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SPIRIT Ames Senio Table of contents Opening.... 4 Events ...... 18 Activities .... 42 Faculty......118 Students . . .146 Advertising .188 Index.........233 1967 r High School, Ames, IowaOut of the barren ground 4 . until nowJr I am complete.and I am proud. WMThe school building, 9 13 i»14 students and faculty 15 all help me deserve my name— AMES HIGH SCHOOLEVENTS I will stand here many years, and many will know me. They will come within me, and when they leave they will take a part of me, as I will keep a part of them. The little days will be forgotten, but there will be moments that they and I will remember. These moments will someday become memories. I will hold these memories within me so that those who follow may sec . . . and build others.Pre-school activities Marilyn Scalock. chosen by popular vote and an interview, traveled to Girls’ State at Cedar Falls last summer. (Tie girls at this session formed a model state government, Hawkcye, to gain experience in handling Iowa's state and local governments. Boys' State, held at Camp Dodge, served this same purpose of exposing hii»h school students to Iowa govern- ment. Those chosen to represent Ames at Boys' State were Charles Crane, Gary Grabau, Bill Haederand Dave Kinker. A I I ENDING BOYS’ ST A I K . « (.imp Dodge during the summer were Bill Haeder. Charles Crane. Dave Kinker and Gary Grabau. School ends summer activities MARILYN SEA LOCK was elected by the student GERMANY has .1 common attraction for Pollv Peters.n. Christiannc Bauer ar.: body to attend Girls’ State during the summer Margaret Fung, Youth for I’nderstanding exchangees 20SOPHOMORES attending orientation had a i han c to see the building Soph, activities Sophomores braved the summer heat to attend sophomore orientation in the new stadium. Mr. Adams and Mrs. Whitney welcomed the new students and introduced the sophomore counsel- lors. Sophomore cheersquad tryouts were held, followed by a tour of the building. Driver Education was offered this year as it was several years ago. For the past five years driver education was offered only during the summer. Mr Ritlandand Mr. Stone coordinated the course. 21Homecoming is biggest event of fall FOOTBALL BOVS' INNER SANCTUM was penetrated by ambitious "HOLD ON TIGHT!1' was the cry as excited Pep Pep Club girls, who decorated everything in sight HOMECOMING QUEEN CANDIDATES FROXI Betsy Jackson Kay Forsythe. Polly Peterson Lynn Piper Bobbi Mclntire; BA( A’ Sally Williams. Nancy Nims. Holly Jackson. Melissa Matterson, Vicki Beck 22 ■Club girls held a snake dance down Main Street. Anticipation Orange and black-painted lobby windows, crepe paper streamers, decorated lockers and homeroom doors, and a student body bubbling with enthusiasm ushered in Homecoming Week. Ten girls were nominated to serve as Homecoming queen as the anticipation contin- ued to mount. Each homeroom put forth an effort to win the door decoration prize, giving an opportunity for every student to partici- pate. VARSITY FOOTBALL PLAYERS found their lockers trans- formed overnight by balloons, streamers, and lollipops supplied by unknown Pep Club girls. POYV! CRASH! (CRUNCH! Homeroom 319 bursts through with the winning Homecoming door decoration. out TAH •-•V' 23LEADING THE WAV to the auditorium was this fire engine earning the Pep Band. Painted cars joined in the Hornet omine ara van PRESENTATION of the homeroom prizes was made at the Pep assemble 1 HE AHS CYCLONES came face to face with the 24Caravan, skit, crowning Preparation Homecoming activities came to a climax Thursday after school with a caravan to the Central auditorium. The crowning of the queen was followed by cheering, a pep skit, and the awarding of prizes for the most outstanding homeroom door decora- tions I he assembly ended in a snake dance and parade down Main Street. Because of a teachers' convention Friday, students were given the whole dav to prepare for the game and the Homecoming Dance. Grinncll I igers in (he Homecoming game. DECORATIONS ND INSTRUMENTS were set up Friday afternoon The Spectre entertained students with popular musi EN I Hl'SlASM MOT.NTKD us siyns were put up all over (he school, stadium and locker room Pep Club girls spent many hours and much paint and paper lor (his type of decoration 25’Amber Dusk” Finale Queen Bobbi Mclntire and attendants Molly Jackson and Nancy Nims were presented at half- time of the game and reigned over the Homecom- ing dance. “Amber Dusk.” A special feature this year included a recognition of alumni during the half-time entertainment and a tea with tours of the new building after the game. Homecoming 1966 meant many things to many people. Our Cyclones fell that night before the Grinncll Tigers, but that isn't what we shall re- member. The spirit of oneness and pride in Ames High School that arose in each of us and the mem- ories of a beautiful Homecoming night will remain with us forever. THE CROWNING of the Homecoming Queen took place at the Pep Assembly Thursday afternoon Queen Bobbi Mclntire. dressed in one of the football uniforms, took part in the pep skit. QUEEN BOBBI McINTIRE and attendants Nancy Nims and Holly Jackson were escorted by Undv Buck. John Mathison and Mike Foreman 2627RAN' REED AND JACK SHELLEY were two « f the ireer Night speakers. Career Night The evening of November 22 found Ames High students dutifully back in school attend- ing the annual Career Night. Career Night began with a fifteen-minute homeroom period during which Dr. Ray Bryan spoke to the students. After this homeroom session students attended two forty-minute periods to hear representatives speaking on seventy-seven pro- fessions. Because of the extra time spent at Career Night students were dismissed the follow- ing dav at noon for Thanksgiving Vacation. KENNETH CAR LANDER, a professor of biology at Iowa State, speaking on conservation and wildlife, was a guest at Career Night. 28 -MRS. V NDECAR explains to parents the materials used in French. MARK BAUSKE. a student host, helps a parent find the next class Parent's Night Parent s Night brought parents to school, instead of the students for a change. The parents first stopped at their child’s home- room and then attended a ten-minute version of each of his classes. In these class periods teachers outlined the main objectives of the particular course and were able to meet with the parents. S I L DEN I HOS I S welcomed parents and helped find lost schedulesDENNY BAPPE TERRY GUY MARK BODEN JOHN WALL GARY ZMOLEK BRUCE STOLTENBERG 30 7 candidates Nomination December. 1966. brought one week of frustration, excitement, and exhaustion to the students of Ames High. This was, of course, campaign week. Vying for the positions of student body president and vice-president were Denny Bappe and Terry Guy. Mark Boden and John Wall, Lindy Buck and Mark Hamilton, Gary Grabau and Mark Johnson. Ron Johnson and Gerry Neal. Bruce Stoltenberg and Gary Zmolek. and Mike Wiser and Bill Haeder. CROWDED POLLS indicated interest in the st MIKE WISER BILL HAEDERcause primary Primary The primary held Wednesday, December 14. narrowed the race to Lindy Buck and Mark Hamilton. Gary Grabau and Mark Johnson, and Ron Johnson and Gerry Neal. The main platform points of the three can- didates were: Buck financial support of fan buses to out-of-town events, advance assignment lists: Grabau—sending cheer- leaders to cheerleading clinics, improved lighting in the parking lot; Johnson improved intramurals, reduced student council committees. elections as students registered to vote. "CONGRATULATIONS!" exclaimed supporters to Gerry Neal when it was announced that he was elected student body vice-president. LINDY BUCK MARK HAMILTON GARY GRABAU MARK JOHNSON RON JOHNSON GERRY NEALDESCENDING FROM 1 HE HEAVENS. Vic Rothatkcr bean. a message for Garv Grabau. AN IMPROMPTU QUESTION was asked of ihei;- wilh quick thinking and a quick wit emphasized. Ron Johnson elected for second CATCHY SLOGANS and puns with appropriate drawings were the trademark : Election As Friday, election day. neared, preparations for the big assembly were made: speeches were combed for the right effect, posters were drawn to perfection; and humorous touches added. After the speeches were presented, an impromptu question was asked of the candi- dates. The polls were open all day Friday for student voting. The results announced after I I counting ballots proclaimed Ron Johnson and (Jerry Neal elected. 32sidential ana vice-presidential candidates semester the Buck-Hamilton campaign. “GEE. TIIANKS,” says Lindy Buck as he takes opponent Bruce Stoltcnbcrg's platform. RAISING POSTERS was one of the many duties which occupied the time of candidates like Ron Johnson and (Jerry Neal. 33New gym for assemblies Assemblies During the first semester, until the gym reached comple- tion. few assemblies were held. These assemblies included pep assemblies, the election assembly, and the State Depart- ment assembly. The State Department assembly was special as Ames High was selected as one of the few schools in the state to have this presentation. Two awards assemblies were held in the spring—one to honor athletics and the other to honor academics. Assemblies were student planned by the Student Council sponsored Assembly Committee, composed of a chairman from Student Council and members chosen at large from the student body. COMPLETE WITH PIANO, the Pep Club skit used a western setting for the Pep assembly before the Roosevelt game WE WANT OCR GYM! Until the new gvm was finished all assemblies were at the Central Junior High Auditorium. TRY AS SHE MIGH I', Mary Jane Scholtes. plaving the villain, could not steal Sweet Victors played by Barb Han- sen. for the Des Moines Technical Egineers. 34Buses were provided by the school system to transport stu- FOOTBAI.I. COACH CECIL SPATCHER gave moral support to the dents to the high school for classes. team and the student body while speaking at this pep assembly. L S. FOREIGN POLIC Y was the topic of discussion when a group of people from the State Department tame to Ames I ligh. Ames I ligh was one of the specially chosen high schools in the state of Iowa to have this assembly presented 35 E W I-SH Ol a Mem’ Christmas' AHS Boys’ and Girls’ Club carol during their annual visit tothe Story Countv Home. AHS continues Christmas traditions Christmas at AHS Christmas was many things at AHS. It was a trip by the Girls' Club and Boys’ Club to the County Home and gifts to foster children. It was a clothes drive to aid the children of Appalachia, sponsored by Student Council. It was a Mistletoe Party and a Christmas formal. It was everything for which the Yuletide stands. I'M-.M-M GOOD! Children of the school personnel sample refresh- ments at the fatuity Christmas party. 36I-AVNE HAMILTON peers thoughtfully over a stack of Girls' Club Christmas wreaths. ONLY ONE APIECE! Greg Howerton passes out Mrs Yandeear's Christmas present to H R. 301. HELP! HELP' Nancy Askelson finds decorating the lobby's Christmas tree a challenging experience 37THE KING and Queen’s court were from left to right: John Mathison, Melissa Matterson, Bill Bacon. Bets'. Jackson, Sallv Williams. Chris Davis, Vicki Beck and Boh Young. Blue and silver make Montinique’ Christmas Formal In spite of the blizzard that came to town on December 28, a large crowd turned out for the annual Christmas Formal. Couples began the evening's agenda by attending various coketail parties and then arrived at the Union's Sun Room for the dance. Blue and silver stars under blue lighting formed the decorations for the theme. “Montinique." New to the formal this year were a king and queen, Ron Watson and Holly Jackson, elected by the couples at the dance. The king and queen were crowned during intermission and took their places at the thrones provided during the entertainment. As the dance drew to a close at midnight, couples were off to post-formal parties that ended the magical “Montinique" evening. COUPLES DANCED to the strains of the Do-Re-Mi orchestra and a good time was had by all. 38 THE SPIRIT DANCE hinhliuhtcd the semester break Spirit Dance: Chalet d’Esprit Spirit Dance Barb I Jansen was crowned Spirit Sweetheart by master of ceremonies. Mark Hamilton. Missy Matterson and Vicki Beck were first and second attendants. The theme. Chalet d'Esprit. was carried out with decorations including an ice pool, snow- flake, icicles, and travel posters. SPIRI1 SVVEE rHE RI NOMINEES BACK Betsy Jackson Polly Peterson K I rsythe Suzanne Shuman, Sally Williams FRONT: Vicki Beck. Missy Matterson. Nancy Nims, Hope Reinbold. Barb Hansen. 40Missy Matterson Barb Hansen 41 Vicki BeckACTIVITIES I like to stand in the warm brown earth and listen to the sounds of things growing within me. 1 hear the people, for I am the people, and they laugh. And the laughter grows and with the laughter grow minds and bodies of the people. I hear the music of running, of planning, of doing. It grows, and because it growsFIRE SQUAD T'ROX I Mr Covey John Kirks, Stewart Buck. Barry Russell. Dick Bristol. Charles Maurer. John Boehnke. Stephen Williams. S' -f OXI): Ken Russell. Bob Jeffrey Wally Smith, John Gossarrl. (ieorge Firkins. Kirk Yande«ar Mark Bauske. G -rdv Smith: IHIRl) ( hk Fujinaka. John Jacobson, Clay Bauske, Gerry Neal. Craig Boden. Dave Catus. Bob Hamilton. Ken Roreboom BACK Chris Haugen. Dell Brown. John Carpenter. Curtis Christensen. Bruce Van Houweling. Myron Swenson, Dave Bliss. John Lovell, Stephen Pierce Students help run school smoothly Fire squad I Jie Fire Squad, sponsored by Mr. Covey and Mr. Faiquist. is a student enforcement agency. I he boys that serve on Fire Squad are assigned duty in the cafeteria to watch for crowding and other small transgressions of the students. Fire Squad, however, is always on watch to keep things running smoothly in AMS. I i BACK rO WORK Fire drills were frequent, if irregular. lime in was notice- ably longer than time out. 44 AN APPEAL BOARD, including John Carpenter Mike W iser. Denny Bappe. Greg Mulhall and Steve Lovely was set up this fall by Fire Squad It was the responsibility of this group of Fire Squad members to consider anv appeals on traffic tickets given in the parking lot. TRAFFIC TICKETS were introduced at AMS this vear Fire Squad members, such as Ken Rozeboom pictured here gave up their studv halls to issue traflic tickets in the parking lot to illegally parked cars. Hall monitors The hall monitors, under the super- vision of Mr. Heideman, are stationed in the corridors during classes. 1'hese students check passes, act as receptionists for strang- ers in the building, and keep traffic quiet in the halls. HALI. MONI I'ORS like Steve Wells pictured here, gave up their studv halls to perform their many du- ties. including acting as receptionists for people visit- ing Ames High. 45Student council Student Council is designed to give students an opportunity to participate in a democratic governmental organization. The Ames High student council is made up of a representative from each homeroom, the foreign exchange stu- dent. and the presidents of Key Club and Pep Club. Ron Watson assumed the many respon- sibilities of directing student council as first semester student body president. During the first semester. Student Council enacted several of the planks in Watson’s plat- form including showing movies at the after- game parties and providing for a trophy case in the new gym. Plans were also made for a stu- dent supply store. THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL of the student body, including Polly Peterson, secretary; Ron Watson, president; Dick Carr, treasurer; and mot pictured) Chris Davis, vice-president, decided the agenda for meetings, discussed problems of the Student Council and possible solutions. Council acts for ONE OF MR EVERETT R IT LAND’S many duties as vice-principal is acting as sponsor of student council. He represents the faculty's ideas to the students 46''TUDENT COUNCI 1. SEATED Ed Wedman, parliamentarian. Chris Davis, v -pro. . Ron Watson, pres. Polly Peterson, sex.. Dick Carr, irr SECOXD: Barb Hansen, Nancy Schloerke, Marlene Mullica. Dennis Mealy. Jean Fleig, John Bochnke, Kay Kinseth, Bob Nilsson, Linda Huisman, Dee Pollard, Maura Peglar THIRD: Kathy Huffman. Greg Mulhall, Christane Bauer, Kay Forsythe, Lynn Piper. Don Agard. Ruth N-.istrand, Candy Lechncr t:hns F.iuerbv Dave Link led Politis. FOURTH Fred Cerwick, Kirk Jacobson. Dennis Liming. Dennis DeBoer. Danny Craig. Lindy Buck (Gordon Accola, Steve Lovelv. Chuck ('arter Bill Hacder; BACK John Mathison. Fred Dahm, Lyle Scandrctt, Myron Swenson Rick Kngel, Mike Wiser, Dave Kinker Joe Hostetler. Dennis Bappe, John Carpenter. Art Barton This group served fall term student body tie many guests who visited our cafeteria this year. IMF RESPONSIBILITIES of the Service Committee include such duties as selling unclaimed lost-und-found articles 47Council revises committee set-up A NEW EX ECU riYE COUNCIL headed by Ron Johnson and Gerry Neal look SECOND SEMESTER Student Council established the over the many responsibilities involved in running student government. wj|| eventually become a student lounge as well. Here. Jane STUDENT COUNCIL -SEA 'ED, Bill Fisher Dick Carr. Ron Johnson. Gern Neal. Polls Peterson. Lynn Piper; FIRST Julie Porter. Mary Jane Scholtes. Mary Hazen. Kirk Geist. Stew Buck. Chris Faucrby. Kay Forsythe. Kav Kinseth. Susan Bunce. Gloria Richards Jan Steel. Betss Bath; SECO.XD, Brenda Schuette. Ruth Seastrand. Rich Johnson Mike Makelbust, Rick Bohlcn. Bruce Stoltcnberg. Doug Kirk John Mathison. Ferry Futile. Dave Stucky. Kirk V.indecar. Fred Cerwick; THIRD, Dennis DeBoer. Lindv Buck. Dave Klatt. Tom Thompson. Bob Hamilton. Glenn Songer, Myron Swenson. Ron Watson. I .achy Smith. Stephen Graham. Conrad Anderson Jim Rundle. 48Second semester sasemcnt as a regular meeting place, with hopes that it ingcldingcr rises to make a point during discussion. FIVE STUDENIS from Nashville, Tennessee, were guests at Student Council meeting in December The coming of second semester brought the beginning of Ron Johnson’s duties as president of the student body and the putting of the planks of his campaign plat- form into action. The number of Student Council standing committees was reduced from ten to seven to help streamline their work. One of the major projects apart from regular business was the spon- soring of Ames High's first computer- date dance. PRESIDENT RON JOHNSON accepted the swim- mers' CIC championship trophy, the first trophy ever received in the new gym. at the initiation assembly.Girls’ and Boys’ Clubs carry on AHS traditions Girls’ Boys’ Clubs Girls’ Club sponsored the Big Sister-Little Sister program, the Sophomore Style Show, the junior Dad-Daughter Date Night, and the Senior Mot her-Daughter tea. The club also held their annual Christmas spray sale and supported a foster child in the Philippines. This year the co-chairmen of Girls' were Betsy Bath and Barb Hansen. The main activity of Boys’ Club, headed by Barry Russell, was to run the conces- sion stands at all the sports events. Boys’ Club also held a Foster Child Drive for a young boy in South Viet Nam. GIRLS CLl B GABINE I ANI) KEPKESEN IA I IVES- FIRST, Susie Williams. Betsv Bath. Jane Wool lev Cheri O'Brien. S indy Underhill Dorothy Richards. Peg Israel. Barb Hansen; SECOND, Janice Overland. Gloria Zmolck Teresa Beer Marilyn Sealock Drbi shiffller Edie Augustine, Jane Hicks. Chris Diet . Susan Ingvoldstad; HIRD, Kathy Willrich. Mary Talbot, Debby Ruhe, Dawn t arlson. Joanne Sea lock Jane Engeldinger, Bobbi Mdntire. Linda Beal, Mary Jane Scholtes. Linda Huisman: FOL'RTH. Mrs Hanson. Debbie Self. Linda Ricketts Bonnie Voclker, Martha Stober, Mary Parks. Chris Faucrby, Susan Bunce, Marcia Stafford. Diana Backous BOYS’ CLUB CABINET AND REPRESENTATIVES—FIRST, Stephen Williams. Stewart Buck |im Clark, Jerry Bartruff. Much Roth. Dave Craig, Dennis Moore. Jim Larson. Ed VVedman. Martin Stewart, Barry Russell; SECOND. Steve Madsen. Allen Clark. Bruce Trump. Jim Schmal ried. Dave Stuckv. Steve Harrell. Mike Kitchell. Don Gardner. Bruce Sandvc Ions Bleeker. Art Wirt . Dave Hammer: THIRD Mr Albertson. Mr Wood. Gerry Neal. Ernie Schocn. Roy W oodrow. Mark Schill. |im I.ytton David Thompson, David Riley . Glenn Songer. Jim Ryan. Dave Klatt. SOStudents go to Nashville AMES REPRESENTATIVES IN TENNESSEE SEATED. Kay Forsythe. Julie Cook, Kirk Geist. S A.XDIXG. Mr Smalling, Tim Potts, Mike Wiser Nashville Exchange This year Ames High had its first exchange in recent years with an out-of-state high school, Peabody Demonstration .School of Nashville, Tennessee. The Peabody students came to Ames in December, and their visit was returned by Ames High in April. Both visits lasted for one week. The Peabody students and sponsor, who stayed in the homes of Mary Lokken, Ann Johnson, Jim Walter, Don Wiser. Mary Hazen, and Mr. Kipp, attended classes with their hosts and told about their school at a student council meeting. They also attended several athletic events and an after-game party. A farm, ISU, the atomic Energy Commission, and the National Animal Disease Lab were places in the Ames community which the Peabody students visited. Those representing Ames High in Nashville, also attended classes and student council as well as speaking at a school assembly. They visited historical sites, several colleges, the Columbia Broadcasting Studios, and the state capital build- ings. Their trip ended with a school party in honor of the Ames representatives and a performance of the Grand Ole Oprv. VISITOR FROM NASHVILLE. Sam Slump!, told about his observations after several davs as an exchange student at Ames High. I HE AMES EXCHANGEES and their hosts made a trip to the Hermitage, home of Andrew Jackson. I his wellhouse is located on the estate.Drama students learn the art of play production Drama Classes Drama classes arc divided into two sections begin- ning and advanced. In beginning drama, students make miniature flats. They also study the history of the theater and learn the technical aspects of play production. Dia- logues and monologues were the major studies of those in advanced drama classes. Through this study, the students gained experience in combining voice and breath control, expression, and body movements. PALM CI.I B SEA TED: Marilyn Ping. Martha Stobcr, Mark Hamilton. Steve Jones Mark Bauske: SECOSD: Charlene Hutchcroft, Melissa Mattenton. Meredith Me Hone. Rodson Drake, Laura Ix wrie. Mary Jane Sc holies, Lccia Bowen; THIRD: Mr. Zitzlsperger, Jeff Gottrill. Bill Serovy, Bob Matters, Gar}' Zmolek, Polly Peterson. K.tndi Rolf. Not pictured Marie Schaller. I 1 - 52IONS teach drama students to develop dramatic skills. HOURS OF STAGECRAFT go into each theater production. ALTHOUGH IT WAS MESSY, drama students practiced putting makeup on each other. 53’The Imaginary Invalid’ is fall play The drama department’s fall play was The Imaginary Invalid by Molicrc. It was the first play of the season and the first one under the direction of Mr. Ronald Zitzlsperger. I'he play is a farce which pokes fun at the medical profession. Argan (Steve June's) is a man who is continually paying out large sums of money to have his imaginary ill- nesses cured. His ridiculous beliefs that he is sick and in need of medical attention cause some odd and very funny family conflicts. Hut the problems are solved in the end when his family performs a ritual which makes Argan think that he himself is a doctor and is now able to cure his own illnesses. And, as in all farcical comedies, everyone lives happily ever after. STEVE JONES AND MARY JANE SCHOLTES worked Ions hours under the hot lights to perfect their leading roles. 54CAST THE ACTORS parade down Main street in their costumes to pub- licize the play. THE IMAGINARY INVALID caused his nurse and daughter undue concern over another “attack.” Argan.........................................Steve Jones Toinctte...........................Mary Jane Scholtes Angelica...........................Lecia Bowen Bclinc............................Marti Hopkins Bonnefoy ..................................... Jeff Cottrill Cleante ............................. Dave Stone Dr. Diaforus.......................Charles Crane Dr. Diaforus (son)................Kosta Constantine Louise.............................Mary Jo Patterson Beralde ........................... Bob Matters Apothecary.........................Clay Bauskc I)r. Purgon........................Dave Fincham Doctors .............Pony Bleeker, Pegi Burchinal, Anna Carbrey. Peg Dahm, Grace Everson. Sue Haroldscn. Randi Rolf, Carol Smith, Pam Spicer. Dave Thompson. Julie Welsh, Carol Warner JEFF COTTRILL portrays an rlirminatc lawyer 55The Cast Irene Straub 1st Pol itcman 2nd Policeman . . Police Doctor Bloc her Inspector Guhl Reporters....... Matron Boll Newton.......... Doctor Von Zahnd Frau Rose....... Oskar Rose....... Adolf Friedrich Wilfried-Kaspar Jorg-Lukas Mobius.......... Nurse Monica Einstein......... Sicvers ......... Murillo......... McArthur ................Marcia Stafford ............Steve Untrauer ..........Ken Rozeboom ....................Jack Elbert .................Tony Blecker ....................Lachy Smith .................... Pam Spicer ...............Monica Polhcmus, Ruthann Benson, Trey Hegstrom ................Nancy Mosier .................Jeff Fredericks ..............Melissa Mattcrson ................Sue Haviland ................Gordy Smith ................Ric Van Dorcn .....................Gary Katz ....................Chuck Voss .................Gary Zmolek ................Polly Peterson ................Steve Rushing ................Chris Torkilson ................Mark I lamilton ....................Mike Hibbs Senior class play, Plays provide an opportunity to emote. 