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' Q -1 iE" 'g' 7 fi? '9 15'i'7i?l s ' ,k" , g Q 'i'. 2 1 ' 9 3 ' g fx- .1 .,M . . , :,,. 5. , 7fi,,3,,?,,,,.:, ,. W :i:JEu3-Q . -4,- -.ik ,N 4: , , A it , , , , - - I I , -V .X Y -., I v V , , .,,,k.':i: :bl lx .- A V 3? '- - er - , - 12591 5, mf 3.9, V 1 E-V, VNV at .iff , H5515 , , . , D x f 1. b " ' N . , , - ' 1 . .l3..1,1..m' H31 'I A 1 '1 4 4 ww wg-.r-,.w-wo,-L, -f'-vit 5 fx N W xwxvjsmfow' Q W W W wwf VW 'M , -ffg'fu..Q,a,Q5f?JQMf7A VL Q2'ff W3f2X'ii'Vf6W qw . WMFZZM , MM jf , mw5?f2ff?5WffQW 2 221 3 WWO' W, Milf Wai fmm-Wv'i W""'A,1-M13 ,W ,f v fwwmmdwf i WW W of WW WZ Jw W Nw ,Z4gjjQa. fa-FL L'b5'M'fW?ff WW , Gif MXWQMMJ ' qmwi Hwy if ,PQ . mwff? wjfilfwfw' . f -.Q f ' ' A vi J.,--,,:-Lim. . ff, . ,, Y 'N ' " A A ' ' ' . , RL' , gm.-.-. 'KT ' , ,Wa g ga-v -1 U- - - ' ' ' ' 5 "W U A X' t MN A ,.,.-,,,-.., ,, .,L,,Ag Zigi.: ' .1fQg,5-V5.4 s f. -N fl-N ----'dfy:VL"5',-, -ff " 5'- ' 'Q -1 '-5 z vff .. 'i " SPIRIT CDF PRCDCRESS Ames High School Ames, Iowa Two Staff Editor J EAN GOODSPEED Assistant' Edifors DICK SXVANK JUYCE GRAY Business Manager PERRY LIDEIII. Assislnnf Business Jllfmugers M,xI:'rH.x STIIBEE S.xI.I,E COLE AdI'f'rfixing Edifor M,-,IIYANN MEIIDIIVM Assishmfs JIM WINFIIEX' FRANK XYANCE Phofograiplzy Edifor JANE MENIIUN Dedication Photograph ers Am' BAPPE JIM f'II,xMPI,IN Ari' Edifor JANE THOMAS Assisfcmt PHx'I.I.Is SPRAGUE F0111 ure E ditoir JACKIE SCHULZ Assisfant Feature Editors DORIS MCNEII. PHYLLIS BIATHEYVS Boys' Sporfs Editor DICK I-IALI, Girlx' Sporfs Editor Drmsm' BIUNN "Wo, the SPIRIT Staff of 1949, dedicate this book to Richard Trump, our advisor, in sincere apprec-iaiiou of the help and guidance that he has given us during thc year." PICTURE BOOK or pR0gRE55 Q04 PM 5 cr alfa cp Z M249 JM'-V fbi dm W C954j 52, ,7"'j,.,. ,bww "ff 0 ll X ilfwjjjgff , ,Y G24-0 This HH! NP I,,W if uf Ls: ' and-5 W Izffmi ,,,, ,, ,,,, ,.t,, M,,,'l:iC,j'w yi 444-I iq 74-A41 ,. 1f,,,. ,, fW ,,,1 WWMMU mIsm . C-ous! 'ga' M ,444 uv H1111 If w f,,,. ,, ,,,. ,,,,ww L WW-www f8.Jf:6,L-'-y- Four Administration Seniors . I'i1c101'c'lassn1vr1 Athletics . Orgzmizaitions Activities . Contents Page Page Pa Page Page Page mf' These are the Faces that Advise MH and Guide - - Q Q17 E. XX? 4 F is Administration i' Dr. Sieven Wcikins checks over the records 'AMI-w-,.f..,,,,, i. """ik...N,,.., Qwxpxm X v:li'ir-ly ul' :ivlivilivs lwvps lJl'. Sll'YK'll N. ,Xelvisvr :xml Qllliltl lu l-x'0i'y .Ximls lligli Slll xY2IllilIlS. Sllln-i'iiil0iimlviil, 1l1'1'lllll1'4l1 lic not only ill-nt is groniul llvrln-i'l Xilziiiis. l'i'ilivilrzil. Hui si-wi-s :is vu-ni-iliiiziloi' ol' llii- nim- pnlmlir- sr-lmuls sm-1' ul' viii'i'ic-iilni' zinel vxtrzi viii'i'ic-iilzii' zivtivilivs in Anws. lllll Q'll2ll'llS svlmol lunsls, rlirvvls plllmlir- lw lu-Ops i'0vm'ils ol' 1-wry Sillll0llllS pi'ug'i'vss lmiiins :inml zullill wliivsiliuii 4-lzissvs. aiml elis- Plziiiiwi' of UVK'lllN. iiiziiiilziim-1' nl' liis Nlilllllill' ll'lllllll'S svliuul lmoks :mil siiliplii-s. Assisting liiin ol'upvi':1timi :mil ilism-iplim-. lic is lzii'g'vly wspoiis is Nl'l'l'l'l2ll'j' :mil sta-iiogmiplivi' i'vspm-tivm-ly :iw ililv lln' Tlw Sll1'l'0SSUl. .Xml-s High. Mary U'Nvill l-lrs. lli':iyvv lilliwl :mil Bliss li2llll'2l Sziyrv. :incl Uolllfvii Nlivliolsvii. sl-vi'i'1zii"v :mil aissislzint 'W Principal Herberi Adams gives Mary and Colleen the i' Business Manager Frank Howell poses with secrefaries Sizr low down Grayce Elliot! and Laura Sayre Administration i' School physician Kenneth Piercy and Mrs. Eva Skarshaug, nurse, lake Don Anderson's tempera- iure. Every morning from eighl io eighf-ihiriy, this medical team checks stu- dents who have been abseni three or more consecutive days. to Mr. Adams, keep the reeords straight. Some oi' the olyfiee work was done by Ames High girls during their study peroids. These included: Ruby .Xlexandeig lfiea liriley, Pati Clark, Ada Marie Vlausen. Salle Cole, Uolleen Daulton. Delores Dryer. .lan Gerbraeh, Jane Gilman, Bev Gore, Judy Green, Joan Hilis, Jo Ann iloiifman, Mary Anne King, .Xliee Kirwin. Janis Marvin, Phyllis Mathews, Doris Mc-Neil, Maryann Mel- drnm, Betty Miller, Donna Myriand, lla Vonne Peterson, Norma Roelofsen. Joan Schreiber, Delores Hills, Vynthia Van Alstine. and Mal'- garet VValsh. The Ames Board of lfldueation is the adminis- trative body of' The Ames Public Sehools. The seeond Monday of eaeh month the sehool board of five members, ihe Treasurer, the secretary, and the superintendent of sehoois meet in the board room burning the night oil to keep Ames' nine schools funetioning etfieiently. Members are elected at large for three year ' YY. gfq terms whieh are alternated so as to have ex- perieneed members at all times. The treasurer is eleeied for two years and the seereiary is appointed for one year. 'l'he Board of Edueation is responsible for The educational program of 2,3350 siudenis and The supervision oi' over one hundred faculty appoint- ments. 'Dec-iding sf-bool polic-ies and handling the budget and approving iinaneial matters eon- eerning the sehools are tasks of The board. inereasing enrollments in the lower grades have added io the problem of already erowded sehool rooms This year. Members of the lioard of Edueation are Ray V. Cunningham, presidentg Frank ll. Howell, seeretaryg Hiram Munn, treasurerg and Stephen N. Vlfatkins, superintendent of schools. Other members are Frank E. Adams, N. J. I-Srintnall, John D. Taylor. and William Murray. Mr. Murray replaeed Mrs. James VV. Johnson in February at the time of her death. Seven Administration Mi-mlwrs ot' tho Boziril of l'Icluu:ition aro for tho 1-onstrui-tion ot' two new eloniontziry Ray U. lllllllllllglhllll. prvsidvnt: N. J. lirint- sc-hools. nzlll. i'll'Hllli Ailznns. Dr. J. IJ. 'l':iylor zlncl Mrs. It is hopvml that tho physical 1-mluczition t'z1c-ili- 'l'. J. Mzinoy. Frzinli ll. Howell svrvvs :is tivs at fll'lliI'2ll Junior High Sc-hool can he si-vi-ot:n'y to thi- lroziril and Hirznn Munn are nioclvrnizwl and ilnprovi-il in orclvr that :ill suvh 'l'i'4-iis111'vi', l"ollowin,Q1ln1 ilozith of Mrs. Jznnvs nvtivitios l'l'l2ll0il to the junior high progfrznn Johnson. Mrs, 'l'. J. Maint-y was vlvctvcl to till may lw varrivd on within thc il0llll'2ll School the- uni-xpirm-il ti-rm ot' M rs. Johnson. plant. This would allow :1 nnwh hrozulvr and lluv to the iiiviw-zisvil lmusinc-ss :ic-tivitivs rv- finer progrznn for tht- pupils :it Vvntrnl Junior quirvcl in that opvrzltion ot' our svhool system High Svhool :intl also provicli' niori- tinn- for :intl thi- t'Vltll'lll' l'lll2ll'gl'6'lll0lll ot' our systvni usv of tho high sf-hool Q'ylllll2lSlllIll hy high within the ncar t'uturv. thi- lloiirml ot' l'Itllll'2l- S4'l100lp1lpllS. tion 11-:ic-livcl tho ill-vision that it would he in At the- Vtlgllllill' spring' 1-lcction. pvrmission tln' intvrvst of 1-ft'ic-imn-y :intl wisv IIIHIIEIQIPIIIOIIT was ohtziinwl lil'lllll tha- pi-ople of Ann-s to svll to 4-niploy ai lillll-illllt' liusinvss Malizigm-r. l"ranli tho Field Housv. lnzisniuvh :is this lmuilrling has ll. Howvll. who has soi'vc-il tho lmozlrfl ns sei-rw liven use-ml lay thi- sm-hools for shown-r room tziry for zz pvriocl of 26 yvzirs, was 0lllIJl0y91l favilities only. it was thought ln-st to sell the Novvnilwr l to tziliv over this part of thi- propvrty :intl vonstruvt 21lll'llll2lf0 showvr rooln znlniinistrzitivowork. favilitivs :it tliv zlthlvtic' fivlcl for :ill suvh Ut' major i'onc'1'rn to tho llozircl ot' l'hluv:ition zivtivitivs. tlirougrhout tho prusvnt your has liven its plan- ln ziclmlition to tln-sv iti-ms thc- lioziril of ning' for thi- viilai'g'eim-iit :intl iinprovenn-nt ol' l'Ichu-zition has plains for 21 suitzililv lvuilmling' in tlm vntirv school systvni. which to house the l"r:inklin Si-hool pupils. I'1ii0i-givsln1x't- lm-n ilirvvtecl towairil tlw pro' A honml issuv to 1-ova-r the- costs ol' all now vision ol' suffix-it-nt vlzissrooni spawn- for olv- proposed vonstruvtion was prvsvntcil to thai nn-ntnry pupils :intl plans hzivo lawn ilu-vi-lop:-fl votc-rs :lt n spot-izil vlevtion hm-lil Monday. May 2. fl tl LE!-'T 'ro RIGHT: Supt. Watkins, N. J. Rrintnall, Mrs. James Johnson, Ray Cunningham, Frank Howell, Frank Adanis, J. D. Taylor Eiyht Teachers A ps CHARLOTTE NELSON Girls Advisor EVERETT RITLAND Boys Advisor Waiting for her next problem case To whom many turn MARY MC NALLY MRS. RUTH BRUCH EDNA WILCOX World Literature Dramatics American Literature Around the world in one semester "To be or not to be" Copy your assignment in your N.B. N me Teachers RAY SMALLING LAURENCE SIMMERING ELMER AURAND Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Building for the future Those who can-do. What man hath wrought JOAN BOSWELL DOROTHY BIMSON MRS. ROSE ELLIOTT Spanish Art Latin It's an old Spanish custom It's nice, but what is it? E Pluribus Unum Ten DONALD HARTT RUTH MILLER WILLIAM SLAICHERT English Mathematics Plane Geometry As it should be spoke A's are minus quantities The study of figures is intriguing Teachers EDNA MUNDT HELEN PENNER MARY ELLEN SHEAFFER Home Economics Cafeteria Home Economics For posterity's sake The way to a man's heart The woman's touch RICHARD DAY JEAN MILLER EDNA BOWER Instrumental Music Strings Vocal Music "Power to soothe the savage beast" Keeps her "beau" strung Not exactly celestial choir, but WANDA REX OPAL ROBINSON MADELENE CANVIN Commercial Girls Physical Education Typing Gregg is more important than Greek Clean suit, Robbie Hunting, pecking is O.K. for woodpecker: lflleurn Teachers KENNETH WELLS RON NORMAN HIRAM COVEY Athletics American History, Basketball coach Social Studies Give me men From battles past to battles present Toward world peace 'I'u'Pl we MRS. IDA MAE DOUGAN KENNETH PAGE MRS. ELIZABETH DICKINSON American History American Government Library "Tell us" what happened The least governed are the best governed Silence is golden RICHARD TRUMP RONALD EASTER Biology Chemistry What is a gaseous vertebrate? H25 vs. Chanel No. 5 These Are The Seniors That Took High School In Stride li? TOP: Swank, llill llyrus, l'vt01'S, .Xllb0x't, l+Zx'sl:xnxl, Gnre Alilmnic: MV. I-Iastor, Yoxlvr, Vl'infi'c-y, llxxxulspx-4-xl lIOT'1'oM: Avmxlxl, Il. Hall, ll. Jmlgl-, llilnxzxn, Cunrximzlxzxnx l,x-xl liy ilu- S1-lxiux' Sm-ii:xTv. pivlxxrxxxl zxlxovv, llzwm-i'lyll0I'1'.H:xl'l'ivT llzxwli, :xml lla-lxlxy Mxiixxi. tliv sm-ixim' 1-l:xr's ol' '49 xvzxs xliwvtvxl lxy 1-lass lloys illl1'llillllQ' Hnwlwyxl Iloys' ST:x1x' wvrx- xmi'l'ivx-i's llulx ll:xll. prvsixlvixlg .liixx Ymlvr, vivv- l':xg'4- Armxlxl. VV:xym- llrowxx. Mx-will llzxxilloix, prvsixlx-lil: llzxgrx- .Xi'mxlrl. svx'i'x1l:xx'y: :xml l3:xx'- Vlixxx-lc l'll'llSl. llixfli l'llllt'll2llll. llxxlm llzxll, llivli lx:xi':x .lxixlggxn ll'l'ilSlll'0l', .Xloxxg with spoxxsoi' Hull, llill l,:xHi':xixg'm-, l'x-rky llixlvll. Ray lixiixkx-l llumxlxl l'l:xst0l'. llxxx Sx-uim' Svmxlv was rvspons- :xml llixilq Sxwxiik. ll:xy lluiikx-l wzxs 1-lx-vtxwl ilxlv for pl:xmxiixg tlxx- :xc-tivitivs ol' sx-ixixn' wvvk. l,ivxi1x'ix:xixl-4low-i'ixxxi' :xml llix-li l'lllll'lIlllll wus llnys :xml girls ul' thx- immtlx woi'4- 1-lxosvix lxy lmixxwx-fl Ivy ln-iixgr x-lxxm-ix to :xttx-ml tlxv Iloys' V:xi'iox1s Aixxvs sm-Vvim-xi clubs :xml wvrv lliv clxilfs l"0l'l1l1l in VV:xsliiixQ1mx. ll. if glwsts for ax ixxmitlx vitlwl' this y02ll' or lzxst. 'l'lxx- Doris Mx-Nvil was vliosvix :xs tlxo .Xxm-s llirls' fxxllxxwiiig' lxoys wx-ro svlvvfvxl: .l:xvk .Xxl:xms. Pzxgrv Stsxtv x'vpi'x-svixtextivv lxy Tlxu .-Xnxxxs Ill-gimx Auxi- Arixolml, XY:xym- llruwxi, llill llj'l'llS, Morrill li:xi'y. llilllllilll, llic-k l'lillK'll2llIl. Ilolm ll:xlI, Ilivk Hzxll. lk-Inlay lllllllll wmx tlxv x-oxiixly ll..X.R. llxmxl llill li:x llwxixgx-. l'vi'ky llixlvll, llic-k llyixvli. Vitizc-llsliip .Mx':xi'xl. lf'x'x-xlmly Martin, .lzxvk l'vtvi's, .lim Rolmorlsmx, Slwilzx llloxxw, Doris MvNcil :xml Jmly llzxxxtz lizxy llxiixkx-l,.l:xvli Sfzxmllcy, llivk Swzxixlc. l::xi'i'3' won 0:xSlx :xw:xi'xlw for their prim- wiiiiiiixgr 'l'lxm-px-. l'll'2lllli Vzxxicv, Jinx Wixxl'i'c-y, :xml .lim Tlixxiiix-S on "Why llx-ixiuviwxx-y Wm-ks." Y1lll4'l'. The svixiurs xlrvw ilwii' lxiglx sr-lxool c':xx'v0x's 14x Soxxioi' girls of thx- imxixtlx wen- N:xm'y Ll-0 :x x-losv with their lust proxxx xlzxtv :xml thx- lxzxlxpy llllll0l'. Vii'g'iixi:x 4'uixniixg'li:xixx, Jwxn llxmxlspvexl, xxxviximivs oi' .Xnws lligli xlzxys. I-'mxrfxwxx '58 , Q?- u ' hui' -l'l1nfog11'upIm by Stuff l'I1ntoynv1pl1r'1's mul 'fum fllussmx SENICR FINALE f I l , Fif1f'l'7l Seniors ADAMS, JOHN F.: Hi-Y 1,2,3, cabinet 1,2,33 Choir 1,2,33 March- ing band 13 Swing band 2,31 Band 1,2,3, president 33 Football 1,2,3Q Basketball 1,21 Track 1,21 Tennis 33 Varsity club 3. AHLQUIST, EDWARD ROBERT: Hi-Y 1,2,33 Choir 23 Orchestra 1. 2,3, vice president 23 String En- semble 1,2,33 Junior Red Cross Council 13 Cubs club 1,2. ALEXANDER, RUBY LEE: Girl Reserve 1,2,3, representative 13 Marching band 1,22 Dramatics 1,2. ALLBERT, ROBERT B.: Hi-Y 1, 2,33 Homeroom president 33 Stu- dent council 33 vice president 33 Senior Senate l: Fcothall 13 Track 13 Tennis 2,3. ALLEN, PHILIP M.: Hi-Y 1,2,32 Choir 1,2,3. ANDERSON, ADRIAN D.: Hi-Y 2,33 Homeroom president 23 Stu- dent council 23 Radio club 33 Youth Center council 3. Moved from Saginaw, Michigan, 2.d,A lvl rp ixblg ANDERSON, MARILYN A.: Girl Reserve 1,2,3, representative 33 Mixed chorus 23 G.A.A. 1,2,3, repre' sentative 3. fy sms-an ARNOLD, ROBERT PAGE: Hi-Y 1,2,33 Junior Class president3 Sen- ior Class secretary3 Dramatics 1, 2,3, business manager 23 Track 1,2,33 Varsity club 1,2,33 Intramural council 2,33 Senior Senate3 Junior Executive council: Junior class playg Firesquad 1,2,3, ARRASMITH, PAUL W.: Hi-Y 1. 