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•? — THE Vf% "SPIRIT,”AMES, IOWAAdministration . 6 Students........... 16 Activities......... 42 Sports............. 68 Memories........... 86 Index .............124 TABLE OF CONTENTS' t Delores Dobbins, copy editor, and Mar y McTayue, assistant copy editor Hud Klopf, Steve Wells and John Talbert, photographers, atul Jan Judisch, photo editor John Puffctt. business manager, and Mary I'latt, publicity editor 1,‘osie .Summers, advertising editor, and Kathy Howell, assistant Four■ Pleaiy eyes, jangled nerves, ami the calming ;".-1 of iKo Si iun sponsor, Mr. Trump, have all !- n contributing factors in making this year- book possible. It has been a long grinding pro- -«'ss since tin- publication of last year's Spirit until the formal presentation of this one. We hope you will appreciate your hook more fully after reading the following story of how the Spirit budded, blosomed. and finally bloomed. The major person to whom all your thanks can go was the versit ile editor. Jackie Andre, who organized and combined the separate de- partments to form one unit, with the assistance of P arb Kurtz. The selection of the cover was made last summer by the staff. The art editor. Karen Allen, was given two dummies, so called because they are the patterns from which the book is compiled. Karen drew in layouts on each page of both dummies, designat- ing the proper place for copy, pictures, and ads. From this step the art editor gave the measure- ments and page numbers to the proper depart- ments. The ad department, which consisted of Rose- mary Summers and Kathy Howell, sold ads, pasted layouts, assigned pictures, and conferred with the printers. Roscy worked with John Puf- fett. business manager, in keeping a balance between income and expenses. Jan Judisch. photography editor, relayed the suggestions of the art editor and submitted as- signments to her able staff of photographers: Steve Wells. John Talbert, and Charles Klopf. Approved pictures were numbered and sent to the Tru-Art Engravers in Cedar Rapids. The pictures were here reproduced on zinc plates mounted on wooden blocks called cuts which were sent to the Greenwood Printing Company. The printers then, by using their dummy, made the final layout with the actual cuts and type. The copy department. Delores Robbins and Mary McTaguc. wrote articles, typed them, and fit them into the various layouts. After the type was set. proofs were made to eliminate any error. The presses were then ready to roll, but there is still one major department headed by Mary Platt which was indispensiblc. Her staff is com- posed of everyone who purchased a Spirit —and we’d just like to say thunks for all of your help! Karen with 9 tick ft Jinyvrs, aras amt inyenuity Kathy awaits advertisin' inspiration lAyhts - - - camera - - - amt Steve Welts FiveI.KFT TO KKiHT: Thomas F. Hannuni. Mrs. Lee Kosebrook. Leslie B. Harrison, Frank II. Howell. Frank F. Adams. Walter Hetzel. Hr. Julia Cole Welden. Karl Holtz. Don at evens. Walter Hetzel Beginning this year. Ames High -School was privileged t serve under a new superin- tendent. Hailing from Decorah. Iowa, where he had previously served as superintendent of schools. Mr. Hetzel has just completed his first successful year in Ames of coordinating tin- functions and activities of the Ames schools. Serving in his office staff are: Frank Howell, secretary to the Board: Mrs. Grayce I. Elliott, secretary to the Superintendent: Miss I.aura Sayre, secretary to Mr. Howell; Mrs. Edna 11. Davis, bookkeeper: and Mrs. Duane Engelhard; secretary. Members of the 11)55-1956 Board of Education are: Frank K. Adams. President: Frank B. Howell, Secretary; Hiram Munn. Treasurer: Thomas Man- num. Earl Holtz. Mrs. Lee Kose- hrook, Don S. Stevens. Dr. Julia Cole Welden. O. L. Stewart, and Walter Hetzel. Herbert Adams Allies I f igh school owes a debt o!' gratitude 1o its principal, Herbert Adams, tor his support ami guid- ance of the students and their activities. To him goes the responsibility of ad- ministering. organizing, and coordinating all the various groups which require li is constant support, lie is the clearing agent for all prob- lems of the school, an ad- visor to the teachers, a guide to the students, and the foundation of the student groups. It is also the duty of the principal to interpret ami execute the rules and regu- lations of the Board of Edu- cation as they eiVect the high school. Mr. Adam’s major duty is to prepan» class schedules for all the students. -Secretaries Assisting Mr. Adams in the office and contributing greatly to the effi- ciency of our school were Mrs. Daisy Flack, Miss Barbara Hyler, and Mrs. Ruth Breen. They were assisted by the student help: Barb Gilchrist. Karyl Sills. Jan Hutchison, Kathleen Melampy. Ethel Bortle, Faith King, Karen Wall, Julie Hegland, Ginnie Randau. Margie Hirschburg. Ann Gulden. Jo Schrampfer. Gail Walker. Vicki Thorpe, and Judy Broad well. ffice girls picked up attendance slips, authorized passes, and did other various odd jobs around the office. Those who worked three days a week received one-fourth credit per se- mester. Mrs. Ruth Green, Mrs. Daisy Flack. Mrs. Itarbnra Hyler Z.uyjy SevenLELAND ALLISON Xothiny that's i iixn is worth doiny art supervisor LAWRENCE BELLUZZO Tone it down .Spanish. French. Hi-Y. senioi class sponsor I.EONA RD BENGTSON Get the lead out metal shop MADELINE CANVIN I'll iivt plenty of time to prepaM for n timed-writim . . . Go! I bookkeeping. personal and bu.-l n.-ss typing. awards com- I mittec. shorthand acu ft f RICHARD DAY Aren't you ;ilnd you're not i centipede nstrumenta! music supervisor, band, pep band ELIZABETH DICKENSON The bell has not run;} librarian, library club. Red Cross council ROSE ELLIOT My lands . . . • tin. lei man. service committee AYONELLEGARRETT Do you icant a passf personal typing. special typini American history. American government, debate RONALD EASTER This electron yoi the raw end of the alimony chemistry, physics, radio Club HIRAM COVEY Volkeswayon . . . n miles to a yallon economics, sociology. American government, head track coach, sophomore basketball coach, assistant football coach WAYNE CROSS Okay folks, try it ayain vocal music MARY JEAN DOYLE You. in the oranye jacket shorthand, business typing, work experience coordi- nation. pep clubBETTY GRUBB Turn dotfii the TV boon hour library supervisor, [ plane geometry. American ROBERT HAMILTON .4 ». another rare iiiomcnf in the theatre drama. .speech, palm club GEORGE M.vBRIDE DONALD HARTT V oh see, it's this tv an . . . English, American literature, athletic treasurer, tennis coach MARY McNALLY I Let-s stop that putting around Kmerican history, basketball coach, sophomore football coach, golf coach RUTH MILLER ■Who ate Mr. Sielrrt’s ftp bnrst algebra, solid geometry, trigo- nometry. tire squad, girl reserve .Vote, trill this leiul itself to the themef industrial arts, mechanical draw- ing. junior class sponsor, welcoming committee I'm trying to yet you to do iehatf . . . think world literature, prob'ems in written and oral expression. gen- eral treasurer. gulilance counselor KENNETH PAGE Melieve me, ete., etc., etc. world history. American govern- ment. audio-visual aids coordi- nator. social citizenship committees EVERETT RITLAND H’c have a job opening American literature, adult edu- cation director, boys' adviser student council. Hi-Y DALE HIEDEMAN .Vo to. looker here. I till } at plane geometry, physics, business arithmetic, assistant intra- mural director BLANCHE MILLER We'll hare a little mart order here! vocational homemaking. Future Homemakers of America, boys’ home economics ■ I.KOLA RUCII What language are you speakingf EnglishOWEN SHADLE .Winnie lines make for a Hood figure mechanical 1 rawing, work ex- perience. coo iterative training, related training class, assembly committee EVELYN THOMPSON I found a Mice little test in 'he files problem in written and oral expression, world literature, sophomore English KENNETH WELLS There are some minds that could do with n little re-creating athletic director, boys’ physical education, football coach, track and basketball assistant coach, varsity club, counselor, tennis coach RAYMOND SMALLING We'll start with £j push-ups . . . you’re finished! boys' physical education, intra- mural director, baseball coach, sophomore football coach ESTHER SMITH han't you know this is just lit. any other classf «iris' physical education. G.A.A eheersquad GERALD SIELERT My foot's on the brake, where’s yours! driver training DALLAS TJADEN There are too many soloists in this orchestra orchestra BETTY LEA TROUT count those cherries vocational homemaking RICHARD TRUMP Is there a control in that experiment f biology. Sl’iKiT, photo club CHARLOTTE WHITNEY I'm yetting serious note . . . Kiris' adviser. Journalism, problems in written and oral expression. Cubs' club. Web. girl reserve, radio program coordinator, elec- tion. publicity committees EDNA WILCOX Close your workbooks, open your notebooks American literature. Kiri reserve ALICE ZIMBELMANN For extra credit we'll all do . . problems in written and oral ex pression, world literaturesjuj n iirSe am L oilian.s “Clean as a whistle.'' that’s liow Ames lliyh school was kept by tin- three eustotlians: Sylvester Newkirk» Paul Sherman, and Joe Middents. Each day they arrived at school early to unlock doors and sweep the gvni. Throughout the whole day they followed a regular schedule keeping each room ami hall in good condition. Before leaving at night they completed their work by locking doors and cheeking windows. They also aided the different organizations by moving pianos, setting the stage, and other various duties. Miss Ruth Heklind. the school nurse, was on hand every morning from 8 to ! . The better students met at 12:4" every noon and received admits for being absent three days or more. She also administered first aid to minor emergency eases which frequently arose through the school. Sophomores and new stu- dents were given physical examinations. Kye examinations were also given to each driver- training student. Miss I'uth Ecklitul, school inmvc Eleven Mr. Sew kirk, Mr. Sherman, and Mr. Middents.i Mrs. Maude Marsh, Mrs. Cornelia Erickson. Mrs. .4 imu Moreland "What arc Davy Crockett beans?” was a ques- tion frequently asked of Mrs. Maude Marsh. Mrs. Cornelia Erickson. and Mrs. Anna Moreland, who prepared meals for approximately 175 persons every day. Serving in the line were: Shirley Kooser. Marlys Johnson. Edith Koderberg. and .I tidy Broad- well. Ifog Trig served faculty lunches. Bill Gulliver, Carroll Brekke. Bill Bucholtz. Doug Shepherd. Bog Points and Dick Gulliver were on K. P. Barb Erickson and Sally Kooser acted as cashiers. Nancy Olson set the menu.% 'edcjiuu! Perhaps Ihe most respected organization at Ames High School is the Firesquad whirl» super- vised the lunch line and all fire drills. In addi- tion to this they took turns helping to maintain clean and orderly halls each day during alter- nate weeks. New members were chosen from lists of names recommended by junior high school principals. Officers of the club were chosen last spring for the following year. Bob K11 is and doe bel- lows were elected to lead the group. They con- ducted mcelings each Thursday noon. BACK: S. Adams. D. Henderson. .4. Broun. Bucher. J. Carr. Boults, B. Welts, Gainmcll. B. Corey. THIKI»: Callahan, Booth. Krrinyton. Hildreth. J. Baxter. Moore, (lets, McFarland. Murray, Miss Ruth Miller. SKCON'D: Scholl. .I. Fellows, Donets, J. Bmalliny. J. Stevens. I.. Morrison. Harvey. M. Berry. Torreo. Bay ic. FRONT: K. Mayoon, G. Kllix, Milliken. Merchant. M’ardle. Goessman. DeVaul, Ruchholtz, M. Harlan. ThirteenBACK: Gulliver. Jensen. P. .V rixoii. Callahan. Itapye. Stein, S medal. M. Wolf. Mr. Ilitland. FRONT: C. •'. Svhach. Walsh. S. AUcn. Haw. M. McTayue. Wall. J. Clark. P. Smith. K. Carr. HACK: J. Fellows. Gulliver. C. F. Schach. Jensen. Trig. Prather. Elder. McFarland. Mr. Ititland. FRONT: VcKmneu. Hildreth. Molleston. F. Miller. Hagge. Wall. K. Wolf. C. Smith.Pennell. It. Sehaeffer. Government of the students, for the students, and by the students; this is the motto which the student council of Ames High has tried to fulfill during the past year. The homeroom representative placed before tin- council many issues concerning the school, its func- tions and activities. Besides open debates, the coun- cil supervised the election of the Student Body President. Steve Walsh was elected in the spring of 1955 and was succeeded by Joe Fellows at tin- close of the first semester. They followed parlia- mentary procedure during their meetings which were conducted every Monday. Steve was aided during his term of office by an able cabinet composed of: Bob Callahan, vice- president: Susan Allen, secretary; Nancy Hagge. treasurer. The cabinet elected to serve Joe second semester was Chuck Elder, vice-president; Kathy Wolf, secretary; Nancy Hagge. treasurer. The committees of welcoming, noon-hour, election, awards, citizenship, social, assembly, and publicity were selected from the student body by the exe- cutive council. A. II. s. Student Hnily Presidents. Steve and Joe. a rasp their symbol of office. FifteenHACK : J. Carr, Jensen. A. Hr nun. Houck. I.. Caldwell. FRONT: Shearer. Gulliver, C. F. Sehaeh, Hawk, Sobolev. Mr. Helluso. President, Jim Carr; Secretary, Zoya Sobolev; Treasurer, Floise Hawk; and Vice-president. Geo rye Xielxen. The seniors bid a fond adieu to Ames High! Memories of an eventful year filled the minds of the graduating class as they stepped across the stage for the last time to receive their symbol of both work and play well done. The governing body of the class was the Sen- ior Senate led by dim Carr, president; George Nielsen, vice president; Zoya Sobolev, secretary: and Eloise Hawk, treasurer. In addition to these members, tin Senate; was composed of eight homeroom representatives and their presidents. In order to raise money for the senior activi- ties. the seniors selected a play and staged it in cooperation with the dramatics class under the direction of 1 . T. Hamilton. The play, I nch llnrrii by Thomas .Job. was successfully present- ed on April 27 and 28 with three major sets. The Senior Senate supervised the preparations for senior week. Included in the activities of this week was a day of rollicking