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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1947 volume:

 fc VVA V S SIajCKs d V i'thtvw ZWa, C$L ek lUJr r p»j ) ”37- wr Vwvcv v “v Y" 'vvr «T-irvjc £O AOfStaff Caditor 71U,J Pou,er, i uiinesi lijunaejer $ruce Cfore AJclverl isi n g Jranl JJa(Jen e Sponsor Richard rump(contents Slclm in is Ira tio Sen iors Unclerc (assmen Orcj anizal ion s School S hhietici . A dvertiiina 19 33 41 59 65 83 89Fr.ur© FiveferineLpa ( and S ta jUL s this year’s graduating class was just beginning its high school career. He started with them and has been with them all the way. becoming well-liked by the class and everyone with whom lie came in contact. Between the small swinging gate and the in- side door. Mrs. Margie Bcrglund reigns. Besides being harassed by people late to classes without excuses, and wheels running around during classes with no excuses, she acts as a private secretary, a stenographer and fills myriads of other detailed jobs. She's in charge of the office girls, makes out the weekly calendar, serves as receptionist, checks everything from cafeteria menus to truants' records and plays a hot game of golf. Mrs. Bcrglund is assisted by the girls with her in the picture, who. she says, “are most efficient." The girls collect attendance slips, issue passes, type letters and in general make themselves handy. They also play hob with the boys that have a tendency to skip class now and then, as they are the hard-hearted souls who make out those little blue seventh period slips. Behind the door marked “II. S. Principar’ and through a small swinging gate and another door sits Mr. Herbert Adams. I'pon him falls the responsibility of admin- istrating the school. He is a combination backer, confidant, adviser and strong-arm man. Also, he’s the voice on the public address system that keeps us up with events. Co-ordinating all the curricular and extra- curricular activities into a smoothly operating unit and still maintaining a high reputation for the school is no mean task. He is tin- unseen hand behind many of the school's successful ventures deserving of credit. Mr. Adams came to Ames from He Mars when ★ Mr . Bcrglund ond the ''most efficient'' girls—Pott, Marilyn and Liz SixTiie superintendent s office has the important job of coordinating the Ames school system. This year Superintendent Watkins was assisted in his office by his secretary. Mrs. Oravee Elliott, and Miss Laura Saviv. who serves as steno- grapher to Hr. Watkins and as secretary of the Board of Education. In the superintendent's office are filed the grade and attendance records of every girl and boy in the Ames school system. Reports from teachers and supervisors from all the Ames public schools are also on file. All of the books and supplies used in the school system are ordered and distributed by this office. The monthly pay rolls are prepared here, and salary warrants are issued for tin- employees of the schools. All other bills are also checked and paid by this office. When the school term is over the office prepares and distributes the superintendent 's annual report on the school system and the budget for the coming year. This office also is in charge of the public forums, several of which are held throughout the year. The publicity for these speakers and forums is handled by the superintendent and his staff. These forums, mainly concerned with world affairs, met with great success this year. Mrs. Elliot and Miss Soyre Study up 2 r, Wallin) Also held during the year was a number of adult evening school sessions. These classes of- fered a wide selection of activities, including typing, photography, woodworking, bookkeeping and various courses in home economics. This program was so successful that additional classes were formed in order to take care of the people who were previously unable to partake in the activities. Classes were held in the high school on Thursday evenings throughout the school year. Due to its untiring efforts, the superintend- dent’s office was instrumental in enabling the nine public schools to operate more efficiently. I SevenThe Ames Hoard of Education takes care of the administrative problems of the Ames Public school system. Keeping the nine public schools running smoothly, as well as placing teachers and approving finances are only a few of tin- tasks of the school board. One of their major problems is the successful handling of faculty appointments, a difficult undertaking in these days of teacher shortages. The members of the board are elected for three year terms, arranged so that there will always be experienced members serving. The secretary is appointed while the treasurer is elected for a two year term. The board meets regularly on the second Monday of each month. Members of the board this year are: William (J. Murray, president; Frank B. Howell, secre- tary; Hiram Munn, treasurer: Frank Adams, X. J. Fl int nail. Kay Cunningham. David Edwards and Dr. Steven N. Watkins, superin- tendent of schools. Mrs. James Johnson, the first woman to serve on the board in recent years, was elected in March to replace Dr. Murray. I.kkt to kight: Dr. Steven X. Watkins. Mr. Hiram Munn. Mr. Ray Cunningham, Mr. X. J. Rrintnall. Dr. William G. Murray. Mr. Frank B. Howell. Mr. Frank Adams. Mr. David Edwards K ;;h teacners Miss Madeline Can rin : Bookke e ping. Short ha nd. Typing Mrs. Bernice Kennedy: Cafeteria director Mrs. Elizabeth Dickinson : Library director Mr. Kenneth Page: American government. World geography, B u sin ess arithmetic Mr. E veret II it land: Boys' adviser, American literature Mr. Lawrence Simmering: Mechanical drawing. Industrial arts Miss Charlotte Kelson: Ciris' adviser, Journulism, Problems in written and oral expression Mrs. Adelade Lush: Spanish, French .Vine Jeacheri Mr. Hiram Covey: Sociology. Athh tics Mr. William Slaichert: Geome try Miss Jinn {cents: Art Miss (Horia Wahlfield: Public speaking Miss Florence Adolph: lions' and girls’ home economics • Miss Opal Robinson: Girls' physical training Mr. Donald l artl: English, Ge onu try, ('o nh mporary cult arc Miss Edna Wilcox: Ami rican lit era tun Mr. Ronald Easter: ('In mistrg. Physics TenTU» f Mrs. Myrna Green: Typing, Short Innui Miss Mary Mc.Xally: General treasurer. World life rat art, Typing Mr. Kenneth Wells: Hoys' physical training. A thle tics Mr. Richard Hay: Instrumental music din ctor Miss Florence Kester: Art Mr. Olaf Tiller: American history. Athletics Mr. Cecil Wricdt: Metal shop Miss Jean Miller: String music director Miss Edna Mundt: Home economies Klevcn i-e ac hers Mrs. llortfnsi Y st: English Miss Edna Williams: World history. American h istory Mr. Omar Lett: Public speaking, Dramatics Mr. Iiichard Trump: liiology. Che mistry Mr. Day Small in g: Hoys' ami girls' industrial arts. Hoys' physical training Miss Edna Howcr: Vocal music director Mrs. Host Elliot: Latin Miss Hath Miller: .1 Igcbra, Trigonometry Twelve2 , epar tment “Take a deep breath. Hold it. please." And the man had taken a picture. Students found it fun to get out of class, run out- side to a big smooth-look in" truck and stand in front of a complicated machine. It was all part of a state- wide campaign to tind tuberculosis in an early and curable stage by tak- ing miniature X-ray films. High school teachers, jan- itors and ninth grade pu- pils were included. f the 453 X-rays taken, six high school students showed abnormal shadows. Enlarged X-rays of those six were taken a month later and the final report sent to the family physician. This program was carried out in co- operation with the Iowa State Department of Health, the county, state and national tuber- culosis associations, the Ames Board of Educa- tion and the county medical society. Public speaking students cooperated in the light against tuberculosis by preparing speeches on subjects such as the first Christmas seal and detect- ing tuberculosis in its early stages. The best scripts were read over radio sta- tion WO I. This was one of the special projects under the direction of the school health department. Also, every student was given hearing and vision tests. Athletic examinations were under the supervision of the nurse’s office. Every sophomore was given a complete physical exami- nation and any abnormal conditions were reported to the pupils and their parents. To most students the nurse's office was the place where they were greeted with a friendly smile by the nurse. Miss Eva Lindgren, or the school physician. Dr. Kenneth ('. Piercv, after they had been absent three or more consecutive days. ★ T. 8. refugees Pretty Colleen vs. X-ray machine ThirteenFkont How: Anglo. Pincham. Neff. Mr. Hitland, Bechtel. Brown Mii i i.k How: Bill Martin. Town. P. Clark. Briley, Cole. I .a eiinnge. Egemo Back How: CSreon. Mol lepton. Elwell. Murray. Shaffer. D. Hall Doing its best to carry out the ideals of democracy throughout the school, this year's student council deserves much credit for organiz- ing and directing school activities and promot- ing interest in them. The eighteen homerooms in Ames High are represented on the student council by their presidents. Presiding over council meetings and representing the students as a whole are the duties of the student body president. This was the first year in the school's history that such an officer has been elected. In addition to supervising school affairs and deciding on matters of general policy, the coun- cil was divided into s. ven committees to take care of spicifie duties. The assembly committee planned all assemblies for the year, providing a varied and interesting program. The awards committee approved all awards, as well as spon- soring three awards assemblies. One was held in the fall and one in the winter for athletics, and one in the spring for scholastic, band, vocal music and spring sports awards. The noon-hour committee worked hard this year to provide for a well-rounded noon-hour program. Featuring volleyball and softball tournaments, the entertainment also included dances, musical assemblies and movies. The social committee handled open house as well as sponsoring matinee dances and the annual mid- Fourtcenf rexied DAVE BECHTEL First Semester NORMAN BROWN Second Semester citizenship committee. Every morning, noon and evening you could find a member of the service citizenship committee, which helps enforce the school's traffic and parking regulations. Every morning, noon and evening you could find a member of the service committee in the office at the lost and found desk. The publicity com- mittee saw that all school events were well- publicized through the newspapers, over the cound system, and by posters distributed in the business district. Officers for this year were Dave Bechtel and Norman Brown, president; Norman Brown and Bob Egemo, vice president; Nancy Neff and Norma Moore, secretary; Mary Pierre and Susan Tilden. treasurer. Faculty adviser is Everett Kitland. Second semester student council in action Hack Row: Jim Aikmun. Jerry John- son. Helmut Seaman, Haul Arrn- Mirilth Front How : George Puffett, George I.idcll, Harry Thorpe, Harold Newell. Wayne Brown Skatkp: Andy Christenson FifteenFront Row: Haklen. Alriinger. Rothacker. Miss Miller. Sowers. Bechtel. Vifqualn Skcond Row: Bourne. Angle. J. Johnson. Morgan. «Irani. T. Schultz. A. Christensen. Murray. Harper Third Row: Robert Km«. ry. Arney, Vance. Kincham. P. Arrasmith. Peters. Swank. 1». Arrasmitli. B. Warren Rack Row: Voder. R. Hall. Merritt. JCenor. b. Moore. I). Hall. I . Raison. Barnes Max Sowers, fire chief, pushed the students of Ames High around this year with the aid of Miss Miller, sponsor, and the rest of the “gestapo.’’ The duties of the fifteen seniors, twelve juniors and fourteen sophomores are subject to many whimsical remarks, but they are really essen- tial. The junior and sophomore members are on duty in the halls from 8 :.i0 to 8:45, 12:10 to 12:45 and 12:45 to 1:00. The seniors filled in in the absence of the underclassmen: other- wise. they loafed. Regular meetings are held every Thursday noon at 12:25 to discuss the problems that are met during the week. Assignments for the fol- lowing week are also issued. Other officers are Ned Yifquain. assistant fire chief, and Dave Bechtel, secretary-treasurer. Sixteen ★ Fire Squod on duty 3 udent dJr reasurers Try the machine, Andy Dulcic astitis Mist McNally with Ihe books Ames High's monetary system is handled by this group of student treasurers. Every member is responsible to Miss Mary McNally, general treasurer, and Dulcic Severson, her assistant. Duplicate cash books are kept by both tlie general treasurer and the students and are checked once a month so the few errors made are readily corrected. All money is kept in a general cheeking account. To make, out a check the treasurer must write out a requisition, sign it himself, have his sponsor sign it and get Mr. Adam’s signature. This accomplished. Miss McNally makes out a check for the amount specified. Every activity operates on a budget which it is supposed to follow as closely as pos- sible. Activities which have no visible means of support are aided by organizations showing a profit from the previous year. Much credit is due to Miss McNally and the student treasurers for the success of their excellent financial system. This type of training is valuable in develop- ing business-like characteristics in the student treasurers. It is required of them to In exact and prompt for the books must be checked by the state auditor. It is essential that the treas- urers be trustworthy, accurate and dependable because of the great responsibility placed in their hands. Front Row: Severson, Miss McNally, Wilson, Morford Middle Row: I McFarland. Gulliver. Fitch. Pierre Back Row : A. Christensen, Jackson. Gore. Murray, T. Schulz, Guessler Seventeen■ junior eej OJ1 C ouncii Joon and Mary Jo at camp in Montana The Junior Red Cross council, composed of one representative from each homeroom, was an active group this year in Ames High. The annual membership drive netted $96 for ill- National Junior Red Cross. Over 100 Christmas boxes were packed for Iowa orphans and children overseas. Junior Red Cross knit- ters worked on afghans for soldiers in con- valescent hospitals. The council also worked on a scrap book about our communi;v and nation which was sent to another country to promote international friend- ship. During the summer of 1946 .Jean Jones and Mary Jo G were sent to the Junior Red Cross district camp in Montana. Sponsor of the c unoil was Mrs. Elizabeth I lickinson. Officers for the council were Mary Jo Giese. chairman; Wayne Brown, production; George Clark, publicity; Joan Jones, album chairman. Sponsor was Mrs. Elizabeth Dickinson. Front Row: McCann. Hthington. Mrs. Dickinson. Chivers, J. Schulz Middi.k Row: Parish. Morford. Marvin. Giese, Jones. Wilson. Morgan Back Row: Yoder. W. Brown. Alquist. G. Clark. McCarty. Spangler KiyhtcenS'inrlrenenior Senate Front How: Forsyth. Fitch. Mr. Ivistrr, Dietz. Wilson Mirdi.k Row: «;r«-.-n. B. McFarlnml, Kgeino. Molleston. N. Brown Back Row: Bill Martin. Don McNeil. T. Schulz. Klwell, Howard Jenson. J. Taylor The typical Ames High senior of '47 looks hack to when he was a shy sophomore and then a gay .junior and thinks how glad he was when he became an "almighty senior.” Sponsor for the Senior Senate was Mr. Ronald Easter assisted by Mr. Kenneth Page and Miss Florence Adolph. An all school election chose seniors Ned Vit' qua in and Mary lee Rushing as king and queen of the mid-year dance ‘Half-Time Holiday.” Elected Spirit sweetheart was Phyllis Eschbaeh with Marilyn Townsend and Bobby Honsinger as her attendants. Eleanor Johns and Bob McFarland were honored by being chosen among the twelve finalists in Iowa in the Pepgi-Cola scholarship tests. Eleanor was elected as winner of a certi- ficate of merit and $50. The conference basketball championship won by Ames High this year was due largely to the ability and effort of the senior members of the squad. Chosen as the senior class play was Little Women, adapted from the novel by Louisa Alcott. This costumed play of the L860’s was directed by Omar Lett. The all-senior east was as follows: Mr. March Bob Wai.kf.r Mrs. March. Alice Ferguson Meg...................... Margaret Fowler Jo Patt Forsyth » Phyllis Eschbach Amy Bobbi Gross Aunt March Gloria Gould Mr. Laurence Tf.i Schulz Laurie................................ Frank Hai.dkn Professor Frederick Bhacr Norman Jackson John Brooke............................ Bill Allbaugh Hannah Millicit . Esther Breckenridge TwentyALDINGER, KARL: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Band 1.2.3: Class treasurer 2: Junior Executive council: Fire squad 1.2.3. ALLBAl’GH. BILL: Hi-Y 1.2,3: Homeroom president 1: Band 1.2.3: Orchestra 1.2.3: Dramatics 1.2.3: Tennis 2.3: Varsity Club 2.3: Fire squad 1.2,3; Senior class play: Youth center council 2: Spirit staff 3. ARKAS.M1TH. DICK: Hi-Y 1.2.3. BARBER. BILL: Hi-Y 2.3: Foot- ball 3: Moved from Monroe 2. BECHTEL. DAVID: Hi-Y 1.2,3: cabinet 2,3: Homeroom president 1.2; Choir 2.3: Student body pres- ident 3: Football 3; Varsity club 3: Fire squad 1.2.3. secretary 3. BLANCHARD, ALICE: Girl Re- serve 1.2.3. representative 3. cab- inet 3: Mixed chorus 1.2. secretary 2; Homeroom vice president 2; Cheer squad 2.3; Pep club 3: Lib- rary club 3: Junior Red Cross coun- cil 1. BOURNE. ALVIN: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Track 2.3: Varsity club 2.3: Fire squad 1.2.3. Seniors ALEXANDER. COLLEEN: Girl Re- serve 1.2.3. representative 2; Home- room activity director 3; Drum majorette 2.3. ALLBERT. MURIEL: Girl Re- serve 2.3, representative 3: Moved from Minneapolis 2. BALLARD, VELMA: Girl Reserve 1.2.3: Library club 1,2,3, secretary 3. BEARD. ELIZABETH: Girl Re- serve 1.2.3. representative 3: Cubs’ club 3. BELL. DARLENE: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. representative 2: Homeroom vice president 1. BORGMEYER. ROBERT: Hi-Y 1. 2.3; Homeroom vice president 1.2. president 2: Band 1.2.3. president 3: Junior executive council: Bas- ketball 3: Varsity club 3: Fire squad 1.2.3 Cubs’ club 1. BRECKENRIDGE. ELFJANOR: Girl Reserve 1.2.3, cabinet 3; Homeroom vice president 1. secretary 1; Mixed chorus; Choir 2; Dramatics 1,2.3, Palm 3: Pep club 3; Cubs’ club 1.2. Twenty-oneSeniors BRECKINRIDGE. ESTHER: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. cabinet 3; Homeroom activity director 1. vice president 3; Mixed chorus 1, Choir 2.3. li- brarian 3: Dramatics 1.2.3, Palm 3; Pep club 3: Senior class play: Cubs’ club 1,2. BUTLER. MARY LOU: Girl Re- serve 1.2.3. cabinet 3 Homeroom secretary 1. president 1: Student council secretary 1: Mixed chorus 1. secretary 1; Choir 2.3, vice pres- ident 3; Glee club 1.2: Pep club 2.3; Cheer squad 1: Junior Red Cross council 1; Cubs’ club 1: Spikit staff 2. CHAMBERS, DOLORES: Girl Re- serve 1,2.3: Homeroom secretary- treasurer l: Glee club l. CLAPP. DICK: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Home- room activity director 2: Football 1.2.3: Track 1.2: Varsity club 3. CLEARY, RICHARD: Hi-Y 1.2,3- COE. RAMONA: Girl Reserve 1.2, 3: Glee club 1.2: Mixed chorus 1.2, 3: Choir 3. CRAIG. BETTE: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. BROWN, NORMAN: Hi-Y 1.2.3, secretary 2,3: Homeroom secretary 1.2, vice president 2: Mixed chorus 1; Choir 2,3: Student body pres- ident 3: Senior senate; Football 1, 2.3: Track 1.2; Varsity club 3: Fire squad 1.2.3: Spirit staff 2. CARTER, SHIRLEY: Girl Reserve 1.2,3, cabinet 2; Homeroom secre- tary 1.2. activity director 1; Choir 1. 2.3: G.A.A. 1: Pep club 1.2,3, president 3: Spirit staff 2. CHRISTIANSON. ERNEST: Hi-Y 1.2.3. CLARK. MARJORIE: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. representative 2; Mixed chorus 1.2.3: Junior Red Cross council 3. CODY. BILL: Hi-Y 1.2.3. COOK, FRANK: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Band 1.2.3. DAINE, JOHN: Hi-Y 1.2,3; Band 1.2; Track 1,2: Football 1; Trainer 2.3; Varsity club 3. Twenty-twoDALEY, ROBERT: Hi-Y 1,2.3: Homeroom secretary 2. DAVIS. CAROL: Girl Reserve 2.3. representative 3: Homeroom treas- urer 3: Library chib 3: from Napier. DE LA HI NT. STAN: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Band 1.2.3: Orchestra 1.2.3: Mixed chorus 1: Choir 2.3: Football 1.2.3; Basketball 1.2,3. captain 3: Track 1.2,3: Baseball 1: Varsity club 1.2. 3. DODD. CHARLES: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Mixed chorus 2: Dramatics 1: Cheer squad 2.3. DRYER. BOB: Hi-Y 1.2.3: H mo- room vice president 1. EDGAR. MARGARET: Girl Re- serve 1.2.3, cabinet 2: Homeroom president 2; Orchestra 1.2.3. pres- ident 3; Glee club 1.2. president 2: Choir 1.2.3: Junior executive coun- cil; Pep club 3: Youth Center coun- cil 3: Cubs club 1; Spirit staff 2. EGEMO. ROBERT: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Homeroom president 3: senior sen- ate. Seniori DAUGHERTY. JOE: Hi-Y 1.2.3 Homeroom vice president 3: Dra- matics 1: Junior Red Cross coun- cil 1. DAY. LYLA: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. cabinet 2. president 3; Homeroom president 1. activity director 3; Orchestra 1.2.3; Band 1.2.3; Mixed chorus 1; G.A.A. 1.2.3. intramural chairman 2: Pep club 1.2.3. secre- tary 2: Junior class play: Cubs club 1. DIETZ. ANNETTA: Girl Reserve 1.2.3, cabinet 3: Mixed chorus 1: Glee club 2. librarian 2: Senior class secretary; Pep club 2.3; Spirit staff 3. DONALDSON. JUNE: Girl Reserve 3: from North High. Columbus. Ohio. DYAS. MARY K.: Girl Reserve 1. 2.3. cabinet 3; Glee club 1.2. EDMAND. CAROLINE: Girl Re- serve 1.2.3. representative 3; Glee club 1.2; Mixed chorus 1.2.3: Choir 1.2.3; G.A.A. 1.2,3: Library club 3. ELWELL. JOE: Hi-Y 1.2.3; Home- room president 3: Band 1.2.3; Or- chestra 1.2; Choir 2.3; Senior sen- ate; Track 2,3. '1'wentU‘thretSeniors EMERY, RONALD: Hl-Y 1.2.3: Tennis 1.2. ESCHBACH. PHYLLIS: Girl Re- serve 1.2.3 .cabinet 2: Homeroom secretary 1.2: Choir 1.2.3. librarian 2: Dramatics 1.2.3. secretary 3: Pep club 1.2.3. vice president 3. FINCH. LANETTE: Girl Reserve 1,3; G.A.A. 1: Coon Rapids High school 2. FORSYTH. PATT: Girl Reserve 1. 3: Mixed chorus 1: Choir 3: Dra- matics 1.3: Senior senate: G.A.A. 1: Pep club 3: Cheer squad 1.3: Senior class play: California 2. GORE. BRUCE: Hi-Y 1.2.3; Home- room president l; Junior class pres- ident; Basketball 2.3: Track 1.2: Varsity club 3: Fire squad 1.2.3: Spirit staff 2.3. GOULD. JANET: Girl Reserve 1.2. 3. representative 2: Homeroom sec- retary 2: Pep club 3: Junior Red Cross council 2. GR INSTEAD. TED: Hi-Y 1.2.3. cabinet 2.3; Homeroom activity director 2: Mixed chorus 1.2, pres- ident 2: Choir 3: Football trainer 1: Track 1; Tennis 1: Cubs’ club 3: Spirit staff 2.3. ERNST. BOB: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Football 1.2.3: Track 1.2.3: Varsity club 3. FERGUSON. ALICE: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. cabinet 3; Homeroom secre- tary 2: Dramatics 1.2.3. Palm 2. president 3: Senior class play; Spirit staff 2. FITCH. FAITH: Girl Reserve 1.2. 3. representative 2. cabinet 3; Homeroom secretary 3; Dramatics 1.2.3; Senior class treasurer; G.A.A. 1.2; Cubs’ club 2: Spirit staff 3. FOWLER. MARGARET: Girl Re serve 1.2.3. representative 2. cab- inet 3;Dramatics 1.2.3; Debate 3: G.A.A. 1.2: Junior class play: Sen- ior class plav; Cubs’ club 2: Spirit staff 2. GOULD. GLORIA: Girl Reserve 1. 2.3. representative 3; Homeroom activity director 3: Band 1,2.3: Or- chestra 1.2.3. vice president 2; Mix- ed chorus 3, vice president 3: Sen- ior class play. GREEN. DON: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Home- room president 3: Mixed chorus 1: Senior senate: Football 2.3: Bas- ketball 3: Track 2.3: Varsity club 2.3. GROSS. BARBARA: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. representative 1. cabinet 2; Homeroom secretary 2; Orchestra 1; Glee club 1.2. secretary 2; G.A.A. 1.2; Pep club 2.3. secretary 3. Twenty-fourHAINER. JOHN: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Home- room president 2. HANSON. LUELLA: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. representative 2: Homeroom activity director 2: Land 2.3. HARTT. KENNETH: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Band 1.2.3: Orchestra 1.2.3: Choir 2.3: Football 1,2; Tennis 2.3: Track 1.2.3: Varsity club 2.3: Spirit staff HEGLAND, RICHARD: Hi-Y 1.2.3. HINES. DON: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Football 3: Varsity club 3. HIPPAKA. WILLIAM: Hi-Y 1.2.3. cabinet 2.3: Homeroom president 2: Track 1: Youth center council 3: Handbook revision chairman 2. HONSINGER. BOBBY (EDITH): Girl Reserve 1,2.3, secretary 3: Jun- ior executive council: Pep club 2.3: Library club 2.3. ■Seniors HALDEN. FRANK: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Homeroom vice president 1: pres- ident 2: Choir 1.2.3. president 3: Dramatics 3; Debate 3: Fire squad 1.2.3; Spirit staff 2.3. HARPER. DEAN: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Band 1.2; Basketball 2.3: Track 2; Ten- nis 3: Varsity club 3; Fire squad 1.2.3: Cubs’ club 1.2. HAWK, HERBERT: Hi-Y 2.3: Mov- ed from Liscomb. HENDERSON. JOHN: Hi-Y 1.2.3. HINES. MAX: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Home- room president 1.2; Band 1.2.3. vice president 3: Mixed chorus 1: Choir 2.3: Football 1.2.3: Basketball 1.2; Track 1.2: Golf 3; Varsity club 3. HOLLAND. CHESTER: Hi-Y 1.2.3. HOTCHKISS. ALICIA: Girl Re- serve 1.2.3. repreesentat ive 3: Glee Club 1.2: Choir 3: G.A.A. 1.2.3; Library club 2.3. president 3. rweK-Seniors INMAN. MARJORIE: Girl Reserve 1,2,3. representative 2. JACKSON. NORMAN: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Homeroom vice president 1; Band 1.2.3: Orchestra 2.3. secretary-treas- urer 3: Choir 2.3: Football 3: Var- sity club 3: Junior class play: Sen- ior class play; intramural manager 1.2. JENSEN. HARRIS: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Baseball 1: Track 1.2,3: Student manager 1,2.3: Varsity club 2.3. JOHNS. EI.EANOR: Girl Reserve 1.2,2, cabinet 3: G.A.A. 1.2.3: Cubs’ club 2: Simkit staff. JONES, JEAN: Girl Reserve 1.2,3. cabinet 2: Mixed chorus 1: Drama- tics 1.2.3, Palm 2; Junior class secretary: G.A.A. 1,2,3. president 3; Pep club 1.2.3: Cheer squad 3: Youth center council 1: Junior Red Cross council 3: Simkit staff 2.3. KING. TOM: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Homeroom activity director 1; Football 1.2.3; Basketball 1.2.3: Track 1.2.3: Base- ball 1; Varsity club 3. KNUTHS, CONSTANCE: Girl Re- serve 1.2.3. IVERSON. MYRON: Hi-Y 1.2.3. JACOB. PHYLLIS: Girl Reserve 1.2.3; Homeroom president 1. acti- vity director 2: Mixed chorus 2,3; Glee club 1.2: G.A.A. 1: Cheer squad 1; Pep club 2.3: Junior Red Cross council 2. JENSEN. HOWARD: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Homeroom activity director 1.2: Junior executive council: Senior senate: Football 2.3: Track 1.2: Varsity club 3. JOHNSON. EVERETT: Hi-Y 1.2.3. KERSHNER. DIANA: Girl Reserve 1.2.3: Orchestra 1,2.3: Mixed chorus 1: Choir 2: Dramatics 1,2. KNIGHT. JACK: Hi-Y 1.2.3. KNl'TSON. LOIS: Girl Reserve 1. 