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 1 V.We of the SPIRIT Staff hope that in the years to come you will enjoy your 1954 SPIRIT even more than you do now See the past year as you enjoyed it This SPIRIT is for youSuperintendent and Principal . Office Girls .... School Hoard .... Nurse and Janitors . Cafeteria Staff . . . . Teachers ..................... Teachers’ In forma Is Senior Senate .... Seniors ..... Junior Executive Council Juniors....................... Sophomores .... Football...................... Basketball .... Golf and Tennis . Track ..... Intramurals .... G.A.A......................... Varsity Club .... Pep Club and Cheer Squad . Pep Club In forma Is . Girl Reserves . . . . Hi-Y.......................... Friendship Week . Marching Band Orchest ra ..... Student Council Choir...................... Glee Clubs .... Drama Club .... Debate and Palm Club . Journalism and Cubs’ Club Library Club and Red Cress Radio Club and Photo Club . Film Operators Student Treasurers . Firesquad .... Spirit Staff .... Spirit Sweetheart Homecoming . . . . The Lit tit Dot Laughed . Our Town .... Advert ising .... Index ..... . 4 4 . 6 . 7 8-23 . 24 . 26 27-42 44 45-48 49-52 54-58 . 59-61 . 62-63 . 64-65 . 66-67 68-70 . 71 . 72-73 . 74 76- 77 77- 78 . 79 . 80 . 81 . 82 . 83 . 84 . 85 . 86 . 87 88-89 . 90-91 . 91 . 92 . 93 . 94 96-97 98-99 . 100 . 101 102-118 119-122AdministrationPrincipal Herbert Adama and Superintendent Harry McPhail Mr. Adams, aside from his many duties as principal, is always a friend to all, and deserves the admiration of everyone for his help and advice. Mr. McPhail, after another fine year, has once again proven himself to he a remarkable leader and coordinator of the school's activities and functions. Mrs. Daisy Flack Principal’s Office Four Mrs. Doris Hillcary. Mrs. F.dna Daris. Miss Laura Sayre, and Mrs. Grayce Flliott Superintendent’s Office Miss Barb Hylcr Principal’s OfficeSTANDING: Harry R. McPhail. Don Stevens. Karl Holtz. Frank Hotcell. SKATED: .. O. Stewart, Mrs. liosebrook. J. D. Taylor. Dr. Julia Cole W'elden, Frank Adams. The Board of Education is the governing body of the district. The smoothness and effi- cient running of all the schools in the District are in the hands of the Board. It has such func- tions and duties as the following: It is the ultimate authority in the employment or dis- missal of all personnel; it controls the curri- culum; it controls the acquisition and disposal of all School property: it may establish reason- able rules for the conduct of pupils and suspend or expel pupils who refuse to obey the estab- lished rules. The Board of Education also may fix the tuition charges and terms of admission for non-resident pupils. Regular meetings are held on the second -Mon- day in each calendar month and are always open to the public. Special meetings, also open to the public, may be called when necessary. The Board of Education elects a Superin- tendent of Schools who is the executive officer of tho Board. lie has such powers and duties as may be prescribed by rules adopted by the Board or by law. The current Superintendent of Schools is Mr. Harry McPhail. The members of the Board of Education are: Dr. John Taylor, President; Frank Adams. Earl Holtz, Mrs. Alice Koscbrook. Don Stevens, I j. O. Stewart, and Dr. Julia Dole Weldcn. An election was held on March 8 and Leslie B. Harrison and Thomas E. Hannum were elected to replace Taylor and Stewart. Hiram Munn is the treasurer and Frank B. Howell is the secretary to the Board and busi- ness manager. FiveMiss Ruth Ecklind Miss Ruth Ecklind organizes and supervises all health programs in the high school. Working this year without the aid of a school physician, she has done an outstanding job of helping the young people of Ames he not only as physically fit. but as mentally fit as possible, to carry out the many activities of school days. Among her various duties she assists the Ames physicians in tin physical examination of all new students to the Ames system in the eleventh and twelfth grades. The nurse also administers vision and hearing screening tests to all high school stu- dents. Students who have been absent from school for three days or more because of illness must report to the health office for readmission to school. The school nurse also assists other teachers of health subjects with demonstrations and talks. The job of keeping Ames High clean and neat is the duty of the school custodians. Lloyd Shadle is tin- supervisor of the custodians who are (Jeorge Hcr .berg, Joe Middents, and 1 001 Sherman. They must arrive at the school early in the morning. Their first jobs upon arriving in the morning are to unlock the doors and sweep the gym. Throughout the day they follow a regular schedule in their cleaning, in order not to miss one room or section. They have coffee breaks in the morning and afternoon. Before leaving at night they lock all the doors and check t lie windows. George Hcr .berg Paul Sherman Joe Middents Six TOP: Kjerland, J. I meson. Senders. THIRD: hnsland. .1. Itrekke. Ounderson. Itrmmnirr, C. Miller. SKCOND: V. Kauff- man. Olson. FRONT: A hart. Points. The job of planning and preparing meals which are served to approximately 130 people each day in the high school cafeteria, is under the supervision of Mrs. .Maude .Marsh. Mrs. Marsh is aided by two assistants. Mrs. Cornelia Kriekson and Mrs. Pay Olson. Students also help in the cafeteria each noon. Mary Ann Ahart is in charge of the cash register and Rosalee Points is cashier. Working at the counter in serving the food are Mary Lou Imsland, Vera Kauffman and Audrey Brekke. Roger Gunder- son is in charge of faculty lunches. Taking care of the many dirty dishes which always seem to accumulate so quickly are Arnis Sraders, John Kjerland, Craig Miller. John Lawson, and Bob Bragonier. dishwashers. All the students who work in the cafeteria get their meals free of charge ami are dismissed from third period class a few minutes early. Mrs. Marsh, the chief “meal planner is not new to the high school. She has been a cook in the cafeteria for the past seven years. She be- came manager for the first time this year and says she likes her work very much. Mrs. Cornelia Kriekson. Mrs. Fan Olson, Mrs. Maude Marsh SevenEif ht SineTenf EleveninSon RICHARD DAY instrumental music EUZABKTH DICKINSON Jr. lied Cross Council, librari club, librarian Twelve1DONALD HAKTT Fnplteh, lane promt try, nth. treasurer, tinni.y DAI.K HIKDBMAN «; ., bus. math., physics. pi. •irometry, intramurate rft7 JJiecli leciemun Fourteen1 FifteenMARY McNAU.Y prnblenia iu written-oral ex- liression, world literature, counseling . urn. treasurer BI.ANCMK M11-I .KK home economics SixteenSeventeenn orman RON NORMAN tmerican history, athletics RpT H vv ir EVERETT KITEAND Atner. literature, hoys’ ad- viser. Hi-Y. student council Kiohter X itiftrrnmu GERALD SIKLEKT driver trainin' . noon hour supervisor RAY SMADDING hops’ physical educa- tion, intramural dir. TwentyTwcnty-onaKKN WKI.I.S athletic ilir., hot ' ib .steal cduration, counsclin;i. CHAHI.()TTK VIIITNKY journalism. vivis' adviser. Cubs’ Club, Girl Reserve • ! , Twenty-twoTwenty-threeTwenty-fouren i or rOP: McFarland. D. Dutton. Senders. It. McJimsey. 1. Mclimsey, A. Corey. Sill. . Dundy. Mr. Lehigh. FRONT: M. Adama, Wright, Xordyke, Huntley. 'Flic Senior Senate is composed of the class officers, the eight homeroom presidents, and an elected representative from each homeroom. This group, led hv Aneel Covey, class president, made the arrangements for baccalaureate, commence- ment. and senior week activities. Other officers were Dave Dutton, vice-president; Jane Hunt- ley. secretary; and Linda Xordyke. treasurer. Mr. Donald Lehigh was faculty sponsor. Many members of the class held positions of responsibility in the activities in which they were interested. There were outstanding seniors on all the athletic squads and many winners in intramurals and GA A. Names for diplomas, orders for announce- ments. and measurements for caps ami gowns were compiled in February. A committee from the Senate read and dis- cussed possibilities for the senior play. Tin Xit hi of January JO, by Ayn Rand, was the final selection and was presented on the nights of April 30 and May 1. Twenty-three seniors appeared in tin- play, a suspense thriller, which was directed by Miss Virginia Datstone. As guests of the junior class, they enjoyed the annual junior-senior banquet and frolic on May ‘J2. Ralph Xarnow and his orchestra played. A program of movies and skits was presented in the auditorium. With much gloating and arrogance, the mighty seniors departed a week early to par- ticipate in the many events of the week. The senior picnic was held at the Ames Golf and Country Club on June 1. and was financed by the proceeds of the senior play. Senior home- room teachers were the chaperones for the all- day affair. Daeealauivate was held in the auditorium on May 30. Reverend G. S. Nichols of the Colleg- iati- Methodist church delivered the sermon. The theater orchestra and the vocal music groups provided appropriate music. The end of their high school careers came with Commencement exercises on June 2. Mr. James Hilton, president of Iowa State College, gave the address. Music was furnished by the vocal music groups. At the close of the exercises, senior members of the choir sang. Twenty-sixcni ors ADAMS. CHARLES DEWITT Basketball ”B” Squad 1. Trainer 2.3; Debate 1; Firesquad 1.2.3: Football 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3. Presi- dent 3: Homeroom Vice President 1. President 1.2; Varsity Club 2.3. Vice President 3. ADAMS ROSEMARY E. Band 1.2.3: Choir 3: Class Play 2: Dramatics 1.2.3; F.H.A. 1.2.3; G.A.A. 1.2.3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3: Junior Red Cross 1.2.3; Library Club 1.2.3. President 3: Palm Club 2.3: Pej» Club 3. ANDERSON. JOHN E. Basketball 1; Firesquad 1.2.3: Golf 2.3; Hi-Y 1,2.3: Homeroom Activity Director 2.3: Vice Presi- dent 3: Intramural Council 3: Rifle Club 2.3. ANDREW. FRANCIS MERLE Hi-Y 1.2.3: Radio Club 1; Track 2.3. APPLEGATE. MEREDITH ANN Dramatics 2.3: Girl Reserve 2.3: Library Club 3; Moved from Al- gona. Iowa 2. BARNARD. MARTHA JANE Cubs' Club 1; G.A.A. 1.2.3. Rep- resentative 2: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 2; Glee Club 1.2.3: Pep Club 3. ADAMS. MARNA LYNN Choir 2.3: G.A.A. 1.2.3. Cabinet 3; Girl Reserve 1.2,3. Cabinet 3: Glee Club l: Homeroom Vice President 3; Junior Red Cross 3; Pep Club 1.2.3. Council 3; Senior Senate 3. AHART. MARY ANN Class Play 2: Dramatics 1.2; G.A.A. 1.2.3: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Representative 3; Glee Club 1.2.3: Pep Club 3; Spirit 2. ANDERSON. JILL Band 1.2.3; Dramatics 1.2; G.A.A. 1.2.3; Girl Reserve 1.2,3. Cabinet 2.3. Treasurer 3: Glee Club 1. Secretary 1 Homeroom Activity Director 1. Vice President 1.2; Palm Club 2.3: Pep Club 1.2.3; Si’iicir Staff 3; Student Treasur- ers 3. ANGLE. BARBARA RUTH Choir 2.3; F.H.A. 1; G.A.A. 1.2.3. Representative 2: Girl Reserve 1. 2.3. Representative 2: Glee Club 1: Junior Red Cross 1.2; Library Club 1.2; Pep Club 3. ARRASMITH. DANIEL I). Basketball “B Squad 1; Choir 2.3; Football 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3. Representative 1.2; Tennis 2.3: Track 1; Varsity Club 2.3. Presi- dent 3. BEMMEL. PETRA VAN G.A.A. 1.2; Girl Reserve 1.2.3; Junior Red Cross 3. Twcnt y-xcvcne ni orS BERHOW. RONALD LEWIS Football 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3: Track 1.2.3; Varsitv Club 2.3. Historian 3. BLAIR, JANICE LEE Cubs' Club 1; G.A.A. 1.2.3. Rep- resentative 2; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Representative 2: Glee Club 1; Rep Club 3. Council 3. BLAIR. TED Hi-Y 1.2.3. BRADSHAW. BARBARA JEAN F'.H.A. 1. Secretary 1; G.A.A. 1. 2.3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Repre- sentative 3; Glee Club 2; Home- room Secretary 1,2: Pep Club 3. BUNDY. DONALD JAMES Hi-Y 1.2.3: Homeroom Secretary 2. President 3: Intramural Coun- cil 1; Photo Club 1; Student Council 3; Track 2. CAMERON. CAROL ROCHELLE G.A.A. 1.2; Girl Reserve 1.2,3; Glee Club 1; Junior Red Cross 2; Pep Club 3. Council 3. BILEK. F. THOMAS Basketball 1. Trainer 2.3: Choir 1.2.3. Robekeeper 2. President 3; Firesquad 1.2.3. Chief 3; Hi-Y 1. 2.3. Representative 2: Homeroom President 2: Student Council 2; Tennis 2.3: Track 1; Varsity Club 2.3. BLAIR. JEANNE MARIE F.H.A. I; G.A.A. 1: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Representative 1: Glee Club 2.3: Mixed Chorus 1; Pep Club 3. BOWEN. BARBARA NADINE Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Representative 2: Glee Club 1.3. Robekeeper 3: Junior Red Cross 3: Library Club 1.2,3. Vice President 3. President 3: Pep Club 3. BROWN. DELORES JOAN F.H.A. 1: G.A.A. 1.2.3: Girl Re- serve 1.2.3. Representatives; Glee Club 1.2.3: Pep Club 3. BURTON. EDDIE RAY Hi-Y 2.3: Moved from Ogden. Iowa 2. CATTELL. MARY ELLEN G.A.A. 1.2.3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3: Junior Red Cross 1.2: Pep Club 3. Twenty-eightSeniors CHEVILLE. GENEVIEVE MAY P.H.A. 1. Historian 1; G.A.A. 1. 2.3. Representative 1: Girl Re- serve 1.2.3: Glee Club 2: Mixed Chorus 1: Pep Club 3. CHRISTY. JANET MARIE F.H.A. 1. Vice President 1: G.A.A. 1: Girl Reserve 1,2.3: Homeroom Secretary 1; Junior Red Cross 1.3: Pep Club 3: Spirit 2: Assist- ant General Treasurer 3. CLARK. SUZANNE G.A.A. 1.2.3: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 3. Representative 1: Glee Club 1.2.3. Robekeeper 1. Vice President 3: Orchestra 1.2.3. Librarian 3: Pep Club 3. Coun- cil 3. CONN. PATRICIA A. Dramatics 1.2.3: G.A.A. 1.2.3: Girl Reserve 1.2.3: Glee Club 1; Junior Red Cross 1: Pep Club 3. COOPER. THOMAS CHARLES Basketball 1.2.3: Football 1.2.3- Hi-Y 1.2.3. Cabinet 1.2.3. Vice President 1.2. President 2.3: Homeroom President 1: Senior Senate 3: Student Council 1; Traek 1.2.3: Varsity Club 1.2.3. CROt'SE. JOHN Choir 1.2: Hi-Y 1.2.3. CHRISTIANSON, PAUL Football 2: Hi-Y 1.2.3; Radio Club 1.2. CLARK. JAMES R. Hi-Y 3; Spirit 3: Moved from Springfield. Missouri 3. COMPTON. JACK H. Hi-Y 1.2.3. COOKE. JEANNE LOUISE Cubs’ Club 1.2: Dramatics 1: G.A.A. 1.2.3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 3: Mixed Chorus 1: Pep Club 3; Spirit 1. Staff 2.3. COVEY. KEITH ANGEL Basketball 1.2; Choir 1; Class President 3: Firesquad 1.2.3, Chief 3: Football 1.2.3: Hi-Y l. 2.3. Cabinet 2,3, Secretary 2,3; Homeroom Activity Director 1, President 1.2; Senior Senate 3; Student Council 1.2; Track 1.2.3: Varsity Club 1.2.3. DAGE. CAROLL L. Band 1.2.3: Class Play 2; Dra- matics 3; Film Operators’ Club 2.3: Student Treasurers 2.3; Ten- nis 1.2.3; Track 3. 7'n!«nf y-nintrSenior I)AINK. DOROTHY DIANE Dramatics 1; G.A.A. 1.2.3, Rep- resentative 1: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 2. R representative 1: Glee Club 1.2.3. Robekeeper 2; Homeroom Vice President 1. ret ary 3: Pep Club 2.3. DUTTON. DAVID J. Basketball 2.3; Class Vice Presi- dent 3- Football 3. Captain 3; Golf 2.3; Hi-Y 2.3; Homeroom Vice President 2. President 3; Junior Executive Council 2; Senior Sen- ate 3: Student Council 3; Vaisity Club 2.3; Moved from Colfax. Iowa 2. EARL. JANE ELIZABETH Cheer squad 2.3; Dramatics 1.2; G.A.A. 1.2.3: Girl Reserve 1.2.3; Glee Club 1.2; Homeroom Presi- dent 1; Junior Red Cross 2.3; Pep Club 2.3: Student Council 1. EARLS. ELLEN FAY Dramatics 1.2.3; G.A.A. 1.2.3. Representative 1.3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Representative 2; Glee Club 1.2. Robekeeper 1: Homeroom Activity Director 1. Secretary 3 Spirit 1.2.3; Palm Club 2.3; Pep Club 3; Student Treasurers 3. ECKHOFF. KAREN Dramatics 2; G.A.A. 2.3. Repre- sentative 3: Girl Reserve 2.3; Pep Club 3. Council 3; Moved from Phoenix. Arizona 2. ELLIOTT. HELEN D. F.H.A. 1; G.A.A. 1. Girl Reserve 1.2.3; Pep Club 3. DOBSON. PATRICIA ANNE Filin Operators' Club 3; Girl Re- serve 1.2.3, Cabinet 3; Junior Red Cross 3. President 3: Library Club 3: Pep Club 3. DUTTON. NANCY J. G.A.A. 2.3. Representative 3; Girl Reserve 2,3: Glee Club 3: Home- room Secretary 2: Pep Club 3. Treasurer 3; Student Treasurers 3: Moved from Colfax. Iowa 2. EARL. RUTH CAROLYN Cheersquad 2.3; Dramatics 1: G.A.A. 1.2.3. Representative 1: Girl Reserve 1.2.3; Glee Club 1.2; Homeroom Secretary 1.2: Junior Red Cross 3: Pep Club 2.3. EARLS. LORA INK ANN Dramatics 1.2.3: G.A.A. 1.2.3. Representative 1; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 3, Representative 1: Homeroom Vice President 2; Palm Club 2.3; Pep Club 3: Coun- cil 3; Spirit 1.2. EDWARDS. HECTOR JOHNSTON Football 1.2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Track 1.2. EMERY. FRANCIS P. Band 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3: Homeroom Activity Director 3: Rifle Club 3; Tennis 1. ThirtySen i or A EVERDS. DAVID L. Football Trainer 1; Golf 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3. Cabinet 2.3; Intra- mural Council 1: Varsity Club 2.3. FINCH. JOAN LOUISE Band 2; Girl Reserve 2.3: Orches- tra 2: Moved from Huxley, Iowa FREEL, NANCY IRENE G.A.A. 1.2.3. Representative 2; Girl Reserve 1.2.3; Glee Club 1.2; Junior R d Cross 3: Pep Club 3. GILCHRIST. BARBARA KAY Dramatics 1.2.3; G.A.A. 1.2.3: Girl Reserve 1.2.3; Pep Club 3. GOETZ. CHARLES ALBERT. JR. Basketball 3: B Squad 1; Choir 1.2; Dramatics 1; Football 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3; Intramural Council 3; Track 1.2.3; Varsity Club 3. GRIFFITH. BRUCE Basketball Trainer 1: Football Trainer 1; Golf 1.2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Intramural Council 2: Photo Clul 1.2; Spirit Staff 2.3: Varsitv Club 2.3. FAIN. GARY I». Basketball 1.2; Football 2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3; Homeroom President 2: Junior Executive Council 2; Stu- dent Body President 3; Student Council 2.3. President 3; Track 1.2.3; Varsity Club 1.2.3. FOX. JAMES E. Basketball 1: Football 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1,2.3. Representative 2; Track 1. 