2,35 Homeroom president 23 Stu- dent council 23 Mixed chorus 1,22 Football 1,2,33 Track 1,22 Golf 33 Junior class DIHYQ Firesquad 1,2,3. BAPPE, DALE EVERETT: Hi-Y 1,2,3. BARBER, JOHN ROBERT: Hi-Y 1,2,3Q Football 13 Track 13 Intra- mural manager 2,3Q Choir 2. BARRIE, W. ALEX: Hi-Y 1,2,3Q Marching band 1,2. BECKLEY, RUSSEL F.: Hi-Y 1, 2,33 Intramural council 3. BELL, CHARLES V.: Hi-Y 1,2,3. Seniors BENNETT, JERRY: Hi-Y 1,2,33 Homeroom secretary 23 Home-roonl vice president 33 Dramatics 1,2,33 Junior class playj Palm 33 Junior Red Cross council 3. Moved from Madison, Wisconsin 1. BERGESON, KENNETH W.: Hi-Y 1,2,3. BIORN-HANSEN, VERA: Girl Re- serve 2,32 Glee club 23 Choir 33 Orchestra 2,33 Junior class play: Movie Operators club 2,3, secretary- treasurer 2,32 Srmrr 2. Moved from Syracuse, New York 2. BLAIR, FRANK EDWARD: Hi-Y 1,2,3Q Hoinerooin activity directcr 33 Choir 1,2,33 Track 1,2,3Z Intra- mural council 3. J, BOND, BILL D.: Hi-Y 1,2,33 Home- room activity director 23 Dramatics 13 Radio club 3, secretary-treasurer 3: Movie Operators club 1. BOWERS, MARILYN J.: Girl Re- serve 1,2,3, representative 3, BRILEY, BEATRICE ELAINE: Girl Reserve 1,2,3, treasurer 33 Honieroom president 13 Student council 13 Glee club 1,23 Pep club 2,3. BROWN, WAYNE WILLIAM: Hi-Y 1,2,3, treasurer 2, cabinet 23 Home- room president 1, activity director 33 Student council 1, president 33 Ch-oir 2,3, robe keeper 33 orchestra 23 Marching band 1,23 Football 1, 2,33 Basketball 13 Track 1,21 Jun- ior Red Cross council 13 Firesquad 1,2,3, secretary 3. BUTLER, NANCY LEE: Girl Re- serve 1,2,3, president 3, cabinet 23 Honierooin activity director 1, pres- ident 23 Student council 2, secre- tary 23 Choir 2,31 Pep club 1,2,3Q Cubs club 23 Youth Center council 1,2, secretary 2. BYRUS, WILLIAM CHARLES: Hi-Y 1,2,33 Homeroom activity director 23 Senior Senate3 Foot- ball 1,2,33 Track 1,2,33 Varsity club 2,3Q Youth Center council 2. N E.: Hi-Y 1,2,33 x rus 13 Orchestra 1,23 rchi g band 1,21 Football 1,2,33 rack 23 Varsity club 2,3. ff' :WW ARP NTER, NORMA: Girl Re- serve 3. Moved from Scottsbluff, Nebraska 3. CHRISTENSON, DUANE L.: Hi-Y 1,2,33 Dramatics 1. CHRISTENSEN, DON E.: Hi-Y 1,2,33 Dramatics 1. Seventeen S niors CLARKE, ANNE: Girl Reserve 2,33 Glee club 23 Choir 33 G.A.A. 23 Junior Red Cross council 33 Moved from Johnston, Iowa 2. CLARK, PATT: Girl Reserve 1.2,3. cabinet 33 Student council 13 Home- room president 13 Mixed chorus 1,23 Draxuatics 1,33 G.A.A. 1,2,3, repre- sentative 33 Pep club l,2,3I Cheer Squad 3. CLAUSEN, ADA MARIE: Girl Re- serve 1,2,3, representative 33 Dra- niatics 1,2,33 G.A.A. 1,2, represen- tative 2. COLE, SALLE LEE: Girl Reserve 1,2,3, cabinet 23 Homeroom pres- ident 13 Student council 13 Glee club 1,23 G.A.A. 1,2,3, social chair- man 13 Pep club 2,3, president 3: SPIRIT 33 Cubs club 1. COMSTOCK, MARY ANN: Gill Reserve 1.2.33 Dramatics 1,2,3. COOK, BERT CLAIRE: Hi-Y 1,2,3Q Homeroom intramural captain 33 Football 13 Track 1.2. CROSLEY, JACQUELYN KAY: Girl Reserve 1.2.33 Glee Club 1,2,33 Dramatics 1.21 G.A.A. 1. Eighteen CUNNINGHAM, F. MITCHELL: Hi-Y 2,33 Homeroom activity di- rector 33 Orchestra 2,33 String ensemble 2,3Q Moved from St. Marys 2. CUNNINGHAM, VIRGINIA MAE: Girl Reserve 1,2,3, assistant treas- urer 2, cabinet 23 Homeroom pres- ident 3: Student council 33 Junior Class secretaryg Glee club 1,2, librarian 23 Marching band 1,2,33 G.A.A. 1,2,3, secretary-treasurer 33 Pep club 3. DAINE, MARY: Girl Reserve 1,2,3, assistant treasurer 2, representa- tive 33 Homeroom secretary 1,2, activity director 13 Mixed chorus 23 Dramatics 13 G.A.A. 1,2,33 Pep club 1,2,3, treasurer 33 Youth Cen- ter council 3. DAULTON, MARY COLLEEN: Girl Reserve 1,2,3, representative 13 Homeroom treasurer 13 Mixed chorus 1,22 Dramatics 12 G.A.A. 1,2,3, president 33 Pep club 33 Srmrr 3. DAULTON, MERRITT: Hi-Y 1,2,33 Homeroom vice president 1, secre- tary 23 Football 1,2,3Q Basketball 1,2,33 Track 1,2,33 Varsity club 2,3. DRYER, MARIAN DELORES: Girl Reserve 1,2,3, representative 23 Homeroom secretary 33 Mixed chorus 23 Dramatics 1,2, secretary 2: G.A.A. 1. DUNLAP, JACK G.: Hi-Y 1,2,33 Homeroom activity director 13 Movie Operators club 2,3, vice pres- ident 2,33 Intramural council 2. S ' EDWARDS, DON J.: Hi-Y 1,2,3: Homeroom vice president 1: Foot- ball 1,2: Track 1: Intramural coun- cil 2. ELLSVVORTH, ED: Hi-Y l,2,3. EMERY, ROBERT G.: Hi-Y 1,2,3: Movie Operators club 1,2,3: Fire- squad 1,2,3. ERNST ,CHARLES GEORGE: Hi-Y 1,2,3: Homeroom secretary 1,2: F'ootball 1: Basketball 1: Track 1: Cheer Squad 2.3: Youth Center couucil 3: Firesquad 1,2,3. ERNST, RONALD JOHN: Hi-Y 1,2,3: Golf 1: Football, basketball, and track trainer 1.2: student man- ager 3: Varsity club 3. ERSLAND, JERRY J.: Hi-Y 1,2,3: Homeroom vice president 1, activity director 2, president 3: Student council 3, treasurer 3: Senior Sen- ate: Mixed chorus 3: Junior Red Cross council 3: Cubs cl b 1,2,3: Srmrr 3. 8 We FINCHAM, RICHARD WAYNE: Hi-Y 1,2,3, vice president 2: pres- ident 3: Homeroom president 1: Student council 1: Football 1,2,3: Track 1,2,3: Varsity club 1,2,3: Firesquad 1,2,3, president 3. JJAJT' FITZGERALD, CLEO REGIS: Hi- Y 1,2,3: Choir 2,3: Dramatics 1. FJARE, PAUL Hi-Y 1,2,3, representative 3: Homeroom secre- tary-treasurer 2: Track 2.3: Movie Operators club 1,2.3. FOUST, SHIRLEY MARIE: Girl Reserve 1,2,3, representative 3: Glee club 1,2,3: Marching band 1,2,3. GILMAN, JANE G.: Girl Reserve 1,2,3, cabinet 3, representative 2: Homeroom activity director 2: Dramatics 1: Senior Senate: G.A.A. 1,2,3: representative 2: Junior Red Cross council 1,2: Cubs club 2: SPIRIT 2,3: Pep club 3. GLASSON, TOM L.: Hi-Y 1,2,3: Radio club ' Movie Operators club 1 AMW GOODSPEED, JEAN F.: Girl Re- serve 1,2,3, cabinet 2: representa- tive 3: Homeroom president 1,2: Student council 1,2, treasurer 2: Glee club 1,2: Senior Senate: Pep Club 2,3: G.A.A. 1,2: Srmrr staff 2,3, editor 3. GORE, BEVERLY: Girl Reserve l,2,3: Homeroom secretary 2, pres- ident 3: Student council 3: Senior Senate: Glee club 1, librarian 1: Mixed chorus 2: assistant general treasurer 3: Pep club 3. Nineteen Seniors GREEN, JUDITH ANN: Girl Re- serve 1.2.31 HOII19l'0Olll vice pres- ident 23 Mixed chorus 13 Draniatics 13 G.A.A. 1,2.33 Pep club 2,32 Cheer Squad 2,33 Srmrr 3. HAAS, N. KURT: Hi-Y 1.2,3. HALL, ROBERT C.: Hi-Y 1,2,3. cabinet 2,33 H1JIIl6l'00lll president 2, vice president 13 Student council 2, vice president 23 Senior Class pres- ident 33 Senior Senate 33 Football 1.2.31 Basketball 13 Track 1,23 Varsity club 2.3, secretary 33 Fire- squad 1.2.3. HALL, RICHARD DAWSON: Hi-Y 1.2.3, representative 1,23 Home- room president 13 Student council 13 Intramural council 13 Junior Executive council 23 Football 1.2,33 Basketball 1,2.33 'Track 11 Tennis 2,33 Varsity club 2.3, treasurer 33 Cubs club 2.33 Firesquad 1.2.3. HAND, OPAL: Girl Reserve 2,33 Cabinet 33 Homeroonl secretary 33 Glee club 2,3, president 33 G.A.A. 33 Moved from Napier. Iowa 1947. HARPER, LOWELI. JAMES: Hi-Y 1.2.3, representative 23 Homeroonx activity director: Mixed chorus 23 Track 1.2.3. HAUSER, DUANE: Hi-Y 1.2,3. representative 33 Mixed Chorus 13 Choir 233. Twenty HAWK, HARRIET: Girl Reserve 1,2,3Q Homeroom vice president 23 Mixed Chorus 1,23 Choir 33 G.A.A., representative 3. HILLS, JOAN CARLA: Girl Re- serve 1,2,3, representative 33 Glee Club 13 Dramatics 1.2.3. HOLLAND, LESLIE A.: Hi-Y 1, 2,33 Football 13 Basketball 13 Track 1. HUDSON. NVILLIAM R.: Hi-Y 1,2,3. HUSE, DON: Hi-Y 1.2.33 Junior Class play. JOHN, MARY SUE: Girl Reserve 1.2.3, representative 13 Homerooin vice president 13 Glee club 1,2,3Q Choir 2,3, librarian 33 Dramatics 13 Pep club 2,33 Si'Ilu'r 3. JOHNSON, NORMA J.: Girl Re- serve 1,2,3Q Glee club 1,23 Cubs club 2 S niors JOHNSON, TOM: Hi-Y 1,2,33 Homeroom vice president 13 Foot- ball 1,23 Basketball 13 Track 1,2. JUDGE, BARBARA: Girl Reserve 1,2,3, cabinet 3, representative 23 Senior class treasurer 33 Dramatics 1,2,33 Palm 2,3Q Senior Senate 3. KELLEY, DON L.: Hi-Y 1,2,33 Homeroom president 23 Student council 23 Basketball 1,2,33 Track 1,2,3Q Varsity club 2,32 Intramural council 2. KING, MARY ANNE: Girl Reserve 1,2,3, secretary 3, cabinet 23 Home- noom vice president 1, secretary 23 Glee club l2,33 Mixed chorus 13 Choir 33 Orchestra 13 String en- semble 13 Pep club 33 Cubs club 1. LA GRANGE, WILLIAM S.. Hi-Y 1,2,33 Homeroom president 1, secre- tary 1,23 Student council 13 March- ing band 13 Football 1,2,33 Basket- ball 1,21 Track 1,2,3Q Varsity club 2,3, vice president 33 SPIRIT 3, LANTZ, JUDITH A.: Girl Reserve 1,2,3, cabinet 33 Glee club 1,21 Orchestra 2,3Q String ensemble 2,31 Cubs club 2. LIDELL, GEORGE H.: Hi-Y 1,2,3: Homeroom vice president 1,2Q Foot- ball 1,2,33 Basketball 1,2,3, captain3 Track 1,2,33 Varsity club 2,3, his- torian 2,31 Junior Red Cross coun- cil 23 SPIRIT 2,3. A EE -4 -I LIKELY, FLOSSIE: Girl Reserve 1,2,3, representative 13 Glee club 1,2,3, president 23 Mixed chorus 23 Choir 2,33 Junior Red Cross coun- cil 1. LONG, RAY A.: Hi-Y 1,2,3Q or- chestra 1,2,3, president 33 March- ing band 1,2,33 Golf 33 Junior Red Cross c-ouncil 23 Youth Center coun- cil 3. LYNCH, RICHARD A. Hi-Y 1,2,3, cabinet 1,2,33 Football 1,2,33 Track l,2,33 Varsity club 2,3. MC NEIL, DORIS M.: Girl Reserve 1,2,3, representative 1,2,3Q Home- room activity director 23 Glee club 1,23 Dramatics 1,2,3, Palm 33 G.A.A. 1,2,3, representative 2,32 Junior Red Cross council 2. MARTIN, DE LORIS D.: Girl Re- serve 1,2,3, representative 33 March- ing band 33 G.A.A. 1,2,3, representa- tive 3. MARTIN, RICHARD: Hi-Y 1,2,33 Honiero-om activity director 33 Intramural council 1,2,3. CN llwwil MAR I , THOMAS FISEDERICEQ: Hi-Y 1,2,33 Homeroom president 23 Student council 23 Student Body president 33 Mixed chorus 23 Choir 2,31 Football 13 Intramural council 1,2. Twenty-one Seniors MARVIN, JANIS: Girl Reserve 1,2,3, cabinet 33 Dramatics 1,2,3, executive council3 Palm 2,33 Li- brary club 1,2,3, president 33 G.A.A. 2,33 Cubs club 1. MATHER, ROGER ALAN: Hi-Y 1,2,33 Football 2,33 Track 1,2,33 Varsity club 3. MATHEWS, PHYLLIS CORRINE: Girl Reserve 1,2,3, representative 23 Dramatics 1.2,33 Palm 33 Pep club 33 SPIRIT 3: G.A.A. 1,2,3. MELDRUM, MARYANN M.: Girl Reserve 1,2,3, cabinet 3, representa- tive 13 Homerooni activity direct.-or 13 Choir 1,2,3, secretary-treasurer 33 Junior Red Cross council 1,23 Cubs club 23 Youth Center council 23 Sifmri' 1,22 staff 3. 1 ' ":f 1 3 f,-,f .J-f . MILLER, BETTY RUTH: Girl Re- serve 1,2,3, representative 33 G.A.A. 13 Junior Red Cross council 23 Cubs club 23 Srmrr 3. MILLER, PHYLLIS: Girl Reserve 1,2,3, representative 13 Homeroom secretary 1,22 Dramatics 1,2,33 Pep club 1,2,3, vice president 33 Cubs club 1,23 Junior Class play3 Sl'mI'r 1,2. MOORE, SHEILA: Girl Reserve 1,2,33 Honieroom secretary 2,33 Draniatics 1,2,33 Palm 33 G.A.A. 1,2,33 Cubs club 1,23 Movie Oper- ators elub 3. Twenty-two MUNN, DEBORAH ANN: Girl Re- serve 1,2,3, president 3, cabinet 33 Homeroom secretary 1, vice pres- ident 132, activity director 33 Jun- ior Class vice Dl'9Sid9I1tQ Junior executive council 23 Pep club 2,33 SPIRIT 3. MYRLAND, DONNA MARIE: Girl Reserve 1,2,3, cabinet 23 Homerooni secretary 13 Glee club 1,2, vice pres- ident 2, president 23 Choir 2,33 Library club 23 G.A.A. 1,2,3, repre- sentative 23 Youth Center council 3. NELSON, JOHN M.: Hi-Y 1,2,3: moved from Stanhope, Iowa. NEWELL, G. HAROLD: Hi-Y 1, 2,33 Homeroom president 1,23 Stu- dent council 1,23 Mixed chorus 1.2, secretary-treasurer 23 Football 1, 2,33 Track 1.2. ORTH, JOHN HOWARD: Hi-Y 1, 2,33 Homeroom secretary 1, vice president 33 Mixed chorus 1,23 Foot- ball 1,32 Track 1,23 Cubs club 33 Movie operators club 2,3. PAULSON, LEN: Hi-Y 1,2,33 Or- chestra 1,22 Marching band 1,23 Swing band 23 Intramural council 1. PEDERSON, ELLEN: Girl Reserve 1,2,3, cabinet 3, representative 11 Homeroom secretary 13 Dramatics 1,2,3, business manager 3, Palm3 G.A,A. 1,2,3, vice president 3, repre- sentative 13 Pep club 1,2,33 Cubs club 2. S niors PETERS, JACK: Hi-Y 1,2,33 Jun- ior class treasurerg Orchestra 1, 2,3, vice president, 33 Marching band 1,2,33 Swing band 33 Football 33 Basketball 13 Track 1,2,33 Cubs club 23 Firesquad 1,2,33 Junior Executive council3 Senior Senate. PETERSON, NANCY SALOME: Girl Reserve 1,2,33 Homeroom secre. tary 1,23 Glee club 1,23 Choir 33 Orchestra 1,2,3, secretary-treasurer 33 String ensemble 1,2,33 G.A.A. 1,2. POWELL, COLLEEN: Girl Reserve 1,2,3Q Hoinerooni secretary 1,2, representative 33 Dramatics 13 G.A.A. 1,2,33 Srmrr 3. PRATHER, JAMES S.: Hi-Y 1,2,33 Dramatics 1,23 Football 1,2,33 Track 1,2,3. RAHMER, DORIS LORIENE: Girl Reserve 2,33 I-Iornerooni secretary 33 moved from Shenandoah, Iowa 2. ROBERTSON, JAMES SH EF- FIELD: Hi-Y 1,2,3: Football 1,2,3. captain 33 Varsity club 1,2,33 Bas- ketball 1,2.33 Track 1,2,33 Youth Center council 2. RUNKEL, RAMON A.: Hi-Y 1,2,33 Honierooxn activity director 1,2, vice president 2, president 33 Stu- dent council 33 Mixed chorus 13 Choir 2,3, president 33 Football 1,2,3Q Basketball 13 Track 1.2.32 Varsity club 1,2,3, president 33 Senior Senate. C1595 f' R SAMPSON, CHRISTOPHER: Hi-Y l,2,33 Homeroom activity director 1. SCHAFROTH, R. CLAIR: Hi-Y 1,2,3. SCHRIEBER, JOAN MARIE: Girl Reserve 1,2,3Q Glee club 1,22 Dra- matics 1: G.A.A. 1,2,3. CHULZ, JACQUELINE ANN: Girl Reserve 1,2,3, cabinet 33 Glee club 1,2, secretary-treasurer 23 Or- chestra 1,2,33 String ensemble 1, 2,33 Junior Red Cross council 1,2,33 representative 1,22 Cubs club 1,23 Sriitrr 2, staff 3. SILLS, DOLORES IMOGENE: Girl Reserve 1,2,3, representative 23 Glee Club 33 Mixed chorus 1,21 March- ing band 2,31 G.A.A. 1,2. SINGER, DONALD ALBERT: Hi- Y 1,2,3Q Mixed chorus 1,23 Junior class play. SKINNER, ROBERT B.: Hi-Y 1, 2,33 Track 1,2,33 Varsity club 3. Twenty-th ree S niors SMITH, LAVONIA BELL: Girl Reserve 1,2,3, representative 13 Glee club 1,2,3. SMITH, ROZELLA M.: Girl Re- serve 1,2,3, representative 33 Glee club 1,2,3Q G.A.A. 1. SOMA, MARILYN G.: Girl Reserve 1,2,3, cabinet 23 Homeroom activity director 33 Choir 1.2,3, robe keeper 23 Dramatics 13 G.A.A. 1,2,3Q repre- sentative 2.3. SPRAGUE, PHYLLIS JOANNE: Girl Reserve 1,2,3, cabinet 3, repre- sentative 23 Homertoom activity director 2, secretary-treasurer 33 Glee club 33 Mixed chorus 1,23 G.A.A. 1.2.33 Pep club 33 Svmrr 3. STANDLEY, JOHN WARNER: Hi-Y 1,2,3, cabinet 33 Mixed chorus 1, Choir 2,3. SUMMERS, BEVERLY LEE: Girl Reserve 1,2,3, representative 1, cab- inet 33 Mixed chorus 13 Choir 2,3, vice president, 3: Dralnatics 1,2,3, Palm 33 G.A.A. 1,23 Pep club 33 Movie Operators club 33 Si'nu'r 3. SWANK, RICHARD B.: Hi-Y 1, 2,33 Cheer Squad 2,33 Cubs club 1,23 Youth Center council 2,33 J11n- ior class play3 Srmrr 1,2, staff 33 Firesquad 1,2,33 Tennis 2,33 Senior Senate. 