2.3. cabinet 3: Mixed chorus 2.3: G.A.A. 1.2.3: Library club 3. Ticentii-aixKOOSER. RAY: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Mixed chorus 1; Choir 2.3. LACKORE. MARLYX: Hi-Y 2.3: Homeroom vice president 3: Choir 2.3: Track 2.3: Football 3: Varsity club 2.3: from Charles City 2. LARSON. MAX: Hi-Y 1.2.3. LITCHFIELD, COMMODORE: Hi-Y 1,2.3: Football 1.2.3: Basketball 1. 2: Track 1.2: Varsity club 2.3. LIVINGSTON. BARBARA: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. representative 1,3; Glee club 1.2.3: Choir 2.3: Drama- tics 1. McCANN. JO: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. cabinet 3: Homeroom secretary 2: Band 1.2: Orchestra 1.2; Dramatics 1.2.3. Palm, vice president 3; De- bate club 3. secretary 3: G.A.A. 1; Junior class play; Junior Red Cross council 3. McCORMICK. MARY: Girl Reserve 1.2,3. representative 1. cabinet 3: Homeroom activity director 2: Glee club 1: Choir 2.3: Pep club 2.3; Junior Red Cross council 1.2. Seniors KYLE. VIRGINIA: Girl Reserve 1. 2,3; Homeroom activity director 1. LAKE. JIM: Hi-Y 1,2.3; Band 1.2: Mixed chorus 1; Choir 2,3. LAWLOR, CONRAD: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Trainer 1.2. LITCHFIELD. DOROTHY: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. representative 2. LODDEN. DELORES: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. representative 3: Homeroom secretary 2. treasurer 2: Band 1. 2.3: Orchestra 1,2.3. Librarian 3: G.A.A. 1.2.3; Junior Red Cross council 2: Cubs’ chib 1. McCLURE. JON: Hi-Y 1.2.3. MCDONALD. JANET: Girl Reserve 1.2,3; Homeroom secretary 2; Glee club 1.2: Mixed chorus 1; Choir 2. 3; G.A.A. 1.3. Twe it) -xevcnSeniors McFarland, bob: hi-y 1,2.3: Homeroom president 1.2; Senior class president; Football 1.2,3; Track 1.2.3: Basketball trainer 1. 2.3; Varsity club 2.3; Srian staff. McNEIL, SUZANNE: Girl Reserve 2.3; Homeroom secretary-treasurer 3; Dramatics 2; Drum majorette 2.3. MARVIN. PATRICIA: Girl Reserve 3; Junior Red Cross council 3: from Oregon. MILLER. DON: Hi-Y 1.2.3; Foot- ball 3. MOLLESTON. JERRY: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Homeroom activity director 1: vice president 2. president 3; Choir 1. 2.3; Football 1.2.3; Track 1,2,3; Varsity club 2.3. MORFORD. SHIRLEY: Girl Re- serve 1,2,3. representative 2; Home- room secretary 2. activity director 3: Band 1,2.3; Choir 2.3. secretary 3; Junior Red Cross council 3; Spirit staff 3. MUNN. FRITZ: Hi-Y 1.2.3; Home- room president 2; Mixed chorus 1; Choir 2.3. McNEIL. DON: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Track 2.3: Senior senate. MARTIN. BILL: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Home- room vice president 1.2. president 3; Senior class vice president: Golf 1,2.3; Varsity club 2.3; Junior Red Cross council 1. MEEK. KEITH: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Home- room activity director 1: Football 1.2; Track 1. MILLER. VIRGINIA: Girl Reserve 1.2.3; Dramatics 1.2.3: Library club 1.2.3. MOORE. OWEN: Hi-Y 1,2.3. MORRIS. ROBERT: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Golf 2.3. MURPHY. JOYCE: Girl Reserve 2.3, cabinet 3: Band 2.3; Orchestra 3; Mixed chorus 2: Choir 2.3: Dra- matics 2; G.A.A. 2.3; Library club 3. Ttr, nt},-cii htNETCOTT. JANICE: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. representative 1: Library club 1.2.3. NICHOLSON. JACK: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Football 1.2.3: Track 1.2: Baseball 1. Spirit staff 2.3. OLSAN. CHARLOTTE: Girl Re- serve 1.2.3. cabinet 3: Homeroom activity director 1: Mixed chorus 1: G.A.A. 1: Pep club 3: Library club 1.2.3. president 3: Youth cen- ter council 3: Spirit staff 3. PARRIOTT. DICK: Hi-Y 1.2.3. PIERSON. MARILYN: Girl Re- serve 1.2.3. representative 2. cab- inet 3; Mixed chorus 1; Choir 1.2.3. vice president 2: Glee club 1.2.3. president 3: G.A.A. 1.2.3: Pep club 3; Library club 1.2.3. POWERS. MARY: Girl Reserve 1. 2.3: Homeroom president 2: Stu- dent council secretary 2: Cubs' club 1,2: Spirit staff 1.2.3. editor 3. ROSENBERGER. WINFIELD: Hi- Y 3. Seniors NICHOLS. WANDA: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. representative 2. cabinet 3: Cheer squad 1.2 :Pep club 3: G.A.A. OAKES. SAM: Hi-Y 3: Moved from Hearing 3. PARISH. TOM: IIi-Y 1.2.3: Choir 3: Junior Red Cross council 3. PETERSON. WAYNE: Hi-Y 1.2,3: Dramatics 1; Fire squad 1.2.3: As- sembly electrician 1.2,3. POLHEMUS. TOM: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Mixed chorus 1: Choir 2,3. RORABAUGH. LEROY: Hi-Y 1.2.3; Dramatics 1.2.3. ROTHACKER. MARK: Hi-Y 1.2.3; Homeroom vice president 1,2; Foot- ball 1.2.3; Basketball 1.2,3: Track 1.2.3: Baseball 1; Varsity club 3; Fire squad 1.2.3: Junior Red Cross council 1. Twenty-nineSeniori RUSHING. MARVLEE: Girl Re- serve 1.2,3, cabinet 2. president 3: Homeroom vice president 1: G.A.A. 1.2.3, secretary-treasurer 2: Pep club 1.2.3; Library club 1.2; Youth center Council 2. SCHULTZ, ELINOR: Girl Reserve 2.3. representative 3; Homeroom secretary 3; Band 2.3; Orchestra 2.3; Mixed chorus 2; Cubs’ club 3; moved from Virginia 2. SEVERSON. DULCIK: Girl Re- serve 1.2.3: Homeroom activity di- rector 2; Library club 2; Junior Red Cross council 1; Cubs’ club 1; Snail staff 2; Assistant general treasurer 3. SMITH. TERRY: Hi-Y 1.2.3; Home- room activity director 3; Tennis 2.3; Varsity club 2.3; Senior intra- mural manager. SPIES. KENNETH: Hi-Y 2,3: mov- ed from Cumberland. Iowa. 2. STOCK. RITA: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. representative 1; Orchestra 1.2.3; Gl e club 1.2; Choir 3. TAYLOR. DONNA: Girl Reserve 1. 2.3: Cubs' club 1; Snitn staff 3. RYAN. KENNETH: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Band 1. SCHULZ. TED: Hi-Y 1.2.3; Drama- tics 1.2.3; Debate 3. president 3. SMITH, PATRICIA: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. cabinet 3; Homeroom vice president 1. secretary 2; Band 1. 2.3: Orchestra 1,2.3; Mixed chorus 1; Choir 2.3; G.A.A. 1.2.3. vice pres- ident 3; Pep club 3: Junior Red Cross council 2; Cubs’ club 2. SOWERS. MAX: Hi-Y 1.2.3. cabinet 2.3; Homeroom president 1; Foot- ball 1.2.3. captain 3; Basketball 1. 2.3: Track 1.2.3; Baseball 1; Var- sity club 1.2.3. president 3: Fire squad 1.2.3. secretary 2. chief 3. STAHL. JOHN: Hi-Y 1.2.3. SWITZER. DELORES: Girl Re- serve 1.2.3. representative 1: Home- room activity director 1. TAYLOR. JOHN: Hi-Y 1.2.3; Home- room vice president 2; Band 2.3: Mixed chorus 1: Choir 2.3; Foot- ball 1.2.3: Track 1.2.3: Varsity club 2.3; Senior senate; Youth center council 1. ThirtyTAYLOR. KEITH: Hi-Y 1,2,3, cab- inet 2. TERRONES. JOHN: Hi-Y 1,2.3: Homerccm vice president 2. THORNTON. ANN BERT: Girl Re- serve 1.2.3: Homeroom activity director 2: Library club 3. TURNER. GEORGE: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Mixed chorus 1,2.3. UHL. EDWARD: Hi-Y 1.2.3. WALKER. BOB: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Mix- ed chorus 1: Choir 2.3: Trainer 1. 2,3; Varsity club 2.3: Cheer squad 1: Cubs’ club 1.2: Junior class play. WILHELM. MYRNA: Girl Reserve 1.2,3. cabinet 3: Glee club 2.3. vice president 3: Choir 1.2.3. robekeeper 3; Dramatics 1. e . —seniors TAYLOR. RAY: Hi-Y 1.2.3; Track 2,3: Debate 3. THORBURN. VIRGINIA: Girl Re- serve 1.2.3. cabinet 3: Band 1.2.3; Orchestra 1.2.3: Glee club 2: Jun- ior class vice president; Pep club 3. TOWNSEND. MARILYN: Girl Re- serve 1.2.3. representative 2: Home- room secretary-treasurer 1.2; Glee club 1.2: G.A.A. 1: Pep club 2.3. TWEET. BEN: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Home- room activity director 3: Band 1. 2.3. VJFQUAIN. NED: Hi-Y 1.2.3. vice president 1.2, president 2.3; Home- room president 1; Football 1.2.3: Basketball 1.2.3: Track 1.2,3: Var- sity club 1.2.3. vice president 3: Fire squad 1.2.3. assistant chief 3: Spirit staff 3. WESTER VELT. MIRIAM: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. representative 3; Choir 1.2.3: Library club 3. WILSON. NANCY: Girl Reserve 1.2.3. representative 2. treasurer 3: Homeroom secretary 1.2. Activity director 2: Dramatics 1.2.3: Senior senate: Pep club 2.3; Junior Red Cross council 2.3; Youth center council 3: Cubs’ club 1.2.3; Spirit staff 2. Thirty-one,Seniors WYATT. BILL: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Home- room president 3; Band 1.2.3: Track 1,2.3: Football 1.2.3. YOUMANS. PAMELA: Girl Re- serve 1,2.3: Library club 3. SMITH. WILLIAM: Hi-Y 1.2.3: Football 1.2. Vet eCera ns Some members of the graduating class of 1047 were veterans of service in our armed forces. We welcome them and thank them for a job well done. STOOPS. LYLE: Returned from service 2; Hi-Y 2.3. ALDERMAN. VALOIS: Return- ed from service 3: Hi-Y 3. CLARK. JAMES: Returned from service 3: Hi-Y 3. Thirty-ttcojunior Executive Cc ouna Front Row: Grant. Barnard. Gullivtr, Barnes Back Row : D. I arson. Finholt. Miss Williams, Seaman. D. Moore On that fatal day in September the junior class started on its merry way, showing its worth in many school activities. Class officers elected were Jack Grant, president: Forrest Barnes, vice president: Ann Barnard, secretary; and Betty Gulliver, who was appointed treasurer. Cast of the class play, Mysten in Blue. included Bob Rozeboom, John Garfield, Pat Larsen, Janet Miller, George Carter, Jo Ann Sorenson, Dick Steele, Betty Gulliver. Valerie Stevenson, Vernon Shaffer, Betsy Boss, Louise Ilinriehson, Marian Ramsey and Ted Myhre. omore With renewed energy the combined forces of Central and Welch entered Ames High last fall as the sophomore class. As the year passed, sophs gained confidence and now are ready to take their places as next year's juniors. In the field of athletics, Jim Robertson led the underclass hv lettering in varsity football. During the year the sophomores took active Wayne Crosley The tragic death of Wayne Crosley on January 14 brought to an end a life full of promise and left all who knew Wayne saddened. Wayne was a member of our class, a good student, a good companion, and everyone knows we have lost a valued and loyal friend. Wayne stood for everything young and fine. He will not die in the hearts of those who love him and love the things for which he stood. part in Hi-Y and Girl Reserve. Dick Fincham was elected president of Hi-Y. and many under- classmen served as vendors at games and worked on paper drives. At the annual sophomore fire- side Mr. Lawrence Simmering told of his ex- periences in the Pacific while in the Navy. In Girl Reserve many girls contributed by leading devotions and by assisting in similar ways. Thirty-fouruoKimiM •jjoqqv "A o|n j ’toiuiOH £) 'pJBUjua mjiu8WJJV ,uokj.»wj -fj ‘ukuioatsh : avO'.j XN’Oa.4 juniors 232, 235 FitoNT How: l.illard. Ramsey. Cooimw. Altomeior. .1. Hall. Kirwin Middlk How: C. Anderson. Pierre. Hinrichsen. Welscr. Kggert. X. Moore. M. Taylor. Suss Back How: Boll. Diclil. Carter. KinlioH, McCarty. Ste.