2.3 Varsity Club 2.3. GALLAGHER. ROBERT LOUIS Basketball 1: Choir 1.2.3; Fire- squad 1.2.3; Football 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3. Representative 1: Track 1. 2.3; Varsity Club 1.2.3. GLASSON. LEONARD W. Band 1.2.3: Football 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3. Representative 2; Track 1. 2.3; Varsity Club 2.3. GREEN. ORVAL DUANE Hi-Y 1.2.3. GRISHAM. M. COLLEEN Choir 3: Class Play 2; Dramatics 2.3: G.A.A. 2.3; Girl Reserve 2.3. Representative 3: Pep Club 3; Moved from Albia. Iowa 1. Thirty-on«Seniors GROTH. JAMES SCOTT. JR. Hi-Y 1.2.3. GUNDERSON. ROGER E. Film Operators’ Club 2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Photo Club 1.2; Radio Club 2.3. HAGGE. DAVID Altl.O 15ask« t ball B” Squad 1; Dra- matics 1: Film Operators’ Club 2.3; Vice President 3; Firesquad 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3; Cabinet 2.3; Radio Club 1.2.3. Business Di- rector 2.3. HEDRICK. JERRY L. Basketball 1; Band 1.2.3 Choir 1.2.3; Class President 2; Fire- squad 1.2.3; Football 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2,3; Homeroom President 1: Junior Executive Council 2; Stu- dent Council l: Tennis 2; Track 1.2.3; Varsity Club 3. HENDERSON. CAROLYN RUTH Band 2.3. Vice President 3; Choir 2.3: G.A.A. 2.3; Girl Reserve 2.3. Cabinet 3: Pep Club 3; Moved from South Pasadena. California HEVERLY. ROBERT MICHAEL HI-Y 3: Moved from St. Paul. Minnesota 3. GULLIVER. BARRON JACQUES Hi-Y 1.2.3: Homeroom Activity Director 2. HAGEN. JERRY LYLE Cheersquad 2.3; Golf 3; Hi-Y 1. 2.3. Representative 2; Homeroom Vice President 2; Intramural Council 1.2.3; Varsity Club 3. HARPER. KAREL JEANETTE Choir 1.2; Dramatics 1.2.3; G.A.A. 1.2,3. Cabinet 2. Representative 1; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 2. Secretary 3- Homeroom Secretary 1: Palm Club 2.3; Pep Club 1.2.3: Spikit Staff 2.3. HEGLAND. EM ELI E SUSAN Girl Reserve 1.2.3: Glee Club 1; Pep Club 3. HENRY. DAWN VIRGINIA Dramatics 1; G.A.A. 1.2.3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Representative 3: Junior Red Cross 3. HICKS. SHIRLEY ANN F.H.A. 1: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Rep- resentative 1.2; Homeroom Vice President 1.2.3; Mixed Chorus 1; Pep Club 3. Council 3. Thirty-twoen i ori HOLST. KARLA L. Dramatics 2: G.A.A. 3; Girl Re- serve 2.3. Representatives; Home- room Secretary 2: Library Club 3: Pep Club 3; Moved from Wil- liams. Iowa 2. HOSMER. MARY [ . Dramatics 1: G.A.A. 1.2.3. Cabi- net 3. Secretary-Treasurer 3. Rep- resentative 1; Glee Club 1; Home- room Secretary 1: Junior Red Cross 1.2: Pep Club 2.3. Council 3: Spirit Staff 2.3: Student Coun- cil 3; Student Treasurers 3. HUNTLEY. E. JANE Class Secretary 3: Cubs’ Club 1; G.A.A. 1.2.3: Girl Reserve 1.2.3; Glee Club 1. Homeroom Secretary 1.2; Pep Club 3; Senior Senate 3. IMSLAND. MARY LOU Choir 1.2.3; Dramatics 1; G.A.A. 1.2.3. Cabinet 2; Girl Reserve 1. 2.3. Representative 2: Pep Club 3. JAMESON. WALTER HAROLD. JR. Football 1.2.3: HI-Y 1.2.3: Radio Club 1.2; Track 1.2.3. JONES. WILLIAM WAYNE Basketball 1.2; Band 1.2.3; Foot- ball 1.2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3. Representa- tive 3: Track 1.2.3; Varsity Club 2.3. Vice President 3. HORNER. ROBERT M. Film Operators’ Club 3; Hi-Y 1. 2.3. HOVERSTEN. ESTIL VERNON Basketball ’’B” Squad 1: Band 1; Football 1.2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3; Intra- mural Council 1.3; Junior Red Cross 2; Track 1.2.3. HURLBURT. MARILYN LEE Choir 1.2.3: Class Play 2: Cubs’ Club 1: Dramatics 1.2: G.A.A. 1. 2.3. Cabinet 2; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 2: Glee Club 3; Home- room Secretary 1.2. President 2; Junior Red Cross 2: Pep Club 3: Spirit StafT 3: Student Council 2. Secretary 2: Student Treasurers 3. JACKSON. JERRY LEE Choir 3; Golf 2.3; Hi-Y 2.3; Home- room Activity Director 3; Moved from Mason City, Iowa 2. JOHNSON. BARBARA JEAN Girl Reserve 1.2.3: Pep Club 3. JUDISCH. GEORGE FRANKLIN Debate 1.2.3: Secretary-Treasurer 2. President 3; Dramatics 1.3; Football 1; Hi-Y 1.2.3. Cabinet 2.3: Homeroom Vice President 3; Student Body President 3; Stu- dent Council 3. President 3; Ten- nis 1.3: Track 2. Thirty-threee . senior A KAUFFMAN. VERA MAE Choir 1.2.3; F.H.A. 1; Girl Re- serve 1.2.3: Pep Club 3. KELLOGG. PERRY L. Choir 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3. Cabinet 2.3. Treasurer 2.3; Homeroom Secretary 2; Junior Red Cross 3; Rifle Club 2.3: Spirit 2; Student Treasurers 2.3. KERSHNER. RUTH STETSON Choir 1.2.3; Class Play 2: Dra- matics 2.3; F.H.A. 1: Film Operators' Club 1.2.3; Girl Re- serve 1.2.3. Cabinet 2; Glee Club 3: Pep Club 3. KINGKADE. NANCY JOANNE Dramatics 1.2: G.A.A. 1.2.3. Rep- resentative 2: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 3; Glee Club 1.3. Secre- tary 3; Homeroom Secretary 1.3; Junior Red Cross 1.2; Pep Club 3; Spirit 1.2. KNOWLES, LYLE LEE. JR. Football Trainer 1; Hi-Y 1.2.3. Representative 3; Homeroom Vice President l: Track 2.3. KNUTHS, MICHAEL S. Choir 1.2.3; Class Play 2; Foot- ball 1.2: Hi-Y 1.2.3. Representa- tive 1; Track 2. KELLEY. LAWRENCE RICHARD Hi-Y 1.2.3; Photo Club 3; Radio Club 1.2. KEI.TNER. DONALD LEON Football 1: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Rifle Club 3; Track 1.3. KILLAM. TIMOTHY I. Choir 2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3. KIRWIN. MILTON CHARLES Dramatics 3: Film Operators' Club 1.2.3. President 3; Hi-Y 1.2.3. KNUDSEN. LARRY STEPHEN Rand 1.2.3: Class Play 2: Dra- matics 1.2.3; Football 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3. Cabinet 2.3; Homeroom Vice President 2, Activity Director 1: Junior Executive Council 2: Track 2.3; Varsity Club 2.3. KYLE. MARILYN A. F.H.A. 1: G.A.A. 1,2.3: Girl Re- serve 1.2.3. Representative 2: Junior Red Cross 2; Library Club 2: Pep Club 3. Th r ty-fourSenior LAM SON. JAMES W. Basketball 1.2,3; Class Vic Pres- ident 2: Dramatics 1.2.3; Fire- squad 1.2.3; Foot kill 1.2.3: Golf 2.3; Hi-S' 1.2.3; Homeroom Vice President 1; Junior Executive Council 2; Track 1; Varsitv Club 1.2.3. LARSON. LARRY N. Band 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3; Moved from Hampton, Iowa 1. LITCHFIELD. ELEANOR MAE Dramatics 1.2.3: G.A.A. 1.2.3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3: Glee Club 1; Junior Red Cross 1.2; Library Club 1; Pep Club 3. LYKKEGAARD. LEO Football 3: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Track 2. MALMBERG. SHIRLEY ANNE Cubs’ Club 1; Dramatics 1: Film Operators’ Club 3. Secretary 3: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Representa- tive 1; Glee Club 1.2: Homeroom Secretary 3: Pep Club 3. KYLE. PATRICIA DEATON Dramatics 1; F.H.A. 1; G.A.A. 1.2.3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3: Glee Club 1.3; Library Club 2.3: Pep Club 3. LARSON. BOYD ALLEN Hi-Y 1.2.3. LAWSON. MARJORIE ANNE F.H.A. 1. President 1; G.A.A. 1. 2.3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 3. Representative 1; Palm Club 2.3; Pep Club .3. Council 3. LUNDE. PAUL DAVID Debate 1: Dramatics 1.3; Foot- ball 1.2: Hi-Y 1.2.3; Radio Club 1. Secretary 1; Track 1.2.3. MAITLAND. RICHARD ALLAN Golf 1,3; Hi-Y 1.2.3; Intramural Council 1. MARTIN. BARBARA ANN Choir 1; Dramatics 2; G.A.A. I, 2.3. Representative 3: Girl Re- serve 1.2.3. Representative 2; Pep Club 3. M. CAROLE. ROBERT JOHN Choir 2.3: Class Play 2; Dra- matics 1; Football 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1, 2.3: Homeroom Vice President 1, Activity Director 2; Tennis 3; Track 1.2. Thirty-fivet ni or $ mofarland, guy e. iii Basketball 1,2,3: Firesquad 1,2.3: Football 1,2,3: Hi-Y 1,2.3. Cabinet 2.3; Homeroom Vice President 1. President 3: Junior Red Cross 2: Student Council 3. Vice President 3; Track 1,2.3: Varsity Club 2.3. McJIMSEY. ROBERT I). Basketball 1,2.3: Firesquad 1.2.3; Football 1: Hi-Y 1.2,3. Cabinet 1.2. Representative 3: Homeroom President 1; Junior Executive Council 2; Senior Senate 3; Stu- dent Council 1: Track 1.2.3: Var- sity Club 2.3. MILLER. ELIZABETH G.A.A. 1.2: Girl Reserve 1,2, Cab- inet 2: Glee Club 1; Orchestra 1.2: String Ensemble 1,2. MOORE. JACK LELAND Basketball 1: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Home- room Vice President 3: Intra- mural Council 2. MORTON. DENNIS B. Film Operators’ Club 1.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3. NELSON. FRANCES KAE Dramatics 1.2.3: F.H.A. 1: Girl Reserve 1.2.3: Glee Club 1: Junior Red Cross 2.3: Library Club 1.2. 3: Pep Club 3. McJIMSEY. GEORGE T. Basketball 1.2.3. Captain 3: Fire- squad 1.2.3; Football 1: Hi-Y 1. 2.3. Cabinet 2. Representative 3 Homeroom President 1: Junior Executive Council 2: Senior Sen- ate 3: Student Council 1: Tennis 3: Track 1.2; Varsity Club 2.3. McLaughlin, barbara ann Cheersquad 3: Choir 2,3. Libra- rian 3: Dramatics 1.2,3; G.A.A. 1.2.3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 3: Glee Club 1. Robekeeper 1: Homeroom Vice President 1. President 1.2: Pep Club 1.2.3. Treasurer 2. Vice President 3; Student Council 1.2; Student Treasurers 2. MOORE. BARBARA JOYCE Dramatics 1.2.3: Film Operators' Club 2; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Rep- resentative 3: Gl e Club 1; Li- brary Club 1.2: Pep Club 3. Coun- cil 3; Simkit 2.3. MOORE. MARCIA LYNNE Band 1.2.3. Librarian 3: Dra- matics 1: G.A.A. 1.2.3. Represen- tative 1; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cab- inet 3. Representative 1: Glee Club 1.2,3. Robekeeper 1. Vice President 2. President 3: Home- room Vice President 2. Activity Director 2. Secretary 3: Junior Red Cross 1: Orchestra 2.3: Pep Club 2.3. MORTVEDT. EVERETT SYLVAN Hi-Y 1.2.3. NICHOLSON. ERMA LEE Choir 3: Class Play 2; Cubs’ Club 1; Dramatics 1.2.3: F.H.A. 1: G.A.A. 1.2.3. Representative 2. President 3: Glee Club 1.2. Robe- keeper 2: Pep Club 3. Thir tu-aixSen i or A NICHOLSON. SHIRLEY ANN Dramatic» 1 Girl Reserve 1.2.3: Glee Club 1: Junior Red Cross 3: Library Chib 1; Pep Club 3. NORMAN. STEVEN R. Class Play 2: Cubs’ Club 3: De- bate 1.2.3; Dramatics 2; Hi-Y 1. 2.3. Representative 2; Radio Club 2; Spirit 2. PARSONS. PHILIP K. Dramatics 1.2; Film Operators’ Club 2.3; Football 2; Hi-Y 1.2.3. RATLIFF'. ROBERT LEROY Hi-Y 1.2.3; Track 1. RIERSON. CARROLL LEE Film Operators’ Club 1: Hi-Y 1. 2.3; Homeroom Secretary 2; Ten- nis 1.2. ROBERTSON. BARBARA JANE G.A.A. 3: Girl Reserve 3: Pep Club 3: Moved from Seattle. Washington 3. NOR DYKE. LINDA ANN Band 1.2.3. Secretary-Treasurer 3; Class Treasurer 3; G.A.A. 1.2,3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Representative 3; Glee Club 1,2.3; Homeroom Secretary 1.2; Orchestra 1.3: Pop Club 3. Council 3; Senior Senate 3; Student Treasurers 3. OPHKJM. DAVID C. Class Play 2: Dramatics 1: Film Operators’ Club 2: Football 1; Hi-Y 1.2.3; Homeroom Activity Director 1: Orchestra 1; Track 1.2. PIPER. JAN Band 1.3; Choir 1.2.3. Librarian 2; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 2. President 3: Homeroom President 1; Junior Executive Council 2; Orchestra 2; Pep Club 1.2.3. Sec- retary 2; Student Council 1. READ. SHIRLEY ANN F.H.A. 1.2; G.A.A. 1.2: Girl Re- serve 1.2.3; Glee Club 1.2; Pep Club 3. ROBERTS. FRANCES Girl Reserve 1.2.3; Glee Club 1. ROSEBROOK. JANE ELLEN Choir 1.2.3. Robekeeper 2. Vice President 3: Class Play 2; Dra- matics 1.2.3; G.A.A. 1.2.3. Repre- sentative 1; Girl Reserve 1,2.3, Cabinet 3. Representative 2: Homeroom Vice President 2; Pep Club 3. Thirty-seven ? . seniors ROUSE. CAROL LUANN Girl Reserve 2.3; Pep Club 3: Moved from LeGrand, Iowa 2. SEARLS. ROGER PAUL Dramatics 1; Hi-Y 1.2.3. SILLS. RONALD EUGENE Basketball I; Choir 1.2.3; Dra- matics 1: Firesquad 1.2.3; Foot- ball 1.2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3. Representa- tive 1; Homeroom President 3. Activity Director 1.2; Student Council 3; Track 1.2.3; Varsity Club 3. SMITH. SHARON JOAN Band 1.2.3; Dramatics 1.2.3; G.A.A. 1.2.3; Girl Reserve 1.2,3. Cabinet :: Glee Club 1,2,3. Li brarian 1.2; Homeroom Activity Director 1.2. Secretary 3: Pep Club 3. SORENSON. EDWARD E. Film Operators' Club 1; Hi-Y 1. 2.3; Homeroom Secretary 1; Ten- nis 1.2. SRADERS, ARNIS Hi-Y 2.3. Representative 3: Home- room Activity Director 3: Senior Senate 3; Moved from Maquo- keta, Iowa 2. RUST. DENNIS ARTHUR Basketball 1.2.3: Band 1.2.3. Vice President 2. President 3; Fire- squad 1.2.3: Football 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1,2.3; Homeroom President 2; Orchestra 1; Student Council 2; Track 1.2.3: Varsity Club 2.3. SEVERSIKE. LAVERNE K. Basketball Trainer 1. Band 1; Football Trainer 2: Hi-Y 1.2.3; Intramural Council 2; Photo Club 1; Track Trainer 1.2, Manager 3; Varsity Club 3. SHE IE. JANET EVELYN Dramatics 1.2.3; G.A.A. 1.2.3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Representative 2; Glee Club 1.2: Pep Club 3. SOESBE. KEITH Class Play 2: Football 1; Hi-Y 1.2.3. Representative 2: Home- room Activity Director 2; Track 1. SPRAGUE. DONALD ELMER Football 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3; Home- room Vice President 3: Track 1.2.3. STEIL. JOHN ALLEN Basketball 1 Film Operators Club 1; Golf 3: Hi-Y 1,2.3; Home- room Activity Director 2; Intra- mural Council 2.3; Track 2. Thirl y-ei jhtSenior STENSLAND. WAYNE ARTHUR Hi-Y 2.3; Radio Club 2.3: Moved from Huxley. Iowa 2. STOAKS. HARLAN RAY Dramatics 1: Hi-Y 1.2.3. SUCHER, MARILYN JANE Band 1.2.3- Choir 2.3: Dramatics 1.2.3: G.A.A. 1.2.3. Representative 3: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 3. Representative 3: Junior Red Cross 3: Library Club 3: Palm Club 2.3: Pep Club 3. TEMPLETON. ROBERT DOUGLAS Hi-Y 1.2.3: Track 1. THOMPSON. PATRICIA ANN Dramatics 1.2.3; G.A.A. 1.2.3: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 3: Glee Club 1.2.3: Homeroom Vice President 1: Pep Club 3. Secre- tary 3. TICE. MADELINE C. Dramatics 2: F.H.A. 1; Girl Re- serve 1.2.3: Glee Club 1; Junior Red Cross l: Pep Club 3. STEPHENS. DONALD THEODORE Hi-Y 2.3. Moved from Chicago. Illinois 2. STOKKE. DELMAR E. Football 1.2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3; Track 1.2.3. TEIG. BARBARA JANE Dramatics 1.2; F.H.A. 1. Vice President 1: G.A.A. 1.2.3: Girl Re- serve 1.2.3. Cabinet 2. President 3. Representative 1: Glee Club 1, 2.3. Secretary 2. Robekeeper 1.3: Homeroom Vice President 2. Pres- ident 3: Junior Red Cross 1; Pep Club 2.3: SiMKir 2: Student Coun- cil 3. THOMAS. KATHLEEN Dramatics 1; G.A.A. 1.2.3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3: Glee Club 1.2.3. Secretary 2. Robekeeper 3: Home- room Secretary 1. President. 2; Junior Red Cross 1; Pep Club 2.3: Student Council 2. Treasurer 2: Student Treasurers 2. THROCKMORTON. WAYNE Dramatics 1.2: Football 1; Hi-Y 1.2.3. TWEET, LARRY LEE Film Operators' Club 1; Hi-Y 1. 2.3; Track 1.2.3. Thirty-ninedeniori UNDERKOFLER. WILLIAM L. Dramatics 1: Hi-Y 1.2.3. Cabinet 1.2,3, Secretary 3: Junior Red Cross 3: Orchestra 1: Radio Club 3. WALSH. MARILYN LEA F.H.A. 1; Girl Reserve 1.2.3; Pe| Club 3. WANTZ. RUTH ARLENE F.H.A. 1; Girl Reserve 1.2.3; Pep Club 3: Moved from Belmond, Iowa 1. WELLS. CAROL ANN Band 1,2,3; Choir 3; Cubs’ Club 1; G.A.A. 1.2.3. Cabinet 2. Repre- sentative 3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Representative 3; Glee Club 1.2. 