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 6 2 Z ZztS ’ v ' "f U, 8 --, r-uv-- 0 0- , T;—' S£ ? A" V ' . . ? l CuJ r . -J- Cl- lA 7 c t- -i Ha t r i IhJL J JL ■ T —u ;— - f Uw.5 iXZLtukOAjkA '£ ' tJQL. i + J ' $ 0 -Z s 4 2 -A 3 w C on tenticlministration Tin progress of a democratic nation de pends uj)on the intelligence. sincerity, and i(sourccsfulncss of it's individual citizens. Such a citizenry can Ik achieved only through the practice of democracy in our public schools. By living and promoting democracy during your important high school years, you are doing your part to preserve our democratic way of life. The final measure is the extent to which you will meet and solve the many challenging problems beyond your high school years. The members of the Board of Education and faculty are proud of the students in Ames Senior High and we hope that in the coming years each one will enjoy the greatest success and happiness. IIakry R. McPhail Superintendent of Schools We shall be following your careers for a good many years to come; we hope you will continue to have intellectual curiosity, interest in good scholarship and desire for excellence. We hope you will be interested and effective citizens with complete faith in democracy and its wonderful ideals and. hope for mankind. Finally, and most im- portant. the world will care more what kind of a person you are than what you know or how well you can do a job; there- fore. cherish forever your character and reputation. IIerukkt Adams Principal Sir ministration J. '. Taylor Frank Adams N. J. Itrintnall L. O. Stewart Frank (’. Howell Mrs. T. I. Mmi' i Harry R. M Phail Seven I JeacL eri RONALD NORMAN WANDA REX ELMER A I RAND JIM EVENSON Battles, past to present Parties after school Man hath wrought . . . Many a monster AnirricrtM history, basketball shorthami, typing, asscmbl.p coach, fiolf roach, sopho• committee, social ami ser- in ore football coach vice committees industrial arts art supervisor, noon hour supervisor, assistant intra- mural director RONALD EASTER Do you have a pass? phusics, chemistrii, radio club MADELINE CAN VI N Hunting and peeking tu piny, bookkeeping, awards committee ELIZABETH DICK INSON Silence is golden librarian, librarii club, lied Cross Council EVERETT KITLAND Gems of poetry and excuses bops-' advisor, vocational counselor, American litera- ture, student council, Hi-Y, adult education director HIRAM COVEY Those who can, do social sciences, head track coach, sophomore basketball roach, assistant football coach EDNA WILCOX I'ut it in your notebook A mcriean literature. Girl Reserve I -A W REN ' E SIM M ERI NT. Your test results show— mechanical drawing. indus- trial arts, work experience program, junior class counselor Cl IA R LOTT E N El-SON Problems in type and life iiirls' adviser, journalism. Cubs’ club. Girl Reserve, radio program coordinator, life adjustment program BightZJeacher6 JOHN JARVIS I,a casa est larjie (?) Spanish. English, junior class sponsor JEAN .'MERER The lost chord sfriiii; music supervisor, stria; ensemble MARY M.NAU.Y The world in a semester tcorhl literature, problems in written ami oral expres- sion, guidanee counselor i eneral treasurer DONALD HARTT A theme on Monday English, physics, athletic treasurer, tennis coach Rt'TH MIEEER WIRE ENGERRAND EDNA ROWER AEDKICH PAI R Chalk talks "Balls of fire!" Music by the angels All the world's a stafee algebra, solid geometry, trig- onometry. Girl Reserve. Firesquad world history. American his- tory, senior class sponsor vocal music, music theory speech, drama RAY SMAEEING KENNETH PAGE MARION C. A ESTER RICHARD DAY Building men and furniture intramural director, indus- trial arts, boys' physical edu- cation. football scout Ah. Here's a good test! 1 in erica h government, plane geometry, business a r i t h- metie, appltcd mathematics, audio-visual aids coordinator First come, first served cafeteria supervisor Early to rise— instrumental music super visor, lomd. orchestra, pep band .YirtfeK1CHAKD TRIMI J HA N ESCHNKK ALICE JOHNSON KENNETH WELLS HsS ami sharp-shinned hawks Clean suits Way t a man’s heart— Give me men bioloi p, chemistry. Si'iltiT, photayraphu chili yirls' physical education. 1.A.A., chccrsf uad. » chib home economics athletic director, boys’ phys- ical education, football coach, trad: and basketball assist ant coach, varsity club ROSE ELLIOT All Gaul is divided— Latin KIjOYD OKA INGE Trips to Story City driver's training EDNA MI'N'DT The woman’s touch home economies MI I.DR ED I.ONG circles and squares plane geometry GERALDINE CHltlSTOPH ERSON Rectangles and parallelograms plane yaonictry TenN r . bounce ( TOP: Cooper. Hedrick. .4. Coven. Kmmerson. O. MeJimseu, 1C MeJinisen. I.ithertand, Thiclman. THIRD: T. IPin- slow, C. Attains, IP. Smith, Orth. Kurtz. Stuber, .. Ileum. . Harris. SECOND: Don Harris, ft. Walsh. D. Green. C. Wells. Caul.son. LaGrant c. Chase. It. Judt c. FRONT: McLaut hlin. J. Karl. J. Piper. Haldcn. Pollock. S. Hall. Duffy. Dir}; Harris, first semester presidt at of the student Lea-ling the student body second semester teas body and president of st udent council. Jerry Kurtz, president of student council. Twelve VMrrrrrtrnttHKar. .•WWWWiV r .yi Thirteenemor enate TOP: Mr. En ielland, St uber, I). Peterson, Kurtz. Fmmerson. A hart, Webber, .. fJcnrj . FRONT: I). Jamc.i, l.aGran e, Matjicald, P. lurlbxrt. Munit, P. .l cGuirc, Uulden. Holmes. Days were filled with sports, musie and dra- matics, work and play, dances and parties for the senior class this year. The Senior class play, a comedy entitled The fII'ftit Iiit, Doorstep, was presented early in .May. The east included: Dave Walkup, Jean Murray, Nancy Winslow. Marvel Huff. Nancy Stahl man, Jerry Johnson. Boh bee. Bob Peters. Sue Fitz- simmons. Mary Lou Wilson. Bonny Rierson and Kloise Hansen. Baccalaureate and Commencement followed on May 25 and 28 respectively, with time out in between for the senior class picnic. Junior- Senior Prom and other social affairs. I’at Hurl hint. Hat McGuire. Itick Peterson ami Hon Webber, senior class officers . Fourteen Hon Webbtr. senior class prexy. •Y.i erxmr» JilM—MIHWHW .Seniors AHART. JOHN Basketball 1,2.3; Firesquad 1.2.3; Football 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3. Repre- sentative 3: Homeroom Vice-Pres- ident 1: Senior Senate 3: Track 1.2.3: Varsity Club 2.3. ALLEN. FRED Football 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3. Cabinet 1.2.3: Homeroom President 1; Intramural Council 2: Spirit staff 1.2.3: Student Council 1: Track 1.2: Photo Club 1.2. President 2. AM ME. JOHN A. Dramatics 1: Film Operator’s Club 2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Homeroom Activity Director 2: Radio Club 2.3. ANDERSON. TOM Hi-Y 1.2.3: Homeroom Intramural captain 3: Intramural Council 2.3. BAKER. SHIRLEY MAE Class Treasurer 2: Dramatics 1; G.A.A. 1.2.3: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Representative 1: Glee Club 2: Homeroom Secretary 2: Junior Executive Council 2; Mixed Chorus 1: Assistant General Treasurer 3. BARNARD, BEN Football 2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3: Home- room President 1.2; Intramural Council 1,2.3: Radio Club 2.3. Vice President 3: Student Council 1.2: Track 1.2.3; Varsity Club 3. ALCOCK. DIANA L. Cheersquad 2.3; Choir 1.2.3: Cubs Club 1: G.A.A. 1.2.3. Cabinet 3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3: Homeroom Activity Director 3: Pep Club 2.3; Spirit 2. Spirit staff 3; Student Treasurer 3; Sextet 2.3. ALLEN. JIM Basketball 1.2.3: Firesquad 1.2,3: Football 1.2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3. Presi- dent 3; Homeroom Vice-President 1; Radio Club 2.3. Treasurer. Transportation Chairman: Track 1.2.3; Varsity Club 1,2.3. Histor- ian; Film Operators 3. ANDERSON. DON Football 1.2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Intra- mural Council 1: Track 1.2. BAKER. RUTH Dramatics 1: G.A.A. 1: Girl Re- serve 1.2.3. Representative 2; Glee Club 2.3: Orchestra 1.2. I i A N NI ST ER. .1E A N N E Dramatics 3; G.A.A. 3; Girl Re- serve 3: Moved from Decorah, Iowa 3. BEGG. RONALD W. Basketball 1.2,3: Cubs Club 1: Football 2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3; Home- room Activity Chairman 1; Mixed Chorus 1; Spirit 3: Track 1.2.3; Varsity Club 2.3. FifteenSeniors BELL. AUDREY G.A.A. 1.2: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. HERHOW. RAMONA G.A.A. 1.2.3. Representative 3: Girl Reserve 1,2,3, Representative 1.2: Mixed Chorus 1.2. BURNHAM. CHARLES H. Basketball 1; Football 2.3: Hi-Y 1,2,3. Representative 3: Intra- mural Council 1: Track 1.2. CHAMBERLAIN. DIANE Band 1,2: Dramatics 1.2.3: Girl Reserve 1.2,3, Representative 3: Mixed Chorus 2. CROSLKY. DICK Hi-Y 1.2.3; Track 1. CULBERTSON. RICHARD C. Football 1.2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Home- room Vice-President 1; Intra- mural Council 2; Mixed Chorus 1: Radio Club 3: Simkit 2.3; Track 1.2.3: Varsity Club 2.3. BENGTSON. CLARICE L. G.A.A. 1.2.3. Cabinet 3: Girl Re- serve 1.2.3. Representative 1; Junior Red Cross 2.3. Secretary 3: Library Club 1,3. BOURNE. VIRGINIA HELEN Band 1.2.3. Secretary-Treasurer 3: G.A.A. 1.2.3; Girl Reserve 1.2,3, Representative 2: Glee Club 1: Homeroom Secretary 3: Stu- dent Treasurer 3. CARNEY. DICK Choir 2.3: Film Operator’s Club 2.3: Firesquad 1.2.3: Football 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2,3; Homeroom Vice- President 2. President 2: Mixed Chorus 1: Student Council 2; Track 1.2.3. CLARK. JOHN P. Basketball 1; Film Operator’s Club 2: Football 1.2,3; Hi-Y 1.2.3: Homeroom Vice-President 1. Pres- ident 2: Radio Club 3: Student Council 2; Track 1.2.3: Varsity Club 2.3. CROUCH. HUBERT B. Hi-Y 2.3, Representative 2: Home- room Vice-President 3: Mixed Chorus 2. Moved from Nashville. Tennessee 2. DAY, DICK Film Operator's Club 3: Hi-Y 1.2.3. Sixteenwmmmmmmmmauim Seniors DISBROWE. ALYCE LORRAINE G.A.A. 1: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Rep- resentative 1; Junior Red Cross 1. DVR BY. OPAL G.A.A. 1.2.3. Representative 3: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Treasurer 3. Representative 1: Spirit 