56THE PHYSICISTS We can’t afford it. Tryouts are almost as taxing as performances. THE PHYSICISTS A “physicist” could be easily identified by leftover make-up, unfinished homework, and baggy eyes, as Ames High's Senior Class Play, The Physicists, by playwright, Friedrich Durrenmatt, represented main- hours of hard work by Directors Zitzlsperger and Austin, many actors and actresses, and technicians. All worked towards their purpose of exposing the dangers of science if in the wrong hands. ", i Vocal music groups attract 133 student singers Vocal music The vocal music department, under the direction of Mr. A1 Wiser, was made up of several large singing groups including the choir, mixed chorus, and girls' glee, as well as a few small sing- ing groups such as the madrigal and quartets. Two of these quar- tets made All-State and were asked to perform at various functions several times during the year. The vocal music department gave two public concerts this year. They also gave several private per- formances such as singing for the Women’s Club at Christmas. ACCOMPANIED bv Diane Ullestad Susan Ingvoldsiad Javne Ostrem and Barb Hansen combine (heir vocal (alent as (hey practice for the choir concert GIRLS’ GLEE' -FROXi Linda Sorenson, Mary Baldus. Gloria Zmolek, Nancy Carlson Pam Spicer. Marcia 1 weed, t arol Huffier RACK Becky Seiser, Ann Schohen, Inta Galejs, Jane Faucrby, Nancy Newton. Marie MacMonagle, Nancy Askelson Carol Powers 58DURING THIRD PERIOD a myriad of sounds could be heard outside the vocal music room as the choir practiced. GIRLS’GLEE- FROSI Wendy Tompkin, Loraine Hrddlrston. Barbara Buck, Kaye Soesbe, Jayne Kilts; RACK Rulhann Benson, Stanly Ioppenbert;, Carol Anderson. Diane Zimmerman. Linda Jordan, Pam Killam. Ginger Brown. GIRLS’ GLEE—FROS T: Julie Cook, Charlene Hutchcroft, Kathi McKern Monica Smiley, Sue Jdlingcr, Wanda Busch, Linda Hutchison; RACK: Cheryl Hanson Janet Patterson. Bonnie Voelker. Marsha Gonser, Dorothy Fernelius. Janet Bcncke, Cathy Brown. 59Choir makes television L'NDKK I NK Ol'IDANCE t Bill Rilcv. A Cappdla Ghoir was filmed for a TV sequence on “The Mike Douglas Show.” CHOIR SOPRANOS AND BASSES— Ffi OX I Pam Sharp. Linda Wickham Jan Hiserotc Betsy Bath Debbie Coupal Karol Burkhaltcr. Shervl Moore, Linda Abegg, Meredith Me Hone, Dave Fincham, Bob Jeffrey, Peter McNabb, Collins Alan Spohnhcimer. John Mathison; SE( OXD: Ja ne Ostrcm, Leannc Brown, Edic Augustine, Betty Jo Burnet. Kay Skrdla. Carol Bell Paula Burns. Nancy Mosier. Wanda Chaffin. Sara Packer, Mike Wiser. Dave Stalheim. Whit Avrcv Dave Stone, Nick Judge Mike Moreland; BACK Diane Ullestad, Claudia Du- Bois. Peg Dahm. Bettv Dankbar, Kay Kinseth Kay Forsythe, Lynn Piper, |eanine Coupe Mary I-igomarcino, Roberta Moorman. DavcMcNur- len. Chuck Rogness, Bruce Van llouwcling, Dick Carr, Jeff Frederick. Chris Haugen.appearance FOUR JUNIORS, Don Wiser. Diane Ullestad. Gloria Richards, and Dave Stone, constituted one of AHS’s two All-State quartets •sPEClAl EQU1PMEN1 new to the vocal music department aids Brute Van Houweling in his music appreciation. CHOIR ALTOS AND TENORS—FROST: Viola Howe. Pam Ness. Gay Renee Niemann. Diane Erick- son. Mary Miller. Gloria Richards, Ann l«egvold, Mary Jo Patterson, Jerilyn Thiel, Jane Woolley, Barb Hansen; SECOND: Gordv Smith. Fred Cerwick, Mary Jane Schultes, Susan Bunco, Grace Everson, Chris- tie Ulmer. Jan Jordan. Rita MacBride Heide Exner, Debby Ruhr, Susan Ingvoldstad; HACK: Tony Campos. Dennis DeBoer, Tom Metzler, Don Wiser, Charles Crane. Marsha Armstrong, Gretchen Ekberg, Marilyn Kline. Jean French. Beth But hole. Margaret Fung. i ICaroling UNDER MR WISEK'S DIRECTION, both individuals IN THE ABSENCE of Mr Wiser. Mrs. Curt Renz headed the vocal and groups improved their abilities in vocal music. musk department and directed the choir concert. MIXED CHORUS- FROX7 Julie Cook. Wanda Busch. Wendy Tompkin, Loraine Hcddleston. Monica Smiles’. Kay Soesbe, Beverly Buck Jayne Kilts Charlene Huuhcroft; SECOXI) Sue Jcllinger, Cathy Brown, Barbara Evans. Ruthann Benson. Pam Killam. Linda Jordan. Carolyn Becm. Mary Buck. Ginger Brown. Barbara Buck; HACK: lean Flcig, Marsha Corner, John Waggoner, Ross Allen, Jim Lvtton. Clay Bauske, Diane Zimmermann, Marilyn Saul. 62tradition continued by choir THE LOBBY was one of several stopping places for the choir as it caroled to Ames High students and teachers at Christmas time. MIXED CHORUS—FROST: Carol Huffier. Marcia Tweed, Pam Spicer, Nancy Carl- son. Mary Baldus. Linda Sorenson; SECOND: Gloria Zrnolek, Becky Seiser, Nancy New- ton. Nancy Askelson. Inta Galejs. Linda Cross, Carol Powers; RACK Janet Brnekc. Bonnie Yoelker. Wade Welshons, Reid Crawford, Jane Faucrby, Janet Patterson.I Football fans entertained by band Marching band Fall was marching band season at Ames High, with the hand members braving mud, rain, and cold weather to present the halftime entertainment at all five of the home football games. They also traveled to Newton, financed by the sale of band candy, to play in the halftime presentation there, for the annual marching band trip. 'TWO DRUM MAJORS, Jan Svcc and Dave Scott, were used this vear in marching band instead of only one as was used in prev ious vears. DRUM MAJORETTE Gay Renee Xicman and the twirlers. Diane Erickson, Debbv Pappas Candy Wilson Claudia DuB' ; Debbie Baldner, Marge Stohlmeyer. Diane Backous. and Randi Rolf, lead the Ames High marching band down the track and onto the held 64MR HOMER GARTZ assisted Mr Day with marching; band in the fall and directed stage band during the re- maining part of the vear. THE BIG EIGHT CONFERENCE which Ames will join in 1968, was saluted during the halftime of the West Waterloo game by this figure eight formation Head t s irler Gay Renee Xeiman performed in the center of the formation E'l.YING WEDGES were one of the more difficult marching band forma- tions during halftime at football games this year.Sophomore band Sixtv-five students were selected to be members of the Ames High sophomore band. This band participated in the Tri- Concert with the concert band. Stage band combined with the sophomore band to present a concert in the spring. I HE CORN'F I SECTION studied its music while Mr. Day, director, gives some individual suggestions to improve practice Sixty-five in sophomore band It I SDAYSAND rHURSDAYS were devoted to practice for the members ©I 'hi- sophomore band under the direction of V 66Concert band in Tri-City concert Concert band At the end of football season tryouts were held foi concert band. Eighty-live musicians were se- lected to play with a majority of them being upper classmen. Concert hand participated in the Tri-City Concert in Ames with bands from Webster City and Fort Dodge A full day of practice together was followed by the concert in the evening. An annual spring concert was also presented b concert band. BAND OFFICERS were Mike Wiser pres.. Bill Haeder mgr Bam Russell, v pres and Barb Hansen, srr. ALL-STATE BAND members were Ann Pohl, Doug Kirk, and Alan Spohnhcimcr BASSES AND BARITONES FROM Barry Russell. Dave Bur- gan. Dave Powell; SECOSD Bill Harder, John Lovell. Tom Miller. HA( K Fred Cerwick. Alan Spohnheimer. CORNETS- FROS'I Lachv Smith. Tom Brindlcv Jim Luscaleet. Rick Engel; SECOSD Scott Garrett. Trey Hegstrom, Marilyn Klein. Bruce Trump; RACK Don Wiser. Owen Austrheim. Ken Rozcboom. Stewart Bik kBand offers means of expression CI.AR I NETS—FROXT: Carol llufler. Judv Ferguson. Nancy Pvle Marilyn Sealock I' RON 1 BON ES—FROXT. Chris Diei D ug Kirk Marv Jo Patterson; SE(.'(). 'I): Layne Hamilton. Betty Jo Burnett, Paula Burns. Dcbv Mike Wiser. Mvron Swenson. SECOXD: George Baker, Ann Pohl. Cathy Toresdahl; HACK: Brenda Blewett Niel Danielson. Paula Maile, Firkins, Linda Ricketts. Susan Bunce. Lee Collins; Jane Hicks. Linda Love. DIRECTING MARCHING BAND was one of the responsibilities of Mr. Richard Day, who was in charge of both sophomore and concert bands. 68BACK: Paul Miller. Rex I leer |im Walter Dave Stone. Glen Songcr MISCELI ANEOUS WOODWINDS PROS I (.as Renee Nieman, Nancy Schloerke. Kay skrdla. Ri k tve Bliss. Candy Lechner, Nancy Van Doren; SECOSl): Chris Fauerby, Bev Malone. Jim Quam; THIRD: lerrv Frey, Max Wellhouse. Mjcr Cathy Wagner. Nancy Landon; BACK: Dennis Stoneberg. Dave Scott. Dave Riley. 69New director leads orchestra MR C.I.OSS helped orehe trj members perfect their musical a complishments VIOLAS. BASSES, AND CELLOS—FROXT Mike Hibbs. Laura Lowric. Rita MacBridc. Tony Campos. |im Bundle. Kathi McGinnis. Peter Vinograde; BACK.'Janet Beneke. Rosie Mat useski. Dave Stalheim. Lindv Buck 70Orchestra The orchestra performed publicly several times this year. Besides three regu- lar instrumental concerts, the orchestra accompanied the choir at the vocal music department’s spring concert The orches- tra also played at the dedication of the school on February 19. I'hc orchestra, under the new direction this year of Mr. Stanley Gloss, met three times a week. Mr. Gloss also directed several small groups of strings. Three members of orchestra went to All-State this year These musicians were Christie t imer, violin; Tom Mctzler. violin; and Mike Hibbs, viola. The orchestra officers of 1966-67 were Jim Bundle, president; Christie timer, vice-president; and Betty Sivesind. secre- tary-treasurer. THE PRELUDE to .in orchestra concert was a series of practice sessions under the direction of Mr Gloss at the Central auditorium. BRASS—FROST: Jim Walter. Paul Miller. Dave Stone. Doug Kirk Rick Engel. Jim Luscalcet. Lachy Smith Linda Ricketts, Lee Collins. 71sends three OFFICERS Bruy Sivesind, Jim Kundle. and Christie AHS WAS REPRESF.NTED in the All-State orchestra by violist Mike Ulmer assisted Mr Closs with orchestra activities Hibbsand violinists Christie Ulmer and lorn Metzler VIOLINS FR0 7 lorn Nletzlcr, Christie Ulmer. Kathv Willrich Evelyn McGee, Jill Kempthornc, Betty Sivrsind. fan El- ridge HACK Karol Burkhalter Debbie Coupal, Christiane Bauer. Wadr Wdshons Amy Kraft Jan Steel Peggy Deni sen. 72All-State VIOI.IN QUAR I I I formed by Bellv Sivesind Maura Peglar, K.irol Kurkhallrr and Debbie Coupal, pent Wednesday afternoons preparing for a musit contest in March WOODWINDS AND PERCUSSION—FROM Kav Sltrdla. Lorainc Hcddleston. Marilyn Sea lock. Judv Ferguson. Ann Pohl; HACK Barb Hansen Julie Porter, Dennis DeBoer. Dave Riley. Curt Seifert. Whit AvresLanguage clubs enrich student life (:OMBlM '(. I HEIR SINGING ability with their knowledge of German, the German (»lee Club entertained at lub festivities I HI. LIHNACH I SMAN. German for Santa Glaus paid a visit to the • lub bringing gilts and poetry as well as punishment for lazy students. German Club I he German Club celebrated a German Christmas this year with a German version of •Santa Claus as guest of honor. Other meetings offered such things as the showing of slides from Germany and a talent show. An end- of-thc-vear banquet in the spring, at which officers for the following year were elected, concluded the year’s activities. A WELCOME ADDITION to German Club this year was Christiane Bauer, a native of Hamburg. Here she ex- plains some of the customs of her German family. 74FRENCH CLUB MEMBERS caroled at Ames homes. CHRISTMA I IME BROUCH Flood and fun to French Club members French Club Alls French Club members were guests in Marshalltown this year at the annual French Fete. Other activities of the club in- cluded caroling at Christmas. Bakcsalcs were held and candy bars sold to earn money for the spring banquet. A BAR I Y A I I .aura Lowric's home provided a casual get-together for French students. 75Skits and songs make learning fun Spanish Club Spanish Club began the year’s activities with a wiener roast and a Spanish hootenanny. Other programs included slides ol South America shown by a Span- ish priest, a Christmas masquerade with pinatas and entertainment, and a final cook-out party. WEARING COSTUMES from past centuries .it Spanish Club's Christmas masquerade. Sally Williams l.vnn Piper and Mars Jane Sc holies appeared to lie posing lor an il- lustration in an old-time novel. HOI.1 DAY SPIRIT caught teachers as well as students PA I MOLDENHAUER MODELS a straw hat from Bolivia 76I UK TRIUMVIRATE. Clav Bauske Steve Ward. and Jane Fauerbv. admire a trophy won by students of pre- vious vears. Latin Club A PE AN I Is SKI r complete with Snoopy's ears and Linus' blanket was presented both in l.itin and English. DEFENDING HER MISTRESS from the villain. Mike Cross. Joellvn Borkc fights with her sword in one of the club's original plavs. Meetings of I-atin Club included skits written in Latin and English and guest speakers. Carols were sung in Latin at Christmastime and the annual Roman Ban- quet was held in the spring as Latin Club's end-of-the-vear festivity. 77A challenge HOW THE rYPOGRAPHER layout his pages upside down and THURSDAYS FOUND S FUDENTS framicallv backwards with so few mistakes fascinates Marc ia Stafford. JOURNALISM. PERIOD 2 SEATED: Ken Rozcboom, Gordv Smith Mary l.okkrn. Myron Swenson SEC' D: Sally Williams Meredith Me Hone. Steve Pace. Randi Rolf. Nancy Mosier Ann McYicker. Janis Hiserote. THIRD: l.vnda Ray R ‘l rrt'. Moorman. I.vnn Piper. Tom Brindley, Peg Dahm; BACK Peter Yinograde. John Mathison. Denny Owings Mike Foreman, Andy Singer, Barry Baker 78offered by Web INDIVIDUAI ADVICE was available from Mrs Bauskc. journalism teacher, helping Bill Fisher here. Journalism typing stories Hue at the end of the hour The IIW.J. published every Tuesday evening in the .1 mes Daily tribune, is the end result of a great deal of hard work performed by the Ames High journalism classes. In the beginning the Web is onlv a group of ideas. As the week goes on those ideas are carried out into stories, headlines, lay- outs and pictures. After this initial work has been completed everything must be copy read, revised, and made ready for the final draft. The complete layout is then sent to the Tribune which sets the page. Tuesday morning the proof- reading is done bv late-bird students. JOURNALISM. PERIOD 3— SEA TED: Dick Carlson. Holly Jackson. Hope Rcinbold. Rodncv Drake; SECOSD Vicki Beck. Man- Talbot. Steve Jones. Bonnie Blagen. Sandi Stone THIRD Marcia Stafford. S.,11% Hopkins. Ricky Bohlcn. Terry Johnson. Bill Fishct Martha Stobcr: BACK: Bill Eldridgc. Lindy Buck. Bill Serovy. David Thompson. Bed. Matters. Gretchen Eckbcrg.Journalism classes name staffs Second semester The journalism classes are run by a very simple and efficient rule: Mrs. Bauske is in charge of the classes but the classes are in charge of the WEB. Each class elects its own editor. Further assignments are made by the editor on the basis of each student’s preference. Although each student is assigned a particular job, each becomes acquainted with the other aspects of journalism during the semester. KOI ND I BI.E SESSIONS on Satudav morning mean fun. hard work and completion of the WEB for the following I'uevluv A TIME OCT from WEB finds Mike Kitchell Janice I %ttle and Kav Skrdla at the Tribune looking over tables of newly set type. JOI RN I.ISM PER 2 SE.llED: Barrv Russell, I.eanne Brown. Mike Kitchell. Deborah Ruhr. Mani Hopkins. Bruce Trump; SEC'i'VD' o Susie Williams. Karen Ethington, Chris Diet , Diane Erickson Kay Skrdla Ed Wedman. Cheryl Hanson. Jcrilvn Duel. Janis l.vttle. Marilyn I! Ping; HI) Chris Eaucrbv, Mitchel Weller, Joe Hensing. Garv Zmolek. Mike Wiser, Bruce Van Houweling, Jim Dodd. Bill Bacon Torn Campos. Jane Hofstad. 80BRUCE TRUMP, a WEB photographer, is getting ready to make an enlargement JOURNALISM. PKR } -SEATED Kathv Willrich. Betty Sivesind. Jell Cottrill. Gerrv Neal, I rev I legstrom. Marilvn Sealock; SECOXD: Carol Reinhart. B ! Young. Bobbi Anderson, Polls Peterson Debbie Clark. Judith Kggleton. I .a ura Gibbs. Bev Christensen; THIRD Mark Penkhus. Erica Zaflarano, Jav Saul. Jim Rundle Ron Watson. Mark Siemers. Bruce Stoltenbcrg. Claudio ntonaccio, I .auric Gatherum. 81’67 SPIRIT sets sales record The formula for a successful SP R T might go like litis: Take an all-out contract sales subscription cam- paign which brought an order for 1.021 SPIRITS, topping a previous record by 100; Mix: 9 gallons of developer, 9 gallons of fix. 120 rolls and 300 feet of 33 mm film, and 800 sheets of photo paper. Add: hours and hours of hard work in and out of class, reams and reams of copy, and many mysterious operations, such as drawing layouts, counting heads, and cropping pictures . . . But no formula can show the fun that goes on and the joy the staff gets from watching the hook grow. TENSENESS SHOWS on every face as SPIRIT queen votes are counted. EENSHOUNDS Bill Serovy, Bruce Trump. Lindy Buck. Mark .Siemens. Gary Katz, Gordy Smith made up the photography staff for the '67 SPIRIT. THE ADS STAFF, Kathy Ellen, Sara Peterson, Nancy Mosier, and Donna Chalmers, worked diligently selling and arranging adver- tisements. THE MONEY ! ENDERS Betty Sivesind and Marie McMonagle. had an extra large job since there were over 1.000 SPIRITS sold. EDITORIAL STAFF left to right Polly Peterson. Mars Talbot. Mark Hamilton. Chuck Maurer. Susan Bunce. Bobbi Mclntire. Jane Engel- dinger Greg Harrison. Missy Matterson. KAREN ETHINGTON PERFORMS some of the last minute details of the editor-in-chief.Debaters exercise verbal and mental talents DEBATE FROA Rita Burns, Kathy Holdrcn, Julie Welsh Irene Barcus. Sue Haroldsen. Mbs Karen Fox; BACK Nickjudce. Bill Fisher Douy Kirk. Jell Ia-mish. Curtis Christensen, l ert v Frcv, Boh Scott, Peter McXabb. RIFLING THE CARD FTLESwasa typical pastime of debaters this year Debate Interscholastic competition, preceded bv extensive research in books, magazines, and government pamphlets, challenged the thirteen members of the debate squad again this year. Sponsored bv Miss Fox and having been divided into four-mem- ber novice and varsity teams, the debaters were able to express their opinions and knowledge on the subject "Resolved: The Foreign Aid Program of the United States Should Be Limited to Nori-Militarv As- sistance.' Novice teams were for beginning debaters, while the Varsity teams con- sisted of those who had had experience. Team members took either an affirmative or negative viewpoint and debated the is- sue with persons from other schools with opposite opinions. 84Science Seminar Science Seminar is an or- ganisation of students and teachers designed to go be- yond the regular science courses and add to them. 1'heir main project this year was a study of metallurgy. I he Seminar met at I Si for this project, which lasted several weeks. Mr. I rump is the sponsoi of Science Sem- inar. WHAT I''I I ? Onlv Charlie Crane knoivs for sure Science Seminar studies metallurgy SCIENCE SEMINAR -Susan Seidel. Greg Denglcr Becky Davis. Jane Holdren. Nancv Rav. Neil Danielson. I'errv Lewis, Lynda Ray. Wade Wclshons.DECA—FR0.X7 Karen Elhingon. Barb Carter Mary Miller. Linda Al egg, Barb Wood. Peggy Trembly. Marv Walker. Sue McKern; SEC- O.XD: Dixie Rose, Kathy Kropf, Kathy Calhoon, Bruce Foley, Jean Clark Sue Allen, Sandy Routh. Margie Wilcox; BACK Hanson Elaine Kilstrom. Larry Hall, Dave Blackburn Rick Wilson. Steve Pace. Connie Reinsch. Mr. Overturf. GETTING WRAPPED L’P IN HIS WORK was an everyday occurrence for Rodney Myers, electrician's 86 CREATING WINDOW DISPLAYS was one activity of DECA members.Working groups learn by doing DECA. O.E.. VICA The Office Education Club invited outside business speakers in for discussions. The group carried out various social activities, supervised the raising of funds for club activities, and worked to promote the office coop program in the school and community. Hearing speakers on marketing distribution and taking field trips were part of DECA s activities this year The club sold candy as its fund-raising project. The group also participated in the annual state DECA conference. The local coop club joined the national organization this year and became the VICA Club. As part of its activities the club sold pennants and took field trips. At the end of the year a cook-out was held for the members and their employers. OFFICE EDUCATION provided members with valuable on-the-job experience. OFFICE EDUCATION FRO.X JoAnn Wagner, Jan Pepper Jan Dahl, Marge Healey. Jan Miller. Gail Elliott. Jane Schocnenbergcr, Vicki Brinkman. BACK Mr Bennett Mary Hall. Kari Beach, Linda Sills. Judy Thompson. Nancy Oxley. Pat Kennedy. Kay Shoen. Anna Lande. Cathie Bear. MCA—FRONT Wayne Johannes, Craig Anderson. Lloyd I-ee Don Moore, Mike Rader; SECOND: Lowell Johannes, Bob Palmer. Chris Davis. John Hathaway Allen Clark. Frank Perkovich; BACK: Mr. Bcngtson, Benlly York. Rodney Myers. Jim Armstrong, Dave Bushore, Dave Kepley.Clubs appeal to many interests Art Club I'hc officers ol Art Club this year were Connie Adams, president; Mary Lagomarcino, vice-presi- dent; and Linda Ricketts, secretary-treasurer. Members of Art Club visited the Johnson Art Exhibit as well as some privately owned art shops in l)cs Moines. At regular meetings the members did art work on their own. k I Cl I B WAS RESPONSIBLE for the exhibit of student art work which brightened up the study hall walls Here Connie Adams and Linda Ricketts change the display so that more art work can be shown. AR I CLL B -SEA I hi) Mr Jonas. Bobby Patterson Mary Lagomarcino. Connie Adams. I.inda Ricketts: SECO.Xl): Peggy Parks. Linda I -.e. Charlene Hulchcrofl. Carol Powers. Ann Kraft. Main Larson. Linda Magilton Paula Horswell Marilyn Ping: HACK Christiane Bauer. Ilm Jackson Nancy Newton. Lynda Love. Sally Hopkins. Judy Crovisicr Rosie Matuscski, Judy Egglcton. KFA Cl.l'B SEA 1 •-■ ) Bruce Van How-ding, Chuck Rogness Mvror. Swenson. Curtiss Christensen. Mr Bengsbm; SECOXl): Greg Mulhall. Charles Maurer, Larry Skold, Larry Larson Mike Ross. John Bochnke. Steve Rushing; BACK: Pony Campos, Bruce Sandve, Ron Fiscus. Jim Speer, Perry Frey, Dave Stocky. 88FRl'I ICAKK ORDERS .re (Kicked r delivery by Jovee Ingram. Pam sharp and Bn Nilsson. Key Club, FHA Key Club is a service organization sponsored by the Ames Kiwanis Club 1 be boys in Key Club help with Kiwanis activities as well as many projects of their own. These included planting trees as a windbreak for the stadium and shoveling snow to earn monev to buv Hags for the homerooms at AI IS. A major project of MIA this vear was re- verse trick-or-treating at a retirement home. Other activities included a Dad-Daughter Date Night and an April Fools party for new mem- bers. The club sold fruitcakes to earn money to support these projects. At their regular meetings the girls learned to knit and heard a speaker on cosmetology. MYRON sWKNSON president of Kiwanivsponsorcd Krv f lub, t.irrirs nut one of club's manv service projects by helping .it the new stadium. FHA MEMBERS SF.ATFI) Pam Sharp. Marian Stoneberg Bo Nilsson. Barbara Zimmerm.tnn. Joyce Ingram: SIAXDIXG Shirlee Morris, Jeanne Jones. Linda Jefferson. Kathy Coon. Lois Loomis. Miss Anderson. 89CRA CABINET AND REPRESENTATIVES. SEATED; Grace Everson. Barb Hansen. Mary Poeckes. Layne Hamilton: FIRST Susie Seidel, C'heri O'Brien. Kathy Eilctt. Marlene Dales'. Jean Moldenhauer. Vec Hazen. Judy Sorenson. Pat Moldcnhaucr; SECOSD, Georgia Grimes, Vickie Mills Debbie Self, l.vnda Love, l.eanne Brown, Debi Shiffler, Debbie Millctt; HURD Debbie Baldner. Carol Warner. Polly Peterson. Rita MacBridc, Nancy Landon, Cathy Poresdahl. Kathv M Intire. Betty Dankbar GRA, intramurals attract many 1 HE MODERN DANCE CLUB worked out choreography for their spring show at after-school practices. Girls’ athletics In addition to GRA activities, girls had an opportun- ity to participate in synchronized swimming and mod- ern dance clubs for the first time this year. GRA met twice each week for competition in sports including volley- ball. bowling, and basketball. The major officers of the GRA cabinet were Mary Poeckes. president; Barb Han- sen. vice-president; and Lavnc Hamilton, secretary- trcasurcr. The club was sponsored by Miss Wendy Foote. The Synchronettes and the Modern Dance Club each practiced once a week under the direction of Mrs. Anne Jacobson. Their work was climaxed by a program in the spring. FORM RHYTHM. CONCENTRATION the Synchronies practiced hard tocreatea water ballet- fg BASKETBALL PROVED to be the most popular sport in GRA. Ten active teams competed for the championship title. A WIDE VARIETY of sports offered something for everyone in intra- murals. This year, for the first time boys could enjoy a refreshing swim after school. Boys’ intramurals The coming of the new gym and swimming pool brought the A US intramural program back to life after several years of limited activity. This year, boys participated in pass and touch foot- ball. swimming, basketball, volleyball, weightlift- ing, golf, tennis, and horseshoes under the intramural program. THE NEW GYM gave all boys an opportunity to participate in basketball. f'-. «? ••• ■ • F • 91Cheersquad A lot « f hard work is ext hanged lor the honor of being .1 cheerleader. These girls are responsible for keeping the school notified of the results of all meets and games. Their most important job, how- ever. is keeping the spirit high at Alls. This job includes making announcements and signs, doing cafeteria skits, and « heel- ing at pep assemblies. The three cheer- squads—football-basketball, wrestling, and sophomore also meet several times a week for practices. «■r str'. Jl sINGIXt. FOR A VI IORY. the cheersquad generated enthusiasm and enter- tainrd the student body with this Christmas-time cafeteria skit Frequent songs over the PA system also helped liven up homeroom periixls. VARM'IA FOO l BA 1.1.