fun at the Ames Golf and Country Club on May 31. Lawrence Belluzzo served as the class sponsor. Baccalaureate and Commencement brought a perfect ending to a perfect year at Ames High! Eighteene . —seniors ABBOTT. MARILYN JOYCE F.H.A 1. Vic»» President 1: G.A.A. S; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 3. Representative 2: Glee Club 1.2.3. Secretary 3; Homeroom Secretary 2: Pep Club 3. Representative 3. ALLEN. KAREN LEE Dramatics 1.2: G.A.A. 1.2.3. Rep- resentative 1; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 3. Representative 2; Glee Club 1,2,3: Junior Rc-d Cross 3, President 3: Palm Club 2.3: Pep Club 3; Spirit Staff 3. ANDRE. JACQUELINE LOl'ISE Cubs' Club 1.2.3: Dramatics 1; G.A.A. 1.2.3. Representative 3: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 2: Homeroom Secretary 1. President 1.2: Junior Red Cross 1: Pep Club 3: Spirit 1. Staff 2.3. Editor 3: Student Council 1.2. BAILEY. GARY LEE Hi-Y 1.2.3. Representative 1.2: Radio Club. 1.2. Vice President 2. BARNARD. RONALD L. Hi-Y 1.2.3. Representative 2. BEGG. RICHARD G. Hi-Y 1.2.3. ADAMS. STEVE Basketball I; Firesquad 1.2,3: Football 1.2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3. Presi- dent 3; Homeroom President 1: Class President 2: Junior Execu- tive Council 2: Track 1.2.3: Var- sity Club 2.3. Vice President 3. ANDERSON. GAYLE LOUKTTE Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 3. Representative 2; Glee Club 2: Library Club 3; Pep Club 3. Coun- cil 3: Moved from Nevada. Iowa 1. ANKRl'M. MARY LOU Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Representative 3: Glee Club 1.2.3; Pep Club 3: Moved from Readlyn. Iowa 1. BALLOUN. JAMES STANLEY Baseball 2.3; Boys' Glee Club 2.3. President 3: Choir 3; Dramatics 1.2; Football 1: Hi-Y 1.2.3. Presi- dent 3; Homeroom Vice President 2. Activity Director 1: Palm Club 2.3: Radio Club 1.2.3. President 3: Senior Senate 3: Varsity Club 3. BATTLES. NORMAN L. Hi-Y 1.2.3; Homeroom Secretary 3. Activity Director 2. BENSON. WARREN Hi-Y 1,2.3: Homeroom Vice Presi- dent 2.3, Secretary 1; Junior Red Cross 1.2.3: Radio Club 1.2. Treas- urer 2; Student Treasurers 2; Tennis 1.2,3: Varsity Club 2.3. I iVbicfcoienior A BIRK INBINE, PAULA RAE Girl Reserve 1,2.3. BOWEN, ROBERT Hi-Y 1,2,3. BRINDLEY. WILLIAM ARTHUR Debate 1.2.3. President 3; Hi-Y 1.2.3. Secretary 3. Representative 3; Dramatics 1. BROADWELL. JUDITH ANN F.H.A. 1: G.A.A. 1.2.3. Repre- sentative l: Girl Reserve 1.2,3: Glee Club 1.2.3: Pep Club 3. Pres- ident 3. Council 3. BROWN. ALAN CHARLES Basketball 1: Band 1,2,3: Fire- squad 1,2.3: HI-Y 1.2.3: Homeroom Vice President 2; Intramural Council 1; Senior Senate 3; Ten- nis 1.2.3: Varsity Club 2.3. BRUE. DELMAR Boys' Glee Club 2: Dramatics 1: Hi-Y 1.2.3. Cabinet 3; Rifle Club 3. BORTLE. ETHEL Choir 2.3. Treasurer 3; Cubs' Club 1.2.3: Girl Reserve 1.2.3; Glee Club 1: Junior Red Cross 3; Library Club 2.3; Orchestra 1.2,3; Pep Club 3. BREKKE. CARROLL Hi-Y 1.2.3: Moved from Stanhope. Iowa 1. BUCK .MICHAEL D. Hi-Y 1.2.3: Radio Club 1.2.3; Rifle Club 3. BROOKS. RICHARD Boys' Glee Club 2: Football 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3: Homeroom Vice Presi- dent 1: Intramural Council 1.2.3: Track 1.2: Varsity Club 2.3. BROWN. HOWARD WRAY Hi-Y 1.2.3. CALDWELL. LARRY LAVERN Dramatics 1; Football 1: Hi-Y 1. 2.3: Homeroom President 2; Sen- ior Senate 3: Student Council 2. Tires ty•Seniors CALDWELL. REV A CHARLENE Choir 3: G.A.A. 1: Girl Reservo 1.2.3. Representative 1: Glee Club 1.2: Homeroom Activity Director 1.2: Orchestra 1.2.3. Librarian 3: Pep Club 3. CARR. JAMES DAVID Basketball 1: Boys' Glee Club 3: Choir 1.3: Class President 3: Firesquad 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3: Home- room President 1: Junior Execu- tive Council 2; Senior Senate 3: Student Council 1; Tennis 1.2.3: Varsity Club 2.3. CHILDS. DEAN B. Hi-Y 1.2.3. Cabinet 3. Representa- tive 1. CLARK. LYN Choir 2.3: F.H.A. 1: G.A.A. 1: Girl Reserve 1.2.3: Glee Club 1: Pep Club 3. COTTINGHAM. BETTE LOUISE Choir. 2.3. Librarian 3: Cubs' Club 1.2. President 2: Dramatics 1; G.A.A. 1.2.3. Representative 1.3: Girl Reserve 1.2.3: Glee Club 1: Pep Club 3. Council 3. DIEHL. BYRON CLARK Hi-Y 1.2.3: Homeroom Secretary 3. CARPENTER. BILL DEAN Hi-Y 3; Track 3; Varsity Club 3; Football 3; Moved from Ankeny. Iowa 3. CHASE. MARY ANNA Band 1.2.3: Dramatics 1,2.3: Film Operators Club 2: G.A.A. 1.2.3: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 3: Homeroom Activity Director 3: Junior Red Cross 2: Pep Club 3; Student Treasurers 3. CHRISTIA NSON. DAVID Choir 2: Hi-Y 1.2.3. COLLINS. RAY ETTA Dramatics 1,2: Girl Reserve 1.2.3: Glee Club 1.2; Library Club 1. DANIELS. MARIE LA NOR K Choir 2.3. Vice President 3: Dra- matics 1: Girl Reserve 1.2,3. Cabi- net 3; Homeroom Activity Di- rector 1.2.3; Pep Club 3: Spirit 3. DON ELS. ROBERT RANNEY Basketball Trainer 1,2, Manager 3: Band 1.2.3; Firesquad 1,2,3; Football Trainer 1.2. Manager 3: Golf 2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3: Homeroom President 2. Vice President 1.2. Activity Director 1.2; Student Council 2; Varsity Club 3. Twenty-onec . seniors DRAVES. NORMA LORAINE Girl Reserve 2.3; Moved from Klcmme. Iowa. EICHHERGER. ERMA ELAINE G.A.A. 3; Girl Reserve 2.3. Rep- resentative 3: Pep Club 3; Moved from Lincoln. Nebraska 2. ELLIS. ROBERT LYNN Baseball 2.3; Firesquad 1.2.3. Chief 3: Football 1.2.3; Hl-Y 1.2.3. Cabinet 3. Vice President 3; Homeroom President 1; Intra- mural Council 2.3; Student Coun- cil 1; Track 1.2.3; Varsity Club 2.3. Secretary 3. FERGUSON. WLILIAM HENRY Band 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3; Orches- tra 1.2.3. GAMMELL. JIMMY Basketball 1; Firesquad 1.2.3 Hi-Y 1.2.3. Representative 1.3 Junior Red Cross 1: Track 1.2.3 Varsity Club 2.3. GEIGER. DONALD HARLAN Baseball 2.3; Dramatics 1; Golf 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3. Cabinet 3. Treas- urers 3; Student Treasurers 3; Varsity Club 3. ECKHOFF. SALLY GAYE F.H.A. 2. President 2; G.A.A. 1. 2.3. Cabinet 2: President 3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 2. Repre- sentative 1. ELLINGSON. BEVERLY ELAINE F.H.A. 1. President 1: Girl Re- serve 1.2.3: Glee Club 1.2. Vice President 2; Homeroom Secretary Treasurer 1.2; Spirit 2. FELLOWS. JOSEPH FRANK Firesquad 1.2.3, chief 3; Football 1.2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3. Cabinet 2; Home- room President 2; Junior Red Cross 1; Spirit 1.2.3; Student Council 2.3. President 3: Track 2.3; Student Body President 3. FOX. ANN B. F.H.A. l: G.A.A. 1.2.3; Girl Re- serve 1.2.3. Cabinet 3. Represen- tative 1; Glee Club 1.2.3. Home- room Secretary 3; Junior Red Cross 2; Pep Club 3. Council 3. GASKILL. CHARLES S. Basketball 1: Football 1.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3; Track 1.2.3. GILCHRIST. BARBARA Girl Reserve 1.2.3; Pep Club 3. Twenty-two ? . —seniors GILREATH. JANET TERREL F.H.A. 1: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Rep- resentative 1.2: Glee Club 1.2; Pep Club 3. GORE. JANICE LEE Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Representative 2: Glee Club 1.2.3: Homeroom Vice President 2: Pep Club 3. Treasurer 3: Spikit 2: Student Treasurers 3. GRAY. ADAH MARIE Choir 3: F.H.A. 3: Girl Reserve 3: Pep Club 3: Moved from Win- terset. Iowa 3. GULDEN. ANN MATIE Band 1.2.3: G.A.A. 1.2.3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Representative 1; Glee Club 1.2: Pep Club 3. HAAS. CHRISTIAN FREDRICK Hi-Y 1.2.3. HANSEN. LEE Football 2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Track 2.3; Varsity Club 2.3. GOESSMAN. JOHN B. Basketball 1.2: Class Vice Presi- dent 2: Firesquad 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1. 2.3. Cabinet 3. Secretary 3; Home- room Vice President 1: Junior Executive Council 2: Tennis 1,2.3. GORMAN. THOMAS I». Baseball 2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3; Home- room President 3; Senior Senate 3; Student Council 3. GREEN. SHIRLEY A. F.H.A. 1; G.A.A. 1; Girl Reserve 1.2.3; Glee Club 2; Pep Club 3. GULLIVER. WILLIAM HENRY Hi-Y 1.2.3. Cabinet 2; Homeroom President 3: Radio Club 1; Sen- ior Senate 3: Student Council 3: Track 1. HAGEN. DON Hi-Y 1.2.3. HANSEN. ARVID Football 2.3; Hi-Y 2.3; Track 2; Moved from San Rufuel, Cali- fornia 2. Twenty threec . seniors HARVEY. JAY ARTHUR Hand 1,2.3, Vice President 3: Firesquad 1.2,3; Football 1.2,3: Varsity Club 3. HEATH. WILLIAM E. Basketball 1: Football 1,2,3; Hi-Y 1.2.3: Homeroom Vice President 3. Secretary 2; Intramural Coun- cil 3: Track 1.2.3: Varsity Club 2,3. HENSING. DAVID JOSEPH Dramatics 1; Hi-Y 1.2.3; Photo Club 1: Radio Club 3. HIXON, JAMES EDWARD Band 1.2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3; Student Treasurers 2.3. HOUCK. D. DEAN Basketball 1: Football 1.2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3. Cabinet 3; Senior Senate 3: Track 1.2; Varsity Club 2.3. JACKSON. IRENE JANICE Girl Reserve 3, Representative 3; Pep Club 3: Moved from Lake Mills. Iowa 2. HAWK. BLOISE Class Treasurer 3: Dramatics 1.2.3: G.A.A. 1.2.3: Girl Reserve 1.2.3: Junior Red Cross 2,3; Palm Club 2.3: Pep Club 3: Senior Sen- ate 3; Student Treasurers 3. HEGLAND, JULIE ANN Dramatics 1.2.3: Girl Reserve 1. 2.3. Representative 3: Glee Club 1.2; Palm Club 3: Pep Club 3. HERTZ. GORDON C. Cheer.-quad 2.3; Dramatics 1; Hi-Y 1.2.3; Homeroom Activity Director 1.2. Vice President 3: Intramural Council 1.3; Rifle Club 2. HOHENSH ELL. JA NKT G.A.A. 1.2.3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Representative 3: Glee Club 1.2; Homeroom Activity Director 1; Pep Club 3. JACKSON. FRED Basketball 1.2.3: Choir 1.2: Class Play 2; Football 1.2.3; Golf 2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3. President 3. Cabinet 3; Homeroom President 2; Sen- ior Senate 3: Student Council 2; Track 1: Varsity Club 2.3. JENKINS, JAMES Hi-Y 1.2.3; Photo Club 1; Track 1. Twenty-fourSen iorS JENSEN. RICHARD ERLING Choir 1.2.3: Football 1; Hi-Y 1. 2.3 Representative 1.2; Home- room President 3: Senior Senate 3; student Council 3: Tennis 1. JUD1SCH. JAN I PER MANN Debate 1.2.3. President 2. Vice President 1. Secretary 1,2; Girl Reserve 1.2,3. Cabinet 3; Home- room Activity Director 1; Junior Red Cross 2; Palm Club 2.3. Treasurer 3; Pep Club 3; Spirit 1. Staff 3: Student Treasurers 3. KI.OPF. CHARLES JAMES Hi-Y 1.2.3. Representative 3; Photo Club 1.2.3. President 1; Spirit 1. Staff 2.3 . KOOSER. SHIRLEY JEAN Choir 2.3: G.A.A. 1.2. Represen- tative 2; Glee Club 1; Girl Re- serve 1.2.3: Homeroom Secretary 2: Spirit 2.3. LARSON. LOREN PAI L Football 1.2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3; Radio Club 1.2.3. LEE, NANCY ALICE Dramatics 1,2; G.A.A. 1.2: Girl Reserve 1.2.3: Glee Club 1.3; Pep Club 3: Spirit 1.2. JOHNSON. MAK1.YS Y. Band 2.3; G.A.A. 2.3; Girl Re- serve 2.3. Representative 3; Pep Club 3. Council 3: Moved from Lake Mills. Iowa 2. KELLEY. JAMES Hi-Y 1.2.3. KOOSER. SALLY Choir 1.2.3; G.A.A. 1; Girl Re- serve 1.2.3. Representative 2: Glee Club 1: Homeroom Activity Director 1.2; Pep Club 3. Coun- cil 3. KROCHESKI. THOMAS L. Hi-Y 1.2.3. LAWSON. JOHN ALLEN Class Play 2.3: Dramatics 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3. Cabinet 2.3; Palm Club 2.3. President 3; Spirit 1. LESTER. JAMES Hi-Y 1.2.3. Tweniu-ftvee . Seniors MNDAHL. CHARLES B. Hi-Y 1.2.3; Film Operators Club 1: Homeroom Secretary 1.2; Photo Club 1. President 1. LYTTLE. JUDY ANN Choir 2.3: Film Operators Club 3, Secretary 3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3; Glee Club 1; Pep Club 3. Coun- cil 3. McCOMB. JOHN Hi-Y 2.3: Radio Club 2.3; Moved from Vienna. Austria 2. Mclennan, pai l Hi-Y 2.3: Moved from Indepen- dence. Iowa 2. McTAGUE, JOE Hi-Y 1.2.3; Radio Club 1; Rifle Club 1. MAGOON. VIRGINIA F.H.A. 1. Vice President 1; Girl Reserve 1,2,3, Representative 3; Glee Club 1.2.3. Vice President 3; Junior Red Cross 1.2,3. President 3; Pep Club 3. LOUNSBERRY. MARIA JANE Band 3; G.A.A. 2.3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3; Orchestra 1.2.3; Pep Club 3. McClure, jackie G.A.A. 1; Girl Reserve 1,2.3: Glee Club 1.2; Pep Club 3. McDowell, mary jo F.H.A. 1: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Rep- resentative 2; Glee Club 1.2.3: Homeroom Secretary 2: Library Club 3; Pep Club 3. McNEAL, JAMES Hi-Y 1.2.3. MACK. SHERRY ANN Girl Reserve 2.3. Representative 3: Glee Club 3. Librarian 3; Homeroom Vice President 2: Pei Club 3. Council 3: Moved from Rockwell City. Iowa 2. MALONE. GARRY EDSON Band 1.3: Football 2; Hi-Y 1.2.3. Twenty-sixe . Seniors MALONE. JUDITH ANN Choir -'.3: G.A.A. 1.3: Girl Re- serve 1,2.3, Cabinet 3. Represen- tative 1: Glee Club 1; Homeroom Activity Director 1.2.3: Pep Club 3. Council 3. MARTIN. JERRY WENDELL Baseball 2; Boys' Glee Club 2; Football 2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3. MATURE. DONALD Basketball 1.2.3: Band 1.2.3. President 3: Football 2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3. Cabinet 3: Homeroom Pres- ident 1. MICHAUD. FRANCIS D. Football 1.2: Hi-Y 1.2.3. Repre- sentative 1; Track 1. MILLER. ROBERT BRUCE Hi-Y 1.2.3; Intramural Council 2. MYERS. RICHARD LaVERNE Hi-Y 1.2.3. . MARKS. KENNETH Boys’ Glee Club 2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3. MATHER. AUDREY Dramatics 1.2.3: F.H.A. 1. Presi- dent 1: G.A.A. 1.2.3. Representa- tive 1: Glee Club 1; Homeroom Secretary 2.3: Junior Red Cross 3: Library Club 3; Pep Club 3; Spirit 1. MAXWELL. HAROLD Football 1: Hi-Y 1.2.3. MILLARD. DORIS MARIE Girl Reserve 2.3. Representative 2: Glee Club 2.3: Pep Club 3; Moved from Alta. Iowa 2. MORRISON. LARRY Basketball 1: Band 1,2: Fire- squad 1.2.3; Football 1.2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3; Homeroom President 1.2. Activity Director 1: Rifle Club 3; Student Council 1.2; Track 1. 2.3: Varsity Club 3. NANNEY. JOHN THOMAS Baseball 2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3. Twenty-neven ? . —jen i orJ NEISWANGER. ROBERT Baseball 2.3; Golf 2.3; Hl-Y 1. 