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Text from Pages 1 - 130 of the 1953 volume:

 pj' oaue This is your Spirit . . . the story of your year in pictures and stories . . . each season is depicted as an act of a great play encom- passing every student in Ames High . . . you are the actors, the stars, the crews, and the audience . . . it is your play.C on tents PKonrcTiON PAGE Spirit Staff .... . 4 Superintendent and Principal 5 Office Girls . 5 School Board .... 6 Teachers ..... 6-9 Doctor and Nurse 10 Cafeteria Staff .... 10 Student Council . 11 CAST Dedication..............................14 Seniors ...... 15-27 Dedication ...... 28 Juniors ...... 29-32 Sophomores...........................33-36 ACT I — FALL Football .... . 38-41 Pep Club . 42 Cheer Squad 42 Marching Band . 43 Homecoming 44-45 Junior Red Cross Council . 46 G.A.A. and Intramural Fall Activities . 47 Dramatics 48-49 ACT II - WINTER PAGE Basketball ..... 52-56 Varsity Club .... 57 Spirit Sweetheart . . . . 58-59 Girl Reserves and lli-Y 60-63 Junior Class . . . . . 04-65 G.A.A. Winter Activities . 66 Intramural Winter Activities 67 ACT 111 SPRING Track 70-71 Golf . 72 Tennis ...... 72 Intramural Council . 73 G.A.A. Cabinet and Representatives 74 Senior Senate .... 75 Concert Band .... 76 Orchestra and String Ensemble 77 Choir and Glee Clubs 78-79 Debate 80 Palm Club . 80 CREWS Journalism and Cubs' Club 84-85 Firesquad ..... 86 Film Operators .... . 87 Library Club .... 88 Si udent Treasurers . 88 ADS 90-109 INDEX 110-112 ThreeBACK: S. Hail. F. Wolf. Davis, I'ritz. . Griffith, Seven. $ I ener son, Hosmer. FRONT: Wills. Wf more. Dobbins. Fellows, Cooke. Editorial staff Sue Wymork, «ditor Peg Robbins, senior asst. Carol Wells, junior asst. Advertising staff Jean Skyey, editor Mary IIosmer, assistant Mary Ann Ah art Iyay Bannister Susie Diehl Ellen Earls IjOraine Earls Shirley Hicks Janet Johns Perry Kellogg Nancy Iyingkade Mary Damson Ann Lee 'aroi.yn McKenna Sheila McKenna MAR.IORIE MCPU ERSON Mary Malander Barbara Moore Steve Norman Donna Sclarow Barbara Teig M ary n Her Wilt Sue White liusiness staff Franklin Wolf, manager Pat Arney Janet Christy Evelyn Dilts Elaine Eiavell Tom Judge Nancy Merchant (’it i hi staff Sally Fellows, editor Jeanne Cooke, assistant ’It otoijra jtli ij staff Dick Stenerson, editor Karel Harper, assistant Cordon Davis Kentnkr Fritz Bruce Griffith Publicity staff Joe Mollkston. chairman Marna Cole Diane Daine Ann McCarthy Erma Lee Nicholson Dee Wattonville Art staff Sarah Hall, editor Pat Pollock Typing staff Sue Schaefer Janet( 'hase Pat Mi Neal Joan Burgess Four Superintendent Harry H. McPhail and Principal Herbert Adams Mr. MePhail’s fine record as a school executive resulted this year in his being selected to attend the Superintendent 's Work Conference this July at Columbia Iniversity. Mr. Adams continued to guide Ames High through another profitable year with his super- vision and constant support of the curricula and our many activities. Superintendent' Office Girls: Mrs. Edna Davis, Mrs. Grace Elliot. Miss Laura Sayre Principal's Office Girls: Mrs. Daisy Flack, Miss Jan O'ffricn Five Jech n ica IJU vipers TOP: Frank Adams, Karl Holtz. Frank Howell. FRONT: I.. O. Stewart, hr. Julia Cole Welden, Mrs. Itosebrook. J. h. Taylor, Mrs. T. . . Money, Harry It. Mcl’hail. The Board of Education acts as the govern- ing body of the public school system. The Board plans tin budget and is in charge of all school financial matters as well as deciding general school policies. Election is held each March to elect members for three year terms. Terms are staggered so there will always be experienced members on tin Board. The Board appoints a secretary for each year and a treasurer is elected every two years. Officers are Dr. J. I). Taylor, president; Frank B. Howell, secretary; and Hiram Munn. treasurer. Members are Mrs. Lee Rosebrook, Earl Holtz, Mrs. T. J. Manev, Frank Adams, Dr. Julia Cole Welden, L. 0. Stewart, and superintendent Harry K. MePhail. In March, Frank Adams was re-elected and Don Stevens was elected in place of Mrs. Manev. EDNA WllX'OX EVERETT RITI.AND JEAN ESCHNER American literature, Girl Reserve “Urif i your notebooks ojien and your textbooks closed. ...” boys' adviser, vocational guidance. American lit- erature. HI-Y. .student council "Good afternoon. There is a job oyyortunity. . . girls' physical education. G.A.A.. pep club, eheersquad "Where's your admitf" SixMARY MeXA LIA' world literature, problems in written and oral expression, general treasurer, sopho- more counselor U’e couldn't put a wink- in to words! RONALD EASTER physics, chemistry, radio club “In the chemistry section of your high school notebook. . . WANDA RKX shorthand, business typing, assembly committee, service committee “Where is my clock!" RICHARD TKI'MI’ biology, chemistry. Spmcit. photo club Si’iiei i deadlines and owls. GERALD SIELKRT driver training, noon hour supervisor Left turns and sophomores. EDNA MINDT home economics Shirts and budgets. JACK RUTLAND English. Spanish. French, noon hour library supervisor “Psssssss—st! Ferm CZ la louche.” KITH MILLER algebra, solid geometry, trigonometry. Girl Re- serve. tire squad “You'll always be sorry you didn't study harder.” KENNY PAGE American government, busi- ness arithmetic, a p p I i e d mathematics, audio visual aids coordinator “Who took my keysf” LEONARD BEN JSTON metal shop Working with metals and boys. MADELINE OANVIN personal typing, bookkeep- ing, awards committee “Put your iia icr back in that typewriter!" SevenKKKAXD A KM sox art Out for coffee. CHARKOTTE NKKSON Kiris' advisor. Journalism. Cubs' Club. Girl Reserve, radio program coordinator, life adjustment prognun "V nerrusedf" HI COVEY social sciences, head track coach, sophomore basket- ball coach, assistant football coach "You have to hr smarter than the dog.” BLANCHE M1KKBR home economics "Sow. girls . . ." FIX) YD ORA INGE mechanical drawing. indus- trial arts, girls' industrial arts, junior class sponsor Autograph hooks and the I trout. VIRGINIA BATSTONK dramatics, speech. Palm Club '7 don't give a continental!" DONAKD I.KHIGH American history, world history. bookkeepinK. senior class sponsor, debate “Ho the checkups at the end of the chapter." MARION GAKSTKR cafeteria supervisor The trap to the high school's heart is through its cafeteria. I: KI .A BETI I DICK I NSO.V librarian, library club. Jun- ior Red Cross Council '7 didn't hear the hell ring." RICHARD DAY instrumental music super- visor. band, pep band, orchestra "Vom don't get paid for p.aging the rests.’" FightDONALD HAKTT plane geometry, English, tennis coach, athletic treasurer Eleven sentence theme. JEAN MILLER string music supervisor. string ensemble I’roblrms with strings (lint chords. KEN WELLS boys' physical education, athletic director, football coach, basketball and track assistant coach, varsity club "How much do ya Weigh f" DALE 11 El DEM AN physics, plane geometry, assistant intramural director "Listen, you guys . . . " RONALD NORMAN American history, basket- ball coach, golf coach, sophomore football coach Argyles and yum. EDNA BOWER vocal music "I'p on the risers." I RENCE SIMMERIN’»: mechanical drawing, work o x p e r i e n c e cooperative training, related class, jun- ior class counselor "Xow. home ee. is a good course . . .” ROSE ELLIOT German. Latin Homer. Caesar, and doe. JEAN ARRASMITII RAY SMALLING girls' physical education. G.A.A.. pep club, cheorsquad "How, tow. row your boat." Intramural director, indus- trial arts, boys’ physical education, social committee Alien.............shun! NineDL iere a in the ouSe Dr. K. ('. Piercy acts as school doctor in addition to maintaining his private practice. .Miss Until Kcklind. school nurse, keeps tin- health records for the public schools and has charge of an extensive public health program including hearing and eye tests, physical examinations and tuber- culin tests. Jointly they check pupils who have been absent before issuing admits. The cafeteria staff prepares and serves meals for the school. They assist .Miss (ialstcr. cafeteria sponsor, in making a noon meal program possible for Ames High. TenStu Jen t J£)irect orS TOP: Spear. Fain, .4. Con ti. Orth. It. Fust, llouk, F. Wolf. Walkup. Fmmerso n. SKCOND: Obrecht. Hurlburt. Janet Wilson. McDowell. Hinrichs. V. Rust. Welden. W. Smith. C. Adams. lCinxIoic. FRONT: Pollock. McLaughlin. C. Wells, Thomas. D. Harris, Joe Williams. It. Campbell. Kratoska. (1. Itnvis. I.awlor. Hartley. Ililrk. Arms High school's student council is tin students’ training in practical democracy, which is valuable to all of tin students. The members of tin council carry out the principles and beliefs of the student body which they represent. Each of the Is homerooms in the school is repre- sented on the council by one member. These repre- sentatives are elected by the members of the homeroom and are responsible to them. This year’s presidents have been carry- ing a discussion of ideas brought up in student council back to their respective homerooms. This discussion has been pro- ceeded by a rending of the student coun oil minutes over the sound system by the secretary of the council. The two presidents of the student body are elected after a nominating assembly, campaigns, and rallies conducted by their supporters. Don Harris served as Ames High’s student body president first semes- ter and Jim Orth for second semester. The council is comprised of eight dif- ferent committees which specialize in serv- ing tin school in various ways. A member of tin council serves as chairman of each of the committees. They supervise noon hour activities, organize and help home- rooms run the all-school parties, and as- sist tin faculty and students with Open House, Friendship Week, and Career Day. jEleven Student Body Presidents Jim Orth and lion Harrisjbirector5 bbt) iverMonS Yr OMr Fiddler Hen I am, up here Blow, Gabriel, blow Where's the armf Man about the high school Patti and Hoti TwelveGraduation marks the end of a long road for the seniors . . . this year has meant fun and excitement, sadness and disappointment ... football, all-school parties, basketball, Christmas formal, track, Junior-Senior prom, Senior week . . . and then the seniors step on the stage for the last time to be graduated from Ames High.This page is dedicated to Byron Brown, whose untimely death .just before the beginning of his senior year in Ames High School was a great loss to his friends and the Senior Class. This picture was donated to the Hi-Y club and placed in their lounge. fourteen'eniorJ ABBOTT. BARBARA JEAN G.A.A. 1.2,3, Representative 1.2: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Representative 1: Homeroom Vice President 1, Activity Director 2. AKIN. NORMA LEE Band 3: Junior Red Cross 3: Moved from Lorimor. Iowa 3. MYERS. MARILYN ALEXANDER G.A.A. 1.2.3: Gill Reserve 1.2.3: Dramatics 1. ALLAN. GEORGE JAMES Band 1; Class Play 2: Dramatics 1.2: Football 1.2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3. Representative 2, Cabinet 2.3: Homeroom President 1; Intra- mural Council 1.2.3: Student Council 1; Track 1.2.3: Varsity Club 3: Choir 3. ANDERSON. JOHN L. Dramatics 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3: Radio Club 1.2.3. Secretary 1. Vice President 2. President 2. ANGLE. ANN M. Choir 2.3. Secretary 3: G.A.A. 1. 2.3: Girl Reserve 1,2.3. Cabinet 2; Glee Club 1; Library Club 1.3. ARNEY, PATRICIA ANNE (uls' Club 1: Dramatics 1.2.3: G.A A. 1.2.3. Representative 1. President 3: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Representative 2. Cabinet 3: Homeroom Vice President 3: Pep Club 3: Palm Club 3: Spirit 3. ARNOLD. MERLE J. Basketball 1. "B” Squad 2: Choir 2.3: Football 2.3; Hi-Y 1,2.3, Representative 2: Homeroom Vice President 1; Mixed Chorus 1; Track 1.2.3. BAPPE, DONALD R. Football 1.2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3. BARNHART. JAMES O. Hi-Y 1.2.3. BATTLES. LAWRENCE D. Hi-Y 1.2,3. BENSON. CHARLES L. Band 1.2.3: Choir 3; Class Play 2; Homeroom Secretary 3: Junior Red Cross 3: Orchestra 1.2,3; String Ensemble 1.2.3; Tennis 2.3; Varsity Club 3. FifteenSn lord BENTLEY. ROBERT IIEALD Choir 2; Class Play 2.3: Debate 1; Dramatics 1.2.3; Film Oper- ators' Club 1.2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3; Homeroom Activity Director 2. BERRY. JANET ELAINE Dramatics 1.2; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. BLAIR. JACK W. Football 1.2; Hi-Y 1.2.3. BORMUTH. MARJORIE ANN Choir 3; Class Play 2; Dramatics 1.2.3; G.A.A. 1.2.3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 3: Glee Club 2; Junior Ited Cross 2; Mixed Chorus 1: Senior Senate 3; Palm Club 3. BOWMAN. VERNON I). Band 1.2,3; Golf 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3; Mixed Chorus 1; Orchestra 1.2.3: Radio Club 3; String Ensemble 2; Varsity Club 2.3; Photo Club 1.2. BRADLEY. DONALD E. Class Play 2; Dramatics 1.2; Hi-Y 1.2,3, Representative 3; Homeroom Secretary 3: Track 1. 