3; Homeroom Secretary 1. Presi- dent 1.2: Pep Club 3; Spirit Staff 2.3. Editor 3; Student Council 1.2. Treasurer 1.2; Student Treas- urers 1.2. WILLI BY. ROGER A. Hi-Y 1,2.3: Track 1.2.3: Varsity Club 2.3. WINSLOW. THOMAS PARKER Choir 1.2.3; Class Play 2; Foot- ball 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3; Homeroom President 1,2; Intramural Council 1.3; Student Council 1.2; Track 1.2. VIVIAN. MARY JO Film Operators’ Club 3; Girl Re- serve 2.3. Representative 3: Glee Club 3: Junior Red Cross 3; Library Club 3: Pep Club 3; Mov- ed from Burlingame. California 2. WAND. LELA JUNE Girl Reserve 1,2.3. WELDEN. JOHN COLE Basketball 1: Choir 3: Football 1; Hi-Y 1.2.3; Homeroom Vice Pres- ident 1. President 2: Intramural Council 2; Student Council 2; Track 1.2.3; Varsity Club 2.3. WHITE. PAUL A. HI-Y 1.2.3. WILSON. DONNA JEANNE Choir 1.2.3. Secretary 3: Dra- matics 1.2.3; G.A.A. 1.2.3: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Representative 1.2; Homeroom Secretary 3; Pep Club 3: Student Treasurers 3. WOODS. RONALD K. Hi-Y 2.3; Moved from Carroll. Iowa 2. Fortyi ori WREN. KEITH DALE Dramatics 1: Hi-Y 1.2.3. ZENOR. CARITA ILENE Choir 3: G.A.A. 1.2.3. Cabinet 3. Representative 2: Glee Club 1.2. Robekeep ‘r 2; Junior Red Cross 1.2.3. President 3: Library Club 1.2.3, Secretary 2: Pep Club 3. WRIGHT. KATHARINE A. Class Treasurer 2: Dramatics 1. 2.3: G.A.A. 1.2.3; Girl Reserve 1. 2.3. Representative 1: Glee Club 1.2. Librarian 2; Homeroom Sec- retary 1. Vice President 2. Pres- ident 3: Junior Executive Council 2; Junior Red Cross 1: Palm Club 2.3: Pep Club 2.3. President 3. Council 3: Senior Senate 3; Simrit Staff 3; Student Council 3; Stu- dent Treasurers 2. POLLOCK. PATRICIA J. Class Secretary 2; Class Play 2; Cubs’ Club 1; Dramatics 1.2.3; G.A.A. 1.2.3: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Representative 1; Glee Club 1.2. 3: Homeroom President 1.2; Jun- ior Executive Council 2; Pep Club 1.2.3; Student Council 1.2. Secre- tary 2. The death of Myros Gibbs, just before the beginning of his senior year, was a tragedy felt by his classmates and the whole school. He was a member of Junior Red Cross and was very active in intra- murals. A fall scene picture was placed in his homeroom, 110. by his family. To his memory we dedicate this space. Forty-oneForlu-ttcoUnderclassmenSTANDING: Mr. MacRridc. Kratoska, J. ll’illiams, I). Campbell. Hitler, Dilts. SKATKD: Schillctter. Orant. Bappe. The Junior Executive Council, composed of the four junior class officers and representa- tives from the homerooms not having officers, led the junior class to many achievements this year. The officers, Dick Campbell, president; Joe Williams, vice-president; Sheila Grant, sec- retary; and Martha Elder, treasurer; were aided throughout the year by representatives. Len- nadore Schillctter, 210, Janice Bappe, 109, Dick Kratoska. 138, and Peg Dilts, 234. Sponsor of the junior class was Mr. George Mac Bride who wm It. Campbell, Orant, J. Williams, Elder, worked with the council and class on all their activities. The juniors' first big project was the Junior Glass Play, Our Town, by Thornton Wilder. Held on February 18 and 20. the play was the «•lass' chief way of making money to finance the Junior-Senior Frolic. Four committees, pro- grams. ticket sales, publicity, and house man- agement. were under the leadership of the Jun- ior Executive Council with volunteer members from the junior class. The other committees and crews were under the direction of Miss Virginia Batstone. The cast of the play was made up entirely of juniors. The grand finale of the year to all juniors and seniors was the Junior-Senior Banquet and Frolic, held on May 22. The Frolic climaxed weeks of hard work by the juniors, who spent many hours on all the details. Ralph Zarnow and his orchestra played for the dance which was from nine until midnight. Entertainment was provided in the auditorium between the banquet and dance and also during the evening. Forty-fourjuniors 109, 138 T 1 : Black. Sands. T. Bust. T. Adams. Lord. l.winyston. Hove. FOURTH: Mason. Dixon. B. Campbell.. Sifrit. P. Williams. Berkley. THIRD: .4. Burton. Fiori. Thrasher, It. keltner. Parrish. Miss Canvin. SKCOND: . Paulson. K. Tire, Flannery, Farmer, Coulter, Sandra K. Smith. FRONT: Obrecht. ea. Mott. Bruce. Bnyye. Guy. TOF‘: Hamilton. Foster, Canon, Brayonicr, Batteree. FOURTH: Eltcood Ramsey, Barron. Kratoska, Wolf. THIRD: D. Diehl. Stokesbury. Sanford, Points. SKCOND: F. Green, P. Blair, S. Wilson, Desher. FRONT: . . Wilson. Handley, Merchant. Vilmont. Schaeffer. Forty-fivejunior5 234, 210 TOP: K. Spear. vWMimoN, Xoble. It. Griffith. It. Kauffman. Text rum. Rryan. FOURTH : Opp. Dilts, Combs, Mosness. Cox. Wessell. Mr. Hartt. THIRD: Manning. Lilly, T. RroadicrU. Wester. Taylor. Paulson. SECOND: R. Wardle. K. I.arson. Davis, R. Shultz. Krans. KKONT: Murrell, Soy, R. Younp, Sherman, R. It it land. Hines. TOP: Mr. Xorman, Seaward, Carney, J. Krocheski, Mezvinsky, Errington. FOURTH: Ian Smith. Hartley. David Rex, Daggett, Hrcndeland. G. Kelson. THIRD: Van Voorhis. Hyler, McCaffrey, Stanley. Gorman. SECOND: Munson. X. Walker, Moklehust, Jacobson, Garrett, J. Rowers. FRONT: ’. Schultz. S. Diehl, Downing, Hall. W’mAr cr. Schilletter, Chivers. Forty-sixTO! : Judge. Walkup, Seeker, Marker, Downs. tlreiner, Mr. Sielert. FOI'RTH : P. Miller. Wtitkins. Roach. Cole. I.tike. Sichols. THIRD: Elder. Shrader. Clauson. Krown. Schwartz. Diestlvr. SECOND: . . Young. Sundall. M. McCardlc, Jordan, Ringgenbrry, Bowman. FRONT: .1. Rrekke. M or ford. Wallace. ,. South. If. Hertz. T I’-' Tarman. Agree. Rutter, Hesse. Mumm. Don Peterson. Mr. Smalling. FOURTH : Kjerland, D. Sowers, J. Williams. Dicke. D. Campbell. Singer. THIRD: Lowman, Wilsie. Culbertson. M. L. Howe. SECOND: .V. Krown, Kuchholtz. King. Orant. Wester,field. FRONT: Maxwell. Pierre. Stevens, Dodge. Webb. Townsend. Forty-sevenForty-eightSo h om ores 206, TOP: Mi Chally. Ballard. C. Miller, »’»» « . Burk. FOURTH: Jenkins. Summ. Boh Bowen, S. Walsh. Michaud. THIRD: F. Jackson. Oatermann, G viper, I.. Spear. Driver. 1.ester. SECOND: Cottinyham, . . Judiseh, Trickle. B. Smith. M. McDowell. FRONT: Gilrcaih, Wall. S. Eckhoff, Willett. Olson. Robbins. TOP: Mathre. Donets. . . Lawson. J. Soesbe, (1. Malone. Houck, Bailey. FOURTH: Allen. G. Ramsey, Brue, Gaskill, Van Meter. Miss Schnepf. THIRD: Hill. Benson. H. Maxwell. XowUn. . Ratliff. T. Carman. SECOND: Rhytiis Shultz, t.yttle. White. Ball. Diana Rex. FRONT: Daniels. Coll,ns. Talcott. Mather. HohensheU. Forty-nineTOP: A. Rroicn. Ilrnstny, Xiclson, Heath, 1‘hilliys, Childs. F 1 'UTI I : Cushman, C. Rrekke, Gammell. Schach. T. Kro- cheski, Miss Wilcox. THIRD: R. Xichols. I.indnhl, H. Thompson. Hatties. Marks. SECOND: Salit Kooser. Gulden. McClure. Rarbara Gilchrist. Audit. FRONT; ('hast. G. Walker, Wilhelm, Seymour, S. Stokke, Kileen Ramsey. TOP: Xoid, Hixon, It. Miller, II. lira ten. S. Adams. Yates, Miss Miller. FOURTH: Ryu Clark. . Roberts, G. licit;, I’uffctt. Vandecar, H. Smith, I). Christianson. THIRD: Olmstead, R. Diehl, Loren Larson, Reach, J. Martin, Goessman. SECOND: R. Smith. . . Abbott. Hetty Gilchrist, Rortle, Hannay. FRONT: Shirley Kooser. Summers. Randan. Mayoon. Ransom, Waitm. ri tySod ofjliom ores 211, 208 TOP: Loxcell Clark. Carr. J. Kelley, Hanson. McXeal. Xeistcanger. FOURTH : Mr. Master, Harvey. Fellows, Balloun, Brooks. Unit Sc y. THIKt : Klopf. Xanney. Wildeboer, I.. Wardle. Duane Peterson. SKCOND Talbert. Platt. .1. Fox. S. Green. Barnett. FRONT: M. Searls, Lounsherry, Sobol r. C. Caldwell. .1. Heyland. TOP: Mr. Lehigh. L. Caldwell. Jensen, S. Wells. Haas, Lynch. FOURTH: .. Thompson. H. Barnard. Myers. Flits. Yochum. THIKO: Malone. Small. Ferguson. Patten. Morrison. Hawk. SKCOND: Sandra A. Smith, Gore, It. Hagen, J. Broadwell, Filing son. FRONT: Brindley. M. Peterson. Truesdell, Sehramy er, Lee, J. Brrkkr. Fifty-oneFifty-twoan cl Sophomore TOP: Mr. Wells. Errinyton, Emmcrson. Coir, Jones, Sills. I.unison. Arrasmith, Cooper, It. Hutton. T.Rust, Goetz, Berhoic, Knudscn. D.Rust, Walkup. Canon., T. Howe. Doncls. Mr. Sormnn. THIRD: K. Spears. Wolf, Sprague. Hedrick. C. Adams, Ayres, Guy, Foster, .1. Fox, Fain, F.. McDowell. I. Smith. SECOND: Mr. Covey, Lykkeyaard, J. Williams, Iloach. Bryan. It. McCardle, Cox. Rilck, A. Covey. Hovcrstcn, Winslow, Edwards. McFarland. FRONT: B. Campbell. K. Larson. I). Campbell, Kratoska, Flannery, R. Kellner, E. Ramsey, Gallagher, Textrum. Sifrit. TOP: S'oielin. Michaud. THIRD: Vandeear. G as kill, C. Miller, Harvey, Heath. Houck. SECOND: lionets, Ostennann, Balloun. Brooks. S. Walsh, Loren Larson. F. Jackson, .. Spear. FRONT: . Maxwell. Ellis. S. Adams, Roy. Fellows, L. Caldwell, Reilly. Jensen. Buffett. Fifty-fourSEPT. II • MASON CITY HOMt SEPT. 18 • NEWTON HOME SEPT. 25 • MARSHALLTOWN AWAY OCT. 2 • OSKALOOSA HOME OCT. 9 • W.WATERLOO AWAY OCT. 16 GRINNELL HOME OCT. 23 • FORT DODGE AWAY OCT. 30 • BOONE AWAY o Ames' scores appear on the left; opponents' stores appear in order on the right. With a 4 won ami 1 lost record, the reserve squad provided valuable training for potential members of next year's varsity team. Amrs 6—Marshalltown 7 Scoring was complicated by the fact that several long runs were called back, and Ames was downed by the Bobcat sophomores in the first game of the season. Ames 13—Webster City 7 Dean Houck and Larry Spear scored on passes to provide the improving reserves with their first victory over the Webster City Lynx. Ames 18—Dfs Moines Bast 13 Tn the hardest fought game on the schedule, Ames held East sophomores to only two touch- downs. John Buffett. Steve Adams, Larry Spear, Don Ostermann, Fritz Jackson, Dean Houck, and Austin Nowlin were outstanding players in the game. Ames 28—Boone 18 Now with a 2-1 record, the sophs held Boone scoreless until they had scored four touchdowns. Boone scored mostly against the reserves, but still failed to top the determined sophomores. Ames 25—Nevada 7 Nevada made their only touchdown on a pass and the Ames sophomores prevented further scoring by the Cubs to win their final game of the season. Bob Michaud. Don Ostermann, and Larry Spear provided the tallies for Ames. Four players, Dean Houck, Larry Spear, John Buffett and Steve Adams were moved tip to the varsity squad at the close of the regular season. Ian Smith and Bob Donels were trainers for the varsity squad and Bob also helped Coach Ron Norman with the sophomore squad training duties. Fifty-fiveThe Little Cyclones finished the football sea- son with six victories and two losses. With eleven returning lettermen, Ames stacked up 211 points for second place in all-game conference scoring, and 137 points to top CIC conference scoring. Ames tied with Newton 4-1 for the champion- ship, with Boone and Marshalltown tying 3-2 for third place, and (irinnell and Oskaloosa holding down fifth with 0-4. For the first time, the team elected the captain for each game. Bob Donels and lan Smith were trainers for ihe season and were awarded trainer's letters for their work. Twenty-seven team members earned major letters. Amks 20—Mason City 0 The first game of the season saw Hill Jones captain the Cyclones to a 20-0 victory over Mason City. Terry Bust scored two touchdowns and Tom Cooper scored once. Ames 6- Xkwton 12 Three scoring threats failed to top Newton’s back field, and Ames suffered its first loss. A long pass from Wolf to Jones provided Ames’ only touchdown. In the second half, Ames bounced back to outplay the Cardinals, but penalties and an intercepted pass halted the Cyclones' scoring chances. Bob Walkup was captain. Ames 32 Marshalltown 13 Still feeling the sting of the Newton defeat. Ames High took its vengeance on a highly rated Marshalltown eleven. Captain Chuck Adams sparked the defensive unit in stopping the Bob- cats speedy backfield. Jim Fox scored all four touchdowns for the Cyclones. Amks 21—Oskaloosa 0 The Indians came to Ames with high hopes and a good defense, but the powerful Ames squad swept to a 21-0 Homecoming victory. Denny Bust and Jim Fox, co-captains, led the fast-improving Cyclones to their third win in four starts. Ames 34—West Waterloo 20 With Terry Rust dashing 64 yards on the first offensive play, Ames scored over the favored Wahawks, one of the most powerful offensive teams in the state. Knd Tom Cooper was captain for the upset. Amks 46—Grikxem. 19 The inexperienced Tigers surprised a con- fident Ames club with two touchdowns in the first quarter. But the Cyclone offense proved too hot to handle as they erased the dcficet and went on to swamp (Irinnell 46-19. Dave Dutton and Terry Bust co-ordinated line and backfield in the lop-sided triumph. Amks 21—Fort Dodgr 27 The Little Cyclones, now rated fourth in the state, traveled to Fort Dodge to meet an inspired Dodger team in their Homecoming game. After trailing one touchdown at half-time. Ames came back for an S-point lead in the third quarter, but the upset-minded Dodgers bounced back to hand the Cyclones their second loss of the season. Ames felt the loss of their game captain Jerry Hedrick, who was taken out in the first quarter with an injured knee. Amks 31—Boone 19 Determined to keep the victory string intact, the revengl'ul Ames squad trounced Boone 31-19. After the opening touchdown by Terry Rust, Terry McFarland converted and Ames led 7-t) in the first 1 minute and 26 seconds. The scoring riot continued with the Cyclones recovering all five Boone fumbles. Coach Wells’ club staved off a third quarter threat and went on to score the clinching TD from the 8-vard line. With this touchdown. Jim Fox gained the conference scor- ing crown with 66 points. It also marked the 21st victory over Boone since 1933. Honorary captain for the game and season was Dave Dutton, whose outstanding play in his first year on the varsity squad earned him the honor. Fifty- lx-Award Wi innerS TOM COOPER CIC second team DAVE DUTTON CIC second ten in Season's captain CHUCK ADAMS CIC second team DENNY RUST CIC first team IDPA first team Jack Xorth All State Seh o las t ie ifagaz«n e All American BILL JONES CIC first team ■ ■ ■ JIM FOX CIC first team terry McFarland CIC third team a mm . TERRY RUST CIC second team Fi t) -scvcnFlfty-tiyhtTOP: Mr. Xarman. Cooper. D. Dutton. J. Williams. Goetz. Lamson. McFarland. Wolf. SECOND: T. Fust. It. MeJitneep. J. Krocheski, D. Rust, G. McJimsev. Walkup. Mest'inskp. FRONT: Bilek. C. Adams. Losing only one game all season, the Little Cyclones completed an undefeated conference season, a feat accomplished only three times previously in CIC history, and Arnes was un- disputed conference champion. The only loss was to a powerful Roosevelt. I). M.. squad. THE season’s RECORD mes 59—Carroll 40 mes 79—Mason City 50 mes 77—Webster City 51 mes 53—Boone 40 rnes 74—Oskaloosa 40 mes 00—Grinnell 51 mes 47—Nevada 37 mes 53—Roosevelt. 1). M. 02 mes 48—Newton 31 mes 48—Marshalltown 43 mes 09—Boone 52 mes 0—Oskaloosa 37 mes 50—Grinnell 50 mes 03—Newton 60 mes 50—Marshalltown 49 Vines 48—Sioux City C entral 40 During the regular season, the Cyclones had an offensive average of 60 points per game, and a defensive average of 40 points per game. In the district game, an inspired Ames team swamped Boone 72 to 40. Ames then went on to heat a completely outclassed Fort Dodge team 01 to 38, and entered the sub-state finals. The mighty Abe Lincoln Lynx of Council Bluffs proved to lu the stumbling block in the tourna- ment road, but the Little Cyclones went down fighting in a heartbreaking game to lose by one point, 53 to 52. Jack Wolf. Dennv Rust, George and Bob McJimsev were regular starters. Tom Cooper and Joe Williams alternated in the other guard spot. Denny was the top scorer with 247 points; Bob was second with 207 ; George had 172 points in third; Jack posted 164 for fourth; John Krocheski, reserve center, pushed in so. and Tom Goo per tallied 74. George McJimsev was elected captain of the year for his fine play, spirit, and co-operation. Ten major letters were awarded at an as- sembly in April. Senior let termen were Tom Fi ftp-nineTOP: Cush»ian. Houck. Heath. Carr. Hot , Mathre. S. Atiam . SKCOND: Mr. Covey. Ostermann. I.. Spear. Ellis. Morrison, F. .Jackson, Donels. KKONT: Hoessman. la.sktil. S. Walsh. Cooper, Denny Rust, Rob McJimsey. George McJimsey, Terry McFarland, and Jim Lamson. Those returning next year will be Jack Wolf, Joe Williams. John Krocheski, and Terry Rust. Trainers letters were presented to Tom Rilek and (’buck Adams. The credit for this record of outstanding per- formance goes to Coach Ron Norman, whose knowledge, drive, and sportsmanship are a model for his team members. Though the sophomore squad was not always the winner, this fact was overshadowed by their fine school spirit, cooperation, and sportsman- ship. They were a fighting team and never ac- cepted their defeat until the final gun had sounded. The four victories were over Mason City, 48-40; Grinned. 