'l'u'e'n fy-four SVVANSON, MAURICE EUGENE: Hi-Y 1,2,3Q Football 1,23 Basketball 13 Track 1,2,3: Varsity club 2.3. TAYLOR, RICHARD W.: Hi-Y 1, 2.33 Homeroom activity di1'ector 13 Football 13 Basketball 13 Track 13 Golf 33 Junior Red Cross council 2: Sl'nu'r 3. TERRONES, MARY: Girl Reserve 1,2,3, representative 23 Homeroom vice president 33 Mixed chorus 13 Dramatics 1,2,33 Junior Executive council: G.A.A. 1,2,3. THIELMAN. PAULINE HELEN: Girl Reserve 1,2,3, cabinet 33 Home- room activity director 2: Glee club 1,2,3, librarian 33 Orchestra 2,3Q Dranlatics 1,2. THOMAS, HARRIS B.: Hi-Y 1,2,3. THOMAS, JANE ALISONE: Girl Reserve 1,2,3Q Mixed chorus 1,23 Dralnatics 1: Cubs club 2: Srmrr staff 3. THORPE, LARRY DICK: Hi-Y 1,2,33 Homeroom president 1,21 Student council 1,23 Mixed chorus 13 Choir 2.31 Football 1,2,33 Bas- ketball 1,2,31 Track 1,2,33 Varsity club 2,3. S niors TILDEN, SUSAN CLARK: Girl Reserve 1,2,3, cabinet 35 Honieroom secretary 1, president 1,25 Student council 1,2, treasurer 15 Glee club 1,2,35 G.A.A. 1,2,3, secretary-treas- urer 25 Pep club 1,2,3, secretary 35 Cheer Squad 35 Youth Center coun- cil 15 Sl'llIl'I' 2. TORESDAHL, SELMER O.: Hi-Y 1,2,35 Mixed Cl10l'l1S 15 Track 15 Youth Center council 2. TRIPP, LAWRENCE R.: Hi-Y 1, 2,35 Honierooni vice president 2,31 Intramural council 1. UHL, KENNETH: Hi-Y 1,2,31 Honierooni vice president 2,35 Ten- nis 35 Football 35 Track 1.2: Jun- ior Red Cross council 23 Srlurr 3. ULLESTAD, RICHARD CLAY- TON: Hi-Y 1,2,35 Hoinerooni pres- ident 25 Student council 25 Choir 1,2,35 Football 1,2,35 Basketball 1,2,35 Track 1,2,35 Varsity club 2,3. VAN ALSTINE, CYNTHIA MARIE: Girl Reserve 1,2,3, representative 25 Honieroonl activity directorg Dra- niatics 15 Library club 2,35 pres- ident 35 Pep club 35 Cubs club 25 Senior senate 3. VANCE, JOHN FRANKLIN: Hi-Y 1,2,3, secretary 2,35 Honiero-oni vice president 1,25 Choir 2,35 Orchestra 1,25 Marching band 15 Swing band 1,2,35 Band 1,2,35 Football 1,2,3: Track 15 Varsity club 3: Youth Center council 35 Srmrr 35 Fire- squad 1,2,3, WAKEFIELD, WINIFRED ANN: Girl Reserve 1,2,35 Glee club 1,2,35 Choir 25 Library club 25 Junior Red Cross council 25 Cubs club. VVALSH, MARGARET: Girl Re- serve 1,2,3, representative 15 Home- rooni activity director 1,25 Glee club 1,25 Drainatics 15 Junior class play. WARREN, BEVERLY LORRAINE: Girl Reserve 1,2,35 Homerooni secre- tary 35 Glee club 1,25 Draniatics 1. WEBBER, RICHARD HENRY: Hi- Y 1,2,35 Basketball 1,2,35 Track 15 Golf 1,2,35 Intramural council 15 Varsity club 1,2,35 Junior Red Cross council. WIERSON, GLORIA IDELLYS: Girl Reserve 1,2,3, representative 25 Dramatics 1. WILKIN, JOHN T.: Hi-Y 1,2,3, representative 1,25 Honierooni vice president 25 Football 15 Track 1, 2,35 Intramural council 3. WINFREY, JAMES K.: Hi-Y 1, 2,35 Homerooni president 35 Stu- dent council 3, vice president 3, secretary 35 Choir 1,2,35 Cheer squad 25 Junior Red Cross council 25 Cubs club 1,25 Intramural coun- cil 15 Junior class play: Youth Cen- ter council 15 Srmrr 2,35 Senior senate. Tzcentil-fire S niors YETTER, HELEN MARIE: Girl Reserve 1.2.3, representative 33 G.A.A. 1,2,3. YOCUM, WILLIS HARVEY: Hi-Y 1,2,3g Dramatics 23 Junior class play. PETERSON, ROBERT UHLEY: Hi-Y 33 moved from Shipley, Iowa, during his Senior year. GALLAGHER, GERTRUDE A.: Girl Reserve 33 Junior Red Cross Council 33 moved from Council Bluffs during her Senior year. Twenty-sim YODER, JIM T.: Hi-Y l,2,3, cab- inet 2,3, representative 1,Z,3g Home- room activity director 1, vice pres- ident 3g Senior class vice president: Junior Red Cross council 15 Cubs club 23 Firesquad 1,2,33 Intramural council 33 Senior senate. YOUNG, BETTY M.: Girl Reserve 1,2,3, representative 23 G.A.A. 2. RISTINE, JOHN ROLLAND: Hi-Y 3: Concert Orchestra 33 moved from Mount Pleasant during his Senior year. These, Underclassmen with Talents Galore xs- xi EGR? 1. L, wgxh G lik 4 X L "-f X A. x,, N . - Q tt- K: ni Twe11,!u-s Middle Men .Xfti-r 0lllQ'l'0NYlllQ' flu- nnnui ol' suplunnorv. Tryouts lu-grzni znul elnringr lliis tinu- ilu- plaiv 1luA jliniurs initizlivfl ilu-lnsc-lvl-s by Tziliingr an :nul l':ivm'i10 4-ln1r:u'1vrs wrrv tlui prinripli :u'1ivr part in Tlu- rmnitinvs znul nvfivifivs of SlllJ.ll'i'lS ol' 1:illi miimig juniors, lfinzilly 1lu .lnuls lligrli. 'l'lufir first pimjrf-t was vlm-1-'fingg czisl was pnsu-al willi Jim l'lnnnplin, Mnrx 1-luss nI'l'iv4-rs to lm-:ul tlu-ni llIl'0llgl'll '49. Norton lluyi-ngzi. Al2ll'lll2l Stnlwr, lilizznlu-Ili I.. Blairiin Nlvxvinsliy Hllwl tlul l'l'1lllll'l'llll'lllS ol' :i rlziss Sylvia AlIIll'l'SUll. llulwrlu Hillp:111'u'li :nul liz prvsimlm-nt zirvwmliiig' To tlui juniors. Virchprvs- Voniu' l'vtm-rsun llll'llllli'll in tlu- livniu-11 I':nniIy ulvnt Nurnui ll0l'll'l'SUll. Soc-1-1-t:1l'y -lznui lllrn- l'mnpl1-ling' ilu- 4-:ist nrvrv l':1nl Allzirt, 'lirnnx ilon. :nul lll'llllI2ll'4l l"rc-imlrim-li, trv:is1l1'rr. gwivr Rows-. llrlvn Slozilis. .Xrl S1-lunu-lun Szllli ilu' lll'l'4'SS2ll'y snpporl lo tlu-ir rlass prvxy. l'l2lVl'I'ly, Phyllis l,lUl'S0ll.ll?lllll'l'lII1'Slllllll, Nm l'innpl1-lingg' tlu- .lnnior l+1xm-m-litivv l'cnnu-il wvrv nnin llnlr. znul Ikill Ilnslny. 4'u1lu-riiui Smith, lion Plant. znul llorotliy Nnnu-runs plny vrm-ws iw:-v :nssigiuwl :nul ll2ll'S0llS. 'l'lu' spirit ol' ru-opvmlimi was snp- work on sm-1 znul l'0Sllllll1'S lu-grain ininu-mliulvly plim-il in tlul l'0llll1'll lmy Tluf intvrvsf :nul :ulvivv All juniors Tluin sri uni lu PZIIIYZIS llui Town nl' Bliss llorotliy liiinson, 1-lass snp0rvismn'. in solling' tivkvts for l"0l1i'll:ii"v 24 znul Qli. l,o0liing':1lu':ul 10 llll'l'lll2llI1'lllg.l'0l'llIl' zinnnnl l5m'l'm'v1lwpl:1y llzul lu-4-n pw-sl-i11r1l. limwvvi .llllIl1ll'-Svllllbl' l'rmn give-ii rzirli spring, tluf plans n'0rr 2lll'l'2lily llllllvl' way for Tlul l'r1nn ,llllll0l'SlH'Q.l'2lll1Dl2lllS l'0l'lll0ll't'l2lSSPl2lY.ul,l'lll1' Manly ills-:is for tlu- Tlulnu- :nul svlting' wvrl :nul lll'1',lllllll'l'.ll il rmnzintiv 1-onu-ily in illrrv rlisrnssm-ml in luipm-s ol' iiizikiiu: it 1lu's1u-inl liigli urls. wus vlumsvn lay Nl rs. lll'lll'll. ilrznnzi illl'1'1'lUl'. ligflit ol' llul y02ll'. Bliss liimsun, l'l:itt, U. Smith, Fri:-ilrich, l':irsnns, Mm-nilun. Riu-lufsm-n, M1-zvinsky is zxhsvnt. Y'i4'e'rif,ir-riyflif ,,1IUfIl!fI'llllIN hilt Shi' I'Il0fIlff?'!l1lllVFX 111111 'l'um lllrmswn I St-hool hatl not yt-t startt-tl in tht- l'all wllt-tt hall wort- not to Int- ovt-rloolct-tl ht-t-attsv ot' tht ti lllilllj' jllllltll' lnoys ht-gan tht-it' rotttint- prat-tit-t-. stattut-h support atttl grrt-at tt-am spirit. lt was this samt- tliligt-ht pt'at-tit-t- ahtl high Jttlliot- ltomt-1-ooms hy no mt-ans i't-maint-tl In spirit whit-h lwottglit tht- '49 lootlmall tt-am top tht- lrat-kggtottntl in t'tillll'lllllllllQ' to st-hool at-tl ttlllli0l't'lll't' honors, Varsity awartls wt-rv grivt-It vitit-s. 'llomt-room 208 rt-t't-ivt-tl top honors lot to llolr llttt-lt. llit-lt Vox. -lim t'l1amplin, Mark lt-atlittgg' Amt-s lligh ill tht-it' gt-nt-t'otts t-olltlt Qowt-rs alttl llavt- llappt-. .Xwartls wt-t't- also lllllltbll to tht- t't'op ltllllltl. 'l'his was a lli-Y-tllil Q'lVt'll to thl't-t- jllllltll' latls. flot- Sowt-rs, XYallat't- llt-st-1'x't- projt-t-t lot' Sl'lltllllQ' liootl ovt-l'st-'1s. Wt-ight. antl lioh llyrtts, who wt-i't- l't'SlNlllSllJlt' lllllx -ltmiol' t'lass mt-mht-I-. .loyt-t- tt:-ay. ntt tot- training' tht- ltittlt- llj'l'ltlllt'S. Not to ht- only ht-ltl tht- oI't'it-t- ol' st-t-rt-tar-y ol' ,Knit-+4 lligh ottttlont- Ivy l'ootI+all at-tivitit-s. jtmiot' I't-llows Sllltlt'lll t'otmt-il, hut was also t-lt-t-tt-tl statt tgaitt tlt-mottstt-att-tl tht-ir athlt-tit- almilitit-s in ll't'2lSlll't'l' at a joint mt-t-ting' ol' Sttltlt-nt lltlllll aslit-tlrall. lit'Q'lllill' stat'tt-rs on tht- tt-am XX't'l't' t'ils in lioont-. llit-lt Vox, llolu littt-lt, atttl littlt- "ll" .Xrltt-5' 'l'htts tht- ,llllll0l'S havt- provt-tl that asa vlass who all ratt-tl high in pit-king' up points atttl as tt-anis, as ltomt-t-ooms, antl as intlivitlttals lt-lvtrttlttlitlg. tht-y art- Sll'lVlllg1' to prtmtott- tht- motto ol .Ittttior rt-st-1-x't-s in lroth haslit-thall atttl loot- AMES Hl AIMS lllttlll '1'tt't'1tIy1-ni Juniors - IOS, Ill 'l'ul': A. Xlnlmtl, Sillhn-l', l'l:lit, ZOl1n1', Smu-1's, l,ill:u'1I, IZ1-l'Imxx', Nurhm, lmlv 3IllvlvI.l-I: Kil'Will, Siu-llmnn, Ile-ywuml, I-lulminsun, Sl14'l'lllJlIl, .Iul1ns, l:Ill'l1l'l', llllsln-1-. S ,Xncla-rs: Iin'1"1'nM 1 'l'4vwl1svwl, I'vnl5', li. .Xmln-1'sm1, I'I1'ic-kswn, Ii. Ks-Ill-5. 'lily-:1tl'iw'la, Iirih-y, Umly, Miw Nlillvr IM W, 5 . , 455, ,Aga 'C I'11 irly , u: m -, gf., . 'fwu is 'l'ul': l:l'l'lll'Il1'Il, Shipp, Stn-in, 'I'1'ipp, t'mnstm'k, Ifitvh, Hahn, limb liylus mwl.14:: Me-mlun, l:2ll'IlJll'4l, .Im'p:+-nsun, fnll't'l'llt, ll. ltrmvn. I':llXX2ll'llS, lmtq-1-, Arm-y, Miss H4-x lH'I"I'UNlZ Ahzurt, l':ul'1n-Ilia-l', lfjl'l'lJlI1Il, lim-lufse-n, 4lu1'1I, Johns, ll. l'--le-l'sul1, lllytll, ll1rI'i'm:1n Juniors - 206, 208 'I'ol': IZ. .ln!1l1sun, Stunkg, limb IH-tn-1'sm14 llzuxln-V, t'm'lwin, FI:-tn-In-r. Bly'-rs. H11-lsun, Mr. l':1:44- XIIIDIYIJCI II. Uhlse-n, ljJlIli4'lS, liruv, Iinuths, We-lu-lg Turpin, Sznilslullry, Itnrk I!u'l"ruM: Allvn, XY:lm-1:1 l!:lll:1l'4l, l'Jll'l', Stn-Q-l, .XI'I1lll1l, llwlml1'i1lga-, l'tia-r, Hruy A A f5 A QQ 'l'nl': Mialuulwlcm, llmmw-1', K'h:nmplin, I'lHY1'I'lj', Fox, Almquist, lim-k. IZmx'v1's, Ulsnn 31112111.1411 I!zlII:u'rl, XYl'ig1I1t. Ilnvis, Kyle-. .lum-s, Sl'Ilfllll'hP, liutm-s, ll1'it'I'v-rn, Mrs. Immmln l:U'I"I'lJM2 l'ttcr, Qllzulv, Hn-tty W1-rw-l, Howl-, SXYt'ill'iIlL1'l5ll, Hutchinson, Huh-s, li. I., Jumls, Il. 4l:nll:u.1 hm' Thirty-one Juniors - ll, 236 sy! 'l'u1': Y, Smith, ll. XY4-ssvl, IG-lg4:n1'1Il'iI't'itl1. Svhmiwlt, IM-zur, IXlikl-in-Is:-n, .la-lllik. Htl, 11. Ruhilwsmm, ll'x'inv Mllvlvlwz: kirby, Alm'1'lsse-y, ll. llunluym, linyw-mxu, l,:1kf-, M. .lll4lMl', XX1'1g4l1t, lnI'IlI1llQ'I'L1, 1 Inns-fn, All: luustf-1 l!r1'I"l'ux1: Il. .XIl4lPl'Hl!H, f'llHH'I'lSUIl, ID. Hznmw, Iiurun-V, Nivlsa-n, I-Z. A, Nlurtin, 'l':1yI1-V, lluln-x'sfm, lf'rin-firivll, l"'rll'S 3 L 'I'11l': S1'Il1rl'3', l':1r'suns, .l. Bmw-l's, Iluhl. P. K4-Iln-y, 1:I'HvfitII, l'1:ll'l, xx'l'lt1'I?lllll, XYy:1l1 Mmm.:-3: Il. Yurv, .X. lhlppv, 31, ngvtz, N, lqnbinsorm, I-I-lxxruwls, .l. l!1':n3tun, Kuhl, Lv.-, Miss Will-mx l!u'l"rmwxl: lii1'vlmt'I', Ihwklm-y, Niuh, l'i1-rsfm, .luluwln-zm, IC. l,. Nlnrtin, .XIIvn, liurnhznm, l'l+-:nm Il:irI,u-flaw Sophomore Daze Although this year was the first in Ames High for the sophomores, they have a lot to remember it by. To begin with, they made the usual mistakes such as walking into the wrong room, or going up the wrong flight of stairs and wandering down numerous halls until some upper elassnian helped them out. The sophomores in A Cappella ehoir and mixed ehorus worked hard and yet felt repayed by the sueeess of the Uhristmas and Easter per- formanees, llramaties also proved exeiting for many of them. Here, among other things, 'they learned to apply makeup. and they gained ex- perienee by working backstage for the various plays, by building sets. lighting the stage, and helping run the business end. Sports always ereate interest tor the sopho- mores. Hard training and good teamwork proved profitable in both football Ellld basket- ball. liob Spangler and Diek Fowler especially showed promise for future Ames High football teams. lloth of these boys at the end of 'the season played with the varsity squad. Basket- ball turned out to be a good season for the sophomores when they won all their games. Diek Fowler shone in this sport also, and Bob Brayton and Red Milliken were excellent players. These sophomore teams. whieh in a year or two will help make up the varsity squad. already show that old "Ames High Spirit." 