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ы, , ® C. Herbert Adams Principal of Ames Senior High School, 1943—1969 e M 7 рн рр ЦЬ " © -— - ж” шыю - ADDRESSING the newcomers سا سا y‏ НІ i -- е. LAST sophomore rientation. class, Mr. Adams welcomes Mr. Adams retires after 25 years as AHS principal The 1969 SPIRIT statt dedicates this book to Mr. C. Herbert Adams, principal of Ames Senior High School from 1944 to 1969. Mr. Adams was born in Castlewood, South Dakota, 1904, and he graduated from high school there in 1922. Mr. Adams, a Phi Beta Kappa, received his BS degree from South Dakota State in 1933, and his MA from the State University of lowa in 1941. He taught for a year at Hayti, South Dakota, before moving to Воск Rapids, lowa, where he served for two years. He - worked for 16 years in .LeMars as a junior high = math teacher, then as the . junior high. principal, and, finally, as the high school = principal. | м dud non: e his 25. = увањ. as principal ої Ames High, Mr. Adams served Tor I3. years. on the lowa I THE DOOR 1o Mr. Adams' office was always open to students like Joe Calhoun DEO State University summer. | Etc e ME school stam fle іб а =. | member of the boards of | DISPLAYING his school spirit, Mr. Adams rides the football team bus to West p. the. lowa High School ۱ Waterloo. . Insurance Company, the lowa Association of Secondary . School Principals, and its national counterpart. He has . also served on the board of . the lowa High School Athletic Association for 10 years, and he is first man ever to have served two successive terms as its president. Аса eo ee ЫЫ ЧЫГЫ ЫН, 4 - - «+ ٦ ۰ سے ے سور ae‏ جب بت Copy and layout by Clay Bauske: pictures by Steve Ward. — Behind this sprawling complex of brick and stone are its ! 1220 students: their talents, dreams, struggles, victories - تاد‎ M - , ў АРА 2 ы a m à “аас. +» 2 е du پا‎ а = [ч : 4° І " DTE Ыс قفش‎ See eee a ساےہ سن‎ E eee m Behind the scenes at Ames S enior High Schoo! Ames, lowa a-— ات‎ p» n———————— X A атая = c-— шы. r$. Hill's Studio — —— M — جوم Ге „| GL “З о s A а E i Е | | Ж. М 5, | A i q ў F Ay NT V і TN J Md p m i jd 7 і! E | 4 d D -— 1 І 124 | й » 7 е Я - = | І І ас” 1 mm г” 4 " n 1 d к. , А M IE ow ый Em. “М Ў” ج‎ " T ] E ГР | ў! — سو‎ — a ы udi ql e 2 اگ ںی یں‎ ТА 22 - WUA - -— ]= " وا - » - „ Steve Ward еа ur un ra rnm Behind our education, study Steve Ward 1 ۹ а а eae Dann Cross — е атна EE E Li Ege Io cu рун aft Steve Ward un (p teve Ward Layout and picture selection by Clay Bauske; copy by Bev Malone Steve Ward 4- ج = eee‏ —— سے سم م — —— سے pep ee un (я M P» T Ё ریہ‎ 4: а ч та یی ا‎ Aral ц 5 BUE к н u a $ “ М»; M " m C y же A ot й TE ах - ай 4 ск). БАС 1 Теч سے ہے جے۔-‎ e سے‎ 5 —— —— —— —— —— " n— —————————————JUuuu———————————————— НЕЮ س س SSS ст —— = wmm. Ww Behind the aggregate, individuals wv Stove Ward i | picture selection by Clay Bauske: and picture seiec one ہج 10 Steve Ward Behind every organization, support 1 | Dann Cross Josh Sharlin Layout and picture selection by Clay Bauske; copy by Bev Malone LJ (DS. uda уе a em фэ Де аб " d. неу rts а а " ue NT. Х А. г TAL نے‎ s й ”. E " ы - = р water It " M " х " a " a لب‎ у.“ xL Steve Ward Dann Cross Bob Kern — — — سے‎ — а - - —— - ае — - -ara ow ae Ф рай i Bob Kern aa | avout and picture selection by Clay Bauske; copy by Bev Malone SSN a М ШШ Муз eS کے‎ Me. b = БЫ SAMT Steve Ward d " mno „а 1 м ut by Clay Bauske; М { t. а; Ф со „С uw - LL. بد‎ з О Y 0 0 qi O —› at { 14 Behind every victory, poter ouo ow ах: تہ‎ 7 . Y Y m - ' ast B. Tum r + Е. ан а Э Ў E ma AA gene Steve Ward . Y этеме ۷ ard = uw m e = =. —— ЧЕ Че Ыы и aad Ар сг. T en кау 7 ۰ - os verre AE سام‎ н А ы | | ме | fd P [1 re гак ۷ ару б M BN І ‘ 2м RN 0 id AN rF- b : " cd روہ‎ «(в ud b selection by cture Г an ve у” Ж Finally graduation — 13 years of memories = Steve Ward Dann Cross ےش سمسی۔ — Steve Ward Dann Cross Bob Kern УА. --— BD ممیت‎ ч Demo m ge Layout and photos by Steve Ward 18 рата а Laura Koerber مہ аа‏ ب ary аза os К 19 ж e E | E E oe ے‎ . r г г کہم‎ че. IMPRESS 3-3:7 w т “у рь а -— — — - m —— m— =з rer — me = == + O————À جم‎ s —— — ہے ہے سے‎ =. т =F ے‎ ee ے٣‎ Ф سس ہہ ود‎ = o a " -- ——— " - تچ‎ пая б а نے‎ ous Е . “ - 4 2 тш - y эь - = ہے‎ = v = —X а سس ھا ھی ہا‎ -- + English Department adds units on black literature, tn ST ےج‎ New units on black literature, the Bible, and mass ed RT E media were added to English courses this year. The و‎ n. curriculum was revised to provide a sequential pro- gram in literature, composition, and language. Every grade was assigned certain areas to cover in each of these major divisions. Emphasis was placed upon drama as a literary torm in tenth grade. Juniors concentrated on the novel and comedy, and seniors studied tragedy, satire, and the formal essay. New features of junior English inclüded a unit of black literature. English 12 w as completely reorgan- ized, concentrating on mass media. Seniors in Advanced Standing Senior English in- cluded a study of the Bible as literature, with em- phasis on passages often alluded to in other literature. Miss McNally, the instructor, said that today's stu- dents often are not as familiar with the Bible as stu- dents were in the past. All students must take four full years of English. Six senior electives are offered: English and world Literature, Journalism, two semesters of English 12, and Developmental Reading, which also may be elected other years. ХИ ў 7 AP. 02 ا‎ i? Los | BIBLICAL QUOTATIONS and book titles were collected by عوسی‎ ; 5 ў XT с Marian Carlson and Jeff Lemish for Advanced Standing | TUN LL E 22Р class. p — ` amm Р ` à U. g ё’ ‘ 4%: " RR ў мага . t QUOC IZ Jody Fisher STUDENTS in Honors American Literature served as a publications board for SCRATCH PAD, a mimeo- graphed collection of poems and stories by English students published every spring. 20 aaa e ———— - Steve Ward BOOKS USED by junior English classes in their study of black litera- ture were displayed by Mary Greene and Christy Bachman. CTT сау A, ear‏ ہیجوت ln 5537399,‏ Ex J " Е x ж الم‎ H Е a . Е Р A d 4 a " d СА SER s Я " c S ss Ш KJ y ict С 4‏ ہس " ed. uo die og c. A. Steve Ward , Ы з Lj LI з , Steve rd SOPHOMORES in English 10 classes acted out scenes from Shakes. peare's JULIUS CAESAR. VINCE COYLE explained Ames Tribune sports page to Conrad Anderson after giving a talk to an English 12 class. Copy by Karen Frey. Curriculum section compiled by Tom Mickle, chairman; Karen Frey, Linda Peterson, Cherie Hurlbut, Nancy Haynes, Steve Sampson, Clay Bauske, and Steve Ward. Steve Ward 21 -— — — — ee — а ч ғ за v. Ф oC b f'a A Mer к” - a Pl - . “Й ٦ . شی‎ ы ' «й y Steve Ward STUDENT TEACHERS were numerous at Ames High this year. Miss Schuetz helps Linda Beal with her German. Steve Ward SINGING adds a lively note to Mr. Buss's German classes. 22 4 languages offered; lab provides oral-aural experience Students and teachers speak four different lan- guages at Ames High: French, Spanish, Latin, and German. This year there were classes up to fourth year in Spanish and French, and second year in German and Latin. Spanish classes celebrated Easter, Christmas, and Dia de los Muertos in the traditional manner of Latin America and Spain. Latin students studied the life and culture of the Romans. The German classes often sang old German folk songs. The French classes attended a French fete with other schools at State Center. ee) am к» E зеі 4. یں‎ а " aw г + urs im 4م‎ і лса " - ws Ба m Е pes у — o. " в n + “ЖИ. м M 2 50 ч b Р. s Р Ki f y 9 م‎ 4 n и " . 0 E GOST і н А, а s `i ۰ а і A Ы » а ہہ - ن‎ - : 4 М | ۹ Р ar. M « f ac " AP UO 5 т Чие Чр “+ E A m 25 AE M SN M ай ы AN, 2 re رر‎ гт” e d А. J 2 " X " yJ m f. ex 2 1. 4 Li к M А Гы н у " Pa QUI LA y t PF ў +9 پٹ ید‎ B PD Е Е 7 bi کو‎ ۹ L ٠ -- 5+ = -N 4 К یگ‎ «Э ںا‎ nw. , ч «1D . " у А92 У و ہم‎ й 2 » d 1 i кы 6 E га т» A ` ۹ + ۲ | - - " . ам мыз [P - Р p 4 A К ۹ н CN гу “ee Ж» « р رم یں‎ | ` А - ) ж) $ з Ы " s ا‎ ۹ d „ NE й - 2 Po 3 ME 7 " x - " c سا‎ A " T ٦ , й „ Xx е K » МБ A ЧАС, .» 9 (a ИР " wr ج‎ 6 wl у ۰ , лі A à $ i ۲ a 7 Р А ۹ Е М { ' u г EJ [n sY j A y “ Ф " е СУА аа - . " x» E 4 м دا‎ ins ба ۱ کی‎ у“ č t А ٦ є - . У, “sh B Е Д. а | 1. з ...% 4 D O Е 7 M ч к= 5 n » Е і. “ д " dive " е з ; v le А ь а ' b - а го в: فا‎ к =, - am " A ٠ г б یک‎ З ам M» E Com 2; . 9. , RE a " 2 E ` x УТ ч - у B (абы. „ ¥ a ‘ Vn M ded Е А, Я a h ' 4 а | Ф ۰ Ж, x { ۵ ў 4 Л. « ہم‎ ” Li кї d M PAS й » ge t 4 Е я а - - f кр A Ev v - SoC ر‎ а ہے - ہے‎ = ` а 0 Tm а == ۲ „ч Э ‫َ 5 е aM. » Ba ec А Ёа ащ ۹ ROOT ۶ | м. VN TR] Jw 1 | | З gu. از‎ 4 E ا‎ m. - A LI RED 6-0 E 1 w. — аир ае” ٠ | | Jody Fisher TE ee ew o-—— twm " uf aC aa OL کے اس ہے ےت‎ бе чы کے ہے گے کے‎ m سے‎ т уе m М еб Я ш. ҮЗ P C Y " PICTURE TALKS " were given frequently in Mrs. Vandecar's French classes. Barb Eldridge is pictured. THE LANGUAGE LAB is used by French, Spanish, and German classes to help students with speech and pronunciation. Copy by Karen Frey Dann Cross el ist EU go at — e rea ВАН + — ےھ 23 pe WHILE OFFERING the great compromise, Marty Lovely ad- dresses delegates June Lokken, Debbie Engel and Dave Swen- son at the mock Constitutional Congress. A за | «а {БА aS 1 اتک‎ EE t b з. р ——‏ کک — — م € — — — y , РАІ ГІ Е | IH IT Hl f 7j F 70 TH j 77) vl, ЛИИ 7 й ІЦ ЦІ (1 м di 7 ; POLITICAL STRATEGY was often discussed by delegates such as these at the mock Constitutional Congress. EU - 1 Dann Cross iue ша { P ۸ : Steve Ward Dann Cross TRYING TO DECIDE ON their senatorial choices are Larry WHO'S SAMUEL TILDEN? asks Mary Lou Williams while studying historic Stewart and Bruce Kirk, World History students. campaign buttons. à ць а == — —À سے‎ Steve Ward Election year sparks interest in politics, in social studies The 1968 political campaign played an important role in the social studies curriculum. Politics and early American development were examined in American History and American Government. This year, for the first time, an honors course was offered for American History. This course contained the usual survey, as well as emphasizing past causes of present social and economic prob- lems. The newest facets of social studies were the introduction of material on black intluences on the American way of lite. Also class dramatizations were used to make historic happenings more un- derstandable. World History, International Relations, Sociology, and Economics were offered for the college-bound student. Copy by Tom Mickle POLITICAL PROPAGANDA provided many questions for Mary Hazen and Joanne Sealock. 25 „ее н С. " Й түт шшш лыр то чү чиир т ee зара :رت تد‎ ЫЕ ҮР Te ee «ттт. am amt am 0 Dann Cross " IT'S A MASTERPIECE! " exclaims Linda Jones, satisfied with her brush work. CREATIVE ATMOSPHERE іп the art rooms gives Mary Baldus Bob Kern ۱ й ست‎ Dann Cross CONCENTRATION AND HARD WORK by Dorothy Richards are assets in art. 26 ww. » « == " پ Ф «паба +‏ « а а е9 а =‏ ae d-i. с Е ow й A XE — — تھے‎ Е ہے‎ Р е8 m А NC s es Е Е + TAA “Ф - ж е PR . . = " " = - ТҮҮХ. ПЕРЕХ SSIIIITI ГЕ АХАХА oo“ гд fer Bases 9 00 ППР OH 6یہ‎ 222000 ДҮҮ? ҮЕ 501555144 7 ә {017277 vesa وج وھ‎ G Dann Cross GEOMETRY PROJECTS, such as Kathy Cross's, help to give a better understand- ing ot geometry to sophomores. RATE, DIRECTION, AND DISTANCE for- mulas are put to use in calculus by Janet Patterson, Terry Quinn, Fred Dahm, and Ted Rozeboom. Steve Ward Math adds calculus; art expands methods The math department added calculus to its cur- riculum this year. Taught by Mr. Wood, calculus is a complicated algebra with practical applications, intended for advanced study before college. Mr. Heideman and the department reevaluated the courses offered and stressed that students not col- lege bound should be given a broader backaround. Students taking art, 150 each semester, were in smaller classes this year because of separate teach- ing. Both new this year, Mrs. Schneider and Miss Gugel incorporated more visual aids and activi ties such as egg tempera, silkscreen, and weaving into the classes. Steve Ward SHADING he: art project, Pam Spicer Harris puts finishing touches on her masterpiece. Copy and layout by Linda Peterson 27 Oe аа а » -‏ ہے ہے ک کے ہے —— — - d 1 kt | Ил т | «Ёй - 1 Ona | ۰ r - с : а ۸ ڑ0‎ " - - А +, “Ж 7 ۰ m سف‎ UOT NT ee D ages, بر‎ ; ъч 2 €) ж 1 , i | Р f А aw Bob Kern A SLIDE RULE provides a challenge for Roger Banks and Jim Bartruff. PHYSICS LAB arouses Gary Owen, Dale Wodward, and Jeff Borron. Steve Ward з Г - 7 м = | м. ٦ " x ы s Bob Kern PEASHOOTING? No, just Biff Baird experimenting. Science students given varied choice Ames High offered varied courses for the scientitic student. Biology continued to intrigue students of each grade. The Virgin Prairie lent first hand opportunities for studying biological activity in. nature. The braver juniors and seniors challenged themselves with physics, while others pondered over physical science. The senior wishing a chemistry background had two choices: either Chemistry A, for those who hadn't had extensive science or math background, or Chemistry B, for those with physics and algebra. —.—--—-— -———-— е Virgin Prairie. Чч ہم‎ L| very on 1 CO c ә г а! 7 r The e OV ! onaer Davis D апе MUSHROOM OR TOADSTOOL? Bob Welp and D “І = WwitTnin SUCCESS flames FOR Mitch Roth. Bob Kern 29 “mas " t рум iv Crom Pen ` y RN a e . .— |. " " " - " .-—————————.———-——— Y ee ee eee 22-22272777799 ...سس شر ۴ا‎ ee a EES eee е т е .ша аша НЕ тт ОШ... CH - l—————————9 Е - - ےھ‎ Ф - . - - - „+ аш = “а-а - - -4 - a - ھب م 4 -- کسے‎ e ےی‎ шу ¥ oul Bob Kern A GIGANTIC BEACH BALL makes swimming more enjoyable. Golf, archery, gymnastics revised; | larger teaching staff in boys’ P.E. Several changes were made this year in the physical education program, of which Mr. Smalling HOLE IN ONE!—The girls learn the skill | | | | is director. Letter grades again were used instead of putting. of the pass-fail system. An additional boys P.E. | teacher, Mr. Bailey, was added. Mrs. Switzer also абара Я Copy by Cherie Hurlbut. Golf, archery, and gymnastics were expanded to aive the AHS girls a better understanding of = the skil I 3 basketball, swimmina, recreational games, and track and basic fundamentals. Modern dance,‏ کا ———- سے and field also were offered. Boys were taught foot- | ball, wrestling, swimming, and track and field. | Sophomores, both boys and girls, were required to take swimming, while it was an elective for upper classmen. Besides stressing athletics, health courses were given by showing movies on the dangers of alco- | holism and drugs. CQ À— HÀ ча —À = 30 (D Steve Ward GRUNTING AND GROANING, Gary Zeliadt executes his chin-ups. ‚муе у! г. " C 20m Bi Bh. EE —— Steve Ward TAKING AIM, these archers try to hit the bull's eye. 3l ьа‏ — س 32 Н. Ec. attracts тоге; girls invade industrial arts Girls taking home economics this year partici- pated in a greater variety of subjects in such courses as Textiles and Clothing and Foods and Equipment. About 150 were enrolled each semes- ter. Mr. Faas and Mr. Swenson, a new teacher, in- structed students in industrial arts. Such courses as Drafting, Electronics, Auto Mechanics, Metal Shop, and Woodworking offered opportunities to learn valuable skills in working with modern equipment and ideas. IR " аа аса сас” | уа LEE —— P یا سر یں‎ PEN SSS EE SOE AG UR ab ad att X: dll Bob Kern AN ENTHUSIASTIC SEWER, Madonna Voekes enjoys the rewarding work of preparing her dress in home economics. - ہے‎ = ILLA — -. Bob Kern A FINAL TOUCH is applied by Mary Hazen to her project. INTEGRATION OF GIRLS in the drafting courses for the first time included Laura Taylor and Jennifer Kuehl. Steve Ward ہے emend lici аль... .-. Ў نیت‎ T f | " T Е ee Pe, 3227 PT! H j padi ИШ ж — ра ee wb = ee ی‎ eee 5 „== a سوج سے‎ ee аа ee oe ے۔۔ ےہ ہے‎ ка ТРЕД. (Я Steve Ward MODERN MACHINES and their aid in engine repair are ex- plained by Mr. Faas to Steve Brunia in Auto Mechanics. " T ۰ be: 1 q الہ‎ 7P d Steve Ward " AND HERE'S HOW you fix a lawnmower, " explains Gary Mackey to a visiting Japanese teacher, Miss Reiko Ito. Dann Cross ROUNDING OUT his woodworking course and his project is Bill Opheim. Copy by Jann Siedelmann. шь... | ў 7” A 7 Ж £j È ig OE, business courses X a ә е ө. В À y اہ‎ NI е = | provide job training; PONDERING PROBLEMS of beginning typing, Mrs. Weaver helps a bewildered sophomore. some learn at work f, Secretarial, accounting, and business law courses were offered to Ames High students this year as preparation for future careers. Typing, stenography, and shorthand were skills taught for application in business as well as in school. Office education programs provided on-the-job | training for seniors, plus high school credit. Through | these experiences, a student was better qualitied to meet the demands of business. | | | Miss O'Brien was sponsor of OE Club. She also | taught the Office Education class and supervised cadet teaching. Mr. Garman was the assistant spon- sor of OE Club and taught Business Law and typing. | Mr. Havener was director of industrial education. | Mrs. Weaver, Mrs. Garrett, and Mrs. Buttrey taught | typing and Mrs. Buttrey also taught bookkeeping. New this year, Mrs. Vance taught shorthand and Business Machines and Filing. ly A ALL AL rn d -‏ 0000ی ب ه9 Steve Ward CALCULATED ART—Kaye Soesbe improved her skills using the calculator. a UU TUUS UU Аааа ааа аа ааа ———————— ہی‎ s —— M 5 =a mm u — " 2 " — R سر‎ z -R a a TET Saye АЕ] 7 Dann Cross ON THE JOB—Barb Brown and Susan Silverthorn enjoyed their on-the-job training as secretaries. + eee oom. mo + + پےے ہےہ‎ M e сажа ہےے۔۔ سےا‎ » 00 гу " л аў مرا ود ہج‎ з A E. ur Л. -' عم‎ ES ` М " NN н Sage CN E, i " NES Rios eA o. d ne ۰ La Nia " ۹ 7 3 1! 4 Steve Ward DICTATED TO—Chris Winkler practices tran- scribing a letter using the dictaphone. Copy and layout by Nancy Haynes аа — حم‎ a Steve Ward HELPFUL HINTS—Miss O'Brien gave tips to Marilyn Dowell on shorthand techniques. С —— — — P т — Dann Cross “HAPPINESS IS a perfect copy from the duplicator, " Jan | Sibley found. | 35 | е сар cm nand دوفو‎ D m More than one-half of the senior class partici- pated in some form of vocational education. Under this program students go to school one- half day and gain work experience tor the rest of the day. Several fields are open, including nursing, teaching, retailing, and industrial trades. Each student received a grade from his in- structor and from his employer. Those students involved in retailing be- longed to the Distributive Education Club of America. The club met regularly to put re- tail principles into practice. In April, the state DECA convention was held and the outstanding young delegate was chosen. At the area con- vention Tony Bleeker and Kathy Coon sought offices, and Kathy was elected area vice- president. Copy and layout by Tom Mickle Bob Kern 4 а аа - - سے سر ہہ سے ۰ өтт‏ — س «рт‏ 5 0 سے —— Steve Ward BASIC FUNDAMENTALS of an attractive display are practiced by Linda Hutchison, Bob Vance, and Kathy Smith. LENDING A HELPING HAND, student nurse Marcia Tweed livens up the day of a bedridden patient. Steve Ward — “т аўса aa ES й | ҮШ. ы” ЫЫ і J 1 1 " я A Р | уь рз А. єз Же TR - , ۹ ЭМА Á ADDING those special comments, Linda Huisman ad- mires a finished sewing project. 36 Dann Cross like Kristi Albertson, and WITH А LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS: Norma Kilstrom learns fi rst hand the triumphs and sorrows of physical therapy. Steve Ward Steve Ward OUNDS at forty-seven.” exclaims Dave Gammon while work- Sep MO مض ہک نے‎ isi ire ° PEERING INTO GAPING JAWS of a gigantic machine can be quite Steve Ward wm ےہ۰ جا سی ہیس‎ " x rame ay CE وہ‎ - 4g жы —r - fe———ÓI کچ‎ Ж АШ Т ы каш " ЭЛЛЕР КОЛЫ ч?» ре фае”. ят Жуль а ЖР. Ыз, C el 37 —ÓÁnH IMP an a t шыш “шт - ча» n eri ew Фё asa? ж fe Wow.‏ سے در ыйы e m U ip " a sm — t s ИЕЭ tli‏ سے ہے گا rs — De om . а т “з P аў سیت گا‎ е - capo " ШУ ыа. o0. , . 4 Bev Malone | THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA counselor was one of many admissions counselors to visit with college- bound students. | i= — UNES е Klarc Kent PARENTS were given the chance to visit with the counselors in an evening entitled " What Every Parent Should Know About to “Палае $ w . سے‎ “a і و‎ Steve Ward DR. W. R. UNDERHILL explained the purpose and importance of Career Night, a yearly guidance project, during the Career Night assembly. 38 Library staff, counselors aid AHS students The library staff and counselors worked " behind the scenes " to help secure solid futures for Ames High students. Classes were conducted in the library to acquaint students with its many functions. In ad- dition, the library staff supplied up-to-date occupational materials for students investi- gating job opportunities. The counseling department advised stu- dents of the best ways to use their talents. In individual counseling sessions the stu- dents were given the opportunity to dis- cuss problems and future plans with their counselors. As a further aid to advanced schooling, college admissions counselors from various schools frequently visited with prospective students. Bob Kern = с Е حم م‎ г » T T " ] i - E . І FREQUENT CLASSES in the library gave students quick access to reference materials for research papers Ж Р ` LI т . د‎ a $ OCCUPATIONAL MATERIALS, available in the library for students like Doug Fosberg, gave in- formation about many careers. Steve Ward Copy by Clay Bauske INDIVIDUAL counseling sessions, such as this one between senior John Parks and Mr. Ripp, provided valuable aids to a student investigating his future. - i " - ru а - y ә - ded = - ہہ سے‎ п” а. фе - ems Ф حسےسہ‎ у yay m - s.. سسست ایسسسہے۔ سے‎ ' | р ч Б z5 AS oF mg, s ۹ i Lo کے‎ a Humanities course " манф‏ € ہت seeks to create students’ creativity Ames High offered a course in appreciation of the arts for the first time this year. The course, Humanities, was offered as an elective for ! 5 credit per semester. Under the instruction of Mr. Al Wiser, the class sought to develop creativity. Students produced a variety of individual projects; a tape collage, an | original mythology, a show on lighting effects, and | original musical compositions were included. | Guest lecturers and field trips were included in | the program, besides lectures, slides, and discussions. | All the arts, including architecture, were covered. | Class members visited a number of architectural landmarks in the spring. The classes, which met three times a week, also discussed art films and similar productions. Broadening the cultural tastes of the students was a prime objective of the course, ac- cording to Mr. Wiser. ت باون у Тоту Mickle; LAND OF THE GIANTS? No, it's only an architectural dollhouse‏ ا ا ا اتک for a semester project.‏ | COLLAGE MASTERPIECES, such as this zodiac‏ study by Nancy Black, were exhibited for se- AS PART of the humanities lecture series, Mr. and Mrs. Khanwal Prashar demonstrated a‏ mester projects. sitar and told of its importance.‏ wo AY El Фа” 7 г i Ч 5 a وس‎ альяс”! = ” а D آ ‎ M Sophomore Band strives for versatility, precision 1 Under the direction of Mr. Richard Day, | the Sophomore Band members prepared for joining Concert Band when they be- | come juniors and seniors. | Meeting twice a week on Tuesdays and hursdays, the band practiced all types of music to acquaint the musicians with a variety of music styles and enable the in- | dividual members to become more adept in the use of their instruments. After many hours of preparation, the Sophomore Band gave its first concert on the evening of February |l. playing its versatility, the band per- ormed " Americans We, " a march: " Pre- н m ЕК К. - Ж. Воу and " Lady of Spain, both more odern composition З un FLUTES, OBOES, BASSOONS, front: Ann Seidel, Su Tempel, Barb Beers, Susan Hansen, Karyl Boyd; second: Leslie Wiant, Ellen Welshons, Jane Coulson, Sue Olson; third: Joyce ++ ы ges сору and layouts by Sue Jellinger; ait pads: by Hills Studio. Hiserote, Barb Eldridge, Jaci Jutting, Becky Phipps, Judy Schaefer; back: Kris Moorman, Janet Mills, Jim Dickson, Domoni Glass, Karen Baker. O û HORNS, front: Debbie Mahlstede, Dianne Lampe, Steven Kline, Julie Spat- cher, Jean Andreae, Barb Kern; second: Randy Sim- ons, John Bacon, Steve Jenison, Jim Burns, Bill Friedrich; third: Ken Ho- gan, Mark Sanderson, Dave Nelsen, Chuck Walter, Кеп Burkhart, Brian Garett; back: Peter Roemhild, Mark Potter, Bill Core, David Elliott, Gil Hutchins. SAXOPHONES, PERCUSSION, front: Darlene Keech, Mary Harris, Paul Sanders, John Alexander, Erik Hegstrom; second: Gary Beeman, Dave Hauser, Don Cerwick, Dennis Johnson, Muriel Eckstein; back: Jon Van Oosbree, Carl Schaller, Bob Crawford, Jeff Mohr, Alan Vandeventer. i 1 ۱ ۰ 1 ў 42 À Dann Cross Klarc Kent ARE YOU REEDY? Rick Van Winkle and Bob Van Voorhis are blowin’ in a wind. PUBLIC VIEW of Mr. Day directing at a concert. Hill's Studio Bob Kern, Marjie Shaw, Charlie Ellis; second: Roger Stephensen, Mike Steve Crawford, Mike PERCUSSION, TROMBONES, front: Karl Schloerke, Carol Davis, Anna Megregian, Stave Jenison, Jeff Jutting, Steve Oates; third: Bill Curry, Barry Dayton, back: David Vandeventer, David Elliott, Steve Baker, Bill Core, Pam Satre, Dan Ferguson, Anderson. Terry Lewis, Dave Swenson; Beaty. “ere Hill's Studio TRUMPETS, FRENCH HORNS, SAXOPHONES, front: Mark Powers, Julie Spatcher, Randy Johnson, Mark Sanderson, Ralph Eucher, Madonna Voecks, Ric VanDoren; second; Kathy Scholten, Stew Buck, Jon Buss, Lynne Burdick, Dann Cross, Mike Morgan; third: Terry Quinn, Craig Boylan, Rick Van Winkle, Chuck Walter, Richard Roche, Bob Van Voorhis, Roger Nickel; back: Steve Pace, Ron Fiscus, Chris Dverasten, Ron Jordan, Max Wellhouse, John Haas, Ed Pier. 80 musicians play in Concert Band With cheeks puffed and or fingers constantly moving, 80 juniors and seniors played in Concert Band. The band gave a number of concerts during the year and also entertained fellow classmates at an assembly. Although several members tried out for All-State, only one person, Jim Dickson, was chosen from the band. Copy and layout by Sue Jellinger TION. front: Carol Huffer. Sue Olsen, Leslie Wiant, Joyce Hiserote, Kris Link, Jane Coulson, Cheryl Spohnheimer, Ann Seidel; second: Karine Fritsch, Lee Ann Tysseling, Janet Mills, Christy Bachman, Anna Swenson, Judy Schaefer, Loraine Heddleston; third: Pattie Fisher, : Villrich, Bev Malone, Diane Fitz, Marti Lovely, Karen Baker, Debbie Heldt, Pam Swenson; back: Bonnie Voelker, Susan Haugsted, Joel Wilcox, Бес ку yv І 21 Dor na Smith. ci {ITEC PEED اسم‎ pem “ы. سم — سم‎ , „ ' — ہمہ ے‎ { ۴ Ы سا‎ — а ў 5 DL " i DI ; j l EL ہے‎ oon. ws Ji Dicks : rni n ey, Bob за! gerson, m ICKSO І Hill's Studio 43 | Ser. ш :.. IHEMEEXEO У“ —-— 00 LETUOOTIEEERTIIEDOIDENGENUNENESL T After 41 years as band director, Mr. Day retires " It's been quite an experience, " mused Mr. Richard Day, concerning his 4| years at AHS as band director, " to have been in one place so long and witnessed changes that have taken place in the size of the school system and even the city itself. Activities and academic offerings have broadened. " Ames has been an ideal community in which to raise our children and send them to school. | couldn't pick a nicer place to live. " All in all, it's been a rewarding and gratitying experience. Mr. Day's imaginative entries in the parades dur- ing Veishea, lowa State University s spring open house, have won first place every year they were eligible, except in 1967, when the judges ruled that the band didn't follow the theme of that year. ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR numbers with the students was the '67 Veishea entry in which the band played “The Stripper’ and " The Magic Trumpet. " ЖЕ: کے‎ “ght гета مہ۵‎ A et 5, й ۲ P З " 7“ Я Р D کی‎ p» - Шу. + м - P + | ہم موہ ц м Sow owe بت‎ ра афа — pr на " ы =з omo c m -— :- шыш ц " Steve Ward AND THE BAND PLAYED ON: Mr. Day accepts trophy given to him by the band at his last halftime show. Inaction ў T es “лаў Г T 01 34 ша Dann Cross SPORTING an orange turtleneck while directing the pep band, Mr. Day ба зі. 5.97 adopts the new color change the Pep Club girls wear. AT THE BEGINNING of his career at AHS, Mr. Day looked remarkably like he does today. Ln TEPPING HIGH, Mr. Day demonstrates the spirited steps nd swing that make a good marching band. 0 Dann Cross E iā » - Є т Steve Ward PERFORMANCES at halftime were watched carefully by Mr. Day, who calmly occupied the sideline bench. Copy and layout by Sue Jellinger 45 Bob Kern TWIRLERS PRACTICE, from left, Bev Malone, Laurie Aho, Diane Daffin, Anita Graham, Terri Pappas, Lyn Bruin, June Lokken, and Linda Howerton. WESTWARD HO—Stashing away their valuables, the band set- tled down for the two hour drive to West Waterloo. | Steve Ward Dann Cross GOOFING OFF in the band section, Carol Davis waves at the camera. HUMAN METRONOMES: Drum Majors Charlie Ellis and Carl Schloerke were the representatives of Mr. Day during the band's field performances. T Bob Kern 46 х BV SUS ec, mE LM Pla E „з рыр eee: а аа, а Mer а, гд. Й Popular candy sales finance band trip | to West Waterloo By selling bars of candy, the 158 band mem- bers raised money for the annual band trip, traditionally taken to West Waterloo, where un - they put on a spirited show. In the spring, the band participated in the eishea parade. Almost every year that the band eted in this, it has marched away with her a first or second place. as comp + ۱ | 1 eli .. — Dann Cross Bob Kern RAT-TAT-TAT—During football season, the band aided HIGH STEPPING Charlie Ellis put on quite a show during football | the cheerleaders by pounding out the beat for cheers. halftimes, along with the other drum major, Karl Schloerke. AT HOMECOMING, the band formed a heart and played " Sweetheart of Sigma Chi " while the queen and her attendants were presented. Jody Fisher й | s dS Ус е Ар 1 " gena v а. =k NOR wey oH ш Ete 47 48 Orchestra journeys through vast world of classical music Orchestra provided instrumentalists with an op- portunity to explore and play the more serious and demanding pieces which are in the symphonic branch of music. Mr. Richard McCoy, conductor of orchestra, has directed orchestra in its journey through the three B's—Bach, Beethoven and Brahms. Orchestra members, along with other tine arts students, tried out for a place in the All-State tes- tival. Three orchestra members and a concert band player were honored by being chosen. They were Anna Megregian, Cheryl Spohnheimer, Сагу Burkhalter, and Jim Dickson. The presiding officers of this year's orchestra were Gary Burkhalter, president; Maura Peglar, vice- president; Alice Beer, secretary; and Jill Kemp- thorne, treasurer. ALL.TOGETHER NOW: Mr. McCoy directed the orchestra in this the whole year. = سے ALL-STATE INSTRUMENTALISTS: (clockwise from bottom): Cheryl Spohnheimer, Gary Burkhalter, Jim Megregian. Christmas program number and throughout Steve Ward Dickson, Anna Copy and layout by Susan Jellinger Klarc Kent SAS Lao r3 410234 РА а-а mn m گے‎ " CEU PEN INE WEE LA جج اف‎ Mr رج چا‎ Еты eee. LL = Klarc Kent THREE AND FOUR AND: The orchestra played mightily at the vocal music, band and orchestra Christmas program. ONE AND TWO AND ORCHESTRA, front: Penny Pepper, Joyce Hiserote, Nancy Thiel, Jane Coulson, Cheryl Spohnheimer, Sue Wilder; second: Alice Beer, Pam Swenson, Rosemarie Orton, Karen Baker, Julie Fritz, Peggy Оепіѕеп, Anna Megregian, Mark Powers, Karl Schloerke, Marti Lovely, David Anderson, Jill Kempthorne: back: Randy Johnson, Wade Welshons, Chuck Walter, Mike Anderson, Terry Lewis, Bill Curry, Dann Cross. Hill's Studio 49 sd — ни tr ہس‎ ۳ 50 Vocal musicians entertain during practices, concerts Sometimes harmonious, other times a little flat, but always spirited and eager, the vocal musicians voices floated from the music room, to be either hailed or cursed by students in study hall and throughout the school. Choir, madrigal, girls! glee, mixed chorus and sophomore mixed chorus were the groups that com- prised the vocal music section of the fine arts de- partment for this year. Under the direction of Mr. Al Wiser, these groups sang a wide range of music, from classical pieces to jazz, hymns to ballads, madrigals to pop. Thus, their concerts have had something tor every- one, even if everyone didnt come. The vocal music department has put on numerous concerts and an assembly. The choir sang at the Elks’ memorial service and the junior members will sing at baccalaureate. Competing for the All-State Festival has become traditional at AHS. This year three vocalists were selected: Mary Lou Williams, Tom Schattauer, anc Randy Johnson. TAKE NOTE OF THIS, Randy Johnson tells Tom Schattauer Williams. SING WE NOW OF CHRISTMAS: Before Christmas, the choir went carolling in the halls. Steve Ward МІ. МІ, MI: Metropolitan opera contralto Lili Chookasian visited choir. Steve Ward and Mary Lou Josh Sharlin سے —- مس t CS s Dome cil‏ سو ee Dun umi n‏ مک کے e A ipm ES‏ ہے ےمم T» و ے۔‎ Ф - — a аш ee З ee ee ee заь. ae Hill's Studio SOPRANOS, front: Cynthia Quinn, Sue R usk, Annette Brown, Jayne Eilts, Loraine Heddleston, Linda Hutchison, Marcia Clark, Janice Ingram, Cheryl Spohnheimer; second: Karine Fritsch, Pattie Anderson, Laura Lyman, Pam Killiam, Mary Buck, June Eakins, Vicki Erbe, Sue Jellinger; third: Karen Bath, Ruth Ann Benson, Patti Fisher, June Lokken, Carolyn Beem, Pat Castner, Nancy Coleman, Janet Beneke, Becky Seim; back: Carole Peterson, Mary Heggen, Marilyn Saul, Carol Coupal, Diane Zimmermann, Pia Zehngraff, Lynn Burdick, Marti Lovely, Celeste Stevens. TENORS AND BASSES, front: Gloria Zmolek, Diane Fitz, Susan Provow, Pam Satre, Anna Megregian, Mary Littlehale, accompanist; second: Randy ner, Terry Lewis, Tim McGee, Steve Oates; back; Steve Pace, John Nordyke, Jim Lytton, Phil Riley, Bruce Thomson, Jerry Johnson, John Маддо! а Ix агїги?ї. | فتكي‎ b Us s { LET - k Hill's Studio ALTOS, front: Ann Davidson, Lisa Fritz, Charlotte Peters, Sue Middle, Denise Metheney, Carol Huffer; second: Amy Bateman, Cindy Ustrud, Becky Seiser, Sandy Underhill, Linda Cross, Susan Brown; third: Mary Lou Williams, Madonna Voecks, Mimi Fields, Becky Willrich, Mary Hazen, Tina Hagge; back: Debi Knudson, Janet Ramsey, Jane Fauerby, Sherilyn Kelso, Bonnie Voelker, Mary Wall. Hill's Studio 5l Y 52 FICKLE FINGER: Mr, Wiser directs the sophomore girls chorus at a concert. Klarc Kent E “а i й с 8 , MS Lu y ۰ A ГА 3 b 2 А b - io LI f B p І й А і L E » 3 0 А £ " a s 4ع‎ ' ` Р | Layout by Susan Jellinger GIRLS GLEE, front: Vicky Brekke, Sheila Grewell, Karole Hoskins, Judy Jackson, Sue Middle, Dana Blazek, Lynn Cummings; second: Rhonda Cox, Laura Dengler, Debbie Warren, Carla Allison, Barb Heggen, Melanie Cottrill, Karen Crowe; third: Judy Catus, Kathy Brown, Tina Van Oosbree, Caro! Anderson, Roxanne Barnhouse, Vickie Setterberg, Patti Archer. Hill's Studio Klarc Kent when the choir sang at the fine arts Christmas program, while projections on a screen Roshenara Khan, Gretchen Songer, Maureen Ball, Kathy Cross, Cathy Hage- SOPHOMORE MIXED CHORUS, front: Vicki Stevenson, man, Sue Olsen, Theresa Cook, Julie Kinseth, Jane Coulson; second; Jane Parks, Barb Dunlap, Linda Hyer, Mary Trow, Gayle Thompson, Kris Moorman, Kris Buttermore, Jane Stevens, Judy Jackson, Marilyn Gibbs; third; Erik Hegstrom, Marsha Ayres, Rosemarie Orton, Barb Judy Richert, Anita Rozeboom, Chris Anderson, Jean Andreae; back; Julie Spatcher, Carol Bowen, Chris Thomp- Rich Brown, Terry Blackburn, Dennis Hoover, Tom Schattauer, Mark Potter, Jerry Quam, Nan McNurlen. Hill's Studio Apprentice dramatists lay basic foundation in dramatic arts In drama classes, Mr. Ronald Zitzlsperger at- tempted to give the students a foundation not only in acting but in the technical aspects of drama. In Beginning Drama, the curriculum was mainly concerned with drama's history and growth. The first-year dramatists also learned some of the rudi- Y ments of makeup, scenery, lights, sound, and other backstage skills. Advanced Drama concentrated on polishing and refining the student's acting ability. Through read- ings and producing plays for their own classes, stu- dents were introduced to the techniques of acting. DOES HE OR DOESN'T HE? Only Karen Crowe, sopho- more, knows for sure about Junior Steve Oates hair. CURTAIN RISES—Jennifer Kuehl and Laurie Skadburg, sophomores, examine projects made by drama students with Steve Pace, junior. | et ee eee 1 b D Steve Ward HERE YE! Tom Hotchkiss and Janice Snyder, sophomores, wear devices which let them hear themselves as they sound to others while reading lines. 4 Copy and layout by Susan Jellinger Steve Ward ЕАМІІТАЕ POSE: Mr. Z. talks to a play cast. Steve Ward Dann Cross ACT І, SCENE |: Beginning Drama students study drama history, mechanics. з! Seah EI WI liec 4 ji Кг 8ھ‎ п li ШШ - if 1 0 1 MM Tnm " NAT ү 0 0 ҮШ!) ШҮ 0 iig | aum | PLAYING DRESS UP: Meq Dobson, шш o Ма. А sophomore, aids June Eakins, junior. Steve Ward Steve Ward Miracle Worker draws record audiences Launching the '68- 69 Ames High drama sea- son on November 7 9, William Gibson's " The Miracle Worker, " was performed to a record opening night audience directed by Mr. Zitzlsperger, and a near capacity crowd Saturday evening. The performance climaxed six weeks of hard work by both cast and crews. CAST іп order of appearance} Doctor مہ ہے ہت 6د‎ а ана Ва Steve Oates Кате Keller ше елла а coin ае Ruthann Benson Captain Keller - =. 22 =, i. Andy McCullough Нее eet و ا‎ Chris Ellinghausen Матлаб ہر ہہ ہہ‎ oI OI arene E E Barb Seiser PELE аа DS OOOO ORO کر‎ Marilee Mather AUN LE Gate ob CUO مد اہ دا‎ ss Susan Provow Jamas Keller o S ois cies e ste = езе з Robb Wallin ۸۲۱39105۹٤ Steve Pace Аппа sullivan oo eae oon Om ч oF Sue Haviland Vine E دم‎ 7 Kris Buttermore Blind girls sess 3. - Laurie Skadburg, Ann Siedel, Marilyn Fox, Gloria Jones, Kathy Richards, Suzi Schlunz THE MOOD of the play was set in Scene | by Andy McCullough and Ruthann Benson. " " ЛЕУ мру . А Я ` A TÉ REACH, HELEN, REACH: Throughout the play, Annie, played by Sue Haviland attempted to teach Helen, portrayed by Chris Ellinghausen. Steve Ward PE J P» " nh М) А” wr iu -— a " 0 е заба те, АС وم رواےہ‎ Jody Fisher Steve Ward GET ON THE STICK: . Z and Ruthann Benson work on blocking. CREW raced to finish set before openi ight. EW raced to finish set before opening nig ЗЕ NA . е " UE Fac m “ч ہے‎ ‘+ ; ЭС т " x н “к ” „ - - у وہ و‎ heady Be. гий aE: чай 35 е j $ е 0 Е d 1 “М, x » p E P»! 1 E و‎ У 1 б » pm К а і Ж Е і % - к. ЕЕ = y Е LJ Page layout and copy by Sue Jellinger ‘Sleeping Beauty’ packs auditorium Radical changes were present in the drama de- partment's winter play. First, it was a children's theater, " The Sleeping Beauty of Loreland ; sec- ondly, a Saturday afternoon matinee was scheduled to allow more children to come. Both of these innovations were extremely success- ful as was evidenced when the auditorium was com- pletely filled at the matinee. On Thursday and Saturday night there were also better than average crowds. The performances were the finished products of more than six weeks of hard work by not only the actors but crew and backstage personnel. While the Saturday night show may have ended it for the audience, it was only the beginning for cast and crews. There was still the all important Dann Cross DURING a practice, the peasants were scared by the king while playing " pear. " " strike " party which allowed the members of the play to talk, dance, and let off some steam. ROCK-A-BYE: The Queen and nanny, Nancy Ray, gaze on the baby Beauty. CAST Dann Cross (in order of appearance] GE ee T ЖГ ых „дщ The Queen می‎ e June Lokken ThesKindgles ана ds ES EE Phil Riley odes DOO nn Robert Kane‏ اک زوا Маппу ле с-з Е Мапсу Кау Пре моіе Бату 2-2 абедае Jan Brugger 266101001681۸ +1 аа Mary Everson THe Yellow: ۲۵۱۲۷ ۔٠٠‎ ٣٦ Suzi Schlunz ۱586۰8۱065۱۳۸ 25 Mary Barrow Тре Green Бату 22-057 Jane Fauerby The: Orange Бату га oe «ies Nan McNurlen | Тре Red Fairy oc =ске Meg Dobson | The: Black Fairy -es +7 Sue Haviland | | The Sunlight Fairy ا‎ 888.7 Janet Ramsey Beauty. 2. aa ا کہ‎ Barbara BeaHie 1 RUDOLF vex cir ОЕ Andy McCullough E PUN Sie HRA оо О аса wo c Steve Oates | Prince Delmar ے٠٦‎ Duane Beard | Ппе(атетакег. o «2v. sue ыу ees Joel Wilcox Сіс): с зза ОН аа Todd Boden | “oor (Cuil tele! isse ا‎ Karen Jensen | Mary Hazen | Monica Smiley Barb Moldenhauer Sue Jellinger Flower. в гае. cc cee Kathi Matuseski Gloria Jones - M 4 sei clu M ag Riley, and queen, BLACK FAIRY Sue Haviland curses Beauty as Janet Ramsey, White Fairy, o- LI Р» 4113 4 | | i : 4 " і i i 1 ۱ шка‏ اس کے سم „ ёе. М ГА i. Жын " А SOLVING THE PUZZLE: Karen Kellogg and Nancy Bockhop fit the pieces together as they lay out the Web. John Parks " й б - " I NE а ——— .ہت ےیبچھو‎ даець. ЯР | А | Steve ' SHOW AND TELL: One of the Tribune employees showed Patti Fisher, Debi Knudson, and Kirk Geist some of the mysteries оі journalism. Steve Ward NORK ... WORK ... WORK: А group of first period journalists work frantically to meet the one o'clock Monday deadline. CHERS TWO: Mrs. Miss Renee Drabeck, student teacher. Bauske, advisor for the Web, looks at a film strip Journalism students publish Web weekly, learn by experience Learning through experience " aptly described the journalism classes taught by Mrs. Grace Bauske. They were responsible for writing and editing the school paper, The Ames High Web. The first and second period journalism classes al: ternated on preparing the Web. While one class struggled in writing copy, cropping and cutting pic- tures, juggling layout, proofreading and counting heads, the other class was learning about the history of journalism and practicing its journalistic techniques. The Web was published by the staffs of seniors once a week in the Ames Daily Tribune, usually on Tuesday or Wednesdays. ў. й John Parks MMM, GOOD! Biff Baird, Conrad Anderson, Pat Castner, and Mike Owen proofread copy for an edition of the Web. Copy and layout by Susan Jellinger „У. o 2 v Spirit expands page size; ۱ The '69 Spirit, nicknamed " The Big One, " expanded its page size to 9x12 and added 16 more pages. After an enthusiastic sales campaign, 1,125 Spirits were sold, enabling the staff to continue the four-color process section. | PREPARING SUPPLEMENTS for mailing are Sue Jellinger, Mrs. | | f Ward, and Bev Malone. | 1 m» | МР... | - | ۱ ہے | و‎ ۹ Г Steve Ward | BUSINESS MANAGER Brenda Blewett headed financial matters for the SPIRIT. SWINGING SINGERS of the staff prepare a song for the sales campaign. Steve Ward І Dann Cross WHILE Charlie writes out a receipt, Clay supervises. = rZ uw, E I LL LO A Lt LLL ы a) а EDITOR Bev Malone helps paint a poster for the sales campaign. Steve Ward XF С Now بر‎ му: а یج‎ ie X AN d f : = eee pre is Dann Cross ў وا‎ i ات‎ oa Бус SADA PO с 7 us аса f Е A н M ۲ К, " p 7 ара i 1 ۴ М Ск а M 4 p a” Tre T 00 4. 7 | A 0 | » в » M Y ц " t a + ҮР? 1 E " Td ٦ ری‎ Dann Cross Pm " rr, с г " ٠ . sk і «іе ART FORMS: Steve Ward displays his drafting ability. SPIRIT REPRESENTATIVES, front: Linda Davis, Karen Ring, Cindy Johnson, Wendy Tompkin, Linda Cross, Diane Daffin, layne , Ann Serovy, Paula Hermann; second: Beth Moody, Barb Kern, Maureen Mulhall, Lori Carter, Penny Ellis, Anita Rozeboom, Alice Beer, за Vohs, Sue Middle; third: Val Sauke, Karen Uthe, Patti Fisher, Marian Martin, Brenda Lin- strom, Becky Willrich, ode Alison Hammer, Jennifer Kuehl Jim Bartruff; back: Cyndy Shorten, Kathy Scholten, ynne Burdick, Chri Har: en, Bruce Thomson, Debbie Engel, Vall Tesdall, Pat Calhoun, Janet Ekberg. Hill's Studio Copy and layout by Sue Jellinger, Jann Siedelmann ЕЧ - =- $ سے‎ — ت“‎ —— 63 r- Candy, bake sales provide Fiesta, Fete, Fest ... Spanish, French, and Ger- man clubs all celebrated traditional holidays of their countries. By selling bake goods, Spanish Club raised pesos for a Christmas party of games and pinatas. Dr. David Wall showed slides of South America at the party. French Club sang in the halls and went caroling at hospitals and at nursing homes for Christmas. In February, the Annual Mardi Gras was held, using funds from candy sales. This year Spanish and German classes were invited. Unusual costumes, food, and folk dances preceded the crowning of the king and queen. The German Club party at Shakey's Pizza Parlor was financed by candy sales. For entertainment the German Club Band played. New traditions with the old made it a festive year for language clubs. -i t- “ а аа, м le P - 4 ж. LI a 4 - 5 Р " we " . j ۹ 4 - б ` 7 ы ; E o n — - -s + = - - - ہے‎ —X Cot: E LI АЧ Mr MÁ- SLEEPING BEAUTY awaits Prince Charming in a Spanish play. SPANISH CLUB OFFICERS: Peggy Denison, Debbie Engel, Nancy Timmons, and Jenni McElherne. ١ ә L М , ! à E c u а У EV - : | “д Ач m Я: 3 ЗА, a - " سے‎ ٦ P d ы Steve Ward а ! 1 رہ‎ e | - à А " | ‚г-м ү, Б UE, . Meu! US " n e | ۱ V FART М) او ہے‎ EF p VAIO d д. ۱ money for club parties —ÀÀ'— TT 07 Dann Cross PINATAS filled with candy highlighted the Spanish Christmas party. Copy and layout by FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS: John Siemers, heri | саеце ا‎ Эш and Bev Malone, and Karl Schloerke. Dann Cross Dann Cross tad ЧЕ IT! German Club Band p lays at the Yule party. i ы Dann Cross Josh Sharlin “SNOWED UNDER " WITH WORK were the Ger- “VERY INTERESTING " comments Mr. Amman, as Dixie Hansen and Joel Wilcox sing, man Club officers, Jeff Shelton, Rick Van Winkle, and at the Mardi Gras. Mitch Roth. BEHEADED MARIE ANTOINNETTE AND LOUIS XVI, alias Becky Davis and Jill Kempthorne, were named King and Queen of the Mardi Gras by John Siemers. Josh Sharlin MEE й 65 Ames High School clubs expand‏ رت Dann Cross PARTICIPATING at a state wide debate, Ann Copy and layout Koerber adds emphasis to make her point. by Linda Peterson FORMING GLASS for his electron microscope is Wade Welshons. Steve Ward Dann Cross RISING TO MEET the occasion, Middy Robb speaks at the State Debate ISU. Opportunities to expand learning are found in the clubs of Ames High. Art Club provides time and materials for students to work on projects of their choice. After acquiring fifty-two points by serving on play work crews, a student is eligible to join Palm Club. Dinners, trips, and helping the drama department are all part of their duties. De- bate Club, sponsored by Mr. Scott, traveled around the state to participate in debates. Science Seminar broadens the concept of science and offers lectures and discussions on relevant topics. Science Fair projects also are worked on and discussed. The Key Club is sponsored by Kiwanis Club and pro- vides services to Ames High. The Annual Pancake Day was held again. DEMONSTRATING the operation of his project, Functional Analysis by a Binary Coded Decimal Computer, is Mitch Roth. Steve Ward meg Dann Cross Bob Kern STRINGING a loom is the first part of weav- ing and Louann Brown is hard at work at it. UNLOCKING plans for future service are Key Club members and president Reid Crawford. Fox, Janet Ramsey, Mary Hazen, Sue Haviland, Nancy Ray, Debbie Schumann; second: Duane Beard, Robb Wallin, PALM CLUB, front: Kathy Richards, Jane Holdren, Marilyn В genny Chris Ellinghausen, Kay Collins, Ruthann Berson, Carol Coupal; back: Mr. Zitzlsperger, Nancy brown, Реп! [m e y I», a . i 7 А „А З = I. ’ nay McCullough. Dann Cross 67 POINTING OUT weighty problems of the world, Reid Crawford talks with Holly Exner. AHS Model UN delegates represent Somalia, Albania and South Africa A rapidly growing organization at Ames High, the Model UN boasted 24 members. In Model UN, the members learn not just about the United Na- tions, but about many countries. In an effort to familiarize new delegates with Model UN procedure, three workshops were held. The first was for block management and caucusing. During the second, position papers and resolutions were discussed. The last workshop, held in the Ames High cafeteria, was the Model General Assembly. In March, the actual Model UN was held. Ames High delegations represented Somalia, Albania and South Africa. The assembly's purpose is to inform its members about the management of the UN and how to make extensive studies of another country and to gain experience working with and against other people. - а e С Ма a а= ———— — —— 626 ьа v ie р: ӯ — ая‏ مر THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE holds its own caucus. AS en‏ سستی I ne Фа АНА Sit „+ а АЙ at‏ ےج بج سوہ ee Se a‏ ہت سسجت — س T - = ۳ mn i FE - r i M NERAL MODEL UN ASSEMBLY was held in the Ames High cafeteria. “а m - ым " - om А rm уг " ہے‎ N CECE D ri - A d i° نح‎ ы Мм ہے‎ = ia N | 7 or - - MAILING IO ADDRESS E ASSEMBLY, Reid tlashes his delegation - - Card AN ATTENTIVE audience listens to Duane Beard. a ےنچ ا‎ с Р 1 . Copy and page layou! by Susan Jellinger: photos by Klarc Kent. j 69 М " | ۱ | ہج کے‎ ee ar In the cafeteria, library, office, and classroom, Throughout the school there were numerous | | students who gave their time and skill to help make | | | - the school run smoothly. Lunchtime moved quickly with the help of the cafeteria workers who dished out the food. Audio-visual helpers set up movies in the classrooms and ran the lights and sound equip- ment at assemblies. Attendance slips and passes were collected and checked by students. In the office other students tended the telephone and typed. Library assistants located and checked out books for fellow students in the library. ۱ | | | Steve Ward AT THE CONTROLS, John Nordyke checks lighting in the gym before an assembly. “SIGN RIGHT THERE! " exclaims Kay Collins, library helper, to Jamie Con- stantine. Bob Kern Steve Ward AUDIO-VISUAL helpers made possible the showing of films. Richard Patterson is shown. JT نع‎ = 7 е " db. — -4 — — ت‎ жа Sees Sg tS cee = ا‎ Зь аа а-а energy, and skill ж. Steve Мага DISHING IT OUT to the students was one of the duties of the cafeteria workers. Bob Kern s saves time for teachers. TYPING TALENT of Lyla Sil Josh Sh ariin CHEERY VOICED Maura Peglar, senior, answers the telephone in the office. Copy and layout by Linda Peterson ATTENDANCE SLIPS are collected by the office helpers. Pictured are Mrs. Green and helper Sue Brown. Dann Cross К ae i‏ کو جو 1 مال ای п‏ ای از TEA‏ ч ая Ы + pue X‏ г 2 ү | ‏ یم 1 . 5 ў‏ iy i A‏ 5 тч 6‏ y 7 Т 7 E ь ° ok A‏ b h NA‏ 24 у 4 ye 2 71 ы 2 72 Firesquad, hall monitors combine to supervise conduct in school life " Your friendly Ames High gestapo " is one of the affectionate names given to the highly efficient Firesquad and hall monitors. Firesquad members perform various duties around the school. They supervise lunch lines, help regulate the parking lot, oversee fire drills, and insure that school policies and rules are heeded. The hall monitors have a variety of tasks that revolve around the halls. They greet and aid visi- tors to the school, check passes of students walk- ing through the halls, patrol the restrooms, and otherwise maintain law and order in the halls. Under their sponsors, Mrs. Hiedeman, Mr. En- quis, and Mr. Covey, the Firesquad апа hall monitors have worked together to make Ames High a better school. STAMP ACT OF '69: Kathy Tuttle, junior, stamps a pass for Chip Mahon, senior. FIRESQUAD AND HALL MONITORS, front: Kathi McKern, Pat Castner, John Parks, Jim Bartruff, Kurt Schaeffer, Pat Moldenhauer, Teresa Beer, Marge Weiss; second: Mr. Covey, Jan Steel, Karl Schloerke, Stew Buck, Ric Van Winkle, Norma Kilstrom, Bill Davis, Cyndy Shorten; third: Mr. Enquist, Tom Montag, Bob Mudd, Bob Myers, Ken Russell, Kirk Vandecar, Tim Linder, Wally Smith, John Gossard; back: Mr. Ніедетап, Steve Hibbs, Hugh Collins, Chris Dvergsten, Clay Bauske, Jerry Bartrutf, Scott Watson, Charlie Ellis. Hill's Studio Steve Ward PASSE: John Gossard eagerly waits for Gary Catus to hand him his pass. Steve Ward ere: | ( P ۹ | Dann Cross HEAD ‘EM OFF WITH A PASS: Steve Sampson, junior, lets Bob Nilsson, examine his pass. Copy and layout by Susan Jellinger. г: ۲ 7 y y y ۳ Е 74 QUARTERBACK for the ISU Cyclones football team, John Warder, speaks to A-Club members John Parks and Jim Ryan. Copy and layout by Karen Frey A-Club sells programs to lower bus rates The 1969 A-Club, sponsored by Mr. Arnold Zediker, included all AHS boys who lettered in athletics. This year, A-Club worked on money-raising projects to lower rates ٥ out-of-town games, to give donations for a new press box, and to put on Twiro Week. Money was raised by selling programs at football games and by sponsoring a dance. One of the special events of the year was escorting the candidates for the Spirit Sweetheart coronation. Photos by Steve Ward I учи» " ТЗ Е " co " ELLEN . Soe , е. үу жо Е al. “Жой ix? ы " a IL - “ ара У - zo S 4 dam . e 4- wv p ч” rae м, à کے‎ е i " b co ae ' E Е «ад, ۸ Pre «а , 2 " Я OFFICERS Steve Hiah nd, secretary and Gre J Mulhall, president, conduct A-Club meetings. = С... ара” سے وہے‎ t Entrance into the Big-Eight Conference offered a new challenge to the AHS cheersquads. Leading the spirit during the football and basketball seasons was the football-basketball squad, cheering at all varsity games. The wrestling squad supported our boys at swimming, wrestling and track meets. Sophomores cheered at sophomore and junior var- sity events. To get spirit sizzling before events, the squad led rousing pep assemblies. Mrs. Switzer, the new sponsor, worked closely with the girls to plan practices, assemblies and new ideas for next year. Josh Sharlin “C'MON, CHEER! " scream sophomore cheerleaders Lori Carter and Norine Steve Ward MEDITATING during a tense moment at a game is Theresa Cook. “U RAH КАН! " Dixie's all for cheer practice and AHS. Steve Ward Steve Ward " WHOOPEE ... " Could Jan Steel's overwhelming joy be contagious? Copy and layout by Jann Siedelmann مہ - ы سڈ‎ Practices, meets, games keep all 3 AHS Cheersquads jumping Steve Ward SLAP HAPPY during a practice session is Barb Eldridge. Copy and layout by Jann Siedelmann WRESTLING CHEERSQUAD, front: Pat Molden- hauer, Jan Steel, Norma КіІзігот, Janelle Johnson; back: Cindi Hutchison, Barb Wheelock, Bonnie Sandve. BEING CHEERED on to another Cyclone victory is Kim Sand. ANN | Steve Ward SOPHOMORE CHEERSQUAD, front: Cindy Hall, Beth Moody, Barb Eldridge. Julie Kinseth: back: Deb Larson, Lori Carter, Norine Nims, Theresa Cook. Steve Ward Steve Ward ` - €t П е ce e da pA МЈ “iS LU JE ٦ A 5 27. КУД М Mis СВ ій oom A: Я کرت‎ y aT wr oen } З“ а m : за» PP н Steve Ward " SANTA SEES YOU when you're smoking, " is a warning to football players in a Christmas skit. Steve Ward “AHS IS still the best! " Nadine knows. Josh Sharlin A BASKET CLOSER to victory, a great play is saluted by Becky, Kathy and Teresa. І м і CM — Á я r » Sz À l ` s In = г Y j Ж 2 1 с = А T ug ? " ۲ б سے کے‎ ' Р بج‎ Е 1 м. а U ۹ " ۱ Y . 2 ef { X | 9 . i Dann Cross " HUSTLE! " A cheer is led by Mary Lou. FOOTBALL-BASKETBALL CHEERSQUAD, front: Dixie Hansen, Sandy Underhill, Teresa Beer, Kathy Brown, Nadine Nims, “ Cheri O'Brien: back: Kathy Tuttle, Mary he t Lou Williams, Becky Seim. Steve Ward B TS کہ‎ —— . — Pep Club changes uniform colors: orange and black No longer can anyone call the Ames High Pep Club a bunch of frenzied penguins. Black and white have given way to a more spirited orange knee socks and knit top and black skirt and vest, thus transforming the penguins into bouncy pumpkins. Pep Club is the largest organization in the school, with more than 400 members. To help generate spirit, Pep Club sponsors many projects. The ever popular bake sales, sign painting, locker decoration, pep skits and homecoming activities are visual ways in which Pep Club supports the boys. LOCKER DECORATING is demonstrated by Kaejean Da 15, BUS — — —MÀ— Е ( А ms à J j CR че + Au дж і Е s a zl» A 4 a ДЖ seo oo E E У) S j OU 79 а AUR. US ү MX " 259 ` 1.969 8 0 a ж «ч з 6 615 " | а 15 TETAS T «У 5) ии. . M ess avs ہہ‎ ТЫ uas аа TIEN А зат д саб, Usane’‏ اہ О.в а: ten eens б?‏ гаў یں‎ 5 E می Е‏ e L 2 A І й ў ٠ ' й ٦ m Б $ : ` ч й 4 ' і! ٣سا‎ і Е B Ф Li { р” ہے‎ й " J I + n 4 й . Е i ні Td ann Pa, PEP CLUB REPRESENTATIVES, front: Mrs. Vance, Joellyn Borke, Norma Kilstrom, Jane Fauerby (sec.), Pat Castner (pres.), Gloria Zmolek (v.-pres.), Janet Ramsey (treas.), Lee Ann Tysseling, Marilyn Dowell; second: Sherry Clemens, Pam Borke, Vicki Stevenson, Pat Gammon, Carol Davis, Teri Hale, Janine Peterson, Leisa Doran, Connie Foshe; third: Mrs. Garrett, Lynn Cummings, Beth Linder, Barb Vohs, Barb Heggen, Kathy Smith, Debbie Kenyon, Colleen Shaughnessy, Lynn Bauske, Judy McMahon; fourth: Mrs. Stamm, Cherie Hurlbut, Anna Hannusch, Maurine MacBride, Janet Patterson, Becki Seiser, Suzi Schlunz, Laura Taylor, Susan Brown; back: Mrs. Weaver, Dorene Johnson, Vicki Wierson, Carolyn Beem, Pat Satre, Debbie Engel, Cathy Johnson, Mimi Fields, Cathy Zack, Barb Hoff Hill's Studio 78 ———— " ——— МЕР — с ана = E ہے‎ — = т . - game. Waterloo the East cheer at Pep Club airls and black orange solid mass of team! A n! Yeah ў; IN А SKIT, Deb Kenyon walked Total E. Naked іп the gym. ۹ A i Ne. d ای N Ж 2 АА, За ёк Ж. — 4 А N эф سے — — = 2 ۲ ynda McConkey and high that Janice Overland, L Dorothy Richards had to be caged. AMES HIGH SPIRIT was so Copy by Bev Malone: page layout by Susan Jellinger Pictures by Steve Ward o m. 80 Basketball, volleyball highlight GRA sports а a‏ او This year the Girls Recreation Association gave а pm NT clo‏ large number of girls an opportunity to participate ... |‏ п а variety of sports. Basketball was first with 18 | E‏ teams competing in this intramural program. Twelve | | ` Steve Ward‏ volleyball teams held games Tuesday and Wednes- " | GOT IT! " yells Karen Carlson as Janet and Cindy prepare to assist.