, Craig Ever ETT we 127971 Carlson, Laura Scott, Jaci Jutting, Barb Eldridge, Karen Ring, Barb Dunlap, Julie Kinseth, Kathy Geist, Brekke, Vicky E کا ا پت وش‎ EE 27, 146 | Jean Svec; third, Mary Serovy, Karen Baker, Mary DeReus, Domini Glass, Marti Lovely, Kathy Zack, Alice Breckenridge, Bob... 137 Beer, Buffy Axtell, Becky Willrich, Tina Hagge; back, Becki Smith, Sandy Albertson, Margaret Ryding, Brentnall, Luann بب بب بے‎ 127, 74 | Kathy Scholten, Nancy Talbot, Marty Pace, Sherilyn Kelso, Sue Case, Tina VanOosbree, Pam Satre. Brown, Annette ۰۰۰۰۰۰۰ همم موم موم‎ 146, 75 | Brown; Barbara sn و‎ EE 127 سیب سس‎ Brown, Mrs. Dorothy o = 7ھ‎ 42 | ۱ Brown; Kathy) = ت3‎ aro eee es 146, 74 | | Brown: Leuten? هو دب‎ elementos 146,83 | Brown; Mrs. Pam 22:22... 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EAT وپ دہ ےک ےہ‎ 76, 82, 147 A a AA کے ہے ہے یو‎ TE یا‎ 127, 74 Davies, JIN NC ںہ ہیں میں اش‎ 109, 149, 155 Elwell Kathryn Ak 128 ہیں ہیآ ات‎ The مر‎ EE 137 Davis) Carol... an Ge E 83, 86, 149 Emdiazi Terry tt nt Mere. 8 سا‎ 128 ۲2۱3333۱۳۵۵۲۵ aca Cas ta al 127 Daves DION. m cin 57, 76,77; 137; 1437 199 Emdia; Valerie و‎ aee e 86, 149, 181 الو وت ہا رت‎ BEIOI a 127, 103 Davis ROO me دہ چاے‎ dc» hor re ا و‎ 128 Eness) Dave «eve a E TR OE CERO 138 وص رر اد رتا‎ LEG = uus co کی و‎ Ree, sz. 37, 96 Dauis Lindo. 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TIL 93, 106, 140, 152 Hibner Jim نے رر ہے ےکی‎ a SN 129 Hickiin, ۳6 ھت ما یو ہے‎ a A 67 Hicks, Linda i- assu o dE EE 86, 139, 186 Hicks; AM 2: vuv wa ESTEE 129 Highland, Mrs. Donna...» sees Ee 43 Highland, Greg. .— —-— ود داد درد‎ A 139 Highland; Mary ess ma LT 86, 129 Highland, Rick... raa LA 139 Hildebrand, Dave ........ 57, 59, 103, 129, 118 Hildebrand, Steve ........... 102, 103, 109, 129 Hildebrand, Tom . 50, 56, 57, 59, 60, 91, 152, 116 Hilmer Mr. Keth 2 eee EPI 43 Hird;Marilyn Leeds DESEE 139 Hiserote, JOy کٹ ری بے کے ےہ‎ o ۳ 68, 9 Hoag,Marsha.. «esse یت می تع‎ 152 HoftzBarbi--s cc oa is oo or eee 139, 178, 215 Hott) Eisie® lE. mere 70, 72, 129 Hott; Keith. ii ee EEN 152 Hoffman; Christy ہے‎ rere EE وہ دہ‎ 68 Hoffman; Sandra... a a 53, 129 Hogan, Ken ii a ا‎ EE EE 69, 139 Holder, Irma) Lei ee 152 Holder, John: ےہ‎ «2.5%. 2 eee 103 Holdredge, Gindy: sss weree a 129 Holdren; Helena mesa EE 152 Holaren Michael SINS 103.108,129 Holdredge, Gol. ` pias sti نی‎ O NP Holmes; ¡Sharon asc EC 76, 129 Holt; Elsie’ iii E 69 Holthaüs; Kathy ata alas ا ےہ‎ 86, 129 HOMECOMING.. oS 46-49 Homer, Margaret: armo EEN ... 720; 1253 Hoover; Dennis: ۵ ا ا‎ 69, 79, 75, 82, 139 Hopper, Steve sew ans ea 60, 74, 129 Hoskins;.Karole 1. 74, 152 Hotchkiss, Tom ......... 65, 67, 72, 74, 79, 139 Houlson: Vani: oc کک‎ Soa A E 152 Howe..Trevor ces eT a ا کیہ‎ 139 Howerlon;linda ees EE 75, 139 Howerton; Mark o d ve « ER EE 129 Huffer, Mrs. Anne Mae اتد ات کے 2ے‎ e eta 45 Hünziker, Dave: وت پا‎ sec wt eat UC ORENSE 49, 152 91, 93, 96, 106, 107, 144, 149, 152, 168, 197 Hunziker, Jon ... HürlDut; Gherie e 28 nto Ed 85, 86, 152, 215 Huston; George یت‎ Gente neu teen 129 Hüstonz Dave. OS EE 89, 153 Hotchcrott, Dennett: ھا اب کے‎ OR 139 «Eb. Ah A -— 7 -— n ججحت‎ C GELUeAu یو‎ ih J A- A AAA mmm کت‎ EA áo omm - AA DAT TR Sy ۲۳۲۲ DÁM Serr‏ ےہ چس - Sa ARSS AEREA Ke 43‏ اوس تح ہہت 129 ,73 ,72 اپاپ ٹکو A ARA Y‏ e IW‏ کول ld NAN‏ :104 ای یہ Tut ig‏ Hutchinson, Bob .......... 27, 91, 96, 109, 139‏ Hutchinson, Cyndi NN ANNER S 153, 184‏ AS RAR AAA 109, 129‏ A A AO TTE 139‏ SAS AAA A AR 153‏ SANS ER ۱‏ ہت نہ ہت وک دہ E rg Gna 139‏ وچ IVA veu‏ | Impecoven, Mr. Robert ............... 43, 109 NEE UMEN ANE ma vw s 206-213 cnet امت‎ PA A 104, 105 UNE ا‎ caia a sE a 108, 129 ری میں‎ TONNE ٦ 74, 183 ONO IO. 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Pete Conis 209 210 Müachedk Annus و‎ AA 74 Macheak, Mary .............. 34, 130, 140, 215 Machey, LaDonna هو یئ تیر تت6‎ 155 MOGGERS KEM Ey 471272733 aa € € 0E) 6 3 130 Madden, Kevin ........... 29,91, 121, 155, 188 Madden, Laurie ........... 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POÍTICIO و ہک ہک ہہ‎ a ٤ 82, 156 Meggie cob ی را‎ IR TES 156 WOT AMON IO هر وه‎ e X 68, 156 Moda; BOR Ss 91, 105, 144, 156, 157, 171 Mülhall رہ ۲۳۰۱۳۱ 7ا‎ EE ---- 08 140, 199 MOM S] AA ARTT stg lalate ere a a p Ei 103,131] MOMIAS ME AINE فا‎ aaa و‎ 43 MONTADA AT ain mita o iva UR ACHCECIT TT TRO 131 Munson; Will SAS AE es 96, 109, 156 La TIE Y 0 140‏ 3212€ از او Myers, Bob ...... 49, 91, 93, 113, 116, 156, 190‏ Myers; Bran dor rocio X: 70, 72, 131‏ aoe 156‏ ا CT DARBDIN La Tara hee eal EE‏ Aere AM SU uiu sa aru xu VR ACE eler 131‏ Myers WBhOV saccade ans d xxx x 57, 59; 13]‏ N‏ Neariboldio,; ABNOR hh Ma EP EE EG, 131‏ VTA 140‏ ا ا را کم ری ڈیر ہی ایت 8ی 76ا Nelson;‏ Nelson; Greg: ag igs VILL 70, 131‏ Nelson; Keltón seg ae 82, 158, 200‏ Nelson» LIONN cacas a hack suse naa EE 156‏ teins 83, 156‏ ای یں fe‏ کے پا fa iaa‏ راہ ہے ہو یہ EE 140‏ وس را AAA A‏ Nefcottz Manel ald 10 iO 156‏ Newton, CYUNGVs KR e O 57, 59, 65, 131‏ Newton, Dean ... 50, 57, 59, 60, 91, 96, 99, 109‏ 156 Nicholl! 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ERIS ERIS RISE. 72, 141‏ 156 ,82 ,86 اس ate pen‏ ا ا ا و ا Orton; Sandra‏ EDI E 86, 156, 200‏ ہیں ات Ostrem sill‏ ele.» 131‏ ود و Ostrem Lotte‏ o 0 e 83, 157‏ کس 6۰ Overland, Mary‏ Ready for take-off with soaring enthu- siasm is Sue Kaldor at a pep assembly. i 7 Clark Kent Owen, Gor ور رر رے۔‎ dEr A Owins, Marilyn Owings, Mike 307101097000100 ار ول‎ svo RD e HARE Face MOTINA sae ua 70, 74, 131, 206 Pace, Steve 50, 56, 74, 82, 110, 144, 157 Page, Mr: Kenneth 2522 new oy weet nolan 44 Fone, ROMBY) | yor arar le ETE 118, 119, 31 Paley; A ںاہ ہک ہا ا و ریا‎ O 157 Palmer, TOM رہ کہ ہا‎ aie wo oe EA 103, 131 NAAA ae r 131 CONOS Maria. ¿As whe a a E A EE 131 AA A adanadan N E 141 Pantenburg, Jim cocoa phere een eee 157 Pantenburg, Tom .............. 91, 96, 141, 189 Poppaás,; Terri... oa A UP رت‎ 157 Pappas, CHOLES کے لاو و و ہے‎ iaa y alc 83, 157 Parker; Dennis: 2 2 5r kc PT 103, 131 Parks, CUndW ¿verda ور‎ eae 131 Parks, Jane |» ¿Lia سے‎ 74, 141 Patterson, Alice ` ےر‎ E ieee NP Parrish Debbie +2 «+s ates رو ےت وی‎ 0 70, 131 Paulsen: Chris + iz ار‎ SE 14] Paulson, Mary acs sac ا‎ mas E 13] Peacock, Dorind ور‎ a ےو و‎ uam min و‎ aa 74, 131 Pedersen. Ron apoasa ey oe e a 157 Pederson, Judy Ll. de a e me 74,131 Pegiar, Brenna? +. o RAN 60, 74, 131 PEP ‘CLUB: ox o's reg fe eee oe 86, 87 Pepper, Pennie mass o وا‎ E 14] Percival, Janice رو ے۔‎ sas aa 2S CED 131 Percival: JM o DIR 96, 157, 161 Perry, Michael ےج‎ mais ts e AN 13] Petefish,,.Bobbie s a e s سیب‎ re 14] Peters, Charlotte. 000300001 E 75, 82, 147 Peters, DOVE a.u uk» n تد‎ eee 103, 131 Petersen, James... vk 000 SERM 131 Peterson, Betsy روہ وو نے ہے‎ AA 74 Peterson, Carole saate vases Ca 157, 76 Peterson, Elizabeth .............. 64, 126, 131 Peterson) | 877و و‎ 91, 93, 106, 157, 159 Peterson, James... rw «e 70, 108, 131 Peterson, Janine سح ہے‎ arara a a کر وہ‎ 83, 86, 157 Petterson, JUGY oa اوہ یک یہ سے‎ o O 72 Peterson; Mrs: Koren: saasaa aans ےد‎ pane 44, 136 Peterson i Larry ee nia ca و بس‎ 131 Peterson Linda. a cls o کر‎ 48, 82, 157 Peterson MOTY وو‎ cb e eee 157 Peterson; Mary oe n abo و مہ‎ 75, 76, 141 Peterson, Richard اہک مہا ہیا‎ APER sis 157 Peterson, Sue ........ 57, 59, 60, 144, 157, 215 Phipps; Becky. ismin rater E 70, 141 Recht: Nancy ar 131 Pier, Elizabeth... ے‎ oa ae E E 76, 131 Pille; John. ess eas tele ects iene CHE NP Pirtle, Dave... suse SIE رت دس مد او اس مه اشامت تہج‎ 131 Boken DEDA Cz. EO 80, 131 Pohorille, Mrs. Blanche .................-.. 44 Polhemus; Toma Lo OE 92, 83, 104, 157 Poole, TonL 2 ےج‎ oslo 141 Popelka, Diane: 2 sawak unae EE 141 Post; Kathleen: vir AS 85, 131 Posegate, Mr. David .............. 21, 44, 108, Potter Mark casara ا‎ 57, 65, 75, 93, 141 Powell Paula. .- ... xou EE کو کی‎ 157 Powell, SUSAN nr cee یت یا‎ 69, 72, 131 64, 65, 69, 72, 74, 79, 91, 106, 108, 121, 157 Powers, Mark ... Powers, Melody. Guiada ہی وہ ام‎ 70, 72, 131 Pratt, Cathy SL کی دہ ےا یٹ‎ 14] Price: BOB... ere eee DE EEN 131 Price, Richard, s wiere ہہ رٹ نے جم‎ 131 Prior.