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 (jiasvanai miiiamssim MWnm-liiimiiiiftimu muni iurt iriiriiii imun T '.'T I; 2IQ-I ( KBDBack: Mr. Trump, Ayres, Judisch, Smith, Nordyke, Marks. Second: Martin, Black, Fer- guson, Andre, Trow. Front: Shrader, Sucher, Anderson. Sfrixit St ii We, the Spirit Staff, being of sound mind, having com- bined the contents of this 1959 Spirit under the direction of one Nancy Anderson, do hereby bequeath the product of our efforts to you, the students and friends of Ames High. The following is a testimony of the duties performed in the compiling of the book: All organizations and activities were written about by the copy department. Sports reported on all athletic functions. Layouts were designed by the art department. The advertising of the different businesses was arranged for by the ad department. Pictures were taken by the photographers under the direc- tion of the photo editor. The business manager, along with the sponsor, kept a balance between income and expenses. Above left: Nancy Anderson, editor-in-chief, plans a page with her assistant, Carol Black. Left: Business Manager Pat Suchers confers with Mr. Trump.76eSt«M Top: Margaret Shrader and Mary lee finish some ad pages in time for a deadline. Center: Martha Marks and Linda Martin design the layouts for copy and pictures. Bottom: Betsy Ferguson, Alice Andre and Jim Ayres read over some pages of copy. NANCY ANDERSON ..................... ..Editor-in-Chief CAROL BLACK Assistant Editor MARTHA MARKS ........................... Art Editor LINDA MARTIN .................. Assistant Art Editor ALICE ANDRE Copy Editor BETSY FERGUSON ............... Assistant Copy Editor JIM AYRES Sports Editor MARY SUSAN LEE Advertising Editor MARGARET SHRADER Assistant Advertising Editor PAT TROW Photography Editor JACK NORDYKE Photographer JIM JUDISCH ............................. Photographer TOM SMITH ... Photographer PAT SUCHER Business Manager MR. RICHARD TRUMP Sponsorzo—n lH( )-Z-BO»Above: Don S. Stevens, Mrs. Lee Roscbrook, Thomas E. Hannum, Frank B. Howell. Walter I. Hetzel, Frank E. Adams, Mrs. Julie Cole Welden, Herbert B. Howell, and Dr. J. M. Walter. Left: Superintendent Walter Hetzel. Left below: School Board Secretary Frank B. Howell. Sccfre U ite tde(tt tutet School “Soasid 'Pteut fat «tenecuecC S tnoCC«Ke tt Within the next few years many of the present Ames High students will be attending a new high school in the north-central part of Ames. A bond issue of eight hundred thousand dollars was passed during the fall for the construction of the first part of a senior high school. Nine- teen classrooms for science, shop, industrial art, home-ec, art and other senior academic classes will be built. An additional four classrooms will be temporarily used for elementary. The school will be built on a connected modified campus type basis which makes it possible to build in stages for the increase in enrollment. The present plans include a building large enough for 1,220 students. The need for a new high school has resulted in the enrollment increase. This year to take care of the crowded conditions in the high school, class- rooms were rented from the Christian Church and a house next to the school was converted into an electrical shop.Familiar to every Ames High student this past year was the sound of chimes coming over the sound system followed by a voice that said, "We have a few announcements this morning." The voice, as every student knows, belonged to our principal, Mr. Herbert Adams. He is the one who coordinated the schedules and activities of over 700 students and 44 teachers. To him go all the headaches of running a high school. But somehow, in all these things, he manages to bring order out of chaos. To him goes much of the credit for making Ames High School one of the finest schools in the state of Iowa. Left: HERBERT ADAMS. principal Below: Ed Kuhl, Bob Nickerson, Oave Keller, Mark An- derson, Jo Beach, and Barb Calhoun make out their schedules for the new semester. ‘P'UttcifraC enfant au.Miss Karyi Sills Superintendent's Office Mrs. Edna H. Davis Superintendent's Office Mrs. Patricia Demaray Superintendent's Office Mrs. Grayce I. Elliot Superintendent's Office Mrs. Daisy Flack Principal's Office Mrs. Ruth Green Principal's Office Miss Laura Sayre Superintendent's Office Sec'iet Ue4 10 r nStudente Serve ck @a£eterta Along about 1 1:00 in the morning when any healthy student began to get that certain hollow, hungry feeling in the pit of his stomach, Mrs. Marsh, Mrs. More- land, and Mrs. Erickson were busy in the cafeteria kitchen preparing the noon meal. A menu for the entire week was posted in every homeroom on Monday of each week, and a count of cafeteria diners was taken in homeroom each day. This enabled the students to know what was to be served and the cooks to know how much to prepare. Helping the cooks were thirteen students who got their meals free in return. After the cooks had the meal ready to serve, some of the students dished it out, others were in charge of the cash register, and the boys helped with the clean-up. With the increase of students and the increase in the cafeteria line, efforts were made to speed up the service. Students were asked to help in this by observing the following rules: 1. Please form two orderly lines. 2. If you leave the line, you must go to the end of it. 3. You will be served on the customers' side only. 4. Please don't leave chewing gum on tray or dishes. Above right: Mrs. Maud Marsh. Right: Mrs. Anna Moreland. Be ow, back: Jim Ayers, Steve Henderson, Arry Clapp, Dennis Erickson. Steve Howell, Tom Smith. Front: Sandy Nelson, Peg Sfeil, Sue Engle- horn, Mary Schweitzer, Charlotte Clapp, Elizabeth Sands.Student tfouenutHeut in section Student Council is a laboratory in democracy. It provides opportunities for student participation in student government. The council meets every Tuesday on a period rotation basis. Following par- liamentary procedure, each weekly meeting is called to order, the minutes are read, and the treasurer's report is given. Reports are given by heads of the committees: service, assembly, social, citizenship. Homecoming, noon hour, welcoming, election, and publicity. The council then handles all old and new business before adjourning. The Student Council committees work together on big projects such as Career Day and Back-to-School Night. Officers of the first semester council were Dave Keller, president, Steve Burrell, vice president, and Pat Carney, secretary. Gar Smith, president, Mike Taft, vice president, and Alice Andre, secretary, led the second semester coun- cil. Dennis Wendell was appointed treasurer for both semesters. Dave Keller ran against Dave Wall, Clarke Pasley, and Steve Howell for first semester student body president in the election held last spring. Gar's opponents in the fall campaign for second semester student body president were Bill Donels, Steve Burrell, Jan Severson, and Darvin Pierce. Council advisor is Everett Ritland. Left: Dave Keller pretided over first semetter student council. 'pOlAt Se K€AtC% StudcKt Back: Dave Aagard, Dennis Wendell, Dennis Christcpherson, Jim E. Kelley. Jim McCullough, Steve Burrell, Dick Johnson, Mike Twaddle, John Chamberlin. Second: Pat Carney, Dick lofgren, Alice Andre, Denny Tice, Dave Keller, Chuck Dodge, Mike Taft, Peg Steil, Linda Hawkins, Ann Farber, John Hagge. Front: Alice Paulson, Carole Walsh, Vaughn Welling, Dave Spatcher, Ann Kirkham, Jo Hiserofe, Mike Wolf. Second Semecte Student @ounctl Back: Mr. Ritland, Dave Keller, Jim E. Kelley, Steve Burrell, Jim McCullough, Chuck Dodge, Gar Smith. Second: Pat Klingseis, Peg Steil, Alioe Andre, Mike Taft, Rein Serai, Ann Farber, Bill Lester, Linda Hawkins. Front: Charles Boast, Bob VenScoy. Aaron King, Linda Martin, Marion Quinn, Carole Walsh, Caroline Matterson, Donna Ethington. Left: Signs ond posters decked the walls during the campaigns for student body president. Below: Gar Smith, second semester president, presided over Student Council.Back: Jim Ayrc , Mike Biory, Dave Agard, Dave Childi, Mike Co . Gar Smith, Tom Buchholtz, Denny Christopherson. 4th: Jim Stuart. Dick Johnson, Tom Gray, Tom Timm, Steve Howell, Steve Burrell, Lee Scheuer- mann, Dave Wall. 3rd: Mike Disquc, Bruce Batman, Don Toms, Joe Balloun, Doug Rogers, Dave Posegate, Howard Judge, Andy Williams. 2nd: Jerry Daley. Fred Peake, Pat Kelley, Darrel Spear, Aaron King, Bob VanScoy, John Hagge, Larry Taylor. Front: Tom Brayton, Steve Drccszcn, Denny Jackson, Miss Miller, Mike Foreman, Tom Pumroy. Ken Torrey. Left: The Firesquad participated with the Ames fire department in a demonstration given during Fire Prevention Week. Bottom: Firesquad chiefs are Dave Wall and Dave Posgate. ine yuad Su oneee Student ‘DtdccfiCtue Student discipline is enforced by Firesquad. Members issue red and white tickets to students who run. in the halls, crowd in the lunch line, jerk open lockers, and misbehave otherwise. Dave Wall and Dave Posegate, Firesquad chiefs, were in charge of the meetings held every Thursday noon. Each boy who will be on duty is assigned his post for each morning and noon during the week. Fines levied for missing meetings and failing to be on duty are used to finance the annual Firesquad picnic. r HSenior Senate selected caps and gowns, issued name cards and announcements and planned Senior Week activities for the graduating class. Members were Back: Gregg Gammeck, vice president; Jim Ayres, Steve Howell, Tom Timm, Tom Gray, Steve Strand. Front: Ellen Packer, Clarke Paslcy, president; Bonnie Hazel, secretary; Nancy Anderson. Not shown: Carey Poole, treasurer. Senear Senate anet $ uncor Sxecutcve eunctC “PCan Ttfrfrerdaeo s4ctivittee Junior Executive Council planned the projects to raise money for the Junior-Senior Frolic. Members were Back: Craig Ritland, Ron Jones, vice president; Dallas Wall, Carmen Catron, Denny Jackson. Front: Pat Cart, treasurer; Steve Jensen, president; Margie Walsh, secretary. Left to Right: Jim Thompson, Karlyn Peterson, Judy Rah, Dennis Wendell, Janice Meier, Karen M. An- derson, Pat Cart, Miss McNally, Pat Suchcr, Mary McComb, llo Lcppik, Carol Brindley, lory Linder, Jerry Garner. Student 'ZfcutdCe ‘y aueeutcU, D CCasie All the finances of the school organizations this year were handled by the students with the help of faculty sponsors. These students, chosen by the sponsors, were organized into the Student Treasurers. Karen Anderson was chosen to assist Miss McNally as general treasurer. Each month the cash book from each organization was turned in to Miss McNally. Keeping the accounts straight and handling the thousands of dollars which go through the school each year made being a student treasurer valu- able experience for anyone. Mitt McNally, general treasurer, and Karen M. Anderson, her as sistant, decide: "Everyone has money troubles." 1617Miss Mary McNally Counselor, P.W.O.E., World Literature, English Literature, General Treasurer Everett Ritland Dean of Boys, Latin 3, 4 Owen Shadle Counselor, Work Experience Cooridinator, Cooperative Training Kenneth Wells Counselor, Athletic Director, Boys' P.E. Mrs. Charlotte Whitney Dean of Girls, Journalism Six 7eac enA (?ouK el Studente tu 'P%o6ie K4, tfout Scdoot, s4ctivitie and putune 19(fal bedewed. t7eac6e 'Valuer Back: Carol Brindley, Linda Martin, Judy Elliott, Sheila Porter, Rosie Diehl, Linda Roach, Sylvia Pinncll. 4th: Judy Simpson, Dallas Wall, Sandy Peterson, Betty Schrampfer, Peg Steil, Martha Howe. 3rd: Ann Hensing, Anne Judge, Alice Andre, Pat Trow, Linda Hawkins, Anne Easton, Carole Walsh. 2nd: Carol Black, Pat Catron, Penney Welling, llene Wardle. Fran McTaguo, Peg Lee. Front: Ann Farber, Nancy Anderson, Miss Wilcox, Miss Miller, Mrs. Whitney, Bonnie Hazel, Martha Strand. 1958-59 GIRL RESERVE officers: Carol Brindley, Alice Andre. Linda Roach, Frances McTaguc, and Carole Walsh. To teach those values which "exalt and refine life and bring it into accord with the standards of conduct that are approved in our democratic society" is the purpose of one of the oldest organizations in Ames High School, Girl Reserves. All girls belong. The social events of the year which encouraged the girls to make new acquaintances were the Newcomers Party, Dad-Daughter Date Night, Mother-Daughter Tea, and the Big-Pal-Little-Pal picnic. The money raised from selling Christmas sprays and pencils was used to help sponsor the foster child was shown to those less fortunate by providing Christ- Anastasia. A, Christmas time, the spirit of good will mas gifts for the County Home. Under the sponsorship of Miss Edna Wilcox, Miss Ruth Miller, and Mrs. Charlotte Whitney, the officers for first semester were: Frances McTague, president; Carole Walsh, vice president; Alice Andre, secretary; Carol Brindley, treasurer; and Nancy Anderson, presi- dent of the representatives. Officers second semester were: Carole Walsh, president; Frances MeTague, vice president; Linda Roach, secretary; Carol Brindley, treasurer; and Pat Catron, president of the representa- tives.I Above: Mary Davison, Joyce Herrick, Andrea Parks, Shirley Bailey, t Michelle Moore, Lynda Hockman, Nancy Carr, Elaine Foderberg, I Sandy McIntosh, Ruth Zea, and Margie Hillyard were the cham- I pion spray sellers. I Right: Sophomores waif to be initiated. cfrie4eHtciUve6 S Back: Susan Humphrey, Alison Shepherd, Jean Hensing, Darla Hanlin, JoAnn Daniels, Marlene Kuhl, Margie Walsh, Mary Brown. ? Sth: Sharon Lewis, Margie Hillyard, Toni Lyttle, Marilyn Blaess, i Janet Miller, Phyllis Burroughs, Ann Fields, Joyce Heald, Jane S Vandecar, Margie Gibbs, Shirley Bailey, Shelley Ebel. 3rd: Pat Caf- v ron. Sue Mendon. Delores Rasmussen, Michelle Moore, Mary Quinn, y Nancy Hegland, Joanie Makelbust, Muriel Shearer, Susan Campbell. 2nd: Nancy Bowen, Donna Shipley, Nancy Anderson, Miss Wilcox, Miss Miller, Mrs. Whitney, Liz Sands, Sharon Guy, Judy Hutchison. ! Front: Fran McTague, Carole Walsh, Deanna Clem, Pat Carney, Caroline Mattcrson, Karen K. Anderson, Joan Holtz, Patt Ritland. Back: John Munson, Dave Wall, Tom Timm, Steve Howell, Dick Kelso. 2nd: Steve Strand, Jim Thompson, Mark Anderson, Dave Keller. Front: Jan Severson, Mr. Stone, Dave Poscgate, Ron Moses, Mike Cadman. ‘ttycpA- Sfunitued cutcC ’Tft uzC StcutcCcmcCd fad o£ €- "To foster high spiritual and moral standards of daily living, and to develop responsible leaders" is the goal of Hi-Y. The group, composed of nearly all the boys in Ames High, supported John Tzyerohlov, a Greek war orphan, and provided Christmas gifts for the men in the Story County Home. The boys sold refreshments at the football, basketball and track events, improved the Hi-Y lounge, and held sophomore, senior, and football firesides. The Hi-Y worked with the Girl Reserves in January on Friendship Week and on the New Comers luncheon and party at the beginning of the year. Each boy attended his choice of a hobby group on alternate Fridays of Hi-Y group meetings. The hobby groups offered opportunities for learning aeronautics, athletics, auto mechanics, foreign affairs, hunting and fishing, music appreciatfon, photography, science, and electronics. Loft: The late Jerry Livingston demonstrated some of his techniques at a meeting of the photography hobby group. Hi-Y and Girl Reserve cabinets made their annual Christmas visit to the Story County Home with gifts for the residents. eft'te4eK itive4 Back: Gary Myers, Gary Tesdahl, Mickey Von Bergen, Steve Drceszen, Ben Cox. 4th: Steve Howell, Dave Wall, Norman Iverson, Jim Thompson, Joe Krocheski, Jerry Daloy. 3rd: Terry Hurbut, Ron Gammel, Sidney Joseph, Jack McGuire, Jerry Tow. 2nd: Ron Warren, Bob Synhorst, Darrel Spear, Mike Hus- sey. 1st: Howard Judge, Jan Severson, Mr. Stone, Pat Klingsics, Jim Piper.Miss Annette Green Latin 1, 2, 3, 4, German 1, 2, 3, 4 Miss Mary McNally Counselor, P.W.O.E., World Literature, English Literature, General Treasurer Oscar Ourth English 3, 4, Athletic Treasurer Mrs. Billie Alexander French 1. 2, 3, 4 Mrs. Elizabeth Dickenson Librarian Mrs. Dolores Dreesman English 3, 4 Everett Ritland Latin 3, 4, Dean of Boys Miss Sharon Roberts Spanish 1, 2 , 3, 4, English 3, 4 Mrs. Evelyn Thompson American Literature 3, 4 Mrs. Aurilla Vegors Counselor, English 3, 4, P.W.O.E. Mrs. Charlotte Whitney Journalism, Dean of Girls Miss Edna Wilcox American Literatu'c 1, 2Second Sentente Sta Back: Bill Donels, Sfevo Howell, Jim Ayres, Tom Anderson, Ed Epstein. Second: Peg Lee, Mrs. Whitney, Lory Linder, Mike Taft, Jan Severson, Jack Nordykc, Hr Sands, Martha Strand. Front: Margie Gibbs, Mary Ann Schweitzer, Judy Simpson, Barb Sands Ed Kuhl, Doug Rogers, Carole Walsh. 9ux uiicd H (Pfadded 'PtocCuce s4 tted. 'ftyipd '20e The Ames High School Web, written and edited by the journalism class, appears in the Ames Daily Tribune each Wednesday during the school year. The Web ad- vertises, records, and interprets Ames High activities to the community—helping to maintain the finest type of school morals is one of its prime functions. The 14 members of the first semester staff and the 21 members of the second semester group worked hard to make the paper accurate, up-to-the-minute, and lively. Teacher of the class in journalism and staff adviser is Mrs. Charlotte Whitney. 'pifidt Se fte4tc% Back: Linda Roach, Alice Andre, Richard Ratterree, Nancy Anderson, Sandy Pererscn. Third: Barb Gowan, Ann Easton, Judy Rah, Sherri Wicrscn, Gayle Bowen. Front: Debby Huntress, Mrs. Whit- ney, Sharon Grundman, Patt RitlancL »xr(?