3. EMMERSON. RALPH A. Basketball 1.2.3: Football 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3; Homeroom President 3; Senior Senate 3: Student Conn oil 3; Track 1.2,3: Varsity Club 2.3. FERGUSON. JACK Hi-Y 1.2.3. FOX. WALTER GUY Football 3: Hi-Y 3: Varsity Club 3: Moved from Newton. Iowa 3. FULLER. CHARLENE Band 2.3: G.A.A. 1.2.3: Girl Re- serve 1.2.3. DODGE. BOB Firesquad 1.2.3: Football 1.2; Hi-Y 1.2.3: Junior Red Cross 1; Radio Club 1,2; Track 1.2.3. EGEMO. BARBARA Cubs Club 1.2: Dramatics 1.2.3: G.A.A. 1.2.3: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 3: Junior Red Cross 1.2.3: Glee Club 1.2.3. President 3: Spirit 3. EVERS. MALCOMB J. Hi-Y 3: Intramural Council 3: Moved from Bristol. Wisconsin 3. FITZSIMMONS. SUSAN J. Dramatics 1.2: G.A.A. 1.2.3: Girl Reserve 1.2,3. Cabinet 3: Glee Club 3. Librarian 3: Homeroom Secretary 1. Activity Director 2; Junior Red Cross 2.3. President 3: Mixed Chorus 1.2; Pep Club 3: Spirit 3. FRAZIER. ANNETTE KAY Dramatics 1.2; G.A.A. 1.2.3: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Representative 3: Glee Club 3: Mixed Chorus 1.2. GALLAG11 ER. M A RGA RET G.A.A. 1.2; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 3. Representative 2; Glee Club 3; Homeroom Secretary 2: Mixed Chorus 1.2. Seventeendeniori GILBERT, CHARLES HI V 1.2.3: Mixed Chorus 1.2. CORK. SHARON Dramatics 1: G.A.A. 1: Girl Re- serve 1.2.3: Homeroom Secretary 1.2. Vice-President 3: Mixed Chorus 1.2. Secretary 2. GUNDLEFINGER. SEYMOUR A. Hi-Y 1.2.3. HARDEN, MARY CAROL Dramatics 1: Film Operator's Club 3. Secretary 3: G.A.A. 1.2,3. Representative 1.2: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 3; Homeroom Pres- ident 3. Vice-President 2; Mixed Chorus 1.2. President 2: Pep Club 1.2.3. President 3: Senior Senate 3: Student Council 3. HAMILTON. MARY JO Cubs Club 3: Dramatics 1.2.3: G.A.A. 1.2.3. Cabinet 3: Girl Re- serve 1.2.3. Cabinet 3. Repre- sentative 2; Junior Red Cross 3: Library Club 3: Student Treas- urer 3. HANNAY. PHIL Dramatics 2.3: G.A.A. 3: Girl Reserve 2.3. Representative 3: Spirit 3. Moved from Des Moines ■ GILMAN. HENRY Choir 1.2: Football 3: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Homeroom Vice-President 2. Acti- vity Director 1: Junior Executive Council 2; Track 1.2.3: Varsity Club 3. GRANT. CATHERINE M. Choir 1.2; Dramatics 1.2; G.A.A. 1.2.3. Cabinet 3. Vice-President 3. Representative 1: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 2.3. Treasurer 3. Representative 1: Glee Club 3. President 3; Homeroom Activity Director 1. President 2: Junior Executive Council 2: Pep Club 2.3: SriKiT 2. Si irit Staff 3: Stu- dent Council 2. HAHN. ROBERT L. Dramatics 1.2; Hi-Y 1.2.3: Home- room Vice-President 2. Activity Director 1. HALL. JIM Dramatics 2: Intramural Coun- cil 2. HAMMOND. MERLYN Hi-Y 1.2.3: Homeroom Activity Director 1.3. Secretary 2: Mixed Chorus 1. HANSEN. KLOISE Choir 2.3: Cubs Club 3: Debate 3: Dramatics 2.3: G.A.A. 1.2.3: Girl Reserve 1.2,3, Representa- tive 1: Homeroom Secretary 1: Junior Red Cross 3; Library Club 3: Mixed Chorus 1: Spirit 2.3. Fuih teenSeniors HANSEN. MERI.E Football 1.2.3. Captain 3: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Track 1.2; Varsity Club 2.3. HARRIS. DICK Basketball 1,2,3; Class President 2; Firesquad 1.2.3: Football 1.2,3: Hi-Y 1.2,3: Homeroom President 1: Junior Executive Council 2: Radio Club 2. President 2: Stu- dent Council 1.3. Student Body President 3; Track 1.2.3: Varsity Club 2.3. HENRY. C. DEAN Choir 3: Hi-Y 1.2.3. Representa- tive 1: Mixed Chorus 2. Libra- rian 2. HIATT. PAUL DEAN Hi-Y 2. 3. Moved from Kelley, Iowa 2. IIOLL. BETH G.A.A. 1.2.3. Cabinet 1.2. Presi- dent 3. Representative 1: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 3: Glee Club 1.2.3. Robekeeper 2. Secre- tary 3: Homeroom Activity Di- rector 2: Pep Club 2.3. HOLST. BARRY Football 1; H-Y 1.2.3. HARESTAD. HELEN L. Dramatics 1; G.A.A. 1.2.3: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Representative 2: Mixed Chorus 1.2. HEATH. CAROL ELINOR G.A.A. 3. Representative 3: Girl Reserve 2.3; Moved from Eagle Grove. Iowa 2. HENRY. LYELL Basketball 1: Class Play 2: Cubs Club 1; Dramatics 1; Football 1.2.3; Golf 1.2.3: lli-Y 1.2.3. Cabi- net 2.3. Representative 1: Home- room Vice-President 2. President 3; Senior Senate 3: Spiicit 3: Student Council 3. Vice Presi- dent 3; Varsity Club 3. HICKS. JIM Football 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3. Rep- resentative 1.2: Intramural Coun- cil 3: Senior Senate 3: Track 1,2, 3; Varsity Club 2.3. HOLMES. CHARLES Basketball 1; Choir 1.2: Football 1.2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3. Representative 2,3: Homeroom President 1; Intramural Council 2; Junior Executive Council 2: Mixed Chorus 1: Senior Senate 3; Stu- dent Council 1; Track 1.2.3: Var- sity Club 3. HONSINGER. LARRY Basketball 1; Film Operator’s Club 1.2.3. Vice-President 3; Hi-Y 1.2.3. Cabinet 2.3, Representative 1. XinctccnSeniors HOVK. RICHARD B. Film Operator’s Club 3: Football 3: Hi-Y 1,2.3; Mixed Chorus 2; Track 2. HUFF. MARVEL L. Choir 3; Dramatics 3; Girl lie- servo 3; Moved from Ventura. Iowa 3. IIURLBURT. PAT Choir 1.2,3. Robekeeper 2: Class Secretary 3; Cubs Club 1; Debate 2.3; Film Operator's Club 3: G.A.A. 1.2.3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 2; Homeroom Secretary 1.2. Vice-President 2; Orchestra 1,2.3; Senior Senate 3; Smiur 2.3; String Ensemble 3. JAG HR. RENEE Hi-Y 1.2.3; Homeroom Secretary 2; Track 1.2. JAMES. DON Band 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3; Homeroom President 3; Senior Senate 3: Student Council 3. JOHN UREA I'. KAYE LOUISE Choir 2.3: Dramatics 1.2; G.A.A. 1.2.3. Cabinet 2. Secretary-Treas- urer 2; Girl Reserve 1,2,3. Cabi- net 2.3. President 3; Glee Club 1; Homeroom Secretary 3: Junior Red Cross 2.3; Pep Club 3; Stu- dent Treasurer 2. HOWELL. LARRY Hi-Y 3: Moved from Indianola. Iowa 3. HUNTLEY. JAMES M. Football 1.2: Golf 3; Hi-Y 1.2.3: Homeroom Secretary 1; Intra- mural Council 1.2; Radio Club 1.2. Secretary 1: Track 1.2. JACKSON. BILL IS. Band 2.3. Librarian 3: Debate 3; Hi-Y 1,2,3; Homeroom President 1: Orchestra 2.3; Radio Club 2. Vice-President 2: Student Coun- cil 1. Treasurer 1. JAMES. DEAN Band 1.2.3. Vice-President 3; Hi-Y 1.2,3. Representative 2; Orches- tra 2.3. JEHLIK. DONALD Band 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3. Cabinet 1.2.3: Mixed Chorus 1; Orchestra 1.2.3, Librarian 3. JOHNSON. DONALD W. Basketball 1: Firesquad 1.2.3. Chief 3: Hi-Y 1,2.3: Homeroom President 1. Secretary 2; Junior Executive Council 2; Student Council 1; Track 1.2.3. TiccntySeniors JOHNSON. JERRY Class Play 2; Dramatics 1.2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Junior Red Cross 3: Spirit 3. JUDGE. FRANCIS Cheersquad 3: Class Play 2: Dramatics 1.2.3: Football 1.2; Hi-Y 1.2.3: Homeroom Activity Director 1. President 1.2; Stu- dent Council 1,2.3: Treasurer l; Palm Club 3. KELLOGG. VIRGINIA Choir 1: Cubs Club 1.2.3: Debate 2: G.A.A. 1.2.3. Representative 2: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Representa live 1. Cabinet 3: Glee Club 3: Junior Red Cross 1.2. Representa- tive 3; Library Club 3: Orchestra 1.2.3. President 3. Vice-President 2: SrntiT3: String Ensemble 1.2,3. KRUGER. JOHN Firesquad 1.2,3: Football 1.2.3: Hi-Y 1.2,3, Representative 3: Homeroom Secretary l. Activity Director 2: Track 1.2.3: Varsity Club 2.3. LAGRANGE. SUSAN J. Dramatics 1: G.A.A. 1.2.3, Cabi- net 3. Representative 2: Girl Re- serve 1.2.3. Cabinet 3. Represen- tative 2; Glee Club 2.3: Home- room President 3: Pep Club 1.2.3: Senior Senate 3: Spirit Staff 2.3. Editor 3: Student Council 3. Sec- retary 3. LEWIS. VELMA M. G.A.A. 1.2: Girl Reserve 1,2.3. JOHNSON. LILLIAN V. G.A.A. 2.3: Girl Reserve 2.3; Moved from Des Moines, Iowa 2. KELLEY. NORMA JEAN Dramatics 1: G.A.A. 1.2.3: Girl Reserves 1.2.3. Representative 3: Photo Club 1. KENNEDY. IJOR Hi-Y 1.2.3. Representative 1. KURTZ. JR.. LLOYI) S. Basketball manager 2.3: Band 1. 2.3, President 3: Firesquad 1.2.3; Football Trainer 1. Manager 2; Hi-Y 1.2.3. Cabinet 1.2, Treasurer 1.2: Homeroom President 1.2. Vice President 1; Intramural Council 3; Orchestra 1: Senior Senate 3; Spirit 2.3: Student Council 1,2.3: Student Body Pres. 3: Student Treasurer 1.2: Track Trainer 1,2; Varsity Club 1.2.3. Secretary 3. LEE. ROBERT J. Class Play 2: Dramatics 1.2; Hi-Y 1,2.3: Junior Red Cross 3: Spirit Staff 2.3. LILLARD. NORMA JEAN G.A.A. 1.2.3: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Twenty-oneSeniors LITCHFIELD. CHARLES Hi-Y 1.2.3: Mixed Chorus 1. McCOY, JANET Choir 2.3; Dramatics 1; G.A.A. 1.2.3, Representative 2; Girl Re- serve 1.2.3, Representative 2: Glee Club 1: Homeroom Vice-President 2. Secretary 3: Pep Club 2.3. Vice- President 3: Spirit 2. McFarland, sandy Dramatics 1.2.3: Palm Club 3: G.A.A. 1.2.3: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Representative 3: Homeroom Vice-President 1. Secretary 2; Pep Club 2.3: Spirit 3. McGUIRE. MARCIA Choir 1.2.3: Cubs Club 3: Dra- matics 1.2; G.A.A. 1.2.3: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 3. Repre- sentative 1: Junior Red Cross 1. 