-BAsKF I BALI. CUFF.RSQl AO Barb Heads Karen Stine, Betsv Jackson. Polly Peterson. Julie Cook. Kay Forsythe. Jean Fleig. Hope Reinbold. Vicki Beck. 92 JVARSITY O.HEF.RSQlWI) FOR WREM LING FROM Sally Williams Chcrvl Hansen Marlene I)alev. Hollv Jack- son. Nancy Nims; BACK. Wanda Busch Monica Eckstein, Gloria Richards 25 cheerleaders raise AHS spirit SOPHOMORE ('HIEERSQl'AD included FROXI C'.heri O’Brien.Theresa BACK. Gloria molck. Sandy Underhill Kathv Brown Nadine Nims Beer Pam Bretkenridur, Pam Spicer; 93Pep Club girls spark enthusiasm PEP CLUB CABINET AND REPRESENTATIVES: FRONT, Pat Moldenhauer. Marcia Woldraff. Marianne Stritzel Arm- Bateman. Kaye Soesbe. Nancy Carlson, Lccia Bowen, Holly Jackson. Kathi McKern Nancy Nims Cindy Johnson. Barb Hansen. Susie Williams. ROW 2 Marilyn Sealock, Mary Lokken. Jody Wengert, Diane Erickson. Su anne Shuman, Laurie Gatherum. Bonnie Voelker, Jan Steel, Marilyn Dowel! Cris Peterson, Meredith Me Hone, Mary Jane Scholtes, Margaret Armstrong; BACK. Mrs. Garrett, Mrs Mueller. Mrs Trulin. Sally Hopkins. Martha Stober. Marilyn Kline. Pam Borron. Nancy Houge. Norma Kilstrom. Kay Forsythe. Claudia DuBois. Debbie Baldner. Beltv Johnson WI 1 H GAILY PAINTED HOOPS at basketball games as well as signs in the halls at school, the Pep Club helped to raise AHS spirit. Pep Club The large section of girls seen at AHS athletic events is the Pep Club. These girls provide not only their voices, but also their talents to keep the spirit high. Pep signs be- fore each game and fund-raising bakesales have become an important part of AHS life. The cabinet this year included Kay Forsythe, Nancy Nims, Marilyn Sealock. and Martha Stober. CLEVER SKITS provided at pep assemblies by pep club girls 1' member of the club helped to spread enthusiasm throughout the j' 94THE EXCITEMENT OF a game is always reflected in the reactions of the girls in the Pep Club section. ith an occasional extra to fill a role not suited to a itire student body. PEP CLUB GIRLS show concern in a tense momentYoung cross country team finishes second in state and both ClC meets IMF MOM CONSISTENT Rl'NNKR on the Little Cyclone team this vear proved to hr David Boyd, who finished first for Ames in both conference meets. I KK N I CROSS-COl N I R1» Rl'XNLRs frequentIv turned up .it the w.itet foun- tain. After twelve to eighteen 440's and several miles of "fartlck" the thought of a cool drink sometimes became irresistible DETERMINATION XD HARD WORK helped Jim Bundle finish first or second for Ames in three meets. His teammates acknowl- edged his leadership by electing him captain at the close of the season. MILL AND CROSS COLM'RY RECORD CIC Mile team race: Ames Second State Mile team race: AAAA class. Ames Third Mike Augustine Invitational Cross Country Ames Third CIC Cross Country: Ames Second State Cross Countrv AAA dues mcs Second 96AMES MILE AND CROSS COUNTRY TEAM left to ri ht Denny Sills. Chuck Maurer. Jim Rundle. Gerry Neal. Greg Dengler. Dave Powell. Dave Boyd. Cross Country Mr. Harlan Nlilliken took over as track coach this year following Mr. Covey's retirement last spring. Along with cross-country, he handled the fall track squad. The first meet of the season was the Conference Mile team race, held at Marshalltown on September 17th. Dave Boyd finished third and Jim Rundle took fifth, but the Little Cyclones were overcome by an experi- enced Marshalltown team and had to settle for second place. A week later Ames placed third in the state meet at Cedar Falls as they were edged out of second by only one point. The next two weeks saw the team preparing for its first cross-country meet, the Mike Augustine Invita- tional at Grandview in Des Moines. Ames finished third of fourteen teams, being defeated only by D.M. Roosevelt and Marshalltown. The Little Cyclones again gave the Bobcats a close challenge at the CIC Cross-Country, but a strange course, cold, stiff wind, and strong Marshalltown team were too much to han- dle as Ames finished second. The last race of the season was the state meet, held at Grandview on October 24th. Greg Dengler placed sixth, and Dave Powell was eighth to lead the Ames team to second. This concluded a generally successful season that was marked by the con- sistent determination and good sportsmanship which the team displayed. DISPLAYING THEIR FORM, Dave Powell and Gerry Neal come down the stretch. The Ames runners consistently ran as a team as evidenced by the fact that the first five runners usually finished with- in a spread of only six or seven places. 97Ames wins bell back from Boone Football The Cyclone Gridders ended the season with a 2-6-1 overall record and a 1-4 conference record. The highlight of the season was the single conference win. The Little Cyclones had to put together their best per- formance of the season to beat Boone. The Victor)' Bell finally came back to Ames High after four years of frustration. Captain Ron Watson was named to the first all-CIC team. Junior Chris Haugen was placed on the second team and seniors Dave Kinkcr. Mike Beman. and Chris Davis were on the third team. FOR THE FIRST TIME in four years the Victory Bell found its home in AHS. VARSITY RECORD (2-6-1) Ames . . . . 19 DM. Tech 14 Ames . . . . 12 Oskaloosa 14 Ames . . . 14 Boone 0 Ames . . . . . . 7 Marshalltown . 28 Ames . . . . 7 West Waterloo 25 Ames .... . . . . 20 DM. Lincoln 20 Ames . . . . 7 Grinnell 20 Ames .... . . . . 0 Newton 13 Ames . ... 6 D.M. Roosevelt ... 35 VARSITY LINEMEN—FROST. Bob Young. Chuck Fujin.ik.i, John Wall. Mike Barcus, Chuck Rogncss. Steve Wearth Mark Penkhus. Andy Singer. Mark Borke; SECOSD: Mike Latta. Mark Bodcn. Mark Hamilton. Mike Kitchell Bob Hamilton. Dennis Plumb Dick Keig- ley, Gary Zmolck. Ron Johnson; HACK Steve Wells, Dave Stuckv, Rick Stephens, Dick Vohs, Steve Donhowe. Denny Kunvan. John Lovell Jack Highland. Ron Tesdali. JThe Cyclones opened the first season in the new stadium impressively against Des Moines Tech, leading at half-time 19-0. However the Engineers came back in the second half and Ames had to fight for a 19-14 win. Ames traveled to Oskaloosa the following week. The Little Cyclones matched touch- downs with the Indians, but extra points told the story as Ames came out on the short end of a 14-12 score. Coach Spatchcr. assisted by Line Coach Mendenhall and End Coach Impecoven, worked the squad overtime in preparation for the Boone game. The student body worked overtime, too, and spirit was in high gear on the night of the game. However, Boone High also brought an inspired team and cheering section. The game was fiercely fought and the teams left the field at half-time tied 0-0. The long drilling paid off in the second half as the Orange and Black put together two sustained drives and won, 14-0. The exuberant team lifted the coaches on their shoulders and re- trieved the cherished victory bell from the Boone cheerleaders. HEAD COACH CECIL SPATCHER plans the second half strategy at the tense Lincoln game. VARSITY BACKS AND ENDS—FRONT: Owen Austrheim, Mike Bcman, Rich Burns. Denny Bappe, Bob Jeffrey. Barry Baker. Chris Davis. Joe Hostetler; SECOND: Bill Case, Terry Tuttle. Larry Laschc. Dave Bliss. Ron Watson, Dave Kinker, Vic Rothacker, John Carpen- ter. Rich Engclhardt; THIRD led Politis. Rex Pictz, Chris Haugen, Doug Fincham, Dave Catus. Steve Pierce. Don Agard, Craig Bodcn, Mike Lange; BACK: Ron Peters. Steve Lovely. Jim Pepper. 99ONE CONSISTENT ASPECT of the Cyclones’ attack was the punting. Denny Bappe gets an excellent ki k awav i' his teammates pr- teo HUGGING THE BALL. Rich Burns threads his way through the Toreador defenses. HALFBACK RICH BURNS fights for extrayardage against CIC champ Newton. Cyclone record: 2—6—1 CAPTAIN RON WATSON lunges in .1 valiant attempt to block a kick Ron was named to the first all-CICteam. QUARTERBACK DAVE BUSScallsihe play in the huddle 101I he Cyclones lost the next two games to Marshalltown 28-7 and West Waterloo 25-7 before coming up against a tough Des Moines Lincoln team. In this game Ames scored an up- set and spoiled Lincoln's homecoming game by ticing them 20-20. The last three games spelled disaster for the Orange and Black. They lost the homecoming game to Grinnell 20-7. They put up a good fight, but lost to conference champion Newton 13-0. In the final game the Roosevelt Rough Riders trounced Ames 35-6. A CYCLONE BACK follows his blocks through the Waterloo defenses. A LARGE AND ENERGETIC CHEERING SECTION turned out tochccr the Little Cyclones on in the Homecoming game. d 102Sophomores have 7 season record Sophomore football The sophomore football team completed an excellent season under the new leadership of Coach Jim Friest, assisted by George Duvall. They showed superb balance as they ended the season with a ‘'-I record. The tough defense held all op- ponents to a combined total of 44 points while the steady offense was scoring 183 points. Only two teams were able to score more than one touchdown on the Cyclones. East made three touchdowns, but the sophs easily outdistanced them 35-18. The Little Cyclones were unde- feated until the final game when the Roosevelt Rough Riders came out on top 14-7. SOPHOMORE RECORD (7-D Ames ... 19 Marshalltown . 0 Ames . . . . 7 Lincoln D.M. . 6 Ames . . . 16 Nevada 0 Ames . . . 35 East D.M 18 Ames . . . . . 38 Tech D.M . . . . 7 Ames . . . 41 Boone . . 6 Ames . . ... 1 Roosevelt D.M. . . . 14 COACH JIM FRIEST. in his first year of coaching .it Ames, led the sophs to a winning season. SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL TEAM—FROSi Coach George Duvall. Coach Jim Friest; SECOXD Brent Anderson, Steve Seidlcman, Chuck Carter. Steve Ward, Lyle Scandrett. Dell Brown. Danny Craig, Dennis Mealy. Don Page; THIRD: Greg Mulhall. Biff Baird. Jim Ryan. Paul Fcycrabcnd. Conrad Anderson. Charles Ellis. Wally Holdredgc. Dave Gammon. John Gossard; FOUR TH: Tom Hostetter. Denny Pvle, Steve Boyd, Lowell Kingsbury. Hcnrv Hannusch. Keith Larson, Jerry BartrufT. Steve Brunia. Brian Johnson. Bill Staudcr; • • Ivan Romero. Pete Valentin, Gary Catus. Steve Halterman, Mike Stohlmeycr. Charles Greene. Steve Highland. Rob Simpson. Ross Allen. Jim Litten, Clay Bauskc, Warren Unger.SEASON S RECORD (5-6-1) Ames . . , ...22 S. E Polk 22 Ames . . . . 20 Urbandale . . . . 23 Ames . . . 21 D. M. Lincoln .... 19 Ames .17 Carroll Kuemper .... 23 Ames . . . 28 Ankenv . . 13 Ames . . . 15 Marshalltown 29 Ames 30 Nevada . 16 Ames . . . 28 D. M. North . . . 12 Ames . . . 28 Perry ...21 Ames . 20 Grinnell .... 26 Ames 18 Tama-Toledo . . 22 Ames . . . ...17 Newton .... 24 COACHES IMPECOVEN AND MENDENHALL watch their wrestlers perform Wrestlers take 3rd in CIC WRESTLING TEAM FROST: Bob Nillson. Rich L'nger. Owen Austrheim, Dave Kane. Dick Bauder. Don McCullough. Bruce Trump. Chris Davis. Mark Boden, Chris Haugen. Steve Wcarth, John Wall, Coach Mendenhall; SECOXD: Shazada Khan Mike Owen. Gars- Zeliadt. Mar- tin Stewart. Tom Hostetler, Mark Borke, Bob Hamilton, Dell Brown, Dave Fincham. Ed Fawkes. Coach Impecoven THIRD: Bill Davis. Steve Ward, Ron Coy, Gene Young. Art Wirtz. Jerry McCoy. Sieve Wells. Peter Valentin. Steve Sicdelmann: FOURTH: I-irrv Conies . Bill Pepper. Bill Nichols. Bruce Sandvc, John Boehnke. Jon Odor. Jack Highland. Craig Boy Ian, Steve Boyd; FIFTH Art Barton. Lee Collins. Dick Sorenson John Wolf, Delmar Ltmpe. Ken Russell. 104DON McCULLOUGH EFFECTIVELY EXECUTES a figure four ride CHRIS HAUGEN WRAPS UP another opponent. Chris was the only Cy clone underclassman to make it to the state tournament. Cyclone wrestlers finished third in the CIC tournament and qualified three men for the state tournament. Head Coach Jack Mendenhall, as- sisted by Mr. Bob Impccoven, led the team to a 5—6—1 dual record and the reserves to a 6—6 record. In tournament competition the Cyclones did well. They placed first in the sectionals, third in the district, second in the Algona Invi- tational, and third in the Corning Invitational. Three men. Chuck Rogness, Mark Boden, and Chris Haugen, qualified for the state tourna- ment.Swimmers win conference championship SWIMMING TEAM—FRONT Dave Burgan. Rick Prtcrson Stew Buck |im Pratt. Steve Brunia. Nandi Chenik. Mike Gross SECOND Mark Mathison. Steve Hopkins. Dave Link Dave Kenworthy Kirk Geisi. Steve I'ntrauer. Garv Jones 'manager’. THIRD: Coa h Fitzgerald. Dirk Savers. John Mathison. Dave Staniforth. AI Livingston, Mark Bauske. George Firkins. Tim Reynolds. Wally Smith imanaeeri l.indv Bu k. HACK Lachv Smith Boh Vance, Ed (Xlund, Jim Speer. Mike Moreland (manager). Terry Lambert (manager Swimming Ames swimmers completed a highly successful season for their second year of competition. Coach Fitzgerald's first year at Ames High and the team's first year in the new pool resulted in a dual record of eight wins and three losses and a conference championship. The Little Cyclones lost their first meet of the season 55 1 2-39 1 2 at Newton, but evened their record by defeating Iowa City 71-24 in their first home meet. Ames won every event except for a rules technicality as they downed Boone 71-23. Ames next lost to Roosevelt (38-57) before edging Lincoln in the final event 48-4''. Marshalltown was the Little Cyclones' next victim (52- 43). Ames trounced Lech 70-25. and then avenged an earlier loss as they defeated Newton. 62-33. Ames scored in every event as they captured their first CIC title at Marshalltown. Oslund and Sayers had two firsts each. Pratt one. and Lindy Buck repeated as diving champ to lead the Little Cyclones. Ames then defeated North (68-2”) and Boone (38-3 ) before losing their last dual meet to Fort Dodge, 39-56. The Little Cyclones placed third in district competi- tion at Cedar Rapids as they qualified nine swimmers for the state meet. Ames showed well against the stiff competition, placing thirteenth. RELAY RACES count high in meet scoring. Here Dave Burgan takes of! on the third leg of the 200 yd. medley relay. COACH I.YLE FITZGERALD came to the high school from Welch Junior High. This was his second year as swimming coach.SEASONS RECORD Ames 39 1 2 Newton 55 1 2 Ames 71 Iowa City 24 Ames 71 Boone 23 Ames 38 Roosevelt DM. 37 Ames 48 Lincoln DM. 47 Ames 32 Marshall- town 43 Ames 70 Tech DM. 25 Ames 62 Newton 33 CIC meet Ames Marshall- 73 town 58 Newton 43 Boone 26 Ames 68 North D M 27 Ames 58 Boone 37 Ames 39 Fort Dodge 36 District Ames (3rd) State Ames (13th) SAYERS AND BRUNIA take-off in the 200 yd. individual mcdlcv. i i» Swim team has 8—3 Record THE BUCK BROTHERS, Lindy (left), a senior and Stew a sopho- more finished first and second in the conference meet Both brothers competed in the state meet STATE RUNNER-UP Ed Oslund swam well for Ames all year. Oslund was one of six Ames sophomores who qualified for the state meet, and he accounted for 23 1 2 of Ames' 26 1 2 points. 107Cyclones take Third Place in CIC Basketball The Little Cyclones' 1966-1967 basketball season gave fans much more excitement than the 12-6 record shows. The record, with a third-place finish in the CIC, does not tell the whole story. The wins included ones over some of the top-ranked teams in the state. Cyclone come- from-behind victories time after time left fans in a happy frenzy at the final buzzer. Wins over Marshalltown, I)es Moines Roosevelt and Des Moines North helped Ames work its way up the polls in the last half of the season. Also this season, the Orange and Black finally found a permanent home. After having played their “home” games at Central junior High and at the Iowa State Univer- sity Armory, the Cyclones finished out the season in the newly-completed gymnasium. HEAD COACH GEORGE DUVALL signals for a time out to talk over strategy. VARSITY' BASKETBALL TEAM FROX7 Denny Bappe. Mike Bcman Ron Watson. Dick Gibbs. Rick Engel. Dave Bliss. SECOXD: Coach George Duvall. Jim Baird. Don Agard. Gordv Accola, Bill Good. Bill Bacon. Coach (axil Spatcher THIRD: Ron Peters John Carpenter. Dave Riley, Bill Case. Jim Ryan. Rich Engelhard!JUBILAN I FANS cut down the nets after the Roosevelt same SEASON'S RECORD (12-6) Ames . . . 54 Mason City ... 61 Ames . ... 64 West Waterloo . . . . . 55 Ames ...67 Newton 46 Ames ... 38 Marshalltown . . . 56 Ames . . . 66 Oskaloosa 49 Ames . . . 67 Cedar Falls . . . 65 Ames . . . 63 DM. Roosevelt ... 56 Ames . .. 59 Nevada .. . 55 Ames . . . 60 Grinnell 62 Ames . . . . 58 Webster Citv 63 Ames . . . 71 Boone 68 Ames ...57 Newton . . . 52 Ames ... 73 DM. North . . . 70 Ames . . . 74 Marshalltown . . . 66 Ames . . . . 56 Oskaloosa 44 Ames ... 58 Grinnell 60 Ames ... 85 Boone . . . .53 Ames . .. 56 DM Roosevelt ... 59 THF. CYCLONES AND THE BOBCATS square off for the jump at the opening of the game. The Ames-Nlarshalltown game was one of the most hotly contested of the season. I « 109REBOUNDS ARE HARD 1 O COME BY. as Ron Watson and Rick Engel show against Newton. COACH DUVALL GETS A RIDE off the floor after the close North game. Little Cyclones, record perfect in new gym The Cyclones' first of many heroic moments came during Christmas vacation against the number 1- ranked Des Moines Roosevelt Rough Riders. Roose- velt was undefeated to that point, while the Cyclones had a 4-2 record, including an 18 point loss to Mar- shalltown. Ames kept up with the taller Des Moines team and pulled ahead to stay in the final minutes, winning 63-56. Highly-rated Des Moines North was Ames’ first opponent in the long-awaited new gym. Cy- clones were underdogs again, but rose to the occa- sion and gave a large, spirited home crowd an ex- citing show. After being behind at half time, the Orange and Black stormed back and won in the last ten seconds 73-70. ALL EYES ARE ON THE BALL as Dick Gibbs and Dave Bliss get in position for the rebound. noGrinnell ............................................. 1 Marshalltown........................................ 8-2 Ames.................................................7-3 Boone............................................... 3-7 Newton..............................................3-7 Oskaloosa...........................................0-10 The following week Ames set out to revenge its worst loss of the season and keep its record perfect on the home court, against Marshalltown. The first half looked like a repeat of the last meeting with the Bobcats, as the Cyclones trailed by 11 points. W ith a spectacular second-half surge. Ames came out on top, 74-66. Boone traveled to Ames for the last regular season home game It was also Ames High School championship night. All former state champions came back to be honored at the game. The team played like champions, too. They showed much im- provement over their meeting against the Toreadors earlier in the season in which Boone forced Ames into an overtime. Cy- clones dominated play from the opening jump and romped on to a 85-53 win. CENTER RON WATSON was sidelined part of the season with a foot injury. DEADLY ACCURACY by Dick Gibbs kept Ames one step ahead of Marshalltown 111Sophs 6—4 Record Finishes 2nd in CIC SOPHOMORE RECORD (8-8) Ames . ... 34 Mason City . 42 Ames . . . . ... . 40 West Waterloo .... . . . 60 Ames . ... 61 Newton .... 67 Ames . . . . . ... 44 Marshalltown .... 70 Ames . . . . .... 52 Oskaloosa . . 43 Ames . ... 76 Cedar Falls . . . 68 Ames . . . . . ... 55 DM. Roosevelt ... 64 Ames . . . . . ... 88 Grinnell .. . . 54 Ames . . . . ... 64 Boone .... 69 Ames . . . . . ... 71 Newton . . . 62 Ames . . . . . ... 63 D M. North . . . . 45 Ames . ... .... 70 Marshalltown . ... 78 Ames . . . . . ... 73 Oskaloosa .... 46 Ames . . . . .... 80 Grinnell . . . 62 Ames ... 93 Boone 62 Ames .... . . . . 56 D.M. Roosevelt . . . ... 73 WHEN THE FOOTBALL SEASON ENDS and the basketball season begins has been a point of controversy amongst the sophomores. 112 COACH PRIESTMarshalltown Ames ....... Newton Boone ...... Grinncll . . .. Oskaloosa 10-0 6-4 5-5 4-6 3-7 2-8 The sophomore basketball team finished with a 8-8 record. Although they were just at the .500 mark for the season, they did well with a 6-4 con- ference record, good for second place behind Mar- shalltown. Jim Friest, in his first year of coaching, used most of the boys, giving them good experience for varsity ball. A B(X)NK TOREADOR STARES in amazement as Denny Mealy goes up to stuff the ball. SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL TEAM FRO AT. Denny Mealy. Conrad Anderson, Jim Ryan, Ron Jordan. Clay Bauske. Brian Johnson; SECOXD: Dick Bristol. Don Page. Lyle Scandrett Danny Craig, Biff Baird; IHIRD Dave Klatt, Steve Malterman. Ross Allen. Jim Lvtton. Chuck Carter. Coach Jim Priest. 113THE CYCLONES’ “BIG MEN”—Dick Gibbs, left, and Ron Watson, right, led the team through its great tournament showing. Dirk was elected to the first all-state team and the Cyclones' most valuable player Ron was team captain and was on the second all-state team. Also receiving honors were Denny Bappe. Mike Beman, and Rick Engel. Almost—but: Ames 2nd in state State tournament For 24 glorious minutes, the impossible was coming true: Ames led Iowa’s superteam. Cedar Rapids Jefferson, by 12 points at the half of the final tournament game. But the odds finally caught up with the Little Cyclones; Ames lost. 72-71. in overtime. The road to state had its ups and downs, but Ames picked up speed as the goal neared. In both district games Ames got off to slow starts but quickly got control again, winning over Boone, 74-61, and Ankeny, 87-56. Substate play brought considerably stiffer competition and the Little Cyclones needed strong finishes to earn a berth in the state tournament. Upset-minded Fort Dodge got off to a fast start and led at the half by ten points. It wasn't until the end of the third quarter that Ames started to storm back to win. 57-55. F.motion ran high as the Little Cyclones faced Grinnell. the only team to beat Ames twice during the regular season, each time by onlv two points. Both teams shot cold percentages. At the final buzzer Ames had revenge. 38-37. and got into the state tourna- ment for the second time in two vears. In the quarterfinals the Cyclones were able to breathe easier as they outclassed Jefferson. “2-40. According to newspaper predictions, the Little Cvclones were destined to lose the rest of their tournament games. But in the semifinals against Des Moines North. Ames won going away, 73-54. The high school office had a run on tickets for the final game. Some enthusiastic students staved in line all night in 10° weather to get tickets. By 4 a.m. more than 200 were waiting for the office to open. SO CLOSE AND YET SO FAR. a disappointed Ames team accepts the second-place trophvSHORT MAN ON THE TEAM. Mike Beman shows that he can hold his own in the jump circle against Cedar Rapids Jefferson. MR. ADAMS WAS A PROUD MAN as he spoke to a rally of supporters 2500 strong after the championship game. Newspaper reporters and radio commentators felt that the state championship game was going to be anticlimactic, with Ames, a team which had had a number of close calls through- out the tournament, playing Cedar Rapids Jefferson, the top team of Iowa. Cedar Rapids was ranked number one. had never lost to an Iowa team, and had beaten everyone in the tournament by a least 16 points. Cyclones had been underdogs before and in the championship game they were to sec their proudest moment. Little Cyclones completely outran Cedar Rapids in the first half, leading by 12 points at halftime. Jeffer- son came back with their height advantage and shooting skill to tie the score at the end of regulation time. 63-63. In the first overtime in an Iowa state tournament championship game, the Little Cyclones lost. '72- 'l. A crowd of 2300 came to the school that night to welcome home a second-place team that played like champions. TOURNAMENT RECORD Ames . ... 74 Boone . 61 Ames . . . . .... 87 Ankeny . . . 36 Ames . ... 37 Fort Dodge ... 33 Ames . . ... 38 Grinnell ... 37 Ames . . . . . ... 72 Jefferson . 40 Ames . ... 73 D M. North ... 34 Ames ... 71 C.R. Jefferson . . . . . . 