(u6 Sack: Shirley Bailey, Joyce Heald, Karen Fox, Pam Van Patter, Sue McFarland, Ann | Kirkham, Vicki Skortman, Alice Andre. Third: Sandy Gowan, Sharon Wright, Sara Hlnrichjen, Marion Quinn, Mrs. Whitney, I Andrea Parks, Sharon Grundman, Caro- I line Mafterson. Second: Pat Sea row, Shir- I ley Busch, Pat Carney, Sue Hetzel, Jean- [ nie Partin, Deanna Isley. Front: Susan Campbell, Marcia Hledel, Lynda Richards, Theo Sfrannigan, Margo Dunlap, Judy Nordin. far 'ZO'ictenA Was the sophomore class hiding a future Shakespeare or O. Henry in its midst this year? Only time will tell; but if this is the case, he or she probably belonged to the sophomore Creative Writing Club. This group, or- ganized for the first time this year, had as its aims to improve their style of writing, to learn to give and receive criticism, and to find satisfaction in spontaneous writing. To be a member, students must have had in- terest as well as high grades in English. Sponsored by the sophomore English teachers, the club's officers were: Karma Schauer, president; and Ma- rion Quinn and Jane Andrews, recording chairmen. Beginning reporters are called "cubs." From this word Cubs Club got its name. This organization, composed largely of sophomores this year, provided background and experience for stu- dents interested in journalism. The members spent time and energy in putting out the first issue of the second semester Web. This was the cubs' main project. At their meetings, usually held every other Thurs- day noon, the 28 cubs were taught the fundamentals of newspaper writing by their sponsor, Mrs. Charlotte Whitney. Officers of the group were Sue McFarland, president; Pat Carney, vice president; Sue Hetzel, secretary. Back: Jce Picken, Bob Ocst, Bruce Wood , John Walkup, Mike Nickcy, Mark Wat on, Rein Sara I. Second: Karma Schaucr, Alivon Shepherd, Karen Fox, Maureen McVickcr, Jackie Matusciki, Jcannie Partin. Front: Marcia Hiedel, Lynda Richard , Marion Quinn, Bov Novak, Deanna l ley, Peggy Billings. 27Back: Mr . Dickinson, laurel Hanway, Sandy Mclntoih, Cindy Shockcy, Sandy Peterson, Marion Quinn, Karen Skarshaug, Jar ct lubsen, Marilyn Blaess, Sherri Wierson, Bev Novak, Andrea Parks, Carmen Catron. Front: Paulette Hatasaki, Lynda Richards, lissa Hall, Peg Lee, Carole Walsh. Nancy Neal, Karen M. Anderson, Sharon Grundman, Judy Nordin. dit itvuf Cu 'WtetK enA Senve Studente and 7eac6e%e The Ames High Library Club, under the super- vision of Mrs. Elizabeth Dickenson, met each Wed- nesday noon in the library. Lessons covering the many phases of work for which the girls would be responsible were studied. The duties of the girls in charge of the desk were shelving of books and magazines, making overdue notices, aiding students in locating reference ma- terials, and preparing bibliographies for teachers. Each girl was required to work in the library two periods a week and at the same time maintain passing grades. Sherri Wierson, president, and Judy Sawyer, sec- retary, led the group first semester. Sandy Peterson, president, and Carmen Catron, secretary, served as second semester officers. Mrs. Dickenson feels that the members of library club are giving a service to their fellow students and to their teachers. The advantage of learning to debate is that it teaches one to argue logically. At the weekly meet- ings, activities centered around debate, discussion, and extemporaneous speaking’. This was how mem- bers prepared for participation in interscholastic speech tournaments and debate meets which were sponsored by the Iowa High School Forensic League throughout the year. Out of town events attended were the Brinkley Debate and Discussion, Coe Col- lege Invitational, Fort Dodge Invitational and the State finals in Iowa City. Under the direction of Mrs. Garrett, officers were llo Leppick, president; Karl Fox, vice president; and Beverly Novak, secretary. llo leppik and Alison Shepherd prepare their topic for a coming debate. SfeeecA (?lu fo Back: Mrs. Garrett, llo leppik, Russell Hageman, Alfred French, Karl Fox. Second: Marion Quinn, Jane Andrews, Lois Knutson, Deanna Islcy. Front: Alison Shepherd, Ann Kirkham, Bev Novak.Spatted, @lotA Back: Gerald Kutish, Steve Henderson, Richard Milk. Third: Mary Jane Walsh, Sarvdra McIntosh, JcAnn Daniels, Carol Hostetler, Dee Rasmussen, Miss Rob- ert . Paulette Hatasaki. Second: Lory Linder. Vickie Skortman, Karen Fox, Betty Winton, Sherrie Young, Marcia Heidel. Front: Darla Hanlin, Sharon Wright, Barb Wilcox, Marlene Kuhl, Pam Cole, Judy Warren. 7 cutyecaye (plutid. OiycuttjecC 07 td tyean The purpose of Spanish Club, newly organized un- der the sponsorship of Miss Sharon Roberts, was to study not only the language but also the cultural as- pects of Spanish-speaking countries. Invited to many of the bi-monthly meetings were guest speakers, some of them Spanish-speaking students at Iowa State Col- lege. Members of this group must have been in one of the Spanish classes. Officers were Steve Henderson, president; Lory Lin- der, vice president; Carole Hostetter, secretary; and Vicki Skortman, treasurer-program chairman. Those students enrolled in one of the French classes who were interested in France and the French language were invited to join the French Club. The purpose of the club was to better understand France and its people through the use of books, magazines, records, goest speakers, and films. Sponsor of this club, which was one of the new ones this year, was Mrs. Billie Alexander. Officers were Pat Carney, president; Marilyn Runlap, vice president; Judy Rice, secretary-treasurer; and Beth Strand and Maureen McVicker, program chairmen. 'pitted Back: Carole Walth, Kri Manning, Joyce Heald, Pam Eckhoff, Bob Nickerson, Rus- sell Hageman, Bill Davey, Karen Whee- lock, Sheila Porter, Jan Ustrud, Pat Carney. Third: Susie Dickie, Judy Rice, Sally How- ard, Linda Roach, Mary McComb, Sara Hin- riehsen, Linda Martin, Janet Miller, Mari- lyn Dunlap, Ann Webb, Gretchen Orr. Second: Margie Gibbs, Beth Ann Scholtcs, Elinor Lillie, Janet Lubsen, Peggy Caf- ferty, Margie McCay, Juanita Severson, Karen Gunn, Susan Humphrey, Jcannie Partin, Mrs. Alexander. Front: Karen Mul- lica, Jean Abbott, Vicky Kirkham, Susie Reed, Maureen McVicker, Becky McBride, Beth Strand, Barb Calhoon, Donna Eth- ington. 30Miss Dorothea Gienger Vocational Homcmaking 3, 4 George MacBride Woodworking 1, 2 James Overturf Bookkeeping 1, 2, Distributive Education and Practices Leonard Bengston General Metal . Electronics. Auto Mechanics Miss Madaiene Canvin Personal Typewriting, Begin ning Stenography Miss Dorothy Dehamer Stenography 1, 2, 3, 4 Owen Shadle Counselor, Work Experience and Cooperative Training Co- ordinator. Gerald Sielert Driver Training, Audio-Visual Aids Edwin Stone Mechanical Drawing 1, 2, 3, 4, Driver Training Miss Betty Trout Vocational Homemaking 1, 2 Walter Wood Applied Math, Business Arith- metic, Mechanical Drawing 1, 2 32Sack: Lynn Christian, Glen Cafferty, Virgil Phares, Larry Akin, Mr. Overturf. Front: Marilyn Stephens, Pat Creel, Winifred Hudspith, Charlotte Clapp, Bonny Luther. z .se A local organization of the Distributive Education Clubs of America, known as D.E.C.A., was started in Ames High this year in connection with the co- operative training program. Stu- dents enrolled in co-op and dis- tributive education classes were members. D.E.C.A. seeks to encourage group participation, leadership development, and career study. Officers this year were Win- ifred Hudspith, president; Bon- ny Luther, vice president; and Pat Creel, secretary. Sponsor was Mr. James Overturf. S‘Tteeoief Oxfancied Student Ofrenate Squtfruteut Left to right: Ron Fodcrbcrg, Darrell Ball, Norman Iverson, Mr. Sielerl, Richard Milk, Ron Moses. Students are always pleased when they learn that they will see a movie in one of their classes. It is the job of the members of the Film Operators Club to make sure that a pro- jector and screen are In the right room at the right time. Mr. Sielert, sponsor, trains all members in the care and use of equipment. President of the group this year was Darrell Ball.une. 'Pco tte KCi6e 4. s4 h uc4. "One of the most valuable things I gained from the national F.H.A. convention was the chance to meet girls from other states, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii who attended," said Jo Boston in tell- ing of her experiences at the convention in Kansas City as a state officer. She brought back many ideas on possible careers in home economics, on the organization of the high school F.H.A. group, and on how to do things in .private life. The motto of F.H.A., which expresses the purpose, is to "learn to live better today in order that our lives and those of our families may be better tomorrow." Four of this year's officers were: Sharon Lewis, president; Lissa Hall, vice president; and Judy Sawyer, secretary-treasurer. Above left: Selling cherry pie was one of the F.H.A. projects. Left: Clarke and Lee bought pic after a basketball game. Back: Janet Deal, Carolyn Barber, Sally Scheuermann, Linda Williams, Lynn De- Moss, Molly McGuire, Linda Harris. Marla Peterson. Third: Pat Cart, Pam Owing . Julie Blacss, Ruth Zea, Michele Moore, Nancy Carr, Bonnie Hoover. Second: Marsha Lake, Joyce Graham, Judy Keigley, Carolyn Cox, Kathryn Wilkin, Sharon Lewis, Karen Shockley, Sharcyi Flora, Miss Trout. Front: Karen Randles, Jo Boston, Pat Emory, Donna Nelson, Lissa Hall, Jean Abbott.Mrs. Betty Grubb Geometry 1, 2, Algebra 1. 2 Dale Hiedemah Geometry 1, 2. Algebra 3, Analytic Geometry James Jones Phyjic 1, 2 Richard Trump Biology 1, 2 Science . 36 Mr. Hicdcman relaxes with other teachers at a Christmas tea sponsored by the home cc department.B ck: Pat Patterson, Dave Morion, Bob Oest, Mike Nickey, Dick Kelso, llo Leppik, Mark Batson, Rein Saral. Second: Jack Morris, Mr. Sturtevant, Terry Hurlbut, Alfred French, Dudley Chittenden, Russell Hageman, Ed Bargfield. Front: Bob Stephenson, Norman Zobcr, David Maxwell, Doug Olson, Wayne Paulson, Ron Moses, Mike Hartley. Science. cutcC l cuUa (?£u TTtetttflenc Dc “i ececvtcA. cuuC 'P'uxjecte Although they met together every Monday eve- ning during the year, the Radio Club and the Sci- ence Club were separate organizations. The Radio Club, sponsored by Mr. Jim Jones, was mainly con- cerned in the design and construction of radio re- I ceivers and transmitters. The officers of this club were: Dave Morton, president; Dudley Chittenden, vice president; and Dick Kelso, secretary-treasurer. I The Science Club, sponsored by Mr. Floyd Sturte- vant, provided opportunities to conduct research and carry out individual projects in general science. Offi- cers of this club were: Ron Moses, president; Ber- nice Black, vice president; Charlene Anderson, sec- retary; and llo Leppik, treasurer. s  Clair Abbott World History 1, 2, American History 1, 2 Hi Covey Economic . Sociology Mrs. Kay Garrett American Hijtory 1, 2 Wallace Linn American History 1, 2 Kenneth Page American Government, Sociol- ogy, American History Social Studies Patt Ritland, Linda Faust, Dave Keller and Anne Judge were members of the jury at the annual Court Day held in Nevada for Story County sen- iors. 39Lelano Allison Art 1. 2, 3. 4, 5. 6 Wayne Cross Vocal Music Richard Day Band Douglass Engelhardt Orchestra Robert Hamilton Dramatics and Speech 'pine s4rt y "Seventy-six trombones . . The hour is early, but band members are hard at work.Back: Penney Welling, JoAnn Daniels, Pam Cole, Jeannic Partin, Margie Walsh, Jan Usfrud, Dave Keller, Karen Rogncss, Ann Thompson, Bruce Sfcbbins, Marsha Lake, Sandy Peterson, Marilyn Blacss, Linda Hawkins, Karlyn Peterson, Karen Erickson, Carole Hostetter. Fourth: Chuck Boast. Judy Elliott, Steve Henderson, Terry Hurlbut, Roger Smiley, Margie McCay, Larry Sprague, Ron Jones, Dick Kelso, Norman Iverson, Steve Dreeszen, Dave Spatcher, Alfred French, Earl Holtz, Richard Fear, Jerry Jones, Virginia Ellis, Roger Hedrick, Gretchen Wildman. Third: Sandy Gowan, Margo Dunlap, Becky Simmering, Pat Kelley, Mary White, Jim E. Kelley, Karma Schauer, Mike Disque, Dave Houser, Nancy Hegland, Jim Wiener, Tom Erskinc, Richard Evans, L. J. Skcie, Don Sielert, Jerry Clark, Chuck Dodge, Dean Busby, Phyl Peyton, Gretchen Orr, Ken Torrey. Second: Becky McBride, John Walkup, Jim Ayres, Karen Gunn, Cindy Shockey, Robert Stephenson, Wayne Paulson, Joyce Hcald, Juanita Severson. Marion Quinn, Karen Wheelock, Charlene Anderson, Lynda Martin, Joan Holtz, Donna Hicks. Front: Barb Buckwald, Vicky Kirkham, Diane Tripp, Carol Vogt, Janet Miller, Ann Fields, Mary McComb, Bernice Black, Mr. Day. mcext Special a tcC s44Ae tt6Cie6 Sand Loft to right: Steve Henderson, Jim Ayres, Earl Holtz, Mary McComb, Mr. Day. The early birds of Ames High are the members of the Ames High band, starting practice daily at 7:50 a.m. Gretchen Wildman, a junior trombonist, was the featured soloist for the annual spring con- cert on March 20. The Tri-City Festival, which includes Ames, Webster City and Fort Dodge, was held at Fort Dodge on April 7. Mr. Lu- cien Caillist, prominent composer and arrang- er, was the guest conductor. The -band also played at assemblies for Welch Junior High and the high school. One of the highlights at the football games was the half-time entertainment provided by the marching band. Officers guiding the band were Earl Holtz, president; Jim Ayres, vice president; Mary McComb, secretary-treasurer; and Steve Henderson, librarian. Mr. Richard Day di- rected. Adding a touch of jive to pep rallies and the basketball games was the pep band, with student directors Dave Keller and Jim E. Kelley.Above: A satellite orbit during a halftime perform Left: Majorettes get ready for a show. Above: Cover your knees, Linda and Marilyn. It's cold outl Left: Got everything, Penney?Rock: Deanna Crowley, Bruce Stcbbinj, Elaine Smith, Tom Andcrvon, Sue Hetzel, Sally Howard, fourth: Karma Schauer, Jim Wiener, Roger Hedric». Ron Jones. Third: Joyce Hoald, Phyllis Peylon, Charles Dodge, Judy Elliott, Vicky Kirkham, Becky McBride, Gretchen Orr, Ken Torrey. Second: llene Wardle, Virginia Ellis, Mary Ellen Farley, Deanna Isley, Donna Hicks, Bernice Black, Carol Vogt, Barbara North, Katie Bappe, Torn Buchholtz. Mary Schwartz, Pam Owings. First: Judy Simpson, Sue Englehorn, Lars Laslett, Alison Shepherd, Lynda Richards, Margaret Shrader, Janice Meier, Tom Timm. Front: Mr. Engelhard!. Oxc edtM “PCeufd. (?lcte tccU. Tftod ut, z td "Pofiui i TtCuatc 0OUHCil Rock: Lars laslett. Sue Englehorn, Mr. Engelhard!. Front: Tom Timm, Margaret Shrader, llcno Wardle, Janice Meier. During sixth period often the music being played by the orchestra comes drifting out through the registers into each classroom. Anyone who has a background on a musi- cal instrument and the desire to play is eligible to belong to this group. The purpose was to provide members with experience in the performance of orchestral literature- classical, modern, and popular. Performances, held under the direction of Mr. Engelhardt, were at the mid-winter concert, the Pops Concert in the spring, and at one of the assemblies. Money-making projects were the sale of book covers and candy. Officers were: Tom Timm, president; Janice Meier, sec- retary-treasurer; llene Wrdle, vice president; and Sue En- glehorn and Lars Laslett, librarians. SfotKf a ccC ‘P'uxjectA Judy Sampson, Sue Englehorn, Grefchen Wildman, Tom Timm, Nancy Anderson and Sally Howard were mem- bers of the string ensemble which played for dinner programs and other functions. Making up the string trio were llene Wardle, violin, Margaret Shrader, viola, and Pam Owings, cello. Calm down, Jim, rehearsal is ready to start. Selling a book cover to Mark Watson are Margaret Shrader and Janice Meier.Back: Mark Anderson, Tom Gray, Jim McCullough, Leo Scheuermann, Jim Kelley, Mike Biery, Dave Bork, Tom Timm, Earl Holtz, Steve Carr, Carey Poole, Jerry Clarke, Steve Henderson. 4th row: Norman Iverson, Roger Smiley, L. J. Skeie. Chuck Griffin, Dick Arthur, Jon Anderson, Bill Nelson, Dave Keller, Tom Brayton, Ron Jones, Dallas Wall, Nancy Anderson. 3rd row: Mr. Cross, Gar Smith, Mary Ellen Farley, Judy Rah, Ellen Packer, Judy Simpson, Janice Meier, Margaret Gibbs, Judy Keigley, Sharon Guy, Linda Roach, Janice Ustrud. Martha Howe. 2nd row: Jim Piper, Susan Englehorn, Pat Trow, Judy Elliott, Jean Abbott, Julie McGuire, Karen Rogncss. Sally Howard, Karen Gunn, Barb Hoover, Patt Ritland. 1st row: Rita Bappc, Karen Randles, Sandy Scheuermann, Linda Burton, Jo Boston, Diane Tripp, Grefchen Wildman, Carol Black, Judy Sawyer, Ann Sargent. 70£cted 'Voiced in 4 (ZafifreCta, @6oi and, (fyrviu eA A select group of junior and senior voices comprises the Ames a cappella choir. Wayne Cross, director, chooses members on the basis of their singing ability and cooperative attitude. The choir sings at all school vocal concerts and for many outside groups. This calls for a wide repertoire of music. The group sang such songs as "How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place" by Brahms and "Hallelujah Chorus" by Handel. Tom Gray, president; Judy Simpson, vice president; Judy Rah, secretary-treasurer; Steve Carr, librarian; and Jean Abbott and Lee Scheuermann, robekeepers, were the leaders of the choir. Singers who performed at the All-State Festival on November 29 at the KRNT Theatre in Des Moines were Margaret Gibbs, Ellen Packer, Carey Poole, Jim Kelley, Rita Bappe, Linda- Roach, Steve Henderson, Norman Iverson, Mark Anderson, Nancy Anderson, Sue Engle- horn and Earl Holtz. Although the units of the mixed choruses, sopho- more and junior-senior practice as separate groups, they always sing together in public appearances. The combined choruses sang for the Christmas pro- gram and Friendship Week. They participated in the annual Spring Concert. Dave Chipman, president; Penney Welling, secretary- treasurer; Howard Judge, librarian; Sheila Porter and Steve Busch, robekeepers, headed the junior-senior mixed chorus. The sophomore officers were Ann fields, president; JoAnn Daniels, secretary-treasurer; Daye Childs, librari- an; Tom Buchholtz and Kris Manning, robekeepers. 