'Hob l-Bourne, Red Milliken, and Bud Schultz contributed their talent to the Ames High Swing Band whieli played tor various sehool parties. VVhen Ames High started its yearly musie series, Bud, who is very versatile in inusie, played a piano solo with the Ames High tloneert lland. Sopliomores also proved 'their ability in the annual talent assembly. Bud Sehultz and Norma Hedriek played a piano duet and Dee Ann Smith entertained with a toe danee. Rex Peterson played an aeeordion solo, and last but not least the Vagabonds, a small band made up ehietly ot sophomores. played "On the Sunny Side of the Street," led by Diek Day. lleing able to sit in the high sehool seetion at games. going to matinee danees, singing around the Christmas tree, listening to Friend- ship Week speakers. participating in Hi-Y and CLR. activities, and even being ealled "sopho- more" have made the newcomers realize they are really part of Ames High in spirit and in body. Thirty-th ree iam.. fs 1 S 1 1111 N. lI11l111I1111 N unwn 1111 1 1 1 1 Xl 1111 1 XIIIIISUII 1 11 x 11 1111111111 1111Q. 'l'1l111 11 1 41. 11I x Ill x11n I 1x1 1x ll l1.Il'I', Xllllul N11 11 1 1 N11 llilfll' N 11 1 NR 111 x1 n 1lt1 H11 111', 'l11111n1 Sophomores 232, 235 S 'nur ww. 2. .. .si 'l'0l': .Xl'llUl1l, Lilly, Kline-, Nzlllglltarrl, Hyun, IT. l'1't1-r':4nn, Svumzxn, Sllttvr. Bliss M4'N:nll5' KlIlDIll.l'II l"ll1l'll, Sl1011:u'4l, Ii. Slllltll, l,:u lll'2llH.1K'. l'1'im-v, 4l:1llip4:nn, N. H1-iz, Mulumle-r l+'l:nN'r: lh-znmun, Ill-:u-lu. lin-sul. .Xl'lllllI', llrsxlznnwl, IM-nl, lluln-nsllf-ll. llyh-I' ,WVQEM ' 'YZ' Z' Q l Q L. - 'I'u1': liuurm-, Il. llnll, Ilznrlws, Slllllll1'l'l.1, l,:u'km'e-, 'l'lll':lSllA'l, 'l'm'1's-s1l:ll1l, Osburnv XlIlDlDl,l'II l4'l'l'L1llSUl1, Amlums, Munrm-, llig.:'l1b:nl'g1-l', NIL-l'ln-rson, Morris, Svlxultz, Kil'm'lml'I', XIV Huw-v Fl:ux'1': llutvln-ns, HuI'nh:mu, Yvnablv, Johnston, llvelrivli. Iiunkvl, Ruth, S1'lll'Jlki', Nuss Thirty-five Sophomores 23 7, 238 W 'l'u1': Iimm-x', lfl':1m'is, Xlillikvn. XI:-y.-rs, llmw-Il, Sc-Iwm-Vrnzulllx, Slum-, Ill'l1vs-,Ulsu NIl1vI'l.1-I: Stfwk, 'l'lm1'hurn. Mx-Intush, limgln-Im1'y1, Ahbuti, lww, XYiIsun, Mrs, Ilrurh I4'1:ux'I': l:2Il'I1Jll'll. Hmnzv, llnvis, Kirxgkmlv, fluskill, llzngvn, lllnym-y, llhl Julm. lin A . mfggx 1: l A - k 'l'ul': ly lirmvn, JIIUIKIIIIIII, llmllm-s, l'ivl'1'1-, Km-llvy. Sl'IlFlIlt'h+', lie-l'lum. Yule-s, liullnnl Xlllwlvlmi: Ahlquist, llyns, 'I'l1un1ps4m, Fuwlm-V, Ifl1th2lk'k!'l', Knlltsun, Miss Ilnsxxvll l"l:uN'l': Niuh, Martin, llzugwrm. Mc-Imwe-ll, Ilzuryn-x', lin-nm-dy, Funk I 'liI'f.ll'Sf,I' These are the Athletes on Field and Floor WC Ames All - Stars :fly-I-lylhr Wheaties Eaters BILL BYRUS Senior All conference tackle JIM ROBERTSON Senior Captain of the Ames leam All conference back RAY RUNKEL Senior All conference back " ,ge if Q S LARRY THORPE Senior All conference cenler BOB HALL Senior All conference guard Thirty-nine Varsity Football 'l'm': Uuvr-y, Wm-mls, Norman l4'1F'l'll: li. llyrus, SUXX'1'I'S, Matin-V, Mlruns, Hunk:-l, Ilzirnvs, l'n-ti-rs, XX'rlp:i1!, Ii. I-.rnst FUI'Il'l'iiZ l'hl, Rohm-Vtsun, Dnultnn, Iflzxrl, l'!:nrn:1l'wl, Arrusmitli, Ilvrimw, IJ, IH-tn-rsnn Tllllxlsz X':un4'4-, XY. Iirown, Nm-wx-ll, Liiim-Il, Mvzvinsky, JUIIIISHII, IZ. I'vte-rsun Sl-:vuxlvz Orth, I'l':utiwr, Iluppm-, lmv, Chumplin, Cox, I.ym'h, Fim-hum I-'l:nN'1': 'I'lmrgw, Cnniphn-ll, H. Hull, Huck, Suwers, ID. Hall, l'lle-stud, NY. liyrus, W. lm tlnmm 3. 1 l"m'fy SEASUN Anws2U- Anws T-- .Nm0sl9- Anws5Q-f Anws U4f Anws5+f Anwsi3-v Anws2H 'S REFUND Mamn1VHyi9 Nvwhn1T MurMnHHuum T Udumumnii HTH VMMWMUT YHMHHM H Fm4lhMQvU Humu'T 'k Jim Robertson, eleded football captain, is one reason why Ames was lhe C.l.C. champ this year. Sports Notes The 1949 track squad, coached by Hi Covey, started working out in February at the indoor track at the college. In the State A.A.I'. meet in Des Moines this year, the squad took third place. Jim Robert- son broke his own record in the shot put with a toss of 50 feet 31,Q inches, and Jim Prather won the mile run in 4:57. On April 2 Ames went to Iowa City for the state indoor meet and came home with a fourth place. Jim Robertson again won the shot put and this time shattered a 13 year old record with a heave of 54 feet 8114 inches. In the pre- liminaries, Page Arnold dashed 50 tyards in :05.4 to tie a 16 year old sprint mark. Ames also took the 880 yard relay title, the winning team being composed of Ray Runkel. Mert Daulton, Perky Lidell, and Page Arnold. Other meets this year included the Valley Relays, April 9, Oskaloosa. relays, April 145 the Class "B" Little Cyclone Invitational, April 21, Class "AN Little Cyclone Invitational, April 22, Drake Relays, April 29-30, District Meet at Fort Dodge, May 7, Central Iowa Con- ference meet at Ames, May 13, State meet at Ames, May 21. The Ames High nettnen had one returning letterman this year, Tom Earl. Scheduled meets for the squad included two meets with Roosevelt of Des Moines, one with Fort Dodge, two with East of Des Moines, and the district meet May 14. The golf team, coached by Ron Norman, faced Des Moines Lincoln, Marshalltown and Boone in dual meets and also held a Little Cyclone Invitational meet here besides the conference, district, and state at Ames. Ames High completed a very successful foot- ball season by winning the 1948 conference championship with only a tie game with Newton to mar its record in conference play. The lone defeat of the season Was to the mighty West Waterloo 7-0. Ames played one of the toughest schedules it has played for some time. Jim Robertson was named captain at the annual football fireside, held at Lynn Fuhrer Lodge the night before the Boone game. In that game the Little Cyclone squad gave Ames the right to keep the traditional Little Green Jug for another year. The team this year was very light compared to most teams, but they made up for size and weight with speed. The grid team will lose nine out of the eleven starters this year. The starting lineup for most of the games included Dick Fineham, left end, Bill Byrus, left tacklcg Bob Hall, left guard, Larry Thorpe, center, Ron Campbell, right guard, Jim Champlin, right tackle, Dick Hall, right end, Bob Buck, quarterback, Ramon Runkel, left halfbaek, Jim Robertson, fullback, and Merritt Danlton, right halfback. The 1948-49 basketball squad wound up the season with an even split of nine victories and nine defeats. Ames captured a tie with Boone for second place in the Central Iowa Conference with five victories and five defeats. Newton and Marshall- town ended in a tie for first place with eight victories and two defeats. Scores of the 1948-49 season are as follows: Ames 29-Roland 27 Ames 35-Fort Dodge 25 Ames 39-Newton 38 Ames -Marshalltown 51 Ames -Boone 27 Ames -Perry 37 Ames 38-Nevada. 35 Ames -Mason City 31 Ames -Grinnell 21 Ames -Oskaloosa 42 Ames -Newton 29 Ames -I. S. Deaf 41 Ames -Marshalltown 46 Ames 36-Boone 41 Ames 46-Grinnell 33 Ames 41-Oskaloosa 40 Ames -Sioux City 52 IJISTRICT Ames 2-L-Newton 25 Perky Lidell was voted captain for the season. Perk played a starting guard position all season. Forty-one Conference Champs Furl lu- t wo Grrrrr! i' Thirsty, Ron? Is everybody happy? f May I have this dance? "Scooter" scoots i' Send Stewart in Whnt's so funny, Phyl? if Quit pushing! eserve Football l ll M' " 'I'm': .l. .lllllt.2'l', Slll'Hl':l.t'l', Atlzmls, l30l't.I'1'SOIl, tlrittith, Fitvh, flI'llTll1, Vt'hitv, Nh-lmls, Abbott, Osburnn- Rlll!liI,lCI Dyus, Snmls. Mmrt, livzur, Olson, Fuwlvr, Sp:nnp:In-V, Nlnnvy, K. l'lI'UXYY1. Millikf-n, Snmlling' I+lmN1': ll:11'l:m. J. lu-llvy, NllllllJt'l'!, Imllsuwl, lwrhnw, lrillllgitll. Ilzny, IJ. Hull, liuuzv, lnrr, NUl'Ill'Ill 'l'lw l'l'Slxl'Yl' lknmtlrzlll Stlllilll. vulllpusvd ol' soplm- .Xmvs T-Blzllxllzllltlnvll lIl0l'l'S :xml juniors. slmwml Sll'0llg1'lll this yrzu' by .Xnwx 27-Wm-luster Vity T winning' most ot' their gzum-s. Tha- Sllllilll was Ann-s 335-Story Pity ti t'U2l1'lll'tl by Rilj' SlIl2llllllQ :xml Run Nurnlzm. The Amos 0-llormv 20 Nt'tII'0S to flu' gannvs W1-rv :ls follmvs: .Xmvs I-lflimmv T SS i The rough and tough reserves go into action. ln their season's schedule, they played five games and won three, tied one, and lost one. Most of the games were played in the afternoon. In the left picture above, Dick Fowler charges through the line for u T. D. Forty-H1 Vee Varsity Basketball MACK: llappc-, J. Ilrayton, Lirlell, P. Kelley, Platt, NV1'ig'l1t NIIDITIJCZ J, Sowvrs, Daulton, Robertson, D. Kellvy, Vvvbbt-V, Tliorpm-, Griffin FRONT: Mr. Norman, l'lli-stad, Huck, Cox, Hall, XXI. Sow:-rs, Arncy .lunior lioilwroom lll's pritlo aml joy, lloll .Xi'n0y. hit 68 powviit ot' his l'i'vv throws to lead tht- tvam in that clvpartmvnt. A tivo foot Oigfht iiwh l'oi'wai'cl, "ll" sm-orotl a total ot' 00 points this season. as wvll as tiirniiig in muvh 4-xm-llviit rvlioiimliiig' and Hooi' play. Yvrsitilv lloh llllvlc, who pt-l't'o1'ii101l Ctlllilllj' woll at l'tlI'NVtll'tl aml 4-vntvr. rcooivctl hoiiorahlv mvntion on thc l.ll.l'.A. all stall' tvam and was name-il to tht- svvoml all t'0lll'0l't'llt'0 team. llv svorvml a total ot' 132 points with a ll0I't't'llf2lQ0 ol' 53.5 from tho lrvv throw lam: Fivt' foot vlm-vvii iiwh lloh hails l'l'0lll 208. l"ivn' foot Olvvon aml 0110-llillf inch llivk Vox took team honors with l5T points for thu sva- soii. This lmwipiviit ol' ll0llUl'?llll0 mviitiou on the l.lJ.l'.A. 10am aml lllll'tl all t'0llllk'I'l'llt'E' team laura-ls tinisliocl thv season with 56 port-viit of his frm- throws. llic-k. who also 1-omos from 208, will hv ham-k next yvar. .X total of 07 points was svorvtl hy llivk Hall. I" rri' tg!-four This tim- toot him- inch senior hvgaii tht' season at guartl, hut playt-cl in the fi-out court as wt-ll toward tho end ot' tho season. .X favoritv son of 221. llivk maclv good 58 port-mit of his from' th rows. Altvriiatv guartl llon Kvllvy p0i't'oi'im-tl well as a c-latch playvr. 'l'his sonioi' in 1238 4-aim' tlirough with 44 points tlllI'lllQj th0 svason. Five foot Oight iiirfh llon matlO 40 pvwviit ol' his attempts from tho trvv throw linv. Senior guarml ill-oi'g3u ltimlcll was honorotl hy ,lavk North on his fifth all statv tvam. Placv- mont on thv l.Il.l'.A. honor list aml soc-:mtl all t'llllfl'l'f'llC'0 tvam voinplctv his list ot' laiirvls. 105 total points w0i'0 svorvcl hy this lll0lllllt'l' ol' 1338, Fivm- foot lllllt' im-h Pork mlroppcml lil Iwi'- vont ot' his t'i'0c throws lll1'OllQIll the hoop, At a post-season imivtiiig l'0i'k was Olvvtt-tl loam vaptain. This was voavli lion N0l'lll2lll.S p1'0iiiiv1'v as head haskethall 1-oat-li. Shooting Stars i i l"nr!H-si.1' i cw: Cow-y, I,:u-kon-, Sands, Dyus, Kingknde, Hulmos NIIDIIIAICI Hlxvi-ll, Rnuzv, J. Kellvy, H. Adams, Manny l4'l:nx'l': llzlllipzan, Nilliks-n, Fnwlvr, Spanpflvr, II. Iimylnn, K. Brown Tho soplmniurv imskx-tlmll li-ani. 1-mwlii-ii by Ili Vnvvy. WONT 1l11'ullg'l1 :ln lllIlll'l'l'2ll0li svzisun this yvnr winning' lli out ul' Ili gunws. Tlll'.Y look illl' ll0llil'ili Iowan l'o11l'0i'm11-v viizllnpiulisliip 111110112 thi' N0lbllllI1l0l'0 ti-:uns ami slimwil smnv grvuf pluuspvc-is for l'llllll'l' yours, Two SllI3llUlll0l'l'S, Holm llrnlvlmi :mil Irwin Milikcn, mmlv Tlw varsity tunrnznmvnt sqllaul 111 tllv ond ul' thi- swlsmi. i' Three Grinnell players close in on Dick Fowler as he lets go a shot at the baskei. Dick was the leading scorer for the sophomore team and suited up with the varsity near the end of fhe season Minute Men 'I'm': llwllllvs, Q':ll'l', l3Q':ll', I:l'l'l1HXY, I1:ll'n:1l'4l Slcvuxlv: 'I'llUI'hlll'Yl, D. .Xmlm-rssmn, Johnson, Dah-, fllllllgilll, lturn--s, .Xrnuld 'l'l4ll:1w: lhmmu-, 1.114-, 1l2ll'lN'l', Illuir, I':-tm-Vsmm, XVilkin, Mum-v, 4i1'iI'l'itI1 Mx' L'm'e-v FUl'Il'l'llZ Mr. W1-lls, l'r:1thv1', HXVIIH, VII:-strul, Fox, Swzmsufl, Arm-y. 'f'll7lI'l!llIiI1,.l'1't1'l'S l4'l:ox'l': Finclumn, Lynvh, lm llranngv, liunkvl, Arnold, Lid:-ll, Iinhvrtsun, Imultfm, XYX lit l"o1'ty-sfflwll. if What are we doing, boys-playing basketball soccer? . . . and someone give Perk the word t ur A 'i Mighty graceful, boys-planning lo go into ballet? i Hey, look-a pyramid club! Those lhings are really Ol' spreading! y, you're adorable . . NN Ji'-i' il b f Fake him out, Robbie, fake him ou!! l"IJl'f.ll-Vlflllf i' Poor Dick must be in great pain! i Il's o bee-youtiful day for ihe races, folks. The sun's shining . . . and there they go! 'l Con'9 'hose luxy bums carry iheir own sluff? 'I' Don'0 you say that to our Georgie, you nosly boy! l"m'l ll- Hill! Tennis and Golf R-S' 'l'rml': N. liulsinsun, ll. Hzlll, H. ll. llzlll, .l. .X1l:1ms, li. .Xflwnw I4'1:rrN'x': AI Smw-1's, 'I', IAI:u'l, li. Swunla, .Xlhe-rt, XIV. Hnrll l"1jty ur: l'. Kvllvy, XVm-blwr, Johnson, I'l:ltt, MV. Nurmrnn l4'l:ux'1': XX'rig'ht, l,:n llrzmazv, Al'1':usmith, Anmlvrsam, 'I'hnrp+- Intramurals 1111s 1l11112l1l11. 11111 1,11 111'J111Ll'1'. 1.111111 111'111's11111's 111' 11111 i1111111111111'111 l11'11L1'l'2 1111 11118 v11111' 11'111'11 lilly S1ll1l1111lQ'. 1111'111-1111'g 1111111 S1'1ll11'y. Sl'1'1'1'Iill'y 111111 s11111s1111i1111g 11111ss 1111111- 11g'111'S. 1111-11 11I2l1'111I. -1111111 11111'11111' 1w11111111's1, 111111' 1'1111 211111 .1111111 I'll'1'Q'l1S11Il 1S11l111l1Ill11l'l1S1. '11111' 11111'11111111'111 1-1111111111 IS ZIISI1 111111111111111 111 111111111'.' 1 ' g' 1 ' ' 18 1111111111111 1111 111118 111 1.1111 11111111111- 11111111 111111 11111 8111111112111 111s1111111s 111111 111'1111'S1S. '1'1111 1'1111 11I'l1Q'1'2l1ll s1111'11111 11'1111 112155 111111 111111111 1'11111111111. 11'1l1l1S. g'1111. 