2.3. NICHOLS. ROGER SABIN Boys’ Glee Club 3; Choir 1.2.3. Robekeeper 2, President 3; Class Play 2; Hi-Y 1.2.3. Cabinet 2. Treasurer 2; Student Treasurer 2. NOID. JOHN Basketball 1; Hi-Y 1.2.3. OLMSTED. JACK LAMBERT Football 1; Hi-Y 1.2.3. OSTERMANN. DONALD B. Basketball 1; Band 1.2.3; Foot- ball 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3. Represen tative 2; Homeroom Secretary 2; Junior Red Cross 1; Track 1.2.3; Varsity Club 1.2.3. PATTEN, TOM Dramatics 1; Hi-Y 1.2.3; Intra- mural Council 1. NELSON. DALE DUANE Hi-Y 3: Moved from Napier. Iowa 3. NIELSEN. GEORGE LEE Basketball 1: Class Vice Presi- dent 3: Hi-Y 1.2.3. Cabinet 3; Homeroom President 2; Senior Senate 3: Student Council 2: Ten- nis 1.2. NOWLIN. AUSTIN R. Football 1.2; Hi-Y 1.2.3; Intra- mural Council 1.2.3. OLSON. NANCY LEE Band 1.2.3. Secretary 3: Girl Re- serve 1.2.3. Representative 2: Orchestra 1.2.3; Student Treas- urers 3. PARLIER. JAMES Hi-Y 2.3; Moved from Muscatine. Iowa 2. PAULSON. WILLIAM Hi-Y 2.3; Moved from Forest Hills. New York 2. Twenty-eightc . seniors PERRY. LELAND A. Film Operators Club 2.3. Presi- dent 3: Hi-Y 2.3. Representative 3: Moved from Floyd. Iowa 2. PETERSON. MARY LEE Girl Reserve 1.2.3: Pep Club 3. PLATT. MARY ELIZABETH Dramatics 1; G.A.A. 1.2.3. Cabi- net. Secretary 3. Representative 2: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 3; Gle - Club 1.2.3. Secretary l: Acti- vity Director 1. Vice President 3; Pep Club 3: SriaiT 2, Staff 3: Student Treasurers 3. RAMSEY. GERALD Baseball 2.3: Golf 1.2.3: Hi-Y 1. 2.3. RATLIFF. RICHARD Dramatics 2; HI-Y 1.2.3. Repre- sentative 3. REX. DIANA MARIE Choir 2.3: G.A.A. 2.3. Cabinet 3. Vice President 3. Representative 2: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 2. Representative 1: Glee Club 1: Orchestra 1.2.3. Librarian 2. Vice President 3. PETERSON. PWAIN Hi-Y 1.2.3. PHILLIPS. DAVID L. Boys' Glee Club 2.3. Vice Presi- dent 3: Choir 3; Debate 2.3. Vice President 2; Golf. 2.3; Hi-Y 1. 2,3. Representative 2: Homeroom President 1. Activity Director 2: Student Council 1; Track 3. PUFFETT. JOHN PAUL Band 1: Boys’ Glee Club 2; Choir 1; Film Operators Club 1; Foot- ball 1: Hi-Y 1.2.3. Representative 1; Homeroom Vice President 2: SciKir staff 3. Business Manager 3: Student Treasurer 3. RANDAU. VIRGINIA MAE Band 1: Class Treasurer 2: F.H.A. 1: G.A.A. 1.2.3. Cabinet 2; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 3. Repre- sentative ?; Glee Club 1.2: Home- room Secretary 1: Junior Exe- cutive Council 2: Pep Club 3; Treasurers 2. REILLY. EDWARD Football 1.2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3; Intra- mural Council 3: Junior Red Cross 2: Track 1.2.3: Varsity Club 2.3. RICH A RI SON. D W A IN E Hi-Y 2.3; Rifle Club 2; Moved from Napier. Iowa 1. Twcntv-nine ? . Seniors ROBBINS. DELORES KAY Band l; Class Play 2; (’nits’ Club 1.2. Secretary 2: Dramatics 2.3; F. H.A. 1; Film Operators Club 1: G. A.A. 1,2.3; Girl Reserve 1,2.3. Cabinet 2.3. President 3; Orches- tra 1; Palm Club 2.3; Pep Club 3; Si'iKU Staff 2.3. SAMSON, GARY Hi-Y 1.2.3; Rifle Club 1.2; Moved from Huxley. Iowa 1. SCHRA.MPFER. JO ANN Choir 2.3; Cubs’ Chib 1.2.3. Presi- dent 3: Dramatics 1; G.A.A. 1.2. 3. Representative 2; Girl Reserve 1.2.3; Glee Club 1; Pep Club 3; Spirit 1. SEY.MOl'R. ARDIS LYNNE Dramatics 1.2.3; G.A.A. 1.2.3. Representative 2; Girl Reserve 1. 2.3, Representative 2; Junior Red Cross 1: Palm Club 3; Pep Club 3. SMALL. SHARON Choir 2.3; Class Secretary 2: Class Play 2; Dramatics 1.2.3; G.A.A. 1.2,3, Representative 3: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Secretary 3; Glee Club 1. Vice President 1; Junior Executive Council 2; Jun- ior Red Cross 2; Palm Club 3; Pep Club 3. SMITH. DEAN CARR Baseball 3; Choir 1,2.3; Football 2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3. Representative 2.3; Track 2. ROY. DAVID C. Basketball 1.2.3; Football 1; Hi-Y 1.2.3: Orchestra 1; Track 1.2.3; Varsity Club 2.3; Band 1.2.3. SCHACH. CARL FERREL Baseball 2.3: Golf 3: Hi-Y 1.2.3. Cabinet 3: Homeroom Vice Pres- ident 1. President 3: Student Council 3. SEARLS. MARYN Dramatics 1.2.3: G.A.A. 1.2.3. Representative 3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3: Library Club 2.3: Palm Club 3: Pep Club 3. Secretary 3. Council 3: Spirit 3. SHEARER. LARRY La VERNE Boys’ Glee Club 3: Hi-Y 2.3: Rifle Club 2: Senior Senate 3: Moved from Napier. Iowa 2. SMITH. BARBARA LYNN Cheersquad 3: Cubs’ Club 1.2,3. Vice President 2: Dramatics 1.2; G.A.A. 1.2.3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 3. Representative 1; Glee Club 1.2.3: Homeroom President 2; Junior Red Cross 3: Pep Club 3. Council 3: Spirit 1.2; Student Council 2. SMITH, RUTH ANN Band 1.2.3: Dramatics 1; Glee Club 1; Girl Reserve 1.2.3: Home- room Secretary 3: Pep Club 3. Council 3. Thirtyc . Jen lord SMITH. SANDRA ANN Choir 2.3: F.H.A. 1: G.A.A. 2.3. Representative 1: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 3. Representative 2: Glee Club 1. President 1: Or- ches t i a 1.2; Pep Club 3; SriKir 1. SOESBE. JERROLD WAYNE Boys’ Glee Club 2.3; Film Oper- ators Club 1.2.3; Football 3; Hi-Y 1.2.3. STOVER. CHARLES MAX Dramatics 1.2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Palm Club 2.3. Secretary 3; Spirit 1. SWANN. ALAN Film Operators Club 2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Homeroom Activity Di- rector 3. TALCOTT. CLARICE JEAN Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 2.3. President 3: Glee Club 1: Home- room President 1: Pep Club 3: Spirit 1.2: Student Council 1. THOMPSON. LOUIS MILTON. JR. Dramatics 2.3: Film Operators Club 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3; Homeroom Vice President 3: Palm Club 3: Rifle Club 1.2.3; Track 1.3. SOBOLEV. ZOYA Class Secretary 3; Dramatics 1.2; G.A.A. 1.2.3. Secretary 2; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 2; Repre- sentative 1,3; Glee Club 2.3: Junior Red Cross 3; Palm Club 2.3: Pep Club 3: Senior Senate 3: Student Treasurers 2. SPEAR. LARRY DEAN Basketball 1.2; Baseball 2,3; Foot- ball 1.2.3. Captain 3: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Intramural Council 1.2; Track 1. 2.3; Varsity Club 1,2.3. President 3. SUMMERS. ROSE.MARY Choir 2.3: Class Play 2: Dra- matics 1: Girl Reserve 1,2.3. Cabinet 2: Glee Club 1: Home- room Activity Director 2; Pep Club 3: Spirit Staff 2.3. TALBERT. JOHN Hi-Y 1.2.3. Cabinet 3; Photo Club 1.2.3. Program Chairman 3: Spirit Staff 2.3: Tennis 3. THOMPSON. HAROLD L. Hi-Y 1.2.3. TRUESDELL. SUZANNE GRACE Cubs' Club 3; Dramatics 1: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 3. Treas- urer 3; Representative 2; Glee Club 1.2.3: Junior Red Cross 3: Library Club 3: Pep Club 3: Spirit 1; Student Treasurer 3. Thirty-oneeniors THROCKMORTON. BARBARA G. Girl Reservo 1.2. Van METER. JAN Hi-Y 1.2.3. WALK HR. GAIL MARIK Class Play 2; G.A.A. 1.2.3. Rep- resentative 1: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 2. Representative 1; Glee Club 1.2.3; Homeroom Vice Pres- ident 2; Pep Club 3. Vice Pres- ident 3. Council 3; Spirit 2.3. WALSH. STEPHEN JOHN Basketball 1; Class Play 3; Foot- ball 1; Hi-Y 1.2.3; Homeroom President 1. Vice President 2; Student Body President 3; Stu- dent Council 1.3. President 3. WARREN. PATRICIA Cheersquad 2.3; Dramatics 1: G.A.A. 1.2.3. Representative 3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Representative 1; Glee Club 1; Homeroom Secre- tary 1; Pep Club 3. WHITE. ELIZABETH Class Play 2; G.A.A. 1.2.3. Repre- sentative 1; Girl Reserve 1,2.3. Representative 3; Pep Club 3. VANDECAR, JAMES L. Hi-Y 1,2.3; Homeroom President 3. Vice President 2; Orchestra 1. 2.3. Vice President 2. President 3: Senior Senate 3: Student Coun- cil 3; Track 2.3. Van SCOY, JACQUELINE KAY Dramatics 1.2.3; G.A.A. 1.2.3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Representative 1, 2; Glee Club I.2.3. President 3; Homeroom Secretary 2. Vice Pres- ident 2. Activity Director 3: Pep Club 3. Council 3. WALL. KAREN Choir 1.2.3: Class Play 2; Cubs’ Club 1.2.3. Vice President 3: Dra- matics 1; G.A.A. 1.2.3; Girl Re- serve 1.2.3. Cabinet 3; Homeroom Secretary 1; Junior Executive Council 2; Library Club 1; Pep Club 3: Student Council 3. WAR OLE. LEON Class Play 1.3; Dramatics 1; Firesquad 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3; Home- room President 3: Senior Senate 3: Student Council 3. WELLS. STEPHEN WOODBI RN Firesquad 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3. Cabi- net 1.3; Photo Club 1.2.3; Spirit Staff 1.2.3: Varsity Club 3. WILDEBOER. DONALD Hi-Y 1.2.3; Homeroom Secretary 1.2. Thirt y-twoe . seniors WILHELM. GRETCHEN Choir 2.3: Dramatics 1.2.3: G.A.A. 1.2.3: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Repre- sentative S: Junior Red Cross 3: Pep Club 3. WOODWORTH. KENT Hi-Y 1.2.3. DYE. JACQUELYN JEANETTE Glee Club 3: Girl Reserve 3: Pep Club 3: Moved from Atlanta. Georgia 3. DOWDEN. JACK Choir 3; Hi-Y 3: Moved from Plymouth. Indiana 3. WILLETT. SARAH Class Play 2: G.A.A. 1,2.3. Repre- sentative 2: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Representative 1. Cabinet 2: Glee Club 1.2.3; Library Club 3: Pep Club 3. YOCHL'M. MARIA Dramatics 1.2.3: F.H.A. 1: Girl Reserve 1,2.3. Representative 3; Glee Club 1.2.3. HAUGER. ADELE Girl Reserve 3: Moved from Gainsville. Idaho 3. FERGUSON. J ACK Hi-Y 3. Thirty-three1 unior r L ounci I.EFT TO HICIIT: Covey. T. Kooser, M. 3tcTnyue, Mr. MacRride, Hosmer, Sucker, Torrey. Dirt from head to too, elbows greased with dough, and ears filled with corn; this was the deseription of a typical junior as In- contributed his aid to the money making projects of his class. A carwash, a bake sale, and a corn-pick were all included in the activities sponsored by the Jun- ior Executive Council. The juniors were led by Bob Covey, president: George Torrey, vice-president; Mary McTague, secretary; Ruth Hosmer, treasurer; and Shirley Backous, assistant treasurer. Ted Kooser served as representative from H. R. 213, and Dave Sucher from II. R. 221. Also include l in the numerous feats of the junior class were the sale of spudnuts and milk at the high school parties and the junior class play. You Can't Take It With You. The suc- cessful comedy by George Kaufman and Moss Hart was presented in cooperation with Robert Hamilton, drama director. Four long weeks of rehearsals and crew work were climaxed by the presentation of You ('an't Tolu It With You on February It» and IN. The following were crews for the play and their heads: stage. Robert Schaeffer; costumes. Ellen Bcrenstein: make-up. Nancy Thornton; proper- ties. Nancy Magge and Katliic Howell; lights. Bob Stebbins; sound. Paul Ports: sales. Ruth Hosmer; programs, Mary McTague; publicity, Bob Covey and Ted Kooser: and house-manage- ment. Dave Sucher and George Torrey. Marcia Lindquist and Heide Heileman served as book- holders. Ira Berck designed the set. Jo Ann Geiger served as director's assistant and Janet Linderoth as stage manager. The juniors cooperated to make all their acti- vities a success. $1,0.00 was needed to finance the junior-senior prom held on May 10. in the high school gym. The prom climaxed the year: five committees for the prom were headed by the members of the council. They were: entertainment. Bob Covey; banquet. Dave Sucher and George Tor- rey: programs. Shirley Backous: seating. Ted Kooser; and decorations, Ruth Hosmer and Mary McTague. The class completed a very successful year under the direction of its class sponsor, George .MacBride. The juniors were also responsible for ushers at baccaulaurate and commencement. Thirty-fourBACK: B. Covey. Dreezen. Swanson, Mack. Howell. Evans, l.amson. Mr. Hiedeman. THIRD: .1. McDowell. Fain. Hose- brook. Stebbins, MeCammon. Xetcott. SECOND: Kurt;, D. Harlan. Hillman. West void. I’iersol. T. Spear, S. Allen. FRONT: Buchman. nv,.s»i»-r. Ramse) , Xelson. Joyce Bell, Mollcston. Hirschburg, Doyyett. RACK: Trig. Shipley. M. Berry. Maitland. Richard. Dykstra. Stoever, Mr. Trump. THIRD: Jackson. St ruble. Manning. Huchhottz, lAllie. 1C. Ft an . Chittriuti n. XKCOND: Ptu e, }. HnhttuthrU, fSnmmack, Kooier, Shr thrrdp Cortrr, K. Ifmuion. Carlson. FRONT: Wester. Lindquist. Bourne, Corbin. Baumann, Hamper, Clark. S. Xelson. Thirty-five221 BACK: Whrelaek, l.inewcaver, K. Schach. Taylor, Prather, Morrow, Kohl, Stevens. THIRD: Handley. Hurton, Wright, M. Carr. Fnderberg, huffy, Kerck, Miss McXally. SECOND: ‘avayeau. I. I.ester, Hasmer. K. Mayoon. Carver, P. Smith, tl'elke, Sylvester. FRONT: Hlyth. Kocke. Mr .arnan. Speddiny, leister, S. Xanncy. Lewis. 232 BACK - I'tter. C. Kilstrom, Everds, Roberson. Sueher. J. Kn'dns. J. Combs. THIRD: Clink. H. King. Kerry. Spencer. Sam Smith. J. Carman, Xelson, Mr. Carry. SECOND: Haynes. Sills, Vogt, McDonald, Parish. Schaefer, Heileman, P. Miller. FRONT: Karts. Stempel, Dobson. Yottng. Joan Kell. I.arm. Vanderuilt. Strand. Pierce. Thirty-six235 BACK: J. Anderson, Christ . Stuart. Soults, B. Lee. Erickson. Mr. Belluzo. THIRD: Torn u. Hicks. Curry. Moore. Murray. Simmeriny. Callahan. SECOND: Johnson, K. Wolf. Bomberyer, Throckmorton, M. Miller, Mary Kay Judye, Haoye. FRONT: Rude, It. Brown, Thorpe. Heed. Hackous, Hardin. Bcrenstein. 237 BACK: Stokka. Vilmont. Getz. Busby. It. Henderson. Shrader. B. Carr, Mr. Hamilton. THIRD: -I. Geiyer, M'itter, X. Thompson. Bradley, Coe. Bishop, Toms. SECOND: .1 . McTayue, Lykkeyaard, It. Martin, Xickey. Yocum. S. Jones. S. Martin. Dunlap. FRONT: Thornton. G. Morrison, D. Smith, Hayen. irke oose, Bhoades, Cumminys, Alexander. I.inderoth. Thirty-sevenThirty-eight BACK: Synhorat. Catron. D. Sills. D. Erickson. Dresser. Lout her. H'. Henderson. Arthur. THIRD: If. Taylor. Overland. F;. Broun. Baoue. G-et:. Merchant. B. Jones. Muss Canrin, SKCOND: Sctarow, D. Schaeffer. B. Alexander. . Yockum. Textrum. Chert lie. Dixon. Bo velds. FRONT: .. Adams, Iloicard. D. Nelson. I.cMoinc, Kerr. Groth, D. Krirkson. M. Martin. 113 BACK: B. Gulliver. Booth, Schmidt. Clapp. Krrlnyton. Ward, Brotcniny. Mr. Smalliny. THIRD: C. Smith. 7. Schulte, K. Hanson. Watkins. C. Judge. Millikan. Bappe. I.unden. SECOND: F. Kin; . K. Caldwell, S. Carpenter, Louise Thomp- son, Luther. Points, Highbaryer. FRONT: I’. Lewis. Clouser. Dotson. Airhart. Jean Bachman. Olsan, Mason. Draft. Thirty-nine210 HACK: Clem, Hildreth, J. Easter, T. Smith, G. Huck, .1. I.ykkcyaard. J. S mailing. Mr. Linn. THIRD: Mathison, Hillyard, Akin, Harter, Scholl. It. Kilstrom. Smcdal, Moore. SECOND: Eaush, I). Thompson. Kuhl, Joan Harhman. Timmons, Sandy Smith, Sorenson. FRONT: Hecch, H'right, Duffy. Gibson. Hutchinson, Compton. Cameron. 233 HACK: Hragonier .Stensland. Delino , Toppenberg, It. FelUotcs, Kline, Mr. Sielert. THIRD: McCarthy. Untidy. Mosncss, T. Cox. Mattrrson, Easton. SECOND: Terroncs, II. llamsey, M. Harlan. 