- Jam Rs e 69, 70, 131 Provow; Ronald: a cee 60, 109, 131 Pürvis, Wayne: oia کو عم دا ہد‎ 141 Pyle, Doug: دہ ہد‎ ۵ 91, 92, 93, 107, 141 Pyle Joyce 3 ee toa ا ا‎ EEE 74, 131 Quam) Jery venia ES 141 09066.601610 e a و ا ا ا‎ 75, 158 MA RAROS 131 OUT REN یی پٹ ہے او‎ ER 126, 131 UIN CIT t AA 158 Cet T TAS ur A SCENES: 65, 131 A oy ہی‎ Wt ACC Rc v YA V vols 141 At A A GAS 138 BENE سو ا‎ QUA AAA 44 Enc QR RA E NN XS X 143, 215 MM CU (RO Ce were e Echt vex 141 یہہ ی‎ NBN Ce وپ‎ AN E ENNEN پیے کا‎ 44 OT REO Ea k N lE OORT 158 MRS ORA ARRE EA 141 اکا ای ود وہ ںہ‎ EE ee 65, 131 A ROOST ICs e E CET 7 131 AT RA O پاپ ہے ےا‎ VEI 131 REC OO ea یا وک پا بد‎ 131 SEO FONE iii wun ees 76, 85, 141 وہہ‎ ed Darme Us. bw n 96, 141 MECHER AR a RA 14] ٹہ اج کی و کہ‎ | AC os kus Ss sf NN CIE 131 RO E y RR OWE ER S VA 165 aE WING ar AU 141 CA AN A E 131 AN SS we ore 108, 131 nu lut a 65, 158 Ru Kuren 109 57, 59, 60, 158, 206 Ripp, Mr. William ....... 38, 44, 57, 60, 144 Rache را ریہ لا‎ cvi O ا‎ es 158 Ritland, Mr. Everett ......... 38, 57, 59, 144 LOT Os BERO SCH eh eens EE 141 ARO ROR ۱ پوے‎ wn ras و‎ os e NN eg Zeg 159 ۱۳ ۲ E 75, 159 OC as a ta SE GRE EN 22 KEEN RA DEQE. la e A clo ee 131 OTO RAOIC موه وی‎ ia we elas 88, 141 ROSSI CWRIW ve ات و‎ A تع‎ ee eee NSN 70, 131 Las EIC Ne E SN کو مساق یں ۔‎ SS 14] TDS NA E E Be d E, 108, 13] AA cece a 14] Rowley, Mrs. Annere 3:225. 44. 35, 44 Roser ۵۸۰۰٠٠٣۷۹٣٣٦٣٦۶۳ 131 CATE و هه‎ SP AnITO Je EE eh de e 7 14] Ruedenberg, Ursula ............... 36, 159 AAA Ae EE. erg usd erg e 74, 131 Leute CUO aia a 131 TON LS kache, e کر ری و ریس و‎ 131 ROS [Se SC ee Ri dun A کے‎ A 70, 131 Ryding, Margaret .......... 67, 74, 131, 206 E E e 131‏ وت A IS eg 165‏ Sampson, Steve ... 16, 56, 57, 58, 59, 91, 159,‏ 215 bonds Il o rs a e RE 14] CN res ze 68, 91, 136, 141 دی رت‎ SONS «Bob oru lave oes 68, 159, 167 Sanderson. Mark . lou 69, 72, 141 Sundsgaaord, Sieve دج‎ nns 83, 165 Sandve, Bonnie .. 46, 48, 49, 50, 89, 159, 200 AA ری ا وو ار‎ EE EEN 131 AAA ری و‎ Ly a oti eret ka tara ا سی‎ 96, 109, 141 sSorgent Don v codage po Ka wi: n in o ER f uude 159 SOS AMO Jane... za xs uis uH IG a xa rade 36, 82, 14] SONE IONE os EEN 65, 74, 131 رس یں‎ cc eet. 65, 69, 74, 86, 87, 159 A CHI er Street O OTE MR 14] NAAA oS pe oS Seta ار‎ 85, 144, 159 او ہن بد‎ HIE 109, 141 Saure Brad SSS aa iaa ara 131 SAA ag fol A EE E 159 ہت‎ TE EE و کر لے‎ 14] SCONCE cd, MAIS را‎ 7778777777858 43 A SS A 68, 70, 142 وکا‎ 93, 159 Schaller Gur Ai 57, 59, 110, 142 Schottauer, Tom ........ 57, 59,67, 73,82, 142 CHE pe MESS Donna. AL ea e ule aca ant 44 SCOT واه‎ terres MS ae E e TUN UN 131 سر‎ ACA A A A A 83, 159 5bemapi Domi. ہے ہے‎ LOS رر را رت سار‎ 131 Dann Cross Displaying one of her many talents, Theresa Cook leaps over tricycles. Schioerkes Karl): ot ae هر ی‎ 70, 153, 160 SchlIUnz اک‎ ca daa ta erat A EE 140, 215 Schmidt, Christian ui 165 Scimia Mrs Mars. o erdt ute 44 Scumid b Mrs. Margarete: ox ia a N NP SCHmidb e 131 Schmidt; Sarai ںہ ہہ ہہ ہہ ہہ‎ 51, 131 Schneider, Larry. CSCS E OS 131 AAA ۱ TE NP ا6و و ولےٹ‎ Mrs. SOMO) ae eNO 44 Schneneman Jett ss so ee e 103, 118, 131 Schoeheman, John ............ 91,96, 106, 142 ochoMen, Jim می اد سا ہکا وچ دای و یو‎ eee 110, 131 ہو ا یں‎ KV «oo co sla aie 75, 76, 160, 206 SOFIE tte MAISON rc NN 82, 160 Schulze DOVE DA A ens 60, 142, 218 ech Ore وی ہا‎ a E ORE 142 Schumann Debbie ......... 67,75,79, 160, 167 ScHhwüartziRoaberiQs s bee OD و‎ 131, 134 SCOT ONG ar oe CT BE IEE E BE Auen 131 SCOTI ود‎ oo TER 68, 142, 116 Scott,Laura ... 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 76,160, 161, 206 SCENE ی ی رها‎ O me 44 COTE راز‎ Bere E Er e ا و‎ a E 160 ڈو وہہ‎ a وو وا ا یا اس ہہ‎ i Bernd, e مہ‎ gtt و‎ ee AA 166 Seidel Animus s iene ہیک ہیں ہا‎ be arare E ا‎ Ta 142 Sedek Miranda AAA 79 ےپ اہ اور روا‎ f RT HUMUS EE 142 Seifert) ار تو ور‎ er Lan e Wr eran crave 6 «t x 107, 106, 160 Seim, Becky (SR) .. 48, 49, 50, 57, 60, 65, 76, 89, 90, 160, 165, 201 Ria BECKY (IRI ISE aueh T 59, 74, 142 ISSCC eio or E wea ae dut aiar XA SENIOR, 6۱۱۷۱۲۱۴۹۱ «oder 166-172 SENIORS: © TERI seis iaa 140-163 رر‎ Maryse am wa eee eg me 60,133,206 Setterberg; Vickie... sa eseri ا‎ 29, 83, 160 oextons MOV 707 PLA E, 75, 160 SEXTON Matti vv EA x 108 SIMON PAN oe 2v se are e MATRE sete: Vs 108, 133 Sexton? Theresa xv vov Vx USE SE UU ERES LR VER 78, 142 alt Hercg Term ےڈ ہے شر‎ eee ele, e rd ee B5, ShHarinmzo5hifTa ee v PODEMOS VEI Ek 85, 133 Shaughnessy, Colleen 85, 142 Shaughnessy, Mary .............. 85, 160, 206 Searer, ۳۵۳۵ و و و‎ A 142 5۳۶۳۵ ہیں ےر ای اج‎ 23 ln herria eid ated re 165 Shearer, Howard. ....,1.... EE RNT y 507142 Shedd, Don ,..... VENE AUR EE 13 Ce 139 5۳۱6۵۱۵ IBGE! cun vier rat Ee EEN 142 Sna ltan tfo OT eis 57, 59, 60, 91 SAIC MONG i ae E E 82,133 enermanzAnmr Lev OP e AN 14, 133 Sherwgodib:brarik A vea e TA 160, 179 Snarwood; Steve ara wean 96, 142, 179 Shocky, Sandy. «voix or Vx 74, 76, 86, 141 SHOCKLEY John coser eU RS COTe EE 110, 142 Ica EVaIVIT کب‎ 68 5۱0۱۵ A E o 26, 160, Siedelmannz Gyndl criado 133 Sidelmaánn; GarV eco O EET 142 Siedelmann, Jann ....... 89, 160, 214, 215 SletertzGeraid cis vee OO 106 Sills; Brandi e sow cy oz ea Wal 267235321 OSO SE 160 USA SN. و اد‎ 86, 160, 189 SLIVERINON ۲ e 5٤ 83, 160 Simmons; KEN oin e Ne sva Ver a Cale EIER vase eC TOT 78 SIMONE, LON erate a 74, 133 Simons; RONAY یہ وہ سے‎ cs la 69, 72, 79, 146 SkdaberarLaurig m 5 EE 65, 142 SkarshaugaBoamim fel ea Ud aa 74, 85, 142 Skortman; اداد 6با‎ 8 Se LS E 142 Sletten- Mrz JONN SEL aga 44, 104 Smalling; MraROV caver ss o. vss ieee ا‎ ue 44 SAT GP Ade ss uke: ور نے‎ NEE 142 SMITH d lët رز‎ A els 131 Smith, Becki .. 57, 59, 60, 75, 76, 81, 86, 160, 206 5۲711۱11, 2۵۲۱۳۱۵ ۰ ۹۹٣٦ 167 SMIN (6۲۳۲ ۰ CR هم اه‎ Curie 26, 2 5۳۹۱۱۳۲2۱۱۵۲۱۳۱۵ ag E ee tne eee 74, 133 SmithALiaaws iva tu OE dde RE 161, 199, 215 Smith Deppen Zoe eoe rasa T ext TOI Re TOT eee 161 Smith وا‎ a eh 82, 161, 200 SmithaMrs: Mond او ار ام‎ baw kins aa 44 Smith; Nancy Lor pea یج‎ Se NP Smith OCR ie cm crore A cee SECHER 133 Snider; DeWawvneu dete v eras EE oe DOSTRES 142 Snider Randy . hu vies یو‎ inte EE 133 SHOOK- Bl S EE و می وا پا‎ eer e Te SE MIS n ETE IR) 160 SnyderzJanice TS O O SEEMS 142 AT Nee Ta et 133 Soden KIMA So A EE لا و‎ 9, 105, 142 Soderholm; Paul 242. a eye areal 70, 133 Sogard;Gariaes woo eoruni e dere are کک‎ 161 SogardplLouAnn ioe oro rrt URN SEES 133 Sonare ATAV EE 60, 76, 133 Songer Gretchen 5-7... تم‎ fedoras ele nee 142 Sorenson, Barb sasse ea aa aaa 133 Sörenson MS JAN =... GE 43 SOV Joe Een Kees 83, 165 SPANISEISECLEUB india ane AN EAE 80-81 Spaftcherz Mrz Geci و‎ e «re alate Inca lacio ed Uta 44, 116 Spatcherzdulie d ہیں ار‎ N بر مر‎ 79, 142 Spencer. Dan atar EE 109, 133 Spohnheimer, Cheryl .............. 69, 72, 161 Sprague Nancy e مس و ور ور را‎ 161 SPOUSE, GOL EA A ERE ain 96, 161 SDrowelli BOD bes IS EAL OA OS 110, 133 SOTO MIS ROGET I o A EE 25, 44 Sr lee RACK ExchanfgeesS ۶ ٦ 59 StafforazBriani و‎ aaa a ae 133 STOOL COI تا ےا و ےت‎ 57, 59, 93, 142 Stainiforth, Art ........ 57, 59, 60, 91, 16, 161 Stephenson, Craig Soph cantas o ROB 133 Stephenson, Craig 96i. e A E aA Ea 161 STE 026۲50 NANCY iaa ari 161 Sterner. LISO. eg E NS 161 Stevens, Celeste ........... 57, 65, 88, 89, 161 Stevens; Jane; ca ای یداو‎ EE 75, 142 Stevenson; VICKI iia e O 142 Ste Warr JIM مر ات ا دا‎ power ae aa و رو‎ ala ce 16] Stewart LAO WFENCE aaa ھی‎ SCS وو و ا‎ 142 Stone ¿Mrs Edwin. nara ee fee aye 44, MA A 133, 82 SOOP MOVA TL OLR AAAA IA AO 142 Stott Ranay کو دی و‎ 161 Stub; Doroihys se vray) E EE UR 72 Straker, Shirie acota aaa پا‎ 133 Iran d A LEROY CSI A E, Gea 142 SEO زی‎ Mrdioe e nea ا‎ ege 19 Strike Lowell ا‎ 00090009000 Ee 142 Sfrifzel i Denise ۰ ces. a 01 ۳۴ 74, 161 SIZE- Marla) ac. vice aes Ee 74,90,133 Sfródtman; Doves vo. atx (x Ee 70, 133 10ت‎ ۲۲6۷018: Mr; ROYO voor 25, 44, 163 211 -qy ا‎ -—— E سد‎ e ۱ | | EE t AA ram سے کے‎ n a SR .