46Sack: Mr. Cross. Aaron King, Charles Boas», Terry Hurlburt, Don Davidson, Don Sielert, Alfred French, Doug Sampson, Pa» Kelley, Tom Pumroy, Bob Van Scoy. 4th: Bob Young, Norman Eckard, Jim Brown, Tom Ly»»le, Roger Hedrick, Dick Lofgren, Mark Wa»son, Tom Buchholtz, Mike Cox, Dave Childs. 3rd: Wayne Paulson, Molly McGuire, Sandy Gowan, Mary Dresser, Toni Lyt»le, Jo Anne Daniels, Kris Manning, Mary Armstrong, Ann Fields, Pam Eckoff. 2nd: Marianne Meads, Richard Evens, Donna Ethington, Jayannc Ferguson, Nancy Hegland, Joylenc Prescot», Karen Erickson, Marsha Lake, Kathryn Wilkin, Elaine Smith, Kathy Guy, Nancy Smalling. Front: Carolyn Co, Bov Novae, Karen Battles, Marjie Handeland, Mary Kay Rienberger, Karen Colletti, Sara Malone, Karen Skarshaug, Shirley Bailey, Carol Strachle, Shirley Busch, Judy Warren. TtCixect Back: Bill Bishop. Pat Patterson, Dennis Erickson, Eliz Sands, Barb Sands, IIIo Leppick, Steve Busch, Jule Vilmont. 3rd: Howard Judge, Betty Schrampfer, Dave Chipman, Anne Gunderson, Mark Lunde, Jane Vandecar, Mr. Cross. 2nd: Beth Bcman, Linda Hawkins, Sheila Porter, Barb Dahlberg, Lfnette Martin, Barb Calhoun, Penney Welling, Linda Anderson. Front: Jo Hiserote, Donna Erickson, Lissa Hall, Karyn Mullica, Nancy Bowen, Carol Banks, Joan Holtz.Back: Barb Sands, Sue McFarland, Toni Lyttle, Molly McGuire, JoAnne Daniels, Mary Armstrong, Karen Collett!, Kris Manning, Mary Dresser. Sandy Gowan, Mr. Cross. 4th: Kathryn Wilkin, Karen Wcstvold, Ruth Zca, Anne Gunderson, Sandy McIntosh, Pat Cart, Virginia Schumer, Ann Fields, Pame Eckoff, Marilyn Blaess, Marie Handel. 3rd: Edith Larsen, Sharon Hibbs, Elaine Foderburg, Bobbi Moore, Judy Kooser. Joyce Gra- ham, Judy Burton, Sara Malone, Karen Skarshaug, Mary Reinbcrgcr. 2nd: Donna Ethington, Nancy Hcgland, Joyannc Ferguson, Donna Nelson. Barbara Calhoun, Joylenc Prescott, Marsha Lake, Janet Sills, Karen Erickson. Judy Warren, Kathy Guy. 1st: Betsy Peterson, Shirley Bailey, Carol Straehle, Elaine Smith, Karen Battles, Diana Schultz, Marianne Meads, Bev Novak, Shirley Busch, Carolyn Co . tpcntd' tyCee Back: Donna Hicks, Glenda Thompson, Marlene Kuhl, Patty Dahm, Darla Hanlin, Allison Shepherd, Jean Hensing, Margie Hillyard, Jo Linder, Sandy Mickelson, Linda Ballard. 4th: Mr. Cross, Sharon Johnson, Claudette Villwock, Julie Blaess, Juanita Severson, Carolyn Barber, Jane Vande- car, Marlis Bchrend, Betty Schrampfer, Peggy Steil, Eliz Sands. 3rd: Aundrea Foreman, Mary Jane Walsh, Linda Anderson, Joan Holtz, Jo Hiserofc, Linda Hawkins, Marcia Rcnch, Martha Judge, Pat Hildebrand, Barb Wilcox, Emily Laslett, Nancy Bowen. 2nd: Virginia Bender, Joyce Herrick, Pam Cole, Beverly James, Leann Halterman, Susan Campbell, Paulette Hatasaki, Margo Dunlap, Delores Brown, Carol Neilsen, Bonnie Hoover, Nancy Carr. 1st: Nancy Ball, Peggy Caffcrty, Susie Dickie, Marla Peterson, Karyn Mullica, Penney Welling, Carol Banks, Bonnie Kloppenborg, Karen Shockley, Linctte Martin, Michelle Moore.Bad: Mr. Cross, Bill 8ishop, Dennis Erickson, Mark lunde, Jim E. Kelley, Dave Bork, Tom Timm, Earl Holtz, Carey Poole, Jerry Clark. 4th: Jim Hatch, John Hawk, Roger Smiley Dick Arthur, Larry Skeie. Jon Anderson, Bill Nelson, Tom Brayfon, Steve Henderson. 3rd: Norman Eckhard, Terry Hurlbut, Lee Scheuermann, Gar Smith, Norman Iverson, Jim Piper, Tom Pumroy, Dick Lofgren, Tom Buchholtz. 2nd: Charles Boast, Don Sielert Bob Young, Joe Picken, Pat Kelley, Wayne Paulson, Don Davidson, Richard Evans. Isf: John Walkup, Tom Lyttle, Roger Hedrick, llo Leppick, Pat Patterson, Mark Watson, Howard Judge. £ ee Si u? fan t?'Ue td4fafr '2iSee , SfvUtty “PioyntUK eutd Those girls who wished to be in a singing group were invited to join one of the four Girls' Glee Clubs. Various kinds of music were sung to widen the girls' acquaintance with music. These periods were arranged in such a manner that almost any girl would find a time that suited her. The four groups combined to sing at jj many public performances, some of which were the Christmas and spring programs. Friendship Week, and Baccalaureate. Presidents were Marilyn Blaess, Karyn Mullica, Mary Jane Walsh, and Mary Dresser. For those boys who had the desire to sing simply for the enjoyment of it, there were three Boys' Glee Clubs. These different clubs met at various times so that any boy could find time that would fit into his schedule. For any public performance, all three Glee Clubs combined into one big group. The boys sang at the Christmas program, the spring program, and on various other occasions. Presidents of two of the groups were John Walkup and 49Tttcctic, 'Wfcozte. "Wtuatc Junior sextet members Rita Bappc, Karon Randles, Jo Bos- ton, Diane Tripp, Sharon Guy and Joan Holtz, with Sally Howard at the piano. Carey Poole, Bill Nelson, Earl Holtz, Roger Smiley, Tom Gray and Dkk Arthur were part of the senior octet. Two-thirds of the senior sextet: Judy Rah, Linda Roach, Martha Howe, and Janice Meier. Mr. Cross at the piano. Mr. Cross directs a dvoir rehearsal. Back: Eleanor Applegate, Beth Ann Reno, Mary Ann Tuttle, Marion Quinn, JoAnn Daniels, Barb Wilcox, Karen Colctti, Sandy Mickelson. 4th: Jim McGinnis, Bob Nickerson, Stewart Cott, Maureen McVicker, Laurel Hanway, Glenda Thompson, Mr. Hamilton. 3rd: Caroline Mattcrson, Vickie Skortman, Susan Bothell. Judy Hutchison, Sue Otis, Sandy Gowan, Carolyn Burnham, Diane DeVaul. 2nd: Sue Rice, Carol Ncilson, Jayanne Fer- guson, Marcia Heidel, Pat Sclarow, Bonnie Hoover, Linda Harris, Nancy Carr. 1st: Alice Bancroft, Kathy Guy, Shirley Busch, Beverly Novak, Carolyn Cox, Lynda Hockman, Judy Warren, Marlene Kierfzner. 'Drama Back: Jean Hensing, Sara Malone, Martha Judge, Mary Dresser, Peggy Cafferty, Pat Dahm, Darla Hanlin, Margie Gibbs. 4th: Pam Cole, Kris Manning, Pam Van Patter, Jon Anderson, Jerry Tow, Marlene Kuhl, Shirley Bailey. 3rd: Pat Hildebrand, Karen Battles, Susie Dicke, Theo Strannigan, Sharon Wright, Nancy Smalling, Carol Strahle, Betty Winfon. 2nd: Mary Jane Walsh, Joy Prescott, Michelle Moore, Joanic Makclbust, Deanna Iscly, Donna Ehtingfon, Susan Campbell, Mary Quinn. 1st: Bill Miller, Joyce Herrick, Mary Quinn, Mr. Hamilton, Karen Erickson, Marcia Rcnch, Pat Trow.Bock: Carol Brindley, Karen Gunn, Mary Garner, Charlene Anderson, Lori Linder, Pat Trow, Linda Hawkins, Peg Steil, Sherri Wierson. 4th: John Carter, Tom Smith, Yvonne Barton, Ann Sargent, Sandy Peterson, Ann Thompson, Pat Botsford, Jane Vandecar. 3rd: Carol Vogt, Susan Humphrey, Lani Kund, Mary Ann Schweitzer, Ann Webb, Sue Hetzel, Sheila Porter, Margie Walsh, Jo Hiserote. 2nd: Carmen Catron, Pat Ritland. Karlyn Peterson, Rosalie Larson, Carole Walsh, Peg Lee, Martha Strand, Fran McTaguc. 1st: Linda Miller, Judy Elliott, Alice Paulson, Pat Carney, Mr. Hamilton, Marilyn Dunlap, Beth Strand, Judy Kooser, Donna Shipley. (£Cu 'Pxe ettte ' 4x e uc z td Old dicice and Ti tAe flotcuteef Nancy Smalling, Jim Bates, Jon Anderson, Jim Hatch, Linda Martin, Carol Brindley, Beth Strand, and Tom Pumroy appeared in the nativity scene of the Christmas play, "The Wise Men's Journey."Mortimor Brewster played by Norman Iverson, discovers an arsenic victim. fV'MetUc Abby Brewster Sue Hetzel Rev. Dr. Harper Bob Nickerson Teddy Brewster John Walkup Officer Brophy Bill Dallman Officer Klein ... ... Mark Stenson Martha Brev ster Lani Kuhl Elaine Harper Peg Lee Mortimor Brewster Norman Iverson Mr. Gibbs Jim Alexander Jonathat Brewster Ed Epstein Dr. Einstein Bill Miller Officer O'Hara Bruce Stebbins Lieutenant Rooney Jerry Rogers Mr. Witherspoon Steve Grooms Fiendish Jonathan 8rewster is ready with a rope for Mortimor Brewster while his accomplice. Dr. Einstein, holds the victim's attention. Bock: Mike Disque, Kent Cooper, Bob Larson, Norman Eckard, Bill McGowan, Jim Cowan, Jim Hatch, TomPumroy, Chuck Boast, Alfred French, Gordon Eggleton, Vern Tiftun. 3rd: Blaine Zcnor, Mark Stenson, Bruce Stebbins, Bill Dallman, Jerry Rogers, Ed Epstein, Bill Miller, Norman Iver- son, Peg Lee, Sue Hetzel, Steve Grooms, John Walkup, Lani Kuhcl, Bob Nickerson, Jim Alexander. 2nd: Darla Hanlin, Peggy Cafferty, Sue Otis, Aargy Gibbs. Pat Trow, Stewart Colt, Charlene Anderson, Mr. Hamilton, Martha Strand, Marcia Hcidcl, Shirley Bailey, Rosalie Larson, Karen Gunn, Glenda Thompson, John Carter. 1st: Sheila Porter, Tom Smith, Beth Strand, Ann Thompson, Doug Olsen, Ann Sargent, Linda Hawkins, Peggy Steil, Sandy Peterson, Karlyn Peterson, Martha Judge, Pat Carney, Donna Shipley.Oscar Ourth Tennis Coach, Athletic Treasurer Raymond Smalling Baseball Coach, Boys' P.E. Cecil Spatcher Assistant Football and Track Coach, Reserve Basketball Coach Hiram Covey Varsity Track, Sophomore Basketball, Assistant Foot ball Coach Wallace Linn Head Basketball Coach, Golf Coach, Assistant Football Coach Mrs. Carol Lockhart Girls' P.E. Kenneth Wells Athletic Director, Head Foot- ball Coach, Assistant Bas- ketball and Track Coach ?4t Cettc t t 55 {neAeHtatcued Bock: Jackie Matuscski, Margie Handeland, Carol Straehle, Sharon Guy, Gayle Bowen. 4th: Jean Hen - ing, Alice Andre, Peggy Steil, Betty Schrampfcr. 3rd: Janice Ustrud, Sue McFarland, Becky McBride, Jean Abbott, Kathy Guy. 2nd: Sue Rice, Pat Catron, Betjy Peterson, Beverly Novak. Front: Susan Bothell, Barb Gowan, Mrs. Lockhart, Bonnie Hazel, Marcia Hcidcl. s4t £ettc (?afcHet Left to Right: Joan Holtz, Mary Garner, Ann Hensing, Mrs. Lockhart, and Shelley Ebel listen as Barb Gowan explains new G.A.A. rules. "A sound mind in a sound body" is an old Greek philosophy that is as good today as it was then. Our classes of geometry, English, and chemistry are the means to a sound mind, and the Girls Athletic Association, best known as G.A.A., helps provide the sound body to carry out this axiom. Open to every girl in senior high, G.A.A. tries to develop the spirit of playing a game and provides a means for keeping the body in top physical shape. Every Monday and Wednesday night this year the gym was open for the girls, and Mrs. Carol Lockhart supervised them in major and minor sports.Back: Steve Strand, Dick Allen, Dick Arthur, Mike Van Scoy, Blaine Zenor. 3rd: Dean Hunziker, Jim Weiner, Kerry Van Winkle, Adrian Hull. Dave Coe. 2nd: Jan Severson, Mike Nickey, Dave Spatcher, Bob Pasley. Front: Clem Sevde, Larry Kraft, Mr. Smalling, Roger Smiley, Doug Sampson. ‘Irtfritutuvuzl e ettt o t "Athletics for all" was the aim of Ames High intra- murals. Intramurals between the twenty-four home- rooms of Ames High are planned primarily for boys not taking part in varsity sports. However, any boy in Ames High was eligible for intramurals provided he had not won an "A" in the sport or was a member of the sophomore, reserve or varsity teams. Homeroom competition fell in three leagues: senior, junior and sophomore. Each homeroom played in its own division. A variety of sports, individual and team, were offered to the boys, who were represented by their homeroom captains on the intramural council. 57Back: Sancy Peterson, Barb Wilcox, Dallas Wall. Center: Sherri Wierson, Jackie Matuseski, Mary Jane Walsh, Linda Roach. Front: Sue Mendon, Mary Reinberger, Pat Catron. utd SoftA (fyeenAqucuU. eoct 'fyetU Right: "What'll we do next?" Varsity cheerleaders confer during pep assembly. Below: Black, orange, orange, black, Ames High fights back. FIGHT!"Back: Sara Hinricheson, Charlotte Clapp, Joyce West, Nartcyne Mettlin, Marilyn Blacss, Peg Steil, Martha Fisher, Judy Fryer Phyllis Burroughs. Winnie Hudspith. 5th: Miss DcHamcr, Pat Botsford, Linda Roach, Bernice Black, Sylvia Pinnell, Sandy Peterson, Ann Hensing, Betty Schrampfer, Sandy McIntosh, Ann Thompson, Sue Englehorn. 4th: Pat Sucher, Sandi Scheuermann, Pat Soy, Debby Huntress, Anne Easton. Judy Rah, Mar. Schweitzer, Martha Howe, Barb Dahlbcrg, Pat Trow, Elinor Lillie. 3rd: Ellen Packer, Julie McGuire, Gayle Bowen, Judy Nordin, Pat Catron Judi Dahl, Sharon Grundman, Sandy Richardson, Lissa Hall, Phyl Peyton, Martha Marks. 2nd: Fran McTague, Sally Ballard, Barb Gowan, Mary Lee. Anne Judge, Shelley Ebcl, Karlyn Peterson, Sherri Wierson, Lory Linder, Linda Hawkins, Barb Hoover. ?sf: Karen M. Anderson, Patf Ritland Jackie McDonald, Ruby Paulson, Janice Meier, Beth Beman, Barb Reilly, Margie Gibbs, Kathleen Melampy. '7'linety-Seven Senior in “Pefr The girls dressed in black skirts and blouses or sweaters with orange jackets on game days are the members of the Pep Club. Any senior girl who has passing grades in three subjects may join the club. This year 97 girls took active part in the organization, headed by Martha Howe, president, Mary Lee, vice president, Anne Easton, secretary, Janet Sills, treasurer, and Miss Dorothy DeHamer, sponsor. It is the function of the Pep Club to add spirit to all athletic contests. Members also take part in pre-game and half-time activities. The marching unit performed with the marching band during football games. Ushers take tickets and help spectators find their seats. A car wash and bake sale were among the money-making projects which helped to pay for trips to the Burlington football game and the Newton basketball game. Left: Pep Club members take part in an outside pep assembly during the football season.Sack: Sharon lewis, Ann Farbcr, Carol Brindley, Mary McComb, Alice Andre. Sth: Judy Simpson, Ann Gunderson, Barb Sands, Liz Sands, Nancy Anderson. •1 th: Anita Kelly, Sandy Stephenson, Janet Sills, Betty Sydncs, Jo Beach. 3rd: Linda Faust, Linda Burton, Darlene Fatland, Martha Strand, Peg Lee. 2nd: Carole Walsh, Bonnie Hazel, Karen K. Anderson, Sharon Nelson, Sandy Nelson. 1st: Judy Rice, Kathy Bender, Barb Calhoon, Pat Creel. 0ouKCtC 'Ptcutd' s4ctcuttce Back.- Barb Gowan Anne Easton, Gayle Bowen, Mary Lee, Shelley Ebel. 3rd: Ann Hensing, Peg Steil, Martha Howe, Ann Thompson. 2nd: Anne Judge. Sherri Wierson, Miss DeHamer, Betty Schrempfer. Alice Andre. 1st: Janet Sills, Debby Huntress, Martha Marks, Lissa Hall, Linda Hawkins. Back: Tom Scheuermann, Jim Kelley, Steve Busch, Mike McGuire, Steve Rust, Gory Sutton, Steve Howell, Dale Rouzo. 3rd: Dick Allen, Don Toms, Clarke Paslcy, Steve Carr, Jim McCullough, Tom Timm, Bob Fisher. 2nd: Mr. Linn, Mr. Covey, Steve Jensen, Ron Jones, Ron Jenkins, Gregg Gammack, Jim Stuart, Bruce Batman, Ron Alfred, Denny Christopherson, Tim Stine. I it: Tom Brayton, Fred Peake. Pat Klingscis, Dave Posegate, Darrell Ball, Tom Thomas, Joe Ballon, Ben Cox, Gary Tesdahl. Ron Johnson. Seale d ec ut Ames 0 East Sioux City 6 Ames 28 Grinnell 14 Ames 38 14 Ames 21 Oskaloosa 21 Ames 26 West Waterloo 20 Ames 7 Burlington 14 Ames 39 Newton 7 Ames . 63 Boone 12 Ames 14 D.M. Roosevelt 32 'paced The 1958 Little Cyclones came out on top of the Central Iowa Conference for the sixth year in a row. To date, the Little Cyclones have won or tied 29 straight conference football games. "Ames High had its toughest, longest schedule that I've seen," said Coach Kenny Wells. This year Ames played teams from both sides of the state on their nine games schedule. The Cyclones went to the northwestern corner of the state to meet East Sioux City, and then to the southeast corner to play their first game with Burlington. 62Back: Ed Epstein, Lee Scheuermann, Bill Draisey, Dave Coe, Dean Hunziker, Bill Donels, Denny Tice, Ron Busch, Mr. Wells, Mr. Spatchcr. 3rd: Dave Wall, Tom Gray, Steve Burrell. 2nd: Dave Chipman, Keith Munson, Dave Page, Dave Briley, Mike Cox, Steve Drceszcn, Jim Adams, Jim Thorpe, Gorden Reno, Jules Vilmonf, Larry Thompson. Ist: Larry Jones, Mickey VonBergen, Gar Smith, Larry Munson, Doug Rogers, Ron Fain, Jack McGuire, Craig Ritland, L. J. Skeic, Jack Nordyke. ScAedute This season the Little Cyclones played several top rated teams. Des Moines Roosevelt, who was ranked first in the state, was scored against twice by Ames. The Cyclones played a particularly tough Homecoming fame with highly rated West Waterloo. The conference, as usual, was rugged this year. The Oskaloosa team, up for the game, gave the Cyclones a difficult time. Several times the Cy- clones had to come from behind. The team finished the season strong but it took awhile for them to get going. Wells praised the team for good spirit and drive. Back: Jim Stuart, second team CIC; Jim McCullough, first team CIC; Dave Wall, second team CIC; Tom Gray, honorable mention CIC; Larry Munson, first team All-State IDPA, first team All-State Jack North, first team CIC; Gregg Gammack, second team All-State IDPA, fifth team All-State, Jack North, first team CIC; Mike Cox, third team CIC.Sieve Jemen brings down Boone's Bill Monen. Ron Fain is finally wrestled to the ground. A West Waterloo back attempts an end run in the Homecoming game.Left: Stove Burrell drops one against highly rated East Sioux City.Bock: Mr. Spatchcr, Tom Buchholtz, Mike Twaddle, Bill Draisoy, Jim Taylor. Lorry Breon, Dave Agard. Marc Adams, Kent Cooper, Mark Watson, Ken Torrey, Dave Childs, Don Davidson, Clem Sevede Bob Anderson. 2nd: Pat Kelley, Gary Meyers, Roger Hedrick, Gary Clem, Dick Overland, Mike Heubner. Dick lofgrcn. Bob VanScoy, Jim Bates, John Hagge, Bill Lester, Mike Roberson, Jim Cowan. 1st: Norm Eckard, Jerry Tow, Mike Nickey, Dave Skci, Darrell Spear, Tom Pumroy, Mike Cadman, Ron Young, Ber- vinc VanVoorhis, Joe Pickon, Sidney Joseph, Dick Johnson. Soft6o Hone “Podt 5 cuuC ? “ ec icC Ames 19 Webster City 0 7 Perry 20 Ames 22 Marshallton 12 21 D. M. East 19 Ames 13 Boone 6 Ames 39 Newton .. .. 13 68 Above right: Three Ames sophomores hitch a ride on a Boone player. Right: Webster City fries to stop the sophs.Beck: Jack Carr, Mai McGinnes, Gar Smith, Jim Stuart, Dave Pcsegate, Mike Wolf. Front. Jenjen, Ed Kohl. Bill Draisey, Gem? West, Steve Burrell, Steve (fycloKeo {fatu Second in Second Ames ..44 Mason City 50 Ames 53 Boone 32 Ames... 49 North D.M. 60 Ames 54 Grinnell 43 Ames... 38 W. Waterloo .... 