‏ day after school. A team of all-stars was chosen from‏ each class for both of these. Bowling, tennis, swim-‏ ming, and golf were also included in the list of ac-‏ tivities. T 1 7 1 Я Е چہ‎ и Unas 1 Bob Kern OFFICERS, front: Sue Jellinger (v. pres-), Joanne Sealock (pres.]; back Marti Lovely, Nancy Timmons, Debbie Engel, Janet Ramsey, Debbie Kenyon, Mary Hazen. я Cn e JJ | MH І 5 4 P + ig $ Steve Ward " ANNIE-ANNIE OVER! " warns Nancy Timmons as Sharon Parks nets one more. a a o ганяе ee 7 я 4 | to m... Hill's Studio GRA REPRESENTATIVES. front: Debbie Kenyon, Marti Lovely, Janet Ramsey, Sue Jellinger, Joanne Sealock, Mary Hazen, Debbie Engel, Nancy I nsen, Nancy Thiel, Barb Vohs, Judy Sorenson, Kathy Richards, Norma Hamilton, Marlene Warren, Carol Davis, Jill T ` Joan Carter, Lyn Bruin, Lori Aho, Mary Lou Van Voorhis, Janet Beneke, Barb Moldenhauer, Barb Kern; fourth: Anita ai Saul, Patti Fisher, Sandra Albertson, Sandy Shockey, Nan McNurlen, Suzi Thomas, Karen Carlson, Maurine MacBride; fifth: Cathy 8 r shnson. Marion Martin. Val Tesdall, Brenda Blewett, Debbie Silverthorn, Amy Seastrand, Mimi Fields, Linda Peterson. J -— (D ےہ‎ un m 0 - ә 0 Steve Ward BASKETBALL ALL-STARS. front: Marcia Clark, Carol Davis, Janine Peterson: back: Deb Burton, Anne Brown, Sherilyn Kelso, Debbie i | LA `!!: - а 94 03 |١ i ںہ‎ 1 el. Mary Lou Williams, Mimi Fields, Marti Lovely. Lnd a k= ضا‎ - „ f - gc “. kK ү а. 7 1: І : j = Y7 " m d c e a ACION and OTS laughs were common uring the sometimes ppl ۱ . » ыў. ў А A ца | - hilariously entertaining GRA basketball games. Steve Ward Bob Kern S.T-R-E-T-C-H! Karen and Sherilyn battle for possession. Copy and layout by Jann Siedelmann ‘Films, Fantasies’ theme for Synchronettes’ show " Films and Fantasies” was the theme of the annual water show put on by the Synchronettes, Ames High's synchronized swimming club. The club's 37 members put on the swimming and dancing show on April 10, ۱۱۱ and 12, including eight musi- cals such as " Flower Drum Song, " " Hello, o " E RP m T LOI dA аў‏ ہے з‏ بے Dolly, " and " 76 Trombones. " The numbers were written by Mrs. Jacobsen and the members of the club. The girls practiced twice a week and nearing showtime they at- tended extra practices at night and before school. i | | | Steve Ward OFFICERS Cyndy Shorten, Carol Davis, and Penny Crom discuss costumes with Mrs. Jacobsen. Layout and copy by Karen Frey THE SYNCHRONETTES rehearse numbers for the water show on deck before doing them in the water. - ہے‎ = ү Josh Sharlin A CHAIN is formed by four Syn- chronettes in " Flower Drum Song. " Josh Sharlin ака аў. ' “йр ہے سے‎ № ча 5 eU ab نے‎ Quint Captains — ten straight in BB tourney Mr. Spratt's boys intramurals offered a chance for any boy not on a varsity team to participate in a number of different sports. Intramurals continued the entire year, changing sports with the season. Cross-country, football, swimming, wrestling, basket- ball, and track were the sports covered by the intra- mural program. The boys could choose to be in one or all of the different sports. Events of the year included a track tournament in the fall, a wrestling and swimming tournament in the early winter, and a basketball tourney last- ing through the whole winter season. In the spring the boys participated in a decathalon. Е » а мак OPA q hac FINALS іп the 154 lb. class in the intramural wrestling tournament find Steve Carter defeated by Mike Owings, 1-0. WATCHING AND WAITING—Mr. Spratt watches intramural teams at Copy and layout by Karen Frey. practice. Photos by Steve Ward. і UNDEFEATED in ten straight games, the Quint Captains won the basketball tourney. Players are Don Page, 1 Greg Mulhall, Steve Highland, Bill Stauder, Conrad Anderson, Danny Craig, and Chuck Carter. 83 84 Committees perform Student Council tasks Eleven standing committees worked " behind the scenes " this year to conduct much of the business of the Student Council. Eight committees remained the same as in years past. They were the Assembly, Awards, Citizenship, Election, Finance, Public Re- lations, Social, and Welcoming Committees. For the first time, the Boys and Girls Service Com- mittees (formerly the Boys Club and Girls Club) were incorporated into the Student Council frame- work under the single title of Service Committee. Two other committees, the Human Rights Com- mittee and the Problems Committee were added to the stu dent council this year. The Human Rights Committee was responsible tor promoting greater understanding and brotherhood among students. The Problems Committee, reactivated after a sem- ester of dormancy, concentrated on seeking out and solving conflicts within the school. In addition to the standing committees, an informal committee was formed to deal with the completion of the student lounge. Lachy Smith SPOTLESS trophy cases were the result of hours of work by the Awards Committee, as Bill Palmer will agree. 1 7: TO KEEP the council informed of the progress of her committee, Becky Davis presents her committee report. LM ! ў NN Е JANET RAMSEY keeps students posted on upcoming events Public Relations Committee. Steve Ward as a duty of the шата” ц Clay Bauske CHOOSING FURNITURE is one of the pleasures of being on the Student Lounge Committee for Janet Patterson and Bonnie Voelker. Steve Ward Ф on ` = Dann Cross MR. HAVENER LISTENS to the assembly plans as reported by committee members Nancy Timmons and Sue Jellinger. KEN RUSSELL. Finance Committee chairman, tells Debbie Engel and Chuck Tonne how to organize 4 money-making project. | | ۴ | Dann Cross ۱ } | MANY TEACHERS such as Mr. Smalling approached the Student Council seeking Sr ۱ student opinions. | سے Steve Ward К. THE FIRST executive duty of President Dennis Healy | | ۱ | was to welcome the sophomores at orientation. MR. RIPP SERVED unofficially as the Student Council's " guiding star.” THE FIRST SEMESTER Student Council officers were Biff Baird (vice-presdent), Dennis Healy (president), Becky Seiser | | (secretary) and Ken Russell (treasurer). Lachy Smith Healy, Baird head first semester council The first semester Student Council was headed by Dennis Healy, president; Biff Baird, vice-presi- dent; Becky Seiser, secretary, and Ken Russell, treas- urer. The main emphasis of the council was placed on an early completion of the student lounge. A ceiling and light fixtures were installed, and the walls were painted by student volunteers during Christmas vacation. Several other projects were carried on by the tirst semester Student Council. The citizenship com- mittee collected nearly $600 in voluntary contribu- tions for Archie Greene, a former student body president now suffering from multiple sclerosis. The first in a series of exchanges with other schools in the new Big Eight Conference began when ten stu- dents visited Fort Dodge High School for a day. In addition, the Student Council raised money through a concert presented by Ames High aiumnus - = on Se € ING the student lounge was not all work for seniors Linda Newton and avi Dick Schory and his percussion pops orchestra. Hill Studio E " - , | | ۱ | LJ 4 ч — d е з “ы У iT. 2c ? v - = FIRST SEMESTER STUDENT COUNCIL, front: Sue Jellinger, Kathy Brown, Becky Seiser (sec.), В Baird (vice-pres.), Dennis Healy (pres.), John Parks, Ken Russell (treas.), Maryanne Stritzel, Clay Bauske; second: Ann Serovy, Randy Simons, Mike Wardle, Karen Barker, Bob Kern. Diane Daftin, Janet Corrigan, Sue Bell; third: Mr. Ripp, Lance McGilliard, Jeff Herrick, Bruce Smith, Tim Linder, Bob Mudd, Chris Thompson, Greg Peterson, Sue Kaldor: fourth: Bill Palmer, Brian Johnson, Tom Schattauer, Ken Burkhart, Kelton Nelson, Тот Pantenburg, Mitch Roth, Jim Herrick; back: Mr. Ritland, Bruce Carlson, Scott Kreamer, Steve Sampson, Tom Polhemus, Phil Riley, Dell Brown, Steve Hibbs. 87 88 2nd semester council opens student lounge Dann Cross After weeks of selecting furniture, carpeting, and INTENSE CONCENTRATION fills the air as representatives observe Student a sound system, and laying out floor plans, the sec- Council proceedings. ond semester Student Council opened the student lounge. In addition to the completion of the lounge, the Student Council was engaged in several other activities. A basketball game was staged in March between the Harlem All-Stars and the Ames High faculty to raise money for the Student Council. The second Big Eight Conference exchange was held in April when ten students explored Mason City High School for a day after hosting students from there. The bus rates to the Mason City basketball game and the state wrestling tournament were re- duced by the second semester council. A contribu- tion from the basketball concessions helped to lower these bus costs. Fourteen students attended the Central District Student Council Conterence in Tama where Dr. Ray Pugh was the featured speaker. The second semester Student Council was headed by Clay Bauske, president; Ted Rozeboom, vice- president; Becky Seiser, secretary; Ken Russell, treasurer: Тот Schattauer, parliamentarian; and HEATED DISCUSSIONS often ended in close democratic student council decisions. Chuck Voss, acting vice-president. Lachy Smith Steve Ward MONEY DONATED to Student Council from basketball concessions reduced the cost of fan busses to Mason City. т чч у ч É— к y DX чи‏ ۰ے чь v чар‏ = . تد а . mg —9 v ime -d a — " v‏ اب - =ч‏ 3 وسسے ہی یہ Sd at -y Hill Studio SECOND SEMESTER STUDENT COUNCIL, front: Mr. Ripp, Kathy Brown, Becky Seiser (sec.), Ted Rozeboom (уісе-рге5.), Clay Bauske (pres.), Ken Russell (+геаѕ.), Chuck Voss, Mr. Ritland: second: Maryanne Stritzel, Ann Serovy, Sue Jellinger, Barb Eldridge, Norma Hamilton, Dennis Healy, Becky Davis, Marlene Warren, Nancy Timmons, Dixie Hansen, Leisa Doran; third: Alice Beer, Diane Davis, Jan Eldridge, Mark Smith, Nancy Haynes, Jane Lundvall, Eric Crump, Mark Powers, John Parks, Celeste Valentine; fourth: Mary Finnegan, Car! Schaller, Chuck Tonne, Janet Ramsey, Roger Banks, Debbie Engel, Pat Calhoon, Bill Palmer, Mitch Roth, Rich Brown; back: Pete Buck, Chuck Walter, Greg Weisshaar, Dell Brown, Kevin Madden, Jim Speer, Maury Miller, Scott Gay, Craig Hageman, Pia Zehngratt. Not pictured: Tom Schattauer (parl.). Lachy Smith Dann Cross PRESIDENT Clay Bauske reveals the plans for the student lounge to | ۱ the council, | 89 90 Council acts as hub of school activities In addition to their regular business, the Student 0۷ ў йй! Council supervised the organization of many school | 0212.00 activities. The social committee planned the school ЕЕ sponsored parties, and the assembly committee was responsible for the majority of the school assembly PT programs. The Human Rights committee planned 99!!! Brotherhood Week and the Brotherhood assembly ай! program. The service committee sponsored the Big 0 m Y Sis-Little Sis Discovery Night at which sophomore V Xa dr. А E 1 girls finally learned who had been their " big sisters. " | Чу A Ў, : Y The Student Council supported the Youth tor За. 3 Ж, Understanding program by buying copies of the Spirit for the exchangees to take abroad. Steve Ward - ہہ — و — THE STUDENT COUNCIL purchased Spirits for these YFU students to take abroad. Seated: Rita Burns, SOPHOMORE GIRLS learned the true identity of their Night—after months of speculation and crafty efforts Ste " s i - - т ... Ф 2 . ۱ 5 d " A " ns Carol Warner, Linda Beal, Linda Kathi McGinnis, Jill Kempthorne. Standing: Charlie Ellis, Kathy Brown, Janet Ramsey, Brenda Blewett, Nadine Nims, Dave Vandeventer. ve Ward sf 9 F | - sisters " at the Discovery T! Newton, a ٭- ی-ے سس شس سے‎ — — چ‎ — M— HÀ À ES Я Le, fT a ao I ы шы سر ہب‎ аг ہے‎ ————— " (— — ——————ÀÁ—uE—————————— M е ө ө э э ө ө ө M UM 000 Meo oo —-————— ж M— a—— — n m 7 ۱ Жк : ج‎ Student Council section T copy and layouts by Clay Bauske DET TEE John Parks TE E UB = SOR BBLS OTL Vim جج سس ہو‎ aviae POSITIVE APPROACH f LEADERSHIP — و‎ ANW М | 3 MAURER i i К کاٹ‎ M ГАБ ет Steve Ward HOW STUDENTS CAN HELP—The Rev. John Davies was the RAY " TOUGH AGATES " PUGH highlighted the Central District Student featured speaker at the Brotherhood Week assembly. Council Conterence in Tama. John Sharlin | 1 1 | | } THE DYNAMIC NOVELLES: show band thrilled students at Student Council-sponsored dance. | і | $ 91 MAURA PEGLAR CLAY BAUSKE JOHN SIEMERS TED ROZEBOOM کے سح m NS‏ CHUCK VOSS ТҮГЕ з = Lag - - LJ - Steve Ward BEHIND THE SCENES: Presidential candidate John Siemers adds finish- ing touches to one of his colorful posters. MAKING IT OFFICIAL: Sterling Clink, manager of the " Cellar, en- dorses John and Mitch who used the hall as campaign headquarters. Steve Ward 2 Е OS кл o Ына а ae Tun 206 Heated campaign; Bauske-Rozeboom win Dann Cross DISPLAYING THE PLANKS of the victorious Bauske- Rozeboom platform are Joel Wilcox and Dave Vande- venter. Copy and layout by Tom Mickle Four pairs of candidates entered the second semester student body election. John Siemers and Mitch Roth, Maura Peglar and Ed Pier, Clay Bauske and Ted Rozeboom, and Fred Dahm and Chucl Voss all sought the Student Council offices. Platform speeches over the sound system opened election week. Following these, it was open season for banners, buttons, and posters. Major planks of platforms this year ranged from allowing auditing of classes to lowering costs of fan buses. For a change, the election assembly was not cluttered with skits, but was a straightforward presentation of facts. Even the traditional humorous question asked the vice-presidential candidates— " What qualities do you feel make you the best candidate? " —didn't sound funny, but interruptions from " janitors, " a basketball team, and Greg Mul- hall holding up signs directing the audience to laugh and boo at inappropriate times kept the audience in hysterics and the candidates confused. Final tabulations showed that the Bauske-Roze- boom team was elected. ONE OF A THOUSAND: yet each vote, such as John Heer's, was treated as one in a million. Dann Cross 93 —i—Á—À —aM————ÀYÀ аа — i Е سس a‏ ہم -— у,” لس‎ cac. eR Ra 2 РЦ ۰ که ہم‎ Jamee WITH CHEERS and chants the Pep Club girls weave their way down Main Street. ARMED WITH ENTHUSIASM and lots of goodies, Barb decorates a locker for a lucky football player. Steve Ward Bi» f 0 [| Е | Steve Ward “SOMETHING'S COMING ... something great " bursts forth from the AHS Jets as they out yell their foe, the Cedar Falls Sharks. ш © ۰ : b - i + A cR ae Ee З нана, € ہیی‎ h " Junk: М ص = اب‎ M we dpi CU аў oem ATR ee " | i — m к جج دیپ ہے гарадавы Ааа...‏ مہ о oao‏ Jody Fisher JUDGING door decorations was the job of Sue Peterson and Maureen Mulhall. CAKES, CANDY, and apples greet football players at their lunch table. Steve Ward V й =” ‘ey ad. ы € E É ات‎ ту? ы E 4 EX Jody Fisher Street launch Homecoming Homecoming '68. was the kind people dream about. |t started drearily; there was a slow driz- zle all morning, the new orange Pep Club turtle- necks didn't arrive for Color Day, and the tra- ditional window painting had to be confined to the high school this year. But in the afternoon—just in time tor the caravan and pep rally—the sun broke through, the temperature rose, and it was a lovely afternoon and evening. In preparation, Pep Club girls decorated lockers and halls. The team wore their orange " away " jerseys to school and everyone else sported a bit of orange. The football boys were treated to their favorite subjects, food, both in their lockers and at lunch. Following school a seven-block-long cara- van formed which paraded to the Band Shell for a pep rally. Pep Club girls' performed in a skit based on West Side Story, Comic awards were given for homeroom door decorations, and the Spirit Jug was given to Homeroom 124. Homecoming Queen Sandy Underhill and attendants Pat Moldenhauer and Lynda McConkey were announced. Enthusiastic Pep Club girls snakedanced down Main Street. Later that evening the Ames High football team defeated Cedar Falls, 34-6. Halftime at the game, which Ames led 14-0, had an added thrill when the queen, her attendants, and their escorts paraded across the field to be presented to the crowd. Their reign was made complete at " Shades of Autumn, " the Homecoming party, where the band, The Shades, entertained the students. Such were the ingredients of Homecoming '68. шш 7) — ———O——MM HH 96 Sandy Underhill named '68 Homecoming Queen e m‏ ہے ————-„——-— ——-—-——+—-——- A i aÍ— Dann Cross ae HOMECOMING QUEEN CANDIDATES: front: Norma Kilstrom, Jody Fisher Teresa Beer, Sandy Underhill, Kathy Brown, Kathy Smith, Pat TEARS FILL the eyes of Sandy Underhill as che is crowned Homecoming Castner: back: Cheri O'Brien, Pat Moldenhauer, Nadine Nims; Queen by Brian Johnson. not pictured: Lynda McConkey. Copy and page layouts by Linda Peterson and Cherie Hurlbut. A JOYFUL QUEEN Sandy Underhill and her attendants Pat Moldenhauer and Lynda McConkey were escorted by Mark Mathison, Dave Vandeventer, and John Parks. Eve Ward Wellhouse Studio t S SS aS S = aS XN S SS S еў ng Homecomi ee Pat Moldenhauer Lynda McConkey шы LI X pn——————————— ——————M— M a — — D | — — — س س‎ шц 98 Cinderella goes to the Cinderella went to the ball, but her fairy god- mother's wand wasn't working right. There she was in blue jeans—but the glass slipper tit anyway. The queen in disguise was transformed from согп- squeezer " to royalty during intermission. The Cin- derella in question was Sue Jellinger, chosen to reign over the Christmas Formal with King Greg Mulhall. The senior girls, sponsor of the event, decorated the combined ballrooms of the Union with large gold stars and evergreens covered with angel hair to support the theme, Varykino, Dr. Zhivago's ice palace. After coketail parties, the formal began at the Union. Dancing couples were serenaded by the Jim Steinhart Quintet. John Parks and Fred Dahm were masters of cere- monies during intermission. Dixie Hanson and Joel Wilcox sang selections accompanied by guitar and were followed by Jug Brown and His Corn- squeezers jug band, formed by senior girls. The king and queen and their attendants were an- nounced, highlighting the evening. Snow and bad weather canceled a party at the Cellar afterward. Copy by Bev Malone: Page layout by Cherie Hurlbut. Christmas Formal, returns as Steve Ward JUG BROWN'S CORNSQUEEZERS struck a jarring note at intermission. " HEY, THE PUNCH IS RED! " exclaims Morley Hegstrom to Tom Hostetter, after remember- PLAYING A STARRING ROLE, Bonnie Voelker, ing the lemon punch of previous years. Jan Eldridge, and Amy Bateman decorate the Sun Room. Steve Ward | j ч LI dum В Р ہے‎ СЫ queen of the ball -r a d P ў - FETU Eon. - i mc. 24 E v y o T 5 Wr | e ane i” - | ms к; | E Jey P? eoe کا‎ «qos ы LE Р t | 4 | | ۱ | | | | Steve Ward E Wellhouse لی یں‎ Sue sel. KING AND QUEEN of the Christmas Formal were Greg Mulhall and Sue Jellinger. ROYAL COURT—Chosen for attendants were Pat Castner, Dell Brown, Sandy Underhill, Jim Ryan, Queen Sue Jellinger, King Greg Mulhall, Teresa Beer, Cay Bauske, Linda McConkey, and Stew Buck. Bob Kern Wellhouse Й : " Love Your Spirit " Week ended on Valen- tine's Day, but love was not the only subject involved. Friday was the deadline for paying the balance of yearbooks bought on con- tract, The Spirit Sweetheart was elected to climax the week. Twelve candidates were chosen by the student body. The Spirit staff presented its Sweetheart at halftime of the West Waterloo game Saturday night. Charlie Ellis, master of cere- monies, was assisted by cupids, hearts of cards, frogmen, and flower girls. Spirit's Special Sweetheart was Mrs. Barbara Ward, Spirit sponsor. Norma Kilstrom was crowned Sweetheart, with Jane Hicks and Pat Mold- enhauer as attendants. Layout and copy by Bev Malone Steve Ward CUPID tosses goodies to the crowd, putting them in the Valentine spirit Jan Steel is shown Castner; not pictured: Pat Moldenhauer, Norma Kilstrom. | SPECIAL SWEETHEART, Mrs. Ward, enjoys her unexpected moment of glory. Steve Ward SWEETHEART CANDIDATES, front: Nadine Nims, Jane Hicks, Mary Warner, Teresa Beer, Kathy Smith, Cheri O'Brien; back: Lynda McConkey, Kathy Brown, Debi Knudson, Pat Josh Sharlin в p c «й | 1 7 . | Ё Wellhouse Studio pirit Sweetheart and Attendants ане Hicks ۸۷۳۵۷ МЕОИ ре oiden Steve Ward WONDER OF WONDERS: At a pep assembly, the cheerleaders are all in the air at the same time! Assemblies and da ee nces invigorate student spirit Breaking up the routine of class schedules, assemblies educated and entertained students. Programs varied from cheering the Little Cy- clones to planning the future. Guest speakers addressed the student body on educational opportunities, vocations, and safe driving. Among the speakers were Dr. Underhill from ISU and Roger Ward, Indian- apolis 500 race driver. The Talent Assembly exhibited student musical abil ity and slapstick skits in the " commercials, " while athletes and scholars were recognized in the awards assemblies. While assemblies highlighted the school week, dances enlivened the weekend. The cafeteria was the place to be after football and basket- ball home games, win or lose. Live bands, ranging trom rock to soul, provided inspiration for dancers and listeners alike. Steve Ward | STUDENT TALENT is displayed by pianist Jill Kempthorne at the Talent Assembly. | Steve Ward GUEST SPEAKER, Dr. Underhill, speaks to students on the importance of education. 102 Layout and copy by Bev Malone Dann Cross CROSS-COUNTRY TROPHIES are presented by Gary Catus to Dennis Healy and Biff Baird, accepting them for the student body. r - х = = | DANCES after almost every home game give couples weeken: ' М. ` м ' B Ness | | T aa а ` Lr з Steve Ward || " - j entertainment. Josh Sharlin Steve Ward SOUPY SALES THE 2nd, Mary Warner, wipes pie from MISTLETOE makes it legal as Diane Davis and Gary Good take advantage of the her face after having it “socked” to her in the Talent Mistletoe Dance decorations. Benny Best assists. 103 " Н ° паа — ар а e ри аа ач З — سس ۔ = Josh Sharlin - so — Uh Layout by Steve Ward —— | | | | | | | | D f 3 a aman. " x а. е ` ГЫ , ` m » - Е ін وی‎ «8 Steve Ward B Klarc Kent man‏ یہ LP‏ میم عم اي Steve Ward Wendy Tompkin 105 сч» «нача‏ مککھ۔ تھے ہے — سد Cyclone record 5-3-1; ‘One whale of a season’ Ames High football got a boost this year trom the entrance into the Big Eight Conference. The newly formed conference includes Ames, Marshall- town, Fort Dodge, Newton, Cedar Falls, East Waterloo, West Waterloo, and Mason City. The Cyclones had a tough time with the de- termined Boone Toreadors in a game that ended in а tie, 32-32. The gridders had an uphill fight dur- ing the entire game but scored 13 points in the final minutes to tie the game. The next two games pitted Ames against con- ference foes Marshalltown and Fort Dodge. In the first game, Ames traveled to Marshalltown and doubled their opponents’ score, 48 to 24. In the following game, Coach Johnson took his footballers against the Fort Dodge Dodgers. The game was tied SEASON'S RECORD (5-3-1) OPPONENTS 32 Boone 32 48 Marshalltown 24 27 Fort Dodge 7 23 Newton 19 34 Cedar Falls 6 2| Waterloo (East) 26 7 Waterloo (West) 33 2! Mason City 25 Roosevelt VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM, front: Greg Mulhall, Dell Brown, Conrad Anderson, Jim Lytton, Dennis Healy, Danny Craig, Chuck Carter, Jim Ryan, Biff Baird, Phil Riley, Don Page; second: Jon Hunziker, Bill Palmer. Steve Siedelmann, Mike Owinas, Tim Linder, Chip Mahon, Bruce Smith, Rob Wilson, Scott Watson, Mike Stohlmeyer, Doug Fosberg; third: Head Coach Phil Johnson, Dean Newton, Chris Dvergsten, Doug Lechner. Steve Wacker, Gary Good, Paul Johnson, Steve Carter, Craiq at half-fime 7-7. The final score, however, showed Ames the winner, 27-7. Ames squeezed past Newton in a game that was decided in the final minutes. Jon Hunziker recorded a safety in the winning effort, 23-19. At Homecoming, the highlight of the football season, Ames High led Cedar Falls at half-time, 14-0, and won 34-6. The spirit for the game was high throughout the week preceding the game and lasted up until the gun stopped the action. The coach expressed his thanks for the schools support and said that it helped them to have ‘one whale of a season. East Waterloo, last year's No. | team in the state. found Ames to be more than they expected. The Little Cyclones scored more points against the visitors than any other team in the state but lost the close battle, 26-21. The Little Cyclones next took on the cross-town rival of the previous week, West Waterloo. After a long trip, the Cyclones came out on the short end of the score, 33-7. The following week, the Cyclones played their last conference game аі Mason City. The gridders fell short, 25-21. With the loss, Ames finished 4th in the conference, 4-3. In the final game of the season, Ames High downed the Roosevelt Roughriders, 27-25. The Riders failed to score in the final seconds because of the Cyclones’ defense. Mike Owings, Jon Hun- ziker. and Tim Linder were elected captains for next year. They will replace this years captains, Dennis Healy, Biff Baird, and Danny Craig. Hageman, Tom Polhemus, Scott Burgason, Coach Jack Mendenhall, Coach Keith Bailey; fourth: Coach Dale Tramp, Coach Arnold Zediker; fifth: Mike Davis, Daryl Thorson, Greg Peterson, Rick Butler, Steve Crawford, Doyle Kepley, Kerry Joseph, Roger Banks, Rich Unger, Bill Munson, Ray Bickerstaff; sixth: Mike McLaughlin, Jim Davies, Virgil Fowles, Kirk VanScoy, Steve Highland, Dave Hunziker, Gary Sprouse, Dan Hade, Craig Morris, Bill Stauder. EL Р " tacklina teammate Linder? ! 4 ENDS MEET as Раде. and Anderson rej FOLLOWING BLOCKERS, Danny Craig runs uptield against Fast Waterloo. - ee 108 TRI-CAPTAIN Cyclones enter first year in Big Eight competition BIFF BAIRD Ames was represented on the first team All- Conterence selection by Danny Craig. at quarter- back and Dennis Healy at halfback. Conrad An- derson received second team honors while Don Page and Chuck Carter were given honorable men- tion. Danny Craig was also selected for the second team All-State football. team. Danny completed 50 per cent of his passes for a total of 1387 yards. Danny also ran the ball 107 times during the sea- son for a total of 303 yards rushing. Conrad -—4A Anderson was on the receiving end of most o Danny's passes (30 for 312 yards). Dennis Healy averaged 5.7 yards per carry this season. Greg Mulhall led the nation in punting with an average of more than forty-eight yards for 24 kicks. Steve Highland returned this season after a con- cussion in his sophomore year ruled out contact sports. He returned as a kicker who converted 86 per cent of his tries. Doug Fosberg led the team in tackles (105 for 11.5 per game). Conrad Anderson made his presence known on defense by averaging 7.4 tackles per game. Steve Siedelmann, in his second year as a starter, had an overall aver- age of 5.5 tackles per game. a ¥ чі leads Cyclones through lane formed by senior pep club girls. - ' н T ‹ ۶ » " a - Г دی٦‎ 8 4 а JAY RI. q 2 ہی : ا ر‎ » gi] TT g» = و -— حر‎ у уе 7 WHERE'S THE BAL AN EGG, Dennis? ہے +— +- 1 0 еў‏ ы.‏ +- 0 )0 = (D‏ 3 Mulhall as Dennis Healy completes a fake. NOW A KICKER! Steve Highland returned to fc otball after sustaining a concussion as à sophomore. 109 ee та ан ————— ое ae سے س سے سے ہہ‎ й шш. o - سمه‎ ee ۹ ° °ч - е а АЎ За) Meu - | ۱ 25 0 ٤5 ты F | ў Е | ید‎ Tro аә S mx igs 75م‎ 0900-1 | JARRING TACKLES like this by the Ames defense were a strong point throughout the season. Copy and layouts by Charlie Ellis; All football photos by Steve Ward. “aes —Q —ÀÁAÀXX аа” ане — سب‎ " +. r 3 - i یں » CLOROX NEEDED HERE as Cyclones practice despite rain in preparation for Homecoming. 110 а” аа аца EE ...