- —— + 0 SIUVe P Bil iei یرک‎ eae ء‎ Y hacac 70 142 Stuve, Dorothy: NNN ENEE roh xn ae 133 SUJUVON; “IBV e Y لی‎ a aA ark 133 SUMISO AMIA یں یں‎ V CR VIR و‎ pe 142 Sutherland, Marilyn . arana a ار‎ n ng 142 SURES و‎ ER وا‎ 60, 133, 206 رہب‎ To Il aa daa ML BSH RRA Chae Du 121, 161 ہہ رر ویک‎ Eh E Ee EAR PA UE A 82, 162 ION ا 6وت‎ a sa ری او ئا تر‎ E e AL 74, 133 CAVO KARIOK ida $712 pr ۸ 57, 91, 96 142 میں‎ ۵۳ LOG o cur و‎ ANA 142 SANSOM Anna aan oa ٣ 69, 81, 144, 162 SWanston; DOVE: iaa x USER Y À 69, 82, 162, 167 Swenson) Mr. Jertold s sisses innesperret 44 Gwenson; Kathy. reene 3787 814 TUR ple suave 74, 133 Su snsond Pam. eros AERA RCT HC 68, 72, 161, 162 SWANSON Pauls veu iro rox C8) یو ری‎ TAN 110, 133 SWIMMING esso 09 0 EE 108 ہے سا ییا‎ ép leren رد وه رف می وا‎ Bue 74, 133 ی و ید‎ MTS IDO ita: eege aaa al 44 Sydnesz DONNY) amada ا رو داد ای‎ 83, 162 SYNGHRONETTES یپوی را‎ oes © cee ke 80, 81 Talber Kent e «coc he sie VER EE lava ia 33 Taelber Marc یا رٹ ا‎ Weed OE 79,142 Talbot: ۸ 6ت‎ ۲ ۰ 2 ۰ ۱ ۰ ٣٣٣٣ 74, 133, 6 Tamashtinas.: John: وپ وج‎ sa ia a ols n 142 10۳90۱02 CUTE ۰ ۰ و هه و عم ا‎ 83, 162 Tannous?» Wadad ws ese وا و‎ B و یں ےو‎ 13 11141018۰1311691 رم یہ کیپ‎ es 76, 77, 86, 142 TOY OS EE EECH 162 Tempel SU uS Pis E a aS 76, 142 Templeton, Joyce ......... ۱۷۰ ۶ءء‎ 133 Tercv Stephen وی را وه ههد ۶ مه هد‎ 79, 162 ۲6٦0011٤۸ Gecki@: ۰ 2 2 ers و ا‎ 126, 133 60011020 ہیں‎ o voe E NOU cix E 133 ار اوہ ا0ہ‎ osse sorte xS 85, 144, 162 Theodosopoulos, Mike ........... eere 133 Inedil Mrs MOBIL zen eee ra Ee ER 43 ۲۳۱۵ ۱2 ۳۵۲۵۷ ۵ 2 eos 5 ۰ ۵ ale )اھ‎ 72, 142 ۲۲5۱۵5 ۳۱۵۳۱۵۲ فد دم‎ stars uiu هه ا‎ 133 Thomas- OTE VER او اہ اد ادا ہد ہہس ہو ہیں‎ wie 133 THOMAS, Mrs? Mary. Dee SN se wes a ssa. 45 3000000۸600 0 74, 147, 162, 7 Thompson; Christ تہ ا و‎ serials fener 75, 143 Mrs. Ward, Spirit sponsor, expresses shock that the deadline will be met. Dann Cross Thompson, Mrs. Evelyn ...... .0.... 0....... 44 Thompson; Gayle ۶۰ 2222472 ee 74,86, 143 THOMPSON) Jarome ۰: و ۶ رم 42و‎ 162, 199 THOMPSON, SyneftB. ; (2 pie nice و و سوم موه‎ 162 Thompson; MOT Kc x 9o ala ۴ 162 1٦۸0806,0098۲71 s ویر ہے دن ری‎ ae CARS 162 Thurston; Gare) ox ero و ری رر ےس ا‎ erh 133 TIAS SHORE: AA AOS, 65 TIFFANY Ren, ie o OR XC CA 143 Tiffany, Mrs Penny oai ar es rd a 44 Tilley, Chriafine conocio han Kr race 133 Timing, OOY. ia esas cree ean ے22۶7‎ 133 Timmons, Josie — ......... a SP و‎ 85, 206 Timmons; NANCY aaa ala کا اف‎ 76, 133, 162 Tonne; Chuck: 22 ae rx EIE 162, 164, 202 Torkildson; RICK 2.07525 ۴ 60, 196, 109, 143 Tostlebé; Melanie `. در‎ xk, ee 86, 133 Townsend Steve: «2, NSE Ae TERRIER 133 Tiramp, Mr;Dale و و۶ و۰‎ ۶ ۶ ۰ 44,103,116 ۲۲۳۵۲۲۳۱۷, DOUdg 2. 162 Trexel, Mr. Milfon Sr. 44, 68, 71 Tripp; MACIÓN ۰۰۰۸ sanaa IES 165 Troen, Milli: Ecaca oo 165 TON MOTY وی ی‎ EE 143 Trow -Pedgy; ES piece ne, or 162 True blood, Carias avin ء٣٦٣٦‎ 143 ۱۲۲۹۵۳۵ CANY و‎ 2 sie a e o 7270 143 Trohe: Gonnie ۰ cc ra iri 2 13 ete ae 83, 162 Trump, Mr. Richard ee eee Be 45 Tucker, SU6 an و و‎ AS NN 162 TorekxDale وم ا ہیا ا‎ LEET 13 ۲٢+۶۱ 7 ۳ 28, 46, 48, 50, 189, 162 Weed Ghenvlin avs. و و‎ pra اد‎ OE ' 76, 87, 133 Weten Ion ہیں‎ LAS RS COEF 133 ۲۷۶۰۶6۱۱۲9۱00850 6 ہم‎ See 118, 134 U Ulmer Jonn fees. fos INIM 60, 69, 70, 71, 134 Unger, CIE a e E EE 143 Untrauer; Lise untar rere Tune وم مت‎ 134 ا6ا‎ LOIS! a ie O 162, 164 Ustrud- Gindy. nata aida e RES 75, 76, 162, 188 U tne; Karen ہر‎ uev vu 162 V Valentine, Celeste -a.o - ۰ ۰ مر‎ ۱43 Vance; ۷۳۳00 a s ee تحت تا مم‎ 45, 6 Vandecar, ۳6۰۵۳۵۲۳ -s e s a اہ دای ا ا‎ oes a 45 Vandeventer, Al . 60, 69, 91, 93 96, 142, 143, 6 VaniFossenz led! وو‎ fete lath cate parle 143 Vanoosbree: Jon €. و‎ ee 143 Vanoosbree, Tina ............. 74,85, 162, 206 Van Patter; DOVE. aa E ss lel Eeer tre 134 Van Scoy; Kirin oc cc cle: EE 162, 180 Van Voorhis; BaD +s seek cess حا‎ 82, 163, 116 Van Win Kle ور ریا‎ EE 68, 93, 163 Vaughn; Garol EO ES E 74,163 Vaughn? Mickie S ale و‎ ۰۶٠۶٢ 134 Voecks, Madonna ........... 70, 82, 163 Vohs BOLD EE و‎ ae 39, 60, 143 W Wacker Steve a A eee Nee KENE 91,163 Wagner ULE 143 Walker ۱۱۵ «6 kick ےی کک‎ 143 TM NC 65, 75, 86, 144, 163 Wollizezlngtom e erus ete ries SERIALS A 143 Wallies Pam esee ceased e Pues e Sexes denia ERAS 134 Walter, Chuck ....... 57, 59, 69, 72, 82, 93, 143 Word Andy aaa se bs im Is o IR AURI e 103, 134 Ward, Mrs. Barbara .......... 45, 212, 214, 215 Wardle c Mike «dus iu i کو را‎ E. 57, 163 Warman oue etie nse eere STO 74, 86, 134 Warner bone ov exe eene ER CREB P ENEE 134 Warren ALORS a qeu wn ES ا‎ 96, 143 Warren, Marlene ............ 85, 144, 163, 181 Warren, LON aaa ae ilatina aia 103, 118, 134 Wasell Debbie rike a «c+ orion AR 143 UTA ra A loses Jes E 74,134 US A iet Vs a Ar GER 74,86, 134, 206 WV CHTSONT ET E A de EEN 108 Watson, Scott .... 56, 57, 59, 60, 91, 93, 96, 163 Watt ChS roo»? MN eer Mis; BANOO Ate CH e y Werte? MIU A PEI ER A و‎ A ee A Weber, Jeanne Wedman, John P s.»NS.'8 PB ATADO, یی‎ IO ی ای‎ e OP O ئا‎ ET E ea 2S AN dr OTD رکا‎ FP OC ADO Wels; Eric oov uv wo 77 Ts Weisshoar, Greg .......... AW eleh IAKO o's duos V av ir ۱ AS Weilhduse, Dan 4. cS SES eet ات‎ Walls; Rick uu وت‎ ds روج ےہ‎ Mel TG HEEM rv a ore om CEN Pea ٠٦7 گی بے و ا او A EIEN- otra deta‏ ۱۷۷ ۵۱0۵ Wessel کر ی پور ہا‎ kino رک من‎ eee d ae za x GES‏ نے A‏ وی West- Bop ا‎ tas qase PUE ا ا‎ aa West, GeorgeAnn Wee QOEM rase amara da ڑا ہر ہیاک‎ Whaley, Mrs. Lorraine Wheatley, Kate. Sise Wheeler; MOLK. عو و دی ا کے‎ TIA E کے‎ ners Wheelock; BOTY te ا‎ ete 48, 51, 163, 183 Wheelock arVi s armate td wien plete bie 109, 143 Wier Am 6 0 o RR rst ate ia Lem EE 134 White RIEDOTO ose Jap stp ce oie 22, 45 Whitney, Mrs. Charlotte ................... 38 Wiaont LESIE ےی‎ o rus rara ws 68 , 76, 86, 138, 143 Wierson; BarD -..;,. roc. oz ure ados v 70, 134 Wierson; CIBO els ار‎ varo dE ١ ہے‎ 143 Wierson DonDV ما سے ا‎ E IA EISE RS 103, 134 Wierson Denise's uror EI MERO 126, 134 Wierson MariCad:. os ies a ای‎ 74, 143, 181 Wierson; MICK uid usec = ias 37, 163 Witmer Coach Mike s ross پت وو‎ hs 110 Wilcox, Joel ... 51, 57, 59, 60, 69, 72, 73, 93, 163, 213 Wilder; Sue ہے‎ on Ee Ze 72, 163 Wildman; Biles 20 socal EEN 91, 110, 140, 163 Williams, Kyle ............. 103, 118, 119, 134 Williams, Mary Lou ... 48, 49, 65, 73, 74, B9, 144, 161, 164, 190, 215 Williamsi RER oer n a E AT 134 Williams, Stewe ا ہے‎ rua ien TC 143 Willrich; Becky aran asas re wer ele 68, 164, 206 Willrotti Mark. arant CCS 143 Wilson, Rob . 50, 53, 56, 60, 61, 91, 96, 143, 147, 164, 215 Wilson و‎ 81, 134 Windsor; Mr- Charles REESE 22, 45 Winger Pamela: stearata e e ae 7۴ 70, 134 Winton; David svesna سا هد حم ہے‎ TIR 134 Wiser; Mr: Alfred کہ ہے پت‎ es ہے‎ xe 36, 45, 74, 75 Wittmer, Mr. Michael ............. EE. 45 Wold ru tt Scotti. ocn COMME LIE 143 WoltzMarcia: «..- «e ev wien a 143 Wood! Kenneth; با‎ e ESO s 83, 164 Wood. Sheryl ات ہے‎ RETE 74, 134 Woodley, Bernice’ = ona ware ele 2 و‎ 164 Woodward; Dale zi2 a EE 164, 183 Wooley: Wayne. IL 164 Wooten. Beth. us یی سا ہے‎ cake tele aie eee 143 WRESTLING! © ur nat REPE 106-108 York,:Doug 3ن٤ مہ ٹب ا مان‎ E کہ‎ 164 York, Ken: Ven cnc 00 103, 134, 118 YOUNG, Karenna y NT 83, 164 Young, ¡Mike inscrita 91, 164 Young POM. Iisa Sp ےد در‎ 86 Young; ROY ہے‎ EE 103, 134 Younie, Linda saeco ENEE 143 Younvy, RON a ira rote tes steen جا ےی اس ا مل مھ تد‎ 106 Zack, Cathy, qu ena Kee ever ener eis 76, 143, 286 Zack Mr: Robert: ہے‎ sus salem بت دح‎ RES 19 Zaffarano, Elisa — sw ee ا‎ 74, 76, 134 Zediker; Arnold) SX WIS 48,103,118,119 Zitzlsperger, Mr. Ronald ............ ..... 45 Zurheids: Ruthin’. ii EECHER 160, 164 A ss Ss—“it ات‎ = di o L8J Joel Wilcox strikes back at the new feminists’ movement by donning a Pep Club uniform. Acknowledgments The Spirit's special thanks to— Mr. Vince Coyle, Mr. Rod Riggs, and the Ames Daily Tribune. Our sophomore photographers, Andy Riggs and Andy Ward. Our “graduate assistants, Steve Ward and Josh Sharlin. The Web and Mrs. Grace Bauske. Mr. Harley Stover, for action football color photos. Hill's Studio and Mr. Hugh Hossle, for advice, help with color processing, and under- class photos. Wellhouse Studio, for color pic- ture of Marching Band and large-group pictures. Pep Club, for selling underclass photo packets. Miss Mary Jane Brown and Mr. Rick Dennis of Taylor Pub- lishing Co. Dr. Farrar and his family, for posing so many times. Doug Fosberg, Bill Curry, Maury Miller, Advanced Standing and the Developmental Read- ers, for invaluable moral sup- porî. 213 SOMES: AM 707+] Shape of Things Now Ames High moves into the 1970s —that was our theme. We hoped to capture the feel of this high school moving into a new decade, with a new administration, a new feeling everywhere, changes in curriculum and policies, but more im- portantly, in students themselves. The first year of the new decade saw a growing sense of awareness, an effort to protest, to become involved, to speak out. Students wore armbands and buttons; they carried petitions; they put up innumerable