34 Ames 62 Newton 60 Ames... 55 Newton .48 Ames 53 Marshalltown 61 Ames... 46 Marshalltown .52 Ames 54 Oskaloosa 44 Ames... 51 Oskaloosa .31 Ames 54 Webster City 62 Ames... 83 Nevada 50 Ames 52 Boone 40 Ames.. 36 Roosevelt D.M. 51 Ames 101 Grinnell 58 SeetfoKtU Ames....67 North D.M ..35 Ames 42 Dowling D.M. 43 This year the Little Cyclones ended up the season in second position in the Central Iowa Conference. The team won eight out of ten of the conference games. Their non-conference was two wins against four losses. One of the toughest non-confer- ence games was against Roosevelt of Des Moines, which was rated number one in the state. Steve Burrell and Gar Smith were elected co-captains at the end of the season. 69 Conference GamesLeft: Steve Jensen tries to steal a rebound from two Boone Toreadors. Below: All eyes arc on Co-Captain Steve Burrell as he shoots a fadeaway jump.•» »Above left: Gene West snatches another rebound. Above: Co-Captain Gar Smith breaks through the hoop. Left: The Little Cyclone bench explodes when the 100th point drops through. Below: Smith fires away with an overhead jump.Above: West reaches high for the ball. Left: A little ballet action interferes with Ed Kuhl's shot. Below: The Bobcat is too late to stop Stuart's shot. Back: Gary Kirk, Mickey Von Bergen, Dave Chipman, Dean Hunziker, Jim Piper, Kerry Van Winkle, Mike Disque, Mr. Spatcher. Front: Denny Tice. Mike McGuire, Dave Martin, Steve Rust, Ron Fain, Dave Page, Charles Dahm. {}cation ‘Vanaitif, TReoenveo e yui Ames 48 Boone 41 Ames .45 Marshalltown 46 Ames 26 Newton 47 Ames 46 Marshalltown 39 Ames 41 Newton 39 Ames 55 Webster City . 42 Ames 53 Boone 47 Ames 61 Webster City . 46 The junior varsity reserves also plays practice games with Gilbert and Story City. Above left: Dave Martin put in a layup against the Webster City reserves. Left: Dave Page keeps his eye on Steve Rust's shot.Back: Dave Agard. Mike Cox, Mike Spear, Mike Twaddle, Dick Johnson. Second: Bob VanScoy, Tom Buchholtz, Mike VanScoy. Clem Sevde, Roger Hedrick, Mike Heubner. First: Mr. Covey. Dave Spatcher, Aaron King, Bob Synhorsf. Sofe£o une Vtxn ctcf, Z4 et zlC TQcc ui Ames 34 Mason City 43 Ames 44 D.M. North 36 Ames . 28 West Waterloo 34 Ames 38 Newton 39 Ames 29 Marshalltown 31 Ames 44 50 Ames 35 Nevada 40 Ames 45 Roosevelt D.M. 49 Ames 51 Boone 34 Ames 53 Grinnell 45 Ames . .. 38 Newton 45 Ames. 46 Marshalltown 58 Ames 43 Oskaloosa 47 Ames .38 Boone 31 Ames. 57 Grinnell . ...56 Dave Agard tries a jump shot against the Newton sophs. Conference Games letter ‘20itt ten6 ut 'fyevuUty (?tu6 Varsity Club is an athletic honorary to which major letter winners in any of Ames High's sports belong. Boys in the club have earned their letters in football, basketball, track, golf, tennis, or baseball. All new members are initiated. Furnishing flowers for the track queen and having an annual picnic each spring are the activities of Var- sity Club. Tom Gray, president; Steve Burrell, vice president; and Jim McCullough, secretary-treasurer; were offi- cers this school year. Above left: Craig Ritland gels ready for Varsity Club initiation. Left: Varsity Club officers Tom Gray, Jim McCullough, and Steve Burrell. Back: Tom Scheuermann, Tim Stine, Steve Rust, Tom Timm, Glen Caffcrty, Tom Gray, Steve Carr, Jim McCullough, Dave Wall, Steve Howell. Third: Lee Scheucrman, Denny Tice, Dave Page, Lars Las- lett, Steve Burrell, Earl Holtz. Mike Taft, Jim Stuart, Clarke Pasley, Mickey Von Bergen. Second: Steve Dreeszen, Craig Ritland, Joe Bal- loun, Gary Fcavel, Gary Tcsdahl, Gar Smith, Ron Jones, Doug Rogers, Ron Fain. Front: Mike Cox, Larry Munson, Jack Ncrdyke, Dave Pose- gate, Gregg Gammack, Keith Munson, Bill Donels.Abbott, Stephen K. HR IC8; H!-Y 3: Moved from Coronado. Calif., 3. Akin, Larry R. HR 108; DECA 3; Drama I, 2. 3; Hi-Y I. 2. 3 Anderson, Karen K. HR 211; Band 3; GR 3; Pod Club 3; Moved from Jefferson 3. Anderson, Karen M. HR 206: FHA 2; GAA I. 2. 3; GR I. 2, 3; Rep. 2, 3; Library Club 3: Pod Club 3; Student Treas. 3; Moved from Dallas, Texas, I. Anderson, Mark A. HR Ml; Basketball I. 2; Glee Club I; Choir 3; Debate I, 2; Hi-Y I. 2. 3. Cab. 2. 3: Chorus I; Science Club 3; SPIRIT I. 2; Tennis 2. 3; Track I. Anderson, Nancy K. HR 108. Pres. I. 2; Choir 2. 3; Cubs1 Club 2: GAA I. 2. 3; Glee Club I; GR I, 2, 3, Cab. 3. Rep. 3; Chorus I, Sec. I; Orchestra I: Pep Club 3; Sr. Senate 3: SPIRIT I, Staff 2. 3; Student Council I, 2. Anderson, Thomas L. HR 236; Baseball I. 2. 3. Train- er I; 8asletball 2. 3; Hi-Y I. 2. 3. Rep. 3; Science Seminar; Student Council I. 2; Track 1. 2, 3. Andre, Alice V. HR 206. VP I, Pres. 3; 8and I. 2; Cubs' Club I. 2. 3 Pres. 2; Drama I. 2; GAA I, 2, 3. Cab. 2. Officer 2. Rep. 3: GR I. 2. 3. Rep. I. Cab. 2, 3. Sec. 3; Glee Club I, Officer I; Palm Club 3; Pep Club 3. Council 3; SPIRIT I. Staff 2. 3; Student Council 3. Arthur, Richard B. HR III; Glee Club I, 2. 3; Choir 2. 3; Football I; Hi-Y I. 2, 3; Intramural Cap. 3; Chorus I. Ayres, James L. HR Ml. Pres. 2; Band I. 2. 3. VP 3; Firesquad I. 2. 3; Hi-Y 1, 2. 3. Rep. 2; Radio Club; Sr. Senate 3; SPIRIT Staff 3; Student Council 2; Track I, 2. 3. Ball, Darrell C. HR 206: Film Operator 2. 3; Football 3; Hi-Y I. 2. 3; Track 2. 3; Moved from country I. Ballard, Sally J. HR III. Sec. I; Drama I; FHA I; GAA I: GR I. 2. 3. Rep. 2; Glee Club I; Pep Club 3; SPIRIT I. Balloun, Joe L. HR 206: Glee Club I, 2; Choir 2; Firesquad I. 2. 3; Football 3; Hi-Y I. 2. 3, Rep. I. 3; Chorus 2; Science Club I. 3: Track 1, 2. 3; Varsity Club I. 2. 3. Barrie, Ed T. HR 211: Hi-Y I. 2. 3; Radio Club I; Science Club I. Beach, Joanne L. HR 206; GR I. 2. 3; Pep Club 3. 78Se Uo% (?C Z66 6 ?959 Beman, Beth A. HR 211. See. 3; FHA I; Glee Club I. 2, 3; GR I. 2. 3; Chorus I. 2. Bender, Kathryn C. HR 211; GAA 3; GR 2. 3; Pep Club 3: Moved from Story City 2. Black, Bernice HR 108: Band I. 3; GR I. 3. Rep. I; Orchestra I. 3; Pep Club 3; Science Club I. 3. Trcas. I. VP 3; Science Seminar 3. Blaess, Marilyn J. HR 234. Sec. I; Bard I. 2. 3; Drama I; FHA I. 2. Officer I; GAA I. 2. 3. Rep. I. 2; GR I. 2. 3. Rep. 3; Glee Club 2. 3. Pres. 3; Library Club I. 2. 3; Pep Club 3. Bork, David P. HR 234; Band I. 2. 3: Glee Club 3; Choir 3: Drama I; Film Operator I. 2. 3; HI-Y I. 2. 3. Botsford, Patricia HR 234: Drama 1. 2. 3; GAA I. 2; GR I. 2 3; Glee Club I; Palm Club 2. 3; Pep Club 3. "I sure hope you don't have any film in that camera," says Sandy.But Anne knows—there IS film in that camera! Bowen, Gayle HR 234: Cubs' Club I. 2; De- bate I; Drama 2. 3: GAA I. 2. 3. Rep. 3; GR I. 2. 3. Rep. 1. 2; Pep Club 3. Council I. 3. Brayton, Thomas L. HR 236. VP I. 2: Baseball 3; Basketball I. Reserves 2; Choir 3; Chorus 1. 2; Firesquad I. 2. 3; Football Trainer I. Manager 2. 3; Golf 3: Hi-Y I, 2 3; Intra- mural Captain 3; Traci I. Trainer 2. Brindley, Carol E. HR 236; Drama I. 2. 3: FHA I; GAA I. 2. 3. Rep. 2; GR I. 2. 3. Cab. 3. Treas. 3: Jr. Red Cross I; Palm Club 3: Pep Club 3. Brown, Larry L. HR 236; Film Operator I 2. 3: Hi-Y I. 2. 3; Radio Club I. 3. Bruce, Clare H. HR 108: Hi-Y I. 2. 3. Rep. 2. Buchman, John W. HR III: Hi-Y I. 2. 3.Calhoon, Barbara M Creel, Patricia L Christian, Lynn Burrell, Steven K. Burton, Linda D HR 109 Sec. I. Pre:. 3; Baseball I. 2, 3: BasVet- ball I. 2, 3; Firesauad I. 2. 3; Football I. 2. 3; HI.Y I. 2. 3. Rep. 2; Student Council 3. VP 3; Track I. 2. 3; Vanity Club 2. 3. VP 3. Burroughs, Phyllis AA. HR 108: Band I. 2. 3; Drama I; FHA I; GAA I; GR I. 2. 3. Rep. 3: Jr. Red Cress I: Orchestra I. 2. 3; Pep Club 3. Busch, Stephen W. HR III. Officer 3; Drama I. 2: Chorus I. 2. 3. Of- ficer 3; Football 3; Glee Club I. 2; Hi-Y I. 2, 3; Track 2. HR 108: Choir 2. 3: Chorus I; Glee Ctlub I; GR I. 2. 3; Library Club I. 2: Pep Club 3. Buwalda, Pieter HR 234; Hi-Y 2. 3; Moved from Algona 2. Cafferty, Glen L. HR 141; DECA 3: Film Opera- tor I. 2; Hi-Y I. 2. 3; Rifle Club l, 2 3: Traci I. 2. 3; Vanity Club 2. 3. HR Ml; Drama I; GR I. 2, 3; Glee Club I. 2, 3; Chorus 3; Pep Club 3. Carr, Stephen B. HR 211. Pres. I: Basketball I; Glee Club I; Choir 2. 3; Foot- ball I. 2. 3; Hi-Y I. 2, 3. Rep. 2; Chorus I: SPIRIT 2; Student Council I: Track I. 2, 3; Var- sity Club I. 2. 3. Catron, Patricia HR III: Band 2; Cheenquad I. 2. 3; Drama I; GAA I. 2. 3. Rep. 3; GR I. 2. 3. Cab. 3. Rep. 3; Pep Club 3. HR 206: DECA 3. Officer; Hi-Y I. 2. 3. Clapp, Charlotte S. HR 211: DECA 3; FHA I. 2. 3 GR I. 2. 3; Pep Club 3. Cox, Benny H. HR 108: Baseball 3: Football I. 2. 3: Hi-Y I. 2, 3. Rep. 3; Track I. 2: Varsity Club 3. HR 236; DECA 3. Sec. 3; FHA I. 2: GR I. 2. 3; Pep Club 3. Dahl, Judy A. HR 108, Act. Dir. I; Band 2; Drama I. 2; GAA I. 2. 3; Glee Club I. 2; GR I. 2 3; Library Club 2; Pep Club 3. Dahlberg, Barbara S. HR 141; Debate I; Drama I; Film Operator 3; GAA I, 2. 3. Rep. 3: Glee Club I. 2, 3: GR I. 2. 3: Jr. Red Cross I; Library Club 3: Chorus I. 2 3; Pep Club 3: Science Club I. 3; SPIRIT I. 2. 81Daley, Jerry M. HR III, VP l. 2: Basket- bal Reserves 2; Fire- squad I. 2. 3; Hi-Y I. 2 3. Rep. 3; Intramural Captain I; SPIRIT I; Track I. 2. 3. Donels, William R. HR Ml, Pres. I. 2: Bas- ketball I Reserves 2; Football I. 2. 3; Hi-Y 1. 2. 3. Rep. I; Intramural Captain I; Riflo Club I; SPIRIT I. 2. 3; Student Council I. 2; Track I, 2, 3: Varsity Club 3. Ebel, Shelley H. HR 211. VP 3; GAA 2. 3. VP 3; GR 2. 3. Rep. 3; Pep Club 3. Council 3; Moved from Elm- hurst. N.Y., 2. Edwards, Dale HR 206: C ass Treas. 2; Hi-Y 1. 2. 3; Jr. E cc. Council 2. Englehorn, Susan L. HR 206: Choir 2. 3; Chorus I; GR I. 2. 3. Rep. 2; Glee Club I; Orchestra I. 2 3. Office' 2. 3: Pep Club 3. Epstein, Edward E. HR 211; Debate I; Drama I; Football 2. 3; Hi-Y I. 2. 3: Radio Club I. 2. 3: Rifle Club I; Science Club I. 2; Track 2. 3. Farber, Ann HR Ml. VP 2. Pres. 3; GAA I. 2. 3; GR I. 2 3. Cab. 3; Glee Club I. 2. Officer 2: Pep Club 3: SPIRIT I; Student Council 3. Fatland, Darlene K. HR 206; GR I. 2. 3; Pep Club 3. Faust, Carolyn J. HR 211; Chorus I. 2: FHA I; Glee Club l 2: GR I. 2. 3: Pep Club 3. Faust, Linda AA. HR III; Band 3; GR 3; Pep Club 3: Moved from Hubbard 3. Feavel.Gary D. HR 236. Pres. I; Basketball I: Chorus I. Pres. I: Football 2; Glee Club I. 2: Hi-Y I. 2 3: Student Council I: Track I. 2; Varsity Club 2. 3. Fisher, Robert L. HR 103: Football 2. 3: Hi-Y I. 2. 3; Track 2. Fisher, Martha J. HR 211; Chorus 1; GAA 1,2 3: Glee Club I; GR I, 2 3. Rep. 3; Pep Club 3. Fox, Karl R. HR Ml; Debate I. 3. VP 3: Radio Club I; Science Club I. 3; Science Seminar 3. Easton, Anne E. HR III. Pres. 2; Cubs' Club 2; Drama I. 2; GAA I. 2. 3; GR I. 2, 3. Cab. 3: Palm Club 2. 3; Pep Club 3. Sec. 3; SPIRIT I, 2; Student Council 2, Sec. 2. 82 Freel, Joann HR 234; DEC A 3. Officer FHA I. 2; GAA I. 2 3; GR I. 2. 3; Glee Club 1. 2. 3. Officer 3; Pep Club 3. Freel, Michael E. HR III; HI-Y I. 2. 3. Fryer, Judy M. HR 234; Drama I; GR I. 2. 3; Pep Club 3. Gammack, Gregg L. HR 141. VP 3; Clast VP 3; Football I, 2 3 Captain 3; HI-Y I. 2, 3. Rep. 2; Sr. Seriate 3; Traci I 2 3; Varsity Club 2. 3. Garner, P. Jerry HR 2C6; Hi-Y I. 2. 3; Ath- letic Treat. 2. 3; Radio Club I. Gibbs, Margaret A. HR 236; Choir 2. 3; Chorus I; Drama I 2 3; FHA I Officer I; GAA I: GR I, 2 3, Cab. 2. Rep. 3; Glee Club I; Jr. Red Crots I; Palm Club 2, 3. Pret. 3; Pep Club 3; Radio Club 2. Sec.-Treas. 2. I say, Larry, do you always dress in the study hall??95 ? "Oh golly, what shall I say now?" Gowan, Barbara L. HR 105 Ac?. Dir. 3: Chorus I: Drama I; GAA I. 2, 3 Cab. 2. 3 Pres. 3, Rep. I; Glee Club I: GR I. 2. 3: Pep C'jb 3, Cour.cH 3: SPIRIT I, 2. Gray, Thomas W. HR 2H. VP I. 2. Pres. 2, Ac?. Dir. 3: Basketball I: Choir 2. 3, Pres. 3; Chorus I; Firesauad I. 2, 3: Football I 2. 3; Glee Club I; Hi-Y I. 2. 3. Cab. 2. Rep. I; Sr. Serate 3: Student Council 2: Track I. 2 3; Varsity C'ub 2. 3. P'es. 3. Grundman, Sharon R. HR III; Cubs1 Club 2, 3: Drama I; GAA I. 2. 3: GR I 2 3: Library Club 2. 3: Pep Club 3: SPIRIT 2. Gunderson, C. Anne HR 141; Chorus 3: GAA 1. 2 3. Rep. 2; GR I. 2. 3. Rep. 2: Glee Cub 2. 3; Pep Club 3: SPIRIT 1. Hall, Lorissa L. HR 23 : Chorus 3: FHA 2. 3. Officer 2. V. Pres. 3: GR 2 3: Glee Club 3; Library Club 3. Officer 3; Pep Club 3. Council 3; Moved from Gilber? 2. Hawk, John W. HR 141; Glee Club 3; Golf 3; Hi-Y I. 2. 3; In- tramural Cap. 3; Trad I.Hawkins, Malinda H. HR 236. Act. Dir. 2; Bar.d I. 2 3; Chorus 3" Drama l. 2. 3; GAA I, 2. 3. Pep. I; GR I. 2 3. Cab. 2. 3 Pep. 2: Glee Club I. 2. 3. Pres. 2. Officer Palm Club 3; Pep Club 3. Council 3: SPIRIT I. 3; Student Council 3. Hazel, Bonnie L. HR 108. Sec. I. 2. Pres. 2; Chorus I. 2; Class Sec. 3: Debate I, 2; Drama I; GAA 2. 3. Rep. 3: Glee Club I. 2. Officer I: GR 1 2 3. Cab. 3; Jr. E»ec. Council 2: Jr. Red Cross I: Pep Club 3; Sr. Senate 3; Science Club 3; SPIRIT I, 2; Student Council 2. Henderson, Stephen HR 206; Band I. 2, 3. Officer 3: Choir 2. 3; Chorus I; Drama 2; Glee Club I. 2 3; Hi-Y I. 2. 3. Hensing, K. Ann HR 21! Sec. I; Drama I; GAA I. 2 3 Rep. I 2. Cab. 3; Glee Club I, Sec.; GR I. 2 3. Cab. 3; Pep Club 3 Council 3; Science Club 3; SPIRIT I. 2. Hinrichsen, Sara M. HR III. Sec. I. 2; Chorus I; Cubs' Club I. 2 3. Sec. 2; GAA l; GR I. 2. 3. Rep. I. Cab. 2; Glee Club I. 2. Officer 2; Jr. E»ec. Council 2- Pep Club 3. Holtz, Earl W. HR 234. Pres. 2; Band I. 2. 3. Pres. 3; Basketball I. Reserves 2; Choir 2 3; Chorus I: Glee Club I. 2. 3, Officer 3; Hi-Y I. 2 3. Rep. 2; SPIRIT 3; Stu- dent Council 2; Trad I. 2, 3; Varsity Club I. 2. 3. Hoover, Barbara A. HR 23 Sec. I. VP 2; Choi- 2. 3; Chorus I; Drama I: GAA I. 2. 3. Rcd. I; GR I. 2 3. Rep. 2; Glee Club I; Pep Club 3. Houge, Wynn H. HR 234: Hi-Y 1.2. 3. Howe, Martha M. HR 236. Sec. I; Choir 2, 3. Officer 2; Chorus I VP I; Drama I; GAA I. 2 3; GR I. 2 3 Rep. I. 2. Cab. 3; Glee Club I; Pep Club 3, Pres. 3 Council 3; SPIRIT 2. Howell, Stephen H. HR 236; VP I 2: Basket- ball Reserves 2; Chorus I. 2. Officer I; Debate I 2 VP 2: Firesquad I, 2, 3; Football I. 2 3; Glee Club I. 2; Hi-Y 1.2. 3 Rep. I P'es. 3 Cab. 3; Jr. E ec. Council 2; Sr. Senate 3: SPIRIT I; Track I, 2 3; Varsity Club 3. Hudspith, Winifred K. HR 103; DECA 3. Pres. 3; GAA I: GR I 2 3; Pep Club 3. Hull, Adrian HR 211. VP 2: Hi-Y I. 2. 3; Intramural Cap. 3. Huntress, Deborah HR 141. Sec. I. 2: Cubs’ Club I. 2: GAA l. 2. 3; GR I. 2. 3; Pep Club 3, Council 3; SPIRIT I 2. 3. Johnson, Ronnie C. HR 108; Football I. 3; Hi-Y I 2 3; Rifle Club 2; SPIRIT I; Track I, 2. Jones, Larry W. HR 141. Sec. I; Football I 2. 3; Hi-Y I 2. 3; Intramural Cap. 2; Track I. 2 3; Vanity Club 3. 85Judge, Anne E. HR III; Drama I; GAA I. 2. 3. Cab. 3; Pep Club 3. Council 3. Judisch, James M. HR 206: Debate I. 2: Drama I. 2; Film Oper- ator 2: Hi-Y I. 2. 3; Palm Club 2; SPIRIT 3. Juncker, Edward HR 206: Hi-Y 2. 3: Moved from Iowa Fall 2. Keller, David M. HR 236, Pres. 2; 8and 2. 3; Choir 3; Hi-Y 2. 3. Cab. 3; Orcheitra I. 2, 3; Student Body Pres. 3: Student Council 2. 3; Tenni 2, 3; Moved from Stuttgart. Germany. 2. Kelley, James E. HR 236. Pre . 3; Band I. 2. 3; Choir 2. 3: Chorus I; Foot- ball I. 2. 3; Glee Club I. 2. 3. Pres. 2; Hi-Y I. 2. 3; Orchestra 2; Student Council 3; Track I. 2, Trainer 3. Kelley, Anita J. HR Ml; Chorus 3; Drama I; FHA I. 2, 3: GAA 1. 3. Rep. I; Glee Club I. 2; Pep Club 3; SPIRIT I. 2. Kraft, Larry D. HR 234; Film Operator 2; Hi- Y I. 2. 3: Inframura' Cap. 3. Krocheski, Joe F. HR 234; Hi-Y I. 2 3. Rep. 3. Kuhl, V. Edward HR 236. Act. Dir. 3; Basiet- ball I. 2. 3; Football I: Hi-Y I. 2, 3. Rep. I: Track I. 3. Lee, Mary Susan HR 211 Sec. 2: Drama I: GAA I. 2 3. Cab. 2 Rep. 3; Glee Club I VP I; GR I. 2 3. Rep. I. Cab. 2; Pep Club 3. VP 3. Council 3; SPIRIT I. Staff 2. 3. Lee, Margaret A. HR 206; Drama I. 2, 3: GAA I. 2. 3: GR I. 2. 3 Cab. 3: Library Club 3; Palm Club 2. 3; Pep Club 3; Spanish Club 3; SPIRIT I. Lewis, Sharon K. HR 236: Chorus 1; FHA I. 2 3. VP i. 2. Pres. 3; GAA I. 2: GR I. 2, 3. Rep. 3; Glee Club I; Pep Club 3. Lillie, Elinor M. HR 103; Cubs' Club I. 2; Debate I. 2: French Cub 3; GR I. 2. 3. Rep. 2; Pep Club 3. Linder, Loralee HR III; Chorus I; Drama I 2. 3: GAA I. 2 3; GR I. 2. 3. Rep. 2; Glee Club I: Palm Club 2. 3. Treas. 3: Pep Club 3; Russian Club 3: Spanish Club 3. Luther, Barry D. HR 109: Basketball Train- er I. Manaaer 2, 3: Hi- Y I. 2. 3; Track Tra:ner I, Manager 2. 3. 86uyi (?Cci 4, ?959 ■i Luther, Bonny L. HR Ml; DECA 3. VP 3; FHA 2; GAA l. 2 3; Library Club I; Pep Club McComb, Mary C. HR 211; Bard I. 2. 3. Sec.-Treas. 3; French Club 3: GAA I. 2. 3; GR I 2. 3. Rep. 2: Pep Club 3. McDonald, Jacoueline R. HR 206. Sec. 2; Drama I; FHA I; GAA I 2; Glee Club I; GR I. 2. 3; Library Club I; Pep Club 3. McGuire, Jack F. HR 211; Football 3; Hi-Y 3. Rep. 3; Track 3; Moved from Audubon 3. McCullough, James E. HR III. VP 2. Pres. 3; Choir 2, 3; Chorus I; Football I. 2. 3; Glee Club 2; Hi-Y I, 2. 3. Rep. 3; Student Council 3; Track I. 2, 3; Varjity Club 2. 3. Sec. 3. McGuire, Julie S. HR 211. See. I; Choir 2 3; Chorus I; Drama I; Glee Club I: GR I. 2. 3. Rep. I; Pep Club 3; SPIRIT I. "All right, now, which pose would you like next?"Section, 4 959 "Well, of all the nerve!" McHone, Larry L. HR 211; Football 3; Hi-Y 3; Track 3; Moved from Durant 3. McIntosh, Sandra A. HR 234. Sec. I. 2; GAA I. 3; GR I. 2. 3: Glee Club I. 3. Sec. 3: Library Club I, 2. 3; Pep Club 3; SPIRIT I. McMahon, P. Ives HR Ml; HI-Y I. 2. 3. McTague, Francis M. HR 234. pres. I. 2. Sec. 3; Class Sec. 2: Debate I; Drama I. 2. 3: GR I. 2. 3 Rep. I. Cab. 2. Pres. 3. VP 3: Jr. Execu- tive Council 2; Pep Club 3. SPIRIT I. 2. Mallory, Glenn R. HR Ml; Hi-Y I. 2. 3. Marks, Martha A. HR III, Act. Dir. 2; Drama I; GAA I. 2. 3; GR I. 2. 3. Cab. 2: Peo Club 3. Council 3: SPIRIT Staff 2 3.Meier, Janice R. HR Ml. Act. Dir. 3: Choir 2. 3; Chorus I; GAA I. 2. 3: GR I. 2. 3. Rep. 3; Glee Club I; Orchestra I. 2. 3. Sec.- Treat. 2. 3; Pep Club 3. Melampy, Kathleen H. HR 103: Band I; Drama I; GR I. 2. 3: Pep Club 3. Michaud, John HR 206; Hi-Y I. 2. 3. Morris, Jack P. HR 206: Hi-Y I. 2. 3; Radio Club I. 2; Science Club I. 2, 3. Morton, David M. HR 211; Hi-Y I. 2, 3. Radio Club I. 2. 3. Pres. 3; Science Club 3; Moved from Des Moines I. Mettlin, Nancyne HR 206; GR I. 2. 