ہہ و و و‎ Sophs finish 9-1; win 9 straight The Ames High sophomore football team, under the direction of Coach Arnold Zediker, finished the season after victories over sopho- more and junior varsity teams with a record of 9-1. In their first game, the AHS sophs lost a close contest with Des Moines Lincoln, 13-6. Bouncing back, the team started a chain : ҮЙ of victories that lasted throughout the re- TE ES `, mainder of the season. Their first victim was а | Marshalltown, 34-0. Ankeny fell next to the | rolling Cyclones by the score of 47-19. The m H Savdel JV found the Cyclones too much and ied 18 to 6. Traveling to Newton, the year- ling gridders rolled up 32 points while holding their opponent їо only 7 points. The same two teams met several days later. The final score of this game was 46-6. In the ONE-LEGGED Rick Bowlds eludes one man and gets help from a blocker. ý next aame, Ames scored more points than in SOPHOMORE RECORD (9-1) А any other game (55) to only 26 for their OPPONENTS opponent, Boone. Des Moines (Lincoln) 13 | БОП Dodge put up a fight against the once eae ўя 0 defeated sophs but fell short, 32-47. Des Saydel Moines Hoover gave the yearlings a scare Newton during the game but the Ames sophomore Newton team managed to win, 19-13. In the final Boone Fort Dodge Des Moines (Hoover) Des Moines (Roosevelt) game of the year, the future Little Cyclones : downed the Roosevelt Roughriders’ sopho- T more team, 40-7. ra 2 | зе Ж ога? Be اوھ‎ ASO Uy ў ы ү ч 344 ries nee Mg 3801ا‎ с» А Даз | 35 rt 42 ДҮ tenburg; third: Ted Van Fossen, Phil Smiley, Al Vandevanter, Dave | Я | ANAL ct | num mm یم‎ сс»; A TW TS dum vidoe C М | XE а | SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL TEAM, front: Steve Jackson, Rick Bowlds, McKern, Jim Constantine, Mark Alexander, Mark Lee, Randy Eckard, Ted Birdseye, Dave Davies, Jeff Herrick, Lowell Strike, Darrell Richard- Bill Fribley, Craig Highland, Gary Wheelock; fourth: Bob Hutchison, son, Al Warren, Rick Wells, Bruce Buck, Don Scandrett; second: Doug Dan Busch, Dennis Johnson, Bill Friedrich, Carl Schaller, Rick Dalgren, | Pyle, Rick Swank, Mark Gatherum, Jeff Love, Gary Siedelmann, Bill Core, Jeff Hiedeman, Bob Castner, Steve Barrett, Bill Reynolds (таг.) Coach | Rick Torkildson, Pat Mclntire, Paul Clark, Lance McGilliard, Tom Pan- Arnold Zediker, Coach Dale Tramp. | | — m = — e m m s سد‎ T T —ÀÀÀ © CROSS COUNTRY TEAM, front: Brian Johnson, Tom Montag, John Gossard, Gary Catus, Bob Mudd, Dave Powell; second: Bob VanVoorhis, mgr., Chuck Voss, Steve Herrn- Steve Boyd, Scott stadt, Paul Montag, " WE WON!'—says processed. Bill Davis, " Little " 3 ہم Brian Tom Mickle, Steve Sampson, Johnson after mgr. Hugh Collins, the meet results were IF THE SHOE FITS—Junior Hugh Collins prepares to run cross country. Kraemer: third: Coach Harlan Millikin, Gre += ` f رم‎ Steve Ward “А y = Py ТТ ہے‎ Weissnaar, DeWayne Stan Harlan, Scott Gay, Curt Mosier, Jeff Kunerth; fourth: (7 Dave Vandeventer. Jim Grant, Tom Hildebrand, Jeff Shelton, Car Schneider, Bob Sanderson. MAJOR MEETS State Mile Team Race Powell I, Collins 3, Gossard 7 Mike Augustine Invitational Powell І, Montag 3, Collins 6 Big 8 Conference Meet Powell І, Collins 4, Montag 5 State Cross Country Meet Powell 2, Collins 3, Montag 6 a ™ e ay - " „= - 4 f .اد‎ ۱ к PF o» v ۴ a ens ч ч ہوا‎ Е LU. - м LS ٦ گ5‎ -4 a a e ы ۱ 4 и 5ے‎ т, ' pw god | پآ‎ аг 2 y E! i - , + “ ap г “а т, , ы - s ' ۱ . » ы. х. р ы ERR, Уз CARS کہ ہو اہ ا ایا‎ 1 “К Е 7 a La + a ST, АА Sk S usd, TEE IDS BOR نس اگ یرب وج‎ сы سید یھو بد پوس‎ ODE نہ مو مر یں‎ Bae wi eae v w . А а 4 ۹ 3S - «є " e. ° tw Е v T - аба | LAF 3S ۲ فقوت کی مسر‎ үч ویر‎ A е “а à аха . " کہم‎ ids а а . | 7 Ai ы Little Cyclones harriers end with perfect season The Little Cyclone Cross-Country Team turned out to be the best in the state again this year. ۷۸ inning every meet in which they competed, the harriers compiled a total of eight victories. The cret to all these wins was in the workouts of the runners. This year, emphasis was placed on run- ning " quarters, " The idea was to run as many as possible and then run a tew more. This system built up both speed and endurance, the two key factors | ed to be the top Cyclone runner. Dave recovered trom a knee injury | n t f the meets in © which he competed, having а 4:28.0 at the State 3 The lettermen make up the front row of the team picture plus Steve Herrnstadt, the only let- tering sophomore. All helped make this a pertect A, = " THEY'RE OFF! " —Tri-captain Dave Powell moves to a good position early in the race. 113 Ames...... 59 Ames...... 52 Ames...... 56 о 97بت‎ 58 Ames......60 Ames... 71 Атез...... 44 Ames. 73 Ames... 49 Атта, ЖУ ыў 64 Ames, 74 Amas... 79 Ames......60 Ames......50 | Ате$......7! SEASON'S RECORD St. Edmunds ........ Marshalltown ....... Fort Dodge ........ Roosevelt, О.М. ..... 77 Cedar Fabs .......-. East Waterloo ...... Webster City ...... West Waterloo ..... Mason City ........ Marshalltown ....... Fort Dodge ........ Cedar: Falls ....... East Waterloo ...... West Waterloo ...... Mason City ........ First season: 5-10; second season: 3-0 After starting slowly, losing three of the first four games by nearly identical scores, the Ames High Little Cyclones basketball team bounced back to hand Newton a l5-point defeat. Paul McFarland's 2| points were high as Ames held All-Stater Orv Salmon to 16 points. Ames dropped three of the next four games by a total of 11 points before downing Fort Dodge by ten. Ames led Newton at halftime 27-23, before los- ing in the final seconds, 61-60. The Cyclones led throughout the third quarter, but relinquished the lead with less than one minute to go in the game. The next three conference games hurt the Cy- clones as they dropped a three pointer to Mason City, lost to previously defeated Cedar Falls by 23, and then were walloped by number | rated East Waterloo, 46-17. Atter this sound defeat, Coach George Duvall announced the end of the current season and the start of the " second season. " He elevated sopho- more Gene Larson to varsity and called an extra practice before the Cyclones defeated West Waterloo. This started a string of victories that lasted until the end of the 18-game schedule. Layout by Klarc Kent TIPTOE THROUGH THE LANE; Scott Burgason goes Copy by Charlie Ellis for two against Ft. Dodge. — ч È ppe VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM, front: Coach Cecil Spatcher, Tom Mickle (tr.), Tom Svec, Dennis Healy, Paul McFarland, Tim Linder, Coach George Duvall; second: Dave Vandeventer, Kevin Madden, Gary Good, Brian Johnson, James Ryan, Clay Bauske, Maurice Miller, Greg Mulhall; back: Chris Dvergsten, Doug Fosberg, Scott Burgason, Jon Nissen, Lynn Jolly, Tom Hildebrand, Jim Lytton. Not pictured: Bob Myers, Gene Larson. 115 f n 1 ў A « ` у ارام‎ " i ha SA ۰ Ts 3 1 " T موب‎ M " wA «У оа тү. е tvy . م | 4 A здан с | Steve Ward Steve Ward WARMUP leaves Tom Svec panting. EYE BALL ... Paul McFarland tosses free throw as Jim Ryan and Tim Linder (14) await the outcome. | | | | سجن‎ | 7 i es ۱ s , | . P ےہ‎ 2 " in. баб РА Steve Ward | TIME OUT as the Little Cyclones receive instructions from the coaches. | CONFERENCE STANDING | E. Waterloo ا١3‎ | 17— І | Marshalltown i222 14— 4 Cedar Falls О БОЗ Mason City 7۔8‎ Ames 6— 8 8—10 Fort Dodge 3—11 5—13 Newton 341) | 5—12 W. Waterloo 2— 11 2—16 HALOED Jim is a good marksman. 116 Juniors dominate varsity statistics INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS Yr. Player G ЕТМ-РТА % RB 12 Clay Bauske 15 3—11 27 9 І] Scott Burgason 17 44—76 58 147 І] Chris Dvergsten 18 35—56 62 65 ۱۱ Doug Fosberg |4 14—43 43 15 12 Dennis Healy І4 21—29 72 15 11 Tom Hildebrand 18 22—52 42 19 12 Brian Johnson I3 6—11 54 16 10 Gene Larson 3 10—11 90 12 I! Tim Linder |8 36—59 61 26 11 Paul McFarland 18 39—58 67 27 12 Jim Ryan I8 37—51 72 116 Klarc Kent " TRY ITI " intimidates Chris Dvergsten after he snatches the rebound. — — سے‎ С — — Layout by Klarc Kent Copy by Charlie Ellis TOWERING over his East Waterloo foe, Tom Hildebrand guides the ball for another basket. سس ن 117 Г С а. ieee 118 р „айа بے ہے‎ ат» = » Ф ۔ سوا وو ںکیکویے۔‎ eon = —À AMES 43 Ankeny 65 Gilbert 68 Newton 40 Marshalltown 65 Ankeny 59 Ft. Dodge 55 Gilbert 73 Boone 59 H. Dodge 48 Marshalltown 64 Boone WHC jA'—Senior quard Dennis 3pplies brakes. Healy shouts - Ce 7? JV SEASON RECORD (8-3) OPP. AA} LESS warning 4| 45 77 49 6l 43 36 56 56 67 56 Ы M - - -— „Л Е 7 - ہے‎ S. o А2 Klarc Kent as he сасна t li‏ یف — ۔ Se a oa‏ جس У -. Узе ЛАУ. t йу 2 е ۳۴ ۳٢ A E Owe JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL, front: Bob Hutchinson, Ron Pederson, Don Williams, Chuck Walters, Kirk Van Scoy, Randy Eckard, John Bacon; back: Bob Van Voorhis (mgr.), Craig Hageman, Jim Baker, Steve Crawford, Lynn Jolly, Jon Nissen, Mark Thompson, Coach Dale Tramp. Not pictured: Bob Myers, Gary Good, Tom Svec, Doug Fosberg, Kevin Madden, Maury Miller. —— — a шт ee Sophs second; 15-3 Win 3 overtimes The Ames High mini-Cyclones ended with a 15-3 record, second only to un- defeated Fort Dodge. Two of the Ames’ defeats came at the hot hands of the Dodgers. The other deteat went to West Waterloo. The sophs were led by the scoring and rebounding of 64° Gene Larson. Narrowly escaping defeat, the sophs were forced into overtime three times during the season. In the first overtime game, Newton went down to the Cy- clones, 51-49. The second, to Marshall- town, was won by Ames, 91-88, in three overtimes. Cedar Falls forced the sophs into one overtime but lost by two, 60-58. Coach Arnold Zediker has estab lished an impressive record of 32-4 since his debut at AHS last year. LANKY SOPHOMORE Gene Larson was pro- moted to the varsity Feb. 5ا‎ for the West Waterloo game. Klarc Kent Copy and layout by Charlie Ellis SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL, front: Bruce Buck, Al Vandeventer, Rick Swank, Lance ہم‎ A iir [f mr اہ‎ a+ B, С IAT. BATTLING for the ball, Bruce Buck (24) McGilliard, Jett Herrick, Pete Buck, D: tr gle sc Rick Wells (50) and Pete rell Richardson, Steve Jackson; back: struggles as SICK ells JU j n ete Coach Arnold Zediker, Dennis Johnson (таг.), Dave Norris, Gene Larson, Larry Loots, Rick Wells, Bill Core, Bruce Carlson. Josh Sharlin Buck (right) come to the rescue Bob Kern SOPHOMORE SEASON RECORD AMES OPP. 52 St. Edmunds 52 70 Marshalltown 46 52 Ft. Dodge 56 | 77 Roosevelt 6| 5| Newton 49 | 75 Cedar Falls 60 | 59 East Waterloo 60 | 72 Webster City 70 | 47 West Waterloo 50 | 91 Marshalltown 88 | 4] Ft. Dodge 71 | 50 Newton 47 55 Mason City 48 | 60 Cedar Falls 58 | 47 East Waterloo 36 69 West Waterloo 55 51 Mason City 44 89 Boone 48 | { 4 119 120 AMES JV SEASON RECORD 33 Southeast Polk 43 Carroll Kuemper 11 Fort Dodge 59 Newton 12 Cedar Falls 12 East Waterloo 5 West Waterloo 27 Perry 30 Marshalltown 34 Boone 34 South Hamilton Urbandale Mason City г uT — ч A , TEC پوپ وو‎ ы. 5 x tte Spe ee, . 12. “ . ў d 2 7 „= SOPHOMORE RECORD AMES OPP, 26 Southeast Polk 19 19 Fort Dodge |4 48 Valley, W. Des Moines 8 26 Eagle Grove 2| 3| Valley, W. Des Moines 16 33 Eagle Grove 17 24 Ankeny 19 Copy and layout by Charlie Ellis Steve Ward HOS (Tom Hostetter) racks up another pin moving up one weight, against Newton. » Josh Sharlin " WINGED wrestler " Mike Owen works with an injured shoulder. SNAP! CRACKLE! POP! Dell Brown manhandles Carroll Kuemper opponent. SOPHOMORE WRESTLING TEAM, front: Clay Adams, Hank Campbell, Mark Alexander, Paul Montag, Dennis Maile, Doug Pyle, Dave Saveraid, Rick Torkild- son. John Schoeneman: second: Jim Dickson, Cliff Unger, Dave Hauser, Bill Opheim, Ron Bowman, Jeff Love, Al Sandvick, Gary Wheelock; Back: Pete Conis, Cliff Keller, Eric Crump, Bill Anderson, Tom Henry, Jim Benbow, Jeff Heideman. Not pictured: Don Scandrett. Bob Kern Ба Petre‏ حم VARSITY SEASON RECORD Ames 14 Southeast Polk 42 Carroll Kuemper 8 Fort Dodge Matmen finish 5-6: 38 Newton E eh send 2 to state 25 Perry 24 Marshalltown = " These boys have worked hard. They have 59 iene sweated blood, to use a wrestling term. They 19 Mason City know it and we know it. " This is the way that Ames Quad Ist; Audubon Invit. 4th Coach Jack Mendenhall summed up the 1969 Class AAA Sect. Ist; District 7th wrestling season. The hard work that started in late October brought five dual meet victories to six defeats in varsity competition. The sophomore team, new this | year, went undefeated, 7-0. In addition, Ames | finished first in the Ames Quadrangular, fourth in ү the Audubon Invitational, and fifth in the Ames nn Tourney. Ames wrestlers dominated the sectional meet with Boone, Carroll Kuemper, and Webster City, plac- ps а a ing tirst. Jon Hunziker, Mike Owen, Mike Owings, ٠ Shazada Khan, Jeff Hensley, Virgil Fowles, and Steve Siedelmann finished first. Gary Zeliadt, Tom Hostetter, Kim Sand, and Mark Powers finished second, while Dell Brown sat out with a pinched nerve. Jon Hunziker and Mike Owings survived the district competit ion in Ford Dodge, allowing them to travel to state in March. INDIVIDUAL RECORDS steve Ward John Hunziker Jr. Р “C'MON, BOY! " coaches Jack Mendenhall at the Ames Mike Owen Sr steve War Invitational wrestling meet . с 3 Gary Zeliadt Sr. Tom Hostetter Sr. Kim Sand Sr. | Shazada Khan Sr. VARSITY WRESTLING TEAM, front: Fayeq Jafari, Shazada Khan, Mark Powers, Mike Owings Jr. Mike Owen, Gary Zeliadt, Steve Siedlemann, Jeff Hensley, Craig Boylan, Kim Dell B S = ‚| с : - - К ! یجس‎ (сі е rown r. | Sand, Mike Owings, Jon Hunziker, Virgil Fewles, Dean Newton; second: Clay Jeff H | S Adams, Jim Dickson, Jeff Herrick, Greg Peterson, Bill Davis, Doug Pyle, Rich e ensiey r. | Unger, Dell Brown, John Schoeneman, Jon Heer, Steve Ward; third: Jim Bartruft | (таг.), Dan Hade (mar.), Steve Carter, Gary Gunnerson, Kerry Joseph, Steve | Hibbs, Jeff Tiller, Mark Hauser, Jim Stewart, Gary Blummer; back: Bill Munson, | Mike Wardle, Jim Davies. Not pictured: Tom Hostetter. e-——— 121 Маал» DE eae Na mimm ye — - AUR im d au ooi | Ote ng ٣ EF уфа wem ur سد‎ بین ضصت ہے ے ‎ E 5 и — — , , GO EL тст —— eee | | | | (7. js VES T y 5 22 " D | кі T یم‎ А е, M ы”, СФ zt е M | | ۹ | CL ж d | У | E h 7% 4% E. ды ap سی پا‎ ў i : ў I | Josh Sharlin NOSING HIS WAY through the water, John Parks is literally swim- | | ming in determination. | | | и a е; “м 3. А LJ Tk 46. سے‎ , Josh Shariin Steve Ward | , | п. | COACH FITZGERALD shouts words of encouragement to INTENT on another victory, Steve Brunia concentrates before the starters gu his swimmers. 122 М یدک‎ Ж. eo ce а NE 5, SAVAGE torth. VARSITY SWIM TEAM, front: Lyle third: Fitzgerald, Chuck Shearer, John Nordyke, Ed Pier, Stew Buck, Jim Pratt, Art Staniforth, Scott Kreamer; Paul Kirk Geist, Mike Mickelson, Bill Steve Ward in expression but graceful in his butterfly form was junior Art Stani- second: Coach Wildman; Cross: fourth: Josh Sharlin, John Parks, Rick Peterson, Dennis Larson: Steve Brunia: back: Ed Olsund, Tim Reynolds, Bob Vance, Jim Speer, Jack Michelsen. " p 4 1] m? T ny R ix м == А i wu 4 1 { icf. f d а =: 7, ———I Vince Coyle Swimmers finish 12-2 to grab Ist Big 8 title The Ames High swimming team kept up the tradition of successful swim teams this year by producing a 12-2 season and by sweeping both the Ames Invitational and the Big 8 conference meets. Winning the conference title was a special honor this year since this was Ames High's first year in Big 8 competition. The entire team competed well, facing defeat in only two dual meets at the hands of two versatile teams, Roosevelt and Hoover. In addition to dual and conference performances, Ames High placed seventh in the State meet. Copy and layout by Steve Sampson SEASON'S RECORD OPPONENT Boone Cedar Falls Lincoln Sioux City Central Marshalltown Newton Fort Dodge D.M. Tech Roosevelt Hoover D.M. North Boone Fort Dodge Newton Marshalltown Invitational Ames Invitational Big Eight Meet State Meet SOPHOMORE SWIM TEAM, front: Eric Hegstrom, Craig Stafford, Bob Carlson, Tom Finnegan, Jim Burns, Bruce Kirk; second: Frank Gartin, John Smiley, Gary Miller, Chris Paul- son: third: Pat McIntire, Joel Sand, Paul Sanders, Chris Dodd, Phil Smiley, Dave Schultz; back: Leroy Strand (mgr.), Howard Shearer, Bob Crawford, Bob Kuhn, Marc Talbert Aaron Kitzman. 123 New track helps boys prepare for spring Indoor trackmen had a new practice area this year as well as the one used in past years. With the newly completed track at lowa State and the older track previously used, the trackmen had more space ee to operate in than ever before. And with nearly 100 boys out this year, this added space was a blessing. The conditioning program was also a little different this year. Running " tops " or time-trials several times a week was not unusual. " Ladders " were also an important part of the workouts. This process con- sisted of running sprints, building up to longer dis- tances, and then returning to sprints again. Regular workouts were followed up by free running, hurdling, high-jumping or just about anything. All of this was done to prepare the trackmen tor the federation and state meets late in March, and it also proved to be a good basis for spring track. Copy and layout by Steve Sampson. WINTER TRACK, front: Roger Nickel, Bob Sheeler, Rick Butler. Dale Woodward, Jon Buss, Ralph Eucher, Dave Mc- Kern, Bruce Smith, Gary Mackey, Doug York, Chuck Tonne, Mike Davis: second: Jamie Constantine, Steve Barrett, Paul Johnson. Jack Ledet, Tom Montag, Chris Thompson, Hugh Collins, Steve Ness, Brent Anderson, Greg Mulhall, Dave Powell, Steve Herrnstadt, Jim Pantenburg, Dave Erickson; third: Ted Van Fossen, Pat Karns, Bob Wilson, Scott Gay, | Steve Wacker, Jeff Shelton, Brian Johnson, Roger Banks, Bill Curry, Rick Bowlds, Dave Davies, Mark Potter, Greg Weishaar, Tim Soden: fourth: Coach Hi Covey, Ken Russell, mgr., Delmar Lampe, Bob Sanderson, Gary McConnell, Jeff Kunerth, Eric Ledet, John Wedman, Karl Schloerke, Curt Mosier, Dennis Pyle, Charlie Ellis, Steve Highland, Mitch Roth, Bill Palmer, Bill Friedrich, Coach Harlan Millikin; fifth: Don Christianson, mgr., Mike McLaughlin, Mike Young, John Gossard, Mark Sanderson, Joel Sand, Jim Christianson, Tom Pantenburg, Scott Watson, Steve Sampson, Allen Warren, Rick Peterson, Barry Davton, John Larson; Gary Catus, Bob Mudd, Kerry Kruskop, Stan Harlan, Tom Lasche, Lowell Strive, Don Page, Bill Fribley; | . Vol j mith ec 1 АП | | ' : - - z г» ] se venth: L ich y Sm h, Pak 3. 000 ا ا‎ aE оз UP AND OVER the cross-bar qoes senior Rill Palmer in a manner not unfit | PIMoaton' " 1 . tove z tove (- 2 - . - 5 4 ton: eighth: Steve Kyle, Steve Graham, Henry ۔‎ annusc for an-Olympic champion. | | ad Anderson, Biff Baird, Carl Schneider, Jim Grant, | mar.. Dennis Sampson, Brad Sills, Dave Houston. — — — == — — - 124 Vince Coyle SELF-DISCIPLINE and determination are retlected in the face of Mike Young. Ё ; " А слё E . ж А. М ё- Уч, а Ye " н у ul Dawes یک‎ - AS TON с СА BAS i m» P P, r „е ў с - Josh Sharlin Josh Sharlin eS ۹ { ws SE il «саб зь - М 20 Lo. " x " A = c سس٣‎ - Josh Sharlin Josh Sharlin WORDS F WISDOM were frequent from Coaches Millikin and TENSION is present as Greg Mulhall relays the baton to John Gossard. Covey. 2 is Jim Christianson getting some advice. - t- o 2 Ф - Uv? О v 0 ہمہ‎ 0 کے‎ а. " D c 0 سی‎ 23 o о نے‎ —— ۔‎ a a '-پ‎ +6۲۵. J É m — سے‎ eee سے ee‏ کے سے —€ Wendy Tompkin 127 —:=———-—- WALTER HETZEL: superintendent of schools Bob Kern JOHN WROBLEWSKI: director f . | OT curricuium TENTATIVE PLANS for a new fine arts building at AHS are shown to Steve Sampson and Tom Mickle by As- ‘ sistant Superintendent D. L. Morehead. Sob Kern BOARD OF EDUCATION, front: Mr. Joe Stratton, Mrs. William Buck, Mr. Larry Burkhart; back: Mr. Hetzel, Mr. Bob Curry, Dr. Richard Herrnstadt, Mr. Bob Zack, Dr. Sandy McNabb, Mr. Moreheaa. Bob Kern е”. аа " ш‏ ےہ - чы,‏ سے highlight '68-'69 year The Ames School Board and the high school ad- ministration worked together behind the scenes to systematize and define responsibility in various areas of the curriculum and to host an NCA evaluation d the уы: -69 school year. Under the quid- ot Dr. ohn Wroblewski, in his second vear as тасты K curriculum for Cur- riculum quides were prepared for the social studies | i‏ سم Ames schools, and English departments. The North Central Association, of which Ames High is a member, conducted an evaluation this year. In 1957-68, detailed reports were compiled by the various departments. These reports were sent to the NCA for study. On February 18, a com- mittee of about twenty-five faculty members from at the high school for nad ITS curriculum. 2) ) -4- I (D с h : ion submitted by the school, Ames Hiah was ris center to be con- jh campus within the tudied by the school vear. The proposed auditorium and the music and board and administration this center will contain an drama departments. Copy by Clay Bauske; teacher section compiled by Tom Mickle, chairman; Bob Kern, Penny Crom Linda Smith, and Jan Siedelman. А! teacher por- traits by lill's Studio EVERY MORNING and afternoon finds students lined up Е o A ernoo S E | ! " ۰ E Ца 5 -J f =; 4 ‚ buy lunch tickets, have passes stamped, and attend to T. " s г - other bits от busine сан 9+ " Е “TTE SEF “а -9 B D i — = й NI ۵ 7 REPORTS FROM the chairman of the Steering Committee, CHARLOTTE N. WHITNEY: Coor- dinator of guidance services, Ames соир Schools director of guid anc Ames High School: COU nselc Г, “Ele соп Cc immittee spon- sor. SPT TILA + 6 جک‎ А : . o - 4 ot NCA evaluation and Mr. а Г e lie ҮЙ ам аба Bob Kern discussed by Mr. Adams, principal. Trump, EVERETT G. RITLAND: vice principal, Student Council sponsor, Senior Senate assistant sponsor. Steve Ward 129 рамана 130 کے ہھ з‏ اس ша”‏ s «і з - 1 t —— Ss oe High faculty Distributive Practices. DARRILL ABEL: DECA sponsor. ROBERT D. AMMANN: French, French Club. BETH C. ANDERSON: English, Home- coming Committee sponsor. PHYLLIS B. AUSTIN: English. KEITH BAILEY: Physical education, assist- ant football coach, sophomore wrestling КА coach. GRACE BAUSKE: English, Web sponsor, Public Relations Committee. E DOROTHY BROWN: Library, Library Club. CAROLINE BURTON: Math, assistant Jun- ior Class sponsor. WILBUR O. BUSS: German, history, Ger- man Club, c sions ESTHER BUTTREY: Business, Awards Com- Or mittee sponsor. HIRAM COVEY: Study halls, Firesquad, track coach. JEAN CRANE: Physics, Science Seminar. RICHARD DAY: Head band director. MARJORIE DEMEL: Spanish, Spanish Club sponsor. GEORGE DUVALL: Algebra, head basket- ball and golf coach. BILL ENQUIST: History, assistant Firesquad sponsor. DON FAAS: Auto Mechanics. THEODORE L. FALLESEN: Latin, English, Latin Club sponsor. LYLE L. FITZGERALD: Physical education, swimming coach. MERLE GARMAN: Business. AVONELLE GARRETT: History, sophomore counselor, typing, assistant Pep Club sponsor. HOMER GARTZ: Assistant band director, Stage Band. MARY C. GREEN: English, assistant play director. KALMAR GRONVALL: English, assistant sponsor, Boys’ Service Committee. | — € = —— I аш — ہے‎ oem. DOR OROTHY GUGEL: Ar Art Club spon- EOF Math, Girls’ Serv- Т ۱ +۰ - tws MARILYN HANSON ptm ә © Committees $ ` = KENNETH A. HARTMAN: Assistant Sei- - ө Seminar sponsor. CHARLES HAVENER: Trade and industrial coordinator, Key Club, VICA, Assembly pm, " Committee sponsor, DALE HIEDEMAN: Math, Math Club, KEITH HILMER: Math. BOB IMPECOVEN: Math, Food Council. assistant wrestling, track and baseball ANNE JACOBSON: Girls’ physical educa- eti PHIL A. JOHNSON: Math, head foot- SEORGE MacBRIDE: Audio-visual coo ٠ " r - iver education, Junior Class dinator, d سس سے سو کس ہج‎ = ar RICHARD J. McCOY: Orchestra ary MARY McNALLY: Enalish head counselor, LAS ہ‎ “ - tv - - om - - Welcoming Committee sponsor, chair- e Hcal Curriculum Com- AROLYN JO MAXON: Counselor. JACK MENDENHALL: Physical Education, head wrestling coach, assistant football HARLAN D. MILLIKIN: History, physical education, cross country and track. PATRICIA MORTON: Home economics. ROSE O'BRIEN: Office Education. coor- Ginator of office education and cadet | teaching, Office Education Club sponsor EI irri i m. DAC zr H ‚ KENNETH D. PAGE: History, economics. w سا‎ + оюду, assistant intramural sponsor. B. POHORILLE: Work Study classes. SUE REEVES: Home economics. Steve Ward CAFETERIA STAFF, front: Darlene Hade, Anna Mae Thiel, Rozella Hurd, Arlene Mullin, Cornelia Erickson, Marilyn Larson; second: Etha Hutchcroft, Irene Adamson, Carol Stob, Donna Sparboe, Esther Bogue, Sheron See, Irma Matsen, Lois Moses, Verna Scandrett, Nita Henry; not pictured: Lois Hannusch, Myrna Baker. 131 132 MARY RENO: English, Faculty Social Com- mittee chairman. WILLIAM RIPP: Counselor, Senior Classe sponsor, Student Council assistan sponsor. MARY SCHMIDT: Enalish, Student Coun- cil Service Committee, SANDY SCHNEIDER: Art, assistant Art Club sponsor. MARVIN R. SCOTT: History, Debate Team sponsor. HARRIET SHAFFER: History, International Relations, Assistant Girls’ Club sponsor. Model U.N. sponsor. | - = І tor, sophomore counselc RAY SMALLING: Homeroom administra- - Ў ый , athletics and physical education, co- Pon A AVISO MONA SMITH: English, Spanish, Spanish Club co-sponsor. CECIL SPATCHER: Biology. boys intramural dire ctor. CATHERINE STAMM: English, Develop- -— [ , ' г mental Reading, assistant Pep Club sponsor. EDWIN STONE: Electronics, drafting. Boys’ Service Committee sponsor. FLOYD STURTEVANT: Chemistry, physics Е JERROLD L. SWENSON: Industrial arts. JUDY SWITZER: Girls’ physical education Cheersquad, GRA. EVELYN THOMPSON: English, Scratch Pad coordinator, assistant Girls’ Service Committee sponsor. DALE J. TRAMP: History, head sopho- more football coach, junior varsity bas- ketball coach, assistant track coach. RICHARD F. TRUMP: Biology, Science Seminar. LINDA K. VANCE: Business, Pep Club. DOROTHY VANDECAR: French, French Club. AURILLA P. VEGORS: Counselor, Citizen- ship Committee sponsor. BARBARA Н. WARD: Developmental Reading, Spirit sponsor. SHARON WEAVER: Typing, assistant Pep Club sponsor. CHARLES WINDSOR: Math, science, as- sistant Science Seminar sponsor. AL WISER: Vocal music, Choir, Glee Clubs. WALTER H. WOOD: Math, assistant Boys' Service Committee sponsor, assistant sponsor Math Club. ARNOLD ZEDIKER: Social studies, A Club. RON ZITZLSPERGER: Drama, speech, drama activities. — а o aa em, —Á — کے ص m‏ — Staff Members PAULINE CALDWI treasurer, гп LL: secretary, general LOIS CARR: Attendance clerk. DAISY FLACK: Secretary to Mr. Adams. Э У " PF. ud БЕЛ à - " T г Го: а s ' JO Lor ے‎ 4 3 т“ at 7 a F ү АЧУУМ, МУК Кыл! „т CP MYRL HICKS: Secretary to Mrs. Whitney. ETHA HUTCHCROFT: Food services. - LA KING CNC nurse JEAN NISSEN: secretary | AVONNE SCHUMANN: Assistant librar- аа Custodians HAROLD CLAYBERG DOUG ELLIOTT JAMES FITZGERALD RAY HUSTON LESTER JOHNSON LORRAINE WHALEY Custodians Not Pictured ORVILLE COLE MAX GIBSON RON GREEN RAYMOND JONES MARGARET SCHMIDT ANTHONY SULENTIC —-— — t —— —]ÓÀ— i —— M " з= es м - — ے‎ рар PRESIDENT-ELECT: Mr. Hiedeman will tion in 1969-70. =n ON LEAVE—Mr. Jones, Ames High sci- ence teacher, spent the 1968-69 year do- ing advanced work under a new sabbat- ical leave policy. Steve Ward serve as president of the Ames Education Associa- Hiedeman heads AEA; Jones gets sabbatical 133 n a es M p ы ee =ч —— ee — —— ———— سے‎ à 4 134 401 sophomores begin career as AHS’s second biggest class MISS McNALLY talks to sophomores in the first of many group guidance sessions. М М » | 1 І ] | مت ۱ | ۱ ۱ [3 | 7R | е 3 4 7 AC бл WA x , Е ۱ M! è „г А Y 4581; - Í - s ë . a “я А и Кд КАХ r Las Alp IES s v A FIELD GOAL ATTEMPT eludes the hands of a sophomore football KIDDIE SHOES are an example of the type of gifts exchanged between Big and Little Sisters. Karen Jensen is shown. | | „с „ә! 3.— O E. А 4 ET m. . ہد‎ | ۹ г Am " wt 4 SOPHOMORES LEARN chants while being initiated into the complexities of Ames High life. KATHY SMITH models for attentive group at Sophomore Style Show. 7. Cie تل اق‎ 2x Homeroom section compiled by Sue Jellinger, chairman; Cherie Hurlbut, Linda Peterson, Penny Crom, Karen Frey, and Jan Siedelman. Homeroom candids by Steve Ward. Homeroom pictures by Hill's Studio. aa г шша BÀ —H k AL t —À HR 116, front: Mary Peterson, Kathy Cross, Jo Enquist, Julie Kin- seth, Tim Wagner, Lynn Bauske, Linda Hicks, Connie Moore; second: Erik Hegstrom, Barb Seiser, Anita Graham, Zoeann Adams, John Mark Alexander, Robert Kraft, Dennis Claude: third: Cindy Wierson, George Ebert, Doyle Buttz, Pat Cal- hoon, Craig Stafford, Jeff Netcott, Steve Williams, Anne Sumter; back: Mr. Millikin, Darrell Richardson, Bradley Hvisterdahl, Stan Martin, John Schoeneman, Charlie Friede- rich, Todd Boden, Mary Macheak. 