2.3; Football Manager 3; Basket- ball Manager 3: Varsity Club 3. BREKKE. CHARLENE ANN G.A.A. 1.2.3: Girl Reserve 1.2.3: Library Club. BUCK. JOHN B. Basketball 1: Firesquad 1.2,3: Football 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3. Rep- resentative 3: Homeroom Presi- dent 1; Junior Red Cross 1.2.3; Student Council 1; Track 1.2.3: Varsity Club 1.2.3, Treasurer 3. BURGESS. JOAN LILLIAN Choir 2.3: Dramatics 1.2.3; Palm Club 3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Rep- resentative 2; Mixed Chorus 1. CARR. ROBERT H. Band 2.3; President 3; Choir 1: Class Play 2; Debate 1: Dra- matics 3; Film Operators' Club 1.2,3: Hi-Y 1.2.3. Treasurer 2.3; Radio Club 2.3. Treasurer 3; Stu- dent Treasurers 2.3: Photo Club 3. CHASE. JANET RUTH Cubs’ Club 1; Dramatics 1: G.A.A. 1.2.3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Repre- sentative 3; Homeroom Activity Director 1. President 2: Junior Executive Council 2; Student Council 2; Assistant General Treasurer 3. CHRISTENSEN. STANLEY H. Band 1.2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3. Repre- sentative 3; Homeroom Activity Director 1; Orchestra 1.2.3. Sixteen.£ miori MI l.LI KEN. MARNA COLE G.A.A. 1.2.3. Representative 1. Intramural Director 3: Girl Re- serve 1.2.3. Representative 1; Homeroom Vice President 3: Pep Club 1.2.3: SriRiT 3. CONOVER. JACQUELINE ANN Class Plav 2: Cubs Club 2: Dra- matics 2.3: G.A.A. 2.3; Girl Re- serve 2.3: Orchestra 2. Moved from Marshalltown, Iowa 2. CROUCH. EMILY ANN Choir 1.2.3: Class Play 2: G.A.A. 1.2.3: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 2.3. President 3: Homeroom Sec- retary 1,2; Junior Red Cross 1: Pep Club 3; Si-ikit 2. CUSHMAN. CEDRIC A. Football 3: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Intramural Council 2; Track 1.2.3; Varsity Club 3. DAVIS. GORDON L. Hi-Y 1.2.3. Cabinet 2.3: Home- room President 3: Junior Execu- tive Council 2: Mixed Chorus 1: Senior Senate 3: Spirit 2. Spirit Staff 3: Student Council 3: Photo Club 1.2.3. Secretary 1. Vice Pres- ident 3. President 2. DILTS. EVELYN Class Secretary 2: Cubs’ Club 1.2: G.A.A. 1.2.3: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 2: Glee Club 1.2. Role- keeper 2; Homeroom Vice Pres- ident 2; Junior Executive Coun- cil 2: Orchestra 1.2.3. President 3: Pep Club 1.2.3: Spirit 2.3: String Ensemble 2.3. DODGE. RODNEY E. Football 2.3; Golf 2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3. Cabinet 2.3: Varsity Chib 3. DUFFY. WILLIAM JOHN Basketball "B” Squad 2; Class President 3; Cubs' Club 2: Dra- matics 1: Firesquad 2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3. Representative 1. Cabinet 2.3: Homeroom Vice President 1. President 2: Senior Senate 3; Student Council 2: Track 1. DUNLAP. THOMAS E. Dramatics 2: Film Operators’ Club 2.3: Homeroom Activity Director 3. DUNLAP. ROBERT E. Film Operators’ Club 1; Hi-Y 1. 2.3. DYER. LARRY L. Hi-Y 1.2.3. EL WELL. ELAINE Choir 1.2.3. Robekeeper 2. Vice President 3: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 2. Assistant Treasurer 3: Library Club 1.2; Orchestra 1.2,3. Vice President 3: Spirit 3: String Ensemble 1.2.3; Student Treas- urers 3. Seventeen. jeniorj FELLOWS. SALLY Class Play 2: Cubs Club 1.2; Dra- matics 1.2; G.A.A. 1.2.3: Gill Reserve 1.2.3. Representat ive 1. Cabinet 2; Homeroom Secretary 1.2; SriKii 2, Snail Staff 3. FOX. NANCY RUTH Cubs’ (’lub 2: Dramatics 2.3: Film Operators’ Club 3: G.A.A. 2.3; Girl Reserve 2.3. Representative 3; Junior Red Cross 3; Pep Club 3. Moved from Newton. Iowa 2. FREEL. EVERETT S. Film Operators’ Club 2: Hi-Y 1.2.3. FRIEST. RICHARD S Cubs’ Club 1; Hi-Y 1.2.3. FRITZ. KENTNER V. Debate 1.2: Film Operators’ Club 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3: Radio Club 2. Secretary 2: Si-ikii Staff 3; Track 1.2.3; Photo Club 1.2.3. Vice Pres- ident 2. GALLAGHER. GERALDINE A. Dramatics 1.2: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. GIBSON. PATRICIA Girl Reserve 2.3. Moved from Fort Dodge, Iowa 2. GIF!5ELSTKIN. MARVIN Band 2.3; Film Operators’ Club 1.2.3; Football 1: Hi-Y 1.2.3; Intramural Council Manager 2; Radio Club 1: Track 1.2.3; Var- sity Club 2.3. GRAY. CHARLES D. Basketball 1; Firesquad 1.2.3; Football 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3. Repre- sentative 1: Homeroom President 1.2: Junior Executive Council 2; Student Council 1.2: Tennis 2.3; Track 1: Varsity Club 2.3. His- torian 3. GREEN. DOROTHY LEE Dramatics 1.2.3: Palm Club 3: G.A.A. 1.2.3. Representative 3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Representa- tive 3. GREEN. RICHARD D. Basketball 1.2.3: Firesquad 1.2.3: Football 2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3. Pes- ident 3; Homeroom President 1: Senior Senate 3: Student Coun- cil 1: Track 1.2.3; Varsity Club 2.3. President 3. CRI I-FIN. ALLAN CLYDE Band 1.2.3: Dramatics 1: Foot- ball 2; Hi-Y 1.2.3; Homeroom Activity Director 3; Orchestra 1.2; Track 1.2.3: Varsity Club 2.3. EighteenSeniors GUTHRIE. MARLENE MAE Band 1.2.3; Cubs’ Club 2: G.A.A. 2; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. HALL. SARAH JANE Class Play 2: Dramatics 1.2.3; Film Operators’ Club 3; G.A.A. 1.2.3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Repre- sentative 1. Cabinet 3; Glee Club 1.2.3. Vice President 3: Home- room President 1.2; Pep Club 1. 2.3; Spikit 2. Spirit Staff 3; Stu- dent Council 1.2; Palm Club 3. HARGENS. JODI Girl Reserve 2.3. Representative 3; Glee Club 2.3. Moved from Sioux City. Iowa 2. HARRIS. DONALD C. Basketball Manager 3; Dramatics 1: Firesquad 1.2.3: Football 1. Manager 3; Hi-Y 1.2,3. Represen- tative 1. Cabinet 2; Homeroom President 2; Junior Executive Council 2; Student Council 2.3: Student Body President 3; Tra k 1. Manager 3: Varsity Club 2.3. HARRIS. HALBERT M.. Jk. Basketball “B" Squad 2; Film Operators’ Club 3: Football 2,3; Golf 1.2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Homeroom Vice President 1.2; Junior Exe- cutive Council 2; Radio Club 1. 2.3. Secretary 1. President 2; Senior Senate 3: Photo Club 2.3 President 3. HINRICHS. ROBERT R. Basketball 1. ”B” Squad 2; Fire- squad 1.2.3; Football 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3. Representative 1. Secretary 2.3: Homeroom Vice President 2. President 3; Senior Senate 3; Student Council 3, Vice President 3: Track 1.2.3; Varsity Club 2.3. Vice President 3. HOLDREDGE. JAMES H. Basketball 1: Football 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3; Track 1.2.3; Varsity Club 1.2.3. HOLLAND. EDITH B. Dramatics 1: Film Operators’ Club 2. Secretary-Treasurer 3; G.A.A. 1.2.3. Representative 3. Intramural Director 3; Girl Re- serve 1.2.3. Representative 2; Junior Red Cross 1.2.3. Secretary 2. President 3. HOI K. WILLIAM K. Basketball 1.2.3; Football 1.2.3. Captain 3: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Homeroom President 3: Senior Senate 3: Student Council 3: Track 1.2.3; Varsity Club 2.3. IVERSON. JOAN ILENE Girl Reserve 3. Moved from Gil- bert. Iowa 3. JOHNS. JANET A. G.A.A. 1.2.3. Representative 3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3, Representative 2; Glee Club 2; Homeroom Sec- retary 3: Mixed Chorus I: Spirit 3. JOHNSON. JERRY J. Hi-Y 1.2.3; Intramural Council 1.2; Photo Club 2.3. Secretary- Treasurer 3. .VlUCtCCMe ni or5 JOHNSON. JOHN Band 2.3; Hi-Y 1.2,3. Representa- tive 3; Radio Club 2.3; Tennis 1. JUDGE. JOSEPH I VIS Class Treasurer 2: Class Play 2; Dramatics 1; Football 1,2.3: Jun- ior Executive Council 2; Student Treasurers 2; Track 1.2.3: Var- sity Club 2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3. JUDGE. THOMAS E. Basketball 1.3: Dramatics 1: Firesquad 1.2.3: Football 1.2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3, Representative 2: Homeroom President 1: Student Council 1; Track 1.2; Varsitv Club 3; Class Play 2. KEEKER. MAURICE ERWIN Football 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3; Track 1.2.3; Varsity Club 2.3. KJ HR LAND. NORMAN ERIC Band 1.2,3; Dramatics 2; Hi-Y 1,2.3. Representative 2; Radio Club 1.2.3, Vice President 3: Ten- nis 1.2.3: Varsity Club 2.3; Photo Club 3. KOZIEL. KRYSTYNA Girl Reserve 1,2,3. KK1EG. ROBERT DEAN Basketball 1. “B" Squad 2: Foot- ball 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3. Represen- tative 1; Homeroom Activity Di- rector 3: Track 1.2. KYLE. MERIT G. Hi-Y 1.2.3. LAMSON. MARY Class Play 2; Dramatics 1.2.3: Film Operators' Club 3; G.A.A. 1.2,3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 3: Homeroom Secretary 2.3: Pep Club 2.3. Vice President 3; Palm Club 3. LAW LOR. LEO M. Class Play 2; Film Operators' Club 1.2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3. Cabinet 2; Homeroom President 3: Student Council 3: Track 1. LECHNER. CARLA BETH Band 1.2.3: Class Play 2: Dra- matics 1.2.3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 3: Library Club 2.3. Pres- ident 3; Orchestra 1.2.3; Student Treasurers 3: Palm Club 3. LEE. ANN ELIZABETH Cheersquad 3; Dramatics 1.2.3; Film Operators’ Club 3: G.A.A. 1.2,3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3; Home- room Secretary 1; Library Club 1.2. Secretary 2: Pep Club 2.3: Smkit 3. TwentyeniorA LINDAHL . MARY JO Cubs’ Club 2: G.A.A. 1.2: Girl re- serve 1.2.3. Representative 1. Cabinet 3; Homeroom Secretary 3: Orchestra 1.2.3. Vice President 3: String Ensemble 1,2.3. LITHERLAND, RONALD LEE Basketball “B” Squad 2; Band 1: Golf 1.2: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Homeroom President 2: Student Council 2. LODDEX. BAYARD JAY, Jk. Football 3; Hi-Y 1.2.3. Cabinet 3; Homeroom Activity Director 3: Track 3. LONG. JACQl’ELINE A. Band 1.2; Debate 1: G.A.A. 1.2. Representative 1: Girl Reserve 1.2.3: Glee Club 2.3: Junior Red Cross 2.3: Library Club 3: Mixed Chorus 1. LUBSEN. MARGARET JEANE Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 3: Homeroom Secretary 2: Library Club 2.3: Orchestra 1.2.3. Libra- rian 3. McCaffrey, john e. Football 1.2; Golf 2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Intramural Council 1.2: Track 1. M« CALUSTER. WILLIAM JAMES Basket ball 1. • B" Squad 2; Class President 2: Film Operators’ Club 2: Firesquad 1.2.3; Hi-Y l. 2.3: Homeroom President l; Jun- ior Executive Council 2: Track 1.2.3: Varsity Club 2.3. McCarthy, ann Class Play 2: Dramatics 1.2: G.A.A. 1.2.3: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 3: Homeroom Secretary 1. Activity Director 3: Junior Red Cross 2.3. President 3: Pep Club 3; Library Club 1: Spikit 2.3. .Mi CU RE. EARL Hi-Y 1.2.3: Band 1. McKENNA. CAROLYN SUE Dramatics 1.2: G.A.A. 1.2.3. Rep- resentative 3: Homeroom Secre- tary 3; Junior Red Cross 1.2. Secretary 2: Pep Club 3: Spikit 2.3. M. KENNA. SHEILA ANN Dramatics 1.2: G.A.A. 1.2.3: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Representative 2; Spikit 3. Mi NEAL, PATRICIA ANN Dramatics 1.2: G.A.A. 1.2.3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3: Glee Club 1: Jun- ior Red Cross 1.2: Library Club 1.2; Spikit 2.3. Twenty-oneSeniors McPherson, marjorie joan Band 1.2; Dramatics 1.2.3; G.A.A. 1.2,3, Representative 2. Cabinet 3; Glee Club 1.2.3; Spirit 3. MAAKESTAD, MARJORIE E. Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Treasurer 3: Glee Club 1.2.3, Vice President 2. Robekeeper 3; Junior Red Cross 2; Student Treasurers 3. NICHOLS. MARY M A LANDER Band 1.2.3; Class Play 2; Film Operators’ Club 3; G.A.A. 1.2.3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 3; Glee Club 1; Orchestra 1,2.3, Sec- retary 3; Pep Club 2.3; Smut 3; •Student Treasurers 3. MALLO. GARY L. Band 1.2.3. Librarian 3; Dra- matics 1.2.3; Class Play 2; Hi-Y 1.2,3. Representative 2; Home- room Secretary 2; Orchestra 3. MELIX. PIERRE CHARLES Choir 3; Dramatics 3. Moved from Chaloi. Belgium 3. MERCHANT. NANCY Class Play 2; Dramatics 1.2; Palm Club 2.3; G.A.A. 1.2.3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Representative 1. Cabinet 2: Homeroom Secretary 2; Pep Club 2.3; Spirit 2.3. MICHAUD. JAMES R. Hi-Y 1.2.3; Intramural Council 1.2.3. MILLER. JOHN E. Hi-Y 1.2.3. MILLER. WILFRED JAY Football 1.2: Hi-Y 1.2.3; Home- room Activity Director 1: Track 1.2. MITCHELL. JOSEPH E. Hi-Y 1.2.3. MOLLESTON, JOE M. Choir 1.2.3. President 3; Class Plav 2; Film Operators’ Club 3; Football 1.2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3. Cabinet 2.3: Homeroom President 1; Jun- ior Red ('loss 2; Snan 3; Stu- dent Council 1; Track 1.2. Ml'.MM. PAUL W. Hi-Y 1.2.3. Twenty-twoe . seniors MUSSER. MARY JANE G.A.A. 1; Girl Reserve 1.2.3; Junior Red Cross 1. NASS. DAVID A. Band 1: Choir 2.3; Hi-Y 1.2,2. Representatives; Homeroom Vice President 3: Tennis 1.2.3. NEHRING. ELDEN K. Hi-Y 2.3. Moved from Iowa Falls, Iowa 2. NERVIG. JOHN RICHARD Basketball 1.2; Firesquad 1.2.3; Football 1.2.3: Golf 2.3: Hi-Y 1. 