72 nsIndoor track prepares for spring COACH HARLAN MILLIKIN is in his first year .it Ames High, coming here from Reedsport. Oregon A line runner himself. Mr. Millikin currently holds f»oth the indoor and outdoor open half-mile records at Iowa State [ r POLE-VAULTING without a cross-har, Steve Davis talus advantage of an opportunity to practice his form Pole-vaulting requires agility strength, and lots of nerve.WITH A Bl’RVT OF SPEED the sprinters roar out of the blocks. Indoor Track Track runs the year round at Ames High, and in the winter the program is known as indoor track. Starting during Christmas vacation, practices arc held on week nights and Saturday mornings at the Iowa State indoor track in the basement of the men's gym. Although there are only two indoor meets, the Federation and State, both late in March, indoor track helps athletes to pre- pare for the spring season, which begins with warmer weather. Along with the eight lettermen back from last year's state indoor championship team, about ?5 boys were active in indoor track. Returning lettermen included: Chris Davis, Joe Hensing. Joe Hostctter, Larry Last he, Gerry Neal, Steve Pierce, and Jim Rundle. PRACTICING PASSES, Thompson and Lovely demonstrate the NIGHTLY MEETINGS of the entire squad gave Mr Millikin an proper method of completing a speed exchange, opportunity to expound on his track philosophy. a i m 117FACULTY I know them well. They arc often searching people. They search for answers and truth in the young. I know them well. They are often wealthy people. Each day I see them gather satisfaction, respect, and truth. I know them well. They are often brave people. They dare to take young minds and shape them and hold them and make them rich. I know them well. They arc always human people. School system builds pool, gym School board For twelve years the Ames school system has been smoothly directed by Mr. Walter Hetzel, who has played an important role in establishing the high standard of education in Ames. One of his major responsibilities has been to hire the teachers neces- sary to maintain this high level of learning. Planning for the future was an important con- cern of the Ames Board of Education. A new jun- ior high school, land for another elementary school, and the sale of the Central playground were among the major issues which faced the Board. The new city-school swimming pool was ready for summer use although workmen were still adding finishing touches last fall. The gym was far enough along to allow use of it during the winter. I Mr Hctzd 120Mr. Adams Mr Ritland Administration For twenty-three years Mr. Herbert Adams has been principal of Ames High School. Under his supervision AHS has grown to be what it now is: one of the most respected schools in the country. In the offices of Mr. Ritland and Mrs. Whitney many of the major administrative duties are handled. As vice-principal of AHS, Mr. Ritland shares the heavy responsibilities of Mr. Adams. Well-known to every student is Mrs. Whitney, whose main duties lie in guidance services and as senior girls' advisor. Mrs. Whitney 121Staff efficient OFFICE STAFF—Mrs Pauline Caldwell, general treasurer. Mrs. Lois Carr, attendance clerk, and Mrs. Pat Neubauer are shown Not pictured is Mrs. Daisy Flack Counselors, clerks The guidance offices arc where schedules arc decided, futures are planned, and problems are heard. At the request of these offices, representatives from colleges all over the country come to help students choose their future school. This year Mr. Ripp left his teaching duties to assume those of counselor. New to the coun- seling staff this year was Mrs. Maxon. The tremendous amount of administrative paperwork is handled by the secretaries in the front office. Mrs. Vcgors Mrs. Maxon Mrs. Hcrst 122Seniors offered 7 English courses SENIOR ADVANCED STANDING English students had many a lively discussion with their teacher Miss McNally Senior English "How do you address snowflakes, individually or collec- tively?” Peanuts Seniors were required to take two semesters of English and were offered a variety of courses, including English literature, world literature, communication skills, develop- mental reading, and journalism. Another course offered was advanced standing, which was the equivalent of freshman English in the Iowa universities. In this final year of high school, English teachers make their last attempt to instill the basics of English into their students. Students may even learn the proper form of ad- dressing snowflakes. Miss McNally J Mrs. R.uiskc Mrs. Mueller 123New junior English course added ET TU. BRl'TE!—Sophomores English students Karen Carlson, Janice Baker, Danny Craig, and Lyle Seandrctt study a replica of the Globe theater in anticipation of William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. NEW THIS YEAR. English 11 classes stressed the study of contemporary authors using dis- V Mrs. Sabourin Mrs. Anderson Mrs. Thompson 124cushion group» frequently. The claw, is an elec- tive substitute for American Literature Mrs Reno Jr., Soph. English To bo able to speak and use English correctly would be a fitting aspiration for anyone. As a step toward this goal. English is required every high school year. Be- ginning with speech, literature, and composition in their sophomore year, students move to American Literature or English 11 as juniors. Each year honors courses arc available, with the Honors American Literature class publishing a literary magazine. Scratch PatA each spring. Writing un-auto-biographies is one of the chal- lenging projects of the sophomore I lonors English classes. READING SPEED is increased o. u e of the Controlled Reader in De- velopmental Reading. Rich Burns is operating the new machine 1 Mr. Gronvall Mrs. Ward 125New drama heads DILIGENTLY WORKING to finish the set on time are stagecraft crew members Mary Sue Riggand Martha Anderson. Drama, speech Two new teachers, Mr. Zitzlsperger and Mrs. Austin, offered sophomores a speech program marked by experiences in public speaking and areas of speech students are likely to encounter. The drama department, also under the direc- tion of these two teachers, gave students an opportunity to practice some of the techniques learned in speech. Mrs. Austin Mr Zitzlsperger ALMOST EVERYT HING was demonstrated in sophomore speech. Steve Ward shows how a twelve-string guitar differs from a six-string one. 1 STUDENTS HELPED with library routine. Library assistants were FRO XI Julie Kutish. Paula Horswcll. Vicki Erbe. Barb Bock hop. s'ue Haroldson. Glenda Love; BACK Tony Campos. Mary l-agomarcino; not shown. Dennis Moore Library Juniors and seniors returned to school this year to find the library completely redesigned. The new plan proved to be more efficient and workable to the faculty and students, as well as the librarians. Mrs. Hoover found time to do work as a research librarian to the delight of the many students who did research themes and projects. Library rearranged Mrs. Hoover Mrs. Shuman 127EVERY MODERN LANGUAGE student spent an hour each week in the language laboratory improving pronunciation skills Dave Catus was in one of the 18 classes to take advantage of this. Mrs. Vandccar Mr. Falleson AHS offers Miss von Wittich 128students after school 3nd funds for club treasuries. four languages Mrs. Dcmcl Foreign languages ” 'Good morning, Christopher Robin.' said Pooh. " Winnie the Pooh If Pooh had been lucky enough to go to Ames I ligh. he might have wished Christopher Robin “Buenos Dias." “Bon jour.” “Guten Morgen." or “Salve." Students of A US have the opportunities of the foreign language de- partment that Pooh missed. I’his department's facilities include a laboratory where students can become adept at pronunciation and usage. Latin classes primarily con- sisted of sophomores while the majority of language stu- dents took French. A MOBILE MAKES studying the history ol France interesting for French students Missy Matterson and Marie MacMonaglc. 129Miss Fox REPUBLICANS VS. DEMOCRATS in room 202. Martha Stobcrand Kathy Willrich inspect the Democratic board, while the Republicans are on the other side of the room Social studies To make this world and this country a better place to live in, it is necessary that each American become an active citizen. In order to prepare for their future roles as citizens, students are required to take American history as juniors and American government as seniors. Many Ames High students, however, took social studies courses as electives. These courses included economics, interna- tional relations, world history, and sociology. For the first time, economics and American government were offered as full-year courses. Mr. Priest Mrs. Shatter 130PANEL DISCUSSIONS give Jim Dodd Dirk Savers Cindy War kcr.Jerilyn Duel and Mark Boden a chance to express their views in I.R. class. Panels, posters spark social studies Mr. F.nquist Miss Harlan Mr. Page 131Students excel in math contestIT'S NOT AN EGO. it’s an ellipse " explains Nanev Mosier to Mar.- Talbot and Jana Koestner. Trigonometry is one of four senior math courses offered. Mathematics ‘So if a man's wit be wandering, let him study mathe- matics. " Sir Francis Bacon Four times out of the seven years Ames High has entered the National Math Contest, the team score has merited a certificate of outstanding proficiency. This directly reflects on the excellent background students receive in the AHS math department. Because of this department's superior program, most Ames High stu- dents include a math course in their schedule. The courses oflered are applied math, geometry, trigo- nometry. analytical geometry. probability and statis- tics, and five semesters of algebra. Mr Wood Mr. Spratt Mrs. Hanson Mr. Heideman 133 Science unlocks wonders of life PHYSICAL SCIKNCE. new this year, integrated chemistry and physics. Mary Pocckes and Ron Coy try an experiment Mrs. Crane Mr. Jones Mr Sturtevant Mr. Trump Mr. Spatcher DEAD Bl'GS fascinate biology students Performing entomological observation are Peggy Joseph. Cynthia Kluck. and Donna Larson. Science "Do you know why the sun is round, Charlie Brown?" Peanuts Maybe Charlie Brown does not know why the sun is round, but the six teachers in the science depart- ment arc sure to know. They also know much about biology, physical science, physics, and chemistry. Their knowledge is supplemented by excellently equipped laboratories, beehives, a green house, and a virgin prairie. WHAT EVERY PHYSICS STUDENT KNOWS is how to operate a slide rule. Mark Hamilton practices on the oversized model. 135Art, music Popular at Ames High were the fine arts in which students participated in band, orchestra, vocal music , and art. The marching band num- bered 133 members in 1966, as Mr. Day cele- brated his thirty-ninth year at A US. New to the instrumental music department was Mr. Closs, who directed the orchestra. The choir, under Mr. Wiser, gave more concerts this year, as well as singing for the teachers' meeting in the spring. The art department continued under the su- pervision of Mr. Jonas. In this program students studied forms of art including realism and sur- realism. Mr. Jonas Nlr Wiser WATER COLOR is onlv one of the manv media with which Mark Johnson and other an students worked. HOl'RS OF PRACTICE were spent in preparation for the annual All-State Chorus try-outs. Garv Zmolek. Javnc Os-Fine arts foster self-expression SEVEN I Y- IX TROMBONES in the bit; parade Maybe Amo High doesn't have seventy-six trombones but I hey arc well represented as the marching band practices for half-time entertainment Mr Day trem. Barb Hansen, and Mike Wiser were in one of four quartets representing Ames High.Mrs. Garrett Mrs. Buttrey Mr. Garman B.E. prepares for future careers Mrs. Trulin Mrs. Weaver Business education The majority of students taking; business courses at Ames High seek clerical positions after graduation. ITie challeng- ing job of the business education staff is to prepare these people for careers immediately following their high school year. The business education programs give excellent prepa- ration for the student interested in clerical work, including the courses of bookkeeping, office practices, business law. business management, typing, shorthand, filing, and busi- ness machines. Business courses are also popular with college-bound stu- dents who realize the immediate and potential value such study provides. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECI Teachers found ihe proverb was «rue The only (rouble was keeping (he students typing after hnishint; (he course.Mr Bennett Mr Bengtson Mr Ovcrturf DE, Co-op teach practical skills DE and co-op Distributive Education and Co-op provide valuable work experience for those who participate in the pro- grams. This experience is often the major factor in helping a student decide on a career. A great variety of jobs are open to the students. Included are cadet teach- ing. practical nursing, skilled labor, and sales and office work. A student in Distributive Education or Co-op divides his day into attending regular classes and working at his job. In these programs, the student receives both academ- ic credits and paychecks for his services. ELLING PAINT and draperies first semester for credit was Sandy Routh, town helping a customer at Irvine's. TWO STUDENTS. Larry Hall and Ron McMillcn. fulfill part of their DE requirements by building a display in one of the windows in the upper hall.WORKING ON A BLOCK was one of the practical experiences pro- vided for Bruce Nelson, an auto mechanics student Practical arts Skilled labor is in great demand in the world to- day. Because of this, technical training in industrial arts is becoming more important than ever before. , Following this trend Ames High has developed a large industrial arts department offering drafting, woodworking, and auto mechanics. Drafting offers students background for an architectural career while woodworking is always practical in repair work. The students in auto mechanics work on I actual auto engines in the shop. In the spring of 1966 the industrial arts department won first place in the Trouble Shooting Contest sponsored by the Chrysler Corporation. t Mr. MacBride Mr. Stone Shop courses stress how-to PRECISION WAS REQUIRED of every drafting student Here Barr. Davion works diligently on a mechanical drawing plate. Mr. Faas 140 Classes vary FLOWER ARRANGING in home « serves as an outlet for Lois Loames' creativity Many homemaking skills arc taught. Practical skills A well-equipped home economics department welcomed Miss Anderson as she began her first year of teaching at Ames High. Seventy-five students took part in the home economics program which offered Personal and Family Living and a regular home economics course. Another teacher new to Ames High was Mrs. Pohorille. who instructed the work-study class. Mr. Covey, retired from coaching, took charge of the study hall. He continued, however, to have an active interest in the AHS athletic program. Miss Anderson Mrs. Pohorille Mr. Covey Mrs. Jacobsen Physical education Since the swimming pool and gymnasium were completed this year, the Physical Education Depart- ment was greatly expanded. Two new teachers were added to the staff, providing extensive supervision and training in a wide range of sports and activities. Besides swimming lessons. Ames High girls for the first time attended mental health lectures and played field hockey. The boys' program continued much the same as last year, featuring wrestling and softball, with the new sports of swimming and water polo being added. HARD-FOUGHT as any football game, the sport showed fast action and plenty of tension. Miss Foote WII.D COSTUMES and body English marked girls' physical education classes as they learned all about field hockey. 142New facilities expand PE program WATER POLO in «he new pool enlivened boys’ F riday elective gym classes Boys used the pool the first half of each semester and girls the second Mr. Smalling Mr. Mendenhall Mr. Fitzgerald M3u 1 I ■ I THE CAFETERIA STAFF arc FROST: Mrs. F.tha Hutchcroft, Mrs. Dorothy Wagner Mrs Cornelia Erickson Mrs Irene Adamson. Mrs Polly Scheuermann, Mrs. Waneva Huffman. Mrs. Anna Mac Thiel; RACK Mrs Donna Sparboe, Mrs. Twyla Watson. Mrs. Catherine Elli: Mrs Verne Scandrett. Mrs. Irma Matson. Not pictured is Mrs. Marilyn Larson New dietician planned meals Mrs. Spatcher and Mrs. Smalling Cafeteria staff “Xo thing left but the bare bones. " Peanuts Ames High acquired a new dietician this year, Mrs. Etha Hutchcroft. Menus were replanned and AHS had another year of enjoyable lunches. Mrs. Hutchcroft worked closely with the cooks in planning meals and seeing that lunches were served efficiently. 144Students help keep wheels moving Helpers Education in the modern high school is a cooperative affair. Not only docs it require a smoothly co- ordinated team of teachers and ad- ministrators and the services of many other people, but the stu- dents themselves must help. And many do—some receiving pay, others working long hours with no compensation other than knowing that they are helping to make Ames High the school it is. They help with library routines, distrib- ute materials, pick up and record CAFETERIA HELPERS this vear were: FROX , Sue Millikin, Kathy Holdren, and passes, and perform a multitude of Jane Robinson HACK Mitchel Weller. Sieve Anderson Ierrv Lambert and Steve other chores. Hopkins. OFFICE HELPERS were FROX Beth Weiser, Marlene Ixe Viola Howe, and Ann Thomas; HACK, Sue Francis. Barbara Fagan. Vicki Erbe. Margo Van Patter. Julie Klcinschmidt. and Iandell Robertson AUDIO-VISUAL AIDES were: FROX T. Mr MacBride. sponsor. Gary Katz, Martin Stewart, Charles Van Patter, and Richard Patterson. HACK. Pryor Ward. Kosta Constantine, and Barry Dayton.STUDENTS Without them I would stand here empty. They—the young—come to me and keep me young. Each year there are new faces. They stay too short a while and are gone. I give them growth, knowledge, and laughter, before they leave me. They give me life.Seniors Among the worries and frustra- tions that a senior year brings, the business of planning Senior Week and graduation must be carried out. This is the responsibility of the Senior Senate. The officers of Senior Senate this year were Dave Kinker, president; Mark Bauskc, vice president; Steve Hetzel, sec- retary; and Margaret Fung and Diane Erickson, co-treasurers. The Senior Senate introduced new ideas for graduation this year. The standard gray robe color was changed to navy blue with white-tassled caps. In previous commencements guest speakers have been asked to give the ad- dress, but for Graduation ‘67 two students of the 335 graduating will be chosen to speak. Dave Kinker, Senior Class President SENIOR SENATE -SEATED: Margaret Fung, Mark Bauske, Dave Kinker. Steve Hetzel, Diane Erickson; FIRST: Mr. Ripp, Janis Hiserote. Dcbby Ruhr, Nancy Mosier. Karen Ethington, Barb Hansen; SECOND: Rick Bohlen, Bill Eldridge, Gary Grabau, Marti Hopkins. Gordv Smith. 148Senior class led by Dave Kinker SUE ALLEN LINDA ABEGG OLEY ALLEN MARSHA CRAIG ANDERSON JIM ARMSTRONG ARMSTRONG BOBBI ANDERSON BILL BACON BARRY BAKER DENNY BAPPE MIKE BARCUS JEAN BARROWAR I BAR ION BETSY BATH DICK BAUDER CHRISTIANE BAUER MARK BAUSKE ’Montinique’’ given KARI BEACH LEE BEACH CATHY BEAR VICKI BECK MIKE BEMAN BECKY BENN "IS I HIS FOR ME?" exclaims King Ron Watson at the Christmas formal as he and attendants John Mathison and Chris Davis examine the queen's senior girls KICK BERG MARILYN BLACK DAVE BLACKBURN RICK BOHLEN PAM BORROX LECIA BOWEN PAUL BOWEN ALLEN BRUCE TOM BRINDLEY DENNY BRUNIA VICKI BRINKMAN L1NDY BUCK LEANNE BROWN- RICH BURNS •Work-Study Class 151LINDA BUTTZ KATHY CALHOON TONY CAMPOS DICK CARLSON SUSAN CARLSON PEGGY CARNEY MIKE CARPENTER DICK CARRFA MOL'S Kl.l AIIVI.V su h as Duane Floppy Filet, added interest to Kathy Ellett's genealogy. i i t I I I JEANINE COUPE CHRIS DAVIS JANET DAHL DENNY DeBOER PEC DAHM CHRIS DIETZ BF.TTY DANKBAR CONNIE DODD I.ARRY CONLEY Watson I st semester student prexy 153Service clubs help |INI DODD DIANA DOWELL RODNKY DRAKE JUDY EGCLETON KEY Cl.t'B VICE PRESIDENT Chuck Rogness performs one of the clubs manv services by dusting the hard-earned Victory Bell. 154improve AHS facilities GRE I’CHEN EKBERG BILL ELDRIDGE KATHY ELLETI GAIL ELLIOTI SI EV E ELLIOTT DIANE ERICKSON KAREN ETHINGTON PHIL EVER CHRIs FAUERBV BILL FISHER BRUCE FOLEY MIKE FOREMAN KAY FORSYTHE BARB FRENCH TERRY FREY 155Seniors look toward future LAURA GIBBS BOB GROOMES BELINDA HAGEN GARY GRABAU TERRY GUY BOB HAGUE FRED GRAHAM BILL HAEDER JANICE HALL CHUCK FUJINAKA LAURIE MARGARET FUNG GATHERUM DICK GIBBS BY HAVING CONFERENCES with the representa- tives and admissions counselors from various colleges LARRY HALL MARY HALL LAYNE HAMILTON MARK HAMILTON 156I VN HANNUM BARB HANSEN VICKIE HANSEN CHERYL HANSON KERBY HARDING LONNIE HARLESS MARGE HEALEY JOHN HATHAWAY FREY HEGSTROM RANDY HAYES JOE HENSING ind universities, seniors were better able to plan for heir future educations. STEVE HETZEL JAMS HISEROTE FAYE HOAG 157 JANE HOFSTAD SALLY HOPKINS MARTI HOPKINS JOE HOS I E I I KK Swimmers, matmen JOYCE INGRAM KARL ISELY boost athletics BETSY JACKSON HOLLY JACKSON LYNDA JACKSON VARSI I Y WRF.s I LER l..irrv Conlry weighs in before a meet MORRIS JACKSON "WHAT’S THA I . REF?” ask senior wrestler Bruce Trump and his Nevada op- ponent. as the spectators watch with mixed emotions JOHN JACOBSON- 159 LINDA JEFFERSON BOB JEFFREY) ll '. I •r - » LOWELL JOHANNES WAYNE JOHANNES LINDA JOHNSON MARK JOHNSON MARSHA JOHNSON NANCY JOHNSON RON JOHNSON PERRY JOHNSON STEVE JONES JANIS JORDAN DEE JULIUS DAVE KANE PAT KENNEDY DAVE KEPLEY ELAINE KILSTROM RON KING DAVE KINKER Victory Bell returned to Ames 160E i 1 fEMEN I GALORE kept cheerleader captain Vicki Bo k on her toes. KAY KINSKIM DOUG KIRK MIKE KITCHELL DAWN KLUCK KATUN KROPF KIM KRUSKOP JULIE KU’TISH DAVE LAMBER I 161ANNA I.ANDE GREG LAYTON DAVE LARSON LLOYD LEE DEVELOPMEN ! AL READING is the object of intense concentration and diligent study for seniors Olcv Allen and Hob Young. THE TRIALS AND TRIBULA TIONS of Cyrano dc Bergerac were effectively por- trayed by Lindy Buck and Mark Hamilton in their world literature class. 162SANTA I.FAVI'' DAN UNDER M i i INGSTON Johnson, Neal head spring student government C WIPAIGN POSI ERS for the election of second semester student council officers showed a great deal of thought hard work, and artistic ability MARY LOKKEN LOIS LOOMIS HUGH LOWRIE LAL'RA LOWRIE JAMS LYTTLE MARY McCaffrey DOUG McCAN DON McCullough 163337 seniors in class of ’67 MEREDI I H McHONE BOBBI McIN I IKE SUSIE McKERN CATHV McMAHON RON McMILLEN 164KRIS 11 MICK!. I.SON SUE Mil.LIKEN JANET MILLER MARN MILLER PAUL MILLER JIM MOKTEGXA ROBERI A MOORMAN MIKE MORRIS GREG NELSON PAM NESS GERRY NEAL RACHEL OPHEIM 165 NANCY MOSIER BEV NILSSON ROI) MYERS NANCY NIMS Work-Sludv ClassCAROLYN OSLUND JAYNE OS I REM CHRISTIANE BAUER, exchange student from Hamburg, Germany, looks over last year’s SPIRIT with this year's editor, Karen Ethington. BOB PALMER MARILYN PENNY PEGGY PARKS BILL PEPPER MARK PENKHUS IAN PEPPER 166Christiane Bauer exchange student MONICA POLHEMS AIDED BV A rVPEWRITER from the libr.irv Sue Voss and Martha Erickson finish up their home- work. FRANK PERKOVICH NANCY PETERSON POLLY PETERSON MARILYN PING LYNN PIPER MARYPOECKES PRAYERS at anxious moments were offered by Lynn Piper and Kay Kinseih during the Cedar Falls game.NANCY PYLE MIKE RADER JIM QUAM LINDA RAY I » f I D ) I m HOPE REINBOLD CAROL REINHART JANE ROBINSON CHUCK ROGNESS ENTHUSIASM PREVAILS as the hoop and the sow CONNIE REINSCH JENNIFER RANDI ROLF RENFELDT DIXIE ROSE 168qirls’ lineup urge the basketball team on to victors'. Basketball season raises spirit CAROLYN ROSTENBACH VIC ROTHACKER SANDY ROCTH KEN ROZEBOOM BARRY RUSSELL LUCIA RUEDENBERG MARIE SCI! A LEER DEBBY RUNE JIM SCHMALZRIED JIM RUNDLE STEVE RUSHING BARB SCHMID! JANE SCUM INKEY 169JANE SCHOENENBERGER RON SEXTON SUZANNE SHUMAN MARILYN SEA LOCK CYNDIE SHADLE MARK SIEMERS RUTH SEA STRAND PAM SHARP DON SILLS BETTY .MVESIND LARRY SKOLDKAY nKRDLA carol vmi i h MARK SMITH MARILYN sMI! GORDN SMITH CHRIS SPEER I 5 honored as Merit finalists MANA' s. I I. RDAYS saw seniors struggling with SA I' and other tests needed for ad- mittance to most colleges and universities. ALAN SPOHNHEIMER MARCIA STAFFORD BETH STEVENS MARTIN SIEWARI MAR I HA STOBER BRUCE STOLTENB6RG 171AN OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT of Margaret Fung was representing AI IS as one of the two accompanists for the All-State Chorus. 1 I MARY I A I.BO I SANDY STONE PAT SWAN DENNIS STONEBERG MYRON SWENSON i i I 172 RON SWENSON JACK TAUBER DEBBIE TESDALLJERILYN I HI EL UNDA I Hill PEGGI TREMBLY 7 senior musicians to All-State DAVID I HOMPSON BRUCE I RUMP 11 ID I HOMPSON BRK I VAN HOUWELING CATHY IORESDAHI. CHUCK N AN PA ITER SENIOR GUARD Mikr Beman shoots for one of his seven free throws that helped Ames to beat Roosevelt of l)rs Moines, 63—56Senior Senate plans PETER YINOCRADE MARY WALKER JOHN WALL DAN WALSH RON WATSON RACHEL WEBB ED WEDMAN MARGIE WILCOX SALLY WILLIAMS for graduation activities SUSIE WILLIAMS STEVE WILLIAMS MARCIA MIKE WISER WOLDRUFF KATVII WILLRK II KICK WILSON JANE WOOLLEY BARB WOOD BENTLY YORK BOB YOUNG ERICA BARBARA GARY ZMOLEK ZAFFARANO ZIMM ERMAN Seniors not pictured TOM BELL JIM BRYAN DAVID BUSHORE GARY BUTTERMORE CHARLES CRANE MARTHA ERICKSON DICK GOETTSCH BOB GRADY KATHY HOLDREN RAMONA JARVIS DIRK KREAMER JIM McCORMICK DON MOORE DAVE SANSC;AAR HU. SOY JOHN ALLINE SUE VOSS 175Juniors plan Junior-Senior Prom JUNIOR EXECUTIVE COUNCIL FRONT Mr MacBride, Jean Fleig se Dave Bliss., pres.. Charles Maurer, v. pres., Jim Walter, treas.; SECOND Nancy Schloerke, Claudia Du Bois, Susan Bunce, Nancy Sullivan; BACK: Daw Scott. Tom Thompson. Richard Engclhardt, Chris Haugen. Dick Y'ohs. Dave Bliss, Junior class president. Juniors A main concern of juniors every year is the financing of the Junior-Senior Prom. As is traditional, the junior class held the annual leaf rake, sold mums for Home- coming. held a student-faculty basketball game, and sponsored the Student Directo- ry. This year, however. Junior Exec in- troduced pre-football chili suppers that proved to be tremendously successful. Mr. MacBride served again as the Jun- ior Class sponsor. He worked closely with Junior Exec leaders Dave Bliss, president; Chuck Maurer, vice president: Jean Fleig, secretary; and Jim Walter, treasurer. A representative from each of the twelve junior homerooms completed Junior Exec. 176Homeroom JOT -FRO.XT: Pit Rader Marv Millard, Charlotte Schmidt, Judi Klcinschmidt, Gay Renee Niemann. Margo Van Patter. Viola Howe, Ann Conner. Lois Spinks SECOXD: Carol Jo Anderson, Susan Bunco. Connie Adams. Dave Craig. Ed Fawkes, Jim Benson. Steve L'ntrauer Garv Katz Bonnie Lei bold, Debbie Baldner; BACK: Mrs Bauske, Bill Case, Bill Good. Dave Stone. Mike Hibbs, Dave McNurlen. Grace Everson. Ron Peters. Gordon Accola, Craig Boden. Homeroom W6—FROXT: Wanda Busch Marge Stohlmeycr. Jana Koestner. Judy Ferguson. Jerry Finnegan. Marlene Daley. Larry Aider- man. Karen Schulze. Susan Hembrough; SECOXD: Cathy Wagner, Lynettc Wacker. John Miller. Greg Denglcr. Dave Pille. Chip llostctter. Rita MacBride. Sara Packer Linda Ricketts: BACK Mr Duvall, Bob Hamilton, Neil Danielson. Curtis Christensen. Dennis Cook. Jim Walter. F.rnic Shoen, Dennis Runyan. Steve Lovely. Homeroom 318- FROX7 Deby Baker. Julie Porter. Becky Malmquist, Bill Nichols. Jenny Netcott, Kathy Hofstad, Margo Clem. Susan Ellis, Debi Shiftier. Julie Barnes; SECOXD: Sue Sampson. Diane Ullestad, Nancy Judge, Mitchel Weller. Gary Reitz. Dave Staniforth, Mark King Gregg Caldcrwood. Beth Yeaman; BACK: Mr. Falleson. Candy Lechner, Jean French. Bill Timmons. Don Gardner, Rich Haugland, Mark Schneider. Richard Engelhardt. Ron Jones, Jim Baird. 