1‘innell. G. Ellis, Hill, Schuemer. FRONT: K. Carr, Veline, Gould. Dailey, Alfred, Storby, Hines. Forty234 BACK: Jondreau, Beirer. Seymour, Daniel . Klinyseis. Ford. McFarland. Mr. Uartt. THIRD Buryoon. D. Trump. DeMoss. B. Bam a, Harris, Stan, H. Houser. SECOND: Horner, Strand, C. Fllinyson, Maakestad. Champagne, Mary Judge. Ada I.arson. FRONT: Bonze. M. Walsh. Bloomfield. M. Anderson. D. Green. Melampy. B. Cox. 238 BACK: McKinney. M. Wolf. Brendrland. I.. Jones, Haupt, Stoaks. Hammon. THIRD: Reno, .. Miller, DcVaul, Krekow, Keeker, Boast. Wayaman, Mrs. Btliot. SECOND: Bodie. 1. Breen. -1. B. Erickson, Chance. Xairn, B. Erickson. FRONT: 8. Schultz. J. Sylvester, Davis. Campbell. Houser, K. Martin, Arrasmith. Forty-one-b mmrjwAar| GJ eServes HACK : Fotlcrhri ti. Itnuitf. ('■ Smith. I’m nn nu. Matters»». KKONT: I.cMoinc. liorkt, Sr inline, Cmn. “To face life squarely" was the vow taken by each member of fJirl Reserve during her initiation into that organization. The responsibility of the leadership of such a dedicated group was accepted by its cabinet, homeroom representatives, and sponsors. dean Talcott carried out the duties of first semester president, succeeded the second semester by Delores Rob- bins. The minutes were recorded by Sharon Small, secretary. Sue- Trues- dell balanced the budget. The cabinet posts were: music, de- votions. programs, publicity, service, and social. Two girls were elected to plan tin- functions of each post for one semester. Zoya Sobolev and Marlys .Johnson let the homeroom representatives as first and second semester presidents. The representatives furnished the mainspring in the organization. Each representative collected such items as money, clothing, packages, and bal- lots from her homeroom at various times throughout the year. Their enthusiasm of promoting new ideas made the year a success.BACK: Mrs. Whitney. Muss Ruth Miller. Small. K. Allen. M. Miller. Hiatt. Miss Wilcox. TI1IK1): Robbins. J. Clark. Cox. K. Wolf. Wall. Abbott. Kurtz. Truesdell. SKOOND: Hirschbury. Chase, R. Smith, Reed. Reckons. Haynes, M. McTayue. FRONT: Judisch. Randan. Mcl.arnan. Taleott. H. A nderson. M. Daniels. S. Smith iSr. t. BA'.’K : Mrs. Whitney. Miss Ruth Miller. Mark. Y. Hamels. Mary Kay Judye. .laekson, M. Yoehum, Miss Wilcox. THIRD: Wilhelm. Kich tarry er. R. Dye. Johnson. I,. Miller. C. Smith. Haumann. Textrum. Matterson. SKCOND: Hibson. M alleston. Hosnier. I. I ester. Could. I’ratt, Strand. Stemycl, I.. I.ykke laard. Hardin. FRONT: Hohenshell, Hey land. It. Erickson, r. Mayoon. Sobolev. Zickefoosc. M. Walsh. Ankrutn, K. Martin. The Ames High Girl Reserves spurred on many old as well as new projects. Their success was attributed to the interest of tin- girls and the excellent sponsorship of Miss Ivina Wilcox. Miss Ruth Miller, and Mrs. Charlotte Whitney. The year began with a bang, as the O.R. and Hi-Y sponsored a Newcomers’ Party to get ac- quainted with the new arrivals in school. The annual l)ad-Daughter party. Friendship Week. Mother-Daughter tea. and Big-Pal picnic were major spectaculars. Selling pencils and holly wreaths, packing clothes, visiting the county home, and supporting their foster child. Lydia Tancers, helped each girl appreciate the benefits of the organization. A (rirj Reserve lounge was decorated and served the girls for reading, meditation, and all around fun. forty-fiveHACK : Mr. Uclluzo, .Void. Mathrc. S. Wells. Mr. Ritland. THIRD: Jackson, C. Schach. Childs. I.meson. FRONT: Spear. I’are. loess»ia i, Geiycr. BACK: M. Kerry, Rosebrook. Moore. Gammell. Mr. Kit land. SECOND: Carr, Hrcndtland. It. Brotcning. FRONT: R. Cox, Klopf. Kit lift. ItcMoss. Brindley. Warmth of both the body and spirit was achieved at the different firesides sponsored by the Ames High Hi-Y at Lynn Fuller Ixidge. Separate firesides were, held for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. A special fireside brought a finale to the football season. John Tziycroglou. a Greek boy, was sponsored by the Ili-Y. The other activities which the boys supported included the concessions at all home games. Friendship Week, the Newcomers Lunch- eon and Party, and the Founty Home Christmas project. The Hi-Y worked jointly with the G.R. on many of their industrious projects. Everett Ritland and Lawrence Belluzzo super- vised the Ili-Y as sponsors of the organization. The Hi-Y lounge was maintained for all boys. Forty-sixWhat's your hobby? Questions dealing with hobbies were answered by tin- Hi-Y in an informal and different manner. One expert was selected from the boys to plan worthwhile programs in each of the follow- ing fields: aeronautics, athletics, auto mechanics, hunting and fishing, gym- nastics. and photography. One central meeting was also held each month with speakers, panels, and movies of general interest. The Hi-Y cabinet, which consisted of 14 members each semester, was led by the presidents Fritz Jackson and Jim Balloun. Bob Ellis and Steve Adams executed the duties of first and second semester vice presidents, respectively. Johnny Goessman kept the facts straight as secretary. The treasury was guarded by Don Geiger. Everett Kit land and Lawrence Belluzzo sponsored the organization. The boys enjoyed a variety of activities ranging from wrestling exhibitions to demonstrating “do it yourself” projects.HACK : Huston, S. Schultz, .. Miller, f. a in lie, K. Hansen, Matterson. flow Id . Judisch. Catron. Konst. Haujit. .1. Ron. Mr. Hamilton. THIRD: Carpenter, milliard. '. Yoehum. Timmons. Buhl. Joan Bachman. Bloomfield, M. Judge, Melampy, Hammond. VanHerWtlt. Krekow, Baumann. SECOND: Hairman, Howard. Iran Bachman. Olson, Horner, Clouser, Dotson. Thornton. l.indguist, B. Schaeffer. FRONT: .. Adams, M. Anderson, limes. Davis. D. Erickson. Compton. K. Carr. Gibson, Strand. X. Thompson. BACK : E. Allen. M. Yoehum. Chittenden, Throckmorton. VanScoy. 1‘hillips. Howell. M. Jackson, M. MeTague, Line- weaver, Mr. Hamilton. SECOND: Robbins. Hawk. J. Geiger. Wilhelm. I.. Thompson, Lawson, Hague. S. Allen, Gammack. Berck. FRONT: Small, Mather, Berrnstem. Seymour, l.inderoth, I’. Miller. Manning. MacDonald. One of the most active organizations in Ames High School is the Drama Club which ottered an opportunity for all persons interested in drama to pursue their interests, l uder the spon- sorship of Robert T. Hamilton, students met three times a week. .Members were required to keep a notelniok and attend regular class periods in order to receive one-fourth credit each se- mester. All persons starting work in drama enter a beginning dramatics class. Beginning students studied the history of the theater, set construc- tion, scene design, costume history, stage make- up, and orientation to stage equipment. These students had an opportunity to employ their knowledge by working on the annual drama club production. Cuckoos On tin If earth, by Parker Kennel ly. After having been in a beginning drama class one year, students joined the advanced drama class. This class devoted its time to pantomining, basic fundamentals of directing, techniques of acting, and presentation of scenes. Advanced students had opportunity to act in the drama club play, the Christmas one-act, the junior and senior class plays, and the three one-act plays presented in the spring by the dramatics depart- ment. Forty-eight Claiming membership to Pain» Club, tin only honorary organization in Ann's Hiirh. wen sixteen members of the Drama Club. Requirements for admission were Hftv-two points, earned by working on drama productions, two erew-heads. and thn e semesters of drama. •lohn Lawson ably led the group; the "veep" position went to Kloise Hawk. The task of secretary fell on Max Stoever. and dan Judiseh was treasurer. BACK : Hawk. Howell, Thompson, Bnlloun, Lawson, Stoever, Mr. Hamilton. SKCOXI); K. Alim, Small. Robbins. Judiseh, Sobolev, Rerck. FKONT: Heyland, Ilam e, A. Seymour. Searls. Forty-nineur L uck uckooA on 77 HACK : Allen. Lineweavrr, I’h Mips, Halloun. Lawson. Small. Lon Thompson. Rloomfield, Timmons. Jensen. Rose brook. Judiseh. FRONT: Strand, Kooser. Ileijlnnd, Se inn our, M. McTaente. •leiaer, Howell, Matte rson. Hawk, Mr. Hamilton. Rob- bins. Hillman. Stebbins, McComb. Haupt. '. Miller, Chase, Areasmith. C. Judi e. lie rek. . 1 hin Hodick Llllll 1 1(11(1 (’harlot! t Curl I Oil Sin riff Rrcbh Don Carl ton adoc (Irinus ‘ Doc' ’ "' rris ' 'In Professor Rev. I ndcrhill IL ulah Deck Si san Allen Pat I »loo. ikikli Sharon Small I)iok Jensen Loi is Thompson John Lawson Jim Balloun Dave Phillips Jon Linkweavkk Jan Ji disch Dr. Cordon . . . Dorothy Timmons Trooper .... Fritz Rosebrook A young bride. Charlotte, and her flighty, nonsensical cousin. Lulu, home alone in a de- serted section in Maine ... a blinding snowstorm . . . a clever strangler, escaped from the asylum up the load ... a knock on the door . . . three iriys erious strangers: all add up to the suspense and entertainment found in Cuckoos On The Ih til th, the annual drama club play. FiftyPenlope Essie .... fteba . . . . Paul De Pinna Ed ... Donald (I rand pa Alice Henderson Ton ft Kirby KoDnkhov day Wellington Mr. Kirby Mrs. Kirby 0-Men . C. Elder Olga . . . . Si sax Allen . Tiikii. Baumann .M rv Jo J ackson Jon Lineweaver E. Bom BERGER Fritz Kosebrook Ted Kooser John Murray Pat Miller Roger Trig B. Gam mack T. Moore E. jMolleston L. Drkks .ex M. Stri ble B. am Mian. J. Shipley Doris Witter BACK: Molhxton. Teiy. Witter. T. Kooser, Jackson. Roxtbrook, Baumann. I.inetcraver, S. Mien, Cammacle. I’. Miller, Murray. Moore. Drees n. Struble. F.h'er, Shiji'm, Callahan. Boviberyrr. SK('ONI): Kvt-rds, J. Anderson. Hillman. Steb- If any t. A. Hoy. Merck. Mr. Hamilton. J. ilc'uier, K. May non, K. Allen, Mat ter non, Hayoc, Hoiccll, hnvin. Combs, Lind •iuist. Thorton. Boris. Schaeffer, l.indcroth, Bcrenstein, St ran I. oloom ieta. Fifty-oneSenior CAST OK “CNCLK HARRY" Mrs. ' m Mr. Jenkins I nch Harry Hester Lottie Lucy Nona H cor ye Waddy D'Arcy Albert Iitake Ben The (governor Mr. Burton Matron Jaequo l)ve . Jim Carr Louis Thompson Delores Kobbinx Sherry Mack Sharon Small Marlys Johnson Dave Phillips Max Stover Jim Balloun Steve Walsh Fritz Jackson John Lawson Dill Brindley Shirley Kooser The play was under the direction of Robert T. Hamilton, ova Sobolev acted as assistant di- rector. Karen Allen as set designer, and Jan Judisch stage manager.BACK: Judiseh. Mathison. Brindley. Mrs. Garrett, I.. Junes. SECOND: Shipley. Speddiny, Lillie, Phillips. FRONT: Stoever, Curry, Witter. Resolved: that the governmental sub- sidies should be granted according to the need of high school graduates who qualify for additional training. This was the statement heatedly discussed this year in debate under the sponsorship of Mrs. Avonelle Garrett. Requirements for membership in debate were interest in debate and speech work. First semester the group was headed by Bill Brindley, president: Edith Lilly, vice-president; and Elizabeth Spedding, secretary-treasurer. Jerry Shipley. Dave Phillips, and Edith Lilly assumed com- mand and presided over the weekly meetings second semester. The debate squad participated in a number of out-of-town debates. Includ- ed were: Discussion Tournament. Iowa City: a preliminary meet. Fort Dodge; district tournament. Arnes: Brindley Tournament. Cedar Falls; and Coe Tournament, Cedar Rapids. The squad practiced extemporaneous speaking before working on the debate topic.Klut and Piccolo: Kurt:. Ilrrd. Spedding. M. Larsen. Carver. .1. Schultz. Cambell. Clarinet: Ptersol, Xickefoose. S. Olson. Mathrr, S. Schaefer, 31. Harlan. Callahan, Mllyard, highs, Gulden, Kirk ham. Buchwnld. McBride. P. Yochum, .•I. Hoy. Alto Clarinet: S. Strand. Hass Clarinet: Dreesen. Oboe: Vogt, Bloomfield. Bassoon: Wright, Storby. Alto Saxo- phone: Bourne, Houser. Vogt, St eh bins. Tenor Saxophone: Page. Groth. J. Anderson. Baritone Saxophone: Bose brook. Cornet: Ostermann. Ferguson, A. Broun. Soults, Harvey, Buehholtz. G. Morrison. Milliken. B. Schaefer. Johndreau. Bundy. Veline. Horn: T. Moore. Rhoades, Simpson. Rouse. Cox. Baritone: M. Johnson. Holtz. Hildreath. Busby. Trom- bone: Bragonier, It. Boy. P. Gets. I.. Joios, Wildman. Bass: B. Stoeecr, ft. Henderson, Faster. Bass Viol: Buehholtz. Percussion: Shrader. I.indroth. Fauseh. G. Malone. Murray. Trig, I.. Adams. Majorettes: McDonald. Coe. Walsh. C. Smith, Chase. B. A. Smith. I.ounsberry. It Vis ner. Getting ready for the downbeat is Mr. Hay. director. Frequently referred to as "Ames High's finest" were the Ames High marching and concert bands, who cer- tainly earned the compliment. I'nder the excellent supervision of Mr. Kichard Day, band sponsor, stu- dents practiced every morning from 7 :•” ") to S:3” with the exception of Monday. Resides performing at each of the home football «rames, tlu Ames Hijrh School marching band participated at Band Day, at Iowa State College. Per- haps the highlights of the season were journeys to Boone and West Water- loo where the band performed at half time. The Ames High band also made a proud showing at Vcishea in the spring at Iowa State College. The concert band held its annual spring concert and performed at two assemblies. Fifty-fourOrchestra A mos High had good rea- son to bo proud of its sixty piece orchestra this year, Fourteen members qualified to participate in the all-state orchestra held in Des Moines over Thanksgiving vacation. Those that auditioned anil were accepted were Diana Rex, Don Martin, Bill Hen- derson. Mary Lou Gould, and David Keller, violins; Nancy Anderson, Margaret Shrader, Tessie Pappos, violos; Char- lene Caldwell, 'Turn 'Timm, cellos; and 11111 Vanderear and John Munson, bass. Performances were given hv the orchestra on V. X. Day, at Baccalaureate, Commence- ment, and at the drama, jun- ior. and senior class plays. A Pops Concert was held jointly with the A Cappella Choir on February 2. The orchestra also performed at the Talleorn Music Festival. Violin Rex. Lounsberry, It. Martin, Biester, I.. Adams, Sorenson. Finnell, Henderson, I.ouise Thompson. Judy Simpson. Gould. Maakestad. Arrasmith. Wildman. F. Wardle, It. Hailey, Softness, Sawyer, Slack, E. Smith. Viola: Molleston, .V. Andmom, U. Shrader. Fappas. Liyht. Cello: C. Caldwell, Timm. MMer, Sortie, Schwartz. Owing». Bax» Viol: Vandecar, Text rum. Scholl. Munson. lietzel. S. Howard. Piccolo: Seed. Flute: Seed. S peddiny, Carver. French Horn: Rhoades, Jim Simpson. Oboe: Vogt. Clarinet: Olson. Fierson. S. Schaefer. Harlan. Bnxxoon: Wright, Storby. Trumpet: S. Fergu- son, Soults. Tutten. Trombone: Bragonicr. Face. Jones. Tuba: Slower. Pereuiwlon: C.Fauseh, Hailey, G. Malone. Tim- pani: It. Shrader. Director: Mr. Tjaden. Fifty-fiveA 4 i' R. m fh HACK: Wall. Tesy. Sichols. Moore. J. Anderson. Cove it. Phillips, Christy. .I. Carr, Jensen. THIRD: Kurtc. Sally Kooser. II. Kllinfison. . . Mahon, Stebbins. Stevens. M. Kerry, Callahan, It. Smith. SECOND: Rex. Hosmer, Stemple. Ports. Siekey, It. Harlan. Sills. U'riijht, ('. Faiish, Miller. FRONT: Mel.arnan. Daniels. Bortlc. C. Caldxcell. 