2.3. Representative 1; Track 1: Varsity Club 3. ORTH. WILLIAM JAMES Football 1.2.3: Homeroom Pres- ident 1.2; Student Council 1.2,3: Student Body President 3; Hi-Y 1.2.3; Varsity Club 3. PAULS. REEMT URO Choir 3: Hi-Y 3. Moved from Nor- den. Germany 3. PAULSON. DONALD C. Band 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2,3, Represen- tative 1; Homeroom Vice Pres- ident 3; Junior Red Cross 1.2.3; Tennis 1.2.3. PAULSON. NEVA LEA Class Play 2: Dramatics 1.2.3: G.A.A. 1.2.3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Representative 1.3; Glee Club 2; Homeroom President 1; Junior Red Cross 2: Mixed Chorus 1: Pep Club 2.3: Student Council 1. PEAKE. NANCY ELEANOR Dramatics 3: Girl Reserve 3. Moved Horn Manhasset. New York 3. I»FT E R SO N. K E N N ET H Hi-Y 1.2.3; Track 1. PETERSON. MARTHA ANN Girl Reserve 2.3. Representative 3; Glee Club 2.3. Moved from Gil- bert. Iowa 2. HARRISON. CHERYL ANN Choir 1.2.3. Secretary 3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Representative 2; Junior Red Cross 3; Student Treasurers 3. Ticcnty-thweSeniors PIERSON. RICHARD E. Hi-Y 1,2,3. PREHM, MARILYN G.A.A. 1.2.3. Representative 1: Girl Reserve 1.2,3, Represent alive 3; Glee Club 1.2; Homeroom Sec- retary 1. Activity Director 2; Library Club 2.3. RIDDLE. DARWIN G. Hi-Y 1.2.3: Track 1.2; Intramural Council 3. RITLAND. MICHAEL DON Basket ball 1.2.3: Choir 1: Dra- matics 2: Football 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1. 2.3: Homeroom Vice President 3: Track 1; Varsity Club 3. ROBBINS. PEGGY (Mass Play 2: Cubs' Club 1; Dra- matics 1.2.3: G.A.A. 1.2.3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Secretary 3; Home- room Secretary 1.2; Junior Red Cross 3: Library Club 3: Pep Club 1.2.3: Spjkm Staff 3; Palm Club 3. ROSS. RICHARD WILLIAM Basketball 1.2.3; Football 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3; Homeroom Vice Pres ident 1; Junior Executive Coun- cil 2; Track 1.2; Varsity Club 3. SCHAEFER. SUE ANNE Choir 1.2.3. Librarian 2; Class Treasurer 3; Dramatics 1.3; Film Operators' Club 3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Representative 2. Cabinet 3: Pep Club 3: Senior Senate 3: Spirit 3: Student Treasurers 3. SCHEUERMANN. NETA M. Class Play 2: G.A.A. 1.2.3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Representative 2: Library Club 1.2; Mixed Chorus 1: Glee Club 2. SCHWARTE. MARY K. Band. 1.2.3. Treasurer 2; Choir 1.2.3; Class Secretary 3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Representative 1. Cabinet 3: Homeroom Secretary 2: Orchestra 1.2.3. Secretary 2: Senior Senate 3: Student Treas- urers 2. SCLAROW. DONNA LEE Class Play 2: Cubs’ Club 1.2; De- bate 1.2.3: Dramatics 1.2.3; Film Operators' Club 3: G.A.A. 1.2.3: Girl Reserve 1.2.3, Representa- tive 3; Homeroom Secretary 1: Palm Club 2.3, Secretary 3: Spirit 3. SEYEY. JEAN Class Play 2: Culis' Club 1.2; De- bate l: Dramatics 1.2,3: Film Operators' Club 3; G.A.A. 1.2.3. Representative 3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Representative 2: Home- room Secretary 1.2: Library Club 1.2,3; Spikm 2. Spirit Staff 3; Palm Club 3. SHEPHERD. WILLIAM G. Band 1.2.3: Cheersquad 2.3; Class Plav 2; Debate 3: Dra- matics l: Golf 1.2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Homeroom Activity Director 1.3: Mixed Chorus 1: Orchestra 1.2.3: Varsity Club 2.3; Basketball "B” Squad 2. T cent)i-jourSen iorS SHULTZ. SHEILA Dramatics 1.2; Girl Reserve L2.3. SURIT. BERN ADI NE ALICE Band 1.2.3: G.A.A. 1.2.3. Repre- sentative 2.3: Girl Reserve 1.2.3; Library Club 2.3. President 3. SINGER. ROGER WARREN Dramatics 1.2.3; Film Operators’ Club 1.2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Radio Club 2.3: Palm Club 3. President 3. SKINNER. JERRY D. Dramatics 1: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Home- room Secretary 1: Track 1. SKOOG. RICHARD ALLAN Debate 1: Dramatics 1.2: Foot- ball 1.2.3: Golf 2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Track 1: Varsity Club 3. SMALL. SHIRLEY Choir 2.3: Class Play 2: Dra- matics 1.2.3: G.A.A. 1; Girl Re- serve 1.2.3. Cabinet 2. President 3: Glee Club 1: Homeroom Secre- tary 1.2. Vice President 3; Pep Club 1.2.3, Secretary 2. SMEDAL. CARL GREGAR Hi-Y 1.2.3; Radio Club 3. SMITH. CARLETON W. Basketball 1: Band 2.3: Class Play 2: Dramatics 1; Firesquad 1.2.3: Football 1: Hi-Y 1.2.3; Homeroom President 1.2; Junior Red Cross 1.2.3; Mixed Chorus 1: Student Council 1.2.3. Treasurer 1.2: Student Treasurers 1.2; Track 1. SOMA. ARDIS ELAINE Band 1.2.3; Class Play 2: Dra- matics 1.2.3; G.A.A. 1.2.3. Repre- sentative 2: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 2. Representative 3: Mix- ed Chorus 1: Orchestra 2. STACY. ROBERT B. Football Manager 3; Hi-Y 1.2.3: Track Manager 3; Varsity Club 3: Photo Club 1.2.3. STENERSON. RICHARD Debate 1; Football 1: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Homeroom Vice President 1: Intramural Council 2: Radio Club 2.3. Vice President 2. President 3; Senior Senate 3; Spirit 2. Spirit Staff 3; Tennis 1.2. STENSHOEL. CHARLES R. Band 2.3; Golf 2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3; Homeroom Vice President 3: Radio Club 1.2.3. Secretary 3. Ticoiff ' lcc e . Seniors THIELMAN, JOHN H. Choir 1,2.3, Robekeeper 2; Foot- ball 2: Golf 2.3; Hi-Y 1.2,3, Rep- resentative 3; Homeroom Pres- ident 2; Student Council 2. TIIIES, HERBERT H. Cubs’ Club 1: Hi-Y 1.2.3. Repre- sentative 3; Homeroom Secretary 1.2, Vice President 2. TOR ESI) AH I.. JOSEPH M. Dramatics 3: Football 1.3; IIi-Y 1.2.3; Intramural Council 1.2.3; Mixed Chorus 1: Track 1; Varsity Club 3. TORREY. BETTIE SUZANNE G.A.A. 2.3; Girl Reserve 2.3; Glee Club 3; Library Club 3. Moved from Hvattsville, Missouri 2. VANDECAR, MARY ANN Dramatics 1.2; G.A.A. 1.2.3. Rep- resentative 2; Girl Reserve 1.2.3: Glee Club 1.2.3: Library Club 1. 2.3. WALSH. BARBARA ANN Dramatics 2.3: Film Operators’ Club 3; G.A.A. 2.3; Girl Reserve 2.3; Junior Red Cross 3: Sriicn 3. Moved from Algona, Iowa 2. WALSH. ROBERT M. Basketball 1,2; Class Vice Pres- ident 2: Firesquad 1,2.3. Chief 3; Football 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3; Home- room Vice President 1. President 2; Junior Executive Council 2: Senior Senate 3; Student Council 2; Track 1.2: Varsity Club 2.3. WATTONVILLE. DARLENE DEE I and 2.3. Treasurer 3: Class Play 2; Dramatics 2.3: G.A.A. 2.3: Girl Reserve 2.3. Cabinet 3; Home- room Activity Director 2. Vice President 3: Pep Club 3: Student Treasurers 3. Moved from Esther- ville. Iowa 2. WILLIAMS. JANET RUTH G.A.A. 1.2,3. Representative 2: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 3: Homeroom Secretary 1; Junior Red Cross 1.2.3: Library Club 1. 2.3: Pep Club 2.3. President 3. WILSON. JANET GAYLE Cheersquad 2.3: Class Play 2: Dramatics 1.2,3: G.A.A. 1.2.3. Rep- resentative l. Vice President 3: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Representative 1. Cabinet 3: Homeroom Activity Director 1. Secretary 2. President 3: Pep Club 2.3; Student Council 3, Secretary 3; Senior Senate 3. WOLF, FRANKLIN K. Class Vice President 3; Debate 1; Firesquad 1.2.3. Chief 3; Foot- ball 1.2,3: Hi-Y 1.2.3. Treasurer 1.2: Homeroom President 3; Sen- ior Senate 3: Spirit 2. Spirit Staff 3; Student Council 3: Student Treasurers 1.2.3; Track 1.2.3; Varsity Club 2.3. WYMORE. SUZANNE RUTH Band 1,2.3; Choir 1; Cubs' Club 1: G.A.A. 1.2.3; Girl Reserve 1, 2.3. Cabinet 2; Glee Club 2.3; Homeroom Vice President 1; Or- chestra 1: Pep Club 1.2.3. Treas- urer 2: Spirit Staff 2.3. Editor 3; Student Treasurers 2. Ttrrnlif-slxT c nty-scvcndedication During 1 in high school days. Roger Brown par- ticipated in many activi- ties. He was a member of e h o i r and was elected treasurer of his class. To his memory we dedicate this page. Twcnty-cightjuniors 233. 238 TOP: Mr. Bi Island. Williby. Sorenson. Dunn ' Green, Kirwin. Templeton. FOI’RTH: Cart a, Morton, Fain. I.unde, l . Arra- smith. Jones. THIRD: Sharon Smith. Cheville, B. Moore. Imsland. Cooper. Hayoe. Horner. SKOOND: It. Woods, Deaton, Jeanne Blair, C. Wells. Bundy, fticrson. FRONT: Xiyh, Elliot, Marilyn Hole. enor. Hicks. Jill Anderson, Bead. TOP: Groth, Jay Conover, Judisch, Tieeet. FOI’RTH: Sraders, Maitland, Olsson, Knudsen, lledriek. THIRD: Steil, Bilek. I'nian. S. Clark. H'rot. MeCardle. SKCOND: V. Kauffman, It. Wilson, Tciy, It. Karl, S. Freel, Litchfield. FRONT: Bradshaw. McLaughlin. 1'«« Her Wilt, Dobson. Baker. Rchhoff. Twenty-nine unior A 110, 237 TOP: .1 »-. Heidemtin, Fnuths, Gullircr, . . Fox. Ophrim. G bbs. C. Adams. FOI'RTH : b'r'lu McFarland. Hovcrstcn I’ndcrkoflcr. Fdteards. T. I: loir. II. Stoakes. THIRD: Scversike, F. Furls. Thomas. Conn, M aim berg, Compton. SECOND: F. Xclson. llnrnard. It. Brotcn, Harper. Ft per. FRONT: M. Walsh. Kerxhncr, M. Adams. Hosmer, Holst. Fosebrook. TOP: Knowles. I). Hutton, It. Fust, Mortvcdt, Stensland. Miss llatstone. FOI’KTH: Xordpkr, M. Moore. H'iiuloir, Crouse, Field. Christp. THIRD: B. Gallauher, Spraour, S. Forman, F. Griffith. Christianson. SECOND: Kucher, J. Fail, Hoi ue. Lute son. Bowen, S. White. FRONT: Finch. House, ■'. Johnson, Van Bemmel. . Anyle.TOP: G. McJimsey. I. I.arson. T. Howe. Mr. Trump. FOURTH: • . Lamxon, Kellogg, Wand, Grisham. Wrldrn. Glasson. THIRD: »'. Martin. Pollock. Thompson. K. Xicholson. Cooke. Huntley. Gunderson. SKCOND: Hegland. I.. Karls, Cameron. 1. Adams, Kingkadc, Harnett. FRONT: Carsons, Stokke, Jack Anderson (jr.), Kniery, Sills, Killam. TOP: J. Moore. Ratliff. Dane. R. McJimsey, Goetz, I. Covey. FOURTH : Kinds, h. Kellner, Skeie. Henry, Soesbe, Jame- son. THIRD: '. H’liif :, Hurllmrt. Andrew, Jerry Hayen tjr.t. S. Xicholson. Miss McXally. SKCOND: Miller, Ahart, Wright, Daine. Rannister, Want:. FRONT: X. Dutton. Janice Rlair. Cat tell, Henderson, M. Tice. Thirty-oneThirty-twoTOP: H’ofAiH , Walkup. GritHer, Broker, Marker. FOURTH: F. Jit dor, P. Miller, ,1. Cole, Shrader. Mr. Sielcrt. THIRD: Diestler. Lake, Bod net Brown. Batons. Booth. . . Yount . SKCOXD: Sundall. Wallace. Hertz, Morford, Biggcnberg. FRONT: L. Smith. M. L. McCardle, I.. Bowman, C'auson, Elder. TOP: Mr. Smalling, Ayres. J. Mutant. D. Peterson, Tarman. McConkey. FOURTH: Pierre, Joe Williams. It. Campbell. Dicke, I. Kjrrlmul. THIRD: {i«'AAo f:, 1. Terrones, ft. 'liet. .1. Singer, a rant, Webb. SKCOND: S. Brown. Maxwell, Etna, Stevens, J. Dodge. FRONT: It’IM , Culbertson. Townsend, M. L. Howe, Lawman. Thirty-threee jopn omoreS 138, 234 TOP: J. Trickle, Cation, Mclhurtll, Bragonier. Foster. Mr. Simmering. FOURTH: J. Wolf. Barron, Kratoska, Hamilton, Rogge. THIRD: Sanford. '. Blair, Points, Scludes. SECOND: Hoieefl. M. .1. Merchant, Iteshcr. Joyce Wilson. Stokes- bury. FRONT: I). Diehl, F. Green. Vi monf, Sandra Schaeffer. Ramsey. TOP: Text rum, Syear. Fmmerson. D. Kauffman. R. Griffith. Xoblc. Mr. Hnrtt. FOURTH: K. Larson. R. Shultz. Cox, Mosness, Bryan. D. Davis. Frans. THIRD Broadtcell. Taylor. R. Ritland. Wardle. Wessel, Ball. SECOND: Manning, Sherman, Lilly, Combs. Wester. FRONT: Ferguson, Soy, R, oung. Ogg, R. DUIs, Hines. Thirty-fourSopk on i ores 210. 109 TOP: Mr. Xorman. S'elson. Mczvitisky, Krocheski, Err inn ton. FOURTH: l'«n Voorhis, Hartley, Carnei , H yler. D. Hex. Doygett, -t. Woods. THIRD: Rhodes. Jacobson. Srhil'ctter. H inkier, Moklebust. SECOND: Seaward. I. Smith, S. Diehl, Chivers. Walker. Bowers. FRONT: K. Clark. C. Hall. .1. McCaffrey. Downing, Dorman, Hrt nth land. TOP: Hove. T. Rust. Lord. T. Adams, Sands. FOURTH: B. Campbell. Black, ea. I’. Willi Krltner. Buy. I.. Si rit, Mott. B. Tier. Miss Canvin. SECOND: Bruce. Doris I’aulson. D FRONT: Sandra Smith. Mason. J. Bayye. Coulter, Ftori. illiams, Obrecht. THIRD: R. Dixon. Thrasher. Livingston. Thirty-fiveThe incoming sophomores began their career by electing homeroom officers. .lack Wolf was elected Ui-Y secretary. The sophomore football team finished the season with a 3 won. 1 loss record. Two sophomores. Terry Rust and Bob Walk tip. played varsity football and received letters at the end of the season. The basketball team took first place in its conference and Terry Rust and Jack Wolf, two outstanding members, were included in the tournament squad. Thirl y-glx- r The warm, spicy autumn days fill our mem- ories with football, gayly colored stands filled with people cheering the home team . . . brilliant colored leaves drifting down, days slipping by, almost unnoticed . . . the gay fellowship of parties and picnics . . . then the leaves drift slower and slower, and the air grows chillier and frostier as autumn fades unexpectedly into winter. 