3; Glee Club I. 2; Pep Club 3. Moses, Ronald W. HR 211; Film Operator I. 2. 3. Pres. 2; Hi-Y I. 2. 3. Cab. 3: Radio Club I. 2. Treas. I; Science Club I. 2. 3, Pres. 3. Officer 2. Munson, John E. HR 236: Band I. 2. 3; Glee Club I. 2: Chorus I; Hi-Y I. 2. 3, Cab. 3; Orchestra I. 2. Munson, Keith J. HR 108: Football I. 2. 3; Hi-Y I 2. 3 Rep. I. 2: Varsity Club 2. 3. Munson, Larry D. HR III; Basketball I: Football 1. 2. 3: Hi-Y I. 2. 3. Rep. I: Track I, 2, 3: Varsity Club I. 2. 3. Nelson, Bill A. HR Ml; Choir 3; Chorus I. 2; Glee Club I. 2. 3; Hi-Y I. 2. 3. Rep. 2; Intramurol Cap. 2. Nelson, Sandra K. HR 108; GR I. 2. 3; Orchestra I; Pep Club 3. Nelson, Sharon HR 236: GAA I, 3; GR I, 2. 3: Glee Club I; Library Club 2; Pep Club 3. Nickerson, Robert E. HR 103; Drama 3; French Club 3: Hi-Y 3; Moved from Charles City 3. Nordin, Judith A. HR 108. Pres. I. Sec. 2; Chorus I. 2; Cubs' Club 3; Drama 2; FHA I. Sec. I: GAA I. 2. 3; Glee Club I. 2; GR I. 2. 3; Library Club 3: Pep Club 3: SPIRIT I; Student Council I. 89 Nordyke, Jack HR 206: Glee Club I, 2; Choir 2; Film Opera- tor I, 2: Football I, 2, 3; Golf 3; Hi-Y I. 2. 3; Intramural Cap. 2; Chorus I; Radio Club I; Science Club I: SPIRIT I. Staff 2. 3: Track I. Vanity Club 2. 3. Oslund, A. Don HR 211: Drama I; Hi-Y I. 2. 3; Intramural Cap. 3- Packer, Ellen R. HR III: Choir 3; Cubi' Club 2; GAA I. 2. 3. Rep. I; GR I. 2, 3, Rep. 3; Glee Club 2. Officer 2; Chorus I. 2; Pep Club 3; Sr. Senate 3. Pasley, Clarke A. HR 234. Pres. I. VP 3; Bas- ketball I; Glee Club I; Class VP 2. Pres. 3; Football I. 2. 3: Hi-Y I. 2. 3; Intramural Cap. 2; Jr. E«ec. Council 2; Jr. Red Cross I; Chorus I; Sr. Senate 3; SPIRIT 2; Student Council I; Track I. 2: Vanity Club 2. Paulson, Roger L. HR III; Hi-Y 3: Moved from Sto'y City 3. Paulson, Ruby H. HR Ml; GR I, 2. 3. Rep. 2; Glee Club I, 2. 3; Chorus I; Pep Club 3. Peterson, Karlyn A. HR 206; Band I. 2. 3; Drama I. 2. 3; GAA I. 2. 3 Cab. 3. Sec.-Treas. 3. Rep. 2; GR 1. 2. 3. Cab. 2: Glee Club I; Palm Club 2. 3. VP 3: Pep Club 3; SPIRIT I. Peterson, Sandra L. HR 236 Act. Dir. I. VP 3: Band 2, 3; Chcenquad I. 3: Cubs' Club I; Drama I. 2 3: GAA I. 2. 3; GR I. 2, 3. Cab. 3; Glee Club I. 2: Library Club 2 3. Pres. 3; Palm Cub 3: Pep Club 3. Peyton, Phyllis A. HR 103: Band I. 2. 3; Drama I; GR I, 2. 3: Jr. Red Cross I; Orchestra I. 2 3: Pep Club 3. Phares,Michael W. HR 236: Hi-Y I. 2. 3; Intra- mural Cap. I. 2. Pierce, Darvin D. HR III Pres. I. 2; Hi-Y I. 2 3. Rep. I; Intramural Cap. 2; Jr. Red C-oss I. 2; Student Council I. 2. Pinnell, Sylvia HR 211; GR I. 2. 3. Cab. 3; Jr. E»ec. Council 2: Pep Club 3. Poole, Carey E. HR 141; Glee Club I. 2 3. Sec. 3; Choir 2 3; Class Treas. 3: Hi-Y I. 2, 3; Chorus I; Sr. Senate 3. Posegate, Dave HR 206. Sec. 2; Base- ball I. 2. 3: 3asketfcall I. 2. 3: Firesquad I. 2 3 Chief 3; Football I. 2. 3; Hi-Y I. 2 3. Cab. 3 VP 3 Rep. I. 2- Track I. 2. 3: Vanity Club 2 3. Rah, Judith A. HR III: Choir 2. 3. Sec.- Treas. 3; Debate I; GR I. 2. 3. Officer 2 Rep. 2: Glee Club I; Chorus I: Pep Club 3. 90Randau, Ronald L. HR 2M; Film Operator I. 2. 3; Hi-Y I. 2. 3; In- tramural Cap. I; Jr. Red Cross I. 2; Track I. 2. Rath, Jim HR 234; Hi-Y I. 2. 3. Rep. I; Intramural Cap. 2. Ratliff, Janice R. HP Ml. Sec. 3; FHA 1. 2 3. Office- I; GR I. 2 3; Glee Club I. 2: CKorus I. 2: Pep Club 3. Ratterree, Richard L. HR 234, Act. Dir. 3; Hi-Y I. 2. 3. Reese, Michael R. HR 23V Sec. 3; Baseball I. 2, 3; Football Trainer I; Golf I. 2. 3: Hi-Y 1.2 3; Intromural Cap. 2. Reilly, Barbara J. HR 206; Drama I; FHA I; GAA I: GR' I 2 3. Rep. 3: Pep Club 3. Settc i 6 959 What's the matter, Dave? Is that world affairs test getting you down?Senio (?Iciao 6 959 Rice, Judith A. HR 108: Cubi' Club 2: GAA I, 2. 3. Rep. 2; Glee Club 2' GR 1.2. 3; Library Club 2; Pcp Club 3. Richards, Sandra L. HR 236: GR 3; Pcp Club 3; Moved from Spencer, lo o, 2. Ritland, Patricia L. HR 234. VP 1; Choir 3; Drama I. 3: GR I. 2. 3. Rep. 3; Glee Club I. 2; Library Club 2, 3; Chorus I. 2; Pep Club 3. Roach, Linda HR 236. Sec. I; Cheer- squad I. 3: Choir 2. 3; Drama I: French Club 3; GAA I. 2. 3. Cab. 2. Sec.-Trea:. 2; GR I. 2. 3, Cab. 2. 3. Sec. 3. Rep. I; Glee Club I; Chorus I, Officer I; Pep Club 3. Rogers, Douglas B. HR 103. VP I. Sec. 3; Firesquad I. 2, 3: Foot- ball I. 2. 3: Hi-Y i. 2. 3; Student Council I; Track I 2 3. Trainer 2; Varsity Club 2. 3. Samson, Carla K. HR 108: GR I. 2. 3. -JhiSands, Barbara L. HR III; FHA I; GAA 1. 2. 3; Glee Club I. 2. 3; GR I. 2. 3; Chorus 3: Pep Club 3. Sands, Elizabeth J. HR 141; FHA I; GAA I. 2. 3; GR I. 2. 3. Rep. 3; Glee Club I. 2. 3; Cho'us 3: Pep Club 3. Scheuermann, Sandra L. HR III; Choir 2. 3; Drama I; FHA I. 2. GR I. 2. 3; Glee Club I; Chorus I; Pep Club 3. Scheuermann, Tom L. HR III. Pres. I. Officer 2. 3; Football I. 2 3; Hi-Y I. 2. 3; jtudenr Council I; Track I. 2; Varjit, Club 3. Schrampfer, Betty HR 204. VP 2, Sec. 3; Cubs’ Club I; Drama I; GAA I. 2, 3. Rep. 3; GR l. 2 3, Cab. 2. 3; Glee Club I. 2. 3. Officer I, 3; Chorus I. 2 3. VP 2: Pep Club 3. Council 3: SPIRIT 1. 2. Schweitzer, Mary A, HR 141. Sec. 2: Drama I. 2. 3; GR I 2, 3. Rep. I; Palm Club 2. 3; Pep Club 3; SPIRIT I, 2. Severson, Jan P. HR 204 Pres. I. 2. VP I; Foot- ball I; HI-Y I 2. 3 Cab. 3, Officer 3; Intramural Cap. 3; Student Council I. 2; Tenn's 2. 3. Sills, Janet L. HR 204; FHA I 2: GR I. 2. 3. Rep. I; Library Club I; Pep Club 3, Treas. 3. Simpson, Judith M. HR 211; Choir 2. 3. VP 3; Glee Club I; GR I. 2 3. Cab. 3, Rep. 2: Chorus I; Orchestra I. 2, 3; Pep Club 3. Smiley, Roger D. HR 108: Band I. 2. 3; Glee Club I. 2. 3; Choir 2. 3; Hi-Y I, 2. 3; Intramural Cap. 3; Chorus I. Smith, Garwin B. HR 141. Pres. I; Band I. 2. 3; 8asketba" I. 2. 3; Glee Club 3; Choir 3; Class Pres. 2; Firesquad I. 2, 3; Football I. 2 3; Hi-Y I. 2. 3; Jr. Ercc. Council 2; Student Body Pres. 3; Student Council I, 3; Tenn:s 3; Track I. 2; Va-sity Club 2 3. Soy, Pat HR 234; DECA 3. Treas. 3: FHA I; GAA I; GR I. 2 3; Pep Club 3. Steil, Peggy HR 234. Sec. 2; Band 1. 2, 3; Drama I 2. 3: GAA 1. 2. 3. Rep. 3: GR I. 2. 3. Cab. 2, 3. Rep. 2: Glee Club I. 2. 3. VP 2. Sec. 2 3; Chorus I. 3; Palm Club 3; Pep Club 3, Council 3; Student Council 3. Stephens, Marilyn R. HR 234; FHA I, 2; GR 1. 2. 3; Pep Club 3. Stephenson, Sandra HR 206; GAA 2 3; GR 2. 3; Pep Club 3: Moved from Alqona. Iowa. 2. 93Stine, Timothy M. HR III. VP I. 3. Treas. 2: Football I. 2. 3; Hi-Y I, 2. 3, Rep. I. 3; Intra- mural Cap. I. 2; Track I. 2. Stoner, William B. HR 141; Hi-Y I. 2. 3; Radio Club I. 2. Strand, Steve C. HR 234; Hi-Y I. 2. 3. Cab. 3; Intramural Cap. 3; Sr. Senate 3; Moved from Dei Moinei I. Stuart, James P. HR 206, Prci. I. v. Pres. I. Act. Dir. 2; Baicball I; Bai- ketball I. 2. 3; Firciquad I. 2. 3; Football I. 2. 3; Hi-Y I. 2, 3; Student Council I; Track I. 2. 3; Vanity Club 2, 3. Strand, Martha R. HR 103. Act. Dir. 2; Drama I. 2. 3; GAA I. 2. 3; Glee Club I; GR I. 2. 3. Cab. 3. Rep. I; Palm Club 3; Pep Club 3; SPIRIT I. Sucher, Patricia A. HR III. Sec. 2; FHA I. 2, 3. Prci. 2; GAA I. 2, 3; GR I. 2. 3. Cab. 2: Pep Club 3; SPIRIT I. Staff 3. Sydnes, Betty HR 141; FHA I; GR I. 2. 3; Pep Club 3. Taft, Michael E. HR 211. Prei. 3: Basketball Manager 2, Stat. 3; HI-Y j. 2. 3; Student Council 3; Tennit I. 2. 3; Vanity Club 2 3. Tarman, Neal HR 234; Hi-Y I. 2, 3. Taylor, Richard T. HR 236: Hi-Y I. 2. 3. Thogerson, Donald L. HR 108: Band I. 2; Hi-Y I. 2. 3; Intramural Cap. 2. Thomas, Tommy J. HR III; Batketball I; Football I. 2: Hi-Y I. 2, 3; Track I. 2. 3. Thompson, M. Ann HR 103, VP 3; Band I. 2. 3; Drama I. 2, 3; FHA 1. Officer I; GR I. 2. 3. Rep. I; Orchestra I; Palm Club 2. 3; Pep Club 3. Council 3; SPIRIT 3. Thompson, James R. HR' 141; Football I. 2; Hi-Y I. 2. 3. Treat. 3. Rep. 3; Track I. Timm, Tommy L. HR 206. Act. Dir. I. 2. 3. VP 3; Baiketball I. 2; Glee Club I. 2. 3; Choir 2, 3; Cubi' Club 2; Fire- squad I. 2. 3; Football I. 2. 3;. Hi-Y I. 2. 3. Cab. 3; Chorus I; Or- cheitra I. 2, 3. VP 2, Prei. 3; Sr. Senate 3; Track I. 2. 3. 94Trow, Patricia A. HR III: Band I. 2; Choir 2. 3; Drama I. 2. 3: GAA I. 2. 3. Rep. 2; GR I. 2. 3. Cab. 3; Glee Club i. Prei. I; Chorus I. 2. Officer 2; Pep Club 3; SPIRIT 2. Staff 3. Van Voorhis, Rodger L. HR 234; Football I; Hi-Y I. 2. 3: Traci I. Wall, David M. HR 2®6: VP I. Act. Dir. I. Pres. 2; Baseball I; Basketball I. 2. 3; Fire- squad I. 2 3, Chief 3; Football I. 2. 3; Hi-Y I. 2 3, Pres. 3: Intramural Cap. I. 2; Student Council 2. Officer 2; Track I. 2. 3; Varsity Club 2. 3. Officer 3. Walsh, Carole A. HR 234. Sec. I. VP 2. Pres. 3: Drama I. 3: FHA I. Pres. I; French Club 3: GAA I. 2. 3; GR I. 2. 3. Cab. 2 Pres. 3. Rep. I; Glee Club I, 2. Sec. 2; Library Club 3: Chorus 2, Sec. 2; Palm Club 3; Pep Club 3; Russian Club 3; Student Coun- cil 3. Wendell, Dennis HR 108; Glee Club I. 2: Hi-Y I 2. 3; Chorus I. 2: Student Council 3. Treat. 3. West, Joyce E. HR 234. Sec. I. VP 2. Pres. 3; Club 3; Moved from Roland 2. "And there's the windup. . . Now back to the government assignment, Tom.Wierson, Wilcox, Rodney B. Winkler, Michael A. Yocum, Max Sharon M. HR Ml; Hi-Y •. 2. 3. HR 2II: Hi-Y I. 2. 3. HR 236: Film Operator I. 2. 3; HR Ml, Act. Dir'. I. 2; Hi'Y '• 1 3‘ Chccrsquad I 2, 3; Drama I. 2. 3; GAA I, 2. 3: GR I. 2. 3; Library Club I. 2. 3. Prei. 3. VP 3; Palm Club 2, 3. Sec. 3; Pep Club 3, Council 3; SPIRIT I. 2.Hurry. Darv, the show is going on. 'Carole, you're queen!'f 0 Back: Dave Chipman, Ron Jenkins, John Carter, Bruce Batman, Don Toms, Gary Kirk, Fourth: Steve Rust, Charles Dahm, Steve Jensen, Jim Adams, Lars Laslett, Blaine Zenor, Mr. Heidcman. Third: Ann Sargent, Judy Sawyer, David Martin, Rosie Diehl, Charlene Anderson, Mary Ellen Farley. Second: Mary Jameson, Rosalie Larson, Fred Peake, Beth Strand, Penney Welling. Front: Alice Paulson, Carol Vogt, Sharon Hibbs, Nancy Bowen, Deanna Clem, Mike Hussy. 26 Back: Mike Disque, Nick Matthews, Pat Klingseis, Gary Groat, Jerry Perkins, Fourth: Barbara Lewis, Mike Biery, Lee Scheuermann, Gary Sutton, Dick Allen, Nancy Jo Hiscrofc. Third: John Smith, Linda Anderson, Janet Miller. Dallas Wall, Bobbefte Moore. Second: Mary Brown, Betsy Peterson, Pat Frederickson, Deanna Crossley. Front: John Vivian, Jim Alexander, Mr. Allison, Tom Erskine, Tom Beedle.'rtyotttenovtK t33 Back: Bill Bishop, Ron Fain, Ben Well, Jim Schultz. Fourth: L. J. Skeie. Mickey Von Bergen. Ron Jones, Larry Alfred. Third: Joan Holtz, Becky McBride, Susan Humphrey, Mary Garner. Second: Barbara Budv wald, Katie Bappe, Sue Knapp, Pat Crowley, Catherine Peterson. Front: Chuck Dodge, Mrs. Vegors, Karyn Mullica, Mary Kay Baldus, Mike McGuire. ‘ttyomen OHt 20% Back: Wayne Thorpe, Craig Ritland, Steve Dreezen, Robert Baughman, Ron Larson, John Miller. Fourth: Gerald Kutish, Ron Alfred, Dave Wheelock, Denny Christophcrson, Jerry Clark, Tom Smith, Dave Briley. Third: Sue McFarland, Marilyn Dunlap, Sheila Porter, Karen Westvold, Bonnie Nelson, Jeanette Kayl. Second: Virginia Ellis, Donna Shipley, Judy Kooser, Lynn Demoss, Joyce Graham. Front: Jim Piper, Carl Jensen, Carol Hostettcr, Judy Burton, Vicky Kirkham, Mr. Covey, Paul Green.'fty ttexootn 2t3 Back: Larry Thompson, Russell Hageman, Lloyd Davis, Mike Foreman, Mike Miller, Mike Wolf. Fourth: Gary Carlson, Norman Iverson, Jim Kelley, Dudley Chittenden, Kerry Van Winkle. Third: Yvonne Barton, Karen Rogness Sally Howard, Pam Owings, Sue Hctzcl, Janice Ustrud. Second: Jan Sills, Carmen Catron, Margaret Warren, Edith Larsen, Pat Emery. Front: Linda Williams, Mark Lunde, AAt. Spatcher, Bob Nolin, Julie Christensen, Linette Martin. 232 Back: Andy Williams, Virgil Phares, Gary Tcsdahl, Jon Lowman, Larry Bruce, Durrell Erickson. Founh: Gordon Reno, Patti Cart, Gisela Grossman, Virginia Schumer, Linda Martin, Conrad Stephenson, Bill Dali- man. Third: Pete McTague, Phil Evans, Steve Grooms, Judy Elliott, Elaine Fodorberg, Sharon Guy. Second: Rita Bappc, Diane Tripp. Dee Rasmussen, Grefchen Orr, LoAnne Jordison, Gretchen Wildman, Diana Shultz. Front: Roger Nelson, Dean Hunziker, Miss McNalTy, John Chamberlin, llcnc Wardle.‘ftyome'i otK 235 Back: Jon Anderson, Howard Judge, Pat Patterson, Bruce Stebbins. Fourth: Chuck Griffin, Don Allen, Jim Wiener, Ron Bush, Jack Lawrence. Third: Karen Gunn, Margie Welsh, Leni Kuncl, Pat Carney, Jean Abbott, Carol Banks. Second: Vic Randeckcr, Carol Black, Donna Nelson, Karen Randles, Betsy Ferguson. Front: Dennis Erickson, Jim Curtis, Mrs. Thompson, Karen Wheelock. Back: Kent Ostrem, Ed Bargficld, Ed Brown, David Houser, Dick Kelso, Jule Vilmont. Fourth: Tom Wun- derlich, Dale Rouzc, llo leppik, Ron Dictl, Dave Page, Dave Coe. Third: Margie McCay, Jane Vandccar, Carolyn Huebner, Ann Webb, Carol Larson, Judy Kciglcy, Judy Sandc. Second: Jo Boston, Tessle Pappas, Sue Mendon, Susie Reed, Sherry Young, Donna Clark. Front: Denny Tice, Jack Carr, Denny Jackson, Mr. Ovcrturf."ffyMteruHMt to ? Back: Sidney Joseph, Ron Warren, Ron Bcrgeson, Ron Foderberg, Richard Andre, Doug Samson. Fourth: Larry Taylor, Norman Eckard, Tom Lyttle, Curt Houge, Gary Clem, Dick Lofgren, Bill McGowan. Third: Joan Linder, Karen Colotti, Barbara North, Betty Allen, Carol Strachlc, Mary Kay Reinberger. Second: Pat Claybcrg, Eileen Larson, Muriel Shearer, LeAnn Halterman, Carol Neilsen, Donna Ethington, Bonnie Hoover. Front: Robert Stevenson, Darla Hanlin, Karen Skarshaug, Jane Andrews, Miss Canvin, Carolyn Co , An- drea Parks, Ken Young. ff 3 Back: Bob Oest, Terry Hurlbut, Larry Sprague, Mike Nickey, Vaughn Welling, Bob Snyhorst. Fourth: Linda Skeie, John Walkup, Kent Cooper, Larry Black, Gordon Eggleton, Rein Saral, Emily Laslctt. Third: Mary Armstrong, Jim Mclnnis, Laurel Hanway, Julie Blacss, Eleanore Applegate, Terry Mason. Second: Beverly Novak, Sue Otis, Ronald Barnes, Arlin Fatland, Judy Warren, Paulette Hatasaki. Front: Theo Sfrannigan, JoAnn Daniels, Karen Shockley, Mr. Smalling, Marcia Rench, Patty Dahm, Judy Hutchison.'fty K lOGtK 2% xk: Richard Johnson, Harold Frame, Mark Watson, Jim Bates, Doug Olson, Stewart Cott. Fourth: Charles Boast, Gene West, Clem Sevdo, Jim Taylor, Jim Brown. Third: Joyce Hcald, Glenda Thompson, Diane De- Vaul, Barb Ferguson. Second: Jeannie Partin, Susan Bothell, Alice Bancroft, Janet Deal, Beverly James. Front: David Maxwell, Shirley Bailey, Linda Harris, Miss Roberts, Janet Lubscn. t'3% Back: Allan Orning, John Hagge, Don Siclcrt, Alfred French, Roger Toppcnbcrg, Jim Merrick. Fourth: Chris Bohlen, Mike Cox, Marc Adams, Larry Breon, Dick Overland. Third: Barb Diehl, Marion Quinn, Toni Lyttle, Karen Durham. Second: Nancy Hegland, Sue Wilson, JayAnnc Jerguson, Eileen Thorpe, Marcia Heidel. Front: Susie Dicke, Nancy Ball, Mr. Wood, Sharon Johnson, Delores Brown.Back: Jerry Jones, Ken Torrey, Bruce Woods, Bob Policy, Ronnie Gammell, Mike Heubner, David Skei. Fourth: Saralce Malone, Don Davidson, Dave Agard, Bob Anderson, Tom Buchholtz, Richard Milk. Third: Beth Reno, Joan Hensing, Marlis Behrend, Carolyn Burnham, Donna Hicks, Joe Picken, Juanita Severson. Second: Ellen Melvin, Lynda Richards, Margo Dunlap, Joanie Makelbust, Sharon Flora, Mary Alice White. Front: Linda Ballard, Martha Judge, Mary Ann Tuttle, Karen Diotl, Mr. Linn, Becky Simmering, Shirley Peake, Ruth Zea. ‘T tuftewHUH 22 Back: Pam Van Palter, Mary Louise Schwartz, Ann Fields, Patti Hildebrand, Barb Wilcox, Carolyn Barber, Shirley Junker. Fourth: Dcon Busby, Joe Woods, Tom Anderson, Jerry Tow, Tom Pumroy, Mike Cadman. Third: Jim Harsh, Pat Kelley, Mary Dresser, Kris Manning, Marvclle Foshc. Second: Joyce Herrick, Sue Rice, Nancy Neal, Winifred Bcnscnd, Marla Peterson, Caroline Matterson. Front: Peggy Cafferty, Vickie Skortman, Dave Spatchcr, Mr. Jones, Bill Draiscy, Bill Miller.233 Back: Arzy Clapp, Dave Armstrong, Jim Hatch, Gary Myers, Harvey Larson, Roger Carey. Fourth: Pamc Eckhoff, Alison Shepherd, Margaret Hillyard, Florence Barnhart, Sally Scheuermann. Third: Carl Reynolds, Ron Moore, Aaron King, Darrell Spear, Mike Roberson, Bob Young. Second: Aundrca Foreman, Marilyn Yoder, Nancy Carr, Joylean Prescott, Deanna Isely, Bonita Kloppenberg. Front: Kathryn Wilken, Jackie Ma- tuseski, Sandy Gowan, Mr. Stone, Mike Twaddle, Nancy Smalling, Marianne Meads. 232 Back: Albert Link, Mike Van Scoy, Mike Schultz, Jerry Rogers, Roger Hedrick, Bill Lester. Fourth: Dugan Ersland, Jim Cowan, Dave Childs, Bruce Bappc, Ron Young, Louis Williams. Third: Claudette Villwock, Karen Fox, Maureen McVicker, Beth Ann Scholtes, Cindy Shockcy. Second: Lynda Hockman, Elaine Smith, Mary Beth Quinn, Marlene Kiertzner, Michele Moore, Mary Lou Davidson, Karen Battles. Front: Betty Winton, Marlene Kuhl, Pam Cole, Mr. Abbott, Wayne Taylor, Shirley Busch, Kathy Guy. 'ftyomenMK (?6anc Bock: Dennis Salisbury, Jack Litchfield, Norman Zober, Bill Davey, Bob Van Scoy, Mark Stenson. 4th: Bill Henderson, Mike Spear, David McGlothlen, Donald Barber, Johnny Litzel. 3rd: Ann Kirkham, Molly McGuire, Sandy Mickclson, Marjic Handcland, Carole Graham, Sharon Wright. 2nd: Dick Evans, Karma Schauer, Virginia Bender, Karen Erickson, Martha Stokke, Susan Campbell, Paul Clark. 1st: Mary Ellen Quinn, Mary Jane Walsh, Miss Green, Peggy Billings, Pat Sclarow, Marsha Lake.(?4Viole 'K aCt l 2.ueen 5% Queen Carole Walsh and her attendants, Ann Farber and Linda Roach, chosen from eleven candidates, reigned over Homecoming '58. The anticipated moment came during a special pep assembly on Friday afternoon of the game when Larry Munson, Homecoming football cap- tain,. announced the queen and her attendants. After the pep assembly the band led the Pep Club, the queen and her attendants, who rode in convertibles, and the football players, who rode on a float made by the Pep Club, in a parade downtown. The student body formed a snake dance down to the police station where Mayor Pearle DeHart gave a pep talk. During the half-time of the game with West Waterloo, won by Ames, 26-20, the marching band provided a musical background for the crowning ceremonies. The Homecoming dance, held at the Country Club was the finale to the festivities. QUEEN CANDIDATES—Back: Part Ritland, Sandy Peterson. 