111111 1111' 111'11ss 1'11111l11'V 11111 111 11111111 1111111 111' 11111. '1'1111 1111111's11 11'11s 1 ' 1911111111 I111111', 21 Sl'11l111'. 11111111111g' 11111 1111111111 Sl1111'1S 11'11x 11111 111'111' 11111112l1' 1111s11111111111. 111 11111 s11111111' 11111g'1111, 221-1 1 1 . 1 N11 1111111111111 1111111 11111 1111111111 111111 .11l11l111' 21111 .11 111111111111111111s 21111 111111 22315 121111112 111's1 111 1111111' 1'11s111111111'11 111113111-s. 1 . . 51'1l'1'11111lN 111 1111-s1:11' 11111111s 11'111'11 I11Iil'I1 111 11111 1111s11 111' 1111111111 111111111 I112l'Y. '1'1111.1' 111'11 11s 1'11111111's: S11111111's: I'll1"i1 11111111. 1"1'111111y AIi11'111l. 1.1-11 11118 I11111.X11111'1'1. I,2l111S1111, 13111 I1yI'11S. -1111111 .11111 ' 91111111111 11111111. I,21Q'1' .X1'1l11111. 1111111 .X1'1'21S1ll1111, I'l1'211l1i I111111: 111111 111111. 11 II2l1'I11'1'. -111111111's: 1"111s1 11111111. N111'IIl2l1l I1l'211'. 11111'11111 1 11.111 11111111 A1111- 111s1111. 111111 l'111'11111. Nl11'1ll211 ' 1. g1'111'111'11, S1-1-111111 11111111. 111111 I,1'11'1'S1111,112I1'Y 112l1'1' 11111 l'11ilIllI111l1. I1l'N1'l'j' I9111111. 111111 .X1l114'1'S1111. l'1111111 .X1'1l11111. S11111111111111'11s: 1"11's1 11111111. 111111 .X11114'1'Sl11l, 1 . . 111211'1l'S lI'1111I'111l1'1l, 1111111 1111y. 31111111111 lI12l1l'1111, 111111 I111ll1'1ll'. S1-11111111 11111111. 111111 1111111113 -11111 1111111111113 1111111 1li11'12l1l. 11111111 N1l'1l111S, 11111111 K111g'11111111. 1111111 111111. ,X1s11 S1l2l1'11lgL' 11111 1111111111 l11'l1Q'1'il111 11111111 111111111111 1lll1111S 111 I11llQ'I111l1Ql'. 111111'1111g'. 11il11lll11l1l111. 11111- 11+X1'2l1'. 11'1'11s11111g1 111111 X'1111l'j'112111. '1'1111 1'111-1111y six" l'111l111'1lQ'l111 1111' Yl'1I1111' 1-111111111s 111111 111111- 111'1'-11118 111 1'1111111'111111. 221 s111111'1111 11'111' S11I1'11 N 11'1l1'11 111111' 111111'11l'l1 11111 l.111'1II1y, 11111 11111 1141111 1 L1'1'111SH 11111111111 11111 111111111 I.l1l' 1111' 1111111111111111s 1 111 11111111 111111111 111111 251-1. 11111' S1111111111g' 111111 111111 Yl11'1ll211l 1112111011 Q111111 S111111'11lQ' 111' 1'1l'2l1l111Ll' 111111 1111111111 111111 Ray 1,1111g' 111 11111111111111111 11111111111s. 3111V111Q' 1111 111 Sl11'11lg' s11111'1s 11111 11111'21ll1ll1'Ql1 l1I'11QI'2l1I1 1'11111111'1111 N11lA1112l11, 11'111'1i. 11111111s. 211111, 111111s11s111111s 211141 1111111111 1111111111111 flying. Fif1,11-11110 Intramural Coun il 'l'nI'Z l!l:Ail', Nlirluulwlo-ll, Ymlm-l', lhvlll'Il1', NIV, Sl:1i1'ln'I'i Xlllrlvlmi: Mr. Snmllimg, llllhiIlSUll. Swlmry, ll:n'lu.-V, NYiIk I"l'uY'l" Xrtluul' Vw- Xrnn-x Iflwn-ll xI'lI'Ii!l I":fl 11411411 These are the Urganizations and Leaders of Cheer EXE T IW f' fl ik f N Ames High Activities in Action For every hour spent in school, the average Ames High guy or gal spends another one-half hour participating in one or more of the twenty odd school sponsored extra curricular activities. Highest on this list are Hi-Y and Girl Reserve. Together Hi-Y and G.R. sponsored Friendship Week, the annual observance of the importance of the spiritual aspects of high school life. This year 's speaker and counselor was Dr. Ronald V. Wells, director of religious education at Iowa State College. Halfway around the globe two war orphans, Jacques Aufrey and Jeanine Doyen. find a few more comforts in life because of the financial support and letters sent them by Hi-Y and GR. members. G.R. officers were Nancy Butler, president, Debby Munn, vice-presidentg Mary Anne King, secretary, Bea Briley, treasurer, Virginia Cunningham, assistant-treasurer. Vocal music activities were highlighted by the animal Christmas program and Spring Concert. 1948-1949 choir officers were Ray Runkel, president, Bev Summers, vice-pres- ident, Maryann Meldrum, secretaryg Mary Sue John, librariang Harold Olson and Roberta Gilpatrick, robe keepers. Glee Club officers were Opal Hand, president, Betty Lou Jones, vice-president: Elizabeth A. Martin, secretary, Pauline Thielman, librarian. Officers for mix- ed chorus were Norma Hedrick, president, Arthur Barnes, vice-president, Nancy Getz, secrctaryg Eleanor Rothaeker, librarian. The band and orchestra each presented a con- cert as part of the spring music program. Band officers included Jack Adams, president g Philip Pearson, vice-president, Dick Schory, secre- tary-treasurer, Norma Roelofson, librarian. Orchestra officers were Ray Long, president, Jack Peters, vice-president: Nancy Peterson, seeretary-treasurer, Mary Hayenga, librarian. Politics got a royal welcome this year in the school is first active campaigns for student body president, featuring speeches, posters, and even a little mud-slinging. Fred Martin was elected student body prexy in this first election. First Fifty-jour semester officers were VVayne Brown, pres- ident: Jim Winfrey, vice-president: Joyce Gray, secretary: and Jerry Ersland, treasurer. Officers coming in with the new election plans were Fred Martin, president: Bob Albert, vice- president, Jim Winfrey. secretary, and Jerry Ersland. treasurer. The 1948-1949 edition of Pep club and march- ing band arranged all halftime entertainment and, in cooperation with cheersquad. the home game pep assemblies. Pep club prexy was Salle Cole: vice-president, Phyllis Miller: secretary. Susan Tildeng and treasurer, Mary Daine. Cheersquad this year was made up of Ruth Anderson, Patt Clark, Chuck Ernst, Judy Green. Dick Swank and Susan Tilden. The highlight of the activities for the fire- squad members and their girls was the annual picnic given for the senior members by the sophomores and juniors. Officers for the year were Dick Fincham, fire chief: VVayne Brown, secretary-treasurer. Radio club became the newest organization in A.H.S. when it was started last fall. First semester officers were Rod Lake, president, Dick Dunlap, vice-president: Bill Bond, secre- tary-treasurer. Second semester officers were Bill Ohlsen, presidentg George Robinson, vice- president: Don Kjerland, secretary-treasurer. Members of Operator's club ran many movies for the visual aids department. Officers were Bob Peterson, president: Jack Dunlap. vice- presidentq Vera Biorn-Hansen. secretary- treasurer. The boys of "A" club, again this year, handled the initiation assembly in the fall and the club picnic in the spring. Ray Runkel serv- ed as president, Bill La Grange, vice-president, Dick Hall, secretary-treasurer. Members of Library club were seen in action again this year checking books i11 and out. Oiicers were Cynthia Van Alstine, president, Jan Marvin, vice-presidentg and Audrey Town- send, secretary. Club sponsor is Mrs. Elizabeth Dickinson. Hi-Y 'l'ul': .l. Adznns, Ymim-V, Finvhzmi, Lynch, H:u'l:1n, l,i1ie'Il. Mr. liitlunml F1:0NT: W. Ilrmvn, Ii. Anile-rson, Stzmillvy, Yunvv, lt. 1I:1ll.J. limytnn First svmvstcl' Ili-Y uPfiv01's wvrv 'Dim-k Finc-hzmm. Iil'0SillUlli2 .lolm lil'2lj'f0lI. vivv prvs- idvnig Frank YHIWO, Sl'l'I'Pi2llf'-fi't'ZlSlIl'l'l'. 'l'i1v offivvrs for NOUUIIKI sclm-sti-1' wcrv Don .X1'1w.x'. IlI'0SidPllTg Kvitll Hrown, Vim- pwsirlviltg :md Phil Pm-arson, sc-vl'0Tz11'y-T1'0:xs111'el'. i' Zombie persuudes a customer to buy some food. Selling popcorn, ice cream, and candy bars at games was one of the Hi-Y proieds this year Fifty-fire Girl Reserve Cabinet 'l'1n': llullvr. l'1-dv! 4111 Wy wan, Munn, :u1'l1llAlllll, Tilflc-n, llnhl, M. flu-iz, M. .lllflm-, Svhulx. 1Il'itTith. Mrs. Wilw Mllvlvllcj Sprugu--, llnml, M1-ndun, Stnuks, Imntz. SIIIIIIIIPVS, l':u-mms, .lmu-s, Kinu. Miss Mill--1' l4'l:nx'l': lirilvy, l'l1nnim.1h:nm, I'. t'l:1l'k, This-Imrm, xlJlI'X'iI1, llilmun, li. .lmlgf-, Kirxxin, 'l'1-urls.-ml Pmlui nn Miss Nwlsm! l"ljlflf,xl,n GR. Representatives - Firesquad . L V QQ I 6 ' ': - . f x I 'H 5, ., 5' K , I ' i + 4 R L 'A I IA t 4 K ------'I dl ff' , 1 I! , 'Q '51 w 'l'ul': 'lIlllhl'l', Oli, Silllu I1 ll:iI1li, Poxxvll, U, Ss'Ii:im'lix-, Hi-Nm-il, llmiilspi-ml. llnlvuiiili, Ss'livllvriii:in, Bliss I-fnliizi NYil1'ux 'l'1i11:lr: Ilan-s, X'in'v, lmivil. M-viiissn-y, Ulziiisi-ii, Ulim-, ll. Milli-V. Iiuinvf, Munn. Miss liuili Milli-i' . Sicvu-xii: Iiwwvlw. li. Slililh. M. .Xmh-i'sun, It. Smith, Si-inks, Iiuili-i', S4-he-riiisin, M. Martin. li--rsmi, Hills, Miss l'li:i!'luIlv Nvlsiili If'i:nx'l': lin-kkv, II, ll:ill:igIi+-r, M. l!:ii'n:i1'ml. M, Knutson, YQ-it:-ig .luIii1stun, lI:ii'1wi', M. Munsiin. Ili-ilrivk A A ... Turf ll, Olson, Yuilm-1', lI:il'l:in1l, Hi! 1!l'il'I'ilh, l'4'is-Vs, .l. Smxe-rs, lhili Ilyrus, .iXl'l':isliiilli, Finn-Iiziiii, ID. llzili 'I'iiil:1-1 .Xi'nul1l, K. ltiwiwii, lluliiivs, X':imw-, W. Iilwlwll, Swank, Itmii'm-, Millikin, U. Ilirnsi Slftmmlw: ll. .X-lziuis, II, .Xmh-i'suii, ll. Hull, Nix-lmls, li. Hull, 'l', liIIl'll:Il'1I. .I. .liiiliug Arm-y, .Xriwlil Vl:nN'i'3 'IH-i'i'mivs, .l4rl11ll'l':llI, Alixirt, Hmm-ll, Miss liuih Millvr, Mzine-y, Fl'l'i4ll'i1'll, l'Iiiivi'y iff.ll'Sfjl A Cappella Choir - ixed A A A ll Im" Nlu'lwlI'llI!l,Ii1'll:lI11'll4-- I3i4-rn-ll:unso-n. li. lhwmll, Svlnfellvlu-, Hlsull, Uux, lfilxm-1':nl1l, IC. 'I'l'i11l-, ll. Iiulviusun Xlikln-Is-nm, Slmm, SllIlIlIl1'I'S, 1.5141-I5 lllllllllli .Xlll--n, N. l'n-lu-l's-ul, Irvim-, llUlll'lll', Iiuusl-ly If. 3I:n1'lin, NlI4lL1Ul'1ll'l1, .l. .X4I:1ms, l'v-tl-l's4m, 1'h:1mpIll1, llzuxli lllllllllILIllJIIII, M5 I'I:u1u-I Nlvtnmxlmz Miss II'-xx-'13 4llllHllI'It'li. .X. 1'I:u'k, 'l'l1-rmpsfwu, Ilunlu-I, X':1m-4-, 1'l:uusun, Shim-, l'll--stml, XY. Ilrwxxn. l!I:uir XX'ils1m, .XIll4ll1l. .Inlm ll:ux'I': Hull.-V, I'iQ-rs-nu, .XlIvl1. I"l'vi:lli1-ln, llzlllsvr, XYir1l'l4-53 'llllHl'IlQ'. Slfmqlll-5-. King, ngulliy.-pg AI Xl-ll-lin Q '-,: L ,, yin., ' . ' , - z i . , 4 ,A V .5 Q-,V Qi. , K , Z .T YY , ,, ,:,, In 3 ., ' 1 Q-' l f 11 A M f i a , Y 'I'm': XM-In-13 1lril'I'ith, Sunnis, lb, I'1-tl-Vsfm lllllillj flzulliurnn, Sutll-r, lmvlwl'--, SllIlIlLlll'l', llulnu-s, .XlllllII', XYhit:-, lllvlllv, IZ. lZ1':43't-ul. Snss, llnrnl-s, lfirslnn-l, Nl:ll1w'5', Nlvllwls, ll. ll:llI Sl'fl'KrNlPI Hunk'-I, Ilwlw1'tsfn1, Slw-k. Yula-s, .l, Alvlmtt, l:l'JlIIlH'l'2L, Sl'lI1'Il1'l'llIIIl1ll. Hyun, Hnskill, St:-Q-I, lint--s, l'lt'I'I't', l"l:1 Xlullrm-, Bliss Ilfmvl' vvr: lll1lflll'j,.lHllllSlUll, ll2Il'llill'4l,.llbI'L11'IlSUIl. Ili'-rswm, I'islw1', N. lil-lz, II:-411-ic-lu. Ilzurpvr, Nnss, mmnla, Klinv, XI:nl:mfh':, .lfwlmmn lu-f-iyfhl Chorus - Glee Club 'l'ui': Yvlllllllli, J, Allr-11, Ott, ilritlith, Stuin-V, Dahl, ll. .luilge-, Rl. Gvtz, 'l'il4lr-n. Kim: 'l'llll:11: l,. Smith, l.ikvly, Fmlst. Nurtml. Nlurrisse-y, l':1l'snns, IC. l,. Mnrtin, Kr-llr-y, 'I'l1ivIm:m, Miss lluxxr-1' S1-:mixing l'ir-rsrm, Al. lirili-y, Fir-tvln-l', liI'9lIlillM'l'L1', l'1.,X. Alurlin, Wzmkvtivlml, llf-ywuml. lluml, Frwsr-15, I', Alurtin I"l:uN'l': lmlwrsmi, 1lilp:i1l'ivk, Spl':ng1iv, li, Smith, liirwin, R. .Xnrlr-rsun. Julin, Ulu-:ary 'A' Dick Cox helps l?l on the vocal music paper drive held in ihe fall i' Girls' Glee club performs at the annual Christmas program given December 23 I"ifI4U- nine Marching Band - Concert Urchestra ,..W,,..,..., .,.w..,..,.W...,,. .. . -v- --Q. ',,,.,w .-v , ..........-..,,.......... .-.,.....- 'I'ul'i Imy, Nlzulsv-rl, H1-ml, Il:u31'm.L:n, Sills, l,:u-lumrl-, l'uIhvrIsun, Swe-:wings-11, xll'l"ll'l'S1lIl, lmhl, Ne-11-ull, li. .Xnnlvr- sun, Y:nrl::l14i 'lmmpy Sl.-.Alf-, 'l'lwrlmVn, IH-lf-rs, 4l1'iI'l'in, ltmlrm-, Rust, Sands. Nlimlyqmwl.-rm. .lo-hlik. lt. Mlums, l'I:nlt, Huhinsnn, IZ, .Imp-s, ll. .Xnwlf-rsull, Nlillikvn, I2UllI'I'l4', Ilemvll Slcvuxlw: llulvmnh, Sm-I1w:u't4-. Mvl'In-rsml, .ln-hlik, F1'I'2JllSUI1, Nic-Imls. Wyatt, Sluipp, Ahlquist, Kjf-rI:m4l, H:nuh+-V, Kurtz, I'ipu-V, Watkins. l'1-:arse-n, lim-lofsvll. .XVUIUI I4'mvvrg ltr-mnimg, I,1-wIumA1', 'I':el4-ntl, l"1w-idrivh, llnhn, Nnss, JIIIIIPS, Se-lmry, l,nnu, Hslmy-nv, Sq-hunz, Gif-In-lst'-ilu, 'l'ripp, X'1mUhln-n, 1ilI!lllilUL'lillIl, Ifmlsi. J. llulmln-4lp'sA, l:1ll'l1Zll'1I, Mr. Ilzly NWI' l'Il"I'l'lII4IIY .xmcz .lanvle .X1lJlIlIS, .lunu-l S:nwyvl'. H1-Ili:-liistino-, I"r:unk Y:um-nf, llivk Vox, Wuyrnv Iirmvn, llill l.:1 12r':um4v-. I'IIiz:1lu-H1 Alilltill, K1-ith llruxxn. 'l'rml': lmntz, .l. Millvr, lmmg, Svlmry, Srhllllx, NIV. Huy, Ilulnws, lluhl 'I'l1Il:lx: X. I'w-tu-Vsvm, AI. lqllllllllllllllllll, Anglm-, Iinrk, 1lIllllN'I', Stu-1, 'I'hurb111'n, NIi1lum'1Im1, ,lwhlik Sltwuxlv: Nut:-s, Sim-14, lilxxvll, llilts, llulw-nm, XX'ynmvl'4-. Yann Ohh-11, l!:u'n:ur4l, l'v:u's+m, .lulmst-ul, 'l'hin-lmzm l"IlH'Y'I'I Svlmlz, Alllqllisl, Vfmli, Ilwlriwk, l:ilII'l1-ll1II1Nl'I1, N. l'v1m-rsml N1.1'I,1l Swing Band - String Ensembl 'l'ol': J. l!I':l5't1m. S4-Iuwy, Ynrnw-, Aliwlgxfnwlvll, I4'vl':l1s4n1, Iluy XlIIPIll.lCI llnurnv, ltnrk, IN-tm-rs I"l:nN'1': .I-rn:-S, J, .X4l:1ms. xlillilivll, li. .Xl11Ivl's1m, Ilmxvll Svhlllz, Xlllqllisl, Lzunix, llnlll, N. IH-ln-l'sull, fvllllllillgllfllll Nu-ffl-n A SPIRIT 'Ir Arguing las usuall with editor Jean Goodspeed are 'K' On the right is business manager Perk Lidell, posing her obedient l?I slaves, assistant editors Joyce Gray with his harem, Martha Stuber and Salle Cole IHmm!l, and Dick Swank the business staff. When he has time, Perk takes care of the SPIRIT money. 