2 eviewA S PT. 12 MASON CITY, AWAY SEPT. 19 NEWTON. AWAY SEPT. 26“ MARSHALLTOWN.HOME OCT. 3 OSKALOOSA. AWAY OCT. IO-W. WATERLOO. HOME OCT. 17 - GRINNELL. AWAY OCT. 24- FORT DODGE. HOME OCT. 31-BOONE, HOME BV AMEi JAYCEE1 Starting out slowly and picking lip speed near the end of the season, the Ames High football team finished up in third place in the powerful Central Iowa Conference. The Little Cyclones lost their first three games, with Mason City 26-19. Newton 45-12. and .Marshall- town 13-7. before they won a game. 10-6, against Oskaloosa. The homecoming game was played against West Waterloo, who overpowered the Little Cyclones. 41-20. Back on the winning trail Ames downed Grinnell, 45-12. Picking up speed the Ames players tied the mighty Port Dodge powerhouse. 6-6. and the next week roared past their traditional rival, Boone. 20-6. The Little Cyclones were coached by Kenny Wells. Hi Covey, and Ron Norman. The sopho- more football squad won three of its games and lost one. Their season record was a win to Marshalltown, 13-6. Webster City. 13-7. Boone, 13-7, and a loss to East, 19-6. Senior let termen on the squad this year were ends: Bill Houk. who was elected captain at the end of the season, Rod Dodge. Jim Orth, and Dick Ross: tackles: Bob Hinrichs, George Allan, and Maurice Keeker; guards: Tom Judge and Dick Skoog: centers: Chuck Gray and Frank Wolf: backs: Ben Buck. Dick Green, Jim Hoidredge, Mike Ritland. Rob Walsh, and John Nervig. These are the boys who won't be back to play for the Little Cyclones next season. Lettermen who will return next year are juniors: Bill Jones. Chuck Adams, Denny Rust. Dan Arrasmith. Tom Bilek. Aneel Covey. Tom Cooper, Gary Fain, and Bob Gallagher. Sopho- mores who won letters were Terry Rust and Bob Walkup. Managers for the football team were Don Harris. Bob Stacy, and Don Bradley. The train- er was Laverne Seversikc. Thirty-eightTOP: Mr. Norman. Mr. Corey. SIXTH: Walkup, Mr. Wells. . Rust. FIFTH: Berhow, . . Wye. Cushman. Allan. Hinrichx. F. Wolf. Knudsen. FOl'RTH: Fain. Knuths, Loddcn, J. Fax. Orth. H. Harris. Xenia. Hedrick. THIRD: J. Lamson. It. Arrasmith. Holdredye, I.unde. Sills, Jones, ’. Hoice. Mollcston, Arnold. Toresdahl. SECOND: Fdwards, Krieo. J. Juduc. C. Adams. T. Judye. M. Hit land. Hovcrsten. .4. Coven. Hass. Gray. Honk. Keeker. Gods. »’. Walsh. FRONT: ll'in- sloic. Spraoue. Christianson. H. MeCardle, Buck, Glasson, McFarland, thick, Skooy, ». Gallayher, Jameson. It. Bappe, Stokke. TOP: McDowell, Mezvinsky, Moan ess. Textrum, J. Wolf. Canon. J. Cole. I. Smith. Mr. Norman. SECOND: Fmmcrson, K. Larson. Spear. II. Kdtncr, Krrinyton. Itoach. Foster. Guy. FRONT: Seaward, linker, It. Campbell, It. Hex. Ramsey, B. Campbell, Cox. Kratoska, G. Nelson. Thirty-nine-Award Wi innerS TOP- T. Jud'jc, •'. Wolf. Honk. It. ltust. FRONT: It. Walsh. M. Ritland. Hick Green. Bill IToiik. who was rated by many football experts as one of the finest ends that Coach Ken Wells has ever produced at Ames, was chosen among ten other boys by the Iowa Daily Press Association to be on the first all-state hiyh school football team for 1952. Hill was an outstanding blocker and especially strong on defense. He caught 27 passes for 211 yards and Coach Km Wells presents Hill Honk, football captain of the pear passed, himself, for 28 yards more. He did all the team’s punting and averaged 35 yards a punt. Resides this he scored a touchdown in every game and kicked 12 extra points. Bill was also chosen by Jack North of the Des Moines Sunday Register and Tribune to hold down the end position on North’s second all-state team. He was also a unanimous choice for first all (TC conference end. At the annual Football Fireside held before the Boone game the football team elected the honorary captain of the year who would also captain the team during the Boone game. Bill Houk was chosen for this honor. Tom Judge, utility lineman for Ames High, received honorable mention by Jack North in his all-state selections and was placed on the second '1C team. Dick Green. Little Cyclone quarterback who was out part of the season because of illness, also made tin- second CIC team. Little Cyclone performers winning third team berths were Frank Wolf, who played center for Ames. Denny Rust, who played tackle, and Rob Walsh and Mike Ritland. who shone in the back field. FortyGet him, Rod! Holt is off to the races Pile on hint Whoops! Where's the ball! The managers pose for the camera Go, Rob, Go Forty-onoTOI’: ISroadicell. Small. Thomas. Arney, Mrs. Pschner. K. hilts. X. Paulson. McCarthy. FIFTH: Pollock. Piper, ft rant. P. hilts. Robbins. M. Cole. Itaine. FOURTH: M. Adams. Wilsic. C. McKenna? Sue Schaefer. Crouch. M. Moore. Wright. M. Lamson. THIRD: Trig. McLaughlin, Malander. S. Hall. Wymorc. X. Pox. ft. Pari. SKCOND: Harper. Sandra Smith. J.Bappe, Jill Anderson. Wattonville. Janet Williams. X. Merchant. FRONT: Lee. J. Pari, Jerry Hagen I jr.). Shepherd. Janet Wilson, l'a»i Her Wilt. The Ames High school Pep Club has many activities besides cheering at games and pro- viding pep and spirit. The Pep Club aho works with the marching band during the football season, ushers at Iowa State College home foot- ball games, and takes charge of all student athletic ticket sales. Officers were Janet Wil- liams. president ; Mary Lamson, vice president : Jan Piper, secretary; and Barb McLaughlin, t rcasurer. The cheersquad. headed by Janet Wilson as head cheerleader, has much to do with the school’s pep and spirit also. Members of cheer- squad plan and make sound system announce- ments. post signs, think up new yells, and revise old ones, besides leading yells at games and pep assemblies. Ruth Part. Janet Wilson. Hill Shepherd. Jerry Hagen (jr.), Jane Karl. Ann Lee. Forty-twoThe marching band opened activities in tli early fall by playing at all home football games. I'nder the direction of Mr. Richard Day and in collaboration with the Pep Club the band presented the flag before games, gave various half-time programs, and played selec- tions throughout the game. The band and Pep Club took only one trip this year during the football season to Newton and presented a half-time program with the Newton band. How- ever. there was at least one instrument at each of the out of town games to play the Loyalty Song for the Ames fans. The pep band with student director Wally Smith played for all pep assemblies and basket- ball games. When there was no half-time pro- gram presented, the band played music. Members of the band spent most of their leisure hours during the fall solicit- ing money for the new band uniforms, lousiness establishments and profes- sional men in the community contribut- ed parts of uniforms, a cap or belt, jacket, pants, up to a whole or several uniforms. All contributors’ names were placed on the Ames High school’s bas- ketball programs except for 50 pro- fessional men who wished to remain anonymous. The uniforms were fitted and ordered during the first part of the winter and arrived in time to l e exhibited at the annual spring concert. The new uniforms were also shown off during Vcishea when the band marched in the annual Vcishea parade. Forty-three J romecomina 1 ()33 Attendant Janet Williams. Queen Shirleii Small, and Attendant Sarah Hall Shirley Small was selected by the student body from a list of eleven candidates to reign as queen over the fourth annual Ames High school Homecoming which was held October 10. Selected as her attendants were Janet Williams and Sarah Hall. The girls were present- ed to the student body during a rousing pep assembly before the West Waterloo game and given corsages by members of the football team. The queen led a homecoming parade of Ames High stu- dents through the main street of Ames and then back to the high school for a rally. The parade con- sisted o f t h e marching band, the Pep Club and cheer leaders, the football team on a float construct- ed by the Pep Club, and a snake dance by the stu- dent body. At the rally Mayor Allan spoke to the students and the team and presented to the school a song he had written for the occasion. The queen and the attendants were also honored during the half-time of the game and again at the special homecoming dance. The Little Cyclone football team, captained bv Uob Walsh, lost to West Waterloo. 41 to 20. TOP: Pey Robbins. Janet Williams, Emily Crouch, Janet H'iitON, Mama Cole. Shirley Small. FRONT: Mary l.amson, Carolyn McKenna, Sarah Hall, Evelyn Hilt.s, and Sue Wtnnorc. Hobby Walsh, Homecoming captain —. Forty-fourFlowers Irum hath directions Queen Shirley The Little Cyclones being taken lor a ride What's Hold on kids! The Homecoming Battle Homecoming Royalty Mayor Allan And the hand goes marching on everyone looking att What's ya doing, kidsf Hey .kids, none of that The Lucky Escorts Hang on. Rev! Forty-fivejunior t ed C rod A Top: Dustier, Hoxvrsten, McFarland. Henson, (libbs. Sehilictter. FOURTH : Pierre, Hurlburt, Kuchholts, Zenor, Robbins. THIRD: Janet Williams, It. Fads, It. Adams. M aril tin Kyle, I.ana. SKCOND: Litchfield, Cameron, Kinykade. F. Kelson, Akin. I! Anale. FRONT: Peyton. Holland, McCarthy. B. Walsh. Mrs. Dickinson. Red Gross had another active year under the supervision of Mrs. Elizabeth Dickinson. at Members distributed Red Gross material BACK: Mrs. Dickinson, Henson. FRONT: Sehilictter. McCarthy, H. Walsh, Janet Williams. J. Earl, Bobbins. rough town and helped address the envelopes the local Red cross office. In April, the club made joke scrapbooks for tin patients at Blank Memorial Hospital. An annual project is that of financing the A Gappella Choir’s trip to the Veterans Hospital in Des Moines on Good Friday. On October 3 and 4. Edie Holland at- tended the Iowa Red Cross convention at (Vdar Falls. Both adults and teenagers were present and dismissed the problem of larger enrollment in their organizations. She also served on a panel discussion group. Edie Holland was first semester chair- man and Ann McCarthy served in that capacity second semester. They were aided throughout the year by a representative of each homeroom. Forty-sixWhere's the hall Strike coming up Pick up the pole. hop It's a ringer The Champs Steady now, Don Forty-seven And they're offTOP: Grisham, Bobbins. Bonnuth. Janet M’i son. trne.u. X. Paulson, M. t.amson, Knud.irn.Carr, Dorothy Green. FIFTH: II urlburt, Thompson, Wright. Jackie Conover, B. Walsh, K. Xicholson. Conn. Skeir, K. Karls. Bannister. I.meson. KOl'KTli : Sharon Smith. Kingkade. Jill Anderson. Sue Schaefer. Sclarote, I.. Karls. Pollock, Small. Kershner. B. Moore, Bosebrook. TH!KI : Bradshaw. McLaughlin, D. ll’il.1011, Sc veil, Sucher. Harper, K. Kelson. Burgess. K. Adams. Soma, l.eehner. SECOND: S. white. Wattonvillc, Merchant, Lee, K. Fox, Ahart, s. Hail. Miss Batstone. FRONT: J c in. Parsons, Throckmorton. ». Singer, Bentley, Mal'.o. TOP: It filer, Itaach. T. Adams. Krrington. Kmmcrson. Guy. It. Shultz, K. Judge. FIFTH: K. Green, Sands. Ogg, King, Pierre. Sanford, Bowers, Doris Paulson, Miss Batstone. FOl'ItTH: B. Martin. Binggcnberg. M. .. MeCardlv, C. Hall. M. .1. Merchant. Lotcman. Hertz. Wallace. THIRD: Wardlc, S. Diehl, Yilmnnt. Downina, Culbertson. Sandra Schaeffer. M. Tire. Bruce. B. young, S. Xnrman, A. Singer. SECOND: Lord, Schillettcr, Stevens. Taylor, Kiori. M. L. Howe. FRONT: J. Dodge, Wester, Chivers, Wilsie, Howell. Dixon. Forty-eight99 The Dramatics Club presented for its major production this year The Glass Menagerie. It had a east of four people. Taking the parts were Shirley Small. Bob Bentley. Beg Bobbins, and Cary Mallo. The play was presented in the fall in order to raise money for the club. Other projects of Dramatics Club included teaching the students how to act, how to feel emotions, and how to achieve good characters on the stage. Pantomimes and other devices were used in order to let the students feel the character which they wished to represent. The members of the ('lub also devoted much time to stage work, building the set for their own play, and also aid- ing the juniors and sen- iors i«i building sets for their plays. Beginning dramatics students concentrated on learning how to act. stage craft, and many introductory phases of the fine art of dramatics. They aided the advanced stu- dents in all three major productions in order to learn how to present their own plays in the next two years. The Palm, a national honorary dramatics award, is presented to those students who have earned ” 2 points during the years and have also served as crew heads twice. The clubs were ably sponsored this year by Miss Virginia Batstone, who also