posters and scrawled slogans on chalkboards. Some called themselves The Masked Seniors, others were anonymous—and bitter, or satirical, or just having fun. Perhaps the most important changes were those that occur every year, as students enter, grow and mature, and prepare to leave. We hope this book reflects all these changes. A yearbook staff plans a book—and then watches it develop a life of its own. Changes must be caught as they occur, not planned. This is the book that all of you helped shape—the picture of Ames High School as it entered the 1970s. Ihe Editors Bob Kern With reckless abandon, Dann Cross risks life and limb for those hard-to-get shots that appear in every school yearbook. Fatigue from many hours of hard work finds editor Jann As the final deadline approached, and tension increased, Mrs. Siedelmann talking to anything—including Dann Cross' feet. Ward was often pacified by her ever-present teething pencil. wë ` r C t 7 ۹ ۱ D کے‎ ۰ 1 بت‎ ae Sg — vi `. ۳ a » EI s- ۰ Cé E ۷ ۱ 3 1 LM 5 — ژ‎ ur D AP A Se ۱ » Dann Cross Pete Conis 214 Senior Editorial Staff Jann Siedelmann . Co-Editor Tom Mickle ..... Co-Editor Penny Crom . Organizations Karen Frey ....... Seniors Cherie Hurlbut .... Events Sue Peterson . Underclasses Steve Sampson .... Sports Rob Wilson .... Curriculum Photographers Bob Kern .... Photo Editor Dann Cross | Head Photographer Stan Harlan .. Photographer Brian Johnson Photographer Pete Conis Jr. Photographer Keith Wessel Jr. Photographer Business Staff Nancy Haynes Business Manager Linda Smith .... Ads Editor Mary Lou Williams | ` Ads Salesman Mary Macheak Assistant Business Manager Beth Askelson Ads Assistant Barb Hoff ... Ads Assistant Junior Editorial Assistants Joan Carter Rick Reger Scott Kreamer Susi Schlunz Jane Lundvall Dave Schulze Mrs. Barbara Ward Sponsor Spirit Staff—215 GM d mm Ae e COPADO اقہہ‎ we a مم‎ ere m RÀ - © Oe. ds s nO e ene ۰ r ` ہے‎ : ۲ : pen et Pe. ——A]À tt Er fg ET ye nm ۲ arra ni P RR tom m t P a e aM IPR OE AI I t n i tn — ten مت .ہے‎ ol e 1 I ۰ A Y FT 7 Ae 6+4 کسی‎ CEET J ae CARRETA ww! Fo, ¡do í 9 d © e © © 7 D X D 3 Lag A y Gem, کور اک‎ 4 F “ سے‎ d tm na o ATAR pomme ے‎ Wt a ange a نھ‎ He cuit aw pf paa ا‎ cm n n j . du Ae 1 MLB. stili 1 eg zeg Te Bn” مھ‎ سس«‎ es o 7 AAA + ee w prim 30ا‎ 00-١ e etam vm و روک‎ ۰ m Pun mna Late al ptm at — ndn vam m e m D wf‏ ے۔ ar Ae‏ یبور yr? A ttm‏ - de‏ وہ ty Iw Yn ante ium tl‏ ,م my tar t s A,‏ وب “۸۸۰۹م و — tp tg pat al HI‏ r.a” ا ditat‏ و ےرس ین ےك ہہ Amare J‏ ریہ meth‏ مو e qe ptm,‏ ám a eel‏ OL‏ ےم کے ان می o‏ mas ot mn A» m A mme mt We - ké e — e o - - ۰ e e 2 9 —— e وص کو‎ ۱ ech 1 7 — —Óo —— پوس‎ mtd mtt t 2 p tcm pm it E 2 -— më ٭‎ ageet اق‎ 1 ۱ 9 ۱ i — ص » س روز‎ ¬ ۳ UE TS ی ہے‎ gë ag 8 = ہب‎ 1 1 XA a „m — دمرس ہم‎ - D - 7 ممصصی‎ a n r r تس سس ویب‎ 0 ۱ -—-— p :یت‎ کپ ج ت ن چ سے سے‎ ده‎ =- Á— - ER mm 9 — e m — - سے‎ - 9 m ۳ » - — e ap a — dm اہ‎ mpi سے‎ سے ہے‎ a. کہ‎ - e tdi tmt — a é -— — سے‎ —— D - = - - e - سے‎ EN بت سم‎ a سے‎ - - - e — e ورک ہے‎ = - so. a 0 6 8 2 a em رر‎ e DW T Th 1 ۳ 1 7 A ۲ 6 B = d 0 D ot be evt e” Kë? elt, dc, ۸ ie Dës E 3 ۱ A MT ا‎ A X Wu : E = اسے‎ ۲ . SE Le gen ىہ“‎ eg ہے‎ Hi 1970 Supplement 217 Graduation Climaxes High School for 405 To some it was the end, to most it was the beginning, but to all of the 405 seniors, gradu- ation was an unforgettable experience. Chosen to speak at graduation, June 8, 1970, were seniors Mary Lou Williams and Jim Bartruff. After receiving their diplomas, the seniors filed out of the Ames High Gym into a new era of their lives. The night before, baccalaureate services were held in Stephens Auditorium. The Rev. John Davies gave the class sermon at the interfaith Grant Greene service. Cool, cloudy weather failed to kill the high The “Age of Aquarius” begins at the Junior-Senior Prom. Observing spirits of the Class of 70’s senior picnic on June their signs, students contemplate the twelve symbols of the zodiac. 4. Golfing, swimming, and plenty of playing around occupied the seniors’ time at the Ames Golf and Country Club. On the eve of May 16, junior and senior couples danced to the magical sounds of the Spartans. The Junior Class sponsored “Aquarius,” a banquet at 6 p.m. and a dance at 9 p.m. in the Great Hall of the Union for the Junior-Senior Prom. i eee Dave Schulze A tense gallery of seniors watches as Mr. Ammann care- : : fully selects a battle-ax for next shot at senior picnic. | Andy Riggs 218 e Gran! Greene Preparing to leave Ames High School, the senior class looks with anticipation to their futures. At commencement 405 seniors received their diplomas. NELLE ES x E تچ ہے‎ Charles Key ۰٣٥ hes P Er DI € ze nasi O Ride و و‎ - | As Mary Lou Williams addressed the class, | E بل‎ ء٦‎ Jim Bartruff, contemplated her words. i C e 4 D , 8 WW Da Ge Es ات چا‎ ٠ i.» ue ۳ B r Ka B . 4ج‎ po r Md f A TL PO tS) - a. e Pe Ph ۰ کہ‎ ۰ E B ! ‘ ۳۹ M ہی‎ e ۱ ۷ vi LJ ۰ e e ۵ E a Dës 00 ër? - P 1 Pa pt B LÍA 3 A. x ° ` : ۷ T ۱ o eee ke? e A . D JN v ۰ ۱ d Ze ۱ Y € e a m ) wés - ` PL 2 Cé i Ke le y ۳ . 1 0 p uM . ۱ CG = k k وم‎ ` . y - 8 - uH j bn, AV Nd ۱ Ke ¡e ۱ n d B ° ¿ FK Vd LI 5 pe: ig H 2s r E oke PP en ees en ET LY 7 ۱ Fa و شر‎ × - A 2 PR : MEM Maece NE RES. ۸ 7 ۱ RAI A ta Ji ا‎ - e OR A. ہا‎ SI ` E 5 AT i r4 1 4 e de i p» tó ndi ۰ DH A اس‎ à 257 CM Me os ul e Y ire i Te ۳ J } LA d + ANOS EE ° HOON. r DNS B ۰ و ‎ . , An A i ۱ D ¿de 7 ` A EE ës — y WU rne EN a M d w ۰ d 4 4 P : M E ۹ A, D » 1 d Y ARA seniors file into After three years of varsity, outstanding run- With anxious faces and uncertain thoughts in their minds, ner Hugh Collins completes his final lap. the gym, making last minute changes of their hair, gowns, and cap tassles. 62 Graduates Earn Awards, Scholarships Sixty-two. students of the graduating class of 1970 were recognized for their high aca- demic and athletic abilities by receiving twenty-two different awards and scholarships. These awards were announced at the fine arts assembly May 15. Holly Exner was the recipient of the National Merit Scholar- ship. In addition, nine students were Merit Scholarship finalists and twenty-eight received Let- ters of Commendation. Among the students who re- ceived college scholarships were Scott Burgason to Morningside College; Marcia Clark, Westmar College; Ralph Eucher, Air Force Academy; Holly Exner, New College; Doug Fosberg, Fort Dodge Junior College; Steve Hibbs, Dartmouth College; Randy Johnson, Bethel College; Deborah Shumann, University of Kansas; Denise Stritzel, Clarke College; Charles Tonne, Uni- versity of Dallas; Milly Troeh, Graceland College. Other awards were State of lowa Scholarships and Uni- versity of lowa and ISU Merit Scholarships. A complete list of winners follows: DEAN BAKKE—National Merit Letter of Com- mendation. BARBARA L. BENNER—National Merit Finalist, State of lowa Merit Scholar, ISU General Merit Scholarship, Admission to ISU with Recognition and Scholastic Award. ` JEFFREY D. BENSON- National Merit Letter of Commendation. LYNNE BURDICK—Beta Tau Delta Award. SCOTT BURGASON—Morningside Athletic Scholarship. DEBRA G. BURTON—Admission to ISU with Recognition for High Scholarship. MARCIA CLARK—Westmar College Music Grant and Honor Scholarship. HUGH B. COLLINS—National Merit Letter of Commendation. MIKE COUTURE—ISU General Merit Scholar- ship. DANN CROSS—ISU General Merit Scholarship, LYNN S. CUMMINGS—Delta Kappa Gamma Teacher Recruitment Award. LINDA K. DAVIS—National ‘Merit Letter of Commendation. MIKE DAVIS—National DECA Scholarship. VALERIA ANN EMDIA—Admission to ISU with Recognition for High Scholarship. DEBRA J. ENGEL—National Merit Letter of Commendation, State of lowa Merit Scholar, Admission to ISU with Recognition for High Scholarship. MARLENE ETHINGTON—National Merit Letter of Commendation, ISU General Merit Scholar- ship. RALPH EUCHER—Four year scholarship to Air Force Academy. HOLLY EXNER—National Merit Scholarship to New College, State of lowa Merit Scholar, New College Scholarship. MIRIAM FIELDS—Luther College Scholarship. DOUG -FOSBERG—Fort Dodge Junior College Athletic Scholarship. KARINE ANN FRITSCH—Admission to ISU with Recognition for High Scholarship, Beta Tau Delta Award. JULIE A. FRITZ—National Merit Letter of Com- mendation, Betty Crocker Future Homemaker of Tomorrow Award. MARY