1 ckefoose, Schramp er, Backons, Molleston. S. Smith (sr.) Executing the v a r i o u s chords, as directed by Mr. Cross, tin sophomore mixed •horns sang their way through an eventful year. The chorus was composed of sophomores selected for the qualifications of depend- ability and talent. Resides singing for public functions, the choral groups sang for Cirl Reserves at dif- ferent programs. Wayne Cross formed sev- eral new music groups. The hoys quartet, girls sextettes, and mixed quartets were chosen from the larger vocal groups. The sophomores enjoyed the opportunity to sing in the new chorus. Fifty-sixBACK: G. Erickson. Balloun. brceszcn. Gets. Rose brook. Shrader. Mr. Cross. THIRD: Bucholtz. Torrey, Shirleu Kooser. I.. Clark, Gray, Small. SECOND: Siip i. Bishop. 1‘iersol, I.yttle. Wilhelm. Cottinyham. FRONT: Camper. Jones, Mayen, Hobson, Summers, Talcott. Tin swelling notes of music which mimy ser- vice clubs, church groups and student groups enjoyed came from the hearts of the A ('appella Choir. The songsters were selected by V a y n e ('ross. musical director. The chosen leaders of the organization were Roger Nichols, presi- dent; Marie Daniels, vice president; Ethel Bort le, secretary-t reas- urcr; Bette Cot t ing- ham. librarian; and George Tor rev and Barb Kurtz, robekcep- el’s. Music appreciation was emphasized as one of the major aims of the group besides pub- lic appearance. e jopn tom ore a torus BACK: Schaeffer. Goetz. It. Gulliver. Booth. Hildreth, Mr Borland. Stensln nd, Smalliny. Mr. Cross. THIRD: M. Wolf. C. Xmith, Milliken. Boost, Wayaman. Henderson. McCarthy, Smith, h'.llinyson. SECOND: .VnfrN, Timmons. Monkrstad. Merchant. Harlan. It. Sheffer, Arthur. Rouse. A. Lee. FRONT: H. Green. U. Erickson. Sylvester, Veline. Thompson, Scalroic. Green. Carr. Trump. Hiyhbaryer. Fifty-sevenHACK : Curry. F. King. Mathixon. Keeker. Arthur, Cheville K. Hanson. 1‘innrll. M. Wolf. Tcxtrum. C. Kllingson. Faxton. Yochum. S. Smith. Debra Cur. THIRD: Strublr, Hammond. K. Wolf. Could. Timmons, K. Frickson. Green, A. Soren- son. Dixon, Dailey. Uaakextad, Louis» Thompson. Judge, C. Smith. SKCONI): .. Miller. Hutchison. Houser. I.arson. Lewis. Route, O Isa it. Carr. Horner. A. Strand. Mason. Storby, Hibson. K. Martin. Alfred. Chance. FRONT: Sylvester, Searlou, Compton. Campbell. Arrasmith. Duffy, Velline. D. Frick son, Davis. D. Green. Dotson, Litchfield. M. Martin. Howard. Where shall we go - oh todayT The gleeful masculine voices of the high school were combined to form the Boys' Glee Club. Tin sophomore club elected Jerry Booth, pres- ident : Merrill Harlan, vice president: Bob Stens- land, secretary-treasurer; and Dave Schaeffer, librarian to lead the group. Don Martin accompanied the junior and senior boys' voices which were united under the direc- tion of Wayne Cross. The club was organized with Jim Balloun. president: Dave Phillips, vice president; Peter Getz, secretary-treasurer; and Don Martin, librarian. The clubs performed together for the special program at Christmas, in the annual spring con- cert. and at Woodward. The Boys’ Glee Club was formed only this past year by Wayne Cross and held within its ranks many enthused and talented boys. The number of boys interested in the club was so great that two separate club were designated by classes. Fifty-eightBACK: Van Scny. K. All'». Yochum. H. Jackson, Throckmorton, Foderbery, Platt. Muck, M. Judge. Chittenden. A. McDowell. Ur. Cross. THIRD: Carter, Vogt. Bradley. Clark. ]'. Staith. Hardin. For. Walker. Abbett. Truesdell. SECOND: .Waimmy, Rhoades, Wester. S. Selaon, Hie lemon. Brown. Thorpe. S. Martin. I nkrum. Maffoon. Sobolev. FRONT: • . Alexan- der. Boeke. .V. Tee. Young, Berenstein, B. Smith, Broadwell. Willett. M. McDowell. Lilting songs wen produced by t wo («iris' («lee (' hi I)s. under the supervision of Mr. Cross. The junior and sen- ior club was open for all girls interested. President .1 a e k i e Van Seov led the older group, while Kathy Hansen pre- sided over the sopho- mores. The group met dur- ing regular class per- iods to increase their musical knowledge and prepare for vari- ous programs during the year. BACK: Vifmonf, Soesbe. Dreezen. Phillips. Balloun, Soults. Christy, Shrader. Getz. Moore. Mr. Cross. THIRD: Sichols, B. Henderson, Stensland. I.. Jones, McFarland. Smalltng, Bragonier, Hildreth. D. Gulliver, Milliktn. SECOND: King, Marks. Wagatnan, Booth. Goetz, Bishop. Merchant, McCarthy. Boast. It. Schaffer. FRONT: Borts, K. Magoon, . Schaef- fer. M. Harlan. F. Hansen. Kicky. D. Harlan. D. Martin. Trump. Highhargrr. Fifty-nineHACK: Thompson. I ndrr, .1. Kroon. Childs. II. Gulliver, Stover. FRONT: Cottingham, Harvey, Klopf. J. Fellows, S. Smith isr.t. Mrs. Whitney. BACK: Wells. Adams, Xielsen. Childs. Houck. Kcilly. Perry, F.ekhofJ. SECOND: Ferguson. Atidre, Wall. Malotu. .4. Hanson. I,. Morrison. I.meson, tiammell. Shirley Kooser. FRONT: Fuffett, Donets, Xichols, Krue, Klopf. Walker, Mrs. Whitney. Wei Stuff The inspin-cl journalists of Arnes High kept the presses of the Tribune roll- ing caeh week as they pro- duced the school paper. Besides the Web the main emphasis of the class was placed on journalistic technique. Students learn- ed newspaper terms, head- line and news writing. They learned how to inter- view people and how to develop individual styles. They were given an oppor- tunity to show their newly developed styles in edi- torials. The first semester staff heralded Bette Cottingham and Bill Gulliver as editors. Steve Wells and Steve Adams were editors the second semester. Mrs. Char- lotte Whitney instructed the enthusiastic writers. Sixty Headline XervcsBACK: Andre, Sorenson. Storhy. Itaileu. M. Walsh. IK Henderson. Curry. SECOND: ■’. Kiwi. Spcddiny, Hammond. S. Allen. Kuhl. Sclaroic. l.illie. M. Jackson. FRONT: Schrampfer, I.. Adams. Clouxer. Cumminas, Mrs. U' iif "Do you have thirty indies yet?" was a question frequently tossed back and forth between members of the (’ubs” Club the past year. Cubs’ Club, sponsored by Mrs. Charlotte Whitney, is an or- ganization for all students in- terested in journalism, but not enrolled in journalism class. The (’ubs met and held a luncheon approximately every two weeks. At their meetings they enjoyed a variety of pro- grams which included panels, speakers, and a tour through the Tribune newspaper office. News- paper terms and fundamentals of news and feature stories wen- taught at the meetings. If the struggling Cubs achiev- ed their goal of thirty inches in published copy, they became "real" cubs on the Web Staff. This honor remained until grad- uation. Sixty-oneTiptoeing in and out. the Library Club performed many irn- portant tasks and planned and carried out a number of activities this year. Ludor the supervision of Mrs. Elizabeth Dickenson. Ibis large group of girls met and held a luncheon approximately every two weeks. Included in their list of jobs were classifying and cataloging new books, cheeking books in and out. repairing books and magazines, and keeping the card catalogue in order. The group was led by Nancy Thornton, first semester, and Marcia Lindquist served second semester. The seasonal displays were also the charge of the Library Club. They were assisted by other students in the school who also con- tributed their time and efforts in arranging the second Hour dis- play ease. BACK: Dye. S. Strand, Heileman. l.indyuist. Jackson. S. Smith (soph. . Mr nan. Bradley, Voyt. It. Brown. THIRD: McDowell. F. Kino. PrtUt. S. Xelson, Hntnmonil, Bauman. Fas ton. Mary Judye, X. Thompson. SECOND: A. I.arson. Mason. Rcrenstcin. Thornton. Roeke. Hirschhurt). Strul lc. M. Miller. Manniny. FRONT: Coe. G. Anderson, M. McDowell, Willett. Truesdell, Welke. Mrs. Dickinson. 5, reaAurerS •'All good things must come to an end " was the verdict of the most methodical or- ganization in the high school, the student treasurers. The general treas- urer. Mary McNally, and the athletic treas- urer, Don Hartt, super- vised the records to see that accurate and com- plete accounts were kept. During the absence of these advisors. Mrs. Ruth Green took over the chores. The general account of the high school oper- ated over the separate accounts. When a group takes in money, the group treasurer c o u n t s it. makes out receipts, and turns it over to the general treasurer. Miss McNally was aided by Mary Chase and Mr. Hartt by dim Ilixon SixffMico I.KKT TO RIGHT: Itortle. Hawk. Olsen. Herd. Mr. Hartt. Ha.rye. Shepherd. Puffett. Truesdell, Geiger, Hixon, Judisch. Chase. Platt, Hosmer.3J4.A LEFT T » RIGHT: I'. Selson. D. h'rick so 1, Sylvester, I.. Daniels, Chance. Chevillc. Miss Trout. . Green. S. Selson. 8. Schultz, Olsan, Itouze. Hirschbury. Voyt, Hcilcman, Throckmorton. A cherry pic sale was perhaps the most popu- lar project of P.1I.A. this year. Senior, sopho- more, ami junior alike were more than delight- ed to buy the delicious pies prepared by t h e girls. Put ure Homemakers of America was spon- sored by .Miss Blanche .Miller and Miss Betty T rout. I lelen Throck- morton served as pres- ident and Pat Bloom- field was elected vice- president. Sandy Kouze filled the post of secre- tary; .Joyce Olsan and Margie llirschburg handled the job of treus- urer first and second semesters respectively. Ada Marie Gray acted is music chairman. Mary Louise Judge served as decoration c h a i r in a n. Linda Miller was elected historian and chairman of publicity. The par- liamentarian was Jo Anne Duffy. HACK : H. Carpenter. Henson. Hawk. K. Allen. Combs. 1‘iersol. Smetlal. SECOND: V. Mayoon. Hortle, Truesdell, Wilhelm. S. Schultz. Sobolev, Heren- stein. 8. Martin. Strand. Hournc, Stemycl. Schaefer. FRONT: ii h barycr. Horts, Hey land, Seymour. Hines. Howard. Gibson. ±n ior iZJ c ro5S A gift chest, made in cooperation with the other Story County schools, was one of the Junior Red Cross’s finest projects this year. The box was filled with school and health supplies and recreational equipment, and delivered to needy schools overseas. Junior Red Cross also cooperated with K.H.A. to make sock dolls which wore sent to children in Europe. These were only two of the many ser- vices and projects accomplished by the group. Red Cross was sponsored by Mrs. Elizabeth Dickenson. Meetings were held in the form of luncheons approximately every two weeks. The club was headed by Virginia Magoon first semester. Katen Allen assumed leadership second semester. Sixty-threeHACK:, Merck, llnnjil, ferry, Arthur, Stebbine. Mr. Page. FRONT: Molleaton, Hirschburg, Curry, Soeabc. Yoku m. The club which gained praise from test-loving students was tin- Film Operators' Club, headed by Kenneth Page. The club helped all new re- cruits learn the basic fundamentals of operating technical machinery. Leland Perry, Jean Tal- cott, and Judy Lyttle officiated the club. The German title of Der Fuhrer was bestowed on Louis Thompson as leader of the Rifle Club. The club was supervised by Everett Ritland, Captain Sherman, and Paul Severson. The resounding shots were tired every Monday night at tlie college armory refle range. BACK: M. Muck, Lours Thompson, Mrue. Mr. Ritland. FRONT: Month, Silencer, L. Morrison. Sixty-fourThe organization which hold the undisputed title of shocking more [ -ople than any other was the Radio Cluh under the guidance of Ronald Raster. This group met eaeh Tuesday during the ” th period to work on individual projects and hold business meetings. The individual proj- ects were selected by each member and built with the aid of fellow students and Mr. Raster. The constitution of the club states that to be a member you must have “an honest desire to learn about and work with radio.'' The boys were organized with dim Balloun, director: John MeComb, chairman of equipment: Roger Carr, chairman of activities; and Bill Smith chairman of busimss. I.orcn and Klliotf assemble a radi» during a radio club session. BACK: Haupt. Ruck. Heasing. MeComb. Mr. Raster. SRCOND: B. Carr, I.. I.arson. Z . Smith, Hohenshell. FRONT: Shephard. Boast. Balloun. I.'tter. PUo cu The shutti r-buf s of Ames High school clicked their cameras at willing and unwill- ing subjects, developed film, a n d improved their photo techniques. Displays of the finished projects were shown at various pro- grams throughout the year. This year t h e club selected its 12 favorite prizewinning prints from National Photograph ic A wa rds for display in the high school library. The club met every Thursday fourth per- iod. To aide the learn- ing progress of t h e club, programs of demonst rat ions, discus- sions. field trips, and guest speakers w e r e produced and staged. The field trips were in- cluded for photograph- ing pets, people, and new cars, as well as the inanimate objects. John Talbert h c 1 d the position of pro- gram chairman. Mr. Trump held the shutter as sponsor. Sixty-fiveCMC a teerScjjUac ClIEEKS lAD The hearts and vocal chords of the Ames High cheersquad were in their yells. I'nder the supervision of Mrs. Esther Smith the six leaders held business meetings on Mon- day mornings, and practiced on Tuesdays and Thursdays. which Ames High participated. The organized group which maintained the high-pitched spirit was the Pep Club, composed of every willing senior girl. The orange-jacketed girls provided a service by ushering at different public events. Several pot lucks were held before different games to plan the most important of all game strategy, that of the Ames High Spirit. I'nder tin sponsorship of Miss Doyle and co- operating with Mr. Day and his band, the group provided half-time entertainment of precision drills for both the football and basketball seasons. Calling the drills and commanding the respect of the girls were their chosen leaders: Judy P»roadwell, president: (Jail Walker, vice presi- dent : Maryn Searls, secretary; and Janice Core, t rcasurer. PEI CUT. The most persistent spirits of