2nd: Karlyn Peterson, Linda Roach, Ann Farber. 1st: Fran McTague, Alice Andre, Barb Hoover, Carole Walsh, Julie McQuire. Below: Queen Carole and escort Mike Taft and the attendants are saluted at halftime presentation ceremonies.Sfunit SeveetAeant an ' 000 1 uuonecC at 'Danae Highlight of the Spirit Dance, held January 17 in the study hall, was the crowning of Barb Hoover as Spirit Sweetheart. Her attendants, Ann Hensing and Frances McTague, were each given corsages. Theme of the dance, "Some Enchanted Evening," was car- ried out in the decorations of a small hut, Spanish moss hanging overhead, and murals of tropical birds, trees, and flowers. Winner of the drawing for a free Spirit was Jim Brown. Co-chairmen of the dance were Carol Black, assist- ant Spirit editor, and Linda Martin, assistant art edi- tor. Master of ceremonies was Jim Ayres, Spirit sports editor. Far left and left: Frances McTague and Ann Hensing, attendants. Below: Sweetheart candidates Sherri Wierson, Linda Roach, Ann Hensing, Sandy Peterson, Ann Farber. Karlyn Peterson, Barb Hoover, Judy Dahl, Frances McTague. Above left: Barb steadies her crown as Jim picks out her corsage. MISS BARB HOOVER, Spirit SweetheartfJutUon, 'Pxeaente 'ZOtCCotv z tcC 1 CAST Tinny.......... Bailey Mare Sutro Theodore Suito Millie Sutro Dr. Oliver Robin Todd Krikland Todd . Bade Sutro Mabel Duke Todd Dr. Trubcc MARGIE WALSH VICTOR RANDECKER LINDA MARTIN .... JIM WIENER ROSALIE LARSON TOM SMITH JOHN CARTER YVONNE BARTON MARILYN DUNLAP MIKE HARTLEY MIKE MILLER Above left: Mara, played by Linda Martin, struggles with her sister, Bessie, portrayed by Yvonne Barton, as she attempts suicide. Left: Theodore Sutro, Robin Todd and Millie Sutro watch anxiously over Mara, who is in a state of shock. Bock: Victor Randecker, Margie Walsh, Mike Miller, Jim Wiener, Yvonne Barton, Linda Martin, John Carter, Rosalie Larson, Tom Smith, Marilyn Dunlap, Mike Hartley. Second: Larry Akin, Dave Maxwell, Glenda Thompson, Margie Gibbs, Bruce Batman, Ann Thompson, Doug Olson, Mr. Hamil- ton, Sheila Porter, Donna Shipley, Diane Tripp, Mary Ann Schweitzer, Martha Judge, Shirley Bailey, Karen Whcelock, Ruth Zee, Marlene Kicrtzncr. Front: Karen Ccletti, Pam Cole, Bill Miller, Peggy C-afferty, Sue Otis, Sue Bethel, Vicky Skortman, Deanna Isley, Theo Strannigan, Sue Hetzel, Judy Elliott, Bcv Novak, Pat Carney, Marsha Heidal, Alice Paulson, Beth Strand. tyuKctvi PKxjectA tcde ’Ttt tey £ vi “Pro £xfreH4e Above: Charlene confemplafes action while Sue "goofs off." Left:. Now comes the action; a lot of bchirvd-thc- scenes work went into the production of "The Willow and I." Left: Washing and cleaning big cars and small, the juniors cleared a good profit. Below: Jon straw bosses some construction work.  A Cappella Choir, direclod by Mr. Cross, sang for the third assembly of Friendship Week. At the right arc Rev. Justad and devotions leader} Rev. Robert Larsen, Larry Munson, and Steve Burrell. 'P'icettcUAtfi 02Vee Innocence tugged her skirt and asked, "When shall I be full-grown at last?" Mother smiled, and stretched a hand, "When you've grown up to God, into yourself. And out to Man." From this poem Rev. J. Alan Justad, pastor of the First Methodist Church in Columbus, Neb., chose his theme "Fulfilling Life's Three Dimensions" for the 33rd Friend- ship Week. "When we finally fit into place where God wants us, our lives will be successful," said Rev. Justad, in stressing the development of our inward, outward, and upward growth. Friendship Week began Jan. 26. Each year it is set aside to consider moral and spiritual values which "exalt and re- fine life and bring it into accord with the standards of conduct approved in our democratic culture when applied to human behavior." On Monday teachers and students, meeting in 22 hud- dle groups, discussed such matters as gossip, smoking, existence of afterlife and ways of finding God. On Friday the huddle groups met to evaluate the ideas developed during the week. Conferences, class forums, a staff tea, and Girl Reserve and Hi-Y cabinet and representative meetings were sched- uled in order to provide opportunities for individuals to meet Pastor Justad and to ask questions. Above left: Rev. Justad speaks on one of life's three dimension . Left: Girl Reserve representatives and cabinet members discuss problems with Rev. Justad.Student hem it up for their parent end the camere ef Back-to-School Night. “Sac b-fo- Sc iooC 'TUyfa "P tf £ s4m Uctut £,ctu ztco«t 2( ee6 During American Education Week it has become a custom of all the schools in Ames to invite the parents in to meet the teachers of their children and see their school environment. The occasion at Ames High occurs on Back-to-School Night. This year students came back to school the night of Thursday, November 13, with their parents. They then went through their Friday morning class schedule just as if it were Friday morning. In this way the parents had a chance to be- come acquainted with the place in which their children had been spending seven hours every day, even though the situation was far from normal. Refreshments were served in the cafeteria to those of the 825 parents and 700 students who had study halls as one of their classes. At 9:15 everyone passed to the auditorium where the Student Council held a meeting to show the student government in action. After the assembly students and teachers alike went home; the students to collapse in their beds after nine hours of classes, and the parents to sigh in relief that they were no longer students. 117I Back: Winifred Bensend, Lynda Richard», Laurel Hanway, Ron Mose». Third: Pat Patterjon, Lar» Laslett, Bernice Black, llo Leppik, Russell Hegeman. Tom L. Andersen. Second: Bruce Woods, Wayne Paulson, John Walkup, Charles Dahm, Rein Saral, Bob Stephenson, Gary Myers. Jane Andrews. Front: i Bill Davey, Joe Picken, Chuck Boast, Terry Hurlbut, Barb Buchwald, Charlcni Anderson. Sccettce Semina fa Sufienio Students- Superior science students had a chance to "stretch their minds" in a new non-credit activity at Ames High. The Science Seminar, organized in December, is coordinated by the science teachers with the help of about twenty Ames scientists. Out of about fifty applicants, 26 students were se- lected for the Seminar. Basis for the selection was a special test in science and mathematics, along with high school grades and tests scores that were already available. The Seminar met Tuesday evenings from 7:30 to 9:30. Regular attendance and participation were re- quired for students to remain in the program. Some of the lessons presented were A Preview of Calculus, Catalysis, Carbohydrate Metabolism, The Structure of Wood, Understanding Probability, and Electronic Com- puters. Besides presenting lectures and leading discus- sions, the staff members advised the students on per- sonal projects. An advisory council, elected by the staff, helped the Ames High science teachers in planning the Sem- inar program. The council included Dr. J. E. McFar- land, Dr. Percy Carr, and Richard Kniseley. Above left: Bernice Black and Pat Patterson discuss special problems with Dr. Karl Langenhop, Iowa State math professor and Seminar staff member. Left: Dr. F. E. Brown of the I.S.C. chemistry deportment, Bruce Woods, Rein Saral, Dr. Harold McNabb, Iowa State botany professor. Bill Davey and Karl Fox confer at one of the Seminar meetings.Above: Switches are adjusted by Mr. Adams. Right: The mike is turned over to homeroom 235, so Betsy, Lani, Jen and Jim can advertise the "Spinsters' Spree." Above: Sue makes her announcement while Pat checks her notes. Right: ", . . Spirit picture will be taken this noon at 12:45,' reminds Pat.PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY CHIROPRACTOR Schierholz, A. M. 501 Main Street CE 2-6171 DENTISTS Ames Dental Study Club LAWYERS Buchanan, Joseph H. 2408 Lincoln Way CE 2-3613 Clark, George H. 304 2 Main Street CE 2-2501 Gilchrist, Rex B. 3001 2 Main Street CE 2-2640 Hegland Newbrough 408 2 Douglas CE 2-4735 Hir’schburg, Marion 300 2 Main Street CE 2-2640 Judisch Judisch 209 2 Main Street CE 2-4345 Nutty, John E. 300 2 Main Street CE 2-2640 Reynolds, D. D. 300 2 Main Street CE 2-2640 OPTOMETRISTS Drummond, R. T. 216 Main Street CE 2-3451 McClean, J. R. 608 Douglas CE 2-3511 OSTEOPATH Adams, Bert RFD 1 CE 2-5173 The Spirit Staff wishes to thank the Ames physicians and surgeons who helped with the expenses of our yearbook. 121Cotte; STUDIO TO THE CLASS OF 1959 COLLEGE PIPE SHOP YoUr Corner News Stand MOTOR SALES AND SERVICE America's Most Dependable CarsTHE FAIR Dry Goods Draperies Notions 203 MAIN CE 2-5101 LISTEN TO KASI 1430 K.C. Latest Music, Time, Temperature "THE NEW SOUND IN AMES" Smartest in Fashion Finest in Quality Congratulations, Graduates We have strived to supply your school needs. May we continue to be of service in whatever field you choose. Gifts—Office—School and Photographic Supplies AmesStationers 238 MAIN CE 2-4161 PURITY BAKERY 227 MAIN CE 2-6135 136 Main Street CE 2-2121 BYERS OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. 126 Main Street CE 2-2050 123OSLUND'S REX SERVICE STATION Lee Tires — Greasing — Washing LINCOLN AND FRANKLIN CE 2-5210 The Finest in: Prescriptions Cosmetics Fountain NEISWANGERS Large Selection of Foods at Modest Prices 308 MAIN STREET CE2-6342 121 WELCH CE 2-4105 "Say It With Flowers" From STRAND PAINT CO. EVERT'S Paints — Wallpaper — Floor Covering 218 5TH STREET CE 2-5634 We Telegraph Flowers 215 FIFTH STREET CE 2-4130 HOLTZ AND NAIRN AGENCY RUSHINGS, INC. Insurance and Real Estate EARL HOLTZ BILL NAIRN 51 1 Main Street CE 2-5350 202 MARKET CE 2-5322 124 JOHNSON LUMBER WEST LINCOLN WAY CE 2-2665 Drive the EDSEL Newest and Finest Car in the Low Price Range. LARRY PETERSON EDSEL SALES LINQUIST CLEANERS Personalized Service for Particular People 120 Hayward CE 2-1055 Electric Wiring and Supplies NELSON ELECTRIC CO. 816 CLARK STREET CE 2-2445 WEST STREET GROCERY Open Sundays Open Holidays 2902 WEST STREET 2 Blocks from Westgate SPIEGEL, INC. Catalog Shopping Center 400 MAIN Jim Ayres picks out one of the fine sport shirts frorru RYERSON'S STAG CLOTHING 226 Main Street CE 2-3261 125 AMES DAILY TRIBUNE “ Your Hometown Xcuspaper"SKEIE MOTOR CO. PAUL JONES SHEET METAL PONTIAC Sales—Service 364 S. Duff CE 2-6252 MAID-RITE "Good Will Used Cars" 229 Main The Favorite Clothing Store for Young Men. Visit our ivy league thop PETERSON HARDWARE Housewares and Paints Quality Products—Friendly Service Your Headquarters for HUNTING, FISHING, CAMPING AND PICNIC SUPPLIES Iowa and Minnesota Licenses 128 Main Street CE 2-3054 Lincoln Way and Elm CE 2-6670 AMES, IOWA 127JAMES THOMPSON SONS General Contractors for All Types of Building Construction AMES, IOWA The new home of COE'S FLOWERS at Sixth and Grand offers the same fine service at a new and convenient location. Corsages "Our Specialty" Cut Flowers Potted Plants Lustre Sheen Cleaning AMES PANTORIUM FREE PICK UP AND DELIVERY SERVICE Quality Food at Competitive Prices" Plenty of Parking Space NINTH STREET GROCERY FRED MALANDER—Owner 623 Ninth Street CE 2-9161 GRAND AVENUE STATION "Your Skelly Man" 13TH AND GRAND CE 2-4631 A SHORT STOP AT THE SPORT SHOP WILL SOLVE ALL YOUR SPORTING NEEDS 2520 Lincoln Way CE 2-5345 128Prescription Specialists APOTHECARY SHOP 218 MAIN 521 DUFF RICHARDS' NIBBLE NOOK Steaks — Chicken — Pizza l 4 MILES WEST ON HWY. 30 CE 2-9449 JOE'S MEN'S SHOP Your Best Buy in Men's and Boys' Apparel 2536 LINCOLN WAY CE 2-5264 Meet Your Friends at the THEATRES OF AMES COLLEGIAN . . . "NEW AMES" VARSITY . . . DANCH DRIVE-IN Your Finest Entertainment Value HILL'S STUDIO Congratulations Class of 1959 2530 LINCOLN WAY CE 2-4570 Mr. Hossle chats with Karen about what makes a good portrait. AMES AUTO SERVICE 510 Lincoln Way "YOUR AUTO REPAIR SERVICE" 129AMES TRUST SAVINGS BANK "The Bank Where You Feel at Home" FIFTH AND KELLOGG CE 2-5561 Congratulations, Class of 1959 LOOKING INTO THE FUTURE: To build or buy your own home as soon as you are financially able is wise . . . and will pay good dividends. H. L MUNN LUMBER CO. Established 1891 MAIN AND DUFF AMES, IOWA 130 Individuality in Good Furniture HOVERSTEN FURNITURE Furniture and Floor Coverings ADMIRAL TELEVISION AND RADIOS ADMIRAL AND GIBSON REFRIGERATORS AND ELECTRIC STOVES Flex-Steel and Permalux Living Room Furniture 412 MAIN PHONE CE 2-2674ESCHBACH MUSIC HOUSE • RECORDS—SHEET MUSIC • PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES • RADIOS—PHONOGRAPHS PIANOS—ORGANS • ACCORDIONS—GUITARS • STUDIO LESSONS 302 MAIN AMES. IOWA Phone CE 2-3624 GENERAL FILTER COMPANY Design—Construction—Erection PRODUCTS: Iron Removal Filters Water Softeners Aerators and Degasifiers Chemical Feed Equipment Coagulators and Mixers Swimming Pool Equipment PHONE CE 2-4121 AMES, IOWA See the NEW Miracle Brain ELNA No Dials to Set No Knobs to Turn 410 Fifth CE2-2530 CLEMENS SEWING MACHINE SERVICE GIBBS PLUMBING AND HEATING CO. 131 1006 DOUGLAS CE2-5452TROW MILK DISTRIBUTORS Iowa State College Dairy Products Trade Locally 239 CAMPUS CE 2-4662 R. E. NESS Typewriter Sales and Service Garden-Fresh Vegetables Orchard-Fresh Fruits The Best in Meats Complete Stocks of Dependable Canned Foods Oven-Fresh Pastries 122 MAIN STREET CE 2-5205 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO OUR HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS We think we have a wonderful bunch of kids in Ames. We're very proud of you, hate to see you grow up, and we'll miss you when you go on to bigger things ... as we know you will. TILDEN'S AMES DEPENDABLE SINCE 1869 132CONGRATULATIONS TO 1959 SENIORS "Your Friendly Main Street Bank" UNION STORY TRUST SAVINGS BANK Ames Banking Corner Since 1881 Main at Douglas CE2-2362 FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Congratulations, Congratulations, Seniors! Class of 1959 S. HANSON MOORE'S DAIRY LUMBER CO. 212 DUFF CE2-5152 428 FIFTH CE 2-6512 133johnson studio, inc. 'I Linda Roach, Homecoming Queen Carole Walsh, Ann Farber A Happy Future to the Class of 1959 one mile south on 69 phone CE 2-2865 s. duff ames, iowa Personality Portraits ALLEN MOTOR CO. 5 and Douglas CE 2-2462 CAMPUS DRUG Drugs Cosmetics Magazines 2430 LINCOLN WAY CE 2-4252 COLLEGE CLEANERS IN BY 9, OUT BY 5 136 Welch CE 2-7730 For the Best Pizza, Try the PIZZA HOUSE 2502 Lincoln Way CE 2-1097Croton and Favre-Leuba Watches Watch Repairing SWANK'S JEWELRY 2522 LINCOLN WAY CE 2-6653 Congratulations. Seniors VIVIAN EQUIPMENT CO., INC. CEDAR RAPIDS, AMES, SIOUX CITY CE 2-4133 Good Luck STUDENT SUPPLY STORE Class of 1959 School Supplies 20TH CENTURY Books BOWLING Drawing Instruments 2424 LINCOLN WAY CE 2-7665 The lovely formal Linda is admiring is from our collection of AFTER DARK FASHIONS. YOUNKER'S Ames 323 MAIN CE 2-2320 135Compliments of COLLEGIATE MANUFACTURING ■companyH CHEV ADAMS Class of 1919 JACK ADAMS Class of 1949 CLINT ADAMS Class of 1921AMES WHEELOCK BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION CONOCO SERVICE A Good Place for Your Savings Conoco Products ☆ U. S. Royal Tires 300 MAIN CE 2-2714 "JOE" WHEELOCK, JR., Owner 5th and Burnett Phone CE 2-4544 Congratulations, Class of 1959 IRVINE PAINT ■TBBaKB 3BDDDTIMtsf )' 214 Fifth CE2-5265 AMES DR. PEPPER BOTTLING COMPANY 105 Kellogg CE 2-7320 AMES FRUIT GROCERY Second and Elm CE2-24II Susie finds that College Savings is convenient and likes its service. Supplement Your Wardrobe at TOWN AND CAMPUS 2514 LINCOLN WAY CE 2-5625 SPUDNUT SHOP COLLEGE SAVINGS BANK Spudnuts for All Occasions 2316 LINCOLN WAY CE 2-5335 2546 LINCOLN WAY CE 2-4310 BOURNE'S CONOCO STATION Complete Auto Tune Up 6TH AND DOUGLAS CE 2-9877 A sincere wish from Brown's: "May your education be an inspiration to your future." BROWN-SHOE FIT SCOTTY'S CHICKEN INN 317 Main Street CE 2-6633 THE HOME OF ALL TEEN SHOES On Highway 30 West of Iowa State College 138HOME FURNITURE APPLIANCES The Home of Qualify Merchandise 128 LINCOLN WAY CE2-6233 WALTER Kssu DRUGS YOUR PRESCRIPTION-- R MOST IMPORTANT TRUST PENNEY'S 217 MAIN STREET CE 2-7745 326 MAIN STREET CE 2-2650 HY-VEE FOOD STORE Open From 8 A.M. to 9 P.M. I 12 S. SHELDON CE 2-2260 Homes for Sale or Custom Built PHILCOY AND SONS 312 22ND STREET CE 2-6454 The New Oldsmobile at DUNLAP'S MOTOR CO. Meets With Alice's Wholehearted Approval. 