-lc. T. Kelly, De Bruyn Fkont How: A. Thomas, Armstrong. .Matson, llolt Read. Malmbeig. McDonald Minni.K How: B. Dai no. Weasel, Darby. M. Beck'.oy, Sorenson. Neff. Hynkiewltz. Amine Back How: K. Cord. I». Winfrey. Durham, «I. Clark. Seaman. .1. Prather. Hukill. Stewart. K. King Thirty-six Back Row: Fitzsimmons, J. Johnson, Holler. Grant, Munson, Throckmorton. Murray. Bee man miori 231, 238oph ornor e 5 109, III i r c :• V. z X £ | u X Front Row: McNeil. Faust, M. Dalne, Schneider, D. Munn. Horns, Wlerson Midoi-k Row: White, Dunne Christensen. Standley. It. Hull. Arnold. Uunkel. Mather, Torvsdahl. Ilahn Back Row: W. Kelley, J. I’rather, Ahhpiist. Dunlap, Thorpe. Kinehnm, CamplM-ll. Swank. Skinner00 Front Row: Hill . Mathews. Alexander, Cox. Younjr. B. Warren, GcodsjMjed. Shockley Middlk Row: C. Cnut Pederson. N. Johnson. Briley. Meldrum. Soma. Cunningham. Yoder Back Row: D. Kelley. Paulson. M. Daulton, J. Barber. Adam . Robertson, Udell, GlassonI Fiio.vT Row: r. Judge, K. Crosley, X. Peterson, Clausen, M. Anderson. Summers, J. Thomas Middlk Row : Hughes. R. Long. 1.. Holland, C. Bell. X. Butler. Wefald. Sandman, Dryer. Esry. Bergeson. Barrie, Berkley Back Row: Byrus, I . Hall. Ersland. Rowe. Byneli, Brnnigan. Tish. Haas. Webber. W. Brown. UhlForty-one★ Business stoff—Annetfa, Bruce. Joanne Able photographers hogging the camera: Bob Ted, Nancy, George ★ You can blame them for the drawings in our book—Jean, Mary, Eleanor ★ Two fine feature editors, Mary and Forrest Sports editors "Muscles” and Mary FortStaff at No! pictured: Mory Pierre ond Volerie Stevenson, organi- zations. These gals worked so hard that the photog- rapher could never find them. Advertising staff—Esther and Eleanor Breckenridqe, Marilyn Pierson, Helmut Seaman, Don Beam, Tom Kelly, Charlotte Olsan, Salle Cole, Kenneth Spies, Donna Taylor Forty-three Jltluancecl 2) rcuna Front Row: Flagman. McCann, Ferguson, Robertson. B. Ros», Maitland, V. Miller Skcono Row: M. Ross, J. Jones, R. Iverson, Mr. I.ett. J. Miller. If. Knudson. Forsyth. Eschbach Timti) Row: Stevenson. Glow. Esther Breckenridge, Eleanor Breckenridge, Fowler. Gulliver, Pierre. Wilson Back Row: D. I .arson. Throckmorton. Rorahaugh. G. Clark. Halden. T. Schulz. Spangler The presentation of The Patsy by Barry O'Connors was the outst a inline achievement of the Advanced Dramatic characters were as follows Bill Harrington Mrs. Wm. Harrington (Irace Harrington Patricia Harrington Billy ('aidwell Tong Anderson Sadie Buchanan Brands 0 'Flaherty club this year. The William Allbaugii Margaret Fowler Alice Ferguson Patt Forsyth Klla Mae Robertson Phyllis Bschbach Mary Jo Giese George Clark Frank Malden Jean Jones Mary Pierre Adel Throckmorton “Trig" Busty . . . Wayne Spangler The entire production was under the direc- tion «if Mr. Omar Lett, dramatic coach. This year for the first time Ames High school joined the Iowa City Forensic league. Advanced Dramatic club sent a one-act play Oaten to Iowa City plus three participants in interpretive reading, two in radio speaking and one in original oratory. In the play were Mar- garet Fowler. George Clark and Wayne Spang- ler. Interpreting eight minute selections were Patt Forsyth. Alice Ferguson and Frank Mal- den. Giving original radio speeches were Wayne Spangler ami Margaret Fowler. Ted Schulz gave original oratory. Forty-fourThe Palm is an honorary award for outstand- ing participation in play production. Each recipient of this honor is entitled to wear a gold pin in the shape of a (Jreek comedy mask with Alls engraved on it. Front How: McCann. Ferguson. Mr. Lett, V. Miller Back Row: Esther Breokenrklge. Fowler. Eleunoi Breck- enridge Mary get! drugged in "Mystery in Blue” Toe: Halden. Esehbaeh. Allbaugh. Throck- morton. Jones. Forsyth. Fowler Bottom : Spangler, son. Pierre Clark. Giese. Robert- "Potsy” cost looking over thoir lines Forty-five£ ecjinncncj =u Jrama a, Front Row: M. Terrones. Comstock, Dryer, Schrieber. Mr. 1a», Johns. Warren. Crosley. Kulow Skcond Row: S. Moore. Clausen. Oilman. Cooper. Cox. Rutler. 1 . Clark. Summers. McNeil, Juilpe. M. Daine Third Row: V. Mall. Hills. Soma. Horns. Thomas. W’efald. Powell. Marvin. Pederson. P. Miller. Van Alstine Hack Row: Wierson, Mathews, Duane Christensen. Arnold. Don Christensen. Merritt. Prather. Fitzgerald. Bond. Olasson. Green. Daulton Beginning dramatics offered a chance for students to become acquainted with stage work. This being their first year they were not per- mitted to act in the Dramatic Club plav hut a large part of the actual work of producing the play was done by them. Working on costumes for the play were Pauline Thielman. Phyllis Mathews and Delores Dryer. .Jane Thomas and Ellen Pederson assist- ed with make-up. Mary Daine with publicity, and Beverly Summers with special effects. Bar- bara Judge, for a time acting head of properties, was assisted by Sheila Moore and Mary Sue John. All members of Beginning Dramatics helped build set and on the night of production many of them helped with the ushering. During class period students learned stage terminology and acting techniques. Monologues were given by each member of the class and criticized by the remainder of the class. Make-up was studied and from directions given by Mr. Omar Lett the students experi- mented on their classmates with straight make- ups. Several of the elass members worked on selec- tions for the Iowa City Forensic league con- test. Chosen to participate in the one-act play at Iowa City in April was Mary Ann Comstock. Forty-nixThe Library club was organized in 15)35 by Miss Ada Wood, who sponsored it until her resignation from Ames High in 1937. This year, 15 47. we have had two different teachers helping in the library, who have done a marvelous job in looking after it and the students who come in the library to use its books. At the present time we are very fortunate to have as sponsor Mrs. Dickinson. She has spent much of her time with the library and has done an excellent job in keeping it in order. Each member, whenever free of class, works in the library. They do various jobs, such as cheeking books out. putting books in the right order on the shelves and filing books, magazines and cards. ★ Morgore» poyi for an overdue book ★ Slaving over the books Front Rovf: Notcott. Hill . V. Miller, Mrs. Dickinson. A. Knutson. Olsan. Malmberg Middle Row: Edmand, Raeber, Blanchard. Kthington. Beckley, Bliss, Thornton, Nichols, Voumans, L Knutson Back Row: Davis. Ballard. Hotchkiss. Murphy. Behling.Westervelt. HonsinKcr. Allbert. Marvin, Pierson Forty-sevenCMC ont6 Front Row: It. Warren. Orosley. John, S. Day. Miss Iiowcr, Faust. Shockley. Schrieber. Read Skconii Row: Likely. X. Butler. Cox. Lantz. Thielman. Livingston. McNeil, Myrlnnd. Peterson. Hills Third Row: Pierson. Glese. Kouze. R. Smith. J. Schulz. Wilhelm. J. Miller. Holmes. L. Smith. X. Johnson. Whcclock Back Row: Cunningham. Schneider. Tilden, Kynkiewit . Bloomberg. B. Gore. Chivers. Wakefield. Arrasmith. Walsh. Goodspeed Front Row: Terrones. Daulton. Sprague. A. Knutson. M. Clark. Barnard. Matsen. Lechner Skcond Row: Coe. Malmbcrg, Rogers, P. I irsen. Miss Bower. P. Clark. Green. I,» Knutson, Maitland Third Row: Hawk. Soma. King, Kirwln, Crawford. H. Knudson, Wefald. Beekley. J. Thomas. Meldrum. Henneman. Summers, Sweeney Fourth Row: .1. 'IViTones. Runkle. M. Bell. J. Winfrey. Paulson. Gould. Conroy. Sorenson. Gulliver. White. Burson, Allen. Sinner Back Row: Campladl. Thorpe. Schultz, Newell, Orth. Arrasmith. Adams. I'llestad. Hahn. Toresdahl, Bluir. Ringgenbeig. W. Brown Forty-ciyhta iou I'nder tlu dilution of Miss Kdna Bower, the Amo High music organizations completed a very successful year. Presenting their annual Christmas program, singing for community functions and open house, the vocal groups have won recognition all over Ames. In the spring the choir held a tri-city festival with Boone at Port Dodge. Dr. Harry Robert Wilson of Columbia Fniversity. was the guest conductor. Choir officers were Frank Malden, president: Mary I ou Butler, vice president: Shirley Mor- ford, secretary-treasurer; Forest Barnes and Myrna Wilhelm, robekeepers. ape rO Mixed chorus, which is for the purpose of train- ing for glee club and choir, has as its officers Ann Barnard, president; Mloria Mould, vice president; Dor- othy Maitland, secretary- treasurer. Officers of the glee club, which trains girls to sing in small groups, were named as follows: Marilyn Pierson, president: Myrna Wilhelm, vice president : Verna. Delle Rouze, secretary-treasurer; and Bevcrlv More, librarian. Back Row: Walker. Hartt. Lackore. Mollcston. Munn, IOlwell. IX La Hunt. Polhemus. Bechtel. Kooser. Spangler. Grinstead. X. Brown Third Row. Holt, Forsyth. Hines, KaufTman. Parish. Barnes. J. Taylor. Haldcn. Jackson. Lake. Larson. Wilhelm. Eschbach Second Row: Pierson. Hotchkiss. P. Smith. Murphy. Westervolt. Rynkiewitx. Olivers. Esther Brocken ridge, Eleanor Breckenridge, McCormick. Neff. Bloomberg. M. Butler, Robertson Front Row: Carter. Plagman. Stock. Edmund, McDonald. Miss Bower. Livingston. Morford. Burton. Armstrong. Neff Forty-nineTor Left: McXpII, Walker. Me Karla ml. Miss Nelson, M. Butler Tor Right: I . Smith. J. Taylor, Kitcli. Vif iuain. Eleanor Brecken ridge Lower Left: Davis. N. Brown. Powers. Malden. Esther Breckenridge I.OWER Right: Schulz, Kershner. Ferguson. K. Spies Members of the journalism class are respons- ible for writing and editing the Ames High Weekly Web which appears in the Anus Daily Tribune every Wednesday. To take journalism, which is a regular one semester course in the curriculum, a student must be a senior who has maintained a “IV’ average in his junior English. In the class, under the direction of Miss Charlotte Nelson, students learn the fundamentals of news writ- ing. interviewing and writing feature stories. Staff positions are appointed by Miss Nelson. Playing up special features of local and inter- national importance, these aspiring journalists learn that in this way they can have an influence on the thinking of Ames High students. One issue during the first semester was devoted mainly to articles and an editorial on the inter- national organization, 1'NESCO. Following two motor vehicle accidents, one of which was fatal to a high school student, the staff made a special effort to emphasize safety. During Thanksgiving vacation Miss Nelson and Mary Powers attended the National Scholas- tic Press association convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The second semester staff included Bill Allbaugh, Shirley Carter, Stan De La Hunt. Phyllis Eschbach. Patt Forsyth. Margaret Fow- ler. .Jean Jones, Pita Stock, Bill Hippaka, Nancy Wilson. Bruce Gore, Marylee Pushing. Max Sowers, Dean Harper and Tom King. Fifty Cubi hord ot work on mid-year isiuc Writing. making a layout sheet and publish- ing tin- between-si-mesters issue of the Web were the activities of Ames High's junior journalism organization, the Cubs' club, during the past year. Cubs' club is open to anyone who is interested in journalism and includes sophomores, juniors and seniors. Printing the bet ween-semesters Web was the club's major project and all of the other activities of the year were undertaken to prepare for this issue. One of the goals for a cub to work for was to have ten inches of his copy printed in the Web, which entitled him to be listed as a reporter in the weekly issue. Front Row: S. Moore. Malmberg. Schultz. Stevenson. Knud son. S. Day. Hoff. V. Hall. M. King Middle Row: B. Ross. Kennedy. Schulz. R. Iverson. Rynkicwitz. Miss Nelson. Marvin. Cole. Townsend, Matsen Back Row: B. Winfrey. Fitzsimmons. Johnson. Peters. Throckmorton. Alquist, Swank. Brsland. J. Winfrey Fifty-onerir Mro, C alinet JJc otneroom Representatives Fifty-two eserve anc Ice McForland, district G R. Prcxy Front Row : Blanchard. Dyus. Honsinger. Rushing, Wilson. E. Day. Dietz Second Row: S. Day. I.. Knutson. Miss Miller. Miss Wilcox. Miss Nelson. Olsan. Ferguson Third Row: McCann. Johns. I.. McFarland. Neff. J. Miller. P. Smith. Butler. Nichols. Barnard Back Row: Thorbum. Murphy. McCormick. Iverson. Fowler. Fitch. Esther Breckehridge. Eleanor Breckenridge. Pierson ★ Page and Miller iling paper for A. H. S. Front Row: A. Johnson, Alexander. P. Miller. Gord, M. Johns, C. Daulton. Armstrong. Hoff Second Row: Youmans, Flagman, Pederson. Miss Wilcox. Beard. Miss Miller. Faust, l.ivingston Third Row: L. Smith. Blanchard. Allbert, Westervelt. Kouze. Bennett, Henneman. Maitland. D. McNeil Back Row: Edmand, Hotchkiss. Pierre, Schultz. Gulliver. Chivers. Gould. Walsh ★ Friendship Week speaker, the Reverend Will Orr M Fifty-threeresentati vei Front How: X. Hrown. Orin.xU-nd. Mr. Hitlund. Wilkins, VanCv Mippi.k How: Vifquuin. Sowers. Moor».