54-35; Nevada, 32-26; and Newton 4S-44. Scoring was fairly evenly divid- ed among the players, and because there was no outstanding individual, the boys worked together as a unit. This feeling of a smooth working machine is important training for any athletic team. All games were close and hard fought contests. The five top scorers were Don Mathre. 171; Fritz Jackson, 119; Larry Spear. 93: Dave Roy. 85; and John Goessman. 56. The team had an offensive average of 43 points and a defensive average of 42 points. Most of the players seemed to be best in one particular area of playing, rather than all-round performance. Mathre was best on short shots and rebounding; Jackson was a play maker and swished the long shots; Roy had an advantage of height and showed great improvement at the end of the season. Good on defense and fast ball-handling was Larry Spear; Goessman was fast and had the fighting spirit : Bill Heath also showed vast im- provement late in the season; Don Ostermann was fast and showed offensive ability; Rob Kills showed promise as both a dribbler and scorer. Coach Hi Covey’s patient and knowing efforts will be evidenced on next year’s varsity team. We at Ames High anticipate a fine and active season for these hoys. Rob Donels was trainer for the squad. SixtySixtff-oncGolf an D, enniS HACK : D. Dutton. Everris, Steil. Earn son. . . Jackson. FRONT: Jock Anderson, IS. Griffith. IS. McCarrile. Stanley. Hayen. TO!’: Hedrick, Xoid, Cnrr, O, MeJimsey, •’. Juriiseh. Jensen. Xielson, .4. Hroien. SKCOND: Hilek. J. H'i liam», HCi erly, Kfcrland. Jones. Hartley, ISrue. FRONT: Dieckmatt. Henson. Goessnian, Wolf. fiixty-ticoThe hist tour out of five years, the Ames High golf squad. coached by Hon Norman, has won the Central Iowa Conference moot. The squad also won the District meet last year. The only 1 sses in the thirteen contests were to Marshall- town and Franklin in (Ydar Rapids. The squad is made up of about fifteen boys with stroll arches and a good eye for that ten- foot putt. Dave Dutton, dim Lamson. Dave Everds. and Bruce Griffith were the four re- turning lettermen. In order to earn a major letter in the sport, a golfer must shoot 81 or better each time and either win two-thirds of his matches or play in two-thirds of the meets. The schedule for this season was as follows: Marshalltown at Ames; Franklin of (’’edar Rapids at Iowa State; Invitational at Des Moines; Newton there; Little Cyclone Invita- tional at Iowa State: Boone there: Grinnell at Ames: Marshalltown there: FSoone at Ames; District Meet: Newton at Ames; Central Iowa Conference Meet at Ames: and the State Meet. Tennis anyone? A record twenty-four boys answered “Yes and turned out for the tennis squad this year. John Kjerland and doc Wil- liams were the only returning lettermen. The team was organized about March 20 and practiced in the gym until spring saw fit to provide sunshine for outdoor practice sessions. The new tennis courts make more practice facili- ties available and also allow matches to be finished instead of calling them off because of darkness. This was especially convenient during tournament contests. The following meets were scheduled this season: Des Moines Tech at Ames Fort Dodge at Ames West Waterloo there East Des Moines at Ames Des Moines Roosevelt at Ames Newton there anc This year the conference meet was held at Ames. Lincoln of Des Moines is host to their invita- tional meet. The other participating schools are Fairfield. Franklin of Cedar Rapids, and Ames. This meet is an annual affair ami is played at Woodside golf course. Valley, East, Tech, and Dowling, all of Des Moines, Fort Dodge, Mar- shalltown. Newton, Ferry, and Boone arc those schools which usually take part in the Little ('yclonc Invitational. About eight schools meet in the district matches. Sixteen teams go to the state meet to vie for honors. Here, the four best scores of the five-man team, of eighteen holes, is totaled. The team with the lowest score takes the meet. With good weather, the squad is organized and begins to practice during the last week in March. Homewood golf course. North Field, and the putting green at the college course are sub- ject to most of the turf pounding during the practice sessions. Most of the home meets are held at Homewood. Invitational Tournament at Grinnell College Des Moines Roosevelt there East Des Moines there District Meet Des Moines Tech there Fort Dodge there State Meet Eight of the strongest teams in the state are picked for the Grinnell tourney and the Cyclone net squad has been a consistent contender. Last year, the singles and doubles teams won the district. Ames also won eight dual meets and lost only two. A tennis letter may be earned by compiling a total of twenty-eight points. Five points are given for each match won and three points for each match lost. An honorary captain is elected at the end of the season. Mr. Donald Hartt was coach for the “racket squad. ZJennis Sixty-threed an J tL eServe TOP: Doti Peterson. Walkup. Goetz. Tweet. Compton. Fain. Seversike. THIRD: Bryan. It. Keltner. Ayres, Black. Errin-i- ton. Written, Sills. McFarland. For. SECOND: Mr. Wells, Knudsen. Gallagher, Williby. Greiner. Emmerson, Mesvinsky, F. McDowell. Mr. Covet . FRONT: Berhow, G. Xelson. A. Covet . Hovcrsten. Glasson, I.unde. Kratoska. Jameson. Barry Gulliver. TOP: L. Spear. Jenkins, Heath, Gaskill, C. Miller, L. Thompson. Ilourk. Don Peterson. SECOND: Mr. Wells. Ellis, Morrison. Pop. Matlire. Mr. Covey. FRONT: F. Jackson. Cushman. Ostermann. Itatteree, J. Soesbe. Bill Gulliver. Gam- melt, Brooks. Mxty-fourI ' irsitij anil Reserve L.IrucL The boys who participato in varsity track arc long-winded, hard-workinir souls who sock their victories on the cinder track with record- breaking ability. This will to win is borne out by th - titles held by the Arnes thinclnds—they holt] or share six of a possible 1 state records, and 10 of the 18 CIC records. By midseason, there were 0 to 90 hoys par- ticipating in the entire track program. Training Ugmi with the spirt of the second semester at the Iowa State Gymnasium. 'Flic 'Chedule for this spring included: State Cross Country at Ames; State AAl Meet at Drake; State Indoor Meet at Iowa City; State Teacher's College Relays at Cedar Falls; Drake Relays; Grinnel! Interscholastie at Grinnell; Triangular Meet with Marshalltown and North of Des Moines at Ames; District Meet at Fort Dodge; CIC Meet at Ames; and State Outdoor at Des Moines. With thirteen returning lettermen. Ames had another successful season and was especially strong in the areas of the pole vault, hurdles, quarter mile, half mile, and mile run. This year. Clif Cushman got fourth place in the State Cross Countrv. and the Cvclones tied Roosevelt of Des Moines for third place in the State A AC Meet. The top 10 schools in size in the state are eligible to compete in the State Indoor at Iowa City. At this meet. Ames won second place honors. The two mile relay team, Aneel Covey. Tom F.mmerson. Ro!) Gallagher, and Leonard (Jlasson. won the only first place for the Cyclones. Ames won the Valley Relays and placed first in the two-mile relay and high hurdles. Clif Cushman took first place in the mile run at the Oskaloosa Relays. Honorary captains for the year were Aneel Covey. Gary Fain, and George Nelson. The Ames reserve track squad was in action on five occasions: the Triangular Meet with I‘.cone and Marshalltown at Boone; the Des Moines schools and Ames at Des Moines in April and at Ames in May; another Triangular Meet at Ames; and the Newton-Ames dual at Newton. Any hoy not a member of the varsity track squad may take part in the reserve program. Though no letters are awarded to the parti- cipants of reserve track, the experience they gain is invaluable to future varsity teams. Hi Covey was assisted by Ken Wells in coach- ing both programs. Sixty-fiveTOP: Kjorland, Canon. Mezvinsky, Ooets, Mr. Stnallinu. SKCOND: Jack Anderson. Mosness, Lake. Steil. FRONT: Yates, !C. Kellner, .You’ in. The varied intramural program at Ames High makes it possible for every boy to participate in sports for liis homeroom if he is not a mem- ber of an athletic team of the same sport. Captains elected by each homeroom are repre- sentatives to the intramural council. Points of 10. 6, 4. and 2 are awarded on the basis of places in events. These points go toward tin- grand championship trophy given to tin homeroom in each class with the greatest number of points. Also. 120 individual ribbons are awarded in the entire program. Both team and individual sports are available and include horse shoes, touch football, golf, cross-country, basketball, volleyball, tennis, rope climbing, wrestling, badminton doubles, swim- ming. tug-o-war, bowling, track, and table ten- nis singles and doubles. Volleyball and basket- ball are played in 10 scheduled games. Basket- ball trophies were awarded to senior homeroom 232, junior 234, and sophomore 108. Winners of the volleyball tournament were senior home- room 238, junior 138, and sophomore 200. Other individual and homeroom winners, in class order beginning with seniors, were: horse shoes. Mike I loverly. Gene Downs, and Dick Ratliff; golf. Jack Steil. Dave Stanley, and Don Geiger; tennis. Dave Everds. Tom Mosness, and John Gocssman: table tennis singles. Dave Dutton, Ed Mezvinsky. and Fritz Jackson. Dave Dutton and Denny Bust. Ed Mezvinsky and Don Brendeland. and Jerry Ramsey and War- ren Benson wi re champions in the table tennis doubles. Homerooms 237. 113. and 206 were winners in wrestling; 232. 10!». and 211 won in bowling: rope climb winners were 238, 113. and 206; 232 and 237 tied. 234. and 211 won swimming honors; 235. 234. and 10.'K won in tug-o-war; cross-country winners were 213. 109, and 211: 232. 113, and 108 won in touch football; bad- minton doubles champs were. 238, 113. and 236. A special feature was coeducational' ’ volley- ball with teams of both boys and girls compet- ing for honors. Homerooms 238. 138, and 206 were winners. The program was directed by Mr. Ray Small- ing, assisted by Mr. Dale Heideman. Sixty-sixSixty-seven an cl l epreAentatiueA TOP: Mrs. Woods, H. Hit land. Walker, Stevens, Shirley Kooser. SECOND: Sucher, V. I.. Hoice, M. Adams. Bowman. FRONT: Elder, llosmcr, K. Sicholson, Zenor. Girls Athletic Association, under the sponsor- ship of Mrs. Woods and Mrs. Smith, girls' physical education teachers, had an active year of activities. GAA is open to all girls in the high school who are interested in sports. The officers, elected by all GAA members the pre- ceding spring, were Erma Nicholson, president: Martha Elder, vice-president; Mary llosmcr. secretary-treasurer; Mary Lynne Howe, intra- mural chairman: Mama Adams, social chair- man; and Leah Bowman and Carita Zenor, point recorders. Working with the officers in planning and carrying through the program were representatives elected from each home- room. The officers and council planned activi- ties. and took care of all the business which came up concerning the club. The softball tournament in the fall started out the year's program and was won by the team captained by Mary Lynne IIowc. Members of the team were Erma Nicholson. Sheila Grant, Mary Chase. Ann Gulden, Shirley Stevens, and Barbara Martin. The volleyball tournament, which was played by homerooms, was won by Homeroom 113. Runner up was homeroom 213. Winner of the “B league was 109. Basketball, played during the winter, was also played by homerooms. A round robin tournament was held, followed by a straight elimination contest. Other sports included during the year were bowling, badminton, tennis, golf, shuffle board, and several others. An initiation of all girls with 100 points who had not previously been initiated, was held in January in the gym. The initiation followed a pot luck held for all GAA members in the cafe- teria. The initiates had to go through several ‘ tortures ' before becoming full-fledged GAA members. Girls earned points during the year by par- ticipation in any athletic activity. Four points were given for each hour's participation. Indi- vidual ribbons, numerals, letters, and stuffed animals for points and tournaments were given in the awards assembly in May. Sixty-eightQ. A. Jl. innerS u Winners of the GAA softball tournament include Gulden, K. Sieholson. Grant. Stevens. B. Martin. M. L. Howe, and Chase. Paulson. Parrish. Fiori. Sandy Kay Smith, Samis. Bappe. and l.ord from homeroom tog placed first in the H League of the volleyball tournament. Runners-up of the softball tournament were Randan, Paulson, Zcnor, King, . ill Anderson, Wilsie, MeCaffrey. Schaeffer, and ! . Wilson. Teig. S. Clark. I . Wilson. Bradshaw, K. Eckhoff, and McLaughlin are members of homeroom idS who placed second in the f League volleyball tournament. Huntley. E. Sirholson. and Kingkade, placed sec- ond in the A League GAA volleyball tourna- ment. Sixty-nineII. Martin. Grisham, Huntley, Kingkade. Nordyke, K. Xicholson. amt Pollock Win- numbers of home- room US which iron the A 1.1 ague basket ball tou moment. Winner of the A League volleyball tournament was homeroom I Li with • . Maxwell, King. Dodge, Grant. Lawman, Pierre, Wilsie, Stevens. M. L. Howe, and Townsend. Homeroom 13 with M. Moore, P. Kyle. Imstand, M. Kyle, .•nor, r. Wells and Jill Anderson were runners-up in the .1 League basketball tourna- ment. Shirley Kooser. S. Eekhoff. Gulden. Diana Hex. Kandau, and Chase are members of the Sopho- more H team who were runners-up in the “B League G.4.4 basketball tournament. li League vinners in basketball from home- room US were Grant, King. Wilsie, M. L. Howe. Stevens, and Pierre. SeventyTOP: McFarland, Knudsen. Walkuy. '. Fust, i:. McJimsey, It. Runt, C. McJimsey, Goetz, Covey. SKCOND: Fain. Jones, R. Griffith. C. Adams. It. Dutton. Emmerson. Fverds. M ezvinsky. H’iiw ow. Hedrick. Sills. FRONT: .1 rrasmith. McCardlc. Cole. Krotoska. J. Williams, Glassoti. l.amson. !. Xelson, Written, Wolf, (lallnyher. Dan Arrasmith headed Varsity Club with Chuck Adams. Bill Jones, and Ron Berhow filling the positions of vice-president, secretary-treasurer, and historian, respectively. Football letter winners were initiated during the half-time of the Marshalltown basketball game by playing « iris’ basket- ball with pep club girls. The boys wore football sheepskins, box- ing « loves, crazy hats, and had their legs tied together. Also during basketball, the members organized the “white shirt boys’ to stimulate pep among the boys at games. They also helped with comedy cheers at pep assemblies. The annual spring picnic was held at Homewood. Initiates were ducked in the creek and also caddied at golf for the regular members. Refreshments were served. Members of Varsity Club number 48 and are those boys who have won a major letter in football, basketball, track, golf, or tennis, and for acting as trainers and managers. Coach Ken Wells is sponsor. Seventy-oneTOP: Dainc. Skeic. Hurlhurt. Litchfield. Thomas, I'trwin, Conn, F. Laris. NINTH: Sharon Smith. M. Lawson. enor, C. Wells. Xordyke, B. Martin, M. Kale. EIGHTH : Grisham, F. Xicholson. 