HAGERT—ISU General Merit Scholarship. CHRISTINE M. HAGGE—National Merit Letter of Commendation, Admission to ISU with Recognition for High Scholarship. ROBERT M. HEATON—National Merit Letter of Commendation. STEPHEN T. HIBBS—National Merit Letter of Commendation, Dartmouth College Scholar- ship. JUDITH. M, JESKA—National Merit Letter of Commendation. BRIAN B. JOHNSON—National Merit Letter of Commendation. RANDY JOHNSON—Four year scholarship to Bethel College. BETH D. KASTNER—National Merit Letter of Commendation. ANNE KOERBER—National Merit Finalist. LAURA E. LYMAN—Admission to ISU with Recognition and Scholastic Award, AEA Teaching Scholarship. SUSAN MIDDLE—Ames Business and Profes sional Women's Career Award. TOM MONTAG—ISU General Merit Scholarship, Little Cyclone of the Year Award. MIKE P. MORGAN—National Merit Letter of Commendation. ROBERT MYERS—Beta Tau Delta Award. KELTON NELSON—National DECA Scholarship. JONATHAN R. HISSEN—National Merit Letter of Commendation. CAROLE J. PETERSON-ISU General Merit Scholarship. JAMES F. PERCIVAL—National Merit Finalist. Admission to ISU with Recognition for High Scholarship, American Legion Auxiliary Award. SANDRA ORTON—Ames Community Award. MARK A. POWERS—National Merit Letter of Commendation. SUSAN R. PROVOW —National Merit Letter of Commendation, State of lowa Merit Scholar, University of lowa Freshman Merit Scholar- ship. ROBERT SANDERSON—National Merit Finalist, Admission to ISU with Recognition and Scholastic Award. DAN M. SARGENT—National Merit Letter of Commendation. PAM SATRE—ISU General Merit Scholarship. KATHY P. SCHOLTEN—National Merit Letter of Commendation. DEBORAH L SCHUMANN —National Merit Finalist, State of lowa Merit Scholar, Kansas University Honors Program. LAURA M. SCOTT—National Merit Letter of Commendation, State of lowa Merit Scholar, Admission to ISU with Recognition for High Scholarship. M. MARJORIE SHAW—National Merit Finalist. CHERYL SPOHNHEIMER—National Merit Letter of Commendation, Admission to ISU with Recognition and Scholastic Award. DENISE M. STRITZEL—National Merit Letter of Commendation, Clarke College Mary Gervase Scholarship and Honors at Entrance. Charles Key Nature’s child Holly Exner contemplates fall activities at New College in Florida. In addition to National Merit Scholarship, she also received one from New College. = me ee V ۵ ee ica o = zel’ e ar سر اع‎ Doyle Kepley was ANNA M. SWENSON—National Merit Letter of Commendation. DAVID G. SWENSON—National Merit Finalist, Admission to ISU with Recognition and Scholastic Award. STEPHEN TERRY—ISU General Merit Scholar- ship. VALERIE A. TESDALL—National Merit Letter of Commendation, University of lowa Fresh- man Merit Scholarship. BRUCE H. THOMSON—National Merit Finalist, Admission to ISU with Recognition and Scholastic Award, National Council of Teachers of English Award. JEFF S. TILLER—National Merit Letter of Com- mendation. CHARLES TONNE—University of Dallas Scholar- ship. MILLY TROEH—Graceland College Freshman Academic Scholarship. TINA M. VAN OOSBREE—State of lowa Scholar, Admission to ISU with Recognition and Scholastic Award, ISU General Merit Scholar- ship. ROBERT VAN VOORHIS—National Merit Letter of Commendation, Admission to ISU with Recognition for High Scholarship. RICK VAN WINKLE—Des Moines Register Scholarship. CHRIS EVA WEARTH—Ames Community Award. ERIC S. WEISS—National Merit Finalist, Admis- sion to ISU with Recognition for High Scholarship. A list of other awards that were presented at the fine arts assembly and their winners fol- lows: The DAR American History Award—Jane Coul- son. David Burton Stone Art Award—Mike Wardle, Ruth Olson. Debate Awards—Kathy Abraham, Bruce Ed- wards, Ken Simmons, John Ulmer, Anne Koerber—Outstanding Senior Debater. Home Economics Awards—Outstanding Senior in Home Economics, Connie Beard; Outstand- ing Underclassman in Home Economics, Becky Phipps. Mathematics Awards, on the basis of a mathe- matics test—Barb Benner, Randy Simons, Jim Scott. Industrial Arts Awards—Robert Myers, Bruce Paley. unintentionally omitted from the 1970 SPIRIT. Palm Club Awards—Entrance Awards: Phil Bau- mann, Meg Dobson, Sheryl Epperly, Tina Hagge, Tom Hotchkiss, Steve Pace, Sue Provow, Mike Morgan, Julie Spatcher, Phil Riley, Eric Weiss; First Star: Carol Coupal, Deb Schumann, Steve Pace, Mike Morgan, Andy McCullough, Sue Provow, June Lok, ken; Second Star: Carol Coupal, Deb Schu- mann, Kay Collins, Andy McCullough; Mask Award—Deb Schumann, Andy McCullough. WEB “Most Valuable Staffer Awards’’—Denise Stritzel, Lois Upchurch, Linda Peterson, Art Staniforth, Kate Wheatley, Bob Kern. Band Chenille A Award—John Alexander, Jean Andreae, Mike Beaty, Gary Beeman, Ken Burkhart, Jim Burns, Bill Core, Do n Cerwick, Jane Coulson, Bob Crawford, Jim Dickson, Muriel Eckstein, David Elliot, Brian Garrett, Domoni Glass, David Houser, Joyce Hiserote, Ken Hogan, Jaci Jutting, Darlene Keech, Dennis Johnson, Robert Kraft, Steve Jenison, Kris Moorman, Mark Sanderson, Paul Sanders, Barb Kern, Steve Kline, Becky Phipps, Judy Schaefer, Anne Seidel, Randy Simons, Chuck Walter, Ellen Welshons, Leslie Wiant, Marcia Wolf; Gold Pin—Bill Curry, Ralph Eucher, Debbie Heldt, Randy Johnson, Page Levings, Marti Lovely, Jenni McElherne, Karl Schloerke, Cheryl Spohnheimer, Anna Swenson, Pam Swenson, Bob Van Voorhis, Joe! Wilcox; Silver Pin—Christy Bachman, Karen Frey, Karine Fritsch, Susan Haugsted, Margie Mott, Bob Sanderson, Pam Zaire, Kathy Sch olten, Margie Shaw, Rick Van Winkle. State Music Contest Awards—First Division solo, Anne Hibbs; First Division ensemble, Agnes Carbrey, Anne Hibbs; Second Division solo, Elsie Hoff. Orchestra Awards—Letters: Gary Burkhalter, Julie Fritz, Anne Hibbs, Cheryl Spohnheimer; Gold Pins: Agnes Carbrey, Jane Fincham, Elsie Hoff; Silver Pins: David Anderson, Jane Coulson, Jennifer Coupal, Marvin Fisher, Mark Metzler, Judy Pederson, Dorothy Stuve, Pamela Swenson, Sue Wilder; Certificates: Barbara Anderson, David Barnes, Jim Dick- son, Ralph Eucher, Allison Exner, Tom Hotchkiss, Randy Johnson, Joan Kempthorne, Bruce Kirk, Kathy Kiser, Page Levings, Marti Lovely, Laurel MacBride, Cynthia Marten, Jenni McElherne, Brian Myers, Rosemarie Orton, Sue Powell, Mark Powers, Melody Powers, Mark Sanderson, Randy Simons, Nancy Theil, Charles Walter, Joel Wilcox. Vocal Music Awards—Certificates: Pattie Ander- son, Karen Bath, Anette Brown, Susan Brown, Lynne Burdick, Lori Burnett, Marcia Clark, Nancy Coleman, Carol Coupal, Ann David- son, Linda Eakins, Mimi Fields, Karine Fritsch, Tina Hagge, Mary Heggen, Karole Hoskins, Janice Ingram, Randy Johnson, Alice Kellogg, Shirley Kelso, Anne Koerber, Judy Jeska, Mary Littlehale, June Lokken, Marti Lovely, Laura Lyman, Judy Lytton, Andy McCullough, Denise Metheney, Sue Middle, John Nordyke, Steve Oates, Sandra Orton, Steve Pace, Charlotte Peters, Carole Peterson, Mark Powers, Susan Provow, Cynthia Quinn, Phil Riley, Richard Roche, Pam Satre, Debbie Schumann, Mary Sexton, Becky Seim, Becky Smith, Celeste Stevens, Denise Stritzel, Bruce Thomson, Cindy Ustrud, Tina Van Oosbree, Madonna Voecks, Kate Wheatley, Mary Lou Williams; Bronze Pin: Tina Hagge, Randy Johnson, Mary Littlehale, June Lokken, Steve Pace, Mark Powers, Phil Riley, Mary Wall. Athletic letters received during the year are as follows: Cross Country—Hugh Collins, Steve Herrnstadt, Paul Montag, Tom Montag, Bob Mudd, Jeff Shelton, Tim Soden, Greg Weisshaar. Football—Captains Doug Fosberg, Jon Hunziker, Mike Owings, Ted Birdseye, Rick Bowlds, Rick Butler, Steve Carter, Paul Clark, Randy Eckard, Virgil Fowles, Gary Good, Jeff Her- ric k, Bob Hutchison, Steve Jackson, Paul Johnson, Kerry Joseph, Doug Lechner, Lance McGilliard, Pat McIntire, Scott Milliken, Willie Munson, Dean Newton, Tom Pantenburg, Gary Sprouse, Rick Swank, Kirk Van Scoy, Rob Wilson, Al Vandeventer; Managers Jim Bartruff, Dan Hade, Dennis Johnson, Jim Percival, Basketball—Scott Burgason, Bruce Carlson, Chris Dvergtsen, Tom Hildebrand, Gene Larson, Tim Linder, Larry Loots, Paul McFarland, Bob Myers, Manager Bob Van Voorhis, Trainer Tom Mickle. Wrestling—Clay Adams, Jim Davies, Doug Fosberg, Virgil Fowles, Ron Greiner, Jim Herrick, Steve Hibbs, Jon Hunziker, Paul Montag, Dean Newton, Greg Peterson, Mark Powers, John Schoeneman, Jerry Seifert, Roy Young; Managers Jim Bartruff, Dan Hade, Dennis Johnson, Greg McLaughlin. Swimming—Mike Anderson, Tom Bliss, Jim Burns, Dan Fitzgerald, Frank Gartin, Scott Kreamer, Jeff McRoberts, Paul Mickelson, Todd Miller, Carl Schaller, Jim Scholten, John Shockley, Art Staniforth, Bill Wildman; Manager Rick Roche. Golf—Dean Bakke, Pete Buck, Neil Calhoun, Maurie Miller, Paul Sanders; Manager Bill Christenson. Tennis—Jim Dickson, Ken Hogan, Randy John- son, Mike Morgan, Jim Scott, Ed Seifert, Steve Pace, Al Vandeventer. Spring Track—Kent Anderson, Tom Bledsoe, Rick Bowlds, Jon Buss, Hugh Collins, Bill Curry, Dave Davies, Steve Herrnstadt, Steve Hildebrand, Tom Hildebrand, Dave Huston, Steve Jackson, Lynn Jolly, Scott Kreamer, John Larson, Larry Loots, Gary McConnell, Lance McGilliard, Tom Montag, Bob Mudd, Tom Pantenburg, Tom Polhemus, Don Scan- drett, Tim Soden, Rick Swank, Daryl Thorson, Steve Wacker, Greg Weisshaar, Doug York, Mike Young. Baseball—Captains Scott Burgason, Paul McFar- land; Tom Fergason, Tom Finnegan, Gary Good, Craig Hageman, Blair Johnson, Kerry Joseph, Scott Milliken, Tom Pantenburg, Don Scandrett, Art Staniforth, Al Vandeventer. 