177Homeroom 206- FROX Karen Sline Ann Scholtcn. Kay Oxley. Paula Burns. Vickie Mills. Susan Ingvoldstad. Gloria Richards. Jill Villwo k Diane Alexander, l.inda Love; SFCOXl) Sandy Hagen. Chuck Kellogg. Beth Cummings. Don Agard. Mark Burke. Darwin Chada. Parr. Barr, Rex Pietz Joan Fergurson. Martha Anderson; HACK Miss Fox, Steve Melcncy, Dick Vohs, Paul Sherman. John Lovell. Doug Fin hum. Jan Svcc, Roy Woodrow. Keith Danielson. Steve Hopkins. Homeroom 108 hROXZ Charlotte Svendsen, Charlene Hutchcroft. Debbie Millett Joyce Anderson. Barbara Vaughn Jovce Stenerson. Betty Jo Burnet. Patsy Crovisier; SE('OXl) Charles Maurer, David Pace. Dave Fincham. Mary Parks, Don Groomes. Laura Lcnning. Bill RikI. Steve Couture. Mr Gronvall; RA K Dave Catus. Dennis Liming. Brad Bogcnricf Jim Anderson Donna Schoeneman Marilyn Kline. Stephen Pierce. Jack Highland. Dick Keiglcy. Homeroom 103- FROXI Paula Horswell, Nancy Schloerkc. Marlene Lee. Gail Baker, Mary Jane Scholtes, Gayle Browning. Linda Smith. Carol Powers, Julie Cook; SFCOXl): Nancy Newton, Inta Galcjs, Cedric Joseph. Chuck Garland, Larry Laschc. Wade Hauler. Craig Enquist. Phil Oshel Diane Keech, Ravmond Baldus; BACK Mrs. Hanson. Christie Ulmer Mike McMillcn. Art Wirtz, Bob Core Chris lorkild- son, Jennifer Matthews, Paul White, Dave Scott I 178Homeroom 120—77? 0A'7 Nancy Sullivan. Sheryl Moore. Gail Davis. Lynda Knutson. Marie MacMonagle. Linda Robertson. Peggy Israel. Sherry Hall Susie Seidel; SECOND Karol Burkhalter. Debra Pappas, Margaret rmstrong. Mari Walter Nandi Chenik. George Firkins, jay Liedman. Denny Sills David Boyd. Dorothy Fcrnelius: HACK. Mr Impecoven. Dan Kocstner. Dennis Plumb. Lee Clark. Guy Allfrce Steve Wearth Kirk Jacobson. Dave Hammer Steve Davis. Homeroom 123 FRONT: Linda Wickham. Nancy Carlson. Ann Thomas, Patty Brown, Carol Bell. Jean Fleig, Ann Dumenil. Evelyn Mc- Gee. Ycc Hazen; SECOND: lerri Jackson. JoAnn Paulson. Jim Neal. Jerry McCoy, David Popelka. Chuck Thomas. Mary Ugomarcino. Barbara Mortenson. Joe nderson: BACK Mr Jonas Steve l„irson Jeff Fredericks. Steve Wells, Glenn Songer, Tim Wood Lee Laffoon,Steve Saveraid. Bob Brown SUPPORTING the junior class Homecoming mum sale is Lyle Scandrctt. as he picks up his corsage from junior Gay Renee Nicmun. 179Chili suppers raise money for prom CHILI SUPPERS provided a pleasant change from peanut butter sandwiches on Friday nights before home football games. Nancy Schloerke. Vicki Mills and Dave Sauke were the artists. Homeroom 209 KB OX I Barb Heady, Linda Magilton. Owen Austrheim James Fry Candy Wilson. Dirk Sayers. Jim F.lbert, Edie Augus- tine. Sara Peterson. Marsha Moses; SECOXD Ann Johnson. George Johnson. Greg Harrison. Ellen Foderberg, Monica Eckstein Ed Squire. Beth Thompson, Tim Brown, lim Potts. la Collins; BACK Mr Page Jan Shearer Tom Mcllwain. Baverd Lande, Bruce Nelson. Tom Thompson, Scott Wessman. Rick Engel, l orn Metzlcr Nance Landon. Homeroom 306—-FRONT: Cheryl Woodward. Colleen Francis, Cindy Charlson. Betty Johnson Deanna Backous. Patty Layton, Paula Maile, Joan Truhc, Dee Pollard; SECOXD Mrs. Reno, David Burgan. Kristie Sampson. Kathy Mclntire, Rich Johnson, Roger McKeown, Kosta Constantine. Linda Sherick, Katie Eggleton Danny Gammon; BACK Curt Netcott, Bob Thorson, Rav West. Mark Schill. Bob Reid. Dave Stalheim, Chris Haugen.Jack Elbert. Whit Ayres. 180Homeroom 319- FR0X7 Libby Arnbal. Shirlce Morris- Ann Ivin Offie Sanchez Karen Taylor, Debbie Self. Mark Ladd, Jane Fisher Mary McDonald, Mary Jo Patterson; SECOXD: Pete Weiss Anna Carbrev, Carolyn Westvold, Claudia DuBois, Bob Beard, Larry Fran , Jain Rogness Brenda Schuettc. Ted Politis 'Feri Hayes: RA('K Mrs Irulin Steve Donhowe 1-irrv Brink, Mike Moreland. Mike Clayberg, David Sauke. Steve Harrell. Doug Jetmund Ron Tesdall Jim Luscaleet. Homeroom 302- FROST: Linda Sorenson. Kathy Holdren. Ann Legvold. Jean Moldenhauer Maureen Matuseski, Jane Engeldinger. Marlene L'the. Julie Welsh. Charlene Schmal ricd. Jan Nicolle; SECOXD Mrs. Ward. Jeanne Baker. Kaye Klein. Beth Buchele. Peg Purvis. Debbie Coyle. Peter McNabb. Ron Coy. Can Wierson: RACK Nancy Houge. Nick Judge. Mike Latt.i, Don W iser. Curt Seifert. David Rilcv. Dave Bliss. John Carpenter. Scott Garrett. Terry T'uttlc. Homeroom 29—FROXT: Mrs. Pohorille. Sue Millikcn. Joe Anderson, Kathy Huffman. Karen Rutter, Barbie Evans. Jeannette Strand; RACK: Tom Wiegel. Dennis Kingsbury'. Douglas Elliott. Craig Rasmusson, Paul l.ybcck. Ronnie Beach. Rick Berg. 181Sophomores The sophomore class bravely endured the stifling heat on the day of orientation to sene their term as the youngest class at Ames High. Although they were not represented by class officers, the sophs did have their own band, and football and basketball teams. As the year progressed the sophomores be- came more a part of Ames High as activities such as the Sophomore Style Show, Big Sister- Little Sister program, and the varsity sports of wrestling, track, and baseball tied them to- gether with the juniors and seniors. NOTES AND GAG GIFTS were all a part of the very popular annual Big Sister-Little Sister program. Kathy Smith is shown 372 sophomores begin AHS career Homeroom 310- FRO SI Peggy Joseph Pat Moldenhauer. Donna 1-arson. Pam Spicer. Kristin Albertson Linda Cross N iki Erbe, Becky Bat- man. Elaine llrxkman. Julie I ntrauer. Maura; SF.COXD: Sharon Parks, Peggy Burehinal. Marsha Gonscr Greg Machcak. Roger Stephenson, Delmar 1-trope Ivan Romero, jocllvn Borke. Janet Ramsey. Joanne Sealock, Mrs Anderson; RA( K Bob Adams Dave Gammon. Bruce Calhoon. Jim Rvan Brian Johnson, Rex Ilcer. Rob Simpson. Dennis Pyle. Dave Dolling, Randy Cross. 182Homeroom 20' FRON'I'■ Judy Crovisier Georgia Grimes. Jane Holdrcn, Becky Seiscr. Mary Jo Alfred. Margaret Bowen. Mary Lou Van Voorhis, Glenda Love, Debbie Ewing Kit.i Burns; SEI OND Bonnie Kalton, retry Quinn, Wade VVelshons, Jim Heers, Nancy Ray, )•■..■: Steel Linda Meel l.inda Beal. Gary Jores Jim I .arson; BA( A' Mr Friest. Mike Stohlmcvcr, Doug Sampson. Marvin Luidc, Russ Alien. Ed Oslund. C:huck Carter Lance Domek Mark Bcckley JohnGossard Lorn Singer. Homeroom 201 -FRONT: Carol HufTcr. lim Elicit. Janet Hagen, Jeanhine Renfcldt. Linda Pctefish, Ann Serovy. Toni Cantonwine. Karen Kellogg. Mike Owen. Kyla Reichardt; SECOND: Carol Anderson. Barb Beckman, Ra Bickerstafl. Steve Hemstrect. Garv Calus. Bonnie Voelkcr. John Wolf. Pam Brcckenridge. Linda Love. Mairi Larson, Marlene Mullica; HACK Dennis Larsen. Brute Sandve. Mark Mathison. Stephen (Graham. Steve Reinsch. Run Jordan. Marcia Amensen Jane Fauerby. Peter Valentin, Dennis Swanson. Mrs Garrett. Homeroom 212—FRONT: Miss Harlan. Steve Sansgaard, Chris Hakes, Kathy Carey, Linda Hutchison, Jana Renfcldt. Becky Davis, Jenny Shank. Jeff Jutting. Steve Smith. Gary Mockey; SECOND: Linda Husman. Patti Fisher, Jill Kcmpthornc. Jim Clark, Paul Rocmheld, Gris Peterson. Carolyn Bccm, Barbara Fagen. David I'oms, Wayne Wynne, Neil Bjornstad, Linda McConkcy; BACK Dave Elliott. Marian •Stoneberg. Sonjia Amcnson. Max Wcllhouse. John Hoos. Jim Reynolds. Conrad Anderson. Don Page. Anne Brown. Keith Larson. Jell Hensley. 183Biology popular with sophomores Homeroom 101—FRONT: Rich Unger, Peggy Denison. Kathi McGinnis. Saundra ('arisen. Cathy Brown. Beth Huntress. Debbie Kenyon. Marianne Stritzel, Donna Flora; SECOND: Christie Shelby, Linda Newton, Jack Ledet. Carol Warner. Carol Anderson, Steve Highland Charles Greene, Julie Peterson, Alison I Jammer, Teresa Beer; HACK Mr. Hiedeman, Larry Couture. Don Anderson. Charles Ellis. Lyle Scandrett Jack Michelscn. Tony Blceker. Danny Richardson. Mark Ketcham. Kirk Geist. 184Homeroom 210- FROX7 Sue Haroldscn Sue Peterson Nadine Nims, Ijiuri Rev, Suzi Thomas. Nanci Hri en. Garv Zeliodt. CXarla Arnbal. Kathi McKern, Connie Foshe; SECOXD: Mary Warner, Dawn Carlson, Linda Kiertzner John Boehnke. Stephen Haltermail, Mike Lee, Richard Evans Cyndv Shorten Margaret Huntress. Sharon Burns Janet Bencke; BACK: Dennis Moore. Bill Palmer. Jim Rogers. Bob Vance Carl Schneider Harlan Anderson. Ed ('ox. Ijchv Smith. Dave Kenworthy Li Disney. Mrs, Mueller. Homeroom 208—FRON7 Wendv Tompkin. Rhonda Phillips. Dorothy Richards, Debbie Warren, Marilyn Dowell, Kathy Brown, Marilyn Fox. Karen Carlson, Chuck Schoenenberger. Janice Baker; SECOXD: Mary Hathaway. Ruthann Benson. Bob Rnhrbough. Wally Smith. Steve Bovd. Anne Jacobsen. Jim Pratt. Jan Sibley, Pam Killam; BACK Mrs Shaffer. Diane Zimmermann. Curt Hill. Brent Anderson. Steve Moore. Jeff Lemish. Lowell Kingsburv. Danny Craig, John Hand, Kirk Vandecar Homeroom Qf7—FRONT: Sharon Dozier, Debbie Magee, Jim Hoppman. Sue Jellinger. Mary Baldus, Beth Weiser Amy Zinober, Nancy Brown. C-'heri O'Brien. Wanda Bergman; SECOXD: Louise Pi lie. Stanly Toppenberg, Mary Rigg. Sue Haviland. Greg Mulhall, Terry Lewis, Craig Boylan. Norma Kilstrom. Marian Carlson, Sue Silverthorn, Sue Francis; BACK: Richard Patterson, Mike Ross, Paul Feyerabend, Henry Hannusch. Richard Sorenson, Dave Klatt, Steve Anderson, Bob Scott, Reid Crawford, Mr. Spatcher. 185Homeroom 312- FROST: Marge Weiss M.ircia Tweed. Amy Smith. Mike Cross, Debbie Hansen. Pat Castner, Gloria Zmoiek. Candy Johnson Margaret Pirtlc. Arlene Brute; SECOXI) Mrs. Thompson, Bev Malone. Patty Kostenhach. Denis Finch, Mitch R..’h, ChucV Voss shrllir Orngard, Nancy Black N'.incv Fribley Steven Seliger; BACK Marv Ha en. Paul Webb. Dave Link. Dale Mver Ianda Dan- leavv. Kurt Ante, Joe Soy. Kick Peterson. Sandy Bappe Dick Bristol. Wally Holdredge Homeroom 304- FRO.X1 Sandy Christenson. Lisa Frit . Kathy Smith. Linda Elliott Barbara Buck. Mark Sidles. I araine Heddleston. Irene Bare us. Jim Hildebrand; SECOXI): Jody Wengert Marilyn Saul. Ann Pohl. Marion Marten Larry Larson Debi Knuds-n. R.-ger Nickel, Judy I wetten, Jeanne Jones. Terry Dimbert Bill Davis (HR 114). Janice Overland; BACK: Mark Speck John Waggoner, Ed Pier. Dell Brown, Jim Lvtton. Fred Dahm. Ron Fiscus. led Ro eboom, Tom Hostetler. Mrs. Vcgors. Homeroom 111 IROXl Cindi Page. Beverly Buck. Pat Gammon. Jayne Eilts. Jane Hicks, Kaye Soesbe, Danna Pollard, Colleen Jones Janet Saxton; SECOXI) Mike Rushing. Bob Nilsson, Jerrv BartrulT. Pryor Ward, Barb Bartels. Lee Ann Doling Vese 'Mcdelm-mn, Steve Brunia, Dick McDonald; BACK Amv Kraft. John Popelka, Brenda Blewett Jim Speer. Carl Heaberlin Josh Sharlin. Tracy Lambert. Joyce Matters, Kathy Coon, Mrs. Weaver. 186Soph football enjoys success DOWNING TECH 38-' was onlv one of many victories for the sophomores. Lyle Scandrett, first string fullback proved a valuable player in gaining long yardage. UNUSt'AL SUPPORT followed the victorious sophomore team as Ames fans outnumbered those for the opposition at every game. Homeroom 103—FROM Diane Lange. Judy Sorensen Chris Winkler. Jan Eldridge, Rosie Matuseski. Cynthia Kluck, Gene Young, Sands Underhill. Sindy Schminkev. Amy Bateman SECOXD: Nancy Bockhop, Mary Buck, Bill Limbert, Arlene Glosemcyer, Steve Ward, Linda Jordan. John N'orlin, Stewart Buck. Dennis Healy, Janet Patterson. Karen Hilton: HACK Mr Wood, Ken Russell David Powell, John Siemcrs. Jim Freel. Gary McNurlen. Bill Staudcr. Clay Bauskc, Stan Jensen Barry Dayton. 187ADVERTISING I have my own world here, my own people, and my own lodging. But I cannot survive without the many people outside my world. They, the people of Ames, built me and support me. I owe them my people, my lodging, and this Book that commemorates it all. COUGAR COUNTRY Vijil LARRY PETERSON MOTOR CO. Mercury—Lincoln—Comet English Ford—Triumph When Your Shoes Need Repairing, Think of ARCHIE GOODYEAR SHOE REPAIR 107 WELCH IN CAMPUSTOWN CAMPUS DRUG Drugs Cosmetics U.S. POST OFFICE 2430 LINCOLN WAY Ph. 232-4252 308 Main Si. Ames BROWN-SHOE FIT 313 Main Ph. 232-6633Special occationi deierve the belt — floweri from Coe'i. HOUSE OF FLOWERS 6th and Grand Ph. 232-5432 When the occasion demands the best . . . Always depend on Coe’s. It is our pleasure to serve the students of Ames High School. Smartest in Fashion It pays to look your best. Let a professional dry cleaner take care of your clothes. Finest in Quality MEN, BOYS WOMEN AMES PANTORIUM Finest in Cleaning 410 Douglas Ph. 232-4302 Q UJ — cc o CL cc FLOOR COVERINGsl LINOLEUM—CARPETING—TILES RUGS—CERAMICS—FORMICA Ph. 232-4151 402 Main Street Ames, Iowa Home means more when the carpet on your floor is from Heaton's.” Main and Burnett Ph. 232-6135FRANGOS RESTAURANT FOUNTAIN SERVICE PIZZA STEAKS and CHOPS 210 Main Street Ph. 232-9710 DUNN LUGGAGE AND LEATHER STORE Ladies' Handbags Samsonite, American Tourister, Skyway Luggage Billfolds, Brief Bags, Attache Cases 310 Main Street Ph. 232-6260 Bruce-Jloss by the campus Clothes for the Young Man College Hall and Capps Suits Gant of New Haven Bostonian Shoes 2520 Lincoln Way Ph. 232-5345 THE "IN" LOOK in fothion it found al EngeldingerY YOUNG PEOPLE'S OUTFITTERS 314 Main 232-4705 iowa electric I Iowa Electric is and be a Ames CommunityCongratulations to the 1967 GRADUATING CLASS Ames High School ■n ♦ , i) i 1 1» £ MARCH TO STRAND for good point buy». STRAND PAINT COMPANY istant energy MURAL GAS DIVISION and power company proud to serve part of the School District The Favorite Clothing Store For Young Men. VISIT OUR STUDENTS SHOP PEG’S SAVINGS ACCOUNT today moy mean college tomorrow UNIVERSITY BANK TRUST COMPANY 50 years of service 1916—1966 2546 Lincoln Way Ph. 232-4310 Bulova, Croton and Favre-Leuba Watches Watch Repairing SWANK'S JEWELRY 2522 Lincoln Way Ph. 232-6653 319 Main 232-6460TUTTLE'S THERMOGAS AND APPLIANCE STORE 9 enAon A 233 South Duff—Ames, Iowa Ph. 232-2610 IVAN L. TUTTLE, Owner Die creative woman fashion companion » CARTER PRESS, INC. Creative Printers and Lithographers 206 WELCH AVE. AMES. IOWA SAY IT WITH FLOWERS from Everti. Euerts FLOWERS • GIFTS • CANDIES 218 5th Street Ph. 232-5635 tfllvinel PAINTS and WALLPAPER H F BUILDERS HUNZIKER FURMAN REALTY 537 Main St. New Homes and Picture Framing Artist Supplies 214 Fifth Ph. 232-5265 Real Estate Sales 232-4214RANDALL'S FOODARAMA North Grand Shopping Center Open 8 A.M. to 10 P.M.— 7 Days a Week SHOP AT RANDALL'S for all your grocery needs. STUFFED ANIMALS ARE among the wide variety of toys ot Nims AMEJL Serving the Best With the Best Phone 232-1481 or 232-1482 Uein Amil I Individuality in Good Furniture HOVERSTEN FURNITURE LANDSBERG PHARMACY University Rexall 2402 Lincoln Way Ph. 232-5175 The Place to Meet Your Friends When You Attend I.S.U. L-WAY CAFE CAMPUS TOWN Furniture and Floor Coverings TERRY AND STEVE find the furniture at Hover- sten's very relaxing. 412 Main Ph. 232-2674After School After the Gome Or If You're Just Driving Around . . . V BEE VEE 24th and Grand DRIVE-IN Ames ALLAN MACHINE SHOP No Job Too Large or Too Small 224 Duff Ph. 232-6505 VAN V00RHIS GREENHOUSE “When you think of flowers, think of ours." Hwy. 69, North CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS! We hope to continue serving you in your college years. Se us for that perfect wardrobe— the newest in college apparel. THE NEWEST in jewelry a well o» clolhe» i» to be found at TOWN CAMPUS. TOWN CAMPUS 2514 Lincoln Way (Across From Friley Hall) precision typewriters office supplies—cameras HECHT’S 209 main st.—phone 232-2467 Si’s Phillip’s HMMM . . that's pretty. Wonder whot it'» like fro»ted? FASTCO DRUG 24th S grand complete car service 411 Kellogg Ph. 232-3161PAUL R. JONES HARRIS TV SHEET METAL APPLIANCE Heating, Air Conditioning Frigidaire and Spouting RCA Victor Dealers SINCE 1914 364 S. Duff Ph. 232-6252 Ugjyj 232-1109 HOME OF FRIENDLY FAMILY DINING FAST AND FRIENDLY service for everyone. AMES HARDWARE MUSIC Always the Very Latest in RECORDS JAZZ — POPS — STEREO HARDWARE PAINT RADIOS RECORD PLAYERS 105 Welch Ph. 232-5405 LINDQUIST VARSITY CLEANERS For the Service You Want When You Want It. 120 Hayward Ph. 232-1055For Over 56 Years HEADQUARTERS FOR Gifts Books Stationery Typewriters Greeting Cards Office Supplies School Supplies MARY ENJOYS SHOWING the variety of ikirft and tweeter avoiloble at White' Photographic Supplies AMES STATIONERS WHITE'S SPECTATOR Headquarters for Smart 238 Main St.—Ph. 232-4161 Sportswear 219 MAIN Ph. 232-1381 SAMPLING PERFUMES it one of the pleoiore Vicki gets from working ot Oslwnd s. OSLUND'S DRUG SERVING AMES AND IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY for 64 YEARS The Motor Bank WALK-UP CUSTOMER DRIVE-UP BANKING “ PARKING BANKING 3 F i v r Sniorui --- 6-tllK. Across from City Hall First Item tone 308 Main Ph. 232-6342 Member Federal Reserve System l BARB ENJOYS the plooiont working atmosphere ot Penney- . Everything in Hardware for the Home We take pride in having the biggest and most complete variety of kitchen wares, tools, paints, electric table appliances and gift wares CARR JRUE HARDWARE VALUE J. C. PENNEY'S Ph. 232-6324 Charge Accounts Welcome MIDWEST TRANSPORTATION CHARTER BUS 232-7270 1003—2nd ST. AMES, I A. INC BUSES TO CHARTER FOR SCHOOLS, CAMPS, CLUBS, BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS, COLLEGE GROUPS RAY JEWELERS Prescription Specialists Quality Diamonds APOTHECARY SHOP REGISTERED JEWELER AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY 218 MAIN 521 DUFF 220 Main Street Ph. 232-4761Duriam Duriam Known for Good Clothes A VARIETY OF choice» awai!» you at the Boofery. 226 Main St. THE BOOTERY Ames, la. Ph. 232-3261 “Fashion With a Fit" SHELDON MUNN HOTEL NOTES CUFF'S NOTES FOUND at Student Supply Store, ore on aid to many literature student» like Barb and Glorio. STUDENT SUPPLY STORE Spiral Notebooks—Pens and Pencils Loose Leaf Ring Books—Notebook Paper Sweat Shirts—Paperbacks SEE US FOR ALL YOUR SCHOOL SUPPLIES 2424 Lincolnway Ph. 232-7665 PHOTO FINISHING Color—Black and White Enlarging Personal Greeting Cards Polaroid Copies Billfold Pictures COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY Architectural Industrial Campanile Iowa State University Ames' Only PHOTO FINISHERS Since 1948 121 Main P.O. 908JOE'S MEN'S SHOP Your Best Buy in Men's and Boys' Apparel 2536 LINCOLN WAY Ph. 232-5264 HOLTZ AND NAIRN AGENCY Insurance and Real Estate EARL HOLTZ BILL NAIRN From Head fo Toe Shop at JOE'S Congratulations Seniors DEAN KNUTSON 511 Main Street Good Luck, Class of 1967 8EAUTIFUL PICTURES in both color ond black and white moke Bill’» de- cision a hard one. SCHOENEMAN LUMBER COMPANY HEADQUARTERS FOR HARDWARE Paint — Plywood — Lumber and All Other Building Supplies Main and Northwestern Ph. 232-2372 Wellhouse Photography 240 Main 232-4640DRIVE-IN OPEN YEAR ROUND Sunday—Thursday || A.M.—II P. M. Friday—Saturday II A.M.—12 Midnight Ph. 232-5613 524 Lincoln Way AMES, IOWA GENERAL FILTER COMPANY Design—Construction—Erection PRODUCTS: Iron Removal Filters Water Softeners Aerators and Degasifiers Chemical Feed Equipment Coagulators and Mixers ATTRACTIVE SWEATERS ore among the large variety of clothe» at Younkers. "Satisfaction Always" 323 Main Ph. 232-2320 Swimming Pool Equipment Ph. 232-4121 Ames, Iowa436 South Duff South of Holiday Inn Heated 25c Self-Service Wash Stall All first class Phillips products Ames 232-5495 Insist Upon O'NEIL'S QUALITY CHECKED ICE CREAM AND MILK Look for the Big Red Check Mark LINDA SHOWS ONE of fhe fineit guitori from fhe wide ’-election of injtrumenfj of Ejchboch. MUSIC HOUSE Home of the Magnificent Magnavox 302 Main Ames, Iowa Ph. 232-3624 OUR BEST AMES HY- V O’NEIL DAIRY COMPANY AMES IOWA In Campustown at 112 So. Sheldon— Featuring — Broiled Hamburgers CHARCO’S DRIVE-INN RESTAURANT Jim Miller’s Kentucky fried Hiway 69 South “Take Home" 511 Lincoln Way Ames WISHES TO HIGH Ames AMES BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION VEE Home Mortgage Loans Insured Savings Accounts 4 24 Main Ph. 232-2714TOWING YOUR SCII O O L RING.n o w i n J i n e j e u el ry 4 WRECKERS FOR BETTER SERVICE Day or Night COMI'AKI Till ■'I SCHOOl It I N . H Ml l l • I; i I.IVfJi • K • A f Your kIiooI img i» lr lgru-d to give comph-ta- •■•ilufac- lion. An .-iim found de- fectiva- in in• I« nal or worlni.ui'liifi .il .my lime, will lie icpalrcil or re- pi.iced without charge. ' V Von arc inviter! TODAY In see your Ircaiiliful new «cfinnl ring .... Ipir | ZALE’S Ph. 232-7272 AMES COMPLETELY EQUIPPED WRECKER SERVICE Will Serve You Anywhere COMPLETE MECHANICAL SERVICE EARL'S GARAGE V? WALTER DRUGS VO U p PRESCRIPTION- OuP MOST IMPORTANT T P U S 104 Kellogg HILL'S STUDIO 2530 Lincoln Way Ph. 232-4570 217 Main Street Ph. 232-7745 "NOW TURN JUST a bit to the right and smile one. two three'ORIGINALS BY COLLEGIATE MANUFACTURING MFG. CO. AMES • IOWA WEST STREET GROCERY CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ‘67! MATH ISON MOTORS Ford - Falcon - Fairlane - Thunderbird - Mustang Low Cost Financing 323 Fifth Ph. 232-5521 Congratulations, Seniors! S. HANSON LUMBER CO. 212 Duff Ph. 232-5152 Agency, Incorporated • The Spot for Homes A Complete Real Estate Service for City Property All Types of Personal and Commercial Insurance Ph. 232-6401 426 5th Street Ames, Iowa Real Estate: Bill Vogt Chuck Sondrol Insurance: Al Stoll Ted Tedesco Neal Popelka ALLEN MOTOR CO. Chevrolet-Corvair Buiclc 5th and Douglas Ph. 232-2462 MARION'S SANDWICH SHOP Try Our Delicious BEEF-BURGERS Across from the Ford Garage 326 5th Ph. 232-9876Congratulations to the Class of 1967 and Continued Success to Ames High the McFarland clinic8 ljau5bnr00g’0 CARPETING - DRAPERIES — FLOOR COVERING . YOUR HOME DESERVES THE FINEST . 4l 1 Kellogg Avenue Phone 233-2128 AMES. IOWA 50010 YOU. TOO. CAN look pretty in a dre s from Ward . • QSb SkkjL, (jOcuuU V VoNTGOM E RY WARD SHOP AND COMPARE... ANYWHERE! FOR FEATURES! FOR VALUEJ FOR PRICE! ORNING GLASS CO. Auto Glass—Mirrors—Plate Glass Patio Doors—Shower Doors Am , Iowa 319 Lincolnway 232-3764 RICHARDS' Serving Buffet Noon and Evening West Lincoln Way CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS! GRAND AVENUE STATION "Your Slcelly Man" 3th and Grana Ph. 232-4631 AMES LUMBER COMPANY 501 Lincoln Way Ph. 232-4772Congratulations, Seniors! UNION STORY TRUST SAVINGS BANK "Your Friendly Main Street Bank" AMES BANKING CENTER SINCE 1882 Main at Burnett Pk 232-2362 FRED’S “66” SERV. “The gasoline that won the West” 232-3274 510 L-way Ames, Iowa 25$ Self-serve car wash automatic 75$ car wash AMES DR. PEPPER BOTTLING CO. 105 Kellogg Ph. 232-7320JIM’S “66” across from the A VERY TRICKY SHOT i» executed by Dick Gibbt a Sorry Baker watches intently. Highway Commission K D MUSIC COMPANY Retail billiard tables and supplies pin balls juke boxes Heated 254 self-service car wash Complete car service Hwy. 30 W. 232-6834 For a complfte selection of hardware, house- ware, paint and gifts see Across from Campus Gardens on West Lincoln Way Congratulations Class of '67 PETERSON OK HARDWARE 230 Main 232-3054COLLEGE PIPE SHOP North Grand Rexall Drug 2509 Grand Your Corner Russell Stover Candy English Pipe and Tobacco Store Prescriptions Cosmetics Corner of Greeting cards Baby needs Lincoln Way and Welch Toys HANSEN'S MOBIL STATION Lincoln Way at Kellogg Ph. 232-9715 WALT'S NEWSSTAND 'Scouty cuitA cfocvt faivt" ANDERSON'S BEAUTY Hallmark Greeting Cards, SALON Magazines, Books 7 Operators To Serve You 221 Main Street Ph. 232-0455 2528 Lincoln Way Ph. 232-2155Patrons of the Ames High SPIRIT Clinton J. Adams Frank E. Adams F. Terry Adams Lowell D. Bond M.D. Joseph H. Buchanan Clark S Clark Dr. R. T. Drummond Dr. M. Fujinaka Thomas D. Gartin M.D. FI. L. Johnston M.D. Dr. J. R. McClean Lee E. Rosebrook M.D. Schierholz and Loken Chiropractic Offices 214THE PIZZA DEN After School After the game On a date or When the gang gets together for fun. ACCIDENTS WILL HAPPEN IET US FIX'EM RAY'S PAINT AND BODY SHOP Wreck Rebuilding Expert Spraying Frame Repair Glass Installation 404 E. Lincoln Way Ph. 232-6205 VAN V00RHIS CO. . AIR CONDITIONING . PLUMBING . HEATING . SHEET METAL Ph. 232-6270 Ph. 232-8081 KNAPP INSURANCE AGENCY A. B. “BEEZER” KNAPP S. A. KNAPP “Insurance Is Our Only Business" 616 Kellogg Ph. 232-7060 Noah’s pizzamobile is the sign of quality. "PIZZA KING" LINCOLN WAY AT HYLAND Ph. 233-1000i 'j t i s SPeCTreS !■«(€ FURNITURE CARPET CO 2 LOCATIONS AMES BOONE JTw DEPENDABLE PERSONAL SERVICE DECORATING AND HOME pi a nninG SERv iCE at no extra COST PHONE ORDERS 4 MAIL ORDERS WELCOME 01AL ----- —by AMES 202 MARKET BOONE OLO HWY 30 £ AFTER BUS HRS Bill Hole ....432 1918 Bill And«r on. 432-2200 Beo Dofmon...233 2817 COmPIFTE HOMi FURN-SH NGS FOR BETTER LIVING MODERN CONTEmPCRY EARLY AMERICAN FURNITURE OF DISTINCTION BY LEADING MANUFACTURERS • FlEXSTEEl •LA2BOY • CUShman • C B ATKINS • SERTA • PULLMAN OPEN EVE. APPOINTMENT CARPETS’ [DP APERIES LACCESSORIESSunbeam—Alpine—Tiger Dart—Dodge—Chrysler MOTOR SALES AND SERVICE Lincoln Way and Kellogg PH. 232-2551 GIFT AND CHINA SHOP China — Crystal Decorating Accessories 413 Douglas Ph. 232-4215 ? t QUALITY SERVICE IS avoiloble to Steve and Vic ot lofion'j Deep Rock. LARSON’S DEEP ROCK SERVICE 517 Lincoln Way Ames AFTER THE GAME TOM'S GRILL "Creators ot Good Food’ DOWNTOWN AMES DURING VACATION I MERT’S Norge Laundry and Dry Cleaning Village 35 Washers 12 Dry Cleaning Units Attendant on Duty Daily— 129 Lincoln Way Ph. 232-9723 ALLEN MOTOR CO. Chevrolet—Corvair Buick 5th and Douglas Ph. 232-2462F Rue S Bpjxujty Finesse Beauty Salon 819 Lincolnway 232-4667 Finesse Beauty Sauna Salons 24th Grand — Shopping Center 232-0413 Finesse by the Campus 2408 Lincolnway 232-6611 Finesse University Towers Beauty Salon Lynn Lincolnway 292-1058 Marian Lokken Ames, Iowa p, PUTT-PUTT to the Pizza Hut. — Congratulations, Class of 1967 LOOKING INTO THE FUTURE: To build or buy your own home as soon as you are financially able is wise . . . and will pay good dividends. H. L. MUNN LUMBER CO. Established 1891 Main and Duff Ames, Iowa We are pleased to serve you— Whatever your needs— LARGE or small 335 S. Duff 232-2880 Eat In—Carry Out BATES JEWELERS WATCHES OMEGA — BULOVA Headquarters For Smart Jewelry Styles Sterling and Gold Charms—Charm Bracelets U-DRIVE-THRU CAR WASH 327 Lincoln Way North Grand Shopping Center Pierced Earrings and Pendants 2400 Lincoln Way Phone 232-2515 232-3635 232-4820 LAMES FRUIT GROCERY WHEELOCK CONOCO SERVICE Conoco Products THREE STORES TO SERVE YOU ★ Tires and Accessories "JOE" WHEELOCK, JR., Owner Second and Elm 24th and Grand Colorado and Lincoln Way 6th and Douglas Ph. 232-4544 Congratulations and Best Wishes TO OUR HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS We think we have a wonderful bunch of kids in Ames. We're very proud of you, hate to see you grow up, and we'll miss you when you go on to bigger things ... as we know you will. DEPENDABLE SINCE 1869WestGate ions 8 Beauticians 8 (separate outside entrance) 3 Barbers 3 2810-2812 West Street Open Six Days Evenings Till Midnight Dial—292-1536 Wallc-ins Welcomed YOUR FRIENDLY CARRIER route tolcunon. Bob Jeffrey DES MOINES REGISTER AND TRIBUNE 2500 Lincoln Way 30M 2 Kellogg SOLAR INN Steaks—Chicken—Sea Foods Cocktails Open Weekdays 5:30 P.M. Till 9:00 P.M. Hwy. 69 S. Ames 232-7660THE HOME OF YOUTHFUl FASHION-oi Donna and Chrijfi well know. Downtown Shop College Shop 312 Main 2406 Lincoln Way Ph. 232-5314 Ph 232-6850 BOB'S MILEAGE Complete Service for Your Car 311 Lincoln Way Ph. 232-9836 “We Sell Bugs’’ AMES IMPORTS INC. 20TH CENTURY BOWLING 517 S. Duff Ph. 232-5530 STRIKE!!?