2.3. Secretary 1.2. President 3: Pep Club 1.2.3: Spirit 1.2.3. MARTIN. DON Basketball 1: Football 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1,2,3. Representative 3: Home- room Activity Director 2. MAYWALD. ANN Choir 3; Cubs Club 1: Dramatics 1.2.3: G.A.A. 1.2,3, Cabinet 3. Sec- retary-Treasurer 3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 3. Representative 1: Glee Club 1.2. Vice-President 2: Homeroom Secretary 1.2: Junior Red Cross 3: Pep Club 2.3; Sen- ior Senate 3; Spirit 3; Student Treasurer 3. McClure. Charles Football 2: Homeroom Activity Director 2; Track 2: Hi-Y 2.3: Moved from San Francisco, Cali- fornia 2. McELYEA. JANET Dramatics 1: G.A.A. 1.2.3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3, Representative 3: Glee Club 1.2.3. Robekeeper 1: Homeroom Activity Director 1. Secretary 1.2: Junior Red Cross 3: Pei» Club 1.2.3: Spirit 3. McGUIRE. PATRICIA ANN Choir 3: Class Treasurer 3: G.A.A. 1.2.3: Girl Reserve 1.2.3; Glee Club 2: Homeroom Vice- President 3. Secretary 1: Junior Red Cross 2.3: Mixed Chorus 1; Pep Club 3: Senior Senate 3: Spirit 2.3: Student Treasurer 3. MALLO. MARY SUE Dramatics 1.2.3; G.A.A. 1.2.3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. MARTIN. RUTH YOLANDA G.A.A. 1.2.3, Representative 2; Girl Reserve 1.2.3: Glee Club 1.2,3. Robekeeper 2: Junior Red Cross 3. MELDRUM, JUDY Cubs Club 1; Dramatics 1.2.3; Film Operator's Club 3: G.A.A. 1.2.3, Representative 3: Girl Re- serve 1.2.3, Representative 2: Glee Club 2.3: Homeroom Acti- vity Director 1. Secretary 3: Mix- ed Chorus 1; Pep Club 2.3: Spirit 2.3. Tvsenty-tiooSeniors MILLER. MIKE Dramatics 1.2; Hi-Y 1,2,3; Home- room President 2; Junior Red Cross 1: Student Council 2. MULLICA. JIM Class Play 2; Cubs Club 1; Dra- matics 2; Hi-Y 1.2.3. Cabinet 2.3: Homeroom Yice-President 1; Intramural Council 1.2.3; Track 2.3. MURPHY, CHARLES F. Choir 2.3. Secretary 3; Debate 1: Hi-Y 1.2.3; Homeroom Seer - tary 2: Mixed Chorus 1: Student Treasurer 3. MUSSER. JOHN L. Football Trainer 2: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Track 1.2.3: Varsity Club 2.3. O’BRIEN. JAN Dramatics 1.2: G.A.A. 1.2.3. Rep- resentative 1.2.3: Homeroom Yice- President 3: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. PAULSON. KEITH Basketball 1: Firesquad 1.2,3. Firechief 3: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Home- room President 2; Intramural Council 2: Student Council 2; Tennis 1.2.3. Captain 3; Varsity Club 1.2.3. MOKLEBUST. LEON Dramatics 1.2.3: Football 1.2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3. MUNN. ELIZABETH Choir 2.3; G.A.A. 1.2.3. Cabinet 2. Vice-President 2. Representa- tive 1; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 2.3. Secretary 2; Glee Club 1; Junior Red Cross 1.3: Pep Club 3: Senior Senate 3; Spirit 2.3. MURRAY. JEAN Choir 2.3; Class Secretary 2; Class Play 2: Dramatics 1.2.3; G.A.A. 1.2.3: Girl Reserve 1,2.3. Cabinet 2.3. President 3. Repre- sentative 1: Junior Executive Council 2: Pep Club 1.2.3, Treas- urer 2: Student Treasurer 2. N EH RING, EVELYN MAE Band 3; Girl Reserve 3; Moved from Iowa Falls. Iowa 3. O’BRIEN. PATRICIA. J. Dramatics 1.2; G.A.A. 1.2.3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. PAUSTIAN. MURIEL Band 1.2: G.A.A. 1.2.3; Girl Re- serve 1.2.3; Spirit 3. Twenty-three S eniors PENQUITE. JIM Football 1,2.3; Hi-Y 1,2.3: Home- room Secretary 3: Varsity Club 3. PETERSON, A LOOK C. Choir 1,2,3, President 3. Robe Keeper 2: Debate 2.3: Firesquad 1,2,3: Hi-Y 1.2,3: Representative 2.3: Homeroom President 2: Or chestra 1.2.3: Student Council 2. Secretary 2; Tennis 1.2.3; Var- sity Club 2.3. PETERSON. JO ANN G.A.A. 2.3: Girl Reserve 2.3: Spirit 3: Glee Club 2; Moved from Dayton. Iowa 2. PIPER. NICK J. Basketball 1.2.3: Band 1: Choir 1.2.3: Football 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2.3: Homeroom Vice-President 2.3. Activity Director 1.2; Junior Exe- cutive Council 2: Track 1,2.3; Varsity Club 1.2.3. RATLIFF. JOYCE Dramatics 3: G.A.A. 2.3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Representative 3; Homeroom Activity Director 2. ROBERSON. JON Debate 2; Hi-Y 1.2.3; Student Treasurer, Assistant G e n e r a 1 Treasurer 2.3. PETERS. ROBERT JAMES Class Play 2: Dramatics 1,2.3; Palm Club 3: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Intra- mural Council 1. PETERSON. RICHARD I. Basketball 1: Class Vice-Presi- dent 2.3: Firesquad 1.2.3: F'oot- ball 2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3; Homeroom Vice-President 1. President 2; Junior Evecutive Council 2; Sen- ior Senate 3: Student Council 2: Track 1.2.3: Varsity Club 1.2.3. PETERSON. THOMAS R. Film Operator’s Club 1.2.3, Vice- President 1. President 3: F'ootball 1.2: Hi-Y 1.2,3: Intramural Coun- cil 1.2.3: Spirit 3: Track 1.2; Var- sity Club 3. POTE, JERRY R. Band 2.3: F'ootball 2.3; Golf 1. 2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Mixed Chorus 1.2: Varsity Club 2.3. RIERSON, BONNY Clieersquad 3: Dramatics 1.2: G.A.A. 1.2.3: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 3. Representative 2: Pep Club 3. SCHAFROTH, SHIRLEY Dramatics 1.2.3: G.A.A. 1.2.3, Representative 2: Girl Reserve 1.2.3: Glee Club 1.2.3. Secretary 2; Homeroom Secretary 3: Jun- ior Red Cross 2.3, Vice-President 3: Spirit 3. Twenty-four S eniors SIMCOKE. DICK Band 2; Hi-Y 1.2.3; Intramural Council 1; Mixed Chorus l: Photo Club 1.2.3. SMITH. MARTIN Hi-Y 1.2.3: Intramural Council 2; Track 1.2. SPEAR, BARBARA Choir 3; G.A.A. 3: Girl Reserve 3; Library Club 3; Moved from Hampton. Iowa 3. STAHLMAN. NANCY Cubs Club 1.2.3; Dramatics 1,3; G.A.A. 1.2.3, Representative 1; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Representative 3: Homeroom Secretary 1. Acti- vity Director 2; Pep Club 3; Spirit l; Staff 2.3: Glee Club 2: Photo Club 3. Secretary 3: Film Operator's Club 3. STODDARD. MARY JEAN Cubs Club 1.2.3: G.A.A. 1,2.3, Cabinet 2; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 3: Homeroom President 1: Junior Executive Council 2: Junior Red Cross 3: Library Club 2.3. President 3: Mixed Chorus 1.2: Spirit 2. Spirit Staff 3; Stu- dent Council 1. TAFT. DAVID Class Play 2: Football 1.2, Team Statistician: Golf 1.2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3. SMITH. DAVID R. Dramatics 1.2: Hi-Y 1.2.3; Home- room Vice-President 1. President 2: Student Council 2. SMITH. PATRICIA ANN Dramatics 1.2.3: G.A.A. 1.2.3, Representative 1: Girl Reserve 1.2.3; Mixed Chorus 1.2. STACY. ANN Dramatics 1.2.3: Film Operator’s Club 2.3: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Rep- resentative 2: Library Club 2.3. STEPHENS. ANN WILSON Girl Reserve 1.2.3; Junior Red Cross 1; Library Club 1.2. STUBER. DICK Basketball 1.2,3. Captain 3; Foot- ball 1.2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Homeroom President 3; Senior Senate 3; Student Council 3: Track 1,2,3: Varsity Club 1.2.3. TEMPLETON. DON Hi-Y 1.2.3; Homeroom Vice-Pres- ident 1. Twenty-fiveSeniors THOMAS, CLAIRE Film Operator’s Club 3: G.A.A. 1.2.3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3, Cabinet 3: Pep Club 2.3. TORES DAHL. ELIZA RET H Dramatics, 1,2.3: G.A.A. 1.2.3: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 3; Representative 3; Homeroom Sec- retary 1. Activity Director 3; Jun- ior Red Cross 3; Mixed Chorus 2; Spirit 3. TRIPLETT. JAMES E. Basketball 1. Manager 3: Football 1.2. Manager 3: Hi-Y 1.2,3: Treas- urer 1: Radio Club 2.3. Treasure- 3: Track 1.2. Manager 3; Varsity Club 3. WALKER. CRAIG Hi-Y 1.2.3. WALSH, DON Hi-Y 1.2.3; Intramural Council 1. WARREN. JOYCE G.A.A. 1.2; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. TISH, BETTY JEAN Girl Reserve 1.2.3; Junior Red Cross 1,3. TOWN, ANNE M. Dramatics 2: Girl Reserve 1.2,3, Representative 3. VARLAND. DAVID Basketball 1.2.3: Choir 1.2.3: Fire- squad 1.2,3: Football 1.2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3. Cabinet 2. Secretary 2: Homeroom President 2: Student Council 2; Track 1.2.3: Varsity Club 2.3. WALKl’P. DAVID Class Play 2; Dramatics 1.2.3: Football 2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Radio Club 1: Track 2. WARREN, BARBARA Dramatics 1: G.A.A. 1.2.3: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Representative 1: Pep Club 3; Spirit 3. WEBBER. DONALD KEITH Basketball 1.2.3: Choir 1.2.3: Class President 3: Firesquad 1. 2.3; Football 1.2.3: Golf 1.2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3. Cabinet 2.3. Vice-Pres- ident. 3: Senior Senate 3: Student Council 2; Track 1.2.3: Varsity Club 1.2.3. President 3. Twenty-sir -MprrwKi IMSSeniori WHALEN. JEAN MARIE Girl Reserve 2.3: Moved from Boon ». Iowa 2. WIERSON, DAVID Choir 3; Hi-Y 1.2.3; Mixed Chorus 2: Radio Club 1; Track 2.3. WILSON. MARY LOU Class play 2; Cubs Club 2: Dra- matics 1: G.A.A. 1.2: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 3: Glee Club 1.2. Librarian 2: Homeroom Secre- tary 2: Junior Red Cross 2. YATES. NANCY Dramatics 3: G.A.A. 3: Girl Re- serve 3: Glee Club 3: Moved from Perry. Iowa 3. WHITE. FRANCIS Hi-Y 1.2.3: Homeroom Vice-Pres- ident 3. WILLETT. MILLIE Dramatics 1.2.3. Palm Club 3; G.A.A. 1.2.3. Representative 3: Girl Reserve 1.2.3; Cabinet 3. Representative 2: Homeroom Vice President 2; Library Club 2.3. President 3: Si mir 2; Spirit Staff 3. WINSLOW. NANCY Cheersquad 2.3: Choir 2.3. Vice- President 3: Class play 2: Dra- matics 1.2.3: G.A.A. 1.2.3; Girl Reserve 1.2.3. Cabinet 2; Glee Club 1; Pep Club 1.2.3; Spirit 2. rwc»f| - ccc nours i Ticcnty-clyhtTOP: McCallister, H. Harris, Ross, Gray. SKCOND: Judy :, Mr. Jarvis, D. Harris. FRONT: Davis, Hilts, Chase. R. Walsh. The junior class made quite ;i few notable achievements this year upon which to look back in the years to come. Bill McCallister took over the duties of class president; Rob Walsh, vice-president, and Evelyn I tilts, secretary. The class claimed many athletes on varsity football, basketball and track teams. Bill llouk. Dick Breen. Ben Buck. Jim Iloldridge, Bhuck Bill McCallister. president of the junior class Bray, Bob Ilinrichs and Maurice Keeker let- tered in foot ball; Bill llouk was on the starting lineup in basketball and Dick Breen was also on the tournament team. Several juniors won letters in track also. Work on the Junior class play began early in the year. The comedy. Stagi Door, was presented. The Junior-Senior Prom, held on May 24, climaxed the year's activities. Joe Judge, Hill McCallister, Boh Walsh and Evelyn Dills, class officers. Twtfnfy-Mftie%unior69 III anti 208 TOP: Millang, Mumm. Wolf. l.ithrrland, Christensen, Hayenga, J. Blair. THIRD: Singer, Gray, Lindahl, Eltcell, J. Judge. T. Dunlap. SKt’ON'D: Miss Bex, Bobbins, S. McKenna, Holland. Vandecar, S tener son. FRONT: Sclarovr. J. Conover, Soma, Merchant, Wymorc. TOP: Mr. Kngclland, Theis, McCallister, Hank. Orth, Smedal, Boss. THIRD: B. Walsh, Kjerland. Dorothy Green, Mnakestad, Friest, Toresdahl. SKCOND: Alexander, Cole, Mitchell. Kricg, Battles, B. Dodge, M. l.amson, FRONT: Brekke, ,t. Tice, Williams, I’eyton, Schaefer. ThirtyTOP: Bentley. Molleston. Gicbelstein, Arnold. Pierson, Carr. THIRD: Mr. Page. It. Harris, Shepherd. Arnen, Hills, Small, Michaud. SECOND: B. Dunlap, C. McKenna, Schxcarte, S. Hall, Burgess, John Johnson. FRONT: I.axelcr, S. Pax, Malander, .4. Lee. •'. Stacg. TOR: J. Miller, I). Green, Cushman. 