directed the three plays. Forty-nineiutuu»| Before the big game f,Unary club Luncheon .Voir, the way I see it— Jan spies the camera IHJ iion vote Pago? Mr. Paster impresses our parents Pep Club •wt lucks Drama directors. maybef Must be a picture of M. Monroe You tell ’em. Mary FiftyJMemories of winter are bound by the soft, white snow and the hard, blue cold ... Christ- mas bells softly ringing, peace and good will, the formal, floating across a dreamland of mist, in time to music... basketball, hot tired boys battle as watchers hold their breath, the beauty of an arching shot that swishes thru the basket . . . and suddenly the air grows warmer as spring peeks around the corner.TOP: T. Jiulf r, Jones, J. I.atnson, Dick Green, M. Kitland. It. Dutton, Faiti. McFarland. C. Adamtr. FRONT: Mr. Xor- num. .1. Coven. Ifouk. G. MeJimscy. It. Fust, It. MeJitnsext,, It. IIarris. A ti«- for first place in the powerful Central Iowa Conference was the reward for the Little Cyclone basketball team who lost only three frames in conference play and were undefeated in regular season non-conference play. Ames tied with Oskaloosa for the crown. They lost to Oskaloosa twice and to Grinnell once. The Cyclones moved into tournament play and won the district tournament by defeating Marshalltown, til-44. but lost in the first round of sub-state tournament play to Tech in an overtime, 53-54. Ames was noted as a defensive team this year. Their defensive average was 50.1 points per game. Their offensive average was 60.5 points per game. During regular season play the sein- ing for the Little Cyclones was spread rather evenly. The leading scorer was Denny Hust who had 200 points on si field goals and 42 free throws. Hob Me.Jimscy had 1ST points, Mike Kitland had IT!) points, Bill Honk had 172 points and George Mc.Jimsev had 123 points. Dick Green was chosen team captain at the end of the year. Dick is a senior guard who added a good deal to the Little Cyclones de- fensive game. Dick Green, basketball captain of the year Fifty-twoSod ot) i ore KJ,dJ( TOP: J, Wolf, Kratoska, Mosness. G. S'elson, Joe Williams. .. Si rit. SKCONI): Emerson. Canon, Walkup, H. Griffith, Krocheski, T. Itust. Mezvinsky. FRONT: Hil'k, . Rex, Dmons, Greiner, J. Cole, liarron, Mr. Covey. Basketball awards were presented at an as- sembly on April 2. Receiving major A s were seniors Dick Green, Bill Honk. Mike Kit land, and Dick Ross. Returning lettermen will be dim Lamson, Bob Mcjimsey. George Mcjimsey, and Denny Rust. The sophomore basketball team lost only two basketball games, to Marshalltown ami Mason City. Two members of tin- team. Jack Wolf and Terry Rust, were members of the varsity tour- nament squad. Varsity scores: Mason City 56-40 Webster City........................... 62-49 Carroll ............................... 58-42 Newton 57-42 Marshalltown 60-54 Nevada 81-49 Roosevelt 57-46 Oskaloosa ............................. 49-57 B '»m- 64-51 Grinnell 58-41 Newton 63-61 Marshalltown 68-52 tskaloosa Boone 47-49 62-52 (Irinnell Wilson (('edar Rapids) 67-55 Sioux 'it v 52-51 Marshalltown 61-44 Tech (Des Moines) 53-54 Sophomore scores: 'arroll . 54-40 Newton 59-43 Marshalltown 31 -33 Nevada 60-41 Roosevelt 64-39 Oskaloosa 54-45 63-43 Grinnell 46-43 Newton 46-51 Marshalltown 53-50 Oskaloosa 61-54 Boone 63-42 Grinnell 51-47 Wilson (Cedar Rapids) 72-42 Fifty-threefiOO'l till Jill) pOSC Look out. it min lit hit you Spooks? Fifty-four Must he a blonde in the third row• • our t One hand, no less.' Well, ( race! Fake him out. Rit! Hallelujah! May I leave Don't you say that to Hill, you hail hoy Is it yoiny up Hook it. D n the room! or down! I.enpin' Lenas Fifty-five ■lump. Jim! Wal. shut ma mouf!X)9’HU)d VI v Ttr y tnvui Win r TOP: Allan. Bradley. McCallister, Orth. Xerviy, F. Wolf. Foss. Honk. (I ray, A. Covey. SKCON D: B. Dodge, I'. Bowman. Dick Green. Skoog, Buck. M. Bit land. B. Walsh. Keeker. FRONT: Griff in, It. Harris. . . Judge, Fain, Bilck, Stacy, B. Gallagher. You big brute, don't take that little girl's tall! Aren't they irresistible. though! Members of Varsity Club are those boys who have been awarded letters in some form of varsity athletics or for managing. New mem- bers are initiated in the winter by playing a rousing game of basketball with the senior Pep Club girls at the half of one of the home games and in the spring by a dunking in the river at the annual Varsity Club picnic. Officers this year include Dick Creen, pres- ident: Bob Hinriehs. vice president : Ben Buck secret ary-treasurer; and Chuck Cray, historian. Fifty-seven.p . r i oLeaaincj oLaclt y Fifty-cljjh! SPIRIT S VKKTHEART Miss Surah Halla The annual midyear Spirit dance was held on January 24 in the study hall for all students of Ames High school to mark the climax of Spirit sales and present to the student body the 1953 Spirit Sweet- heart. The dance was the "Opening Night' for the Spirit. The decorations included a large theater marquee, soft lights, and many paper stars strung around the room which gave the impres- sion to those who attended of the "Opening Night” for a play. Pictures of couples attending the dance and the queen and attendants were taken with the theater marquee as a background by Spirit photographers and sold to students who wished to keep them. Joe Molleston was publicity chairman for the dance and worked with a publicity com- mittee consisting of Mama (’ole, Diane Daine. Ann McCarthy. Krma Lee Nichol- son. and I )ec Wat tonville. The presentation of the Spirit Sweet- heart and her attendants by Joe Mol- leston marked the highlights of the evening for most of the students. The ten candidates were selected by nomi- nations in each homeroom, then were voted on by the entire student body several days before tin dance. Sarah Hall was selected as Sweetheart and Sue Wymore and Janet Williams were elms; n a s h e r attend- ants. They were presented w i t h corsages by Joe Molleston. The free copy o f t h e Spirit w a s drawn at t h e dance and presented to 11 a 1 Harris. Fiftii-uincDirk Green and Shirley Small, first semester presidents, and Dr. Paul Kuntz, Friendship Week Speaker The Girl Reserve organization co-operated with the Mi-V group t » present to Ames High stu- dents the 2(ith annual Friend- ship Week. February 9, 10 and II. Dr. Paul Kuntz. Assistant Professor of Religion and Philo- sophy at Grinnell College, spoke to the three meetings of the student body. 11 is overall topic was Steady Lives in an Un- steady World.” His three mes- sages wore entitled A Fast World.” “A Confused World and A Destructive World.” Other activities of (iirl Reserves include sell- ing holly wreaths to earn enough money to support their foster child. Lydia Tancers, till- ing Christmas boxes for the county home, send- ing clothes and other necessities to needy peo- ple in the world, and sponsoring a program every other week for each girl in the high school. The officers include Shirley Small and Emily Crouch, presidents: Peg Robbins, secretary: .Marge Maakestcd. treasurer: and Elaine Elwell. assistant treasurer. The organization is spon- sored by Miss Edna Wilcox. Miss Ruth Miller, and Miss Charlotte Nelson. The Ili-Y club, carrying on an active organ- ization for boys, presents varied programs once a month at general meetings and plans for six hobby groups that also meet once a month. The Hi-Y cab- inet. which consists of 14 members each semester and was headed by Dick Green first semester and Tom Cooper second semester, and t h e homeroom representative di- rect such projects as support of a war orphan, maintenance of a lounge and recreation center for members, opera- tion of a concession stand at home games, and this year for the first time the sale of scat cushions in the halls and at games. Mr. Ritland was sponsor for the Hi-Y organi- zation. Second semester presidents: Tom Cooper and Kmily Crouch SixtyTOP: Hosmer, Hurlburt. Dai nc, McPherson. Lindahl, Bormuth. KOl-RTH: Miss Miller, McCarthy, Arncy. M. l.amson. lechner, Mitts Wilcox. THIRD: Wattonville. Malander. Janet Williams. Janet U'il.tOK. Tciy. Jill Anderson. SKOOND: Kcrshner. Sue Schaefer. Barnard, S. Hall. K. Miller. FRONT: dwell. Crouch, Small. Maakestad. TOP: M. Taylor, H roadie ell. Schilletter, Skeie, K. Baris. X. Paulson. Dorothy Orem. Miss Wilcox. FOI’RTH: Miss Miller. Lubscn. Grant. Imsland. Prehm. Rosebrook, Bowen. THIRD: H'ifair. Points, Marilyn Kyle. Herts, Klder, C. McKenna. Sandra Smith. SKCOND: V. Kauffman. Sclarow, Howell. ..Karls, ». Anyle, X. Fox. S. Diehl. FRONT: Chase. Harycns, Soma. D. Wilson. M. Peterson. Janice Blair. Sixty-oneTOP: Orth, C. McJimseu, II. MeJimsty, II ninths. SKCOXD: Mr. Hit land, Duffy, Dirk (Ireen, I.odden. Mollrston. FRONT: Cndcrko ler, ll. Dodye, Carr, Cooper. BACK: It. Griffith, D. Ilex, R. Cntnphell, John Johnson, Thirlman. SECOND: Olasson, Ruck. Thein, J. Kjerland. FRONT: D. Diehl, Mass, Jerry Ha yen (jr.), S. Morintin. 8iXty-tW0. . . and come out fighting Rolando E. Sills Iiig Smile! Super Salesmen f'se a hoarding-house reach. Joyce! Doesn't it taste good, dene! Do you have a copy of Pogot Sixty-three Watch the waistlines!junior Executive (Council TOP: !. McJimse» . li. MvJitnscy. SECOND: Fain. H. Dutton, Knudscn, J. Lamson, Hedrick. FRONT: Pollock, Wright, Piper. •Jerry Hedrick ably handled the job of .Junior (’lass president, dim Lamson, vice president: Pat Pollock, secretary; and Kathy Wright, treasurer; rounded out a tine group of officers. They co-operated throughout the year with the •Junior Executive Council and the faculty spon- sor. Mr. Floyd Grainger Council members were Dave Dutton, 237; Jan Piper. 110; Larry Knud- sen. 238; George Mc.Jimsey. 213; Bob Mc.Jimsey, 232; and Gary Fain. 23f . With a hard-time theme, the Tuff Bounce Ball box social was held on December 19. About twenty couples came for supper and many more students attended the dance following. The event netted $33.24. Promotion of ticket sales for the annual play was the important job for February. Lift With Father was selected, and presented on the 26th and 28th of the month. Victorian sets and cos- tumes added greatly to the authenticity of the production. In March, the class sold autograph memory books, which proved quite successful. Levi Leap was an all-school party given on April 18. Homeroom 237 had charge of dance. Fun and hard work proceeded the Junior- Senior banquet and Frolic held on May ! . Decorations depicting Parisien scenes made the event an unforgettable climax to a memorable year. TUI : Jim Lamson, vice president; Jerry Hedrick, president. KK( NT : Pat Pollock, secretarii; hath j Wright, treasurer. Sixty-four99 CAST FnlIk r I in nil Clarence Whitney .lull n Hurl an Mary Skinner ('ora Dr. Lloyd Dr. Humyhreys Dr. Soon rs Mary a ret Annie X ora Delia Margie IjAKRA KM'I'SKN COI.I.EEN (I KISH AM Mike Knitths Tom Winsi.ow Caroi.i. I «;i: Stkvi Nokman . Pat Poelook Ki th Kershnkr Keith Sokshk Boh MoCakdi.k Dave Opheim 11 ekum kt Jane Rosebrook M ary Ann A hart Rosemary Adams Brma Nu-hoison Sixty-fiveWhat form! .Voir. Janr, don’t cheat Cosh, must hr interestin'.! Oh, Nancy, you're a pro! Hey, you dropped the hall! •Hhoicino isn’t ladylike, Nancy! Basketball "A" league inn tiers Sixty-six Well. Nancy, don't just stand there ntramuraf l linter s lcticitie.s What's wrong . . . Is it stuck in the rafters .1 real champion At to toy, Hal! Hut Mr. Hurtt, they need your help The Sleeper hold. Modem dance class Ste mming champs give us their Pepsodent smiles Sixty-seventeen SixtH-nii htuSpring is the time of awakening, ice crack- ing in the brooks, soft, gentle, healing rain slowly pattering on the roof, flowers peeping shyly out of the ground .. .the crack of a bat, the shot of a gun, he's off!. . . hikes, Sunday afternoon, above all the gentle sun and soft rain ... suddenly the sun comes out in earnest and you feel a little sad when you wander into the dressed up and strange schoolhouse to get your report cards on a summer day in June.NftB VT 'TOP: Jameson. Ii. MeJimsey, G. MeJimsey, Tweet, Lykkegaard, Goetz, Williby, I.undr. FOURTH: Bundy. Litherland, Knowles, Ophiem, Hovcrsten. Gins soft, Hedrick. Sills, HVKcii. THIRD: Me. Write. It. Bust. Sprague. Holdredge. Cooper, Hick Green. Keeker, Berhow, B. McCardle. SKCOND: B. Gallagher. Hinrichs. .1. Con g, Bain, l.odden. Giebetetein. J. For. FRONT: Mr. Covey. McCallister. F. Wolf. Honk. Buck. Griffin, J. Judge. TOP: It. Griffith. Sable. Foster, . Miller, Ayres, Seaward. THIRD: Mr. Covey. Emmerson. Wnlkup. McDowell. Cos. Boach. Mr. Wells. SKCOND: Bradley. Cannon. Krocheski. Joe Williams, Mezvinsky. Mosness. Errington, I. Smith. FRONT: G. Kelson, Downs, Greiner, Kratoska, . . Cole, It. Kellner, .4. Singer. Seventylini'»! work of