8. Xicholson, Hicks, B. Moore, Malmbery, K. Fck- hoff. SEVENTH: Christy, S. Clark. Huntley, . Thompson. Imsland, Hose brook. I.. Fails. SIXTH: B. K. Gilchrist. Cherille. Bowen. M. Moore. Cooke. Piper, H. Adams. FIFTH: Kershncr, Henderson, J. Fari. H. Fari, Jianif Blair. Cameron. Dutton. FOl'KTH : M. Walsh. Elliot, Wants, Robertson, Cattell. Anf lc. House. THIRD: Bradshaw. Freel. F. Hegland, Teiy. M. Barnard. Hosmer, Ahart. SECOND: Johnson. V. Kauffman, Janice Blair, M. Adams, D. Brown, Sucker, McLaughlin. FRONT: Wright, Head, Harper, Jill Anderson. D. ll'ilson. Dobson, Holst. Kingkade. ruder the leadership of Kathy Wright, pres- ident. the new Pep Club sponsored many and varied activities. I arb McLaughlin. Pat Thomp- son. and Nancy Dutton performed their duties as vice-president, secretary, and treasurer, respect ivelv. In the spring of 1953, it was decided that the club should be open only to senior girls interested in creating pep. This idea of a new organization was the result of several years' effort to make the club more effective, and to combat the prevailing idea that the election was based on popularity and not geared to the actual needs of the school. The officers, and a council consisting of two girls from each homeroom, re- vamped the constitution to meet the needs of the enlarged club. Fifty new jackets were pur- chased and Cyclone emblems were ordered and put on the pockets. A marching unit of 4 2 of the 75 members was organized, and other members ushered, took tickets, and passed programs. These ambitious girls were at the football field each morning at 7:45 to practice marching formations with the Seventy-twom leerSquac band. The results of those practices were the many fine half-time presentations at the «ames. The club cooperated with the checrs«|uad in providing pep skits at pep assemblies. The annual bake sale was held on November 10 at Munn Klectrie. A total of $t»0 was earned to help pay for the new jackets. The traditional potlwck was held on October 29. the night before the Boone game. After the members had eaten, pep speeches were given, and a new song. Our Victory Bell, written by Kathy Wright and Barb McLaughlin, was prac- ticed. With the basketball season, new activities were chosen. Members sold ads for the basket- ball programs, ushered, and distributed pro- grams. Twelve girls assisted in tin varsity club initiation by playing basketball during the half- time of the Marshalltown game. One group of girls was in charge of half-time programs. There were several piano solos, rec- ord pantomimes, and the rope jumpers with many special routines. Two buses were chartered each time for the Fort Dodge football game and the Grinnell bas- ketball game. General business meetings and council meet- ings were held on alternate weeks. Holes for suspension were enforced as follows: two un- excused absences from a meeting, two weeks’ suspension; two unexcuscd tardies to a game, two weeks' suspension ; unexcuscd absence from a game, permanent suspension; failure grade, suspension until the grade is raised. Dues were set at fifty cents a year, and lines were levied for misconduct. In the spring, jackets were worn for home track meets on the «lay they were held. Though golf and tennis meets were not observed by wearing the uniforms, members posted the '‘(’yclone (’orner listing tin golf, tennis, and track events for the coming week. Homerooms took turns in posting these notices. A spring picnic was held in May this year instead of the usual luncheon. New junior mem- bers were guests of tin seniors and tin officers for the coming year were announced. The six regular members of chcersquad spent many long hours in preparing for tin pep as- semblies and games. Practice began in August so that the group would be in condition for the year ahead. Jerry Ilagen. as head cheerleader, was responsible for planning the pep assemblies and cooperated with the pep band and pep club in matters of music and skits. Practices were held twice a week in tin gym. Mrs. Marian Woods and Mrs. Ksther Smith sponsored the two organizations the first and second semesters. Miss Paula Schnepf assisted with pep club the entire year. CH EERSQUAD H'iMe, J. Karl, PEP CLUB COUNCIL TOP: Mrs. Smith. P. Thompson, Wright, S’. Clark. W. .airson. SECOND: K. Kckhoff. M. Adams. I.. Paris. It. Moore. FRONT: S or dp ke. McLaughlin, .V. button. Homscr. Lkkt to Right: Karl, McLaughlin. Hagen, S'. Diehl. !. Seventg-thrccSeventy-fourCjiri J eAerve C abinet and IddepreAenlativeA TOP: T. Rroadwcll. M. Lawson, Dilts. Schillettrr. S. Clark. Miss Miller, Miss Wilcox. FOURTH: Sharon Smith. I’. Thomp- son, Stevens, •leant. Burhholtz. Mrs. Whitney. THIRD: M. Moore. I.. Carls, Dodae. M. I.. Hoice. Tei;j. SECOND: Sucher, Kinykade, Cooke, M. Adams, Wilsie. FRONT: Mel.auyhlin, 1‘iper, Harper, S. Diehl, Jiil Anderson. Dobson. TOP: Pierre, Schwartz, H. Moore, Parrish. Henry, Miss Wileor. FIFTH: Lilly, J. Malone. Hare. A'. Walker. Grisham. Miss Miller. FOURTH: D. Broun. Xordykc. Gulden. Holst, A hart, G. Walker, Mrs. U’Ai(tt«y. THIRD: Bruce. Gilreath. Mather. Sucher. Willett. C. Caldwell. H. Smith. SKCON'D: Bradshaw, Culbertson. Downing, Vilmont, .4. Fox. Diana Bex. Wtirren. FRONT: Oyy, I'ii’ian, F. Xirholson, Sanford. C. Wells. Seventy-six“A Life of Harmony Through (!iii Reserve” was the theme of the Girl Reserve this year. Tiie organization is open to all the girls in high school ami offers many opportunities for all to take an active part. Financing charity projects is one of the main activities. Lydia Tancers, a war orphan of Latvia, receives slsit per year for schooling and clothing packages are also sent. This year a special effort was made to write a letter to her each week. Many girls assisted with this. I'sed clothing was sent to a needy family in Ken- tucky, to the Salvation Army, and to (’ARK. In cooperation with the lli-Y. gifts are provided for the county home at Christmas. During November, the annual holly wreath sale i' conducted. Net receipts totaled nearly $27.r . Pencils with the basketball schedules printed on them were sold all year. Programs included tips on hair styling, a better posture demonstration, movies, a style show, and other topics of general interest. The fall Newcomers’ Party is held in con- junction with the Hi-Y. and the mother-daugh- ter tea is held after the installation each spring. The Dads were entertained at tile dad-daughter party on March 2! . Skits were presented by both groups and refreshments were served. Miss Kdna Wilcox. Miss Ruth Miller, and Mrs. Charlotte Whitney were sponsors. “To create, maintain and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character,” is the Hi-Y motto. With this in mind, the Hi-Y of Ames High is open to every boy and offers many opportunities to serve. One general meeting and one of the special Hobby groups are held each month. Group lead- ers are chosen to conduct the meetings, which include automachanics. chess, hunting and fish- ing. athletics, aeronautics, and photography. John Tschcveraglu of Greece is supported by the group as a charity project, and Christmas packages are sent to the county home. The boys also run the concession stand at home games. Class and football firesides are held and a lounge is maintained. Mr. Kverett Ritland was sponsor. Seventy-sevenTOP: Mr. Bilsland, Brayonier, •'. Judisch, A. Covey. Mr. I’itiand. SECOND: Shrader, Cooper. Kverds, Knudscn. FRONT: Kellogg, Wolf. McFarland, Hayyc. TOP: Knovies, T. Hunt. G. McJimsry, B. McJimsey, Jensen. SECOND: Mr. Bilsland. Kraloska, i:. Jones, Bailey, Mr. fiitland. FRONT: Vandecar, K. I.arson, R. Broun, Tarman, Harvey. Seventy-eightHighlighting every Aims High student's year is Friendship Week, with the purpose of helping to develop the person in eharaeter and in spirit. The Reverend Glenn Lain!», assoeiate pastor of tin (Irace Methodist ehureh of l)es Moines, was the guest speaker. In preparation for the coming week. February 7 to 11. students attended the ehureh of their ehoiee on February 7. The “Huddle” was held on February S in various small groups to discuss the topic “As We See it From Here.” The general theme was “Life is Worth Living.” Reverend Lamb delivered three messages entitled “Growing up in an Anxious Age. “No Man is an island.” and “God's Investment in I s.” Ninth graders from Central and Welch were able to share in these inspirational assemblies. In his tirst address. Reverend Lamb stated that if everyone had the right inner spirit, every human being on earth would be supplied with the necessities of life. This spirit must be cultivated in young people. Tearing away from prejudices to become real brothers was emphasized in the second talk. Reverend Lamb urged the students to join hands and banish ignorance to preserve democracy. In his final talk. Reverend Lamb pointed out that service to others is the key to real success, and that one must use one’s talents and develop a philosophy to in- spire others. Members of Girl Reserve and Ili-V. the sponsoring bodies, led devotions and introduced the speaker. The A 'appella Choir, Glee Clubs, and the girls' small vocal group provided appropriate music for each meeting. Informal luncheons were held by the two cabinets in order to get better acquainted with the speaker. A class forum was held each day and individual conferences were made available to those students who wished to talk with Reverend Lamb personally. Scvcnt y-nincHASS: T. Moore, J. Eoster. Cl.ARINKT: R. Adams. T. Adams. Jill Anderson. Joe Anderson. Loxccll Clark. Dicke, Gulden, Hillx ard. Jacobson. Larry I.arson, Mathre. Morrison. Olson. Trickle. C. Wells. CORNET: Kerry. .4. Brown. Emery, Ferguson, Greiner, llarvey, C. Miller, Ostermann, J. Stevens. CY.MHAI.S: I)age. Landau. DRI'MS: Barron, J. Combs, I). Diehl. Downing. IAnderoth. 1. Malone, D. Shrader. J. Shrader KHCTE: Career. Merchant. Thrasher. FRENCH HORN: Rhodes. Bobbins. OI.OOKENSl’IHl.: King. Xordyke. PICCOLO: K. Black. Kurt;. I). Paulson. SAXOPHONE: Bourne. Henderson. M or ford. Buffett, E. Itosebrook. Sucher, Webb. TROMBONE: Bragonier. Gets. B. Griffith. Kjcrtand, Noble. Roberts. Roy. BATON TWIRLERS: T. 'Broadwell. Chase. Hannay. McCaffrey. M. McCardb . Sherman. R. Smith, Taylor. MAJORETTE: Sharon Smith. Resplendent in their new uniforms, the Ames High marching hand performed on many occa- sions this year. The hand was composed of sixty regular members: hardy souls who jumped out of bed at the crack of down each morning dur- ing the fall to rush to marching practice. Led by Sharon Smith, head drum major, and the eight majorettes, the band performed at the half-time of all home games, giving programs of intricate formations. A highlight of the season for the band was their trip to Fort Dodge where they presented the half-time program with the Fort Dodge band. They also performed in the Homecoming parade through downtown Ames on October 3. Combining with bands from all over Iowa. Ames High s marching band played in Band Day at Iowa State College in the fall, and the Veisha parade in the spring. This year for the tirst time movies were taken of the band during the half-times of the football games. The film will be used for future reference as well as for entertainment. Producers of the musical tones heard echoing throughout school each morning during the win- ter were the sixty-four members of Ames High’s concert band. Officers of the group were Denny Rust, president: Carolyn Henderson, vice pres- ident: Linda Xordyke, secretary-treasurer; and Marcia Moore, librarian. After many hours of practice the band opened its season with the Annual Spring Concert on March lit». One of the main features of the pro- gram was (’omi rfo Iv J i:: by Donald Phillips, using four pianos with band accompaniment. The soloists for the number were Terry Rust, Brian Barron, Carolyn Henderson, and Marcia Wilsie. Another attraction of the spring concert was the trombone quartet, composed of Denny Rust, Dob Bragonier, Francis Noble and Ron EightyFIRST VIOLINS: Coulter. Sanford. Diana Per. Lounsberru. I hits. (h ;t. SK('( . D VIOLINS: A. Carr. C. Sorenson. Biester, Lee. It. Martin. Maakextad. Pinnell, Louise Thompson, Hansen, (lould. Enolehorn. li. Henderson. VIOLAS: M'dleston. .V. Anderson. L. Adams. 1loheen.. OKI.LOS: Clauson. C. Caldwell, Timm. LASS VIOLS: liuchholtz, ll’i jic, Vand scar, Sandra A«N Smifk, Bortle. FLUTES: Paulson. Kurt-;. R E: Her Mnrford. FRENCH H »KN: T. Moore. B. Plodes, Bobbins. BASSOON: 1 . Moore. Shrader. CLARINETS: Pier sol, T. Adams. CORNETS: Feryuson. Har- vey, J. Stevens. TROMBONES: Itoberts, Pop. SOUS A PHONE: D. Henderson. PERCUSSION : Judy Clark. Linde rot h. S’ordyke, S. Clark. Griffith. Two of the numbers played by the concert band were the First Movement of Schu- bert‘s I'nfinished Symphony and the Finah to the Symphony in li flat by Fauchet. Also on the band s calendar this year was the Tri-City Band Festival at Boone on April 13. The bands from Boone, Fort Dodge and Ames spent the entire day rehearsing in Boone and then gave a concert in the evening. On April 15 the students at Welch school were audience to the band. A program was also given on May 7 for a senior high assembly. A contest was held this year to encourage perfect attendance and non-tardiness. The band was divided into smaller groups and tlie mem- bers of the group with the fewest numbers of tardies and absences in a certain length of time were given prizes. Two smaller groups composed of band mem- liers were the saxophone quartet and the wood- wind quintet. The saxophone quartet, of Larry Larson. Cheryl Webb. Carolyn Henderson and John Buffett played at the State Teachers Con- vention in the fall. The woodwind quintet play- ed for a Girl Reserve program and over KASI on March IS. Members of the quintet were Jan Piper, Terry Adams, Bruce Black. John Shrad- er and Jack Ayres. Led by officers John Shrader, president; Peg Dilts. vice president: Nancy Clauson. secretary- treasurer, and Sue Clark, librarian, the Ames High orchestra had a busy year. Their first con- cert was the Annual Spring Concert on April 8. Soloist for the evening with the orchestra was Mrs. Marjorie Kopp, first cellist from the Des Moines Symphony. The orchestra played a variety of numbers, including light tunes as well as more serious ones. May 7 a program was given for an assembly at the high school. n May 8 the orchestra gave a concert for the Junior Town Program, which was designed especially for young people’s enjoyment. The orchestra also played for a Welch school as- sembly. The theater orchestra played for several of the plays during tin- year .as well as for Com- mencement and Baccalaureate in the spring. A string group of the string players in or- chestra performed for a Girl Reserve program and at the State Teachers Convention. Eif hty-oneL ounci i dart Fain TOP: Obreeht, Fa in. Emmerson, H 'alkug, D. Itutton, Mr. Ititland. SFtCOND: Bart- First Semester Student leg, D. Campbell. Sills. Hundp. McFarland. FRONT: Hosmer, S. Walsh, Phillips, Body President Carr, Dick Davis, Wright, Trig. Talentt. Gary Pain anti Prank Judisch served as student body and student count il presidents the first and second semester, respectively. They presided over assemblies and council meetings and performed additional duties as their capa- cities demanded. Other officers for the first and second semesters were: 'Perry McFarland and dim Bundy, vice-presidents: dean Talcott and Susie Diehl, secretaries. Dick Davis was treas- urer for the entire year. Presidents of the 18 homerooms served as their homeroom representatives to the council. They headed the various committees to carry out the policies of the council. The committees, each aided by a faculty sponsor, were: welcom- ing. Mr. Maclirido; citizenship, Mr. Bilsland: assembly. Mr. Shndle; election, Mrs. Whitney; party and social. Mr. Smalling; awards. Miss Gam-in; service. Mr. Chally; noon hour. Mr. Siclert: and publicity. Committee members were selected from the student body. In the past. Ames has aided in the North Central district meeting, with the purpose of helping councils who are unable to attend the state conference. Ames is very active in the state student coun- cil organization, and members often take part on panels and in similar activities. Dave Phil- lips. Bob Bartley. Mary Hosmer. and Gary Fain were panel members for the state convention which was held at Iowa State College in October. Other schools often consult Ames about ways to improve their own councils or to start new ones. Mr. Kverett Kitland sponsored the organ- ization. TOP: Mr. Ititland. •’. Judisch. Mathrc, D. Dutton, Cole, Miller, hi. Larson. SKCOND: Frank Judisch Andre. It. Campbell, Dick Davis, Sills, ftundp. McFarland, Harveg. FRONT: Yates. Sworn! Semester Student Morrison. Diehl, Hosmer, Wright, Trig, Wolf. Body President Eighty-twoTOP: J. Jackson. P. Kauffman. Knuths, Hedrick. T. Howe, Soblc. Jensen. HVi fcii i, Carr, Miss Botcer. FIFTH: Imsland, Wester, Brai onier. Brendcland, Arrasmith. Sills. Wtlden, ■'. Nicholson. Skeie. KOl'HTH: Kosebrook, Chivers, Obrecht, Kelluijij. Buffett, K. I.arson, Gallagher, (Srisham. enor. THIRD: Piper, Kersh ner, 11 mullet . Orant. Angle. Hen- derson. Ft. Adams. Wall. SKCOND: I'. Kauffman, It. Wilson. Bappc. Merchant. Bucher, McLaughlin, M. Adams. Morford. F. Green. FRONT: B. McCardle. Winstate. Kratoska, Bilck. P. Smith. F. Jackson. Ft. Nichols, Cushman. variety to programs. These girls did all their practicing het'orc or after school and had a wide variety of selections. This organization aided in the Girl Reserve Christmas program and sang on many other occasions. The Tri-City Festival is held annually and met this year at Ames. Boone and Fort Dodge are the other two participating schools. The Christmas candlelight service was very impressive and ended school work for tin Christ- mas vacation. Friendship Week provided an opportunity for all the vocal groups to assist in tin spiritual lift the event provided. Each group performed at one meeting. Each spring the A (’appella Choir gives a program of classical and religious selections at the Veterans’ Hospital in Des Moines. All the members look forward to this event and many practices arc held in preparation for it. Following tradition, senior members of the choir sang at Commencement on June 2. Many service clubs, church groups, and school groups were the satisfied audiences to the A Cappella Choir and Girls' Glee Clubs. These groups, under the sponsorship and direction of Miss Edna Bower, are kept in readiness to pre- form at various times of the year. The (tlee Club was so large that it met in three separate sections, but sang as one unit at programs. Marcia Moore, Sue Clark, and Nancy Kingkade were the presidents of their respec- tive groups. The A Cappella Choir again offered an op- portunity for Ik vs to take part in vocal music, as well as girls. The mixed group was much in demand for many occasions. President was Tom Bilek, and Jane Kosebrook. Donna Wilson, and Barb McLaughlin held the positions of vice- president. secretary-treasurer, and librarian, respectively. Donna was treasurer for all the vocal music groups. A small vocal group of twenty girls was used to perform on special occasions and to add Kightp-threeTOP: Kiny. Bowman, Buehholtz, l'inV n. Santis, Sanford. Pierre, Thomas, X. Walker. FIFTH: J. Bowers, Parrish. Combs. Barbara Bourn. Sharon Smith, Jeanne Blair. S. Clark. Miss Bower. FOl’RTH: If. Kit’and. Townsend, Fiori. I.. Smith. Nordf ke. Dodt e. I.ilhi, X. Dutton. M. Moan . THIRD : Jacobs a .'.hart. Bin ; rnbera. M. Barnard. Gore. Tuttle. M. I.. Howe. Winkler. SECOND: Sandra K. Smith. Schrampfer. Kinykade, Trip. It. Brown. Diana Bex. Talcott. Barrett. FRONT: Dustier. Dame. ’. Thompson. Mason, Thrasher. C. Wells. Huriburt. TOP: Yochum. Collins, Sailj Kooser, J. Malone, Hannan, Lynn Clark. McClure. Miss Bower. FIFTH: Shirley Kooser, Blatt. BlUnyson, Gulden. Small, 1’nn Scan, S. Kckhoff. FOl’RTH: Trickle. Sandra A. Smith, B. Smith, J. Broadwell, M. McDowell. Wilhelm ('.Caldwell. THIRD: B. Smith G. Walker. Willett. Mather. Danie’s. Truesdell, Summers. SECOND: Abbott, Giheath. Warren. Ball. Lee, J. Heyland. FRONT: Bortlc, Mayoon, .4. Fox, Cottinaham, Allen. S. Stokkc. Kiyhty-fourTOP: AUen, Hawk. Van Scot . J. I.atcson. Ralloun. Hensing, II. Brown. L. Caldwell, Patten. FOl'KTH: Small. Wall, Schramp er. Platt. Cottini ham. Stover, G. Ramsey. Rrue. THIRD: Robbins. Chase. Mather. R. Smith. Coulter. Truesdell, Miss Ratstone. SECOND: B. South. Illino is Wilhelm, J. Judisch, M. Sinrls. Ri tndh . FRONT: I.. Wardle, Semnour, J. Hegland. Sobolev. Summers. Rose brook. Geiger. TOP: R. K. Gilchrist. R. Moore. X. Hr me u, Schwarts, F. Judisch, l.amson, Knud sot, Errington, I.unde. FIFTH: M. L. Howe. Dodge. Wright, E. Xicholson, Applegate. Hyler. Skeie, Conn. M. Lawson. Miss Ratstone. FOURTH : Diron. Cul- bertson. Wester. Grisham. Sharon Smith. Ogg, I.Hip. Kcrshncr. THIRD: MeLaughlin, Hall. Fiori. Handle! . Harper, Sucker. R. Adams. I.. Earls. Wallace. SECOND: Rinf genberg. Bruce. I.owman. 1. Hertz. Downing, I'ilmoNl, Wardlc, R. Young. Litchfield. FRONT: R. Shultz, Pierre. S. Stevens, E. Earls, Lord, Sehilletter. Judge. Eighty-fiveTOP: Shrader, I.unde, J. Lawson, F. Juditch, Mr. Lehigh. FRONT: Camey. S. Xortnan, J. Juditch. Hartley, Brindley. The Ames High debate club proved its super- iority in several events this year. The team’s first tournament was the Brindley tournament at Iowa State Teachers College. They also com- peted in the Coe Meet at Coe College where they tied with Muscatine and South St. Paul for first place. Frank Judisch was selected as the outstanding boy debater at this debate. The team also won the district meet at Mason City which qualified them for the State finals held at Iowa City in April. Mr. Donald Lehigh was debate coach. STANDING: Wright, Farit, Hylcr, Mitt Bat thine, M. Law ton. L. Farit. SEATED: Harper, Jill A ndersun. B. Hertz, Wallace, Sucker, Downing. Eight y-xixTOP: Knuths, B. Mcjimsey, I.unde.». It. Dutton, l.amson, Burry Oullivn. Door, K tunc lea, I' nderkofler. THIRD: C. .Idflm.i, McFarland, Sharon Smith. Wright. Field. F. Farit, llurlburt, Barnard. SECOND: A. Corea, I'iiirtM. Bose- hrook. F. Xicholson. Xordykr. (Irtshatu, Krllogg. FRONT: Jill Anderson, Bollock. S. Xorman, Bucher, Mrs. Whitney, Hagen. Emery. The struggle to meet the deadline is one of the biggest problems of tin- journalism class. The class reports and edits for the Weekly Web, a page published each Wednesday in the Ames Tribune. The faculty advisor. Mrs. Charlotte Whitney, teaches the students journalistic fund- amentals which they have an opportunity to use in their work on the Web. Students not members of tin- journalism class, find an outlet for their writing ambition in Cubs’ Club. The Cubs learn the essentials of news writing and produce one issue of the Web. Officers first and second semester respectively were Nancy Ohivers and Frances Green, pres- idents; Frances Green and Delores Robbins, secretaries. TOP: Schicart;, Dilts. J. I.awson. T. Adams, Stevens, Elder. FOURTH: Andre. Wester, (Irani, Wall. Bobbitts. Combs. Mrs. Whitney. THIRD: Chivers, Cottmohnm. Wallace, B. Young, S. Diehl. Bowers, Diana Bex. SECOND: Wilsie. Mer- chant, Culbertson. Bruce, F. (Jreen. FRONT: 8. Xorman, Bortle. Handley, B. Smith, Schramy er, J. Judisch. Eighty-sevenTOP: SchWetter. Shirley Kooser. l iruni. Mrs. Dickinson. THIRD: Apylegate, J. Maxwell, Berkley. SECOND: L. Smith, Zenor. Bowen. »’. Adams. FRONT: Bruce, Hall. Sucker, Dobson, Manning. TOP: Kellogg. I'nderkofler, Gammcll. Henry. T. Adams. FOURTH: I'ivioH. Christi . Conn. Benson. Zee Mrs. Dickinson. THIRD: Hauers. H annoy. ft. Adams. Bowen, Fellows. Sanford. SECOND: Dobson, J. Bfoadwell, Van Bcmmel. Grant, Coulter. FRONT: B. Karl. . . Karl, Sxtchcr. M. Adams, Wallace, Green. Fight y-eightReceiving valuable training in library work by practice and observation wen- the members of Library Club, sponsored by Mrs. Klizaheth Dickinson, librarian. With only a limited mem- liership allowed, the club performed many ser- vices for the library. Without this help of in- ter» steel workers, it would be impossible to keep the library in its customary spie-and-span order throughout the year. Led by officers Rosemary Adams and Barbara Bowen, presidents, the dub had organized meetings, called and conducted by the leaders, in which they discussed their plans and activities. One of their biggest jobs was the selecting and arranging of material for the second-floor display ease. The varie»! and interesting displays attracted the attention of all students passing by the display while on their way to classes. )ther projects were the classifying and cata- loging of new books, checking hooks in and out. repairing books and magazines, and keeping tlie card catalogue in order. and junior l sei! CdroAA ruder the sponsorship of Mrs. Klizabcth Dickinson, the Junior Red Cross once again had an active year. The Red Cross Council is made up of representatives from each homeroom and anyone else who wishes to belong. Regular meet- ings are held to plan activities. The club was led by Carita enor, first semester; and Pat Dobson, second semester. While all the Ames schools were making gift boxes. Terry Adams wrote a skit which was given to all grade schools by high school mem- bers of Junior Red Cross, advertising the boxes and their usefulness. Sponsored by the Red Cross Council, magazines and hooks were sent to hospitals and institutions around Iowa. An- other annual project of the Red Cross Council is the financing of the A ('appella Choir’s trip to the Veterans’ Hospital in Des Moines in the spring. Junior Red Cross members also helped the Red Cioss office get ready for the member- ship and fund campaign by stuffing Red Cross solicitors’ envelopes. JSiiihty-ninrSTANDING: Buck, l.owell Clark, Livingston, Mr. Baxter. SKATKD: Benson. B. Barnard, Loren Larson, Stcnsland. Livings ton, Talbert, S, Wells, Lindahl, Kloiif, I.. Kelly. Hensing, Harvey, Mr. Trump. Jenkitis. XinctgTOP: Mr. Chally. Sable. Kjerland. Day, K. Griffith. Kincin. SKCOM): Parsons. R. Brown, Lindahl, Gunderson. FRONT: Kershner, Malmbertj. Dobson. I’ician. Wallace. The operation of the school's audio-visual equipment is in the hands of tin members of the Film Operators’ Club. This club is open to anyone interested in combining learning with service. A member with twenty hours’ service may earn one-fourth credit per year. The audio-visual equipment available in- cludes two sound movie projectors, one silent projector, record players, tape recorders, slide projector, the silent movie camera used by the athletic department, and the sound equipment used at school parties. The operators learn to keep these machines in good working condition by oiling and replacing lamps and fuses. About ‘275 films arc shown for various classes and acti- vities during each school year. Mickey Kirwin is the president of the twenty- member group. Mr. Glenn Challv is sponsor and audio-visual aids co-ordinator. Speakers and field trips were the two main activities of the photo club this year. Members enjoyed programs of travel slides, previews of new equipment, a visit to a local studio to study portrait techniques, and a session at a fellow camera-bug’s darkroom for tips on darkroom procedure. For field trips, a special subject was chosen, such as pets, and shots were taken in that particular area. Experiments were conducted with homemade darkroom equipment. Picture composition, light- ing effects, and care and operation of equipment provided programs for several meetings. Most of the members do their own darkroom work at home. Steve Wells and Chuck Klopf were winners of gold keys in the photography division of the Iowa Scholastic Art Awards contest in Febru- ary. Chuck’s picture was a fast-action basket- ball shot taken at the Ames-.Marshalltown game; a double ferris wheel at the Iowa State Fair was the subject of Steve’s print. Both pictures were submitted to the national contest at Pitts- burgh. President of the shutter-bugs was Chuck Klopf; Jay Harvey was secretary; Mr. Richard Trump was faculty sponsor. Ninety-otto JreaAurerA TOP: Lowell Clark. Christ} , Clauson, Dat e, Kellotjt . SECOND: Jill Anderson, Hnrlhnrt, Itaris, E. Earls. FRONT: Miss McXalh . Elder. Hosmer, Xordi kc, X. Dutton. Responsible for nearly $' 0,000 per year are the student treasurers of Ames High. These students are selected by faculty advisers on the basis of interest and time available for the work. This work provides training in good business techniques, as each member keeps a set of books, makes financial reports to the general treasurer, an annual report, and a tentative budget for the organization which he represents, for the com- ing year. These financial reports are subject to check by the board of education and the state auditor. .Miss Mary McNally, general treasurer, is ably assisted by Janet Christy. It is the duty of the general treasurer to over- see all of the financial transactions. Sin- makes out all checks and audits the student treasurers' books and those of the athletic treasurer at the end of every month. At this lime, detailed finan- cial statements are issued to the principal, the superintendent, and the board of education. If a student wishes to make a purchase for tin school, he must first find out tlie cost of the item he has to buy. He then obtains a requisi- tion from the treasurer of his organization and has it signed by his faculty sponsor and the principal. He receives a check from the general treasurer, makes the purchase, has the clerk sign the requisition and returns it to his treasurer. With this practically fool-proof system, very accurate records are maintained. Mr. Donald Hartt. athletic treasurer, has as his assistant Caroll Dage. 'file athletic assistant must keep three sets of books, one each for foot- ball. basketball, and general athletics, includ- ing track, golf, tennis, and intramurals. These books are also subject to check by the auditor. Ticket sales and tournaments mean extra work in this department. The student who has this job works for three years. The sophomore year is the training per- iod. During his junior and senior years he works alone, and also trains a new sophomore during the last one. One-fourth credit per semester is given for the last two years of work. Xinetn-twoireSaucic TOP: Jerry Mum» i. T. Hast. It. Griffith. G. McJimsey, It. Rust, It. McJimsey. J. Carr, Hedrick. K I FT II : Emmcrson. Sills. C. Adams. S. Wells. A. Coven, Gammell. K. Spear. FOURTH: $ . Adams, T. Adams. Cole. Sifrit. Watkins. Itavid I'cx, Miss Miller. THIRD: McFarland, Dotwls, Harvey. .1. It roum n. Hay ye. (loess man. SKCOND: .. Wardle, Gallayher. llilck, Morrison. Fllis. Kratoska. FRONT: Jack Anderson. Fellows. C. Miller. Mott, Obreeht. The authors of the little nd warning slips are the 4. members of the Ames High firesquad. These boys aet as ball monitors before school ami at noon and issue the slips lor such offenses as running in the halls, plugging lockers, and crowding in the cafeteria line. In all the years the firesquad has functioned, only one student has had to be referred to the principal for disciplinary reasons. They are also in charge of the ten fire drills held each school year. Chiefs Ancel Covey and Tom Bilek headed the meetings held every Thursday. Bach member cheeks in before going to his post. At these weekly meetings, the chart is checked and fines are levied for absences, and tardiness to posts and meetings. Each spring, the principals of the two junior highs submit to Miss Ruth Miller, faculty sponsor, the names of the boys they consider to he best qualified for membership in the firesquad. During the first week of school the next fall, junior and senior members vote 1o select thirteen sophomores to replace the grad- uated seniors. Brookside Park is the scene of the annual spring picnic. The outing is financed by the fines paid by the members during tin- year. Members eat. play baseball, and generally have a good time. Ninety-threeCarol Wells Nancy Wallace Jeanne Cooke Deg Diets Kathy Wright Sheila Grant Editor-in-Chief Assisi ant Editor Copy Editor Assistant Copy Art Editor Assistant Art Marilyn Hurlburt . Easiness Manager Mary IIosmer . . Advertising King . . . Advertising Karel Harper . Photography Editor Drive Griffith . . Photographer Jerry Livingston . Photographer Steve Wells . . Photographer Jill Anderson . Publicity Editor Ninety-JourXincty-six Miss Karel HarperLeft to right: Marci,j Moor -. Pat Pollock. Jan Piper, Barb McLaughlin. Diane Paine. Karel Harper. Kathg Wright. Martha Barnard. Miss Karel Harper was crowned Spirit Sweet- heart on .January 30 at the annual mid-winter Spirit dance, ’ Aqua Moods. Miss Martha Barnard and Miss Kathy Wright were announc- ed as Karel's attendants and were presented with gardenia corsages by Frank dudiseh. who served as master of ceremonies for the evening. Karel received a large white orchid. .Jerry Hed- rick. Ancel 'ovey. and Amis Sraders were escorts for the sweetheart and her attendants, respectively. An underwater motif was the theme of the decorations and featured a large flat with Disney-type sea life. Pictures of couples who attended were taken by Spirit photographers in front of the Hat and sold to those who wished to keep them. Candidates were nominated .January 25, and election was held January 27. Ancel Covey was winner of the free Spirit at the