3 Zo Ze ۱ ۱0609 ۱ ba 7م‎ hs k Kë نے‎ ۳ Bridging the generation gap, Jane Coulson receives the DAR American History Award from a DAR member. 221 ‘Crucible,’ One-Acts End Mr. Z's Ames Career 222 Havoc wrought in the lives of innocent people accused by jealous and vengeful girls was the subject of the spring play The Crucible. Arthur Miller's drama of the Salem witchcraft scare was sponsored by the Senior Class. Crews and cast worked nearly six weeks on the last play pre- sented under Mr. Zitzlsperger’s direction. Three students had a chance to display their talents at directing in the One-Acts, which were presented May 25 and 26. June Lokken directed a scene from Shakespeare’s lusty comedy Taming of the Shrew. “Xingu, a humorous satire on a women’s club, was directed by Debbie Schumann. Phil Riley directed “Death Sends for the Doctor,” a mysterious play concerned with medical triumph over death. Eric Weiss was the student producer of the One-Acts. CRUCIBLE CAST BETIA RAIS) cits کے‎ e EE nue, e Jolene Satre Samuel Ee ebe te aren te Phil Riley ANDEBUIRSNT 2I A EE GC Holly Exner TUD ct AR e eier EH Sarah Grant HOMMYEEOGLOL NE ADEE TN Steve Pace GES i ام رن‎ ALN E eer EE Phil Bauman ADIGA d, T ue PEE Ar Eck Susi Schlunz DE VENOM EA). “cc RO E COR Tom Schattauer Sarah: GOA cai e, DES اس‎ Carol Coupal Mary Warren... eur s Betty Peterson Mercy Lewis. SPS. UO VS 70 Alison Exner Jonn Hale ۰ oe NLIS. Andy McCullough A cee. bce SIENNA Tom Hotchkiss Elizabeth PROGIOM ao ds ula eee ds Tina Hagge AI سال‎ 9802 Nancy Wechsler Rebecca NUISE «ue rc ES Elizabeth Pier CNECVE EOS o e CA E Gary Burkhalter FIODKIDSBER a cu LT en E Jim Bartruff ErdriCiSZINUTSeN A Ee Jim Reynolds 1000135120971311 Ek Aaron Kitzman AENA mg A e Joel Wilcox In anger, Reverend Hale (Andy McCullough) quits the court of Judge Danforth (Tom Schattaeur). ay ww y d Members of the Thursday women's club write an indignant letter to new member who exposed their pretenses in satire Xingu. Andy Word tnm‏ - ہے Speer M m—À‏ سپ — v ii c IIR کے ۱ ` -— A AS E‏ — کے سے بیس ا E‏ کش TT SD y ; ۱‏ 2 - ` : RP یج‎ ee tr ee. ۳ 7 ۱ و‎ a - E uM XN. ۱ 19 A 3 à ei ak: Cee La INEN » ` ' . » . ۱ icm M “=a A 4 شه‎ ۳۹ ke n = ` ——— eg ہے‎ [me eet E ¿ ot! = ہد ٭ ——— 2 Andy Ward Baptista (Jim) wishes Petruchio (Joel) luck in his plan to wed the waspish Kate (Tina) in The Taming of the Shrew. CASTS FOR ONE-ACT PLAYS Taming of the Shrew BIANCA! ey cud ne Ee E Anne Hibbs Ri مر‎ ELEISON TEN Tina Hagge ZEIL s ok Rises e, Jim Bartruff 190186101510 desee ein eo tee se Tom Hotchkiss PETRUCHIO) e Joel Wilcox Death Sends for the Doctor DOGO ri atlas Andy McCullough ASSISTED icone ed o aad مد‎ Chris Thompson Secretap A e ا کر لی‎ Mark Powers ESE TACA TY مر‎ aks o Robert Kane NUSES tye A Sherilyn Kelso, Marcia Clark, Margaret Ryding ہہ ہہ‎ i ee nes Brad Hvistendahl, Scott Smith Xingu AGS EUA EE کا را‎ Susan Provow Asa 'everetie cies ut ses ا‎ Genene McNabb MSE LTR AL petrus Ub e Tuer e tope OR Carol Bowen Miss Vati VIUVGK وه‎ eebe es Holly Exner Miss Laura 61۷067 . : مو ا‎ see Carol Coupal Mrs Fanny RODY. se ae aoee e oie eer Toni Poole Obie DEI EE Anne Koerber Mar Zen E sod SET Claudia Rushing DDS Salem's witch trials become a scene of madness as jus- tice collapses around hysterical girls in “The Crucible.” Actor Andy McCullough applies stage make- up that will aid his change-of-character for play. 223 gem? siad اہ حست‎ mg mg fg, — Turkey Power Triumphs; Chevy, Dan Elected An exciting but unusual week of campaigning ended in the election of Chevy Demirel and Dan Busch to the offices of president and vice-president of the student council. The other teams were Jim Dickson and Al Vandeventer, Paul Montag and Keith Wessel. After a week of nomination speeches, poster manufacturing, and button pushing, the candidates appeared before the student body. Platforms were based on ideas of revision of the pass system, formation of a smoking lounge, and auditing of courses. These were laid aside as the real question arose: “Who do you want to represent you?” The students then voted on the candidates of their choice. CHEVY DEMIREL DAN BUSCH JIM DICKSON AL VANDEVENTER As Chevy Demirel and his supporters proceed to the microphone to explain their winning platform, their most loyal fan stole the show. Dave Schulze NRO AL fone 7 KM OD ۰ eh Jw. gek, Ai A TA S 1 A, ھ0‎ 7 ` t s A ké ae ۹ ۱ s ae دی وا‎ ۱ T 2 ج ‎ aU Ye D De Cu Sere f 8 0 KX سس‎ ts € Nr AR RA 7 Le 5 7 à vog. ke $ ۶ ۰ “DS ` a ` 7 Cun ۹ , ۱ - ےا‎ D ree 8 224 SNE uw Y , ۱ ۰ 4 Lë 8 1 نا‎ . , 8 | wi T M j pee “= Dove Schulze were carried out after questioning by the “idiotic interns.” The vice-presidential Chants of “up with Turkey Power” by supporters in the student body helped move Chevy and D | ton 7 + ۲ z AG : D در تا‎ , Aer TAD, ` DIA I rat ۱ De eener OO SM DA ër AN d. CS Ee, ës Kn DE | je Dave Schulze 225 Vince Coyle Dann Cross Guard Paul McFarland dribbles past op- Larry Loots grabs an important rebound during the game with Davenport Central ponent in consolation game with Bobcats. as Gene Larson, Scott Burgason, and Tim Linder look on. = | 2 e E 3 Scott Burgason evades Central's Rick Atzen and makes a tip-in for two points. im, Ze: Dann Cross Vince Coyle Representing the student body, Rob Wilson receives the consolation trophy pre- sented by Tim Linder and the rest of the Ames basketball team. Copy and layout by Rick Reger Cagers Beat Bobcats; Crowned 3rd in State The 1970 basketball cagers from Ames High proved they were among the elite in the state of lowa, besides bringing added recognition to Little Cyclone athletics, as they defeated Big Eight rival Marshalltown 52-47 to capture the consolation crown in the state basketball tournament. Un- fortunately, the victory came only after a dis- appointing loss to the Davenport Central Blue Devils who went on to win the championship. The tournament trail started with easy victories over Boone, 76-40, and Jefferson, 83-40. The Little Cyclones then posted a stunning 88-72 triumph over fifth-ranked Des Moines Hoover, playing to their full potential, according to Coach Duvall. After a come-from-behind effort, Ames de- feated Knoxville, 64-51 in the substate final. And in first-round tournament play, good defense and balanced scoring helped the Little Cyclones defeat Council Bluffs Jefferson, 76-57. Gene Larson was voted on the IDPA All-state third team and Scott Burgason, Tim Linder, and Pau! McFarland received honorable mention. Dann Cross Vince Coyle Gene Larson jumps high over the head of his opponent in an Tim Linder proudly holds the consolation attempt to score two points in game with C. B. Jefferson. trophy after victory over Marshalltown. 