the school aroused enthusiasm at all the athletic events in A constitution which has been a tradition of tin c-lub was upheld by the integrity of each girl. Laws were stated with light fees to be paid if broken. sixty-sixGordy II• rti. Pat MUIer. ,V «Mcy Thorn'oN. Pott Wmrrn. Itarhaia Smith. Hill Gammnck,a an cl oph i o more 3ootU( BACK: Truj, Sh ■ »•» . Fvans, Dreeszen. bykstra, Henderson, IS. IS nidus. Heath. Covet y, Houck, KiMrom, Stuart. THIRD: bonds. Swanson. J. Baldus, T. Moore. Bamberger, M. Kerry, Harvey, Mathre, Sucker, is. Ft Hows, Brother. Getz. l.amson. Mr. Covery. SKCOND: S. Smith, Soesbe, Torrcy, Buchholtz, IS. Carr. It. Berry, b. Smith. Murry. Callahan. I.. Hansen. Carpenter, Stevens, Jackson. Woodworth, Mr. Wells. KlKST:Adflw. , Xetcott. J. Marttn, Mayoon, Fain. Brooks. ISeilly. .1. Hanson. Gaskill. I.. Morrison, I.. Spear. IS. Fllis, Ostermann, J. Fellows. RACK : Mr. Allrman. IS. Jones, Kline, I.anyc, T. Smith. Lykkcyaard, bresstr. Kilstrom. ICmd, Smalliny, Clapp, bel'aul, Catron. McFarland. Frrinyton. Farter, Merchant, Mr. I.inn. KliON'T: Mr. Horace, IS. Frickson. F. Buck. Clem. Harris, MHliken. Cox, G. Fllis. Overland. McCarthy, ISicrcr, H. ISamsey. The varsity football team wasn't the only championship team around Ames High this year. The sophomores were the undisputed kings in their own bracket. Before the arrival of the new coach, Wally Linn. Ray Smalling coached the team. The twenty nine hoys put in many hours of hard work learning the fundamentals and techniques of the game. They had opportunity to practice them in five games this season and in all five they «•merged as the victore. Although this team was unheralded and un- publicized. its members gained valuable knowl- edge and training for future varsity play. .John llighbarger acted as trainer for the team. After the completion of the season the team presented Wally Linn with a gift in apprecia- tion of his efforts. The season's seoreboard included victories over Marshalltown. Webster City. East Des Moines, Boone, and Nevada. Seventy 7 lianins The Amo High Little Cyclones won their seventeenth ('It' Championship with ji record of six wins and two losses. The Little ('volones made a total of 201 points and held their op- ponents to 7b. Captain Larry Spear lead the scoring attaek with a total of .‘»4 points followed by Chuck Kilstrom. 30; Bob Covey, 3f ; and Fritz Jackson, 24. Aaiks 7—.Mason City 0 The Little Cyclones successfully opened the 1 '• •’ " grid season with a 7-0 victory. Larry Spear made the single touchdown in the pouring rain. Singled out as playing a tine game for the Cy- clones were 48 minute linemen, Stuart. Reilly, and Sucher and halfback, Spear. Ames 1-1—Newton 7 Ames High slipped past Newton in a battle of two Central Iowa Conference favorites. The first tally came when Chuck Lamson passed to Larry Spear for 25 yards and a touchdown. A minute left .Jackson hit Spear for 40 yards. Chuck Kilstrom scored the winning touchdown and made important tackles thronghou the game. Ames 25—Marshalltown t» Tin- Little Cyclones trounced Marshalltown in a fight for the CIC lead. Touchdowns were made by Chuck Kilstrom, Larry Spear, and Fritz Jackson. Chuck Lamson passed to Dick Brooks for the final touchdown. Ames 47—Os k a loos a 8 Before the 1955 homecoming crowd, the un- defeated Ames team rolled over Oskaloosa. Coach Kenny Wells used every man with Spear scor- ing twice and Covey, Kilstrom, Houck. Stuart, and Gaskill scoring single touchdowns. Covey toed 3 points and Carpenter 2. The most excit- ing play of the game was by Chuck Gaskill with a last-plav-of-the-game run for 35 yards and stepping onto pay dirt with the sound of the gun. Stuart was singled out for outstanding play. Ames 20—West Waterloo 21 The Little Cyclones met their Waterloo at the hands of the undefeated Wahawks. It was a hard fought game with the Wahawks having com- plete control of the first half. The second half was a complete reversal with Ames on the march- ing end. CJf c .lu firrf tcimho's : Larrtt Spear. Dure Sucher. nul Hill Stuart Jackson, Ostermann, and Spear all tallied for Ames while Covey converted two extra points. Ames 34—Grinnell 7 Clinching a tie for the CIC title, the Ames team won over the Grinnell Tigers. The Grinnell defense stopped Ames' passing game and held Ames to one touchdown in the first half. Larry Spear lead the way for Ames with 155 yards in Hi carries. The game was ended with “last-play-touch- down-GaskilF' as the third string quarterback went over with no time showing on the clock. Other touchdowns were made by Covey. Jackson, and two by Kilstrom. Ames 13—Roosevelt 27 In their first battle with the Roosevelt Rough- riders and their last homegame, the Little Cyclones suffered a second non-conference loss. Larry Spear broke through for 27 yards and a touchdown. The second Ames touchdown was made by Fritz Jackson with 30 seconds remain- ing in the first half. Covey made the extra point. Ames 41—Boone 0 The Little Cyclones rolled over the Boone Toreadors to give Ames sole possession of the Central Iowa Conference crown. Coach Kenny Wells substituted freely with the complete squad of 51 boys playing. The Ames defense only let the Toreadors into Ames terri- tory once. Touchdowns were made by Kilstrom. Covey. Stuart. Carpenter, and two by Spear. Covey made 4 extra points and Carpenter one. It was the last game for 22 seniors. Sevcnti -onee —jopn ornor e EcuLAaU BACK: Mr. Cove y, St ens In nd. B. Fellows, Dresser. De Berg. Toppenberg. Schmidt. Errington. Kline. Hild- rrth. I’ Xclson. FRONT: DeVaul, Browning. Elite. Dorter. Milliken. McCarthy. McKinney. Grabbing the spotlight as one of the state’s finest sophomore teams were the Ames sopho- mores. coached by Hi Covey. They were the undisputed champions of the C.I.O. Their record is as follows: Ames 64—Mason City 50 Arms 4!)—Webster City 37 Ames 71 Carroll 58 Ames 71 -Grinned 24 Ames 54—Boone 35 Ames 50—Oskaloosa 42 Ames 54—Nevada 30 Ames 56—Doosevelt 36 Ames 61—Newton 29 Ames 78—Marshalltown 48 Ames 59—Grinnell 38 Ames 48—Boone 38 Ames 47 Oskaloosa 46 Ames 64—Newton 47 Ames 56—Marshalltown 44With seven let termen returning from the 1955 team, newly him! coaeh Wally l.inn took over the job of coaching the Ames High basketball squad. Facing their foes with grim determi- nation. the Anns Little Cyclones fought their way through a rugged basketball season. Following is the season's scoreboard: Ames 55—Mason City 52 Arnes 4b—Webster City 41 Ames 47—Carroll 00 Ames 47—Grinnell .’ 1 Ames 5 s Boone 47 Ames 02—Oskaloosa i»S Ames : s—Nevada 3s Ames (50—Roosevelt 52 Ames 58—Newton 03 Ames 47—Marshalltown Ob Ames 52—Grinnell 4s Ames S3—Boone 00 Ames 00- Oskaloosa 02 Ames 05—Newton 50 Ames 51—Marshalltown 81 Ames 71 S. C. Central 0b After completing their regular basketball sea- son. the Little Cyclones advanced through the sectional tournament by whipping Maxwell 83-42 and licking Nevada 50-48. . . ..I. For ward. till Stuart Ames advanced through their first game of the district play by whipping Adel (55-53. In a thrilling battle Ames managed to squeeze by Boone 55-53 in the semi-final district game. Car- rying their traditional spirit and their record into the final game of district play with the powerful Marshalltown Bobcats the Little Cy- clones made a proud showing but fell to the champions of the C.I.C.. who later became the state champs. BACK: 8hipley. Prather. H. Itahlus, Sucker, Stuart, l . Hat , Tail lor, Mathrr, Murray, I hotels. KKONT: It. Flits, Stevens, C. Kilstrom, Lamson, Covey. Jackson, Callahan, Torres, ■Mr. Linn. Seventy-fiveHACK: Shipley, P. X cl.son. Trip. FIFTH: Carter. Rosebrook. G. Erickson. J. Anderson. Stoner, (let:, Dykstra. FOURTH: St evens. Callahan. It. Can. It. Kerry. Reilly. Surlier. M. Kerry. THIRD: Roy. Prather. Heath. Child . B. K aid us. Moore. Candecar, Gulliver. SECOND: Goessman. K. Covey, Ostermann. I.. Morrison. Evans. Bomheryer. Murray. Buehholts, Stuart. FRONT: Mr. Covey, It. Ellis. Kilstrom, Spear, Brooks, Gammell. E. Hanson. Mr. Wells. 2 e erue BACK: Harvey. .1. Fellous, Mat lire. FOURTH: M. Klein, D. Itery. C. Buck. .4. I.ykkeyaard, R. Tappenbory. Erruuiton. It. McFarland. THIRD: McKinney, Clem, It. Fellous, Stens'.and, Krekow, Clapp, Gulliver. SECOND: PeMoss. Kappr, R. Iones, Ford. Dresser, Porter, Schmidt, 1. Ellis, Mcllitvciy, FIRST: Mr. Cetvery, Bender, Harris. Ktrfnysis. Millikan. Stein. Cor. M. Itoyne, Mr. Wei's. Seven! y-ciyhtThe Ames High Little Cyclones won the state indoor championship and the Valley Relays, but forfeited the trophies because of an ineligible player on the Ames team. However, the Ames thinclads proved by their ability and perform- ance that they really were the state's finest track team. Included in their list of meets was the Bobcat Invitational Track Meet, at Marshalltown which Ames decisively won. other meets included the Drake Relays held in Des Moines, the Ames Invitational Tri- Angular Track Meet (North of Des Moines. Marshalltown, and Ames . the District Meet, the Central Iowa Conference Track Meet at New- ton, and the State Outdoor Track Meet. Bill Heath and Larry Spear were elected co- captains of the team. The team was spurred on to their heights by the excellent coaching of Hi Covey. Seventy-nineshouts flit master, Bobby Donrls. “Stop that putting around" was a state- ment often hear around school, but certainly not around the golf club. The team, coached by Wally Linn, entered the following thir- teen meets and was anything but unlucky in their efforts. April 10—Marshalltown April 14—Newton April 27—0. R. Franklin April 28—Lincoln Invitational May 3—Roone May 5 —Invitational May 12—1 )i strict May 14—Marshalltown May 17—Roosevelt l)c May 19—(’onference May 24—Roone May 25—Roosevelt May 26—State BACK: Houck, Bamsey. Bricks on. Brers, Schach. Caldwell, Elder. SECOND: B. King, It. Smith, B. Jackson, Browning. Bonds, Mr. I.inn. FRONT : It. tleificr. IIighbarycr. Merchant. It. Schaeffer. McCarthy. I’. Schaeffer. Eighty BACK: K. Mayoon, G. Morrison. Goessman. Brown. Torrey. FRONT: Xairn. Benson. . . Carr, Kuhl. Sun merino. I . Ramsey. At the beginning of March several boys re- ported to tin gym to practice for the tennis team. This year, with four returning letter-men, the team had one of its better seasons. Again playing some of the best teams in the state, the team had a schedule of 1:5 dual meets and was entered in four tournaments. The dual meets wore with the Central Iowa Conference schools and the larger schools around central Iowa. The coaches were Kenneth Wells and Donald Marti. iliyhly-one“Let’s go to the ballgame" was heard many, many times last summer as Ames got its first baseball season in its ath- letic history under way. Starting (»0' and finishing in typical Ames High manner, the Ames roster boasted a season of •n wins and four loses. A tries 11—Grand Junction 1 A mes 1—West 1). M. 3 Ames 9—Roland 1 Ames 5 East I). M. 8 Ames 2—East D. M. 3 A mes 18—Radcliffe 0 A mes b—Grand Junction 1 A mes 12—West I). M. 3 A mes 10—Radcliffe 0 Ames 8—Ellsworth 0 A mes 0—West D. M. 4 A mes 2—Roland 0 A mes 13—Blairsburg 0 A tiles 11—Blairsburg 0 1'nder the fine coaching of Ray Smalling, nine boys earned letters in baseball. Hob Ellis was elected captain of the team. . I; hlft-ticoHACK: J. Carr. D. Hoy. Heath. Houck. Cam melt. I'rnthcr. Mathre, Elder. Callahan. It. Covey. THIRD: S. Wells, Stuart. Ballou n. Murray. Surlier. .. Hanson. Eeilly, J. Fellows, M. Berry. Moore, .. Morrison, Stevens. SECOND: .1. It rote n, C. Kilstrom. ft. Kitty. S. Adams. It. Ellis. D. Smith. Bensen, Harvey. Buehholtg. FRONT: C. Ellis. Jaekson. Bomherycr, Lamson. Geiyer, Donets. Torreu. B. Berry. Evans. Ostermann. Forty-six boys, all winners of major awards in athletics, claimed membership to one of the more exclusive clubs of Ames High, the Varsity Club. The Varsity Club’s chief function was the furtherance of athletics for younger boys through its support of tournaments and intra- mural activities. The group was led by Larry Spear, president. Steve Adams served as vice-president and Hoi» Ellis acted as secretary. The club was sponsored by Kenneth Wells, athletic director. The group planned an initiation for new mem- bers which took place at a pep assembly. The annual Varsity Club picnic was also on the list of activities planned by the organization. Earning a major A. the only qualification for becoming a member, required a certain amount of time spent in participating in school sports. To earn a major A in football boys must have participated in one-half of the quarters played during the season, or on recommendation of the coach for three years participation, or as an important factor in the team. A basketball award winner must have par- ticipated in one-third of the quarters of the total number of basketball games. Tennis players were eligible for a major A if they earned twenty-eight points, one-third of the possible points from various tournaments, excluding the final state tournament. A total of one hundred and eighty points was required to win a major letter in track. Golf awards required one-half of the possible points for the season, averaging eighty-three strokes or under for all eighteen hole meets, placing first or second in the state meet, or play- ing in two-thirds of the meets. A baseball fielder or infielder is eligible for a major A if he plays in one-half of the total innings. A pitcher or a catcher may receive an award by participating in one-fourth of the total innings. All members of state championship teams receive a major letter. » Eiyhty-thrreHe member the homeroom ' Sweat and muscles defend its name. Sixteen different sports ranging from table-tennis to wrest iing were offered to oil boys interested in intramurals this year. 1'nder the watchful eyes of Ray Small- ing. intramural director and Dale Heide- man. assistant director, each homeroom in the high school competed with others for the grand intramural trophy which was awarded to the homeroom with the majority of intramural points. Individual ribbons were also awarded to all first place winners. The grand trophy was awarded to the II.R. winner in each class. HACK: Ueilhi. Heath. It rooks. SECOND: Morrow, Itrounin-). Drecscn. Hildreth. FRONT: H. Alexander, Hel'aul. Hansen. G. Ellis.- Cj.