1). Houters, Hinrichs. T. Judge. Loddcn. THIRD: Miss Wilcox, Dyer, Biddle, Stenshoel, Bowman, Pass, Skinner. SECOND: fStruhlc. Johns. Hargens. Chase, Feltons. Me S’cal. FRONT: B. Walsh. M. Musser, Long. Berry, Buby. Thirty-oneJ uniorJ, 08 anc 2 TOP: E. McClure. Benson. M. Kyle. J. Anderson. Jr.. . Harris, Fritz. G. Mallo, X eh ring. THIRD: Miss Miller, Buck. McCarthy, Si frit, I.cchner. J. Johnson, Duffy. SECONDS D. Paulson, Madsen. Scheuermann, J. Wilson, E. Crouch. U’. Smith. FROXTs Prchtn, Guthrie, M. Peterson, .1. Angle. TOP: It. Miller, Mr. Easter. G. Allan, Bradley, Keeker. Xervig, Thiclman. THIRD: Barnhart. McCaffrey, Scoog, Bit land, Hold redye, E. Freel. SECOND: Davis, Socket t. X. Paulson, McPherson, Bormuth, Lubsen, Griffin. FRONT: Wattonrille. Willard, Scvey, G. Gallagher. Abbott. Sumberg. Thirty-twoThe sophomore class was very active this year; they claimed four boys on the tournament bas- ketball squad, Denny Rust. Bob and George MeJimsey and Jim Lamson. Several members of the soph football and track squad were out- standing performers also. Besides being active in athletics. Drama club played an important role in their activities. Several students acted in the fall production, and many were on crews for the plays. Although unorganized this year, the class will take over organized junior activities next fall. Thirty-threeSotol ophornores, 233 and 213 TOP: Mr. Jarvis. Williby, Kirtcin, Lund r, It. Templeton. Cooper. Arrasmith. Jones. THIRD: Hapge, Cheville. Imsland, B. Moore, enor, Sorenson. Duane Green. Fain. SECOND: Bundy, Carey. Denton. S. Smith. Wells. Jeanne Illair, Morton. Horner. FRONT: Head. Jill Anderson. Marilyn Kyle, S. Hicks, Elliott. Sigh, C. Rierson. ToP: Mr. Trump, Classon. Hour, G. McJimsey, W'eldcn. J. I.amson. Sills. Jack Anderson. THIRD: Killam, P. Kellogg, Thompson. E. Sieholson, HVinrf, M. I. Schultz, Jane Huntley, ft. Adams. Dick Martin. SECOND: Gunderson. Stokkc, Cameron, I.. Earls. Pollock, ’arsons, Emery. FRONT: It. Martin, Black. Airhart, Hegland, Kingkade. Cooke. Thirty-Jour Sod oph omoreSy 238 and 23 7 TOP: Hedrick. Jag Conover, Ticeet. Groth. Knudson. Judisch, Olsson. THIRD: Mr. Coven. Wren, Bilck. Maitland. Searls. Steil, McCardle. it I. SECOND: A . Karl, Van I)er Wilt, S. Clarke, Parks. Litchfield. P. Hobson, X. Fred. FRONT: Bradshaw. Kauffman. McLaughlin, M. Baker, Teig. I). Wilson. Sog. ] TOP: Mr. Paul. Crouse. Mortvcdt, Bust, lion Rcrhow. Hansel. Knowles. X arm an. THIRD: H'InaIou), Sprague, Jorgenson, Lykkcgnard. Throckmorton, Griffith, B. Johnson. SECOND: B. Gallagher, B. Angle, Grasman, Xordykr, S. White, M. Moore. I.awson. FRONT: l'un Bcmmcl, B. Bowers. Hogue. F. Roberson, Suehcr, J. Karl. Christy. Thirty-fiveSophomores, no and 232 TOP: C. Adams, llovcrsten. Opheim, J. Martin. Knnths, L. Kelley, Jullivcr. THIRD: Mrs. Long. Stoaks. L'nder- koljcr. T. McFarland. F.. Earls, Gibbs, J. Fox, Edwards. SECOND: Scversike, It. Brown. K. Thomas. Malmberg, Conn. J. Piper, Compton. FRONT: Xclson, M. Barnard. M. Adams, Bosebrook, Harper, Uosnicr. B. Wilson. TOP: Eecrds, Ecltncr, B. Brown. Doge, B. McJimscu. B. Bailiff, Covey, J. Moore. THIRD: Miss McXalln. Jameson. S. Xicholson. Skcie. Dawn Henry, Soesbe. Goetz. SECOND: P. White, Cattcll. Dainc, Wright, Miller, M. Hurlburt. M. Anderson. FRONT: Hagen, Kozicl. M. Tire, BamscI, Janice Blair, M. .4. Abort, Subject. Thirty-sixTOP: Miss Wilcox, Klwell, Dills, Stoddard. Fitzsimmons. M. McGuire. Maywald. FOURTH: Miss Miller, Wymore, Small. Eye mo, K. Crouch. Willett. THIKI : Miss Xclson. Hamilton. . Rierson, I.aGrange, I'. Kellogg, Merchant. Holi. SKCONI): Fellows, I.. Toresdahl. Soma. A. Angle, M. Gallagher, Holden. FRONT: C. Thomas. Grant. Murray. John- dreau. Munn, Durby. TOP: Miss Wilcox, Chamberlin, Johns, X. Kelley, Mel herson, Holland. S. Clark. Jeanne Blair. FOURTH: Miss Miller. Arney, Malmberg, M. Moore, McFlyea, Gore. Lawson, J. Huntley. THIRD: Miss Xclson, S. Hicks, Wright, J. Ratliff, Johndreau, I.. Toresdahl, Scheuermann. S. McKenna. SECOND: Tonne, Burgess, Hannay, S. McFarland. Hosmer. Stahlman, Frazier. FRONT: Ruby. Pollock. Tciy. Schaefer, Peyton. Madsen, Scvey. Thirty-eight 77 7377% ratjsranjmtm U—I--■"W United World ” Kaye Johndreau. first semester president of Girl Reserves. Jean Murray, Girl Reserve president second semester. The organization to which every girl in high school belongs had an interesting variety »t acti- vities this year. The Girl Reserves were led by presidents Jean .Murray and Kaye Johndreau and a large cabi- net and representative group. Money and clothes were sent again this year to Monique Martin, the foster child of the group who lives in France. Clothes were also sent to Kentucky and Germany to needy families. Boxes of Christmas gifts were packed and sent to the people in the county home. The girls sold over 200 dozen holly wreathes this year, breaking an old record. The top sellers of the wreathes ac- companied the cabinet to the county home. Many other activities sponsored by the organization helped the needy in other parts of the country. A highlight of the year was the annual Friend- ship Week. Dr. Jim Chubb from Grand Island. Nebraska, was the speaker. Regular meetings, held every other week, proved to be very interesting, with speakers telling of Communist China, Guatamala, Hol- land. health, latest fashions, textiles, grooming and many other interesting topics. Special pro- grams for the year consisted of a Christmas play, the annual talent show and the Girl Re- serve style show. Thirty-nineanci l ej)reientatiues TOP: Mr. Kngelland, Honsinger. Wolf. Varland. F. Alien. SECOND: Jchlik. I.. Henry, Webber. J. Allen. Mr. Kitland. FRONT: Dick Green. M. Miller. Mullica, I.axcler. TOP: A. Peterson. J. A hart, G. Allan, Hayenga. THIRD: Si . CoMorer. Malta, Mollcston. SECOND: Anasmith. Knuths, Kjerland. FRONT: Gallagher, Holmes, Burnham, Kruger. FortyJ4i.y in ton ■Jim Allen. president of the Hi-Y first semester. Dick Green, Hi-Y president second semester. The Ili-Y club, embracin'; within its member- ship every boy in Ames High, carried on a pro- gram designed to fulfill the high purposes of its creed which is "To create, maintain and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character. ' The organization is led by a 14 member cabi- net which plans one general meeting and one meeting for the six hobby groups each month. This year the group enjoyed many interesting meetings on varied subject matter, besides keep- ing up with the latest data in their hobby groups. In cooperation with the Girl Reserves, the club annually sponsors Friendship Week, which em- phasizes character development and spiritual values. The speaker for this year's Friendship Week was Dr. dim Chubb from Grand Island, Nebraska. The group also carries on a gift- giving and caroling program at the county home each Christmas. The group supports a war orphan, conducts firesides, maintains a lounge and recreation cen- ter for Hi-Y members, and operates a conces- sion stand at home athletic contests. Hon Webber. Jim Allen, hove Vartand. Frank Wolf, nick Green. Hob Farr. Hub Hinrichs and Tam Cooper, Hi-Y cabinet members. Dick Green introduces Dr. Chubb durinij a Friendship Week service. Forty-oneTOP: Hull. Rormuth. McPherson. Maakestad, Skcic. Dills. Grant. S. Clark. X. Paulson. THIRD: Read, R. Martin, Tcig, Mahnberg. Fitzsimmons. I.aG range, McF.lyca. Meldrum. Thompson, R'j more. SECOND: Long, McLaughlin, M. Adams. J. Karl. Prehm, R. Karl. 8. Hall. Merchant, Schafroth. FRONT: B. Angle. M. Peterson. C. Wells, Xordyke, K. Thomas. R. Raker, M. Gallagher, Frazier. TOP: Litchfield, Johns, K. Karls, F.gemo, Deaton, Wand, Scheuermann, S. Smith. Conn, Jane Huntley, Daine. Cameron. Hosmer. THIRD: . Johnson. Abbott, Pollock. Yandecar. Wright, E. Xicholson, S. ll'Mte, Cheeille. Jeanne Flair, Zi nor, K. Moore, Cooke. SECOND: F. Roberson. Madsen. S. Xicholson. S. Hicks. M. Moore. F. Miller. If. Walsh, R. Ron , rs, Hegland, Kingkade. M. Rarnard. FRONT: Tice. Bradshaw, Black, D. Brown, M. L. Raker, F. Xelson, Townc. Janice Flair, M. A. A hart, Jill Anderson. Forty-two ano TOP: Schaefer. E. Crouch. M. Huriburt, 8 pear. Varianti, Molleston. Arnold. Dean Henry, Hedrick, M nine aid. McCoy, Alcock, Schtcarte. THIRD: '. McGuire. J. dyer. ). Martin. B. Gallayhcr. T. IHmIoic. Thiclman, Howe, A. Peterson. Wierson. Culbertson. Murray. Imsland. Small. SKCOND: .V. Winx oic. B. Martin. Buryess. Itilek, Sills. Goct:, Knit the, Murphy, Webber. P. Kellogg, Judisch, P. Huriburt. Munn. Johndreau. C. Thomas. FRONT: Kauffman. Huff. Bourne, E. Hansen. Kershner. Elxccll, B. Brown. Covey. .V. Piper, Carney, Holmes. M. McGuire. Van Per ll’i f, i-nor, D. Wilson. Peyton, Harper, .4. Angle. The vocal music groups of Ames High, a cap- pella choir and Girls' glee clubs, directed by Miss Edna Bower, spent the year preparing music for various school and community pro- grams. The big program of the year was the Christmas presentation. The groups also took part in a city music festival and the Tri-city Festival with Fort Dodge and Boone. The officers of a cappclla choir were: Aldor Peterson, president; Nancy Winslow, vice-pres- ident; Charles Murphy, secretary; Sue Shaef- fer. librarian, and Elaine Elwcll and John Thiclman, robekeepers. Girls glee club of- ficers included Catherine Grant, president; Marjorie Maakestad, vice-president : Beth 1 loll, secretary; Sue Fitzsimmons, librarian, and Evelyn I Jilts. Barb McLaughlin and Sue (Mark, robekeepers. Forty-threeTOP: S. Chirk. Mr. Day, T. Hunt, H. Jackson. Griffin, S. Christensen, Sandra Smith. B. Shepherd. Benson. V. Bote man. THIRD: I' ndcrkoflcr, Oyy, Launsherry, Talcott. Jehlik. A tires, J. Coir. Xoblc, Sonia. Shrader. SECOND: Conover. Lindahl. S. Bowman. S. Small. Malandcr, Schwartc. J. Piper, I.cchner. I). James. E. Molleston, Caldwell. J. Gore. FRONT: V. Kelloyy, Klwcll, Coulter. B. Hilts, Dills, I.ubsen, F. Miller. B. Iturlburt. Trombom-: J. Cole. J. Kjcrland, l . Bust. B. Griffith. Xable. Bass: Hedrick. Roach. Baritone: .V. Kjcrlaud. Jor- •tenson. Saxophone: Suchrr. Jones, Lon; . Buffett. J. Shrader. I'. Bourne. G. Bourne. Fluto: M'attonviile, Schwarts; It. Paulson. Oloekenspell: It. James, Xordykc. Benson. Cornet: Kurtz, U’. Smith. Seversikc. T. Bust. Jackson. G. Mallo. Ostcrman. Guthrie, Hoversten, .1. Brown. Houston, F. Emery, Gainer. Stevens. Horn: Jehlik. Ayers. Don Paulson. Drum: It. Shrader, Diehl, Christensen. Bowman. Gicbclstein. Clarinet: Itaye. Soma. Dean James, B. Hannan. J. Ander- son, Glasson, T. Adams. I.cchner. C. Wells. Jacobson. Sifrit, Xchriny, I.arson. B. Adams. MuJorctteS: Madsen, S. Smith, Fuller, McPherson, J. McCaffery. Forty-four i 11 i" r i i unii mil in nm nil iimm iiiiimbmmi TOP: ■ iidi.TcA, Sills, S. Smith, Oaten Henry, M. Hurlburt, Conn, Skeic. Corks, S. Xicholson. Malmberg, Knudson, I.unde. FOURTH: Hansel, J. Lamson. S. ll'ftifc. Itaine. K. L. Xicholson. K. Thomas, E. Karls. B. Moore, Shultz, Cndrr- kofler. Goetz. Mr. Caul. THIRD: Carsons, Stoaks, H. Adams, Lawson, L. Karls, Inisland, Wright. Cosebrook, M. Moore, M. .4. Ahart. It. Martin, McCardle. SKCOXD: Scaris. Teig, J. Karl, It. Walsh, IViii Iter Wilt, Pollock, Surlier. Litchfield, It. Karl, Gaskill. Throckmorton. FRONT: Deaton. D. Il’ibon, K. Nelson. McLaughlin. Kingkadc, Grosman. Harper, Bradshaw. Jill Anderson. TOP: Bradley. Moklebust, G. Mallo, Hayenga, G. Allen, Peters, Walkup, J. Anderson, (Jr.), Bentley. Skoog, Singer, Mr. Caul. FOURTH: Jerry Johnson. McPherson. McCarthy. Murray. Chamberlin, Mayuald, Lechner, It. Green. J. Lamson. Be.ngtson, M. L’itland. THIRD: F. Judge, Meldrum. Bormuth, Willett, Sclarow. J. Ratliff, Bobbins. Vandecar. 8. Schultz. Fellows, Small. S. Hall, S. McKenna. SKCOND: .1. Lee, McXeal, Wattonvillr, Burgess, Merchant, K. Hansen, Sevey, Hamilton. X. Winslow, C. McKenna. Arncy, M. Mallo, Hannay. FRONT: .V. Kox, Berry, G. Gallagher,.!. Conover, Stahlman, L. Toresdahl, 8chafroth. C. Smith, A. Stacy, Sum berg. Forty-fiveTOP: Jay Conover. . . .l nrliti, Adams. FRONT: Sea In row, Jackson, Hansen. A. Peterson. Palm club is an honorary organization for those students who have done outstanding work in the field of dramatics. New members are ad- mitted to the club upon meeting certain entr- ance requirements. Fifty-two points must be earned by each member in the various divisions of stagecraft, acting, work on backstage crews and work as production heads. TOP: J. Johnson. Murray, Peters. SECOND: Willett. Maywald, Meldmm, Hamilton. FRONT: -4. Stacy. Scha roth, S. McFarland. E. Hansen. M. Mallo. Forty-six mnnKHnoniTOP: F. Alien. Hove. Webber, Kurts. A. 1‘eterson., Walker. SECOND: Culbertson. Ef emo, McCoy, Stod- dard. Fitzsimmons. Hurlburt. Mulllca. FRONT: Miss Kelson, Toicne. WUIett, E. Hansen, ’. McGuire, J■ Bannister, Stahlman. Debate club was the answer this year for those who like to argue and want to learn to do it logically and convincingly. The purpose of the club is to prepare and present arguments 5n the state high school forensic league question, and to participate in debates with various schools in the state. This year the debate squad attended the Coe college tournament, the Brindly tourna- ment at Iowa State Teachers’ college, a district tourney at ’edar Rapids, state finals at Iowa (-ity, with side trips to Eldora and Webster City. I .ill Jackson won honors at Coe college and Pat Hurlburt won favor at the Brindley tournament. The Web, Ames High's weekly news sheet, is written and edited by the journalism class. Each semester a new group of students learn the techniques of journalistic writing from Miss Charlotte Nelson, faculty advisor, and practice their newly acquired skill by editing the Web. The newsmen track down their assigned stories during the week, writing them on Fridays and Mondays; Tuesdays. Wednesdays and Thursdays are devoted to class work. The first semester staff included: Don Web- ber and Jerry Kurtz, editors; Sue Fitzsimmons and Dick Hove, assignment editors; Janet McCoy and Millie Willett, copy; Barb Egcmo and Alyeo Disbrowe. makeup; Craig Walker, feature editor: Fred Allen, photo editor. The second semester staff was led by editors Aldor Peterson and Pat Hurlburt. Jack Kruger and Pat McGuire, assignment editors; Nancy Stahl- man and Dave Walkup. makeup; Eloise Hansen and Jeanne Bannister, copy; Jim Mullica, fea- ture editor; exchange editor, Anne Town; photo editor. Bob Lee. Forty-seven la TOP: Duff i, M. Hurlburt. Dilta, Lindahl, Stoddard, Malniberg. THIRD: Mias Kelson, Sclnroic, Write. Jane Huntley. M. McCuire, E. Sichateon. SKCOND: Fellows, Cooke. Hamilton. 1'. Kellogg, Merchant. I’ollock. FRONT: Sevcy, Jantce Flair, E. Hansen, Malander, Stahhnan. M. ISarnard. TOP: Mrs. Dickinson, Stoddard, IS. Moore. I.cchner, Sifrit, Syear, Hengtson, E he ell. THIRD: Willett. Madsen, Scheuermann, Williams. Eyemo. Vandecar, enor. SRCOXD: .1. Stacy, I’rehm. It. Angle, V. Kellogg, Hamilton, It. Adams. FRONT: Suml crg, VanDcrWilt, E. Hansen, Sackctt, Sevcy. .1. Lee. Forty-eight TOP: Covey. Carney, D. Johnson. l‘iist, McJimsey, Wolf, G. McJimsey. Webber. FOURTH: It. Peterson, Hin- richs. Sills, Pick Harris. J. Allen. Gray. K. Paulson. McCallister, Miss Miller. THIRD: Xerviy, T. McFarland, 11'. Smith, li. Walsh. I . Green. T. Judge. C. Adams. Buck. SKCOND: B. Dodge, . . Anderson. Hay ye, . . I.amson, Bilek. Hedrick, Don Harris. FRONT: Kruger, B. Gallagher, I'arland, J. A hart, A. Peterson. Iinffy. Haycnga. Learning the techniques of newspaper writing was the goal of Cubs' club, an organization for those people interested in journalism but not enrolled in the regular journalism class. 1’nder tin supervision of Miss Charlotte Nelson, tin- club learned the basic aspects of journalism and put their knowledge to work by writing and editing the first Web of the second semester. Library club spent a busy year rearranging and enlarging tile catalogues, binding books and decorating the hall display case. Led by Mrs. Elizabeth Dickinson, sponsor, and Mary Jean Stoddard and Millie Willett, presidents, the club did their best to keep the library func- tioning smoothly. Monitoring and living up to the club motto. “Justice through warnings.” was tin- major activity of Firesquad this year. Led by Don Johnson and Keith Paulson, firechiefs, the 39 members maintained order in the halls and during fire drills by issuing the familiar red warning slips. Highlighting the year’s activi- ties was the annual spring picnic held at Brook- side Park. Fire Chiefs Keith 1’nnlson and Dun Johnson Forty-nineEditor...............................Site LaGrange Assistant editor. Sm II'j ihoi c and Mary Jean Stoddard. A 't editor Catherine Orant and assistants Sarah all and Emily Crouch. Fifty Business .staff, TOP: Hilts. Mitt in. P. Hurlburt. M. McGuire. FRONT: Wolf. Manager Alcock, Kurt:. Adrertisin staff, TOP: C. McKenna. Meldrum, Clark, McFh ca, J. Johnson. SIX'O.N'D: Kditor Willett. Durby. Johndreau, M. Lamson, Warren, Holland. FRONT: Han- nan. Hansen, I.. Toresdahl. Scvcy, McXeal, Merchant. Not pictured: Tom Peterson. T opino staff. TOP: McCoy, Halden. Scha roth, Mayicald. Photo staff. G. Haris, Stcnerson, I’d it or Lee. F. Allen. FRONT: Bcgg. Copy staff, Sally Fellows and Editor Nancy Stahhnan. Publicity staff, TOP: Shepherd. Pole. FRONT: Mnlleston. S. McFarland, Director I.. Henry. Fifty-oneTOP: Mr. Easter, Frit:. Jack Anderson, • . Allen. Jackson, II. Harris. THIRD: Kelley, Triplett. I.unde. Amme. Stencrson. SECOND: Stanshoel, Hagge, Kjerland, li. Barnard. FRONT: Sinner, Morton. Gaskill, Dodge. TOP: Dag, Carney. Tweet. Gicblcstcin, Jim Huntlcg, Honsinger, T. Peterson, Bentley. THIRD: Mr. Page. Hansel. :. Dunlap. Amme. Fritz. Carr. SECOND: Singer, Morton. Kerhotc. Kershner, P. Hurlburt, Lawlor. FRONT: Halden, .1. Stacy, Stahiman, Mcldrum, C. Thomas. Fi tg-ttco TOP: Mrs. Dickinson. Stoddard. Fitzsimmons. M. McGuire. Mayicald, Monk' stud. McCarthy. Jerri,i Johnson (Sr.). h MoUeston. THIRD: Bengtson. Fgcmo. enor. MeFAyea. X. Paulson. K. Angle, V. Kellogg. Christg, Hamilton. SECOND: Johndreau. Munn. C. McKenna, Holland. K. Martin. Williams. Madsen. FRONT: Tish, Schafroth, '. McGuire. E. Hansen. Long, Litchfield. M. Tice. McXcal. Ames High’s electricians, the members of Radio club, were busy this year repairing old radios donated by Ames residents to be sent to the local hospital. The club learned how to construct an aerial and understand the prin- cipal of its etTieiency. radio soldering, and mastered the operation of all test equipment. Radio club has its own short wave station. AVOTRI, and a member of the organization. Paul Bundy, has a general license and call let- ters of his own private station. Hal Harris and Jack Anderson were this year’s presidents. The “movie bugs.’’ under the supervision of Kenneth Page, spent the year operating the audio-visual aid equipment. The club provides an opportunity to learn about movie and sound equipment while doing a service for the school. Although this method of learning is more ex- pensive, the educational value overbalances the fact. Officers of the service club are Tom Peter- son. president: Larry Honsinger. vice president; Mary Halden. secretary. An enrollment drive in the fall launched the activities of tin- Ames High Junior Red Cross council for 1951-52. Supported by the student body, the council maintained the 100 per cent enrollment of the high school in the American Junior Red Cross. Other activities of the group included repacking all Christmas boxes pre- pared by grade school children for needy child- ren in foreign countries, and the making of stocking dolls to be sent to unfortunate child- ren for Christmas. The council also participated in the National Red Cross Drive for funds. The organization will send two students to a Red Cross work camp in Wisconsin this summer. The council is composed of representatives- from homerooms, and any additional students who wish to belong, l-'irst semester officers were Marcia McCJuire. president and Clarice Bengt- son. vice-president. Second semester leaders were Sue Fitzsimmons and Shirley Schafroth. Mrs. Elizabeth Dickinson is the sponsor. Fifty-threeTOP: IV’. Smith, Wolf, Muryhy, J. Itohtrrson, Judye. SECOND: Sckicartr. Orant, Iturhy. Mayicald. Alcock. FRONT: Bourne. Wymorc, S. linker, McGuire. Hamilton. With its system of double checks, Ames High has one of the best methods of accounting for the money involved in extra-curricular activi- ties. The student treasurers are or- ganized to keep the financial records of the activities, to be responsible to the general treasurer, and to develop business-like char- acteristics. This year’s mone- tary system w a s capably handled by Mary McNally, general treasurer. Donald Hartt, athletic treasurer, their assistants. Shirley Baker and Jon Itobcrson, and the staff of activity treasurers. This group handles over $" 0.000 a year, lie- sponsible for all financial reports, each treas- urer makes an annual report which is checked by the head treasurers, Mr. Adams and finally Fifty-four the School Board. The money handlers report the financial gains and losses of an event, bud- get the finance, and file invoices. Students are selected for this responsibility on the basis of interest in the subject and avail- able working time. Mary MeXatly. general treasurer, and her assistant. Shirhu Baker; Hon Hartt. athletic treasurer, and John Boherson, his assistant.TOP: Mr. Trump. Fritz. Jaycr, Simcoke. Stahhnan. SKCOND: liownian, G. Davis. It. Stacy. Gaskill, D. Henry. FRONT: Seversike, John Johnson. Cashiers S. Hull and . . Sevey Dish washers' . Kjcrlatu!. I . Green. J. Miller awl I. Orth Servers Kauffman, O. Darby. C. Jtenytson Ophelm helping? Fifty-five ——■————■—a—mmamniw ■ ■ if. ui, ■ . y lctiuities in Action Isn't that sweet! Trouble in Hirer, John f 1‘oor Millie! Come on. Don. rub. Helen sure looks bust . What are non lookin' at. Hubet Miss McGuire lends a Jean's ‘joina to make hand. a sale. What's Xanct going to brew! Mr. Day's little dahlings. Watch the fingers, Ruth. Fifty-six TOP: Don Harris. B. Stacy, H. Harris, Ilinriehs. Holdredge, B. Miller, (Iran, Sknog, T. Judge. Servig, Arnold. Kreig. KOI’KTH: Musser, Keeker, I). 1‘eterson. Burnham, !. Fox. Moklcbust, J. Allen. Dirk Harris, Begg. Houk. J. A hart, Taft. THIRD: Gilman, I.. Henr.» . Varland. Jim Huntley. C. McClure. D. Johnson. F. Allen, Hove, D. Anderson, Pcnguitc. Jack Blair, Triplett. SECOND: B. Dodge. Mollcston, S. Piper, Wolf, Orth, Boss. J. Judge. Griffin. T. Peter- son. It. Walsh, Dick Green. Thielman. FRONT: Bit land. Buck, Webber, Stuber, Culbertson, Kmmcrson, Walkiip. Holmes, Carney, Kruger. C. Clark. Don Martin, M. Hanson. J. Hicks. 'Hie Little Cyclones battled their way through a tough eight game schedule to arrive at the top of the Central Iowa Conference standings. Although they were tied with Newton for the championship with a six wins, one loss, and one tie record, the team added a chapter to Ames High s gridiron history by being the only team to have captured the title four consecutive years. ft very member of the squad saw action during the season, and 28 letters were awarded at the close of the season. The senior letter winners were: .Merle Hansen. John Clark. Jim. Hicks. Jack Kruger. Ben Barnard. John Ahart. Dick Harris. Nick Piper. Dave Varland, Jiin Allen. Dick Stuber. dim Penquite. Ron Begg. Chuck Holmes. Ralph Kmerson, Dave Walkup. Lvell Henry, Dick Culbertson, Guy Fox and Don Johnson. The eight returning lcttermen are: Dick Green, Rob Walsh. Bob llinrichs. Bill Houk. Chuck Gray. Maurice Keeker, Ben Buck and Fifty-eight3k eir l ln cl?rstu cites 'JITODMP TOP: Events. Knowles, Griffith. Sprapuc, Coopt r. Berhow. Hedrick, l.amson, Xorman. Davis. THIRD: Martin, G. McJimsey, J. McJimsey, I.unde. Jameson. Knudsen. Adams. An-asmith, Bust. SKCOXD: McFarland. Covert . Glasson. Soesbe. Judisch. Fox. Opheitn, Gallayhcr, Getz, Edwards. FRONT: Howe. Gibbs, Weldon, Kills. Hoverstein. Kilek, Stokke. n'iiuloic, McCardle. Jim Holdredge. This year’s football manager was Jim Triplett. Trainers were Dave Taft. Bob Staev anti Don Harris. Highlighting tin 1951 football season was tin- selection of Merle Hansen as captain of the team at the annual football fireside and the choice of several players on the Central Iowa Confer- ence and all-state teams. Ames 33—Mason City 14 Ames 0—Newton 0 Ames 42—Marshalltown 21 Ames 20—Oskaloosa 7 Ames 41—AVest Waterloo 26 Ames 47—Crinnell 13 Ames 14—Fort Dodge 20 Ames 19—Boone 7 Coach Ron Norman’s crew of sophomores finished the season undefeated and with a promise of some good material for next year's varsity squad. Armed with a rugged line, the team packed plenty of power, playing some terrific defensive ball and lacking little in the touchdown department. Tom Cooper and Jerry Hedrick were out- standing backfield performers; fiallagher and Fox looked good at half back. Knd Bill Jones was the best pass receiver, and Tom Howe, Ron Sills. Denny Rust and Dan Arrasmith ably filled the end and tackle slots. The whole team displayed a fine brand of ball worth watching in the years to come. The sophomore season scores were: Ames 31—Marshalltown 20 Ames 27—Webster City 0 Ames 12- Fast Dos Moines 0 Ames 32—Boone 20 Fifty-nineVLS ea Son s The Ames High Kittle Cyclones emerged from their eight game schedule with a record ol‘ six wins, one defeat and one tie. .Mason City, Mar- shalltown. Oskaloosa. West Waterloo, Grinnell and Boone provided the wins, while the sole defeat came at the hands of a mighty Fort Dodge team. The Homecoming game with New- ton saw the two teams fighting through a driv- ing rain, in which neither team scored. A.mks 33—Mason City 14 The Kittle Cyclones launched the season with an overwhelming victory over the Mason City Mohawks. The underestimated Ames team over- powered the Mohawk eleven for the sixth straight time. Big ground gains were made with Allen breaking away for some long runs. A.mks 0—Nkwtox 0 Ames High suffered some costly fumbles as the team fought to a scoreless tie on a rain- soaked field. Both teams advanced slowly dur- ing the season's homecoming game. As the final gun sounded, the Cyclones had finally suc- ceeded in battling to the Newton 20-vard line. A.mks 42—M a us ii.m.i .town 21 The Ames team played some of their best ball all season as they scored a decisive 42-21 tri- umph over the Bobcats of Marshalltown. High- lights of the game were three long touchdown passes, Stubcr to Harris, Varland and Allen. Jim Allen kicked six out of six extra point tries. A.mks 20—Oskaloosa 7 The fired-up Cyclones romped to a 20-7 vic- tory. coming from behind in the second half to score two touchdowns. A.mks 41—West Waterloo 26 The Ames team stormed back to erase a 26-20 half-time deficit. The team was at the season's peak, playing fine ball. Allen scored three touch- downs and Stuber did some brilliant passing. A.mks 47—Grinnem, 13 The ii si team ran the score to 27-0 before the end of the first quarter with Piper and Var land each scoring twice. Ben Buck. Bill Houk and John Ncrvig each scored once as the re- serves continued to romp through the last three quarters. A.mks 14—Fort Dodge 20 Early mistakes and costly fumbles proved fatal to Ames, although the team played a fine game. Ames did some excellent passing. It was the team's first loss in 19 games, and the Dodger’s first victory over the Kittle Cyclones in five years. Ames 19—Boone 7 This Boone-Ames tilt was a typical game between the rivals. Coach Ken Wells and cap- tain Merle Hansen steered the Cyclones to win their nineteenth Boone game. The Ames eleven took advantage of the opposition’s tumbles and scored early in the game. The Well’s team, braving the cold 18 degrees above zero weather, climaxed the season with a win and the satis- faction of winning the Boone-Ames traveling trophy for another year. The season’s starting lineup saw Dick St uber handling the quarterbacking, and Jim Allen playing fullback, with Dave Varland and Nick Piper filling in at right and left halfback. In the line. Merle Hansen filled the center slot; Jim Hicks and Ben Barnard played guard. Manning the tackle positions were Jack Kruger and John Clark. Dick Harris and John Ahart started at end. Tough luck followed Don Webber again this season. Don broke his right collarbone last year a week before the season opener. This year he snapped his left collarbone at nearly the same time of the season. The team had been depend- ing on the passing and quarterbacking of the senior ace. but with the ill luck, Dick St uber ably took over the position. SixtyThat's right, hang on. han't th u «lance beautifullyf Tiro flown! Tirenty to go! Writ, la dec da. Haven't non guys had about «nought Ah, come on, say “peaches." Sixty-onoDICK STUBER BILL HOUR Honorable mention all-con- ference teams. JACK KRUGER Honorable mention on botl Jack North's and IDEA all state teams. Second all-con ference team. Honorable m e n t i o n .Jack North's all-state teams. Third a 11-conference team. DICK HARRIS Second all-conference team. Honorable mention IDEA all- state teams. Honorable mention Jack1 North’s all-state teams.1 Third all-conference t am GUY FOX Honorable mention all-con ference teams JOHN AH ART Honorable mention on both Jack North's and IDPA all- state teams. First all-con- ference teamDAVE VARLAND Second all-conference team. Honorable mention IDPA all- state teams BEN BARNARD Third all-conference team MERLE HANSEN Fifth Jack North's all-state team. First all-conference team. Fourth IDPA all-state team RON bf:gg Honorable mention all-con ference teams JIM ALLEN F'irst all-state team on both Jack North's and IDPA selec- tions. F'irst all-conference team. JIM HICKS First all-conference team. Honorable mention IDPA all- state teams Not pictured: ROB WALSH Honorable mention all-con- ference teamsTOP: Don Harris, Mr. Xorman, Kurtz. THIRD: It. Walsh, Dick Green, flogs, Webber. X. Hiper. SECOND: Hit- land, Alunt. Keyij, Xrrcii , Ktntnerson. FRONT: Varland, Honk, . . Allen, D. Hunts, Stuber. A berth on tin state tournament locomotive climaxed the season for the Little Cyclones, who had a record this year of 15 and 6. In the CIC race. Ames tied with 3 other schools for second place, with a conference record of five and live, losses coming at the hands of Marshalltown. (Irinnell. Oskaloosa and Boone. The