227 Trackmen Take District; Place 2nd in Big 8 Despite the fact that many people considered this year’s Ames track team a little under par com- pared to previous teams, the Little Cyclone cinder- d E 3 SW Ee B f Bliss ا‎ : ۱ t men captured the district championship, took IN. accuracy ang. Precision MIS BUL Cay orca E oir from Steve Jackson during the 880-yard relay in the state meet. second place in the Big Eight Conference, and - e a, ہج و‎ placed sixth in the state track meet held here in uis dë TER ا‎ Ames. The trackmen met similar success during 2 Ve: | ۱ the regular season as they easily captured first place in all three of their major meets. But placing high in track meets wasn't the only area in which Ames did well. Tom Montag set a new school record in the two-mile run with a time of 9:32.1. Kent Anderson tied the school pole vault record of 13'6” at the Drake Relays. And the 440-yard relay team—Dan Weirson, Steve Jackson, Bill Curry, and Rick Bowlds—tied the school record in that event by winning in the district meet with a time of 43.4 seconds. With some promising reserves and a total of 31 letter winners returning next year, Coach John Sletten expects a better season in 1971. ms - ms = - e vichten Zwee mmm ا ہے وہہ‎ y Ch: mmn e i p ud S Tom Bliss Winning the high hurdles in 15.2 seconds, Doug York clears a hurdle in district meet while Tom Hildebrand prepares to jump. VARSITY TRACK TEAM—Front, Tom Montag, Hugh Collins, John Larson, Larry Loots, Tom Pantenburg, Doug York, Tom Polhemus, Steve Hildebrand; second, Bob VanVoorhis (mgr.), Bill Curry, Mike Young. Rick Bowlds, Steve Jackson, Dave Huston, Tom Hildebrand, Tom Bledsoe, Don Scandrett, Lynn Jolly; third, Greg Nelson (mgr.), Dave Hade (mgr.), Rick Swank, Tim Soden, Lance McGilliard, Greg Weisshaar, Bob Mudd, Gary McConnell, Steve Hernstadt, Dave Davies; fourth, Larry Schneider (mgr.), Coach Bob Impecoven, John Nissen, Steve Crawford, Bob Sanderson, John Buss, Daryl Thorson, Jim Pantenburg, Danny Weirson; fifth, Dennis Johnson (mgr.), Coach John Sletten, Coach Cecil Spatcher, Coach Hiram Covey, Coach Dale Tramp. Not pictured is Scott Kreamer. | Charlie Key 228 record in the two-mile run. SEASON RECORD Hi Covey Relays First Bobcat Invitational First Ames Invitational First District Meet First ۰ Conference Meet Second State Meet Sixth Charlie Key Tom Bliss rack Queens and court, from left: Tina Hagge, Queen; Kris Link, and Mary Sexton. Track Senior Tom Polhemus grimaces as he heaves the e Hugh Collins, Tom Montag, and Mike Young. shot to place fifth in the state meet. RESERVE TRACK TEAM—Front, Tim Hardy, Steve Hopper, Steve Townsend, Brian Anderson, Dave Hildebrand, Jim Stewart, Rick Reger, Mike Handley; second, Randy Page, Bob Hutchinson, Paul Swenson, Mike Holdren, Ted Birdseye, Bryan McMahon, Jeff Kuehl, John Sandve; third, Jon Saturen, Bill Bachman, Craig Cummings, Mark Metzler, Dave Carlson, Jeff Meyers, Mike Lovely, Don Warner, Ted VanFossen, Terry Sullivan, Dave Hauser; fourth, Gene Larson, Mark Sander- son, Gary Weuve, Greg McLaughlin, Dean Russell, Bill Clark, Mark Marley, and Coach Bob Impecoven. Charlie Key Shown here is Tom Montag, who set a new school 4. we Charlie Key The Little Cyclone trackmen won three relays in the Hi Covey track meet. Here Scott Kreamer takes the baton from Bob Mudd during the winning 2-mile relay. ۱ Andy Ward Sophomore pole vaulter Kent Anderson, who tied the school record of 13’ 6” at the Drake Relays, goes up and over the bar at the district meet. HI COVEY RELAY RESULTS v Ames 117 Fort Dodge 402 4 — A بے — سس‎ Mason City 56⁄3 Webster City 32 =e; Mc کر در ہیں‎ Marshalltown 45 Newton 22 j Todd Miller | Distance runner Dave Huston receives the baton from Dave Davies in a relay at Hi Covey meet. 230 Charlie Key Rick Bowlds gasps for air as he breaks tape in the 100-yard dash with a time of 10.3 seconds. Bill Curry placed fourth. ۲۷ YEE, ERE نے‎ ۰ A. S es ` ۳ xw تاد‎ VA o og di ru TOUS CRECEN COP AA ` 7 ait پر رو BERL‏ . + و AT LA PE 2 +‏ ` , at 2 % i a P e Ld‏ ۱ $ 1 . - Charlie Key Mr. Hiram Covey, former head track coach, is about to be pre- sented with an athletic blanket at the meet named after him. Little Cyclones Romp In Ist Hi Covey Relays The Little Cyclone trackmen got off on the right foot in outdoor competition by winning the first Hi Covey Relays against five other Big Eight teams as they piled up 117 points to 563 by runner-up Mason City. The cindermen won a total of nine events, and in the process set two meet records. Tom Montag won the 2-mile run with a time of 9:48.4, and Tom Polhemus took the shot-put event with a toss of 52 feet and 9V2 inches. Ames also won the high jump, 120 high hurdles, 100 yard dash, 880 run, and the 440, mile, and 2 mile relays. The Hi Covey Relays were formerly called the Little Cyclone Relays but the name was changed this year to honor Mr. Hiram Covey, assistant track coach, who is retiring at the end of the 1970 school year. Mr. Covey, head coach for many years, helped build the Ames track program to what it is today. Winning the 880-run in 2:01.5 and leading here, Hugh Collins looks back to see if anyone is catching him. Track section by Rick Reger. 231 Golfers 4th in State; Compile 8-2 Record The Ames High golf team compiled a 8-2 record during regular season competition. The only defeats came at the hands of Boone, which eventually became the state champion. The golfers also took second in both Big Eight and district meets, won sectionals, and placed fourth in state on the road to an overall 31-7 season. Dean Bakke, Pete Buck, and Maurie Miller were consistent point winners for Ames. Bakke was runner-up medalist in the state while Buck took third. In addition, Buck captured sectional medalist honors, placed second in the Big Eight, and tied for third in districts with Miller. 1 A | DDS Maurie Miller and James Baker, two of Ames senior varsity golfers, watch intently as the opposition putts. Copy by Pete Buck: e ° MEA ۱ Layout by Dave Schulze e AI Aa eee ee - - VARSITY GOLF RECORD AHS OPP. 162 Valley 176 155 Nevada 174 166 Marshalltown 168 315 Boone 300 164 D. M. North 196 343 Newton 364 J.V. GOLF RECORD AHS. OPP. 171 Nevada . 214 183 Marshalltown 200 173 Boone 161 194 Newton 186 175 Carroll Ku. 243 191 Marshalltown 217 353 Boone 384 Varsity Regular Season—8 and 2 J.V. Regular Season 5-2 Varsity Season 31-7 310 Carroll Ku. 367. 34] D. M. Roosevelt 356 3311: Marshalltown 370 334 Boone 320 Big 8 Meet—Second Sectional—First DDS District, Second Pete Buck demonstrates the f h uck demonstrates the form that State Meet—Fourth . won him third place in the state meet. | ۱ ۱ i | | GOLF TEAM— Front, Coach George Duvall, Pat Sexton, Pete Buck, Neil Calhoun, Paul Sanders, Maurie Miller, Dean Bakke, Matt Sexton; back, Terry Warren, Larry Katz, Nic Classick, Jim Baker, John Tysseling, Mark Potter, Pete Anderson, Gary Grindeland, ۱ Mgr. Bill Christenson. Charlie Key | - ee ——— —— — - - - E f . P ` - - E 1 RP A s mn» - ` - E سے‎ - -r -= a m d - - Ie- € —— کک‎ e ` c یہ‎ p TER — m ۱ - ۱ ۱ ۱ x pa Ma” yo +. i e” y 7 2 LJ ۸ ` e Y 7 ES . n E E ۱ M ۱ 1 ۱ ۳ KM oes = $ a ۔‎ Ne fpc - T Lap ۱ AN di ei ۱ e ۱ E E ۵ a 7 - ١ e E اق‎ 7 e ۱ D ` e n ۰ es 2 o Gia - 5 ما‎ L3 ۲ A e سس‎ 2 re CEN — EI تسه‎ M M تسج‎ 2 pc EES = ma نم‎ E E d M g d e kv Ze . Ü i = — nd be ” 4 4 2 Ax سے‎ —— - 232 te ees وو ی‎ AAA J= E ےھ Eee Deg‏ سم AAA ee eee erg‏ ھت e WI‏ سے Charlie Key TENNIS TEAM—Front. Bob Kraft, Ed Seifert, Jim Dickson, Al Vandeventer, Jim Scott, Randy Johnson, Ken Hogan, Mike Morgan, Larry Hatch, Jeff Barnes; second. David Barnes. Steve Kline, Randy Simmons, Cliff Unger, Dave Strodeman, Todd Miller, Ron Provow, Alan Beese, Bob Castner, Dave Peters; back, Jim Burns, Dave Ingram, Dave Swenson, Rick Van Winkle, Jim Reynolds, Wayne Woolley, Mark Thompson, Bob Heaton. Larry Katz Jim Dickson, who along with Al Vandeventer seized both the Big Eight and District doubles titles, concentrates on the ball. Tennis Team 4-4-1; Second in Big Eight Over-all success summoned up the Ames High tennis team as they compiled a respectable 4-4-1 record and placed second in the Big Eight Con- ference meet. An accumulated record of the points scored by the Little Cyclones and their opponents showed that Ames outscored their opponents 50-36. Juniors Jim Dickson and Al Vandeventer, who had identical singles records at 9-2, brought added honors to the team by capturing the doubles titles in the Big 8, District, and the Marshalltown Quadrangular. They were defeated in the quarter- finals of the state tournament by the eventual runnerup, Ottumwa. Other doubles teams to play for Ames were Jim Scott and Ed Seifert and Randy Johnson and Steve Pace. Copy by Rick Reger; Layout by Dave