'I' Here is Maryann Meldrum, advertising editor, and her 'I' This mob is the advertising staff. Seated at the table assistants, Jim Winfrey and Frank Vance. They look lleft to rightl are Betty Jones, Bill La Grange, Margot busy, don't they? Fakers! Schmidt, Jerry Ersland. Standing are Joan Hills, Betty Miller, Tom Earl, Judy Green 'K "Laughing PhyI" Sprague and "Smiling Jane" Thomas, i' Pictured above is the SPIRIT photography staff, consist- the happy SPIRIT art staff, grin at the photographer. ing of Jim Champlin, photographer, Jane Mendon, Phyllis is shorter than Jane because she's the assistant, editor, and Art Bappe, another photographer? . . . No. isn't that right, Jane? No! that's a period! Sixty-two S BOR K. if These bclshfull looking lassies are Jackie Schulz, fea- if These beaming girls are Marian Martin, Liz Martin, and ture editor, and Doris McNeil and Phyl Mathews, assist- Putt Clark-sophomore, junior, and senior class editors, ants, who actually wield a mighty whip over the copy respectively. writers. 'A' Drooling over a trophy are Dick Hall and Debby Munn, i' Jane Gilman Irightl and her assistants Bev Summers boys' and girls' sports editors, respectively. lNaturally!l and Dorothy Parsons see that everyone knows every- thing about the SPIRIT. lGad!l f This is Mr. Trump, the one with all the good ideas for i' Gazing fondly I?l at the typewriter are Mary Sue this SPIRIT. IIt's all his fault, we tell youll John and Colleen Doulton, who are obviously the SPIRIT typists. Boy-are they good? -2435S!l...76 Sixty-tliree Web Writers Tor: Swank, lb-nm-tt, Ahlquist, l,:u lil'1lYH.Z't', J. Mlniiis, ll, lie-Ili-5' Xlllrlvmii Yzimw-. King, llmimlspn-ml, liiorn-llunst-n, XY:ike-fl--lil, Soma, XYirifrn-y. Hlnsson l"l:oN'I': Miss N1-Ison, Niill'Yll1, llutli-V, All-Itlrum, fire-on, l', Mille-r, Xl. Johns 'l'hv two i4illl'll2lliSlII 4-hissvs 4-mimi thv your worm- -In-rry llomivtt :xml Nziiwy iilllil'l', whih with puhlif-:ation ot' thvir lzist issuv ot' thv Wwlm, -lm-li P1-ti-rs :xml Ilia-k Swank took ow-r iluriiig ,Xml-s Iligh St-hool's wvvkly pzipcr. tht- si-voml sm-iiiostvr. i'12lt'ilN0llltSll'l'?I in-w group ol' stuilviits umlorf During' thi- tt-rm of tht- iirst sm-im-stvr vlaiss takv thi- rt-spoiisihility ol' gvttinq out tho With, tho lowzi Stzito lligh S1-hool Prvss .Xssoi-intion lioth sm-Iiwstvi' vlaissvs ll'2ll'll how to writv tht' l'tlllYl'llllUll wais hvlil :lt thv 4-ollvgv. .lim Win vziriolls lNlWN ol' storivs, iiitvrvivw gwoplv. :mtl trvy was vlvvtvil Ill't'Sllil'lll oi' this im-vtiiigy 'l'w1 ll'2ll'li tlflXYll in-ws. 'l'li0y also plll thv Wah to- im-iiilwrs ot' tht- stall' won honors. Nilllt'-X' iillllvl gl-tlivi' :mtl prool'rvml thv storivs just lwforv i'0vviviiig' fl first in straight iwws writing' :im thx-5' go to prc-ss :it tht- .Xnios Ilnily 'lll'llNlllt' -lim Wiiifrvy ai thiril in thi- l'Pilllll't' story mliri otTi1'v on YN t'tlllt'S1lilj' iiiorniiig. 'lllirvv ti2l.YS Ell't' sion. wlvrotwl to zivtllzilly writing' for tho pzipvr whilv lvll4ll'l' thi' sllpvrvisioii oi' Miss l'h:lrlottt thc i'1-iiinlmlvr ol' tht- wi-vli is uswl in Slllllylllgl' N1-Isoii. UNI: sponsor. thi- vlzlssvs str1igg'lwl with tht' Ibll2lSl'N :mel lt't'lllllllll1'S ot' .l1llll'll2lllNiIl in 1-mlitorinls :tml iiiitizitwl il lit-w typo ol' l'l'2lllll'l' Q't'IIt'l'2ll. tho piom-f-r story. 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Olson, Dahl, 171l'S1H1"ll1, 1'111XVIll'11S F1:11N'r: Munson, Davis, S1-:111111n, Mrs, 171l'1C1IlSOY'l, 11ll1'Y'l112l1l1, ll. 11111111111-1' 111111' 11121111 1111j1-1-1i1'1- 111' 1111- v11l1l1l11' H1-11 1'1'11ss 111'0g1'1'211ll was 111-11111-11 11y Mrs. K1111- 31111-111-11. 1'11r 1948-45111'11s111g11i1111 11111 p1-1'1-1-111 1111-11111er- 1J1'11l1'1p2l1 111' 111111-11111 g'r11111- s1-1111111 111111 s1-1-r1-- s11ipi111111-s1-1111111. 12l1'y 111' 1111- N1I1'111 S111ry l'1111111y 111-11 l7r11ss. 111 1111- 1111111 s1'1111111 1-111-11 11111111- r1111111 112111 i1s '1'111- 111111-r 11il1'111'11J2ll11S 111 1111s 171'Ug.Z'1'2l11l w1-1'1- 1111'11 l'1l2l11'11l211l. '1'111- 1-1111i1'1111-11 111' 1111- 11111111- 1'11y11is 1112111ll'WS. J1-rry 111-11111-1. 211111 1111111111 r1111111s 11111111- up 1111- High S1-1111111 .11111i11r 111-11 111'i1111. 111'11SS1'11111ll'11. .XIIIUS 1111111 s111111-111s 21111 11w111'1- 111 April El 11111si1-111 1J1'0Q,'1'211ll 11'11s 51111-11 1111' 111' 1111- 11l1IN11'12l1ll'1' 111' 1111- 11'11r11 1111111- hy R1-11 1111- p111i1-111s 111 1111- V1'11'1'211lS 1111SI111il1 111 111-s 1'r11ss 111111 1111- 111-1-11 1.111' 11111p1-1-1-1-111 1111-111111-r- 31111111-s 111111l'1' 1111- S1J11I1!1111'S1111l 111' 1111- 41111118 ship. 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This 111-11151 l'11ll11'lIl1ll1 1h1- se-1-111111 S1-1110s11-r. Sixty-nine Student Coun ii Trw: Gray, Allbvrt, than-, Olsun, liyun. lflrslunml, Cunnimrhznm hiII7llI,l'II Munvy, 'I'mx'ns4-ml, XX", liruwn, IG. l.. Msxrtin, i'iGlI'!12ll'1i, XIV. liitlzxml F'1:nN'1': Winlicy, Ilull, liunkol, K. l'!1'uwn, Day, J. Jwlgv, IH-:n1's4n1 im' ..1' Al i' Second semester student council gathers around Anne Knuths for a picture. Pictured at the right is Joyce Gray, state treasurer of the Iowa Student Council Association. Scvenly Youth C nter Coun il 'I'tn': All: I':x:'t-, U, Idrnst, ltmvt-, Fitt-h, .luhnstm, Ili .Xlittw-rstm, AX. .Xiultismi Alllvlvliiz X':ms-Q-, ,l. Ilztll, Nl5i'l:m-I. Svhmitlt. Hi'il'I'ith. Z1-iuw, Lune: l"l:uvl': lminv, Il:u'n:ii'tl, l', llfll'lN'It, Munson, N. th-tz, Miss Iiulninsmm 'l'ht' Ytllllll lil'lllt'I' t-mmt-il. SIHlIlSUI'0tl hy Blix might ht' ht-ltl on nights :1l'tm-I' thv h:1slu'th:1ll l':1gt- :mtl Nlisx I1ulaiiiwii,xx'ns wry lJllSj' this yvzii' f.l'2lIllt'S ht-V0 in thv high wliuul llilllS2lll1l 1-:nh-tt-i'i:n. tryiiig' tn put Ntlllll' 'wp into swim- utlwrwist- thlll With tht- llllfillllilllll' ziitl :mtl 4'4l!7Iil'l'2lll4lll til' lllUllll'lllS, lll'Q'2llllZt'4l just lwt'm'o tht- loss ent' tht' tht- ll0lllt'l'fltllllN. who mlitl must nl' thv 2It'lll2Il XWll'li Iitthl limlsv. thv t'tlllllt'll hzul tlivitlotl up into :tml ltlillllllllg, tht- Youth Vviitvi' vuiliivil was t'UllllIllllt't'S :mtl was inrnking phmx tm' that rt-A uhhh to thi its pzirt tu nizulu- tht' pznrtit-s Sllt'1'1'SNl'lll. jllviiizitioii nt' thv tivhl lltlllxlh 'l'ht- ,Mllllt Ytlllllt l't'lIlt'I' vmiiliiittvo. with IN: 'l'ht- tm-t that wt' vuultl no lUlIQ'0l' lmvv thv Austin 'l'. tlvtz ans t'l1:iirm:m. tlitl its ht-st to Hutt lit-Itl lmusv was quitv an st-t-lim-li. hut Mr. Atlantis it pwiiisilioiit ltwantiml tm' tht' .mutli t't'llll'I' :mtl vmm' to tht' i'vxt'l1v with tht' in-ws that palrtit-S tlvsc-l'vt's f-Vt-tlit litll' thvil' t'ti'u1'ts. .ir':'r':1I.1r-.mtv Student Treasurers WWW U9 Tor: l,i1l'4-ll, Blu-lclrum, Svllnry, tlurv, ldrslzlml XllItllI.l'IZ Miss McNally, N. l'4-tn-Vsun, JUilfllll'l'!lll, l'mlor'surr, li. Aneh-rsnn I-f'l:uN'l': l'unnim.:'h:im, lt. .llnlgrq-, F11-isirim-li, Dain:-, IZ. llrilvy X. s i' General treasurer Mary McNally poses with her assist- ant Beverly Gore Scermzfy-i1vn 'I' Dave .lohndreau watches as Donald Hartt, athletic treas- urer, Iooks over the reports. Dave is Mr. Hartt's assistant :Klub - Radio Club Tow: Hull, l.:n llmmrf-, Platt. XV:-bbor, lfllvstrul, liobvrlson, Lynvh, llyrus 'lwllllllll xl3Itlll'l', II, Hull, 17, Kvlle-y, Thorpv, Arnohl, Finvlmum, .Xrm-X, XV. liro Slcvoxlvg Ulmmplin, Yrmw-, J. Awlruns, Uzmupboll, Fox, Linh-ll, Sl-iillllvl' Flzox'1': NIV, Vow-y, Ilzlulton, Hunk:-l, lflurl, Mr, XYvlIs 2 7 g Tor: Iionml, A. Amlorson, G, Robinson, Mr. Enstf-1' M11ml,1+:: Johns, Ohlsvn, Johns, Nigh FRONT! Dunlap, Lakv, Johnson, tllzxsson N17 Vvnfy-fl: rm 1 CT QS at 3' H- I CD Cf. D P va vs O Q.. DJ E. O 3 E14 5 rx!- 4.-is 'aff 'l'm': Andi-rson, Imslunml, Nl. Cmnstsu-k, llrnnnln-mx, I'm-tr-rsun, Stub:-r, Davis, Mc-N:-il Alllillhldi Munriu-, Huskill, lhzcklcy, llziwk, Stmmks, Clark. NI. Milli-r If'i:ux'r: Alulzuule-r, l'llIlY1iIUllHlIN, Sonia, Gulf-, Martin, Dslultnn, Miss Ruhinsun 'l'lu- goal :ulopfs-cl :if flu- first ol' flu- XVIII' 10 VVlllz1 lla-f'kln-y. 3lZll'lj'S f'nnisfm-li. lris limlwfl Illlllii' flu- ,Xnu-s lligh Ilirl's .Xflils-fir ,Xssoc-izifion Hole-n Sfoziks, forwzirflsg llzirlmrzi lla-yxu , ai morm- zivfivm- m'g'm1izzifim1 was slu-1-Ossfully mir- Hefty Tuul Jmu-S. Dorofliy PQIVSOIIS. Avoiu 0 ric-ml mmf. TUlll'l12lI1l01llS wx-rv lu-lil in soffhzill, Z1'll0I',jIll2lI'tlS. Sopiimiuire-sz I.ouis4-1Xl4-xzuu - rollm-yhzill. hzulniinfon. hziskc-fhzill, howling, fun- Mary Jn Highhnrgf-r, llllllllillllt' Ryan 151-iulw nis :nul ping-pong. .X lurf-hu-li was lu-lil in flu- Sf'll0l10I'I1l2lllll, li0l'XV2ll'flS1 Rufh Davis. lile-.nun full in flu- lunuir ol' flu- soffhzill mul lmsuhninfon Roflizu-ke-r. lflfhyl 'I'lunnpson, Pnfsy Yi 4-s funrnzinu-nf winiu-rs. guzirfls. ln Many 2lW2lI'llS W1-rv nizulf- un flu- hzisis of' Again fhis your an l'1-p1'i-sm-llffifivv fuflu- fl. X X pninfs 1-:iriu-fl hy liillqllflllilllllg' in flu- various 4'0llllI'il was 1-lm-fi-il by e-zu-h lumnu-room so fh. :u-fivifif-s. .X minor is givn-n for vzirning flu- G.A.A. hnsiiu-ss could lu- 1-:irric-ml ont nu - 500 puinfs, ei nmjor for 1,000 poinfs. :nul m-H'ic-imifly. .X "Girl of flu- Monfliu was 4-lursr-n zu girl xvlui 1-:urns 1,500 puinfs is ziwzirflml an hlzu-k 1-zu-h numnfh in rcs-ugnifimi uf' sonu- ollfsfzuu znul nrzmgc- ll-If ilog. ll.J..A. girl. Alfa-r flu- lHlI'2lll1lll'2ll lmskvflmll fuurnnnu-nf Offif-c-rs for flu- yi-nr uri- l'ull1-on Ilan 1 was 4-miipli-11-fl fsm- pivfnrf- :if righfl ull girls pm-siclm-iifg lflllm-n l,C1ll'l'NUIl. vim-1--pw-simli-lifg X n in flu- high sf-luuml vnu-ml nn fhrm- :ill-sfzir hziskof- gininl lfunninglizmi. sm-l'0fzli'y-fr0ns111'f-r1 N x hull fc-suns. Tlu- f'ollowing wc-ro L-loc-fc-fl. Sm-niors: 131-4-klm-y, lllil'2lI1llll'ill 1-liailwnznig Mzirlys Hun Szillv l'ulf-, Nlziry lbziiiu-. llc-hlmy Munn, Susan sfcwk, poinf l'0vm11'mlc1': mul Szillm- Wolf-, s . Tilflr-n, f'm'warflsg Puff Ulzirk, f'ollf-1-n Dilllllflll. 4-lmirnizxn. Miss Hpzil Robinson is flu- HA N -la-:in flmulspm-1-fl. .liuly G11-1-ll. gnzirils. -Inniors: sponsor. N1'l'I'lIf4H-flllll' if In January 71 girls were initiated into active membership in G.A.A. The girls fulfilled the initiation requirement of 100 points by participating in activities and by completing health charts. A girl receives four points for each hour of participation. 'A' Homeroom 109 i' Homeroom 235 "A" league winners "A" league runner-up RACK: Hand Faust IIACIQ: C, Iilnrris, Mvl'lu:x'- F 1: 0 N T : Munn, McNeil, son lluine lXl1lum,r:: Monroe, Hiarhlmr- gun-, lied:-ick FRONT: Jolmstnn, S. Ilurn- lmm i' Homeroom 108 i' "B" league winner "B" BACK: Slwrmzm, R. Anmler- IIACK: . sun, Zennx- Bllltllhlfli l"ll0N'I'Z Norton, Townsonsl, N. fl Heywood FRONT: Homeroom 232 league runner-up Xrnolml Smith, Privw Rl:1l:ln1l01', Svzmmn, 1-tz Kline, llvwl, Hyun Sm-only-five Pep Club and Cheer Squad - 4 4 - 4- e 'I'm': Yntvs, !'n-1I4-rsmm, Hijl'llhlll'f.1'l'l', NI. .lllclm-, Ring, flmnlspvml, lim-Q-, Munn, 1l1'it'I'ith, Me-nzlwn, Unim- 'I'llll'Il' N GHZ. Yflll .UHUI11-. Kirwin, Hutl"I'. IC. l.. Murtin, flrzuy, Hilmzm, Summu-rs, Alzntln-ws, Ullllllilllllllllll ll1N Nucl -.ww Slcvnxlvz Imultmm, SllI'SIiL'll4', luwlutsvrm, Ilrilm-y, llilpzutrim-k, Ilui'l'nmn. l'ivl'1'v, Iln-nlris'k, lmvis. 'l'mx'nse-ml, .lnlm I'I1'i1'ks UH l4'l:nN'l': Miss liuluinsmm, l'. Milln-V, Swank, Tilxlvn, I'. Clark, Gr:-vn. IC. .Xmlm-rsnn, U. lirnst, Pull-, Miss Hex X 1 ,vb 'A' This gay Iiille group is cheer squad, grouped around the "A" i' Nancy leads the singing l?l at ihe Pep club poiluck gg, fr Snrvnfgl-sinf 'l' "Brelheren-Halleluiah!" These Are The Times We Hold So Dear Agqnga Leo 75af7'l0Y Mass - Splrlt Sweetheart Nwrrnfrl-c'ir1l1t A? 'SEM 'A' Phyllis Sprague and Patt Clark, both seniors, were named attendants to SPIRIT Sweeaheart Susan Tilden. X1 KI. 1 I i' The SPIRIT Sweetheart and her attendants pose at the Photographer's Ball, annual SPIRIT dance. Left to right: Bob Hall, Patt Clark, John Orth, Susan Tilden, Phyllis Sprague and Jack Standley. 'k These girls were elected on the first ballot of ten from which the SPIRIT Sweetheart was chosen. In the back lleft to rightl are Ellen Pederson, Mary Daine, and Debby Munn. Salle Cole is in the middle and Nancy Butler, Mary Anne King, and Bea Briley are in front. if A good time was had by all at the Photographer's Ball held in the study hall on January 20, from 8 p.m. until ll p.m. Seventy-nine 's Whee s WAYNE BROWN FRED MARTIN 4 Student Body President Student B y Prgsi en , ' First Semester ,Second V N 4 1 I BOB HALL NANCY BUTLER Senior Class President Girl Reserve President ,s DICK FINCHAM Hi-Y President First Semester First Semester .. wwf NZ!-L ' Eighty nv It NORTON MEZVINSKY DEBBY MUNN DON ARNEY Junior Class President Girl Reserve President Hi-Y President Second Semester Second Semester Floating on Air NOT Gmnfeea After ' Ehvuuvw .213,l'i'-F1 ll Slap her down again, Swank! "We comma the incoming members Jim and his harem Everyone's off but Dick i Plzofnflwlplls by Stuff l'lmrny1'l1pIlm'.w mul Tum filrmsrnl 'A' Mert's ready and waiting i' I wonder what party this is? 'A' What's so interesting? i' Don't worry, Perk-she'll pay! How coy! Blow, Gabriel, Blow! Who's he? "A-S-D-F-space-" l'lmfuyn'u11Ir.w by Stuff l,ll0f0jll'II1lllPVS and Tum illrmson f The Deep River Boys in adion 'A' Scratch il, Ed! 'A' lalesl model i' Been reading much lately? Eiyh.r,u-three I'I1otugn'1lpl1s by Ntujj' 1,110f0jll'lI1IIl,f5I'S and 'I'nm Glassnn Eighty-five SI.l' 1'Imfoyn'upI1s by Stuff I'l1nfoy1'111:I:w's mul 'fum lllasson bg, .QQ sw ---l'll0ffIjlI'fl1llIS by Nfrljf l'l1u11fy1l'11pl11'r.w mul Tum 11111831111 l'fi!Jflf.l!--991171 my Ill' Who's he trying to kid? Gee-look al the candles! Man of disiindion You fell them, John! ufnyfrflplls by Ninjf lvl0f1ljll'lI1l1II'l'S 111111 'l'nm lllflxxrz W Go ahead-ask her, John 'F' II would take u book lo tell you! 