9, à ues w- ے‎ x d Jl ۱ ےم‎ | ТҮШ oan м e ай TOS 7۶ LI ў ۱ ao نٹ مور‎ " v t " Е е, к | f MUS . E 1 4 E m ۹ 5 й ` n! Du. й з " E Е ا فی‎ - д " T " T . , i 7 Маро » РУ “а е Z3 LM ’ 4 id б. ie oak. д” е е 7 . £d СЕ) ’ = ۱ ‹ й й й а " ‚= ۱ Y: = ٦ LN е а, те tay. t: 24 ue я 2s E Sy - شی ۔‎ - LI fein Dos dora ма " а р m - 93 Аф; cip е, аў Р, T За M 1 Ш La - ы SS ШАШПА Sophomores HR 105, front: Roshenara Khan, Rhonda Cox, Clay Adams, Mary Stoops, Steven Kline, Leslie ۸۷۶ Becky Seim; second: Bobbie Pete- fish, Beth Moody, Maurine Mac- Bride, Dave Hauser, Bob Hutchi- son, Kris Buttermore, Barb Eldridge; third: Bill Friedrich, Katie Gons DeWayne Snider, Dan Busch, Mary Barrow, Bev Abramson, Karen He land: back: Mrs. Hanson, Dave Nel- sen, Tom Schattauer, Don Williams, Paul Clark, Chris Dodd, Dennis Maile. Ted Van Fossen. HR 120, front: Lawrence Stewart, Diane Popelka, Marcia Wierson, Joyce Hiserote, Marilyn Sutherland, Pate Conis, Karen Crowe; second: Colleen Shaughnessy, Tom Walker, Kris Moorman, Lorri Aho, Alice Beer, Kathy Slater; third: Nancy Kluck, Mike Rifen, Dave Schulze, Neil Calhoun, Mary Everson, Mark Will- roth. Pat Hadaway; back: Mr. Im- pecoven, Linda Canon, Dave Mc- Clurkin, Scott Kreamer, Wesley Norman, Mark Gallahan. ————————————M سس ےس ہے o - т‏ 3 -— ۱ ‚ Laura Lee Sweitzer: third: Barb D md ۰ тч " tpa sean Carlson, Kerry Кгиѕкор, x N syns La meron ler SOT Sandra Albertson. ogenrief; back: Miss Gugel, 1 | tT Woldruff, HR 124, front: Marcia Wolt, Barb Anderson, Jim Walters, Maureen Mulhall, Diana Koupal, Teri Hale, Linda Howerton; second: Diane Da- vis, Mary Carney, Hank Campbell, Lance McGillard, Dennis Johnson LJ У " " T ۹ i S a i Ва аа Novena Raykovic, Jane Fincham; a= anes Г. y third: Sandy Shockey, Brian Garrett, En. CEU Chuck Olsen, Bill Stuve, Bill Ander- CIEN PES son, Anne Bennett, Roger Elliott; Е ا‎ ы back: Mr. Hilmer, Jim Robinson, ix У Sete ۱ Jamie Constantine, Henry Coleman, Sites ДЫ | Ed Seifert, Rick Bowlds, Bob Kuhn. HR 206, front: Marilee Mather, da Younie, Rajean Davis; an Carter, Jane Richards, Jill Francis, Jennifer Kuehl, Laura Taylor, Becky Phipps, Laurie Skad- berg; third: Jeff Herrick, John Ba- con, Bill Opheim, Paul Cooper, Dave Eness. Chris Anderson, Frank Gartin; back: Rick Swank, Pat Mclntire, Steve Kyle, Jeff Johnson, Peter Roemhild. Allan Warren, Ron Bow- man. Saving p” TT " езйн ү ННН ума, 138 HR 306, front: Nancy Smith, Sue Olson, Nancy Chantland, Betsy Diehl. Jon Barton, Linda Gardner, Debbie Larson; second: Mrs. Reno, Dorene Johnson, Patti Archer, Nan McNureen, Steve Ernest, Rikel Getty, Cathy Routh, Gayle Thomp- son; third: Mark Sanderson, Chris Hansen, Rick Brown, Mark Mitzler, Ken Hogan, Jon Van Oosbree, Chris Thompson; back: Terry Blackburn, Bob Kalton, Greg Highland, Rick Wells, Tom Lasche, Jim Grant, Bob Crawford, Bob Castner. Sophomores HR 209, front: Pam Maxwell, Di- anne Lampe, Laura Dengler, Norma Hamilton, Bob Sheeler, Sharon An- derson, Sue Tempel; second: Don Bozarth, Ginny Jackson, Cathy Zack, Helen Frangos, Judy Richert, Lori Carter: third: Marc Talbert, Pam Skarshaug, Milt Panos, Joel Sand, Carol Bowen, Dave McKern, John Wedman: back: Mr. Page, John Larson, Scott Corbett, Jeff Barnes, Bruce Carlson, Mark Gatherum, Steve Nerristad, Dennis Jordan. HR 302, front: Karen Jensen, Kary! Boyd, Norine Nims, Teresa Fryar, Mark Larson, June Chang; second: Mrs. Ward, Monicia Rolling, Debbie Skortman, Bob Carlson, Sydney Erickson, Jean Andreae, Nancy Thiel: third: Paul Sanders, Mary Dengler, Cindy Larson, Barry Gerdes, Connie Buck, Anna Han- nusch: back:: Tom Pantenburg, John Tamashunas, Greg Weisshaar, Bill Core, Jeff Hiedeman, Bob Breck- enridge, Steve Barrett. Aid c вач ата т а meo Hm 8 ———— HM سے‎ = =» — mw o - Sophomores HR 307, front: Beth Askelson, Gloria Jones, Bob “Меір, Kathy Baker, Nancy Cheever, Susan Hansen, Carla Trueblood; second: Tom Fin- negan, Mary Trow, Leanne Garland, c Crump, Anita Rozeboom, Beth Linder, Meg Dobson, Kevin Hanway; third: Rosemary Orton, Janice Sny- i der. Joyce Christensen, Pat Karns, = Beth Wooten, Don Cerwick, Jan = Brucaer: back: Mrs. Bauske, Al Sand- E vick, Phil Baumann, Jim Hogrefe, Ray Tiffany, Mark Potter, Gary Sie- Imann. Eric Ledet. (D | Frank Flores, Scharrel Gehring, Randy Simons, Clifford Keller, | Sretchen Songer, Leisa Doran; sec- | ond: Lyn Briun, Jane Sassaman, Lisa | S | Lowman, Tim Soden, Sue Childs, Marilyn Owings, Cathy Truhe, Jaci Jutting; third: Wayne Purvis, Janet Hanson, Gary Miller, Bruce Buck, Lee Christensen, Keith Wessel, Mar- sha Ayres; back: Mr. Gronvall, Dave Davies, Dennis Hoover, Rick Tor- kildson, Mike Hanalley, Mike Beaty, Mark Lee. HR 318, front: Rhonda Cole, Jane Duncan, Laurie Lucht, Charlie Key, Judy Schaefer, Darlene Keech, Trev- or Howe; second: Barb Vohs, Gary Beeman, Karen Baker, Rick Dahlgler, Mary Harris, Margaret Meador, Jane Parks; third: Mr. Fallesen, Ma- rina Gerold, Phil Smiley, Kirk Foley, | Jeff Mohr, Julie Spatcher, Jeanie Michelsen; back: Dave Saveraid, Pete Buck, Kevin Little, Rod Davis, George West, Phil Hartman, Doug Pyle... aE anes — —— Ba = = -— 139 -—— 140 Sophomores HR 319, front: Cliff Unger, Barb Dunlap, Dennis Christianson, Mark Wheeler, Barb Kern, М. arilyn Gi bbs, Darla Conard; second: Marti Baker, Jane Stevens, Suzi Schlunz, Debbie Hart, Chevy Demirel, Inga Wallize, Janet Mills: third: Mrs. Vance, Den- nett Hutchcroft, Jerry Quam, Jane Lundvall, Don Scandrett, Doug Franz, Jim Benbow; back: Paul Mon- tag, Larry ri tch, Chris Paulsen, Gene Larson, Larry Loots, Ann Bu- dolfson. Ken Burkhart, Bruce Kirk. Library, front: Siri Michelson, Vicki Stevenson, Theresa Cook, Ellen Wel- shons, J Coulson, Maureen Ball, Der Michelsen; sec- feldt, Debby Nicholl Kathy ES | Beattie, Barb enny hepper third: Muriel Eckstein, n Dickson, Carl Schaller, Alan Vandeventer, Ted ігаѕеуе, Jim Burns, Damoni Glass, سم С‏ - - ч.‏ Un‏ مہ = 7 د بی 2 " at‏ H {‏ D‏ B Linda Healveig; back: Mrs. Smith, Gary Wheelock, Gil Hutchins, Bruce Haviland. Bill Fribley, Don Moore, Aaron Kitzman, Jeff Love. | iut ‘i 3 у“ AST : NN M M Hits HR 129, front: Loretta Sansgaard, Jeannette Strand, Vicky Linder, Bar- bra Gauger, Sue Bell; 7ج‎ Caro- lyn Sesker, Terry Taylor, Christine Dahl, Celest Valentine; back: Mrs. Pohorille, Leroy Strand, Paul Lybeck, Ronnie Beach, Ron Anderson. m‏ س س ی ای دی و کس چ " p= - у. - m Juniors execute ower for Prom planning | i. NET — پو٭ —— B =н. IT IS FUND, FUND. FUND, as Junior Exec ponders how to raise money. Mary Lou Williams, Steve Hibbs, Kathy Tuttle, Rob Wilson, Dann Cross, Linda Peterson, Mary Heggen, and Bill Curry are shown. JUNIORS BEGIN raking in money for the year's first fund-raising drive. c | " 4 | ` і а.а -d' ets سب‎ а”. „ 4“ ‚ 141 e — س‎ аа amu سے‎ - гань анна a t Juniors 4 کر‎ я 6 HR 111, front: Steve Torry, Joyce ۲ Jarvis, Ann Mehle, Ken Robinson, Carol Davis, Donna Smith, Doreen ۳ Hazen; second: Debbie Schumann, | Marsha Hoag, Madonna Voesks, Becky Willrich, Milly Troeh, Ron Jones, Joyce Christensen, Mary Lit- tlehale; third: Linda Angle, Connie Truhe, Bruce Paley, Bruce Smith, Jon Lyttle, Mary Finnegan, Kathy Brown; back: Mr. Spratt, Jim Christensen, Hugh Collins, Gary Good, Keith Hoff, Tom Bledsoe, Joel Wilcox, Stephen Terry. Anderson, Peg Trow, Mimi Fields, Mary Lou Williams, Alison Schuette Kris Link: third: Denzil Acuff, Tina Bakke, Tim Linder, Robert Cole. 7 5. Brad Sills, John Nordyke, Lynn Jolly, end کو رز‎ Sheu LLITI Tonne. HR 114, front: Mary Greene, Vicky ekke, Nancy limmons, ۱ 6٥ раз, Lynn Cummings, Kate Sue Wilder, Lesa Mal- m; second: Carla Allison, Nick зе, Debbie Heldt, Allan Gibb, is Exner, Kathy Jackson, David nderson, Judy Catus; third: Mrs. 9 " t rr у o 0 — (T ( $ Cnm a C XU ۱ schneider, Randy Johnson, Danny Sydnes, Cindy Larson, Craig Morris, Dan Наае, Daryl Tt гоп, Kathy Scholten; back: David Sidles, Don Christianson, Chris Dverasten, Tom Hildebrand, Kim Armstrong, Phil Riley, Steve Pace, Ben Best. HR 112, front: Ann Davidson, Linda Smith, Paula Hermann, Sheila Gre- well, Kathi Matuseski, Cyrie Tamog- lia; second: Annette Brown, Paitie Van Oosbree, Curt Mosier, Dean Debbie Burton: back: Mrs. Burton, Randy Stotts, Mike Anderson, Chuck Juniors HR 118, front: Linda Davis, Carla Sogard, Mark Conley, Charlotte Peters, Judy Church, Denise Meth- eney, Sue Tucker; second: Laura Scott, Bruce Boden, Lou Ann Brown, Christy Bachman, Irma Holder, Vicky Hagerty; third: Cathy John- son, Diane Fitz, Jim Pantenburg, Bob Mudd, June Lokken, Dave Erick- son, Mark Smith; back: Mr. Enquist, Jim White, Van Houlson, Doug Trembly, Bill Wildman, Richard Roche, Andy McCullough. HR 121, front: Becky Alderman, La- Donna Mackey, Morley Heastrom, Kris Knoer, Lynette Thompson, Jeff Benson: second: Peggi Saul, John Christensen, Angela Green, Linda Oxley, Pat Benson, Vicki WMierson, Mike Morgan; third: Jim Drum- mond, Stan Welp, Paul Johnson, Penny Crom, Roberto Rey, Dave Swenson: back: Mr. Stone, Steve bs, Greg Gerjets, Mike Owings, uce Thompson, Doug Lechner, HR 127, front: Janine Peterson, Dixie Hansen, Karole Hoskins, Lois Upchurch, Marcia Clark, Nancy Flores; second: June Eakins, Linda Jones, Becky Seim, Pam Bappe, Ur- sula Ruedenburg, Karen Young, | Mary Miller; third: Marti Lovely, ۱ Tim McGee, Bob Van Voorhis, Rob- | ert Капе, Lynne Burdick, Ralph Eu- cher; back: Mr. Johnson, Bob Myers, | Steve Sampson, Ken Wood, Mark | Thompson, Mike Coyle, Gary Gun- nersen. аа арра 2 " х pol ۲ 5 : й | ° 9 " ; vr A. x t idu е с Lcd 1 Е چ‎ Ч, 3 “т = Ara! 2 err es r1 рү - а. 4- н ` 4 led ` i mit 4-4 4- Г ШЕ = | дае i We - — 1 TL. Г = 4ب‎ ¬ Е с | . ۹ ыі SES - LA وریز‎ » eS 4 { - | -ir nabal = that , nen - h э L ٦ — - -۔‎ анне سضسغٰ‎ | 2 y- Е ++ M 143 + حسم‎ = ура — MÀ — — 99 144 Juniors HR 130, front: Kathy Tuttle, Janet Corrigan, Susan Brown, Sue Middle, Deanna Clark, Helena Holdren, Cheryl Spohnheimer; second: Brenda Taylor, Janelle Johnson, Agnes Ep- stein. Tina Hagge, Lynn Bauske, Gene Grewell; third: Carole Peter- son, Kerry Joseph, Jeff Borron, Rc mey Thompson, Amy Seastrand, Bernice Woodley, Коп Erickson; back: Mr. Faas, Willie Munson, Rob Wilson, Jim Baker, Denny Sampson, Kirk Van Scoy, Paul Mc Farland, X Mike C. uture. " 7595 Ў : = «ж, „т күзга я» eU МУ " 4 ` . к с, зад ж - Soui ‘ ۳ ae رھ‎ HR 202. front: Lisa Sterner, Fran- coise Barnefil, Laura Нареѕ, Sue Kaldor, Cindy Ustrud, Sherry Clem- terson, Vickie ens; second: Linda P Setterberg, Janet Ekberg, Barnhouse, Margie Mott, Ju Bill Rutzen; third: Bill Kathn Bob Bruce, Rick Van Winkle, Craia Hageman, Ron Pedersen, Dale Woodward, Bill Snook; back: Mr. Ammann, Lori Burnet, Dan Sargent, Dave Huston, Steve Baley, Mike McLaughlin, Steve Crawford. HR 301, front: Nancy Stephenson, Debbie Nicholson, Mary Shaugh- nessy, Beth Kastner, Laura Lyman, Bev Burns, Pam Вогке; second: Jim Percival, Nancy Coleman, Karen Bath, Karen Frey, Gary Deal, Karen Uthe, Sue Peterson, Chris Elling- hauser: third: Dann Cross, Jody Fisher, Kelton Nelson, Marc Hand, Wayne Wooley, Lynn Ballard, Deb- bie Howerton; back: Mrs. Vandecar, Steve Wacker, Don Keller, David Hunziker, Scott Burgason, Kevin Madden, Gary Sprouse, Eric Sayre. ee —— шю—————————— рача ана ES SS 1 Бы аз سے‎ Уш “ш زم‎ E OTA INT نے نے او‎ тиг ЫЬ. o ce ay سج‎ Re =a v «chem scm o وہ چ‎ Juniors HR 303, front: Nanette Netcott, Cherie Hurlbut, Barb Bush, Marjie Shaw, Kay Collins, Penny Ellis; sec- ond: Celeste Stevens, Judy Lytton, Greg Peterson, Kurt Schaeffer, Alice Kellogg, Ruth Lusher, Debbie Myers, third: Paula Powell, Gary Burkhalter, Susan Haugsted, Doug York, Steve Ness, Art Staniforth; back: Mrs. Demel, Roger Banks, Bill Curry, Doug Fosberg, Jon Hunziker, Stan Harlan. it R 305, front: Lucinda Doty, Ruth son, Valerie Emdia, Mike Wardle, onnie Beard, Jan Siedelmann, Cyn- Hutchinson: second: Kathy Kelly, Jim Bartruff, Tom Walton, Nancy Haynes, Karine Fritsch, Rick Butler; third: Bob Hyer, Carol Vaughn, Virgil Fow les, Dave Pearson, Craig Stephenson, Susan Provow; back: Mr. Buss. Paul Mickelson, Wayne Harris, Doug Grogert, Doyle Kep- ley, Marv Peterson, Mike Young. Ol С) а. C) HR 309, front: Nancy Cooper, Dana Blazek, Vivian Bushore, Jenni McEI- herne, Jeanne Weber, Jane Healey, Cynthia Quinn; second: Bob Kern, Tom Mickle, Mark Hauser, Denise Stritzel, Julie Fritz, Betty Iben, Lyla Sills- third: Mrs. Austin, Mary Wall, Karl Schoerke, Bev Beckman, John Israel, Liann Nilson, Barb Огпіпа: back: Sherilyn Kelso, Joe Calhoun, Jon Nissen, Rick Peterson, Tom Franklin, Scott Watson, Debbie En- gel. 45 ee — 146 HR 315. front: Pat Cameron, Rachel Knutson, Mark Powers, Judy McMa- hon, Kathy Oehler, Jill Ostrem; sec- ond: Janet Erickson, Chris Wearth, Barb Benner. Bonnie Sandve, Pam Swenson, Val Sauke; third: Carol Coupal, Geof Carpenter, Jett Shel- ton. Tom Svec, Bob Sanderson, Tom Montag; back: Mr. Garman, Tom Fryar, Jim Searls, Chris Beaty, Brian Helland. Mike Davis, Brian Johnson. Juniors HR 314, front: Pam Bell, Melanie Cottrill, Chris Schmidt, Ваго Heg- gen, Jeani Byriel, Kathy Kennedy, Janice Ingram; second: Karen Кіпа, Sandia Orton, Ruth Frame, James Stewart, Anna Swenson, Richard lvis, Marlene Warren; third: Mrs. Stamm, Jim Davies, Rich Canon, Sheryl Ep- perly, Jim Conard, Gail Riggs, Peg George, Steve Oates; back: Debbie Silverthorn, Mike Webb, John Heer, Michael Bear, Tom Polhemus, Bob Heaton, Roaer Burdette. 2 HR 317, front: Магу Bensend, Anna Meagregian, Donna Jackson, Judy Jackson, Denise Bruton, Marlene Ethington; second: Davia Johnson, Mary Heggen, Pam Satre, Jim Her- rick. Магу Jo Overland, Anne Koer- ber, Eric Weiss; third: Mrs. Buttrey, Jeff Kunerth, Jon Buss, Lisa Gonser, Val Tesdall, Gary Owen; back: John Moore, Alan Beese, Nancy Мас- Bride, Steve Carter, Chuck Shearer, Scott Gay, Don Swan. ہے - аль аә‏ — ہس دہ مس ہے سے À—À — 9—— ao‏ —— ۹ ا سس Hopeful juniors jump toward an exciting future Andy Ward before Marti Lovely at the Student Faculty Steve Ward NO HEIGHT is insurmountable for Superspringer Bob Kern. MR. LEGS '69, Brian Johnson, shows off his winning legs at the Junior-sponsored Student Faculty game. Steve Ward у TO many M LL E сом Фаўна. THOUGHTS OF THE FUTURE—Willie Munson considers colleges. Copy and layout by Linda Peterson eS o € 148 Jim Ryan chosen as president of Senior Class of '69 Suddenly it was the senior year for more than 360 students at Ames High. Faced with a phantas- magoria of decisions and deadlines, seniors busily prepared for graduation. The Senior Senate, con- sisting of one representative from each senior homeroom, assumed responsibility for the endless tasks of raising money for caps, gowns, graduation announcements, and name cards. Officers this year were Jim Ryan, president; Dave Vandeventer, vice president; Mary Warner, secretary; Barb Brown апд Kathy Smith, class co-treasurers. In the whirl and confusion of post-graduate plans, the senior year slipped by and plans became reality all too soon. COOLIN' IT: Jim Ryan helped water the blooming senior class as their class president. Steve Ward Section by Penny Crom, Karen Frey, Nancy Haynes, Cheri Hurlbut, Linda Peterson, Jan Siedelman. SENIOR SENATE, front: Dave Vandeventer, Kathy Smith, Patti Fisher, Barb Brown, Karen Carlson, Pat Gammon, Jim Ryan, Marlene Mullica, Reid Crawford: back: Steve Highland, Jan Steel, and sponsors Mr. Ritland and Mr. Ripp. Not pictured were Fred Dahm, Mary Warner, and Chuck Voss. Sue Haviland replaced Reid Crawford, a page for the State Legislature, second semester. Steve Ward mcm - D E TRUDY ACKLEY BRENT ANDERSON HARLAN ANDERSON BIFF BAIRD KRISTIN ALBERTSON CARL ANDERSON STEVE ANDERSON SANDY BAPPE на уг cL ань ана ص‎ QU. unm ET LU аб - J . ۱ سو‎ - — i A. К, TR LS са MARY JO ALFRED IRENE BARCUS H А ` За. S الہ‎ et 6“ т; 5 i А B б = н 2 DE EA D " x чы oe А МЫР " er” » К? ہے‎ l4 2 MARCIA AMENSEN BARB BARTELS SONJIA AMENSEN DON ANDERSON JERRY BARTRUFF 149 = ы = س 150 Е а T S " P an AMY BATEMAN Á DUANE BEARD MARSHALL BENNETT BARB BEATTIE BARB BECKMAN “IT'LL NEVER MAKE PLAYBOY,’ says Tom Hostetter to Jeff Hensley as they exchange senior pic LINDA BEAL CAROLYN BEEM TERESA BEER , tures iu - 9 ». Steve Ward c үг , i D Е й й — " - ہے - ہے ——- А جد‎ mm ч Seniors exchange pictures: memories for the future RUTHANN BENSON WANDA BERGMAN TONY BLEEKER BRENDA BLEWETT NANCY BOCKHOP JOELLYN BORKE CRAIG BOYLAN ME را‎ ANNE BROWN BARB BROWN CATHY BROWN DELL BROWN GINGER BROWN 15] . - =» — H—— —ÓÁáQ Á " аы = STEVE BRUNIA RENEE BRUTON DOUG BRYNER = " E Касу " T Pm а - £n T . le a 7; d й hd «чы a . وم " کرو مہ‎ “А! аў. E ct Г i e. a ‘ к MARY BUCK BETTY BURTON TONI CANTONWINE KATHY CAREY SAUNDRA CARLSEN DAWN CARLSON KAREN CARLSON MARIAN CARLSON Ib | Five seniors attend Boys’ State at lowa State Steve Ward ys State last summer were Duane Beard, Jim Ryan, Ed Cox, and Fred Dahm. Not pictured was John SANDY CHRISTENSON JIM CLARK ———— RANDY COCHRAN KATHY COON LARRY COUTURE DANNY CRAIG 153 | BECKY DAVIS DAYTON PEGGY DENISON | LINDA CROSS ` Ж Or е. A d - ўз Жа ; p а“ й е6 Е e 2 ' — ` 3 Ka BILL DAVIS PHIL DEAN LIZ DISNEY MIKE CROSS JUDY CROVISIER FRED DAHM Broken bones couldn't hold еа і mamme pm с” tom mA К : ae سز‎ d bm. ` 2 » 7 F TA. A P, 8 4 = ё! - ж. 77: Ы ё, а га па s! м " ШК " ' “ец; b Lu руч m T f ды b о». LI n. E т M , SM J ; е — uu. ЕС -— Steve Ward " WHAT CLEAN FEET you have, " remarks Bob Nilsson to John Parks. Ка DAVE DOLLING LANCE DOMEK MARILYN DOWELL a س‎ — —P ee ہم eee,‏ م — BRIAN D'SILVA LINDA DUNLEAVY JAYNE EILTS JAN ELDRIDGE hardy seniors back from sports E J Steve Ward SHORN AND BATTERED, Dennis Healy finds that basketball takes a lot out of a guy. RANAE FARWELL - JANE FAUERBY DENIS FINCH VICKI ERBE RON FISCUS PATTI FISHER = —— —— — ate سی‎ cl ана ab m —— ае аа‏ و سے 155 | 7 Рен — 156 Friends, new and old, fill senior year with memories MARILYN FOX SUE FRANCIS “4 ay Sr J Tro PTT бн iA DAVE GAMMON PAT GAMMON KIRK GEIST HARRY FORTNEY ARLENE GLOSEMEYER Steve Ward " HOW ABOUT A DANCE? " says Jim Pratt to his new flame. MARSHA GONSER а) ہے ہے —- — i qu l مس‎ M Уайт д С сарай grme.. - - аа ара а agat e —— ہہ‎ шыш”. JOHN HAND DEBBIE HANSEN MARY HATHAWAY CHARLIE GREENE JANIS HALDEMAN SIZING HER UP—Chuck Carter measures Jane GEORGIA GRIMES STEVE HALTERMAN JOHN HAAS + «й уд В.а Р e б Га ALISON HAMMER Үт . V uv 2 = ۲ 03ےے g‏ t AU‏ ر gar a v S‏ P АЁ‏ Е “« - d‏ r‏ 109 - = - ги г. zf. ў . “+ Steve Ward Hicks for a graduation outfit. ee —‏ سے س سے — а. — le P | 13 seniors achieve rating as Merit Scholar semi-finalists BILL HATTEN SUSAN HAVILAND ——————1 کے — — MARY HAZEN CARL HEABERLIN DENNIS HEALY LORAINE HEDDLESTON REX HEER ul کے ہے‎ ee lle 5o Steve Ward == | ۱ | DECORATIONS for the boys' lockers? 158 STEVE HEMSTREET JANE HICKS STEVE HIGHLAND ў ЛМ HILDEBRAND CURT HILL ELAINE HOCKMAN JIM HOFFMAN WALLY HOLDREDGE FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENT Pia Zehnaraff finds the library a helpful aid in her homework. Steve Ward ‘ ' M —— | í | [ | | | ۱ ۱ JANE HOLDREN TOM HOSTETTER | | " | | | 1 Cas | | | f ч ۱ A, | LINDA HUISMAN BETH HUNTRESS MARGARET HUNTRESS 159 mMm а. —‏ س ہیں لت -———— eee — 160 LINDA HUTCHISON JEANNE JONES RON JORDAN FAYEO JAFARI COLLEEN JONES ЕРЕ JUTTING pamm SUSAN JELLINGER STANLEY JENSEN BRIAN JOHNSON Buoyant Class of '69 floats Steve Ward PROMOTING SCHOOL SPIRIT are Mary Warner and Lynda McConkey. LX GN NES. RT ELE MEE чк " - Е еа. p. a DICK KEIGLEY KAREN KELLOGG BONNIE KALTON ہے سے — ЕЗ ee سے‎ e т” ы - на tensi cca rum ee вона ЧАЛ E Dba Да ۔ججپوس+ضمےت‎ НСА EN асн LY mcn Г rm - e و ےہ‎ am (ae -———— سے‎ c m ہی ہس‎ c e т. - ш е м, JILL KEMPTHORNE DEBBIE KENYON MARK KETCHAM in oceans of spirit and fun Mike Cross “FROGMAN,” alias Ed Oslund, prepares to submerge to great depths. CINDY KLUCK DEBI KNUDSON AMY KRAFT Е { | » м” Efi 3 v ы o- z і М А i n заў ра А NS ГА Á f i № » A. ہے‎ COME 2 а SHAZADA KHAN PAM KILLAM TERRY LAMBERT А Е ا‎ E d x " Ыы Жыг: Г . | 7 - ۰ й. Е 1 « аа, | al í Е " a 1 اس‎ М. ЖС. v f | i й Е Е. Е i LINDA KIERTZNER DAVE KLATT TRACEY LAMBERT 161 P | Ў ۱ ——— — — аа — —— ———-——-———- —— Á————À анн - 7 mm DELMAR LAMPE DIANE LANGE DENNIS LARSEN DONNA LARSON KEITH LARSON Concentration and hard work : are part of senior's life. at t E t m س‎ JACK LEDET MIKE LEE | | =e æ ہے‎ - ہے‎ = жыш С ары Е z Josh Sharlin PLEASED! Henry Hannusch is whisked away by his harem at a talent assembly. JEFF LEMISH , , 1: х TERRY LEWIS BRENDA LINSTROM SUZANNE LITCHFIELD GLENDA LOVE LYNDA LOVE 162 SS = — ———— А. ла Е — а eee ee SY з расава, ч унны. enn RD De eT 20۶‏ یی BEV MALONE LYNDA McCONKEY DEAN MEADOR JIM LYTTON MARION MARTIN DICK McDONALD пара ава سے‎ ee —À - . . TODD MICHAEL GARY MACKEY CHIP MAHON Aa MARK MATHISON JOYCE MATTERS Mais ч‏ ےت KATHI McGINNIS KATHI McKERN GARY McNURLEN JACK MICHELSEN KIRSTI MICHELSEN PAT MOLDENHAUER 163 ge нь. a наь Road to graduation marked by tests, trials, tribulations à DENNIS MOORE STEVE MOORE JANA MORELAND SUE MOYER GREG MULHALL DALE MYERS ra вада аа h v Y, | ۲ Й | а a Vs. ч ۱ LINDA NEWTON ROGER NICKEL BOB NILSSON JOHN NORLIN Ш” | 0٦ т К " T Я с —— - CHER! O'BRIEN SHELLIE ORNGARD ED OSLUND JANICE OVERLAND MIKE OWEN | ! | | ۰ - — wee m тле? JOHN РАСПА! BILL PALMER к,‏ سم | | | JANET PATTERSON RICHARD PATTERSON VAL PEACOCK srt iI سو بر جو‎ А P Ar 1! ہم یلم‎ ٠ е. . - ОН WELL, 3 out of 100! " Kirk Geist reacts after getting back a trig test. Dann Cross m " . | uL | А A " ——— : | Ae - LINDA PETEFISH — — ———— — —— MÀ —À e سپ سے € — شس ےھ‎ ч т | - . Ж ‘ ‘ . i т - " 4 " л мм, 3 . Гес 4 4 NS RICK PETERSON MAURA PEGLAR SUE PETERSON 165 X سے‎ a — À— € tm шыш. - JOHN POPELKA ED PIER LOUISE PILLE ANN POHL DENNIS PYLE TERRY QUINN JANET RAMSEY + = чє шы = а — ae Os LAURI REY ae — ee — — ج‎ —— — —— - — — es ьа А - ч - TIM REYNOLDS DOROTHY RICHARDS KATHY RICHARDS DAN RICHARDSON KATHY RICHARDSON 166 i E ара наадва” m m= = 1 = qn жет = سے Tecno antt RUB-A-DUB-DUB. whirlpool bath. Dell Brown جس 1 in l cr = 0 LI а“ Cau а) MARY SUE RIGG the tub! Dell whiles away his MIDDY ROBB Steve Ward time in the PAUL ROEMHILD К TED ROZEBOOM SUE RUSK BOB ROHRBROUGH KEN RUSSELL 167 d س‎ 168 JIM RYAN MARILYN SAUL LINDA SCHLAPIA DOUG SAMPSON SYNDI SCHMINKEY KIM SAND BRUCE SANDVE STEVE SANSGAARD 6 seniors help give AHS exotic cosmopolitan touch Steve Ward FOREIGN STUDENTS: Kirsti Michelsen, Norway; Fayeq Jafari, Jordan; Lauri Rey, Cuba, and Pia Zehnaraff, Denmark. Not pictured, Shazada Kahn, India, and Marianne Kok, Holland. CARL SCHNEIDER JOANNE SEALOCK BECKY SEISER | | І { ee ae з 7 Pea ANNE SHEELER STEVE SIEDELMANN 1 SUE SILVERTHORN C JOHN SIEMERS MONICA SMILEY CAROLYN SESKER JENNY SHANK CYNDY SHORTEN JAN SIBLEY AN OBSCENE POSTER at Fort Dodge High is Fred Dahm during the Fort Dodge exchange. E B » سک‎ 5 JOSH SHARLIN MARK SIDLES removed by John Parks and Steve Ward фат! Ты و‎ і є, даная, ЗЕБРУ УБИ 7 = RS 169 " Um ND. om m - - سے‎ Individualistic senior students pop in and out of situations Сш. س‎ —— a KATHY SMITH LACHY SMITH oy LTE SG AL E. Áo ee ee ee ہے ہے درو‎ { | | | « dy | " STEVE SMITH JUDY SORENSON RICH SORENSON J m E. + m аб С М Й " e NES Mx پل‎ . «Й ' ә ۔‎ 24 е m. 4 . ы 1 5 | ч. | №; | ۱ й 1 0 ut i { MARK SPECK JIM SPEER PAM SPICER JAN STEEL Р е. “а ети р, m j REET я ши ROGER STEPHENSON MIKE STOHLMEYER MARIAN STONEBERG JEANNETTE STRAND MARYANNE STRITZEL 170 SUZI THOMAS JUDY TILLEY WENDY TOMPKIN STANLY TOPPENBERG MARCIA TWEED JUDY TWETTEN LEE ANN TYSSELING SANDY UNDERHILL RICH UNGER = © = — ہہ LA LA = ИЖ‏ in x So ک کی و еы‏ R че. Dann Cross " ALL | DID was rub my magic lamp and out popped Sandy! " explains Steve Ward. JULIE UNTRAUER BOB VANCE 171 RIC VAN DOREN MARY LOU VAN VOORHIS BONNIE VOELKER Seniors keep up the spirit : and participate in activities CHUCK VOSS Steve Ward Santa. PRYOR WARD Е 1 P Г pe» 7 Ф D. I E. Ay i STEVE WARD CAROL WARNER MARY WARNER DEBBIE WARREN PAUL WEBB 172 М 1 І й T F BETH WEISER MARGE WEISS WAYNE WYNNE DIANNE ZIMMERMAN AMY ZINOBER Not pictured: Craig Alcott Richard Evans Donna Flora Marianne Kok MAX WELLHOUSE GENE YOUNG GLORIA ZMOLEK WADE WELSHONS PIA ZEHNGRAFF GARY JONES CHRIS WINKLER GARY ZELIADT DAVE LINK 173 سم ——- 356 seniors list 174 Following is the list of 1969 gradu- ates as it stood when this section went to press December |. Names are given as they were to appear on diplomas; activities were compiled from informa- tion given by the seniors in response to a SPIRIT questionnaire. ACKLEY, TRUDY ANN: Moved from Marble Rock, lowa, 1968: Pep Club І, 2; Girls Club 02 ALBERTSON, KRISTIN: GRA 1; Pep Club 3; Choir 2; Mixed Chorus |; Latin Club |; Girls Serv. Comm. 3 ALCOTT, CRAIG WARREN: Baseball |; track |; swimming І, 2, 3; VICA, ѕес.; Student Council |; work experience ALFRED, MARY JO: GRA |, rep. І; Pep Club 3; Soph. Band; Girls Glee 2; Choir 2: Girls Serv. Comm. 3, rep. |; work experience AMENSEN, MARCIA ANN: Pep Club 1, 2, 3; French Club | AMENSEN, SONJIA DIANE: Pep Club |, 2, 3; French Club | ANDERSON, MARTIN BRENT: Football |, 2, 3: track |, 2, 3: German Club | ANDERSON, CARL WAYNE: Wrestling 2, 3; track І, 2, 3; cross-country І, 2, 3; indoor track 1; Science Seminar 3 ANDERSON, CONRAD CARROLL: Baseball І, 2, 3; basketball І, 2: football І, 2, 3; track | ANDERSON, DONALD RAY: НЕ ۱ ANDERSON, HARLAN JAMES: Basketball І, 2; indoor track 2; French Club |: VICA, pres. ANDERSON, STEPHEN RAY: Soph. Band; swimming |; work experience ARNBAL, CARLA JEAN: Spanish Club |, 2 AUCH, GARY LEE: Moved from Morton, Ill., 1958; PERISCOPE staff; Billings Key Club; baseball BAIRD, WILLIAM ANDERSON: Basketball 1; football |, 2, 3, tri-capt. 3; wrestling 2; track |, 2, 3; Latin Club: Student Council І, 2, v. pres. 3 BALDUS, MARY E.: Girls Glee І, 2, 3; Mixed Chorus |. 2. 3 BAPPE, SANDRA K.: Pep Club І, 2 BARCUS, JUDY IRENE: GRA rep. 2; debate I; SCRATCH PAD; SPIRIT rep. 2: work experience BARTELS, BARBARA KAY: Cadet teaching; WEB BARTRUFF, JERRY WAYNE: Baseball |: bas- ketball tr. 1; football tr. 2; tennis 3; Soph. Band; Boys Glee 3; Choir 2; Mixed Chorus |; German Club 2; Boys Serv. Comm, І, 2, 3, off. І, rep. 2; Student Council |, Fire. squad |, 2, 3, off. І, 3; cadet teaching BATEMAN, AMY LOUISE: Pep Club |, 2, 3, гер. |; Spanish Club І, 2; Girls Sery, Comm. |, 2, 3, off. 3; cadet teaching BATMAN, BECKY LOU: Pep Club I, 2, 3; French Club |, 2; DECA: work experience BAUSKE, CLAY ROBERT: Basketball І, 2, 3; football 1; track |, 2, 3; cross-country 2, 3; Boys Glee 1; Mixed Chorus |; Madrigal I: French Club 3; Latin Club, v. pres. |; Boys Serv. Comm. |, 2, 3; drama І; SPIRIT rep І, staff 2, 3; Jr. Exec. pres.; Student Council 3, pres. 3; Firesquad І, 2, J, v. pres. 3. BEACH, RONALD LEE: HR 129 BEAL, LINDA SUE: GRA 2, 3; Soph. Band; French Club |, 2; Jr. Exec. BEARD, DUANE G.: Band !, 2, 3; Pep Band 2, 3; Boys Glee |; Choir 2, 3; Madrigal 3; stage tech. |, 2, 3; drama |, 2, 3; Palm Club 3; moved from Topeka, Kan., 1967 BEATTIE, BARBARA ANN: Moved from Tuc- son, Ariz., 1968 BECKMAN, BARBARA JEAN: French Club ! BEEM, CAROLYN KAY: Pep Club I, 2, 3, rep. 3; Girls Glee І, 2, 3; Choir 2; Spanish Club 3 BEER, TERESA JANE: GRA І, 2, 3; Pep Club |, 2, 3; Soph. Band; French Club |, 2, 3; SPIRIT rep. І, monitor 3, WEB BENEKE; JANET SUE: GRA 2, 3, тер. 3: Pep Club |, 2, 3; Orchestra |, 2; Girls Glee |, 3; Choir 3; Mixed Chorus 1; Spanish Club І, 2; SCRATCH PAD BENNETT, ROY MARSHALL: Football ۱ 2, 3; wrestling 1; track |; Band 2; Science Club 2; moved from Texas, 1967 BENSON, RUTHANN ELAINE: Pep Club |, 2, 3; Girls Glee |, 2; Choir 3; Mixed Chorus І, 2; German Club І, 2; drama І, 2, 3; Palm Club 3 BERGMAN, WANDA J.: Pep Club 2; Syn- chronettes |; Art Club | BICKERSTAFF, RAYMOND PAUL: Football 2, 3; golf |; track 2; swimming І, 2 BLACK, NANCY JEAN: GRA І, 2, 3; Pep Club |, 2; Spanish Club ,ا‎ 2; drama |, 2 BLEEKER, LERAY EUGENE: Boys Glee 2; Choir 2; DECA pres.; drama |, 2; work experience BLEWETT, BRENDA KAY: GRA І, 2, 3, rep. 2. 3; Pep Club 1; Soph. Band; Band |, 2. 3; SPIRIT staff 2, 3; Jr. Exec. treas.; YFU 2; cadet teaching; Latin Club | BOCKHOP, NANCY JEANNE: Orchestra І, 2: French Club І, 2; Spanish Club І, 2; Girls Serv. Comm. |, 2, 3; nurse experience BORKE, JOELLYN RAE: GRA |, 2, 3; Pep Club І, 2, 3, council 3, rep. 2; French Club |; Latin Club І; Girls Serv. Comm. І, 2, 3, rep. 2; cadet teaching BOWEN, MARGARET IRENE: cadet teaching BOYD, STEVEN T.: Baseball 1; football |; wrestling І, 2; track І, 2, 3; cross-country 2083 BOYLAN, CRAIG E.: Wrestling 1, 2, 3; Вапа 2, 3; Soph. Band; Pep Band |, 2; Boys Serv. Comm. 2, 3 activities during high school BRISTOL, RICHARD F.: Baseball 1; basketball І, 2; track 2, 3; cross-country 1; Latin Club |; Firesquad І, 2, 3 BROWN, ANNE JEANETTE: Pep Club 1, 3; Spanish Club І, 2 BROWN, BARBARA LYNN: GRA 2: Pep Club 2, 3; Sr. Senate freas.; work experience; moved from Council Bluffs, lowa 1957 BROWN, CATHERINE ANN: Girls Glee 3: Choir 2; Mixed Chorus |; Latin Club 1: Art Club |; drama 3; SCRATCH PAD BROWN, DELLOUS ORAL: Baseball І, 2: football І, 2, 3: wrestling І, 2, 3; track І, 2, 3; Student Council 3; Firesquad |, 2. 