-A. A. Howling, soft Imi II, volleyball, basketball, tennis, golf, ami badminton were all among the elective sports offered by (i.A.A. this year. Kach girl receiving at least 100 points, which were earned by taking part in some sport 01 form of recreation, was formally initiated into G.A.A. in February. Sally Kekhotf led the group this year. Diana Rex served as vice-president. The post of secretary-treasurer fell to Mary Platt. Kathy Wolf tilled the position of intramural chairman, and Nancy Thomp- son and .Indy ('lark recorded points. Nancy Ilagge acted as social chairman. Awards were given to the winning teams at the awards assembly in the spring. BACK: Andre. Eckhoff. Howell. Platt. Mrs. Smith. THIRD: K 1 Volf .Vary Kay Judge. Lillie. K. Hanson, Small. SECOND Dixon. .V. Thompson, H ay ye, Mary Judge. Ilavis. FRONT Young. Searls. Alexander, Rlyth, Hex. Eighty-fiveTht smiles » Royalty - - - Quctn Sharon Small - - - and attendant . Mix Maryn Star! and Mitts Ratty Warren. Crowned with an air of dignity, .Miss Sharon Small reigned over her subjects, the massive Homecoming crowd. She was aided by her two attendants. Patty Warren and M’aryn Searls. The girls were selected by popular vote of the student body from a field of ten finalists. The co-captains, Ed Reilly and Chuck Kilstrom. an- nounced the queens during a special assembly and presented them with flowers. A snake-dance, the Ames High band, and the faithful student ltody formed a parade led by the queens. A float, constructed by the Pep Club, supported the team on their journey to the City Hall where .Mayor Joseph Lawlor expressed his sentiments in a short talk before the pep rally. The rousing homecoming game provided the thrills and spills of the occasion. Ames won over Oskaloosa, 47-N. providing a highlight in the Ames High football season. To delight the spectators the queens Were exhibited in ears before the game, as well as at the Intermission Coronation. The beauties of Ames High selected by the student body as the ten finalists were Joyce Abbott. Maryn Searls. Patty Warren, Judy Rroadwell, Bette Cottingham, Terry Gilreath, Sharon Small, Barb Smith. Mary Platt, Jean Talcott, and Ruth Ann Smith. Eighty-rightI I I 4 Spirit 3) ci nee “Carousel" was the tlicnie of the festive Spirit dance whieh was held January 2. . The decorations centered around the platform which held the mystic figure of a circus horse in a colorful canope. This was tlie platform which upheld the slight figure of Miss Patty Warren who reigned over the evening as Spirit Sweetheart, attended hv Delores Robbins. Joyce Ablnitt and Maryn Searls. Barb Kurtz, chairman; Mary Platt, decorations; and John Puft’ett, master of ceremonies worked hard to make the eve- ning reach perfection. John Murray won the free Spirit. BACK: Cottinyhani. I'ckhoff. I’latt, VnnScoti. Dye. I'obbins. FRONT: ii rrrifM. Abbott, Talent t, Hearts. IXincty-one On January 15-19 tin- deep-thinking students of Ames High turned their thoughts of the pres- ent into tin future by choosing the theme “Your Life is a Sermon’ for their Friendship Week. The twenty-ninth annual Friendship Week was conducted by the guest speaker. Reverend Allan Justad. associate minister of the Trinity Methodist fTiureh in Grand Island. Nebraska. He was the guest of both the Girl Reserves and the Hi-Y cabinets and representatives, who an- nually sponsor Friendship Week, at school luncheons. The week began with all out to church Sun- day. The students were given an opportunity to air their views on different weighty problems in the “huddle groups” on Monday. Speaking to the receptive student hotly on the following days. Reverend Justad delivered three talks. Accept 'Phis Sermon.” “Relieve In This Sermon.” and “Live This Sermon.” Knjoycd by each of the individual classes was an open forum conducted by Reverend Justad. Many pertinent problems were discussed openly, as well as in private conferences with Reverend Justad. Devotions were held each morning and noon. Xinety-thrccAmes High School heir] its an mini open house on Thursday eve- ning, November 10, from 7:15 to 0:4o [ . m. Back-To-School Night has been a tradition in Ames High for twenty years. Ames High School students and their parents attended their Friday morning classes on Thursday eve- ning. An attempt was made to show parents and other visitors what goes on in the regular classes of an A. H. S. student. Highlights of the evening were a talent as- sembly a n d a student-parent faculty tea. Films were shown in the study hall all evening ".Vi sspeli “psycholotiy' "diphtheria •conscientious'’ “Doctor, lawyer, Indian chief” which will it be ' This was a question 52 qualified speakers tried to answer when they spoke at Career Day. March 2. Each student heard three lectures on vocations of his choice. Welch and Central 9th graders were guests of the Ames High student body.S 2 .„, 4t The recess The events recorded on a homeroom bulletin boardn OOil Soon hour sitting Irt- .Xinrti -nincand The luminous metal shop Trying to rapture the likenesses The touch system a-tl-s-fOne hundred one%,n wM to the f ,vtaL of Jl. J4. S. One hundred threeHill’s Studio Thank you Seniors for your fine cooperat ion and best wishes from your 195G Spirit photographers. 2530 Lincoln Way I’honk ( K 2-4570 Miss Shakos Smai.i Homecoming Queen One hundred fourAmes Hi . . . Aims Hi . . . with one of the most important ingredients so necessary in making a GOOD school the BEST . . . and Ames Hi students have that SPIRIT ... in “bound'' as well as in “unbound'' volumes. We congratulate you, students of Ames Hi, and graduates of 1956 . . . Keep that SPIRIT and will-to-win ... it will help carry you on to new and important victories. ★ ★ ★ AMES DAILY TRIBUNE Your Hometown Sew spa per One hundred fiveCompliments of . . . COLLEGIATEJH MANUFACTURING ■companyH Chev Adams Clint Adams Class of 1919 Ames High School Class of 1921 Oii» hundred sixOne hundred sevenTHE AMES MATTRESS FURNITURE CO. “fhc basement store” New - used furniture where your furniture dollar goes the farthest 400B .MAIN STREET PHONE ’E 2-5215 Congratulations and Best Wishes TO OUR HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS We think we have a wonderful bunch of kids in Ames. We re very proud of you, hate to see you grow up, and we'll miss you when you go on to bigger things - - - as we know you will. A M E S Deprndablt- Since i860 One hundred ei ihtThe homes with all the new features OVERLAND BUILDERS Route 1 Dial CE 2-7154 Congratulations Seniors trIHLS . . . may we help you assemble your College or Career Wardrobe? 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'56 SPIRIT STAFF One hundred seventeenJeoldLo and Bart like to stop in When Larry vents to get spruced Dick goes to the up, he goes to Shipley's Barber Bill's planning for his future Pat and Marianne are checking out at Overland after a snack. at Brown Insurance Service Stopping in at Younkers Men's Norn finds a vide selection of department, J0ck can hardly resist colors in the paint department of Irvine's. Dennis and Keith think those spud- nuts from Joy's Spudnut Shop are delicious. buying a jsveator up on all the latest Bing vetches his TV set Kike and Karsten find the Rainbov •a good place to stop in for o Mary Jo's just ned about that con- To keep vertable from Dunlap Motor Conpesy. events. fron Gulliver Radio end TV coke after the phow, One hundred ciuhtccnI ? I ' 11 i i Jl 1 -f rl tJ V..J ,.vf I setisty all biu reading When honey sends flower ner rvind or. a skirt with needs, Johnny roes to froa Delonrt Florist, she his clothes ce-t out cV, c« Pick a cute cord, too. er from Lindquist's. I. The vide variety of per- fures ct Icarus Drug rake Stella's birthday shop- un, Rog Jerry's checking out at -Dave's :icking up his fine quality Tod's Grill after a tasty favorite ar.gezino at pizza with the gang. the College ripe Shop, Paul'8 stopping in for an eye e axin6tion ot Jensen Optical,, Rosie and Marcia con pick out candy for any occasion at Sweetlar.d. Kent is discovering Just what it is that keeps food so fresh ot Christ- ianson Appliance, Jo Ann is really getting the work3 at Contouro Beauty Solon, One hundred nineteeno car like thot or,e fron to go for all your auto water. That's why he's type, she went right t Kathison's, Margie? supplies, says Leon. looking at heaters at Fci- Less Typewriter to loo oer Flushing. for a new nechine. of records to supplement his collection at Ases Hardware end Music. fine-fitting shoes, Karen car at Srintnall's Stand- goes to Beuge's Shoe Store, ord Service. sweater, and she found it at Smart end Thrifty. Jin can be very sure of a fine quality watch from Talbert'6 Jewelers. Iva Joan finds ©vory-day low values when she does the family shopping at Rushings. Dick tries his hor.d at doing the laundry at Millard's Self-Service Laundry. -Via knows that she can fill up bn goodies from Ferguson's Bekery. One hundred twentyill finds .’ust the shirt he vents iverv time f t Berck Clothinr. trv'e not tikir.c in chances vne e cete his insurance tt Holts it eirn Insurance. f.atnie'o reedy to ttxe off in thot swell new Plymouth fror Kotor Ssles end Service. Lob and Jack liko to stop in ofton for a coke at Fmngo’s. Barb's cT‘.zy about thit ctr frem Kathisor Kercury. Haney and Miry like to hi.ah things over i coko at Scotty's Chickon Inn. Chuck er.d Jir. opreo that movies ore better thrr o-or at the theeters of fcnes. One hundred twenty-one udroy's picking out new jacket fro» Iowa V.'oolen. Steve stops to pick up f. Gory fir is really rood- some refreshment from j looking clothes et Joe's West Street Grocery. ) H®n»« Shop. right aechi: Bob stops by ot Ninth Street Grocery to get a TAoes Lumber supplies Dove with the lumber he carton of cokes for the , wants for hi3 projects, gong With a heavenly formal like this from Younkers, Thoil con't help but have e wonderful time. Jia keeps up latest event: ing the Des ! ister. Younkera» fine cosmetic lino suits Linds to o "T," John's investigating furniture for his room at S. Honson Lumbor Company , . Stag Clothing supplies Paul 'with good looking and reasonably priced clothos. Jim's ell set to make e strike at mes Bowling Lares Onr hundred twenty-twoId picks up choice cuts of sect for For oxtrc-3peciil lunbor buys, Jotm knows that if he stops in at the fsally dinner et Aaes "ruit end Johnson Lunber is the piece to o. Rex orvico fteticn, he will Prue cots truly expert erd ertful hoir styling at - Karriman's. .-or thst specicx oc«obi«»i Barb knows she cor. find lovely flowers et Everts •lorists. One hundred tuent u-thrceAbbott, Joyce Adams, Mr. Prank . Adams, Mr. Herbert Aduniv, l.inda . Adam». Steve . AI rim it. Karen Akin. Sandra . Alexander, Hill Alexander, Johanna . Alfred. Janice Allen. Karen Allen. Susan . Allison. Mr. Ixdand . Anderson, Gayle Anderson, Joe Anderson. Mary Jo . Andre. Jackie Ankrum, Mary Lou Arrasmltb, Carol . Arthur. Mary Kay . ..........................6 39. 48, 54. 55, 61 . 83 .......................39 .......................10 l| , ' . ‘ . ' . ’ 37. 59. 85 ........................40. 58 . 4. 19. 15. 18. 4 9. 59. 63. 66 . ..........................8 . 19.45. 62. 66 . 37. 54. 56. 78 ........................41.48 . 4.19.60,61.66. 85 . 19.45. 59.66 . 41.55.58 . 39. 57. 58 Hachman, Jean Bachman, Joan Backous. Shirley Hailey, Gary Haldus. Hob . Ha Id us. Gerald Halloun, Jim . Happe. Phillip Barnard, Hon Buttles, Norman . Baumann, Theil . Reach. Larry Bcgg. Dick . Hell. Joan Hell. Joyce . Helluxxo, Mr. Liwrence . Bender. David Bengston. Mr. Leonard . Henson. Warren . Berck. Ira . Berensteln. Ellen Horry. Hob . Berry. Marvin Hierer. Kred . Biester. Charlotte Birkinbine. Paula Bishop. Robert . Black. Duane Bloomfield, Patricia . Blyth, Sarah . Boast. Richard Bodle, A lech la Boeke. Charlene . Hogue, Marvin Bamberger. Kd Booth. Jerry Bortle, Kthel Sorts. Paul . Bourne. Geneva . Boxven, Bob . Bowlds. I .oralee Bradley, Karen . Bragonler. Janies Brekke. Carroll Brendeland, Jim Brindley. Bill . Broadwell, Judy Brooks. Dick Brown. Alan . Brown, Diane Brown. Howard . Brown. Roger Browning. David Brue. Del . Buchholtx, Bill Buchmann. Pat Buck. Gene Buck. Mike Bundy, Robert Burgoon, Kenneth Burton. Clarence . Busby, Dale . . 39. 48 . 40.48 . 37,45, 56 19 . 36. 70. 75. 78 . 70 19. 49. 57. 59. 65. 82. 83 . . 19 . 19 . 35. 45. 48. 62 . 40 . 19 . 36 . 35 . 8. IS. 37. 16 . 78 . 8 . . 36. 18, 19 . 37. 48. 59. 62. 63 . 36. 70. 78. 83 13. 35. 46. 56. 70. 78. 83 . 40.70 . 36. 55 . 20 . 37. 57. 59 . 35 . 41.48.54 . 36. 85 . 41.45. 48. 57,59 . 41 . 36. 44.59. 62 . 39. 78 . 37. 65. 70. 78. S3 . 13.39.57. 59.63.84 . 20. 55. 56. 62. 63. 66 . 36. 56. 59. 63 . 35. 54. 63 . 20 . 39. 4S . 37. 59. 62 . 40. 54. 55. 59 . 20 . 41.46 . 20. 46. 53 . 20. 59. 66 . 20. 71». 78. 84 13. 18. 20. 54. 60. 81. 83 . 37. 59. 62 . 20 . 39 . 39. 46. 74. 80. 84 . 20. 60. 63 13. 35. 54. 57. 70. 78. 83 . 35 . 40. 70. 78 . 20. 63. 65 . 40. 54 . . . . 40 . 36 . 37. 54 Caldwell. Charlene Caldwell. Karen . Caldwell. Larry Callahan. Bob Cameron. Karen . Campbell, Prudence . . 21. 55. 56. 66 .........................39 ......................18. 20 13. 15. 37. 54. 56. 70. 75. 78. S3 .........................40 . . . . 41.54,58 Canvln. Miss Madeline Carlson, Tom Carpenter. Bill . Carpenter. Sandra . Carr, Jim . Carr. Kathleen Carr, Mary . Carr. Roger Carter. Stanley Carver. Jane Case. Konney Catron. Dwayne . Champagne, Susie Chance. Marianne Chase. Mary . Cheville. Kathryn Childs. Dean . Chittenden. Diane Christianson. Dave Christy. Larry . Clapp. Lyle . Clark. Judy . Clark. Lyn . Clem, Richard . Clink. Sterling Clouser. Elsie Coe. Debra . Collins, Kayetta . Combs. Jack . Compton. Karen Corbin, Darlene . Cottingham. Bette . Covey. Bob Covey. Mr. Hiram . Cox. Barbara Cox. Thomas . Cross. Mr. Wayne Cummings. Carol . Curry. Sharon . 8.39 ................................35 . 21.63.70 . 39. 48 . . 15. 40. 48. 57. 58 ................................36 . 37. 46. 65. 70. 78 . 35. 78 . 36. 54. 55. 59 ................................54 . 39. 48. 65. 70 ................................41 . 41.58.63 . 21. 45. S4. 62. 66 . 39. 58. 63 . 21. 46. 60. 78 . 35. 48. 59 ......................21 . . . 37. 56. 59 . 39. 70. 78. 83 . 15. 33. 43. 57 . 21. 57. 66 . 40. 70. 78 ................................36 . 39. 48. 61 . 37. 54. 58. 62 ......................21 . 36. 63 . 40.48. 58 ................................35 . 21.57.60. 66.90 13. 34. 35. 56. 70. 75. 78. S3 . 8. 36. 70. 78 ................................41 . . 