—Well, maybe a ipare.STARTING THE SECOND CENTURY OF SERVICE TO AMES AND CENTRAL IOWA 1867—1967 Ames Daily Tribune 317 Main — Ames kSenior Activities UNDA ABEGG: GRA 1.2,3: Pcp Club 1.2.3. rep 2: Girls’ Glee 1 2.3. Choir 2.3; Spanish Club 2 DECA 3. set 3. BECKY BENN GRA 1; Pep Club 1,2.3; Girls’ Glee 2; Mixed Chorus 2; Spanish Club 1.2; HR v pres. 2.3; Girls’ Club rep 2. OLEY ALLEN: Soph Band: Band 2 MARILYN BLACK Pep Club 1.2.3; Spanish Club 1.2 Drama 1 SUSAN ALLEN: Pep Club 1 Girls’ Glee 1; DECA 3; Girls Club rep 1. DAVE BLACKBURN Boys’Club 1,2,3. CRAIG ANDERSON Boys Club 1.2.3. BONNIE BLAGEN Pep Club 1,2.3; Soph Band; Band 2,3; Ger- man Club 2,3; Latin Club 1; Library Assistant 1,2; Drama 2,3; Palm Club 3; Scratch Pad 2; Web 3. GLENNIS ANDERSON GRA 2.3 rep 3: Pep Club 1.2.3. Girls Glee 1 Mixed Chorus 3; French Club 1,2,3; Drama 1 2,3; Syn- chronized Swimming 3. MARK BODEN: Football 1.2,3; Wrestling 1.2.3; I'ennis I; Var- sity Club 2,3. jIM ARMSTRONG Bovs Club 1 2.3 MARSHA ARMSTRONG: GRA 1 Choir 3; Frenth Club 2.3 De- RICK BOHI.KN Basketball Manager 1; Football Manager 2; Golf 1,2.3; I rack 1; Sr Senate; Flail Monitor 2; Web 5. bate 1.2.3. pres. 2,3: Scratch Pad 2. BILL BACON Basketball 1.2,3; Football 1: Track 1: Spanish PAM BORRON: GRA 1.2.3, rep 2; Pep Club 1,2,3. rep 3; Soph Band; Spanish Club 1.2: Spirit rep 3. Club 1; HV6 3; attended St. |ohn's Academv 2. BARRY BAKER: Football 1.2.3: Track 1.2; Hall Monitor 3. LECIA BOWEN GRA 2; Pep Club 1,2.3. rep 3; Girls’ Glee 1. Mixed Chorus 1; French Club 1.2; Drama 1.2.3; Palm Club V Spirit rep 2. DENNIS BAPPE: Baseball 1.2.3; Basketball 1,2,3; Football 1.2.3; Student Council 3. PAUL BOWEN Boys’ Glee 1: Mixed Chorus 1; German Club 1. PAUL BARCUS: Football 1,2.3: Tennis 1.2.3; Varsity Club 2.3: RAEDELL BOYSEN Girls’ Club 3; moved from Elk Horn, la., 3 French Club 1. TOM BRINDLEY Soph Band; Band 2.3; Pep Band 1.2; Orch « tra 1,2; German Club 1.2; Student Council 2; Web 3. JEAN BARROW GRA 1.2: Pep Club 1.2.3; Girls’ Glee 1,2.3; Span- ish Club 3; Girls’ Club rep I. VICKI BRINKMAN Pep Club 1,2; OE Club 3. ARTHUR BARTON: Wrestling 1,3; Tennis 1.2.3: Student Coun- cil. LEANNE BROWN GRA 1.2,3. rep 1.2; Pep Club 1.2.3; • Glee 1.2; Choir 3; German Club 1; Creative Dance 3. BETSY BATH Pep Club 1.2.3. rep 1; Girls’ Glee 1; Choir 2.3; Mixed Chorus 1; French Club 2. rep 2; HR v pres. 1.2; Girls' Club co-chairman 3. GLENN BRUCE: Boys’ Club 2.3; moved from Manitoba. G-v da 2. DICK BAL’DER Wrestling 1.2.3; Intramural Council 1. Student DENNIS BRUNIA Boys’ Club 1.2.3. Council 2. CHRISTINE BAUER: Pep Club 3; Orchestra 3; Art Club 3; Ex- change Student from Hamburg. Germany 3. MASON (I.INDY) BUCK: Swimming 2.3; Varsity Club 2,3. Rv 3; Dance Band 2.3; Orchestra 1.2.3; Latin Club 1; Spanish ' ’•»’ 2,3; Spin Staff 3; Student Council 3; Web 3. MARK BAUSKE: Latin Club 1. triumvirate 1: Drama 1.2: Jr. Ex pres.; Sr. Senate v pres.; Swimming 2,3; Student Council 1,2. RICHARD BURNS: Baseball 1; Basketball 1; Football 1.2,3. cap tain 1; Varsity Club 2,3, Library Assistant 2. KAKI BEACH: OE Club 3. pres. 3; Co-op 3; moved from Coon DAVID BUSHORE: Boys’ Club 1.2,3. Rapids, la. 3. LINDA BL IT Z Pep Club 1.2.3. LELAND BEACH Bovs’ Club 1.2.3. CATHERINE BEAR: Pep Club 1.2: OECIub3. KATHLEEN CALHOON: GRA 1,2. rep 1; Pep Club 1,2.3. DECA 3. pres. 3. VICKI BECK GRA 1,2.3; Pep Club 1.2.3; Cherrsquad 1,2.3. co- captain 1. captain 3; Girls’ Glee 1.2; Mixed Chorus 2; French Club 2; Latin Club 1; Web 3; Creative Dance 3; HR sec. 2. ANTONIO CAMPOS: Orchestra 2.3; French Club 2,3; Library As- sistant 2.3: moved from St. Louis. Mo. 2. THOMAS BELL: Intramural Council 2; Track 2; Cross-country 1. RICHARD CARLSON: Basketball Manager 2.3; Football Manager 2,3; Drama 1; Jr. Ex; Student Council 1; Web Editor 3. MIKE BEMAN: Baseball 1.2,3; Basketball 1.2.3; Football 1.2.3; Varsity Club 1.2.3: Student Council 1. SUSAN CARLSON Pep Club 1,2.3; Girls’ Glee 1,2; Choir 2.3; Mixed Chorus 1; French Club 1.2. 223PEGGY CAKNEV CRA 2. Pep Club 1.2.3; Girls Glcr 2; French Club I; Girls' Club rep I MICHAEL CAR PEN I'ER Wrcstling2; Track 2. RICHARD CARR Boys' Glee 1.2.3. pro I. Mixed Chorus 1, Ger- man Club 1; Student Council 3. treas. 3. BARBARA CAR FFR Girls' Club 2,3; moved from Grand Junction, la. 2. FREDERICK CERWICK Soph Band; Band 1.2.3; Pep Band 1.2,3; Boys' Glee 1; Choir 3; Mixed Chorus I; Madrigal 1; French Club 1; Spirit rep 1; Boys' Hub rep I WANDA CHAFFIN: GRA 2.3; Pep Club 1,2,3; Girls’ Glee 1.2; hoir 2,3; Mixed Chorus 1; French Club 1.2; Spirit rep 3. BEVERLY CHRISTENSON GRA 1 2.3. Pep Club 1.2.3; Girls' Glee 1; Mixed Chorus 1; French Club 1.2; llri 3 ALLEN CLARK: Baseball 1.2,3; Basketball 1; Football 1; Varsity Club 2.3; Boys' Club rep I. sec. 3. BOB CLARK Drama 1,2. DEBORAH CLARK GRA 2.3; Pep Club 1.2.3; Girls Glcr 1,2.3; Mixed Chorus 1; Spanish (Hub 1.2; Drama 1: IFVA 3 JEAN CLARK GRA 1.2; Pep Club 1,2,3; Soph Band; Chris' Glee 1.2; Mixed Chorus 1.2; DECA 3. LARRY CONLEY: Wrestling 1.2.3. ELLEN CORE Pep Club 1.2,3; Spanish Club 1.2.3 DEBBY COITAL Choir 3; Chris' Glee 3; Pep Club 3; Orchestra 3; Spanish Club 3; moved from Bangor. Me. .3. JEFF COTI RILL Track 1; French Club 2.3; Drama 1.2,3; Palm Club 3; HR sec. 2.3; Web 3. JEANINE COUPE: GRA I; Pep Club 1.2; Girls' Glee 1,2; Choir 2.3; French Club I; Art Club 1. Drama 1; Student Coun- cil 2. CHARLES CRANE: Intramural Council 1; Boys' Glee 1.2.3; Choir 2,3; Mixed Chorus 1. pres. 1; Lain Club 1. Science Seminar 3. JANET DAHL GRA 1.2.3; Pep Club 1.3; Girls’ Glee 1; French Club 1; OE Club 3. PEG DAIIM Pep Club 1,2.3; Girls' Glee 1.2.3; Choir 2.3; French Club 1.3; Drama 3; Girls' Club rep 1. BETTY DANKBAR GRA 1.2.3. rep 1.3; Pep Club 1,2.3; Girls’ Glee 1,2; Choir 3: Latin Club 1; Spanish Club 2.3; Synchronized Swimming 3; Girls' Club rep 2. CHRIS DAVIS: Basketball 1; Football 1.2.3; Wrestling 2,3; Track 1.2.3; Jr Ex v pres.. Student Council 1.2. v pres. 3; Hall Monitor 2; Co-op 3. DENNIS DcBOER Soph Band; Band 1,2,3; Pep Band 1.2.3; Or- chestra 1,3; Boys' Glee 1,3; Choir 3; Mixed Chorus 1; German Club 1; Scratch Pad2; Student Council 3. CHRISTINE DIETZ: Pep Club 2.3; Soph Band; Band 1.2.3; Or- chestra I. French Club 2.3. German Club 1.2.3. v prn 3. Web 3. Scratch Pad 2: Girls' Club treas. 3 CONNIE DODD Pep Club 1,2.3. rep I. Cheersquad 1. Vrt, 1; Creative Dance 3. JAMES DODD: Boys' Club 1.2.3 DIANA DOWELL: Pep Club 2; Soph Band: Band 2; Pep Band 1 Orchestra 1; French Club 1,2; Science Seminar 1,3. Drama I RODNEY DRAKE: Drama 1.2.3; Palm Club3. JUDITH EGGLETON: Pep Club 1.2; Scratch Pad 2; Svn-hro- nized Swimming 3. GREK HEN EKBERG: GRA 2.3; Pep Club 2.3; Girls Glee 1J». Mixed Chorus 1: Spanish Club 1.2; Spirit rep 3. Web 3. Synchro- nized Swimming 3. BILL ELDRIDGE: Football 2; Track 1; Sr. Senate; Student Coun- cil 1.2. KAI HY ELLETT GRA 1.3. rep 3; Pep Club 1.2.3: Girls’Glee 1.2; Mixed Chorus 1.2; French Club 1.2; Drama I; Spirit Staff 2.3 GAIL ELLIOTT: GRA 1.2.3. rep 1.2; Pep Club 1.2.3; Girls Glee 1,2; Mixed Chorus 2. Hall Monitor 2: OE Club 3 STEVE ELLIOT Basketball 1.2.3 DIANE ERICKSON: Pep Club 1.2.3. council 3. rep 3; Girls' Glee 1,2,3; Choir 2.3; Mixed Chorus 1; Latin Club 1; Sr Senate co-trcas.; Twirler2.3. MARTHA ERICKSON: GRA 1.2.3; Pep Club 1.2.3. 1-ibrarv As- sistant 2; Art Club 3; Drama 1. KAREN ETHINGTON: GRA 1.2; Pep Club 1.2.3: Girls' Glee 1. Choir 2; Mixed Chorus I; German Club 1; Spirit Staff 2.3. Editor-in-chief 3; Sr. Senate: Student Council 1.2; Web 3; Spirit rep 1. PHILIP EVER: Track 1: Spanish Club2. CHRISTINE FAUERBY: Pep Club 1.2.3; Soph Band. Band 2.3; Latin Club 1; Girls' (Hub rep 3: Jr F x; Student Council 3. BILL FISHER Debate2.3: Drama 1.2; Hall Monitor2.3; Webi. BRUCE FOLEY Baseball 2.3: Intramural Council 1,2.3; DECA 3; Hall Monitor 2.3. MIKE FOREMAN: Intramural Council 2: Track 1.2.3. Soph Band: Band 1,2.3; Orchestra I; Bovs' Glee 1; Mixed Chorus 1; French Club 2, rep 2; Latin Club 1 KAY FORSYTHE: GRA 1.2,3; Pep Club 1.2.3. pres. 3. rep 2; Cheers quad 1.3; Girls’ Glee 2; Choir 3; German Club 2,3; Girls Club rep 2; Drama 1: Spirit rep 2; Synchronized Swimming 3 BARBARA FRENCH: Pep Club 1.2; Orchestra 1; French Club 1,2.3; Science Seminar 1 Scratch Pad2; Hall Monitor 2. TERRY FREY Soph Band: Band 1.2,3; Dance Band 3: Pep Band I German Club 1.2.3. pres 3; Science Seminar 3: Debate 2.3; Flail Monitor 3; Key Club 3. CHARLES FUJINAKA Basketball I. Football 1.2.3; Golf 1.2.3 intramural Council I; Latin Club 1; Firesquad 1.2.3 224MARGARET FUNG: Pep Club 1 2 A; Pa nee Band 2; Girls Glee 1.2. '; Choir 2,3, pres. 3. Mixed Chorus 1, sec. I; French Club 1.2. v v pres 3: German Club 1.2.3 v pres. 2; Drama 2; Scratch Pa . 2 spirit rep 1 Sr Senate co-treas.: Creative Dance 3. LAl'RIE GATHERUM GRA 1.2.3. rep 2: Pep Club 1.2.3 coun- cil 3. rep 3: French Club 1 3; Drama 1; Spirit rep I Student Council 1,2; HW 3. Dl( K (.IBBS: Basketball 3; Moved from Nevada. Ia 2 LAIR A GIBBS Pep Club 1.2 3; soph Band Band 1.2.3; Orchestra 1,2; French Club 1.2: Girls’ Club rep 2; Spirit rep 1 HR sec 2.3. RICHARD GOETTSCH Bovs Club rep 1.2. GARY GRABAl': Football 1 Trainer 2; Intramural Council 2; Track 1.2.3; Sr. Senate; Student Council 1 ROBERT GROOMES Boss Club 1.2,3 TERRY GUY: Football I 3; Wrestling 2,3; Track 1 2 3. BILL HAEDER Band 2.3 Manager 3 Pep Band 2,3; Student Council 2,3; moved from Vermillion S. I). 2. BELINDA HAGEN: Pep Club 1.2.3; German Club 1. Drama 1 KENT HAGEN: Baseball 2: Basketball 1; Library Assistant 2. BOB HAGUE. Boys’ Club 1 2.3. | AN ICE HALL GRA 1.2; Pep Club 1.2,3. rep 2; Girls’ Glee 1.2; Choir 2; Mixed Chorus 1; F HA 2. LARRY HALL Baseball I. Football 1.2; 1.2; Soph Band; Band 1,2,3; Boys’Glee 1; Mixed Chorus I; Deca 3, v pres. 3. MARY HALL: Pep Club 1,2.3; OE Club 3. v pres. 3 LAYNE HAMILTON I HA 1.2.3. sec.-treas. 3. rep 1.3; Pep Club 1.2.3; Soph Band; Band 2.3; Pep Band 2; French Club 1.2. MARK HAMILTON Football 2.3; German Club 2.3; Latin (dub 1; Drama 1.2.3; Palm Club 3. pres. 3; Spirit Staff 3. |ANNE I HANNUM Pep Club 1,2,3; Girls’ Glee 1.2.3; French Club I. Drama 1: Spirit rep I, Synchronized Swimming 3. BARBARA HANSEN GRA I 2.3. Cabinet 2.3, v pres 3. rep 2; Pep Club 1,2.3, rep 3; Soph Band; Band 2.3, sec-treas. 3; Orches- tra 1: Girls' Glee- 1.2,3; Choir 2.3; Mixed Chorus 1; Girls’ Club co-chairman 3; Sr Senate; Student Council 3; Food Council 2.3. VICKIE HANSEN: Girls'Glee I; Choir 2; French Club I; DECA 3. CHERYL HANSON GRA 1.2; Pep Club 1.2.3; Cheersquad 1.2.3. co-captain 3; Girls' Glee 2,3; Mixed Chorus 2.3; French Club 1,2; Spirit rep 2; Student Council 1,2. KERBY HARDING Boys' Club 3; moved front Rockwell City. Ia. 3 LONNIE HARLESS: Boys’ Club 1.2.3. JOHN HATHAWAY: Football 1 QUEEN CANDIDATES arrived at the pep assembly as the Homecoming caravan drew to an end I 225RANDY HAYES: Boys’Club 1.2.3. GEORGE (TREY) HEGSTROM 1.2.3: Cross-country 3; Soph Band; Band 2,3; Latin Club 1 MARJ()RIE HEALEY: GRA 2; Pep Club 1.3. JOSEPH HENSING: Basketball I; Track 1.2.3; Crosscountry 3; Varsity Club 2,3; Student Council 3: Hall Monitor 2,3 STEVE III 1 1 I Football I; Golf 1.2.3; Varsity Club 1.2.3; Sr Senate, sec.; Student Council 1; Spirit rep 1 JANIS HLSEROTE: Pep Club 1,2,3; Ciris’ Glee I; Choir 2,3; Mixed Chorus 1: Madrigal 2; Latin Club I; Scratch Pad 2; Sr. Senate 3; HR sec 2,3; WebS. FAYE HOAG: GRA 1.2,3. rep 2; IVp Club 1.2.3, rep 2; l-ttin Club 1; Spanish Club 3; Girls' Club rep 1,2; Spirit rep 2.3. JANE HOFSTAD. GRA 1 Pep Club 1.2,3; Orchestra 1,2; Girls' Glee 1,2, v pres. 1; Mixed Chorus 1.2; French Club 2; Science Seminar 1; DECA 3; Drama 2. KAT HY HOLDREN: GRA 1.2.3. Cabinet 3. rep 2.3; Spanish Club 1; Debate 2,3. MARTHA HOPKINS: GRA 1.2.3; Pep Club 1.2.3; French Club 1.2,3: Sr. Senate; Student Council 2. SALLY HOPKINS GRA 1.2,3; Pep Club 3. Council 3 French Club 2.3; Art Club 1.2.3; Alumni Sews Inter 3; ITV6 3. JOE HOS 1 El ILK Basketball 1.2; Football 1.2.3; Track 1.3; Var- sity Club 2.3; Student Council 2,3. MICHAEI HOULSON: Boys’ Club 2.3; moved from Berkeley Calif. 2. GREG HOWERTON: Baseball 1.2; Wrestling 1: Track I; Spanish Club 1. STEVE HUNZIKER Basketball 1.3; Football 1; Attended Okla- homa Military Academy 2. LYNNE HU TCHISON Pep Club 1.2.3. Library Assistant 2. JOYCE INGRAM Pep Club 1.2.3: Soph Band; Band 2,3; Girls' Glee 2.3; Mixed Chorus 3; French Club 1.2; FHA 2,3. district rep 3. KARL ISELY: Latin Club 1. BETSY JACKSON: GRA 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2.3; Cheersquad 1.2.3; Girls’ Glee 1,2; Mixed Chorus I; French Club 1.2: Drama 1; Synchronized Swimming 3. HOLLY JACKSON: GRA 1,2.3. rep 1.2; Pep Club 1.2.3, council 3; Cheersquad 2,3; Spanish Club 1.2.3. rep I; Web 3. LINDA JACKSON: Pep Club 1,2,3; Drama 1. MORRIS JACKSON: Boys’Club 1.2,3. JOHN JACOBSON: French Club 1; Firesquad 1,2.3. ROMONA JARVIS: Creative Dance 3; Art Club 3; Moved from Gulfport. Miss. 3. LINDA JEFFERSON Pep Club 1.2.3; FHA 3 BOB JEFFREY Basketball 1, Football 1.2.3 Track 12.3. Bovs Glee 1.2.3; Choir 2.3; Mixed Chorus 1. Key Club 3; Student Council 1.2; Fire Squad 1.2,3 LOWELL JOHANNES Bros’ Club 12.3. WAYNE JC )HANNES Boys’ Club 1.2.3 LINDA JOHNSON: Pep Club 12,3; Girls’ Glee 2; French Club2 MARK JOHNSON: Bovs’Club 1.2.3. MARSHA JOHNSON: Girls’ Club 2.3; moved from Ankenv. la. 2. NANCY JOHNSON GRA 12; Pep Club 1.2- ROBER TJOHNSON: Boys Club 1.2.3 RON JOHNSON: Baseball 1.2.3; Basketball 1; Football 12.3; Intramural Council 2; Track 1; Student Council pres. 3. TERRY JOHNSON: Soph Band; Band 1.2; French Club 2. German Club 1; Student Council 1.2. S TEVE JONES: Intramural Council 2; Spanish Club 2.3; Art Club 2; Drama 1.2.3; Palm Club 2,3, v pres. 3; Web 3. JANIS JORDAN Pep Club 2,3; Girls’ Glee I; Choir 2.3. set.-treas 3; Mixed Chorus 1; French Club 12; Girls' Club rep 12: Spirit rep 2: Hall Monitor 2. DEANNE JULIUS: GRA 3; Pep Club 1.2; Spanish Club 1; Debate 1.2. v pres. 2; Scratch Pad 2; Jr Ex treas. 2. DAVID KANE. Wrestling 3; Track 3; moved from Marion, la.. 3. PA I KENNEDY: GRA 1, Pep Club 1,2: Girls’ Glee 1; French Club 1; OE Club 3. DAVID KEPLEY: Wrestling 1; Hall Monitor 2. ELAINE KILS TROM: Pep Club 2,3; Girls'Glee 1.2; DEGA 3 RONALD KING: Baseball 2,3. DAVID KINKER: Basketball 1; Football 1.2.3; Wrestling 2; Track 1,2,3: Sr. Senate pres. 3; Student Council 2,3; HR v pres 1 KAY KINSETH Pep Club 1.2.3; Spanish Club 1.2: Drama 1; Spirit rep 3; Jr. Ex: Student Council 3; HR sec.-treas. 1.2. DOUG KIRK Band 3; Pep Band 3. Student Director 3; Orchestra 3; Debate 3; moved from Ottumwa, la., 3. MICHAEL K1TCHELL: Football 3; Track 3; moved from Manhat- tan. Kan.. 3. SALLY KLUCAS: GRA 1.2; FHA2. DAWN KLU( K: Girls' Club 3; moved from Huxley la. 3. GREGORY KNUT H Intramural Council 1: Spanish Club 2. DIRK KREAMER: Football 1.2.3; Wrestling 1,2,3. KA THY KROPF: GRA 1 2. rep 1; DEGA 3. 226KIMBERIA KRUSKOP Pep C lub 1 French Club 2.3: Luin Club I Scratch Pad2 JULIE KL'TISH: Pep Club 2,3: Spanish Club 2.3: Library Assistant 2.3; moved from San Salvador El Salvador. 2. DAVID LAMBERT: Tennis 2: Boys' Glee I Mixed Chorus 1: Spanish Club 2. ANNA LAXDE Pep Club 1 2.3 Girls' Glee 1.2: Choir 2: Mixed Chorus 1.2. DAVID L-ARSON Bovs Club 1.2.3. GREG LAV LON Track 2.3: Cross-country .3; Soph. Band Band 2: Pep Band 1,2: Orchestra 1: French Club I: Boys’ Club rep I LLOYD LEE: Boys Club 1.2.3 RICK LEHMAN Hall Monitor2.3. LINDA LEIBOLD: GRA rep 1; Latin Club 2; Library Assistant 1. NANCY LEWIS: GRA 1,2; Pep Club 1,2.3; Soph Band; Girls' Glee 1.2.3; Mixed Chorus 1; French Club 2.3: Latin Club 1 DAN LINDER Wrestling 3. ALAN LIVINGS TON: Boys Club I 2.3 MARY LOKKEN: Pep Club 1,2.3: cournil 3. rep 3; Girls Glee 1: Mixed Chorus 1; French Club 1; Drama 2: Web Editor 3. LOIS LOOMIS: Pep Club 2.3; 1- HA 3: moved from Madrid. Ia.. 2. HUGH LOWR1E: German Club 2,3; Art Club 1,2. LAURA LOWRIE: Pep Club 1,2,3; Orchestra 1,2.3; French Club 1.2; Latin Club 2; Library Assistant 1: Drama 1.2.3; Palm Club 2.3; Scratch Pad 2. JAMS LYTTLE: French Club 1.2.3; Web 3. MARY McCAFFREY Pep Club 2.3; Girls' Glee 1.2.3; Mixed Chorus 2.3; Library Assistant 1.2. DOUG McCAY Latin Club 1; Spanish Club 3; Boys' Club rep 1; Hall Monitor 3. JAMES McCORMICK Boys'Club 1.2.3 DON McCULLOUGH Wrestling 2.3; moved from W Des Moines, la. 2. MEREDITH McHONE: GRA 1.2.3. rep 2; Pep Club 1.2.3. coun- cil 3. rep 3: Girls' Glee 1.2.3; Choir 2.3; Mixed Chorus 1; French Club 2.3; Girls' Club rep 1; Drama 1.2.3; Palm Club 3: Scratch Pad2: Spirit rep 3; HR sec. 1; Web 3. ROBERTA MdNTlRE: Pep Club 2.3; Girls' Club rep 3; Scratch Pad2; Spirit Staff 3, Copy Editor 3. moved from Atlantic. Ia.. 2. SUSAN McKERN: Pep Club 1,2.3; Girls' Glee 2; Library Assistant 2: DECA 3; Drama I. CATHRYN McMAHON: Pep Club 1.2.3; Girls' Glee 1.2; Spanish Club 1.2. RON McMILLEN: DECA 3. AMY McVICKER: Pep Club 1,2; Spanish Club I; Debate 2; Drama I; Web 3. S’l EYE MADSEN Basketball Manager 1.2; Football 1,2; Intra- mural Council 2; Track Manager 1,2; Boys’ Club rep 1; Art Club 2. MIKE MAKI FBI's 1 Boys' Club rep 1,2; Student Council 2,3. NANCY M AN I HIT GRA 1.2.3. Cabinet 2; Pep Club 1.2.3. NAN Y MA I MASON: Pep Club 1.2.3. rep 2; Drama 1 JOHN MA I HI SON Intramural Council 1 Boys' Glee 1,2,3; Choir 2,3, v pres. 3; Boys' Club rep 1,2: Spirit rep 2; Swimming 2,3; Web 3. ROBERT MATTERS: Spanish Club 2.3: Drama 1.2.3; Palm Club 3; Jr. Ex; IIV6 3. MELISSA MATTERSON Pep Club 1.2.3; French Club 2.3. pres 3; Latin Club 1, Triumvirate 1; Drama 1,2,3: Palm Club 3; Scratch Pad2 Spirit Staff 2,3; Jr. Fix; Synchornizcd Swimming 3. CAROL ME HER: Pep Club 3; moved from Indianapolis. Ind. 3. KRISTI MICKELSON Pep Club 1,2.3; Mixed Chorus 1; Library Assistant 1.2. JANET MILLER GRA 1.2: Pep Club 1.2,3: OF Club. MARY MILLER GRA 1,2; Pep Club 1.2.3, rep I; Orchestra 1,2; Girls'Glee 1,3; Choir 2.3; Spanish Club 1.2: DECA 3. PAUL MILLER Band 2.3; Orchestra 2; moved from Boone, la.. 2. JIM MONTEGNA Football 1; Mixed Chorus 1; Drama 1.2; Stu- dent Council 1. DON MOORE Boys’ Club 1.2.3 ROBERT A MOORMAN Pep Club 1.2.3; Girls' Glee 1.2.3; Choir 3; Mixed Chorus 1; Spanish Club 1.2.3; Art Club 1.3; ID-6 3; Synchronized Swimming 3. MICHAEL MORRIS: Baseball 1.2: Iennis 2; Bovs' Glee 1.2: Choir 2; Mixed Chorus 1. German Club 1 S ience Seminar I NANCY MOSIER Pep Club 1.2.3; Soph Band; Band 1.2.3; Or- chestra 1,2; Girls' Glee 1,3; Choir 3; Mixed Chorus 1; Madrigal 3; French Club 1.2. rep I; Girls' Club rep 1,2; Spirit Staff 2.3; Sr. Senate; Web 3. RODNEY MYERS: Boys' Club 1.2.3. GERALD NEAL: Track 1.2.3; Football 1; Cross-country 2.3; Varsity Club 2,3; Student Council 2.3. v, pres. 3; Boys' Club rep. 2. GREG NELSON: Hall Monitor 1. PAMELA NESS: GRA 2; Pep Club 1.3; Girls' Glee 1.2; Choir 3; Mixed Chorus 2; Latin Club I; Spanish Club 2,3; Drama I; Hall Monitor 2. BEVERLY NILSSON: Girls' Glee 1,2; Mixed Chorus 1.2; Latin Club 1; F HA 1,2.3. pres. 3; Synchronized Swimming 3. 227NANCV NIMS: OKA 1,2,3; IV,» Club 1.2.3, rep 1,2,3. v pres 3. Cheersquad 2.3; Girls' Glee 1.2: Mixed Chorus 2; French Club 2.3; Art Club 1.2. Drama 2; Spirit rep 2; Creative Dance 3. LINDA OLSON: Spanish Club I; Art Club2. RACHEl OPHELM Pep Club 1.2.3; Spanish Club 1.2.3; Art Club 3; Drama I. CAROLYN OSLUND: CRA 3. rep 3; Pep Club 1.2.3, rep 1.2; Soph Band; Band 2; Girls’ Glee 1; Spint rep 2; Synchronized Swim- ming 3. JAYNE OS IK KM GRA 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2.3. Soph Band; Band 2,3; Orchestra I; Girls' Glee 1; Choir 2.3; Mixed Chorus I; Spanish Club 1.2. DENNIS OVVINGS: Basketball Manager 1; Football Manager I; Soph Band; Band 2,3; German Club I NANCY OXLEY: GRA 1; Pep Club 1,2; FHA 1; OE Club 3; Hall Monitor 2. STEVEN PACE: DECA 3; Student Council 2; Web 3; moved from Monrovia, Calif. 2. ROBERT PALMER: Football 3 PEGGY PARKS Pep Club 1.2.3; Spanish Club 1.2,3; Art Club 2,3; Drama 3; Girls’ Club rep 1 BOB PATTERSON: Art Club 2,3. MARK PENKIIUS: Football 1,2.3; Track 1,2; Swimming 2.3, Varsity Club 2.3; Student Council 2; Hall Monitor 2; Boys (Tub rep 1. MARILYN PENNY: GRA 1.2,3; Pep Club 1,2.3. rep I; Girls' Glee 1; Mixed Chorus 1; French Club 1.2; Synchronized Swimming 3. BILL PEPPER: Wrestling 1.2,3. JANIS PEPPER: GRA 1.2. cabinet 2. rep I; Pep Club 2; Hall Monitor 2; OE Club 3. FRANK PERKOVICH: Boys Club 1.2.3. MARY (POLLY) PETERSON: GRA 2.3, rep 3; Pep Club 1.2.3; Cheersquad 1.2,3. captain 1; German Club 2,3; Latin Club 1; triumvirate 1; Drama 1,2,3; Palm Club 2.3; Spirit Staff 2.3; Spirit rep I; Jr. Ex sec.; Student Council 3. sec-. 3; Web 3; Crea- tive Dance 3. NANCY PETERSON: GRA 1.2,3; Pep Club 1.2.3; Girls' Glee 1.2; DECA 3. MARILYN PING Pep Club 1.2.3; French Club 1,2,3; Spanish Club 2,3; Art Club 1,2.3; Drama 1,2.3; Palm Club 3; Web 3. LYNN PIPER: GRA 1.2. rep 2; Pep Club 1.2,3; Girls' Glee 1; Choir 2.3; Mixed Chorus 1; French Club 1; Spanish Club 2,3, v pres. 3; Student Council 3; Synchronized Swimming 3; Creative Dance 3; Web 3. MARY POECKES GRA 1.2.3, rep 2.3. cabinet 2. pres 3. Pep dub 1.2,3; Drama 1 MONICA POLHEMUS CRA I Pep Club 1.2; Girls Glee 1 Mixed Chorus I; German Club 2; Science Seminar 1; Art Club 12 MIKE POUNDS: Boy»’ Club 1.2.3. NANCY PYLE GRA 2.3; Pep Club 1,2.3; Soph Band; Band 1,2.3. Pep Band 1.2.3; Girls' Glee 1; Mixed Chorus 1; Spanish Club 1.2 JIM QUASI Soph Band; Band 1.2,3; Dame Band 1.2.3; Pep Band 1.2.3; Spanish Club 1; Spinl rep 1,2; Student Council 12 MICHAEL RADER: Wrestling 3; moved from Grand Island. Neb.. 1 DON RANDALL: Boys'Club 1.2.3. LINDA RAY: Pep Club 2; Science Seminar 2,3; Scratch Pad 2; Web 3; Synchronized Swimming 3; moved from Columbia. Mo., 2. HOPE REINBOLD: GRA 1.2.3. rep 1.2; Pep Club 1.2.3; Cheer- squad 1,2,3, co-captain 3; Girls' Glee 1.2; Mixed Chorus 2; Span- ish Club 2; FHA 3; Web 3; Alumni AVtij letter 3; Girls’ Club rep 2. CAROL REINHART: Pep Club 1.2: French Club 1,2.3. rep 2; Spirit rep 3; Web 3; HR sec. 2. CONNIE REINSCH: GRA 1.2.3, rep I. Pep Club 1.2; DECA 3; FHA I. JENNIFER RENFELDT: GRA 1.2. rep 1: Pep Club 1.2.3: Girls Glee 1; Mixed Chorus 1; FHA 1,2,3. JANE R )BINSON Pep Club 2: Spanish Club 1.2.3; Debate 1. CAREFUL THERE! Joe Hostettcr and Mike Foreman find that chemistry is just a drop in a test tube. 228CHARLES ROC.NESS Football 1.2.3; Wrestling 1.2.3; Varsity Club 1.2, V Bo -s' Glee 2,3; Choir 2,3; Kev Club 3, v pres. 3. PAMELA SHARP Girls' Glee 2; Choir 2; Mixed Chorus 3; FHA 2.3, v pres. 3. RANDI ROLF Pep Club 1; Twirler 2.3; Girls Glee 1; Mixed Chorus 1; German Club 1,2.3, see. 3; Drama 1 2,3; IIV6 3; Girls THOMAS SHAW Boys’ Club 1.2.3. Club rep 1. KAY SHOES' GRA 1. Pep Club 1.2.3; OE Club 3 DIXIE ROSE GRA 1 Pep Club 1.2.3; Girls Glee 1 2; Choir 2. Mixed Chorus 1; French Club2; Larin Club 1 DECA 3 rreas. 3. SUZANNF SHUMAN GRA 1,2.3; Pep Club 1.2.3. rep 3; Spanish Club 1,2; Girls' Club rep 1. C ROLVN KOMKNBAI H Pep Club 1.2.3; Spanish Club 2.3 Drama 1.2.3: Palm Club 3; Creative Dance 3. MARK S1EMERS: Scratch Pad2: Spirit Stull 2,3, Hull Monitor 1 VIC 1 OR RO'I HACKER: Football 1.2.3 Student Council 1 DON SILLS Golf 1,2,3; Intramural Council 2. SANDRA ROUI H Pep Club 1,2.3: (.iris (.lee 1 Spanish Club 1.2; LINDA SILLS: Pep Club 1.2.3; Soph Bund; OE Club 3 An Club 1 DECA 3 WILLIAM (ANDY) SINGER Football 2.3; Spanish Club 1.2 Web 3. KENNETH ROZEBOOM Soph Band; Band 2,3; Bovs Glee 1 Mixed Chorus 1 French Club 2,3; Latin Club 1: Student Coun- cil 1.2; HW3. LUCIA RUEDENBERG: Pep Club 1: French Club 12; German ELIZABE 1 II SIVESIND GRA 2.3. Pep Club 1.2.3. rep 1; Orches- tra 1.2.3. sec.-treas. 3; Latin Club 1: Spanish Club 2.3; Spirit Staff 2,3. Bus. Mgr. 3; Web 3. Club 1 2 Drama 2,3 lived in Switzerland 3 LARRX SKOLD Truck 3; Boys' Glee 1; Mixed Chorus 1; Key Club 3. DEBORAH RUHE Pep Club 1,2.3; Girls'Glee 1; Choir 2.3; Mixed Chorus 1: French Club 1.2,3; Scratch Pad 2; Spirit rep 3; Sr Senate; HV6 3; Girls’ Club rep 3. JIM Rl'NDLE: Track 1,2,3; Cross-country 3: Varsity Club 3; KAY SKRDLX GRA 1. Pep Club 1.2.3; Soph Band; Band 1.2.3; Orchestra 1.2.3; Girls' Glee 1.2.3; Choir 3; Mixed Chorus 1; Latin Club 1. Jr. Ex; Creative Dance 3. Orchestra 1.2.3 pres. 2: Bovs' Club rep 1.2. STEPHEN RUSHING: Football 2; Track 2.3; Cross-country 3; MARILYN SMIT GRA 2.3. rep 3: Pep Club 2.3; German Club 2; Synchronized Swimming 3; moved from Atlanta, Ga. 2. Science Seminar 2; Debate 2: Kev Club 3; moved from Live Oak, Fla. 2. CAROL SMI 1 11 Pep Club 2.3. French Club 2; German Club 2.3. moved from Denver, Colo., 2. BARRY RUSSELL: Tennis 2.3: Soph Band; Band 2.3, v pres. 3; Pep Band 1,2.3; German Club 1; Scratch Pad 2; Jr Ex: Student Council 1; Firesquad 1.2.3. scc.-trcas. 3; Boys' Club pres. 3. MARIE SCHALLER. GRA 1,2; Pep Club 1 2.3; Girls' Glee 3; German Club 1,2, rep 2: Drama 1.2.3; Palm Club 3. treas. 