3; Food Council 3 BROWN, GINGER ANNE: Pep Club I, 2, 3: Soph. Band; Band 2; Girls Glee 1; Mixed Chorus |; Girls Serv. Comm. 3; OE, treas. BROWN, KATHLEEN KAY: GRA ,ا‎ 2, 3; Pep Club І, 2, 3: Cheersquad |, 2, 3; Jr. Exec.; Student Council 3; YFU 2 BROWN, NANCY CAROL: Drama |, 2, 3 BRUNIA, STEPHAN W.: Football |; swim- ming |, 2, 3 BRUTON, RENEE LEAH: Moved from Sunny- vale, Cal., 1958 BRYNER, DOUGLAS ALLEN: Moved from Madison, Wis., 1967 BUCK, BARBARA ANN: Pep Club 1; Girls Serv. Comm. |, 2, 3 BUCK, BEVERLY ANN: Spanish Club | BUCK, MARY EILEEN: Girls Glee 2, 3; Choir 2, 3; Mixed Chorus |; French Club |, 2, 3; Firesquad monitor 3 BUCK, STEWART SHIPMAN: Swimming І, 2, 3; Soph. Band, pres.; Band |, 2, 3, v. pres. 3; Pep Band |, 2, 3; Spanish Club :ا‎ Boys Serv. Comm. |; Art Club 1; Stu- dent Council І, 2; Firesquad I, 2, 3 BURCHINAL, MARGARET RUTH: French Club l; Spanish Club l; Science Sem. l; debate |; drama І: SCRATCH PAD BURNS, RITA ANN: Debate 1; SCRATCH PAD BURNS, SHARON G.: German Club І, 2, 3: moved from Germany, 7 BURTON, BETTY: GRA 2, 3; Pep Club І, 2, 3; French Club І, 2; moved from Egypt, 1967 CALHOUN, BRUCE CHARLES: Student Council | CANTONWINE, TONI ELLEN: DECA sec.- treas. CAREY, KATHLEEN LOUISE: GRA 2; Pep Club І, 2, 3: Girls Glee 2; French Club І: DECA; drama 2 CARLSEN, SAUNDRA JEAN: GRA І, 2, 3; Pep Club |, 2, 3; French Club 1; DECA CARLSON, DAWN ELIZABETH: GRA 1, 2, 3; Soph. Band; French Club |, 2, 3 CARLSON, KAREN VIRGINIA: GRA 2, 3; rep. 3; Pep Club |, 2, 3; Sr. Senate; HR sec. 2; HR pres. 3 ۱ | ZH 0 ЯЖ ЧСС Pa оаа а. جم کے‎ аа a ERGE ар б чн ЧЕ НЬ - Svnchronettes І. 2: French Club І, 2, 3: SCRATCH PAD; Jr. Ex; HR v. pres. 3 CARTER. CHARLES WAYNE: Basketball І: tootball |, 2, 3; Student Council 1; monitor m CASTNER, PATRICIA LOUISE: GRA 2, 3; Pep Club І, 2, 3, pres. 3; Girls Glee 2; Choir 2, 3, ott. 3: French Club І, 2; SPIRIT Rep. 1; Jr. Exec.; monitor 3; WEB CATUS, GARY EUGENE: Track |, 2, 3: cross-country 2, 3, tri-capt. 3 CHRISTENSON, SANDRA RAE: French Club 3: drama |; WEB CLARK, JAMES EDWARD: HR 212 COCHRAN, RANDY WAYNE: HR 207 COON, KATHERINE LOUISE: GRA 2; Span- ish Club І, 2: DECA off.: FHA І: work ex- perience. COUTURE, LAWRENCE DONALD: Baseball I: German Club І COX, EDWARD EUGENE, JR. lowa Model U.N. '68, '69; National Model U.N. 3; Boys State CRAIG, DANNY DEAN: Basketball |, 2, 3: football |, 2, 3, tri-capt. 3; track |, 2, 3; Student Council |, 2; monitor 2; work experience CRAWFORD, REID WILLIAM: Soph. Band: Band 2, 3; Pep Band 2, 3; Choir 3; Mixed Chorus |; Madrigal 1; German Club I, 2, oft. 2: Sr. Senate; Model U.N. 2, 3; YFU 2: Key Club 2, 3 CROSS, LINDA SUE: GRA 3; Pep Club І, 2, 3: Girls Glee 1, 2; Choir 3: Mixed Cho- rus 1; Spanish Club 1; DECA; SPIRIT гер. 3 CROSS, MICHAEL J.: French Club 2; Stu- dent Council 2 CROVISIER, JUDY JOAN: GRA І, 2; Pep Club І, 2, 3, rep. 2; French Club І, 2; Art Club 1; DECA DAHM, PAUL FREDERICK: Basketball 2: ten- nis 1, 2, 3, capt. 2; Science Seminar 3: debate 3; SCRATCH PAD: Sr. Senate: Pille, Jill Kempthorne; back: Marian Carlson, Robb. Not pictured: Cathy Brown, Lisa senior year in Costa Rica. Firesquad |, 2, 3; Student Council 1; Food Council | DAVIS. REBECCA ANN: Pep Club І, 2, 3, rep. І, 2; Soph. Band; Band 1; French Club |. 2, 3: Science Seminar І, 2; SCRATCH РАР; Student Council 1; Model U.N. 1, 2 DAVIS. WILLIAM MORGAN: Wrestling |, 2. 3: cross-country 3: French Club 2; Latin Club |; Student Council 2; Firesquad monitor 3 DAYTON, BARRY KEITH: Soph. Band; Band 2, 3; Pep Band 2, 3; stage tech. І, 2; drama |; physics lab ass't 3 DEAN. PHILIP L.: Moved from Granville, Ohio, 1968 DENISEN, MARGARET JANE: Orchestra |, 2, 3: Spanish Club І, 2, 3, off. 3 DISNEY, ELIZABETH DAWN: GRA .ا‎ 2, 3; Pep Club |, 2, 3; French Club 2; Spanish Club |: drama |; SPIRIT rep. | DOLLING, DAVID J.: Soph. Band; Band 3; Art Club 1; drama | DOMEK, LANCE: Golf ,ا‎ 2, 3 DOWELL. MARILYN KAY: GRA |, 2; Pep Club |, 2, 3, council 3, rep. І, 3; Girls Glee 2: Choir 2: Girls Serv. Comm. 3; work experience; OE v. pres. D'SILVA, BRIAN CHRISTOPHER: Moved from Bombay, India; tennis 3 DUNLEAVY, LINDA JOANN: GRA 3; Pep Club |, 2, 3; Spanish Club |, 2; work ex- perience EILTS, JAYNE DeARRA: Pep Club ,ا‎ 2, 3; Girls Glee |, 2: Choir 3; Mixed Chorus 1; SPIRIT rep. 3 ELDRIDGE, JAN L.: GRA |, 3; Pep Club I, 3: Orchestra |, 2; Spanish Club, rep. 2; Girls Serv. Comm. І, 2, 3, rep. 2; SPIRIT rep. 3; HR v. pres. | ELLETT, TIMOTHY JOHN: Swimming 2, 3; Band І, 2; Stage Band І, 2, 3; Pep Band | ELLIOTT, LINDA SUE: Girls Glee 2; drama |; work experience ELLIS, CHARLES CARLISLE: Football |, 2; track ۱۱ 2, 3; cross-country 3; Soph. Band; Fred Dahm, Jeff Lemish, Mitch Roth, and Ann Pohl, who spent her Steve Ward THIRTEEN NAMED MERIT SEMIFINALISTS—-front: Cindy Johnson, Jane Holdren, Louise Band 2, 3; drum major 3; Spanish Club 1; Boys Serv. Comm., off. 3: SPIRIT staff 2, 3; Jr. Exec.; Firesquad |, 2, 3; monitor |, 2, 3; YEU 2; WEB ERBE VICTORIA LYNNE: GRA 2, 3; Pep Club !, 2, 3; Girls Glee 2, 3; Choir 2, 3; Spanish Club 2; Girls Serv. Comm. 1, 2, 3; Library Ass't |; SCRATCH PAD; work ex- perience EVANS, RICHARD LEE: Track 2 FAGEN, BARBARA LYNN: Pep Club !, 3; Library Ass't 3 FARWELL, RANAE LYNN: Pep Club |; French Club | FAUERBY, JANE ELLEN: Pep Club 1, 2, 3, council 3, sec. 3, rep. 2,. 3; Choir 2, 3, accom.: Latin Club І, sec.-treas.; Girls Serv. Comm. 3 FINCH, DENIS ALAN: Work experience FISCUS, RONALD LYLE: Soph. Band; Band 2, 3; Pep Band І, 2, 3; German Club ا‎ FISHER, PATTI JEAN: GRA 2, 3, rep. 3; Pep Club І, 2, 3; Soph. Band; Band І, 2, 3, sec.-treas. 3: Orchestra 2: Girls Glee 3; Choir 3; German Club І, 2; Girls Serv. Comm. |, 2, 3; SCRATCH PAD; SPIRIT rep. 3; Sr. Senate; Student Council 2; cadet teaching; WEB FLORA, DONNALE: Pep Club 1, 2; Mixed Chorus 2; drama І, 2 FORTNEY, HARRY JOHN: Wrestling І FOSHE, CONNIE LOUISE: Pep Club І, 2, 3; Spanish Club І, 2; work experience FOX, MARILYN ANNE: GRA 3; Pep Club |, 2, 3; Girls Glee 2; Girls Serv. Comm. гер. 2; drama І, 2, 3; Palm Club 2, 3, off. 3; SPIRIT rep. |; cadet teaching FRANCIS, SUSAN KAY: HR 107 FRIBLEY, NANCY LEE: Pep Club І, 2, 3; Spanish Club І, 2, 3; Girls Serv. Comm. |, 22293 FRITZ, LISA: Pep Club |; French Club I, 2; drama |; SPIRIT staff 2 GAMMON, DAVID KENNETH: Football 1; work experience Biff Baird, Middy 175 ست — — - — «шыйнай = مم‎ — -— — -— ن نن‎ ААА — ння 176 Senior activities GAMMON, PATRICIA KAY: Pep Club І, 2, 3, rep. 2, 3; Spanish Club |, 2, sec.-treas. 2: Sr, Senate GEIST, KIRK L.: Swimming |, 2, 3; Student Council | GLOSEMEYER, ARLENE FRANCES: Work experience GONSER, MARSHA RUTH: GRA 3: Pep Club І. 2, 3; Girls Glee І, 2: Latin Club | GOSSARD, JOHN THOMAS: Football І; track 3: cross-country 2, tri-capt.; Firesquad 3; monitor 2 GRAHAM, STEPHEN MICHAEL: Baseball І; track І. 2, 3; cross-country 2, 3; Spanish Club |: Student Council !, 2 GREENE, CHARLES R.: Football mgr. І; track таг. | GRIMES, GEORGIA GAIL: GRA |, 2, 3, rep. 3. Pep Club |, 2, 3; Spanish Club |; SPIRIT rep. 1; Student Council | HAAS, JOHN GEORGE: Soph. Band; Band gd HAGEN, JANET MARIE: HR 201 HAKES, CHRISTINE ADELE: Pep Club І, 2, 3; Spanish Club 2, 3 HALTERMAN, STEPHEN JAMES: Basketball mgr. 1; football 3; track 2, mgr. ۱ HAMMER, ALISON RAE: GRA І, 2, 3, rep. І, 2; Pep Club І, 2, 3, гер. |; German Club |: SCRATCH PAD; SPIRIT rep. 3; WEB HAND, JOHN ELDIN: HR 208 HANNUSCH, HENRY LEO: Football 1; track |, 2, 3; cross-country 3 HANSEN, DEBORAH JEAN: Pep Club I, 2, 3 HARRI S. MRS. PAMELA JO SPICER: Cheer- squad |, 2; Choir І, 2; Pep Club І, 2, 3; Girls Glee |, 2, 3 HATHAWAY, MARY ANN: GRA 3; Pep Club |; work experience HATTEN, WILLIAM THOMAS: Baseball І, 2, 3; football 1; golf 1, 2, 3; swimming | HAVILAND, SUSAN BLAIR: Pep Club !, 2, 3. French Club І, 2, 3; drama І, 2, 3; Palm Club 2, 3, off. 33 SCRATCH PAD HAZEN. MARY E: GRA І, 2, 3, cab. 3, off. 3, rep. 2, 3; Choir 3; Girls Glee 3; German Club |, 2; Latin Club 1; Girls Serv. Comm. 2: drama І, 2, 3: Palm Club 3, off. 3; Stu- dent Council |, 2 HEABERLIN, CARL WILLIAM: HR 313 HEALY, DENNIS MICHAEL: Baseball |, 2, 3; basketball ,ا‎ 2, 3; football І, 2, 3, tri-capt. 3: track І, 2, 3; Spanish Club І, 2; Jr. Exec. v. pres.; Student Council 1, 2, 3, pres. 3; Food Council |, 2, 3; WEB HEDDLESTON, LORAINE M.: Pep Club |, 2, 3: Soph. Band !; Band |, 2, 3; Orchestra | 2, 3; Girls Glee 1; Choir 2, 3; Spanish Club І, 2; Girls Serv. Comm. гер. 2 HEER REX DOUGLAS: Baseball |; Soph. Band |; German Club | HEERS, JAMES M.: DECA HELDT, DEAN: HR 103 HEMSTREET, STEVEN MICHAEL: Wrestling 2- track 2; cross-country 2 HENSLEY, JEFFREY HOWARD: Wrestling І, 2, 5 HICKS, JANE ELIZABETH: GRA 1, 2, 3, rep. I: Soph. Band; French Club І, 2, 3: Girls Serv. Comm., rep. 2, 3 HIGHLAND, STEPHEN MARK: Baseball І, 2, 3: basketball |; football 1, 3; track !, 2, 3; cross-country 2; Sr. Senate; Student Council 2 HILDEBRAND, JAMES RICHARD: Spanish Club |; WEB | HILL, CURTIS W.: Firesquad monitor 2; VICA HOCKMAN, ELAINE CAROL: GRA |, 2; Pep Club І, 2, 3 HOFFMAN, JAMES G.: HR 107 HOLDREDGE, WALLY EARL: HR 312 HOLDREN, SUSAN JANE: Pep Club |, 2:37 Spanish Club І, 3; Science Seminar І, 2, 3; drama |, 2; Palm Club off. 3: SCRATCH PAD; Firesquad monitor 2; Math Club 2 HOSTETTER, THOMAS GRAVES: Football I; wrestling І, 2, 3; track І, 3; cross-country 3; tennis 2 HUFFER, CAROL ANNE: Soph. Band; Band |, 2, 3: Pep Band 2, 3; Girls Glee |, 2, 3; Choir 3: Mixed Chorus 1; Latin Club 1: Math Club 2 HUISMAN, LINDA LEE: GRA 2, 3; Pep Club |. 2. 3; Soph. Band: Band 2, 3; German Club 2: Latin Club 1; Girls Serv. Comm. І. 2. 3, off. 3, rep. І, 2; SPIRIT rep. І, 2; Jr. Exec.: Student Council 1; cadet teach- ing HUNTRESS, BETHANY: Spanish Club 1; Art Club 2; work experience HUNTRESS, MARGARET EMILY: GRA 2; Pep Club 2; Spanish Club ! HUTCHISON, LINDA SUE: Pep Club 1, 2: Girls Glee |, 2, 3; Choir 1, 2, 3: moved from Utah, 1957 JAFARI, FAYEQ IBRAHIM: Wrestling 3; moved from Jordan 1967; soccer, capt.; volleyball; track and field JELLINGER, SUSAN MARY: GRA 2, 3, v. pres. 3; Pep Club І, 2, 3; Girls Glee І, 2, 3: Choir 2, 3, treas. 3; Mixed Chorus І, 2. 3; Madrigal 1; Latin Club 1; Art Club 3: SPIRIT staff 3, гер. І, 2; Student Coun- cil 3: Assembly Comm. Chm. 3, WEB JENSEN, STANLEY LARS: HR 103 JOHNSON, BRIAN D.: Baseball І, 2, 3; basketball І, 2, 3; football :ا‎ track І, 2, 3: cross-country 3 JOHNSON, CYNTHIA DIANNE: GRA 2, 3: Pep Club І, 2, 3, rep. |; Girls Glee 2; French Club |, 2; SCRATCH PAD: SPIRIT rep. 2, 3 JONES, JOYCE COLLEEN: Pep Club І: Pops Choir 2 JONES, GARELD: Swimming mgr. 3, WEB JONES, JEANNE ANN: Pep Club 1; Soph. Band; Girls Glee 2; French Club 2; FHA |: work experience JORDAN, LINDA JBAN: Pep Club 1; work experience JORDAN, RONALD B.: Track 1; basketball І. 2: Band І, 2, 3; Stage Band | JUTTING, JEFFREY MARK: Soph. Band 1: Band 2, 3; Madrigal ۶ا‎ Spanish Club 1: Science Sem. 2, 3 KALTON, BONNIE SUE: Pep Club 1, 2, 3; French Club І, 2; SPIRIT rep. 3 KELLOGG, KAREN SUE: GRA I, 2, 3, rep. 2. 3; Pep Club І, 2, 3; French Clas L 2; Girls Serv. Comm. 3 KEMPTHORNE, VALDA JILL: Pep Club ۶ Synchronettes 2; Orchestra 3; French Club 3: Science Sem. |; SCRATCH PAD KENYON, DEBORAH KAY: GRA 2, 3, cab. 3; Pep Club 3, rep. 2, coun. 3; Spanish Club 2: Girls Serv. Comm. 3; cadet teach- ing KETCHAM, MARK RANDOLPH: Track 1, 2, 3. cross-country 2; Soph. Band; Band 2 KHAN, SHAZADA: Wrestling |, 2, 3 KIERTZNER, LINDA DARLENE: GRA 2, 3; Pep Club І; Art Club | KILLAM, PAMELA KAY: Pep Club І, 2, 3; Girls Glee |, 2; Choir 2, 3; Mixed Chorus |: work experience KILSTROM, NORMA JEAN: GRA :ا‎ Pep Club І. 2, 3, rep. І, 2, 3; Cheersquad 1; Girls Serv. Comm. І, 2; nursing KINGSBURY, LOWELL KENT: HR 208 KLATT, DAVID MICHAEL: Basketball mar. !; Boys Serv. Comm. |, 2; Student Council [552 KLUCK, CYNTHIA ANN: GRA rep. 2; Pep Club 2: German Club ٠: Girls Serv. Comm. 3: work experience KNUDSON, DEBORAH JO: GRA ,ا‎ 2, 3; Pep Club !, 2, 3; Soph. Band; Choir 3; French Club 2, 3; WEB KRAFT, AMY ELIZABETH: GRA 1; Pep Club, coun. |; Orchestra 2; French Club l; Spanish Club 2: Art Club 1; stage tech. 3 LAMBERT, TERRY: Soph. Band |; Band 2; Pep Band 1; swimming tr. І LAMBERT, TRACEY: Key Club 3 LAMPE DELMAR: Wrestling І, 2; track |, 2. 3; cross-country 2, 3; French Club ا١‎ 2: Boys Serv. Comm. І, 2 LANGE. DIANE: GRA 3; Pep Club I, 2, 3; Girls Serv. Comm. |, 2, 3 LARSON, DENNIS L.: Swimming 1, 22 LARSON, DONNA MARIE: GRA 3; Pep Club |, 2: Girls Serv. Comm. І, 2 3° РЕ ass t 3; drama | LARSON, KEITH DALE: Football | LEDET, JACK WAYNE: Wrestling І LEE, MIKE: Band !, 2 LEE, SUSAN: HR 207 LEMISH, JEFFREY T.: German Club I, 2: Latin Club І; debate | LEWIS, TERRY G.: Soph. Band; Band І, 2, 3: Stage Band 2, 3; Pep Band 2; Boys ` Glee 3: Choir 3; Spanish Club І, 2, rep. І: Science Sem. І, 2, 3; Math Club 2 LINK, DAVE: Baseball |, 2; Soph. Band; Stage Band |; Pep Band 1; German Club !; swimming .ا‎ 2, 3 LINSTROM, BRENDA KAY: GRA |; Pep Club 2; Spanish Club 2; drama; Girls Serv. Comm. 3; SPIRIT rep. І; moved from Marion, lowa, 1967 | ٦ " P L] T ےرت‎ gus 27 «ае ee تھے‎ г а. а ae і Senior activities LITCHFIELD. SUZANNE M.: Science Sem. 3: moved from Linden, Texas, 1966 LOVE GLENDA JO: Pep Club |, 2, 3; librarv asst | LOVE LINDA KAY: GRA 1], 2, 3, rep. |; Pep Club І, 3; French Club 1; Spanish Club 2. 3: Art Club |; drama |; cadet teachinq IYRECK. PAUL HOWARD JONATHAN: HR 29 LYTTON. JAMES D.: Basketball І, 2, 3; foot- ball І. 2, 3; track І, 2, 3; Boys Glee |, 2, Choir 2. 3: Mixed Chorus 1; Boys Serv. 9 " 5 3: Comm. | MACHEAK, GREGORY A.: Track ,ا‎ 2, mar. | MACKEY, GARY EUGENE: Baseball І, 2, 3 MAHON, PAUL S. (CHIP): Football 3; track 3: moved from Cedar Falls, lowa, 1968; football 2: drama ۱: track 2 MALONE, BEVERLY SUE: GRA 2, 3; Pep Club |, 2. 3; Soph. Band; Band І, 2, 3; French Club І, 2, 3, sec.-treas. 3; Spanish Club |; SPIRIT staff 2, 3, editor-in-chief 3; twirler 3: WEB: Homecoming Comm. chm. 3 MARTIN, MARION ADELE: GRA 1. 2, 3, rep. 3; Pep Club І, 2, 3; French Club 2, 3; Latin Club |; SPIRIT rep. 3 - MATHISON, MARK RAYMOND: Golf 1, 2, 3: swimming І, 2, 3: Student Council 2; Firesquad |, 2, 3, monitor MATTERS, JOYCE ANN: GRA 1; Pep Club 1; Spanish Club 2; stage tech. 3; drama 3; cadet teaching MATUSESKI, ROSALIE ANN: GRA 1; Pep lub І, 2, 3; Synchronettes |; Orchestra і, 2: French Club 1: Art Club | McCONKEY, LYNDA GAYLE: GRA 1, 2, 3: Spanish Club І. 2: drama І. 2 McDONALD, JAMES RICHARD: Track 2; German Club | McGINNIS, KATHRYN PAULINE: GRA |, 2, 3; Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Art Club 2; French Club І, 2, 3; Orchestra 1: Mixed Chorus 2 McKERN, KATHLEEN MARIE: Pep Club І, 2, 3, rep. |; Synchronettes |; Girls Glee І, 2: Mixed Chorus 2; drama |; Firesquad 3, monitor 3; cadet teaching McNURLEN, GARY CLARK: Track |. 2: foot- ball | MEADOR, DEAN JOSEPH: Baseball 3; moved trom Champaign, lll., 1968 MICHAEL, ROBERT TODD: Band 2, 3: moved from New York, 1967 MICHELSEN, JACK DUANE: Swimming |, 2, 3; Soph. Band; Band 2; Pep Band |, 2; WEB MICHELSEN, KIRSTI: Moved from Norway, 1958 MOLDENHAUER, PATRICIA LYNN: GRA І, 2. 3, rep. |; Pep Club |, 2, 3; Cheer- squad 2, 3; Soph. Band; Band 2: Girls Glee 2: Spanish Club |, 2; Girls Serv. Comm. ۲ 2, 3 MOORE, DENNIS JON: Track 2; cross- country |; French Club |; Boys Serv. Comm. |, library ass't | MOORE, STEVEN BRUCE: VICA MORLAN, CARLA JUNE: Pep Club 2, 3; Spanish Club 2; moved from Jefferson, lowa, 1967; Pep Club 1; Mixed Chorus | MORLAN, CLAUDIA JEAN: Pep Club 2: moved from Jefferson, lowa, 1967; Spanish Club ! MOYER, SUSAN MARIE: DECA: moved from Chicago, Ill., 1966 MULHALL, GREG J.: Baseball |, 2, 3; bas- ketball 3; football І, 2, 3; track І, 2, 3: Spanish Club 1, 2; Student Council |, 2: A-Club, pres. 3; WEB MULLICA, MARLENE JEAN: Pep Club І, 2; Girls Serv. Comm. 2, treas. 3; drama |: Sr. Senate 3: Student Council | MYERS, DALE DURAND: work experience NEWTON, LINDA LEE: GRA І, 2, 3; Pep Club |, 2, 3; French Club 2, 3; Spanish Club 1; drama 1; SPIRIT rep. 2 NICKEL, ROGER L.: Track |, 2, 3: cross- country 1, 2, 3; Soph. Band; Band 2, 3 NILSSON, ROBERT W.: Firesquad monitor; wrestling |; French Club 1, 2; Soph. Band NIMS, NADINE LOUISE: GRA 2; Pep Club 3; Cheersquad 4, 2, 3; German Club |; Spanish Club І; YFU NORLIN, JOHN: Track ! O'BRIEN, CHERI A.: GRA |, 2, rep. |; Pep Club І, 2, 3; Cheersquad І, 2, 3; Girls Serv. Comm. | ORNGARD, SHELLIE JO: Pep Club I, 2, 3; drama | OSLUND, EDWARD GENE: Swimming І, 2, 3; WEB OVERLAND, JANICE CAROL: GRA І, 2; Pep Club І, 2, 3+ French Club 1; Girls Serv. Comm. |: Student Council 2 OWEN, MICHAEL DAVID: Wrestling І, 2, 3; tennis 2: German Club |; WEB PAGE, CYNTHIA CAROL: Pep Club І, 2, 3 PAGE, DON 5.: Baseball І, 2, 3; basketball І, 2: football І, 2, 3; Student Council 2; WEB PAGLIAI, JOHN JOSEPH: Track tr. І, 2 PALMER, WILLIAM GRANVILLE: Football І, 2. 3: track |, 2, 3; Student Council 2, 3 PARKS, JOHN BURL: Swimming |, 2, 3; golf І, 2, 3: German Club 1; Boys Serv. Comm. 2; Student Council 3; WEB PARKS, SHARON MARIE: GRA 3; Pep Club І, 2, 3; Spanish Club І, 2, 3; SPIRIT staff 2 PATTERSON, JANET LEE: GRA 3; Pep Club |, 2, 3, rep. 2; Soph. Band; Band 2, 3; Girls Glee |; Mixed Chorus 1; French Club |, 2; cadet teaching PATTERSON, RICHARD J.: Audio-visual aids 23 PEACOCK, VAL EDWARD: Wrestling 2 PEGLAR, MAURA: Orchestra |, 2, 3; Madri- gal 1; French Club І, 2, 3, rep. 2; Jr. Exec. PETEFISH, LINDA SUE: GRA 3; Pep Club |, 3; nursing PETERSON, JULIE ANN: GRA І, 2; Pep Club І, 2, 3; Girls Serv. Comm. І, 2, 3; DECA: SCRATCH PAD PETERSON RIG E یں ہے‎ СБ Ета, .squad monitor 3; swimming І, 2, 3 PETERSON, SUSAN ELAINE: Latin Club | CONFIDENCE AND HIGH SPIRITS are displayed by the football players on the bus going to West Waterloo. Steve Ward 177 — کس سآ inde,‏ سس ٗوے۔ ۔ ——— - — 178 Senior activities PIER, EDWIN CLARK: tennis ١ swimming |, 2, 3; Pep Band 2; Firesquad, monitor 2; Human Rights Comm. 3; Service Comm. 3 PILLE, LOUISE MARY: Girls Glee 1; drama |; Career Night Comm, 3 POHL, ANNE MARIE: Soph. Band; Band |, 2: Latin Club |; moved to Costa Rica 3 POLLARD, DANNA: GRA |, 2; Pep Club І. 2, 3; Spanish Club 1; OE POPELKA , JOHN ROBERT: HR 313 POWELL, DAVID ALAN: Track І, 2, 3; cross- country |, 2, 3; Soph. Band; Band 1, 2, 3; Pep Band | PRATT. JAMES R.: Swimming І, 2, 3; tennis [5 23 PYLE. DENNIS: Football І, 2; track |, 2, 3 QUINN, TERRENCE R.: Soph. Band; Band 2; Pep Band 2; German Club 2 RAMSEY, JANET JOYCE: GRA 2, 3, cab. 3; Pep Club І, 2, 3, treas. 3; Choir 3; Mixed Chorus 3: French Club |, 2; drama |, 2, 3; Palm Club 2, 3, pres. 3; SPIRIT rep. 2; Student Council 3; Public Relations Chm. 3 RAY. NANCY ANN: Synchronettes І, 2; German Club |. 2: drama |, 2, 3; Palm Club 3 REICHARDT, KYLA DAWN: GRA І, 2, 3; Pep Club І, 2, 3; Art Club І, 2, 3 REINSCH, STEVEN HENRY: HR 201 RENFELDT, JEANNINE: Pep Club І, 2, 3 REY. LAURI: GRA 2, 3; French Club І, 2; Spanish |, 3; work experience REYNOLDS. TIM: Golf |, 2; Student Council 2: swimming І, 2, 3 RICHARDS, DOROTHY JANET: GRA |, 2: 3: Pep Club І, 2, 3, rep. 2; Girls Serv. Comm. |; Art Club |; Food Council 2 RICHARDS, KATHY SUE: GRA І, rep. 1; Pep Club 2; moved from West Waterloo, lowa, 1966 RICHARDSON. DANIEL LEE: Football 2, 3; wrestling |, 2, 3 RICHARDSON, KATHY JEAN: Pep Club 3; moved from Webster City, lowa, 1968 RIDENHOUR, JUDY KAY: HR 101 RIGG, MARY SUE: Girls Glee І, 2, 3; Choir |, 2, 3; SPIRIT staff 3 ROBB, MILDRED ELLIS: Pep Club 1; moved from Salina, Kan., 1958 ROEMHILD, PAUL: German Club |; drama 2: Firesquad monitor | ROGERS, JIMMY LEON: HR 0 ROHRBOUGH, ROBERT STEVENS: HR 208 ROSS, THOMAS Ј.: Track 1; cross-country 1; moved from Gilbert, lowa, 1967 ROTH, MITCHELL G.: Tennis 2; track |; German Club, pres. 2; Boys Serv. Comm. |: Science Sem. 1; stage tech. |; Student Council 3; WEB ROZEBOOM, THEODORE RUSSELL: Swim- ming |, 2, 3; Jr. Exec.; WEB Steve Ward " EVERYWHERE that Mulhall went, the ball was sure to ао. " Greg was sentenced to carry a football around for a week after fumbling in the Boone game. RUSHING, MICHAEL THEODORE: Soph. Band; Band 2; Swmming | RUSK. SUSAN DIANNE: Pep Club 3; Girls Glee 3: Choir 3; moved from Phoenix, Ariz., 1968 RUSSELL, WILLIAM KEN: Wrestling |; tennis |; Soph. Band; Band І, 2, 3; Stage Band |, 2, 3; Latin Club 1; Boys Serv. Comm. 2: Student Council, treas. 3; Fire- squad |, 2, 3, monitor 3 RYAN, JAMES K.: Baseball :ا‎ basketball І, 2, 3: football І, 2, 3; golf І, 2, 3; French Club |, 2; Sr. Senate, pres. 3 SAMPSON, DOUGLAS LEROY: HR 207 SAND, KIM: Football 1, 2; wrestling |, 2, 3; track |, 2, 3; moved from Marcus, lowa, 1967 SANDVE, BRUCE ALLEN: Wrestling І, 2, 3 SANSGAARD, STEVEN: HR 212 SAUL, MARILYN BERNADETTE: GRA 1; Pep Club 2; Choir 2; Mixed Chorus 1; Spanish Club | SAXTON, JANET LEE: Synchronettes |, 2, 3 SCANDRETT, LYLE: Basketball |; football І, 2: wrestling 2: Воуѕ Ѕегу. Сотт. 1:2: Stu- dent Council | SCANDRETI, MRS. PAMELA BRECKEN- RIDGE: GRA |, 2; Pep Club |, 2; Cheer- squad |, 2; Student Council | SCHLAPIA, LINDA KAY: Pep Club 3; work experience; moved from Algona, lowa, 1967 SCHMINKEY, SYNDI SUE: Pep Club rep. l; work experience SCHNEIDER, CARL RICHARD: Track 1, 2, 3: cross-country І, 2, 3; Boys Serv. Comm. SCOTT. ROBERT DUNCAN: German Club 1, 2: debate |, 2 СЕА ОСЕ, JOANNE MARIE: GRA 2, 3, pres. 3, rep. 2; Pep Club І, 2, 3; Spanish Club І: Girls Serv. Comm. | SEISER, BECKY SUE: Pep Club І, 2, 3, coun. 3, rep. 2, 3; Girls Glee І; Choir 2. 3. Mixed Chorus 1; German Club 1: Girls Serv. Comm. 3; Student Council 3, sec. 3; work experience SELIGER, STEVEN RAY: HR 312 SEROVY, ANN ELIZABETH: Pep Club 3; German Club І, 2, off. 2; SPIRIT rep. 2. 3: Student Council 3; WEB SESKER, CAROLYN JANE: moved from Nevada, lowa, 1968 SHANK, JENNIFER JEAN: GRA I, 2, 3, rep. 2; Pep Club І, 2, 3; Spanish Club І, 2: Art Club | SHARLIN, JOSHUA SAUL: Cross-country 2: swimming І, 2, 3; French Club І, 2, 3; Boys Serv. Comm. 2; WEB; SPIRIT staff 3 SHEELER, ANNE: Moved from Des Moines, lowa, 1967 SHELBY, MARY CHRISTINE: Pep Club 3; Soph. Band; Art Club 2, 3 SHORTEN, CYNTHIA RENEE: Pep Club 2, 3: Synchronettes 2, 3; SPIRIT rep. 3; Fire- squad monitor 2, 3; work experience SIBLEY, JANET ELIZABETH: GRA ,ا‎ 2, 3; Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Spanish Club |, 2; drama ۱ SIDLES, MARK ALAN: Baseball 2 SIEDELMANN, STEVEN ARNOLD: Football І, 2. 3: wrestling |, 2, 3; track | SIEMERS, JOHN CHRISTOPHER: Soph. Band. sec. |; French Club І, 2, 3. pres. 3 SILVERTHORN, SUSAN ROSE: Work experi- ence, OE SMILEY, MONICA ELLEN: GRA I, 3; Girls Glee |: Latin Club !; work experience; moved from Atlantic, lowa, 1967 SMITH, KATHY JO: GRA I, 2, гер. І, 2; Pep Club |, 2, 3, coun. 3, rep. 1272: French Club 2: Girls Serv. ‘omm. I, 2, 3; DECA; SPIRIT rep. 1; Sr. Senate SMITH, LACHLAN CRAIG: Track I, 2, 3; cross-country 2; Soph. Band; Band I, 2, 3; Stage Band 2; Pep Band 2; Orchestra 2; French Club І, 2: SPIRIT staff 2, 3; Jr. Exec. 2: in Champaign, Ill., fall sem., 1968 SMITH, D. STEPHEN: DECA SMITH, WALTER DUANE: Swimming I, 2, 3; Firesquad І, 2, 3 SOESBE, KAY ELAINE: Girls Glee 2: Mixed Chorus 2; SPIRIT rep. 2; OE SORENSEN, JUDY ANN: GRA I, 2, rep. |, 3: Pep Club І, 2; Spanish Club 2 SORENSON, RICHARD ALLEN: Wrestling І. 2: cross-country 2, 3; track |, 2, 3 SPECK, MARK JAMES: Track 2, 3: swimming І: VICA, treas. 3 SPEER. JAMES DALE: Swimming !, 2, 3 STAUDER, WILLIAM KEVIN: Football 1, 2, 3 IT سی صح۔ سے‎ a چک‎ ee LENT лакай — өк Ф я sid z2 р рар Pa p , окасы ушыны a Senior activities STEEL, JAN ANN: Pep Club І, 2, 3, rep. 1; Cheersquad 3: Orchestra |, 2: French Club I SPIRIT staff 2, 3: Jr. Exec.; Sr. Senate; Student Council |, 2; Firesquad 2, 3, moni- tor 2, 3; Food Council 2, 3; WEB STEPHENSON, ROGER VAUGHN: Band 2, 3: Pep Band 3 STOHLMEYER, MICHAEL: Football |; track 2: Spanish Club | STONEBERG, MARIAN KAY: GRA 2: Pep Club; Soph. Band; Band 2, 3; Spanish Club 2; Girls Serv. Comm. 1; FHA І, treas. STRAND, JEANNETTE KAY: Student Council STRITZEL. MARYANNE: Pep Club І, 2, 3, rep. |: Spanish Club 1; Girls Serv. Comm. 2; library asst 3; SCRATCH PAD; Student Council 3: monitor 3; WEB SWANSON, DENNIS LEE: Track І, 2, 3 TADLOCK, ELAINE LOIS: Moved from Boone, lowa. 1957; Pep Club 2, 3; Spanish Club 2 THOMAS, SUSAN CLAIR: GRA, rep.; Pep Club, 1, 2, 3, rep. 3; Spanish Club off. 3; drama | TOMPKIN, WENDY JO: GRA 2, 3, rep. 2; Pep Club |, 2, 3; Girls Glee |, 2: Mixed Chorus |; Spanish Club |; drama |; SPIRIT rep. 3 TOMS, DAVID BRADFORD: HR 212 TOPPENBERG, STANLY KAY: Pep Club 2; Girls Glee 3; Choir 2 TWEED, MARCIA RENE: Pep Club І, 2, 3; Choir 2, 3; Girls Glee 2, 3: Latin Club І: work experience TWETTEN, JUDY: Spanish Club ٠: work ex- perience TYSSELING, LEE ANN: GRA 2, 3; Pep Club |, 2, 3, coun. 3; Synchronettes |; Soph. Band; Band 2, 3; Orchestra 2; German Club |; Art Club 3; Student Council 3 UNDERHILL, SANDRA LEE: GRA І, 2, 3; Pep Club І, 2, 3; Cheersquad |, 2, 3, capt. 3; Synchronettes 2; Girls Glee 2, 3; Choir 2, 3; French Club І, 2; Girls Serv. Comm. |; SPIRIT staff 2, 3; Food Council 3 UNGER, RICHARD W.: Baseball І, 2: foot- ball І, 3; wrestling І, 2, 3; golf І, 2 UNTRAUER, JULIANNE: GRA 2, 3, гер. 1; Synchronettes |; Spanish Club 1; library asst | VANCE, ROBERT BIERY: Swimming ,ا‎ 2, 3; tennis 2, 3; DECA; work experience VANDECAR, KIRK D.: Baseball 1, 2, 3; French Club 1; Boys Serv. Comm. 1; Stu- dent Council |, 2; Firesquad |, 2, 3; cadet teaching VANDEVENTER, DAVID B.: Basketball 2, 3; tennis 2, 3; cross-country 2, 3; Band 2, 3, pres. 3; Stage Band 2, 3; Sr. Senate, v. ргез.; Food Council 3; moved from Mar- shalltown, lowa, 1966 VAN DOREN, RICHARD ALLEN: Soph. Band; Band 2, 3; Stage Band 3; Pep Band 3; Spanish Club |; drama 1; WEB VAN VOORHIS, MARY LOU: GRA І, 2, rep. 3; Pep Club І, 2: Soph. Band; Band à VOELKER, BONNIE MAE: Pep Club І, 2, 3; Soph. Band: Band 2, 3; Choir 3; Mixed Chorus |; Madrigal |: Girls Serv, Comm. І, 2, 3, sec. 1, chm, 3; SPIRIT rep. І: Jr. Exec. sec. VOSS, CHARLES STEVEN: Basketball 2; ten- nis 2, 3: track |; cross-country 3; Soph. Band; Spanish Club |, 2; Science Sem. 3; drama |: Sr. Senate; Student Council 3; work experience WAGGONER, JOHN SCOTT: Soph. Band; Band 2; Stage Band 3; Pep Band 3; Choir I : Mixed Chorus |; Madrigal |; Firesquad monitor | WALLIN, ROBB MELHUS: Tennis І, 3; swim- ming І, 2; Mixed Chorus 1; Madrigal 1; Spanish Club 2; drama І; Palm Club |; Student Council |; Model U. М. 3; WEB WARD, PRYOR: Audio-visual aids ١ WEB WARD, STEPHEN RANDOLPH: Football І, 2: wrestling |, 2, 3; tennis 2, 3; Latin Club, pres. І; SPIRIT staff І, 2, 3, photo ed.; WEB WARNER, CAROL SUSAN: Synchronettes 1, 2, 3: Choir 3; Spanish Club І, 2, 3; library ass't |; drama 3; Model U. М. 2, 3 WARNER, MARY ELLEN: GRA І, 2; Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Spanish Club І, 2, v. pres.; DECA; Sr. Senate, sec. WARREN, DEBORAH ANNE: Pep Club І; Girls Glee 2, 3; work experience WEBB, PAUL GEORGE: Latin Club | WEISER, ELIZABETH ANN: GRA |; Pep Club |, 2, 3+ drama | WEISS, MARJORIE Р. Library ass't; Jr, Ехес.; Firesquad; monitor 2, 3 WELLHOUSE, MAX N.: Golf І, 2, 3; Soph. Band; Band |, 2, 3; Stage Band; Pep Band; Spanish Club | WELSHONS, WADE VINCENT: Orchestra |, 2, 3; French Club І, 2, 3; Science Seminar WINKLER, CHRISTINE MARIE: Pep Club |, 2, 3; Spanish Club І, 2; drama |; work experience WOLF, JOHN STUART: Wrestling |, 2, 3; track 2, 3; cross-country 2 WYNNE, WAYNE CARLTON: Drama; work experience YOUNG, JAMES EUGENE: Wrestling І, 2; DECA; work experience ZEHNGRAFF, PIA: Exchange from Hjoerring, Denmark; GRA 3; drama 3; Student Coun- cil 3: WEB ZELIADT, GARY C.: Wrestling І, 2, 3; DECA, v. pres. ZIMMERMAN, DIANE LYNNE: Pep Club |, 2, 3; Girls Glee |; Choir 2, 3; Mixed Chorus I: German Club | ZINOBER, AMY ANN: Pep Club 3; French Club 2, drama 3 ZMOLEK, GLORIA JEAN: GRA І, 2, 3, rep. |; Pep Club |, 2, 3, v. pres .3; cheer- squad |; Girls Glee І, 2, 3; Choir 2, 3; Spanish Club І, 2 CAMPAIGNERS BECAME a familiar scene. Joanne Sealock supported Pat Paulsen. Steve Ward 179 MS —— s m سسسے وہ ہے‎ — —— s. T o - ae b P ma - ھا —- ہے‎ re „с „ میس سے‎ а.а = — — Photo Bob Kern, layout Steve Ward 180 = = ے — س‎ — LP ыа - “аца کو‎ - - E س س‎ a ——— ہے‎ —— ee a o роя = cona — 9 лі — MÀ — —— — —— um oo нах hd - ق‎ таран — - ——— in y Tompk tures by Steve Ward Wend Pic " { f g га n ۹ 1 او کی‎ Ej “В. fe We Wee f y B ДЕ, 2 { ! 