-. Murray. T. Johnson Hack How : Yoder, Howard Jensen. Hcchtel. Hippuka, D. Hall Counting every boy in high school among its members. Ames' lli-Y started its busy year by helping with the newcomers’ party and spon- soring the annual football banquet held at Lvnn Fulirer and two class firesides. During tin year the boys concentrated their efforts on writing letters and sending Christmas gifts to their adopted war orphan, Jacques A u f rev. Outstanding speakers of the year were Com- mander Eubanks who spoke oh submarine warfare in the Phillipincs. .Murray Allen and Ronnie Norman, a member of the Iowa State football squad. The second semester found lli-Y busily co- operating with (J.R. in sponsoring Friendship Week. Officers for the first semester were Ned Yif- quain. president: Darrell Moore, vice president; Norman Brown, secretary: Dave Murray, treasurer. Second semester officers included Darrell Moore, president: Dick Fincham, vice president: Dave Larson, secretary; George I.idell. treasurer. Fifty-four Junior fireside Gif! for the old people's home an j. + Popcorn vendors—you could sell it mebbe for eight cents love thot grin! Newcomers' party ★ Junior quartet—fireside harmony Fifty-five Alqulst. J. Schulz, M. King. X. ivterwn, u. S •A c 5 1i u V Cl Q ■v c I 8 u i’ .‘C : A - 3 X) C 3 3 u: o £ o ixLlMC —sYistrii- men ta i Front Row: B. Adam . D. Jehlik. C. Thorburn. Schultz. llartt. Ferguson Back Row: Hhyer. It. Campbell. R. Day. J. Taylor Front Row: Holcomb. Jackson Back Row : Burton. S. C. Garfield. La Grange. Day. J. Wallace Front Row: De l-a Hunt. I . Smith. Gaessler. Paulson. K. King. Cook. Bork. R. Bourne Back Row: Rlwell. Vance. Cox. La Grange. Jehlik. W. Brown V. Thorburn. Long. Schory, Lodden. Murphy Front Row: B. Spangler. Borgmeyer. Milliken. H ines Back Row: Aldinger. Wyatt. Morford. G. Gould. Cunningham Front Row: Holdredge. Fordyce. Stoust. Kouze. Hauk. It. Larsen. L. Day. Hoff Back Row: Don James, Dean James, Rollofsen. J. Adams. B. Ross. Hansen. M. Barnard Fifty-sevenjbel cite C lal) Front How : Barnard. Kowler, I-echner. McCann Midki.k Row: !{. Winfrey, K. Taylor. Miss Williams. J. Winfrey. R. Myers Back How : Kggcrt. Halden. Schulz. Seaman Fiery remarks were again being tossed between the positive and negative sides of the Ames 11 iirl debaters, after termination of forensic activities in 1944. Reorganizing under the sponsorship of Miss Edna Williams, they drafted a new consti tut ion and elected tin following officers: Ted Schulz, president: Helmut Seaman, vice presi- dent; Jo McCann, secretary; Bud Winfrey, treasurer. “Eighteen or twenty-one, which should it be?" was the question argued by Margaret Fowler and Frank Malden on the positive side, opposing Helmut Seaman and Merle Eggert on the negative. A transcription of this program was broadcast over radio station K ENT's “Junior Town Meeting of the Air" from Ames High's auditorium. Entering tin contest offered by the Brindley discussion and debate tournament, which was held at Cedar Falls, the Ames High debaters disputed the question “How can we provide for the health of our nation?" From Cedar Falls, the debate club argued its way to the Iowa City Forensic club meet, where they again debated a health problem: “Resolved: That the Federal government should provide a system of complete medical care available to all citizens at public expense." Fifty-eiphtFifty-nine Been saving up for o paper drive. Kenny? Must be parents' night; everybody's crackin' the books The beginning of another beautiful day at A.H.S. ♦ Vocational guidance . . . That's "Trends" ★ He-man at home Shirl and Brucie SixtyOpen 04ouSe - WJe (Ontertain Our parents Fronk tells 'em how in geometry clou ★ Mr. Tiller"s students ponder history ★ Mr. Covey looks over likely prospects for the half mile ot parents' night reception Government class giving rapt attention They're singing—in Spanish! Sixty-oneocjrami Choir lings at open house ★ Ames High concert band performs Hixty-twoSixty-three 3n the dii t onum Ay, oy, oy, oy! Sixty-fourSixtu-flve ((  Jariitij Fkont Row : Green, J. Taylor, Howard Jensen. T. Kim;. Vifquain. De La Hunt. Rothacker. Zenor Skcond Row: Stewart. Sowers. Rozoboom. Brown. Anglo. Clapp. Garfield. B. Ernst, Litchfield Tmitn Row: Eggert. Robertson. Molleston. Wyatt. Harestad. Christianson, Nicholson. A Ik man, McFarland Foi'kth Row: 1). Hines. M. Hines. Bechtel, Barnes. K. King. Morgan. Kinholt. Murray Back Row: Mr. Covey. C. Ernst. Peterson, Wymore. Miller, Barber. Grant. .1. Daine. Town. Mr. Wells Crossing into the end zone for 194 points to their opponents’ .'17. the Little Cyclones had six wins and two defeats on their gridiron schedule Losing to Marshalltown and Newton. Ames ranked third in the Central Iowa conference. The squad was under the leadership of return- ing Navy vet Ken Wells, assisted by Hi Covey. Ames had three gridders on the Central Iowa all-conference first team: Howard densen. end, Stan De La Hunt, utility lineman, and Max Sowers, quarterback and team captain. Sowers was also on the I.D.ILA. first team for the sec- ond consecutive year and on .lack North’s sec- ond eleven. Ames 12. Mason City 0 Starting the 1946 football season with Mason City, the Little Cyclones defeated the favored Mohawks on their own field. Ames 6. Newton 13 In a battle royal on the Newton field, hard plunging Lcs Van Dyke led the Cardinals to Ames' first conference defeat of the season. Sixty-sixThe Little Cyclones again turned on the steam at Perry. After the regulars had put the game on winning terms, substitutions came freely. Ames 24, (Juinnki.i. 0 The Ames line, its passing and running attack, and its all around aggressiveness were the main factors in this second Conference win. Ames 82, Webster City ( Some beautiful break away running was dis- played as the Little Cyclones tromped the Lynx. Ames 1!), Boone 0 At Clyde Williams field Ames scored its fif- teenth win over Boone in the last IT games and kept the little green jug in the halls of Ames High for another year. ★ All-slate Sowers Ames f . Marshalltown 19 Playing before a crowd of 4.000. the black and orange team again came out on the short end of a conference victory. Ames 4«». Oskaloosa 0 Keyed to football perfection, the Little Cyclones roared over the Oskaloosa Indians for their first conference win. ♦ Morshalltown game Dress rehearsal Mad dag Taylor around Marshalltown’s left end Sixty-seven ★ Sowers hilling Ihc dirt ★ You probably arcn'l there S-S-S-S-S—Boom! anyway Eager hopefuls ★ Rothackcr vs. Mason City Practice ★ Perry gome Sixty-ciuhtJootUl Front Row : Newell. Campbell. Branigan. Dale. Jarrett. Prather. Finch»m Second Row: l.a Grange. Gamble. Orth. Wilkin?. Thorpe. Rowe. Daulton, Swank Third Row: Swanson. Dick Taylor. B. Allbert. Vance. Adams. Pllestad. Barber. W. Brown. Coach Tiller Fol'RTH Row: Martin. Cook. R. Krnst, White. Arrasmlth. Didell. Johnson Fifth Row: Byrus. Edwards. B. Hall. D. Hall. Runkel. Lynch. Peterson. C. Krnst Sophs pile up against Boone Showing the same fighting spirit as their upper classmates, the sophomore toot bn 11 squad defeated Jefferson, Webster City, Boone, and Nevada, lost to Marshalltown and East Des Moines, and had a tie »ame with Boone. With Coach Olav Tiller as mentor, some prom- ising varsity material was uncovered. I’sing the T-formation, plenty of speed and hard plunging was taken by the sophomores’ opponents. Jim Robertson was promoted from the sopho- more team to the varsity squad, where he play- ed first string tackle. Sixfjy-mHO Front How: T. Kin»:, Vifquain. Gore. Sowers . Do I «a Hunt, Harper. D. Creon Sfficoxp How: Mr. Tiller. I). Moore, Rothackcr. Koch. Zener. Borgmeyer Third Row: Shaffer. Kinholt. Grant, Dickinson. Angle. Munson Back Row : Wyniore, J. Daine. It. McFarland. Walker With the Little Cyclone cagcmen winning eighteen straight games, it was tlie first un- defeated regular basketball season in the history of Ames High. 1'nder the mentorship of Ole Tiller, the Ames cagers matle a clean sweep of the Central Iowa conference, besides defeating six non-conference foes—Nevada, Fort Dodge. Mason City, Waverly, Nevada and Sioux City (Central). Individual scoring honors went to big Stan De La Hunt, captain of the squad, with 2 21 points. Stan was also top scorer in the con- ference with 121 points. Max Sowers was sec- ond in the team race with 132 points, followed by Ned Vifquain 105, Don Green GO. Bruce (lore G5. Tom King 40. Mark Rothackcr 47. Dean Harper 44 and Bob Borgmeyer 10. The remainder of the scoring was done by the other squad members, Darrell Moore, .lack Grant. Norman enor, dim Robertson ..Marvin Munson and George Lidcll. Ames was honored by having several basket- ball players placed on the all-state selections. Stan De La Hunt was named on the first l.D.P.A. team. Honorable mention went to Mark Rothackcr. Ned Vifquain and Max Sowers. ffeventuDo I .a Hunt was also put on Jack North's Ames 40—Boone 37 second five, with Max Sowers on the third string. Ames 32—Grinned 23 Ned Vifqunin was named on the honor roll. Ames 53—Newton 38 Making the first All-conference team were Ned Ames 53—A la rsh a 111 o wn 25 Vifquain, forward. Stan l e La Hunt, center. Ames 36—(Oskaloosa 28 and Max Sowers, guard. A mes 39—Boone 35 Ames 38—Nevada 20 Ames 31—Grinncll 23 Ames 44 Fort Dodge 0 Ames 30—Sioux City (Central) 20 Ames 41 —Newton 20 District Ames 35—Marshalltown 26 Ames 3!»—Iowa Falls 14 Ames 3” —Mason City 21 Ames 34—Marshalltown 23 Ames 41—Waverly 20 Si’b-State Ames 36—Nevada 30 Ames 42—Oskaloosa 33 A mes 43—Tech i D.M.) 45 Ston and Marjhalltown rough it up ★ Sowers takes a nose dive at Grinncll Dean makes good ot Boone game A setup against Boone Scventy-onr. 4★ More roughncii from Moriholitown ★ Big Stan and Clifton of Boone jump All itate Ston prove hi mettle Ned criei at Grinnell “Proylude" Tug-of-war with Moriholitown Teme moment at Boone gome Seventy-two Boone gome—looie bollFront How: Arnold. I,. Holland. Dnulton. Udell. Kelly, W. Brown, Rtinkol Second Row: Mr. Cov«v. Ellestnd. Swanson. Johnson. D. Taylor. J. Adams Third Row: D. Hall, Kincham. B. Hall. Thorpe, Gamble Back Row: R. Ernst, Ea Grange, Robertson. Weber, C. Ernst ★ Sophs vs. Boone omore With poise and stamina, the Ames sophomores completed their basketball season with eleven wins and four defeats. Those on the “w” side were Nevada, Gilbert, Newton. Marshalltown. Nevada, Boone, Story ity reserves. Newton. Marshalltown. Boone and Slater. Defeating the sophs were Mason City. Melford, Luther and the Ames juniors. Leading the scoring race were Dick Webber and George Lidell with 04 and 78 points re- spectively. Coached by Hi Covey the sophomores not only did much scoring, but displayed some fine ball handling that will come in handy in the next two years. Seventy-three Front Row: Beam. Martin, M. Hines. Morris Back Row: Turner, Aik man. Johnson, l-loll ★ The boll'i just beyond the picture Sei'cntii’ our Coached by Kay Smalling, who re- placed ole Tiller, the Little Cyclone “iron" men faced a heavy and rough schedule: Boone. East (D.M.), Des Moines invitational, Ames invitational, conference meet, concluded by the dis- trict and state meets. Bill Martin was the only veteran golfer, but showing much promise were Charles Dodd, Bill I loll. George Turner. Dick Webber, Kobert Morris, .John Taft and Jerry Johnson. Rankings on the golf squad were determined by medal play each week, with challenges of the proceeding man played by match. Led by Hill Martin, the Little Cyclone golfers finished second in the confer- ence golf tournament at Oskaloosa. Bill took medalist honors with a 74. In the Ames invitational golf tourna- ment the locals placed second, one point behind Roosevelt of Des Moines. They placed third in the Des Moines invita- tional and defeated East High (D.M. in a dual meet. SVo-C1-»- Ames fell to third in the district meet at Valley and failed to qualify for the state meet. At the end of the season Bill Martin was elected captain. The prospects for next years team are good with three lettermen returning. Letters were awarded to Chuck Dodd and Bill Martin, seniors; Jim Aikman and Bill I loll, juniors; and Dick Web- ber. sophomore. wi» m 3 enms Presenting one of the better tennis teams in Ames High for years, Poach Don Martt had a bright outlook on the tennis season. With two new nets on the School's all weather courts, the ' service" boys were out early to get in the swing of things. Offering the net men plenty of compe- tition were