3; GORDON SMI TH Tennis 1.2.3; Soph Band, v pres.; Orchestra 1; Boys' Glee 1.2.3; Choir 2,3; Mixed Chorus 1; German Club 1; Litin Club 3; Spirit Stall 3; Spirit rep 2; Sr. Senate; Student Coun il 1,2; Web Editor 3; Fire Squad 1.2.3; Alumni S'eun Letter 3; Food Council 2.3. Spirit rep 3. MARK SMITH: German Club 1; Scratch Pad2; Spirit rep 3. JAMES SCHMALZRIED: Track 1; moved from United Com- munity 1. BILL SOY Bovs'Club 1.2.3. BARBARA SCHMIDT: Pep Club 1.2.3 JANE SCHM INKEY: Pep Club 1.2.3. CHRIS SPEER GRA 1. Pep Club 1.2.3; French Club 1.2; Drama 1.2; ltV6 3. JANE SCHOENENBERCER: Pep Club 1.2; Girls’ Glee 1.2; Mixed Chorus 2; Spanish Club 1.2. MARCIA STAFFORD: GRA 1,3, rep 3; Pep Club 1.2.3. rep 1; Soph Band; Band 2; Orchestra 1; French Club 2.3; Drama 2.3; Spirit rep 3; Web 3; Alumni Xews Letter 3; Synchronized Swim- ming 3; Girls’ Club rep 3. MARILYN SEA LOCK: GRA 2; Pep Club 1.2.3. rep 3, sec 3; Soph Band, sec.: Band 1,2.3; German Club 1.2; Student Council 1.2; Web 3; Girls' Club rep 3. ELIZABETH STEVENS: Pep Club 1.2.3. rep 1; Girls’ Glee 1; Student Council 1. RUTH SEASTRAND: Pep Club 1.2.3; French Club 2.3; Sr Senate; Student Council 3. MARTIN STEWART Wrestling 2.3; Bovs' Glee 1.2; Choir 2; Mixed Chorus 1,2. ANNE SEISF.R: Pep Club 1,2; Girls' Glee 1.2; Mixed Chorus 1; German Club 1.2.3; Scratch Pad2. BILL SEROVY: Track 1; German Club 1,2; Science Seminar 3; MARTHA STOBER Pep Club 1.2.3. rep 2. treas 3. L.tin Club 1; Library Club 1; Drama 1.2.3; Palm Club 3. sec 3; Hall Monitor 2; Web 3; Girls’ Club rep 3. Stage Tech. 1.2.3; Drama 1,2: Palm Club 3; Spirit Staff 2,3; Web 3. RON SEXTON: Boys' Club rep 1.2. BRUCE STOLTENBERG: Football 3; Tennis 2.3; Boys' Glee 1; Mixed Chorus 1; Latin Club 1; Scratch Pad 2; Spirit rep I; Hall Monitor 2. 229 RON SEXTON: Boys Club rep 1.2.SANDY STONE: ORA 2. Pep Club 2: Dram.» 2; HW 3; moved from United Community 2. |OHN WALL Football 1.2.3. Wrestling 1 2.3; fra-1 1.2 B e. Gleel; Hall Monitor 3. DENNIS STONEBERG: Soph Band; Band 1.2.3 DAN WALSH: Spanish C lub 1.2; Spirit rep 3 PAT SWAN: Pep Club 1.2.3: Girls' lice 1,2,3; Mixed Chorus 1 RONALD W.VTSON: Basketball 1.2.3; Football 1.2.3. taptain 3 Track 1,2,3; Varsity Club 1.2.3; Jr Ex; Student Council 1.3 pres 3; Hall Monitor 2.3. MYRON SWENSON: Baseball 2; Cross-country 3; Soph Band; Band 2,3; Dance Band 1.2.3; Pep Band 2; Orchestra 1; Latin Club 1; Hill Monitor 2; Web 3; Key Club 2.3; pres 2.3; Tire- squad 3. RACHEL WEBB Pep Club 1.2.3; Trench Club 2.3; Latin Club I Drama 1.2. ED WEDMAN Wrestling Trainer 2; Student Council i. Pari 3 R ).N SWENSON: Boys' Club 1.2.3. Boys' Club treas. 3. MARY TALBO T: Pep Club 2.3; Trench Club 2.3; Drama 3: Spirit Staff 3; ll Vfc 3; Alumni Xews Letter 3; Girls' Club rep 3; moved from Bruxelles. Belgium, 2. MARJORIE WILCOX: Pep Club 1.2.3; German Club 1; Art Club 2; DECA 3. SALLY WILLIAMS GRA 1.2. rep 1; Pep Club 1.2.3; Chcersquad JACK TAUBER Boys' Glee 1.3: v pres 1; Choir 3; Mixed Chorus 1,3, pres. I; Spanish Club 1.2.3; Science Seminar 1; Drama 1; Spirit rep 1; Student Council 2. 2.3. captain 3; Spanish Club 1.2.3. sec-treas 3; Creative Dance 3; Web 3; HR v pres. 1.2. STEPHEN WILLIAMS: Track 1.2; Student Council 1.2; Hall DEBORAH TESDALL GRA 1; Pep Club 1.2,3; French Club I Monitor 2; Tiresquad 2.3. JKRILYN THIEL Pep Club 1.2,3; Girls' Glee 1; Choir 2.3; Mixed Chorus 1; Madrigal 3; Spanish Club 1.2 Drama 2.3: Girls' Club rep 2. SUSAN WILLIAMS: GRA 1.2.3: Pep Club 1.2.3. rep 1.2.3; Girls' Glee 1.2; Mixed Chorus 1; French Club 1,2; Spirit rep 2: Girls' Club rep 3. KATHY WILLRICH Pep Club 1.2.3; Orchestra 1.2.3. v pres 2: LINDA THIEL: Pep Club 1,2.3; Spanish Club 2.3. Trench Club 1.2.3; Scratch Pad 2: Girls' club rep 3. DAVID THOMPSON Trench Club 1; Spanish Club 2,3; H 6 3. RICK WILSON DECA 3. |UDY 1 HOMPSON THA 1 MIKE WISER Basketball 2; Tennis 2; Varsity Club 2.3; Band 2.3. CA 1 HY TORKSDAHL: GRA rep 1.2.3; Pep Club 2.3: Soph Band: Band 1,2.3; Pep Band 2.3; Latin Club 1 pres. 3; Pep Band 2.3. student director 3; Boys' Glee 2.3; Choir 2.3; Lttin Club 3; Student Council 2.3; moved from Jefferson, la.. 2. PEGGI 1 REMBI Y Pep Club 1,2.3. Library Assistant 1.2.3. so 2 Girls’ Club rep 2. MARCIA WOLDRUTT Pep Club 1.2.3; Girls Glee 1.3; Mixed Chorus 3; Spanish Club 2; Library Assistant 1.2; Drama 1 BRUCE TRUMP Wrestling 2.3; Soph Band: Band 2.3; Pep Band 2.3; Orchestra 1. Science Seminar 1; Spirit Stall 1,2.3 BARBARA WOOD: GRA 1,2,3, rep 1: Pep Club 1.2.3; DECA 3; THA 2,3. BRUCE VAN HOUWELING: Football 2; Wrestling 1,2.3; Track 1.2; Soph Band; Boys' Glee 1.2,3; Choir 2.3; Mixed Chorus 1 Spanish Club 1; Firesquad 1.2.3; Key Club 2,3. JANE WOOLLEY GRA 1.2. rep 2; Pep Club 1.2.3; Girls’ Glee 1; Choir 2.3; Mixed Chorus 1; French Club 1.2.3: Creative Dance 3; HR treas. 2.3; Girls' Club rep 3. CHARLES VAN PA ITER Hall Monitor 1; Aud.-vis. aids 1.2,3. BEN TLY YORK: Track 1: Art Club 2. PETER V1NOGRADE: Intramural Council 2; Orchestra 3; French Club 2.3: lived in New York, N. 3 1. BOB YOUNG: Baseball 2; Basketball 1; Football 1.2.3: Wrestling 2.3. JANIECE VII 1 ETOE: GRA 1.2.3; Pep Club 1.2,3. ERICA ZAFTARANO: Pep Club 1.2,3; Soph Band; Band 2: French SUSAN VOSS GRA 1.2.3. rep 3; Pep Club 1.2.3. rep 1 Spanish Club 1; Drama 1; Art Club 3. Club 1,2.3; Synchronized Swimming 3; Creative Dance 3; HR sec. 2.3. CYNTHIA WACKER: GRA 2; Pep Club 1.2.3, rep 2; Soph Band; Band 2,3; Girls' Glee 1; Frenc h Club 1,2. BARBARA ZIMMERMAN: Pep Club 1.2.3: Girls Glee 1.2: Mixed Chorus 1,2; German Club 1,2; Library Assistant 1; FH.A 3; Scratch Pad 2. JOANN WAGNER GRA 1,2.3; Pep Club 1,2.3; OE Club 3, sec.-treas. 3. GARY ZNIOLEK Football 3; Boys’ Glee 1,2,3; Choir 2.3: Mixed MARY WALKER Pep Club 1,2,3. rep 2; Library Assistant 1.2,3; DECA3. Chorus 1; Madrigal 2; French Club 1.2,3; Latin Club I: Science Seminar 1 Drama 1.2.3; Palm Club 3: Student Council 2,:»: IIW 3. 230Index A Abcgg. Unda 60,86.140 22S Accola. Gordon 4', 108,177 ACTIVITIES 42-117 Adams, Bob . . 182 Adams. Connie . 88.177 Adams, Mr. Herbert 121 ADMINISTRA! ION 120-121 ADS . 188-222 Agard, Don 47,99.108.178 Albertson, Mr Hubert . 132 Albertson. Kristin . . 182 Alcott, Craig ....... . np Alderman, Larry 177 Alexander Diane 178 Alfred. Mary Jo 183 Allen. Olev 140.162,223 Allen. Ross Allen. Sue . 86,149,225 Allfree Guy 179 Amensen. Marcia 183 Amensen. Sonja 183 Anderson. Mrs. Beth 124,182 Anderson Brent 103,185 Anderson. Carl 183 Anderson. Carol H (Soph) 39,184 Anderson. Carol J (Jr.) 177 Anderson, Conrad 48.103,113.183 Anderson. Craig ... . 8”,149,225 Anderson. Don 184 Anderson. Glennis (Bobbi) .... 81.149,223 Anderson, Harlan 185 Anderson. Jim 178 Anderson, Joe 179.181 Anderson, Joyce 178 Anderson. Miss Katherine 89.141 Anderson, Martha 126.178 Anderson. Steve 143.185 Ante. Kurt 186 Antonaccio. Claudio 81 Armstrong. Jim . 87.149,223 Armstrong, Margaret 94.179 Armstrong. Marsha . 61.149.225 Arnbal. Carla 183 Arnbal. Libbv 181 ART CLUB .88 Askelson. Nancy . 37.58,63.233 ASSEMBLIES 34-35 Augustine. Edic 60.180 Austin. Mrs. Phyllis 57.126 Austrhcim, Owen 67.99,104,180 Avers. Whit 60.68,73,180 B Backus. Dianna . 64,180 Bacon. Bill 38, Baird. Biff 103.113 Baird. |im 108,177 Baker. Barry 78,99.149,225 Baker. Debv 68.177 Baker, Gail 178 Baker Janice 124.183 Baker Jeanne 181 Baldner Debbie Baldus, Marv 58,63.183 Baldus, Ray 178 BAND 64-69 Bappe, Dennis 30.44,47.99,100.108, 149,223 Bappc, Sandy 186 Bare us. Irene 84.186 Barcus, Mike 98,149,223 Barnes Julie . . 177 Barnes, Marilyn Barr Pam 178 Barrow. Jean 149.223 Bartels. Barb 186 Barton, Arthur 47.104.150,223 BartrufL Jerry 103,186 BASKETBALL 108-113 Bateman. Arnv .. 94,187 Bath. Betsy 48.60,150,225 Batman. Becky . . 182 Bauske. Clay 44,35.62,77.103! 13,187 Bauske Mrs. Grace 79.123,177 Bauske, Mark 29.44,52.106.148! 50,225 Baudcr. Dick 104,150,225 Bauer, Christiane 20,47.72,74.88.150. 166.223 Beach. Kari 87.150,223 Beach Lee 130,223 Beach. Ronald 181 Beal, Linda 183 Bear Cathie 87,150,223 Beard, Bob 181 Bn k Vicki Bn klev Mark 183 Bnkman, Barb 183 Beern. Carolyn 62,183 Beer, Teresa 93,184 Bell. Carol 60.179 Bell Tom 223 Bernan. Mike 98.99, Bcneke, Janet Bengtson. Mr. Leonard 87.88,139 Benn, Becky 150,223 Bennett Mr. Carroll 87.139 Benson, Ruthann 59.62.185 Benson, Tim 177 Berg, Rick 151.181 Bergman, Wanda 185 Bickerstaff. Ray 183 Bjornstad. Neil 183 Black. Marilyn 131 Black. Nancy 186 Blackburn. Dave 86.151,223 Blagen, Bonnie .... . Bleeker. Tony 35,56,184 Blewett, Brenda 68,186 Bliss. Dave! 10.176.181 BOARD OF EDUCATION 120 Bockhop. Barb 127 Bockhop. Nancy 187 Boden, ( raig 44,99,177 Boden. Mark . 30,98.104 !31 151.223 Boehnke. John 44.47,105,185 Bogenricf Brad 178 Bolden. Rick 48.79.I48.131.223 Burke Jocllvn 77.98.182 Burke. Mark 104,178 Borron, Pam 94,131,223 Burwick, Ken 235 Bowen, Lecia . 52.55,94.151,225 Bowen, Margaret 183 Bowen. Paul 151,223 Boyd. Dave 96.97.179 Boyd, Steve 103.104,185 BOVS CLUB 36 BOYS STATE 21 Boysen. Raedell 223 Brandenburg, Diane 235 Brcckcnridge, Pam 3.1X3 Brindley, Tom 67,151,225 Brink. tarry 181 Brinkman. Vicki 87,131,225 Bristol. Dick 44.113,186 Brown, Alyce 235 Brown, Anne ... 183 Brown. Bob 179 Brown. Cathy 39.62 Brown. Dell 44.103.104,186 Brown, Ginger 59.62.236 Brown. Kathy 93,184.185 Brown, Leanne .... Brown. Nancy ... 185 Brown. Pat tv 183 Brown, lim 180 Browning, Gayle 178 Bruce. Allen 151 Bruce. Arlene 186 Bruce, Glenn 223 Brunia. Dennis 151.223 Brunia, Steve . I03.106.107.186 Bryan. Mrs. Jolene np Buchele Beth .61.69,181 Buck, Barb 39.62,186 Buck. Beverlcv 62.186 Buck. Lindv ,48.70. 79.131.158,162.223 Buck. Marv 62.187 Buck. Stewart 44,48.67.106! 07.18" Burchinal, Pcgi 55,182 Bunce, Susan 48,61,68,83! 76! 77 Burgan. Dave 67,106,180 Burkhaltcr, Karol ... Burnet. Betty Jo 60.68,178 Burns, Paula 60.68,178 Burns, Richard . .... 99.100.151,223 Burns, Rita 84.183 Burns, Sharon 185 Busch. Wanda 59,62.93.177 Bushorc, Dave 87.223 Busick. Marty ... 235 Buttrey, Mrs. Esther 138 Buttz. Linda 132.225 C CAFETERIA 144-5 Calhoon, Bruce 182 Calhoon, Kathy 86.152.225 231Calderwood, Greg 177 CROSS COUNTR V 96-97 Campos, Tony 61, Cross, Linda 63,182 Cantonwine. Curt 235 Cross, Mike 77.106.186 Cantonwine. I'oni 183 Cross, Randy . 182 Carbrey, Anna 55.56.181 Crovisier. Judy 88,183 CAREER NIGHT 28 Crovisicr. Patsy 178 Carey, Kathleen 183 Cummings. Beth 178 Carlsen, Saundra 184 Carlson, Dawn 183 D Carlson, Dick . 79.152.225 Carlson, Karen 122.185 Dahl. Jan 87,153,224 Carlson, Marian 185 Dahm, Fred 47.55.186 Carlson. Nancy 58,63.94.179 Dahm. Peg . 60,78.153,224 Carlson, Susan 152.223 Daley, Marlene 90.93 Carney, Peg 15.224 Danielson. Keith 178 Carpenter. John,108,181 Danielson, Neil 68,177 Carpenter Mike 152,226 Dankbar, Betty . ... Carr, Dick 46.47,48,60.152.224 Davis. Bill 104.186 Carter, Barb 152,224 Davis. Chris 38.47, 17. Carter. Chuck 130.153.224 Case. Bill 99.108,177 Davis, Gail 179 Castncr. Pat 186 Davis, Rebecca 183 Caius. Dave Davis, Steve 116 Catus, Gary 103,183 Day. Mr Richard Cerwick, Fred Dayton. Barry 187 Chada, Darwin 178 DEBATE 84 Chaffin, Wanda 60.152,224 DeBoer. Dennis,153.224 Chalmers. Donna 82 Demel. Mrs. Marge 129 Charlson, Cindy 180 Dengler, Greg 85.97.177 CHEERSQUADS 92-93 Denisen. Peggy 72 Chenik, Nandi 106,179 Dietz. Chris Christensen. Beverly 81,152,224 Disney. Liz 185 Chrsitensen, Curt 44.88.177 Dodd. Connie 133.226 Christenson. Sandy 186 Dodd, Jim . CHRISTMAS FORMAL 38-39 Dolling, Dave 182 Clark, Al 87,132.224 Domek, Lance 183 Clark, Bob 153.224 Donhowe, Steve 154,224 Clark. Debbie 81.133,224 Dowell, Diana 154.224 Clark, Jean 86.153,224 Dowell, Marilyn 94.183 183 185 Clark, Lee 179 Drake, Rodney 52,79.154.224 Clayberg, Mike 181 DRAMA 54-55 Clem. Margo 177 DuKois. Claudia . . 60.64,176.181 Dumenil, Ann 179 Dunleavy, Linda 186 Duvall, Mr George r 103.108,132.177 t Eckstein. Monica 93 Eggleton. Judy 81.154.226 Eggleton, Katie 180 Falls. Jayne . 59,61.186 Ekberg, Gretchen 61.79.154224 F.lbert. Jack 56,180 Elbert. Jim 180 Eldridge, Bill 79.154224 F.ldridge. Jan 72.148.187 ELECTIONS 30-33 Elletl. Kathy F.llett. Tim 183 Elliott. Dave 183 Elliott. Doug 181 Elliott. Gail . 87.155224 Elliott. Linda 186 Elliott. Steve 155224 Ellis. Charles 184 Ellis. Susan 177 Ellson. Terri 235 Engel. Rick 47.67,71.108,110,180.237 Engeldinger. Jane 49.83.181 Engelhardt, Rich Enquist, Craig 178 Enquist. Mr William i 44,131 F.rbe, Victoria 127.145.182 Erickson, Diane Erickson. Martha 167.224 F.thingion. Karen 224 Evans Barbara 62.181 Evans. Richard . . 183 EVENTS 18-41 Everson. Grace Ewing, Debbie . 183 Clou. Mr. Stanley Collins. 70.71,72.136.137 Conley. Larry .. Conner, Ann........................... 177 Constantine. Kosta . 35.145,180 Cook. Dennis ......................... 177 Cook. Julie.................. 59.61,92.178 Coon, Kathy........................ 89.186 Core. Bob 178 Core. Ellen 153,224 Cottrill. Jeff .......... Coupal. Debbie,226 Coupe, Jeanine................. 60.133.226 Couture, Larry .......................18-1 Couture, Steve........................ 178 Covey. Mr. Hiram ............... 44.97.141 Cox. Ed .............................. 185 Coy. Ron 104.134 Coyle, Debbie......................... 181 Craig, Danny 47,103.113.122,183 Craig, Dave 177 Crane. Charles 20.55,61.85,134.224 Crane, Mrs. Jean ......................134 Crawford, Reid .....................63,185 NO! INCLUDED IN SENIOR SECTION are—FROX 7. Don Randall. Dick Goettsch. SECOXD; Bobby Patterson, Everett Pinta. Dennis Williams. 232Exner, Heide 61 Gartz. Mr. Homer 65 Ever, Philip , 155.224 Gatherum, Lturie Gcist, Kirk 81.94,156,223 48.106,184 F Gibbs, Dick Gibbs, Ltura GIRLS’ CLUB 108,110.111.156,225 81.156.225 36.51 Faas. Mr Donald 140 GIRI.s STATE . 21 FACULTY 119-145 Gladson, Del np Fatten, Barbara 143,183 Glosemcver, Arlene 187 FaMeson. Mr. Theodore 128.1?"' Gocttsch, Dick . 225.232 Fauerbv Chris 4? 48,69,80.155,224 Gonser. Marsha 59,62.182 Fauerby. Jane 58,63.77.183 Good, Bill 108.177 Fawkes, Ed U44.I77 Gossard. John 44.103,183 Ferguson. Joan 178 GRA 90-91 Ferguson, Judy 68.73.177 Grabau, Gary 20,148.156.225 Fernelius Dorothy 59.179 Graham. Fred 48.156 Feyerabend. Paul 103,185 Graham. Steve 183 FHA 89 Greene. Charles 103.184 Finch, Denis 186 Grimes, Georgia . 90.183 Fine ham, Dave 35.60,178 Gronvall Mr Kalmar 124.178 Fincham. Doug 99.KM.178 Groomrs, Don 178 Finnegan. Jerry 177 Groomes Robert 156.223 FIRESQUAD Firkins, George 44,45 Guy, Terry 30,156.225 Fiscus. Ron Fisher. Bill 186 H Fisher. Jane 181 Haas. John 183 Fisher Patti 69.183 Hadaway, Mike np Fitzgerald, Mr Lyle 106.143 Haeder. Bill,156.225 Flcig, Jean,179 Hagen. Belinda 156.223 F'lora, Donna 184 Hagen. Janet 183 Fodcrburg, Ellen . 180 Hagen. Kent 223 Foley. Bruce 86.122.224 Hagen. Sandy 178,183 FOOTBALL 98-103 Hague. Bob 156.227 Foote, Miss Wendy 90.142 Hague. Janet np Foreman, Mike 26.78.153,224 Hakes. Christine 1X3 Forsythe, Kay 22,47. . Hall Janice 156,225 Foshe. Connie 185 Hall, Larry Fox. Miss Karen 130.178 Hall, Man 67,156.225 Fox. Marilyn 183 Hall. Sherrv 179 F'rancis, Colleen .... 180 Haltcrman. Steve 103.113.185 Francis, Sue 145.183 Hamilton. Bob Franz, Larry- 181 Hamilton. Layne .. Fredericks. Jeff 56.60.179 Hamilton. Mark 31.32,56.83,98. F'reel. Jim 187 French, Barb 135,224 Hammer. Alison 184 French. Jean 61.177 Hammer, Dave 179 Frey, Terry .. Hand. John 185 Fribley, Nancy 186 Hannum Jan 157.223 Friest. Mr. James 103,112,113.130.183 Hannusch. Henry' 85,103.184 F'ritz. Lisa . . .. 186 Hansen. Barb 34.47.58,61.67,69,90. Fry. Jim 180 137,148.157.223 Fujinaka, Chuck Hansen. Cheryl . . Fung, Margaret G Flansen. Debbie Hansen, Vicki Hanson. Mrs. Marilyn Harding, Kerby Harlan. Miss Mary 186 86.157.225 132.133.178 157,225 131.183 Galejs, Inta 58.63.178 Harless. I-onnie 157.227 Gammon, Danny 180 Haroldsen. Sue 55.183 Gammon. Dave 103.182 Harrell, Steve 181 Gammon. Pat 186 Harris. Mike np Gardner. Don 177 Harrison. Greg 83,180 Garland. Chuck 178 Hathaway, John 87.157.225 Garman. Mr. Merle 138 Hathaway, Mary . . 185 Garrett. Mrs. Kay 94,183 Hatton. Bill 236 Garrett. Scott 67.138.181 Haugen, Chris 44,60,98,99.104,176 DISPLAYING the beginnings of a full, red hoard is senior I oni Shaw Haugland. Rich 177 Hauser, Wade . 178 Haviland. Susan 56.183 Haves, Randy 157,226 Hayes. Terri 181 Hazen. Mary 48.186 Hazen. Yec 90.179 Heaberlin, Carl . 186 Heady. Barb 92.180 Healv. Dennis 47.113.187 Healey. Marg 87.157.228 1 leddleston. Loraine 39.62,73.186 Heer, Rex 69.182 Hcers, Jim 183 Hegstrom. Trey .,228 Heizcr, Nanci 185 Heldt. Dean np Hembrough. Susan 177 Hemstreet. Steve 183 Hensing, Joe Hensley. Jell 183 Herst, Mrs. Rosa 122 Hetzel. Steve 148.157.228 Hibbs, Mike . .. Hicks. Jane 68,186 Hiedeman, Mr. Dale 45.133.184 Highland. Jack 98.KM,178 Highland. Steve 103,184 Hildebrand, Jim 186 Hill. Curt 185 Hilton. Karen 187 Hiserote, Janis,228 Hoag, Faye 157,228 Hock man, F laine 182 Hoffman. Jim 185 Hofstad, Jane 57,80.158,228 Hofstad, Kathy 177 Holdren. Jane 83,183 Holdren, Kathy 84,145.228 Holdridgc. Wally 186 HOMECOMING 22-27 233Hoover. Mrs. Clara 127 Jacobson, Mrs. Anne 90.142 Kingsbury. Dennis 181 Hopkins, Marti . Jacobson, John 44.159.226 Kingsbury, Lowell . 103.185 1 lopkins, Sally ...,228 Jacobson, Kirk 47.179 Kmker. Dave,148.160.226 Hopkins, Steve 106.145.178 Jarvis, Ramona 228 Kinscth. Kay Horsewdl, Paula 88.127.178 Jrllerson. Linda 89.159.228 Kirk, Doug Hostetler. Chip 177 Jeffrey. Bob . 44.60,99.159,226 Kicchdl. Mike . 80.98.161226 Hostcttcr, Joe 47, Jellinger. Sue 59.62,185 Klatt. Dave 48.113 1 lostetter, Tom 103,104,186 Jensen. Stan 187 Klein. Kaye 181 Hogue, Nancy 94.181 Jetrnund, Doug . 181 Kleinschmidl. Judi . 68.145,177 Houlsen, Mike 158.22X Johannes, Lowell 87,160.226 Kline. Marilyn Howe. Viola 61.145.177 Johannes, Wayne 87.160,226 Klucas. Sally 226 Howerton, Greg . 37,158.228 Johnson. Ann 180 Kluck. Cindv 135.187 Hu Her, Carol . Johnson. Betty 94.180 Kluck, Dawn 161228 Huffman, Kathleen 47.181 Johnson. Brian 103.113.182 Knudson, Debi 186 lluisman. Linda 47.183 Johnson, Cindy 94,186 Knuth. Greg 226 Hunter. Renal np Johnson. George 180 Knutson, Linda 179 Huntress, Beth 184 Johnson. Linda 160,226 Koestner, Dan 179 Huntress, Margaret 185 Johnson, Mark 31.136,160.226 Koestner, Jana 133.177 Hunziker. Steve 138,228 Johnson, Marsha 160.226 Kraft. Amy 72.88.186 Huichcroft, Charlene . . . Johnson, Nancy 160.226 Kreamer, Dirk 226 176.178 Johnson, Rich . 48.180 Kropf, Kathy 161226 Hutchinson, Linda 39.183 Johnson, Robert 226 Kruskop. Kim 161227 Hutchinson, Lynn 158,228 Johnson. Ron 31.32, Kutish. Julie Anne . 127.161227 Johnson. Terry . 79.160.228 I Jonas. Mr Allen .. 79,88.179 I Jones. Colleen 186 L Impecoven. Mr. Bob INDKX INDOOR TRACK Ingram, Joyce . . Ingvoldstad. Susan IN I RAM URALS Isely, Karl ...... Israel. Peggy......... I vis. Ann 231-238 116-117 89.138.228 58.61.178 ......... 90-91 . . .. 158.228 ............179 181 Jackson, Betsy Jackson, Holly Jackson, I.vnda Jackson. Morris Jackson, Terri Jacobsen. Anno 22,39,79,93,94.159,228 159.228 159.228 .................. 179 .................. 185 Jones. Gary Jones. Jeanne Jones Mr James Jones, Ron Jones. Steve Jordan, Janis Jordan, Linda .. . Jordan, Ron Jores, Gary Joseph. Cedric Joseph. Peggy Judge. Nancy Judge, Nick Julias. Dee JUNIORS Jutting, Jell ...............106 ............ 89,186 ............... 134 ....... 177 52.54.35,79.160.226 61.160.226 59.62.187 ............113.183 ................183 ... 178 ............135.182 ................177 60.84.181 .......... 160.226 ............176-181 ............... 183 K Ladd, Mark .......................... 181 Ladner. Alan......................... 235 La Boon. Lee .........................179 Lagomartino, Mary Lambert. Dave........................ 187 Lambert, Dave 161.227 Lambert, Terry .. -- 106.145.186 Lambert. Tracey ......................186 Lampe. Del mar .....104,182 Lande. Anna................... 87,162.227 Lande. Baverd 180 Lande. Marvin............. - 183 Landon, Nancy ................ 69.80,180 l-ange, Diane .........................18 l-angc, Mike LANGUAGE CLUBS 74-77 Larson, David ................. 162,22" I-arson. Dennis 183 Larson. Donna ................... 135.182 MR PAGE and Mr Spratt impersonate M’town players at a pep assembly. Kalton. Bonnie 183 Kane. Dave 104.160,226 Katz. Gary Keech. Dianne 178 Kciglev, Dick 98.178 Kellogg, Chuck 178 Kellogg, Karen 183 Kempt home, Jill . . 72.183 Kennedy, Pat 87.160226 Kenworthv, Dave . 106.183 Kcnvon. Debbie . 184 Kcpley, Dave 87.160.226 Ketcham, Mark 184 KEY CLUB 88-89 Khan. Sha ada 104 Kiertzncr, Linda 185 Killam. Pam 62,185 Kilstrom, Elaine 86.160.226 Kilstrom, Norma .... 94.185 King, Mark 177 King, Ron 160.226 Larson, |im 183 I-arson. Larry 88.186 Larson Mairi 88,183 Larson Keith . 103.183 Larson, Steve . 179 La sc he. Larrv 99.117,178 Lana, Mike 98.181 Layton, Greg 162.227 Lavton, Patty 180 Lechncr, Candv 47.68.177 Ledet, Jack 184 Lee. Lloyd 162227 Lee. Marlene 145.178 Lee, Mike 183 Legvold, Ann 61.181 Lehman, Rich 162.227 Leibold, Bonnie 177 Dibold. Linda ... 162227 Lemish, Jeff 84.185 Lenning, Laura 178 Lewis, Nancy 163.227Lewis. Terrv 85 LIBRAR3 ASSISTANTS 127 Leidman.Jav 179 Liming. Dennis 47,178 Linder Dan 163.227 Link. Dave 4".106.186 Livingston. Al 106.163.227 Lokken. Mary . 78,94,163.227 Loomis. Lois 89,141.163,227 Love, Glenda 127 183 Love. Linda (Jr.) . 68,88,178 Love Lynda (Soph.) ... . . . 88.90.183 Lovell. John 44.67.98,l"8 Lovelv Steve 45.47,99.117,177 Lowrie. Hugh 163,22“ Lowrie. Laura 52,70,73.163,22“ Luscaleet. Jim ... ■ 67 71.181 Lvtton. |im . Lybeck. Paul 181 Lyttle, Janis . . . 80.163.227 M MacBride. Mr. George 140,143 MacBride, Rita .. 61.70.90,177 McCaffrey, Marv 163.227 McCay. Doug 163,227 McConkey. Lindt 183 McCormick. James .. 227 McCoy, Jerry 104.179 McCullough. Don 104.163.22“ MacDonald. Dick 186 McDonald. Marv 181 McGee, Evelyn 7? McGinnis. Kathi 70.184 Me Hone. Meredith 32. ,60.78,94,164,227 Mcllwain. Tom 180 Mclntire, Bobbi,164.22“ Mclntire. Kathy 90.180 McKeown, Roger 180 McKern. Kathi . McKern. Susie 86,164 McMahon. Blake np McMahon, Cathy 164.227 McMillen. Mike 178 McMillen, Ron 139.16-1.22“ MacMonagle. Marie 58,82.129.179 McNabb, Peter .... 60,84.181 McNally, Miss Marv 123 McNurlen. Dave 60,177 McNurlen. Gary 187 McVicker. Amy .... 78,164,229 Machaek, Greg 182 Mackey. Gary 183 Madsen, Steve 164,229 Magee, Debbie 179.185 Magilton. Linda 88.180 Maile, Paula 68,180 Makelbust. Mike 48,164.227 Malmquist. Becky 177 Malone. Bev 69.186 Nanthei, Nancy 164.227 Martin. Marion 186 Mathiason. Nancy 164.227 Mathison. John 26,38,47.48.60,106,150. 164.170.227 Mathison. Mark . 106,183 Matters. Bob . 52.53,79.104.227 Matters, Joyce 186 Matterson, Melissa, 164,227 Mathews. Icnniler 178 Matuseski, Maureen 181 Matuseski Rosie 70.88.18“ Maurer, Charles 44,83.88.'9-M76.P8 Nlaxon, Mrs. Carolyn 122 Melenev Steve 178 Mendenhall, Mr. Jack 99.104.143 Metier, Carolyn 164,227 Metzlcr. Tom . . 61,“ Michclson. Jack 184 Mil kelson, Kristi 165,227 Millard. Mary 177 Miller Jan . .87.163,229 Miller. John 177 Miller. Marv 61,86,163,177,227 Miller. Paul 71.165.227 Miller, Tom 67 Milieu, Debbie 178 Millikin, Mr Harlan 97,116,117,130 Millikin. Sue 143,165,181 Mills, Vickie 69.90.178 Moldenhauer. Jean . 69.90,181 Moldenhauer, Pat Montegna. Jim 165,227 Moore, Dennis 127.185 Moore. Don 87 Moore. Shervl 60,179 Moore. Steve 185 Moorman. Roberta 60.78.165,227 Moreland, Mike 60,106,181 Morris, Mike 163,227 Morris, Shirlee 89.181 Mortenson, Barb 179 Moses, Marsha 180 Mosier. Nancv 36.60,,148, 165,227 Mueller Mrs. Anna 94.123.183 Mulhall. Greg 43,47,88.103,185 Mullica, Marlene 47.183 Myers, Dale 186 Myers. Rod 86,87.163,227 N Neal, Gerrv 27.32,33.44.48. 81.117,165.227 Neal, Jim 179 Nelson Bruce 180 Nelson, Greg 165,227 Ness. Pam 161.165.227 Netcott, Curtis 180 Netcott. Jenny . . 177 Newton, Linda 184 Newton, Nancy Nichols Bill KM.177 Nickel, Roger 104.177 Nicolle, Jan 181 Niemann, (Jay Renee 61.64, Nilsson, Bev 89.165.227 Nilsson. Bob 47,104 Nims. Nadine 93.185.230 Nims. Nancy 22, Norlin, John 187 o O'Brien, Cheri . 90.93.183 Odor, Jon 104 OFFICE EDUCATION 122 OFFICE STAFF 87 Olson. Linda 228 OPENING SECTION 4-17 Opheim. Rachael .... 165,228 ORCHESTRA . . 70-73 ORIENTATION AND REGISTRATION 20 Orngard, Gary 228 JUNIORS NOT IN HOMEROOM PICTURES— FROM Terri Ellison, Nancy Askebon. Mark’s Busick; SECOXD; Karen Rose, Pegi Weber. Donna Chalmers. Alyce Brown. Diane Brandenburg; THIRD Ri k Stephens, George Richards. Alan Ladner Ken Borwirk, Curt Canionwine. 235R SOPHOMORES NOT IN HOMEROOM PICTURES- FROST Liz Owens. John Parks. Ru Van Doren; SECOSD: Monica Smiley Bill Hatton Ginger Brown. Orngard, Shcllic 186 Petehsh. Linda . 183 Oshel. Phil 178 Peters. Ron 99,104,177 Oslund, Carolyn 166.228 Peterson. Gris 94.183 Ostund. Ed 106.107.183 Peterson Julie 184 Ostrcm, Jayne . Peterson Nancy 167,228 Overland, Janice 186 Peterson. Polly Ovcrturf, Mr. James 86.139 56.81, .228 Owen, Mike 104.183 Peterson, Rick 106.186 Owens. Liz 236 Peterson. Sara 82.180 Owings, Dennis 78.166,230 Peterson. Sue 185 Oxley. Kay 178 Phillips. Rhonda 185 Oxley. Nancy 87.166.228 Pier. Ed 186 Pierce, Steve 44,99,117.178 1 [ ) Pictz. Rex 99.178 (1 I Pillc. David 177 i Pagliai, John . np Pi lie, Louise 183 s Pace. Dave 178 Ping Marilyn .228 Pace. Steve Pinta, Everett 232 Packer. Sara 60.177 Piper, Lynn 6. 8.16 228 ) Page. Cindi 186 Pirtle. Margaret 186 - Page. Don 103.113.183 Plumb, Dennis 98.179 Page. Mr. Kenneth 131,180,234 Poeckes, Mary . 