hall team was undefeated in regular play. The Cyclones advanced to the sub-state by topping Dowling of Des Moines 52-35 in dis triet play. The tired-up team whipped East I cs Moines 57-52. and played inspired hall to take Newton by storm 69-41. State tournament pairings found Ames facing Cherokee in a first round battle. Ames winning 47-45. In their second game the Cyclones were unable to match the supreme strength of defending champ. Davenport, and bowed, in a hard-fought game. ( -1-47 : Davenport going on to win the tourney. Don Webber led the scoring race with 210 points, dim Allen tucked 177 through the net. Sixty-fourTOP: Bilek, Steil. Moore. W'elden, O Is son. Sill . SECOND: B. Hullo ' her, T. McFarlnn l, . . I.unison. Fain, .Junes. J. Anderson, Seversike. FRONT: Mr. Covey, Cooyer, d. McJimsey, Bust, B. Mejimur} , .1. Corey. Hone. Dick Still» r hail 105. Dill Ifouk 156 and Dave Varland 123. Every member of tin- squad scored at least once. Eight letters were awarded at the close of the season. Letter winners were: Don Webber. Dick Stuber, Jim Allen, Dave Varland, Bill Honk. Dick Harris, Nick Piper and Dick Green. The squad elected Dick St uber as team cap- tain for the year. Dick's ball handling ability, spirit and aggressiveness won him the award. The sophomore basketball team played some fine ball this season to emerge with a 14 wins one lost record, their loss coming at the close of the season after tin first five soph players were shifted to the varsity squad. In conference play the sophs were undefeat- ed: in non-conference play they bowed only to Cedar Rapids with a close 42 to 40 score. Denny Rust, sophomore center, broke all local soph scoring records and sophomore conference records as he shoved 231 points through the net. George and Bob McJimsey also led Ames in the scoring honors, the three boys from Ames being in tin top 10 in the (TC scoring. The soph ball- players were well above average in ability this year and will provide some fine material for next year’s squad. B squad was composed of sophomore and junior boys who were not skilled enough to make varsity teams, but were organized to give them playing experience for next year. The squad practiced regularly, but played only two regular games. The squad played in the county tournament, losing to Shipley. Their final game was with Boone. Sixty-fiveTOP: Arrasmith, Knud son. Arnold, llmrichs, H. Harris. McCnllister. SECOND: Haaoc. Hoversten J. Fox, Gods. Huff ii, I.itlurland. FRONT: Killatn, Kricy, Shepherd, Konkin. Welden. Sixty-sixGee, ichat lonj strides! fCintJ around I hr rosy! What's in lion's left hand Where are their toe shoesf Watch out, or h 'll clobber you. llottky. Open your eyes. Jim. Well. what seared Allen! .S'ij'Ijz-scucm Jar5itu Tol : Triplett, B. Stain, Bradley, Sevcrsike. Don Harris. FOURTH: Arnold. G. Fox. Griffin. Gilman. I). Green. THIRD: MeCallister. Kiddle, Giehelstein, G. Allan, Hosts. Keeker. Wolf, Cushman. SECOND: Mr. Covey, Honk. Webber, Bcyy. Tl'irrsou. Hayenya. .1. Judye, Hinrichx, Mr. Wills. FRONT: Allen. Varland. X. Piper, J. Musser. Emmerson, Buck, Kruyer, Dick Harris, Stuher. TOP: Williby, Arrasmith. Knudson, Jay Conover. Bradley, Sevcrsike. FOURTH: Howe, Hedrick. Cooper, Sprague. Stokke. Jameson. Eduards. THIRD: Olsson, Bilek. MeCartlle. Gallayher, Sills. Fain. Welden. SECOND: Mr. Covey. B. Bcrhote. Konkin. J. Fox. Jones, Hoversten, T. McFarland, I.unde. Mr. Wells. FROSTs J. l.amson. Keltner, B. Mc- Jimsey, Bust, .4. Covey, Carey, Glasson. Sixty-ciyht aimiJgwHaw;'With the close of the basketball season, at- tention was again focused on the Little Cyclone thinclads. Around 90 boys turned out for track this year, and a record number of sophomores made the varsity squad. The team met a tough schedule as they faced the state A AC indoor meet, the state high school indoor meet, the Valley Relays. State Teachers Relays, the Drake Relays; they were hosts to the Little Cyclone Invitational, fol- lowed by the district track and field meet, the i'|(' track and field meet, and finally the state outdoor. A highlight of tin- season was the perform- ance of senior Nick Piper as he became the tenth polc-vaulter ever to clear the 12-foot mark in state indoor competition. His record of 12 feet six inches at the state A AC indoor at Iowa City shattered the standing record and aided the Cyclones in placing at the meet. Other outstanding performers were dim Allen, dim Holdrcdge. Dick Stubcr. .Jack Kruger and a score of others. Nick Piper, Dick Peterson, dim Allen were elected co-eaplains in track. ’oaeh Hi Covey’s reserve squad fared equally well on the cinder track. An extensive program was carried out for the reserves. Dual meets with Rootle and Newton reserves, and a dual meet with the Des Moines schools com- pleted tin- competition for the boys who did not see action with the varsity. Without the able coaching of Hi I'ovev and his assistant, Ken Wells, the team could not have maintained their rating as one of the top track teams. Hats oft to the fine job they have done and will continue to do. enms TOP: Stenshocl. Skoog, Hate man. J. Anderson. H. Dodge, S hey herd. SKCOND: Mr. S'orman, I.. Henry, Webber. Pote. II. Harris, Lithcrland. FRONT: Kverds, S'errig. TOP: Mr. Hartt. It. Paulson. Stcnerson. Henson. Hillam. Larson. FRONT: Gulliver, Dage. A. Peterson. Gray, K. Paulson. Kjcrland. Seventyo une i TOP: Mr. Smatliny, Ever . Rust. Cushman, J. Johnson, Jr. SECOND: Maitland. Hoversten. J. Torrsdahl, Michaud. Multica. FRONT: Emery, Everds. Stenerson. Itundy. The Ames High school intramural program is one of the most extensive in the state. Co- ordinated closely with the program at Iowa State college, the organization provides hoys who are not on regular varsity teams to par- ticipate in athletics on a full scale. The after school intramural program consists of touch football, basketball, table tennis, bowling, wrestling, badminton and other sports. Tour- naments are held in these sports with the boys competing as homerooms. The homeroom total- ing the most points awarded for winning dif- ferent tourneys, is awarded a trophy at the end of the year. Basketball is the most popular sport. It was climaxed by the selection of the sophomore, junior and senior all-stars, outstanding play- ers during the season. The all-stars annually play a group of faculty teachers in a rough and tumble basketball tilt. The extensive program for boys is outlined throughout the year by Ray Smalling. who is ably assisted by the intramural managers and the intramural council. Seventy-oneJ vitramural Contests What if the other eiul lets {tot From the look on Dave's fare, they must hr uinnin; . Junior All-Stars—TOD: Orth. G. Allan. H. Harris. McCallister, Krieg. Hayetuja. Hack, Hinrichs. Obviously, it's a jump hall. Senior All-Stars—TOP: Crosley. Burnham. Mokle- hust. Hahn. M. Miller. K. Paulson, D. Johnson, D. Peterson. Sc vent ymt ico Sophomore All-Stars- TOP: AlcCanile. Hivjge, A i rasmith. . . For. Rotikin. Sprague, Goetz. Weltlen, .. Knudson. — U-JZZ7,UTOP: Mnyicald. Willett. Cheville, Si rit, Fitzsimmons, Ixiim. Alcock. THIRD: Benytson. Hull. Abbott, Williams. M. Moore. l.aGranye. SECOND: Miss X etc man. Heath, Durby, J. O’Brien. Meldrum, It. Fatl. FRONT: Hamilton, Harper, Iluby, M. Bcrhotc. Vamlecar, Grant. diris' Athletic Association spent a busy year partaking in numerous sports. Baseball, volley- ball. basketball, badminton, pinyr pong. tennis, golf and many other sports claimed outstanding dAA performers. Bed by the cabinet consisting of Beth I loll, president; Catherine Orant, vice-president; Sue LaGrange, social chairman; Ann Maywald, secretary-treasurer: Diana A1 cock, intramural chairman, and Clarice Bengtson, point recorder, the group planned tournaments in various sports. Homeroom 109 won the A league basketball title: 113 took the B league prize. Mary Jean Stoddard took honors in the ping pong singles tourney. The ' 1 ' - doubles championship was won by Diana Alcoek and Nancy Stahlman. Girls who had earned 100 or more points were brought into the club at a formal initiation held in January. Afterwards there was an informal initiation in the cafeteria where the girls par- ticipated in relay games. A potluck supper fol- lowed the initiations. At the spring awards assembly, those girls earning ' 00 points were presented with small letter A s. Those with 1 ' 00 points were awarded large numerals, and several girls with high dAA records who had earned 2.000 points were award- ed black and orange stuffed animals. Kibbons wore awarded the winners of the tournaments during the year. The organization was under the sponsorship of Mrs. Jean Eschner. Seventy-three 11122120a.a.j. Opal Darby, Judy Meldrum. Ileth Hull. Bat Hurl- hurt. 1 Hana Alcock and Sandy McFarland, .senior all-stars. Janet Williams. Emily Crouch. Bernadine Sifrit. Edith Holland. Mama Cole. Janet Chase. Mary Lam- son and Dorothy Green, members of junior all-stars. .1 leayue runners-up in the basketball tournament iecu Marilyn Alexander, Shiela Shultz. Dorothy Green. Mama Cole and Janet Williams, members of home- room . 08. Mary Imsland. Linda Nordyke. Kan Bannister. Barb McLauyhlin, Karel Harper, Irma Nicholson, Carol Wells and Jill Anderson, sophomore members of the all-star team. Seventy-fourHomeroom top won the A league basketball champ- ionship. Members of the homeroom playing on the team icere .Janet McElpea, Beth Hall, Barb Egemo. Bonny Bierson and Diana Alcock. B league basketball winners wen- Ruth Martin. Sue I.a Grange. Bat Hurlburt. Sandy McFarland. Catherine Grant and Sue Fitzsimmons, members of home- room 11.1. B league runner-up was homeroom 133. Team mem- bers were Bat Deaton. Mary Imsland. Carita enor, Sharon Smith and Jill Anderson. Winners of the softball tournament were Micky Hurlburt. Barb Angle, Janet Chase and Judy Mel- drum. Seventy-fiveTOP: Keeker, II. Walsh. Dick Green. G. Fox, F.tnnxerson, It. Harnnrd. J. Clark. I.. Henry. J. Hicks. SECOND: J. Ahnrt. Kurtz. D. Johnson. I). Peterson. Stubcr, Culbertson. Heap, Hinrichs. FRONT: .V. Piper, Hack. Houk, J. Allen. Kruger, J. Musser. Holmes. D. Harris. Members of Varsity club are boys who have won letters in football, basketball, track, ten- uior or golf, or a letter for managing. The club has a rigorous initiation: those who letter in football in the fall are taken into the club after they have played basketball, handi- capped by a long coat and boxing gloves, against Pep club members at a home basketball game. Those earning letters in the winter and spring can expect to get dunked into the river at the annual Varsity club picnic held at Home- wood golf course in the spring. Officers for this club are: Don Webber, president: Dick Stuber. vice-president: Jerry Kurtz, secretary-treasurer, and Jim Allen, historian. Seventy-sixvoice CMC I Jh Cci loei TOP: J. riper. Robbins. McElyea, .V. Paulson, M. Lamson, puts. Murray. 