40. 46. 54. 70. 78 . 8. 57 . 37.61 . 37.53,58. 61 Dailey. Susan ...... 40. 55, 58. 61 Daniels. LaVonne ...... 41. 45. 63 Daniels. Marie....... 21. 45.56.66 Davis. Iva Jean ..... 41.48, 57. 58. 85 Day. Mr. Richard ........ 8 DeBerg. Douglas........ 40. 74. 78 DeMoss. Roy . . . . . . . 41. 46. 78 DeVaul. Dick...... 13. 41,70. 74. 84 Dickinson. Mrs. Elizabeth . . . . .8.62 Diehl. Byron..............21 Dixon. Stella.......... 39. 58. 85 Dobson. Virginia ....... 36. 57 Doggett. Nancy ........ 35 Donels. Robert .... 80.83 Dotson. Jacquelyn ...... 39. 48. 58 Dowden. Jack ........ 33 Downs. Gene ........ 82 Doyle; Miss Mary ........ 9 Draves. Norma ........ 22 Dreeszen. Lynn ..... 35. 54. 57. 59. 70 Dreeser. James ...... 39. 70. 74. 78 Duffy. Joanne . . . . . . . . 40.58 Duffy. Raymond ........ 36 Dunlap. Cecilia ........ 37 Dye. Jacque ........ 33.90 Dye. Rebecca . . . . . . . - 45. 62 Dykstra. Gary . . . . . . . 35. 70. 78 Easter. Janies . Easter, Mr. Ronald Easton. Marjorie . lOckhoff. Sally Ecklind. MISS Ruth Eichbei ger. Erma Elder. Chuck Ellingson. Beverly Ellingson. Carolyn Ellis. Bob . Ellis. Gary Elliot, Mrs. Rose Erickson. Gordon Erickson. Barbara Erickson. Bernard . Erickson. Mrs. Cornelia Erickson. David Erickson. Donna Errington, Kred Evans. Lawrence . Evans. Rochelle . Everds, Joe . 13. 40. 54 .......................8 . 10. 48. 58. 62 . 22. 60. 66. 85. 90 ........................11 . 22. 45. 66 . 15. 80. S3 . 22. 56. 66 . 40. 57. 5S . 22. 70. 75. 7$. 82. 83 13. 40. 70. 74. 78. 82. S3. 84 - 8.40 . 37. 57. 7$ . 41. 48. 5S . 41.70 ........................12 . 39. SO . 39.45,48. 57. 58.63 . 13. 39. 70. 74. 78 . 35. 70. 7S. S3 .............................35 . 36. 80 Onr hundrt d twenty fourFain. Dennl . . . . . . . . 35. TO Fauach. enrol...................36. 51. 55. 56 Fauactv Donald . . . . . . .40 Fellows, Ben ...... 40, 70. 74, 78, S3 FVIlOw . Joe.................13. 15. 22. 80. 70. 78 Ferguson. Bill.......................22. 54. 55. 60 Ferguson. Jack ........ 33 Flack. Mr . Daisy.................................7 FM«rbenr. Edith................... 36.4 4. 5» Ford. Jimmie . . . . . . . . 41, 78 FOsler. Cole ......... 32 Fox. Ann....................... 22. 45. 59. 66 Gnmnutck. BUI . Gammell. Jim Gammon. Kenneth Gamper. Valerie Garrett. Mrs. Avonelle Gaskill. Chuck Geiger. Don Geiger. JoAnn Getz. Peter . Gibson. Kay . Gilchrist. Barbara . Gilreath. Terry Goesaman. Johnny . Goetz. Roger Gore. Janice . Gorman. Jim Gorman. Tom . Gould. Mary Ie u . Gray. Adah Marie Green. Donna Green. Gloria Green. Mrs. Ruth . Green. Shirley Groth. Martha Grubb. Mis Betty Gulden. Ann Gulliver. Bill . Gulliver. Dick . 35. 48. 67 . 13. 22, 46. 60. 78. S3 . 41 . 35. 57 . S. 53 . 22. 70 . 22. 16. 62. 3". 82. S3 . 37. 48 . 13.37. 54. 57. 59.70.78 . 40. 45.48. 58. 63 . 22. 66 . 23. 66 . 13, 23.46. 78.81 . 39. 57. 59 . 23. 66 23. 82 4". 4 5. 55. 58 23. 57. 41. 57. 58. «3 41. 44. 57. 58 23. «6 54 9 . 23. 54. 66 . 15. 18. 23. 60. 78 . 39. 57. 59. 7S Haas. Chris ......... 23 Hagen. Don ......... 23 Hagen. Sharon . . . . . . . 37.57 Hagge. Nancy . . . . .15. 37. IS. 49. 62. 85 Hamilton. Mr. Robert . . . . . 9, 37. 48. 49 Hammond. Celia . . . . . . 4 8. 58. 61. 62 Handley. Jim . . . . . . .36 Hannum. Mr. Thomas ....... 6 Hansen. Ed . . . . . . . 35. 59. 82. 84 Hansen. Kathryn . . . . . . 39. 48, 58. 85 Hansen. Lee . . . . . . . 23. 70. 78. 83 Hanson. Aryld ...... 23. 60. 70. 82 Hardin. Sarah ....... 37. 45. 57 Harlan. David..................... 35. 56. 59. 82 Harlan. Merrill........... 13.40. 55. 57. 59 Harris. Leon ....... 41.70.78 Harrison. Mr. Leslie ....... 6 Hartt. Mr. Donald ...... 9. 40. 62 Harvey. Jay............. 13. 24. 54. 60. 70. 78. S3 Haupt. Elliott.................41.48.65 Hausner. Ervin ........ 40 Hauger. Adele . . . . . . . .33 Hawk. Kloise . . . . 18. 24. 48. 49. 62. 63. 66 Haynes. Rosemary ....... 36. 45 Heath. Bill................ 24. 70. 78. S3. 84 Hegland. Julie............. 24. 45. 49. 63. 66 Heileman. Heide ..... 36. 48. 59. 62. 63 Henderson. David . . . . 13. 37. 54. 55. 61. 70 Henderson. William ...... 39. 57, 59 Hensing. David . . . . . . . 24. 65 Hertz. Gordie ........ 24. 67 Hetzel. Mr. Walter ....... 6 Hicks. John ........ 37 Hiedeman. Dale . . . . . . . 9.35 Highbarger. John . . . . .39. 57. 59. 63. 80 Hildreth. Bruce . . 13. 15, 40. 54.57. 74.78.84 Hill. Jerry........................................40 Hillman. David ........ 35 Hillyard. Mary . . . . . . . 10. 48. 54 Hines. Coleen................... 40. 48. 63 Hirschburg. Margie . . . . . 35. 45. 62. 63 Hixon. Jim........................24.62 Hohenshell. Gene ....... 35.65 Hohenshell. Janet ...... 24. 45. 66 Holtz. Mr. Karl ........ 6 Homer. Janet...............................41.48.58 Hosrner. Ruth . . . . . 34. 36. 45, 56. 62 Houck. Dean.......... 18.24.60,70.80.83 Houser. Diane..............................41,54.58 Howard. Judy ...... 39. 48. 58. 63 Howe. Tom ......... 82 Howell. Mr. Frank ....... 6 Howell. Katherine . . . . . 4. 35. 48. 49. 85 Hutchison. Janyce ....... 40. 58 Inglis. Jackie ........ 51 Jackson, Fritz Jackson, Irene Jackson, Mary Jo Jenkins. Jim Jensen, Dick .... Johndreau. Jim Johnson, Larry . Johnson. Marly . Jones. Larry . Jones. Roger Jones. Sharon .... Judge, Charles Judge. Mary Kay . Judge. Mary Lmise Judisch, Jan Keeker. Sharon Kelley. Jim .... Kerr. Betty .... Kilstrom, Bruce Kilstrom. Chuck King. Ben .... King. Faithe King. Ronald Klein. Michael Klingseis. Martin . Klopf. Charles . Kohl. Denis Kooser. Sally Kooser. Shirley Kooser. Ted .... Krekow, Edwin Krocheski. Torn . Kuhl. Constance Kurtz. Barbara . . 24. 46. 70. 75. SO. 82. 83 . . . . 24. 66 . ............................24 . . . . . 40. 54 ............................37 . 25. 45. 54. 66 . »1.53. 54.55.59 . 39. 70. 78 . 37. 57 ............................39 . 37. 45. 59. 85 . II. IS. 58. 62. 85 . I. 25. 46. 48. 49. 53. 62. 66 . 40. 58 ............................25 ............................39 . . . . 40. 70 . 36. 70. 75. 78. 83 . . . . 36. 80. 83 . 39. 58.61.62 ............................59 . 41. 70.74. 78 . 41.78 . 4. 25. 46. 60. 65 ............................36 . 25. 56. 66 . . . 25. 57. 60. 66 . 34. 35 . 41.48.78 ............................25 . 40. 48. 61 . 4. 35. 45. 54.56 Ltmpe. Sandra Ltmson. Chuck Lange. Donald Larson. Ada Larson. I-arry . Larson. l oren Larson. Maurine Lawson. John l«ee. Ave Marie . Lee, Nancy La . Ronald . LeMoine. Fannie John L-ster. James I .ester. Linda Lewis, Patricia . Lewis. Sandra Lillie. Edith . Lindahl. Chuck . Linderoth, Janet Lindquist. Marcia Lineweaver. Jon l.inn. Mr. Wally Litchfield. Eveline Iemnsberry. Marla Lowther. John Lunden. Bruce Luther. Mark Lykkegaard, Alex Lykkegaanl. Lilly . Lyttle. Judy Mac Bride. Mr. George McCummOn. Phillip McCarthy. Daniel McClure. Jackie McComb, John McDonald. Sherry . McDowell. Ann . McDowell. Mary Jo McFarland. David McGilvrvy, Fred . McKinney. Michael McLarnan. Sandra McLennan. Paul . McNally. Miss Mary McNeal, James McTague, Joe McTague. Mary . Maakestad. Karen Mack. Sherry M a goon. Keith Magoon. Virginia Maitland. Larry . Malone. Garry . Malone. Judy Manning. Mary Marks. Kenneth Marsh. Mrs. Maude Martin, Donald . Martin. Jerry . Martin. Karen . Martin. Mary . Martin. Sally Mason. Barbara . 48 . 35. 70. 75. 78. 83 . 70 . 11.58.62 . ‘ . ’ . ' . ' 25. 65 . 36. 54 . 25. 46. 48. 49 41.57.58 . 25. 59. 66 . 37 . 39.44 . 25 . 36. 45 . 39. 58 . 36 . 35. 53. 61. 85 . 26 . 37. 48. 54 . 35. 48. 62 . 36. 48. 65 . 9. 10. 70. 75. 80 . 58 . 26. 54. 55. 66 . 39 . 39 19 . 40. 70. 78 . 37. 45 . 26. 57. 66 . 9.3 4 . 35 . 10. 57. 59. 70. 74. 80 . 26. 66 . 26. 65 . 36. 18 . 35. 59. 62 . 26. 59. 62. 66 13. 15. 41. 57. 59. 70. 78 . 78 . . 36. 45. 56. 62 . 26 . 9. 36 . 26 . 26 . 4. 15. 34. 37. 15. IX . 26. 45. 59. 66 . 81 . 26.45.59. 63.66 . 35 . 26. 54. 55 . 27. 56. 60. 66 . 35. 4 8. 59. 62 . 27. 59 . 12 . 37. 55. 59 . 27. 70 . . . 41,45.58 . 39. 58 . 37. 59. 63 . 39. 58. 62 One hundred twenty-fiveMat her. Audrc . Mathlson .Judy . Mathro, Don . Mathlson, Judy Maxwell, Harold . Melampy. Kathleen Merchant. Jim . Michaud. Hob Middenta, Mr. Joe .Millard. Doris Miller. Mis Blanche . Miller. I.inda Miller. Marilyn Miller. Patti . Miller, Mia Ruth Miller. Robert . Milliken. Donald Molleston, Ellon MorelaiKl. Mr . Anna . Moore, Gary Moore. Terry Morrison. Gary . Morrison, Larry Morrow, Ronald Mosness. Michael . Mullin. Maxine . Murray. John Musser. Edgar . Myers. Dick Nairn. David Nanney. John Nanney. Susan Needham. Nancy . Nelswanger. Bob Nelson. Dale Nelson. Janice Nelson. Patricia Nelson. Paul Nelson. Suzanne . Netcott. Bill . Newkirk. Mr. Sylvester Nichols, Roger Nicky. Don Nielsen. George Noid. John Nowlin. Austin . . . . 27. 48.66 . . . . 40. 68. 68 . 27. 1«. 64, 70. 76. 78. 83 .......................... 40. 63. 58 .............................27 .......................41.48 . 13.39.67. 69.70.80 ! ! ! II .....................27.6»; ...........................‘I . . . . . . .,62 . . . . ........................9.13.45 .....................27. 82 . 13. 39. 54. 57. 59. 7". 74. 78 . 15.35.45. 55. 56 ...........................12 .............................40 . 13. 37. 46. 54. 56. 59. 70. 78. 83 . 37. 54. 81 . 13, 27. 60. 63. 70.78.83 .....................36. 84 .............................40 . 13.37. . . . . . .27 . 41.57.81 27 ! 36 . 28 . 28 . 35 . 39. 63 15. 36. 74. 78 35. 59. 62. 63 . 35. 70 . 11 28. 56. 59. 60 . 37. 56. 59 . 18.28.60 . 28. 46 . 28 Olmsted. Jack Olsan, Joyce .... Olson. Nancy . Olson. Mrs. . Ostermann. Don Overland. Donald . .......................28 . 39. 48. 58. 63 . 28. 54. 55. 62. 66 .......................12 . 28. 54. 70. 78. S3 . 39. 70 Pace. Daniel Page. Mr. Kenneth Parlier, James Patton. Toni Paulson. Bill Pavageau. Andra . Perry. Leland . Peterson. Dwain . Peterson. Mary Phillips, David Pierce. Marvin Piersol, Jon Pinnell. Suzanne . Platt, Mary Points. Roger Porter. Dennis Prather. Joe Pratt. Karen Puff tt. John . Ramsey, Eileen . Ramsey. Gerald . Ramsey. Homer Ramsey. Richard . Kandau. V irginia Ratliff. Dick . Reed. Catherine Reilly, Kdward . Reno. Charles Rex. Diana Rhoades. Bonnie . Rhodes. Frank . Richard. Mike Richardson. Dwaine Ritland. Mr. Everett Robbins. Delores Kay Roberson. Ben Kosebrook, Fritz Rosebrook, Mrs. I,ee Kouze, Sandra . Roy. Arthur Roy. David Ruoh. Mrs. Leola . Rude, Betty . . 35. 16. 55 . 9 . 28. 82 . 28 . 28 . 36. 4 I . 29. 60 . 29 . 29. 66 29. 48. 53. 56. 59 36 . 35. 54. 55. 57. 63 15. 4". 55. 58 45, 59. 62. 66. 85. 90 . 39 40. 70. 74. 78 15. 36. 70. 75. 78. 83 39. 45. 62 4. 29. 60. 62 .........................35 . . . . . 29 . 40. 70 . 40. 81 . 29. 45. 66 . 29. 46 . 37.45.54. 55.62 . 29. 60. 70. 78. 83. 84 .........................41 . 29. 55. 56. 66. 85 . 37. 54. 55. 59 ’ . ' . ' . ' . .35 .........................29 . 9.15.46. 56.65 . 4. 30. 45. 48. 49. 66. 90 .........................36 . 85. 46. 54. 57. 65. 78 ......................6 . 41. 44.54. 57. 58. 63 41.48.54 . 30. 54. 75. 78. 83 .........................9 .........................37 Samson. Gary Schach. C. F. . Sohaeh. Kent Schaeffer. Robert . Schaefer. Sally Schmidt. David Scholl, Stanley . Schrampfer. Joann Schultz. Joanna Schultz, Sandra . Schnnu r, Robert . Sclarow, Joan . Sear Is, Maryn Selpp, Judy . Seymour. Ardia Seymour, Philip . Slindle, Mr. Owen Shaffer. David . Shearer. Larry Shepherd. Douglas . Sherman. Mr. Paul . Shipley, Jerry . Shrader. David Slelert. Mr. Gerald . Sills. Dennis Sills. Karyl Simmering. Dick Small. Sharon . Smalling. Jack . Smalling, Ray . Smedal, Kars ten Smith, Barbara Smith. Bill Smith. Carol . Smith. Dean Smith. Mrs. Esther . Smith. Pat Smith. Ruth Ann Smith. Sam Smith, Sandra Ann (sr. i . Smith. Sandra Ann (soph. Smith. Terry . Sobolev. Zoya . Soesbe. Jerry Sorenson, Carole . Sou Its. Don Spear. Harry . Spear. Terry . S podding, Elizabeth Spencer, Elbert . Stebbins. Robert Stemplc. Lynn Stensland. Boh Stevens, Mr. Don . Stevens. Jack Stien. Terry Stoaks. Larry Stoever. Bill . Stokka, Bob Storby, Diane . Stover. Max . . . . Strand. Ann Strand. Susan . Struble. Margaret Stuart. Bill Sucher. Dave Summers. Rosemary Swann. Alan Swanson. Bob . Sylvester. Judy Sylvester. John Synhorst. Steven . .......................... ■ . . 15.18. 80. 46. 80 .........................36 . 15, 39. 48, 54. 57. 59,10 . 86. 54. 55. 63 , 29. 74. 78. 80 . 13.40.55 . . . 30,56. 61.66 .........................39. 54 . 41.48,63 .........................40 . 39. 4 4. 57. 58. 61 . 30. 4 9, 66. 8S. 88. 90 .........................57 30. 48. 49. 63. 66 41 10 41. 57, 59 . 18. 30 , 35. 62 11 35. 53. 7 0, 15, 78 37. 54, 55. 57. 59 10. 40 . 39 36. 56 37. 65. 81 30. 45. 48 . 49. 57. 66. 85. 88 13. 40. 57, 59. 70. 82 10. 39. 82 15. 40. 63 . 30. 45. 59. 61. 66. 85. 88 . . 37. 65 .’ 15. 39. 44. 4 5. 54. 57. 58 30. 56. 70. 80. 83 10. 85 . 15.36.59,67 . 30. 54. 66 .........................36. 70 . 31. 45. 56. 60. 66 . 4 0. 57. 58. 62 .........................40. 70 . 18. 31. 45. 49. 59. 63. 66 . 31. 59. 70 . 40. 55. 58. 61 . 13. 37. 54. 55. 59 . 31. 70. 71.78. 82 .........................35. 46 . 36.53.54. 55. 61 ..........................36 . 35. 54. 56 . . . 36. 45. 56. 63 . 40. 57. 59. 74. 78 ......................6 . 78.83 . 15.41.78 ..........................41 . ........................37 . 40. 54. 55. 58. 61 . 31.49. 60. 63 . 41.48.58 . 36.45. 54.62.63 . 35. 58. 62 . 37. 70. 71. 75. 78. S3 13. 34. 36. 70. 71. 75. 78. 82. 83 . ........................31 . 35. 70 . 41. 57. 58. 63 ........................36 ........................39 Talbert, John Talcott. Jean . Taylor. David Taylor. Kenneth Teig. Roger To nones. Mark . Text rum. Marcia . Thompson. Duane Thompson. Mrs. Evelyn Thompson. Harold Thompson. Louis Thompson. Louise Thompson, Nancy Thornton. Nancy Thorpe. Vickie Throckmorton. Helen . Throckmorton. Betty Timmons. Dorothy TJaden. Mr. Dallas . Toms. Philip Toppenberg, Ron Torrey. George . Trout. Betty . Truesdell. Suzanne Trump. David . Trump. Mr. Richard . 4.31.65 . 31,45. 57. 66.99 ..........................39 . 36. 75 . 15.35. 54.56.70. 78 ..........................40 . 39. 45. 55. 58 ..........................40 ......................10 ..........................31 . 31. 48,49.60. 63. 64 . 39. 55. 57. 58 . 37.48. 62. 85 . 37. 48. 57. 62. 67 . 37. 59 . 37. 4$. 59. 63 . 6. 32 . 40. 4S. 57 . 10. 55 ..........................37 . 40. 74. 7$ 13. 34. 37. 57. 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