North (D.M. . Hast (D.M.), Roosevelt (D.M.). Fort Dodge and Boone. The schedule was completed by tlie district and state meets the last of May. Setting the pace for this year s team were three stalwarts from last year's squad—Terry Smith, Kenny llartt and Bill Allbaugh. Pushing these let termen were Bill Hukill, Bud Winfrey. Mar- shall Sclarow and Dean Harper. Relieved of the worry of the shortage of tennis balls, the squad members de- termined their position on the team by playing matches each afternoon. Front Row: Hukill. Allbaugh. R. Emery, Mr. Hartt Rack Row: T. Smith. Daley. Sclarow. K. llartt The team was undefeated in dual meets this season. Runner-up for the state championship was Terry Smith, who was edged out by Don Lewis of Fort Madison in the finals, 6-2, 6-0. Seventy-flveFitONT Row : Clemens, Core. Wyatt, J. Taylor, Vifquain, Molleaton. Eackore. Green. De Ei Hunt. Sower . Bower . Bourne. Finehnm. Zenor Skconp Row : Mr. Covey, Moore. Shaffer. Gobcrtson, Barnes. Murray. Klwell. Angle. Sass. K. Taylor. Harris Jensen. B. Ernst, T. King. Mr. Wells Third Row: Eggcrt. Hurestad, Warren. Swanson. Johnson. Calhoun. Stewart. Carter. B. Hall. Jim Prather. Wilkens. Weber, W. Brown., K. King. Hartt Fourth Row: Seaman. Christensen. Clark. B. Daine, I- Holland. Skinner. Hahn. Davis. Amundson. Orth. Newell. McCarty. Eynch. Dickinson. Runk | Fifth Row : t'llestad. Fitzsimmons. Arnold, E:i Grange. J. Barber. J. Adams. Arrasmith. Buffett. Dick Taylor. Brannigan. Peters. Vance. Blair. F. Martin Sixth Row : Udell. D. Hall. Rozeboom, Campbell. Stand ley. Byrus. Swank. Jack Prather. M. 1-arson. Daulton. Kelly. Grant. Town Back Row : R. Ernst, White. Allbert. I-. Harper. Rowe. Schafroth. Steele. Beaman. Edwards. Thori e. B. Cook. Walker. C. Ernst Placing; third in the state indoor and second at the Valley relays in Des Moines, the Little Cyclone cindermen were out to win this spring. Stan De La Hunt. Don Green, Jerry Mol lest on. John Taylor. Al Rourne, Ned Vifquain. Hubert Bowers, Max Sowers and Bud Lackore are the nine returning lettermen who carry most of the burden for Coach Hi Covey's large track squad. The track season is highlighted by the Ames invitational on May 2. This is the first attempt of this kind of meet in the school's history. Completing the schedule arc the Drake Relays. Ames triangular, conference meet, district and state meets. ★ Thot's Speed Kelly bringing up the rear Keventfi-airFront Row: Howard Jenson. T. King. Vifquain. Sowers. Do l-i Hunt. Green, Hines SECOND Row: Bechtel. Angle. Litchfield. Kozeboom. Mr. Wells. Robertson. T. Smith. A. Bourne Third Row: Barnes. Clapp. Grant, .••nor. Bowers. Mollcston. B. Ernst. I). Hines Hack Row: Martin. N. Brown. Rothacker. Jackson. J. Taylor. Stewart. Garfield I'nder the direction of Ivenny Wells, new Varsity club sponsor, the organization tried some new things and continued some of the older ideas of Varsity club. The club, which all varsity lettermen may join, has two annual initiation periods. Tin- first is the winter session when all football letter winners may join, and the other is spring when all other sports major “A" men enter tin- club. Gathering names and addresses for the Little Cyclone News Letter was the outstanding job done by the group. Reviving the use of the parchment scroll that was kept from 1929 to 1938 is going to be done at the spring picnic, held at Homewood golf course. Officers for the club for the year were Max Sowers, president: Ned Vifquain, vice president; and Stan I)e La Hunt, secretary and treasurer. Words con't express o Varsity dob initiation Seventy-sevenamuraU L Under Hu1 capable direction of Hay Smalling, Ames High’s accelerated intramural program provided an outlet for the boundless energies of over 200 boys, featuring this year's program is a grand trophy for each class to be given to the homeroom scoring the most points. Points are given on a 10-f -l basis in touch football, golf, tennis, hunting, wrestling, ping pong, badmin- ton. basketball, bowling, volley ball, track, tug- o-war. horse shoes and softball. Helping Hay run things smoothly wen- head manager Terry Smith and his assistants Hill 11 uk il 1 and Hogcne Arncy, timers and referees; Dick Martin and Elmer Warren, towel crew; and Dick Mcrrit, official recorder. The intramural representatives from each homeroom formed a council which decided mat- teis of policy, heard protests and picked all-star teams. These boys arc Karl Aldingcr. Hay Looser. Hob Egemo, Hob Horgemeyer. .Ion McClure, Fritz Munn, Bill Holl, John Dicken- son. Rogene Arncy, jerry Johnson, Tom Kelley, Bill Daine. John Orth. Jack Dunlap. Lawrence Tripp, Leonard Paulson, Jim Winfrey and Dick Webber. In the featured event, basketball. 23(5 swept through to the senior championship with a 13-2 record. 110 topped the juniors and 113 the sophs. For the first time all-star teams were chosen in basketball. They are: Seniors (first team) Howard Jensen, Jerry Mollcston. John Daine, Commodore Litchfield and Max Larson: (second team) Bill Martin. Terry Smith, Fritz Munn, Hay Looser and Chuck Dodd. Juniors (first team Jim Aikman. Ken King. Hubert Bowers. Stan Holland and Hog Arncy; (second team) Dave Murray, Hill Daine. John Taft. Jerry Johnson and Bill Holl. Sophomores (first team) Leonard Paulson, Fred Martin, Hob Dale, Paul Arrasmith and Don Edwards; (second team) Frank Blair, Derry Hahn, Bill Byrus, John Orth and Ken Uhl. ★ Whotcho oflcr. Bill, a fly? ★ 236 vj 108 ★ Big game worries Terry ★ Odd perspective what? ★ Terry'i on the boll ★ That pointed finger is part of Holden's form ★ A strike by Polhcmos, no doubt Seven! u-clyht$cvcn() -niN0ano i Front Row: Jones. Iverson. Dodd. H. Winfrey. Forsyth. Blanchard Second Row: S. Day. Kschbach. Thorburn. Miss Wakefield. Miss Robinson. Carter. Gross, Nichols Third Row: M. Butler. Jacob. I . Miller, Hoff. I . Clark. Daine. Bierson. I.. Day. Olsan Fourth Row: Taylor. Cooper. Barnard. Giesc. Townsend, Pederson. Wilson, llonsinger. N. Butler. Dietz. Back Row : Holmes. McFarland. Neff. J. Miller. McCormick. RushinK. Sorenson. Eleanor BreckenridKO, Esther BreckenridKe. N. Moore. Tilden As the final track meet ended the 1947 athletic season. Pep Club girls turned in their colorful orange and black jackets for probably the last time. Although the Pep Club will have new jackets next year, their pep will be the same. At the close of each school year eighteen seniors, twelve juniors, and six sophomores are elected to make up the next year's Pep Club. These girls are elected by the entire student body, and their choice is based on pep, school spirit and scholarship. The officers for this year were: president. Shirley Carter: vice president, Phyllis Esch- bach; secretary. Virginia Thorburn; treasurer. Bobbi Gross. Cheer Squad, which is connected with Pep Club, is sponsored by Miss Robinson, who de- serves much credit for the marvelous way she has handled the squad. She has given much time in helping with their yells. ★ Looks good, onywoy. Jones, Iverson, Dodd, Winfrey. Forsyth, Blonchord Kiijhty Coroline Icti fly—206 vi. 237 237 wini championihip Girls' Athletic association is open to any girl in high school who is interested in it. and who i» able to earn the membership requirements a total of 100 points. To obtain these points she may participate in organized activities, unorganized activities, skill tests and leadership, and till out health charts. G.A.A. is an organization where girls have an opportunity to participate in different activities such as baseball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, ping pong, badminton, shuffle board and relays. Home rooms play each other, and the looser of the games lias to give the win- ners a picnic which gives the girls a chance to meet together. The officers for this year were presi- dent, Jean Jones; vice president. Pat Smith; secretary and treasurer, Lee McFarland; social chairman, Sylvia Day; intramural chair- man, Marilyn Berkley; point recorder, Marilyn Kthington. Kii hlii-one Bobbi and Shirley collect dimes while Kenny muses Now we know what Pep club does at gomes This is one in a million—letf, Page, Ritland, Trump, Eas- ter, Smelling Eiphty-ttoo vz Sfc n't’» n g -VW SPIRIT SWEETHEf RT S veekeart an J bitten cl ants Miss Phyllis Jean Eschbach was chosen Sweet- heart of the 1!H7 Spirit. Miss Marilyn Town- semi and Miss Hobby Monsinger were elected ns her attendents. Phyllis reigned over the Spirit Special held December 6 in the study hall. Carnation cor- sages were presented to the Sweetheart and her attendents by Dill Allbaugh, who acted as master of ceremonies. A member of Pep chib and singing a mean second alto in choir and senior sextette. “Phyl” has had several major roles in Drama club and class productions. She considers her part as (Jeorgie in Harriet last year as her best per- formance. Her other parts were Patsy in The Patsy and Beth in Little Wow n. Outside of school. Phyllis is an ardent con- noisseur of tine music. She has acquired a large and assorted library of record albums; prefers Woody Herman and Bing Crosby and all kinds of hot jazz. Phyllis was selected from an original group of eleven girls elected by the student body. The eleven girls besides Phyllis were Bobby lion- singer. Marilyn Townsend. Lyla Day. Janet Miller. Jean Jones. Susan Tilden. Marylee Rushing. Phyllis Jacob, Patt Forsyth and Alice Blanchard. Front row: Phyllis Jacob, Jeon Jones, Alice Blanchard. Back row: lyla Day, Marylee Rushing, Janet Miller Not pictured: Patt Forsyth, Susan Tilden Good boy. Will Eiiihty-fivv★ Sophs enjoy that sort of thing Shoes come off ot Sock Hop Dove seems more interested in food than in Noncy September —Registration for tlie eager kiddies. 13—Mason City game. Friday the thirteenth, but we won anyway. October S—Junior fireside at Lynn Fueher. 9—First big. hilarious matinee dance. 31—Football fireside. November I—Boone football game at Clyde Williams field. 2—0. R. confer- ence at Cedar Rapids. Lee McFarland elected district president. 7—Sophomore fireside. 8- NO SCHOOL! 8-9— Drama club play. The Patsy. 14 Open House for fond parents. 15 Sock Hop. Sore feet! 25—First basketball game at Nevada. 28- Thanksgiving vacation. N » SCHOOL! December ( —SPIRIT Special. Fun was had by all. 20—Vocal music Christmas concert. 23—NO SCHOOL! ★ We dunno who! she's doing cither Eighty-six ♦ Sod looking stag line Mid-year royalty Nuff said January 4—Misery resumes. 23 Mid-vear dance. 24 End of semester. NO SCHOOL! February 4-7 Friendship week. 6-8 Junior class play, Misery in Blue. 19—Matinee dance. March 5-8—District basketball tourney. 12-1"»—Sub-state basket- ball tourney. Alas! 19-22 Basketball team goes to Iowa City. 28 Teachers' convention. NO SCHOOL! April 3—Spring voenl concert. 4-7--Easter vacation. N » SCHOOL ! 9- Matinee dance. 11 Sprint? instrumental concert. 17 -Senior fireside. 25-26- -Senior class play. Littl» U'omni. 25-26—Drake relays. May 1 Mother-da lighter tea. 2- Ames invitational track meet. 6—Vocal music festival at Fort Dodge. 15—Firesquad picnic. 17 District troll and tennis meets. 22—Big pal. little pal picnic. 23— Wheels get proper recognition at awards assembly. 24—State track, golf, tennis meets. 25—Baccalaureate. 26—Senior picnic at Country club. 27—Junior-senior prom. 28 Day of rest for seniors. 