drawing. Nancy Wallace, assistant editor of the Spirit, coordinated the staff and the publicity commit- tee, headed by .Jill Anderson, in making arrange- ments for the dance. Other members of the pub- licity committee were 'Ferry Adams. Susie Diehl, Frank dudiseh, Sheila (itant, and Marcia Wilsic. A’(ne j -j»ei'ewM, omecomina Homecoming festivities on October 3 were highlighted by the presentation of Parbara Teig as Homecoming Queen and Ames High’s vietorv over the Oskaloosa Indians. The Queen and her two attend- ants. Karel Harper and dan Piper, were ehosen by the student body from eight candidates elected the preceding week. Denny Rust and dim Fox. co-captains for the game, presented the girls with flowers in a special pep assembly which was broadcast over Station KASI. Fol- lowing this, the queens led a homecoming parade through downtown Ames. Taking part were the Pep Club, the cheer leaders, the Ames High marching band, the foot- ball team members riding on a float dec- orated by the Pep Club, and the student body in a snake dance. The procession stopped at the city hall for a pep rally and a talk by Mayor Allan. During the half-time of the game the marching band and pep club honored the queen and her attendants and their escorts with several formations featuring couples waltzing around the queen. The Little Cyclones streaked to a 21 to 0 triumph over Oskaloosa for their third win of the season. k Xinety-elght■ iVindy-itiiie('ast La writ II unfinyton Sid Huntington Martha IIaldington YaU]i H anting ton Marl; Bradford (I us (I usiavcskt Horatio B. lloneyu'dl Walola Brecki nridge (Iran Svhoenbcck Tin rest Brown ('arolint Blake sly Amelia Dennis ■loan Wood Ted Wood Lillian Wood I.KNXAIMJKE Scail.1 KTTKR Paul. Lunde Colleex Grisham Larry Kxudskx Bob Bragoxier Jane Sucher John Lawson Betsy Hertz Beyerly Lord Kathy Wright Donxa Wilson Naxcy Wallace Barbara McLaughlin Ray Shultz Margaret Schwartz Onc hundred99 TOP: Guy. Bragonier, Errington. Sable. R. Griffith. Emmerxon. Barron, T. Attam . THIRD: J. Larson, Kjcrland. J. Hfiler. Cole. Roach. Miller. Obrrcht. D. Campbell. SECOND: St emus. Dodge. J. Bowers, King, Chivers, Oyy. Schwartz. FRONT: F. Green. Merchant. Sandra Kay Smith. . Hertz, Wallace. Our Town, by Thornton Wilder, was «riven by the junior class on February IS and 20. The play was a psychological study of life and death. CAST Stage Manager Bon Bragonier Assistants . . Francis Judge, Jack Hyler Joe Crowell. Jr. Jim Cole I)r, Gibbs Tom Emmkrson Howie Xcusonie Kay Shultz Mrs. (lit»bs Francks Green Mrs. Webb . Nancy Brown Georgs Gibbs Dave Roach Rebecca Gibbs Nancy Chivers Walla Webb John K.ikri.ano Emily Webb Bey Ogg I'rofcssor Willard Ron Wakdle Mr. Webb Denny Guy Woman in Balcony Nancy Wallace Man in Auditorium Brian Barron Lady in a Bos Betsy Hertz Simon Stimson Terry Adams Mrs. Soames Cay Hall ('unstable Warrt n Paul Miller Si Crowell Peter Ekringtok Sam Craig Ken Larson Joe Stoddard Dick Campbell One hundred oneIk- On r hundred twoHill's Studio Thunk you Seniors for your fine cooperation and best wishes from your 1954 Spirit photographers. 2530 Lincoln Way Phone 347 Miss Barbara Tek; Homecoming Queen One hundred three-k With the traditions that are your heritage . . . and the “spirit” that you have displayed in con- test after contest . . . you should go far in the game of living. So . . . keep your spirit and your will-to-win ... it will help carry you on to new and important victories. AMES DAILY TRIBUNE Your “Ames ' per One hundred fourCompliments oj . . . COLLEGIATE MANUFACTURING ■compmtH Chev Adams Clint Adams Class of 1919 Ames High School Class of 1921 One hundred fiveCongratulations to Class of 1954 and Best Wishes for Your Future 9 TRIBUNE PUBLISHING CO. PRINTERS OF THE 1954 SPIRIT PHONE 180 Congratulations to Class of 1954 from VAN VOORHIS COMPANY Lennox Furnares-American Radiator Standard Sanitary Crane - Kohler - Briggs enamel ware YORK AIR CONDITION IXG Plumbing - I ruling - Sheet Metal PHONES 999 2270 120 KELLOGG Service, Quality and a Square Deal Onr hundred .sirCongratulations C For Delicious Class of 1959 ★ SOI PS SALADS SANDWICHES Moore’s Dairy Stop at the PHONE 3 6 9 Carmel - Krisp 428 5th Street 114 Main Phone 371 Congratulations Seniors REAL ESTATE V.m. Vogt Telephone 287 ★ Girls . . . may we help you assemble your College or Career wardrobe? We will have as much fun helping you with your clothes as we have had during your years in Ames High. Tell us how much or how little you have to spend and we’ll help you with all sincerity . . . and love it. McDowell’s 319 Main - Ames, Iowa ★ Bobby Rogers Ames Iowa INSURANCE W. E. McDowell .Jim Kitkkiek. Ju. Telephone 51 One hundred sevenHIBBS PHILLIPS “66” Elicit bach Music House CG0 • TELEVISION Qualify Products - Friendly Service • RADIO-PHONO ★ COMBINATIONS Your Headquarters for • RECORDS-SHEET HI NTING. FISHING. CAMPING. AND MUSIC PICNIC SUPPLIES • PHOTOGRAPHIC Iowa and Minnesota Licenses SUPPLIES ★ Lincoln Way and Elm •102 Ames, [ Main Iowa Phone IG2 Ames, Iowa , Phone 474 Insist Upon O’Neil’s Skeie Motor Co. Quality Checked Ice Cream LOOK FOR THE BIG PONTIAC RED CHECK MARK V Sales - Service “Good Will Used Cars” O Neil Dairy Company GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES - TELEVISION Ames Iowa 202 S. Duff Phone 2386 Onr huudrtd cifiht16 THOUSAND ITEMS FOR VOI R COXYEMENC'E Be it some small item—a serew ... a tack . . . or a holt or appliance for your home. We want your patronage and try to eonduct our business as to deserve it. CARR HARDWARE CO. Phone 124 I ndiridualii y in (food Furniture Hovcrstcn Furniture FI'RN ITU R E ani» FLOOR OOVERINCS Admiral Television and Radios Admiral and Gibson Refrigerators Electric Stoves Flex-Steel and Permalux Living Room Furniture j 412 Main Phone 66 CONGRATULATIONS Class of 1954 Looking into the Future: To build or buy your own home us soon as you art financially ablt is wist . . . and will pay good dividends. H. L. Munn Lumber Co. Established 1891 Main Duff Ames. Iowa THE STORE YOU’LL LIKF -r C Smartest in Fashion x 3 Finest in Quality 203 MAIN PHONE 18 One hundred nineCongratulations Allan Machine Shop CONTRACTI)R S EQUIPMENT SPECIAL MACHINERY STEEL FIRE ESCAPES Class of 1954 ORN A . 1EN T A L R AI LI NG S • from Electric and Acetylene Welding Iron. Steel and Wood Work General Repairing College Savings Bank • Your Campus Town Bank 224 Duff Ave. Ames. Iowa PHONE 64 Yates Service Station Congratulations Graduates CONOCO PRODUCTS We have strived to supply your school needs. May we continue to be of service in ★ whatever field you choose. B. F. GOODRICH TIRES Gifts - Office - School and Photographic Supplies “Joe’’ Wheelock, .Jr., Owner .Ames Stationers. 5th Burnett Phone 58 238 Main Phone 96 One hundred tenAMES For BUILDING LOAN Quality Coals ASSOCIATION and ♦ MOST MODERN SERVICE A Hood I‘1 iicc for Your Savings ★ 300 MAIN PHONE 81 Call HALL COAL CO. PHONE 241 General Filter Company Tog rallies in every department. It’s a wonderful show of values ... A won- derful selection of fine foods everywhere Design - Construction - Erection you look! PRODUCTS: Garden-fresh Vegetables Iron Removal Filters Water Softeners Aerators and Degasifiers Orchard-fresh Fruits The P est in Meats Chemical Feed Equipment Coagulators and Mixers Complete Stocks of Dependable Swimming Pool Equipment Canned Foods PHONE 226 AMES, IOWA Oven Fresh Pastries One hundred elevenM JHL.n The Axes theaters make a swell place to go on a dute. Joe has his shoes fixed at Goodyear Shoe ?-epair on Welch. Dean gets his glasses at Jensen Optical Coarany. Tea likes the feol of the wheel of this Mercury at M thison's. SCI FOODS HICtftM IMH Wheel Allan's fooling his Cheorios Carol and Loren are a 1 set for a Loren looks over this truck at at .lushing'3 Supermarket. big acal at Scotty'?; Chicken Inn. Mathews Sholl Service. Alice has u hard time choosing n o5Qaroi15 clothes always look nice the wido so oction at Younkors whon they done at the Laundorett Gorry looks over the fruit at Anve3 Fruit and Grocery. One hundred twelveJU .Mum Max Harrimin keeps Janet's hair Ji® vishos his nother had this Mary and Chuck enjoy a coke while saart and tria. dish-washer froa Busch AppHance. they chat at Frango's. .Alice look8 over house plans at Ton selects his canned goods for the 3har n and Duy« «njo7 a refreshing Johnsonfs Lunber Coopany. faxily at Hy-Y Grocery. co ° Toa's Cafe. Gary likes the looks of this car at.Dunlap Kotor Company, Jay would surely like to own this shirt froa Jaxe3on's. Larry knows Axe3 a good place to go for One hundred thirteenJU am good place to go for a coke after school. Vonnio is impressed at the idea an interview over KASI. Chuck is always willing to leal a hand at Munn Luubor Coapany. John knows that lie can got anything he wants in the lino of leather o % (' a r. ♦ Ma saw • a Ore hundred fourteenm jin uni .Steve always fills up with Jgas at Roinbcrger's Cities Service Station. Mike 'ikes the looks of this now shirt froea Younker's. Hartha really enjoys arranging these beautiful flowers froa fa Leart'5. Stove incpects some water tanks at Palmer Plumbing. Put and Craig compare scores at the Ames Bowling Lanes. Jane knows sho can find just what 3h© wants in Younkers foraal section. Jia knows he will get a good deal if he buys his tires from Goodyear. Brian careful'7 studies the poster outside of the Brown Insurance Agency. One hundred fifteenNationally Famous Brands in Young Men’s Clothing and Furnishings Let's Shop nl Amos' Clothing Corner Hirschburg, Reynolds and Gilchrist Attorneys at Law BRINTNALL’S STANDARD SERVICE COMPLETE SERVICE FOR ALL CARS 5th Burnett Ames, Iowa Phon 418 Ames Window Shade Company Traverse and Curtain Rods Venetian Blinds Roller Shades Sales mid Service 1315 KELLOGG PHONE 2828 J C §uCKWORTH v AT S y’V’ «Stevens Funeral Home 608 Burnett Plsone 383 Ames. Iowa THE FAIR Dry Goods Readv-to-Wear 225 Main Phone 100 I WALTER REXALL DRUGS The Prescription Shop 217 Main Street Ames, Iowa COE’S FLORISTS Serving Antes High Since 1932 FINEST IN FLOWERS AND GIFTS -- Two Shops -- Downtown Campustown P. t i. Cok, Manager LINDQUIST CLEANERS Quality Cleaning Speedy! Pickup and Delivery 120 Hayward Campustown FRANK T. TALBERT Jeweler Watches - Diamonds 236 Main St. Phone 820 Ames, Iowa CARTER PRESS Printers Statiloners 125-127 Welch Ave. Phone 2044 BELL-SHEESLEY D-X Specialities in Greasing and Washing Main Burnett Phone 760 One hundred eixteenJUDISCH JUDISCH Attorneys at Law Amos. Iowa Phone 268 ('onijrat uhitions - - - ('hiss of UK') I from the J. C. PENNEY CO. A Complete Line of Clothin; for the Family Law offices CLARK KELLEY SOIL Main Street Ames. Iowa Phone 137 DIXON DRUG HAROLD O. HEGLAND RONNINGEN-GILREATH D. R. NEWBROUGH AGENCY 230 Main Street Attorneys at Law 20S 5th Street Ames. Iowa Ames. Iowa Ames. Iowa Phone 2122 Phone 531 Phone 161 RAY JEWELERS CHRISTENSEN CAMPUS DRUG CO. Keepsake Diamonds APPLIANCE STORE 2430 Lincoln Way Elgin - - - Hamilton 221» Main Street Ames. Iowa 220 Main Phone 230-W Phone 12 Phone 1105 SMEDAL MAURER Lawyers 208: 5th Street Ames. Iowa Phono 125 L-WAY CAFE 24IS Lincoln Way Phone 1811» The Perfert Pine,- for Pinners or Snarks H H CAFE 110 Main Street Delicious Dinners Steaks • • • Chops Coffee is Always Goo l Air Conditioned 110 .Main Street One hundred »eventecnTHE SPUDNUT SHOP • SPREAD SATIN V HATTOFF MOTOR CO. 2.'{ 1 (i Lincoln Way • GLIDDEN PAINTS • ARMSTRONG 1 IS Hayward Sandwiches •• Malts -- ! •«• Cream LINOLEUM TILES Delivery Service • WALLPAPER Ames. Iowa • DRAPERIES Phone 290 THE PAINT SPOT Phone 992 bbott. Joyce A tan Charles .Vilams, Mr. Frank Adams. Mr, Herbert Adams, Mama Adams, Rosemary Adams. Steve . Adams. Terry Ahart. Mary Ann Allen. Kaivn , Allison, Mr. 1 .eland . Anderson. Jack Anderson. Jill . Andre. Jacqueline . Andrew. Merle . Angle. Barbara . Applegate. Meredith Arrasmith. Dan Ayres. Jack . Hailey. Gary Ball. Anna . Baliard. Barry . Balloun. Jim . Bappe. Janice . Barnard. Martha Barnett. Thomas . Barron. Brian . Bartley, Bob . Bats tone. Miss Virginia Battles. Norman Beach. Marvin Becker. Bill Beckley. Patty Bengtson. Mr. lx-onard Benson. Warren Berhow. Hon Bilek. Tom Bilsland. Mr. John Black. Bruce Blair. Janice Blair. Jeanne Blair. Patty . Blair. Ted Bortle. Ethel Bowen. Barbara Bowen. Bob . Bower. Miss Edna Bowers. Dale . Bowers. Janice Bowman, l-eah Bradshaw. Barbara Bragonler. Bob Brekke. Audrey . Brekke. Carroll Brekke. Jerry . Brendeland. Don Brindley. Bill Broadwell. Judy . Broadwell. Terry . Brooks. Dick Brown. Alan . Brown. Delores Brown. Howard . Brown. Nancy . Brown. Kodney Bruce. Kay Brue. Del Bryan. Bob . Buchholtz. Kay Buck. Mike . Bundy. Jim . Burton. Ardith Burton. Eddie . 60, $4 . r. i.5:1.71. s:. 93 . . . . . 5 .........................4 26. 27. 68.72. 73. 76. 83. SS 27. 73. 0. S3. S5. ss . 50.51.60. 93 15. SO. SI. 87. SS. 93. 101 . . . 7. -’7, 73. 76. 84 . 19. 84. S5 ............................S . . . 37. 63, 66. 93 69. 7o. 73. 76. SO. 86. 7. 93. 94 . 50. S3. 87 • 27, 71!, 83 . 27. 85. 8S 27. 54, 71. 83 . 47. 54. 61 49. 7S 4 9. 81 49 . 51. 5 1. 85 14. 45. 69. 83 72. 84. 87. 97 .......................51 . 45. 80. 101 . 16. 63. S3. S6 . . . . S. So. 86 .........................50 .......................50 ........................47 45. 88 ........................9 49. 63. 88. 90 38. 54. 64 38. 54. 59. 63. S3. 93 9. 78 45.61.80 . 38.72 28.72. 84 ..... 45 ....................28 50. 81.84. 87 . 28. 72. 84. 88 .......................49 . 10.83,84 . .... 47 46. 84. 87. 88. 101 17. 68. 84 28. 69. 73. 76 . 7.15. 78. . . . . . 7. 47 .......................30 ......................51 46. S3 51. 85. 86 . 51. 84. 88 . 46. 76. 80 51.54.64 . 50. 62. 80. 93 28.72. 76.84 • . . . .50, 85 .....................47. 85 . 47.78. 91 15. 76. 85.87.88 . 4 9. 63. 85 . 16. 54. 64 . 47. 76. 81.84 ....................49. 90 . 36. 38. 83 . . . . . 45 ...................28 Caldwell. Charlene ...... 57, 76. 81, 84 Caldwell. Barry...................................51.54.85 Cameron. Rochelle ....... 28. 72 Campbell. Bob.....................................15.54.82 Campbell. Dick........................... 1 1. 47. 54. 82. 101 Canon. Gary.................................... 45. 54. 66 Canvin. Miss Madalene ...... 10. 45 Carney. Bill........................................46. 86 Carr. Jim............................. 57.60, 62. 82. 83,93 Cattell. Mary.......................................28. 72 t'hally. Mr. Glenn Chase. Mary Chevllle. «Senevieve Childs. Dean . Olivers, Nancy Christianson. Dave . Christianson. Paul . Christy. Janet . Clark. Jim Clark. IxiWell . Clark. Byn . Clark. Suzanne Clnuson. Nancy . Cole. Jim Cole. Dr. Julia . Collins, Kayetta . Combs. Kay . Compton, Jack . Conn. Pat Cooke, Jeanne . 11. 19 50. 69. 70. 80 . 29 . 91 . 85 . 50 16. S3. 87. 101 . 50 . 29 . 29. 72. S8. 92 29 '. 92 1. S 4 . 84 . 92 101 . 51. 80. 90 . 50 39. 69. 72. 73. 76. 81 17.81 16, 29. . 29. 19. 84 84. S7 29. 64 85. SS 76. 91 Cooper, Tom 29. 54. 57. 59. 78 Cottinglmm. Bette . 19. 84. 85. X7 Coulter. Biz . 15. 81. 85. SS Covey. Anccl 36. 29. 54. 64. 71. 78. 87. 93. 97 Covey. Mr. Hiram . 11. 54. 60. 6 1 Cox. Jim .... 54 Crouse. John 29 Culbertson. Ann 17. 7 6. 85. S7 Cushman. Clifton . 50. 60. 64. S3 Dago. Caroll 29. 80. 87. 91. 92 Daine. Diane . 30. 72. 8 1. 97 Daniels, Marie 49. 84. 85 Davis. Dick . 16. 82. 92 Davis. Mrs. Edna I Day. Mr. Richard . 12 Deaher, Mavis . Dicko. Howard . 17. 80 Dickinson. Mrs. Elizabeth . 12. SS Dick man. Richard . 62 Diehl. Brian . 50 Diehl. Don .... 15. SO Diehl. Susie . 46. 73. 7 ». 82. S7 Diestler. Janet . 17, si Dilts. Peg .... 14. 46. 7 '». 81. S7. 94 Dixon. Mary 15. 85 Dobson. Pat 30. 72. 76. SS. 91 Dodge. Jane 17. 7 0. 76. SI. J 5. 101 Doggett. Jim . 16 Donels. Bob . 19. 54. 60. 93 Downing. Ixniise i6. 76. 80. 85. 86 Downs. Gene . Driver. Melvin . 49 Dutton. Dave 26. 30. 5 1, 57. 59. 62. 71. 82. 8 7 Dutton. Nancy . • 30. 72. 73. 84. 92 Earl. Jane . 30. 72. 73. 88 Earl. Ruth . 30 .72. 73. 88 Earls. Ellen 30. 7 • 85. 86. 87. 92 Earls. Loraine . 30. 72. 73. 7 6. 85. 86 Easter. Mr. Ronald 13. 51. 90 Eckhoff. Karen 30. 69. 7 0 73 EckhofT. Sally . 19. 70. 81 Eeklind. Miss Ruth 6 Edwards. Hector 30. r 1 Elder. Martha . 1 1. 17. 68. 87. 92 Ellingson. Beverly 51. 81 Elliot. Mrs. Rose . 13 Elliott. Mrs. Grayce . . 1 Elliott. Helen 30. 72 Ellis. Bob .... 51. 54. 60. 61. 93 Finery, Francis Emmeraon. Tom . Erickson. Mrs. Cornelia Errington. Peter Evans. Kay Evords, Dave . . 3'». 80. 87 46. 51. 