Schulze SEASON RECORD » Go‏ ود رو ات Un‏ D. M. Valley Newton D. M. Tech D. M. Roosevelt Boone D. M. Lincoln Marshalltown Fort Dodge Boone ٠‏ جح ہاو ہے و یہہ ہ A‏ 4 233 234 End Season 16-15; Bat Girls Added Ames’ summer baseball team finished the sea- son with a respectable 16-15 won-lost record. But it was the addition of bat girls with their mini- shorts that made this year’s team a little more interesting to talk about compared to other lowa high school baseball teams. Minus the knowledge a bat boy has, the bat girls went about the Ames dug-out performing the duties of bat boy. Pretty girls, however, weren't the only ac- complishment of the season. Six individual and two team records were set. The team batting average was .238, with Scott Milliken having the highest individual average at .310. At the same time he had a 3.21 ERA in pitching. Scott Burgason had the best earned-run-average at 1.78. The junior varsity team, coached by Dave Pose- gate, did just as well as their varsity teammates by posting a 13-5 won-lost record. SEASON RECORD 7 O v 0 NN ON HBO—-NAMONNRODUN—WO—-NHNWOUL Roosevelt Saydel Ankeny Lincoln ` Fort Dodge Fort Dodge Hoover Saydel Newton Newton Radcliffe S. Hamilton Ankeny Cedar Falls Cedar Falls E. Waterloo E. Waterloo Boone | W. Waterloo W. Waterloo Jefferson Mason City Mason City Boone West D. M. Marshalltown Marshalltown اس — |] — | .H. 3 6 2 6 4 5 [ 1 SE 0 5 6 6 0 0 3 0 4 1 3 5 0 3 4 [ 9 3 ۱ ù . i ۱ d ee T See Ca. a 6 7٦ ui. Em D 2 T n . E ۰ E 1 al 1 d | fb, ۱ 4 o 3 4 A ` e P ۰ LR 07 P SE ۳۳ ۱ v A NM x { 7 ۱ 1 EI ۱ ۲ v 1 ` ٦ ` ef 1 kb e 7 7 j 4 u E B ` A , Y e 1 » ۹ o ( i e x b. ۱ ۹ à E ۹ ; é ¥ v ei T o 1 ۱ B + Ê » ux 3 B E? ۰ » - بب‎ bd $ = ۱ ۲ ۹ d Y D d ۰ e ۱ ۱ CS Hp a l ý E L4 4 b Y e A 2 - Eo wi 3ئ‎ 71 ۱ OS. یں‎ 1 X. , - d oe Y $ y سے‎ - = As 2 » Nx 1 per Be e wé is SC Andy Riggs Lefthanded pitcher Scott Burgason receives congratulations from his teammates after socking another homer. ۱ ۱ ۱ i — €— —— — — —— — O — —-Á— —À nm v W e ۵ da ٦ I ید۳ ۳ ا ‎ = “ ۱۳ gale e e D ۲ Pa Afs : = e Ae d. ےت‎ Andy Riggs — ے - « لے About to launch another guided missile at the opponent is righthander Scott Milliken who compiled a 9-4 won-lost record. Andy Riggs » d Two bat girls perform one of their many duties while Tom Pantenburg and Gary Good seem preoccupied with the game. SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT A.H.S. | 10 Ballard of Hux. HS Hamilton 10 Roland-Story 0 Boone | RECORDS SET THIS SEASON Burgason Innings Pitched (94 3-1) Burgason Games Pitched ` )20( Burgason ` Total Strikeouts (154) McFarland ۰ At-bats - ` (103) McFarland ۰ ۰ Base Hits (29) McFarland Doubles | (9) TENUES Team Record Doubles (44) JUNIOR VARSITY—Front, Larry Mullica, Bob West, Scott Kenyon, Dave Alderman, Jeff Team Record Home Runs ` (7) Meyers, Terry Carroll; second, Coach Dave Posegate, Chuck Walter, Steve Burgason, King | Block, Nic Classick, Pete Anderson, Brian Stucky, Kim Jarrell, Dave Carlson, Gary Grinde- land, Rick Schmidt, Mark Berthelson. OPP. وو VARSITY—Front, Paul McFarland, Tim Linder, Tom Finnegan, Kerry Joseph, Tom Pantenburg, Al Vande- Copy and layout by Rick Reger venter, Don Scandrett, Dany Spencer; second, Coach Zediker, Craig Hageman, Gary Good, Tom Ferguson, Scott Burgason, Gary Grindeland, Art Staniforth, Karl Schloerke. Not pictured are Scott Milliken, Blair Johnson. — — ہے‎ IS T Vince Coyle 235 Bruce “Ben Hur” Edwards pulls up to the starting line of the Latin Club banquet’s super-modified chariot races. Andy Ward Layout by Susi Schl oyout by Susi Schlunz Clark Kent Ames High's band, led by Karl Schloerke, donned costumes from the ISU production of Oliver! for the Veishea parade. 236 - یی‎ E - | nee = E — . Y E Se © aor EL | i Gary Burkhalter Ending a four-year tradition, the Emerald Brass performs for the last time at Ames High. Mr. Spratt displays Mr. Covey's pointer on student discipline at a faculty dinner. ۳ - WW? i Clark Kent Dave Schulze For once, pollution made cents as students donated money in return for the right to park their exhaustmobiles in the lot on Earth Day 1970. “I'd walk a mile for cleaner air, Dave Schulze many students decided on Earth Day. e a n Asch ۱ i t Crux ۰8077 8 Tom want a cracker? asks a fellow student in Physics. Joel Wilcox was caught in thinking cap in deep thought. Kent Anderson displays better side as he goes up to fly over crossbar. gc vite ۳ Y Put » o car. j ۷ D dia m Andy Riggs Dave Schulze “It’s all in a hard day's work,” sighs Al, dressed in his Sunday best, prepares to Bat Girl Theresa Finnegan. Andy Ward give his campaign speech. Andy Ward Student Council members acted out their Environment Week plans by turning out on a Saturday to clean up the school grounds. —— ££ MÀ mee: mmm wet be A c wem c 7 o UY EES UE a RR REDE ED ٦ا‏ وس Andy Ward‏ Straining every muscle, Dan Weirson is caught‏ in mid-air while long jumping. Bob Kern wrapped up in reading their original poems, Mrs. Austin's American Literature classes concluded their poetry unit. All GA 4 ` ? 1 Dave Schulze ec For a short while the art students gave AHS Ames High's most famous oder, Mr. Smalling, cracks up Mr. Enquist while better communication. reading one of his odes at a banquet held in honor of Mrs. Whitney. 239 Mrs. Whitney Retires After 32 Years Ames High lost a familiar figure last May when Mrs. Charlotte Whitney retired after thirty-two years of service to the Ames public school system. Besides serving as coordinator of guidance services and director of guidance, she also was a counselor. Mrs. Whitney earned her B.A. degree at St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minn., and an M.S. de- gree at lowa State University. She went on to graduate work at the University of lowa and the University of Minnesota. As a former journalism teacher who started the WEB, she received many honors in the journalism field. From 1953 to 1955, she served as president of the lowa Association of Journalism Directors, and from 1954 to 1959 as lowa director of the National Association of Journalism Directors. She became a prominent figu re in state, county, and city organizations. She served as vice-president of the lowa Personnel and Guidance Association, as adviser to the lowa State University YMCA, as president of the Ames branch of the American Association of University Women, as president of the Ames Education Association, and as publicity Chairman for the West Story County Chapter of the American Red Cross. She was named to the Who's Who of American Women. At a special banquet honoring retiring faculty, Mrs. Whitney relaxed with her husband before enjoying the dinner. = : 1 ”ت‎ y | Ar ہے‎ 1 e Ze, = ۱ Well known at Ames for 32 years, Mrs. Whitney has dedicated her life to helping young people. In appreciation for many years of service, Mrs. Whitney received an opal pin. ad e LES ut Te AINIM CIANILSION SI 40150 d ° 18 ` ous o. ہو۔ےہ‎ Bee eg CE ` gw km y = - a wm ëmm mme ات وت وتان‎ sah iint. سا‎ pao ہر‎ Y Zeg el e, Ze Leg R TA ase A ھ٣‎ na N ; Tas : eae! ۱۳ + (2۳ مر ہیں‎ AL - x » EN wt ` Lä ` , i k e? ۱ ` e ` ` a ‘ A 5 5 £ 1 SP - 3 7 - A سا مس‎ FS pl AA وان‎ uw n Wi He Vor a oen So EE و‎ aA E, pA 21 وو تل ا حر و در‎ EE EE E E - 7 a h x ۱ ۱ d ۹ ۱ لے‎ Be D e $ s LE ۳ wf, ۱ ۱ ۰ a - Les A 1 1 m r OC Rei IN eir d Co e m 87? “Jo - - t e t e a E x n. eme ¥ ۱۵ e da wet EI Auri det میں‎ geck ہب‎ + sd tr. ran سو کے کر‎ Ze ] ۹ i eo -. = KZ : e وی ےہ تد 7 ہ7‎ D d deu anas eed Soha al V Se A Ps ىى‎ ae e - 1 a ۱ e + سم‎ e e oF, ` ۳ ` سم‎ ۰ LP e کے‎ i en اس ہہ‎ ZE im yee E = e, a ا سید اس نر‎ dr کر وا یش برع‎ - ITA 5 FUSE میں‎ - eo «Ss e J - = d 2 T - - e e LE سو ۲ ۳ ہر ری مہ‎ por BE ei d Es snow, = e ۱ re X p Ta ow d ` . J m de a - , Jet X a” we ۰ D 7 (Ae k 4 7٦ j: Së ۲ Y t e سس‎ ge TU Der سے‎ a e nl, ری‎ unm 1 ۱ AA pd SP هر‎ aly - he. TT. - II ر‎ L tt ote Cur ا رر یں‎ 4 Ta o ۰ 2 8 ` ` pw = ہر‎ e S T. d , d کے ا‎ n es te ` ۲ 5 l e Ts ` a y $ 1 - ۱ d : ` 5 Me 27 ; f Of € L : ya PP Ve t ہی اش‎ E ہس‎ YE ee FS ر‎ A رت پا‎ AA t IEA Ere I Mie e éd‏ سا ت LI ‏ m 3 + . ۰ 3 : E Ro e er vi کی کتک‎ ae vi vi » - pe T. P a Fm j; 4 ue Mun . ena y ft E سی او سید‎ ۰ 7 dë ۶ ۲ J € چم‎ ۱ ۱ f ` i 5 ` Gë ` a e - ۶ ` eg: 1 D. y , ۰ 1 J و‎ 4 ۱ po 1 y ۱ , - LT r ۱ - D at, ترد‎ d

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