1 . McGuire. Fitzsimmons. Maywnld. FOURTH: Miss Xcieman. M. Cole, Munn. Williams. LaG range. Grant. Small. Holt. Johndrcau. THIRD: Jill Anderson. Pollock. Warren. P. McGuire. Meldrum. S. McFarland. S. Hall, C. Thomas. SKCOND: McLaughlin. M. Adams, Harper. Malander. U'ymorc. Merchant. Stahlman, .4. Lee. FRONT: Haldtn. It. Pierson, Alcock. Shepherd, F. Judge. J. M'ifeon. .V. ll'iiw oic, McCoy. Highlighting the year's activities for the promoters of pep was the annual pot luck previous to the Boone game. The ceremony ended with the traditional kissing of the Boone-Ames traveling trophy, an antique engine hell that replaced the ‘‘little green jug.” former trophy of victory. A spring luncheon climaxed tin activities. Honny Rierson. hiatui Alcock. Hill Shepherd. Hud Pep club officers: Mary Halden, Miss Xeicman, Judge, Janet Wilson. Sancy Winslow; members of Janet McCoy. Shirley Small and Sue Wymorc. cheers quad. Seventy-seven S pecia( (Events Honny Pierson. Sweetheart Jean Murray. Margaret Gallagher, and their escorts Merle Hansen, I.yell Henry. Keith Paulson Miss Margaret Gallagher attendant Claire Thomas. Xancy Yates. Sue Fitzsimmons. Jean Murray. Diana Alcock, Marvel Huff, Judy Meldrum. Margaret Gallagher. Honny Pierson and Sandra McFarland, candidates for Spirit Sweetheart Miss Honny Pierson attendantFeigning over the homecoming festivities tens quern. Sana Winslow, and her two attendants. Jeon Murray and Mar yard Gallagher. The other seven finalists for th honor were Sue Fitzsimmons. Marvel Huff. Judy Meldrum, Ann Maywald, Claire Thomas, Fat llurlhurt and Diana Alcock. Highty-two mmm m ■■ -'oor linior f resents Stage Uboor The Junior class play, Stage Door, by Ivina Ferber and George Kaufman, was presented in February. The play revolves around a rooming house for "iris interested in the theater. Cast: Nancy Merchant Jean Skyey Susan Paige Hernia Siemcyer Olga Brandt Mattie Big Mart Little Mary Bobby Melrose Madeline Vauclain ■Judith Canfield -Inn Braddock Mrs. Orcutt Kaye Hamilton Mar.jokik Borm uth Sally Fellows Audis Soma Neta Scheuermann Mary Malandeu Jackie Conover Shirley Small Ann .McCarthy Carla Lechner Peg Bobbins Pat Devine ■han Maitland Frank Louise Mitchell Kt nelall Adams Terry Bandall Sam Hastings ■Jimmy Derereaux Fred I’otrell Lou MU ha user David Kingshy Keith Burgess Dor teer Panel all Larry Wescott Billy Adolph (Ire tel Janet Wilson Donna Soi.arow Don Bradley Dee W a ton ville Neva Paclson Sarah Hall Tom Judge Bill Siikdhkrd Bon Carr Leo Lawler Bob Bentley Joe Judge George Allan Joe Moi.lkston Chuck Benson Keith Hyenga Eu ht y-lhrcGyy 2)rama CJul f redenti iJhe £)ivine lJ lora The fall production of the Drama club was a light comedy. The Divine Flora. The play took place in the Prvor family’s summer home, and involved a very drab looking girl, who with the courageous efforts of two boys, was transformed into a “femme fatale.” Playing the title role. Flora, w a s Nancy Winslow. Jerry Johnson and Francis Judge acted the roles of the boys who changed the drab girl into a “knockout.’’ The cast for the play included: Hal. . . . Bob McCariu.e Win nie Hoops Stu Morgan Kit Olmstead Etta Dean Randy Pryor Mrs. Pryor .1 r. Pryor Razz Rafferty Mr. Dian Sharon Pryor Rob . Wayne Tex Arlen Daphne (HIford Mr. Dayan Girls Donna Sclarow Sarah Hall Larry Knudson Nancy Stahlmax Nancy Winslow Bud Judge Jean Murray Bob Bentley Jerry Johnson Keith Hyenga Shirley Small Don Bradley Roger Singer Gary Mallo Eloise Hansen George Allan Marco Bormcth. Nancy Fox Pat Smith, Li . Toresdahl, Dee Wattonville Ann Stacy. Nancy Merchant. Jackie Con over, Joan Burgess, Barb Sum berg, Ann Lee The play was directed by A1 Paul, drama coach. . 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Duff Phone 911 Ames, Iowa One hundred one’52 Sharon and Shirley do their sewing ’erry is watching the printer set with yard goods frca Ponney's. type at Cartor's Press. Eloise inspects the new Chrysler on display at Dahlberg Motor. jJanie will travel in style with [snappy luggage froa Moser's. The Pipers ore going to eat royally The Arses laundry does Carol 6 tonight----Jan is buying their laundry best. dossort at the Farevay Bakery. •on always enjoys her lunch When Honey 3hop6 for shoes, she Tields Beauty Shop gives Jerry kthfl latest in hair styling. "I hope you enjoyed your oeal”, says Pat to Jack as he pays his bill at Tea's Grill. Duck and runI Chuck's got a gun froa Western Auto. 4 4l(um, 32 sweet J Mary select from Judish Bros. Inr Irvine's For a treat Shelia and Dick enjoy coker, at the Rainbow.. J-inet. ’Marilyn and Barb look over the menu at Frangos. Breads and pastries 1 Pat looks over the selection at Carr's Bakery. Mighty pr ttyJ Shirley tries a rustling net and taffeta at Mona ounkers Mary Jean aeens nighty hapoy with this bouquet at Everts. J Annette Lelicl and Merlyn think !C - 4d JMUn, '5 2 Mime if rep.a; tetter" .lob at Puri Jane pi eke out mterial for 1 new spring wardrobe froa the lar»;e variety at the Fair Jt Dreaniag for the future—Lorraine Allan la’ Station Stuck with two f'irle, Don Jin trye out several fountain pens fron the selection at and Barb to Mickey's Wayside Inn lorry looks over the new Stucfe- Eraa ooo to Contour©»s Beauty Shop for her stylish hair-do. "Fill 'er Up' siys John ns he drives up at Mathew's Super baker at Whatoff Motor5 2 Chuck is road;.' to go in his dad's wrockor froa Gilbort'3 Garago. Catherine is ready for rainy uea- ther in a snappy number froa Tildon's ready-to-voar dept. FORD Sorry Chuck, the Ford tractor has to stay at VTlrtz Implement Co. Clarice is enjoying a reluxful evening at the 20th Century Bob has his aoney saved at the Union Story Trust and Savings Bowlin,- Alley, This typewriter from R.K. (Teas is Just what Haney needs for those English thcoes. Oh—for a carl Right, Horns? Especially if it's a Ford fron Kovles aako for a pleasant after- noon. Pat and Marge buy their Math!son's tS -rfFffWS" V-.T37Zum} 32 Tor quality gas and oil Jerry stops at Bongoton'a Texaco Joanne's plans for the future include place settings fron Station. Eklo's House of Gifts Diane has a loadI She's been shopping at the Supply Food Store Opal chooses plants fron Coe's to add to her roon's attractive Choose the San's car gets a lift with friend- ly service fron Sandy Britinall. right pair at Jensen Optical Co, Jin shows Guy the latest in nen's sport jackots at Don Bean's. NELSON ELECTS i Note to Dorleno, Dee and Janet: I That tasty food is sorvod inside at tho L-Vay Cafe. Apparently Bud approvo3 of tho now "Manhattan" at Daulton Motor. Business, girls? Ann ana nancy are visiting the HeIson Electric Conmny.. 4I«; 32 Max Hnrriaan keeps Barb's hair tria, neat and attractive. Rogor puts his stamp or approv- al on the new Oldsaobile on display at Dunlap's. VISUAUNEP A1 investigates tho incubator at the An03 Hatchery. Jack likes tho vide vnrioty and good quality of food from the West Street Grocery, Mar;.' solects fresh, vholesoae fruits and vegetables at 'ho Ninth Street Grocery, The new DeSoto gets the once over by Dick and Jay at Saith aatny visits tne Ames uaoer Coapany, tho hone of qual'ty lumber. nancy's ruture is assured with a savings account at An»3 Trust and Savings Ban'JUJtl yum. When Perry wont to Scottie's Chicken Inn he had nasic with inter with coal froo Gilchrist "If the shoo fits, wear it", and As Hoaecoaing Queon Raney rode in Claire's shoes will always fit a convertible from Allen Motor, when she buys then at Emorhoff's. Margaret is enjoying a bottle of Dr. Pepper, hot off the "Capper" Carita knows that vegetables iron Kary Ellen is going to have her tho Fareway Grocc-ry are always portrait taken at Hills Studio. Jackie and Charles pay a visit to Johnson's Luabor Cocpany. fresh Kary Lou take? her clothes to tho Panitoriun to be cleaned by professionals. Bob and Hr. Triplett discuss pro- It's lucky that Joe cffiTT find perty for sale at Triplett Real the starter on this tractor at Estate Agoncy,iit'Kiiircct . )(l 4llum, 5 2 rmt The new Saturday Evening Post interests Duane at Walt's Newstand. MacGregor froa Sportsman of Aaes A car load of Anes High students when Dave selects hi3 golf club3. stop at the Menu-ette for a brief snack. Liz ana Bonny find interost— Grocery shopping for Dorthy at A crew cut for Bud at the the neighborhood Eleventh Street Sholdon-Munn Barber Shop. Glass Con pony. Grocerv. Far coafortablo and long wearing Dick looks pretty neatl Huh, shoes Ann buys at Carty's. girls? He'3 wearing a sports Jacket froa Joo's. Margie gives Jin a big salle along with a hamburger in the ruff at Richards Drive-In. ■■MUi ■ Mar; Lou stope to gaze at latest I fashion styles displayod at MeCartnev's. aaelio receives service with a smile at Lindquist Cleaners. A dreon house I Ri£it, Borb? It's b R. Friedrich L Sons, Builders. Mill II I'J1. IIIII Ml................................... 'etore an NY ne ver dreamed early last fall N' 'el ever finish this haul: at all. lint faithful work and overtime Produced this honk and produced this rhyme. NY are till done : tin job is through. Mow id present the Sl’IKiT to you. One hundred twelver ■ - esjw®nosci;. - i  urrt Ct rV rl cj£ 4ccJ J? A 0 Z Z S10CA " ufA zS'-Co 3£J '£ccn Wsyvrf yO AAffiaZ e aZZoZ cv zc r £jr SZwyisyuj jZ Juxsyn oy! ZcCcZl AA U lS C U iXcl ruA C Z )! 3yrr?6 c £e 6} A r t. to-esijZ,

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