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JW , جوا وھ‎ " ep і У Ww = w , e + а а” і J M } D М va к " м nd Kx» я g . Ne 9 SY в MC جو‎ і М MC 5 Каке =. ed uhr | ` " Ay . ЕЕ }; گت‎ NT 4 7 ا = . ہد‎ we . نم‎ wn а = 2 » А ene аа, e A І = ہپ‎ 25 B « І PR | E | | яў x m | | + | " a E „ш ч و‎ - | ! پ ید‎ SAY 5 ы " VC | н N A " - Ф. F ў " . A e | = уж EM г " mni [A v К - Е 0 ۹ ۱ Г 5 ` і کی‎ ы » i ۰ ۹ A я | } { М | i ۰ Р 4 i - oo аа Ж. о Р | » | И T : fp L انگ‎ Г F رم‎ 4 i 0ھ‎ - - 3 5 » r t p | | 4 У = ai SU а — Ó سم‎ ная “ : ка | ш Е Law 4 й k . یه‎ i ы عاد‎ se заь ае -- سے‎ ia s Reo ih oum سے پت‎ mmm “Ў ے ®% - جا,‎ ae t L bw £ tm 2 Me и D " ай EX - е, » p Dc (ic i. qu let Ж " euo Mie " A. ism je М Ыы " a» .= " جس وب سے ہم‎ Ф af سے‎ D ы =ч v ыга - даб Це ren i! Aber сее Әк И ہضور الج‎ hz ہہ‎ a jc st TM 5 ژسِڈں‎ ui “ . - . - | —X ie трлр ۰ — D سوہ‎ os, وم‎ w مه سے‎ уа س‎ — І ء٣‎ — Myr у у 7 - ہے٭‎ Wo -—— ай dum ым ame c СӨ oc m am a ОО ЕЗ ОСО 3 КЕ ہے‎ 7 c do سے سے ےہ‎ з ےه‎ - ү чч» [| AFTER THE GAME TOM'S GRILL " Creators of Good Food " DOWNTOWN AMES DURING VACATION in Hardware for the Home We take pride in having the biggest and most complete variety of kitchen wares, tools, paints, electric table appliances and gift wares | Everything | CARR HARDWARE STORES HARDWARE Ph. 232-6324 Charge Accounts Welcome 182 PHOTO FINISHING Color—Black and White Enlarging Personal Greeting Cards Polaroid Copies Billfold Pictures COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY Architectural Industrial Ph. 232-7363 Campanile lowa State University Ames’ Only PHOTO FINISHERS Since 1948 121 Main P.O. 908 =. Se UKEER cu ЖЕ Б „ b - - - ш rm ےت سے‎ а. Congratulations, Seniors! S. HANSON LUMBER CO. 212 Duff Ph. 232-5152 | М | | | { 1 f ; А { 5 à BALDUS REAL ESTATE INS. 103 S. 3rd (in Tuttle Bldg.) LARRY B. BALDUS Office Phone 232-6007 Res. Ph. 232-7862 It pays to look your best. Let a professional dry cleaner take care of your clothes. AMES PANTORIUM Finest in Cleaning 410 Douglas Ph. 232-4302 » ч . : m á سض — — ل‎ - amp — — У.‏ اض ۹٠‏ ٭+م See our complete 292-1536 display of wig, wiglets and falls also specialized wig styling 2810-12 West Street—1| Block West of Univ Entrance ў HARDWA di AON |‏ ہ б —HARDWARE‏ (OWARE For a Complete Selection of Hardware, Houseware, Paint and Gifts See PETERSON OK HARDWARE 230 Main 232-3054 WESTGATE Mair 09 P eer 10 BEAUTICIANS 10 (separate outside entrance) 3 BARBERS 3 2810-2812 West Street Men's and Ladies’ Hair Pieces Styled and Sold Also—Falls and Wiglets Open Six Days and Evenings Till Midnight Dial—292-1536 Walk-ins Welcomed FRANGOS Smartest in Fashion RESTAURANT Finest in Quality FOUNTAIN SERVICE PIZZA | MEN, BOYS AND WOMEN STEAKS and CHOPS | 210 Main Street Ph. 232-9710 “рах North Grand Rexall Drug North Grand Shopping Center WALTER REXALL DRUG 217 Main Main and Burnett Ph. 232-6135 RUSSELL STOVER CANDY PRESCRIPTIONS COSMETICS | GREETING CARDS BABY NEEDS TOYS - یت سے حم در یس ہے‎ З m Ра . т رق سے‎ е جج‎ YOUR SCHOOL RING ... CARTER PRESS, INC. Creative Printers‏ سا and Lithographers‏ hol ring wwe qnc 208 WELCH AVE. AMES, IOWA 8 і lion | d CO MPARE THESE fe ti | 1 SCHOOL RING FEATURES | 7 п - | e A new dimension in quality and à custom design e Extra deep Же! е cut engraving mirror polis ا ا‎ е An year i Su 1 iav b ordered, е! ither pa of future | at no extra charge | e Rings may be ordered ar an time by Freshmen, Sop | | ( | Juniors, or Seniors to Ws worn | during their years in high school | —FAST DELIVERY IOK (Plumb) gold with over 206 uh nell hardness for lasting beau- and wear — | Я Fall di play of brilliant im- ۱ ported hand cut stones are avail- а for you to treasure a life- سی | میں‎ ۵ DSBERG PHARMACY oe эзш University Rexall 2402 Lincoln Way Ph. 232-5175 You are invited TODAY to see your beautitul new school ring . . . 184 Durlam 5 Durlam 226 Main Downtown | " Known tor Good Clothes " Society Brand Clothes Arrow Shirts Wembley Ties Haggar Slacks ў Puritan Sportswear " I'LL TAKE IT, " says Linda Hicks as she marvels Du AE Munsingwear new dress trom White's. dioi WHITE'S SPECTATOR Headquarters for Smart Sportswear 219 MAIN Ph. 232-1381 " OH! THAT'S what І want, " says Sue Rusk to Jane Faurby. Steve Ward Wellhouse Photography 240 Main 232-4640 185 186 TUTTLE’S THERMOGAS AND APPLIANCE INC. 233 South Duff—Ames, lowa PAINTS and WALLPAPER 214 Fifth Ph. 232-5265 STRAND PAINT COMPANY Paints, Wallpaper, Picture Framing 215-Fifth St. B Artists’ Supplies B Picture Framing B Interior Decorating Harwick Ranges е Caloric Ranges B Paints Hamilton Washers and Dryers е Admiral Refrigerators : Wallpaper е Fedders Air Conditioners © е Torro Lawn Mowers Ph. 232-2610 AMES, IOWA IVAN L. TUTTLE, Owner FIRST NATIONAL BANK Look to the FIRST for... e FULL SERVICE BANKING ° TWO LOCATIONS T ча MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION “Ват 7270 5th and Kellogg 2320 Lincolnway WEAVER’S JEWELERS With the Young Person in Mind 232-4136 2416 Lincolnway 232-4233 precision typewriters office supplies—cameras HECHT’S 209 main st.—phone 232-2467 А — 2 R ORNING GLASS CO. Auto Glass—Mirrors—Plate Glass Patio Doors—Shower Doors Ames, lowa 319 Lincolnway 232-3764 H F BUILDERS AND HUNZIKER FURMAN REALTY 803 24th St. New Homes and Real Estate Sales 232-4214 Congratulations, Seniors! | UNION STORY TRUST SAVINGS BANK " Your Friendly Main Street Bank " | AMES BANKING CENTER SINCE 1882 Main at Burnett Ph. 232-2362 | Office at North Grand Shopping Center 187 ——— o — - 188 MFG. CO. AMES e IOWA ORIGINALS BY “mf owe MS Serving the Best With the Best Phone 232-1481 or 232-1482 225 Main Street Ames, lowa э дА ف‎ Steve Ward SANTA AND MARV agree that Fastco's is the best placc to shop. p p FASTCO DRUG 4۱۱ Kellogg Ph. 232-3161 Dann Cross " YOU WON'T FIND the keys in there, " says Paul McFarland as Mike Owings and Tom Svec begin to dismantle the car. BROWN'S SINCLAIR Brakes, Tune-ups, Mufflers, Complete Lubrication 105 E. Lincoln Way Station Phone—233-1057 Office Phone— 232-9769 (85 СЛД ات‎ an. Ф A Ask |] 68 KACS -22 = 7 Ў. —. 4 4. | Leads the Way! LARRY PETERSON MOTOR CO. Mercury—Lincoln—Monteqo English Ford—Triumph 429 So. DuH Ph. 232-7474 189 —————— Congratulations to the Class of 1969 and Continued Success to Ames High THE McFARLAND CLINIC 190 CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS! We hope to continue serving you in your col- lege years. See us for that perfect wardrobe— the newest in college apparel. i) ON) 7) v » - , Boo Kern COLLECTIONS of Josh's tavorite novels are sold at Student Supply. : STUDENT SUPPLY STORE ) Steve Ward | Spiral Notebooks—Pens and Pencils THE LATEST STYLES are displayed by Tina Hagge and Ann | Loose Leaf Ring Books—Notebook Paper شود‎ i Sweat Shirts—Paperbacks L Е ! SEE US FOR ALL YOUR TOWN CAMPUS 1 SCHOOL SUPPLIES 2514 Lincoln Way F 2424 Lincolnway Ph. 232-7665 (Across From Friley Hall) | | | 1 : 1 | | OUR BEST WISHES ТО | AMES HIGH | ۱ In Campustown HY-VEE Downtown H at 112 So. Sheldon at 207 So. Duff | | | [ Josh Sharlin | ж وی 00د‎ У 7 . a L За STAN j M fi | p “А ا‎ | 7 ў . ай аа UE “2 га dio i е : b ia n: 96 I9] WALT'S NEWSSTAND Hallmark Greeting Cards, THE BOOTERY Magazines, Books, Fanny Farmer Candies Sheldon Munn Bldg. 221 Main Street Ph. 232-0455 Lincoln Center Ph. 232-3113 Always Young Fashion Shoes NINA—TEMPOS RAY JEWELERS Quality Diamonds CONTEMPOS—VOGUE REGISTERED JEWELER AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY THE BOOTERY 220 Main Street Ph. 232-4761 Congratulations and Best Wishes TO OUR HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS We think we have a wonderful bunch of kids in Ames. We're very proud of you, hate to see you grow up, and we'll miss you when you go on to bigger things ... as we know you will. y AMES DEPENDABLE SINCE 1869 Golly Fagers DOWNTOWN SHOP COLLEGE SHOP 312 Main 2406 Lincoln Way Ph. 232-5314 Ph. 232-6850 Ў, | =- —Featuring— Broiled Hamburgers з ШИШИЙ! | 7 DRIVE-INN RESTAURANT Hiway 69 South PICKING OUT fashions is hard at Bobby Rogers because they have such a great selection, says bewildered Joellyn Ames Enquist. DRIVE-IN OPEN YEAR ROUND Sunday-Thursday ІІ A.M.-11 Р.М. Friday-Saturday ۱۱ A.M.-12 Midnight MMMMMM—the food is good exclaims Kathi, Cyndi, and Marlene. HENRY'S Ph. 232-5613 524 Lincoln Way Ames, lowa 193 a а MARION'S SANDWICH SHOP Try Our Delicious BEEFBURGERS Across From the Ford Garage 326 5th Ph. 232-9876 Prescription Specialists APOTHECARY SHOP 218 Main 521 Duff " MAYBE A TIE would help? " to Bump Vance. - ۱ e— P= 005 AE oo ч " Super Craig " SCHOENEMAN LUMBER COMPANY Headquarters for Hardware PAINT—PLY WOOD—LUMBER AND ALL OTHER BUILDING SUPPLIES Main and Northwestern Bruce Rose by the campus —À سے‎ = У = Steve Ward Millhullin Ph. 232-2372 „ш ч, тсң ж; а сбу. " ооа OR 5 € ee پور‎ ТЫ RP ШЙ. mn E РИИ ТЕСЛЕ. Ф Ча Дене у " m T аа m caes Ма we ےا ا‎ Mw З” Steve ALL READY TO EAT the fine food at the Town House are Pat Castner and Dell Brown. For Your Dining Pleasure THE TOWN HOUSE RESTAURANT HOTEL SHELDON MUNN Ward Bob Kern When Your Shoes Need Repairing, Think of ARCHIE GOODYEAR SHOE REPAIR 107 WELCH IN CAMPUSTOWN ALLEN MOTOR CO. Chevrolet—Opel Buick 5th and Douglas Ph. 232-2462 20th CENTURY BOWLING 517 S. Duff Ph. 232-5530 195 ` Beauty begins uith your hair” The Place to Meet Your Friends When You Attend 1.5.0. L-WAY CAFE CAMPUS TOWN ANDERSON’S BEAUTY SALON 7 Operators To Serve You 2528 Lincoln Way Ph. 232-2155 DUNN LUGGAGE | AND COLLEGE PIPE SHOP LEATHER STORE Your Corner | English Pipe and Tobacco Store | Ladies’ Handbags Samsonite, American Tourister, Skyway Luggage Billfolds, Brief Bags, Attache Cases 310 Main Street Ph. 232-6260 Corner of Lincoln Way and Welch 53 Years of Banking Service to Ames and Central lowa . . . . . if you're an Ames High student, your parents—or even your grandparents—have benefitted from the many banking services of UNIVERSITY BANK AND TRUST. We've been growing with Ames since Hi 1916. More than 52 senior classes ago, | we began our long tradition of wanting to serve you better. Our new downtown office at Main Street and Grand | Avenue offers full banking services from 9 a.m. ul to 5 p.m. Mon.-Thurs. Closed Saturday. Two drive- | | up teller lanes assure you of fast, efficient service. | UNIVERSITY BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Full Banking Services at 2 Convenient Locations b ... To Serve You Better Campustown and Downtown A MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION | — a-a uw ICM TSE ۰ ۳ Ow TT coax | AO . e TAS ea zu UE Тф CIIM eet کے‎ Ee чш وت‎ CINTA ea am A ара " ай + p: - Bob Kern Josh Sharlin FLOWER CHILD Barb Beckman loves Evert's flowers and gifts. " IF THE SHOE FITS, buy it, " says Scott Woldruff. 4 u erts BROWN-SHOE FIT VYati onally Aduertised FLOWERS e GIFTS e CANDIES Grande 412 Burnett Ph. 232-5635 313 Main Ph. 232-6633 ү ; ۱ Josh (۱ DREAMING of a new outfit, Penny admires material from Stephenson's. 001 ۵ ےم Bob Kern MODELING one of the many fashions at the Daisy is Linda Hutchison. Stephenie j E 9 Ik crea live woman 3 California Fashions For the Young and j В The Young at Heart! хлоп مم‎ ані 307 Main 197 e ا‎ аннар After School After the Game Or If You're Just Driving Around .. . BEE VEE DRIVE-IN В. مس ہے‎ ць ч т. س‎ 5 Ы Uia ۱ ч 1 e RS - 4 l - 4 © = m= d b. т д کے کو‎ a M і ж 5 : a j کھت‎ i ] ee” 5 л 1 — 1€ Bob Kern | 24th and Grand Ы “ 1 Josh Sharlin FINE TRADITIONAL CLOTHING EDDIE QUINN SHOP AND COMPARE... ANYWHERE! 79; АМС Сашу WARD FOR FEATURES! POR VALUE! FOR PRICE! 109 Welch Ph. 233-1182 WHEELOCK CONOCO SERVICE Se NM OEY, — — Е A " rai 4 — АА А " 2 CÓ کے ہہ‎ ZA ` , $ == = a r = LIT : ' Е ٠ — C шы «т — ж 2d — umts: F af E , m ы Ji 4 Ld Р c ж تھے‎ fi JAR ت‎ і. Л w E FEA | К ۱ А: j 7 " | y 4 4 1 J ۱ - i E ج٤‎ [ 22 J i ‘ Я | | == WHE чае roe | S а СОМОСО. ЕВЫ | жай 6th Douglos — E Steve Ward LOOKING OVER Wheelock’s service jeep are Rick Torkild- son, Don Scandrett, Paul Montag, and Jim Benbow. PUTT-PUTTING to the Pizza Hut are Jann Seidelmann and Mike Owen. Conoco Products Firestone Tires and Accessories 421 S. Duff 232-2880 6th and Douglas Ph. 232-4544 Eat In—Carry Out DELIVERY 199 BATES JEWELERS WATCHES OMEGA — BULOVA Headquarters For Smart Jewelry Styles Sterling and Gold Charms—Charm Bracelets Pierced Earrings and Pendants High School Class Rings 2400 Lincoln Way Phone 232-2515 VAN VOORHIS GREENHOUSE " When you think of flowers, think of ours. " Hwy. 69, North Congratulations, Seniors [FAREWAY STORES ECONOMICAL FOOD DISIRIRI рте Garden-Fresh Vegetables Orchard-Fresh Fruits The Best in Meats Complete Stock of Nationally Advertised Canned Foods Oven-Fresh Pa ге: For Over 58 Years HEADQUARTERS FOR Gifts Books Stationery Typewriters Greeting Cards Office Supplies School Supplies Photographic Supplies AMES STATIONERS 238 Main St.—Ph. 232-4161 SFS PHILLIPS’ 66 24th and Grand Complete Car Service PICK-UP AND DELIVERY PAUL R. JONES SHEET METAL Heating, Air Conditioning and Spouting SINCE 1914 364 S. Duff Ph. 232-6252 Suge ldinger? YOUNG PEOPLE'S OUTFITTERS 314 Main 232-4705 p 2 (Pw Bob Kern A PRETTY SMILE from Toni Cantonwine greets every cus- tomer at Oslund's. OSLUND'S DRUG 308 Main Ph. 232-6342 Bob Kern | Ph. 232-3624 222 = Kentucky Fried Chicken Ша = т h 302 Main Ames, lowa JIM MILLER'S ob Кет KENTUCKY FRIED RECOMMENDING ESCHBACHS for the best sounds on record is Sue Moyer. CH ICKEN W, Таке Home " ۷ Home of the 511 Lincoln Way Magnificent Magnavox Ames MUSIC HOUSE 201 Bulova, Longines, Croton and Wittnauer Watches Y Watch Repairing Towle and International Sterling Silver HOUSE OF SWANK’S JEWELRY FL O WER S 319 Main 232-5450 óth and Grand Ph. 232-5432 When the occasion demands the best . . . Always depend on Сое 5. CAMPUS DRUG | It is our pleasure to Drugs | serve the students of Cosmetics U.S. POST OFFICE | Ames High School. 2430 LINCOLN WAY Ph. 232-4252 HANSEN'S MOBIL STATION Lincoln Way at Kellogg Ph. 232-9715 C61 34015051141 SAYS VS TIA TTNA «ачу «аа - ат nt TETY بی‎ x TT - 194,4 ۹ em D А, Y x4 к X v pe " ET pes. Mabe у, اناپ یا‎ ай 2 E e 506 ГОТА упа شس‎ وج ہے ہو " TS‏ ہے ہے ая‏ Ф Р = -‏ gw ee m mms b... ود‎ o AA “е IM AA و‎ ia d) = 3 - E са Ames Hi Aims Hi...So does the Tribune. 203 GO FIRST CLASS GO TO HERB'S PHILLIPS It's Performance That Counts! Julie Untrauer and Lynda Love come to the K D. eee es K D MUSIC COMPANY‏ کہ uth Duff Retail Billiard Tables and Supplies‏ 2۸ эту. эж جم بر‎ v A E А е. 412 So СНЕГ ۱ MET i й zd Pin Balls Heated 25c Self-Service Wash Stall All First Class Phillips Products Tune-ups, Batteries, Shocks, Accessories AMES 232-5495 Juke Boxes Hwy. 30 W. 232-684 IHE BES OE CARE Congratulations, FOR BETTER WEAR Class of 1969 LOOKING INTO THE FUTURE: To build or buy your own home as soon as you are financially able is wise .. . and will pay good dividends. H. L. MUNN LUMBER CO. ESTABLISHED 1891 Main and Duff Ames, lowa E Ph. 232-2952 We Are Pleased to Serve You— mm + Whatever Your Needs— E LARGE or small THERE'LL BE TROUBLE in River City when pool sharks 3 1 ۱ 1 і 1 Í 1 Е f | | HALE FURNITURE AND CARPET Lincolnway in Downtown Ames — үт яе TÉ “Я Hate Tome ATI nbi رط‎ Congratulations, CLASS OF ۹9۹9 Bob Kern GROOVY! exclaims Julie Peterson to Steve Smith as he shows her one of Penney's latest shoe fashions. J. C. PENNEY'S 324 Main . NS رن‎ паа шк аб کہ‎ x av aras یرایل‎ ая м косо ЧА БОДУ 5 аа... к о БЮ " ce ЕУ ЕГ Ld S EA E ELA Б o M eI eee ee а یی یپ رر کہ دہ‎ NETT ee н ы 0 tt eae, 3417 West ў mime Lincolnway REAL ESTATE Б INSURANCE EARL HOLTZ DEAN KNUTSON ZAC DUNLAP 110 Main Street BILL NAIRN BOB CAREY GENERAL FILTER COMPANY Design—Construction—Erection PRODUCTS: Iron Removal Filters Water Softeners Aerators and Degasifiers Chemical Feed Equipment Coagulators and Mixers Swimming Pool Equipment Ph. 232-4121 Ames, lowa 205 MATHISON MOTORS VARSITY Ford—Falcon—Fairlane—Thunderbird C LEAN E RS Mustang For the Service You Low Cost Financing Want When You Want It. 323 Fifth Ph. 232-5521 120 Hayward Fh. 232-1055 MIDWEST TRANSPORTATION INC. CHARTER BUS NY | | m а ТО CHARTER | FOR SCHOOLS, CAMPS, CLUBS, BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS, COLLEGE GROUPS 232-7270 1003—2nd St. Ames, la. DIESEL SERVICE AND AMES PLUMBING SUPPLY COMPANY Wishes to Extend Congratulations to the Seniors at Ames High School and Best Wishes for the Future RESTING Individuality in Good Furniture HOVERSTEN FURNITURE Furniture and Floor Coverings icd - А? Josh Sharlin Apparel of Distinction AT HOVERSTEN'S are Sue Kaldor and Cheri Hurlbut. 308 Main S1. Ames 412 Main Ph. 232-2674 AHS WRESTLING LOAFERS UNION “Conserve Thy Energy " Dann Cross Seated: Kim Sand, Rich Unger, secretary; Mike Owen, president; Shazada Kahn, public relations: Back: Steve Ward, vice president; Bill Davis, Dell Brown, sergeant-at-arms: Steve Siedelmann, Jeff Hensley, refreshments; Craig Boylan; Not Pictured: Clay Adams, booking agent. 207 | AMES AMES LUMBER COMPANY BUILDING AND LOAN 501 Lincoln Way ASSOCIATION rte Home Mortgage Loans Insured Savings Accounts ALLAN MACHINE SHOP | 424 Main Ph. 232-2714 No Job Too Large or Too Small i | 224 Duff Ph. 232-6505 B instant energy NATURAL GAS DIVISION iowa electric light and power company і lowa Electric is proud to serve and be a part of the Ames Community School District D COME ON auvys, let me out! " exclaims Dick Bristol Steve Ward OLSON'S " 66 " SERV. " The gasoline that won the West " 232-3274 510 L-way 25c Self-Serve Car Wash Automatic $1.00 Car Wash Ames, lowa The Favorite Clothing Store For Young Men. VISIT OUR STUDENTS SHOP FLOOR COVERINGS 402 Main Ph. 232-4151 LINOLEUM—CARPETING—TILES RUGS—CERAMICS—FORMICA " Home means more when the carpet on your floor is from Неаїоп 5. GIFT AND CHINA SHOP China—Crystal Decorating Accessories 413 Douglas Ph. 232-4215 SHOP LATE AT L A R WEST O STREET N GROCERY c 2902 West | | Dann Cross TALLEST in the state. Carl Schneider is the R T's tallest paperboy. DES MOINES REGISTER AND TRIBUNE 2500 Lincoln Way 301! , Kellogg 209 BALDUS REAL ESTATE INS. 103 S. 3rd (in Tuttle Bldg.) LARRY B. BALDUS DICK PEARSON Office Ph. 232-6007 Res. Ph. 232-7862 or 232-7457 GRAND AVENUE STATION " Your Skelly Man " I3th and Grand Ph. 232-4631 Dart—Dodge—Charger MOTOR | SALES AND SERVICE Lincoln Way and Kellogg Ph. 232-2551 STANDARD OIL Division of $$ mm‏ و —-—— -—— ت س ——- AS YOU TRAVEL ASK US You expect more from Standard . and you get it! JIM'S STANDARD Across From the Highway Commission Heated 25c Self-Service Car Wash Complete Car Service — AMES’ LARGEST STANDARD STATION p A A ( Agency, Incorporated e THE SPOT FOR HOMES A Complete Real Estate Service for City Property All Types of Personal and Commercial Insurance Ph. 232-6401 426-5th Street Ames, lowa REAL ESTATE: INSURANCE: Bill Vogt Al Stoll Chuck Sondrol Neal Popelka Darrel Freel Blaine Jenkins Merle Garman ® American Oil Co. РЕЕСТРЕ И ai ca " a وس عو سس‎ == AMES FRUIT GROCERY | Second and Elm 24th and Grand Colorado and Lincoln Way | КАҮ'$ PAINT | AND BODY SHOP і Wreck Rebuilding Expert Spraying | КМАРР Frame Repair Glass Installation | INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. | A. B. " BEEZER " KNAPP PHIL LARSON 1 " Insurance Is Our Only Business " 404 E. Lincoln Way р Ph. 232-6205 J 616 Kellogg Ph. 232-7060 30 YEARS' EXPERIENCE | | 1 | | | D L2 " | JUST KNOW my foot couldn't have grown that much,” cries Judy Crovisier to Younkers sales girl, Mary Warner. Е a ovr —7 1 7 JD | , = SS рз З с» 372m ы т ЕА CREER IN UE У | A Good Place to Buy Tires and Home Supplies YOUNKERS 120 Lincolnway 323 Main Ph. 232-2320 HILL'S STUDIO 2530 Lincoln Way Ph. 232-4570 POSING for her picture, Teresa watches the birdie for Mr. Harley Stover assistant to Mr. Hossle of Hill's Studio. LITTLE CYCLONE CLUB ban atem - ا 7 — 7 = a — HARRIS TV APPLIANCE Frigidaire and RCA Victor Dealers HARRIS Ia TV APPLIANCE 335 Lincoln Way Ames BOB'S MILEAGE Complete Service for Your Car 311 Lincoln Way Ph. 232-9836 TOM DEE SANDWICHES THAT ARE SATISFYING MAID-RITE COPYRIGHT 1934-MAID-RITE PRODUCTS INC. EATS Rad. wo S. PAL O Serving You in Iwo Locations 107 Main and 423 Main Where Friends Meet to Eat ۹ " RICHARDS Ges 3 Serving Buffet Noon and Evening WEST LINCOLNWAY THAT LOOKS GREAT! exclaim Dorothy, Liz, and Betty to Mr. Richards. CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! | i | 214 We believe in youth; we support youth activities— Repay our trust and don't shoplift. ARLAN'S LINCOLN PLAZA CENTER AMES || Josh Sharlin ань | B ‘3 | “ " i mm a —- a —Á اس Teo‏ - BL idi didi A. е. lud Patrons of the Ames High SPIRIT E. - 4 4 me " — —— Ó—UE- TT STE Ames Dental Study Club Dr. R. T. Drummond Dr. Keith A. McNurlen Dr. Lowell D. Bond Dr. Thomas D. Gartin Dr. Lee E. Rosebrook Joseph H. Buchanan Lunde Realty and Insurance Schierholz-Loken Ray Cook Construction Co. Dr. J. R. McClean Chiropractic Offices Buck Construction Co., Inc. Kenneth W. Smith Small Animal Clinic MILLIKEN BODY SHOP AUTO BOD © BODY AND = FENDER WORK з С; © PAINTING BEFORE Y WORK ہے Phone: 232- 9 шыл (09. Sth St CHEF JOHN and hostess Joellyn show Ted the famous Mr. Steak hospitality. Congratulations, Class of '69! from THE BLACK SHIRT RESERVES " The Heart and Soul of AHS Basketball " Front: Bob Myers, Maury Miller, Coach Spatcher, Brian Johnson, Tom Svec. Back: Gary Good, Doug Fosberg, Jim Lytton, Clay Bauske, Kevin Madden. P.S. Thanks for ev- erything, Spatch!! 4923 W. Lincolnway Ames س eae‏ سے س لس س " ہس н я ee а а-а‏ س 1 4 | —.——— ————-—— на ——————— «шт “анн e А Abel, Mr. Darrill—130 Abramson, Bev—136 ACADEMICS—20-40 Ackley, Trudy—1 49 A-CLUB— 74 ACTIVITIES—41-91 Acuff, Denzil—142 Adams, Clay—120, 121, 136, 207 Adams, Mr. Herbert—I, 2, 3, 129 Adams, Zoeann—136 Adamson, Mrs. lrene—131 ADMINISTRATION-—129 ADS—180-215 Aho, Lorri—46, 81, 136 Albertson, Kristin—37, 149 Albertson, Sandra—81, 137 Alcott, Craiq—1 73 Alderman, Rebecca—143 Alexander, John—+4! Alexander, Mark—111, 120, 136 Alfred, Mary Jo—149 Allen, James Allfree, Craig—143 Allison, Carla—52, 142 Amensen, Marcia—149 Amensen, Sonjia—1 49 Ammann, Mr. Robert—65, 130, 144 Anderson, Barbara—137 Anderson, Mrs. Beth—130 Anderson, Bill—120, 137 Anderson, Brent—124, 149 Anderson, Carl—1 49 Anderson, Carol—52, 149 Anderson, Chris—53, 137 Anderson, Conrad—21, 61, 83, 106, 107, 124, | 49 Anderson, David—49, 142 Anderson, Donald—149 Anderson, Harlan—149 Anderson, Michael—42, 49, 142 Anderson, Patricia—51, 142 Anderson, Ronald—140 Anderson, Sharon—1 38 Anderson, Stephen—1 49 Andreae, Jeanne—41, 53, 138 Angle, Linda—142 Ante, Kurt—149 Archer, Patricia—52, 138 Armstrong, Kim—142 Arnbal, Carla—149 ART CLUB—6 7 Askelson, Beth— 139 ASSEM BLIES— 102-103 Auch, Gary—149 Austin, Mrs. Phyllis—130, 145 Ayres, Marsha—53, 139 w» B 3chman, Christy—21, 43. |43 acon, John—41, 118, 137 Bailey, Mr. Keith—106, 130 Baird, Biff—28, 61, 86, 87, 102, 124, 149, 175 Baker, Jim—118, 144 Baker, Karen—41, 43, 49, 87 139 Baker, Kathy—139 Baker, Mrs. Мугпа— 13 | Baker, Marti—29, 140 Baker, Steve—42, 144 Bakke, Dean—142 Baldus, Mary—26 Ball, Maureen—53, 140 Ballard, Lynn—144 ВАМО—41, 47 Banks, Lynn—144 Banks, Roger—28, 89. 106, 124, 145 Bappe, Pam— 143 D co Bappe, Sandra—149 Barcus, Ігепе-- 149 Barnes, Jeff—138 Barnhouse, Roxanne—52, 144 Barrett, Steven—1 11, 138 Barrow, Mary—58, 136 Bartels, Barbara—149 Barton, Jon—138 Bartruff, Jerry—51, 72, 149 Bartruff, Jim—28, 63, 72, 121, 145 Index BASKETBALL—1 14-119 Bateman, Ату--5 1], 98, 150 Bates, Douq—217 Bath, Karen—51, 144 Batman, Becky—150 Baumann, Phil—139 Bauske, Clay—62, 72, 87, 89, 92, 99, 115, 150, 222; 223 Bauske, Mrs. Grace—6l, 130, 139 Bauske, Lynn—78, 136 Beach, Ronald—140, 150 Beal, Linda—22, 90, 150 Beat, Michael—42, 139 Beard, Connie—145 Beard, Duane—58, 67, 69, 150, 153 Beattie, Barb—58, 150 Beattie, Betsie—140 Beaty, Chris—146 Beaty Michael—42, 139 Beckman, Barbara—150, 197 Beckman, Beverly—145 Beem, Carolyn—51, 78, 150 Beeman, Сагу—41, 139 Beer, Alice—49, 63, 89, 136 Beer, Teresa—72, 96, 99, 100, 150, 212 Beers, Barbara—41, 137 Beese, Alan—146 Bell, Pam—146 Bell, Sue —87, 140 Benbow, Jim—120, 140, 199 Beneke, Janet—81, 150, 151 Benner, Barb— 146 Bennett, Аппе— 13 7 Bennett, Debra Bennett, Marshall—150 Bensend, Mary—146 Benson, Jetfrey—143 Benson, Pat—143 Benson, Ruthann—51, 56, 57, 67, 151 Bergman, Wanda—15l Best, Веппу— 103, 142 Beverlin, Debra—137 Bickerstaff, Ray—106, 151 Birdseye, Ted—1 Il, 140 Black, Dan—217 Black, Мапсу- 40, 151 Blackbourn, Terry—53, 138 Blazek, Dana—52, 145 Bledsoe, Tom—142 Bleeker, Топу-- 15 Blewett, Brenda—62, 81, 90, 151, 223 Blummer, Gary—121 Bockop, Nancy—60, 151 Boden, Bruce—1 43 Boden, Todd—58, 59, 136 Bogenrief, Rodney—137 Bogue, Mrs. Esther—131 Bokke, Dean—142 Bonnefil, Francoise—144 Borke, Joellyn—78, 151, 215 Borke, Pam—78, 144 Borron, Jeff—28, 144 Bowen, Carol—53, 138 Bowen, Масе- 217 Bowen, Магаагеі-- 15! Bowlds, Rick—111, 124, 137 Bowman, Ron—120, 137 Boyd, Karyl—41, 138 Boyd, Steve—112, 151 Boylan, Craig—43, 121, 151, 207 BOYS STATE—153 Bozarth, Don—138 Breckenridge, Robert—138 Brekke, Vicki—52, 142 Bristol, Dick—151, 209 Brown, Anne—8l, 15! Brown, Annette—51, 142 Brown, Barbara—35, 148, 151 Brown, Catherine—151, 175 Brown, Del—87, 89, 99, 106, 107. 120, 121, 151, 167, 195, 207 Brown, Mrs. Dorothy—30 Brown, Ginger—151 Brown, Katharine (Jr.)—52 Brown, Kathy (Sr.)—87, 89, 90, 96, 100, 152 Brown, Louann—6 7, 143 Brown, Мапсу—67, 152 Brown, Richard—53, 89, 138 Brown, Susan—51l, 71, 78, [44 Bruce, Bob—144 Brugger, Jan—58, 139 Bruin, Lyn—45, 81, 139 Brunia, Steve—33, 112, 122, 123, 152 Bruton, Denise—146 Bruton, Renee—152 Bryner, Doua—152 Buck, Barbara—152 Buck, Beverly—152 Buck, Bruce—1 11, 119, 139 Buck, Connie—138 Buck, Mary—51, 152 Buck, Peter—89, 119, 139 Buck, Stew—43, 72, 99, 123, 152 Buck, Mrs. William—128 Budolfson, Ann—140 Burchinal, Peggy—152 Burdette, Roger—146 Burdick, Lynne—43, 63, 143 Burgason, 5сої — 106, 115, 117, 144 Burke, Kathy—140 Burkhalter, Gary—48, 145 Burkhart, Ken—41, 87, 140 Burkhart, Mr. Larry—1 28 Burnet, Lori—144 Burns, Bev—144 Burns, Jim—41, 123, 140 Burns, Rita—90, 152 Burns, Sharon—152 Burton, Betty—152, 213 Burton, Mrs. Caroline—130, 142 Burton, Debra—81, 142 Busch, Dan—111, 136 Bush, Barbara—145 Bushore, Vivian—145 Buss, Jonathan—124, 143, 146 Buss, Mr. Wilbur—130, 145 Butler, Rick—I06, 124, 145 Buttermore, Kris—53, 136 Buttrey, Mrs. Esther—130, 146 Buttz, Doyle—136 Byriel, Jeani—145 C CAFETERiA—131 Caldwell, Mrs. Pauline—133 Calhoon, Bruce—1 52 Calhoon, Joe—3, 145 Calhoon, Neil—136 Calhoon, Pat—63, 89, 136 Cameron, Раігісіа-- 146 Cameron, Wayne—137 Campbell, Henry—120, 137 Canon, Linda—136 Canon, Richard—146 Cantonwine, Toni—152, 201 Canute, Jack Carey, Kathy—152 Carlsen, Sandra—1 52 Carlson, Bruce—87, 119, 138 Carlson, Dawn—1 52 Carlson, Deean—1 37 Carlson, Karen—80, 81, 148, 152 Carlson, Marian—20, 152, 175 Carlson, Robert—123, 138 Carney, Mary—137 Carpenter, Geof—146 Carr, Crystal Carr, Mrs. Louis—133 Carter, Chuck—83, 106, 153, 157 Carter, Joan—8l, 137 Carter, Lori—63, 75, 76, 138 Carter, Steve—83, 106, 121, 146 Castner, Bob—111, 138 Castner, Pat—51, 61, 72, 78, 96, 99, 100, 153, 195 Catus, Gary—73, 102, 112, 124, 153 Catus Judy—52, 142 Cerwick, Don—4l, 139 Chang, June—138 Chantland, Nancy—138 CHEERSQUADS—75-77 Cheever, Nancy—139 Childs, Susan—139 Christensen, Jim—124, 125, 142 Christensen, John—143 Christensen, Joyce (Jr.)—-142 Christensen, Joyce (Soph.)—139 Christensen, Lee—139 ЕЕЕ d ج‎ тата میں وو‎ oM — M —À a -n eee Gee سسجت‎ са“. рт Christenson, Sandy—153 Christianson, Dennis—140 Christianson, Don-—124, 142 CHRISTMAS FORMAL—98-99 Church, Judy—143 Clar», Deanna—144 Clark, Harry Clark, Jim—153 Clark, Marcia—51, 81, 143 Clark, Paul—111, 136 Claude, Dennis— 138 Claus, Santa—77 Clayberg, Mr. Harold—133 Clemens, Sherry—78, 144 CLOSING—224 Cochran, Randy—153 Cole, Mr. Orville Cole, Rhonda—139 Cole, Robert—! 