these men Amos could not I» rated as one of the top schools in the state in track competition. A reserve squad which consisted of boys who didn’t see action with the varsity squad com- peted in dual meets with I Sonne and Newton and meets with the Des Moines schools. This gave valuable experience to many sophomores. Ili Covcry also coached this team. The golf squad coached by Ron Norman par- ticipated in meets with Marshalltown, Cedar Rapids, thv Lincoln of Des Moines Invitational, Newton, the Little Cyclone Invitational, Boone, the Central Iowa Conference meet, Marshall- town, the District Meet, and the State Meet. The tennis squad coached by Donald Hartt were in meets with Des Moines Tech, Fort Dodge. West Waterloo. Roosevelt of Des Moines. Fast Des Moines, and (Jrinncll. They also went to the District and State Meets. The spring athletic program at Ames High does not receive as much publicity as do other athletiesat Ames High. This year more publicity was devoted to the track, golf, and tennis squads in the hope that more students would become interested in these programs. TOP: Mr. Wells. Holdrcdye. Cooper, Dirk Cron. Mr. Covey. SKi'OND: J inrtc i.t. .1. Covey, Fain. II. Gnllayhrr. Giebcl- stein. FRONT: McCalllster. F. Wolf. Houk, Burk. Griffin. . . Judyc. In the spring attention was again turned to the Ames High track, tennis, and golf squads. These teams met tough schedules as they ably represented the school in their aetivities. First on the list for the track squad was tin state A AC indoor t rack meet. The team took third place in this meet which promised great achievements during the rest of the season. Following that the varsity squad participated in the Valley Relays in Des Moines, the Teach- ers' Relays in Cedar Falls, the Drake Relays in Des Moines, tin- Little Cyclone Invitational which consisted this year of a triangular meet at the Iowa State College track with Fast Des Moines and Marshalltown, the District Track Meet, the Central Iowa Conference Meet at Marshalltown, and finally the State Meet held this year in Des Moines. Only performers who had placed first or second in the District Meet could enter the State. Outstanding performers this year were Ben Buck, Jim Holdredge, Frank Wolf. Allan Griffen. Marvin Gicbelstein. and many others. Jim Holdredge and Frank Wolf were elected track co-captains. The squad is coached by Hi Covey, who is assisted by Ken Wells. Without the extensive planning and £ovcuif| -ott«HACK: Mr. Xorman, Steii. Thielman. H. Harris. Shepherd, I'. Hoionan. FRONT: I'vrrds. Jack Anderson tjr.i. Stenshoel. »’. Griffith, ft. Dodge, Skoog. TOP: • . Kjcrland. X. Kjerland, ftage, C. Gray, Mr. Jfartt. FRONT: Stenerson, Jot It'illiamji, Henson, . Pan .ton. ntruniuraf c L ounci TOP: Toreedahl, McClure. Walkuy. Cannon. THIRD: WeMen, J. Moore. 1. Xclxon, Ol.v.son. SKCOND: Obrccht, It. (!rif- fith. Carey. Riddle. FRONT: Mr. Ileideman. Severxike. Doyijelt. .1. Sinner, Mr. S mailing. As one of tin most extensive in the state, the Ames High school intramural program attracts almost every boy in some phase of athletics or another. It provides a chance for amateur ath- letes not on regular varsity teams to participate in athletics. Among the l!t programs offered are touch football, basketball, table tennis, bowling, wrestling, and badminton. A trophy is awarded at the end of each year to the homeroom of each class that racks up the most points. Basketball is the favorite sport. It is played round-robin fashion by pairing each homeroom with other homerooms of its class. The season is climaxed by the selection of the sophomore, junior, and senior all-stars who are chosen on the basis of their season’s playing. The senior all-stars play the faculty members. The sopho- more and junior all-stars play members of the basketball teams. Ames High school’s extensive intramural pro- gram is directed by Kay Smalling who is ably assisted by the intramural managers and council. Seventy-threeTOP: Thrasher. '. Hitlx. Stevens, Holland, IS. Si frit, Dorothy lreen. THIRD: Kmgkadc. enor, I.. Boicman. C. Mc- Kenna. Barnard, II. Angle. SECOND: Janice Blair. Imsland, C. Wells. .V. Freel, Winkler, M. A. Merchant. FRONT: Hurlburt. Bannister. A met , Janet H'i soii, M. Cole. The Girl’s Athletic Association aims to pro- vide a well-balanced program of athletics for «•iris in Ames High school. To supply this pro- gram officers are chosen by the members of the club. This year's officers consisted of Pat Arney as president: Janet Wilson as vice pres- ident; Kay Dannister as secretary; Mania Cole and Edith Holland, intramural chairmen; Mar- ilyn Hurlburt. social chairman: and Mary Lou Imsland and Carol Wells, point recorders. The girls started out the season by a softball tournament this year as always. It was followed by badminton, a round robin and elimination tournament in basketball, and then a variety of sports such as bowling, ping pong, volley ball. Girls who had earned 100 points by compet- ing in tournaments and turning in points for activities done outside of school were initiated into the club on December 10. The initia- tion was followed by a pot-luck supper in the cafeteria for all initiates and any member of the club who wished to at- tend. At the spring awards assembly all girls who had earned f 00 points received small A s. Those with 1000 points were awarded large letters and several girls with lf 00 points were awarded stuffed animals. Kibbons were also presented to the winners of the tournaments. The organization was under the spon- sorship of Mrs. Jean Eschner and Miss Jean Arrasmith. Seventy-fourBACK: R. Duffy. F. Wolf. . Harris, Dick Green. FRONT: Strnerson. Schxcarte. Janet Wilson. Ilonnuth. Su Schaefer, G. Davis. Election of officers was first on the agenda for the senior class of 1953. Mill Duffy was elected class president: Frank Wolf, vice pres- ident ; .Mary K. Schwarte. secretary: and Sue Schaefer, treasurer. The president of each home- room was automatically a member of the senior senate and representatives from each homeroom were also chosen for that body. The senate met with Mr. Donald Lehigh, senior elass sponsor, to make plans for senior activities. Many senior boys were on the varsity football squad and several received recognition. Dill Houk was chosen captain at the end of the year by the other members of the team and was also on the 1DP. first all-state football team. Other senior members of the football squad who re- ceived awards were Tom .Judge. Dick Green. Frank Wolf. Rob Walsh, and Mike Ritland. The basketball team selected Dick Green as honorary captain for the year and Dill ITouk and Mike Ritland received honorable mention on the all-state cage team. Four members of the senior class. Shirley Small, Dob Bentley, Peg Robbins, and Gan Mallo, starred in the dramatics club play. The Glass Menagerie. The senior class selected Green Grow lln Lilacs as their class play and pre- sented it on May 1 and 2. Homecoming queen was Shirley Small. Her attendants were Sarah Hall and Janet Williams. Sarah Hall was chosen as Spirit Sweetheart and her attendants were .Janet Williams and Sue Wvmore. Student body presidents were seniors Don Harris, first semester, and Jim Orth, second semester. Seniors were active in the music groups this year, both vocal and instrumental. Many seniors participated in the Glee Club and Choir pro- grams and in the Orchestra and Band. The Junior Senior Danquet and Prom was held on May 9 and was well attended by seniors. On May 27 the senior class ended regular school work. Their annual senior picnic was held on May 28 at the Country Club. Baccalaureate was held the night of May 31. On June 1 the seniors attended Commencement and were graduated from Ames High school. Seventy-fiveC on cert TO I : Mr. Dan, V. Hoicman, Shepherd, Giebelstei n, Christensen, Griffin, Doirniny, I). Dahl. Xordyke. FOURTH: II. Sifrit, Jill Anderson, Dickc, Roach, Hedrick. Carr. J. Kjcrland. Braoonicr, Xoble. R. Griffith. D. Rust. THIRD: Finch. Glasson. John Johnson, R. Adams, T. Rust, Mallo. H Smith. Knudsen, Osterman. Guthrie, .IfciM. Fmery, S. Kjcrland. J. Cole. Webb. Jones. Ilournc. Sifrit. Sucher. Henderson. SKCOND: .. Larson. T. Adams. Jacobsen. Hotcell, Ayres. T. Moore, Don I‘unison, Rhodes, M. Moore, Shrader, Day, Stenshoel, Soma, M or ford, Wymore. FRONT: l.echner, C. Wells. Kurtz, M. .-I. Merchant. Thrasher, Wattonville. Black, Doris J’aiilson. Malander, Schtearte. The Ames High school Concert Hand pre- sented to the citizens of the community the an- nual Spring Concert. Many well-known numbers were presented, also many numbers new to the listeners. There were a few numbers on the lighter side and some on the heavier side. The Concert was climaxed by the Shirs ami Stripes Fan nr rendered in the John Phillip Sousa style. The final chorus was played by tin- brass section in full uniform. The uniforms were purchased by funds solicited from the merchants of Ames through long months of tramping the streets. Mach member of the band solicited from several establishments of business and professional men in town. The names of donators were printed in the basketball programs except for 50 professional men. The reward of the students who tramped the street was tin- privilege of playing in the brand new uniforms. The uniforms were exhibited for t he second time at a concert for the student body and members of Central Junior High school. Many numbers were different from those heard at the Spring Concert, but several were repeated. One of the favorite numbers was Sight Heat, which was the story of a man who was walking through various sections of New York. A walking theme recurred throughout the selection and one could tell the different parts of the town which he visited. Some of the places visited were Harlem? traffic on Broadway, Chinatown, and the water front. Another interesting number was Stormy Weather which was given with interesting ef- fects with the lighting. An actual storm was depicted on the stage with genuine thunder and lightning. ’fhe concert, as it was held on the Thursday before Master, was closed with a sacred number. Angelus from Seems Pitteresqur. The band also marched during the Ycishea parade along with numerous other bands. Seventy-sixTOP: S. Clark. Mr. Day. Shepherd. Sandra Smith. Christensen. ! . Shrader. Wilsxe, Henson, Ruchholts, V. ftowman. THIRD: Dilts. T. Rest. Osterman. II'. Smith. A'ires. Xolae, Rragonier, Carr. SKCOND: Sanford. Ong, Malander, Schicarte. Piper. Morford, Leehncr, V. Adams. Eineh, U'cMi. Henderson. M. Moore. . . Shrader. FRONT: Elwell, Coulter, I And ah I, K. Dilts. Clauson, K. Miller. The first concert that was presented by the Arnes High school orchestra was the Junior Town program in the fall. In this program both serious numbers and novelty tunes were pre- sented. The regular spring concert was presented on March l’T along with the band and tlie Welch- Central orchestra which are under the direction of Mr. Kiehard Day and Miss Jean Miller, re- spectively. This was well attended by parents. students, and other members of the community. The orchestra also attended the tri-city orchestra festival which was held all day this year in Fort Dodge. The officers of the orchestra are Evelyn Dilts. president: Mary Jo Lindahl, vice president: and Mary Margaret Malander. secretary-treasurer. Theatre orchestra played before the Junior and Senior class plays and also between acts as an interlude while the sets were being changed. They also played for Baccalaureate and ('ommencement. Among the many small groups in the orchestra is the string ensemble. This group is under the direction of Miss Ivuth Miller. Members of string ensemble are Elaine Fdwell, Elizabeth Coulter. Mary Jo Lindahl. Beverly Ogg. Peg Dilts, Evelyn Dilts. Ellen Mol- leston. Liz Miller. Nancy (Mail- son. Kay Buchholtz, Marcia Wilsie and Nancy Sanford. TOP: Lindahl. Sanford, Ogg. P. hilts, Wilsie, Miss Jean Miller. FRONT: Ehcell, Coulter. Claussen. E. Molleston, E. Dilts. Seventy-sevenTOP: Knuths, Molleston. D. Arrasmith, Rragonier, T. Hoxcc, Arnold. Canon. T. Rust, Hedrick. FIFTH: Kellogg, Rauls. Sills. OhrecUt, Rrendeland, J. Cole, Thielman, Xass, Goetz. FOL'RTH : J. Raypc. A. Angle. Sue Schaefer. Grant. Rosebrook. Hurlbnrt. Imsland, Rormuth. Wester. THIRD: McLaughlin, I'nn Der Wilt, R. Angle, Riger, Kershner, Chivers. Small, Surlier, Crouch. Harper, M. Adams. SECOND: U’ifsie. Howell, l Kauffman, Henderson. Rcyton. Rurgcss. Schurarte. I). Wilson. FRONT: irinx uie, Kratoska. R. Gallagher, Rilek. K. Larson, Crouse. Killam. The Jil ls’ Glee Clubs and the A ('appella Choir are kept ready by Miss Edna Bower, who is sponsor and director of tin- groups, to appear