'A' What a mess! i' They mus? use tooth pusie ". . . and if elected, I will You fell 'em, Chuck! Whal's so gay? Well-WOW! ntoyfrllplls by Niuff I'l:nluyn'frp11r21'x mm' 'l'un1 fllrmsfm i' The vocal music group gives oul. 'A' Mus? be a good game! i' Santa Claus' helpers. i' Leis everybody stand up! Iffiyllzfhll-11.1116 , 'l'fllQLN':..x I "' np.mxYg'8fivu-1 1. r N l 1 li - l l, f . ss ff. 499 ' " !2i1T A9f rf 'L 'KIAHN 2 CLLIER AGAIN" A slogan signifying a service created to excel in all things pertaining to yearbook design and engraving. We have found real satisfaction in pleas- ing you, the yearbook publisher, as well as your photographer and your printer. JAHN S OLLIER ENGRAVING CO sn w.wAsHLNcToN BLVD., cHicAGo 7. ILL. Compliments of . . ,I COLLEGIATE COMPANY AMES IOWA MANUFACTURING 1 S 4 v UH lcv ADAMS CLIN1' IXIDAMS Class of 1919 A 11 1 Q 1 l Class of 1921 Sljlllll. I, one of those important ingredients so necessary in making a GOOD school the BEST . . . and Ames Hi students have that SPIRIT . . . in "bound" as well as in "unbound" volumes. We congratulate you, students of Ames Hi, and graduates of I949 . . . keep that spirit and will-to- win . . . it will help carry you on to new and impor- tant victories. AMES DAILY TRIBUNE fy-two From our collection of Formol Dresses for High School and College Functions :vig fAanL:5 from your Sl'lRI'I' I'1I1Il1ljll'1I1lllVVS X 109 Miss Srsxx 'l'11.1w Ulll' Sim-orv t'0IIQQl'2lTlllH1iUllS and Host Wishes to tho Vlass of 19-151 . gf ege 0lfUl'L l'0R'I'R.XI'l'S -- mmim' umwlfs - wx4:1m1Nus WICIAFII AVE. AMES, IOW, .N'im'f1l-fn11V SPI N l'I' SXY lCI'I'l'l I HAR l f I 2--fi g PHOTO DEPT. is for the A11flmrize'rI llvrllm' for ANSCO ARGUS, INC. BAILIJIDFJS 1 if -k I1ffudquarfvr.s for Jlusicul lvzslrzlmmlfs PIANOS - BAND INS'I'RI'Mlf1NTS S RADIOS BUSCH CORP. DE JUR AMSCO EASTMAN KODAK GRAFLEX GENERAL ELECTRIC KALART LEICA, INC. WESTON CORP. 302 M A IN STRICIVI' IEIIOIII' -IT-I SIIICICT MFSIC AND RI4Ii'ORDS ESCHBACPI MUSIC HOUSE 16 THOUSAND ITEMS For your convenience Be it some small item-a screw-a tack or a bolt or a major' uppliaxlve for your home af NVQ want your pat1'o11ag'e and try to conduct our business so as to deserve it. 'k PAINT - STOVES - CHINAWARIC - TOYS RADIOS - REFRIGERATORS - VVASHING MACHINES COOKING WARES AND HOUSEWARES OF MANY KINDS CARR HARDWARE CO. Phone 124 Ninety-Jive Congratulations Class of 1949 Looking into the Future . . To build or buy your own home as soon as you are financially able is Wise . . . and Will pay good dividends. I-l. L. MUNN. LUMBER CO. TOMS GRILL C1iEAr1'oRs OF Goon Foon if 1 af Open daily 9 a. m. 'til midnight Host fo Cwztfral Iowa Confcrowoe Athletic Association AIR CONDITIONED 129 MAIN STREET i 'A' ik 1 'k GOOD FOOD AMES SCRENSON GI L CU. SPORTING GOCDS HARDWARE AUTO SUPPLIES Wholesale - Retail 821 Lincoln Way Phone 162 AMES, IOWA A . . . Natures Finest Foocl - If i f :Q N--- 11 if, -1I!!LF.-ge t :E Q'- .,., ' " ONEII. DAIRY CUMPANY Best Wishes Class of 1949 To a Better World . . . As never before We must Work for the future. 'lr if i' HS. HANSCN LUMBER CO., Just Our VVH5' of Saying Greetings to Class of 1949 Ames High School ' 7 Rushing s Super V alu South of the track and East of Kellogg Avenue AMES SPQRT SHQP Athletic and Gym Clothing 'lr A Complete Line of Sporting Equipment i' VHUNIC 25925 25226 IAINVULN XYXY The WIOSI copied car SIX l:l'IIllf1'-fill .llnrl I in fo Vllnuw' l+'rom DAULTON MCDTCDRS KAISICR- - FRAZICR SALES AND Sl'lRVH'l'I IHUNI 315 AMPS HWS X Best Wishes to Class of 1949 COAL GRAIN and FEEDS OIL BURNERS AND STOKERS Ames Grain and Coal Co. 213 IJVFF AVE. PHONE ii CQNGRATULATIQNS and BEST WISHES Class of 1949 from I I L D E N ' S Tho Store for Men Bring MOTHER and DAD ' in and show them COngratu1at1OnS the CAR you would like them to BUY! Class of 1 949 ' fm 01,1151 College Savings Banlc Dahlberg 64 Anderson Motor Co. Your l'flmpa1.v 7'ou'n Iiaul' PHONE 1515 5011 51111 S11 PHONE 1515 Ames, Iowa eoiiroia PIPE sHoP 0,,9,.af,,,f6,fg,,,,5 llQiIl'l' 0 high ws - l2lIll0I'2lS l glzllllflllg' tlqillllpllll t 5 of 1 HHJ Congratulations guillfe lflfceifff Class of ,4Q .Ioux S'1'I'i'1ucx', Uzrnw' C'ol'n01' of Lincoln YVz1y amd Welcll 14330 on Your Dial 0 d srfcmuv smfn slzfn Ann PRICED '10 Jim ' The host designing minds in tho vountry vi-cated our Junior stylus . . . you'll soo ompiro Iinvs, Princess styles, VV0lliil'I"i.lli 1-risp rayon, Tuf- fotn and surzih . . . all vspvvinily for you. El 10 l5's. WOMENS WEAR Ben Cole 61 Son eneral Contractors i' Phone 3023 if Ask for "Mlm-1" iiRlF14'I'1H or "HHRM" 1'01,i: SKEIE TRACTCDR igl IMPLEMENT CCD. FORD THAUTURS DICARISORN FARM lMI'hl'lMI'lN'I'S HICNERAI, l'IIiEC'TRIlQ' Al'PlilANf'I'1S l'0N'l'I.Xl' ,Xl'TUMOl3lLI'lS 202 S. Duff Phono 2386 A M E S MUSIC CENTER "Wl1f'rf' flu' !'llNf0Hll'I' is Il Hurst" o REVORDS - POR'I'.Xlil,ICS RECORD PLAYERS 105 Welvh Anws, Iowan On I lzdreri mo Congratulations Graduates VVO have strived to supply your sohool needs. May we continue to bv of service in whatevor field you choose. Gifis - Uffirv - Sf-Iwo! and Plzofographic The Stores of ational Brands STYLE - QVALITY Sl'l'Rl'IMl'l "From, Ilrfurl In 7'm's- N11 up ni .lors" Supplies . HAWQLSIIUHLUHHLLSB oe's Mens Shops 238 Mm Phone 96 212 Mfmr 2536 L. Way R. T. eoE sEEos A i Farm Swrd Iiouglzl, Sold and l'l1'unwd 5 FALL OIL CO. Skt-lllv P1'Tl'Ul0UI1l Pl'0dlll'1S L 'A' i' Bulk Gurdon amd Lawn Sood I l'0IHIllPI'Ci?ll Fa-1'tilix01' ' PIIUNTH 1243 for I at Lawn, Garden, Farm 'k ' IMN XY. Gluv, fl1l'71l'l' Pllom- 292 Amos, Iowa 520 Lim-ohm Way One lzmulrerl three Visit Story lfounigfs only E.I'ClIlS'i'l,'0 APPLIANCE STORE o Frigidaire Automatic Washers 0 Frigidaire Electric Ranges 0 Frigidaire Water Heaters 0 Frigidaire Clothes Dryers oFrigidaire Home Freezers o Frigidaire Clothes Ironeis 0 Maytag Washers and Gas Ranges 0 G. E. Radios 0 Copper Clad Combination Ranges Sw' us for your major llllllllflllff? nfwls CHRISTENSEN Appliance Stores Ames and Nevada Sal es Service llistributors of V. S. Tires Armstrong - Nash, Inc. Phone 3206 120 Lincoln Way Consult Us for MUDICIKN PlillMlllNl1 and IIEATING SINS'l'.Xllll.XTlONS 'A' s 'Thr .lluxlrr 1'lu,mInrr 1'roIrrts llu' Ilmllh of flu' .Vllfi0'7lS.n if George Puffett tf'lass of 19191 315 FIFTH PHONE 911 FLOWERS for you and yours at priees We all van afford. Forsages - VVedding Arrangements Sprays - Cut Flowers - Plants 'lr 'A' 'A' GREEN TURE FLORISTS 410 5th Street Phone 97 I1 u mired four' ff ,,,1grmr1Ih44 ""5"'Ncg6 'MENS CLOT 'UNH Funn 1si..NG,jr5 M ' iliill fl i ri MEI 2' .f U4bNGR. X'l'l'Ii.Vl'IlDNS T0 THE UI..-XSS Ol' '49 H01-onw Men of the World . . . Selcvi Your Quality Ulotlws from BERCICS Tha vlllfllfllfj f'Ul'1lf'l' in Annes 301 Main Sf. WHAT? A Singing' xviliilxl' W H E R E ? SC'0'1"1'l1+1'S l'llli'Kl'1N INN Alllil. '1'1mm'1c Muwrox Wllrn yyllllifl' liUOL'I.'Nfj for ilu' lfrxl in I"nml limp in ul - Seottie's Chicken Inn YW-St of VIIITIIHIS on liineoln NVf1y WORKl.l'1SS WASHIJA YS Uvr Nl'l'I'l'l'I .lll .U1lf.'r'.w f'oH1HI4'l'r'I'1ll and llmmxlir' fll' 'fm 'fefffrw BILL DYER Refrigeration Service ,,,,vgg'g,a,,,, dhtwaz LAUNDRYS i' l"l'l'0 Soup - lllvzu-Ii - llluing ,XMANX IIUMIC IVRICICXERS l'0Ml'Iil'l'l'l'1 ITHYICR Sl'1RVli'E i if Il'0IIillg' Svrviee lil0NRl'l'I'I IRUNICR- lJl'IAl,lCRS J. IS. lII"r1'l1ls0N, UIl'll1'l' S21 Main ljilillli' 2420 200 Dufl' Pillllll' 3161 One I1 ll7LliI'f?ff firv Fra n gos Restaurant Delightfully Appetizing Meals if COMPLETE FOUNTAIN SERVICE if VVe Make Our Own I oe Cream 210 MAIN AMES, IOWA Phono 1800 Yates Service Station CONOCO PRODUCTS i B. F. GOODRICH TIRES "JOE" XNIIPIEIMCK, JR., Owner 5th Sa Burnett Phono 58 Aullmrizcd Dvulvrs for Lennox Furnace Air i'ondi1ioning Spouting General Shoot Motu! W411'k Van Voorhis Bros. Individuality In Good Furnituro I-Ioversten Furniture FURNITURE and FLOOR ITOVEHINGS Admiral and Gibson R,0IlI'Ig1l'I'il'fOI'S and l'Ilcvt1'iv Stoves Thor Automugic DIS11NK'2lS1ll11'S and Gladirons FITRNACE - Sl'IEE'I' Mmwu. Suor' Ph. 2270 107 N. 2nd Amos, Iii. 412 Main Phono 66 One hundred sizz' Appliance Store FATKA'S APPLIANCE Thermogas Magic Chief Gas Ranges 529 Main Automotive Agencies and Supplies ALLEN MOTOR COMPANY Chevrolet - Buick Sales Service AMES WHEEL 8: FRAME ALIGNMENT CO. 417 DUFF ARMSTRONG TRACTOR 8z TRUCK CO., INC. Lincoln Way and Sherman Ames, Iowa Phone 3031 DUNLAP MOTOR COMPANY Oldsmobile - Cadillac Sales and Service Ames, Iowa MATHISON MOTOR COMPANY Ford Sales Sz Service 323 5th St. Phone 143-144 Story C0unty's Finest Used Cars MAX AND RAY DUITCH 108 5th Street 228 So. Duff MOTOR SALES Sa SERVICE Dodge - Plymouth - Dodge Trucks Lincoln Way at Kellogg RED'S AUTO SALVAGE 2.23 S. DUFF PHONE 615 SMITH MOTOR CO. DeSoto and Plymouth Dealers 319 Lincoln Way Phone 169 WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE 214 Main St. Everything for the Automobile WHATTOFF MOTOR CO. Studebaker Sales St Service 118 Hayward Phone 796 Banks and 1tQl2StmeliQ"""'L AMES BUILDING 85 LOAN ASSN. AMES, IOWA AMES TRUST 8a SAVINGS BANK "The Bank Where You Feel at Home" Barber and Beauty Shops CONTOURE BEAUTY SALON Lillian Anderson, Mgr. 121V, Welch Phone 2891 CR-ANFORD BEAUTY St BARBER SHOP "Our Services Take Care of All the Family" SUPERIOR BARBER SHOP Ames High's Favorite Haircutters 222 Main Street HOTEL BARBER SHOP SHELDON-MUNN HOTEL I''I'l"E.3Q,iQsiQ,ZfQmm STUDENT SUPPLY STORE Books for All Ages South of the Campus Phone 164 Bowling Alley Join the Gang and Bowl at the AMES BOWLING CENTER 400V, Main Phone 476 Building Materials AMES LUMBER COMPANY Lumber - Builders Supplies - Ready Mix Concrete Herb Paulson 501 Lincoln Way Phone 83 Chiropractor DR. C. B. KERR Chiropractor 501 Main Street Clean-ers and Launderers AMES LAUNDRY Professional Laundry Service 200 - 222 Fifth St. Phone 47 AMES PANTORIUM Quality Cleaning, Repairing, Alterations 410 Douglas Phone 231 One hundred seven LINDQUIST CLEANERS DIXON 'S Cut Rate Drug Store 120 HAYWARD PHONE 1700 Ames, Iowa C'l2'12if'S JUDISCH BROS. PHARMACISTS Prescriptions OI INIC PHARM ACY Phone 70 We Deliver 313 FIFTH PHONE 3499 PETERSON DRUG CO' "ff"'f""'-""s"' """"'-"""""' ''ff'"""""""'fff"' "Drugs etc." ' Coal 2816 West Street Phone 2865 EDWARDS COAL COMPANY "Complete Heating Service" Phone 20 WALTER REXALL DRUG Ames, Iowa 217 Main St. Phone 93 HALL COAL COMPANY SPRIGGVS PHARMACY The Rexall Store 132 GRAND PHONE 241 West Ames Phone 1030 f'onfruf'torS Drill Gvods JAMES THOMPSON sb SONS THE FAIR , , Dry Goods - Ready to Wear - Milllnery GENERAL CONTRACTORS Ames, Iowa LAYNE-VVESTERN CO. VVATER SVPPLY CONTRACTORS BEST VVISHES to LITTLE CYCLONES J. C. PENNEY CO. Dairy Products Electric Companies MOORE RROS. DAIRY MUNN ELECTRIC COMPANY Visit Our Ice Cream Store Kitchen Modernization Headquarters 428 Fifth Phone 369 Phone 500 NVOODLAND FARM DAIRY EWIif1tf'Pf'S - f'1'1'i1 I Dairy Products and Fountain Service ?fff Pjf1fff'ffY2jfm mu A m f1ffjfjj'f?f 1'.EciHN1cR ENr:1NEuRlNr: oo, 1,01-WI - Supplies LECHNER RLDO. PHONE 2703 DEISEL SERVICE COMPANY Filter Company AMES. IOWA GENERAL 1v1I.TER OO. -----------A---f-------- Manufacturers of Water Softening Equipment Dpilfl-Qfq 923 2nd Street Phone 226 Florists AMES DENTAL SOCIETY COE'S FLOVVER SHOPS ---A-A-Af-----------f-s---A-A---------f "Flowers by Wire" Dyuggists Phone 110 Est. 1932 Phone 111 CAMPUS DRUG CO. EVIIURTS FLCKXVCER SHOP "F owers or ccasions" 2430 LINCOLN VVAY PHONE 1195 208 Main Phone 490 One lumrlred eiyhf Furniture Hardware BENNETT 8: MQDANIEL FURNITURE A Friendly Store in a Friendly City Gifts FLORENCE LANGFORD Gift Shop 413 Douglas Phone 554-J Glass Company ORNING CLASS Sa AWNING CO. Auto Glass Replacement Our Specialty 402 Main Phone 2665 Grocers AMES SERVICE FOOD MARKET Groceries - Fruits - Meats - Birds Eye Foods 2428 L. Way Phone 88 or 89 AMES WHOLESALE FRUIT CO, PHONE 84 CAMPUS GROCERY Nationally Advertised Foods 103 Welch COAST-TO-COAST STORES Hardware, Auto Accessories Furniture FIRESTONE STORE Tire Headquarters for Ames 215 Main Ames, Iowa Phone 172 Hatch ery AMES HATCHERY COMPANY Chicks - Equipment - Poultry - Eggs 123 Kellogg Ave. Phone 1025 Hotels and Tourist Courts AMES TOURIST COURT 30 Modern Cabins Mr. and Mrs. O. S. Reiste Phone 1502 CONOCO MOTEL Modern Cottages - Locked Garages Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Bourne E. Lincoln Way I nsarance and Real Estate ASH AND ATKINSON Full Coverage Insurance Service City Loans - Investments GQfQf21E1jIg'f,Xt FARWELL T. BROWN - HARRY F. BROWN 114 Duff Ave. Phone 52 2235 Maigorthwestern Mutual Life Ins. Cflghone 340 UOUNTRIYMANS BURTON INSURANCE AGENCY THE STORE BY WELCH SCHOOL 511 Main E2fffnfg'f1if,RfJ1fgr' Phone 552 FAREWAY STORES ECONOMICAL FOOD DISTRIBUTION H. L. EVELAND REAL ESTATE 322 MAIN PHONE 139 NINTH STREET FOOD MARKET Quality Foods at Reasonable Prices NORTHWESTERN CROCERY 827 NORTHWESTERN PHONE 1750 SEAMAN A. KNAPP General Insurance Masonic Bldg. Phone 109 LA GRANGE INSURANCE Washington National Insurance Co. 31455 Main Phone 763 UNITED FOOD STORE BUY WELL-KNOWN BRANDS HERE THE MARTIN INSURANCE AGENCY If It's Insurance-We Have It 301 5th Street Phone 161 One hundred nine McDOWELL INSURANCE AGENCY "Insure in Sure Insurance" Phone 51 Ames, Iowa 319 Main THEO. B. CTEDD SANDS "Just Good Life Insurance" New York Life Ins. Phone 2472 or 472 D. S. TRIPLETT Real Estate - Loans - Insurance 2405 Main Phone 25 Jewelers MAURICE D. BATES, JEWELER Diamonds - Watches 2400 Lincoln Way Phone 2027 CHARLES G. RAY