29— Commencement. Provisional entertainment—Smelling calls ’em while Page fiddles John doesn't bite. Faith Eighty-sevenFi-.ont Row: A. Knuth . Edgar. G1 eae. N. Butler. Olsan Back Row: O. Carter. Hippaka. Mrs. Sutherland. Abbott, Swank Three years ago the recreation center for the Ames high students was established. Many students turned in different names they thought would tit the center, and the one best liked was “Cyclone Center.” The Cyclone Center is a place where the students have the privilege to play ping pong, pool, cards, and dance, eat, make new friends and have social gatherings. Our Center of today is located in the basement of the bandshell. which is just a tem- porary place until we have a perma- nent youth center. The center has been sponsored by Mrs. Sutherland, who has done a splendid job of looking after the youth center for two years. Her job is not an easy one by any means, and she has devoted all of her time to the youth center and its members. If we students of Ames High want a new youth center, much of the work is going to be left up to us to help with planning for it and getting it organized. Several business men and women are now helping us to locate a new youth center. Eilihty-rif ht'JAHN g OLLIER AGAIN” The slogan that's hacked hy genuine goodness in quality and service, the result of 43 years successful experience in the yearbook field. We find real satisfaction in pleasing you, the year- book publisher, as well as your photographer and your printer. JAHN % OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. Makers of Fine Printing Plates for Black or Color Commercial Artists - Photographers 317 W. WASHINGTON BLVD., CHICAGO 7, ILL. Kiuhty-nineFOR YOU ...TOO Your Ames Daily Tribune is edited for you .... too and BY YOU Of Particular Interest to Ames High Students. • The “Web” Teen Type Sports ★ ★ -k The Tkibvxk looks to Ames High as a source of a great deal of news. Your weekly high school page -“The Web,” the student written “Teen Type” column, and your aggres- sive athletic program lend character and color to our pages. AMES DAILY TRIBUNE Xinctji “Your Hometown Xewspaper’’Compliments of .. . COMPANY Chey Adams Clint Adams Glass of 1919 Ames High School Class of 1921 Ninety-oneBest Wishes to the Senior Class l947 OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS for the Spirit since 1936 a 1 ' n J — — Photographs That Please Xinety-tuoCongratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1 947 RUSHING’S SUPER-VALU Just South of the Tracks on Kellogg Ninety-threeCONGRATULATIONS l You are living in the age of greatest progress the world lias ever experienced in any man’s lifetime. Your opportunity to be of service is correspondingly greater than any previous generation’s. More than anything else the world needs elear-tlnnk- ing, hard working men and women today. We con- better prepared than most to take a place in that select assemblage. to gratulate you that as graduates of Ames High you are o Ninety-four YOUNKERS AMES STORE NiHety-fiveSENIORS-JUNIORS-SOPHOMORES-FRESHMAN You are all out for tin best grades possible. This of course is largely up to you. but the help you get from having the right supplies is important too. A good note book in which to keep your work, a good fountain pen to make writing easier and better, a typewriter for home use to type notes and practice typing, all are important. Our job is to furnish your supplies. We are continually trying to give you the best available at the lowest cost. AMES STATIONERS 238 MAIN STREET 16 THOUSAND ITEMS For your convenience Be it some small item—a screw—a tack or a bolt or a major appliance for your home ★ We want your patronage and try to conduct our business so as to deserve it. PAINT STOVES (TIINAWARE — TOYS RADIOS — REFRIGERATORS WASHING MACHINES COOKING WARES AN1) HOUSEWARES OF MANY KINDS CARR HARDWARE CO. Phone 124 Nincty-aixFlowers . . . arc Words in Technicolor When the spoken word isn 't enough, let tlowers beautiful, fresh flowers—speak for you. To express sympathy, to honor, to cheer or to tell someone you love her, flowers are words in technicolor. COE’S FLOWER SHOPS Bonded Member Florists' Telegraph Delivery Association, Inc. Downtown Campustown Sheldon-Munn Hotel 2.r 42 Lincoln Way Phone 111 Phone 110 For the unusual in portraits make your appointment now . . . Qlamour and Casual Sittings OFFICIAL ft lOTOGRA PIIERS FOB THE IOWA STATE BOMB COLLEGETOWN STUDIO 109 Welch Ave. Phone 49 iV«M«t -»evenMUSIC COMPLETE CAMERA and PHOTO SUPPLY DEPT. THAT LIVES FOREVER SHEET MUSIC RECORDS. RADIOS PIANOS and HAND INSTRUMENTS ESCHBACH MUSIC HOUSE 302 Main Street Arnes, Iowa Congratulations Class of 1947 Looking into the Future . . . To build or buy your own home as soon as you are financially able is wise . . . and will pay good dividends. H. L. MUNN LUMBER CO. Established 1891 N in (ft ji-ei; h tBest Wishes Class of 1947 To a Better World . . . As never before we must work for the future. S. HANSON LUMBER CO. MILK.. . Natures Finest Food O’NEIL DAIRY COMPANY PHONE 62 308 FIFTH Xinctfj-ninr Prehm Transfer Storage Co. ★ We Specialize in Long Distance Hauling ★ ° Local Hauling • Light Baggage Transfer • Shipping—Packing • Fumigating Service 420 Main Phone 2700 TOM’S GRILL ( KEATORS OF tOOD FOOD ★ ★ ★ Open daily 11 a. m. ’til midnight Host to ('cut rot loir a Conference At hi (tie .1880c i at io n AIK CONDITIONED 129 MAIN STREET ☆ GOOD FOOD AMES On hundredAMES SPORT SHOP Athletic and (itjm Clothing A COMPLETE LINK OF SPORTING KoriPMEXT Phone 2598 2526 Lincoln Wav HARRY P. I-5ROWN' PARWELLT. BROWN PHONE 340 1341 2 Main Ames, Iowa COLLEGE PIPE SHOP Candy. Magazines, Cigarettes Congratulations Class of '4-7 John Stithy, Otnur Corner of Lincoln Way and Welch THE CAR for MOTHER and DAD TODAY FOR YOU TOMORROW Dahl berg Anderson Motor Co. ACROSS THE STREET One hundred oneGive Candy Frangos Restaurant ‘ f' ■ 1 )elightfullv Appetizing Meals ★ Always the A-l (lift COMPLETE FOUNTAIN' SERVICE Either in a Fancy Box or in a Paper Sack ★ Congratulations (’lass of '47 We Make Oar Own Ire Cream FREDA’S SWEET SHOP 210 MAIN AMES. IOWA 231(5 L. Way Phone 290 Phone 1800 FLOWERS for you Congratulations and yours at prices Class of 47 we all can afford. W hatever your chosen path may Corsages - Wedding Arrangements be, the ability to fly will be an Sprays - Cut Flowers - Plants asset to you. LET US TEACH YOU! ★ ★ GREEN TURF FLORISTS HOWARD FLYING SERVICE 410 5th Street Phone 97 Municipal Airport Phone 2544 Oii» hundred tiroConsule Us for MODERN PLUMBING and HEATING INSTALLATIONS "The Master Plumber Protects tin Health of fin X of ions." ★ George Puffett o (Master Plumberi 215 FIFTH PHONE 911 CARMELCRISP CARMELCORN ★ CANDY ♦ ICE CREAM ROOT BEER Our ('andif Is Spccialln I'n ptirnl for this Shop Lyman Same (Owner) 114 MAIN PHONE 1775AV TRIBUNE PUBLISHING CO. PRINTERS OF THE 1947 SPIRIT PHONE 180 One hundred threeAutomotive A finiri rs oik I Su i plies Book Store ALLEN MOTOR COMPANY Chevrolet — Buick Sales Service STUDENT SI PPLV STORE Books for All Ages South of the Campus Phone 164 DI XI A I .MOTOR COMPANY Oldsmobile Sales and Service Ames. Iowa M ATHISON MOTOR COMPANY 323 oth Phone 113 Boitliiift Company AMES l)R. PEPPER BOTTLING CO. "Drink a Bite to Eat at 10. 2. and 4” li ii it ft i off Mate riots MAX DC I TCI I AUTO EXCHANGE Used Cars and Trucks 108 5th Buy or Sell Phone 1000 SC 11 DEN EM AN PROS. LUMBER Lumber Paint — Coal West End of Main Phone 264 WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORK 211 Main St. Everything for the Automobile TROWS Packard and Willies 3336 Lincoln Way Phene 3001 Automobile Bodies--------Bejiairivfi AMES WHEEL FRAME ALIGNMENT CO. HUDSON CARS AND G.M.C. TRUCKS ('fillilfi THE CANDY KETTLE Home Made Candy and Confections 2412 Lincoln Way Phone 2063 ('hiroproctor DR. C. B. KERR Chiropractor 501 Main Street ('If inn rs oml La unde re rs Banks and Investments AMES BUILDING LOAN ASSN. AMES. IOWA AMES LAUNDRY Phone 47 Professional Laundry Service AMES PANTORIUM Quality Cleaning. Repairing. Alterations 410 Douglas Phone 231 AMES TRUST SAYINGS BANK "The Bank Where You Feel at Home” HAWK EYE LAUNDRY Complete Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service Phone 08 Barber and Beauty Shops CONTOURE BEAUTY SALON Lillian Anderson. Mgr. 2514V6 Lincoln Way Phone 2801 LINDQUIST CLEANERS 120 HAYWARD PHONE 1700 Cool CURLIE’S BARBER SHOP 221 MAIN EDWARDS COAL COMPANY "Complete Heating Service” Phone 20 SUPERIOR BARBER SHOP Ames High’s Favorite Haircutters 222 Main Street GILCHRIST COAL AND FEED CO. Coal - Fuel Oil — Feed Phone 232 One hundred fourHALL COAL COMPANY Electric Com panics Home Heating Service Phone 241 MI NN ELECTRIC COMPANY . Kitchen Modernisation Headquarters fair 'Frontiers Phone 500 WOODLAND FARM DAIRY Farm Equipment Dairy Products ami Fountain Service $19 Lincoln Wav Phone 435 IOWA RETAIL FARM EQUIPMENT ASSN. Dentists 208-210 5th AMES DENTAL STUDY CLUB Dnn t ists Florists EVERTS FLOWER SHOP "Flowers for All Occasions” 208 Main Phone 490 BROOKER DRUB STORE Hotel Sheldon-Munn Prescription Druggists D1X UN' S Cut Rate Drug store Ames, Iowa Furniture BENNETT MeDANIEL FURNITURE A Friendly Store in a Friendly City (lift Shop JUDISCII BROS. PHARMACISTS Prescriptions Phone 70 We Deliver FLORENCE LANGFORD GIFT SHOP 413 DOUGLAS PHONE 554-J PETERSON DRUG CO. "Drugs etc.” 2816 West Street Phone 2865 WALTER REXALL DRUG Ames. Iowa 217 Main St. Phone 93 SPRIGG S PHARMACY The Rexall Store West Ames Phone 1030 Dr if (loods Cracers AMES SERVICE FOOD MARKET Groceries Fruits Meats — Birds Kye Foods 2428 L. Way Phone 88 or 89 AMES WHOLESALE FRUIT CO. PHONE 84 CAMPUS GROCERY Nationally Advertised Foods 103 Welch THE FAIR COLLEGE FOOD MARKET Dry Goods — Ready to Wear Millinery Complete Line Quality Foods, Meats, Vegetables Ames. Iowa 2816 West Street Phone 994 MONTGOMERY WARD AMES’ MOST COMPLETE DEPT. STORE 111 Duff Ave. COMMUNITY Grocery Market Phone 52 BEST WISHES to LITTLE CYCLONES FARE WAY STORES J. c. PENNEY co. ECONOMICAL FOOD DISTRIBUTION One hundred fiveNINTH STUKET FOOD MARKET Quality Food8 at Reasonable Prices SEAMAN A. KNAPI General Insurance Masonic Bldg. Phone 109 UNITED FOOD STORE BUY WELL-KNOWN BRANDS HERE LaGRANGE INSURANCE AGENCY 20 Years Successful Insurance Business in Ames "Insurance and Its Service” WEST STREET GROCERY 2902 WEST ST. PHONE 2750 A. J. MARTIN If It's Insurance or Real Estate We Have It Phone 161 213 5th Street W11 KTST N E S F( )OI) ST )RE III KELLOGG PHONE 022 McDowell insurance agency "Insure in Sure Insurance” Phone 51 Ames, Iowa 319 Main Hard tea re ('()AST-T )-(’OAST STORES Hardware, Auto Accessories Furniture McDowell real estate agency “The Spot for Homes” Bill Vogt. Mgr. Phone 51 319 Main Jewelers ABBOTT JEWELRY STORE FIRESTONE STORE Expert Watch Repairing Tire Headquarters for Ames 200 Main Street 215 Main Ames. Iowa Phone 172 Hatchery AMES HATCHERY COMPANY Chicks Equipment — Poultry — Eggs 123 Kellogg Ave. Phone 1025 Hot (Is oiid Tourist Courts CONOCO MOTEL Modern Cottages — Locked Garages Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Bourne E. Lincoln Way MAURICE I). BATES. JEWELER Diamonds — Watches 2400 Lincoln Way Phone 2027 CHARLES G. RAY Jeweler 220 Main Street Phone 230-W FRANK T. TALBERT. JEWELER PHONE S20 Lawyers HOTEL AMES 5th AND DOUGLAS HAROLD (). HEGLAND 31 4 Vi Main Street Phone 531 HOTEL SHELDON MI NN The Grid A Tangney-McGinn Hotel IIIRSCHBURG REYNOLDS 300 Main Street Phone 578 Insurance and Heal Estate ASH AND ATKINSON Full Coverage Insurance Service City Loans Investments LOUIS II. JUDISCTI 209 Vi Main Phene 268 loaf Ik r Hoods BURTON INSURANCE AGENCY Earl Holtz, Mgr. 511 Main Ames. Iowa Phone 552 LUGGAGE LEATHER STORE BERT MOSER One hundred .tir.1 i‘ii 's ('Joth'u rs IVTR10 RESTACHANTS 40!» Bl'RNETT I lin.NK !»!» DON BEAM MENSWEAR JAMESON'S Young Men’s Wearing Apparel College Downtown JOE S MEN'S SHOPS Young Men’s Wearing Apparel 212 Main—Downtown 2536 Lincoln Way—College X CIVS papers THE MILEPOST Published Every Thursday Opto nu trists JENSEN OPTICAL CO. Dr. R. T. Drummond, Opt. 216 Main Phone 1732 I)R. P. E. ROBINSON Optometrist 615 Grand Avenue Paint - (Hass - A tcniiigs IRVINE Paint and Wallpaper Store Artist Materials LAY AY CAPE FINE FOOD MAID-IUTE SANDWICH SHOP "For the Best Hamburger in Town” JOIN THE CANO AT MICKEY’S .ICST EAST OF THE COLLECT AN NICOLET (’APE "Home Cooked Meals' 2812 West Street RAINBOW COFFEE SHOP IIOMECOOKINO AND FINE SERVICE SOVEREIGN GRILL For Quick Service Phone 3181 2604 Lincoln Way T M SANDWICH SHOP (’ORNER OF 5th AND BCR NETT OKNING GLASS AND AWNING CO. Automobile and Plate Glass Quality Mirrors and Awnings Photographers HILL S STUDIO Home of Tru-Color Portraits 2530 Lincoln Way Phone 347 Pipc Shop PEDERSEN CIGAR STORE 221 Main St. Phone 1810 Ames. Iowa 1 1 ll ill her PALMER PUMPING CO. Heating, Plumbing. Electric Appliances Phone 1091 Restaurants 11 ()STETT E K S R KSTA UR A NT FOOD AT ITS BEST 117 Welch TOPSYS Food At Its Best Phone 1845 2522 Lincoln WHITE SPOT Sandwiches and Donuts Way Phone 2879 Service Stations 416 Burnett BRINTN ALL'S Standard Oil Products Phone 418 FALL OIL CO. Tire Headquarters 510 Lincoln Way Phone 259 FREELSSERVICE 21 02 LINCOLN WAV PHONE or HOFFMAN SERVICE STATION Quality Petroleum Products 503 Duff Phone 1274 Oh 1 hundred sevenWOLF'S D-X SERVICE PHONE 3211 EMERHOFF’S Dependable Footwear 219 Main V A '1' ES SER VIC E STA'I'ION One Stop Service 327 5th Phone 58 Shots BAUGE SIC()E STORE 204 Main Street Supreme Shoe Service BRAXNBERO S FOOTWEAR Properly Fitted 317 Main Street Theaters MAKE A DATE - - - SEE A MOVIE Always the Finest First Colegian — "New Ames" — Varsity — Capitol Tra us portat ion MIDWEST TRANSIT LINES Serves Ames High Daily Phone 1326 Women's A pparrl TIIE lilt; SHOE STORE Everything in Foot wear 240 Main LILA B. FROMM Ready to Wear and Accessories 313 Main Phone 830 Abbott, Beverly . Adams, Mr. Frank . Adams. Mr. Herbert Adams, John . Adolph. Miss Florence . Ahlquist. Edward . Aik man, Jim Alderman, Valois . Aldinger, Karl . Alexander. Colleen . Alexander, Ruby . Allbaugh. Bill Allbert, Bob Allbert. Muriel . Allen. Philip Altemeier, Mary Lou . Am me. Hob . Amundson. Wayne Anderson, Carl Anderson, Marilyn Angle, John Armstrong. Mary Lou Arney, Rogene . Arnold. Page Arrasmith. Dick Arrasmith, Paul Arrasmith. Sharon . Ballard, Velma Bappe, Dale . Bappe, Joanne . Barber, Bill Barber, John Barnard, Anne . 