90.134.167,228 4 Palmer. Bill 183 Pohl, Anne 67 68 3 186 Palmer. Bob 87.166.228 Pohorille. Mrs Blanche 141,181 Pappas, Debbie 64,179 Polhemus. Monica 56.167.230 PARENTS’ NIGHT 28 Politis, led 47,99.181 L Parks. John 44.236 Pollard. Dana 186 I Parks. Mary 178 Pollard. Dee 47.180.186 s Parks. Peg 88.166,228 Popelka, Dave 179 Parks, Sharon 182 Popelka, John 180 Patterson, Bobby 88.228.232 Porter. Julie 48.69.73,1" Patterson. Janet 59,63.187 Potts. Tim 180 Patterson. Mary Jo Pounds. Mike 228 Patterson, Richard 185 Powell. David 67187 Paulson, Jo Ann 179 Powers, Carol,178 Pcglar. Maura 47,73.182 Pratt. Jim 106.183 Penkhus, Mark Purvis, Peg 181 Penny, Marilyn 166.228 Pyle. Dennis 103.182 PEP CLUB 94-95 Pyle. Nancy 68,168.230 Pepper. Bill 104,166,228 Pepper. Gail nP Q Pepper, Jan 87,166.228 Pepper. Jim 99 Quam. Jim 69.168.228 Pcrkovich, Frank 87.167.228 Quinn. Terry 183 Rader. Mike Rader. Pal Ramsey. Janet Randall. Don Rasmussen. Craig Ray, Linda Ray, Nancy Reichardt. Kyla Reid, Bob Reinbold. Hope Reinhart, Carol Reinsch, Connie Reinsch, Steve Reitz. Gary Renfeldt, Jana Renfeldt. Jeannine Renfeldt. Jennifer Reno. Mrs. Mary Rev. I-»uri Reynolds. Tim Richards, Dorothy Richards. Gloria Richardson, Danny Ricketts. Unda Rigg. Mary Riles'. Dave Ripp. Mr William Ritbnd. Mr Everett Robinson. Jane Robertson. Linda Rod. Bill Roemhild, Paul Rogers. Jim Rogness, Chuck Rogncss. Joan Rohrbough, Robert Rolf, Randi Romero. Ivan Rose. Dixie Rose. Karen 168,228 ............... 177 ...............182 . . . 228232 181 78.85,168228 .............85,183 ................183 180 . ..79,92.168228 81.168.228 ....... 86.168228 ................183 np ............... 183 ................183 ........... 168,228 ............125.180 185 ............106.183 ............... 185 ...184 ... .69.71.88,177 ............126,185 69,73.108.181 .... 122.148 ..........21.46,120 145.168228 ........... 145,179 ................178 ................183 ................183,16822 ) ...............181 ................183 32.55,64,78.168229 ...............182 ......... 86,168229 ................233 Ross. Mike..... 88,185 Rostenbach. Carol 168,229 Rostenbach, Pat 186 Roth. Mitch 186 Rothaker. Vic .............. 32.99.168231 Routh, Sandy 86,168,229 Rozeboom. Ken .168.186.229 Rozeboom, Ted .........................78 Ruedcnbcrg, Lucia 168.229 Ruhr Debbie 61.80,148.168.229 Rundlc. jim 48,70,71,,1 P. 168,229 Runyan, Dennis.......................98.1 Rushing, Mike........................ 186 Rushing. Steve 56,88.168,229 Russell. Barn- 44,67.80,168.229 Russell. Ken 44.104.18" Rutter, Karen 181 Ryan, Jim S Sabourin. Mrs. Jan Sampson. Doug 124 183 Sampson. Kristie 180 Sills. Dennis 97.179 Sampson, Sue 1” Sills. IX.n 170.229 Sanchez Offie 181 Sills. Linda . . 87,1'0,229 Sandve. Bruce . 88.104,183 Silvcrthorn, Sue 183 Ssnsgaard. St esc 183.184 Simpson Robert 103.182 Sauke. Dave 181 Singer Andy IS Saul. Jav 81 Singer Tom 183 Saul Marilvn 62.186 Sivesind Bettv 71 72.73, Save raid Steve 104,179 Skold, I-arrv 88.170,229 Saxton. Janet 186 Skrdla Kay 60.69,80.171,229 Sayers. Dirk Smalling. Mr Ray 143 Scandrett. Lyle 47.103,113.179,184,187 Smit. Marilvn 171.231 Schaefer Mrs Harriet 131.183 Smith, Amy 186 Sehaller Marie 169.231 Smith. Carol 55.171.229 Schill Mark 180 Smith, Garrv N P Schloerke Nancv 47,69.178 Smith. Gordv 44,36,61.74,82.148,171,229 Schmalzrcid. Charlene 181 Smith, Kathy 182.186 Schmalzrcid, Jim 169 Smith, Lachv . . 44.56, Schmidt. Barb 169,231 Smith. Linda 178 Schmidt, Charlotte 177 Smith. Mark 171.229 Schminkev, Jane 169.231 Smith. Steve 183 Schminkcv, Sindv 18' Smith. Wally 44,106.183 Schneider Carl 183 Sobotka, Dale np Schneider, Mark 177 Socsbe, Kaye 59,62,94,186 Schoencman. Donna 178 Songer. Glenn 48.179 Schoencnbcrgcr, Chuck 184.183 SOPHOMORES 182-187 Schoenenberger. Jane 8'.170.229 Sorenson. Judy . . ‘ 0,187 Scholten. Annie 48.69. 178 Sorenson. Linda 58.63.181 Sc holies. Mars- |ane,61. Sorenson. Richard 104,183 76,94.178 Soy. Bill 229 Schuette Brenda 48.181 Soy. Joe 186 Schulze. Karen 177 Spatcher, Mr. Cecil . Schumann. Mrs. LaYonne 127 Speck. Mark . 186 SCIENCE SEMINAR Speer. Jim 88.106,186 Scott. Bob 183 Speer. Kris 171.229 Scalock, Joanne 182 Spicer. Pam Scalock Marilvn 20.68.'' Spinks. Lois 177 Scastrand. Ruth SPIRII DANCE 40-41 Seidel. Susan 83.90.179 SPIRIT STAFF 42-4.3 Seifert. Curt 68.73.181 Spratt, Mr Roger 133.232 Sciser. Ann 229 Squire. Ed 180 Seiser. Bcckv 38,63.183 Srafford, Marcia .,229 Self. Debbie 90.181 Stalheim. Dave 60.70.180 Seligcr. Steve 186 Staniforth. Dave 106.177 SENIOR ACTIVITIES 223-232 Stauder. Bill 103.187 SENIORS 148-173 Steel, Jan Scrovy. Ann 183 Stcnerson. Joyce 178 Serovy, Bill . . 52,79,170,229 Stephens, Rick 48.235 Sexton. Ron 170.229 Stephenson, Roger 182 Shadlc. Cyndie 170 Stevens. Beth 171.229 Shank. Jennifer 183 Stewart. Martin Sharlin. Joshua 186 Stine, Karen . 92.178 Sharp, Pam 60.89.170 Stober. Martha,229 Shawk. Tom 170.231 Stohlmcyer, Marge 64 Shearer. Jan 180 Stohlmeyer, Mike . 103.183 Shelby. Mary 184 Stoltenbcrg, Bruce . . . 30,33, Sherick. Linda 180 Stone. Dave . .,177 Sherman. Paul 178 Stone. Mr. Fxl 21,140 Shifflcr, Dcbi 69.90.177 Stone. Sandy 79.172.229 Shoen, Ernie 177 Stoneberg. Dennis 69.172,231 Shoen. Kav 87.170.177,229 Stoncberg, Marian 89.183 Shorten. Cvndv 185 Strand, Jeannette . 181 Shuman. Suzanne 94.170.229 Stritzcl. Marianne 184 Sibley. Jan 183 Stucky, David 88 Sidles. Mark 186 STUDENTCOUNCIL 46.49 Siedelmann. Steve 104.163.186 STUDENT 147-18 Sicmers. John 187 Sturtevant, Mr. Floyd 1.34 Siemers. Mark . . Sullivan, Nancy 179.176 237 Svcc, |an 64,68,178 Svendson. Charlotte 178 Swan. Pat 172.229 Swanson. Dennis 183 Swenson. Mvron 44.47.48 69,78.88.89, 172,230 Swenson. Ron 172.230 SWIMMING 106-107 T Talbot, Mary,2 0 Tauber. Jack 172,232 I’avlor, Karen 18] Tcsdall. Debbie 172.232 Tcsdall, Ron 98.181 Thiel, Jcrilvn 61.80,131.173,230 Thiel, Linda 173.230 Thomas, Ann 143.179 Thomas. Chuck 179 Thomas, Suzi 183 Thompson. Beth 180 Thompson. David Thompson, Mrs. Evelyn 124.186 Thompson. Judy 87,173,230 Thompson. Tom 48.117,176,180 Thorson, Rob 180 Timmons. Bill 177 Tompkin. Wendy 59.62.185 Toms. David 183 Toppenbcrg, Stanley 14.59,185 Toresdahl, Cathy 68,90,173,230 Torkildson, Chris 56.178 'Trembly, Peg 86,173.232 Truhc, Joan 180 Trulin, Mrs. Wanda 94,138.181 1 rump. Bruce 67, 173,230 Trump. Mr Richard 85 Tuttle, Terry 48,99.181 CONCENTRATION makes basketball player Rick Engel also a solo trumpeter.Tweed, Marcia 58,63,186 TweUen, Judy........................... 186 Tysseling, Lee Ann 186 U U1 lest ad, Diane ................ 8,60,61 Ulmer, Christie 61,72,73.178 Underhill, Sandy 98,187 Unger Richard 103,104.184 Untraucr, Julie 182 Untrauer, Steve................. 56,106,177 Uthc, Marlene . . 181 V Valentin. Peter 103.104,183 Vance, Bob ........................ 106,185 Vandecar Mrs. Dorothy 20,128, Kirk 44.48,185 Van Doren, Kic k ....... 56,69,236 Van llouweling, Bruce 44,60.61,80,88. 173.232 Van Patter, Chuck 145.173,232 Van Patter. Margo . . 145.177 Van Vorhis, Mary Lou . 183 Vaughn. Barb .......................... 178 Yegors. Mrs. Aurilla . . 122,186 Villwock, Jill....... .178 Vinogradc, Pater . 70,78,174,230 Vittetoe, Janiccc ..................174,230 VOCAL MUSIC 58-63 Volker, Bonnie . . Vohs, Richard 98.176.178 Von Wittich. Miss Barbara 128 Voss. Chuck ........................ 56.186 Voss. Sue 167.232 W NVacker, Cindy 69.80,131.174.230 Walker. Lynette 177 Waggoner, John.......................62,186 A II S. SPIRI I of 67. Wagner. Cathy 68.177 Wagner. Jo Ann 87.230 Walker, Mary 174.230 Wall,John 30.98, im, 174.230 Walsh, Dan 174,230 Walter. |im Walter, Man- 179 Ward. Mrs. Barbara 83.123.181 Ward, Pryor . 145.186 Ward. Steve 77.I03.104.I26.I8’ Warner. Carol . . 55.90.184 Warner. Mary 185 Warren, Debbie 185 Watson. Ron, 108,110, Wearth. Steve 98,104,179 Weaver. Mrs. Sharon 138.186 WEB STAFF 78-81 Webb. Paul 186 Webb. Rachel . 174.230 Weber. Pcgi 233 Wedman, Ed . . . 47,80.174,230 Weigel. Tom 181 VVciscr, Beth 145.185 Weiss. Marge 186 Weiss. Peter . 181 Weller. Mitchel .. 80.145.177 Wcllhouse. Max 69.183 Wells, Steve 45.98.104.P9 Welsh. Julie 55.84.181 WeUhons, Wade 63A2.85.183 Wcngert. Jody 94.186 Wessman. Scott 180 West. Ray 180 Wcstvold. Carolyn 181 White, Paul 178 Whitnev. Mrs. Charlotte 121 Wickham. Linda 59.179 Wierson, Gary 181 Wilcox, Margie 1 “4.232 Williams, Dennis 232 Williams. Sallv 22.38.“6.“"."8.93.r4.230 Williams. Steve 80.94 P5.230 Williams. Susie 80.94.1 lb 2 Vi Willrich. Kathv 72.81.17S,2yj Wibon. Candy 64.180 Wibon. Rick 86.175 2V) Winkler Chris .. ir Wirtz. Art 104.P8 Wiser. Mr Alfred 58,62.136 Wiser. Don 61.67,181 Wiser. Mike 30.45.4".". 173.230 Woldruff. Marcia 94.175 230 Wolf. John 104.183 Wood. Barb 86.173230 Wood. Tim 179 Wood. Mr Walter 133.187 Woodrow, Roy P8 Woodward. Chenl 180 Woollcv. Jane ... 61.175230 WRESTLING 104-103 Wynne, Wayne 183 Y Yeaman. Beth 177 York. Bent lev 175230 Young. Bob Young, Gene 104.187 z Zaffarano. Erica 81.175230 Zeliadt, Gan- . 104.185 Zimmerman. Barbara .... 89.175230 Zimmerman. Diane 59.62,185 Zinober. Amy ................. ... 185 Zitzlspergcr. Mr Ronald . Zmolek. Can- . 30.52, 230 Zmolek. Gloria .......... Acknowledgements Ames Stationers, use of photo equip- ment Mr. Vince Coyle and the Ames Tri- bune. sports pictures I fill’s Studio, home room and other group pictures Wcllhouse Studio, queen portraits Mr. Dick Kreamer play cast picture, page 34 Bill Fisher, court day picture Steve, Pryor, and Andy Ward, pho- tographic and other assistance 2381967 Spirit Staff Editorial Staff Karen Ethington Bobbi Mclntire Mark Hamilton Melissa Matterson Polly Peterson Susan Bunce Chuck Maurer Editor-in-Chief Creative Copy Sports Editor Layout Editor Mary Talbot Jane Engeldinger Greg Harrison Business Staff Betty Sivesind Marie MacMonagle Nancy Mosier Kathy Ellett Donna Chalmers Business Manager Assistant Advertising Editor Advertising Editor Sara Peterson Photographers Gordon Smith Photography Editor Bruce Trump Bill Serovy Lindy Buck Gary Katz Mark Siemers 239 Mrs. Barbara Ward SponsorTin laughter dies: (lu- doors .ire t losed; another year has ended. I stand alone now knowing that some will return. hut others will he none forever. These lonely days will pass quickly lor them hut the days are long lor me. N t another year will come, another and another, before at last I sleep. 240I t I I H i i ) 4 c I s 45 seniors win MARSHA ARMSTRONG l clt.i Kappa Gamma Teacher Recruitment Award Scholarship award, Iowa State University BETSV BATH Scholarship award. Iowa State University VICKI BECK Scholarship award. Iowa State University BECKY BENN Scholarship award. Iowa State University PAM BOR RON Ames Business Professional Women's Club Career Advancement Award SUSAN CARLSON Ames Business Professional Women's Club Career Advancement Award RICHARD CARR National Merit Scholarship finalist Des Moines Register Tribune scholarship Scholarship award. Iowa State University JRANINE COUPE Scholarship award. Iowa State University BETTY DANKBAR Mount Mercy College award DENNIS DeBOER National Merit Scholarship finalist Scholarship award. Iowa State University DIANA DOWELL Scholarship award Iowa State University KAREN ETHINGTON National Merit Scholarship finalist Scholarship award. Iowa State University CHRIS FAUERBY American I.cgion Auxiliary award BARB FRENCH National Merit Scholarship finalist TERRY FREY National Merit Scholarship finalist MARGARET FUNG Barnard College scholarship DICK frlBBS Athletic award. Burlington Junior College JAMS HISEROTE National Merit Scholarship finalist A.II S. Betty Crocker Homemaker award Soroptimist Citizenship award 242awards, grants BOB JEFFREY University of Northern Iowa scholarship DAVE KINKER National Merit Scholarship finalist Scholarship award, Iowa State University MIKE KITCHELL National Merit Scholarship finalist KIM KRUSKOPF Scholarship award, Iowa State University MELISSA MA ITERSON Maealester College honor scholarship MEREDI I H McHONE Scholarship award. Iowa State I niversitv BOBBI MclNTIRE National Merit Scholarship finalist Scholarship award. Iowa State University GERRY NEAL National Merit Scholarship finalist RACHEL OPHELM Beta Tau Delta Career Grant NANCY PETERSON Soroptimist Career Award CHARLES ROGNESS Athletic scholarship. Augustana College DEBORAH RUHE Honors at entrance. University of Iowa BARRY RUSSELL Scholarship award. Iowa State University BILL SEROVY National Merit Scholarship finalist CYNTHIA SI1ADLE National Merit Scholarship finalist PAM SHARP Ames Community Career Grant MARK SIEMERS National Merit Scholarship winner BETTY SIVESLND Scholarship award, Iowa State University'i I H ! H C Siemers wins Merit grant karen smith Mount Marty College scholarship mark smith Scholarship award, Iowa State University ALAN SPOHNHEIMER Scholarship award. Iowa State I University BRUCE STOLTEKBERC National Merit Scholarship finalist PAT SWAN Scholarship award, Iowa State University JACK TAUBER University of Iowa Freshman Merit Scholarship RON WATSON Athletic award, Iowa State University KATHY WILLRICH National Merit Scholarship finalist Scholarship award, Iowa State University BARBARA ZIMMERMAN Scholarship award. Iowa State University National Merit Scholarship commendation letters MARSHA ARMSTRONG PAl I. Bow I N DICK CARLSON CHARLES CRANE CHRISTINE DIETZ MARGARET FUNG MARK HAMILTON DEANNE JULIUS MARY LOKKEN NANCY MOSIER POLLY PETERSON MARILYN PING KEN ROZEBOOM DEBORAH RUHE JIM RUNDLE JAY SAUL BETTY SIYESIND MARK SMITH ALAN SPOHNHEIMER BARBARA ZIMMERMAN GARY ZMOLEK GARY ZMOLEK Columbia College Scholarship Seniors not pictured in spring book CHARLES CRANE MARTHA ERICKSON 244 JO ANN WAGNER MOLYNEUX JAY SAUL SUSAN VOSSCAN FORMALS and multicolored dinner jackets brightened Great Hall as couples danced to the music of Norva Grav Medieval theme creates ’Caerleon’ A banquet and entertainment in the Sun Room of the Memorial Union got the 196? Prom, “Caerlcon,’' off to a good start. “Caerlcon.” in Arthurian legend, was a city in which King Arthur held court, so when the Grand March was completed, couples found the Great 1 fall decorated with banners, coats of arms, and an old drawbridge. Norva Gray provided music, and for those who wished to take a break from dancing, the movie Charade was run in the Sun Room. The Prom was over at midnight, but the magic of the night lasted much longer. Seniors and their dates had refreshments and danced to the music of the Noteables at the Elks' Club. Juniors and their dates relaxed at the Moose Club. As always, the good time had by all made the planning and hard work put in by the juniors well worth it. KAYE KLEIN AND Dave Riley found refreshments by walking over the old drawbridge. 245Senior Week climaxed by graduation I « (I S ) f S r, I NK CLIMAX of High School brought serious expressione to the faces of graduating Seniors at commence- ment exercises. THE DISTRIBUTION of the SENIOR WEEK began with a morning of rehearsal for baccalaureate and graduation exercises. long- awaited Sp:nls interrupted activities at the Senior Picnic. 246OBSERVED by bis fellow students, Mark Bauske spoke at graduation. The new gymnasium was the scene of bac- calaureate and commencement as graduation exercises were held for the first time in several years in an Ames High School building. On Sunday, May 28, graduating seniors heard the Reverend Carl F. Schattaucr of the Bethesda Lutheran Church, who gave the baccalaureate address, “Heritage for the Future." At com- mencement, on May 31, seniors voiced their own views through Debby Ruhc and Mark Bauske. Representing the senior class, Debby and Mark delivered the commencement ad- dresses. as 319 seniors, the third largest class in Ames High historv, completed their high school education. WHITE PAPER SACKS filled with graduation announcements were investigated by seniors Karen Ethington and Kathy Willrich.ri S I EVE WELLS KICK STEPHENS and Peter McNabb offer con- gratulations to Dick as election results are an- nounced. Vohs, Harrison vie for student body office A tense week of late nights, writing, typing, coaching and practicing speeches preceded the first election assembly in the new gym. The Harrison-Wells platform included: Senior privileges, which would allow seniors to leave study hall to go outside or to the student lounge: more and im- proved assemblies, ones that would be both educational and interesting, possibly for government agencies and large corporations; activity cards for all athletic events, drama productions and school parties; a total revision of the AHS Con- stitution. The Vohs-Hamilton platform consisted of; revival of "A Club, with the pos- sibilitv of money-raising projects to help support fan buses, organize a boys' cheer- ing section and improve school spirit; more spring activities; a student court that would handle lire squad tickets, vandalism problems and other school infractions. When the last votes were counted an announcement over the sound system declared Dick Vohs and Bob Hamilton the victors. 248 BOB HAMILTONWith the new pool came the formation of a new girls club, the Svnchronettes I'nder the direction of Mrs. Jacob- son, the swimmers worked hard all year to produce their first show, “The Sea Colorful costumes enhanced the fanciful sea creatures. Ihe production was enjoyed by packed audiences both nights it ran. Synchronettes produce The Sea’ SAILBOATS, LOBSTERS, .«nd even an octopus inhabited the poolTrack team wins Bobcat, District AMES INVITATIONAL TRACK QUEEN Letia Bowen and attendants Kay Forsythe, left, .ind Marilyn Sealork. right The 196' track season had a disappointing start as Ames ended in a tic for 16th in the State Indoor, rhe Little Cyclones soon evened their record by winning the East Triangular only to fall flat at the Valley Relays a week later. The thinclads gained momentum through mid- season as they won their thirteenth straight Bob- cat Invitational, edging out Valley Relays champion DM. Roosevelt in the final relay. Ames turned back Roosevelt again along with D.M North to win the Ames Invitational, the first meet held on the track's new Grasstex surface. The Little Cyclones' next victory was the District meet, another close contest decided in the final event. Ames then lost its last two meets of the season, the Conference and State Outdoor, despite several personal bests. Although failing to win either state meet, a rarity for an Ames team, the Little Cyclones maintained their perfect Bobcat Invitational record and their master.- of the East Triangular. Ames Invitational, and District meets. FASTEST M AN ON THE CYCLONE TEAM. Joe Hostetler charges out of the blocks at the State Outdoor. Joe also anchored the sprint relays and was a consistent point-getter throughout the season. '1 I S ) VARSITY TRACK TEAM FROM Coach Harlan Milliken Dirk Carlson, Doug Fincham. l-irrv l-asche, Dave Boyd, Henry Han- nusch, John Oossard. Owen Austrheim. Steve Pierce; SECOXD: Coach Cecil Spate her, Joe Hostetter. Chris Davis. Barn Bakei Steve Lovely. Creg Dengler, Chuck Maurer. Joe Hensing, Mike Foreman, Jack Mendenhall. Coach Bob Impecoven: BACK Jim Rundle. Tom Thompson. Ron Watson. Dave Catus. Gem- Neal. Dave Bliss Mike Kitchell; NOT PICTURED: Clay Bauske, Charlie Ellis. Rich F.ngel- hardt. Chris Haugen, Denny Healv. John Lovell, Jim Neal. Dave Powell, Larry Skold, Steve Wearth, Art Wirtz THIS Al l.T placed Joe Hensing third in the State Outdoor. Joe and 1-irrv Lische. the Ames vaulters. scored in everv meet and took first and second at East, the Bobcat. Conference Ames Invitational and District, joe also set a new Conference Meet record. A TOP QUARTER AND HALF-.Mll.ER. Mike Kite hell takes oil on the an hor leg of the mile medley Mike also anchored the 2 mile relay that finished fourth in the state meet. SEASON S BES I 100-vd. dash Hostetler. 10; 220- yd. dash Pierce :23.3: 180-vd low hurdles, Pierce. :21.3; 120-yd. high hurdles Englehardt, :15.7; 440- vd. dash. Rundle. : 1: 880-yd. run Kite hell. 2:01.3; mile run. Dcnglcr 4:29.8: 440-vd relav, (Austrheim. lively. Davis. Skold. H tetter ; 44.1: 880 vd. relay, iAustrheim Lovely. Davis. Hostetler), 1:31.9; mile relav (Lovdv. G. Neal. Boyd Kitchell), 3:23.3; med- lev relav iG. Neal. Lovelv, Davis. Kitchell), 3:39.7; 2 mile relay, -Thompson. Bundle. Boyd Kitchell), 7:58: pole vault. Hensing. 13'I 1 2”; high jump. Foreman. 510 1 2”: long jump, Wirtz. 20 6"; shot put. Wcarth, 47 9”; discus. Watson, 138 10”. EXHIBITING UNIQUE FACIAL TECHNIQUES. 'Thompson and Boyd keep the 2 mile relav rolling at the Drake Relays. SEASON S RECORD (4—4) State Indoor Sioux City Central ................ Ames .............................. East Triangular Ames .............................. East. DM. Valley Relays Roosevelt. D.M Ames (8th)............. Bobcat Invitational Ames .............................. Roosevelt. D.M. Ames Invitational Ames .............................. Roosevelt. D.M. District Ames .............................. Marshalltown Conference Marshalltown ...................... Ames .............................. State Outdoor Sioux City Central................. Ames .............................. . .. 1st 16th 102 93 44 12 ...56 54 ...96 93 1 2 ...83 ... 79 . . . 85 82 .. 1st 17th TAKING THE BATON from Owen Austrheim is Gerry Neal, who co-captaincd the team this spring with Jim Rundle. irntt+Wtiffiff MIKK BARCl'S capt.lined this year's team to its very fine record. "CIC” title to tennis team THE TOP DOUBLES FEAM. Dave Hammer and Fred Dahm. had an 8-3 record SEASON’S RECORD (9-2) Ames 3 Newton 2 Ames •1 Roosevelt. DM ... 3 Ames 7 Tech, DM ... 0 Ames 7 Boone ... 0 Ames 1 Marshalltown ... 6 Ames •; East, D M ...3 Ames 2 Lincoln. D M ... 5 Ames 6 Fort Dodge .. 1 Ames . . 3 Grinnell 2 Ames 6 Boone ... I Ames 3 Marshalltown ... 2 CONFERENCE MEET Ames Grinnell 8. Oskaioosa Marshalltown 7, Boone .9 ...7. ..3. The Ames High nctmen. under the guidance of Jim Friest, posted one of the finest seasons to date. They collected a total of nine wins to only two losses in dual meets and came in first in the Central Iowa Conference meet. The Little Cyclones handed Roosevelt of Des Moines its first dual meet loss in over six years. To highlight the season the doubles team of Dave Hammer—Mike Barcus captured first place at the Conference meet while sophomore Fred Dahm took a second in singles competition. Also, at the District meet the Dahm- Hammcr doubles team took second place honors. TENNIS TEAM— FROXI Mike Barcus. Cordv Smith SECO.XI). Neil Danielson Whit Ayers. Mark King. Garv Katz BACK: Ted Jim Pratt, Dave Hammer. Fred Dahm, Art Barton. Don Wiser. Politis, Ed Pier, Bruce Stoltenbcrg.GOLF TEAM FROX'f Coach George Duvall, Don Sills Steve Ray Bickerstaff, Greg Calderwood, Tom Miller, Chuck Fujinaka. Hetzel. Steve Harrell. Mark Ladd, |im Baird BA( K Mark Mathison, Jim Ryan. Rex Piet . Rich I'ngar. Max Well house Golfers finish second in CIC Ames High's golf team, coached by George Duvall, wound up with an even 4—4 dual meet record after losing the first four meets. l‘he Little Cyclones finished first in sectionals, third in the district, and were edged out only by Marshalltown in the conference meet. The State Junior golf meet, held at the Iowa State University golf course, saw two Ames golfers in con- tention for top honors. Steve Harrell and Mark Ladd finished among the top eight players in the state. SEASON'S RECORD (4-4) Ames .. 158 Boone............ 152 Ames . . 322 Marshalltown .. . 307 Ames . 183 Marshalltown ... 174 Ames 151 Roosevelt. D.M. . 142 Ames .. 170 Newton ....... 176 Ames .. 163 North, D.M....178 Ames .. 169 East, D.M......187 Ames . . 167 Boone ....... 178 TOURNAMENTS Sectional—Ames first with 306 District—Ames third with 325 Conference—Ames second with 321 DUE TO HIS FINE PUTTING. Steve Harrell was medalist at the state meet. STEVE HETZEL played consistently well for Ames. 253Baseball team edged in C 1C race THE AMES TEAM is gathered around Coach Smalling for a pregame talk Eight Kittle Cyclone baseball players received All- Conference honors. They are: Mike Beman, Bill Good—first team; Kirk Engel, Denny Bappe, Dennis Mealy -second team; Don Page. Bill Case, Ron Johnson—honorable mention. SEASON’S RECORD (11-8) Ames . ... 4 Ballard 3 Ames . ... 2 Hubbard . . 6 Ames . ... 1 Radcliffe . . . 3 Ames . ... 5 Fort Dodge 2 Ames . ... 4 Oskaloosa .. 0 Ames . ... 1 Oskaloosa .. . 0 Ames . ... 3 Grinnell 0 Ames . ... 1 Newton . 0 Ames . ... 6 Marshalltown . 1 Ames . ... 3 Grinnell . • Ames . ... 0 Radcliffe Ames . ... 1 Hubbard ? Ames . ... 0 Boone 10 Ames ... 0 Newton . 1 Ames . ... 3 Marshalltown . 0 Ames ... 3 Ballard 1 Ames ... 1 Jefferson .... 0 Ames 2 Boone 3 SECTIONAL PLAY Ames .... 2 Radclitfe ... 3 13 innings 9 innings 254BASEBALL I EAM -FRO. ’T: Jim Luscalcet V Al Clark Bill Good- V. Mike Beman V Ron |ohnson- ' Kill Case V Mike Harris V Rich I’nger. SECOXD: Coach Rav Smalling. Kirk Yandccar Dennis Healv Del Brown- Bob Young Brian Johnson V Don Page- V Don Agard—V. Gordv Accola—V, Mike Hadaway THIRD Sieve Graham. Mark Sidles, (Ian Wierson. Sieve Boyd, Owen Auslrheim. Dave Slucky. Riik Engel—V, Lirr Coullure, Garv Mackey, Greg Mulhall XOI TIC 11 RED: Dennv Bappe . (Y-Varsiiy) CIC sLANDINGS Boone W .9 1. 1 Newton . . 8 2 Ames . . 7 3 Marshalltown . . . 4 6 Grinnell . . .1 9 Oskaloosa . 1 9 l hc Ames High baseball team enjoyed a winning season this year, finishing with an 11 8 record. The outstanding feature of the season seemed to be the big improvement the voung club made between the first and last games, as was shown by the fact that thev were placing for the conference championship in the final game. This, unfortu- nately. was lost, dropping the Little Cyclones into third place with a 7—3 CIC record. There were two outstanding plays made during the year according to Coach Ray Smalling. The first was Bill Good's outfield catch at Marshalltown to retire the side with the bases loaded. The other, by Rick Engel, was in the ninth inning of the Jefferson game. He picked up what was thought to be a sure hit smashed into right field and fired the ball to first for the out which retired the Jeffs with two left on base. This year's team was composed mostly of sophomores and juniors, making prospects very good for next year. DENNIS BAPPE lakes a mighiy swing for the ball in an early season game. 255 FOk TWO WEEKS student were awe by Mr Pages hidden set ret. the mos charming legs in the school. 1 HE LG I I KK , Picnic on the Battlefield and a .Midsummer Night s Dream were produced by the drama department as the annual One-Acts. (Picture by Dick Kreamcr.)

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