in many engagements in the school and around the community. The Glee Club’s big appear- ances are furnishing music for various Girl Reserve meetings and for one of the programs during Friendship Week. They also take part in the annual Christmas pageant. The officers of tin- (lice Clubs first semester were Nancy Merchant and Nancy Clauson. pres- idents: Sarah Hall and Kay Buchholt .. vice presidents: Kathleen Thomas and Rosie Ritland, secretaries; and Kathv Wright and Liz Coulter, librarians. There were two separate (liris’ Glee Clubs first semester, but they combined second semester to make just one group. The Christmas pageant furnished one big moment for the Choir although they appeared other times during the year to the students and the community. Members of the Choir and other students took speaking parts in the pageant and the Glee Clubs also assisted. Another important program for the Choir is the annual trip to the Veterans’ Hospital in I)es Moines at Easter time to sing for the pa- tients there. The trip is made the Friday before Easter and many practices for the Choir are pointed to that particular program. Ruth Kersh- ner sang a solo this year. A sextet and other small groups gave special numbers. The entire Choir sang sacred selections. Many class periods for both the Choir and Glee Club were devoted to small group singing. This aided the students in developing harmony and tone. Senior members of the Choir and Glee Club sang for Commencement this year. The officers of Choir include doe Molleston. president; Elaine Elwell, vice president; Cheryl Peyton and Ann Angle, secretaries; dan Piper, librarian: and Perry Kellogg and dane Rose- brook, robekeepers. Many small groups were organized at various times during the year to add variety to the programs. Seventy-eightT »I': Diestler, Clauson, Pierre. Jeanne Blair, Chvvil'c. Buehholtz. FOURTH: Binggenberg, King. Sands. S. ('lark. Bowers. THIRD: Thrasher, .. Bateman, Mason. Coulter. Walker, M. .1. Merchant. SKCOND: Sundall. Winkler, It. Bit land, Mor- ]ord, Ferguson. FRONT: l . Brown. M. I.. Howe. Sandra i mith, Fiori, Bead. TOP: Malmbery, Skeic. K. laris. Maakcstad, McPherson. Hargens. FOURTH: Deaton. Vandecar. F.. Sicholson. P. Thompson. Thomas. C. Wells. THIRD: Hogue, Xordyke. Wright, Sharon Smith. M. Peterson, enor. SWOND: Pollock, J. Karl, B. F.arl. S. Hall. M. Moore. FRONT: Long. Barnard, .1 hart, S. Merchant. Trig, Wymorc. Seventy-nineBACK: Bentley, M. I.anison, Dorothy Green, I.meson, Bonnuth, R. Singer. FRONT: .V. Merchant, Sclaroic. Robbins, Jill Anderson, Harness. EightyHartley. Jay Conover. Mr. Lehigh. Judisrh, Selarov. Norman The debate squad. which is the answer for those students who like to arirue logically and eonvincinirly, this year journeyed to the state finals at Iowa City and although they placed seventh, received a "superior’ rating and two “excellents." The debate squad, which is spon- sored this year by Mr. Donald I.ehigh, also jour- neyed to many other ilebate tournaments around the state, including the Coe college tournament and the lirindlcy tournament. Myrus Hoy coy.' He ran read? T-O-N-I-Toni! Reraally It's DRAMA Club Such energy! “ •'ranees” Ruck Eighty-one lyana! Very funny New shirt. Rob! Monkeys is right! ween cu I'iyhty-twoMembers of crews . . . people you don't see and don't hear about, but always feel. . . workers behind the scenes of a play and be- hind the scenes of life ... a part which most of us are destined to play. ffer Graduate M £5 V. 11,1 ■ W-«i■• the Unit luTibility for such awar TOP: Houk, Joe Williams, Molleston. THIRD: Shepherd, Vaadecar, M. Ritland N. Fox, Schwarte. SECOND: Duffy, N. Merchant, Sevey, Skinner. FRONT: Mezvinsky, Bradley, Bentley. ive opinions «jrhis is f I ply one with J I which are al V Father. tV vanted a Lay ’ y o Japan lion s men. mes Officers and committee !he newly elected sti ttave been annoj Drtta presidi) Mondaj f” urtn presidm ’-' r ycl°ne rty c?V ; rvit-0 ft. «• A o .c rvice. lek: nooi. e4 - fining. Mick ■S£v«v'vCs I The awards 00 '. vxc „0 Cx .1 -- C e 5 tspjri . c itSmls, ’ r econd Lt. Sham Mrs Bilek, Tom Winslow. Mlk' vtbs and Jerry Hedricfc . ' ° M ? « 'o’! 'while wo.. . i ion. commente Eighty-foura nc C I C rew TOP: Mesvituky, Hargetts, Carnty. .S'. H’Aiff. T. Adam . THIRD: Combs. Chivers, I . Dills. Schillettcr. Elder. SKCOND: Cooke. F. Green. VFilsie. billy. King. Sheens. FRONT: Wallace. Hotcell, 1C. It it land, Taylor, Sherman. The primary objective of the journalism class is to learn to write news in an interesting and effective manner. Students learn newspaper terms, headline and news writing, how to inter- view people, and other basic journalism pro- cedures. The Web is published weekly and proof is read every Wednesday morning at the Tribune office by members of the staff. A rotation editorial system was used during the first semester and an editorial board was used the second semester. In connection with their unit on Straight Thinking and Propaganda Analysis, first semes- ter students presented a "rumor clinic" to the student body on March 20. Cubs’ Club offers opportunities to those who are interested in writing but are not enrolled in the journalism class. Members learn news- paper terms, fundamentals of news writing, space counting, and other essentials. Cubs con- tribute steadily to the lVY , and write the first. Web issue of the second semester as a special project. For the first time Cubs have been meeting regularly every Tuesday after school. First semester officers were Terry Adams, president; Nancy Wallace, vice president; and Peg I tilts, secretary. Second semester, Nancy Wallace was president; Terry Adams, vice president: and Martha Wider, secretary. Our congratulations go to Nancy Wallace, who. in March, was selected as the Ames High representative to the Sub-Deb page of the Ladies Home Journal. A dinner party and a picnic provided the entertainment during the year. M iss Charlotte Nelson was sponsor. Eighty-fiveTOP: . . Mumm, •'. Wolf, It. Hunt, B. Griffith. B. McJimsey. G. McJimsey. FIFTH: Adams, dray. Hinrichs. Dirk Green, W. Smith. Xrrviy, A.Covry. FOI’RTH: Mins Miller. Mott. L.Sifrit. McFarland. D. Harris. T. Bust. THIRD: B. Walsh. . . Cole, Spear. Hay ye. T. Judyr. C. Adams. Burk. SKCO.N'D: Obreeht. K rato.ika. Bilck. Sills. B. dal lay her, MrCallister. Hedrick. FRONT: Jack Anderson ijr.). Duffy. Fmmerson. J. I.amson. Watkins. David Bex. Ames High school’s Radio Club has its own short wave radio station, WOTRI. and mem- bers of the club learn principles of operation and construction from studying the station. This year’s presidents were Dick Stenerson and 'ire Chiefs: Bobby Walsh and Frank Wolf Rob Carr. This club is sponsored by Mr. Easter. The Film Operators' Club spends the year operating the school’s audio-visual equipment. The members of the dub show films to differ- ent classes, combining learning with service. Maintaining order in the halls of Ames High school is the duty and privilege of an organi- zation of 39 boys known as the Firesquad. Led by I 'rank Wolf and Rob Walsh, and sponsored by Miss Ruth .Miller, the boys maintain this order by little red warning slips which arc is- sued upon any sign of an offense. Roys wishing to become members of firesquad upon entering Ames High must be recommend- ed by the faculties of both junior highs and then approved by Miss Miller. There are 13 new boys chosen each year. A Firesquad member’s year is highlighted by the annual Firesquad picnic which is financ- ed by fines set upon tardy members. At this picnic the firechiefs are traditionally dunked. Eiyht y-sixechntcuins TOP: B. Carr. Dope, ?. Griffith. Bentley. Tweet. THIRD: Mr. Faye. It. Sinper. Malleston. Gicbclstcin, Kiricin, SECOND: Gunderson. Sevey. M. l.amson. Holland. S. Fox. I.awlor. FRONT: Sue Schaefer. Kershner. Malander. Lee. B. Walsh. TOP: Theis, H. Harris. Smedal. Mr. Faster, Kelly. SECOND: ' . I! it land. John Johnson, l.ieinyston. Carr. Hayye, Jameson. V. Bowman. FRONT: Jack Anderson tsr.i. Watkins, Gunderson, H Smith. Stensland. Fiyhty-scvcn y j or tans ant 13, inancierA TOP: lloi uc. I.on-n, Torrea, Bobbins. 1‘rehm. It. A note. THIRD: C. Hall. Deaton. I.ubsen, Bowen, .4. Anale. SECOND: It. Walsh. Martian Kale. F. S r Ison, ll. Adams. FRONT: Janet Williams, enor. Lech ner. It. Si rit, Mrs. Dickinson. TOP: Miss McSally, Bannister, Leehner. Carr. Chase. C. Wells. SECOND: Malander, Wattonnlle. Sue Schaefer, Deaton. Mcl.autjhlin. FRONT: Elwell. F. Wolf, Dane, Maakestad. Eiphty-eightThe success of Ames High school's system for accounting is largely «lue to the student treasurers who are required t » keep financial records of the activities subject t«» cheeks by the general treasurer, .Miss Mary McNally, the athletic treasurer, Mr. Donald Hartt. or Mr. Adams. Miss McNally and Mr. Hartt an- ably assisted by Janet Chase ami ('aroll l age. The Library Club, sponsored by Mrs. Eliza- beth Dickinson, helps with the checking of books in the library and the display ease. The girls receive valuable training in library work while binding books, rearranging tin card catalogue, and repairing damaged books. The club is organized and has meetings at which times they discuss the problems of tin- library. Surprise! Watermelon nightcap Determination! WOW! For their fathers, of course The eyes hare it! Now. Jean, don't say it We know just how you feel Just clowning around! Cap was a little big, wasn’t it. Dickf Well, the. way I figuo . . . Don't choke if. Leo Eighty-nine J. MarCompliments of. . I OLI GIATEJB MANUFACTURING ■companyH A inctu Ohev Adams Class of 1!M0 Ames High Scliool Clint Adams Class of 1021one of those important ingredients so necessary in making a GOOD school the BEST . . . and Ames Hi students have that SPIRIT ... in “bound" as well as in "unbound" volumes. We congratulate you, students of Ames Hi, and graduates of 1953 . . . keep that spirit and will-to- win ... it will help carry you on to new and impor- tant victories. AMES DAILY TRIBUNE “Your Hometown Newspaper” Xinetj 'OHe3he 953 Spirit Photo Enqmvinqs bu r YEAR BOOK CRAFTSMEN i CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA i .V nety-t CO Smitr i y Small Homecoming Queen Thank you seniors, for your fine cooperation ami lust wishes from your 1953 Spirit photographers. Jli((]s Studio PHONE 347 Ninety-three 2530 LINCOLN WAV Congratulations to Class of 1953 and Best Wishes for Your Future © TRIBUNE PUBLISHING CO. PRINTERS OF THE 1953 SPIRIT PHONE 180 MILK.. . Natures Finest Food O’NEIL DAIRY COMPANY PHONE 62 308 FIFTH Ninety-fourCongratulations to Class of 1953 from VAN VOORHIS COMPANY Lennox Furnaces American Radiator Standard Sanitary Crane - Kohler - Briggs enamel ware YORK AIK CONDITIOXING PhuMng - IIfating - Sheet Metal PHONES 999 2270 120 KELLOGG Service. 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SS 9 35. 4 8. 79 33.7 4.79 16. 57. 72. 76. 77. 87 16. 57. 70. 84 29. 48 34. 76. 77. 78 . 16 35. 78 34. 42. 61 30. 79 33 33 35. 48 34 16. 39. 57. 62. 70. 71. 86 33. 46. 77. 79 29. 70 16. 48.78.80 Cameron. Rochelle Campbell. Bob Campbell. Dick Canon. Gary Canvin. Miss Mailalenc Carey, Bill Carney, Bill Carr. Bob CattelJ. Mary Ellen Chase. Janet Cheville, Genevieve Olivers, Nancy Christensen. Stan Christianson. Paul Christy. Janet Clark, Kay Clark. Suzanne 31.46 35. 39. 62 11.33.39 34. 39. 53. 70. 73. 78 7. 35 29. 73 85. 80. 85 87.88 .........................31 16.61.88 29. 79 35,48.78. 85 . . . 16. 76, 77 30. 39 .........................30 ........................35 29. 77. 79 Clauson. Nancy.......................... 23. 77. 79 Cole. Jim.................., 86 Combs. Kay...............................21. 85 Compton. Jack.......................................30 Conn. Pat . ..................20. 48 Conover. Jackie..................................17.48 Conover. Jay..............................29. 80 Cooke. Jeanne ....... 4. 21.85 Cooper. Tom...................... 29. 29. 6«. 62. 70, 71 Coulter. Elizabeth......................... 25, 77. 79 Covey. Ancel . . . 11. 31.39. 52.57.70. 71.86 Covey, Mr. Hiram ..... 8. 39. 53. 70, 71 Cox, Jim................................ 34. 39. 70 Crouch. Emily .... 17.42, 44. 59.60. 61,78 Crouse, John.....................................30.78 Culbertson. Ann..........................33. 48 Cushman. Cedric ....... 17.39 Dage, Caroll................ 31. 76. 87. 88 Daine, Diane ....... 31. 42, 61 Davis, Dick.......................3 4 Davis. Mrs. Edna ........ 5 Davis. Gordon...........4. 11. 17. 75 Day, Mr. Richard ...... 8. 76. 77 Deaton. Patricia............ 29.79. 88 Desher. Mavis......................34 Dlcke. Howard..................32. 76 Dickinson. Mrs. Elizabeth ..... 8. 46. 88 Diehl. Donovan ...... 34. 