Jeweler 220 Main Street Phone 230-W WEAVER JEWELERY Watches - Diamonds Phone 2940-W Ames, Iowa FRANK T. TALBERT, JEWELER PHONE 820 Lawyers RUSSELL DECKER Lawyer 31015 Main Phone 3230 HAROLD O. HEGLAND 31495 Main Street Phone 531 HIRSCHBURG Sz REYNOLDS 30015 Main Street Phone 578 Leather Goods MOSER LUGGAGE AND LEATHER STORE FINE LEATHER GOODS PHONE 3270 J AMESON'S Young Men's Wearing Apparel Downtown College Newspapers THE MILEPOST Published Every Thursday News Stand WALT 'S NEWS STAND Optometrists JENSEN OPTICAL CO. Dr. R. T. Drummond, Opt. Phone 1732 216 Main Paint IRVINE Paint and Wallpaper Store Artist Materials Photography HILLS STUDIO H. E. Hossle, Owner 2530 Lincoln Way Phone 347 Pipe Shop MC GUIRE'S PIPE Sz GIFT SHOP 231 MAIN PHONE 113 .Plumbing Company PALMER PLUMBING CO. Save Your Plumbing 108 Hayward Phone 1091 Power Company IOWA ELECTRIC LIGHT 85 POWER CO. 120 E. MAIN PHONE 24 M en's Clothiers Priqztgirg DON BEAM CARTER PRESS Commercial Printers MENSWEAR 127 Welch Phone 2044 One hundred ten Radio Shop Service Stations GULLIVER RADIO SHOP BRINTNALL'S Standard Oil Products 108 LINCOLN WAY PHONE 879 416 Burnett Phone 418 Resiwwfwts BOURNE SERVICE STATION CYCLONE GRILL "The Place to Meet-Eat" 2504 Lincoln Way Phone 1835 ELMER JOHNSON'S DAIRY TREAT Frozen Custards and Luncheons On Duff Street After the Show-Let's Go to JONES SANDWICH SHOP 2502 Lincoln Way Phone 1852 ' IPTRIO 409 RURNETT PHONE 99 L-WAY CAFE FINE FOOD MAID-RITE SANDWICH SHOP They're Made Right 107 Main Phone 1892 P AND G CAFE ACROSS FROM THE CAPITOL THE PANTRY "The Most - The Best - For the Least" 228 Main Ames, Iowa STATE CAFE 400 MAIN PHONE 1848 T AND M SANDVVICH SHOP CORNER OF 5th AND BURNETT CAMPBELIJS SANDWICH SHOPPE Sandwiches and Jersey Freeze Our Specialty 2318 Lincoln Way Phone 1832 JOIN THE GANG AT MICKEY'S JUST EAST OF THE COLLEGIAN Conoco Products 604 E. Lincoln Way Phone 1837 FREELS SERVICE 2602 LINCOLN WAY PHONE 95 HOFFMAN SERVICE STATION Quality Petroleum Products 503 Duff Phone 1274 MATTHEWS SUPER SERVICE Located in the Heart of Downtown Ames Main and Clark Phone 1827 WOLF'S D-X SERVICE PHONE 3211 LINCOLN WAY 8: DUFF Shoes BAUGE SHOE STORE 204 Main Street Shoes That Satisfy BRANN'BERC'S SHOE STORE 318 MAIN PHONE 725-W EMERHOFF'S Dependable Footwear 219 Main Sporting Goods MICKELSON SPORTING GOODS "Play More - Live Longer" 128 Main Phone 1188 Theaters You'll Have the Time 0' Your Life COLLEGIAN - NEW AMES - VARSITY CAPITOL One hundred eleven Abbott Abbott a 1 Alan Janet . Adams, Bruce . Adams, Chevie Adams, Frank Adams, Herbert Adams, Jack . Ahart, Paul . Ahlquist, Edward Ahlquist, John Alden, Mary . Alexander, Louise Alexander, Ruby Allbert, Bob . Allen, Allen, Allen, Jane . Phillip . Robert Almquist, Betty . Anderson, Adrian Anderson, Donald Anderson Anderson, Marilyn Anderson, Ruth Anderson, Sylvia Arney, Don . . Arnold, Charles Arnold, Mary Jane Arnold, Page . Arrasmith, Paul Arthur, Phillip . Ballard, Joyce . Ballard, Norman Ballard, Waneta . Bappe, Arthur Bappe, Dale . Bappe, Dave, Jr. . Barber, John . Barber, Margaret Barnard, Marcia E. Barnar d, Tom . Barnes, Arthur . Barrie, Alex . Bates, Elaine . Bates, Robert . Beach, Iona . Bear, Norman . Beckley, Russell . Beckley, Willa . Beeman, Bob . Bell, Charles . Bennett, Jerry . Bergeson, Bob . Bergeson, Kenneth Berhow, Conrad Berhow, James . One h undrerl twelve James R. . . 35, 43, 16, 40, 50, 55, -32, 50, 55 2-9, 30 4 29,.30, 38 ' . 55 14 . 36, . 31, a Index Bimson, Dorothy . Biorn-Hansen, Vera Blair, Frank . Blayney, Colleen Blyth, Jim . Bond, William Bork, Lawrence Boswell, Joan . Bourne, Bob . Bower, Edna . Bowers, Dorothy . Bowers, Marilyn . Braland, Marilyn . Branberg, Ann . Brayton, Bob Brayton, John . Briley, Bea . Briley, Mary . Brintnall, E. N. Brown, Doris Brown, Keith Brown, VVayne . Bruce, Bonny Bruch, Ruth . Brue, Odale . Buck, Bob . Burger, Nancy . Burnham, Louise . Burnham, Shirley Busbee, Bill . . Butler, Nancy . Byrus, Bill . . Byrus, Bob . Campbell, Ronald Cantonwine, Dick . Canvin, Madeline . Carpenter, Bette Carpenter, Norma Carr, Gary . . Champlin, James . Christensen, Duane Christensen, Don Clarke, Anne . Clark, Patt . . Clark, Philip . Clausen, Ada Marie Clausen, Boyd . Cleary, Sally . Cole, Salle . . Comstock, Marlys . Comstock, Mary Ann Cook, Amy . . Cook, Bert . Covey, Hiram . Corbin, Otis . . 35, 17, 56 . . 36, 43 17, 40, 55, 58, 69, 15, 17, 56, 57, 58, 64, . . 14, 17, . 31 . 18, 56, 63 15, 18, 62 . 12, 35 15, 17. 10 64 52 58 17 60 10 60 58 17 59 46 55 79 59 65 80 66 40 66 32 69 30 80 7 30 40 34 30 43 68 18 76 54 58 59 7 30 18 58 46 Cox, Dick . Crosley, Kay . . Culbertson, Ellen . Cunningham, Mitchell Cunningham, Ray . Cunningham, Virginia Dahl, Ruth . . Daine, Mary . . Dale, Norman . Daniels, Mary Arlene Daulton, Colleen . Daulton, Merritt . Davis, Marlene Davis, Ruth . Day, Richard . Day, R. D. . . Deal, Roger . . Dickinson, Elizabeth Dougan, Ida Mae . Dryer, Delores . Dunlap, Dick . Dunlap, Jack . Dyas, James Earl, Tom . Easter, Ronald . Edwards, Don . Edwards, Iris . Edwards, Normand Elliott, Grayce . Elliot, Rose . Ellsworth, Ed Elwell, Stanley . Emery, Robert . Englehorn, Jim Erickson, Lucille . Ernst, Charles Ernst, Ronald . Ersland, Jerry . Ferguson, John . Finch, Mary Lou . Fincham, Dick , Fiori, Dick . Fisher, Delores Fitch, Dewey Fitzgerald, Cleo Fjare, Paul . . Fletcher, Dolores . Foust, Shirley . Fowler, Richard Francis, Nancy . F'riedrich, Reinhard Gallaher, Betty . Gallagher, Gertrude Galligan, Jim . Gaskill, Janie . Getz, Margaret . 31 14, 18, 56, 58, 60 15, 18, 57, 14, 15, 19, 32, 56 71, 72 18 18 36 32, 30 15 58, 62 19 28 . 35 36, 58 v 1 Getz, Nancy . Gerbrach, Jan . Gilman, Jane . Gilpatrick, Roberta Glasson, Tom . Goodspeed, Jean G-Ord, June . Gore, Beverly . Gore, Jim . Gray, Joyce . Green, Judy . Griffin, Robert . Griffith, Edgar Griffith, Elaine Gulliver, Lorraine Haas, Kurt . Hagen, Connie . Hagen, Richard Hahn, Patricia . Hall, Bob . Hall, Dick fSr.J Hall, Dick CSoph.J Hall, Jody . Hand, Opal . . Harlan, Harper, Harper, Harper, Dick Lowell Mary . Patricia Hartt, Donald . Hauber, Norma Hauser, Duane Haverly, Sally Hawk, Harriet . Hayenga, Mary Hedrick, Norma Heywood, Barbara Highbarger, Mary Jo . 35,65,67,68, 75,76 Hills, Joan . Hoffman, Jo Ann Hohenshell, Carol Holcomb, Joan Holdridge, Joyce Holdridge, Marilyn Holland, Les . Holmes, John Hoover, Edna . Howell, Bud . Howell, Frank . Hudson, Bill . Huse, Don . . Hutchens, Norma Hutchinson, Jack Hyler, Barbara . Imsland, Joan . Irvine, Alice Ivec, Charles Jackman, Grace . 35, 58, 67, 71, 75, 76 . . 30,66,68 . 14,19,56,63,76 . 30,58,59,76 . . 19,64,73 14,19,57,62,64,76 . . . . 30 . 14,19,70,72,76 . . 34 . 31,62,70,76 . 20,62,64,76 . . 31,43,60 32,43,44,47,58 32,56,59,71,76 34,58,65,67 . 20 . . 36 . . 36, 67 . . 30, 57, 60, 66 . 14, 15, 20, 38, 40, 73, 79, 80 . 15, 20, 40, 44, 50, 55, 63, 65, 73 . . . 35, 43, 50, 58, 65, 70 34, 65, 67, 68, '71 . 20, 56, 59, 75 34, 43, 55, 70 . 20, 47 . . 34, 67 , 36, 58, 67, 71 . 10, 50,72 31, 57, 60 20, 38 . 66 . . . 20, 58, 74 . . . 32, 60 35, 57, 58, 60, 65, '75, 76 . . 30, 59, 75, 76 . 20,57,62,66,68 . 29,30,68,76 . . 35,67 34,57,60,65,67 . 34,60 . . 31 . . . 20 36.46,47,58,60 . . 31 . 36,47,60,61 . . 69 . 20 . 20 . 35,67 . . 31 . 35,57,67,68 . 34, 67, 74 32, 58, 65, 66 . . 34 . 58, 65, 67 One himdred thirteen Jehlik, David . John, Ed . . John, Mary Sue . Johndreau, Dave Johns, Edward Johns, Robert . . Johnson, Norma . Johnson, Mrs. James Johnson, Tom . Johnson, William . Johnston, Kay . Jones, Betty . Jones, Darlene . Jorgenson, Naomi Joy, Ed . . . Judge, Barbara Judge, John . Judge, Martha Kahl, Elva . Kelley, Don . Kelley, Elizabeth . Kelley, James . Kelley, Pat . Kennedy, Sam . King, Mary Anne Kingkade, Robert . Kirby, Paul . . Kirchoff, Dorothy Kirchoff, Tom Kirwin, Alice Kjerland, Don Klein, Marilyn Knox, Lynn . Knuths, Anne . Knutson, Marilyn Knutson, Sterling Kooser, Ronnie Lackore, Gene . LaGrange, Bill . LaGrange, Robert Lake, Rod . . Lane, Paul Lantz, Judy . Lee, Bill . . . Lidell, George . Likely, Florence . Lillard, LaWanda Lilly, John . . Litchfield, Betty Jean Long, Ray . . Lynch, Dick . McDowell, Tom . Mclntosh, Marlene McNally, Mary . McNeil, Doris . . McPherson, Marilyn One hundred fourteen . 20, 58, 59 31 35 29 14 34 21 . 21, 56, 58 30, 56 35 15, 21, 40, 47 15, 21, 44, 47, 49, 55 15, 21, Malander, Phyllis Maney, Martin, Martin, Martin, Martin, Martin, Martin, Martin, Marvin, Mather, John . DeLoris . Dick . . Elizabeth A. Elizabeth L. Fred . Marian . Pauline . Janis Roger . Mathews, Phyllis Meldrum, Maryann Mendon, Jane . Mezvinsky, Norton Michelsen, Colleen Midgordon, John Mikkelsen, Joan . Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Margot . Betty . Jean . Phyllis Ruth Milliken, Irwin Monroe, Ruth . Moore, Connie . Moore, Sheila Morris, Chloe . Morrissey, Pat . Mundt, Edna . Munn, Deborah . Munson, Bob . . . . . Munson, Mariam Munson, Pat . Myers, Edna Mae Myers, Stan . . Myrland, Donna Nass, Gloria . Naughton, Jack . Nelson, Charlotte Nelson, John . Netcott, D-olly . Newell, Harold . Nichols, Waldo John Nielson, LeRoy . Nigh, Karen Nigh, Larry . Norman, Ronald Norton, Marilyn O'brecht, Dean . Ohlsen, Bill . Olson, Harold . Olson, Lee . O'Nei1I, Mary Orth, John . Osborne, Eugene Ott, Beverly . . . 35 34, 43, 46 . 29 . 28 . 31 15, 22, 56, 57, 63 . 29 15 Page, Kenneth . Parsons, Dorothy Paulson, Len . Pearson, Phillip Pederson, Ellen Penley, Edna . Penner, Edna . Peters, Jack . Peterson, Bob iJr.J Peterson, Bob CSr.J Peterson, Don . Peterson, Lavonne i Peterson, Nancy stock, . . 36, 58 Piercy, Dr. . Pierre, Louise Pierson, Phyllis . Platt, Don . Poe, Bill . . Potee, Wilma .E Powell, Colleen . Prather, Jim . Price, Donna Quade, Charles . Rahamer, Doris . Rath, Helen . Read, Patsy . Rex, Wanda . Ritland, Everett . Rierson, Mary . Riestine, J. Rolland Roberson, Darlene Robertson, James Robertson, Lois Robinson, George Robinson, Norman Robinson, Wayne Roelofsen, Norma Rothacker, Eleanor R-ouze, Don . . Rowe, Kenneth . Runkel, Marilyn . . Runkel, Ramon . 15, 23, Ryan, Donnalee . . Salisbury, Maurice . Sampson, Chris . Sands, Norman Sass, Paul . . Sayre, Laura . Schafroth, Richard . Schanche, Arthur . Schanche, Catherine . Scheuermann, Beverly Schmidt, Margot . . Schory, Dick . Schrieber, Joan . Schulz, Jacqueline . Schultz, Harold . . 28 15, 22, 56, 23, 38 . 28 38, 40, 44 35, 58 . 32 Seaman, Elizabeth Seversike, Marilyn Shaffer, Tim . Sheaffer, Mary . Shepherd, Gordon . Sherman, Barbara Shipp, Grantland Shore, Howard . Shrake, Janet . . Sills, Dolores . . Simmering, Lawrence Singer, Don . . Skarshaug, Eva . Skinner, Bob Slaichert, Bill . Smalling, Ray Smith Catherine . Smith Dee Ann . Smith, Lavonia Smith Rozella . Smith Vernon . Soma, Marilyn . Sowers, Joe . Sowers, Mark Spangler, Bob . Spellman, Paul . Sprague, Phyllis . Standley, John Steele, Pat . Stein, Winifred Stoaks, Helen Joan . Stuber, Martha Sumberg, Bill . Summers, Beverly Sutter, Larry . Swank, Richard . Swanson, Maurice . Swearingen, Delores Talcott, Marion . Taylor, Bob . Taylor, Dr. . Taylor, Richard . Terrones Jesse . Terrones, Mary . Thielman, Pauline Thomas, Harriss . Thomas, Jane . Thompson, Ethel . Thorburn, Charles Thorpe, Larry . Thrasher, Junior . 'Tilden, Susan . . Toresdahl, LaVern Toresdahl, Selmer Townsend, Audrey Tripp, Lawrence . Tripp, Richard . Trump, Richard . 35, 67, 68, 69, 75 . . . 34 . 34, 43, 67 . . ' 11 . 35, 67 . 30, 57, 75 . 30, 58, 60 . . 36 . 35, 67 . 23, 60 . 10 . 23 7 . 23 . 10, 34, 52 10, 52 . 28, 66 . 35, 67 . 24, 59 . 24, 57, 59 . . 32 24, 58, 64, 74 . . 32, 40, 44 . 30, 40, 44, 50 34, 43, 46, 58, 68, 70 . . . . . 30 6, 59, 62, 66, 76, 79, 81 24, 55, 58, 79, 81 . 31, 58, 60 . 30, 66 31, 56, 57, 66 39, 57, 59, 62, 74 . . 35, 43 24, 56, 58, 63, 66, 76 . . 35.58, 70 14, 24, 50, 62, 64, 76 . . . 24, 47 . 31, 60 34, 60 . 32 8 . 24 . 34 . . 24, 66 . 24, 56, 59, 60 . . 24 . 24, 62 . . . 36, 58 . . 36, 47, 60 15, 24, 38, 40, 44, 50, 58, 81 . . .35 . 15, 25, 56, 59, 76, 78, 79, 81 . . . 35 . . . 25 20, 56, 68, 70, 75, 76 . . . 25 . 20, 58, 60 . . 12, 34, 63 One lmmlred fifteen Turpin, Helen . Ul1l, Kenneth . Ullestad, Richard . Utter, Dale . Utter, Pauline Van Alstine, Cynthia Vance, Franklin . Von Ohlen, Carol . Venable, Carolyn . Vore, Donna . Wakefield, Winifrerl VValker, Fred . Walsh, Margaret Warren, Beverly Watkins, Steven Weber, John . Webber, Dick , Wells, Kenneth . 31 . . 25, 40 . 25,40, 44,45 58 31, I ' 131, 66 , . . 25, 68, T6 25, 40, 55, 58, 61, 62, 64, 71 . . . . . 60 35, 59 32, 57 . . 25, 59, 64 . 34 15 25, 68 . 6,8 . . 31, 58 25, 38, 44, 50 . 12, 40, 47, T3 lx Wessel, Betty Wessel, Donna Wetteland, Jean White, Jack . Wierson, Idellys Wilcox, Edna Wilcox, Jack Wilkin, John Winfrey, Jim Wilson, Judy Wright, Dean Wright, Wallace Wyatt, George Yates, Patsy Yetter, Helen . Yocum, Darrell Yocum, Willis Yoder, Jim . Young, Betty Zenor, Avonell 14, 25 32 Congratulations to Class of 1949 I I 61.71 ci Best Wishes for 'Your Future I TRIBUNE PUBL1s1-11 G Co, PRINTERS OF TI-IE 1949 SPIRIT PHONE 180 Our' IIIUIIIVPFI sirfeen I Il l, ,. , . l - lu YW A 'QQ'fF' I .!:1uo-v0JfwJ'- BX, V . - gt , I ea? M?Mm,,'wfm W MMM MM Q fm . cbgiifv We wc., ' Qlfivwiwiww' ' 2321- 'f WM :'mf.w MM 252594-1 wM 3gQ.f'?? Q 1 2? ff .f,fw1Jff'-l"Tf"i"W'7 gwfwgifwelwwmg . MAJCAACQQZL- . M Mm iffy-f2f4ff2ff M"" 1'l,QmJ W, 7W'gg A Q1 aiff Q2-,,j'av -5 ' 1 V 72 'A 11 Ju

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