222 DUFF CE 2-4202 139 Over 16,000 Items for Your Convenience Means You'll Find It at CARR HARDWARE CO. CE 2-6324 Ames, Iowa MOSER Luggage and Leather Store 310 Main Street CE 2-6260 D. S. TRIPLETT Realtor FOR BETTER BUYS IN HOMES 310 Main Street CE 2-5240 McDOWELL'S ARMSTRONG BROS. CO. Complete Floor Covering 231 MAIN CE 2-4157 The Spot for Homes A Complete Real Estate Service for City Property Insurance of All Kinds Travelers and Aetna Fire WALT'S NEWS STAND Greeting Cards, Magazines, Books 221 Main Street CE 2-9747 PHONE CE 2-6401 319 Main Ames, Iowa BILL VOGT AL STOLL 140MATH I SON MOTORS ITALIAN TOM'S GRILL "Creators of Good Food" DOWNTOWN AMES Ford Authorized Sales and Service 323 Fifth CE 2-5521 Freeman Shoes for Men Natural Bridge, Fashion Craft, and Ki-Yaks for Women MAIN AT DOUGLAS CE2-6755 FRANGOS We Specialize in Italian Dishes Insist Upon O'NEIL'S QUALITY CHECKED ICE CREAM AND MILK 210 Main Street CE 2-9710 RAY JEWELERS Keepsake Diamonds 220 Main Street CE 2-4761 Look for the Big Red Check Mark O'NEIL DAIRY COMPANY Ames Iowa 141Register and Tribune carriers, Ives McMahon and Jim Ayres look over the morning edition of the DES MOINES REGISTER AND TRIBUNE 2500 LINCOLN WAY 301 » 2 KELLOGG ALLAN MACHINE SHOP No Job Too Large or Too Small 224 DUFF CE 2-6505 CARTER PRESS "Quality and Service for Over 28 Years" 125 WELCH CE 2-2504 LANDSBERG PHARMACY COLLEGE REXALL For the Finest in Footware Shop at THE BOOTERY NEXT TO THE SHELDON-MUNN CE 2-0534 Carol Black enjoys the wide selection of flattering frames at HOUSE OF VISION, INC. 407 KELLOGG CE2-4626VAN DRIE'S FASHIONS For the Women With Taste JOSTEN'S 230 MAIN STREET CE 2-5423 WHATTOFF MOTOR CO. Treasure-Craft Jewelry and Stationery OWATONNA. MINNESOTA Studebaker Cars and Trucks Box 526 AMES, IOWA 3605 LINCOLN WAY CE 2-7450 Walt Smith Dial CE 2-21 I I JORDISON ELECTRIC’ Jim Weiner fills up with the best at the "You Phone Us—We’ll Wire You" Commercial—Residential Farm 133 S. RIVERSIDE CE 2-7265 AMES SHORT STOP BATES JEWELERS Watches Omega—Longines—Hamilton—Bulova Sterling Silver Gorham—Wallace International—Heirloom 519 LINCOLN WAY CE 2-9732 2400 L WAY CE 2-2515 143And to the Spirit of Ames High, best wishes for success to all the seniors from the friendly people at WARDS MONTGOMCMV w a r o B NIMS SPORTSMAN'S The Best in Sporting Equipment 225 MAIN STREET CE 2-1481 KNAPP INSURANCE AGENCY Satisfaction Guaranteed 327-329 MAIN CE 2-6531 FIFTH AND DOUGLAS CE 2-7060 ALOHA FLOWERS TOWN AND COUNTRY LANES Bowling Supplies Instructions Next to the Collegian Theater Lunch Counter 2l 2 MILES NORTH ON HWY 69 CE 2-5000 405 MAIN STREET CE 2-5573 RAINBOW COFFEE SHOP Open 6 A.M. to I A.M. 301 5TH STREET CE 2-9806 144 «uCex Abbott, Mr. Clair-39, 107 Abbott, Jean—30, 34, 46, 56, 102 Abbott, Steve—78 A CAPPEllA CHOIR-46 Adams, Mr. Frank—8 Adams. Mr. Herbert—9 Adams, Jim—63, 99 Adams, Marc—68, 105 Agard, Dave-12, 14, 68, 75. 106 Akin, Larry-33, 78. 114 Alexander. Mrs. Billie-25, 30 Alexander, Jim—53. 99 Alfred, Larry—100 Alfred, Ronald-62. 100 Allen, Betty—104 Allen, Dick-57, 62, 99 Allen, Don-102 Allison Mr. Leland-4l, 99 Anderson, Charlene-42, 52. 53. 99, 118 Anderson, Jon—46, 49, 51, 52, 102 Andersen, Karen K.—21, 61, 78 Anderson, Karen M.—16, 28, 60. 78 Anderson, Linda—47, 48, 99 Anderson, Mark—22, 46, 78 Anderson, Nancy-4, 5. 15. 20, 21, 26, 45, 46. 61. 78 Anderson, Robert—68, 106 Anderson, Tom G.—44, 106 Anderson. Tom L.-26, 78, 118 Andre, Alice-4, 5, 12, 13, 20, 26, 27. 56. 61. 78. 110 Andre, Richard—104 Andrews, Jane—29, 104, 118 Applegate, Eleanor—51, 104 Armstrong, Dave—107 Armstrong, Mary—47, 48, 104 Arthur. Dick,—46, 49, 50, 57, 78 Ayres. Jim-4, 5, 11, 14, 15. 26, 42, 78. 112 BACK-TO-SCHOOL NIGHT-117 Bailey. Shirley-21. 27. 47. 48. 51. 53, 105, 114 Baldus. Mary Kay—100 Ball. Darrell-33, 62. 78 Ball. Nancy-48. 105 Ballard, Linda—48, 106 Ballard. Sally-60. 78 Balloun, Joe—14, 62, 76, 78 Bancroft, Alice—51, 105 BAND-42, 43 Banks. Carol-47, 48. 102 Bappe, Bruce—107 Bappe, Katie—44, 100 Bappe, Rita—46, 50, 101 Barber, Carolyn—34, 48. 106 Barber, Donald—108 Bargfield, Ed-37, 102 Bames, Ronald—104 Barnhart, Florence—107 Barrie, Ed—78 Barton, Yvonne—52, 101, 114 BASKETBALL-69, 70, 71, 72, 73. 74. 75 Bates, Jim-52. 68. 105 Batman, Bruce—14, 62, 99, 114 Battles. Karen-47, 48. 51, 107 Baughman, Robert—100 Beach, Joanne—61, 78 Beedle. Tom—99 Behrend, Marlis—48, 106 Beman, Beth—47, 60, 79 Bender, Kathy—61, 79 Bender, Virginia—48, 108 Bengtson, Mr. Leonard—32 Bensend, Winifred—106, 118 Bergeson, Ronald—104 Biery, Mike—14. 46, 99 Billings, Peggy—27, 108 Bishop. Bill-47, 49, 100 Black, Bernice—42. 44, 60, 79, 118 Black, Carol-4. 5. 20. 46. 102 Black, Larry-104 Blaess, Julie—34, 48, 104 Blaess, Marilyn—21, 28. 42, 48, 60, 79 Boast, Chuck-13, 42, 47, 49, 53, 105, 118 Bohlen, Chris—105 Bork, David-46, 49, 79 Boston, Jo-34, 46, 50, 102 Bothell, Susan-51. 56. 105, 114 Botsford, Pat-52, 60. 79 Bowen. Gayle—26. 56, 60, 61, 80 Bowen, Nancy—21, 47, 48, 99 BOYS' GLEE CLUB-49 Brayton, Tom—14, 46, 49, 62, 80 Breon, Larry—68, 105 Briley. Dave—63, 100 Brindley, Carol-16. 20, 52, 61, 80 Brown, Delores—18, 105 Brown, Ed—102 Brown, Jim—47, 105 Brown, Larry—80 Brown, Mary—21, 99 Bruce, Clare—80 Bruce. Larry—101 Buchholtz, Tom-14, 44, 47, 49, 68, 75, 106 Buchman, John—80 Buchwald, Barbara—42, 100, 118 Burnham, Carolyn—51, 106 Burrell, Steve-12, 13, 14, 63, 69, 76, 81 Burroughs, Phyllis—21, 60, 81 Burton, Judy—48, 100 Burton, Linda—46, 61, 81 Busby, Dean—42, 106 Busch, Shirley-27, 47, 48, 51, 107 Busch, Steve—47, 61, 81 Bush, Ron-63, 102 Buwalda, Pete—81 Cadman, Mike-22, 68, 106 CAFETERIA STAFF-11 Caffcrty, Glen-33, 76, 81 Cafferty, Peggy-30, 48. 51, 53, 106, 114 Calhoon, Barb—30, 47, 48, 61, 81 Campbell, Susan-21, 27, 48, 51, 108 Canvin, Miss Madelcne—32, 104 Carey, Roger—107 Carlson, Gary—101 Carney, Pat-12, 21, 27, 30, 52, 53, 102, 114 Carr, Jock—69, 102 Carr, Nancy-21, 34, 48, 51, 107 Carr, Steve-46. 62, 76, 81 Cart, Patti-15, 16, 34, 48, 101 Carter, John-52, 53, 99, 114 Catron, Carmen—15, 28, 52, 101 Catron, Pat-20, 21, 56, 59, 60, 81 Chamberlin, John—12, 101 CHEERSQUADS—59 Childs, Dave-14, 47, 68, 69, 107 Chipman, Dave—47, 63, 74, 99 Chittenden, Dudley—37, 101 Christensen, Julie—101 Christian, Lynn—33, 81 Christophersoo, Denny—12, 14, 62, 100 Clapp, Arzy—11, 107 Clapp, Charlottc-11, 33, 60, 81 Clark, Donna—102 Clark, Jerry-42, 46, 49, 100 Clark, Paul-108 Clayberg, Pat—104 Clem, Deanna—21, 99 Clem, Cary—68, 104 Coe, Dave-57. 62, 102 Cole, Pam-30, 42, 48, 51, 107, 114 Coletti, Karen-47, 48, 51, 104, 114 Cooper, Kent—53, 68, 104 Cott, Stewart—51, 53, 105 Covey, Mr. Hiram-39, 55, 62, 75, 100 Cowan, Jim—53, 68, 107 Cox, Ben-23, 62, 81 Cox, Carolyn-34, 47. 48, 51. 104 Cox, Mike—14, 47, 63, 75, 76, 105‘Index CREATIVE WRITING CLUB-27 Creel. Pat-33. 61, 81 Cross, Mr. Wayne—41, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50 Crossley, Deanna—44, 99 Crowley, Pat—100 CUBS' CLUB-27 Curtis, Jim—102 Dahl, Judy-60, 81, 112 Dahlberg, Barbara—47, 60, 81 Dahm, Charles-74, 99, 118 Dahm, Patty—48, 51, 104 Daley, Jerry—14, 23, 82 Dallman, Bill-53, 101 Daniels, JoAnn-21, 30, 42, 47, 48, 51, 104 Davey, Bill-30, 108, 118 Davidson, Donald—47, 49, 68, 106 Davidson, Mary Lou—21, 107 Davis, Mrs. Edna—10 Davis, Lloyd—101 Day, Mr. Richard—41, 42 Deal, Janet—34, 105 DE8ATE AND SPEECH CLUB-29 D.E.C.A.—33 DeHamer, Miss Dorothy—32, 60, 61 Demaray, Mrs. Patricia—10 DcMoss, Lynn—34, 100 DeVaul, Diane—51, 105 Dickc. Susie-30, 48, 51, 105 Dickinson, Mrs. Elizabeth—25, 28 Diehl, Barbara—105 Diehl, Rosie—20, 99 Dietl, Karen—106 Dictl, Ron—102 Disque, Mike-14, 42, 53, 74, 99 Dodge, Chuck-12, 13, 42, 44, 100 Doncls, Bill-—26, 62, 76, 82 Draisoy, Bill-62, 68, 69, 106 DRAMA-51, 52, 53 Drcesmon, Mrs. Delores—25 Drceszcn, Steve—14, 23, 42, 63, 76, 100 Dresser, Mary—47, 48, 51, 106 Dunlap, Margo—27, 42, 48, 106 Dunlap, Marilyn—30, 52, 100, 114 Durham, Karon—105 Easton, Anne—20, 26, 60, 61, 82 Ebel, Shelley-21, 56, 60, 61, 82 Eckard, Norman—47, 49. 53, 68, 104 Eckhoff, Pamela-30, 47, 48, 107 Edwards, Dale—82 Egglcton, Gordon—53, 104 Elliott, Mrs. Grayce—10 Elliott, Judy-20, 42, 44, 46, 52, 101, 114 Ellis, Virginia—42, 44, 100 Emery, Pat—34, 101 Engclhardt, Mr. Douglas—41, 44 Englohorn, Susan—11, 44, 45, 46, 60, 82 Epstein, Ed-26, 53, 63, 82 Erickson, Dennis—11, 47, 49, 102 Erickson, Durrcll—101 Erickson, Karen-42, 47, 48, 51, 108 Erskine, Tom—42, 99 Ersland, Dugan—107 Ethington, Donna—13, 30, 47, 48, 51, 104 Evans, Dick—42, 47, 49, 108 Evans, Phil—101 Fain, Ron-63, 74, 76, 100 Farber, Ann-12, 13, 20, 61, 82, 110. 111, 112 Farley, Mary Ellen—44, 46, 99 Fatland, Arlin —104 Fatland, Darlene—61, 82 Faust, Carolyn—82 Faust, Linda—61, 82 Fear, Richard—42 Feavel, Gary—76. 82 Ferguson, Barb—105 Ferguson, Betsy—4, 5, 102 Ferguson, Jayanne—47, 48, 51, 105 F.H.A.—34 Fields, Ann-21, 29, 42. 47, 48, 106 FILM OPERATORS CLUB-33 FIRESQUAD-14 Fisher, Bob-62,82 Fisher, Martha-60, 82 Flack, Mrs. Daisy—10 Flora, Sharon—34, 106 Foderberg, Elaine—21, 48, 101 Foderberg, Ronald—33, 104 FOOTBALL-62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68 Foreman, Aundrea—48, 107 Foreman, Mike—14, 101 Foshe, Morvclle—106 Fox, Karen—27, 30, 107 Fox, Karl-29, 82 Frame, Harold—105 Fredrickson, Pat—99 Frcel, JoAnn—83 Frcel, Mike—83 French, Alfrcd-29, 37. 42. 47, 53. 105 FRENCH CLUB-30 FRIENDSHIP WEEK—116 Fryer, Judy—60, 83 G.A.A.—56 Fammack, Gregg—15, 62, 63, 76. 83 Gammell, Ronald—23. 106 Garner, Jerry—16. 83 Garner, Mary-52. 56. 100 Garrett, .Vs. Kay—29, 39 Gibbs. Margie—21, 26. 30. 46, 51. 53. 60. 83, 114 Gienger, Miss Dorothea—32 GIRLS' GLEE CLUB-48 GIRL RESERVES—20, 21 Gowan, Barb-26, 56, 60, 6.. 84 Gcwan, Sandy-27, 42, 47. 48. 51, 107 Graham, Carole—108 Graham, Joyce—34, 48, 100 Gray, Tom-14, 15, 46, 50, 63, 76, 84 Green, AMss Annette—25, 108 Green, Paul—100 Green, Mrs. Ruth—10 Griffin. Chuck-46. 102 Groat, Gary—99 Grooms, Steve—53, 101 Grossman, Giscla—101 Grubb. Mrs. Betty—36 Grundman, Sharon—26, 27, 28, 60, 84 Gunderson, Anne—47, 48, 61, 84 Gunn, Karen-30, 42, 46, 52, 53, 102 Guy, Kathy—47, 48. 51. 56, 107 Guy, Sharon-21, 46, 50, 56. 101 Hageman, Russell—29, 30, 37, 101, 118 Haggc, John—12, 14, 68, 105 Hall, Lissa-28, 34, 47, 60, 61. 84 Halterman, Leann—48, 104 Hamilton, Mr. Robert-41, 51, 52. 53, 114 Handeland. Marjic—47, 48, 56, 108 Hanlin, Darla-21, 30, 48, 51, 53, 104 Hannum, Mr. Thomas—8 Hanway, laurel—29, 51, 104, 118 Harris, Linda—34, 51, 105 Harsh, Jim—106 Hartley, Mike-37, 114 Hatasaki, Paulette-28, 30, 48. 104 Hatch, Jim-49, 52. 53, 107 Hawk, John—49, 84 Hawkins. Malinda-12, 13, 20, 42, 47, 48. 52, 53, 60, 61, 85 Hazel, Bonnie—15, 20, 56, 61, 85 Heald, Joyce-21, 27, 30, 42, 49, 105 Hedrick, Roger-42, 44, 47. 49, 68, 75, 107 Hcgland, Nancy—21, 42, 47, 48, 105 Heidel, Marcia-27, 30, 41, 42, 45, 105. 114 Henderson, Bill—108 Henderson, Steve—11, 20, 42, 46, 49, 85 Hensing, Ann-20, 5 , 60, 61, 85, 112 Hensing, Jean—21, 48, 51, 56, 106 Herrick. Joyce-21, 48. 51. 106 Hctzel, Sue-27, 44, 52, 53, 101, 114 7 tcCe% Hetzel, Mr. Walter-8 Hucbner, Carolyn—102 Heubner, Mike—68, 75, 106 Hibbs, Sharon—18, 99 Hicks, Donna—42, 44, 48, 106 Hiedeman, Mr. Dale—36, 99 Hildebrand, Patti—48, 51, 106 Hillyard, Margaret—21, 48, 107 Hinrichson, Sara—27, 30, 60, 85 Hiscrote, Nando Jo-12, 47, 48, 52, 99 HI-Y-22, 23 Hockman, Lynda—21, 51, 107 Holtz, Earl-42, 46, 49. 50, 76, 85 Holtz, Joan-21, 42, 47, 48, 50, 56, 10:' HOMECOMING—110, 111 Hoover, Barb-46, 60, 85. 110, 112, 113 Hoover, Bonnie—34, 48, 51, 104 Hcstetter, Carole—30, 42, 100 Hougo, Curt—104 Houge, Wynn—85 Houser, David—42, 102 Howard, Sally-30, 44, 45, 46, 50, 101 Howe, Martha-20, 46, 50, 60, 61, 85 Howell, Mr. Herbert—8 Howell, Mr. Frank—8 Howell. Steve-11, 14, 15, 22, 23. 26. 62, 76, 85 Hudspith, Winifred—33, 60, 85 Hull, Adrian-57, 85 Humphrey, Susan—21, 30, 52, 100 Huntress, Debby—26, 60, 61, 85 Hunzikcr, Dean—57, 62, 74, 101 Hurlbut, Terry-23, 37, 42, 47, 49, 104, 118 Hussey, Mike—23, 99 Hutchison, Judy—21, 51, 104 Isley, Deanna-27. 29, 44, 51. 107, 114 INTRAMURALS—57 Iverson, Norman-23, 33, 42, 46, 49, 53, 101 Jackson, Denny—14, 15, 102 James, Beverly—48, 105 Jameson, Mary—99 Jenkins. Ron—62, 99 Jensen, Carl—100 Jensen, Steve—15, 62, 69, 99 Johnson, Dick-12, 14, 68, 75, 105 Johnson, Rennie—62, 85 Johnson, Sharon—48, 105 Jones, Mr. James—36. 106 Jones, Jerry—42, 106 Jones, Larry Wayne—63, 85 Jones, Ron-15, 42, 44. 46, 62, 76. 100 Jordison, LoAnne—101 Joseph, Sidney—23, 68, 104 Judge, Ann—20, 60, 61, 86 Judge, Howard-14, 23, 47, 49, 102 Judge. Mariha—48, 51. 53, 106. 114 Judisch, Jim—4, 5, 86 Juncker, Ed—86 Juncker, Shirley—106 JUNIOR CLASS PLAY-114 JUNIOR EXECUTIVE COUNCIL-15 JUNIORS—98, 99, 100, 101, 102 Kayl, Jeanette—100 Kcigloy, Judy-34, 46, 102 Keller, Dave-12, 13. 22, 42. 46. 86 Kelley. Jim E.-12. 13, 42, 46, 49, 86 Kelley, Jim-62, 101 Kelley, Pat-14, 42, 47, 49, 68, 106 Kelly, Anita—61, 86 Kelso, Dick-22, 37, 42. 102 Kiertzner, Marlene—51, 107, 114 King, Aaron-13, 14, 47, 75, 107 Kirk, Gary-74, 99 Kirkham, Ann-12, 27, 108 Kirkham, Vicky-30, 42, 44, 100 Klingseis, Pat-13, 23, 62, 99 Kloppenborg, Bonnie—48, 107 Knapp, Sue—100 Knutson, Lois—29 Kooscr, Judy-48. 52. 100 Kraft, Larry—57, 86 Krocheski, Joe—23, 86 Kuhl, Ed-26, 69, 86 Kuhl, Marlene-21, 30, 48, 51, 107 Kuncl, lani-52. 53, 102 Kutish. Gerald-30, 100 Lake. Marsha-34, 42, 47, 48, 108 Larsen, Edith—48, 101 Larson, Carol—102 Larson, Harvey—107 Larson, Ron—100 Larson. Rosalie—52, 53, 99, 114 Laslctt, Emily—48, 104 Laslett, Lars 44, 76, 99, )18 Lawrence, Jack—102 Lee, Mary Susan—5, 60, 61, 86 Lee. Peg-20, 27, 28, 52. 53. 61. 36 Leppik, Ho-15, 29. 37, 47, 49, 118 Lester, Bill-13, 68. 107 Lewis, Barbara—99 Lewis, Sharon—21, 34, 61, 86 LIBRARY CLUB-28 Lillie, Elinor-30, 60, 86 Linder, Joan—104 Linder, Lory-16, 26, 30, 48, 52, 60, 86 Link, Albert—107 Linn, Mr. Wallace-39, 55, 62, 106 Litchfield. Jack-108 Litzel, John—108 Lockhart, Mrs. Carol—55, 56 Lofgrcn, Dick-12, 47, 49, 68, 104 Lawman, Jon—101 Lubscn, Janet—28, 30, 105 Lunde, Mark—47, 48, 101 Luther, Barry—86 Luther, Bonny—33, 87 Lyttle, Tom—49, 104 Lyttle, Toni-21, 47, 48, 105 MacBride, Mr. George—32 McBride, Becky-30, 42, 44, 56, 100 McCay, Margie-30, 42, 102 McComb, Mary-16, 30, 42, 61, 87 McCullough, Jim-12, 13, 46, 62, 63, 76, 87 McDonald, Jackie—60, 87 McFarland, Sue-27, 48, 56, 100 McGinnis, Mai—69 McGlothlen, Dave—108 McGowan, Bill-53, 104 McGuire, Jack-23. 63. 87 McGuiro, Julie—46, 60, 87, 110 McGuire, Mike-62, 74, 100 McGuire, Molly-34, 47, 48, 108 McHone, Larry—88 Mclnnis, Jim—51, 104 McIntosh, Sandra-21, 28, 30, 48, 60, 88 McMahon, Ives—88 McNally, Miss Mary-16, 19, 25, 101 McTague, Frances-20, 21, 52, 60, 88, 110, 112 McTague, Pete—101 McVickcr, Maureen—27, 30, 51, 107 Mokclbust, Joanie—21, 51, 106 Mallory, Glenri—88 Malone, Sara—47, 48, 51, 106 Manning, Kris—30, 47, 48, 51, 106 Marks, Martha—4, 5, 60, 61, 88 Marsh, Mrs. Maud—11 Martin, David—74, 99 Martin, Linette—47, 48, 101 Martin, Linda-4, 5, 13, 20, 30, 42, 52, 101, 114 Mason, Terry—104 Matterson, Caroline—13, 21, 27, 51, 106 Matthews, Nick—99 Matusoski, Jackie-27, 56, 59, 107 Maxwell, David-37, 105, 114 Meads, Marianne—47, 49, 107 Meier, Janice—16, 44, 46, 50, 60, 89Molampy, Kathleen—60, 89 Moll, Ben—ICO Melvin, Ellen—106 Mendon, Suo-21, 59, 102 Merrick, Jim-105 Mettlin. Nancyne—60, 89 Michaud, John—89 Mickelson, Sandy—48, 51, 108 Milk, Richard-30, 33. 106 Miller, Bill-51, 53. 106, 114 Miller, Janet-21, 30, 42, 99 Miller, John—100 Miller, Mike-101, 114 Miller, Miss Ruth-14, 20, 21, 36 MIXED CHORUSES—47 Moore, Bobbctte—48, 99 Moore, Michelc-21. 34, 48, 51, 107 Moore, Ron—107 Moreland, Mrs. Anna—11 Morris, Jack-37, 89 Morton, Dave—37, 89 Moses. Ron-22, 33. 37. 89, 118 Mullica, Karyn—30, 47, 48, 100 Munson, John—22, 89 Munson, Keith- 63, 76, 89 Munson, Larry—63, 76, 89 Myers, Gary-23. 68. 107, 118 Neal, Nancy—28, 106 Neilsen, Carol—48, 51, 104 Nelson, Bill-46, 49. 50, 89 Nelson, Bonnie—100 Nelson, Donna—34, 48, 102 Nelson, Roger—101 Nelson, Sandro—11, 61, 89 Nelson. Sharon 61, 89 Nickerson, Bob-30, 51, 53, 89 Nickey. Mike-27, 37, 57, 68. 104 Nolin, Bob-101 Nordin, Judy-27, 28, 60, 89 Nordyke, Jack-4, 5, 26, 63, 76, 90 North, Barbara—44, 104 Novak, Beverly - 27, 28, 29, 47. 48, 51, 56. Oest, Bob-27, 37, 104 Olson, Doug-37, 53, 105, 114 ORCHESTRA-44 Orning, Allen—105 Orr, Gretchen—30, 42, 44, 101 Oslund, Don—90 Cstrem, Kent—102 Otis, Sue-51, 53. 104, 114 Ourth, Mr. Oscar—25, 55 Overland, Dick—68, 105 Overturf, Mr. James—32, 33, 102 Owings, Pam—34. 44, 45, 101 Packer. Ellen-15, 46, 60, 90 Page, Dave—63, 74, 76, 102 Page. Mr. Kenneth—39 Pappas. Tessic—102 Parks, Andrea-21, 27, 28. 104 Partin, Jeannie—27, 30, 42, 105 Pasley, Bob-57, 106 Pasley, Clarke—15, 62. 76, 90 Patterson, Pat-37, 47, 49, 102, 118 Paulson. Alice-12. 52. 99, 114 Paulson. Roger—90 Paulson, Ruby—60, 90 Paulson, Wayne—37, 42, 47. 49, 118 Peake, Fred-14. 62. 99 Peake. Shirley-106 PEP CLUB—60, 61 Perkins, Jerry—99 Peterson, Betsy—48, 56. 99 Peterson. Catherine—100 Peterson. Karlyn-16 52 53. 60, 90. 110, Peterson, Marla—34, 48. 106 Peterson Sandy-20. 26. 28. 42 52. 53, Peyton, Phyllis—42, 44. 60. 90 Phares, Mike—90 7 u{ex Phares, Virgil—33, 101 Picken, Joe-27. 49, 68. 106, 118 Pierce, Darvin—90 Pinnell, Sylvia—20, 60, 90 Piper. Jim-23, 46. 49, 74. 100 Poole, Carey—46. 49, 50, 90 Porter. Sheila-20, 30, 47. 52. 53. 100, 114 Posegate. Dave-14, 22, 62, 69. 76. 90 Prescott, Joy—47, 48, 51, 107 Pumroy, Tom—14, 47. 49, 52, 53. 68 106 Quinn, Marion-13, 27, 28. 29, 42, 51, 105 Quinn, Mary Beth-21. 51, 107 Quinn, Mary Ellen—21, 51, 108 Rah. Judy-16, 26, 46. 50, 60, 90 Randau, Ron—91 Randecker. Vic-102, 114 Randles, Karen—34, 46. 50. 102 Rasmussen, Dee—21, 30, 101 Rath, Jim—91 Ratliff, Janice—91 Ratferree, Richard—26, 91 Reed. Susie-30, 102 Reese, Mike—91 Reilly, Barbara—60, 91 Reinberger, ary—47, 48, 59. 104 Rcnch, Marcia—48. 51. 104 Reno, Beth Ann—51, 106 Reno. Gordon—63, 101 Reynolds, Carl-107 Rice, Judy-30, 61. 92 Rice, Sue-51. 56. 106 Richards, Lynda-27, 28. 44. 106, 118 Richards, Sandra—60, 92 Ritland, Craig-15. 63. 76, 100 Ritland. Mr. Everett-13, 19, 25 Ritland, Patf-21. 26. 46. 52. 60, 92, 110 Roach, Linda-20, 26. 30. 46. 50. 59. 60. 92. 110, 111, 112 Roberson, Mike—68. 107 Roberts, Miss Sharon—25, 30, 105 Rogers, Doug—14, 26, 63. 76. 92 Regers, Jerry—53, 107 104, 114 Rogr.ess, Karen—42, 46. 101 Rosebrook, Mrs. Lee—8 Rouze, Dale—62, 102 Rust, Steve-62, 74, 76. 99 Sailsbury, Dennis—108 Samson, Carla—92 Samson, Doug—47, 57, 104 Sande, Judy—102 Sands, Barbara—26, 47, 48. 61, 93 Sands, Elizabeth-11. 21. 26. 47, 48. 61. 93 Saral, Rein-13. 27. 37. 104, 118 Sargent, Ann—46, 52. 53, 99 Sawyer, Judy—46, 99 Sayre, Miss Laura—10 Schaucr. Karma—27, 42, 44, 108 Scheuermann, Lee—14, 46, 49, 62, 76. 99 Scheuermann, Sally—34, 62, 107 Scheuermann. Sandi—46, 60, 93 Scheuermann, Tom—76. 93 Scholtes. Beth Ann—30, 107 SCHOOL BOARD-8 Schrampfcr, Betty—20, 47, 48, 56, 60, 61, 93 Schultz, Jim—100 Schultz. Mike-107 Schumcr, Virginia—48, 101 Schwartz, Mary—11, 44, 106 Schweitzer Mary Ann—26, 52, 60. 93, 114 SCIENCE AND RADIO CLUBS-37 SCIENCE SEMINAR-118 Sclarow. Pat-27. 51. 108 SENIOR CLASS-78, 79, 80. 81, 82. 83 84. 85. 86. 87, 88. 89. 90, 91, 92, 93. 94, 95, 96, 97 112 SENIOR SENATE-15 Sevde, Clcm-57. 68, 75. 105 59. 60, 90, 110. 112 Severson. Jan-22, 23. 26. 57, 93 Severson, Juanita—30, 42, 48, 106 Shadle, Mr. Owen-32 148 ttdex Shearer, Muriel—21 Shepherd, Alison—21, 27, 29, 44, 48, 107 Shipley. Donna—21. 