62, 76 Diehl. Susie................ 35. 48. 61 Diestler. Janet............. 33.46.79 Dilts. Evelyn........... 17. 42. 4 4. 59. 77 Dilts. Peggy............ 34. 42. 74. 77. 85 Dixon. Mary ........ 35. 48 Dobson. Pat ......... 29 Dodge. Jane ........ 33. 48 Dodge. Rodney ..... 17.39.57. 62.72 Doggett. James ....... 35.73 Dolecheck. Ann ...... not pictured Downing. Louise............. 35. 48. 76 Downs. Gene................ 33.53.70 Duffy. Bill..............17. 62; 73. 84. 86 Dunlap. Bob........................17 Dunlap. Tom........................17 Dutton. Dave................ 39. 52. 64 Dutton. Nancy......................31 Dyer. Larry........................17 Earl. Jane...................... 30. 4 2. 46. 79 Earl. Ruth......................... 29. 42. 79 Earls. Ellen................... 30. 48. 61. 79 Earls. Loraine.....................31.48.61 Easter. Mr. Ronald • . - . . . . 7, S7 Kckhoff. Karen ........ 29 Eeklind. Miss Ruth..........................10 Edwards. Hector.........................30. 39 Elder. Martha.......................33. 61. 85 Elliot. Mrs. Grace ........ 5 Elliot. Helen...............................29 Elliot. Mrs. Rose ...........................9 Elwell. Elaine.................. Emery. Francis ....... 31. 76 Hmmerson. Tom . . . 11, 34, 39. IS. 53. 70. 86 Krrington. Peter ..... 35. 39. 48. 70 Eschner. Mrs. Jean........................6.42 Evans. Raymond ........ 34 Everds. Dave............................31. 72 11.29. 39.52. 57. 64.70.71 ................................4.18 ..................................34. 79 ...................................30 ............................. 35. 48. 78 .............................. 30. 76. 77 ........................................5 .............................. 34. 39. 70 ............................. 30. 39. 70 .........................IS. 42. 41. 61. 87 ....................................IS ...................................29. 74 .IS .....................................4. IS Fain. Gary Fellows. Sally Ferguson. Delores Field. Barbara Flori. Sharon Finch. Joan Flack. Mrs. Daisy Foster. Cole Fox. Jim Fox. Nancy Frcel. Everett Freel. Nancy Frlest. Dick Fritz. Kentnor Gal'ughcr. Bob Gallagher. Gerry Galater. Miss Marion Ganett. Donna c;iehelstein. Marvin Gibbs. Myrus 30. 39. 57. 70. 71. 7S. 86 . IS 8 not pictured 18, . 30. 46 Our hundrrd trnGibson, l'at Ola. «on. Leonard Goetz. Chari (iorman, Robert tininKv. Mr. Kloy«l «Irani. Sheila «.•ray. Chuck Green. Dick Given. Dorothy Green. Duane Green. Frances Greiner. Eugene Griffin. Allan Griffith, Bruce Griffith. Ron Grisha in. Colleen Groth. Jim Gulliver. Barry Gunderson. Roper Guthrie. Marlene Guy. Denny Ha pen. Gerald Ha pen. Jerry Hacse. Dave Hall. Carolyn Hall. Sarah Hamilton. Lome Hargens. Jody Harker. Paul Harper. Karel Harris. Don Harris. Hal HartL Mr. Donald Hedrick. Jerry Hegland. K me lie Heldeman. Mr. Dale Henderson. Carolyn Henry. Dawn Hertz. Betsy Hicks. Shirley Hines. Janice Hinrichs. Boh Hogue. Marjorie Holdredpe. Jim Holland. Edith Holst. Karla Horner. Bob Hosmer. Mary Houk. Rill Hove. Sandra Hoversten. Estil Howe. Mar)’ Lynn Howe. Tom Howell. Joann Huntley. Jane Hurlburt. Marilyn Hyler. Jack Imsland, Mary Lou Iverson. Joan Jackson. Jerry Jacobson. Delores Jameson. Jamie Johns. Janet Johnson. Barbara Johnson. Jerry Johnson. John Jones, Bill Judge. Francis Judge. Joe Judge. Tom Judiseh. Frank Kauffman, Derry Kauffman. Vera Keeker. Maurice Kelley. Larry Kellogg. Perry Keltner. Donald Keltner. Russell Kershner. Ruth King. Alice Killam. Tim Kingkade. Nancy Kirwin. Mickey KJorland. John KJerland. Norman Knowles. Lyle Knudsen. Lorry Knuths. Mike . Koziel. Krystyna Kratoska. Dick Krieg. Robert t. 13. 42. H ........................31 30. 42. 48. 78 11.19. 52.53.86 19. 39. 72. 75. S7 9. 34 29. 39. 64. 70. 76. 7S. S6 ..........................31 9. 30. 73 . 35. 18. SS ..........................31 33. 48. 61 ..........................23 ..........................31 30. 73. 88 19. 46. 74.87 ........................30 ........................29 4. 30. 61 11. 19. 39. 41'. 52. 57. 70. 71 ..........................35 . 30. 39. 46. 70 33.41.72 39. 7$ 34. 48. 61. 76. 78. 85 ..........................31 11. 31. 46. 48, 61. 74. 78 35. 48 29. 60. 74. 78 ..........................19 . 18 Krncheskl. John 35. 53. 70 39. 62. 70. 76 Kyle. Marilyn 31. 39. 7». 76 . 35 8 Kyle. Merit 20 Lake, Max 33 33. 12. 61. 78 Lamson. Jim 1.86 IS. 39. 57. 86 Lamson. Mary 20. 12. 14. IS. 53. 61. 80. 87 70. 71. 75. 86 Larson. Boyd . . . not pictured 18. IV 71. 80 Larson. Kenneth 34. 39. 78 Larson. Larry 31.76 34. ix. 85 lyuwlor. Leo 11.20.87 33. 53. 70 1 «awSon. Marjorie 30. 48. 80 ix. 57. 70. 71 laic liner, Carla 20. 4 8. 61. 76. 77.. XX 4. 30. 72. 73 Lee. Ann 20. 42.48.87 70. 76. 86. 87 1 xdiipli. Mr. Donald 8. 80 Lilly. Joyce 34. 85 29 Lindahl, Mary Jo 21.61.77 30 Litchfield. Eleanor 29. 46 . 31.87 Litherland. Ron 21. 70 19.76 Livingston. Jerry 35. 87 35. 39. 48 Lodden. Peter Long, Jackie 21.39. 62.70 not pictured Lord. Reverlev Ann 35. IS 31. 42. 62 Low man. Sherry 33. 48 29. 86. 8 7 Lubsen, Margaret 21.61.SS 35. 48. 88 1 .unde, Paul 29. 39. 70 58. 59. 61. 79 Lykkepaard. Leo not pictured . . 35. 76 31. 39. 70. 87 19 30 19 20. 62. 76. S7 29. 39. 52. 76 33. 48 20. 39. 10. 52. 86 29. 80 34, 29.61. 30. 39. 57. . 30, 31. 35.39, 30. 43. 61. 78. 33. 48. 72. 31. 31. 46. «8. 29. 33. 62. 20, 30. 29. 39. 48. 64. 30.4 9. II. 3i. 39. 53. 70. 78. 20. 78 78 70 87 78 31 70 87 85 78 74 87 7 6 76 70 76 78 20 86 39 McCaffrey. Janet McCaffrey. John McCaUlster. Rill McCardle. Bob McCardle. Mary Lou McCarthy. Ann McClure. Earl McConkey. Ronald McDowell. Edwin McFarland. Terry Mcjimsoy. Rob McJimsey. George McKenna. Carolyn McKenna. Sheila McLaughlin. Barbara McNally. Miss Mary Mo.Veal. Pat McPhail. Mr. Harry R. McPherson. Marjorie Maakestud. Marjorie Maitland. Dick M a lander. Mary Margaret Mallo. Gary Malmberg. Shirley Manning. Anne Martin, Barbara Martin, Dick Mason. Sandra Maxwell. Janice Melin. Pierre Merchant. Mary Alice Merchant. Nancy Mezvinsky. Ed Michaud. Jim Mlllken. Marna Cole Miller. Bill . Miller. Miss Blanche Miller. Elizabeth Miller. Miss Jean Miller. John Miller. Paul Miller. Miss Ruth Mitchell. Joe Moklebust. Kay Molleston. Joe Moore. Barbara Moore. Jack Moore. Marcia Morford. Beverly Morton. Dennis Mortvedt. Everett Mosness. Tom Mott, Jim Mundt. Miss Edna Mumm, Jerry Mu mm. Paul Musser, Mary Nass. David Nehring:. Elden Nelson. Miss Charlotte Nelson. Frances Nelson. George Nelson. Miss Mvrlene Nervig, John Nichols. George Nicholson. Erma . 35 . 21 21. 57. 70. 71. 86 29. 39. 70 33. IS 21.73 33 30. 39. 46. 52. 86 31. 52. 62. 64. 70. 86 31. 52. 62. 6 1. 70. 86 21. 42. 14. 59. 61. 74 . 21 1 1. 29. 42. 43. 78. 88 7. 31. 88 21 22. 61. 79 22. 61. 79. 88 29 22. 4 2. 61. 76. 77. 87. 88 22. IS. 76 30. 79 34 31. 48 . . not pictured 35. 79 33 22. 48 34.,48. 74, 76. 79. 85 22. 4 2. 4X, 79. 80. 84 . 35. 39. 53. 70. 84. 85 17.42. 44. 71 22 8 31.61.77 9. 77 22 33. 70 7. 61. 86 22 35 22. 39. 62. 78. 84. 87 29. 48 31. 73 30. 42. 76. 77. 79 33. 72. 76. 77 29 . 30 34. 39. 53. 70 35. 86 33. 86 • o 23 23. 78. 62 23 . 8 . 35. 39. 53. 70. 73 . not pictured 23. 39. 57. 86 . not pictured 31.48.79 One hundred elevenNicholson. Shirley.................31 Nigh. Connie ......... 23 Noble. Fruncls............... 34. TO. 76. 77 Nordyke. Linda.................... 30, 76. 73 Norman, Mr, Ron ..... 3,35,39,52 Norman, Steve................ 30. 48. 62, 80 Obrecbt. Jim.............. 11. 35. 73. 78. 86 O'Brien. Miss Jan ........ 5 Ogg. Beverly........................ 34.48.77 Olsson, Stan ........ 29. 73 Opheim, Dave...........................30. 70 Orth. Jim.................. 1 1.23.39. 57.62 Page, Air. Kenneth Parsons, Phil Paula. Reemt Paulson. Don Paulson. Doris Paulson. Neva Peake. Nancy Peterson. Donald Peterson. Kenneth Peterson. Martha Peyton, Cheryl Piercy. Dr. K. C. IMerre. Nancy Pierson. Dick Piper. Jan Points. Hosalee Pollock. Pat Prehm. Marilyn Kamscy. El wood Ratliff. Bob . Head. Shirley Hex. David Hex, Miss Wanda Rhodes. Susan Riddle. Darwin Rierson. Carroll Ringgenberg. Marilyn Ritlund. Mr. Everett Ritland, Mike Ritland. Rosemary Robbins. Peggy Roberson. Frances Robertson. Norma Roach. David Rogge, Gerard Rosebrook. Jane Ross. Dick . Rouse. Carol Rust. Dennis . Rust. Terry Rutter. Charles .... 7, 87 31. 48 ; 23. 78 23. 76 35.48. 76 23.42. 48. 61 . . 23 ............................33 ..............................23 23. 61. 79 23. 46. 48. 7S 10 33. 46. 48. 73 ..............................24 30. 4 2. 64.77. 78 34. 61 11. 31. 42,43. 64. 79 24.61.88 34. 39 ............................31 29. 79 35. 39. 53. 62. 86 . . . . .35 24. 73 29 33. 48. 72 g • . ' 24.'39. 40. 52.'57. 8 l! 87 34. 79. S3 1. 21. 42. 1 k 46. 48. 59. 80. S8 . . . not pictured not pictured 33. 39. 48. 70. 76 ..............................34 30.48. 61, 78 24. 39. 52. 57 30 11. 30. 39. 40. 52. 70. 76. 86 . 11. 3.1. 53. 76. 77. 78, 86 not pictured Sands. Ann Sanford. Nancy Sayre. Miss I .aura Schaeffer. Sandra Schaefer. Sue Scheuermann. Net a Schilletter. I.ennadore Schwarte, Mary Sclarow, Donna Scholes. I»e Schwartz. Margaret Searls. Roger Seaward. Jerry Sellert. Mr. Gerald Seversike, I.everne Sevey. Jean Shepherd. Bill Sherman. Janice Shrader. John Shultz. Raymond Shultz. Sheila Sifrit. Bernadine Sifrit. l.« nin Sills. Ronald Simmering. Mr. Lawrence Singer. Allan Singer. Roger Skeie. Janet Skinner. Jerry Skoog. Dick Small. Shirley Smalling. Mr. Ray Sniedal. Mike Smith, Ian Smith. larslie Smith, Sandra Smith. Sharon Smith. Wally . 35. 48. 79 34.48. 77 . ' : . 5 3 4.48 «2. 48. 61. 75. 78. 87. 88 24 35. 46. 4S. 61. 88 . 24. 75. 76. 77. 7S 24. 48. 61.80 34 not pictured not pictured 35. 39. 70 7. 33 30. 73 4. 24. 48. .84. 87 24. 12. 72. 76. 77. .8 1 3 4.85 S3. 76. 77. $u 34. 48 23 23. 7 4. 76. SS 35. 39. 76. 86 31. 39. 7u. 78. 86 9. 34 33. IS. 7'». 73 , , 25. 40. 80. 87 31. 48. 61. 79 25. 8 1 25. 39. 57. 72 25. 42. 43. 4 4. 60. 64. 78 9. 33. 73 25. 87 35. 39. 70 33 35. 42. 61. 77. 78 29. 48. 79 11. 25. 76. 77. 86. 87 Soeabc. Keith .... Soma, Ardls .... Sorenson. Eddie .... Soy. Elsie........................ Spear. Kenneth Sprague. Don .... Sradors. ArniH .... Stacy. Bob......................... Stanley, David .... Steil, Jack........................ Stcnsland. Wayne Stenerson, Dick . . . . Stcnshoel, Chad . Stokesbary. Barbara Stoaks, Harlan . Stokke. Del mar .... Strever. Norma .... Sucher, Jane .... Sundall. Shirley .... 31 25. 48. 61. 7« 29 34 11. 34.39. 86 . 30. 39. 70 29 25. 57 not pictu red . . 29. 72 30. 87 , 4. 25. 75 25. 72. 76 34 30 31,39 not pictured 30. 48. 76. 78 , . 33. 79 Tarman. Don Taylor. Mary Teig, Barbara Templeton. Bob Terrenes, George Terrenes. Toche Textrum. Bruce Tbielman. John Tbeis, Bud Thomas, Kathleen Thompson. Patricia Thrasher. Carolyn Throckmorton. Wayne Tice. Earl Tice. Madeline Tice. Robert Toresdahl. Joe Torrey. Suzanne Townsend. Donna Trickle. Delbert Trump. Mr. Richard Tweet. Larry I'nderkofler, Bill 33 34. 48. 61. 85 29. 42. 61. 79 29 . . . ‘ . 33 . . not pictured 34. 39 26. 62. 72. 78 26. 62. 87 11. 30.42. 79 31.48.72 35. 74. 76. 79 48 35 31. 48 33 26. 39. 73 .....................26. R8 33 31 7. 31 30. 62 Van Bernmel. Petra Yandecar. Mary Van Der Wilt. Mary Van Voorhis. Charles Vilmont. Vonnie . . Vivian. Mary Jo . .... 30 26. 79. 84 . 29. 4 2. 78 .............35 34. 48 .............29 Walker. Nancy Walkup. Boh Wallace, Nancy Walsh. Barbara Walsh. Marilyn Walsh. Robby Wand. June . • Wantz. Ruth Wardle. Ronald Watkins. Boh ’ . Wattonville. Dee Webb. Cheryl Welden. John Wells. Carol Wells. Mr. Kenny Wessel. Tom Wester. Margot White. Paul White. Suzanne Wilcox. Miss Edna Williams. Janet Williams. Joe Williams, Paula Williby. Roger Wilsie. Marcia Wilson, Donna Wilson. Janet Wilson. Joyce Winkler. Mary Winslow. Tom Wolf. Frank Wolf. Jack Woods. Ronald Wren. Keith Wright. Kathy Wymore, Suzanne . . . . 35.73 33. 4S, 85 26. 46. 4S. 87. 88 .... 30 26. 39. 40.44. 57.75. 86 ..........................31 ..........................31 ..........................34.48 33. 86. S7 26. 42. 48.59. 61.76.88 33. 76. 77 4. 11. 29. 71. 76. 79. 88 9.39. 4 0. 70. 71 34 34. 4S. 78 ..........................31 30. 48. 85 ...................6. 61 16. 42. 4 4. 46. 59. 61. 88 . . 11. 33. S3. 70. S4 .............................35 ..........................29.70 33. 42. 48. 61. 77. 78. 85 11. 26. 42. 44. 4S. 59. 61. 74. 75 ........................34 . 35. 74.79 4. 26. 39. 40. 57. 70. 71. 75. 86. 88 34.39. 53 .............................29 . . • 29 31.42. 48. 64. 79 1. 11. 26. 42. 4 4.59. 76. 79 Young. Jeanette Young, Roberta . 33 34. IS Zqii. Ruby Zenor, Carita 33 29. 46. 74. 79. SS One hundred twelve 

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