35 8 6 39,48,57,71,78 10 18,38.51,56 32 16,21,59 13.21.52 39 38.71.78 21.47.52 39.48 36 36 37.78 36 40 14. 16. 35. 68. 72.78. 79 36. 49,52 16.37 38.46.78 16.21 15. 16.38. 48.71.78 35.48 21.47 39 37.42 21,68 39.41.78 34.35. 48.52.60, 82 Barnes. Forrest Barrie. Alex . Beam. Donald Beard, Elizabeth Bechtel. Dave . 14, Beckley. Marilyn . Berkley, Russell . Beeman. Joe Behling, Doris Bell. Charles . Bell, Darlene Bell. Melvin . Bennett. Elizabeth . Bergeson, Kenneth Berglund. Mrs. Margie . Blair, Frank Blanchard. Alice Bliss. Lois Bloomberg. Mary Bond. Bill Borgmeyer. Robert . Bourne. Alvin Bower. Miss Edna Bowers, Hubert Bowers. Marilyn . Bradshaw, Bernis Branigan, George Brocken ridge, Eleanor Brocken ridge. Esther Briley, Bea Brintnall. Mr. N. J. Brown. Norman Brown; Wayne 16.34, 79 ........................40 . . . . . 76 6.21.52 5. 63. 68. 79.88 ........................40 37. 78 ........................37 ........................40 ....................20 36. 48 35. 52 ........................40 ....................6 39. 78 21,47.52,82,87 35,47 35.48.49 38.46 21.57,72 12.48.49 35. 7S.79 ........................40 ........................35 40,71,78 21,44.45,49,51.52.82 22. 44. 45. 49. 50. 52. 82 14.39 ........................S 1.15.20, 22,49,50, 54.6S.79 15.18. 40. 48. 57,71. 7S One hundred citihtBurnham. Bill 36 Dickinson, Mrs. Elizabeth . 9.18.47 Burton. Jim 37.39.48 Dickinson, John 35. 72. 78 Burton, Patricia 49. 57 Diehl, Douglas 36 Butler. Mary Lou . 22. 49. 50. 52. 82 Dietz. Annetta Butler. Nancy . 40,46.48,84.90 Dodd, Charles .... 23. 82 Byrus. Bill 40, 68. 71 Donaldson. June . 23 Calhoun. Clair 7S Dryer, Bob .... 23 Campbell, Ronald . 38. 4$. 57. 71. 78 Dryer, Delores 40.46 Canvin. Miss Madeline . . . . • . . 9 Dunlap. Jack 38 Carter. George Durby, Ilia Jean . 36 Carter. Shirley 22.49.70,82.84 Dyas, Mary K. ... 23. 52 Chambers. Dolores Easter. Mr. Ronald 10. 20 Olivers, Esther IS. 37. 48. 49. 52. 62 Edgar, Margaret 23. 49. 90 Christensen. Andy,68,78 Edmarid. Caroline . 23. 47. 49. 52. 83 Christensen. Don 38.46 Edwards, Mr. David 8 Christenson, Duane 38. 46 Edwards. Don 39.71.78 Christianson, Ernest 22 Egemo. Robert . 14,20,23 Clapp, Dorothy 35 Eggert. Merle 36. 58. 68. 78 Clapp, Richard . 22,68. 79 Elliot. Mrs. Grayce ; . . . 4 Clark. Bernard 35. 78 Elliot, Mrs. Rose . 12 Clark. Danny 36 Ellsworth. Ed 38 Clark. George . Elwell. Joe 14. 20. 23. 49. 57. 78 Clark. James 32 Emery, Robert 16.40 Clark. Marjorie 22. 48 Emery, Ronald 24.77 Clark. Patt 14.39,46.48.82 Ernst. Charles 39.68,71,78 Clausen. Ada Marie 40.46 Ernst. Robert ....,79 Cleary, Richard . 22 Ernst. Ronald . 39.71.78 Clemens. Howard 39.55.78 Eisland, Jerry .... 40. 51 Cody. Bill Eschbach, Phyllis 24,44. 45.48.49. 70.82 Coe. Ramona . 22.48 Esry, Frances 37 Cole. Salle Esry, Norma .... Comstock. Mary Ann 40.46 Ethington, Marilyn 18.47 Conroy. Joanna 37.48 Ferguson, Alice 24. 44. 45, 50. 52 Cook. Bert . 40.71.78 Finch. LaNette 24 Cook. Frank . 22. 57 Fincham, Dick Cooper. Ann 36. 46. 82 Finholt, Wayne 34. 36. 68. 72 Covey, Mr. Hiram Fitch. Faith 17. 20. 24. 43, 44. 52. 89 Cox, Florence 39. 46. 48 Fitzgerald. Cleo 38. 46 Craig. Betty . 22 Fitzsimmons. John . 51.78 Craig. Marlene 39 F’jare, Paul .... 40 Craig. Mildred 35 Forsyth. Patt 6. 20. 24. 44. 45. 49. 82 Crawford. Joan 37.48 Foust. Shirley 38. 48. 52. 59 Crosley. Kay 40. 46.48 Fowler. Margaret . 24.44,45. 52.68 Crosley. Wayne 35 Freel. Betty .... 35 Cunningham. Mr. Ray . 8 Gaessler. Bill 17. 35. 47. 57 Cunningham. Virginia 39.48.57 Gamble, Jack .... 38.71 Daine, Bill Garfield, John 35. 57. 68. 79. 89 Daine. John 22. 68. 72 Giese, Mary Jo 18. 35. 44.45.48,82. 90 Daine. Mary 38. 46. 82 Gilman, Jane 40.46.48 Dale. Bob 39.71 Glasson. Tom .... 39.46 Daley. Bob 23.77 Goodspeed, Jean 39.48 Daugherty, Joe 23 Gore. Beverly .... 39. 48 Daulton. Colleen . 40,46,48.52 Gore. Bruce .... Daulton, Merritt 39.71,78 Gord. Eugene 36 Davis. Carol . Gord. Eva May 37. 52 Davis. Richard 37.78 Gould, Gloria 24. 48. 52. 59 Day. Lyla 23. 52. 55. 57. 87. 82. 88 Gould, Janet .... Day. Sylvia Grant, Jack .... 16.34. 37.38. 72.78. 79 DeBruvn. Robert . 36 Green, Don,78.79 DeLaHunt, Stan 23. 49. 57. 63. 68. 72. 78. 79 Green, Judy .... 39. 46. 48. 72 One hundeel nineGreen, Mrs. Myrna 11 Johnson. Adele . . . 37.52 Grinstead, Ted 24.42.48,49 Johnson, Darlene 35 Gross, Bobbi 24. 82. 84 Johnson, Evertt . 26 Gulliver, Bli .abeth 17,34, Johnson, Jerry Haas, Kurt 40 Johnson. Norma 39. 48 Hagen, Tunney Johnson. Tom Hahn, Gary 38.48.78 Jones. Jean 18. 26. 42.44.45. 82. 87.89 Hainer, John . . 25 Judge. Barbara 40.46 Halden, Frank Kauffman. Harold . 35, 49 Hall. Boh Kelley, Don 39. 78 Hall. Dick Kelley. William . 38 Hall. Joanne . 36 Kelly, Tom 36. 78 Hall. Virginia . 38.46.51 Kennedy, Mrs. Bernice 10 Hansel. Boh . 37 Kennedy, Jean 35. 51 Hanson, Luella . 25. 57.63 Kershner. Diana 26.50.56 Harestad, Conrad 35.68.78 Kester. Miss Florence . 11 Harper. Dean King. Kenneth 36. 57. 68. 78 Harper. Lowell 78 King. Mary Ann . Hartt. Mr. Donald . 10.77 King. Tom 26. 68. 72. 78. 79 Hartt, Kenneth 25. 49. 57.68. 77 Kirwin. Shirley 36.48 Hauser. Duane 38 Knight. Jack 26 Haveman. Jean 35 Knudson. Helen . 37.44. 48. 56 Hawk. Harriet 40. 48 Knuths. Constance 26 Hawk. Herbert 25 Knutson. Audrey . 35. 47. 48. 56 Hegland, Richard ' . 25 Knutson. Lois 26. 47, 48. 52 Henderson. John . 25 Koch. David 35. 72 Henneman. Joyce 35, 48. 52 Kooser. Ray Hills. Joan . Kyle, Virginia 27 Hines. Don 25. 68.79 Lackore. Marlyn . 27,49.56.78 Hines. Max . 25. 49. 56. 57. 68. 76. 79 LaGrange. Bill . Hinrichsen. Louise 36.56 Lake. Jim . ‘ . 27.49 Hippaka, Bill 25. 54. 90 Lande. Delores 35 Hoff. Janet . Lantz, Judy 39. 48 Hoffman. Jim 39 Larsen. Patricia 35.48.57 Holl. Bill . 35. 76. 81 Larson. Dave Holland. Chester . 25 Larson. Max . 27. 78 Holland. Leslie 40. 78 Lawlor, Conrad O" Holland, Stan . 37. 63 Lechner, Joan . 35.48.58 Holler, Van . 37 Lett. Mr. Omar . Holmes. Jean 35. 48. 82 Lidell, George Honsinger. Bobby . 25.47,52,82,86 Likely. Florence 39. 48 Horns. Joanne . 42. 46 Lillard. Wilma 36 Hotchkiss, Alicia 25.47,51.54 Lindgren. Miss Eva 13 Houk. Pauline 35. 57 Litchfield, Commodore 27. 63. 68. 79 Howell. Mr. C. B. . 8 Litchfield. Dorothy 27 Hudson. Bill 38 Livingston. Barbara . 27. 48.49.52 Hukill, Bill 36. 77 Lodden. Delores 27. 57 Huse. Don 40 Long. Ray 40. 57 Hutchens. Wanetta 38 Lush. Mrs. Adeline 9 Inman. Marjorie . 25 Lynch. Dick Iverson. Myron 25 McCann. Jo 18. 27, 44. 45. 52. 58 Iverson. Rosie McCarty. Merrill 18.36.78 Jackson. Norman . McClure. Jon 27 Jacob. Phyllis . 26. 82. 87 McCormick. Mary . 27. 49. 52. 62. S2 Jarrett, Don . 40.71 McDonald. Janet 27. 49. 62 Jensen, Harris 26. 78 McDonald. Norma 36 Jensen. Howard 20. 26. 54. 63. 68. 79 McFarland. Bob . 20. 2S. 42. 50. 68. 72. 78 John. Mary Sue 40.46.48. 52 McFarland, Lee .,82 Johns. Bob . 37 McNally. Miss Mary 11.1" Johns. Eleanor . 26. 42.52 McNeil. Don 20. 28 Otic hundred tenMcNeil. Doris 38.46,52 McNeil. Susan 28. 50 Maitland, Dorothy 37.44.48,52 Malmberg. Nancy Martin, Bill 14.20,28.76,79 Martin. Delores 38 Martin. Fred . 71.78 Martin. Dick . 38 Marvin. Janis Marvin. Patricia 18.28 Mather. Roger 38 Mathews. Phyllis 39,46 Matsen. Phyllis . 36.48.51 Matters, Doris 37 Meek. Keith . 28 Mel drum, Mary Ann 39. 4S Merrill. Peggy 38 Merritt. Richard 16.39.46 Miller, Betty . 39 Miller. Don 28. 68 Miller. Janet 35.44.48, Miller, Miss Jean . 11 Miller, Phyllis 40. 45. 46. 52. 82 Miller. Miss Ruth . 12.52 Miller. Virginia . 28.44.47 Molleston, Jerry Moore. Norma . 36. 82 Moore. Owen . Moore. Sheila 38. 46. 51 Morford. Shirley . . 17.18.28,49,57 Morgan. Her dal 1 16.18. 37.63.68 Morris. Robert 28. 76 Mundt, Miss Edna 11 Munn. Deborah 38 Munn. Fritz 28. 49 Munn. Mr. Hiram . 8 Munson. Marvin 37. 72 Murphy. Joyce 28. 47. 48. 49. 57 Murray, Dave 14.16. 68.78 Murray. Dr. William 8 Myers. Russell 37. 58 Mvhre. Ted 37. 57 Myrland, Donna 38.48 Neff. Nancy 14, Nelson. Miss Charlotte . Nelson. John 37 Netcot, Dollie 40 Netcott, Janice 29. 47 Newell. Harold 40.48.68. 78 Nichols, Wanda . 29. 47. 52. 82 Nicholson. Jack 29. 43. 68. 89 Norris. Patricia 37 Oakes, Sam . Olsan. Charlotte 29. 47. 52. 82. 90 Orr. William . 53. 55 Orth. John Parish. Tom 18,29.49 Harriott. Dick 29 Paulson. Leonard 39. 48. 57 Pederson. Ellen . 39. 46. 52. 82 Peters, Jack . Peterson, Betty Jo 36 Peterson, George . 35,68.71.89 Peterson, Nancy 40,48.56 Peterson. Wayne 29. 66 Piercy, Dr. Kenneth 13 Pierre, Mary . Pierson. Marilyn 29.47,48,49.52.82 Flagman, Mary Polhemus, Tom 37. 49. 62. 81 Powell, Colleen 39. 46 Powers. Mary 29. 43. 50 Prather, James Prather, John . 36. 78 Puffett, George . 15.37.78 Raber. Pat . 47 Ramsey. Marion . 36 Ray. Doris Ann 40 Read, Mary 36. 48 Reents, Miss June 10 Ringgenberg, Bob . 37,48 Ritland. Mr. Everett 14,54 Robertson, Ella Mae . 37,44,45,49 Robertson, Jim 39. 68. 78. 79 Robinson, Miss Opal 10,82 Rogers, Mary . 42.48 Rorabough. LeRoy . 29.44 Rosenberger. Winfield . 29 Ross. Betsy . 37, 44,51.57 Ross. Dale Ross. Mary .... 35.42.44 Rot hacker. Mark 16.29.62,68,79 Rouze. Verna 48. 52. 57 Rowe. Darrell 40.71.78 Rozeboom. Robert . 35. 55, 68. 78. 79 Runkel. Ramon Rushing. Marylee . 30. 52. 82. 87. 89 Ryan, Kenneth 30 Rynkiewitz, Bonnie 36. 48. 49. 51 Sampson, Christopher . 39 Sandman. Geraldine 40 Sass, David 36. 78 Sayre. Miss Laura . 7 Schneider. Rosemary 38. 48 Schreiber, Joan 38,46,48 Schultz, Charles 40. 48. 89 Schultz. Elinor 30,51.52.57,88 Schulz, Jacqueline .,56 Schulz. Ted 16. 17.20, 30. 43.44,50. 58 Sclarow, Marshall . . . . . 37. 77 Seaman, Helmut 15. 34. 36. 58. 78 Severson, Dulcie 17,30 Shaffer. Robert 14,37,55. 72,78 Sheesley, John 35 Shockley. Mary 39. 48 Sills, Deloris . Simmering, Mr. Laurence 9 Singer, Don 38.48 Skinner, Robert 38.78 Slaichert. Mr. William . 10 One hundred elevenSmalling, Mr. Ray . 12,89 Smith. Lavonia 38, 48 Smith. Pat Smith, Rozella . 40. 48. 52 Sm it it. Terry 30. 77. 81 Smith, William 32 Soma, Marilyn . 39. 46. 48 Sorenson, Jo Ann 36. 48. 82 Sowers, Max . 16.40,,79 Spangler, Wayne 18,35.44.45,49 Sprague, Phyllis 39. 48 Speck. Pat 37 Spies, Kenneth 30.40 Stahl, John . 30 Standley, Jack 38.78 Steele, Dick 36.78 Stevenson. Valerie 37.44. 51 Stewart. Boh . Stock. Rita 30.49.56 Stoops, Lyle . Summers, Beverly 40,46.48 Swank, Dick,78.92 Swanson. Maurice 38.71.78 Sweeney, Jacqueline 35.48 Switzer. Delores . Taylor. Donna Taylor. John 20. 30. 40. 43. 47. 49. 68. 78. 79 Taylor. Keith 31 Taylor. Margaret 37,47.83 Taylor. Ray 31.58.78 Taylor. Richard 40,71 Terrones. John 31.68 Terrones. Mary Terrones. Tony 48 Thielman. Pauline . 38.48 Thomas. Audrey . 36 Thomas, Barry 38 Thomas. Jane 40. 46. 48 Thomason. Mary Lynn 37 Thorburn, Virginia 31.52,57,82 Thorpe, Larry Thornton. Annbert . .... 31.47 Tilden, Susan 39. 48. 82 Tiller, Mr. Olav 11.71.72 Tish. Walter . 40 Throckmorton. Adel 37,44,45.51 Toresdahl, Selmer . 38.48 Town. Wayne 14.35,68,78 Townsend. Marilyn . Tripp. Lawrence . Trump, Richard 12 Turner. George . 31.76.S9 Tweet. Ben . 31 Uhl. Edward . 21 Uhl. Kenneth 39 Ulleatad, Richard 48.71.78 Van Alstine. Cynthia 46 Vance. Franklin . Vifquain. Ned 16. 31. 42. 54. 55. 68. 72. 78. 79. 89 Vore. Ramona . 35 Wakefield, Miss Gloria . 10. 82 Wakefield. Winifred 39.48 Walker, Bob 31. 49.72. 78 Wallace, James 35. 57 Walsh, Margaret . 39. 46. 48, 52 Wand, Leda .... 35 Warren. Beverly 39.46.48 Warren. Elmer 16. 78 Watkins, Dr. Steven . 7.8 Wearth, Leonard . Webber. Dick 40. 76. 78 Wefald, Dorothy 40.46.48 Weiser. Louise 36 Wells. Mr. Ken . 11.38.78. 79 Wessel. Helen 36 West. Miss Hortense . . 12i Westervelt. Miriam 31.47. 49.52 Wheeloek. Joneta . 37. 48 White. Marvin . 38. 48. 71. 78 Wierson, Idellys 38. 46 Wilcox. Miss Edna . 10. 52 Wilhelm. Myrna . 31.48.49 Wilkin, John Williams. Miss Edna 12.34.48 Wilson. Nancy 17. 18. 20.31. 44. 52.82 Winfrey. Jim 40. 48. 52. 58 Winfrey. Robley . Wriedt, Mr. Cecil . 11 Wyatt. Bill .... 32. 57. 68. 78 Wymore, Loren . 37.68.72 Vetter. Helen 38 Yocum. Willis 40 Yoder. Jim .... 16. 18. 39.54 Young, Betty 39 Young. Bob .... 37 You mans. Pamela 32.47,52 Zenor, Norman . 16. 35. 68.72. 78.79 ★ The late Spirit Jtoff One hundred twelveCVvVe 2 - 3 y y U r ) (j 'V'y) yv VVW -w- U- I'wa-rv-r HP u w ( MjL.s vj ■ »

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