52. 53, 100, 110 Shockley. Cindy-28. 42, 107 Shockley, Karen—34, 48. 104 Shrader, Margaret—4. 5, 44, 45 Shultc, Diana—48. 101 Sielert, Don-42, 49, 105 Sielert, Mr. Gerald-32. 33, 47 Sill , Jan-48. 101 Sill , Janet 1.-93, 61 Sill . Mi Karyl-10 Simmering, Becky—42, 106 Simpson, Judy—20, 26, 44. 45, 61, 93 Skarjhaug Karen—28, 47. 48. 104 Skei. David—68, 106 Skeie, Linda—104 Skeie, t. J.-42, 46. 49, 63, 100 Skortman, Vickie-27, 30, 51. 106, 114 Smalling, Nancy—47, 51, 52, 107 Smalling, Mr. Raymond—55, 57, 104 Smiley, Roger—42, 46, 49, 50, 57, 93 Smith, Elaine—44, 47, 48, 107 Smith, Gar-13, 14 46. 49, 63, 69, 76. 93 Smith, John—99 Smith, Tom-4, 5, 11, 52, 53, 100, 11 SOPHOMORES-103, 104, 105, 106, 107. 108 Soy, Pat-60, 93 SPANISH CLUB-30 Spatcher, Mr. Cecil-36. 55. 63. 68. 74, 75. 101 Spatcher, Dave-12, 42, 57, 106 Spear, Darrell-14, 23, 68, 107 Spear, Mike-75. 108 SPIRIT DANCE-112, 113 Sprague. Larry—42, 104 Stebbin , Bruce—42, 44, 53, 102 Steil, Peggy-11. 12, 13. 20, 48. 52. 53. 56. 60, 61. 93 Stenjon, Mark—53. 108 Stephens, Marilyn—33, 93 Stephenson, Conrad—101 Stephenson, Robert—37, 42, 104, 118 Stephenson, Sandra—61, 93 Stevens, Mr. Don—8 Stine, Tim—62, 76. 94 Stokke. Martha—108 Stone. Mr. Edv in-22. 23, 32, 107 Stoner, Bill—94 Straehle, Carol—47, 48, 51, 56. 104 Strand. Beth-20, 30, 52, 53, 99, 114 Strand, Martha-26, 52. 53. 61, 94 Strand. Steve-15. 22, 57, 94 Strannigan, Theo—27, 51. 104, 114 Stuart, Jim-14. 62, 63, 69, 76. 94 STUDENT COUNCIL-12, 13 STUDENT TREASURERS-16 Sturtevant, Mr. Floyd—36, 37 Sucher, Pat—4, 16, 60, 94 Sutton, Gary—62, 99 Sydnes. Betty Synhorst. Bob-23, 75, 104 Taft, Mike-12, 13. 26. 76. 94. 110 Tarman, Neal—94 Taylor, Dick—94 Taylor, Jim—68. 105 Taylor, Larry—14. 104 Taylor, Wayne—107 Tcsdahl, Gary-23. 62, 76. 101 Thogerson, Don—94 Thomas, Tommy—62, 94 Thompson, Ann-42, 52, 53, 60, 61, 94, 114 Thompson, Mrs. Evelyn—25, 102 Thompson, Glenda—48, 51, 53, 105, 114 Thompson, Jim—16, 22, 23, 94 Thompson, Larry—63, 101 Thorpe. Eileen—105 Thorpe, Wayne—63, 100 Tice, Denny-12, 63, 74, 76, 102 Timm, Tom—14, 15, 22, 44, 45, 46, 49, 62, 76, 94 Toms, Don—14, 62, 99 Toppenberg, Roger—105 Torrey, Kenneth—14, 42, 44, 68. 106 Tow, Jerry-23, 51, 68. 106 Tripp, Diane-42, 46, 50. 101, 114 Trout, Miss Betty—32, 34 Trow, Pat-4, 5, 20, 46, 51. 52, 53. 60, 95 Trump, Mr. Richard—4, 36 Tuttle, Mary Ann—51, 106 Twaddle. Mike-12, 68. 75. 107 Ustrud. Janice—30, 42, 46, 56. 101 Vandccar, Jane—21, 47, 48, 52, 102 VanPatter, Pam—27, 51, 106 VanScoy, Bob-13, 14, 47. 68, 75. 108 VanScoy, Mike-57. 75. 107 VanVoorhis, Bervin—68 VanVoorhis, Rodger—95 Van Winkle, Kerry-57, 74, 101 VARSITY CLUB-76 Vegors, Mrs. Aurilla—19, 25, 100 Villwock, Claudette—48, 107 Vilmont, Jule—47, 63, 102 Vivian, John—99 Vogt. Carol-42, 44, 52, 99 Von Bergen, Mickey-23, 63, 74, 76, 100 Walkup, John-27, 42, 49, 53, 104, 118 Wall, Dallas-15. 20, 46, 59, 99 Wall, Dave-14, 22, 23. 63, 76, 95 Walsh, Carole-12, 13, 20, 21. 26, 28, 30, 52, 61, 95, 110, 111 Walsh, Margie—15, 21, 42, 52, 102, 114 Walsh. Mary Janc-30, 48, 51, 59, 108 Walter. Dr. J. M.-8 Wardle. llonc-20, 44, 45, 101 Warren, Judy-30, 47, 48, 51, 104 Warren, Margref—101 Warren, Ron—23, 104 Watson, Mark-27, 37. 47, 49, 68, 105 WEB STAFFS—26 Webb, Ann-30, 52, 102 Weldon, Mrs. Julia Colo—8 Welling, Penney—20, 42, 47, 48, 99 Welling, Vaughn—12, 104 Wells, Mr. Kenneth-19, 55, 63 Wendell, Dennis-12, 16, 95 West. Gene-69, 105 West, Joyce—60, 95 Westvold. Karen-48, 100 Whcelock, Dave—100 Wheelock, Karen-30. 42, 102, 114 White, Mary Alice—42, 106 Whitney, Mrs. Charlotte-19, 20, 21, 25, 26, 27 Wiener, Jim-42, 44, 57, 102, 114 Wicrson, Sherri-26. 28, 52, 59, 60, 61. 96, 112 Wilcox, Barb-30, 48, 51, 59, 106 Wilcox, Miss Edna—20, 21, 25 Wilcox, Rod-96 Wildman, Gretchcn—42, 45, 46, 101 Wilkcn, Kathryn-34, 47, 48, 107 Williams, Andy—14, 101 Williams, Linda-34, 101 Williams, Louis—107 Wilson, Sue-105 Winkler, Mike—96 Winton. Betty—30, 51, 107 Wolf, Mike-12, 69, 101 Wood, Mr. Walter-32. 105 Woods, Bruce-27, 106, 118 Woods, Joe—106 Wright, Sharon-27, 30, 51, 108 Wunderlich, Tom—102 Young, Bob-47, 49, 107 Young, Ken—104 Young, Ron—68, 107 Young, Sherry—30, 102 Yocum, Max—96 Zea, Ruth-21, 34, 48. 106, 114 Zenor, Blaine-53. 57, 99 Zober, Norman—37, 108 i 151% TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY The World's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made"i mill iiiimi iiii U'lmiii iimmit im UIIIIIW IIIHIHIIIlll, mimi mum mu UIIIIUII Ullllllll lilii Hum mini flllll 11 min uimuii muPrincipal Herber» Adams read the roll call as 189 Ames High Seniors received their diplomas. Se tcon (faacicuzteet Baccalaureate May 24 and commencement May 27 finished a busy year for 189 Ames High seniors. The class sermon, "A Plea for Excellence," was delivered by the Rev. John F. Ryan of St. Cecilia's Church. He listed the qualities needed in our lives to fulfill this plea. Dr. J. W. Ylvisaker, president of Luther College in Decorah, chose "Wanted: Pioneers," as the theme of his commencement speech. He described the opportunities and the necessity for pioneering in the present and the future in our relationships with people, places and things. The class officers were Clarke Pasley, president; Gregg Gammack, vice president; Bonnie Hazel, secretary; and Carey Poole, treasurer. Diplomas in hand, the Class of 1959 marches across the field after commencement ceremonies. 154Senior 'Produced “76e Po tde ‘ytyeant "The Ponder Heart," produced by the senior class, played to the largest opening night audience in Ames High history. Written by Joseph Fields and Jerome Chederov, the play is an amusing account of the 90-day trial marriage contracted by Daniel Ponder and Bonnie Dee Peacock. The cast of 40 was under the direction of Robert Hamilton, Ames High drama coach, assisted by Mrs. Aurilla P. Vegors and Mary Ann Schweitzer. Right: Jim Kelley, playing Uncle Daniel, pleads his love for Bonnie Dee, played by Karlyn Peterson. Below right: In one of the wildest courtroom scenes ever written. Uncle Daniel argues with his lawyer, Tom Timm, right; his sister, Carol Brindley; and the judge. Bob Nickerson. Back: Peggy Steil, Bob Nickerson, Jack Morris, Larry Akin. Row 6: Martha Howe, Sherri Wierson, Tim Stine, Jim McCullough, Jan Severson, Jim Stuart, Larry Munson, Judy Rah, Elinor Lillie, Marilyn Blaess. Row 5: Linda Roach, Anne Easton, Julie McGuire, Sharon Grundman, Phyl Peyton, Jackie McDonald, Patt Ritland, Ellen Packer, Martha Marks. Row 4: Ben Cox, Dave Wall, Carole Walsh, Lory Linder. Martha Strand, Linda Hawkins, John Munson. Steve Strand, Dave Morton, Roger Smiley. Row 3: Dave Bork, Margie Gibbs, Gregg Gammack, Karlyn Peterson, Jim Kelley, Carol Brindley, Ann Thompson, Tom Timm. Row 2: David Maxwell, Doug Olson, Tom Smith, John Carter, Diane Tripp, Judy Hutchison, Theo Strannigan, Glenda Thompson, Mary Schweitzer, Mr. Hamilton, Rosalie Larson, Anne Judge, Mary Garner, Darla Hanlin, Bev Novak, Ann Sargent, Nancy Smalling, Jo Ann Daniels, Sandy Peterson. Front: Peg Lee, Susie Humphrey, Judy Sande, Joyce Herrick, Rosie Diehl, Gayle Bowen, Pat Trow, Alice Andre, Pam Van Patter, Bill Miller, Mary Jane Walsh, Vicki Skortman, Ruth Zca.Englehorn, Susan National Merit Scholarship Finalist. General Motors Scholarship. Faust, Linda Harlan Award from Iowa Wesleyan College. Garner, Jerry Merit Scholarship Finalist, Register and Tribune Schol- arship. Iowa State Uni- versity Merit Award. American Legion Auxiliary Scholarship. Gray, Tom NROTC Scholarship. Hazel, Bonnie National Merit Scholarship Finalist. Grinnell College Scholarship. Howe, Martha University of Wisconsin Tuition Award. Howell, Steve Grinnell College Scholar- ship. Judge, Anne Iowa State Teachers Col- lege Student Aid Award. Keller, David National Merit Scholarship Finalist Kelley, James National Merit Scholarship Finalist. Lillie, Elinor National Merit Scholarship Finalist. McGuire, Julie National Merit Scholarship Finalist. State University of Iowa Merit Award. Anderson, Nancy National Merit Scholarship, Iowa High School Press As- sociation Scholarship. Iowa State University Merit Award. Black, Bernice National Merit Scholarship Finalist. Calhoun, Barbara Iowa Stote University Merit Award. 156Sc ux£a xd lcfe '20t t«ten s4cv4VuC Marks, Martha National Merit Scholarship Finalist. Ames High Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow. Moses, Ron Second place. Haw key e Science Fair; fourth place. Notional Science Fair; Bausch-Lomb Award for Outstanding Senior Science Student. Packer, Ellen Grinnell College Scholar- ship. Roach, Linda National Merit Scholarship Finalist. Mt. Holyoke Col- lege Scholarship. Smith, Gar National Merit Scholarship Finalist. George Baker Scholarship. Grinnell Col- lege. Timm, Tom NROTC Scholarship. At two assemblies during the final weeks of school, awards were given for participation and achievement in music, drama, stenography, typ- ing, debate, art, G.A.A., intramural sports and track. Special awards went to John Chamberlin, Lars Laslett, and Victor Randecker for high scholarship in American history. Margaret Shrader placed first and Barbara Cal- houn second in the United Nations test. Stewart Cott earned an award and certificate of merit for national achievement in the art con- test sponsored by Scholastic Magazine. 157Se tt vul Ti ene tyu itA at Sayowzna Sene tade" An Oriental atmosphere was the back- ground for "Sayonara Serenade," with Japanese lanterns and imitation flowers as decorations and dancing to the music of Ralph Zarnow. The annual junior-senior frolic, at which the juniors traditionally host the seniors, v as held May 2 in the Ames High gym. Entertainment for everyone followed the dinner, and non- dancers watched movies in the auditorium. The prom v as over at midnight, but the jun- iors were guests at a parent-Moose sponsored party and the seniors were entertained by the Elks until early morning. Left: Juniors, seniors, faculty and school board mingled for dinner at the frolic. Below: An evening of dancing followed the dinner‘Palm. @lui Back: Beth Strand, Marilyn Dunlap, Pat Carney, Mr. Hamilton, Karen Gunn, Carol Brindley, Ann Thompson, Sandy Peterson, Peg Stcil, Alice Andre, Charlene Anderson, Tom Smith, John Carter. Second: Carmen Catron, Sheila Porter, Judy Elliott, Mary Ann Schweitzer, Anne Easton Peg Lee, Linda Hawkins. Carole Walsh. Rosalie Larson, Donna Shipley. Front: Lory Linder, Margie Gibbs, Pat Trow. Bruce Stobbins, Theo Strannigan and Tom Smith were in the cast of "Moon Up," which was selected for showing with the Iowa State Lab Theatre one-act plays. Palm Club is the honor group of the Ames High drama department, promoting participa- tion in drama productions. New members are initiated each semester. Officers of the club this year were Margie Gibbs, president; Karlyn Peterson, vice president; Sherri Wierson, secretary; and Lory Linder, treas- urer. Three one-act plays, "Moon Up," "Love Song" and "The Dear, Dear Children" were produced by the members of drama club and Palm Club. The plays were student-directed under the su- pervision of Robert Hamilton, head of the depart- ment, and provided an opportunity for many to participate. 1590 2ccee t The 1959 Ames High track queen and her four attendants were chosen from a field of ten senior girls. Nominees were Alice Andre, Marilyn Blaess, Carol Brindley, Ann Farber, Mary Susan Lee, Fran Mc- Tague, Karlyn Peterson, Sandy Peterson. Linda Roach and Sherri Wierson. Ames High won the annual meet with 1271 2 points. North of Des Moines had 1001 2 points and. Marshalltown, 70. Royalty reigned at the Ames High Invitational Track Meet May 1. From left, Fran ftcTague and Alice Andre, attendants; Linda Roach, queen; Karlyn Peterson and Carol Brindley, attendants. Blaine Zcnor and Clarke Pasley move up to first and second positions against Marshalltown and North High runners in the half mile run.(ZycfoKea 'pCT t C t ItUrd ch GuteOwi Tfteet TRec ut State 'IkcOhvi (Pfauttfie Back: Glen Cafferty, Lee Scheuermann, Gary Tesdahl, Joe Balloun, Ed Epstein, Clarke Pasley, Mike Twaddle. Second Row: Ron Jones, Mickey VonBcrgcn, Steve Carr, Ron Fain, Earl Holtz, Tom Gray, Larry McHone, Dave Chipman, Pat Klingseis. First Row: Bob Anderson, Denny Tice, llo Leppik, Blaine Zenor, Lars Laslett. Seat S ytta State Indoor 100 Yard Dash 10.4 Ames 34 7 10 Tom Gray, Larry McHone East DM Triangular 220 Yard Dash 22.7 Ames 112 Tom Gray Valley Relays 440 Yard Dash 50.6 Ames 72 1 2 Earl Holtz Bobcat Invitational 880 Yard Run 1:58.5 Ames 82 1 5 Earl Holtz Ames Invitational Mile Run 4:34.6 Ames 127 1 2 Blaine Zenor District Meet 120 Yard High Hurdles 15.8 Ames 82 1 6 Steve Carr, Lee Scheuermann Central Iowa Conference 180 Yard Low Hurdles 20.2 Ames State Outdoor 111 Steve Carr 440 Yard Relay Tom Gray, Ron Fain 44.5 DM North 30 Ron Jones, Larry McHone 1:32.2 CR Jefferson 29 880 Yard Relay Ames 27 Tom Gray, Ron Fain Ron Jones, Larry McHone DM North 34 1 2 Medley Relay 3:39.3 DM North 105 Gordon Reno, Tom Gray, DM North 53 1 2 Ron Jones, Blaine Zenor Marshalltown 81 5 6 Mile Relay 3:27.4 DM North 100 1 2 Larry McHone, Pat Klingseis DM North 61 5 6 Lars Laslett, Earl Holtz Marshalltown 86 1 2 2 Mile Relay 8:09.7 Denny Tice, Blaine Zenor Lars Laslett, Earl Holtz Pole Vault ll'lO" Dave Chipman Thirty boys lettered this year and Earl Broad Jump 22 0 Holtz and Tom Gray were elected co-cap- , arY ‘esdahl tains. Hl9h Jump 6 3 8 Mike Twaddle Football Throw 204'9" Jim Stuart Discus 135'7" Larry Munson Shot 50'0" Ed Epstein 161 'VanActy Squad Bock: Barry Luther, Darrell Ball, Larry Thompson, Glen Cafferty, Tom Anderson, Chuck Phipps. Row Five: Jim McCullough, Ed Epstein Steve Howell, Ed Kuhl, Gary Sutton, Dave Childs, Dave Chipman, Darrell Spear, Larry Taylor, Mike Twaddle. Row Four: Jerry Daley, Clark Pasley. Steve Burrell, Larry McHone, Jim Stuart, Steve Jensen, Gary Tesdahl, Gordon Reno, Tom Buchholtz, Mike Cox. Row Three: Kent Cooper, Dale Rouze. Tom Gray, Bill Doncls, Gar Smith, Bill Draisey, Ron Jones, Don Toms, Mike McGuire, Larry Munson, Jim Piper. Row Two: Steve Carr, Jim Ayres, Doug Rodgers, Blaine Zenor, Denny Tice, llo Leppik, Dave Page, Mike Disque, Mike Foreman, Dave Agard, Mr. Spafcher. Row One: Mr. Wells, Lee Scheuermann, Joe Balloun, Ron Fain, Mickey VonBergen, Dave Martin, Earl Holtz, Pat Klingseis, Jack McGuire. Lars Lasleft, Gary Kirk Mr. Covey. Squad Bock: Charles Dahm, Bruce Bappe, Bob Ocst, Ken Torrcy, Bill Davey, Jim Cowan, Dugan Ersland, Tom Anderson, Joe Picken. Row Four: Bob Anderson, Ron Busch, Arzy Clapp, Mike Spear, Jim Taylor, Bob Pasley, Gary Clem, Kerry VanWinklc. Mike Heubner, Gary Meyers. Row Three: Kent Ostrem, Robert Baughman, Mike Nicky, Mike Roberson, Larry Breon, Jim Harsh, Dave Skeie, Ron Gammel, Bill Lester, Howard Judge. Row Two: Mr. Covey, Jim Bates, Rein Saral, Mike VanScoy, Jack Carr, Wayne Thorpe, Jules Vilmont, Victor Randecker, John Smith, Joe Bryon, Mr. Spatcher. Row One: Don Siclcrf, John Gaffe, Pat Kelley, Norm Eckard, Mark Watson, Dave Spatcher, Tom Pumroy, Bob VanScoy, Rodger Hedrick, Mr. Wells.Gary Tcsdahl, one of the state' best broad jumpers, did 22 feet at Valley for the record. Gordon Reno fell with the hand-off. but llo Leppik sets out after the leader in a mile relay. Lars Laslett breaks the tape on a two mile relay. Steve Carr (foreground) and Lee Scheuermann (4th from right) arc in stride going over hurdles at Ames Invitational. 163tfoty Squad : Richard Johnso Ti etflef i t i (faic ieeC 'Ttcue-T fiUt 'lecun Bock Row: Richard Johnson, Jim Adams, Dave Coe, Mike Reese, Bill McGowan, Mr. Linn. Front: Jim Merrick, Pat Patterson, Bob Synhorst, Aaron King. — 1T"T t w- Ames .162 ecavd Marshalltown 158 Ames 257 CR Washington 271 Ames 157 Boone . 171 Ames 171 Grinnell 167 Ames 267 DM Roosevelt 261 Ames 157 Marshalltown 171 Ames 342 Grinnell 331 Ames 242 Boone 231 Ames 2nd at Lincoln Invitational Ames 4th at District Meet Ames 2nd at CIC Meet Dave Cole makes a mighty slice.Back Row: Mr. Ourth, Mark Anderson, Dave Keller, Tim Stine, Jim Brown, Jan Severson. Front Row: Wayne Paulson, Mike Wolf, Dave Posegate, Mike Taft. ennee Sycuzd One £cy tt Ames 0 5ec vuC Ft. Dodqe 7 Ames 0 Marshalltown 7 Ames 0 DM East 7 Ames. 0 DM Roosevelt 7 Ames 1 Newtop 6 Ames 1 Ft. Dodge 6 Ames 5 Boone 2 Ames 0 Cedar Falls 7 Ames 3rd in DM Roosevelt Tournament Ames 4th in CIC Conference Tournament 165 Another ball into the net!f$59 SjtdefcM Squad Back: Mr. Smalling, Jim Wiener, Steve Burrell, Dave Agard, Jim Curtist, Steve Jcnten, Darvin Pierce. Second: Bill Ellington, Mike Reete, Jerry Clark, Blaine Zcnor, Mai McCinnis, Denny Tice, Roger Paulvon. Front: Gary Kirk, Mike Wolf, Son Fain, Dave Potegafe, Jack Carr. Mike Hartley, Ed Bargfield. 'ZSty l 'pteided S i4e zM 7eeu t frvi 'tye i Don Millikcn made it home in a 1958 Amet High-legion game. t95Z Second Ames 8 Webster City . 0 Ames 2 West Des Moines 5 Ames 25 Grinnell 6 Ames 8 2 Ames 9 Grinnell 1 Ames. 3 Newton 5 Ames 8 Hubbard 3 Ames 4 3 Ames 1 Union 4 Ames 5 Marshalltown 6 3 5 7 West Des Moines 1 Ames.. 5 Cambridge 9Top to bottom: Dick Allen slides into the base under the reach of the Boone third baseman. Blaine Zenor, only southpaw on the '59 team. Dave Posegate, second baseman, reaches out for a throw from first-bagger Steve Burrell.Jim Ayres, sports editor, proudly cut the cake he baked for SPIRIT staff, although they said it "couldn't be done." Carolo Walsh presents Gary Sutton, voted the "Boy any girl would most like to be stranded in Paris with," as king of the Pep Club party, "April in Paris." Runners-up wero John Haggc and Tom Buchholtz. Above: Gayle Bowen, chosen as Pep Club girl of the year for accumulating the greatest number of service points. Left: Mr. Allison confers with Judy Elliott as prom decorations go up. IfjOflQ Bli SURE GLUE IS MOISTENED EVENLY

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