6 1. 71. 82. 93. 101 46. 54. 64. 85. 1 31.62.71. Fain. Gary . Farmer. Kay . Fellows. Joe Ferguson. Bill Field. Barbara Finch. Joan 31. 54, 64. 71. 82 . 45 . 51.54.88,93 . 51.80.81 31. 72.85.87 . 31 One hundred nineteenFlori. Sharon . Flaek. Miu Dii I.m ' Kliinnvry. Put Foster, Colo Kox, Ann Fox. Jim Freej. Nancy . . i:., 69, xi, 8 . • • • ‘ . . 45, 5 4 15.51 . 51.76.81 81, 51, 57, 6 t . 31. 72 Inllngher, Hob Cammell. Jim . i larrett, Donna Cask III. Chuck . Geiger. Don . i Ilb'lilist, Barbara Gilchrist. Petty . Gllroath. Terrell i Hasson, Leonard Goessman. John . Goetz. Charles Core. Janice (lorman. Bob ■ oilman, Tom Grant. Sheila Croon, Duane Croon. Francos . Croon. Shirley Croiner. Eugene Griffith. Bruce . Griffith. Ron Crisham. Colleen . Croth. Jim . Cuklcn, Ann . Culliver, Barry Culliver, Bill Gunderson. Roger Guy. Dennis . I I. 17. 69, . 31.69.70,’ 31. 51. 61, 71. 83. 93 . 50.61.88,93 . 46. 81 . 19,51,60,64 . . . 49.85 50 . 50 . 49. 70. 81 . 31,64.71 . 50. 6 i. 03. 93 31. 51. 59. 61. 66. 71 . 57.70. 81 46 . 49 70. 76. 83. 87. 88. 9 1 . 31 . » . ' . 47. 64. 80 . 31.62,71.91 16, SO. 91. 93. 101 2. 76. 83. 85. 87. loo . 32 50. 69. 70. 76. So. Si 32. 64. 87 . 64 . 7.32.91 . 45.54.101 Haas. Christian . Hagen, Don . Hagen, Jerry Hagge. Dave . Hall. Carolynn . Hamilton, l«orne . Handley. Joann . Ilannny. Pat Hansen. Lee Marker. Paul Harper. Karel Hartt. Mr. Donald . Harvey. Jay Hawk. Eloise . Heath. Bill Hedrick. Jerry . Hcglnnd. Emilie . Hegland. Julieann Henderson. Carolyn . Henry. Dawn . Hensing. Dave . Hertz. Betsy . Hertz. Cordon Herzberg. Mr. George Hesae. Philip . Heverly. Mike . Hieks. Shirley 11iedeman. Mr. Dale Hill. Larry . Hilleary. Mrs. Doris Hines. Janice Mixon, Jim . Hohensliell. Janet Holst. Karla Holtz. Mr. Earl . Horner. Bob Hosmer, Mary . Houck. Dean Hove. Sandra lloversten. Est 11 Howe, Mary l.ynnc . Howe. Tom . Howell. Mr. Frank Huntley. Jane Hurlburt. Marilyn . Hyler, Miss Barbara Ilyler. Jack ....................................51 ...................................51 . 32. 62. 73. 87 . 32. 78. 93 . 16. S3. 88 . 4 5 . 45. S3. 85. 87 . 50. 80. 84. 88 ................................51 ..........................17 32, 72. 76. 85. 86. 91. 96. 97. 98 ....................14. 16 51. 54. 78. 80. 81. 82. 90. 93 ..............................51. 85 50.54.60. 64 . ...............................32. 72 . 51. 84. 85 . 32. 72. 80. 83 . 32. 76. 88 . 50. 85. 90 . 17. 85.86.100. 101 ....................................50 ..........................6 ..............................4 7 ................................32. 62 ................................32. 72 ..................................1 I ....................................49 ....................................I .....................................46 . . . . . . 60 .....................................49 . 33. 72. 76 . 5 33 . 33. 68. 72. 73. 82. 92. 9 1 . .....................................45 . 33. 54. 64 . 47. 68. 69. 70. 76. 84. 85 ...............................54. S3 . . . . . . 5 . 26. 33. 69. 70. 72 . ...........................1 . Imsland, Mary Ism 7. 33. 70. 72. 83 Jackson. Fritz Jackson. Jerry Jacobson. Delores . Jameson. Jamie Jenkins, Jim . Jensen. Dick Johnson. Barbara . 33. 62. S3 . 46.80.8 4 . 33.61 . 49. 64. 90 . 54. 62. 7N. S3 . 33. 72 Jom-s, Bill Jordan, Hue Ann . Judge. Francis Judisch, Frank Judisch. Jan Kauffman. Derry . Kauffman. Vera . Kelley. Jim .... Kelley. Larry Kellogg. Perry Keltner. Don Kellner, Bussell Kershner. Kutli . I illam, Tim .... King. Alice Jane . Kingkadc, Nancy . KIrwin. Mickey . KJerland. John . Klopf, Charles Knowles. Lyle . Knudsen, Larry Knuths, Mike- . Kooser, Sally . Kooser. Shirley Kratoska. Dick . Krocheski, John Kroclieskl. Tom . Kyle, Marilyn . Kyle. Patricia Deaton . . 33. 51. 57. 62. 71. 78 .......................47. 98 .....................4 7.85 . 33. 62. 78. 82. 85. 86 49. 85. 86. 87 . 46. 83 . ...........................51 ......................3 4. SO 3 4.78. 83. 87. 88.92 ........................34 . . . 45. 54. 61, 66 . 3 4. 72. 83. 85. 91 ...........................31 . 17, 69. 70. 80. 84. 94. 1 1 . 34. 69. 7«. 72. 76. 84. .....................3 4. 91 . 7. 4 7. 62, 66. 80. 91. 101 .....................51. 90 . 34. 78. 87 31. 54. 6 1. 71. 78. 85. 87. 100 . 34. 83. 87 .......................50.84 . 50. 68. 70. 84. 88 . 1 4. 45. 54.64. 71. 78. 83. 93 .....................«6, 59 ...........................50 . 34. 70. 72 . . . . . 35. 70 Lake. Max .... Lumson. Jim . . . . Larson. Boyd . I .arson, ken .... Larson. Larry Larson. Loren . . . . Lawson, John .... Lawson. Marjorie . Lee, Nancy .... Lehigh. Mr. Donald . Lester. Jim . Lilly. Joyce . Lindahl. Charles Litchfleid. Eleanor . Livingston. Jerry . I«ord. Beverly . Lounsberry. Marla l-owman. Sherry Lunde. Paul .... Lykkogaard, Leo . Lynch, Lloyd . Lyttlc, Judy .... ......................47. 66 . 35.5 4.59. 62. 71.85. 87 .........................35 . 16.54. 78. 82. 83 35. 80 . 50. 54. 90 . 7. 49. 85. 86. 87. 100. 101 . 35. 72. 73. 76. 85. 86 ......................51. 84 . ...........................49 46.76. 84. 85 . 57. 90. 91 . 35. 72. 85 . 45. 90. 94 . 45.69. 85. 100 ......................57. 81 . . . . 4 7, 70. 85 . 35. 61. 85. 86. 87. 100 ........................35.54 .........................57 ........................49.84 Mac Bride. Mr. George . McCaffrey. Janet .... McCardle. Bob .... McCardle. Mary .... McClure, Jacqueline McDowell. Ed...................... McDowell. Mary Jo McFarland. Terry . 26,36.54.5' McJimsey. Bo!.................... MeJimsey. George . . . . McLaughlin. Barbara . 36. 69. 72. McNally. Miss Mary . McNcal. Jim..................... McPhail. Mr. Marry . Magoon. Virginia .... Maitland. Dick .... Malmberg. Shirley . Malone, Cary ..... Malone. Judy...................... Manning. Anne .... Marks. Kenneth .... Marsh. Mrs. Maude . Martin. Barbara .... Martin. Jerry .... Mason. Sandra .... Mather. Audrey .... Mat lire. Don .... Maxwell. Harold .... Maxwell. Janice .... Merchant, Mary Alice Mezvinsky. Ed .... Michaud, Bob . Middents. Mr. Joe .... Miller. Miss Blanche . Miller. Craig...................... Miller. Liz.................... Miller. Paul.................... Miller. Bob.................... Millet. Miss Ruth . Moklebust. Kay .... . 15. 4 4 . 46. 69. SO . 35. 5 4. 62. 71.83 . 47.80 . 50. 84 . 54. 64. 71 . 49.84 59. 61. 71. 78. 82. 87. 93 26. 36. 59. 71. 7S. 87. 93 26. 36. 59. 62. 71. 78. 93 3. 76. 83. 85. 97. 98. 100 . 16.92 . . . . . 57 . 4. 5 . 50. 84 . 35 . 35. 72. 91 . 49.80 . 51. 76. 84 . 46.88 . . . . 50 . . 35. 69. 70. 72 . 50 . 4 5.84 . 49, 76. 84. 85 «9. 60. 64. SO. 82 . 49.54 . 4 7. 70. 88 15. 80. S3. 87. 101 16.54.59. 6 4.66. 71 . 49. 54. 64 6 . 1,6 7. »9. 51. 64. 80. S2. 93 - 36 . 47. 101 . 50 . 17.50.76. 93 . 48 (Du hundred tuent.' Moor . Barbara ...... 36. 72. 73. 7ft. S5 Moore. Jack.................................3ft Moor». Marcia . . .3ft. 70. 72. 7«. 81. 84, 07. OS Morford. Beverly.....................17. SO. SI. 83 M.-rri.vm. Uurry.................51. ft , ft». SO. 82. 03 Morton. Dennis..............................3ft Mortv H. Everett . . . . . . . . 56 Mmiu'sji, Tom . . . . . . . . . »fi. ftft Mott. Jim..............................15. 03 Million. Jerry.........................17. 03 Mumlt. Miw Eiina . . . . . . . .17 Munson. Shirley ......... Ift Murrell. Bonnie.............................46 Myers, Dick.................................51 Nanney. John ......... 51 Neimancer. Boh.............................................51 Nelson. Frances ......... 3ft Nelson. George...............4ft. 61. 71 Nichols, George . . . . . . . . .47 Nichols. Roger.........................................50. S3 Nicholson. Hr mu . . . 36. 68. 69. 70. 72. 76. S3. 85. 87 Nicholson. Shirley ........ 37. 72 Nielson. George ........ 50. 62 Noble. Francis...................... 46,80. 83, 91.101 Noid. John ......... 50.62 Nordyke. Linda 26. 37. 70. 72. 73. 76. SO. SI. 8». S7. 02 Norman. Mr. Ronald...................... 18.46.54. 59 Norman. Steve.............................. 37. 86. S7 Nowlin. Austin............................. 49. 54. 66 Obrecht. Jim......... 45. 82. 83.93.101 Ogg. Beverly......... 46. 76.81. 85.101 Olmsted. Jack....................50 Olson. Mrs. Fay ......... 7 Olson. Nancy ........ 7. 49. 80 Opheim. Dave.....................37 Ostermunn. Don..... 49.54,60.64, 80 Parrish. Martha ...... 45. 69. 76. 84 Parsons. Phil............................................37. 91 Patten. Tom..............................................51. S5 Paulson. Doris.................................. 45. 69. 8«. 81 Peterson. Don............................................47. 64 Peterson. Dwain ......... 51 Peterson. Mary ......... 51 Phillips. Dave...........................................50. 82 Pierre. Nancy . . . . . . 47. 70. 76. 84.85 Piper. Jan.............................. 37. 72. 76. 83. 97. 98 Platt. Mary..........................................51. 84. 85 Points. Rosalee...........................................7. 45 Pollock. Pat.....................................» Poulson. Jennie..............................................46 Buffet. John.................................... 50. 54. SO. 83 Ramsey. Eileen . Ramsey. Elwood . Ramsey. Gerry Randau. Virginia Ransom. Judy . Ratliff. Bob . RatlifT. Dick Ratteree. Burry . Read. Shirley . Reilly. Ed . Rex. David Rex. Diana Rierson. Carroll . Rlnggenberg. Marilyn . Ritland. Mr. Everett Ritland. Rosie . Roach. David . Robbins. Delores . Roberts. Dave . Roberts. Frances . Robertson. Barbara Roxebrook. Jane . Rosebrook. Mrs. Lee . Rouse. Carol . Roy. David . P.ust. Denny . Rust. Terry Rutter. Charles . ............................50 .......................45. 54 ........................49. 85 . 50. 69. 70. 80 ........................50 ............................37 .........................49 ........................45. 64 ......................37. 72 ........................49. 54 .......................46. 93 . 49. 70. 76. 81. 84. 87 ............................37 . 47. 84. 85 . 18.78.82 . 46.68. 81 . 47. 54. 101 . 49. 80. 81. 85. 87 . 50. 80. 81 ............................37 ........................37. 72 . 37. 72. 83. 85. 87 ............................5 ......................38. 72 . 54. 59. 64.80. 81 . 38. 54. 57. 59.71.93 45. 54.57. ............................47 Sands. Carolyn........................ 45. 69. 84 Sanford. Nancy................ 45, 76. 81. 84. 88 Sayre. Miss 1 .aura ......... 4 Schach. C. F........................................50 Schaeffer. Sandra . . . . . . . . 45. 69 Schilletter. Lennadore . . . . 44. 4$, 76. 85, 88. 100 Schnepf. Miss Paula........................19. 49 Schrampfer. Jo Ann................ 51. 84. 85. 87 Schultz. Phyllis....................................46 Schwartz, Margaret . Searlx, Muryn . Souris. Roger Seaward, Jerry . Soversike. Luvorne Seymour. Ardis . Shudle. Mr. Owen Sherman. Janice . Sherman. Mr. Paul Shrader. John Shultz. Phyllis . Shultz. Ray . Sielert, Mr. Gerald . Sifrit. ls non Sills. Ron .... Singer. Allan Skeie. Janet Small. Sharon . Smalling. Mr. Ray . Smith. Barbara . Smith. Dean . . . . Smith. Mrs. Esther Smith. Ian .... Smith. Is-slie . Smith. Ruth Ann Smith. Sandy Ann . Smith. Sandra Kay . Smith. Sharon Sobolev. Zoya . Soesbe. Jerry . Soesbe. Keith Sorenson. Eddie . Soy. Elsie .... Spear. Kenneth Spear. Lurry Sprague. Don . Sniders, Arnis Stanley. Dave . Stell. Jack . Stensland. Wayne . Stephens. Don Stevens. Mr Don . Stevens. Shirley . Stewart. Mr. L. O. Stoaks. Harlan . Stokesbary. Barbara . Stokke. Del mar . Stokke. Sharon Stover. Max . Sucher. Jane . . 39. 68, Summers. Rosemary Sundall. Shirley . Swann, Alan . . 51. 85 . 38 .....................4ft . . . . 38. 64 . 50. 85 . 19 ........................46. 80 ...........................6 . . . 4 7.78.80. 81.86 ..............................19 ........................46. 85 20. 47 . 45. 64. 93 . 26. 38. 54. 71. 82. S3. 93 ...............................17 38. 72. 83. 85 . 51. 84. 85 . 20.47. 66 . 50. 7«. 84. 85. 87 ........................50. S3 .........................23. 73 .........................46. 54 . . . . 47. 84. SS . 49. 80. 84. 85 . 51. XI. 84 . 45. 69.84. 101 . 38. 72. 76. SO. 84. S5. 87. 98 ...................... 51. 85 .......................49. 64 ...............................38 .............................38 . . . . . 46 . 46. 54.93 . »9. 54. 60. 64 .......................3S. 54 . 7. 26. 38. 97 .......................46. 62 38. 62. 66 .......................39. 90 ...............................39 .............................5 . 17. 68. 69. 7 . 7«. 85. 87, 1 1 ...............................5 ..............................39 .............................45 ..............................39 . 50. 84 . 85 2. 76. 80. 83. 85, 86. 87. 88. 100 50. 84. 85 .............................47 ..........................49 Talbert. John .... Talcott. Jean .... Tarman. Don .... Taylor. Dr. J. I . . Taylor. Mary Louise . Teig. Barbara . Templeton. Bob . Textrum. Bruce . Thomas. Kathleen . Thompson. Harold Thompson. Ixmis . Thompson. Pat Thrasher. Carolyn . Throckmorton. Wayne Tice. Earl .... Tice. Madeline . Tjaden. Mr. Dallas Townsend. Donna . Trickle. Marcia Truesdall. Suzanne . Trump. Mr. Richard . Tweet. Larry . Underkollcr, Bill .....................57. 90 . 49. 82. 84 .....................47. 78 ............................5 . 46. 80 . 39. 69. 72. 76. 82. 84. 98 .......................39 .....................46. 54 . 39. 72. 84 ........................50 ........................57.64 . 39. 72. 73. 76. 8» . 45. 80. 84 ........................39 . . . . .45 .......................39 . 21. 81 . 47. 70. 84 . 49. 80. 84 . 51. 84. 85 .....................21. 90 ........................39 . 40. 87. 88 Van Bemmel. Petra Van Scoy, Jackie . Van Meter. Jan . Van Voorhls. Charles Vandecar. Jim . Vllmont. Vonnie Vivian. Mary Jo 27 88 85 »9 46 50. 54. 78. XI »5. 76. 85 84. 87. 88. 91 Walker. Gall . Walker. Nancy Walk up Boh . Wall. Karen Wallace. Nancy Walsh. Marilyn ................................ 50. 76. 84 ............................... 16. 68. 76. 84 . 47.54.59. 64. 71.82.83 .............................19, S3. 85. 87 . 47.85.86. 87.88, ........................................40. 72 Onr hundred twcnty-oncWalsh, Stove...............................If. 54. 60. 82 Wurdle. Leon ........ 51. 85. 93 Wurdle, I on . . . . . . . . . 46. 85 Warren. Pat................................... 50. 76, 84 Wand. June.....................................40 Want . Ruth...................................40,72 Watkins. Bob........................................47. 93 Webb. Cheryl........................................47. 80 WoltlCn. John............................. 40, 64. 71. 83 Well». Carol.................. 40. 70. 72. 76. 80. 84, 94 Wells. Mr. Kenneth.............................22.51.64 Wells. Steve............................... 51.90.93, 94 WeSSOll. Toni..................................46 Wester, Marco . . . . . . . 46. 83, 85. 87 Wcsterlleld. Room...............................4 7 White, Elizabeth...............................49 White. Paul....................................40 Whitney. Mrs. Charlotte................ 22. 76, 87 Wilcox. Miss Ivina ....... 23. 5'», 76 Wlldeboar, Don ......... 51 Wilhelm. Gretchen . 50, 84, 85 Willett. Sarah......................... 49. 76. 84 Williams, Joe ...... 44, 47, 54, 59, $2. 71 Williams, Paula . . . . . . . . 7 45 Willlby. Roger..................40.64 Wllsie, Marcia .... 47, 69, 70,73.76,81. 83. 87 Wilson. Donna............. 40, 69. 72, 83. 100 Wilson. Joyce . . . , . , . , . 45 Wilson. Shiriee ........ 45.60 Winkler. Mary Kay..........................4o! 84 Winslow. Tom.................. 40. 54. 71, 83 Wolf. Jack............ 45. 54. 59. 62.71.78. 82 Woods. Mrs. Marian.......................23,68 Woods, Ron..................................40 Wren, Keith ......... 41 Wright, Kathy . 26. 11, 72. 73. 82. 85. 86. 87. 94. 97, 98. 100 Vales, Boh.................... 50. 66. 82 Yochum, Marla Jean.........................51. 84 Young, Judy .......... 47 Young. Roberta................ 46. 85. 87 Zou. Ruby...................................45 .••nor. Carita............ 41.68.69,70.72.83, 88 Afutoaraphs U K . rO.- C J$JU. ft QJbtrv . oJj One hundred (u mii -lub c -.9£J 'JVwl S9 w s u u) M Asp •- u cL £oc x p P I'? (L-n so Us 1 JUln 7 A ut ,L  V 

Suggestions in the Ames High School - Spirit Yearbook (Ames, IA) collection:

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