42 Coleman, Henry—137 Coleman, Мапсу—51, 144 Collins, Hugh—72, 112, 124, 142 Collins, Kay—287, 70, 145 Conard, Darla—140 Conis, Pete—120, 134 Conley, Mark—143 Conrad, James—146 Constantine, Jamie—70, 111, 124, 137 Cook, Theresa—53, 75, 76, 140 Coon, Kathy—153 Cooper, Nancy—145 Cooper, Paul—137 Corbett, John—138 Core, William—41, 42, 111, 119, 138 Corrigan, Jan—87, 144 Cottrill, Melonie—52, 146 Coulson, Jane—41, 43, 49, 53, 140 Coupal, Carol—é67, 146, 201 Couture, Larry—153 Couture, Mike—144 Covey, Mr. Hiram—72, 124, 125, 130 Cox, Ed—153 Cox, Rhonda—52, 136 Coyle, Michael—143 Coyle, Vince—21 Craig, Conni Craig, Danny—83, 106, 107, 109, 153 Crane, Mrs. Jean—130 Crawford, Кеід- 67, 68, 69, 148, 154 Crawtord, Robert—41, 123, 138 Crawford, Steve—42, 106, 118, 144 Crom, Penny—82, 143, 197, 223 CROSS COUNTRY—112-114 Cross, Dann—43, 49, 141, 144, 223 Cross, Kathy—27, 53, 136 Cross, Linda—51, 63, 154 Cross, Mike—123, 154 Crovisier, Judy—154, 211 Crowe, Karen— 52, 54, 136 Crump, Eric—89, 120, 139 Cummings, Lynn—52, 78, 142 Curry, Bill—42, 49, 124, 141, 145 Curry, Mr. Bob—128 D Daffin, Diane—46, 63, 87, 136 Dahm, Fred—27, 92, 148, 153, 154, 169, 175 Dahl, Christine—40 Dahlgren, Rick—111, 139 Dalton, Tom—145 Davidson, Апп—51, 142 Davidson, Bruce Davies, Dave—111, 124, 139 Davies, Jim—106, 121, 146 Davis, Becky—65, 84, 87, 89, 154 Davis, Bill—72, 112, 121, 154, 207 Davis, Carol—42, 45, 78, 81, 82, 142 Davis, Daine—29, 89, 103, 137 Davis, Linda—63, 143 Davis, Міке- 106, 124, 143 Davis, Rajean—78, 137 Davis, Rod—1 39 Day, Mr. Richard—41, 44, 45, Dayton, Barry—42, 124, 154 Deal, Gary— 144 Dean, Phil—154 DEBATE—46 Demel, Mrs. Marjorie—130, 145 Demirel, Chevy—140 Dengler, Laura—52, 138 Dengler, Mary—138 Denison, Редду—49, 64, 154 Dickson, James—41, 43, 48, 120, 121, 140 Diehl, Betsy—138 Disney, Liz—154, 213 Dobson, Meq— 55, 58, 139 Dodd, Bill—136 Dodd, Chris—123, 136 Dolling, Dave—154 Domek, Lance—154 Doran, Leisa—78, 89, 139 Doty, Lucinda—145 Dowell, Marilyn—35, 78, 154 DRAMA-—54-59 Drummond, Jim—143 D'Silva, Brian—155 Duncan, Jane—139 Dunlap, Barb—53, 140 Dunleavy, Linda—155 Duvall, Mr. George—103, 115, 130 Dvergsten, Chris—43, 72, 106, 115, 117, 142 E Eakins, June—51, 55, 143 Ebert, George—1 36 Eckard, Randy—111, 118 Eckstein, Muriel—41, 140 Ekberg, Janet—63, 144 Eldredge, Barb—23, 41, 76, 89, 136 Eldredge, Jan—63, 89, 98, 155 ELECTIONS—$92-93 Ellett, Tim—155 Ellinghausen, Christi—56, 67, 144 Elliott, David—41l, 42, 137 Elliott, Mr. Douglas—133 Elliott, Linda—155 Elliott, Roger—137 Ellis, Charles—42, 46, 47, 62, 72, 90, 124, 155, 222, 223 Ellis; Реппу—63, 67, 145 Emdia, Valerie—145 Eness, David—137 Engel, Debra—24, 63, 64, 78, 80, 81, 85, 89, 145 Enquist, Jo—136, 193 Enquist, Mr. Bill—72, 130, 143 Epperly, Sheryl—146 Epstein, Agnes—144 Erbe, Vicki—51, 155 Erbe, Virgil Erickson, Mrs. Cornelia—131 Erickson, David—124, 143 Erickson, Janet—146 Erickson, Коп— 144 Erickson, Ѕудпеу— 138 Ernest, Steve—138 Ethington, Marlene—146, 193 Eucher, Ralph—43, 124, 143 Evans, Linda Evans, Richard—173 EVENTS—92-103 Everson, Mary—53, 58, 136 Ewing, Carla Exner, Holly—68, 142 x Faas, Mr. Donald—33, 130, 144 Facto, Nicolette—136 FACULTY— 130-133 Fagen, Barbara—155 Fallesen, Mr. Theodore— 130, 139 Farwell, Ranae—155 Fauerby, Јапе—51, 58, 78, 155, 185 Ferguson, Dan—42, 217 Fields, Mimi—5I, 78, 81, 142 Finch, Denis—155 Fincham, Jane—137 Finnegan, Mary—89, 142 Finnegan, Tom—123, 139 FIRESQUAD—72-73 Fiscus, Ronald—43, 155 Fisher, Jody—144, 223 Fisher, Patti—43, 51, 60, 63, 81, 148, 153 Fitz, Diane—43, 51, 143 Fitzgerald, Mr. James—122, 133 Fitzgerald, Mr. Lyle—122, 123, 130 Flack, Mrs. Daisy—133 Flora, Donna—173 Flores, Frank—139 Flores, Nancy—143 Foley, Kirk—139 FOOTBALL— 106-111 Fortney, Harry—156 Fosberg, Doug—39, 106, 107, 115, 118, 145 Foshe, Connie—78, 156 Fowles, Virgil—106, 121, 145 Fox, Marilyn—267, 156 Frame, Ruth—146 Francis, Jill—137 Francis, Steve Francis, Sue—156 Frangos, Helen—138 Franklin, Thomas—145 Franz, Doug—140 Frey, Karen—144, 223 Fribley, Bill—111, 124, 140 Fribley, Nancy—156 Friedrich, Bill—41, 111, 124 ,136 Friedrich, Charlie—136 Fritsch, Karine—43, 51, 145 Fritz, Julie—49, 145, 175 Fritz, Lisa—51, 156 Fryar, Teresa—138 Fryar, Tom—146 STUDENTS NOT PICTURED IN HOMEROOMS: Front: Mina Toksoz, Barb Wheelock, Dan Ferguson, Robert Kane, Nancy Sprague; Second: lan Weber, Dan Black, Craig Jordan, Dean Newton; Back: Doug Bates, Mike Schill, Mace Bowen, Mike Owings, Maurice Miller. Hill’s Studio 217. | | ۱ | | З mm ea С ےه‎ — Se — шт —— m — MU — —— == 218 G Gallahan, Mark—136 Galvan, Irvin Galvan, Lucille Gammon, David—37, 156 Gammon, Pat—78, 148, 156 Gammon, Rich Gardner, Linda—138 Garland, Leanne—139 Garman, Mr. Merle—130, 146 Garrett, Mrs. Avonelle—78, 130 Garrett, Brian—41, 137 Gartin, Frank—124, 137 Gartz, Mr. Homer—130 Gatherum, Mark—111, 138 Gauger, Barbara—140 Gay, Scott —89, 112, 124, 146 Gehring, Scharrel—1 39 Geist, Kirk—60, 123, 156, 165 George, Peg—146 Gerdes, Barry—1 38 Gerjets, Greg—143 Gerold, Marina—139 Getty, Rikel—138 Gibbs, Alan—142 Gibbs, Marilyn—53, 140 Gillespie, Kerry Glass, Domoni—41, 140 Glosemeyer, Arlene—156 Gonser, Katie—136 Gonser, Lisa—146 Gonser, Marsha—156 Good, Gary—103, 106, 115, 118, 142 Gossard, John—72, 73, 112, 124, 125, 157 GRA—80-8 | Graham, Anita—46, 81, 136 Graham, Steve—124, 157 Grant, Jim—112, 124, 138 Green, Angela—143 Green, Mrs. Mary—71, 130 Greene, Charles—157 Greene, Mary—21, 142 Grewell, Gene—144 Grewell, Sheila—52, 142 Grimes, Georgia—157 Gronvall, Mr. Kalmar—130, 139 Guael, Miss Dorothy—131l, 137 Gunnerson, Gary—121, 143 اس Haas, John—43, 157 Hadaway, Patty—136 Наде, Оап— 106, 121, 142 Hade, Mrs. Оапепе— 13 1 Hageman, Cathy—53, 136 Hageman, Сгаіа- 89, 106, 118, 144 Hagen, Doreen—142 Hagen, Janet—157 Hagerty, Vicky—1 43 Haage, Tina—51, 144, 191 Hakes, Chris—157 Haldeman, Janis—157 Haldeman, Linda Hale, Teri—78, 137 Hall, Cindy—76, 137 Halterman, Stephen—157 Hamilton, Norma—81, 89, 138 Hammer, Alison—63, 157 Hand, John—157 Hand, Mark—144 Handley, Mike—139 Hannusch, Anna—78, 138 Hannusch, Henry—124, 157, 162 Hannusch, Lois—131 Hansen, Chris—63, 138 Hansen, Debbie—157 Hansen, Dixie—65, 75, 89, 143 Hansen, Ѕиѕап—41, 81, 138 Hanson, Janet—139 Hanson, Mrs. Marilyn—I31, 136 Hanway, Kevin—139 Hapes, Laura—144 Harlan, Stan—112, 124, 145 Harris, Mary—41, 139 Harris, Pam (Spicer) —27 Harris, Wayne—145 Hart, Debbie—140 Hartman, Mr. Kenneth—131 Hartman, Phil—139 Hatch, Larry—29, 140 Hataway, Mary—157 Hatten, William—158 Haugsted, Susan—43, 145 Hauser, David—41, 120, 136 Hauser, Mark—121, 145 Havener, Mr. Charles—131 Haviland, Bruce—140 Haviland, Susan—56 ,58, 59, 67, 158 Haynes, Nancy—89, 145, 223 Hazen, Mary—25, 32, 51, 58, 67, 80, 81, 158 Heaberlin, Carl—158 Healy, Dennis—86, 87, 89, 102, 106 109 115, 118, 155, 158 Healy, Jane—145 Heaton, Bob—124, 146 Hedberg, Linda—140 Heddleston, Lorraine—43, 51, 158 Heer, John—93, 121, 146 Heer, Rex—158 Heers, James—159 Heggen, Barb—52, 78, 146 Heggen, Judy Heggen, Mary—141, 146 Hegstrom, Erik—41, 53, 123, 136 Hegstrom, Morley—98, 143 Heldt, Dean Heldt, Deborah—43, 142 Helland, Brian—146 Helland, Karen—1 36 Hemstreet, Steve—159 Henderson, Willard—1 37 Henry, Nita—131 Henry, Tom—120 Hensley, Jeff—121, 150, 159, 207 Hermann, Paula—63, 142 Herrick. Jeff—87, 111, 119, 120, 121, 137 Herrick, Jim—87, 146 Herrnstadt, Dr. Richard—128 Herrnstadt, Steven—112, 124, 138 Hetzel, Walter—128 Hibbs, Steve—72, 87, 121, 141, 143 Hicks, Jane—100, 101, 157, 159 Hicks, Linda—136, 185 Hicks, Mrs. Myrl—133 Hiedeman, Mr. Dale—72, 3 Hiedeman, Jeff—111, 138 Highland, Greg—111, 124, 138 Highland, Rick Highland, Steve—74. 83, 106, 109, 124, 148, | 59 Hildebrand, Jim—159 Hildebrand, Tom—112, 115, 117, 142 Hill, Curt—159 Hilmer, Mr. Keith—131, 137 Hiserote, Joyce—41, 43, 49, 136 Hoag, Marsha—142 Hockman, Elaine—159 Hoff, Barb—53, 78, 137 Hoff, Keith—142 Hoffman, James—159 Hogan, Кеп—41, 138 Hogrefe, Jim—139 Holder, Irma—143 Holdredge Wally—159 Holdren, Helena—144 Holdren, Јапе—67, 159, 175 НОМЕСОМІМС- 94-97 Hoover, Dennis—53, 139 Hoskins, Karole—52, 143 Hostetter, Tom—98, 120, 121, 150, 159 Hotchkiss, Tom—54 Houlson, Cleave—143 Howe, Trevor—1 39 Howerton, Deborah—144 Howerton, Linda—46, 137 Huffer, Carol—43, 51, 159 Huisman, Linda—36, 159 Huntress, Beth—159 Huntress, Margaret—159 Hunziker, Dave—106, 144 Hunziker, Jon—106, 121, 145 Hurd, Mrs. Rozella—131 Hurlbut, Cherie—78, 145, 207, 223 Huston, Dave—124, 144 Huston, Mr. Ray—133 Hutchcroft, Dennett—140 Hutchcroft, Mrs. Etha—I31, 133 Hutchins, Gil—41, 140 Hutchinson, Bob—111, 118, 136 Hutchinson, Cyndi—76, 145, 193 Hutchison, Linda—36, 51, 160, 197 Hutchison, Robert—136 ° Hvistendahl, Bradley—136 Hyer, Bob—145 Hyer, Linda—53, 137 Iben, Betty—145 Impecoven, Mr. Robert —131, 136 INDEX—216-221 INDOOR TRACK—124-125 Ingram, Janice—51, 146 INTRAMURALS—83 Israel, John—145 | 15, Richard—145 J Jackson, Donna—145 Jackson, Jean—138 Jackson, Judy—52, 53, 145 Jackson, Kathryn—142 Jackson, Steve—111, 119, 136 Jackson, Virginia—1 38 Jacobson, Mrs. Anne—82, І Jafari, Fayeq—121, 160, 16 Jarvis, Joyce—1 42 لم со Jellinaer, Sue—51, 58, 62, 80, 81, 85, 87, 89, 99. 160, 222, 223 Jenison, Steve—41, 42, 131 Jensen, Karen—58, 134, 138 Jenson, Stan—1 60 Jeska, Judith—144 Jess, Barry Johnson, Brian (Sr.)—96, 115, 147, 160 Johnson, Brian (Jr.)—87, 112, 124, 146 Johnson, Cathy—78, 81, 143 Johnson, Cynthia—63, 80, | 60, 175 Johnson, Раміа- 146 Johnson. Dennis—4l, 111, 119, 137 Johnson. Dorene—78, 138 Johnson, Janelle—75, 76, 144 Johnson, Jeff—137 Johnson, Lester—1 33 Johnson, Paul— 106, 124, 143 Johnson, Mr. РЫПр- 106, 131, 143 Johnson, Randy—43, 49, 50, 51, 142 Jolly, Lynn—115, 118, 142 Jones, Colleen—1 60 Jones, Delbert Jones, Gareld—1 73 Jones, Gloria— 58, 139 Jones, James—1 33 Jones, Jeanne—1 60 Jones, Linda—26, 143 Jones, Ron—142 Jordan, Craig—217 Jordan, Dennis—138 Jordan, Linda—1 60 Jordan, Ron—43, 160 Joseph, Kerry—106, 121, 144 JUNIORS— 140-147 Jutting, Jaci—41, 139 Jutting, Jeffery—42, 139, 160 K Kaldor, Sue—87, 144, 207 Kalton, Bob—138 Kalton, Bonnie—1 60 Kane, Robert—58, 143, 217 Karns, Pat—139 Kastner, Beth— | 4 Kathmann, William—144 Keech, Darlene—41, 139 Keigley, Dick—1 60 Keller, Clifford —120, 139 Keller, Don—144 Kelloga, Alice—145 Kellogg, Karen—60, ۵ Kelly, Kathy—145, 193 Kelso, Sherilyn—51, 81, 145 Kempthorne, Jill—49, 65, 90, 102, 161, 175 —— À—— — аг ы” “те” Атавы заа сы A ена Раги | وس دی‎ uti З СЗ پر‎ es em S | | | J 4 ААА سیف سا‎ " x а ч» x 7 Le = к е і Ae і G ба, کے‎ = | n ‘4 А ۸ - " Ae - E T Kennedy, Katherine—144 Kenyon, Deborah— 78, 79, 80, 81. 151 Kepley, Ооуіе— 105, 145 Kern, Barb—41, 43, 81, 140 Kern, Bob—42, 87, 145, 147. 223 Ketcham, Judy—140 Ketcham, Mark— 141 Key, Charles—139 Key, Lila—133 KEY CLUB—6? Khan, Roshenara—53, 136 Khan, Shazada—121, 161, 207 Kiertzner, Linda—14 l Killam, Pamela—5S!, ۱ Kilstrom, Norma—37, 72, 76, 78, 95. 100, 101. 141 King, Mrs. Lyla—133 Kingsburg, Bruce Kingsbury, Lowell—181 Kinseth, Julie—53, 76, [36 Kirk, Bruce—24, 123, 140 Kitzman, Aaron—123, 140 Klatt, David— 15! Kline, Steven—41. 135 Kluck, Cindy— 151 Kluck, Nancy—136 Knoer, Kristina— 143 Knudson, Deb— 51, 60, 100, 151 Knutson, Васћае[ —145 Koerber, Аппе- 66, 144 Koerber, Laura—137 Koupal, Diana—137 Kraft, Amy—1561 Kraft, Robert—136 Kreamer, Scott—87, 112, 123, !36 Kruskop, Kerry—137 Kuehl, Jeanifer—32. 54, 83. 137 Kuhn, Robert—124, 137 Kunerth, Је —112, 124, 146 Kyle, Steven—137 L Lambert, Terry—161 Lambert, Тгасеу— 16! Lampe, Реітаг-- 124, 162 Lampe, Dianne—41, 138 Lange, Diane—1 62 LANGUAGE СІ0В5- 64-65 Larson, Сіпау- 138 Larson, Cynthia—142 Larson, Debbie—76, 138 Larson, Dennis—123, 162 Larson, Роппа- 162 Larson, Gene—1 19, 140 Larson, John—124, 138 Larson, Keith—37, 162 Larson, Mrs. Магуп— 131 Larson, Mark—138 Lasche, Tom— 124, 138 Lechner, Doug—106 Ledet, Ёгіс- 124, 139 Ledet, Jack—124, 152 Lee, Магк— 111, 139 Lee, Mike—162 lee, Rick—142 Lee, Susan—1 62 Lemish, Jeff—20, 162, 175 Lewis, Terry—42, 49, 51, 162 Linder, Beth—78, 139 Linder, Tim—72, 87, 106, 107. 115, 116, 117 142 Linder, Міс — 140 Link, Оауе— 173 Link, Kris—43, 142, 173 Linstrom, Brenda—63, 162 Litchfield, Suzanne—1 62 Little, Kevin—139 Littlehale, Mary—51, 142 Lokken, June—24, 46, 51, 58, 59, 143 Loots, Larry—1 19, 140 Love, Glenda—162 Love, Jeff—111, 120, 140 Love, Lynda—162, 204 Lovely, Marti—24, 43, 49, 80, 81, 143, 147 Lowman, Leisa—1 39 Lucht, Laurie 139 Lundvall, Jane—89, 140 Lusher, Ruth—145 Lybek, Paul—140, 163 Lymann, Laura—51, 144 Lyttle, Jon—142 Lytton, Jim—851, 106, 115, 163 Lytton, Judy—145 M MacBride, Mr. George—131 MacBride, Maureen—78, 81, 136 MacBride, Nancy— 146 Macheak, Gregory—163 Macheak, Mary—136 Mackey, Gary—33, 124, 163 Mackey, La Donna—143 Madden, Kevin—89,118, 115, 144 Mahlstead, Debbie—41, 137 Mahon, Chip—72, 106, 163 Maile, Dennis—120, 136 Malcom, Lesa—142 Malone, Beverly—43, 46, 62, 63, 64, 163, 222. 223 Manchester, Patricia Martin, Marion—63, 81, 163 Martin, Stan—136 Mather, Marilee—137 Mathison, Mark—96, 163 Matsen, Mrs. Ігта— 13 1 Matters, Јоусе— 163 Matuseski, Kathy—58, 142 Matuseski, Rosie—1 63 Maxon, Mrs. Саго!уп— 13 | Maxwell, Pamela—138 McClurkin, David—1 36 McConkey, Linda—79, 96, 97, 99, 100, 160. 163 McConnell, Gary—137 McCoy, Mr. Richard--48, 131 McCullough, Andy—56, 58, 67, 143 McDonald, Dick—163 McDowell, Susan McElherne, Jenni—64, [45 McFarland, Paul—115, 116, 144, 189 McGee, Тіт—51, 143 McGilliard, Lance—87, 111, 119, 137 McGinnis, Kathy—90, 63 McIntire, Patrick—111, 123, 137 McKern, Dave—111, 124, 138 McKern, Kathi—72, 142, 163 McLaughlin, Mike—1068, 124, 144 McMahon, Judy—78, 146 McNabb, Dr. Sandy—128 McNally, Miss Mary—12, 134 McNurlen, багу-- 153 McNurlen, Nan—53, 58, 81, 138 Meador, Dean—163 ` Meafor, Margaret—139 Megregian, Anna—42, 48, 49, 51, 146 Mehle, Ann—142 Mendenhall, Mr. Jack— 106, 121, 131 Metheney, Denise—51, 143 Metzler, Mark—138 Michael, Todd—1 63 Michaud, Debbie—139 Michelsen, Heidi—140 Michelsen, Jack—123, 163 Michelsen, Jeanie—1 39 Michelsen, Kristi—163, 168 Michelsen, Siri—1 40 Michelson, Paul—123, 145 Mickle, Tom—112, 115, 128, 145, 223 Middle, Sue—51, 63, 144, 152 Miller, Gary—123, 139 Miller, Mary—143 Miller, Maurie—89, 115, 118, 217 Millikin, Mr. Harlan—112, 124, 125, 131, 136 Mills, Janet—41, 43, 140 MIRACLE WORKER—S56, 57 Model UN.—68, 69 Mohr, Jeffrey—41, 139 Moldenhauer, Barb—58, 81, 140 Moldenhauer, Pat—72, 76, 96, 97, 100, 101, | 63 Montag, Paul—112, 120, 199 Montag, Tom—72, 112, 113, 124, 140, 146 Moody, Beth—63, 76, 136 Moore, Соппіе— 136 Moore, Dennis—1 64 Moore, Don—140 Moore, John—146 Moore, Steve—| 64 Moorman, Kris—41, 53, 135 Moreland, Carrie—137 Morgan, Mike—43, 143 Morris, Craig— 106, 142 Morton, Mrs. Patricia—13| Moses, Mrs. Louis—131 Mosier, Kurt—112, 124, 142 Mott, Магаіе— 144 Moyer, 506—164, 201 Mudd, Bob—72, 87, 112, 124, 143 Mulhall, Greg—74, 83, 99, 106, 109, 115, 124, 125, 164, 178 Mulhall, Maureen—63, 95, 137 Mullica, Магіепе— 148, 164 Mullin, Mrs. Arlene—131 Munson, William—106, 121, 144, 147 Myers, Dale—| 64 Myers, Debbie—145 Myers, Robert—72, 118, 143 N Nelson, Dave—41, 136 Nelson, Kelton—87, 144 Nelson, Liann—145 Ness, Steve—124, |45 Netcoft, Jeff—136 Netcott, Nanette—145 Newton, DeSn—106, 121, 217 Newton, Linda—90, 87, 164 Nicholl, Debby—140 Nicholson, Debbie—144 Nickel, Roger—43, 124, 164 Nilsson, Robert—73, 154, 164 Nims Nadine—90, 96, 100, 164 Nims, Norine—75, 76, 137, 189 Nissen, Mrs. Jean—133 Nissen, Jonathan—115, 118, 145 Nordyke, Јоћп—51, 70, 123, 142 Norlin, John—1 64 Norman, Wesley—136 Norris, David—119, 137 O Oates, Steve—42, 51, 54, 58, 146 O'Brien, Cheri—96, 100, 160, 164 O'Brien, Miss Rose—35, 131 Oehler, Kathy—146 OFFICE EDUCATION- 34-35 Olsen, Chuck—137 Olson, Ruth—145 Olson, Susan—41, 43, 53, 138 OPENING SECTION-—I-17 Opheim, Bill—33, 120, 137 ORCHESTRA—48-49 Orngrad, Shellie—| 64 Orning, Barbara—145 Orton, Rosemarie—49, 53, 139 Orton, Ѕапага— 146 Oslund, Ed—74, 123, 161, 164 Ostrem, Jill—81, 146 Overland, Janice—79, 164 Overland, Mary Jo—146 Owen, Gary—28, 146 | Owen, Міке—61, 120, 121, 164, 199 Owings, Marilyn—139 Owings, Mike—83, 106, 121, 143, 189 Oxley, Linda—143 P Pace, Steve—43, 51, 54, 142 Page, Cynthia—165 Page, Don—83, 106, 107, 124, 165 Page, Mr. Kenneth—131, 138 Pagliai, John— 165 Paley, Вгисе— 142 PALM CLUB—67 Palmer, Bill—84, 89, 87, 106, 124, 165 Panos, Milt—138 Pantenburg, James—124, 143 Pantenburg, Tom—87, 11, 124, 138 Pappas, Terianne—46, 142 Parker, Charles a a Oe | 7 220 Parks, Jane—53, 139 Parks, John—39, 72, 74, 87, 89, 96, 122, 123, 154, 163, 169, 215 Parks, Sharon—80, 165 Patterson, Janet—27, 78, 85, 165 Patterson, Richard— 165 Paulsen, Chris—123, 140 Peacock, Val—165 Pearson, Dave—145 Pedersen, Jerry Pedersen, Ron—118, 144 Peglar, Maura—71, 92, 165 PEO PLE—1 26-179 PEP CLUB—78-79 Pepper, Penni—49, 140 Percival, James—144 Petefish, Bobbie—1 36 Petefish, Linda— 1 65 Peters, Charlotte—51, 143 Peterson, Carol—144 Peterson, Greg—87, 106, 121, 145 Peterson, Janine—78, 81, 143 Peterson, Julie— 165, 205 Peterson, Linda—81, 141, 144, 223 Peterson, Marv—145, 189 Peterson, Магу-- 136 Peterson, Richard—124, 145 (Jr.) Peterson, Rick—123, 165 (Sr.) Peterson, Susan (Sr.]—165 Peterson, Susan (Jr.)—81, 95, 144, 223 Phipps, Becky—41, 137 Pier, Edwin—43, 92, 123, 166 Plle, Louise—1 66, 175 Pohl, Ann—166, 175 Pohorille, Mrs. Blanche—131, 140 Polhemus, Tom—87, 106, 146 Pollard, Danna—166 Popelka, Diane—136 Popelka, Jonn—166 Potter, Mark—41, 53, 123, 139 Powell. David—112, 113, 124, 166 Powell, Paula—145 Powers, Mark—43, 49, 89, 121, 146 Prat , Cathy—137 Pratt, Jim—123, 156, 166 Provow, Ѕиѕап—51, 145 Purvis, Wayne—134 Pyle, Dennis—124, 166 Pyle, Doug—111, 120, 121, 139 Q Quam, Jerry—53, 140 Quinn, Cynthia—51, 145 Quinn, Terranc—27, 43, 166 R Ramsey, Janet—851, 58, 59, 67, 78, 80, 81, 84, 89, 90 166 Ray, Nancy— 58, 67, 166 Raybovic, Nevena—137 Reeves, Mrs. Sue—131 Reichardt, Kyla—166 Reinsch, Steve—1 656 Renfeldt, David—140 Renfeldt, Jeannine—166 Reno, Mrs. Магу--131, 138 Rey, Lauri—166, 158 Rey, Roberto—143 Reynolds, Bill—1 | | Reynolds, Tim—123, 166 Richards, Dorothy—26, 74, 166. 213 Richards, Jane—137 Richards, Kathy—6 , 81, 166 Richardson, Danny—166 Richardson, Daryi—| it, 119, 136 Richardson, Kathy—1 66 Richert, Judy—53, 138 Ridenhour, Judy—167 Rifen, Mike—136 Rigg, Mary Sue—1067 Riggs, Gail— 146 Riley, Phillip —43, 51, 58, 59, 87, 106, 142 Ring, Karen—63, 145 Ripp, Mr. William—39, 86, 87, 89, 131, 148 Rippel, Doug—137 Ritland, Mr. Everett —87, 89, 129, 148 Robb, Middy— b5, 167, 175 Robertson, Linda Robinson, James—137 Robinson, Кеп--142 Roche, Richard—43, 143 Roemhild, Paul—167 Roemhild, Peter—41, 137 Rogers, Jimmy Rohrbough, Robert—167 Rolling, Monica—138 Ross, Tom—167 Roth, Mitchell—29, 65, 66, 86, 89, 92, 124, 167, 175 Routh, Cathy—1 38 Rozeboom, Anita—53, 63, 139 Rozeboon, Ted—27, 89, 92, 167, 215 Ruedenberg, Ursula—143 Rushing, Mike—1 67 Rusk, Susan—51, 167, 185 Russell, Ken—72, 85, 86, 87, 89, 124, 157 Rutzen, William—144 Ryan, Jim—74 ,99, 106, 115, 116, 118, 148, 153, 168, 172 5 Sampson, Оеппі5— 124, 144 Sampson, Douglas—1 68 Sampson, Steve—73, 87, 112, 124, 128, 143, 223 Sand, Joel—123, 138 Sand, Kim—76, 121, 168, 207 Sanders, Paul—41, 123, 138 Sanderson, Bob—43, 112, 124, 146 Sanderson, Mark—41, 43, 124, 138 Sandve, Bonnie—75, 76, 146 Sandve, Bruce— 168 Sandvick, Al—120, 139 Sansgaard, Loretta—140 Sansgaard, Steve—1 68 Sargent, Dan—144 Sassaman, Jane—139 Satre, Pam—42, 51, 78, 146 Sauke, Val—63, 146 Saul, Marilyn—1 68 Saul, Peggy—81, 143 Saveraid, Dave—120, 139 Saxton, Jan— 168 Sayre, Егіс— 144 Scandrett, Роп- 111, 120, 140, 199 Scandrett, Lyle— 168 Scandrett, Рат- 168 Scandrett, Mrs. Мегпа— 13 1 Schaefer, Judith—41, 43, 139 Schaeffer, Kurt—72, 145 Schaller, Carl—41, 89, 111; 140 Schattauer, Tom— 50, 53, 87, 89, 136 Schill, Mike—217 Schlapia, Linda— 168 Schloerke, Karl—42, 46, 47, 49, 64, 72, 124, 145 Schlunz, Suzi—58, 78, 140 Schmidt, Chris—146 Schmidt, Mrs. Mary—132 Schminkey, Syndi—168 Schneider, Carl—112, 124, 168, 209 Schneider, Mrs. Sandra—142 Schoeneman, John—120, 121, 136 Scholten, Kathy—43, 63, 142 SCHOOL ВОАКО- 128 SCHOOL LIFE— 18-103 Schuette, Alison—148 Schulze, Dave—123, 136 Schumann, Debbie—257, 142 Schumann, Mrs. Lavonne—1 33 SCIENCE SEMINAR—66 Scott, Laura—1 43 Scott, Mr. Marvin—132 Sealock, Joanne—25, 80, 81, 168, 179 Searls, Jim— |46 Seastrand, Amy—81, 144 See, Sharon—13l Seidel, Аппе—41, 43, 140 Seifert, Edward—137 Seim, Becky (Jr.)—51, 143 Seim, Becky (Soph.)—136 Seiser, Barb—136 Seiser, Becky—51, 78, 86, 87, 89, 168 Seliger, Steven—1 69 SENIOR ACTIVITIES—174-179 SENIORS—148-179 Serovy, Ann—63, 87, 89, 169, 191 Sesker, Carolyn—140, 159 Setterourg, Vickie—5Z, 144 Shatter, Mrs. Harriet—1322 Shank, Jenny—1 59 Sharlin, Josh—123, 159, 191, 222, 223 Shaughnessy, Colleen—78, 136 Shaughnessy, Mary—144 Shaw, Shearer, Baro— 138 Shearer, Chuck—67, 123, 146 Shearer, Howard—123 Sheeler, Аппе--169 , Bob—124, 137 Shelby, Christie—1 59 Shelton, Jeff—65, 112, 124, 146 у, Sandy—81, 137 Sheer Shock Shock Shorten, Cyndy—63, 72, 82, 169 Sibley, Janet—35, 169 Sidles, David—142 Sidles, Магк— 169 Siedelmann, багу-- 111, 139, 169 Siedelmann, Јапп— 145, 223 Siedelmann, Steve—105, 121, 207 Sieme Sills, Brad—124, 142 Sills, Lyla—71, 145 Silverthorn, Debbie—81, 145 Silverthorn, Susan—35, 169 Simons, Simon Skadbera, Laurie—54, 137 Skarshaug, Рат-- 138 Skortman, Debbie—138 Slater, Kathy—1 36 SLEEPING BEAUTY—58-59 Smalling, Mr. Ray—86, 132 V, Monica—58, 169 Smile Smile: Smiley, John—123 Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith, Smith Smith Smith Smith Marjie—42, 145 ley, Charles +5 John—A4A4. 65, 92. 153, | 59 Randell—41. 87, 139 son, Darrel y. Phil—111, 123, 139 , Becki . Bruze—87, 106, 124, 142 , Donna—142, 43 , Jerry—140 , Kathy—36, 78, 96, 100, 135, 148, 170 , Lachy—124, 170, 222, 223 , Linda—142, 223 Mark—89, 143 , Mrs. Mona—132, 140 A МЧапсу- І 38 ‚ Steve—1 70, 205 . Walter—72, 170 Snider, Dewayne—112, 136 Snook, Bill—144 Snyder, Janice—54, 139 Soden, Tim—124, 137 Soesbe, Kaye—34, 170 Sogard, Carla—143 Sonaer, Gretchen—53, 139 SOPHOMORES—1 34-139 Sorensen, Judy—81l, 170 Soren son, Richard—124, 170 Sparboe, Mrs. Donn— 131 Spatc her, Mr. Cecil—I15, 132 Spatcher, Julie—41, 43, 53, 139 Speck, Mark—170 Speer, Jim—89, 123, 170 Spice r, Pam (see Harris] —27 SPIRIT QUEEN-—100, 101 SPIRIT STAFF—62, 63, 222, 223 Spohnheimer, Cheryl—43, 48, 49, 51, 144 SPORTS—104-125 Sprague, Nancy—217 Spratt, Mr. Roger—83, 132, 142 Sprou se, Gary—106, 144 Stafford, Craig—123, 136 Stamm, Mrs. Catherine—78, 132 Staniforth, Art—123, 145 Stauder, Bill—83, 106, 170 Steel, Jan—72, 75, 76, 148, 170, 222, 223 Stephenson, Craiq—145 Stephenson, Nancy—144 Stephenson, Roger—42, 170 Sterner, Lisa—144 Stevens, Celeste—1 45 Stevens, Jane—53, 0 Stevenson, Vicki—53, 78, 140 Stewart, Jim—121, 146 Stewa rt, Lawrence—24, 136 Stohlmeyer, Michael—106, 170 —— a ee ei ee a ee جک‎ З لا‎ c —— وک“‎ ӘӘ کے‎ игү Vy. „==; Stob, Carol —131 Stone, Mr. Edwin—132, 143 Stoneberg, Marian—170 Stoopes, Магу--136 Stotts, Randy— 142 Strand, Jeanette— 140, 170 Strand, LeRoy—123, 140 Stratton, Mr. Joe—128 Strike, Lowell—111, 124, 137 Stritzel, Denise— 145 Stritzel, Maryanne—87, 89, 170 STUDENT COUNCIL—384-91 STUDENT HELPERS—70-71 Sturtevant, Mr. Floyd—132 Stuve. 811—137 Sumter, Аппе--136 Sutherland, Marilyn—136 Svec, Tom—115, 116, 118, 146, 189 Swan, Роп-- 146 Swank, Rick—111, 119, 137 Swanson, Dennis—171 Sweitzer, Leeann—137 Swenson, Anna—43, 146 Swenson, David—24, 42, 143 Swenson, Mr. Jerrold—132 Swenson, Pam—43, 49, 146 SWIMMING—122-123 Switzer, Mrs. Judith—132 Sydnes, Danny—142 SYNCHRONETTES—82 T Tadlock. Elaine—171 Talbert, Marc—123, 139 Tamashunas, John—138 Tamoglia, Cyrie—1 42 Taylor, Brenda—144 Taylor, Laura—32, 78, 137 Taylor, Terry—140 Temple, Susan—41, 138 Terry, Stephen—142 Tesdall, Val—683, 81, 146 Thiel, Mrs. Anna Mae—131 Thiel, Nancy—49, 81, 138 Thomas, 5021—81, 171 Thompson, Chris—53, 87, 124. 138 Thompson, Mrs. Evelyn—1 32 Thompson, Gayle—53, 138 Thompson, Jerome—144 Thompson, Lynette—143 Thompson, Mark—118, 143 Thomson, Вгосе—51, 53, 143 Thorson, Daryl—1068, 142 Tiffany Ray—139 Tiller, Је —121 Tiller, Sandy Tilley, Judy—171 Timmons, Nancy—44, 80, 81, 85, 89, 142 Toksoz, Mina—217 Tompkin, Wendy—43, 171 Toms, David—171 Tonne, Chuck—85, 89, 124, 142 Toppenberg, Stanly—171 Torkildson, Rick—111, 120, 139, 199 Torry, Steve—141 Tramp, Mr. Dale—106, 11, 118, 132 Trembly, Doug—143 Troeh, Milly—142 Trow, Mary—53, 139 Trow, Реаду— 142 Trueblood, Сагіа— 139 Truhe, Cathy—139 Truhe, Connie—142 Trump, Mr. Richard—129, 132 Tucker, Sue—143 Tuttle, Kathy—72, 141, 144 Tweed, Marcia—36, 171 Twetten, Judy—171 Tysseling, Lee Ann—43, 78, 171 U Underhill, Sandy—51, 96, 97, 99, 171, 222, 223 Underhill, Dr. W. R.—102 Unger, Cliff—102, 140 E Unger, Rich—106, 121, 171, 207 Untrauer, Julie—171, 204 Upchurch, Lois—143 Ustrud, Cynthia—51, 144 Uthe, Кагеп—53, 144 V Valentine, Celeste—89, 140 Vance, Bob— 36, 123, 171 Vance, Mrs. Linda—78, 132, 140, 194 Vandecar, Mrs. Dorothy—132, 144 Vandecar, Kirk—72, 172 Vandeventer, Alan—4l, 111, 119, 140 Vandeventer, Dave—42, 90, 93, 96, 112, 115, 148, 172 Van Doren, Ric—43, 172 VanFossen, Теа--І ІІ, 124, 136 Van Osbree, Jon—41, 138 Van Osbree, Tina—52, 142 Van Scoy, Kirk—106, 118, 144 Van Voorhis, Bob—41, 43, 112, 118, 143 Van Voorhis, Mary Lou—81, 172 Van Winkle, Rick—41, 43, 65, 72, 144 Vaughn, Carolyn—145 Vegors, Mrs. Aurilla—132 VOCAL MUSIC—50-53 Voecks, Madonna—32, 43, 51, 142 Voelker, Bonnie—43, 51, 85 ,98, [72 Vohs, Barb—63, 78, 81, 139 Voss, Chuck—89, 92, 112, 148, 172 W Wacker, Steve—1068, 124, 144 Waggoner, John—51, 172 Wagner, Tim—136 Walker, Tom—136 Wall, Магу—51, 145 Wallin, Rob—67, 172 Wallize, Inga—140 Walter, Charles—41, 43, 49, 89, 118, 137 Walters, James—137 Ward, Mrs. Barbara—62, 100, 132, 138, 223 Ward, Pryor—172 Ward, Steve—63, 12, 171, 172, 207, 222, 223 Wardle Mike—87, 121, 145 Warner, Carol—90, 172 Warner, Mary—100, 103, 160, 148, 172. 211 Warren, Allan—111, 124, 137 Warren, Debbie— 52, 172 Warren, Marlene—81, 89, 146 Watson, Scott—72, 106, 124, 145 Wearth, Chris—146 Weavor, Mrs. Sharon—78, 132 Webb, Mike—144 Webb, Paul—!72 Weber, lan—217 Weber, Jeanne—145 WEB STAFF—60-6! Wedman, John—138 Weiser, Elizabeth—173 Weiss, Eric—146 Weiss, Mariorie—72, 173 Weissharr, Greq—89, 112, 124, 138 Wellhouse, Max—43, 173 Wells, Rick—111, 119, 138 Wells, Max—43, 173 Wells, Rick—111, 119, 138 Welp, Bob—29, 139 Welp, Stan—143 Welshons, Ellen—41, 140 Welshons, Wade—49, 66, 173 Wessel, Keith—1 39 West, George Ann—139 Whaley, Mrs. Lorraine—133 Wheatley, Kate—142 Wheeler, Mark—140 Wheelock, Barb—76, 94, 217 Wheelock, Gary—I11, 120, 140 White, Jim— 143 Whitney, Mrs. Charlotte—129 Wiant, Leslie—41, 43, 136 Wierson, Cindy—136 Wierson, Marcia—136 Wierson, Vicki—78, 143 Wilcox, Joel—43, 58, 65, 93, 142 Wilder, Sue—49, 142 Wildman, Bill—123, 143 Williams, Donald—118, 136 2۷۷10 Lou—24, 31, 50, 51, 81, 141, Williams, Steve—136 Willrich, Becky —43, 51, 63, 142 Willroth, Mark—136 Wilson, Rob—106, 124, 141, 144 Windsor, Mr. Charles—132 Winkler, Chris—35, 173 Wiser, Mr. Alfred—52, 132 Woldruff, Scott —137, 197 Wolf, John—173 Wolf, Marcia—137 Wood, Ken—143 Wood, Mr. Walter Woodley, Bernice—144 Woodward, Dale—28, 124, 144 Woolley, ۷۷۸۷۸۹4 Wooten, Beth—139 WRESTLING—1 20-121 Wroblewski, John—128 Wynne, Wayne—1 73 Y York, Doug—124, 145 Young, Gene—173 Young, Karen—143 Young, Mike—124, 125, 145 Younie, Linda—137 Z Zack, Mr. Bob—128 Zack, Cathy—78, 138 Zediker, Mr. Arnold—106, 111, 119 Zehngraff, Pia—89, 159, 168, 173 Zeliadt, багу- ЗІ, 121, 173 Zimmermann, Diane—73 Zinober, Amy—1 73 Zitzlsperger, Mr. Ronald—55, 57, 67 Zmolek, Gloria—51, 78, 173 Acknowledgements Hill's Studio—Color pictures including endsheets. Wellhouse Studio—Color pictures and queens pictures. The WEB, especially Mrs. Grace Bauske and John Parks. Mr. Vince Coyle, SPIRITS honorary staff member, for sports team ріс- tures. Mr. Herbert Adams and Mr. EvereH Ritland for patience and considera- tion in times of trial. Mrs. Cathy Stamm for tolerating staff members in her classroom at dead- lines. Miss Dorothy Gugel and her students for producing the SPIRIT'S artwork, especially Wendy Tompkin and Ruth Olson. Miss Mary Jane Brown, of the Taylor Publishing Company in Dallas, for working out our difficulties. Pryor and Andy Ward, for holding the fort for their mom, who was at school many Saturdays and late nights helping us. 221 | | | 222 THE NARCISSISTIC SPIRIT STAFF strikes again! “Love Week became " Love Your Spirit Staff. " Dann Cross SENIOR STAFF, front: Bev Malone, Jan Steel, Sandy Underhill, Sue Jellinger; back: Clay Bauske, Cr lie Ellis, Lachy Smith, Steve Ward. Josh Sharlin. Love. OUT Spirit y = ы ۱ L یس‎ am سی ی‎ EDS тр صف ر‎ ы, کٹ ےکی‎ еа isini aper rama уз я p аа а, аа а-а. Ong Pm TP DI m oa o а ара. " у «ай. ”کیا“‎ m аа re ru. Oa С سے‎ мнн нна И JUNIOR STAFF: Cherie Hurlbut, Cross. | Tom Mickle, Bob Kern, 4 Linda Peterson. Dann Dann Cross new statters essentials of yearbook layout. by Bev Malone and Mrs. Ward. Charlie Ellis Jann Siedelmann, Penny Crom, Linda Smith, Steve Sampson, Karen Frey; not pictured: 223 а „ CE ET 7 anane atg ah n ра, Pi oes APRN Абри „ ч! + нь а ЦЫЯ Ruth Olson 224 ee Ы ләә АЕ... адар TP. = ч : : ` і ó 2 „беа m st -- - А каї аа ай. ee eee ھن‎ чь e а. ہے‎ аьаа. ee موسر قبہ зе‏ Г on FAAS 2-5-0 | T | h e ۱ і 7 a 1 چ а — Ó Á — " i P— ۱ 1 | й | | - t Е =.. کا‎ D TE FA А ы - е " е " E ` " " Я я -= Ld = , n , ы - = " TTC = - 0 و سم‎ “а ы = ++ A, А, " ۵ - | Е = С uc. du NL 7 " 7222 - . ` Богу - " E - " e e „ҮҮ - Р t ' 4 | : . " - е е " eb з ۹ ry - = - - Е - - “as 1 д З Я. = a it 598 , " - " аз. , 2x Lnd 4

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